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No. 1824210

After a period of relative stability, the site went down again on Friday. It is unclear what exactly the issue was but Josh mentioned a certain individual who has committed "consent accidents" going after datacenters and then the clients of those datacenters. It was temporarily available on Tor today, but a botched server upgrade means it is down again.

If you don't like this site, you should probably go back to where you came from. If you want to stay, you should probably try to assimilate.

- Josh simps and detractors are both present and most take a binary dogmatic view. Think critically before reaching conclusions.

You can check if KF is blackholed here: https://ping.pe/
(it is at time of posting but due to other factors it does not come up even in locations where 0% loss is reported)

Kiwi telegram (Beware, suffering awaits all who enter)

Josh's podcast "Mad at the Internet" telegram (Source of some of his info):

Kiwifarms on Tor:

You'll need the tor browser or brave to view these. WARNING It is known in certain countries you will/may get watchlisted (NZ, UK, US, CAN, FRA) or get in trouble (P.R. China, Russia, Iran) for using Tor, just because it is encrypted doesn't mean the government can't find out it's you by proving you're the only person using Tor over an IP. Discretion is advised and is sometimes the better choice over valor.

last thread >>>/snow/1694270

previous threads >>>/snow/1688140
>>>/snow/1662925 (Tier 1 ISP stuff starts here)
>>>/snow/1627717 (Keffals shit starts here)

Archive KF thread on lolcow.farm (in case if you wanna see how Josh views the website)

/manure/'d Josh thread, very enlightening:

No. 1824211

This is what you get for giving the pajeet bribe money, Josh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1824216

So what’s the story behind liz wanting to get the site shut down bc he is a rapist? Is that only referring to the retarded “consent accident” or is there actual proof he is a rapist (would not be surprised)? Is there concrete proof that he is the one actively making sure kf stays down? Spoon feed me, anons. I love lc but I miss kf, warts and all

No. 1824217

So what’s the story behind liz wanting to get the site shut down bc he is a rapist? Is that only referring to the retarded “consent accident” or is there actual proof he is a rapist (would not be surprised)? Is there concrete proof that he is the one actively making sure kf stays down? Spoon feed me, anons. I love lc but I miss kf, warts and all

No. 1824218

So what’s the story behind liz wanting to get the site shut down bc he is a rapist? Is that only referring to the retarded “consent accident” or is there actual proof he is a rapist (would not be surprised)? Is there concrete proof that he is the one actively making sure kf stays down? Spoon feed me, anons. I love lc but I miss kf, warts and all

No. 1824231


Dong Gone has actually been trying to get KF taken down long before he had a thread, it’s in fact the reason he has one, because ppl were like “who the fuck is this tranny pestering us” - basically the Streisand effect.

He jumped on Keffal’s dropkiwifarms campaign, but even after that fizzled, pretty much all the DDOSing can be traced back to him.

I don’t have screenshots atm (mobile posting) but the consent accident stuff came from a hilarious twitter thread in which he describes how an attempted sexual interaction went south because the other person was…triggered by dog hair on his clothes or something? Elliot describes the event as a “consent accident”. It’s retarded and nobody believes that’s what went down, but the other party is a troon and not likely to speak up about it.

No. 1824232


Same anon but I also miss KF. Not a scrote, I hang out in the Salon mostly but I just prefer forums to image boards. There are a lot of stupid moids who like to shit up threads but the nice thing is you start to learn which usernames it is and just pay them no mind.

No. 1824237

File: 1683694485212.png (180.18 KB, 1160x2252, IMG_20230507_132812_135.png)

picrel is from the telegram

No. 1824244

The salon was really cozy. The gardening thread was really helpful.

I hope it peters out again. It feels useless to keep up the DDoSing. It feels like it would just hurt the cause more than help, really.

No. 1824250

File: 1683696145705.jpeg (109.84 KB, 692x956, 990A032B-9942-41C1-A469-5F1626…)

Kek, I was able to find half the tweet thread just by googling “consent accident” - didn’t even need to add anything.

FYI, the other half of the tweets don’t make his bullshit any more sensical.

No. 1824251

File: 1683696238586.png (21.94 KB, 611x464, A4CA00CB-FB0D-4B30-B50E-A69A72…)

There’s also this lovely bit of written diarrhea. Gross.

No. 1824263

who is "the other side" did that trannyfaggot touch a woman or another tim??(sage your shit)

No. 1824264

File: 1683699916373.png (19.05 KB, 598x374, Screenshot 2023-05-09 11.18.42…)

And here we go…a word from the "Queen of the Sektur".

No. 1824274

File: 1683702212300.png (56.05 KB, 1145x588, Screenshot 2023-05-10 12.01.39…)

Where the Sidewalk Ends…

No. 1824295

I'm kind of sad the keffals thing petered out. It was fucking hilarious watching Josh try to tough guy through it and failing. And all the troon-obsessed farmers crying and hugging each other because the troonpocalypse they yearn for was finally happening and they could feel victimised.
I used to read the salon ages ago but there was that one know-it-all shitting up every thread with walls of text. Was it Mina? On the other end of the scale, durable Mike was a legend. never understood why he was there of all places.
LMFAO why is he such a fucking clown, holy shit. It WiLl HaPpEn To YoU (unless you're like 4ch or something. Even 8ch took ages to go down and that was way worse) So desperate for relevance, so far away.

No. 1824299

I’m no doubt dumb about the internet and hosting but couldn’t Josh just find some companies in South America or some place like Bulgaria that would host the site? Even Indonesia or Vietnam could potentially host, they all are places that don’t care about trannies and idiots.

No. 1824302

this sucks I'm sorry kiwis. bunker here for as long as you need

justice for kwf, this is fucked.

No. 1824309

File: 1683708888155.png (342.92 KB, 1080x915, 1642979877782.png)

any of you nonnies hating of kf: you're no fucking better with your own personal cows and snowflakes that you love to hate and post about. the only advantage you have is having slightly more anonymous posting style (btw mods can still always see post history because of cookies and passwords) you just don't have usernames. i've been on the farms much longer than KF, and its the same fucking thing except lcf has stricter rules and better integration at the cost of being much, much slower. report moids/rulebreakers/newfags as usual but a lot of women use KF and theres no use in vilifying KF users if they're not breaking rules or being annoying. only posting this bcus i've seen it happen in real time many times before. let the the KF bitches have their own containment thread and ban any interference outside of it. who knows how long it will be down for, this site is the #1 contender to be used for similar purposes while its down.

No. 1824311

"message to null (possible owner of kiwifarms, maybe lulz)"
"Apr 30, 2023
Don't try to start a war, it won't end well, it's a promise kiwifarms.


-Perlgod and Reality/TrollSec"

No. 1824315

it’s much bigger than hosting or DDoSing this time. Think of it more like someone much higher up flipping a switch to cut off the internet regardless of who the service/hosting provider is and then if Josh manages to talk someone into flipping that switch back on again that person gets harassed until they flip it back off again. He mentioned people involved getting woken up by threatening phone calls, getting someone’s wife fired from her unrelated job, that sort of thing. It’s fucked.
Who is in the position of being both high up enough to help + Josh level autistic about free speech enough to put their family life on the line for a site with like a thousand articles about how it stalks and murders vulnerable people? How many people would care about this even if KF didn’t have such a bad rap? People support doxing so long as it’s oN ThE RiGhT SiDe oF HiStoRy and normies put up with immense censorship and astroturfing on Facebook/Insta/TikTok/Reddit etc just fine (minus a small amount of assblasted wailing about muh algorithm from aspiring influencers). How many people do you know who even know what’s going on with net neutrality & internet regulation, let alone care?
I’m biased because I’m a longterm KF lurker but I agree. 4chan is only still up because it’s a glowie honeypot now. This site doesn’t toe the TRA line and has the same autistic bent towards cataloguing and archiving as KF. If something doesn’t change then our days here probably are numbered. This thing is bigger than KF and it’s bigger than us.

No. 1824317

File: 1683709684966.png (11.44 KB, 240x240, kiwinonnas.png)

I occasionally visit kiwi for the cow boards that lc doesn't have so I'm waiting for it to come back up all kiwi nonners are welcome!(except moids)

No. 1824318

Elaine's video about talking to Reality/Trollsec (the 14-year-old hacker of KF) on her discord server.

No. 1824319

"Godwinson's Kino Casino EPISODE 8: Return of the ShadilayStrangler, with a side order of Tor Only"

No. 1824322

I got no beef with kiwis, they're excellent at documenting things and quite funny. I agree with you.

No. 1824329

Mina’s still here and there, I can’t decide if it’s a woman with an autistic special interest in early gay americana, or an actual gay man.

Hard disagree on your opinions on Jersh though. I happen to agree with his stance on free speech, KF would literally have died under the boot long before now if he wasn’t so pig headed stubborn about keeping it up at all costs. I have to respect a guy who takes the first amendment that seriously.

lol @ his fatty fetish tho

No. 1824330

Mina’s still here and there, I can’t decide if it’s a woman with an autistic special interest in early gay americana, or an actual gay man.

Hard disagree on your opinions on Jersh though. I happen to agree with his stance on free speech, KF would literally have died under the boot long before now if he wasn’t so pig headed stubborn about keeping it up at all costs. I have to respect a guy who takes the first amendment that seriously.

lol @ his fatty fetish tho

No. 1824350

I'm missing my Sammy Bushart content… Has CPS come to rescue Aidan yet?

No. 1824358

I hate this person. Liz cries about doxing and harassment but does exact same things. But because "she" is not a bad actor it's called unmasking and bystander accountability. Liz is fluent in corporate mumbo jumbo, so sexual assault becomes consent accident. KF is down so I can't deliver screenshots, but IIRC Liz was once a consent accident victim too. After the guy got #meetooed by multiple women Liz upgraded her consent accident victim status to rape victim status.

No. 1824366

I'm hope the farms doesn't miss out on Chelsea's celebration of life.

No. 1824370

I'm gonna miss the Tranch threads. Fuck troons and their censorship. I hope they don't come for lolcow.

No. 1824382

The reason I genuinely don’t think they will is because it’s a female space for them to invade/spam with CP and gore/try to blend in on. They enjoy that far too much.

No. 1824393

only reason I knew KF was down was cause I went to check on anisa's thread and it wouldn't load, you guys are the go-to for so much info. I'm mad for you
I know you guys are a tight community this must be shit as hell for you all and has huge implications for freedom of speech. been behind you for the keffals shit too, it just seems like you guys are cannon fodder for the fucking troons at this stage.

No. 1824412

Do we really need another thread for Elaine and her discord army of schizophrenic troons to shit up? Please lock this.

No. 1824425

Nonnie it's been over a year since Elaine did anything, she's not coming back

No. 1824428

She's literally shilling her twitter and her 8 view videos whining about Null ITT.

No. 1824431

Let the Kiwi ladies have their bunker thread.

No. 1824433

You can tell he's completely malebrained based on how he doesn't even pause to consider that the people with the "those videos are horrible" opinion are likely coming from the perspective that the majority of porn you see on the internet is ambiguously consensual at BEST, and more often than not a byproduct of sex slavery. But no, this Silicon Valley Musk-bro adjacent man thinks only of his own pleasure. Sex work WOULD be appealing to a man who has never once had to worry about where his next meal came from.

No. 1824434

That's never how this thread is used tho. It always turns into scrotes infighting and the schizo tranny spamming the entire site with gore/cp.

No. 1824455

File: 1683732515731.png (95.03 KB, 374x374, 50faf3d6805c1032c3f9499c6edede…)

most recent archive of Liz Fong-Jones’s KF thread https://archive.is/1KsmP

No. 1824476

If only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1824477

> i've been on the farms much longer than KF,
then you'd know that we've never been "the farms", you idiots always show yourselves.
>(btw mods can still always see post history because of cookies and passwords)
Wow! We never knew! It's not like we have a whole page to explain how it works to warn selfposting cows that their posts can be outed at any time if they break too many rules.
>theres no use in vilifying KF users if they're not breaking rules or being annoying.
You already are. Go back.(infighting)

No. 1824486

God he’s so ugly

No. 1824492

He talks big talk but won't ever fucking do it just like any of these other scrotes who claim that they'd love to do sex work. Just fucking do it, whores. I wish this male whore would prostitute himself off Skid Row for bigger scrotes to rail and "DESTROY" him. Maybe then he would have an experience that would show him what his victims felt when he raped them. Fuck this sex pest. I pray that he gets his karma soon and am toying with the idea of hexing him myself.

No. 1824502

Honestly it's so disgusting how these troons always go after the wives and family members of people. They can't go up against other men so they have to intimidate and blackmail them by threatening their spouses and kids. The wife of the guy who runs fiberhub already got fired from her job as a real estate agent just because her husband provided services for KF. Vordrak used the same tactics to get Null's mom fired and would blackmail anyone related to Null by threatening to smear them as pedophiles online. The enemies of KF are just the worst fucking scumbags imaginable and they just get away with it. It's so unfair.

No. 1824508

You don’t have to open the thread

No. 1824509

File: 1683739183219.png (556.47 KB, 595x1037, LipstickLazy.png)

Imagine the smell!

No. 1824512

I miss the salon. It was legit good with the exception of tourist moids. You have to be slow in the mind to go in a salon thread and utter the phrase "like most women, she ruins it by opening her mouth."
No wonder so many users that usually haunt Internet Famous, the worst of all boards, and Games say the mods on the salon are mean.

No. 1824528

Elaine shouldn't be given attention and scrotes shouldn't be invited onto the site cause they will shit up other threads too. This is like setting out a beer trap and waiting for the slugs to crawl in.

No. 1824540

File: 1683742334077.png (10.94 KB, 424x322, KFdrives.png)

TOR is down right now too

No. 1824568

I hate the dumb woman-hating racist scrotes on kiwifarms but the site is a useful wealth of information that otherwise would be scrubbed on any other website. The threads on troons, zoophiles and morally reprehensible famous people are a good catalogue of evidence maintained by autists who will go through the basement-dwelling effort of finding it.

No. 1824570

Just don't give anything related to her attention tbh. She was in the lolcow discord when the admin ownership was being transferred a couple months ago, she is still obsessed with LCF and KF. I don't care about KF all too much but yeah just ignore her.

No. 1824571

What's the chance of the remote hands that bricked the entire server when they were just supposed to install some new parts belonging to a troon?

No. 1824572

Well yeah no shit, she's now making livestreams whining about KF and lolcow.farm. She hasn't changed a single bit. She's still e-mailing Null and hoping one day he will fuck her as well. It's her mental illness to insert herself into everything for attention.

No. 1824576

I have it saved on all my devices. I don't even like KF, I'm just mad that these deranged Troons made me have the tiniest amount of respect for jersh. The irony of these pathetic trannies is that nothing is more male than imposing your delusions on other people. Rape apes really think a cheap cosplay wig covers up decades of male entitlement

No. 1824580

File: 1683748881875.png (40.21 KB, 1151x395, 1683592868988.png)

it's inaccurate, the rape story Null was mischaracterizing was in reference to a former friend of LFJ going to hackernews to discuss being raped by a co-worker of him and LFJ, apparently LFJ defended the rapist. To my knowledge LFJ was not named as the perp but I'm sure it doesn't matter to Null.

Even kiwis know better than to take Null's word as gospel.

No. 1824603

Did you miss the part where Dong literally admitted to having a "consent accident" on his own Twitter account? Why are you defending this tranny?

No. 1824605

File: 1683751032935.png (143.89 KB, 1988x875, 20230510_233608e.png)

Nah, LFJ is the rapist.

No. 1824607

Unless LFJ is referring to another SA, then this was the story Null was referencing.
what does a mother jones article prove? I don't care about what LFJ or Null says. I care about the alleged victims account.

No. 1824618

File: 1683752074732.png (108.71 KB, 1080x1563, kat the tranny.png)

No. 1824626

The victim has not come out yet. Probably too scared of the aggressive sex pest. Liz has mentioned the consent accident on different occasions. If the person is as crazy as Liz claims, Liz wouldn't have to write all these tweets which have all the classic gaslighting and victim silencing techniques btw. Kiwi autists did excellent detective work and were able to figure out the event where the assault happened. They also found out Liz didn't own a dog back then. It wasn't the first day of the event, so Liz should have changed her clothes or at least used a lint roller. Why did Liz have dog hair on her clothes on the consent accident day?
Liz wears the same coat of lipstick for 36 hours. Maybe she doesn't change or even wash her clothes regularly. Ew.

No. 1824635

trannies having KF taken down because of all the “boollying” only proves to me that they really are all thin-skinned, and can’t handle anyone not believing in the transgender mind virus

No. 1824651

LFJ is a rapist tranny and has admitted to it multiple times, now go dilate.

No. 1824688

You're boring and don't integrate very well.(infighting)

No. 1824692

He makes so much money and can't even get glasses that fit him properly.
Seriously how can this nasty fucker have so much influence. I hate this world.

Did he just incriminate himself and the rapist of the DDoS attacks?

No. 1824738

lc user since 2015 and only know of kf through this site kek. you're a deluded retard who capes for ugly trannies.

No. 1824847

God what a cringe nerd

No. 1824851

He can’t transition out of being a stereotypical Asian moid creep

No. 1824854

I don’t understand why employers, especially something as offline as a real estate agency can’t tell these weirdos no.

No. 1824855

Admitting to criminal harassment?

No. 1824891

File: 1683780067443.png (102.31 KB, 797x423, Screenshot 2023-05-10 9.36.22 …)

He hacked KF, bullied Null, and Null paid him $777. Reality is not the "cringe" one. lulz

No. 1824930

Its called a bounty and in hacker cycles its normal to get paid for finding an exploit if you report it to the website owner instead of exploiting it. Companies hire hackers to try and hack them so they can improve their security all the time.

No. 1825015

Will some cows just be lost entirely now? I don’t know of anywhere else that followed Jack Scalfani. He only just came back from his latest stroke and is ignoring medical advice again, so he was getting interesting.(sage your shit)

No. 1825027

KF will be back probably next week, maybe even this weekend.

No. 1825031

File: 1683805551738.jpeg (19.09 KB, 250x307, IMG_1617.jpeg)

I refuse to believe at this stage that KF’s not coming back.

one of my favorite horrorcows over there, Robyn Grogitsky-Ramirez aka Empathic Mamahood (and her gay husband Glenn) has a thread here but it’s been inactive for ages. >>>/snow/1446741

if anyone’s wondering, they did this to their daughter in a homebirth gone wrong

No. 1825036

Spoiler this shit please. That makes me feel so sad just looking at it.

No. 1825038

Yeah I miss that thread too anon. Also looking for a new home for I Am Jazz and Cyraxx gossip

No. 1825040

Null said he express ordered a new server, it's going to be back soon. Calm down.

No. 1825041

This picture just ruined my day

No. 1825045

I am calm? All I said/implied was that my favorite lolcows only have a home on KF

No. 1825047


Kiwifarms: Making Liz Fong-Jones (formerly Elliot Fong) look bad by talking about things he's actually done and said.(sage your shit)

No. 1825048

It sounds like you are saying that you need a new place to discuss those lolcows cause you think that KF is never coming back. It's always come back.

No. 1825049

File: 1683806389570.jpg (137.45 KB, 1080x1045, dong-gone2.jpg)

This guy is Liz's personal assistant and buttboy who helps him blackmail service providers into dropping KF by threatening their women and children.

No. 1825051

File: 1683806432756.jpg (217.77 KB, 960x1280, dong-gone1.jpg)

felt cute, might get your wife fired from her job today

No. 1825053

File: 1683806486280.jpg (144.71 KB, 1080x1031, dong-gone5.jpg)

No. 1825054

File: 1683806540080.jpg (75.8 KB, 1080x477, dong-gone4.jpg)

They call their intimidation and defamation campaign "End Kiwi Farms" instead of "Drop Kiwi Farms" because they had a fight with Keffals over getting all the attention.

No. 1825055

I know it will, but I am addicted to my cows and I've gone too long without them.

No. 1825057

File: 1683806583451.jpg (66.9 KB, 1080x512, dong-gone6.jpg)

No. 1825058

File: 1683806637928.jpg (65.53 KB, 1080x500, dong-gone7.jpg)

Professional axe-wound licker.

No. 1825063

I wonder if they fucked

No. 1825068

100% they did, trannies are all poly degenerates cause part of being a woman to them means being promiscuous.

No. 1825071

No. 1825076

The Chelseafest was 5/9 iirc.
Add "terrible boss" and "user" to Liz's honors, because this "executive assistant" regularly begs for money on Twitter, whereas lfj evidently has millions (and yet still wears the same dress on every day that is not "dress like a bumblebee at the office" day).(sage your shit)

No. 1825088

Same here Nona. I know Cyraxx is too gross for LCF, but CVG got some new calls in on stream.

No. 1825092

Sage because I haven't fully integrated and the lolcow mods have banned me with no explanation before… but would there be any interest in a lolcow forum as opposed to an image board? I won't lie, I tend to lurk on kiwifarms despite the moids and I vastly prefer the forum setup.

No. 1825100

I don't think so… Most of us are here because we prefer imageboards, anons who preferred forums went to the Beauty Parlor. Maybe the Parlor posters would use your forum

No. 1825106

fuck off

No. 1825109

Coldwater Creek looking ass Kohl's clearance type fit

No. 1825121

>>1825049 if that's his best, i'd hate to see his worst kek

No. 1825123

Forums are cancer. The best way to talk about cows is anon because ur prevents people with accounts from cloutchasing. Kf is awful because they discuss cows yet are all cows themselves begging for their own kf notoriety.
Anon image boards are the true and only way to have cow discussion that isn't full of clout chasers.

No. 1825131

Meh I think there are pros and cons to both formats. For example KF doesn't get spammed with CP, because you have to make an account and that carries with it some sort of accountability and reputation. People actually try to make posts that other users will like as opposed to just anon shitposting. Also it's easier to ban people that way. This place is constantly raided by schizo trannies who try to integrate because gIrL bOaRd and then get mad when they don't fit in and throw fits and post CP and gore. They can just change their VPN if they get banned and do it again, there really isn't anything mods can do about it. Being anon definitely also has benefits like no cringe namefags, but it also leads to constant arguments like "YOU ARE THAT ANON FROM THE OTHER THREAD I HAD AN ARGUMENT WITH EARLIER!" and tinfoilery.

No. 1825137

If we had enough active farmhands none of that stuff would really matter. It's not a format issue, it's a maintenance issue and they're deff worth not having people simp for each other. I've read a few kf threads for cows fast aren't featured here and the amount of blog posting turned me away. Kf users have no concept that the discussion should be about the cow, not their personal diary. Trackable accounts just makes this an even worse issue because people develop their own reputations which is counter productive to laying low while criticising a cow.

No. 1825167

Most of what this anon is saying, I used to be a PULL-fag but abandoned the website in favor of Lolcow's pure, seething honesty that comes with anonymity. And didn't a number of KF user emails gotten leaked at one point? Feels really unsafe, even with a throwaway email (feels silly to have a throwaway email too just to discuss retards online).
Plus there is a beauty to how one anon can call me a dumbfuck in one thread and be my best friend in the other without any of us being aware of it being the same person.

No. 1825173

>(feels silly to have a throwaway email too just to discuss retards online)
You should have different e-mails and identities for every website you use, that's basic cyber security to not get doxed. Especially if you have spicy opinions about trannies.

No. 1825176

Null discourages using throwaway e-mails because if it gets hacked they can't receive a recovery e-mail; which says a lot

No. 1825177

He says don't use a one-time use e-mail that won't let you log into it again cause if you ever forget your password then you can't recover it. After the last "hack" of KF he had to reset everyone's password and everyone who used a one-time-use e-mail couldn't get their account back. When you make an account for KF you are instructed to use an e-mail that is not throwaway but also you don't use anywhere else so you don't get doxed.

No. 1825190

genuinely one of the ugliest, manliest troons i've ever seen, now wonder he's constantly seething.

No. 1825505


Technically a website where everyone is known as AdolfNigger420 or ScrotesamcGee doesn't actually reveal anyone's identity unless they're really dumb.(sage your shit)

No. 1825514

I don't care for Nool or his faggoty fanbase, but I want KF to bounce back from this because it makes trannies seethe like nothing else. They're so mad that a bunch of autists online have carefully catalogued all the embarrassing shit trannies do, lmao.

No. 1825519

File: 1683856326371.jpg (92.26 KB, 1600x1200, Null_Aka_Iban[1].jpg)

Josh is heckin cute and wholesome@(unsaged shitpost)

No. 1825535


No. 1825547

I like both sites, lolcow is great for the sheer unhinged venom, KF is great because of its autistic, chronological documentation and archival habits of cows. Both are united against trannies, and that’s hard to find places like that these days.

No. 1825568

The troon mods were all demoted before, and sometimes immediately after, coming out if memory serves. But Null is notably softer on TIFs

No. 1825572

I like KF but what the fuck was Null thinking giving money to some trollface-spamming zoomer and treating it like an act of benevolence. I thought he knew better than that.

No. 1825588

Same. Seeing these ugly faggots gloat is too much.

No. 1825590

File: 1683867098231.png (259.25 KB, 720x430, hookedonphonics.png)

that is the handwriting of a toddler

No. 1825595

File: 1683867575527.jpg (18.89 KB, 640x480, jewsh.jpg)

>Dear diary,

>Today marks day 300 of the one-day operation to defeat Keffals. My website is currently down 7x of the days it's actually available and my mom says her credit card is maxed out. I will have to beg my loyal followers for donations of animal-coins on Telegram, as I am still blacklisted from every single bank on the planet. When these all moon I should finally have enough technology to defeat DARPA and keep Kiwifarms available.

>Liz Fong fills every inbox I have both online and IRL with various photos of laughing_anime_girls.jpg, or maybe it's Graf, I haven't figured it out yet. Either way once I get the site back online I will be making a very angry post telling everyone how mad this makes me. That usually works whenever someone on my site makes me upset, I see no reason why that wouldn't solve the problem otherwise.

>In the meantime I have taken up a new passion project: gay shota SFM porn. If I don't get frustrated trying to figure out how to animate 3D models like I got frustrated trying to run a Fediverse node or yotsuba imageboard, I think I can get good enough at this to solicit more donations. In any case I've downloaded 137 Blender models of naked boys for research purposes.

>Zedkissed and Sigsegv just drove by and threw another brick at our front door. Mom says I need to go outside and ask them to stop but I know the moment I go out there they'll have Doopie DoOver come out of the bushes and pants me again. I hate them so much. I'll finish writing this once I'm done hiding in the bathroom until they leave.

No. 1825597

He has autism. I'm pretty sure of it, he's also faceblind and plays those autistic WW2 moid games. I had an autistic BF once who was very high-spectrum and almost normal, I get the male autist vibe from null.

(Autistic moids are super draining and even more insensitive than regular moids. Do not recommend.)

No. 1825599

He finds Sneed hilarious and has never even seen the Simpsons episode associated with it. That says it all.

No. 1825601

Sneed was never funny

No. 1825615

I see Onionfarms moids have found the tread. Yawn.

No. 1825616

Yeah he was pissed because Null banned him from the forum for being underaged, he is a cringe zoomer who was already attentionwhoring in Elaine's thread cause of course Elaine immediately contacted him to try and "warn him about Null".

No. 1825618

There was never a tranny mod on KF. Katsukitty trooned out many years after leaving the site.

He says he's been tested as a kid and found not to be autistic, only ODD. I honestly don't think Null is autistic. He shows a lot of empathy and high emotional IQ on his streams.

Null is like 13 or 14 in that picture you weirdos.

No. 1825627

File: 1683873961721.jpg (109.79 KB, 925x1104, CHADNULL.jpg)

KF is down and yet, trannies still aren't women. KF will be back up and trannies will continue to be men.

No. 1825630

File: 1683874737328.jpg (230.08 KB, 1080x1842, Screenshot_20230509-185625_Tik…)

I only caught the tail end of it, but my favorite part was when one of her poopy-pants-face TikToks was played on the screen kek. So embarrassing.

No. 1825632

File: 1683875245657.jpg (138.71 KB, 828x886, 856293.jpg)

I just want to watch an archive of Chantal's latest deleted livestream without some dumb youtube commentator talking over it…

No. 1825644

This is a copypasta.

No. 1825645

Crunklord is the guy who runs the Kiwifarms.cc fediverse instance. This isn't Ethan Ralph either, he would never want custody of his daughter Rozy lol. He still thinks his horse-wife will come back to him if he pretends to be sober long enough.

No. 1825661

File: 1683882445814.jpg (980.78 KB, 3024x4032, P-z9FRMrTN23yxqzIiHIdZUB-A7dPK…)

What's the matter? The kid is no longer special?

Jersh should have never paid that kid 5 shitcoins. You are supposed to send merch bounty to script kiddies. Pornhub sends this t-shirt. You pay White Hats or hire cyber security companies to find vulnerabilities.

No. 1825670

He was trying to be nice to a kid who didn't exploit the exploit he found and wanted to encourage him to pursue a career in cyber security. If he had been mean to the kid instead and told him to fuck off people would have said "OMG NULL CYBERBULLIES KIDS!!" he can't win either way so who cares.

No. 1825685

These type of retarded ''hackers'' end up in the pit with other retards later in life. Being le ebin kaker isnt hard, people just dont do it because they know the consequences arent worth it, thats why there are a bunch of 16yo hackers leaking shit.

No. 1825687

Source? Tried to reverse image search this and found nothing

No. 1825693

That's a joke, you fucking autist. Crunklord is not a tranny. There isn't a single tranny janny on KF.

No. 1825696

File: 1683889278773.jpg (82.55 KB, 680x847, db7.jpg)

"Kiwifarms has tranny jannies" is something made up by groypers on /pol/ lmao. Trannies claim that KF is some sort of far-right nazi terrorism website and /pol/tard Nick Fuentes fan claim that KF is a communist tranny site with tranny moderators trying to dox right wingers. This just goes to show you that KF is truly politically neutral since every side gets shit on.

No. 1825704

>Onion Farms screenshot
lmao. The same site that thinks its funny to just make shit up all of the time.

Crunklord shits on trannies all the time and he works hard to keep the biggest transphobic website on the internet online. There is zero indication of him being a tranny other than he is a programmer who makes the same jokes everyone makes about tranny programmers and putting on the programming socks. You're the one making this claim so do you have any evidence that's not made up or a joke?

No. 1825708

why does this person type like this? is that some kind of riddle?

No. 1825709

I have been to Onion Farms to try and find some updates on KF being down because I don't want to join the Telegram and they are actually insane there. Most of the posts are walls of text of complete schizobabble from Null is actually a Russian asset, no he is a Chinese asset who spies on Americans for the Chinese government, no actually he is a fed who sells your information to the illuminati and he also has a wife and 8 children in Serbia, but no he actually is an incel who lives in his mothers basement in Florida, but he also has sex with all these women from KF all the time, no actually he is gay and also a pedophile. Sorry if I can't take any information from there seriously since they can't even agree on what lies to peddle amongst themselves.

No. 1825710


Yeah. Literaly a meme. You can reverse image search this and find out that it's not actually Crunklord's picture.

No. 1825711

File: 1683891139219.jpg (186.54 KB, 1080x1509, IMG_20230512_213145.jpg)

No. 1825712

File: 1683891160218.png (33.59 KB, 712x726, Untitled.png)

nice try

No. 1825732

The picture is from reddit.
Other redditor received the same bounty minus the stickers.
And here is the link to the bug bounty program. The t-shirts and stickers are 'swag' and real haxors got money.

No. 1825733

he does look kawaii here in a congenital deformity way kekkkk

No. 1825740

File: 1683895443344.jpg (32.97 KB, 465x822, troon_tears_2.jpg)

Yeah, it's a joke. Because he's a programmer and all programmers are troons right? Very original and common joke. People joke about Null being a troon/trooning out because he codes rust all the time as well.

No. 1825747

Wasn't Feline Darkmage a TIM?(sage your shit)

No. 1825749

Trannies weren't even a thing when all these people were around. Maybe some of them have trooned out after leaving the site, but there was never a moderator who was openly trans on the KF.

No. 1825774

>Trannies weren't even a thing when all these people were around.
Um what

No. 1825778

These people haven't been around since like 2013-2014. Trannies have only been something people actually identified as for like the last 5 years at most. Sure, men have been crossdressing AGP's for all of human history but they didn't actually claim to be women and nobody took them seriously. They were just drag queens, secret transexuals or serial killers before then.

No. 1825788

You really still don't get that this is a running joke?

No. 1825791

5 years ago was 2018. I was on the internet in 2013. I very clearly remember that being the year all the shit kicked off as someone on a forum I post on asked "What is this cis shit? Are we being trolled?"

This isn't hard to verify and has been inescapable in the media since at least 2016. So yeah.

No. 1825794

Where is this? Josh isn't on poast anymore.

No. 1825802

Believe whatever you want to believe I guess. Everyone knows this is a joke and Crunk isn't a tranny. Otherwise he would certainly not be working with the King of Transphobes himself. Literally dumb shit made up by moids on Onion Farms. Btw the moderators on Onion Farms are actual pedophiles such as Naught and Void aka Angry Canadian who has his own thread on KF. And of course Empresa who is a proud tranny fucker.

No. 1825804

Crunk doesn't even use Kiwifarms much at all. He's only working on the Fediverse stuff so what even is the implication supposed to be here? If he was a super secret tranny that somehow manages not to be a fuck-up and not engage in the community and any drama whatsoever, that would be an own how? Has crunklord done anything interesting ever aside from making fun of people who call him a tranny?

No. 1825807

>He says he's been tested as a kid and found not to be autistic, only ODD. I honestly don't think Null is autistic. He shows a lot of empathy and high emotional IQ on his streams.

All true. null being autistic is kind of my crack headcanon, mostly based on a hunch. That said we don't know what "tested for autism" means and I don't trust the American system which seems to mostly be sitting and talking meaning people can go doctor shopping. In my country you need to have an MRI, IQ test, and a second opinion to be diagnosed with autism.
Additionally; people who are especially high functioning can learn to get around or mask their autism. It effects everybody a little bit differently. It's like there's a sheet of characteristics and high functioning autists can have as little as, let's just say, 3/5 characteristics. They hit the benchmark characteristics and not a lot of others.

It's kinda funny null was ODD as a kid, it really shows sometimes. Lolcows with childhood ODD are some of the funniest since they can be led into doing anything as long as somebody tells them not to do it. Of course adults can't really have ODD, they're just assholes and we don't need a diagnosis for that. Nick Rekeita and Ethan Ralph are two ODD cows I know off the top of my head.(medfagging)

No. 1825808

File: 1683905589413.png (31.1 KB, 275x259, 1652478870329.png)

All moids are a little big autistic. If you are high functioning to the point of being able to completely mask it, what is even the point of paying some doctors thousands to screen your brain just so you can get a diagnosis to wear as some sort of badge? I think people really overuse the word autism nowadays. Everyone who has an interest that slightly deviates from the norm is immediately called an autist.

No. 1825809

I feel like he just gave the kid too much money. $700, really? And it turns out he's an ungrateful faggot as expected of a terminally online zoomer.

No. 1825810

>If you are high functioning to the point of being able to completely mask it, what is even the point of paying some doctors thousands to screen your brain just so you can get a diagnosis to wear as some sort of badge?
Other than the obvious like receiving federal gibs (or just an edge in potentially getting hired, which white guys undeniably need nowadays because the system is so fucked) it's simply trendy to have a mental disorder now. Talk to anyone under 20 and they will have a big story about how they are bipolar or whatever else. It shouldn't be and it's probably going to make life harder for people with actual disorders or problems in the long run, but that's just the way having to exist with normalfags is period.

No. 1825811

It's just crypto, it's not real money, kek.

No. 1825812

That kid still probably immediately cashed it out and bought something retarded like microtransactions.

No. 1825820

The mindvirus was definitely already taking hold in 2013, at least with tumblr kids. That’s where the social contagion started. It just grew from there.

No. 1825837

Tumblr was the way it was because it inherited a large amount of users from Livejournal. LJ was rampantly infected with social justice as far back as 2007, I remember first hearing about "privilege" during NaNoWirMo in 2006. Livejournal got infected from two places, one was just leftist college kids who used the platform and the other were older leftist who were in zine and con culture, epically sci-fi, for decades before the internet. You can trace those people all the way back to the literal pedophile communists of the 1950s, look into the Breendoggle for more info on that.

The long march is real, and they found all kinds of cracks and corners to do it in.

No. 1825855

Why was my OFF-TOPIC thread on the OFF-TOPIC board locked?

I want the mod who did this to me fired.(sage your autism)

No. 1825858

Fuck off and learn to integrate kiwifag

No. 1825868

All of this is very true but I'd add DeviantArt kids to the mix of why it happened what it happened in Tumblr. Everyone knows how relevant LJ was to the creation of the cesspool mentality on Tumblr but DeviantArt had it's share with the bunch of mentally ill, terminally online kids with shit art skills that emigrated there (to be mostly groomed by said LJ adults, sadly).

Almost every mentally ill deviant genderspecial I've known had a DeviantArt phase in their early teens. That website doesn't get enough shit for how it set up a whole generation to be groomed imo

No. 1825875

The stream from today:

Site should be back on Tor today/tomorrow.

No. 1825878

I was on LJ on my teen years and can definitely attest to that. Didn't know about Breendoggle though. Thanks for sharing

No. 1825879

File: 1683913068646.jpg (57.62 KB, 1127x572, tor.jpg)

TOR will find a way.

No. 1825888

Any news on the clearnet? I hate his voice and refuse to listen lmao

No. 1825891

DeviantArt really slipped under the radar in the last 6 years or so. I remember when people made fun of/made cheeky references to DA, in particular the group of people you mentioned. Calling someone's art a "DeviantArt OC" was a pointed insult. Somehow they escaped the fate of endless ridicule that Tumblr and Reddit did.

No. 1825893

oh look Josh is talking about Shoe and her being "blacked". I find it so fucking gross when he talks about reasons he doesn't want a woman joking or not, How do you know they want your fat ass?

No. 1825896

i've been trying to remember what he said, but he only said he's not going to stop. Thats all I got, his voice is getting grosser and he constantly sounds out of breath more often. I can't believe I used to like his voice, he makes too many mouth noises.

No. 1825904

Sadly there were troons around way before that in the early 2000s. The founder of what became gamefaqs was a troon

No. 1825909

File: 1683914960194.gif (2.99 MB, 480x270, retard-alert-south-park.gif)

>KF refugee trying to make a bunker thread in /ot/

No. 1825913

Thank you nona, nobody should have to listen to his voice for longer than necessary kek

No. 1825917

They weren't as obtrusive as they are now, though. Troonshit didn't become the sacred cow of social justice until Tumblr made it trendy among teenagers and college kids around 2012. Before that, it was just neurotic closet cases and obscure weirdos online.

No. 1825918

He only said that cause chat constantly spams him with "OMG A WOMAN WHO IS FEMALE YOU HAVE TO DATE HER! YOU HAVE TO FIX HER JOSH! ". The blacked thing shuts that down super fast every time. The chat is always cringe when a woman appears on the stream and Josh is usually very polite and tries to ignore all the idiots "shipping" him with women.

No. 1825922

I would agree with you about hearing someone say that about an average woman who I didn't know, but Sh0e deserves it. Her entire persona is built off being a pickme who throws other women under the bus for male attention. Here's that male attention you ordered, June!

No. 1825923

True! I am inclined to think people just forgot about DA, it's still a bit sus for me nonetheless. So much fetish stuff that went on there, me thinks a good chunk of it may have been uploaded by pedos that targeted children. Even the name was weird ("deviant" art????)

No. 1825924

Site is going to be back as soon as the new server arrives, it's on the way.

No. 1825925

>He's only talking about black dick again because it shuts down people shipping him with June!
He could simply ignore it.Also Josh isn't polite, he brings up Shoe being "Blacked' everytime he talks about her because scrotes like him have this weird obsession with talking about white women fucking black men, even white women they aren't interested in sleeping with.

No. 1825926

She is also really embarrassed about losing her virginity to a black guy. She tried to erase that off the internet and blocks anyone who brings it up. Thats why its funny to point out as well.

No. 1825927

>defending gross scrote behavior
go back

No. 1825928

File: 1683915628342.jpg (95.15 KB, 930x519, 636636636346547475352353264576…)

No. 1825929

Well yeah he's a racist. Are you new? Most guys have an issue with a woman who has been with a black man before kind of like they don't want a woman who has had sex with a dog. Its gross.(racebaiting)

No. 1825931

deserves what? He's simply saying she's undateable because she slept with a black man. It has nothing to do with Shoe and more to do with Josh being obessed with black dicks and mentioning BBC in any context every stream because thats what racist scrotes do.
Stop acting like Josh isn't unapologetically racist, like where are all you coming from with these retarded agruments? He's bring it up because thats what he does. I find it funny tbh, you guys always come out the woodworks trying to defend it, at least be honest like this retard- >>1825929

I hate you scrotes and I hope your site comes back so you can suck Josh's dick and talk about BBC, N-words every five mintues while discussing white men in dresses.

No. 1825933

He doesn't bring that up every stream lmao, what? He rarely ever talks about black people at all. Seems like you take it very personally tho. Sorry if you are black or blacked, why do you listen to MATI? Its kinda known Josh is a racist conservative tradthot, kek.(racebaiting)

No. 1825934

Nah you are right, it's 2023 and shuwu isn't as milky as she used to be when she was with preg yet josh keeps bringing her up. Fucking weirdo is obsessed with her. Creepy

No. 1825937

>LJ was rampantly infected with social justice as far back as 2007,
Livejournal was the origin of 'trigger warnings'. It came from the college kid fandom part of it.

>the other were older leftist who were in zine and con culture, epically sci-fi, for decades before the internet.

Those older leftists hated the college kids who got into fandom cause those kids kept 'calling them out' on their privilege/sexism/etc. They were all broken stair culture.

No. 1825938

>Why do you listen to things you don't like?
Same reason why Josh talks about black dicks, gay sex and things he doesn't like. Because I can. I can find entertainment in it.

No. 1825939

>because thats what racist scrotes do
Yeah. So, I'm not getting worked up about it. The fact he's talking about Sh0e is funny because she's desperate for male approval. If it wasn't about Sh0e, I said I'd agree with you. If you also already expect him to say shit like that, I'm really not sure what point you're trying to make.
You don't seem entertained.

No. 1825944

You're the only one talking about black penis rn.

No. 1825970

There you go Elaine. The line has been established. If you want Null to acknowledge you and talk about you all you need to do is to get gunted and you will get your own segment on MATI!

No. 1825976

Looked it up. Holy shit you weren't kidding. The daughter of the pedo couple became a hardcore homophobe out of being raped by them since she was 3. The whole post she wrote on them is fucking depressing to read honestly. I can't even blame her current views after being raised and molested by the equivalent back then to the tranny-adjacent pedos we have nowadays.

They were also mysoginists who reprimanded her for dumb shit like "walking too femenine" and crazy stuff like that. Figures.

No. 1825980

Samefag, forgot to add the pedo stuff going on in fandom spaces should be studied. It is too much of a coincidence fandoms became breeding grounds for trannies and groomers after these were the people that got the subculture started. Specially taking into account how many kids are attracted to these hobbies. They knew what they were doing.

The amount of people defending that pedo piece of shit back in the day is fucking disturbing too. Most of them really didn't give a shit he was a serial rapist. Subhuman scrotes

No. 1825984

Uhm… where the fuck are Elaine's threads? I can't find them. Did she manipulate the new admins into removing them??

No. 1826000

No nonas who regularly use this imageboard are very interested in her and letting her have a thread just fuels her bpd need for attention. Her KF thread is a shithole to begin with. Absolute scrote shit.

No. 1826001

So yes? The admins were buckbroken into removing Elaine's threads?

No. 1826010


>What they did to me is a matter of unfortunate public record: suffice to say that both parents wanted me to be gay and were horrifed at my being female. My mother molested me from ages 3-12. The first time I remember my father doing anything especially violent to me I was five. Yes he raped me.

>He told me unequivocally that no man would ever want me, because all men are secretly gay and have simply not come to terms with their natural homosexuality.

>I grew up watching my father have “romances” (in his imagination) with boys who were a source of frustration because they always wanted food and money as a result of the sex they were subjected to, and didn’t want HIM. (OF COURSE!) I started trying hard to leave home when I was ten, after the failure of my first suicide attempt, and to intervene when I was 13 by telling my mother and her female companion that my father was sleeping with this boy.

>Now it should be noted that boy lovers do not think of what they are doing as “molestation.” To them it is sex, they imagine it is consensual, and any objections will certainly be overridden by the orgasms they are certain they can produce, and it is the shame of these orgasms that silences the boy-victims, and persuades them they “must” be gay.

>My observation of my father and mother’s actual belief is this: since everyone is naturally gay, it is the straight establishment that makes everyone hung up and therefore limited. Sex early will make people willing to have sex with everyone, which will bring about the utopia while eliminating homophobia and helping people become “who they really are.” It will also destroy the hated nuclear family with its paternalism, sexism, ageism (yes, for pedophiles, that is a thing) and all other “isms.” If enough children are sexualized young enough, gayness will suddenly be “normal” and accepted by everyone, and the old fashioned notions about fidelity will vanish. As sex is integrated as a natural part of every single relationship, the barriers between people will vanish, and the utopia will appear, as “straight culture” goes the way of the dinosaur. As my mother used to say: “Children are brainwashed into believing they don’t want sex.”

>From my experience in the gay community, the values in that community are very different: the assumption is that EVERYONE is gay and closeted, and early sexual experience will prevent gay children from being closeted, and that will make everyone happy.

>What sets gay culture apart from straight culture is the belief that early sex is good and beneficial, and the sure knowledge (don’t think for a second that they DON’T know) that the only way to produce another homosexual is to provide a boy with sexual experiences BEFORE he can be “ruined” by attraction to a girl.

>If you’re OK with that, and you might not be, it is worth your consideration. If you think I am wrong, that is your privilege, but watch out for the VAST number of stories of sexual abuse AND transgenderism that will come about from these gay “marriages.” Already the statistics for sexual abuse of children of gays are astronomically high compared to that suffered by the children of straights.


No. 1826012

Her threads are still here. Learn how to use the site or fuck back off to where you came from

No. 1826015

No. 1826016

You should kys immediately

No. 1826018

They are gone. Good job new admins, lmao. This is why KF needs to come back. Only Null doesn't give in to the demands of insane people like Elaine who lie about their nudes being CP.

No. 1826022

I did use the search function.

No. 1826027

fee fi fo fuark
i detect a mudshark(global rule #7)

No. 1826032

>>1826018 fuck off blaine.

No. 1826038

This threads fucking so funny omg. I love you all! Please never change!

No. 1826041

I don’t know what to tell you. There’s one active right now and I found it easily through the search function. It’s just on autosage. I think you have a learning disability.

No. 1826061

And where are the other ones?

No. 1826067

It took me less than 2 minutes to find, you’re retarded. Ty to the nonas who listened to his ghastly livestream

No. 1826075

The Something Awful forum is another Internet patient zero of transretardation. Things were changing for worse at least from 2008, and by 2010 the community was definitely infected. Although Kiwi Farms users managed to dug out transfag threads as old as 2004 (or maybe 2003, I've got no way to check now).

2008 was generally a pivotal year for the Internet regarding political spergery and agitation, since Obama's victory proved it to be a successful tactic.

4chan archives are incomplete so it's hard to do a proper check, but transretard agitation was there at least by 2012 (depending on the board of course). Shortly after this cancer started taking over the SCP Wiki too.

No. 1826092

I agree. From decade to decade, pedos always show up and in positions of relative power. LJ itself had to ban pedo fanfic on their site because of Harry Potter pedo fujos.

On KF there was a frequently posted link about pedo fan culture. Issac Asimov's son get busted distributing CP. I believe it was Arthur C Clark who moved to some 3rd world Asian country to diddle kids legally. And Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine spent years advertising a book you could buy of a middle school age cosplayer in skimpy costumes, her family knew the editor.

No. 1826119

>pedos lurking in fandoms
I just assumed pedos lurked in fandoms like minecraft because it has kids in them. Like how they would try to get jobs like school teachers etc.
Its more frequent because of how much internet traffic increased over the years.

Off topic, but I miss the early 2000's when the internet was only used by genuine nerds. Psychotic freaks would be called out immediately, and you never had to worry about being potentionally associated with a criminal. Now a days people get away with so much shit because of polarization and politics.
I don't know if thats just me though.

No. 1826137

I fucking hate it. Not to get personal in a thread like this but I'm a legit disabled woman and I miss being able to talk to people like me without having to swaddle my language in cotton to make normies happy.

No. 1826145

kf is back up on tor

No. 1826195

Inaccurate, troons like this never call themselves "cute", it's always "hot"

No. 1826240

I agree. I hate how normies won't let you say the word nigger these days without you getting banned. It's just a word kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1826243

Anyone surprised to hear that Josh is single? He seems like a great guy. I would date a guy like him in a heartbeat

No. 1826250

File: 1683949799298.png (181.21 KB, 467x422, Screenshot 2023-05-12 8.44.05 …)

You should definitely try to date Josh and tell us all about it. Snatch him up before someone else does.

No. 1826261

It just shows how low IQ the general userbase is tbqh. In the past what like 12ish years it's been up how many data breaches/hacks have happened and every fucking time some dumbass gets caught using their School/Work Email for their KF account and predictably gets doxxed or harassed by a cow.

No. 1826273

File: 1683954895906.jpg (70 KB, 1200x675, tumblr_ebb2071a25e2553d2cbd364…)

No. 1826274

I think the consensus from the last thread was that he has a girlfriend/wife and just keeps her a secret because he doesn't want trannies and other spergs to harrass her.

No. 1826277

File: 1683955599584.gif (975.72 KB, 640x480, 1328D3BB-67CE-4416-8A86-322445…)

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaAAAAhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! when will it COME BACK

No. 1826281

It's back on Tor. I use the brave browser and its really easy to access through that, you just need to open a new tab in Tor and then enter the address after it connects.


No. 1826282

I love it when moids can't navigate the site.
Of course he isn't going to stop, because the it will mean he lost. Null has nothing else going for his life and burned bridges with his family and non-existent social circle. He's not just your average scrote he's been a terminally online scrote since the age of 15 with zero chances of landing regular employment with his history.

No. 1826288

All Null needs to do to get a job is change his name, he has a shit-ton of experience in network engineering and webhosting. If he wants to he can just call himself Josephine and get hired for 600k a year. Nobody knows what he looks like nowadays.

No. 1826289

He wouldn't even need to change his name, he made a lot of contacts in the industry because of DropKiwifarms. He could probably get a job at one of those companies.

No. 1826292

You might have to manually edit the http:// into https:// to get on

No. 1826337

Are people saying that Null is feminist now for real? Didn’t a few years ago he complained about single moms and how he wanted to go to Eastern Europe to find a tradfu? Like did he change or is that what passes for feminism here kek

No. 1826338

No. Nobody is saying he is a feminist. Not even himself.

No. 1826340

That is, in fact, what passes for feminism around here. Radfems in general are way too eager to jump into alliances with Volkskreig88 and WholesomeHitlerGroyper.

No. 1826342

Nobody is saying that Null is a feminist. The standards for men are on the floor tho so any guy who says "actually I don't think women should be raped in womens prisons" is a cut above the rest of the limpdicks that just sit and watch as misogyny becomes trendy again.

No. 1826349

I honestly doubt it, otherwise he'd already bred & fucked off. I actually listen to his podcast cringe I know but it's my guilty pleasure and he talks like he's very much single but has some discord kittens lined up for when he's done enough with the forum

No. 1826350

We already went over this in the last thread, just read that if you want to know why people believe in the secret gf theory. Not gonna spoonfeed but if you watch MATI I guess you are not paying attention at all, kek.

No. 1826352

Why would he wait to shut down the forum to start a relationship? He can just not talk about it publically. I think if he was still 30 and single he would absolutely go for one of his many obsesses stalker women, some of them are not even ugly or fat but he rejects them and I don't think it's really out of principle alone but because he's in a long term relationship. Just don't think he'd be as happy and content if he was actually an incel still.

No. 1826389

He seems like a genuinely great guy and is pretty attractive so I would be surprised if he was still single at this point

No. 1826391

He actually looks pretty hot here

No. 1826399

He was planning to go to a poor eastern euro country to try and trick a 18 yo girl into dating him afaik. I don't think he'd be happy with a possible white trash landwhale like himself(you) if he dreams of kidnapping girls from poor countries

No. 1826401

File: 1683984798689.jpg (22.31 KB, 461x629, troon_tears.jpg)

Certain people get very bootybothered when you say something nice about Null, even if it's something as simple as "I don't really like him but it's cool he is making trannies seethe" and I think a lot of it comes from guys who are jealous and think Null has achieved some kind of status as TERF's darling that they envy, especially because he isn't even abusing his position to slay puss. That's why as soon as something nice about him gets posted someone immediately chimes in with "HE ISNT A REAL FEMINIST! DON'T YOU KNOW IT'S ALL A FAKE PERSONA TO MAKE YOU LIKE HIM?!"

kek, seethe about it.

No. 1826403

Source: made it the fuck up.

No. 1826406

Go to a gym, piglet. Slavs don't even like white guys, especially not the obese ones. You'd be cucked there like you're cucked here.(infighting)

No. 1826408

File: 1683985106543.png (51.4 KB, 358x470, elaine.png)

>Oi, listen up, you! You think you're tough, do ya? 'Cos I'll have you know that I'm not afraid to throw down. I ain't no pushover, and I ain't afraid of anyone. So if you've got a problem with me, let's sort it out right now. I don't need no bloke to fight my battles for me, I can handle myself just fine. So what's it gonna be, then? You wanna step up and see what I'm made of? Bring it on, mate!

Take your meds, Elaine.

No. 1826410

Nta, take your meds. Don't post more pictures of the ugly josh guy again, he's seriously subhuman looking. Looks worse than most cows in his site.

No. 1826411

File: 1683985311576.gif (1.16 MB, 319x219, download.gif)

tfw Null will never look at you like this, why even live?

No. 1826414

>tfw no pedo discord bf to groom you on video chat

No. 1826422

Can you stop with this cringe shit? Why don't you go on kiwifsrms or telegram. Every single time this thread reopens its like the same 5 retard whining/lying/licking nulls nuts. Nobody cares. This isn't the null fan club, people can say whatever the fuck they want about him. This is about kiwifarms drama. You idiots come here everytime kiwifarms is down and white knight and responding to every negative comment, that's not what lolcow or this thread is for. Keep your cringe edits to yourself.
The site is up on tor.

No. 1826426

Damn it's almost like there is zero milk about Null or Kiwifarms so this thread is totally pointless and just leads to infighting. Tho you are right, people can say whatever they want about Null. Which is why I can say that he is cute and there is nothing you can do about it.

No. 1826427

File: 1683988217138.png (571.2 KB, 855x699, blelaine.png)

The Null hater phenotype is something else fr fr.

No. 1826441

I wish Elaine would stop hanging around weirdos and get healthy and hang around healthy people. Doing weird shit just brings attention to the shit she’s been involved in instead of burying her cowness. The troon can die tbh

No. 1826443

I agree that one of the admins allowing that was weird as fuck. But I still think she should just stop being in the creepy and weird side of the internet. She’s wasting her life focusing on that

No. 1826449

Stop making shit up about Null you retard. He never said he was trad or wanted to kidnap anyone

No. 1826459

I feel genuinely bad for Elaine, shes a mentally ill young woman. Null tho is a possible pedo male that's old and obese as fuck, he's in the same degenerate level as this tranny he keeps shitting on. This tranny is probably the closest thing to female that'd be willing to fuck Null. Kekeke

No. 1826465

Elaine should live her life as the posh British girl larp she was doing. I feel like it’d make her genuinely happier and be better for her

No. 1826466

There are a shit ton of obsessive fangirls (born as women, not men pretending to be women) who want to bang Null, like this BPD woman https://b1tchs1tch.tumblr.com/

No. 1826480

No idea what the tranny sperging is about this time and don't care. Is Null going to get KF back on clearnet anytime soon?

No. 1826481

He's trying too, idk what his plans are I watched some of mati and he just said he's not giving up.

No. 1826485

Dude there is zero reason to be jealous, Null doesn't even want these people to be obsessed with him lmao. He is literally uncomfortable by all the simping.

No. 1826491

I deleted post because there no point in discussing this, but I'm a fucking woman. I'm not jealous of some scrote because "a shit ton" of bad fan girls want to bang null according to you. It's very scrotey for you to even be defending who wants to fuck null in the first place. Stop whiteknighting. This is a site for women.

No. 1826494

I think these threads devolve as much as they do because these spergs can’t really get to talk shit any other place they think Null would notice. And they certainly don’t like it when the Kiwis have a more open way of exchanging info on the current status of the farms. Here’s a hint- he doesn’t give a shit either way I’m sure. Simp or hater, pretty certain he doesn’t care about any of this bullshit past getting the site back up and solid.
That being said I’d again thank the LCF for allowing a contained thread for this even if idiots have to have slap fights in it. Different bases but same idea- talk shit about idiots.

No. 1826501

I agree that a ton of girls want to bang Null. He’s hot

No. 1826502

You sounds jealous as fuck and a femcel(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1826512

File: 1683998155731.jpg (23.44 KB, 463x693, photo_2022-03-06_21-33-42.jpg)

I like how angry this makes certain incels on certain other sites that monitor this thread closely and want us to join the Null-hater brigade so badly, kek. Like it's really not hard to believe that someone with as much internet clout as Null has would have a ton of fangirls in his DMs. Not only is he an e-celeb/e-daddy, he is also kind of a "bad boy" cause he's got a lot of spicy takes and he also doesn't hate women and actively stands up for women against troons, which is sadly rare, especially for online-moids. It's no mystery at all why some women find that attractive. His looks don't even matter and you can tell that it's moids seething that Null is totally fat and ugly and we should hate him for that, because that's not the main attraction about him (although I think he is very kawaii, picrel). Scrotes can not imagine liking someone for their personality, their conviction, their work ethic, their moral values or any of these other non-superficial things because they would never like a fat woman who is a good person.

I think what makes them angry the most is that Null doesn't actually care about these fangirls, he has women throwing himself at him and he rejects them. They can not comprehend this since they would kill to be in that position. Just really funny to me.

No. 1826516

I just noticed he is wearing a coca cola shirt in this pic, lmao.

No. 1826527

I left and you idiots are still writing paragraphs about this fat fuck. Get a life seriously. Nobody cares.

No. 1826532

Null is love. Null is life. Every day I get to see Null's adorable smile and hear his adorable giggle is a day worth living.(null-chan, I implore you, raise your standards from hell)

No. 1826546

i wonder what nulls taint tastes like. i love blue cheese on crackers…

No. 1826552

His cum probably tastes like pepsi zero vanilla.

No. 1826558

What the fuck is wrong with the scrotes who are writing fanfics about this fat pedophile? Even if this guy is great and has a very good personality, he's still obese and objectively ugly. I'm guessing men who look like him are pretending to be thirsty fangirls as I've seen gay kiwifag posters before but please get a grip.
No one believes you're a genuine woman who wants to date an unemployed, old, obese, self admitted incel.

No. 1826563

I guess you're selfposting, even from the one video you posted I can tell you have most likely have guatr, aka the swelling of your thyroid which I can notice even by looking at you and that means it can be serious. Please see you doctor if you haven't gotten it diagnosed before. It's a common disease amongst women and mostly benign but it's still worth getting checked out.

No. 1826568

If you're really female, post hand to prove it. You're definitely a faggot from kiwifarms.(infighting)

No. 1826581

Just ignore them, they want attention and think it's sooo funny but unironically wants to come here and shill null.
Its 100% a moid or probably that Luna person

No. 1826588

>nooooo you can't be a feeeemale and like Null!!!
>show your hand so I can jerk off to it!!

Kek if your autism and not understanding jokes and shitposting didnt give you away as a jealous moid then this sure did

No. 1826600

>thinking a women are pornsick enough to get off to a hand
Yeah, definitely male. Thanks for proving it.
Who's luna? And yeah I believe it's one of the males from kiwifags because those men look the same as null(fat+white+expired) and they're coping with their faolures by pretending women actually simp for men like them online, if they were hot enough to get online fans, they could get laid irl as well, kek. Delulu.

No. 1826606

Luna is a severely mentally ill Austrian woman from the Telegram. All she posts about is fangirling about Null.

No. 1826607

Didn't null ban her from chat or something? I remember reading some drama, if she's the person I'm thinking about with the black dude who murdered those grannies as her pop? I only know her from telegram where she would last after null then tried to pull the same. "I was only pretending to be retarded". Kinda like how this person in this thread keeps posting null thrist,then when nobody finds it funny they double down while also claim to be joking.

No. 1826608

Not pop, pfp

No. 1826629

Imagine being in the Kiwifarms Telegram,knowing all the weirdos and drama in there and having the nerve to call other people Kiwitards. Lmao. I simp for Null but I'd never join the Telegram cause I am not retarded and also I respect his privacy and relationship.

No. 1826637

I'm not her, I don't even like her. If you ask me she is just a cloutchasing whore who wants to become an e-celeb by being Null's gf. Any woman posting her real face around these parts is batshit insane. Alao, if she actually liked him she would stop sexually harrassing and stalking him since it clearly makes him very uncomfortable. I just linked her tumblr because I like to watch moids seethe about women they would definitely fuck simping for Null. Also probably pisses off Blaine and Elaine cause she's a real woman with decent boobs and not a skelly or tranny.

No. 1826644

Where can I read more about her?
Wait so she's a murderer fangirl(boy?) who kept thirsting after Null? Her pattern seems similar to the troll that's posting rn so you guys might be right. >>1826637
>normal looking woman with a great body who ironically thirsts after an incel makes him uncomfortable.
You're delulu if you think a man will see a woman with huge tits lusting over him as annoying. She's a weirdo but she's pretty with a good body, null would probably kill all his ugly sumps for a girl who looked average because he's a desperate incel.

No. 1826656

I want null to feed me moon pies and pizza.(no1currs)

No. 1826695

I'm getting a 400 Bad request Your browser sent an invalid request. on both Tor and Brave. Is the site down again or is it just me?

No. 1826720

go check downforeveryoneorjustme

No. 1826722

File: 1684025914737.png (68.83 KB, 600x416, Screenshot 2023-05-13 5.57.14 …)

This is a more accurate depiction of Null and his romantic life.

No. 1826743

File: 1684029143282.png (30.56 KB, 774x585, Screenshot 2023-05-13 6.50.18 …)

This is what Jersh wants in a woman. Oddly enough, he is kind of describing Elaine. kek kek kek

No. 1826756

Why is he comparing tomboy to traps aka literal men in drag? Everytime I see this screenshot I'm very confused

No. 1826760


>I simp for null

>I am not retarded

Pick one

No. 1826784

File: 1684034433677.png (Spoiler Image,29.03 KB, 298x647, 17.png)

Maybe this will help the confusion. This is from Null's "gay phase". There are reasons people consistently bring up his taste for cheese pizza.

No. 1826797

I had the same issue on tor, what fixed it for me was changing http into https in the address

No. 1826800

"Josh Moon The Owner of Kiwi Farms admits to some Nasty Stuff. -This is damning evidence against this creep and the public should be aware. He belongs on a registry."

No. 1826830

Then why is he completely ignoring her? Lmao. You literally are an incel who can not imagine turning down a woman. Null is a good boy, he's not tempted by mentally ill e-girls.

No. 1826832

If you were not retarded yoh would realize what he's saying in this is that he realized he does NOT want a woman who is him with a vagina anymore since he realized he actually just needed more guy friends. Zero reading comprehension.

No. 1826834

O look another newfag who found the ED article full of made up bullshit with zero receipts. Yawn.

No. 1826844

>Then why is he completely ignoring her?
Because he likes to pay attention to young boys, like the kid that hacked his website.

No. 1826851

File: 1684045565409.png (313.68 KB, 2205x1510, kek.png)

kek, seethe incel

No. 1826852

You mean the kid who posted his entire DM's with Null on the forum in which Null was chill and professional and that ended with Null saying "sorry I can't talk to you because it would be inappropriate"? Hmm

No. 1826855

The Null Paradox is that any woman online enough to simp for him has already removed herself from his dating pool.

No. 1826856

Null is a simple man. He loves his website. He loves banana peppers. He loves pizza. He loves secret TERF gf and he hates trannies and black people.

No. 1826863

File: 1684048872299.jpg (48.18 KB, 800x600, 53 - BU2J0Pj.jpg)

It is Kiwifarms thread #13 and scrotes still haven't learned that getting angry over Josh-fags just encourages more Josh-fagging (ironic and unironic) because it's funny to watch them seethe and cope "BUT HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THESE FAKE SCREENSHOTS FROM 15 YEARS AGO?! HOW CAN YOU LIKE HIM?! AAARGHHH!" Null haters are truly 0 IQ and will never learn.

No. 1826864

did something happen to the tor site? I can't seem to get in anymore, I keep getting 503 Errors. It worked last night with Braves Tor browser.

No. 1826867

File: 1684050166524.png (24.04 KB, 401x538, Screenshot 2023-05-14 12.39.15…)

>His cum probably tastes like pepsi zero vanilla.
Unfortunately, Josh doesn't enjoy sex and can't feel his dick. lulz

No. 1826876

File: 1684051795605.png (23.35 KB, 1273x378, Screenshot 2023-05-14 1.09.47 …)

Lore on Null losing his virginity…

No. 1826877

troons are ddosing apparently

No. 1826880

>doesn't enjoy sex
Probably because he can only have sex with prostitutes or obese/weird women who don't fit into his skinny petite tomboy gf idea
>defended loli fucked a retarded woman just to lose his virginity
Disgusting. The fatties that simp for him would probably lose their minds if they realized they'd never be his type aka literal teen girls.

No. 1826891

Source: some anon on the internet

No. 1826894

Pls post something new, thanks. This is such old lore that Josh-fags have already seen a million tines. Josh can only cum when he is in love and he said he has since fixed this issue meaning he now has sex with someone he is in love with. Wholesome actually that his body physically rejects hook-ups, desu.

No. 1826896

File: 1684056048966.jpg (48.19 KB, 800x600, 52 - TMy2UCf.jpg)

>Josh is demisexual and can only coom when he has an emotional connection
unreal levels of wholesomeness

No. 1826901

Gahoole lore on Jersh being a nonce and having sex with an underage Asian girl. Lore begins @ (4:25) -there is a retard filter at the beginning of the video.

No. 1826902

"Graf, owner of poa.st, in all his alcoholic wisdom has decided to defederate the kiwifarms.cc fediverse node. On the way out he decided to accuse Josh of being complacent with hardcore child pornography." Jersh and Crunklord420 are too accepting of CP for even a lolicon like Graf.

No. 1826908

File: 1684058835126.png (26.16 KB, 407x409, Screenshot 2023-05-14 3.04.20 …)

It's curious just how many people accuse Josh of being a pedo and/or into CP.

No. 1826909

Null hater phenotype strikes again. Sorry but why would anyone believe these fantasy stories by a literal ogre?

Graf accused Null of being a pedophile because Crunklord has hidden a bunch of lolicon instances on the fediverse, the same lolicon instances that Poast (Grafs instance) still federates. Literally how does this make any sense? If Null was hosting hardcore CP he would be in jail and trannies wouldn't have to resort to illegal DDOS campaigns to put an end to Null. These stories don't even make sense.

No. 1826910

Yeah curious how those people always turn out to be nonces themselves projecting onto Null. Like Elaine who claims videos she took of herself as a 21 year old woman pissing herself is CP but spams lolcow.farm with real CP when she gets upset and Graf who is friends with actual pedophiles like the old admin of Poast who DOES post hardcore CP on his fediverse instances. Or Ethan Ralph who was caught jerking off to 12 year old Soph live on stream and also groomed an 18 year old retarded girl into having his child. Or the nonces over on OnionFarms who actually share CP on discord like Naught and AngryCanadian.

No. 1826914

File: 1684059494490.png (50.4 KB, 671x890, graf5.PNG)

No. 1826916

File: 1684059574175.png (223.26 KB, 619x811, shadow3.png)

And here is Graf encouraging his former co-admin Undu posting drawn CP. It's literally projection from Graf's alcoholic wetbrain.

No. 1826917

File: 1684059649853.png (11.69 KB, 565x197, graf.png)

Undu was harrassed by Kiwifarmers for being a nonce so badly that he had to quit and make his own instance to be left alone posting his CP. That's why Graf is angry at Null.

No. 1826919

File: 1684059791813.png (12.14 KB, 610x277, 1683020676477.png)

Pawoo (the instance with CP on it) is also defederated by Kiwifarms.cc but not by Graf himself, lmao.

No. 1826922

File: 1684060459059.png (55.77 KB, 566x419, Screenshot 2023-05-14 3.31.41 …)

>Null hater phenotype strikes again.
Do you think this guy has a "Null hater phenotype"? Or do you think he would drink Josh's blood?

No. 1826923

File: 1684060470086.png (23.69 KB, 623x406, graf1.png)

Here is Graf being mad that Null said that he would sleep well at night if you could kill all lolicons and pedophiles.

No. 1826925

Godwinson is mad at Null cause Null hates the british and says he wants England to be nuked (based). But he's also a fan of wrestling and basically all of Godwinsons videos are fake drama for entertainment purposes only, he doesn't expect people to take him seriously. Only really low IQ people like Elaine don't get that Godwinson is making fun of her right to her face by pretending to believe her stories. People who still think Godwinson isn't just a bullshitter after he "interviewed" Ethan Ralph's dead father and mother from the afterlife can seriously not be helped.

No. 1826927

He isn't even a Null hater cause he will flipflop on who he likes and who he hates every other day. Liking wrestling and "kayfabe" is truly a mental illness.

No. 1826929

File: 1684060883227.png (Spoiler Image,317.36 KB, 526x736, 1681500262666.png)

Here's some more stuff from Graf's instance. He totally hates Null for being a pedo btw.

No. 1826931

File: 1684060977663.jpg (56.54 KB, 438x622, brama.jpg)

And more from Crunk and Null on the topic.

No. 1826937

File: 1684062431122.png (22.1 KB, 489x362, Screenshot 2023-05-14 3.43.29 …)

It's not all fake. Godwinson might not hate Null, but he obviously doesn't like or respect him. Gahoole probably doesn't "hate" Null either. Graf is a nonce, but so is Null. Null used to not have an issue with lolicon and would defend it the same as Graf. None of the public figures people in the sektur are good people, it's a cesspit and glows all over. It's just delusional to think Null is somehow better than the rest.

No. 1826941

Graf is a schizo. He doxxes his own users. Is this really a surprise?

No. 1826942

File: 1684063664366.jpg (62.98 KB, 551x486, ttt.jpg)

No. 1826943

literally who, kek, it's unreal how many incel orbiters there are around Elaine doing her bidding

No. 1826946

>fat chronically online women simp over taken man and say they want him to feed them pizza or to raise live together with him
You're disgusting. I can't imagine being this man's gf and seeing a bunch of delulu expired obese whores posting their wet fantasies about him.

No. 1826947

Graf is still fine to this day with lolicon on his instance. Null deletes even slightly sus shit on KF and Kiwifarms.cc. Idk who Gahoole is but he is absolutely hideous and I am not clicking that video. I assume he is another child rapist projecting onto Null since that's what he looks like.

No. 1826950

File: 1684064032806.png (117.62 KB, 534x699, 1683987052966.png)

>ugh don't you know Null is actually not a real feminist you idiot cunt slut bitches?!

Careful your moidbrain is showing.

No. 1826952

This is a troon right?

No. 1826962

File: 1684065840624.png (30.44 KB, 270x348, Screenshot 2023-05-14 4.58.49 …)

Sorry to break it to the Null simps, but Elaine is on his mind constantly. People at KF know that Jersh obsessively watches her thread and sperg bans people who post in it. Elaine is the type of androgynous skinny girl type Null is into. lol

No. 1826987

Oh Elaine.. you still believe you have a chance with Null after all this time? lmao

No. 1826993

Well there you have it folks, the Null haters ITT are just Blaine and Elaine who both desperately want to bang Null and are seething about getting rejected, kek.

>expired obese whores
Yeah you are a moid. Because literally nobody cares about what any of us looks like. You already saw that some Joshfags are decent looking women with nice titties who aren't even fat, but still have to cope. Null doesn't even care because he will never date any of us or you for that matter, so why does it matter what anyone here looks like? Oh yeah cause you are a male who thinks a womans opinion only matters if she is attractive and fuckable. Really really telling.

No. 1827006

That is not the hairline of a natal woman. Unfortunate.

No. 1827008

It was revealed in one of Godwinson's recent streams that Null was actually hanging out in Elaine's discord server. Josh communicating with the kid hacker Reality exposed that…so Josh did have a certain amount of interest in Elaine. One of Josh's most consistent lies is just how much he uses discord.

No. 1827009

No Elaine, that is another dude trying to catfish you by pretending to be Null. How many times do we need to see your spread anus on the internet until you learn? Btw you should go to a doctor for that. Doesn't look healthy.

No. 1827014

Just saying what was exposed on the GWS stream. Stop being so jealous because you want Null's foxdick, you're not responding to Elaine or Blaine. No normal female would be lusting after Null anyway, you can have him.

No. 1827016

Godwinson is yet another guy trying to manipulate you because you are a retarded lolcow. Here is some sage advice for you: "If he wanted to. He would." Null doesn't want you, he's said it in different ways about a thousand times. It's time to move on. If you really desperately want to date a guy in the sektur then Ethan Ralph is probably your only chance, unironically lmao. Even Godwinson won't fuck you since he also has a secret gf and normal life outside internet drama.(derailing)

No. 1827021

YOU ARE NOT COMMUNICATING WITH ELAINE! This is an anon that has been watching streamers like Metokur, PPP, Godwinson, etc. way before Elaine came along.

No. 1827028

Lmao. Take your meds Elaine and eat some fiber, you have the butthole of an obese 50 year old.(hi cow)

No. 1827039

Here's the GWS stream. In the first part, Adam is talking about the Elaine PPP starfish moment. At around (17:00), he starts to talk about it being Josh (Sneed#9402) in her discord.

No. 1827047

File: 1684073903232.png (17.24 KB, 354x432, Screenshot 2023-05-14 7.18.34 …)

GWS stream comments…

No. 1827057

>spamming the same picture of a mentally ill anorexic woman everytime you're accused of being fat
Yeah you totally owned them, fatty-chan! I'm sure Null would kill to feed you pizza like you wrote here >>1826656
Everyone knows you're fat because you're making up excuses to not send a hand picture or any sort of proof. You're probably that Luna woman who was stalking Null, actually sad.
Instead of crying in /meta/ everytime someone makes fun of you, go get on a diet. Then maybe you wouldn't have to simp for men online and embarrass yourself.(infighting)

No. 1827067

you're saying elaine is delulu for thinking null is into her even though she fits his type (skinny, flat, pretty, young) yet you been posting your own dreams w Null for the whole thread

if you weren't jealous of elaine, you wouldn't think everyone that's telling you null won't fuck you was her

also why do you think a man that says his type is men with pussies(aka flat women) would be into you because of your tits

we all knows having big tits is something only overweights brag about because it's the only good thing about obesity(infighting)

No. 1827076

File: 1684077943859.jpg (665.09 KB, 2000x3000, 3da8bc2c-90af-471d-b02a-0b73b3…)

Just curious how you justify in your head that you are exactly Null's type (he thinks britbongs are subhuman btw) and yet he still won't fuck you and is actively trying to avoid you? If he wants you so bad then… What's stopping him exactly? It just doesn't make sense, kek.

I don't care if Null wants to fuck me or not. I'm not an obsessive stalker weirdo who is trying to go full Misery on the poor boy. You are clearly too autistic to understand that most of the simping around here is lighthearted jokes and people talking about wanting to guzzle Null's cum just do it because it pisses you off so much.

No. 1827077

Elaine, you are not pretty. You are british. Null is on discord right now actually saying that you are a hobgoblin and also that he thinks you are kind of fat still. He also said that Ralph wouldn't even fuck you cause you are even uglier than the horsewoman.

No. 1827088

Yeah I have no idea why anons were trying to keep her hopes up, she is way too fat for Ralph to even consider her.
This pick me has run dry on her choices.(Blaine)

No. 1827090

File: 1684079269517.gif (718.46 KB, 274x162, meigh_laughing.gif)

>mfw Elaine thinks she can slide into my man's DMs

No. 1827133

>null feed me pizza and pie
>null make me your wife
>null fuck me
This thread is the rare sighting of actual femcels who get rejected by an actual incel. Imagine begging an incel online and fighting with other women for his attention. Get help.
Inb4 "youre elaine!! " no girl, I'm just seeing a bunch of chronically online faggots chasing after an ugly faggot.

No. 1827142

It's just retarded. They'll just go, "Actually I'm not a null simp, I think he's a nice guy but we are all just joking around and respecting his relationship to make moids, elaine, blaine seethe, why can't you take a joke"
Nobody is laughing, it's more then likely the same 1 or 2 people making these "Jokes', agruing with retards and going, "ha ha they seething". It's peak kiwifag behavior, not ignoring the person you claim is a troll, but spending hours ranting at them and making them "Seethe" with unfunny paragraphs, react images. It's been very funny but sad to watch.

No. 1827144

File: 1684086645622.jpg (75.13 KB, 600x750, 1644476112016.jpg)

mfw scrotes seethe about Null being cute and beloved

No. 1827163

>liking josh moonface
ew nigga

No. 1827179

File: 1684090766585.webm (14.4 KB, 192x224, null_momch.webm)

tfw Null will never munch on my pussy like it's a slice of delicious sloppy pizza, why even live?(non-contribution; bait)

No. 1827201

Dude looks like his favorite band is smash mouth.

No. 1827217

Well this picture is like 10 years old at least so.

No. 1827287

Worse, Third Eye Blind.

No. 1827349

OMG. It is actually really crazy that Josh was in Elaine's server the entire time, gaslighting everyone, and lying about it constantly. He only got caught because the child hacker released the DMs. Josh is truly one porn-sick moid having her do things like cut his name into her legs and show her spread asshole to him. Elaine's on the edge, but she's a decade younger and he took advantage of her and was a large contributor in ruining her reputation. Null was into hurtcore shota-con when he was younger, perhaps that's why he wanted Elaine to cut herself. It's really depraved.(bait)

No. 1827397

Nobody is believing this just because Godwinson made it up with zero evidence. Godwinson also talked to Ethan Ralphs dead mother on his show. You need to stop falling for catfishes pretending to be Null just cause you are so desperate to talk to him.

No. 1827402

If you take your meds the voice of Null in your head telling you to cut yourself will disappear.

No. 1827403

You may be shocked to realize that a considerable amount of people have had online interactions with Null; it's not the most special thing in the world. Keep dreaming, maybe someday your simping will get you there. kek

No. 1827408

You can listen to the video you recorded of yourself cutting Nulls name into your thighs and see and hear that the guy on discord you are talking to is not Null. He doesn't even sound remotely like Null. You're just so delusional that anyone can make a discord account and message you and say "ppssssst it's me Null, please spread your anus for me" and you will do it without fail every time.

No. 1827418

Godwinson is trying to fuck with Null and Elaine at the same time by reinforcing Elaine's delusions. He peddles a lot of fake shit all day long as long as it makes his favorite lolcows dance like puppets and right now his puppet is Elaine. She will literally never stop getting manipulated by random men on the internet cause she is so desperate for their attention.

No. 1827422

Nta but anyone that disagrees with you isnt elaine. You're obviously jealous that someone got a pedos attention and that's not a healthy thing. You can keep yelling Elaine all you want but the weird feeding fetish porn you send including you and Null prove you're probably as mental enough to do this shit if Null told you to.
>makes tens of posts about his fantasies with null and feederism fetish
>accuses real women of being attention whores

No. 1827423

>I am totally not Elaine

Lmao. Room temperature IQ.

No. 1827435

File: 1684133299300.png (44.48 KB, 463x392, Screenshot 2023-05-14 11.47.11…)

Null's complicated mysterious relationship with Elaine…(sweep, sweep, sweep).

No. 1827438

This is just Null saying he doesnt want the forum to be blamed if the various incels talking to Elaine on discord and manipulating her into cutting herself eventually get her killed. Thats also why you get banned for saying you talk to her on discord on KF. Cause Null doesn't want the trannies to use this shit against the site when it inevitably goes bad.

No. 1827448

File: 1684135342212.png (18.92 KB, 1045x249, Screenshot 2023-05-15 12.13.32…)

This was posted by Null after the leg-cutting incident. He took her thread down after it happened and then later put it back up. It certainly appears they were communicating with each other quite a bit. Null's phrasing is also odd, saying, "She spent a lot of time on her knees…" It is classic moid behavior to seek out young girls to manipulate, control, and play mind games with.

No. 1827450

She was (and still is) contacting Nulls service providers lying about the nudes in her thread being CP that's why he temporarily took it down. He just recently said on his streams that Elaine harrasses every single person Null talks to in hopes of getting info about him and getting to talk to him and she tells everyone the CP lie.

No. 1827451

"I don't want to talk to you, please stop contacting me." Isn't a mind game, you're mentally ill.

No. 1827455

File: 1684136175380.png (18.14 KB, 865x208, Screenshot 2023-05-15 12.36.05…)

You're wrong. Null took down her thread after the cutting incident with her legs happened.

No. 1827457

No, he literally says in this screenshot >>1827448 that he had to take it down because of lies Elaine told people. She is literally still on twitter every day @ing companies that work with Null saying that he hosts CP of her because of that cutting video, which is of her as a grown adult woman.

No. 1827460

I gotta say it's honestly kind of fascinating to see Elaine take these things our of context and misconstrue every post Null ever made to somehow say what she wants it to. But yet she can't explain why she isn't Null's tradwife yet since he is so crazy about her and loves her so much and she is just his type, kek.

No. 1827461

What is this supposed to prove? The only impression I get from all of these screenshots you post is that Null thinks everything about Elaine is absolutely toxic and he wants nothing to do with it.

No. 1827464

File: 1684137012152.png (50.19 KB, 949x598, Screenshot 2023-05-15 12.46.44…)

No. It was right after the leg-cutting incident. (August 5/6, 2022) Sorry, you can't handle the fact that your true love Jersh was communicating with Elaine.(retarded bait. Go back)

No. 1827465

Girl.. Maybe read what he is saying there and commit it to you brain. Yeah we are all very jealous that Null has never told us to fuck off and stop contacting him, lmao.

No. 1827471

File: 1684139619136.jpg (21.1 KB, 378x380, pantsoo.jpg)

Imagine being proud of Null telling you to fuck off, meanwhile he literally talks about the giga Stacy Amanda Morris on his podcast every single week cause she married his arch enemy. Elaine could only dream of getting this much attention from Null.(bait)

No. 1827580

This site is mega retarded and filled with niggers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1827614

Why did Luna get banned? Did she also send weird pictures and if so can any anon post some milk around her instead of replying to null-fags?

No. 1827631

This is old news and Graf defederating kiwifarms is very ironic considering he has had literal pedos in his moderation team. If you were to going to go after Null for his role why not mention him being on poa.st in the first place? It was kiwifags invading poa.st that caused tensions between them. There is no need to make shit up about how crunk runs the fedi node.(sage your shit)

No. 1827635

More on graf for anyone who doesn't know, he and a good chunk of his OG staff were all former 4chan /a/ jannies. Some people who used the poa.st matrix reported seeing actual imagery shared among the staff there. Poa.st is a cesspool of neo-nazis and loli apologists. Chudbuds.lol was created as their personal hugbox because Graf didn't want to deal with kiwis.

No. 1827640

The real reason Graf is pissed at Kiwifarms.cc is actually hilarious. It's because Poa.st is home to people they call the "podcast race" which is super far right podcasters like Randbot who actually praise Hitler and have little anime lolis with swastikas dancing on their streams (such whuite supremacy lmao) and another guy called Borzoi. Ironically both Randbot and Borzoi are married to very jewish (looking) women so the Kiwis who joined Poa.st while KF was down liked to tease them about this fact and Crunklord added an emoji to Kiwifarms.cc that was just the nose of Borzoi's wife (a big hecking honker). Graf cried about this for weeks saying that once Kiwifarms.cc is back up he will defederate them unless Crunk removes the emoji because it's "doxing". Graf is a total buttboi to these far right podcast people because they bring relevancy to his site I guess. Randbot especially hates Null and Kiwifarms and flat out told Graf that he needs to quit being friendly with Josh and the Kiwis or he will leave.

No. 1827659

I know about the nose incident but that's not what led to Graf defedding kiwi and going ballistic on Null. It's most likely a mix of things and that Null is someone arguably bigger than him on his own platform.

No. 1827673

Omg I loved your work in Evil Dead Rise

No. 1827678

>censorship is so bad that their tor domain certification was revoked
i dont think kiwifarms is coming back
troons won

No. 1827681

Josh has a plan to put it back on the clearnet.

No. 1827685

>Oi bruv fuck trannies I hate them but will espouse their ideology and talk just like them UwU, I love purple hair neko anime girls they are me fr fr.
I'm so glad I used sorcery to steal Elaine's femininity.

Why is this thread open? What milk will there be? How is this not a bunker for kiwis who can't/won't use Tor?
Good faith questions to ask yourself here, not baiting out an argument, just pointing out this threads only use rn is pissing off ppl who hate fun.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1827714

File: 1684165616203.png (69.57 KB, 1273x522, 1.png)

>Why is this thread open? What milk will there be?
Kiwi milk

No. 1827720

File: 1684166600306.jpg (22.09 KB, 1039x247, soon.jpg)


No. 1827728

chudbuds.lol was created by a woman. Loli had no place there. I know, because I was there.(sage your shit)

No. 1827736

What's the milk here supposed to be?

No. 1827753

File: 1684169853504.jpg (47.98 KB, 1080x487, Kf.jpg)

This bullshit is so dramatic lol. Josh is way less important than he thinks he is.

No. 1827755

File: 1684170148798.jpg (394.1 KB, 1001x3559, IMG_20230515_100255.jpg)

This is baffling

No. 1827757

It's true tho

No. 1827767

File: 1684171469059.jpg (56.97 KB, 800x600, RJbQudHP.jpg)

It's honestly unreal the amount of power trannies have been given in our society just because we have created such a hugbox for people that offending someone and hurting their feelings is now a hatecrime that people actually want to see you put in jail for. And as trannies are literally censoring everyone from ever speaking a single word they don't like, are free to commit rape, DDOSing, blackmail, extortion, child grooming and other crimes, they still sit on twitter whining all day about being holocausted and playing victim. Someone who can silence opposition and has totalitarian control over all discourse on the internet as well as the full support of the government and all corporations is claiming to be oppressed. You just gotta laugh about it cause otherwise you want to cry. I really want Null to win and for the 41% to turn into 100%.

No. 1827772

I love this pasta, it's great!

No. 1827804

while I think very poorly of Josh and a lot of my favorite threads are full of long unrelated/vaguely related/unfunny bullshit, I do enjoy the site. I do not enjoy that a troon who is literally harrassing people is making these moves.
It's disgusting. Kiwifarms being knocked out of exist, is only going to make things worse becuase it means any site that this troon targets can be knocked away, simply by him harrassing or whatever he does.
Then, all the kiwifarmers won't have anywhere to contain their autism, so they'll come here or other sites (hopefully mostly 4chan). A lot of them will look for their favorite cow threads and refuse to learn the culture, or they'll make threads for their favorite cows and journey into other parts of the site, again refusing to learn the culture.
This place will be full of unfunny poems every five mintues, song lyrics, random rants on race, and 2 paragraphs of
>Im not powerleveling but proceeds to powerlevel about the fact Ethan Ralph drinks a shitty brand of beer and how their father worked at a store that sold that beer-

It's really just weird,that LFJ and his crew, can literally just whine at people to get them to shut down a site.
I hope kiwifarms wins in the end.

No. 1827830

It's wild to me that you don't see that in any other category. Ultra violent incels? Nah that's fine. A forum that documents things the people in question have publicly posted online? Oh no how dare you.

No. 1827841

This is what pisses me off the most. There are way worse sites out there that focus on things like CSA and animal torture yet they get only a fraction of the outrage that KF has received. I used to think KF was cringe but troons and their spineless Big Tech sympathizers have changed my opinion on the site completely.

No. 1827863

File: 1684185426123.jpg (14.51 KB, 288x277, doxbin.jpg)

Not to mention that Doxbin has all the doxes #DropKiwiFarms has been crying about, yet they never even uttered a word. There has been no attempt to cancel Doxbin, no mention of it in media articles. Search engines (Google, Duckduckgo etc.) do not blacklist it, but they do censor Kiwi Farms from their results. Suspicious, ain't it?

No. 1827894

Kiwi farms has the dirt on all the troons weaseling their way into small time political positions under the shield of the D by their name on the ballot. If they gain time spent in those small positions they can attempt to climb higher. These power seeking narcs know that an archive of their heinous deeds and anti social behavior could absolutely put a stop to their plans.

No. 1827910

Kiwifarms is arguably good for troons, by pointing out the malicious or vile ones so that other troons can blacklist them, but I guess because Kiwis don't give a fuck about pronouns, suddenly they're "evil," despite them being a net good for most groups. I may not personally like the site, but I have to admire that it's like the Library of Alexandria, but specifically documenting retards.
Doxbin is politically neutral, and doesn't take a stance on things. Troons dox other troons on there a lot, for things like being sexpests, or ones the other troons personally dislike. It doesn't play favorites in any capacity, not even individual users. Therefore, troons care less about it.

No. 1828105

Which is direct proof that troons are lying about the reason they want KF to be down being "because they dox people!!!". It's because they say mean things about trannies. That's the only reason.

No. 1828194

Journos aren't allowed to touch doxbin because they use info from doxbin posts to write stories all the time.(learn2sage)

No. 1828205

File: 1684242451972.png (20.63 KB, 445x703, 1684241764528.png)

Good news!

No. 1828208

Journos do stuff they are not supposed to do all the time like print total lies and fabrications. Honestly the DropKF stuff was very blackpilling on jounalism.

No. 1828308

DropKF pretty much blackpilled me about journalism. It's insane how far the lies went especially since HARICA had revoked service for KF based off a shitty Wiki article and Matthew Prince's Cloudflare post. Congratulations to Eliot No-Dong for wielding that sort of power I guess. Troons always tell on themselves with this sort of manipulative, power-tripping crap and he will never be a woman.

No. 1828328

Null is going to be on I, Hypocrite's show today with Nick Rekieta.


No. 1828340

I like the
>trannies are the 9-11 of the Internet

What's the point of saging an autosaged thread?

Journalism = propaganda. Has always been. The few outlets that make a point of always verifying sources go out of business fast. This leaves the state-owned media, but they too have their own political bias (depending on which party is in power) and don't pay attention to internet drama in the first place.

Remember teachers at school warning you again and again to never cite Wikipedia (cause anybody can edit it willy-nilly with no oversight) OR ELSE? Yeah. I guess some people are really too dumb to function in AD 2023.

No. 1828711

I am fully aware who created chudbuds, but the reason why there was a demand for a kiwi containment zone was because poa.st didn't want anything to do with them. Poast users are already insufferable as it is. At the time kiwifarms.cc was down, that is literally the only reason everyone flocked to Claire's server.
I agree with everything, even 4chan during moots days wasn't as bad as kiwi is. 4chan got celebrities doxed but Liz Fong Dong and Keffals cries are enough to deplatform at the ISP level.

No. 1828843

>4chan got celebrities doxed
4chan and 8chsn also had several actual mass shooters post their manifestos there and being radicalized in their community. They also get arrested regularly for fedposting about wanting to kill politicians. Nobody cares about that tho cause 4chan is a honeypot and the government actually wants people to post violent rethoric on there.

No. 1828848

File: 1684318931739.png (931.85 KB, 2880x2880, 20230517_003032.png)

Wikipedia is a joke nowadays. Take everything you read there with a grain of salt.

This is from Liz Fong-Jones' Wikipedia user profile. Honeycomb.io pays her to write articles. The lower pics are the edit history of the conflict of interest box. Liz just decided 'she' can now contribute to articles about Keffals and Cloudflare. Fuck you Liz. Just because you stopped harassing Cloudflare (because they gave you what you wanted) doesn't remove your bias against them.
Liz is very actively contributing to the articles mentioned in the COI box, by the way. Just look at the talk pages.

No. 1828856


Excellent sleuthing anon. "Liz" is an interesting one to watch.

No. 1828903

I wonder whether there should be a thread on Liz/Elliot Fong-Jones on lolcow, just in case? That tranny used to work at Google and has some deep connections in the tech sector (probably through kink/chaser communities).

They want to shill their 'observability' business.

No. 1829110

Might not be a bad idea, seeing as how Bear Trapjaw Jones seems to have actually nuked KF from the clearnet and hid his sex pest evidence

No. 1829114

Another side effect is trannies are giving Null want he wants a little, by making him out to be an Internet Folk Hero instead of some sperg who obsesses over other spergs. This is the only real time KF has had any info on stuff that matters to the real world, even a little bit. If they come out of this, there's going to be so much insufferable posting about how KF is "saving America" or some shit.

No. 1829135

late but hasn’t she said she has Graves’ disease? it explains why she’s so thin, her terrible hairline, and contributes to her insane behavior. it’ll eventually fuck up her heart considering you can tell by looking at her that she’s hyperthyroid.

No. 1829181

Male cows don't do well here and their threads sizzles out, because Kiwifarms is on tor…or whatever, I'm postitive all the scrotes will flock here to speak about Liz Fong-Jones, he'll be made aware of this site (or he already knows about it) or it'll just be a shitty weird thread. I do not think a lot of kiwifarmers type of commentary meshes well with lolcow being honest. We have threads on Kevin Gibes and even Ethan Ralph, but they all die. People can talk about liz in the main MTF thread, just start posting about him there.

No. 1829294

We don't need him finding his thread andDDOSing Lolcow. We wouldn't be able to recover if it happens

No. 1829297

There’s no way he isn’t already aware of lolcow. He probably doesn’t care about us or we’d know by now.

No. 1829364

File: 1684379442656.gif (10.49 MB, 750x604, aliendog.gif)

Null is fighting an uphill battle, but I wish him the best of luck nonetheless. Where else am I going read what retarded drama glitchedpuppet is doing? Tumblr?

No. 1829413

Don’t we have a thread for her here?

No. 1829423

He kinda is a hero tho for doing all this shit just to provide a place on the internet that keeps all the receipts of trannies being sexpests. There are already several tranny politicians that are trying to cover up their past sexual exploits to climb the career ladder. Without places like KF there will be zero accountability for these freaks and they will have an easy time climbing into positions of power everywhere. Also it is fucked up how a few trannies can censor the internet at a backbone level with their lies and harrassment. Null is exposing all of that to the public. If there does come some sort of law out of this that guarantees net neutrality then yeah, that's thanks to Null and thats more than most terminally online autists have ever accomplished.

No. 1829491

File: 1684411909257.jpg (16.64 KB, 445x263, trollcow.jpg)

In case anyone was wondering, of course it was Elaine who was shitting up this thread seething about the Null simps being fat and uggo.

No. 1829496

Agree, we don’t need angry LFJ fans here. Liz isn’t producing milk on social media anyway these days. Put any discussion of him in the MTF thread with the other males

No. 1829575

Who cares? We don't need to start this conversation anymore. Nobody cares about her or null simps. Stop giving her attention.
Yeah there not much to speak about him that can't go here or in the mtf thread.

No. 1829584

It is obvious at this point that this thread no longer serves its intended purpose and has turned into a retard wrestling ring for trannies and kiwifags. This thread is being locked indefinitely.

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