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File: 1498490091877.gif (12.35 MB, 480x600, image.gif)

No. 341652[Reply]

Attention seeking snowflake who flaunts her anorexia and bizarre dancing and fashion sense ( from pro a a scumbags thread). Has an IG account and a YouTube channel.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 408488

Seriously? Scary, scary, Sheeesh …….

No. 410184

File: 1509103492239.jpeg (55.85 KB, 768x470, image.jpeg)

Paris mentions her mum a lot but she never features in any of her IG photos or YouTube - I reckon her mum is really overweight and that is Paris won't change- if her mum has sleep apnea and is having weight loss surgery. And the world will fall apart if they stop making chocolate Cocopops porridge and she can't heat her milk in the microwave at Cafe Nero.

No. 435565

It’s slightly frustrating to watch her say she’s trying when she’s still eating the same foods everyday, with no increase in her meal plan. I’m a little confused how she’s managing to stay at home in the community how she is.

No. 435729

I just had a look at her Twitter having not heard of her before. Apparently she jumped off a bridge onto the motorway when she was 17! Jesus. I'm not sure how old she is now.

No. 437924

that was years and years ago. she's in her late 20s now iirc

File: 1512089425479.jpeg (75.3 KB, 300x300, 878CDB73-1A77-4575-B055-759F20…)

No. 435321[Reply]

Faze Banks is a 26 year old vlogger/YouTuber who first got e-famous playing Call Of Duty. He help found faze clan, an e-sports company that sponsers players.

He briefly left faze clan last year after admitting he has an adderall addiction; later came back and denied having any substance abuse issues and blames his irrational behavior on “lack of sleep” and “taking medication I shouldn’t have been prescribed.” Admitted that he briefly spent time in a psych unit during this phase.

Has had multiple “beefs” with Jake Paul due to dating Jake’s former side hoe Alissa Violet. Jake Paul’s assistant accused him of assaulting her; this was most likely untrue. The beef with Jake Paul is ironic because his best friend is Asian Jake Paul.

Recently has had a shit ton of drama surrounding multiple altercations he had with patrons and staff at a bar called The Barley House in Cleveland, OH. The Barley House released their own exposed video showing multiple incidents of Banks becoming aggressive (and revealed that he is hella balding).

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/bankshasbank
Instagram: www.instagram.com/banks @banks
Twitter: www.twitter.com/banks @banks

Alissa Violet is Jake Paul’s ex whatever; he has accused her of fucking his brother while they were fucking. She got kicked out of the team 10 House last year. Currently she is living with Banks. She may be a sugar baby. She is definitely an instahoe.

Instagram: @alissaviolet
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No. 435560

File: 1512123828060.png (197.88 KB, 750x1334, A9CEB8E3-2A5B-48F8-A203-FA7AF2…)

Tweets from the Barley House night.

No. 436649

The fact that all he keeps doing is starting internet beef/getting into fights with people just makes me not want to take his side anymore. The shit with Jake Paul and the assistant was clearly BS but now it's like every week he's doing some stupid shit against someone so now I'm just like "man, you're probably just a cocky douche irl and thinks everyone owes you shit because you're e-famous"

He seems fucking insufferable.

No. 436657

Latest update is that a judge put a restraining order on Banks and Alyssa to not talk about Barley House and they can't come within 200ft of the establishment because of endangerment.

A lot of people are saying it's because the fans were sending the workers and the bar death threats and shit but then the idiots are like "Waaahhh they're taking away Banks and Alyssa's freedom of speech!!!" when a) freedom of speech doesn't work like that and b) banks himself was sending death threats to the place and that's probably why the restraining order held up.

Imo the whole thing was probably a misunderstanding on banks and alyssa's part, they were being antagonistic douchebags and everyone there who knew each other stood for each other and beat the shit out of them. I mean Alyssa and Banks don't even have a good excuse for her being beat up. They were literally escorted off site to a car to go home by a security guard and then they CAME BACK after they dropped Alyssa's mom at home. Like that's literally just starting shit.

No. 436663

Yeah, the new wave of "YT drama" is just plain trashy. Honey Boo Boo levels of trashy.

No. 436665


Both dudes ( Jake and Banks ) are fuckin hideous. I found it hard to feel sympathy for her when it was obvious she only dated them for fame and money. She really isn't any better than Jake and his gang tbh.


Money and numbers have gone to both of their heads that they think they're royalty and never in the wrong. Literally if management is telling you they don't want you in the staff area, then leave. He has no right to argue that he has permission when he was being told to leave by management. Why could neither of them use the upstairs bathroom ? for you know, customers.

File: 1471307415461.jpg (60.22 KB, 960x720, 13925338_656326001192944_78042…)

No. 166021[Reply]

Angi Viper is a cosplayer from California who thinks she's going to be famous despite the fact that she looks like a horse and goes through friends faster than a fat kid through a cake.
Highlights include:
-making out with other cosplayers for pictures despite being in a long term relationship because she considers her cosplay persona to be a separate person
-acting cos positive while actually bullying anyone who doesn't suck up to her
-publicly calling out anyone who leaves a negative comment on her Facebook or instagram
-claiming credit for costumes that were made at least in part by other people

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No. 338630


So maybe you wanna grow some balls and take these issues with me up personally instead of making up lies and attempting to defame me? (PS cows are adorable so thank you for relating me to one <3)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 338684

you literally just necro'd a thread that was completely fucking inactive. No one gives a shit about you; you're not even interesting enough to warrant more than twenty posts here. kys.

No. 338883

isn't this the chick that was with gross gore (ali) ?(sage this)

No. 341102

I don't know who this is but this is clearly a self post. Who posts about someone they don't like and includes all of their links? Who would want to promote someone this dislike? Then this thread gets revived when she's probably feeling bitter that she got fired from a project? Then she comes and replies on her high horse? Creating self deprecating posts then coming here and pretending like you're so confident because your own posts don't bother you isn't going to make you cosfamous.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 439472

She's a stinking pile of drama.(necro)

File: 1445829568757.jpg (62.45 KB, 580x841, farrah-abraham-bikini-birthday…)

No. 49300[Reply]

Since we're talking about American 'Celebrities' I'd figure we could talk about none other than Farrah Abraham. To those who don't know her (From the PULL SITE):

>> Part of an American Reality show 16 and Pregnant / Teen mom where she had a child at age 16.

>>Known to be very bratty towards her parents and even lashed out at her cast-mates in public through Twitter IRL.

>>Letting the media know that her parents abused her even though her parents are literally her lap dogs and would be so defensive against criticism towards their daughter.

>>Was part of 2 Sex Tapes with James Deen and at first she seems to enjoy doing by letting the media know that she's doing this to celebrate her sexuality but sooner or later she back-pedaled by telling everyone that the tape was leaked before she changes her story. She even lied about being raped and drugged and results with her burning bridges to the company that she enjoyed working with.

>>Preaches about not being a porn star although she recently launched her sex toy products, going on strip club tours, and even appear at porn conventions. She now have a webcam site.

>> Takes her 4 year old daughter and Dad to the office of Vivid Entertainment (Porn company) to sign the deal.

>Addicted to Plastic Surgery to the point where she would even encourage her daughter to get one when she's older.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 174854

File: 1474179436044.jpeg (374.28 KB, 1449x2048, image.jpeg)


When I first started watching teen mom - before surgery-era; I've noticed how much she looked like my friend (bitch on the right - she's fat and looks old now despite barely turning 25) and had emphasized with her about wanting to start anew with her daughter despite her controlling mother. Guess "anew" means doing "what needs to be done" without anyone getting in the way to obtain fame and fortune, even if it meant exploiting her "daughter dearest".

Though I gotta give it to her, she's prettier than said friend. (Ugh, I'm such a bitch.)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 174903

I remember watching her Episode on 16 and Pregnant where the first thing she told us was how much she wanted to be a star and move to the city to become a model or some shit. I'm guessing that she took this as an opportunity to become well known despite the fact that the only reason she got famous is because of her daughter. Without her we probably won't hear about her unless shes like Snooki.

No. 188294

So can we talk about the upcoming Reunion fight that's been going on between her and Amber? Also how about her "BF" Simon's Snapchat and Twitter?


No. 426515

File: 1510941689562.png (1.35 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171117-125902.png)

This might be necro posting but this was announced. Shocked she's seen as relevant enough tbh.

No. 426554

She literally has an active thread dipshit >>390118

No. 23296[Reply]

Black khaleesi as claimed by tumblr. Claims she has an editing and promtional team.Apparently changed her name to Artemis. Ex Sugar baby.

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No. 298772

File: 1493145531204.jpg (121.08 KB, 518x534, Screenshot (90)_20170425_14380…)

Speaking of shitty cosplays….

No. 302977

I also liked how she literally tagged that person so they could read the post. At that point she's just harassing people which is fun because she used to preach so much about being bullied online.

Now she's attempting to be a cam girl or whatever with mediocre ass naked pics. After so many years this bitch still didn't get anywhere in life after all that attention.

No. 303172

She looks like black Shay-gnar, how unfortunate.

No. 428870

sorry to bump this thread but new devopments
>called out friend for faking suicide, cancer and ed
>made a fucking google doc of screen shot between the girl and her
>makes a vid explain the situation
>claims girl has been stalking her for 7 yaers
> threatens to sue her even though she starts a witch hunt on the girl who she claim is harrasing her

No. 428872

File: 1511356548479.png (77.41 KB, 512x512, tumblr_odgcg8tsgU1uu2nnqo1_540…)

No. 429928[Reply]

Popular tumblr horror/'science' blogger who's been getting into a lot of trouble recently.

>Routinely steals content from r/nosleep and shitty pseudoscience blogs

>Rarely bothers to actually fact check or correctly source the information she posts
>Criticised for making so many posts on mental illness on her blog, claims it's "to educate" but often tags the posts under her "creepy" tag
>Stole an artist's artwork for one of her shirts
>Tried to start a program called "Sixpenceee Heals" where she would charge people $30 to fill out a survey and she would write a psychological report on them to help them "be the best version of themselves", despite being a neuroscience student with absolutely no training or qualification in psychiatry. Later apologised for the post and decided not to pursue it. Claims she was "just trying to help people", which doesn't really account for why she tried to charge people $30 for her pseudo-therapy.
>Mentioned visiting family in Bangladesh who have an 8-year-old girl working for them as a maid. When people were understandably horrified at this, she said she didn't condone it but "that's what they do here".
>When these things are now brought up, she claims "it was all taken out of context", the Sixpenceee Heals program was "akin to a life coaching program" and the child labour post was "to raise awareness".

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No. 430382

Where was the first time she mentioned this 8 year old? I remember when this was happening but I couldn't find it (she probably deleted it) but does anybody have caps? I can understand what she says here >>429936 , but it really all depends on what she said to begin with.

No. 430492

sixpencee is just full of herself. I had some private messages with her before and she gets bored fast and rudely pushes you away if you aren't anything big on tumblr.

She actually posts some narcissistic things? I remember she would post about having a lot of boyfriends? and this one post where she said she'll bown down to any hot girl who manages to get her bfs attention or something like that.
But anyways, she's gotten pretty annoying and I stopped following her when she kept on reposting old crap and advertising sponsored items

No. 430509

Exactly the same, I never even actually followed her but I would scroll on the tumblr daily for all of my crime/weird medical/whatever interests. Eventually every other post was advertising her damn scary story contest or her shitty overpriced stolen cliche shirt designs

No. 430856

She regularly stole from a tumblr/blogspot blogger named deformutilation years ago, I wonder if she still does. Deformutilation would speak out against it but no one seemed to care.
But good to know people are finally calling her out.

No. 430895

I knew there had to be shit about this bitch. I used to follow her until I started noticing more ads and shit on her blog than actual content. I can't believe she doesn't get called out more for that.

File: 1511744344629.png (2.45 MB, 1226x1628, Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 4.44…)

No. 432463[Reply]

Pulp is famous for being a nude model on Suicide Girls. Runs a patreon posting nudes and has been known to be touchy and easy to offend.

>Had an IG post stating that she should be getting Valentine's Day gifts for all the dudes who jerk off to her and linked her amazon wishlist. After backlash, took it down and called it a "joke"

>Reports from personal friends stated that she would borrow large sums of money and get gifts from friends, but never paid back anything.
>Complains about bills and years of student loans (despite getting an associates at a community college) and then buys hundreds of dollars worth of shoes and lingerie
>Routinely attacks and social-media-shames her fans who comment basic things like "nice boobs", exclaiming that boobs aren't sexual.
>Gets fans for being a "gamer" and "nerd", dropping old videogame and old anime references. Talks about buying games all the time and how she's such a gamer, but public Playstation profile shows she plays 0 of them and they're all old games.
>Routinely asks people to buy things for her dog who is an "emotional support animal" because she "can't afford" toys or dog crib.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pulpfictionally
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pulpfictionaly
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No. 432470

I thought the OP thread pic was Lauryn Lawler at first.

No. 432483

what the hell is suicide girls? this reeks selfpost.

No. 432497


sadboys who pay money to see girls be naked but it's okay because it's "artistic"

No. 432500

a softcore porno site for ~~alt gurls~~ from…. what, like 2004?

No. 432514

It's this one softcore porn site where all the girls have colorful hair and tats.
Zoe Quinn has been there, so yeah, the standards are kind of. Uh.

No. 413023[Reply]

Megan Marie Hall is an obscure but lolcow youtuber I think would make great entertainment if more people knew about her. She's an extremely obese 28 year old woman, obsessive stalker, and radically delusional hog. A few things to note:
>she was catfished in the myspace days by someone pretending to be the famous rapper Omorian, she still believes till this day that she used to be Omorian's girlfriend.

>she literally, legitimately believes in witches, mermaids, fairies, etc. literally. she has an IQ of about 22

>makes fake story times. in real life, she's obese, single and probably never leaves her house or has any friends besides her mom.

>she makes hundreds of fake accounts. to prove to her few haters that people do like her, she's made about 20 fake youtube accounts to leave herself comments and likes. but the accounts are all blank and with usernames that obviously point to her.

>she calls anybody who says something bad to her on her accounts a "stalker". There are 3 girls she used to be friends with who she had a falling out after they realized she was psycho bitch, and she constantly calls them her stalkers. Better yet, she accuses them of making fake accounts to harass her, accuses them of mimicking her, and accuses them of stalking her, all things that SHE'S doing to them.

>she has a very extreme "single white woman syndrome" case towards one of those girls where she tries to BE her (the girl in question is nothing special to warrant this kind of obsession at all, Megan is just a crazy psycho like that). She's been making videos telling lies and talking trash about her for years and years, so much that the girl had to file multiple restraining orders against her to get her to leave her alone.

>she's racially self-loathing and delusional, believes her own lies. Her father is black and her mother is half-black, but here's a video of her claiming that she is only 4% black and that she found that out because she went to the doctor for a physical and they told her that when they tested her blood type ??? (protip: you have to pay $100 for a DNA test from a lab, they don't just give it to you at the doctor's, and it's done with saliva not blood)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 413026

forgot to mention, she also believes Omarion named his son, Megaa, after her, and that he writes subliminal tweets meant for her.

No. 413044

seems more like she's mentally ill, not v lulzy, more sad

No. 413379

Umm, that could be said for probably the majority of all our cows here, do you know that?!

File: 1419040469246.jpg (143.9 KB, 641x906, image.jpg)

No. 421879[Reply]

A sane person needs to have followed her Instagram for only a few minutes to find out she is angry, lazy, close minded and always looking for a handout. I am not sure who is worse Randomlancila (Amber) for repeatedly preying on her followers (whom she doesn't bother to respond to a majority of time) or her followers, the ones who aren't trolls.
27 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 422074

Does anyone know what ever happened to Rosie?

No. 422845

holy shit I always thought of myself as disgustingly obese but even I fit in that like three times… how do people even get that fat…

No. 422869


Quirkyloverosee Rosie? IIRC she got back with ratboy and came back to insta with marginally less shitty makeup and seeming a lot more humble and laid back and anons kinda got bored of her.
I'm too lazy to look tbh but I'm sure her kiwifarms thread will fill you in on what happened to her.

No. 422878

No. 424646

I have that same thought.. like once I have any overhang on my stomach or anywhere, it would be time to look at a diet. But I guess some people just don't care or truly have some abnormal physiology that leads to this.

Overweight I can understand, but obesity on this level is hard for me to understand! D:

No. 399010[Reply]

New poster here. Found this person a few months ago..
1st YouTube account:
2nd YouTube account (uploads the same videos):https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI4BjRsZSI80HgySA6s76Hg

>goes crazy when her sister Heather Ray does anything to her.

>When others troll her, she thinks it's Heather doing it.
>She gets really butthurt at her ex-husband for stealing her first born child
>She says her sister is violating a court order by communicating to her online
>Her sister stole a fucking Thundercats novel, and she has court ordered Heather to return it to her

I also sent a pizza to her.


No. 399020

Just seems like a mentally ill person with family problems. Anything interesting about her?

No. 399060

According to other family members, she was always the crazy one and liked to blame her problems on them.
Apparently, she has a luka magnotta amount of alts made just in case one of her channels gets taken down.

No. 399193

shes so dumb.

No. 399853

Holy shit lmfao

No. 399860

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