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File: 1645470021819.png (2.3 MB, 1858x1821, 1645379467088.png)

No. 1448714[Reply]

Empathchan/seppukugirl/ neko (misunderstood)is a self-proclaimed pedophile terminally online onlyfans """model""" that shills herself on imageboards and twitter by acting edgy and cruel to everyone
>treats her orbitors like dogs and makes them post pictures of her on r9k with captions such as "i want to rape empie"
>got exposed on twitter for being a pedophile on discord
>doxed her own adress on the server hoping she would become the new bianca devins
>photoshops all of her pictures to look like a 90's anime girl and denies anyone pointing out the truth
>shills herself on imageboards constantly
>le edgy dark pick-me that always talks about how she hates everyone and wants to be raped
>got called out for using contacts and immediately posted a story on instagram proving her eyes were real and big
>her retarded orbitors are trying to kill her and treat her like shit and she enjoys it
>obsessed with gore and bdsm hentai
>posted nudes of herself on 4chan when she was underage
>racist white supremacist even though she is jewish

social media:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1763891

Nigga what

No. 1764326

>Female Elliot Rodger
Wouldn't a hypothetical female Elliot Rodger complain about males not picking her be and push trad shit, not degenerate weab shit. A female Elliot Rodger would also shit on males regularly (rightfully so) but not for actual reasons only for petty, immature reasons like he did of women and this pattern would eventuate to a mass killing of a bunch of moids, not spend every waking hour LARPing as a pickme online for moid approval.

She's definitely an odd case, and it is incredibly rare for a women to behave like this. She's fraught with a laundry list of internalized shit; racism, self-hatred, misogyny, taught what she can and can not be attracted to by inhuman disgusting moid coom weab shit etc. Unfortunately she's not all that milky, just an odd anomaly of pickmeism. In saying this if she were a moid she wouldn't even be a footnote because of how common this retarded pathological thought process and pattern of behavior is with scrotes, so here we are.

This post has britbong Trainspotting energy

No. 1774560

was she really as batshit insane as she larps as online?(necro)

No. 1792523

empathchan swtted her cause ariel has videos fucking dogs on onlyfan(why would you post this? Deleted image)

No. 1792710

anons posting bestiality content here now like the cp spam wasnt bad enough

File: 1492457793640.jpg (479.57 KB, 960x960, instagrid_2017417213236174.jpg)

No. 293302[Reply]

What do you guys think about this "guy"? I mean, I saw some people dislike him too on other threads, so I tried to put this together.

Quick summary:
>popular spanish cosplayer and fakeboi, real name is Julia.
>Photoshop and makeup to hell and back, but he thinks ~he's the prettiest boi of them all~
>identifies as a "male" and "pansexual", will also pull the "omg look at me with a long wig, such an androgynous face, much look good!!" and not go full trans because it benefits him
>will search his tags a lot, often liking tweets that simply have his name on them
>calls himself professional cosplayer, but buys most of his stuff
>uses fangirls constantly, loves the attention

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1584414

Idk how to tag you, but 6, you're just plain transphobic, admit it already, you've shown that you know just how wrong it is in the previous messages. No one owes you anything, if he's trans and doesn't want to say it, it's none of your business, it's hard enough to be trans I think, he could be harrassed for that and get much more hate. No one needs that, I thin it resquires just a bit of common sense and logic. I'm still chocked that people went as far as finding his dead name and new, legal name. That's f….d up but if the problem really was about a woman openly lying about being a man in the sole pursuit of deceiving people, get followers, make money, get fame, etc I would understand the purpose of this feed, but that's not the real problem is it…(lost handmaiden)

No. 1584421

You found all the proof you wanted, also just check his account now and live recordings on youtube. I found one that got reposted. Since it's been years this feed was created, he's exactly as described in the message above.. You're jealous he's hotter than you, typical cis reaction, also I reported your last comment for transphobia.(consequences will never be the same)

No. 1584682

>also I reported your last comment for transphobia.

No. 1585417

whos that faggot anyway(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1792396

Madre di dio, she's a fucking girl. Stop defending this bitch and deal with it(necro)

File: 1670271172438.jpg (374.83 KB, 1080x2041, newthread1.jpg)

No. 1719268[Reply]

Last time on "The Fall-Out" Edition…

>Holly backed off of her blatant rape allegations against Ross, but continued to insinuate the SOMEONE she just so happened to have been married to committed marital rape against her >>1703329 / >>1704115

>Ross spoke out, said he might pursue legal action for the allegations and is asking people not to go after her due to her being mentally unwell >>1704253
>Anons unearthed Holly's "private" twitter where she and her defenders regularly trash talk people behind their backs >>1706234
>Jared began courting the idea of creating an OnlyFans again >>1710257
>…until it turned out that it was mostly gay men requesting it >>1713316
>and now suddenly there's no interest in it >>1716546
>Jared is now fancing himself to be some kind of male model >>1716722

Social links:
>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:
https://www.instagram.com/projaredgram/Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1793255

omg wtf. That is super entitled and bratty. News flash Holly, we all pay taxes.

No. 1793268


Imagine being so entitled and up your own ass that you would actually think of asking for sales from people's tax return money. Alot of people look forward to getting their tax returns to buy necessities, and Holly's going to go public with "Actually, you should spend your hard earned money on me instead!". Ugh, what a Karen.

No. 1793279

Right-wing incel scrotes spotted. This whole "why don't you get a job?!" trad-tard larp has the stench of neet incel dweeb.

Have either of you ever worked in a job with a mentally unwell catty coworker?
I wouldn't wish holly on any office or workplace and it is unironically for the best of society if she keeps doing whatever she does, even if it pisses you scrotes off, because it goes against whatever boomer worldview you have cultivated.

No. 1793316

No one cares.

I also thought Holly posted here back when the thread was about Susie. It makes sense why she became obsessive about lolcow since it turned on her. It's wild to me that she STILL posts and talks about cow the amount she does, almost like a narc injury

No. 1793321

>She always owes taxes
She doesn't understand how being self employed works, you mean. When you're employed your employer will always put the % you designate towards your income taxes every paycheck. If you overpaid, then come tax return season you get some of that (but not all, hence why its better to try to have a very small return) back. If you underpaid, you owe the IRS whatever you didn't pay. But self employed people don't have their income automatically deducted for taxes, so if they're SMART they pay every quarter. But Holly has probably never had a real job for more than a couple months so she doesn't realize she pays income tax just like all her followers, she just has to keep track of paying it herself. She's unbelievably stupid and sheltered to be nearing 40 and not know this. Her grandpa's ghost probably wishes he'd had a vasectomy watching her blow all his money and assets on bullshit while having absolutely no life skills of her own.

File: 1677110898846.png (723.67 KB, 1280x1600, 1676994203208.png)

No. 1774610[Reply]

Pseudointellectual libertarian hooker that panders to nerds and pedos.Thinks posting edgy Twitter polls is real sceince. Came to fame originally making le quirky porn. Has said too much vile pro rape, pedo shit to even fit into the OP. Considers getting the one time top post in r/Gonewild as her life's proudest achivement

Last thread: >>1743857

>recevied a lot of exposure after infamously bad CP take >>1743860

>daughter of Matt Slick, insane fundie and self declared autistic founder of CARM.org >>1745627
>Assblasted and fixated on Meghan Murphy after Meghan made fun of the quality of her research in a Youtube debate >>1774052 >>1749818
>a former member of the rationalist community who knew Aella personally posted dirt in her Kiwifarms thread >>1768116
>trying to take down kiwithread >>1772052
>paying people to make ai porn of her >>1772240
>clearly has read her KF thread and responds to it along with excusing criticisms of EA sexual abuse >>1773272
>prostituted herself for $2,400/hr >>1773939
>grouped pedophiles together using her anonymous survey >>1774204

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1792005

File: 1679317982507.png (523.5 KB, 1862x1695, 25887.png)

BDSM has always seemed "goofy" to me, like grown adults wearing uncomeatable looking leather outfits and demanding to be called "master" or "mistress", and then doing absurd sex acts to seem coller then boring vannila people, it's just so fucking ridiculous

No. 1792191

She looks much older than 31 here. her weird overfilled cheeks from front angle are not counteracting her naturally thin long face and aging volume loss.

No. 1792193

Samefag her level of nostril show is disturbing too. Weird nose job tbh

No. 1792975

File: 1679452074884.jpeg (198.37 KB, 1169x1498, 7C6B8F7A-7974-4C81-A0CB-DA96E3…)

She is so hot and bothered by Megan Murphy it’s hilarious. Blocked and continues to screenshot and subtweet her. Are all homeschooled kids this thin-skinned and passive aggressive?

No. 1793008

lmfao bitch thinks she's Qualtrics

File: 1672178940964.jpg (1.41 MB, 2740x3072, Heather13.JPG)

No. 1732879[Reply]

Twelfth Ryan’s A Charm: we welcome the dawn of BrianRyan.

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951
Fourth Thread >>892447
Fifth Thread >>929121
Sixth Thread >>967636
Seventh Thread >>1031322
Eight Thread >>1087783
Ninth Thread >>1148062
Tenth Thread >>1242901
Eleventh Thread >>1421281 (locked)
Twelfth Thread >>1611223 (locked)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
734 posts and 166 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1792558

File: 1679397148010.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20230320-181509~2.p…)

Femcel Heather posted this yesterday on IG. I forgot to post it and now I noticed she deleted it from her stories.

No. 1792603

It wouldn’t matter either way because Heather is old enough to know better than to send them, especially since she’s spent 6 hours a day on these apps for the past four years? Tbh it makes a lot of sense, she is so so so desperate for male attention but has the personality of a wet napkin. Promiscuity is probably the most effective way she knows to keep their interest. That said men do not come to women’s gossip boards to post the tits of a random Tinder hookup for… clout? Not even the most BPD man alive and sapphire.laura2000 is definitely a cattipper/cowfisher.

No. 1792613

I'm glad my cattipper/cowfisher gained some traction pmsl

No. 1793263

I don’t think having a high sex drive is salacious gossip, but it does make me wonder if she was taught growing up that sex has to be with a super special person you’ll be with forever. If I just wanted to hook up but had to delude myself into thinking every partner was ‘the one’ to feel okay with it I’d be pretty insane too.

No. 1793281

That makes good sense, I'll bet you're right.

File: 1657125423418.png (3.15 MB, 1200x1448, 1200px-Grant_Wood_-_American_G…)

No. 1581780[Reply]

Thread created from Pride Month 2022 conversations on LGB rights being replaced by identity politics and queer relationships (eg spicy straights) and fetishists. This thread is to commiserate on our communities being erased because libfems and their nigels aren't like other couples. Although this thread is a place to vent together about the current gay community, homophobechans are not allowed or accepted. Since there is already MTF and FTM threads, this thread will focus more on the LGB community as a whole and topics that don't really fall under the Trans threads.

Topics of discussion:
-Rainbow consoomerism
-Hilariously stupid company pandering and other corporate unhinged content
-History revisionism
-Alphabet soup getting longer
-Celebs and cows pride-drama
-Spicy Straight
-Queer and Trans taking opportunities away from LBG people

Pride Month 2022 Thread >>>/ot/1191923
Pride Month 2022 Thread #2 >>>/ot/1219875
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1138 posts and 258 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1789831

At this point I feel like everything like this is designed specifically to gaslight and provoke sane people

No. 1789972

Yet another example of a mildly attractive likely straight woman paired with one of the slimiest self-identified leftist soymoids of all time

I think it could be fun if we voted for a new threadpic, personally >>1583534 is still funny to me or maybe some edit of >>1583488 ?

No. 1791598

File: 1679253921978.jpeg (95.94 KB, 1242x607, 59F86381-1A73-4B63-AB02-61EB3D…)


No. 1791609

You're straight, Becky.

No. 1791658

These people are so self-absorbed. Just fuck whoever you want to girl, I promise no one cares.

File: 1563646546854.jpeg (283.8 KB, 1097x1088, 0524AD41-5CBC-41E5-9B5E-926767…)

No. 841145[Reply]

Third thread to discuss Nicole Dollanganger's following & skin-walkers alike.

Frequent faces include:
Millie (Doll)graves, Patience / torturegardens, etc. In the last thread someone brought up @sighsierra on IG — conversation about that pale uwu edgy picsart stickers community may be fitting as they all listen to and try to emulate ~2015 Nicole.

Newest milk is Millie's interview with Medium.

Other, souring milk is Patience's attachment to Nicole through having been involved in music videos she may have shot but never released alongside Nicole, Andre the Giant (@cryspell), and Maggie (@maggiedunlap).

Nicole and Matt have broken up in the past year or so and it appears that Andre got her sloppy seconds. Millie has gotten engaged to a normie.
262 posts and 75 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1779453



Not familiar with how this website works. I found it by googling "Millie Doll".

I knew her from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was at that performance that this photo was taken at.

She joined Velvet Darkness (the Rocky Horror shadow cast here in Madison. I’m just gonna say these details because they’re all revealed on this page, anyway) when she was around 18. That would've been about 7 years ago. VD only had a few performances booked per year at that time. So, naturally, we weren't that well organized. Chala (this is what we knew her as, because her real name is Michala, as someone previously mentioned) came into the cast & had a lot of that "I just saw Rocky Horror for the first time & I'm obsessed & full of energy" vibe that a lot of newcomers have. She became close to the guy who was in charge of the group - let’s call him Lucien. They started dating (there was a significant age gap between them & he was married…I didn’t make much of that, because rocky horror is very associated with the alternative relationship arrangements that occur in the BDSM world - it is what it is. But, I think maybe it seemed odd to others in the group, I really don’t know).

She & I would talk for hours on the phone sometimes. I helped organize casts rehearsals & stuff. She started getting closer with Lucien. Conflicts started happening on cast. (In hindsight, I discovered that she was the original cause of all these conflicts). She lied to a few people to get them riled up & leave the cast. She tried to lie to me, & told me that Lucien (who I had known for years already at this point) really didn’t like me & was about to boot me. I just did nothing about that information, LOL, so I ended up not getting manipulated due to my apathy. I think she was hoping I’d get mad at him & then leave cast or something…

She would tell me these stories over the phone about how terrible her home life was. She claimed (to me & several others) that she had a schizophrenic older brother who had been in & out of mental institutions who would abuse her & her younger brother (the one mentioned on here) when he woulPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1779467

>She would tell me these stories over the phone
Thank you for the milk, newfriend, but when you're posting to an imageboard like this it is a very bad idea to include information that can be used to identify you. All the cows mentioned in this thread have read what people were posting about them. There's a chance she will see this and know who you are

No. 1779468

oh I forgot to add:

The "Fake brother" note is confirmed by the image of Chala as Magenta, above, where Hannah says "when you had red hair & a half brother." >>877167

That "half brother" is not the brother from >>923898
that "half brother" is the imaginary one with schizophrenia that Chala made up.

Also: Chala had a friend named Charlie who was also on cast. I got to know Charlie after the Chala Incident on cast. She said that Chala used to drive downtown & tell her to wait in the car for hours because "She (Charlie) wasn't pretty enough to be seen with me". I guess Charlie did so. She definitely had serious self-esteem issues of her own, though not in the narcissistic direction… sad, really. I hope she's doing better now

No. 1779469


Yea, that's a good point. I just don't think it would matter at this point… But I suppose you're right.(namefag)

No. 1791576

as someone who used to be very close friends with Michala she was lying about the half brother thing since she was 15/16. I was the original guinea pig for her narcissistic bs because she knew I was autistic and gullible at the time(post proof or gtfo)

File: 1664340685345.jpg (842.12 KB, 1202x800, twatch.jpg)

No. 1660389[Reply]

Thread for all twitch drama
Last Thread: >>>/snow/1528381

Recent drama:
>Slicker steals money from both friends AND fans, including a cancer patient.
>CrazySlick accused of sexual assault and OTK and crew (emiru, maya, mizkif, mitchjones, etc) are suspected of covering it up
>bonbibonkers/emiru have been allegedly groomed by a discord mod
>Erobb was banned and SA allegations have been coming out
>XQC/Adept break up (again)
>Hasan backs down from calling Destiny racial slurs
>Anisa confirms idubbbz is going to be the main fight for CC2, still butthurt from losing to Dr. Mike
1115 posts and 144 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1785383

are you talking about him kissing other male streamers as a joke? if not, post proof or gtfo.

No. 1785406

Also if you DO have proof, anything at all, post it in the new Twitch thread pls

No. 1786472

dude he was a fucking theatre kid, of course he's down to suck dick. no one is surprised.

No. 1791562

looks like this is childs 4chan where you cant say anything without (user has been put out to pasture) fucking dumbass mods

No. 1791563

replied to wrong person(newfag)

File: 1676438398073.png (2.51 MB, 2016x1512, PhotoRoom-20230215_043520.png)

No. 1768412[Reply]

Coloursofthedark_bpd_aspd_npd is NOT to be posted about (or to post) in this thread.
I made her very own one that you can find here:


Rules: https://lolcow.farm/rules

If you don't like the new thread pic / Recap, too bad how sad. Make it yourself next time.


Laura has been reminding us about how sick she used to be with several throwback nose hose pics. She's also gaslit her mum into getting her into a rehab centre.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1123 posts and 246 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1787415

The redtexted infighting is very one sided, it should all be redtexted or none at all. The biased farmhands across this site are getting annoying. If you can’t handle seeing opinions you don’t like maybe you’re just too sensitive to be a farmhand, but only redtexting the shit you don’t like is so insecure looking and pathetic.

No. 1787460

Yes but getting weekend pass at home

No. 1787660

File: 1678669353300.jpg (234.4 KB, 1290x2255, Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 11.3…)

Why do they always look so damn proud to get their diagnosis?

No. 1787823

In the new thread please nonna

No. 1791246

File: 1679226061180.jpeg (196.9 KB, 1170x1773, 115C36D7-D7FC-413E-87EB-CB80E8…)

I hate her with a passion. Her content is literally just , I’m in the hospital for sewerslide, oh I’m gonna self harm I want attention, oh I want to desperately have my ED back but now I’m fat, etc. she also has that joker scar from cutting her face open in the hospital and then later was like yeah I did it got attention and now I regret it. It just irks me amount of ppl who comment on her shit encouraging her behavior etc.

File: 1642535580013.jpeg (44.21 KB, 408x612, DB91D37A-0B83-4C97-923B-F261B4…)

No. 1420672[Reply]


North Korean defector, grifter, alleged camwhore, consoomer and possible liar.

For those who are her fans; she makes clickbait content about the end of North Korea as well as “top 10 things you can’t do in NK”, or “evil fat dictator Kim Jong-un is dying!!!” while claiming her sources are from former and current NK secret agents yet shows no proof of this.

There are many contradictions about how she escaped North Korea: for example, her Wikipedia article states that she escaped to Mongolia from China as she and her surviving family went undetected by Chinese authorities with the help of Chinese and South Korean Christian missionaries. However, she states that she was being trafficked and sold to a rich Chinese man who financed her escaped to South Korea, not mentioning the missionaries helping her out. Or that her mother contradicted her stories about her father dying in the north when he actually died in China while trying to escape.

She was previously married to an ugly scrote named Ezekiel whom she had a child and but are now divorced as soon as she got her green card. Speaking of which; as of now, she revealed in one of her recent updates that she is now an American citizen.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(ban-evading commietard)
274 posts and 38 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1788933

Fame and money probably. Fuck the poor North Koreans, right?

No. 1789182

Idk is she so wrong here? She is traumatized and got shelter and safety’s from the US so I’m not surprised she has these strong patriotic feelings. The portion about the pronouns isn’t wrong either I think all the anons here agree.

No. 1789768

What are you trying not to understand that this plastic bimbo is a fucking war hawk who sold out her own country for great American cock? Other than “my ppl r suffering”, she hasn’t named a charity or openly helped ‘her people’ with giving food or defection plans yet wants people to be help her get rich. Thae Young-ho is on the same boat as another sellout defector-war hawk

No. 1791008

File: 1679193084354.jpeg (186.08 KB, 1999x1125, BB1EC669-CF26-4F0B-A1E1-96E6CE…)

Honestly if she wants us to feel sorry for anyone in tubby’s family, it would probably be his kids. For awhile now, Big Kim’s been dragging his daughter out to missile launches, military photo-ops/parades, etc. while making her pose showing affection to him in a creepy manner. Meanwhile, his bitch wife who’s totally a ~poor victim uwu~ does nothing, allows this and accepts being in the background because she has her own agenda to uphold regarding Kim and their children; it’s evident she’s the type to put her husband over her own children’s comfort.

Dennis Rodman should’ve kept his mouth shut about Ju-ae’s existence in the first place.(sage your shit)

No. 1791019

File: 1679193738877.jpeg (306.56 KB, 1920x2400, 17D870D9-8C18-4B8B-92D0-657E9F…)

It’s so creepy how she’s dressed and showing affection like his wife had at fucking 10 years old. I really hope Kim isn’t like Grease and is waiting to molest his kids when they’re older, I really do.

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