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No. 1299390

Responding to obvious bait will earn you a week long ban.

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

Previous thread:
>dainty troon fails in the olympics and show us womens sport are not in danger, suprisingly enough professional female athlethes in their prime form can win over fat untrained middle age men >>1289358 >>1289447
>an unhinged cartoon profile picture twitter troon with a serial killer stare has the feminine behaviour of tweeting 525 tweets a day >>1290041 >>1289695
>lots of sperging about how some preteen/teen boys does or does not manag to look like girls for a few years before groing up, breaking news that sex characeristics develoup in young adults
>ending in a spiral of seething straight mothers and the jelous lesbians, tranny bait and incels, and who gets the award of being The First Troon, redtext suprisingly fairly distributed
>at least we are blessed by Kikomi

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No. 1299437

File: 1628886533862.jpeg (101.87 KB, 631x640, 7F130B75-EF7E-4BE7-B93D-EB8FD3…)

Thank you anooooon!! Nice OP.

No. 1299440

Oh wow, this is exactly the same bullshit about being both superior and more victimized than women that they say today, except they now call us cis instead of gennys.
No change in the scrote troon mind since the 70s, now they are simply more of them because of internet porn.

No. 1299447

File: 1628887476379.png (207.1 KB, 550x593, unknown (85).png)

i just found this and i have no words

No. 1299449

File: 1628887500282.png (370.84 KB, 579x785, 104470335487.png)

No. 1299459

It's interesting that as the power given to troons (by idpol and ironically, feminism) increased exponentially in the past 20 years so did the number of people wanting to be one?

No. 1299461

File: 1628888078600.jpeg (192.68 KB, 960x748, A4215322-8294-4EAE-B150-2FE0BA…)


Well spoken from a wealthy Chinese woman from Vancouver kek.

No. 1299462

File: 1628888149954.jpeg (502.18 KB, 960x1511, FE5C3CC2-3CA7-45A3-B44E-E8A1D4…)

People responding who have a point

No. 1299465

File: 1628888273276.jpg (475.32 KB, 1200x1960, 1200px-Julia_Serano_20170629-6…)

"Cisgender" was coined by picrel in his book, Whipping Girl, and it's pretty much the same thing that was written in that 70s excerpt you quoted ('cis' = bad, being a 'woman' for the sake of coom = good)… but he published that on the late 00s, where queer theory had already infected academic and feminist circles, so it was seen as "progressive".
And now no one bats an eye.

No. 1299468

File: 1628888512567.png (103.81 KB, 1021x546, hpkillstroons.png)

Ah yes it's awful how Harry Potter keeps literally killing troons.

No. 1299469

I didn't know Voldemort was a troon

No. 1299473

thanks for the new thread anon

No. 1299474

File: 1628889411146.png (1005.51 KB, 1251x621, Screenshot (2).png)

pics from last thread
something i noticed is that troons just for the love of god can never get their brows right
it's either an unplucked moid unibrow, horribly thin brows that haven't been a thing in decades and celeb troons get whatever that is supposed to be
kim really does resemble poppy but she's just so much naturally cuter, something that men will never be able to achieve no matter the amount of hormones, ps and makeup they buy

No. 1299478

Sex pests, all of them

No. 1299482

To be fair any major change to natural brows tend to look like shit. No one looks good in painted on or any more than slight plucking to the shape of brows you are born with. Since men have very different shape of brows (both hair but also the skull) they need to shave Them off completely and paint on feminine ones, something that as Said doesnt even look Good on most women.

No. 1299492

>far right
I'm out of the loop but poppys a troon? That would add the whole skin walking Mars more gross

No. 1299498

No. 1299516

Is this about that one new HP game coming out? Or when is that? Even troons were divided on that one, because they can't live without their "comfort media" but JKR is the devil to them. In the end we know they'll buy it anyway because cognitive dissonance never stopped a tranny in his tracks.

No. 1299567

File: 1628896257249.png (5.29 MB, 2379x5808, 543212345432.png)

Reddit troon decides the uterus is actually a hate symbol.

No. 1299575

ugh this fucker's comment history is repulsive. he's all up in r/dyke, r/dykesgonewild, r/lesbianmemes etc. a straight, misogynist coomer who fetishizes lesbians with the audacity to say a uterus is hateful symbology

No. 1299577

Imagine asking people to choose between a fun story about wizards and a community of moids in dresses who turn out be pedophiles by a vast majority and proved a point by spamming a thread for kids to show JK some fan art with actual porn. Handmaidens are a fucking joke

I'll choose a wizard book over the life of kiddie diddlers any day

No. 1299578

File: 1628897431914.jpg (871.86 KB, 1920x2825, 2021_08_13_19_28_06_605.jpg)

No. 1299579

poppy isn't a man unlike the other two

No. 1299582

I wish these handmaidens subreddits and groups grew a backbone and tell these troons to 41% themselves. What violence is he getting? the violence of not being included?
I think that handmaidens should be held more accountable for enabling delusional men, after all, they have the choice to tell them to fuck off. Imagine if subreddits run by women started to stand up their grounds and not suck girldick.

No. 1299595

They have, they’ve all gotten banned everything from the lesbian subreddits to the gender critical ones to neovaginadisasters. They even banned r/endo for transphobia briefly.

No. 1299617

So even heterosexual men are GAMPs to a certain extent?
moids disgust me a little more every day

No. 1299620

sorry to ask but what is GAMP?

No. 1299621

r/endo should be transphobic seeing as you have to have a uterus to you know, have endometriosis. do you know what happened specifically anon?

No. 1299625

>Violent groups
In my experience most of us are pretty much the opposite of violent…I guess it's just that ol' projection from scrotes at it again.

No. 1299635

File: 1628907545006.png (211.5 KB, 720x886, 16.png)

sage for OT, but note this woman who also claims that Homophobia didn't exist in China until white people came

No. 1299636

Meant to post this on the other thread. The Troon that accepted all of the clout for WiSpa came out with a disgusting music video. Enjoy!

No. 1299643

kek imagine skipping over the whole idea of chinese foot binding that literal euro missionaries told them that the rest of the world looked down on them because of it

No. 1299645

It's funny and terrifying how men can become aroused by anything that remind them of a woman - from other dudes in wigs and dresses to shaved orangutans in makeup.

nta, GAMP = gynandromorphophilia/gynandromorphophilic (being attracted to TIMs).
Check out the study she quoted in that post: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/283261392_Who_are_gynandromorphophilic_men_Characterizing_men_with_sexual_interest_in_transgender_women

No. 1299651

File: 1628909356394.png (374.17 KB, 816x591, crayonization01.png)

I recognize that post, lmao. That's Crayonization (Alex Vidal). Absolute degenerate. He had an active thread on KF a couple years ago.

Those studies are just showing that GAMP men and crossdressers have sexual arousal patterns similar to heterosexual men. You can't generalize that heterosexual men are inherently GAMP from them. Although I would speculate that most AGPs are inherently GAMP.

No. 1299653

File: 1628909381866.jpg (1.31 MB, 1920x2879, Polish_20210813_224518186.jpg)

Non-milk and maybe unrelated I guess but wtf? Isn't genshin impact mostly directed towards kids/teenagers and this tranny weirdo is linking to their crossdressing OnlyFans in their YT info page? That's fucking vile. At the very least it doesn't seem like he's a big youtuber

No. 1299655

Acknowledging ancient China was less homophobic than current China =/= claiming it was a progressive paradise.That being said Xiran is obnoxious as fuck.

No. 1299674

If this design is threatening to trannies then I want it on a t-shirt to wear every day.

No. 1299705

No. 1299707

File: 1628920342357.jpg (1.53 MB, 4000x3000, yashalelonek.jpg)

>thee dawtah treatment
I hate these people.

No. 1299710

women can have nothing. Even the smallest mention of "hey women deserve rights/spaces/etc" gets fucking narc troons who have to stick their grimy hands in everything calling it offensive. I hope as they become more bold with this behavior more and more women peak

No. 1299715

nta but I think it was fakebois triggered over violent slurs like "women's health" and "female reproductive system".

No. 1299717

File: 1628921363427.jpeg (439.13 KB, 750x1075, 895A48B4-CCC6-4EF4-93FB-96D829…)

My bad it was actually r/PCOS (picrel). From what I remember, a woman wanted to know if HRT like trans women take would help her condition, got attacked for being transphobic, people decided the whole sub was transphobic and they locked the subreddit—under admin request iirc—to “clean it up.” On the other side they’re saying the subreddit was brigaded by TERFS.

By the way, there’s also currently an effort to classify PCOS as an intersex disorder lol.


No. 1299718

I’m pretty sure he’s literally just a cross dresser not an actual tranny, unless something changed recently
Still gross though

No. 1299729

>Acknowledging ancient China was less homophobic than current China
Anon, old wealthy men being allowed to rape younger boys doesn't equal= a society was tolerant towards homosexuality, it's always an old man abusing his power over a young boy, or that society hated women so much they thought women didn't have feelings and could not comprehend love and that the only purest form of love wan an old man abusing a young boy

No. 1299731

Fucking retarded weeaboo, only middle school girls wear seifuku. It's not "fashion", it's a uniform. Just say you're cosplaying, and admit to fetishizing Japan and underaged girls, pedo scrote.

No. 1299735

its removed now

No. 1299744


it's so depressive that women can't grieve properly from their conditions, like pcos, without having a troon breathing down their necks and say, "omg, me too bestie, haha."

are there any women-health related subs that are being slowly dominated by mtfs?

No. 1299773

I know I'm late with this and I usually don't post here, but isn't Natalie Mars' wife an actual bio woman? I remember seeing a picture of Natalie eating her out (ew) and she seems to just have a standard vag. Her voice also sounds pretty cis to me.

No. 1299787

Mars seems to be about 5'8-ish standing next to men, I think his wife is one of those ultra expensive Dominatrix's cause of her height

No. 1299791

This is true to an extent, homosexuality wasn't seen as immoral in Asia until Christians memed them into believing it's a sin, but this tweet is just astronomical levels of ignorance. It's not that woke for a man to keep male side hoes to fuck while his wife is stuck birthing kids and sacrificing herself to take care of the house and the family while working her ass off. In most Asian countries women worked just the same as men did, the housebound tradwife concept didn't exist to the extent it did in western societies based on "protecting" women as they were seen too weak.

>a woman wanted to know if HRT like trans women take would help her condition, got attacked for being transphobic
How? I absolutely fail to see the logic here. How is this ~transphobic~? IIRC The HRT troons are assigned were initially designed to help women with hormonal issues.
>PCOS is intersex
I hate this meme so much, fuck.

No. 1299793

>the housebound tradwife concept didn't exist to the extent it did in western societies based on "protecting" women as they were seen too weak
what are you getting at, most women in the west worked in labor just as hard as men, both in the feudal era and after the Industrial resolution
other then women of the upper class, most women worked except maybe in certain Islamic societies

No. 1299794

It's mostly referring to the issue explained here about how protecting women's ability to reproduce or protecting them for threats wasn't seen as honorable: https://www.feministcurrent.com/2020/06/15/the-south-korean-womens-movement-we-are-not-flowers-we-are-a-fire/
>Part of the reason feminism has developed as it has in South Korea is historical and cultural. The women I spoke to explained that, historically, there has not been the same culture of male “chivalry” (male politeness and social protection of women) as in the West, meaning there is far less pretense about male domination. During the early 1950s, soldiers fighting in the Korean war made women walk over landmines before them to check for safe paths and to clear exploding bombs with their bodies. There is no historical shame around this practice.

No. 1299812

The radfem movement in Korea is much smaller and feminism in general isn't accepted by Korean women, a lot of modern South Korean culture isn't organic per-se either, they were under an authoritarian all power military dictatorship for over 40 years that tried to make Korea society into what they saw as best

No. 1299820

Okay, and? How the majority of people perceive feminism in Korea doesn't change the fact that historically homosexuality in pre-contemporary Asia was often another form of misogyny because women were seen as basically disposable tools to birth kids while men were fucking younger lovers. And even though sex with male concubines was allowed, exclusive homosexuality was often not as not having children was the biggest crime you could commit. The original point was some doofus claiming ancient China was a woke LGBTQ++ paradise because nobility was able to have gay orgies.

No. 1299834

Isn’t that literally what the tweet said? That homosexuality was commonplace and not penalized as long as you didn’t fuck over anyone politically by refusing to marry or bare children.

No. 1299844

I can understand why TiMS fetishize lesbians since many straight men have a lesbian fetish and think all women should be sexually available to men but can someone explain to me why on Earth so many TiFs have a fetish for a gay men? I read something by Blanchard and he said that even though he believes autogynephilia exists, he doesn't think the equivalent "autoandrophilia" exists. He says most straight women that transition have "autohomoeroticism". Where it's not about a woman feeling sexual arousal from the thought of herself as male but more that they want to be gay men and have romantic/sexual relationships with gay men while straight men are primarily drawn to the idea of having a female body.

No. 1299846

File: 1628943734574.jpg (884.44 KB, 969x2048, Screenshot_20210814-081828_Red…)

this dude is a serious cow. here he talks about how a real woman he doesn't know is his "transition goals" and throws a fit when said woman calls an ugly statue that he thinks he looks like ugly

No. 1299848

Xiran is a retard but it's true that homosexuality wasn't really that taboo in China compared to the Abrahamic shitholes of the Middle East and Europe.

No. 1299850

GAMPs are people who are attracted to TiMs. Mostly men, I have never heard of a female GAMP and there is zero research about them but I am sure they exist. The overwhelming majority of GAMPs are heterosexual men with AGP with much of the rest being bisexual men who want the "best of both worlds". Contrary to popular belief, GAMPs are rarely ever homosexual men.

Upper class women in China were allowed to have sexual relations with each other but it's not well-documented because history is male-dominated. I think the Chinese believed that two men having sex with each other could have "negative side-effects" on their qi but two women doing it was a "neutral" action.

No. 1299852

could someone one post that Tumblr post of that TIM fawning over those ancient Greek statues of alleged "Trans girls" but turns out those dicks were just edited in and those statues were just of regular women

No. 1299855

>"she said that I.."
>implying she said it to his face
>the tweet wasn't directed to him at all

No. 1299856

Why is that a lot of lesbian couples stay together or remain good friends even after one of them troons out? A lot straight couples split up on bad terms and a break up is pretty much inevitable with gay men. There's a lot of overlap between the lesbian and TiF communities from what I've seen and a lot of lesbian spaces will even allow TiFs in (but not TiMs which is based).

No. 1299857

Yeah, there was subreddit for women coping with mastectomy surgery for breast cancer. It lasted fuck all time, the troons pounced that sub like a boot on a beetle, because having female breasts that grow on your body as a woman is now the sin of a hate crimer

No. 1299858

Hetero males aren't inherently GAMPs but most GAMPs are hetero males with autogynephilia. They are attracted to women but most of all they love themselves and wish they had a female body. I know some GAMPs identify as bisexual but I don't know if that's true bisexuality or the pseudo-bisexuality that develops from autogynephilia. I do think it's pretty common for bisexuals to have an attraction to both feminine men and masculine women though.

No. 1299860

Why do so many of them immediately jump to stuff like "guess I'll die" over every minor inconvenience? I've seen them do it in the lesbian subs too where someone makes a joke about not liking dick or never getting pregnant because she's having lesbian sex. Is it just trying to manipulate people into catering to them with guilt trips?

No. 1299862

No. 1299863

File: 1628946370701.png (105.22 KB, 1072x705, r4chan.PNG)

r/4chan discuss wanking to traps

No. 1299865

>sexual attraction to genitalia functions more like a paraphilia than a sexuality

No. 1299867

They just have a fetish for raping and impregnating lesbians like a lot of straight men. But they can now do it in a "woke" way.

No. 1299871

Samefagging but I have also noticed that even thought they have a sexual fascination with gay men, they also completely reject bisexual men. Huh what's up with that?

No. 1299872

bi men might like them as …gasp women! and that's no good! just like those transbians who only want to date lesbians, they want the ultimate gender validation.

No. 1299876

Honestly I think its because they read too many gay fanfics which are often written by women, so they romanticize gay men as uwu soft and cuddly men that wont hurt me again like the evil straight men I've dated before (although gay men's relationships arent that sugar and sunshine either)

No. 1299878

I think many straight women are afraid of straight male sexuality and the power imbalance inherent in heterosexual relationships. They imagine themselves as men because they want to be seen as human and live through gay male romances where the two lovers are equals. Some straight women like gay men because they don't perceive them as sexual threats and a lot of gay men have similar hobbies to them like fashion, theater, and female pop stars (a lot of straight men hate those things). I sometimes hear stories about straight women who are really close to their gay male friends and are heartbroken that such friendships can never turn romantic because their gay male friend treats them nicer than any of the straight men they date.

No. 1299883

Unironically Fujo Brain rot
please, most of these women have never had any gay male friends, they live though their softboy Dekus or problematic ships and don't even attempt to create or seek out content with active female characters

No. 1299885

Autohomoeroticism is centuries old though. I don’t think it’s just fanfiction and anime making straight women wish they were gay men.

No. 1299886

lmao its way too easy to btfo trannies. you can do it without even knowing they exist

No. 1299887

>two women doing it was a "neutral" action.
Based Chinese moment?

No. 1299891

On average gay men put more effort into how they look so they work out and groom themselves. A lot of straight men don’t care and they look like ass. Even in their womansonas, straight TiMs are so much more horrifying than gay TiMs.

No. 1299898

>I am a biological trans woman
>I am a biological woman
They talk big on twitter like this all day long but confront them irl and they shrivel up like that male from the wi spa vid who tried to say that man was a transwoman even though he had a dick

No. 1299899

I think the Chinese idea was that if a man ejaculated too often by having frequent sex then he would be stripping away at his life force so two men having sex could also be bad if they were doing it a lot. Women don’t ejaculate so lesbian sex is neutral in terms of energy.

No. 1299910

MTE, how is this any different from Ancient Greece? Men are simply rabid horndogs.

No. 1299911

Sure, autohomoeroticism existed before, but never at this rate with the advent of the internet and tumblr/Ao3.
Theres also the factor of internalized misogyny reaching its peak with young women being groomed online that if they're not stereotypical bimbo girly girls and have a modicum of depth then they're non binary and ftm since women can't be as deep or intelligent as men, so since they're still attracted to men but still dont want to be seen as lowly women then they target gay men to affirm their new identity. It's honestly heartbreaking.

No. 1299926

File: 1628953797353.jpg (37.07 KB, 398x376, 2e6442fd02e7b4e699fcb5667025d1…)

>the way life was for the wealthy upper classes in Ancient China is the same as the way life was for everyone else

No. 1299931

anyone else notice that black troons tend to pass better? ive never seen a black trans person dye their hair rainbow colours, wear schoolgirl uniforms with hentai addictions etc. Its interesting cus they have traditionall the most masculine features too(racebaiting)

No. 1299932

even the old japanese have some samurai grooming on boys for 'male bonding' or someshit

No. 1299937

File: 1628954958699.jpg (848.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210814-103514_Boo…)

No. 1299938

Just wanted to add this was also a thing in an old Javanese region, lmao. Men in power dominating younger boys as a form of power is apparently quite popular in multiple ancient civilizations

No. 1299949

Nah they don't pass better they just are HSTS and the ones that we see in the media/IRL are ones who put a little fucking effort in.
They aren't Transbiens. The reason you dont see a bunch of men demanding black women suck their girldicks and they are "lesbians", is because trooning out is seen as a thing gay men do.
Fucking troons is seen as gay/bisexual/non-straight. They won't get far, not only from other men but with women.It's funny POC HSTS are more put togeather, but even the rare ones who do pass extremely well irl, still have to deal with Homophobia, are prostitutes and black men almost ALWAYS hide them. They aren't really coddled outside of the media.
Trust me, not all black/POC TIMS look like the ones on tv.Black troons don't pass better, HSTS at large, especially black ones tend to put more effort into how they look.
I've seen one troon thats known for being passing and in person they look hard and trans, You can tell they aren't female.

No. 1299953

Don't think he has anything to worry about, his date most definitely is expecting a male who looks like a member of a 00s indie band. Hair up or down, still looks the same.

No. 1299958

The "fetish for gay men" is more like longing for the sexual liberty gay men have what women don't get to experience, not inherently getting aroused by the thought of fucking gay men or being turned on by them. Assuming "autoandrophilia" is real is implying women experience the same sexual degeneracy as men which is inherently false.

No. 1299959

r/vaginismus seems to be safe from troons for now. But they will still probably try to worm their way in there anyway.

No. 1299967

I'm surprised that they haven't made posts there about dilating.

No. 1299970

They don’t. They are indeed more “feminine”, because they are almost all homosexual transexuals who are over-correcting and hyper-performing to be able to attract homophobic “straight” black men. Unlike the white troons who are overwhelmingly terminal animu transbians. But femininity does not equal passing. Though I can see why they can throw you off a little specially if you’re not black yourself.

No. 1299973

Funny how the comments go out of their way to coddle him. "OMG SO ADORABLE! You look like a cute elf!" meanwhile literally no woman who posts on femalehairadvice gets comments like that. kek.

No. 1299974

File: 1628959663383.jpg (471.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210125-075018_Chr…)

>Assuming "autoandrophilia" is real is implying women experience the same sexual degeneracy as men which is inherently false.
2% to 6% of women reported paraphilic levels of AAP behavior, interest, or fantasy in a large representative Czech study on paraphilias, anon. It exists. It's just less prevalent, significantly less transvestic, and women aren't nearly as big of coomers about it compared to AGP.

They already have, lol. There's nothing off-limits to these degenerates.

No. 1299976

>My penis wound that I'm trying to keep open is no different than a woman's vaginal issues

No. 1299977

This. You won't see Kevin Gibes in the BC. Chances are if you see a man in a dress it's a gay man in a dress or a troon (HSTS). I feel if homophobia wasn't as big of a issue, you'd see a bunch of BM trying to do what white AGP's do. Instead we get a bunch of HSTS who think because the men hiding them who claims "Straight" , means that ALL BM want them and that they see no difference between TIMS/BW. When they know deep down the reason these dudes proudly date women and hide their TIMS is because they don't see them as women.
It's because they have a fetish and/or more then likely they are bisexual/gay on the low. I feel like the hate some HSTS have towards women is 90% because of men. They either blame us for men treating them bad or blame us for not believing all straight men want them & it's not gay.
Even though it's a male issue. It's like they don't see how men, even TIM attracted men, talk about Troons/gay men.

No. 1299980

Hell, they pass better than most black women(racebaiting)

No. 1299983

Shut up race baiter. Black women don’t need to “pass”. They are women. Natural born. Something you will never be.

No. 1299987

Trannies are more racist than my overtly racist boomer dad, lmao. Even he never calls black women, manly. Conservative men in conservative dresses.

No. 1299988

It's more that gay men are better looking on average

No. 1299991

Why are men so degenerate and abusive across literally all ages. Is it biological at this point?

No. 1299995

File: 1628961827564.png (388.12 KB, 500x1983, 7AC4D648-8FEA-446C-AC9B-9BA73C…)

The original blog that posted the picture was a fetish blog,it almost amazes me how so many people fell for this

No. 1300000

most of these societies were super patriarchal and misogynistic even by ancient standards, they thought so little of women that they didn't think they had any purpose other then giving children, so for "pleasurable sex" was done this boys, the one place where this mentality and practice still exists is Afghanistan, which even other Muslims get shocked by the level of misogyny
the mentality was/is "women are for children and boys are for pleasure"

No. 1300001

appreciated anon, aboustetly hilarious

No. 1300002

>2000 years old statue

I can't tell if trolling or willfully retarded

No. 1300015

>transgender women
But they wouldn’t be either. Bad shoop and retardation aside, wouldn’t the logical assumption be, given the time period, that they are supposed to be intersex?

No. 1300019

Gay men simply put more effort into being attractive. Straight men know they can look like they crawled out of a dumpster and take a shower once a week and still be employed and in a long term relationship. It's scrotes who are extremely vocal about their (ironically actually extremely low) standards where women are shamed for having any standards whatsoever. So gay men put effort in to please the other men the same way women put effort in to please men. They aren't better looking, the awful reality is all straight men could look as good as a well-kept gay man if they gave a single fuck about being sexually attractive to their partners.

No. 1300036

It was awhile back but there was one who used to post there about his struggles to dilate while sharing a motel room with his young son, as though that would be the focus of a single homeless mother. He pretended to be a woman with vaginismus and kept his post history devoid of trans shit but was deluded enough to post a photo of himself to some other sub until someone pointed it out.

No. 1300051

Some pass like amiyah Scott or Janet mock before he got old but the ones I seen irl (black white Mexican etc) don't really pass. I've maybe seen 2 that kinda do but u can tell something is off in person. They can't hide that male walk Idk how to explain it but Men walk a certain way so when u see a passing one it's kinda like huh why does she walk like a dude/sashay like a gay guy (when I first saw Sidney Starr on baddies atl I thought it was a pretty woman w a big ass back that walked dudeish)

Asians tend to pass best

But I suppose any man can pass as a woman (till his male mannerisms betray him) with the right amount of surgery and horse piss pills

No. 1300064

They do, it’s just Reddit moderation making it look like they don’t. The people who do all get instantly downvoted to the point where their comments don’t even show, and they get their accounts banned / get banned from subs.

No. 1300097

This is a stereotype- There are a lot of hideous gross gay men who have horrible personal hygiene and don't put in any effort. Just look at the femboy thread.

No. 1300101

It baffles me that they thought this was legitimate, despite modern cosmetic procedures and estradiol not existing back then. Not that those things actually make men look like women as depicted, but that this would still be completely nonsensical imagery in their revisionist fantasy world.

No. 1300104

>dem fucking quints
this still exists in pakistan, too. google bacha bazi, if you want your day ruined.

No. 1300109

My family is from Pakistan, its something that exist in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, this custom used to exist in Central Asia as well before the Soviets had to end it forcefully, one of the reasons I believe state atheism and Communism for Muslim countries

No. 1300132

GAMP just sounds like bi w extra steps
Nothing hetero about fucking a mentally ill retard in the ass or wanting to get fucked in the ass to "feel like a woman". I wouldnt say a man fucking a person in a wolf costume is a zoophile. It's just mentally ill retards fucking and roleplaying

No. 1300135

Most femboys are just hetero men with AGP but they think being a transwoman is nasty and they love Nazism instead of communism.

No. 1300136

Men are degenerates. Straight males in many cultures would fuck young boys until they became too masculine because that’s when they lose their “feminine”
attractiveness. They think women are incomplete men or failed males.

No. 1300137

> longing for the sexual liberty gay men have
What? Gay men can’t even hold hands in most places without getting hate crimes. I think this is just straight women’s delusions from reading too much gay erotica.

No. 1300142

i think they mean men in general, which is then projected onto gay men as well even though the real world is homophobic

No. 1300158

File: 1628980330667.png (946.44 KB, 976x936, 0d6c1585df43955fb7ae75a1e573e0…)

Sage for OT, but it's because of the shape of the pelvis. Women's hips naturally swing up as they walk (as seen in picrel) and men's push down. You can sort of brute force your way into having a similar gait to the opposite sex, but it takes conscious effort and will still always look off to people even if they can't pick up on why.

No. 1300159


No. 1300173

Anon, straight males literally mutilate their bodies to look female.

No. 1300174

>longing for the sexual liberty gay men have
Maybe if you're a coomer who thinks real life is just like porn.

No. 1300195

Exactly, gay men in particular are stereotyped to be promiscuous and flamboyant which is an appealing thought to a woman who has to live with her sexuality repressed by society and never be equal and respected with a man in a relationship. Some of them are t4t lesbians with extra steps but some are just legitimate straight women who are repulsed by the thought of taking the woman's role in a heterosexual relationship because who wouldn't.

To be fair they do have a lot more sexual freedom within their own community than women could ever have. Men in general do, gay or not.

No. 1300200

If a man fucks or cooms to adult males he is bisexual or gay.
If a man fucks or cooms to male children he is a bisexual or gay pedophile. Hope that helped.

No. 1300202

The libfems have tried the whole promiscuous hookup gay lifestyle, so far it has resulted in trauma, abuse, violence, and being groomed into sexwork, so I'd say it was going great. There's a reason why women self-repress their sexuality. It isn't scrotes repressing us, they'd love nothing more than if we spent all day visibly naked and fucking ourselves for their amusement. Women need to restrict their sexuality for their own safety.

No. 1300208

>they'd love nothing more than if we spent all day visibly naked and fucking ourselves for their amusement
I don't understand, if they love it why do we have to take so many measures of safety?
They have never liked it, only they get to be promiscuous

No. 1300209

I don't think it's that straight women envy the gay male experience but straight women can't change their androsexuality and they envy having a male body so they end up wanting to "become gay men" even if the gay men in their imaginations are nothing like real gay men. Sexual repression among women is societally encouraged because men want women to remain "pure" but there's a lot of legitimate biological reasons to do it too. Men have more physical strength on average so they can overpower women, STDs in women are harder to spot and can be more dangerous, and women can get pregnant.

No. 1300211

No. 1300212

They don't. If you're black or you're used to seeing black people regularly, you can easily tell a TIM from a real black woman.
The same logic applies to clocking Asian TIMs. Westerners are not used to seeing certain asian features on the regular so they assume all kathoeys/ladyboys pass, while Thai people can easily spot them.

No. 1300221

Maybe it's female socialization that makes lesbians feel bad for TiFs and HSTS women stick around in lesbian communities because it's their safe space that they've been around in for years. A "straight trans man" is still a homosexual female after all and being around straight men could get her raped and killed. Gay men aren't raised to have empathy like women are and they are strongly attracted to masculine features so HSTS men are ostracized from their communities for being unattractive kek.

No. 1300226

That's true, a lot of lesbians do stay with their partner after transition. I think many lesbians are diehard about commitment and being with the "love of your life" while most gay men are casual about relationships so they move around from one man to the next like no problem. As for straight couples, a lot of them are just messes in general. A lot of straight women stick with tranny AGP husbands because they have kids or he manipulates her into staying with him. I do know some straight couples where the woman ended up trooning out and they are still together. I have no idea what the dynamics of those relationships are like.

No. 1300236

ayrt, I feel this is one of the inevitable end results of long established gender norms
Oh, I know GAMPs are not homosexual, I worded my question wrong, I meant to ask if ALL heterosexual men are GAMPs to a certain extent. Also would a female GAMP (attracted to TIMs) be homosexual then?
>Although I would speculate that most AGPs are inherently GAMP.
So would I
>They are attracted to women but most of all they love themselves and wish they had a female body
Sounds like a manifestation of extreme narcissism.
This also reminds me how many straight men LOVE to think about what they would do if they were to suddenly woke up in a woman's body. It's always weirded me out (not only because of they always make it sexual).

No. 1300239

Bi men won't "validate" their identity like gay men. It's why so many transbians want lesbian gfs but are disappointed that they can only attract bi women.

Another reason why straight women are attracted to gay men is because, ironically, gay men have zero sexual interest in them so there is no male sexual threat. A lot of bi men like straight women and feel entitled to straight women. They see straight women complaining about how terrible straight men are and think "well, why don't you just date a bi guy instead, we are superior to straight men".

Even many bisexual women won't date bisexual men. They think bi men are just gay men with one foot out of the closet and they prefer straight men. Meanwhile straight men fetishize bi women as massive sluts while a lot of bi men think bisexual women are just really annoying and attention seeking straight women.

I'm bi and I always thought it was strange how much bi men and women seem to hate each other while gays and lesbians have a strong allyship. So many bi women would rather form solidarity with lesbians (or at least pretend to) than they would with bi men which is why we get stupid terms like "wlw".

No. 1300243

Men will literally fuck rocks and trees.

Anyways, I think this thread is veering off the rails a bit.

No. 1300248

File: 1628989465430.jpg (72.96 KB, 640x423, bld9b3wv2eh71.jpg)

Contributing to the thread to say that, we have to be honest, that while he doesn't look like a woman, the estrogen does make him look a couple of years younger. I imagine an actual woman his age now and I have to wonder how men still have the audacity to shit on older women when one equivalent their age looks so many years younger than they do

No. 1300251

He doesn't look like that JUST because of estrogen, he's clearly had lots of plastic surgery. HRT doesn't do anything to men except give them limp dick and moobs.

No. 1300253

One again, women are thought of as "failed men".

No. 1300254

No. 1300255

File: 1628990147629.jpeg (847.86 KB, 2048x2048, E8IE3OKVEAEZUUt.jpeg)

>we have to be honest, that while he doesn't look like a woman, the estrogen does make him look a couple of years younger
We have to be honest that the estrogen makes him look a couple multipliers more insane. If I were to see this obvious troon nutter wearing a stranger things top in the street, I'd cross the road and avoid eye contact.

No. 1300258

File: 1628990571268.jpg (542.27 KB, 1201x1699, IMG_1197.JPG)

Sorry if this collage is messy but I really needed to encapsulate the mediocrity of this cow. Dude takes estrogen just to completely present as a man and jerk himself off on twitter for being the future girlboss of hip hop/pop.

Here's his music if anyone wants to hear what's really going to kick the ass of all female musicians ever.


No. 1300260

What the fuck. This is horrible.
It's actually tragic to think how many teens with dysphoria see shit like >>1300248 and believe the lie that they can turn into women. False advertising.

No. 1300261

>Black Kate Bush
No scrote can ever be Kate Bush, let alone a black Kate Bush. Only bush associated with him is his future lover in prison.

No. 1300264

samefag, I wonder if this is why women can get away with not disclosing their age? because men can't tell, plus they're already face-blind too

No. 1300267

Men who can't live up to the expectations placed on their sex often think becoming a woman is the solution because they consider it "easymode".

No. 1300268

File: 1628991159721.jpg (719.34 KB, 1440x1553, Screenshot_20210815-023205.jpg)

You're right. He's had every surgery done and still looks like an ugly hon kek

No. 1300269

Facelift and nose job.
HRT is a total scam lmao

No. 1300270

Men always think they are better than women, this even includes being women. Female musicians can make amazing music but they get put under a lot of scrutiny and no attention while mediocre male musicians are widely beloved even if they are terrible people. People still defend the douchebag that is Chris Brown while Tinashe gets torn to shreds for shit she didn't even say lol.

No. 1300271

File: 1628991705727.jpg (90.11 KB, 1079x587, Screenshot_20210814-205932_Red…)

No. 1300276

>Not a lesbian but I wish I was

Is he not aware that this is exactly why men are hated.

No. 1300277

File: 1628992512058.jpg (143.73 KB, 1080x767, Screenshot_20210814-185301.jpg)

>Does anyone have any clever alternative for women who, for whatever reason (pregnancy, menopause, hysterectomy, etc…), cannot menstruate?
Kek fails to mention he's a man.

No. 1300278

I thought a lot of their transition goals were porn stars, models, and anime girls. Red from Overly Sarcastic Productions seems like an odd choice.

No. 1300282

You underestimate how powerful autogynephilia is. It completely warps men's brains.

No. 1300308

File: 1628998496444.jpg (109.77 KB, 1080x616, Screenshot_20210814-210109_Red…)

most men have zero self-awareness (I seriously think it's a biological aspect of the Y chromosome) but this guy has a meltdown when he loses the cognitive dissonance enabled by his coomer hugbox–see >>1299578

No. 1300317

Troons are the ultimate cowards. Always running from any responsibility.

No. 1300338

File: 1629001815403.jpg (698.55 KB, 810x1736, Screenshot_20210815-002218_Boo…)

I knew I recognized this troon. Him and his wife both trooned out together during their 3rd decade of marriage, lmao.

No. 1300346

File: 1629002812742.jpg (19.55 KB, 260x312, 1452717611426.jpg)

… why?
is there something in the water?
what's the fucking point?

No. 1300350

Thought this was Ethan and Hila from H3 for a moment.
At least they’re with one another and leaving everyone else alone. I support troons dating one another.

No. 1300356

Apart from HSTS and AGP, a lot of men these days treat trooning out as their 'Get Out Of Male Free card'. This is especially common in leftist circles where you can collect and leverage your marginalised identities to seem more credible.

No. 1300357

File: 1629003766458.png (126.9 KB, 670x653, r_asktransgender_comments_o81a…)

samefag, browsed through his reddit account (>>1300338) and found the TIF blob describing her stunning "wife's" struggles.

TL;DR she passes because testosterone is a hell of drug, husband is a hon with giant bolt-ons and everyone notices.

No. 1300360

I hope there's no kids involved in this, I would kill myself if these were my parents

No. 1300361

They know they have male privilege which is why they have been able to dupe the world into believing that men actually experience the most extreme forms of misogyny and that even women (""cis women"") oppress them.

No. 1300366

What level of handmaiden is this?

No. 1300371

Wife of AGP level

No. 1300375

I swear to god, it seems like all TiFs like rats.

No. 1300393

File: 1629008969685.png (960.18 KB, 1440x2122, 20210815_072923.png)

And they're aware of what they're doing, too. Picrel
>Maybe that will get you in with us minorities

No. 1300403

File: 1629010656474.png (613.2 KB, 589x636, honposting.png)

>your still a privileged white male hetero
Nice projection, hon.

No. 1300407

This white man really called himself a minority

No. 1300424

File: 1629012889755.jpg (1.18 MB, 1108x992, Tumblr_l_43356855391201.jpg)

Kek. Same. Imagine trooning out to look like fucking Ethan Klein.

No. 1300425

File: 1629013018247.jpg (143.29 KB, 2187x1633, two-pet-rats-hugging-120798373…)

Leave rats out of this, Aidens don't deserve them.

No. 1300431

File: 1629014383424.jpg (446.61 KB, 1080x1409, Screenshot_20210815-035123_Boo…)

Sage for off topic, but that image reminds me of an infuriating post I saw on r/asktransgender yesterday. Someone asked if "cis" people could experience dysphoria, and they all pretended like it meant same-gender/sex dysphoria (e.g., a "cis" man dysphoric over not being masculine enough). They said so many incredibly toxic things about masculine women.

No. 1300437

File: 1629015046175.jpeg (83.44 KB, 600x600, 77048AF3-6901-4979-BAC7-6493C0…)

…does she realize how freakishly large 38H is? This is the closest breast size comparison I could find, and holy fuck imagine these as implants on a massive ribcage

No. 1300440

I hope John Money and whoever coined "gender dysphoria" as a diagnosis burn in hell.

No. 1300443

File: 1629015521946.jpeg (96.71 KB, 640x389, C46D9C19-46D3-4E28-9059-F74E36…)

I can't find the exact cup size anywhere, but mtf Fulvia Pellegrino has probably comparable tits? but it's hard to say given the disaster that is bra sizing.
Getting implants anywhere close to this large is some fucking deranged behavior though.

No. 1300444

File: 1629015744748.jpg (Spoiler Image, 516.33 KB, 1537x2049, agirlushouldknw_1.jpg)

Here you go anon, just for you

No. 1300445

If I stare at a negative of this pic long enough, would the original no longer be burned into my retinas? I'd really rather not have to see the mid-breast scar tissue overlayed on everything I look at. thanks

No. 1300446

What the fuck is happening in this pic? Is he wearing a full body pad? Is this the recovery procedure for implants?

No. 1300447

File: 1629016467175.png (69.54 KB, 857x542, agirlushouldknw_context.PNG)

Here's the context. The entire post is titled
>funniest photo of the surgery (so far)

No. 1300451

This is fucking demonic. We live in Hell.

No. 1300453

They all do, I've noticed it too. They follow trends mindlessly and the trend is/was to be a weird lil goth boy with rats (omg people find rats gross did u know!!!)

No. 1300455

Rats are small and bit gnarly looking, most anthropomorphized or humanized depictions of rats in media or children's literature depicts them as small, wiry and being tricksters, something that appeals greatly to TIFs

No. 1300456

these people get surgery like other people get dental cleanings jfc

No. 1300457

File: 1629019604258.png (1.13 MB, 1220x787, agirlushouldknow_ig(2).PNG)

i think he's self aware

No. 1300462

if this is true their in for a real treat getting thyroidectomy. i hope they enjoy their quality of life and their partner enjoys the martyrdom of taking care of a disabled narcissist.

No. 1300463

Why would you voluntarily let your thyroid be fucked with?
Does he have cancer??

No. 1300465

Now that's a blast from the past. This guy used to tripfag on cgl all the time as the best trap ever uwu. Strange to see that he's still doing it even though he must ve approaching 40 by now.

No. 1300539

Maybe because most TiFs feel some type of spiritual connection to rats in terms of appearance and behavior.

No. 1300575

The “boobs” are hilarious

No. 1300589

> thyroidectomy
They doing this now?

No. 1300608

>I do know some straight couples where the woman ended up trooning out and they are still together.
Are they full on fakebois with lopped-off tits and T, or do they just identify as enbies and do nothing to alter their appearance?

No. 1300615

Rats are considered "gross" and not as feminine as similar types of pets(hamster, chinchilla, etc), which attracts NLOG TIFs like no other. That being said, every single rat owner I know is a woman, kek

No. 1300618

Straight people so bored after 3 decades of marriage they decide to trade genders with each other for fun and attention

No. 1300672

What a fucking goldmine of male bullshit. I can't even pick out a highlight. Most women have suffered with body dysmorphia since puberty, even the thin, pretty ones feel "born in the wrong body". Women will read troons bullshit and feel sympathy for troons, when porn fried males are more than half of the reason why women feel pressured to go full Karen Carpenter. Even most hot women still end up with shitty boyfriends who neg them about their weight and looks. 99% of these sick fucks still won't do that to themselves, they will fawn over each other no matter how gross and fat they are.

No. 1300714

File: 1629057496442.jpg (709.4 KB, 720x1425, Screenshot_20210815-142439_Twi…)

Can't make a decent screenshot compilation right now, but this thread is full of gold.

No. 1300716

File: 1629057563661.jpg (Spoiler Image, 532.54 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210815-143842_Twi…)

One of my favorite specimens from the thread. Fucking revolting.

No. 1300720

File: 1629057710214.jpg (524.67 KB, 720x1122, Screenshot_20210815-143529_Twi…)

Epitome of femininity

No. 1300724

File: 1629058138743.jpg (1.41 MB, 1080x2706, Screenshot_20210815-210721.jpg)

Why do revolting hons share their age so proudly? Do they think they look younger or something?

No. 1300727

File: 1629058317221.jpeg (294.4 KB, 1125x1235, 12AABA90-5343-40D2-8957-CA61AB…)

It looks like it's either completely unrelated to appearance (a result of some thyroid dysfunction that may or may not have resulted from hormones), or he's mistakenly calling a removal of the thyroid cartilage a removal of the thyroid. It turns out that shaving down the cartilage around the Adam's apple can result in scar tissue buildup on one or both sides, so this may be a corrective surgery.

No. 1300729

Why do people say straight men are raping and fucking other males and male children???
Are gay men raping and fucking women and girls when they get bored of dick? Cus I've been told by gay dudes about the married "straight" men that fuck them and how they get bored of pussy but it's like… So do gays get bored of dick?

I've heard libfems and gay dudes say shit like this and it's honestly disturbing. Gay men wanna turn out straight dudes just as much as straight dudes wanna turn out lesbians.

No. 1300746

Thanks for my pizza, sir!

No. 1300756

>Cus I've been told by gay dudes about the married "straight" men that fuck them and how they get bored of pussy
Those are just closeted gay or bi men

No. 1300770

I do know some male rat owners but they are 10 year old boys. I’ve never seen men own rats. Rats aren’t even that “gross”, they are sort of cute because they are still mammalian so I can see why they attract TiFs. If they want “gross” pets they should get snakes, insects, and arachnids.

No. 1300772

Oh, Kevin Gibes spotted in the wild. I'm willing to bet troons do these kinds of "selfie-trains" just to see some fuckers that are even less passing than them to feel better about themselves.

No. 1300775

Straight men would fuck rocks and chimpanzees. And we do know that most men who commit CSA are heterosexual, even men who rape boys are far more likely to be heterosexual AND non-pedophilic. One of the largest reasons for the increase in non-pedophilic males committing CSA has been linked to curiosity spurred by pornography. Most men who watch shit like “barely legal teen gets gangbanged” aren’t actually pedos. In clinical usage, pedophiles are specifically adults who are only attracted to pre-pubescent children and they were born that way, it’s not just a word to describe anyone who commits sex crimes against children. There are heterosexual men who have a normal attraction to women but external stimuli have warped their sexualities in a way that they have also developed sexual interest in children. I also think porn is why so many men become transgender and now AGP far outnumber HSTS. Men are far more likely to have paraphilias than women but they are also far more likely to consume deranged pornography.

No. 1300778

Tbh in the past most men would considered “pedos” by today’s standards because they were marrying 12 year old girls. There wasn’t any concept of being a teenager and they mostly saw children as small adults.

But you’re right about most people who commit CSA. These offenders do not meet the actual psychiatric criteria for pedophilic disorder. People just use the word to describe anybody who hurts children in a sexual way so it’s lost it’s meaning.

No. 1300782

I'm sorry to be that derailing history nerd fag but marriage that young was mostly only practiced by the social elite for political purposes and was not common among the working class peasants

No. 1300787

The fact that they would rape boys, which are MALE children, automatically negates them from being heterosexual. They're simply closeted gay or bi men who are fucking pedos. It's not that deep.

No. 1300791

I’m talking about Mesopotamia, anon. Europeans weren’t even literate yet.

No. 1300793

>thinking the 16th century western european marriage pattern applied everywhere around the world

No. 1300797

did I say anything about Europe? lol

No. 1300798

Pedophilia is a paraphilia, not a true sexual orientation. They're attracted to innocence and the sense of power they get from corrupting that innocence, so the sex of the child often doesn't matter. The Romans who fucked boys would only do so until the boys started to go through puberty and gain masculine features; any sexual contact with them after this was considered licentious and highly looked down upon.

No. 1300802

Western Europe is the only place your version of history would apply to.

No. 1300809

>considered licentious
so, pedophilia>gay
i hate men

No. 1300814

anon it makes me uncomfortable too, but then I remember i think of children as sexless (not in a nb way) and can easily see how pedo hetero men can interpret this sexlessness for femininity, as weird as it sounds

No. 1300817

So a man who rapes women and women only and gets off to overpowering them and humiliating them isn't straight? What about a man who only seeks out young girls and doesnt pursue women, he isnt straight either? This doesnt reflect on their sexual orientation at all? Could you say with full confidence that these men are actually gay?
Tired of seeing braindead takes like "straight men like raping boys". As long as a man is attracted to a Male, young or adult, then he isn't straight. The age doesnt fucking matter.

No. 1300821

Thanks anon, I'll have nightmares now.

No. 1300822

You're right, age doesn't matter; if its male on male then it's gay. How some cultures viewed it in the past though was that it didn't matter if you were the giver, it was only gay if you were the receiver. So if you put your dick in a man's ass it wasn't gay (as you're overpowering them), but if you got your ass filled with dick then you were gay. Basically: men trying to cope with the fact that they weren't fucking pussy and trying to bargain with it, which honestly you still see today.

This is absolutely off-topic though. Men have not changed in millennia and still come up with excuses to fuck something instead of pussy.

No. 1300824

Also samefag but I understand your view of seeing children "sexless" anon. But i see "hetero" men raping boys like chasers who are attracted to "femininity" in trannys but still try to convince us that they're actually totally straight guys since TWAW. That still doesnt mean that the troons they're fucking arent actually men and that they are engaging in homosexual sex.

No. 1300827

There are multiple kinds of rapists, with the two most common types being delusional rapists and sadistic rapists. Delusional rapists believe that their victim is in love with them and the assault is romantic(virtually all female and most statutory rapists fall into this category), while sadistic rapists know that what they're doing is hurting/degrading their victim and draw pleasure from that.

Men rape little old grannies, coma patients, literal pants-shitting retards, animals, you name it. They don't necessarilty need to find someone(or something) attractive to get hard over them or perform sexually.

No. 1300828

File: 1629072642320.jpg (229.89 KB, 860x925, salad_uwu.jpg)

Found this annoying troon in my province subreddit.
Eating salad makes you more feminine apparently. His whole post history is fucking cringe.

No. 1300831

>no chocolate, no beer
So he started to look more feminine because he lost the beer belly and some weight? Fucking kek

No. 1300833

The one problem I can see with this is that most of the man on boy pedophilia I have heard of is due to lack of access to other victims, rather than specific targetted attraction to their victims. Basically, a straight pedo will "settle" for a boy if he gets more access to them, or less access to girls, because the differences are way less noticeable before puberty, and it's about power over the innocent more than the sex of the child. If priests had access to little girls like they had to church boys, for example, we wouldn't be hearing about priests raping church boys nearly as much. It's homosexual sex by definition, but I promise you the majority of male pedophiles aren't having sex with boys due to attraction to males. I understand this may be a hard concept to wrap your head around, but please remember that pedophilia is a psychotic paraphilia to begin with. It doesn't line up with regular logic.

No. 1300835

Ayrt and all hetero men in general lump women and children (yes including males) together into the same category in general (bc we "cannot" take care of ourselves), whether they are pedophiles or not

No. 1300837

Believe it or not, a lot of rapists aren't sexually attracted to their rape victims. They just want to degrade and humiliate them in the most male way possible. Men always threaten to have sex with the women they hate while a woman would never even think of having sex with men they hate.

No. 1300838

>Men have not changed in millennia and still come up with excuses to fuck something instead of pussy.
This is so true. A lot of men act Jail Gay about sexuality. Act like they have no CHOICE but to fuck eachother, "oh I'm attracted to femininty, transwomen are more feminine then Cis women because they have to work at it, it has nothing to do with the fact I like to ride dick like a cowboy and i have a fetish for men with tits. It has nothing to do with "cis" women not having a penis"
The amount of excuses men make for doing dumb, disgusting and illegal shit with their dicks & the way they blame everyone but themselves is honestly sick.

No. 1300840

It's weird how they had a lot of homosexual activity but were also very violently homophobic.

>It's only acceptable if a man has sex with a teenage boy. It's wrong if it's two adult men having sex with each other.

>It's okay to have gay sex but only if you are functionally bisexual. Exclusive homosexuality is gonna get you ostracized from society.

No. 1300843

I see your point with men targeting the closest thing to a female when nothing else is available (which is unfortunately prepubescent boys) but I still firmly believe that this means that these men arent hetero, but bisexual. Actually, I believe that many men have bisexual-leanings, which is why in many confined spaces with no access to women, men who had never thought about fucking men before might resort to engaging in sex with men after confinement (like prisons and on ships). Women might constitute 97% of their attraction, but it still leaves a small room to men in case the situation got dire for them.

No. 1300848

Honestly, that's fair enough. I'm not sure how solidly we can classify male sexuality, though. They'll turn to beastiality or autoerotica, without much prompting. Just look how many scrotes are furries and troons.

No. 1300849

A bunch of heterosexual males having sex with each other because there are no women around would be a case of situational sexuality. I do think bisexuality is a lot more common in males than official reports suggest but hetero male sexuality can manifest itself in seriously bizarre ways. Autogynephilia for example is a heterosexual male phenomenon where there are so aroused by the female body that they end up wanting a female body themselves.

No. 1300853

File: 1629075031925.jpeg (185.35 KB, 990x672, 22355C26-5590-4145-BA3F-AB4F78…)

Yet another thing to add to troons victim list.

No. 1300856

So…ugly, disease-ridden, and afraid of pussies.

I think bisexuality in women is overestimated while bisexuality in men is underestimated. A lot of so-called bisexual women are actually just straight women who think finding the occasional woman pretty is the same as sexual attraction or they claim to be bi to be more appealing to males. Bisexual women form the single largest group in the LGBT while bisexual men form the smallest. It just doesn't add up. You would expect the numbers to be a lot closer. I mean, unless there is some biological reason for bisexuality being more common in females than males…but I don't believe in the "women are more sexually fluid than men" shit.

No. 1300857

"Situational-sexuality" is just men trying to label their attraction to men as anything but gay.

Also true about AGP men. Funnily enough on the tranny subs, I've read many of then saying they had never been attracted to men before transitioning but after transitioning they started being attracted to them. I'm still not sure if it's because they fetishize and love the "humiliation" of womanhood so much that they think the ultimate seal to it is to be fucked by a man that it manifests in a psuedo-bisexuality kind of way or that they were always bisexual but simply leaned more into their attraction to (straight) men after transitioning to validate their new identity (which is why they also target lesbians so vehemently since if a lesbian is attracted to him, then that means that hes truly a woman)

No. 1300858

God damn it, this is exactly why I'm hesitant to allow discussion of "circumcision bad" in my personal life, even though I don't necessarily disagree with it. The gap between FGM and circumcision is just too fucking massive, and any time you give moids an inch, they take a mile. Retarded moids make me have to say I'm glad their dickskin got cut so that the goalposts stay at "circumcision is bad" instead of moving to "circumcision is just as bad, if not worse, than FGM". I bet this idiot doesn't even clean his dick enough to keep the smegma off without the foreskin, he should be thanking doctors for letting him live in squalor without becoming necrotic.

No. 1300860

There's a lot less of a social stigma against bisexual women than bisexual men so I can see why some "straight" men would end up coming out as bisexual after identifying as "women". I saw it a few times on the now-dead subreddit r/Blanchardianism. Though pseudo-bisexuality was still the much more common experience for TiM bisexuals. Pseudo-bisexual TiMs wanted to have sex with heterosexual men as a way to validate their identity as women. They would fantasize about themselves getting penetrated in the anus which they would imagine as a vagina and all the men they had sex with were completely faceless. It seems like they project their experience onto the women in pornography they watch because men are also often faceless in porn.

No. 1300861

Forgot to add: They aren't sexually attracted to other men but they are attracted to the idea of being "treated as a woman".

No. 1300865

Situational sexuality also exists for women. Look at all the straight women in "lesbian porn". They aren't attracted to other women, they just do it to get money or make themselves more famous.

No. 1300866

I also think that since AGP TiMs are often incels as well, they might see coming out as a bisexual man before transitioning as hurting their chances even further with the majority of women (who are straight) since they greatly prefer dating straight men instead of a bisexual men.

>they are attracted to the idea of being "treated as a woman"

God, men are so degenerate. Is there literally anything they wont fetishise and get off of to? Are men seriously led by their dicks that much? Are they fundamentally broken at this point with how easily their arousal patterns are influenced? I bet you can make a man get a hard on whenever he sees a tree if you exposed him to enough pictures of them with wooden boobs photoshopped on them.

No. 1300870

That's not true. Situational sexuality refers to social and environmental factors that may make someone's sexual behavior different from their actual sexual orientation. Like, straight women kissing each other at a party would be a case of situational sexual behaviour or a gay man getting married and having sex with women because society expects that of him.

No. 1300871

The stereotype is that women's sexuality is 'fluid' while men's is set and rigid, but in reality the opposite is true. Male sexuality is far more malleable than female sexuality, which is why virtually all paraphiliacs are male. It's also why men who otherwise would never look at another man sexually can take male lovers in prison, the military, and other all-male environments where women aren't available.

No. 1300874

I'd rather call these two situations performative sexuality where the end goal isn't to coom, but to keep up an appearance or to arouse and excite their watchers. In case of all-Male environments though and "situational sexuality", all what these men want to do is to coom. It's only about their dick and sexual pleasure there. So yeah, if you fuck a man so you can cum you're atleast bi, son.

No. 1300875

>can take male lovers in prison, the military, and other all-male environments where women aren't available.
I don't think this makes those men bisexual. Most of the men who engage in this still masturbate exclusively to women, try to imagine the other man they have sex with as a woman, and they emasculate each other. Since there are no women in prison, men will force other men to be their "prison bitches". Prison bitches have to cook their partner's food, call their mouth a "prison pussy", and they aren't even allowed to stand up while peeing because that's a male thing.(Derail)

No. 1300876

File: 1629077644273.png (584.91 KB, 1884x738, biological idiot.png)

Great. Can't even search for collage art in peace.

(Sorry for the wonky screencap.)

No. 1300877

Is there is no such thing as a biological woman then why so men bother with "gender transition" in the first place. No point in getting HRT, FFS, vaginoplasty, or breast implants.

No. 1300878

>Comments on this post have been limited
Uh huh. Poor fool couldn't take the heat with that shitty take

No. 1300880

Kek. This man really thought his shit tier cope wasn't blatantly obvious.

No. 1300883

How does misogyny even work in their world? If women's rights are limited but "women" refers to a social role and not a biological class of people, then it follows that misogyny can be avoided by simply not "identifying" as a woman.

No. 1300886

Many troons are /pol/tards, or other brands of channers, so they largely don't really believe in actual misogyny. They think it's just judging women as sexy and weak, and men as strong and emotionless, nothing more. It's part of why they shut down any talk of women's reproductive rights, workplace equality, or standards for appearance and labor (of all varieties). Aside from being upset from the lack of validation, they genuinely just don't believe in women's oppression being a real or meaningful issue.

No. 1300887

It's a real mindfuck to think of how many of the 1990s furries got into furry by cooming to female characters, created female OCs to roleplay, then turned jailhouse gay IRL as the years went on. So I guess furries were troon trailblazers.

No. 1300888

>misogyny can be avoided by simply not "identifying" as a woman."
Literally why a lot of fakebois and non-binary they/them/he/him girls identify as such. It's an attempt to opt out of sexism and misogyny.
But then they get treated with misogyny by troons, so nothing really changes.

>There's no such thing as a bio woman!!
>"a brick is a woman who doesn't pass lmao"

They are so transparent. If bio women "don't exist" then how can passing and not passing as one even be a concept? kek but a bio woman doesn't need to pass anyway so it doesn't even matter.

No. 1300889

kek the coping in the second paragraph. Sorry, I am a biological woman and you will never be. Seethe and dilate etc. (I assume that's what the comments said prior limiting them)

No. 1300890

They also don't think rape is that bad and claim misogyny only exists in "shithole countries" in the Middle East and Western women actually have more rights than men. I hear them say that constantly.

No. 1300891

Prison bitches have to look and act like women as much as possible for their "prison husbands" (or at least what men think women are like). Men are truly inferior lifeforms.

No. 1300895

Queer theory is essentially misogynistic so it works just fine for them.
You can strap those people to chairs, force them to see/listen to the horrors women go through just for being born female and they won't mind at all. That instagram troon, tumblr & twitter TRAs and stablished queer/transactivists like Julia Serano and Judith Butler all have the same opinion: it's all performance, biology isn't a material reality because nothing is lol and anyone can opt out of it because [insert coomer or attention-whore reasoning here].

No. 1300911

U sound like a closeted dude. Yea most dudes do gay shit in prison but u can go w out sex or fuck a female CO if they're around and down for it
Sex isnt a necessity like sleep and food
It is at the very least bisexual since they always continue doing gay shit once they get out
I'm tired of all u weird bitches tryna call a man getting fucked in the ass to feel like a woman a bizarre form of heterosexuality. What about that is hetero cus they're roleplaying? It's misogynistic and homophobic
Personally I think they're much more bi men than straight. I think a straight man could be confused or experiment but if he continues doing gay shit he's apart of the alphabet gang
I had a straight friend who slept w a tranny out of desperation and it traumatized him. He prefers pussy to anal and seeing the dick and balls made him wanna throw up. Actual straight dudes and lesbians want pussy.(Derail)

No. 1300912

File: 1629083854482.png (1.74 MB, 1144x1452, copium is one heck of a drug.p…)

Couldn't help myself and peeped his other posts. The amount of cope and projection is unreal.
They really can't fathom that there are people who aren't terminally online like them. Meanwhile, he's the one posting collages obsessively about how much he hates women (including his own mother, apparently).

>You can't talk about the way cis women harm trans women

They talk about this nonstop! And get praise for it. I've still yet to see any "cis" women ever actually harming a troon but they stay saying this. And what privilege do we hold over them?

Also kek
>Trans women are not predators or invading female spaces
And yet, a whole 25 threads (and counting) here are full of evidence proving otherwise.

No. 1300914

>Sex isnt a necessity like sleep and food
Men treat access to sex as a human right and men in prison are prone to doing depraved shit without a care since they're the worst of all males.

No. 1300918

I actually think straight TiFs and TiMs are more stereotypically feminine and masculine than then average population.

Even when TiFs try to be masculine, their female socialization shows through with them trying to nurture little animals most people consider pests. On Reddit, a lot of TiFs say they own rats because they are cute, small, and smart. They say they think of rats as "misunderstood" and "underdogs".

And then you have TiMs who say they like computer science because it's "logical" and they don't have to socialize much with other people in the tech industry.

No. 1300921

File: 1629085516193.jpg (99.78 KB, 622x834, E8yLmYDXMAEwtAV.jpg)

No. 1300930

File: 1629086252598.jpg (75.94 KB, 1024x773, 6709.jpg)

It's always this pose.

No. 1300932

Most straight TiMs and TiFs are more aggressively heterosexual than even your average straight person, they are complete turbostraights. But they are in denial about their heterosexuality.

No. 1300934

With the midsection completely obscured, he does actually look like a woman, just haggard and with the worst pair implants I've seen since that Russian hooker's left one exploded on the bus that time

No. 1300942

File: 1629088211804.jpeg (219.56 KB, 1242x1400, 64700552-9FF2-40EE-8F4D-D22E6A…)

>brick moment
Violet Jaques here is very cocky considering this is what he looked like without the nosejob and filters. This loser had to e-beg and invest his life’s savings into surgery, to approximate what the “brick” here has naturally in abundance lmao

Of course, no one knows what a woman is, until they have to imitate one.

No. 1300943

>the way cis women harm trans women
by existing, no? and yet not a peep is said about men that kill them

No. 1300970


There used to be a British tv show a long time ago (and also rebooted in 2020 apparently) with Gok Wan "how to look good naked" where they'd always get their overweight, older lady guests to do this pose in the final photoshoot. It's a good pose to hide all the dodgy bits, funny transwomen have somehow decided this is a normal pose women do all the time for photos.

No. 1300971

They're trying to hide their frames, highlight their breasts, and make their legs and feet look more dainty. Unfortunately for them, it also highlights their giant moid heads, shoulders, and hands. But they don't notice, because they're too distracted by their own cleavage, and possibly hair and clothes.

No. 1300972

>I thought a lot of their transition goals were anime girls. Red from Overly Sarcastic Productions seems like an odd choice.
Why? It's just another cartoon girl, she even looks like a badly drawn Japanese cartoon.

No. 1300982

You do know Red is a real person right. The cartoon character is just how she appears in their education videos.

No. 1301003

Bugs r huge with the edgy TiF crowd tho they don’t keep them most of the time but love the imagery

No. 1301004

File: 1629097324455.jpg (90.13 KB, 602x1200, 31.jpg)

I doubt any Troons transition goal is an average looking slightly cubby girl who doesn't wear make up or shave, its probably her moe avatar that's his transition goal

No. 1301006

Girls like that are just trying to be edgy. They won't own insects themselves but they post pictures of them to seem more "masculine" because they know most women are scared of insects.

No. 1301014

sage for fucking blogpost but before reading for a second i thought i had lost my troon radar or that one actually passes for once because i saw a woman, but turns out no, my instincts are still right. Still amazes me how even without trying and even expecting to see a male posing as a female your brain instantly just knows

The concept of having a transition goal is so gross anyway, it's literally Olli London levels of unreachable delusion to think you can ever get even close to becoming another person

No. 1301016

accurate, as I said this is an average woman without any make up or filters on, hasn't even style her hair and yet any normal person can easily tell that she is a woman

No. 1301017

no amount of padding or shoop could replicate that hips to waist ratios on a moid figure

No. 1301019

File: 1629099753678.png (2.31 MB, 2100x2100, 31.png)

maybe its precisely because 10 year old boys own rats that they wish to own them, While most TIMs peruse the fantasy of being a porn fantasized version of teenage girl, most TIFs seem to strive to be "boys", the boys they saw on TV and IRL, the boys they probably had crushes on and the boys whose freedoms they wished they had
most modern TIFs from what I've seen don't have any desire to be "men" they want to be carefree cute young boys

No. 1301025

I knew a TiF who used to get angry if you called her a "man" or "trans man", she would only ever want to be called "boy" or "trans boy" even though she was 25.

No. 1301055

What is this caption? "Laying barefoot on a table for a camera just because you feel like it," as though this is some kind of universal female experience

No. 1301068

File: 1629110128983.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.97 KB, 2048x1536, threeleggedwoman.jpg)

>I'm standing naked in a river listening to sapphic love songs

No. 1301069

Even when she herself is a troon her life is still filled with being a personal assistant to her hon of a husband. Jesus christ.

I'm pretty sure they do, they want others to tell them they would have never guessed that this obvious middle aged man in a dress wasn't a 16-year old beauty queen. Sadly a lot of people do just that.

No. 1301072

Well, in a sense they were and a lot of the affluent troons today are oldschool furries, think back to the author of Assigned Male who recently got outed being a babyfur. Both demographcis are overrepresented in the autism spectrum, are sexual degenerates living for cooming, infantilize themselves, have pedo tendencies and can't stop pushing their fetishes on the people around them.

No. 1301074

kek I wonder how the people who defended them with "they just want to pee!" in 2018 feel now when the basic TWAW evolved into "trans women are biologically women and unattractive or GNC cis women don't qualify as women lol".

Anyway take this fucking TIF sperging back to the fakeboi thread, nobody cares about how you're totally more edgier and manlier than Aiden for owning a snake or whatever

No. 1301076

As an autist sperg myself I like to take every opportunity to tell normies and non-peaked people how absolute shit we autistic people are at having a solid sense of self and how easy it is for us to be manipulated into thinking we are trans/nb/kin/fat when we are literally just nonconforming and depressed because of our autism and related problems. So far using anorexia as a mirror example (as it is also overrepresented by autistic people and deals with body delusion) has been a good way to make people peak on troons, at least the autist ones. The only good thing about being an autist is having the insight and ability to explain other autists' bs without being judged for it.

I swear troons are praying on autists on purpose knowing they're easy to manipulate into their shitty coom circlejerk fest.

No. 1301077

File: 1629111613717.jpg (471.92 KB, 1076x1374, SmartSelect_20210816-065747_Fa…)

I hate this country

No. 1301079

As if men can't do this? Whut?
Kek at the dirty man feet. The agp troons never care about hygiene.

No. 1301080

I'm also on autism spectrum, I think the Internet is too dangerous for us, both autistic men and women get sucked into so much horrible political ideologies , fandoms or fetishes
Our Internet needs to be limited

No. 1301081

File: 1629112518780.jpg (160.64 KB, 900x900, 11.jpg)

that's Red from Overly Sarcastic Productions, a zoomer Youtube channel about history and mythology

No. 1301085

I wish autistic men had your self-insight.

No. 1301088

File: 1629113629145.png (5.14 MB, 2596x2048, creep_radiohead.png)

When you were here before
Couldn't look you in the eye
You're just like an angel
Your skin makes me cry
You float like a feather
In a beautiful world
I wish I was special
You're so fuckin' special
But I'm a creep
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doin' here?
I don't belong here
I don't care if it hurts
I wanna have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul
I want you to notice
When I'm not around
So fuckin' special
I wish I was special
But I'm a creep
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doin' here?
I don't belong here
She's running out the door (run)
She's running out
She run, run, run, run,
Whatever makes you happy
Whatever you want
You're so fuckin' special
I wish I was special
But I'm a creep
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doin' here?
I don't belong here
I don't belong here

No. 1301091

ntayrt I didn't realize it myself so ended up being a handmaiden tumblerina for years before reading up on my own autism and slowly piecing everything together for myself and what I saw in the autist communities I was in. I think even the autist men could be saved if we could just reach them before the troons and they could understand their own autism a bit better. I have peaked one male autist so far, before he thought he might be trans literally just because he "likes how dresses look" and that was it.
sorry to all nonnies for sperging

No. 1301093

Better than Scotland which is now trying to "re-educate" female rape survivors on their transphobia and calling them "bigots" if they don't want to be around trans women.

No. 1301094

File: 1629115443895.jpg (552.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210816-080041_Red…)

No. 1301097

File: 1629115640511.jpg (298.39 KB, 810x2346, Screenshot_20210816-080712_Boo…)

The comments kek.

No. 1301098

It's Scotland's bullshit that's helping to peak the rest of terf island.

No. 1301100

File: 1629115933167.png (133.25 KB, 624x520, WBE5304SC-41965.png)

No. 1301104

The bathing suit really helps empathize his V shaped male form. Autistic men will still look at this and think "long hair, heels, bathing suit, this is a wohmaaahn unga bunga".

No. 1301105

male autists need focus but were just as susceptible, maybe we don't as bad as most male autists but we get pulled into retarded fandom spaces or woke ideology and sometimes even kink

No. 1301106

>my superior culture had poems about our folk hero saying that marrying kids is wrong

sorry about your pedophile ancestry, others are different

No. 1301111

They really put a TiM in charge of rape shelters even though the position was reserved for women and rape survivors are usually triggered by being around men. I used to volunteer at a rape crisis shelter and loads of the women would have nightmares about being around men and urinate themselves when they saw men.

No. 1301112

It almost looks like this was taken just as he was tripping over, the way he’s walking looks so awkward. First time in heels maybe?

No. 1301113

Everybody has pedophile ancestry. Loads of our female ancestors were raped by moids as young girls and forcibly impregnated. Shit is inevitable.

No. 1301115

Does anyone laugh whenever TiMs and TiFs try to type like the opposite sex on the internet? TiMs say cringe shit shit like "omg you're gorgeous, sweetie!! hugs" while TiFs dial-up the misogyny and say "Suck on my dick, you stupid cunt".

No. 1301119

>TiFs dial-up the misogyny and say "Suck on my dick, you stupid cunt".
They really don't. Also this isn't GC general, take it to the fakeboi thread already.

No. 1301125

NYART but very few places in the world regularly had young girls marrying men, with the practice being even more rare in western Europe. Most commoners got married in their very late teens-early 20's up until the 19th century, where the average age of marriage went up to the mid-20's for both sexes. Sage for OT

No. 1301126

Scotland should just become independent already. Being next to Anglos means you're more easily exposed to US tranny bullshit in general. At least the average UK citizen isn't as fucking retarded as troons as the US is.

No. 1301133

ntayrt but they do, trans guys usually act overly masculine and curse a lot to appear like a moid. see: kalvin garrah

No. 1301147


>believing spells work

>using menstrual blood in these 'spells'

…Kay. I mean I know trannies are delusional. I guess believing 'magic spells' work makes sense.

No. 1301150

There was some story on Reddit about a tranny taking his female roommates used tampons out of the trash and making tea, in some magic thing or whatever to bring about his own period. Iirc he got caught and the roomie freaked out and he was asking Reddit if he was the asshole.

These people have no grasp on reality, none at all.

No. 1301161

File: 1629121447928.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.51 MB, 848x480, haileyheartless.webm)

This hog made a porno about correctively raping TERFs. He's buddies with Morgane Oger, the troon behind the campaign to defund the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter. Sage for old milk.

No. 1301163

wtf do you have a link? or has it been posted on one of these threads so i can go find it

No. 1301165

ntayrt but I know I've seen it on one of the old threads

No. 1301166

lmao what in the actual fuck

No. 1301169

File: 1629122262166.jpeg (70.24 KB, 550x290, 1626636658072.jpeg)

No. 1301171

No. 1301175

"… and get mad because a g- WOMAN like ME…"

No. 1301179

I couldn't watch this, it made me too uncomfortable. I at least got to the first mention of "TERF" to verify, but it's sickening. Do you have proof of his connection to Oger? This could be used to peak people, if so.

No. 1301185

>little terf
that's me

No. 1301187

File: 1629123538876.jpg (368.13 KB, 840x700, 1483264330527.jpg)

How is this Hefty bag talking right now? I hate this but also my sides are entirely stitched. Thanks, nonnie. I'm in hell.

No. 1301188

>yur ducs-gsting
>muh Budy
What spit lisp language is Penis Griffin speaking?

No. 1301190

This has the energy and production quality of a Tim and Eric skit

No. 1301191

File: 1629123722269.jpg (59.53 KB, 300x300, 76.jpg)

This is just pathetic really, does he not realize that the world isn't a femdom erotica story and he's just a fat fucking loser, does he have this little self awareness of how stupid he looks and sounds, hell I could probably beat him up

No. 1301200

When I was younger I read a heartbreaking article about a woman who had a family with an FGM tradition in her family. When she was 9 years old, her mother had a stranger come and perform illegal female genital mutilation while her family pinned her down on her kitchen table. This was a needless act of violence, a horrible traumatic event, performed because women in her culture are seen as less than for having a normal vagina. Literally mutilating our genitals to benefit patriarchal societies. She was one of the lucky ones as she mentions in her home country they scrape away the clitoris with sharp seashell

And this troon equates himself with her, why? Because he had a tiny bit of skin removed safely and surgically too far back for him to remember. Nothing like the oppressive nature of FGM.

Saged for sperging but I want to a-list so badly. The intention isnt even close to the same. Isnt circumcision done for hygiene? Wow, so evil and traumatic. They truly have no understanding of womens struggles no matter how hard they try

No. 1301201

File: 1629124064162.jpg (308.93 KB, 1080x978, Screenshot_20210816-102727_Red…)

No. 1301207

disgusting ass moids

No. 1301232

File: 1629125528967.jpeg (8.7 KB, 259x194, images (3).jpeg)


Live Love Kek

No. 1301233

File: 1629125638739.jpg (517.13 KB, 810x1604, Screenshot_20210816-104912_Chr…)

No. 1301252

This girl is literally so pretty it’s hilarious to see the troons coping in the replies calling her a man. It honestly made my morning. They think telling us we “don’t pass” does anything. They don’t understand we are not mentally ill. Women don’t 41% over being called SIR by a man in heels and his unwashed handmaiden lmao it’s literally non-consequential.

No. 1301275

This is the kind of stuff the police investigation finds encrypted on a hard drive in a serial killer's basement. Literal toy box killer tape vibes.

He also has a collection of Medium.com writings full of coomerism and tranny seething worth laughing at. https://medium.com/@SadistHailey . If I might recommend one here's the article he wrote about peak transing that's more like projection: the novel. https://medium.com/@SadistHailey/the-terrifying-thought-process-behind-peak-trans-4765ced450c1

No. 1301278

I think most normie men would at first glance think it's a woman. Then recoil in disgust once they notice his huge man legs and feet, because yuck gay. Men think with their dicks so skimpy bathing suit, flat stomach, long hair, make-up = hot woman

No. 1301286

Women don't need to "pass", we just are lol. Tranny brainrot is so weird.

No. 1301287

File: 1629129029072.jpeg (397.7 KB, 701x2633, F50705AC-60C5-4D49-8AC9-CF811B…)

And then everyone clapped!

No. 1301290

Literally what? You getting your festering wound checked is not a pap smear.

No. 1301292

File: 1629129770744.jpg (28.64 KB, 457x457, 1583189009626.jpg)

>Gynecologists actually humor these freaks and waste money on useless troon pap smears
No hope

No. 1301293

He still has his penis intact though so wtf is he even going on about? First reel on insta currently is him thrusting talking about topping his boyfriend.

No. 1301295

>a brick is a woman who doesn't pass lmao
lmao indeed, what do you mean by "woman" here exactly, ma'am

No. 1301301

I don't think they actually are tbh, troons are just pretending like doctors are humoring them for validation points

No. 1301303

laid ease plz, it's just a dumb moid making an unfunny joke. those are lyrics he's quoting.

No. 1301310

I hope so, but there was a gynecologist who claimed something like 50% of her bedside manner training revolved around troons and attending to their gender feelz by pretending to give them pelvic exams/pap smears when asked.

No. 1301334

Literally looks like one of the dudes from red letter media KEK

No. 1301335

My tranny ex started telling people I was also born a man cus I did not wanna get back w a mentally ill loser who gets pumped and dumped for lunch money
Like fool idc if u call me a man or tranny u are trying to become me not the other way around

No. 1301336

Even passing ones like this guy just look like little gay boys. I bet seeing him in person is even more jarring
Also these morons really do not give a fuck about their health. Literally going to a female doctor to roleplay lmfao the fuck

No. 1301337

How can you even make videos like this when you have the cadence of motherfucking Chills?!

No. 1301338

They admit to things like that but the when we say they’re all predatory, they get assmad and cry “terf!!”

No. 1301342

This never happened. But I am sure some trannies go to the gyno just to larp and waste a doctors time. And the doctors can't do anything or else they get review-bombed for being "transphobic". I hope one day trannies just go too fucking far and straight men have enough and end this hellworld. Nobody gives a shit if women suffer under trannies, but once they start to get too confident and actually become a nuisance to straight men they will be beaten back into the closet.

No. 1301353

This anon should check the Jill/Pixielocks thread (one before this one) because she did literally this and has only been a "they/them" for a matter of weeks. It's very telling when a woman thinks passing as a male online means being a sexually aggressive piece of shit, where men tend to larp as a Stacey-tier character in a teen comedy.

No. 1301360

Raping kids has more to do with power than being sexually attracted to the kid as a person. I dont think every male prisoner who decides to rape a weaker cellmate has been living in denial of their attraction to men either. Yes, the whole "i can date a troon and still be straight" is hard cope but men taking out their sexual aggression on whoever is the weakest isnt neccesarily a proof of how all men are bisexual.

No. 1301361

And those freaks say "we lose sex drive once we start HRT" it's all a lie, their male ogre body will always produce testosterone and think like a porn addict male

No. 1301362

Ah yes ladies! I remember my first time laying barefoot on a table posing for a camera! Do you??

No. 1301363

Men's voices being heard over women's? That's not new at all. The fact that he'd boast about it is even more proof he's a man from his body to his soul.

No. 1301364

No one here is talking about the lyrics scrotie

No. 1301367

File: 1629138794281.jpg (17.6 KB, 358x355, Ben 41%.jpg)

At this point, I actually miss Flat Earthers.

No. 1301382

File: 1629140607679.jpg (83.48 KB, 300x300, 72491677.jpg)

>"I bet this video is a godsend to you"


No. 1301393


there are some people who are just so awful and un-self aware that i have to stan them ironically to keep from going mad on account of their existence

No. 1301401

he looks like a hot air balloon made out of black trash bags

No. 1301403

File: 1629143892660.webm (694.42 KB, 1004x668, insecure troon kek.webm)

This troon got very annoyed when in the sea of asspats one channer said they think he used some editing software for his face so he posted this video. sorry about poor quality, heres the thread https://boards.4channel.org/lgbt/thread/21790222

No. 1301408

Leaving aside the fact that the very concept of hatefucking is the most male thing I can think of, I could never cum to anything with such a low production value. At least Hontrapoints has a basic grasp of mood lighting

No. 1301411

Not saying that all men are bisexual, but disregarding the homosexual practices of men even if it's only when women arent available and trying to explain it as "paraphilic hetero men and their obsession with power" is just as much of a hard cope as chasers trying to say that they're definitely still straight although they're literally fucking men.

Any man who bears to and enjoys riding, sucking and putting a dick in another man is not straight even if the sex is primarily about power to them and sexual aggression. Theres also female COs and masturbation in prison if a straight man is that sexually frustrated.

No. 1301413

Right, anons who say this are just coping on behalf of males. If you fuck another man, you're bi or gay, doesn't matter if you're on an island and the last two men alive. If you were straight you'd cobble together a woman out of sticks and fuck that instead. Gay sex is gay, sorry about it, doesn't matter how many disclaimers and what ifs you paint around it.

No. 1301420

what's wrong with his cheeks

No. 1301427

He looks like he's having an allergic reaction

No. 1301430

I'm hoping it's a lie, if not this is literally taking up time and costing money that could be used to save women's lives, all because you want "validation" from a stranger. Complete narcissism.

No. 1301433

Lmao what? If men were the last people they would absolutely fuck each other before a bunch of sticks, but also probably fuck the sticks and animals and dirt too. You’re giving too much credit to male sexuality it is mostly power and opportunity based, and delusional as fuck. A lot of men just fuck women because they’re easier to control and abuse, and project their issues of weakness onto a whole other gender because they can’t confront their egos. It’s just a slow and violent malfunction.

No. 1301441

You sound like a hetero woman trying to handwave moid degeneracy by saying it's just "those yucky gays". Your boyfriend isn't immune to sexually motivated moid retardation. If he was, we wouldn't have AGPs.

No. 1301449

File: 1629147979339.jpeg (85.05 KB, 543x497, 2F1640B9-386F-4549-8162-6D57E5…)

No. 1301458

>Anon who calls gay sex gay is homophobic apparently

Quite the opposite, try again. If anons are going to claim sex based on aggression, power play or degeneracy doesn't have any reflection on a man's sexuality boy do I have a surprise for them regarding "straight" male sex with women…

Plot twist all male sex has some elements of the above, you cannot excuse or explain an act away as merely degeneracy. Nor argue that because men fuck everything it somehow means homosexual sex is not homosexual.

No. 1301460

Men can get pap smears. Their colons are checked and tested. This person is probably joking. Nurses do the smears and it is more than just someone taking a glance. But who knows what hacks they go to for horse piss.

No. 1301481

>Nobody gives a shit if women suffer under trannies
Yep which is why the Wi Spa incident only gained some traction because it involved children and right wingers could go on about their pedo conspiracy theories. If it’s women being hurt then they don’t give a shit.

No. 1301492

You give moids far too much credit. Men will fuck anything, even things they hate and aren’t attracted to. And yes, this includes other men even when they have a heterosexual orientation.

No. 1301493

Both right and wrong. It’s based on looks, then availability and then gender. So a thin and decent looking tranny can have a moderate chance over a land whale, especially if the tranny is more willing to fuck.

It’s also not all men, just coomers from 4chan and Reddit. But reality slaps them in the balls when they finally meet up with the man handed, stubble faced and ridiculous voiced tranny.

No. 1301502

yikyak is back. it's time for me to spread to my local community the good news that men can't become women and enjoy the spergout

No. 1301509

fucking kek. go forth and spread the word of the lord, nona

No. 1301514

File: 1629156755709.jpeg (140.36 KB, 822x544, D3A8F31D-F8DB-405E-A1C5-4A0269…)

They are bad for feminism and GNC people as a whole.

No. 1301517

Is this why so many white timmies pretend to be Muslim women? Maybe apart from their need to collect as many marginalized identities as possible, they probably also like the strict gender roles and misogyny in Islam. The humiliation and oppression that Muslim women experience gives them an erection and they want that for themselves.

No. 1301520

Despite troons going on about how they are feminists, they actually love the gender roles which are clearly defined in Islam.

No. 1301523

What's with the 80s perm and clown makeup?

No. 1301525

File: 1629157513339.png (150.48 KB, 760x857, Screenshot_20210816-164402.png)

Ofc this ugo hates lesbians yet is trying to skinwalk as one

No. 1301529

>real lesbians are not like muh porn reeeee

No. 1301544

god please let them go to hating lesbians. i had to delete bumble there was too many troons.

Aside. I know it’s an insult but I am one of those “wine mum” energy lesbians and i love that he hates it. lesbians don’t want to suck your limp shrivelled girl dick. sorry not sorry.

No. 1301545

I have never felt dryer

No. 1301547

File: 1629160001242.jpg (81.85 KB, 682x682, 1517650505660.jpg)

Whatever happened to chijo?

No. 1301550

There's so much porn made by TiMs about raping TERFs but they still act like TERFs are the violent ones.

No. 1301563

There was never a point where troons didn't largely hate lesbians. The venn diagram of troons complaining about how awful (and ugly, stupid, prudish, bitchy, etc) lesbians are and troons saying they "wish they could live in a yuri anime with a supportive gf" is just a circle. Even if the tranny seems tame, and claims to be accepting and understanding of rejection, they're seething and posting about how terrible "those nasty dykes" are somewhere else. They hate that we're unattainable, both as something they desire to have and to be.

No. 1301567

I'm weirded out. I've noticed more and more of them that have a very similar face to this one. It's like they've all gone to the same doctor for FFS or something. Fucking bizarre.

No. 1301582

File: 1629165149111.jpg (182.47 KB, 541x956, how about no.jpg)

I feel so sorry for lesbians having to deal with shit like this 1/2

No. 1301583

Before the rise of troons, there were trannies. And while trannies hated women in general out of sheer jealousy, they were non-violent towards us and apathetic towards lesbians. After all, they didn't view lesbians as competition; trannies are obsessed with dick, like most other gay dudes, so lesbians flew under their radar. I was always indifferent about trannies because they aren't attracted to women and most are dick less… seeing a HSTS in a bathroom was a non-event. But now that we have fucking hons running around, simultaneously lusting after us and hating us enough to wish violence upon us, I'm willing to throw the baby out with the bath water.

No. 1301585

File: 1629165194960.jpg (435.95 KB, 1030x1384, troon 2 electric boogaloo.jpg)

No. 1301588

Yes, that is exactly why women are lesbians, so we can date pink-haired men performing ridiculous anime-influenced caricatures of women. You have truly saved us all, pink-haired scrote.

No. 1301591

dr dre cannot possiby be more important to you than women's lives

football cannot possibly be more important to you than women's lives

jerry lee lewis' music cannot possibly be more important to you than women's lives

what the fuck zhao, cantonese people are supposed to be based. you're embarassing us

No. 1301593

Worst shit I've ever seen. What's with that "That's right, line up and compliment me!" attitude, no one acts like that.

No. 1301594

i always mix up kim petras and trisha paytas because the names looks similar to me and i don't follow either of them/their careers. i just know they're like…blondes

No. 1301595

what's with these teeth?? i thought americans were supposed to have nice teeth. how come all the coomer troons have horrifying mutant beaver shit

No. 1301596

even if he was a woman, he's forgotten the cardinal rule: no fat chicks.

No. 1301612

I'm pretty sure AGP have always existed but they were just a lot rarer than they are now.

No. 1301613

Besides, she isn't Cantonese.

No. 1301617

File: 1629167256533.gif (330.03 KB, 275x207, 1592916400561.gif)

my sides have been thoroughly obliterated.
>that freakish side profile showing off that fucking caveman forehead
>chipmunk cheeks that'd make yumi king blush

No. 1301619

i just assumed since she's in vancouver. ok then hope she never comes over here

No. 1301621

Someone ask her how she felt about the Vancouver women’s shelter being shut down kek.

No. 1301623

She won't care, the rape relief shelter mostly housed indigenous Canadian women in the sex industry and nobody in Canada gives a shit about them (sadly).

No. 1301633

The thin, greasy hair clocks him immediately.

No. 1301638

Saw a troon on Twitter say he fantasizes about being an Afghan woman under Taliban rule. Very deranged behavior.

No. 1301643

File: 1629168434052.png (32.22 KB, 580x246, 3423.PNG)

But that's exactly how it works??

No. 1301645

> If it’s women being hurt then they don’t give a shit.
They generally don't give a shit about what would be considered "sjw shit". This includes also lgb erasure by transgenders. Because right wingers were targets of sjw or left wing activism (cancel culture, "bake that cake" type lawsuits). So women impacted by transgenders has a "reap what you sow" reaction generally.

No. 1301663

File: 1629170871882.jpg (208.56 KB, 1080x1299, Screenshot_20210816-202533.jpg)

No. 1301667

>I actually think straight TiFs and TiMs are more stereotypically feminine and masculine than then average population.

This 100%. In terms of behavior, appearance, and interests. AGP TIMs with their lantern jaws, fiveheads, terminal autism that you can practically read from their faces, incel logic, and over-representation in what are considered traditional masculine hobbies (gaming, porn, etc.) and careers (computer science, ex-military, etc.). Gaydens being into fashion, makeup, cute things, and more boy crazy than a teenage girl. And still looking soft, beardless, and chest hairless even after years on T.

No. 1301679

Mainstream media was completely silent on the Wi Spa issue until they got word that it might be a hoax and started pushing the narrative that the whole thing was created by religious anti-trans extremists. Since five or so women have applied to sue Wi Spa over indecent exposure, I highly doubt that it is a hoax. The women might actually win their court case but I know mainstream media will just bury the story all over again. They will talk about some random irrelevant trannoid getting into fights on Instagram before they will talk about big stories like this. I think that preciouschild lunatic from the Wi Spa thing was actually featured in the news and portrayed as a victim despite being an overall creep who was making death threats to women.

>Gaydens being into fashion, makeup, cute things, and more boy crazy than a teenage girl.
Don't forget the extreme internalized misogyny and hatred for other women while being massive pickmes for random moids. AGPs go on all day about how "evil" trans men and how they have "male privilege" even though every Aiden I know is a desperate cheerleader for hons and lets them stomp all over them. I've heard about TiMs raping TiFs and even forcibly impregnating them but it's still the TiF's who have "male privilege" despite rape and forced impregnation being peak male depravity. TiFs demonstrate so much stereotypical feminine behavior. Not even your average woman is that much of a handmaiden for the patriarchy. I used to think most TiFs were lesbian tomboys but it turns out that's not the case at all. Most of them are actually straight women who love girly shit (nail polish, fanfiction, boy bands) but hate being female (or they got called out for being a fujo once and now they LARP as a gay man to evade future criticism).

No. 1301684

Generally speaking, the reason that some of us here argue that prison gay and tranny chasing aren't same-sex attraction is to defend gay and genuinely bi people of both sexes. We believe it encourages the harmful idea that same-sex attraction is inherently paraphilic or conditional.

No. 1301693

>What's with that "That's right, line up and compliment me!" attitude, no one acts like that
you clearly havent seen troon twitter. Oh sorry you meant normal people yeah you're right, no one normal and sane acts like this.

No. 1301695

Wow, that's such a retarded way of thinking. As long as it involves men then it will be degenerate and paraphilic, regardless of their sexual orientation. Cant believe that you'll tell me with a straight face that no, tranny chasers are actually completely hetero; they might want to fuck men in dresses, but it's a fetish. They're not gay/bi we swear!!!!! And if my imaginary incarcerated nigel likes fucking men in prison, I still must think that he's fully straight and it was just desperate times!

No. 1301696

File: 1629177045877.png (10.08 KB, 963x182, Screenshot_2021-04-24_Beyond_t…)

Well said about straight TIFs being the ultimate pickmes, anon. TIFs are also more likely to have restrictive or bulimic eating disorders compared to the average female. And the overwhelming majority of trans people with eating disorders are TIFs (see picrel).

No. 1301703

File: 1629178526707.jpg (74.72 KB, 576x768, 585de2fc3afac68a56d3869c0f5203…)

Grooming their girlfriends to be their handmaiden Dommy Mommys, well that's new

No. 1301708

>As long as it involves men then it will be degenerate and paraphilic,

I have to agree, I think it helps nobody to try and set some imaginary bar for what is "real" sex and sexuality. It must involve love? No fetishes? Like where's the bar? This doesn't help bi and gay people at all (nor straight people, who also still get abused, are subject to fetishes and degeneracy from males) to set imaginary disclaimers and rules as to what does and doesn't constitute sex. Unfortunately rape is still sex, sexual fetishes are still sex, situational/conditional sex is still sex. Most rape occurs in prison to males, pretending it somehow isn't sex or isn't homosexual sex is not helpful at all. Sex doesn't need to be romantic or whatever the weird gatekeeping anons think it needs to be to "qualify" - people are the sexuality they are regardless of how abusive or kind the sexual acts they engage with are.

I've never heard this line of thinking elsewhere up to now, ironic that a MTF thread documenting people who deny physical reality would have anons denying physical reality in it due to their own obscure rationale.

No. 1301711

It all depends on how you define sexual orientation I guess. There are three basic ways you can conceive it. And they're all equally valid to a certain extent:

1. Sexual orientation as an identity. Obviously identity is important. But taken to its extreme a la genderists and queer theory, it leads to ridiculous claims like lesbians can be attracted to men or penises and that gender presentation is more important than primary sex characteristics. Also, identity can be entirely superficial like in cases where a person's sexual identity has nothing in common with their past sexual behavior or what they find sexually arousing.
2. Sexual orientation as behavior. Looking at a person's prior sexual history. How many male and female partners have they had. This seems to be the no nonsense approach to sexual orientation.
3. Sexual orientation as arousal to male or female bodies and sex characteristics. This is the sexologist approach. They argue that prison gay, GAMP, and AGP meta-attraction aren't genuine androphilia because none of those groups are aroused by male sexual characteristics.

sage for derailing(derailing)

No. 1301713

your mistake is conflating male and female sexualities and thinking they work the same way. male sexuality is base and crude, there is no reason to defend or argue for their orientation

No. 1301717

File: 1629183737375.png (737.53 KB, 544x874, aww hell naw.png)

what a coincidence you post that just after i saw this lol

No. 1301718

File: 1629183825636.jpg (429.42 KB, 1077x1095, Screenshot_20210817-025011_Red…)

really makes you think

No. 1301720

Do gay guys get boners while having fun with their hetero male friends? I can't tell if this is a male thing or a creepy trans coomer thing.

No. 1301723

it's 100% of the time a male thing

No. 1301729

a gender therapist doing their job and not "validating" everyone on sight? how long until they get fired?

No. 1301731

>women impacted by transgenders has a "reap what you sow" reaction generally.
that has nothing to do with right wingers being targeted. any man who has that reaction is just a regular woman hating incel. even if all women were rightoid tradwives those sort of men would still say the tradwives deserve to be abused and should reap what they've sown because Eve ate the apple from the three.
white men pulling the "reap what you sow" shit after centuries of witch burnings and slavery is absolutely shameful.

No. 1301737

File: 1629188089844.png (4.98 MB, 2484x2593, 37726815-3AD4-4382-9AA0-7AFDF2…)

I read the replies under the maid outfit picture and his followers are telling him how pretty he is and that the dress fits him so well Also he’s anti-gamer gate so another secretgamergirl aka man pretending to be angry at misogynistic gamers. Tweet on the bottom is his latest tweet. The feet censoring and mask didn’t work because people are calling them 3 grown men in the qts kek

No. 1301739

>any man who has that reaction is just a regular woman hating incel.
I wasn't thinking about men. I have that "reap what you sow" reaction sometimes when I read through LGBDropTheT or posts from former handmaidens / leftists / sjws. Current politics is hyperbolized and insane, but I'm still going to have a giggle at anyone who supported movements with unscrupulous tactics.

No. 1301750

File: 1629189462949.jpg (222.15 KB, 900x996, page0.jpg)

Anybody else seeing the clown show that is Chris Crocker "officially" trooning out? Nobody has noticed the fact that he's literally skinwalking young Britney Spears and the "southern belle" stereotype. These men really think we're a handful of hollow stereotypes that they get to choose their favorite from and it's nauseating. Not to mention that all he does is eat like a pig and creepily AGP grin at the camera while playing with his wig lol. He'll always be "aesthetically male" and won't attract straight men like he assumes he will because of that fact, jfc. I'm tired of people thinking feminine male mannerisms = female mannerisms

No. 1301754

Straight males dating him won't make sense to them as heterosexuals men either dude, it goes both ways.

No. 1301759

eskay is an attention deprived moid who got gamers to pay attention to him after he experienced le epic discord grooming, dude is as untouchable irl as you can get. but of course he was one of the more well known "Women" In Esports

No. 1301760

ntayrt but keep coping then, I guess

No. 1301761

Dude mentioned bisexual and special bisexual (aka Pansexuals) for a reason. I remember a youtuber troon making a video announcing they prefer Bisexual men, and it's like, "yeah, because you have a dick and you want a man thats attracted to men and male parts" but they try to make it seem like they want bisexual men because, "they are attracted to me as a woman" instead of what they & we all know.
Most these men end up with bisexual coomers anyway. Also, it's must be so sad to date for validation. When straight women want a straight man, they don't do it because "it makes me feel more like a woman/more straight, i'm validated as a straight woman".
I also thought this dude already trooned out and de-trooned? He also did porn for a bit.

No. 1301771

>dude enjoys clothing and other stuff usually worn by women
>has passing thoughts here and there about womanhood
>it's a tad mentally ill
>disappointed with his life
>retreats to what makes him coom and/or brings him joy
>"I have been wanting to transition since I was a teenager"
lmfao it's always the same thing, it's like they follow a script.

He was into crossdressing, but I don't remember any "ackshually, i'm trans" moment. He's just a flaming homo with shittons of internalised homophobia and this is the end result.

No. 1301776

Damn, perspective is crazy. I thought his icon was super clockable, but the particular way he spoke to another troon was also a major clock.

No. 1301787

>These men really think we're a handful of hollow stereotypes that they get to choose their favorite from and it's nauseating.
This is because of porn-addiction. They literally think of women in porn categories. "Petite teen" "Busty MILF" "Nerdy schoolgirl"… they just want to become their favorite porn scene.

No. 1301815

this is also why trannies hate bisexual women with a seething, violent passion - they are the opposite of bisexual men, because they remind troons that they’ll always be seen as a man by women (including the ones who are romantically/sexually attracted to other women). you see it all the time - they fetishise, stalk, and attempt to emulate lesbian women in everything they do, but they’re vicious towards bisexual women.

No. 1301816

Didn’t he literally do gay porn? I’m so confused. Make it make sense

No. 1301819

They hate straight and bisexual women because they have to share them with other men while in their eyes lesbians are virgin madonnas abstaining from being soiled by males and saving themselves for the tranny incel in a dress.

No. 1301822

Lol most troons I have talked don’t even think bisexual women exist, they think they’re just slutty and attention seeking straight women (well some of them are but that’s besides the point).

No. 1301824

That’s what HSTS think of bi women. The anon you are responding to is talking about AGP. HSTS don’t care about lesbians but AGP are utterly obsessed with them.

No. 1301825

don’t forget - if a lesbian vaguely gives them the time of day, it also definitely means they’re a real and true cute gorgeous anime girl irl! not like those evil straight women and ‘bisexuals’, who do nothing but whore themselves out to yucky gross men (which troons definitely are not!!!!!!)

its also why i kek whenever the totally ‘undercover’ trannies on this thread start absolutely reeing about how evil straight/bi women are out of nowhere. they can’t make it any more obvious to the fact that they’re just moids trying to fit in by shitting at other moids they think they’re ‘better’ than, kek

No. 1301828

No, the point is that AGPs see straight and bisexual women as impure for being interested in other men while the transbian AGP gets to have a pure lesbian waifu all for himself without other men touching her. HSTSs on the other hand either ignore or hate lesbians for "wasting their womanhood" or whatever.

No. 1301832

Why do AGPs hate bi women when they’re the women most likely to actually date them? Most straight TiMs have either bi gfs or a straight gf with a gender identity.

No. 1301833

Because bi women are still interested in men as well. Lesbians aren't. If I have to spell it out for you:
>Incel is bitter about Stacey dating Chad
>Incel hates straight women for dating Chad
>Incel hates bi women for possibly dating Chad as well
>Incel realized lesbians don't date Chad so he doesn't have to share
>Pornsick incel starts coercing lesbians into dating him because he identifies as a real lesbian ma'am too, never having to fear their imaginary lesbian gf dumping them for Chad
It's literally why Chris-chan became obsessed with lesbians, anon. He was so mad over all the boyfriend-free potential sweethearts being taken by other jerk guys so he came up with the bright idea of becoming a woman himself to get a girl who will never be stolen away by another man.

No. 1301837

Sage for ot but why are incels so fixated on the imaginary chad? Like whenever on r/PPD a woman thinks that size matters the incel would come out immediately and say that "yeah, but if it was Chad you would've fucked him even if his dick was as big as a thumb". They're so obsessed with Chad that I think they wanna fuck him instead (which kinda explains the incel to troon pipeline and them fucking men after transition kek)

No. 1301839

Because Chad is the big villain to incels. It's the imaginary hot guy who gets all the girls so there's none left for the incels lol

No. 1301841


(kek at my cherry-picking but then explain why all these other troons smile with their mouth closed?)
I wished they did dental stuff as well, but to them the Female Experience is boobs, vagina, wig, boobs, skinny waist, and whatever male-fantasy stereotype is popular.

Her almond model mouth gape, well-kept eyebrows, lidded gaze, eyeshadow, voluminous bleached hair, lighting, camera angle and distance…
She gives the same vibe as Megan Fox that scrotes all coom over but I guess this crusty, thin-lipped, caveman eyebrow troon is so much more womanly. What Female would ever make a tiktok without at least BRUSHING her hair, let alone a little bit of makeup.

Cis Men don't groom themselves and neither do TIMs even though that's what they observe women do in their day-to-day life. cryingemoji cryingemoji handupemoji

No. 1301845

File: 1629208102995.jpg (175.6 KB, 1780x1001, EusYiP-UcAMepZq.jpg)

I'm thankful for my socialist feminist beliefs cause I think would have turned into a fascist seeing this

No. 1301852

I mean they sort of do have that in Afghanistan, but it’s only because women are so thoroughly oppressed based on their biological sex. The women who live as boys only do it as a last resort when their family has no sons.

No. 1301858

Sexually unattractive men spend their lives in a haze of cuckold anxiety. They know they're undesirable and could only get a woman through coercion be it financial or otherwise, and are constantly on guard in case the mommy bangmaid they managed to snatch up wisens up and seeks out someone she actually finds attractive. Chad is a phantom, a manifestation of all this anxiety.

This isn't new by any means; look at the minor moral panics that ensued after telephones were made affordable enough to be in every home(our wives will spend all their time talking to other men while we're at work!), when bicycles were invented(women will cycle their way from one dick to another!), or even the more modern panic over HBC(women will fuck every Chad in sight since she won't get pregnant!). Sage for OT.

No. 1301882

And it also makes them feel like super kaweewee validated animu girls because they know there's the chance a bi girl might just be attracted to them because she likes men and they know (either consciously or unconsciously) they still have male traits. But a lesbian girl only likes women, so the idea of a lesbian being attracted to them, makes them feel like they qualify as a real girl TM. It's the ultimate conquest.

No. 1301883

>Chad is a phantom, a manifestation of all this anxiety.
Couldn't have said this better myself nonny, a based post if I ever seen one

No. 1301896

Based post anon. Describing it as "cuckold anxiety" is a really good way of putting it.
That's also exactly how and why Chris Chan trooned out. He thought the only way to stop having to be in competition with Chads he could best was to just remove himself from the equation entirely.

No. 1301913

that’s exactly what they do - but then that anxiety reawakens when more of these moids start trooning out and becoming chad troons that they have to attain towards, which is why so many MTFs will refuse to date their fellow transbians.

No. 1301919

File: 1629216078251.jpg (277.28 KB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20210817-100022_Ins…)

He definitely is.

No. 1301922

>"I like Cara too"
>"Love u chris"

No. 1301940

>2014 suspecting you have have schizophrenia because sometimes you feel like an animal
>2016 it worsens as you become unable to even distinguish what species or sex you are
>2021 schizo has taken over completely and you now believe you are a hermaphrodite dog hooker

No. 1301960

They cope and seethe because a lesbian will pick a bisexual girl over a troon any day of the week.

No. 1302008

File: 1629220537888.png (946.93 KB, 700x1010, a.png)

Eh? Asians have low sexual-dimorphism. V-shape and flat front and back is the norm for Asian females. A lot of people will be fooled by him. I hate poltards but they're correct in saying the men should troon out to get laid kek.

No. 1302027

standing next to a real woman its easy to tell that he's a man

No. 1302037

Why are troons incapable of keeping their fingers out of their hair for even a few seconds? Do they really think women play with their hair nonstop?

No. 1302038

File: 1629222246143.png (1.18 MB, 2378x877, coping troon.png)

He literally just had the necro hole surgery a month ago and he is mad lesbians don't want him despite having a "gf" (another tranny)

No. 1302041

File: 1629222296272.jpeg (404.54 KB, 2048x1538, E4hJZUTXMAQqjPG.jpeg)

No. 1302051

Yes lesbians only like women what a concept. Seethe more

No. 1302085

I can't post the main video with the interaction between Judy and Sidney where Judi says Sidney assaulted her eyes with his penis - because it's too short, but Sidney Starr has one of the most punchable Troon faces I have ever seen.. when he started mocking Judy, I wanted to kick him square in his marble sized balls. Sickening. I really can't tell if the girl beside the Judi was defending the Troon or not.

No. 1302095

Kek did he delete his insta?

No. 1302108

File: 1629226496746.jpeg (20.71 KB, 442x330, 33e (1).jpeg)

He really looks like the guy on okcupid who tried to get me to date him, only difference is that guy was bald and wearing a red pvc dress. I deleted my account after that.

No. 1302112

Ironically their argument started because TiM Sidney said Judi had a "man body" and then as soon as Judi said "you're a man in a wig", Sidney cried transphobia. Girls and women are really expected to sit back and be called bitch and slut and man and ho but god forbid a man is insulted along the way.

No. 1302113

Nah it's still obvious, especially in this pic.

No. 1302179

File: 1629232112728.png (556.9 KB, 474x722, abc1.png)

To us, yes, I agree. But lots of retarded males will be fooled by him. (He's gay). Other races of men look very, very different from their female counterparts on avg, there's many clockable details, all the same men are often fooled by them. They're just not as good at clocking.

No. 1302192

I saw some idiots whining about "transphobia" so fat boy sidney can say women look like men, call them out their name, but the MOMENT someone calls him a man is too far?
He picked at Judy because Judy has always been the weakest craziest link.

No. 1302193

>Also, it's must be so sad to date for validation.
TBH male validation is one of the top reasons why most men date women, anyway. Right under easy access to free sex. It's half the reason they keep pestering women even after cheap Chinese Real Doll knockoffs came into existence.
The same way scrotes get so insulted when they get called scrotes. "A gendered insult! Why, I've never heard of such an obscene thing in my life, let alone ever uttered such a grossly inappropriate word!"
Sometimes I want to troll leftie troons about how the left in the United States will wither over the next 30 years, because all the men are dysfunctional coomer self-cuckers. Then I look at Afghanistan and remember that men would rather live in a mud hut in a shithole country with no electricity, just so long as their dicks are happy.

No. 1302202

File: 1629233185090.jpeg (93.83 KB, 540x385, F7E94ED0-FBC7-4337-B631-9BAD77…)

no words

No. 1302212

File: 1629233645290.jpeg (480.16 KB, 2224x1338, 2F59DADF-AFBA-4C40-A67D-7153BE…)

When claiming to have PMS isn’t enough.

No. 1302222

File: 1629234016369.jpg (42.26 KB, 600x450, full.jpg)


I find it even more ironic that he would use the man body insult against a biological female. He had a face that could pass in pictures (at least before surgery) but his man body gives him away.. those arms are very unforgiving. The projection is oh suh sad.

No. 1302226

Fuuuuuck we're going backwards. This can't be real. RIP to actual lesbians and gays.

No. 1302235

Sidney ruined a scrotes rap career because he took a picture with him & sidney told everyone they were dating, did interviews and everything.
Rappers are DL as hell, but it's very homophobic. Sidney admitted he lied on the dude. He used to pass back in the day, but now he doesn't as much.
Doesn't matter though, because he has a small penis, so chasers really don't want him and he talks too much.

No. 1302253

But isn't shit like that why predators who happen to be gay/lesbian think they can turn straight people? Cus of straight identifying bi people. I've had straight dudes try to rape me in highschool bc of girls who called themselves lesbian but were actually bi. All like "ur not sure until u try it"

They might be primarily straight but to call somebody willingly having same sex relations anything but bi at the very least is retarded. If ur not being forced to do gay shit (like straight pornstars or prostitutes who do) or being forced to have hetero sex/relationships (like lesbians and gays in homophobic countries) who u sleep w is a pretty strong indicator of who u are attracted to

No. 1302257

I’m glad Tamar Braxton (The host) called the tranny out. Sidney always be pushing it with these girls to prove to that “trans girls do it better”. I can’t wait for the whole cast to jump on him if he hits one of the female cast mates.

No. 1302259

lesbians and gays who don't want to touch opposite sex genitalia are going have to go underground with the way things are going, shit is fucked all around.

No. 1302265

I saw an IG page post this snippet, where a film crewman went off on Sidney. I don't blame that man or Tanisha for wanting to throw the tranny out of the car.

No. 1302268

Weird how it's ok for trannies to be transphobic but once a real women says a true statement (cus Sidney is a dude) it's the end of the world lol. Sidney was saying how Janelle also looks like a tranny and got surgery to look like him lmfaoooo the fucking delusion of it all

I remember this video. People were calling that dude anti LGBT despite being a gay man himself. Seeing Sidney get in those girls faces yelling made me anxious. So many gay dudes and troons feel comfortable getting buck with women but never have that energy for the men keeping them as secrets, beating them, and killing them. Good on that dude for checking Sidney

No. 1302283

The only reason I pay attention to this show, is to see based people on instagram calling Sidney out and telling ANYONE who pulls the, "They are being transphobic! I know she's bad but-" card.
It gives me hope, then again, I realized a lot of urban spaces online don't really play that tranny shit. Sid is still a man to them and should know his place. Most the comments I saw on places besides youtube were calling him out. The show is trashy already but they made it even worse, including troons. From the clip I saw Tanisha seemed so disgusted by Sidney. You can't call Sidney a man, but people can talk about kids, he can call women a man, people can ruin people's belongings, but don't call a man calling you all kinds of shit being aggressive what he is.
I'm happy so many people see it for what it is.

No. 1302291

File: 1629239885559.jpg (567.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210817-233230_rif…)

I read the comments and I want to alog. Tims who claim they get periods always post the link to the same article, as if that was the end all, be all on the topic. That moron honestly thinks that being male or female is about hormones. Ha also asked the pic related. Cause girls loooove chocolate, especially when they are on their periods teehee #GIRLSLIKEUS. (1/2)

No. 1302292

File: 1629239929393.jpg (709.56 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210817-233238_rif…)

No. 1302302

If your diet is generally lean (meat+veg), the refined sugar in candy or added to yogurt, juice, etc just tastes awful. It's probably an American thing because sugar gets added to a bunch of crap.

No. 1302322

Of all the dumb stereotypes troons pull out of their girldicks, the "I crave sugar/chocolate more than men cause of muh eStRoGeN levels" is one of the more obnoxious ones. I've seen probably hundreds of troons on reddit claim they used to hate chocolate until they started HRT and started having "periods." It's only because periods = chocolate cravings has been memed to death. They are utterly oblivious to the fact that most women crave their comfort foods when they're crampy and irritable. For some, that might be chocolate cake or some shit, but they're definitely not the majority. A lot of us just want to go ham on a burrito, chicken wings or chow mein.

No. 1302332

File: 1629245214115.png (2.69 MB, 1028x1492, Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 8.02…)

One of my vintage fashion groups has been invaded with several disgusting old men. This one is by far the worst. The comments are always filled with nothing but asspats, you'd think the vintage community would have some appreciation for the struggles of real women. But no, they handhold these grown men and tell them they look great.

No. 1302333

This is nightmare fuel.

No. 1302335

Imagine seeing that in the dark

No. 1302336

I can't believe they trooned out the Cryptkeeper.

No. 1302337

File: 1629245498639.jpg (113.12 KB, 565x755, cathy.jpg)

as someone who rarely craves chocolate (but enjoys it on occasion) it's so baffling when they act like women are just walking talking cathy cartoons

No. 1302347

File: 1629246322044.jpg (54.9 KB, 1579x497, 20210818_022233.jpg)

It's trannies who tweet their rape and murder fanfics all day but a Harry potter mask is the actual horror apparently

No. 1302355

blog but i've literally never "craved chocolate" on my period. most women move along with their day as usual when on their period but troons don't even get one and still pretend to be totally immobilised and have an intense craving for sweets once a month. maybe you're craving chocolate cause you're a fatass not cause of your imaginary period.

No. 1302369

kek, one of the strangest stereotypes/experiences i've heard of from trannies is that they are more sensitive to viral cute animal/baby vids due to estrogen lmfao

No. 1302373

Ur fave Abraham Lincoln was actually a troon this entire time.uwu

No. 1302374

God this is sad. This is so, so fucking sad. She's literally considering conversion therapy and calling herself sexually broken for being a lesbian stuck in a relationship with a fucking moid in a g string. I'm about to alog, I need a break for today.

No. 1302380

No way this is real. RIP if true.

No. 1302384

>Seeing someone minding their buisness in an hp mask= violence!!1!
Lunacy. That unbothered hp millennial is living rent free in this fujo’s mind kek

No. 1302385

I wanna say "goodbye horses," but Buffalo Bill genuinely did much better than this

No. 1302402

Everyone should just start wearing harry potter merchandise to terrify troons.

No. 1302413

Troons assume only women feel warm and fuzzy when watching cute animal videos, when in reality a lot of men do, too. Troons always show their autistic stripes when they claim to feel sensitive about things they assume only women feel sensitive about. I'm sure none of them actually shed a tear over the kitten who was adopted by a gorilla or whatever, but as long as they believe women fall to pieces about stories like that, they'll pretend to be blubbering idiots.

No. 1302415

>Urge to purchase and wear Harry Potter merch in public rising

What an excellent way to innocently piss off deranged, cancel-culture tards who think writing women death threats online is activism. If one tries to talk to you just pretend no ingles or that you don't use social media and don't know what they're talking about, then start humming the HP theme song

No. 1302421

Why are they in the children's department?

No. 1302423

Feels anon. They wanna make wearing and buying hp merch a hate crime so badly and it’s never gonna happen. And that fujo would need life alert if she saw my friend’s hufflepuff closet kek

No. 1302428

You can see the lip filler injection site dimple lmao

No. 1302459

This is poetic. It really encapsulates the actual threat to trans women (especially black ones) that it's MEN. That dude sound like he was actually going to kill Sidney, Tanisha even backed off because he was so intense.

No. 1302466

take a wild guess

No. 1302519

lmao anon please my sides

No. 1302528

File: 1629269923409.png (658.62 KB, 1216x1216, D58F9162-703A-4625-9584-5BDB04…)

No. 1302533

I almost feel bad for all the troons who were memed into thinking sex consists only of hormones and by popping horse piss you can turn into a real girl, they'll be in for a surprise when they realize no amount of surgery can change their chromosomes. And of course because in their incel brains women are a collective being directed by their biology and not individual human beings, everything about women has to do with their sex. Stereotypical sugar cravings? Must be the lady tastebuds, teehee!


No. 1302534

lmao they all say this shit, then you find out they used to read HP as kids/teenagers or were the kind of incels that would seethe back when rowling was pandering to the woke crowd.

No. 1302543

>women can't tolerate beer
This is some serious 1950s gender rolls stuff right here. I'm pretty sure most of us can drink beer, and a fair few of us love a Heineken, so I'm not sure why this vintage "oh but women are so delicate, beer isn't for ladies, suck on a lemon dipped in sugar it'll keep you skinny for your man" belief in troons is so prominent. They really don't know women outside of their weird little sub fantasies and it shows

No. 1302547

File: 1629272614557.png (26.41 KB, 589x284, 43241.PNG)

This would be a based post if it wasn't sarcastic. It's fun to see radfems in the QRTs say "yes, you're exactly right" while AGPs are seething at them and calling them "sexist". Remember back when people joked about misandry and said female privilege was fake but now people are saying "misandry is a transmisogynist dogwhistle" and "AFAB privilege exists". We've gone back full circle. Trans rights activism is nothing but men's rights activism.

No. 1302562

>only fetishists want srs. dickgirls are the only real women.

Tbh from my experience, most HSTS do desire vaginoplasty because they have your stereotypical gender dysphoria and want to "pass" as women but they might not because of the costs and/or pain. Also a lot of them work in prostitution where they lose their appeal if they get rid of their dick.

No. 1302567

A common denominator I just noticed: many trannies want to be gamer girls. As an avid MMO player, I know a lot of male hardcore gamers who like pink, dress up in video games, sweets, cute animals, don’t like beer (or alcohol at all), the list goes on. They are all male, not taking hormones and never called these preferences girly or anything.
And yes, a lot of them have autism, ADHS, you name it… I guess the difference is they can differentiate between games and reality.
Sage for blog

No. 1302572

I agree with most of this except the SRS part. A lot of HSTS hate their dicks. They always try to save up for bottom surgery so they can finally live "stealth" as a woman like Nikkietutorials. AGP are more in love with the idea of being a bepenised woman because they are attracted to women and want to use that penis to fuck them.

No. 1302574

Another thing I've noticed is lack of exposure to the opposite gender growing up. Male gamers who had a single female gamer friend growing up are wayyyyy less likely to end up trooning out and vice-versa with females. It seems like male + female gamers/internet people end up feeling alienated from mainstream society for similar reasons, and it's very easy for them to ascribe it to them actually being the other gender if they don't have a real reference point for what the opposite sex actually is like.

No. 1302580

also i feel like hsts are probably more likely to be bottoms so they know that even if their srs vagina doesn’t work like a real vagina they still have their asshole for sex purposes. having the surgery is more for passing purposes. agp are less likely to be gay and probably don’t see the appeal of anal sex so they want their surgical wound to function as a real vagina as part of their fetish

No. 1302586

Yeah, the super delusional AGP who are really deep into their fetish of being a woman will try get a vagina and even fuck men (despite not being attracted to them) just to "feel more female". Though most of them are really in love with their penises and try to argue that a penis can actually be a "female sex organ".

No. 1302587

I live for the fact that so many of male troons can sense the fact that women still find them alien and threatening despite all the handmaidenry they perform for them. I hope these meltdowns peak more people because I can not imagine a life where every thought and interaction I ever have has to be processed through the "will this hurt the tranny's feelings" filter.

No. 1302592

Based crewman, we need more guys like him. And how unladylike for the tranny to show half of his nipples to the audience.

No. 1302599

File: 1629279056778.jpeg (381.28 KB, 1099x542, 1A05A877-CF36-488C-BCF2-D5347A…)

>they don't have a real reference point for what the opposite sex actually is like
You might be onto something. If you want to join a ~*girls only*~ group, you don’t have to be female, you just have to identify as such. And not be toxic of course uwu

No. 1302614

File: 1629282788878.png (5.05 MB, 1242x3959, 492E7912-D093-4F07-97EF-5C242B…)

Some news from Troon Capital, aka Edinburgh, Scotland:

“ Edinburgh’s first lesbian bar planned for the city centre

Developers hope the new bar will provide a safe space for queer women living in the Capital to meet.

Spearheading this project is Emily Frood who moved to the Capital five-years-ago from Adelaide in Australia. She was disappointed with the lack of active lesbian community in the city.

Spotting the gap in the market, the 22-year-old decided to drop out of her degree at Queen Margaret University and set up the city's first bar for queer women.

Emily, who currently works in a bar on Frederick Street, said she will do everything in her power to make the bar as inclusive as possible. She plans to keep prices low and enforce a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech.

As a non-binary trans lesbian, Emily is determined to make sure all women feel comfortable in her pub.

“I want to make sure everyone can get in and have a good time,” she said. “It will be a space where we can all collectively exist together.”


No. 1302615

I hope no woman ever attends and the bar is always full of troonbians.

No. 1302617

It’s amusing watching men construct their own “woman” and they have to clutch on to every stereotype that exists for it to make sense. Like a delusional schizoid.

No. 1302619

Kek, I remember this lesbian and bi women meetup group where after admitting one troon, some of the women became very uncomfortable and left. Then as they allowed more troons in, more women left and in the end the entire meetup was just full of AGP troons. It went from an all-female group to an all-male one in less than a year.

No. 1302628

There's historically been a lack of lesbian bars because of how risky they can be. Straight men have always tried to get in and assault the women. Thanks to transgenderism, this has become even more common since a butch bouncer can't just tell these men to fuck off anymore. Now she'll get sued for transphobia if she doesn't allow these males in or kicks them out. These predatory males are exactly why lesbian bars have never been as common as gay bars. Gay men can be assaulted by straight men too but the straight male isn't a sexual or physical threat to a group of gay men like he is to lesbians.

No. 1302634

this happened with one i was in. first it was the bisexual women to go because the transbians wouldn’t stop making shitty, passive aggressive comments about them (only when lesbians weren’t around ofc) - then, a lot of lesbians left in solidarity after hearing about it from the bi women. then most of the rest of the lesbians left bc it was just them and the troons. now the only actual women left are the ones who feel too bad to go/the handmaidens, but the group is basically falling apart at this point. men ruin everything

No. 1302669

Them thinking that women can tolerate wine but not beer is baffling. It's not like all or even most wines are sweet and mild.

The more savvy HSTS know the men who're into them are into dick and keep theirs so they don't get dumped. See: Robbie "Blaire" White and his insistence on never getting the chop

No. 1302672

Beer is associated with masculinity these days but beer brewing was historically dominated by women. I remember there was a troon brewer who said he felt a "deep connection to beermaking because historically women did it". Ugh.

No. 1302675

Beer is also estrogenic, which makes its current status as a 'masculine' beverage pretty funny.

No. 1302682

File: 1629291693917.jpeg (152.98 KB, 828x1290, CAB1C81D-FB11-44C3-8311-F01D5C…)

Makes 15+ TikToks on this experience and a cringy “trans coming” video on trans women violence. Why do they pretend straight men will love them and milk the assault for view. All of this while real women are demoralized when, they speak out on their abuse. Abuse is shitty, but troons seems to take it as “I’m a women!!!11 I’ve been assaulted too!111”

No. 1302683

Have any desperate troons bought dozens of cases of beers to stimulate moob growth?

No. 1302686

Yes, just look at any fat alcoholic

No. 1302688

I wish people would stop calling this shit "transmisogyny". It's not misogyny and I don't believe "transphobia" even exists. They should just call it homophobia. Most men attack trannies because they see them as gay, not because they see them as women. Also it would explain the massive assault disparities between AGPs and HSTS. HSTS get hatecrimed a lot, sure, but I don't think AGP are under any serious risk of harm. Apart from succumbing to their own delusions.

No. 1302689

I think AGP are one of the safest demographics. AGP TiMs also make more money on average than TiFs do. Funny that.

No. 1302690

same thing is happening in my country, an agp troon who has been arranging "wlw meetups" is opening his own queer women's bar with couple of handmaidens.

No. 1302691

HSTS hatecrimes are very rare, almost to the point to nonexistence. All of the "transphobic" troon murders have been men killing a troon hooker who committed rape by deception on them while inebriated, and while troon murders in general are just bog standard DV situations or drug deal related.

No. 1302692

Did he even get abused? That looks like makeup. His face isn't swollen at all, and there's no way even a man would be tricked by that guy for even a second kek

No. 1302693

>HSTS hatecrimes are very rare
Definitely not the case where I live. It's really common here.

No. 1302694

>Lesbian bars already few and far between due to male aggression
>Surge in transbians after the advent of the internet results in males invading these limited women-only spaces
>A mix of low patronage due to tranny invasion and "discrimination" lawsuits from trannies starts closing down even more lesbian bars
>Tranny disappointed by lack of lesbian spaces to invade
>Tries making his own "lesbian" space
>inb4 no lesbians go, trannies stop going because of lack of actual women, and the bars close down
It's funny, in a bittersweet and ironic way. These moids really did think their exclusion from lesbian and women-only spaces was due to just a few "TERFs"/"Karens", instead of being because of the entire population of women's discomfort around males.

No. 1302695

I've always wondered, how do we get handmaidens to stop being handmaidens? So many normie women I know support TiMs and says they are "real women". It's sickening. There must be some way to raise their class consciousness regarding their sex.

No. 1302697

If trannies are so convinced that they are real women then they should all just date each other. They shouldn't be obsessing over "cis" lesbians and valuing them over stunning transbians. Seems like they have internalized transphobia to me.

No. 1302703

Rules for thee, not for me.

No. 1302707

Most women tolerate trannies out of pity, but absolutely none of them actually think of them as women. There's always a breaking point at which a handmaiden finds herself unable to tolerate troonacy any longer, but unfortunately for many women that threshold still hasn't been crossed.

No. 1302708

Normies don't know what AGP is. The women who are against TERFs and know about the tranny menace are sociopaths. There's no other explanation.

No. 1302709

>The women who are against TERFs and know about the tranny menace are sociopaths.
A lot of them have gender identities themselves. If they say those men are freaks then their own identity shatters.

No. 1302714

Honestly, most of the handmaidens I know are very austistic and have a hard time untangling the nuances of the matter beyond "I just want everyone to be happy, and I don't mind sharing with trannies/moids".

No. 1302716

This is especially true in the arts. I've seen 30+ year old lesbians become They-spians since this queer emerged.

Also, I think most women refuse to acknowledge that men are degenerate. They prefer ignorance.

No. 1302719

Most tranny-supporting women come from very privileged backgrounds and are ignorant to just how much misogyny there is in the world. It's why South Korean feminists on Twitter often call Western feminism retarded kek.

No. 1302720

I’m honestly surprised he didn’t say a terf punched him lol.

No. 1302722

A lot of women are unaware of how much men truly hate their sex. I don't blame them, once you know how much men hate women then you start noticing misogyny everywhere and the entire world starts to depress you.

No. 1302727

Social pressure. IME, if the handmaiden is using "she" and playing pronoun police while everyone else in the group is using "he"/ignoring her, she'll quietly switch to they/them. If you're discussing a particularly egregious troon she might even switch to male pronouns entirely.

It's not even just autists. Plenty of normie dudes like sweets and cute animals and getting pedicures or whatever. Either they don't even have male friends or they do and they're toxic ones that have to present as the manliest man to every man.

No. 1302732

Keking at the pfp being Mia/India from stoker, a movie where it’s subplot is about her ‘womanhood’ and main plot about a psycho fragile man.

No. 1302735

File: 1629297066673.png (471.5 KB, 622x960, 4C10E035-C8FA-45C2-8C2A-E07E03…)

I don’t think they lactate but a thick cheese like substance comes out instead.

No. 1302737

Exactly. They avoid violent news stories and aren't aware of the extent of online pornography and MGTOW/incel online spaces. I understand why blissful ignorance is better for mental health, but it enables online degeneracy to spread IRL.

No. 1302739

Most of the handmaidens I know aren’t autistic, they’re actually have very strong social skills and support troons because everybody else seems to or because it’s the “right thing to do”. Women are generally more enthusiastic than men about social issues because the female socialization pressures women to be nice and empathetic (and virtue signal constantly). When men are transphobic people just think it’s because they’re ignorant and don’t know any better while women who say that they support trans rights but don’t think trans women are women, they are torn apart for being “bigoted” and “hateful”.

No. 1302742

The bar will be full of straight men and women with gender identities and bullshit sexualities like that one guy who said he was “queer but not attracted to cis men”.

No. 1302743

File: 1629297917304.jpeg (28.94 KB, 556x527, ugh.jpeg)

The absolute degeneracy of these men.

No. 1302745

wiki says domperidon is used to cause vomiting, so they lactate and vomit at the same tiome right? nasty…

No. 1302746

File: 1629298625967.jpeg (353.33 KB, 680x680, D7868315-252E-4157-9252-D9297E…)

>a thick cheese like substance

No. 1302753

Honestly they'll peak themselves at some point. It's easy to be a handmaiden when you don't know how shitty they all are yet

No. 1302767

File: 1629300579868.png (Spoiler Image, 4.41 MB, 1000x5673, transbians.png)

They do not see each other as women. Even the ones that date other troons are actually chasers that don't really like dating real women, like Kevin Gibes.

No. 1302770

I hope this can be the next thread pic.

No. 1302772

Good, let them be degenerate together, better than trying to make babies drink their pus.

No. 1302773

File: 1629301495989.jpg (613.24 KB, 1118x1832, Screenshot_20210818-164310.jpg)

The hard-on softening at the sight of a fellow troon. Nice touch.

Tbh tho these guys are so deep in their fetish, they coom to troons.

No. 1302805

This is so fucking funny. Holy shit. Did you make this anon??

No. 1302807

No, it was made by a russian TERF. There are a few comics by her translated into english

No. 1302810

Does this retard think every wine is a dessert wine? I bartend and an equal amount of women and men order beer. In fact, PBR is the most popular beer amongst both sexes. Troons all order "girly" cocktails like Malibu barbie, sex on the beach, and fucking appletinis. Fuck, my moid loves sweets and I like to snack on really spicy or salty stuff. Legit can't stand things like cake or ice cream. The stereotypes that troons project are fucking unreal.
I never cared much for HP, but I think I'm going to buy merch now kek.

No. 1302815

lmao the scars across his implants. I can't think of anything more terrifying than a man with bolt ons or a man with an inside out dick. It's so repulsive but their male brains think "oh, now I have tits and pussy i'm a woman". Imagine seeing these freaks naked in a Spas or the gym locker room. I'd rather look at a regular man than these circus clowns.

No. 1302842

File: 1629306366870.jpg (296.86 KB, 1080x1761, 20210818_130529.jpg)

No. 1302847

>lesbian TIF does something annoying but ultimately harmless
>TIM causes massive damage to a woman's piece of rare, pricey equipment because she was insufficiently deferential to him
Moids gonna moid

No. 1302854

File: 1629307087297.png (495.57 KB, 891x1628, Untitled268_20210818100711.png)

They always redraw the caricature people make of troons to make it more feminine. It defeats their idea of troons not having to look a certain way to be valid. It's pretty twansphobic not every troon has the privilege to look fem they're still female and valid even if theyre drawn bald with chest hair ( ´;ω;` )

No. 1302856

he looks fine to me kek, just looks like he's without the clown makeup. the spot on his lip was in the other photo as if it was a mole. i say let's treat them like "real" women in these cases and doubt their authenticity

No. 1302859

Yummy. Drinking each other's weird toxic medicine-induced sludge.

No. 1302868

Men are more aggressive by nature specifically troons, they have proven over and over how mentally unstable they are, same for gay men.

No. 1302878

This is fantastic!

No. 1302885

Laughed so goddamned hard once you pointed this out. Amazing.

No. 1302900

A lot of them just haven't met a lot of trannies. The handmaidens who aren't deep into the kweer scene i.e. normie women that believe in TWAW usually picture them as the battered HSTS stereotype who only wants to be left in peace and respect and admire women. They have no idea about the predatory AGPs and often peak immediately when they learn of all the horrible crap they've done.

As for the women who would literally throw themselves to the train tracks to defend precious ma'ams because their whole social network consists of woke peers, I don't know. It's probably a long lasting deprogramming progress for them. I peaked fairly early on because I was exposed to a lot of awful shit as a lesbian but back then you could still somewhat criticize the trans movement, now you'll get your bigoted ass obliterated for minor cryptoterf dogwhistle implications.

No. 1302902

File: 1629310340926.jpeg (60.54 KB, 749x891, 8b3b4929c4231aa0.jpeg)

Men's rights in sheeps clothing. Spot fucking on.

No. 1302962

A lot of it comes down to bogus "gender neutral" parenting and schooling, and women being raised to to give female altruism to men, and unrealistically expecting the same female altruism in return. You can see this in the way men use liberal women's words against them constantly.
woman: My genitals don't define me as a person.
man: Now I can be a woman too.
man: You can't complain if I flash my dick at an 8 year old girl.
man: I should be able to live in my parent's basement forever and pretend it's the same as being a housewife.
man: Girls should be doting on me.
boy: I deserve to be the top player in girl sports leagues.
Women think that if women are kind and generous, men will be kind and generous in return. But men aren't. You get a mix of apathy, resentment, and exploitation.

No. 1302973

if you're allowed to not be attracted to cis people then by their own rules it's allowed to not be attracted to trans or non binary people tho kek

No. 1302989


Honestly such a teenage worldview. Adults don't care enough about you to be annoyed/pissed off by you drawing some flags or some shit. Obviously, stealing from someone is a whole other level. Fucking moids.

No. 1302999

File: 1629317987540.jpg (83.81 KB, 444x640, joe.jpg)

Wtf, dude is the spitting image of Joe/Grace Lavery.
Same cursed genes, I guess…

No. 1303034

If this guy isn't faking anything then I have a question: what the fuck did he expect? He should have told his date everything before the date, that's less than the most basic courtesy. All I'm seeing here is a guy fake crying about being punched by a man who defended himself because that man didn't want to be a victim of rape by deception.

No. 1303054

I recommend trolling handmaidens by playing into the TRA role. Say women are oppressed based on their gender feels and not biology. Say gay people that won’t have sex with the opposite sex are bigots. Say women should all donate their uteruses to men. Say women in Afghanistan have cis privilege because at least their culture recognises them as women while poor trans women are told they are men. Say women can rape and impregnate with their penises too.

No. 1303055

Oh, and call her a TERF/transphobic over everything.

No. 1303061

But how is her teacher homophobic if she is a trans man with a girlfriend? According to their logic, they are a straight couple.

No. 1303065

>trans boy
>last year of middle school
Noah grab the noose

No. 1303100

This is usually what drives the point home in my experience. It's like holding a mirror to their faces. Tell them that men being circumcised is "a form of female genital mutilation because some women are born with penises" or something and if they doubt you, tell them that's terf talk since they will either fully accept TWAW or they won't. The same goes for respecting Chris-chan the mommy rapist's pronouns.

This is what kills me every time, they opt out of being a lesbian woman yet still identify as "gay" instead of straight. It's both infuriating and sad.

No. 1303154

The girlfriend could be a mtf to be fair. It's incred how many straight with extra steps couples there are.

An old university acquaintance's boyfriend trooned out recently and now all she does is post about how cis guys should have sex with trans women even tho her own boyfriend is a transbian lmfao.

No. 1303155

I bet she's a straight woman calling herself lesbian/bi now.

No. 1303183

kek she wrote an IG caption essay about how she had to unlearn her "internalised biphobia" with the help of Tru Love and it turns out that she and her partner had just been closeted all this time when they had been the straight allies in LGBT groups. It's a little sad because she immediately changed her personal style a butch larp and I'm pretty sure that was due to her boyfriend's lesbian fantasy preferences. He wears floaty dresses now and she wears flannel shirts. Ugh.

Wish straight people would realise that being gay actually isn't that cool nor does it come with any innate preferences outside of who you wanna have sex with.

No. 1303187

File: 1629336247660.png (1.41 MB, 1058x1581, gross.png)

Moving this convo from the otome chat in /m/ >>156566

Recently realised that the much celebrated visual novel game dev Christine Love is a troon and all the creepiness of his games suddenly made sense. His most recent effort especially dropped any attempt at being anything but a porn game.

Also in hindsight every time dudes on the internet have ever aggressively pushed a game "made by a woman" to me it has ended up being something just made by a man. When I was young I actually foolishly thought that it was men giving something made by women a chance.

No. 1303200

File: 1629338659421.png (114.52 KB, 1396x438, sfdsd.PNG)

No. 1303203

File: 1629339015286.jpeg (685.41 KB, 828x1482, 8FCABFF8-2EEE-44FF-AFDA-F086F4…)

I love artwork that depicts troons true intentions and utter sick behavior. Thinking of compiling every pictures to imgur for us terfs to enjoy.

No. 1303209

Kek, of course an AGP would put in a scene where a lesbian is raped by a man. I hate seeing articles defend it by saying it was a "queer woman exploring queer sexuality". It's nothing but a straight man fetishizing lesbians. It doesn't suddenly become acceptable just because the straight man in question calls himself a woman.

No. 1303211

>You’re a girl - a lesbian, in fact - who’s been forced to cross-dress as your identical-ish male twin for some nefarious reason.
So it's a self insert for transbians.

No. 1303223

Nobody in middle school should be posting anything online at all. Honestly, they shouldn't even be using the internet for anything except supervised school work.

No. 1303226

File: 1629342983604.png (1.43 MB, 790x1308, christine love.png)

Funnily enough, despite his insistence at being stealth/not being identified openly as transgender, in the end he's the same as Kevin Gibes in that regard.

His newest project is a "lesbian road trip RPG" and honestly I think he could be a cow alone based on the consistent badness of the art he commissions throughout all his projects. Like why by a visual novel dev when your sense of aesthetics is that busted.

No. 1303228

Kek, his thumb placement makes it look like he's pulling on her cheek.

No. 1303232

God, I fucking hate the transbian dev scene. I wish so, so badly that there could be a women's only space for indie dev stuff, as the choice right now is between the nightmare that is mainstream gamer shit and the nightmare that is My Visual Novel About Being A Futa Catgirl With Interludes Detailing My Violent Fantasies of Raping Lesbians. You go in looking for boundary-pushing shit by women, and you get Love, Anna Anthropy, Porpentine, Merritt Kopas, the whole fucking crew of men making the same old "I hate women/I want to consume women/I hate that I want to consume women/blah blah waifu with her head cut off jpg" and "tee hee sword lesbians" shit. I tried playing Ladykiller in a Bind, and beyond the ick factor, what gets me most is how fucking ugly all the art in Christine Love's game are. It's like wikihow illustrations drawn by a teen with a How To Draw Manga book from 2005. There is nothing less sexy.

No. 1303234

File: 1629343400297.webm (1.63 MB, 640x380, 8mFCUqJJfXLxswnp.webm)

Something light-hearted I thought you all would enjoy

No. 1303240

File: 1629344092146.jpeg (842.83 KB, 1920x1080, fug.jpeg)

Dude exactly like… it's somehow even more disgustingly woman hating and creepy than things made by normal dudes.

Literally every time I check out an "uwu lesbian" game that might be good it takes four seconds to find the tranny. I hateeeee having to transvestigate like this, but it makes me sick to think that these dudes def get off on the idea of lesbians playing their porn fantasies because we get told it's rep.

Also of all the indie devs I feel like Love would actually have the money to hire good artists, but considering his projects after Analogue (picrel) I think it's actually an active choice on his part.

No. 1303245

File: 1629344682262.jpg (252.69 KB, 838x1470, p9TB5ra.jpg)

here are the top posts on r/actualtransbians. that sub must be at least 75% mtf now.

No. 1303246

Found some shady websites on /lgbt/ for buying hormone replacement drugs online. Is there a way to get these shady drug peddlers shut down?

No. 1303249

How did society switch from thinking "straight men who call themselves lesbians are nothing but creepy and opportunistic male predators" to "trans lesbians are the most oppressed of all women and cis lesbians are bigots for not sleeping with them"?

No. 1303250

Why would you want to? Natural selection

No. 1303251

File: 1629344951603.jpg (87.96 KB, 960x783, e8c5i6qxp2i71.jpg)

That bottom image though (see picrel) kek…who's going to remind troons that they're not lesbians, they're just incel rapists?

No. 1303252

File: 1629345116618.png (275.73 KB, 1522x1362, actualtransbians.png)

Oh I'm pretty sure it's more like 99% now.

No. 1303253

>r/actluallesbians created because r/lesbians was a porn subreddit for straight men
>r/truelesbians created because r/actuallesbians becomes a roleplaying subreddit for straight men
>r/truelesbians is accused of being a "terf subreddit" and banned for "promoting hate"

No. 1303254

File: 1629345188816.png (76.27 KB, 844x841, girls school.PNG)

The same dude who shared that tweet on r/actuallesbians at the bottom here >>1303245 was just fetish posting about going to an all girls school 4 days ago and saying he was bi.

No. 1303257

No. 1303259

File: 1629345684735.png (283.92 KB, 1600x1352, for comparison.png)

Relatedly r/Actuallylesbian was created after r/truelesbians was banned and mostly manages to stay on the topic of lesbianism and have some… actually lesbian posters, but you still get a bunch of "i'm not like the other troons" types. Picrel of its subreddit overlap for comparison with >>1303252

Frankly at this point I'm not sure if posting anywhere online about being a lesbian is a good idea since I think these men mine even innocuous comments to skinwalk. It's interesting how much transbians considered "one of the good ones" like Contrapoints so obviously have their statements about the feeling of being a lesbian cribbed from women they know. It's creepy and invasive.

That said, considering how all the big lesbian spaces have gotten taken over it's gonna become the blind leading the blind though, which might be hilarious.

No. 1303267

File: 1629346724931.png (276.12 KB, 512x512, cope.png)

>y-you cisfoid bio holes wish you could look as hot and sexy as this stunning queen!

No. 1303270

By "society" I suppose you mean "LGB friendly spaces".
Anyways, Queer Theory did this. It infected feminism in the 90s, then corporate feminism came along in the late 00s and it was nothing but a trojan horse; it trapped women's lib into a nonsensical genderist discourse while softening the image of coomers… and now, here we are.

Stefonknee Wolscht vibes.

No. 1303276

The art sucks because these are the same kind of scrotes that belittled it before they transitioned, especially if they work in tech. They used to pride themselves for being "logical" or "rational" and not like those dumb girls who got a degree in art. Of course they "like" art now that they are "women" but it shows that they know absolutely nothing about it. They also go with what is cheap because they don't actually respect all the hard work that goes into making something good, they aren't willing to pay for it.

No. 1303284

File: 1629349227959.png (1.11 MB, 3514x1540, wisdom_pen.png)

Same dude admits that he was a full-fledged nazi. He's also obsessed with the delusion of having a real female anatomy that he frequents r/badwomensanatomy and r/periods and can be found talking in depth about pmsing, periods, and being a rape victim (the quintessential female experience!). And how it's transphobic to say that uterus transplants are r/badwomensanatomy kek

No. 1303285

For these terminally online moids it's either become a white supremacist or become a trans girl.

No. 1303287

I hate how TRAs completely misuse and have destroyed the term "biological essentialism".

No. 1303291

File: 1629350222147.jpg (32.33 KB, 798x644, pepe disgusted.jpg)

>see analogue is a lauded game with a korean title
>think there's a chance it's good since it must be hard for a korean game to gain so much praise in the west, make mental note to check it out
>mfw I just learned the dev isn't a hard working foreign outsider but a white agp coomer weeb male like all other western indie shitheads and likely only got the praise from the usual indie trans nepotism

No. 1303294

They aren't even sterilizing themselves though, a lot of them either already have kids or they freeze their sperm to become "mothers" later on

No. 1303295

Oh my god someone pls share this to LSA I want to see those women rip him to shreds

No. 1303297

someone should make up some fake phenomenon that's specific to lesbians, post about it on r/actuallesbians, and then watch all the troons start claiming that they do it too.

No. 1303300

And some even choose both!

No. 1303302

File: 1629351600867.png (48.98 KB, 1051x285, male brained female ig.PNG)

same anon sorry but I love the comment of him comparing himself, a 28 year old Jewish white male, to a likely underage Japanese female cartoon…yeah guuuurl y'all are TWINS!

Sidenote but anyone else hate how these men constantly 'relate' to female characters whose personalities or abilities deviate from what's expected of women? You see this in picrel but also with other cases like Beth from the Queens Gambit. Men are praised for being logical and assertive while women who embody those qualities are frequently judged and discriminated against as bitchy. Don't even get me started on the growing number of autistic males now on r/aspergirls. "I can relate better to the female checklist!" my ass.

No. 1303307

ignore the retarded tranny bait anons

No. 1303308

I wonder if a lot of these troons are actually Jewish or if they only converted to gain more oppression points. I know it sounds wacky but I've actually seen some of them do it.

No. 1303322

holy fucking kek this is so funny

No. 1303328

Yeah when I learned he was a troon (since I hadn't seen any photos of him) it made a lot more sense why first of all his games were just coomer garbage fetishizing lesbians and why all the journalists were hyping them up to high heavens for being so "progressive". They excused that "lesbian main character gets raped by a man and enjoys it" scene as some weird empowerment pretzel. It's vomit-inducing to think that his games are being promoted as "real lesbian games made by an actual lesbian woman".

>My Visual Novel About Being A Futa Catgirl With Interludes Detailing My Violent Fantasies of Raping Lesbians.
Kek I had to actually check if this was real because it's literally the setting of every tranny visual novel created by the transbian devs and I wouldn't put it past them to be "ironic" about it. That or "My Dainty Self Insert Trans Girl Character Being Dommed By A Mommy Bangmaid".

I'm borrowing this term thanks anon

No. 1303341

I cannot believe this is real. What the fuck.

No. 1303353

File: 1629362643188.jpg (72.56 KB, 1080x735, 192524715_2921460344777538_186…)

i feel this, i genuinely wish there was a womens ONLY space for game dev but there's so many troons in the community that you'd just get blacklisted immediately for even being a part of that.
it sucks because i'm trying to make a game which involves two women in love but i dread to think that some troon would try and self insert or be like "oh this character is OBVIOUSLY trans" because how the hell do you disagree with that without getting completely ostracised?
sorry for rant, it's just something close to home that bugs me a lot

No. 1303360

yeah report to the DEA

No. 1303361

It is possible to create a women only dev space through gamejams. You form an all woman team, then keep it together on other gamejams because 'you know each other's work style'. You add in other women and decline any trannies politely because you have enough people for your project. Nothing transphobic, nothing 'women only', nothing worth noting about the process to the others. We've had our group break off into two bubbles due to our locations, but so far, we've kept ourselves women only. Best way to form women only spaces is to do it organically by inviting in other women and by not advertising it. Scrotes don't understand how women form their niche communities. Use that to your advantage. There's a reason men haven't invaded fanfiction spaces. After all, it is easier to brute force into an open community but not into a group of friends.

No. 1303365

I think it might be also a viable angle to make your works loosely based off your own experiences/ life so you're not "excluding" them. It's just not what you've experienced. There has to be a way.

No. 1303368

Put in a scene were they mention it's great they can't get pregnant due to their orientation. This will establish their non delusional leaning, and stop the self-inserting issue of mentally deranged men. The only issue with that will be possible complaints, but if you don't care about possible review bombing and just want to stop them from self-inserting, there you go.

No. 1303382

while it's good to have clear canon material like that they'll still translate it to "can't get pregnant… because we're both mtf". They will invade every corner they can and make it about them, that's how narcissistic they are.

No. 1303390

File: 1629367723463.jpeg (71.14 KB, 360x267, get_file.jpeg)

This is exactly it. Keep organically forming groups and friendships with women. Trannies see women's-only spaces as challenges, or glittery girly diary covers where secrets reside.

No. 1303395

it's so tragic that to have women's only spaces we can't even call it "women's only", they're literally stripping us of our rights

No. 1303403

You will always get some handmaiden in the group who advocates on behalf of trannies though.

No. 1303405

Obsessed with anime girls and calls himself "flat chested" and "cute"? Wow that's so normal. Does anyone have that picture of a grown moid wearing a pink pyjama shirt with the Japanese text "cute girl" on it? That is what I imagine him like. Unbelievably creepy and gross.

No. 1303406

Maybe they could talk about their periods, how much they hate dick, and how everything about males is so weird and foreign to them?

No. 1303408

based, making all female characters do this from now on

No. 1303409

Yeah it doesn't matter what you do. People will always try to make a tranny interpretation out of it. I remember people kept saying that Chihiro character from the Danaganronpa game (never played it) was a transgirl but canonically he just dressed like a girl because he associated women with weakness. It was a very sexist behavior which the game criticised but the fandom thought "no, he really is a girl, he just has internalized transphobia". This was years back and I was shocked by how misogynistic supposedly progressive people were being. I think it was my first peak trans moment but I never believed in TWAW/TMAM in the first place.

No. 1303412

They don't give a shit about canon. You could make it explicitly clear in a text that some character never wants kids but the fandom will still make them produce 5 crotch goblins in fanfiction/fanart.

No. 1303419

No, Chihiro was dressing as a girl because he was being severely bullied for being a weak nerdy boy and he wore it as a disguise. He yearned to become stronger so that he could have more confidence in himself and was so dedicated to his cause that he made the the big macho meathead character insecure. Troons absolutely hate his character because the game made it perfectly clear that he identifies as a man and presents as a woman only due to the circumstances he was under and they accuse the game of "transphobic depiction of trans people". This of course is because Dangan Ronpa is mostly popular with women instead of men, if it was a cute trap waifu with a similar backstory in some scrote coomer oriented isekai anime they would all be gushing over their #totallyme trans gurl icon.

No. 1303421

lmao. It's clearly a sub created by and used by GC lesbians. The ASKTRANSGENDER overlap says otherwise though. Just goes to show that the "I hate TERFs" is just a farce, they literally go anywhere women go, doesnt matter if we're nazi TERFs or handmaidens, the troons will be there with their limp dicks.

No. 1303424

No, I saw a lot of people argue that Chihiro was actually a transgirl. There was a shitload of discourse about it and I wasn't even a part of that fandom.

No. 1303430


But why

No. 1303437

File: 1629373604561.jpeg (446.05 KB, 1284x1701, 718756A8-9596-4DFF-859C-456ED2…)

Currently what I get to see when in witchcraft groups. Of course it’s a troon that’s posted it. But he isn’t the one making them, it’s his “friend”.
Figure it was a troon as no one with a sane mind would post this. The profile pictures has a massive receding hair line with ass pats in the profile comments and all the public posts on his profile are about how to use sage works and not kink.
I can’t escape this shit.

They’ve even made a troon character for rainbow six siege. Of course they made the character “female”. Couldn’t put a “male” troon there, it had to be “female” voiced by a troon to appease the degenerates

I’m throwing out the internet

No. 1303442

Unironically I am willing to do this

No. 1303446

it will be even more embarrassing when/if handmaidens start copying the troons lmaooo

women should in general just come up with random shit like pretend to be a tranny and say that estrogen made your farts smell better or earwax lighter or other ridiculous stuff like that

No. 1303447

Tiktok actually has that skin peeling after your period thing and I always thought some troons must have believed it.

No. 1303454

Oh my gosh. You've got to be kidding me. That's the most ridiculous narcissistic male shit I've seen.
>troon character for rainbow six siege
If TWAW why can't the character just be a woman?

No. 1303457

Kek, he's just admitting troons don't want each other. Real lesbians complain about lack of prospects, sure, but not in a room full of pretty women. If you did this with real lesbians, at least some of them would ask around or start flirting, and most of them would be inclined to casually talk to each other.

No. 1303505

of COURSE analogue was made by a man
God that's a blast from the past; I remember having it recommended to me all the damn time but something about it gave me bad vibes so I never played
Now it all makes sense, ugh

No. 1303535

File: 1629385679312.jpeg (229.61 KB, 750x920, 4FF68E72-B84A-42ED-AE72-8C67DC…)

And yet men have managed to keep their private clubs and fraternities. It really shows what they care about when supposedly feminist trans/themby university students rail about “making inclusive spaces” but it’s only ever about allowing men into women’s spaces and never challenging the men’s only groups that are literally right there and become sources of male power and networking. I mean even from the perspective of them allowing trans men or whatever.

You can really tell what’s going on when the locus of the debate involves lesbian clubs (rare) and things like sleepovers and spas.

No. 1303537

File: 1629385991931.png (1.2 MB, 1200x1122, dumb.png)

Blegh samefag forgot to sage earlier so here's some video game headcannon retardation I had to see with mine own eyes.

No. 1303550

She was literally a girl pretending to be a boy in the game lmfao what the fuck

No. 1303555

It was 3 years ago my husband told me that if we wanted to succeed in the indie game scene, we'd have to use my name because it's filled with simps and nobody cares about dudes unless they're in wigs. I honestly wish it wasn't true. I fucking hate everything about gaming now. I just wanted to make a cute endless phone game and a visual novel, but having to compete with these freaks for the spotlight is even more of a reason not for me to be the face.

No. 1303556

>between the ages of 4 and 7 I found myself expressing in a hypersexual way
Bruh what is wrong with these fucking scrotes, like actually

No. 1303584

Based post Soviet countries?

No. 1303585

This doesn't make sense at all, on the other side of the autistic headcanons we have Gwyndolin from Dark Souls who was forcibly raised as a woman for "his affinity with the moon" and troomers love to call him a trans woman too. These are two completely different situations and yet they end up to the same conclusion, amazing.

No. 1303595

File: 1629391847505.jpg (375.26 KB, 1440x720, zMfNDFZ.jpg)


so by these morons' logic, Oscar (picrel) is a transwoman?

No. 1303613

File: 1629393383816.png (465 KB, 894x1113, Screenshot .png)

It's interesting that the number 1 reason why troons die and get assaulted is because of homophobic men. This just proves that they have no qualms about men abusing them as long as they give them dick in a dark alley or send them dick pics online. Not 1 reply to this tweet is about "trans women of color are dying it's an epidemic, cis men evil". It's just a game to them, that they think they are more desired than women.

No. 1303632

Tell them lesbians lose their fingerprints from touching acidic vag. It will be hilarious when they get booked for sex crimes and obviously tried to conceal their identity by burning their prints off

No. 1303653

File: 1629395638195.jpg (382.04 KB, 1078x1151, Screenshot_20210819-134849_Twi…)

>my body, my choice
kek TIMs can't help but appropriate everything female, including warping a powerful statement about the right to abortion and women's reproductive freedom into titty skittles are a human right uwu

by the way, I checked the follower list and immediately saw 15 and 16 year old children

No. 1303693

It's time to start publicly laughing at these ridiculous delicate Transwommen directly. Take a break from this board and come back - it's fucking silly we continue to maintain this power imbalance.

The taliban is back and it's time to revisit this socialized power dynamic of extreme male entitlement

Women need to be more strategic and brave so we can evolve from this dark time being quiet anons as these losers mock us

Saged for your milk feeds

No. 1303750

File: 1629400547157.png (309.21 KB, 472x360, gwynevere.png)

Oh boy there's a reason why cooming freaks are attached to Gwyndolin. Bear with me, I hate using the slang but it makes the point..more pointy?

Stage 1.
>It's a giant woman with "HUGE MOMMY MILKERS"

Stage 2.
>Giant woman isn't real.
>It's literally a dainty snake man living in his parent's basement.
>Story wise, Hates himself and everyone who looks at him.
>Coomers ignore all that and see FEMBOY

Stage 3.
>Coomers evolved into transcels and all they see is an oppressed Transwoman.

You really can't make this shit up. It was supposed to be mocking how the "helpless princess" trope and it just devolved into more masturbation fodder. Cosplayers really didn't help, but of course. They never help, they just feed the fires.

No. 1303807

they're a novelty right now because it's new, people WILL get tired of it and move to the next Trendy Oppressed Group, whatever that may be.

No. 1303820

i won't back down anon, any time i get the opportunity i talk about this shit, we need to make it socially unacceptable again to be a tranny and i'm sure more and more people will see through this bullshit the more we speak up

No. 1303833

they are! LGB(but really just the)T acceptance is literally going down because of trans people. The more they expose their degenerate ways the less people like them, we just how to point to what they're doing themselves

No. 1303906

I'm bi but mainly date women and I'm getting sick of lbgt+ . Alot of allies, bi ppl, and gay dudes support this nonsense. Even some lesbians do idgi All this shit makes me wanna go back in the closet.

No. 1303910

Women do end up bleaching their underpants because of their acidic vaginal fluids. Maybe TiMs will start bleaching their underpants to feel more feminine now.

No. 1303931

I don’t understand why acronyms like LGBTQIA exist. ‘LGB’ people are all same-sex attracted so that’s a similarity. Some ‘T’ are also HSTS but the majority are just straight people who want to pretend to be gay. ‘Q’ is for literally everything, sometimes it’s used by bisexuals who don’t want to be called “bi” but most of the time it’s just used by straight people who live a sexually deviant lifestyle like BDSM and polyamory, or they want to seem interesting since they think “straight” is a slur now. ‘I’ has nothing at all to do with sexual orientation, being intersex is a medical disorder that can cause serious issues. ‘A’ is for people who don’t experience any sexual attraction. I do think asexuality exists and could be its own orientation but the “asexuality is a spectrum” thing is nonsense. If someone feels any sexual attraction and desire for sexual activity then they are clearly not asexual. I think straight people who identify as asexual just have low sex drive or think they are “abnormal” because of how pornified the world is has become. They see sex everywhere in the media and think “maybe I am asexual because I don’t desire sex 24/7”. A lot of LGB people who identify as asexual might also think similarly because LGB people are stereotyped to be hypersexual. There are also many calling themselves asexual because they are suffering from internalized homophobia and suppressing their same-sex attraction.

No. 1303934

I’m bi too and I know bi women were the earliest and strongest female advocates for including TiMs in female spaces. Shit makes me so embarrassed.

No. 1303942

A lot of bi people will label their orientation as anything but “bisexual”. So many will call themselves queer, pansexual, heteroflexible, homoflexible, lesbian, gay, “no labels”, etc.

No. 1303945

I thought he already did? He detransitionned and went back?

No. 1303946

do you have any proof of this? just sounds like bi NLOG handmaiden shit just for lesbians instead of troons kek

you don’t even have to be that obvious about it. just go for the easy ones like chris chan and that fat troon olympian first, bring relevant stuff into it - did you know female crime rates are going up because of men like chris chan identifying as women? did you know fat olympian troon stopped an indigenous woman from an olympic spot? - and even handmaidens end up pink pilled soon enough.

No. 1303962

Fr it's like the bi men and women fucking/dating troons calling it straight if it's a bi dude and lesbian if it's a bi chick. Let ur freak flag fly bro ur big gay and these women w fetishes for girly dudes need to stfu calling it sapphic I will throw up if I see another straight couple larp as lesbians

No. 1303964

lmao ofc the hygiene rating would be low

No. 1303970

Alot of bi girls like troons cus alot of bi girls like feminine dudes (hell even some straight girls do). Ive seen them be very open about their attraction to trannies some might even prefer trannies to real women if they prefer men in general (I knew like 3 like this). Not to say all bi women are at fault or whatever cus men also pushed for this shit so they can be gay/bi and identify as straight.
I also use to be attracted to gnc men including troons but it's too much jealousy and mental illness for me. Also they're very very clingy and needy and alot skinwalk whoever their ideal woman is (I've had 2 exes one tranny n one gnc dude copy TF out of me)

No. 1303973

Do you think people actually care about indigenous women? They have the highest rates of sexual assault in all of the Americas, are often serving white johns, and pissy troons could get Vancouver Rape Relief shut down instantly (mostly used by indigenous women). I feel like most people who say “but what about the native women” are so quick to forget about them when it affects troons.

No. 1303977

SJWs don't actually give a shit about actually oppressed people. They constantly compare troons to black women and don't see how fucking racist it is to say an ugly retarded white men with a fetish is the same as a black woman. They're shameless. I bet they'd probably say some twaw and are somehow more oppressed than abused indigenous women. Or say we should focus on trans indigenous women kek

No. 1303980

This. Indigenous women have no power when compared to men with fetishes. Non-American indigenous women face high rates of sexual assault too because colonial powers nearly always sexually exploit colonized women.

No. 1303981

Samefagging, not to mention most non-indigenous people hardly ever or never interact with indigenous peoples because the latter have been reduced to such small populations.

No. 1303990

lol i hate the ffxiv community so much, everyone acts like theres soooo many women playing the game but id bet 80% of the so called women are actually male

No. 1303991

File: 1629411654960.jpg (695.64 KB, 1080x1840, LMAO.jpg)

No. 1303997

Yeah, exactly. Indigenous women face extraordinarily high rates of violence. In Canada, indigenous women are heavily associated with promiscuity, prostitution, having a dozen kids, or getting raped by white moids. Such a high proportion of indigenous women are killed every year, some people have even labelled it a "genocide". People literally don't care about the issue of MMIW (Missing and murdered Indigenous women) so why would they care about troons taking spots from indigenous women in sports?
>trans indigenous women
This is what they try to argue "Two-spirit" is or act like its some historical term used by every indigenous American person to ever exist when it's actually a modern term created in the 1990s, many tribes hate the word, and most "Two-spirit" people are just gays and lesbians.

No. 1304000

Also very true, and yet so many non-indigenous people claim to have "native ancestry" that happens to be completely unverifiable. The world in general does not care about women so I feel like appealing to people about how much troon lunacy negatively affects women does not work. They will always side with the male feelings before female safety.

No. 1304002

>Trans women depend on sex work
>TERFs want to make it impossible for them to live
How is this the fault of TERFs? Are TERFs forcing trannies to sign up to OnlyFans?

No. 1304005

Sometimes they don't blame it on TERFs, they say its the fault of "SWERFs" instead. Every radfem I have ever interact with is against the sex industry so I don't understand what the difference between SWERF and TERF is supposed to be.

No. 1304006

>>Implying that TERFs somehow have some sort of influence over a CEO taking away 18+ content on his platform instead of wanting to appeal to advertisers for the sake of $$$
>>Implying that TERFs are somehow the reason why trans women are in sex work instead of their personal lives/desire to indulge in hypersexuality and narcissism

Does horse piss kill brain cells or

No. 1304010

kek that's why "We can all thank TERFS"
made me chuckle. It caught me off guard.

No. 1304014

TERFs don't control the sex industry but they are still based and I thank them everyday. I can't believe I was brainwashed as a teenager into being a libfem and I only hated radfems because everybody else did.

No. 1304015

there are actual liberal women who are waking up and going against sex positivity bs

No. 1304017

But how does that make them radical feminists? I also know a lot of religious women who are anti-prostitution because many religious people are.

No. 1304019

damn i wish i could take personal responsibility for shutting down porn on only fans

No. 1304020

Yeah it’s the terves’ fault that onlyfans are changing. Did this jackass knew there were young girls saying the moment they turn 18 they were going to be camgirls? That was an issue with tumblr as well. And regardless if OF were staying the same or not, troons were going to prostitute themselves anyway. But trying to make prostitution “empowering” or a first option for young girls is absolutely disgusting.

No. 1304022

why do you say TERVES it doesn't make any fucking sense

No. 1304023

TERF and SWERF are both “woke” moidspeak for “woman bad.” In previous centuries the same men would be calling us bitches, cunts, witches, infidels, etc.

No. 1304028

i know it's nonsensical but i've seen many instances where libfems got in trouble for saying normal, reasonable things like "hooking up culture is harmful to women" and "18yo shouldn't be sex workers"

No. 1304031

They think every woman who disagrees with transgenderism and prostitution is a radical feminist now. It's severely watering down what the term "radical feminist" even means because I've been seeing Christian women who are anti-abortion pickmes start calling themselves "radfems" too just because they don't like troons and porn. This would have been absolutely impossible in the 1960s to early 2000s. Sure, many conservatives did ally themselves with radfems because they both hated porn but the conservatives turned against the radfems immediately after the porn companies won. Disappointing to see desperate radfems ally themselves with conservative and religious freaks all over again.

No. 1304033

They still call women "bitches" and "cunts" lmao. They say biological sex doesn't exist and yet they always know who to threaten with sexual violence and gendered slurs.

No. 1304034

I did. Just watching how men talk about even the softcore pin-up models was finally enough to peak me on porn. They don't even see you as human, and you see how liberal "nice guys" on Twitter react to any women who aren't down with porn.
I thought that because almost all these men orbit 2D girlfriend anime, they did empathize with real women and girls a little, but they 100% never have.

No. 1304037

SO many trannies online call themselves "flat chested" and pretend to be shy or embarrassed about it for other degenerates to hype them up. It's disgusting and I hate it.

No. 1304038

Liberal women are so pathetic. They still think the sex industry should exist and believe in shit like "cis privilege" and "gender identity". They are too scared to disagree with moids who say sex is a social construct but they will happily gang up on women who are anti-porn.

No. 1304039

Liberal moids will support abortion rights and say we need more women in STEM but talk about how bad porn is and watch them shrivel up, kek.

No. 1304040

I have always hated porn and I peak transed over a decade ago but it seems like I never stop peaking because of all the bullshit that occurs. As the years go by, I just hate porn and troons more and more.

No. 1304042

Kek, 90% of modern trannies only do sw because it's a kink and to pay for horse piss pills, not out of muh desperation and being shunned from society.

No. 1304046

sage for fintech dev sperging but

only fucking idiots don't realize the reason why OF is removing sexual content. It's not about not wanting money – Anyone who works in fintech can tell you that working with payment processors (stripe, merco, etc) have a very specific amount of charge backs allowed per year (think like 3% or less). Sex work/camming/porn etc is notorious for having a VERY high charge back rate. It's so bad that a lot of payment processors don't even involve themselves with porn content (or gambling, or a bunch of other similar high chargeback rates). OF most likely got penalized every year for having a high charge back % and was most likely moving from one processor to another to another, probably trying to find microtransactions verifications/3D secure (to avoid chargebacks %) until they realized it was cheaper/better to just not involve porn content at all.

This is why a lot of porn sites take a high % of any cam girls/porns money. They NEED that to deal with the chargebacks that come from working in porn. It's either that, or get fucked and remove porn from their value props.

TLDR- Onlyfans isn't retarded. This isn't about them not wanting money, it's about payment processors, amls/kycs and fees. Fucking troons too dumb to even do some basic research.

No. 1304049

what do any of those things have to do with each other?? take your pickme shit elsewhere

No. 1304050

Hungary and Poland are two of the most homophobic countries in the Europe. I'm guessing Chile is very homophobic too (but LatAm is in general so why Chile specifically?).

No. 1304051

Shut the fuck up moid

No. 1304052

i'm >>1304022 what's wrong with what i said . . .

No. 1304098

NTAYRT, I just want to verify that you're not crazy, and said nothing moid-like. I think people here are fast and loose with the grammar on "TERF" because it's a nonsense term, but I've seen more people use "TERFs" than "TERVES". "Terven" also doesn't make sense, but I quite like it.

No. 1304099

Trans-racials or trans-species. If you can just say you're a sex, then itll easily apply to race. Same with species. Bet

No. 1304109

A plain old man can absolutely make it in the indie scene, your husband is incredibly wrong. There isn't actually some wall of sjw misandry, if a man makes the right noises the indie scene is absolutely down to lick his asshole. A big part of the reason trans women are so prominent is because they're men, even if people won't consciously admit it. Believe me when I tell you that your husband is not at a disadvantage, and that you would not gain some mythical Girl Points by working under your name.

No. 1304110

didn't know that, thanks for telling me about it anon have a good day

No. 1304111

calm down nonny. the point ayrt is making is that moids will parrot feminist talking points that dont require anything of them (after all, what does an athiest lib scrote care if a woman gets an abortion? he has nothing to do with it), but when asked to think critically about how their vices effect women they instantly go on the defence.

No. 1304117

can't wait to be trans-racial ngl that's gonna be fun

No. 1304122

Trans-mixed as a counterpart to non-binary, kek

No. 1304125

Porn always made me feel gross, but I got talked into the slippery slope fallacy, that you can't have any uncensored media if people can't also publish their futanari loli shitting dicknipples all over the public internet. The same sort of nonsense with transgender preferential treatment. They do just get sicker every year. About 11% of working age men in the US were unemployed before covid, and everybody here knows exactly what these guys are getting into all day every day.

No. 1304128

How do regular porn sites keep running in that case? How does Pornhub manage to find a payment processor to work with after all these years hosting x-rated content?

No. 1304135

File: 1629423517488.jpg (266.72 KB, 810x1924, 20210819_203501.jpg)

this garbage take popped up in my feed. the comments are filled with mtfs larping that they get 'hormone periods' and a few ftms getting downvotes for saying periods are terrible.

No. 1304137

link? i want to self-harm mentally

No. 1304141

>and a few ftms getting downvotes for saying periods are terrible
Sounds like they are really invalidating their dysphoria… so exactly the kind of hypocrisy I'd expect from these people

No. 1304146

>Uses a meme format displaying troons as simpletons for enjoying "periods" for "euphoria" to minimize the negative implications of the joke
>Misogynistic implication that men are (somehow) better at having and dealing with even periods still clear as day
Moids don't have uteruses. Moids don't have female hormone cycles. Estrogen is at its lowest during a menstrual cycle, rather than consistent with estrogen levels outside of the cycle. Cope, seethe, dilate.

No. 1304148

File: 1629424877664.jpeg (460.21 KB, 1242x948, 80FE295D-2359-42EA-AC5D-994B12…)

The male understanding of female anatomy never ceases to disappoint.

No. 1304149

That sounds like you need a diet and exercise

No. 1304150

File: 1629425181677.jpg (533.27 KB, 1440x1810, Screenshot_20210820-030530.jpg)

Even handmaiden's are retarded.

No. 1304152

Why do men have the audacity to say they're the more rational sex when they tell themselves retarded anti science shit like this

No. 1304154

They keep using the word "euphoric" to describe the female experience and it's sickening. I always thought "eurphoric" was a word that Reddit neckbeards used to sound intelligent and people made fun of them for it. But I guess if those neckbeards call themselves women then it's transphobic to make fun of them.

No. 1304157

It's legit just regular MALE hormone fluctuations. Testosterone fluctuations due to age, diet, etc. Male bodies doing regular male shit. Look up IMS for a hearty kek.

No. 1304158

No. 1304161

What are you even talking about? That anon is making fun of liberal males. It's not "pickme" behavior.

No. 1304166

File: 1629426496746.jpeg (207.01 KB, 2515x548, download (1).jpeg)

Mr Female Part Picker over here wants an order or floating ovaries and
>functional external genitals
Does he mean a penis? These men are so dim it's funny.

No. 1304169

File: 1629426728913.jpg (227.28 KB, 1080x1483, 20210819_213101.jpg)

>ghost periods

No. 1304170

File: 1629426814996.jpg (357.48 KB, 1440x1201, Screenshot_20210820-033016.jpg)

Silly anon. These men's MENSTRUAL CYCLE is affecting their hormone levels! Yes, I know they're mainlining their hormones, but trans periods are periods!

No. 1304173

>that one comment boasting about uterine transplantation in mice
These people are ok with inhumane experiments as long as they can fulfill their fantasies. Sickos.

No. 1304175

Bloating is due to excess estrogen, the rest are all symptoms of low T on men. It isn't just stomach cramps, it's general muscle cramps.

I'm sure one of these dudes will develop kidney stones after years on HRT and still think it's his very valid "period".

No. 1304180

moids treat being a woman like they're picking out parts in a mecha anime, kek.

No. 1304181

File: 1629427550200.jpeg (28.06 KB, 349x298, 2C63C323-551C-425F-9C15-ECBC6C…)

No. 1304193

>I just want something that a woman has…
Oh, but aren't you already a woman since TWAW? Men always take from women, they drain them of everything they have. Disgusting leeches.

No. 1304194

It's very laughable to think that, a male, who only gets external dose of estrogen every couple of days to keep a constant level of said hormone, would get a period, which is the changes of levels of estrogen and progesterone controlled by a feedback mechanism whose main actors are the pituitary gland and the ovaries which males are devoid of. It's so fucking laughable. I can't believe people legimimately believe a male can have a period, not even from the ''uguu but my hormones, my mood swing!!''

No. 1304195

The nastiest shit is when they choose the type of "pussies" they want installed. Cosmetic surgeons will hand them a whole catalog of different women's genitalia for them to look at and choose from because our bodies are nothing but objects. The most popular pussies among men are the ones they see in porn or the ones that resemble Eastern Asian women's "small, tight pussies" hence why so many flock to Thailand to get them.

No. 1304198

Most white troons want "Asian pussies" because they have Asian fetishes, stereotype East Asian women to be petite hyperfeminine submissive doormats, and they have an addiction to anime/hentai/JAV. It's funny because scientifically speaking black women actually have the tightest vaginas on average.(pussy racebait)

No. 1304200

they've all rotted their brains on hentai, and want to look like literal cartoon 'girls'

No. 1304205

File: 1629430449041.jpg (Spoiler Image, 438.77 KB, 2880x2473, image.jpg)

>$20k base model
>Dr Brassard didn't let me choose tight Asian pussy!!

No. 1304211

It's true. I'm an AWAB (assigned white at birth) transblack person and have been suffering from ghost racial profiling for a few months now, I'll just be on my way to the store when a haunted cop car pulls up and the spectral policeman driving it starts shooting at me.

No. 1304212

If there was surgery that could give people cat ears then you know most of its customers would be troons.

No. 1304217

Reading articles about MtF surgery and the ideal female bodies that men wanted is what caused me to peak trans. The way women were so objectified and their body parts sold as a product for men to put on their own bodies like a fashion statement made me nauseous.

No. 1304221

How much longer before white troons say their neovaginas are transracial because they got them done in Thailand?

No. 1304222

File: 1629432217290.gif (359.99 KB, 220x163, 1627858139714.gif)

>staring at uggo from across the room
>not sure if troon or just incredibly unfortunate woman
>subject takes off their greasy beanie to reveal stringy hair & franken-cat ears
>mfw every time

No. 1304224

Uterus transplants are one of the most horrifying future inventions. The other is artificial uteruses/uterine replicators. Men literally only value women for giving them sex and birthing children so they're going to think women are even more useless when sexbots and uterine replicators become common.

No. 1304225

thinking of that hideous beast yaniv bragging about his "coin slot pussy" and then having his frankenclit fall off after

No. 1304226

Really gives a whole new meaning to some saying they are "part Asian".

No. 1304227

File: 1629433048245.jpeg (360.64 KB, 750x732, 0D9CD6E6-CB94-44B7-891C-C80816…)

You joke nonna but so many of these people are race faking, they just don’t actively claim to be transracial.

Picrel a Nawat KF poster commenting on how Petrona Xemi Tapepechul (who you might remember as the creepy AGP who tried to breastfeed his baby) is definitely faking the indigenous identity he grifts off of.

Link: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/tranny-sideshows-on-social-media.33028/page-2736

Since it’s KF it could just be race larper pointing Spider-Man but I’ve definitely seen quite a few people pretend to be indigenous in the same way and get away with it because they’re non-white.

No. 1304232

>We are notoriously homophobic/transphobic
If only native-americans were brave enough to say it in public so people can stfu about the two-spirits and how ebil yt men imposed gender roles on the noble savages

No. 1304237

Just say homophobic. Transphobia is not real.

No. 1304241

To be fair in Latin America, most people don't view mestizos as indigenous but in Anglo America, you can still claim indigenous status even if you're mixed with a lot of other races since there was a more coordinated plan to "breed out" indigenous peoples.

No. 1304247

For sure a lot of people on the internet fake being Korean to seem "trendy" and maybe black for the "oppression points". I also think a lot of people will claim to be Jewish converts even if they are not.

No. 1304248

How do you read all of this and not go insane?

No. 1304262

Is there any way to know if they are lying about being jewish?

No. 1304264

there should be foreskin on their feminine dicks

No. 1304274

She was quoting the screenshot, dingus.

No. 1304280

This Kiwifag is either ignorant or faking his own identity because whether you are considered indigenous or not is dependent on a whole lot of factors. This is why /pol/tards always laugh at "Hispanic white" being considered "white" in the US because they might have like 10% indigenous American ancestry.

No. 1304282

Ask them which Rabbi was in charge of their conversion.

No. 1304290

Maybe they're apart of a tribe so they don't like when mestizos claim indigenous? Even tho they do have native ancestry but I seen people who grew up in a tribe get mad at outsiders claiming to be apart of it even if said outsider has native ancestry cus they weren't raised w the traditions or whatever. Kinda like how some taino people got mad at princess Nokia for claiming taino even tho it's very probable she has native ancestry

I've seen a few trannies claim to be Mexica (revivalist Aztec lol the smarter ones call themselves nahuatl) to I guess make their gender identity tie into their race/culture "my people always had a third gender" even tho alot of indigenous Americans from south and central America didn't really care for homosexuality. At times they were hostile about it but they also had third gender/2 spirit people as shamans. Some places were laxed but some had death sentences for being gay. The Mayans did hella gay rituals but blamed sodomites for society decaying, saying they were birthing illegitimate children from their anuses kek

Sage for OT and sperging

No. 1304291

Ngl, Petrona is faking a lot of stuff about his identity (like his womanhood duh) but that post sounds fake as well. There's only 12,000 recognized "pureblooded" Pipil in the world, most of them can't speak English at all, and you expect me to believe that one of them is on Kiwifarms making fun of an obscure troon?

No. 1304293

sounds interesting, you got any articles on this tpic you could share with us?

No. 1304302

File: 1629438978262.png (550.9 KB, 948x634, imsosorrylesbians.png)

interesting how it's lesbians specifically and not bi women. maybe lesbians should just advertising themselves as solely "bi" on female dating apps and hope that's enough for the transbian fetishists to leave them alone kek.

No. 1304309

Petrona claims to be from an indigenous ethnic group in Latin America and Latinos generally don't consider mestizos to be indigenous. In Anglo America, obviously the word "mestizo" isn't used because it's Spanish and many Natives reject ideas about 'blood quantum'. So mixed people might still be considered indigenous in Anglo America if they can prove their ancestry and were raised within the culture. Petrona is obviously a mestizo so he wouldn't be considered indigenous in El Salvador but he might in the USA. However, he's not from a USian tribe which is what actually matters.

>I've seen a few trannies claim to be Mexica (revivalist Aztec lol the smarter ones call themselves nahuatl)

Lol, it's pretty annoying when people say Mexicans are "indigenous to the USA". No, the Mexican identity developed out of Spanish colonization, mestizo Mexicans wouldn't be considered "indigenous" in Mexico itself because of their European ancestry, and indigenous Mexicans are indigenous to the land of Mexico not the USA. Indigenous Americans aren't interchangeable, they don't have a cultural connection to any piece of American land (as in the continents) just because they are indigenous. A Yanomami can't just claim to be "indigenous" to New York, for example. Imagine saying the Koreans should never have tried to overthrow Japanese rule on the peninsula because the Japanese are also East Asians so they belong to that land. A lot of indigenous tribes in the US like the Apache fought wars AGAINST Mexicans because Mexicans were foreigners and colonizers.

But then you get unicorn hunter straight couples asking for a threesome and regular straight men who think you would be super slutty.

Well, maybe that's not as bad as a transbian.

No. 1304333

Isn't this just generalized scrote rapery, they always want a woman who has no interest in them as she's deemed the most desirable by their monkey brains.

No. 1304341

Yeah, they also like the idea of "converting" lesbians or being her "one exception". Same reason they like tsundere characters in anime so much. They seem powerful and harsh at first but get "humbled" in the presence of their male love interest.

No. 1304351

it's so telling how it's always just "lesbians" and not "women". Straight men larping as women are the worst

No. 1304354

Ugh, the pasty gunt hanging down.
Rest assured that neither will ever happen. Medical research can't even successfully eliminate most cancer yet, or make biologically identical HRT for women who've had hysterectomies. Long before anybody creates a womb transplant for men, they will offer some kind of test tube baby service that culls embryos with a high likelihood of mental illness and personality disorders, which will filter off 95% of all scrote zygotes immediately.

No. 1304365

Apart from wanting to get an "Asian style" pussy in Thailand, some also get electrolysis on their pubic area. But that's not going to help you "pass" as a woman because women naturally have hair down there. They just want to live out their pedo porn fantasy of having a small, tight, and hairless pussy.

No. 1304371

Also when they talk about fucking women in positions of authority. They aren't attracted to powerful women, they just want to put a woman in her place and make her submit to him.

No. 1304376

File: 1629446296379.jpg (32.62 KB, 720x381, bigotry.jpg)

christ it's so disgusting, keep in mind these are probably the same moids complaining about "roasties." incelism has evolved into the saddest form of imitation which troons now call "becoming the gf"

they claim that bio
'roasties' are so disgusting, yet they're spending shit tons of money and risking health complications to chop off their nuts in order to look like the foids they so despise and covet.

all scrotes wish to rape, and the final form of an AGP's rape fetish is conquering lesbians as the ultimate validation. the more they can convince themselves their coercion was justified and valid, the better.

No. 1304401

Yeah I agree, every prominent indie game I know is made by a man or a tranny, what is that anon even talking about kek
Sounds like her husband just makes shitty games and is trying to find an excuse

No. 1304415

commodore amigo (account suspended) 'it's funny because it's true'.

No. 1304424

File: 1629453231082.jpg (152.69 KB, 1440x435, Screenshot_20210820-105210.jpg)

They get electrolysis because otherwise they get dick hairballs.

Reminder to britbongs itt - laser hair removal is funded by the NHS for trannies.

No. 1304432

File: 1629455042694.jpg (73.02 KB, 1194x710, Screen_Shot_2021-04-21_at_2.15…)

Send all these moids (and the handmaidens) to gulags NOW

TiFs are discarded like trash when they are not validating these moids. They hate them.

No. 1304434

File: 1629456057353.jpg (263.39 KB, 817x3072, tumblr_75b8ab780c88e029e076972…)

Reminder that Ronan Oger really hates female rape victims. This is his latest showcasing of that. Yes it's the same swamp monster who defunded the Vancouver Rape Shelter. I didn't censor the names but we all know who he is.

No. 1304440

Hungary is very anti-trans. But we're also very casually homophobic, so I don't know why lesbians would be visiting online hun spaces, I imagine it's full of shitty moids.

No. 1304444

File: 1629458363850.png (678.06 KB, 575x886, f.png)

Translated to "That's why I'm glad I could [choose] to become a lesbian, basically". The previous tweet was about how hard it is to find a decent man.

No. 1304447

disgusting! Anyone knows the survey he claims exist?

No. 1304455

based solanasian eugenic dystopia
this is great peaking material thanks mister ogre

No. 1304461

>Trans women are a small population of the world! Have you ever even met one? Why do you care!
but also
>We are more likely to raped and killed then "Cis" women. Yes, there's more cis women on this planet, yes you can read any day of the week about a woman being raped/killed, but transwomen are dying!!!

No. 1304468

There have been cases where victims of grooming have asked for case workers of a different ethnicity because of sexual abuse they've experience in the past. He's bringing it up as a dog whistle to shock libfems and race nutters tho

No. 1304494

Add -rotherham in your search you noob

No. 1304500

holy shit this is vile

No. 1304501

File: 1629466668509.jpg (135.53 KB, 887x605, Untitled.jpg)

"i love being a girl" and things girls never actually say online

also lol at the comment

No. 1304502

can we just fucking nuke twitter, it does nothing good for anybody

No. 1304505

Can you imagine humoring your bf when you're having the worst PMS symptoms of your life and he starts going "Oh, yeah, me too" and playacting pain?

No. 1304507

I remember I got into it w a tranny online over a post they made during international women's day about how "1/6 trans women are sexually assaulted which is twice the rate of cis women" I had to hit that retard with the fact that 1/3 "cis" women are sexually assaulted so it's actually real women who are twice as likely. Mf called me a TERF and turned off his comments

Fucking faggot retards making up shit. And making women's day about themselves

No. 1304510

Samefag but I don't even trust stats for sexual assault of trannies cus they consider it rape if u don't fuck them

Also I'm willing to bet troons rape at higher rates than other men.

No. 1304518

File: 1629468657406.jpg (263.08 KB, 1440x1380, Screenshot_20210820-145959.jpg)

The response to this woman deploys classic misogyny silencing tactics
>you're an angry woman
>you're ugly
>shut up

No. 1304526

File: 1629469182174.png (720.62 KB, 720x969, Screenshot_20210820-090939~2.p…)

Weirdos hate women so much they fawn over this shapeless mentally ill man who thinks being a woman = being consumed by men (he also said he didn't fully feel female cus he never been raped smfh)
He's suppose to be one of the passing ones but even in euphoria u can see his big ass ribcage and man legs when he's in motion or next to Zendaya. His voice passes for the most part. But also he cowrote a therapy episode and his character said they wanna detransition so maybe he stopped irl cus he's been looking more and more like the confused Twink he is lately

No. 1304527

I want to feel sympathy for transwidows, but god damn do some of them make it hard to.

No. 1304529

File: 1629469311369.png (743.47 KB, 720x708, Screenshot_20210820-091040~2.p…)

No. 1304530

>men genuinely don't realize that "period" is shorthand for "menstrual period"
Being male should be considered a disability

No. 1304532

File: 1629469645860.jpeg (457.37 KB, 750x794, 48E43C2F-A6B5-47FE-9E07-E7CFF0…)

Agreed. The last indie game I heard about everywhere that was made by a woman……… was because the creator and her girlfriend were cancelled for being TERFS picrel.

Some autist even wrote an entire essay on Reddit about how it was the greatest war crime ever to happen or whatever. https://www.reddit.com/r/HobbyDrama/comments/mw8qkk/indie_rpgs_how_to_kill_your_games_lgbtfriendly/

No. 1304533

File: 1629469804602.jpeg (239.81 KB, 750x662, C34A7F0B-088B-401D-BEA0-A8B5CD…)

Also of course Arthur Chu had something to say about it and it’s this. Not even denying that everyone is a brave and stunning trans woman.

No. 1304534

period synchronization is not real even for cis women, you idiot

No. 1304539

Not the “all gay men love theater” stereotype. This guy is such an annoying moron. I wasn’t surprised at all by how callously he treated his disabled ex-wife. She would be doing everything while he would just be on Twitter bragging about how feminist and progressive he was.

No. 1304543

>Even handmaiden's are retarded.
What do you mean by “even”? You have to be retarded to be a handmaiden.

No. 1304545

The dev was based for making a 41% joke.

No. 1304547

I bet those are all real women insulting her. Sigh.

No. 1304550

I make fun of troons on YouTube and I instantly get flooded with responses from angry women who are offended on behalf of these TiMs. You would never see men defend TiFs in such a way.

No. 1304551

Sam here but on Instagram. My younger sister is a radfem who makes vids on Tiktok about women’s health and gender being fake. She says that she always gets the most hate from women who say her work is “transphobic” and “violent a towards trans women”. They always call her ugly, cunt, bitch. Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 1304557

Sometimes I don’t think troon handmaidens are even worth saving. I think they’re perfectly content with worshipping men in wigs and attacking other women for not bowing down to trannies

No. 1304560

This is why I don't believe queer ideology will ever dissolve. The most naive women, handmaidens to fetishists and coomers, genuinely believing they're toppling the patriarchy.

No. 1304561

It's a bit jarring to know that tranny devs can write outright corrective rape of lesbians but still be beloved and highly recommended (even/especially to actual lesbians), but a female game dev can't be associated with a "TERF" without her and her game being completely canceled.

No. 1304562

Handmaidens are just leftwing tradwives, and for the most part are completely beyond hope. Just like how tradwives are completely devoted to the moids who constantly dox, harass, abuse and assault them and forever hostile to fellow women even when they help them, handmaidens will always defend their own precious moids over other women.

No. 1304565

too bad for them no matter what mecha they choose it's still a male pilot inside kek

No. 1304570

These women usually have questioning thoughts though so it's not impossible. I know this from hearing from the "queer" friends I use to hang out with

No. 1304584

Ah thanks for reminding me I need to buy this game, nonis!

No. 1304591

File: 1629475138552.jpg (813.51 KB, 810x4571, 20210820_105531.jpg)

wow, they're still going strong with slapfighting.

No. 1304592

File: 1629475268660.jpg (601.76 KB, 810x3770, 20210820_105550.jpg)

there is a level of audacity that only males can achieve, having been raised that anything is truly possible and are ass-kissed to success - mtfs hit that level so fast.

No. 1304622

I’m ESL and them calling period pain „part of the experience“ makes it sound like they are talking about recreational activities or something to me. Is our existence a hobby now?

No. 1304653

You're not wrong. They are talking like womanhood is a hobby. It's unsurprising, because troons largely treat transitioning as if it's roleplay or fashion.

No. 1304669

So there are a few options:

1) Have very high fee percentages to cover the costs of a payment processor that has very high fees due to a more lax % (Even those are max 7% per year, which is a lot still, but if companies go over that even once they get removed)

2) Use crypto/secondary processor so chargebacks aren't even a thing

3) Be your own payment processor (this is more a gambling thing. I don't know any porn related companies that have their own, it's a HUGE undertaking.)

4) Know someone higher up in a bank who's willing to open a secondary account for your company and forgo a certain % (a lot of crypto/gaming companies do this one)

5) Have the tech to deny SOME chargebacks (such as microtrans verifications/3D secure etc) This is still some what new and not a lot of devs have the experience in it because it's easy to fuck up and you get butt fucked as a company if you mess up. This only decreases your % as well, it doesn't completely get rid of charge backs.

I'm willing to bet pornhub is most likely doing 4 and 5. OF and such probably don't have those connections and were doing 1, and jumping from one processor to another until they passed the % threshold for the last one.

Sage for totally OT. Sorry.

No. 1304675

No. 1304681

So how much sexual abuse did he endure when he was younger? Because uhhh…

No. 1304685

>Is our existence a hobby now?
always has been, unfortunately

i ugly cackled when he whipped his head like a pop-idol at the 0:46 'psychotic'

No. 1304689

That thumbnail is depressing kek. The whole video looks like it smells bad, especially the glitter leotard segments.

No. 1304693

His movements are awkward and jerky. No charisma or star power.

No. 1304710

That's a whole ass man lmao. I wonder if he regrets it.

No. 1304737

Liberal feminism is simply the aftermath of women walking on eggshells around men. It doesn't challenge patriarchy. It just simply acquiesces. Also isn't basing your transition goals after a biological female and desiring our experiences textbook "bio-essentialism" and "cisnormative". Sounds like all tranners have a case of "internalized transphobia" to me. Basing your identity on bio women [the only "type" of woman] shows that they believe that bio women are more ~valid~ uwu. We are literally their blueprint because we aren't people to them because a moid is gonna moid. So clearly they don't even see themselves as they gender they say they are. The word trans acknowledges their sex and directly implies they have changed their gender (and even to some extent that gender and sex are interchangeable because then how were stunning and brave transwimminz TM ever male to even call themesleves MtF) but also simultaneously they were women all along somehow. Even by their own definition of gender (in which the source of said definition is just: just trust me bro in the same way they pull everything out of their ass) being self-perception they still don't qualify. So what exactly distinguishes a bio man and a troon? I know for a fact it’s not delusion. If gender is JUST a feeling in your soul then hand over the titty skittles, you don't need 'em. I believe gender dysphoria is a by-product of the desire to LARP and not the cause of the LARP. (LARPing for whatever that reason may be like a fetish or some non-existent ‘easy mode’. Either way they romanticise the experience good or bad). Gender dysphoria is a fucked amalgamation of self-awareness and gender roles-gone-wrong telling you the truth, that for whatever rational or misogynistic reason you don’t qualify for the gender you think you are. You never see a trans person try to stop their desire to LARP (the cure to the dysphoria) they act as if there is no cure. Instead of taking the hint GD gives them they use it to fuel their tranny antics. When trannies are presented with the option how they are or have no dysphoria, they choose to remain how they are for this reason. They crave the LARP so bad they meme themselves into mental illness. You never see a trans person act like how a gay person with internalized homophobia may try to convert/suppress themselves or hide their identity to not confront it. Their identity exists to be loud - only exists in language and if nobody affirms it, it doesn't exist. A language game they can't even win because moids are inherently retarded. If I know moids they will self-cannibalize (I hope) eventually because they can't sustain any form of community even if it's a cult, especially if females (TiFs) are involved. That's why they desperately need their gender affirmed 24/7.
They’re infinitely stuck in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction and they 41% because they can’t handle the harsh unforgiving reality of bio sex anymore and I love that for them honestly.
I genuinely can't tell how many TiMs (and all LARPers in general) are narcissistic and delusional in order to maintain their identity or if they were trans because of their pre-existing narcissism and delusion. It's all blurry. But sadly for troons you can't exchange delusion for hormones.

In summary… Trans is a choice. Cope, seethe, dilate.

(apologies for the sperg, I had to restrain myself for going any further)

No. 1304754

> I just want something that a woman has
But I thought they WERE women

No. 1304769

All troon 'logic' is inherently contradictory and can change on a dime depending on what the troon/TRA in question is demanding.
>TIMs were always women and equating womanhood to biology is literal violence, but if TIMs don't get horse piss hormones and fake tits they'll die
>Pregnancy and menstruation have nothing to do with womanhood, but TIMs can get periods because they like chocolate once a month and are entitled to uterine implants
>There's no one way to be a woman since "woman" is just a social construct, but if you don't chemically castrate gender confused preteen boys and pump them full of estrogen they'll kill themselves since they'll never pass
>Dysphoria isn't a mental illness, but troons will 41% if their every demand isn't given in to
>Genitals =/= gender, but TIMs getting vaginoplasties is a human right

No. 1304831

He's really cherrypicking the numbers, all these surveys are old and the actual statistic fluctuates hugely from survey-to-survey. And a 2007 one claimed that TiFs were more often victims of sexual violence than TiMs.

No. 1304845

File: 1629487515982.jpeg (419.07 KB, 1170x1992, 7DA79A33-CE92-45A5-8DC6-409416…)

There was no attempt

No. 1304852

what 10 years of reddit do to a nibba

No. 1304867

they have NO empathy and it's like they don't even notice?
sidenote i always involuntarily read mtfs as mother fuckers kek

No. 1304873

they can’t even agree on if what they are is based on a mental illness. if gender dysphoria isn’t present in all troons and doesn’t have to be, then their entire ideology is a kid’s popsicle stick school project.

and they’re corrupting sexual orientations with this bullshit too. before mainstream troonery, no bisexual was saying things like “im a hetero-romantic asexual bisexual!!” if at its core, bisexuality doesn’t even have to mean being into both genders, why does it even exist anymore? why be a lesbian if you can now suck dick? nothing means anything!

No. 1304887

Don’t need to be empathetic if you’re totally oppressed and not at all appropriating womanhood!! Because trans wahmen is real wahmen!!11!

No. 1304941

File: 1629494296521.png (103.3 KB, 879x343, Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 2.13…)

lmao what a retard, what did he expect was going to happen?

No. 1304947

File: 1629494756474.jpg (728.07 KB, 2460x3280, nggvvdw59qh71.jpg)

>I think I'm looking at least somewhat feminine just in my face

No. 1304956

>That forehead
>That jawline
>That chin
>Those lips
>That nose
>Those ears
>Those shoulders
>That hairline
>That neck
>That Adam's apple
>That chest

No. 1304957

Chris Chan proves this connection makes sense

No. 1304958

“Bisexuality is the attraction to your own gender and other genders”

No. 1304962

File: 1629495703703.jpg (3.6 MB, 2080x3056, Tom Hiddleston.jpg)

It's him.

No. 1304972

>Handmaidens are just leftist tradwives
You mean libfems are leftist tradwives. Both libfems and tradwives are handmaidens.

No. 1304978

File: 1629496622256.jpg (286.85 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20210820_155535.jpg)

… do they not know men can wear nail polish if they want to? i don't think I've ever seen a group of people enforce gender stereotypes as much as trannies do

No. 1304980

Troons seethe over goth/punk guys because they have no problem with wearing nailpolish, eyeliner, and other kinds of makeup while happily being male. Without strict gender roles, troonacy falls apart at the seams.

No. 1304984

Because their entire identity is based upon gender stereotypes, especially if they are MtF. Take away that and you are left with a mentally ill, closet homosexual with a severe hatred towards women.

No. 1304989

Funny how the race comparison suddenly works now, but if you tried to turn it around and ask if a white person could be transblack it's suddenly a completely different thing. Also
>Nu-uh, actually trans women get raped way more than cis women so shut up about your raped daughter's PTSD roastie!
Jesus what a monster, he legitimately makes me want to a-log. I can't imagine anyone reading this exchange and not peaking.

No. 1304995

alternative guys are so based, would love to see some idiot troon cry about them appropriating feminity and making a costume out of transness LMFAO

No. 1304999

the soyjack face is to hide a nochin it all makes sense now.

No. 1305001

File: 1629499585921.png (110.1 KB, 1080x736, Screenshot_20210820-154334_(1)…)

MtFs are such perverts.

No. 1305012

I'd pick sharia over this

No. 1305013

File: 1629500427039.png (28.94 KB, 622x204, every_time.png)

don't you just hate when this happens?

No. 1305015

This sounds like a nonfunctioning autist.

No. 1305020

Sharia law is pro-troon

No. 1305023

Yet they all want goth gfs or pretend to be goth girls?

No. 1305025

>closet homosexual
The scariest trannies I have met all have a sexual attraction to women.

No. 1305028

America: 0
Vietnam: 2

No. 1305030

The scariest trannies are straight, kek.

No. 1305032

That’s what I think too. If they were all gays and lesbians they wouldn’t be so numerous or have so much power.

No. 1305036

only for iraniggers

No. 1305041

>Brother is friends with a troon who doesn’t even remotely pass
>Have to do small talk with them
>EVERY single time some male historical or celebrity he says they were trans
This shit enrages me. Why do they have to make their problem everyone’s? River Phoenix? Trans. Mark Twain? Trans. John Lennon? Trans. George Washington? Trans. David Bowie? Trans.

No. 1305042

ask him if michelle obama is a tranny

No. 1305043

based vietnamese woman moment
honestly nonwestern women are our only hope

No. 1305044

Incels / troons love nonwestern women because they think they’re submissive but they don’t take this bullshit. /r/ing that screenshot of that troon getting mocked in Japan by women

No. 1305045

Not really, Western tranny shit is spreading all over the world because the West is so culturally dominant and it shames other countries for “human rights abuses” and “ignorance” whenever there is a backlash against trannies. Just look at how Western media (mostly US because of course) criticised South Korean women for not letting a tranny attending a women’s only university.

No. 1305046

There’s still tranny infiltration in non-Western countries because of Western cultural pollution.

No. 1305047

Reminds me of when
>US shames USSR women for being atheist and having women “act like men” because they don’t wear makeup and high heels
>US shames Russia for Orthodox revival and being misogynistic by pushing gender roles on women

No. 1305052

Iran isn’t the only county that adopted the sexual inversion theory that dominated Western understandings of homosexuality at the time. It’s just that Iran gender transition shit is state-funded.

No. 1305054

that's not just a shia muslim thing?
i went on a south korean radfem forum and they are beyond fucked in the head

No. 1305055

I just can't imagine that with the rise of well-off women resorting to sperm banks and IVF, because all the men they met had a 100% failure rate, that they are going to want to keep bringing more moids into this world. Almost every woman now knows at least one moid in her extended family living the unemployed gamer basement dweller lifestyle, and it was probably a boy raised to be a liberal "sensitive" and "empathetic" un-jock wonderboy.

No. 1305056

They also think transphobia is a “white feminist” thing

No. 1305059

File: 1629503992237.jpeg (39.8 KB, 484x144, 5C367895-C65A-44C9-AF51-8AE6B4…)

Scrotes unwashed ass gives him dysphoria. The jokes write themself.

No. 1305060

>scrotes unwashed ass gives him dysphoria
holy fuck I can't stop laughing

No. 1305063

It has nothing to with Shia Islam. It’s because one tranny became influential enough to beg Iranian authorities to let gay people get SRS instead of being executed or tortured. It was based on the sexual invert theory created by Western sexologists in the late 19th to early 20th centuries. It posited that gay men were straight women trapped in male bodies and lesbians were straight men trapped in female bodies. They believed the only normal orientation is heterosexuality while homosexuality was an intersex disorder so the government should be involved in curing its citizens.

No. 1305065

Are you implying jocks aren’t sociopath rapists lol

No. 1305066

>female spectrum butts
>male spectrum butts

No. 1305067

File: 1629504835470.jpeg (81.66 KB, 668x340, wut1.jpeg)

Shit. I hit reply instead of attaching a pic.

No. 1305068

>female spectrum butts
>male spectrum butts
what's next, autism spectrum butts?

No. 1305069

File: 1629504892775.jpg (55.39 KB, 1080x1350, QT1hT2T.jpg)

full file

No. 1305071

File: 1629504975221.jpeg (131.56 KB, 480x622, wut2.jpeg)

And a reply. I would die if I raised a troon.

No. 1305072

I'm genuinely curious as to why you think it has anything to do with Shia Islam. The split between Shia and Sunni Islam has nothing to do with transgenderism lmao.

No. 1305073

Asexual spectrum butts. About how much you like to put stuff up there.

No. 1305078

>that they are going to want to keep bringing more moids into this world
Don't underestimate how hard women can handmaiden. Men can do horrible things everyday and there will still be women NAMALT-ing and making excuses about how women can be "just as bad". Studies have also shown that women favor sons and treat them better than their daughters.

No. 1305080

Then he should also think all male serial killers are trannies.

No. 1305082

File: 1629505456426.jpeg (242.55 KB, 1368x438, 3EA58356-D00E-48C7-9A9F-F46549…)

Just saw this on ovarit. This is that guy who used to want to be a living Ken doll. Dude needs to stop.


Again with the jars

No. 1305084

Let him do it so he can suffer a painful death.

No. 1305085

Yeah but it was fucking stupid because "suicide baiting" is some serious ammo for these terminally logged on motherfuckers. The crytyping, the outrage, my god. Bad move, imo they should've kept their heads down and played underdog.

No. 1305086

For fucks sake, women's medicine gets barely any funding and awareness as is. But men feel entitled enough to pick apart women's bodies and claim those parts for themselves.

Penis envy is not real but womb envy absolutely is.

No. 1305087

The biggest male insecurity is the fact that women can give birth and men can't. This is why women differ from other oppressed groups. You can try to eradicate disabled people, gays, or other races/ethnic groups but you can not get rid of women. Men need women to propagate their bloodlines. Women living around men all their lives and being socialized into their gender is also why so many women find it so difficult to realize how misogynistic the world truly is.

No. 1305088

Are they really going to waste real human eggs and sperm on the bowl of soup that will be this man's 'womb'?

No. 1305089

My god that discord interview. Imagine hearing the news that your grandparents passed away, not at all even thinking about the troon outrage going on online, and now this tranny just comes in and mansplains to you how you need to be more accountable to the trans community. Lmao it's always "me me me what about me???" with these freaks.

No. 1305090

File: 1629506238903.png (8.46 KB, 646x67, 1.png)

Yeah and this marvel of medicine has been kept a secret because…?
He just wants attention

No. 1305091

Yeah that is true. Once people find out anon is an actual woman and not a tranny, they will nitpick and try to find any reason to call her a terf and cancel her game, if not straight up ignore no matter the genre or quality of game.

No. 1305092

Does he have no one in his life that cares for him? It's obvious that he was always mentally unwell, a plastic surgery addict. Doctors should have realized that transitioning was just an extension of his addiction and refused to perform any more surgeries. From reading the article, he seems fully delusional enough to believe he'll ovulate and even be able to carry a baby to full term. Why hasn't anyone educated him?

No. 1305093

Sadly, I don't think the 41% thing is true. I mean, I WISH the attempted tranny suicide was that high. Also I feel like most of the attempted/successful suicides are HSTS instead of the creepy transbians who deserve the taste of death so much more.

No. 1305094

I have my suspicions that it doesn't really matter if he could ovulate, get pregnant, or carry a baby full term, and that he's just using those things as a justification to go under the knife again.

No. 1305095

fully believe in that, tbh. even a lot of mass murderers have weird hang ups about women.

No. 1305096

I'm brazilian and remember watching a long time ago, before him being trans, this trashy talk show where he said he was drinking "white cockroach milk" because it was rejuvenating or something, it was ridiculously expensive. He also said he believed that, within his life time, science would be able to make humans immortal, so he believed he'd live forever, so yeah

No. 1305098

I assume the Brits knocked him back, thus, a country where the due procedure to qualify for such operations is way looser. Do whatever the fuck you want if you have the money and sign some forms(cement BBL anyone?). The novelty is enough of a drive, one way you'll have a mention in the footnote of history…?

No. 1305099

This guy has been an attention whore since his human ken days. I remember when he started dating the human barbie shortly after her boyfriend, the human ken that came before him died after going under the knife. This is probably his future too, this guy is fucking nuts

No. 1305113

dude gives me luka magnotta vibes. like if he didn’t have all this money and fame, he would be absolutely in prison for murdering a guy on camera.

No. 1305117

>think bisexual women are just really annoying and attention seeking straight women.

Woke straight people will do anything to not be seen as an "icky straight". It's especially common among fakebois, pretty much all of them identify as non-binary bi girls at first (somehow you can be both non-binary and a girl) but after adopting he/him pronouns, they all become "gay trans men".

Straight men definitely do not pretend to be bi at the same rate that straight women do but some in woke communities they do. An example is Hontrapoints who used to be identify as a "bisexual" man but after identifying as a "woman", he came out as a "lesbian" because now he did not have to pretend to be same-sex attracted anymore. He could not talk about his heterosexuality by pretending it is homosexuality. He has spent so much of his life denying the fact that he is a straight man.

No. 1305118

*he could now talk about

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I know a lot of pe