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File: 1695769361744.png (807.33 KB, 1300x950, psychward.png)

No. 1904806[Reply]

After several threads filled with blogposting, infighting, and the posting of off-topic (yet still effusive with milk) cows due to low pro-ana cow activity, nonnies of the Pro-Ana Scumbag threads were finally able to agree on something: we need a separate thread for these Cluster B(itches).

For additional context, peruse the Scumbag threads. You can start from the most recent one here >>1902426.

Do some of these cows have eating disorders? Yes. Maybe. Kind of.
Does the majority of their milky behaviour have to do with their eating disorder? No.

This psych ward is open to: diagnosis-in-bio oversharers, headbangers and scratchers, revolving door patients (not munchies), cows with personality disorders, lurkers/posters, and probably some other criteria that are yet to be determined.

The Pro-Ana Scumbags thread will inevitably have some cow crossover with the Cluster B(itches) thread from time to time, but please refrain from posting cows whose antics aren't primarily related to their eating disorder in the Scumbags thread.

Current herd:
- Colours/Laura, on whom I will not be wasting any keystrokes: Read her old thread here >>1759128

- lostallsanityx: Serial arsonist, ice-smoker, deodorant-huffer, and gleeful thief. Doctors don't feel comfortable working with her.
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No. 1933084

File: 1700847388894.png (1.96 MB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20231124-173510.png)

Very skimmed milk but laura showcasing some scratch marks on her hand

No. 1933135

between this and her dried up flaking lips, fried hair, scabbed up face, and the way her mouth is usually hanging open and eyes are always vacant and unsettling, she literally looks like she’s decaying. if i saw her irl i would think zombies were real. not even saying this to be vicious, it’s just true. sorry for the nitpick but i’m always bewildered by how living-dead she looks.

No. 1933138

digits rivalling Porgie there. but anyway we all know this post wasn’t about the overpriced coffee…

No. 1933245

there's only like 5 posts left here so new thread:

No. 1933391

she did that prior to the obesity saga if you check earlier threads

File: 1677110898846.png (723.67 KB, 1280x1600, 1676994203208.png)

No. 1774610[Reply]

Pseudointellectual libertarian hooker that panders to nerds and pedos.Thinks posting edgy Twitter polls is real sceince. Came to fame originally making le quirky porn. Has said too much vile pro rape, pedo shit to even fit into the OP. Considers getting the one time top post in r/Gonewild as her life's proudest achivement

Last thread: >>1743857

>recevied a lot of exposure after infamously bad CP take >>1743860

>daughter of Matt Slick, insane fundie and self declared autistic founder of CARM.org >>1745627
>Assblasted and fixated on Meghan Murphy after Meghan made fun of the quality of her research in a Youtube debate >>1774052 >>1749818
>a former member of the rationalist community who knew Aella personally posted dirt in her Kiwifarms thread >>1768116
>trying to take down kiwithread >>1772052
>paying people to make ai porn of her >>1772240
>clearly has read her KF thread and responds to it along with excusing criticisms of EA sexual abuse >>1773272
>prostituted herself for $2,400/hr >>1773939
>grouped pedophiles together using her anonymous survey >>1774204

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1931645

no Sam is quite well-known to be part of the Peter Thiel gay favoritism club (Keith Rabois, Mike Solana etc.)

I think this was implying that Emmett (and perhaps some of the OpenAI board?) is in a polycule with Aella

No. 1931906

Apparently it is a thing that happens with teen boys in the make a wish foundation, but they have rules to not do that and also not cause a fuss.

No. 1932174

this is why I don't give a flying fuck about male "victims" of "female pedos" or whatever it is reddit pretends to condemn. smeglets stay hideous demons even on their deathbeds, damn

No. 1933115

such a weird take, i know there's some bad actors who bring it up but come on, why put it in quotes as if its not real or bad what is wrong with you? actually I've been seen more and more female teachers being ousted by their male child victims lately, seems children are more comfortable in talking to people about their sexual abuse

No. 1935660

File: 1701354397958.jpg (140.37 KB, 1080x748, Screenshot_20231130-082137_Chr…)

hilarious coming from the girl who took an AI regulation research foundation that was one somewhat respected and put her agenda so heavily on it that it's no known as little more than a sex cult. there was a lady who posted about LessWrong saying that she just wanted to talk about AI and be a part of that and she basically was so harassed about hooking up with the guys there and being heavily criticized for being monogamous that she had no choice but to leave despite believing in their AI vision and goals. so basically, it's a polycule that sometimes talks about tech now thanks to Aella and she wants to act like it's other weirdos destroying her community lmaaaaao

File: 1491856692456.jpg (44.67 KB, 444x666, sssniperwolf-quiet-cosplay-3.j…)

No. 288690[Reply]

Is she lolcow material? I came across her and it seems like a lot of drama revolves around her, but I don't know how much of that comes from being a youtube celeb with millions of subscribers and how much of it comes from her being her.
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No. 1931127

did you tag the wrong posts? amber isn't a pedo

No. 1933053

I like KallmeKris too (although I wish she'd knock off the accent shit) but the only difference between their content is the host. It's the same switch off your brain and relax shit and there's nothing wrong with that. No matter what you think of Sniper seems a bit fucked up to go after just one person for something half of Youtube does.

No. 1933057

Half of youtube didn't do half the shit she did.

No. 1934726

If anything good happened from this is at least her content isn't on recommended anymore.

No. 1934729


She's also filtering her video comments now. Her most recent video only has 30 comments, all in her favor, and any new comments are held for review. So now she has to approve her comments individually, and she's digging through her inbox looking for ass-kissing comments to post and declining the rest. She's desperate to hide what she did now that everything is being exposed.

File: 1591194356638.png (698.97 KB, 800x550, crackhead energy.png)

No. 982801[Reply]

Lilith Levisis, real name Clare Buley. Thread #5.
Thread 1 - removed & unavilable
Thread 2 - >>>/snow/579509
Thread 3 - deleted in an unfortunate error, but is at this static page: https://lolcow.farm/snow/832303.html
Thread 4 - >>>/snow/846840
Latest updates:
>LARPing as a blood because of her current boyfriend, a bizarre wanna-be rapper @lokowitthamask (real name Jason, goes by Jay). Threatens to send her "blood girls who went to prison" after people she beefs with >>978590 & >>867587
>Was homeless in Florida for a minute. Apparently lost most, if not all, of her possessions.
>Went to rehab again, lived with family in Kentucky for awhile. Currently living in NY again.
>Promoted a cheaply made underwear line for months, "bunny g-strings", never amounted to anything.
>Started a random crusade against toopoor's use of the n word years ago, ended up getting her main instagram terminated after posting her BF's uncensored dick. Account was unbanned a month or so later. Claimed toopoor paid people to hack her iCloud and get her IG banned.
>Had multipe accounts banned for "self-harming" due to old cutter scars. Main secret account was later reinstated.
>Sold a bunch of clothes on IG that she never sent out, potentially scamming a lot of people. Uncertain if anyone ever received anything. >>915371
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1898561

File: 1694763654403.png (636.95 KB, 1316x722, lilith.png)

Damn it, if you're going to bump this thread, at least update it with anything even slightly relevant.
From what i've seen, Lilith is now fully embracing that ~rightwing politician daughter legacy~ and admitting to "going right saved me" in old ass stories. Taking thotty pics in what i assume was daddy Buley's office judging by politicians portraits hanging around. Working some office job if not co-owning as upthread posts might suggest.
She's also on good terms with Internetgirl all of the sudden, which is surprising to me tbh. I've seen her flooding Bella with compliments for a year or more, guess she finally reciprocated lol.

No. 1898565

she's back with Bianca after suicide baiting a few days ago(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1898984

Probably been done already tbh. Try harder.

No. 1899105

Blade/Melanie Arias? She didn't commit suicide, she overdosed. Unless you're talking about someone else, but that's the girl Lilith always used for clout and cried in stories bc they no longer can do their "naked ass/fake blood/needles in pigsty apartment" tier photoshoots. unless you mean someone else

No. 1925486

Her subreddit was deleted. Her of deleted. Where can I find photos of her getting rooted?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1586736940889.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, 603F917F-1801-4EF6-ACB2-C68154…)

No. 957778[Reply]

>part of the spam community
>alcoholic/drug addict
> her friend texted her saying they should rape a guy and laughed about it
> frequently uses n word, says “everyone talks like that when confronted”, or “ my bf/friends are black they don’t care”
>brags about getting high and drunk
>cries and suicide baits because her life “sucks”
> thinks anyone who disagrees with her is “jealous” and bullies them
> passive aggressive and rude to her followers who kiss her ass
>went out during a global pandemic to party and get drunk
> ended up in the hospital , claims she was drugged” which makes harder for the nurses when they already have cases of corona to deal with
> bought an urban outfitters magic kit and she thinks she’s a witch and will cast the corona disease away
> thinks she’s better than jaelle and nika even though she is toxic and abuses drugs
> said on live she was happy jaelle’s mom died
> used black face and said “pick my cotton”
126 posts and 61 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1931182

whippits scare me, like why not choose to be drunk instead

No. 1931219

why was everyone commenting 1 kek

No. 1931234

Maybe because she looked 1 second away from needing narcan lmao

No. 1931248

Streisand effect, this thread was dead for almost a year before being bumped a month ago kek.

No. 1932806

File: 1690923546993.jpg (218.32 KB, 800x533, twitch general.jpg)

No. 1874473[Reply]

Thread for all twitch drama
Last Thread: >>>/snow/1766148

Recent drama:
>Natsumiii of OTV&friends cheated on her husband and getting divorced
>XQC/Adept lawsuit is ongoing, rumors say they got back together
>SuperMega outed as sex pests(no surprise)
>OTK continues to dip into irrelevancy, ExtraEmily holding up the entire company
>Idubbbz loses CC2 and $250k, Anisa and Ian continue to cope and seethe at the haters
274 posts and 42 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1934287

how many have you bought?

No. 1934724

I don't think the issue with these rich streamers is their plan for the future, because they're already set for life. I think that Pokimane didn't come back for the money, she came back for the attention. I literally can't imagine the "mental silence" women like her would suffer once away from an audience of thousands of moids hanging on her every word and praising her at machine gun speeds every time she logged in and started streaming. It's also kinda hard not to be disconnected when your audience cheers for everything you do.

No. 1935213

At least 10 since I’m an adult who has money in the bank account and every cookie she sells pushes a broke miserable-at-his-job twitchtard coomer closer to suicide.

No. 1935252

imane posts here? lmao

No. 1935790

File: 1701374868017.webm (3.64 MB, 1010x564, xQc suicidal 2023-11-27.webm)

xQc wishes he could kill himself. Surely his rapidly declining mental health has nothing to do with him gambling again…

File: 1650030832207.png (348.06 KB, 885x644, Screenshot 2022-04-15 14.51.58…)

No. 1502155[Reply]

Post your favourite e-begging cringe for cows who aren't significant enough to have their own thread.

Picrel, 24 year old scrote LARPing as a MTF claiming that this is Literal Abuse because his Mom asked him to do chores and get a job, apparently this is cause for e-beggary.
882 posts and 284 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1930913

She needs to grow the fuck up,it's baffling she's 21 and still acting like a pathetic baby.cry me a river.

No. 1930919

When you applied what was it like putting in your address? I wanna do it but I’m paranoid some psycho will come to my house

No. 1930928

You don't have to put your address, and only your city/state is visible to people who buy you things when you check out, no specifics of your location.

The only requirements they have are your name, a bio (it can explain what's in your letter further or just be "Merry Christmas" or something simple like that), a letter either handwritten or digital talking about your life as a struggling trans youth, and a link to an Amazon wishlist. They used to ask for age too but this year they're not.

They don't ask for ID, address, and they even discourage you from sending in selfies. Basically anything that can be used to identify you isn't required. I've sent in dozens of letters over the years and haven't been caught because everything they'll know about you will be a total lie about being a trans youth and the only thing close to truthful about you someone's could find out is your city, which would be too vague for anyone to doxx you from alone. Unless you put your full name on the delivery address (I always use just my first name or initials), but even then unless you have a very unique name it would be hard for someone to doxx you. They're not going to be able to find out who Jane Smith from New York is, for example, assuming they even feel a need to dig into your identity which seeing as they eat up letters that anyone with two braincells to rub together would know are lies, isn't going to happen

No. 1930965

maybe they will accept an amazon locker as a delivery address?

No. 1930977

Everybody is probably using a PO box or something similar. They dont expect trans youth to doxx themselves or for homeless people to have deliverable addresses.

File: 1521982010922.jpg (7.76 KB, 296x170, contra.jpg)

No. 537938[Reply]

29y.o transbian sjw who gathered fame with videos such as ''TERFs'', ''What the alt right fears'', ''Is Trump racist?''… Is prone to twitter meltdowns. He has called out Kiwifarms in one of his videos despite having a mere 9 page thread.
ig: https://www.instagram.com/contrapoints/?hl=fr
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA
twitter: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA
983 posts and 152 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1820314

>He constantly equates racism and homophobia with transphobia
That's TRA 101, forced teaming because they have no arguments.

It makes me sick to my stomach that these rich ass tranny moids alway play the victim. Contrapoints has over 14000 patrons just for being a loud and annoying tranny because his viewers are retarded and think he's a genius social commentator and belongs to an oppressed minority group while the lazy ass is doing a video every few months. Fuck. I hope Philosophytube's skinwalking gets out of control so he goes Buffalo Bill on him kek

No. 1820499

>video every few months
more like once a year at this point

No. 1859085

attack on titan(necro)

No. 1859177


Lord, how tragic indeed, how normal and good looking! He and actually all incel-troon-AGPs should do some good old psychoanalysis and tbh their parents aswell. Misogynist men meet or shape selfhating women who subconsciously take revenge on their male babies that then become misogynist men taking revenge on women and the cycle goes on..

No. 1930804

Why would you defend those who live promiscuous? Such behvavior is sinful and result of a dying civilizaton, as J. D. Unwin showed in "Sex and Culture" as well as Hans F. K. Guenther in his work on the history of marriage. You are deranged, sex-crazed people, the reason for our downfall. Andy Nowicki is correct.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1697484395998.png (1.35 MB, 1300x950, threadpic.png)

No. 1914617[Reply]

The milk is thin, though many of our cows are not.

Previous Thread: >>1902426
Pro-Ana Scumbags Index: >>1906589

New Sister Thread: Cluster B(itches) - BPDs and Wannabes >>1904806
Cluster B(itches) is the new home of Enara, Laura, Colours, lostallsanityx, Fish Shoes, and Emily J.
This thread has some crossover cows who either LARP EDs or have an ED, but is reserved for cows with personality disorders and whose milk is not primarily related to eating disorders. Several nonnies have contributed their favourite headcase cows, such as Alex Moorhouse, Holly Wilcox, Katya, Hayley, and Allyson. Nonnies with a particular interest in BPD cows are invited to contribute and/or lurk the psych ward.

Stef - Desperate enough for validation that she reached out to SnapchatBot to talk about her feeding tube ( >>1903870 ). Really loves her tube, and also Jesus ( >>1911542 ). A stint at ACUTE is confirmed ( >>1911889 ). In her mid-late 20s acting like an abandoned child ( >>1912741 ).

Niamh - Turned 18 in September ( >>1906317 ). Voluntarily in an adult inpatient unit ( >>1906918 ). One astoundingly retarded anon posted a nude Niamh posted on Reddit…before she turned 18 ( >>1909747 ).

Fi - Busy making sure she's nice and spoopy for Halloween ( >>1904625 ). Plans on returning to uni but keeps vagueposting about her mental state ( >>1906514 ).
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1203 posts and 302 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1930499

File: 1700325514434.jpeg (246.04 KB, 1015x1833, IMG_7304.jpeg)

Also here’s her mandatory body check for this video

No. 1930503

The bathtub looks too nice to be lodging, and the rooms don’t look like the veritas lodging online

No. 1930510

Go ahead and open a new thread, fuckheads.(do it yourself and learn to sage)

No. 1930511

Filming herself crying in a mcdonalds kek, she's such a cow

No. 1930512

why don't you?

File: 1696184598316.jpeg (19.17 KB, 259x194, IMG_2319.jpeg)

No. 1907386[Reply]

Whiteknighting and other attempts to justify Cindy’s actions will earn you a three-day ban. If you want to debate about female-on-male abuse, take it to /ot/.

Cindy M. is a 40 year old woman living in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Her initial claim to fame was her PleasantSims channel, which featured Sims gameplay (mostly Sims 2) and discussion. She has since abandoned that channel following a Discord bullying incident and is now at Life Plus Cindy.

She seemed really sweet and nice on camera, until…

>husband A leaves her because she has BPD that up to this point refused to treat

>Cindy tries to cope by making videos about her “new life” and moving on (she doesn’t)
>has developed both an eating disorder and a drinking problem; drink of choice is Jack and Coke Zero because it has “no sugar or carbs”
>calls her ED a “carnivore diet”; only eats meat, butter, and eggs
>repeatedly breaks no contact with A, eventually convincing him to sell the house in Colorado move to Arkansas with her for a fresh start.
>After moving into an apartment, A leaves again and goes back to Colorado, telling Cindy that there’s another woman who doesn’t treat him like shit
>Cindy goes ballistic and drives 14 hours to see him, to the point of slashing her own tire so that he would come out and help
>Attacked A’s new girlfriend and followed them on a chase that led to Pueblo PD having to physically hold her back so that A and his girlfriend could escape
>Cindy got slapped with a restraining order as a result
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
53 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1930391

File: 1700296635167.jpg (81.27 KB, 640x877, x5cj4abum01c1.jpg)

this is a $568 wig kek(this isn't milk, sage it)

No. 1930392

File: 1700296665636.png (462.33 KB, 1831x1012, m3gy3pdx001c1.png)

No. 1930404

>Paying nearly $600 for a synthetic wig

No. 1930476

holy shit I had to do a triple check kek

No. 1935137

Why do all these carnivore people go to Texas Roadhouse? Why do they all go there? I swear every time I see some loony carnivore that isn't eating literal sticks of butter they're at Texas Roadhouse making Karen level requests for their meals.

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