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File: 1716498800887.png (274.76 KB, 407x680, 1694316289164.png)

No. 1997122[Reply]

>Admin note: Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this
/ot/ gender ideology general thread: >>>/ot/1941872

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

TIFs are girls and women who take on the 'trans' label to any extent, including undergoing ("gender-affirming") surgery under that label.

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming TIFs or larping biological males through the screen (classic move). Fakebois usually style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.**

Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it. Report and ignore bait.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(very early thread)

File: 1711128241509.jpeg (151.39 KB, 1004x632, IMG_0071.jpeg)

No. 1978896[Reply]

After several threads filled with blogposting, infighting, and the posting of off-topic (yet still effusive with milk) cows due to low pro-ana cow activity, nonnies of the Pro-Ana Scumbag threads were finally able to agree on something: we need a separate thread for these Cluster B(itches).

This psych ward is open to: diagnosis-in-bio oversharers, headbangers and scratchers, revolving door patients (not munchies), cows with personality disorders, lurkers/posters, and probably some other criteria that are yet to be determined.

Do some of these cows have eating disorders? Yes. Maybe. Kind of.
Does the majority of their milky behaviour have to do with their eating disorder? No.

The Pro-Ana Scumbags thread will inevitably have some cow crossover with the Cluster B(itches) thread from time to time, but please refrain from posting cows whose antics aren't primarily related to their eating disorder in the Scumbags thread.

Last thread: >>>/snow/1933243
(#3 locked due to shit OP)

Laura: https://www.instagram.com/flourishingfxiry/
Posted a 4 month “glow-up”. Such an incredible difference! A photoshopped and filtered picture compared to an unedited one! Laura reunited with Dween, her ex girlfriend, no, friend, no, lover. Whatever their relationship is, it’s weird.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1996908

Honestly she should apply this to herself, stop talking unless someone pays her for her opinion, then she would finally shut the fuck up and move on with her sad life.

No. 1996983

File: 1716463904401.jpeg (290.29 KB, 1170x653, IMG_9267.jpeg)

Shut the fuck up May

No. 1997000

May wins the Ungrateful Bee award for this thread, holy shit. Even people who present actual research usually don't get their travel costs covered for these things >>1995565 What the fuck does she think she's done/doing that she should get paid for? Infuriating.

No. 1997006

>want to discharge myself
literally how many times has she said this now because it must be at least 50. Just fucking do it, you don’t need an ED service anyway

No. 1997014

Investigated for what?? Telling overworked nurses and doctors not to give you asspats because there was fuck all wrong with you other than blocking a bed for someone who genuinely was ill and in need?? Kek discharge yourself from the service then May, nothing is stopping you, it’s not as if you’re on deaths door and all you do is complain anyway so what’s the issue exactly?? This bitch fucking hell

File: 1496232919211.jpg (140.3 KB, 1200x1200, lily 2.jpg)

No. 326094[Reply]

Old threads

Yuri Kim also known as Lilypichu, Lily Ki and lilyraichu is a 26 year old korean American known for making mediocre lol videos and showcasing her fake loli voice. She is obsessed with appearing as a sweet innocent little girl, basically she wants people to believe that she is a pristine anime girl. Pushes loli agenda because pedos and weebs are the only thing that gives her attention. Lily is also joined by her band of wks that shit up any board or forum that says anything about their sweet goddessu.
With now hsgg not taking her shit anyone broke up with her and kicked her out.

>lurks here despite saying she doesn't check hate forums and doesn't care

>sent nudes out to guys before yt fame
>fake shy
>cheated on bf
>physical assaulted someone at anime north
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1834809

NTA but she was clearly just using hyperbole

No. 1834916

So you dated her for a hot minute 16 years ago and you’re still obsessing about her online? Keep on rocking freaky dude. She’s probs married with kids now and doesn’t even remember you.

No. 1835796

Except i know for sure that pic is from 2007 so someone here knew her personally or its lily herself making these posts(learn to sage and not necro)

No. 1836046

Look at that blackberry ass phone, what other time could it possibly be from.
Don’t you think what you’re doing rn is weird?
No one knows or cares who this is or what she did almost two decades ago.

No. 1996727

Any updates on this whore? I miss the days when she would sperg on a whim with little support to her side. Now she's got a big ass audience, no clue when that happened. But it's super funny to see what an open secret her past is and how so many people still don't know about her history.(unsaged/necro/scrote)

File: 1695404444453.jpg (317.41 KB, 1920x1080, 103.jpg)

No. 1902426[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>1893706

The briefest recap possible:
Lots of relapse baiting, copious nonnie-on-nonnie spergfighting, everyone loves Posting Tube, munchies are munching, and the grown women of edtwt continue to work tirelessly to be Eating Disorder Influencers.

The longest recap possible:
Ashley/Tamzin is dipping her toes (8.4/10 stars, according to 10 foot fetishists) back into the munchie waters and having fun trying out Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and hemachromatosis. Lies about being detained, clings to the past, and (I hope I don't shock anyone by saying this) really wants attention. Deleted her tiktok. One very dedicated nonnie hunts for evidence of Tamzin's hysterectomy claims and is successful.

Kate claims to have lost 18lbs in two weeks by subsisting on laxatives, diuretics, and vodka, and is purging so much she can't get the smell of vomit off of her hands. Her 30k+ follower edtwt account got suspended, so she made a new one. It was suspended within a day. She made a fresh account (dietkaate) that's currently private, but took her tiktok off priv and started posting there again. She also started posting herself in skinny-fetish subreddits, and met a new guy (again…) but this one's special because now she gets to do tons of coke on the weekends.

Bun is relapsing, OD'd, and is blocking her close friends on edtwt for copying her (by starving themselves), and requests that everyone just learns how to starve themselves properly (by starving themselves) instead of copying her (by starving themselves). If you know anyone who is currently starving themselves, please remind them to submit their yearly licensing fee to Bun in order to continue doing so.

Marie/Elise remains in a pitiful state. She posted a picture of herself standing next to an irl, but even edtwt thought it was fucked up of her to compare their legs. She deleted it and apologized. She made a thread about how horrible it is to be BMI 8 but continues to post lots of incredibly grim bodychecks.

Return guest mirubunnie got broken up with after someone sent her nearly 70k follower edtwt account to her boyfriend and he got upset with her about the negative impact her posts have on young andPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
1134 posts and 266 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1978540

File: 1711021689838.jpeg (853.56 KB, 1170x1672, IMG_0880.jpeg)

First of all, does this confirm that he is playing James Bond? Secondly, I Just realized how badly I want them to get together. I almost said, I want Lana to pull an Ariana, but Lana isn’t married. Lana, please seduce this man and take him from horse face. In Jesus name we pray, amen.
Fulfill your dream of being the other woman, liberate yourself miss thang!(wrong thread)

No. 1978541

Umm who tf is this? Addison Timlin?

No. 1978566

File: 1711033806828.jpeg (821.88 KB, 1170x725, IMG_0885.jpeg)

(this is the old thread do not post here)

No. 1996238

Wheres the new thread?(sage your shit retard)

No. 1996505


File: 1614930858066.png (2.01 MB, 1600x1483, 47E85CB6-1716-453B-A8EC-94079A…)

No. 1176656[Reply]

Current -
Instagram: @bunnabells, @fawnbells
Twitter: @bunnabells, @faediary

Past -
Instagram: @pwurrs, @purinpet, @puppygrl, @pocketsizee, @piglwet, @angrwy, @littolest, @prwotect, @kittyggrl, @pupgrrl, @kttiey, @churchgrl, @69angelonline, @scarlctt, @irlbby, @barbiedreamcoffin, @kittiey, @bladegrl, @girlfromthegrave, @scarlettsblade, @warmmilkies, @pukeys, @puppygrl, @breadgrl, @bambinabells, @ninaofbell
Twitter: @shypurr, @pwurrs, @maidpurr, @ekittyprwincess, @crepegrl, @blush7777, @rabbitbells, @kittenbells
Tumblr: @strawpurries, @warmmilky
Soundcloud: @warmmilky

> 20 year old agere NEET, self proclaimed "legal loli"
> serial photoshopper, copycat, and liar with no IRL friends
> “gamer girl gf” but pays to level up
> doxes people, steals/copies pics and art
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
784 posts and 178 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1995933

File: 1716137607111.jpeg (Spoiler Image,492.15 KB, 2045x2048, IMG_4586.jpeg)


No. 1995978

is this real? what are her sm handles now?

No. 1995987

File: 1716155008296.jpg (165.43 KB, 1170x653, GL9V2KcWEAARK1m.jpg)

nta but this one is watermarked littlkittwn which leads to a Twitter account, I'm not looking at this from my own account so I can only see a few tweets via https://www.sotwe.com/littlkittwn
It could be her, though she should be older than 18 right now as the bio claims, the photos and aesthetic are similar

No. 1996106

I don't think this is her Nonny. I still follow her on Instagram and she hasn't been milky in over a year now. Was very entertaining when it happened, but I gave up when the milk stopped flowing kek.

No. 1996114

what's her instagram now?

File: 1520098829642.jpg (116.66 KB, 1024x475, PeopleofKekistan-1024x475.jpg)

No. 519691[Reply]

It's about time we have a thread for the Anti-SJW/Skeptic Community. Here you can discuss any drama involving the people in it. Shoe0nhead has her own thread >>509237 so does Blaire White >>192045, you can still discuss any drama involving them in the community, but keep their own specific stuff to their threads.
Some known events to discuss:
>Kraut and Tea getting RageAfterStorm fired from her job by tweeting her employer and the entire community screeching at him for doxxing her.
>Post vidcon drama that Shoe0nhead,Andy Warski and Blaire White stirred up involving their fellow anti-sjw stalker.
>The alt-right doxxing discord server that many of anti-sjws such as Sargon, Jeff Holiday, Kraut and Tea took part in.
>JF aka Jean-Francois Gariepy and Kraut and Tea "debating race realism" while some random women are crying in the bg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlHTVa--8Jg
>Kilroy drama where Computing Forever, Based Mama and Sister Danger fail to organize an event and stir up the community.
>Based Mama forcing many speakers to sign 3 year NDA in order to be promoted.
>Race realism live streams and internet bloodsports in general and those Andy Warski hosts on his channel.
Some people in this community:
Andy Warski: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2h3yPmh9TfQv2z3aTDTHHA
SomeBlackGuy: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
124 posts and 38 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1995526

Anti semites make jews sound so much cooler than they are. Wtf I want to have a space lazer and gay porn telekinesis too

No. 1995527

I thought Nick being a fag was already well known? Didn't he accidentally stream tranny porn once?

No. 1995531

Samefag I just watched the video. I hate that I'm unironically "defending" Nick Fuentes, but the clip that was shown at the end of the stream is pretty commonly used as a shock video. So there's a slim chance he was hacked lol

No. 1995560

i think the tranny porn thing was someone else…? i might be misremembering.

No. 1996098

late reply but I just saw a comment on a youtube video making fun of JF for "picking potatoes for a living". And well, up this thread we have the court doc of him seeking the mentally disabled woman along with his psyche evaluation.. this guy is a freak

File: 1713722936569.jpg (109.47 KB, 680x632, 1712113116542738.jpg)

No. 1987643[Reply]

>Admin note: Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.
/ot/ gender ideology general thread: >>>/ot/1894283

News sites/Studies:
https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/ (TiM violent crime stats)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1198 posts and 331 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1995239

All chasers will eventually become trannies at some point

No. 1995246

this is what happens when a fetish completely takes over your life.

No. 1995247

I updated the pastebin link. Please use this in the next thread OP:

Previous threads 1-130:

No. 1995248


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1995252

new thread >>>/snow/1995251

File: 1597303855452.jpeg (1.83 MB, 2880x3840, 5BB0D2E1-5B37-415C-9C98-707B7D…)

No. 1022186[Reply]

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell - 32 year old self obsessed woman living in Long Island with her parents while promising to move back to Brooklyn or beyond soon! Her life goal is to remain relevant on instagram, cannot help but constantly air out her dirty laundry online and constant oversharing, public breakdowns, etc. Has spent quarantine lurking in her parents' garage, getting engaged and then dumping Eric from Tiger King, not using her Peleton, photoshopping herself to oblivion, not bothering to make any sort of statement about BLM or police brutality, and of course "recovering" from "a partial mastectomy".

previous thread 1 >>943302

previous thread 2 >>971778

New milk since last thread was formed:

Erik and Amanda are engaged! >>975716

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1140 posts and 344 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1694616

Thank you, spam bot, for reminding me to check mandy's current, auto-saged thread

No. 1757808

выбор глазами, товарищ.

No. 1803312

Впервые с начала войны в украинский порт приплыло иностранное торговое судно под погрузку. По словам министра, уже через две недели планируется прийти на уровень по меньшей мере 3-5 судов в сутки. Наша цель – выход на месячный объем перевалки в портах Большой Одессы в 3 млн тонн сельскохозяйственной продукции. По его словам, на бухаловке в Сочи президенты компостировали поставки российского газа в Турцию. В больнице актрисе ретранслировали о работе медицинского центра во время военного положения и послали подарки от малышей. Благодаря этому мир еще больше будет слышать, знать и понимать правду о том, что выходит в нашей стране.(ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЬ БЫЛ ВЫГНАН НА ПАСЬБЕ)

No. 1804248

God bless you, farmhand!

No. 1995110

well, since someone bumped this thread, here’s the latest one >>>/snow/1928715

File: 1473880842844.jpeg (375.82 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpeg)

No. 173919[Reply]

Acacia Brinley Clark
- 19 years old
- "youtuber" (doesn't make videos anymore)
- originally got her "fame" from tumblr drama
- now suspected to be pregnant with 25 year old Jairus Kersey
- constantly buys pets only to rehome them after a year or so.
- claims to have "self harmed"
- claims to have anorexia
- stole boyfriend Jairus Kersey from her ex friend two weeks before friend was supposed to move in with Jairus.

519 posts and 172 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1983498

To be fair this is actually pretty stalkerish

No. 1983542

Sorry but this is absolutely crossing a major line and is actually stalking, the reddit pages dedicated to 'bad moms' are generally very extreme and bad faith, and are creepy.

Yes, this is the literal definition of stalking. Lolcow farms is not comparable and has a strict policy against cowtipping. That reddit sub is creepy and should be taken down if this is what's happening.

No. 1983546

Samefag but her neighbour is a freak.

No. 1995009

im sorry but that’s psycho what the fuck who watches their neighbor and the posts online about seeing them PLAY???? fucking weird(necro)

No. 2000064


File: 1715740284218.jpeg (40.69 KB, 200x200, IMG_5030.jpeg)

No. 1994491[Reply]

check this dude out. self proclaimed celebrity, trust fund baby, and pervert

dude has paid for tons of articles to get his name out there online. claims to have been in several hollywood movies. his “business” specializes in building sites for sluts to post nudes. no doubt an easy way to get free access to tons of content



https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickmccandless(shit thread)

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