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File: 1526074847518.jpg (136.59 KB, 874x649, 1526073716404.jpg)

No. 579777


Previously on the uwu small bun and shitty daddy dom trainwreck show:

Summary of her past:

>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school

>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances.
>Befriended an unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet.

>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".


>Almost 27- Still addicted to internet (male) attention- no education other than high school, no career prospects, no skills.

>No real personality either, changes her opinions constantly based on what will make her gain fans.
>Dates an obese guy with intellectual disabilities who treats her like shit - Desperately wants to be seen as a young girl.
>Acts like a teenager online even though she's almost 30, can't form argument worth shit
>Lies about her past, pretends she was a "friendless wallflower shy nerd girl uwu" even though she was a popular guido with tons of friends who bullied nerds.
>Still obsessed with shitting on women while she coddles men like babies, huge double standards
>Still a bully, now online, sends her fans to attack smaller channels and random people she doesn't agree with (never goes after big channels).
>Huge coward, will block you if you point out her hypocrisy. (She will block your followers too)
>Googles her name all day - finds comments about her that don't even mention her directly.
>Makes everything about her, can't talk about a topic without inserting herself in it.
>Has nothing to put on her resume except "dunking on terfs xd"
>Got dragged by Brittany Venti and some of her former alt-right chan buddies for throwing Lauren Southern under the bus for trans and leftist brownie points
>It failed horribly, and after June trying pathetically to backtrack, people on both ends of the political spectrum are sick of her shit now
>Still pulling her hair out while her bf flirts with other girls on twitter, the only defenders who seem to care about her getting roasted are her troon skinwalker fan Mayu and a few of her lolicon beta orbiters

No. 579799

Thread theme

No. 579805

File: 1526076250954.png (123.77 KB, 366x540, 7zXi2un.png)

I didn't know Greg guest starred on South Park. What can't that man do?

No. 579811

I wonder if June also back-pedaled because of how horribly equipped she would be to defend herself. Despite the fact she resorted to buying a literal picture book on logical fallacies, she still has no concept of how to build an argument without them to defend herself

No. 579822

File: 1526078068838.png (85.1 KB, 647x657, sk07ADR.png)

No. 579845

some caps from brittany's stream roasting june for anyone who missed

No. 579846

This whiteknighting is really obnoxious, I doubt June ever cared if any of the people she targeted had mental health problems or not. And if Twitter is so bad for her, maybe she should just try taking a break for more than 5 hours?

No. 579853

Its been 15 whole hour since shoe tweeted ;-; send buns uwu she must be suffering.

Btw she promised her fans a video last weekend, wonder how long she's going to wait on posting because of all of this.

No. 579855

>I doubt June ever cared if any of the people she targeted had mental health problems or not.

I mean, she remorselessly targeted someone with terminal brain cancer, so… u right

No. 579856

File: 1526079757074.jpg (54.2 KB, 734x471, wiggy.JPG)

trans folk forever tho amirite?

No. 579857


Another funny thing about all of this is shoe was complaining about not having any female friends a week ago.

No. 579865

File: 1526080759796.png (166.69 KB, 661x651, QkfJxb7.png)

wow she totally dunked on that terminally ill TERF. #1 trans kissass and terf dunker right here
what's she going to do next? dunk on some orphans?

No. 579869

File: 1526081020608.jpg (58.49 KB, 586x576, JPEG_20180511_175707.jpg)

TFW the boy you've been crushing on for awhile says that Wig is Hot as fuck and that Groceries is "What every male should aspire to look like"

No. 579873

This was a blessing in disguise. Dodge that bullet, lmao.

No. 579876

"Ghetto fabulous black ladies who ran up to me and screamed that i was beautiful"

No. 579877


No. 579879

just because someone is dying doesn't mean their opinions are immune from criticism. I think Totalbiscuit is still a twat and that John McCain is a stubborn ass who should retire from the Senate given his failing health.

No. 579880

"13.75 an hour"

No. 579881

File: 1526081604531.png (365.6 KB, 2356x1080, groceries tiddies.png)

Is Greg not the peak of masculinity?

No. 579884

eh is it really worth it at that point though? there's plenty other radfems in the sea that she can pick on. and is some small youtuber really comparable to someone as influential as john mccain?
if june really has an issue with magdalen, maybe she could debate her like an adult and discuss what's wrong with her views. instead she just blocks her and screeches "dunkin on terfs" all the time. it's immature and petty and the terminal illness aspect only makes it worse.

No. 579885

Clearly. Who wouldn't want to roll up beside that "husky" body, grabbing onto that sweaty, lardy arm and using it as a pillow?
All the while, as he wheezes with cheeto dust on his masculine belly, he looks through Twitter trannies to hit on while you rest with a collar around your neck, awaiting the next quickie

No. 579887

i dislike mccain and agree that he should still be criticized, but holy fuck, this reasoning is so stupid, anon.

first of all, june is not simply offering rational criticisms like a mature, intelligent person would. she does it knowing her rabid fanboys will mercilessly attack whoever she 'dunks on'. she's not even actually criticizing mags, she's just shitting on her. she makes 0 valid or astute criticisms and she makes every tweet to her with ill intent. she has been told numerous times that her tweets result in her fanboys sending death threats and she continues to attack terminally ill feminists and vulnerable females, especially, in the same exact way as she did before.

and john mccain is rich, protected and has people looking out for him. siccing your psychotic randy stair tier anti-fem fanboys on a terminally ill working class civilian feminist with no real influence or following, especially compared to a fucking senator, isn't the same thing.

No. 579888

Shoe always boasts how she likes his "dadbod" gut but never talks about those titties he's rockin.

Imagine what he looks like shirtless shiver

No. 579889

Yeah, but first of all, magdalen is 100% right and second of all, the real issue lies with wig sending her orbiters to fuck with her for no reason other than butthurt.

No. 579898

>she continues to attack terminally ill feminists and vulnerable females
I'm on your side, but you realistically cannot express any sort of opinion online without expecting some shit slinging, mental illness or not. Imagine if lolcow exempted every batshit borderline or autist under this rule.
>terminally ill working class civilian feminist
muh class warfare. I want fucking tumblr to leave.
there has to be pictures of shirtless Greg somewhere online. think we could turn one of the sluts he chats with while ignoring Shoe? they'd have dick picks at least.

No. 579902

There's a big difference between borderlines or autists and people with brain cancer

No. 579903

>there has to be pictures of shirtless Greg somewhere online
Well there's this one gif where he comes into the room while June is streaming (?) and lifts his shirt up, I'm sure someone here has saved it.

No. 579905

File: 1526083494814.png (221.44 KB, 661x349, n1w7zff.png)

wait, did she change her banner to this but then change it back to the judgmental girls? sage for dumb question

No. 579906

I don't believe it.

No. 579907

I still think preg has an account somewhere where he's talking to girls outside of twitter. That or, something on one of those "meet up" bdsm sites. It be pretty hilarious to find.
That gif is so gross. now that anon brought up his titties, it's pretty funny he'll only show his gut when he lifts his shirt because he probably has gross looking manboobs he's scared to show.

No. 579908

Magdalen is hardly a tumblr funfem, she’s radfem and we all know what that means. Wig is attacking GC feminists as usual.

No. 579910

>muh class warfare. I want fucking tumblr to leave.
put down the paint-chips, they're not popcorn. it's not 'class warfare' at all. you're just actually legit retarded. a rich senator has the financial means to protect himself and GOVERNMENT protection that a middle class civilian doesn't have, you fucking sped. they're entitled to protection if the agencies monitoring them have reason to believe they're being targeted. there's a whole branch of police (capitol police) dedicated to investigating threats to them, and protecting them.

>I'm on your side, but you realistically cannot express any sort of opinion online without expecting some shit slinging, mental illness or not. Imagine if lolcow exempted every batshit borderline or autist under this rule.

no one is saying it's not to be expected, but anyone with any moral fiber subscribes to the thought and action of not attacking tiny platform figures with terminal illnesses in the way that she does. even the shittiest/milkiest of people will usually admit that that's a step too far. you're clearly a wk linked from tweeter. begone.

No. 579914

File: 1526083750345.png (615.33 KB, 674x684, YUE0yKS.png)

In response to >>579718. That paper thin "dom" confidence is as weak as June's spine/intergrity.

No. 579915

File: 1526083784157.png (55.19 KB, 1181x615, px2WPDR.png)

A couple of anons in past threads have thought this was him. The information checks out (thirties, Ontario, ""daddy""), though the account was barely used so it's hard to tell.

No. 579916

OT but holy fuck is her cancer terminal? I didn't know that, awful sad.

No. 579917

yes, her and her doctors don't expect her to live much longer, and the brain surgery she had was only intended to slightly prolong her life, not cure her.

No. 579918

yeah I remember this, the only thing that doesn't line up is the age, preg was born in 1984. But, it could very well be done intentionally to throw anyone who found this off. Who knows.

No. 579920

>I'm on your side, but you realistically cannot express any sort of opinion online without expecting some shit slinging, mental illness or not. Imagine if lolcow exempted every batshit borderline or autist under this rule.

But stop piling on June, she has crazy ass mental illness and feelings. owo

No. 579921

>experience: 2 years
He has been with wig for 5 years though

No. 579922

nope. it'll be 3 years this summer, so it lines up with the date posted

No. 579923

OP you forgot >>572499

Brittany, if you're still looking please mention this video :^)

No. 579924

There are no threads on here dedicated to anyone that is terminally ill, afaik?

No. 579929

Yeah, that would be controversial as fuck to make fun of a dying person, even for us.

No. 579931

>nerdy girl has a balloon for her birthday
>june asks for it
>girl says yes because if she didn't things would be awkward
>june pops it
>fakes apology
>everyone laughs
>june: "hell yeah, laugh at me because I'm freakin' awesome. right? right?!"
it's like nothing has changed. she hasn't matured at all. this is the rl equivalent of what she does on twitter. at least she was honest here and had a modicum of self awareness unlike today

No. 579936

She said she don't use the meds because it would change her personality…
So yeah… if you can't take the heat, don't go to the kitchen!

No. 579940

For all the "muh depression" whining, does she even go to theapy? Projecting on twitter is not helping her mental problems.

No. 579942

Brit, bring up the fact that she keeps Ollie, her bunny, in a damn near proto fur farming cage. He's not nuetered (which effects his mood and makes him mark everywhere)and he's a single bun, which is a big no-no because bunnies do not thrive alone.

No. 579943

And she keeps him in his tiny cage as punishment for marking/feels she HAS to keep him in there after he marks, but won't get him fixed to prevent him marking so he can roam more often. She's punishing her Bunbun for her irresponsibility and poor bunny ownership.

No. 579944

"I had boyfriends"
confirmed lying about being asexual and only having 2 boyfriends all her life :^)

No. 579946

I had boyfriends in 10th grade but didn't kiss anyone until i was 22

No. 579947

Given the fact that she only leaves the house to go to starbucks… maybe the therapist goes to her?
But that would be hella expensive, even for her as well.

No. 579948

File: 1526085714668.png (880.09 KB, 591x848, cage.PNG)

The funniest part about this is she recently liked this tweet from one of her ddlg friends

Speaking of which, why are all her little friends in their teens or low 20s? Can't she befriend degenerates of her own age? Or does it make her feel younger kek

No. 579949

File: 1526085758795.png (21.51 KB, 552x231, 1512687495179.png)

I was trying to find the gif where he pulls up his shirt and found this, this will always be my favorite

No. 579951

File: 1526085886815.png (68.19 KB, 244x185, 20180508_131256.png)

What the fuck is that that's almost worse than june's set up

No. 579952

lol, someone please post the tweet where he blames his learning disabilities on his parents "unability to recognize his genius".

No. 579955

File: 1526086053174.png (71.35 KB, 601x588, geniusuwu.PNG)

No. 579957

File: 1526086164228.jpg (34.77 KB, 499x342, NrBO9Nr.jpg)

No. 579958

Thank you, I think June hyping him up really hurts him at the end of the day, he makes a lot of embarrasing autistic remarks.

No. 579960

File: 1526086341070.png (48.1 KB, 608x412, butIcanjoinmensa.PNG)

No. 579961

File: 1526086343399.jpg (20.2 KB, 280x210, toki280.jpg)

Excuse me

No. 579963

Hey guys you know june played bass for awhile? She almost had a hobby.

No. 579965

File: 1526086530736.gif (195.93 KB, 500x491, 1365458420813.gif)

Oh god please pair these in a tweet Brittany

No. 579966

he is honest to god one of the dumbest cows on this site and that's no small feat.

No. 579970

File: 1526086633083.png (12.17 KB, 480x211, sr1O9xi.png)

No. 579972

File: 1526086756520.png (25.25 KB, 648x179, GHVDmam.png)

No. 579973

someone literally just posted it >>579949

No. 579974

I can see why June needs the constant reinforcement that he is "so handsome, smart and great".

No. 579978

I'd argue shoe is smarter than preg

No. 579979

I'd presume "Gwb" are initials, unless they stand for "George Walker Bush" for some retarded fucking reason, and like other anons pointed out, the ages don't match up.

No. 579981

>who is Ashley Isaacs

No. 579984

Any girl smarter than a plank of wood is smarter than gregg

I guess this means june is the only girl for him

No. 579987

oh, i thought it stood for "greg with benefits" …lol. the ages are close enough to raise suspicion, but it's likely not him. i wouldn't put it past him to pull something like this though

No. 579988

ew, he's so fucking disgusting. he's dripping with sleaze. she can't seriously think anyone wants any piece of that. just because he cheated on his ex doesn't mean he's desirable, june.

buyer's remorse? and she has sunk 3 years into him, and is relying on him being her babydaddy and mealticket once her internet fame dries up, so she really wants everyone to know she's ok with her choice.

No. 579989

+ amberlynn reid and arguably luna slater if she continues with her addiction

No. 579990

isaacs is doing it to herself and there IS treatment for it. that's not the same as an uncurable terminal disease. there is literally no humanly way available, apparently, to stop her brain cancer. big difference.

No. 579991

>She said she don't use the meds because it would change her personality…

that's bullshit spouted by people that don't understand psychiatric medication. I guess it's sort of true, because depressed people tend to be shitty people in general because of the depression, so enjoy your shitty personality, I guess.

No. 579993

child development doesn't work that way.

No. 579996

this facial hair confuses me

No. 579997

File: 1526087429752.png (523.06 KB, 586x850, impregnatemedaddy.PNG)

No. 579998

didn't realize this was old for a sec and cringed in horror thinking she might be pregnant

also, that shirt and his greasy beard… gag.

No. 579999

Posting this again for those who haven't read it. https://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2007/01/borderline.html
An article by a psychiatrist about relationships between narcissists and borderliners, that accurately describes Preg and June.

No. 580000

File: 1526087822320.png (176.7 KB, 671x567, fBroCXG.png)

(this is old)
are things not going well in the bedroom for old greg and june? who could have guessed that

No. 580001

The ego… "Greg JUNIOR". If he is so fucking nerd than "Luke" would be something i would think of.
But who am i kidding… he is his own number 1 fanboy, then comes starwars, then camgirls and then the rest.

No. 580002

food is probably the number two spot tbf

No. 580005

Fuck I never actually watched one of shoes attempts at boxxy but man, this is fucking cringe and I agree with venti that shoes face looks longways and stretched, also boxxy was cute

No. 580006

yeah i dont know why people think june looks like boxxy
boxxy was actually pretty, june has a monkey face that moves like rubber

No. 580010

File: 1526088994259.png (97.13 KB, 671x649, Lk2aILc.png)

poor greg can't understand the newspaper :'(
such a misunderstood genius
because she went out of her way to copy boxxy's mannerisms and styling. that's all it takes. now she goes out of her way to act and look like a teenager, hence all the nonlolcow comments saying she looks 12

No. 580012

I'm still watching the vid and I can see why she uses the fat girl angle shot in her vids now-the one venti shows she looks like she has FAS. When farmers said it before I thought they were being overdramatic but nope, they wern't. And man she is obsessed with fat women even venti says its pathetic and cringy

No. 580023

The same could be said about most of his retarded YouTube videos. Since when is he the epitome of clarity? Lol.

Special Ed Greg!

No. 580037

File: 1526092705511.png (69.39 KB, 647x537, P9rmD5x.png)

No. 580040


So glad June is finally being called out on this.

No. 580066

This is perhaps the only time in history where June directly called someone out and confronted them
this was when a guy called Life In A Tent aka LIAT came along and accused Boxxy of being fake etc and inserted himself into the Boxxosphere. you can probably find it all online anyway

P.S Nexx was a mentally ill guy egged into raising a gun to his mother and getting his housed SWATed while he was on the roof. he got out of therapy after a while though

No. 580070

PS June used to do a weekly CC News which was the catie chan news series which lasted hilariously short
there wasn't enough news or views for it so she just quit it after around 6 episodes

No. 580079

File: 1526096481691.jpg (78.46 KB, 590x927, too late.JPG)

bit late for that now don't you think June?

No. 580080

>if you dish it out you better be able to take it

No. 580084

File: 1526098679899.jpg (37.33 KB, 500x281, brittany.jpg)

Brittany raining down justice
It's perfect

No. 580114

I think shoe has a degradation fetish for her to be worshiping such a disgusting, stupid fat slob like groceries. Like I think she gets off to how she's subservient to someone so disgusting. It reminds me of the gross old men tropes you see in porn.

I bet her parents would be able to support her better than he can anyway, and I'm predicting if they move in together he'd just mooch off her parents money while insulting game. I can't stand men like him

No. 580118

This is definitely part of it and I also think she considers herself superior to other women for being so kind and accepting that she would be submissive to him. Like a "Stupid feminists have way too high standards and are shallow! But I'm such a good little submissive girl that I see the good in my slobbery obese boyfriend teehee! I'm so much better than other women!"

She's too stupid to realize that she contradicts this though when she calls him "alpha" or "beefy" and spergs about how hot he is.

No. 580123

Anyone noticed how she was tweeting again when her fanturds were buying into the "i'm a depression victim uwu so soft and smoll" - until Brittany (and other alt-right) launched another attack - she shut up.

I'm guessing she is waiting for the dust to settle so she can be back to bullying and uwu-posting.

I wonder if she'll make a sob story about people attacking her uwu ;_;.

No. 580126

Lol more boyfriends even tho i was an asexual kissless virgin until 22

No. 580127

File: 1526105608048.png (27.69 KB, 571x313, 1.png)

lmao was this one of you

No. 580131

File: 1526106390474.png (756.19 KB, 1080x1575, Screenshot_20180512-032023~2.p…)

No. 580132

Trying to deflect the drama, huh? And she expects things to go back to normal?

No. 580139

I just hope this drama won’t be forgotten about. Now is the perfect time to expose what kind of an awful person she really is. Someone should make a content cop style video on her. (Then again, her fans are so fucking nuts that it’s probably dangerous for a smaller channel)

No. 580140

This, she'd been given a pass for years, time it was all brought back to bite her on her stupid ass.

No. 580142

File: 1526108102625.png (11 KB, 499x84, 2.png)

I hope this is real

No. 580150

File: 1526110065750.jpg (96.99 KB, 1631x1571, a85085095a93074523f346a3eb7a05…)


Oooooh yes binch this shit this better be real!

Anyone loving the fact how June originally pandered to the alt-right, only to shit on them later for the sake of being accepted into another group and now she's getting roasted while most libs don't give two shits about defending her.

She's only got lowkey pedos, few teenagers and that incel mayu on her side now.

No. 580198

It seems like this bitch is only trying to be appealing to trannies that hate women at this point. What a weird niche audience she is going for lmao.

No. 580200

I'm thinking there's going to be a shoe parody.

No. 580201

more like a content cop style vid… like her "furbabies" one. she got enough dirt gathered to make it.

No. 580202

I went down Junes moms FB and saw she shared a video specifically about how your boyfriend shouldn't be liking random hoe pics and how it's important to respect your partner.

Fucking sad, I wonder if she knows her daughter lets Groceries cuck her.

No. 580203

Her mom does follow her on twitter so probably.

No. 580205


I'd imagine that her mom has tried to confront June about having zero self-respect but gotten nothing but "BUT MOM!!! You just don't understand our super kawaii special snowflake bdsm relationship!!! You stupid normie feminist urgh uwu!!!

It's hilarious that her own mom is shading their relationship online though lol.

No. 580206

Why do so many people even watch her doing the same video over and over again?

>le le le feminsms XDDD vagina??? OOOH MY GOOOD like what the fuck!! do you even meme OMFG. like women are so dumb btw look at me being ADHD!!!! xDDDDDDDDDD

That's almost every single video of hers.

No. 580207

ohhh shit that's def related to Grocery.
here is the thing, shoe wouldn't have to even worry about people judging that part of her relationship if they didn't make it so fucking public.

If they really get off to that kind of cucking so much why not just make separate accounts to do that on? To me, it's pretty obvious they get off on the attention of it. It's pretty pathetic. I'm glad with all this drama going to bring an opportunity to show others how cringy their relationship is.

No. 580209


btw her obese boyfriend did the best imitation of her tbh

No. 580211

Brittany, for your bideo please give time to look at past threads. Go straight down the rabbit hole, it's a fucking ride. Don't be afraid to ask for sources or caps either. Go all out.

Also I'm curious what everyone else in the thread wants to see if she's going to her bideo on shoe? I think showing what she was like in the past(popular bully) compared to how she describes herself now (uwu i was so shy in high school!)would be big. Also, showing how retarded Grocery is and their relationship.

No. 580216

brittaby you should mention and ask what her videogames or anime she actually likes? considering she never talks about those hobbies yet majority of her fanbase believes so because of loli gifs, and her talking about gamergate. a lpt of them are still going to defend their uwu kawaii princess because they think she’s like them. yet, still a bully with no personality.

No. 580220

File: 1526127981479.jpg (403.45 KB, 1742x886, bwahahahahaha.jpg)

So I just saw this, certainly not a coincidence right? kek

No. 580223

File: 1526128652788.jpg (34.4 KB, 640x480, 1403642678174.jpg)

I thought ED gone to shit but, this makes me fucking hard.

I hope more things can be added to their articles.

No. 580225


Also ask her why she bullied nerdy girls who liked anime back in HS. Seems weird for someone whom according to herself has always been a kawaii nerd girl :3 to bully fellow nerds?

No. 580228

I hope she goes through all the old threads. There's a ton of milk in them. The whole her having a hand in lolcow's creation and becoming a mod thing was a trip to read.

I think the shoe friend requirement's list would be really good to use in a call out. For those unaware (since we seem to have a lot of newfags), she made a list on ask.fm where she states if you are a girl and you want to be her friend you must let her fat slob of a boyfriend fuck you and if you are trans you have to be a passing trans. I don't have a cap of it, but it is in the older threads. She complains about how she has no friends who are girls, even though that's verified bullshit, yet has this really gross list that all her female/mtf friends are suppose to follow.
I agree with showing the shit regarding June's relationship with Gorge. That would really break the whole perception of them being "relationship goals" that people seem to have for them. Some including how Skeptic said if her body measurements, that she lies about, were any different she would be a 2/10, how there's apparently there's a room in his apartment she is not allowed to go in, or how open they are about their ddlg relationship, since so many people just think it's bdsm and don't realize it is more disgusting and pedo.

This stuff doesn't even cover her poor treatment of her bunny and then giving shitty pet care advice acting like she's some kind of expert to her fans, the whole "omg this is sooo me/skeptic" thing (ex: Tangled and that one comic about that guy and his wife), that thing that happened with Sucksdic and Jeff Holiday, that whole "mensa IQ" shit Skeptic does when he literally was in special ed and made those shit comics, her whole "i was a quiet shy wallflower goth nerd girl who got bullied uwu~~ plz no booli <3" when she use to be a bully and would torment a girl who liked harry potter and anime everyday, etc.

Sorry for the long post, but there is so much shit involving these idiots. Seriously, to any newfags go through the old threads if you haven't already.

No. 580238

Eh, ED is still shit but it made me laugh. I checked her article no update about recent events, I dont know if anyone on that sites gives a shit to add the recent drama but I think if you sign up you can add to articles, least what I heard.

No. 580240


>The whole her having a hand in lolcow's creation and becoming a mod thing was a trip to read.

With absolutely zero evidence to back it up. If you're going to try and dish out dirt, don't make yourself look like an idiot by spewing shit with no proof. I'm only saying this so Brittany doesn't embarrass herself, some girls in these shoe threads are willing to believe anything.

No. 580246

Yes. All of this is good(maybe not the mod stuff because it unconfirmed). As someone who's been posting since the first thread, my opinion of shoe went from "attention whore capitalizing on anti-feminism for male attention" to some how sooo much worse. Discovering all the personal shit she puts out to the public gives me secondhand embarrassment, more so than most cows.

Her and Grocery's article need more to them. I don't like they have that door frame nude in shoe's article because it's been debunked on here as not her and I'm pretty sure she wants people to think she looks like that.

No. 580250

>if you are trans you have to be a passing trans
Oh, I think someone needs to let her trans friends know about this because this is a touchy subject in the trans community-they hate people who police the whole passing shit. Also contra doesnt pass so….

>This stuff doesn't even cover her poor treatment of her bunny

Ok yeah awful priorities but thats the one thing that triggers me about that bitch, that poor rabbit and then she has the gal to pretend to be some rabbit expert and give advice when her own bunny is fucking miserable-i mean that tiny cage she keeps him in and the way she (and her slob of a "daddy")handles him. Poor, poor ollie!

No. 580252

>I don't like they have that door frame nude in shoe's article because it's been debunked on here as not her
Indeed, this was mentioned in the previous thread, her article could do with an overhaul

No. 580260

The main point was to have people who want more info to look at the old threads. If Brittany, or anyone else, wants to make a call out video, it is better for them to go to the old threads and find the info.

I agree there isn't any solid proof on the lolcow mod thing and I only said it was crazy to read. The only solid thing we have on it is that she knew the first admin. Then we got a screencap of a post on here of someone claiming to be shoe and had a similar writing style to her but could literally be anyone. I wouldn't recommend it for a call out, but everything else I would since there is so much evidence to back those up.

No. 580265

With the mod thing, the most believable aspect of that to me was her shutting down that thread that was back in 2014-2015 because posters were debating whether her boobs were fake and I remember it lined up well with "she wanted to track down who was talking shit on her because she had a secret" part with the anon who claimed to have known Ian.

I should know more about her old unichan "friends" because apparently she thought this girl named Cathy(?) was posting mostly in that original thread, ironically a poster on here who was really defensive about her having fake tits made the claim that "50% of us must be just salty cathy!" or some shit.

Sorry to go all meta but, I personally believe the mod story but, as everyone else is saying it's best to at least hold back on it until there is more proof.

No. 580268

hasn't she already backtracked on that passing thing with her "i'm sorry i tried to gatekeep" uwuposting?

No. 580277

if you search her name on twitter, which we all know she does multiple times a day, you'll see that there's a lot of people criticizing her plus her usual whiteknights. her blockhand is probably getting tired from those mean bullies. i bet she thinks that with this vid, her mentions will be filled with people kissing her ass again and a few lone complainers that she can safely ~dunk on~ and narc rage about

No. 580281

No. 580283

File: 1526134371408.gif (760.16 KB, 259x214, 1336952556503.gif)

her fucking amy schumer yelling. I can't.

No. 580285

she's so unfunny. if she didn't have her anti feminist shtick her videos would never get attention

No. 580287

>It seems like this bitch is only trying to be appealing to trannies that hate women at this point.

relevant re: the speshul surprise guest in >>580281

No. 580291

God damn her voice is annoying.

Also, the gym comment at around 5:10, where the author states that some guy stared at her boobs.
>''Is this like some weird humble brag?''
That statement alone is all you need to know about June. She's SO thirsty for male attention that she just can't grasp why a woman would feel uncomfortable in this situation. It's why she blames women for dressing like a ''prostitute'' (literally, her own words. It was the video ''professional victims'' which has now been unlisted). Plus, fuckin' kek @ Wig talking about humble bragging.

No. 580294

File: 1526135607867.jpg (129.96 KB, 791x804, omfg.jpg)

It's not surprising coming from the person who thinks it's super bi and cool of her to stare at female joggers with her creepy bf.

God I fucking hate her.

No. 580295

Exactly. The fact that she automatically takes the male's side like wtf.. She acts like women who go to parties and show just a tiny bit of cleavage deserve to be raped.

I used to think June wasn't awful, but she has proven over and over to actually hate women. She's just as shitty as Groceries, if not worse. She has no sympathy for women and the issues only real women face. She only cares about trannies.

No. 580296

File: 1526135796111.gif (134.13 KB, 287x344, 2ee.gif)

I find it highly suspect that she uses the term 'girls' and not women.

That's extra foul considering Groceries pedo/loli 'kink'

Also, her entire 'hur hurrr. it's fun to harass women on the street because boys will be boys' meme is vile.

No. 580297

I think June is finally realizing the people she's pandering too, don't like women who are openly sexual, they don't support LGBT and basically don't like her. However, she's spent so long pandering to them that she can't just disassociate herself quietly. I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't such a shit you made your bed June, now lie in it.

No. 580298

She's really gasping for straws in this one. Most of the shit she criticizes isn't even written in serious manner, she just pretends it is so she can portray women as these irrational, emotional creatures.
Also McDonalds thing was just PR, not some huge feminist statement…

Coupled with her shit sense of humor, her new video is basically unwatchable.

No. 580299

'being 12 year old boys' is a bit hmm in itself - most people would say 'being 15 year old boys'

No. 580302

I don't get sincerity from this video or any of her other videos tbh, she's a normie liberal who just decided to jump on this anti-feminist train because it'd get her male attention but is coming to the realization that the people she's been pandering too, want women to stfu and stay at home or go all the way and preach alt right shit - not just teehee as cosmo or buzzfeed at how pc they are.

No. 580304

Agree. Plus, don't forget her hate boner for ''old'' women (as if she won't ever bee one).

No. 580310

Let's not forget that Brittany is just as big of a lolcow as June. She also famously panders to her male audience.

No. 580313

Personally don't care atm. She's producing good milk and informing others on stuff we've digged up. You don't have to like her but, it's shitty to just insult now after what she's done these past few days. If you want to talk about her shit, do it on her thread.

No. 580321

Honestly I don't care who calls her out if she gets called out correctly. June has been protected from criticism for so long and there is so much shit on her.

I don't know who Brittany is, but even if someone like Lauren Southern (whom I dislike and think of as lolcow) called her out, I'd happily provide all the receipts.

No. 580323

Priorities, whatever milk there is around her can wait until after she's dunked on June

No. 580331

>some girls in these shoe threads are willing to believe anything.
brittany shouldn't talk about it because there's no proof, but why are you talking like it's far fetched? we see her sperg out everyday when people criticize her. we know she's a sensitive self-obsessed narc who will do anything to make people like her. it's not that people will believe anything about her, it's that her personality is so rotten that people can see her doing something like this.

No. 580337

File: 1526138769484.png (99.96 KB, 646x920, psgUkIO.png)

No. 580339

I noticed shoe still hasn't posted her vid on twitter, normally she does right away.

I think she's honestly pulling in all those youtube only viewer likes before she shares it because she wants the illusion that majority of people still like her even after recent drama. It's so typical of her.

No. 580346

Gregnant, I’m sorry but Donald Trump is likely several IQ points higher than you.

No. 580350

He does not respect her at all lol. She thinks it’s funny now, but that won’t last.

No. 580351

File: 1526139474266.jpeg (60.2 KB, 1160x653, AEE3932D-EC11-4D0F-B9E7-C4C05B…)

Yeah that was obvious as soon as I heard her burp on her livestream about Shoe, plus it’s not like she hides that fact she’s self aware. But hey you gotta make money somehow.

She’s doing what we’ve wanted for years so i’ll give her a pass.

No. 580360

You're giving her quite the benefit of the doubt imo - she's always known the people she's pandering too - woman-hating, antifeminist, misogynist men and she uses women as bait to reel them in. That's the entire point of her channel. What she didn't realise is that any woman can get it from these men, including her. Also that 'feminist men' will have no problem calling her out. She always complains about this, I think it bothers her that some men don't like her. If it was just women going after her she'd just give them the terf/landwhale treatment. She's recently been trying to pretend like anti-sjw/antifeminist cringe isn't something that applies to her. All this recent sadposting with Lauren is just to pander to more men. Gotta get those asspats somehow.

No. 580363

There’s evidence of Ian being the original site creator
There’s evidence of Shoe being very close to him
There’s evidence of her threads being deleted until recently
I even saw a video of her talking about the Orange Citrus the other day which is how Unichan and staminarose became connected - AND shortly after lolcow came into existence

It’s def worth mentioning even if it may be conspiracy

No. 580371

Do you think she's deleting any negative comments people might have made on that video? I noticed that it's nothing but asspats. Or maybe most people just haven't seen it yet.

No. 580372

It is confirmed he was the original owner. Pictures he posted himself, etc.

It is confirmed June was close to him - the Unichan drama posts and shit. And in those posts, we see he liked her and she led him on.

She's talked about "lolcow" and specific ppl from here in the past. She's talked about her favourite past time as being laughing at lolcows.

There is evidence of her past threads being deleted and that shit.

Then there is the sketchy admin drama. Where he left because of some weird romantic drama with a mod. Someone should post screencaps of that.

And as of recently, after that anon came and exposed this, she completely shuts up about lolcows on twitter. Pretty interesting.

These are just the pieces but they seem to fit.

No. 580373

File: 1526141251631.png (262.2 KB, 1322x844, DR4XWpj.png)

Not to tinfoil too much, but she also calls Onion "Gerg" like we do and has called him a lolcow multiple times. At the very least that shows that she knows of this place.
She's done that for the Groceries, so probably.

No. 580374

I love how the one thing Shoe defends/backsup Onision for is that he's not a pedo. Lol

No. 580378

File: 1526141928919.png (195.97 KB, 652x1476, XrktA3o.png)

this is what the left think of her. good luck trying to change your demographic, june :^)

No. 580384

File: 1526142186664.png (30.03 KB, 589x203, porg.PNG)

Does June run this account? Even if this is just a fan this is horrible

No. 580397

i wish shaun would call her out even once

No. 580403

"how does someone not change at all in 10 years"

LMAO the irony

No. 580405

Same, now is the perfect time for him to.

No. 580423

Where's the ask.fm answer where she claimed to have pro mgtow views? I can't find it i think someone asked her about rape and she said some shitty stuff and said it sounded mgtowy, all i can remember is that it was some bad dirt

No. 580424

File: 1526146039727.png (155.91 KB, 606x1564, the spice must flow.png)

>june causing slapfights in a twitter thread not even related to her, without even being present


No. 580427

File: 1526146429535.png (36.91 KB, 582x408, 1.png)

I only found this. I do remember a recent tweet where she says she is for "regular mgtow" but not "redpill mgtow" assuming there is any differences

No. 580431

>she has thrown me under the bus for shit I said years ago, why do she get a free pass
This is a really good point. Especially after that whole Ben Shapiro incident where she "totally" accidentally attacked a tweet of his from 2 years ago. The skeptic community changes their opinions/beliefs multiple times, whether based on trying to look good to a demographic or they themselves claiming had a change of heart either way they are highly hypocritical.

No. 580432

Nah not that one but close, I remember she ended the statement with "sounds kinda mgtowy but yeah"

Ill try to find it when i get home, it was one of the biggest reasons why i despite her so much

No. 580433

She throws everyone under the bus even her sister and parents so she can seem like the special clear skinned snowflake when none of them had acne lmao

No. 580435

if he's this retarded you don't want to be with him

No. 580440

I remember all that history of men being constantly oppressed, used for sex, raped, seen as objects, etc. Oh wait..

Is she really dumb enough to compare a buncha whiney manchildren who don't want to take responsibility to actual feminists movements like fgm and rape apologists?

Through and through, June is anti women. I'm surprised she hasn't turned to islam yet.

No. 580442

File: 1526147605707.jpg (28.79 KB, 449x218, qwqwqwwqw.JPG)

Ranting Feminist is ridiculous in the way she capes for shoe, she does it constantly. What a hypocrite.

No. 580443

File: 1526147692185.png (15.81 KB, 643x142, 0CKnxHt.png)

No. 580445

File: 1526147805419.jpg (32.2 KB, 576x298, oh no.JPG)

No. 580447

the irony. this is exactly how june treats herself and how her fans treat her.
when she's not treated with kid gloves, she absolutely throws a fit

No. 580452

Holy fuck, she's such a piece of shit. And not self aware at all. Embarrassing.

No. 580454

she's almost tragically self absorbed. just because she lives at home at 27 and has her mother cook, clean, and pay her way for her doesn't mean that all women get treated like children and have easy lives. she can't imagine there are women who don't live like her and that's just sad.

No. 580455

Her fans defending her now are doing such a bad job and are ironically proving the point that she's been allowed to get away and not be held accountable for doing shitty things. She can just make everything into a pity party, it's never been a learning experience for her. The fact she was able to shill candid and lie to her fans with barely any fall back shows her followers are just drooling retards.

No. 580456


>and how they both treat anti-feminist women

So I guess she can't get behind MGTOW because they won't treat her good despite her sucking up to men and shitting on women 24/7. The line is only drawn for a group of men when they don't treat our smol princess with the respect she deserves. uwu

No. 580459

File: 1526148824832.png (9.89 KB, 1098x107, 8wullVM.png)

>nope. the movement is 100% understandable, especially in today's climate.
and women don't need a movement? imagine being this retarded and still getting paid to shill your stupid views. no wonder why she thinks all other women are babied by society, she's only drawing from her own experience

No. 580462


Can someone please just drop off this spoiled childwoman in the middle east?

No. 580463

caps of this ABSOLUTELY needed

No. 580465

I'd like to see it too. Just censor her mom's name and stuff please for obvious reasons

No. 580466

Or just take away all her parental support and force her to make her own way without having to beg Greg for help (which he probably wouldn't give anyway).

No. 580468

File: 1526149398023.jpg (132.85 KB, 985x1085, 2znvjOu.jpg)

nta but this was from the last thread. also not exactly what you were looking for but still funny given the circumstances. even if she doesn't know about her son's camwhore obsession, surely she knows he's divorced partly because of cheating??

No. 580470

what would greg even help her with? i doubt he makes bank with his failing youtube channel that has 2008 era evolution vs. creationism debates. if anything she makes more than him and will have to support fatboy and his toy collection after marriage.

No. 580471

seeing as how he has given her 0 support on twitter during this whole fiasco, won't even defend her, etc, he DEFINITELY would not put one red cent toward supporting hre financially

No. 580474

oh man this is sad. I get the feeling Preg's parents always seen him as the "slow child" based on his apparent need to label himself as smarter than all his siblings despite his learning disability. He's also bitter they didn't pay him to go to a big fancy university.

No. 580475

File: 1526149823231.png (16.76 KB, 492x346, uwu.png)

I found the first cap anon
but I'm going to have to be spoon fed where preggory said he wouldn't like her with different measurements
Also I haven't seen much on the bunny treatment other than comments about the cage (Haven't seen a picture either). Is it significant enough to not sound like PETA?

No. 580482

File: 1526150367850.png (753.9 KB, 1304x1064, 00131TK.png)

idk anything about bun care, but other anons have said the cage she uses should only be used for much smaller animals like gerbils, rats, etc. if you do a quick search you can see that it's waaaaay too small for her pet. she's also been called out by her followers and still doesn't buy a new cage even though she has the $$$. plus she calls out other people for small cages. the usual june hypocrisy

No. 580483

she had a dachshund (?) (she said the breed was used for hunting badgers) too for awhile that she didn't like? it's a buried ask fm post tho kinda irrelevant but interesting

No. 580484

The post of June's mom sharing a video about your man not being a whore. I want a cap of that, although that pic is pretty funny.

No. 580486

oh shit, sorry anon. i thought you said grocery's mom.

No. 580487

My fucking throat I'm hysteric this is great

No. 580489

Also that hide is awful

No. 580491

Thats like a guinea pig hide too ugh

No. 580525

Post your favorite uwu's from June

No. 580526

Can't say I'm surprised, and I agree with the other comments that one would have to be versed in the edgy, tryhard, "coolgirl" sphere of the alt-right. Otherwise, she's just another vapid basic bitch saying shit for clicks.

The only reason why June's even got a strong presence here is because she has a chan history.
Shaun would have nothing to really deconstruct or analyze about her politically.

No. 580537

File: 1526154134355.png (404.06 KB, 1360x1072, r7vVK0b.png)

during this harrowing time where june is allegedly facing mass bullying and invasions of privacy, grocery takes it upon himself to chat with his favorite 20 yo ddlg weeb. lovely

No. 580541

What's even worse is he's usually not very active on twitter but, these last 2 days he has been if you look it up.

No. 580546

File: 1526154858147.png (293.29 KB, 1270x2048, DdBPMu_UQAALaT-.png)

Requesting the source on when preggory says he wouldn't be attracted to wigonhead if she weren't "smoll"

No. 580552

File: 1526155115575.jpg (368.27 KB, 600x1716, 1519103971617.jpg)

you mean the 2/10 one right?

also posting more old art for newfags. The drawfags in these threads are so funny.

No. 580557

File: 1526155228213.png (832.09 KB, 1049x826, PGjiwrE.png)

No. 580559

File: 1526155345426.png (195.76 KB, 608x1040, gvnymhN.png)

not the same one, but still the same message. let me see if I can hunt down the actual thing.

No. 580563

File: 1526155594433.png (14.25 KB, 483x214, Y7SVnCp[1].png)

she's such a gamer girl

No. 580565

File: 1526155706702.png (509.47 KB, 656x1284, kYCQhaz.png)

No. 580566

this just them playing up their dumb bdsm rp
"daddy wont allow me to eat more chicken nuggies uwu"

trying to find the 2/10 cap

No. 580568

File: 1526155744116.png (87.47 KB, 661x619, JqFXJqa.png)

No. 580573

I thought she backtracked on calling milo stewart a transtrender, not the passing thing, but i may be mistaken.

No. 580579

File: 1526156102449.png (21.51 KB, 681x230, 2 outta 10.png)

nta but here you go

No. 580580

So shes backtracking backtracking now.
What a fucking coward, she trying to act all tough when its clear shes desperate for any sort of shield, oh pathetic shoe, never change lol

No. 580581

File: 1526156207128.png (88.33 KB, 1320x634, rKWDI5C.png)

No. 580582

thank you buns :3

No. 580584

File: 1526156390497.png (278.38 KB, 635x601, pYMdPrY.png)

No. 580585

File: 1526156461543.jpg (25.32 KB, 639x262, riiiiiight.jpg)

>those measurements
i still laff. i love how willing she is to casually tell someone. even most camgirls will tell their orbiter neckbeard fans to fuck off but, not shoe. She really wants them to fap to her fake measurements.

No. 580586

Indeed, but i think she said that because there are videos by MGTOW attacking her for being a, for lack of a better term, THOT for incels

No. 580587

Love how she includes her plaid skirt and thigh highs when taking a picture of fatass's sandwhich.

No. 580589

bitch you shaped like a linebacker, probably why greg cheats, she catfished his ass

they talk like white trash emos going through their rawr XD stage and thinking they're relationship is a special snowflake
oh yeah, also june did go to prom lmfao she has pics of it, why did she suddenly turn around and claim to be the "teehee I played halo and didn't go to prom" bitch you were stacy in HS

No. 580590

Yep, if they didnt hate her already she probably would have been their no1 cheerleader

No. 580592

were there pics of the prom? Also yes rawr xD shit is annoying.

No. 580593

File: 1526156740876.png (243.56 KB, 661x643, vsIvmxJ.png)

does this count? she's always comparing her relationship to disney movies, that's pretty uwu to me.
btw she made this monstrosity with her own two hands

No. 580597

No. 580598

Most people with BPD that I had an unfortunate encounter with are OBSESSED with Disney.

What is it about hat studio that attracts these psychos?

No. 580600

File: 1526157142136.png (343.32 KB, 642x782, 7NiKfPh.png)

i'm a smol disney pwincess uwu. every woman out there is a humblebragging bitch except me uwu

No. 580602

File: 1526157322769.png (92.52 KB, 672x660, 79JvMdq.png)

smol little june :3 vs. imaginary jealous old hags

No. 580605

Where are the prom pics anon?

No. 580606

File: 1526157538772.jpg (99.62 KB, 557x402, i was bullied by womens uwu.jp…)

everything about this.

All Brittany needs to is put this and the video where she talks about how she was a bull in hs and people will maybe start understanding she's fake as fuck.

No. 580607

Okay but Ella referring to himself as a trap is the real cringe. Like you don’t get to decide whether or not you pass, my good lad

No. 580611

Tinfoil, but what if June purposely seeks out tall fat guys to date so she can keep up the smol charade? If she stood next to a guy who was 5'10" and around her size she wouldn't be so smol anymore uwu.

No. 580616

I remember they both kept trying to convince everyone specifically that greggs is flynn irl and seemed annoyed people said fuck no or ignored it. Such an incredible insult to flynn.

No. 580621

This tweet is SO hypocriticial given she takes pics of random strangers in public to post online for her followers to make fun of their weight and in last thread shown to shoop her waist like bitch, you aint fooling anyone stop projecting.

>my personal boundaries
>If you wanna be my friend you will let me grope your boobs

No. 580622

File: 1526158652632.png (25.3 KB, 753x333, 1.png)


From here own old formspring account, doesnn't add up with what she says here >>580606

No. 580623

File: 1526158895662.jpg (805.14 KB, 2000x1500, shoeonhead.jpg)

I dont think thats tinfoil anon I think many would agree its been said before-except I would replace fat with morbidly obese

No. 580625

the one here is from her ask fm anon?

No. 580629

that's from her blog where she talks about nice guys http://shoe0nhead.blogspot.com/

No. 580632

File: 1526159456760.png (7.88 KB, 533x85, oVuA4iK.png)

No. 580638

File: 1526159842789.png (31.88 KB, 641x253, yo1H4UH.png)

No. 580649

Is this bitch having delusions? She isn't even that skinny especially compared to every other hoe in long island, I could believe this if she lived in fat people ville but she lives in long island, also why is it always "old women harass me over my slim pear body :-(" june hunny, you're a chubby inverted triangle

No. 580681

File: 1526162709887.jpg (100.18 KB, 600x478, file[1].jpg)

did anyone post this?
In regard to her height

No. 580688

File: 1526162987921.jpg (5.84 KB, 160x160, n4efaa015aaa09_large.jpg)

This was posted as response to her favorite actor but who is this?

No. 580691

I just wish a prettier girl had called June out. Brittany is monstrous.

No. 580693

Jake Gyllenhaal

No. 580694

you can lie about your height and they'll put it down as long as it's within a reasonable range. if a 5'5" girl says she's 5'2" nobody is going nitpick details and argue about it. it'll still be put on the license .
i don't care about her height either way but this proves nothing

No. 580695

yeah, we already saw that, but you can tell the DMV anything. they don't actually height check you unless you give off some ridiculous height. my dad is like 5'6.5 and he told the DMV he's 5'8 bc insecurity, and it's on his license. you can say anything as long as it isn't too preposterous.

No. 580704

She looks so different here

No. 580705

Fwiw Blaire White is 5’5”- confirmed in her most recent vid. And in a vid I saw of them together, Shoe looks significantly shorter.

I don’t even care if she’s lying about her height or not but the conversation around it is so goddamn annoying. It’s worth it to prove it once and for all so everyone who cares for some reason will stfu.

No. 580708

Are you serious? That’s her sister. It says it in the title.

No. 580710

It sounds identical from her

No. 580712

what video? i saw her and blaire at vidcon and they were the same height while june was wearing her ugly gladiator sandals. in the same vid she stands next to chris raygun who is 5'5, and she's as tall, if not taller. she's significantly taller than laci green in her ugly gladiator sandals, and laci is 5'2, iirc.

No. 580717

Skip to 3:24

No. 580722

can we not have the dumb height convo for the billionth time on here?

No. 580724

fair enough.

No. 580728

No. 580745

In high school I was deluded and thought I was 5'6 but I'm actually 5'3. Nobody questioned 5'6 being on my license.

No. 580770

Blaire most likely wears heels, June didn't at vidcon we have pics from old threads and photos next to chris ray gunn.

No. 580773

Best not give her any sadposting ammo
"it really hurts even more because this girl is so pretty and it's just like highschool all over again :c"

No. 580777

No. 580780

File: 1526167761905.png (1.27 MB, 1045x1324, 1519952100474.png)

Have a bonus pic of June looking miserable next to a "smoler" woman.

No. 580784

She looks sooo fucking pissed lol

No. 580785

File: 1526168053942.png (742.39 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20180512-203023~2.p…)

Gonna see Groceries maybe?

No. 580786

God the height thing has been debunked a million times but it's still kinda funny even though i dont believe she's actively trying to hide her real height

No. 580787

I dont know what else it could be

No. 580788

That actually would be an extra reason for June's orbiters and June herself to shit on the woman who called her out. "She's so ugly she's just jealous of our smol kawaii princess how dare she speak out when she's so ugly like that" etc. Brittany isn't even ugly lol come on, she may not be beautiful but she's ok looking.

No. 580792

I’m sorry to ruin your conspiracy but June is extremely 5’2”. I’m 5’7” and have photos of her standing next to me. She’s the same height as every other 5’2” friend of mine.

Not gonna share pix so believe me or don’t. Sage for no evidence.

No. 580793

I don't think she's actively trying to hide it either, but if she's 5'4" like she claims in >>580780 then she is the average American female height, not the smol lil bun bun pwincess uwu she desperately wants to be.

No. 580794

File: 1526168599397.png (5.73 MB, 1536x2048, 8A15EC4A-E489-4B16-9A97-E60E69…)

Actually I’m getting irrationally angry at this so here. Don’t make me regret this fam. She is 5 foot 2 inches. Leaving this shit thread now.

No. 580796

damn she wears that boxxy eyeliner out in the real world? i thought it was just for views

No. 580799

I bet she plucked out all her eyelashes so she needs it to cover that up.

No. 580801

Ew, she looks really gross here.

Also, you sound like a bitter stan, anon.

No. 580802

If you're 5'7, standing next to a 5'4 girl would produce this kind of gap. Im 5'1 and stood next to a 5'7 person there's a much larger height difference, so being 5'7 you're probably pretty ignorant of the difference between 5'2 and 5'4

No. 580804

I feel the same way anon. It gets so fucking annoying when these height spergs derail the thread. I couldn't care less about if she's lying about her height, it's not needed if your trying to disprove the smol uwu wittle persona she's made up, her personality does that itself.

No. 580808

The pink haired woman said she was 5'4" on her tumblr. June would never say she's 5'4".

No. 580809

Obviously she does, but it's another facet of her smol uwu bullshit that people are interested in. It proves just how far she'll go to pretend she's an uwu in need of beta male protection, I get why people care

No. 580810

>thinking a gap that size equates to 3”


No. 580813

haha who even cares if she's 4'9 she's not cute - she's ugly and as soon as she opens her mouth she sounds like a dockworker's wife or gangster moll Eyy shut da fackin dooa

No. 580814

june needs to end her pretend twitter break (aka not tweeting but still blocking everyone) so this thread can move past tired height arguments

No. 580817

File: 1526170082269.png (107.49 KB, 656x616, nVOowHl.png)

No. 580819

Either way, I trust Laci and Chris' heights more than I trust the self reported height of an irrationally upset June Stan desperately caping for her

No. 580820

10 bucks shoe's fans are so autistic they're going to paint these two as "mean girls" and shoe being the shy uwu bullied smol bun princess who doesn't deserve this hate!!!!

No. 580826

Her fans really need to see the old bully video.

No. 580829

Every ~bideo~ she makes is an old bully video.

No. 580831

Yep, that's a gap between a 5'7" and a 5'5" person alright.

No. 580832

June you forgot to point out the hamplanet next to you uwu

No. 580838

…it’s one of June’s unichan friends whose height is pretty commonly accepted knowledge in that autistic circle.

No. 580839

She says she's 5' 3" at around 1:46.

No. 580840

this just further proves she is 5'4" next

No. 580841

her face looks really different here

No. 580843

That's true anon. I don't understand how her fans just accept the huge difference between her behavior and her I'm so cute and soft uwuuuuu shtick

No. 580844

File: 1526171803112.png (284.49 KB, 594x343, 136306768988.png)

uwu so smol and timid

No. 580846

No. 580848

>believing unitards, ever, about anything
lmao ok anon

lmao, wow. so just like megan marie she shrunk at least by an inch when they realized it was hot to be a 'little'.

i doubt she just happened to shrink an inch (likely more) as soon as she decided to shill her smol girl bullshit. fact is that she's taller than the 5'4 pink haired girl who had no reason to lie (she wasnt asked about shoe), and she is taller than laci by a few inches, and the same height as chris.

No. 580849

File: 1526171974964.gif (6.14 MB, 446x291, 1525345297201.gif)

No. 580850

File: 1526172066657.jpg (27.75 KB, 287x456, lol.JPG)

The second time she was honest

No. 580851

I had no friends and was bullied by all the other girls!!!

No. 580854

>Has she ever been to Arizona? I don't think she's ever been outside the United States, like, she's never been to another country. She hasn't been to Arizona.


No. 580859

No. 580868

File: 1526173524418.jpeg (97.71 KB, 636x642, B1460176-06B0-415B-A5CB-CD5A88…)

>average height of a female head is 9.4 inches
Looks like ~5 inches to me.

No. 580872

Whyyyy do you people care so much about her height just stop jfc

It's like the stupidest thing to argue about, all things considered

No. 580873

This. fucking thread always goes straight to shit as soon as someone brings up her height.

No. 580874

Anon it's to prove that she's a liar, but yes there's other evidence we can give and talk about and it would probably be more productive towards exposing her.

No. 580875

Did you guys go through ALL of her ask fm? How far down does it go? 2 years back?

No. 580876

you guys "proved" it months ago. we get it, she's not smol. we already know she lies about her measurements, height, weight etc just like every attention whore.

No. 580878

This thread is juicy, Britnay.


No. 580879

>what is perspective

No. 580880

WONDER who the whiteknights are tho, if they really "don't care" about height why defend it?

No. 580882

A., the photo has been taken from a lower perspective.
B., for 5'7 the head should be 8 3/8 inch, otherwise fucked up proportions.

No. 580884

If you’re accounting for a perspective difference, the picture is taken from a slightly upward angle which would make the upper area appear smaller than it is in reality. Making the height gap equate to an even larger proportion. Do you want to argue for that?

No. 580885

hell if I know, I'm not defending anything. I just find it annoying to see 20 posts of people arguing over something as retarded as height when there are bigger things to talk about regarding her.

No. 580889

>Brittany isn't even ugly lol come on, she may not be beautiful but she's ok looking.

We have different standards, I suppose. I'd describe June as okay looking/average. I'd describe Brittany as below average/ugly. I think June should have been called out by an obviously sm0l kawaii girl.(derailing)

No. 580891

If anon’s head is 9.4 inches and your calculations are accurate then that would make the height gap 5.6 inches roughly. I would not be surprised if anon is between 5’7” and 5’8” but chose to round down to make June appear that much smoller.

No. 580892

find one that her orbiters wouldn't find ugly/too good looking.
oh and let the girl be as much of a "celebrity" as wig or venti so wig's orbiters won't dogpile her.
good luck.

No. 580893

june needs to be called out by a guy and an attractive, popular one at that. getting called out by another woman will just fuel her jealousy and hatred of them, no matter what she looks like

No. 580895

> called out by a guy and an attractive, popular one at that
Otherwise her orbiters would just accuse you for basicly anything. (being an incel, having no taste, wanting to shag her, wanting to be more famous, wanna get higher in political shperes, etc)

No. 580896

I don't see why Brittany calling her out is a problem? June clearly fears/respects her and knows she has influence so it doesn't matter if she's ugly

Speaking of, has June said anything to Brit directly?

No. 580898

i think brittany said june blocked her and septic unfollowed her. that's it.

No. 580900

Then you DO IT, princess. Fuck these bitches saying no to free milk, I don't understand the motive for the bitching besides maybe June sperging wks again.

No. 580909

File: 1526176505075.jpg (424.34 KB, 978x1344, Screenshot_20180512-215343.jpg)


how dare women complain?!

Idk about the whole article but it's probably about caring more for your partner than your performance.

He also made a tweet about "ok so straight men come more but it's not our faaaault" what a fuckin dweeb.

No. 580912


No. 580913

you're both carrying the same shopping bag so i guess you're her friend? yikes

No. 580914

his parents weren't smart enough to raise such a MENSA genius

No. 580916

I'm the opposite, I think both are annoying but Venti is way better looking to me (her body looks good and she has real hair to boot)(derailing)

No. 580917

>I'm such a sex god!

No. 580918

I gotta admit, having June get called out by a legitimately attractive girl would have been glorious just to see her seething rage and jealously (and potentially losing her orbiters who'd jump her ship to someone prettier).

Venti is just doing the typical youtuber schtick of getting herself more involved with drama to gain views and subscribes. I bet she's profiting handsomely from this move, and she's got lolcow here full of information that's free for her to use.

I'm enjoying the milk, but Venti is a mouthy thot tittybug just like June.

No. 580921

Then go to her thread and stop derailing, twat.

No. 580922

Males are too retarded to do that. Maybe metokur would if he hates degeneracy more than he hates women.

No. 580923

Feel better, Starbucks? I'm not even the same anon lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 580924


The fuck?

No. 580928

Get it? Instead of saying "HI VENTI!"
Lmao, but seriously, it's not a big deal.

No. 580929

A friend, and someone said it was a unichanner, which means it's def either a creepy dude or a creepy tranny. they look tall and lanky like rapey j penis. Probably a tranny taller than 5'7 trying to seem smoller too, God knows June has dedicated her life to sucking them off

No. 580931

Oh. Not her, tho, lol. Just wanna drag June and Armoured Fupa in public for once.

No. 580932

No. 580934

It goes back further, iirc

No. 580938

>female wizchan

accurate tbh

No. 580939

File: 1526178094635.png (6.02 KB, 378x110, fBAEke2.png)

No. 580941


No. 580944

File: 1526178491839.gif (1.44 MB, 228x200, not sexual at all.gif)

No. 580947

A., if men cum more TIMES then women than they are really lazy since detumescence after orgasm thus leaving the woman unsetisfied.
B., if men cum more IN VOLUME then women than woopity fucking doo. Fluidgeneration is genetic and have nothing to do with orgasm.

Debunked his idiocity with reasoning without looking at the source he tweeted.
I really think he has some fucking mental disability now.

No. 580949

no one is talking about f..fluid volume you fucking freak

No. 580950

File: 1526178822496.jpg (107.43 KB, 428x480, penis.jpg)

No. 580951

>I really think he has some fucking mental disability now

yeah its called autism

No. 580952

wait what? june is the biggest desperate male-pandering hoe on the internet, she would fuck and beg for attention from anything with a weenie, she shouldn't be criticizing anyone for sexualizing themselves

No. 580953

File: 1526178947601.png (185.78 KB, 334x498, NlNAKuX.png)

nothing sexual here

No. 580954

"flavoured language"

Kinda like your doing… Right there..

No. 580955

File: 1526179021413.png (865.4 KB, 1200x692, 2Emz5Be.png)

so modest!

No. 580956

Very shy wallflower uwu

No. 580957

Speaking of which, did anyone ever come across the stream where she sucks his dick live? She literally admitted in one of her asks that it's somewhere, in one of his streams, iirc. AFAIK, you don't see anything, but that she or him referenced it and admit that it happens is so gross

No. 580958

agreed, junes face looks busted and her shitty makeup and hair makes her boring to look at after a while, I don't see anything wrong with brittneys face but farmers here think any girl that isn't a greek goddess or kpop star is ugly, hell sometimes they'll even criticize those

No. 580960

she got called out by PJW but only because she was stalking his facebook, and her reaction was to beg for his attention even more, she'll obsess over any guy that doesn't give her attention until he does

I wish PJW would call her out more, he was being a queen about it too

No. 580961

"straight men cum more than women (and other groups) therefore[…]"
neither said "times" so don't judge me for thinking about what the fuck would he thinking about.

No. 580964

this… only further proved she lied about it lmfao, and how do we not know you're lying about your height?

No. 580969

File: 1526179719731.png (233.5 KB, 655x639, nZ7GqFE.png)

it's funny how differently june and her mother react to similar articles.

No. 580971

I wonder what gregs thicc secret thinks about the article

No. 580983

Tinfoil, it’s June bringing up something stupid intentionally to keep people from discussing anything real

No. 580988

then start discussing the worst she's done because NOW is the time to. It's the golden opportunity that might not come around again for a long time.

No. 580991

Anyone happen to have any posts saved that have her using 4chan memes despite "Not going on the board for 10 years"?

No. 581010

File: 1526182166020.png (713.52 KB, 592x2156, y7Xx8Yg.png)

No. 581012

You're well prepared, thanks. If there's anymore floating around do post.

No. 581015

more like tfw you drove away any potential female companionship by being unable to treat other women like anything but your competition

No. 581017

File: 1526182442402.jpg (108.12 KB, 629x999, DdCGt8eVAAAhk1Y.jpg large.jpg)

>Beaty specialist

No. 581028

Any caps of the quote retweets for her fans to attack people she argues with that have no followers? I saw discussion about it in the last thread but only maybe one cap of it.

No. 581030

Why does she keep repeating this obvious lie

No. 581031

File: 1526184274844.png (527.13 KB, 1312x938, VXORKI1.png)

does anyone have that pic of june self posting on 4chan?
no memes but i come bearing june's typical lies

No. 581032

Lol just makeup shit, whatever happened to being a tomboy not like other girls with no female friends june

No. 581033

File: 1526184434992.png (21.41 KB, 634x268, D6aPlWu.png)

No. 581035

File: 1526184562222.png (83.64 KB, 684x660, kzmcuV4.png)

in the knick of time, anon.
also what nazis are posting pics of gmaster? was he even abusive?

No. 581036

File: 1526184574290.png (199.09 KB, 720x1376, quote tweet.png)

in example like this

No. 581037

he almost needs his own thread with that meltdown he had over getting rejected by Lauren Southern

No. 581039


It's in the last thread, anon.
But this is such a blatant lie it's hilarious. Her entire photobucket had 4chan/Femanon references.

No. 581040

It's ticklish how despite June telling everyone she used to work at a makeup counter, nobody ever asks her about makeup advice or if she'll do their makeup.
It's because her own makeup is shit. She took no applicable experience from that job, at all.

No. 581041

ALLEGEDLY abusive.
ALLEGEDLY her nudes.

This guy is fucking making me mad for real.
BTW she knew who she is fucking with.

No. 581045

>nazis are posting her nudes and pics of her abusive ex
Oh gosh, imagine being this brainwashed

No. 581048


Mildly entertaining old unichan saved tinychats. The username "Vagina" talks shit about her and proof of June and verye aka Ian being tight.

No. 581049

June was posting as eevee.

No. 581066

No. 581070

File: 1526188776496.jpg (45.78 KB, 641x296, 20180512_221503.jpg)

Now I'm almost certain that June pretends to be bi and sexually attracted to women just to pander to male fantasies. This is from an archived snapshot of one of June's old formspring accounts. I found the link on an old boxxysphere thread. She also has a deviantart page with the username s0upy just to verify.

No. 581073

It's a game to her.
June would never fuck a woman. She just has to tell herself she's bi so she looks cool to her orbiters and feel less cucked when Greg the Preg hits on other women in front of her face.
Sleazing is okay as long as I approve it, r-right? uwu

No. 581076

File: 1526189258014.png (66.84 KB, 663x641, ppwsyAR.png)

fast forward some years late and she's saying shit like "lesbian fantasies? yes please but only if my insecure dom daddy can join in the middle :3"

No. 581082

i'm glad someone poked holes in her sob story. he makes a good point. if a stranger is going to call her immediate family over internet drama, why would a social media post shut them up? why wouldn't you call the police? you know she would have included that if she actually did.
nothing adds up as usual with her

No. 581083

It’s obvious. She doesn’t even know how to interact with them like regular people because she literally only sees them as objects, hence the jogging catcall incident. She’s completely fucked in the head and will do absolutely anything for male attention, remember when she claimed that Preg and her allegedly watch porn together because she’s such a ~cool gf xD?~?

Her idea of being bi means thinking women are physically attractive. That really shows her lack of female interaction in the past years. You can think any person of any gender is aesthetically pleasing without being sexually attracted to them, Wig. Sucks that she has to learn this at 27.

No. 581084

He is on twitter right now reposting something Sargon wrote about being attacked by the alt-right and harassed, only suddenly he isn't whiteknighting anymore and he is making fun of Sargon and attacking him.

I don't get this guy. Sargon and Shoe associate with each other and defend each other and have the same circle & politics, and this guy spends all his time shitting on Sargon but when female-Sargon does and says the same thing, he starts white knighting and throwing her a pity party? someone explain to me who he is?

I don't think Sargon is a very smart or honest or kind man, but he is leagues above Shoe. He's actually tried to debate alt-righters and neonazis (albeit poorly) and actually challenges them when they go out of line. Shoe doesn't, and she dogwhistles to them… I'm confused.

No. 581085

So lesbians are fine with having sex with men and basically exist to please them? That’s something actual lesbians just fucking love hear! How dense is this bitch? June, you are straight as a ruler. Stop embarrassing yourself already.

No. 581086


Someone on twitter is doubting the pedo comments Shoe made. I can't post a cap of tweet sorry.

No. 581087

File: 1526190145432.png (111.51 KB, 719x814, 20180513_014056.png)


No. 581088

We need to start archiving everything. Caps aren't going to be enough for wks.

No. 581091

File: 1526191256639.png (1.07 MB, 1238x966, 1526191229321.png)

No. 581094

is he left wing now and still a mgtow or what? would make sense as to why he's stanning for her. i'm seeing more and more lefty incel nutjobs

No. 581099

File: 1526192155898.png (80.1 KB, 600x236, Southern.PNG)

the prevailing theory is that he swung left after Lauren Southern ignored his DMs

No. 581103

this legit sounds like a headline from the Onion.

No. 581106

To be fair, a sex-obsessed uggo with no redeeming qualities would probably have more luck scoring whilst spouting SJW platitudes than he would praising MGTOW.
All men who spitefully join anti-female groups eventually learn they can have a shot at pussy if they can pretend to be nice. Hence the WKing.

No. 581108

File: 1526193911076.jpg (7.07 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

>Lesbian fantasy
>Septic is in the middle

Thank fuck no lesbian would ever fall for June's bullshit.

No. 581115

Hillary, does June know you're posting photos of her in threads like this?

(Don't worry, I'm not gonna share anything about you.)

No. 581118

kek, maybe you should tell her. is hillary an awesome trans gal?

No. 581120

Her fans are doing hard work of sweeping her shit under the rug.

People are asking what's shoe0nhead drama about and they are like: "IT'S NOTHING NOPE, JUNE IS INNOCENT, ATTACKED BY A BUNCH OF NOBODIES"

I gotta give this one to Shoe; she managed to make an autistic "uwu cult" out of her fans even though she basically has no real opinions or personality.

Now they do her bidding while she pulls out her hair and inhales her fiancee's cheeto farts.

No. 581121

File: 1526195229720.jpg (83.34 KB, 720x960, 152617756292.jpg)

No boyfriends in high school guys

Virgin until Septic guys

No. 581123

Hillary's just a regular girl.

But like I said in my first post, I'm not gonna share anything about her. I'm here to lurk, not post. I'm just being an annoying moralfag that wants her to think about what she's doing.

No. 581125

so you have plenty of reason to lie. get out, wk. if you had any interest in actual moral behavior, you'd condemn june instead of being her watchdog.

No. 581126

In an old thread, an anon said that June gave blowjobs as experimentation in her teens but no PIV till 20s. Blowjobs still count as sex tho.

No. 581129


>June gave blowjobs as experimentation in her teens

woah, that's so shy and wallflower!

No. 581131

>i didnt get my first kiss until i was 22 see im just like you handholdless kissles virgins uwu please cum to my photos :3

No. 581135

File: 1526196220131.png (811.53 KB, 628x774, t1x0DYP.png)

what a tomboy gothic gurl
no girly makeup for this shy wallflower. nope not a normie at all.

No. 581136

File: 1526196225132.jpg (65.26 KB, 833x803, sfsf.JPG)

June liked all the positive comments on her videos so they appear on top lol

ego-soothing i see

No. 581137

File: 1526196459978.png (238.25 KB, 217x440, skepdick.png)

yank on that septic tank, uwu~

No. 581139

She's learning from ol' Onion boy. With the other Greg's loli/poly fetish and June's narc rage, these cows have more in common than not.

No. 581141

sage for dumb but do any of you guys have the drawing of bald june as feels guy it would be much appreciated

No. 581148

File: 1526197538391.png (1012.72 KB, 1628x726, shoelogic.png)

I'm so smol that I need to learn logic from pictwure book uwu :3

No. 581149

>kill all normies

what the fuck is that

No. 581153

File: 1526197961856.jpg (205.41 KB, 1280x769, tumblr_p64xnbHnZp1v4yu0bo1_128…)

Do you mean this one?
brittany is that you kek

No. 581154

I haven't read it, but from reviews and its blurb, it seems to be a sociology book about online culture wars and the alt-right.

No. 581156

probably because that other girl has a nicer body and cuter face

No. 581158

File: 1526198709427.png (199.81 KB, 1352x1116, 1521909034299.png)


there's also this one.

No. 581161

File: 1526198898272.png (227.93 KB, 1352x1116, 1524521488276.png)

which is not as bald as this one

No. 581163

the fucking tiny feet kill me everytiem

this and the shay one that's done in a similar style are the best pretty princess points i've ever seen, ever. shoe's threads have the best drawfags ever.

No. 581168

They really do i'm thankful we are blessed with great drawfags

No. 581170

Wait a minute… Does this mean that according to wig grocery is a woman?

No. 581184


Well… he does look like Rosie O'Donnell with a goatee

No. 581188

Please can we not to Rosie o Donnell, despite everything she done no one deserves to be compared to greg

No. 581198

This puts a whole new meaning behind that "I'm only emotionally attracted to guys" tweet. She literally has to lie and convince others she doesn't find any other man attractive besides her manwhale bf Preg. Probably because he's insecure as fuck and shoe wants that "perfect gf" image to her neckbeard fans because "uwu I only think about daddy's massive gut, i totally don't ever get physically attracted to other guys im ther perfect submissive uwu"

No. 581202

I wonder if Brittany really makes a content cop video on June (using materials from this thread), will June pretend it doesn't exist?
Or will she actually make a video defending herself?

My guess is she's gonna ignore the video and just sadpost on Twitter for pity points, so her fantards wage a war instead of her.

No. 581205

File: 1526207664631.jpg (80.94 KB, 810x489, IMG_20180513_122848.jpg)


this binch used deviantart to upload her selfies on it.

even shitty ms paint art would make more sense

why the hell did she use every webpage on the net as a dating site?

No. 581208

I think her fans will either say
>omg Brittany your so obsessed and totally just jelly of herrr
>who caares all these are things she said in the past! She's different now!

It's funny, a lot of shoe's formspring, old askfms and videos look and sound like it's coming from an immature teen. If that was the case all this wouldn't be as big as it actually is. She was in her fucking early 20s when she said all these things that conflict with her today. But, I'm sure her autistic fans think it's totally normal to think girls were icky at 20 to wanting to have poly bdsm threesomes by 25.

No. 581209


It will be. I'm doing research. Thanks for the threads.

No. 581210

Lol, they take their waifu crush seriously.

No. 581211

File: 1526208983703.jpg (70.38 KB, 945x805, basicjune.jpg)

nerdy gothic girl uwu

No. 581214


Didn't she mention recently she basically only played Mario on SNES and later Sims on the PC?

Here she has much more favorite games and her console of choice is Gamecube…

No. 581221

Ty anon I'm looking forward to what you write up.
Yeah, holy fuck she's such a liar.

No. 581226

I'm getting some serious felice fawn ~so goffik~ vibes here

No. 581241

File: 1526213732338.jpg (93.75 KB, 810x656, IMG_20180513_141501.jpg)

No. 581245

File: 1526214582267.jpg (14.22 KB, 800x149, _20180513_082539.JPG)

Called it. Her fans are so typical.

No. 581246

I don't understand why people use the jealousy card. No one is jealous of June. No one.

No. 581248

Except maybe her own fans? Because you have skin walkers like mayu who are friendly with her but, clearly just want to copy the "smol uwu" aesthetic she made for herself…which is ironically copied fake persona as well.

No. 581250

>saying something irrelevant

Crazy how people could ignore how toxic this is for someone who claims to be super nurd smol gurl who was boolied uwu

No. 581254

There’s an askfm (not sure) cap where in June tried to explain that she used to lie online about being a cool popular chick to impress her friends back then, but she’s really a goffic girl uwu she was just lying!!!!!

No. 581256

File: 1526216930189.jpg (93.69 KB, 800x654, IMG_20180513_090803.jpg)

No. 581259

what really russles my jimmys about j00n is how free from consequence all her actions are

Why can't she ever cop appropriate heat for the terrible things she's said?

No. 581265

that could just be because no one cares about her. i dunno where she is relevant outside her gooberbase.

No. 581267

File: 1526218967432.jpg (32.61 KB, 501x465, 5eyoLTN.jpg)

>''cannot see myself ever dating a woman''


No. 581274

Agreed. This is a niche part of the internet we're talking about, and most regular people can't be assed with the uneducated, anti-feminist nobody who says nothing of value.

No. 581286

she's dating a literal retard

No. 581289

Lol is this that matt guy

"we were just friends uwu but he liked me"

No. 581291

No, it was more of like, “I lied about blahblahblah to impress my friends” something like that.

No. 581313

File: 1526226200477.jpg (21.34 KB, 310x240, image.jpg)

I cry myself to sleep every night because my measurements aren't the perfect little measurements to lift up Greg's fupa and suck his cheesy penis. All I can do is sit here on lolcow and make fun of June when really I'm just so jealous of her. All I want is to have have Daddy septic humiliate me on Twitter and fuck other girls behind my back. Why? Why can't that be me.

No. 581315

we all want to suck an obese, dirt-poor douchebag's dick, who spends all of his cash on fucking star wars toys at 35, while he negs us and publicly searches for new snatch to humiliate us. so jealous!

No. 581318

this is what happens when you go from wog stacy thot to wanting to be a uwu shy quiet goff tomboy wallflower

underage folks always scream jealously when a slightly attractive girl gets called out
this was around the times when gamer girls were fawned over and all guys wanted a gamer gf, and whether june was genuine or not, any type of girl guys fawned over at the time she pretended to be that but she doesn't realize with her new uwu i was innocent she cant

No. 581320

File: 1526227558750.jpg (44.66 KB, 640x480, 1401862814238.jpg)

same anon I wish I was dating a fat ugly divorced man, still living with my parents at 27, had no education, skills or hobbies and spent my entire day pandering to neckbeards and ugly trannies! My life would be so much more fulfilled! Send buns plz uwu

No. 581328

File: 1526228385930.png (210.4 KB, 696x736, 1.png)

shoe is apparently deleting old shit. now is the time to save caps and sources girls, don't let her put this shit under the rug. inform her fans, they have the right to know that the person they've been watching is a liar, has fucked up views and has done terrible shit that she wants to hide

It's ironic coming from the person who will say shit like "the internet never forgets". it's too late for that shoe, we got plenty of dirt on you.

No. 581332

File: 1526229038877.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 302.74 KB, 897x1200, 4741449F-3B05-4CCE-A864-4A37D5…)

This is always the classic internet drama paradox. The more you argue against people bashing you, the more it makes them want to do it to get a reaction. You start kicking up latent trolls in the distance. But if you ignore it then the persistent critics will count that as an admission of guilt or a refusal to take responsibility.

Orbiters, whiteknights, stans, etc could argue against every point and there would still be a crowd who refuses to let go of their biases because it’s more interesting to have something to feel self-righteous about.

This thread is literally TERFs the Motion Picture. Make a damn thread to sperg about your feminist ideals and trans obsessions. Then I guarantee to you 100% if you take the politics out of the thread you’ll have no content left. Just the same rehashed stale milk about how you’re fairly fucking convinced June has fake tits and how she’s culturally appropriating animu.

Sorry, political disagreements are not milk. You are on the wrong website, friends.
Pic related is the absolute state of June threads. You are literally reposting the same caps thread after thread expecting your computer’s cd drive to spit out a medal for having the most objectively correct subjective perceptions. Congrats, you autists.

No. 581335

Yeah and the wayback machine never forgets. Shoe is wasting her time trying to curate and rewrite her shitty past, poor thing.

No. 581342

>This thread is literally TERFs the Motion Picture.
>Sorry, political disagreements are not milk. You are on the wrong website, friends.
That's funny because if you actually did read the fucking threads you'd learn that some of us don't even identify as feminists or care about shoe's political stance(it's kinda impossible to considering she changes all the time). You don't have to be a feminists to know she hates other women and wants to suck up to liberals for views.

Also, you must be new because lolcow is known to be full of radfems anyways, it has no relation to shoe.

No. 581344

Quit crying for June to peg you, faggot. This is some of the worst WKing I've seen so far. You've clearly not read any of the, like, 13 June threads, because literally no one has ever claimed she's "appropriating animu". Your waifu is a Stacy-tier bully masquerading as a shy girl uwu when she's literally just a cock-thirsty attention whore who has no real opinions, interests, or moral compass, that lies compulsively. Old caps are being posted for newfags, retard, not because there isn't an abundance of milk.

No. 581345

If you look at these threads and don't come to the conclusion that June is a cow then I don't know what to tell you. Stay triggered.

No. 581347

Have you even read the threads? The freshest milk we've seen in weeks was just posted by June herself just a few days ago. She deleted it, of course, but see we exist to cap that shit and make fun of her for it.

The day June stops capping and ridiculing people on Twitter/YouTube is the day these threads end. Get it?

No. 581350

hi june

No. 581358

KEK is this mayu? Looks like someone's feeling a little butt blasted, specifically about those who don't worship "girldick".

Fuck off, faggot. Go coddle your fas-faced queen somewhere else.

No. 581361

File: 1526230992882.gif (316.97 KB, 500x375, 1393874537930.gif)

whenever a poster brings up "you're all a bunch of terrffs!" it's pretty obvious it's either june or one of her butt hurt trans fans. it's fucking hilarious cause it shows how much of a hivemind they're
>everyone who hates her must just be a mean terf ;-; b-but all of you are the ones who hate on her because you just don't like her politics!
the irony is unreal

No. 581364

If you guys really have enough dirt to keep the thread alive without adding politics then make a TERF thread and leave that shit out of this.

No. 581369

hey brittany or margaret, if you're reading, she's still making fun rando women on the internet to this day. skip to 4:13, her fans can't use their lame ~this is years old~ excuse since this isn't even a year old :^)

No. 581371

again, it's clear you've never been here. there have been gender critical threads and radfem threads for a longass time.

No. 581372

Given that the whole concept of "terf" seems to be a way for trannies to cope with being disliked for any reason, it's very obviously a butthurt tranny/triggered tungl. I don't think they have any self awareness to understand that they're clocking themselves.

No. 581375

Fuck off to tumblr.

No. 581376

nobody here is doing that? and there's already a gender crit thread in ot where that shit goes and guess what? this thread is still active. everybody here just likes to laugh at her TERF sperging obsession. she literally rants about TERFs everyday, of course that's going to come up.

No. 581377

File: 1526231745094.jpg (247.16 KB, 451x800, bunny-carrot-rabbit-stand-Favi…)

gee anon it's almost like you can't handle people having different opinions. I don't like terf/radfem beliefs but, you don't see me complaining. I'm sorry the internet is to mean for you uwu here is a bun.

No. 581384

is this one of june's orbiters? there's a gendercrit thread on OT plus a fakeboi/fujoshi one in snow. yeah, the trans obsession can get stale after a while but that's just the tone of the site. you don't sound familiar with this place at all.
june's a political youtuber, as much as she shies away from the label. so people are going to bring up the fact that she's a spineless fence-sitter who switches her political opinions at a drop of the hat in order the please the majority. this includes the TERF shit, she was never this obsessed with transwomen in particular before. with the brittany drama the TERF shit is hardly being brought up anyway, well at least until her wks came along…

No. 581389

>weirdly dickpats trannies on the daily, bitches about "TERFS!!11" everyday and complains about how every woman is evil but her bc they don't give literal and figurative blowjobs to every guy or tranny alive
wow i wonder why

No. 581391

I just don't understand why they think it's ok to assume we don't like someone because of their "groundbreaking" politics but, then turn it around and label us as terfs/radfems. By their own logic, it shouldn't matter but, they can't help but project how offended they are that some of us gasp not share their dumblr stance on gender.

No. 581394


I like how you completely ignored the shitshow that is Preggory and their relationship.

also why wouldn't politics count as milk? who are you to determine what people should find amusing?

No. 581402

If you actually had read the threads, you'd know most people here don't identify as feminists.
>if you take the politics out of the thread you’ll have no content left
She literally calls herself a socio-political commentator though? What else do you expect us to talk about?
>culturally appropriating animu.
Literally when

If you don't find her interesting or milky, why are you here?

No. 581406

its funny how she can be besties with lauren (she's a TERF by tunglr standards and DEF 'transphobic') because it's convenient and helpful for june's career to be besties with famous conservatives, but it's totally not contradictory for her to sperg out about radfems and strawman them with the insult that they're "traditionalist conservatives" (literally EXACTLY like lauren, then? why aren't you crying about lauren being a TERFIE, june?? or cry about her 'transphobia'??). wks, ask yourself why lauren doesn't get attacked for being a TERF or a transphobic conservative, but women with terminal brain cancer do

No. 581407

who got the old caps of junes ask fm before she deleted them?

No. 581414

File: 1526233237460.png (300.72 KB, 1317x1009, 5SxCLCq.png)

Hell, if ArmouredDoughboy was a feminist-identified woman, he'd be getting an earful from June about how much of a crazy TERF bitch he was for these tweets. But of course, he's a man who she approves of, so he gets a pass. He's never apologized for his transtrender views either.
There's caps of deleted tweets and asks littered all throughout her 13 threads here. You're going to have to be more specific.

No. 581417

any other recents?

No. 581419

She deleted old ask fms so I am asking if there were any significant ones that she had deleted that were not posted yet?

No. 581424

idk, I'm pretty jealous that she can make a decent living off of poorly-researched 2007-era vlogs made with a 1998 webcam. With the rate at which she makes videos and the little effort she puts into them, she practically gets paid for breathing.

No. 581444

File: 1526234762082.png (965.5 KB, 1496x993, GCUg6UE[1].png)

No. 581445

File: 1526234817789.jpg (61.43 KB, 1325x698, Capture.JPG)

What I don't get about her whitknights who come here is that their princess shittalks and bullies people with different political perspectives on the DAILY.

Her whole career is built around "laughing at lolcows xD". She gets $2000 per low quality "bideo" where she just filming herself shitting on someone while acting oh so quirky and funny.

Example in her most recent video. She gets some cosmo article that wasn't even written in serious manner, highlights name of the author and is like "OMG it's Hannah Smothers again!!".

She could've only criticized that article but she coulnd't help it but also shit on woman who wrote it (again it's not even a serious article, but June pretends it is). She often does this, mentioning names and linking her fanboys to attack the "lolcows" because they are oh sooo cringy.

But same goes with her, for us - she's a lolcow. She has so many hypocritical moments, so many times caught in lies, blatant pandering, acting like she is "not like the others", fence-sitting etc

If she built her entire career on attacking people over such issues, then why can't we call her out too?

What makes her so better than the others- when she's a hypocritical, lying cunt?

No. 581450

Exactly, why is it okay when she does it but not when we do it to her? Why do her fans never see the hypocrisy?? And yet they still think she's a smol uwu cute innocent girl.

No. 581452

>even if she bullied, it does not justify this reaction including threats against friends and family
who the fuck? the only person who tried contacting her family was one of her sjw fans. These people are so fucking dense and out of the loop it's insane. I think they just to remain blissfully ignorant because their entire world will fall apart if they came to the realization they've been worshiping a pathological liar. The fucking evidence is literally right in front of their faces.

also >imagine being this obsessed about a situation that literally does not involve you
that's shoe's twitter in a nutshell. She will jump into convo on twitter that have no relation to her because "LOLOLOL TERRFFFFSSS!1!1!!!1!" jc

No. 581465

Not saying this because of the content of those tweets (or the first one anyways) because I actually am a terven, but Skeptic seems to be genuinely retarded. I can't believe how fucking dumb he is. These two are a downgrade from Onion and Plainey, it's so tragic.

No. 581470

File: 1526236282635.png (263.2 KB, 645x479, G3szy2T.png)

exactly. it's really ironic that she's made a career out of mocking sensitive sjw feminists when she's too sensitive to be called out herself. people are simply criticizing her and she's calling it a mass bullying campaign and abuse. if a feminist acted like this, june and her fans would mock the shit out of them? how do we know this? because she mocks those types of people everyday on twitter and once a month on youtube. if anything, the women she's mocked go through much worse.

no one contacted her family. a fan emailed her. some sjws questioned her about a very public friendship (that she purposely made public) with a cringey conservative when she's trying to pander to liberals. so fucking what?

No. 581498

Is it me or is the handwriting the same there?
KNowing june wouldnt surprised me if she wrote all of that herself

No. 581501

She could easily be 5'4 and the other girl is shorter than her. 5'4-5'5 is average for adult women so I don't see what's unreasonable about her finding a slightly shorter girl.

No. 581512


No. 581519

File: 1526239507467.jpg (598.4 KB, 1703x792, lol.jpg)

ty you ED anons.

No. 581547

So she was hanging out with 15 year olds when she was twenty? I knew a few people like that when I was a teen and they really creeped me out. Figures that she wasn't emotionally mature enough to hang out with adults.

No. 581552

Who knows? She changes the story about her past every time.
Though I can imagine her hanging out with high schoolers in her 20's, she's stunted and constantly wants to pretend she's still in high school.

No. 581554

File: 1526241866808.png (150.06 KB, 1877x921, juneharrassingvet.png)

From Kiwi Farms. I vaguely remember the loony guy, but not much else. Anyone have any more info?

No. 581557

>None of the people who you'd think would remember this happening remember it happening

June's fans always conveniently forget that she bullies people for attention.


No. 581559

I remember reading something about someone thinking preg and shoe catfish or something. I've forgotten where/whens of it all though. Had no clue about the whole bully a ptsd vet, that's fucked up but, typical shoe to jump on any opportunity to be the "not like the other girls" edge queen. It's so ironic she goes from this to now having a defense squad of dumblrs reeing about how she's being "bullied online :c".

I's honestly really sad she's gotten people so tricked, she's no better than crazy feminist who capitalize on being the victim by lying through their teeth.

No. 581561

File: 1526242519114.png (325.82 KB, 630x1002, exhibit_a.png)

I don't have any caps of shoe doing anything, but there is evidence of it happening on twitter. We probably have some receipts in some past threads from around October of last year.

No. 581566

File: 1526242793720.png (277.97 KB, 490x694, check.png)

i have some circumstantial evidence. it appears to check out. hehesillycomics sent june a birthday invite way back in april. in october, someone commented on that birthday invitation "the times they are a-changin'", presumably in reference to the tiff these two had.

i will try to keep digging, but tbqh, this seems enough proof for me. we all know what kind of shithead she is, and that that comment was posted in october, not august, not june, etc, is a pretty good clue it happened.

No. 581570

Do you guys think that if a big number of people started making fun of her and Pregory's relationship, she would break up with him, just how she stopped being friends with Lauren and how she left her ex-bf?

No. 581571

no, maybe if this all happened earlier in their relationship but, she's far to into "muh 24/7 bdsm" shit. I honestly think Preg would break it off first before she'd ever consider it.

No. 581572

File: 1526243345563.png (68.39 KB, 590x587, ahah.PNG)

FOUND IT! caps incoming!

No. 581573

Ugh, Jesus Christ, how many gifs are there of her doing that fake bj thing. Fucking gross.

No. 581575

File: 1526243413068.png (27.83 KB, 596x303, harharstrips.PNG)

No. 581579

godspeed anon, i'd suggest posting the sources as well so shoe's retarded fans can't act oblivious

No. 581584

File: 1526243649669.png (56.16 KB, 615x442, how can you not tell hes ill.P…)

No. 581585

File: 1526243712819.png (28.72 KB, 599x305, horrible.PNG)

well they're still on twitter. she baleeted her ones to hehesillycomics, but left the ones to this other guy who was defended hehe and the mentally ill guy, whose account reposts hehesillycomics' stuff

No. 581587

>shoe is retarded when is comes to noticing when somebody is disabled.
well yeah look at her fiance.

No. 581588

She "stopped", huh? Even if she really did, she always makes fun of people before ever confirming or researching anything. How brain-damaged do you have to be to see mentally ill people as stupid SJWs? She needs to step away from the internet for once.

No. 581589

>Shoe is just a lil' dumby-dumb hehe she didn't really understand

I hate when her white knights do this shit. It strips her from responsibility and they are playing right into her game considering she loves to act ~uwu i'm so airheaded :3~

No. 581591

How will her fans defend this? "she just thought he was stoopid! Therefore it was ok for her to bully him!"

Also, again, normally this shit wouldn't be a big deal but, she deciding she want to play the smol uwu victim then it becomes a problem
fucking lol

No. 581593

File: 1526244219582.png (55.95 KB, 590x497, oh ok that makes it all better…)


if someone is making insane claims about you being some woman named sue trying to scam him, and saying that you have kids in puerto rico, and that you've been kidnapped by your obese bf, you can already fucking tell they're ill. this bitch is so disgusting. and notice the extreme change in her posturing.

here she's the hardened, callous chan queen that refuses to apologize of feel any shame for her actions, that isn't bothered by someone vulnerable or people defending their vulnerability, but when someone with clout comes along, she shits her panties and claims she's "sooOo shy uwu ;-; im just sadposting because im a little sad girl save me"

No. 581594

File: 1526244224718.jpg (125.4 KB, 720x825, 20180513_133859.jpg)

>this includes the TERF shit, she was never this obsessed with transwomen in particular before.
She hardly even pandered to the tumblr gender LBGTQAOMGWTF+ shit at all until recently. Archived shot from her ask.fm:
>there is just xx and xy
June is a TERFs!!1!!11!1

No. 581598

File: 1526244345106.png (92.04 KB, 1263x697, bailey.png)

No. 581599

>never made a vid about the guy, just tweets
and when someone confronts her on tweeting she goes "I don't directly @ them tho" when she does, she just keeps pushing blame until she'll maybe "apologies" but then repeats the same formula with other people.

But, yeah no poor wittle shoe uwu everyone is so unfair to her she had to go on a twitter "break" she couldn't handle it. Imagine what this mentally ill guy had to go through because she decides it's ok to fuck with him.

No. 581600

But anon she "changed" and is "learning"!! See how open-minded and liberal she is???

No. 581602

She's the epitome of 'It didn't happen to me, so it couldn't have happened to anyone!' She's so self-important to tell women what they don't need based on her life experience. Who the fuck does she think she is? I've never truly hated her until right now, narcissist bitch.

No. 581608

File: 1526244820869.jpg (49.63 KB, 554x357, Capture.JPG)


But anons, she has been dunking on TERFS for 2 years

No. 581609

File: 1526244901589.png (448.76 KB, 581x1324, wig.png)

No. 581610

File: 1526244952440.png (29.72 KB, 601x267, unbelievable.PNG)

literally everything about him sounds unhinged, even without knowing he was a homeless schizo living out of his car. why would you use this phrasing and then stand VERY FIRM in not apologizing? she absolutely refused to apologize. harharstrips kept telling her to, apparently, but her and her fanboys seemed to keep chanting that there's no reason for her to apologize.

No. 581612

>since I was 14
>ive had this since I was 11
she even goes back and forth between what ages she started wearing wigs? Why does she like lying about such unnecessary things?

No. 581614

>he only just thought i was going to kill him teehee uwu no big deal

No. 581617

>35 year old woman

Yeah what a dinosaur. Good thing June will never be 35.

No. 581621

>you absolute spoon
how rand0m xD

And that post was only made 4 months ago, woof. Reminds me of kiki.

No. 581624

Could be that she's had trich since she was 11 but it wasn't severe enough that she didn't
need to start wearing wigs until she was 14?

No. 581625

what's the backstory here?

No. 581629

I think she didn't want to admit it was a problem until 14. She said other girls would make fun of her for having bald spots in middle school and she'd try to hide it by wearing bandanas.

No. 581630

some guy made a video that june was actually some other woman named sue who had been kidnapped by groceries and forced into playing june and that she actually had kids in puerto rico, that groceries was forcing her to catfish people online. obviously, you'd watch that or just hear this story and be like "this guy is clearly not well", but not june! june went on to engage his delusions in order to mock him/bully him to her fanbase. he freaks out, because he's a homeless schizo veteran and is terrified, some artist calls her out for it being unacceptable, she spergs on the artist for not finding it HILARIOUS, and she refuses to apologize bc "im a comedian is jus jokes u sjws!". cute. so sweet, and exactly what an uwu would do.

No. 581635

To be fair, she’s dealt with the likes of Nexx first hand (also known as Hanz from /x/)
Sometimes it’s hard to tell when someone’s trolling.

No. 581640

would you say the reason in this example that shoe is at fault for this, but not metokur (Someone that goes after lolcows no matter their mental disability) is because of the pretencious uwu shit? Or do you think both are bad then for making fun of lolcows with mental issues?

No. 581643

File: 1526247350932.png (67.24 KB, 609x475, loljustaprankbro.png)

No. 581646

I think June's more upset that he said she looked like a Puerto Rican mom. Lmao.

No. 581648

most conspiracy theorists are unwell to some degree. better to just critique their ideas than straight up mock them to your fanbase and play along with obvious delusions to an audience of 250k, or, at the very least, do some preliminary research on them before you go off on them, just in the event that directing 250k people, most of which are adolescent dudes that love mocking people, might negatively affect them. she's not 19. she has been warned over the years about this exact thing. and there's no harm in apologizing. she wouldn't have lost a limb in apologizing. come on.

i think both are bad, but one is worse than the other (june's), and at least metokur is consistent. she's nothing but an opportunist that refuses to take responsibility for her actions, no matter how they affect others, but wants to pretend she's a sensitive shy girl. she needs to pick a side. and i think there's a big difference between demonstrable mental illnesses that are completely delusional, on top of being homeless, and the privileged, attention thirsty cluster bs that make up most lolcows. personality disorders aren't great, but most people with shit like borderline or npd are better planted on the ground than homeless schizo vets.

No. 581649

Only sweet bunbun girls tease obviously mentally ill people and dont apologize for it <uwu>

No. 581650

File: 1526247617351.jpg (129.02 KB, 764x1062, may 1st.jpg)


She talked about this on her Discord on May 1st 2018

No. 581652

God she has no sympathy she's talking about this like she talks about some landwhale photobombing her

No. 581653

delicious. so there's no way her fanbois can cry "it was a million years ago!"
she spoke about it literally days ago then, and obviously feels no remorse for her actions, seeing as how she's calling a schizophrenic man who lives in a van a "shitzo"

that is exceptionally callous.

No. 581655

ooh anon do you have more caps from her discord?

No. 581656

I want to see the videos are they archived somewhere?

No. 581658

This foreshadow is too perfect. Bitch just keeps digging her own grave. Thanks for the caps, anon.

No. 581659

File: 1526248048001.jpg (31.22 KB, 643x179, move.jpg)

Here is a juicy one.

No. 581662


No. 581663

Personally only dislike shoe for it because she likes to play victim way too many times to be allowed to get away with making fun of someone with a disability. I can't recall Metokur ever playing pity party bs, if he ever does he'd totally be warranted the same amount of shit has shoe is getting now. But he doesn't cause he's not an emotional retard like wig.

No. 581664

it's been 4 months and she shows no signs of doing either of those things

No. 581666

Why would she stay in another place? Does he hate having her around that much?? Wtf??

No. 581667

File: 1526248310388.jpg (190.37 KB, 776x1058, sad wig.jpg)

No. 581668

File: 1526248408996.jpg (Spoiler Image, 505.89 KB, 1334x2000, lmfao.jpg)

what a modest (s)mallgoth trad-waifu!

No, srsly, is this is her "goth" phase? Bitch, what the fuck.

No. 581671

Someone should tell Wig she doesn't have to put everything on the internet to begin with, if she can handle the lack of attention…

No. 581672

That looks so fucking hipster chic she is so dumb she literally thinks being goth means "how black can ya get?"

No. 581673

Literally only feels sorry for herself wow.

No. 581674

>I can't see my fiance because I'm sad
Bitch why?? If I'm upset I want to run to my fiance. Pretty weird that she feels like she has to cancel seeing him because she's upset.

No. 581675

File: 1526248580251.jpg (23.19 KB, 374x252, 9267984_orig.jpg)

No anon, THIS was her goth phase.

No. 581676

File: 1526248641180.jpg (28.33 KB, 403x290, 2386597.jpg)

No. 581677

Nope just basic 2000's alt chick

No. 581678

I don't get it either, it's so melodramatic.
Like it would be one thing if she were driving herself alone, but all she has to do is plop her ass on the train seat. What does she need to "concentrate" about? Such drama.

No. 581679

Yeah thats really fucked up. It sounds like preg doesn't want to have any part in helping her through "tough times".

No. 581680

Why the fuck was she hanging out with 9 year olds

No. 581681

Yeah thats really fucked up. It sounds like preg doesn't want to have any part in helping her through "tough times".

No. 581684

kek are those 3D glasses with the lenses popped out?

No. 581687

File: 1526248969457.jpg (160.33 KB, 826x1548, admin confirmation.jpg)


June confirmed as (former) mod of lolcow.farm

(I don't why she keeps telling everyone that the site was made in 2012, it was actually created in 2014)

No. 581688

Oh boo hoo, you had to online break up with someone you're not even really friends with to try and look less like a shitty person because of guilt by association. I'm fucking crying for you.

Probably because Greg doesn't know how to or have any desire to help her or comfort her when she's sad. He's a selfish manchild and would probably be irritated she would bring her problems to him. He's the kind of guy that would see you cry and be like 'you probably want to be alone' and walk away until it's over.

No. 581689

File: 1526249085031.jpg (49.91 KB, 750x750, goff.jpg)


What I mean was that's what she considered her goth phase, not >>581668 which was just a random "photoshoot" she did, a few years ago she would occasionally dress up for photos.

No. 581690

yeah, it's not like she's almost 30 or anything.

No. 581691

Hooooooly fuck, I am wet. Someone tweet it to Brittany. The best, most delicious piece of the puzzle is confirmed.

No. 581692

if they ever do get married and move in i bet septic would make her sleep on a separate bed

No. 581696

File: 1526249621192.jpg (33.9 KB, 728x457, bdsm.JPG)


BONUS: Her discord buddies getting butthurt over farmers shitting on June's "BDSM lifestyle"

No. 581698

>but people i thought were cool and tha i liked are being assholes about it. and it kind of hurts. i didn't expect ian miles chehong to sub tweet me.
but june, you do that to people all the time? just upthread there was a stream made by her ex-gamergate friends and they all had bad experiences with her. one said she had an air of superiority, like she knew she was better than everyone.
she treats people like shit and makes fun of people for a living. why does she expect to be treated better than she treats others? it boggles the mind

No. 581699

>it is a declaration that you want to be abused

h e a l t h y

No. 581700

Isn't 2012 referencing Staminarose, or am I confusing the timeline?

But haha, peep June trying to act like she doesn't know about this place and purposefully getting the name wrong. Lying bitch.

No. 581701

I couldn't care less whether BDSM is healthy or unhealthy, it's just hilarious how June talks as if it makes her superior to the ~vanilla normies~ and shoves it in everyone's faces.

No. 581702

Brittany, I hope you're reading this girl.

No. 581703

>lol farm?

Lmao of course she would not dare type out the actual website name or url

No. 581704

Oh Concrete Autism really cleared the whole bdsm thing up for me, turns out I just didn't understand it. I really regret being disgusted that June was just declaring that she wants to be abused.

No. 581705

LMAO ikr? This bitch was trying to figure out who was shittalking her by fucking IP ADDRESS and here she is "idk I've not been there since 2012 uhh something about cosplay BTW I've never had a blackhead!!" , bitch please, you use exclusively our terms to talk about onion. She visits here weekly, at least.

No. 581706

and acting like ian still runs the site.

No. 581710

File: 1526250214619.jpg (17.5 KB, 740x110, uwu.JPG)


No. 581711

don't forget she would make others delete threads about her. but she hasn't been here since 2012!!! despite the fact that she admits to reading her threads her first one was made in 2017.

No. 581714

There were actually earlier threads being made just at the beginning in 2014, but they got "mysteriously" deleted

No. 581715

>the literal point of bdsm is to be abused
This pisses me off so much, lmao. No, it's not, dumbfuck.

No. 581716

uwu such a cute loli

No. 581718

The girl in the black shirt looks like her sister

No. 581719

Look at her purposely act oblivious to her fans. What a fucking bitch. She can't even be honest to these people who want to suck her dick 24/7. This is insane.

No. 581722

File: 1526250697969.jpg (63.15 KB, 944x1066, gKxh4En.jpg)

she can't hide behing the 360p 2006 webcame irl. why is she lying, she looks like every girl her age without the blur
but she wasn't here in 2014, silly anon!!

No. 581725

File: 1526250798714.gif (1.45 MB, 275x275, 1514701914169.gif)

same anon, meant webcam ofc

No. 581729

That's creepy why would they even ask that has gerg dated teen girls before?

No. 581730

File: 1526250913023.jpg (22.42 KB, 500x423, e2d45f8e1042f6e2e12e4be17baf32…)

No. 581731

the only reason anyone thinks she is a teenager is because she looks like a hot mess

No. 581734

File: 1526251387984.gif (499.43 KB, 500x269, 1417562655063.gif)

shoe fucking screwed herself royally by confirming the mod story. She should be moved to /pt/ for this.

No. 581736


On dang, I thou ghost t it was Greg with boobs

No. 581737


Lauren acting all mature about this retarded drama that Wig started only makes Wig look even more pathetic.

>when people find my moms address and tell her that I hangout with "neo nazis" it starts to get scary though

Yeah, but not as scary as being one of the teenagers that you sent your vile fanbase to harass.

>and now people are taking advantage of the open wound

Oh no! people are being mean to Wig online uwu
Only Wig is allowed to bully people ;_;

No. 581739

>Yeah, but not as scary as being one of the teenagers that you sent your vile fanbase to harass.
or the old women who barely know how to use the internet
or the terfs with brain cancer
or the paranoid schizos
or, or, or

No. 581740

File: 1526251651763.jpg (274.11 KB, 954x1316, septic.jpg)

Random bits of June talking about Pregory

No. 581742

If this really happened, I wonder if she realizes it's kind of a natural result of dressing exclusively in clothes from the YesStyle clearance section, wearing your hair (not that it's really "hers") like it's 2008, and doing your eye makeup like an Avril Lavigne wannabe. It doesn't necessarily mean she's aging well, kek.

I'm not sure if she deliberately tries to pass as a teen for the sake of attracting a young audience (and in hopes of keeping her quasi-pedophilic bf Pregory interested), or if her taste in makeup/clothing is just another marker of her arrested development.

No. 581743

thank you for all the discord posts. please keep sharing whatever you got.

No. 581744

I… I don't even know where to start with this. Thank you discord anon, keep up the good work.

No. 581747

Holy shit he's so embarrassing. Why is she flaunting this? He's seriously gross. He's actually worse than Onion.

No. 581749

>skeptic has nice feet
i'm actually gonna barf. move this thot to /pt/, mods. she deserves it more than tuna ever did.

one downside to that though is that it might kill some of the thread traffic.

No. 581750

June's dumb enough to think that's flattery. I'm sure they thought she was a teen because of her dress choices and immature demeanor, not her looks. It's actually embarrassing.

No. 581751

>im gunna get skeptic a woman's tears mug
She's such a fucking cuck, holy shit. Tragic.
>people tell us to breed all the time
1. #doubt
2. Fucking gross.

No. 581752

I was thinking, this is a fine troll, despite the holes in it … but it is largely true. this thread barely started before the terf derailing happened. if you took all that shit and the political infighting (which often seems to be orbiters successfully baiting) we'd be up to maybe thread 5.
And yeah, there isn't much milk. it's mostly just omg she's such a fake bitch and look at her retarded fat boyfriend.

No. 581753

I agree with you anon. June is a huge cow with a lot of milk.

No. 581754

thanks anon moar if you got

No. 581755

File: 1526252318473.jpg (67.39 KB, 500x750, 1480588256801.jpg)

>you know what almost (kek sure) turned me into a furry?
>Greg showed me hentai
>he got defensive when I brought up bestiality

Yessss please keep them coming

No. 581756

File: 1526252330299.jpg (77.3 KB, 756x636, boopy.jpg)

June addresses BoopyJuneVlogs channel, the one with her old vlogs.

No. 581758

File: 1526252387115.gif (850.35 KB, 500x281, 1eXc.gif)

>greg got so defensive when i said bestiality is legal in canada
>skeptic showed me hentai
>that minx on animanics

I love you, discord anon omfg. please, more

No. 581764

hahaha so someone else has her old vids archived meaning she can never take down the ones that proves she use to be a popular bully type. That's great.

No. 581765

File: 1526252623876.jpeg (6.36 KB, 276x183, images.jpeg)

mmm anon thank you

No. 581766

File: 1526252652209.jpg (23 KB, 455x219, wig.jpg)

Mystery solved

No. 581768

anon chan ur making me sperg

No. 581769

>gregory showed me hentai
they are a parody of themselves at this point hoooly fucking shit

No. 581770

The other mystery of why he wants her to live in another house is solved… he's sick of seeing her without a wig (I kid but still funny)

No. 581772

File: 1526252920372.png (372.57 KB, 1000x666, 1475405733579.png)

i'm dying

No. 581773


>people think im a teenager irl constantly

People probably just think that you have the mental age of a teenager and are surprised to see someone your age acting so immature.

Anyway, what is Wig smoking? She clearly looks her age. Is she so scared of turning 30 and being too old for her incel fanbase that she's deluding herself into thinking that she totally looks like a cute teenage girl forever x3?

No. 581774

I wish someone would ask her about claiming to be a shy uwu goffik wallflower who could only befriend guys, but actually being a loud, popular thot in HS with tons of girl friends who bullied the actual shy/wallflower girls for validation.

No. 581775

>it's mostly just omg she's such a fake bitch and look at her retarded fat boyfriend.
is that too much different from the other threads here though?

No. 581777

>lesbian friend kissing greg
so june gets to call herself bisexual because she's down for cucky threesomes but this theoretical woman is still a lesbian with an exception and not bi? i see how it is. every sexuality is real and valid except for women who have no interest in men eh.

it's definitely just the clothes and behavior. plenty of women june's age and older are petite and have relatively young looking faces so people rely on context clues to guess people's age, they're not autistically scanning for microwrinkles or something. blog but i'm younger than june and have a bigger age gap with my bf than them but people just assume we're around the same age because we dress and act like we are. people generally assume the most normal scenario (in this case, that june isn't a literal teenager) unless there's something seriously out of the ordinary, and just aging well or being petite isn't seriously out of the ordinary.

No. 581778

File: 1526253462219.jpg (48.77 KB, 725x227, random.jpg)

some random bits

No. 581779

no, but it isn't even true. we just fucking confirmed that she was a former mod of LC because she's so psychotically narcissistic, for fuck's sake. and she does lulzy, embarrassing shit all of the time. we don't have caps for the like, 3 years we didn't have active threads on her and she deletes EVERYTHING, so we're limited, but there's still plenty of milk.

No. 581780

File: 1526253565390.jpg (12.81 KB, 470x462, 1517907941138.jpg)

Wouldn't it be a shame if she got exposed right before she reaches 1 million subscribers and starts losing subs?

No. 581782

File: 1526253610540.jpg (39.58 KB, 750x744, C4xz8uUVMAAlcVB.jpg)

>mras are usually very nice

No. 581783

does she share any bdsm cringe on there? Also, again ty for posting these.
I think we still need more milk for that to happen. Britt's vid will help expose her more that's for sure.

No. 581784

Btw that declaration of “consent” to be abused isn’t acknowledged or given much credit in the court system. Like nobody in the bdsm community ever talks about this, and it’s COMMON. Even if you have written consent, that shit doesn’t hold up in court.

No. 581789

>does she share any bdsm cringe on there?

I searched few keywords such as "bdsm" , "sub", "dom" but there isn't much there. She criticizes 50 shades of Grey (same arguments used in their videos) and mentions Preg and her don't use whips in their bdsm plays.

No. 581790


paedophiles want more than anything to be accepted by society so theyre usually very nice

Wig logic 101

No. 581791

File: 1526254169967.jpg (24.41 KB, 778x268, wew.JPG)

No. 581793

thanks for checking. have you tried ddlg terms at all?
does this at all line up when we started judging that askfm post? Because I bet shoe goes through these threads religiously and tries to disapprove everything we bring up on her "lol I tots cringe at something a said like a year ago"

No. 581797

File: 1526254545878.jpg (66.78 KB, 741x543, boxxy.jpg)

bitch please….

No. 581798

more like she's never connected with another woman period because she hates them and only cares about pandering to internet men

No. 581800

Oh god

No. 581801

>thanks for checking. have you tried ddlg terms at all?

"DDLG" bears no results, "daddy" and "little" only bring up irrelevant stuff

No. 581802

File: 1526254726075.png (133.83 KB, 274x296, 7zyUjhp.png)

her makeup wasn't like boxxy at that age, it was the same makeup every other scene tween had in the 2000s. it wasn't until boxxy that she started wearing winged eyeliner
>i literally didn't know who she was
yeah that's why you apart of a boxxy imageboard and made videos copying her. sure

No. 581803

Seconded, i really want some deelish DDLG cringe

No. 581805

File: 1526254804385.jpg (38.13 KB, 479x307, image.jpg)

No wonder Groceries can't stand her for more than 2 weeks, does the bitch ever shut up?
What man wants a woman that constantly talks about him in public and mentions his embarrassing shit? Like maybe he's the "Daddy" in their weird dynamic but it's pretty clear who does all the babying.

I wonder if he ever has to tell her to shut the fuck up and she thinks "tee hee Daddy is bein all dominate~ that's sooooo hot he must be in the mood~ owo" and really he just wants some fucking piece and quiet while he messages his thicc secret.

No. 581806

>i was boxxy before boxxy decided to boxxy

No. 581807

someone bait her into spilling the ddlg beans

No. 581808

>i never tried to be boxxy

No. 581810

She seems to never mention ddlg by its name but always hints at it everywhere. Try words like stuffies, smol, buns, and that sort of thing?

No. 581812

>muh skin

No. 581814

ok. well you're doing a good job finding milk anon. keep it up.
i'm honestly surprised she hasn't on her discord considering what she's willing to put on twitter

No. 581815

Her kiki-chan character was a boxxy knock off and heavily inspired by scarf girl

No. 581816

Do it, anon.

No. 581817

did she type anything recently about the drama?

No. 581820

That being said, she literally made a caricature of someone she bullied after she said she apologized and wouldn't do it again she is fucking filthy

No. 581821

anything on preg's ex marriage and past in general? Are you the same discord anon from earlier threads?

No. 581824

Ooh guys there's an old boxxy tiny chat vid where june chews some guy a new asshole for saying not to mention the boxxy drama because it would make catie uncomfortable and june just chimps out

No. 581825

File: 1526255333648.png (36.47 KB, 251x483, 1ECJiYm.png)

nta but at least in these threads, june hasn't mentioned his exwife on twitter so i doubt she would on discord. greg on the other hand has tweeted about her a lot. it makes me wonder what's on his discord.

discord anon, do you have access to special ed greg's discord?

No. 581829

there was a discord anon who post caps of shoe saying how "awful his ex wife was for having an issue with him spending all their money on star wars toys". the nerve of her.

No. 581836

File: 1526255955533.jpg (121.11 KB, 744x1100, past.jpg)

Again, no relevant results. Seeing what she's willing to spill out, it's kind of weird to me that she didn't have a DDLG discussion yet. She didn't really discuss her BDSM dynamic either

Oooh anon, I found something interesting. So, someone posted that wiki article that talks about Greg's past ( https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Armoured_Skeptic ) and June claims it's a fanfiction and that it's all wrong.

BUT Greg made a video before that article was written, where he talks about that stuff HIMSELF ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWuWRsayzCY )

What he talks about in the video is the same shit written in the wiki.

She makes fun of him not spending time with his ex-wife being the reason for divorce.

So did Preggy lie to June about his past?

No. 581840

File: 1526256062497.png (56.06 KB, 631x497, QRWhe8o.png)

is skinwalker mayu on her discord? asking for a frienc

No. 581845

Oh I know, try searching for vanilla normies if you haven't already.

>So did Preggy lie to June about his past?

He probably did, considering all the other nonsense he feeds her. Either that or he'll try to say that story is the backstory for the Armoured Skeptic character, not himself?

No. 581847

goddamn she can't even be bothered to research her own fiance?
then again she won't even research info for her vids, which she considers her fulltime job

No. 581849

File: 1526256444984.jpg (46.19 KB, 453x695, 1403138514984.jpg)

ohhh anon thank you for searching. shit this milk is great. Preg def lied to her considering she honestly believes his stories about being "popular with girls" in is high school and shit.

The real state of their relationship is being exposed, they aren't close at all. Who would have guessed!?

No. 581850

Samefag but, June also goes on and on about being his "number 1 fan" and saying she watches his videos all the time but, she couldn't even remember the details to his first vid? seems pretty fishy

No. 581852

File: 1526256678084.jpg (7.17 KB, 385x55, vanilla.jpg)


I don't have access to his discord, yet :^)


Couldn't find him…If he is, he is not using his Twitter handles (maya / mayu / hiyaitsmaya)

There is only this when searching for "vanilla" , other is just unfunny memes

No. 581854

any threesome gossip anon?

No. 581855

>we're in a full time bdsm relationship based on dynamic, not some vanilla bedroom only thing

No. 581856

File: 1526256902674.jpg (18.43 KB, 656x143, block.JPG)

this is gold lol

No. 581857

Honestly folks, someone needs to compile all this milk and make a video. Brittany gets too much hate, it needs to come from an anon.

No. 581858

where's the caps of her talking about her stance on blocking on twitter or other places? Doesn't it contradict?

No. 581860

she loves saying this shit. she's such a hypocrite.

No. 581862

And yet June makes fun of Steve Shives

Thanks for the good work, anon!

No. 581863

It needs to go to a youtuber known for takedowns and callouts.

No. 581865

why can't I find the steve shives tweets from her with the obvious keywords on Twitter?

No. 581866

didn't she block magdalen burns when she tried to debate her?

No. 581867

File: 1526257166939.jpg (24.22 KB, 447x323, cuck.jpg)

Other than the old stuff that was already posted here, there's this

No. 581868

No. 581870

what about masked babe or petty paige or something? i think masked babe would be pretty good. i don't care for her all that much, but this is right down her alley. i'd die if aldlii would do it.


No. 581871


Made by farmers. Has decent views. It can be done, boys. If you wait for someone big, it won’t happen.

No. 581872

File: 1526257286702.png (71.01 KB, 679x551, Cor51fq.png)

is this what you want, anon?

No. 581873

yup. i remember watching that happen in real time. it was hilarious.

No. 581874

ooh does she mention Brittany and Margaret?

No. 581875


No. 581876

No. 581877

This, and has she said anything since deleting her post?

No. 581878

anything for "fat" "fatty" or "overweight"?

No. 581879


No. 581880

anything on her weight gain/loss? Ik it's petty but, her going from "i'm 99 lbs and i can eat w/e!!" to whining on twitter how hard it is to lose weight after shitting on sword girl and making fun of fat/chubby chicks, it is well deserved.
this kinda falls in it too

No. 581884

File: 1526257803748.jpg (98.28 KB, 572x736, mags.jpg)

Here is June shittalking Magdalen to her discord buddies, after she got BTFO'd.

She also tends to repeat how TERFs are old women who are incompetent in using newest technology.


No. 581885

Kek, she's just salty because a lot of people ended up actually liking Magdalen's video.

No. 581887

That concrete autism guy/girl chose the name wisely… depicts him/her 100%.
I can give them a link to a fetish site if they want to prove that they know what BDSM really means. kek

No. 581889

File: 1526258096304.jpg (89.5 KB, 766x962, weight.jpg)

No. 581891

when did she even whine on twitter about gaining weight? You're so salty.

No. 581893

Can you give me the name of the site? I'm curious, sorry for OT

No. 581894

this is getting golden keep the keywords coming.

No. 581895

File: 1526258349901.png (275.73 KB, 662x1046, Atqs9CO.png)

>the cuck insult is annoying
only when you're the one not using it, right june?

No. 581896

File: 1526258445739.jpg (67.63 KB, 789x520, weed.jpg)

Weed and alcohol.

She has an unlisted video (posted recently, patreon only) where she is drunk. But she hates alcohol guys.


No. 581897

File: 1526258502560.png (598 KB, 683x751, 1.png)

hello local orbiter

No. 581899


No. 581900

In one of the caps posted earlier she says she smoked tons of weed in high school lol

No. 581901

Wait… Grocery is 35 now… was 32 when they met.
If the wedding was 3 years ago it means his family just handwaved the fact that he is dating a 13 year younger girl? (in best case… in worst that he is dating an underage)
Being so egotistic that you accuse others to be okay with blatant pedo shit.
Although if it is just a sidekink of their…

No. 581902

File: 1526258615480.png (33.08 KB, 695x379, 2.png)

No. 581904

that doesn't mean she gained weight she could just want to get more fit and I'm not even her whiteknight

No. 581905

link the post

No. 581907

File: 1526258725757.png (41.44 KB, 678x317, 1.png)

No. 581908

No. 581909

No. 581911

File: 1526258872997.png (40.66 KB, 649x303, OGgev7d.png)

what are you trying to prove? your waifu gains some lbs

No. 581913

They only have a 7 year age gap.

No. 581914


>token 'rational terf'

Wig is so intimidated by Magdalen, it's cute.

No. 581916

File: 1526259068831.png (45.81 KB, 651x365, ClnYxEN.png)

Discord anon, does she talk about school/bullying? Or being a goffik wallflower?

What about camgirls?

No. 581922

Of course the only women that she feels sympathetic towards are the ones whose job is to satisfy men

No. 581924

it's too funny, we're going to get a ton of these "subtle" wk posters calling us "salty" torwards totally smol 120 lbs woman who doesn't know how to exercise or eat right. I'm so jelly of shoe weighing 20 more lbs than me, if only i was tiny like her

No. 581929

File: 1526259747056.png (98.08 KB, 676x694, eocQOeI.png)

No. 581933

It would be one thing if June actually brought up legitimate greivances or criticisms against Magdalen's arguments but she doesn't do any of that. She just needlessly shit talks her and sics her rabid fanbase of dusty neckbeards on someone who's terminally ill with brain cancer.
She was a bully in high school and she's still a bully to this day.
The fact that she and her fans have the audacity to yell pls no bully uwu ;-; for something she's done to other people on multiple occasions is just fucking hilarious.

Does anyone else remember when one of her male fans tweeted June and respectfully brought up the fact that Pregory was publically liking camwhore pics, only to have her and other members of the Skeptic community pile in on him? Let me see if I can dig up the screencaps for newfags.

No. 581937

June drank years before this, but glad to see nothing's changed. Thanks Anon

No. 581940

>if i had to deal with all this backlash and mockery she's facing right now i'd probably off myself

XMFD this is the state of wig's fanbase

No. 581957

She didn't even give an answer lol

>"When i was a woman people didn't think i was funny but now they automatically do because i am a man now"

>"it's because youre confident"
Excuse me?

No. 581959

File: 1526260942290.png (64.32 KB, 653x495, V208inG.png)

>austistic cosplay girl
I thought June was above using the word autistic as an insult? I thought she hasn't said it in years?

It's almost like she was just lying as usual and still uses it on platforms other than twitter

No. 581960

OT: one of the largest forums with the topic.

What is the difference between her old "fat" self and the "regular" self? By this logic she was always fat and now she is a landwhale.

No. 581961

Um she said she smoked weed in 10th grade excuuuuse her

No. 581965

File: 1526261092587.png (43.3 KB, 655x364, 1.png)

is this David guy mr?

No. 581968

120 actually is healthy for someone 5'4"- 5'5"

No. 581969

I know… but she said his family didn't know about it and thought it was much more. Get it now?

No. 581972

File: 1526261231364.jpg (81.22 KB, 800x712, 1517417849322.jpg)

LMAO found them. She does this shit to even her own fans. Whoever defends her at this point is straight up hypocritical.


No. 581974

File: 1526261292936.png (28.55 KB, 444x282, 1517437323850.png)

No. 581976

File: 1526261336987.png (52.75 KB, 464x565, 1517437499752.png)

No. 581977

assuming you think she's that height. she's going by 5'2, 120 at 5'2 is average but, not smol.

No. 581978


Lol at her saying not to screenshot these threads. I truly wonder why she'd say that…

No. 581979

File: 1526261379329.png (258.2 KB, 1326x1006, HKkjHbx.png)

>lol farms

No. 581981

Oh okay it is pretty shitty for her to imply they're okay with it. But it's just a sidekink uwu only dried up old feminist hags have a problem with pedophilia!!

No. 581992

Why is she showing her boyfriend some rando camgirls she finds on the net?
"Look daddieeeeee i fwound anothew thicc secwet!"?

No. 582017

She's not anon, Greg finds them but she is ~so submissive uwu~ that she agrees that all the camwhores are cute. Make no mistake though, all those camwhores are fat behind closed doors and June is super smol in comparison
June is foaming at the mouth about being a cuck

No. 582018

What a scumbag, holy shit.

No. 582032

File: 1526264474997.png (29.03 KB, 483x343, kek.png)

Someone up thread was looking for June's mgtow post?

No. 582047

exactly. especially when he has said that he likes that she's stupid/tries to eroticize the idea that she's dumb. like he's almost wants to be with a 'bimbo', doesn't admire anything about her, clearly, etc. there is nothing of value tying them together and that much is obvious. he'd drop her so fucking fast.

No. 582061

she's purchased and read classic radfem books and is likely exposed to feminist critiques of sex work on a regular basis, but she thinks swerfs must actually be against it because they're fucking jealous and afraid beta men won't try to fuck them anymore, thus reducing their "value"? she's sick.

she either has no fucking compassion for other women at all or she's completely lying about her opinion and sticking her head in the sand just to have a rare opinion for a woman that's only rare because it's so fucking self defeating and cruel.

hell, even when sex workers argue with swerfs, they usually say things like "i'm not suffering and i like my job! mind your own business and stop trying to save me!" so even sex workers realize that swerfs are coming from a place of concern, not fucking jealousy, they just think it's misguided.

No. 582065


I guess she got so mad and defensive because all these "normies" keep reminding her of the fact that Groceries treats her like shit. Wig has to pretend to be 100% okay with this humiliating treatment to prove what a cool and chill girlfriend she is. She'd rather be a complete cuck then to criticize her neckbeard boyfriend. She's not like those crazy nagging feminists after all uwu

> i enjoy hot girls too

You keep telling yourself that hun.

No. 582067

You're assuming she even read those books, instead of skimming for hot takes to make fun of like she does with everything ever

No. 582069

File: 1526267391565.png (46.77 KB, 659x317, OUclpsi.png)

the one thing i don't get is why she shits on findoms. there's other tweets of her making fun of it, but I'm too lazy to search. we already know special ed greg spent his wife's/family's money on star wars toys and cult doomsday gear. so much in fact that he put his family in debt. if he's not already spending june's money on toys and camwhores, he will be any day now. at least these people are owning it and not sticking their heads in the sand like june.

plus she's into ddlg and her bf is into loli, hentai, disney/incest porn and was one step away from being a furry. she has no room to judge anyway.

No. 582071

It's also how she's gotta be so fucking nasty and rude to her fans and strangers who have the intention to help her.
Like bitch, you made this shit public so stop crying about other people pointing it out.

If she doesn't want people to be seeing these things and passing judgements based on common decency, then her and Preg need to take their closet BDSM and fake bisexual LARPing off the internet.
Not that it will happen, attention is more important for these losers than their self-respect.

They disgust me. Anyone who's a fan of them after this must be truly deluded and deranged.

No. 582073

exactly. My theory aposed to hers (with the sex work crap) is that she gets spotlight shit treatment by the hairy troll, so she has to reenforce her acceptance of this with her other points, "females are scare they gonna be irrelivant, but not me. I get gold star in my commodity worthiness, right Beefy Troll guy?"

She's either very uneducated about sex work, or it's all a lie.. or she hates women. ehh I don't know, i'm flabbergasted. haha

My brain is spinning around this kinked rat bitch.

No. 582076

I don't think she can see far enough outside of herself to either hate nor like women. Everything she does is to keep her man and save face.

No. 582078

She probably thinks bdsm is only okay if it's the girl getting dominated, cucked and abused but not the guy, idk why she is even trying to claim she loves women so much, she clearly fucking hates them, just loves their bodies or pretends to in order to impress nasty low-tier men

that was me, thanks anon!
I also like how she left out how mad men get over male sexbots like on slutever men were triggered over the fact the male bots sell as much as female bots, and for whatever reason men/self-hating girls are shitting their pants about how women will be replaced

I wonder if june knows she's technically replaceable according to men, she can't cook, can't clean, can't live for herself, she isn't funny outside of screaming and shit which most men find unattractive

No. 582079


I hate that she's implying that legalizing prostitution somehow makes "beta" women valueless, because apparently all women are good for is sex. What the fuck, June.

No. 582085

junes been deleting all her direct hate tweets and comments, it's funny to see the ones she can't delete

No. 582086

File: 1526268472497.png (54.15 KB, 643x461, cuck.png)

No. 582087

This ACTUALLY enrages me. The link between sex work and sex trafficking is substantial. Countries with legalized sex work also tend to have greater rates of violence against women.

It is not some fun, hot and kinky lifestyle choice for the vast majority of these women. Her sheltered uwu long island life does her a pretty bad disservice in forming rational opinions.

No. 582088

this hoe is probably 140 and 5'4, not 120 and 5'2, women I know who are 5'2 and 120 are slimmer than her, im 5 foot and 125 and I look a lot slimmer than her as well, then again I don't have the fat distribution of a fucking ape like june does

No. 582090

Im fucking cryimg anon this is great

No. 582091

I wonder if the reason Greg divorced his wife is because she didn't want to have his kids. Real talk. He seemed thirsty for a child pretty early on in his relationship with June.

No. 582092

I wanna see how much june enjoys being cucked when skepdick treats her better than june

No. 582093

that's a red flag, especially considering his interests, someone kick him in the nuts until he becomes infertile, not that junes body signals fertility in any sort of way

No. 582094


Yes, and in those places where it is or has been legal, women become viewed as a commodity, and with that comes very disturbing things that i'm not sure I want to get into.

No. 582096

File: 1526268776573.png (144.69 KB, 648x1028, 9ALBjcH.png)

there's plenty proof here june, why don't you address us :^)

No. 582097

Ahahaha this is hilarious. Please go poly soon, I want more milk.

No. 582099


I've been to countless of countries where prostitution is legal and nowhere did I see this wet MGTOW revenge fantasy take place. Can this bitch even go one day without seeking the approval of men?

No. 582101


"im poly guyz, he got her pregnant and moved in with her to help, i'm still living alone. Stay away with your normie relations"

No. 582103

What's messed up is that she gets referred to as "mama June" or whatever, because a bunch of younger people people are watching her vids to help them form their opinions. And this is the kind of garbage that can be damaging in the long run.

Concerned citizen of the world looks like "jealous beta woman"

No. 582105

Exactly, she claims she only does youtube to entertain like in >>582096
and yet all her younger fans think she's some sort of expert on the topics she talks about and get their political info from her. She either doesn't realize the harm she does or is that cucked that she needs to throw other women under the bus all the time.

No. 582110

and in realizing this over and over, the blood just drains from my face. It's scary to think about, and my greasy fly hands are useless. There has to be something more done in order to stop her.

I know this sounds dramatic, but she's fucking evolving her larvas and pupas into dangerously toxic retards.

No. 582118

But also, maybe as some of these kids grow up and start to see things she brushes off or laughs at being a real problem- maybe they will have a change of heart.

June's ultimately like them: naive and sheltered.

Not all of them will have parents to keep them sheltered for nearly 30 years. In the real world women who think this way often end up victims themselves, though, that's the really sad part to me.

No. 582121

File: 1526270329789.png (55.47 KB, 669x353, DVxFsP2.png)

>unless he's always talking to the pornstar
he literally does this.

No. 582123

File: 1526270628917.jpg (31.74 KB, 500x281, dawn of june.jpg)

Waiting here patiently for her to kill off her remaining fanbase

No. 582126

> to the point where greg feels bad about it
Good! Because he's the one who does the bad thing to begin with maybe, Wig? Have you ever thought about that before?
Also: insecure about your looks? When? When you boasts about your perfect skin uwu, and your smolness and that other women are just jelly of you and people want to forcefeed you?
I know you are bipolar but damn, you have amnesia as well?

No. 582128

>greg feels bad about it
good to know he thinks it's wrong to cheat, ircc june hasn't even pointed out the "Thicc secret" thing yet, it's pretty much proof greg never changed his cheating ways and all she can do is pretend she thinks its hot when her fat ugly boyfriend prefers women who aren't her
>women who think this way often end up victims themselves, though, that's the really sad part to me.
depends what you mean anon, june is almost 30 and filled with self hate and misogyny, desperately begging for any pathetic drop of male approval, I'd feel bad for her because of how men and greg treat her but I instantly lose all empathy I had for her when I see things like >>582032 >>582086 >>581972 >>581778 >>581241

she strikes me as so damn cringily pretentious and male pandering, since june loves men so much she should just become one, all she has to do is remove her implants and wig and not cake her damn face in makeup, then she can pass for an ugly nerd boy

No. 582131

also "my disney waist". she literally said she has a disney waist, kek.

i never got this. "it's ok because they can't actually fuck the pornstar", maybe not, but if they could, they would, and that means their attraction to you means a whole lot of nothing, and that means that there ARE achievable girls out there that they're probably into as well that they're likely thinking about cumming inside, while you're out with your mom looking at floral arrangements. plus, psst, june, greg can and does literally talk to camwhores that he's obviously attracted to and wants to bone, so…

No. 582137

A)she doesn't take the relationship seriously enough and is possibly cheating on him, which after seeing how obsessed she is with male attention, I wouldn't put it past her hence why she lets greg do it because she feels bad about doing it herself
B)knows it's wrong and hates it but is beyond desperate for male approval she can't even think to tell him cheating is wrong and pretends to like it
C) doesn't know that all the fun and games will end when greg actually cheats which we all know he eventually will if thicc secret gate wasn't enough proof

>also "my disney waist". she literally said she has a disney waist, kek.

yep, not to mention the whole paragraph of her bragging about how her tit implants defy gravity, all the ask.fms she sent to herself running her mouth off about how she has a huge ass and hips and "all the fat goes to my ass" which is later proven false by her recent weight gain, how "bitches want her waistline" which is nonexistent, bashing women who have more ratio than her to be "Fatties with no waist" how she always makes herself believe and talks about how uwu youthful she is and how older women are so jelly with stories faker than tumblr hand-clap stories

she's so full of herself and delusional about her body, most insecure women wouldn't pull that shit due to the fact that most people are gonna nitpick the fuck out of you if you go on narc spasms about how uwu youthful slim and curvy with smooth skin you are when in reality she's far from that

No. 582141

june's an adult, so i'm with you. i feel sad thinking about the potential harm her impressionable fans make walk into, though.

she's a fan of this evie lupine girl. i've seen younger fans arrive at that channel because of june and talk about how they want to participate in a bdsm relationship but they're too young. it's disgusting seeing children talk about how they want to be hit and tied up because a girl they idolize online thinks it's cool.

No. 582143

>i never got this. "it's ok because they can't actually fuck the pornstar"

yeahh i'm not opposed to using porn as an aid to masturbation, personally. within reason. having obsessions or fixations on particular people crosses a line though. especially if it's to a point that he's following their social media. even if they don't reciprocate, he's forming a weird one-sided nonreciprocal intimate attachment to them. all it would take is reciprocation for it to be cheating at that point. she's basically relying on other people rejecting her bf.

No. 582144

File: 1526272992031.png (80.86 KB, 597x621, 1wFRo1f.png)

june has said herself that most of her followers are teens from gen z. it's weird as fuck that a 27 year old is openly talking about her bdsm lifestyle with kids more than 10 years younger.

i wonder if she'll be another onion. once her teen fanbase grows up, will she refuse to grow up with them? or will she keep trying to appeal to young audiences with outdated memes?

No. 582148

but anons! june is such a kinky shy quiet insecure coolgirl she LOVES skeptic fucking oth- I mean actual women, she loves thicc girls so much shes totes cool with the fact he's cheating

No. 582150

Isn't it illegal to show minors this stuff?

No. 582152

File: 1526273492579.jpg (90.12 KB, 1050x537, 1520359330436.jpg)

Sure, june
If you look like a teenager then i'm megan fox kek.
Maybe they thought you were a teenager because of all the dumb cringy shit thats falls out of your mouth. It understandable most people grow out of that phase when hitting adulthood but clearly you are mentally stuck there.

No. 582170

>it’s “tragic” that Elliot Rodger offed himself
>MRAs are usually very nice

So she’s implying Elliot’s deep-rooted psychological problems would be solved if he could fuck a girl? No wonder she blames women for every issue on the planet. To her, that’s all they’re good for: pleasing men.

This girl would rather defend a fucking murderer than any woman on the planet. Her mom needs to kick her sheltered ignorant ass out to live on her own and we’ll see how nice These people really are to her. I didn’t think Wig could become more hateable, but here we go.

No. 582175

She was also cheering when the YouTube shooter woman killed herself, despite the fact Eliot killed more people and she only killed herself
Guess male mass shooters = he was a poor wittle boy who shouldn't have killed himself! He must have been so nice and gotten all kinds of pussy in prison!
Woman is a mass shooter = bye bitch!! See women can be bad too women are evil! She should die and im happy she died!

No. 582177

I also like to add june was making fun of her after her death as well but respects elliot

No. 582190

File: 1526275734292.png (83.79 KB, 636x580, 2YqCX4L.png)

she also used it as a chance to sperg about terfs and feminists in general. even though elliot rodger apparently had no political motivations uwu

No. 582193

File: 1526275837393.png (34.23 KB, 693x142, who was the erection really fo…)


which is kind of funny considering that if the'd ever crossed paths, he probably would've ignored her, since she's not blonde. the only way he would've paid her any attention is if he saw her and greg together, which would have enraged him to the point of throwing a drink at them.

or running home to cry and type about how unfair it is that a fat ugly guy like greg is getting laid and he isn't/wasn't.

No. 582198

>”it doesn’t matter what his ideology was”
That’s like saying a terrorist’s motivation for murder doesn’t matter. Has she done any research? At all? Elliot literally wrote in his letter that he wants to declare war on women and kill as many as he can. You can find this shit within a 2 minutes google search. He wasn’t just “insane” - he had a very clear motivation. Wig always feels the need to give her uninformed, unneeded and ignorant two cents on every topic. She’s fucked up.

No. 582199

Indeed, and her arguments are stupid because a lot of "swerfs" are in fact exited ex-workers who were usually brought into it as children. Honestly her complete disregard and shitty attitude is what gets me the most. This is why I dont have sympathy for her and fuck her wk including david who i used to follow but unfollowed when he WK her hard the past few days. I guess leftist men really are toxic.

No. 582201

Funny how when women do something wrong she uses it against feminists to represent feminists, when tons of MRAs openly talk about wanting to kill women and shit she treats them as individuals

She should just admits she hates women but pretends to like their bodies

No. 582204

They really are. Semi unrelated but obviously David was a mgtow, Shaun of Shaun and Jen was flirting with MRA bullshit when he was a bit younger, and Contra was basically an antifeminist during his atheist days. They're all still pretty clearly misogynistic despite them always trying to claim now that they're reformed.

No. 582205

TY for the info i didnt know about david. speaking of contra i wonder if he will chip in and wk june at some point

No. 582207

lol you know there "hi June" replies that people would post in response to WKs? i saw one of those with a red mod note saying "don't do this".

is june still in contact with mods here?

No. 582211

no, and the mod said that because hi cow is fucking annoying and against the rules

No. 582212

>Shaun of Shaun and Jen was flirting with MRA bullshit when he was a bit younger
Offtopic I know, but do you have the milk on this?

No. 582217

I wonder.

No. 582220

He wasn't like campaigning for MRAs but he admitted that he believed the "women aren't oppressed at all" shit and that feminism is terrible/useless in one of his videos and that he'd frequent feminist threads to laugh at feminists, thought he was way smarter than women, was offended when women understood concepts that he did, etc. He then goes on to say how much more enlightened he is now and how he listens to what women have to say now, then pathetically, and ironically, shits on radfems to finish off the video, iirc. It's in the "white men/2018 plans" vid.

No. 582221

No. 582222

yes. she's coming for us. she's collecting our IPs and laughing at us as we speak.

serious answer: i doubt it. like other farms said, "hi, cow" is a bannable offense no matter the subject.

wasn't she only friends with ian? these threads would all be deleted if she knew any other mods imo.

No. 582225

I think at the very it seemed there was only admin/Ian, nobody had idea there was another mod/June.

Then admin made a farmhand applications and other users became mods too, possibly still not knowing of June.

He made posts defending himself here https://8ch.net/bannedcows/res/527.html

but he deleted them.

You can still see other users referring to them.

No. 582230

>skeptic has nice feet

June confirmed for toe sucker

No. 582231

eww anon I didn't need the image of her sucking on those greasy sausages

No. 582232


Lmao ofc we need to ignore his ideology since he has been confirmed to be a MRA! June is so fucking transparent.

No. 582237

Anon ur just too vanilla to understand uwu

No. 582255

File: 1526284783654.jpg (326.95 KB, 1154x1406, random 2.jpg)

Discord anon here. I've combed through some more and I think this is basically it for now.

No. 582263

File: 1526286724343.png (17.97 KB, 475x199, 1523911936111.png)

Thanks, Anon, for all this great milk. I can't wait for the memes that will come from this. I find it interesting she says she has depression in her discord but on her ask.fm she says she only has adhd. Why does she have to lie so much? Is it to obfuscate her life so much so she can later change herself to the next desirable fad without too many questions?

No. 582269

File: 1526287377521.png (35 KB, 659x285, zseHfKm.png)

>adhd is my personality teehee
>don't romanticize mental illness

No. 582271

File: 1526287509557.png (33.35 KB, 677x279, sS06Q9L.png)


No. 582277

She said she had anxiety and OCD in there too.

No. 582286

Thanks for sharing all that discord milk anon.

I kinda always knew shoe probably did absolutely nothing all day considering how easy her vids are.

No. 582290

File: 1526291902040.png (356.24 KB, 989x1830, shoe.png)

No. 582292

Jesus, it's literally that autist redpiller that think he's superior to everyone but just sits around liking camgirls and watching hentai stereotype, that is dating that "im sooo hyper" girl who does nothing but sit at home and do internet stuff all day and latches on to the first trend she sees.

I feel like both of them have the depth of a puddle.

No. 582296

File: 1526293398452.jpg (65.33 KB, 676x607, grocery.jpg)

I went through Grocery's discord and it's basically dead. He rarely on and mostly talks about topics in his videos. Doesn't sperg out like June and doesn't share much about their relationship.

So sadly, no thicc secrets

No. 582297

holy shit
>it's hot that he thinks its hot but if i were alone i wouldn't think it's hot
so confirmed shoe only like bdsm because preg is forced it into their relationship?
>i didn't grow boobs until i was 20
riiiight. totally not a boob job. nope.
i'm not surprised tbh. I think I remember someone saying he's never on his discord, typical lazy prego has better things to do like fap to camgirls

Thanks again anon!

No. 582300

File: 1526293953258.png (47.32 KB, 587x514, orbiter.png)

dont' let your dreams be dreams david
be the thicc trap greg always wanted

No. 582307

File: 1526295687252.png (169.29 KB, 577x971, hehenotharhar.png)


No. 582308

File: 1526295704831.png (247.21 KB, 595x546, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 6.57…)

No. 582310

File: 1526295746438.jpg (170.07 KB, 1200x1006, assblasted.jpg)

No. 582312

>i never @ him so it wasn't bullying
called it, she does this every single time. she doesn't understand it makes no difference when you're on social media and your sharing this shit to a ton of your followers. she just wants no part in taking responsibility for anything in her life.

No. 582324

File: 1526298507378.jpg (101.08 KB, 618x643, greggs posessive.jpg)

Oh I checked out that tweet and found this, hmm guess I shouldnt be surprised?

No. 582332

File: 1526299107103.png (125.75 KB, 631x463, 1513053236764.png)

This post covers that whole thing >>442498

No. 582334


Sage for OT but did Derrick change her name because Magdalen made fun of it? She went by Ernold at the time of that video. That's a bit weak.

No. 582340

Doesn’t June run her own fan accounts on twitter? Like lewd0nhead or something. She’s so attention starved and nasty. She actually thinks she’s providing us content by posting nasty sexual memes.

No. 582345

File: 1526300003081.jpg (37.04 KB, 583x433, 88.jpg)


Yup she her own fan accounts

No. 582353

She’s a narc attention whore bully.

No. 582358

Goth apparently means ugly to her? I cant even… no June it's not an ugly style you're just an ugly person.

No. 582360


She didn't say that…. I mean come on, get some reading comprehension skills. You make all of us look bad.

No. 582361

I wonder what the bitch thinks of Alex Missani,The Toronto van Incel. Shit happened 20 minutes away from me and was literally proven to be an attack on women so knowing that this bitch probably will defend him enrages me.

No. 582366

File: 1526301153212.jpg (172.77 KB, 1354x1780, R5Fnxkv.jpg)

Yeah, that's what might happen when you put ''whatever you want'' on the internet. You really have no right to complain about criticism or people being to invasive when your post your entire life on twitter. I can't believe this is a 27 year old woman, she has the mindset of an 11 year old.

No. 582369

>he was just mentally ill. nothing to do with an ideology that mobilizes mentally ill men against women. incels are actually very nice if you talk to them!!

>a feminist did a crime???? OMFG!!! people told i was wrong when i compared feminism to a hate movement haha look what's happening now feminism must be stopped!!!

No. 582370

She basically implies it maybe june should formulate her sentences more specifically calm down

No. 582376

File: 1526301698826.jpg (92.24 KB, 1200x630, Reduction-before-after-03-5.jp…)

She would benefit so much tbh

No. 582378

Lip lift and lip/cheek fillers.

No. 582379

File: 1526301736658.png (107.95 KB, 579x383, oh wow.png)

No. 582386

Why hasn’t she moved yet? Why is she still in the US?

Blogpost, but a woman I supervise is married to another woman in Canada. The wedding was a little over a month ago. She just got her kid registered in a school up there last week. And they’re moving to Canada next month. When I asked her about it, didn’t seem too complicated. She said that she and her son would be sponsored by her wife. Since that time, her wife has spent every weekend in the US so that they aren’t apart. And they are probably quadruple the distance away that Greg and June are.

It’s so insane to me. Is June not capable of taking care of herself or something?

No. 582387

Didnt she say she's gonna live by herself before moving in with preg

No. 582393


See: >>582255

She says she is moving upstate New York so she can live 1 hour away from Greg and that way they can do paperwork easier.

(what the fuck is the point???)

No. 582398

This sounds like a giant waste of money, it's weird thinking she'd want to stay in a different location during the process, why can't she be in canada as a visitor when they start doing the paperwork? I don't know anything about the process, can any canadian anons maybe explain this?

No. 582407

>why can't she be in canada as a visitor when they start doing the paperwork

She could, but Greg doesn't want her around for that long

No. 582409

Isn't her family's vacation home in upstate New York? Is that where she's planning on staying? That's not exactly living on your own. I doubt she'll be paying for any bills if she does stay there.

I don't understand why she doesn't stay with Greg in Canada either. She can stay there for 2 months, 6 if he sponsors her from what other anons have said (but Greg would have to put forth some kind of effort so he won't).

No. 582410

>Isn't her family's vacation home in upstate New York? Is that where she's planning on staying? That's not exactly living on your own. I doubt she'll be paying for any bills if she does stay there.

You are right anon, that's probably what she's gonna do.

lol @ shoe trying to portray it as "living independently"

I bet she is still going to have a mommy crisis. Tfw you must clean your own room now and mommy doesn't make tendies anymore…adulting is so hard…

No. 582413

File: 1526303856575.jpg (64.66 KB, 611x548, 1413325348736.jpg)

well damn

tinfoil: said paperwork isn't about citizenship but, preg found his second sub and wants to make her get comfortable while shoe stays in new york sign bdsm contracts lol

No. 582419


No. 582425

File: 1526305127614.png (180.45 KB, 586x398, lel.png)

No. 582428

Yeah but why? What is the point of that? Does she have to show that she can live independently first or something?

Also it would be hilarious if immigration did any kind of search on her Internet presence and she was denied citizenship over that. Seeing the “say whatever you want online” philosophy coming back to bite her would be such sweet poetic justice.

No. 582433

>it would be hilarious if immigration did any kind of search on her Internet presence and she was denied citizenship over that
I never even thought of that. Would that be a real possibility? anyone know of examples of this happening?

also throwing another tinfoil: since shoe does absolutely no research on anything, i wouldn't be surprised if she's just going by what preg telling her to do for the citizen process, he wants her to believe she has to stay in ny to do papers cause he's hiding something or planning on dumping her.

No. 582456

File: 1526307987827.png (95.18 KB, 286x416, ernoldjohnson.png)

It's possible that the name change is due to Magdalen. She deleted her entire youtube channel from that one response. However, I don't get why Derrick left her twitter @ unchanged.

No. 582474

He’s so dismissive about “wedding talk” Why is wedding talk so laughable if you had got engaged? This, combined with all the “paperwork” bs, to me, is pretty telling. This is not the behavior of someone who genuinely wants to be married.

No. 582481

Pretty sure he's always gone by either name. Back at the beginning of his youtube channel he went mainly by Derrick iirc.

No. 582486

File: 1526310165326.png (24.19 KB, 629x151, canadavisitation.PNG)

>She can stay there for 2 months, 6 if he sponsors her from what other anons have said (but Greg would have to put forth some kind of effort so he won't).

if an american passport in canada works the same as a canadian passport in america, she should be able to stay at greg's for 6 months regardless, unless she ran into some kind of customs trouble(?) unless i'm missing something really important, idk where two months comes from.

No. 582491

I’m not sure. That’s something they only do recently in the US. Haven’t heard about it with Canada.

They probably wouldn’t unless there was some cause for suspicion. Like the UK with Lauren Southern’s reputation when she was banned from entry.

No. 582542

didn't evalion get banned from Germany for this exact thing too?

june associates herself with groups known for pedophilia(bdsm/ddlg community) and mass-shooting/misogyny/abuse and violence against women (MRAs)

I can't really say if they'll let her in or not but if they're willing to not accept lauren for her presence chances are they won't accept june

No. 582570

File: 1526315105043.png (55.43 KB, 634x478, mGth5S3.png)

No. 582573

Marg you're doing great sweetie
Ofc all her orbiters ignore shit she did to use the jealousy excuse or the no life excuse, I find this excuse funny since they ignore what she did and pins it on marg, june made her bed and now shes laying in it.

I wish marg when mention the ask fm where june claimed that women who dont want prostitution to be legal are just betas with nothing to offer other than sex

No. 582585

File: 1526316353836.jpg (84.29 KB, 380x222, 1526251651763 copy.jpg)

What's with the stupid fucking face accompanying this pathetic statement, shoe? Everything about this is vomit inducing ugh

No. 582589

>no life excuse,

lmfao, you should see the discord, wig's loser fans literally use it to look for a girl who will marry them

No. 582591

i wonder if they "acted like 12 year old boys" and catcalled the protesters

No. 582600

Here's another video shitting on June
starts around 29:20

No. 582606

Because she didn’t post that picture over something skeptic said. He barely made it into the picture. It has almost nothing to do with him. She posted it because she liked the way she looks in it.

No. 582630

Oh so this guy mentions June sperging out over a video some youtube name The Satiratician made.

Basically June made a video where she was pretending to be a "le crazy feminist xDD" while wearing a pink wig. Satiratician had no idea who shoe0nhead was and that it was a parody, so he actually responded to the video thinking it's serious.

June goes batshit sperg again, makes a call-out video, bitches about how can he not know who she is (such an e-celeb!!), accuses him of being her boyfriend's copycat, tells him he should never tell people to kill themselves (hypocrisy again lol) etc etc.

So some youtuber dude made a dumb mistake of thinking June's character is a real feminist. Instead of simply telling him "dude, it's a parody lol", she spergs and tries to give him shit for not knowing who she is etc - making herself look way more irrational in the process.

Here is a summary of the drama. June is such an egomanic bitch.

No. 582634

File: 1526319040685.png (234.07 KB, 1125x295, Iy57nfE.png)

I know a lot of people, including myself, have said that June hopped on the trans bandwagon because it's trendy and her friend is trans. That's true, but by looking at these caps it looks like she's primarily ~dunkin on TERFs~ as an excuse to talk about herself. Oh, people have gender dysphoria? Better make this all about me and how much I can relate to it and how my mental illnesses are similar and how my illnesses define me like being trans defines them. It's always "me, me, me" with her and she found it easy to insert herself in the trans narrative despite not even being trans. Everything is an exercise in narcissism for her.

No. 582641

How long until she leaves greg for a trans """"woman"""

No. 582644

Judging by his likes, greg will probably leave her for one first

No. 582650

I think you make a solid point. I remember capping a tweet where she tried to compare the many totally real mental illness she has with the same struggle trans people have to deal with. I forget how it went but, she some how switch the discussion about gender dysphoria to about her struggles.

With all the "THAT'S ME" tweets she does, I think she's honestly obsessed with herself. Judging by her unichan days as well, she really tried to steal boxxy's fans and even turned on her a few times. Shoe's stated she always believe she'd wind up being "youtube famous" and that's why she went for a degree in film.

Honestly, all opinions/beliefs aside on trans, i'd being fucking annoyed if i was trans and this fake bitch made all topics surrounding it about her.

No. 582652

lol this stream is great

No. 582665

File: 1526320782234.png (186.48 KB, 583x479, she did it.png)

No. 582675

im convinced shes super wet for contra (nick). guaranteed if nick wanted her she'd drop the lardass and never look back

No. 582703

File: 1526324025397.jpg (95.89 KB, 1181x954, DDB7eLcVoAENdAP.jpg)


You can see it in her eyes

No. 582704

100% this

No. 582707

Ironic that Contra hasn't commented on this drama at all, even though June probably wanted to impress him.

No. 582708

discord anon does shoe bring up contra at all?

Or any other her "close" youtube "friends"?(like blaire and all those other trans youtubers)

No. 582709

>that shirt
Are they 12?

No. 582712

i honestly think contra was like 90% motivation for this whole thing and without his support, esp, she backpeddled so fast that her legs fell off. anyone have all the caps where she's DESPERATELY trying to get his attention only to be ignored? i can't believe rantingf and similar people are stanning so hard for her on the left. i'm glad gwen_nofear (deservedly) shit on her a bunch to contra to the point where contra is uninterested in even associating w her, kek

No. 582718

That's probably why she was in such extreme denial when he disavowed her in that stream. Contra only wanted to change her politics and never even saw her as a friend. That, and she can't handle people not liking her/kissing her ass.

No. 582724

File: 1526324664153.png (93.77 KB, 408x580, hahah.PNG)

i'm dyingggg, this level of asskissing and btw contra did not like or respond to this tweet that he was obv tagged in, and it got 102 likes, so it was popping up in contra's notifications a bunch of times and he STILL chose to not like or respond to it, LMFAO

No. 582732

I'm praying contra will realize he'd benefit from denouncing her one day. He definitely doesn't care for her, I'm surprised none of his fans have openly complained about them being acquaintances but, that's probably why he never likes her shit because he knows better.

In fact, wtf kind of connection does she have with him besides 1 or 2 tweets, the blair stream and the fact he owned preg in a video?

No. 582735

File: 1526325263046.png (133.91 KB, 1080x480, friends and nobodies vs june.p…)

does anyone else see the passive aggressive "i regret publicly associating with this bitch" in his lackluster responses to her after she over the top enthusiastically tweets him, vs literal nobodies and his other yt friends? he responds with more enthusiasm to all of his fans with no following

No. 582736

She claimed they were friends before the Blaire stream and that's why she moderated. But have they ever interacted before that?
I think she just wants to seem open-minded and ~liberal~

No. 582766

File: 1526328602091.png (16 KB, 250x391, 1411930255190.png)

Their own fans are a bunch of cringe cows
kill me


No. 582775

File: 1526330166596.png (354.87 KB, 616x441, animu.png)

Requesting a photo of her in that sailor uniform and any other weaby shit she's dressed in

No. 582782

File: 1526330899749.png (782.09 KB, 1153x508, 1.png)

there is this

No. 582783

sage for way OT but

tbh calling this person a she at this point seems a little over the top. IT/THEY/S/HE/whatever is def male presenting and passing with the beard so..

Like I can see calling Hontra a he but calling this person a she is kinda dumb imo, anyways

No. 582784

File: 1526330960513.png (708.47 KB, 1152x595, 2.png)

No. 582812

everything she owns looks like fucking party city halloween bullshit, oml. she has said she spends all of her money like as soon as it comes in. she could be spending 40k a year on actually nice quality lolita shit…

No. 582837

Get ovet it, then. Derrick is a girl, not everyone is going to call her a guy just because she "presents" as one.

Tacky-ass ali-express teir shit smh

No. 582858

she's not even trying to look like a brand lolita though, she's just trying to look like an uuugu loli anime character

No. 582867

this. and majority of it is for her a preg's ddlg rp.

As far as her everyday "fashion" goes, she wears knock off korean clothes from chinese resellers to look smol uwu

I bet she can't wear half of these anymore due to her weight gain.

No. 582872

yep. she lets people (read: men) treat her like shit if she approves of them. look at armouredskeptic. no sane woman would put up with that, hence his divorce.
she wants contra to plow her and is also using him for cred with liberals.

No. 582876

congrats that's your opinion, let other anons call him whatever they want base on their own personal beliefs

I don't get why we get posters like this. I don't align with a majority of people in these threads on trans shit but, what's the point in trying to change someone else's beliefs? It's just derailing. Fuck off.

No. 582877

> I'm surprised none of his fans have openly complained about them being acquaintances
what? his fans threw a HUGE fit when they found about about shoe. look in the past threads, he's addressed the ~controversy~ in a couple of his vids
and of course june basked in that sweet, sweet attention and also threw a spergfit about how those complaints totally justified her victim complex

No. 582879

I'm glad people on all sides are calling out this bitch. She's the Leafy of the anti-SJW community as they both have lazy, low quality content, get their hoards of teenage fans to attack their low hanging fruit targets, and even look like Whos.

Teenagers are a notoriously fickle fans. They'll outgrow her soon and the next cohort of teens will watch another girl who's either their age or in their early twenties.

Quick, think of a relevant woman over the age of 30 in the anti-SJW community.

Oh wait… there's none.

She's too emotionally stunted to grow up with her audience. She's too stupid to get a career in politics. At least Roaming Millennial could become a Fox News commentator. Even as a white nationalist, Lauren Southern could have a life after her YouTube career dries up, if they all don't turn on her. And there are plenty of young, attractive girls who'll take their place.

Shoe is almost 30 and got scalped by a 21 year old girl. It's glorious.

Sage for no milk.

No. 582882

File: 1526336540401.jpg (66.92 KB, 522x549, contra.jpg)

>discord anon does shoe bring up contra at all?

No. 582887

kek, someone tweet this to contra. nick, june thinks you're a fucking idiot, lmao.

No. 582893

this. also isn't it kinda disrespectful to talk about someone's transitioning to your autistic fans without their approval?

No. 582898

>if contra wants to hangout i don't think she's gunna want to take pics
oh my god. what good friends
>she just has very dumb opinions.
what a nice thing to say about your "friend." at least contra has already thrown june under the bus multiple times for her dumb opinions.

No. 582908

Also, anon, try "Natalie" or "nat" and see if there's anything. That's contras trans name or whatever.

No. 582912

Speaking about Leafy, in this video June tells a story how she talked with him on the phone.

No. 582915


I'm pretty sure gurg's divorce had more to do with cheating than treating his wife like shit.

Part of me feels like that's a new development due to June being so pathetic.

I mean, the guy went out to equestrian events with his wife and seemed much less douchey then.

No. 582918


Wow. What a pushover. She really does run to men at their beck and call, even the ones she's never met.

No. 582920

Her eyebrows…

No. 582923

i think they also broke up because he was spending tons of their money on toys and doomsday gear.

No. 582924

nothing turns up

No. 582926

seconding this. i don't have a twitter or else i'd do it myself.

No. 582927

By "anti-sjw" what exactly do you mean?
The term is vague and has little meaning

No. 582929

Anything on Blaire?

No. 582934

nta but thank you discordanon for all the milk.

sorry to ask but is there anything on her bun (named ollie)? only asking because i'm curious if she tries to justify his teeny tiny cage especially when she acts like an authority on rabbit care.

No. 582939


It's basically another word for the "skeptic" community. These are the people who mostly have videos bitching about feminism, black lives matter, transtrenders and other tired topics. These are the people who think the blue hair SJW college kids and tumblrinas are a bigger threat than they actually are.

No. 582941

Sorry but why do you guys call contra 'hontra'

No. 582946

A hon is an ugly/manly mtf tranny, which is exactly what contra is.

No. 582947

File: 1526339747232.png (79.32 KB, 648x434, BjblAoz.png)

hon = non-passing trans woman, ergo hontra

No. 582949


She also gave him bad advice video game characters are not people choosing to wear clothes there a reflection of the (often male) creator jfc. Idiot.

No. 582970

File: 1526341161307.jpg (240.95 KB, 800x1174, _20180514_193320.JPG)

Kiwi poster did a decent summary on the candid shit.

It's hilarious they are most likely getting demonetized because they shilled a scam that directly goes after their own community.

Also, I've always been under the belief shoe and preg don't at all care about the narrative pushing in their videos, they just want that easy patreon money and that's what being a commentary/skeptic on youtube is all about today.

No. 582984

this is why i'm surprised she not back on twitter yet. she's gotten away with this of all things, so she'll almost definitely get away with this lauren southern drama. surely she knows this.
or is she just extending her "break" in order to maximize the amount of pity points that'll she'll be rewarded with upon her return?

No. 582986

she's waiting for it to blow over, and she's starving her fanboys out of attention so she gets max "i MISS YOU, i cant believe they scarred you so much that you had to stay away for so long!!!" bullshit. she's such trash. she obv wasnt really bothered which is why she came back like 6 hours after the whole shitfest started

No. 582991

I think she's purposely trying to look depressed over it.
>i'm so sad guys uwu i haven't tweeted in days! ;-;
her fucking fans are going to bombard her first tweet with poor smol shoe being bullied :c

No. 582999

Gotcha, thanks anons. Contra was qt af as a dude, maybe I have low standards but I like guys like that. She liked june's initial 'uwu bye bye lauren southern pls send buns uwu' post.

No. 583003

nah, i'm with you. contra was a qt dude, way more attractive than skepdick (not like that's hard) and much smarter than him too (again, not like that's hard). it's not surprising june's trying to hop on his dick when she has a cheating manchild for a companion….

No. 583014

he wont bite tho. he used to not be into the dick (this is what he claims) but now he's all about the dick. he's probably taking advantage of that and fucking awesome trans gals. either way, as much as i can't stand him, he could do better than june, so june is shit out of luck. plus, contra isn't even a liberal. isn't he a marxist-leninist? they don't even like liberals, so idk why she thinks she's going to be able to successfully appeal to the far left just because they both dislike hillary/neoliberal politicians (for different reasons, really).

No. 583016

Also agreed, I actually loved the earlier videos on his channel. He seemed pretty smart, witty, and definitely not bad looking. I'm not real into his new voice or appearance though. But I guess he's happier this way so that's fine too.

No. 583018

lmao, he isn't. he's always like legit crying on his twitter about how miserable he is and how he feels like shit because he looks like a hon or whatever. he's a pretentious douchebag that's somehow high on idealism despite claiming to be a communist, but at least he isn't hideous like preggory and at least has enough self awareness (barely) to pretend he doesn't think he's a genius, whereas greg tells everyone he is, constantly.

No. 583048

On the topic of Greg's stupidity, he blames "undiagnosed depression" (kek) for his school troubles. Is he really trying to say that he was depressed as a child and that's why he was labeled as "stupid" and "special needs"? Not that childhood depression isn't a thing, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Would a professional confuse depression and dyslexia?

He said things had gotten better once he was diagnosed with depression, so why didn't he go back to school? If he's so smart and such a genius, surely he should be on the PhD path like Contra was kek. After all, according to him, he can understand scientific theories better than his peers and siblings.

No. 583049

Socialist. Which kind, good question. There are like 5 major branches and a handfull of little ones in that with just a couple of nuance differences.


Because his peers wouldn't understand his genius.
He can get an overarching view from a wiki page (like how he did with his take on "postmodern"), Anon! He is just as good as Sargon if not miles above!

No. 583074

File: 1526345719073.png (30.66 KB, 463x256, kek bitch.PNG)

oh wow, he isn't even as radical as i thought. lame. still, most socialists don't like neoliberals, which she would be considered, AT BEST. she's still not going to be accepted by most of contra's following/friends based on her economic views alone. she calls herself a social democrat now, apparently, which is hardly left at all, june.

>i don't even know if i'm a liberal!! i must be right of liberalism!! because these people are craaAaAaaaAzy!!
since she decided to hop on contra's dick she has reclaimed her "I'M A LIBERAL, A BIG HUGE LIBERAL. LOVE ME, LEFTISTS (even though none of you like liberals)!!!"

No. 583076

File: 1526345828274.png (12.37 KB, 449x132, hypocrite.PNG)

and lol @ this.
>i don't change for anyone, you guize!!! CANDICE OWENS IS A GREAT BIG BANDWAGONER, BUT NOT ME!!! i have PRINCIPLES!!!

No. 583077

>because politics are not about fucking cliques or people
Isn't this literally what happened with Lauren?
She wanted a clique to accept her

No. 583078

Does anyone know on which date she posted the infamous pedo defense on ask.fm?

No. 583083

she's gone from libertarian, to centrist, to someone with no political leanings, to "economically conservative, socially liberal" to socdem all in the span of what? 4 years? but her political beliefs don't suddenly shift. right, june.

No. 583090

File: 1526346819921.png (123.99 KB, 760x608, eEYhhgl.png)

the OG cap is from kiwifarms and was posted on jan 2017. the cap says "about one month ago," so it's probably from dec 2016 or somewhere around then. unless the cap originated elsewhere?

it's not from here because our first thread that didn't get deleted by june wasn't until march of last year

No. 583092

File: 1526346916723.jpg (119.38 KB, 1080x1081, UjW24Bo.jpg)

found this masterpiece by greg when searching for the infamous sidekink ask

No. 583094

That's June's style of drawing.

No. 583098

File: 1526347135024.gif (137.48 KB, 525x740, gBTq9P7.gif)

I was going to Preg's art is soooo much better than this!
>she draw him skinny

No. 583103

File: 1526347393096.jpg (36.85 KB, 850x300, bcd3XOx.jpg)

oh, thanks anon. the drawing just reminded me of septic's old comics

No. 583104

i would almost feel bad for him if he wasn't such a douche that called thin women "fatties" while being an obese fuck. this is like literally chrischan tier artwork/autism.

No. 583109

i would argue chris chan is better at drawing. it reminds me more of linkara's web comic

No. 583115

File: 1526347978494.jpg (53.59 KB, 750x563, 0FJXgN7.jpg)

this is 100% chrischan level

No. 583116

>chrischan level
It's unironically far worse than chris

No. 583119

Friendly reminder he was 20 when he made these. Mensa level IQ!!!

No. 583141

has he only seen madlibs jr? probably has absolutely no understanding of verbs/adjectives/etc

No. 583147

File: 1526350001055.jpg (33.81 KB, 750x333, Obeq38I.jpg)

>i dont play video games they are gay

No. 583152

doesnt syrencove, greg's thicc secret, love video games? it couldnt be more obv that he is unsatisfied by wiggy

No. 583159

she copied that face from some other girl years back to look cuter/younger, she just looks dumb using it in the current year

No. 583201

File: 1526356300214.png (524.23 KB, 994x1689, shoe2.png)


"people just put them in cages and look at them" you mean like ollie?

also those shoes she posted are bodyline tier

No. 583214

File: 1526357427490.png (485.93 KB, 612x1184, degenerateclothes.png)

>also those shoes she posted are bodyline tier
That's because they probably are

No. 583215

File: 1526357513636.jpg (125.32 KB, 737x767, FE_MB0PdupRYh4Kt9qvYxV7cqKf24_…)

Front page of Reddit right now, that eye

No. 583217

>and then he quit his high paying job and she was al llike "WELL I WAS ONLY WITH YOU FOR MOnEY REEEEE
uh, assuming she was talking about greg, wasn't he a bus driver? they don't exactly make bank. he has mental deficiencies (and I'm not talking about dyslexia); he said himself that his earning potential was low and that he only worked manual labor with small pay. he also said himself that he was the one spending thousands on absolute bullshit. i'm pretty sure she's doing just fine for herself with her horse riding hobby and all.

holy shit, he lies to her about everything and she eats it up. probably because she hates women and doesn't want to believe her precious man would be so foolish. she'll be in for a wakeup call if they do get married.


she really has no idea what greg looks like, huh. maybe her memory is foggy from all that time away from him

>feminism was always racist and shit

not this racist guido, ms. "only thugs catcall" and "the black part of town is full of rapists" pretending to care about race all of a sudden.

as always ty dear anon for the caps and milk.

but anon, conservatives hate her more than liberals do!

No. 583218

File: 1526357951262.png (6.84 KB, 822x104, chrome_2018-05-14_23-18-39.png)

This comment on the post, oof

No. 583219

>and then he quit his high paying job and she was al llike "WELL I WAS ONLY WITH YOU FOR MOnEY REEEEE
His site is down and I can't find the page in the archive but he wrote the exact same story there, about how his ex-wife only cared about him for money.

Both of them really only see each other as the false personas they've created for their audiences, huh?

No. 583242

10 bucks said she was fed up living with a manchild who spent every last penny on star wars toys and he took her quote out of context

No. 583252

File: 1526361270644.png (65.51 KB, 477x151, WjaiRoe.png)

from an old thread - apparently this is a message grocery's ex sent one of his sidechicks.

"happy relationship." this doesn't sound like a woman who ended her relationship over her husband's imaginary well-paying job. it sounds like a woman who ended her relationship over cheating.

No. 583253

File: 1526361350210.jpeg (53.94 KB, 640x853, A200DF14-6FDC-4BE7-931D-87E477…)

June’s future.

No. 583254

Yeah skeptic used to talk with Jenny McDermott and she had caps of her talking to Gregory.

No. 583255

They probably already do that. June asks him for permission to buy stuff after all.

No. 583278

File: 1526364706478.jpg (17.52 KB, 376x376, 0hbYiYk.jpg)

Wig always gets so fucking wet about the fact that Preg left his wife for her, a “younger woman” (as if she won't age…? lmao). God she’s pathetic, hopefully he dumps her when she’s 30. Some people need to learn things the hurtful way. Does she really think she's immune to being ''too old'' because she's a doormat?

On a side note, their relationship always comes off as really vapid and shallow…they barely see each other for more than a few weeks at a time, have never lived together, he ignores her and flirts with cam hoes while her entire personality revolves around him. I feel like Preg can barely stand her ass at this point.

No. 583282

This is why she's trying to enforce the "I look so much younger" shtick. she's aging pretty noticeably IRL and Greg is going to seek out a new thicc secret to put a ring on
She scared

No. 583290


The thing is anon the ring was to just shut wig up. As much as she likes to project that she’s secure in their relationship we all know she’s pulls the remaining rat hairs on her head whenever groceries is talking to girls.

It’s a know fact that people will give rings to their significant other/baby momma/ long term relationship to literally appease them.
We all know the ring was literally chump change as far as cost, my theory is that June was acting up a lot and Gregory wanted to give her a false sense of security hence the wedding ring.

Because if you’re serious about getting married you get married. There’s active planning, there’s a date. If you’re engaged and you guys don’t have a date, then that person isn’t actually serious about marrying you. That’s why you hear things like people being engaged for 5 plus years. As much as I would love the beautiful milk that would come from getting married I know pregs type and he isn’t going to actually marry wig. That’s why we keep hearing shit like “oh muh papers”, and “we don’t have a place yet”

No. 583300


>June says ex-wife divorced Grocery once he left his high paying job, was only with him for the money

>In that old video, Grocery talks about how he spent all his savings and got himself and his wife into a debt over a cult + spent a lot of time away from wife - she still didnt divorce him then

Lmao, which one is it then?

Maybe his wife really was sick of it once he left his job. But it wasn't about money, it was Grocery throwing away a stable career to be a full time "le skeptic" youtuber.

After going with him through cults, debts and savings being spent on Star Wars toys, you just know this woman was sick of it all.

Grocery ofc chose to portray her as a money sick whore.

No. 583305

I suspect when her age starts to show she'll suddenly switch gears and pretend all the negs she said about those "older" women in her 20s didn't happen.

Wiglet is a liar.
She's already tried to cover her past by saying she was a friendless, shy, goth virgin.

I bet when she's in her 30s she'll rewrite her past image in her 20s as something way more progressive while making sure all the evidence of her ageism is erased from the internet.

No. 583312

File: 1526371076712.png (3.6 MB, 5520x4856, goffic.png)

No. 583333

I vote this for next thread pic

No. 583336

Can someone give me the gist of the Jenny McDermott drama?
From what I understand, Jenny says Armored Spastic cheated on his wife with other women aside from June, one of whom either killed herself or died of cancer.

When I try to look it up I find about a million skeptics(tm) white knighting him with videos titled "JENNY MCDERMOTT DEFAMES ARMORED SKEPTIC!!!!11!ONE". So, are they lying? Are they wrong? Because I know Jenny is a psycho, but I don't think she would photoshop fake screencaps.

What happened there?

No. 583349

Armoured really did talk with Jenny, June admitted it in a video. Jenny mistook June for an underage teen and said that skeptic was therefore a statutory rapist.

No. 583377

I know the pedo thing was fake, but was Pergory cheating on his with with a woman dying of brain cancer?

No. 583378

I don't know about that, I think he was catfished by some woman who later killed herself off.

No. 583380

No. 583382

can someone with a youtube account download this video in case it gets taken down?

No. 583383

The message in >>583252 was apparently sent to Jenny. You are better off watching Jenny's and June's videos instead of some IPwnFeminists's video.
Only have to watch until around ~4:30 because she starts talking about some work thing after the caps.

No. 583384


So no one has "debunked" this video, right? She isn't bullshitting here.

No. 583391

>builtfat chubbyfat
Why does she lie to herself and others that Preg is even in these categories? It's kinda messed up because anyone with eyes can see that he's obese as fuck, it sounds more like she's trying to force a false image of him onto others

Also, how does this make any sense when she's supposedly only gets "emotionally" attracted to guys first, how can you have a PHYSICAL preference?

No. 583395

File: 1526377562699.png (1.43 MB, 1544x2008, mcdermott v uwu.png)

I think this is everything in my screencaps of the McDermott "Armored Skeptic is a statutory rapist lol" saga.

No. 583398

File: 1526377858023.png (57.08 KB, 695x226, river.png)

I don't think it has been debunked. I would even go as far as saying it is confirmed by June herself from that unlisted video. The most I've seen is people calling Jenny jealous Preg didn't choose her. Do Shoe's fans have any other comeback?
Description is from this video.
She starts saying the same stuff from >>583383 at around 2:50 after some clip of an ArmouredSkeptic video.

No. 583400



She still talks this way, just switches into uwu mode once she gets called out.

No. 583404

File: 1526379265140.jpg (149.68 KB, 1048x1393, bOqC8Ls.jpg)

Sage because this isn't really new milk, but I thought this tweet was interesting. She'd be the first person to call Marilyn a land whale.
>Same measurements
fucking kek

No. 583405

I like how Preg doesn't understand there's a difference between """"liable"""" and slander and just uses them interchangeably. I thought he was MENSA level smart? Maybe I'm just too low IQ and vanilla to understand his genius.

No. 583411


I think he meant Jenny would be held liable for defamation in court if Preg sued her, but that's probably giving him too much credit.

also, >concent

No. 583416

File: 1526380663007.png (165.95 KB, 1214x461, dear peeweeburger 2.png)

er, "concent" being from the complaint Preg sent Youtube.

No. 583420

File: 1526381057491.jpg (192.3 KB, 1171x806, wig dreams of hontra.jpg)

I'm loving this wig crushing on hontra gossip.

I wish I could actually draw this shit though.

No. 583422


So…. Where did she call Marilyn a land whale? She's just saying she wasn't a size 12.

No. 583424

nayrt but that shoe is saying that she has the same measurements as Marilyn when as you can see in the pics that's not true because shoe is built like a fridge.
and if shoe saw a different girl that had the same body type as marilyn she would def call her a landwhale for not being "small as fuck" like she is!!!!!

No. 583426

Read the post again. She would be the first person to call her a land whale. June calls anyone who isn't skinny and smol like she thinks she is, fat.
Exactly. That's why she said that sword girl has a ''pudgy stomach'', when she is clearly slim and fit.

No. 583434

I believe Jenny on the cheating and everything but, I wouldn't want to go much more into it until something else pops up(his ex wife saying something), it's obvious their fans don't care preg and shoe's relationship was the result of cheating and not the disney tangled fairytale story shoe wants it to be. They'll just bring up the "shoe is 17" "rape" shit, and both her and Preg with circle jerk themselves because it let's them play up their gross loli jokes to their fans who are just as gross for encouraging it.

If anything it just proves preg is confirmed piece of shit. Was I the only who thought in shoe's new vid where she jokingly accused him of cheating, he sounded nervous?

No. 583435

File: 1526382460637.jpg (54.81 KB, 561x567, Capture.JPG)

Did this get posted in these threads before?

No. 583437


I don't understand why he needs to clarify the ages of consent as if no one should judge him if he were to date an actual teenager in his 30s. I wouldn't put it past him tbh.

No. 583439

Hontra was fucking dreamy pre transition. Depressing.

No. 583440

File: 1526383523976.jpg (249.24 KB, 1600x1597, IMG_9659.JPG)

pre trans contra actually looks more like flynn then prego does lol all that's missing is the facial hair.

No. 583445

File: 1526384257683.jpg (383.95 KB, 1652x1080, wew lad.jpg)

So one of shoe's whiteknights sent this to Brittany.In case you all needed to be reminded what type of fanbase shoe has.

No. 583451

File: 1526384553337.jpg (71.66 KB, 936x446, that was fast.jpg)