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File: 1589475413319.png (639.93 KB, 736x766, 2020-05-14_11-53.png)

No. 973908[Reply]

Katie Joy, AKA WOACB, a 'reali-tea gossip blogger' known for leaking the Amber Portwood (Teen Mom) machete attack audio.

>Katie started off writing for patheos.
>She wrote about her sons medical conditions, then moved on to reality TV.
>Katie was an athiest, then christian then back to athiest.

>KJ was invited to Steve McRae's YT channel by former partner Kyle. Kyle kicked Steve off of his channel and ran away with $60K. KJ sided with Kyle.
>Steve sued Kyle in attempt to get the channel back, then KJ accused Steve of Sexual Harrasment using a conversation about a porn stars boobs as proof. https://imgur.com/a/OIq2lVn
>Katie then retracted her accusations and her defense of Kyle in a apology video, which she later removed. http://imgur.com/a/D5xfury
>Katie releases the Amber Portwood audio and video from Amber's ring cam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDJykKtj-Bs
>Katie has a hard time with competition and has a frenemy relationship with a channel with a similar style, Leslie Bass https://youtu.be/wh8oJ329-Wk
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No. 1012759

This bitch is currently doing a live where she is talking about 14 year old Danielle Cohn. FOURTEEN. She's posting DM's between the two of them. Somebody needs to report her ass. Does she have no limitations to who the fuck she gets obsessed and starts drama with? Even we dont post/start shit with minors here. I'll post the vid after she goes off live if she keeps it up online.

No. 1012760

Also, her new "fillers" look disgusting. She looks like a muppet.

No. 1014188

File: 1595990936710.jpg (555.73 KB, 1080x1351, 20200728_224452.jpg)

No. 1014189

File: 1595990961830.jpg (65.78 KB, 673x688, IMG_20200728_224435.jpg)

No. 1014386

Not surprising if she's trying to farm IP's and addresses. She's such a weird bitch. I legitimately think something is fucked in her head and she creates "drama" with people that barely even acknowledge her. Like some sort of single white female type shit.

File: 1483217979941.jpg (24.94 KB, 236x365, b7ee6630ac7134be60df44b4559990…)

No. 225100[Reply]

I remember those girls that posted pics of themselves trying to be "lolita" and "nymphet" and glorifying Nabokov's Lolita. One of the most famous was spoiledsiren(pic related), she was a sheltered girl who tried to be a sugar beby at age 14 and was dating a 30-something man at age 15. Someone outed her to her parents & they confiscated her phone but couldn't find any solid evidence, it seems. Since then she changed to pitybaby, last time i checked, and was demonizing age gap relationships.

Someone took over her oldest url and attempted to troll, probably the same person who outed her.


They were kind of the "start" of the underage littles, girls calling themselves nymphets despite the negative meaning and trying to date 50-something men because aesthetic.
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No. 852259

lol i didn't see that but i'm so glad to know stupiddolly (apt url) broke mutuals w me after sending me a million anons asking "why do you follow terfs" "are you a radfem" "why are you mutuals with radfems" lmao why do you romanticize csa? sage for blog

No. 900976

File: 1575386566568.jpg (124.7 KB, 890x1329, jo.jpg)

Found a Jo comment in the wild.
I don't think a fan fiction is the worst of your problems

No. 1011272

There's an archive of her somewhere(Necro)

No. 1011993

yeah it attracts plenty of predators who want to take advantage of barely legal or even underages who think dating older men is cool or makes them look more mature.

did this give out any milk at all besides cringy teens idolizing vintage aesthetic? any underages openly and proudly giving out tips on how to be sexy for older guys or is that gonna be just in the good ol days?

No. 1014149

File: 1595985239390.gif (1.67 MB, 340x340, tumblr_nzbvhd01dI1uptndeo1_400…)

gif in the wild(emailfag)

File: 1503962285040.jpg (117.89 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_8688.JPG)

No. 381948[Reply]

Creepy puppetmaster behind Mars Argo and ThatPoppy. Was arrested on 4 seperate charges in 2010. Mars said their relationship gave her PTSD and now he's creeping on Poppy instead.

Insta/twitter: TitanicSinclair
YT: Titanic Sinclair
Wiki: http://the-mars-argo.wikia.com/wiki/Titanic_Sinclair?comments_page=1

Did he abuse both/either of them? [x files theme]
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No. 674059

Titanic Sinclair, Illuminati or clever psycho?

No. 674880


shut the fuck up, Corey.

No. 738083

So, the lawsuit got settled

No. 738084

Good! This is an old thread though, the most recent one is >>581474

No. 1014026

File: 1595967863232.png (3.54 MB, 2850x1780, lazy_shit_meme.png)

I found this meme on 4chan's /mu/. I cannot help but think this might be accurate. There is a significant difference between his work and almost all of Poppy's.

I don't think the collaboration was 50/50.(necro)

File: 1574239482533.png (33.81 KB, 593x257, ti1YVFl.png)

No. 895681[Reply]

Hey art nerds! This is a thread for everyone's favorite starving artist, Becca "All give and no take" Hilburn!

Becca Hillburn is an artist and art supply reviewer currently living in Nashville, TN with her living ATM/fiancee. She's behind the blog Nattosoup as well as her very own YT channel. Her primary claim to 'fame' used to be art supply reviews and field tests, but now she's most known for her bitterness and mediocrity. Egotistical and whiny to a fault, she'd rather sit back and play pretend art teacher to her 2-3 student workshops and sell 2 dollar prints at 12 cons a year than use her Masters to get an actual day job. Her primary personality trait is her two-facedness, presenting as a pleasant and helpful teacher upfront while harboring whiny resentment and bitterness beneath. She's also the artist behind '7" Kara' - an all-ages webcomic about Becca's ADHD self-insert ripping of The Borrowers and Thumbelina, rendered in muddy watercolors that she could totally do digitally. Becca shills the fuck out of this comic, going so far as to get physical copies printed for her to sell at cons and donate to lending libraries.

>Has been on YT for several years but even with her 'popular' blog cannot manage to break 10k subs. The vast majority of her videos hardly make it over 300 views.

>Nothing is ever her fault. Blames 'baby artists' and fans for depending on her too much without giving her anything in return (as in, not throwing money and love at her feet).
>Considers herself a watercolor expert despite her muddy, poorly-mixed colors and weak grasp on composition.
>SCAD alumni. Apparently didn't network enough to land an industry job out of school.
>Allegedly used to spend 7k a month on video editing - even though her videos are meandering, rambling, poorly shot messes.
>Obsessed art supply hoarder. Begs her fans to email art supply companies on her behalf to send her free shit then turns around to complain about having no room for any more.
>Goes on about her ADHD so far as to make an entire vlog series about how it sux to be hur guise.
>Actively resents her tiny pool of viewers and students, talking shit behind their back about how they don't support her enough.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1013788

File: 1595918596638.jpeg (15.37 KB, 488x552, 30B4FB47-4F08-48B2-8CE9-C914F6…)

I think they’re supposed to be dressmaker scissors but she doesn’t use enough reference or have the knowledge cuz the reason they’re shaped like this is because they let you cut fabric flat on the table, so the handles of her scissors don’t make sense especially cuz the large handle is backwards as well as the hand

No. 1013810

She said she didn't mention the wedding much because she couldn't invite many people and didn't want people who know her feel left out. Who cares? They would find out one way of the other, and if they didn't understand keeping it small during a pandemic of all things (why she chose to do this when most weddings are being cancelled is beyond me) it's their problem.

The sad thing about all of this is that I don't think the wedding was in her mind much, in the vlog she sounds like she just wanted to get it over with, which makes sense with rushing it during a pandemic instead of waiting another year to have a good wedding. She's extremely fortunate of marrying someone so supportive yet all she can think about to the last minute is Kara and the kickstarter.

No. 1013812

The scissors are by far the best part of this painting

No. 1013827

New thread

No. 1015639

the note on the door says "dear(or don?), did you take your medicine?"

File: 1581994619394.png (2.77 MB, 1000x2000, sophiek.png.ffe2de4cae0b650d28…)

No. 933276[Reply]

Belle Delphine skinwalker who was enjoying the association until people started posting her on BD fan pages and she was posted in the PULL BD copy cats thread. Has been having a meltdown over it ever since, as she is posted about and exposed near daily.

>Camgirl/sex worker

>Hairdresser school alumna/mullet afficianado
>Used to do furry art
>Claims to not be a BD wannabe despite the same makeup and snow app abuse, might even have overlaid BD’s face onto her own
>So plagued by BD accusations that she has to clarify in her pornhub titles that she’s not BD (not for, like, publicity or anything)
>Has a live-in BF/pimp that she denies just like BD
>Screen grabs from her diddling videos are posted on PULL and reveal her true face
>Blames bad lighting, an old camera, late-stage puberty, and caked on makeup for the reason she looks so consistently inconsistent
>Insists that she is naturally young looking and not pandering to pedophiles with her content
>Posts clips from a commercial she was in when she was 12 to prove that she ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT CATER TO PEDOS
>Was scammed by a creepy incel into sending provocative video clips, claims PULL users are behind the “hacking”
>Tries to prove her natural looks by posting video clips that include makeup, angles, favorable lighting, blurry quality, and filters
>Encourages her orbiters to white knight her at every opportunity, including joining PULL to give negative reputation on posts that mention her and getting angry at IG commenters who compare her to “Bill Dolphin”
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
168 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 999138

The small eye editing + “Lee” lol is she trying to be Asian now?

No. 999154

I saw one of her streams and aside from the usual claims of being French (one of her grandparents is kek) she totally claimed to be Asian but elaborated no further, and changed the subject. Some incel said something about her "looking Asian", and she basically just followed that up with "I am" but provided no relation or specific nationality.

No. 999380

lol my god you'd think with how obsessed with women and pornsick these freaks are they could recognize an Asian versus a white woman with vaguely hooded eyelids and eyeliner.

No. 1013326

Gross af(necro)

No. 1013445

They're the same men obsessed with Kpop idols who get surgery to look less Korean/more racially ambiguous, so its not surprising.

File: 1509135581806.png (527.61 KB, 629x430, progress.png)

No. 410442[Reply]

Alex Mahan or Yandere Dev, basically the living embodiement of an incel, creator of the edgy sandbox meme "game" Yandere Simulator:
>shilled his shit streams on /v/
>made incel tier posts on Gaia online
>showed MikeZ sempai, programmer of skullgirls, his shitty prototype
>Instead of kissing his ass, sempai decided to criticize his code and give him genuine advice that would ironically be needed for his newest game
>eventually he would come back to /v/ with his early idea for yandere sim
>/v/ likes it and even volunteers some work for the game; however, this was short lived as it is soon found out that evaxephon and yandere dev are the same person, /v/ and /a/ get on his ass about this
>after a failed attempt at trying to win 8chan's love, alex decides to find a home within his reddit, mainly filled with edgy 13-year olds and ass-lickers where he posts giant ass text walls of edgy bullshit
>the game has now turned into an edgy convoluted mess of memes and random bullshit
>Including but not limited to; big busty boobies on underage girls, using colored panties as currency, kidnapping and torturing underage girls, brainwashing girls into killing other students, shoving someone's head into a fan causing a giant bloody fountain, killing someone using weights/an avil, etc.
>made a 10 minute video complaining about emails and a green haired girl to represent his fanbase, which he repeatedly kills as a way to represent how much he hates them
>entire game is programmed with if/else statements
>game is plagued with bugs, shitty models, design choices, voice acting, and runs at 12 fps (even with high end pcs)
>most of his game is filled with stolen assests (from mmd no less)
>is planning on making a kickstarter of 1 million dollars despite already having a patreon that he earns 4-5k each month
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
60 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1000967

necro but it happen every begining of the month, some patrons will pledge back. But each month he loses some, yeah.

No. 1001977

yandev's accounts have been hacked by kiwifarms. as far as i know this includes his reddit, youtube, discord and email kek. his entire reddit is just shitposts rn.

No. 1002062

Too bad his patreon can't be touched ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (yet?)(¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

No. 1002212

nah his google + discord are safe because 2fa

No. 1013288

does anyone have a screenshot of him telling people to fuck off after he added an anti-mods message to his game in 2016 because he received so much bug report on his email
i remember it was on youtube when he commented that(necro)

File: 1595789296558.jpg (526.41 KB, 1151x486, ChampagneDressColored-12.jpg)

No. 1013063[Reply]

Jenna Lynn Meowri/Jenna Lynn Mowrey is a cosplayer.

Social media links
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JennaLynnMeowri
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JennaLynnMeowri/
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/JennaLynnMeowri

> Claims her lips are natural (despite her sister having posts/pics from 2013/2014 of them getting lip injections)

>Got twitch streamer Mizkif banned for harassment even though she was the one harassing him on the live stream. Sent him legal notice saying she'll sue for sexual harassment if he doesn't apologist.

> Sells prints & doesnt send them to the buyers. Has patreon she still charges on even though she hasn't updated since March 2020

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1013070

File: 1595789576827.png (1.02 MB, 578x802, Reddit.png.355d04077b513312652…)

The famous picture Jurai Media Photography took of Jenna in which she flipped out about and had him apologize on twitter for taking a bad picture of her

No. 1013073

Full Mizkif stream in which Jenna claimed she was sexually harassed and abused on

No. 1013075

I remember seeing this..person at I think colossalcon either last year or the year before. It was kind of surreal because I had a feeling he ( I thought it was a man in drag at first ) wasn’t swarmed or surrounded by photographers or horny fans. Just kind of standing around waiting for nobody. Walking a few steps before returning to the same high traffic spot kind of hoping somebody would be like OH what a HUGE BAZONGAS and SEXY COSPLAY. But from what I saw nobody approached her. Having the feeling that she was some super inflated instagram thot…and then nobody really caring that much. Social media is insane. Also she looks like a caricature of a woman or a sakimichan painting come to life and it’s very uncanny…

No. 1013109

Yeah, thats what she does at cons. I have attended lots of them and have seen her multiple times. She always stands out front and poses hoping someone will stop. One time she was with a friend who was asking people walking by if they wanted a picture. I've never seen her actually enter a con to look around. lol She reminds me of those desperate girls on the Las Vegas strip. Just standing out front, hoping for attention. I'm surprised she doesn't try and ask for a $5 tip or something. lol

No. 1013126

Surprised you didn't mention the fact that she buys her followers and likes on ig and twitter. In her pull thread, one user found the website she buys bots from and social blade data showed how hourly her growth was inorganic.

File: 1535936439611.jpg (14.44 KB, 300x233, 300px-Winterrose.jpg)

No. 679434[Reply]

Alright everyone, buckle up because this one is a cow for the ages. From fake eating disorders to delusions, she's got you covered. Starting her career as a cow all the way back in the infancy of snark sites, "Gwyn" appeared on GAFF (God Awful Fan Fiction) as Winter Rose. There's too much to say about her without also posting screenshots, so allow me to summarize.

>Around 50, acts like a spoiled 4 year old. Takes pride in and brags about it.

>Has many mystical past lives- always a princess, died a tragic death for love.
>Also believes (legitimately believes) she is a MerCherub (mermaid and cherub)
>Claims to have eating disorder she calls "Analima" (anorexia AND bulimia)
>Health mysteriously declined after the deaths of both her parents. Had seizures on top of nerve damage from diabetes, disabled.
> Diabetic because she's over 200 lbs at 4'10" (147 cm)
>Had mysterious seizures because she was intentionally overdosing on insulin.
>Does this for attention and asspats, and also to scam "pretties" and money for her followers to send her.
>Constantly fishing for compliments and affirmations.
>Lies about everything from her age to her name, to where she's worked and what her life was like.
>claimed to work at a Disney park as a Princess.

Her diabetes (Type II from her atrocious diet) is probably real, the death of her parents was real. The rest of it isn't.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
22 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 688880

what is her insta? I tried what OP wrote in and I got nothing? I've followed her since the start but lost track after her fleeing from LJ- she's obsessed with kpop/chinese beauty apps now I see. you'd think with all the cheap korean facial stuff she gets she'd actually look better. also would love to see real pics of her, only ever saw horror show photoshops

No. 691645

Classic cow! I used to follow this one on the old Fametracker boards and if I recall she even tried sock-puppeting there. She hooked her husband when he was barely legal. Another cow that was obsessed with being seen as petite and special but was insane with a basic bitch obsession with Starbucks. It kind of warms my cold heart to know she is still kicking around. This woman was like, the OG pixyteri!

No. 720361

Re: the question about Turner's Syndrome, yes it's confirmed that she has it, and I actually think that condition is the reason for a lot of her special snowflake princess bullcrap routine. Turner's means you only have one X chromosome and you never develop secondary sex characteristics, so it makes sense that she's so hung up on femininity and being petite/girly/delicate to compensate for basically never physically maturing past childhood.

I wonder if she isn't in some way developmentally stunted too. At the very least I'm sure being medically fragile meant she was coddled and pampered a lot as a kid, so it seems like she's learned that acting helpless gets her attention and positive reinforcement.

Her IG is sakurahimepink for the person who asked btw.

No. 1012821

No. 1012861

>cute twinky husband
>cute twinky
lol my sides have left the orbit, thank you for the laugh gurll like >>679622 love yourself chile

File: 1588794570303.jpg (249.06 KB, 600x400, Tooth Truth.jpg)

No. 969968[Reply]

Previous Threads:
Marilyn Manson #1 : Fuck You Edition
Marilyn Manson #2 : Chin of Sin Edition

Old thread bio updated

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 51 year old drug addict, washed -up rocker, serial abuser and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

> Accused by multiple ex girlfriends including ERW of rape, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement and forced drug use

> uses his barely legal fanbase to find young girls to groom, abuse and take advantage of while dangling the same one liners of helping with their careers, putting them in a music video or wanting a serious relationship
> Publicly talked about wanting to beat ERW's skull in with a sledgehammer
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1149 posts and 172 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1012024

I don't think anyone will make the new thread because there are no new things about Manson. We can only hope that someone starts to seriously investigate him. Anyway you're right this photo represents his future.

No. 1012202

I'm not sure how to make a new thread so someone else should do it.

People still drop milk they've come across in the past(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1012268

yeah, you don't even know how to sage or read the rules, we don't expect you to make a thread, honey.

No. 1012464

You expats are all the same

No. 1012477


File: 1562194490884.jpeg (28.86 KB, 275x228, 1562186683998.jpeg)

No. 831551[Reply]

A thread for the discussion of PetYoutubers. Better known as people who hoard and neglect animals for youtube fame. Some frequently discussed ones are:

Tyler Rugge
- Has over 30 animals.
- Supports Taylor Nicole Dean
- Keeps animals in too small enclosures.
- Keeps a single rabbit in a room without hides and barely any enrichment.
- Queen of the mean girls of pettube
- Pretty much confirmed that Maddie Smith and him are living together.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tylerrugge/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tylerrugge/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tylerrugge

Happy Tails AKA Megan Arriola
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1191 posts and 286 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1004653

Watched his video about Maeve. I think he just hadn't done enough research on the breeder and put way too much trust into them without fully knowing the signs like her beak or feathers.
Interested in how his bird vet didn't mention anything though, the deformed beak especially seems pretty obvious

No. 1004708

Tbh it sounds like the breeder straight up lied, he asked if they were fed the proper and the breeder said yes. Wayyyy too trusting but he seems to take care of his toucans well once they're in his care

No. 1009311

I watch him and i find him super creepy. His live streams are just a begging session. Losing two birds in 3 years hmmmm(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1009700

Idk that I agree about him being creepy, but he does give off an odd vibe. I do agree about the livestreams though. I tried sitting through a few and its just a bunch of thirsty fat girls trying to get his attention and him encouraging the donators compete to see who puts the most money on the donation bar. Get that money though I guess. He could definitely use it considering he's harboring exotic pets that are extremely difficult to care for.

No. 1012269


He's all shady. He just did a "rescue" of lizards tied to baloons? He lets zoo otters into a pool with store bought koi to "train them to hunt". Does some lightharted thumbnail and quiz when his animals got mauled. Arranged a play date between otters and guinea pigs. He "rescued" the otters by handraising them for ZWF(?). ZWF bred more otters that he again was raising at home. He brings lion cubs home and promotes ZWF on his YT. With all that, the breeding of animals and showing them off like this, I would not be surprised if that channel is also a way to advertise and sell them.

ZWF is totally a petting zoo, tripadvisor has a lot to show on that with visitors holding cubs and monkeys for pictures and products like tiger cub/monkey experience.

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