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File: 1500865316160.png (446.16 KB, 468x382, I8fsMoD.png)

No. 358781

>previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik)
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight'
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan
>still lying about making 'enough money to pay rent' (while asking Louise for $$) and about being supportive to her followers
>interviewed by cbc.ca about internet popularity in her basement room
>"would call herself lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick"
>started streaming on younow for money

The frivolous spending continues, with the latest purchase being a rainbow stripe and heart paint job on her car!


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca

No. 358806

File: 1500868407432.png (62.69 KB, 750x616, IMG_2146.PNG)

No. 358807

File: 1500868420544.jpg (327.84 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_2145.JPG)

No. 358810


I think she was obviously joking here and it is kinda funny if you're a graphic design student or something.

But if she's not joking then the anons calling her autistic are probably onto something.

No. 358997

Green doesn't look too bad on her

No. 359019

The streams are up on her tumblr so you can watch it if you didn't before she deleted it

No. 359022


No. 359072

obvious joke, next

No. 359100

they really aren't worth listening to unless you're a masochist, I feel like her streams have gotten more boring each week
it's just the same things over and over again

No. 359103

Sage for OT: I was reading simply_kenna thread and holy canoli batman, why do her and Jill seem like the exact same person.

-both claim they are queer
-both claim some type of artistic integrity
-both are trend hoppers
-both act like they are savages, but completely breakdown and cry when called out
-both have a secret past that they won't talk about "because it was such a bad time and their were so many people involved"
-both claim to have "original" style but look exactly like every one else
-both make long videos for no reason
-both have claimed buhdism

Like I'm convinced they are the same exact person.

No. 359287


What do you think the stain on her sweater shoulder is from?

No. 359316

peeps tea

No. 359430

There are definitely so many eerie parallels. However the main difference I believe is that Kenna is genuinely, directly malicious and a backstabber (think of all the artists she's hurt via plagiarism, her fans/other creators that she attacks) whereas Jill just seems completely clueless and ignorant. Therefore she makes stupid decisions about who she supports or what superficial opinions she should hold publicly.

No. 359666

File: 1500955305133.jpg (1.15 MB, 810x3339, Screenshot_20170724-224938.jpg)

The comments/reblogs are dragging Jill so hard.

No. 359667

File: 1500955599955.png (335.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170724-230601.png)

This particularly made me laugh.

No. 359727


jill probably had a panic attack and cried over the 'harassment' tbh

No. 359750

hate to agree with jill on this, but she's right. madoka is shit and so are the fans

sage for weeb

No. 359758


opinions are like assholes n all, but in the context of her meme, she's completely wrong. madoka did literally save the world, not liking the show wont change that

No. 359763

She hates on madoka but loves Rune eventhough its "manpulating". I haven't watched the latter but i din't really understand her argumentation

No. 359776

Doesn't Jill still own some lolita pieces? Do you think she'll ever come back or is she scared for life from her "bullying"?

AP still seems to fit with her sugarbomb colorful aesthetic.
Okay, I do agree with this lmao. I think it's fine to acknowledge Madoka is edgy seinen and not at all classic mahou shoujo.

No. 359785

Rune is a pretty good show imo, it has nothing to do w/ saving earth tho (its just a competition to see who makes a better queen for their home planet by getting as much affection (hearts) from human boys as possible)

I think the only other show in her meme that isn't about saving the world is Creamy Mami, girl just gets transformation powers from aliens just randomly and spends a year preforming as a idol (basically Full Moon Wo Sagashite)

So those two shows in context would make more sense in the middle slot since their plots aren't about saving the world

No. 359786

>(its just a competition to see who makes a better queen for their home planet by getting as much affection (hearts) from human boys as possible)
This actually makes it sound so bad, holy fuck lmao.

No. 359805

Jill's favourite activity is shitting on Lolita. If she was to come back she wouldn't be welcome.

No. 359806

thats exactly what the plot is tho, lol
I mean, shouldn't Lilian give more props to Madoka for the Yuri undertones since she's ~basically~ a lesbian that happens to be dating someone w/ a dick?

Sugar Rune is the most heteronormative show out there where the protagonist has to seduce every man in the room as her goal

No. 359852

File: 1500985738661.png (117.31 KB, 580x269, Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 1.27…)

I love how Jill refers to herself as a manic pixie dream girl as if she's totally aware how generic and bland she is.

No. 359859

Examples of her being pissy about lolita? I know she's said she doesn't want to come back and didn't like her ivory/pink/gold only wardrobe, but that's it.

No. 359865

Are you new to this thread?
Her talking about Lolita not being creative enough for her?
Posting a picture of herself in Lolita on April fools claiming she was going to come back, literally right after the Death of Harajuku scare, causing drama with Lor.
Look back over the old threads.

No. 359872

The suffering and struggles of magical girls is one of the strong points of many of the best magical girl series, so it's strange that Jill hates Madoka so much and thinks that it misrepresents the genre… when the only difference is it doesn't have as much filler as her favorite shows. She simply prefers series that act as weekly advertisements for children's toys and accessories.

No. 359875

That's what people said about Kate too but here she is with people being fine w/ it.

No. 359877

>Look back over the old threads

Seriously, this. Jill doesn't even have a ton of threads so it wouldn't take long at all to get caught up.

No. 359885

Even before she officially left Lolita, she was bitter people didn't think she was an authority on matters like LACE and scandals like Anime Matsuri. She would take the high road and be like
>this is why lolitas are not lovelies reeeeeeee
>I must leave to show im better than them

Also she referred to herself as an "influential" lolita along with people like Cadney (an actual kawaii ambassador) and Kate. She used examples of her ~fellow efamz lolitas~ to point out that others were dissatisfied with the fashion because of all the bullies and the only way they'd learn is to quit altogether??
>lets punish the mean lolitas by leaving cus we're famous and it matters
>these casuals will regret when the true lifestylers leave them in the dust
>the community will implode and fall apart without us cause they're evil

But then she changed it to
>lolita just isn't creative enough i'm a fashion designer think of my career

Yet she would continue to make snarky remarks about lolita ever since leaving two years ago.

Also, make sure to watch her LACE vid which is linked in the description of every thread. She even says that no one should be able to take Lolita away from anyone else and then two months later she was blaming everyone but herself for quitting.

No. 359903

Sorry, I meant the lolita clothing itself, not the community, which is why I brought up colors. She doesn't hide her hate for the comm.

Like why hate on the clothes so much if she's such a ~rainbow princess~? Making up excuses like "it's not creative enough" is just bullshit. She was the one that restricted herself in coloring. I think if she could just wear AP for herself and do whatever colors she wanted, she'd have fun with it.

No. 359905

Oh don't make Jill think logically, she haaaaates that.
Why did she buy a tacky expensive nightgown that looked like AP wrapping ribbon instead of AP Wrapping Ribbon that was cheaper?
Because Jill has to be ~Unique and Speshul~, so buying clothes that are made for the soul purpose of being alternative isn't speshul enough.

No. 359906


Jill is incapable of enjoying things that don't make her feel 'different', 'original' and 'speshul'

No. 359909

Anon I think we might be soul mates

No. 359926

when she talked about it before it sounded like she still liked some Lolita clothing, but
a) she doesn't want to drop so much money on one piece anymore (which is ridiculous considering for how cheap you can get Lolita secondhand and how Lolita clothing is a lot more well made for the most part than the other crap she keeps buying) and
b) it doesn't match/fit in with her current style (which is stupid too because you can style a lot of Lolita clothing in a more casual/non-Lolita way, especially the AP dresses she seems to like)

No. 359929


>it doesn't match/fit her current style

Jill has no real style in a general or specific sense, 'party kei' is just whatever current outfit and hair color Jill has



This describes the entirety of Jill's current spending and/or general consumption habits and probably explains why she is averted to affordable and attractive fashions for no real reason. That, and her ego.

No. 359938

I really don't understand how she seems to not care at all for actual quality of clothing, especially since she wants to become a fashion designer
Once I started buying Lolita/Japanese brand clothing it's been difficult for me to justify spending anywhere near the same amount on the kind of shoddy Western brands Jill seems to like, simply because there is such a staggering difference in quality, yet for her it seems to be the complete opposite
Is she just obsessed with cheaply made stuff or something? Is that her aesthetic?

No. 359942

She's obsessed with trends and brand names. That's it.

No. 359956

Sage for OT, but what is Cadney doing now? I haven't heard or seen her in a while.

No. 359965

Non drama inducing living

No. 359968

File: 1500995385604.jpg (177.92 KB, 640x574, KQXP0QY.jpg)

I went back into the BTB archives between autumn 2014 (when jill popped onto the youtube/lolita scene) until june/july 2015 when she officially left and started selling her wardrobe.

Let's find out just how hard the lolita comm was bullying her.

>disclaimer: the only secrets I left out were the ones IN SUPPORT of her and yes there were a lot of whiteknights, especially after the LACE vid but even before that.

No. 359970

File: 1500995487072.jpg (240.58 KB, 1024x768, collage-2017-07-25 (1).jpg)

This is all the hate she received prior to April 2015. Basically her LACE video was a response to her "haters" from BTB. There were a few people making fun of her teeth in the comments sometimes but only top left pic dragged her for her appearance, the rest of the complaints seem rather valid.

No. 359973

File: 1500995634770.jpg (205.75 KB, 1024x768, collage-2017-07-25 (2).jpg)

This is the backlash she received IN RESPONSE to her video which makes up the vast majority of the "hate" she ever received from the lolia comm.

No. 359981

File: 1500995891561.jpg (165.05 KB, 1024x768, collage-2017-07-25 (3).jpg)

Tristan got into Ouji around the same time and he posted his own coord to COF so i'll include these ~hate~ posts.

And that's it folks. That's all the bullying poor jill had to endure.

No. 359983

I actually followed Jill from the very beginning and I liked her quite a bit back then…
I suppose at least now her awful looks match her personality better lol

No. 360022

Does anyone have the lace video saved?

No. 360026

I think she links it at the beggining

No. 360069

Good for her. She always struck me as being classy when it came to drama, esp stepping down from the KA thing and all that.

No. 360099


Maybe it's because her face is covered but the dark brown color in one of the pics near the top left go well with short to medium hair length and make her look more youthful (she was also still a kid tho so idk)

No. 360164

there are some edits in an old thread where she looks way nicer with brown hair

No. 360218

Why do people keep asking this? It's literally in the description of every single thread

No. 360231

This whole thread is filled with people who clearly haven't been following the other threads

No. 360282

Click the link, the video is down.

No. 360314

Weird. I remember watching it a few months back for the 2nd anniversary of the original upload kek. That means Jill very recently got it taken down. You'd think she wouldn't care anymore since it was online for years and it's all well in the past.

It's really too bad if its completely lost now. It was pure comedy gold and very telling of her true character.

No. 360351

File: 1501022632420.png (1004.25 KB, 640x1136, kit.png)

I found this old thread for those who want to re-visit the lace drama >>>/pt/94398 and here is also an archived /cgl/ thread about jill's video https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/8307393

Also a reminder that Kate (founder of lace) wasn't only caught self-posting on /cgl/ to frame herself as a victim of bullying but was also found to be a lurker/poster in the Jill threads only 5 months ago >>248672

No. 360453

File: 1501030094858.png (2.26 MB, 1200x1200, Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 9.34…)

She bought yet another Betsey Johnson bag.

Definitely a "starving artist."

No. 360474

This is a pretty cute bag, it's too bad the hearts don't line up though. Are they all like that or is this one just defective? They were so close to lining up too…

No. 360477


On purpose.

No. 360490

Why do you think this is intentional? Betsey Johnson makes Michael Kors tier accessories.

No. 360522

That is ugly as fuck, sorry anon above. Looks like something a "cool" granny on a budget would buy, which makes sense as it was designed by a granny.

No. 360540

Nah, you are probably right. I'm fully aware I have bad taste sometimes. I just can't unsee how close the hearts were to lining up. It's like they were meant to line up and this one just got slightly skewed.

Anon is clearly Betsy posting here on the down low.

No. 360558

Calling something "Michael Kors tier" is not a compliment?

No. 360585

File: 1501041607723.png (32.89 KB, 750x186, IMG_2169.PNG)

No. 360594

Did you reply to the wrong comment because that has nothing to do with anything I said in >>360540

No. 360606

Ignore me if my ESL is failing right now, anon. I didn't remember to sage, either.

No. 360621

Her and Colin definitely broke up. They aren't friends on facebook anymore.

No. 360623

File: 1501044983787.png (95.47 KB, 750x1236, IMG_2170.PNG)

Maybe now she'll go find the girlfriend she's been talking about having

No. 360624


oh that's milky! it was a matter of time honestly, Colin and JIll were not going to last. jill is ugly as fuck, and colin is some attractive metrosexual dude. he gives me gay vibes too i don't buy into the weird labels that they use for their sexualities7genders-

No. 360625

She's taken down all the videos Colin was in, confirmed for break up (also ironic because she still has some with Tristan up)
It must have been a pretty bad breakup, and he must have specifically asked her to take them down considering they all did have pretty high views

No. 360627


yeah. i expect her to be reposting cute girls from insta or whatever and commenting cringy things like "OMG I'M SO GAY!" "SHE'S SO HOT I'M SO GAAAAY".

also, she speaks three languages? jill, you fucking liar. i speak 3 and its a pain in the ass. this girl knows basic jap and some french words and claims to know 3 languges??? fuck that. didn't she also said on one of his latest videos (around 4 threads back or so i think) how she can't really speak french at all and doesn't remember it? whats the truth, jill?

No. 360629

She couldn't even write her name in the purikura booth because she couldn't read the characters. She doesn't know any more Japanese than how to say pleasantries.

No. 360631

Her and Tristan are still on okay terms. They still have each other on Facebook.

This break-up must have been disastrous for her to immediately remove Colin and their collab videos.

No. 360634

>she doesn't want to drop so much money on one piece anymore

She had so much she'd already bought (or that had been bought for her) she could have just enjoyed what she had for a long time. This right here is a problem if she felt she had to keep buying at an insane rate.

It's always so frustrating to see how cute she really was as a Lolita, then compare that with the "half-digested box of Fruity Pebbles vomit" look she's embraced since. But she's clearly never going back, much to her own detriment. Still, that's what makes her Jill.

No. 360644

Tbh, Colin came off as that guy who was a bit of a late bloomer. He wasn't ugly, just kind of awkward. He had pretty good fashion sense and yet Jill would always dress him up like a clown for her videos. Hopefully the dude can fully embrace himself, gay or not, and move onto better things. He seemed alright.

I could see Jill being super melodramatic, awful, and rather entitled when it comes to relationships and break ups. I mean, she has cried and had break downs over things as minor as having to walk 10 minutes to her car at a con. She seems like a spoiled brat who has to get her way.

No. 360647

are y'all Colin's friends/family or some shit? I just do not understand how anyone thinks he is attractive; the dude was fugly lmao
Good that they broke up though, or Colin needed to start charging her for being her damn servant

No. 360650

HAHAHAHA. That's exactly what she gets for publicly calling herself a lesbian for views/asspats. Seeing as Colin is nonbinary and originally started dating Jill when she identified as pansexual, it was pretty clear he was negatively effected by all her fake lesbian bullshit. Imagine how hurtful it was for him to endure her constantly invalidating his gender.

Jill tends to remain on good terms with her exes such as Tristan and Walker. So yeah this break up seems incredibly dramatic with them erasing each other from social media.

I'm honestly glad that Jill now needs to rethink her entire life plan of relying on Colin and his college degree to get by in another city. She doesn't deserve to have someone who works + studies full time to support her while she barely works whatsoever and delays her expensive "education" which will be the equivalent of a retirements home's craft club. She probably thought she could be like her mother and have an easygoing hobby tier "job" while her partner brought home the bread despite treating him like a doormat. He's way better off without Jill and we've been saying it all along. Good for him.

No. 360651

Bless his heart, he finally made the right decision and dumped her narc ass. Jill running around calling herself a lesbian while talking about Collin's dick everywhere must have finally gotten to him. I hope Jill learns her lesson and doesn't treat the next friend she makes like a lesser pet.

>Imagine how hurtful it was for him to endure her constantly invalidating his gender.
Pretty much this, she was publicly announcing that Collin's a mere exception and nothing more. ~*~*~ Jilly-bean-chan ~*~*~ is such an emotional vampire, jfc.

No. 360652

My comment didn't say That I thought that he's attractive though? I think he's awkward, but has poteintal to maybe grow into being kind of cute someday (especially if he fixed his jaw issue). I do think he has a decent sense of style and seemed like a nice enough guy over all. That's all really.

Yeah, I think he was kind of just a prop to her, fit into her Tumblr aesthetics and all.

No. 360653

Oh my god oh my god? I reaaaally winder what exactly happened. I always had soooo much respect for him in enduring all the shit she did to him like dressing him up and wearing him as an accessoire. Because that's exactly what she did.
Good thing he can finally move on. Do you think he broke up with her or vice versa? Also why so suddenly? She """just"""" came back from japan with tons of oresents for him…did he use the time she was gone to come terms with the situation? Because i feel like that was when she stopped posting about him

No. 360655

Pics of collin (for example from valentines day) are still on IG. I don't think they broke up.

No. 360659

File: 1501050731345.jpg (113.49 KB, 584x597, jill.jpg)

I noticed that too but I hope you're wrong kek

No. 360662

Not only does Jill still have videos with Tristan on her channel, but the fact that she sacrificed the views coming in from her vids with Colin is really telling. She has very few vids over 100k and Colin was in at least one or two of them. She definitely wouldn't delete those very willingly.

No. 360664

Why would they unfriend each other on facebook and why would Jill bother to remove the videos of them together? She probably just hasn't gotten to IG yet or there's too much to bother taking down.

No. 360666

Do you mean "RIP pansexuality"? Because it's very clear that her newfound lesbianism is probably one of the deciding factors that ended this relationship.

No. 360672

My 'logic' is she's going to drop the lesbianism act now that she got dumped and will find another dude or try to beg Collin to take her back (assuming they are actually over)

No. 360673

She will do some lipservice flirting on social media with a stereotypical green haired tumblr fakeboi lesbian, maybe have some back and forth messaging so she can post the caps on her story for queer points before finding a new dick to hop on before she ever has to actually eat pussy

>He had pretty good fashion sense
It's a shame that he'll probably go completely basic bro in order to distance himself from being the creation of Jillian now

No. 360674

Can't wait for the "how to deal with break ups" "awesome things about being single" videos she's going to shit out to try to milk this.

No. 360685

More time for self care! Bath bombs, naps, snacks, online shopping!

In all honesty, I think if the rumors are true, then Jill is devasated her stability/stagnancy has been interrupted, as the other anon above mentioned. I totally picture Jill believing she can coast by being with Colin and his STEM degree, living in the city as a stay at home youtuber. Now she needs another aesthetic doormat and that's going to be impossible to find in PEI.

No. 360687

Woah, your post just reminded me; weren't they planning to move in together soon?!

No. 360689

Next fall.

I wonder who gets to keep the pink couch?

No. 360691

Very valid points, makes more sense as to why she's being extra melodramatic about it. How ever will she find a new alternative nonbinary Tumblr Prince, who will not only humor her obnoxious hobbies, but will be her YouTube prop and piggy bank? Goodluck Jill! Colin totally dodged a bullet.

No. 360693

She probably hasn't deleted the IG posts because doing that screws up the algorithm and kills your engagement.

No. 360694

She has it in her room. it's behind her in the OP pic.

No. 360696

It does what now?

No. 360697

It was a joke.

No. 360707

It's some instagram "influencer" bullshit, but basically instagram doesn't want people to delete posts so if you delete a bunch of them, your posts stop showing up in people's feeds and you get way fewer likes. Jill wouldn't risk that.

No. 360732

I s2g she's going to have a purple pastell haired gf from now on. Maybe a co worker from claires what the fuck do i know. I imagine her looking like a harajuku ver of Kenna. We could play Jill's New Gf bingo, that's how predictable she is. I think we all agree that it's going to be a girl since being a lesbian must be really trendy right now…

No. 360741

So let's put in a square for:
-dyed hair
-fan girl
-guy who identifies as female but still has his junk
-PC tumblr activist

What else do we need?

No. 360742


> quirky style

> piercing(s)
> weeb

No. 360744

To be fair, since when is the Lolita community so accepting? Yes, she could have fun and look better with AP, but she'd be mocked and criticised by the whole community for not following the rules and for "ruining" people's dream dresses. She might do some atrocious coordinates now and be mocked by us, but her community seems quite welcoming of her (ugly ass) experiments. I can see many 19 year olds preferring that.

No. 360769

I think it's going to be that Asian chick wearing Lolita from animaritimes

No. 360771

Oh shit I also forgot about that job guy. My guesses would be either him or the Asian girl

No. 360772

Yeah, she'd absolutely be mocked. That's more an issue with the lolita community not liking lolita pieces styled outside of anything like lolita. Very rarely you'll see them accept something like a lolita piece used in Fairy Kei.

Lolita was definitely her best styled era. I think it helped the rules were so strict, despite her complaining about them.

No. 360783

Seriously? Instagram is such fucking cancer. This "influencer" bullshit has gone way too far.

No. 360796

Two things about the whole Collin/break up thing:
Jill said that Collin is studying computer science. Maybe he was embarrassed about having videos of him getting dressed up and painted like a clown on a public platform?
maybe he didn't want other students or future employers or something to see that crap

also I think during her last livestream or the one before she was talking about college and she said that she was afraid of moving out by herself. at the time I thought it was strange because she said she was going to live with Collin, but maybe 1 or 2 weeks ago it was already decided that they wouldn't be living together? change of plans? so now the breakup followed possibly?

No. 360799

Would be absolutely amazing if Jill started dating her best friend, John iirc.
It seems like lately she has been spending more with him than Colin, John was around doing her streams before and they were always talking about hanging out and such, while she hasn't mentioned Colin a lot anymore.

No. 360809

I think I saw somewhere that John is gay but don't quote me on that

No. 360835


She seems fine as long as she's getting more anime shit

No. 360838

File: 1501076973848.jpg (305.94 KB, 1600x2400, IMG_2176.JPG)

Little Jilly is going to be just fine as long as she can keep spending her YouTube money

No. 360888

File: 1501081473701.png (521.33 KB, 504x569, Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 4.02…)

Jill looks like the girl you went to school with that was extremely homophobic. Now you've left school and she posts to Instagram how shes "so gaaaayyyy you guyssss", just because it's trendy.

No. 360892

why does Jill look homophobic? and didn't she say she was gay when she was 14? her first relationship was with a girl iirc

No. 360896


because anon needs something to nitpick at.


Jill is a trend-hopper but she has dated girls when she was younger

No. 360899

No. 360903


So did she film this before the break-up right?

No. 360906

oml i can't take her moaning, and baby voice over a bag. insufferable.

No. 360907

Thats just the vibe this picture gives me

No. 360910

>big daddy purse

Jill stop, the littles will leach on anything with the word daddy in it

No. 360920

It's cute, but the hearts not lining up would make me not want to buy it.

No. 360924

Holyshit. How do you think it happened? did he finally wake up and realize he is a faggot?

No. 360926

She's surprised that the candy toys only cost 3000 yen for 10 because when she bought the Maho Girls ones from the maid café, they were charging $15 or $20 each. Just a reminder that your "friends" purposely ripped you off, Jill.

No. 360949

None of these idiots are gay and it pisses me off SO much. Stop using 'i'm gay' like it's a choice or trend.

No. 360954

John is gay and she also mentioned in a livestream a few weeks ago that she already filmed a bff tag video with him and was going to film some other tag vid with another close friend.

So she's probably going to upload that this upcoming weekend but that was all filmed before the break up

No. 360956


she rlly went on abt pusheen's gender..its a fucking cartoon cat

No. 360958

I'm so embarasded watching her creaming herself over this hideous, cheaply made purse.

No. 360960

When she said "by herself" she still actually meant with Colin, just without any parental figures.. because in the same livestream she mentioned still dating Colin.

They were planning their move for a while and they even went furniture shopping together. So Colin definitely ruined her by backing out of the plan >>360650 >>360685

No. 360964

it's not a stain. It's the colour of her skin showing through the jumper where she doesn't have material underneath it.

No. 361089

Is jill really just staying silent about the breakup on Facebook? She's usually quite vocal like even when she broke up with Tristan and started dating Colin she hinted about it over twitter and fb before making a video about it. Weird that she wouldn't seek out all the pity pints over such a big loss like she usually does.

No. 361093

I feel like she put way more effort into making their relationship look perfect and ideal, that it would be pretty embarrassing for her to announce that she suddenly got dumped by him

No. 361103

> more are like orange pink
don't you mean coral?

also the audio is atrocious. unless that is just my speakers acting up

No. 361109

File: 1501099777456.png (4.01 MB, 2560x1616, Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 4.08…)

also, totally thought this was a vibrator, not gonna lie.

No. 361112

File: 1501099931767.png (48.54 KB, 750x279, IMG_2179.PNG)

No. 361116

File: 1501100178271.jpg (126.43 KB, 720x960, IMG_2180.JPG)

Went out for lunch with her Mom, wonder how upset she is/who broke up with who
She might have just decided being with "someone with a dick" just didn't fit her aesthetic enough

No. 361118

what brand is her bag? why's she holding it up like that?

No. 361127

Jill seems so embarrassing to be around. No wonder he goes on so many dates with only her mom.

Betsey Johnson. Because she's a show off.

No. 361128

She looks younger and slightly more normal here. No huge bangs is always good.

No. 361129

she'd almost look cute if it wasn't for that disgusting scrunchie and earrings

No. 361131

Her hair looks like it's in fucking terminal state christ

No. 361133

These are the same outfit right? Did she film and upload this all today? Interesting if she did, wondering how this break up went and how she is reacting to it

No. 361134

File: 1501101153221.jpg (40.04 KB, 469x566, 88.jpg)

She actually did the same thing with Tristan. For two entire years she plastered their relationship all over social media and tried very hard to make him seem like the perfect boytoy accessory. Tristan was actual vocal and interacted with her fanbase/friends online too whereas Colin is way too socially awkward and reserved. The entire relationship with Colin seemed much more forced and lasted for a much shorter amount of time. Tristan and Jill also had plans to move to Japan together at one point, he was going to accompany her to tokyo and specifically visit Bunka. Overall he seemed much more involved and enthusiastic about the relationship. He even helped her plan/script many of her early videos and supported all her filming or fashion endeavors. You can still find pics of them on her ig/fb and vids on youtube.

No. 361138

Or she's just depressed and wearing the same clothes all week which she usually does anyways even when she's chirpy.

No. 361142

yeah, Tristan definitely seemed interested in fashion and Youtube and all that himself, whereas Colin always looked uncomfortable even just having his picture taken for IG.
In her livestream last Friday she actually mentioned that she's always spending all her time with Colin, and while it's fun she really needs to focus more on 'doing stuff', maybe that was part of it, not being able to work Colin enough into her Youtube life and all that.

No. 361146

Tristan seemed like an angel and I actually really liked him. I hope he's doing well and his life is better w/o Jill as a gf.

No. 361162


Anyone else suspect that part of the reason they broke up is because Colin might be actually gay? Not trying to tinfoil, it's just that he tends to make a lot of people's gaydar go off and it's becoming pretty common for guys his age to claim to be nonbinary/some tumblr shit in order to not say they're gay, while dating young girls who won't question them. I could see Colin deciding he didn't like girls and ending it with Jill before things got too far. Which is great for Jill since she's apparently a lesbian anyway.

Of course this is also a dumb theory and he probably just got sick of her and left.

No. 361163

considering the different earrings/lack of hearts on her face shes probably just wearing the same outfit more than once like she always does

No. 361169

Sage but does anyone know where she might have gotten that shirt?

No. 361176

Whilst I really don't believe in the gaydar and the boy really didn't seem happy being labelled by Jill as "that trendy couple", I'd most likely believe he's either gay or wasn't happy at how she treats gender as a trend of the month. He could be serious about himself being nonbinary and Jill is over here posting LOLZ GUIZ IM TOTES LESBO IF I DIDNT HAVE THIS THING WITH A DICK ON MY HIP!!! It's not gonna read great by your partner/boyfriend for you to just disregard him. I'm hoping to god he posts a call out post for all the shit she's done and how much of the relationship was to be that "trendy queer couple!!!!". She wanted him to be Ryuchell and her to be Peco so badly it's laughable.

No. 361180

Yeah, but with Jill hitting a big sub count and dumping Tristan to run to Collin whom she "loved all along" and who is sooo perfect, I think this breakup is way more embarrassing. She got what was coming to her though for doing that to Tristan.

No. 361183

File: 1501106751960.png (404.67 KB, 611x527, cheeky.png)

I agree with you, he probably got fed up with being treated like a dress-up doll and referred to by his genitals. Judging by his Tumblr which was posted in the past as well, he's not nearly as over-the-top or eccentric as Jill about things in general. He didn't seem like a preachy SJW type or someone really interested in flashy fashion.

No. 361184

do you have a link to his tumblr?

No. 361186

It's not very active and is mainly just innocuous memes and comics with occasional LGBT posts. He seems like a fairly normal albeit dorky guy.

No. 361188

She looks like a creepy housewife who is going to serve poison wine at her dinner party.

No. 361197

Atleast as a housewife she'd have a reason for doing dumb stuff out of boredom

No. 361228

File: 1501112312717.jpg (185.21 KB, 750x1018, IMG_0246.JPG)

So I tried finding Colin on insta but it seems Jill was telling the truth when she said he didn't have one at all. However, I came across another account with the same name (it's a father who has pics of his kids and family friends) who caught Jill's Colin on television and found it hilarious enough to mock him lol.

sage for random and unimportant contribution

No. 361233

confetti puppies tho? jesus christ. I'm usually pretty tolerant of the ridiculous, cringeworthy pet names that Jill and girls like Jill call their followers, but really? ugh

No. 361255

File: 1501116318056.png (822.39 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 361257

Do you think she might like calling herself gay because the flag is rainbow so it fits her aesthetic

No. 361283

With Jillian, anything is possible. Except actually going to fashion school.

No. 361287


>i am the trend hopper machine

No. 361334


That isn't obvious to you?

Sage for pointlessness

No. 361340

This bragging about being gay to fit her aesthetic thing is seriously the most insufferable shit she's done in a while now

No. 361359

Obviously. And she is a 'boring' straight white girl, so she is desperately clinging to anything outside that box, which is pathetic and disrespectful to actual gay people with real struggles and discrimination.

No. 361403

File: 1501131195282.png (149.39 KB, 1268x498, Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 9.52…)

No. 361404

File: 1501131295620.png (992.22 KB, 1160x726, Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 9.54…)

No. 361413

File: 1501132045929.png (66.22 KB, 750x1036, IMG_2181.PNG)

No. 361418

"I'm sad so I don't want my face as my icon" what kind of reasoning is that lmao. It's so obvious she just wants attention from this, since she only did it on facebook and Facebook is the only site that notifies people she changed her icon so they can see it and feel bad for her

No. 361419

File: 1501132912353.png (686.42 KB, 725x716, jjjjj.PNG)

drama whore

No. 361420

Why is every new item especially the overly tacky ones her dream item. Like didn't she already have 3 different dream purses.

No. 361424

I'm not sure what it is about her face, but she looks more unhinged in every new picture.

Here comes the melodrama, y'all!
>waaaa waaa pity me ))):

Her new tactic for excusing her shopping addiction is lying about keeping track of merchandise she "loves" online for "months on end" before buying. I'm p sure she's mentioned this same shit multiple times now in previous hauls

No. 361435

Didn't this bag or the split decision series get brought up in an old thread? Something about how weird it was that she wasn't all about it at the time?

No. 361448

I feel bad for having to google who the hell this was. Im even Canadian and I didnt know

No. 361487

No one likes being dumped, but it shouldn't be a public event

No. 361491

Who does shit like this past high school age… So dramatic

No. 361492


Lmao retards on twitter do this for attention when they're having breakdowns.

No. 361566

Nah I think she was mentioning it in a video and anons were discussing how atrocious it looked. The smaller rainbow one would have been much cuter >>252328

I mean she clearly already has hundreds of pics of herself, it's not like she needs to take a new one so? just leave an old pic for your profile and no one needs to know you're depressed for a week?

No. 361638

shes so stupidly dramatic i love it. actually cackling.
but lmao i dont know how colin could even stand her this long the way she always talked about him was so fucking annoying

No. 361640

File: 1501178506814.png (199.89 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 361652

Why does she need to stream once a week anyway? She doesn't do enough.

No. 361656

literally why does she always have to make a mention of how she's "not sponsored but that would be great" every time she says something good about anything
she's so conceited and money-grubbing its pathetic

No. 361657

gotta get them sweet sweet bar donations from her 13 year-old fanbase and/or creepy period fetish viewers :)

No. 361677

Seconded this. It's cute.

No. 361827

Because it literally doubles her monthly income. Considering that we know she made 150$ from her first stream, we could only assume she makes that amount or more pretty much every week. So doing that 4-5 times a month would be approximately 600-800$ on top of her actual youtube paycheques which is at least ~1000$ per month at the moment. And that doesn't even include her merch shop revenue.

Basically she makes the same amount in one single stream as her bi-weekly paycheque from Claire's.

No. 361835

i half think she's emulating shane dawson for some reason she loves him

No. 361943

lmao shane dawson is a troll, so are all her other favorite youtubers tho lmaooo

No. 361970

File: 1501209613534.jpg (93.3 KB, 839x610, welp.jpg)

I wonder if Jill is going to ignore this comment entirely?

No. 362001

Of course she's going to ignore it

She's a ~sweetheart~

How many times do you think she has kicked her cat from all the built up rage she's got stewing inside?

No. 362003

File: 1501214128502.gif (699.33 KB, 245x142, tumblr_mr6t8o1Rav1qj5t08o3_250…)

Im Samefag
>Jullian at home

No. 362006

I'd be willing to bet a lot that since Jill has started clinging so hard onto being queer that she begins to add a harsher edge into her current look. Either a side shave or a piercing or something.

No. 362035

File: 1501217474680.jpg (622.43 KB, 2400x1600, IMG_2198.JPG)

She's reposted the swimsuit profile and going for the gay

No. 362043

Not even 24 hours apart lmao

No. 362044

File: 1501218069072.png (186.54 KB, 750x1186, IMG_2199.PNG)

She's hanging out with her pal Jon again

No. 362079

>jill has been hanging out with jon
>jon is gay
>jill is obsessed with pride
>jill is suddenly gay

Inb4 someone brings up her tweeny bopper 'girlfriend' (if even) as 'proof' of her gayness as if that even counts as a legit relationships. Tons of preteen girls I knew got into fake little lesbo relationships and weren't lesbians that's such bs

No. 362166

Not to defend Jill or anything, but people are different? The girls you knew do not represent all women. I knew girls in my teen that would never ever engage in "teen lesbo" relationships because it'd be disgusting for then. The fact that you can kiss a girl and feel attracted to them says a lot about you, imho. Jill might not be a lesbian but she can be bi, pan, or whatever she identifies with. And if it's a phase, let it be a phase. So few of us get to experiment with our sexuality anyway. I'm glad the girl seems to have such supporting parents.

No. 362205

Yeah cause I'm going to give this vapid, superficial turd the benefit of the doubt.

The only thing kissing a girl at 13- says about her is that she was raised with a mindset to be more open about that kind of experimentation. Yeah, by some off chance she might really be bi/gay but more than likely this is just another aesthetic appeal since she's never once expressed like to another girl beyond this. Lol she called herself a lesbian while in the same breathe saying it was because she dates gender neutral colin and also referring to colin as 'him', for fucks sake. Conveniently this all comes up whenever she gets aesthetic cred for it, too. There's nothing experimenty about it. Just tumblry influence.

The anons betting she gets a gf instead of another dilapidated boy toy are fooling themselves with milk that'll never be. I don't know how any of you can have read her threads/observed the patterns in her behavior and not see she's blatantly using homosexuality as a special snowflake fashion accessory.

No. 362222

Maybe she'll come full circle and go back to being an edgy punk

No. 362258

File: 1501252523748.png (123.32 KB, 750x887, IMG_2200.PNG)

No. 362276

this is not the right site for you.

No. 362286

Its funny how jill acts prideful over underage girls finding out about party kei and choosing to wear a pk outfit, bc i doubt any of them found out about it via jill (who doesnt even dress in the right style). More than likely they saw the words party kei on tumblr and decided to have a go at it.

No. 362371

Ew why would that girl name it that

No. 362397

File: 1501269114883.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3387.PNG)

why wont it die…

No. 362414

It's also just cringe and factually incorrect if the anons mentioning that she in fact does save the world in a very big way are right.

how is an anime merch shop that stupid about anime?

No. 362517

File: 1501281735853.png (1.26 MB, 1136x640, IMG_3727.PNG)

At 11:20 mark when she's describing her phone it reminds me of the creepy gummy rat video made by runfromthecube. But unlike that video which is ironically hilarious, this one is just cringe worthy. Especially the part where she pulled out the Precure torch, what she described litterally sounded like what Dora when she asks the audience to help

No. 362518

File: 1501281958220.png (109.83 KB, 257x194, sfmtTcA.png)

No. 362529

File: 1501283423523.png (216.59 KB, 750x1101, IMG_2215.PNG)

Looks like she's keeping her designs on spreadshirt and now using redbubble, but she's also talked recently about moving designs over to a new shop so whoop knows

No. 362530

The off centre wording in that cake is fucking triggering.
Also isn't funfetti trade marked?

No. 362538

All of the lettering is so triggering holy shit
I hate that she didn't even attempt to get any of it right, like she just used her first sketch and was like "welp good enough, people will buy my shit no matter how little effort I put into it :^)"

No. 362539

File: 1501285475126.jpg (13.08 KB, 367x380, ttCPPXZ.jpg)

>has thousands of dollars worth of professional electronics and software to use
>still makes no attempt at fixing sloppy tacky artwork

No. 362543

everyone else vomiting over the designs meanwhile i getting triggered again by her stupid "uwu cutesy/kitschy" post style that she didn't have until quite recently. its so fucking cringe jesus christ.
shut the fuck up jill. it sounds so fucking forced

No. 362567


Are u new here anon she's been talking like that long enough that at least a dozen people a day complain about her annoying fake cutesy words and baby talk.

No. 362593


Yeah I looked into funfetti, its trademarked by Pillsbury

How is she so new at this. As an artist she has to think critically about what is and is not trademarked. Have any doubts? Google that shit.

No. 362629

The off center letting really does make me rage. It's so sloppy.

No. 362647

I don't even think it's laziness, she just doesn't have an eye for design. Everyone likes to think they have taste. She honestly believes thats good typography

No. 362665

lack reading comprehension friendo? I said "again" in

No. 362668


You also said that she only started it recently. It's been a while. I also find it annoying, just didn't consider it a recent change. But I digress.

No. 362672

it feels pretty recent since ive been following her since her lolita days but i guess im just an internet grandma

No. 362805

Someone should make a vid exposing Jillian. Someone did for Kenna and now everyone's onto her bs, it shocks me how little to no negativity Jill receives on her videos with a personality like that

No. 362809

lol anon you should do it

i agree her personality is atrocious and she should be taken down a peg or two, but i think with time itll happen naturally. now that shes livestreaming shes bound to say something to trigger her tween tumblr crowd into making a callout post. as we all know she has no self control cussing on camera or talking about the dicks of her boyfriends

No. 362830

I really wanted to make a parody video of Jill's videos (kinda like SuperCarly64) but I'm afraid ppl will think less of me if I do

No. 362831

Honestly I don't think Carly's video is funny and I don't really get why people hold it up as the pinnicle of mocking Jill. Though I also don't think less of Carly so.

No. 362852

sigh why does she have jowls?

No. 362855

I agree but I thought it was the ONLY example of publicly mocking Jill ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 362873

But it was before Jill became a stereotype of herself

No. 362898

I think it's more the problem with anons being part of fashion communities

No. 362915

I get that people are annoyed by that, but of all the other shit she does why would you make an unsaged post about something so trivial. Her jowls and yellow teeth are the least of her awful traits.

No. 362916

Carly is such a forced tryhard imo. She's a cow too in my book.

No. 362925

Sounds like anons got a vendetta, hardly cow material. She's not active or relevant enough.

No. 362941

Nah, I just think her humor is boring and stupid.

No. 362982

Humour is so subjective anon, its hard to make carly a "cow" when all you think negatively of her is "shes boring and unfunny"

No. 363013

File: 1501350754873.jpg (112.29 KB, 1080x1080, jill at pride.jpg)

No. 363014

At least using only one color helped things match?

Probably the only reason she ever looked good in hime-lolita. When you only have to use one or two colors and have limitations on accessories it's easier.

No. 363015


The design and lettering of that poster looks just as bad as her t-shirts

No. 363023

I want her to hop off this pretending to be gay train.

No. 363028

is this some kind of LGBT term I don't know of or why is that the highlight of the sign?

No. 363031

"kawaii" aesthetic is considered "hyper feminine"

it's to break the stereotype that queer women need to be butch or adopt masculine traits, and instead can wear makeup/fashion that is typically considered overly feminine, such as a mostly pink wardrobe etc.

No. 363037


It's strange though, I know there's the idea of butch and all but I thought 'lipstick' lesbians were a thing too and I assumed it meant the person was feminine?

Either way though it's ridiculous that people still think being gay or queer has anything to do with fashion or aesthetic?

I didn't realize that was still a thing. Especially for women.You're born a certain way, gay, bi, straight, trans, whatever, and that's it, has nothing to do with what clothes you like.

No. 363041

You need to understand that the majority of people are fucking morons

No. 363044

I don't know if "hyper feminine" is used but "femme" is often used to describe feminine lesbians.

No. 363047

Yeah I think safe to say Jill has never been in love or really emotionally committed to her relationships.

The way she threw Tristan away so quickly and is hardly phased about Colin because she can use her mom or jon's company as a replacement and still attend pride etc shows that she's never really suffered any legitimate devastation or really knows depression.

Obviously, having a supportive family is a good thing and I don't think she deserves to be mentally ill by any stretch but Jill constantly milks her ~mental illness/anxiety~ for brownie points while it's obvious she's never truly had any life experiences hold her back and while breaks up can be the most devastating or debilitating time in most people's lives, Jill hardly seems to bat an eye (yet still seeks pity support on social media because she can).

In one of her latest videos, she talks about a friend of hers being straight/neurotypical and her reaction was ~WHAAAAAT NO WAAAYYYY youre STRAIGHT aannnd NOT MENTALLY ILL DUDEEE???~

How can she state that out loud and not realize how revealing that is of her? It goes to show she thinks it's an obligatory and mandatory trend that her generation must present as queer and mentally broken. It's as if she assumes that she deserves the same pity and oppression points other people legitimately do have, it's weird to her that others might NOT take advantage of that trend for themselves.

No. 363051

I do think that she has some anxiety and depression, but she also has a super comfy and cushy life with a supportive family, and that goes quite far in terms of helping. She has no real stressors (bills, school, work, etc), and everything is pretty much handed to her.

No. 363057

I think her minor depression/anxiety comes from having that cushy life: she has no real goals or purpose to push her. Life for her is without meaning which is why she seeks her highs through shopping and is highly materialistic. Jill is the epitome of bland and without substance, her trend hopping an attempt to get her attention quoata filled - one that's high because of her spoiled life. Directionless otherwise.

No. 363059

i very strongly second this. i genuinely think kenna is a dangerous, stupid, conceited little bitch whereas pixie just doesn't know any better

No. 363092

The hyper feminine problem is usually more applied to independent empowered women, whom are immediately being considered weak if they enjoy what is considered "traditionally feminine". The idea being feminity is a sign of weakness and giving into gender roles.
Which is bs, but has nothing to do with the queer community in the slightest.

No. 363097

She deletes posts all the time. Any negativity on her vids gets deleted or swallowed by all the cunt lickers in her confetti club.

No. 363131

>'Queer' is smaller than and is effectively an after-note to 'Hyper-feminine'
>at Pride
Thanks for clarifying you're not one of those gross icky stereotypical lesbians/queer women!

It comes up in discussions about how dynamics between butch and femme lesbians, or people in same-sex relationships can parallel heterosexual dynamics. Critical theory tends to paint the term more negatively, since it's more about women being held up to exaggerated feminine ideals. Bimbofication, for example, is a hyper-sexualized variation of hyper-femininity, where women get reduced to being fuckdolls with a mindless lust for dick.

I've seen western analysis use it as a positive to describe mahou shoujo and other Japanese pop culture, though, so that's likely where Jill is coming from.

It sort of pisses me off to see her use it out of that context because it's misleading and has different connotations.

sage, because I'm over reading this. I hope someone on her IG or YT discusses the term with her though.

No. 363142

It just felt like she made the LACE vids to gain efame

No. 363143

She made it to highlight how stupid and pointless Jill's video was. If Carly cared about efame she'd be way more active.

No. 363146

I think she made the video in direct response to Jillian claiming that 'only anonymous people hate me, only 5-7 people dislike me and they'll never show their face'. Carly even stated that in her tumblr arguments with Jill. Lots of people were making fun of that video and her ridiculous claims at the time anon. So it was hilarious to see Carly pull the rug from under her feet and it clearly still bothers Jill to this day because she deleted her video due to the parody at the time and only recently got the re-upload taken down so that's proof she isn't over it.

No. 363149

I was more worried about my friends seeing the video and thinking less of me. But if I was going to make a parody video I was going parody one of her unboxing/haul videos and call her out for her materialism and spending problem and make annoying noises while doing so. I was also going to have a joke where I throw/push a stuffed toy cat off my bed in anger to replicate how Jill treats her cats off screen. But alas I'm a fucking wuss, all bark and no bite.

Sage for unrelated(learn to sage)

No. 363177

Okay no. You and the other anon (if it isn't you) suggesting that Jill is abusive towards animals behind the scenes is sickening and not a claim to be made lightly.

There's never once been any reason to believe the vesseys abuse their pets and considering they have 4 cats that would be so incredibly upsetting.

However, if you want milk so bad, just to get it out of your system - Jill's first boyfriend was found to be abusive towards his room mate's cat(s) to the point where the police were looking to arrest him, he ran off and went missing for a while. Luckily the cat(s) were okay and rehabilitated I believe. I don't know at this point if he was ever successfully arrested or charged.

No. 363235

File: 1501380002680.png (83.07 KB, 750x541, IMG_2224.PNG)

Her next video is on her pride makeup

No. 363239

why tho.. this is the same makeup she does all the time sept with stickers on her face and that ugly highlight.. sigh

No. 363253

Is that yellow smear on her face fucking highlight

No. 363254

oh no that green…blush?… highlight?…contour?

No. 363255


Fuck it's so bad it just looks like her brush slipped when she was covering up her roots in photoshop or something…

No. 363261

File: 1501382088000.jpg (87.56 KB, 638x643, why.jpg)


I think she used one of those tacky rainbow highlighters. You can see vaguely the rainbow on her cheek. It looks bad on everyone, yet somehow Jill makes it even worse.

No. 363262

That might actually be the case because you can clearly see green tint on her forehead beneath her bangs

No. 363264

>The gays will accept me

No, Jill that's not how conformity works

No. 363265


oh shit you're right, i didn't enlarge the photo at first so i couldn't see it. yeah that's definitely bad photoshop

No. 363290


You know how you have to train children into not associating negative behaviour with positive rewards? Jillian is what happens when you reward your child for any behaviour at all.

And Jillian does not have any attraction towards the same sex, let alone opposite sex. She loves only herself. She is a pure narcissist, and her narcissism is enabled to an alarming degree. Fret not about her trendy gayness, this girl loves only herself, and will only ever love herself, as no love can penetrate a wall of such true narcissism.

No. 363369

learn to be anon, moron

No. 363422

lmao Colin is that you?

No. 363423

Oh my god Colin if thats you please, give us a sign

No. 363428

What a hot mess.

No. 363439

Her teeth look like sweet corn

No. 363445

File: 1501422890128.png (742.12 KB, 852x433, yikes.png)

Someone really needs to teach her how to work with her natural coloring instead of fighting it. Literally all the colors here make her look sallow. That green looks like a gross bruise.

No. 363447


I guess that other anon was right about it being rainbow highlight. Goodness, she looks awful…

No. 363448

you're right anon. Turns out it was a My little pony rainbow highlighter

No. 363454

File: 1501423264641.png (1.34 MB, 1440x900, Skärmavbild 2017-07-30 kl. 15.…)


No. 363457

Why no foundation on her forehead? I thought she did that because she was going to drop her bangs but nope.

No. 363458

Jesus Christ those brushes need to be washed. Does she know what a blending brush is? Some of that look was truly tragic.

No. 363465


>tacky highlight

>fucked up eyebrows
>sticking shit on her face

How is this any different from her other make up looks???

No. 363467

I know it's Jill but I'm honestly disappointed with this look, like I excepted her to go all out with rainbows - rainbow eyeshadow, rainbow brow, maybe even rainbow lip or something more wild than her typical pink. This was sooo boring, and nothing really "pride" about it besides the shitty rainbow highlighter and the stickers (which looked worse than her normal stickers somehow)
Pride is a great excuse to go all out with the glitter surrounding ur eyes like she normally does or anything crazy, but this was somehow more tame than her everyday looks and more terrible.
That's rainbow highlight tho I can't get over it…. so bad….

No. 363471

File: 1501426870592.png (250.27 KB, 366x402, Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 4.00…)

No. 363480

Is that really a highlighter? It kind of just looks like regular pigment; I remember the rainbow highlight looking more like a subtle slightly rainbow sheen

No. 363482

You're probably thinking of the original one, she bought the my little pony knockoff (probably because she cares more about packaging than quality)

No. 363487


Still looks weird and over the top but somehow better.

No. 363494

She got it from Claire's with her discount.

No. 363507

is nobody going to talk about how the weird hair color leaking onto her skin in patches that anons attributed to a poor photoshop job is her actual hair? I can't fucking believe she goes outside like that.

No. 363514

File: 1501431461014.png (1.14 MB, 1136x640, IMG_9886.PNG)

Gotta love those jaundice-yellow patches of foundation and the leftover pink eyeshadow in her eyebrows from god knows how many days ago.

No. 363516

I'm convinced she's a masochist to let herself look like this holy fuck

No. 363519

File: 1501432505389.png (100.4 KB, 203x275, image.png)

Comparing her old pics to her new ones is so sad. How do you get worse at makeup when you put it on every day

No. 363521

The funny thing is she doesn't have a skin care routine because she has clear skin. But she's too self absorbed not to realise her aging face is caused by that. So whereas most teens can just pop a zit and fiver it up, she's never going to have tight skin again unless she gets a face lift kek

No. 363522


No. 363528

Skin care is more than just getting rid of acne, your face gets dirty from makeup, even if you don't break out

No. 363535


This would be waaay better, especially since it looks Pride inspired. There's nothing Pride about her look except for her bangs and the awful rainbow highlighter.

No. 363538

Thats my point. She thinks because she's not getting acne that her skin is good, so she doesn't need a routine.

No. 363558

ugh she can't just be bi or lesbian, she needs to be "queer uwu" for extra special snowflake points. gag me

No. 363567

This was a good look for her, very cute!

No. 363571

File: 1501440171865.png (397.96 KB, 720x702, Screenshot_20170730-134007.png)

>it's because her makeup is awful

No. 363595

Why did she not edit out the sound in some of the sped up bits? Her weird breathing noises are making me uncomfortable and there's no excuse for this video being 17 minutes long. I am however just noticing how pretty her eye color is.

No. 363596

>I never wake up before 10 am :(
>This looks really yellow on camera but I wear this every day and it's my color!!! the camera lies!!
>Sorry if I seem low energy even though i'm totally my normal self I have personal issues I won't disclose although i'm fine uwu
>My teeth and skin aren't weird it's the color balance!1!1!!
>I've re-worn all my falsies until they're downright gross and unusable that's why I don't ever have falsies i'm lazy and it's cool!!
>3-4 ads in a 17 minute video where you learn nothing is fine right??

lmao her skin has a pink undertone but she went with yellow undertone foundation and tried to dispute how bad it looks despite not blending and leaving some parts of her face blank JILL STOP DOING MAKEUP VIDEOS

No. 363665

can't believe Jill used to look cute and approachable. those pastel colors suit her so much better.

No. 363670

File: 1501454089194.jpg (142.21 KB, 544x680, 12357334_1745882502297709_1755…)

Reminds me of when Miley Cyrus and her fiance were broken up and she went off the deep end also latching onto queerness as a defining character trait, wearing her hair in that same ugly style with the misshapen buns, rainbows and stickers everywhere. She was on drugs though, and actually started an LGBT charity during that time. Don't know what Jill's excuse is and clearly her only goal is to leech and gain more money and attention for herself.

No. 363676

to her genetic credit? she has really nice eyes.

No. 363707

Have you seen her mom? Genetics are going to fuck her over anyway, not having a skin care routine is just making it happen faster.

No. 363740

her foundation looks kind of patchy. like she forgot to blend it in some places. also, she looked so much cuter and prettier before the gross tacky saturated rainbow colors.

No. 363780

lmao she looks exactly the same and just as tacky her lolita outfits were ugly af too, she hasnt changed at all

No. 363799

That lipstick color doesn't do her already yellow af teeth any favors.

No. 363815

is she incapable of not having gross, damaged looking hair? like, why does her hair always look like its a weird texture.. aside from she doesn't know how to style it for shit

No. 363817

I dont want to start another argument about dental health but it occurred to me recently…

She's too lazy to remove makeup from her face literally every time she wears it… do we really think she's brushing her teeth everyday?

No. 363820

File: 1501472107865.png (781.51 KB, 840x435, nice.PNG)


No. 363821

Hot pink ears are so kawaii

No. 363829

File: 1501474877920.png (730.62 KB, 848x474, Untitled.png)

Me again, just watching the video now.
I know its all speculation but I really noticed in this video the fronts of her teeth are badly yellowed versus the teeth away from the front (sort of see it in this pic but you can see it more in the video).

I do really believe she doesnt take care of her teeth properly or maybe she doesnt go for cleanings. Im not someone who believes pearly white teeth = healthy but with her lack of a skin care routine or even just washing her grubby face I really doubt she brushes her teeth regularly.

How the front is more yellowed than the sides leads me to believe one of two things. Either they are badly stained from tea and coffee drinking
I myself am bad at brushing my teeth regularly but I do go to the dentist every 6 months for cleanings. They tell me that the front of my mouth is where plaque really loves to build up so my second guess is she has a bad build up of tartar in the front of her mouth

No. 363845

God… Doesn't she ever feel uncomfortable? I'd be if I was so messy and unkempt. Just looking at her makes me want to take a shower and exfoliate.

No. 363868

tacky or not, anything is better than what she does now. at least she didn't look like an unwashed greasy goblin that ended up at a children's birthday party back in her pastel/lolita days.

No. 363939

File: 1501506635956.jpg (198.29 KB, 617x929, ss (2017-07-31 at 06.10.16).jp…)

No. 363943

She's been dying her hair for years and she still hasn't figured out how to avoid getting it all over her ears and the sides of her face..? You can even just put conditioner around your hairline and ears and it will prevent this.
But she is such a fashion icon! Certainly in a place to be teaching others

No. 363951

ready to move on from what? her breakup? that was quick lol

No. 363952


Even if she didn't want to waste nice hair conditioner or something she could just use vaseline to cover and protect those areas from staining and irritation.

If it wasn't Jill I'd almost be surprised and disappointed that her real life hair and makeup looks like an awful photoshop job in pictures.

It's also so fucking stupid that she managed to stain half her head and STILL wear her hair up in the same messy buns and ponytails she always does immediately after when she knows she'll be at pride with tons of people around and she'll be taking photos.

No. 363954

>5 days later i'm over the love of my life
>yup that's how real break ups go down right?
>definitely wasn't faking being in love with this person at first sight even before my other 2-year relationship
>i'm such a genuine person

No. 363955


inb4 her gay best friend is suddenly bi and/or nonbinary and Jill hops on the next enabling dick (figuratively of course, I imagine Jill's attractions are less romantic and more aesthetic)

No. 363983

At least Colin escaped.

No. 363990

Can we have a tribute?

No. 364037

File: 1501520372087.png (159.36 KB, 485x459, Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 5.59…)

No. 364042

I really wonder what Collin's real reasons to dump Jill were, because we all know Jill will lie about it and act like it was her decision or smth due to her ego.

No. 364052

maybe something related to gender or sexuality or something?
I feel like ever since Colin dumped her all she's been talking about is how gay she is
in her latest livestream she made it sound like they were still just hanging out every day and I remember her going on before about how ~they've never had a fight ever~ so I'm really curious about the sudden breakup too

No. 364055

He got bored on playing Mario Kart and eating curry every night

No. 364056

Maybe his jaw surgery gave him newfound confidence

No. 364069

File: 1501523358923.png (59.51 KB, 640x381, IMG_5940.PNG)

>we all know Jill will lie about it and act like it was her decision or smth due to her ego

Speaking of which she retweeted this recently, I'm assuming it's about colin

No. 364076

>spends months plotting how she will get into collin's pants whilst in a relationship with his best friend
>breaks up with tristan and immediately announces EVERYWHERE that she was always in love with collin
>proceeds to treat collin like a personal slave
>no shame about any of this happening
>"love yourself uwu don't let toxic ppl in ur life!!!!!"

what the fuck is wrong with jill's head?

No. 364079

she comes back wit tristen!
stating she always loved him! and when she was with colin she couldnt help but to have these feelings!
she comes back to lolita thus reviving pixie locks as it once was!
OMG stop me

i wonder whos friend of a friend or ex did she fall in love with now thats so ~diffrent~

No. 364082

Well at this point she'd have to hook up with some girl to keep her whole queerness spiel up, maybe people might start calling her out on it if she showed up with yet another 'individual with a penis' lol

No. 364135

ughhhhh you're gender-conforming and straight as a damn board, jillo
but I guess even if she wants to pretend she's anything else, she has to scramble to separate herself from those icky unkawaii butch lesbians ewwy, right?
she's so typical of those kweerio tumblr types
sage for irritation at old news

No. 364247

As an actual (lipstick) lesbian into kawaii shiz she pisses me off so much. F off Jill, being lez isnt a trend. And you very clearly arent one.
She might have money but dear god "money can't buy class" has never been so fitting.
Dear god someone stop this child.

No. 364249

File: 1501545907742.png (521.5 KB, 1032x1068, Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.02…)

Confirmed that Colin dumped her.

No. 364259


this post was so for attention and asspats

No. 364265

File: 1501548720773.png (38.72 KB, 744x526, pixielocks.png)

This is a wee bit terrible but Jillian is also not worth the effort.

No. 364274

File: 1501549951479.png (161.81 KB, 750x992, IMG_2230.PNG)

She posted that on her twitter, as well as these
Tbh I find it hilarious that she didn't see it coming at all, she must really not notice other people's emotions or feelings at all

No. 364277

File: 1501550447600.jpg (371.02 KB, 2400x1350, IMG_2234.JPG)

No. 364279

Well as people have suspected, she probably is at least decently narcissistic

No. 364280

Idk what's worse, her mom asking Facebook how to care for her daughter, or someone suggesting drinking her problems away

No. 364287

> she did whiskey

No. 364289

was she not just posting about being ready to move on… guess she realized she could get way more asspats if she plays the broken hearted girl for a little longer

No. 364290

i would be mortified if my mother publicly posted about me like that. then again this must be where jillie gets the attention whoring from

No. 364304

>things were going amazingly well
Colin finally broke down and started doing whatever Jill demanded when she nags enough.
>i don't fully understand their reasoning
What a fucken narc lmao.

Colin dodged such a major bullet, just based on how Jill and her mom reacted to this breakup on facebook. What a crazy ass family. I wouldn't doubt mama Louise would post even more private shit about Jill too. Can yall imagine her asking how to get rid of a UTI from all of Jill's bath bomb self care to come lmao

No. 364396

File: 1501566484195.png (47.97 KB, 638x320, IMG_1225.PNG)

God I really wanna know why he did it. I mean we all saw it coming but i wanna know how he broke up with her

No. 364417

I wonder what their conversation was about that was so upsetting. Maybe Colin gave Jillian some honest critique on her personality and behavior?

No. 364428

Pretty sure this is exactly it. The only other thing it could be is that Colin felt this way for a while but was hoping to rekindle feelings for Jill again.

No. 364440

File: 1501569639418.jpg (135.38 KB, 574x964, Untitled-1.jpg)

the asskissing that went on on twitter made me cackle

No. 364453

Whatever it was, she clearly needed to hear it. He probably held back before since they just separated.
>be you, Jillian! don't let that supportive boyfriend hold you back
>buy even more makeup for your addiction, Jillian
>some uncalled for wiccan rose and crystal circle

This is why she's this bad.

No. 364472

Thinking about the videos that featured the two of them together, how many times he'd been sweet and supportive of her (always kissing her head or calling her cute) he honestly probably got tired of her not really acting the same? Like when its admitted he's more lovey in the "which is more likely to" video or when she calls him basic for wearing a gift, or when she says she'll just blame him for anything that goes wrong in one of their animaritime vids.

He probably got sick of her being so self absorbed and treating him like an accessory, and I'm sure it probably didn't help that he's her only irl friend aside Jon that she spends time with. I'm sure the shit about her sexuality and his gender didn't make things any better.

There's just a lot of hints in past vids and in the way she talks about and treats him to where I wouldn't be surprised if he finally couldn't deal with it anymore and was falling out of love with her over it. Good for him, honestly, he seems like a bit of a doormat but hopefully that changes and he finds someone who has the same room in their heart as he does for them instead of being so up their own ass about literally everything ever.

No. 364476

The tragic thing is, she will never understand this. She's now got her mother and a legion of teenagers to coddle her, and it will only get worse. She was treating Collin like replaceable trash during their relationship, and is now dragging him into her online pity party to make him look like the bad guy (didn't he literally block her on social media?). It's completely pathetic but predictable behaviour for a classic narcissist. Jillian will never own up to her behavior, and all of her followers are too retarded/young to see through this mess.

Reality is going to slap her in the face if she ever decides to go to a serious school instead of relying on her parents and now nonexistent SO. She seriously was trying to leech off Collin's success instead of working for anything herself.

No. 364479

Weren't Jill and Collin having little fights and that falling out about him not wanting to go to the con? (Ie not have a commitment that involves her)

Based on how miserable he seems in recent pics/vids I'd say he's been wanting out for a long time

They didn't seem at all compatible either I'm not shocked

I bet he's read and agreed with some of the crit against her too

No. 364496

I think this is so true. Jill's anxiety stems from things like anime con costume contests and not real life problems, but she is cognizant enough to realize deep down that her life is easy and pretty much everything she does is shallow and meaningless.

No. 364498

It's not bad photoshop, you can see in the video it's just sloppy dye staining her scalp because she can't be bothered to apply it neatly

No. 364594


Does anyone have a mirror for the LACE video? The link in the description of the thread doesn't work and I'm only able to find the parody online.

No. 364599

also this. her reaction to this break up and the way it seems as if someone has fucking died, shows she has never had to deal with any real shit in her life before and lacks coping mechanisms (not helped by her mollycoddling parents).

please come on here colin and tell us everything. you know you want to mate.

No. 364631


Also i am pretty sure she can't take people not liking her. Like she would never search for the mistake within herself. In her little magic world everybody loves and supports her. Being dumped by her boyfriend is just something she can't understand

No. 364642

>I haven't been single in 4 years and I haven't been broken up with in 6 years

So basically breaks up are okay as long as they're on her terms? So she felt nothing going from Walker to Tristan to Colin because her decisions were premeditated and she had another guy lined up each time?

Basically she wasn't prepared to move on from her queer/rainbow/confetti aesthetic so she didn't have another dude planned for that turn of events. But when she felt like giving up punk rock and lolita she was ready to shed off her boyfriends like old skin.

She has the nerve to claim she doesn't understand why Colin left her because she was too self-absorbed to care about his happiness and doesn't care to understand that things were in fact not going 'amazingly well' if he had to jump ship. In her mind, the sheer fact that she intended to rely on him to move out into their own apartment meant everything was going according to plan for her. She didn't give a fuck about Colin's opinions on the matter and would only try to change them (i.e deciding they would live in her choice of city in a pink pastel house, which she forced him to shop furniture for despite him saying he didn't want that type of decor, and it would be very likely hard for him to get a good job in his field in that area).

Maybe now she knows how Tristan felt when Jill broke up with him right after their 2 year anniversary, only to publicly announce to her fans that the break up wasn't a big deal and totally for the better. I highly doubt he ever got closure for that and she didn't give it so much as a second thought.

No. 364644

Also samefag but >>364274 major depression my ass. Her mentally ill shtick is getting really fucking old.

No. 364658

Yeah, forcing Colin to partially pay for that ugly, uncomfortable pink couch was pretty ridiculous. He would probably be paying most of the bills as well if they went through with the move in, while Jillian would sit on her ass demanding this and that and spending money on her pink hoard. She doesn't even seem to have the brain capacity to consider whether items are functional in her lifestyle to be worth buying.

No. 364671

Yeah, maybe the thought of living together was one of the reasons that Colin break up.
I mean Jill still hasn't even started working on her fucking portfolio/application, in an earlier livestream she mentioned how the courses she's applying to only accept very few people but "it will be fine".
What if she won't get accepted? Then Colin would've been set on moving away from home/finding a job there, but Jill would've just tagged along as a leech or something?
Jill's only ambition in life seems to be becoming a popular YouTuber/making as much money with as little work as possible, which probably doesn't fit with Colin's future goals.

No. 364692

File: 1501609134855.png (33.31 KB, 585x309, blleexj.png)

Jesus Christ, Jill, this is how most people react to being broken up with, it's not your special snowflake depression IT'S NORMAL.

No. 364696

If you'd have a depressive disorder you wouldn't forget about it. trust me, honey

No. 364700

yeah right? she's fucking infuriating
she has absolutely no idea what depression even is
being sad when something bad happens in your life doesn't mean that you're depressed jfc

No. 364704

I never realized being a spoiled little brat who has to have everything going her way or she'll throw a fit was called having a depressive disorder.

No. 364705

>I forget I have a depressive disorder until something happens and I can't cope

Uhhh that's called being so sheltered and spoiled that you break down under things not going your way, and also a natural reaction to a breakup in general

Then again she probably hasn't felt this in a long time because as other anons pointed out, it's fine and cheeky peachy keen when it's her calling the shots and when she's the one throwing someone away for someone else

Fuck her. She deserved this for a long time coming. Worst part is she'll probably learn nothing and/or become worse of a person/more of a spoiled little shit than before.

No. 364708

She probably wants to be a housewife with a hobby job that lets her spend all her earnings on frivilous shit while her spouse brings home the bread, taking a cue from her dear ol mamma and BFF Louise.
Colin probably saw this and was put off even more by her.

No. 364711

Depression is considered to be the common cold of mental illnesses. Especially depression that follows major life events like breakups, losing a job, etc. So I don't understand why people use it to make themselves seem special or why they conflate it with chronic depression.

Jill, you're not more sensitive than everyone else and you don't have a depressive disorder

No. 364712

I can imagine her Mom taking her out for chicken tendies and buying her more random tacky clutter to help her get over her heartbreak. Ugh.

No. 364713

yeah most likely, Jill made it obvious in the past that when she's sad she just buys crap to cheer herself up, and considering how much stuff she buys even when she's happy we probably have a lot of hauls in our future

No. 364715

yeah she's so co-dependent. she doesn't know who to do anything, or operate on her own. her future crutch is gone, and know she is freaking out, because now she's no one to hold her hand in Fredericton.

No. 364721

She also posted this to her instagram on her main account, not even her spam account..

Wtf it just goes to show how much she thinks Colin was apart of her public image despite his silence and privacy on social media. It's no wonder he asked her to delete all their videos together. The only reason he'd want that is because he realized he was being used as a visual accessory for attention and views. A few of those videos had some of the highest view counts on her channel and she obviously wasn't sharing the ad revenue with him. It's really too bad she continues to plaster him all over social media by milking their break up while he just wants some peace.

No. 364723

No. 364726

I feel really bad for Colin since all of her posts are essentially "Everything was so perfect and he broke up with me for absolutely no reason! : ( This really triggered my depression!".
There were probably plenty of reasons but she was just blind to them, but now her ~confetti club~ is just telling her how much she should treat herself instead of actually being mature about it/trying to evaluate the situation.

I really wonder what this >>364396 conversation was about too, since she really didn't seem too shaken before.
Maybe Colin pointed out all of the things which make her a shitty person? Or he was the one telling her that he was never really in love with her and actually crushing on some other girl the entire time? Would serve her right lol.

No. 364728

By the way y'all, if you want to keep up with Colin (although I don't encourage messaging him since he deserves to move on and finally have the privacy he wanted)

He goes by Wohki on Tumblr and Insta (private account with no posts). He also has a twitch under the same name and promotes his streams with a public Facebook page.

Tbh his sense of humour is really cute and it makes me want to follow his tumblr.

No. 364740

File: 1501615039142.png (46.44 KB, 750x250, IMG_2239.PNG)

No. 364741

She works like… 2 days a week…lmao

No. 364754

You mean one.

No. 364760


Why would people with pretty decent drawing skills waste their time drawing fanart for a spoiled little shit like Jill?

>And why would they (if it's a self post) post it in her thread here? There's a fan page for that shit.

No. 364776

sorry I posted cause I thought it was sad Jill hasn't commented on it ever

No. 364796

Why does Jillian need to take time off from work over this? Everyone else manages to drag their asses to work after a break up but Jillian is up here acting like she needs bereavement leave.

No. 364798

File: 1501622209447.png (269.54 KB, 509x518, Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 5.14…)


No. 364801

nothing wrong wid dis. but kek for part kei lol

No. 364807

I feel weird for not hating this. The one on the left in not great but the one on the right looks like a colorful little wisp its actually kind of cool.

I'm not in the party kei facebook group so please keep us posted if Jill comments

No. 364808

Not related to Jill but like. Who would spend their time doing this. I don't have a problem w/ hairy armpits on women but dyeing it is like another level of extra. Dyeing it like a rainbow? I don't understand that level of weird vanity.

No. 364822

It's tacky as hell and looks like they squished some gushers under their pits which is gross AF. So while I personally hate the dyeing of it, hair is hair and hairy pits on their own isnt a big deal tbh.

Back on subject tho- I've got the feeling that Jill isn't even upset about Collin himself, she's just upset because her steady boat has been rocked and now suddenly she doesn't have anyone to move out with/mooch on. She's got to do it on her own now if she even bothers to try.
>In before Jill decides not to even bother with the school thing, claiming ~school isn't for everybody~ when really she just doesn't have a doormat anymore.

No. 364889

Why does everything have to be unicorn now when calling this rainbow would be perfectly acceptable and still trendy?

Also in regards to the whole breakup thing, I bet Jillian is going to use it as an excuse to "rethink her school plans now that she's not sure if she wants to go to Fredericton" and take another year off doing nothing.

No. 364894

bit OT but i like how Colin hasn't posted about the breakup or said anything depressing on his tumblr at all then theres Jill with her "depressive disorder :(((((" crying on twitter

No. 364898


It's not even 'taking a year off' at this point, she never even started college. Her 8 hours a week at Claire's and her YouTube income is the sole thing preventing her from being a complete NEET

No. 364899

File: 1501635450511.jpg (201.95 KB, 1440x1173, IMG_20170801_175458.jpg)

Hi Jill, maybe you shouldn't be reading things from ~mean bully hate sites~ while dealing with your depressive disorder that you forget you have until something doesn't to your way/you get dumped for a change.

No. 364909

Good on Colin.


No. 364912

Ok, I know some people on this board like Jill's mom, but she legit seems like the most irresponsible parent ever. It's like… talk to your kid. Everyone goes through breakups and heartache!! wtf.. Asking strangers on fb is pathetic, esp for a mother.

No. 364917

Exactly!! She will never grow up or mature through experience because she has her mother and social media friends to constantly ass kiss her. It's pathetic.

No. 364920

File: 1501637765734.gif (682.82 KB, 500x282, anigif_enhanced-buzz-3087-1424…)

I will never understand this level of gross ass attention seeking. fuck

No. 364926

It's because she's attention seeking like her daughter. Jillian learned from the best!

No. 364958

lmao. Is hundreds of people coddling her not enough? What a whiny toddler.
Remember when she said she got used to the "haters" in her cbc interview last week kek

No. 364959

I hope those were people she tried speaking to irl lmao. Probably some "friends" she usually doesn't bother talking to and tried to take for granted in her time of need.

If she really is referencing lolcow that would be hilarious because this isn't the type of place to reach out for help and support.

No. 364976

The last part most likely is referencing lolcow because honestly I don't believe that anyone would actually be ballsy enough to say that to her face (I wish)

No. 365074

File: 1501659607121.png (43.06 KB, 581x347, wpj10GZ.png)

the comments continue to be hilarious. i imagine this echo chamber is boosting her ego 1000%

>jill is muh idol, muh hero, muh inspiration!!!!
>take your time, take it slow
>its sooooo tough with a 'mental illness'
>you deserve better than collin
>blublublu self care

No. 365149

What fans think mean nothing. If you continually get praise it all blurs and means nothing, you just ignore it,

Sage for no contribution.

No. 365157

>u deserve better than Colin
when Colin was the one who cared about her and she just used him as aesthetic points

No. 365178


She's milking this gay thing

I'm not even gay and I'm annoyed and wish she'd shut the fuck up.

>Drinking game: take a shot/drink every time she says 'rainbees','boop', or 'I'm gay'

No. 365185


In the video she mentions her car is rainbow gay and she wants people to see it and parked in the middle of everyone to show it off…but on insta she claimed she didn't want people to think it was for pride (so any anti-gay people wouldn't fuck with it I guess)

She's just calling it a gay car now because she's SOOOOOOOO GAAAAAYYYYY for pride and totally contradicting herself. What a poser.

No. 365187

>"John is an ally."

So… John isn't gay? Am I the only one who was led to believe that he was?

This is going to be Jill's next boyfriend.

No. 365188

Her poor friend John looks like he's going through hypothermia with that horrid purple lipstick Jill forced him to wear.

No. 365190

John is an ally? I thought she said he was gay?

No. 365192

Saged for double posting but >>360954 is the only one in this thread to say he is. Don't know how true it is, unless she said it in a stream.

No. 365193


inb4 Jill makes up an excuse to hop on that ally John dick

No. 365194


In previous threads anons who mentioned it seemed to have gotten it from Jill, either Facebook or her spam Instagram or livestreams.

No. 365208

File: 1501687369135.jpg (207.53 KB, 921x544, ss (2017-08-02 at 08.21.31).jp…)

fuuu- I forgot her live stream was today. I cant make it… please lord let someone in this thread bear the entire thing. This is her first stream post-break up so Im sure it will be a good one

No. 365210

Is the blue ground photoshopped?

No. 365215

I might sit through it if I remember. I'll take notes.

No. 365216

Pure unholy pandering

No. 365217

Her gasping for air while she walked on video was kek worthy. No wonder she complained about having to walk back and forth to the hotel from her car at animaritimes

No. 365219

No. 365222

Laughing my ass off at that one. I get she's close to her mother but is fucking die if mine kept posting that shit about me on Facebook. I would never personally completely discount someone's depression or mental health purely because they seem to have a cushy life, supportive parents.I do know it doesn't always work like that. But in this case I find it really hard to swallow. This level of attention seeking over something fucking everyone goes through. And I look at the shit that's happened in my life. Fuck. You just get on with it. Life's not a kawaii rainbow dream and she's perfectly old enough to handle it.

No. 365229

Everything about this made me unreasonably annoyed. I just wish she's hop on a new dick and this stupid "I'm so gay, guys, look at how gay I am, SOOO GAY" phase would end already.

No. 365237

Jill said the word gay only five times..
Jill, you know that you're not gay, you've dated three guys, stop calling yourself and everything gay just because everyone else does it-it's really irritating.

She's using gay as a "umbrella term" when it just reinforces the idea that some people have that the lgbtaq+ community is just lGt (lesbians and gays get the most attention and nobody cares about you if you're not gay/lesbain).

And that "umbrella term" also pushes a crapton of queer people under a label that they are not and erases their actual labels. Jill that's why the term queer exists! It's a actual umbrella term. It's not a GAY pride parade, it's a PRIDE parade for everyone who's queer. It's not just about them you know. Clearly, I am very triggered.

No. 365245

I couldn't even finish the fucking video. This is surely going to be another one of her boyfriends that she's claimed to have known for a long time and secretly loved more than their current boyfriend.

Very classy Jill, keep riding dicks in order to have a cushy lifestyle.

No. 365251

I think the anons who say she'll dick hop to John next are right. This wouldn't be the first time she foreshadowed a relationship. Remember during her and Tristan's prom, she took selfies with Collin instead? Same shit happened while he was having jaw surgery etc kek
Some may say this is reaching but keep in mind Jill has 0 friends and only takes pictures of herself

No. 365255

Do you think Colin saw this and jumped ship before what happened to Tristan could happen to him too?
Seriously though, good on him. Sucks that Jillian is not mature enough to handle it like an adult though.

No. 365257

is anyone watching her stream?

No. 365258

i am. so far mostly yelling about anime and subtly referencing the breakup

No. 365259


I am 10 mins behind so I rewinded it and am watching. Nothing about Colin from where I'm at.

No. 365261

File: 1501693810938.png (52.73 KB, 209x175, Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 6.09…)


No..can't do it

No. 365262

File: 1501693858766.jpg (163.84 KB, 1369x1219, IMG_20170802_100822.jpg)

Yes and she looks like she's trying to channel Kammie but looks like an actual grandma.

No. 365263

Whose one of the 5 who always dislikes her stuff? I know I'm one of them, but 4 of you always get there first.

No. 365268

she spilling the breakup tea get on

No. 365272

Thats her laptop screen, she doesnt have windows in the basement

Anons plz post the breakup deets even though itll all be defensive lies

No. 365273

I hope you're taking notea

No. 365274

She does, they're high up windows but she has them. You can see them in her room tour.

No. 365275

>pixie wanted time apart to get some space
>confused about sexuality
>colin didnt want to move in together and move forward
>its not that they dont love each other they need to be apart
>jill wanted to do long distance while she goes to school
>colin didnt want ld

No. 365278

File: 1501694438493.png (7.82 KB, 366x56, b.PNG)

No. 365279

(same anon) basically jill wanted to move in together and move off the island and move forward in the relationship and colin didnt and he didnt wanna do long distance either after jill suggested he stay on the island and only she moves

No. 365281


not the same anon but she blamed Colin for her never getting shit done so told him she needed space alone, then he said he couldn't move in with her and HE needed space, and she's calling him uncompromising.

She's just making it seem like it's all his fault.

No. 365284

She don't want to live alone when she goes to college? Also Collin needed time to figure out who he is and it does looks like they come back together lol and she feels lied to. And she was counting to live with him and now he is gone and she is pissed lmao

And she still wants to do youtube when she is in college, she wants to apply to it next year and she can't major in it?

No. 365285


I don't think anyone wants to live with Jill with how selfish and rude and narcissistic she is. No one wants to be a human crutch/doormat and she's seriously saying she's mad at Colin for not wanting to be that for her and her anger is justified and she wanted to depend on him and he's 21 and has no excuse to be scared like she does etc. etc….like what the actual fuuuuck?

No. 365288

literally her mom just came on the live and commented "they are dumb"

is this real life who is this woman

No. 365289

i thought it was someone in chat talking about their own mom lol

No. 365290

she's really together for a few days after the break up of a four year relationship, she barely seems upset at all

No. 365291

File: 1501694897983.jpg (1.98 MB, 1994x2712, IMG_2714.JPG)

She gave 400 likes too wtf

No. 365292

Can't be heart broken when you never had one

No. 365293

lmao she's saying that she's super driven and on a fast track to her future and that colin couldn't handle it

but HE'S the one in college?

No. 365294

I don't know how anyone can believe there is anyone less compromising than Jill.

She goes to Japan with her mom, who wants to eat JP food, but nope, all they eat is Western food.

They took one trip to a shrine (that we didn't see because ~memory card corruption~) when her mom wanted to do something more cultural than follow her kid around shopping.

She chose to leave her entire job because they didn't like her having colourful hair. (Wigs, Jill, you know what they are)

I 100% believe that it is her fault, but it's taking the tiniest fault from Colin and making it seem like the only reason they broke up.

I'm sure there are more examples, but these are what I can think of right now.

No. 365295

someone commented something along the lines of Jills ex's being intimidated by her ambition and her mom said she agreed :/

No. 365297

Iirc they haven't been together for four years, she says she hasn't been single in 4 years because she hopped from one dude to another right away. (Unless it rly has been 4 yes and time is flying by like crazy)

No. 365298

File: 1501695153815.png (23.24 KB, 363x217, nXwZ7Iq.png)


No. 365299

that makes more sense, I still think she seems really nonchalant about the whole thing though

No. 365300

idk about that anon but she said a year and seven months, and that they'd been friends for four or something years
unless i heard wrong lol

No. 365301

> asks if collin is happy
> says he doesnt know
> "we'd still be together if i didnt open my mouth"

but fuck collin's happiness am i right

No. 365306

she sounds like such a sociopath talking about how this breakup is so agonizing and making painful analogies while giggling and smiling at the camera. what the fuck? keep milking that for sympathy points, jill…

No. 365307

>MY band broke up because III didnt have time and even now III couldnt do it

This blatant lying about being busy, omg.

No. 365309


Jill is such a huge sociopath/narcissist.

She's the one dependent on everyone else and villainizes people and just acts like the whole world is against her when really all the planets seem to generally align in her favor and she still finds a way to do nothing with her life but get asspats from tween girls and blame literally anyone but herself for anything not going totally perfectly exactly how she wants.

I think she does have some level mental issues to be so blind to things but it's likely a result of being overly coddled her entire life.

No. 365310

took notes on collin drama, here's a summary. sorry if stuff has been mentioned already

>she said she needed a bit of space, they didn't hang out for like 6 days

>she didn’t have time for her art bc he would come over every day.
>she’s confused about her sexuality
>She says she needs a break. They were talking about big life choices, like move in together- he bought a promise ring and a promise couch?? Wasn't an “I don’t love you” thing, it was a “I cant move out of the province for you” kind of thing
>she just doesn’t understand why. There’s no closure and she doesn’t know if she should wait for collin or move on
>Says its consuming her life so much and feels like collin is just fine and going about their day
>says she deserves someone who would work and compromise bc she can compromise. Collin didn’t want to do long distance (him staying on the island and her moving for school)
>She doesn’t know if she can now go to college now bc it would be in a new province with no one she knows. she's used to having people always there for her and people around to support her.
>she says they didn’t end on bad terms but she’s pretty pissed and feels it was all for nothing
>She was so dependent and counting on someone (collin) to rely on. she said she’s getting better but one of her biggest flaws as a person is that she’s very impatient. She needs to know if its gonna be weeks, months or forever. she can’t count on getting back together
>says it’s weird because it was going so well. Collin says its not you but the "moving future thing" she wants them to talk to them instead of throwing her into a fire
>they’ve never had any fights and get along so well, caught her super super off guard. she says they cant go back to being just friends.
>Was asked if she loves them, she doesn’t want to think about that. Wished Collin was just like I don’t love you.
>everyone in her life is like get out of there, this is good. And she’s like why does literally no one want me to be with Collin.
>Collin had been very distant and not affectionate in a while and she things their trying to cut off their emotions so that its less hard
>she privated all the videos together so she wouldn’t still get comments about them
>says it was similar to with Tristan, she knows exactly what she wants to do with her life and for them it’s like they are just floating through college not really knowing what they want to do .. meanwhile she’s so aggressively passionate about design and they aren’t so they are getting swept up in their path/future and cant focus on their life and forget about theirs.
>She doesn’t want to wait and she got asked out on a date and accepted but then cancelled cuz IM STILL IN LOVE WITH MY EX (and oh btw it was with a cute girl on tinder, which she set to just filter girls)

No. 365311

Jill saying she hates therapy: "I don't jive with therapists and counselors and stuff"

Of course she would hate something intended to have her better herself as a person. I imagine the therapists just wanted her to actually try at life instead of whining and expecting things to fall into her lap.

I imagine she's lying and exaggerating about the counselor seriously judging her for a cute Little Twin Stars phone case…most adults generally find that stuff cute, maybe a bit weird, not a sign of mental illness.

My goodness this child is dense and lacks even basic levels of self-awareness.

No. 365313

omfg she's contradicting herself so much. She's trying to play the uguuu heartbroken victim but is already on tinder looking for dates. Is she fucking braindead?

No. 365315


thank you based anon

watched the stream but Jill was so all over the place it's hard to really gauge what she says other than blaming it all on Collin.

No. 365316

thanks for suffering for us anon

>she didn’t have time for her art bc he would come over every day.

rofl, way to use him as an excuse for your own laziness, jill.
>says she deserves someone who would work and compromise bc she can compromise, she knows exactly what she wants to do with her life
binch please
>she's used to having people always there for her and people around to support her
what a giant baby. nobody who goes to college knows every person theyre gonna be at school with because that would be thousands of people. she calls herself "soooo ambitious and aggressively passionate" but is about to skip college because it wont be filled with her close friends

jill is 100000000000% confirmed to be a raging narcissist after this stream. everything is 'me, me, me' with her and all other people who dont suck her asshole dry are 'getting in her way' and at fault for her own problems. even a complete outsider to jill's world would be able to see through this bullshit, i'm absolutely shocked she still has so many fans calling her brave, amazing, etc when she acts like this in plain view.

No. 365317

> Shit talks VenusAngelic for "queerbaiting" when she was actually poking fun at people accusing her husband of secretly being a woman

No. 365318


Kek was just about to comment this anon she's shit talking someone who's dealt with serious life shit for making 'edgy randum' jokes but it's totally okay for her to plaster how "gay" she is on social media.

No. 365328

she's saving for a 400 dollar sewing machine but spent prolly more than a thousand dollars this month on crap and make up. mhm sure jill.

No. 365335

Thanks for the summary. This is infuriating and hilarious at the same time.

>she knows exactly what she wants to do with her life and for them it’s like they are just floating through college not really knowing what they want to do

>She doesn’t know if she can go to college now
Oh my god get a grip. At least he goes to college to do _something_ with his life, meanwhile the only thing this bitch is doing is being a massive cow leeching off of her enabler mom. But yeah, I'm sure Colin escaped because he is afraid of the ~strong and ambitious womyn~ Jill is.

No. 365345

Ok here's all my notes from the stream:
>Scared to get Neko tattoo, but it's coming soon.
>Piano skillz for 15 years!!
>Wanted to clear up Colin stuff just so everyone knows:
-Colin ended it bc she needed space.
-With Colin around every day, Jill felt like she couldn't get anything thing done. Confused about her sexuality. Space for lasted for six days bc Jill feels like she needed a break and that moving in scared Colin.
-He didn't want to go out of province-not closure. She feels like she's really hurting but he's fine. Doesn't know if she should wait for him or move on.
-Wants someone who can compromise with her. Frediction is only 3 hrs away and Jill suggested distance, but Colin said no. Wants to give him space.
-Wrote a song about it. Moving for school. Doesn't know if she can be alone. Is finically stable enough to be alone, but isn't emotionally stable enough bc she's constantly surrounded by loving and supporting friends and family. With them it's scary.
-Wanted to talk about their problem sooner before her independence/dependence. Is pissed.
-Moved stream bc she would have been too emotional.
-Inpatient bc she doesn't know how long to wait for him. He said that he moving future stuff scared him.
-Doesn't understand why they broke up bc it was going so well.
-Can't be friends with him. Was friends with him for 5 years, dated for 1 year and 7 months.
-Everyone is happy that they broke up.
-Colon had been distant and less affectionate-maybe it he was surpressing his emotions, even though it hurts her more.
-Has yt, art, and fashion and is passionate about that but Colin and Tristian weren't passionate about their college majors.
-Got asked out on a date by a cute girl on Tinder, set her profile to only girls, but cancelled the date bc she's not over Colin.
-Wants Colin to either tell her or "walk all over her."
-Thought she was going to be strong with this break up.
-Two weeks since the breakup. 6 days of space. Phone call, said she needed space. 12 hours later "I don't need space."
-Colin came over and they were going to nap together but then Jill said "Are you happy?" and Colin said "I don't know."
-Told Colin that she loved him five years ago, but that didn't work out.
-Would rather have it end now than end later when had moved in together.
-Proud that she went to pride an was ok at pride. Went to a show at a bar with Jon. Saw one of Colin's ex's, and saw Walker and they all talked about being able to sympathize bc they had all just recently broken up with other people-while drunk.
-The breakup was sad.
>Wants to go to school to learn how to sew
and make clothes. Hasn't applied yet for the 2018 school year. Doesn't even know if she can go to college now or if she'll have to take another year off bc of emotional stability issues.
>Best friends with Jon since 8th grade, 6 and a half years.
>Rainbow Valley broke up bc no one had time.
>Wants a gf.
>Hates therapy. Was forced to go to therapy when she was "super effed up". Has bad experiences with therapists because they said her fashion was why she was sick. Therapist told her that she dresses like a 2 year old. This was four years ago.
>Someone asked her what was the gayest thing she had ever done, she didn't want to answer it.
>Wants to do either a fashion coord contest or a fanart contest to giveaway her extra preview figures.


No. 365349


>someone wants to know the gayest thing she's ever done and she can't answer

prolly bc the real answer is the 'gayest' thing about her is that she wears rainbows and lies about being gay for attention?

No. 365355

Jill thinking she scared off her boyfriends by being too ambitious, fucking kek she's half a step from being a neet. Is anyone surprised that she wants to take ANOTHER year off?

No. 365360



No. 365366

Queer is an offensive slur it makes me very uncomfortable when people say it.

No. 365371

from what i understand queer has an offensive history but some people within the LGBT community have chosen to redefine it as something positive. Sort of like some gay men with 'fag' or african americans and the N word. Some people within that community may still dislike the terms but others should not be judged for the choice to appropriate previously offensive language and turn it into something endearing or positive or supportive of a group's identity.

Jill's gayness/lesbianness/queerness is completely fake though so it really doesn't matter what term she uses. She was bicurious in middle school and is now using that to seek attention and that's that.

No. 365372


>Has bad experiences with therapists because they said her fashion was why she was sick. >Therapist told her that she dresses like a 2 year old.

kek okay that made me laugh, but also they aren't wrong…the fact she's dedicating her life to living an ~aesthetic~, she has an extreme shopping problem when it comes to buying clothes/accessories, hell she went all the way to japan just for the fashion…that ain't normal. it's ironic that she dresses like a child since she's so emotionally underdeveloped

she hates therapist bc they tell her the problem isn't everyone else, it's HER

No. 365376

Within recent years its not anymore- LGBT community has embraced it, so I guess you got to get used to it some

I never really felt it was that offense like faggot was, just imo

No. 365379

Idk it just makes me feel gross when all these stupid preteens/teens grab on to it with apparently zero knowledge of its history.

No. 365380

Queer used to be a slur, but it isn't anymore. It's only a slur if someone uses it as a slur. Like with the word gay. In theory, it's ok for Jill to call a thousand things gay bc she's using it as an positive adjective??
But if Jill saw someone, like someone with natural hair color and said "Ugh, that's so gay.." then that wouldn't be fine bc she's using it as an insult.

Thank for understanding.

No. 365383

He might not have been terrified of moving in with her if she actually had her shit together. She's been talking about her big life plans of going into fashion design for years now, but has not done anything about it, except hot glued pompoms to a cut up pink tee. It's all talk and no action, and with her 8 hours a week of retail and the unpredictability of Youtube, no fucking wonder he wouldn't want to leap into signing contracts to move in with her somewhere.

There's absolutely no way Collin would take her back now when she's on streaming and posting about how he hurt her feefees for 'no reason' everywhere. He's not posting all of their personal relationship issues anywhere and clearly just wants to distance himself from this unhinged freak, but Jillian can't help but throw a pity party for herself at the expensive of his privacy. What an absolute selfish asswipe she is.

Also, the girl who got rejected by Jillian on Tinder just dodged a major bullet, I hope no one else is sucked into being her personal butler anytime soon.

No. 365389

Jill considering herself as more ambitious compared to Colin and Tristan pisses me off so much…

Jill's only reason for wanting to become a fashion designer is because she likes clothes.
She doesn't even seem to know that studying fashion design involves quite a bit of science and math/economics, and that actually owning your own brand is incredibly stressful and life consuming for pretty much any fashion designer.
Didn't she only say a while ago that she'd actually rather create bags/shoes/jewelry because making a piece of clothing was too hard??
She spends all of her free time napping, bathing, online shopping or watching kids's cartoons. She has no responsibilities right now and could spend every moment of her life following her 'passion' if she really was ambitious, but as another Anon mentioned instead she's just fully enjoying her borderline NEET life.
I'm sure that Colin would've loved to come over and help her with her art or fashion career, but instead she's just blaming him for her laziness.
At least both Colin and Tristan DO actually pursue further education, they both seem a whole fucking lot more mature than Jill. Most people don't have parents showing money up their ass and supporting all of their 'ambitions', there are so many people out there who work fucking hard every single day to reach their goals.

I'm sorry for the rant, just really pissed off because Jill has to be one of the least ambitious people I've ever encountered.

No. 365395

She asked Collin for space and they understood, but when they asked for space their relationship is suddenly on the line??? This isn't a one-sided relationship Jillian

No. 365407

She compromises but other people don't, remember?

No. 365411

I posted about that earlier in the thread. Like gayness as an aesthetic is what Jill wants but actually suffering the social repercussions of being gay is totes wrecking her vibe!

Also, it's fucking rich that she's saying her ex-boyfriends have no ambition or passion for things like she does. She can't even use depression or another mentally debilitating disorder as an excuse for her lack of projects or ideas when she herself said she forgets she even has depressive episodes.

Honestly, maybe she's at bitch eating crackers mode, but this entire gay schtick and simultaneously painting herself as a stronk ambitious woman but also a victim of her loser boyfriend for pity points has hit a nerve.

No. 365419

File: 1501706170137.png (103.06 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 365420

I feel similar to jill because I'm also into j-fash and I went to japan and ended up spending the entire time there eating delicious japanese food and hitting up every closet child in tokyo.

And nobody called it unhealthy, I go to a therapist for severe anxiety disorder and she said it was great progress that I felt confident enough to travel overseas.

sage because nobody wants to be like jillian

No. 365422

>wants a gf

She wants that gay validation, feel sorry for whatever poor soul ends up licking that glitter gunged pussy.

No. 365445

John confirmed for next IG accessory

No. 365446

>Was forced to go to therapy when she was "super effed up". Has bad experiences with therapists because they said her fashion was why she was sick.
This would have been when she had anorexia, right? Therapists for anorexia have to be really strict and brutally honest, and really, saying fashion is to blame for anorexia isn't far off the mark. If she went to a therapist now for the issues she has they'd probably be more considerate of her. Do we know if she was ever institutionalized? I know nurses for anorexia patients can seem especially mean.

>t.I've spent considerable time around anorexia patients

No. 365448

Holy fuck, I was thinking of that creepy fucking gummy rat video the entire way through.
The way she was pronouncing words along with the loud static noises from the phone interfering with the mic made it much more unbearable than usual.

No. 365455

In one of her early thread's I think she mentioned a facility/institution somewhere on her DA journal

No. 365476

So she just confirmed John isn't gay (or atleast not openly lol), calling him an "ally" taking bets on him being her next toy

No. 365477


we all saw this coming like a month ago

No. 365478

I'm very clearly a gay person and when I was in middle school people used to call me a queer and make fun of me using the word, so to me, I never want to be called queer and it makes me uncomfortable so I get it.

I think what makes me more mad is that people like Jill who are more than likely straight and all those tumblrite fake lgbt people use queer and throw it around like it's nothing and then get defensive when you tell them you don't like it and find it offensive. Same with ag/faggot. It's fine if you want to see it but don't call other people it or act a fool when someone says they don't like the word.

No. 365481

File: 1501714128944.png (91.95 KB, 750x614, IMG_3713.PNG)

As a gay woman who often talks about this topic I don't care, but jfc Jill, learn something, anything about the group you are trying to be a part of before you start appropriating terms

No. 365484

Does it honestly surprise anyone that Jill has no clue about LGBT history? She said that drag was transphobic in nature which makes absolutely 0 fucking sense. Drag is the only way many LGBT people, especially trans people were able to make money a few decades ago. Jill has never once faced discrimination for being "super queer uwu". Her and other fake LGBT people are all so full of shit and are only "super queer" when it's convenient for them to say so.

No. 365488

what a retard, how can she spend years on tumblr/internet in general and not come across at least one lgbt history post? does she just look at ugly clothes and children's cartoons all day?

anytime someone calls her out she seems to have "no idea!!!" she was doing something shitty, yet right before she gets called out she acts like she's the master of said subject. fuck off jill, you are fake as hell.

No. 365489

How can she not know it’s been used as a slur? Does she not watch TV/movies or read or anything? You don’t have to be an expert on LGBT anything to know that. She lives in such a safe little bubble it’s ridiculous.

No. 365490

h…. how the fuck… i … she wasnt homeschooled was she? like how the fuck

No. 365495


To be fair, I am around Jill's age and only have a vague memory of ever hearing queer as an insult. She could have just not been exposed to it.

No. 365513


this reminds me of people who say they didn't know the n-word is a slur. how do you just…not know??

like i know the phrase "we're here we're queer get you used it" makes it seem like queer is a positive word, and yes there are LGBT+ people who use it in a positive way, but how can you be apart of the community and not know the history of that word??

for example, i was shocked when i learned people considered the word 'gypsy' a slur since i grew up with it being considered normal, but i was never exposed to romani culture so i was ignorant to what offends them. however jill's been claiming to be apart of the LGBT community for awhile now and didn't know queer has a negative history? that's a whole new level of retarded

No. 365515

There is really no point making excuses for Jill anymore, anon. She lives on the internet and is supposedly part of the lgbt community (her words), plus decided to call herself queer so obviously she must have looked up the meaning.

No. 365538


Not making excuses, obviously she's dumb and spoiled and tons of other things, but are people rly gonna waste time complaining that Jill's pretending to be lesbian warrants a discussion on whether it's ok to call herself queer or not? Like she's obviously not queer or gay or anything more than straight and attention seeking and she has a habit of being misinformed or uninformed on obvious things because she lives on an island with coddling parents and asspatting doormats for significant others and online followers who allow her to do or think whatever she wants.

I was just offering food for thought since I and probably a handful of other non sheltered people with some knowledge of that didn't always really know what queer meant in the past.

Jill is obviously a bit of a different situation but is it surprising that Jill is uneducated about her latest attempt at grabbing attention? She has blatantly made it apparent with things like her car, etc. that she wants all the positive attention for being "gay" from allies and others but will reject any connection to LGBT as soon as she's at risk of the negative attention it might bring her.

sorry but no one should be surprised someone who is clearly using sexuality as an accessory is uneducated on the history of the word. It's not necessarily okay but I just don't expect more from Jill and was chalking it up to her age/lack of awareness in general about any negative realities of life.

sage bc slightly ot and a bit ranty

No. 365548


She didn't act a fool, she actually apologized in >>365481

She is stupid for not knowing it was a slur, though that commenter and one of the anons on here who brought it up sound like similar or the same people.

No. 365557

Jill your half assed apologies don't make being an ignorant bitch okay.

No. 365563

not Jill and i said she's an idiot for not knowing but srsly anon chill we all knew jill was an ignorant bitch wayy back when she excused jefree star or called drag transphobic. wasn't ok then and it's still not ok now but jeez

No. 365576

She's really trading down every time she picks up a new boy toy - Tristan was cute and smart, Collin was kind of unfortunate looking but sweet, Jon looks like a pudgy gay redneck. Not looking forward to seeing him dressed up in whatever clown fashion Jill latches onto next

No. 365579


When will you learn, Jillian, that your singular love for yourself does not make you gay, it makes you a truly disgusting narcissist.

I don't think you have the first clue what love is, let alone sexual attraction for another human being. You see only yourself.

Get therapy, because everyone can see that you are out of control. You are the most undisciplined, text-book narcissist I've ever goddamn seen and it is not cute.

No. 365582

Holy shit the pride parade itself was so depressing to watch, just a bunch of scraggly fat young people and small groups walking around quiet neighborhoods… I forget that Pixie lives in the middle of nowhere sometimes but this really drove that point home. Yikes.

No. 365584

No. 365585

I almost pity her bc her island only has one boba place when where I live there's like three on every street.

Also how disgustingly out of shape is she that 30 minutes of hardly even brisk walking makes her completely winded?

She's a basement dweller with a home gym on the other side of her basement and refuses to use it.

No. 365596

Queer has been reclaimed forever and the only people who think it isn't are people under 25 who are suddenly acting like authorities on the matter. Queer is an acceptable umbrella term. If you personally don't like it, don't apply it to yourself, and feel free to ask people to not specifically use it to reference you, but it's perfectly fine to use in a general sense.

No. 365609

Stay on topic

No. 365618

she pronounces lychee like 'lee-chee'. Just hearing her voice makes me cringe so hard. Take a shot every time she says 'bois', 'rainbee' and 'im gay' you're in for a one-way ticket to alcohol posioning

No. 365625

>she pronounces lychee like 'lee-chee'.

This is fine.

No. 365638

im from london, here we say 'lie-chi' she hearing jill say it is pretty jarring, tbh i thought it was a universal thing

No. 365647

Both are fine


What a non-issue to nitpick about

I dunno, not every trip abroad has to be super exciting. It sounds like you must have a lot of money though, and your therapist is probably just trying to encourage you.

Agreed. Don't understand why this is an issue.

No. 365741

As a gay female I personally don't care if she's calling herself gay when she's probably at best just bisexual. What bothers me is that she's using it as an aesthetic and acting like being gay is akin to walking down harajuku circe 2012. It's just one giant rainbow to jill.

No. 365816

Holy fuck you retards talking about how you're gay females are as bad as

"As a guy …."

No. 365853

Jill can literally buy her way in college with no debt just from her youtube career tho.Colin probably drowning in student debt, just because you go to college doesnt mean you will succeed.Lower class mentality.

No. 365870

This may surprise you but people from different places pronounce things differently. You yourself probably sound like a smug eejit with your Peppa Pig accent.

No. 365898

I've always been under the impression that Louise didn't like Colin much. When she was dating Tristan, I remember Louise saying she trusted tristan with her life and wouldn't trust any other boy with Jillian etc shit like that. I never saw her write very exciting things about Colin.

Tristan was probably easier for Louise to accept because he was well-mannered and intelligent, but mainly because he came from a much richer family. That's the kind of guy she likely wanted to see Jill marry. On the other hand, we have awkward sexually confused Colin, who doesn't seem to be rolling in money, and how he carries himself probably confuses Jill's judgmental mother.

Colin and Tristan are young though. They will both be turning 22 this year iirc. Tristan's family works in government so it does make sense he has a university degree in French and he's worked as a tour guide for the island. Colin is about to finish his degree in Computer Science which could take him far in a bigger city. I don't believe that just because he didn't want to move out to enable jill's pathetic dreams, means he doesn't want to leave the island at all? Come on, he seems much more well-adjusted than Jillian and is probably going to plan out his future a lot better.

Point is both those guys could move on to studying something else or simply add to their education if they truly "aren't passionate" about their fields. Jill doesn't seem to understand that a variety of education and work experience is valued in the long run whereas she sits on her ass working 1-2 days a week in retail thinking she has the authority to put down another person's potential and life plans because of her bitterness.

No. 365903

Something that wasn't mentioned from the stream was that she dropped out of musical theater because "the community is so toxic" "it was bad because everyone hated [her]"

I'm amazed she doesn't see the pattern here. The Lolita comm was toxic, musical theater was toxic, the punk community was toxic, 4-year degrees at legitimate schools are toxic, the retail jobs she quit are toxic, careers in other fields are toxic, therapy is toxic. Did she also claim to quit roller derby because of toxicity? Probably.

If she continues to lose contests at non-local cons, will the cosplay community be toxic? If the queer community call her out on exploiting performative queerness, will that community then be toxic? If she runs into constructive criticism of her visual art, suddenly the entire art community will be toxic? She clearly knows this deep down and that's why she decided to attend a little "college" with 80 students because she thinks there's less chance they'll push "toxicity" onto her.

She'll never be self-aware enough to turn that criticism on herself.

She literally sees the world from as if she has no part in making herself and the people around her happy. No, everyone must pander to her for no reason other than she was born with these expectations.

No. 365907

File: 1501757874590.jpg (205.18 KB, 750x1124, IMG_0251.JPG)

Just gonna add that she said they were "literally talking about getting fucking married" (her words) after she hinted that "other big life decisions" were in the talks.

This is obviously the promise ring she was talking about.

No. 365935

Wonder if she's keeping it or will continue to still wear it.

No. 365936

I hope she sells it, I want it

No. 365951

Jill is part of the reasons I stopped going to pride, the boundries of whats viewed as queer is so broad now its just riddled with straight girls and obnoxious sjw's as if the lgbt community wasnt already a very exhausting thing of its own. Like as a lesbian im shut out of my own community by SO QUEER straight girls and brightly colored buzzcuts who romaticise gay guys. Its like the lgbt comm as a whole is being gentrified by honest to god cunts like Jillian.

No. 365970

>I don't believe that just because he didn't want to move out to enable jill's pathetic dreams, means he doesn't want to leave the island at all?

Honestly I get the vibe that Colin's reasons for breaking up with Jill weren't exactly the full truth. I think he didn't like her anymore for various reasons and was looking for any decent excuse to give her for a break up. I think him admitting he didnt want to do long distance even though its only a 3 hour drive speaks truth to what I'm saying.

No. 365987

File: 1501774754099.jpg (101.06 KB, 739x1024, IMG_1578.JPG)

No. 366004

she's pointing out an (obvious) child to all of her cult followers? that poor kid is going to get harassed.

No. 366018

Jill reminds me of how homophobes say they hate when gay people shove their gayness down everyone's throats. Except she's an annoying imposter, and I wish someone would slap her.

Seriously tho every day she's been spamming about how gay she is. Does Louise have no comment about her daughter becoming more special snowflakey?

No. 366020


Lol i never saw her wearing it her videos but maybe i didn't look close enough

No. 366022

File: 1501780383266.png (18.89 KB, 282x94, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 6.12…)

No. 366023

It's like a 40 dollar ring with a lab created gem in it, yall. She posted the site she got it from somewhere.

No. 366031

No. 366058

If that ring was actually 300+$ then that's obscene

No. 366086

Of course she knows what queer means. She is the personification of Tumblr.

No. 366099

File: 1501787509089.png (25.68 KB, 750x307, IMG_2250.PNG)

She's posting more on tumblr again

No. 366111

Her memes are dry as shit

No. 366113

I guess she's never hung around people in all her life. Back in the 90s all the way to the mid 2000s, people fighting called eachother queers all the time where I live. It's common knowledge that it's the equivalent of fag. She must be sheltered af which is sad because she's older than me too and should know this lmao

She's a dumb ass yuppie that spends all her money on bullshit

No. 366117

File: 1501788605593.png (64.22 KB, 640x548, IMG_5962.PNG)

No. 366118

what could she possibly be sad/mad about did her mommy run out of money to spend on her

No. 366119

"Collin wont let me leech on him >:(((("

No. 366123

Colin obviously is a selfish piece of trash for not buying her more puppy surprises, rings, starbucks drinks, home decor, not playing enough mario maker with her, driving her around, or paying her rent!!! JILL U DESERVE BETTER PRINCESS

No. 366125

I get being sad but she has no fucking reason to be angry about the breakup. What an entitled little bitch.

No. 366239

It's like she's watched a bunch of teen movies and cartoons and is just acting out a break up how they say they happen

No. 366256

I have a feeling a lot of her personality is crafted to what she thinks she should act like. Being mentally ill at such a young age (her eating disorder) really causes kids to have issues with identity and knowing what's really "them" since they tend to focus strongly on their mental issues and see that as them and then when they're removed, there isn't much left. A lot of kids then craft or build a personality, and then you get something like Jill's which is a mishmash of so much shit.

Sage for armchair psychology.

No. 366318


I think the past year or so he spent with Jill and her behavior and from what she has showed us about the relationship is evidence of problems within it. What was going on behind closed doors could have been worse or even if it was the same as what Jill chooses to show online, still bad from what we've seen.

Colin could have been totally miserable but aware of Jill's narcissism and wanted to give an answer that he felt would upset her the least. It wouldn't surprise me if he was lying or pussyfooting around things because he understood that Jill would be incapable of handling any less than positive judgements about her character.

Jill has everything going for her and her biggest obstacle is herself. Even if we give her the benefit of the doubt and believe her mental illness is as difficult as she claims it to be, she's rejected opportunities to help herself and abhors even positively spun and constructive criticism.

Collin isn’t stupid and probably knew this and wanted to both get himself away from her (since she is an actually “toxic” person), but be gentle in the way he told her. Yet she still has the nerve to be angry at him rather than just sad that she got dumped like a normal person.

No. 366324

lmao she has no right to be that bitter about Colin reblogging shit on his own Tumblr

She's insane.

Also there's nothing fun about being pissed? If anything sadness is often what is behind anger.

No. 366335

I feel you anon, and i'm not even gay myself.
For Jill pride is an anime con, and being gay a simple cosplay. It's such a shame.

No. 366735

She live streamed earlier

No. 366752

Any deets? More pissy colin talk I presume?

No. 366757

Jill always triggers me when she claims the weather in pei is the same everywhere in Canada. She unironically said that Canada never goes over 27 degrees Celsius in the summer time and that's about as stupid as the time she claimed there was often snow in June. What a retard.

No. 366758


If there's no content to your post sage it

No. 366792

That's like saying the weather in Texas and upstate New York are the same it's so stupid of her to assume her island's weather is the same as the rest of Canada.

No. 366917

She didn't even announce it, who watched it??

No. 366929

this is a huge problem for people who were mentally ill at a young age (and is a symptom of bpd) who will often latch onto whatever can give them some sort of personality, ie party kei/lolita/punk rock
jill is obviously using fashion as a main source of personality for her

sage for armchair psychology also lol

No. 366940

File: 1501930108219.png (692.72 KB, 943x925, 01928.png)

It looks like the posted links on her twitter and tumblr, which is really stupid considering that her main follower base is on youtube an instagram.
In one of those archived clips from the stream she was saying that "I stream at the same time every week!! you can rely on that!! :^)", but I think most sane people assumed that one stream per week was enough.

Also trying to ride the gay train even harder…

No. 366941

I know people who are actually attracted to Jill, like people have genuine crushes on her

No. 366942


Usually Youtube also broadcasts it during the stream even though she doesn't post them after anymore and sends you a notification for all her streams and I didn't get one like usual. It's like she was purposely trying not to announce it or something.

No. 366943

Yeah in another one of those archived clips she was playing some anime song and was yelling about how glad she was that the stream wasn't going up on youtube because of copyright stuff with the song, I'm not sure if she specifically didn't broadcast it on youtube just because she wanted to play weeb music?


Here are those snippets from the stream if anyone else would like to look through them.

No. 366959

The full streams can still be viewed on her tumblr

No. 366977


the entire #LGBTbabes tag on twitter is full of cringey tumblrainas like Jill, she fits there perfectly.

No. 366989

No. 366994

>tree puppies


No. 366995

Didn't she not watch this anime?

No. 367015

yeah, didn't she not finish it, and not like it all that much? she said it was s chore to get through try harder, jill

No. 367018

Clo cards triggered Clow its clow the w is real.

No. 367027

uuuh isn't it clow (rhyming with snow) though? and not clow (sounds like cow). unless that's not what u mean. cuz i watched the video and remembered thinking 'well she says that right at least.'

No. 367034

In the English dub it is pronounced Clow (like snow). Maybe anon was just critiquing Jill's enunciation or emphasis on the W

No. 367042

Maybe that's why she didn't announce it properly, because she knew she'd catch flack for streaming twice in one week.

But y'know, gotta cry on cam a little for those pity bar donations and then be back at it for more two days later. Gotta fill the void of not having her wannabe-Ryuchel servant around with sweet sweet cash

No. 367044

yeah so much for her "magical girls mean so much to me!! they're so feminist and give my life meaning!! uwu", going out of her way to buy merch from a show she doesn't even like truly shows how deep and important it is, totally not just her obsession with material possessions and a certain aesthetic.

No. 367046

also samefag, but she really is just cycling through this dress and that checkered pink shirt right now, huh?
that bow on her head looks like a pink trash bag too

No. 367062

Are you sure about that? I distinctly remember the English op being "cardcaptors of the clow expect the unexpected now" either way shes clearly never bothered. Its a true classic despite all the filler and I dont know how she can claim to be into magical girls at all..

No. 367075


I've only watched like a dozen or so episodes of the dub and so maybe different characters in the anime pronounced it slightly differently or they said it with sort of an in-between sound to that. I'm no expert but she doesn't seem to be totally butchering it.

Idk it feels like the lee-chi VS lie-chi thing. Of all the words she intentionally massacres with her baby speak, it's not huge deal if she's mispronouncing a word as an honest mistake or because of her accent or something.

No. 367077

samefag but just looked up some videos to settle it for sure and in the Japanese version, it's Clow sounding like cow, and English is the same, so she's pronouncing it incorrectly but as I said, she fucks up perfectly normal words so much on purpose that it doesn't really bother me that she pronounces it in a way that at least makes sense with the spelling of the word.

No. 367082

Why does it looks like she's smelling shit in this picture

No. 367094

loooooool this vlog

John is an "ally" but he already came out the closet a few years ago? Does that mean he became un-gay? Alyssa is now a "he" called "Emery" but was in drag??

I also spotted Colin's ex Gillian. Geez it's surreal seeing all these losers hang around a few streets and calling it a pride parade.

No. 367100

File: 1501959353262.png (1.07 MB, 1081x612, Capture.PNG)

jillians style done well by.. gillian..
sage because irrelevant but funny af

No. 367106

This video could have been half as long if she actually knew anything about what she supposedly loves so much.

No. 367110

Did Gillian start with the cute colorful candy shit first?

I would not be surprised if part of jills current persona was ripping her off

No. 367113

This makes me wonder though, how would you even define/describe Party Kei at this point?
Jill's original description for it back when she started it was essentially a pastel fairy slumber party style, but that's completely off the mark now.

She says that pastel colors are PK, but then also really bright colors? And whenever someone asks, dark colors are fine too I guess?
It's kind of about party motifs, but also just hearts and stars and rainbows? When it comes to fabric and cuts and brands basically anything goes as well.

It's still absolutely ridiculous to me that she made up her own """Japanese""" fashion style simply to refer to wearing whatever she likes…

No. 367118

I cringed at her wanting to buy the Tokyo Mew Mew toys even though she has stated before she's struggled to watch it. It's just status items for her and doesn't come from a good place at all. We've seen how dumb she is when it comes to collecting/buying the items first hand though, like with the box of 10 figures and that girl telling her a toy wasn't as pricey as Jill first thought.

No. 367125

If she actually buys some it'll be a true statement of desperation and greed. They're extremely rare and extremly expensive.

No. 367127

ah, that's probably the reason she wants them then lol

No. 367182

No they aren't. You can find pretty much all of the weapons CIB for under $100. If you're willing to buy them without boxes or to buy the Korean versions, you can get almost all of them for under $50.

No. 367191

It's "clow" like "snow" in the Japanese and "clow" like "cow" in the English.


No. 367194

Yeah, she hasn't watched it for sure. Last time she talked about it she never even got to the point in the anime where Sakura started using the star wand, and I think if she actually got around to it she would've been sure to let social media know.
I still can't believe that she wanted to get a tattoo of the wand, she really is the most fake fan I know…

No. 367237

Jill is too much of a elites for that

No. 367278

honestly though jill's made me kind of dislike precure: shes such a magical girl elitist and she holds it to such a high standard
i liked what ive seen of precure but it wasn't the best, im glad she hasn't mentioned nanoha at all since thats one of my favorites and hearing her preach about it would be painful

No. 367279

It's been years since I watched it but I was thinking of the sealing scenes. Sounds like cow to me. Hm

No. 367324

So much for introducing people to other magical girl series, Jill turns everyone off of it so she can have her select club. I wouldn't worry though anon, Nanoha's transformations she'd declare too racy and it has conflict, which Jill despises.

I always thought it sounded like "glo" but here's a reference. Got an hour to kill, you'll probably see more than Jill has.

No. 367336

File: 1501985014515.png (252.82 KB, 540x303, tumblr_nymhso6HWe1u4l63jo1_540…)


yeah, i like magical girl anime too and i don't think precure is anything special at all. i've seen more than her, considering she likes (has only seen) like two shows, and yeah pretty mediocre thing for kids.

i think she holds into it so much because she wants to feel special, you know? like she wants to be different sooo badly. therefore she can't just like sakura, sailor moon or madoka like all the other girls, she needs to like Precure cause she's just sooooo quirky. but see where those three shows are classics for a reason… yeah theres a reason why people don't talk about precure like at all ever. its not cause its some hidden gem that only jill knows, its cause its pretty lame. again, every girl ever likes sakura/sailor moon/madoka and i think that's why she doesn't care for them (she has tried but hasn't finished watching them) so i think she keeps pushing her damn precure because she think its weirddd and intellectualll and "oooohhhh i'm such a magical girl geek! have you heard of precure? bet you haven't, you madoka fanboy ;)"

i really really really dislike jill and i think hearing her talk so much about precure makes me hate the fucking show… but again, its not garbage but its not really worth watching either. JILL GET OVER ITTT fucking MLP is probably a better show than that shit.

No. 367337

File: 1501985377304.png (144.38 KB, 640x676, IMG_3760.PNG)

Something that really angers me about the way that Pixie dresses is her lack of understanding of different body shapes and what clothes don't look good on her figure. For example her broad shoulders aren't helped by the sleeveless dresses, they make her arms look chubbier and does her no favours whatsoever. This is why Lolita really worked in her favour becasue she'd always had her shoulders covered regardless of what type of piece she was wearing

No. 367340

>i've seen more than her, considering she likes (has only seen) like two shows

I think she's seen almost all of them except for Splash Star and 5 GoGo.

No. 367348

File: 1501986128507.jpg (51.96 KB, 640x480, IMG_7039.JPG)

>a huge precure stan
>understands it's not for everyone but it's a fun lazy show
>Jill treats it like it's a religion
>has started to go off it because of that

What I've noticed recently though is now Precure is not enough, her audienceIS watching Precure now. Half say they don't like it but continue too because Jill's watching it, their queen. Now though, it's too popular. Time to find something else to gloat about.

That's why she's had this huge binge recently. She's deemed these unpopular, meanwhile Sugar Rune, Tokyo Mew Mew and Ojamajo Doremi are all popular/on the nostalgia scale. However a lot of her tween fans haven't seen them, therefore she's now new and trendy. Ojamajo she had a whiney rant about how she wanted people to watch and talk about it with her :((( not sailor moon!!! That's popular :(((
Her elitism/materialistic attitude when it comes to magical girls has gone from annoying to gross and snobby, I hope it goes up in flames.

No. 367351

Does anyone have any clue why her most popular video of all time with almost 300k views is the precure store video? I just don't understand

No. 367364

did she try to dye her armpit hair? or is it just the lighting

No. 367377

Has she ever mentioned Shugo Chara? I would think she'd love it.

No. 367416

if you look at the newest comments, it's all kids responding

No. 367437

as an ex-hairypit-chan i'd say it's just the lighting unless she has a really tiny super concentrated dense area of pit hair.

No. 367448

I just noticed that her "funfetti" design says "since 1992." Most people who do designs like that use their birth year, but that would make her 25. So why did she choose 1992 for her "pixie co" cake mix design?

No. 367458

File: 1502008405786.png (300.08 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_2017-08-06-01-27-10…)

I just barely watched this atrocious vid of hers…How do you unsee this shit?

No. 367464

Maybe because she's trying to convince people she's a ~*tru nineties keed*~ or its bc the year 1992 fits better with her ~*aesthetic*~ than the year 1998 which is stupid either way

No. 367473

She doesn't even like this series! Jesus, she's a poser. Jill, stick to your Precure garbage.

No. 367550

I thought maybe it was because Funfetti was created or trademarked in 92 but no, it was 89. no fucking idea.

No. 367551

the way she stuck out her tongue her really disgusts me
I know this is such a fucking nit pick but I hate when people fully extend their tongue so its like pointy/tense looking. I prefer if you do throw your tongue out of your mouth its like the loose/flatter one. Either way I still find it gross though and keep your tongue in your mouth ffs

No. 367556

File: 1502022204982.png (3.5 MB, 1920x1072, asd.png)


Eeeeey sorry dropped pic

No. 367576

Yeah, random. I just read that it was created in 1989, so it doesn't make sense w/ the original date either.

No. 367745

absolutely disgusting

No. 367753

Fuck that spoiled little bitch honestly. She's so sheletered,has a cushy life,…she has nothing to complain about. If the break up happened it's probably her fault given how self absorbed she is. She's a narcissist, who's now using "gay" or "queer uwu" like she says as another trend to hop on. I hope she experiment what real depression is like too, being "sad : ( " because your bf broke up with you is not depression you twat, jesus.
And not going to work over a breakup? And needing all those asspats and putting on a show because of it? Jesus fuck, how sheltered and fragile can you be? Grow up. Fuck her and her tacky aesthetic which is basically "i'm so bland but i'm trying real hard to be speshul even if it's tacky af"

No. 367755

Dyed armpit hair just scream "pay attention to me i don't shave i'm so special" to me.

No. 367852

i started watching jills videos when she was at 1000 subs.i liked her aesthetic since i was really into lolita then .at that time i could sense something is up with her but brushed it off.looking back i can't belive i ever liked she was bragging like 90% of the time.seeing how things turned out for her really does not suprise me.she i so fricking ignorant it makes my skin crawl ,she is really stupid too.she will probably live under her parents wing like a fucking tobbler for the rest of her life unless it turns into venus/margo type situation

and another thing about her "anxiety and depression being severe ugu"thing pisses me off so much because i suffer from anxiety and depression.its normal to feel anxious when you are performing in front of an odience and feeling depressed is not the same as depression(sorry for the preachy shit but just adding my 2 cents:i have anxiety and i hide from my parents because they would probably hate me for it because i was always the "normal" child and do a fucking psa I HAVE ANXIETY AND TAKE PILLS FOR MY"ANXIETY" if she trully had it why would she post it on social media would'nt that make the situation worse)

No. 367857

Anon considering that mess of spelling and grammar, I don't think you're in the right position to critacise Jill.

No. 367861


No. 367866

I'll see myself out.

No. 367886

Anon you shut your whore mouth.(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 367894

my first language isn't english so idk what's your problem(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 367902

We'll start deleting infighting like

Also, too much nitpicking in this thread.

No. 368164

I swear to god this girl never brushes her fucking teeth…maybe the yellow is part of her rainbow aesthetic. -_-

No. 368256

File: 1502115840663.png (139.43 KB, 750x1019, IMG_2257.PNG)

No. 368261


No. 368271

File: 1502116685029.png (90.1 KB, 750x1048, IMG_1718.PNG)

Jill you only take time for yourself

No. 368272

Ddlg vibes from this

No. 368282


Not necessarily; a lot of people jokingly use 'daddy' in an ironic way because of people calling their SO daddy becoming slightly more mainstream thanks to the internet or places like Urban Outfitters or some online retailers selling those soft porn chokers and garters/shirts saying babygirl, daddy's girl etc.

But with Jill we may never know. She is basically an adult baby without the diapers or fetish, just lounging around wanting to be taken care of by or codependent on someone else all the time and incapable of dealing with real life's tiniest of problems or complications. But most people would just say she's super spoiled.

No. 368285

I hate the popularisation of the word daddy, it's so damn cringey

No. 368286


I feel like Jill is not really interested in a relationship of love and mutual support. She wants someone to spoil her just like her parents.

Dream Daddy is that dad dating game backed by Game Grumps, not that it makes it any better. They really should have named it something more respectable.

No. 368295

lol Jill is so predictable
John definitely seems a lot more comfortable being on camera with her, so I feel like we'll see some more videos featuring him in the future

really gotta agree with that anon that mentioned how the quality of her boy toys just keeps degrading though, Tristan seemed genuinely smart and charming, Colin was awkward but seemed nice enough, but John really just comes across as a greasy obnoxious dweeb
just imagine those two sitting together in Jill's basement, eating fast food and yelling about a dad dating game… seems like a match made in heaven

No. 368340


>They really should have named it something more respectable.

completely missing the joke there, eh

No. 368345

the screenshot of her animal crossing character with a binky accessory was enough proof for me

No. 368349


Shit that's so cringe. Maybe ddlg (coupled with the fact that she was never gay) is why Jill wants a big bumbling straight guy all of a sudden instead of an ~aesthetic~ genderfluid twink.

She'll be bragging about her new doormat 'daddy' soon I'm sure.

No. 368356

I've known and followed Jill for almost five years. She may be one of the most obnoxious types of people but she is not into ddlg. She's even professed being disgusted by those who involve any kink with fashion. DDLG is not popular in jfadhion communities, and she considers herself a fashion influencer. Colin was posting on tumblr about being asexual. Tristan and Jill said they never had sex either. Jillian also still lives with her real dad, who has always been supportive and spoils her. All the facts point to her being inexperienced and uninterested in kinky sex dynamics.

No. 368361


ddlg stuff isn't directly related to most popular jfashion and people into kink (ddlg or others) don't always have daddy issues. Some people are just into weird shit.

I vaguely remember anons mentioning in her lolita or punk phase she reblogged or liked kink/bdsm related things on tumblr too. Maybe it was aesthetic stuff like creepyeha or whatever idk but it's not out of the question given her behavior totally absent of any of her fashion interests.

No. 368363

There is a lot of ddlg involvement in
j-fashion, more than another fashion I've experienced.
And ALOT of girls with daddies that spoil them are still into ddlg. They get used to being spoiled and want a boyfriend just like their dad.

No. 368367

I just think she's enough of a snowflake with the behaviour she does make public. What's the point in trying to milk things that you have no real evidence to believe? It's not like she talks about or hints at anything like that. She just uses butchered vocabulary because she wants to be extra speshul.

There's enough actual ddlg cows to rag on, don't you think?

No. 368370

We don't want her to be, but she's showing examples and we're picking up on them.

No. 368372

Agreed. it's such a huge reach to say Jill is into DDlg. She likes to infantilize herself but it's more to appear innocent and helpless so she can get people giving her asspats.

No. 368377


It was just speculation based on things like >>368345 and her general behavior.

I'm also >>368282 though and not assuming 100% she's into it. No one is saying 'ddlg confirmed' just that she gives off those vibes with certain things.

Self-infantilization for asspats does suit her character more though.

No. 368388

File: 1502127675736.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170807-123731.png)

Jon used a heart react on her "being single" status. Everyone here knows where this is going.

No. 368438


Omg they look like they could be twins

No. 368446

> When Jill has another man lined up and you're still single

No. 368447


I don't look at Jill as a sexual being at all. How can you be sexual when you're a wholly narcissistic being? I think her confusion with regards to being gay is her general lack of sexual attraction to anyone. Being in love with yourself does not make you gay.

John seems to be a disingenuous guy. He wants to get with her because she's got that aloof, falsely unknowing personality that lures and then denies it, and she just wants an accessory.

All in all, this next chapter should be fun.

No. 368449

I posted a few threads back about how jill's tumblr was full of BDSM shit a few years ago, might have just been band-wagon hopping but she at least has/had a degree of interest in kink

No. 368456

I think Jill will try and pressure herself into at least dating another girl for a month or so for the sake of keeping up her ~so queer~ act then will hop onto Jon as soon as she can. Jill is not gay at all, and I don't think she can call him a "feminine presenting" guy at all as much as she may try

No. 368489

I doubt she'll even do the date a girl thing

My monies on jon rejecting her when it comes down to it though

No. 368494

File: 1502138777859.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1731.PNG)

No. 368579


>I'M 3

at least she's becoming more self aware

No. 368588

Good points. I know this had been mentioned in previous threads, but I'm pretty sure the reason she likes magical girl anime is 90% because it plays into her aesthetic and gives her an excuse to buy more plastic crap. Which is fine in itself- I think a lot of people are probably attracted to it for that reason. What irks me is the fact that she acts like it's sooo special to her because MUH GIRL POWER AND FRIENDSHIP~~~! (and yeah, treating it like a religion) while if you watch videos where she talks about her collection it's pretty obvious that the material value and rarity of the items is more important to her than the character/story they're associated with.

tbh, I never thought I'd call someone a fake fan unironically until I happened upon Jill.

No. 368597

lmao that was fast
Just speculating, but could it be that Jon was the reason for her breakup with Collin? Not necessarily trying to imply she was cheating- (although I suppose it is possible and it would explain why she was so reluctant to talk about the details) but maybe she just got bored of the whole genderspecial thing and saw an opportunity to jump onto the 'daddy' bandwagon.

No. 368600

anon no, this is all part of her ageplay

jillian's relationship hopping is seriously beyond disgusting. she's completely moved on (oh, who am i kidding, she was never upset in the first place) from collin, and has been slowly moving towards jon WHEN COLLIN WASNT ABLE TO GIVE HER CONSTANT ATTENTION DURING HIS JAW SURGERY.

my theory is her having to go out of her way when collin was healing turned her off. she wants someone to only make time for her instead, not the other way around. absolutely gross narcissist.

No. 368644

Legit question, is it possible the anxiety/whatever medication Jill is on makes her tired or is she just lazy? She talks a lot about how shes "sewwww sleepy" and in one of her animaritime vlogs her and Colin drove to a McDonalds that was further away for the sole reason that the drive thru wasn't open and "we'd have to get out but that's not happening, too sleepy, want nuggets"

No. 368650

It's her third anniversary on YouTube chill anon

No. 368673

that would make sense if she broke up with Collin, but it would make more sense if he was jealous of her hanging out with Jon (tying back to when he had surgery) but it feels like a reach to me

No. 368678

she sleeps in past 10 regularly, eats like shit and can't be bothered to walk a block, of course she complains of being tired all the time

No. 368763

In one of her past videos Jill mentioned how she was only able to sleep for 4-5 hours last night because she forgot to take her sleeping pill, and how she usually sleeps at least 10 hours per day.
I'm not sure if she's still doing it, but taking both anxiety meds and sleeping pills regularly can really fuck you up, it can really lead to you just being lethargic/tired all of the time.
I think if Jill actually did anything throughout the day to exhaust herself, just went for some fresh air, worked out and started eating better, she definitely wouldn't need to rely on the meds so much and would not feel so tired all the time.

Then again we know Jill has no self discipline and she probably just thinks along the lines of "hehe if I'm feeling sleepy I'll just take a cheeky nap, ~self care uwu~", so she won't bother to change her ways anytime soon.

No. 368780

Weird af how she cries about being single on every social media outlet then is tagging posts about a new guy not long after. Cry for attention, nobody actually cares about those things unless you're irl friends.

And it's been talked about before but god, her style is sooo basic. I hate seeing her pop up on my ig and her videos are hard to watch. Why does she feel the need to have a group about looking like a basic bitch in pastels? I can't. It's so boring and so is all the stuff I've seen her make. Who is supporting this girl's ego? Pray she gets kicked out and has to get a real job to support herself so she can grow up instead of trying to be youtube famous in her parent's basement with no job (or minimum wage job with 15 hours a week?)

No. 368783


Are you new to Jill's fuckery, or…

There is no chance of her ever being kicked out, she's as much of a lifestyle accessory to Louise as her Asian friend at the last con was, or whoever the next unfortunate specimen she dates will be.

No. 368863

File: 1502192849803.png (627.03 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170808-124520.png)

This just caught my eye. How fucking cringe. I get the whole supportive mother thing but I'm glad my parents never indulged my weebery.

Kawaii (cool) ~

No. 368880

It's nice that her mom is so loving and supportive but she's literally talking about her like she's 8 years old. She's a grown woman… Not a little girl any more. Far from super kawaii (cool)

No. 368883

Was shared from 2013 but the point still stands. Parents have to be realistic too. Shes far too coddled. How are you meant to cope when you realise in the real world you're not as amazing as everyone told you.

No. 368893

This is something my mum might have said to me, when I was 3, to Humour me.

No. 368900

Being lazy is definitely a part of it. In her last live stream she made a big deal about how amazing it was that Jon worked a full five days and drove an hour to and from work. When that is pretty normal actually.

No. 368902

Also I'm not sure how she thinks she's going to get through school if she thinks doing anything full time is a huge deal. Does she not realize school is a big full time thing and she might not have as much time for youtube or anything else?

No. 368909

I get the feeling Louise does nothing to encourage Jillian to move out or get a serious career. What kind of shitty parent doesn't encourage their kid to become independent?

No. 368938

There's a reason she wants to apply for the laziest, smallest, most laid-back institution which I am surprised remains accredited whatsoever.

I've said it before but it's basically the equivalent of a community craft club that requires a two year commitement.

No. 368987

File: 1502225653114.jpg (353.15 KB, 883x818, jilltweets.jpg)

she's officially over the break up now, also 'goth' Jill soon

No. 369000

>I forgot I had a depressive disorder
>Never mind

No. 369024

So much for Colin being her big love since years. Oh well, hello Jon I guess

No. 369029

If she does gothic lolita, people are going to be pissed and she knows it.

No. 369124

Omg anons, I just realised how much of a shitty parent louise is for getting jill an environmentally unfriendly volkswagen instead of an authentic nipponese made subaru with kawaii star logo, what the fuck

No. 369137

Since when is Kenzie her best friend? I thought Jon was? Is this foreshadowing??

No. 369148

Is that a joke, best friend is normal to use among almost everyone for girls like jill

sage for sleep deprive stupidity

No. 369321

File: 1502283424646.png (187.98 KB, 750x1092, IMG_1783.PNG)

She shopped the hoody and wig green, but boy does she look putrid.
She wants to cosplay peridot, ffs leave SU alone.

No. 369327

File: 1502284122622.png (135.25 KB, 2276x3059, image.png)

I've never seen SU but…this doesn't look like Her at all? Her hair isn't even the right color

No. 369332

Peridot is meant be highly intelligent and extremly active and passionate. Sure Jill. Very you.

No. 369338

holy shit, seeing this made me jump.
Jill really has a talent for picking out the absolutely worst colors for herself.
she's way too pasty and yellow-y looking to pull of pastel colors really, and especially a green like that…
I really wish she'd try going for a natural hair color again sometime, like a dark brown or something.
but alas this is Jill, so I probably shouldn't hold my breath.

No. 369339

File: 1502286101981.png (84.05 KB, 750x473, IMG_2260.PNG)

No. 369342

File: 1502287115485.jpg (105.78 KB, 960x960, goth?.jpg)

New profile picture, and possibly her "goth" look?

No. 369343

No. 369344



her word cancer has spread to her thumbnails

No. 369345

Lemme guess,
"Omg I'm a ~gay~ wiccan goth gaiz!!! These cheeky crystals work!!! Baby's first witch goth look!!!"

No. 369348

Academia has an i in it Jill, I know your baby vocab sometimes cant handle that but just a tip.

No. 369350

samefag but we also have a new ~Jillian Quirk~, Italian stereotype finger kissing!!!

No. 369356

Please no, I've already suffered her watching Sugar Sugar Rune to be new and trendy.

No. 369358

If the crystals really work why is she still fat and lazy?

No. 369359

>Strawberry dress too big, the collar's dirty
>Other one has lipstick on it

Stop being so filthy, Jill.

No. 369363

Didn't she say in her winter faves she was gonna do it every month and now she's saying it again as if she never said so before?

No. 369378

maybe jill only sees Peridot's "autism" that she can relate with

No. 369383

Peridots got autism????

No. 369387

The SU fandom probably thinks that, bc they said that Onion had it too, and told people to stop calling Onion creepy bc he's "austistic".

No. 369388

not that anon but I think they were referring to the "mental illnesses" and other stuff that tumblrites project onto characters to make them more ~oppressed~

No. 369389

Because magic is 50% magic-magic and 50% getting off your ass. Lik it helps, but things aren't going to fall into your lap. Example: you cast a spell for a new job. If you don't apply to any jobs, the spell won't do shit. It's an enhancer.

No. 369390

she said that bag was with her through the "worst times and the best times" since she got in on the day of her breakup, kind of sounds like she's already got a new s.o.

No. 369396

Anons, is Jillian getting too unbearable for anyone else? She has gotten infinitely more insufferable recently and I didn't think that'd be possible.

No. 369399

Whilst she was pretty annoying, I was able to sit through her. Nowadays her gross baby talk and mannerisms have become too much,so I skim her videos mostly.

No. 369400

Her talking about a bag like that really shows how materialistic she is

No. 369401

I wanted more milk…but not like this whispers not like this

No. 369409

My fucking sides

I mustve accidentally cast a magic to "enhance" my retard detector, because here I am reading your post…

No. 369415

Sorry to tell you anon, but if you applied for a job, and then licked your shoes clean because it brings "luck", you'd have the same outcome then you would if you cast a spell.

No. 369419

im triggered at her calling herself a tea fan whilst naming off all these disgusting flavors as her faves like birthday cake and shit

No. 369421

In England she'd be stoned

No. 369432

why even list little witch academia as her fav if she skipped a bunch of episodes

No. 369438

As someone who's into divination and that kind of shit, magic isn't real nimrod. For example, I use tarot cards bc sometimes it makes me feel better or w/e. Doesn't mean shit in the real world though. All "magick" is good for is making you feel better about circumstances, just like any other religion.

No. 369493

I'm glad that you're at least self-aware.

No. 369519

I can't believe she included no less than 5 ads in a 20 minute video. This money grubbing cunt.

No. 369528

Can she just trim/maintain her bangs instead of giving up and clipping them back, exposing even more of a mess of dark roots around her face? It looks so grungy and like she's starting to get traction alopecia at the sides of her forehead.

No. 369559

Again towards the end of this vid she mentioned hanging out with Jon the night before.

Jfc jill, could you at least try to not be such an obvious dick hopper.

No. 369654

youtube is her JAWB, anon
but really, turn your adblock on. please don't fund this nonsense.

No. 369660

Does Jill seriously not wash her fucking clothes? She's so grotty, at least fucking wash your clothes if you're going to show them off to the world. Also the thing about her not washing her hair to keep the colour in is also fucking disgusting. Jill, maybe you should just not dye your hair god awful rainbow and go back to your natural colour

No. 369678

Yeah I feel like one consistent theme with her hauls and such is that her clothes are always dirty or covered in cat hair or something.
Like man just wait a day with filming your videos to clean your shit first, being filthy doesn't make you 'quirky' or 'cheeky :^)'.

And yeah I was wondering about that when she mentioned how her hair doesn't hold color well anymore, hasn't she been constantly dyeing her hair for the past 6 years now or something?
She should really just let it rest for a little…

No. 369685

She really just half-assed this video. Showing items that we've already seen and not even taking the time to wash her dresses. The collar on the strawberry dress is just as YELLOW as her teeth, it's just nasty

No. 369737

Jill's baby-isms get worse and worse with every video. it's gotten to a point where she almost sounds like she has tourette's, this was fucking infuriating and virtually impossible to sit through. is this a strategy to weed out the entirety of lolcow save for a few masochists willing to take one for the team?

No. 369740

File: 1502329796971.png (850.63 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 369742


No. 369756

I can watch them bc I can't get away from people who think that speaking a certain way on the internet makes them special or whatever, no matter how hard it is to take people like Jill and other tumblrites seriously..

No. 369761

do you think that Jill will try to bring her entire hoard with once she moves?

No. 369767

I want to know if collin was the drive thru window cashier at this moment

No. 369768


Do you really think Jill will ever move?

No. 369770

good point, I kind of feel like she's trying to focus so much on youtube right now because she wants to just become a full time youtuber and not pursue any education after all

>uwu why should I go to school if I can totally live off of my youtube money right now? ~so ambitious~

No. 369810

She will go to her rinky dink community college and get a piece of paper that says she can make clothes all while doing YouTube and then stating that her redbubble store is using her diploma.

No. 369812

File: 1502338754627.png (78.87 KB, 750x472, IMG_2263.PNG)

In response to a store making a mug with "confetti club" on it

No. 369813

File: 1502338779222.png (100.59 KB, 750x734, IMG_2262.PNG)

No. 369815

File: 1502338807985.png (62.85 KB, 750x485, IMG_2261.PNG)

No. 369817

File: 1502338906308.jpg (201.73 KB, 720x1280, IMG_2264.JPG)

No. 369822

>oh boy I'm so over this break up I'm so strong and kicking ass let me set up a tinder a couple days after the break up :^)

>ugh I'm so angry this person treated me so unfairly my depression is so triggered that I have to do the whiskeys!! >:^(


No. 369825

"Repress your emotions to protect their comfort"
Is this bitch serious lmao
If anything maybe that's what Colin is doing but definitely not Jill.

No. 369829

because dragging his name on all your social media accounts in front of your thousands of followers is totally protecting his comfort. jill, youre an awful person.

No. 369884

That probably wasn't her decision, you just enable ads and youtube auto-inserts them

No. 369898

YouTube only inserts one or two though. You can choose to insert more and when, just like you can choose to not have mid-roll ads.

No. 369923

I understand in America and Canada you have stuff like drive thru Starbucks, but goddamn no wonder she's so inept at walking. Can't even walk into a shop to order a drink.

No. 369938

I know I'm probably a bitch, but I want some milk so I secretly wish Jill would trash talk Collin and spill all the tea lmao

No. 369942

youtube has apparently been auto-inserting more ads recently, a couple of youtubers I follow have been posting about how they think its annoying.

No. 369949

Exactly my thoughts lmao. I just looked it up and there's 2 starbucks locations in PEI but only one of them have a drive thru.

And we already know Colin works at the one with a drive thru because they constantly posted pics there when they were dating.

So Jill is constantly dragging him online AND has the nerve to stalk/bother him at work. That is honestly extreme. I think we all know better than to visit our exes workplaces right after breaking up.

And I bet you she was passive aggressively taking pictures of her new doll for social media like ~i'm so over u colin look at me being happy n positive taking pics for my fans w/ my rainbow doll in my rainbow car haha his coworkers can tell im totally done with the breakup haha keep the change peasants :^) ~

No. 369964

This is so much projecting for a girl wanting a frap lmao

No. 369968

Nah she literally could have gone anywhere else. Would you really show up to your recent ex bf's cafe when there are dozens of other options for coffee and sugary drinks?

I don't know a single adult who would do that.

No. 369969




pick one anon

No. 369974

>anywhere else

Yeah I'm sure her tiny ass town has DOZENS of Starbucks and other places to get her fancy ass "pinko drinko"

No. 369977

Yea the other starbucks with no drive thur.

No. 369978

I googled 'charlottetown pei cafes' and more than a dozen results came up on google maps.

Idk most Canadians aren't THAT hooked on starbucks like there are other coffee chains with similar menus anon. Besides, nothing was stopping her from going to the location Colin didn't work at. It's not like Jill is ever running on a tight schedule with her 8-hours per week job.

Seems incredibly inconsiderate towards Colin and overall childish behavior.

No. 369992

Honestly the weirdest part to me was that Jill felt the need to mention the location at all.
I don't think anyone was wondering where she took the picture and it doesn't have any relevance.
Did she want people to think about Colin? Did she want to make sure that people know she's ~treating~ herself? Or just mindless oversharing like usually?

No. 370001

Right? Her breakups tend to show her true colors and reveal the type of person she really is, which is a selfish, spoiled brat. She wants so badly to be a "big sister" character for her younger crowd. Jill, how about handling a breakup with some class and not being all vindictive about it? If you want to be a good role model, then fucking be one. Let private things remain private like a true adult would (the only time I'd argue against this is if there is legit abuse going on, which there definitely is not in Collin's case [although I would consider what Jill is doing to him to be somewhat emotionally abusive]).

No. 370002

Nayrt, but I really don't think this is projecting. There are plenty of people who will make their exes lives living hell after they are broken up with, and Jill strikes me as that type of person because of how everything has to be about her. Collin probably just wants all this stuff to blow over, but as much as Jill keeps talking about the breakup, I can really see her going to his workplace just to flaunt her "happiness" right now.

No. 370016

File: 1502376045039.jpg (335.59 KB, 1024x1024, Confetti-Club-Lifestyle-Image_…)


Is this the one they're referring to? Because this is a lot nicer than anything Jill ever designed lol

No. 370024

File: 1502376798543.jpg (411.3 KB, 898x887, packedparty.jpg)

Samefag but actually looking through their instagram is hilarious, their entire aesthetic seems to be parties/confetti/pompoms/pastels, and they pull it off way better than Jill.
When will she finally realize that her 'party kei' crap isn't original at all?


No. 370047

Dunno man. Realise it's hardly the most unique word combination but I'd be pretty annoyed by this I think. She seems to be taking it in a surprisingly non bratty way

No. 370058

That's because she's aware her confetti/party theme is unoriginal and she likely steals inspiration from other accounts all the time

No. 370064

OT but it looks like the mug has been around since at least february of this year, how has she only noticed now? Wouldn't she be more vigilant over these types of phrases, even if they're unoriginal? https://www.facebook.com/packedparty/photos/a.156965901168713.1073741826.155920461273257/630578690474096/

No. 370077

File: 1502383720155.jpg (301.18 KB, 952x620, ss (2017-08-10 at 09.47.46).jp…)

quickly skimming their instagram. Is this a… common saying? Im curious when they made theirs and when jill made hers

No. 370078

File: 1502383955592.png (216.59 KB, 750x1107, IMG_1816.PNG)

Apart from your IC shoes Jill

No. 370082

it's not a saying exactly but when you google it you find results dating back to a few years ago, so neither Jill nor Packed Party came up with it.

basically all of the slogans on Jill's shirts like 'Secretly a Magical Girl', 'Internet Princess' or 'It's OK to feel pretty' are just things Jill saw somewhere online and then copied, none of them are made up by her.
I guess she seems to think that as long as she badly doodles them as her ~own original design uwu~ it doesn't matter if she actually came up with it, see her Funfetti shirt.

No. 370089

Jill really has no friends to rant and complain to. She just spreads her bullshit and lies to thousands of her followers online because she's so desperate for attention, and her fans are the only ones who give it to her.

No. 370101

anything Jill says about the breakup would be a lie spun in her favor, though. She's already proven herself to be too retarded to understand his reasoning and is acting entitled as fuck to a thorough explanation from Colin's side. It would be a glorious day if Colin came out and said Jill's a piece of shit for x, x, and x, but that's never going to happen.

I disagree. Jill's been posting about how 'angry' she is about such an unfair breakup, has been oversharing intimate details about their relationship forever now, and will not stop dragging his name through the mud. Even Louise is blabbing about him on twitter. Do you really think Jill isn't enough of a petty bitch to go visit Colin under the guise of getting a drink just to remind him of Her Highness' existence?

I'm sure I've seen this saying at least once at a local Home Goods/Marshalls/TJX. Jill isn't clever enough to come up with sayings herself.

Yeah, pretty much this. It was kind of pitiful at first, but it's at her ex's expense now, which is plainly disrespectful and immature.

No. 370102

on facebook* not twitter

No. 370105

Literally what? How is constantly posting on public social media about how ~depressed~ you are and telling thousands of strangers online the details of your breakup repressing your emotions?? I'd be more forgiving if she kept it contained to her Twitter which has less followers than her other SM but she felt the need to post it on her main IG (not even her spam one), talk for an hour on her stream and even randomly mention it in her purse video. She said she took down her videos with Colin because she "was tired of getting questions" but that makes no sense since she's constantly bringing up the breakup. I'm guessing that he asked her to take them down, really doubt she'd do that of her own accord. She never took down the videos with Tristan, I'm pretty sure she didn't milk that breakup for attention either, but I guess the difference is that Colin is the one that broke up with her and it really wounded her ego.
I've been following Jill since the first thread so I really shouldn't be surprised I guess, but I just thought she would've grown up a little bit now she's 19. Instead it seems she's more immature than ever lately with this breakup situation

No. 370106

a bit OT but when is her birthday? she seems to have been 19 for years now.

No. 370122

It's in March, I wanna say the 19th?

No. 370137

File: 1502392415192.png (65.83 KB, 750x461, IMG_2266.PNG)

No. 370138

File: 1502392428529.png (166.68 KB, 750x932, IMG_2267.PNG)

No. 370139

File: 1502392441656.png (124.67 KB, 750x828, IMG_2268.PNG)

No. 370142

ommmggg Jill soooooo randooooooooooom

No. 370146

File: 1502393767823.png (778.78 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3612.PNG)


No. 370151


wait what tattoo is she getting? is it the upside down magic wand or the matching cat tattoo she was gonna get with her mom (kek)? or is it another tattoo idea that i missed the memo about?

No. 370152


No. 370177

Yep, she's getting the cat tattoo.
She hasn't mentioned the 'getting matching ones with her mom' part in a while though, so not sure if that's still happening.

No. 370187

File: 1502398296337.png (164.69 KB, 461x298, kawaiiboyfriend.png)

Tbh I feel like being so public about her breakup is part of her wanting to be a certain character / personality on YouTube. Two YTers she really looks up to are LovelyLor and ALB, both of whom were quite public when they were broken up with (ALB to a lesser extent.) Both also happened to go gay after the fact.
(sage for late to the discussion)

No. 370190

First off, based on their interactions it's been speculated that Jill isn't a huge fan of Lor nowadays, or since leaving Lolita anyways.

Besides that, Lor and ALB are both grown ups who deal with personal issues in public very differently than Jill. Other anons are right, she doesn't truly have good friends outside of her relationships because she's such a narcissist and only cares about who benefits her the most at one time. She outright admitted she couldn't handle this break up because usually she's the one dumping people and is always ready to move on to another guy.

Jill made all this info public because she was genuinely shocked and didn't know where to go. She doesn't have enough irl emotional support because her 'friend group' come and go according to whether she needs them. That type of gratification is nowhere near as fast as the confetti club waiting to shower her with hundreds of support messages.

She's had this pattern even since starting her youtube channel three years ago. When something would go wrong (according to her), she would cry to her mom or bf, then go to fb to post all the details for asspats. This isn't a character that she imagines and then performs for an audience. This is actually how she copes with things she dislikes. Louise coddles her, tells her she can do no wrong, everyone should bow down to her etc then that fuels Jill to post all the details online because she genuinely pities herself and has this "why me??" attitude about life. We know this because Louise is just as vocal on social media.

No. 370234

in a livestream she mentioned her mom is getting a realistic portrait whilst Jill is getting her art

No. 370240

Good on her mom, I still can't believe Jill is getting her own drawing tattooed.

No. 370305

The worst thing about Jill's and her followers on the Party Kei group is how the fashion they post is just a clusterfuck of lolita and fairy kei. I think party kei was supposed to be bright colors and sparkles and puffy skirts and baloons and confetti and like idk a PARTY LIKE THEME. But these dumbasses refuse to say anything to anyone because theyre all ~kindness~ and ~positivity~ and ~dont give me negative feedback or ill cry myself to sleep, this is a SAFE place for CREATIVE individuals like US (and also we cant tell the difference between 2 j-fashion styles uwu)~

No. 370330

File: 1502414133327.png (188.75 KB, 750x1070, IMG_2269.PNG)

No. 370331

Im confused, its a nice casual look.

No. 370333

Not keen on the socks and shoes but honestly this isnt that bad, kind of cute. Wide fishnet tights instead of the fishnet socks would be a great improvement imo

Then again its just a sweater with a skirt pretty hard to fuck that even if youre jill kek

No. 370354


she really needs to stick to this long hair look. the more hair, the less focus on her ugly mug >>361134 >>367337 >>367556. i don't see why she has ugly buns like 99% of the time when it makes her look like the ugliest infant who ever lived >>368494 >>363571 >>363235. i know that she uses extensions and all, but she really needs to stick to it. without them she always look haggered as fuck. her real hair is too damaged and ugly to be styled and her buns just look like shit.

also she's getting fatter, that loose fit sweater ain't fooling anyone. so please do keep the long hair its for the best.

No. 370358

She puts her hair up bc she washes it like once a week. Shes fine with looking greasy as long as theres rainbows

No. 370371

Nitpick: I really don't like when she matches an article of clothing or her shoes with her fuzzy head bands or earrings. She tries to keep the colors cohesive, but it looks very intentional and not very flow-y with the outfit.

She probably lurks occasionally, so I just wanted to say this if she ever decides to look critically at her style choices

No. 370383

1. None of the colours of her accessories in her picture match anything so I'm not sure where this complaint is coming from.

2. That's something she SHOULD be doing.

No. 370431

File: 1502432418363.jpg (84.52 KB, 480x720, IMG_2270.JPG)

No. 370432

File: 1502432430541.jpg (83.83 KB, 480x720, IMG_2271.JPG)

No. 370433

File: 1502432489831.png (146.22 KB, 750x828, IMG_2272.PNG)

No. 370434

Her arms and waist look really wide in these compared to her regular pictures.

No. 370439

lmao you broke up with your s/o jill, it's not like you're out of a coma or something.

No. 370449

>calls herself a model
>does identical bad pose im every pic taken by her mum

No. 370472

that shoes and socks combo for the love of god NO. looks like she may have tried to unsuccessfully clean those shoes tho fam.

No. 370484

Only talking with her friends because she doesn't have an S/o to coddle her. Like before she seems okay with not seeing friends for a whole year where even Kenzie is like "hopefully it won't be that long" in on of her animaritime vlogs.
She's using them because she has no one else and when she does she'll drop them.

No. 370502

kek kenzie is hardly her "best friend" she's just this other girl the same age that attends the same conventions and was apart of the lolita comm with jill

Most people would call that a con buddy but Jill is so lonely that she asked this girl to drive up to PEI for three days to keep her company lmao

But Jill why haven't you managed to make friends with anyone who lives less than four hours away or that you've seen more than twice a year? Seems completely out of options for choice of friends.

If she was so tight with this girl, why have they never spent time together prior to Colin ditching her during animaritimes (she was stuck sharing a hotel room) or after he unexpectedly breaks up with her? If I were kenzie i'd be like "lol this lonely ass bitch trying to take me for granted".

No. 370518

The entire comm constantly licks Jillian's ass all the damn time. Kenzie is just the only one Jill's age.

No. 370564

This looks so amateur. If she put in a tiny bit more effort and detail, and made sure everything wasn't wonky, this would maybe make a decent printed-all-over sweater.

But a square on a white sweater? Y a w n.

No. 370569

It's Friday, do you guys think Jill will stream today? I'll take notes since she'll probably continue to be immature about Colin despite crying on camera over him just a week ago, and talkabout how great it's been with Jon.

No. 370573

She's pissing me of. That's all her OWN fault she never did these things, nothing to do with Colin yet she does as if he was holding her back so so much when instead he seemd totally supportive of all her shit

No. 370594

Driving 4 hours for a friend who is blatantly taking advantage of you is insane. Is Kenzie one of Jill's fanatics? I think anyone else would tell Jill to fuck off if she ignored their existence until she needed something like that

No. 370616






shit. shit. just shit. she does this exact look with a different shirt every two weeks. oh my god jill please just sstop it looks baaaaaad

No. 370687

File: 1502472235525.jpg (86.52 KB, 489x620, ss (2017-08-11 at 10.23.28).jp…)

shes live

No. 370718

She doesn't want to go to Japan to study fashion because it's "Far and scary."

No. 370722

every time she blows the party horn I want to stab my ears

No. 370723


Definitely sounds like Colin was just intimidated by what a strong ambitious woman you are, Jill.

No. 370725

Did anyone else catch when she said "I dont even want to say his freakin name, I mean THEIR freakin name"
how dare she misgender them

No. 370727

Jill thinks people who have adblock and watch her vids are stealing, immoral, like downloading music etc.

What a money grubbing whore. Believe it or not there was a time when YouTube was about making content for the fucking fun or it.
You're not a starving artist and you're not making art by making fucking hauls. You do not use your YouTube paycheck to buy groceries.
Shut the fuck up.

No. 370729

"Like downloading music illegally"

What the actual fuck. Oh no you don't have as much money to splurge on shit you don't need / clothes you'll never wear or wash.

Sage for enraged samefag

No. 370730

Especially right after she mentioned how she ILLEGALLY watches her ~suu important speshul animus uwu~ without giving the anime producers any money lmao
Fuck you Jill

No. 370731

She kind of did it with the grey earrings and the silver color shifting shoes. But my "complaint" wasn't just about this pic, she does this very often. Just look at her photo shoots and you may notice it

No. 370741

I was just about to mention this. She downloads/streams anime illegally all of the time.

No. 370760

Alright nothing too interesting really happened but here are my notes. I didnt see the full stream so sorry if I missed anything

>told us she spent exactly $2743 on random shit in japan (basically all merch stuff, that money wasnt for food or hotel)

>complained a ton about how in Canada you have to pay customs and she was almost dinged on her way back from nippon
>got the Kylie Cosmetics birthday palette
>would love to go to Otakuthon in Montreal
>"I dont even want to say his freakin name, I mean THEIR freakin name"
>cant get into Tokyo Mew Mew but is trying really really hard to like it and is 34 episodes in
>Doesnt like the romantic plot at all in TMM
>claims to speak french fluently again
>40% of her viewers use ad block and says that most people just dont know ads support youtubers. I'm sure a good portion of that % though is from us here watching her videos kek
>She admits you can choose how many ads you put in your video if its 10 min+ and talks about midroll ads. Which means that when >>369519 complained about the ads she did truly put that many in there herself
>She says she usually tries to put ads at the beginning, middle, and end of her video
>she earns $10 each item she sells on spread shirt

No. 370767


please do not come here.

No. 370774

File: 1502480250342.png (205.3 KB, 742x1107, IMG_2896.PNG)

No. 370775

Why would she buy Kylie's makeup? She would only use that hot pink shade. And it's not like she doesn't have that shade already

>I'm usually very careful with my money

No. 370779

Early on in the video she says her family spent 8,000$ on building a catio for her cats and the concern is that they might be stolen because they're purebred and sold and mentions one cat was 1,500$ and the other was 700$
Because who cares about if they might be killed by wild animals or anything else. The concern is that they'll lose the money they spent on their animals (and also use this as an excuse to talk about how much they cost)

The fact that she cares less about her animals well being and more about that her purebred status items might be sold off is honestly fucking detestable to me.

No. 370781

File: 1502481098915.png (53.23 KB, 724x354, IMG_1837.PNG)

No. 370787

Someone needs to tell her that cracked powders can be easily fixed with some rubbing alcohol, to stop wasting her money on a couple shades in a palette-just get singles, and that she shouldn't be buying from Kylie (racist/disrespectful family.)

No. 370792

tbh I agree with her on this.
Downloading anime might be hypocritical but Adblock is just as bad.

No. 370799

Omgggg she's so dumb. It might not be all pretty for her video now but it's still useable, just repot it or something.

No. 370802

She dropped it all on her bedsheets lmao

No. 370807

File: 1502482305940.jpg (133.12 KB, 500x616, IMG_2273.JPG)

The image she tweeted about it is pretty cringy

No. 370808

Why does she need yet another palette?

No. 370811

No it fucking isn't, Jill, because you still make money from Claire's, YouNow, Spreadshirt and your mom handing you money when you need it or buying your food/letting you live in their house for free.

Adblock is not stealing, it is not illegal downloading, sitting on your ass and making hauls is not an art form.
Just stop.

No. 370815

Maybe don't spend 80$+ on a palette that you'll use once or twice just for the sake of showing your teenage following that you piss away money on status/expensive items for no reason other than to be slightly relevant.
Then again with the purebred cat thing, surely it runs in the family/her mom is just as bad.

No. 370818

They got purebred cats because Louise is allergic, and somehow a cat being expensive means she isn't allergic to it.

No. 370847

>Sad baby

No. 370867

what the fuck is a catio

No. 370870

a cat patio

No. 370873

$8000 ON A CATIO ??? WHAT THE FUCK I thought they were supposed to be relatively inexpensive to get and/or make?? Do those cats have a fucking swimming pool in there?

also yeah that is really disgusting how she is talking about her pets…

No. 370876

File: 1502491152647.jpg (108.78 KB, 488x391, catio-diy-catio-plans-cat-encl…)

So this family spent almost 10k on building an outdoor cage for their precious purebreds because the average cost of their cats is 1000$ and they "can't afford" to let them be outdoors because of their high value.

It's honestly just upsetting how much the vesseys openly flaunt their wealth online and they still enable their adult daughter who constantly overshares exact purchases, prices, spending habits etc with thousands of people. Even worse is Jillian has that "you can't criticize my spending, I don't owe any explanations" mentality paired with "I wish I was rich uwu gotta save up and pay bills, struggling artist yknow" which is infuriating. When she came back from Japan, which was mostly paid for by her mom, after spending 3000$ on clothes shopping she literally said "I'm not rich. Like there's nothing wrong with being rich. Good for you if you are. But i'm poor and had to work sooooo hard for this". She just gets me livid.

No. 370879

Yeah I'm like pretty disgusted like how did Jill think saying she doesn't want her cats stolen versus being killed etc to be a good idea? You claim to love them so much but mention their dollar value before all that?
Maybe because I have a cat/I'm biased and maybe because my cat isn't a thousand dollar purebred (the allergies thing is such BS btw considering every other apsect of the Vesseys livelihood is about status and status items) but like
My cat is a part of our family and my worry would always be it getting killed or hit by a car or in a fight with other cats or it's actual well being over "wouldn't want my cheeky lil furbabies stolen uwu they cost many monies bloopbloop"

Not like we didn't need more proof to know Jill is rotten inside and out and only cares about herself or what benefits her.

No. 370885

she should ad a banner with the price of the cat to the tattoo she'll get. It sems to be of high importance to her

No. 370891

jill is always filthy looking because she literally throws her clothes on the floor of her room after wearing them (lol remember that from one of the old threads?). i wouldnt put it past her to pick garments up off the floor and rewear them without washing, after all her cats roll around in it and she spills makeup and walks all over it.

how does she always manage to financially support the shittiest people one after the other?

top kek

jill couldve used her sooper creative skills to nail some wood planks together, but alas… money grows on trees in the vessey household so who cares amirite

No. 370897

lol her youtube channel is far from art. sorry, jill you don't deserve money for sitting in your room yelling about toddler anime, and adding 'ies' on the end of words.

No. 371000

I wonder if she'll bother washing her sheets or just wipe the chunks off and leave it.

No. 371018

She won't support JS* but she'll support Kylie Jenner? okay. Choices.

No. 371037

"Stealing" lol, biiitch you make nothing related to art, or something worth paying for!, kek what a deluded girl…
And her sweatshirt looks awful, if it was a nice well done illustration you could get away by using a rectangular print, but it loks damn stupid, the second one looks like the cheap "cool" tshirts you could buy at walmart

No. 371051

Idk, I'd be pretty pissed too if I bought something brand new and it arrived all smashed like that. Yes, she can repot it, but she shouldn't have to in the first place.

No. 371068

thats what she gets for buying from shitty brands

No. 371074

I'm dying lol. The world so needs someone like her to make money off videotaping herself review something from bitches with too much money.

No. 371093

No. 371095

File: 1502516340184.png (9.13 KB, 619x93, kek.PNG)

when you google her username lol

sage for useless but ironic shit

No. 371103

This has been posted before.

No. 371135

That means pixie locks is already copyrighted aha, I wonder if she'll be able to get pixielocks

No. 371139

She needs to stop talking about money asap.it comes across as so arrogant and greedy.it is absolutely beyond me how a person can be so badly educated to not know that you just. don't. do. this.
This is an attitude that absolutely pisses me off.

No. 371174

It's comforting to know their cats are probably always plotting to eat Jill

No. 371175

0:52 is basically Jill

No. 371252

What's not a shitty brand? Any makeup palette has the chance to arrived smashed, yes?

No. 371259

The company might be shit but you could order from some great cruelty-free, vegan, ethically sourced brand that has no problems and it still has the potential to arrive smashed.

This debate is a nitpick. Inb4 whiteknighting, but she has a right to complain about something that she bought brand new arriving damaged.

No. 371267


quit nitpicking. she paid good money for the product and it arrived broken, it doesn't matter what brand she bought it from.

No. 371271


this is the first time that she buys a makeup palette that has colors that she would actually use and it arrives broken. kek bad luck. also kylie has a shit costumer service so i doubt this will be fixed and that makes it even better.

No. 371272

This is random ass nitpicking. It's annoying for anyone that something you buy arrives broken. And how are you supposed to know ahead of time which brands have good customer service or not?

I think the colors would be things Jill likes, but I don't think she needs another makeup palette.


No. 371274


>how are you supposed to know ahead of time which brands have good customer service or not?

The internet. Where Jill lives.

But really is nitpicking to shit on Jill for shitty packaging/padding on the part of the retailer when she had no control over it.

It is not, however, nitpicking, to point out how Jill is constantly showing us her disgusting hygiene habits. Like she probably isn't going to wash that makeup off her sheets anytime soon, she has stains all over her favorite clothes and continues to wear the same dirty shit she went all the way to the beach and back and everywhere else in.

No. 371528

Wasn't she supposed to have a video up today? She has at least three filmed right now that she's talked about (best friend tag, goth transformation, and a merch look book?)

No. 371530

File: 1502584707059.png (124.46 KB, 750x663, IMG_2280.PNG)

She's too busy on a tinder date apperently

No. 371538

File: 1502585254999.png (165.98 KB, 750x1178, IMG_3225.PNG)

Sure Jill can be upset that her makeup arrived cracked, but at the same time Kylie cosmetics is pretty well known for this shit. I'm no makeup guru and even I know how shit their products are.

No. 371540

File: 1502586188132.jpg (30.14 KB, 583x421, DB2iHHiUQAAu2iP.jpg)


well of course, we kept making fun of her for calling herself a lesbian while dating dudes. and now she's immediately trying to meet random girls on tinder. which is fine and all, she can date girls if she wants, but she just broke up with his boyfriend daaayss ago. you know? the one who she loved all along and was going to move in with? and the one that made her become "depressed"? and how she didn't know what to do? what a fucking liar. she's already jumping to the next shiny thing like it was nothing. classic jill.

pic related every jill "totes real breakdown boohoo"

No. 371560

Ew, what the hell happened to the brush applicators on the lipstick?? looks so gross. People need to stop giving that basic bitch money.

No. 371561

Yup, trying to date a girl to 'prove us haters' wrong. You know this is all bullshit

No. 371627

When your need to immediately prove your lesbian-ness to your internet followers surpasses the need to be polite on a first date by not playing around on your phone… she will never change…

No. 371736

lmao imagine going on a date with Jill though

>little grease goblin who only washes her hair 1~2 a week to preserve her badly dyed rainbow bangs shows up

>dressed like a little kid that was allowed to pick out its own clothes for the first time
>right after you two sit down, she pulls out her phone to tweet about you to prove the internet that she isn't a basement dweller and is indeed a true lesbian!1!!
>immediately after, she asks if you like (Japanese) kids's cartoons
>if you answer yes, she will probably go on to show you her collection (hoard) of plastic merchandise & also cosplays
>orders food along the lines of chicken tenders & sweet tea
>will probably show you photos of her ~purebred babies uwu~
>her mom may or may not call or text her during her date to ask how it's going
>Jill will humblebrag about her YT account/how much money she makes off of it
>will probably mention how brave it was of her to show up to this date because of ~muh anxieties uwu~
>if triggered somehow will probably go on a long rant about Colin
>snortgigglelaughing, baby talk & other disgusting mouth sounds the entire date
>countless mentions of how ambitious she is and how she's totally a fashion designer

No. 371743

leave qcknd alone you snot

No. 371747


I bet this is a typical fat tumblr girl with also badly colored hair and who wears black lipstick and describes herself as "gay alien who likes pizza #sorandom" or some shit like this.

No. 371769

damn anon
but thats also so acurate at the same time and also kissing her butter teeth

No. 371771

what a reach just to tell the world shes on a date with a girl. Just ask the girl if she likes anime, or what anime if you already know she does. Literally what first dates are for fucking hell.

No. 371785

Oh god, please don't let her try to make a collab happen. I feel like Jillian always tries to kiss ass to guilt other Youtubers into acknowledging her and qcknd is nice enough to take the bait

No. 371806

No. 371808

But qcknd is just as big of a snowflake as Jill… They both think they're starving artists and qcknd even had her fans buy her all this crap for her new apartment (right down to toilet paper) because "she can't afford it". Then she proceeded to buy loads of succulents, vegan junk food from Whole Foods, went on a trip, and got a bunch more tattoos.

No. 371812


Jill: I hate feeling like commercial but I am an ~artist~ and I like to make art money

No. 371813

(money was not in the sentence but really we all know she meant money)

No. 371816

"I drew a picture and a company printed it on a tshirt MUH DESIGNZ"

No. 371819

It's cool if you feel that way. I guess my point wasn't really to say qcknd was any better but to point out that this follows Jillian's usual pattern of complimenting other youtubers until they collab

No. 371824

File: 1502638172124.png (110.58 KB, 750x929, IMG_1908.PNG)

No. 371825

File: 1502638206311.png (30.9 KB, 750x150, IMG_1909.PNG)

No. 371843

Wow, why doesn't qcknd have a thread yet? The way her mouth moves when she talks and how her voice sounds bothers me too much to watch her videos tbh, so I didn't know she was a flake like that.

No. 371856

I like how her totes bff Kenzie isn't here

No. 371875

This anon was right on the mark

No. 371911

of course she chose a "flattering" picture for herself

No. 371976

Anon hit the nail right on the head with this one

No. 371992

File: 1502663809685.png (586.38 KB, 586x592, Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 5.34…)

Jill's awkward winking when she was joking about ripping off the Peeps logo

No. 372001

File: 1502665539361.jpg (45.19 KB, 500x550, fd445dc1ef3a3d9e755a8f758d03d0…)

next thread pic please

No. 372014

lol fuck people who get broken up with an immediately start posting about their ~new date~
stop using people as rebounds because you want to make your ex feel jealous (they won't, btw)

No. 372030

File: 1502669555116.jpg (122.15 KB, 720x792, IMG_8513.JPG)

No. 372050

her neck looks huge in this pic

No. 372059

Sorry if I came across as rude anon, I understand your point now.

That surprises me too, but she does have a GG thread.

These new designs seem more plain than her last ones did, so much for being an innovative designer. And it was funny to hear her talk about the first shirt because she said she believes you should be rewarded for completing basic tasks like putting gas in your car.

No. 372296

Hur dur dur art theft lol ain't I cheeky?

No. 372459

File: 1502737198606.png (141.77 KB, 750x866, IMG_2308.PNG)

No. 372465

lol I watched one of her older videos where in she says she wants to do "an elegant take on sweet lolita". So much has changed.

No. 372471

she never had a change to do elegant anything even back then.

No. 372473

Did I mention I'm gay now?

No. 372564

a shoe unboxing??? she bought yet another pair of overpriced unicorn barf shoes? color me surprised.

No. 372569

She hasn't even worn the last IC pair once

No. 372587

>Just thrownin' a lil' cheeky wink in there for y'all hehe

No. 372591

Im not surprised. Didnt they not fit her properly and squeak like crazy when she walked?

No. 372620

need to take a nap after her 1 hour lesbian playdate

No. 372948

Is she seriously not even going to bleach those dark roots first?! fucking christ.

No. 373137

File: 1502859529893.png (751.15 KB, 627x657, PJXbyOb.png)

NGL, these look like the shoe version of down syndrome. Probably her ugliest shoes ever, even worse than the shit covered pink plastic bow ones she's got.

No. 373160

Tbh I think the clunky granny shoes from Irregular Choice are worse… At least these ones are mainly white so they're a bit easier on the eye.

No. 373177

Hideous, but not the worst. They'll be filthy in time though.

No. 373198

shes finally bought a pair of shoes she can walk in hurrah!!

No. 373212


Kek socks stretched to the brim

No. 373218

yeah those will be disgusting within a week.
I can't believe that she's that set on buying shoes that ~fit her aesthetic uwu~ but then she's too fucking lazy to clean them once a week.
I guess perpetual filth does match party kei pretty well though lol.

No. 373242

I like the bottom part, but the top already looks dingy.

And I am glad she can call herself a "starving artist" while paying YRU's $54CAD shipping.

No. 373274

I'm guessing she said 'bitch' or something and used 'friend' to censor it?

No. 373279

No. 373280

Every shoe she buys makes her feet look fat and short. Disgusting.

No. 373283

why does she wear those stupid frigging glasses in videos if they glare/reflect so bad? It looks awful.

No. 373284

you'd think after all these videos shes put up… she'd learn to sit so her moniter isnt reflecting in her huge glasses all the time.

No. 373290

File: 1502892500709.png (208.35 KB, 1112x1145, IMG_1124.PNG)

The way this shoe sits on her foot is just tragic. It looks dumb as hell.

No. 373294

has she ever actually bought a pair of shoes that fit her well…?
I feel like with any shoe she's ever owned she talks about how they're so fucking painful and like cutting in at weird places but at the same time they're too big or something?
maybe if you have that much trouble with shoes you should go to a local store or something

No. 373300

Apparently she's getting tattooed today

No. 373313

File: 1502895229335.png (555.14 KB, 640x960, image.png)

Here's the catio and Jill's family just dropped a bunch of money on. Did Jill even tell her fans that they were getting a catio?

No. 373317

Normal shoes are kawaii anon

It's like a…gilded cat cage

No. 373318

Because they don't let their cats outside?

No. 373321

I seriously don't understand some people and their cats. You open the door, they leave for 3-4 days, they may or may not come back pregnant. They're independent creatures, they don't need to be locked up like this.

No. 373322

So are we going to have a debate about outside vs inside cats now? Lol.

Also learn to sage

No. 373328

ngl if i had the dosh to drop on this for my metaphorical cats, i totally would. that being said, i'm sure they don't actually socialize with their cats, they probably think the catio is a good substitute for actual love and care

saged for cat person sperging, i'll see myself out

No. 373332


No. 373344

Lets be real, she has no practical shoes because they're not kaWAII PEEKAYYYY enough

No. 373351

I don't understand why she keeps insisting on buying white shoes/shoes with white soles when she is too lazy to clean them and knows that red dirt will stain them badly. I think the laces on them are cute though.
The catio idea seems fine but I thought the point was so the cats can go into the yard, not sit on the deck? This seems like the equivalent of the cats sitting on a giant window sill.

No. 373362

So she's into rainbow brite now?

No. 373379

she just seems to circle through different kids toys, before it was my little pony, care bears, puppy surprises and now also those rainbow brite dolls
I guess as long as it's brightly colored and intended for 5 year olds it works for her

No. 373419

>As long as it's brightly colored, intended for five year olds, and overpriced it works for her


No. 373456

File: 1502909954757.png (982.91 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2070.PNG)

The off centre bow oh my god

No. 373458

At least it's not a phallic magical girl wand anymore

No. 373462

She said she'd make a video of her getting her tattoo.I hope she regrets it years from now.

No. 373464

I think the tat artist at least corrected the asymmetrical eyes? But yeah that bow.. Maybe pixie is trying to convince the artist that the face is in 3/4 view instead of straight on like it actually is

No. 373469

The heart background with the stars makes this design so much more… tacky. And she's going to use ugly, childish colors on it too. She will definitely regret that when she decides to ditch her style for a new one.

No. 373504

Tattoo has been completed

No. 373510

File: 1502918603722.png (885.81 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3831.PNG)

Why is the mouth of the shoe so gapey around her heel/ankle? Is this bitch so dumb she cant even buy her correct shoe size….

No. 373511

File: 1502918655300.jpg (56.73 KB, 919x720, 1494210568855.jpg)


No. 373515

Hi I'm pixie and for suppy o had chicky tendies with chippies and ketchupy!! I have icey creamy for puddy and I got a tatty of a cattie and it is a fAVIE

No. 373516

She is going to regret this SO bad when she moves to a new flavor of the month fashion holy shit. Like just imagine if she'd gotten a tattoo during her punk phase or her lolita phase. It would be completely different. When she moves on from kawaii rainbow barf she's going to regret this and I bet anything she gets a cover-up.

No. 373517

This happened to me and it's from pulling shoes on without undoing them first

No. 373520

She said in her latest video that she hopes they'll slip on or off because she's too lazy to leave them up

No. 373521

File: 1502919073702.png (145.11 KB, 750x867, IMG_2072.PNG)

No. 373522

File: 1502919154692.gif (590.81 KB, 244x202, IMG_2073.GIF)

No. 373523

No. 373526


good god, this tat will make her upper arm look even bigger than it already is. She reminds me of those fat rockabilly chicks with ugly kitsch tattoos in this pic.

No. 373527

Please tell me that's her phone case or something and not a stuffed Pusheen she brought to hold during the tat. Like I know it hurts, I have one, but damn how old is she again? Do you really need your little stuffie to hold while you get your tat? Just brace your teeth and handle it or bring a stress ball.

No. 373528

File: 1502919483551.jpeg (126.15 KB, 632x724, image.jpeg)

She must be really proud of herself for getting this tattoo.

No. 373529

Yes that's a pusheen. She's 19 but acts like she's 9.

No. 373530

OK, i've held back on saying this because I've only read one of her threads so maybe it's been discussed to death, but I just saw that new banner with her and I can't take it anymore. What the fuck is up with the way she holds her face? It's not natural right? I can't even tell what she looks like because it looks like she's always scrunching up her eyes and nose and doing a very weird rubbery fake smile. I know some people have a naturally squinty smile and I actually think it's really cute when people have that but Jill's looks like something else. I saw a really old picture and her face actually looked relaxed and like a face. Why does she do this?

No. 373532

Just like the bear that Claire's have for the little kids who get their ears pierced

No. 373533

She's not even cute enough to pull off the childlike innocence. Cause for some people it's sweet and fun, on her it's weird.

No. 373549

File: 1502921393565.jpg (56.8 KB, 680x680, 54438.jpg)

So she's basically ripping off the artist Laura Annunaki for her tatto? Annunaki has kept popping up on my news feed, she's very "in" right now so it's no surprise Jillian leapt on it the second she got a chance. Also, seriously, a huge tattoo slap bang in the middle of your upper arm for your first tattoo? That's real great for your career prospects Jillian.

No. 373552

Jillian is officially my favorite tacky cow.

No. 373553

>Middle arm
Anon that's her leg

No. 373554

eh, it's a corny and newb choice but career prospects? She can wear a 3/4 sleeve top to interviews if the people hiring even care.

No. 373555

that's not jill, silly. its work by the artist anon was saying jill ripped off. jill's new cat tattoo is indeed in the middle of her upper arm.

No. 373556

are you like 80? no one gives a fuck if you have a few tattoos and wow wear long sleeves if they do. she literally doesn't even have any ~career prospects~ anyways lmfao

No. 373557

That's Stormy you uncultured swine

No. 373559

lol yeah i have a dense half sleeve and every time i've worn a 3/4 shirt to cover it for an interview, my boomer bosses have laughed when they found out I was covering a tattoo to seem professional. Very few people care and if they do that's one of the easiest ones to cover comfortably.

No. 373576

Yeah, I know but who the fuck even gives a shit?????

No. 373580

File: 1502923963510.jpg (61.08 KB, 688x404, IMG_2052.JPG)

She looks like Martina from eat your kimchi now.

No. 373582

The design is going to look so awkward on her upper arm because it is so small and low, I think she should have gotten it on her wrist.

Oh well, even if the tattoo was on her wrist, she will regret it when being a overgrown rainbow child no longer gets her attention.

No. 373585

the uncultured swine comment made me laugh. nice sage.

No. 373591

I knew Jill was ~rocking that curvy look~ but wow has she packed on the pounds, her arm is huge? I thought she was just over the "comfy" weight for most girls but nope. Id doubt a majority of her old clothes even fit.

No. 373593

Is this some sort of camera trick or did she gain a lot of weight? Her arm is fatter than the fuckin' tattoo artist's.

She has already started saying "kitschy," I think the next fashion phase for her (when she gets fatter) will be rockabilly/vintage modcloth style, like a 1950s American mom. The dress and hair in that tattoo photo already kind of resemble it, imo.

Yeah, it seems like she rewears the same few pieces every day. Maybe she already outgrew that unflattering denim dress she got.

No. 373598

I can't wait for the incoming bitching about how itchy and flaky and omg gais my sheets are stained!! because of it tweets

No. 373601

Pretty sure it's one of the claires blind box ones with clips on them. It's likely attached to her phone/keys whatever

No. 373603

i hope she doesnt go into the ocean with it and contract some flesh eating bacteria

No. 373604

can you not

No. 373608

File: 1502926693491.jpg (50.72 KB, 574x312, pic.jpg)

samefagging to add, she's been annoying asf on twitter, full on quirky 'gay' persona calling children 'bitches' and all. yass slay queen!! BORN THIS WAY!

No. 373650

No lesbian I know likes that song.

No. 373671

Im gay don't you know! It's this super quirky thing I'm trying out right now~ Totes cute, Lady Gaga is super trendy in what they call "the gay scene". I've also taken on some slang, like BIH and HENNY. Oh sorry thats drag queen slang? Disgusting, a mockery to my trans sisters!!! God forbid if I knew a vast majority of trans folks have been in Drag for years. Anyway, IM BORN THIS WAY!! Wave dat rainby flag child!

No. 373681

She acts more like a gay man than a lesbian

No. 373693

gonna sound deep in the radfem rabbithole here but i've noticed quite a few kids like her do this. women who are "gay" but only adapt stuff commonly associated with gay male culture, not lesbian culture. Seems like it's either because they're not really attracted to women, they're actually ashamed to consider themselves lesbians or bi but "gay" or "queer" is great, or a combination. Dat internalized lesbophobia

No. 373694

Has anyone been up to date with the Party Kei group ddlg drama? It seems a large majority are ageplayers, to our shock and horror.

No. 373695

File: 1502932633481.gif (1011.99 KB, 500x375, IMG_6627.GIF)

her using drag slang to fit with all the cool hip kids these days pisses me off so much since she considers drag to be 'transphobic uwu' im surprised she hasnt forgetten about that and started watching drag race, she seems like such the typical trixya fangirl, ohhhhh honnnneyyy

No. 373697

hope i'm not derailing too much but the "drag is transphobic" thing confirms what radfems have been worried about. I get if some individual queens say truly malicious things about trans people, but calling drag in general transphobic? so there's nothing sexist or binary about implying that a male must really be a female if he likes feminine clothes or makeup, but if a male is comfortable considering himself a male while still dressing stereotypically feminine that's transphobic? fucking reeeeeee

No. 373700

I think it isn't that deep. It's more like gay guy/drag queen/black slang is more mainstream right now, there's lots of pasty, suburbanite young adults/kids/teens like Jill who try to type like how they think a stereotypical sassy black woman would talk with words like henny, slay, queen, stay in your lane, etc.

I also wouldn't call Jill a kid anymore, either. She's long past teenager age. 19-20 is when people either move out and get a job, are in college, or are basement dwellers like Jill. If Jill wants to call herself mature and act like she can afford her own apartment and is so passionate about her nonexistent career, then no one can use the young naivete excuse anymore on her antics.

No. 373718

There's nothing shocking about ageayers being fans of Jill so I'll assume that was sarcasm
But yeah I'm sitting back having a good laugh

No. 373727

File: 1502934918218.png (1.28 MB, 1880x898, Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 9.54…)

its up, ya'll

No. 373730

Wow! That's going to fade really fast!

No. 373731


ikr. she reminds me of faghags who go lesbian/bisexual for two weeks just to get drunk at pride with their male gay friends (who hate them) and pretend to be a part of something when they're not.


like we already gotta deal with lainey's trendy genders and sexualities and now jill is joining the bandwagon. fuck off. its not even been a month since she broke up with Colin. the dude who, let's remember, was the love of her life and who she "always knew that she was meant to be with". jill please.

No. 373737

So she didn't get a black outline after all? I wonder if anyone will say anything about it again

No. 373743

Those lines are wonky as fuck, mostly the lace part they are all different sizes and it urks me. But ig the artist was just following what jill wants

No. 373746

I disagree. I just think this is >>373700


No. 373747

Minors in ddlg, Party Kei approved!

No. 373749

File: 1502935672505.png (257.47 KB, 498x580, Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.0…)

What are you talking about? I think most people in the comm dislike ageplay. I have no idea what you're talking about with "large majority"

No. 373754

First I'd like to congratulate you on successfully blocking none of these names.
Secondly, you are missing massive chunks of this argument.
Third, bitch hide your icon at least.

No. 373756

it actually not that bad, tbh. defo seen worse… the lines are weird and the ears kinda fade into the bg. also is the blue outline on the bow bleeding already?

No. 373763

File: 1502936250053.png (136.6 KB, 494x583, Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.0…)

Why would I block the names?

If you think I'm missing parts of the argument, can't you upload the pictures yourself?

No. 373769

What is it about people with money always going to the worst tattoo artist? This looks shit already and it will age badly. The saying 'bold will hold' is there for a reason, the same reason why people told her about her magic girl wand tattoo she should get black outlines. At this point, with how many people warned her aboout it, she can't even pretend she didin't knew. but she'll have to live with the consequences of her "aesthatic choice" and honestly I'm ready for it

No. 373770

I'm glad she got a tattoo of the cat she barely even likes.

No. 373775

Yea why didn't she get one of her white cat? Isn't that one her favorite? And you think she would pick that one because white fits her ~aesthetic uwu~ than brown

No. 373778

It's because they got Neko around the time she was dealing with her ED and because he nearly died last year, I assume.

No. 373790

it looks fine now, but pretty soon those eyes are gonna be blue blobs and the ears are gonna blend in with the background and be barely recognizable.. im surprised an artist would go through with this tbh

No. 373803

Going back to her weight in general, if she weighed the same as she did now but was taller I'm sure she'd be kind of thin or at least at a normal weight. I'm tall but if I was squished down to her height we'd probably look the same body-wise, unfortunate for her I guess
In my opinion she doesn't look too bad at this weight but she should try to dress in a way that's a more flattering for her body

No. 373811

Get out.

No. 373813

Oh I thought it was the new cat. It doesn't look anything like Neko lmao.

No. 373825

She loves cats so much, that's why she nearly killed her ~~expensive purebred baby~~ by leaving tinsel lying around on her floor like a totally responsible pet owner!

I doubt the tattoo shops in PEI get many customers, he was probably desperate.

The pink color she chose for the background is kind of gross, it looks like some sort of skin condition or sun burn. Not to mention all of the lines are wonky as fuck and the blue parts aren't properly colored in. I wonder how much she paid, this would've been a great opportunity to overcharge because she's an idiot

No. 373834

File: 1502940139960.png (197 KB, 750x1279, IMG_2060.PNG)

Bringing her mom along was understandable since a lot of people bring someone along when getting a tattoo but the plushie? C'mon Jill. At this rate my standards for her are so low that I'm glad she didn't bring it to her tinder date.

No. 373857

Being short really isn't an excuse for being flabby, anon. There are millions of people the same height as her whose diet doesn't consist of chicken nuggets, marshmallows and peep tea and who exercise and they don't look as big as her.

No. 373862

File: 1502941804950.jpg (352.26 KB, 815x696, Untitled-1.jpg)

what a shitty tattoo, most tattoos look amazing and better when new, this looks like 5 years old and exposed to the sun kek, the colors, the wonky lines, the use of the white lol, what a fucking mess…

reminded me so much of the graphic design is my passion meme so i made this
bad tattooer and shitty drawing = this kawaii tattoo

No. 373863

the sentence "i brought my stormy plushie for comfort" seriously enrages me

No. 373865

seriously, the lines are so wonky it looked like a beginner at tattooing made the whole thing. It's already bleeding out too.
And so much second hand embarassment for her bringing her plushy with her.. How old is she again?

No. 373873

her tattoo looks like a shrinkydrink

No. 373875

holy fuck its seriously horrible.
crooked lines everywhere, the lacey detail around the heart are all different sizes, color bleeding and just in general the color looks like it was done in crayon. and fuck coloring in the heart a peach that is so close to her skin color… I'm triggered.

No. 373876

File: 1502942784417.jpg (104.49 KB, 640x640, 084dc9139f622b529e2e2822bb9557…)

that pink is going to fade right into her skin. the blue will turn green and the dark blue outlines will just melt into the lighter blue. those wonky blue lines, the visible ink strokes inside the coloring of the cat…. the white in its eyes will completely fade away too. this tattoo is going to age like shit lmao whoever did it is a shit artist who didn't seem to understand themselves why her design would be bad for a tattoo(which is like basic for a tattoo artist to do), used shit blotchy ink, and just went ahead and smudged the whole bottom of the cat's ribbon. you can't just draw such painfully 2d fanart on a 3d canvas especially when the colors are done in shades that will age like compleeete shit on human skin. wild that she's stuck with that.

No. 373893

File: 1502944242590.jpg (77.31 KB, 512x596, ss (2017-08-16 at 09.29.00).jp…)

Wew this came out uglier than I ever imagined
The lace like the other anon pointed out really bothers me.

I also hate the color choices… the brown looks like watery diarrhea and the blue is so vibrant. I can barely tell if the background is pink because its so close to her flesh color

No. 373895

this is the best comment, kek
brings me back to when i was 12 and totally wanted to open a shrinkydink etsy

No. 373896

showed this to my husband and he said the pink in the heart looked like a sunburn kek

No. 373898

tattoos need to come to a fucking end. This is just awful. And as an artist, seeing someone spend good money on something like this, thus enabling a terrible, terrible scam artist, pisses me off more than anything.

Jillian, you have got to be fucking kidding me, girl. I don't know how you're going to live with this, but damnit, you have to.

No. 373900

Woah. I thought that was going to have clean lines and a glitter style background. This is just a big, crooked, pastel blob that is only going to get blobbier as it ages. Terrible.

No. 373901


I have seen a lot of bad tattoos, but this is unforgivable.

If anyone ever needed any proof that Jillian does not have an ounce of design or artistic or hell, aesthetic sense: this is it. Good luck getting into design school asshole, when you're airing your complete lack of taste permanently.

No. 373902

It is so obvious she's into ageplay that it's painful.

No. 373903

you have to be a realized sexual being to be into ageplay. She is not cynical enough for that. She's just trying to be cute, and the fact that you assume it's a kink shows how goddamn inappropriate it is.

No. 373906

since she has some money you'd think she'd maybe do some research and maybe even travel to get a decent tattoo.
there are a lot of good tattoo artists that specialize in cutesy styled stuff now.
but instead it looks like she went into some cheap walk-in place just in her town or something.
Everything about this tattoo is bad. The artist is trash.

No. 373907

she probably did go to a walk in place/ not do any research. people will travel countries to get a spot with the best artists, because that shit is on you FOREVER and you'd want it to be damn good
but of course jill doesn't realise that

No. 373910

I'm honestly suprised she got it. I thought she made a big deal about getting her ears pierced that she didn't like pain or something, but this tattoo is so ugly.

No. 373917

Looks like she colored it herself with a pack of crayons.

No. 373959

Atleast crayons would make it vibrant and textured

No. 373965

File: 1502958703580.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3081.PNG)

No. 373989

File: 1502962288744.jpg (79.16 KB, 540x540, tumblr_oudkzhSSka1wqmkdso1_540…)

No. 373994

holy shit Jill is doing a simplykenna by copying tattoos now wow

No. 373997

I don't know if maybe I'm reaching but I honestly don't find cats in a heart to be a very rare or exclusive tattoo idea. If anything the tattoo is just typical. It just looks like a typical tumblr girl tattoo, nothing creative

No. 374004

File: 1502964205165.jpg (83.86 KB, 500x500, 5589dab9a539c7551ce7cb7a9fb3aa…)

No. 374008

No. 374010

i don't have any tattoos but i assume because the colors aren't saturated? the browns especially are light as is. this is a bad tattoo.

No. 374011

It already looks faded, thats why

No. 374015

Wow, the comparison is appalling. The Neko Atsume one is so much nicer

No. 374028


Small town tattoo artists are almost always hacks. This guy was probably the best around and since her tattoo looks better than everyone else she knows, she assumes that it means that it's good.

No. 374034

File: 1502970226124.png (175.53 KB, 340x337, Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 12.4…)

I tried to improve the colours

No. 374035

Don't worry anon, there's no saving it

No. 374044

Everything is so damn crooked…. and the ribbons color is just seeping out.
The center of the cats face.. is that not color in it at all? did the artist really just leave blank skin instead of adding some color? thats some unprofessional shit right there

No. 374047

The insides of the ears being the same colour as the heart is also amateurish.

No. 374053