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File: 1525336117132.gif (236.99 KB, 430x480, 1519540398860.gif)

No. 572499

Previous thread: >>563416

New thread for discussing anti-feminist youtuber June Laporta aka "shoe0nhead" and her obese boyfriend Gregory Fluhrer aka "Armoured Skeptic".

Summary of her past:

>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school

>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances.
>Befriended an unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet.

>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".


>Almost 27- Still addicted to internet (male) attention- no education other than high school, no career prospects, no skills.

>No real personality either, changes her opinions constantly based on what will make her gain fans.
>Dates an obese guy with intellectual disabilities who treats her like shit - Desperately wants to be seen as a young girl.
>Acts like a teenager online even though she's almost 30, can't form argument worth shit
>Lies about her past, pretends she was a "friendless wallflower shy nerd girl uwu" even though she was a popular guido with tons of friends who bullied nerds.
>Still obsessed with shitting on women while she coddles men like babies, huge double standards
>Still a bully, now online, sends her fans to attack smaller channels and random people she doesn't agree with (never goes after big channels).
>Huge coward, will block you if you point out her hypocrisy. (She will block your followers too)
>Googles her name all day - finds comments about her that don't even mention her directly.
>Makes everything about her, can't talk about a topic without inserting herself in it.
>Ridiculed fat girls - now she's getting fat too.

No. 572500

File: 1525336496751.png (494.71 KB, 1194x398, iARAf6o.png)

No. 572501

File: 1525336533137.png (42.13 KB, 628x264, z1IUgJT.png)

deleted tweet

No. 572506

I don't like this pic. She is way more bald irl.

No. 572508

File: 1525337358906.jpg (30.11 KB, 536x273, Capture.JPG)

"Strong female? Leading? XDDDD lmfao so funny btw i'm so weak and dumb :333 do you like me now, guys????"

No. 572536


I imagine June thinks all women are retarded submissive weak dumbasses.

No. 572538

File: 1525342981877.png (254.08 KB, 652x634, MB5bacQ.png)

some cringe from last thread

No. 572539

File: 1525343004892.png (97.33 KB, 652x764, 5GvvvQy.png)

No. 572542

File: 1525343127002.png (243.37 KB, 640x540, l2KGIm0.png)

last one sorry. but it's weird how she's always bringing up the trans dude on the left

No. 572547

File: 1525343374743.png (43.57 KB, 707x366, 1.png)

>i was such a tomboy uwu~

No. 572552

I think she wants to fuck Buck Angel, she has this creepy curiosity about trans men.

No. 572573

File: 1525345297201.gif (6.14 MB, 446x291, le friendless shy girl.gif)

She used to claim that she had female friends while she was a child. When she was in middle school, other girls started to get interested in boys and fashion while she didn't so that's how she lost her female friends. In high school she didn't have any female friends only male friends (then in later video she claims she had one female friend and in another that she was friends with the popular girls)

Now she changed her story again and now her friends were only boys since childhood.

If she's gonna bullshit about her past, she should stick to one version. Not to mention there are tons of her old video evidence that she did have friends and wasn't ~shy and lonely~

No. 572575

Maybe she got friendzoned by her ftm tranny friend and she's kissing tranz folx' asses so hard to get her attention??

Highly doubt it though tbh. June seems way too straight for that, plus troons usually take what they can get and don't friendzone people.

No. 572587

how old was she here? she looks like a drug addict because of the horrible eye makeup

No. 572588


she was probably 16-18

No. 572711

What is wrong with you guys? Can't you see what goals they are?
I know I can't wait for my fiancé to take me out on a romantic night of picking my replacement.

I know this is a joke, but I can't help but feel like they'll actually do it. Imagine her regret when Greg asks her to help train his new sub because she's "older and more experienced". I can't imagine how fucked their relationship will be if Greg gives June a lil kawaii bi playmate. uwu
I just imagine him calling the other girl "baby" and June getting called Mommy or some shit because she's too old for Greg to live his full fantasy.

No. 572799

Poor wittle June isn't so little anymore so she has to be the dumpy mommy uwu

No. 572800

if that happened it might actually be when she starts to regret her entire life, rather than just regretting helping him find a new sub. if priming gergle's loli uwu sub 2.0 to replace her doesn't give her a vital moment of self-reflection, nothing will.

No. 572812

this is truly so fucking gross and pathetic. he's so fucking greasy and disgusting. he looks like he lives out of a motel. june, please, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

like, i could get, MAYBE, if these two were like "we're not taking anything serious so…" but she's trying to push that she's going to be this loser's housewife? another very stark parallel to gerg and lame's relationship: both gregs so obviously show PUBLIC disdain/disinterest toward them, and any pathetic excuse for lovebombing or minor interest is goals and "true love :3" to these two fug-faced doormats.

No. 572816

it's not really a joke though when she's boasting to her discord about being in a threesome, asking them if it's cucky, is it? she just thinks if she facilitates this disgusting behavior enough, he'll come around and be like "SHE REALLY IS A UNICORN", and she'll get pussypats from her crisco-covered fanboys for being such a hot loli unicorn. imho, it's not a joke at all.

No. 572910

File: 1525380772483.jpg (175.2 KB, 810x1001, IMG_20180503_225204.jpg)

No. 572917

Can't she just send this picture to him privately? But nope, the entire world needs to see how submissive and man-worshipping she is, unlike those ugly feminist harpies!

No. 572921

File: 1525381431425.jpg (297.13 KB, 810x1001, IMG_20180503_225204_mh15253814…)

No. 572928

File: 1525381673661.png (288.62 KB, 610x419, fEVjSek.png)

Kek someone needs to tweet this to her

No. 572956

File: 1525382956940.png (1.95 MB, 1500x844, 1499036244838.png)

doing craaaazy ADHD stuff is the only thing that makes her think she is interesting.

None of her opinions are her own. She just goes along with whatever to keep people near her, to like her.

No. 572969

What is the context on this picture?

No. 572973

some sexual shit. it's not june though.

No. 572994

File: 1525384755374.png (15.47 KB, 489x179, 8NsRiXx.png)

she's really going in on this goth shtick

No. 572995

I think Buck Angel is really the only trans man most people know of, so he’s always used as their example. The other “famous” trans men had like 15 seconds in the spotlight and it was only for dumb shit like getting pregnant which literally no one cares about, so they’re forgettable.

No. 572999

File: 1525384919466.png (19.77 KB, 617x167, 4WaavHQ.png)

No. 573000

File: 1525384953871.png (71.61 KB, 625x371, bIGBVrK.png)

No. 573003

File: 1525385114780.png (271.96 KB, 972x948, LNtYGZA.png)

No. 573006

Oh the irony.

No. 573011

why june? do you wanna make sure your fattydaddy still thinks hes dom and high t and attracts all the ladies? or does she know this is true and doesn't want preggory to get wrong ideas?

No. 573012

File: 1525385341967.png (376.31 KB, 652x1864, 8Hsuzbi.png)

june, marina watanabe and june's trans orbiter
what a fucking god awful combo of people

No. 573021

yes, it's true
typically, nobody is going to be attracted to fat people except for other disgusting degenerates and fat fetishists and june as proven that (if she's even attracted to him or just pretends to be)
also, fat people typically makes horrible partners as well, they tend to be selfish, egotistical, lazy and unrespectable and undisciplined, and greg had proven that, get over it, unmotivated fat people tend to be scum of the earth, hence why they're fat

anyway, the bitch in the pic was fat with no ass, just like june is skinnyfat with no ass, funny how she makes fun of average womens bodies then calls a curvless chub "nice body"

No. 573040

It’s been a while since I had to babysit. Is fluttershy the cute quiet one? I don’t remember her having an obnoxious accent and ADHD that caused her to yell half her words.

No. 573044

File: 1525387229838.png (322.96 KB, 628x1068, T57oNFD.png)

june "economically conservative" laporta, everybody

No. 573055

File: 1525388326350.png (94.61 KB, 685x639, BHiMNYp.png)

No. 573056

File: 1525388440659.png (449.65 KB, 607x639, june the weeb xD.png)

No. 573057

she wants to twitterride contra's dick so bad. i assume contra is against dankula? she's been sucking dankula's dick pretty hard lately. there's no way she's going to win over tankies with JUST the 'TERF!!!' sperging

No. 573059

June, just watch some anime if you're going to do this. It'd be a better use of your time.

No. 573089

File: 1525390076118.png (69.69 KB, 600x528, A56tNJb.png)

No. 573115

Is she trying to be ironic… or?

I keep forgetting June supports gender roles. dumb bitch

No. 573121

File: 1525391400310.jpg (42.32 KB, 904x531, 186b73.jpg)

>no hips

>giant broad shoulders

I love you, anon

No. 573125

File: 1525391432052.png (323.47 KB, 626x850, 32Fddpf.png)

No. 573131

He looks like a weird version of alternate universe Hercules. if this is the concept art for Flynn, i'm glad they went with the finalized design.

Also, June, your boyfriend is a giant sack of fat with zero muscle definition.

No. 573155

Beefy as in muscular wig, not fat like grocery.

No. 573160

massively undersized head is so fucking zika looking. and this looks nothing like grosseries. greg is a literal doughboy with child-like twig arms.

No. 573186

They are both trans.

Poor June. She seems to want a romantic pure relationship with a handsome Disney prince, but she's stuck with an insecure fat divorced manchild neckbeard who feeds his ego by interacting/flirting with as many damaged or for sale women he can get online. And on top of that she's coping by integrating his wishes into her desires. Girl, be real with yourself.
The black guy was a way better and healthier partner for her. Why did they break up again?
To me, it seems like she just didn't want to abandon her internet persona and face the real world.

No. 573190

I bet wig has a list of made up stories where preg was totally hit on a ton whenever they rarely go out, just based in her discord caps stating he use to totally be popular with girls back in hs.

No. 573192

File: 1525394818298.png (306.14 KB, 593x540, A9B679CB-1837-4657-B5E9-52681E…)

Cept that girl get cucks by his sister. So reLatable~

No. 573198

>Why did they break up again?
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet.
Gotta say it's hilarious how she ended up dating a black guy given her past as a racist guido who called black men rapists

No. 573205

Just goes to show how her views are determined by the people she's trying to be accepted by.

No. 573216

and i'm pretty sure she broke up with him because /pol/ didn't approve and she wanted to remain their edge queen. she likes to state otherwise but, it's pretty obvious she active on there.

No. 573217

Does anybody know who was Grocery's ex?
Can any anon get an interview with her?

Would be milky.

No. 573223

File: 1525397605933.png (80.34 KB, 674x618, 8hzIeDq.png)

>pol humor is delightful
>pol is scary
she backtracks on every thought imaginable. and yeah needless to say she is active on there

No. 573228

File: 1525398024087.png (337.6 KB, 640x1008, 3gM2wRN.png)

this is old but it's funny how she's all for count dankula and free speech and yet was filtering comments on daddy dom's vids. also
>if i wanted to debate old issues i'd call my fucking ex-wife

No. 573229

File: 1525398135269.png (2.82 MB, 2250x1146, 1499142319674.png)

she use to have a fb but, it's been deleted I think(some anons said his family is still friends with her on social media)? She's also changed her name at some point but, all that is know is she seemed to be into horses, disliked grocery's star wars toys, was cheated on by him during their last months married, and he would spend their money a stupid shit in general when he fell into dumb cults and shit.

No. 573234

File: 1525398373608.png (62.4 KB, 176x260, OIgtOHp.png)

he looks like he could be a smash mouth member. more milk on his wife c&p from an early thread
>not the original anon but considering shoe was getting messages from his wife while they were still married and she had to ask him the questions i would definitely say yes.
>many people in the boxxyshere know all about this. someone from the 'in' group couldnt keep their mouth shut. shoe was temporarily getting harassed by his wife at the time. questions like 'why are you hanging around my husband?' came up and shoe confronted greg about it asking who the woman was. then greg had to tell shoe about how he was married and play it off saying she was just crazy. yet she is still not crazy enough to have their child taken away. i dont think greg batted an eye tbh.

No. 573238

File: 1525398755202.png (158.43 KB, 757x595, AOnTXEr.png)

samfag but greg and his wife were into horses
>I actually remember June coming out in a series of response videos when someone called him out and revealed private messages from Greg bragging about how he "negs" women and his own wife, and how he fucks any girl he wants (likely his own fantasy) and June acknowledged all of it as if it were natural and comfortable.

No. 573239

File: 1525398837535.png (323.74 KB, 453x604, G6APwIk.png)

No. 573240

>yet she is still not crazy enough to have their child taken away. i dont think greg batted an eye tbh.
wait what?

No. 573243

fucking ew. he's too ugly and stupid for this shit, especially. it's not acceptable for any guy, but holy shit he has no redeeming qualities

No. 573244

File: 1525399311188.png (447.27 KB, 681x635, kYcP8kR.png)

No. 573246

i cant get over the early 2000s dress sense. those faggy hoops. like, even shitbabies like davis aurini have better dress sense.

No. 573253

Her eyeballs creep me the fuck out. It's just gross, why she do dis? Ugh.

No. 573259

>haha look i'm the bratty annoying sub little uwu look at me bother daddy while he texts with his fat fingers, our relationship is so quirky!

No. 573261

File: 1525400396699.png (424.25 KB, 834x908, sSHWxBN.png)

didn't she just tweet about this

No. 573268

File: 1525400866561.png (158.81 KB, 238x301, 1409957728181.png)

omfg is she insane? i thought she was into his fat "dadbodness" but she keeps projecting the idea that he has muscles, he literally has noodle arms and buddha belly june, his build is nothing like this.

she's trying way to hard at making preg seem attractive, to the point she sounds like she's trying to convince herself that he's "totally hot" just like disney prince! this is just sad, no wonder they prefer to be ldr, she can she keep pretending he isn't ugly and fat. jfc

No. 573291

File: 1525403654923.png (11.6 KB, 521x99, euKYsj4.png)

No. 573294

File: 1525403943784.jpg (35.58 KB, 800x327, _20180503_231825.JPG)

No. 573297

File: 1525404728389.jpg (77.39 KB, 844x368, nope.jpg)

When you lost any grasp of reality dot jaypeg

took 2 seconds to point out the difference in them with basic drawing skills.

No. 573301

File: 1525404997175.jpg (86.05 KB, 656x1196, 4JD6xIm.jpg)

No. 573305

File: 1525405101178.png (305.17 KB, 652x640, beefy daddy.png)

No. 573307

File: 1525405168754.jpg (87.65 KB, 675x1200, RMUxKGr.jpg)

No. 573308

the beard and hair color difference lmao.

No. 573313

File: 1525405478765.png (18.46 KB, 641x205, Vv4rdey.png)

hitting the block button counts as "dunking on" now?

No. 573314

I can't believe she's almost 30 and types like this…

No. 573324

soon as in they're moving in together soon? i'm excited for this bizarre experiment to play out.

No. 573325

File: 1525406674028.png (29.85 KB, 640x219, UyCXaJP.png)

a SWERF vid, gird your loins. greg should be the one to make it, after all he is the expert on sex workers.

No. 573332

File: 1525407103241.png (40.86 KB, 383x381, ac5mjbZ.png)

No. 573367

She constantly says she's "dunkin' on" TERFs, yet I haven't seen one example that didn't end up with June blocking them and screaming "I DON'T DO ARGUMENTS IM JUST A MEME PROFILE"

No. 573372

She posted the "8 days tweet" here >>573301 and he replied with the soon meido pic here >>573301

Maybe they are moving in together, that's why Grocery already warned her that they are going "sub hunting" soon.

No. 573380

File: 1525412623195.png (33.81 KB, 628x287, EzBndf2.png)

No. 573382

but he replies to lewd things other girls tweet…

and June, your followers do that every time.

No. 573389


it's probably the next time they're going to LARP statutory rape while Greg thinks about camgirls. (and/or actually smashes that like button during sex)

No. 573391

lol it takes him ages to even like your tweets, wig, if he even does at all. god, she's delusional

No. 573393

File: 1525414292039.png (65.77 KB, 632x511, I8lIKje.png)

No. 573403

File: 1525417314927.jpg (144.16 KB, 640x480, 7827190_orig.jpg)


June was actually 2-3 years older than that friend group you always see her with in old pics.

No. 573407

Why are you monitoring what tweets he likes. I know we luv making fun of them but maybe you're a bit too attached.

No. 573412

Holy shit… the gypsy-genes are showing in all of them.

No. 573419

File: 1525419247559.png (322.17 KB, 650x728, RU4pifQ.png)

No. 573420

Obvious you're a June orbiter.

No. 573426

more anime/manga usage but anime is for losers guys

No. 573427

trying to appeal to tankies again. not gonna work out well for her.

No. 573431

File: 1525421871798.png (199.32 KB, 633x529, 9lNLlYb.png)

after that furry trans chick got bullied a few days ago june said she would stop doing this but she's back on her bullshit. still searching her name all day

No. 573433

She searches all variations of her name and internet nickname, it really shows what a psycho bitch she is.

So when are you going to cap posts from your lolcow threads, June? :^)

No. 573434

File: 1525422715330.png (144.51 KB, 646x774, narc rage.png)

1st tweet is ironic, since she falsely accused her ex bf of abuse and all

No. 573478

File: 1525431658685.png (29.28 KB, 700x307, 1.png)

No. 573480

File: 1525432099409.png (44.1 KB, 693x321, 2.png)

err…sorry to say june but, if it's real commitment and love there is no fear.

it also doesn't help your case when you literally the cuckqueen, that sounds a little unhealthy for you to be worried about him leaving you for someone else when part of your fetish involves him fucking other people.

get help

No. 573481

>since she falsely accused her ex bf of abuse and all

You are aware that Gmaster was a huge dickbag, right? It wouldn't surprise me if he was shitty during their relationship. I know you don't want to take her side, but June being a cunt doesn't make Gmaster an angel.

No. 573485

File: 1525432397481.png (80.23 KB, 687x648, 3.png)

>telling someone else to step out of 2014
it sounds like she lurks these threads and takes insults on herself and uses them on other people

No. 573486

File: 1525432724855.png (52.87 KB, 660x355, 1.png)

>has a belly
it's not just a belly. it's fucking massive and gross
>girls love him
instead of stating the obvious, i find it interesting she uses "girls" instead of women. i might be overthinking it but, for w/e reason it sounds really gross knowing they're into ddlg

No. 573490

Obviously you should stop assuming things.

No. 573497

obviously you should stop derailing with your june whiteknighting

No. 573508

File: 1525435680953.jpg (36.23 KB, 602x338, image.jpg)

They've been together for almost three years and she has to "please respond" him.

They've been together for three years and Greg has already left the honeymoon stage and is looking for new puss to smash.

I can see why she's already worried he'll cheat on her, a Dom/Sub relationship can be incredibly personal and he's already saying he wants a new one. She probably hopes that Greg will pick an ugly unfeminine dom girl who will just leave at the end of it. I don't think she could handle a cuter, younger sub with a full head of hair for Greg to pull that will orbit around them. More than likely she'll end up like Lainey, and Greg and the other girl will ignore her while she rips her hair out in the corner.

This is so sad, he can't even fake interest in her, he's ready to move on to the next one asap. And if she stops being a "cool lil poly sub waifu" he can easily get a new, nicer ring for his new sub. At least his ex wife stood up to his cheating ways and left with some dignity, she's so desperate to cling to him I just see things getting progressively worse.

No. 573519

it's worse when you realized he pushed the poly/threesome thing so early on in their relationship. It's almost like he had these bdsm fetish/kinks unfulfilled in his marriage so he couldn't contain himself as soon as he got with shoe.

Also being LDR only barely 3 years, that's not many meet ups regardless them lasting a week each time, going that quickly from vanilla sex to what they claim is "24/7 bdsm" is messed up. Imagine a relationship like that, meet the guy maybe 5 times and already accepting to be his sub little leash cuck slave, how boring was regular sex for them that they have to add so many variables to get off?

It's going to get really unhealthy when they get older, they're going to hit a wall when they realized basing your relationship off of bdsm roles/dynamics gets stale, especially when you start so early on. Grocery is just going to want a different flavor of sub and since he apparently feels so entitled to fucking any woman he wants(and honestly thinks he's capable) I can see him dropping her for some down syndrome looking 20 year old when shoe reaches her mid 30s.

No. 573529

White knighting, lol. I hate that ugly, skilless, worthless, neet, wig wearing, lying for neckbeard attention sack of shit as much as erryone else here.

No. 573550

You're trying to hard to blend in, but it just outs you more as the wk you are. It's really painful.

Yes! To Gergs credit, he at least was married and living with Lame for a few years before forcing her into all this shit to avoid boredom. June's getting a much more sour deal than footy, even, and she has it pretty fucking bad. The shit just hasn't totally hit the fan yet for June.

No. 573559

Honestly Groceries deserves his own thread imo aside from the lulzy alt right skeptic thread, dudes hilariously milky.

Just look at that shit and tell me its not cringe inducing hilarity. >>573307 He's shown himself to be just as embarrassing as herself so I implore anons to watch his shit.

Also the raised eyebrow of skepthicc. Junes hair should be more noticeably wig-like too and you've got yourself a new thread banner.

No. 573561

I wouldn't even describe her as a neet because it would imply she has interest and hobbies that turned her into a shut in. all she has is just her need for internet attention.

No. 573566

> Groceries deserves his own thread imo aside from the lulzy alt right skeptic thread
No need to. He is covered here as part of the duo.
And soon they will presumably move together so get ready for wig's non-stop hashtaggoals-ing their every moment.

No. 573568

When these threads first started I honestly was more interested in seeing what dirt there was on grocery because I use to see him as the reason why shoe became such a lolcow(now ik she always was one) and I thought he was worse than her(now I think they are equally bad).

I still wish there were threads when they started dating because I'm sure we would've gotten more on what his marriage and past was like compared to what shoe says about him. All we have is he's divorced, cheater, use to make poorly drawn unfunny comics, had a site for his comics and had a page where he would rate random women like a fucking creepy loser, use to be part of atheism plus and other cult groups where he'd spend his money on preparing for the end of the world, dropped out of community college, wanted to go to university for film and blames his parents for not paying him to go there, has a learning disability of some kind

No. 573570

Considering that all Wig does is post about groceries, it wouldn't make much sense to give him his own thread.

No. 573574

Please stop with the tinfoil

No. 573578

Literally what about that is tinfoil?

No. 573583

Y-you are a w-wig orbiter. S-stop the wk!!

No. 573659

>When these threads are now a minimum of 50% Cecil shitposting
That went subpar really quickly

No. 573671

How do you figure? None of us unintentionally white-knight/compliment her about her "tight little hole" after each criticism, so…

No. 573678

That's not what neet means

No. 573679

File: 1525454339206.jpg (86.69 KB, 777x1200, DcPQWyuX4AECBl7.jpg)

>this fucking fanart

No. 573680

she looks like a 6teen character in this

No. 573691

>girls love him

camgirls flirting with him to make him tip more does not mean he is popular with girls, june.

No. 573701

>had a page where he would rate random women like a fucking creepy loser,

Wait what? I know about his shitty comics page but I totally missed this one.

No. 573779

I think Onision might treat Lainey better than Groceries treats June, which is ironic considering how she makes fun of him. She did defend him when everyone called him a cuck tho…..

Onision will at least compliment Lainey. I don't think I've every seen Greg say anything nice about June? Other than "I love this little idiot" or "That loli outfit makes my pee pee hard." It's always backhanded or sexual. Has he ever posted anything sweet about her? Their relationship is already EMBARRASSINGLY public so I don't see why he could'nt tweet something genuinely kind about her. Most of the time he just tweets about her being annoying and stupid. Which, yeah she is but I'd expect her future husband to be a bit more loving.

No. 573793

By image file names and writing style
It's obvious after a while

No. 573810

>None of us unintentionally white-knight/compliment her
So you intentionally do it…?! Seriously tho no one talks about what you mentioned but its clear when theres certain lurkers around like
pointed out

No. 573817

it really isn't obvious. it's clear that the majority of posters are female.

No. 573818

June hates anime, and was never fucking Goth, lol, the Goth thing is the funniest, saddest lie she tells because there is absolutely nothing to back it up.

No. 573823

First, no its not and second, how does them being female stop them from being white knights? Like seriously, you just sound suspicious now.

No. 573826

she was so flat back then, but honestly looked better than the dumb bolt ons. At least her tits were proportionate to her ass back then, kek

No. 573827

The vast majority of users on this site are female, newfag. If we were men, we'd probably really like june.

No. 573831

Yeah june admitted in the draw my life vid that she would hang out with younger girls so she could manipulate and lie to them so she could make herself out to be cool and not pathetic

No. 573833

File: 1525466480781.jpg (105.54 KB, 960x720, 152519281776.jpg)

sad tbh

No. 573837

Do you know anything we don't know about Gmaster and their relationship?

No. 573840

But june has a long philitrum, horse face, and a long clefted square chin

No. 573841

I mean gmastered was apart of unichan so he might have been a dickbag

No. 573845

>and i love that he's loved
On a scale of cuckqueen to fucking handmaiden how pathetic is june?

No. 573846

Maybe, but he always acted very sweet with her, which Gregula doesn't even do for the audience let alone in private, judging from his behaviour.

No. 573848

Lol i know it's cropped but i can tell her upper arm in this pic resembles a turkey leg

No. 573878

Is this supposed to be jack sparrow?

No. 573879

No. 573882

That's true and june is a pathological liar so i think we need to get in touch with gmastered maybe?

No. 573884

just going by what lolcow, she only called him abusive because he told her to mover out of her parents. is that not right? septic is also a huge cheating dickbag and june acts like he's prince charming, so

No. 573885

File: 1525470830196.png (58.59 KB, 649x495, beefy.png)

No. 573889

No. 573895

her bf is literally normie soyboy numale tier
but then again june sees anyone with any kind of interests as "nerds"

No. 573897

She's streaming right now waiting for skeptic. She's pretty awkward live.

No. 573900

File: 1525471978797.jpg (58.68 KB, 800x450, large.jpg)

"I feel like fiance is a meaningless term, and, like, so distracting lel. we think boyfriend/girlfriend sounds cuter so that's why we say that instead"

No. 573905

Lol no june would totally be that girl that would be like
"mUh FiAnCe" every fucking second

No. 573912

Lol get your rabbit neutered june or stop complaining

No. 573914

File: 1525473218408.png (61.39 KB, 624x520, LNOsR6c.png)

this is just sad tbh
get him a bigger cage while you're at it, june

No. 573915

fiance probably sounds too adult for her

'my little fiance' doesn't quite roll off the tongue as well for greg probably

but she's right, it is a meaningless term for their meaningless relationship

No. 573916


>if it comes in pink i will take it

I'm so goth you guys uwu

No. 573919

Not enough FAS.

No. 573921

THANK YOU. Jfc the anons defending Gmasterred despite knowing fuck-all about him and the dynamic of their relationship having been driving me bonkers. There have been multiple posts in these threads and screencaps from Unichan threads of people claiming he's an asshole. Just because he isn't armoured sweatballs doesn't automatically make him good boyfriend material.

And no, it's not white knighting June to acknowledge any of this. It's common fucking sense.

No. 573926

>had a page where he would rate random women like a fucking creepy loser
wait what the fuck? link?

No. 573929

File: 1525474432731.png (500.2 KB, 843x469, 0w56zG2.png)

what's with the indoor sunglasses?

No. 573930

this is the first time i've seen a live of her speaking normally, and the fact that she actively jumps around in her speech and screams like that not reading a script is surreal

No. 573931

Hey sage for ot and tinfoiling but do we actually know if June has the issue with pulling hair? Or does she just say that as her excuse to wear wigs because her hair is thin and ugly? I only ask because the people I know who did that pulled their eyebrow hair too which she doesn't seem to do

No. 573933

File: 1525474666000.jpeg (429.99 KB, 777x1200, 4E7F03A9-11DC-470C-AAC9-8C3CEA…)


No. 573934

oh, so she really is dedicating an entire video to the scum manifesto

No. 573940

File: 1525474985028.jpg (49.12 KB, 700x525, feGMznE.jpg)

from kiwi

No. 573941


She really bites off jontron and jennymarbles

No. 573942

finally some good stuff from kiwi

No. 573946

I suspect that someone from lolcow contacted her. She changed her name not long after her pictures were first posted here.

No. 573948


No. 573949

i think it was proven that greg doesn't have a kid.

No. 573951

It was on his bongo-online.com. there use to be an archive of it on wayback but it seems to be gone? Check old threads if your really curious.

No. 573952

Yeah, sad to say. She changed her first name to something entirely different.

But her facebook is still there. I'm not sure why that anon said she deleted it?

No. 573954

Sorry I wasn't sure if it was or not.

No. 573955

File: 1525476130686.png (101.79 KB, 777x591, IL6fNyt.png)

No. 573957

this stream just shows me septic is unironically dumber than shoe, which is a feat all its own my god

No. 573959

File: 1525476585228.png (18.1 KB, 771x203, SNIKJPz.png)

No. 573964

This is golden like at least the chicks onion-san rated asked for his opinion skep literally just pulled girls off of HotorNot and reee'd that they weren't his cup of tea lmao

No. 573969

>greg's about to admit to listening to Cascada or something super manly like that

No. 574000

who is Cecil??

No. 574002

File: 1525480335957.png (29.12 KB, 2042x237, gross.png)

Well, he's a kitten killer for one thing.

>he always acted very sweet with her
Nah, he was borderline-abusive and a manipulative sperg like nearly all of the Uni creeps.

No. 574015

File: 1525481839970.jpg (87.34 KB, 621x747, june.jpg)

Did june really take a picture of them in the shower together and post it to twitter? This is from the farms btw.

No. 574016

You can be pastel-goth if you like pink.
But… that's a weeb genre with very limited music and it's super expensive.

OT kinda: does anybody know when did wig insert herself into the tangled movie?

No. 574019

Can June even shower with him without being self-conscious of her baldness kek
Mensa level genius daddy uwu

No. 574022

wow how was this never brought up before. he's even worse the greg, quite the feat there.

No. 574023

> killing an animal at 8 and feel bad about it

> cheating and manipulating a person for years with pride

Anon please share the drug you use with the others here okay?

Number 2 is soooooooooooooooooooooooo ironic. Somebody wanna share it with wig? I wonder how she will react lulz.

No. 574024

Good find

No. 574025

Yeah plenty of people hurt or kill animals when theyre kids what's important is that they feel remorse as adults tbh sounds like he might have been influenced by his brother too but no way to know

No. 574026

uh what? OP said gmaster was also a "manipulative abusive sperg" so it's more like
>killing an animal at 8 and feel bad about it; be a borderline-abusive and a manipulative sperg
>cheating and manipulating a person for years with pride

No. 574040

But she's not saying she's pastel tho anon she wants everyone to believe she was a "classic" goth and it's silly

No. 574041

there was no such thing as pastel goth when june was a tween/teen

No. 574043

File: 1525485116370.png (783.13 KB, 638x890, wjI9qJq.png)

No. 574045

Also pastel goth is really pseudo goth tbh it's closer to the 3rd wave emos/scene scene

No. 574052

23+ yr old women who are into pastel goth tend to be pretentious thots insecure about their femininity, or women who most their teen life clubbing and being a basic bitch and at last minute wanna pretend to be kawaii and interesting so sounds about right

No. 574057

She's nearly 30 stop

No. 574058

Okay now it's time to be a proofster.
Any evidense of "borderline-abusive and a manipulative sperg"-ness other then "wig said it" and "anon confirmed"? Just because he was "big" on unichan means nothing.
Or are we forgetting that wig WANTED to date him DESPITE she would lose fame on 4chan because of "coalburning" and she changed her mind AFTER she was getting less attention on 4chan?
Guy must have a shit taste, no doubt, because he put his penis into craycray, but he's not the devil some here wants to paint him.
And no, i don't think Grocery is "literally hitler" either, but he's way scummier than Gmaster could be.
But again: proove me wrong.

But… she WAS a walmart level scene girl. It just shows that she is really delusional about things that happened in the past.

The fact that she retweets them speaks volumes.

No. 574091

File: 1525489581330.png (561.62 KB, 610x970, MTIv9Ib.png)

No. 574115

was just going by what the other anon said. i don't have any proof, just chose to believe them because it's not like there's a plethora of info on gmaster out there esp compared to june. greg is an absolute scumbag though there's no debating that

No. 574116

June thinks anime is for losers but will jump on any chance to bite off of the burriko loli aesthetic

No. 574125

Nah you two are fucking psycho. BEATING DEFENSELESS KITTENS TO DEATH at the age kids are in 2nd/3rd grade is literally unforgivable.

No. 574132


Not sure if sarcasm, but am I the only one that thinks it's actually fucked up? Yea, some kids are dumb and take it a little too far or are too rough with animals, but kicking one to death? tf? That's a huge warning sign that something aint right with that person.

No. 574133

>or are we forgetting that wig WANTED to date him DESPITE she would lose fame on 4chan

Have you considered that's just because June is the type to stick with guys regardless of how shitty they are? I mean you can see it here with Skeptic as well, he literally cucks her and she takes it. It doesn't mean Gmaster had any redeeming qualities.

No. 574138

FFS Wig only dumps people when she doesn't benefit from them any more!
Broke up with Gmaster because she fell from grace on 4chan and that was her only "home". What could she gain? Nothing! MAYBE a fucking life, but she would had to work for it. Not a good deal in perspective.
She holds to Grocery because she thinks she can gain something more from this relationship! People who she likes doesn't want to talk to her… but another e-celeb who is with her? YES! She seeks fame and reassurance. And she can get it through mister dadbod doughboy.

Tinfoil and blog, but watch Tangled through her view… a lonely ADHD girl trapped in a room and a swashbuckling guy shows up in her life, they explore the world while they fall in love and visually communicating how in love they are with each other… pure kawaii romance. She sees the movie as a blueprint for happiness. What did Rap gain? Happiness and a throne. What did she had to do? Follow the guy and be obnoxious while having hair.

Last comment on Gmaster shit.

No. 574144

samefag, forgot to add the blog part:
It just clicked to me because i watched it again (for the second time since it came out) because i wanted to know why is she so obsessed with it.
Might be wrong tho but hey, it's just a tinfoil.

No. 574169

I don't care how old you are, literally taking the life of an animal is unforgivable. Way worse than cheating. Yeah cheating is shit but at least you didn't murder anyone. And I say this as someone who has been cheated on twice.

No. 574173

File: 1525497246623.png (341.5 KB, 921x379, sUc9Zxl.png)

No. 574175

File: 1525497582017.png (298.1 KB, 1384x564, 1aKhqce.png)

>FFS Wig only dumps people when she doesn't benefit from them any more!
this is generally true, but greg is a small time youtuber who isn't well liked or respected and prob earns way less money than her. he's not intelligent/educated or savvy in video editing either, like contrapoints for example, so it's not like she's gaining anything from this relationship. unpopular opinion but i think she just has shit taste in men and actually loves him

No. 574183

Imagine what june would say if some beta male posted his fat unkept gf and wrote out paragraphs like this

No. 574188

>every day people tell me to hate men
Sure, jan, we believe you
>he's misogynistc and treats me like an object
Yikes, that aint something to brag about june, no matter how much you pretend to be a masochist, real masochists wouldnt deal with greg
>god and peasant girl
No june, the fat lazy insecure special ed mess isnt a god, and no, living in long island with a half a million dollar house, rich parents who buy you expensive wigs and makeup instead of therapy,pays for your trips to mexico with ugly neckbeards who expose your nudes, going clubbing and partying just for you to turn around and claim to be a nerd goth tomboy walflower, doesn't make you a peasant girl
>not even dating
Well she got that right, i know long distance friends who gave more of a shit about each other than greg does june

>if he looks that good he can be a misogynist!

Ha, he's one of the ugliest guys I've ever seen, dunno why someone would brag about hating women, thought you were so high IQ greg, intelligent people don't brag about seeing someone lesser or as an object because of how they were born

No. 574220

File: 1525502624439.png (22.44 KB, 629x303, 3XdV8gW.png)

this is literally what june does. anyway isn't pinkcyanide the young weeb armouredskeptic keeps flirting with

No. 574229

yeah it's really not alright. demonstrates severe lack of empathy, literal warning sign for psychopathy. people like people like this have serious problems and are to be avoided.

No. 574230

Speechless. I'm at a loss for words.
The girl who says ''ur mom gay xD'' when confronted about her opinions retweeted this. Jesus christ someone needs to make a video on her dumbass.

No. 574241

My thoughts exactly. Cheating on someone and killing a kitten are simply not comparable. One is a shitty thing and the other is a brutal murder.

No. 574248

I'm a recent visitor to the June threads, could someone tell me if she's always been like this, I mean from the beginning of their relationship, and is NOT just trying to desperately compensate and grab on to him because he's flirting with camgirls all the time? Like trying to mark her territory? She can't shut the fuck up about Armored Skeptic and constantly tweets sugary bullshit to him in public. He never seems to return this sentiment and instead tweets more flirting at random whores.

No. 574252

Why is she so keen on armored skeptic of all people?

No. 574269

Yes, she has.
That IG post is from mid 2016.

No. 574295

File: 1525519667602.png (86.78 KB, 669x631, 1.png)

Are you changing your views because you honestly feel different about nb and trans or are you doing it so you'd be more accepted as a liberal and not have a complete demographic of edgelords watching you?

No. 574298

File: 1525519867168.gif (352.29 KB, 256x256, Spinning_thinking_emoji_2.gif)


Could it be that nobody registers her change in opinions because she still acts like the same, bullying bitch who desperately panders to lowest sorts of males?

No. 574305

and could it be that everybody can tell that her "moving on" from her old views is just another excuse to sperg at feminists. even the sjw-iest of sjws have caught on to that and they hate TERFs.

No. 574309

File: 1525520884808.png (53.79 KB, 676x476, 2.png)

nah anons that's just crazy talk. clearly everyone else is at fault here. She literally has to WORK at correcting herself.

No. 574352

are you a vegan?

No. 574359

Lol calm down Gandhi, most animals don't give two shits about humans. It is fucked up to harm animals but "murder" is literally a human definition, animals aren't placed on the same level of importance as humans.

No. 574371

Can we skip the Gmaster thing and "is it wrong to kill a cat" thing and focus on wig's spergs?

No. 574375

Wtf how old was he when he wrote this. He sounds 12.

No. 574376

No. 574384

19-20 years old. Isn't it depressing? Imagine finding out your boyfriend wrote this shit at one point in his life, any sane person would dump him.

No. 574386

File: 1525533600491.jpg (48.66 KB, 472x561, Capture.JPG)


That shit was written in 2004 and he was born in 1984 which means he was 20.

He definitely does have learning disability. It can't be a misdiagnosis as he claims.

No. 574447

So Groceries is literally that dude in high school who acted like he was one of the popular guys in class. I bet a ton of girls were nice to him in school because they felt sorry for him and knowingly fed into his big ego to laugh about him when he wasn't there. No doubt he was one of those guys who commented on a random attractive girl from his class's profile photo with "Nice lamp :D"

No. 574452

File: 1525540351150.png (35.18 KB, 638x377, 1wXHcuc.png)

according to them he was bullied until he got tall

No. 574454

File: 1525540408940.png (59.55 KB, 669x458, xNF2Y8u.png)

same anon but found this while i was lurking for the school tweet. disgusting

No. 574464

The most shocking thing about this is he replied to one of her tweets.

No. 574480

what the fuck

No. 574481

Plz don’t tell me they’re implying a high school or some shit

No. 574486

I was thinking elementary school, considering the whole little uwu thing.

No. 574513

No. 574539

oh jesus christ you guys this is clearly just a really lame joke/attempt to seem edgy, it's not serious

No. 574542

Lol is june really "rich" tho? Her dad just makes signs and her mom doesn't seem to work at all and her house is pretty modest (it's even one floor) i think she's just long island middle class

No. 574549

but given greg's history it's kind of creepy

No. 574567

Put it in the yt field please

No. 574568

her house is super expensive, her parents can afford to baby her and buy her millions of expensive wigs just because she pulled her hair out and refuses therapy for the past 30 years or so, My parents are upper middle class but they could never in a million years do that for me

No. 574572

File: 1525551763889.png (343.29 KB, 636x608, BDEoIID.png)

a fan drew greg correctly for once
how do we know she doesn't buy them herself with her patreon bux

No. 574575

she's only had patron for so long, she's been wearing wigs before patron

No. 574583

Lol someone should have asked that chick they had the alleged threesome with what costumes june and greg were wearing for conformation dammit

No. 574585

she has been buying starbucks on the daily for the past like 10 years, her old insta is filled with Chanel and Michael Kors bullshit, etc. She's basic upper middle class af. I think that even if your income doesn't necessarily qualify as upper middle, if your situation is favorable enough (that is, you have enough disposable income from having paid off properties, all your assets are paid off, etc), it's effectively like living umc. If her dad can bring in like 80-140k a year and has few expenses, I'd say that's solidly upper middle class.

No. 574587

How do you know her house is super expensive? The location? Also the jobs dont add up to having loads of money unless june's parents come from old money

No. 574591

I think upper middle class yeah but just because you have name brands in your closet doesn't make you rich she had a job too anon and she also admitted to impulse buying things in an ancient video just because they were expensive so it's kind of up the air

No. 574593

i don't think upper middle is 'rich', but it's well off. i have no expenses and i make shit money, but i can afford a really nice quality of life because i have no expenses. if her parents can do that, which, i guess they can, seeing as how the mother doesn't work, i'd still consider them well off.

No. 574594

Yeah also middle class is vastly different depending on where youre from too

No. 574598

File: 1525553403258.png (234.39 KB, 631x439, jYZSX78.png)

nta but they live in long and june always goes on an on about how expensive it is to live there esp the real estate. she did it today even

No. 574599

meant long island obviously

No. 574672

rabbit looks fucking dead lol

No. 574673

I hate to expose her address BUT she lives/lived in ronkonkoma which is a part of long island, she lives in a fairly nice area with a normal sized house so the mortgage has to at least be 2k a month plus property tax, cables and everything else

No. 574679

with car payments, I'd say their monthly expenses all together would be 3-6k a month, and they still have a fuck ton of money for junes rip off wigs, implants and hoochi gucci, obviously, they aren't trump or bill gates tier or anything and compared to most americans, they would be considered rich, and bringing to original point back, she sure as hell shouldn't be calling herself a "peasant girl" and greg a god

No. 574687

She is cynical of street harrasment and thinks woman are privlaged because of bunch of disgusting beta men that orbited her had trouble getting laid ;_;. She is sheltered rich girl even if isn't wealth.

No. 574698

there's a reason why hardcore anti-feminists are almost always men or women who were born with silver spoons in their mouths

they forget why feminism is still needed and with todays society, the bad side of feminism you see fat girls with neon hair yelling and screaming about hate speech is shoved down your throats with people choosing that to represent feminism, and why feminism? I'm sure you can dig up some fat white trash in trailer parks who are redpilled as fuck, people hate feminism so much they act like cherry picking doesn't exist,even when feminism has done more for men than these MRAs ever had they still bash it and wonder why feminists don't acknowledge them anymore, it has gotten to a point where people use feminist as an insult, like when lauren southern stated she wanted to wait until she met the right guy to get married, "western feminists!!" was thrown around here and there

No. 574702

Is that bottle of lube on the left side of the screen right under the mic stand??

(i know because i have the same bottle. wtf.) ewww

No. 574705

either junes downstairs is too dry or they're doing anal, or its for other girls or even better june is pegging skepdick

neither of probably know how to clean their asses properly so I wonder how many times june tasted her own shit on skepdicks dick just so he won't notice

No. 574709

Realistically speaking he's probably using it for jacking off.

No. 574716

File: 1525562634596.jpg (56.47 KB, 600x600, sliquid-h20_multi.jpg)

jfc at least put that shit away before you start streaming

No. 574721

he probably put that there on purpose, anon

No. 574726

Like on r/ihavesex
I'd expect this more from june though
Maybe, but I never met a guy who went out and brought a big ass bottle of lube just for jerking off

No. 574728

File: 1525563699513.jpg (62.46 KB, 1000x1000, T-Lube.jpg)

this would've been funnier and more appropriate.

No. 574734

OT i worked in a sexshop and guys dont buy that lube for jerking its definitely geared toward women/is water based so im assuming it's for boot on face

No. 574748

This is sick…

No. 574753

It's close to the computer, so it's def for jerking his tiny little gherkin to camgirls. They probably bought it for the two of them to use together, and he's repurposing.

No. 574756

Who was that anon that said that Wig is lurking here?
Because i got a feeling that her fucking fanboi orbiters lurk here and not her.

After a while those idiots STILL bring up that one (possibly another orbiter) anon's post.

In other words: We must be too close to the truth.

Is there a user with the nickname "Ajax"? lulz

No. 574770

File: 1525568595448.png (48.57 KB, 1287x403, xyp8pJK.png)

when i was looking for armoured septic's cringe bongo comics >>573955 there were these two somewhat fresh replies in an old ass thread. some of her fanboi or fantransgal orbiters def lurk here

No. 574799

5 bucks that it's that maya thot.

BTW this might proove another anon who "tinfoiled" why wig is deleting tweets and why she brings up old stuff that we discussed just minutes before.

Snitches… Tell your smol kawaii goth edgelord boxxy-imitator to show up here if she wants to debunk us.

No. 574819

he seems more like a beta/incel if he's creeping on wig and groceries

No. 574846

June would never namefag here.

No. 574854

File: 1525579677067.png (83.41 KB, 733x829, lul.png)

Bitch loves lolcows, stop lying.

No. 574857

Beating an animal to death is fucked up anon, you dont have to like wig to realise this…

or atleast i would assume so??

No. 574859

>"The only time someone does a disservice to a group of people is when they murder, and she didn't so shut up."

…do these dumbfucks ever think about the shit they write? Like I know their usual targets are flat earthers and religious kooks, so they frequently don't have to try hard with logic but c'mon…

No. 574977

But she never mentions LC or shows up.
I presume she just lurks /pol/ and /r9k/. Otherwise she would be much more careful what she posts (because people on KF and here are eager to cut her throat for "minute" fuckups).
Just like other MRAs.
This place is too feminin to her lulz.

No. 575000

File: 1525606259103.jpg (171.35 KB, 1152x2048, Dcd5UmHVQAATUJu.jpg large.jpg)

No. 575001

File: 1525606327499.png (491.18 KB, 701x705, 1.png)

No. 575012

uhh can someone explain what is meant by this?

No. 575021

this relationship is so painfully one sided

No. 575024

yeah, but doesn't june think all waves of feminism were unnecessary, not just the current manspread meme stuff? that seems beyond just being ignorant to women's issues

No. 575027

She is sucking up to the incel tranny by telling him he looks like a irl anime (girl).

No. 575028

I once did something like this, 'bragged' about my bf's penis to a group of friends. I sometimes still think about it because it's so humiliating/cringe in retrospect that I used to act like that. I was 16.

It still blows my mind June acts this way at twenty-fucking-seven and broadcasts it online to everyone.

Also, I don't get how she is constantly talking him up and publicly obsessing over him. It makes it look like she's incredibly insecure about their relationship, doesn't she see that? It's so transparent. Or is this just part of their 24/7 bdsm dynamic and I wouldn't understand?

No. 575041

Apparently the way to gain favor from June is to stalk her on Twitter lol

No. 575043

Adults don’t bring up their sex lives in conversation unless it’s warranted for some reason.

Like I’m going to assume if you are over the legal drinking age in your country, you have a sex life. And I’m also going to assume that you find your partner attractive. There is no point in announcing it to everyone, every day of your life.

No. 575049

I think he won't give her time of day because it plays into his alpha douchebagery game, while she thinks if she constantly talks about their relationship it's gonna make it look better or some shit.

No. 575060

>It makes it look like she's incredibly insecure about their relationship, doesn't she see that? It's so transparent
not only this but, am I the only one who gets this vibe they don't talk to each other a lot outside of twitter for a ldr? I get they might just be purposely playing up their relationship for their fanbase of lonely neckbeards but, the stream for example, it sounded like she hasn't seen his face in forever.

It might be the only explanation why she comes off so fucking obnoxious for him on social media, because he doesn't give her real attention. But, I'm pretty sure it's just them playing up their stupid dynamic("haha look i'm the annoying brat little who wants daddy's attention uwu but, he's too busy looking at more prettier girls, i'm such a cuck uwu"), which is frankly just as bad because it's not genuine, it's just her playing into a label just like the dumblr sjws she makes fun of.

Besides that, her attraction for him is so forced that it comes across as phony. Like comparing him to things that are obviously out of his league weirdly reads as insulting jab towards him. And you'll even see their fans point it out with "no but skeptic isn't like that" "is that how you really see him?" I'm surprised he's so into her made up fantasy version as him being this macho guy he completely misses it. It's really embarrassing to think they're so far up their own fake images of themselves to the point their relationship is only based off of these made up roles with shoe thinking grocery is flynn, muscular??, "alpha" and grocery thinking shoe is some innocent loli dumb little.

I wouldn't want to imagine what it's like to be in a relationship like that, degraded to just a bdsm role that plenty of other girls can replace you in.

Sorry long ramble, it's just they're so pathetic and one dimensional.

No. 575069

Lad needs to get some bangs, that male pattern baldness isn’t anime irl, although it is coming from Bald herself

No. 575088

treat em mean keep em keen seems to be working for him

No. 575144

June was literally a moderator here.

No. 575146

She claims they skype 24/7 and the tweets are "surprises" but I agree with you. They're playing out roles that are so far removed from their actual selves that it's going to be hilarious when they actually move in together. Will they be able to keep it up when they're forced to be around each other 24/7? Or will the illusion finally fall apart?

No. 575153

>Will they be able to keep it up when they're forced to be around each other 24/7?

Absolutely not. And I expect their content to diminish even more both in terms of quantity and quality. They’ll be happy at first. Maybe even more engaged in the real world. June will resort to relationship vlogging with some initial success until she becomes depressed again and they stop leaving their home.

Then I guess they’ll have to look for real jobs together, and the fantasy will die.

No. 575155

File: 1525627985657.png (193.05 KB, 817x907, fyHUtma.png)

i use to think she wouldn't lurk here but now there's no way she doesn't. she googles herself everyday and makes tweets literally everyday about her dissenters so she can get an ego boost from her neckbeard eco chamber. she can't mention this place because there's proof of her shit. she can't scream "liar" of "fanfiction." pic related, from today

No. 575156

File: 1525628123371.png (29.13 KB, 627x283, GYwriDI.png)

same anon *echo chamber

No. 575173

File: 1525629471016.png (76.26 KB, 659x627, TqrPaGl.png)

she makes a living off of "critiquing" feminism and yet can't even do something as simple as research the movement's waves by herself?

No. 575178

If she's so fucking insecure about being perceived as a jobless, leech millennial she COULD get a part time job instead of trying to pretend her short makeup counter stint and vlog are shining examples of hard work.

No. 575181

File: 1525630994152.png (300.18 KB, 647x903, FBdNZyc.png)

"me me me"
then she would have to admit she's not doing better than her film school peers, which she constantly brags about

No. 575182

File: 1525631036676.png (79.28 KB, 681x581, hCDX3yV.png)

this is the 20 yo skeptic is always flirting with

No. 575207

Actually surprised she would even open herself up to any conversation about her and working. How long was her makeup counter job?


Most people have 5-10 years work experience at this point. What do you have, June? A shitty Webcam and a bedroom in your parents house that you can't even manage to clean?

The echo chamber comment is just so obtuse coming from her. The people who criticize her probably are just randoms who, unlike her, don't have a flock of orbiting sheep following them around around agreeing with every single thing they say. Literal definition of living in an echo chamber.

Like how does she not see this?

It makes me think she does not understand the meaning of the term.

No. 575210

twitter person is wrong about the slutty thing, shoe's beliefs are way worse on that. She honestly thinks only attractive/hot women get raped.
I think a big part of their "bdsm dynamic" is being ldr because grocery can peacefully hit on other women online while shoe can pretend she doesn't mind or care and they can easily keep believing they're this total sub little with alpha daddy couple.

shoe honestly believes after youtube is over she's just going to be grocery's housewife and she's going to hit with a harsh reality that he's too lazy and doesn't have enough skills or degree to get a decent job that can support 2, plus they want a child in the future which is terrifying.

Both also show to have terrible money handling, shoe spends thousands on wigs, shitty fake korean clothes, on that stream she admits to buying over 20 fucking head rest pillows because ollie humps each one she gets, she sounds like an extreme impulsive buyer. Grocery isn't better based on what was said about his past marriage, he sounds like the type who'd buy some collector star wars toy for hundreds of dollars without blinking, it's not confirmed but, like anons have pointed out, he probably spends money on camgirls.

Idk which is more likely to break them, realizing their relationship is based off of fake personas they made for themselves because they want to be so bdsm or when they have to start facing real work after their youtube "careers" ended. They both seem to come from well off families, so maybe they'll just end up mooching off of them? Shoe technically is now

No. 575228

File: 1525634764423.png (120.88 KB, 652x820, cUspcsj.png)

Grocery's family is in the government and he had a "government job" (aka driving buses according to an anon in past threads) so maybe he'll move onto that when the time comes

No. 575245

>i love the love that you and armoured skeptic lovingly show to to the loving fans it's lovely

Tfw you have a 100 word essay and you just want to get it done

No. 575294

File: 1525638838299.gif (748.44 KB, 220x183, nope.gif)


She is literally the saddest person. No personality and caters to men in the most pitiful way possible.

No. 575312

Its really funny that this tranny looks more like a woman than june does

No. 575336

uh, are we looking at the same person anon? i usually think people are too harsh on transwomen here but he doesn't pass that well

No. 575359

File: 1525644115016.png (94.56 KB, 1218x516, 1506662974220.png)

Was this seen yet?

No. 575360

He passes more than june and that's what's sad

No. 575368

Its called angles and filters

No. 575369

it's the mouth. The eye area is pretty feminine as is the rest of the face but the mouth doesn't seem to fit into it that well

No. 575370

looks edited as fuckk

No. 575375

File: 1525645719270.png (21.25 KB, 595x237, FHKSQCK.png)

how long is she gonna continue with this liberal charade. no one on the left likes you, june
yes it's posted in every thread. but it's always funny to juxtapose this tweet with the one of her crying at her engagement. or her numerous tweets about being "a married canadian with skeptic's kids" :^)

No. 575385

I agree with you anon lol

No. 575388

she likes the lgbtq side of it, that's all. probably because she claims to be bi and relates so much to trans people and the kinks she's into have people with a variety gender/sexualities. the thing is, she can't relate to any of their struggles cause she's never been judged or bullied in her life, of course she wants other to believe that she has to garner sympathy. It's ironic how the people who follow her don't realize they're the exact types of people she use to bully in high school and she chooses to pretend she didn't have a toxic past despite evidence showing it.

No. 575395

does she even like the lgbt side? she;s always yelling at the lgs for being mean to the bis. and she's always going after old lesbians in particular for being ~terfs~. the only time she talks about bis is to say "me me me why are people being mean to ME a bi woman." she seems to only like the t and that's because she's friends with one.
i remember when hbomberguy took down armouredskeptic in a vid, greg was saying "we don't have to understand LGBT people," like he doesn't even see June as bi either. it's funny though, she'd rip apart any women who'd express greg's view in this vid. sorry for going OT on your original point.

No. 575396

The fuck? June is ugly as fuck but at least she looks female. This guy just looks like a balding swed.

No. 575399

I beg to differ, anon. The "queer" alphabet soup and countless other liberal circles are full of spoiled, degenerate losers just like her. Both she and groceries fit right in.

No. 575402

Watch one of his videos. Even with the sound off, he doesn't pass at all in motion.

No. 575405

but june looks like a bio woman and her orbiter doesn't. i don't like her either but i'd never assume for a sec she was born a dude

No. 575411

I don't think she actually cares about lgbtq, I think she just finds it trendy for her boring ass and knows it's a good way to separate herself from the image she made in 2014-2015. Except, she's still the same person obviously, she is just going with the flow of internet politics and what she has is the safest position to be in to the point she doesn't have to do research for any of her videos and people will like it because "wow anti-fem female whose a liberal? so original!".

No. 575416

>I think she just finds it trendy for her boring ass
Yeah, that's pretty much all the "lgbtq" community is now: straights and straight leaning bis following a trend.

No. 575457

File: 1525652858292.png (385.1 KB, 1213x941, eKEKwgv.png)

her entire twitter rn is just caps of random tweets. a d with all of these tweets she hasn't even made a solid argument against them she just goes "look at these dummies teehee" that's her whole internet existence

when people do this to her she absolutely flips out and then goes on a tweet spree about how "sad uwu" she is

No. 575466

File: 1525653407703.png (55.78 KB, 653x439, FAseeaa.png)


No. 575479

Someone should take count of all the times she's tweeted some picture to him with 'this is us.'

I can't stand her, but I can't help but find it kind of sad how intensely she is into this relationship and how much AS just doesn't seem to care or is involved at all. Even if he is way more emotionally involved, and is just pretending not to be for his image, that's still just as horrible. Keeping up an image for his fanboys is more important than showing the woman that he supposedly loves how much he values the relationship. I don't know if June is just so delusional she doesn't see anything wrong with it but that would crush me emotionally. The way he belittles her, treats her like property, treats her like a sex object that isn't even enough for him, even if it's some kind of act it's sickening. Again, I hate June but a part of me wants her to wake up and see how awful this is.

But if she demanded respect of course their fanboys would turn on her.

No. 575487

She literally promised for caps she was going censor names just a few days ago. Just because these people have may have shitty opinions she disagrees with doesn't give her a pass. She can't claim that she isn't aware that her fanbase particularly is full of edgy teens who will seek these people out in her name. She's been confronted with it, promised to change and yet only a few days is back to doing the same old shit.

No. 575500

X:"freedom of speech is a must! nobody should be silenced!"
Y:"you should kill yourself"
X:"we must shun and mock these kinds of people for saying such things!"


No. 575681

File: 1525675181523.png (128.93 KB, 655x467, W18nLDU.png)

the usual dankula and sargon scrote sucking

No. 575687

File: 1525676024238.png (316.96 KB, 630x678, kiTu1Po.png)

aaaand the usual narc rage. she can't seem to wrap her head around the idea of people disliking her

No. 575805

People should shittalk her more on Twitter but without mentioning it directly. Just write it like "Shoe" or "June" and see how fast she finds it and shits her pants over it.

No. 575856

File: 1525706139939.jpg (116.5 KB, 540x540, tumblr_inline_p873b2mizz1qh4ne…)

No. 575863

I love dis

No. 575979

the original tweet wasn't even about her and yet she makes it about herself lmao

No. 576161

Seconded, we need more memes.

No. 576162

File: 1525732770201.png (16.73 KB, 627x200, OnbABnb.png)

is this why june has the maturity of a middle schooler

No. 576169

File: 1525733512450.jpg (143.15 KB, 1080x1071, pngs waste bandwidth.jpg)

more goth june it's my fav meme here since it seems like we're the only ones who call her out on it, courtesy of KF

No. 576179

June, you have never been and never will be goth. Where is she pulling this out of?

Also, that ring is still hideous imo

No. 576183

No. 576187

File: 1525734659312.png (48.61 KB, 622x408, jghhGXV.png)

>Where is she pulling this out of?
she liked some shit bands in hs and wore a lot of eyeliner so she considers that goth. she also wants to push the ~uwu smol frail bullied wallflower uwu~ story so she comes off as nonthreatening to her male fanbase.

No. 576188

I think a piece of it is complete ignorance as to what being Goth is. she thinks it's about being "darkly inclined" and nothing else. Lol, she isn't even darkly inclined, but what really annoys me is how she continues to say she is/was Goth when she shows no evidence of ever being such, AND trying to pass off metal/hard rock bands as her listening to Goth music.

No. 576189

Looool someone should really ask what goth bands she likes directly and then watch her get called out

No. 576193

i dont think it was even that she really was into certain gothy bands and that's what propelled her. it was that she was trying to get in with the 'goths' for whatever reason and so, ofc, she halfheartedly (as always) adopted 'goth' bullshit.

No. 576196

File: 1525735540962.png (979.99 KB, 648x2264, A4mvZra.png)

>i even forget i'm part of the lgbt
funny how she only brings up her alleged bisexuality to complain how much a victim she is and how especially mean those gays and lesbians are. also funny how she makes everything about herself

No. 576199

I think it has to do with goth gf memes

when everyone wanted a outgoing social butterfly gf she was that
when everyone wanted an emo gf she was that
when everyone wanted a gamer grl nerd gf she was that
when everyone wanted a tomboy "one of the guys" gf she was that
when everyone wanted a smart anti fem skeptic gf she was that too
you get the point
now everyone wants a princess trad girl quiet gf or a goth kinky gf or anime gf and now shes all that at once, her personality completely revolves around the type of girl men flock to and no originality whatsoever but the problem is that she doesnt see the fact that she can't claim she was x y and z without contradicting herself

No. 576200

File: 1525735753319.png (40.61 KB, 676x305, ZYvDdR6.png)

june, who has never expressed attraction to women before and in fact always shits on the appearance of women, says "i know i am attracted to girls" the same woman who said she's demi but calls herself bi to be less ~snowflakely~ only just a few months ago. being in a threesome to keep your obese bf from leaving you is not being bi, june.

No. 576203

File: 1525735910901.png (84.09 KB, 540x191, 8pLBs4y.png)

>i'm bi! i would date a girl if it wasn't for skeptic!
>i can't picture myself dating a girl

No. 576206


She wasn't even getting in with goths she admitted in an ask fm. Post that she only started wearing black and listening to rock music because she wanted to keep the attention of a bunch of metal dudes she was hanging with

No. 576210

kek that's so pathetic, lmao. literally, i have never seen a cow more addicted to male attention. she's literally worse than even the most thirsty of camwhores, worse than /soc/ camwhores, even.

how does that even make sense? being demi has nothing to do with liking dick or vagina or any specific genitals at all. it's SUPPOSED to mean that you're not sexually attracted to anyone until you get to know them well, or some shit. how does that translate to anything close to bi? and how is she even demi if she's claiming to gawk and drool at jogging women? all of this is so obviously geared toward pleasing the peepees

No. 576214

It seems some people use demi synonymously with pan, which is close enough for her.
I think she just doesn't want people to think she's a slut lol.

No. 576216

File: 1525736428190.png (24.63 KB, 263x155, 2000XbZ.png)

this is all she said. she deleted the original tweet so i can't she if she expanded on it or not (probably not let's be real).

No. 576217

exactly and after so long too, most women grow out of that stage by 17. but this bitch is almost 30 sucking cheesy neckbeard dick and pretending to be a new person every time a trend comes in

No. 576224

Also, with all the times June has been proven to insert herself in male dominated spaces and pine for male attention, I don't really think she lost her virginity as late as she claims she did.

Sage for tinfoil.

No. 576226

same, i don't buy it for a second.

No. 576230

she probably just said that because she told skeptic "he was her first"
she's also a pushover and if what she is saying is true about being a tomboy, there's no way for her to be a virgin "until she met skeptic and magically turned nympho"

No. 576235

File: 1525737580465.png (54.13 KB, 648x311, o5ATVrz.png)

well yeah she lies about everything so i don't think it's tinfoil worthy to say she's lying about yet another thing

No. 576237

>>576230 yeah all the tomboys i know lost it as soon as they started getting horny due to all the guys they pal'd around with lol it just doesnt add up

No. 576239

what is she even on about and why did she throw ~teehee i didnt kiss until 22~ in there?
she was a massive wog club thot since high school and there's more than enough proof

No. 576243

Bull. Sex is one thing, but I highly fucking doubt she never kissed until 22. I grew up pretty sheltered and even I managed to cross that off at 16, and I wasn't even a tomboy. Lol.
Sage for slight blog.

No. 576246

but anon! she was such a shy quiet wallflower tomboy goth edgy desu
even though she supposedly had all male friends and made vlogs of her screaming in parking lots and videos of her jerking off air dicks and mooning, so shy and virginal uwu

No. 576250

AND she's "such a pushover" that she'd get made fun of, but she was around horny dudes all the time as such a tomboy, and wouldn't succumb to their advances, despite being submissive as hell, degenerate as hell, and 'a pushover'? bull, bull, bull. i know so many girls that have been pressured into losing their virginity/pressured into doing sexual things with their 'friends' at young ages, etc. we're really to believe this attention-seeking thot with countless orbiters and no willpower or resolve for anything didn't kiss anyone until 22? lies

No. 576251

Also the picture of her cuddling with kenny and palming wax figure jack sparrows dick in public

No. 576257

How old was she when she started dating Andrew? Wasn't she with him for 4 years and started dating Septic at 24? I doubt they took 2 years to meet up.
And that's assuming her first kiss was really with him like she wants to imply.

No. 576258

>when i was in high school i noticed all the poor fat chicks loved tinkerbell
>she's huge and disgusting
what a demure lil bullied wallflower she was uwu. so much for loving thicc girls, june.

No. 576259

Preeeeetty sure she fucked Andrew first if she didn't fuck any of those metalhead dudes. Lol. In any case, Skeptic definitely wasn't her first.

No. 576263

Fuck, she could blend in with the entire cast of The Jersey Shore. Whyy does she say she was ever Goth?

No. 576273

File: 1525739599240.png (62.16 KB, 718x448, 20180507_203144.png)

Found the post btw it doesnt even make seeeense but it does confirm she was friends with a group of dudes metal dudes

No. 576275

She probably thinks wearing a black shirt and eyeliner and listening to disturbed or something makes her the queen of goths gothy desu goth, considering she lived in long island she probably picked up that thought process
What triggered this discussion? Yes we know june was a typical Italian extroverted hoe bullying people and showing everyone her ass and getting as much attention from males as possible, and now she wants to turn around and claim to be shy quiet bullied goff girl with only male friends because she's a coolgirl tomboy, but why bring up old milk

Anyway, it is kinda annoying, as someone who was the bullied awkward shy girl wallflower, it pisses me off that the bitch who was as extroverted as possible and literally bullied people now wants to be the shy victim uwu

I'd only imagine how scarf girl would react if she saw June claiming she was a bullied wallflower shy girl

No. 576278

Lol she wasnt even /metal/ either though she's literally a poser

No. 576281

tbh i didnt think she was this much of a liar and it was brought up because skeptic said she was Goth which means she told him she was or he's just as ignorant as her lol

No. 576282

I really wish we could hear from scarf girl, hah.

No. 576285

Didn't she make a post somewhere about the bullying?

No. 576286

Makes sense, she didn't bring up half the claims she made about herself until skeptic, didn't think shes that desperate

No. 576287

File: 1525740078396.png (77.19 KB, 568x180, jYKxJzS.png)

if we're bringing up old milk might as well bring up this tweet about infamous sword girl and how allegedly fat she is. even tho june is probably bigger than her now and skeptic is at least 3x her size.
who is scarf girl? sorry to ask but i searched old threads etc and didn't find an answer

No. 576288

She did? Where? I wanna see her react to the bully that bullied her claiming to be a bullied shy girl

No. 576290

Damn, now that's a term I haven't heard in awhile but it perfectly fits shoe. Seriously tho, I hope she can find herself someday.

No. 576291

June bullied a girl with a harry potter scarf and called her scarf girl then bragged about bullying her in a video

>fatty with no waistline
She has more curves than you june, anyway whatever happened to you liking thicc girls

No. 576292

Pretty sure it's in the old threads

No. 576293

that's so vile. she wasn't even remotely close to fat. plus, when you lay down, if you have any fat on your tummy/back, it'll spread out against the couch/bed

No. 576295

File: 1525740358449.png (116.07 KB, 479x418, sM4mBAq.png)

No. 576297

Don't expect June to understand the concept of basic gravity.

No. 576301

I get Septic not understanding how the female body works, but June? That's just pathetic. Plus she thinks Septic isn't fat when he's like three times that girl's weight.

No. 576302

She already thinks her implants defy gravity

No. 576304

In one video he dresses her up like a a 90's band girl and she hated it lol also skeptic saying "it's very grunge" long story short he puts her in a metallica shirt Lol

No. 576305

Well, that's kinda their purpose.

No. 576308

File: 1525741108983.png (491.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180507-185845.png)

What is this

No. 576317

File: 1525741861376.png (176.09 KB, 399x532, beans.png)

she looks like 2017 beans in this photo, probably has about as much hair too, kek

No. 576320

Why didn't she fix her filtrum? So embarassing to watch this 5/10 italian-american hoe unironically pretend she's a kawaii irl animu waifu. Literally tranny teir.

No. 576322

I wish she'd get a new wig, the side bang emo hair is getting so annoying and looks basic

No. 576323

File: 1525742420953.png (362.23 KB, 650x626, Nj92xOp.png)

No. 576327

File: 1525742578154.png (744.05 KB, 1262x748, VI1Ttk4.png)

No. 576330

More like her about everything.

No. 576333

First its the tiny, almost non existent age gap, then it's muh height difference even though she isn't short, then its weight difference, then she pretends to be a smol submissive shy goth girl with grown daddy dom chad whos parents are totally worried about their almost 30 yr old daughter being groomed, and now its American vs Canadian romeo and Juliet, when will she wake up and realize her relationship isn't special

Also had june ever bashed Canadians? Not that it's exactly shocking she would lie

No. 576352

File: 1525744092711.png (444.51 KB, 653x967, pZjLGEM.png)

ok june

No. 576357

It's so insane how her entire identity revolves around Groceries.

No. 576358

File: 1525744489714.jpg (143.51 KB, 1489x997, 2S7Gq9S.jpg)

>that hair color is cute and doesn't make you an ess jay double you even though i used to make fun of sjw girls for having the same hair!!!!

No. 576359

But anime is degenerate to June lol

No. 576362

>June thinking that picture is even remotely Gothic

No. 576366

I hate this.
>Even comparing Goth to Scene

June you were a basic emo kid like ever teen in the mid 2000's. Cease this fuckery.

No. 576387

File: 1525746581154.png (25.59 KB, 625x249, HgGKcK3.png)

this is old. it's from her misandryqu33n """satire""" account but holy shit the irony

No. 576393

File: 1525746806541.png (259.31 KB, 610x750, McWBgq0.png)

she was still running this account a year ago

No. 576400

Remember: she is not an anti-sjw, just an entertainer!
And a smol goth loli ally!

No. 576416

>"I don't talk about race!!!" :^)

No. 576441

I'd only imagine how much she would hate and coddle the boyfriend of someone who was dating a female version of greg

No. 576494

even if it's a parody, i'm cringing at the casual racism

No. 576560

File: 1525757500648.png (451.24 KB, 606x1022, hM96W02.png)

yeah june only 70% of your content is reply videos. haha got'em.

No. 576593

Is she trying to refute his point by highlighting that responses make up almost half her videos from the past year alone? She forgot to circle one with "re:" in the title too. Sad!

No. 576601

20 of her vids are reponses, 8 original.
The average viewcounts: ~900k of the reply vids, ~500k on original.

So yeah, she is right, her response videos aren't dead.
But her personality doesn't really interests people. Which is saying a lot.

No. 576604

File: 1525764989381.png (120.47 KB, 660x650, wt2SsGR.png)

why does this bother her so much. actually why does it bother her at all?

No. 576607


She's so histrionic.

No. 576609

god you can hear her age with that deadass just thrown in at the wrong place…

No. 576632

june has to be the only girl who still looks ugly with meitu

No. 576634

File: 1525772213538.jpg (100.67 KB, 245x445, whoville june.jpg)


June already looks like a cartoon caricature so meitu got confused and didn't know what to do lol.

No. 576635


So much about "I haven't browsed 4chan since 2010"

bitch you browse /pol/ on the daily

No. 576642

File: 1525775775330.png (98.1 KB, 709x865, 1.png)

>if i met one before i met greg i would have dated her
100% do not believe this

No. 576644

File: 1525775914768.png (81.07 KB, 664x535, 2.png)

>no standards
but that's you and grocery in a nutshell

No. 576646

File: 1525776219202.png (108.72 KB, 706x866, 3.png)

what age was june's mom when she had her?

No. 576647

File: 1525776567800.png (99.44 KB, 693x816, 4.png)

>right wing rabbit hole
aka gamergate lead me to 4chan and i browsed through /pol/ too much and took their threads seriously.

No. 576650


So the problem with right-wing for her was "gatekeeping the trans".

What about their misogynistic views on women or races other than white being seen as inferior?
That's totally fine with June, it's the horrible crime of not accepting trannies that made her "snap out of it".

No. 576720

27 lol

No. 576842

Does anybody know June's musical taste? I doubt she ever listened to The Cure or Type O Negative despite being such a goth girl, but I'm curious.

No. 576850

god I wish she would stop saying "dunking" it's so fucking obnoxious and cringe.. do other people actually use this?

No. 576870

It's already been posted, lurk more. It was like the Gorillaz, Green Day, and some other gay alt rock shit.

No. 576884

File: 1525805260310.png (65.11 KB, 946x506, dIYxrzP.png)

Gorillaz only their first album though Humanz was ~too political~ for sensitive June

No. 576886

>favorite bands
>marina and the diamonds

ok june

No. 576893

That’s a cringe taste in music lol

No. 576900

>only their first album though
You sure? If you're talking about the pic she posted the album was Demon Days, which was their second. She might not even be aware of the existence of their first.

No. 576902

oh yeah you're right my bad anon. she didn't like their most recent though that's for sure.

No. 576904

File: 1525807142639.png (596.61 KB, 608x1100, 8Vecg4t.png)

No. 576905

File: 1525807285646.png (292.85 KB, 640x1052, HrswIM1.png)

would it kill him to reply to her

No. 576920

This is such basic taste in music for such a speshul girl.

No. 576926

holy fuck i can't ignore his tiny baby hands and chubby fingers and those little weak wrists and forearms. why do all guys who claim to be doms and alphas are always so physically weak? It's embarrassing.

No. 576942

because the guys they'd consider alpha don't have to claim it.

No. 576956

>red hot chili peppers
>butthole surfers
>system of a down

So basically, she listens to an alt radio station all day? This literally describes what I listen to on my way to work.

>marina and the diamonds

This I could believe, though.

It's almost like she has no genre that she really likes so she picks these randoms based off one or two popular songs she's heard.

No. 576981

can you show

No. 576987

nta but are you talking about the lewd stuff? just look through all the threads and there's a bunch of reciepts, esp in the first few threads. or look through his twitter likes, there will most likely be some camwhores in his feed at any given time. he seems especially fond of one called syrencove

No. 576990

>"i was too immature/irresponsible any earlier"
>still lives at home with no job or education
>wears literal costumes

No. 576996

File: 1525813133042.png (41.54 KB, 657x449, DJH0UWz.png)

but anon, she's doing sooo much better than her educated peers!

No. 577002

File: 1525813852617.png (2.53 MB, 1203x1402, grocery.png)

Yeah, just check the previous threads. Here are some of his recent likes though.

No. 577004

File: 1525814008157.png (23.39 KB, 587x231, gross.PNG)

Have this as well from a reply to the "little girlfriend story" from last thread.

No. 577051

> if you are bi you are more likely to be hetero

Sooooooo… how does this contradict the statement that the guy said?

No. 577054

Yeah no Goth music to speak of except June literally cites metal bands and alt rock as Goth music btw still kek worthy how she thought humanz was too political as if gorillaz wasn't political from day 1

No. 577055

GROSS is this true? Has it been truly confirmed?

No. 577056

Yeah, it's in the earlier threads.

No. 577057

Someone should ask what her favorite Siouxsie and the Banshee's song is lol

No. 577059

Wow she's just the cow that keeps on lactating huh?

No. 577060

That's literally an Undertale meme also speaking on Undertale June was also big into Homestuck too and had a hard on for Vriska

No. 577061

She liked the vriska character for being "bitchy" and even bought horns and planned on cosplaying (terribly i might add) her and making vlogs as vriska and basically hijacking the character and making it her own

No. 577063

…Of course she would like her. June can try all she wants to be a kawaii innocent uwu bunny girl but we all know how bitchy she is at heart.

No. 577067

Hold the fuck up!
Is she saying that as a US citizen she can not get a PR card?
I ran multiple eligability tests and ONLY if she is 100% honest with the authorities she can't get that card to MOVE TO ONTARIO. If she would move to Québec or whereever however, she could.
There is nothing that holds Grocery back to move to e.g. Québec as well.
Are both of them really this dumb?

No. 577068

Speaking of bunny has anyone of her fans addressed the single bunny situation/cage or do they just look at everything june does through rose colored glasses?

No. 577076

Another racist take by shoe was in the crazyhair blaire stream where she adamantly disagreed that "gypsy" was a racial slur after crazyhair told her it was and then called crazyhair a liar for bringing it up lol

No. 577077

File: 1525821346722.png (225.77 KB, 634x902, Gk8WXS5.png)

she also called herself a libertarian and centrist in 2014 so.

No. 577079

June is the type of person who thinks all her preconceived notions are correct and if someone says something contrary to that they must be wrong. She never researches anything.

No. 577082

File: 1525821966039.png (18.72 KB, 621x181, orBTONN.png)

she does this to other people all the time though. and there's actual proof to back up the claims about her bigotry and overall fence-sitting

No. 577084

File: 1525822251094.png (211.37 KB, 653x633, Lopsxzk.png)

No. 577085

File: 1525822303127.png (282.65 KB, 634x866, hSGnknp.png)

No. 577086

File: 1525822347254.png (31.75 KB, 649x243, zqQYI4y.png)

No. 577089

File: 1525822570970.jpg (159.19 KB, 960x540, 18-05-08-19-33-11-969_deco.jpg)

this was in reply to that tweet, as if june ever logs onto twitter for anything other than to get mad. she lives in such a hypocritical echo chamber.

No. 577096

>"B-but June would never log onto the internet to get mad at things…!"

Yeah, sure thing, throatfuck.

No. 577099

File: 1525823879456.png (59.51 KB, 641x479, PaJexgL.png)

>"politics are not about cliques or people"
>changes her views on whatever will give her the most male attention

No. 577106


>I never met a guy who went out and brought a big ass bottle of lube just for jerking off

Late, but it's likely for the fleshlight he undoubtedly has

No. 577110

Is he retarded for real?
Then: Man 16 minutes/day, women 54 mins/day
Now: Man 59 mins/day, women 104 mins/day
difference: 43 mins, 50 mins.
difference between sexes(!!!!): then 38 mins, now 45 mins.
That 7 minutes per day PLUS attention difference throughout 50 years caused roughly 20% INCREASE in relative payment?

Sorry for math-based post, but that bugged me.

No. 577118

File: 1525825070074.png (228.88 KB, 630x778, FnL9WQU.png)

is she having a meltdown

No. 577124

his mensa level IQ lets him understand everything immediately without ever knowing anything about math or science!!

No. 577136

I like how she's comfortable only attacking criticism on twitter but, never tackles anything brought up in these threads

No. 577144


lmfao yeah June you aren't like Candace Owens, Candace Owens is smart, dresses her age, backs up her opinions, and hangs out with Kanye West. I never used to hate June - thought she was just another tradthot. These days though…

No. 577150

File: 1525828851808.png (50.85 KB, 640x576, Drew9TX.png)

too good for MENSA dom daddy is so smart he even makes up his own idioms uwu

No. 577155

Shame we're going to miss out on those hot anti-sjw vape tip videos we were all so desperate to see :(

No. 577162

If he's a stoner it explains why he's so lazy with uploading and acts like one video a month is a huge effort.

No. 577163

File: 1525830312543.png (392.08 KB, 586x562, bkK12PI.png)

No. 577165

File: 1525830734228.jpg (79.04 KB, 1053x288, _.jpg)

Just came across one of her comments in a video I saw in my recommendations where someone was talking about why they don't like Steven Crowder. Of course the only reason she doesn't like Steven Crowder is because ~anti-trans~

No. 577169

File: 1525831215605.png (1.35 MB, 986x1136, hs.png)

>"Oh No" is one of her favorite song

Well that explains the Vriska cosplay. That song is super associated with her.

No. 577174

she looks so different in this.

No. 577196

lel, every day she's having a meltdown
someone should post her "only 2 genders" video at her

No. 577198

I don't understand what Groceries is getting at, people who spend more time with their children are contributing to wage gap somehow even when university educated? This graph in no way correlates that position.

No. 577205

i went to the source of that graph (not the economist article) because it confused my former latchkey kid self and tldr
>The analysis focuses on parents, aged 18–65, ling in households with at least one child under 13 years old

>Top coded at 12 hours, the harmonized dependent variable for daily minutes in child care consists of feeding and preparing food for babies and children, washing, changing, putting to bed or getting up, unpaid babysitting, proving medical care, reading to or playing with children, helping with homework, and superving. The variable includes both interactive child care and routine child care, because only a few countries disaggregate by type of activity.

> At the beginning of the period, the expected time in child care was the same for mothers with more and less schooling, that is, about 50 minutes per day. By 2012, however, more educated mothers spent an estimated 123 minutes daily on child care and less educated mothers, 94. The growing educational gradient among fathers was even more string. Reporting 18 minutes a day in 1965, more educated fathers did only three more minutes of child care than men with less schooling. By 2012, they were estimated to have done 74 minutes daily, or 24 more minutes than their less educated counterparts. Regardless of schooling, parents spent more time in child care, but the increase was greater for the more educated.

so, if i'm understanding right, the factored in all kinds of wildly different parenting situations and averaged out about an hour of total child care for both sexes.

Unless he means a wage gap between university educated people an non university educated? Still doesn't make much sense as this is about minutes of child care, not chances of good employment or something

No. 577226

Yeah, she actually looks comfortable and genuine. It's a good look for her.

No. 577235

Tells by image files such as 'Smutchy' image files, she was another Boxxosphere member who Cecil obsessed over among may others for being underage and 'cute' because of it. He likes em young
He's a pedo ot taking up 50% of posts here now because his life is so meaningless, and when he's been enveloped in this drama like this his job you come to know the patterns and signals he forgot to cover.
June essentially denied his advances like nearly every other Boxxysphere girl and now takes his 'revenge' in any way he sees fit including by Satanic rituals like a lunatic

TL;DR he's an obsessive, psychochopathic, abusive pedo

No. 577256

not shopped, not trying to outlook better than the next girl, not doing weird poses to look more curvy or childish

also i wonder how skepdick feels about her being alone in a room with a random black guy

No. 577257

Underrated post anon

No. 577262

I feel like if Crowder was neutral on trans issues, she’d be sucking his dick 24/7. He is just as much of a misogynist prick as her self-hating ass. If the only thing that bothers her about him, and she otherwise “doesn’t mind him”, is trans issues, that really shows you how much she truly hates women.

No. 577269

That's the thing with her. She got out of alt-right because they are "gatekeeping trans" - her own words. Same with Steven Crowder - for her, his only problem is not supporting trans. She still likes and defends tards like Sargon of Akkad.

Therr is so many issues with alt-right, she of course never addresses racism, misogyny, bad reasearch etc

Now she spergs on Twitter how people can't see that she has "changed her opinions!!!" as if she ever showcased any opinion other than "i shit on women lolz!!!"

No. 577271

Derrick has no dick though.
Grocery seems possesive with June when it comes to other men - but is okay with Derrick because June must have told him something like

>Derrick is actually a biological woman teehee

Just like how she slips when she defends trans women by implicating they are not actually real women while when TERFS say it out loud - she goes full sperg.

No. 577281

>He's a pedo ot taking up 50% of posts here now because his life is so meaningless
Is it just me or does it sound like subtle whiteknighting to try to chalk half of these threads up to some random salty pedo?
Maybe June really is just a messy ass bitch deserving of criticism, which perfectly fits the tone of this board. You sound like one of her orbiters.

No. 577304

Her unichan beta orbiters are still lurking the thread and try to lowkey defend her

No. 577323

File: 1525858914786.jpg (20.83 KB, 800x121, IMG_20180509_053922.jpg)

This. I will say the possible orbiter isn't wrong about that cecil guy though, I don't think he posts here (I actually posted his vid response to shoe in an old thread because he was creepy af, had no idea about him being unichan guy until then) he does rage on her on /pol/. I know because he actually posted to his fucking youtube on there.

His post would be pretty obvious to spot.

No. 577336

Wow she's actually dressing her age this time

No. 577337

This is pretty funny considering she said she hates jeans and never wore them lol i really think this cheap j fashion thing is for either skeptic or her fanbase tbh she actually could pass for 20 in this picture lol

No. 577354

File: 1525868150111.jpg (67.08 KB, 431x1023, foreveralone.jpg)

Found this in her old photobucket

No. 577356

So this would've been from 2010. I wonder if anyone recognizes her from her old 4chan posts.

Also it's hilarious to see people say "fail troll is fail" on 4chan. If you said that today, you'd be told to go back to reddit.

No. 577360

He's a moron who doesn't understand the difference between getting paid less to do the same job vs working less hours overall. Why am I not shocked…

No. 577367

June's and Greg's relationship reminds me of this article: https://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2007/01/borderline.html
It's about why borderliners date narcissists. Also describes Lainey and Onision.
It's an interesting read from a psychiatrist.

No. 577375


agreed. she looks like a normal college girl when she's not trying so damn hard to look like a child

No. 577383

Probably, it would be funny though considering all the "june loves cheating on her loser white boyfriend and fucking loves black cock" fetish memes

It would also explain why she doesn't care about skepdick cheating and treating her like trash

No. 577393

Woah, she was 19 and this much cringy? I'd expect this from a 13 year old, not a 19 year old.

Also why did she use 4chan as a dating site?

No. 577404

anyone else think she looks just like Anisa here?

No. 577461

Some aspie edgelords unironically try to date there because they're so unbearable to normal people to get into a relationship.
It's like a last hope attempt.
Wouldn't be surprised if wig really tried to do it lulz.

No. 577479

File: 1525887879984.png (845.1 KB, 630x1066, 8LhxdtL.png)

No. 577480

She is wrong.

No. 577482

But i thought june was a shy, push over tomboy, who was completely asexual until skeptic, didn't kiss until 23 and lost her virginity to skeptic???

No. 577487

Was thinking the same thing, she said she always wears dresses and is sooooo feminine but clearly that's just the image she wants everyone to have.
This entire blog describes them perfectly.

No. 577496

>If the borderline sounds like a 15 year old girl, that's because that's what she is. The difference, of course, is the actual 15 year old girl is supposed to be flaky, testing identities and philosophies and looks until she finally lands on the one that's "her." But if you're 30 and doing that, well…

Holy fuck ADHD might not be the only thing wrong with her

No. 577499

she never having female friends…
uwu what's this?

No. 577500

File: 1525891311453.png (268.58 KB, 630x772, TL1m6ng.png)

No. 577504

File: 1525891976791.png (108.21 KB, 660x734, 2RmpU5d.png)

yeah june, you're doing such a great job so far

No. 577507

"Here's where the poor people shop"

No. 577509

Tbh, I really believe that the wigs are a crutch and just enable her to pluck more.

No. 577511

Whoa that’s really spot on. You could literally substitute their names in for “narcissist” and “borderline.”

Explains so much about why she was a totally different person before Greg and why she contradicts herself so much. I think she actually BELIEVES the stuff she says, that’s the crazy part. She genuinely thinks she was the wallflower shy chick, for example, even though that’s so obviously not true to the rest of us.

No. 577512

What's with that weird angry emoticon made in paint posted as a reaction?

The absolute state of June's autistic fanbase…

No. 577517

June went to a Hopsin concert with a friend named Matt, and he not only paid for the tickets, then paid for the new tickets when the old ones got lost, but he also let June get on his shoulders to see better and left the show to get her a drink. Take this as you will.

No. 577534

Completely unacceptable for anyone over 11 years old.

Sorry to blog/sperg, but I can't believe that she has literally zero redeeming qualities to me. It's incredible. Even the smallest things about her make me cringe, if I was schizo I'd probably think her persona is a government pysop made just to piss me off.

No. 577549

I know right? Hopsin is classed as Horrorcore… that's like ICP, loll.

No. 577552

He paid for the tickets which were probably extremely expensive due to NY then paid the get in price and paid for drinks and shit sounds like a date platonic male friends are not that nice unless theyre after something

No. 577557

The artists she likes are so randomly patched together I swear these are genres she picked up from every guy she's dated. Would she deny liking Hopsin now? Probably, but in that moment I'm sure she was so thrilled to be bought tickets and tagalong with a guy to a show.

I wonder what Greg listens to that she now likes by extension.
After all, we already know she's adopted the bi tradthot identity when she never used to be that way.

No. 577560

What does greg like? Probably dad rock shit or old school hard rock

No. 577562

How is it not obvious? She calls him Daddy and is an annoying worthless brat 24/7/365

I thought we all knew June was a little for a long ass time

No. 577566

She even admitted to getting gifts from unichan orbiters no doubt

No. 577573

to be fair, 2010 was a totally different time. a lot of things that are considered cringe now were very commonplace across the entire internet back then.

No. 577574

She also is rumored to having a history of "leading guys on" that hopsin date and the mexico pictures and the 4chan E-dating make this theory a bit more plausible

No. 577575

File: 1525897716271.png (23.75 KB, 657x225, mSBrRed.png)

No. 577576

But this proves the "asexual until greggy blessed me with his cottage cheese fat boi dicc" thing wrong lol that doesn't even look like dating looks like sexting tbh

No. 577579

File: 1525898034385.png (317.75 KB, 1315x1027, Hd7gkaB.png)

plus he literally calls her "my little" all the time

No. 577582

This is amazing lol

No. 577583

Also, June please try to explain away Gregory's indulgence in diet pedophilia?

No. 577585

It doesn't make it any less cringe though, especially when you consider that she was, what, 20?

I assume the context of this is about that pjw video. Is she lying to look cool in front of melon-loving conehead and to spite Paul for being rüd @ her?

No. 577590

File: 1525898765619.jpg (63.56 KB, 538x566, yGLbCU8.jpg)

it's okay if it's just a sidekink :^)
(also she deleted this ask i had to find it in one of her old threads. maybe she really does read here)

No. 577602

File: 1525900226558.gif (2.99 MB, 400x400, 1523228616282.gif)

I wonder how skeptic brought that up in conversation lmao
>"don't worry babe its only a side kink, I'm not one of those weirdos"

No. 577604

Imagine describing the predation of children like a part-time job. "Side kink" pfffffffft.

No. 577616

Imagine defending pedophilia ever. June is scum

No. 577624

Never let it die

No. 577682

Her friend Matt was also openly in love with her and she friend zoned him lol. It was that Fayo guy from Unichan brought up in another thread.

No. 577687

So she was definitely leading him on she really is scum

No. 577728

File: 1525910274506.png (78.51 KB, 629x999, jl.png)

Found her old resume

>accomplishments: learned how to offer the customer a sear

No. 577734

the random capitalization is killing me

No. 577736

so many typos lmao

No. 577742

how did you even find this anon

No. 577745

>I will
Jesus fuck she's so angry and serious about silencing women who voice opinions she doesn't agree with. She sounds unhinged.

No. 577775

Googled her full name + name of her high school

No. 577815

>beaty specialist

No. 577823

LMAO she cannot do a damn thing right holy hell

No. 577833

File: 1525917262025.png (146.87 KB, 635x505, jhZlA7Q.png)

i hope june is next

No. 577835

I find it hard to believe that these "evil TERFs" didn't report her also. Is this Twitter favoritism?

No. 577836

no wonder she doesn't have a real job, did she write this drunk

No. 577841

File: 1525918001998.png (169.76 KB, 857x483, CcgpK2p.png)

No. 577862

Alt rock my ass.
This is "dad rock", the type that your dad creates in the garage with his buddies for "recreational purposes". Devoid from any emotion, skill or enthusiasm.
The difference is that your dad doesn't post it on soundcloud.

No. 577869

I can't get over how fucking dark skinned June is… Like girl you aren't a kawaii IRL anime you're literally an extra on The Jersey Shore

No. 577902

File: 1525922699870.jpg (36.07 KB, 230x320, smush.jpg)

No. 577904

File: 1525922815436.gif (10.46 KB, 300x258, ae4edaeafbf2027317afa3e4a7a8a0…)

This is so amteurish lol that fuckin guitar work… o o f

No. 577907



No. 577909

LOL her sister is soooo much more accomplished and actually has notable achievements in college also she went to state while june just got into community college hmmm(no family members)

No. 577910

It's pretty sad.
I noticed June wasn't in any of the photos from her sisters grad.

No. 577917

She's beautiful, no wonder june is so jealous of her, especially with the "she had bad acne and I didn't teehee" lie, june could have been successful to if she had gotten help from her family and actually took therapy, guess that's what happens when you choose to revolve your life around pleasing neckbeards

No. 577920

Maybe the thing about the favorite child was true? But i really think it's that june has no achievements they can boast about in a parenty way

No. 577922

>thin drawn on eyebrows
>orange tan
>trashy walmart highlights
>packing on eyeliner on bottom waterline, all the way around the eye and barely any liner on the lid
>2000s basic hoe crop hoodie and low rise skinny jeans

Is this what june thinks a goth shy quiet wallflower tomboy looks like?

No. 577924

maybe this is where her hatred/jealousy of other women all began

No. 577925

possibly, I feel bad for them, they love and care about june despite her being a hoe willingly tossed around by gross sleezy males and still coddling anything with a dick and wasting their money on being a film school drop out to still live with them at almost 30 for no reason, she even has more than enough funds to move out but makes excuses.

Assuming the attention thing was true, she could have easily gotten therapy when her parents didn't teach her she won't be center of attention all the time and she needs to be okay with that, but she refuses therapy for dumb reasons, I am surprised they didn't disown her yet.

No. 577926

I'm sorry, I dislike June more than most, but her sister, sadly, did get the worse end of the stick and most Def is not beautiful. They've gotta be like legit FAS, esp June, bc her mom and dad are pretty good looking people with neither of their features.

No. 577928

File: 1525925400057.png (655.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180501-181022.png)

June's mom was really cute tbh she has the looks of an 80's actress

No. 577929

June looks extremely like her mother imo, her mom just aged well.

No. 577931

She looks a lot like her dad too, also, philitrum thing could be the dad. He has a FASsyish face too in an older photo of himself.

No. 577932

her dad fucked the genetics damn

No. 577934

File: 1525926298801.png (482.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180510-002131.png)


Shoop off the moustache. He's the one responsible for the scary philitrum, combined with their mother's absolute lack of an upper lip… genetic disaster.

No. 577936

And tbh now that im looking mom has a longish philitrum too

No. 577945


Oh c'mon anon, I'm sure the Laporta's are always eager to bust out the ol "June is sucking obese swamp taint" chestnut while entertaining guests /s

No. 577949

Am i see things into this photo or does her father's face structure look like grocery's?

No. 577951

File: 1525928341600.png (209.96 KB, 627x433, GqviJbI.png)

does septic even care about terfs?

No. 577953

No? But if he did… knowing what we know… That would be insanely fucking creepy tho

No. 577955

File: 1525929100840.png (288.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180510-011022.png)

Also what the fuck is this lol

No. 577956

I know its lolcow and everyone that doesn't look exactly like a kpop star or model is ugly or whatever, but jesus, I don't know what your standards are but just let people call someone beautiful, I don't know why you choose to attack June's sister out of all people posted in the thread, she literally did nothing wrong

Yes they have long philitrums but what does your face look like? Big nose? Big jaw? Small eyes? Etc, having 1 typically unattractive feature, especially something that doesn't matter like a slightly long philitrum doesn't matter especially if other good features outweigh it, which junes sister does have, just like a girl with a large nose isnt unattractive by default, but like I said, it's lolcow

No. 577959

Some shit june wrote about herself, what family is watching some shitty mtv/youtube shit candid with shit cameras and awful acting and commenting on junes shit acting claiming she will be with the big boys one day? Faker than most tumblr stories

No. 577960

File: 1525929376476.png (284.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180510-011030.png)

Creepy foot fetish stuff in this part

No. 577963

File: 1525929519872.jpg (79.4 KB, 485x272, hmmmmmmmmmm.jpg)

Sure, the nose and the ears are different…
but as i said, the structure is almost the same.

No. 577964

I dont think june wrote this but if she did keks will be had

No. 577965

He has a horse face tho and he's looking up

No. 577967

OOF the plot thickens

No. 577970

Electra complex?

No. 577971

literally what the fuck is wrong with you? no one is saying she's a bridge troll or a terrible person, you whacko. join a support group or something if you get this testy over shit like this. it has nothing to do with lolcow, i do think there are certain girls on here that ARE pretty that have unconventional features, but sorry, june's sister isn't one of them. neither is june, but you'd be really hard pressed, even irl, to find someone that'd say june is the ugly sister and that her sister is beautiful, sorry.

No. 577972

ironic that she makes fun of those fake tumblr stories for a living when she wrote that selfindulgent bs.
who else would know about some shit obscure fanmade amateur show? and who else would go into that amount detail about the looks of a nobody actress? everything that's said in that post is what she brags about to this day ~uwu i'm a smol italian with no acne unlike my family uwu~

No. 577973

it is very sus "with extremely smooth skin" like, her skin is no different than most women on the internet who don't have acne?

No. 577977

I never said you said she was a horrible person, I just don't know why, when someone called her beautiful, you felt the need to go out your way just to disagree and claim its because of her philitrum

She has good skin, symmetrical round big eyes, a small nose, cute smile, small chin, and her face looks fairly proportional, outside her philitrum which can only be a millimeter shorter or so, even then its not like shes ~ruined and will never be attractive evar~ just because her philitrum is one or two milimetets longer than what you think it should be, its long but people are acting like its 4 inches long, it just looks slightly normalish long

>but you'd be really hard pressed, even irl, to find someone that'd say june is the ugly sister and that her sister is beautiful, sorry.

Dude you are the one raging just because I said her sister was beautiful and trying to pass it off as a fact that her and june are ugly, objectively, shes not ugly if are using universal terms of beauty (ie good skin, propotional features,feminine looking) subjectively she is ugly to YOUR standards, because I have no idea what your standards are but if you can call junes sister ugly they're probably ridiculous

No. 577978

How many families you know are gathered in a living room obsessing over some irrelevant shitty actress in a crappily done cheap MTV show which 99% of people don't even know about?
It's obviously a fake story but if it is either june or an orbiter, it sounds an awful lot like june, especially with June's obsession with her clear skin.

No. 577980


June also admitted she used to catfish and made up fake personas so this dumb shit could definitely be her or maybe a beta orbiter writing for her.

No. 577981

This is from a year ago anons it's totally a crazy orbiter

No. 577982

Tbh June being obsessed with her clear, no acne skin leads me to believe she did have bad skin at one point in her life, the only people I've met who were obsessed with their skin like that had skin problems and got rid of them.

No. 577986

she also posts about herself on 4chan according to earlier threads

No. 577987

>Boxxy, older youtuber, was often mistaken for being her trolling the internet
Lmao this has to be her cringy ass alternate life fantasy.
Still salty that she had to piggyback off of boxxy's fame to get any attention.

No. 577988

>overreacting this much to anon's overreaction
seems like you're the one who needs a support group. yikes

No. 577991

unironically using the word bigotry
you can't partake in lolcows when you are one, sorry.

No. 577995

File: 1525934627311.png (496.05 KB, 644x590, ybzHngH.png)

No. 578006

>everyone who has blocked me since I was born
as if this bitch has seriously just been hated for no reason and hasn't done heinous, stupid, and obnoxious shit. She has been an asshole all over the internet for what, 10 years now? Lots of reason to dislike you, June, and it isn't because they have an irrational dislike for you. But no, she can't go a minute without mentioning what a victim (or should I say "bictim"?) she is.

No. 578022

>no matter how many times i apologize for some edgy thing i did years ago
How about the fact that you're still acting like an edgy dumbass after all these years and show hardly any signs of maturity.

She still says stupid shit, contradicts and makes a fool of herself day in and day out. Who the fuck is she kidding?

No. 578027

Wow, she whines about people who disagree with her - does she want everyone to like her? With that obnoxious, bullying act? She apologizes but keeps doing the same shit anyways.

I wonder who was the person who contacted her family over Lauren… I'm pretty sure it wasn't a "hater" but one of her crazy beta orbiters and she amassed quite a number of these over the years of her pandering. Keep babying men June while demonizing women while your /pol/ followers harass you.

No. 578028

File: 1525938937815.jpg (43.48 KB, 567x419, Capture.JPG)

No. 578030

File: 1525939001438.jpg (20.78 KB, 545x192, Capture.JPG)


also this reply is top cringe

No. 578033

yeah her twitter feed is filled with ~dunkin on terfs~ and screenshotting randos who disagree with her. when she's treated like she treats other people her poor fee fees are hurt so she throws tantrums and pity parties and asks her beta orbiters to comfort her. she never changes her behavior, she just screeches over and over again that she's a changed woman and blocks anyone who says otherwise. what a brat.
>I wonder who was the person who contacted her family over Lauren
i doubt anyone did that in the first place. she's a mythomaniac

No. 578038

File: 1525941385909.jpg (19.53 KB, 532x216, Capture.JPG)


I'm pretty sure this is the tweet that triggered her.

No. 578039

File: 1525941462816.jpg (96.17 KB, 572x877, Capture.JPG)

Replies to that tweet.

Knowing June searches her name every 5 minutes, she was probably seething while reading this.

No. 578040

June went on another blocking spree?

No. 578041

File: 1525941614932.jpg (62 KB, 562x386, 2.jpg)

No. 578044


It doesn't count when June does it.

But there are people who have blocked her since she was born!!!1!

No. 578045

>june: if i do or say something you disagree with by all means tell me. let's talk
>also june: blocks people who do this

No. 578054

No. 578060

File: 1525949259008.png (46.91 KB, 714x395, 1.png)

No. 578061


Wow, isn't she the one who constantly reminds everyone of gamergate?
Now suddenly she is oh so bothered by someone bringing it up. What a histrionic bitch.

No. 578062

In this vid, Gwen_No_Fear said June blocked them. That was 10 months ago

No. 578063

File: 1525949840104.png (94.8 KB, 700x765, 2.png)

i'm assuming then she thinks we're all just radfem/terfs?

No. 578074

“This hurt a lot to post”

Wtf? All she said is that she hasn’t been friends with someone for OVER A YEAR. It’s not like they were childhood friends or something.

June people come together and grow apart all the time that’s not something to take a break over and throw an Internet fit about. It never seemed like she and Lauren were bff’s or anything either.

No. 578083

saged for slightly ot, but love how june likes to act as though radfems are in cahoots with fundamentalist christians and the alt right when they obviously hate radfems because they're feminist and the alt right hates women (i mean, no shit, unless you're june)

No. 578100

it's the new recent "skeptic" agenda is to categorize rafems and trads as "authoritarian" to make themselves look good because no one wants to be id as some control freak moral nazi. they rather label/stereotype people then have real discussions. not like it matters on june's end cause she just blocks anyone who presents valid arguments that goes against her beliefs anyways

No. 578102

> not gonna throw her under the bus
> so i end my friendship with her
> don't want to impress the people
> yet i write this
> i am harassed
> i block everybody
> people were on my ass for months for the things i said
> your mom gay these are my opinions
> you don't know my personal life
> although i share every private detail with people AND i have objectively no life
> this is a serious letter
> <3


No. 578116

Her mom looks like Amy Winehouse

No. 578123

File: 1525963948565.png (407.74 KB, 670x916, nJqqZ2X.png)

greg shit talks his exwife more than he talks about june

No. 578134

>when you upgrade your gf exponentially tho


June is so exponentially better that he can't stand spending more than two weeks with her.

Also Grocery constantly bitches how his ex wasn't into nerd shit and like didn't let him spend money on Star Wars toys while purposely forgetting he blew away their entire savings on cults and got them into debt.

I wonder how June will deal with not having money to eat after daddy dom spends all their savings on sone stupid shit again. But maybe it will be yet another bdsm thing that normies just can't understand~

No. 578141

Wait, which cults was he a part of?

No. 578144

File: 1525967195114.png (123.63 KB, 720x262, diagnosed with undiagnosed dep…)

No. 578145

This is kinda ot but my boyfriend says X thing is X A LOT. It's really annoying and something I thought people said 10 years ago.

Oh I thought his parents were Messianic Jews and was raised as a one? Does he have a complete bio where I can catch up on all of this?

No. 578155


No. 578157


>Does he have a complete bio where I can catch up on all of this?

Here is his complete bio, narrated by himself. His Wikia article doesn't mention getting his whole family in debt.

He unlisted this video btw.

No. 578169

File: 1525968892788.png (30.77 KB, 160x175, wmfETlU.png)

june thinks this is the smartest man she's met. sad

No. 578231

This is full of bad grammar gems.

"got a learning disability"
"was soon later on diagnosed with undiagnosed depression"
"the most craziest version"
"Church followers told him about the apolcalypse (sic) and made him paranoid once more to the point where he spent all of his money on survival gear for the apocalypse that his group told him about and his marriage soon fell apart as he wasted so much time away from his wife."

No wonder he was never granted that college degree.


No. 578255

>exponential upgrade
Yeah right. He went from a woman with emotional stability that he could have had a future with, to a borderline womanchild who he openly disrespects and can't even live with.

It's a joke.

No. 578291

I read this as 'Gypsy Flurry'. I've been at work too long, damn it.

No. 578295

That would be an awesome band name!

Also: next time if it's not milk than please "sage" it (write "sage" into the e-mail field). Thank you.

No. 578297

This validates everything that has been said in this thread so far.

No. 578310

does anyone have the tweet where she talks about being friends with people of different political ideologies?

No. 578313

Oh, sorry and thanks for pointing that out! I usually do, I'm super exhausted right now. Also thanks for not being one of those 'reeee sage, faggot!!' people.

To make an actually on-topic post, Grocery must still have feelings for his ex wife, or else why would he be shit talking her so much. Bitching about an ex is like the most obvious sign that you're not over them. I almost feel sorry for June but I guess she likes being the other woman.

No. 578325

>Grocery must still have feelings for his ex wife, or else why would he be shit talking her so much.

while this seems entirely possible, it could also just be that she (likely) has some level of normal adult success in life after getting away from his financial irresponsibility, and self-proclaimed-misogynist manchild grocery can't handle the idea of a woman being better off than his ~intellectual~ self.

No. 578350

Tinfoil: Or maybe, just maybe, Wig forces him to get rid of things that might remind him of a better past. After all, she sees competition in every XX chromosomes and she might think that the only REAL contestant was his ex.
He might cheat on her but those camgirls are in for the money, and she knows Grocery knows this. So they made a deal that if he gets those things out (he can boast about that it was his idea… afterall he has a "dom dad" reputation to hold up and can't be seen as a bitchass baby) he can sleep whoever he wants to.

I think this is going on since it SEEMS like a good idea while it's one of the worst plans ever… which would fit them perfectly.

No. 578361

She's not anti trans tho

No. 578376

File: 1525985502125.png (696.06 KB, 646x779, C8fUuno[1].png)

No. 578377

File: 1525985520010.png (140.18 KB, 582x400, fX4QWnP[1].png)

No. 578383

Wew lad. Brit's a cow in her own regard but it's nice to see shoe get that response from someone who she can't just dismiss as being a "butthurt feminist"

No. 578386

File: 1525986152724.png (204.36 KB, 358x310, 1474408967051.png)

holy is this what I think it is? Here I thought Brittany was sucking up to shoe base on some tweets but, I guess not. This is hilarious, good fucking shit. 11/10 girl.

No. 578394

File: 1525986491991.png (20.38 KB, 528x245, uwu.png)

This is hilarious, I hope June responds. Surprised she actually called out the uwu I'm so small and innocent garbage too.

No. 578400

sounds like she might be lurking. i'm excited to see what tard shitstorm shoe's fans will make with this.

No. 578428

File: 1525987949573.png (122.69 KB, 692x392, 1.png)


No. 578438

Didn't skeptic and brit supposedly flirt with each other before?

No. 578454

Holy shit this is so good. Since when has someone called her out this good?

No. 578455

And June can't pull the jealousy card either because Brittney looks better, at least her ~powr bullied girl~ wish is coming true, it ain't so cute to be bullied after all huh June, and Brittney can easily snatch him if she wanted

I wonder if June is still gonna pretend shes a maso sub cuck or stand up for herself

No. 578462

>sounds like she might be lurking
there's no way Brittany isn't a farmer. she's into jfashion and internet drama.

No. 578463

File: 1525988896492.jpg (169.67 KB, 810x846, IMG_20180510_234823.jpg)

Hahahahah June is probably having another meltdown over this.

No. 578464

File: 1525988959262.jpg (182.56 KB, 768x1024, 1510188295333.jpg)

Brittany's boyfriend is 100x more attractive than Greg

No. 578467

>I wonder if June is still gonna pretend shes a maso sub cuck or stand up for herself
She wont cause she's taking a break from writing such a hard letter uwu she's hurting so much having to break ties with lauren, the "friend" she met that one time. it's heart breaking stuff uwu send buns plz

I'm glad someone called her out for trying to form this pity party shit for the billionth time.

No. 578471

i am so loving this.

he looks like a faggy 80s securities trader. like, super gay, but metro as fuck is still hotter than a greasy, gluttonous, dyslexic Smashmouth extra in 2018. that having been said, she's actually thicc. she looks like sid the sloth but her bod is actually super fem, unlike june's linebacker bod. june REEEing about 'chubbies' or 'fatties' in 3, 2, 1…

No. 578472


Not that interesting but her autistic letter has gained some traction.

No. 578478

File: 1525989548437.png (76.21 KB, 576x298, 1525989518111.png)

No. 578479

File: 1525989554640.png (188.3 KB, 1184x558, b.png)

You mean this?
I can't tell if she genuinely thought June was cute at first or if this was ironic from the beginning.

No. 578481

File: 1525989649940.png (256.82 KB, 577x484, 1525989648123.png)

No. 578483

She's been a troll since day 1 and she is great

No. 578487

File: 1525989907798.png (71.83 KB, 589x626, 1.png)

No. 578490

File: 1525990056451.png (10 KB, 418x270, who.png)

thanks for sharing

lol general public still just sees her as a "boxy clone alt-righter". I can't stop laughing, shoe thinks that not being friends with lauren is going to just end that or something? You made your own fucking bed, now lie in it.

No. 578493

She's thicc and curvy with natural tits and a full head of hair, she's also a troll and naturally funny and good at memeing, and has an in shape boyfriend she doesn't have to pretend to like to convince herself, she's everything june can only ever wish to be

No. 578495

File: 1525990114435.jpg (174.54 KB, 804x1152, IMG_20180511_000801.jpg)

Lauren just tweeted this at Brittany

No. 578498

No. 578499

Brittany, is that you

No. 578503

File: 1525990543709.png (347.04 KB, 682x836, oh boy.png)

No. 578510

No. 578526

File: 1525991366378.jpg (12.54 KB, 500x385, bigboss-smile.jpg)

oh man, this is glorious.

No. 578556

File: 1525992573259.jpeg (54.25 KB, 750x348, C1AD27A5-0E64-4171-97A7-B03301…)

I wish there was a way to switch out “hot” with a more apt description. Tired of this bitch being gassed up.

No. 578562

>>578493 But like June she has a busted face.

No. 578563

Her stream in case she does say stuff on shoe.

No. 578567

Didnt his relationship end because he cheated? Yikes

No. 578568

>in case she does say stuff on shoe.

the stream's title is "Sn4keonhead." pretty sure shoe is going to come up.

No. 578571

Oh fuck I didn't even notice.

No. 578579

lauren is a harmful idealogue and brittany venti is one of the most attention thirsty people i've ever witnessed in my time online. but it's still hilarious to see shoe called out by people thought to be "in her circle," and there's no way this won't hurt her following.

also how much you want to bet brittany calling greg unattractive wounds him lol. he gets off on the idea that attractive women want him.

No. 578580

kek @ the marina and the diamonds song

No. 578584

the ongoing playist is pretty funny

No. 578590

I think the playlist def is based on shoe

No. 578592

stream is live.

No. 578593


She's throwing shade on Shoe already
I am living for it

No. 578596

shoe apparently already blocked her despite being on a "break" lol

No. 578598

Shoe never takes a break, it's all a ruse
She's on her phone 24/7 no lie, this board was created to find shit talkers FYI go figure

No. 578600

What do you guys think the odds are that wig makes a response vid to this.

No. 578602

I sense angry Twitter rants over a video rebuttal, I don't think Shoe will deal well with direct one on one drama in this case
Brittany has a large fanbase after all

No. 578603

shoe almost never responds to true criticism so I'd be surprised.

If she does, she's going to get screwed hard.

No. 578605

her response will consist of "you're mom gay XD" before she hits the block button

No. 578607

Yeah, more than likely she'll vague post on twitter

No. 578608

Yeah, she calls her out for true things and even insults Grocery so Wig will ignore it because she doesn't want her orbiters to know the truth.

No. 578609

i love that she keeps jabbing at shoe and grocery cringe bdsm relationship

No. 578611

lmfao she brought up the resume

No. 578612

I bet she's going to call Brittany an "attention whore" and the irony will be delicious.

No. 578613

Awh shit Brittany lurks here for that resume too kek

No. 578614

Brittany just referenced the resume. confirmed farmer.

No. 578615

she HAS to lurk here, she just talked about shoe's resume

No. 578617

File: 1525995408781.jpg (28.42 KB, 300x250, 1091408.jpg)

Doing god's work Brittany, I'm glad you contribute to the threads with us!

No. 578618

she def lurks here.
Hi HammerheadShark Venti!

No. 578619

i love brittany for this! finally someone calls her out.

No. 578621

Brittany I know you're reading this and thank you for calling this bitch out.
Don't forgot to skim through old threads because there's a lot more dirt on June.

No. 578624


No. 578633

brittany's like the anti-june lol

>actually curvy

>knows how to be friends with girls
>firm in her beliefs
>knows how to address her audience without pandering

No. 578639

brittany my waifu u///w///u

No. 578640

>>>>> her thread

No. 578641

>now she's like…i don't like anime but i'll do the aesthetic of it. look at me greg i'm a loli

No. 578646

Brittany was saying how people call her wig0nhead so yeah she's been browsing here.

No. 578647

good. hopefully she'll use all the material from old threads if shoe wants to start some drama war.

No. 578653

Brittany is talking about this tweet now

No. 578654

brittany just said she was joking/fucking around about her being in a threesome with them, and threesomes are degenerate, disgusting, and she'd be incredibly upset if her significant other suggested one or was involved in one. she then said "i think that it says something about armoured skeptic and shoe0nhead that they'd have a threesome".

No. 578657

File: 1525998058383.png (8.21 KB, 369x61, lmao.PNG)

No. 578658

if anything shoe will rage over her saying this because she gets extra triggered when you shit on her 24/7 bdsm relationship.

No. 578659

that smirk @ "let's remember shoe's quality content" lmao

No. 578669

i personally don’t like brittany but this was so needed. i respect the calling out.

No. 578671

Lmao and you just KNOW shoe is gonna be defending skeptic instead of the other way around. She won't mind getting shat on herself but she'll jump in to wk her groceries. Now that I think about it, it's kinda like she wears the pants in the relationship. Total power bottom

No. 578673

same. I don't like some of her opinions but, like >>578633 says, she at least is firm on her beliefs unlike shoe who just jumps to whatever panders to a big group of people.

No. 578679

yeah she's pretty awful and annoying, and to wig's credit, she isn't a tittystreamer, but this is what people warned wig about with her woman-hating, alt-right pandering and 'centrist' pandering.

No. 578681

wait brittany is only 21 and can btfo shoe who's fucking almost 27? That's hilarious.

No. 578682

She even dressed "goffic" this has to be on purpose

No. 578691

this is the stream in summary tbh
but she's going in on Shoe again

No. 578709

Best part is the boxxyposting.
Nostalgia maaaaaaan.

No. 578723

Shoe deleted the letter tweet lololol

No. 578727

So much for taking a break.

No. 578728

LMAO i fucking can’t this is too good. wonder how lauren feels about this.

No. 578729

Ha what a fucking coward, that's brilliant.

No. 578738

she only directly interacts with nobodies so she can get her orbiters to attack them. so yeah, she'll probably have her usual narc meltdown and go after old women with no more than 2 followers again.
with people who actually have a fanbase like ben shapiro she has to screencap their tweets so she doesn't have to argue, and that's just when they say something she disagrees with. if it's a person who has a fanbase and a person who is directly criticizing her (like this brittany chick) there's no way she will bite. at most she'll make vague statements about her.

No. 578740

File: 1526004510391.png (311.37 KB, 526x559, 1526004491911.png)

Brittany is fucking savage.

No. 578744

i hope her tweet actually gains people’s attention and people are more open with their criticism against her without worrying about whiteknights. this was fucking well needed. lol

No. 578746

File: 1526004892367.png (11.57 KB, 632x116, GGR2F49.png)

No. 578749

File: 1526005049995.gif (5.08 MB, 600x338, giphy.gif)

Now its on, I hope her braindead followers finally see her for the coward she is.
Finally venti does something worth while, hope she gets a million retweets for outing the thirsty backstabber.

No. 578751

How subtle Brittany lol. This is too funny. Thank you for possibly making future milk. I get some anons don't like her but, at least give her credit for this.

No. 578753

File: 1526005335196.png (23.08 KB, 616x176, Ep2ZHZX.png)

No. 578754

This was fucking beautiful.

No. 578755

File: 1526005397835.png (44.82 KB, 644x346, nIQtzM1.png)

No. 578758

This is great, I hope more people in her circle criticize her. It's been way too long.

No. 578759

Actually legit surprised, that letter was up for quite awhile, no? Wonder how she'll spin this or if this finally signals the end of shoe0nhead?

Almost feel sorry for her because this is quite the public humiliation, and her deletion only reinforces her insecurity/shame over it.

Is she OK?

No. 578760

Holy shit how will she recover?

Has Greg come to her defense, yet?
Honesly i’m just glad people are finally waking up.

No. 578763

of course not. he was tweeting about his exwife while this all happened. >>578123
if septic did the same thing she did, june would be the first one to come to his defense.

No. 578765

Deleting the tweet was such a bad move omg it confirms she's guilty, it was right after britt did the fucking stream so it's obvious she's just responding to criticism but, does it in her typical coward ways of just trying to push things under the rug and pretend it never happened. Now everyone knows she does this, it just means more ppl are going to cap your shit June, good job

No. 578767

Congrats brittany, you've earned another follower. I didnt realise she also called out their cringy bdsm relationship and the whole smol thing wiggy does, please keep this up its gold.

I imagine, knowing wig and how much of a snake she is, that she'll try and play victim/naive somehow to get back on good terns with brittany and others who will critisize her because for all her shit stirring she never backs it up. I hope people finally see the truth and do not give in to her act.

Fuck, you know you doing bad when ian looks sane and smart compared to you.


No. 578774

I wonder how many hairs she plucked over this one kek rip in piss, nohair0nhead

No. 578775

Bad move for her but great move for the rest of us, finally shows her true colors as shes been doing this for years but now someone who has a decent following finally caught her up to her old tricks and exposed the bitch.
I worry the whole pretending it never happened will mean they will forgive her and let her back into their circle eventually, bad news for them they will have a snake who will do the same shit again.

No. 578787

Honestly yeah, deleting the tweet is gonna be a disaster for her..

If she truly believed in why the friendship fell out, there’d be no need to delete it in the first place.
She’s too indecisive, and now she’s giving off the vibe that she’s only interested in being friends with someone if she can use them for her own benefits/or they reinforce an echo chamber.

Not a very good night for Shoe, but a great night for my popcorn.

No. 578791

Okay, no need to gas yourself up on anon, Britt-Britt. Keep the drags coming, but know your place.

Honestly, Brittany is about as unintelligent, bland and attention-whoring as Sh0e (just more aligned with the "alt right") with an even more fucked up, deformed-looking face, but she's semi self-aware and a farmer + seagull herself, so she never publicly goes overboard enough to get a thread made on her. I do like that Sh0e is getting reamed as a result of her messiness, but she 100% did this for brownie points with the "alt right". Don't get it twisted, anons.

No. 578792

I just hope Brittany doesn't fall for any of shoe's usual tricks. She's at least aware the submissive shit she does is a bunch of bs. I'm just scared shoe will "apologies" act like she's self aware and everyone just drops it like what happen with candid.

I get the feeling if she does respond she'll just be like "she unnecessarily attacked grocery );" or some cringy "pity me" crap.

No. 578793

File: 1526007152622.png (651.89 KB, 750x1334, 35D50F5C-3CCC-44F9-8ED7-400ECD…)

Ofc not he’s too busy talking to other girls

No. 578798

June isn’t a priority to him. Boyfriend award.

No. 578799

ahahaha I wonder how many hairs she pulled out today

No. 578805

File: 1526007430323.jpeg (69.25 KB, 1280x720, D592FC5C-A878-4A72-AE86-2196D8…)

Jesus christ girl your future husbando is too busy talking to his thicc secrets to comfort you in a time of distress?

Totally jealous of this relationship l o l

No. 578806

>if septic did the same thing she did, june would be the first one to come to his defense.

This is so true and so sad.

No. 578807

I honestly don't care if she's just doing it for "alt-right points". I'm just glad someone is finally calling out shoe on real shit

No. 578809

if the roles were reversed june would be "defending his honor" in an autistic meltdown that ended in a blocking rampage.

also if you look at who he's following on twitter it's like… porn stars and strippers and camgirls, etc. LOL

No. 578813

>She’s too indecisive,
no, shes a thirsty attention whore trying to be the most popular as previous threads and now brittany has pointed out, like, are you new?
>she’s finally revealed, without a doubt that she’s only interested in being friends with someone if she can use them for her own benefits/or they reinforce an echo chamber.
Fixed it for you.

This is what I fear too however, if she does read these threads as its been suggested I hope she sees everything and decides not to cave in.

No. 578814

i legit feel sorry for june reading this even though i think she's awful. this is so embarrassing. DROP. THE. DEAD. WEIGHT. this piece of shit 'daddy' doesn't support her financially, let alone defend or support her emotionally. what is this microdicked loser even good for? i can't stand june, but holy fuck, flirting with other women when you're getting chewed out online?

i honestly don't even blame wig for disavowing lauren and tbqh, the lame letter wasn't that big of a deal, but that's ALL the more reason why shitdic should've come to her defense. this is so sad.

this, this, this. this is a delicious display 'centrist'/quasi conservative/alt-right aligned cannibalism, but the only reason why venti is complaining is because she wants to absorb the male attention that june is getting, for herself. she's just as bad, if not worse. the only thing she has going for her is that she's funnier and at least she condemns cuckery, even if she thinks feminism is retarded or whatever, she's inadvertently defending the right of women to not get sexually and romantically exploited by their partners, so that's good.

No. 578815

does anyone actually believe her family was contacted over laura southern? that seems really fake. plus she was sperging about this matter for awhile so this just seems like a coverup

No. 578816

Why feel sorry, she enables it, defends it, screams we are all jealous of it, shes not some ~smol innocent child~ who needs saving she could end it if she wanted. They are as horrible as each other.

No. 578817

So am I, I just don't want to see things turn into a Brittany asspat/whiteknight fest because she did what we've basically all been doing. No matter how I look at it, they're the same type of animal.

No. 578818

No. 578821

File: 1526008183194.jpg (13.97 KB, 305x377, 1403149506293.jpg)

This is some next level cucking. It needs a name.

No. 578822

I hate that stream. it's nothing but reheated drama hours after the fact. half the time they're watching replays of other livestreams.

No. 578823

is June a confirmed cuckquean?

No. 578825

yeah, just relevant in that theyre talking about shoe.

No. 578826


No I don't believe that was the reason they stop being friends for one second. Getting shit for being with our favorite fake blonde shouldn't be something she isn't use to, it's obviously other factors.

Me I'm sticking with my theory of Shoe being an overall boring, basic, unintelligent person and Lauren just didn't find her appealing enough to be her friend and lost interest. Shoe doesn't know how to hand with female friends and mentally Lauren acts her age. You had to be dumb to think they were actually friends and not just social media buddies.

Wouldn't be surprised if groceries talked about how hot Lauren is and smart and June snapped.

No. 578828

How she ended the stream was fucking gold though.

No. 578829

no, obviously you aren't the only one. All I'm saying is just enjoy the milk for what it is now. there is always time to make comparisons to the two but, I rather support Brittany making possible milk. doesn't mean you have to like her.

No. 578830

no, the Ralph Retort is shit. Brittany's stream was solid gold.

No. 578831

This, all of it, every single word. You hit the nail on the head.
Time to grab the popcorn!

No. 578834

At this point? Yes. She needs to hurry up and practice some self-love. Isn't she's nearing her 30s? And she's still making dumb teenage pick-me mistakes and seeking validation from lackluster men. Soon, it'll be too late to uproot and fix her life, and even her orbiters will abandon her for being "too old".
I hope I never end up like that. Arrested development.

No. 578836

File: 1526008758714.png (416.64 KB, 958x620, 4L5hqE9.png)

what a catch

No. 578837

File: 1526008817722.png (28.97 KB, 633x321, ouch.png)

Ouch. Tbh I though her bald head was a kinda secret but I guess not…kek.

No. 578838

she's talking about having a kid in the next year or so. i wonder how much of that is motivating her decision.

i hope she doesn't have kids with greg. dear god.

No. 578839

those are the only ones. I went through his entire follow list looking for dirt, but those are all the porn ones.

No. 578840

why doesn't he just have a separate account for his fab shit? Seriously, idc if they both get off on being completely public about their cringy open cuck bdsm relationship, this is just unprofessional.

This guy wanted to start a fucking "armoured media" business under his name. Is he literally retarded?

No. 578841

Proof, anon?

No. 578842

File: 1526009084154.jpg (88.73 KB, 960x639, IMG_20180510_221024.jpg)

Is this rt what set this whole thing off I wonder? It's only from last week.

Now would be the perfect time for june to dump gurg, get an actual job, and fuck off the internet for awhile. Maybe she can even build some real friendships with actual ppl instead of internet strangers.

No. 578845

I doubt she'll be able to do any of that. BPD is a hell of a drug, she'll never really have her shit together.

No. 578847

Does anyone know if that Mayu Dude is sperging out about this? I'll be shocked if he isn't white knighting her.

No. 578848

File: 1526009403436.png (130.16 KB, 879x547, qyE4ZFC.png)

"nice person"
lol good one

No. 578849

File: 1526009462021.png (75.59 KB, 580x700, maya.PNG)

No. 578850

File: 1526009494955.png (28.37 KB, 565x311, tCtj3GD.png)

some more

No. 578851

File: 1526009519827.png (189.54 KB, 1440x812, totes not a wk.png)

He's TOTALLY not a whiteknight, anon! You guys are just being needlessly mean! >:T

He is a furry now, though.

No. 578852

Isn't BPD supposed to make you have mood swings and "split" on people? If something set off June and she split on Greg, subsequently kicking him to the curb, she'd honestly be better off. Likely to make the same mistake(s) all over again, but at least his fat ass wouldn't be holding her back anymore.
I wonder if her parents even care at this point.

No. 578854

Apparently June liked an instagram post, can anyone confirm?

No. 578855

see >>577367

borderlines and narcissists get along quite nicely

No. 578856

Well they obiously don’t seem to care.

She’s nearing 30, living at home with her parents, and she’s engaged to a boyfriend that isn’t willing to come down to see her more than once a month.

No. 578858

File: 1526009885751.png (20.27 KB, 485x223, cqcPM3N.png)

nta but here you go
i remember june said her 20-something father hooked up with her mother when she was like 15, so

No. 578861

>june said her 20-something father hooked up with her mother when she was like 15, so
whoa, is June trying to reenact this or something

No. 578866

has anyone in june's ~circle~ come to her defense? there's that mayu dude but that hardly counts.
like contrapoints etc? because that's undoubtedly the crowd she's trying to impress with her now-deleted letter

No. 578868

File: 1526010166443.png (226.84 KB, 583x455, septic.PNG)

Septic finally responds

No. 578870

File: 1526010228774.jpg (339.41 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180510-204238.jpg)

No. 578871

why is maya defending her more than her own boyfriend… sad!

No. 578872

Wow, disgusting

No. 578875

i bet june made him do it. she set up word filters on his channel one time and would delete people's comments off his vids
june's entire internet existence revolves around hurting people for the sake of it. she's finally getting a taste of her own medicine

No. 578877

File: 1526010363000.png (662 KB, 750x1334, 4350B64F-EBCB-4FC1-BA31-59254B…)


That’s all she gets tho, no public defending just an unfollow. Now back to business with his other girls.

No. 578879

mayu needs it's own thread.

No. 578881

this this this

i'm glad wig is finally being called out but my god listening to brittany read aloud was fucking painful.

No. 578882

File: 1526010421213.jpg (321.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180510-204503.jpg)

He's probably sperging even harder than June is ffs.

No. 578883

Would June just "drop it" if this was happening to one of her targets? I think fucking not.

Probably 80% of her shit online is "ridiculous and unnecessarily cruel."

No. 578884

Brittany deleted the stream off YouTube

No. 578885

someone must have a recording

No. 578886


NOOOOOOO I didn't even fucking watch it yet, I take it nobody saved it.

No. 578887

Brittany most be devastated that the most dom alpha daddy man on the universe isn't going to stare at her tits the same anymore. rip

No. 578889

She uploaded it for $5 on Gumroad, but someone probably saved it somewhere.

No. 578890

she always does, because she gets copyright strikes on the stream replays because of the videos that get played from donations

they get uploaded on her gumroad account that costs $5 to subscribe to

No. 578891

it's up on gumroad, but you have to pay for it

No. 578894

Yes, what kind of person does that Mayu?? Holy fuck is he dense.

No. 578895

File: 1526010763305.jpg (55.24 KB, 639x424, image.jpg)

If he's such a caring and sweet man like she's always going on about why isn't at the very least devoting his time to cheering her up and taking care of her lol. It's not even that he isn't defending her- it's that he's just fucking around on Twitter with thirsty hoes while her image is being ruined.

Is this some part of their kinky BDSM dynamic a vanilla normie like me doesn't understand? Like is she getting off on him ignoring her while everyone is pointing and laughing at her???? Is it just soooo hot that he doesn't care about her well being at all? He probably won't say anything in her defense during this whole shit storm.

Meanwhile June likens herself to Kim Kardashian defending Kanye and protecc big strong daddy from da mean betas and women with standards uwu.

No. 578896

Yet he "feels like he's not a white knight." Trannies stay bullshitting smh

No. 578898

File: 1526010807977.png (24.72 KB, 629x213, m6twprY.png)

No. 578899

File: 1526010827168.jpg (113.04 KB, 591x416, ss (2018-05-10 at 10.53.28).jp…)

I'm fucking dying. This is great brit<3

No. 578900

No. 578901

Venti is as smort as Grocery.
She is liked on Kumite because of boobs and she can be funny sometimes. That's all.

No. 578904

Is Brittany going thru a manic phase

not complaining but I've never seen her go after someone this hard before

No. 578905

holy shit, in case there was any doubt she's lurking

No. 578906

File: 1526010981197.png (24.46 KB, 589x251, o i am laffin.png)

No. 578908

I love you Brittany

No. 578909

kek! shes obviously reading, SO. brit, ngl, i dislike you, but this is fucking hysterical. keep going and exposing, pls.

No. 578910

No. 578911

It may be she's very close with Lauren, i don't follow the 4chan/pol/alt right crowd anymore but it may be that, or she just thought this was was an amazing time to call out Sh0e on her bullshit and using the Lauren as an excuse to do something she's been wanting to do. Sh0e is easily someone that can get under peoples skin and this has been a long time coming. It makes it 100% better that it's from Brit too.

No. 578912

she smells blood in the water.

No. 578915

File: 1526011157711.jpg (66.55 KB, 616x846, 1519575684985.jpg)

>It may be she's very close with Lauren

No. 578916

She knows she has the power to do something and she's taking action unlike others who are too scared to hurt uwu smol shoe's feelings and get the neckbeard defense squad attacking their account. Brittany doesn't give a fuck.

No. 578919

File: 1526011318477.png (930.1 KB, 1066x1238, Pjt2Vxt.png)

No. 578920

Ah yeah, that probably explains it. I would probably get really pissed if someone like sh0e acted the way they did towards a friend, political leanings aside. She wanted blood

No. 578924

MC Hammerhead Venti is living up to her nickname.

No. 578925

>one furfag on twitter spergs because he sees a picture of June and Lauren
>this is worth unfriending someone over

No. 578927

>gentle criticisms
>giving her a hard time
her fans are some of the biggest asskissers alive, oml, second only to her scrote sucking

No. 578928


… wow, one guy trolling June was enough to make her throw someone under the bus!

That guy is trying to defend June but it actually makes her look like more of a coward.

No. 578929

File: 1526011622556.png (303.25 KB, 652x850, RtS87JM.png)

people are calling out her blocking rampages

No. 578930

No. 578931

File: 1526011670040.png (46.85 KB, 573x467, a.PNG)

No. 578933

File: 1526011746619.jpg (105.62 KB, 776x535, NmmyoSV.jpg)

@ Brittany

No. 578935

yas my queen

No. 578937

File: 1526011807735.png (703.81 KB, 676x780, 10uANoA.png)


No. 578938

File: 1526011824987.png (581.65 KB, 1204x1468, tKqQ5lP.png)


No. 578939

File: 1526011925211.png (274.29 KB, 609x549, hahaha.PNG)

and her being a rape apologist. in the video she mocks the idea that women can change their minds during or before sex.

No. 578940

File: 1526011932056.jpg (426.32 KB, 1140x2136, MW7POfN.jpg)

No. 578946

>broadcasts your relationship to the internet even though everyone knows its shit
>laugh and mock people who point out it's toxic
>mocks and laughs at other peoples relationships
>leave vague, over-dramatic splitting letter for someone who was barely your friend
>get hate for it
>claim people are "crying" at you for who you talk to
>StAy oUt mY rEAlTtionShips

No. 578948

he wasn't even harsh. this bih has been pandering to /pol/tards and chantards for 10 fucking years. went to mexico with unichan creeps and made them her only friends. i like how she can deal with fatfucks stealing her nudes and posting them all over the internet, but lightly criticising her for associating with a white nationalist is WAY TOO FAR.

and her fans are fucking weird. you have to be retarded to be her fan, so she should know blocking them is probably not the greatest idea. irritating a bunch of generally irate, typically belligerent, entitled men that you've otherwise pandered to, is sure to set them off, but this guy wasn't even that bad.

No. 578949

This is harassment in her book? What about the stuff she tweets herself every single day??

No. 578950

She's too hideously inbred to be queen of anything, but I like the milk, lmao.

No. 578951

because when she or her fans harass people she doesn't like it's okay, even if it's a brain cancer victim but when people air out her dirty laundry it's wrong and harassment

it's even funnier because she mocks feminists over harassment

No. 578952

Those are "danking on terfs". Silly vanilla normie anon!

No. 578953

a terminally ill brain cancer sufferer, mind you.

No. 578954

why is this guy so desperate for a correspondence with her

No. 578955

because he's fucking creepy. it's a pre-req to being a fan of hers. next question.

No. 578957

File: 1526012514329.png (704.97 KB, 1020x636, 8xFeNC8.png)

exactly. she makes a point to publicly kiss ass to a bunch of well-known youtubers in order to leech off their audience. that's not her private life, she's making it public on purpose but can't deal with the consequences
or old women and young teenagers with small followings. i know this has been posted a million times but it's so so appropriate now

No. 578958

Who posted this? Hontra…? Reeks of a bad dye job, male pattern baldness, the fetishization of lesbianism/girlhood, and "girldick"

No. 578959

basic neckbeardness
borderline pedo (as a sidekink!!!)
or a fan with a really bad taste


No. 578960

nah contra doesn't give two shits about june. it's this guy

No. 578964

Ironic, she's laughed at feminists for being concerned with things like campus rapes etc, said they were triggered by tiny things yet sperges out over this. Venti wasn't even that hard on her and yet shes freaking out. It really was projection the whole time.

No. 578970

I wish brittney or whoever would call her out for this if they weren't blocked yet, also calling out her narcissism would be great too

No. 578973

File: 1526013108713.png (303.15 KB, 572x444, lol brittany.PNG)

lool she might seeing as how she already retweeted this

No. 578974

File: 1526013167971.png (27.12 KB, 246x294, F1F0C0FD-9853-4E56-A6A6-8AB2BF…)

I’m pretty sure she’s reading this thread tbqh

Brittany if youre reading this, you’re still a lolcow but you’re doing god’s work tonight. Keep it up.

No. 578975

if she's reading she should post the infamous "pedo sidekink" ask. classic june

No. 578976

welp since brittany is a confirmed lurker, now is the time to share shoe's worst tweets and shit.

The cringy leash one for example would be great to bring up.

No. 578977

Seconding this. Brittany please tweet these, the world needs to know.

No. 578981

File: 1526013583790.png (904.42 KB, 896x1556, ew.png)

yes. brittany, pls post. this level of degeneracy is so shameful for anyone, let alone a public figure interested in 'skepticism' and 'rationality'.

No. 578982

File: 1526013673226.jpeg (44.02 KB, 396x288, B040AFB4-0BFC-4FBE-9210-3A646E…)

holy shit how fucking cringe

No. 578983

I'm hoping that as brittany is a lurker she is aware of the half a dozen previous threads filled with prime examples of june's hyprocrisy and cringy behaviour she can enlighten her twitter followers about, kek.

No. 578986

Britney is on Ralph Retort rn.

No. 578987

I really hope so too. It might help having a list of the old threads in order finally.

I'm only suggesting cause I'm too lazy to do it myself atm

No. 578989

don't forget the grocery-flynn and grocery-solo comparisons!

No. 578990

File: 1526014177422.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180511_064745416.j…)

Here is one of my favorite ones.

Has no problem "dunkin on TERfz xDD" but goes batshit when a random woman comments her skirt.

No. 578992

File: 1526014225109.png (4.67 KB, 338x41, omg.PNG)

ralph retort and everyone calling her a lolcow. brittany calling her 'a huge poser'.

No. 578993

File: 1526014226747.jpg (42.13 KB, 513x478, 1517243460114.jpg)

LOL does everyone remember all the times when June attempted to sic her fanbase of grimey, misogynistic neckbeards on random radfems on twitter?

No. 578994

No. 578995

LMAO BRITTANY CALLING OUT HER AS NEVER HAVING BEEN GOTHIC AND straight up calling her "a liar". ralph retort saying "she gets away with absolute deception". this is too good.

No. 578996

File: 1526014343852.jpg (107.3 KB, 810x608, IMG_20180511_065149.jpg)


poor June, she was just "sadposting"

asspats please

No. 578997

What happened to taking a break from the internet?

No. 578998

Ty anon! This will be good for future threads.

No. 579000

anyone got the original post that triggered her about her sad ass to make this?
can't see something you ain't got june

No. 579001

that "twitter break" lasted what? about a day? lol
if she handles criticism so poorly maybe she shouldn't be a public figure

No. 579003

Im so soft and smoll uwuuuuuu

No. 579004

>like ive been doing for years

No. 579005

it was like literally 5 hours.

No. 579006

She was always betting on having a big beta orbiter defense wall to do her bidding.

No. 579007

File: 1526014594656.png (17.01 KB, 535x175, shoe.PNG)

brit going in for the kill

No. 579008

> i will die in the culture war
no bitch, you die in the shitstorm you created!

No. 579009

File: 1526014699783.png (313.38 KB, 665x653, u1Qtsef.png)

the autism in her replies

No. 579010

can't wait to see the Vidcon shitstorm in a month.

No. 579012

File: 1526014781705.png (969.44 KB, 1254x1340, 1517200201200.png)

Yes let's not forget when June shittalked Magdalen Berns - who suffers from brain cancer - and then when she was confronted ranaway screaming
>TROLOLOLOLOL i dont debate with radfems uwu
like a fucking coward

No. 579014

File: 1526014823346.png (292.38 KB, 797x976, 1517016269763.png)

No. 579015

If she really was a cute uwu soft girl she wouldn't have even have entered the fray in the first place

No. 579016

File: 1526014846792.png (200.62 KB, 558x514, brilliant.PNG)

she posted it in a reply to her sadposting tweet lmao. must be getting hot for june.

No. 579018

File: 1526014881970.jpg (65.56 KB, 560x575, 1523136894781.jpg)

No. 579020

TY anon you're a star!

No. 579021

ty based brittany

No. 579022

File: 1526014978406.jpeg (127.74 KB, 960x960, F598CFE9-6C2C-423D-9B55-5651A3…)

Ok she’s definitely reading this thread

No. 579023

Lol i remember her trying to explain that the joke in rape jokes is that rape is bad

like what does that even mean? How is that a joke?

No. 579024

File: 1526015117668.gif (4.53 MB, 700x438, giphy.gif)

No. 579025

WE FUCKING CALLED IT! Trying to play victim/woe is me/feel sorry for me im just a smol child-fuck off bitch you've been doing this rinse and repeat for years its about time you got called out on your shit stirring.

No. 579028

Yes Brittany keep it up. There is plenty more cringe and hypocrisy to confront her with.

No. 579031

File: 1526015252959.gif (2.2 MB, 610x350, gif2.gif)

Yas brittany yaassss

No. 579033

File: 1526015332758.png (369.21 KB, 512x512, 811NH41orTL.png)

Oh wiggy….

No. 579035

File: 1526015378159.jpg (42.58 KB, 800x289, _20180511_010840.JPG)

>shoe's fans already missing the point
And it begins.

No. 579041

I fucking hate Lauren Southern more than I dislike June but who the fuck ditches a friend because being friends with them will make you less popular? That's disgusting. Shouldn't have befriended her in the first place if you were going to pull that shit. And then try to play it off as "we're headed down different paths…"


No. 579043


>Once had an army of beta orbiters, willing to defend her for every shit she did

>Now has few teenagers willing to be offended on her behalf

Wig thought that once she gets accepted in lib circles, she's gonna have another big army of fags to defend her.

lmao How does she deal with this? How many hairs is left on her head??

No. 579045

She still has that high school clique mentality.

>Uhh sorry Lauren, I'm part of another group now so we can't hang out anymore because you'll make me look bad

Except it's even more annoying because she adds the "woe is me" too.

>Boohoo it hurts so much though. I'm so sad uwu. I'm a victim of bad people but I'm only a sad, smoll, soft bean uwu uwu uwu send buns pls!!

No. 579048

whichever one of you bitches responded to 'anal', i kek'd

No. 579050

This is infuriating because she doesn't regret her actions because they were childish and two faced, she retreat them cause she's too soft and kawaii uwu to face critism.

No. 579051

Exactly, you don't have to publicly denounce your former friends just because you've drifted apart. But everything is a performance to her so she thinks she needs to tell the entire world, just like with everything else. She'd really benefit from going to a therapist or taking an actual break from the internet for once and seeing that you don't need to tell everyone everything about your life.

No. 579052

No. 579054

File: 1526016342875.png (29.71 KB, 520x269, anal.PNG)

No. 579056

File: 1526016433916.png (16.62 KB, 579x205, mayu.PNG)

Mayu immediately trying to skinwalk yet again.

No. 579058

File: 1526016446518.jpg (39.97 KB, 453x604, wigonhead.jpg)

Oh your poor, poor smol bean, you totally did not post that because you are an attention seeking THOT
Some things never change

No. 579063

File: 1526016702216.png (444.53 KB, 1440x1831, o b s e s s e d.png)

2 more wks who sound just like her + a kind of funny post

No. 579064

File: 1526016768920.gif (663.49 KB, 198x275, 1524517078742.gif)

june is so sad and innocent
she is soft and smoll!
a quiet shy wallflower in high school!
uwu uwu uwu uwu
pls send buns (asspats)

No. 579065

File: 1526016869585.gif (726.17 KB, 275x236, shy.gif)

um excuse?? i think you'll find that showing off your undertit to the entire internet is EXACTLY what all of us have done as shy tomboy perpetual wallflowers. i take out my tits and show them to my fat, cheesedicked youtube following when i get particularly sad and shy uwu

No. 579069

File: 1526017184754.png (343.13 KB, 482x353, Byrd.png)

kek! seriously tho shes probably enjoying this calculating how she can milk pity from her tiny army of saddo whiteknights
(also forgive my shitty pic-no photoshop but you get the idea)

No. 579073

File: 1526017969590.jpg (18.25 KB, 600x450, wig0nhead thot life.jpg)

Such trad wife, not like those stacy and thots! Its little wonder why she has not been married off like a good, shy smol trad conservative woman should!

No. 579074

>shy smol trad conservative woman

Um anon, she is no longer part of the "conservative" clique. She is now part of the "liberal but still hate women" clique. That's why everyone has to know that smol cute little June doesn't hang out with meany conservatives anymore - it breaks her heart to announce this ;_; <33

No. 579075

is that actually her?

No. 579076

wow, i've never seen a more harrowing picture of social anxiety and innocence. lads, behold the terrible, tragic picture of what it is to be a shy, sheltered hermit girl. she must've struggled hard in high school.

No. 579077

File: 1526018208388.gif (617.57 KB, 500x205, ca636a7521cd0ed5c9c96bf2ac0f29…)

her wks never have a problem with june obsessing over haturz and naysayers

No. 579078

silly anon, everyone knows uwu shy girls are perfectly fine going on trips to Mexico with random neckbeards they met online and taking lewd photos with them! and letting them leak their nudes!

No. 579079

File: 1526018413145.png (262.78 KB, 644x876, dc3L2L7.png)

No. 579080

all the uwu shy girls I know also get huge breast implants because they don't like to stand out from the crowd.

No. 579081

File: 1526018444908.png (471.93 KB, 793x929, im just a little~.png)

Everyone knows you care, you idiot.

No. 579082

No. 579083

Had no idea about this. Wow..

So fucking despicable. Nobody is saying you have to continuously affirm consent. Just if someone says STOP, you STOP. Her little movie is downright offensive especially to victims of abuse..

No. 579084

File: 1526018576637.jpg (71.5 KB, 700x525, 2883663_orig.jpg)

You have no idea just how hard she had it, anon.

No. 579085

Awesome. She didn't learn shit.

No. 579087

>I didn't owe anyone the details of our friendship

lmao, what friendship?

No. 579088

>I can't crave to cry bullies

But you can be a smoll soft bully uwu

No. 579089

No. 579090

I wAs AsExUaL

No. 579095

File: 1526019037251.jpg (33.13 KB, 569x250, Capture.JPG)

HR department will see she is just being harassed by autists and will employ her immediately!

No. 579099

hm i thought june was above using the word autist as a pejorative term? she can call out TERFs for using it but not her fanbase? go figure!

No. 579100


the stream's still going on, so rewind about an hour and a half, hour and 35 minutes:
(well, further the back the longer the stream goes on)

No. 579103

File: 1526019635396.png (452.34 KB, 849x390, ZAvrauM.png)

i see they used this thread's gif

No. 579104

they were using that long before it was used in the OP of the thread.

No. 579109

what place would hire her though? maybe fast food or shitty retail, even then they might think she's too overqualified for a basic job, too embarrassing for any other job

it would be funny however if she has to kiss successful womens asses, the type she hates so much just so she can scrape by, or an even better scenario, the hiring manager is a woman she harassed and made fun of or called fat

No. 579111

that's the funniest shit lmao these people cant expect that life actually works this way, right?

wow, talk about a curvy figure. she looks so barrel shaped with her wide shoulders and
wide ribcage. i can see why she got a boobjob to soften up her silhouette. she's definitely an inverted triangle.

No. 579113

how would she be overqualified for retail? she worked at a makeup counter and went to school for like a semester. that's it

No. 579115

she was an admin assistant for a while, worked several makeup jobs and went to film school, usually basic retail cashier jobs will pass people like that off as overqualified, even though she made no progress throughout the years with her career

No. 579117

No. 579118

File: 1526020641352.png (18.75 KB, 608x149, VTnDBpv.png)

i see ty anons.

No. 579119

Can we just drag her for that ddlg shit tho cause ew

No. 579121

File: 1526020943057.png (245.83 KB, 821x328, blok.PNG)

man, she does block easily. how do you manage to pander to unichan and pol neckbeards for 10 years but smalltime criticism is too much? say what you want about brittany, but damn, at least she's someone that can handle being a public figure. it's really pathetic that the criticism obviously gets to her, but she's so desiring of male attention that she has to continue. she could have a normal life with a hot guy but she chooses this instead, wtf.

No. 579123

Someone needs to do Gods work and make a timeline of shoe licking men's asses for attention also a bpd assessment comparison thing wouldn't hurt either

No. 579125

So she publically denounced lauren but now lauren is trying to take the heat off june despite this? She comes across worse now than tradthot and that's an achievement.

Anyway having alienated both the alt-right and the sjws, what's left? Because the uwu transbians won't give a shit

No. 579127

(She's not overqualified for a retail job anon don't listen to the others lol)

No. 579128

she'll always have mayu ; 3;
and uh… that's it

No. 579129

there are def a lot of creepy male trannies going public with their fetishes, but not enough of them out there for her to have made them her wall of whiteknights and alienate everyone else. bad strategy, june.

No. 579130

even the right wing anime trannies seem to be siding with Lauren over June. she has no one left.

No. 579132

File: 1526022442306.jpg (36.43 KB, 500x174, tumblr_inline_oubtfqrcAP1sh0yc…)

This is so glorious it's all over now

No. 579134

File: 1526022758795.gif (484.13 KB, 275x210, popcorn.gif)

>Venti vs. Shoe

Clash of the 4chan attentionwhores, love it.

No. 579136

File: 1526023106586.png (587.61 KB, 768x1192, KOoFvTj.png)

No. 579139

so she lied in her letter. her letter said that they've been going down separate paths and "it happened naturally", but now it's "don't ever let me be the june that withdraws from a friend with different opinions because of cry-bullies ;_;", jfc, she's such a liar.

No. 579140

File: 1526023323271.png (20.15 KB, 630x229, dunkin on TERFs teehee.png)

No. 579141

So she is back to her regular shit.

So much about ~taking a break i'm so sad and my heart hurts uwu~

No. 579142

how do these people go back to embarrassing themselves WHILE they're still being shittalked? like, the time to come back is not DURING the #shoe0nheadisoverparty

No. 579143

File: 1526023714468.jpg (37.68 KB, 559x324, Capture.JPG)

Jesus fucking Christ…

No. 579145

Since when does June even drink

No. 579147

would it kill her to take responsibility for her actions once in her life

No. 579148

When it can be used as an excuse

No. 579151

File: 1526024252726.png (823.86 KB, 960x958, smoluwu.png)


Of course it's the right thing to do, but the only reason she went back on it is because of backlash. She is so desperate for people to like her, she doesn't give a shit about Lauren's feelings.

No. 579152

She wasn't drunk, she was being ~depressed and scared~ and that's what made her post it awww what a poor bean so smol and soft and innocent….

…bitch just admit you are a coward and value public opinion more than people

No. 579156

File: 1526024493524.jpg (62.78 KB, 573x492, Capture.JPG)

It's the bullies guys.

Poor innocent Wig was just ~feelposting~

No. 579157

"i wusz so scurred and i felt so bad about my sadpost and HURTING A REAL FRIEND!"

they had virtually no relationship since lauren outgrew her, as june herself admitted. this is all so very convenient for her because she can't admit to her fanbase that lauren is more successful than she is, but she also believes she shouldn't be punished by the left for a 'friendship with a white supremacist' that lauren has had no real investment in, as they were clearly never really friends. but she can't possibly admit to her fans that lauren is the one that rejected/neglected her

"i-it was because i felt so depressed and pressured that we stopped talking, y-you guys! she hasn't answered my texts in 9 months, BUT I WAS THE ONE WHO WALKED AWAY!!! but ummm our Best Friends Forever Friendship That Was Not Superficial At All actually ended umm bcuz of bullies ;-;"

No. 579158

Ugh, now she's playing victim to da mean bollies ;_;.

No. 579159

so when she does it it's dunking, but when others do it it's bullying uwu
got it

No. 579161

LMAO, they weren't even fucking talking at all. all of this for a relationship that never actually existed beyond posturing for twitter/youtube.

No. 579162

anon, stop trying to pry into june's private relationships. respect her privacy!!

No. 579163

June just mad she got dunked on for once.

No. 579165

"Mean bitches are such party pewpers for
ruining me and Lauren's pure friendship."

I'm sick of this lying skank cunt.

No. 579176

File: 1526027494903.png (568.49 KB, 637x622, k.png)

lmao…… ok sis

No. 579180

Shes so bad at photoshopping, why did she think she could get away with this? Especially since she has so many candids and videos of her

Her body isn't that awful it just looks painfully average, her body wouldn't even get made fun of that much if she wasn't so damn full of herself and her delusions that she is a slim smol waisted pear

No. 579182

File: 1526029160727.png (56.7 KB, 626x458, fhfjhgjh.PNG)

No. 579184

>p-please don't be mean to me anymore guyse, I literally can't handle this rn ;_;
God, she's so annoying.

No. 579185

>please dont right now this is the last thing i need

Her stupid victim act is causing me diarrhea.

No. 579187

No. 579188

People are already buying into her ~uwu i was sad~ act and apologizing for criticizing poor smoll june because they didn't know that she "took it so badly."

Criticism that she does get is blocked immediately so when you open her tweets, all you see is people giving her asspats.

It only works when more known accounts like Brittany call her out, because it gains traction and Wig goes into autistic spaz mode.

No. 579189

File: 1526030159105.png (428.81 KB, 561x430, rd.PNG)

>please don't right now this is the last thing i need
but you'll ruthlessly attack a woman dying of brain cancer with no regard for what she LITERALLY needs, right? fuck you.

and this is the nicest she has been to ANYONE who has even remotely criticized her during this whole debacle, and this guy went in WAY, WAY harder w this tweet than the 'harassment' guy ever did, or anyone else that she cried bullying over. i suspect she wants to bone him.

my tinfoil is that between this guy and hontra (who was totally her type), wiggy's been getting real wet from the lefty guys and has been wanting to cozy up to them now realizing that the fatties/fugchans on the center and right still treat her like shit despite being gargoyles themselves.

i think she's regretting the fact that she doesn't have a lefty boyfriend with an understanding of basic hygiene, a rudimentary understanding of respect, and self control.

No. 579190

>but pwease lay off me this is the last thing i need.
the way she infantilizes herself is sad. she's a grown 27 y.o. woman, she can engage in debate. she never "lays off" the people she sics her followers on and mocks on twitter everyday. why does she expect people to treat her differently? what's so special about her, in her own mind?

No. 579191

>makes living off of harassing smaller channels on the daily
>gets called out on her hypocrisy
>''pwease no bully me, im so smol and just want every1 to get along ;n; dont be mean to me uwu''
Wig is the definition of dishing out but not being able to take it.

No. 579192


Anon, you really need to chill on the double posting….

No. 579193

there were typos in my post and wanted to correct?

No. 579194

>what's so special about her, in her own mind?

She's a covert narc

No. 579196


Did anyone notice how she's like:
>I posted something cringy i regret oh and my tweet got 5000 likes

She couldn't help herself but mention how she got 5000 likes on that tweet.
It's like how Onision likes to bring up his "2 million subscribers" to prove a point.

No. 579200

Soooo if shoe is honestly going to play this "im sowwy evewery wone uwu" shit shouldn't she thank Brittaney for calling her out rightfully on the letter. It's pretty fucking obvious she deleted right after the stream. Why is she not even addressing her?

No. 579202

didn't she say she was going to tell people to fuck off if they responded like this?
Also, semi-related, but I fucking hate when people say yikes.

No. 579204

Thanks anon. We need to start putting them in the ops for newfags to catch up.

No. 579205

>Why is she not even addressing her?

She doesn't want to bring attention to all the points Brittany addressed, such as ditching a friend so her brand looks better.

She would rather play it off as having an epiphany instead of being called out.

No. 579209

File: 1526033466663.png (249.79 KB, 1252x634, rYAttZJ.png)

>but I fucking hate when people say yikes.
so does june. she conveniently forgot to make fun of this guy she likes for saying it. interesting

No. 579212

Plus she'll have to acknowledge how smalldick didn't do anything during the whole thing. Which is unlike how she took the brunt of the candid drama for him, since daddydom dipshit started it all by claiming candid was a free speech app.

No. 579214

So shoe would rather pretend(and basically lie) to her audience that she just happen to come to this revelation all on her own. That she totally genuinely regretted doing that letter, it isn't just her responding to criticism ironically again so quickly it's obvious it's completely manufactured bs.

Brittany please don't drop this just because shoe has a bunch of autistic followers who will screech every time you call her out.

No. 579221

File: 1526035735912.jpg (62.98 KB, 583x467, Capture.JPG)


No. 579223

how about you admit you made it public so your sjw followers would see and give you a quick handy like they did with wanting you to change your stances on trans/binary people.

It's not about what beliefs are right and wrong btw, it's about shoe not being real towards anything she puts out. She's always just trying to pander to a group. This year it's lib fems and trans, who knows what it'll be next.

No. 579225


It's not only pandering. She always chases after a group which she thinks will make her look that she's in the right 100% of times. That way, she can continue with her business of doing nothing but bullying people while she herself is "untouchable".

No. 579226

File: 1526036456269.gif (391.6 KB, 500x374, tiniest_violin.gif)

boo fucking hoo. since when has she ever given a shit about other people's feelings?

No. 579231

>mad that she's not friends with lauren
these people seriously just think in black and white terms, no wonder they're obsessed with shoe's content.

No. 579237


Literally everyone she has ever mocked and sent her followers to harrass is a person with feelings. But when it's her getting the heat, it's not on? What the fuck, she's completely devoid of any self awareness at all. Really pathetic showing from her.

No. 579248

File: 1526040426779.jpeg (377.72 KB, 750x856, 34AFFA54-DA15-470F-8538-1C44B6…)

No. 579254

June used to drink until she essentially blacked out years back, I bet she's thinking about the vodka right now

No. 579272

File: 1526041707397.png (83.11 KB, 644x764, rVjEdHk.png)

you sure?

No. 579273

all i can imagine is
>june desperately honing in on the ♀ to avoid seeing the point in the criticism
>"s-stop @-ing me TERF i'm too smol for this… n-no booli"

No. 579280

File: 1526042349375.png (14.19 KB, 617x123, n5oHsgF.png)

No. 579298


As long as it's a regular person giving her some criticism, she blocks them immediately.

If it's someone with a large following, she doesn't block them and might address criticism (in pathetic way though)

I hope more and more people call her out.

No. 579311

File: 1526046258568.png (29.29 KB, 1216x326, average shoe fan.png)

No. 579313

File: 1526046413164.png (42.54 KB, 657x299, zIUjNTi.png)

no she's blocked internet famous people before like hbomberguy plus that brittany girl

No. 579321

>shoe is being bullied!!! ;-;

No. 579333

She used to drink on TinyChat cam back in the Unichan days with her orbiters, she made a video then about throwing up on the floor the next day

No. 579334

archive of killstream last night. I'm going to try to listen through all of at while working and i'll post if they reveal any new info on her or any funny highlights

already i'm laughing at the guy's impersonation of shoe. it's spot on.

No. 579341

Was she a big partier or did she drink by herself?

No. 579349

Given what we know about her: she drink for acceptance.

No. 579350

If that's true then I guess >>579272 is another one of her lies

No. 579360

samefag. nevermind this shit. they literally only talk about her for maybe 1/5 of the stream. only thing i noted at the beginning before they went off on stupid shit

>starts of stream making fun of her wigs

>neither are impressed with her "uwu smol send buns persona
>points out her content is stuck in 2014
>one guy says he use to do gamergate streams with her and says she was stuck up and acted like she was better than everyone
>all have block stories from her
so yeah don't bother watching id you missed it. just stuff we already know. still nice to hear other people call her out.

No. 579388

File: 1526054683925.jpg (65.84 KB, 529x596, Capture.JPG)

Brittany is back

No. 579389

File: 1526054710634.jpg (37.05 KB, 538x433, Capture.JPG)

No. 579410

File: 1526056373755.png (282.64 KB, 531x567, 1526056357234.png)

No. 579421

File: 1526056928239.jpg (87.42 KB, 640x678, image.jpg)

No. 579425

LOL her former alt-right buddies have link to this thread and are using tea posted here to shit on her massively. I like it.

She made her bed and now she has to lie in it. Lets watch her try sucking up to the SJW side now.

No. 579429

Oh boy we are going to get a lot of new posters after all this

No. 579433

This is so delicious and so overdue. I'm glad efamous men are calling her out on her shit. Today is going to be a beautiful day for milk, ladies!