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No. 1827733

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former). Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.** Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1827735

File: 1684168074032.jpg (10.07 KB, 300x168, 1683247937621329.jpg)


I wouldn't be ever surprised if was with her parent's help. Then again, if is the same studio that made Twilight, of course they would like to make another threesome movie.

Also I like how she shows her "movie" as progressive because she was going to make sure her movie wasn't going to have any horrible white person.
Yet she saw Mulan! THERE ARE NO WHITE PEOPLE IN THERE! In either the animated or live action version.

No. 1827768

>and she's trying to make it into a movie
It was literally confirmed to be made into a movie by the same people who made hunger games.


No. 1827787

They just bought the movie rights. No guarantee there is actually going to be a movie until news goes out that the movie is in production. A lot can go wrong between optioning the book and starting movie production. Most of the books that get movie deals never make it to a movie.

Anyway, I hope the movie does get made but it's absoultey nothing like the book – I mean Legend of the Seeker vs Sword of Truth differences – just so it pisses her off.

No. 1827795

File: 1684175657132.png (391.35 KB, 1200x900, the-white-tribes-of-ancient-ch…)

I cannot wait to make her add a white character to see her mental diarrea, when there are writings about white people being in China at the same time age she based the book on. Of course she made a joke about adding Robespierre because "he found a way to step into China" so the movie can have the "white person token", but you would expect from someone that know about China history about the etnias and all.(Racebait)

No. 1828036

File: 1684207514481.png (53.23 KB, 530x300, DARLING in the FRANXX.png)

I mean, I cannot recall if the mecha thing is also based on Pacific Rim, but the dual pilot would have been better in that way than… If she made the pilots ride the mecha like this.

>In her defense, I haven't read the book.

No. 1828040

Those tribes weren’t white, they did DNA tests on them and found they were indigenous Asians who belonged to a gene pool that is extinct now.

No. 1828042

Remember nonnas, report, don’t respond.

No. 1828047

nta but the Tocharians were Indo-Europeans, they weren't "white" as we understand them but they would have been closer to Afghans and Tajiks then most Chinese people.

No. 1828050

File: 1684208976128.jpeg (6.66 KB, 256x197, images.jpeg)


Are the "aidens" in the room with us right now?

No. 1828051

Those mummies in your pic weren’t Tocharians, dumdum.

No. 1828079

File: 1684213410042.jpg (405.87 KB, 1440x1800, theyfab women.jpg)

I made a small collage of just a few of every woman who thinks slapping they/them on their bios make them suddenly not women, while they dress and act like typical women do… what exactly do they gain from being TINOs? I'm also disappointed that a lot of them are black women doing this nonsense too

No. 1828085

yah we needa be inclusive (no pun here, kek), rename future thread to include theyfabs too

No. 1828091

i can't even find the energy or need to present this femininely in real life and yet i still use she/her, these women really must have some internalized misogyny to pretend they are anything but female.

No. 1828097

I'd like to ask them what they think a man is.

Jesus christ, even the agps at least buy womens clothing, lol.

No. 1828101

unironically the same definition that Tims use to define what a woman is. in this case it's "anyone who identifies as a man". no thoughts, just vibes and feefees

No. 1828102

I like how some of the girls say they're "breaking gender stereotypes".

No, dressing like a girl as a girl isn't revolutionary, even if you claim you're not a girl.

No. 1828106

In pacific rim, the pilots were not required to be a male-female pair and represented making relationships and settling differences with others rather than a ham-fisted sex metaphor. So, it would’ve been better if it was a PacRim fanfic, but she’s a retard.

No. 1828114

So genuine question, are most TIFs generally fat unattractive women? I hate to be judgmental about looks and I don't generally judge people solely on their looks but this is something I have noticed with a lot of the TIFs I've come across online. I'm an online artist for context but I swear, it seems like every time I come across an artist on Twitter and I find that they are TIF, when I see their IRL photos that they post, most of them are generally quite fat. This last one I saw was close to obese levels and she's in a "gay relationship" with another TIF who is roughly her size.

I can't help but feel that part of the reason why some women delude themselves into thinking they are men is because they feel unattractive because of their weight and/or looks and think that being a man will make them more socially acceptable when sadly (for them), they just end looking more ridiculous with their insistence on being men.

No. 1828115

Well, I think the "serious" ones often have severe body image issues. That also is the same for mtfs, which is why you see a lot of mtfs that look like nerdy incels. They decided to transition because they said "I'm bad at being a woman/man, so I'll be the opposite gender'.

But the zero effort fakebois who look exactly like women? They're probably just in it for the attention.

No. 1828126

>didn't occur to me that the procedure would leave scars

No. 1828131

I remember Pacific Rim and you're right, the pilots have a stand up for to control the mecha and could be anybody with a strong connection for the other. That's why you could see brothers, a Russian couple and even Five Chinese pilots using their mind to control the mecha.

But that's a big missing chance for her book.

No. 1828154

Soon it's gonna be hip and trendy to be a she/her girl again. These are the ones that aren't becoming medical patients for life.

No. 1828155

From what I recall from a review of the book, the explanation given for male and female co-pilots is based on ancient Chinese spirituality. where men possess masculine Yang energy while women have feminine Yin energy which is used to power the mechas. which is really ironic cause Xiran's an enby/

No. 1828157

I wouldn't say they're all fat or unattractive, but they aren't Stacys. All the TiFs I've met (who were gender non-conforming or had surgery) were nerdy fandom girls.

No. 1828162


I'll answer this in tif language:

A tif is basically just as "moidy" as a basic moid on the inside, or so they think. They would think no other non-tif woman is just as moid as them.

No. 1828163

Damn, is she saying there are only two genders and you can either be male or female? What a dumbass, she's like every other zoomer-pandering writer that goes "Inclusion! Representation! Trans rights! Minorities!" but can't actually write so the result is a mediocre derivative mess that even zoomers abandon as soon as possible because deep down they can tell it's shit.

No. 1828178

Ah, so an NLOG? Horseshoe theory strikes again.

No. 1828210

File: 1684243150842.png (678.08 KB, 1135x475, subversive.png)

>celebrating 14 years post op!
and with such pain in her eyes.

No. 1828217

The only way in which TIFs accurately emulate males is by having dead eyes, kek.

No. 1828220

Don't forget, the ancient society hates women to a comical level, even tho as one review mentioned, the sheer amount of women becoming those robo fighter concubines (and dying) would have been a huge disruption for the male/female balance of their society.

Also her motivation at the start of the book is her sister dying as one of those concubines, but is apparently never mentioned again. So much for caring so much about another woman she wanted to change the system.

No. 1828223

I will say, FTM are able to pass so much more convincingly than MTF ever can. Even the best mtf "passing" looks like some bimbo blowup doll plastic surgery tranny. Some of these ftm you wouldnt know until they spoke/you notice how tiny their frame is. I genuinly wouldnt look twice at this being some mediocre looking dude

No. 1828224

File: 1684244218292.jpg (82.1 KB, 905x747, nice groomer shirt.jpg)

How about you try "serving cunt" by cleaning your fucking room.

No. 1828237

While tifs are often able to pass better than tims, you do sort of start to clock them once you become aware of trans shit. The tif in that pic has really tiny hands, and something's off with her face as well. I'm not saying that I'd always clock troons especially from pic or just passing, but after interacting with one long enough irl it would be inevitable. It's ironic that the raising of awareness on troonism is actually leading into a situation where even the trutrans type of troons can't pass because people will be more aware of their existence and will notice the tell tale signs.

No. 1828242

Sad little narrow shoulders, a pain-filled grimace of a "smile," and despite the photo being cut off, you can still tell those are a woman's hips.

No. 1828248

According to this sauce >>1827768 it "blew up on booktok" and won some YA awards so some of the #kweer zoomers fell for it I guess. Can't wait for the movie to be yet another bland girl power movie though where actually the mc is only powerful because she happened to be born special, like live action Mulan.

No. 1828259

It's baffles me how groomery this movement is. No other movement surrounding some mental health issue does not have a majority of the advocates wearing shirts targeting children. Even autism awareness groups doesn't have childless 20 somethings wearing "I'll kill anyone who messes with an autistic child" shirt. Even parents with autistic children aren't wearing threatening style shirts supporting their own children. Maybe an outlier here or there, but nothing majority like trans advocates. Again with the autism advocates, never random children, always their own.

No. 1828260

TiFs pass so much better than TiMs. It's easier to add on muscle and hide curves than to take mass away. I think TiMs resent TiFs for that. Like you can get ripped, grow a beard and just look like a boyish man whereas TiMs always look masculine and big. Rarely, if they're effiminate looking to begin with, they can look ok but always mannish.

No. 1828268

Oh definitely, being more aware of tranny shit makes you able to clock them way faster. Even the most manly looking ftm like Buck Angel you can tell she has a tiny head, tiny frame, tiny shoulders and hands, ESPECIALLY when standing next to biological males. You can change everything but your skeletal frame will always be the same

No. 1828277

the only two convincing tif looks are scrawny little 12 year old sickly victorian boy or smelly greasy buck angel cosplayer with a roid dependency and snapback permanently fused on her head

No. 1828280

A more accurate comparison would be gay kids, since they lump them together in LGBTQA+. Yet we still don't see the "protect gay kids" shirts anywhere even though they're the more vulnerable group of the two. Trans people specifically have a grooming and pedophilia problem. Doesn't mean all of them are pedos, but they all "accidentally" support it.

No. 1828282

Maybe NOT having a giant ass trans symbol tattooed on her arm would help her pass better

No. 1828291

>buck angel COSPLAYER
So buck gets a pass???

No. 1828295

As time passes, masculinity is no longer connected to moidism or moidlikeness, so a lotnof radfems would question why tifs can't just be butch? ans is that tif are trying to convice people they are moidd in the most failure roundabout way by acting out harry benjamin syndrome.

No. 1828297

IIRC she also sells a butterfly pin that have both "male and female wings" (yin-yang). There goes the "China was open for non binary people too".


Don't you remember? "Better have a live daughter than a dead son"? How about you love your kid wherever their sexuality is? Or you rather have a "straight" daughter than a gay son?

No. 1828305

Buck Angel is also cosplaying Buck Angel because "Buck Angel" is a mansona she made up

No. 1828316

File: 1684254658076.png (24.35 KB, 200x241, 1678394158571.png)

>MFW the live action Mulan ends being better than the movie.

No. 1828317

Normally in itself I don't find this words funny but why am i keking rn nonas tell me

No. 1828318

When "moid cosplay" fails to roll of the tongue

No. 1828326

"Dyke" shoves the axe in his crotch in a vertical slit, then uses same axe to attempt to kill parents.

No. 1828327

"PT skinwalks contra" is just as big a meme then

No. 1828332

>It's ironic that the raising of awareness on troonism is actually leading into a situation where even the trutrans type of troons can't pass because people will be more aware of their existence and will notice the tell tale signs.

Very true. Didn't know trans was even a thing in 2013, could've passed trans people in the street and not known. Now they stick out like a red flag kek

No. 1828364

I think from seeing discussion in the last couple threads there is definitely a correlation of body dysmorphia and disordered eating in the transgender community. I’ve noticed most tifs support HAES and anti body-shaming but are physically on the extreme of being “thin privileged” (ana) or obese. Plus let’s not forget the ridiculous ideations of beauty that girls are exposed to their entire lives, it causes so much self-hate they assume being male is more suitable.

No. 1828367

Would be extra funny considering she started her whole career by shitting on the movie

No. 1828432

could this also explain the reverse in a way? a lot of them seem to let themselves go and excuse it because guys don't care that much about their appearances therfore "gender affirming". it gives them an axcuse to be overweight, have poor hygiene, etc

No. 1828443

File: 1684267201761.jpg (137.84 KB, 1080x1679, Trannyhunch.jpg)

They'll literally add transmasc to anything they do. But cos they're chronically online it makes sense for them all to have tech neck

No. 1828472

Okay so all the Xiran discussion belongs on the breadtube thread(she is not even a fakeboi)

No. 1828483

I agree that it's derailing the threads a bit, but technically theyfabs are included here. The name might be "fakeboi" but it's for all female troons.

No. 1828505

Specially when she's also into "ugh getting misgendered is horrible". Girl, you went to another country (thank for her book, none less) whose language is heavy gendered, what would you have expected?

No. 1828513

>"Straight" daughter or gay son
Wait, those used to be pro gay phrases? They sound like TRA arguments kek. Its like saying whoever their child brings home, it better be the "right" sex in conjunction of their child's sex.

No. 1828517

File: 1684276283293.jpeg (65.02 KB, 750x756, 8128D3A6-6EB3-4EE7-9220-AE26E6…)

Not sure if this is exactly the right thread but is anyone else noticing the mass fujofication/tranification/enbification of underground/goth musicians by fujoshi oriented tifs that are clearly straight moids with children and wives?

I got into this style of music in the early 00s (yeah I’m old) and back then no one went on deranged tinfoils about how blixa bargeld, nick cave, Peter Murphy ect were secretly gay or moodboarded them as TiF goals; now you cannot googling any of these musicians without running into some weird fanfic level shit. It was just accepted back then that these were straight men who were artsy/weird and that’s it. I will never understand the thought process of “I’m attracted to artsy twinks with skinny jeans that make music and write poetry instead of watching football” to trying to skin walk them by via trooning out. I can sort of follow the thought process of selfhating lesbians who think they would just be better off as men, but not this. Especially since the mindset of twink artsy moids are 95% or more (based on my personal experience) identical to your regular frat bro football moids, have the same type of behaviors in their sex lives (Tiny Tim, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson). But I guess you actually have to get offline, touch grass and interact with real humans to known these things.

No. 1828525

File: 1684276766605.jpg (252.45 KB, 874x1390, bill-y-tom-kaulitz-tokio-hotel…)

There is a thread in /m/ about it, how some characters and singers are called trans because they don't fit a common narrative.

I think if Bill Kaulitz had this style in this age, TIFs would claim "he's a trans man".

No. 1828574

File: 1684283845123.png (6.17 KB, 598x269, Danny.png)

>When tifs try to talk like tims.

No. 1828648

Deep down it's clear cut but they just wanna "avoid stereotyping all men" as moidy.

No. 1828649

That doesnt count sis

No. 1828651

I could imagine the tim forcing the parents to "taste muh menses".

No. 1828715

It's a narrative I have never understood either, like religious Christians and Muslims aren't the one's trooning their gay or feminine kids en-masse. It's one of those things where you try to connect everything you dislike into one group.

No. 1828734

File: 1684303741091.png (108.42 KB, 472x903, Screenshot 2023-05-16 230946.p…)

No. 1828747

Actually wasn't this the case with TiFs before the social contagion? The TiFs of the past were all same-sex attracted and continued to date lesbians. Their partners referring to them with male pronouns.

No. 1828750

File: 1684305725079.png (30.45 KB, 643x389, iran.PNG)

>religious Christians and Muslims aren't the one's trooning their gay or feminine kids en-masse.
That's exactly what some of them are doing though?

No. 1828760

Most of the retards in the comments are siding with the TiF, which surprised me. Normally people throw TiFs to the wolves the minute a TiM complains. It's probably just because the TiF sicced her thirst-followers on the TiM by replying, though. Classic mean girl bullshit.

No. 1828764

I was about to say that the tattoos were a clever way to cover the surgery scars, but then I saw the gigantic troon symbol arm tattoo. What the fuck is even the point? Why put so much effort into "passing," when you still want to be visually distinguishable as trans for the asspats? Trans people were so much more tolerable back when "stealth" in public was the goal. The ideology was still toxic and predicated on stereotypes, but at least when "old school" trannies said they just wanted to be treated like everyone else, it was believable. If anything, they wanted to be treated like everyone else too much, to the point of hating themselves for being gay and wanting to LARP as straight members of the opposite sex.
And yeah, like many "trutrans," this one passes in a vaccuum: a still image absent of other people. But in real life, this TiF is probably 5'6" with a frog voice like the rest. And regardless of whether they "pass" or not, the problem is with the ideology. If transition made people perfectly passable, there would still be the issue of why people want to transition, which basically boils down to fetishes, stereotypes, mental illness, and internalized homophobia.

No. 1828772

I think there is still a fraction of the tif-adjacent population that identifies as "he/him lesbians"

No. 1828792

Iran also uses its pre-Islamic history to justify imperialism. In terms of allies, Iran has a relationship with Communist North Korea, Christian Armenia, and Putin's Russia. Iran's decision to allow troons to transition was influenced by one specific tranny who bugged Khomeini(when he was in his 80's and senile) to approve it during a conversation. Khomeini's cult of personality still remains strong, making it difficult to change these rulings

>Maryam Khatoon Molkara was born in the suburbs of Tehran as Fereydoon. She was tortured and bullied for her feminine behavior as a boy in the early days of her life. The harshest form of retaliation towards her identity came from her own mother. She moved to Tehran and started working in a saloon. Those were the days when Iran was ruled by the Shah.

>Maryam wanted a religious solution to her gender issue. In 1975 she started writing letters to Ayatollah Khomeini, who was living in exile in Iraq. She knew she was a woman, she knew she was living in the wrong body and she knew she could fix this. She went to Paris in 1978 to meet Ayatollah Khomeini in person (who was visiting France) as she couldn’t travel to Iraq because of the travel ban for Iranians at the time. She wanted to make him aware of the concept of transgenderism and have his verdict on sex reassignment within Islam. But the journey was not fruitful as she couldn’t meet him.
>Maryam was working in television as a man when Islamic revolution took place in Iran. She was immediately fired by authorities and was arrested for being feminine. While in police custody, she was forcibly injected with male hormones, as prescribed by a prison doctor. Maryam shouted, but no one listened to her. Maryam had links with religious clerics in Iran and a well-known cleric, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, came to bail her out as soon as he learned of what she was going through in prison. This incident made her stronger and convinced of her decision. Maryam wanted to undergo sex reassignment surgery, but she knew that it was by now no longer possible as Islamic revolution didn’t contemplate this possibility. But she had hope, as the country was under Islamic Sharia and Imam Khomeini was now in Iran and he was the head of state.
>One fine morning, she crossed all barriers at Khomeini’s residence in Tehran and reached inside his house. Holding the Quran in her hands, she shouted “I AM A WOMAN, I AM A WOMAN.” Security officials got confused by the band wrapped around her chest, which they thought was an explosive belt. She removed it to reveal her female breasts underneath. The female security staff in the house rushed towards her to cover her with a veil as soon as they saw her female chest exposed.
>She told her entire story to everyone in the room, all of her years of struggle. Ahmad, son of Ayatollah Khomeini, who was in the room listening to all this, was moved to tears. He took her to meet the Ayatollah in his compound. Ayatollah knew of Maryam as she had been trying to approach him for years. A team of government doctors was summoned and the issue was immediately discussed by experts. The discussion included the difference between hermaphrodites and transsexuals. Khomeini hadn’t heard much about the various gender conditions until then.
>Maryam left Khomeini’s house victoriously. She had a letter in her hand addressed to the Chief Prosecutor and the head of Medical Ethics giving a fatwa (a religious authorization) for her and for all those like her to have their gender surgically reassigned. That one daring step by Maryam changed the dynamics and made history in Shia Islam. The fatwa is available in Imam Khomeini’s Tahrir al-Wasilah (Volume 4), a book written as a commentary on a traditional theological text, and as a guide for Muslims.

and that's why Iran allows gay men(and women) to transition

I wish instead of some TIM, it would have been a lesbian who harassed Khomeni and convinced the senile old man that somehow lesbian relationships aren't Harem, I think he'd buy it

No. 1828803

File: 1684314170055.png (280.8 KB, 600x1434, sorryladyyoudontpass.png)

She doesn't even look more muscular than a woman working out, make it a slightly chubby woman and they're nearly identical, apart from one having had her breasts removed

No. 1828842

This TIM might be an enemy in their eyes

No. 1828845

WTF is this TIM face on non-troons

No. 1828858

>Trans people were so much more tolerable back when "stealth" in public was the goal. The ideology was still toxic and predicated on stereotypes, but at least when "old school" trannies said they just wanted to be treated like everyone else, it was believable.
Agreed. Some of my first few jobs were in gay bars (from like 2009-2012) and the troons I met then were a lot easier to get along with. Even the TIMs. I was pretty open about thinking transgenderism was based on sexist stereotypes (I wasn't fully peaked at that time though) and a lot of the HSTS ones actually agreed with me, as they had transitioned due to homophobia. The ones that didn't agree with me talked to me about it calmly, and we agreed to disagree. It was so much more civil back then. Even if you fucked up and called one the wrong pronoun it was rarely seen as a big deal. Misgender a troon in a gay bar nowadays and you'll be chased off with pitchforks and torches. Crazy how much has changed in little over a decade.

No. 1828864

One of the old school troons, who happen to be homosexual TIF too, trooned because of mental illness found in common trannies and not because of homophobia. Reason: >>1828162

So much for muh old skool troons, this doesnt apply to TIFs.

No. 1828878

Never denied they were mentally ill. Just said they were more tolerable.

No. 1828906

judging by the fact that the tim said "transsexuality" he might be truscum or otherwise more of an old school type tranny who prioritizes assimilating over making a public freakshow out of yourself. thats enough to even make rabid womanhating gendies side with any tif over him

No. 1828915

listened to a podcast that had a TIF guest, turned it off after 10 minutes, but had a laugh that the TIF sounded exactly like the TIM guest the show has also had on. why do they always have that lispy gay male voice? instantly clockable on either side.

No. 1828922

yep. i would care more about "trans rights" if the community wasn't so loud and terminally online like the loudest members are. every time a tranny says something misogynistic i add another month or two of not giving a shit about trans issues. so far, there's no end in sight to me continuing to not give a shit.

No. 1829016

I used to believe in trans rights in the sense that I didn't think anyone should get fired for being trans even though I disliked the ideology, but now I'm not even sure I support trans rights that much… Once you know about AGP and yaoi it's hard to say people shouldn't be fired for roleplaying their stupid fetish at work

No. 1829019

Except she doesn't want to recognize she's a woman. At least the he/his lesbians do admit they are women and lesbians.

No. 1829030

I used to believe in Trans right until the tucute/truscum was begun and suddenly if you don't fit any society stuff? Trans. You're a tomboy? Trans. TIMs started to take women places and TIFs started to be more homophobic and aggressive with gay man, something that a straight woman would be seem as horrible if she dared to do the same.

This is more for trans vent, but like >>1828858 said, is crazy how all changed since 2015.

No. 1829038

File: 1684341871545.png (80.04 KB, 377x553, s12345678.png)

Retarded pick me girl tif on tiktok makes fun of detransitioners and then turns around to complain about people "spreading hate about the pwoor trwannies"

No. 1829074

these girls will regret making fun of detransitioners in a few years. they’ll probably look back on this thinking of it like a cringe emo phase

No. 1829075

File: 1684344947062.webm (3.82 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_723383232499823748…)

samefag she has a lot of other retarded content like this too. She also supports the transitioning of minors and had a video sperging about the killing of her "trans brothers and sisters". Was banko brown killed specifically for being a black tif lmao? Tif in question allegedly threatened a security guard And she was stealing shit. Not trying to racebait.



the tiktok page of the troon that made this response video: https://www.tiktok.com/@playboicartijapaneselean

No. 1829079

These meangirl fakebois love dishing out all the jabs at detrans but cant take even one back. You would think with all the trans “““joy“““ they claim to have they wouldn't be so pressed and obsessed with people who weren’t happy with transitioning. I bet if men were the vast majority to detransition instead of women tifs wouldn’t say shit. They can only bully who they feel they can have control over which is other young girls. Any male regardless of age wouldn’t even know if they were being bullied by tifs.

No. 1829081

File: 1684345535254.jpeg (922.39 KB, 3465x2310, 34743714-2FEB-4DF5-9C5C-2067A4…)

someone on twitter tweeted that a lot of women will become tifs and won’t even try changing how they look and the quote tweets are hilarious

No. 1829083

File: 1684345587182.jpg (197.83 KB, 1079x1344, FwQc5T4aMAc7lqO.jpg)

Genuinely sad and disgusting

No. 1829084

samefag it’s hilarious how the kpop stan dresses exactly like how those bts boys do. it’s like all kpop or yaoi tifs dress the same exact way

No. 1829086

23?! I'm literally a decade older and look way better. I worry about the testosterone boost from PCOS making me age harsher, but evidently I'm doing ok.
>Lives in Portland
Yeah, that tracks.(no1currs, not your personal blog)

No. 1829095

The obese "he/him" k-pop stan is the worst

No. 1829097

According to the guardian article, the witnesses said, he said, he shot her by mistake. So no.

No. 1829100

>wewuz chikneez and shiet
NTA but anon please, don't be cringe…

No. 1829105

File: 1684348413432.jpg (327.19 KB, 1600x900, 1515516846336.jpg)

>almost 9k quotes

What happened with "don't feed the troll", TIFs?

No. 1829112

>the most feminine women with x pronouns
interesting how only one of the replies denies being a woman.

No. 1829127

they’re calling OP a terf for saying women in the quotes. you can look on the accounts and see them claiming to not be women but men or non binary

No. 1829129

I can kinda understanding a delusional girl who thinks that she'd be happier as a boy and gets surgery. I don't think it's a good idea, but I understand it.

But why do girls that look exactly like stereotypical pretty girls think they're boys? They're not even bothering to transition. Heck, they're going out of their way to be as feminine as possible.

No. 1829131

nonnies, how to stay sane? I moved to a first world country and the first con I go to, it has pronoun pins, enby flag bracelets, stickers celebrating top surgery, people calling out for their friends “Noah!” “Aiden!” And the person replying is some short chubby ftm in K-pop fashion stumbling around. I’ve seen people with “ask me about my pronouns” pins in completely unrelated settings. How do you all do it?

No. 1829134

It is a phenomenon. Most tifs do not care to even pass as a dude. Look at the #mlmmonday tag

No. 1829138

They're NLOGs. Some of the black/brown ones probably also internalized the weird racist "trans women are women the same way non white women are women" thing TRAs push (ie that just like troons, they're not "real" women, just some other, third thing).

No. 1829139

OP is a radfem, that should have told them to ignore her and block her, but since misery loves company…

No. 1829141

File: 1684351435978.jpg (285.04 KB, 947x2048, FwBXHhhWcAQCPE2.jpg)

…..I wish girls would just admit to being bisexual/

No. 1829142

Sadly a lot of black girls fall into this trans shit and will say it’s because as a black woman they were never truly a woman or always felt masculine. The most feminine black women will be told by TRAs that they were never real women.

No. 1829143

I'd like to ask them a simple question.

"Why don't you go on tinder and flirt with straight women? I'm sure they'll date you since you're a man"

No. 1829144

A lot of Twitter TIFS do the “look! i look like a woman but i’m actually a tranny dude with he/they pronouns!!” thing for attention. They probably saw that tweet as a perfect opportunity

No. 1829145

And that's the reason why most of the time, radfems are black women that are tired of TIMs trying to tell them "we share the same pain of being too 'masculine".

No. 1829151

she looks her age? it's the massive cowring and the obesity that makes her look like absolute shit, but not aged

No. 1829152

They would whine you that straight girls only seek for penis havers or just not admit they are bisexual.

A radfem tweet is always a good opportunity to show their delusions.

No. 1829155

Is there a connection between transgenderism and narcissms?

Cause both tifs and tims seem to love any excuse ot post their ugly mugs everywhere.

No. 1829160

i have always felt like they constantly do this just to try and prove to people they’re not your average troon and to show they actually think they pass

No. 1829186

when it comes to troon-on-troon violence, whoever has the more annoying and retarded position wins. so here, the hero of the day is the girl waving her tits around while daring anyone to challenge how #valid she is

No. 1829187

I don't get why they say they're femboys.

Guys who like femobys like them cause tehy're guys who dress like women.

They probably won't be happy with actual women, no matter their pronouns.

No. 1829206

I stopped interacting with genderspecials both online and on the internet, and I spend my money and free time pursuing hobbies that aren’t infested with troons and their handmaidens.

If you’re dead set on going to anime conventions, there will definitely be troons for the next few years (until the trend dies down) because nerd culture attracts a bunch of socially maladapted weirdoes - who would’ve thought?! but there are also plenty of normies and cryptoTERFs that also like anime. The genderspecials just happen to be a loud, annoying minority. Just try to focus on making friends with the people who don’t wear pronoun pins.

No. 1829214

I'm too lazy to pull up the study right now, but 80% of trans-identified people have a cluster B personality disorder (i.e., BPD, NPD, bipolar)

No. 1829265

>lives in Portland
of course. For real though how can this not be considered a form of self harm

No. 1829267

File: 1684364280897.png (15.61 KB, 646x495, CAPTURE.png)

So I don't know where else to post this but It fits better here then any other thread, so when I was younger, I used to read this book series 'Alanna the Lioness' which was about a young noble girl disguising herself as a boy to train for knighthood. The story meant a lot to me, Recently, out of nostalgia, I looked it up only to find out that the creator now claims that Alanna is gender-fluid, which is untrue to the story. Alanna's femaleness is an essential part of her character, as it affects the plot. Despite taking on a male identity, she still faces abuse and bullying from others who see her as a small, weak boy and can't match men's physical strength, so she has to rely on her superior skill and wit, setting it apart from other YA female fantasy where women easily defeat scores of male soldiers without challenge. The realistic portrayal of Alanna's character made her far more relatable and its insulting to see the author besmirch her work to appease a handful of insecure enbys and TIFs.

No. 1829269

I had a friend that said the exact same thing to me. She prefers being called “daddy” over “mommy” and could never articulate why she didn’t like being called “mommy” .
It probably has to do with the connotations associated being called “handsome” vs “pretty.

No. 1829282


I really don't understand what the reference point for masculine is supposed to be anymore. I've met people like this and they are always complete girly girls, not even tomboys. I would almost argue it's feminine in general to be into this stuff because most of the legit tomboys are conservative or apolitical.

No. 1829283

Yeah like I'm against "transgender ideology" on a base level because I don't believe someone identifying with feminine stereotypes makes them a woman. But being brazilian, old school trannies were always around here and they never really caused any trouble? They never claimed they were true and honest women, they were very clear in that they just "liked to live as women". There's a fundamental difference here. And they were… chill. And mostly HSTS. I met few TIFs, just a couple of stone butches who also "liked to live as men". Things were simpler lol no attempt in policing others languages, pronouns, or suicide baiting…

No. 1829293

Literally if this were a transwoman and a transman replied that to their selfies everyone would jump down their throat

No. 1829311

so disturbing to think that you're 100% correct.

No. 1829315

I would run at the sight of that beast.

No. 1829331

Thought the same listening to the "welcome to paradise" podcast as they recently had on a tif (host used they/them but was obvious from the voice and mannerisms). It's incredible how clockable tifs and tims are via audio only.
What a shame. I quite liked that series when I was young. I don't understand why everyone feels the need to troon out characters (and real historical figures) who take on male roles out of necessity. It's not being nonbinary, it's being female in a hostile environment

No. 1829334

>girls are dumb weak boy-crazy losers wearing impractical clothes and my character actually stood up for herself, wore practical clothes and had adventures so she obviously wasn't just a girl!

No. 1829335

File: 1684374083398.png (55.78 KB, 461x392, Screenshot 2023-05-17 184210.p…)

If I had a dollar for every ftn who didn't even remotely do antying male….

No. 1829343

>serving cunt

No. 1829372

They do because they don't want to accept they're women that a gay man wouldn't try to date at all. “Conversion therapy, but when we do it, is cute!"

No. 1829373


Didn't a woman do that and transwomen started to yell to GTFO off Twitter because "her girl dick is just a dildo"?

No. 1829375

there's no way normies who see this stuff aren't figuring out troonism is a social contagion and the current popular alt fashion choice

No. 1829377

My own mother was criticizing the current generation of nonbinary attention whores last night due to stupid shit like this she is seeing and hearing about. They absolutely are picking up on this

No. 1829391

File: 1684384677429.jpg (145.72 KB, 1169x1698, Twi.jpg)

>The likes
Normies will save us

No. 1829392

>you should make an effort to the treadmill
KEK but also, make an effort to "pass"

No. 1829397

File: 1684385459417.jpg (157.78 KB, 954x1508, Screenshot_20230518_101122_Chr…)

More like
>from a woman who knew what a soap is
>to a woman who still knows what a soap is but won't use it because moids almost shit themselves at the thought of having some proper hygiene, and so shall she.
Of course, according to her recent posts, she's also officially a tif now and started T. Expected because she objectifies herself to the point of seeing her own self and body as a mere porn category.

No. 1829403

Finally Bratz is being used for something good.

No. 1829407

>I like to dress femme but my personality is butch, so this means I'm not a girl.
>I'm sexually aroused by males and females, but only boys can be sexual, so this means I'm not a girl.
>I'm not trans but I need to be special, so this means I'm not a girl.

Poor girl I hope she comes around before she does the medically sanctioned self harm

No. 1829415

I've not heard it before, what's it supposed to mean?

No. 1829417

seconding; I've fallen and I can't get up, zoomers, please inform us

No. 1829419

More gay, drag queen slang. It’s basically “looking good” in a campy, glamorous way.

No. 1829420

huh, man I'm still not clear on how all that drag culture stuff just suddenly got so mainstream

No. 1829432

I hate drag culture.

No. 1829446

It's quite telling that normies shit on thems and tifs, and not on tims kek
Tifs will always stay low in normie(male, patriarchal) hierarchy because everyone see them as women. How dumb they are not to see this.

No. 1829460

I've had great success finding cryptoterfs in nerdy hobby spaces by talking about Harry Potter. The people who don't go on unhinged anti-JKR rants, or add anti-JKR disclaimers, are cryptoterfs more often than not.

No. 1829463

Tech neck is the transmasc hunch? I thought it’s how they position the shoulders to not have the boobs stand out

No. 1829469

Speaking of being a cryptoterf, are any of you friendly with any TiFs? Is it cowardly to show surface level support for them (ie: using their pronouns) or is that betraying your morals? Mostly just want to enjoy fandom without negativity, so it's not worth it to be obviously against them on a fandom account. I feel like the majority of women online are cryptoterfs anyway kek

No. 1829475

File: 1684407422069.jpg (94.84 KB, 778x744, 1646193677419.jpg)

Eh, I reckon it's cause these girls are way more likely to run into a TIF than a TIMs. The spots where young normie girls hang out ain't gonna be the same as the ones where TIMs hang out.

No. 1829484

Conservacucks are hard enemies to any gendie

No. 1829492

I am friendly with them, typically the ones irl. And I will use they/them pronouns if I am not sure if they ID as trans or not. Its all because I don't want to accidentally set off a bpd meltdown.(sage your shit)

No. 1829503

yes, for anything with my name or face attached i am friendly. don't want my life to be ruined because someone took a video of me "being a karen terf" or something nor do i want to deal with retarded online fights. it's much easier and honestly safer to pretend to be cool with them and then come vent in places like this.

No. 1829526

I do my best to avoid engaging with them besides polite responses when they comment on my stuff. I don't think I've run into a situation where I've had to use their pronouns or acknowledge a gendie headcanon.

No. 1829560

They are. In my country, liberal newspapers push troonism hard. In 2019-2021 the comments were overwhelmingly positive, since last year they’re almost all negative, calling it attention-seeking, social contagion and so on.

No. 1829577

File: 1684429048788.jpg (79.51 KB, 500x500, url.jpg)

There are so many stories about women trying to place themselves in a patriarchy world and these people have to ruin it with "they're TIFs". No, they're still women, you dense.

Pic related: she spends the whole time being a "prince" to defend her kingdom, but marries another prince and become in a queen.

No. 1829578

kek what muscles? all i see is fat

No. 1829581

No you wouldn't, she'd be 5'3'' and look like a Tolkien dwarf.

No. 1829583

>Fan asks question about sexuality
>Responds about gender shit
Does Tamora Pierce not know what bisexuality is or something?

No. 1829598

Nothing says he/him more than an exaggerated (shitty) waist-to-hip ratio shoop

No. 1829601

File: 1684430265315.jpg (104.89 KB, 1080x719, after-31-years-in-the-wrong-bo…)

She used to look like Ashley Tisdale. Sometimes I wonder if the ones who started out really pretty are subconsciously trying to make themselves less appealing to scrotes so they can avoid being objectified and infantilized. Or maybe she's just an NLOG and felt that she looked too "normal."

No. 1829613

I don't think it's cowardly, I think it's pretty based to live in tranny walls and take commission money. Also you can just say terfy shit if you have pronouns in your bio and say you're not cis so it's fine, so I agree that a lot of women in fandom are cryptoterfs, even if they aren't aware of it I think people have figured out you can just dodge discourse by being a pronounie. It's pretty ballsy but I do this in real life too, it's pretty convenient. It's kind of sad this is the way fandom is now, but yeah cryptoterfing is the way. Not like troons do any gatekeeping anyway, I've been doing it for 5+ years and never have been called out not even slightly. It's slightly suspicious if you never post pro-trans stuff but if you talk about some every now and then it'll be fine.

No. 1829621

Lol reminds me of when I was spreading terf propaganda while having mogai shit in my bio. It's especially easy with them cause they're all dumb.

No. 1829628

There's always someone on kiwifarms with an in on a huge tranny discord server because they can't spot a mile outside of their cult, plus questioning someone's transness is literally a war crime that gets people banned or kicked. Kek

No. 1829637

"Mommy" has become an extremely sexualized term nowadays ("mommy milkers", "mommy sorry mommy", etc) so it's understandable not wanting to be called that

No. 1829653

She looks so much like that girl Astrid from the "Instagrammers you hate" thread kek

No. 1829660

Very based nona. I am also a cryptoterf taking commission money from anyone (even got commissioned by a TiM) but I don't identify as a gendie online. I occasionally show support in the form of a Like on trans posts from female artist friends, but that's it. Haven't been suspected even though I'm a she/her lesbian and refuse to support any posts about transwomen kek

No. 1829704

ot but i like mullets on women and am disappointed the only ones who have those haircuts are tifs

No. 1829712

same. sad world we live in.

No. 1829775

NTA, while taking tranny money is based, maintaining "friendships" while in those circles is cowardly. If you can't speak openly to your friends and have healthy discussions about things you civilly disagree on, it's not a true friendship. Not saying you necessarily do this, but I know a lot of people who swear they're just doing these things to enjoy fandom nerd shit. But it does come off as cowardly behaviour if you're still capitulating to trannies by playing the pronoun game and discussing or retweeting/reblogging their posts.

No. 1829819

File: 1684439893373.jpg (73.01 KB, 1000x1000, Tumblr_l_221482914632696.jpg)


No. 1829822

File: 1684440025904.jpg (118.2 KB, 1000x1000, Tumblr_l_221484965028268.jpg)


No. 1829824

Based for making a mockery of Islam.

No. 1829827

File: 1684440216571.jpg (85.85 KB, 1000x1000, Tumblr_l_221492591383578.jpg)


No. 1829829

File: 1684440340785.jpeg (149.69 KB, 1242x1159, A5905046-3FF7-4212-81A2-3361EA…)

No. 1829856

>masculinity is wearing trousers
Wow, so progressive!

No. 1829858

Slightly OT but I haaate it when these people claim wearing pants and a hoodie is somehow "masculine-presenting". It's such a weirdly regressive mindset, too.

No. 1829861

Feminine is when upturned wink. Masculine is when downturned wink.

No. 1829866

i agree w this. the moment I peaked on trannyshit I brought it up to my friends with concern and they booted me out of the group. That's not friendship. ultimately, pretending to keep friendships with delusional women who think they can opt out of their womanhood, and refuse to engage in even the mildest of discourse about it, that's not healthy at all. free yourselves nonnas.

No. 1829870

Lmao check out the extremely shitty edit job on the upper left one. There's an extremely obvious seam on the right side of her body.

No. 1829873

it has became more acceptable to hate troons this past year but for some reason everyone but terfs can express it

No. 1829876

this. i want a life and career so i have to act like i’m a tirf when someone asks me about my views

No. 1829885

Your obligation to Allah… specifically as a woman. Men do not have this obligation.

No. 1829903

Based nona, I have a small but reasonably sized following and as long as you reblog a low effort trans rights posts every now and then you'll be fine.

No. 1829934

All my TiF friends are online so keeping up a low effort friendship is favorable than outing myself as a terf. But I agree that you shouldn't pursue irl friendships with TiFs, it'll always be lackluster and not a real friendship.

No. 1829960

kek the one tif I knew irl was the girliest girl ever wrt her hobbies: sewing, cooking, baking, and reading fan fiction. On paper we should have been the best of friends and I always supported her but no matter what I did, felt like there was a wall there. Didn’t know why until after I peaked and then it all made sense

No. 1829974

>"serving c*nt"
Nah, it reads like prostitution, like she serve the johns

No. 1829978

>Any male regardless of age wouldn’t even know if they were being bullied by tifs.


No. 1829981

Tifs can't be gay men tho, I bet you mean the "froggy voice" which cause some women on T to sound inadvertly like a reedy voice.

No. 1829984

Don't be so harsh on her, she's from the older generation and haven't yet dwell on zoomer shit.

No. 1829988

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if she thinks genderfluid is just a nicer word for crossdresser.

No. 1829999

So apperently TIFs are regularly treated poorly in gay porn (Shocking I know, women being treated badly in gay porn). I can't get the information at the moment, but I saw someone claim soem gay pornstar scrote, kept doing shit specifically to tifs (vagina to ass/not slowing down) and I think because trans pornstars in general are so niche and TIF pornstars are even a smaller niche, that nobody gives a fuck. They aren't as fetishized or well known. But it made me feel really sad to think of mentally ill muliated women sleeping with actually gay scrotes who probably have to inject their dicks to get hard. It's probably the most validating thing to them to sleep with men who actually exclusively sleep with men and are literally paid to do it.
Or gross bisexuals men. I don't know, I wish I could find the tweet but I really don't want to go into trans sex work twitter to look for some random post i'm thinking of.

No. 1830006

modern day lgbt community hates the women or the “afabs” (as they say) in the community. tifs get the disadvantages of being biologically women so not being taken seriously by anyone in the community especially by gay men and having made up “male privilege” so are treated like they’ve never encountered misogyny. lesbians are just always forgotten by the rest of the community and everyone shits on lesbians for having boundaries

No. 1830024

Remember Rory's art and how she left the internet after everyone made fun of her for her art and an example of "how not to draw transsexuals" and how she was condemned for "having a transman fetish"? Well I think we need a little or a lot of that here, I'm surprised I don't see "trutrans" talking about it or making it a main topic. I think that these girls need to become the joke of the internet to put their feet on the ground. (sorry for the madness)

No. 1830033

No. I want them to start posting themelves in places like r/femboys, r/askgaybros, pushing themselves as feminine men whenever and wherever possible until actual men get annoyed and put a stop to all this shit en masse.

No. 1830067

>actual men get annoyed and put a stop to all this shit en masse.

It didn't work with women and TIMs, sadly. Gay men are still called fags or "learn to love some boy pussy" from these hags.

No. 1830089

The hijab quite literally defines your gender because it is only for women. It maintains that a woman's body is a desired object, and the woman's fault if a moid desires her. In muslim countries there are women who wish to be men solely to be treated less shit because of all the things in the religion about women (things which made me become exmuslim) so I wonder why this girl is genderspecial but also Muslim, wouldn't it be easier mentally to leave the religion. But you can also be ostracised for it (the quran says you must kill apostates) so is it like a weird cope, or a way to feel like an extra special unicorn minority to white twitter users, or something? Sorry for sperg

No. 1830092

You sound based and hot tbh but it makes me a bit sad to think that even some of the bolder cryptos feel like they should post pro troon shit to keep the peace. If you make money from commissions though I understand why you'd do it. I never had a large following but I tend to say I don't care what pronouns people use for me but never repost pro troon stuff.

What kind of propaganda is best to spread?

No. 1830112

This is only possible because the wall is torn down and any attempt at gatekeeping becomes an attempt to lean on an empty wall the way a plant is tied to a rod.

No. 1830152

No. 1830164

Gay men already let them know they aren't welcome. Other than the infamous gay sex party ftm post and all of the (rightful) troon hate on ask gay bros it seems to be working.

I wish lesbians were able to do the same to troons. Being socialised to coddle men will be the death of us.

No. 1830180

File: 1684477472439.png (272.81 KB, 270x846, Capture2.PNG)

The #mlmmonday hashtag on twitter is like a goldmine. It's got less cocks then an eunuch meeting.

I doubt any self respecting gay man actually calls himself mlm.

No. 1830185

File: 1684478629581.png (86.03 KB, 1108x461, Capture4.PNG)

I doubt anyone is scared of you.

No. 1830288

>It's got less cocks then an eunuch meeting.

No. 1830289

"Muh eyeliner so sharp it slays the patriarchy" type beat
Sorry Becky but makeup=girl rethoric is more of a troon thing than a normal people thing, so no we aren't scared

No. 1830299

The gay porn industry (and consumers for that matter) is filled with mentally ill, sex-addicted Kinsey 3s-5s and this is a well-known phenomenon. I remember years ago I was linked to a thread on DataLounge (a gay message board) and they were very openly hostile to what they called a concerted effort by the porn industry to market trannies and have men sleep with them. It's basically what the mainstream media has been doing for years but this time it's porn.

No. 1830302

Rory was before her time. If she reappeared today I think people would be much more reluctant to make fun of her Captain America bimbofication art (her Kylo Ren would still be fair game though)

No. 1830309

Do you ever get commissioned by TIPs to draw things specifically supporting transness? I'm tempted to take comms but an FtM headcanon for one of the main characters is really prominent in my fandom to the ppint where it's almost treated as canon despite having no evidence, and I'd hate to be asked to draw that shit.

No. 1830338

Interesting that they choose "mlm" as an identifier considering that was a tag used for yaoi and shipping fics/art on fanspaces. It says a lot

No. 1830366

Tell them you’re a tif and drawing ftm characters is triggering.

No. 1830383

You're confusing mlm which has always been a TIF term with m/m which has always been a fandom term.

No. 1830384

NTA but I'm seconding this. You hear straight TIFs say all the time how they totes love transmen but can only date "cis" men because muh dysphoria.

No. 1830392

Was a pedophile. Stop using his stupid scale theory. The kinsey scale is retarded, either you're bisexual or gay.

No. 1830405

File: 1684511364532.jpg (179.55 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20230508_030247_com…)

The classic trans pizza face

No. 1830409

This. Sick of seeing that stupid scale used unironically. Same with conservitards who say "there's only two genders!" like no retard, two sexes. Gender was invented by another nonce, John Money.

No. 1830425

Bipolar isn't a personality disorder at all. It's a mood disorder. There are impulsive manic episodes, but I don't think it contributes to trannyism like BPD does. I think it's as likely for a tranny to have bipolar as it is for a normie to have bipolar.

I do believe more women are diagnosed bipolar, but I'm not sure.

No. 1830427

File: 1684513622027.png (Spoiler Image,135.42 KB, 635x479, bologna dick.PNG)

The comments are nothing but unsung praise about how good it looks but in what world does that shit look good? It looks like someone sewn a tube of bologna to her crotch.

No. 1830430

Why do they get these meat tubes so big, majority of penises aren't this long and it's unnaturally thick. It's like they've only seen dicks from hentai

No. 1830435

The anime club circa 2005

No. 1830437

Since TIMs think catcalling and misogyny is validatingTM and gives them euphoria, I wonder if TIFs feel the same way about zits…
A friend told me that TIFs have a weird tendency to be unhygienic af, so it's likely

No. 1830439

I noticed that they're always too big and unnaturally shaped, plus they're positioned pointing straight down instead of hanging from the front like a dude. I wonder if one is held in a hand does it just feel like an arm with no bones

No. 1830441

Most r*ddit TIMs look just as unhygienic so idk it it says anything

No. 1830442

Surgeons won't give then metrically big ones. It's big mostly in comparison to the proportion of their smaller-than-moid bodies

No. 1830444

File: 1684516565693.jpg (699.05 KB, 3024x4032, Aimee_Challenor_campaigning_fo…)

Was gonna try to find that one pic where those reddit troon mods on that couch looking rancid but i found picrel instead and thought, "man he looks inbred". Now I'm wondering if there may be a correlation between being inbred and being trans. Saging for tinfoil

No. 1830445

Imagine it being normal to think "your vagina is the problem, that is the solution".

No. 1830451

Having gender dysphoria is not a choice but being trans definitely is. Cope harder, Ezzy Girl

No. 1830452

That's the thing, they never warn these girls. Whether it be about the end result or the side effects, doctors are sneaky af about it, otherwise who would fall for such an abomination? Even if they see other girls' results online, they probably think they'll be an exception

No. 1830454

File: 1684517099540.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.99 KB, 1100x733, 2FD197B1-B9BF-4B6C-8EE1-B121FD…)

Now that I think about it, why don’t they ever get flaccid dicks? Like Michelangelo’s David. It seems less awkward to walk around with and would probably look sightly less disgusting, right? I mean, there’s no way those girls are actually fucking women or moids with those flesh tubes, those things always look like they will explode in a Tarantino way if someone touches it.

No. 1830455

One of the red flags for when a woman is going to turn aiden is taking pride in horrific hygiene. Todokaras is the ultimate example of that, there's definitely a correlation between being a "uwu goblin trash boy stinky boy smol mud boi" and horrific mental illnesses

No. 1830458

Yep! Another life saved! This was absolutely necessary! A matter of life and death!

No. 1830460

well, since the arm skin fruit roll up isn't an actual organ, it can't change size to suit the occasion (arousal, cold, etc), so if they intend to try to use it like a penis for intercourse, they have to get it as big as they want it for an "erection"

No. 1830471

03:42 fucking yikes

No. 1830472

Something I've noticed and I don't understand this thinking or logic, is that many tifs say it causes them dysphoria to date other tifs but you see them producing and sharing ftm pornography. I have never met a tif that is dedicated to making content solely and exclusively with two real men, they always somehow end up putting their trans fetish

No. 1830477

>they're positioned pointing straight down instead of hanging from the front like a dude

It's because they usually don't get balls, from what I've seen, so there's nothing stopping it from hanging straight down between the legs like the useless meat tube it is

No. 1830478

They could just use some weird penis extensions like the ones that are sold for moids for some extra small penis incel euphoria kek. In the end the whole concept and process of getting an arm sausage is just plain retarded.

No. 1830493

probably both. people tend to think islam is a "saveable" religion because they conflate actual racism and hatred of largely arab cultural practices with thoughtful criticism of the religions many many bigotries and obscenities. unfortunately it's really easy for "muslims" like this to just pretend islam is a peaceful, loving, prancing-in-a-field religion and that they can alter the scriptures as much as they want. and this person is indonesian so becoming an apostate would likely get them killed, abused or disowned, so it seems like a copout to escape woman/sisterhood and thus pretend you're not perceived as a woman in a misogynist society. i have zero stakes in islam and i only know what ive seen from diaspora muslims around me, and diaspora muslim moids are AWFUL. i almost dont blame this person for wanting to be less appetizing or not as straightforward a target to men.

No. 1830508

I get "sir'd" a lot by boomers and randos on the street. I have a mullet and a flat chest and I wear a lot of baggy shirts with jeans. It especially happens if I have a beanie or a dad cap on.

It got me thinking that TiFs probably get called "sir" frequently by old people who think women have to wear makeup and high heels with long hair. It probably makes them feel like they pass, when in reality they just look like women with short hair.
I was getting self conscious about my mullet looking at this thread, but I'm glad to know that there's other GC women who think that they look cool.

No. 1830514

I don't get it either. Tifs seem to love PIV sex and pregnancy in their "gay" content despite their horrible dysphoria, but then they still hate het ships where the female character doesn't use male pronouns. It makes no sense.

No. 1830524

Jc these women had to have been lobotomized before being sold into sexual slavery cause there's no reason why a woman would put herself in this situation. A woman tries to transition into a man, insert herself into gay porn, and is then brutalized? And she keeps doing it? I just don't get how someone can be so mentally damaged and it hurts to see there are women who fall that far.
>Being socialised to coddle men will be the death of us.
Always has been.

No. 1830526

They want the fun of PIV sex without a woman in the middle either because they're straight or misogynists.

No. 1830527

All that retardation aside, her eyeliner isn't even good kek. If it turned into a knife, that knife wouldn't even be able to slice some cheese.

No. 1830543

>i am a man!
no, you’re not. at most, you’re a TRANS man (which i doubt). but a MAN? never.

No. 1830544

does anyone actually know how phaloplasty dicks work? are they just constantly “erect”?

No. 1830546

KEK idk why its like a rule in art that upside wink=female downside=male. Or
>downside=flirty woman

No. 1830560

There's an inflatable rod in the frankenpenis which is activated by using a pump in the balls. When they're done having the worst sex imaginable, there's a button you can press in the balls that makes it go back down. Six Million Dollar Man ain't got shit on TIFs.

No. 1830573

File: 1684529076685.jpg (59.88 KB, 1000x769, 61g7AhUws0L._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

that username tho. "iIuvBoyz" It's giving "boy-crazy straight girl"

No. 1830576


No. 1830577

Not all have this device installed, most keep a pure flesh rot dog. There's also an option for a permanent bone implant.

Anyway from what I've seen "sex" with a rot dog usually involves wrapping it into some sort of tape and then inserting the cold (bad circulation, also why they usually look so white and gross) and wobbly (it's literally just skin and fat tissue, so it feels sort of like a breast I imagine) into the partner and moving it around until both are satisfied with the larp.

Rot dogs are usually completely numb, but it's possible to get some sensation from the flayed clitoris that may or not be buried in the stem.

Also, since these are TiFs they don't have a clue about how penises work and get these giant beer can type things installed and unlike a real penis that grows and shrinks, they are always the same size, so I imagine they get in the way of daily life quite a lot.

No. 1830585

I just take the money and run since it's whatever (more brownie points) but you can say it triggers you, you're uncomfortable because sob story, etc. It works because even lots and lots troons do this so you'll fly under the radar. I don't want to reveal all of the tricks of the trade here (troons read this thread kek, hi i'm in your walls and taking your money btw) but you can get away with a lot, there is always a way out of doing a troon drawing.
It's honestly the money, but some troons have caught onto the tactic of being "trans" but not posting pro-trans stuff so I do it to keep the peace. This is how you stay green on shinigami eyes for years kek.
I can't disagree actually, I'm not creepshow art so it doesn't actually feel very good to be two-faced, but at the same time I don't want to be thrown out.

No. 1830637

Do TIFs know the average cis man can beat their ass?

this tbh a lot of them have names like stinky or roach so it makes sense.

No. 1830646

They seem to think domestic violence only happens to silly bimbo Karen's and lesbians (even though those stats have been debunked to show that the violence occurred when the bisexual women were with their MALE partners). Gay moid relationships are all fun and games, duh! Cis men are all golden retriever bf's who can do no wrong.

No. 1830684

They do sound like a real MLM scam, though. "Join us if you hate being a woman/you are NLOG/you want to fuck gay men/hate your body".

No. 1830685

I mean, they saw Fallon breaking the skull of that poor MMA woman even if Fallon whined over and over he's a "precious girl" and "women can beat him too". If that doesn't wake them up, nothing will.

No. 1830709

They have to make them big like that to maintain blood supply so it wont just all die and rot off

No. 1830710

I don't think that's necessarily why, as even the ones with balls are still positioned oddly. I think it's just anatomy/positioning of the genitalia, and is the same reason why tims have "front holes" when they get their dicks inverted. Maybe I'm wrong on that but I don't think pseudophalluses are put in quite the right place as a real dick would be, even putting aside that they're often crooked or otherwise deformed.

No. 1830711

>referring to normal cis peoplr as women and moids
>and tifs as those girls
I meam they're adults too but it reads tho whole thread calling them immature

No. 1830714

That's already been done.

No. 1830718

no, this is just you being out of touch on purpose

No. 1830719

I remember looking into this because I felt bad for feeling like it was exploitation but every single srs I've seen is essentially exploitation. I feel so bad for anyone who is so distressed they think extreme genital mutilation is the answer, no one should have to endure this torment. It's impossible for these things to last, genitalia is such a complex organ and I feel like there's almost no way to consent to something like this because like… you're genuinely just mowing over the most important part of your body that can actually feel pleasure and stitching an unfamiliar object to it that your body is going to repeatedly try to reject and rot off. They have to take immunosupressants for the rest of their lives, its literally body horror. I don't care about most cosmetic surgery electives but this will always make me sad.

No. 1830742

>immunosuppressants for the rest of their lives
Sounds like a slow and painful death if they ever get a common cold.

No. 1830798

It looks odd because these surgeons aren't sculptors, I doubt they could draw an anatomically correct penis or vagina with a pencil, and we're expecting them to construct genitals out of flesh. It's dead on arrival. Think about how a face's beauty changes by moving the proportions around by mere centimeters. These evil plastic surgeons will never be able to compete with mother nature.

No. 1830803

So, was wondering.

Do you think tifs with onlyfans wonder why they get only straight men subscirbing?

No. 1830804

It wouldn't be possible for them to construct a penis at all regardless of how anatomically versed and artistically gifted they were. The tissue, glands, and thousands of blood vessels required is not humanly possible. This surgery is inhumanem

No. 1830863

File: 1684573150749.jpg (Spoiler Image,235.83 KB, 1080x1627, Screenshot_20230519_212905_Chr…)

The absolute state of terminally online TiFs, at this point I think I still prefer the hyperfeminine ones who put zero effort into looking vaguely androgynous, at least they don't go through this kind of extreme self-harm.

No. 1830871

>curvy boy
Sorry babes you’re just a titless obese mentally ill woman.

No. 1830883

File: 1684578689232.jpg (45.82 KB, 872x322, wtf.jpg)

Found everything about this extremely creepy.

No. 1830887

Holy shit. Used to be groomers would sneak around and DM their victims, not post that shit publicly. You should report her, nona. Probably won't achieve anything, but it's worth a shot. It's genuinely concerning. The fact she opens with "I'm not trying to be creepy" is a red flag too, IMO. If you're not being a creep, you don't need to state that because you would know you're not.

No. 1830896

What kind of deranged fetishist actually finds her sexually attractive enough to subscribe to her OF?

No. 1830908

nta but daddy hasn't become over sexualized? lol

No. 1830926

>cold (bad circulation, also why they usually look so white and gross) and wobbly (it's literally just skin and fat tissue, so it feels sort of like a breast I imagine)
They were already gross enough without me knowing this, thanks for the insight nona. So it has absolutely 0 in common with male genitalia on all fronts, even down to the shape, yet tifs are claiming its life saving and euphoric somehow…

No. 1830942

File: 1684587823992.jpg (81.95 KB, 640x800, so macho.jpg)

>cure transphobia, not trans people
Yeah, fuck mentally ill people. Let's send the sane ones to re-education camps.

No. 1830943

Deranged fetishists have no morals, anon

No. 1830944

>feels like a breast
I guess you could say they just get a crotch boob.

No. 1830950

In twitter it means fat in general for fatties to feel "sexy" (read:deluding having a fit, hourglass body)

but kek

No. 1830951

Wtf is going on with her chest? Is that a bruise from binding?

No. 1830953

>immunosuppressants or else the sausage/stinkditch rots

Do u have any sources? I'm genuinely worried as a fellow human being too

No. 1830965

She looks like she has a porn actor mustache from the 70's

No. 1830967

No, because they really think the straight men who like their vaginas are gay

No. 1830995

I think that's only for the really experimental surgeries involving organ transplantation. Though I actually haven't heard of a penis transplant or a uterus transplant on a trans person besides the one that killed Lili Elbe a hundred years ago, I've only heard of them in modern times on people who had those organs to begin with and lost them to cancer or injury.

Arm sausages and stinkditches are made of the person's own tissue horribly rearranged. The body would treat it as a serious wound and try to heal it but wouldn't treat it as a foreign invader and attack it as far as I know.

No. 1831047

It’s not true, you don’t need immunosupressants for own tissue grafts. No need to make stuff up about these butcher surgeries.

No. 1831048

No. 1831077

Jesus Christ, that hairline. Combined with the mustache, it makes her look like a child molester.

No. 1831078

lol muscle where? looks like lunch lady arms

No. 1831083

Noncecore seems to be the latest fashion trend with troons.

No. 1831086

Want to damage your autistic daughter's breasts? I'll hook you up! It's discreet, so your spouse won't ever know!

No. 1831088

They're straight. They're not into pussy, no matter how much they say the TMAM mantra. They want porn that depicts their husbando with vagina'd TiF they can self-insert as. They're not actually attracted to the TiF in that scenario, it's just a vehicle for projection.

No. 1831089

What fandom, if you don't mind me asking?

No. 1831094

Yeah they always say "teehee I'm constantly making straight guys question their sexuality, you're a fag bro" even they look super girly.

No. 1831102

File: 1684607372774.jpg (8.05 KB, 227x222, shrug.jpg)

did something happen to her neck or does she just do that retarded hunch pose intentionally?

No. 1831109

she has to raise her shoulders to make herself look buff

No. 1831124

Why do these straight women make it harder for themselves by removing all features that would make them appealing to men. They become repulsive to normal men, and are only left with dangerous coomer men with a fetish to choose from. Making their lives harder for no reason.

No. 1831154

The part I don't get is why vagina and pregnancy are gross and dysphoria causing when she/her is used but sexy and validating when he/him is used

A lot of tif art is straight as hell breeding kink art; why is that not activating their terrible dysphoria just because a single pronoun is changed?

No. 1831182

File: 1684616986967.jpg (21.05 KB, 474x355, th-2726521733.jpg)

>normal men, and are only left with dangerous coomer men

No. 1831202

Leave Sam Smith alone

No. 1831247

File: 1684627861387.png (345.25 KB, 762x590, Firefox_Screenshot_23.png)

kino incoming

No. 1831254

I think what makes me feel bad about it is that literally everyone is making fun of them and their photos are passed around male groupchats and degraded and they have no idea. All of thats online forever and there will come a time where they're upset they ever posted like this.

No. 1831256

Sorry I posted that, I don't know much about phallo except the one time I went on a deep dive because it seems like torture. Maybe I got that mixed up with actual implantation of real penises.

No. 1831293

File: 1684634227582.jpeg (168.68 KB, 1284x1448, IMG_4165.jpeg)

why do so many tifs do this shit with their typing

No. 1831300

She's an actual nazi, or is it just some dumb shit that trans people made up?

No. 1831308

a lot of them have "DID systems" now lol. just like all of them have autism and adhd too

No. 1831310

homestuck was a mistake

No. 1831311

>repulsive to normal men
Becauae most moids are "normal men" and if the average moid with average taste found them attractive it causes dysohoria, kek

No. 1831323

File: 1684640818161.jpeg (238.62 KB, 2048x1206, FwgCdSAXsAAl0xI.jpeg)

There are straight fans of Zelda. News at 9…

No. 1831329

I'd take female Link over mentally ill female Link any day.

No. 1831339

Link has important shit to do, if he was a girl he wouldn’t give a fuck and just fulfill his duties while also having fun and making friends, because unlike the average TiF, Link has self-esteem and a purpose in life other than trying to be a NLOG girl.
It’s just so funny when TiFs make tranny headcanons, they always pick characters like Link, Snufkin, Kaeya and so on, characters that are calm, that can get shit done and that even though they haven’t had a perfect life, they keep going and try to do their best to enjoy life. Literally the opposite of the average TiF that wouldn’t be able to graduate from highschool or go to college because “muh anxiety and muh dysphoworia because I can’t wear pink shirts because you woman when you pink and you man when you blue”.

No. 1831349

Like some characters in c-dramas. The ones that have a dandy, carefree and would rather use art than a weapon? Is obviously a TIF! This man is a strong character but also is calm and cold headed? TIF in disguise!

We already saw in Mulan to see how a "TIF" would behave in a "man world", girls. They would get killed for trying to disguise themselves as men! Even in a lore!

Or watch The romance of the Tiger and The rose so you can find a strong female character from a world where woman do rule a sect and a city.

No. 1831351

Why is there a scar across the abdomen? I thought they take flesh from the arm or leg

No. 1831355

so grim, shes a natural blonde under that pissy peroxide according to the colour of her pubebeard and has genuinely cute facial features but is just drowning in fat, shitty tattoos, and gender. she literally could have been stacy
>normal men
but i think these girls get so caught up in the delusion they really think theyre protecting themselves from all straight men and will be left alone with their pick of harmless tame bishie faggot husbandos (which… kek)
ugh, this is so true and such a reality check.

No. 1831360

File: 1684648297494.jpeg (39.97 KB, 500x443, A6D2BE5D-A19A-4566-9ACC-E035E9…)

Sage for autistic goth infodumping and late reply but Blixa actually was quite involved with the gay scene in the 80s and bartended at gay bars. Pic related, it’s him and Wolfgang Muller. Maybe he was doing shit like this for shock value or he just ran into a lot of gay people because both goths and gays frequented the same sex shops to buy leather clothes/chokers/etc. but Nick Cave and Peter Murphy didn’t act like this.
You’re right about artsy twinkish men leading surprisingly heteronormative sex lives behind the scenes though. Straight will literally perform femininity just so that they can convince “art hoes” that they’re not like the other guys

No. 1831363

File: 1684649296206.jpeg (152.57 KB, 1600x1200, AD088B1E-7CC5-45C2-80ED-050F8F…)

the stupidity and lack of self awareness are off the charts

No. 1831369

>normal female link is a walking sex object
>tif link got rid of her dirty pillows and is back to being an action hero
Very cool, Aiden. You definitely don't have a fucked up view of women.

No. 1831373


Love how the female link is oversexualized. Those women really hate their gender, dont' they?

No. 1831381

File: 1684652305790.jpg (123.68 KB, 1280x956, bathroom.jpg)

bathroom graffiti I saw the other day

No. 1831387

Which one is she calling a Nazi? Also strongly doubt anyone here is a Nazi. Twitter will call people Nazis for folding laundry wrong.

No. 1831388

Link isn't superficial enough to troon out either way. Food, naps, and saving Hyrule are the only things he cares about.
Also the fetishization of the surgery scars is really getting out of hand. Old school TiFs used to go out of their way to treat the scars or tattoo over them to conceal them as much as possible. But recently I've heard of people ignoring doctors' aftercare advice specifically to make the scars as bad and as obvious as possible, because they basically view it as a fashion statement. They all just want to be "edgy" and "subversive," unlike all those boring lame basic women! That's why they all have the same hideous septum piercing.
God, I do not envy girls who have to be teenagers in the age of TikTok pedophiles, plastic surgeons on Instagram, and trannyshit literally everywhere. Hopefully this nonsense will be over by the time I have a daughter.

No. 1831389

Misogyny. They hate themselves and other women, but they have the same fantasies as most other straight women (marriage, babies). Basically, take literally anything conventionally associated with women, and the dichotomy for TiFs is that when a woman does it, it's lame, and when a "man" does it, it's cool or sexy.

No. 1831398

Bisexual guys and girls are the same in that sense. The majority of them love to ~perform~ gay because it's fun and subversive but are exclusively opposite sex in their private life. Inb4 biphobia kek

No. 1831400

>transmen are brothers
>in the women's restroom
fucking kek

No. 1831401

don't forget that retarded twitter post on making "stylized" top surgery scars.

No. 1831403

File: 1684658586690.png (78.78 KB, 676x922, alogmaterial.png)

samefag, found it again

No. 1831407

top right is a TIF that goes by Cavetown i think she makes indie or bedroom pop or something
kek no she’s not, granted I don’t remember the exact milk but some jewish people joke tweet and her saying tranny as a teen resurfaced so she had to come out as a TIF

No. 1831420

File: 1684663226615.jpg (131.81 KB, 1080x1286, R.jpg)


No. 1831453

This is the artist that does the adult Simpsons comic isn’t it? She looks exactly like I expected based on her self portraits lol

No. 1831468

File: 1684674183229.png (8.48 KB, 892x117, kjvb ksdjfrvb.png)

now, our next game of: stunning & brave or biid!!!!

No. 1831498

Based drawing, fair enough, realistic enough but it just screams even more art-imitates-life. Counterproductive much?

No. 1831499

Impossible any other woman would touch that unless she's a TIF kek

No. 1831500

I thought Link was the most TIMwashed aside from femboys? WTF is this

>She's an actual nazi
Nona can u rephrase this? I'm ESL

No. 1831510

>than trying to be a NLOG girl
>Love how the female link is oversexualized
>Link isn't superficial enough to troon out either way.
>I thought Link was the most TIMwashed
Men can't be nlogs, not even fictional characters. And men cannot be TIFs. I don't understand what the drawing is even about or the comparison even make sense but i have a gut reaction to that drawing it's drawn by a moid/moid in disguise. It makes sense for TIMs however to project onto him and make him troon out

No. 1831516

it's bi men reacting kek

No. 1831576

File: 1684680905496.jpeg (83.24 KB, 680x680, 1684432990599.jpeg)

"Is the fans that makes female Link sexualized! That's why transphobes are against FTM Link!".

1- There's a female Link called Linkie and she's not sexualized at all.

2 - Is always the yaoi fans that sexualize male Link the most.


No. 1831584

>women sexy and weak
>men BIG and HEROIC and EPIC
>girl is when sexy and boy is when strong
I hate this I hate aidens and I hate troons

No. 1831585

Every day I confirm more that the more masculine, edgy, rude a tif is self portrayed, the more feminine, delicate it is in real life.

No. 1831615

e.g. teenage mutant ninja turtles in their original and genderbent forms are already enough to trigger the trans subreddits. How is their own work not even transphobic kek

No. 1831638

Leave mcr alone, tifs are infesting it is as it is because gerard wore dresses on stage or smth

No. 1831657

I can get fans self-inserting as a character as a base for somewhat relatable irl traits and all but moids literally cannot do female-exclusive functions like getting pregnant or having a womb. Logic makes no sense.

No. 1831681

They want to be 2000s scene kids

No. 1831699

File: 1684695439624.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.28 KB, 700x700, blog.jpg)

the artist is trying to say that male fans loves when a male character is genderbend into a woman in coom art but they lose their shit when someone has a trans headcanon because it goes against canon even though their coom art goes against canon too. I know tifs has a fucked up view of how women should be but this isn't a "women behave like this, men behave like that" comic it's a "genderbend coom art vs trans headcanon" comic

No. 1831705

Some of them want to make themselves intentionally ugly because they hate male (sexual) attention, or they want to escape the constraints of performing femininity

No. 1831706

Many tifs are victims of sexual abuse, and their transition is their way of giving themselves the illusion of protection. They don't understand that being ugly doesn't make them any less vulnerable or unsafe(sage your shit)

No. 1831708

File: 1684697528865.png (81.34 KB, 1334x750, 8DE2732C-6EF8-4091-B66D-8907F1…)

Let’s be real here for a moment, Gerard is a baby-faced 5’7 he/they. He practically is an honorary FTM

No. 1831756

I despise TiF Link so much. I actually love genderbend fanart of female butch Link (I also like the femboy Link fanart kek) but TiF fanart is grotesque self-hatred, self-harm, and modern millennial/zoomer navel gazing that will always be OOC for Link. Link is too busy saving Hyrule to be a self-absorbed TiF.

No. 1831806

its not criticizing the coom aspect of it, trannies are required to worship at the alter of coom. she's 100% telling on herself how she views men vs women

No. 1831814

A lot of the emo kids from back then also trooned out.

No. 1831826

this is especially embarrassing behavior for someone who is almost fifty years old

No. 1831837

File: 1684709953299.png (220.42 KB, 587x1023, Skitarii yaoi agenda.png)

Picrel. If someone tells her that calling herself a "skinny soft boi" while sleeping with older "gay men" or "pervert queers" won't help her to deal with her sexual abuse, people would tear that person down.

No. 1831839

File: 1684710113028.png (14.82 KB, 622x411, Skitarii yaoi agenda on Twitte…)

samefag: Don't make me tap the "Ancient civilizations were horribly misogynist, of course the would sleep more with other men (while being homophobic) so they can use women only for breeding" sign.

No. 1831855


it is such a self own when people bring up the ancient civ thing because "femboys" in that context was literally just children and the men going after them were pedophiles because it was legal. like that's the secret untapped reservoir of gay men all these idiots are fantasizing about. that's why no amount of liberalization has actually made the straights like ancient greeks in any modern country.

No. 1831896

That's what irks me too with the "noble ancient history non touched by evil Christians white people" or TIF wishing they were born in the "totally open LGBT Ancient Greek". No, Aiden, they would have seen you as woman and stripe the rights you have in this era. Claiming you're a man in a woman's body? You're just a furniture made for babies, go to lie somewhere else.

No. 1831907

Stark contrast between tif and moid brains

No. 1831912

2 months on synthetic moid gel and she got fatter and her hair got dirtier, plus I love how her "male stance" is basically hands in pockets lol. Delusional. Plus why the fuck are her armpits yellow, as if the brown/red stain in her chest wasn't enough, all while doing the girliest dance ever. Why can't these people shower.

No. 1831933

This is probably a teenager, isn't it? Teenagers have a lot of time on their hands and crave validation, it isnt shocking for them to think doing something like this is a much bigger or more profound statement than it actually is.

No. 1831934

They were literally children. Oh my god

No. 1831951

kekking at this basically being the threadpic

No. 1831962

Same with the situation of some kids in some Islam countries: they're taught to do belly dance, have a "sugar daddy" and being discarded as soon as they're older and not cute enough. I bet that would be the biggest wet dream for that TIF.

No. 1831965

File: 1684722714599.jpg (166.2 KB, 1080x1753, Screenshot_20230521_223102.jpg)

Samefag: tell me you hate women… You know, forget about it. The way they hate women or being women is not ha-ha funny anymore.

No. 1831972

File: 1684723725724.png (16.53 KB, 476x271, cognitivedissonance.png)

>these ideas aren't contradictory

No. 1831993

The way any tif would hate being a woman was never funny, its jist sad

No. 1831994

This shepherd moid i kinda doubt that tho

No. 1831995

I hated other women the most when I was at my lowest self-esteem, literally watched and agreed with MGTOW and MRA youtubers. These women who hate women are the same. Valuing other women starts with valuing yourself as a woman, and not seeing yourself as less important, less beautiful, less worthy of happiness than men. I wish it wasn't so hard to get there, it seems it's just getting harder because of troon bullshit.

No. 1831996

I hated other women the most when I was at my lowest self-esteem, literally watched and agreed with MGTOW and MRA youtubers. These women who hate women are the same. Valuing other women starts with valuing yourself as a woman, and not seeing yourself as less important, less beautiful, less worthy of happiness than men. I wish it wasn't so hard to get there, it seems it's just getting harder because of troon bullshit.

No. 1832003

There's some cases where women limits their misogyny to themselves tho. Idk how valuing other women starts with valuing themselves, as most of their hatred is directed at themself. Yes, the case of all tifs.

No. 1832013

File: 1684730001730.jpg (152.43 KB, 1024x863, DcsRiRaV4AA0LvT.jpg)

I doubt it too. I wouldn't be comfortable with a harem of women that are paid to have sex with me because they need the money, less with boys/girls that are paid to have sex with me.

These people should understand why back then "homosexuality" was "good": A mix of misogyny and pedophilia, among other stuff.

No. 1832018

>I also like the femboy Link fanart kek
Ewww, those are coomerish and disgusting.

No. 1832022

Literally came here to post this nona kek. It’s cognitive dissonance. She’s still convinced that it’s somehow healthcare for them. She has to convince herself that or else she’ll have to admit she’s no different from the girlies who get breast augs except instead of putting something inside of herself she had her entire chest cut off for aesthetics.

No. 1832025

>The exact age difference between Oda Nobunaga and Mori Ranmaru is not clear. However, it is generally believed that Ranmaru was much younger than Nobunaga and may have been in his early to mid-teens while Nobunaga was in his late 30s or early 40s. Some sources suggest that Ranmaru was only around 17 or 18 years old at the time of his death, while others put his age at around 15 or 16.

No. 1832031

File: 1684733409208.png (30.31 KB, 898x730, Screenshot 2023-05-22 133015.p…)

They all seem to be part of a group where notable ones are robos or smth, but i can't pinpoint it. What are all these about tho? Here's one example picrel

No. 1832032

Samefag, some are moids but idk it seems like the robo aesthetic they all have bugs me for a sec

No. 1832053

home girl thinking trooning Link out is gonna save him from sexualization is very telling

No. 1832055

>Am I in the wrong for ignoring all the porn related to Link as male?
>No, is the transphobes in the wrong for not fapping to TIF Link.

No. 1832067

File: 1684739910327.png (73.11 KB, 303x550, Captura de pantalla 2023-05-22…)


No. 1832070

When a man/male character troons they become a TIM. I don't understand what the f**k is a male character being made a TIF.

No. 1832072

Proof TIFery or off-topic

No. 1832085

It's called being retarded kek

Genuinely all of the popular ftm headcanons always confuse me. Link, Scout and characters like Ciel or even Dazai. I know we all know the 'trans ideology perpetuates stereotypes' line but it must be miserable pigeon-holing people all the time.

>My favourite self insert character is twans because they like [hobby]!!

People like this have got to be some of the most miserable people on the planet. It must be tiring to be that annoying

No. 1832087

Damn she really has gone full retard since taking the troon pill, what a waste of talent.

No. 1832091

Quit vendetta posting this chick. A FTM getting fat, hairy and generally being unhygienic isn't milk. Are you one of the Aidens crying in her comment sections about how she's making a mockery of true and honest troons?

No. 1832092

Yeah, that's the surface-level premise of the post. But she's also basically implying that her (as you said) equally fetishistic coom art of Linkle is "better" because she's Not Like Other Girls and chopped her tits off. In her eyes, it's more "canonical" and "valid" to have Linkle hate herself for being female, yet the comment section admonishes it while approving of male-gaze-Linkle. (I'm calling it Linkle instead of female Link for the sake of brevity.)

No. 1832093

>Logic makes no sense
Are you saying that about TiFs' behavior, or my interpretation of it? In their eyes, "Girly" things are cooler when male-identified people do them. Bizarrely enough, that even includes things like pregnancy, because they perceive (superficially) TiFs as "men." To them, so-called "seahorse dads" are so ~brave~ and ~countercultral~ unlike those lame Beckies who give birth while identifying entirely as women. That's why TiFs prefer to give the male characters in their ships vaginas instead of just shipping women; they don't want to project onto a female character, because that doesn't validate their delusions.

No. 1832094

Gomen anon, it was a typo. I meant to say
>Is she an actual Nazi?

No. 1832099

Because the character "presents" as male. People in fandoms, especially TiFs, generally prefer headcanons where the character's canon gender is the one they transitioned to. Sometimes AGPs will draw canonically male characters as TiMs, which you occasionally also see with Link. But for the most part, people headcanon their "transition goals" "gender envy" favorites as transitioning to whatever they are in the story. Hence all the TiF Links and TiM Samuses. Susie from Deltarune gets drawn as a TiM a lot, which is really irritating. It's basically saying that if a woman is masculine and lesbian, she must secretly have a penis.

No. 1832100

The obsession with scars is just like how every artist would give their original donut steal OC a gazillion scars, or how fan artists will give characters exaggerated scars and battle wounds even if in canon the character is a 13 year who just scraped his knee. Scars are cool to edgelords because they are unique-ish and can either show how tough or brocken a person is.
Ezra even had her own thread but it died 3 months ago. I guess She’s annoying enough to be posted ITT but not milky enough for her own.

No. 1832101

>like pregnancy
It's their behavior, and how far removed from reality it is. Pregnancy is a function of a primary sex characteristic exclusive to women only. Sorry for being a newfag but I just peaked recently

No. 1832116

>fan artists will give characters exaggerated scars and battle wounds even if in canon the character is a 13 year old
It's okay, you can say Homestuck.

No. 1832174

How can that retarded genderspeak be off-topic?

No. 1832192

I wonder how she feels about breast implants on teenage TIMs, or how she feels about "facial feminization surgery" often just being a rhinoplasty to have a ski slope nose

No. 1832215

>"Girly" things are cooler when male-identified people do them
definitely, just look at that "how i look with he/him pronouns in bio" garbage. they're too stuck to stop performing femininity or judging women based off their sexual "use" but they still want to be treated special and be regarded as some awesome rule-breaker/societal outcast/die-hard cool activist/punk/progressive, when their takes are mild as milk. They wanna make a change but are unwilling to change themselves to start.

No. 1832218

It either belongs to here or the woke cringe/TIM thread

No. 1832220

You'd think in an alt subculture where a lot of males are androgynous, like how black veil brides used to look, people wouldn't do the progressive "you're trans" sexism. But I guess since a watered down version of alt is trendy now, and so a lot of tifs are wannabe emos to stick it to mom ugh posers, you get this

No. 1832225

You mean like bacha bazi in Pakistan right

No. 1832283

File: 1684776407145.jpg (74.86 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230522_130158_Ope…)

Did anyone notice r/phallo got banned?

No. 1832286

Dazai? Mister "I want to find a way to kill myself in a painless way and if I can take a cute girl with me to live together in the after life"? I understand headcanons sre for fun but using a suicidal man for claiming he's a TIF is not the best idea.

No. 1832292

yeah I noticed the other day when I was trying to look for more information on how phalloplasty even works. I wonder what happened to the previous mods

No. 1832294

There were mods though. That's the thing. It was strictly modded. So there must have been another reason

No. 1832296

TIF is supposed to be Link as if he (Link isn't a troon in canon) is hiding "the fact he is born female" tho

No. 1832314

Either Aidens were offended that their clit wasn't too phallo enough, their monstrosity of surgery was too much or men used it for show their penis? Still, I'm quite curious as well.

No. 1832315

I remember one mod, dooleys or something, left because the fruit farms SRS thread found her secret account for making fun of other users on r/phallo. Not sure what happened to the other mods. Maybe they were all caught making fun of other TIFs and the whole thing imploded.

No. 1832318

I wouldn't be surprised if there was some mean girl shit going on behind the scenes. But I assume the fact that, shockingly, when you post medical malpractice online, other websites will discuss it played a big part in closing it down. In a way, that sub did more for gender critical people than it did for troons. It's very hard to support medical transition when you see how badly they're butchering mentally ill women.

No. 1832345

>or men used it for show their penis?
Oh god, now I wish I had penis pictures to troll TiFs with.

No. 1832367

From you.com
>It appears that r/phallo is a subreddit that was banned from Reddit for lack of moderation about 8 months ago and then again recently in May 2023. It is unclear if there is any specific reason for the ban other than the lack of moderation.

No. 1832368

Still wish more TIFs were like this because at least they aren't mutilating themselves. TIFs who remove healthy body parts and inject hormones aren't any more of a male than this girl here is

No. 1832374

what does the "masc" part in transmasculine mean anyways these days? also I really do think some of these are just regular woman trolling for attention.(sage your shit)

No. 1832380

Nonna you do realize gender and sex have been used synonymously for years even before money came in right? he believed it could be changed via socialization. for people who dont adhere to the belief system of gender identity, gender is just another word for bio sex. the tragic case of David Reimer is what troons try to argue as proof of gender identity being real

No. 1832390

In my language "mask" means "worm" so that's what I think of

No. 1832393

Gender is either for languages that have gendered words like spanish and french etc, or a "nicer" way to say sex because english speakers made the mistake of using it both for biology and the act of having sex and then got embarrassed by it kek

Funny thing is asking what gender an attack-helicopter is is normal in gendered languages, because every noun has a gender and it includes attack-helicopters.

What gender is NOT is a separate magical entity from your biology that can be of a different sex than the physical body, and thus that means the sex of your body is invalid and doesn't matter.

No. 1832407

The meanings of gender:
>grammatical gender (more or less randomly assigned to nouns in some languages in the depths of history without significance)
>biological sex (used to be a synonym, now somewhat fraught to use it that way due to tranny cults appropriating the term)
>cultural/social expectations/behaviours associated with a certain sex
These are all legit things that can be studied and do really exist and anyone can observe and verify this.
>an innate and inherent property of the human… mind? soul? consciousness? that has NOTHING to do with either sex OR cultural/social gender
There is no evidence for this existing and it's arguably not part of scientific inquiry because it cannot be studied because it cannot be measured and makes no predictions that can be tested. A few people say they have one, most people don't. The definition of the concept is contradictory and incoherent, so it's difficult to talk about it at all, probably why tranny cultists resort to spamming dogmatic phrases instead of engaging in reasoned discussion to persuade people.

No. 1832411

The technical terms for these meanings are "grammatical gender", "sex", "gender", and "gender identity" respectively.

No. 1832412

>>1832407 saging for off topic.
that's the issue with the David Reimer experiment. he was given a neovagina and raised as if he was born female yet knew he wasn't and this was evident even before he was told what happened to him as a baby. if he always knew he was male despite this, this allegedly proves him having an innate sense of gender identity that is male. on the other hand, if it was a success and he did continue living on as a girl even after being told the truth, same thing applies. this happened to only one boy. there really is no concrete way to prove everyone having a gender identity based off this alone

No. 1832428

Before you can prove that people have a "gender identity", you have to define what that is even supposed to be.

The most basic idea would be that the map of the body in the brain doesn't match the actual body, but that's sex dysphoria and gender doesn't come into it at all. I'm pretty sure people who suffer from this due to some kind of neurological damage do exist, but they're incredibly rare, like, maybe one in one thousand truscum trannies, because obviously nothing in the trans movement reflects that a substantial number of people suffer from this kind of thing. I also don't understand what clothing and behaviour (social transition) would do for that, because the body stays the same. Maybe someone who knows about amputee rehabilitation can chime in; it's the closest thing I can think of (map of body no longer corresponds to actual body - what happens to the psyche?)

Gender in the sense of social roles and expectations is something EXTERNAL to the human body and there are significant differences between cultures and populations, even within the same population over time. The only constants are those determined by sex (women give birth, men are stronger, thus some gender roles evolved over and over).
Gender expression is ALSO something external to the person, because you cannot express gender in the absence of cultural gender norms. Wearing make up is only something feminine in a cultural environment where people are considered feminine for wearing make up. 1700s nobles didn't think they were feminizing themselves when they did their make up and wore clothes that are now associated with femininity.
Consequently how you dress or behave can have no bearing on "gender identity"

So what is this elusive "gender identity"? I think I excluded every possible meaning and there's nothing left. I think the reasonable stance is to say "gender identity does not exist" and all the distress we see is caused by other things.

The studies I saw that supposedly demonstrate the existence of "gender identity" all start with the obviously and totally wrong assumption that "gender expression implies gender identity", and trans rights activist invest substantial money and effort into outlawing research (you need to pass an ethics check by a tranny council to study trannies in many places because they are a protected minority), attacking researchers, systematically lying to researchers about their subjective experiences and life stories, and they hide the results of the studies that are starting to come out that show it's all a sham and transition is unequivocally harmful for people.
This perspective also puts the gender cult up there with the most evil and harmful ideologies in history and I fully support this conclusion too. Nothing I said requires deep knowledge or is too complicated for average people to understand, so I hold medical professionals who participate in this circus in high contempt. A good way to see whether a medical professional or social worker is either an imbecile or a psychopath is to look at whether they transition people.

No. 1832472

File: 1684793258055.png (607.37 KB, 875x642, topsurgery.png)

Semi-related but it boggles my mind the most when TiFs edit top surgery scars on really muscular and buff male characters or draw/write them as twans men or "transmasc". I know it's done for self-insert purposes, but headcanoning feminine anime twinks as trans men is at least slightly more believable than hulking muscular male characters kek. Picrel is an example of some One Piece fujo posting edits of Zoro with top surgery scars.

No. 1832480

File: 1684794121561.png (425.5 KB, 907x907, yamato.png)

I try to understand the (fetish) representation behind these scars and all, but I cannot stop thinking how do they work in a world where there's no kind of surgery to make that happens. Medieval age? That poor woman would have died for malpractice. In the middle of the jungle or any place where there's no hospital or doctors? The scar would have become septic.

Any "gendie" would say "is magic/let's not use realism/because I say so".

No. 1832489

It's literally putting self harm scars on fictional characters you kin because want to/have already cut, it's completely fucked that this get away with normalizing this insanity by reframing it as "affirming trans culture" or whatever. It reminds me of that Anon who posted a while ago about how people in her hobby group would post horrific mutilation scars and gaslit her into thinking she is evil and mentally ill for being deeply unsettled and disturbed by seeing that shit.

It's all so nefarious, the perfect breeding ground for abusers and predators.

No. 1832509

Mte. Your examples remind me of Attack On Titan and how plenty of fujos there self-insert as Levi and want him to be a trans man (and of course there's also Hange who is "canon nonbinary" according to fujos). As if characters in that universe could possibly have top surgery and whatnot (or have time to be self-absorbed enough to navelgaze about their gender feelings for that matter). Also I'm AYRT and kek, sorry for the slight OT but I just recently caught up with OP and was disappointed but not surprised to realize that a lot of fujos seriously think Yamato is supposed to be "trans man representation". I guess that's yet another example of self-insert and wish fulfillment to them. The character probably appeals to TiFs who think they are breaking gender roles by being as feminine as possible and should still be considered "men" in the eyes of other people)

Agreed. Since I like some weeb stuff and lurk fandoms (as insufferable as they are for the most part thanks to gender shit), sometimes it feels like I'm taking crazy pills when I see people glorify self harm scars they draw on their favorite characters. Not to mention the lovebombing these TiFs offer to each other when yet another one of them has top surgery irl and posts pictures of their cut off breasts. It's just sinister.

No. 1832510

These could just pass for a cool tattoo, don't be shy aidens draw what actual results look like.

No. 1832530

This lol, why isn't there any representation for nipple grafts with exetremely uneven sizes or for those distinctly boob shaped scars that look like Saitama's oppai hoodie?

No. 1832554

I'll never understand why chinese tifs are always worshiping this shit from the past. It's a well-known fact that in ancient china, majority of these 'gay concubines' were children. Actual children. One such case I remember is how Li Chengqian, a crown prince from the tang dynasty, had an orphan male 'lover' he took from a temple and named Chengxin (which means 'satisfying my heart/heart's satisfaction'), the only records describing Chengxin refer to him as a 'beautiful child older than 10 years old' and he had been with the pedo prince long before those records were written, confirming he was even younger when he was taken by Li Chengqian. Later when Emperor Taizong found out about this, he put Chengxin to death. Not because he hated that the Li Chengqian was a gay pedophile molesting a child, but because he thought this 'plaything' was making him idle and less serious about his position as the crown prince. Tifs really fantasize about this shit? this is supposed to be their gay paradise?

No. 1832578

File: 1684805056004.jpeg (22.56 KB, 337x450, 2229844.jpeg)

Xiran Jay Zhao anyone?
Some feminine enbie retard who wrote novels (which apparently will be made into movies) about ancient China, but with a full-of-shit liberal twist. Saging because i'm not sure about it's contents, but she does brag that China used to be this gay utopia before da evil westerners ruined it…

No. 1832605

File: 1684809189444.jpg (119.06 KB, 732x1104, EDGtvvAWwAAg3Fj.jpg)

>It's literally putting self harm scars on fictional characters you kin because want to/have already cut, it's completely fucked that this get away with normalizing this insanity by re framing it as "affirming trans culture" or whatever.

This is basically posting self-harm scars but is more socially acceptable for some reason. Also lots of TIFs are clockable from their regular self harm scars alone

No. 1832612

I still remember the whole Hange being "genderfluid" started because Isayama was tired of being told "lol you cannot draw women even to save your life". Which honestly breaks my heart because people always seem to ask for more kick-arses women character but as soon as they appear, others have to take the fun and claim "They're trans/genderfluid/agender, sorry, I don't make the rules". Just GTFO with your hc.

And about Yamato, is always because she calls herself as "man", but if she were a TIF, she would cover her boobs, not show them in full view.

No. 1832614

We have spoken about her horrid books here and breadtube. I still remember how she blamed JK Rowling for "an old friend that didn't remember she had but suddenly she remember and said friend died due suicide".

No. 1832616

> Tifs really fantasize about this shit? this is supposed to be their gay paradise?

Is always with "cultures that were totally fine until white people arrived with their Christianity". They seems to ignore that in those cultures no one would have taken their transness seriously and would have been treated as women and expecting them to have babies.

No. 1832617

Where's Ivankov? He doesnt condone this

No. 1832649

File: 1684814364157.jpeg (Spoiler Image,126.32 KB, 1250x423, FwS_kORaMAM6fVC.jpeg)

I'm always a lesbian but i found this based… and hot ngl (not the engineer but the robot, yes and that includes after being "mutilated"/nearly scraped). Am i wrong for expecting more based stuff in a part 2 if Tats continued this part?

No. 1832659

Tatsuya Ishida sure had a big change from being a radfem to a TRA supporter.

No. 1832673

Isn't this satirizing troons?

No. 1832676

no, you're wrong for existing like that, what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 1832685

>I'm always a lesbian but i found this based… and hot ngl
Ah yes, a mutilated robot with chopped tits and a screw hanging between her legs, the 'hottest' thing to ever exist in a world… for those who are fucking mentally ill and need to take their meds. Bitch you got a moid-tier taste.

No. 1832687

>>Implying half the tifs online do anything to look masculine or even bind. Seriously, you've seen the ones that show off their tits for onlyfans money?

No. 1832702

Gender as they see it is a label they cling onto as an identity, and then have to defend at any cost, or their whole sense of self feels at stake to them. It doesn’t make sense logically, it’s the ego at work. No matter how much the idea of gender is debunked, they won’t listen, because their egos feel under attack. I don’t know why they have chosen this particular form of identity, or why it matters so much to them, but you can see it to a lesser extent with other identities, eg a left wing person accused of being right wing. By this point all their social circles, reputation, life story, image, is tied into the “gender identity” and it has replaced who they are entirely. That’s why they get so aggressive around “terfs” or anyone they see as an enemy, or threaten suicide, because it’s such a stupid identity in the first place, it’s easily shaken.

No. 1832703

File: 1684824012657.png (57.69 KB, 550x637, sure.PNG)


Some more of that totally passing transmen who clearly isn't in it for the attention.

No. 1832704

But most lesbians have a moid-tier taste, man. Like i don't have eyes on the half-assed ones unlike a Buck Angel. Why are you so lesbophobic?(lesbophobic)

No. 1832705

I would never kick my daughter out for being gay, or even for being brainwashed by troons into transitioning, but I would have evicted you in preschool

No. 1832706

To add, I'm talking about I only find the ones who can PULL OFF the moid look hot. Plus it's more reasons because the robot looks fine and hot beforehand. Saged for samefag

No. 1832707

File: 1684825169670.png (179.15 KB, 189x499, Mary_of_Egypt.png)

Reposting from a previous thread, ancient TIFs did somewhat exist, but all of them were women who presented themselves as men to becomes monks (the eastern orthodox church did not have nuns during this time period)

>After nine years, they saw that the young girl was beardless and they called her ‘Hilarion the Eunuch’ since there were many such [eunuchs] wearing the habit. For her breasts, too, they were not as those of all women. Above all, she was shrunken with ascetic practices and even her menstrual period had stopped because of the deprivation.”

Anonymous, 'The Life of Hilarion', trans. James Drescher, “Hilaria,” Three Coptic Legends (Cairo: Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale, 1947), pp. 69-82.
>In the case of Hilarion, the author emphasizes that he had stop menstruating and that his breasts were “not as those of all women.” This latter detail is repeated in the story of another trans monk, Anastasius, which explicitly tells us that as a brother was dressing him after his death, the brother “saw that on his chest he had women’s breasts, looking like two shriveled up leaves,” a detail preserved verbatim in both the Syriac and Greek versions of the text.
'Life of Anastasius', 7, trans. Susan Ashbrook Harvey and Sebastian P. Brock, Holy Women of the Syrian Orient (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1987), p. 147.

Picrel Mary of Egypt, one of these women monks

The same lecture also mentioned the important role of eunuchs in byzantine courts(and brothels) often these were castrated orphan boys who would serve the various noble houses in the Byzantine Empire, as their doctors, teachers and record keepers, the Byzantines had learned this "enlightened practice" from the Near Wast, and this horrific and unnecessary shit was presented as progressive and used as evidence for "historical trans identity" that was erased by regressive unenlightened western people

No. 1832709

at the front page I thought this was an ancient komaeda

No. 1832710

no1curr about your weird fetish

No. 1832711

I'm the anon you're referring to and, in all honesty, get fucked. Do you think I can't notice how you've misinterpreted my words on purpose? Go back to twitter with your 'it is lesbophobic to call someone moid-tier for finding mutilation hot reeee' bullshit. If it's moid-tier, it's moid-tier. I'm not going to walk on eggshells just because the person with that shit taste happens to be a lesbian, and no, majority of the lesbians don't have moid-tier taste so 'she' has no excuses. I get a feeling that both you and the og 'always lesbian' anon are baiting though, but then again, it could also be that you're both just retarded.

No. 1832714

>Gender in the sense of social roles and expectations
They are rules and norms to follow. We aren't living in happy land. That's why women are seeing mutilation as freedom, breaking the rules, naming their cage freedom and men (far-right or/and larping as women) are playing with the cage because they can't have their own woman in a cage. It isn't that deep. Those women want to have a sense of control over their life and so do men over what is a woman, so on women.

No. 1832718

So presumably a nurse made a mistake and called her a boy for 5 minutes at birth, meaning she is actually assigned male at birth and therefore her "gender matches the one she was assigned at birth" and thus she is not trans but actually a cis man by trans definitions. That is how trans people set up their belief system. So idk why she is complaining about transphobes when she isn't even trans. Because according to them the gender you're assigned is real and what sex you are isn't observed or real.

No. 1832720

shut your dirty, dirty mouth

No. 1832727

I AM that "always lesbian" anon, unless you're trying to peer through the smallest scope of scrutiny to accuse me of being the "transbian" troon. My point is, trooning out doesn't make you substantially uglier unless one is ugly to begin with.
>finding mutilation hot
I don't find the mutilation hot. I find the inherent looks of the robot hot. I'm not the "boohoo she's no longer sexy" kind because most likely reason is I am not a moid.

You know my mother doesn't do that to me?(derailing)

No. 1832730

Nta but it kinda does. If you take a very attractive woman and then surgically mutilate her, give her testosterone until she grows the classic Aiden squiggle beard, and let her massively decline in hygiene (as they are notorious for), that person is no longer attractive

No. 1832731

That's not the case. Tats is based, but I love how he portrays the robot both before and after her trooning.

No. 1832734

>you know my mother doesn't do that to me?
Okay, I'm gonna not rip on you anymore, but only because I believe it's wrong to bully retarded people

No. 1832744

>ancient TIFs did somewhat exist, but all of them were women who presented themselves as men to becomes monks
Not exactly tifs but yes. Back then there's no such thing as trans. Some women are forced to live as men as the family have no sons/no spare sons they pick the eldest daughter to join in the moidforce.

>not the "boohoo she's no longer sexy" kind because most likely reason is I am not a moid

And then throw in gender stereotypes that not having "1 more mm of chin" makes you a woman.

No. 1832750

Speak for yourself, weirdo. Most lesbians I know - including myself - absolutely don't have "moid-tier taste". You're just butthurt that you got called weird for being attracted to a mutilated transformer from a satirical comic strip.

No. 1832786

We shall make your stunt the next thread pic/title

No. 1832790

I love the way you’re acting like finding the transformers robot attractive is just normal lesbians things instead of your weird fetish. Regardless if you want to fuck the robot with or without a mastectomy, seek help.

No. 1832791

Wtf, in what universe is this based or hot? Is this post an attempt at making ”terfs” look unhinged weirdos? If it’s real we need to start kinkshaming hard on this site

No. 1832815

Yes, I have see them and most of the time they claim "you don't need a surgery to be traaaans" because they know they're more a NLOG than a trans masc or because they don't have the money for a surgery that they know they'll regret.

Still, the fact that TIFs treat breasts like ugly and must be removed even if they're healthy is quite concerning.

No. 1832829

I didn't mean it come across that way, I just meant that just like "historical TIMs" this supposed trans identity was based on misogyny and fucked up views, so most historical TIFs were women who had to "spiritually" become men cause women weren't considered holy and in other cases families without sons would have one of their daughters be a mule for the family working backbreaking labor till they die.

No. 1832844

saging for off topic but also kinda relevant to what you said? this is funny. there's an anime character called saiki k who's a psychic and pretty much has super powers, one involves changing his sex at will. it's mentioned in the manga he came out the womb female because he was messing around and everyone in the hospital was confused because they expected a boy, nurses assumed his junk might just be too small. he switched back hours later. anyways tifs see this as proof of him being canonically a trans man. all because he exited the womb female due to his powers. he was never "assigned female" but tif logic, he was female for a few moments so hes afab i guess. not even the manga author has ever confirmed this yet they insist

No. 1832853

No. 1832865

File: 1684856333343.jpg (125.39 KB, 1000x750, 1684808596384166.jpg)

I'll just leave this here for now…

No. 1832868

This has to be photoshopped or at least involve gigantism/dwarfism of some sort. It's way too uncanny

No. 1832872

Posted last thread.

No. 1832882

File: 1684858346697.png (21.69 KB, 782x456, fujotears.png)

Kek yeah it's pretty obvious that Isayama just got tired of people asking whether Hange is a man or a woman, said "idc anymore, think what you like" and (western) gendies interpreted that to mean she's "genderfluid". That's one of the many examples of how regressive genderists are in their thinking - they can't wrap their heads around a gender nonconforming female character, ever, so they have to troon them out. If a female character is GNC in any way, they go "ooga booga woman is when pink dress" and decide the character has to be some flavor of gender haver instead. It's so retarded.

As for Yamato, from what I understood she just calls herself a boy because she idolizes Oden, who is a man, and wants to be like him? So it's not like she wants to be a man in general per se. But gendies on Twitter think she's a literal man and get mad if you "misgender" her. There was just recently an OP colorspread featuring only female characters and Yamato was also included (and the effeminate male character Kiku wasn't), which of course made genderists sperg out quite a bit about much twansphobia (picrel).

No. 1832890

File: 1684859470073.jpg (184.08 KB, 1012x1800, Collage_2023-05-23_11_30_40.jp…)

I'm referencing this anime character
>>1832853. they claim he's a trans man because he technically came out female but was born and recorded as male.

No. 1832921

File: 1684864250148.jpg (62.12 KB, 1080x991, cringe.jpg)

Least disgusting tif

No. 1832922

I think it needs to be posted in every thread

No. 1832926

>pink text
That's a bingo.

No. 1832930

Wtf is all this even about

No. 1832936

Because tifs' hated of women stems from insecurity, which stems from seeing other women as competitors and feeling like they're losing against these women.

Valuing yourself allows you to let go of thinking other women are competition, which allows you to start appreciating other women.

No. 1832937

How are other (especially non-tif) women competitors if e.g. a tif is a lesbian?

No. 1832958

>she just calls herself a boy because she idolizes Oden, who is a man, and wants to be like him?

Yeah, that's the point of the character. She wants to be like him, she doesn't want to be a man like him.

And since we are talking about animu characters: Sage for blog, but I read the manga of Jigokuraku (Hell's paradise) and I STG some gendies are going insane with two characters who can shape their genders to their own liking even if they're not humans at all.

No. 1832966

There are probably gay moidS out there who are like a hundred times more degenerate than this, but they would never talk all 'girly' like this. Like do these girls not have brothers or dad's or just male acquaintances to know what men are like IRL.

No. 1832971

OT but it boggles my mind how TiFs cancel people for liking Harry Potter but are ok with One Piece (whose creator is friends with a kiddie pornographer)

No. 1832973

File: 1684870734967.jpg (221.63 KB, 1300x1009, exclusive-laverne-cox-left-and…)

It's uncanny because all but one of the people in the photo are larping as the opposite sex through a combination of cross dressing and medicalization. Sexual Dimorphism in humans is very real and it really stands out when TiMs and TiFs are side by side. Also we've noticed that taller than normal men and smaller than normal women are more prone to trooning out.

No. 1832975

I think a lot of trans-identifying people are pedos themselves or see nothing wrong with it.

No. 1833109

File: 1684881643824.jpeg (Spoiler Image,217.32 KB, 1038x1473, FaOl_VJXgAEGsgh.jpeg)

Considering that most of them have as "gay fantasy" to return back to ancient times where "trans people were venerable" or "gay people were ok having (young) gay lovers", I think is a mix of both.

>Masculine urges

>Is a comic about a spicy straight couple with a tif saying that is ok to fuck gay people as long she has dildos.

No. 1833159

File: 1684885958621.webm (1.29 MB, 576x1024, 2c1c9c4824dbfb92d211bf9e32d2ab…)

Forgive me if this isn't quite on-topic for the FTM thread but I had to share this. Essentially admitting that what was already plainly obvious about why girls and women disproportionately identify as NB/trans is in fact entirely correct, except it isn't because you don't want to think about it. Video linked below if you'd like to ruin your day with the comments section.


No. 1833217

I don't like to hair shaming (?), but shades of green should be forbidden for curly hair like that, I cannot unsee a broccoli.

No. 1833219

Nah, we need to bring back 80s bullies to bully the shit out of weirdoes so they learn to act normal.

No. 1833253

"If oden was a man, then I'll be a man too" is a fking meme, right nonas

No. 1833294


No. 1833309

File: 1684902124827.jpg (219.92 KB, 1168x1112, sad.jpg)

I thought this was about weight loss and then I see this autist jumping around in a skirt and caressing her scars. This shit is cringe af but also sad, struggling with your boobs/curves was always a thing but before tranny BS we didn't promote self-harm and delusions like this.

No. 1833323

File: 1684904206395.jpeg (16.64 KB, 282x282, FusMl5eXoAQNjA1.jpeg)

>better than your wildest dreams

If that's a "wild dream", I don't want to imagine a "wild nightmare"… Oh, it will happen years later.

No. 1833330

Liking tifs makes a woman's taste "moid-tier", even in the way a femme lesbian has eyes on a butch lesbian? But tif logic dictates any non-tif is (far) less moidy than a tif because the end goal of a tif is to become a moid and their effort is suppose to be worth etc…

Thinking in terms of a tif is so far off from reality i just can't… does it lie to say thay some of the nonas here pass better than tifs?

No. 1833335

i don't know what schizo babble you're on but you must stop redditspacing posthaste

No. 1833341

File: 1684908435551.jpg (150.38 KB, 1080x1150, Screenshot_20230524_083247_com…)

In less than half a year Bella went from any pronouns to they/them.

No. 1833342

fam the tranny porn has melted your brain, you aren't even forming coherent sentences

No. 1833345

I'm NTA as the one who posted Tats's comic, but i mean wouldn't women who don't identify as tifs have more moid traits, such as simply towering over a tif is enough to make them seethe. is this the irony we are seeing rn?

No. 1833346

I fucking wonder what is the correlation and possible rationale.

No. 1833348

NTA but at least one lesbian TIF I know of absolutely despises butch lesbians, probably because deep down she knows she is one herself, and I suspect she also sees them as competitors (for stealing her ideal gf = the kind of femme women she likes). This is of course all her delusion, but what could you expect of a TIF?

No. 1833353

Hating the target of your desires is very scrotoid behavior, so maybe it's part of her male LARP lmao.

No. 1833354

File: 1684911152854.jpg (120.04 KB, 758x1061, tumblr_6e627477bf261fd07fc51be…)

Most self aware tif.

No. 1833355

She's referring to "gay men".(sage your shit)

No. 1833357

They don't even make the tiniest effort to appear masculine.

No. 1833359

But if a man hates another man he's suddenly a faggot?

No. 1833360

But most tifs still see women as competition for her man and all

No. 1833361

I know TIFs that absolutely hate feminine women who people see as more "masculine" than them for the same reason.

No. 1833382

>decided to contend as an actress, even though the don't take on that label
So basically it's ok to openly take spots of a gender you're not if it benefits you? Nonbinary people are allowed to take spots away from the oppressed group that is women, and take it for herself despite her not being that gender?

So then a man could contend as an actress too despite being a cis male? Or is there something fundamentally different between Bella and a male that makes that "not ok" for the male?

Or is there a line and only oppressed groups get to steal spots from other oppressed groups? So it would have to be nonbinary identified male? Or what if the male is a black Jewish disabled man, would that be ok then?

Surely it would also be ok for cis people to enter trans categories despite not being trans, since Bella thinks contending in a gendered group you're not part of is acceptable. Going by the "oppressed people get to do it" it would still allow cis women to take spots in male only categories.

Questions trans people are afraid to answer.

No. 1833383

Voluntary amputee aesthetic is my least favorite subculture

No. 1833388

Transability is even worse, stray away nonas

No. 1833396

Hit the nail on the head, nona. Either trannies are not in the male and female categories because of their poor hurt feelings, or they acknowledge their birth sex and STFU about gender. Absolute bullshit that they're given the freedom to opt in an out when it suits them. I'm sure Bella's decision tooootally isn't related to the fact that she's tipped to win the award. Just like I'm sure the Yellowjackets woman didn't withdraw because she knew she'd lose anyway.

No. 1833401

File: 1684923657255.jpeg (Spoiler Image,14.5 KB, 195x247, 1684814364157~3.jpeg)

>Liking tifs makes a woman's taste "moid-tier", even in the way a femme lesbian has eyes on a butch lesbian?
Here we go again… liking tifs or butches isn't moid-tier, talking about how picrel is 'hot' when the context of the comic is a robot getting herself butchered is moid-tier. If the anon wanted to say "um akhtually I was saying that a hot girl would still remain hot even if she's a gendie, because I'm not a scrote who thinks her looks suddenly went to waste" then she should've just fucking said that in her original post, why word herself in a way that makes her come across as a moid with a robot guro fetish? Now stop derailing the thread with 'waaaah anon called it moid-tier waah', I won't reply anymore to retards purposely misinterpreting my post and framing me as some lesbianphobic anti-butch dumbass when I have a gf myself.

No. 1833430

I want Tats to feature more of her thin waist

No. 1833481

TiFs and genderists in general are hypocrites and misogynists. This explains why they can't stand JKR for speaking out for women and think it's muh twansphobia, but are okay with literal pedos, rapists etc. content creators. Just look at how many of them stay suspiciously silent about or even openly support e.g. Sophie Labelle, Alok Vaid-Menon etc. still. Of course it's difficult to find shows without creators that aren't shitty in some ways if said creators are moids, but genderists' hypocrisy with JKR vs. pretty much everyone else is ridiculous.

Laverne's AGP smirk though

I feel like I've seen this pretty much exact scenario on social media thousands of times (= a most likely autistic girl/woman glorifying her self harm in a cutesy way and portraying it as a glow up), and it's insane. Clown world.

I'm so sick of these special snowflakes. Just be honest and say you want to win that Emmy, Bella, and stop whining about how "uncomfortable" entering the race makes you feel. It's obvious she doesn't want to be seen as a woman when it comes to facing misogyny, but apparently being a woman is fine when it's convenient (like trying to win an Emmy).

No. 1833496

>a most likely autistic girl/woman glorifying her self harm in a cutesy way and portraying it as a glow up
That's such a great way of putting it.

No. 1833526

"B-b-b-but you need psych evaluation b-b-b-before surgery!! Yy-y-y-y-you can't just walk and ask for m-m-m-m-mutilation! It's not that simple!"

It really is. meanwhile women are still dying of breast cancer.

No. 1833557

File: 1684942607794.jpg (171.69 KB, 1080x1814, IMG_20230524_173628.jpg)

No. 1833560

Very manly tweets, much suicide preventing surgery.

No. 1833562

File: 1684943991903.jpg (703.08 KB, 2880x2880, 20230524_165919.jpg)

Idk how to post video. He says
>HE is pregnant with a child, on the street you wouldn't approach this person as a woman, it's a birthing person
>the thing about reality is it exists whether you disagree or not
>saying birthing person doesn't erase women giving birth, it acknowledges other people do it too
>this person has more facial hair than me like you know what I'm saying

There are some people disagreeing in the comments but sadly they're using less than solid arguments like god or asking how long trannies have even been around, two things gendies love to jump on (jumping on rhe latter incorrectly though like "um ancient egypt or something!"). The gendies are sucking up to this guy and defending the video with their lives because a male has validated them and that's what they always dream of.

No. 1833564

No. 1833572

File: 1684944910317.jpg (43.58 KB, 453x576, tumblr_inline_pd7ffmYuWR1qgjr3…)

But they're the ones that do fetish gay men.

No. 1833573

I wish someone should tell she to let the scars go septic so she can get her "styled" scars, but I bet she would do it.

No. 1833578

You'd think normal people would like to have the least amount of scarring possible. (But normal people would also not have healthy body parts removed.)
Outsourcing their self-harm, but nobody is allowed to question it. Thank you, clown world.

No. 1833585

Yeah I had surgery a while ago and the doctor sowed together the different skin layers and then put these sticky tape things inbetween the stitches and across it all to make sure there is absolutely minimal strain on the skin while it heals, so the scar is as small and unnoticeable as possible.

But then again I went to a medical doctor who wants to cure people, not a psycho butcher who rakes in millions by mutilating the mentally ill with minimal effort.

Another retarded thing is that scarification is a legitimate cultural practice, if scars are what you want you can find specialists who give you ones that look however you want them to look.
But those wouldn't be self harm scars (having a butcher mutilate you is self harm too, it's obvious by how these people talk about and show off their injuries), so it would give no clout in fakeboi circles.

No. 1833592

just stfu and go away already you fucking freak, no1curr

No. 1833593

No? That's not even remotely what I said. I was referring to straight men.

No. 1833658

No straight woman is fetishizing another woman, even if that other woman wants to be male.

No. 1833726

Right, female Link with titchop scars. So, Linkle if she trooned out.

No. 1833753

>scarification is a legitimate cultural practice, if scars are what you want you can find specialists who give you ones that look however you want them to look.

Huh, didn't know this was a thing. These surgeries are extreme body mods at the end of the day, has nothing to do with health. Fakebois need the scars to be visible as proof they Suffered and are Oppressed and Special. If there was no scar, how would anyone know to praise them? Also, it's like how people used to draw their male anime OCs with eyepatches and bandages and those Tim Burton-esque scars to look cool. These fakebois want to turn into their hot twink daydream. Sadly, they all just look like tit-less women with PCOS.

No. 1833798

Rat faced fuck. Literally got people gaslighting her in every video's comment section telling her she's attractive and masculine, kek.

No. 1833889

I know these people are severely mentally ill and for that I do feel bad for them, but at the same time the absolute retardation of this all drives me crazy. Some of these people really think chopping your tits off is just a harmless body mod and a fashion statement. What's next, they'll start making requests for surgeons to suture the incisions in certain patterns of their liking?

No. 1833897

Do not give them ideas. They already have the idea of looking like an alien without the nipples.

No. 1833917

Yes, it’s ironic isn’t it? I was going to say that the straightest fujo is more tolerable to me than women who become tifs because yaoi, but then I realized they’re the same group of people. No offense to the straight fujos here who have not taken this route. Still annoying, but at least they are more self-aware.

No. 1833965

Shut the fuck up about fujos already. You're a broken record

No. 1833976

Saw this on twitter earlier, this woman is 28 years old.

No. 1833991


It reminds me of of this video on the franlab youtube channel where she was basically talking about how all the little mental hitches are going to be the precursor to a lot of people having complete breakdowns once they are no longer young. It made me think it's probably unrealistic to think a lot of people will grow out of this because youth or the pseudo youth of online life are the only things keeping so many people going.

No. 1834008

This kind of extreme body modding worries me the most, I genuinely don't think someone in their early 20s can make the decision to literally remove their nipples and be happy with it for more than a couple/few years of internet validation. What happens when they are 35,45?

No. 1834036

Then what is a "trans headcanon" in general?
Either the character troons or that a genderbend version of the character troons to mimic the original??

No. 1834054

Nah troons put scars on Link like they did Zoro

No. 1834092

she doesn't even try to draw herself masculine. and not just "long hair=woman", the face too. i bet this chick isn't even on T kek
and yet she draws herself with the face of a loli. weird stuff

No. 1834108

can't wait for when she's 5(or less) years older and deeply regretting this. then again she will most likely have killed herself before then.

No. 1834128

>can't wait for
Im sure you're being sarcastic but im glad I don't have the ability to think any of this is funny, personally. I think a lot of people currently doing this are misguided and misdiagosing/misrepresenting their core issue and allowing themselves to be ruled by impulse and niche microcommunities. I feel like the blame isn't totally theirs regardless of how people say it's their own responsibility.

No. 1834138

File: 1684992123656.jpg (95.3 KB, 957x837, ok.jpg)

Ex ana-chan to the surprise of no one. Love the mental gymnastics required for TIFs to explain that they're 100% male on the inside, but they're not a threat like those other males.

No. 1834154

>"Woe is me"
Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Maybe going moid-lite wasn't a good idea for ones for mental health who knew.

No. 1834196

The headcanon is that Link was born female, then trooned out and cut off his tits. Idk why this is so hard for you to understand, Aidens like the idea of being ~just like Link~ so they pretend he's a TiF like them.

No. 1834199

If tifs want to argue they're NOT the same threat as cis men then I'm gonna need them to explain exactly why that is.
Is there perhaps something that's not the same about them and cis men? And if transmen have the same danger level as cis women, wouldn't it be fair to assume transwomen then have the same danger level as cis men? You can't have your trans cake and eat it too kek

No. 1834203

Nta but it's a mix for me. It's so depressing and dark that you have to find some humor in it to cope. After telling and pleading with someone a billion times that what they're doing is wrong, hurtful and that they'll regret it, and they respond with violence and vitriol and call you an evil nazi, make you lose your job, cut you out of their lives, try to take your sex based rights away, actively harm children etc.. you can't help but get that "I told you so" feeling when they all crash and burn. We didn't want for any of them to get harmed, we tried to stop them. I forgive and support every detrans person who come to their senses, but while they're still in the cult I need to laugh at their stupidity.

No. 1834208

File: 1685007142574.gif (27.3 KB, 180x200, hehecat-cat.gif)

HOLY KEKARONI. I hope they all got intense dysphoria after seeing it and went home and cried kek

No. 1834224

Tifs most likely put scars on random male characters, its not as deep as "oh Female Zoro trooned out today"

No. 1834228

>After telling and pleading with someone a billion times that what they're doing is wrong, hurtful and that they'll regret it, and they respond with violence and vitriol and call you an evil nazi, make you lose your job, cut you out of their lives, try to take your sex based rights away, actively harm children etc.. you can't help but get that "I told you so" feeling when they all crash and burn.
NTA but 100% this. Radfems stay losing with the "but they're my sisters!" attitude. These women wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.

No. 1834234

File: 1685016739848.jpg (103.06 KB, 1042x1607, manysuchcases.jpg)

No. 1834254

>gets harassed by retarded coomers for the Nth time
>troons out
it's always like this. wait till she discovers she can't escape sexism by changing pronouns

No. 1834270

File: 1685023512562.jpg (Spoiler Image,122.34 KB, 1080x1094, Screenshot_2023-05-25-16-59-29…)

What is that with trannies and prostitution? I know futa/shemale is a thing in porn but fugly pudgy fakebois with "packers" and overgrown clits is a thing that is popular solely among tifs themselves.

No. 1834277

>sex “work”
>taking pride in your body
the things do not go together. flashing your flabby ass to the internet is literally the opposite of taking pride in yourself, why do trannies never have any substance whatsoever, their whole personality is always being tRAnS or dIsAbLEd or a seX wORker

No. 1834279

Got an ass like a bag of porridge.

No. 1834288

interesting, if true.

No. 1834292

Don't forget their mental illness and neurodivergency!!

No. 1834303

>ur jelly bc my ass is fat
>hank hill tier
every time

No. 1834312

What’s with Lain and troons kek

No. 1834323

File: 1685034561442.jpg (160.22 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_2023-05-25-20-03-31…)

she's seriously wondering why it happens to her they're never self aware

No. 1834329

Why is her evil eye so large, to ward of the scary evil terfs?

No. 1834341

Yet she's willing to mutilate herself to be one of those guys. Moids never treat them well, but tifs would straight-up die if they didn't worship moids for a single nanosecond. Pathetic handmaidens with a pathetic moustache.

No. 1834343

File: 1685037568458.jpg (Spoiler Image,138.91 KB, 1177x1526, Tumblr_l_1170476668468637.jpg)

That's it. I'm leaving this earth. I'm movin'

No. 1834345

this makes me so sad, holy shit. that poor girl.

No. 1834346

>tfw trooning out doesn't make the male harassment disappear
Hope the TIFs reading this thread remember this

No. 1834353

Why is it shaped like a lava lamp?

No. 1834358

It legit looks like they sewed a potato onto her Jesus Christ

No. 1834365

First time I accidentally unspoilered a meat sausage image (I usually avoid them but thought it was going to be something else from the caption) and I'm already grossed out at the sight. I couldn't bear to look at it even for an another second, how do these dumbfucks look at this shit ATTACHED to them everyday and go 'yeah it's just like the real thing'? I'm not even sympathetic at this point because they bark about 'protect twanss kidss' and call it a life-saving surgery despite definitely knowing deep down that, in reality, it's a life-ending surgery.

No. 1834373

File: 1685041402771.jpeg (Spoiler Image,333.66 KB, 1732x2048, FtiT-rDacAEcMPV.jpeg)

The more I see these "penises", the more I think these surgeons failed in male anatomy or are not urologists at all. I have seen better drawn penises from hentai artists.

No. 1834376

File: 1685041547067.jpg (85.58 KB, 1080x1073, 341537141_921799815761701_2114…)

That's the thing: They know a full mastectomy without their nipples do not resemble a male chest and whatever they place between their legs is not going to work like a real penis will. The one thing they can do is cope and see the half-full glass with "at last, I can look androgyny anyway?".

No. 1834380

She pops up on my discovery page all the time and now one of my butch friends is following her.
I hate this shit so much

No. 1834381

File: 1685041906076.jpg (46.79 KB, 600x760, a49.jpg)

>Wants to be a man
>See that being a man is not fun and dandy because for women you're a predator.
>Gay man still are not into you.

No. 1834389

File: 1685042430050.png (41.28 KB, 962x531, Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 3.20.…)

No. 1834393

tbf, its possible they thought she was an effeminate gay moid.

No. 1834409

It's not misinformation.
There is no standard phalloplasty and everyone has different surgeries/end results depending on their personal preference, how much money they have, and what butcher they go to.
The given complication rate is also far too low for the surgeries listed. 77% is believable for just stage 1, but urethral hookup alone has an almost 100% complication rate. Stage 3 is done so rarely it's barely worth bringing up in a general conversation about phallo aside from the fact that it exists at all. I've never seen complication rates for it, but anecdotally it rarely works and doesn't do much to improve the functionality because phallos are made from fat tissue. Putting a stick inside a role of fat can't make it feel or perform like a penis.

There's also metoidioplasty that is not mentioned in the post. It's arguably not directly relevant to the picture itself, but it adds to the impression that the person not presenting an accurate picture of the surgery.

I also note the use of the term "neo-urethra", which is tranny terminology. In tranny lingo, "neo" means "not" (neo vagina, neo phallus, neo urethra, etc), while in common language it means "new". This language manipulation is part of tranny tactics. It's like "transmasculine" meaning "woman" and all that. Then there's "natal penis", more tranny terminology. There's no reason to not simply use the word "penis".

You could say that person is clueless about tranny shit, but their name is literally "Aala lies"…

The cherry on top is recommending Exulansic, who is a lolcow munchie who pretends to be all kinds of minorities and does r/iamverysmart videos where she presents medical information she has no understanding of. Kiwifarms has a thread on her if you care to look into it.

My conclusion is that that post was written by a tranny and the shit about complications is just camouflage.

No. 1834438

Ok but my point is that trooning out isn’t going to help them escape it. Even worse if they thought she was a gay moid because they’d be more inclined to physically beat her ass.

No. 1834459

File: 1685050399906.png (Spoiler Image,227.83 KB, 1390x1137, transpeenus.png)

How warped does one's thinking have to be in order to claim that "sex work = taking pride in your body". And conversely, how dumb is it to hear someone point out that sex work IS exploitative and go "oh I see, that person doesn't value their body and must have issues with it"? Also, that ass is certainly fat but am I supposed to feel intimidated and jealous of this fakeboi's pasty white butt cheeks? Is that picture supposed to make me agree with her? So many questions.

Even if this isn't the finished result, it's still unbelievable these surgeries are allowed to be performed at all. That massive scar on her thigh looks terrible, and for what? A flash tube that has no point at all and is not and will never be anything close to an actual penis anyway?

On a related note I came across this Twitter thread of fakebois talking about their "penises" ie. large clits on T (spoilered because there's drawings of vulvas). At first glance I thought someone had drawn genitals of an intersex person or something, but then I looked again and realized it was just fakebois being delusional about their "dicks".

No. 1834460

There's no way in hell they thought she was male, kek. Put your glasses on.

No. 1834483

>Calling the clit head "penis"

I know is for coping but is that their way to show how much they failed sex ed? Because I bet they think that "head" is the full clitoris (like TIM think they have pleasure from their neo-scrote).

No. 1834485

Tifs and handmaidens secretly hate each other. Try harder

No. 1834500

The "balls" look so small and mangled, probably to avoid covering the vagina, what was the point of them at all? With the meat sock tifs can argue through delusion and cope that it makes them a male but what argument could they make for these dingleberries

No. 1834556

w-why do they still have their vagina concealed behind their neo nuts?? Is this common??

No. 1834557

Every TIF bottom surgery I've seen has had comically tiny balls for some reason
No idea why the surgeons keep making the neophallus a ridiculously huge third leg but can't make a fake ball bigger than a walnut

No. 1834581

why do the sugeons always put one fake nut in each labia? Its like they've never seen a scrotum before, its not seperated into two, its one nutsack.

No. 1834584

Tifs are all handmaidens. They all follow mra and spout uwu protect mens soft fweewings

No. 1834592

>Looks less horrific
Lmao gonna have to disagree with this bit. It's Mengele-tier shit every step of the way.

No. 1834617

File: 1685065782686.jpeg (Spoiler Image,336.09 KB, 1536x2048, Fw_jgfUaEAAwJ2d.jpeg)


sage for tinfoil but I guess, since TIMs base their "femininity" on porn tropes, TIFs do the same with gay porn: Big penises because "twinks love big dicks" and such. You would think that they would use a neuron to think that men do have different type of bodies and that mean different sizes of penises when they're not erected.

Picrel: That penis needs some vitamin d.

No. 1834638

Something I've noticed is that most ftms have the ugliest/tackiest tattoos know to man and their fake dicks are always unnaturally pale

No. 1834645

>And if transmen have the same danger level as cis women, wouldn't it be fair to assume transwomen then have the same danger level as cis men?
very very good point! would love to see TIFs and TIMs debate about this kek. though i already know the TIFs would just apologize for their internalized transphobia

No. 1834647

how do they walk with a giant chipotle flesh burrito hanging down to their knees?

No. 1834648

File: 1685067870122.webm (7.27 MB, 888x1540, 1685066980.webm)

very manly behaviour

No. 1834650

File: 1685068042490.jpg (73.21 KB, 1080x599, ahuyfujKIPS1NWE-JbrVAaJ_D9PR-V…)

>Tifs and handmaidens

No. 1834651

samefag + blogpost but this is a well known TIF "influencer" from where I live. her username is the chilean-spanish equivalent of 'faggot' KEK

No. 1834676

Handmaiden is woke. They seethe and get extra jelly on TIFs. There's the one "handmaidens validating [aiden's] every fart" cope.

Female MRAs foam at the mouth of any woke.

No. 1834679

why the fuck are they so childish, immature and cutesy? even tims are more mature in typing style as much as how disgusting they are.

No. 1834715

It's pretty obvious that tims and tifs base their personalities on male and female porn tropes, neither are able to understand how people of the opposite sex think or function, they aren't even capable of imitating the most basic behavior which is why it's so easy to spot them.

No. 1834770

They give them tubes of flesh that big because they can't get erected like penis. The size doesn't change at all. It can only get "hard" if they get the pump in it and even if they do, it still doesn't work like penis because it isn't one.

Nonna, that's just a tiktok cover of a kpop song. Men do that all the time. I swear this thread is full of idiots baiting.

No. 1834774

Looks like a rare case of being 5'11" and above. How tall is she irl?

No. 1834778

>Neo nuts
Fuck anon, you just made me laugh like a crazy person on public transit

No. 1834780

What the fuck, it doesn't even look like the skin came from the same person. It's like an uncooked Olive Garden breadstick. How can anybody look at that and feel aroused? Even gay scrotes have got to have better standards, Christ.

No. 1834790

Yeah, I have read they do the same for penis surgery for men with way tiny penises, but that's where you see the difference between an urologist and… a butcher.

No. 1834791

Holy fuck, I'm surprised no one have spoken about "Francisca Sakura" in the TIM thread.

No. 1834818

Her figure is still so clearly female it just makes me sad. Imagine doing all that to yourself and ending up like this.

No. 1834838

Most TIFs get their ideas of masculinity from RPDR faggots so this isn't surprising in the slightest.

No. 1834855

It's even funnier when you know the group who is singing. It isn't their last comeback. The last one is about being proud of being a woman and loving yourself the way you are, so rejecting SK' beauty standards. It's kpop so it isn't that deep but it's the opposite of what women who larp as men do.

No. 1834856

I don’t know the context of this but I thought she was making a validation coomer face. Like when TIMs get gender euphoria boners from being given misogynist and degrading comments by other moids who mistook them for women>>1834647

No. 1834857

I don’t know the context of this but I thought she was making a validation coomer face. Like when TIMs get gender euphoria boners from being given misogynist and degrading comments by other moids who mistook them for women.

No. 1834889

she got the epstein egg
the dog neuticles literally make me nauseated… although because they mutilated her vulva so severely her vaginal entrance looks like a second asshole the way mtf stinkholes do kind of…

No. 1834896

I wonder if she kept her vagina because she was smart enough to realize that keeping a working sexual organ just in case was a good idea, or because of some futa fantasy

No. 1834900

I wouldn't give anyone with mutilated genitals that much credit, it's clearly the latter.

No. 1834901

she is definitely under 5'11 IRL, but she always wears big platform shoes, not like it helps making her pass

another blogpost, one time she was on her story talking about how she has "passing privilage"??? it's pretty funny how delusional some tifs are

>Men do that all the time
they don't though… maybe the gay ones, but most men woukld never willingly make a video like this and upload it.

No. 1834906

File: 1685103971557.jpg (24.09 KB, 524x255, 1682462260708.jpg)

Maybe she's one of those "I'm not human I'm a godly being" troons with a hermaphrodite fetish

No. 1834964

File: 1685114197471.jpeg (Spoiler Image,276.06 KB, 1214x1601, F36CE9A0-733B-4149-9E0E-C014E1…)

picrel from the study linked in the post. why the fuck is it so popular among tifs to get skin grafts for their frankendicks from their tattooed body parts? don’t they realise no moid has a tattooed dick because of how painful it is to get one tattooed?
(reposted because i accidentally clicked post instead of spoiler pic. sorry whoever had to witness this)

No. 1834990

Third pic looks like a moldy burrito

No. 1834997

they make them comically big bc there is limited blood supply and its less chance of it all shrivelling up and dying if its big

No. 1835005

File: 1685119656156.jpg (4.47 KB, 224x224, DEAR GOD.jpg)

No. 1835022

I've seen female MRAs be supportive of troons (but mostly of the old-school/transmed kind) just as an excuse to dunk on radfems.

No. 1835125

I don't think it's just the pain but also that a penis changes in size between erect and flaccid, so what, they're going to tattoo extremely loose saggy skin, or have someone jerk them off inbetween tattoo sets so their dick stays hard? And then it looks like shit when it's either flaccid or erect?
It only works for TiFs because rot dogs have nothing in common with penises.

No. 1835128

There's more to it than that. Many tifs want beer can sized rot dogs and get super mad when the surgeon gets them one that is the size of an average penis. It's super weird because the bigger they are the harder everyday life is (they never retract or shrink like penises, they are always that huge and protruding forwards). It's bizarre because they can't have sex with them or have any erotic sensation in them anyway. Most of them are numb, a few are painful, those are your options.

No. 1835162

that is so disgusting and it must hinder daily life that much more to have the rotting frankendick be ridiculously oversized. do they want them to be huge because they think they’ll have the functionality of real male genitalia? the lack of knowledge of basic anatomy they have is insane

No. 1835174

I don't think it's that deep, I think they just want a giant dick the same way TiMs want giant monster titties.

No. 1835234

The doctors should make them see this video to change the idea .

No. 1835291

File: 1685146094536.jpeg (181.56 KB, 1333x1249, IMG_7375.jpeg)

Why do they always sexualize their dads??

No. 1835304

Dumb misogynists soaking in the lie that women "hit the wall" at 30 when men are the ones who start balding at 26. Testosterone ages you like milk.

No. 1835311

Aidens…No man on earth has been mistaken for prepubescent when he was in his early 20s unless something was wrong with him.

No. 1835350

File: 1685153496741.jpg (351.34 KB, 1547x1819, merlin.jpg)

sageblog but my dad was quite young looking at his age. Of course no one would think he was a "twink" but he sure was mistaken as a teen when he was an adult.

But these Aiden probably see someone like Hugh Dancy (picrel) in his young and think "oh Twink goal" and not their male relatives.

No. 1835371

There's been troon propaganda going around for a while that a clit is basically a dick that didn't get enough T, ""hence why"" tif clits enlarge when they get T. Just another way to deny the reality of sex while they all cry about how gender =/= sex.

No. 1835376

No MRA is tho, they still call troons men

No. 1835378

Why do Aidens always go for the low hanging fruit e.g. femboy/twink/men that are already somewhat effe to start with while troons go for hardcore femininity from 0 to 1

No. 1835381

Calling themselves "uke" looking for their "seme" is soooooo '00. Besides they know they cannot "top" a gay man, so of course they must be the "twink/femboy".

No. 1835398

File: 1685160895578.jpg (123.08 KB, 1912x1072, MV5BOTM4MTA2ZGQtMzMyMi00NG.jpg)

I don't know how much yaoi brainrot someone must suffer from to see Hugh Dancy as anything other than an adult man. He has always looked like a regular lean adult man in his 30's.

No. 1835404

It has nothing to do with sculpting. Taking a graft from an arm and trying to turn it into a penis with no penile tissue is literally impossible. They only have skin from a leg or arm to turn into an approximation to an appendage. It doesn't look like there will be any advances in it either, genuinely a horrible procedure.

No. 1835429

File: 1685168157957.jpg (42.28 KB, 532x800, 2000-David-Copperfield.jpg)

He was called the "most beautiful girl / boy" in university, picrel. But we both know that TIFs, specially the ones from 20-30 age range, think they'll stay forever young and handsome until oldness hit them hard.

No. 1835436

nta he's attractive but I wouldn't say he's beautiful, he's a fit good looking man but he's tall and has a good body and I really don't see what TIFs see in him that's so feminine or twinkish

No. 1835440

I've seen some pics of extreme body modders who have had their dicks tattooed and it always looks like shit probably exactly for the reasons you mention. I'm guessing they do it because they get off on the pain, but that kind of moids are rare.

No. 1835444

What is the point of including a MTF in the thread pic?

No. 1835445

This is not very documented upon, so the logical conclusion is to imitate the genitals of somewhat (genitally) feminine men. Surgeons wouldn't give them what they want, you see

No. 1835447

Just smells like the 1000th time women cant keep out their boycraziness out of major stuff they do

No. 1835457

File: 1685176382542.jpeg (287 KB, 452x2048, FaqPAzXWIAACf06.jpeg)

17 year old girl who ruined her body, Its really depressing

No. 1835461

17 year old girl whose mother ruined her life because it was easier getting the short-term solution than it was to sit down and talk with her daughter and/or get an actual therapist to help her feel more comfortable with her body and/or btfo of the parents of the kids harassing her.

No. 1835467

I wouldn't always blame the parents, it's the medical and mental health professionals who aren't doing their jobs. They tell the parents that the kids should lead and choose. If a parent isn't a person who questions authority, they might trust a doctor. And getting a good therapist isn't that easy, most of them are taught to do the affirmation stuff.

No. 1835470

idk honestly, if someone gave me a physical "solution" for a mental problem, i'd call bullshit.

No. 1835474

But the thing is that it's not just presented as a mental problem, it's made to seem like something mystical biological thing that we don't yet understand. Or if it's presented as a mental illness, it's said to only be cured by changing your body.

No. 1835475

not sure about everywhere but I've heard psychiatrists can get fired for not affirming trans ideology aka feeding into the money of more unnecessary medical shit. that or an actual troon (probably mtf) will attempt to get them fired for saying they have a mental illness which isn't trannyness. so even if you were anti-tranny wanting to help kids there might be no winning.

No. 1835483

Actual troons would threaten their docs for calling trannism a mental illness

No. 1835492

This is why conversion therapy was not banned for trans people in the UK, as there were fears that not 100% supporting the patient could be interpreted as 'conversion therapy'.

No. 1835493

This is why conversion therapy was not banned for trans people in the UK, as there were fears that not 100% supporting the patient could be interpreted as 'conversion therapy'.

No. 1835548

they view him through the fog of hannibal yaoi they saw at an impressionable age kek

No. 1835557

File: 1685196255815.png (53.61 KB, 799x805, topscars.png)

New way of glorification self-harm just dropped

No. 1835564

File: 1685197303540.jpeg (114.86 KB, 1185x1141, A2F72EF4-950B-44E2-A836-B71182…)

Why are TiFs always so obsessed with frogs?

No. 1835568

>it's the medical and mental health professionals who aren't doing their jobs. They tell the parents that the kids should lead and choose. If a parent isn't a person who questions authority, they might trust a doctor.
There are also predatory doctors out there who will guilt trip the parents who do question them. They will try to intimidate them, coerce them and tell them their child will commit suicide it the parents do agree to puberty blockers/wrong sex hormones/surgery.

No. 1835571

rats and frogs
rats and frogs
rats and frogs
That's all you ever see. You never see centipedes or Tarsiers or some shit.

No. 1835576

File: 1685199206257.png (297.36 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4378.png)

Trannies and supporting gender stereotypes…name a better combo

No. 1835579

God, grant me the serenity not to a-log, the courage not to a-log, and the wisdom to not fucking a-log.

No. 1835588

Same, I’m actually going to lose it. God forbid a woman keep her leg hair.

No. 1835595

Do I hear egg cracks…?(bait)

No. 1835597

Do I hear a self-hating Aiden?

No. 1835598

She is a young terminally online girl, speaking for hours about jerma and posting selfies wearing a mask, hiding half of her face. The perfect victim to be groomed by the gender cult. I feel sorry for her. They are just legs. Hairy female legs aren't masculine, they are just legs. Life must suck for her.

No. 1835601

Is she getting dunked on in the Qrts? Maybe there's hope

No. 1835602

She's 20, not all TIFs are misguided little girls. Yes, she's a prime target as a clearly autistic nerd, but she does have braincells of her own to figure things out with. Not many braincells, granted. But she chose the dumbass route. The route where she smears herself with radioactive testosterone gel in the name of "healthcare", where leg hair makes you a man and Jerma is funny. She's a willing victim.

No. 1835605

Gross. Women always had hair, you confused and groomed girly
This is like when girls used to romanticize thigh gaps, small wrists and collarbones on ed Tumblr, the only difference is that doctor didnt get paid for starving girls or doing lipo on them to affirm their identity and mental illness, bleak.

No. 1835607

This is what male XY men definitely think about! Gender mutilation is definitely about fixing the mistake of being "born in the wrong body" and nothing else!

No. 1835609

These bitches have no clue about what scars like that actually entail. Life long pain, itchiness, reduced mobility. All gets worse the older the get. It can be debilitating and takes mental fortitude to go through life with. They think it's like some shit a doctor draws on your skin. It's not.

No. 1835611

because it's teehee ~quirky~

No. 1835612

I don’t understand the push towards ‘birthing bodies’ or ‘chest feeding.’ You freak out if someone calls you she and not he/they/it but you’re eager to carry a child and give birth, one of the most womanly things ever?

No. 1835618

ok but these girls being hyper feminine and saying "tehe let's make the scars lil' HEART shapes xoxo uwu omggg im so mawnly im a weal mawn" is fucking hilarious to me, they're naturally girlier than girly girls and they're not even trying

No. 1835623

I'm going to walk into the ocean. Imagine if people did this shit with self harm scars. What if people drew their husbandos with tons of exaggerated scars on their wrists, and then someone got a shitload of likes for saying, "omg guys, we should start drawing heart-shaped cutting scars! How kawaii would that be?" People would recognize it as a bunch of teenagers being insane. But doing this nonsense with mastectomy scars is somehow considered progressive and hip. Absurd.

No. 1835624

Don't make me rant in the Hannigram/MaDancy drawings for sageblog. Hugh is always the "beautiful twink" and Mads the "sugar daddy with all and wrinkles" when they have a 10 years age difference. No wonder why most of the fans of Hannibal think Will looks like twink when now he's… handsome, but he's almost 50 years old.

If someone did that with wrist/leg scars, Twitter take it down for "shown content related to or encouraged to self-harm".

No. 1835627

The same thing I have posted! Drawing glorifying wrist/legs scars would be told to "omg put it in sensitive content" or "that's not cool" or even reported? These self-harm scars in the chest? "Totally cool!".

No. 1835630

I don't think it's exclusively the mother's fault. OP was seeing mental health professionals the entire time and it seems like they were all on board with the trans shit if not suggesting it in the first place. If a shitload of supposed professionals are telling a person something for years on end, you can't really fault them for giving in and believing them eventually. Also OP doesn't talk much about why the suddenly agreed to the trans stuff in eighth grade. I think social media was a factor at that point and she didn't mention it.

No. 1835632

They see scars like fashion accessories with no negative repercussions whatsoever. A non-binary woman I do volunteer work with called my heart surgery scar a "total look" that "suits my masculine energy". You heard it here first, folx: if you have a scar you are now gender non-conforming or a TIF!

No. 1835634

Oh my god, please tell me you put that retard in her place, anon.

No. 1835636

What a heartless (eh) thing to say! That scar is not for looking cool or "masculine", it was from a life-saving surgery. That woman is nuts.

No. 1835642

So, why are they obsessed with top surgery scars? If they wanted to actually pass as male, wouldn't they want to hide it, since no real man has scars that look exactly like that?

No. 1835644

>A man's legs
>Tapered, softly curved legs with barely visible hair
Also lmao at her censoring her feet when she's already wearing socks and shoes. Wow, such male behavior.

No. 1835645

They don't actually want to pass as male, they want to be visibly trans because it makes them feel special and Not Like Other Girls. That's why they treat mastectomy scars like tattoos; they serve the same purpose as an edgy fashion statement that distinguishes themselves from "normie" women.

No. 1835647

File: 1685208184153.png (158.92 KB, 660x400, Chris-Jericho-list.png)

Because breasts = female = "not male enough". Binders cannot be used for more than 8 hours or else you damage your ribs (but they're ok with damage their chest nerves?) and most of them have B cup and beyond, so trying to pass the most androgyny way as possible is hard. Adding also what >>1835645 said

So the best thing they can do is finding their local butcher, set a gofundme with a "woe is me" story and expect some bad surgery for "gender euphoria".

No. 1835658

seeing all these arguments, i actually feel bad for both the daughter and mother now, from the post is seems her father isn't present in her life, so the mom probably didn't want to lose a daughter too.

No. 1835664

Did any of your nonas report these scar posts as promoting self-harm or violence? Maybe if a bunch of people did, they'd get taken down.

No. 1835681

Knowing how stupidly woke Twitter is, they would close the report with a "if it offends you, then block the user", but would be interesting to see what would happens if Twitter take down any scar posts. Would the artist cry there's "transphobia" in Twitter?

No. 1835692

Soyjak Charls Carrol

No. 1835698

That leg hair is pathetic. Mine is twice as long and twice as coarse. And I don’t hate myself for being a woman either. Kek what a girly aiden

No. 1835700

>wanting that much additional scar tissue
Sis just get a tattoo

No. 1835701

Sageblog but my legs are hairless because I use pants only and I don't think being hairless makes more or less than a woman lol Kids these days.

No. 1835703

I bet they would whine "but my breasts". Girl, if you don't want to make something permanent in your body like a tattoo, a mastectomy is not different neither (In the sense that they would regret it years later).

No. 1835706

i have more hair in my fucking arms and hands lmao
my legs were lasered but the patches that weren't burnt it still grows hair more thick and coarse than that

No. 1835718

So weird how the most feminine, low T women end up trooning out. It's like how most MTFs are high T brick shithouses.

No. 1835721

This is especially cursed because gendie artists drawing characters with huge stylised sun ray scars actually got a bunch of troons to refuse treating their wounds properly so they'd get the trendy scars.
Imagine if they actually started triying to fuck up their chest even harder to get crazy huge scars like this.

No. 1835725

Sorta relted, but I do remember a tweet about how "cis men" should buy estrogen and "cis women" should buy more testosterone. These people think that these stuff are handled as candy to "normal people" and no gynecologist would give you testosterone unless there's a big imbalance. These girls really think women in general need testosterone in real life?

They would complain about the pain they feel trying to move the arms in a position that means moving the armpits and shit. They're so unaware about mastectomy and its risks for their "gender feels".

No. 1835729

File: 1685220986759.jpeg (211.36 KB, 1431x2048, FwepMORWYAEpIcH.jpeg)

More samples of "someone should tell to them that fantasy=/=reality " for these kind of scars.

No. 1835738

Why can't they just admit they're into scarification and drop the troon act?

No. 1835751


This story is a perfect example of why I'm against the current trans stuff. Powerlevel but the biggest difference between her and my childhood is the decade between us. I got to grow up before it went mainstream to tell tomboys that they're really heckin valid trans boys, she didn't. My heart aches for her and her mom.

No. 1835760

Anon there’s a huge side of twitter where people post about their self harm, they post pictures and videos of fresh cuts and i’ve even seen them post tutorial tweets on how to do it safely lol. Twitter isn’t going to do anything about it.
This just shows that TIFs know no actual men. I know several men who have little or none leg hair, does that make them women?

No. 1835765

I could respect that a lot more tbh

No. 1835771

Because "only men can like/look good with scars" or any bullshit reason.

No. 1835772

>top surgery at 17

And then TRAs claim that "Trans ideology" do not hurt kids or teens? a reputable surgeon wouldn't do a breast surgery unless it is really needed.

No. 1835784

>Anon there’s a huge side of twitter where people post about their self harm

Did not know this, twitter is such a shithole.

No. 1835799

File: 1685232195297.jpg (163.73 KB, 1080x1075, 77llhhqkyloz.jpg)

i won't post pics because it feels wrong but there's 3 ftms in a discord server i'm in who have all posted selfies and they all have the exact same characteristics


>unwashed hair
>dressed like an unfashionable teen "tomboy"
>dirty mirror
>inexplicably wearing makeup
>have some goofy name like "quentin" or "caspian"
>all disabled and jobless. all of them.

No. 1835813

They'd probably say they're "eggs"

No. 1835843

TiMs and TiFs are the same, think the grass is greener on the other side and hormones will make them hot (instead of changing their fat slob anti-social habits that made them ugly in the first place)

The only TiMs and TiFs that seem to put in any effort to look decent and well-adjusted are the gays and lesbians, but even then, they still hate themselves.

No. 1835849

I dont understand how anyone could call someone underage stupid for being upset about this.

No. 1835852


My leg hair in its final form could mog hers any day of the week

No. 1835898

File: 1685245736232.jpeg (176.4 KB, 1242x1782, 33CB3093-69C6-465B-90DB-20FF57…)

losing it lmao her euphoric man legs have like 2 hairs

No. 1835903

File: 1685246228587.jpg (90.13 KB, 1080x1079, Jesus fuck.jpg)

>TF2 pfp

No. 1835910

literally every single time. i honestly think tifs don't even play the game though LMAO they're just into random characters they can troonify

No. 1835914

Losing it too. Has she never seen another girls's legs?

Maybe Jerma;s popularity played a part in it. I know he used to be a big TF2 YouTuber.

No. 1835932

idk jerma but it's possible, however tf2 has had a history of fujoism and the devs pander to gay stuff all the time, so it's natural that the most insecure girlfans became trannies

No. 1835944

File: 1685255877705.jpeg (68.08 KB, 575x767, A1B471DD-E786-4C71-8C21-21CB2B…)

What did she mean by this?

No. 1835954

probably that she said a retarded thing and people will criticize her for it and not mindlessly "validate" her.

No. 1835958

>Has she never seen another girls's legs?
retarded blogpost but I've never shaved my legs and they're easily hairier than hers but it sometimes surprises me to see hair on another woman's legs just because apparently almost everybody around me shaves and women almost never show their leg hair in public.

No. 1835994

Get away from V you mentally ill discord troons

ps her brother is a troon too

No. 1835999

And these girls might as well NOT troon? Idk even…..

No. 1836006

Girl, those are an average girl's legs. You will never grow thicker and longer leg hairs than that, you will never have man legs.
I wonder what these girls' reactions are when they look at a man's super thick and curly leg hairs. Are they hit with the sudden realization or just delude themselves even more thinking it's an achievable goal?

No. 1836009

My leg hairs are an inch long and super dark this is some weak shit. This has inspired me to never shave my legs again, just to potentially trigger a TiF's cognitive dissonance someday

No. 1836010

It works better on TIMs and groomers tho I advice you to be careful

No. 1836011

I'm mogging her entire identity with my luscious leg hair alone. Bald ass legs, cringe.

No. 1836012

For real, I wish they would just learn to accept and love their bodies in their natural state as women, instead of feeling like they need to identify as male for it, just because they believe that a woman with unshaven legs is "gross". In a way they're also telling the rest of us that we're gross and ugly women for not wanting to shave. Fuck TIFs for doing this shit

No. 1836013

Hairy legs trigger men too. They trigger weak minded people who believe that women are hairless creatures.

No. 1836017

I hate clown world. Transitioning should go back to be reserved for the extremely high T women with gender dysphoria, and should be gatekept. But saying this would make me sound like another troon/transmedical enablist so

No. 1836025

what kind of transitioning? like where they give them estrogen instead of T? speaking of which, isn't there a study where it proved more effective giving men and women with gender dysphoria T and E respectively?

No. 1836040

No i think youre missing the point, it's T. But only as a last resort. "Transitioning" refers to trooning, so typically men are given E as a troon Rx.

No. 1836041

As a high T woman with dysphoria, yeah that's a bad idea. My dysphoria isn't any different from other, more feminine women. The root causes are still misogyny and/or homophobia.(No1curr)

No. 1836066

No mentally ill person should be allowed to transition. All trans people are potential detransitioners, so what happens when those "extremely high T women with gender dysphoria" realize in 10 or 20 years that they still are miserable, mentally ill women, who now have to live with the fact that their bodies are changed forever?

No. 1836082

i agree with you, but only to an extent. because if you think about it, the mere desire to transition (gender dysphoria) is a mental disorder. sure most troons also have other mental illnesses as well as dysphoria, and i think those are the ones that should be double checked and not allowed to transition. basically only the most stable, dysphoric adults should be able to transition.

No. 1836111

i cant wait on the studies 5 years from now on these retards about how terrible it was giving them access to body altering hormones tbh. like yep insecure impressionable kids and the mentally ill are perfect candidates for this shit.

No. 1836112

File: 1685285094539.jpg (63.68 KB, 726x790, down from hell.jpg)

sanest trans kid protector

No. 1836113

>the most stable, dysphoric adults should be able to transition.
nah. think about this in terms of an eating disorder. someone is functional and "stable" but they hate their weight and it makes them feel dysphoric. is it okay to let them starve or get severe life-altering fat removal surgery? even if they aren't fat at all?
imo only intersex people should be able to do this

No. 1836114

>down from hell
That's an edgy ass third grader

No. 1836115

Lmao the bottom left makes it seem like there were six tits, like a dog.

No. 1836121

they'll just rebuttal that some teens get surgeries like boob jobs with parental consent even though that's also looked down upon

No. 1836124

The best part is no one in power will take responsibility and all the people who mutilated themselves will be left out to dry.

No. 1836126

File: 1685286629664.png (15.92 KB, 830x338, oh.png)

this should provide some answers.

No. 1836127

This reminds me of search results from Google that are past the first and second page. You know the ones, they contain strings of words that sort form a sentence but it's not cohesive at all.

No. 1836128

But that's terrible, the big pharma and greedy doctors involved SHOULD be held accountable for ruining a bunch of mentally unsound and often neurodivergent (usually autism) childrens lives.

No. 1836134

They're just going to say "informed consent, we did what you asked, bye"

No. 1836138

File: 1685288714888.png (961.17 KB, 2077x1350, 6360C33B-4C9A-47F0-8171-0614BF…)

I think this is proof transitioning doesn’t just appeal to too-online fandom types who want to be jungkook or deku or will graham…. it also appeals to normie girls who want to be harry styles really badly

No. 1836143

If I could just go back in time and assassinate harry fucking styles

>implying aging directioners are/were not too-online fandom types but normies because 1D is considered a less nerdy interest

Nonna, have I got news for you.

No. 1836146

long-suffering 1d fans have a different vibe than girls who glommed onto harry styles when he started doing the retarded gaybaiting thing … like you can tell who was writing larry mpreg versus who bought a fine line vinyl at target and never looked back. 1d ftms seem more spergy and nerdy (and also rarer also there’s a weird overlap of like 1d trannies and glee trannies lol) but the neo-harry ones all seem like they were on track to become sorority girls until they got nose piercings and started using he/they pronouns

No. 1836147

On the topic of pharmacy I find it weird that so many tifs are anti-psychiatry (which generally involves medicine to treat mood disorders, and understandably some people on the spectrum get mad about being forced to conform), but being transgender entails a lifetime of prescription medication consumption to larp as the opposite sex. I came across a “guide” for sex with transgender people who have had bottom surgeries and it had comments about prescriptions that could be taken to bring back arousal (because tims lose their sex drive) or assist with penetration (vaginal dryness/atrophy in tifs). And surely those who come to realize that surgeries are not the answer to their dysphoria wind up medicating on antidepressants or alcohol.

No. 1836153

Just stop shaving and this is what will happen to any woman. I'm so worried that a woman wouldn't know this, and would think this is "being a man". People are more and more divorced from reality and it is scary.

No. 1836164

File: 1685295090464.jpg (27.03 KB, 480x286, 22bd9f61d8cc30948705a76792030c…)

"single coz crazy"

No. 1836168

You'd be surprised. In my experience most of them were solo stans who followed his lead or regained former interest when he started rockin the ugly granny he/they couture, the rest were like dan and phil or twenty one pilots refugees (already failed normies)

No. 1836194

You both sound like former directioners kek the 1D fandom was infested with gender bs like any other fandom. It's one of the most online fandoms I'd argue, no one I knew irl liked One Direction despite being one of the biggest OG twitter fandoms of the 2010s. I'm not familiar with how many new Harry Styles fans are gendies, but not surprised he'd attract that type.

No. 1836202

not those anons but 1D was once the biggest boyband in the world, it was normie to like them but the fujos in the fandom (like the fujos in every fandsom) were the mentally deranged one's who fell into conspiracy theories and gender woo wow.

No. 1836203

I used to remember 1D was practicay dead shortly after the '10s, where gendies havent ruin stuff yet

No. 1836216

wasn't all fujos, the bulk of them overlapped with normies. the craziness of the worst larries was rivaled by fans who liked one member and hated all the others. harry the most batshit insane fans, it isn't surprising whatsoever to see some of them skinwalking him now.

No. 1836254

Right, if they just want cool body patterns there are so many less expensive and health endangering ways to get them, but glorifying self harm is so cool and tough amirite

No. 1836309

Ayrt, i was never a directioner i have just historically observed bandom gendies because they’re consistently the most deranged and accidentally up front about being deranged, not to defend kinnie fujos but there’s a lot less cognitive dissonance required to decide “i am going to emulate and name myself after a made up character” vs “i am going to emulate and name myself after a male celebrity i will probably follow on twitter and shell out actual money to meet IRL”, and i remember seeing a lot of pasty Josh and Tylers in 2015 and there’s always been a lot of Gerards but I never encountered many intense 1D fujos, I think I mischaracterized them as “not that online” because I only ever really encountered one far-gone enough to engage in actual skinwalking (a Louis fan) probably because obsession over 1D was common and thus socially palatable IRL and those girls were able to maintain friends with common interests until the recent gendie bubble happened and now EVERYONE’S common interest is “have pronouns in bio” vs. the emo/21pilots ones specifically needing to Not Be Understood By Their Peers as part of their larp & falling down the mlm ftm slippery slope pretty rapidly. I actually went to high school with a Dan from Dan and Phil skinwalker who started testosterone underage and has since detransitioned and a girl who was also skinwalking Miles McKenna but desisted before ever starting medical transition and both of them were cajoling in GSA once about having both almost named themselves after Tyler Joseph while planning a VidCon trip together. I also remember Avery Vernon very ardently skinwalking him or the other one i can’t tell them apart tbh

Sage for anecdotal anthropological fakeboi sperging, but I am curious to know if anyone else ever had any similar run-ins or brushes IRL

No. 1836329

>obsession over 1D was common and thus socially palatable IRL
This reminds me of when 1D first got big in very early 2010s, most girls in my class were in love with them so I pretended to as well to fit in. I don't remember any gendie shit but only because I stopped "liking them" within a year when pronouns in bio still wasn't much of a thing. When it was, I'd fallen into emo bandom and saw a lot of TOP and MCR gender specials as you said. MCR in particular has really been attracting the tifs because gerard wears dresses now.

>I never encountered many intense 1D fujos

Larry Stylinson (Louis x Harry) conspiracies were really popular. Fanfics, audios where it'd just be a random gay porn audio but with Larry in the title, "proof" threads. She/theys are still convinced Harry is "fruity" but now bc of his new ugly style, since tifs are shallow.

No. 1836331

> I pretended to as well to fit in.
I did the same thing with Justin Bieber while I secretly liked emo bands.
> MCR in particular has really been attracting the tifs because gerard wears dresses now.
I think it's more because transmascs culture heavily borrows from tiktok's alt scene which itself is influenced by emo subculture.
Also the MCR used to wear makeup (even if it was very standard for anyone in their genre to do so) this automatically creates a flock of gendie fanthems.

No. 1836332

Her style is reminding me of the "mysterious, elusive, flirty bisexual man" trope that was popular on tumblr. I always feel like many gendies try to emulate that concept like >>1834138

No. 1836342

>mysterious, elusive, flirty bisexual man

Those type of men are pretty much always fictional and not how real bi men are at all

No. 1836356

File: 1685317099386.png (1.79 MB, 1694x1080, fleming.png)

Meanwhile real bi men look like this:

>She/theys are still convinced Harry is "fruity" but now bc of his new ugly style
I hate she/theys but Harry himself clearly wants to be seen that way with all these ugly clothes and waving flags at concerts and gay movie roles, guys a prick

No. 1836363

Normie fujos were directioners. I grew up in that era and even back in 2014 when gay 1D fanfics were extremely popular it struck me as a bizarre parallel to how the dorky girls were so dedicated to yaoi art/fanfics. I have never seen normies going full yaoi like that since 1D peaked

No. 1836389

>“i am going to emulate and name myself after a male celebrity i will probably follow on twitter and shell out actual money to meet IRL"

Relating back to Harry Styles, there are gendies in that fanbase who insist he's non-binary. These are new fans who weren't around for 1D. It's a kind of skinwalk, but in reverse. They believe him to be whatever they are (ie: a gendie/gay) and are a fan of their made up version of him which is just a mirror of themselves. I suspect this happens in most bandoms/celebdoms tainted with conspiracy theorists. Those who insist Taylor Swift the straightest woman in history, is a lesbian for example.

No. 1836395

I don't know how true this is but I've heard that these phalloplasties do not last for life and will eventually turn necrotic and the tissue will die, resulting in it needing to be removed. If this is true, then it looks pale because the skin is literally dying as there is no blood flow.

No. 1836398

Exploiting enbies is something I can get behind tbh, and clearly it's very easy to do

No. 1836399

That is like the antithesis of the average bisexual man.

No. 1836400

aidens who go as far as getting bottom surgery unfortunately are the ones who are commiting suicide. I don't think I've ever heard of an Aiden who had a phalloplasty long term. I've heard of them attempting to reconstruct their vagina after detrans, I've heard of the body simply rejecting the "penis" and needing to be removed, and I've heard of death

No. 1836401

It's genuinely a horrific and inhumane surgery, it isnt possible for the graft to survive longterm. It reminds of soren, who got bottom surgery and immediately committed suicide after.

No. 1836416

File: 1685324389368.jpg (115.64 KB, 1078x856, Screenshot_20230529_023007_Ope…)

Saw this on the home page kek. Not gonna listen to hours of this shit so I scrolled the comments and it can be summarised as stuff like "I bet the reason more of us ID as trans is because we don't follow society's rules, which means we're quirky and easily realise if we're trans" and "I think gender norms are fixed laws that I don't understand in a similar way I don't understand neurotypical social stuff, that means I'm trans." There's also something to be said about self diagnosers who think they have "the 'tism" cos its trendy on tiktok and normal behaviours are being pathologised.

No. 1836420

i thought this was graysons project for a moment

No. 1836428

I thought she detransed but was still pro troon for some reason? And came out as a lesbian or something

No. 1836430

See >>1834617 that neo-phallus looks like Gasper's cock.

No. 1836433

i'm totally an autist you guys, i shake my hands when i'm angry and i hyperfixate on genshin impact characters and minecraft youtubers!!! btw my pronouns are he/they :)

No. 1836435

File: 1685327896162.jpeg (70.65 KB, 1125x721, IMG_4395.jpeg)

Tifs use homophobic slurs more then members of the Westboro Baptist Church did.

No. 1836436

"But when WE do it, is cute!"

No. 1836441

so do we

No. 1836443


yeah babe it sure doesn't get gayer than that unless you are an actual guy with a penis who is gay.. .haha wooo!

No. 1836496

That's just imageboard culture. When we say "fag" here, it's just being irreverent. No one here would ever feel the need to justify their use of it with some horse shit about reclamation or gender identity. Also, there's a lot of cognitive dissonance at play when the same losers who constantly go on puritanical Twitter crusades turn around and call themselves ~uwu fruity little faggot flamer fairy boy teehee~.

No. 1836498

You're right that a there are a lot of self-diagnosed posers among Aidens, but there's also a disproportionately high incidence of actual autism. It's hard to explain, but a lot of 'tists feel a kind of dissociation from their bodies. We also tend to rely on cues from others, so if an autistic girl is surrounded by TiFs, they adopt gender shit as part of their mask. It's just a tool to fit in.

No. 1836511

Nonnie I saw the picture you posted and literally cackled.

No. 1836536

File: 1685348501539.jpeg (185.18 KB, 1170x2088, 4071C00F-C96D-441E-A968-261CAF…)

Wouldn’t she still want to be an enbie if she was male or is this when the gendie logic breaks because it’s all just internalized misogyny

No. 1836537

There ARE born male enbies (they are usually seen as femboylite and overshadowed by mtf), Oli London used to be one

No. 1836539

File: 1685349102415.jpg (178.22 KB, 1200x1800, Tumblr_l_1282631239618664.jpg)

There is something so bleak in tifs' relentless desire to protect and defend male trannies… It's like they don't notice that no male troon ever defends his female counterparts.

No. 1836541

File: 1685350013200.png (28.07 KB, 567x846, pickme.png)

When I'm in a dicksucking contest and my opponent is a transmasc

No. 1836547

They are the mirror image of pickmes. Ultimately, it's all about serving men, just make it woke so they don't have to acknowledge men not wanting to give up sexism.

No. 1836551

>it's like they don't notice that no male troon ever defends his female counterparts.
I've still to this day NEVER seen a tim defend or advocate for tifs. At best it's a non-binary binary-cis-presenting couple where the man insists his wife is definitely as queer as she says she is and totally not a regular woman

No. 1836552

>it's like they don't notice that no male troon ever defends his female counterparts.
I've still to this day NEVER seen a tim defend or advocate for tifs. At best it's a non-binary binary-cis-presenting couple where the man insists his wife is definitely as queer as she says she is and totally not a regular woman

No. 1836554

>Autism Speaks
I'm gonna derail but we all hate Autism Speaks

No. 1836556

Don't think there any any tifs in the pic, it's "cis lesbians" defending TIMs, unaware TIMs distrust and doubt them as cryptoterfs

No. 1836559

do these troons not realise scars arent the same as tattoos? Its not flat patches of discoloured skin they get swollen and distorted. Most of these girls cut themselves they should already know this shit. Those twitter tifs should draw some giant keloids for realism, but i guess 100000 troons die if you show consequences to their cosmetic surgeries.

No. 1836584

Autism Speaks is great, retards btfo

No. 1836588

sorry to derail too but as an autist i've been told they're bad but never looked into it because i can't get a clear answer, what is the deal with autism speaks?

No. 1836594

Apparently "made by NTs for autists" and they hate it and start sperging

No. 1836596

File: 1685363150774.jpg (119.35 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20230520_011735.jpg)

pic sorta related: Punks would call you "woman" just to piss you off.

No. 1836599

File: 1685363582816.jpg (316.99 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20230528_160432_com…)

Absolutely nothing about you is masc

No. 1836608

What is trans tape?

No. 1836611

a brand of binding tape

No. 1836617

They don't seem to realize that major surgical scars are very stiff either. These scars would seriously limit movement. Not to mention the nerve damage, that pins and needles feeling over such a big area would be miserable. The best way both to match these images aesthetically and to not feel like shit afterwards would be tattoos, but I guess that wouldn't be validating enough.

No. 1836618

>It's hard to explain, but a lot of 'tists feel a kind of dissociation from their bodies.
I feel like that’s also why they do more stuff that’s damaging to their bodies, because they think of the physical body as some customizable vessel and not an actual part of themself that needs to be taken care of (ie exercise, brushing your teeth, showering daily, etc)

No. 1836625

>because they think of the physical body as some customizable vessel
this, that's why they seem to think the clit can become a tiny dick and dick can become a big clitoris, like it's some part of a 3d model you can tweak to look like something else.

No. 1836626

>real punks comply with the big pharma backed propaganda that it's ok to mutilate yourself if you have body issues or internalised homophobia
Words have no meaning anymore.

No. 1836628

They acknowledge that autism is a disability not a super power and living with a nonverbal violent retard is difficult, actually

No. 1836631

>Transtape as to conceal breasts
>Actually getting more attention on your breasts because it looks like pasties

They deserve to be bullied and stared at. Plus notice how for them "slutty" refers to wearing women clothes or lingerie, as if that gasps women are sluts to them. Gross.

No. 1836633

Being sexy as a woman is cringe
Being sexy as a man is queer and subversive

No. 1836634

Do they all come from one factory or something

No. 1836639

I think those two are the same person, not that it matters much because you’re right, they do indeed all usually look and act like some variation of that.

No. 1836640

Here you go. In brief:
- They would like a cure for autism
- They acknowledge that for parents, having a child turn autistic, is kind of like losing that kid and generally sucks. (By 'turn autistic', I mean autism usually surfaces around 2 or 3 and the child's behavior changes from normal to autistic.)
- They released an ad that portrayed autism as something that will completely ruin parent's lives. Kind of true for parents of non-verbal and low functioning autistics but not for parents of high functioning autists so people got upset about that.
- They don't hire autistic people or have them on the board.
- They seem to spend very little money on helping autists and their families.

The Autism Speaks Controversy, Explained

No. 1836645

File: 1685370166515.jpg (44.84 KB, 800x450, sign.jpg)

I hate to compare it with mastectomy made for cancer patients because this is a choice made by them, no a life-saving surgery (even if they do whine is a "life-saving surgery"), but they would learn one thing or two about them how the scars limit the movements, nerves damage, no sensitivity even in the nipples, big etc. Hell, even reduction/increase chest surgeries have its risks. I want to ask if they have even read about surgeries risk in general, but I bet they're like picrel.

They're. Notice the broccoli hair.

No. 1836683

Not to derail but I hate when people get mad about people looking for a cure for autism. Obviously high functioning autists can integrate into society with mild accommodations and don't need curing but pretending low functioning autism isn't something that destroys families and makes parents (and likely any other siblings) into lifelong unpaid caretakers is tone deaf and ignorant. Not hiring some high functioning autists is stupid but refusing to acknowledge reality helps no one.

No. 1836685

>DDLG ageplay fetishist
>8yo daughter
Fucking bleak.

No. 1836688

>acknowledges MRAs are mostly violent incels
>I'd rather hang out with them because at least THEY don't wanna rape and murder me! Evil women do!!!

Oh sweetie

No. 1836691

The fact that they also want to eradicate the term Aspergers (due to the nazi correlation) is stupid as shit. They want to refer anyone to "autism" but since it's a very vague diagnosis (what does that even mean, at the end of the day? social awkwardness? special interests? cognitive biases? nonverbal? actual retardation? stereotypical movements? lack of empathy?) it helps no one. Distinguishing aspies from screaming sacks of meat or nonverbal drooling statues helps to draw the line in between functionality and actual disability. It needs to be clear where it's a mild difficulty in day-by-day interactions and being a walking vegetable.

No. 1836695

Not sure where the myth that we're mad at TiFs for "becoming the enemy" comes from, because it requires that we consider TiFs men when we don't. I've never seen a TERF complain about TiFs "abandoning" womanhood, because it's not a thing you can abandon in the first place. You're a woman no matter what toxic shit you do to your body. Being a turbo NLOG and treating other women like shit isn't "abandoning" anything, it's just a reflection of your own internalized misogyny.

No. 1836697

File: 1685377966551.jpeg (462.86 KB, 2000x2000, FxFEShzaUAAbs__.jpeg)

I agree with you. There are horror stories about families with relatives that have a physical and metal disability, pretending it doesn't happens with low-functioning autistic people is asinine.

Picrel: I have also bad news too.

No. 1836701

There's nothing punk rock about adopting an identity that revolves around buying a bunch of shit from massive corporations and choosing to be a lifelong captive customer for pharmaceutical companies. Also you just know none of these posers listen to any punk rock besides the Ramones and the Clash.

No. 1836703

It comes from TIMs (specially the misogynist ones) and from TIFs that don't want to understand that having periods, pregnancy and more are something men do not have/cannot do IRL. That's why most of the time the "uterus having", "menstruator man" and shitty names from women comes from TIFs to be extra NLOG.

No. 1836705

It probably wouldn't hurt to come up with the different name for Asperger's, but I agree that eliminating the label entirely and lumping high-functioning savant types in with nonverbal permatoddlers is not the way to go. They shouldn't share the same label at all, and I often wonder if there's any truth to it being the same condition with different severity is true in the first place.(Derail)

No. 1836706

>T-TERFS want me to be raped!
A real TERF would never want a fellow woman to be raped and womanhood isn't something that can be 'abandoned'. MRAs want to be able to rape women as a male right.

No. 1836708

you made me think in that TIF bragging she had sex with more than 40 "gay old men" when you know these "gay men" are just straight men feeding her delusion for some sex.

No. 1836709

holyshit kek I wonder if that reply made her peak.

No. 1836716

Is it the fact that all stick figure ball head art looks the same (that is, disgusting) or is the artist the same degenerate shotafag tif with an amputation fetish that was posted in the artist salt thread?

No. 1836717

What the fuck are you even trying to say?

No one here gives a shit whether you shave your legs or not i can tell you that

No. 1836719

Because frogs are so ~boyish~ and not like other girls (girls b like 'eww frogs!')

Nlogs love them. Rats and frogs as another anon said

No. 1836724

Are your pants made of duct tape or something?

No. 1836726

>hurt men who realize that toxic masculinity & the patriarchy hurts them too
Pick one

Is that why why TiFs always have such a shitty posture after top surgery? In every picture or video where someone shows off their tit chop results they never stand up straight, it always looks like the chest scars are so tight and uncomfortable that they have to hunch over with their shoulders forward

No. 1836727

I know that, but we are talking about TIF that thinks that hair in her legs means "she's finally a man" when there are tons of hairless men too.

>or is the artist the same degenerate shotafag tif with an amputation fetish that was posted in the artist salt thread?

I haven't seen the artist salt thread but I knew I shouldn't have gone to that account.

No, but jeans do wonders.

No. 1836733

File: 1685382005554.jpeg (39.01 KB, 920x1212, 20254794_hi.jpeg)

NLOGs liking frogs is a pretty recent thing. Plenty of normie girls liked frogs in the early 2000s. Same with rats. I know plenty of normie women who owned mice and rats over the years, because they're intelligent and easy to care for. Too bad both rats and frogs have been taken over by retarded goblincore TiFs in recent years.

No. 1836736

Faggot sometimes is used similarly to the word retard in that it is not actually used in a disparaging manner toward gay people. I and many others would never call a disabled person a retard. It's weird and jarring hearing someone who never grew up with a homosexual or gnc experience say "I'm a FAGGOT". They have no idea what it was like to actually be called a faggot with violent or negative connotations. It's a weird thing to do. In general a lot of afab non binaries get those weird FAGGOT tattoos and identify as that when they don't have any remotely correlating experience. It's just fucking weird.

No. 1836740

Someone genuinely needs to have a talk with them about how they're being collectively Chuck and Larry'd and that it's a common piece of advice on 4chan if you're an incel to download grindr and fuck an ftm

No. 1836742

Pretty much everyone TiFs match with on Grindr are chasers, other TiFs, bisexuals, and straight men lying about being gay to get with TiFs. True and Honest gay men won't fuck them.

No. 1836749

File: 1685383656845.png (525.96 KB, 644x401, pf0Qo.png)

>In general a lot of afab non binaries get those weird FAGGOT tattoos and identify as that when they don't have any remotely correlating experience.

IE That woman that got tattoo faggot in her belly and looked like picrel

No. 1836758

all the normal stuff i have always thought is cute are being appropriated by tifs. frogs, rats, mushrooms, possums, general forest stuff. hate it

No. 1836759

File: 1685385194523.png (54.39 KB, 603x247, Untitled.png)

this is actual gibberish. nonsense words

No. 1836775

>High functioning autists take ten times as much energy to get through the day and are riddled with mental illness because their life is incredibly hard and they need superhuman intelligence and self insight to function on a level that makes normal people not continuously abuse them, but due to all this work and pain they do not bother me, therefore we do not need to cure them.
I disagree.

No. 1836776

Is to avoid to TikTok to ban you for using "curse" words. Still is nonsense words.

No. 1836787

File: 1685388286454.jpg (260.15 KB, 2048x1069, PhotoGrid_1685387704992_edit_1…)

This is something a terf would post about a tim. Instead it's a tif proud of her womanly disguise.

No. 1836800

>fem presenting =/= woman
I'm glad we've cleared that up, Aiden! It's your biology that makes you a woman, not your clothes. A+! For our next lesson, I'll be introducing you to this neat thing called "showering" and if you master that, then you might just be ready to mix with the general population again.

No. 1836802

honestly, that brow ridge is really helping her pass as a man in a dress, she lucked out with the cro magnon genes

No. 1836805

The TiF who tried to hijack the Let Women Speak event in Birmingham had a frog tattoo too, along with the MLM mullet. They all fit the same mold

No. 1836806

File: 1685391147106.png (187.39 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4397.png)

So, why do ftms not know anything about real guys?

No. 1836815

I don't understand this cartoon. Surface meaning is "Women, amirite? As a straight moid, I want to have sex with them, but the rest of the time I would rather hang out with the bros." But I guess it's supposed to represent a butch lesbian being converted to a TIF?

No. 1836817

I wonder how old this person is, that’s just embarrassing

No. 1836825

>goblincore TiFs
They're basically cottagecore girls but make it ~dirty and rebellious~, only in a kawaii way though cos being actually rebellious is too scary.

No. 1836835

Because real men hanging out together isn't one shy twink and one tall dom. Shit idk wtf men do together but I know they're not turning their butt holes into vintage golf bags like they do in Aidenworld

No. 1836837

the artist is actually a man who is missing a leg. i suppose he fetishes his own amputation. it seems like the larger man is actually his self-insert, though most of his fans like to imagine they're the small tif

No. 1836838

Why is "Rowan" such an insanely common tif name, I seriously know 3 of them. Can't they be more original lmao

No. 1836842

omg i checked the artist salt thread and i guess i was wrong! nvm

No. 1836849

I did a double take, she looks like david mitchell kek. also I can smell this picture.

No. 1836870

File: 1685398101522.png (191.97 KB, 576x828, Screenshot_20230529-190352~2.p…)

>being autistic doesn't make me less trans!!

Yeah whatever girl. It breaks my heart to see so many autistic tomboy/butch girls falling into the tranny cult.

No. 1836873

the joke is "I am romantically into men/prefer to spend time with them but I love fucking pussy" and the punchline is "good news im a man with a pussy" but I understand why you find it hard to understand this because the thing you wrote is how men actually behave while the tenderhearted bisexual with an emotional preference for men and a sexual preference for piv is a character who only exists in fanfiction written in this person's head

No. 1836876

Because why stick with 3DPG when 2D twins/tops written by straight women are right there?

No. 1836877

File: 1685398870292.jpeg (79.21 KB, 941x1131, IMG_4880.jpeg)

How can they draw shit like this and then claim troonism isn’t a mental illness

No. 1836880

File: 1685399394597.jpg (34.5 KB, 600x470, Fa_42OOXEAASGvw.jpg)

oh god is that supposed to be kasane teto???

No. 1836881

It’s kind of astonishing because you see the same thing from TiMs just in reverse. It’s like none of them have ever had friends or family members of the opposite sex.

No. 1836890

trannies think they are persona main characters

No. 1836894

AYRT and I would never in a million years have guessed that was what it was means, although it makes a depressing sort of Aiden sense now that you've explained it. I guess this scene is supposed to be taking place in a gay bar, but it's, like, a gay bar where bi dudes come to hang out with the bros, but not fuck them? You're right, pure fanfic.

No. 1836896

File: 1685402015492.jpg (300.33 KB, 1060x1800, noidonthtinkwemisunderstood.jp…)

self aware tif that admit she does it to look like one of her UwU soft kpop boys

No. 1836919

Literally just a feminine alt girl. No one looks at this bippie and sees anything but a woman.

No. 1836922

File: 1685404045156.png (4.19 MB, 828x1792, A51AF448-A9CC-49BC-8828-9EA102…)

Wtf is this creature

No. 1836931

A dilf, dead inside lost female.

No. 1836935

>my most misunderstood comic

That made me remember certain American-Chinese Aiden doing a comic claiming "ancient China was full of genderfluids" and it took "the hand of white evil people" to separate the stuff by genders, when IRL it was Chinese feminists who asked their own space. Of course someone mentioned to her the real motive and suddenly "terf found my comic!".

And no, is no Xiran.

No. 1836944

I wonder if they just don't know because ever since they started growing hair they've shaved it. As adult women maybe they've never seen it more than a few days of growth

No. 1837083

Man im pretty upset this kind of people are getting into moomin fandom, theyre literally the opposite of the whole point of the books/series, these people are consumist, cant stand a day without attention, and are constantly making drama.
but what confuses me the most is how they turned a lot og genshin impact characters into emo alt kids Q-Q(Q-Q)

No. 1837136

>a common piece of advice on 4chan if you're an incel to download grindr and fuck an ftm

hope it's okay to ask but do you have any screencaps of these kind of posts? i'm just assuming they're from r9k

No. 1837183

File: 1685414120732.png (218.29 KB, 938x1356, tumblr_5f9b4b553892040e3ac09c4…)

No. 1837244

>guys 王 is a gender neutral title!!!

So it's used for both male and female monkeys, right?

>noooooo it means that all female monkeys trooned out so that I can self insert as sun wu kong

Everyday my tolerance for troonery gets lower.

No. 1837250

And it's "gender neutral" so enbies can self-insert

No. 1837251

Kek I just knew that there’d be more trans Chinaboos with the popularity of Genshin Imapct and that Lego Monkey shit. I hope all these Americanized Chinese retards regret their transwashing when they see troons who completely disregard their culture and history and just want to see uwu twans gay shit (which is only making male characters TIFs because they ignore women actually being women).

No. 1837253

Though drawn by an actual moid, what's with the art style theme? Looks familiar to the "amogus" original

No. 1837255

Irl there are straight dudes invading gay bars, like declaring violence or remind gay men that they are still men by turning he club into a "bros over hoes" club

No. 1837256

Is it supposed to be TIF or TIM?

No. 1837264

>straight dudes invading gay bars

No. 1837266

Seeing the first comic and how hurt she was when a "radfem" found her comic and mentioned the strict gender issues in China, I bet a TIF.

No. 1837283

I mean how she depicts the monkey

No. 1837300

File: 1685421991944.jpg (471.42 KB, 1127x1600, RCO111_1472266487.JPG)

nta but she's claiming that Monkey was born female but transitioned to male upon ascending to the throne. However, Monkey's entire story arc revolves around overcoming pride, wrath, and the need to solve problems through violence. He even challenged heaven itself. Overcoming these traits is pretty exclusive to masculinity.

No. 1837344

funny thing is 9/10 girls have thought this about themselves at some point and it's absolutely motivated by feeling ugly, and knowing that boys are uglier so by "boy standards" you'd be pretty and feminine

but for some girls it's the female AGP and they just want to look like what they sexually desire, so males. I don't think they're turned on by themselves the way male AGPs are, but they're still unable to separate that sexual desire from themselves.

i actually wonder how many of these people would be cured if mirrors simply didn't exist and they couldn't hyperfocus on their own appearance.

No. 1837351

File: 1685437127335.png (17.39 KB, 1032x232, te.png)

broccoli-haired zoomies shitting on this tif for not doing proper pushups is really funny to me

No. 1837363

This reminds me of another story about a TIF (who was a butch lesbian before) who talked about how transitioning made her realize his own 'softness' compared to actual men and led to feelings of attraction towards them that he never experienced as a woman.

No. 1837377

Holy shit you guys were right. It's always the eyes that give them away. Even though she has super hooded eyes you can still instantly clock her from her insanely feminine eye shape… if normies start noticing this things are gonna turn so bleak for tifs lol. I kind of feel bad for them. Like not even her dwarf mage chieftaim beard can save her at this point

No. 1837380

It isn't the shape or even the size. Women have smaller heads so their eyes look bigger. That's one of the reasons why women are prettier than men.

No. 1837382

Guys do this to real men too though, make fun of each other and ”banter”. You claim to be a man, now enjoy the reality of being around them.

No. 1837384

>"I feel like I need to catch up to them but I physically can't"
And why exactly is that? What's the difference between you and those guys that make it impossible for you to ever catch up to how strong they are? Is it perhaps something innate to your body that you share with a certain group of people that covers half the population? Nah, couldn't be…

No. 1837388

These girls are always so sheltered and don't understand male banter and social hierarchy. They take it as a personal attack that got their feelings hurt, they literally want men to act like women and be uwu kind and treat them as a real little boy who is brave and strong

No. 1837395

yep, welcome to the retarded reality of male social dynamics. most women can't stand interacting with moids because they're completely emotionally inept. you're still young at 17 and haven't destroyed your body with hormones yet, turn back.

No. 1837409


These girls are pathetic. They think they're men but can't bear the most beneign male interactions. I bet those boys are still censoring themselves just so she doesn't go crying and tattling to the teachers.

If she told them to fuck off they'd respect her more but terminally online anxiety ridden autists can't even manage that.

No. 1837481

File: 1685463210899.png (63.18 KB, 708x1974, CAPTURE.png)

And here are the responses.

No. 1837485

I’m so confused
Do these people have guy friends or something? How can you claim to “actually be a man” if you don’t even have guy friends?
You just talk with them? I thought these nlogs would say that talking to men is easier than women.

No. 1837490

Wow, it's almost like guy friends do things that girl friends do, except with guys. What did they think guys do, just suck each other's dicks?

No. 1837517

The girls talking about hanging out with multiple guys scare me. Being alone with a bunch of men as a woman (and they see you as such) is extremely dangerous, if one of them thinks about sex even for a second you're done for.

No. 1837519

TIF equivalent to AGP is AAP (autoandrophilia). But their ideal self is a pretty/androgynous young looking guy. that's why you see so many comments from them saying they wish they could be feminine in the way guys are instead of normal girl feminine

No. 1837530

File: 1685467719890.png (6.72 KB, 598x242, twitter.png)

From the "heart shape chest scars" comes "The grass is greener on the other side".

No. 1837545

This is so funny to read considering on the other end, most MTFs will admit their worst nightmare is to be an ugly or even average woman, or worse: an old woman.

No. 1837547

Trust me, TIMs with sisters act the characteristic moidy way as with TIMs without sisters. Especially the AGP ones, who knows what they'd do with their sisters, moms, daughters, etc

No. 1837549

>an old woman

One more reason for them to 41 themselfs

No. 1837552

Found the moid. Then why are you posting this if you're (assumed everyone is here) a woman?

No. 1837553

As an outsider observer of male friendships, the main difference I notice between a group of female friends and a group of male friends, is that men aren't afraid to hurl the most intense insults towards each other, and no one gets offended and it's all jokes to them. Women are nice to their friends and save their mean jokes for making fun of others. If a woman does say something mean to her friend, she's never joking.

Other than that, women and men discuss the same things (life, politics, relationships, entertainment) and can share the same hobbies.

I doubt these soft nerdy TiFs who crave validation would last a day interacting with normie men if those men treated her like a man.

No. 1837557

File: 1685469736463.jpg (192.38 KB, 901x1600, onglue.jpg)

British TIF glues herself to the floor of a historic building in order to pwn lesbian feminist Kathleen Stock. She is booed and police arrives and remove her to applause, so that Stock can speak. TIF is apparantly proud of this.

No. 1837563

Between her and the idiots putting black ink in the Fontana di Trevi, I'm not surprised activism is not taken seriously anymore.

No. 1837564

I think anon means that moids are emotionally inept. Men relentlessly bully the shit out of eachother and beat each other to death over nothing. Men cant control their emotional tard rages and are always trying to dominate other moids. They're broken and TIFs never seem to understand this. It's like when that weird furry comic was posted about some tifs guy friend bantering her about her gender and she got super offended and cried about it.

No. 1837566

Ask women with legitimate male friends and the discrepancy comes up. Proof: men call women unfunny

No. 1837567

Do you have the comic?

No. 1837568

It looks like two parents sighing over their retarded child.

No. 1837570

Is it the one where the guy is like 'haha oh, boys don't get cold' and then the tif is crying in a tanktop and shivering and is like 'boys… d-don't get… cold….'

No. 1837575

I think so! Does anyone have it? its been posted her before

No. 1837583

Contrary to the perception of normies, as far as the chan culture is concerned, 'fag' is a honorific when used as a suffix. Examples: linuxfag, moralfag, newfag.

No. 1837590

>t-shirt saying "dead trans kids"
Statistics or GTFO. I've yet to see a single article proving that "trans" kids are offing themselves en masse. If we have to give citations when we say that having a vagina makes you female, why can't they give us citations for this genocide crap? Also I love how everyone looks so nonchalant in this photo. Literally just treating the TIF like the temper tantrum throwing toddler she is.

No. 1837593

File: 1685472558495.jpg (6.03 KB, 241x138, kek.jpg)

I'm surprised they weren't laughing at her tbh

No. 1837597

Sleep paralysis demon that accuses you of transphobia.

No. 1837611

That's why they were pushing that british tim who was shanked in the schoolground so hard despite the police pretty much immediately stating it was just britbongs being britbongs. They don't actually have any evidence of genocide, they can't even show stats that kids not transitioning makes them suicide because the stats show kids grow out of dysphoria and are mostly just gay, tomboys, and/or autistic and in an overly gendered or hetero environment.
Their "dead trans kids" is based on the idea that not transing a dysphoric child kills them and also that treating dysphoria is somehow "killing" them because they are technically "eliminating" them from the trans pool but it's the same nonsense the weirdos in the deaf community claim about giving their kids the ability to hear. It's not a genocide if the person is still alive and it's certainly not a genocide if leaving someone alone causes them to take a different direction in life

No. 1837616

Yeah, I live in Britain and kids stab each other all the time here. To the point where it's not even surprising any more to see it on the news. I do doubt the TIM was targeted specifically for being a TIM. IIRC the police didn't consider it a hate crime at first but are now looking into it; no doubt due to public pressure.

No. 1837631

The one I can recall from UK was the 16-years-old TIM that was an AGP and his name was suddenly forgotten because I cannot recall if there were guilty in this case. Funny how they are all about dead Trans kids but they cannot name them all.

No. 1837634

File: 1685476304569.jpg (207.37 KB, 1245x1290, IMG_20230530_155241.jpg)

"wanna see a magic trick?"

No. 1837651

>medicalise gay youth
KEK. I vote this beauty for the next thread pic.

No. 1837662

I second this vote.

No. 1837692

Anyone has a link to the actual conversation with Stock?

No. 1837714

they like "pop punk" (avril lavigne, olivia rodrigo, mcr)

No. 1837729

Leave Avril out of this. I've yet to find a TiF who fangirls for her. TiFs enjoy garbage like Cavetown and Panic at the Disco. Also not that it matters, but Avril was full-on pop, not even pop-punk. Her first album still slaps though.

No. 1837733

Don't forget the retard who poured piss on himself and on public buildings to protest some shit involving self-ID laws. These speds are their own bad PR.

No. 1837739

Don't forget Moominvalley. Moomins have been completely colonized by Aidens.

No. 1837757

No. 1837759

No. 1837762

Also genocide implied the elimination of a group of people from the genetic pool so forced sterilization (like Nazis, Israelites and Americans has done to black women in the past) is genocide even if they aren't being directly murder. You can't apply that to a group that happily sterilize themselves through.

No. 1837766

File: 1685484985816.jpeg (92.96 KB, 750x877, 72A39E55-5E18-42A4-B098-B5A230…)

I can’t find the screenshots right now but this is the same TIF who said that rape wasn’t that bad around two months ago. It’s simultaneously funny and sad to see such a stereotypical TIF try to prove that she’s not like the other TIFs. She gloats about how scrote friends have ~totally accepted her as one of their own~ and talks shit about “AFAB enbies” all the time as if she isn’t one of them. Also thinks that lesbians perpetuate “misandry.” It seems like she’s overcompensating with misogyny because she thinks it will help her pass better.You look like the Ice Age baby if he lived in San Francisco, nobody is buying the truetrans shtick.

No. 1837781

>IIRC the police didn't consider it a hate crime at first but are now looking into it; no doubt due to public pressure.
It’s extremely difficult to prove that a murder was a hatecrime tbf

No. 1837853

People said it was a hate crime because they were wearing Harry Potter tshirts (no doubt also a lie)

No. 1837865

She sound so insufferable, I hope her partner breaks up and goes far of her.

No. 1837867

File: 1685491265583.jpeg (350.07 KB, 2048x1536, FxWhpcYaMAAZFkr.jpeg)

>Why is she detransitioning she’s so cunt and fab

>I think she's in a lot of pain. She has come so far already, and it hasn't been easy, so I understand why she's hurting.

>Maybe reach out to her if you feel up to it?

Run, bro. Run.

No. 1837927

So a spicy straight woman is mad that her boyfriend is no longer a TiM because it means that she can't call herself a lesbian anymore. Topkek.

No. 1837938

Those are problems a lot of troubled NLOGs who cleave to masculinity need to overcome. I always wanted to be a dude and acted hypermasculine when i was a kid/teen as a way of shielding my insecurities.

No. 1837987

File: 1685499987392.png (265.15 KB, 1170x1512, IMG_4398.png)

I wonder why.

No. 1837992

How do they larp for 5 years as a man and are still instantly clockable from the way they type? Its so extremely female

No. 1838000

I love how she has to say he's "bi", he never saw you as a man girly, he called himself bi to get laid. These straight girls go through so much pain for what, just to end up with straight guys who would have gladly been with them before destroying their bodies.

No. 1838002

okay but why did you word that like chris chan(sage your shit)

No. 1838013

it's a meme referencing him, anon… been around forever

No. 1838016

>tfw PIV sex is straight sex

No. 1838018

i mean, how many times a moid has been posted in the mtf thread that had stolen his sister's clothing.

No. 1838029

File: 1685504905789.jpg (27.29 KB, 616x610, 1668199115440.jpg)

>asking why someone referenced CWC
>on an imageboard dedicated to lolcows
>without saging

No. 1838038

File: 1685506057816.png (62.33 KB, 554x692, homophobic.PNG)

Least homophobic tif.

No. 1838055

feminine reaction pictures

No. 1838057

I don't think that he would have been with her if she were a regular straight girl. Don't men who date TIFs target them because they have lower standards and lower self esteems?

No. 1838059

>pathetic larping heterosexuals when homosexuals won't fuck them

No. 1838063

If anyone here feels dumb, remember, at leasty ou didn't get a haircut and a binder and think that gay men would fuck you.

No. 1838066

Sage for mild blogpost but i'm so glad I was too retarded as a child to use tumblr or social media in general bc I would of most likely turned into an aiden smh…

No. 1838067

File: 1685510323676.jpg (180.47 KB, 1080x1952, Screenshot_20230531_071844_com…)

Always zero compassion for detrans people who had complications from testosterone
Also, you think youre hot…?

No. 1838071

tfw T made them ugly as well lmao

No. 1838083

There are so many artists drawing PIV sex while calling it "gay sex" because the other half is a TIF.

No. 1838093

Lmfao srs?

No. 1838097

>fake body
why do these tiktok kids even say that? to not get banned? i'm pretty sure the tiktok mods aren't that dumb

No. 1838125

>Don't men who date TIFs target them because they have lower standards and lower self esteems?
absolutely, all they have to do is pretend to see them as a boy and then they get to sexually degrade them as much as they want

No. 1838126

wow a rare example of the female to anthony fantano

No. 1838127

Gotta give it, an enby is not a full-on transman.

No. 1838128

I still vote for that one retard who get the hots for Tats's robot

No. 1838129

I have a feeling HSTS of TIFs can be femme lesbians, doesn't even need to be butches tho. Like being homosexual is enough to be HSTS, then a lot of them act like femme lesbians despite claiming because their partners are a female it allows them to be "more of a man" than their partners simply because their partners isn't a TIF like them.

No. 1838136

File: 1685521987043.jpg (733.28 KB, 2598x3464, RIP.jpg)

she's a "boy named Bugs" now

No. 1838139

The only trans person I met in real life was named Bug too, why is that such a popular name for them

No. 1838141

File: 1685522496676.jpg (52.17 KB, 815x252, cancel the cancellers.jpg)