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File: 1497945054331.jpg (68.06 KB, 720x960, 1497761788002.jpg)

No. 338259

>previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik)
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight'
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca

No. 338260

File: 1497945096451.png (682.22 KB, 720x960, jill.png)

fuck Im so disappointed I meant to make img related the thread OP instead of this one

No. 338261

File: 1497945135496.jpg (127.67 KB, 925x590, ss (2017-06-20 at 12.43.10).jp…)

No. 338262

File: 1497945186022.jpg (88.36 KB, 583x585, ss (2017-06-20 at 12.52.43).jp…)

No. 338263

File: 1497945244156.png (748.05 KB, 930x588, Untitled.png)

No. 338264

File: 1497945304468.jpg (156.04 KB, 807x589, ss (2017-06-20 at 12.54.45).jp…)

No. 338266

File: 1497945363354.jpg (144.25 KB, 808x594, ss (2017-06-20 at 12.55.50).jp…)

No. 338267

File: 1497945522137.jpg (128.78 KB, 927x593, ss (2017-06-20 at 12.57.14).jp…)

"one big solid cheeky gomenasai"

holy fuck someone tell her to stop


No. 338269

What the fuck? She's slender as fuck with no chest, why the fuck does this retard keep misusing words like this again and again?
Also, fucking gross. Her audience are 12 years olds, this is super inappropriate.

No. 338273

yeah, 'thicc' has completely lost its meaning now
honestly I get triggered every time she talks about her 'voluptuous booty'.. like no Jill, you aren't some thicc booty goddess, you're just kinda tubby lol

No. 338274

Thought those ratings were penises kek

No. 338275


No. 338287

Aw I love drew too.

No. 338297

Jill looks like a redneck hick who just saw her cousin take his shirt off

No. 338301

It's some twitter/tumblr meme going round, 'x is one thicc bih, lemme see that [first bit of the name]ussy'. Still doesn't justify it in this case and the fact that she actually put a hashtag on it makes me laugh.

ex. 'Jill is one thicc bih, lemme see that jillussy'. Sage for useless knowledge.

No. 338305

She looks cute in this one photo, and then you see the next posts where she gets progressively worse.

No. 338335

lmao anon you made my day

No. 338340

File: 1497968273826.png (334.3 KB, 500x499, huh.png)

seriously though, this is the worst she's looked in quite a while
she really needs that long hair + bangs

No. 338356

I'm not trying to stick up for her but she's clearly in her room, probably at home for the day. Why would she wear make up or have her hair done nicely when she's having a lazy day? Who gets all dolled up to sit in their room?

I know she's a piece of shit but this is so nitpicky, lol.

No. 338362

Every day is a lazy day spent in her basement room for Jill.

No. 338388

She puts make up on literally everyday and sleeps in it. I doubt she washes her face. She must have been suuuuper lazy to not bother with make up.

No. 338456

Jill is insanely tacky avg Photoshopped. Lol

No. 338525

unflattering screenshot aside I don't think she looks awful. More her age and more natural

No. 338527


She looks like an actual 18 year old here.

No. 338576

I appreciate your explanation very much, because I thought that Jill literally wants to fuck anime character and thinks of her pussy. It was disturbing and shocking.

No. 338604

Are you kidding me? She looks like a fat hillbilly grandma. Who the fuck would record themselves looking like this

No. 338616


I mean she did say that she wanted that Steven Universe character to step on her. She's just the latest addition in a long list of edgy Internet weeb girls that think pretending to thirst over 2D is quirky and cool tbh

No. 338663

another "corrupted" file, which is why her video is late. feels like this a daily occurrence.

No. 338778

i don't understand how this happens to her so often, i use similar equipment and have the same laptop and it VERY rarely happens. i wonder how her professors in college will feel if her essays become "corrupted" as often as her videos

No. 338795

It isn't actually happening. She's just using it as an excuse.

No. 338862

she claims YouTube as one of her jobs, too. Girl, if this is how much effort you put into your work we're not going to be seeing hat *~portfolio~* until 2025

No. 338938

She had to go all the way to Japan for inspiration and then drag her mom back out to another province once they got home so she could choose cheap tacky fabric to build a portfolio for a community college course she doesn't qualify for AND she still has nothing to show for it.

I've never witnessed such a spoiled person lie to themselves so much about progress/hard work.

No. 339018

No. 339019

>Not enough tendies

No. 339021

Happy Little Video Time UwU

No. 339031

>25 minutes

Yeah okay no thanks. I'm not even going to watch this for the sake of it.

No. 339033

23:39 she mentions how we were making fun of her for doing nothing cultural. She "lost" the video of her visiting shrines and shit. Ok Jill.

No. 339035

Oh…my god I just wasted five minutes with her bullshit banter

No. 339036

File: 1498069549978.png (49.3 KB, 500x217, comments.png)

lol she also says that people shouldn't yell at her for eating a burger in Japan, because "she ate a lot of stuff" …yeah, but all of that was western style junk food

also I love people pointing out her ignorance in the comments

No. 339042


no one else should have to sit through this

> kawaii music at train stations
> shopping bags taped shut
> no tipping uwu my anxiety
> the bread had suprise whipped cream in it
> burger paper
> maximum 7 meters to a grape fanta vending machine
> money trays in stores
> trains
> trails for blind in pavement
> safe
> shop girls walk you to the door with your bags and come running after you when you leave your expensive camera in the fitting room

> restaurants having smoke rooms
> people walking into you in crowds
> people taking sneak photos

No. 339044

She left her camera in the fitting room? Not only is she irresponsible but it's frowned upon a lot of the time to film in shops, it would be super shitty of her if she snuck it in in the first place

No. 339046

About 80% of these are a thing where I live too (middle Europe)
I guess I can't really fault her for living in a small town all her live, but I was really hoping that she would talk about some deeper experience or something she had at least.
Instead, these are all really miniscule things and didn't really warrant a 25 minute video

No. 339051

She said that these are things you wouldn't know until you got to Japan and that she did so much research, but I know almost all of these just from having a casual interest in Japan.

She really did just watch some j-vloggers and Google "Harajookoo" as prep for her trip smh.

No. 339055

She says she made the trip to learn about fashion and fashion design. What exactly did she learn by shopping in stores she already knows?

No. 339056

She didn't know people take sneak photos? Is she 12?

No. 339064

She did know, but was just irritated that people didn't ask for her permission to take a picture. I'm pretty sure she felt really smug about it, though

No. 339067

She was a Lolita before, how did that never happen?

No. 339070

I assume it's because of where she lives, in an older video she mentioned that when she visited Montreal there were some teen girls whispering about her hair color in a Forever21, and it sounded like it brought her close to the edge or something
I can only imagine her reacting that strongly if it's something she never really experienced before

No. 339077

Yeah, a lot of this video was just a rural sheltered girl surprised by regular city things. The part about people running into her, especially. If you're in a crowded city and the locals keep pushing you aside, it probably means you're being an annoying tourist who keeps taking up way too much space lol

No. 339080

File: 1498075027180.jpeg (23.25 KB, 279x293, image.jpeg)

No. 339105

guarantee people sneak pics of her in charlottetown cause she looks weird & ~quirky~

No. 339114

File: 1498078917102.png (150.35 KB, 1188x486, Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 2.00…)

No. 339116

File: 1498079059623.png (111.81 KB, 1242x492, Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 2.02…)

I love that she doesn't know how shit where she lives is. It's seriously just you Jill

No. 339134

Pixie is such a hick. She should really try getting out more, especially considering her mum would foot the bill.

No. 339139

I read "Eternal Grandma" as "Ethereal Grandma" and chocked.

No. 339153

File: 1498083210161.jpg (7.69 KB, 261x144, 13139229_1346812972012238_7680…)

>>339019(sage this)

No. 339162


This is so embarrassing.

No. 339196

File: 1498089056758.png (537.78 KB, 481x602, Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 7.50…)

her teeth are… grey

No. 339197

File: 1498089155219.png (797.44 KB, 886x556, Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 6.48…)

Sometimes I wonder whether she talks like a toddler to seem endearing and quirky or if her actual thoughts involve words such as 'little handsies.'

Also, her face when she was describing the whipped cream bread.

No. 339199

The 21st century version of "dog ate my homework."

One Big Solid Cheeky Gomenasai should become her YT channel name.

No. 339214

>In Canada it's illegal to pay servers below minimum wage therefore there's no reason for tipping

No it isn't, waiters and delivery drivers get paid below minimum wage in most Canadian provinces. She acts so high and mighty with the misinformation that probably trickles down from Louise who has played photographer housewife her entire life.

She'll be crying in a few years when they're living off Colin's starbucks tip jar after she spends her income on expensive brand items instead of sufficient chicken tendies and marshmallow turds.

No. 339215

they get paid slightly below min wage in a couple of provinces lmao it isn't like the US at all so she's totally right in this case

No. 339253

This looks like what happens after you eat bright blue artificially coloured candy. Which I'm betting she did right before taking this photo.
Was this taken on a roller coaster? What is this setting?

No. 339269

shes in a convertible

perfect next thread pic

No. 339271


No. 339276

Not defending Jill, but nobody stopped her from making those vlogs in the first place.

No. 339311

Not to wk jill because I think she's still pretty dumb about this but yeah, canadian servers get paid only slightly below minimum wage whereas in the US they make the $2-3 per hour before tips.

No. 339316

Lol she made the thumbnail look like some scandalous revelation video but this is so trivial. Also who the fuck does she think she is, making a video like this after three weeks there. She knows literally nothing.

No. 339321

Um servers get paid a lot more than that. It verys state to state and I know plenty of severs none of them get paid that little.(sage this, off-topic)

No. 339324

i know plenty of american servers who make 2-3 bucks an hour

look at all of the states that pay 2.13/hr for servers(sage this, off-topic)

No. 339340

File: 1498122418721.jpg (37.26 KB, 306x423, IMG_9729.JPG)

>>339196(sage this)

No. 339341

She looks like a deflated silicone mask

No. 339358

File: 1498126331336.jpg (266.4 KB, 1834x1434, 19442135_10155242661696405_840…)

Posted on louises fb

>FroYo date with my awesome bbg. Obligatory Gojis selfie….

No. 339359

File: 1498126653320.jpg (112.88 KB, 2048x1367, 19095484_10155221441481405_408…)

No. 339362

File: 1498127183706.png (35.48 KB, 836x252, ss (2017-06-22 at 03.25.39).pn…)

No. 339363

File: 1498127231458.png (20.07 KB, 777x145, ss (2017-06-22 at 03.26.59).pn…)

No. 339364

File: 1498127301971.png (26.94 KB, 644x224, ss (2017-06-22 at 03.27.59).pn…)

how is it possible she said so much dumb shit in one video

No. 339365

omg the fucking tongue thing… it really just makes her look like a special needs kid or something

No. 339366

There are vending machines with food in Tokyo.

No. 339372

how was the whip cream a surprise if she speaks japanese, like, 70%?

No. 339374

lmao that's still one of my favorite lies of hers
>n-no it's not weird that I went to see some Japanese kids movie in cinema, I totally understood almost all of it!! : (
>can't even write her own name, was unable to read those notes the shop girls wrote, doesn't even get what kind of bread she's buying

No. 339431

File: 1498140122000.jpg (197.2 KB, 613x924, ss (2017-06-22 at 07.01.42).jp…)

No. 339434


will we actually get to see the full swimsuit this time jill? oh yeah nope. because -body positivity- and all.

No. 339436

Is this car actually pink or is it photoshop?

No. 339437

There are some messy spots near the tail light, looks like photoshop.

No. 339440

Looks real to me. Why would she get a convertible if she said she "loves" her pink 2008 car named "Cherry"?

No. 339443

She literally has this tagged #nothecarisnotpinkirl

No. 339444

File: 1498141383783.jpg (58.2 KB, 600x336, IMG_1945.JPG)

It's her moms car, which is red

No. 339447

File: 1498141613638.jpg (554.83 KB, 1333x1869, IMG_1946.JPG)

No. 339448

This is probably shooped a bit, but I actually have to give her some credit for not covering up in this.

No. 339449


there's no fucking way that isnt photoshopped lmao

No. 339450

Doesn't PEI have beaches?

No. 339453

This isn't nearly as bad as I anticipated.

No. 339455


She's definitely sucking her stomach in, or maybe her face just always looks constipated. She certainly has nowhere near as much muscle tone as in this photo. And the picture doesn't look especially toned anyways, so imagine how squishy she probably actually is…

She's obviously super doughy and at that angle there's no way she would look that small even in skintight clothes. Her legs are definitely edited, looks like her entire lower body is. her collarbone area looks like a totally different person but maybe it's the way her arm is stretched.

No. 339458

the crotch area looks pretty weird

No. 339463

File: 1498144967844.jpg (62.92 KB, 585x390, lemon-roll-1.jpg)

How does she not know what a roll cake is?

No. 339467

File: 1498145154036.jpg (63.45 KB, 399x800, 333159a758d353666a4039e4325134…)

Maybe it was that horn looking thing she was talking about…

No. 339474

File: 1498145391831.jpg (201.71 KB, 1600x1015, Cream Pan - Ruchik Randhap (5)…)

I thought she was referring to cream buns like these
not whipped cream, but I don't really trust Jill's chicken tender and marshmallow gourmet taste anyway lol

No. 339482

Either way it was going to have cream written in katakana on the package and there's no way she knows japanese without knowing such a basic thing.

>sage because bread

No. 339525

To clear up the server Canada shit, it is against the law to pay under minimum wage. However, employers can pay a less than minimum wage, wage if the server is making up the gap in tips. If the server gets no tips, the employer still has to pay them minimum wage, not just the lower base wage. If they're paying them less than that they're breaking Labour laws and it's just a phonecall+a meeting to their local building for any Canadian to report that and get their money owed. They will get the money for you

Either way, Jill is max retardo and it's funny watching her foot in her mouth in the yt comments

No. 339529

>However, employers can pay a less than minimum wage, wage if the server is making up the gap in tips.

yes but that difference is about a $1 less in bc, $1.50 less in ontario, and under $2 less in quebec. not the same as being paid $2/hr

No. 339535

Who is she parroting now? All of a sudden going against Jeffree Star after sticking up for him before?

No. 339539

what happened to her eyelashes?

No. 339550

She is just pandering more and more to SJWs ever since dating Colin and realizing that her only fans are that type of person

No. 339565

Her legs are smoothed to high hell

No. 339580

File: 1498161742222.png (698.16 KB, 640x960, image.png)

She'll be live on YouNow tomorrow. Do you think she'd respond to comments that are sugar coated?

No. 339581

What the fuck is that picture

I'm honestly convinced she's got some form of mild retardation

No. 339588

i wanted to do the whole video but i couldn't get past this point, maybe later

No. 339590

this is amazing lmao well done anon

No. 339595

When can we wed anon?

No. 339611

lmao please post more anon

No. 339723

I laughed too loud at the end. Good job, anon!

No. 339755

i feel blessed thank u

No. 339772

What the everloving fuck is going on with her thigh? It is so shooped and blurred. Wow. Great job making videos about loving you body and body positivity. She literally look 15lbs off that thigh.

No. 339814

She probably has self-injury scars which is why she blurred her thighs so much.

No. 339976

looks like she finally got some jelly shoes

No. 340058

File: 1498236359451.png (3.45 MB, 1440x2560, 20170623_114007.png)

Those areas have been edited for sure, the background is suddenly blurred, she tried to blend it with the distant flowers to look natural, which was a good idea and all, but she didn't think about it making sense. Her elbow looks messed with but I'm not sure how?? But overall I don't think she did much, save smoothing her skin probably. She's tilted and has a leg raised, that's a pose to hide fat and make you look skinnier.

Not saying she looks good, cuz those roots clashing with her confetti hair are terrible, but she doesn't look too bad. She played her angles and did an alright job and photos hope. If you cover her face up I would think she's cute.

No. 340069

It's likely her mom doing the photoshop since she edits the photos she takes for a living.

I've seen them talking on fb about their use of ps, Louise thinks "everyone could use a little help" so I don't imagine anything they post is unedited.

No. 340077

File: 1498237327263.png (23.03 KB, 465x170, pL007V0.png)

No. 340078

She's a photographer right? I'm not too invested with Pixie, but if that's the case, she's not too good at it.

No. 340086

yeah Louise is a photographer and really not the best judging from what we see Jill post assumedly took by her. I think she was possibly just a rich bored house wife who took it up for funsies. Then again anyone would struggle photographing Jills neon/pastel clown child monstrosities.

No. 340097

>modeling picture is photoshopped
omg, what a discovery

No. 340098

File: 1498238354490.jpg (119.88 KB, 960x960, 19225996_1391450597575125_7188…)

If you wanted to see more of her moms photos you can always go to her fb or her business page https://www.facebook.com/vesseystudio/
Hilariously I found a new photo of jill by going to her business page.

No. 340108

File: 1498240105286.png (850.42 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 340110

I want to burn her magical dildo collection to the ground

No. 340116

yeah not the best, not bad by any means but nothing wowing in there

No. 340138

No. 340161

File: 1498244125252.jpg (47.63 KB, 462x413, 666666.jpg)

No. 340168

Did she go live an hour early? I was going to watch it today and it was supposed to be right now, she said it was at 3PM AST last night so Im confused

No. 340171

God, this site is awful. Is she being paid to promote it or something? Why not stream on YouTube where all her viewers will see it and be able to comment or even donate?

No. 340172

She just said youtube was her main source of income kek. Does she have 0 hours at claires?

No. 340174

3pm ast was an hour ago

No. 340175

ugh wtf. When I googled it into my time zone it told me it was now… I wish I could have been on time whoops

No. 340179

File: 1498245499408.png (2.2 MB, 1426x900, Untitled.png)

No. 340194

I liked the part of the livestream where someone asked her for advice on being a youtuber and she said "shake your dick until it works" over and over.

No. 340201

Is she going to upload this to youtube or is it lost forever?

No. 340245

File: 1498251438849.gif (430.87 KB, 566x694, pixie.gif)

forgive me father for i have sinned

No. 340255

File: 1498253382785.png (172.96 KB, 260x338, Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.2…)

No. 340261

File: 1498253876633.png (33 KB, 750x264, IMG_9759.PNG)

No. 340267

much better anon

No. 340313

When you fall you fall hard

No. 340316

she is demented

No. 340425

It's like she did everything to make herself ugly no detail left out

No. 340478

They saged their posts

No. 340486

I think you turned her into pastel cutie?

No. 340542

Speaking of pastel cutie, I remember when Jill first started on youtube, she had no subs or followers until pastel cutie promoted the shit out of her on tumblr. She got her first 3k subs from that alone. This was around the time angel was on everyone's radar due to drama.

To this day, Jill claims she had her own little following on tumblr which transferred over to youtube, never acknowledging the people that promoted her channel from obscurity. Even worse, she's never returned the favor to other small youtubers. I have personally messaged Jill about other youtubers that are similar in style (and fans of hers) that could use some promo just to see if she would bother but nope. She'll even follow smaller youtubers on insta (probably because their fashion sense is better) but will never give them a shout out.

Now it's come full circle as angel seems to have started her own channel and does pixie even consider helping her out? Doesn't seem so. It's the same story with Deerstalkers, Princess Peachie, Lovely Lor etc. These people were supposedly her idols and each one of them were kind enough to promote her. She bragged and bragged about it. Now that each of those channels have less subs than her, has she offered them any support or show any interest anymore?

She's an awful person to expect all the adoration from the community without ever giving back.

No. 340546

Jesus Christ, she's such a goddamn leech, that's so rude, and now that she's back from Japan I don't think I've even seen her mention Sharla or anyone else since then

No. 340564

She's mentioned abipop and collabed with sharla, seems like she only mentions or shouts out youtubers that are bigger than her for her own personal gain I guess?

No. 340650

No. 340652

polite sage but she deserves her own lolcow thread tbh

No. 340655

>I really like playing Huniepop!
kill me please

No. 340699

Unfuckingbelievable. I am livid. I have never before refused to click on her vids just for moral reasons. That's how much I believe she's a poser in my heart of hearts. She has no boundaries and wants all the attention for herself. Disgusting.

No. 340701


""it gets better""
isnt that something u should say if u have homophobic parents and THATS why u cant come out???? she just didnt want to tell them wha

No. 340705

Maybe it's just me but if I found out my 13 year old kid was dating a 16 year old, I'd hit the roof.

No. 340710

>am I bi, am I pan, am I queer?

You're straight, Jillian. You're straight.

No. 340711

I hate it when these sjws say they don't like cis men, like what do u have a trans fetish or something?

No. 340712

File: 1498332244698.png (190.4 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2872.PNG)

No. 340719

god this makes me cringe so hard

pixie really just comes off as someone who doesn't like guys because they're not aesthetic~ enough for her. She's the opposite of a 'queen of pride'

No. 340728

God right?????? I hate this shit

No. 340731

Jill is such a poser bullshit narcissist. This cunt is straight as a hell. Total attention starved idiot. She's dating a guy, how in the hell does that make her gay?

No. 340736

Same honestly can someone give a run down of all the bullshit she's saying I don't wanna give her a view

No. 340739

Even if we went by transtrender tumbles logic, doesn't Colin "identify" as non binary and not female? So isn't Shill disrespecting 'their' shitnouns by saying she's gay?

No. 340740

gay is used as a blanket term pretty frequently lol maybe get yourself a gay friend or two

No. 340742

File: 1498334852833.jpg (91.07 KB, 500x620, extra.jpg)


>i'm coming out as a punk kid

>i'm coming out as a lolita
>i'm coming out as a party kei
>i'm coming out as a totally queer person during the pride month and totally not just because its pride month and i want attention

boy, i wonder what's next!

pic related, this is how i've seen Jill this entire month with her whole "i'm a girl dating a boy but its totally gay i swear xd"

No. 340744

I mean, if she's dated and crushed on girls I don't think she's straight. I hate the bitch as much as the rest of you but I don't think we should start discounting her sexuality when you could literally pick on a multitude of other things about her. Just because she's dating Colin now doesn't mean she's never felt anything for girls and is now automatically straight.

No. 340750

How is this wad even remotely queer?

No. 340760

>dates girl briefly at 13
>dates a dude for 2 years
>dates a dude for another 2 years
>still dating another dude after another 1.5 years
>I don't like men and i'm gay

No. 340763

There are women out there who fucked their sorority sisters, Prison women who take partners and generally people who have had lifetimes more experiences with female relationships who STILL know that no they are not infact gay and dont identify as queer but NO in this weird fucking sjw wave every tween to twenty yr old literally THIRST after being able to call themselves anything BUT straight.
Its fucking gross, u aint even cute.

No. 340764

Your sexuality can change, anon. I don't necessarily agree with the 'Colin isn't a guy so I'm just gay lol!!!' thing but it still took me 3 relationships with guys to realise that I preferred girls, even though I already knew I liked them. Sage for blogpost but she said she was confused and I don't think that we should rag on her for having slightly different feelings to how she did when she was a 13 y/o punk and dating everyone under the PEI sun.

No. 340805

Okay how many times is she gonna "come out" as gay. Discourse over her identity aside, this is like the 4th time she's done so (even if all weren't flashy videos, they were all pretty public so im just not understanding).

Also I'm not watching the video but did she really just say she just didn't "want" to tell them? Don't most people not come out because they fear telling parents because they might get hurt/kicked out/etc?
It's especially selfish because I'm sure if Colin is actually trans, the likelihood of shit "getting better" is substantially less likely, to the degree that Jillian probably is aware of, and feels like the phrase is more a performative/attention thing than Jillian being empathetic.

No. 340871

Jillian is literally what people are talking about when they say someone is "just going through a phase." She went through a phase where she dated a girl but it's pretty clear that's all it was.

No. 340881

Lets be honest though anon, she only made this video to attention whore while everyones searching for pride videos on yt, not because shes ever been troubled by her sexuality in her life. Her parents do everything for her and she has absolutely no right to talk about how shit gets better or even give any advice on the subject, since shes a sheltered trendhopping dumbass.

No. 340909

Ntayrt but I agree somewhat.

While she has the right to speak her mind about her sexual experiences, it does seem a bit disingenuous of her to speak like she comes from a corner of serious oppression when the truth is she's been given more support via family and friends than the average bi or gay person typically gets.
It's like she just can't come to terms that keeping a relationship secret in high school one time just ain't that big a deal. Or that questioning your own sexuality and not being entirely sure about it is actually something almost everyone goes through.

Jill just wants to be special.

No. 340945

File: 1498366616488.jpg (284.06 KB, 683x1024, 19743038720_4fb4c4daf9_o.jpg)

I am so thankful for the anon that made the Jillian/Kammie comparison

>this is what Jill wishes "party kei" was

No. 340959

File: 1498367843493.png (673.92 KB, 490x658, JfKkMv6.png)

Why bother tagging #bodypositive if your bod is edited to hell and back here, Jill?

No. 340970


Holy fuck Louise took some creative license here.

Jill is square and stumpy as fuck and Louise managed to make her look 5 lbs lighter and three inches taller and clearly fucked around with her bust, waist, and hip areas.

>lol at the fact that she left Jill's thighs fatter than the other photo and close to her normal size prolly just so Jill can feel 'thicc'

No. 340990

you can clearly see the bows were moved i'm just… bruh
also you don't get proportions like with without a tummy unless you're corseting

No. 340998

Jill camel toe was edited out too! Kek

No. 341010

I don't believe Jill when she claims she dated other girls between Walker and Tristan. All four of her relationships were made public, even the "secret" one nobody knew about (but we did? kek). Its a very sudden and convenient revelation that she had other girls in her life. Definitely not a contrived lie. Even in past posts she made about "coming out" she only ever mentioned 1 girl. She's referred to "my ex girlfriend" not "ex girlfriends". She's never mentioned past lesbian relationships in the plural sense.

Besides, she dated Walker until she was 15 and then started dating Tristan half a year later. But we all know she actually loved Colin at first sight during the first week of high school right guys? So, that means, within the transition from junior high to high school (grade 9 to 10) she had feelings for three different guys AND was chasing after one girl although she was already fooling around with another girl according to her? Ridiculous.

Also why was everyone she ever dated 2-3 years older than her? Those age gaps matter a lot at that age. What the fuck, Louise?

No. 341064

I am not watching this whole video but does she at any point even mention that Collin is nb and that being with them makes her queer? Why bring up an old-ass relationship with a girl when you theoretically are in a queer relationship rn, unless she doesn't think that's "gay enough" for this video

No. 341066

She brings him up a few times but not often and she says that she's confused about her sexuality but she knows she's definitely queer and definitely attracted to women and Colin…

No. 341207

File: 1498418993210.jpg (41.48 KB, 500x282, tumblr_nf3h92UMpC1sp5buyo1_500…)


uh… how do they make money? like her family clearly has cash $$$$$$.

but she's not popular on youtube, and her mother works as a… photographer??? i mean, that doesn't sound very lucrative to me tbh. where does the $$$$ come from? does she have a brother/father with a real job that i don't know about? that's crazy

No. 341212


It's been mentioned before that her father is some sort of college or university professor and Louise is really just a housewife who does photography as a hobby/side career sort of thing.

No. 341316

I feel bad for her mum. Does her mum ever get to spend money on things she likes? Because it all seems to go to Jill

No. 341317

Probably not, and judging by the trip to Japan it seemed like she didn't get to do anything and had to take Jill where ever she wanted to go

No. 341324

File: 1498430988544.png (181.53 KB, 750x950, IMG_9871.PNG)

No. 341331

looks alright
hopefully she learns how to attach her lacefront though

No. 341353

File: 1498434396415.jpg (168.33 KB, 736x1055, 3464ac61aa16a7ce7f57bbcfa0db04…)

It looks like shitty party city shit

….this is the source material btw

No. 341356


Jill just can't help but put stickers on her face even when it's not part of the character's actual outfit. I don't know much about Precure but from the photo >>341353 posted it seems like she made more of a costume, not a cosplay.

That bunched up pink stuff on the bust looks nothing like the character, and the headpiece is way off. You'd think for someone who claimed they wanted to sell jewelry she could have put together a simple single chain and attached it with hair clips or whatever it's supposed to be.

No. 341357


meant to quote >>341324 not >>341207

sage for samefag

No. 341361

File: 1498435315569.jpg (160.2 KB, 752x1200, IMG_1953.JPG)

It does match better with the official anime artwork, that other image is fan art

No. 341362

File: 1498435436314.png (150.84 KB, 750x1021, IMG_1952.PNG)

That being said she is posting about it being finished when she's still obviously missing the gem that goes on her chest? Come on Jill I know you like to brag and all but at least actually finish the cosplay first

No. 341419

The leaves dont stick out at all Jill, stick those down. Wipe away that cheek shit. Other than that, congrats Jill, you surpassed my expectations considering how awful your Rose was.

No. 341728

File: 1498503538647.png (238.85 KB, 750x830, IMG_9888.PNG)

Jill please stop buying palettes, please?

No. 341743

Lol louise does not suffer for jill. The family just has a ton of disposable income. I know jill's grandparents live on PEI in a nice house although Louise's extended family is from britain. And as previously mentioned her father is a university professor. I think it's a combination of money trickled down from their relatives and Blair having good credit/savings from his career. Also Louise is moderately successful as a photographer in town, it's her full time job, and she books client regularly (due to connections more so than talent). She doesn't need to be amazingly talented, she just spends her time networking in the maritime area and travels for industry conventions.

Proof of the fact that she doesn't suffer is that she regularly splurges for herself, she has the same shopping addiction as jill and encourages that frivolous behavior. She's especially bad with household items and frequently plays interior deco reno mama. Louise is the one who set the standard of travelling purely for shopping sprees as she does so more frequently than Jill. The convertible is her most cherished thing and we already know that Blair, Jill and Giles have their own cars, and it's pretty safe to assume her mom drives a regular car on a daily basis and saves the convertible for summer weather.

No. 341747

File: 1498506490512.png (52.68 KB, 1006x116, Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.4…)

Looks like this is Jills reasoning for streaming

No. 341753

bonus points to anyone who knows the character eyeroll jill you're not special its a popular anime series

No. 341762

how did she earn that, from youtube ads or donations?
also lol even louise knows jillian will do it for money that she can spend on more shit she doesn't need, stop talking about poor louise when she's probably just the same as jill and that's where jill got it from in the first place.

No. 341769

Donations I think. I was in the stream and saw a lot of people donating

No. 341795

wtf why would anyone donate to her?
I can understand donating to artists or someone who actually needs the money to survive, but Jill get literally all of her expenses paid for by her well off family
She doesn't even create shit anymore, she just reviews shit she buys

No. 341820

And the fact that her mom boasts about her being donated to saying she'll likely stream again due to the money being thrown at her already well-off daughter is pretty disgusting if you want my honest opinion.
t's really telling that being vain and exceedlingly materialistic runs in the family.

No. 341839

Her little special snowflake deserves all the free money that other people work to earn, shame on you anon for suggesting otherwise!

No. 341902

Wtf? Was she asking for $$ on stream from all her underage fans??

No. 341926

Is the stream going to be uploaded onto her channel/any pics from the stream?

No. 341927

Guess we now know where Jill's tacky penchant for talking about how much things cost comes from

No. 341959

I saw a decent amount of donations come in from a guy who kept spamming her questions about her period, and she didn't block him, probably because he was donating.

No. 341979

Oh wow, they can totally afford unnecessary shit but will complain over a goddamn cover charge in a restaurant

No. 341980

he's probably gonna offer her money for bloody underwear or something horrible. asking for things like that and asking about periods isn't allowed on most cam sites, which is probably why fetish dude stalks girls on younow

No. 341982

People in the chat kept asking for him to be banned, but I think she noticed him donating money. She also answered one of his questions ("how heavy is your flow?").

No. 342000

File: 1498542345668.png (309.75 KB, 495x996, jill.png)

No. 342001

File: 1498542444506.png (485.03 KB, 490x1061, jill2.png)

No. 342002

I want to know what they put in the drinking water in PEI

No. 342003

File: 1498542554310.jpg (310.53 KB, 2048x1428, 19400231_1396373393749512_5782…)

No. 342005

File: 1498542640557.png (341.58 KB, 514x771, edit.png)

Ah so I guess it was Jill doing those awful edits after all

No. 342006


No. 342038

Jill takes credit for shopping her own pics all the time, where have you been anon

No. 342041

>cute retro inspired
>autistic home escapee who mistook pink crayons for makeup

No. 342069


Wow so Jill is blatantly altering her body in photos and pretending to be 'body positive' and accepting. She always features the party kei group members that look worse than her (not hard to do in a made up fashion with no rules). And is constantly bragging about brands and throwing together garbage and making excuses for it.

She seems so insanely insecure about everything and never wants to really put effort into things because of fear and rejection of reasonable constructive judgement or even anyone's opinion unless it's that she's perfect.

Even simple stuff like fans telling her to use Google instead of asking them to find simple things gets met with her sending her rabid following to attack them for being 'too mean/harsh uwu'

She's like a less attractive, less self confident Regina George or something.

No. 342085

Even though I stalk these threads relentlessly, I have no actual huge problems with Jill, except 1:

The fact that she humble brags about making money from YouTube and the fact that most of her videos she does hauls about the expensive stuff she buys and yet has not done one give away that wasn't sponsored.

Like it's the main thing that grinds me, its it so hard to go on aliexpress and buy some cheap kawaii-esque things and do a dang give away?

She has no problem asking for money why is it so hard for her to do a giveaway.

No. 342094

Oh yeah I knew that anon. Just earlier though people were discussing since her moms a photog that she might be the one editing her photos. Like the ones her mom takes specifically

No. 342114

Omg I just got that pallet myself lol! Nooooo(blog)

No. 342129

Jill said she's gonna upload a review for it, so that's gonna be great. At least it isn't a lip product so she can't make her disgusting "smacky smacky kissy kissy uwu" sounds

No. 342131

Why would her mom brag about something like that on FB? I don't get it, it's really tacky and not all that impressive really. Also ngl it's kind of weird that her mom posts about Jill's YT so frequently. I would be embarrassed if it was my mom doing that.

>She seems so insanely insecure about everything

She definitely is. I imagine that's why she up and left lolita to make her own thing where the bullies couldn't hurt her and she could make her own rules.

It's okay anon, enjoy it. Don't let her ruin it for you - it's a cute palette after all.

No. 342156

Apparently abi pop attended the live stream? Anyone have deets? I didn't expect her to be up jillian's ass.

No. 342207


you can watch clips from her livestream here

No. 342214

how is it possible for her to be more annoying than she already is in these clips

No. 342218

I really hope she doesn't ruin that car with a pink paint job.

No. 342220

too faced test on animals right?

No. 342231


Too Faced themselves claim to be cruelty free but they recently sold out to Estee Lauder, which is not a cruelty free brand.

No. 342316

Even further proof of how gross and materialistic these two heifers are.
Louise is just as tacky as her ugly autistic kid.

No. 342319

Please don't lump her in with the autists, anon, we don't want her either.

No. 342369

what's with Jill's obsession over anything Too Faced? is it the tacky exterior/shitty quality ratio that's all too familiar?

No. 342415

Jill is too faced. Truly a snake.

No. 342419

It's not even bad make up, but she's admitted to not wearing eyeshadow before so I'm just confused.

No. 342437

File: 1498606438053.jpg (423.46 KB, 936x403, web_glitterbomb_openhalf.jpg)

well it's glittery and the names of the shades sound like stuff Jill would eat up, so that was probably enough reason for her to get it

No. 342621

For some reason, Jill acts like she puts in research as a consumer but she's really uninformed. Such as when she claimed to be so prepared for Japan or when she planned her tattoo or anything for that matter, then she'll act passive aggressively pissy and insecure when she's told she's wrong/ignorant about a certain subject matter.

She clearly does not keep up with the fast-moving makeup world but wants to act on trend at every turn with this cruelty free bullshit (nothing wrong with ethics, but jill does it for the image). She's said she won't buy KVD, MAC etc because they're ~problematic~ (although she has in the past?) but then proceeds to say she doesn't own ANY estee lauder on her high horse, without realizing Too Faced is owned by them etc.

I've noticed that she serious FOMO which is why she hops on memes and internet trends always a little late, constantly buying popular brand names, had to fulfill the YT weeb dream of going to japan, ~IM GAY TOO GUYS~, ~I HAVE A FASHION BRAND TOO GUYS~, ~MY STYLE IS SO SPESHUL AMAZING HARAJOOKOO~, ~HUMBLE BRAG 5EVA I'M COol toooooo~

She's going to crash and burn trying to be the leading lbgtq kawaii snowflake queen, because every area of interests she hops onto already has prolific influencers that are well informed and competent at their jobs.

No. 342625

most of these colors are so tacky, so they're perfect for jill. really, she's their target audience with this one.

No. 342630

Jesus that last clip where she's talking about Sailor Moon and then randomly makes a face+sounds. At least try to conceal your autism

No. 342681

File: 1498665285540.png (136.04 KB, 750x969, IMG_1974.PNG)

Jill trying to plan an event is a disaster. I'm so excited to see the aftermath of this con and get to see a vlog of her complaining the entire time again

No. 342682


>shades sound like stuff Jill would eat up

>"Fairdy dust, confetti, hot damn, glitter goals, work it, oh its on!"

darn it, you're right. we are SO getting a makeup tutorial now. god, its going to be terrible.

i'm annoyed already. her makeup is sooooo bad…

No. 342689

this worthless potato lays in bed all day napping and still can't set a legitimate meetup plan with all the time on her hands

does she go running to her mom asking her to do everything anytime something doesnt go exactly her way as well???

No. 342703

what's the plan/goal for this meet up anyway?
like everyone brings some food and then they wanted to hang out and eat together?
it really sounds like Jill just wants this to be a 'fan meet' kinda deal, I don't think anyone would show up if they weren't a fan of hers

No. 342757

File: 1498670546578.png (109.28 KB, 1200x362, Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 10.2…)

No. 342781

lol that meet up is gonna be a fail! she has no idea where to go, and yeah it's gonna rain all con weekend! she's probably wondering how everyone's gonna kiss her ass, now that she doesn't have an artist booth.

No. 342882

It's so weird how Jill uses condescending tones/names when speaking to youtubers much older than her. Or when she gives advice to those much more experienced than her? Like why does anyone need reassurance from Jill who has the vocabulary of a 5 year old. It shows that she doesn't have any experience interacting with other young adults in the real world. If a 19 year old cringefest weeb spoke to me like that, whether at work or even at a party, I'd be like child bye lmao.

You can't relate to everything Jill. No one needs your opinion anyways.

Also I have a hard time believing that the uk yters genuinely like Jill. First Abi, now becki? I knew Kelsey kisses her ass but I assumed that was because they're both tacky af. Guess they've all taken notice to Jill's subscriber growth. You have to admit her view counts have been great since her Japan trip.

No. 342885

yeah she's friends with kelsey and connie too

No. 342911

Jill could swallow beckii

No. 342959


I think it's pretty blatant they aren't sincere friends and just making comment lip service to circle jerk.

I don't think Jill even has enough substance to sustain 'real' conversations with 'friends'. She's so vapid and boring no one could speak to her without ulterior motive or obligation pushing things along. I mean, look at the cow meetup in Japan, lmao. Cringefest. Meanwhile Jill is ignorant to her own undesirable effect on those around her.

No. 343051

Two things that Jill will always have an abundance of shit taste and a low IQ.

No. 343085

>abundance of low IQ

you're one to talk

No. 343136

Has Jill hit up the fairy kei community? I have seen that "pixielocks" name before but cannot place where I have seen it on facebook??

No. 343152

Hi Jill. Low fucking IQ much? Kek

No. 343175

That's against the rules. Also, she just has little common sense over how she thinks the world revolves around her.

No. 343212

do you not see how that wording is incredibly stupid?

No. 343312

File: 1498735533961.gif (1.92 MB, 450x253, IMG_6100.GIF)

>oh honeyyy

No. 343315

Thank god Jill declared drag queens too triggering for her, if she started fawning over Trixie like the ddlg princess from earlier in this thread id off myself.

No. 343320

Won't you get banned for replying that?

No. 343333

File: 1498740706397.jpg (112.19 KB, 518x690, ss (2017-06-29 at 05.51.33).jp…)

No. 343340

Trixie already has a primarily tumblr tween fanbase, she doesn't need Jill shitting it up too when she eventually decides that drag queens cater to her tastes because of how popular RPDR currently is.

I still don't get why she thinks drag is bad and inherently transphobic or something. There are openly trans drag queens as well, trans women and all the genderfuck options in between. Maybe it's because they aren't politically correct.

Personally I prefer Luna's opiate-induced pieces to this shit. Does she consider all the shooping she did on it to be ~true art~?

No. 343341


Lol? This filter is actually from a Brazilian Meme, a crazy woman went around on an art gallery touching shit and when the staff said she couldn't touch it, she started repeating "Don't touch, it's art".

How weird.

Video related. 1:05 in.

No. 343342

Ignoring her obnoxious appearance, Jill is still a sheltered white person living in the middle of nowhere. Her opinions on anything have 0 importance because she learns it all from the internet

No. 343348

File: 1498744479395.jpg (91.44 KB, 606x960, felice.jpg)

No. 343355

File: 1498745753409.jpg (1.1 MB, 1206x960, comparison.jpg)

it… could've been worse I guess?
the proportions are off and she forgot quite a few details, but I think one of the biggest issues is that the design just doesn't work well in real life, especially if you aren't super skinny

No. 343386

File: 1498749976008.jpg (717.71 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_1981.JPG)

No. 343387

File: 1498749995816.jpg (367.71 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_1983.JPG)

No. 343393

Those tiny flowers are triggering me

No. 343394

That bodice is not flattering

No. 343410

you'd think with all the extra money she has lying around she'd be able to buy a better quality wig than reusing the nappy ass rose quartz one.
there are so many little inaccuracies that make the overall costume look like shit.
also that wand looks like a fleshlight or vibrator. it could be both. (i know it isnt)

No. 343413

I hate when people use the toy wands in cosplay. They may be licencesed merchandise, but the tiny scale and kids buttons just remove any realism from the outfit.

No. 343418

Meh. That's the best cosplay she's ever done I believe. Iirc she's sewed cosplays for Sailor Moon, Cure flora, Doremi and Rose Quartz? I think this is a better execution than all her past attempts.

No. 343419

But she probably made the cosplay just so she would have a use for one of her many stupid wands.

No. 343424


Not trying to WK here, but other than the jewel missing from the bodice, this looks extremely accurate to me. She even has the glowy sort of overlay on the skirt. I think she did a great job for once. Note: I've never seen this show.

No. 343426

The face paint makes her look like a clown but other than that, it's pretty ok.

No. 343431

Honestly, I thought I'd hate this cosplay but seeing it in full (apart from the fucking toy wand that downgrades the dosplay), it's her best cosplay yet.

I will say, like others, that I wish she got a new wig. This one looks a little bit too fluffy and matted?

No. 343478

File: 1498762556759.png (71.84 KB, 750x446, IMG_1985.PNG)

Apperently she doesn't like it, and she's shocked that the pigmentation sucks despite that being really commen for too faced products

No. 343835

This is by far her best cosplay yet, I'll give her that. THere are still things that bug me though. Mainly the tiny flowers on the skirt and I'm really bothered by the placement of the leaves on the bodice. She doesnt have them go up and around the flower like they should. Plus the gem missing from it but eh

No. 343837

Oof. This looks OK from far away but up close its kind of a hot mess.

No. 343838

Holy fuck she isnt licking Too Faceds butthole for once. Remember when she bought that shitty eyeliner that everyone told her was garbage but she said she loved it anyways?
Im actually surprised shes admitting she doesnt love this palette

No. 343843

Why did she use fake fabric flowers for the rings. Could she not find any at Claire's?
Hell you can buy cabochon flowers online.

No. 343861

File: 1498807536992.png (131.26 KB, 400x724, poorjill.png)

Jill had a crisis because her car needed 900$ worth of repairs that she wasn't aware of and that means she couldn't enjoy the con. Never fear, her parents stepped in and covered it for her and are only making her pay back half. Your life is so hard, Jill.

No. 343868

Woww I'm kinda jealous. Most people's parents, mine includes, would be like "lol take the bus get a job"

No. 343871

My parents don't have that kind of money even if they wanted to help

No. 343878

Why do her parents tell her this in the comments on Facebook and not irl..

No. 343886

>person like her
>having summer/winter tires
Haha why though? When I lived up north I knew very few people who actually went through the trouble of seasonal tires, and those who did, owned a truck, SUV, or were stupid enough to drive performance cars year round. The piece of shit she drives needs an urgent $1k repair but it's too fancy for all season tires? Or is she that incompetent with snow and rainy road conditions?

Probably because the parents want Jill's audience to know they take real good care of their baby girl and didn't leave her in the cold like her status would lead people to believe.
She 100% seems like the type of person who would low key accept financial help from her parents irl but turn around on social media and make it seem like she handled shit by herself. As a parent, that would mildly infuriate me to the point that I'd probably let her friends know (then again, I would've cut her off before it got that bad).

No. 343887

>too fancy for all season tires

Having winter tires in a place that snows like crazy is a bit important, especially if you use your car regularly in the winter.

No. 343890

Canadafag here, our auto insurance policy usually will find you at fault/not pay for damages if they can deduct that an accident could be caused by your tires being incorrect. So much so that legally winter tires have to remain until April 30th. Whether or not people choose to follow this is different, and it may be different for insurance companies but I can't imagine so. (I didn't personally find any when searching for myself) sage for boring, but I can't fault her for this expense.

No. 343908

>When I lived up north I knew very few people who actually went through the trouble of seasonal tires

you clearly have never lived here. everyone i know would never choose to not put winter tires on their car unless they straight up couldn't afford it

No. 343910

>her parents just foot almost $1,000 dollars out of nowhere
God damn, I used to think she just had a helicopter parent that liked buying her makeup and stuff, but that's so unreal. Even $50 is such a stretch for most parents.

No. 343915

Kek, agreed. Wondering just how "north" anon lived because if it got any snow at all you'd know how dangerous it is driving without winter tires.
some people have "all season" but depending where you live that isn't enough. Pretty sure PEI gets tons of snow being an island.

No. 343920

They probably meant northern California. I lived in norcal for a bit and even in bumfuck snowy states no one got snow chains. We would just wait the storm out until it's safe to drive again. Lol canada must be different though

Is it weird though I can't even watch her coming out video? She doesn't seem like a mature person at all and all that pink toy shit in the background makes her seem like she's a 14 year old. She seriously reminds me of a kid and it's so weird because her face is like a middle aged car woman.

No. 343921

Snowy towns *

Sage for drunk

No. 343993

It's literally illegal in some provinces to use non-winter tires during the winter months. This is the law we're talking about.

I don't get why you were ragging about that but your second point of criticism is completely valid. Jill has already claimed for years that works ~so hard~ at her part time jobs and therefore deserves to spend her money how she pleases. She fails to realize that normal families do not enable their children to have materialistic obsessions, let alone have the finances to send them to school, fix their car etc on a whim.

Besides Louise bought her the car in the first place and Jill was supposed to "pay her back". Do you actually think her mom forced her to go through with those monthly payments on the car? Do you think they'll really pressure her to pay back that 470$ in a reasonable time frame or even at all?

It's like when Jill claimed she saved up for years for Japan all by herself. Meanwhile Louise paid for the majority of the trip expenses. Jill just blew 3000$+ on shopping and then bragged about it on social media. But we now know the money bragging comes from Louise so ultimately it goes to show no one in the family has ever truly worried about finances.

No. 344005

Does this family ever stop talking about how much they can afford on fb?
Jill is such a whiny child. The ~$900 is nothing and she knows it but wants to be dramatic for pity. Shes never paying shit back, her parents bought the car for her IIRC and since then shes spent thousands on frivolous shit. All it takes is one pouty face from Jill to make Louise empty her pockets.

No. 344020

Doesn't it break some sort of terms and conditions to talk about the amount you get from adsense?

No. 344035

File: 1498837988924.png (46.33 KB, 750x313, IMG_1990.PNG)

She's active on twitter again, with gems like this

No. 344036

File: 1498838013962.png (91.74 KB, 750x528, IMG_1989.PNG)

Her response to Jeffery and Shane's collab

No. 344039

Never lived in Canada. Had no idea it was illegal for you guys to not put on snow tires.

No. 344040

>complains about paying $900 to get her car fixed
>will gladly spend $200 on a cheap silk nightgown

She seems to be more willing to spend more money on things she doesn't need rather than things she does

No. 344042

Don't forget the 400 she spent on shoes that are now "room decor"

No. 344043

Why is she using old photos before she got old and gross?

No. 344154

kinda answered your own question there, because she got old and gross

No. 344181

Jill looks like a geriatric patient with dementia.

No. 344236

File: 1498864977301.png (641.68 KB, 574x652, swatches glitter.PNG)


well yeah its universally panned in every other makeup community. literally no one uses that palette, not even youtube gurus who shill everything talk about that palette. anyone with access to google can look for swatches and see how shitty it is (there are barely any other than the promotional ones, and its for a reason). legit the only time i've seen people on youtube discuss it has been during anti hauls.

Jill know NOTHING about makeup or makeup application,and she clearly doesn't give a shit either. her dumbass really bought that for the cute packaging without any research and probably was surprised that it was shit. well of course you it is, jill, couldn't you search for any review ever?

i bet ya she only bought jeffree star makeup because his packaging was pink and cute and then started buying too faced for the same reason. neither of those brands are amazing quality and their shadows have never been super pigmented, she would know that if she tried buying something without pink and hearts for once. but of course, owning something like kat von d, viseart, abh, etc would go against her kawaii insta "aesthetic". what an idiot.

No. 344271

She actually publicly despises KVD, for what reason I don't know. I think she still has a pre-conceived opinion of her (and her brand) because she exposed Jeffree? A lot of people think Kat started drama ~over nothing~ but you're right that her makeup brand is generally better received by most people, especially her shadows. No way would viseart or abh grab Jill's attention though lol. She should hop onto Sugarpill, she would love their stuff and they're a great brand.

No. 344360

File: 1498886586290.png (483.32 KB, 492x678, YMc0ubC.png)

our favorite weeb has found herself an asian accessory friend

No. 344361

Those swatches are absolutely pathetic. It looks like dollar store makeup.

Also, since you seem to know a lot about makeup, who actually reviews good palettes? Is there a channel you'd recommend? Sometimes Jill picks up interesting things but she doesn't research brands at all. I do bet she's tried Lime Crime already.

The one Jill is using looks cute but it's terrible. What would you recommend as an alternative?(go to /g/)

No. 344404

Not that anon but if you want a good non-sponsored makeup review Stephanie Nicole is your girl. She's very harsh and honest. Tati also makes great reviews although she's been getting involved with Jeffree star lately which kinda annoys me.

No. 344494

I'm hoping for pics and vids from that meetup Jill hosted. Is she still trying to do it today or is it pushed until tomorrow?

No. 344535

File: 1498930346999.png (758.71 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 344542

personally could not be more pleased that they ARE fully clothed.

No. 344545

and then we all got in the hot tub…with our clothes on! we are crazy!

No. 344559

As expected, it's the same old crew that have been kissing jill's ass for years since her early days of joining the lolita comm. How awkward must it be for your "friends" to actually be lowkey fan girls that make a big deal out of meeting you once or twice a year.

Guess she didn't have much of a choice for an entourage if Colin couldn't make it and her mother doesn't seem to be around for once.

No. 344563

File: 1498934128285.png (209.27 KB, 750x938, IMG_2003.PNG)

Their cosplays look like shit

No. 344568

i've watched this entire show and i wouldn't recognize these cosplays if they walked by me lol

No. 344569

some people shouldnt try

No. 344571

File: 1498935300175.png (162.36 KB, 750x945, IMG_2004.PNG)

No. 344579

File: 1498936128192.png (721.18 KB, 720x861, Screenshot_20170701-140631.png)

No. 344580


Whoa, these pics really show how far Jill has let herself balloon up. At first I thought she just had chubby friends and all but when they're all side by side it's clear she's just as big as both of them (the Asian girl looks kinda chubby but Jill and the other girl look like they aren't too far off in size or height.

It also makes it even more glaringly obvious that those swimsuit photos are insanely altered. Like she used to be chubby but when standing next to others we could see she was just short and didn't carry weight well. Now it's obvious she's just let herself go with her weight alongside her makeup and wardrobe and hair.

No. 344588

She is way smaller than the girl dressed as Miracle.

No. 344594

Maybe it's the dress and wig that is making her look so wide then. She looks so unflatteringly large in the standing one especially.

No. 344621

She finally added the jewel thing to the top of the bodice at least.

No. 344626

I agree, she looks particularly large in these photos.

It's sad because 2 years ago she looked pretty fit, had a decent style/aesthetic with the lolita and the larme-inspired stuff, and would either wear her hair nicely (which was CLEAN, now her hair is always filthy, I get so triggered when I watch her videos or see pics of her and her dirty scalp) or wear a cute wig.

No. 344674

The hair is all so inaccurate. Did they even try? The Cure Magical's hair is not only inaccurate but incredibly ratty and gross looking. The Cure Miracle cosplayer didn't even try. Everyone else here has already pointed out the multiple flaws of Jill's cosplays but compared to the other two her cosplay looks so much better. Maybe that's why she formed a group with them.

I wonder if they'll be part of the Kira Kira Precure cosplay group jill talked about.

No. 344681


I don't even like Precure but after googling the characters this triggered me…like wtf?! They could have at least done the ponytails or something, and the purple haired one should have the short bangs not the blonde one…I guess Jill likes hanging around people she knows put in less effort than she does to make herself look slightly less bad by comparison.

No. 344686

File: 1498947415870.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, Mahou-Tsukai-Precure-Ep-2-Img-…)

just looked up the characters too and wtf?? are they seriously supposed to even be cosplaying them??

No. 344692

File: 1498947791460.png (267.27 KB, 513x839, jill.png)

No. 344693

File: 1498947828975.png (18.54 KB, 513x207, Untitled.png)

No. 344694

File: 1498947887997.jpg (101.3 KB, 511x767, ss (2017-07-01 at 03.24.29).jp…)

No. 344696

Does her car not have a sticker near the fuel cap that tells her what grade to use?

This is embarrassing.

No. 344703

>Too ~a n x I o u s~ to have never filled up the car herself

Do her parents do this for her? I think she plays dumb simply because she's lazy and entitled.

>Baby me, mummy​

No. 344706

Does she not pump her own gas? Wow.

This has got to be a joke.

No. 344709

How are they all going to fit in that tub all at once?

No. 344713

>can't pump her own gas
>'friends' with speds that kiss her ass
>shitty ass cosplay
>implied bubble bath orgy with drinks planned for the evening
this trip is gold

No. 344715

Jill is passable. Asian accessory needs a petticoat and trim the wig a little, it'd help.
Cat eye specs though….no.

No. 344717

this is literally the single most annoying thing i've ever seen from jill. proof she has never filled up her own car with gas? this is something i've done every week since i was 17 using money that oh, i earned in my own job and could barely afford to get there due to the cost of gas (england). sorry for blog but shit that is some entitled richkid crap right there.

No. 344720

What an embarrassing dumbass. It's not cute or quirky to let the public know you had to ask your mom for which button to push at the pump, Jill.

No. 344725

Ineptitude at it's finest.

No. 344754

to be fair she didnt post this, her mom did

No. 344769

File: 1498961730765.png (689.22 KB, 584x494, STOP DOING THAT WITH YOUR TONG…)


i mean, back in the day she had an eating disorder so it feels kinda mean to mention her ana era as her best. she wasn't really "fit" or "healthy" at all.

i do think she's chubby for sure but i doubt she actually has an overweight bmi >>344360 so she's not that far gone yet. >>343348 that puffy ass dress does her figure noooo favourssss, i think that's it imo.

i do think her weight gain makes her face looks super chubby and its a shame because her face was already unfortunate to begin with tbh…

No. 344778

she has collin drive her ass around and has still not gotten down to E since her parents got her that car lmfao

No. 344784

I really do think she has some actual mental issues like an anxiety disorder. Never once pumping your own gas goes beyond laziness; it would be such a massive inconvenience to have to sit around waiting for someone else to take you anywhere.

No. 344815

This is the fashun designer who hot glues things because she's too lazy to use a sewing machine you're talking about here.
I don't doubt for a minute that she's never done it because she's lazy as hell

No. 344829

File: 1498974608134.png (132.03 KB, 750x559, IMG_2009.PNG)

No. 344830

File: 1498974625227.jpg (28.7 KB, 690x455, IMG_2010.JPG)

No. 344831

I have a similar body type to Jill, and no she is overweight. I used to look like that at around BMI 26, so slightly overweight. She's not obese, but she does have excess weight.

No. 344836

Why would anyone hot glue shit if they have a sewing machine. I can't afford one, but literally her parents give her money for everything. Honestly, she is the definition of privileged and I don't use that lightly.

No. 344861


While I can fully believe that Jill is more inept than a dumbass sixteen-year-old that just got their license, I'm thinking what's really going on here is mommy let her drive her car (the convertible), while Jill's is in the shop.

No. 344865

No. 344930

File: 1499009788466.png (80.19 KB, 750x586, IMG_2008.PNG)

No. 344944

Louise keeps posting this stuff on her facebook and then explaining to people why Jill is retarded over and over

No. 344951


Oh hell. That's what I get for trying to give her the benefit of the doubt…guess she really is more inept than a dumbass sixteen-year-old that just got her license.


"Mom mom mom I usually use the white button at the Esso on Capital Drive but there's no white button plus the blue button is labeled Silver instead of Extra wtf?"

No. 344969

honestly as time goes by it just becomes more and more apparent that Jill is just… stupid
I used to think that a lot of it was just her being a sheltered spoiled girl from some small town, but she just really lacks common sense and any logical thinking skills

No. 345125

Everytime I saw her this weekend at Animaritime she looked miserable.

No. 345136

Did you feed her ego and ask for a pic?

No. 345138

She probably does it on purpose to show people how co-dependent Jill still is.
I've hardly seen Jill ever credit her mom for anything she's done. I bet her mom is low key pissed that her daughter is such a womanchild.

No. 345146

Both Jill's meet up was today and the masquerade results were announced and she hasn't posted a thing about either. They must have been pretty sad

No. 345189

File: 1499036664899.png (184.59 KB, 750x1103, IMG_2014.PNG)

No. 345192

File: 1499036830037.jpg (226.02 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_2015.JPG)

No. 345194

File: 1499036841660.jpg (83.7 KB, 528x960, IMG_2013.JPG)

No. 345199

File: 1499036980860.jpg (141.49 KB, 960x540, IMG_2016.JPG)

No. 345205

What's with the flamingo pose
Her outfit looks so trashy, even more so when next to people who look decent.

No. 345207

She looks so awkward and dumpy in this one, does she not know how to pose outside of her "lookbooks"

No. 345213

To be fair, she doesn't know how to pose in her lookbooks either.

No. 345226

The fatty on the left is kinda cute.

No. 345296

Was that the meetup? Just 3 people?

No. 345306

Congrats on outing yourself as someone who was there.

No. 345312

Kek, just three people, one who came with her, and one who posts on here too. Amazing

No. 345317

Jill looks dumpy as prev anon stated, and why isnt that girl wearing shoes???

No. 345323

And why are there wet footprints leading up to no shoes girl? What was she doing before this picture?

No. 345337

File: 1499055017926.png (140.81 KB, 750x1017, IMG_2017.PNG)

No. 345340

do the vesseys live in a cave?

No. 345358

You would think Louise was suffering separation anxiety…kek she's enabled Jill to become a maladjusted perennial teenager who is still living at home with her parents. Granted she is a grown ass woman, I am astonished that she isn't even remotely embarrassed for herself by her utter lack of self motivation to go to school at the bare minimum.

No. 345370

that fucking skirt of jills is killing me. what the fuck is inside of it

No. 345373

It is stuffed with cat hair

No. 345378

> I've done it many times
> Flew to the UK and back myself!

What in the goddamn hell is she talking about? Is this supposed to be an accomplishment to her? Most people by the age of 21 have travelled on their own. Hell even at 18 so many teenagers have already driven halfway across their state for college.

Jill's mom is just pathetic.

No. 345380

Louise you're a grown ass woman, of course you've travelled alone
You moron

No. 345396

okay but like what the actual fuck is Jill wearing?? a mesh shirt with a denim bustier with a tulle skirt a mesh jacket and those fucking ugly ass pom pom shoes….. for someone who wants to be a ~fashun designer ugu~ she really does not know how to coordinate an outfit or create a flattering silhouette.
jill looks like a literal hobbit next to those other girls as well, maybe too many second breakfasts?

No. 345445

kek I feel kinda bad for jill, seems like she had an awful con tbh, probably regrets leaving home without mummy or Colin

I hope she still uploads the vlog though

No. 345470

File: 1499088387838.png (50.73 KB, 750x367, IMG_2018.PNG)

Apperently she missed a lot because of heat stroke

No. 345475


Maybe I'm just surprised because I live in a place that has 100+ degree weather often for the entirety of summer but she lives in fucking Canada, how hot can it really get?

I imagine regardless of the weather Jill's heat stroke was caused or exacerbated by her inability to consume anything that isn't sugary or breaded, including even water apparently.

No. 345486

File: 1499090176727.png (150.53 KB, 449x442, 1495502818276.png)

heat stroke isn't just a temperature thing. She was probably dehydrated from being a sweaty pig in shiny plastic all day and not drinking anything that wasn't mostly-powder Tang. It can also be caused by overexertion, and I can imagine as someone who films only from bed and naps between 2pm and 8pm that leaving the house would cause her to stroke out. She barely moves and eats cakeshit constantly, I wouldn't be surprised if she'd diabetic in under a decade.

No. 345492

File: 1499091248745.png (115.72 KB, 1010x516, Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 7.12…)

Asian friend was asking about getting masquerade prizes, so it looks like they might have won something (Or that Jill was freaking out over something and her friend was trying to solve her problems for her)

No. 345493

No. 345496

wow I don't know why but her attitude is fucking unbearable in this one
maybe it's because she's acting like some fucking guru when she barely knows what she's talking about?
then again her target audience is 12 year old girls so maybe it's helpful to them lol

No. 345497

"Heat stroke" more like an anxiety or panic attack from being alone for the first time?

The weather for Fredericton didn't even go over 20 C on Friday/Saturday. Then it hit a high of 28 on Sunday afternoon, is that when she got heat stroke? Wtf Jill even Montreal/Toronto have dealt with 40 C heat warnings in the last few weeks. What a child.

No. 345499

>Makes entire video making fun of kids comments
>Now trying to benefit off those viewers
stay gold Jill

No. 345502

File: 1499092595442.png (105.15 KB, 1236x322, Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 7.36…)

No. 345505

I can't wait to see this trainwreck.
Lol at her acting like she ever keeps to a schedule though. Wasn't the original plan to upload on Wednesdays and Saturdays? She sure hasn't been sticking to it.

No. 345512

Maybe it's only the effect of the blurry photo but she looks cuter and more youthful than usual here. Could also be that her harsh eyebrows are covered, her makeup is not in garish colors, and the long light pink wig (with no thick strip of black roots) softens her whole look

No. 345519

Apparently they won 3rd in group workmanship and 2nd in presentation at the masquerade.

Her Asian friend keeps spamming their insta pics saying Jill is her idol, the other pink haired one is a wannabe youtuber trying to act like Jill is her irl bestie. One of them is confirmed poster here. How sad. This is what happens when you're efamous but still a NEET and don't have any social experience.

How many more of these girls are going to latch into Jill at Hal con if she travels without her mom again..

No. 345529

File: 1499097883256.png (176.99 KB, 750x1059, IMG_2019.PNG)

No. 345535

gurl just get on birth control and shut that shit right down

No. 345545

inb4, the file is going to mysteriously "corrupt" and she's going to issue a "one big solid cheeky gomenasai" on her spam insta

No. 345547

File: 1499099383665.jpeg (31.98 KB, 631x355, image.jpeg)

>> Jill not showing us her weight because that's ~personal~

..She couldn't have us knowing exactly how much extra weight she has.

No. 345548


not that body positive, are we jill

No. 345549


Cause periods and sexuality mental illness aren't ~personal~ at all but how much someone physically weighs, that's just the most triggering information to ever share ever


No. 345567

the masquerade was a shit show, and the con wasn't that great. can't wait for her waaah waaahh rant. plenty of people kissing her ass tho. eyeroll

No. 345621

File: 1499105694101.png (545.27 KB, 924x596, as.png)

No. 345622

File: 1499105769629.png (573.24 KB, 927x593, 12.png)

Happy 80th birthday jill

No. 345624

lol she couldn't pick up some more zeros?
this really goes along well with her granny image

No. 345626

>lying about being busy
>making a period video for that creepy guy who donated money to her on youcam
>thinking transwomen get periods………..

No. 345629

What are those ugly sailor dresses called? I swear it's a staple cringey weeb piece

No. 345633


Jill is dumb and a trend hopper and likely confused what transwoman and transman means biologically. She was probably referring to trans men (born female) who still have periods, but confused the two terms.


They're called seifuku. They appear in anime and jfashion a lot but are used for middle school aged children's uniforms in Japan frequently. (the middle school thing specifically was told to me by a Japanese professor at uni).

No. 345645

Lol, would it have broke her bank to buy three more 0s so as not to look like she's having an 80th birthday?

No. 345649

its a sponsored video which is kind of weird because her mom and her brag about how much money she makes all the time

No. 345660

>on birth control
>can't figure out that her peiod is going to start
Jill fully confirmed for just being stupid. Plain as day

No. 345664

Jill could be on the spectrum and have a learning disability.

No. 345665

She was fine at school, she just lacks common sense

No. 345666


she doesnt have a fucking disability she's just a dumbshit, there doesnt have to be a magic reason everytime someone acts like a retard

No. 345679

We actually really don't know that, and neither do you. Don't talk with such authority.

No. 345683

You don't think that if she had a disability, she wouldn't milk it and casually bring it up for special snowflake points?

No. 345685


the "i spent 15 bucks on a shitty amazon schoolgirl outfit because i'm too lazy to cosplay"

No. 345687

Yes we do because she's publicized her entire life online since she was 13 and we know she was hospitalized for an ED + diagnosed with clinical anxiety which she still takes meds for. Same reason why we knew she had a girlfriend years before she "came out". She also self-harmed apparently quite severely. However she passed high school with flying colors, her teachers were very fond of her which Louise always posted about. I think grades are actually quite important to the Vesseys because her mom would publicly rag on her for skipping homework or having shit test results which didn't seem to happen very often. That would be expected when your father is a professor and brother attends university I guess.

Also i'd be worried about someone with a learning disability having a license and travelling across provinces solo.

>inb4 hi jill or whiteknight

she's retarded by choice/lazyness and I hate when anons make excuses for her or go on their armchair bullshit when there's nothing mysterious about her at all if you read her past threads

No. 345688

Only the combined pill lets you know when your period will be, and it can still start on any random day in a seven day window. every other type of BC causes missed and irregular periods. Unless she specified that she's on the combined pill specifically then it's not retarded.

No. 345707

Which one is the poster, was anything confirmed?

No. 345712

sage but i use a mini-pill for the same kind of reasons jill is harping on about - pms/pmdd - it has totally stopped the periods and any associated physical and mental symptoms

No. 345716

Not really sure what the point of your post was other than to talk about yourself?

You also didn't sage.

No. 345720

i guess i was just trying to say jill could use something like that and likely have the same experience.
sorry. it won't happen again.

No. 345721

bad assumption, you're extremely lucky. Progesterone only contraception has recently been shown to make depression and anxiety worse, they're issuing guidelines to doctors not to prescribe it to people with existing mental health conditions. IDK whether this is the case in Canada but if her doctor is good they wouldn't allow her on it, even if the guidelines haven't been formally issued yet.

Personal but I went on it and bled for six months solid and felt suicidal the entire time.

No. 345723

Learning disabilities aren't always diagnosed. Just because she thrived in a controlled environment where teachers gave her a lot of passes, doesn't mean she's not intellectually stunted in other ways.
Her ED, self harm, and identity issues scream hints to me, but obviously not to everyone. Sorry it's just that I didn't expect a half snide comment to turn into a debate.

No. 345779

I live in shitty Newfoundland which seems to have similar weather as PEI and I get heatstroke in the summer as well.. and Im not nearly as lazy or eat as badly as Jill. I have a bad heart and shitty sweat glands tho, is it possible she had something else that she mistook for heatstroke?

No. 345874

that's actually very sad.
i get it she's funny but from what i've read she hasn't done anything malicious, just really really dumb/ignorant. I wonder what happened.

No. 345879

She was miserable before she even arrived

No. 345881

Thank you but I read that, I know she constantly complains but her mom went above and beyond to help her get her car fixed so she could go ~leave the island for the first time and enjoy herself. She was with friends and did well in some contest. She mentioned heat stroke but maybe that was a cover for being miserable for whatever reason, because I highly doubt it was that serious at all.

I actually think her mom coddled her so much she straight up can't socialize and enjoy herself. She was safely with her friends, doing something she loves, in an environment she was really excited about. Im just pointing out it's super off.

No. 345885

File: 1499140577771.png (58.24 KB, 750x380, IMG_2023.PNG)

She also lost her keys, seems like she was a mess this weekend

No. 345889

She cried because she didn't win first place in the masquerade last year so I don't think she cares about the 2nd/3rd place awards

No. 345904

jill constantly whining and looking for sympathy is so unbelievably annoying, how do people tolerate her irl

No. 345941

Heat stroke is deadly and is considered an emergency, it basically means your internal organs are overheating and shutting down. Untreated heatstroke leads to seizures and eventually unconsciousness. It isn't something you can take care of at home, if your vomiting from the heat, you are also dealing with a nasty rash, migraine, intense cramps, confusion and disorientation… you get the point.

She could of had heat exhaustion, a less serious condition but it takes a few days to overcome and go back to normal. What day did she say this? I hope she didn't drive while sick.

No. 345943

agreed. I get a shady vibe from Louise's posts. at first glance, they're from a proud mom, sometimes poking fun at her ditsy daughter. but even the most innocuous ones I just get the feeling that Louise is (maybe subconciously?) trying to expose Jill's bs or at the very least, annoyed that Jill doesn't shout Louise out on FB thanking her for everything she does.

I totally understand Louise's frustration but I also feel like posting about every little dumb thing your daughter does is unnecessary and petty. I wouldn't like it if my mom did that to me, or even just shared every little thing I was doing/every place I was going, like Louise also does. but then again Jill might not mind, or she might think it's a small price to pay for being completely taken care of by her parents (financially and otherwise)

No. 345951

I agree. Besides being embarrassing and petty, Louise's online posting history could be putting Jill in danger. She's got over 80,000 subscribers now and many of them have made it obvious that they are rabid fans. It looks like anons have no problems adding Louise on facebook or viewing her posts. The stalkers are bound to show up at some point, and Louise is making it frighteningly easy for any random person to go track Jill down with her constant documentation. No common sense exists in this family.

No. 345953

Since she says she's excited to "maze maze" with them at Hal con I guess that's the group she plans on doing her next precure cosplay with. I cab already see it being a mess.

No. 346001

They literally live on a tiny island. In the middle of rural nowhere. In Canada. Do you think they're worried about stalkers when everyone basically knows each other? They expect nothing in their life to change and will continue posting their personal business online for the rest of the town to fawn over.

I don't think anons understand how "young" 19 is in those parts of Canada. I've known many "kids" who are 26-27, working retail jobs, still living with their parents and that's considered doing well for yourself. There's no economy for jobs out there. Those who go to university sit on their ass for the rest of their life, or work on campus, or if they're lucky/bright they'll move and never go back.

The values of the maritimes are ~family~ (and fish culture) so as long as the Vesseys portray this perfect suburban household image, no one will bat an eye. The reason Jill doesn't feel rushed to start her career is because there's no competition and she probably IS much more responsible and competent than her peers, honestly. After post-secondary, maritimers settle down to have families and thus continues the cycle. This is why Jill is terrified of leaving and settled for another small maritimes province for her education.

So, no, I don't think Louise is being purposely harmful. She's just showing off how quirky her kids are because they're such a silly family. Duh.

TL;DR it's a different of way of life in those parts of the country and by those standards Jill does nothing out of the ordinary.

No. 346005

I see it completely differently. Her oversharing is partly prideful boasting because Louise herself is a fairly average middle class woman who has tried to be creative in the most boring ways and so feels pride from having a daughter that she sees as quirky and successful for her individuality. She feels like a cool interesting mom from taking part in Jill's schemes.
Also a bit of a munchie/mommy complex where she wants sympathy for anything Jill gets sympathy for and to be applauded for all the support/spoonfeeding she gives as mother of the year because everything is so hard for her precious baby.

I see her motherly love for Jill as utterly blinding. In a way, Louise is a mirror of Margo's behaviour but instead of seething with hate she is fuelled by baseless positivity
and also >>346001

No. 346112

I kind of agree. It reminds me of when my cat does something absolutely retarded but I post it on FB anyway bc I think it's hilarious. Maybe that's how Louise feels.

No. 346171

File: 1499191484651.jpg (250.61 KB, 1177x969, ss (2017-07-04 at 11.03.48).jp…)


Ive never heard of this Bonne Chance Collections but I looked into it. Some of it is OK i guess but some of it seems weirdly age-playish to me.
>and I say that as someone who wears sweet lolita/other pastel fashions

No. 346173

i lol'd at her considering that they might be packaging her clothing cutely because she's 'youtube famous'

No. 346177

What about the outfits in this photo seems ageplayish? This just looks like vaguely vintage inspired mainstream fashion with a couple interesting prints.

You know AP literally has baby room/toy prints on some of their dresses right? I know Jill behaves like a literal child but calling pink and sweets and weird patterns on basic bitch sweetheart top dresses ageplayish is reaching.

sage for kind of ot

No. 346178

File: 1499191919276.jpg (170.58 KB, 805x589, ss (2017-07-04 at 11.11.11).jp…)

Wew looking through the #bonnechancecollections tag and immediately find this. I had a gut feeling littles would flock to this shit

No. 346179

File: 1499191968183.jpg (113.84 KB, 924x586, ss (2017-07-04 at 11.12.07).jp…)

also this old Jillian pic. She looks ragged af

No. 346180

File: 1499192103046.jpg (218.56 KB, 924x592, ss (2017-07-04 at 11.14.18).jp…)

I guess its confirmed they didnt do the extra packaging ~just~ for jill lmao. This person with around 200 followers on insta also got it

No. 346181


The clothing is cutesy and the ageplayers go for it cause it's a cutesy style. Same as when they go for lolita or Hello Kitty because it's cute and they probably associate cutness with childishness.

I think it's been discussed that Jill might be a little. It's obvious she lives to be coddled and asspatted and taken care of and has no desire to support herself or grow up.

No. 346183

kek, looks like the exact same letter too. Jill loves to make herself seem important when she really isn't anything special.

No. 346208

What does being a 19 year old lazy NEET have to do with a sexual fetish? Do you really think she calls Colin daddy/mommy or seeks to be dominated? That is such a weird assumption based on her wardrobe.

Plus the ageplayer/little thing has rather recently made its associations with jfashion. It wasn't as common a few years ago when Jill got into Lolita and Fairy kei originally. She also admitted to being a virgin, at least up until her current relationship and they both publicly struggle with their sexual identity/orientation which makes it seem like they're asexual or at least not into hetero sex dynamics.

I find the anons that push dd/lg onto Jill are either a) not well-versed in jfashion or b) haven't followed jill for very long or c) aimlessly looking for vendetta/desperate for milk

No. 346209

Sage for no contribution, but the two piece set is kinda cute. Sucks they're sold out since it's so cheap and the small is only 26-28 inches waist?

Yeah, I agree. This style even is pretty popular nowadays.

No. 346225

Sorry not those one specifically. They were just the first ones on the website. If you bothered to check out her other items though then you would have known.

No. 346227

File: 1499199155773.jpg (88.02 KB, 556x592, ss (2017-07-04 at 01.11.35).jp…)

dropped image

No. 346248


I did 'bother to check out the other ones' and those things just look like Sanrio characters or fairy kei/lolita esque patterns. Cute or stuffed animals and pastels doesn't equal ageplay.

It looks like a typical Jfashion or similarly inspired pattern applied to one of the five same exact cuts/styles of dresses they have.

No. 346253


Some people claim ageplay is non sexual, and that not all 'littles' seek domination from their 'caregiver', but aside from that, I never said anons who speculated that were correct, just that it's been discussed and that it's very clear Jill enjoys being a lazy do-nothing who gets treated like a 'baby' in a lot of ways.

No. 346275

Yeah, Jill is lazy and childish, and she gets babied by her actual parents, but I don't think it goes any farther than that. Those characteristics just made her very immature and inexperienced.

No. 346343

sweet lolita has a ton of ageplay though lol

interesting perspective. i agree Jill seems immature, but i think it's weird how people on lolcow thinks everyone is totally independent by the age of 20.

i do think it's weird how Jill is so unwilling to leave home.

No. 346423

In her 'coming out' vid Jill talked about moving in with Collin

No. 346446

A year from now lol

There's no guarantee they'll even be together then

No. 346448

TBF, it is pretty frightening to lose your keys, especially in a big place.

No. 346456

it's also pretty normal to expect a 19 year old to not put her keys down in a bathroom and walk out with them. she was able to get to the mall and back regularly for her job without forgetting she needed car keys, right?
every problem she ever has is self-created so it's not really any different.

No. 346472

Playing devil's advocate: It is pretty easy to set something down in a convention bathroom and accidentally leave it.
I did it once with my phone when I was ~20ish, I'm 25 now and wouldn't do that again nor would I say I'm irresponsible as Jill because it happened once.
It's only a problem if it becomes consistent.

No. 346475

Jill's irresponsible consistently in many ways. See: her shopping habits.
Can we not with the "I do the same thing as Jill, give her a break" blog posts?

No. 346480

Yeah but that one thing isn't particularly irresponsible or uncommon is the point, no need to rail so hard on it.
Calm down.

No. 346521

They're in this at 1:20

No. 346555


we don't need jill gaining more weight lol

No. 346667

I wouldnt mind this too much if it was a one time occurrence. But she also forgot her expensive DSLR camera in the changing room in Japan so… girl needs to pay more attention

No. 346692


it's an overall crappy palette but because it's glittery and very "party kei" she's trying to find reasons to say she loves it

No. 346697

Yeah this entire video can be summed up as:

- the white isn't very good
- the black is very pigmented
- the light shades that she likes get ruined over the black
- the darker shades she won't wear as much look the best
- but she still loves Too Faced because she will always love Too Faced

No. 346700

>box opening
>first impressions
>already opened box and used shadows

No. 346704

I've bought from them before! They come really nicely packaged with holo paper and tissue paper tied with a ribbon and a cute lil thank you note! The prints are really nice quality too. But they sell out of stock of designs and don't restock them slot unfortunately.
Saged obviously

No. 346705

does anyone else think she looks kind of smaller in this video? maybe its because shes not wearing one of her ugly poofy shirts

No. 346718


>"It's an eight hour shift. I need some good vibes to keep me going."

Oh poor baby worked one eight hour shift. That must be borderline traumatizing for her.

I think this is one of the dumbest palettes TF has come out with, and that's saying something considering their releases lately. Why did they name it Glitter Bomb? A glitter bomb palette would be one that would be borderline unusable because of fallout and shitty binding materials. Am I supposed to want that? No actual MUA blogger has recommended it yet.

No. 346724

Her voice is absolutely insufferable. I don't know if she has a strange accent or just an off-putting tone, but I couldn't make it more than two minutes into this video without shutting it off.

No. 346726

She's putting on a cutesy voice

No. 346734

I was watching one of her older videos and her voice used to be so much deeper, now it seems like she's forcing it to be higher

No. 346758

"This is my b-b-bbbyyy" her b's make me uncomfortable.

No. 346764

Why does she think anyone wants to see the shades on her fingers? Do a proper swatch and just show that.

No. 346773

She randomly looks a lot better in this video. Do you think she got that video filter finally that all beauty youtubers use?

No. 346784

Why can't she just admit that the palette sucks?

Also, are her bangs cut all crooked on purpose?

No. 346824

is the "You're so Too Faced" slogan part of the brand's ingenious marketing campaign?
also, isn't distancing yourself from brands owned by corporations that do perform animal testing a huge thing in the cruelty free community? isn't she basically putting her money in Estée's pocket and indirectly supporting the business practices she claims to feel so strongly about? we all get that Jill doesn't actually care about animal testing and that this is purely for brownie points, but why not go all out and become a saint in the eyes of your gullible followers?

No. 346859


No. 346882

If you're going to be super vegan and preachy then you have to go the whole way.
Let's be real, the majority of mankind could not care less about animal rights. You can just use these products, not talk ethics. Easy. No one will ask.
But if you're going to point out and be pro animal rights then you can't afford to cherry pick products. Buy all cruelty free, or not talk about it at all.

No. 346921

It's because she recorded at an angle that didn't show her chub as badly

No. 346934

File: 1499300270677.jpg (159.36 KB, 631x813, ss (2017-07-05 at 05.17.16).jp…)

I wonder if period man will be back

No. 346936

File: 1499300529067.jpg (214.92 KB, 625x847, ss (2017-07-05 at 05.21.35).jp…)

No. 346957

man if she digitized and cleaned this up it would actually be pretty cute on merch, but knowing her she would do it in vomit rainbow colors that would clash and ruin the whole thing

No. 346959

She actually did a nice job signing this

No. 346965

I think she just sucks at curling them. Mine do that if I don't do it properly. She needs to take a look in the mirror and do a little shake of her head to make sure it sits properly before going on camera.

No. 346966

>ya girl's
cringe… is she trying to be kawaii or not

No. 346983

File: 1499310675071.png (339.35 KB, 493x557, dYXsM69.png)

No. 347044

File: 1499322314482.jpg (267.4 KB, 764x453, as23.jpg)

she filmed in better light at least but what the fuck is going on with her eyebrows, she used a neon sharpie or what… And don't get me started on her teeth, girl get a whitening, you can afford it, it's not like she's British or smokes every day

No. 347067

I think part of the issue with her teeth is that she turns the contrast up on her videos to make her hair seem brighter and it makes her teeth even more yellow than they are.

No. 347070

But didn't you hear?? Her mom's English!!

No. 347071

Is yellow teeth in England a genetic thing? Because they have free dental care for under 18s.

No. 347072

North America is the only place in the world that's obsessed with teeth being white VS them being healthy.

No. 347079

Brits don't have bad teeth, we actually have better teeth than america, because like you say we have free dental care until we're 18. We just don't care about cosmetics because it's a waste of public money and lots of whitening methods are actually damaging if done to excess. It's like any other stereotype about people from a specific place. Maybe based on fact in the past but largely unfounded now, it's just international banter.

The reason you yanks associate whiteness of teeth with health and cleanliness is because it's an easy way for your dentists to convince you to spend money you don't actually need to spend.

Whilst Jill's teeth don't look that nice, there's nothing actually wrong with them being that colour. It doesn't indicate that they're damaged or unclean - Except for if you can actually see plaque, but I can't and her gums look fine.

No. 347080

take it easy there, bud

No. 347081

Not mad hommie. Like I say, it's just international banter. You guys say we have bad teeth, we say you're all gun nuts, canada can't be impolite and so on.

No. 347087

As an American, or Yankee as you British people call us, I actually agree with this. Holy shit. It's such a scam here lol

No. 347093

Why do Americans think the internet is just Americans?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 347100

The reason why brits are associated with bad teeth isn't the colour, its the fact that a lot of brits have bad genes due to inbreeding and shitty diets. Its not just banter, its the cold hard truth that brits tend to have piss poor teeth.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 347102

someone's been watching Jeremy Kyle

No. 347120

Didn't want to start a debate about British teeth lol, I think English teeth are alright, I'm not some American (from usa anyway), but idk it's an stereotype I guess English people have "weird" teeth,because as you said, in this side of the world is common to "fix" your teeth and wear braces and that kind of shit…
That's why I said she's not British so she has no pretext kek, now that I read it, I may be too influenced by the goddamn commercials and youtubers with 100% white teeth… and as another anon said maybe it's just her adjusting the contrast so her fried hair looks more colorful.

Anyway its just stereotypes,sorry didn't want to sound like an ass to the English, British people

No. 347151

Hey anon, let's not divide the U.S. and U.K.. Most people bash our people as fat or ugly. We gotta stand together, anon lol

No. 347159

Idk it definitely feels like shes using those video filters now. Look at how smoothed out her skin is

No. 347248

Why would anyone want her autograph? Not just applying this to her either. I can see wanting the autograph of a YTer who has millions of subscribers and is really well known, but in the grand scheme of things she is a nobody, idgi.

No. 347267

File: 1499354594614.png (374.11 KB, 932x596, Untitled.png)

No. 347268

File: 1499354670054.jpg (150.29 KB, 514x775, ss (2017-07-06 at 08.24.00).jp…)

No. 347269

File: 1499354685854.jpg (556.65 KB, 2048x1365, 19780411_1892321014115218_4239…)

No. 347270

Two girls are not wearing shoes. Why?

No. 347272

wait what the fuck why is that one girl with the BJD barefoor?

No. 347281

so we've got

2 in seifuku
2 in lolita
1 in yukata
1 in cosplay
1 whose fashion consists of holding a bjd
1 in forever21 clothes
1 in bad larme/normie clothes
1 ageplayer
and jill


it was a picnic so i'm guessing they took their shoes off to sit on a blanket on the grass and didn't bother to put them on for pics

No. 347290

File: 1499356868452.gif (1.32 MB, 500x246, vdPLsrQ.gif)

Asian accessory and seifuku girls are cute. I like the guro girl on the far right too. Jill definitely looks the oldest out of everyone there.

Guessing from the 'Tracey cam' comment in >>347268 that we're gonna get Asian accessory filming part of the animaritime vlog.

No. 347295

my favourite is the one with the bjd she looks like your weird aunt that never married and no shoes makes her look even more crazy

No. 347296


I think the BJD girl is just bad at mori-kei

No. 347297

I don't know what's worse. The way they're dressed, or the fact that they watch Jill on purpose

No. 347302


They're not all terrible. Some are definitely a bit cringey and all are pretty weeby looking but most of them are also much younger than Jill/just starting out in this stuff and also unfortunately taking advice from her. And they're all still somehow dressed a bit better than Jill which is hilarious.

No. 347305


Shoeless seifuku girl and her friend look the cutest facially of all of them.

The lolitas are probably the best dressed.

No. 347322

As a lolita, I beg to differ.

No. 347326

>much younger

I'm pretty sure the youngest person in that picture is 17. Only 2 years younger than Jill.

No. 347335

Jill srsly looks like a balding granny in this pic. Or that one character from american horror story freakshow

No. 347359

Yikes, as a fellow lolita I didn't even realize she was wearing lolita!

No. 347366

what? are you a chub chaser?

clearly the girl in the retarded purple coat is objectively pretty (i wish she was wearing her hair down) and the girl with the pink skirt/white lace top, though covered maybe too much makeup, is really pretty too

bloody girl is also cute, would snug

anyway, i'm unsure if jillian is the worst dressed here. at least she is wearing somewhat j-fash. girl on far left is just confusing me.

No. 347377

I just think the seifuku girls had cute and youthful faces. Purple coat girl is pretty I guess but looks weird to me, maybe it is the hair.

The lolitas are def fatties but seemed to have well coordinated outfits, even if they're not good as lolita coords according to some here I guess.

I think Jill and the far left girl are about equally badly dressed. But when people take fashion tips from Jill/think party kei is a legit fashion that's what happens, you get weird confusing outfits that make no sense.

That's the main problem with Jill's 'style' which is really just a big mashup of outfits that proves she has no style. It makes no sense and doesn't even follow basic non-alt fashion rules.

No. 347395

>clearly the girl in the retarded purple coat is objectively pretty

uh what… she looks like a man

>well coordinated outfits

lol why does everyone here have less fashion sense than jill

No. 347405

File: 1499369197823.png (539.13 KB, 528x513, twitter grandma.PNG)


god, they are all shit. and somehow jill still managed to look the worst. its insane.

from best to worst:

girl on the far right with the fake blood >>>>>>>> girls with the cheap amazon schoolgirl uniforms > ew fat lolitas >> the rest >>>> jill looking like that twitter "cool grandma". pic related, jill in two years or so

No. 347424

I think the girl in the Guro Lolita outfit looks the best, though those shoes are bothersome.
The one with her hair in braids and a purple coat looks almost decent. The girl next to her with the long purple hair has potential, too (something's up with her chin/jaw though).
The rest look either fat or unfortunate.

No. 347445

I'm sad that your genes are bad enough for you to actually believe this, or that you think this is a clever attempt at trolling. Just sad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 347475

imo the two on the right and the one on the far left look best. the purple bangs and the flower crown aren't great but besides that it looks like a normal trendy outfit. everyone else looks like a pastel mess, those clothes only look ''''good'''' in high brightness/low contrast/etc photos.

the plastic bow shoes trigger me

No. 347512

She looks so downsy what the hell, imagine she took other photos and decided this was the best one

Also the old aunt holding the doll is the funniest one

No. 347514

are you the girl on the far left because she looks like an absolute mess idk what trendy outfit you're seeing

No. 347531


the one of the far left? girl, how much is she paying you?

also if you look at their faces: fattie flower crown on the left and jill look like silbings! and i mean that in a BAD way

No. 347570

So we know at least one of them posts here. Taking bets on who?

I'm saying far left (and she subtly tries to defend her), purple hair, and the seifukus all do.

No. 347578

how does jill manage to look the worst? haha even tights under denim shorts looks better. its like w her body she cant pull anything off

No. 347585

>sharing opinion on top 3 outfits in the pic

like i said, if you take away the hair and the flower crown, all she's wearing are a shirt, shorts, tights, and heels, which is normal clothing compared to everyone else. embroidery and metallic shit are trendy right now even if you find it ugly.

even the totally barefoot girl's outfit looks better than the yesstyle outfits and seifukus

No. 347590

Fashion is subjective, and opinions are opinions.

No. 347595

File: 1499392018940.jpg (646.76 KB, 1074x1158, Screenshot_20170706-204542.jpg)

Sage for OT, but maybe because we're the majority of users on the English language side of the internet?

No. 347615

Literally one of them posted here and got found out for it. I wasn't even talking about you.

No. 347630

What kind of men do you know? Purple coat girl has the most feminine face out of all of them. Purple hair girl, on the other hand…

No. 347644

she honestly looks like a sissy or a trap(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 347670


who was outed and how? i didn't get to see her post before it was deleted

No. 347686

Turquoise seifuku girl has a really cute face, and would def. look better overall if she'd ditch the fat-producing Party City for, say, Nanchatte in colors that are better suited for her tone. Harder to tell with her pink friend because her face is hidden behind a wall of wig and glasses, but she could be cute too.

Guro Lolita might also be cute but again it's hard to tell with her makeup. I think she gets the award for best dressed tho (of that group). And BJD Librarian might shine if she wore bangs.

Hopefully Jill was just their gateway drug to alternative fashions and by this time next year they'll have grown and gotten better.

Sage for absolute nonsense.

No. 347702

Someone asked if the meetup was just those 3, and someone responded saying that there were more people, which means they would have had to have been there to know, as there weren't any pictures up at the time.

No. 347705

That's only a possibility. It's not like the only people who went to the con were Jill fangirls.
It's suspect that they deleted the post, though.

No. 347710

It took place off of the convention property. The only people that would have known who was there (at the time) is people who were there.

And yeah, very suspect that they deleted it, which I think just proves that one of them posts.

No. 347712

Please keep this thread on topic. No one cares if you find the girls in >>347269 attractive or not. The teeth derailers have been dealt with as well.

No. 347745

so have we confirmed that Jill just doesn't bother with skincare or what? She looks so terrible. it can't just be bad diet. she looks haggard and old all the time, and looks like she's aged 10 years in the past 2 years

No. 347746

Julian's skin care
> wear make up to bed
> stretch your face too much
That's about it.

No. 347747

Jillian lol*

No. 347793

i love how you can see her forehead wrinkles still.

No. 347803

This is the weirdest bunch of girls I've ever seen, even for alt fashion.
Nobody really looks good.

No. 347830


Jill looks so filthy compared to everybody else tho? I mean all of them are more or less cringey but Jill looks like she not even bothered to wash her hair. I know it's her ugly bun hair style, but it's even more obvious ugly compared to everybody else on this photo damn.

No. 347846

I think Jill avoids washing her hair because it's dyed weird colours and so damaged.

No. 347879

yeah I agree, Jill looks atrocious here
one of the most unflattering outfits she's worn in a while, it makes her look like a little goblin or something
you'd think that for someone who calls themselves a beauty blogger and drops thousands of dollars on Japanese alt fashion she'd kinda put some effort in when going to an event and meeting with friends/fans?

No. 347929

File: 1499450631609.png (407.37 KB, 486x632, Untitled.png)

wow shes live but didnt post anywhere on insta about it

No. 347932

Her YouNow stream is live on youtube y'all

So far there's already been loads of period talk and she confirmed she's going to vidcon next year

No. 347934

Is that supposed to be an undercut or what the fuck is going on at the bottom back

I'd think she just left roots if I didn't know hers are darker like what the actual fuck

I thought I was triggered seeing how shittily they bleached their hair in that 'couples pic' (particularly colin's having patches of sloppy bleach on the brown hair lmao) but the fuck is that

No. 347935

The noises and lip smacking.

Also she should watch Love Live since she loves cute stuff apparently.
Maybe its not kawaii enough for her.

No. 347936

It might be a combination of having missed a spot and her roots coming in. Which makes sense, because bleaching them every time would probably make her already damaged hair turn even more strawlike and fall out.

No. 347937

the fucking period guy is still on her stream lmao.

No. 347942

File: 1499452328941.png (47.62 KB, 211x150, Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 7.31…)

No. 347944

File: 1499452450202.png (3.27 MB, 1906x958, awsd.png)

No. 347948

File: 1499452758865.png (439.28 KB, 473x434, jill.png)

No. 347951

Other info she shared

>terrified of moving out cause she's lived in the same house her entire life

>she's moving out for fall 2018 but nothing is confirmed
>still hasn't applied for school
>fashion design took a backseat because of japan, animaritimes and now hal con in september

>She met Colin and confessed her feelings for him in drama class

>He turned her down because he was with another girl (jill says she'll remain anonymous but we know its gillian)
>Colin broke up with Gillian a few months before Tristan/Jillian fell apart
>Apparently he patiently waited for their break up to ask out Jillian
>Jillian literally said "ok I guess I still like you"

>Says her mom thinks she's smart with her money

>Only time her mom was disappointed with her spending was for the Irregular Choice gummy shoes
>Says she was really stressed over the 920$ car bill and she won't hide the fact that her parents are amazing because they felt bad for her and agreed to pay half

The rest of the stream has mostly been about anime so far and her dad made a cameo.

No. 347953

>hasn't applied for school
>thinks she'll have moving out plans by fall
She's not going anywhere if she hasn't sent out applications to schools by now. Classes for most start literally next month, most of their enrollment periods are probably over…

No. 347955


Wasn't she planning to go to school in fall 2018? Not that she's probably any more likely to stick to that

No. 347957

i asked, and it is next year. but apparently she emailed to ask about their deadline and…there isn't one? only 15 places or something but she just said 'it'll be okay…it'll be okay'. so it probably won't be.

No. 347961

>Colin is studying computer science
>Was told to apply for fashion program soon because there's only 15 people per class
>Says she won't consider fashion programs that require a foundation year
>Says she's nervous about the animaritimes vlog because she doesn't want negativity on her channel but everything was bad
>Says Artist Alley tables is too stressful for her handmade crafts and not worth the trouble
>She's getting a tattoo of her cat neko with a 90's kitschy vibe?
>Still wants a magical girl tattoo, couldn't handle being told it was upside down so she needs to reconsider it
>Mentioned that she finished CCS a few months ago when talking about anime
>As for travel, she wants to go back to Japan again

This is going on forever.. she must really want that sweet younow $$$$

No. 347977

She says she leaves her pink eyebrows on for days …

No. 347980

File: 1499456002838.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, 40ccef114a6cb88.jpg)

No. 347983

File: 1499457095061.png (1.55 MB, 1446x1004, 12.png)

No. 347988

ugh her bangs look horrible it looks like a bowl cut and she needs to do some colour correcting with her skin or something

No. 347992

She says youtube is her full time job (what even?) but she still works at claires. Ever since Makers Studio dropped her (they're no longer taking her ad revenue), she's been making full time income.

Kek she mentioned their family gets take out every Friday to treat themselves and she asked her dad for mcdonalds tendies.

Finally finished the stream after 2 hours. Wonder how much more she made this time.

No. 347994

She mentioned that her family gets take out every friday. During the stream her Dad asked what she wanted and She said "Nugs". How can anyone deal with the way she talks? She's ruined the word Cheeky

No. 347998

when you hate pixie but has this hair cut

No. 347999

>Says Artist Alley tables is too stressful for her handmade crafts and not worth the trouble

This was probably the thing that irked me the most in the entire stream. It really shows how lazy she is and just wants to make a quick buck. She will never make it as a fashion designer with this kind of attitude. I dont even think you'd be able to handle post-secondary school.

No. 348002

>I dont even think she'd

No. 348007

I was taking notes as well but I appreciate other anon going over it, Im bad at summarizing and they did a good job. Other things that werent mentioned yet though

>Says she redyes her rainbow every 1-2 weeks and has been washing her hair less to keep the dye in place

>when talking about her cat tattoo was asking for advice lel
>Jon and her met in grade 8 but had a falling out for about two years. Then they were cast in Grease together as love interests, which rekindled their friendship
>talking about how great she is at speaking Canadian French and how she was in French immersion school for 3 years, but was too scared to speak french on camera
>too scared to speak nihongo on camera too

Speaking about the French thing though. I dont think she realizes that French from France and French in Canada are significantly different. She wanted to watch an anime that didnt have english subs but stumbled upon it with french subs and was going to watch it since "she could speak french bitch!" but said she never got around to it. I'm certain those subs would have been france french which she wouldnt be able to understand anyways lol.

No. 348010

Pretty sure it was a kids' show so the French should still be basic enough that she can get an idea of what's going on.

No. 348023

Fluent french canadian speaker here and I call bullshit on her even being fluent in our french. Yes most of the country have some amount of education in french. No that doesn't mean people graduate high school legitimately being able to speak the language fluently.

She's never said or done anything that proves she speaks it and I specifically remember her asking Tristan for help reading (French was his major in university).

Vid related (had to dig this up, it's one of her earliest uploads)
>2:00 'I speak very poor french'
>2:15 can't read name
>Tristan reads for her

tl;dr - she speaks french about as much as she speaks japanese.

No. 348601

No. 348602

>30 minutes


No. 348612


But didn't she cry in the other animaritime vlogs?

Get those views jill

No. 348616


>Weh, no Parking

>Weh, it's hot
>Weh, I have to walk??

This bitch.

No. 348621


>had to walk 10 minutes from where she parked and wanted to die from having to walk so much

>got a really big hotel room and had to buy a swimsuit so she could get in the bathtub with friends
>gave a USB to the masquerade but it didn't work (which she says she doesn't believe because it ~totes worked for her~) and had to email her song to them, but she did it after the allotted time and says it should be allowed because she "could have been anywhere"
>cried because she had been waiting for the masquerade "for so long"
>thinks she deserves an award because she made 73 leaves for her cosplay
>wants to be in the hottub, drink alcohol, and eat ice cream
>did her dance on stage
>"it ended up being not that bad"
>says she was really hungover on sunday (guess that was her "heatstroke")
>said a bunch of things she was going to do for her j-fashion picnic but since it was supposed to rain all weekend she didn't bring any of it, and then it didn't rain, so she just didn't have anything
>at 12:30 (j-fashion meet at 1:30) she was throwing up so her new conclusion was that she was dehydrated or had heatstroke (somehow the hangover didn't apply anymore) and she isn't planning on going to the meet-up
>woke up from a nap and was magically better so she went
>some bad shots of people's coords
>first time going to the con alone and driving there alone
>didn't care about the con and would have had just as much fun shopping with her friends
>blaming her heatstroke on standing in the judging room for 2.5 hours rather than drinking because "she can take shots"
>talking about months of her she needs to do for her fashion portfolio for college
>didn't buy anything besides one print in AA/dealers because she "has already bought everything they have to offer" and went to the mall and bought a puppy surprise instead
>says she wants to be judged individually at hal-con for cosplay rather than as a group (probably because she realized how bad the other cosplays were)

there you go, now no one else has to watch it

No. 348637

honestly, i think she was the strongest dancer in the group, although you can tell she has to be the center of attention at all times lol

No. 348639

i think this is the most acceptable her has looked tbh lol

No. 348640

I wonder how Jill constantly forgets to pick up fucking massive stuff

No. 348642

Did the other two even know they were meant to dance?

No. 348650

Lol at how she ignored and didn't record all the girls in the meetup that didn't fit her aesthetic, particularly the lolitas (except for her friend). Also, she doesn't know how to drink. She almost missed her own meet and it wasn't even a picnic because she got wasted the night before because she's not used to drinking. What a disaster.

No. 348659

>says she wants to be judged individually at hal-con for cosplay rather than as a group (probably because she realized how bad the other cosplays were)

How do her "friends" accept this type of treatment from her? lol

She'll probably get her way and win another ~participation~ award from hal con because of her popularity.

No. 348662

File: 1499540733883.png (592.67 KB, 850x439, Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 7.05…)

No. 348663

This is hilarious. She is spiraling downhill faster than usual. Thanks, anon.

No. 348715

lmao she cant dress herself at all
you cant wear this type of skirt if you're short and fat

No. 348723

So okay, I can get if you're in a strange place and lose your keys and it's never happened to you before it's easy to freak out, but a sit down and a drink after it's sorted then you get up and move on.

The amount of whining about walking for what, half an hour total? I truly don't understand how she works retail, it must be four hour shifts if walking for ten minutes kills her.

The whole masquerade thing - this shit happens at cons. Her friends seemed to be pissed but reasonably calm - being in floods of tears because you had to wait 40 minutes is incredibly childish. It's obvious they'd get the judging sorted out after and it's not the end of the world if you don't get that shiny award, Jill. Also any idiot knows to pack bottled water and a mini fan for a summer con.

If things going slightly wrong drives Jillian to get pissed off her head that's not a good sign. Waving around the camera over the bath scared me shitless, what if she'd dropped it? Louise would buy her a new one in a heartbeat but god, how careless.

Mixing alcohol and medication, what a wonderful idea, I don't know shit about the meds she's on but even so, does she have any responsibility for anything?

"Don't be mad at me guys!!! I just didn't bother to organise the meet at all!" Organising meets can be difficult but how hard is it to have a good weather plan and a bad weather plan?

Heatstroke my ass, she was hanging like a bitch. Bet half of it was hangover and half of it was guilt for not bothering to organize anything. I also have a feeling half the girls there are Jill's friends/fans and half heard about a "jfashion" meet and curiously turned up only to end up face to face with Jillian's mess. Half of them don't pay any attention to her at all.

The fact that she literally says "I HAVE to spend my money" is genuinely sad. She couldn't go to the con and not buy anything. I could understand if she'd said "I had a bad weekend and wanted to treat myself" or "I'd budgeted x amount so I decided to treat myself" but it seems like a full on addiction.

"I want to be judged individually so I know exactly how much better than everyone else I am"

She's one of those cosplayers who insist on doing one character and throw a strop if they don't get first pick in groups. I bet she bitches about anyone who cosplays the same character.

>sage for blog post/novel jesus

No. 348729

File: 1499546354655.jpg (56.73 KB, 919x720, 1494210568855.jpg)

holy shit the walking thing…
she's like the exaggerated stereotype of an American that we make fun of over here
how can she think that it isn't worrisome for a 19 year old to get that exhausted by walking around for a bit??
also yeah, she absolutely just doesn't know how to responsibly drink… heatstroke my ass

this entire video just demonstrates how much of a lazy, whiny, spoiled brat she is, just like her Japan vlogs showed how much of an ignorant and uneducated foreigner she is
absolutely pathetic

No. 348876

Just checked the distance from her workplace to her home (not trying to doxx her, we all know this info though).

It's either a 4 min drive or a 30 min walk to Claires. So it's safe to assume she's never walked the distance and judging by the fact that her entire neighborhood is trees and large private properties, she probably finds no reason to leave the house on foot ever.

I mean that shouldn't matter too much since her parents invested in a home gym and she could use the damn treadmill but I guess that explains why she's constantly having breakdowns every time she needs to walk for a while (only in japan and at cons apparently).

No. 348891

File: 1499560438313.png (211.5 KB, 640x913, IMG_1194.PNG)

No. 348892

Surprised she added utena since she supposedly didn't even like it. I have a feeling it's just because it's a classic though.

No. 348902


Nitpicky but: Why not have the "thank" and the "you" together?

And also.. Madoka did save the world, what? She broke all the magical girls free from the Incubators. Did she watch like until episode 3 and droped it or something?

No. 348905

this actually triggered me

No. 348912

what is her damage with madoka anyway, did she ever explain why she doesn't like it aside from it being too "scary" or whatever?

No. 348913

She's had a hate boner for madoka since forever. She dislikes all magical girls shows that don't pander to children.

>gets "drunk" and is "gone" after drinking 1 1/2 coolers

No. 348914

>not you
What does she mean by that? A lot of those girls saved the world.

No. 348917

it's a meme

No. 348946

this and the comments legit made me rage.

No. 348948

File: 1499565465629.png (1.02 MB, 992x770, Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 8.56…)

Jill, hit the inner corners of your lashes with some glue. Or learn how to apply falsies correctly.

No. 348955

i just took my super harsh acne medicine so i'm pretty sure that's why but i played the video and just started vomiting

No. 348958

73 leaves is pretty impressive, but it certainly doesn't merit an automatic award.

No. 348963

File: 1499566568857.png (1.54 MB, 956x1390, Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 9.14…)

No. 348965

"The 77-Year-Old Bitch"

No. 348970

fucking kek anon…..
it wasnt the acne medicines fault….. i can assure that..

No. 348977

do a jojos pose

No. 348990


No. 348992

>hates negativity
>continues whining about how she threw up and felt sooooo bad during her con everywhere
>makes a whole video whining about things
>posts more shit to alienate her fans

what is her deal? she doesn't even try to hide her shitty personality

No. 348999

also samefagging to add, you know it's alienation when jill posts about not liking certain things because she's completely closed off from listening to opposing sides and allows her fans to harass people for miniscule shit like that. poor kids.

No. 349013

File: 1499569919508.png (805.53 KB, 924x604, Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 10.1…)

The salt face that she makes after the dance performance. I know people cap her face all the time, but she really does make the most unflattering expressions

No. 349016

Ironically, I've noticed that acting like an abject cunt actually gets more people to pay attention, good or bad.

No. 349025

I seriously dont understand her hate boner with Madoka. I can understand if it slightly annoys her that some people think madoka invented dark themes in mahou shoujo. But Im sure thats not the case. She probably had to turn it off because it was too spooky for her

No. 349051

That part of the vlog though

>i'm going to edit out this dramatic clip if we don't win

>having a literal mental breakdown over not knowing the results
>yay we won two awards lol of course!!
>next con I want be judged solo so I get all the credit

God good how do cons continue to feed her massive ego? She's just not that good of a cosplayer, neither in craftsmanship nor presentation, to be winning masquerades every single time.

It's just indicative of how poorly run Animaritimes is. She's entered 4 masquerades and won something from all of them lol that just wouldn't happen with her skill set at larger cons.

No. 349068

she cant watch anything that isnt shallow happy tiem garbage. i mean i like typical magical girl stuff too but its pretty boring. but thank u jil for getting me to rewatch madoka lol

No. 349129

File: 1499576847482.png (160.3 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3205.PNG)


No. 349132

Shouldn't Jill relate to this, then?

No. 349144

File: 1499577912004.jpg (47.4 KB, 837x466, buttplugring.JPG)

Her ring here looks like a repurposed buttplug.

Also, goddamn. What a long, boring, whiny-ass vlog. Honestly no matter how much I despise other cows I can understand why most of them have fans/followers, they put out decently interesting content or they're good looking or interesting in SOME WAY. Jillian is so annoying, frumpy, boring, and whiny. I simply don't see any appeal. Even when Venus was her mom's annoying little puppet, I could understand her appeal, but not with Jill.

No. 349164

She's such a suck up. Is she really benefiting that much from sucking Jill's dick?

No. 349169

seriously. she was an hour late to her own meetup because she was "hungover" from one and a half cooler (what even is that is that like a mike's hard lemonade??). or did she have "heatstroke" from standing around for two hours without drinking?? she didn't even bring anything for the people who showed up for the picnic. she's so confusing to me, how can she have fans when her behavior is so erratic and terrible??

No. 349170

I honestly think people just like seeing her clusterfuck of a room
It's tumblr come to life

No. 349171

ooooh jill you're so special for only liking older animes

No. 349173

I am guessing a wine cooler

Basically wine + mixer + water. The alcoholic in me is jelly she got drunk on 1 and a half of that. But then again apparently she had some xan so

No. 349189

>what even is that is that like a mike's hard lemonade??

yes something like that

No. 349194

File: 1499587607102.png (219.46 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2153.PNG)

No. 349199

sry i really only drink beer myself or basic mixed drinks so no idea what a cooler is lol

No. 349207

Literally 2 other people just answered their question, why do you feel the need to talk when you don't even know the answer?

No. 349210

I'm assuming they are the anon who asked the question in the first place. relax.

No. 349219

Then why quote themselves why not quote the other people? I'm not sorry, they're clearly doing it wrong

No. 349223

Normally find her tolerable, if somewhat immature. But wow i just cringed the whole way through this video. All she does is make bad choices and whine, her asian friend is incredibly annoying and clearly fame-hungry because she keeps trying to wedge herself into the video, Jill doesn't know not to mix xanax and alcohol and wonders why she's sick the next day. I have a feeling she drank way more than she said she did because she was very clearly drunk during the bathtub shit, and then said she went to a party afterwards.

No. 349225

I must assume she never watched Utena? Utena is NOT a magical girl manga/anime it's shojo and has a deeper meaning (like madoka)

Also sage for ot but which anime is bottom row middle?

No. 349227

utena is widely considered mahou shoujo

the bottom one is sugar sugar rune

also u didn't sage ur post

No. 349229

I know Utena as the mother of shojo and both version (american and German) proclaim it as shojo. People who see it as mahou are probably the same who consider madoka to be yuri ew

No. 349231

She did and she disliked it because, like Madoka, you need more than on brain cell to watch it. She only put it here to get some brownie points.

There's more magical girls with shitty morals to put here but because Jill finds Madoka scwawy wawry, she must shoot it down. Even in a recent video she shot down Sailor Moon because its popular and wants people to talk about Ojamajo Doremi with her, another time she shat on Tokyo Mew Mew because it wasn't a retro show and it wasn't to her tastes, even when her fans had recommended it. She watches these shows with life lessons religiously, you'd at least think she take some of it in. Instead she's a brat who thinks she's special for watching shows she thinks doesn't have fans, case and point Ojamajo Doremi.

Has she even brought up Sugar Sugar Rune?

No. 349245

you are picking at hairs. and are you saying that Madoka isn't a magical girl anime? wtf are you getting at?

sometimes i feel bad after 1 drink in the morning. it happens.

No. 349276

Holy shit the part where she's literally CRYING because she has to wait backstage. Jesus Christ how can she cope with anything in life if standing around for an extra 40 min triggers a complete break down? Ya fucked up Louise…

No. 349284

File: 1499610203390.png (81.73 KB, 750x754, IMG_2063.PNG)

Her hangover was likely caused by drinking while on anxiety medication, and also getting dehydrated from drinking in a bath tub/hot tub. Those all can be pretty bad for you combined, so she's lucky it's not worse

No. 349286

File: 1499610264308.png (33.65 KB, 750x169, IMG_2064.PNG)

Basically she's mad it isn't a kids show

No. 349287


"misrepresents" what a load of horseshit. mg anime aimed at 5 yr olds to sell toys isnt the entirety of the genre holy shit

No. 349288

I thought it was common knowledge that you shouldn't drink while taking anxiety meds. Shouldn't someone on medication know a little bit about what the hell they're taking?

No. 349291

File: 1499611156282.png (590.99 KB, 519x563, Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 9.56…)

this convinces me how little she actually cares about magical girl anime if she things Madoka misrepresents the genre over something like Prisma Illya

also thank you twitter for having some kind of sense

No. 349301

I can kind of get the Madoka thing because after it came out everyone suddenly loved magical girl anime but could only name Madoka and Sailor Moon. Then again I'm a magical girl autist and don't buy into dark story/people dying automatically makes shit better.

>sage for blogpost and unpopular opinion but Princess Tutu did it first and better

Back on topic, I highly doubt Jill's watched/read any of Sugar Sugar Rune and she was trashing both TMM and Utena not far back, who does she think she's fooling.

No. 349304

File: 1499612303073.png (123.15 KB, 750x908, IMG_2066.PNG)

Seems like she's just starting it

No. 349307

I'm pretty sure the reason she had animes she didn't like on here is because these are the only magical girl animes she's seen and she needed to fill all the spaces

No. 349312

How fucking dumb and irresponsible must you be to take meds and not know what side effects might occur when you do certain things? Let alone something as obvious as mixing alcohol with meds? Jill strikes me as the type to go driving drunk one day.

No. 349316


if she wanted to make a point abt dark mg anime being shit she could've chose something other than 'all these girls saved the world apart from this one except she did'

No. 349318

I think Madoka just brought back the entire thing that happened with Evangelion and the mecha genre.
>NGE is a ~~~deconstruction~~~ of the mecha genre! The first show to really depict the toll of being a pilot!
In reality, there was always suffering in the mecha genre, just not as much of a focal point or pushed to its extremity. Literally the same thing happened to Madoka and people who never picked up on that a lot of mahou shoujo is full of pain and tragedy.

No. 349341

what? i didn't quote myself. i was replying to the person who used green text who is not myself. jesus

No. 349342

mixing xanax and basically any amount of alcohol made me totally blackout so it's probable she's not lying about how much she drank. she's just an idiot who can't handle the simplest things life throws her way.

No. 349361

The leaves not sewn down on the bodice bother me so much.

No. 349362

She wants to do into fashion design? Everything on this is a mess of hot glue and safety pins.

No. 349374

She lied about having good skin and she didnt want to show her weight on the phone app. Haha.

No. 349376

How did she win for that hot glue mess of a costume???

No. 349383

When is Colin coming out of the closet?

No. 349386


A combination of pity, connections(?), and it being a smaller con.

No. 349390

The guro lolita is the only one that looks good imo

No. 349393

>Complains about walking so much

Bitch, we get it, you don't exercise.

No. 349396

How the fuck do you leave your car keys in the bathroom??? I'm sorry, but does she not own a purse?

Also, her mentioning that she had to pee at the hotel. WHy?

No. 349401

>Everyone in the bathtub except the fat beast who has to sit on the ledge.

hahaha. called it

No. 349407

Why does Jill hate Madoka though? Like, it was a pretty good anime. Does it not appeal to her ageplay/pedo needs?

No. 349416

Wow, this legit pisses me off. Just because you don't like it, Jill, doesnt make Madoka any less of a Mahou shoujo genre. fuck off with your 2 brain cells.

No. 349425

Apparently because Madoka is too 'whiny' and 'useless' so Homura has to do everything for her, which is pretty rich coming from an entitled, whiny, bitchy 19 year old that has her mom do everything for her lol

No. 349432

>which is pretty rich coming from an entitled, whiny, bitchy 19 year old that has her mom do everything for her lol
Lmao so true.

I think she's just being contrarian with her madoka hate, until Rebellion Madoka actually played magical girl tropes really straight, it had a happy ending ffs. It's not really a deconstruction as a whole, it just plays around with some tropes in interesting ways. The overall message is the classic hope/love can conquer all kinda deal. Not to mention the visual style is really good. Most people at least acknowledge that about it, even if they didn't really enjoy it.

Jill is such a fucking poseur it makes me mad. She doesn't like anything that has actual substance to it, and she can't even shallowly like madoka for the visuals?

No. 349436

Why would she like the visuals? It doesn't resemble a children's birthday party.

No. 349440

Oh yeah lol I forgot she's incapable of appreciating anything that doesn't resemble her "aesthetic" - for lack of a better word. Clusterfuck? That seems about right.

If she really goes to fashion school, how is she going to cope with the fact that assignments are going to be pretty restrictive, and she's almost never going to be allowed to use her own "aesthetic" ? Is she gonna be one of those kids that cries every time she gets critiqued? Her parents have really done her a disservice by sheltering her so much.

No. 349478

>because Madoka is too 'whiny' and 'useless' so Homura has to do everything for her

Which is hilariously stupid because the same could be argued about Usagi and her need for several sailor scouts and Mamoru to aid her.

Jill just wants to seem special and unique for hating on a really well done spin on the genre.
There's really not one good argument.

>It doesn't resemble a children's birthday party
Funny because sometimes it actually does, but I think Jill is just being a contrarian.

Whatever, I don't want her turning around and suddenly shitting up this anime. It's too good for her.

No. 349496

File: 1499632136162.png (231.33 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3207.PNG)

Jill just shut up

No. 349500

lol she didn't get into magical girl shows until after madoka aired anyway so critiquing people who only get into mahou shoujo because of it is so fucking hypocritical

No. 349502

Why does she care if it's the only magical girl series some people watch? People are free to watch what they want. I somehow didn't realise she was such an elitist lol.

No. 349505

for real lol

like if you're trying to be some ambassador of magical girl shit instead of being an ass you could recommend some shows that people who like madoka also like

No. 349511

Before i found this thread i used to like . I saw her as an immature privilege child but i thought she had good intentions. Fuck was i wrong, holy shit.

No. 349512

um so shouldn't she be glad that more people discovered/gave mahou shoujo a try because of Madoka??
a lot of people used to believe that mahou shoujo was just for little girls before Madoka came out, it gave the entire genre a better reputation back then and attracted a new audience

No. 349519

She's trying wayyyyyyyy too hard.

No. 349525

But its hurr durr popular!! Only jill can like shitty precure mahou!! Everyone else is a peasant~~~

No. 349527

Jill being a gatekeeper on magical girl series is hilarious when she herself went and bought CCS merch and planned a tattoo before even watching most of the series. But the real problem is certainly those posers who like Madoka.

No. 349544

She has not changed at all since she was 13-14 and posting shit exactly like this on Tumblr, IIRC from caps in other threads. Jill having no self awareness about how shitty she acts towards people is amazing tbh, at 19-20 people usually aren't this ridiculous.

No. 349563

Why does she acts like nobody knows Magical Doremi ? ffs everyone whatched this as a kid

No. 349566

because she's probably too young to remember it airing on fox and thinks it is super special and secret

No. 349592

File: 1499640311548.png (219.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170709-234345.png)

No. 349599

No one cares about your friends opinions.

No. 349606

pixie's post blew up because it got retweeted by some well-known anitwitter people. i doubt this anon knows this person

No. 349610


Oh is she my friend? That's news to me, thanks for clearing that up.

No. 349630

She owns like fifty obnoxious purses as far as I've seen, so it's just her being irresponsible and leaving them out

No. 349633

If that's your opinion then stop being defensive Jill, just say "I don't like her". Jeeze that's how opinions online work.

No. 349640

what a dipshit. even one drink on benzos can kill you. a friend of mine's mom died from drinking one glass of wine at her wedding after taking a valium for the flight hours before. you just stop breathing in your sleep since they both depress your system. my dr cautioned me heavily about that when i got on xanax

i feel like she's not even going to take that person's advice and keep fucking around.

No. 349642

A lot of people don't realize how dangerous it is to mix anxiety medication and alcohol. They think that the risks are exaggerated and that it can't actually do much. Even if it doesn't kill you, it will fuck you up, and especially for people who have both anxiety and depression, the combination of the two can set off depressive episodes in an instant.

No. 349643

also can i point out how lol it is that she had to take anxiety meds because she was feeling overwhelmed with the masquerade/judging contest…. like damn, that's how you begin to abuse that shit. you can't just take it when ur feeling overwhelmed at a slight inconvenience.

No. 349644

samefag to add a simple breathing method could suffice or taking a minute to gather yourself and your thoughts…. damn jill

No. 349666


i hope this backfires on her like the whole "i want a kawaii tattoo with no lines" fiasco. when literally everyone told her she was being dumb. like, she's being so childish for no damn reason! you don't get to play anime etilist when the only show you like is for little girls. and not even a good one at that, i've watched one of the seasons and i swear cartoon network pulls out better stuff than that imo.

she's mad because most people can agree that madoka was a good show, even people who dislike magical girl stuff. but most people won't watch the kiddie shit she watches, because its boring and predictable as hell for a normal adult. like? well, watch better shows then? the fuck you mad about. how petty can you be? her "meme" isn't even right because she doesn't know enough about the series to criticize it. just, what??? jill grow up.

No. 349691

she is an elitist she doesn't give a shit about anything that doesn't match her ~aesthetic~ she probably only likes magical girl for the pink and stars

No. 349696

Was just watching through her old con videos and dear GOD the bit where she unboxes the wand she literally looks autistic, the weird noises and movements and grunts as she kisses the wand EWWW

No. 349712

Her cover photo is a screenshot from a pirating/streaming site? Classy

No. 349791

>common knowledge

pick one

No. 349882

File: 1499685984569.png (33.13 KB, 871x147, 374872q.png)

please don't tell me she's feeling like that just cuz she got negative backlash for the stupid meme thing

No. 349888

Sage for nitpick: nobody thought avril lavigne was a metal artist EVER! wtf I'm 27 and was a huge fan of Avril when I was younger. And nobody, and I mean nobody through out avrils entire career ever mistook her for metal!!! Wyd

No. 349894

One of these days I swear Jills going to accidentally kill herself

No. 349897


Didn't she only get into magical girl in the first place because it was tumblr trendy at the time and iirc it became tumblr trendy partly because of Sailor Moon nostalgia and partly because Madoka Magica had just come out? Jesus, Jill.

No. 349907

File: 1499689975667.png (2 MB, 1080x1920, 20170710_073016.png)

With 5.8k shares, this thing has made it to my news feed somehow. No one I know knows that Jill exists, so I guess it's going somewhat viral.

No. 349908

File: 1499690000325.png (196.41 KB, 1080x1920, 20170710_072830.png)

No. 349909

File: 1499690019551.png (261.97 KB, 1080x1920, 20170710_072951.png)

No. 349921

Honestly, it's pathetic how far up her own ass she is.
The magical girl genre had quite a bit of variation even before Madoka came out. It's not 'deconstructing' the genre, it's just that there's more to the genre than the shows which are targeted at actual 5 year olds.
There are even a lot of classic magical girls series like Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Princess Tutu, Mai-HiME or Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and yes, also Utena, which had darker or more adult themes to them way before Madoka came out.
The only reason she fails to mention any of those is because she's really not that knowledgeable at all and because she can't stomach anything that isn't targeted at kids.
Jill is the one that's misrepresenting the genre here by claiming that the only 'real' magic girl shows are the most bland and child friendly ones out there…

No. 349927

You memes aren't even fresh wtf

No. 349930

I am aware this image was already posted up thread. I'm just trying to show how far it's spread, I guess.

No. 349934

lmao don't worry that anon was referring to jill calling her memes fresh

No. 349948

File: 1499695342843.png (327.71 KB, 1136x640, IMG_9697.PNG)

From the party kei group

No. 349949

File: 1499695393508.png (840.05 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9695.PNG)

No. 349953

(I dont know how to quote) It's sad how Manda does "Party Kei" better than the person who came up with it

No. 349959

Same. I think Jill meant to say punk rock but couldn't think of the genre…

No. 349960

Oh, oops! Sorry, my 'tism must be acting up.

No. 349961


I think it is. Did she expect everyone to respect her elitist attitude? If you're going to take a jab at the show, don't lie about what it doesn't do.


I like it. Its colorful without being a mess. The furry headband makes it kind of childish but that doesn't really bother me.

No. 349985

How pathetic. First she acts like an asshole with a superiority complex, then after receiving criticism she breaks down and seeks pity…

No. 350038

To be fair, I would call Madoka a deconstruction of the genre in the sense that it does what a lot of series fail to do or choose not to do, which is show a possible "real" version of how being a magical girl would take its toll on real young girls, and the origins of that power. However, I don't think it's the only show to do that (you clearly listed others that don't fit into the standard mahou shoujo mould).

Jill also watched Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku, yet we never hear her talk about that, either. I'm guessing she didn't like that either because it wasn't just girls eating sweets and lessons about friendship.

No. 350057

Everyone is so mad at a meme wtf

No. 350061

It's a bad meme, Jill.

No. 350064

Madoka wished to end the suffering of those who became a magical girl and became a God. I think she did the most in saving the world, you know

No. 350086

it's really just because Jill keeps acting like some expert or guru regarding things she's not all that informed about, and whenever people try giving her advice or correct her she acts like an arrogant brat

No. 350096


she shits on characters for being whiny or useless but shes whines about many petty things herself. Pot calling the kettle black. At the very least, those characters face their problems and grow up eventually

No. 350114


because she's acting like she's the authority on magical girl anime when she doesn't know shit about it. also people REALLY like madoka magica, anon

No. 350117

Because its based purely on jill's ignorance. She never watched madoka, she doesn't actually know the characters or the plot, but she keeps making black and white statements about it. Now that shes getting called out shes trying to pretend its just opinion based (it wasnt), but shes still too much of a child to admit where she went wrong and stop trying to backtrack.

Shes too much of an immature twat. When you shit on something people like, or at least respect, and its not even valid criticism, most will get up in arms.

No. 350148

Maybe Jill just hates what speaks to her faults and insecurities the most.
An anon mentioned awhile ago that us farmers tend to be attracted towards cows that represent aspects of ourselves that we hate or fear becoming. We put them down to distance ourselves.

Could be the same thing happening but on a grander scale. Jill wants people to believe she's mature and could be of use, but deep down knows the truth is obvious to most outsiders so she plays these little games to keep the blinders on her following.

No. 350341


It's still a meme though? The fact that people feel like they have to defend things is stupid, especially if they don't care about the person they disagree with.

No. 350386

File: 1499743347237.png (195.35 KB, 750x917, IMG_2074.PNG)

No. 350388

Not sure which is worse, this pouty lip thing or the tongue thing she does

No. 350391

File: 1499744241061.png (57.14 KB, 580x296, Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 8.34…)

Some comments from her con video

No. 350392

File: 1499744251031.png (147.35 KB, 1182x550, Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 8.34…)

No. 350393

File: 1499744314561.png (119.04 KB, 1250x360, Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 8.38…)

No. 350407

bcuz meguca

No. 350458


cause she's wrong anon, that's why people are insisting that she's wrong. its not that deep.

No. 350552

So basically if they didn't win they would have presented the same cosplays at hal con because she's entitled to winning?

I can't get over her need to always get her way. It's like when she broke down for not being the main character in grease or mary poppins or whatever. She NEEDS to be front and center. She needs to be the main. And she needs her awards every single time she comes up with a shitty cosplay.

I want her to compete in a con away from the maritimes and see her fall apart from realizing that her craftsmanship and presentation skills are nothing compared to hundreds of others who put significantly more work into their passion and can gracefully accept not winning every single competition.

I'm so done with these local cons pandering to her. I really wish she'd bite the bullet, move to toronto or montreal, anywhere away from the maritimes, so she can realize she's not so special and finally stop demanding constant praise/validation for her medicore existence.

But she won't. She already chose to move to Fredericton. Because deep down she knows all of this already and she needs to be surrounded by inbred hicks to put herself on a pedestal.

No. 350577

so she is only into cosplay for the awards, and praise? typical conceited jill! at least hal-con, is a bit more strict than shitty animaritme. i'd love to see her go to amime north.

No. 350594

Yet nothing happened as a result of her arriving 20 minutes later than expected. She even went to sleep in the middle of the day

No. 350596

Hair aside, this isn't bad at all; I dare say that the granny glasses work with the hat and dress print. Subtlety, Jill!

No. 350606

This girl could never ever become a fashion designer with this kind of attitude.

No. 350710

I don't think you quite understand what I'm saying, but whatever this whole convo is off topic and pointless

No. 350713

nayrt but people are simply going "she's wrong about madoka" and then explaining why because there are probably people in this thread that don't actually know that her usage of this is straight-up wrong

and then we're laughing at her choosing to once again act like a child both in her reaction to other people's critique along with her entire reason for disliking the show

it ain't that deep lol

No. 350744

Japanese cartoons are super cereal

No. 350839

she bases her entire persona around them so it's funny that's she wrong

how do you seriously not get it

No. 350840


I can't speak for other anons/people on social media criticising her for the meme but honestly the amusing part to me is that she's gatekeeping the magical girl genre like she's some kind of expert (which is dumb as shit as it is, they're just Chinese cartoons for fucks sake) despite having criticised Utena and Tokyo Mew Mew and admitting that she forced herself to watch Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon. The only magical girl show she used in her meme that she seems to genuinely like for anything other than the aesthetic is Pretty Cure.

It's just weird that someone who has such a superficial interest in the genre would shit on a show seemingly just because it's popular.

No. 350848

I think it's lame when people gatekeep over anything anime, period.

No. 350864

>It's just weird that someone who has such a superficial interest in the genre would shit on a show seemingly just because it's popular.

I dunno anon, it looks a lot like that over-compensatory homophobia some closeted gays have. Deep down she knows she's a poseur so she overcompensates by gatekeeping. She also can't stand not being the centre of attention or not standing out, which she doesn't have any real way to do so she's just contrarian.

Her attitude towards CCS properly autismo triggers me though. If you like the genre at all, even superficially, how can it be a chore to sit through CCS!?

No. 350881

Okay, okay, lets agree to disagree. Like I said before this is pointless, and we should end this convo here and be done with it.

No. 350902

Stop derailing and go to /ot/

No. 350978


Wait.. at the beginning she says "my mum booked a suite, usually we don't have a suite because i go with people who are not my mum" and in the current con vid she said it was the first time she went with her friends and without her mum?! Did i catch the wrong?

No. 351000

literally read the fucking insert. omg this is so dangerous

No. 351004

As someone who went to fashion school, I can attest that if your aesthetic is non-mainstream in any way, you're going to get worse grades and have a much harder time in general than your classmates. Professors in fashion school expect you to cater to current trends, and Jill can't and won't do that. Especially in a 2-year program like the one she wants to attend, they care much less about contrived "originality" than the ability to create sellable designs (i.e. things that appeal to current trendy audiences)

No. 351011

She's always gone with her mom or the person she was dating. She's never driven up by herself just to meet friends.

No. 351102

didn't she say that the room was in her name

No. 351118

No. 351121


>Jill: It's really hard to trademark or copyright an idea…

Hopefully she realizes the significance of intellectual property and its theft, etc. if she ever actually gets into fashion school cause that's an industry where copycatting and borrowing or downright knocking-off ideas happens constantly.

No. 351125

Once again we have a box opening of stuff that was already opened.

No. 351127

File: 1499868860479.jpg (65.49 KB, 445x129, jdjahk.jpg)

guess she misspelled the title at first?
I feel like every time she uploads a video there is some kind of issue with it

otherwise, this video is way too fucking long lol 17 mins for a couple makeup brushes?

No. 351128

also sage for samefag and petty nitpick, but isn't this the same dress she also wore in her recent livestream and that picture she just uploaded? >>350386
is it the one she got from Bonne Chance?

No. 351138

File: 1499871179491.png (71.6 KB, 640x541, IMG_5807.PNG)

No. 351139

File: 1499871303966.png (321.85 KB, 304x410, jill2.png)

Um, is something wrong with the color of her hair on top of her head?

No. 351140


She does terrible yellowy bleach jobs on her hair and it comes out gross.

No. 351148

I was distracted by that too. It looks so bad. Go to a professional Jill.

No. 351149

File: 1499873199828.png (50.38 KB, 558x391, IMG_0644.PNG)

No. 351151

Her sub growth and view count is going up ridiculously fast. I'm pretty sure she was only around 40k, maybe even 38k when she went to Japan? Now she's up 93k from 90k literally within three days. I wonder where all these views/subs are pouring in from? I feel sad knowing better youtubers with hundreds of thousands of subs that barely manage 30k per video. Even up until last winter I think Jill was only averaging 10k per vid. Who's her new demographic?

>i'm not a real youtuber

but jill you've claimed youtube is one of your jobs for years..

Also she's using those as powder brushes but flat end brushes are used for liquid products, so she has a liquid foundation and liquid/cream contour brush (they're obviously synthetic which is also meant for liquid). She can use the other tapered contour for powder, but as she mentioned she doesn't contour at all so why purchase two contour brushes. Just stop jill. It takes a quick google search to sort this out. No need to sit on camera looking like an idiot.

No. 351152


Oh fuck. She could fix this at home but she's clearly lazy. Looks like she's bleaching her roots and not taking the time to tone or even throw on a damn purple shampoo. Seriously it would take her 20 minutes.

Also she's trying to do those ugly ass pastels on hair that isn't 100% platinum/white. Because again, she's lazy. And she's probably dyeing way more often than an average person because doesn't she dilute her colors with conditioner?

No. 351163

Imagine if it turned out Louise is buying her subs

No. 351187

I get that she gets excited by new outfits and wants to wear them a lot but at least change for the videos. We already saw that dress on the live stream and a bunch of Instagram pics. Does she just never change? It's like when she got that pastel puffy dress from lazyof

No. 351190


No. 351218

i wonder if these are made from the same stuff as those glitter phone cases which gave people chemical burns when broken

im also curious how shes gaining subs. i havent been able to watch any of her recent videos because her voice is so grating and annoying, not to mention she will stretch out one topic into a 20 minute circlejerk for herself whilst bringing nothing new to the discussion. its so boring

No. 351262

File: 1499886660086.png (48.95 KB, 990x678, ss (2017-07-12 at 12.10.18).pn…)

Wait Im confused. It says they only ship within the UK. Did she have a friend in the UK ship them to her or something?

No. 351264

File: 1499886857970.png (1.22 MB, 1271x712, noonewantedthis.png)

No. 351267

Would it really surprise anyone?

No. 351294

Duh! She's like besties with the uk squad, fake gays need to stick together!! Besties!

No. 351309

I bet she send the company a ˚✧₊⁎~ cheeky onegaishimasu ~⁎⁺˳✧༚ to get them shipped to Canada. Wouldn't surprise me anyway.

No. 351311


She claimed in the video that they had just recently added international shipping, and the owner told her so via Facebook.

So they didn't do anything special for her. She just got lucky with the timing.

No. 351349

Wait did anyone notice how she mentions near the end how she ~Loves claires and Forever 21~
Yet whenever someone brings up F21s shitty business practices shes all about that fast fashion hate?

No. 351358

did she just assume the brushes' gender?

No. 351365

File: 1499895935689.jpg (663.22 KB, 1275x714, jill.jpg)

yeah was wondering about that too
I feel like she can never make up her mind whether she's riding the ~uwu supporting small indie brands!!~ or the basic tumblr bitch that loves shopping bandwagon

also again with the fucking eyebrows… please learn to wash your face at least once a day Jill ugh

No. 351630

What a humble brag anon. I went to design school myself and let me say this if you have an avant garde pallet for fashion, there is indeed a niche in the fashion industry for that. It's just a matter of how well you can execute your ideas, how skilled and well connected you are and what branch of the fashion industry you are looking to work in. Especially if you look to work in high fashion and not the forever 21 trash shoots of disposable fast fashion. Jill will never cut it in fashion due to her inability to even have a style long term.

No. 351681

File: 1499924279644.jpg (322.69 KB, 610x868, 6r4kVvX.jpg)

No. 351682


The colors actually all match. The scrunchie is a weird mint green and idk how I feel about fuzzy hoops with leathery/PVC skirt but she doesn't look bad.

No. 351685

If it wasn't for the hair and glasses, this would be a really good look (we don't know what shoes she paired it with, tho).

No. 351698

This. Wanted to call out other anon but cbf

No. 351710

thats really cute. i think shes developing a more cohesive aesthetic. kinda 80s animeesque. i like it tbh. i think she has some good ideas for her style but doesnt always pull it off because what looks good in her head doesnt always translate to irl. she should dress like this more often.

No. 351714

Agreed, this is actually pretty cute, minus the poor choice of accessories. It's even fairly flattering on her body type. I do wish she'd do something different with her hair though, the color and cut are really not doing her any favors and often clash with her outfits rather than compliment them. The granny glasses need to go too. I don't get why she doesn't opt for a cute colorful thicker framed pair that would go along with her aesthetic so much better.

No. 351716


I think her hair could look cute if she would just curl her bangs in with a flat iron

No. 351717

I actually like this, I agree on the changing her hair part tho. I think if she dyed the rest of her white blonde and dyed only her bangs one pastel shade, it would look 100% times better and still fit with her aesthetic.

No. 351721

Yeah, honestly this round of rainbow hair has been her best so far. The person did a solid job and in theory, it's kind of cute, but she never styles it in a flattering way and the primary colors tend to clash with all the pastels she wears. I think if she went with more subdued hues, it would make a world of difference.

No. 351722

File: 1499929812427.png (531.36 KB, 751x507, screenshoot.png)

Decided to stalk her instagram a bit (fairly new to Jill so haven't seen all her hairstyles ) even this is way cuter, idk I just find the combo of super bright hair and her clothes…too much.

No. 351733

Nah, I agree, the more subdued hues are totally better and less tacky/clashy with her typical wardrobe. I honestly like this better on her though I'm still not sold on the cut. Maybe if she'd lighten her eyebrows just a little it would look better?

No. 351781

tbh, this is the best jill has looked in ages, maybe she'll keep the pastel rainbow hair

No. 351786


This was almost two years ago.

No. 351790

File: 1499951003699.png (2.96 MB, 1068x1600, RRL7.png)

If you keep scrolling her insta, you'll eventually find her classic/sweet hime lolita phase she had when she first got popular.

Then you'll realize jill's always known what looks good and cohesive, she just throws shit together nowadays because it's attention grabbing and eventually the cute lolita shtick got old for her. She felt like she could never be special enough as a lolita because the community was so large, if you watch her "my fashion identity?" video she literally says lolita all started to look the same to her and at one point she says "pink, white, gold" were the only colours in her wardrobe which was too subdued and oppressive for her?

She knows what looks good but positive attention =/= enough attention for her. She needs to be the most speshul snowflake.

No. 351799

As a Lolita hers skills of coordination actually depress me

No. 351808

someone asked her if she'd do lolita again during one of her streams and she said no. The reason she gave is that she doesn't have the money to spend $300 on just a main piece, let alone accessories. So it's not that lolita got old for her, it's that she never figured out how to participate in the fashion without spending tons. She couldn't keep up.

No. 351813

Jill wastes tons of money all the time on things she never wears, if she ever claims the price is why she quit, that's bullshit.

On top of that, lolita dresses are based on pretty simple shapes and things, and as someone who claims to be a designer one would think she might have interest in making her own to save instead of buying brand.

Jill spent $300-$400 on a pair of ugly, tacky shoes she NEVER wears that don't fit. Like, twice.

She even made a video about being lolita on a budget when she was a lolita. It's obvious she could but chooses not to. She basically summed it up in her fashion identity video. Lolita and any distinct style with rules is 'too restrictive' for her. AKA she just wants t be different and special and in control of everything.

People like this will forever avoid things with any real structure or guidelines or rules set by other people because they can't handle not always getting their way. They are spoiled in the worst way.

Maybe Jill will change while she still has everything she needs to be successful still sitting right in her lap/constantly being handed to her. She could then at least take advantage of those things in a more constructive way rather than making excuses for why she has to be so different and special all the time.

No. 351852

Hating lolita the way she does is so bizarre. A lot of people grow out of a fashion but don't hate it.
Imagine being so sensitive to criticism you make your own fashion where you view yourself as immune to judgement. She just wasn't creative enough to stand out in lolita so she made her own fashion she could stand out in without any creativity really.
Claiming money or "bullying" is the reason she quit is so much shit. She probably spends as much and gets as much shit for her party kei clothes as she did for lolita

No. 351898

Yeah, no, that's a brand new bullshit excuse of hers. She left because of the LACE video, because of haters and the restrictions she felt with her ~creativity~. Not to mention she bought like half a dozen main pieces within the span of half a year when she was a Lolita.

Even this year she spent 3000$ on harajuku fashion in Japan alone and then bought 400$ irregular choice shoes and so on. The makeup brushes she just got shipped from the UK were likely over a hundred bucks with customs and she didn't even want them for makeup purposes, they're just meant to sit in a pretty vase according to her.

The truth is that no lolita youtuber is very big. Jill only got decent sub growth after she "expanded" her style and she doesn't care about pandering to the Lolita comm for popularity anymore.

No. 351958

The way you put it is great, it really makes her sound like a female Chris-Chan.
I mean her obsession with little kids shows, her literally saying that she wants to dress like a clown/as attention grabbing as possible, claiming that she's a designer/artist when she really isn't, her room being a fucking hoarder cave where she actually keeps empty candy wrappers and stuff because of her 'aesthetic', being completely unable to accept any kind of criticism, her only being able to stomach American fast food, her complete lack of fucking common sense…
Sorry for the long list, but she really does start looking like a female CWC/autist neckbeard poster child.

Also seconding what everyone else said regarding the lolita thing. You can get lolita for quite cheap actually if you just buy secondhand, and a lot of it is better quality and longer lasting than for example that awful cherry slip dress she got.
The only people who usually bring up the "lolita is so expensive, every dress costs $300!" argument are complete newbies.

No. 351978

As some anons pointed out, she had a video about lolita on a budget but deleted it when BTB pointed out that she was a spoiled 16 year old who had no bills and no clue how to 'budget' anything. Even then she claimed it was all thanks to her hard work that she could afford dresses although Louise bought her many main pieces around that time.

Anyways the video is nowhere to be found online, it was one of her very first uploads, but she still has this blog post up from almost three years ago.


No. 351982

Why does she lie about it now?
iirc when she bought that cherry slip dress in Japan she justified the price (which was about $100) by saying that she's actually been wanting AP's Wrapping Cherry (or some other cherry print), but since that was too expensive for her the slip dress was actually cheap in comparison.
She said in the past that she quit lolita because it was too restrictive, why does she blame it solely on the price now?

No. 351984

OK sage for samefag but here's what I'm talking about, timestamp at 16:00.
So basically she spent $170 on an ugly cherry slip dress because it reminded her of 'expensive' cherry prints from AP.
She says that she wouldn't be able to wear any AP dress in her current style anymore which is pretty stupid, since a lot of APs cherry dresses came in more casual styles too.

But yeah, she literally says here that it isn't about the money with lolita, but just that she 'can't' wear any of the pieces with her current style.

No. 352062

around the end of the video she says she commented on Facebook that she was gonna order a bunch but realized they don't ship outside the UK, which the owner then replied saying they just added international shipping.

No. 352075

She's at 95k now wtf

No. 352204

File: 1500006785232.png (277.32 KB, 618x607, YZG8jzQ.png)

I thought Jill might be using some child's fan art as part of her new intro but actually, she drew this

No. 352206

Looks like something a middle schooler would draw.

No. 352235

How is this worse than what she normally draws holy shit.

Also Jill please when you are drawing flip the canvas horizontally to see your errors and correct them. This face is wonky af

No. 352268

>lopsided face
>one eye bigger than the other
>weird shading on hair
>disjointed neck
>arms squishing non-existent chest

how is this THIS BAD

No. 352277

File: 1500020011374.jpg (18.91 KB, 621x315, graphic_design_is_my_passion.j…)

This is honestly atrocious. Not just from an art, but also from a design perspective.
Isn't the year at college that she's planning to skip out on supposed to teach art fundamentals? She is REALLY in need of that.
There are some tumblr famous artists that have a huge following despite having lack luster anatomy and such, but usually they manage to make their art look aesthetically pleasing in some way.
There is absolutely nothing that stands out positively in Jill's art.
This is just laughable and she will never make it into any kind of art related school or profession if that is what her portfolio looks like.

No. 352278

this is really late, but i was looking at the momo thread and came across pixielocks. i was at animaritime this year and my friends pointed her out since i didn't know who she was. my two impressions of her was her being completely lost during her masquerade performance, which was a shitshow and i couldn't believe it. the other one was leaving my hotel room to see her barreling towards a corner as soon as i entered the foyer to barf into a trash can. no idea why, but her friends didn't go see if she was ok and just kind stared at us as we walked past. a+, best memory of animaritime.

No. 352350

It seems canon.

No. 352393

File: 1500045697266.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170714-082042.png)

Pixie is going live suddenly

No. 352398

guess she wants to make some more money

No. 352400

First to spot period dude gets a shiny gold star

No. 352401

File: 1500046192216.png (30.29 KB, 408x416, IMG_3265.PNG)

She called her Laptop a "Macky Booky". I wonder how often she does the baby talk thing in her everyday life

No. 352402

>realizes she's not making enough from claires this month for an expensive gaudy fashion purchase
>impromptu live stream confetti club $$$ !!!

No. 352405

She just said shes going to try and live stream EVERY friday oh god. I thought at first she said she was going to do it one or two times a month. I cant keep wasting my fridays like this

No. 352411

File: 1500046959784.png (320.9 KB, 478x438, nasalspray.png)


No. 352416

To those of you actually willing to sit through her livestreams to bring us the lols: I salute you.

I seriously don't have the patience. I can barely sit through her normal videos. I assume she's even more long winded and tangent prone than her YouTube videos

No. 352417

fuck she's so boring, how do u guys manage listening to this shit

No. 352419

she said that she's making enough money off of youtube that she wouldn't have to work retail anymore, but she really loves claires and wants to work there because it gives her a routine lol

No. 352422

I weirdly agree with her that having a routine at claires is good for her. Could you imagine if she quit and was at home 24/7 ? She would became a complete sloth

No. 352424

How can you look at yourself on video and continue to make such ugly faces? What the fuck

How does she make herself so hideous. Like she's not got a lot going for her to begin with but sweet fuck that should be more reason to avoid such ugly, intentional, exaggerated expressions

Somehow this is what bothers me most about her

No. 352425

she just said making the live streams is so tough she always passes out after finishing them

No. 352427

yeah I absolutely agree with you, it was just funny hearing her say that considering that she plans on becoming a fashion designer and having an own company
she should really start trying to learn some self discipline and routine

No. 352430

Aka her unhealthy ass takes a nap after overloading on carbs/sugars all day

No. 352433

she talked about the Madoka meme thing a bit, she had an analogy saying that liking/enjoying Madoka as a magical girl show is like thinking of Gwen Stefani as a symbol for harajuku fashion?

No. 352434

What a shit explanation.

No. 352436

Jill just now realized that she probably doesn't love CCS enough to get a tattoo of it lol.
She considers getting a PreCure/Doremi one now after her cat one.
Her mom is apparently super supportive of anything she'd want to get tattooed, while her dad doesn't want to hear about it at all kek.

No. 352439

File: 1500049457607.png (251.76 KB, 504x564, cats.png)

It drives me nuts that she wants to get her own art tattooed on her. Just shows how conceited she is.

Most artists are pretty self loathing of their art, I just cant imagine how she thinks the things she makes are good enough to be on her skin for the rest of her life…??? Plus most artists are always trying to improve so in a few years if she does improve, this artwork is going to make her cringe.

No. 352441

A couple years back she dressed up as a 'normie'/basic bitch for Halloween lol…

No. 352443

All of these juvenile pinks and blues she wears make all of her outfits automatically cheap and ugly. Also that tattoo is atrocious.

is2g every time I read this thread she reminds me more of Kailyn and Louise of Mama Wilcher kek. The similarities just keep adding on.

>getting a shitty tattoo

>embarrassing herself on livestream
>never washing her face
>enabler mom
>eating sugar all day and napping
>hoarding makeup, buying useless shit
>not going to school or having a legit job, dependent on parents
>spastic facial movements and weird speech
>no real friends
>does not understand the concepts behind non-childrens tv shows

No. 352458


Why can't she just be honest with herself and say she hates it instead of dragging out more shit comparisons?

Arms don't shade like that…. I wish she'd use a reference before shading or drawing.

No. 352465

I think this is being pretty nitpicky. I don't see what's wrong with her getting her own art tattooed on her.

No. 352468

Believe me, it's not nitpicky. I draw for a living and I'd NEVER get my own stuff tattooed on me, simply because as you continue drawing you get better and better and your old stuff starts looking worse and worse to you. It shows she doesn't think of the future at all, or that she doesn't think she can possibly get better at drawing.

No. 352480

I draw for a living too and I've seen many people get their own art tattooed on themselves. There's nothing wrong with never wanting it yourself but I don't think it's wrong if someone does want to do it. I don't think it shows that someone thinks they'll never improve because they think they're already great, it just means they like it enough to put it on them.

No. 352507

File: 1500055999410.jpg (7.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 352545

So I guess the real answer is not only did she not enjoy Madoka, she didn't understand Madoka, as literally none of the references she makes to it are accurate or true.

No. 352570

Anything to attract an audience.

No. 352675

jill you gotta go to a real art school or a university with a good art program. if you work hard youll be fine! but i dont think shell be able to get it together in time. which is fair, i was scared shitless before i went to art school myself. (especially because like jill,i have anxiety and im from a super tiny rural town.) but if somebody really wants to put themselves out there and have personal growth, they have to get out of their comfort zone!
if she does it, i think there will be a lot of people cheering her on, but… shes got to really work hard, you know? her style is very distinctive imo(no really) and i feel like it has potential, but her anatomy and general skill set could improve. if shes gonna skip to do youtube stuff for an even longer time, her skills could deteriorate.(blog)

No. 352703

what are you doing

No. 352713

What are these skills you speak of her having?

No. 352730

meguka is the magical girl anime those 'this song is about meee' girls cling to while giving it false symbolism when all it is is just edgy shaft shit

No. 352740

Are your eyes and ass reversed?(unsaged, shitpost)

No. 352764

i wonder how much cheap plastic crap she uses once and then throws into a landfill. but seeing parts of her room she probably just hoards it

No. 352778

Hey now.

No. 352785


No. 352800

That's the secret her room is the landfill

No. 352869

File: 1500098790084.png (880.54 KB, 586x587, og jill.PNG)


i hope she does.

she's a phony. she's into this kawaii shit at the moment, but she'll dump it just like she dumped her lolita shtick and her "i'm so punk rock!!!!" shtick. she has no personality. maybe next year or so she'll be a hipster or a rockabilly girl, who knows. anyway, if she gets one of those shitty cutesy tattoos its going to be in her forever. so it will be funny when in a year or two she's going through a "i'm so goth/emo/whatever is trendy atm" phase and her ugly cute tatoos clash completely with her new "style".

i don't know. i feel like she'll ditch the forever 21 for the hot topic in no time. like remember when she was obsessed with muse or whatever? and never talked about them again? god i wish she had gotten them tattooed honestly. she's fake as hell. i'll bet you she'll dump that shitty pretty cure show in no time and never talk about her toys and all again.

No. 352898

im not trying to defend jill, youre probably right lol but i think its important to remember how young she is. shes a fuckin baby child lol. we all went thru a lot of changing and exploring different styles. jill is pretty insufferable tho… no doubt.

sage for bs thoughts

No. 352899

>fucking baby child

She's 19, a fully grown adult in most cultures. Surely she understands how time works.

No. 352919

How young are you? 19 IS still very young to go through many changes in personality and style. I'm not the anon you replied to but you're being stupid.

No. 352924

It looks like she liked cute stuff in her punk rock phase too from this photo with the my little pony patch and little twin stars phone case with pastel pink hair. At least it's not the magical girl wand dildo tattoo.

No. 352932

Most 19 year olds go through changes without dropping $500 on shoes that don't fit.

No. 352943

This is so cute, she should take pointers from her past self

No. 352945

yeah the pink kawaii pastel thing is what a lot of "alt" girls are going now it will fade out eventually for some, it's just SUPER trendy now

No. 352963


Some people just look ugly when they talk. Source: am one of those people who looks normal otherwise but involuntarily makes stupid faces while talking

Sage for no1curr

No. 352973

She'll never be able to live down that purchase lol
Yesterday during the stream she was complaining about how much video games costs and all I could think about were all of those expensive fashion purchases which forever disappeared in her hoarder cave but she thinks are justified because "she's totes a fashion designer so it's ok to waste so much money on clothes uwu"
She just has no sense of money/value at all

No. 352980

It really makes me wonder what jill means when she says "I make enough off youtube to sustain myself". It seems like she's just considering small things like the price of gas, car payments, phone bill and disposal income she requires staying with her parents. I wouldn't even be surprised if her parents pay the phone bill considering they help with her car payments.

I don't think she can realistically manage rent (especially getting an apartment to her standards), electricity bills, internet bills, student loans, groceries and all other necessities. She has expensive taste and no clue the value of money vs cost of living. Also for non-canadafags here, the cost of living in Canada is actually quite high atm.

No. 352986

File: 1500136692464.png (984.21 KB, 900x675, 1438729060845.png)

That's closer to her alt kawaii era though. I think she was already cosplaying Sailor Moon around that time.

It must of taken her a while to grow out this mohawk and then she started incorporating more girly styles when her hair grew in I guess.

No. 352993

At least she lives in PEI. In Quebec, the school tuition and loans and houses are atrocious. Suburban Toronto isn't too expensive, but I'm from quebec and trust me it's terrible.

sage for canadian stuff

No. 353016

Gather round, sweet puppy surprise baby children.

Pixie's gonna tell you how to get mad youtube buxx.

No. 353019


"This isn't about marketing"

No. 353022

it always makes me a lil sad to see this pic.
i get she was anorexic then but shit she was so much cuter in general.

No. 353023

lmfao anon, legally sure. but i do not know many mentally mature 19 year olds. hell, i was def a straight up insufferable pos at 19 well into my twenties. wait till she hits 25.

No. 353024

Quebec has the second-lowest tuition fees in the country and has rent control, you nimrod.

No. 353025

why cant she just wear her hair down on the sides of her face? it really bothers me and i feel like it would be so much more flattering than having it always pulled back behind her ears somehow. aaaaaaa

No. 353028

"YouTube Secrets"
Just let the algorithm work in your favor. Have a bunch of people click onto your channel because they're wondering who this wild fuck is with the rainbow hair.

No. 353031

wait what? sage for OT but you seriously need to look up statistics, Quebec is the cheapest province in the country for tuition and rent.

Basically this >>353024 if anything jill would do herself a favor by moving there.

She's bragged about her "successful branding" ever since starting youtube though, didn't she have an interview with a PEI newspaper talking about it? Basically she thinks she's genius but has yet to figure out basic editing lmao.

No. 353042


I suffered through it just to reaffirm my suspicions that Jill would go on and on telling people not to do the exact things she does.

Basically Jill:
>don't collab with people if u arent really friends guise!!!1
>no trend hopping my confetti peeps in marshmallow tea
>don't make vids just for $$$

"YouTube is my JOB guise!!!" "I need to make vids that I know will get more views"

>keep consistent branding 1000% never change

Changes style every five minutes if she thinks she's not getting enough attention

>always check ur social blade and compare urself to see your place even though it's not official YouTube cuz it's important

Video titled 'Stop Comparing Yourself to Others' was total BS, Jill is super competitive and wants to win and if she doesn't she gets insanely upset.

No. 353045


sage for samefag (hit post before I was done typing)

But on the collabs: Jill collabed with a bunch of Jvloggers just for views and everyone found her awkward and annoying even if they tried hard not to.

And trend hopping: she LITERALLY mentions in the video the two or three full face of whatever videos that she did because "it can be fun to hop onto trends"

No. 353047

any of y'all think she's gonna hop onto the k-pop train at some point bc i mean it's such a trend at the moment and jill ??? lives for trends lmao

also i feel like a lot of girl groups that are popular nowadays would actually cater towards her ~*kawaii uguu*~ taste

No. 353057

She's said she doesn't like kpop and pretty much ignores all her fans requests to talk about kpop.

But she rarely resists the urge to hop on trends and she already listens to jpop according to her so I don't think it would be a big jump.

Although I will become ten times more salty because she's already co-opted most of my favorite interests/hobbies and claims authority on them already. She might be intimidated by the fandoms though considering that she only jumps into niche communities that she thinks will adore and worship her as the most ~hardcore~ fan girl of them all.

No. 353061


Even with a very superficial understanding of kpop I am pretty sure some of those hardcore fans would rip Jill three new assholes if she tried to do the same thing she did with lolita and magical girls to any reasonably popular kpop girl or guy group.

No. 353062

>Video titled 'Stop Comparing Yourself to Others' was total BS, Jill is super competitive and wants to win and if she doesn't she gets insanely upset.

Yeah, you can see this any time she wasn't given a lead in the musical or 1st place at a costume contest.

No. 353097

>jill: youtubers are so secretive, fuck you! help other people!
>also jill: I don't want to make sewing vids because i'm a designer and that's like secrets of the trade!

Besides the fact that these "how to youtube" videos are actually very common at the moment. I think I've seen over 5 youtubers I'm subscribed to upload their "how to make money/edit vids/start youtubing" videos this week alone because clearly it brings in a decent amount of views.

No. 353105

that's easily one of the most annoying things about Jill, she's constantly trying to act like this "hehe real talk I'm so real with ya'll uwu I don't even have a script for this video" guru type person, but then she's just so dishonest about basically everything

No. 353128


Let's be real, Jill isn't making sewing vids because she can't fucking sew. She is YouTube friends with Annika Victoria and her fans probably have some crossover with her and other sewing or craft channels and everyone would notice her lack of skill immediately.

No. 353140

All Jill does is plagiarize an existing sewing pattern and "adapts" it to whatever revolting weeb characters aesthetics she's vibing on at the moment for whatever con she is attending. Her sewing skills if you can call them that are subpar and mediocre. No wonder she doesn't want to open herself up to the scrutiny of others. ;-) kek Jill is a hack.

No. 353155

man it's actually pretty sad how none of Jill's videos display any of her talents or skills
she said before that she's really good at playing the piano but she's too afraid of being judged so she won't ever upload her playing it or such
I'd rather see her try to make a sewing video even if she isn't the best at it than just do another unboxing/haul/useless talking video

No. 353193

Learn to sage

No. 353335

File: 1500180060811.png (58.81 KB, 750x678, IMG_2087.PNG)

She's decided not to use the intro she already made and posted about on Instagram

No. 353337

File: 1500180112972.png (156.96 KB, 750x841, IMG_2090.PNG)

No. 353339

File: 1500180127653.png (99.33 KB, 750x821, IMG_2089.PNG)

No. 353344

It's for the YouNow donations, let's not even pretend that isn't the main reason

No. 353358

What happened to that F though?

No. 353360

looks like she broke a p in half to make another f.

No. 353407

But why not macaroni and glitter?
If she's really gonna go the kiddie food picture route, well…

No. 353425

But anon!!!! Macaroni doesn't fit her *~Kawaii aesthetic~* of glorified diabetes!!!

No. 353438

Needs more peeps tbh.

No. 353443

Can you get donations through YouTube live streams?

No. 353500


At least she does occasionally use the childish garbage sitting on the shelf behind her bed.

>She got more use from those children's candy gummy letters than the $300+ 'gummy' rabbit shoes she raved about

No. 353510

File: 1500216205023.jpg (147.11 KB, 749x1091, IMG_0231.JPG)

I still don't understand why Jill has argued with people that party kei is so original and different.

>it's totally unlike peco kei, fairy kei, pop kei >it's her ~own style~

But every day when I scroll through insta, I find girls with the exact same aesthetic done better.

No. 353511

File: 1500216231690.jpg (243.79 KB, 749x1129, IMG_0233.JPG)

No. 353512

File: 1500216259768.jpg (164.71 KB, 749x946, IMG_0232.JPG)

No. 353513

File: 1500216380693.jpg (173.45 KB, 749x857, IMG_0234.JPG)

No. 353515

The others you posted are good, but this one is a monstrosity and it wouldn't surprise me to find out that she's a fan of Jill.

No. 353516


Not the same anon but it's not that bad from like, the neck up. Compared to half the stuff Jill wears. and she actually colors her eyebrows to match her hair at least.

I guess in a thread about Jill though it's easy to find ugly stuff cute by comparison.

No. 353521

i really like the colours this girl chose for her hair and her makeup looks like what jill wishes she could do
they all look better than her even the one that looks like a weird jill clone. i think jill is someone who shows that money cant buy ~style~

No. 353531

File: 1500219533490.png (147.65 KB, 800x161, banner.png)

lol I really wonder what made her decide against using that animated monstrosity

her YT banner is in the same style too now. I guess gross gummy candy laying around in glitter is a pretty fitting image for her

No. 353535

File: 1500220113330.jpg (427.95 KB, 2048x1463, IMG_2092.JPG)

A photo from the photo shoot they had done is out and it's pretty unimpressive. They're looking in different directions, and I really hope they actually posed in the other photos

No. 353544


No. 353545

File: 1500221422219.jpg (255.26 KB, 1280x722, Mahou_Tsukai_Pretty_Cures.jpg)

that accuracy lol

No. 353549

those two other girls make Jill look amazing jfc

No. 353576

File: 1500226846336.png (88.29 KB, 718x935, IMG_2093.PNG)

No. 353578

At least this one has a coherent theme? Still looks tacky as hell.

No. 353580

File: 1500227360091.png (45.16 KB, 750x169, IMG_2094.PNG)

No. 353581

She really should have changed that scrunchie to less.. moldy colored one

No. 353582

i love how the phone isnt plugged into anything haha

No. 353584

That dress looks so freaking cheap and tacky…fits Jill's aesthetics to a T. ;-)

No. 353656

Really es she mention that these where brought up in the partykei group by someone saying lime crime is the devil but these are cute or something along those lines?

No. 353661

The rainbow hair looks a lot better in thus cut/style. Still a bit much, but pretty cute.

Tbh I feel like this is the best Jill has looked in a long while. Her hair isn't all grown out like it usually is, looks more pastel, and is actually styled in a fairly cute way. Did she dye it recently or did she shoop it? The dress is kind of cute in a really tacky, kitschy way, but I like the color theme, it's just the same pattern on both the top/bottom is a bit too much/busy. Her accesories are still bad though and she should have had the phone cord go off screen.

I feel like she might be lurking here and taking advice? People were talking about how her primary hair colors were clashing with the pastel outfits and it looks like she muted her haircolor via editing in this?

No. 353668

I like her hairstyle, but that dress makes her look like a sausage in tight casing.

No. 353672

I love this tbh. Her hair is def color corrected. No way it actually looks this good lol and the phone is one of those dumb fake ones u plug into a smartphone

No. 353689

The dress is so cheap you can see her bra thru it lmao

No. 353714

File: 1500244467525.png (191.5 KB, 750x1096, IMG_2095.PNG)

No. 353723

Okay maybe it's the inner tumblrina inside me, but does she have to keep comparing herself to an Indian character? Apart from a Sun hat she has literally no similarities to Connie.

No. 353743

What is she holding in her right hand?

No. 353748

It's probably just the strap to either her camera or a purse/bag

No. 353751

That's a skirt and a top ya'll, not a dress. Only Jill would think they go well together. It's matchy matchy in that ugly Jillian way.

No. 353755


I like the 80's aesthetic of this tbh. But the 80's were tacky as shit, so…

No. 353773

she really likes that dress huh lol

No. 353819

File: 1500255291404.png (20.28 KB, 846x178, DkKRIxL.png)

So even though Jill's at almost 100k followers, her new videos are still getting pretty shitty view counts? Like no different than from when she was in the 30ks.
I have a feeling that people are going to unsub when they realize she's boring as fuck and only does 1 con video a year and the Japan trip was a one-time deal.

No. 353834

its the usb part that the plastic pink phone plugs into your computer/cell with

No. 353842

Ooops I thought that anon was asking about the beach photo

No. 353862

I think this one did particularly badly because it's such a long video for a subject matter that the majority of her watchers won't care about

otherwise I assume that a lot of people subscribed during her Japan phase, I mean as awful as those vlogs were at least she showed different locations and stuff
all of her videos now are just her sitting around in her bedroom either giving her opinion on something or doing a review/unboxing, I can see why no one's watching that stuff

No. 353916

File: 1500271145983.jpg (44.04 KB, 488x419, Betsey-Johnson-Hotline-Phone-C…)

I forget if she owns one but if I had to guess its one of those phone things from the Betsy Johnson phone bags

No. 354006

She most likely bought followers.

No. 354030

File: 1500301564168.png (161.74 KB, 750x880, IMG_2096.PNG)

No. 354034

GOD. the rainbow hair honestly makes her look so washed out. either that or louise can't take a photo.

No. 354045

Can you even buy yt subs though? I thought they were pretty strict about bot accounts. I kinda have to believe Jill when she says the algorithm is working in her favour, there were a lot of comments from people saying they saw her in their recommended section.

No. 354057

Why is she lecturing people on collabs when she has literally never collaborated with anyone? Am I missing something here?

No. 354065

Anyone remember the drama in the party kei group over that girls huge drawn on eyebrows?? Turns out the girl thinks she's a 'living doll'

No. 354073

She collabed with sharla and peachy milk girl.

She also asked albinwonderland to collaborate but was turned down kek. I also got the impression she was shading Lor and Alb when she kept mentioning people who collab in every video/use it as a crutch for views.

I could be looking into it too much but I don't think it's a coincidence that Jill stopped leaving comments for alb and didn't mention her anymore after Lor started appearing in her vids on the regular. She said alb was one of her idols and even drew her fan art but jill never seemed to be a fan of Lor and this wouldn't be the first time she threw shade at her in my opinion. Idk when she was younger she obsessed over princess peachie, deerstalkers, alb and more recently the UK weeb crew but even as a Lolita she never seemed to care for Lor.

No. 354087


No. 354094

Because Lor does not have the same kind of personality type as Jill whatsoever. Lor has also sorta said stuff like about how you don't have to be a life style Lolita etc which in sure at the time rustled Jill's knickers

No. 354097

Then again peachie and alb don't really have the same personality or appeal either so maybe it's because they're more "aesthetic" than lor?

No. 354162

File: 1500318645255.png (71.07 KB, 750x434, IMG_2099.PNG)

No. 354165

Ew keep your unhygenic chicken nuggies gross was out of LA Jill

No one likes you here

No. 354169

There's literally no reason for her to go to Vidcon. She doesn't collaborate with any of the people who would go nor does she really have the style to do collaborations with any people there.

Just go to Hyper Japan and meet your UK idoru e-fame friends, Jill.

No. 354170

When did alb say no to a collab?? Too funny, but not surprising in the least.

Also there was the small beef between lor and jill when jill made that dumb lolita April fools joke, so I'm guessing alb is just not interested in having anything to do with jill. Not to mention their ages and maturity levels just do not match up in the least.

No. 354171

She'll likely end up in London and have awkward collabs with Beckii and the U.K. weeks and feel overwhelmed with London and cry because no one cares about her at that con

No. 354175


Jill probably also likes Peachy because she gets to work from home doing a job in a creative field eating sweets half the time and still be cute. Jill wishes she could do that.

The difference is that Peachy has a legitimate medical condition that keeps her indoors a lot and likely puts hard work and effort into her IRL job. She's gotten a bit chubby but at least she can dress well.

No. 354189

File: 1500321855737.png (913.61 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2350.PNG)

No. 354190

File: 1500321917500.png (928.63 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2351.PNG)

No. 354191

She said in a livestream that she bought the vidcon tickets though. How is she having this dilemma after spending her money already?

No. 354192

File: 1500321944460.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2352.PNG)

No. 354193

Man how is this person not a troll

No. 354198

Just have a look through her awful Instagram

No. 354217

living cabbage patch doll maybe

No. 354231

I hope Jill goes to the UK and cries after people don't kiss her ass or make way for her highness on the streets

No. 354233


>that pudding choker is literally choking her fat ass



i mean, this is exactly what i imgined that a fan of jill would look like tbh

No. 354261

But it's just kinda tacky to do in general? I've known plenty of artists who bring in examples/sketches of what they want to their tattoo artist. BUT then the professional who is being paid to draw up, create & customize the artwork PLUS actually tattoo it, usually has some suggestions to make the piece look 100xs better. It's really just not recommended by any artist worth their salt since art drawn w/ a flat surface in mind, doesn't usually transfer well & small details can look muddy & will blob out on the skin in a few years.

Could totally see her going to Lauren Winzer tho (popular "tattooer" that shits out super wonky girly tattoos).

No. 354267

Her not liking Lor could have been from way back with the LACE drama. People wanted Lors opinion about it and she was kind of straight up about it and not sucking kates dick about how people should be ~lovelies~!

No. 354278

As if hyper Japan wasn't full of insufferable snowflakes and itas already smh

No. 354283

File: 1500332991535.jpg (241.38 KB, 1080x1212, IMG_2100.JPG)

No. 354286

File: 1500333364409.png (82.89 KB, 750x617, IMG_2101.PNG)

No. 354296

someone needs to tell her that just because it's all pink doesn't mean it all goes together.

No. 354308

she looks like shes gone on a day trip to the beach w her special needs school

No. 354320

the bottom of her braids….. they.. pain me..

No. 354333

Holy shit, just looked through Lauren's instagram and every single one of her tattoos really is fucked up and wonky, they seem to heal like a muddy mess too even though it doesn't seem like the tattoos are that pastel and pale to heal in such a splotchy way. I imagine (and wish) Jill would actually pick an artist as incompetent as her, thank you anon.

No. 354423

Too many shades of pink and the plastic style of the shoes and bag don't match the vintage style of the hat and dress. She should also stop tucking her hair behind her ears which looks dopey. This outfit has potential to be cute based on the main pieces but needs some toning down and more cohesion

No. 354425

File: 1500350799402.png (366.95 KB, 1132x584, subscribe (2).png)

"I hate this new era of dragging people and 'spilling the tea'"
is subscribed to John Kuckian

No. 354518

I noticed jill isn't subscribed to Lor so yeah I guess that confirms it >>354073 >>354094 >>354267

No. 354531

>New era
Is Jill one of those people that thinks every annoying thing her generation does is "sho original and neeewww"

No. 354553


holy shit. there are tons of drama channel nowadays… why would she subscribe to the one with a psychopath??? even if she's just into beauty guru drama, there are still like six other different channels that do the same thing. and that post constantly because they are not getting dragged every day of the week like Kuckian. isn't she supposed to be all "no bullying please :("?

i mean, she got dragged for using Jeffree Star, didn't she? maybe she thinks that by liking someone against Jeffree Star than it solves it?

But, Kuckian faked a tweet of Jeffree calling him a "faggot". He's a bigger snake than Jeffree. Like, he's a known scammer!

i don't even know what "exposed" kuckian video i should reference for this cause there are like hundreds of them. and he keeps fucking up, , you'd have to watch multiple of them to catch up! if you go to the comments on any of his newer videos (the ones he hasn't deleted cause of "hate"…) everyone is calling him out on the weird shit he does. even if you watch a few of his vids you'll get recommended exposed Kuckian videos.

how can jill not know about it? what the hell???? she absolutely has to know. its literally everywhere in the beauty guru community.

is she going to pull that Jeffree thing again? where she pretends that she doesn't know that she's supporting a terrible person but when commenters call it out she'll be like "boo hoo i'm sorry guys i totes didn't know".

great find, anon. so long for her "no negativity please"-jill.

No. 354556


Wtf anon, these are so bad. She has no style or originality whatsoever. All of the fresh tattoos look really inflamed and painful as well. How does she have so many followers? Jeez.

Sage for being completely OT

No. 354902


sage cause ot but holy fuck how do they even sell weeb clothes like seifuku in that size?!

No. 354910


Lauren started out by dating a popular & actually talented artist & working out of his AU shop. She received no formal training/apprenticeship (which is horrifyingly obvious). Her popularity skyrocketed after doing a few celebrity's tattoos (Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry), so that's only helped build up her clueless clientele.
She's the running joke/lolcow of the serious tattoo scene.

Sage for super OT, but her trashiness definitely gives me some future Pixie vibes. Would be extremely surprised if our darling Jill didn't have some of LW's "artwork" saved on her computer or Pinterest as "aesthetic" tbvh

No. 354945

i know Spreepicky has/had an astronomically overpriced plus size branch called PlusCutie lol
sage cuz ot

No. 355101

File: 1500436305603.png (49.64 KB, 750x298, IMG_2103.PNG)

No. 355112

i know shes just using plurals here but im imagining her buying multiple egg mcmuffins and eating them alone

No. 355139

muh anxiety

No. 355144

File: 1500440878507.png (976.65 KB, 625x744, x4mfz4n.png)

jill really indulges in a lot of ~uwu self care~ for someone who does jack shit all day…
this retard probably has a UTI considering how frequently she uses bath bombs

No. 355200

plz we don't want her in the UK either

No. 355211

This is so amazingly telling of how up her own ass she is.
Vidcon- huge YouTube con,good for meeting fans and youtubers, networking with brands and in general the perfect con for her channel seeing as how it was very aimed at instagram beauty gurus this year. Also in LA, has little Tokyo. Downsides to vidcon for pixie-not a lot of people know her, scwawry, free entry might not be possible.
Hyper Japan- Small uk festival/con around Japan. Is known to bring in large crowds but mainly for the food court/sake/traditional japanese culture over the jfashion. Free entry is possible with being in with press/performers and a lot of her fans are here. Downsides-nothing gained for her channel.

If the girl wants to have the most ass licking and to be hailed as a celebrity, she will most likely come to the UK, if she's smart, LA. So most likely, ass licking central it is.

No. 355216

I feel like her going to the UK would be way more obnoxious
Most of her vlogs would probably just be pointing out how "cheeky XD" completely normal European/British things are, and then there'd probably be a lot of 'collaborations' with other tacky weebs - her going to the UK might be more likely though since her mom went there before, right? Maybe they'd make a mother daughter trip out of it lol

LA would definitely be the smarter decision, and I feel like it might actually knock her down a peg if she realizes that she isn't as important of a YouTuber as she likes to think she is

No. 355222


Jill in London predictions

> visits laduree, the moomin shop and that shop in Covent Garden that sells Kuma stuff

> "oh my god the tube was so hard you guyzzzz"
> "oh my gosh I've stumbled into a really ghetto area"
> "people yelled at me :'''''( "
> meets the fairy kei losers
> goes to H&M
> visits hamleys

No. 355237

I just want Jill to come to London so she can get heckled by chavs in the street kek

No. 355246

If she doesn't like unsolicited photos then she's gonna be pissed

No. 355286

I thought she said she bought vidcon tickets and was going to buy her plane tickets to california?

No. 355324

Prediction: she will reach 100,000 subs today and will post a prerecorded video of her screaming about it (she already said in her last video that she had screamed a lot filming another video that day)

No. 355335

No. 355343

File: 1500477492376.gif (316.87 KB, 308x224, IMG_0987.GIF)

No. 355346

yeah, I feel like she's just trying to pump content out since in her Youtube tips video she was saying that she recently realized how important uploading regularly was
she at least shouldn't have uploaded that many pictures already if she was gonna make a ootd video..

No. 355347

my strawb dress uwu
i'm going to keep comparing myself to connie for no reason

No. 355390

File: 1500480429091.png (39.01 KB, 750x300, IMG_2107.PNG)

>spends a good chunk of time talking about how fan interaction is important
>doesn't reply to any comments and just makes a pinned post
>okay Jill

No. 355402

She looks 60 in OP's pic. She's probably going to age very badly. Wearing big glasses is a mistake for most people.

No. 355448


No question she is bad at styling clothes but this is imo the worst ootd she has ever made… what the hell is this??? And those shoes??? Really????? This is literally just thrown together with no theme what so ever.

Oh no sorry the theme is "strawbzZ" my bad.

No. 355451

>childrens hair ties and plastic jewelry
>literally no shade of pink matches

If I was unfamiliar with Jill and saw her out with her mom that day at the beach, esp during the skipping rocks thing, I would mistake her for a mentally handicapped person…

No. 355490

I really like her new intro and outro bits with the gummy letters. Idk if it's just because I'm really hungry rn, but I think they're cute.

But the rest of it was pretty pointless. I like OOTD/lookbook videos but it didn't need the narration and explanation. I thought it was just a little brand list namedrop at the start but then she…kept…talking…

No. 355521

I live in Canada and the children's strawberry hair bobbles are actually from a Dollarstore chain here called Dollarama. I remember them being around $1.50CAD

No. 355577

Learn to edit your style, Jillian! The dress and hat are cute, but she should've stopped there and gone with plainer accessories, and then grabbed a bag that actually goes with the outfit.

No. 355617

This isn't your diary.

No. 355639

anyone else notice that "ganbatte" is starting to become the new "cheeky" for Jillian like jesus christ

No. 355670

The end was so cringey. I feel like the people walking near them on the beach must have thought Louise was out there with her retarded kid and wanted to get away quickly.

No. 355681

File: 1500503971551.png (1.26 MB, 1100x1232, Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 5.38…)

literally looks like she has autism/downs
big if true

No. 355705

Well, all the more to say that she dresses and acts like a kindergartener.

No. 355707

pink nightmare anne of green gables! ~kawaii~ princess of the island. jfc this outfit is a bunch of nonsense.

No. 355824

Plenty of people into j-fashion buy accessories at Kiddyland, Daiso, Paris Kids, etc. Wearing kids' hair clips is such a nitpick.

No. 355923

File: 1500523438647.png (70.11 KB, 1160x216, Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 9.03…)

No. 355932

Jill: Omg, thanks everyone for 100k! I'm crying!

Also Jill: Omg it's like YouTube is almost a real job, thanks to my loyal followers.

No. 355944

Are they doing another PEI middle of nowhere article on Jill being the local "internet celeb"? kek

No. 356008

We know that Louise fought tooth n nail for over a year to get her that pei newspaper article interview.

We can only assume she hasn't rested since and has been trying to get the CBC's attention for quite awhile.

Wouldn't we all want a mummy photographer who provides you with all resources and connections you'd need and drives you across the country to support your expensive hobbies while not giving a fuck about your educational or professional accomplishments because ordering pink dresses online and showing them off on camera while living in your parents basement is a job now.

No. 356036

File: 1500549831385.png (742.48 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1265.PNG)

Look who follows Jill on her spam account

No. 356037

File: 1500549858647.png (39.61 KB, 405x441, IMG_1267.PNG)

She even follows herself kek

No. 356134

File: 1500562608496.png (67.4 KB, 750x628, IMG_2116.PNG)

It's possible that the brits have invited her over as well

No. 356143

File: 1500562932460.jpg (197.94 KB, 869x347, 84372742.jpg)

it looks like she's planning another glorious meet-up if she does go to the UK

No. 356144


Jill isn't completely informed. Bonne Chance's fabrics are definitely not all designed in house Like Angelic Pretty or other japanese fashion brands. I've seen at least half of them on various fabric sites before.

But the cuts of the dresses are very simple and cute and I can see artists designing them in a few sizes and all. They are pretty affordable for handmade dresses, $30 each for non-sweatshop clothing is nice. Promoting them is probably good for Jill's image.