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File: 1682254733546.jpg (121.91 KB, 1080x1202, 1681204263062.jpg)

No. 1813705

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former). Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.** Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1813761

File: 1682265079705.jpeg (147.09 KB, 1169x1583, IMG_5814.jpeg)

there’s no way this freak thinks she actually looks good. also

No. 1813781

File: 1682267870219.jpg (183.14 KB, 1080x2507, Fandomwikicomments.jpg)

Came across this quirky dating sim parody but one of the popular characters is a 5'3 tif with other tifs losing their shit over "him"

No. 1813783

File: 1682267914246.jpg (124.32 KB, 1080x1227, Fandomwiki.jpg)

Samefag, the character is a gayden

No. 1813785

Samefag again for context smh, in the game girls are typewriters and boys are phones

No. 1813803

>the character is a gayden
you mean 90% of TIFs

No. 1813904

>girls are typewriters
>gayden likens girls to monsters
KEK, at least it's true to life.

No. 1813927

File: 1682287753215.jpg (268.99 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20230422_234919_com…)

You think youre a passing trans man…?

No. 1813930

Kikomi might want to steal this look

No. 1813936

File: 1682288843714.png (81.37 KB, 640x366, 2qjg5m.png)

She pass as a homeless man on drugs, so that's the closest she can get.

No. 1813937

Honestly…she is, 10/10 would cross the street if encountered

No. 1813947

I guess she passes for a 15-year-old homeless tweaker?

No. 1813948

I think she got posted in the e-beggar thread for scamming people. Top ten cow crossovers

No. 1813954

She’s passing as misery personified

No. 1813984

>as confirmed by Dog on the Dialtown Discord Server an on Tumblr.
this is how you know to stay away from a piece of media

No. 1813997

I was interested in this game bc it looked silly. Then the creator had to make canon fakebois. No money from me.

No. 1814012

File: 1682299573822.jpeg (230.79 KB, 1169x2132, IMG_5853.jpeg)

>I’m gay #yaoi4lyfe
I’ve been seeing a large amount of TIFs purposefully not saying that they’re ftm and just saying they’re homosexual males. I guess they really take the larp that serious kek

No. 1814028

Mr bean if he was a homeless 12 year old dressed by tiktok

No. 1814048

Holy shit

No. 1814053

File: 1682308801917.jpeg (333.11 KB, 1450x1450, FuGcK7PWAAQeqeD.jpeg)

I don't know what made me laugh more: The comic or the quotes (included someone who drew "my fujoshi friend and I shipping them").

No. 1814057

this strip reeks of self-flagellation considering this artist is a huge fujo and it shows in some of the other strips

No. 1814108

File: 1682315494184.jpg (2.62 MB, 1536x11118, 2021-10-05-Headcanons-Jey-Pawl…)

>Literally admits she trooned out due to Yaoi.
I'm laffing, I mean at least she's honest.

No. 1814119

and tumblr. She is clearly autistic too. It's all the things they deny when gc women point it out.

No. 1814125

honestly amazes me that TIFs past teenage years really write all this out in comics and still dont make it click that personality or kink doesnt change your sex. reminds me when i was a teen realizing the main reason i dressed in male clothes were to escape female expectations but youll always be a woman there isnt some magical escape to be seen as the blank slate of "male" with much lower expectations.

No. 1814137

cp in tranny thread, don't scroll

No. 1814153

She looks 12 and 60 at the same time.
you're right, this girl genuinely looks like a irl kikomi

No. 1814156

File: 1682323026191.jpg (23.05 KB, 600x315, ca16e2fd8de2d47447829edf431292…)

ojst literally makes me want to hurt myself or someone around me. it's the most asinine self serving absolute bullshit garbage I've ever seen and the art style itself is even rage inducing. seriously what the fuck. sorry for the hate sperg but every time I see it I get depressed and go into crisis due to the fact I exist on Earth at the same time as… all that.

No. 1814167

File: 1682325021620.jpg (194.81 KB, 869x1301, index-20_1.jpg)

She made a full comic about fakeboi Jigen with another artist.

No. 1814179

that doesn't even make sense
>admits her body is female
>the soul has no gender, so can't have a male soul
>is still a man, despite neither body nor soul being male
so being a man is really just a feeling? or playing out the male stereotypes?

No. 1814187

Hate all these SJW retards who think that non-TiF fujoshis creep on real-life scrotes. In my experience fujoshis (old school ones at least) react to 3DPD the same way a vampire does to a cross. The only fujoshis harassing gay men are the ones who troon out and make Grindr profiles.

No. 1814190

I feel you, anon. Erica Moen deserves a good slap, especially for her takes on lesbianism.

No. 1814204

Sorry for spoon feeding but what were these takes?

No. 1814211

File: 1682330792190.jpg (36.62 KB, 650x480, Alien 9 - Episode 1 [OnDeed] […)

Blog post but it really makes me sad and kinda worried because when I read those little autistic tif draw my life comics I can relate to them. I know it all cause autism and of course, I understand what those autistic women are talking about, but they themselves don't. And its like non-retarded autistic women like me just don't have any place in the world, you have the boring normie world I never liked, you have the braindead coomer world for autistic scrotes, and you have the bleak depressing tif world.

No. 1814213

Nonna don't worry, they might have been autistic weebs like yourself but they were also fujos disconnected from reality who let coomerism dictate their fate.

No. 1814214

Keke you're right nonnie, I can't end up like them because at least I'm not a fujo

No. 1814245

>And its like non-retarded autistic women like me just don't have any place in the world
I've never been able to put into words how weird I feel around most other female autists apart from "NLOG sperg" but you described the feeling much better, kek. Stay strong, nona. You're not alone.

No. 1814252

Thanks, nonni, I guess lolcow dot farm is my true and only place kek

No. 1814253

kek me too. Not normal enough for normies, yet too high-function spergy for the other autists.

No. 1814280

me too and unironically lolcow is what helps me cope, knowing there are women like me out there.

No. 1814311

>sees genderfluid adventure time fanart
>”i can do that? i can be both?”
you can’t make this shit up. literally just proves that she’s retarded and has the brain capacity of a 10 year old. just like a kid, imitating what she sees in cartoons (in this case artwork) honestly what baffles me the most is that if it wasn’t for all the retarded lgbtqia++123 headcanons on places like tumblr, she probably wouldn’t have started identifying as non binary KEKK

No. 1814313

using their own retarded logic against them, gg. my fav reply ever

No. 1814392

nta but i also find the site comforting for this reason and it has honestly helped me overcome some internalized nlog misogyny to finally talk to other autist women on my wavelength

No. 1814395

File: 1682355087262.jpeg (309.37 KB, 1700x2048, 33C98238-2855-4D21-A21D-86DF39…)

why do they act like this?

No. 1814398

>victim of abuse :3
please tell me this is a parody

No. 1814403

>why do they act like this?
is that for real? i mean she's literally telling you. it's da rape

No. 1814406

sageblog but I remember an old known girl trooned out (and started to drink the kool TRA aid) after watching trans porn. Imagine being so uncomfortable with your body for watching porn with women under hundred of hormones and surgeries and think "that's me!" (although that happens with TIMs too).

My people.

No. 1814412

I saw a group of girls cooing while staring at two guys kissing at Pride in 2015. This was before the trans trend blew up so who knows if they're TiFs now. But some fujos definitely creep on real guys. I'd say it might be happening more now with how popular real person fics have become.

No. 1814413

20 years old…what is even the point anymore when you're 20 and this is how you're acting. How exactly do people get to this point. If this was a 13 year old it wouldve been marginally okay with the assumption that this is just her cringe tween phase but 20 goddamm years old? Honestly I have no words

No. 1814423

>uwu I was raped uwu
The fuck is wrong with tims

No. 1814429

File: 1682359126063.jpg (47.14 KB, 500x500, BGUKC-0CAAMF3bB.jpg)

are you being serious?

No. 1814431

No. 1814432

Isn’t this picture like a decade old? What’s your point?

No. 1814441

Finally! You're awake from your tumblr coma!

No. 1814442

hey i appreciated the throwback nostalgia

No. 1814459

pop quiz, is this "creeping on real life scrotes" or is this being embarrassing about fictional tv characters

No. 1814473

If I remember correctly this was about the gay marriage law in the 2010s

No. 1814481

File: 1682364849809.jpeg (188.71 KB, 1079x1742, 05CCE1EF-B4EE-427A-8D0D-E93EAA…)

You know I gotta hand it to her it’s not like wearing masculine clothing and taking off her wig will make her a man either

No. 1814491

Can’t wait to see the extreme levels of back peddling these retards will have to perform once normies are entirely fed up with tra rhetoric and everyone sees the bullshit for what it is

No. 1814495

fucking IT!?!? What the hell. Yeah, having others depersonalize you and call you "it" as though you're some sort of object or animal is really good for your "trauma". Absolutely braindead individual, I hope she seeks help, truly, because I don't even wanna laugh at this. I want to take her to a psych ward.

No. 1814530

File: 1682368174542.jpeg (395.44 KB, 2048x2048, 13D306B9-4C12-4890-8ACF-E922CA…)

she looks like a sad case

No. 1814588

Is this the next TIF who will commit a school shooting?

No. 1814627

I'm weirded out because that looks like my friend's style, and if it's her she's 100% taking the piss
what's the user?

No. 1814655

Victim of abuse :3( :3)

No. 1814680

Kek literally nobody would identify as genderfluid if some autistic girls on Tumblr didn't make it trendy and wildly known, you can't just come up with shit naturally trying to find your true self. I wonder what those girls would be like if there was no Tumblr and no gender shit in general

No. 1814746

these are the same drawing

No. 1814828

File: 1682405857596.webm (3.11 MB, 244x360, black hair so im a guy.webm)

had science known that just a change in hair color that made you a man, that science person would be a trillionaire right now or something

No. 1814836

men find it emasculating to dye their hair, much more in bright and unnatural hair color kek.

No. 1814857

She's even using filters to look more girly

No. 1814876

>in her little short-shorts

No. 1814895

File: 1682423170979.jpg (166.65 KB, 1197x1014, short shorts.jpg)

tbf men did used to wear shorts and even cropped T-shirts in the past

No. 1814899

If these people just lost weight I bet their 'gender dysphoria' would go away

No. 1814900

This isn't the past, retard. They wore a lot of silly shit in the 80's. Just thought it was funny how she bothered dying her hair to feel more masculine but is still wearing her little skin tight shorts designed for a female fit. Cute reference pic though, they are still obviously masculine men.

No. 1814909

Twitter exists nonna

No. 1814912

>black hair=masucaline?
>wearing short shorts
>mum uses she pronouns wah!!
Wow much gender there. Sorry to those anons who dye their hair guess you're a moid now

No. 1814915

yeah but definitely started on Tumblr.

No. 1814916

they way she literally waited for the applause after announcing that she’s “a guy”….. honestly it’s scary how entitled and narcissistic teenagers are nowadays

No. 1814917

>i thought i was gonna get kicked out for dying my hair
no way she actually believes that, probably just said it for sympathy points. in reality she’s just another upper middle class girl with too much time on her hands who wants to feel special and uwu cute and valid, just like the rest of them kek

No. 1814918

>i dyed my hair to feel more masculine
??? more proof that these retards actually love gendering things that have nothing to do with gender lmao, when you take into consideration that they’re “all for ending stereotypes #gENDer” it becomes truly pathetic.

No. 1814934

this needs to come back

No. 1814937

Bring it back

No. 1814967

File: 1682441105686.jpg (84.88 KB, 1080x1732, Screenshot_20230425_124424.jpg)

So do you remember miss "my mother is insane because she doesn't accept that I'm a guy and almost outed my totally straight boyfriend as bi?" got curious and it seems she got suspended. Good riddance.

No. 1814968

It isn't working for Miss "I'm totally a femboy! I get to have sex with (straight) men! Did I mention that I am a TIF?". The way she talks about how much she wants to lose weight to become in a perfect femboy really worries me.

No. 1814973

Probably something to do with her being underage and trying to get people to commission her for porn shortly after her viral tantrum kek. I don't have the caps for that but I'm pretty sure someone posted them last thread

No. 1814976

I do remember that. Sageblog but I contacted the mods regarless how a minor was trying to get porn commissions even if she lied about her age (She said she was 16, ToTAlLY LEgaL, but in her tantrum she claimed she was 15). The mods never contacted me back so I thought they didn't do shit. Oh well, I hope leaving Reddit give her some fresh air to understand she's not a TIF.

No. 1814990

Now we have to reverse social contagion the tumblr tifs since they can't seem to find their truth by themself.

No. 1815022

No. 1815049

File: 1682450967867.jpeg (Spoiler Image,140.87 KB, 675x900, 8F714717-6BA5-4987-AED2-307101…)

This is just a blatant fetish artist

No. 1815051

>google the character
>another fucking object head
Usually I don’t mind them, but god they’re repetitive sometimes.

No. 1815094

we must stay strong nonnie, we don't need a place in their stupid world, we have our own little world

No. 1815101

Please spoiler the pedo furry porn ffs

No. 1815138

>im a guy
>im gonna go by ceo
>its like a slap in the face to be referred to as a girl
>i was gonna get thrown out of the house for dying my hair last night
Yeah she was probably manic and her parents were going to call an ambulance kek

No. 1815166

File: 1682459827443.jpg (111.55 KB, 1920x1078, 1k4aio.jpg)

>At work
>On break
>My boss and some random people are in the break room
>Boss introduces them as new employees
>Some of them start chatting casually
>One sort of alt-looking girl introduces herself
>"I'm [stereotypical TiF name] and my pronouns are he/him."
>TiF proceeds to loudly overshare about her furry art, polycule, testosterone injections, divorce, and anime merch.

No. 1815173

Making a cringey poster is not harassment. Literally begging gay men to fuck you just because you got your tits chopped off and calling them bigots when they don't is harassment. Learn what words mean, illiterate-chan.

Another anon brought up a good point with real person shipping, but most fujos aren't real person shippers, and not all real person shippers are fujos. Again, most self-described fujoshis don't like live action at all. Not to mention that shipping real people is creepy and parasocial regardless of the genders of the individuals, and the people who do it are cancer.

No. 1815179

>but most fujos aren't real person shippers
I'm not one of the rabid fujohateers but your being willfully naïve here, there's a huge overlap between most real person shippers (usually male actor) and some fujoshis,
Larry, fake baby conspiracies and omegaverse all came from real person shipping

No. 1815184

It's not from real person shipping though? It started with Star Trek (pon farr) and evolved with Supernatural, both of which are more character shipping than real person shipping.

No. 1815196

>The first works recognized as A/B/O were published in mid-2010:[6] that year in May, a writing prompt was shared on a LiveJournal community dedicated to Supernatural, mentioning "alpha" males having knots on their penises, and "bitch males" without the knots, inspiring user tehdirtiestsock to write I ain't no lady, but you'd be the tramp, a real person fiction work focused on actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as an Alpha and an Omega, which was published on July 24

No. 1815198

File: 1682463458295.jpg (225.66 KB, 853x973, 1662516198070.jpg)

Just Google her comic DAR. It's full of cope about how her lesbian LARP ended the second she became infatuated with a mediocre scrote.

No. 1815210

>Real person shipping
Those things are all very niche. There was an anon who looked into it (in either a previous TiF thread or the fanfiction thread I think?) And ABO isn't even in the top 100 tags for the M/M category on AO3. Saying that all or even most fujos are into that shit is like saying that most anime fans are into lolicon or NTR. It's retarded.

Did it ever occur to you guys that escaping the intense shaming against fujoshis is part of why they troon out? They genuinely think that they won't be shamed for "fetishizing the gays1!!1" if they can convince people that they're gay men. Also, how is constantly accusing fujoshis of being future troons ANY DIFFERENT from groomers calling them eggs? How is slut-shaming women for liking smutty drawings any different from SJWs shaming them for "fetishizing mlm"? It isn't. In both cases, you're just looking for false pretenses to shame women for harmless expressions of their sexuality.

If someone is delusional to the point of wanting to become the anime guys they look at, that's clearly a mental health issue. We should not be living in a system where a medical professional looks at that and allows the person to get surgery and drugs for it. The problem is the medical industrial complex and the social justice retardation that props it up, not the fact that silly drawings are part of the delusions of the people being exploited.

No. 1815212

No. Omegaverse originated from J2 (Jared and Jensen) RPF shippers. It started out because in SPN there's a lot of werewolf themes in it already hence the terms "Alpha/Beta/Omega". Mpreg existed before J2, but Omegaverse didn't and Mpreg is different from Omegaverse.

No. 1815213

Gay people were only recently able to marry in several countries, not sure if you remember that. Supporting their rights was actually considered a very good cause. Only those of you with an internet poisoned brain look at a picture like this and project any sort of fetishist intent on it.

No. 1815215

Nobody is to blame for the reasons people troon out. I was a fujo in high school in the 2000s and no amount of "fujo shaming" would have made me troon out kek. There's no excuse. Also
>slut-shaming women
Go back.

No. 1815228

Pakichan and her followers are probably trying to invade to start infighting about fujos again.

100% a lot of fujo tifs are a recent phenomenon because of the stupid tumblr "stop fetishizing gay men" meme.

No. 1815229

>let MY gays marry
are you dumb? it's pretty obvious she's a fujo (which is a fetish)

No. 1815231

You're so right nonnie, ignore the fucking retards. There's no talking sense into them, especially ones who hide their conservatard tradthot tendencies behind a "radfem" veil

>telling anyone to go back

No. 1815248

Based nona love you

No. 1815281

If you unironically considered trooning out because of anonymous trolls online you're retarded and spend too much time online

No. 1815282

>fujos aren't potential troons
>accusing fujos of being weird will lead to them trooning out
Pick one.

No. 1815291

Way to completely miss the point.

No. 1815298

Why do many nonnas here have something personal and serious against the fujos?
always ensuring that fujo = future tif without exceptions. but why don't they use the same logic with anime fans "any anime fan = being trans without exception" because the vast majority of troons like anime
the fujo that become tif do it because they poisoned their brains with pro tarns garbage and have other severe psychological problems behind it, the fact that tif fujos are the ones that get the most attention in the yaoi community does not make them the only ones in existence, you I assure you that there are many more fujos against them than you think but they simply save their comments so as not to be bothered by the troon community(sage your shit)

No. 1815301

ive seen too many nonnies say never to never even date a guy who likes anime OR videogames because that makes them more likely to troon out. i imagine those are the same posters who insist fujo=future tif

No. 1815304

there are a million and one queer identified women on reddit who share these exact takes tbh, the difference is they don't make comics about the women they objectify with nigel

No. 1815307

Probably people who already disliked slash/yaoi/whatever from overexposure in female-dominant fandom spaces and are now jumping at the opportunity to condemn fujoshis for something else. I get that it can be annoying when people engage with something you enjoy in a way you don't like, but that's just life. It's up to you to curate your own experience online.

Either that or they just knew an annoying fujoshi when they were like fifteen and use that as a basis to condemn literally every human being who shares that hobby.

No. 1815318

Tbh a lot of the fujo backlash I’ve seen comes from TIFs who claim that it makes them feel objectified as “gay men”

No. 1815329

Kek nonnie you're right

No. 1815343

File: 1682479317728.jpeg (147.96 KB, 1437x989, 72FBCE64-B1FB-493E-9D20-67C408…)

Christ on a cracker……

No. 1815347

File: 1682480080894.png (671.65 KB, 799x931, 4333222222.png)

sad. she looked like a cute version of brooke from ice age

No. 1815350

From average woman to incel

No. 1815353

tbh this person looks fine?? this isn’t giving crazy fakeboi

No. 1815354

Looking like a balding neckbeard manlet with a frog voice isn't fine tbh

No. 1815356

just looks like a member of a bluegrass band now lol

No. 1815357

just looks like a member of a bluegrass band now lol

No. 1815358

File: 1682481887704.jpeg (124.56 KB, 1242x1020, IMG_0583.jpeg)

This doesn’t bother me bc the sub is infested with TIMs and we could use more actual women, but just makes me laugh how in the comments there are some TIFs complaining about how toxic the male autism spaces are, and for some weird reason they just happen to relate to the posts in this sub more! It makes me cackle. Nobody wants to be in mens spaces.

No. 1815362

Oh my fucking God, are you 16 years old? Have you never spoken to a gay person over 25? That's clearly a picture from when people were protesting gay marriage as a right. Absolute internet rot. I feel truly sorry for some of you.

No. 1815365

File: 1682483761528.png (2.28 MB, 1170x2532, D78E70AA-8DF2-43F2-90AD-79A64F…)

Tucute vs transmed arguments are so fun to watch.

No. 1815374

i easily get annoyed when they ask questions like this especially in things that have the word woman or anything related to women in general. asking if it is okay to like/enjoy the media if they're a transman now. like doja cat's song woman have tif and tims seeking validation in the comments, asking if it's alright that they vibe with the song because they're trans and etc. how stereotypical and so rigid are they with gender roles that a song makes them doubtful of their own chosen gender identity.

No. 1815387

File: 1682487751047.jpg (642.43 KB, 2048x1784, 1660056799002.jpg)

>you're just looking for false pretenses to shame women for harmless expressions of their sexuality.
I don't know if your aware of this, but women being obesseded with gay male ships is not a normal expression of female sexuality.
>And ABO isn't even in the top 100 tags for the M/M category
could you post that stat?
>but why don't they use the same logic with anime fans "any anime fan = being trans without exception" because the vast majority of troons like anime
That rhetoric is essentially used in the MTF threads, avoid any man into Yuri, Trap Shit or Hentai

No. 1815414

Girl what? Were you not on tumblr in 2011?

No. 1815420

File: 1682492132419.jpg (Spoiler Image,27.47 KB, 853x841, 2022.jpg)

i hope your friend isnt publicly drawing nasty stuff like this for jokes

No. 1815423

It's probably a small number of posters who keep forcing it and posting bait to start an infight. It's so weird to see them seethe about fujos specifically when the het parts of fandom and shipping have a ton of women who have memed themselves into liking harmful shit like bdsm and whatnot, self inserting with literal rapists etc.

No. 1815427

No. 1815434

Yeah it makes sense knowing that most troons are narcissists who crave constant attention, so of course they’ll take any opportunity they can to be weird about their transness.

No. 1815435

Reminds me of seeing a youtube comment of a parent dealing with a trans kid coming out to her by the next day pretending to be trans too by dressing and acting like a man in ridiculous stereotypical ways, and she called all her kids friends parents (they were ALL trans of course) and those parents did the same to their kids kek
Any argument why the mom wasn't trans from the kid was just dealt with the same arguments they'd use to justify being trans. I think it may be one of the methods that can actually stop transtrenders, seeing your parents act in embarrassing ways (especially in front of people) makes being trans significantly less cool and highlights how stupid they look.

No. 1815441

On one hand you should just say "nope, you chose to not be a woman so now you can't be in our spaces, bye" but on the other you'd want them to see women can act tomboyish and still be women so you could peak them.

Maybe the simplest way would just be to ask them if they truly want to be treated as a female or if they want to be treated as a male. If they want to be treated as a male they have to leave, because it's a space for females.

No. 1815453

something else apparently being 'just as bad' doesn't make the shit you're into NOT garbage, kek. if fujoism wasn't retarded dozens of mentally ill girls wouldn't troon out over it. at best it's comparable to breeding kink fics making straight teenage girls forego their birth control or something. nice cope tho

No. 1815464

I actually looked it up earlier, >>>/ot/1559696
don't know what number it ranks but it is getting more prevalent and we can see from the last statistic that almost 10% of recent popular (1k+ hits) M/M fics are ABO, so it's certainly not as niche as some people like to pretend. It's still surprisingly popular in F/M content, but it's pretty clear that its true popularity lies in M/M

>for fics with over 1k words, posted within the last 3 years, explicit only, more than 1k hits

>M/M: 32,037 a/b/o out of 347,342 = 9.3%
>F/M: 5,507 a/b/o out of 183,197 = 3.00%

I mean that's for all categories, not just M/M and not just mature content (which is where ABO tends to be)

No. 1815490

I think >>1815318 hit a nerve. Do these posters not realize they sound like deranged tifs condemning straight women? They probably are deranged tifs.

No. 1815493

>TIFs complaining about how toxic the male autism spaces are
Kek 99% of tifs never get anywhere near scrote-only spaces because they know how gross and hateful they are. There is this kind of tifs who do go there, but they are kinda unhinged and are lost cases, they have a terminal stage of nlogism.
It's all funny to me because tifs who claim to be men intuitively look for women-only spaces because they know that women will accept them way better, and I mean real women specifically, everyone knows how hostile male trannies can be to their "brothers", it's just nobody is allowed to say that out loud. Normie women interact with males and know about them way more than autistic girls claiming to be men.

No. 1815495

Samenon but kek:
>I love yuri but it's not as present in manga
There are tons of hentaish scrote-gaze yuri out there that tims love, but of course, a tif who is only interested in female-oriented manga doesn't know that

No. 1815500

>why don't they use the same logic with anime fans "any anime fan = being trans without exception" because the vast majority of troons like anime
Idk about those anons but there's a reason some people call it "tranime" (when talking about TIMs)

No. 1815523

how do these people not feel ridiculous when they see each other choosing out of same 3-4 names over and over

No. 1815584

File: 1682521364072.jpg (151.38 KB, 1000x1298, 1578849564994.jpg)

Real question : What is so awful about real life shipper and fujoshi ? I honestly don't care about some adult men getting sexualised by females, it can upset them but whatever. It honestly creat some if the funniest art I have seen too.

No. 1815591

Some nonnies drank the woman shaming kool-aid and decided that women being pervs is as bad as moid perverts.

No. 1815611

is it really though? women aren't perfect deities who are infinitely superior to men. it's funny cause the same people who complain about retarded and predatory gender ideology are just as obsessed with gender as trannies. tldr anyone being a perv is bad lol

No. 1815622

Are you being serious? I cannot imagine anything more pathetic than memeing yourself into believing that the idea of two disgusting adult men having butt-seX is appealing, only to slightly repulse men.

No. 1815637




why does tranny shitposting always have high engagement

No. 1815638

I'm just saying that the level of seething is disproportionate, since fujoism isn't the only thing causing girls and women to troon out. Some anons who have apparently made it their life mission to sperg about yaoi causing troonism just sound like tardthots grossed out by fictional faggots.

No. 1815642

File: 1682529390827.jpg (178.04 KB, 900x1255, iwentontheinternettodayandifin…)

For real why is it as bad ? Over consumption is not good but some women watching a tv show and drawing a few smut art of a guy is not bad for her (not saying excess does not happen).
I myself don't enjoy or understand it but whatever? If it make men angry, give me a good chuckle and make women get hot.

Inb4 derailing, I just wanted to ask nonnas.

No. 1815690

File: 1682534093040.jpg (Spoiler Image,270.83 KB, 1571x912, jAN0YNQRltb.jpg)

>If it make men angry, give me a good chuckle and make women get hot.
Do you mean someone like that girl who started drawing 40k rape porn to "own the neckbeards" and predictably this is where her fetish took her.

No. 1815700

Like >>1815638 said, they sound like tradthots so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are. As far as I can tell it’s only a few posters sperging about fujos (and mostly likely one of them is pakichan)

No. 1815703

She started drawing that shit because she couldn’t cope properly with being raped, not because she wanted to “own the neckbeards”. Quit the fujosperging already. We have this infighting every thread.

No. 1815722

So you're generalizing an entire group of people for something 9.3% of them do. All you've accomplished is draw more attention to the fact that you're exaggerating the ubiquity of one aspect of a fandom you're choosing to autistically fixate on.

What are you guys trying to accomplish here, besides vent your autistic rage at women who like something you don't? Do you think aggressively shaming women for shit they like will somehow curtail the troon fad? Because I'm pretty sure that's part of what got us here in the first place.

No. 1815725

There is nothing wrong with real person shipping or being a fujo or yaoi if you are 100% grounded in reality. Because it DOES influence you.

When I was a cringe fujo in highschool, I roleplayed yaoi pairings with friends and pretended to be a boy. Yaoi was all I read. I wished I was born a gay boy. The difference is, trans shit did not exist in the 2000s. I don't know what my naive ass would have done if I read online that being into yaoi means you were born the wrong sex.

Real person shipping is fucking harmful if you fall into conspiracy spaces online full of delusional women who believe their ships are real. If you have no experience with real person shipping, you are more likely to think the people being shipped are actually dating irl if that's what you're bombarded with. Look at Reylos who harassed Adam Driver's wife.

Overall, I think people in general are more likely to have breaks from reality now compared to 20 years ago. The internet has influenced how we consume media, and how we perceive reality in itself. It's why we're here in 2023 where huge groups of people are being convinced that trans is a real thing.

No. 1815731

Female perverts write fanfic and make smutty drawings. Male perverts rape people. They're not ~equally bad uwu~.

No. 1815737

Most of the time yes. But wasn't there a recent case where a TIF had sexually abused multiple young autistic children she was supposed to care for?

No. 1815762

Post it then.

No. 1815791

I literally just looked up the stats, I'm not >>1815387 or any other poster itt.
>you're exaggerating the ubiquity of one aspect of a fandom you're choosing to autistically fixate on.

It's not one fandom, the statistic is for for all recent, explicit fan fictions on AO3 with over 1k words (so as to filter out random shit, 1k words is a solid minimum # for most actual fanfics). For all recent M/M explicit fanfics with over 1k words, 6% are tagged as ABO. That number increases to 9% when you filter it for popularity (minimum 1k likes). My post was to show that nearly 1/10 of every recent M/M fanfic with explicit content that's popular is ABO. It's not just for one fandom, it's for all explicit M/M fanfics in the past three years.

the argument that >>1815387 was responding to were the following claims made by >>1815210
>ABO and real person shipping was very niche
>you're just looking for false pretenses to shame women for harmless expressions of their sexuality.

I'm not here to shame fujos or anything, idk about others. I just think it's wrong to pretend like ABO is incredibly niche when it's not. Its prevalence does increases with popularity. Out of curiosity I just checked for 10k hits:

>for all M/M fics with over 1k words, posted within the last 3 years, explicit only, more than 10k hits (i.e. very popular fics)

>9,340 are tagged a/b/o out of 50,031 = 18.7%

My only point is that when it comes to explicit (sexual) M/M content, it is very much not niche and that it makes up an increasingly large chunk. I get the impression that most fujos on here aren't brain rotted zoomers with niche minecraft fetishes, so I think there's an understandable defensiveness when people point out the prevalence and popularity of certain sexual tropes within M/M content. A/B/O is a popular sexual trope in M/M fan fictions. I personally don't disagree with what the other person said about the shaming fujos experience causing them to troon out. However, there is something to be said about the notable popularity of a sexual trope that involves two males, with one taking a basically female role. I don't know if the fan fiction or the transitioning came first, but it does seem likely that some maladapted teen or young adult might take a particular liking to a popular sexual trope of a man and an another man that basically functions as a woman. I don't understand why it's so taboo to say M/M fanfic can have sexual tropes that functionally make it basically M/F but with a dick and that normal M/M sexual stuff alone does influence the desire to transition (see >>1815725). Basically omegaverse isn't niche, it's actually quite popular, and it's not insane to say that people troon out over fetishes, especially when said fetishes take place in an insulated online community (discords, fandom spaces, forums). I don't think fujo = 100% future tif and the retards who like it's a rule are dumb, but there's def a way too strong correlation.

No. 1815817

NTA, but one of the main people running the pedophile side of the fediverse is actually an FtM. Only explanation I have is that testosterone fucks people up.

No. 1815840

Thanks for the research nona. ABO becoming popular is not surprising when the majority of yaoi consumers are straight women. Two hot guys, plus sex a woman can picture herself having too? It's the ultimate fantasy.

It's silly to think that fanfic has zero influence on TiFs. Normie girls aren't the ones transitioning in mass, it's the girls who are online, and especially the girls into m/m or male-centric fandoms. It's not to say that yaoi and fantasy sexual content is evil, but the way the internet has blurred reality and fiction is definitely having an impact.

No. 1815894

File: 1682553538188.jpg (24.59 KB, 438x574, 1611162566431.jpg)

The hair went from her head to her chin.

No. 1815900

from normal looking woman to downie christian moid, unreal

No. 1815926

No. 1815928

> Leomeir Kennedy, formerly Allison, allegedly told investigators it was like 'Christmas' when he molested one of the victims

No. 1815989

Disgusting. That's why I have no sympathy for tifs (or for tims - I actually hate them more), they're retarded already and are capable of cruelty just like anyone else, they're not always the victims in every single situation.

No. 1816066

Steven Spielberg and John C Reilly?!

No. 1816068

>ABO becoming popular is not surprising when the majority of yaoi consumers are straight women. Two hot guys, plus sex a woman can picture herself having too? It's the ultimate fantasy.
That's why I mentioned that many M/M ships portrayed in fan fiction more resemble a relationship between a cisgender man and a tif, rather than two actual men.
Vidrel is a korean tif with a male partner. Half videos are about her boyfriend and are titled with "BL"

No. 1816073

Very true nonna, I wish teen girls were a bit more helped on that subject but especially for kpop or idol industry that thrive on mono-obssesions by young women.
That interesting, quite logic to see it being popular with OSA women like >>1815840 said.
I feel bad for probably even so slightly traumatized women using this trope to cope with patriarchy, by creating a diet, yet still very much as oppresive to them as female version of it.

No. 1816075

It's kind of sad cause the TIF is pretty well groomed and attractive, while the boyfriend is obese and wearing dirty and torn clothing. The scene where they are cuddling the TIF wouldn't keep her hand off his junk too. ugh

No. 1816116

It's a huge problem now that being terminally online is normal and it's trendy to believe that fiction and reality are the same thing. God I wish we could go back to the days when pretending to be a yaoi vampire online was the peak of cringe and anything that bled out to real life was universally mocked.

No. 1816121

>join a discord for vintage shojo discussion
>nearly all the members under millennial age are he/him/xem transmen and some even use bdsm pronoun shit
So I absolutely am a fujo and old school shojo fanatic, love to scanlate and love women being able to have their own space in manga yada yada, but this is the first time I audibly what the fucked and…just do not want to be around this kind of community. Almost posted in the vent thread until I saw the discussion here. I didn’t think it was that bad, but wow.

No. 1816135

I was using "fandom" to describe people into yaoi/slash shipping as a whole. My point still stands that 10% isn't popular in the greater scheme of things. People who like ABO can fucking choke, especially the zoomers.

No. 1816136

Condolences, anon. I think the fujo thread here has/had a discord if you're interested. Not sure how active it is.

No. 1816164

File: 1682594857042.png (7.14 KB, 609x144, 3 in top 40 (on page 2).png)

For fics with >10k likes (+same criteria) it's 20%. The proportion of ABO fics literally increases with number of hits. It may not be a big tag in terms of overall numbers, but when 1/5 of every popular M/M fic with lots of hits has it, it's not niche. Also, it doesn't matter if something isn't as common in terms of literal amount produced if it's still super popular for readers to consume. If you search for M/M (in english) and sort by hits descending, there are 970,696 fanfics that result from that search. Of nearly one million M/M fan fictions, there are 3 ABO in the top 40. They have a combined number of hits at 2,188,839. That is an insane amount of reach for 3 fics to have alone. It's incredibly disingenuous to insist it's not popular, especially in the greater scheme of things. also I'm retarded and have been using hits interchangeable with likes, hits are NOT likes, hits are views

Agree that it's nasty, but the entire gist of why people complain about it in regards to psuedofujos (or whatever you want to call tifs who don't like true M/M content) is that it's just one example of the prevalence of the kind of M/M relationship dynamics where it's not M/M so much as M/tif or M/m that's basically f. >>1815840 summed it up the best. It's popular, it's still technically M/M but has strong F elements, and the people reading it are already chronically online, = loads of tifs.

No. 1816176

File: 1682597514676.jpg (72.65 KB, 1080x800, Screenshot_2023-04-27-14-48-59…)

>shit that makes 0 sence
>2065 likes (zametok kek)

No. 1816177

Girl is literally 13 and is like this already(read the rules, please don't post underage content. Deleted file.)

No. 1816179

File: 1682597841657.jpg (340.88 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-04-27-14-27-41…)

>nooo u fukin bigot I can only drink soda cause I'm so uwu small autist1! 1 Offering me water is parental neglect! 1!

No. 1816182

1st spoiler that shit
2nd she's a minor, she can't be posted here

No. 1816184

Shit like this that makes women insecure in their femininity.

No. 1816189

>I assure you that there are many more fujos against them
Nonnas there's a difference in between being a degenerate fujo and not let this shit ruin your life and being an autistic girl, find yaoi, being creepily obsessed over it to the point it becomes a personality trait and going "literally me" with surgery and hormones,
Most tifs, if not porn sick or very mentally ill, are either groomed or autistic.
No shit, we knew that not all fujos are like that, we even have fujo threads on /m/, it becomes a problem when tifs chop their bodies and poison themselves due to massive consumption of yaoi shit because they're so deep down in the rabbit hole they can't escape. Most of the times, in fujo spaces, the women in manga/anime are seen as annoying or "getting in the way" of the two male interests. No matter the context, women are always evil because they don't let two men fuck each other, so fujotifs go "I don't want to be an annoying/evil woman!!" and they troon out because they're too dense to realize that they're not stereotypes nor living in fiction. They can't grasp the concept that yaoi is mainly eyecandy for the female gaze and not actual representation of relationships, that's why they also date each other. It's just an extreme form of larping. The same thing happen with TIMs, that's why both tifs and tims don't look like real people but they dress up as anime characters.

No. 1816214

Saging for my autistic input. Tif fujos get the most attention now with "yaoi communities" (lol) bc like some other anons said, they are the ones that are most mentally ill and take it to the extreme. I remember when annoying, misogynistic fangirls were the main annoying thing of focus before all this troon shit. Shame about liking yaoi makes them troon out bc they feel like it's ok for them to like it only if they become a gay man kek. Theyre way worse than than just your average fujoshit bc tifs attack women that read that shit and say that straight women are fetishizing mlm when theyre the ones chopping their tits off and declaring themselves as a big gay boi to live out some fictional faggot fantasy.
Yaoi shit originally had a target audience of lonely housewives (I think) and its almost all written by women, for women to read. The mc faggot usually both acts and looks girly, so it's all so ironic that's what tifs are striving to be. Nothing like gay dudes irl.

No. 1816215

>It's not to say that yaoi and fantasy sexual content is evil, but the way the internet has blurred reality and fiction is definitely having an impact.

This reminds me of how, when I scroll onto a post of an East Asian male wearing makeup or getting shirtless, there's at least one girl commenting "oh my god I want him as the main chara in a BL" sometimes even writing full plot lines for what the BL would be. Fiction can be a safe way for shut in girls to explore what they like, at least that was the case for me kek, but seeing your fetish everywhere you go is something else.

No. 1816218

90% sure its a troll

No. 1816219

>but why don't they use the same logic with anime fans "any anime fan = being trans without exception" because the vast majority of troons like anime

Also wanted to add to your question. Ppl do blame anime for guys trooning out. I havent see it much on lolcow but many places on the internet blame anime as a cause.
Not entirely sure why yaoi tifs are disliked more. I feel more sorry for them than tims bc tifs usually toon out due to a mix of internalized misogyny and coom. For anime obsessed tims, its obvious they do at just for the coom.

No. 1816225

Minors aren't allowed to be posted here.

No. 1816256

james may and jeremy clarkson

No. 1816264

File: 1682611162066.jpg (516.73 KB, 1512x2016, FuqC77xXwAgmhDj.jpg)

Protestors that stopped the GC feminist film "Adult human female" from being shown in Edinburgh University.
Very convincing slogan there.

No. 1816268

>almost all of them have a septum piercing
kek are fakebois made in a factory these days?

No. 1816281

File: 1682612534350.gif (2.3 MB, 498x441, just-a-phase-hair-flip.gif)

The new phase of "This is not a phase, mom", '20.

No. 1816328

At least your vintage shoujo server wasn’t full of mtfs with non-con fetishes…

No. 1816385

>when I scroll onto a post of an East Asian male wearing makeup or getting shirtless, there's at least one girl commenting "oh my god I want him as the main chara in a BL"

This and when women sperg out and talk about having "gender envy", like, no tf you don't, you're just mentally ill to the point of wanting to skinwalk them, calm tf down.

No. 1816388

No. 1816391

No, it's a mentally ill 13 year old.

No. 1816394

Actually embarrassing and terrifying as well. Seeing a university campus tolerate a slogan like this makes me genuinely afraid for future generations…imagine these people becoming teachers…

No. 1816396

At least we have proof that job applications containing they/them tend to be rejected a lot, so I assume these rallies are tolerated due to trannies having social protection and those universities just don't want backlash. I doubt they'd be hired as teachers for that matter, though that might be a cope on my end

No. 1816417

Atleast we didn't chop our tits off all you did was wear spikey chokers and homemade goth shirts. I'm mortified how is anyone supporting teens having this surgery…

No. 1816431

Trans really is the codeword for ugly

No. 1816433

Oh my god look at those people sieg heiling on the left smh

No. 1816439

It really is. A bunch of unwashed mentally ill people with vulgar sexual signs managed to stop a reasonable feminist film from being shown. At a university. That fact that they were allowed to stop free speech is very alarming.

No. 1816441

By the way if anyone wants to watch the boring and uncontroversial (if you're sane) movie they're protesting, it's here.

No. 1816444

what proof

No. 1816470

There are already many, many tif teachers, and they do tell the children exactly what you think they would.

As for universities, this article is quite interesting.

No. 1816489

File: 1682631308221.jpg (116.06 KB, 1179x1360, FqXA9WWXgAEyw2Q.jpg_large.jpg)

No. 1816523

Is that Kiefer Sutherland and Tom Hanks

No. 1816551

>transphobia comes from white supremacy!
>be a part of a protest only containing ugly pasty whites

No. 1816561

File: 1682638661676.jpeg (239 KB, 1170x1124, IMG_5977.jpeg)

anyone here familiar with @punk_irl? she’s the epitome of fakeboi lol

No. 1816564

I used to follow her when she just did fashion tiktoks, I tapped out from tiktok when she started doing the "OMG DON'T ASK ME MY PRONOUNS I'M A TRANSEXUAL TRANSVESTITE!!!!" Kek but good to see the testosterone weight gain has not spared her.

No. 1816566

Why would you even put that in your resume, people have been pushing to erase all personal information completely but these retards want to go back to the days when you had to list the occupation of your parents and add a picture so companies can apply maximum discrimination.

No. 1816569

Why do so many female artists troon out? Why can't you just be a girl that draws? I truly don't understand why they think that's uncool. It really seems like social contagion from tumblr but I can't make sense as to why

No. 1816571

So she's like unironic Kikomi but instead of being FtAGP she's FtHSTS? kek

No. 1816578

Funkypsyche's "The Archetypal FTM: Sensitive, Quirky, Artistic, Weird Girls" essay on substack summed it up really well if that wasn't just a rhetorical question.

No. 1816579

i’ve only seen western artists troon out (slavic and asian tifs exists but they’re very rare). tras don’t have much of a platform in those countries. like you said tumblr being popular in america and europe probably contributed.

No. 1816603

>hairy tits

No. 1816624

>It stands to reason that much of FTM culture is actually integrated autistic culture, or general neurodivergent culture
I was so blindsided by the term "autistic culture" I laughed out loud; it's absolutely true.

No. 1816627

For convenience in case someone else wants to read it too:

No. 1816644

I have a friend group that has a high percentage of actually autistic people (not the self diagnosed larp kind) and the vibe is just very different from "normie" groups. I don't know how to describe it, but there's a feeling of directness and a deadpan slant to humour and a sense of acceptance of difference that's completely alien to how groups of non autistic people function, at least from the perspective of someone who is systematically othered and rejected by most normals. They would probably feel that their group is fun and easy going while mine is filled with retards obsessively researching, exchanging and archiving information about utterly useless things and making cryptic statements that contextually seem like jokes but make no sense. It's also common for someone to say something, someone else asking for clarification, and the first person then explaining what they meant, and the exchange ends with "I see, thank you." I've seen normies act like that in academia, but the average one seems to get offended when they're being asked and even more offended when something they don't understand is being explained, and they are extremely prone to tantrums when someone doesn't manage their emotions for them. Like, I don't have to mask or perform fruitless emotional labour for my autistic friends, if there's a problem, it gets talked through and either solved or we agree to disagree because different people are different.
It probably depends on how high functioning and intelligent the autists are though. I've certainly met a fair share who were obnoxious retards who spaz out or ragequit the second someone disagrees, but the beauty of such communities is that they sort themselves out that way, because there's virtually none of the constant scheming, lying, manipulating and backstabbing that characterizes normie social group dynamics.

(I love my internet friends.)

>she plays sports and hates anime
It's not specific topics but specific ways of interacting with each other and the world.(not your personal blog)

No. 1816651

This is so true. It's a fact that autistic women are so much smarter and advanced than normies

No. 1816666

Ehhh, that's actually something I disagree with, and the linked article perpetrates it too, but as far as I'm aware autism is associated with below average intelligence, not higher.

I have some ideas why that myth might be so persistent:
Navigating neurotypical society in inherently more cognitively demanding for autists, because they need to consciously understand an endless multitude of behaviours and emotions that normies mindlessly and effortlessly autopilot (and which they are consequently genuinely incapable of explaining), so the autists quite often end up being the smartest person in the room. Not because they are inherently smarter, but because they are always at a big disadvantage and probably have a mental illness or two due to how hard and unfair their life is. They need to brute force problems that don't even exist for normies with their intellect, i.e. the autist has to be smarter than everyone else in their socioeconomic position in order to function well enough to attain that position in the first place.
The normies that are as smart as the autist are far ahead of them in life, so autists don't meet them often. Likewise autists that are unintelligent can't function in society, so you rarely, if ever, run into them, unless you specifically go to their reservations (probably literally their room IRL or some sequence of constantly imploding retard containment discord servers online, or, if they're even worse, some blog where they rant into the void).

I think some autists also cope about that and think they're actually smarter than normies, because it can look that way from their place in life and because they see how much senseless drama and bullshit normies cause through their mindless behaviour.

People also commonly conflate intelligence and knowledge, and some autists can obsess over something and learn a lot of facts without making connections or comprehending the structures that underlie them. These people get incorrectly labelled as intelligent.

No. 1816667

There will be an increase in artists who begrudgingly detransition around their 30s when they realize they’re aging out of uwu twink mode and going to have to live with balding and glass bones if they keep shooting testosterone.
It happened with danielcalmdown and tumblrtards are already reeeeing about it so I totally expect this with other ftms

No. 1816670

Agree. Few TiFs actually want to turn into a Buck Angel.

No. 1816671

Even Buck Angel only looks like a man when there's no men near her.

No. 1816682

omg just a quick glance at her page and you can see both a tif asking her to tag her detransitioning posts b/c it makes her "uncomfy" to read about other people's experiences, and another separate ask where the person is offended on behalf of the artist that someone ~accused~ them of detransitioning when she's only stopping T
clownas, but not in the good way

No. 1816696

>autistic friend groups
I was diagnosed with autism in elementary school but I'm not really "straight-forward" like that and honestly not being able to pick up on emotional context clues is less an advantageous strength and more like being dumb in that area. A lot of people use their "autism" diagnosis as an excuse to be rude or callous to others, and the ones who are "severely autistic" are probably just low IQ.

Also in my experience there is more, not less, drama in groups where people (specifically women) claim to be "autistic" because they'll always use their autism diagnosis as an excuse for their poor behavior and burned bridges from being rude assholes and then just shrug and say "stupid sensitive neurotypicals making mountains out of molehills right? heh heh." If it's another autistic person they fell out with they'll either accuse them of being "not really autistic" (and thus an inferior, sensitive NT who just doesn't understand) or a terrible/bad person who deserved it (to justify the rude behavior).

No. 1816761

it’s so funny. the tif still obviously has female socialization and the dude is just some ugly fattie who probably settled for the first pussy he could get.

No. 1816766

This is really interesting and spot on. Can you or any other nonnas recommend any other similar articles? I love stuff like this.

No. 1816767

AH! I’ve been thinking about this article just the other day but couldn’t find it. I should bookmark it this time, it’s just so good. Thanks nonna

No. 1816768

It’s going to be fun to see. I can’t wait. I do think a lot of them will just double down because of sunken cost fallacy tho

No. 1816773

I don't mean to sound controversial, but I feel like the "female to femboy" thing is honestly what a lot of TIF troons were going for in the first place, even the female detransitioners who talk so much about how they "regret" their transition but seem to love and/or even prefer being mistaken as a male in drag instead of a woman. They like and even prefer the fake plastic tits, the deep voice, and the ambiguity transition gave them (and the "freedom" to perform femininity without being mistaken as a female) but now they get to sit on their high horse and look down at all those "gross troons" while claiming they aren't actually delusional because "at least they accept their biological sex". You're still delusional if you're a woman who wants to be mistaken for a gay man in drag or a TIM.

No. 1816799

honestly, can't agree with you on that. if they're aware/accepting of reality/biology and it is essentially cosmetic, despite cosmetic procedures/surgeries not being a great practice for females overall, I couldn't care less. so long as they operate within reality and don't dump on other females (a lot of TIFs/partially transitioned females hold animosity for women overall) I just don't care.

No. 1816805

I'm not saying they're necessarily as delusional as full-on troons, but they're still delusional. The delusion isn't just about them cutting off their tits and almost immediately replacing them with plastic fake tits or taking testosterone to make their voices deeper, it's the creepy way they want to look and sound more like a man in drag than like a feminine woman, which is still extremely troon-ish, but they get to act all high and mighty and be like "Gotcha! I'm actually a proud female haha! Betcha didn't see that one coming!" Acting like their desire to be mistaken for a feminine gay man (which is what I think some of them were going for from the start tbh, but some of them will deny it) isn't extremely troon-ish in itself.

No. 1816852

I've seen a lot of 2nd or 3rd generation SEA artists troon out in the loosest way (ie putting they/them on their bio and maybe cut their hair short), they'll quietly go back to normal once the fad fades out.

No. 1816901

live free nonna. i've been objectifying males with yaoi enjoyment for two decades and have never stepped close to trooning.

No. 1816909

Congratulations on reading het Rule 63 with extras steps.

No. 1816918

Congrats on being annoying. There was literally no reason to reply to nonna but you still did to try and start more infighting about yaoi.

No. 1816944

File: 1682692916008.jpeg (154.88 KB, 1408x887, 1D70F394-0E5D-44F6-B3DC-6E8EA4…)

Looks like they might actually do it?

No. 1816949

They don’t want to lose what makes them “special” in the community but they want the aesthetics of women or skinniness of teenagers or whatever

No. 1816957

File: 1682693964986.jpg (86.62 KB, 640x853, female to lenny.jpg)

When the retard from Of Mice and Men gives you gender envy.

No. 1816968

A lot of detrans women's substacks are full of really insightful articles similar to that. OP has a few other good ones on the funkypsyche blog. Being detrans myself I feel like there's a perspective here a lot of other people who write about TIFs don't have - the same way people who write about scientology or cults can make great points, they risk certain bias, when survivors of the cult themselves are often going to be writing about the factual, lived reality of it first and foremost.
Then again you've got grifters like Ky Schevers who claim to speak for all ex-TIFs when they're still in the cult themselves.

No. 1816971

Then she'll get shot by her best friend for being too much of a retard for society, such gender!!!

No. 1816972

File: 1682694772556.jpg (41.97 KB, 552x674, C576bDyWUAItOsI.jpg)

I disagree with you, whether you like admit it or not, Buck does resemble a man and most common people would think that she's a man. However, it is funny that most masculine TIFs possible would still be perceived as unmanly by most people. There is a picture of HER wearing jeans and a jacket where she looks kinda adorable, like a little boy dressed up as his father

No. 1816975

It’s endlessly funny how FTMs of this type pass infinitely better than even the most surgery enhanced HSTS MTF kek I hope they seethe about it

No. 1816976

>>Women don't want tims in our bathrooms
>>Why are you asking for this totally non-filtered, true and honest males in women restrooms?

I just can't with those retards

No. 1816979

that’s a name i haven’t heard in a while. didn’t she get run off social media for being a shotafag? kek

No. 1817060

Until you zoom out and they're 5'1 with tiny craniums and childbearing hips kek

No. 1817063

These are the only types of TiFs that I believe suffer from "gender"/body dysmorphia, also the ones that get any type of bottom surgery. Trans is not real, they'll never be male, but I can understand if they suffer from this mental illness that messes with how they see themselves. Like anyone who gets extreme body mods.

A person like Ellen Page really doesn't come across the same. Neither do the majority of TiFs trying to be twink pretty boys. Those feel like an equivalent of a woman who gets breast implants, but in the opposite direction and with an obnoxious gender identity.

No. 1817070

File: 1682706717510.jpeg (69.55 KB, 750x631, D9A34067-012E-4DE3-BB6F-01176E…)

literal kikomi

No. 1817077

no matter how bad you parody trans people they will end up doing exactly that unironically

No. 1817078

TRA think restrooms should be used based on and divided by how people look (to others) rather than based on what they really are. That's a fucked up way to think.

No. 1817085

bet that they were rewriting the entire thing kek

No. 1817100

This image assumes that 100% of tifs look like this and that "cis" are too dumb to notice.

No. 1817104

can we please stop with the use of "childbearing hips," all this language does is cause TIFs and GNC people who are on the border between TRA brainrot and radfemmery to want to double down on the tranny shit to further distance themselves from traditional maternal gender roles

No. 1817117

It’s not that deep

No. 1817135

She obviously meant womanly hips anon. Broad female hips is a secondary sex characteristic. Are you gonna say "TELLING THEM THEY'RE FEMALE IS ONLY GONNA MAKE THEM TROON OUT EVEN MORE!!" next?

No. 1817136

File: 1682716063674.png (2.81 KB, 293x249, Screenshot_290.png)

No…? There's nothing wrong with the phrase "womanly hips" and I'm not denying that wider hips are a secondary sex characteristic but not all women bear children so I don't think it's a great term to use as a feminist. Also I posted this without any edits and you posted 3 separate times so i automatically win this argument.

No. 1817145

NTA but there's a weird glitch happening at the moment that duplicates posts. Also, I don't think I've ever heard a woman get mad at the phrase "childbearing hips" because they themselves cannot bear children. It's such a non-issue, even libfems aren't this petty kek.

No. 1817150

It's not about them not being able to, it's that it alienates women who don't want to be automatically associated with maternal shit

No. 1817181

nona cracked a joke about how women who transition retain sexually dimorphic traits like shorter average height and wider hips. Her choosing to use the common phrase "childbearing hips" doesn't exclude any women except ones who would rather exclude themselves over semantics. also someone editing their words or the website glitching does not mean that you "win" a nonexistent argument kek

No. 1817186

it was sarcasm and i'm too tired to continue this train of thought so i'm handing off my trophy to childbearing hips anon

No. 1817261

File: 1682725978820.jpeg (148.41 KB, 720x913, 6B4B5775-8869-462D-8B7E-B5085E…)

There’s an instagram dedicated to compiling the most repulsive women on earth. Enjoy nonnas.

No. 1817273

Because they weren't socialized to be the instigators of sexual violence. TiFs know this themselves, which is why many of them continue to use women's bathrooms after "transitioning." They fear scrotes just as much as any other woman, which is why TiFs never ask to be put in men's prisons.

No. 1817275

Nothing makes normal people want to join your cause quite like a flag (un-ironed, of course) that says, "boy pussy" and literally nothing else.

No. 1817280

Ive been casual friends with autistic people in the past and thus interacting with their friend groups and found it quite pleasant personally, we didn't have much in common though so I would never have any reason to get closer due to different interests, they liked a lot of Fandom stuff and I dont. But they were funny, concise, and very easy to get along with if you weren't putting on an act or being an asshole. Their age ranges were late 20s mostly but I always liked that there was no fluff and they were accepting but not obnoxious and very much anti virtue signaling while still humanizing people. I too have met crazy people on the spectrum, men mostly, who will basically follow suit of other males and get flippant obsessions where they feel the need to morph their entire being around others and would do anything no matter how desperate or pathetic to be accepted by these people, regardless of who they hurt. Obviously they don't really have many close irl friends or any substantial interpersonal relationships. I agree with you in a lot of ways. Maybe that's why I think a lot of older furries are cool.

This reminds me alot of candy darling.

No. 1817356

>also the ones that get any type of bottom surgery
Idk wouldn't the botched limp bratwurst give them even more dysmorphia because it looks nothing like a male's

No. 1817371

File: 1682740019983.jpg (9.41 KB, 250x185, 3pdf2w.jpg)

once again i remind you, trans women who look like that are expected to be accepted to women's bathrooms. there is no logic here.

No. 1817381

NTA, usually that's what happens yes, especially because of the horrifying medical complications that ensue, but some of those high-effort TIFs don't get bottom surgery. Buck Angel, for example, still has her vagina intact except for the effects of T.

No. 1817427

god this is appalling, that place must fucking reek.

No. 1817432

nta but there's a clear difference between saying "wide hips" or "breasts" and "childbearing hips" or "mommy milkers". The former is neutral, the latter can feel gross and objectifying even if you don't identify as a troon or have dysphoria.

No. 1817439

NTA, There's a huge difference between childbearng hips and "mommy millers"(a coomer term) either way the reason she used "childbearng hips" was to emphasize how fundamentally female even masculine TIFs are

No. 1817465

nothing wrong with that tbf

No. 1817469

In a post 5 months ago something got me thinking about TIF rape fetishes. Why do they always portray themselves as the bottom? Like the detrans kink but it is as if they don't care if it's a man or woman topping them. I thought as a TIF they would seethe if a non-tif woman dares to be more of a man than they are??

Someone explain this phenomena pls?

No. 1817477

From what I gather, they like being submissive during sex, but don't want to do it as a woman for whatever reasons, so they troon out to feel less "objectified" while still "being a bottom"

No. 1817481


Guess what? This thread is not only about the perverts but also about the genuinely self hating troons (tif in this case)

If a tif ever act like a male pervert she's suddenly overcompensating. tifs are unironically scrotes just look at the crimes they do

No. 1817482

I mean does it conflict with getting mad a woman tops them and therefore marrs their chances of passing?

No. 1817483

I mean does it conflict with getting mad a woman tops them and therefore marrs their chances of passing?

No. 1817485

because most ukes are essentially just feminized males who are female in all but pronouns.

No. 1817490

I feel like I see this reply with this exact wording in every thread. Sounds like paki-chan fujo sperging. Can we go back to making fun of trannies

No. 1817501

File: 1682771992944.jpg (92.31 KB, 963x679, and then everybody clapped.jpg)

"I'm pretty sure she is still thinking about it" she's probably laughing her ass off about it with her friends and telling them about the butthurt troon she had to deal with. When it's gonna click for them that "misgendering" "cis" people doesn't work because we know what sex we are.

No. 1817502

File: 1682772904795.jpeg (15.98 KB, 640x362, DD62DC88-4A8E-46F5-951D-9FFF5C…)

tranny copes could not be more embarrassing

No. 1817506

KEK, I've worked most of my life in customer service and when something like this happens we just realize we are dealing with someone who is mentally unstable and tread carefully around them so they won't chimp out.

No. 1817513

File: 1682776007722.jpg (94.49 KB, 1080x991, this bitch for real.jpg)

The pharmacist probably looked like this

No. 1817526

A pharmacist deals with a lot of clients in a day, many that can have slight dementia like symptoms or are just kind of spacy as is. Being called 'sir' is the least offensive thing a customer could call you. The pharmacist probably doesn't remember that interaction; good if she even remembers that specific client. These people have so little life they cling to the most mundane things to make it somewhat interesting.

No. 1817550

But when women make the same comment to moids moids start to mald

No. 1817577

File: 1682783468521.jpg (26.02 KB, 690x312, Screenshot (192).jpg)

No. 1817582

But social contagion tooootally isn't real and is a terven psyop.

No. 1817601

kek she's fucking retarded for thinking this is such a great own. Normal adults do not care about some rando "misgendering" them. I got mistaken for a teen moid recently and didn't even notice until later when a friend pointed out that the customer service person I talked to had been sir'ing me for the entire time, and then we laughed it off.

No. 1817602

This is so dumb. You could easily turn this back around on them kek

No. 1817615

Yep they all sure do pass*

*As long as they are in carefully angled and lit photos and videos. As long as they are alone and never compared to males. As long as they don't speak or move too much.

No. 1817621

File: 1682792088113.png (80.66 KB, 1080x1635, 20230429_141117.png)

No. 1817626

Kekkkkk the way they talk about their fucked up side effects of self-induced sterilization is hilarious. Get ready for a wave of suicides in about 15-20 years.

No. 1817627

File: 1682792533020.png (86.66 KB, 953x1661, imspecial.png)

"seahorse dads" bring nloging to some truly pathological levels

(from https://bmcpregnancychildbirth.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12884-017-1491-5 )

No. 1817633

These freaks should not be allowed to have children what the fuck.

No. 1817655

I've been wondering what these yaoibrain gaydens will do when the aging kicks in. Will those biological women turn into typical dads? Except they will be shorter than most males. Do they have a plan? I hope I get to live another 30-40 years and see what happens to them.

No. 1817662

"is this person retarded? oh well. next please"
- the pharmacist

No. 1817705

Why would they even choose to be pregnant, the literal most female experience possible, if it's so triggering to be seen as a mother? Truly just nlog behavior.

No. 1817706

it's almost as though the pharmacist referred to a customer on the phone who sounded like a woman as female and would have no way of knowing she's speaking to Kai Apollo the Very Real Boy

No. 1817721

File: 1682806786937.jpg (125.5 KB, 1080x1112, Screenshot_20230429_181846.jpg)

"How is look in denial in bio"

No. 1817724

File: 1682807028628.jpg (28.9 KB, 236x278, IMG_20230429_181041.jpg)

Probably too much hearing "men can get pregnant and menstruate too" make them think "I'm a man so pregnancy is normal in men" which is quite stupid as fuck. Women have been dealing with pregnancy/menstruation problems from the old times (Hell, there are some cultures that to this day treat girls as disgusting for being in their period) and having these TRAs/TIFs trying to wash it off with "well, actually…" is quite sad.

No. 1817726

See the artist wishing an amazing "Women's day" for women AND cis women. The workers of that factory didn't die in vain so you can come and lick a TIM ass in a day it doesn't belong to him at all ñ.

No. 1817792

File: 1682818952517.jpg (98.69 KB, 827x765, 5.jpg)

Never forget this classic

No. 1817806

LMFAO this shit is just so absurd to me, like men have breasts too, it is a gender neutral term, case in point breastplate/abreast/etc.

No. 1817807

File: 1682822601415.png (54.66 KB, 820x717, 43-435668_66127786-natsuki-vom…)

>father's milk

No. 1817808

I KNOW like it just sounds like a euphemism for cum…….

No. 1817809

File: 1682822840681.jpg (7.7 KB, 316x202, df47f564866bfb318bc38fe6bb55a0…)

No. 1817811

whos betting the first doctors "weird questions" were stuff like "are you currently taking hrt" and/or "did you take hrt while pregnant" trying to scope out whether cps should be called.

No. 1817838

brainrot due to omegaverse and mpreg

No. 1817849

nta but this is the also the only reason i could think of for why TIFs would justify it to themselves lol

No. 1817863

>that teeny tiny micro fist
honestly though I can't fathom taking t and NOT working out constantly. that's probably why so many gaydens are fat

No. 1817864

>Be god.
>be the moss on the sidewalk
>be a whole forest
someone had their first mushroom experience, kek

No. 1817877


Oh, I bet the poor cis women would be terrified to have such a manly man in the bathroom.

What would they do? /s(go back to reddit)

No. 1817880

She had said that she has sleep with 60 guys by far because "she's a man and gay men want a femboy like her".

No. 1817887

>reddit spacing
go back

No. 1817911

Now that I see It, I can't help but keep noticing it. It seriously looks like a kid's hand or something

No. 1817922

File: 1682852536188.png (90.73 KB, 1114x1550, Screenshot (1).png)

I went to the OP's blog and it's a bunch of cutesy art of furries with titchop scars interspersed with some thinly veiled mastectomy regret

No. 1817923

File: 1682852593718.png (67.46 KB, 1115x1396, Screenshot (2).png)

No. 1817926

Needing constant expressions of validation for masculinity sounds a lot like performing femininity for validation. You do terrible, arduous things to your body like get cosmetic surgeries and wear uncomfortable clothes and when no one's looking at you, only then does the pain feel unjustified. Only then do you realize you never should've hurt yourself for others' validation in the first place.

No. 1817931

Very manly thoughts happening here.

No. 1817932

>I've chopped away my last connection to womanhood and now I am adrift
isn't that the point, shouldn't she feel heckin' valid now and more embodied? no concept in her mind that she needs to craft a TIF community, just that someone needs to baby her in the aftermath of her own choices.
>please care for
>tell them they are handsome and worthy
>trace them lovingly
>please be kind
hilarious. after observing my Nigel and his world for over a decade it's clear the vast, vast majority of TIFs have zero idea of what the world they are about to step into is like.
pro tip: no one is going to give a fuck about you besides maybe your family and your girlfriend/fiancee/wife - however, usually the moid mistreats those around him then is shocked when they go cold on him. moids have sex class solidarity but treat each other like trash simultaneously.

No. 1817961

This woman is going to detransition. I’m aware she is a TRA but I can tell she’s questioning it, trying to reframe detransition in a positive way to TRAs, and is spiralling because of how she feels isolated now from other women dhe to her surgery.

I hope she realizes it’s okay to drop the troon bullshit and simply exist as a woman in the state she’s currently in, and doesn’t have to appease the TRAs, it will only make her feel more insecure if she doesn’t fully embrace reality.

No. 1817978

File: 1682866797028.png (553.18 KB, 1920x1080, heho.png)

old post I know sorry but lmao at the man in this "boys' love" relationship kek

No. 1818001

This is so hilarious and sad. Imagine thinking your scrote is so ugly you have to larp as yaoi just to feel something.

No. 1818021

It's not like worthwhile men would agree to such a larp, she has to take who will humour her mental illness.

No. 1818022

but there is no love in being trans. it's all about hating yourself

No. 1818026

A lot of M/M fanfiction feels like it's just flat out about two girls too. Lots of guys being gentle and patient and putting each other's needs first. The ones that don't have dominance kink stuff usually write both characters as very female-socialized.

No. 1818037

we have lc. i love alien 9 btw

No. 1818048

And they're happy

No. 1818049

i find it funny too lol. but it's as fetishy as TIMs into yuri hentai. i also find it really odd when teenage girls harass their favourite youtubers and send them like, porn of them butt fucking their best friend. being in cringe fandom shit growing up a lot of these girls are pretty homophobic towards women too. and i've known more than one fujo against gays as well. on a surface level there's nothing wrong with it but shippers in general tend to not know how to be normal about things.

saying women can be creeps too and have a fetish for gay men isn't denying that the majority of perverts are men. i wouldn't even call most of these women pervs, usually just cringe if anything. i won't NOT make fun of someone for being a degen coomer because they are a poor innocent woman. especially if that turns into literally identifying as a gay man, and shaming actual gay men for not wanting to fuck a biological woman.

they often ask on job applications now. my one male friend said he puts they/them to have a better chance at getting jobs and i struggled to find a politically correct way to say that most of society doesn't actually respect enbies.

No. 1818052

>The ones that don't have dominance kink stuff usually write both characters as very female-socialized.
It’s almost as if fanfics were written by women, crazy, isn’t it?

No. 1818057

File: 1682881453981.jpg (115.45 KB, 1073x825, 94b8d0d7-6559-50ce-ac76-fa82f7…)

>What drag race and yaoi does to a MFer

No. 1818058

File: 1682881562275.jpeg (90.54 KB, 828x1079, IMG_3955.jpeg)

lol your friend is a retard and you should tell him to take that shit off his applications. you’re 100% right, normal people do not respect them or find them employable.

No. 1818077

I think all they/thems and believers of gender should put it in their resumes so we can avoid hiring them

No. 1818107

What the fuck did I just read?

No. 1818116

>fat hairless woman
>why isn’t my body type fetishised by gay men??
kek if she was an actual gay guy she’d be working out. There is no cocoon of body positivity bullshit in the gay community and she would know that if her boyfriend was a real gay guy because they are BRUTAL with each other.
No fats, no femmes, no vaginas.

No. 1818119

>a man who feeds me right
Please tell me this isn't some weight gain fetish thing

No. 1818145

File: 1682889146498.png (61.94 KB, 1429x743, CAPTURE.png)

looked up the account and its even worse then I expected.
>poly(her husband seems to cheat on her constantly)
>post on ftmspunished and various gay bdsm subreddits
>she's also a teacher

No. 1818176

I love that question about 'Can a t penis be circumcised like a cis penis', it's like the idiot who posted this really thinks that a surgeon is going to bless her with a fully functional penis and not a botched meat tube with arm hair. They spend their entire lives online, have they not picked up on the fact that these frankendicks can't even get hard without extra surgery? How would a TIF circumcision go anyway, slice another piece of skin off her arm, snip it off and stick it back on?

No. 1818187

>13,465 notes
dear god

No. 1818191

>What drag race and yaoi does to a MFer

this person will never be happy with themselves

No. 1818192

i think she meant the clitoris with "t penis". either way, sounds disgusting.

No. 1818196

>This person
You can say 'woman', anon, you won't get lynched for accepting reality over here.

No. 1818263

Yep, exactly the kind of person you want around kids. Deeply mentally ill, happy to indoctrinate children into her sexual fetishism and self mutilation cult. Perfect teacher.

No. 1818264

File: 1682907517223.png (1.37 MB, 1504x2048, chrome_screenshot_168290748200…)

so masculine

No. 1818266

File: 1682908460913.png (292.17 KB, 598x665, Eli Erlick on Twitter.png)

The man looks like a BL version of Kim Jong Un.

>No terfs on our turf

Don't worry, no one will be near your swamp.

picrel: The strawman of "Cis people do it and is ok" is again.

No. 1818309

I mean it is okay when they are adults and are responsible for their own decisions.

No. 1818331

how does gluing a toupee on your head or getting minor injections compare to chopping functioning healthy body parts off

No. 1818333

it makes no sense, plus by their usual logic wouldn't doing all of this "gender-affirming" shit make them trans automatically?

No. 1818350

me too but now I'm hoping she meant frankendick and not enlargened clitoris because that would just be FGM basically.

No. 1818357

File: 1682924966031.png (6.62 KB, 678x332, tautology.PNG)

Words have no meaning.

No. 1818363

how is getting hair transplant gender affirming care for males because balding IS a sign of maleness

No. 1818400

File: 1682933934632.png (42.17 KB, 834x1116, 4skin.png)

Yes seems to be talking about the clitoris. Multiple TIFs are saying that having a small hood/more exposed clit just looks like an uncircumcised dick. Fucking delusional.

No. 1818404

"Trans penises" KEK. WTF.

No. 1818409

What level of delusion are these people on?
>lingering guilt when it comes to sex due to a spicy childhood
So she has childhood sexual trauma. Horrifying, but sadly unsurprising.

No. 1818414

Ok this goes straight to the top 10 of most retarded things I’ve ever read on the internet.

No. 1818418

while looking like the most retarded people on earth

No. 1818435

i know its a weird hanger on from tiktok speak but describing an implied CSA past as a "spicy childhood" is particularly fucking disgusting

No. 1818441

Hilarious interview with tifs/tras about why they're protesting a terve meeting. Spoiler: They don't really know.

No. 1818445

Handmaidens all out in the open explaining why they're there (they're pathetic and want to be on "the right side of history" protecting men) meanwhile the trans women there are the hulking screaming "boymoding" men in masks kek.
I bet not a single one of them has read Rowling's blog posts nor even knows the most basic points of the film they're protesting. And let's throw in them all thinking Michael aka Marsha P Johnson was a tranny at stonewall who saved the Gays worldwide and created gay marriage

No. 1818449

My favourite parts
>there is no reason to be violent towards just another person yeah I think
>can't provide any examples of terves being violent
>yeah they (terves) deserve a punch

No. 1818450

please don’t mutilate your arm-skin sausage any further. it’s already barely holding on to life.

No. 1818451

Also the tif with taped boobs
>this has been a fight since the beginning of time (???)

No. 1818458

Historical illiteracy scares me.

No. 1818463

I don't get what fight at the beginning of time they're imagening, troonodon vs terfasaurus rex?

No. 1818470

They think current year is the culmination of a psuedohistorical war of white colonizer male-female binarists versus the colored spectrumed humans.

No. 1818471

Do you have a source on this? I want to read about their crazy beliefs.

No. 1818480

File: 1682955370810.png (68.75 KB, 720x886, 234919_co.png)

"white people brought homophobia, transphobia and toxic masculinity" is a very popular narrative with POC wokeoids

No. 1818485

>Ancient China was LGBT paradise because men could marry multiple partners
Damn I guess Islam and plenty of other religions are pro LGBT, silly me I thought they would skin a gay man or woman alive but I was wrong!

No. 1818487

Why do they always think men being allowed to fuck whoever they wanted if they were rich enough (even if that was little boys) is somehow a good thing?

No. 1818489

Isn't Xiran a zero effort TIF too?

No. 1818493

>acting like asians haven’t been some of the most racist exclusionist in the entire world
but it’s all good because men can fuck little boys. funny that gay women are never brought into the conversation.

No. 1818494

>acting like asians haven’t been some of the most racist exclusionist in the entire world
but it’s all good because men can fuck little boys. funny that gay women are never brought into the conversation.

No. 1818504

Yeah no mention of women, 50% of the population. Did they have the same rights, could they choose a partner, have concubines, were they allowed to be lesbians? Probably not.

No. 1818508

eshhcuwzz me !! its nwot troonodon its trewnzilla !! bigot

No. 1818511

Men in ancient times being allowed to be sexual degenerates and fuck little boys, animals, and multiple women, does not equal gay rights.

Gay people have always existed, but I am not aware of any culture where they were treated as equivalent to straight people. Even now, homophobia is still rampant.

No. 1818513

I was going to take this article seriously until the mention of the "rarest personality" from that mbti crap, in fact, though spot on in some ways, the whole article seems very pretentious and kinda narcissistic imo, of course they all think they're this extremely unique, ~insightful~ individual

No. 1818528

Yes, it's called FGM. Why would you willingly select to go through that fucking idiot

No. 1818542

>"white people brought homophobia, transphobia and toxic masculinity" is a very popular narrative with POC wokeoids
Right it panders to the white western centric sounding belief that just because of differences in cultures, akshully all poc were pure genderless creatures who held hands and sang kumbaya until discovered by whitey. Yeah my family being homophobic to me is totally because they have internalised racism and not because of anything else.

Yeah she probably has a personal stake in wanting to believe this stuff

No. 1818548

Yes sorry, of course the troon side should be represented by a fantasy monster.

No. 1818550

File: 1682963293501.png (182.22 KB, 605x3252, nb_rant.png)

Shh actually identifies as non-binary, but apparently thinks she's more of an androgynous dude than a woman. And to top it off, she's a huge fan of Drag Race.
here's her full pretentious "why I'm non-binary despite presenting 100% as female rant"

>People are frequently confused to why I'm nonbinary even though I'm so "hyperfeminine." In honor of #PRIDE , lemme clear some things up.

>I've never felt a strong attachment to the label of Woman, or the concept of being gendered at all, before my nonbinary revelation, I only went along with it out of convenience, and I still do the same in circles that don't recognize Nonbinary as a thing you can be.
>"But gender roles aren't that rigid anymore! You can be a woman and still do XX!" some people say, but that's not the issue here. There are those who work hard to expand what the social construct of "woman" looks like and encompasses. I applaud their efforts and will always stand with them in solidarity, but it has nothing to do with how I just don't want to be a woman at all, while not wanting to be a man either. No matter how the label of "female" is expanded, I don't feel attached enough to it to squeeze myself in if I don't have to. It makes me much more comfortable to just reject gender labels altogether.
>Like most queer people, I've felt like this since I was a kid. It's not a phase. In elementary school, I would revolt any time the teacher split the class into boys and girls, demanding to join the boy team. I hated the very gendered English name my parents gave me, I was known as a "tomboy." In high school, I would pick male roles in drama and RP as a guy online. I wore a tux to prom. I wondered if I was trans, but no, I didn't really want to formally announce myself as a boy either. I just wanted to reject being labeled as Female, To me, me being nonbinary in itself is a challenge to what people associate as Female or Male. I don't believe that in order to be nonbinary, you have to distance yourself from all gender-associated aesthetics and present as a gray-clothed blob, Why must long hair, dramatic makeup, and outlandish clothes strictly label me as a woman? The pretty boys in Chinese historical dramas have flowing long hair and fabulous clothes, and no one questions their gender. If I could grow a beard, I would
>My ideal self in my head is 6'4, full bearded, muscular, and has no genitalia whatsoever. And I'd dress and do my makeup exactly the same. But I'm working with the body I've got, folks though I must also clarify that how I and other nonbinary folks feel should not be used to question how binary trans people feel. Some people don't experience gender in a fluid way. They feel strongly attached to a gender identity that isn't the one they were assigned to at birth and they would do anything to transition to it. The existence of nonbinary folks does NOT invalidate that. In fact, it's a similar struggle. I'm sure plenty of binary trans folks have been asked "why do you need to transition when you can be a man/woman and still be XXX?" No, they just don't want to be their birth-assigned gender at all. The difference between us and them is that we don't have a need to transition to another specific gender, while they do, All that being said, I'm personally very pragmatic about my gender identity, especially as a first gen immigrant who has to navigate two different societies. In an ideal world, I would be free from all gendered associations, but in this one, I recognize that I was socialized as a woman and am perceived as a woman by the vast majority of people. Female-centric issues affect me, and I will always be a feminist (though everyone should be a feminist anyway), Even though they/them pronouns are my most preferred ones and they give me a sense of peace, I don't strictly mind being called she/her in casual circumstances
>I don't correct people bc I've seen too many instances of them getting defensive like WHY DIDN'T YOU MAKE THAT MORE CLEAR? WHY DON'T YOU HAVE IT IN BLINDING RED LETTERS ALL OVER YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA? HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHEN YOU HAVEN'T MADE A VIDEO EXPLAINING YOURSELF? And I just…don't want to deal with that. I appreciate those of you who stick up for me though. as for terms like Sis or Queen, I mind them even less, because to me, they're no different than calling someone Dude or Bro. So they're 100% okay to use for me. But again, how I feel about these gendered pronouns and terms is not necessarily how all nonbinary people feel. Please be mindful of this. Double check if you're not sure, and don't get so defensive or overly apologetic if you accidentally make a mistake.

No. 1818554

I've read a bunch of reviews on her book on goodreads a while back, and if I recall correctly the protagonist is just a giant NLOG who hates other women.

No. 1818556

>Women = slut, whore, future breeding machine for a man, housewife, and that isn't me! I support female women if they choose to be inferior sluts, but that's not me, I choose to be respected as a non-woman instead. Good luck being oppressed ladies!

No. 1818558

Tifs and enbies in a nutshell.

No. 1818561

>pretty boys in my favourite BLs can be feminine and androgynous, I want that

No. 1818565

File: 1682964603080.jpg (82.46 KB, 960x720, no.jpg)

Half of tifs on tiftok:
but seriously why is being a woman so hard nowadays first the Tims now these pickmes

No. 1818568

>I recognize that I was socialized as a woman and am perceived as a woman by the vast majority of people. Female-centric issues affect me
Well, this is closer to reality than a lot of TRA women will let themselves get, so I guess I should give her some credit

No. 1818582

File: 1682966541898.png (266.44 KB, 531x571, iiii.PNG)

sage for few milk but why do people keep insting on making these characters troons

No. 1818583

>if I recall correctly the protagonist is just a giant NLOG who hates other women.
After watching long video reviews of Xiran's book and skimming through it myself, I have noticed that the biggest issue people have with it is the protagonist's lack of coherence in the ultra-patriarchal techno-feudal setting, where foot binding is still practiced. Xiran's self-insert of Wu Zetian, a real historical figure, has modern liberal feminist ideals that don't fit well with her character. Additionally, her depiction lacks the strategic intelligence of Wu Zetian, She allied with her paternal familial clan, appeased the emerging Buddhists because she knew they would be a potential ally, and used religion and politics of the time period to justify her rule. Wu Zetian was able to use Buddhism to support her reign and claimed to be a prophesied Buddhist figure. Xiran's Wu however lacks any sense of tactfulness and strategy, as she openly insults others without any consequences, and her actions generally seem to work out effortlessly.

No. 1818597


You would think TRAs would be more empathic when "cis" people have body dysphoria thanks by society, but they act more like "that's something only US can experience, cis people get out".

No. 1818605

File: 1682967645089.jpg (89.12 KB, 1080x980, 1678000201467405.jpg)

I remember a pro-palestine Islam artist claiming she was reading the Quran and loving how "queer" and "same sex loving" it was. Is she ignoring that Aisha, a six or seven years old girl was married to Muhammad by her father? Or would she claim Muhammad took that from evil white people?

No. 1818606

>The procedures affirm their gender by definition
I'm pretty sure most people getting plastic surgery are thinking "I want to look younger" or "I want to have this feature that society considers attractive" and not "I want to look like the sex I already am" but okay

No. 1818609

Same when people talk how "openly gay" was Ancient Greece, while the one that "bottoms" was seems like a scourge, women were treated like furniture to the point they didn't have option to vote, education or play sports and it was quite common the hebephilia.

And they're, technically, evil white people too.

No. 1818619

Is it that converted trans islamic artist who's simultaneously a Hindu and a Shia Muslim(kek)? Who says that the quran is prolgbt and draws weird art about burak?(sage)

No. 1818622

File: 1682968896160.png (26.48 KB, 1526x812, Mohamed Drawing.png)

Hell I know some ex-Muslim who tried to shit on Islam by trying to claim Muhammad was white, Some hadiths describe Muhammad as having red hair(it is more likely that he dyed it). However, most descriptions of him and his tribe characterize them as having milk light skin, as those features were deemed more desirable.

No. 1818638

When you've been westernized by the internet and can't say Islam hates gay people because that would make you racist kek

The only nations that still throw gay people off buildings and execute them for being gay (or force castrate them into trans) are middle eastern and African countries, but troons think they're the most oppressed in white burgerland.

No. 1818639

so she basically made a self insert mary sue in ancient steampunk china.

No. 1818653

It was another artist, but like >>1818638 said, I'm not surprised if that trannie think like that artist

Inserted mary sue in ancient steampunk China with two lovers.

No. 1818657

File: 1682970608091.jpg (29.47 KB, 500x382, the-simpsons-donuts.jpg)

And do not forget misogony and FGM, but for TIMs that would be "the paradise". I still remember how a TIM said it was triggering for him that a FGM survivor spoke about how women and girls were forced to have their vaginas mutilated and the survivor did a combo breaker with "If these girls could have identify as a boy, that probably would have helped them to not being forced to do something against their will".

No. 1818658

were both of the lovers men? if so then kek straight girl fantasy

No. 1818670

Of course they are, one of them is scary looking with a heart of gold, and the other one is a soft nerdy type with a dark and edgy secret. She just placed her yaois in ancient China and inserted herself into the mix.

No. 1818671

>Men in ancient times being allowed to be sexual degenerates and fuck little boys, animals, and multiple women, does not equal gay rights.
right kek these girls (it's always girls) act like ancient men of their culture being degenerate and seeing women as breeding stock meant that they were somehow pro-gay for men (never women) and that means they were totally morally superior to the homophobic whites. Yet every time you dig a little deeper they turn out to have had those "third gender" aka gay men who are cast out of society fully on their own.

No. 1818673

File: 1682973177839.jpeg (50.56 KB, 768x461, BoobMeme-by-Xiao.jpeg)

>were both of the lovers men? if so then kek straight girl fantasy
Yes, one of her partners is a charming pretty boy with a mysterious darkside and a well-toned physique, while the other is a rough bad-boy type who is often misjudged as violent. But is actually just misunderstood, It's the ultimate hetorsexual female fantasy.
And there's nothing inherently wrong with wanting your desires fulfilled in a fantasy. If she wants to do that, that's perfectly fine. But she shouldn't act like it's some huge revolutionary statement.

Just so you know, picrel isn't fan-made. She actually had it made as a commission for her own characters! if you check out her website, you can see a whole page of other commissioned art and memes she's had done.

No. 1818686

That's incredibly pathetic. Like you said, nothing wrong with fantasies or OCs or commissioning art, but trying to spin that into srs political business and personal identity is degenerate behaviour.

No. 1818694

worse, its specifically sold as a feminist book and her own post on the goodreads page says "ENFORCE YOUR LAST PATHETIC GENDER ROLE, PATRIARCHY"
Also more then one negative review mentions platitudes hoping they won't get harassed by fans

No. 1818706

No I just made it up kek

No. 1818711

File: 1682977790879.png (490.96 KB, 1062x1601, IMG_20230502_004058.png)

Do they think people can't tell by how they write, adding that 'genuinely' there will surely throw people off kek. Checked her profile and she's one of those tifs who are even more feminine than your average feminine girl, but she's addicted to the gay ship from it's always sunny in philadelphia so she's a real gay man!!

No. 1818723

>"gay man"
>self-hating fat woman
It's really always that, isn't it?

No. 1818744

File: 1682979537785.webm (2.01 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1682979485526.webm)

meanwhile in her own promotional material

No. 1818749

File: 1682979991251.png (748.27 KB, 2124x2977, CH11P21.png)

And where's "WLW" lore sometimes they have to add a trannie in the middle. Men even taking women-only spaces happens even when TIFs want to show how "progressive" is being trans.

Picrel how TIFs act with a TIM.

No. 1818752

who drew this?

No. 1818755

>my body in my head is 6’4 muscular with beard
excessive media consumption and having o social circle is making these people confuse what they are attracted to vs what they actually want to be. The fact that we have cameras and mirrors so widely available is making this worse- I genuinely believe that we weren’t supposed to see our own bodies/faces this much. She just wants to get railed by some 6’4 gym rat and is confusing her attraction with dysphoria

No. 1818764

File: 1682980951693.png (44.54 KB, 1080x789, Screenshot_20230501-184133.png)

wow, i'm sure this will end well!

No. 1818768

is this a portmanteau of autism and adhd? the fact that we needed a neologism for that is not a good social indicator at all lmao

No. 1818769

Actually, within the vast sea of Hindu holy texts, there happens to be a single reference to lesbianism. The reference describes Hanuman(the monkey deity) encountering two demonesses engaging in sex while in the underworld(This is one of the many "horrible" things he witnesses, including violence, desire, and greed which are all framed as negative aspects). How progressive and inclusive

No. 1818773

File: 1682981430493.jpg (131.99 KB, 1080x1546, Goodreads.jpg)

She's made another novel that's a "love letter to her 14 year old self" that she whipped up to make ends meet (is writing her only job?) because her publishing company didn't pay her enough or something. By this summary it already does not sound much better.

No. 1818777

A Terf artist - leasebound.com/

No. 1818779

Yup they wear it like a badge of honor. Huge overlap of disorder fakers/glorifiers and TIFs. Seems like an obsession to be seen as anything but “normal” or average. But so many people are mentally ill troons these days that they’re literally just conforming to trends

No. 1818780

File: 1682981755257.jpg (68.71 KB, 854x583, Screenshot_20230501-235538_Ins…)

jesus christ

No. 1818781

File: 1682981843295.jpg (31.2 KB, 535x466, sad.jpg)


Better she be careful with the surgery and post-operative care, because she cannot go to Thailand again to sue if something wrong goes with the surgery.

No. 1818784

>hx pronoun
how the fuck do you even say that

No. 1818788

It doesn’t even matter, they’ll never use it offline anyway lol

No. 1818790

it's like the sound of the french 'r,' except you actually expel some spit every time you say it (hopefully in the direction of the person who asked you to say it)

No. 1818808

Holy shit this is making me lose my mind lmao

No. 1818826

But why? Isn't it easy enough to get your tits chopped off in the west?

No. 1818827

Sage for ot, but what does she have against feminine lesbians, lol?

No. 1818831

>adding that 'genuinely' there will surely throw people off kek
It’s the opposite. Clunkily placed words like “legitimately,” “genuinely,” “honestly” etc are often tells that the person doesn’t believe what they’re saying. The lady doth protest too much.

No. 1818868

File: 1682990771431.jpeg (215.86 KB, 828x904, 0AF60EC6-5807-419F-8BA2-6F6598…)

These girls are crazy. No pronouns? It?

No. 1818871

what the hell does
>Prns me (suit)

No. 1818872

prns me (suit) = pronouns for me, I am in the suit

No. 1818874

thank you for your services down in the trenches, i think its a good sign ive finally reached the inflection point where zoomerspeak reads as an incomprehensible pidgin

No. 1818880

fucking cringe honestly, the libfems not even knowing why they're there except "uhh something something homophobia nazis" while the tims autistically scream in the background. more normies need to see videos like this because it's one of the best ways to raise awareness of how openly stupid this movement/trend is.

No. 1818881

I'll never get over the fact that troons, in all seriousness, want to be referred to as an 'it'. I get that I shouldn't expect anything but genuine retardation from these genuine retards, but from where I came (a homophobic country) 'it' was something homophobes used for gay people because they viewed us as less than human. It was used for me too when I was outed in high school, so I just can't comprehend why they want to be dehumanised so bad… And on purpose at that. Why would anyone view themselves as an object and ask others to do the same?

Wow. This really makes me want to not read her book at all. Would definitely pay to not even come across it in book stores.

No. 1818885

How would no pronouns even work, logistically? Do you just say their name every single time you refer to them like some kind of space alien?
>Hello, this is Aiden, my retarded friend. Aiden trooned out last year and decided Aiden wanted to chop Aiden's tits off, but Aiden's parents wouldn't let Aiden. Now Aiden has a Kickstarter to raise the money Aiden needs for the surgery.

No. 1818888

> There are those who work hard to expand what the social construct of "woman" looks like and encompasses. I applaud their efforts and will always stand with them in solidarity, but it has nothing to do with how I just don't want to be a woman at all
Pure internalized misogyny.
Yet another example of "dresses and lipstick are LAME when women are wearing them, but COOL and subversive on males!" They're women who want to adhere to gender stereotypes while also being perceived as yooneek. Setting aside the fact that giving a fuck about how special and different you are is literal teenager behavior, they can't even be assed to do things that actually are unique for women, or even just unexpected. They vomit out purple pose about pushing the boundaries of gender stereotypes, but in reality, they're the sort of women who'd break down and cry if someone saw them with hairy underarms.

No. 1818895

when you see that word you know it’s going to be the straightest shit ever

No. 1818898

They're a cute couple, too bad about the gender brainrot. Hope they grow out of it.

No. 1818899

Most radfems are against the concept of preforming femininity or the stereotypes associated with women in general

No. 1818901

just say chinese

No. 1818924

It's tagged both, it's not a bad idea to tag your things with everything that is applicable to help people find what they're looking for.

No. 1818939

In Thailand is way cheaper and accessible, but you have also the risks of malpractice.

No. 1818941

lol did she troon out too?

No. 1818944

File: 1683002615183.jpg (147.91 KB, 640x903, 811ad26f764acdf45faf210833e245…)

Tifs just can't live without putting themselves down and worshiping male troons. All the fakebois in the comments applaud of course.

No. 1818954

Switch the two descriptions around and it's a lot more accurate. Just add pube beards to the anime girls and cat ears to the KotH guys.

No. 1818955

The ultimate irony is that both Sappho and Achilles had romantic relationships with the opposite sex and would be considered bisexual by today's standards.

No. 1818961

Lol I know of at least 10 TIFs that look exactly like this kid.

No. 1818963

File: 1683006072598.jpg (310.5 KB, 1200x1450, the-death-of-adonis.jpg)

Sappho's queer status is is really funny in consideration. She's got a couple of poems that talk about her love for a woman (although one may just be celebrating femininity and womanhood) and seven for men. People try to explain this as compulsory heterosexuality or that those love poems were actually written by historians. We don't know much about her death, but there's this legend that she jumped off a cliff because of her unrequited love for a younger guy named Phaon. Although it's probably not true it's a still legend that dates back to Ancient Greece

No. 1818976

File: 1683010032599.jpg (493.86 KB, 1242x2155, tumblr_9442d47ee74c2ee89251134…)

Why are troons so racist to black women?

No. 1818982

The fuck did I read? Now Black women not only have to deal with their "trans sisters" but with TIFs admiring their… Manlyness?

No. 1818998

White troons will say this and also cry about how transphobia is white supremacy. I wish a normie black girl overheard one of these racist freaks and chewed them out.

No. 1819002

I'm all for tifs Kikomi-ing by calling themselves transwomen, it will make tims seethe kek

No. 1819004

Here we see a mentally disabled person who is vocal about being mentally disabled and "unhinged" going to get her healthy body parts amputated in a different country because her mentally disabled brain told her that was a good idea and woke people are checks note ah yes, cheering her on and NOT trying to stop her in any way.

No. 1819008

I think you have to be a bit conservative to buy into gender ideology. I think all these conservative things go hand in hand

No. 1819014

The stereotype that liberals are more likely to hold regressive racial view does hold some truth. In their efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity, Some may fetishize and exoticize individuals based on their race or ethnicity.

No. 1819016

Not to go too autistic but I hate it when Achilles is triumphed as some sort of gay icon, as if he and his male lover didn't both abuse women. That's why I'll never be able to read song of Achilles.

No. 1819073

Very curious about how her "top dysphoria" goes away the moment she has to sell her tits on onlyfans lol


No. 1819079

Because their entire mindset is sexist, racist and regressive.

No. 1819090

>the "mlm" flag in the background

No. 1819091

Kinda scary how this girl came out so little ago and she's already on hormones AND in her own words, is getting top surgery this year….

No. 1819096

>wanting a deeper voice
>"must mean i'm trans!"

No. 1819100


No. 1819110

>Huge overlap of disorder fakers/glorifiers and TIFs
This reminded me of a personal cow I haven't checked on in a while who's a TIF with totally real Ehlers-Danlos and gastroparesis that was aiming for a feeding tube

No. 1819112

Remember nonna, it's not about getting fast and infinite money, it's about avoiding suicides uwu Not an agenda! These doctors really care about them!

No. 1819115

Oh yeah, I've met plenty of racist white liberals. They treat minorities like pets (ie: they are nice to their pets but still feel superior to them as a human) They are weirdly patronizing, infantilizing, and you can just feel that they look down on you even when they don't say it out loud. Pets need an owner to protect them after all.

No. 1819138

File: 1683039322800.png (879.48 KB, 640x903, meetup.png)

No. 1819151

beautiful. this has to e the next threadpic

No. 1819182

This bitch posted videos of her wearing the skimpiest outfits imaginable with her tits almost falling out to go clubbing a few months ago, and now she claims she has crippling chest dysphoria and plans to have her breasts amputated in a few more weeks to months. So it was under 6 months from being very comfortable with her body to being on hormones and surgically mutilated.

I don't know how onlyfans work, is it possible to see when she posted her last content? If it was current, that would really be the cherry on top.

No. 1819193

Back in the day if you wanted a deeper voice…. you would just talk in your lower voice register kek jesus the mental illness of it all.

No. 1819194

>Tims want to be their coomer sex doll AGP fantasies
>Tifs just wanna chill without being sexualized
its really fucking sad, they are close to being self aware but the drugs and cult mentality make them retarded

No. 1819200

File: 1683044005512.png (Spoiler Image,259.78 KB, 739x464, 1683043732137.png)

>the banner
>last seen april 28
idk if her most recent posts have her with her tits out but let's be honest, they probably are.

No. 1819209

It's really giving "I'm just a silly lil dude". Speaking of which what are nonnas opinions on this breed of TIFs?

No. 1819212

Exactly. I can't understand how no one is stopping her. I guess you can't really stop a grown woman from doing what she wants, but the ones who could stop her, like doctors. It's horrifying how fast it can happen. Thinking of her specifically and not all the tifs now but she never would even have a "problem" with her chest if it wasn't for troonery getting her clout on the internet. Is she really going to get the surgery to prove something to someone? It's proving nothing but how mentally unstable she is

No. 1819230

I hate her so much. All this word salad just to say “I don’t adhere to strict gender roles” also I call bullshit with her childhood, causing a scene because a teacher split the class into boys and girls? If that happened it’s probably because she wanted to work with the boys since she called herself a tomboy.
As for the tux on prom? I need pics no way she would do that and not plaster it everywhere on social media also I think by the time she went to prom women wearing (feminine) tuxedos wasn’t strange.

No. 1819239

This is so painfully heterosexual and nothing but the female gaze.
Honestly it sounds like it belongs to the “in not like the other girls because im a fangirl!” era. If i flipped through self insert fanfics im sure most fill that niche.

No. 1819242

I always saw it as a gotcha to escape from the consequences of their own retardation. These women collect trauma and diagnoses like they're Pokemon.

No. 1819258

Amazing, anon. Thank you for this meal.

No. 1819264

TSoA is trashy, but it makes a real effort to retcon the lead characters' treatment of women. In this version of the story, Achilles and Agamemnon begin fighting early one when Achilles objects to the human sacrifice of Iphigenia, as opposed to the original where the conflict between the two begins over Briseis. Additionally, Achilles' proposal to Briseis was Patroclus' idea, because in the book Patroclus and Briseis are acquainted (and I think slightly crushing on each other? It's been several years since I read it.) The logic was to protect Briseis from Agamemnon by marrying her off to Achilles, but then Agamemnon kidnaps her. "Saving" her from le evil Agamemnon isn't much better than the original in terms of ots portrayal of women (in the actual Iliad, Achilles is mainly mad at Agamemnon over the principle of Briseis kidnapping, because he viewed Briseis as a spoil of victory and losing her as losing his dignity.) Idk. Like you can tell it was written by a woman because it actually gives consideration to these things, though I question the wisdom of reducing Achilles' and Patroclus' flaws to make them more sympathetic. Sage for ot.

No. 1819293

A man or a pickme told them that women can’t be funny once and they internalized it to a pathetic degree. Just more of the gender essentialism they claim to hate so much.

No. 1819310

it's pretty sad that their idea of funny is overusing the word silly and calling themselves "just a guy" KEK

No. 1819502

File: 1683082180791.jpeg (46.57 KB, 540x794, 489FF1C5-19E9-4530-B5FB-376D2A…)

No. 1819519

This looks shit. Why do these people have to commit crimes against clothes like this

No. 1819582

This is horrifying. How can anyone see this as something sane. If it wasnt obvious before no one can say that they need plastic surgery to look like a man, when its all about trans

No. 1819583

Don’t forget lots of self deprecating possum and toad imagery! And use of the word “heckin”

No. 1819593

You're not supposed to expose scars to sunlight so not only is it gross, it's also stupid

No. 1819598

>now she claims she has crippling chest dysphoria
the thing is I don't think she and other girls are lying, I think the social contagion is real and their distress is real. I also think it can go away about as quickly as it came, in 6 months she could be perfectly happy with her body again if she took the steps to reverse her thoughts and distanced herself from the disordered people who push the ideas onto her.

No. 1819609

File: 1683099807588.png (908.88 KB, 640x903, meetup.png)

I added to it. Hope that's okay anon lol

No. 1819613

Beautiful nonnie.

No. 1819618

>the sailor moon leg tattoo
Excellent job nonas.

No. 1819619

Hank’s furry con t shirt is a nice touch

No. 1819625

My sides. Obviously this has to be the next thread pic

No. 1819627

This reminded me of a faggot on twitter who was defending top surgery for minors because of “this little procedure that was invented in the 60s” (boob job). Everyone who supports this are unwitting shills for plastic surgeons to get rich off of mentally ill people and it’s disgusting

No. 1819643

the details are amazing, good work nona

No. 1819663

File: 1683110735266.png (65.31 KB, 1280x457, tumblr_49ecefbff60a9762163cc79…)

This thing really makes me sad because I'm only into to autistic edge girls and they are all fakebois now. Why can't you just be an autistic woman who likes autistic women. It would be away easier without the gender shit.

No. 1819665

File: 1683111133110.png (126.66 KB, 1280x534, tumblr_pjmvteD1pp1y0t36wo1_128…)

Kek so fakebois DO know they just look like slightly tomboish girls

No. 1819666

so they're two women who have to pretend they can't possibly be attracted to each other because one is pretending to be a man?

No. 1819668

>and im too anxious to say anything

No. 1819674

This is the most female brained shit imaginable Jesus Christ

No. 1819719

Funny how this would never happen with a TiM because they are all painfully male looking no matter what.

No. 1819748

I don’t get it. Does she meet someone and think that person is attractive but if the person isn’t NB she immediately loses the attraction? I hate this notion that people are attracted to gender rather than sex. It’s weird and regressive and hurts people who are SSA.

No. 1819755

this artstyle is absolutely repulsive

No. 1819760

well tbf as far as the lesbian is concerned i'd say it's reasonable not to want to date a tif. mento illness

No. 1819795

Same. Imagine having to walk on eggshells around her 24/7. I feel bad for all the lesbians that lose their partners to this cult. The only ones that seem to tolerate them are weird moids, bisexual women, and other TiFs.

No. 1819828

>I'm attracted to 'nonbinary women' like me.
>nonbinary women
Kek it comes across as satire but knowing these retards, I'm pretty sure she's being serious. Gendie brainrot does that to a person.

No. 1819873

>I'm nonbinary with a strong connection to womanhood
So you're a woman who wants to be unique, and you're exclusively attracted to other similarly insecure women.

No. 1819904

File: 1683146479712.jpeg (Spoiler Image,434.73 KB, 2048x1592, 64CF9B9A-374E-4A13-B75E-3F1789…)

Is that… mold?

No. 1819929

Nah it's just her nipple necrotizing and rotting off.

No. 1819942

can't make out all the details because the pic is a bit small for me to read parts but this is amazing kek, thank you anon. i think the pink dyke hat might be one of my favourite parts.

No. 1819944

you know it's fiction because the premise is a fakeboi being able to shut her mouth about being a fakeboi long enough for this to happen

No. 1819967

File: 1683151654015.png (Spoiler Image,63.65 KB, 418x442, 2023-05-03.png)

oh my fucking god this is horrific

No. 1819968

samefag but this girl is detrans, i feel so fucking bad for her

No. 1819975

Those side tit flaps look like dolphins

No. 1819984

now I can't unsee it

No. 1820047

dear fucking lord LMAO

No. 1820079

This looks incredibly uncomfortable. Her being detrans makes this 10x worse. I hope she can get it fixed.

No. 1820206

They wouldn't leave scars in Star Trek because they use dermal regenerators to heal without scarring. Fuck off.

No. 1820210

Late but I can't believe no one has pointed out that this is James May and Jeremy Clarkson. The wonders of the internet are truly plentiful.

No. 1820230

No woman deserves this, no matter how mentally ill she is. Bleak.

No. 1820235


No. 1820243

finally someone said it

No. 1820259

Saying that could be a useful way to silently reject TIMs without getting called transphobic, but I think in the author's case the retardation is probably real.

No. 1820279

Glad to hear she came to her senses and detransed before having any further harm done, but god do I feel bad for her for having fallen victim of trans ideology. Does she talk publicly about being detrans? I'm always interested in hearing their stories.

weirdly that made it seem less awful lmao

No. 1820280

by the same logic it should be accepted that someone can then only be attracted to "binary women" then… but of course they'd scream transphobia over that statement

No. 1820311

It bugs me when TIF fanartists still draw the scars on characters who live in universes where actual magical sex changes are possible. It just kinda drives home that for a lot of TIFs this is more about self-harm than a genuine desire to be male.

No. 1820380

>bisexual women
Because if you're bi then you like "either gender" or whatever the current definition is, it's unacceptable for you to say "I'm not attracted to enbies/a certain gender" because enbies will fore themselves into whatever definition bisexuality has.
Gay and straight people can just go "oop to AFFIRM your gender I will be breaking up with you" but bi people have a harder time getting out of these relationships.

No. 1820381

>I'm only into to autistic edge girls and they are all fakebois now.
Not necessarily "actually" autistic (since everyone is self-diagnosing themselves) but I guess "terminally online" or tumblrina girls. I prefer being friends with them, we have the same humor and I know how to talk to them but they're all gendies. It's so bad that whenever I see cute alt-women I started having a negative reaction since they're gendies.

No. 1820397

I wish people would understand that Breasts aren't just their for decoration or the male gaze, they are part of your endocrine system that works to keep your body healthy and functional.

No. 1820401

File: 1683207672569.webm (776.08 KB, 576x1024, stupid.webm)

This is retarded. Your grandma wanting to be a boy is because of misogyny, not fucking gender dysphoria. All the comments are agreeing with her too saying how it's so sad their grannies and moms somehow didn't feel gender euphoria as a woman in misogynistic society and wanted to be boys instead, but couldn't becase of muh transphobia. Legit brainrot.

No. 1820436

That or they just like the aesthetic of the scars, which is equally grim.

No. 1820477

My grandma vented something personal to me, time to tell tiktok so they can confirm she's a wittle twans boi!

No. 1820483

>Features of acromegaly had developed in a 6-year-old crossbred Belgian shepherd dog (dog A) following treatment with medroxyprogesterone and an 8-year-old beagle dog (dog B)
Dogposting on my lolcow?!

No. 1820500

As a woman, odds are her grandma has been repeatedly sexually abused, has been in abusive relationships, watched her mom being unable to vote and lacking financial independence, watched her brothers and uncles have countless possibilities that she and her sisters didn’t have. No shit she wants to be more than just that. Fucking retard.

No. 1820551

>watched her mom being unable to vote
Sorry to nitpick your post but her grandma would have to be well over 100 years old for that to be the case.

No. 1820563

Nta but even after we got the right to vote, many women weren't allowed to give a vote by their own families who were either against it or thought it was 'useless'.

No. 1820565

File: 1683230669792.png (33.02 KB, 614x980, Screenshot.png)

>AFAB is TT in Twitter for a furry pic showing how misogynist the fandom is (more news at nine).
>See this tweet
>We get it, you want to feel more oppressed.

No. 1820566

File: 1683230788093.jpeg (202.87 KB, 1200x1400, FvMBbeBXgAYndn_.jpeg)

The pic in question.

No. 1820581

It's almost like you can't escape misogyny and the patriarchy and by alienating yourself from other women you just hurt yourself.

No. 1820587

File: 1683232179578.jpg (174.77 KB, 1080x1521, FvRlbRmWAAAXco4.jpg)

No. 1820591

Very masculine thoughts here.

No. 1820595

all bark and no bite, as always KEK

No. 1820601

They're experimenting on dogs? The fuck

No. 1820605

File: 1683233382963.png (Spoiler Image,916.91 KB, 1154x2048, AEE35A63-8A9C-4421-8DD2-5DE9B6…)


No. 1820606

Must be hard being fourteen and terminally online lmao

No. 1820607

jesus christ those soulless eyes

No. 1820608

File: 1683233610585.jpg (285.26 KB, 1600x1200, 1481919101227.jpg)

It's literally just picrel but for furry degenerates instead of weebshit degenerates.

No. 1820612

FtSBF- female to Sam Bankman-Fried.

No. 1820613

They sometimes do, but in that case some doctor wrote up observations while treating dogs for illness.

No. 1820621

I've been in GC spaces for over six years now and I've never seen anyone call TiFs traitors. The overwhelming consensus is that they're mentally ill women whose insecurities were exploited by an extremely misogynistic "movement." Even the ones that make efforts to actively hurt women (remember that TiFs were behind the push to use words like "menstruator" and "birth-giver") are mostly just crybully NLOGs playing useful idiots to a male agenda. NLOGs and pickmes aren't traitors; they're just retards who never grew out of high school and never questioned the toxic aspects of their female socialization.
Also kek at the fact that 80% of the things she lists are just regular old misogyny. She's so close to getting it.

No. 1820623

>I've had enough. I-I'm gonna do it guys. I'm gonna… MISGENDER EVERYONE AND SEE HOW THEY LIKE IT!!!
Though nobody except a tif would even be bothered by it.

No. 1820624

I think people would be confused and maybe offended because a crazy person is calling them crazy things, but I doubt anyone would understand what she is trying to do lol.

No. 1820640

Not mention also the homophobia with "gay men do not want to sleep with us!2!".

No. 1820673

File: 1683237836100.png (10.33 KB, 598x370, Caru on Twitter.png)

From the same TT

>So being a femboy is only for AMAB people I guess

Of course, because femboys are… MEN!

No. 1820791

I wish I could be adopted by a friend group like this. I'm an autist and I act the same way, unfortunately I'm still trying to navigate finding other autists who are like your friends and not the kind that make me want to log off and never return, kek.

No. 1820996

istg the level of delusion and retardedness

No. 1821006

Nta but from the groups like that I've observed, they kind of find eachother through online communities. Normally you would expect that to be a disaster but I can think of two groups I know (both like early 30s ish though) where they met up in their early 20s and now all live together and operate together in a weirdly practical and familial like way. Maybe it can happen for you.

No. 1821053

>demands to be seen as a literal male
>demands others to acknowledge she's being oppressed for being female
pick one.

No. 1821107

These people literally just want to be feminine women without the label woman

No. 1821122

File: 1683284870426.jpg (198.71 KB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_20230505_130700.jpg)

Girl what the fuck is this look

No. 1821123

im seeing a lot of tifs recently having colored beard and pubestaches with makeup, i truly dont understand their beauty standards, they look like pedophiles

No. 1821126

Failed soundcloud rapper with allegations of abuse.

No. 1821130

Looks brain damaged which she must be

No. 1821138

File: 1683291105992.jpg (88.67 KB, 1079x1080, Screenshot_20230503_120125_Ins…)

crossposted from the TIM thread but kek at the sexual dimorphism here. teeny tiny tif

No. 1821140

So fucking funny

No. 1821141

idk if you're op but that's def not leasebound's style. anyone else know who the artist is?

No. 1821148

Why do tifs always look sick or unwashed…is it the t? It's not even a subtle sandler, every tif I saw looks oily and greasy, unkept patchy beard that makes them look like prepubescent boys or they have this dead gaze that makes them look high or miserable. Nightmarish.
I know that fucked up hormones can make you smell and sweat more but damn, truly a sick world to live in where an ideology has that much power over your own body. "Be yourself!" yeah huh

No. 1821158

If they call it 'AuDHD' it's a hallmark sign that they actually have neither of these conditions kek

No. 1821163

It is actually, it's a page from.a couple weeks ago. She changed her style up a bit last year.

No. 1821190

It is the pube beard, pudgy body and coomer eyes for me. They also dress badly(sage your shit)

No. 1821205

File: 1683301706606.jpg (380.65 KB, 1600x1200, 3933b977-7ce7-4e97-b005-86f491…)

It's like this picture from the other farms.

No. 1821210

what other farms?

No. 1821211

Sucks balls being a short adult! (speaking as someone below 5ft) Why would they subject their lives to pretending to be a short man, which is even worse, I really don't get it.

No. 1821217

Anyone with a face tattoo is suffering from some type of mental illness. Surprised she's employed looking like this.

No. 1821220

The kiwifarms had that as a pinned picture for a while.

No. 1821224

what other farms?

No. 1821234

Tbh, maybe TiFs are trying to look like the people that groomed them as teenagers.

No. 1821255


What's up with the middle guy? Is he like the cis father figure to the manlets?

No. 1821261

Some speculate he's their gender affirming care doctor.

No. 1821263

I can't stop staring at this picture, it's mesmerizing. What is it that makes these absolute womanlets think transitioning is a good idea for someone who is short even for a woman?

No. 1821271

File: 1683309962809.jpeg (20.57 KB, 480x371, F97D3EF5-B4F7-47F1-8250-93B1C9…)

They are only playing themselves with these memes because men have thought they are women because they like pink things and playing as female characters in games. Trans rights activism upholds sexist gender roles in that if you don’t fit the sexist stereotypes upheld by your biological sex it’s likely you are an egg about to crack.

No. 1821275

TIFs literally think they're men because they don't like hyperfeminine things kek what the fuck are they smoking to have such cognitive dissonance

No. 1821276

>I am a man despite my upbringing and what people think
Yet she cries when she gets uwu missgendewed and thinks that not liking pink as a teenager makes her a man.

No. 1821280

Homeless Tolkien dwarf look

No. 1821283

KEK but nonna pls don't slander Tolkien dwarves like that they're pretty cool

No. 1821293

File: 1683312945661.jpeg (208 KB, 1170x1992, B254F7EF-5F58-43F8-A03D-920BBB…)

Those pants are holding on for dear life

No. 1821299

Makes me wonder where these girls will stand when the trans fad comes crashing down over their heads. She is lucky that she has a mother that cares this much, I'd have already given up with how much these dumbasses expose their private lives on the internet for a few likes from strangers, shit talking their parents for caring, no less.

No. 1821301

The overweight, "conventionally unattractive" woman to tranny pipeline strikes again.

No. 1821307

Her poor mum the fact she wrote to her she still will fight for her daughter proves that she really loves her child. I imagine how would it feel later down the line when they are balding and suffering from hormonal imbalance seeing the pain they've caused their parents…

No. 1821308

Ohhhh, so that's what a "gunt" is.

No. 1821317

I don't think people like that are capable of empathy, they probably get off on abusing and humiliating people.

No. 1821321

sage for blog post. An obese girl I met at college trooned out after 3-6 months of lockdown-induced tumblr supernatural fandom exposure kept telling me how taking T made so many of her online friends lose weight, get 6-packs and look like olympic swimmers. The whole spiel she gave me reminded me of brainwashed MLM huns kek

No. 1821336

KEK I thought she was eating pizza

No. 1821340

OMG you have deep fatphobia…(go back to twitter)

No. 1821372

as we all should

No. 1821375

"Cis men are the weak" but if a gay man tell them he's not into vaginas, they throw a fist.

No. 1821404

The insecure girls I've witnessed transition think taking T will instantly make them attractive. They salivate over the most mediocre looking white men, so becoming an ugly moid is probably preferable to them than remaining an average looking woman.

No. 1821408

People say autoandrophilia doesn't exist but they only need to step into these spaces for a second to see examples like that.

No. 1821411

>they throw a fist
You mean throw a fit, right

No. 1821424

This fat unconventionally unattractive girl to TIF pipeline only reinforces my idea that these girls would have just developed an ED back in the day AND/OR that losing weight and being fit/thin would make their "dysphoria" go away… I have suffered from an ED for +15 years now and I'm very familiar with the demographic and there's such an overlap of girls who developed EDs back then and the kinds of girls and women that transition now.
This is so worrying because when a girl develops an ED she's encouraged to get treatment but when they develop "gender dysphoria" they're applauded and have incentives to dive deeper into it instead of making peace with their bodies and working on their mental health

No. 1821462

File: 1683330411336.jpg (47.65 KB, 640x632, 3d4558203078f17e13140ddd654bfb…)

>The insecure girls I've witnessed transition think taking T will instantly make them attractive.

Is obvious they never have seen a pic of a male relative of them. If their male relatives are ugly from either the father or mother side, they're going to be ugly too.

Oh yes. thanks, nonnie.

No. 1821486

I think they say this because even when talking about how oppressed they are, they don't want to admit that no one sees them as men so they make up the scenario of "man hating feminists hating them for becoming men" when no one that based would ever think a self-hating, mentally ill woman cutting her breasts off really became a man.

No. 1821498

It's because they are literally put into another puberty.

No. 1821562

File: 1683343398245.png (10.39 KB, 598x342, twitter.png)

>worse, its specifically sold as a feminist book

Xiran: Zetian? Feminist? not in my watch!

No. 1821565

File: 1683343669442.png (446.01 KB, 542x958, Screenshot 2023-05-05 202821.p…)


Yes, lady. Men who stare at boobs are known to be gay.

Geeze, why do these girls not know how homosexuality works? They're just as delusional as guys who think that putting a wig and skirt on will get all the lesbians to suck their girl cock.

No. 1821568

They know how homosexuality works, but they're so homophobic (but "woke") and delusional thinking "yes, they're gay but they're faking it/they just meet the perfect (wo)man".

No. 1821574

They're gay because she IDs as male, but their heterosexual attraction to her doesn't make her a woman? Funny how identity only works one way only.

No. 1821594

File: 1683347928169.jpg (122.23 KB, 862x1056, tumblr_67da2a65830b6310bc1f36a…)

No. 1821604

this broccoli ass mfer…

No. 1821605

And I thought MTFS had shit fashion sense.

By the way, comparing SRS to other predatory and unnesccesary plastic surgeries isn't exactly the best logic.(sage your shit)

No. 1821616

yeah I want this shit for free lol

No. 1821645

>its fueled by female fury but it's not feminist
>that's because the mc isn't a conscious feminist yet
Oh yeah since the mc is a self insert everything is only affected by the things she does

No. 1821646

I don't see people threatening to kill themselves en masses and claiming genocide because their bbl got delayed

No. 1821659

I guess it’s also a protective thing for her to imagine she’s not being sexualised as a woman and instead is pranking a lad with her subtle gay maleness that he just isn’t aware of yet(sage your shit)

No. 1821664

The real Wu Zetian was an exceptional and competent ruler, but her treatment of other women was deplorable. she had a nasty habit of having her female rivals murdered, tortured, raped and enslaved. And claiming to be the reincarnation of bodhisattva does not scream 'class conscious'.

No. 1821706

Sure, and marketing those unnecessary/harmful/dangerous procedures to women is also just as disgusting as trannies promoting mastectomies and god knows what else to teenagers.

No. 1821708

mashallah(sage your shit)

No. 1821712

Kinda like Joan of Arc then. Funny how troons love woman haters like this.

No. 1821748

Joan only hated prostitutes

No. 1821795

File: 1683385654831.jpg (61.15 KB, 866x735, tif duster.jpg)

No. 1821812

The only time a tranny would actually clean something.

No. 1821871

Nooo i have the same sweater as her. It's tainted now.

No. 1821875

>transmascs do not get to celebrate their gender in feminist spaces
Why would a real and valid man go to a feminist meeting to talk about how great being a man is? If an actual man did that it'd be incel behavior

No. 1821905

Invading women's spaces gives them gender euphoria.

No. 1821944

File: 1683397146360.jpg (123.16 KB, 1242x1152, tumblr_3e32ff664eaf27d3c65dcad…)

part 1

No. 1821946

File: 1683397310147.jpg (122.11 KB, 1242x1018, tumblr_610d7a8674cb2abff5cce8e…)

part 2

Do these women even have actual male friends?

No. 1821947

File: 1683397448051.png (42.23 KB, 199x344, 1595953320732.png)

Are you sure they aren't joking? The monitor comment must be a joke and the white pillow and cup one are too stupid to be true. Not that these people don't obsess over the most inane things, but that specific combination of items looks too on the nose to not be a joke.

No. 1821950

this is beyond retarded and reggresive. and it makes clear that these retarded women don't have any contact with males in their everyday life. males usually sleep with only their boxers, or old nasty clothes. they also snore a lot. every woman with a father, brother, boyfriend or male friend knows it. and it doesn't matter if the pillowcase is white, most moids would use it until it turns black from sebum.
also why they overthink about how to carry a mug that much? i don't warm my fingers with it when its coffee time because the mug gets hot and i don't want to burn my fingers…guess i'm totally a heckin valid man now

No. 1821954

Disregard the picture, I appended before seeing part 2, which changed my mind about the meaning.

No. 1821956

File: 1683398722033.png (155.93 KB, 1963x1324, difference.png)

just had an idea

No. 1821957

Wonder why those women even call themselves transmen when there's nothing masculine about them.

No. 1821962

They don’t want to actually be masculine, they just don’t want to be female

No. 1821963

That picture is amazing.

No. 1821964

This is splendid anon, thank you!

No. 1821970

File: 1683400504551.png (31.3 KB, 544x738, Screenshot 2023-05-06 121358.p…)

TIFs acting like incels again.

No. 1821971

She admits transmen are women yet doesn't realize why gay men want nothing to do with their bodies

No. 1821974

Have you ever seen a tif talk like that about straight women?

It's nearly always gay men

No. 1821977

KEK MY SIDES. Putting in my early vote for next threadpic

No. 1821998

OMG this is SO REAL lmao

No. 1822000

oh earl cardigan. please try a little harder. i guarantee you a real man would not start backpedaling that hard before the joke is even over yet

No. 1822001

Your post made me curious because I worked with someone whose daughter was somewhat close to my age, like not millenial but maybe early gen z. They developed an ED and lost a huge amount of weight, around the time I quit my coworker started trying to refer to them with they/them pronouns. I didn't really want to do this but I looked their name up online and
>only goes by xenopronouns

No. 1822002


No. 1822005

What does the "men have monitors" one even mean??

No. 1822006

My friend's autistic little sister (17) sometimes games with us on discord, and one of the genders listed on her caard is "computergender". She's a very stereotypical TiF; says "faggot" constantly, is a furry, has an ED, etc. I mostly feel bad for her, though, and I try to say things to subtly steer her away from mutilating herself, like "You don't need to be on T to be a valid transman," or "Plenty of transmen keep their breasts." I don't actually believe these things, but I'm crypto right now, so it's the best I can do.

No. 1822011

I don't listen to broccoli.

No. 1822022

>can you believe these silly faggots put 0 hours into conversion therapy? imagine defending your sexuality instead of being coerced into corrective rape. btw i hate women.
Average troon post tbh.

No. 1822025

Why can’t these girls just suck it up and date straight men instead of bitching about gay ones?

No. 1822026

With my coworker's daughter I knew she was autistic and it seemed like she couldn't/wouldn't do a lot of normal stuff. Not many friends, hated working, parents always doing everything for her during/after ED. I can kind of see how being incompatible with societal norms leads to people like her discovering trans ideology and thinking it's where they belong. But it looks like writing about trans stuff or doing academic writing is literally the only thing she does.

No. 1822034

Because then they'd be just like any other heterosexual woman and women are horrible bimbos/sluts/tradwives/etc and they're all literally genocidal terven fascists.

No. 1822047

>pink anime avatars
>pastel pink gaming chair avatar
>ouran host club avatar
but yeah sure, you feel unmanly sleeping on your back

I have a friend i’ve known since childhood and she had such a rough life, absent father and shitty addict mother. Had a rundown hoarder house, her mothers sketchy adult friends always around, those sorts of things. It’s something you don’t realize how fucked up it is until you’re older. She has a sister that transed, around that same age, fat and tall for a young girl, she gave herself one of the most used aiden names and goes by he now. She turned into every troon you see on tumblr posting about how much of an edgy and dirty gay man they are. It makes me kinda sad browsing these threads and seeing girls that remind me of her.

I usually suspect that any TIF that wants to be an unattractive man (fat, hideous dyed hair and facial piercings) has had some sorts of childhood trauma. Idk just from personal experience with them, the ones that you see that are uwu femboys and love yaoi shipping are the more privileged girls with a touch of tism and social contagion.

No. 1822051

I think that's a TIM saying women only use phones and tablets because they're not passionate enough about any hobby that requires computing power to own a desktop PC

No. 1822054

File: 1683409761191.png (20.6 KB, 767x684, trancel.png)

Least insecure troon

No. 1822073

>hated working
imo this is what fucks these people up. everyone hates working, it's not an autistic thing. then their parents let them stay at home and they fall into weird discords and tumblrs and troon out. if their parents taught them discipline and forced them to work and mingle with the normies they would not be dealing with the degen behaviour

No. 1822077

This has to be fake…are the ftms really that short? This photo makes my skin crawl it's so uncanny.

No. 1822081

That reminds me. I once saw a post on an incel forum that says a good way to get laid is to go on grindr, find a tif, and then convince her that you're gay.

No. 1822087

This is art. I hope this becomes the next thread pic, kek.

No. 1822099

File: 1683415519341.jpg (206.88 KB, 2146x1075, 20230507_022502.jpg)

Twitter user gaikotsukiri, a genshit porn artist and a mom of two kids, has delusions about having a 22cm dick

No. 1822103

You know, it's surreal when you don't even have an actual photo of yourself on the bio, but anyone can still see clearly you're a woman by the way you draw and write.

No. 1822112

The same logic I see with moids, do they just think women get into relationships in a vacuum? Like generally speaking for every relationship a woman is in, a man is part of it too. So unless they're all dating the same man, their logic makes no sense.

No. 1822145

And none of them cried over their surgeries getting delayed for Covid to give Cancer/Covid patients more priority.

No. 1822146

A TIF tried that in a Women day's march and got bashed by the Terf, telling her that "if she wants to be a man so much, she could go to the 'familiar part' of the march". It was glorious.

No. 1822149

File: 1683421773391.jpg (13.06 KB, 235x235, manifestante-defensa-mujeres-k…)

Picrel, this guy tried to show a "I'm safer with women than with my own" attitude and turned out he was a scum IRL, owning tons of alimony and with records of domestic violence. So yes, if a man go to a Women day's march on March 8th, is taken like "he's an inciel trying to show he's better than other men".

No. 1822189

OH okay right thanks, since it was mostly TIFS I was confused. I guess I'm actually an extremely valid transman because I have a duel monitor set up.

No. 1822190

It is a specific thing for like truly autistic people that functioning in the average work place is borderline impossible for them because they're so bad at basic social etiquette and understanding. Knew a functioning autist in college who couldn't even hold down a pizza joint job, he didn't quit he'd get fired for being too incompetent, misunderstanding everything, and getting visibly upset over small mistakes all the time.

No. 1822261

File: 1683439224225.gif (3.33 MB, 640x548, don't. cry..gif)

No. 1822275

Bump for cp, don’t scroll

No. 1822292

it's because most of them are straight aka attracted to men, but misogynistic lesbian tifs absolutely do exist, and they talk about women the same way incels do.

No. 1822309

I'd recommend you log out of reddit or at least cover up the "reply as" bit before posting here, Hamzaboy. At least I can't find anything degenerate in your post history, though.

No. 1822357

Kek is she a fakeboi too? Do trannies just go here to selfharm or something?

No. 1822365

File: 1683464064155.png (1.32 KB, 570x380, m.png)

There's a tiny alt-aiden-looking girl who lives in my building. I noticed she had another flag-pin on her bag (alongside the obligatory trans flag) that I didn't recognize, so I went googling
>Achillean, also known as Men Loving Men (MLM), describes men, male-leaning individuals, or masculine-aligned people of all genders who are attracted to other men, male-leaning individuals, or masculine-aligned people of all genders
I almost feel bad for laughing, because I also had a cringe emo-yaoi-NLOG-phase with seme/uke pins and all that. But it's just so.. predictable

No. 1822377

File: 1683466437550.jpg (13.29 KB, 1153x692, Gay_men_flag.jpg)

they really overcomplicate themselves, it even looks like the gay (men) flag that they already made but less vibrant and more softboi-pastel color that tifs will def choose.

No. 1822393

kek no actual gay man use it, they use the normal original rainbow one. This flag is made by tifs and for tifs.

No. 1822394

I didn't find anything confirming it, but given the male name with "boy" on the end and the fact this thread was started by trutrans morons? I'd say it's highly likely. The first few fakeboi threads give an insight into the average self-hating lurker here, and it's hilarious. They think dunking on no effort gaydens somehow makes them different and more respectable.

No. 1822397

File: 1683469522797.jpeg (116.35 KB, 794x1133, 93247D94-D0D0-4F2C-8CF9-5BAB16…)

No. 1822398

>the fact this thread was started by trutrans morons
Kek really? The more you know
>They think dunking on no effort gaydens somehow makes them different and more respectable.
Literally NLOGs. Ten years ago they would shit on "normie" girls for liking fashion and pop music.

No. 1822401

>being a parent of a trans child is not the same as just being a parent.
This little girl will be Gipsy Rose 2.0. Munchausen by proxy is a serious mental illness, imagine wanting attention THAT bad.

No. 1822411

nta, I don't think she was referring to this thread but the first fakeboi threads.

No. 1822423

autistic late answer but its so cool im not the only one who knows that alien 9 exists

No. 1822428

Saged for quora posting but does anyone else notice that TIFs are the only group of Americans that are getting ear gauges? Every single FTM I've seen either has one or talks about getting one and nobody else is. I don't know if they realize that makes them even more clockable.

No. 1822443

I just don’t get it. It really seems to me like the kid seriously didn’t want to be there, like at all. Like it’s not like going to the dentist, where all kids (and some adults) cry and whine, if the “parents” (if you can even call them that) considered putting the girl under anesthesia in order to inject her, doesn’t that mean that she just doesn’t want to be there? Reading that was like reading about a parent tattooing her child and bragging about it because it’s sooo cool and progressive.
Is there even a way to combat Munchausen’s by proxy? Because since that post implies that this is the second time that the retards took their child to get puberty blockers for funsies, and no doctors said anything about it, it means that as long as the parents are okay with it, they can ask for their child to get a healthy finger amputated tomorrow and everything would be a-okay.

No. 1822452

>I'm jealous of girls and women who are happy with themselves
We know, darling.

No. 1822455

Them and emos, but there's an overlap in the 2020s wave of emo and tifs. The ones who post themselves online dress in that ugly alt tiktok style, and I like my chemical romance and in any comment section to do with my chemical romance or other emo trinity bands, there'll be aidens saying gerard is such an enby for wearing dresses and they get "gender envy" from him but gerard isn't cute anymore so I don't even get why they do it now as if they've never seen an alt musician wear a dress before. If Freddie Mercury was still alive I'm convinced that they'd insist he's a tim.

No. 1822478

Because gay men generally don't feel the need to insist upon themselves further than they already do

No. 1822481

ironically, whenever the parents of severely disabled children seek puberty blockers or sterilization (especially for female children, as menstruation is pointless discomfort for someone with the mind of an infant, pregnancy from rape could be lethal, can't afford to care for grandchildren in addition to the disabled child, etc) they struggle to find a doctor willing to do it and they get blasted by the public. sometimes the government steps in and prevents it. https://www.canlii.org/en/ca/scc/doc/1986/1986canlii36/1986canlii36.html
i guess they should start training their children to pretend to be trans?

No. 1822487


Wasn't the "pastel color" version a dog whistle for "p3d0 lovers"? Still, each time I see these flags I know they're used by a TIF and not an actual gay man.

No. 1822489

I swear "parents of Transgender Children" should be renamed as "Parents with Munchausen Syndrome by validation".

No. 1822490

Pretty sure there was an SVU episode on exactly that; the parents wanting her to be on puberty blockers so that she'd be easier to carry around and take care for and how this made them terrible people.

No. 1822491

File: 1683481027105.png (333.6 KB, 947x507, w04RUth.png)

>Is there even a way to combat Munchausen’s by proxy?

The one way to combat it is the person realizing they ARE harming their child and seek for help to understand why they're harming their kid for Internet validation. But these days, with strangers giving you validation even if you're wearing a wig for the lulz, claiming you're a man because you're ashamed to be a woman like >>1820565 and biting anybody that is against "bigot people"? I'm sad to say there's no way to combat the syndrome that do not involve cut internet from zero.

Picrel Marge thinking Grandpa Simpson is gay (turned out his stuff was because he was a wrestler) to get more validation than Helen Lovejoy and her "he-she cousin".

No. 1822547

Fuck the moralfag who censored the name. There was cow potential here.

No. 1822563

She looks very stinky also wtf is that …dark patch in her chest? She looks like she wears perfume to cover her sweat stink instead of taking a shower.
"fem presenting ones" and yet clothes have no gender for them lol

No. 1822567

Such dysphoria, getting her breasts cut at the earliest opportunity is truly the only thing that can save her life.

No. 1822568

File: 1683487917425.png (10.43 KB, 1249x124, 2023-05-07_21-32-58.png)

No. 1822572

yeah but the person you describe should be on disability and not work (ideally should go to some sort of daily activities such as help cleaning the streets or whatever). but the people we post in this thread are not like this. they are just lazy and spoiled, many of them

No. 1822574

>flag supposed to communicate to other "men" that the person is into men
>the cutest, girliest possible color pallete

every time

No. 1822620

Ear gauges were not unusual maybe 7-8 years ago, but they're definitely not on trend anymore so I could kinda see that. I'm still blown away by how many convert to Judaism, it feels silly to think that's the biggest indicator someone's going to troon out but it happens so much with girls

No. 1822621

>I'm still blown away by how many convert to Judaism

No. 1822625

IIRC Judaism is one of many religions that do not recognize trans people. Why would they do that? Besides for the "any religion except Christian is good for queer reasons"??

No. 1822628

…or it's just an online persona and has nothing to do with transgenderism? like how do you know, genuinely

No. 1822630

Judaism has been poisoned by kweerio shit - all major religions have to an extent. Though ofc it's usually the western branches that are accepting of this bullshit. FTMs can get symbolic circumcision where the gigaclit is pricked with a needle to draw blood. I wish I was making this up.

No. 1822633

Samefagging to say that Judaism is quite fetishised by Aidens. Jewish men are seen as having "transmasc energy/t-boy swag" because they're often shorter and kinda dorky looking. Well, white Ashkenazi men anyway. It's quite funny how they ignore Sephardic Jews and Mizrahim in particular. Their racism always slips out somehow.

No. 1822643

>FTMs can get symbolic circumcision where the gigaclit is pricked with a needle to draw blood.
holy shit why

No. 1822646

It’s not racism, non white jews are often scary religious zealots who are ugly as shit and want women stoned for existing(racebaiting)

No. 1822647

I'm Mizrahim myself, I know first hand how scary they are as it's why I ran away the first chance I had. I meant that super-duper inclusive heckin' valid gaydens predominantly thirst over white men - thus breaking their own stupid rules about how focusing on white people is "problematic".

No. 1822655

Damn. Depressed girls will take testosterone to grow a gigaclit, convert to a new religion, and then ritualistically stab their gigaclit, just to feel something.

No. 1822658

True and based. I’m glad you made it out anon

No. 1822659

Fun fact, the men who coined the degenate art term was Max Nordau,a Zionist Jewish man. He also disliked how Jewish men were seen as feminine and wanted to change that perception.

No. 1822660

Thank you, nona. ♥

No. 1822668

Late but
> Grandma referring to herself as a girl not a woman
> Wanting to be a boy not a man
That absolutely did not happen babe

No. 1822681

File: 1683501168825.jpg (290.52 KB, 1080x1960, Screenshot_20230508_011159.jpg)

Nonbinary/genderqueer women go on testosterone, get top surgery and ruin their bodies
Nonbinary/genderqueer men put on eyeliner

No. 1822689

I see some angry face reactions, how were the comments under that post? Seems like the mom was mostly concerned about not wasting the 43k injection?

No. 1822690

What's with the corsets, is that the new TiF fashion trend? Why are they more girly and gender conforming than the average woman.

No. 1822714

File: 1683504803820.jpg (46.79 KB, 600x760, a49.jpg)

>"Clothes do not have gender"
>Wear the most feminine clothes and expect people to call her a "he".

No. 1822720

it brings mtfs much joy seeing women like this get a face full of cystic acne, a norwood four, and ass hair like a shag carpet

No. 1822721

This tiktok fashion is horrendous, it's like people are trying to look as repulsive and disgusting as possible.

No. 1822722

credential-seeking in the victimhood hierarchy

No. 1822771

Right I've basically heard nothing about male nonbinaries compared to female, let alone hear them do hrt

No. 1822786

I've noticed that for moids, NB is always a brief stop on the slippery slope that leads to full MTF trans. I've never known a male who identified as nonbinary and stayed that way for any length of time.

No. 1822795

I am the anon who posted that image but I am not in the fb group it came from and my friend who sent it to me does not have fb. It’s a shame whoever caught the screenshot censored out the name.

No. 1822809

There are a few longterm they/them moids like Alok Vaid-Menon and Ezra Miller

Seems to be clout chasers who aren't willing to commit to anything medical

No. 1822890

File: 1683526984010.jpg (268.67 KB, 1470x1106, tumblr_8b8424f705166450de34bce…)

Dad's based….

"gay trans guys exist"….you mean women with gay fetishes?

No. 1822896

It's depressing reading about someone so young being so desperate for male attention who is simultaneously being an arsehole while also wanting to feel different and unique. The homophobia and nlog-ishness of trying to tattle on the meany women who recognise the poor treatment women have received from men and still exists within society because she has an idealised vision of homosexual male relationships is just sad at a point.

No. 1822897

>When you're conservative dad is more progressive than your 'progressive' daughter because it gets in the way of her sexual fantasies/need to feel special.

No. 1822906

Dad being supportive of gay people and rejecting trans as homophobic and evil is galaxy brained, he figured it out without reading a word of terf tumblr. I feel bad that he's about to lose his daughter to the cult.

No. 1822976

>dark patch in her chest
I'm 99% sure you get this when you wear a binder and barely shower… how isn't she embarrassed

No. 1822993

>TERFs would hate dad because he's male
And he is likely fine with it because he knows he's not a feminist and doesn't have to surround himself with feminists. It's better for TERFs to be openly man hating because hiding it, like troons who act like they don't hate women and then say they want to be a woman, is more harmful.

No. 1823005

>I could have given a whole essay
And yet you lot NEVER do. So many times I've heard the "oh I could TOTALLY tell them how it really is but it's not worth the energy" excuse. Troons admit you're in the wrong challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

Reminds me of my stepdad. He's very aware of TERF values but he still agrees that transgenderism is the new conversion therapy for gay people because he has more than two braincells to rub together. I'm wondering if OP is SSA as her dad took her to pride. My stepdad is very openly against homophobia as I'm gay and quite protective of me, which is why he educated himself on troonism. Sucks that the dad is just trying to do right by his daughter, but it's all going downhill the second she turns 18.

No. 1823072

How the hell is a dad who tells his daughter to accept her body and not pump hormones into it the bad guy?

No. 1823075

I never said that? I just said it's a shame she can get the hormones and ruin her body once she hits 18.

No. 1823087

I was referring to the op of that Reddit post, not you

No. 1823090

Because I know people who know her and have seen her irl at conventions. She has been talked about in these threads before. Trying to wk?

No. 1823104

File: 1683562165040.jpg (159.75 KB, 1080x1202, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 1823110


-pube beard covering lack of Adam's apple
-downsloping shoulders
-petite hands
-glowing, tended skin
-born without a penis

Yeah MrChris you're toootally the bathroom menace girls fear

No. 1823134

>joke's on you, terves, I look like a creepy sex offender too!
There has to be easier ways to feel "gender euphoria" than this. And yes, I'm cool with sharing a bathroom with you because you're not a rapey brickhon and I bet you're as quiet as a mouse offline.

No. 1823144

her dad took her to pride? that's sweet honestly. i doubt he's as conservative as she claims. he sounds like a regular supportive dad who wanted to support his gay daughter and then he learned about the tranny stuff and is trying not to lose his daughter to the cult. it is really sad. he tried his best but she's going to start pumping herself full of hormones the second she turns 18 anyway. what a waste of a good dad.

No. 1823189

File: 1683569618619.jpeg (48.14 KB, 750x620, D34DE2E3-299C-4801-86B9-EFAE12…)

What’s her point? She’s still a woman with a vagina and less likely to assault anyone.
She should take a pic standing next to an actual moid

No. 1823190

They don't even let you consider sterilization as a non-disabled woman with a fully functional brain unless you're like 38 with 4 kids, it's a joke and i'm blogging here but I have considered larping as a TIF just so I can get my tubes tied

No. 1823197

These retards created a problem for themselves by roiding so hard they develop secondary characteristics of the opposite sex and now they demand society bow down and every single other person who didn't do this retarded thing change their ways and the entire toilet infrastructure of the country is completely overhauled to accommodate their bizarre freak bodies. I don't give a shit, piss in a corner like the man you larp as. All trannies stay out of all toilets. There, problem solved for everyone except those that caused issues for themselves for no reason.

No. 1823224

this is clearly shitty bait, why are there so many underage tards in thread

No. 1823227

i doubt someone underage would fall for that, makes me wonder if this thread attracts mumsnet/ovarit boomer terfs who are too edgy for those sites but still lack internet awareness lol

No. 1823256

Ok, but an ugly bearded male can just claim to be a woman and use the woman's bathroom too, so it has nothing to do with looks.

No. 1823275

File: 1683578618996.png (466.73 KB, 828x1792, B869AFCD-A052-4F63-9A56-EF6371…)

Peak of masculinity here from Ezra

No. 1823279

File: 1683579059962.jpeg (175.22 KB, 827x1143, 81A34842-DA2D-425F-A88E-265267…)

If there aren’t fetish troons trying to insert themselves in women’s fashions/spaces it these women who insist that they’re not men and believe in pronoun garbage. Can’t fucking win

I’ll never understand women who troon out but still want to appear female.

No. 1823282

*insist they’re men
Samefag but I’m just so tired that every single space has to cater to them if not they start screeching

No. 1823288

Truly someone who is deeply dysphoric about her body and suffering severely when performing gendered behaviour.
I'm glad the medical system pays for her plastic surgery and roid injections, this is clearly the best use for those resources, she would absolutely die if she didn't have access to this life saving care.

Is it evil of me to wish for her to get terrible complications from her surgery and be unhappy about her frog voice and body hair?

No. 1823294

you are not wrong to laugh at someone suffering from a consequence of a stupid choice they made. like oh boohoo some idiot paid lots of money to look like a bald, acne ridden version of their dad. That shit IS funny.

No. 1823298

File: 1683580375951.jpeg (202.62 KB, 1170x1822, 744F80BE-F1D4-460C-914C-B225B6…)

I’m just dying to see what this freak looks like without controlled angles


No. 1823310

I've seen this chick before, she got a beard transplant. I highly suspect she's had jaw fillers too; if you look at her childhood photos on some of her tiktoks it's obvious. Mummy and daddy must be loaded.

No. 1823332

how tf does a beard transplant work lmao where is the donor hair coming from if you dont have it to being with

No. 1823415

No wonder. Her beard looks so unnatural.

No. 1823440

All that self mutilation and permanent changes but you can immediately tell from the eyes it's a woman

No. 1823454

No. 1823536

I think there's a difference between the ones who do it to look like men wearing women's clothes compared to the ones who just declare they're men and not change a thing about themselves other than pronouns. It seems likely those types have physical sex dysphoria, not social. which is why they don't care to act or dress stereotypically masculine

No. 1823539

>If there aren’t fetish troons trying to insert themselves in women’s fashions/spaces it these women who insist that they’re not men and believe in pronoun garbage. Can’t fucking win
sorry nona but i didn't understand whatever you were trying to say. is that a TIF on testosterone or a TIM?

No. 1823544

Ngl I hope she detranses after the surgery and a while on T, just so she can maybe learn a lesson. Maybe then she'll realize she didn't need to inject male hormones and cut off her tits to present in whatever way she wants to (fem, masc, adrogynous). But knowing how woke and brainwashed she is, she would probably just become like graysonsprojects (detrans woman who defends trannies 24/7 and claims "trasitioning was not a mistake, I just want to go back to being a woman now lawl")

No. 1823592

File: 1683608623028.webm (190.72 KB, 720x1280, manifesting this being how i l…)


ok but seriously though, why is it that ever since she "came out" all she seems to talk about is trans/pronouns shit? i kinda miss her doing this you're afraid to series now…

No. 1823593

File: 1683608700344.png (30.21 KB, 487x899, Screenshot 2023-05-08 220503.p…)

No. 1823594

Sorry to break it to you Ezra, but testosterone won't magically make your neck thicker… maybe if doctors actually properly explained the TRUE side effects of T you would't be so ignorant (and a lot of girls wouldn't go through with taking it, lol)

No. 1823595

proof that it's not about "being your true self" or "living your truth" and all about who is more oppressed and who gets more attention. it's like a competition to them istg

No. 1823597

Hmmm, people with vaginas playing second fiddle to those with penises…..

Sounds familiar.

No. 1823598

Honestly I'd be way less pissed at Tampax if the tranny they chose to send free shit to was a TiF instead of a TiM. I'd still be annoyed, but at least the products would be going to someone who would actually use them instead of gathering dust in a faggot's manpurse as he eagerly waits for a woman to ask him for a tampon (which has not and will never happen.) I feel like even if I was a TiF, I'd be pissed at all these feminine hygiene companies using penis-havers to represent their brands. It's misogyny, plain and simple– they'd rather have a male shilling for their shit, even if the items themselves are categorically for women. Trannies are just an excuse for them to do that and get away with it.

No. 1823600

They take hair from your head and move it to your face, apparently. At least that's what it looks like from a perfunctory Google search.

No. 1823602

File: 1683611106090.jpg (129.22 KB, 1051x893, zqHQ2WZUrY.jpg)

Reminds me of this
>"Its so unfair my dad isn't a sexist shithead and thinks women are just as capable as men!!! Now I cant justify my stereotyped ideas of gender"

No. 1823603

You know, for how progressive tras claim to be, they have the same views of gender as 50s America.

How do they not realize they're just reinforcing gender stereotypes?

No. 1823608

Love how NLOTs sperg about how ~totally okay~ they are with the prospect of going bald, but you just know that if they actually did go bald, they'd freak the fuck out. Having a giant bald spot on the back of their head would probably give them the closest thing to body dysphoria they'd ever experience.

No. 1823612

Not to sound petty, but it pisses me off when women who are actually born beautiful destroy their bodies like this. Like you had the privilege of being born conventionally attractive (more likely to be given raises, more likely to be hired, etc) and you throw it all away because you want to be viewed as ~speshul~ on the internet. I have more sympathy for FtMs who started off ugly (particularly lesbian or GNC ones), because being belittled for it probably made them feel like they "failed" at being women, or that women are never good enough. It's easy to see why those women get pulled into the cult; the status quo causes them suffering. But the super pretty straight girls who were no doubt bullies in high school? They're just being manipulative and attention-seeking.

No. 1823629

I was peaked by my Stacy friend going NB. Super hot, popular, talented. But she wanted to fit in with her queerio friends so one day she announced she changed her name and wants to use they pronouns. A few weeks later she gets a dumpy nerd boyfriend. A few days after that, he’s trooned out. She still wears pounds of makeup every day. She cosplays and got a lot of attention for crossplaying as a “hot dude” so I am 1000% convinced this whole thing was because she confused cosplay for real life and also she was tired of being seen as a straight white girl.

No. 1823630

Even on a post pointing out that tims get more attention than tifs, the tif has to edit it her post to give tims more attention and reassure them that they are precious victims too.

No. 1823631

why do they view being trans as such a good thing kek. i thought these people hated their bodies and lived most days in eternal torment over dysphoria or whatever

No. 1823636

this might sound scattered but pretty women are more likely to be preyed upon and dehumanized by males, insulted and envied by their fellow women, shoved incredibly deep into the feminine corset/female socialization because they're pretty and totally need to become the ideal "woman" because of that, etc. they hardly have it easy.

i'm not pretty myself and i don't mean to sound like a simp, i'm just saying. let's not make internalized misogyny out to be something small

No. 1823645

There's definitely those that deliberately go for a "genderfuck" aesthetic by getting hormones but still dressing extremely feminine and often in noticeable or unusual styles. I think the difference between those that get hormones and surgery and those who just demand being called a man but do nothing is that the former are more mentally ill. It's like the difference between teenagers who fast for a day and call themselves "ana" and those who end up actually developing an ED and fucking up their organs.

No. 1823652

Probably fungus

No. 1823663

File: 1683621644164.jpg (96.37 KB, 1055x935, c1qpf8vr13541.jpg)

They are so fucking girly.

No. 1823667

To build the echo chamber obviously but remember the average post is dumber than the average person, nona. The terminally online tumblrinas who believe tranning is an innocent neurodivergence and not a disabling psychiatric condition are gonna post about it more than the people who are suffering against their will and don't want internet asspats for their misery

No. 1823670

What could be girlier than whining about your daddy online kek

No. 1823673

File: 1683623129430.png (205.31 KB, 500x281, trooncady.png)

>why do they view being trans as such a good thing kek. i thought these people hated their bodies and lived most days in eternal torment over dysphoria or whatever
I cannot wait for the day trans is openly seen as the cringe fashion trend it is and these girls have to live with the embarrassment of having been part of it
"it's not a phase mom, it's my true self!!!!!" kek

This is kind of retarded but I'd love/hate a mean girls remake, but they're all tifs turning the new girl into a fellow tif instead of a hot girl, showing how toxic and shallow they all are and that it's literally the same shit, just for a different fashion trend. Show how casually racist, homophobic and virtue signalling they are while thinking they're the most oppressed out of all.

No. 1823682

Kek the first sentence she wrote was
>male trannies are not the problem!!1 In fact they are even more oppressed!!1
Because she knew trannies will eat her alive if they feel she isn't 200% adoring male trannies.

No. 1823703

They start to act like TIMs. "Teehee, you'll like me anyway!! Gotcha!!! See?? I'll transform so you'll be forced to like me!!".
It's the attention seeking, predatory behaviour to me. These people used to say "no means no" some years ago.

No. 1823710

Oh yeah they’re loaded. They’re also funding her so called music career. So they’ve been endlessly throwing an obscene amount of money into their childs narcissism.

No. 1823711

Her music after testosterone

No. 1823716

I hate to tell you this but men don't see ugly women as humans at all. It's not that ugly women don't get harassed, they just get it even worse because they should be happy someone even pays attention to them at all. Pretty privilege being real doesn't mean that pretty women don't deal with shit, but it's st ill a form of privilege for a reason.

No. 1823723

TiFs pass better than TiMs so usually you won't get clocked when using the men's restroom. Even if you do get clocked most men don't care about a woman using their restroom.

No. 1823726

File: 1683631758656.png (180.02 KB, 950x985, Screenshot 8.png)

They can't even vandalize like men.

No. 1823729

Well, obviously the solution is to get a rot dog installed.

No. 1823730

File: 1683632695606.jpg (85.9 KB, 1011x711, KEK.jpg)

HER REAL NAME IS FANNY? Holy shit lmao. There's literally nothing this world can come up with that's funnier than a TIF having a name that means vagina in British slang. Unbeatable. Also, it's crazy to think the girl in this video is the same as the plastic mess on tiktok. She was a really good-looking woman, I don't get it. I guess she's one of the rare troons who is genuinely suffering from dysmorphia.

No. 1823732

File: 1683633034663.jpeg (485.45 KB, 2048x2048, 81BAB162-6409-4E86-B364-236059…)

yeah, it’s the new generation dyke pipeline. It’s sad too because she had a decent voice before.

No. 1823735

At the end of the day all they're arguing for is that people who don't match rigid gender stereotypes shouldn't be allowed in the bathroom of their own sex. Meaning a butch cis lesbian can't use female restrooms because she looks too male just like a transman, or a feminine cis gay man can't use men's restroom because he's wearing drag that night. It's literally just enforcing a dress code for restrooms where you don't get to pee unless you're feminine or masculine enough, regardless if you're trans or not. This woman is saying if a cis woman shaves her head and puts on fake beard she should go pee in the men's restroom instead of the women's.

Pee in the restroom of your own sex. If you knowingly chose to look in a way that makes other women uncomfortable and give them reason to be suspicious of you then that's on you. You chose to do that. If you go in wearing a full goth outfit or clown makeup and other women look at you funny, you did that yourself too. If women look terrified at your arms covered in self-harm scars, then again, you did that to yourself. Doesn't mean you should be prevented from using the women's restrooms, all it means is that your actions and choices have consequences because the world doesn't revolve around you or your insecurities.

No. 1823736

It's a procedure you hear of in many Muslim nations, cause having facial hair is considered a symbol of manhood and not having a beard can be viewed as going against Islamic traditions.

No. 1823741

lol at the comments. wow huge surprise that a social club run by straight male paraphiliacs isnt interested in physically masculinised women and is homophobic towards gay men.

No. 1823777

File: 1683639270366.jpeg (211.86 KB, 1170x1877, 23BF03B8-87F4-4200-BB02-A3A173…)

How are these people more stereotypically feminine than the average woman yet reject any notion of being a woman. If a woman got angry for someone mispronouncing or mispelling her name they would ridicule her fir being a Karen.

No. 1823784

>I freeze and don't want to make it awkward
LMAO and everyone knows that a mtf would throw a full-on "ITS MAAAAAM" meltdown and probably hit somebody

No. 1823790

Lol if anyone called a scrote over the age of 10 "little man" they would get murdered

No. 1823796

I mean, it's a cute thing to say to a kid. My dad calls my baby brother that. But it would be weird if someone said that to an adult man.

No. 1823799

Exactly. There will come a day where the kid will say "I am NOT LITTLE" and spaz out though. Young boys and men don't appreciate diminutives

No. 1823812

File: 1683643620322.jpg (58.08 KB, 640x640, tumblr_68c4a90a7be0336e9c377c9…)

Sometimes I wish there was a trans genocide happening.

No. 1823814

she has a wholeeeeee venus symbol on her left arm its so funny

No. 1823825

At this point, I don't really care about what happens to them. I really want them to butcher themselves so one day this shit will go full circle and maybe, someday, this kind of stuff can be banned. At least when we went emo it was just a clothing, make up and edgy phase, these people are toying with their health and in this time and age, everything is handled to you so you know the risks, yet they still want to appear wokier than thou.
I really want them to look at their rotten scars when they grow up. Anyway, Ezra's case is filled with confusion because she's getting hormones and chopping her tits off and yet she still sells them on OF…weird….

No. 1823852

These are the girls in high school who would've just been dorky weebs (not like they stop when they transition) who flock to the anime club and draw quietly through class and maybe get a little animated during English. It's RARELY the socially outgoing, well-adjusted, confident women who do this to themselves. Wildly enough, shooting up testosterone just makes you sweatier and more short-tempered but does nothing to change your mousy mannerisms in to MANnerisms.

No. 1823869

I'd be more likely to believe trans was real if a super hot straight woman wanted to transition. It's always the same type of nerdy awkward girl or lesbians. Trans isn't an identity, it's a mask.

No. 1823873

I disagree, it's the doctors doing it that deserve everything you said, and that reason is why the patients don't deserve it.

No. 1823878

Why is she putting deodorant all over her body? Is that what these types do instead of showering kek

No. 1823881

It's testosterone gel. Stand back from your local tifs kek

No. 1823885

nta but how do they control the dosage, if you know? it just looks like roll-on deodorant which seems like it would be impossible to standardize

No. 1823892

I forgot to sage damn

AYRT, So many people like to hold up Ellen Page as some kind of "gotcha! See, even someone rich and famous and attractive transitioned!" But they willfully ignore how fucked up and creepy celebritydom is for women. If you don't end up raped, abused, or exploited, you become one of the ringmasters a la Gwyneth Paltrow or Elizabeth Moss. Page started acting at the age of 10. Child actors are famously sane and not at all traumatized!

No. 1823908

Oh god i knew i recognized that last name. I remember her being some nice lesbian representation in mainstream media. We are fucked.

No. 1823914

Nta. I think it’s supposed to come with a little dosage cap/puck that you roll the ball onto, then smear the puck on the application site.

No. 1823943

Idk why this is so disturbing to me.

No. 1823944

File: 1683657388601.jpg (125.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

In Istanbul, Turkey is also quite popular for hair transplant, so is quite common to see tourist looking like this.

No. 1823962

huh interesting. somehow i don't have a lot of faith in TIFs doing this properly lol

No. 1823965

>having facial hair is considered a symbol of manhood and not having a beard can be viewed as going against Islamic traditions.
everything i learn about islam makes me kek. religion's so retarded

No. 1823967

Cutting was a big thing in emo circles.

No. 1823969

>happy to know we’re all getting better
I’m dying

No. 1823970

Ellen was likely sexually abused by some man when she was a teen or young adult. The way David Cage treated her was disgusting. She was the most visible lesbian, and clearly uncomfortable with the het sexualization required from female celebs. Trans was her way out, but she's only hurt herself in the long run. When the trans trend dies out, and she's no longer getting work because she can't be hired for female roles anymore, what will happen. A sad story.

No. 1823984

>Trans was her way out
She's a grown ass woman and hasn't been relevant or in the limelight for a long time. I'd understand that argument if she trooned after Juno, but not years after she retires as a millionaire with a wife.

No. 1824021

File: 1683665189140.jpg (178.49 KB, 968x767, GROOMER.JPG)

"Hey Reddit help me figure out how to groom this little girl"

Jfc, male trannies are disgusting for a whole host of reasons, but the female to males are also zealots with bucket crab mentalities.

No. 1824061

You’re honestly right to be. A few months ago there was an article going around about how a father who had been using testosterone gel affected his toddler just from coming into contact with him and it ended in the boy starting showing signs of puberty at two. The stuff is potent as fuck.

No. 1824068

It absolutely wrecks children but can also cause life changing injuries in adult women who come into contact it through touching clothes that are contaminated with it.

No. 1824080

Yeah i haven't seen a gay man use it not even once. Every single time it's a tif

No. 1824102

That's too bad, she has excellent taste in fictional men, but then she had to be a Twitter themby obsessed with identity labels

No. 1824107

Nothing grinds my gears more than genderspecials who draw amazing fanart of my husbandos but then ruin them with tit chop scars.

No. 1824108

sageblog but I love a Chinese character that shows he's more capable for art/mind reading than fighting and he's always, ALWAYS the genderqueer/enby/TIF in an AU. Back in our old days it would be called "Rule 63" and no one would throw a fist because "this is triggering for trans people".

No. 1824123

Ofc she's gonna be saved by her crippling chest dysphoria when she goes out like this, she also reminds me of anachans with her testosterone talking. You know when anachans go "see how dainty I am uwu I can't even open bottles uwu", she's going "my voice is getting deeper uwu are you noticing??"

No. 1824125

>my voice is getting deeper!
hasn't she been on hrt for like, less than a month? and no, her voice is not deeper now kek

No. 1824126

File: 1683675725099.png (12.38 KB, 590x348, exhibita.png)

>Both of them want to be skinny enough for reasons.

No. 1824172

File: 1683682703035.png (783.87 KB, 1280x1920, TIF_moment.png)

My bad, she's a TIF that puts he/him in all her pics. I genuinely wonder what happened with these women that they make themselves look this.

No. 1824176

File: 1683683270828.jpg (875.59 KB, 1079x3806, 1682522101032106loverboydeku.j…)

samfag but there's so many TIFs in the community now, that you'd think wearing a frilly fashion meant for women would trigger their ~dysphoria~ or whatever

No. 1824177

File: 1683683286454.png (260.58 KB, 1125x1487, IMG_4355.png)

Most self aware tif

No. 1824189

This is almost like an inversion of AGP MtFs and sissy fetishists, especially since they actually seem to love the fashion and don't just see it as fetishwear.

No. 1824201

But she has no problem calling gay men bigots for not being attracted to her. Dumbass straight girl

No. 1824212

damn no hate to her but this person's writing style is so simplistic and riddled with errors that i struggle to believe she really had the capacity/awareness to fully comprehend and consent to all of that transmedical "treatment" and its myriad side effects

No. 1824223

People underestimate the amount of weebs and autists who would call themselves “gay” to have sex with a TIF. I think that’s the demographic of men most of them go for rather than actual gays who they know will be ruthlessly mean to them

No. 1824224

why weebs though?? imo just typical scrotes would do this sort of thing.

No. 1824225

That’s the normal social circle they tend to hang out with. I’ve never seen TIFs hanging out with normie guys who are into sports or whatever. They would still lie for a one night stand but they wouldn’t like, allow the girl to go around declaring them a gay couple. The autistic weebs don’t have any fucks to give as long as they’re getting laid

No. 1824247

File: 1683695911889.jpeg (Spoiler Image,296.36 KB, 1536x2048, FcbTVSZaQAAE8ZM.jpeg)

See >>1824126 and you'll see how much she's saying "I'm having sex with old gay men over and over" while you bet they're just feeding into her delusions.

Some of them have no problems in using the word "faggot" on them or to call on gay men that do not want to sleep with women. Picrel

No. 1824249

File: 1683696082368.jpg (3.71 KB, 126x126, 1648334695996.jpg)


No. 1824252

Never post this shit again do you hear me I never wqn5 you to save and post this shit ever again or I will personally make sure you are taken care of. There needed to be a better warning for this. When I open a spoiler I expect genitalia close ups or cartoon porn. Why would you dare post this kind of thing like we don't need to see this. This was better left on Twitter to their followers where it belongs. I feel so disrespected.

No. 1824253

File: 1683696810140.jpg (41.89 KB, 720x576, 763ffe8c4449bc890e70c99e891467…)

I'm sorry, nonnie, is just that she's the perfect sample of "I'll call myself faggot and I'll call men that do not want to sleep with me fags too".

No. 1824260

File: 1683699011782.jpeg (285.61 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4357.jpeg)

And I thought only Tims had pregnancy fetishes

No. 1824265

the fisting marker tattoo….

No. 1824275

This sounds like internalized misogyny. Men don't create children; they just provide the genetic material, and that's all. We're the ones who create human life from scratch

No. 1824277

>being a bitter incel is masculine!
Oh my lord the brainrot

No. 1824279

>I'm a "gay"""man""""
>The idea of dating someone with the same parts as me makes me uncomfortable
You're not a gay anything GTFO.
the only TIFs who get a pass in my book are the lesbians who are trying to identify their way out of oppression. The straight women with nigels who claim to be "gay" anything can get to fuck.

No. 1824284

It's actually so sad that they didn't feel comfortable in the hyper feminine fashion they love until they "passed" as a man, it's a bit obvious being a woman makes them feel vulnerable and this is a way for them to be as feminine as they want without feeling vulnerable. They seem sweet, I hope they sort out their issues before Testosterone fucks with their body too much.

No. 1824289

Please this can't be real, this is utterly horrifying if it is. That poor kid.
These fuckers are so confident bullying their kids when they have power over them, a parent like this unironically deserves their kids to go mad one day and alogging hard
Like you're a fucking evil sadist if you make a kid who expresses in every way possible for them that they don't want to do something, Do the fucking thing, which will also ruin their health and their future
I wish a parent like this a very nice alog indeed

No. 1824297

File: 1683705916306.png (744.78 KB, 993x742, puss-in-boots-eyes.png)

>Oh no, a man is in here
>He takes off his sunglasses
>It's a tif
The eyes on a ciswomen in her mandrag are always a stark reminder that cis men unironically have no soul

No. 1824298

Jesus Christ, the fuck is wrong with her eyebrows in the upper left? Also the upper right pic makes it really obvious that the hair was transplanted, you can practically see the scissor marks.

No. 1824310

She has the same body type and the soulless dead fish eyes like my tif ex holy shit

No. 1824313

The eyes always give them away. The first "passing" TiF I ever met was in the artist alley at a convention. From far away they looked like a guy. It's only when they talked to me that I instantly sensed that I was talking to a woman. They still "looked" like a guy, but their eyes sparkled. After that, I also now notice how dead male eyes look kek

No. 1824316

I wonder why this is, like do women have more moist eyes or something

No. 1824324

File: 1683711169375.jpg (30.26 KB, 651x471, difference .jpg)

Ti's the bones (kek). Females have generally softer look to them. Also women can see if someone else is a woman or man.

No. 1824331

Is she medically retarded? Everytime I see a video of this girl she looks weirdly blissful like she's not fully understanding what's going on around her, she's probably exaggerating facial expressions for tiktok but I would not be surprised if her IQ was in the 2 digits, no wonder she got swept by the troon wave.

No. 1824332

Is she medically retarded? Everytime I see a video of this girl she looks weirdly blissful like she's not fully understanding what's going on around her, she's probably exaggerating facial expressions for tiktok but I would not be surprised if her IQ was in the 2 digits, no wonder she got swept by the troon wave.

No. 1824335

Is she medically retarded? Everytime I see a video of this girl she looks weirdly blissful like she's not fully understanding what's going on around her, she's probably exaggerating facial expressions for tiktok but I would not be surprised if her IQ was in the 2 digits, no wonder she got swept by the troon wave.

No. 1824338

Is she medically retarded? Everytime I see a video of this girl she looks weirdly blissful like she's not fully understanding what's going on around her, she's probably exaggerating facial expressions for tiktok but I would not be surprised if her IQ was in the 2 digits, no wonder she got swept by the troon wave.

No. 1824341

This creature is clearly mentally very ill, should be institutionalized. All kinksters should too.

No. 1824352

Probably just emulating “autistic” traits she’s seen on tiktok

No. 1824400

do you also mean lesbians like >>1824260

No. 1824422

is that holly brown? or am i faceblind?
sage for retardation, but didn't holly also troon out by now

No. 1824432

The differences in skull shape are subtle, but they cause slight differences in things like eyebrow shape and placement. On women, there's generally more distance between the eyebrow and the upper eyelid. The more prominent brow ridge men have can also make the eyes appear more hooded and deeper set. Saged for autism.

No. 1824444

That's not Holly Brown.

No. 1824525

Being an incel who wants a conservative tradwife is definitely some moid behavior, but knowing she's female I just see a very self-hating lesbian in that post

No. 1824529

I'm sorry, the what?

No. 1824531

She has the communist logo (yes, the hammer and sickle) in one of her ass cheek. Not going to post photo, I don't want >>1824252 in my house.

No. 1824584

sorry if this has been posted before but lmfao. high schoolers should never be able to medically transition. hope this idiot gets her shit together now that the "healthcare" is banned.

No. 1824585

Her voice is already fucked beyond repair and who knows what the rest of her body looks like.

No. 1824588

>I'm a legal adult, I can make my own decisions
Where do I sign to get free opiates paid for by medicaid? I identify as a drug addict and this is life saving affirming care for me.

No. 1824592

>choking up over the thought of not being able to follow your dream of going to art school
so masculine, king!!!

No. 1824600

>Trans Adults In Missouri Being Forced Off Medication, Forced To Detransition
Cross sex hormones are not "medication" you pricks, this is not "health" care it's purely cosmetic. No one's forcing you to detransition either, you can still keep your silly name and LARP as Dylan Klebold.

No. 1824602

SHE HAS THE WORD FAGGOT TATTED ON HER BELLY god just explode this fucking world women are getting dumber and dumber

No. 1824612

>She has the communist logo (yes, the hammer and sickle) in one of her ass cheek
Why do Trannies of both sexes fetishize communism so much, like they know they'd be sent to labor camps in every single communist country.

No. 1824613

They just love to rebel against the status quo, even if it makes no sense to. Honestly, a lot of them just seem to think that communism = free stuff, so of course those lazy NEETs think it's awesome.

No. 1824622

File: 1683752439167.jpg (84.81 KB, 1080x1130, FB_IMG_1683750990604.jpg)

They also think that communism is the opposite of Natzees and capitalism (spoiler: not much), so of course they have to be communists. But then they ignore the people from the ex-URSS telling them the nightmare to live in that time.

No. 1824631

They’re incapable of working like normal people (be it autism, disability, ED etc) so they align with the ideology that they believe would require doing nothing

No. 1824653

File: 1683755477395.png (40.32 KB, 1067x611, LGBT rights in the GDR.png)

Everytime I brought this fact up with pro-communist/socialist TRA's/Troons online, they always bring up East Germany and current day Shanghai as examples of places where medical transition is allowed, suggesting that communism would support the rights of troons. However, these examples don't tell the whole story. In East Germany being gay was punishable by up to years in prison before decriminalization in the 1980s. The decision to decriminalize homosexuality(of which troons were included in) was driven more by the GDR's desire to align itself with more western countries, rather than a genuine concern for the rights of LGB individuals. The lives of gay people in the GDR was mostly invisible to wider society. Similarly, the example of one clinic in Shanghai(which has been heavily Westernized) is not necessarily a representative indicator of the broader situation of national polity for troons in China.

No. 1824669

File: 1683757418908.jpg (1.43 MB, 4624x3468, 20230510_162812.jpg)

Hi nonnas. I went to target today and it seems that products are being put out for pride month. This is so ridiculous. They also have clothes for babies, children, and even dogs with "pride" themed stuff on them.

No. 1824678



Can’t imagine the insufferable asshole who buys this. Target's pride stuff has always been cringe but gender stuff is always so much worse

No. 1824697

walked into target yesterday and was greeted with a TRANS PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS EXIST shirt.

No. 1824698

The gender euphoria sounds disgusting because it really means arousal, specially for male trannies.

No. 1824707

i like this because the candles looks shitty and kitschy and mass produced which is perfectly on trend for le quirky fast fashion revolutionary trannies. the faster the trans shit becomes commercialized, the less “unique” and countercultural the appeal is for edgy young kids.

also NLOG TIFs seem like the klepto type so i cannot imagine target will profit off of these whatsoever

No. 1824718

anything for a couple more bucks. target doesn't give a single solitary shit about all this beyond how it could bolster their bottom line, like all companies.

No. 1824727

I would rather buy Gwyneth Paltrows vagina scented scamdle

No. 1824736

File: 1683764012779.jpg (73.66 KB, 1124x814, DthJ8zpW0AAt9YA.jpg)

They seem to looooove the "third gender/transgenderism existed in (X)" leaving aside that is just another shade of Homophobia.

No. 1824752

Tbf faggot is a word that anyone can use if they aren't actually homophobic and there's no reason to pearl clutch, it's just weird coming from someone trying to force you to desire them. I don't see what's wrong with using fag when gay men regularly say way worse things about women daily.

No. 1824753


No. 1824760

Kek holy shit we're going to need some context here anon. Who is this and who took the pic?

No. 1824781

i genuinely don't understand what they're trying to prove with it. just because something has been practiced in the past doesn't immediately make it good and above criticism

No. 1824798

The trans people out in KC are out of control and antagonistic and toxic. Learned that from a friend in an alt scene. They were trying to cancel him.. they are eating the hand that feeds.
This person is croc crying.

No. 1824800

Creepy sly smiles, too…

No. 1824801

I literally yelped when i unspoiled this shit.
I agree with you anon. It also seems like the prettier ones are more likely to hover around in the Aiden phase instead of going all out, they know they have privilege and they do not want to give it up completely.

No. 1824804

Will not support Pride (once again) this year since trans stuff is getting too prominent. It now means nothing. Can't wait to see the new updated LGB flag they make up.

No. 1824819

Only HSTSs would have been allowed to transition. AGPs and AAPs would have been executed for even asking.

No. 1824825

Went in target today too and it was all ugly brown rainbows with queer imprinted on everything. What happened to just a rainbow being for gay pride? And why is everything queer growing up as a lesbian people used that to insult me its like the world is back in its "gay is a bad word" phase literal regression atp.

No. 1824857

Always APfags or taobaofags who wish they could wear AP doing this.

No. 1824858

I mean on the other side there's also tifs who call everything gay and dilute the word until it's not a word at all

No. 1824893

If they wanted to be accurate, "Gender Euphoria" would smell like semen kek

No. 1824899

Ot but it isn't even the opposite of Nazism. The fact that Nazis and their precursors frequently clashed with communists has less to do with their beliefs being diametrically opposed (they aren't) and more to do with the fact that both political ideologies were utilized by totalitarians. This makes sense; dictators and extremist groups often favor "big government" policies because it helps them maintain their power. This isn't to say that big government is inherently bad, or that communism is "equally bad" to fascism; my point is that communism and Nazism are not ideological opposites. The actual opposite of communism would probably be something like anarcho-capitalism.
That said, I sometimes wonder if communism being shilled online started as some kind of Russian or Chinese psyop. Both countries have done absolutely heinous things in the name of communist policy, most notably killing millions of their own citizens in sloppy attempts to rapidly industrialize. Yeah, plenty of "capitalist democracies" have committed crimes against humanity, too, but I have to wonder how someone can even get to the point of being so radicalized that they just… pretend Mao Zedong did nothing wrong. Bizarre.

No. 1824902

File: 1683782702868.png (260.28 KB, 500x500, rockmeme.png)

The fact it looks like a bunch of sticks (a fag, lol) don't help neither. Pic rel.

A TIF that thinks she's edgy and cool while rt porn, furry porn, posing naked like that and other stuff. Her new tattoo says "Good boy".

Because "We existed by longer than your mom so we are valid" is the perfect excuse to be a trannie for them, when they cannot understand is just homophobia, but not "evil white men" kind of homophobia.

No. 1824904

The actual political spectrum is Totalitarianism←>Anarchism. Troons think is the same as Capitalism←> Communism for some reason.

No. 1824905


No. 1824906

File: 1683783333850.png (Spoiler Image,985.52 KB, 1027x917, Danny on Twitter.png)

Probably because most of the time these people love communism for "free shit for all" when they live in a capitalism country and can have access to stuff they can buy with their money. They wouldn't even survive in the URSS.

Pic rel, the infamous communist tattoo in her butt (do not open if you're eating).

No. 1824913

You have way too much faith in troons, lmao. I'd be willing to bet money that this TiF's "faggot" tattoo is real.

No. 1824915

Is very real so you'll have money.

No. 1824916

File: 1683784261233.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.22 KB, 640x797, tumblr_e2d188a61222d1efdca7e77…)

>black band arm tattoo
>good boy tattoo
>FAGGOT tattoo
If you really wanted to be a gay man you would have gotten the ARTPOP back piece or the dangerous woman arm tattoo. Get the Taylor swift lyric tattoo or gtfo POSER

No. 1824919

No. 1824920

File: 1683784631299.png (5.1 KB, 598x249, Danny on Twitter2.png)

>just concerned for their overall mental health and well being

I have some bad news.

No. 1824922

Why she look like Linguini?

No. 1824923

File: 1683785139131.png (45.94 KB, 538x476, 1449807960914.png)

cannot unsee it!

No. 1824924

File: 1683785520841.png (430.86 KB, 887x1920, tumblr_433dc9a957d4bced6c6e44a…)

No. 1824925

File: 1683785574995.jpg (111.33 KB, 1170x1444, tumblr_a07bf447037d005ec06dfda…)

She thinks her mom would care?

Most sane people don't care about being misgendered, since they know their birth sex.

No. 1824935

Another corset. These would've been the ana-chans of the 2000s. Boobs = fat to them

No. 1825002

Everyone I know with a TS tattoo is a straight woman so that’s on brand for a TIF though

No. 1825012

Anyone else would have been just like them if it wasn't for being born a bit later? As a mentally ill teen desperate for friends and a community, if you told teen me that saying I'm nonbinary would solve my problems I'd do it in a heartbeat. So glad it wasn't a thing when I was in high school. If anything it makes me even more upset at everything because I know for a fact it won't solve their issues.

No. 1825017

i agree with you on that. So many tifs either have autism or some mental illness. I fell into the trap as well but then I realised I was just gay not a they them aesexual man kek. I think if they were given proper help and not groomed into thinking that being a woman is less than a man I don't think so many tifs would cut off thir tits. These women just scream insecurity.

No. 1825020

Yep, nonbinary is the new emo/nlog after all.

No. 1825034

I'm an autistic butch lesbian, there's no way I'd survive this shit if it caught me during my teen years when the internalised misogyny and homophobia was at it's peak. I've still had thoughts about trooning out when I've had bad days, but it's more born from frustration at a society that doesn't accept women like me. I've been working hard on loving my body by bodybuilding and doing sports and just trying to be more appreciative of it, if that makes sense. I think the terminally online disconnect between mind and body is a huge factor in trooning out, but I can't describe it eloquently enough for it to make sense.

No. 1825050

Luckily there's always been pushback from the LGB about rainbow capitalism from these companies. this shit will rot in the clearance section come July 1st.

No. 1825056

This is not necessarily true. I’m spergy, technically still a teen, lesbian, used to hate my body, was surrounded by these TQ+ people, etc. but I never fell for any of this.

No. 1825066

File: 1683808532200.jpg (1.29 MB, 3024x4032, vile.jpg)

>Thought my partner and I looked cute today
This almost looks like father and son, fucking disgusting. Jesus.

No. 1825067

Samefagging to say I just zoomed in and realised the troon is on her tiptoes, KEK.

No. 1825078

it's so funny how they always refer to their boyfriends as "partner", they try so hard to make their straight relationship seem queer.
my sides LMFAO

No. 1825083

I wonder if she realizes that she just looks like a homely 30 something year old mom of 2 and not like a heckin valid gay boi

No. 1825101

Gendie stuff was already pretty popular on tumblr when I was a lonely mentally ill teen in the 2012 Danganronpa fandom and it didn't speak much to me then

I thought it was lowkey sexist from the start (this was before it was so blatantly sexist) and every time a friend would become enby or trans I saw their mental health get worse

No. 1825102

File: 1683812474536.jpeg (62.16 KB, 720x968, IMG_4358.jpeg)

Is this the female equivalent of the mtfs who claim that they have periods?

No. 1825107

Yes, she's been on it a month and agreed, her voice isn't even a little bit deeper despite her delusional ass-kissers in the comment saying they hear a difference. Vidrel, also
>I am warmer
>I sweat more
>I get hot flashes
Woman, you are not becoming a man, you are becoming MENOPAUSAL.

No. 1825108

She just looks like a regular average woman in comfy clothes, that cut her hair short so it was more manageable in her daily life.

No. 1825112

Lol does she really look at this pic and think they look like a gay male couple??

No. 1825114

>high doses of testosterone
>body builders and lesbians
Oh yes, of course, you know lesbians, those women that are basically men because they like women, when they hit their special lesbian puberty they grow facial hair, the clit gets large enough to penetrate women and they of course get a shiny homemade prostate. Just 100% normal things that the body does when you’re specifically a lesbian. And if you’re a lesbian and you still don’t have your own prostate and big clit, you have to tell your brain “I’m a lesbian, give me more testosterone” so it knows that you need that testosterone to attract other women, because lesbians in the end are just men and women can only like high levels of testosterone, it’s part of our silly woman brain.
God I fucking hate trannies. What’s next? Skull and hand measuring to see who is most likely to magically grow a dick or a uterus in their 50’s?

No. 1825117

your shoulders are not broader KEKKK she's so fucking delusional it's hilarious

No. 1825119

exactly this
>I'm more hungry and intensely hungry
>My shoulders are broader
It's not magic man muscles you just gained weight kek

No. 1825122

I have PCOS and I just don't get how Aidens can do this to themselves, let alone fucking enjoy it. I feel like a sweaty werewolf with anger issues, it's HELL.

As a lesbian bodybuilder I felt like I should've been offended by that, but it's so fucking delusional I can't stop laughing. With some light rewording, you could post that on right wing twitter and it'd be a hit.

No. 1825128

Please don't tell me she believe the stereotypes that men are more hungry and can eat what they want.(sage your shit)

No. 1825141

her whole demeanour is so annoying. I would be avoiding her like the plague if I ever met her in person. No wonder she trooned out

No. 1825144

>my shoulders are broader now
No they aren't.
>binder breaks
>i have a bigger appetite
Maybe she's just getting fatter…

No. 1825145

The giggle at having a hairy stomach killed me. Wtaf? also hugs nonnie

No. 1825159

I probably would’ve at least identified as nonbinary if I’d been born 10 years later (I was born in the late 80s). I’ve been into yaoi since I was 13, I started dying my hair weird colors and wearing Hot Topic clothes at 13 to freak out the normies, and I drew pictures of how I imagined I’d look as a male - I drew myself as a femboy crossdresser. Nonbinary is basically the 2020s equivalent of goth/punk/emo subculture, so I probably would’ve called myself they/them or xe/xem to be an edgelord.

One time my dad (who is a nurse) told me horror stories about the girls he dealt with in an anorexia ward at a hospital, and ended the conversation by saying “I hope you don’t ever become anorexic, Anon.” That statement haunted me for years afterward - if I threw up because I was feeling sick or nervous, or didn’t want to eat because I was depressed, I was worried that meant I was anorexic and it was only a matter of time before I was starving myself down to 50 lbs. I think if I’d grown up in the 2000s surrounded by trans shit I might have thought “I don’t like being a normie Stacy, maybe I like yaoi because I’m actually a gay man. And if I’m trans that means I need to take hormones and get top surgery or else I’m inevitably going to kill myself.”

No. 1825174

It took me until my mid 20s to get a grip on my mental health and autism issues, if you had thrown that stuff at me in my teens I'd have fallen for it.

No. 1825175

Being a short woman sucks kek

No. 1825178

Being hairy is pretty awesome, tif or no tif. Not everyone thinks like you little buddy.

No. 1825179

Oh my god, she does apply test gel on her upper arms and stomach. When that other video was posted I wasn't sure, maybe she just applies deodorant like a moron, but she actually use test gel in such a haphazard and dangerous to everyone around her manner.
If she ever touches a child or woman these people are at great risk of life changing health complications. Why do the biggest morons get the most dangerous treatments? Why not take injections? Afraid of needles? It's always these disgusting slop looking fakeboys who get the gel too, the ones that look like roided out bodybuilders that take care of themselves take the injections.

No. 1825180

>Maybe she's just getting fatter…
I actually think her stomach looks fatter in her latest video.

No. 1825181

I’m so good at mental gymnastics that I never would’ve fallen for it tbh, just think about it, people around my age (late 20’s) are still falling for this shit or even considering it.
If anything it shows how lonely and sad are people in general, willing to mutilate their bodies for the sake of feeling welcomed in a “community”.

No. 1825183

I would've definitely called myself non-binary they/them in highschool. I was born in the late 80s and I fell into the asexual thing for a bit in the early 2010'd just by getting on tumblr, if this shit was around when I was a minor it would've rotted my brain. I don't think I would've gone the medical route because I never hated the way my body looked.

No. 1825203

The comments on all her vids are full of what tifs would call "haterz" yet she doesn't delete them, I give her credit for that least kek

No. 1825207

In my teens I was teased for being tomboy and liking men stuff. Of course I had people telling me that is quite normal and women can like men stuff (wrestling, animu, etc…). In this era? I would've called myself a TIF or a non-binary.

No. 1825216

And, worse, you would have had adults telling you that were a TIF or nb as well.

No. 1825224

Totally! I'm glad me in my teens I dodged that tras bullet.

No. 1825248

I never said anything about the hair being a negative. I was talking about the gross sweatiness and unpredictable, often angry mood swings making me feel like a werewolf. No need to get your knickers in a twist, "little buddy".

No. 1825260

I didn't but I recovered when a moid started festishizing me but thank god I wasn't one in high school or else I would've cut my breasts off because some post telling that me being uncomfortable with my bust wasn't natural puberty but dysphoria. It's really scary how easy is to target insecure teen girls.

No. 1825271

sageblog but I have big breasts and I still remember when a friend, in our animu fangirling, called a female character "slut" because said character had big breast and always show her cleavage (she was also a quite strong character and never let another man to touch her without her consent). It was also because said character was in the "middle" of her yaoi otp, so while it made me insecure of my breasts, I'm glad I never had dysphoria for having a big cup and asked for a reduction. Now I see some tif, and even friends of mines, wanting a breast reduction for moids or dysphoria or "big breasts = slut" and it worries me for girl teens these days.

I'm sorry you had to experience that, nonnie. I hope you're in a better place now.