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No. 254497

Lori Cerda, known as Lori Lewd or Usagi Kou, is a 36-year-old photoshop addicted costhot and anime fictionkin (otakukin for the oldfags) from New York state. With 20+ years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working together diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. Lots of interactions and receipts have been lost to time, either deleted or made private, keep that in mind as we continue.

Lori got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer in the early aughts which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. In Summary; a well-liked, cute and young cosplayer that wowed people as Sailor Moon had one of the hardest and fastest falls from grace. It’s a story rife with lies, theft, squatting, cheating, jealousy, cult-like behavior and lots of violence. To put it lightly, it blew apart the entire Sailor Moon livejournal community in the US. The juxtaposition of Usagi and Lori piqued the interest of many people. Some might call her one of the OG cosplay lolcows. After becoming a joke to the majority of the US cosplay community Lori dropped her Usagi shtick, married a few times and stayed mostly quiet.

2017 changed all that when Lori met Kevin “Skye” Hanft. Once the two cosplayers met and fell in love, Lori quickly reverted to her past behaviors and became Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx. Her current phase she has described herself as “14 yr old boy” and “spicy loli gremlin elf bb succubus” She cosplays Marin Kitagawa now as she's the flavor of the week waifu. Of course she is "the IRL Marin" in her eyes just like she was IRL Saber and Zero Two. Recognizing her status as a complete has-been, Lori prefers to focus on what she calls "spicy" content (shitty nudes) and "lewd modeling". She only does half-assed couple cosplay with Kevin at conventions, if that. Kevin feeds Lori’s delusions and is a whole cow on his own. He serves as her meal ticket and guard dog. At the first sign of any inconvenience or drama, Lori will blow the whistle and sick her dog. If you lurk long enough you will spot a wild Kevin masquerading as anon. Do not interact. He is retarded and he will spend his time trying to track you down. He has a documented history of digitally stalking commenters, accusing them of being anons or Momokun/Vamplette and threatening suicide/murder. He will escalate even faster if he is currently in the doghouse and blocked by Lori. It's how she manipulates him to do her old Kou's job. It works like a charm every time because at this point Kevin is a broken shell of a man.

Over the last three years, Lori has amassed over 130k followers (through purchasing bots) and currently is partnered with miccostumes (@miccosgirls) and several dropship scam stores. She is often reposted and hyped up by Dolls Kill, YRU and their sister companies. Her past partners include Bisou Lovely, Rave Wonderland, Ardani Studios and Lewd Complex. Her current “dream” is to become a NEET e-girl, the kind that can bankroll a D-list celebrity lifestyle with the work ethic of Shayna Clifford. When Lori isn’t crashing the Meitu servers overseas or begging online, she can be found at her local fried food joint gorging herself with whatever she can to distract from her internal void and ticking biological clock. She is now too poor to even go to an arcade or water park, alas she steeps her nasty ass in her apartments pool which she passes off as her own private sanctuary. It's only ever empty because she dresses like an actual prostitute in public and films herself doing weird things.

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Vintage Milk:
>Textbook ugly-duckling-turned-mega-bitch after high school
>Claimed ‘super abusive’ parents were the absolute most evilest pplz evar and she had to constantly be living on someone's couch to flee the violence
>Known pathological liar, her entire cosplay career was a farce built upon other seamstresses work and props
>Abused partners emotionally and physically, breaking peoples belongings when she throws temper tantrums, threatening rape allegations and suicide
>Mooched off friends and family (living rent free and destroying peoples homes with her trash, indoor smoking, making them buy her things, forcing them to sleep on floors and go without bedding, etc.)
>Manipulated teenagers, mentally ill/handicapped cosplayers and any others she deemed “beneath” her into false friendships
>Had a rap for being a nymphomaniac, or at very least hypersexual, often pressuring people into sleeping with her when she wanted it. Many times it was in public, at cons or restaurants and other extremely inappropriate spaces.
>Held vendettas against better cosplayers, sex workers and artists.
>Used her many livejournals to harass and slander other cosplayers like Zan for existing in the community and cosplaying
>Her ex-husband raped a developmentally challenged friend of Lori’s and when she found out she pressured the victim, “C”, into suicide. “C” then attempted by taking pills and drinking alcohol. Luckily, “C” survived. She never apologized or tried to right this situation.
>Went through husbands like pantyhose and typically only married for housing and money.
>Has only ever worked as a cringe cam whore and retail worker (unkown sex shop in WA then Forever 21 in UT)

Condensed Milk from the 10’s:
>Self-identifies as a Loli, shares Lolicon on Twitter and follows pedophiles back on IG and Twit
>Racist anachan with high-school mean girl tendencies
>Painful failtroll with a history of trying to troll /cgl/ and /w/
>Forced bf Kevin to self harm to prove his loyalty when she found out he had a female friend she didn’t know well
>She cheated on him anyways and used his car to go do it
>Both her and Kevin lurk their own thread and Momokun’s
>They break up and make up constantly, almost every other day
>Kins Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, truly believes she is her and that the studio copied her to create her likeness
>”vampire blood” “anime features” and ”good genes” something something
>Will relentlessly tear down other cosplayers who do any cosplay better than her
>”Suffers” from an Eating Disorder and body checks in every post
>Queen of fucked up Meitu baby face shoops
>Edits herself skinnier all over despite wearing XS-S clothing
>Panders to pedophiles and degenerates without shame despite having many underage followers
>Spends her life fetishizing East Asian culture heavily, specifically Japan, somehow still butchers Romaji
>E-begs for money and subs EVERY SINGLE DAY
>Abandoned her old terminally ill cat so she could have ferrets. The cat died alone without care
>Claimed her ferrets were seriously ill and couldn’t go to a vet, got money and then ended up buying new DollsKill and a new weed vape cart
>Kevin lost $300 randomly and vaguely blamed it on Momokun’s friends when it was really just Lori
>Kevin has a running delusion that fellow cows Mariah (Momokun) and Vamplette are the OPs of every farm thread and are solely responsible for the surfacing of her past
>Lori undoubtedly sowed this seed to use as a deflection, she continually brings it up and talks to Kevin about it publicly even when it’s not related to anything at the moment

Last Milk Delivery:
>The "studio or one bedroom" debate continues >>>/w/220213
>Kevin posts selfie where he looks like an aging fag who still thinks hes a twink >>>/w/220709
>Farmers discover Kevin was arrested on 04/20/2022 >>>/w/220824
>Confirmed by finding a story he posted that day that said ACAB >>>/w/220830
>Further digging reveals arrested for damaging/interrupting an emergency call in a domestic violence situation >>>/w/220833
>Kevin lawyers up >>>/w/227537 and pleads not guily >>>/w/221268
>Seeing he might have to pay a fine upwards of $600, Kevin tries to sell his ugly Guapi pants and dirty sneakers because needs money ASAP >>>/w/216963
>Afraid of losing her bread and butter that is Kevins parents, Lori finally begins to admit she has a boyfriend (aka "the boy") >>>/w/227568 >>>/w/231439
>To make it look like they aren't breaking the no contact order Lori posing around apartment complex to prove she lives in luxury by walking in front of a fountain >>>/w/227318 >>>/w/240012
>sitting in the lobby >>>/w/232108
>and posing with strangers in the gym >>>/w/240858
>Meanwhile Kevin decides to go silent to pretend he doesn't live there >>>/w/225699
>Eventually cracks and continues to sperg about lolcow saying 5'9 >>>/w/245673 and how were a bunch of boolies who deserve to be shut down next like KF >>>/w/245807
>With her funds dwindling, Lori begins replying to IG comments that are months old in an attempt to get more subscribers for the spicy >>>/w/228124 her seething about lolcow calling her fat is evident
>When those tactics fail, she turns to demeaning herself by making a photoset of herself wearing a strap on >>>/w/250231 >>>/w/250404
>Kevin comes to her rescue by once again sperging about friends being fake and unsupportive for simply not liking and subscribing to Loris porn >>>/w/252492
>No wonder he pretends to have make believe friends (aka his parents) who supposedly spoil them with lavish house wine and two oysters >>>/w/251655
>But hey its a step above the luxurious plastic cup of wine served with cubed block cheese >>>/w/240686
>Kevins case is dismissed! >>>/w/246956
>Meanwhile Lori still thinks shes Marin >>>/w/228181
>And like shes in peak physical condition simply for not having a baby >>>/w/222873
>And supposedly asexual >>>/w/231410
>Forever unable to take responsibility for her actions, she's now pretending shes autistic to deflect any shitty behavior >>>/w/230022 >>>/w/238057 >>>/w/240352
>Kevin is unable to figure out why he can't gain a following and can't whether he should focus on skating or cosplay, doesn't realize he can simply do both
>Even considers making two Instagram accounts. Hasn't realized he doesn't have a following because his content sucks >>>/w/240713 >>>/w/249891 >>>/w/250038
>FanX is here and Kevin pretends he was able to afford to go by taking photos in front of some windows >>>/w/251176
>And wearing a half assed Bakugo cosplay >>>/w/251166 Lori posts no photos or mentions even going
>Proving shes not a friendless shut in, Lori posts a vid of herself prancing around an abandoned pool during a DJs closing set while wearing glow bracelets >>>/w/253995
>Despite the filters on max and bigfoot sighting level quality of the vids, the weight gain is noticeable >>>/w/253026

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

YouTube videos:
>VangelinaSkov's videos
>Buffering Cat's breakdown
>Lori's racism

>Linktree: https://linktr.ee/Klaxosaur
>Monster Girl Vibes page: https://www.facebook.com/iota02/
>FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd
>IG: https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/
>Kevin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adollaskye/
>Kevin’s FB : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hanft.5
>Kevin’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Krook3dKev
>Kevin’s cosplay FB: https://www.facebook.com/adollaskye
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/iota_zerotwo
>DA: https://www.deviantart.com/kou-usagi
>Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/usagikou
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/monstergirl
>Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/LoriLewd
>Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/?ref_=lol_ov_le

Archived Milk:
>pockybox investigations
>wank about the rape incident https://web.archive.org/web/20130311093424/http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/685335.html?thread=63139863
>usagi’s wank page http://web.archive.org/web/20110908004206/http://wiki.fandomwank.com/index.php/Usagi_Kou
>tgtn attesting to Lori's cancerous nature
>Djranma’s site https://web.archive.org/web/20070807233745fw_/http://www.djranmas.net/html/lori_cerda/main.htm
>Lori's psycho response to Scott's confession
>cringe engagement video posted by Kevin
>cringe ED article
>the sailor moon movie
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXxSqm6eVR0&feature=youtu.be [DL][Archived Copy]

>Lori’s KF thread
>Forbidden Spicy Imgur folder for the lulz

Dead Accounts:
https://usakou.tumblr.com/ (recently found)

What farmers sarcastically call Kevin, stands for Bishounen or “pretty boy”.
>Spicy / Forbidden Spice
This is what Lori calls OnlyFans because she believes her saying the words “OnlyFans” ruin her reach, it’s totally not because it’s her.
One of Lori’s many nicknames based on her short-lived “Lori Lune” phase.
>Sempai / Baka / Onichan
Lori can’t speak or sound out Japanese for the life of her so this is what she spits out, it is always inaccurate and unironic.
>BB / Loli / Gremlin
These are terms Lori uses to infantilize and objectify herself. She has an obsession with being a loli, she is an unapologetic autopedophile.
This is Lori’s dog whistle for farmers. (ex. “Hi MooMoo~” “I’m a cute MooMoo”) It recognizes her status as a cow and she thinks it’s a reclamation that gives the term less power over her. (Spoiler: it doesn’t do anything but make it worse)
Lori’s pet name for her girl crush Momokun
Lori mentally has regressed to a 12 year old, resulting in her using meme lingo from decades ago. She still thinks it is not only relevant but cute and charming.
Anyone, seriously anyone, who has anything critical to say about Lori in any respect. Comments about Lori that are not worshipping her will be blocked or the users will be harassed for days on end by Kevin and Lori.
Lori’s eloquent defense of Kevin’s looks.
>Homie homie macaroni/potato
Psychobabble that dribbles from the witches gaping maw
>Beep Beep Lettuce
Kevin's distress call
Nickname for Lori's weird Lego hand labia

No. 254498

I saw you post this to meta lmfao, I was so confused.

No. 254500

Damn I was hoping nobody caught my retard moment!

No. 254504

No. 254508

File: 1664963976809.jpg (60.45 KB, 720x1000, IMG_20221005_025611_787.jpg)

Thanks for making the thread. Good recap of last thread under "latest milk delivery." It isn't that big of a deal but Lori is 37 now so future threads should reflect that.

Lori posted this the other day. Sure Lori. We dislike you because you are wrinkleless.

No. 254513

Success= Being delusional about your collagen breakdown? Damn your success standards are low Lori

No. 254519

I don’t know how, but nonnas always outdo themselves with the new threads. This is god tier anon. Thank you for the laugh!

No. 254520

KF is back up lol sorry Kevin

No. 254564

Agreed, this is upscale just like our cows kek

Good job OP Nonita!

No. 254571

File: 1664983639647.png (727.07 KB, 1440x1613, Screenshot_20221004-135505.png)

No. 254572

File: 1664983959594.png (401.53 KB, 1439x1472, Screenshot_20221005-083233.png)

No. 254574


"I had haters 12 years ago and I still have haters to this day"

Hot people don't need people to believe in their beauty to be hot? They just are. Once again Lori conflates a lifetime of pandering to the male gaze (w nothing to show for her efforts) as having accomplished something.

No. 254579

So true. What exactly is her excuse for failing in the man department? Shes so desirable but all she ever worked out was hoping from one state to the next. The men she lived with she used till they dumped her or cheated on her and now she's broke and lives in yet another apartment in yet another state with another guy she probably settled on.

What does she tell herself about this? What lie did she make up for herself?

I think this is one of the reasons she pretends she has money or is a "strong boss babe" or whatever. She knows she failed and if she was amazing why didnt she wind up with someone other than a broke kid she latched on to?

No. 254581

Exactly. Her attitude is that of a girl who nabbed a rich doctor or businessman that pays for her every little desire. Not a bloated abuela desperately shilling her onlyfans with her equally poor boyfriend. She's a joke.

No. 254589

It’s honestly impressive how she fails to see herself as the one guilty of wrongdoing in posts like this. It’s impossible to count how many times Lori has been an actual cunt to “friends” or fucked them over only to waddle on without ever acknowledging the wrong she did or offering any semblance of apology.

No. 254619

A middle aged cow without friends or family, who eats out of amazon ramen cups and wears plastic, is homeless and ebegging for change and can't take an unfiltered edited photo still calling herself good looking and successful.

Her whole life she never had men pursue her because she never was desirable or pretty. Her claim to success was people saying that she used sex to grift off others for decades. She was so bad at it that her only option was a virgin mormon and is now claiming she's asexual so that she doesn't become homeless.

She's right she doesn't look horrible, she's long past that. Who knows what she is with the rotted body parts and her Attack on Titan looking ass.

No. 254647

>is herself guilty of mistreating others without holding herself accountable, giving a genuine apology or ever correcting her actions and evolving as a person.
>”They owe ME a sub to the spicy as their apology!”

The fact that she posted this and cannot see that it literally describes her is sending me. I love when cows lack complete self-awareness

KEK she can’t even nab a steadily employed man! But ok Lori were all seething at your welfare budget and sagging skin.

No. 254684

File: 1665004006004.jpeg (561.9 KB, 750x824, 3CAF6F34-D658-4CC0-AE60-E0B84B…)

It might be the weight gain and an editing mistake but her face looks so bloated. I think I might just be used to her making that dumb puffed up face, but she looks really off in this picture.

No. 254685

oof her back rolls and arms

No. 254690

ugh imagine living in an apartment like this. bright lights, tacky plastic decorations, and plushies blocking the floor. it’s such an eyesore. wouldnt be surprised if living like this made kev crazy too.

No. 254713

She tried to correct her lack of upper lip, aged philtrum and messed up teeth but the app backfired a bit.

Everything in the pic looks dumpy and cheap. Her clown makeup and poses in clothes she's now too fat for make it almost parody.

Tinfoil but the cope posts must be about something, does she follow anyone other than Moo? Maybe other cosplayers?

No. 254714

Her teeth!!!

No. 254717

Shouldn't aging philthrums sag downwards though? Why does she still have lip incompetence, which gives the rodent look.
The only time her lips aren't open is when she's does her poofy cheek face.

No. 254718

Even the houseplants are straining to gtfo and escape the plastic, poly fill, and LED wasteland. I think the plushie arrangements are partially to obscure some of the hard, straight edges that would give her shooping away even with the cataract-tier blurring filter.

No. 254808

I cannot unsee the stumpy aioli body, pissy color bingo lady bangs and sunken eyes. Why did she post that? I'm spooked. Worse than I thought, even.

No. 254901

I want to understand why she has a gaming chair encompassed by a canopy in the corner of this room.

No. 254983

File: 1665043712617.jpeg (68.93 KB, 581x517, 26B27610-C406-4932-96FA-2667D8…)

her back rolls!
wtf, it looks like she has tits/cleavage on her back, and her chest is as flat as a board.
lori why would you post this

No. 254985

This is great, she's a fattie by her own stated standards, she's hitting 40, and winter is coming. She gonna balOON. I look forward to the even more uncanny valley edits.

No. 254998

same thoughts anon. does she roll it out every time she wants to use it or does she have another chair? i remember her begging for that pink gaming chair and being so satisfied when she finally had one. funny that its now retired to the corner canopy.

No. 255196

I think at this point that gaming chair is just a prop for Lori’s photos. She wants to pander to the nerd crowd, as she always has. Surprised she hasn’t taken photos of her playing WoW or something to look like such a gamur gurl (watch her do this now that it’s been mentioned)

No. 255302

She doesn't even do that right anymore. The only time she ever mentions WoW is when she talks about how she sucks at playing now because of her gross nails.

No. 255304

anyone that's not lori in this thread is likely going to see that first. the teeth are fucking disgusting

Brush your teeth, Usagikou

No. 255564

File: 1665097356900.gif (614.21 KB, 400x251, tumblr_mrj0isKoKz1rlnmz4o1_400…)

Wow, does she not realize how terrible that looks? For someone who's entire identity is centered around her looks, you'd think she would care more about them.

No. 255568

she never had lips and she genuinely looks like she has overbite imo.

No. 256077

I noticed the teeth right away. They look nasty and yellow but everything about her looks greasy and dirty imo. She never looks showered and clean.

No. 256398

Her fake identity is centered around calling herself thin and smol. She must be screeching at Kevvy everyday for more of his clothes because she's too fat to wear anything.

No. 256407

I doubt she has ever pleased a single person in her life. Saged for obvious reasons, but damn her outlook is bleak.

No. 256477

I dunno, I feel like Lori is somewhat aware of her body and what it looks like. She has spoken multiple times about how her weight fluctuates (but will always add in the disclaimer that she is cute at all weights) and she hasn't called herself smol in awhile. She talks about her thighs a fair amount now and how they are thick. I think she's aware of the weight gain. I just don't think she's bought anything 2 sizes bigger like she needs and so she looks like a sausage being squeezed into XS stuff.

No. 256500


Is being self-aware yet still shoved into disintegrating Chinese rags better tho?? Idk

No. 256750

Her shit is rotting out of her head, Anon. Brushing is probably too little too late.

No. 257038

File: 1665346490554.png (1.76 MB, 1439x2117, Screenshot_20221009-131254.png)

Lori showing off some lemonade from the same truck that gave Kevin free coffee out of pity.

No. 257080

File: 1665358862272.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, A7E6F6BD-F539-4CD1-A088-2E78BC…)

Lol poor Lori. Gone are the days of her daily “smol bean jamba juice” she now has to settle on $3 lemonade due to inflation

(Deleted my previous comment because thought it was tropical smoothie not jamba)

No. 257087

File: 1665361318920.jpg (137.77 KB, 720x861, IMG_20221009_172007_409.jpg)

I don't look at foot fetish content but I've still never seen anybody try to sell their feet pics like this.

No. 257098

Because she keeps trying to do what she thinks looks good.

She needs her filtered face in there but covered to hide how decrepit she looks while the pose is also hiding how fat she is. She must spend hours contorting to find ways to hide everything, then still shoop it all afterwards.

No. 257270

I wonder if she's starting another anachan arc? Her big thing used to be replacing meals with "juice" lol

No. 257321

>>257270 nona I hope so, she is so irritable when she's anachan I can't wait.

No. 257376

That's an old picture, it's in their previous place, she's still holding the old phone Kevin now uses as a hand me down and there's some pink in her hair

No. 257387

Lori, one photo of the lemonade would have sufficed. Literally no one cares.

No. 257388

Lori already has the most busted teeth, she does not need to be chugging acidic lemonade on top of that. Good thing she can only afford it once in a while

No. 257398

I guarantee she doesnt have the self control and she probably doesnt have the metabolism either. It gets harder to starve down at her age after so much weight gain. Everytime she gains and looses it will get harder too.

Kek, I guess the little things are big things when you got nothing going on.

No. 257495

She even took a video where she just moves it side to side. Who the fuck would watch a video of you holding lemonade?

No. 257944

Five dollars is a lot of money for Lori to spend on food. She has to let us know that she #madeit

No. 258517

File: 1665835830496.jpeg (922.41 KB, 2211x1891, 395DA2C4-D8E9-48F7-A624-0CDA0A…)

way to expose himself for not having anyone to talk to on his birthday. not even a call from your parents kevvy? had to keep the phone off so you don't check here on your birthday of all days? well luckily for you no one even cared or noticed. suprised he hasn't made any posts about the KF drama in the last months, but maybe lori has screeched at him enough to stop mentioning the threads and directing people there/here.

No. 258530

How much do you wanna bet its the "best coffee in the state" because they gave him free pity coffee once, feeling bad for a broke sped, and then he kept going back expecting free coffee and they felt bad telling someone who's retarded no kek also I have my own tinfoil that Kevvy's been quieter because he had to get a real job again due to whori being a disabled failure

No. 258534


Someone paid for another pity dinner, big whoop. I'd stay off my phone too if I knew nobody gave an actual fuck about me.

No. 258596

adventures.. you mean going to the mall and paying for everything lori wants

No. 258609

File: 1665864816114.png (4.85 MB, 1242x2208, ABAC4FE1-24F4-42EC-B845-28908C…)

No. 258630

File: 1665872368094.png (123.5 KB, 980x640, Screenshot 2022-10-15 at 23.14…)

I'm friends with Ender and sometimes see this little snake pop up.

Maybe because you don't work, Lori?

No. 258632


Also love how she changed her tune of “do some coke lose weight fatty” to “look and eat whatever you want” now that shes fat

Don’t forget unskilled, uneducated, no talent, and no looks or personality to even allow her to marry rich

No. 258636

Sure jan, there really is no excuse to have a phone without charge unless Lori broke it.

>private jet
Kek, has Lori ever even flown on a plane? She's middle aged and all has done to date is follow people in stolen cars or grift rides because she is homeless.

No. 258706

sorry if i’m just retarded but what’s a jet got to do with tickets to medieval times?

No. 258713

I was wondering the same thing. To fly there maybe?

No. 258719

File: 1665909567228.jpg (122.05 KB, 720x896, IMG_20221016_013607_097.jpg)

Oh wow. This is a very… Body positive post from Lori. In other news, she followed Kevin back on Instagram for the first time in a couple months. I guess they must be fighting again.

No. 258720

Holy fuck she’s getting chubby. It looks like she’s hiding her double chin with that ratty hair too.

No. 258726

File: 1665913361582.png (434.23 KB, 877x1090, 756464.png)

This man talking about his "type" tho

No. 258744

File: 1665921108809.jpeg (654.76 KB, 2221x1513, A6B9EF31-486A-4F44-AD4A-4FB83F…)

she also wore this awful diaper get up that makes it look like she has dirty crapped briefs.

No. 258815

File: 1665939915211.jpg (86.74 KB, 720x979, IMG_20221016_095939_191.jpg)

That yruextra brand posted this old skinny photo of Lori a few days ago. I wonder if Lori is getting fat as a layer of protection (lol) against Kevin. We know he prefers ana chan women and Lori keeps insisting on her sex worker accounts that she hates being touched/is asexual, even though she's supposed to be selling a fantasy and we know that Lori was hypersexual with all her other exes. I don't blame her for being repulsed by Kevin. I wonder how much more she'll balloon up. I wonder if she'll ever add some size M costumes to her wishlist.

No. 258826

Kek abuela giving even more old lady vibes with the adult diaper.

No. 258836

>heavily edited old toaster quality pic

In her candids she was never close to being this thin. She was already stretching out of the pee plugsuits back then.

Here for her moo skinwalking phase though. The backfat from twisting to make her waist look small in odd angles is sad.

No. 258897

File: 1665960147332.jpg (132.5 KB, 1440x2508, Screenshot_20221016-184052_Ins…)

Bumping to ask, did something happen to Whori's insta? Can't find it on my alt, and used a dead account I've never cow watched on and still can't find it. Can anyone else check? My one account I thought maybe she blocked, but this other one I've never used before so I don't think that's the issue.

No. 258912

File: 1665962469212.png (1.81 MB, 1181x1992, you were blocked.png)

Just checked, nona. It seems you were blocked on that account too. Is it under the same email or linked to your other account? That might explain it.

No. 258914

File: 1665962554277.png (4.9 MB, 2430x2160, Keeva .PNG)

She posted these on her Story. I’m not joking when I say I thought this was Kevin in a wig.

No. 258919

Thanks for checking for me! Not that I'm aware of but perhaps they're linked afterall somehow.

No. 258929

File: 1665966530675.jpg (31.23 KB, 720x468, IMG_20221016_172748_866.jpg)

It's so weird when she says this. What is similar? They both have hair with bangs?

No. 258935

File: 1665967435627.png (1.07 MB, 720x2842, LorisNotFat.png)

Sorry for double posting but I just saw this. Lol. Can someone combine this image with screenshots of Lori saying "oink oink" at a 16 year old and telling Sonya to do more coke to lose weight? That was only 2019-2020.

Also bonus comment from Lori implying that Scott spilled the beans on lolcow for CLOUT lmao.

>After 2 decades

She was begging Scott for money as recently as 2017.

No. 258936

>is it the 90s still or something?

but it's not old hat when you're calling people fat, right? deluded flabby hag.

No. 258947

What the hell is going on with her arm here? Is that her elbow? Her hand in movement? She looks AI generated.

No. 258952

she looks like she's struggling to shit onto the floor.

No. 258957

She took pictures with this skeleton last year. It's in the lobby at her apartment.

She must say people are projecting to cope. She cant accept that's shes just unlikable and there are people more successful and even better looking than her that see what she posts and either laugh at her or feel sorry for her.

No. 258998

File: 1665987539902.jpeg (557.91 KB, 2048x2048, 44DD2B39-F4B8-401A-81A8-E06843…)

Lmao shes so pressed that even her simps are calling her fat to keep bringing it up. Ya fat girl, get used to it

Also heres a compilation of her fatshaming nona! Plus my favorite one of her saying “nobody wants to see flabby rolls or a boring face” on onlyfans

No. 259024

Oh please, let lori and her tard police try to roast anyone.

No. 259048

File: 1666013565350.jpeg (354.24 KB, 1497x1092, 7A396F8E-5772-4BA8-A619-25C02A…)

Her father has shown up to defend his daughter’s, ehh…. honor?

No. 259052

the funny thing is, there really isn't anything wrong with loris real face. like shes not stunning or a showstopper or anything but a completely average looking woman. why she chooses to shoop into oblivion a not even attractive face always baffles me. it's really a sad case of low self esteem and a cluster B personality disorder. great autistic find also nona. surprising her father doesn't mind his daughter is a whore online? or maybe he doesn't understand the context of the photos from instagram? she must keep him hidden from all her OF shilling posts please god don't have her showing those posts to her father and like other family members cringe he seems supportive of her from that comment though.

No. 259053


Keep eating, girl. You live rent free in my mind posing as I live rent free in my house because I have a mortgage. Posing with the lobby decor skeleton is really showing the haters you're unbothered.

No. 259073

Maybe her father should have taught his daughter to respect herself and stop being an online whore instead if commenting a retarded comment back at another grown man. This looks more enabling than supportive. Sad.

No. 259075

This is perfect, thanks anon. I forgot about the passive aggressive belly rolls status. I wonder who that was directed at.

This is hilarious wtf. I didn't know her dad was on her Facebook and gets to see all of "the spicy" posts. Reminds me of Vicky Shingles's dad and how he sees all her thirst trap finger in mouth posts. Cows love exposing their family members to their weird sex shit.

No. 259120

other than her aging badly i agree she's average, but the thing is, aside from her own insecurities, she needs to edit something to garner interest. she's not unattractive but is nothing special. she doesn't even have the anachan thing going for her anymore, and now she's chubby with no breasts(which does matter when catering to men). i don't think she knows how to shoop very well, which is why she doesn't do it better. and her features clash with the editing apps she uses.

No. 259128

honestly i’m glad the disability rape apologist is fat, lonely, childless, uneducated, high school dropout, unmarried, and stuck to some small dick moid in a crappy luxury apartment, in some bumblefuck city nobody knows or cares about.

No. 259142


Not even AT another grown man. At a fucking screenshot. Hilarious.

No. 259145

good thing that being a porn producer basically means wearing as little fabric as possible so their costumes must cost like next to nothing…

No. 259176

>middle aged online whore trying to keep up with younger girls using app pics
>father supporting her OF and has no idea what she really looks like

This is the stuff reality shows are made of.

Her face was so saggy and that pic is probably 10 years old. She must look horrific IRL.

No. 259182

To be fair the pic was in fact posted 10 years ago.

No. 259228

I mean, her face looked barely okayish in the last candids we have of her, but since COVID she hasn't dared show her face in public. 3 years and one round of rapid weight loss (from starvation) followed by another cycle of weight gain (from eating only junk) later, who knows how bad it is now?

No. 259281

I imagine there came a time when she started catching rolled eyes and smirks at cons when she started up about how everyone mistakes her for a 20 year old, and that was that for the “unsupportive” cosplay crowd. A pretty late-30 year old will not look the same as a pretty early-20 year old, that’s just reality. I also agree from the filter slips, it doesn’t look like she’s aged particularly well.

She’s a boring cow, but I still find it fascinating that she went from being a social butterfly to being an absolute recluse. Can you imagine going out for ‘adventures’ on your SO’s birthday, and not posting one single picture? Sure, let’s believe Kevin’s phone was dead… no tags from (totally not made up) friends or your girlfriend? The girlfriend who made a multi-pic post about bougie lemonade? Lori’s ego is so fragile, none of these friends can post candids? It’s absolutely incredible to me.

No. 259289

>I still find it fascinating that she went from being a social butterfly to being an absolute recluse.

Me too, anon! I have posted about this before. It's pretty remarkable. Lori used to revel in the fact that she had a group of minions at her beck and call to do her bidding for her and defend her online. She wishes she still had that by her multiple attempts to call out that one coomer who called her fat. Kevin doesn't even defend her anymore lol.

No. 259361

It doesn't seem like she was ever a social butterfly. More like manipulating young people and using sex was her only way of ensuring she had a place to live and grift off of.

She got old and couldn't find people who would fall for her antics, which is how she ended up with a broke virgin mormon of all things, kek.

No. 259369

How old is Kevin now? 29?

No. 259370

This. She was never a social butterfly. I can't speak for everyone back then but most of us just figured it was easier to let her run around taking control of conversations and talk over us than for her to tantrum about not getting enough attention. We knew eventually she'd run off with whoever she was dating at the time to go have sex and give us time to actually hang out. There were only a handful of people who liked her.

No. 259410

I guess it depends on if ‘social butterfly’ means “well-liked” or just, “likes to put self in the middle of everything”. My impression was that she was smart enough to suck up to a few socialites (like Chrissy) to get invites, and just steamrolled the rest. Before she was blacklisted, she did seek out company. I mean, it wall all to feed her own ego, but still.

No. 259457

File: 1666142258298.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, Mysides.gif)

>You live rent free in my mind posing as I live rent free in my house because I have a mortgage

No. 259463

>She was never a social butterfly.
>there was only a handful of people who liked her.

This is completely true.

Before she was known she was often found with just her current momochan and maybe a friend or two. She floated from group to group annoying people. Once she got known she manipulated a handful of people. She never had droves of people who loved her and followed her around. Aside from the kewl kou Klan or whatever guy she was sleeping with, she often hung with whatever group was around, especially in the earlier days.

Lori's claim to fame is being a cheater. That's what she got known for, not being popular or liked. Even if back in the day some of her costumes were considered good for the time, she didnt make them. She was nothing special, just a loud mouth cheater who hurt people, not a "social butterfly" at all.

No. 259496

Ah ok I stand corrected then. I never knew her irl and I only had one interaction with her online in like 2002 or something. To me it looked like she had a whole posse of defenders, at least online. I know she would often coax others into standing up for her against "haters". I'm sure she wishes she still had that. Kevin truly is Lori's karma, lol.

No. 259626

i doubt it. his spineless ass couldn’t even convince her mother to tell her pea sized brain to literally finish high school, and not let her run off with disgusting, creepy weeaboo moids who turned out to rape some woman she siphoned money from when she was underage. padre cerda did what he could as a parent, creating a narcissistic, psychotic, old, barren, poor hag with no job, future, or goals.

No. 259633

The fact that Lori has her immediate family added to her sex work accounts is disgusting. Can’t imagine how someone thinks it’s okay to post links to photos of their prolapsed turd tunnel where their dad will see it… not to mention the public meltdowns and fights with Kevin. Most sane people have a separate account! Don’t post that shit on main!

No. 259700

To answer your question anon, someone who's family is equally as dysfunctional. I'm not an oldfag but anons have stated her family sucked. Regardless of whether it came from Lori's lying mouth it's consistent with he behaviour the past 20 years.

No. 260170

File: 1666365602218.jpg (123.63 KB, 720x1150, IMG_20221021_080551_607.jpg)

Kevin this makes no sense. First of all, you deleted all your cosplay friends because of not giving enough heart reacts to Lori's lazy mirror selfies. But let's pretend he has people still following him for his once a year cosplay posts, whyyyyy would they, people who are interested in the cosplay craft, want to follow a woman who does zero cosplay and just stands around?! Why would they be interested in the same stupid faced selfie over and over in different outfits? IT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE.

No. 260196

The only cosplay I see is an old bat who still thinks she is 25.

No. 260277

her face shoop is so fucking scary wtf, she legit looks like a corpse with blood pooling in her legs

No. 260359

It seems like Lori makes these posts and that's the only time she unblocks him, when she's controlling his acct.

No. 260399

File: 1666407565351.jpg (72.12 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20221021_195821_327.jpg)

I think Lori must be love bombing him because she hardly ever follows him but has been following him since October 15th.

No. 260842

File: 1666555983345.webm (1.38 MB, 720x1280, ImBaby.webm)

Is this a quote from something or just more sick pedo pandering shit? She's made several of these videos where she pitches up her voice and goes "I'M BABY." and it is always disturbing.

No. 260864

That's another attempt to forgo adulting. It's a common tactic for arrested development.

No. 260876

It's a meme but in the context here, yeah also that other thing.

No. 260879

This seems to have been since the trial thing?

>I'm baby
Not with that wrinkled sagging face, gut and middle-aged smoker voice, kek.

No. 260908

Correct. The trial was September 8th. Lori hardly ever follows Kevin which is why I assumed love bombing. She usually only follows him for a few days at most before either unfollowing or blocking him so it's impressive it's lasted more than a week so far.

No. 260911

File: 1666568379450.jpg (Spoiler Image,173.42 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I mean she DOES kind of resemble baby Sinclair.

No. 261005

File: 1666630206403.png (1.52 MB, 1441x1177, eRMr8j3ZB20.png)

I forgot to post these the other day. I don't make fun of Lori for being old because she (probably) looks fine for her age but man is it funny to see something like this next to her bragging about looking like a teenager. The crispy white hair ages her so much.

No. 261013

is this supposed to look cool? it looks like she's in a tanning bed lmao.

No. 261020

roast chicken or cremation?

No. 261093

>>261005 what is this? Looks like a bunkbed with lights lol

No. 261122

The heat lamp that keeps her cold blooded ass from freezing to death

No. 261174

Absolute soccer mom bod with no legs.

No. 261184

I can never get over how MASSIVE those flippers are. Where her feet touch the towel would be where I'd expect a normal foot to end and then it just keeps GOING.

No. 261205

No wonder she claims to have spine issues. She’s literally breaking it to create the illusion she has an ass.

No. 261224

I know I've said this several times but it makes me laugh how she has no shoes on her Amazon wishlist because we would see the size, lol. She's so obsessed with collecting those crappy platform boots and plastic stripper wear but she only has the plastic stripper wear on her wishlist.

No. 261226

File: 1666708680171.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.97 KB, 500x667, KEPrTcQf.jpg)

I found some Lori nudes on a forum again. Sorry. I haven't made it past this pic yet. Perhaps you nonnas can go through the rest…


No. 261233

Both her eyes and nipples staring me down is gonna give me some real nightmares

No. 261235

Ah, we saw these a few threads ago >>196405
Kek, I’d forgotten how tragic those ahego nips are.

No. 261239

Sorry I didn't realize they were old at first but the more I looked at them, it is obvious these are from 20-30 pounds ago.

No. 261257

>literally uses snow to bleach and blur her crooked nips and busted legovag

No surprise scrots aren't buying her nudes and they're still resorting to ebegging.

On a side note, their apt complex is known for having dog feces everywhere, flooding and the pool being dirty like a public one. Loony is very sad in trying to act like she's #madeit by hanging around there all day.

No. 261266

File: 1666722220902.jpeg (166.4 KB, 596x847, EA93FFBC-D52C-4F9E-8738-290BEF…)

The caption - “I wonder if Marin would ever cosplay 02~ easy peasy! Happy Monstergirl Mondaaaay homies!”

Lori,….no. You don’t like like a teen cosplaying another teen. You look like a 37 year old in an ill- fitting onesie with poorly painted cardboard attachments.

No. 261270

It's definitely the fireplace in her apartment lobby. Love the addition of a towel from her totally private community pool!

No. 261272

And she brought a little tripod and put it on the floor for the shot. Kevvy not caring to help her anymore?

No. 261275

isn't that thing in the back for the ferrets, the pink tunnel thing? is there one left or is this from before she let them all die? she's been known to reuse pics. I could imagine this is from a few pounds lighter.
I don't relish asking, the poor things deserved so much better.

No. 261277

i think it's the old one. i wonder why she kept it though. atleast we can see the hole in the top so crazy "it's a pillow" anon can shut up.

No. 261278

likelihood is the ferret drama was instigated from gossiping ex that posts on this board. they could be alive.

No. 261286

File: 1666728322607.jpeg (193.06 KB, 750x1334, 42F0F725-66D3-4E7A-8D47-B677B8…)

I think there’s one left. There was one in a pic within the last month, though that could be old too.

Here’s a candid of her in this suit, so keep that in mind -

No. 261289


I bet this is how she dresses to hand out candy to the kids on halloween

No. 261301

She's often yo-yoing but judging by the lack of fabric bunching in the recent pic she's probably back at or at least close to this weight again.

No. 261306

her thigh to calf ratio is horrifying. really hoping it's just a shitty edit and they don't actually look like that.

whoa it's no wonder she keeps awful bangs all the time. she has a fivehead kek

No. 261335

>it's the gossiping ex that Loony hates for having exposed her

Loony and Kevvy themselves have made GFMs and dozens of posts on FB begging for cash in ferret groups even after the animals died.

Everyone knows Loony kills animals, this isn't brand new information. A ferret is probably still alive and they'll use it for money, too.

The candid has more wrinkles and folds than the newer edited pic, so she's likely even heavier now. Her gut was hanging out in that Attack on Titan pool video and even on that, she was sucking it in while running.

No. 261350

>really hoping it's just a shitty edit and they don't actually look like that.

Someone plz repost the edit an anon did where they took Lori's foot and placed it across her calf. I think she was in that white 02 suit actually. Maybe it was the red peed on suit though. Her feet are the same length as her calves.

No. 261379

She's also hiding her jowls in every pic because even the app isn't able to erase them completely.

The other sign of her weight gain is on her sagging face and back rolls. This >>259048 with more weight means the sides of her face must be drooping a ton, so she has to make that stupid expression to hide it.

No. 261405

this reply makes me want to hi cow. cause why the WK anon? not read the threads before or have a horse in this shitshow race to the bottom?

No. 261447

File: 1666806373094.png (4.12 MB, 1439x1906, Screenshot_20221026-104412.png)

The caption on this is "Marin without a wig"
Rat teeth and weight gain are showing

No. 261454

It's such a specific sperg, kind of like Kevvy being 5 feet tall, kek.

No. 261463

the non-Euclidian geometry of her boggling side and back - the blue light and the intense warping on the buttcheek - whatever the hell the thong ruffle is doing… I feel like I'm stroking out

No. 261524

Totally normal skin tone to have, if you're a salmon

No. 261539

File: 1666826206005.jpg (296.12 KB, 758x1133, SmartSelect_20221027_011537_Fi…)

I cant get over that sad ass…

No. 261693

what's going on with her gunt, she's edited it into such a weird shape???

No. 261708

File: 1666881601670.png (677.89 KB, 669x759, foot.png)

Not the same anon but hope this works.

I'm guessing the shitty lighting washing out the tip of her foot was a happy accident for her. Pretty sure it took off like a whole inch. >>261350

No. 261951

Did you notice the curve of her back? It looks like she edited it in paint. This is probably one of her worst imo

No. 262016

File: 1666924499666.jpg (104.95 KB, 720x1168, IMG_20221027_180738_811.jpg)

Ferret grift 3.0 incoming.

No. 262022

She's been editing her gut for a while now, this one is particularly bad because it looks like pure fat that goes right into her crotch. The huge semi-erased belly button proves she's actually massive in proportion to her edits.

Kek, right on the timing of this wk post >>261278 and everyone knowing they're going to use the ferrets for money again.

No. 262157

ffs, ferrets get cancer like people catch fucking colds. they just naturally have a high chance of getting cancer. ferrets are tragic like that.

assuming she isn't lying (and she probably is), it would be merciful to have the poor ferret put down rather than putting it through cancer treatment when it's already likely that it'll just get cancer again.

but then again, putting an animal down is way cheaper than treating its cancer, so from a grifting standpoint it would make sense that she would want to treat the cancer, because she's gonna need lots of other peoples' money to pay for it

No. 262175

They are the worst. In Kevin's GFM for the last ferret he described in great detail how shitty the quality of life was for that poor animal for months. And how they just didn't want to say goodbye. People who make animals suffer with illness because they don't want to feel sad are absolute scum.

No. 262223

No. 262235

File: 1666984214081.jpeg (188.83 KB, 750x841, 5DF29F0C-D6C5-4ADF-8C8A-DD9D9B…)

Kekkkkk, he rewrote the description, didn’t he? Love the, ‘we didn’t reach our goal uwu, the world is a cruel, scary place and we really need you to make it up to us and fork over some money NOW to restore our faith in it’ grift.

No. 262241

Lori seriously looks like she's missing a chromosome or two in this.

Unfortunately it's no surprise that Kevin and Lori using their poor pet to grift again. They're both such blatant, disgusting sociopaths.

No. 262248

Good catch. He did rewrite it. Kevin is terrible at being manipulative but it's still disgusting that he tries. He's just too stupid. Your summary of the new description is spot on.

Kevin and Lori truly are the same people now. They look the exact same and Kevin basically adopted Lori's personality, right down to the dumb "beep beep" catchphrases. He even does the whole boring "Wah I miss the sun. Fall is too cold!" complaints that Lori does every time summer ends and she can't walk around with her saggy ass out.

I fucking hate it when cows involve animals in their bullshit. I had to hide the Stefany Mancebo thread for awhile when she was hoarding animals in her one bedroom apartment. It is rage inducing.

Kevin chose to enter back into a mutually abusive relationship with Lori. Animals can't make that same choice. They're going to make this ferret suffer until the end like they did with the 3 others and it's so messed up.

No. 262252

I missed the whole court drama. Do you think they brought up the peeing on stuff as a kind of vandalism?

No. 262336

File: 1667010594872.png (45.56 KB, 617x422, F5FD3E05-85DD-43D9-84A1-0BDAF9…)

Heres part of the old description. Whos even left now, Puck?

Kek I cant tell if you’re joking or not but that would’ve been hilarious. His case was dismissed so you didnt miss much

No. 262346

File: 1667013770692.jpeg (208.55 KB, 750x1084, C074F775-54AA-4318-B4D7-0B0406…)

So because shes too “uwu neurodivergent and busy” she can’t bother to pay attention to you because “boundaries”, unless you hand over money then suddenly crossing those boundaries are ok. Also if shes too busy to respond, wouldnt that mean shes also too busy to respond even on OF?

Word of advice Lori, if you can’t interact with someone because “muh autism” thats probably a sign you shouldn’t be in sex work

Also “busy” “autistic” and “asexual” aren’t assets anybodys looking for on OF. It doesn’t make you sound like a quirky dreamgirl, it makes you sound like a retard who can’t hold the most basic conversation

No. 262366

It's all 100% addict behaviour. You will never, ever, ever convince me that they are anything but addicts. I don't know to what, my guess is definitely opiates, but they are definitely druggies.

No. 262375

pan maybe? it’s the only one not mentioned in the post.

No. 262462

pan hasn't been mentioned in a longgggg time. Nonas think he passed away a long time and they were just quiet. Notice how they keep mentioning 3 ferrets and not 4

No. 262536


Agreed. A lot of Lori and Kevin's behaviors reek of typical manipulative addict bullshit. Kevin's brother struggled with addiction (no idea if he's currently sober) and Kevin went to rehab in the past. Lori is a lifelong grifter and batshit fucking crazy cunt so it's tough to know if she's a junkie too or just being her Cluster B garbage self. If Lori is using, she's clearly too poor for coke because god damn look at that rapidly expanding waistline.

No. 262569

kevin’s brother used to be addicted to substances? (i am not knowledgeable on hanft family lore.)

one of the things lori would tell people when trying to grift as a teen was saying her brother was a druggy who her parents prioritized over her.

i don’t know if that was true, but that same brother right now looks sober, employed, has an adorable kid, and is married to a beautiful woman—the three look very happy—wannarexic abuela probably thinks she’s doing better in her matchbox apartment kevin’s parents pay for and her diet of juice and instant noodles kevin pays for because her sister-in-law is “fat”/“destroyed her body through pregnancy/childbirth”, etc. and has a job… but anyways don’t forget to sub and s!mp to the loli elf succubus bb’s sp!cy s!te so she can afford a new skimpy xxs outfit she can barely cram her body into.

its amazing how little lori has grown in the last 20 years.

No. 262578

How they both look so sunken in while moving or talking erratically in videos originally convinced me that they're druggies. Not even counting the psychotic breaks between them constantly getting the cops involved.

Interesting, Lori being jealous of how her brother and his family turned out really explains a lot of the recent posts on how she hates women who have children and families.

No. 262596

Which brother, Dan? I noticed Kevin stopped following Dan a good while back. I wondered if something happened. They used to be close. Dan used to like Kevin's posts on FB.

I think Kevin has 1-2 sisters but I'm not familiar with any brothers other than Dan.

No. 262620

i honestly think they both just smoke too much weed and it gives them cannabis induced psychosis kek. loris posted pictures with dab pens before, kevin always has bright red eyes (use some visine motherfucker), and both of their erractic behavior and paranoia seems like it could be from too much weed use to me. also explains why it always looks like lori edited with a blindfold on, because shes too stoned to notice the details. i honestly dont think they could afford another drug. kevin probably has a plug within the teens at the skatepark and its why abuela lets him go there. a lot of people can get junkie level addictions to weed (its mostly a mental thing but some people do get some physical symptoms like nausea), especially cluster b types. their big domestic fight being on 4/20 only locks it in more for me. lori was mad that kevvy didn't beg and work hard enough for her to get enough weed and a pen for her to be satisfied that day.

No. 262763

Yeah, I think it was Dan who struggled with addiction. I think there may be an older Hanft brother besides Dan but not 100% sure.

Lori's younger brother was arrested a while back for stealing a car. It's good to hear that he's cleaned up and doing well these days unlike his toxic sister.

No. 262767

The stupidity of stating someone used most of their hard earned saving on vet bill's in a year reads to anyone with money as they're broke.

I think the begging is the most pathetic thing about them.

They should try saving that weed money so they dont burn through their piddly savings next time something pretend to love is dying.

No surprise the brother cleaned up his act. He wasnt the one traipsing all over the country living out some childish fantasy every day.

No. 262876

It wasn't even a subtle self wk attempt, they're too retarded to do it right.

Hope the "gossiping ex" comes back to reveal more of how desperate Loony is as she reaches out to her dwindling network of exes for meals while cheating on Kevvy.

No. 262882

File: 1667209378893.jpg (116.74 KB, 720x1047, IMG_20221031_023850_222.jpg)

Big yawn. Lori is sharing some donation fund for some other poor who can't afford her vet bills in preparation for the donation fund that she is likely to solicit in the following days.

No. 262954

I think their last gofundme is still up. Barely anyone donated, except for maybe some people in ferret pet groups that didn’t know about these two grifters.
Lori is apparently living so ~luxuriously~, but not above begging people for money. She wants to play both “poor sexworker” and “rich ethot” at the same time.

No. 263118

At that point why doesn’t she and Kevin file for disablity? They never plan on working and they claim to have mental issues. Instead they would rather beg on the internet instead of getting off their ass and asking the government for help.

No. 263141

I'm hearing twitter is doing a bot purge. Anyone keeping an eye on Lori's account metrics?

No. 263148

Who the FUCK outside of Lori and Vicki use facebook?

No. 263629

File: 1667458581614.jpeg (170.57 KB, 1242x1327, 1DAFB02B-0AD6-4128-8EE3-4C1891…)

Who is trying to rebuild any connections with Lori or Kevin?

No. 263908

File: 1667517187408.jpg (471.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221104-101132.jpg)

This is just outing yourself for the shoop kek

No. 263914

I like how not only did the photo quality get worse, but that she has to cover half her face in the recent photo so you can’t tell how much her youth deteriorated in 14 years

No. 263925

And her missing teeth kek

No. 263948

Three entirely different faces. The delusion she’s had all her life about herself has gotten so much worse over the years, and it was bad enough in the 2000’s to make her look like a nut job.

No. 263985

And the weird way she now shoops her gunt.

Ignoring the fact that the first two pics were already shooped, people will instantly call out that they're clearer than her potato ones because she has to hide how decrepit she is.

Can't wait to see a candid from this decade. She's so delusional, kek.

No. 263999

kek is she wearing the same extensions in all of these pictures? it really almost looks like shes still wearing the same usagi dumpling bun extensions now as she was in 2004. i don't know much about fake hair, could it last that long? with her hoarding and tendency to pull old ass clothes from 10+ years out, i could see these being the same ones shes had for years.

No. 264090

File: 1667584633107.png (97.35 KB, 511x224, paint_by_numbers_by_lori.PNG)

>don't age
yeah wow, it's crazy how one overly blasted brightness white photo looks like it didn't age when you compare it to another overly blasted brightness white photo. /s

Is she serious? How can she post this unironically… Especially in this day and age where everyone can see from a mile away she went into every single photo and edited the fuck out of skin texture, brightness/contrast/added white tone… It's so fucking funny because if you look at the 2014 photo, even in a small resolution, you can see how badly edited it is because her eyeliner has been darkened SO BLACK compared to the rest of the 'white' of it that it looks TERRIBLE, like 'im 14 and photo edited this on corel paint' bad. Even the blue of her eyes have been edited to be more saturated. She LITERALLY painted her fucking eyeliner! Not to even mention the massive amount of editing she did in the 2022, but that's so obvious/spoken about here that it's a given. Bitch it's 2022, if you're gunna pretend to be a 'genetic vampire' learn actual shooping skills.

You can see here she literally painted her eyes (they should not be going over her eyelid like so…)

No. 264198

File: 1667596780409.jpeg (36.92 KB, 564x638, 543055_10151800385765431_16888…)

Abuela's 20 years of balding with extensions.

No. 264209

Hairfag here, they are different extensions each time. Fake hair doesn't last long because it gets very tangled and sheds, but it's also very cheap to buy long fake hair. Human hair is far better for any hair extension or wig since it lasts very well, but it gets very expensive past about 16inch
>First ones are shiny, bright fake hair
>Second ones are slightly duller, with a texture and slight wave
>Most recent ones are straight and a much lighter colour

No. 264231

I mean she looks great for 36 but she definitely doesn’t look the same as she did when she was 18. If she would just admit she looks good for her age and not like an immortal forever teenager she could stop all the shooping.

No. 264237

>>264231 She's not 36 in this photo though, this is many years ago. Maybe she was 28-30 max here?

No. 264255

Anon means moreso her current self, and I agree tbh. 'Great' is pushing it, but she's not this haggard swamp creature some anons ITT like to claim, she looks good for her age and if she just styled herself like a normal adult and owned it, she'd be fine. But nope we live in the worst timeline, so we get the technicolor affront to our eyes that is her aliexpress outfits she insists on squeezing herself in.

No. 264261

File: 1667611754468.jpg (605.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221105-122800.jpg)

This just in, Lori is pretending she has a gambling problem to feign financial security

No. 264270

File: 1667614360025.jpg (53.71 KB, 589x681, 66115961_1550744935050166_5187…)

This isn't a new photo either but she's been sagging for a long time. Everyone's used to her extreme edits and forgot what she looks like.

For an older woman obsessed with status symbols and saying she's rich, she doesn't have diamond rings or purses. Is that the dingy fanny pack she wears all the time?

No. 264277

what even is this? gambling is illegal in utah. we don’t even have any casinos out here. pretty sure poker is illegal too.

No. 264278

Check out Kevin in the background with his cool yellow pants playing pool or something.

No. 264284

She didn't say that at all, what? I'm all for milk, but don't add extra shit that isn't even in the photo or makes sense. At least wait until she starts begging for money because of it. Wishful thinking milk.. gdi.

No. 264289

Are you being intentionally obtuse I said that because of the laws in Utah that prohibit gambling, an activity most well adjusted people take part in during the night, or a weekend. Although I was being hyperbolic, gambling during the weekdays in a state with laws against it looks like a gambling problem to anyone with a functioning brain.

No. 264292

It's not gambling if money isn't involved.

No. 264306

How do you know money isn't involved? And if it isn't that's even sadder kek.

No. 264313

Because some that 'gamble' have prizes like if you went to Round 1. There is only one legal casino in Utah and I doubt she is at it. It would be very, very hard due to how religious the state is and how hated gambling is there, for her to find somewhere to monetarily gamble. This just seems like wishful thinking.

No. 264330

it looks like theyre in a common space in their apartment complex, must have a space with a pool table and some poker chips and her and kevvy are just chimping around taking pictures to pretend they have a social life. poker chips dont equal gambling you can buy them at walmart kek.

No. 264338

File: 1667646989398.jpeg (130.03 KB, 900x600, hardware-apartments_amenity-14…)

NTA but they never leave their apartment bc they're poorfags.

Is correct, this is just some free to use junk they're being speds with in the common area. Lori isn't playing with anyone.

No. 264355

Omg. I love that she made her own “evolution of catfishing” collage! Cute!
Lots of poorly executed cope-posting lately. Lori must be struggling with something. Thoughts and prayers to Kevin.

No. 264392

File: 1667674794978.jpg (77.77 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20221105_115750_101.jpg)

Kevin almost made it a whole 2 months following Lori. He isn't blocked though, because his likes are still on her page and when he's blocked, those go away. (You can actually tell when he gets blocked because there will be gaps in his "likes" on Lori's pics lol)

No. 264415

Genuinely, what the fuck is even the point of the unfollowing/blocking? Do they sit on opposite sides of the apartment and smugly click the unfollow or block button and think "yeah, that'll show them"?

No. 264424

I think it's the extension of their real life fights/arguments. They probably argue in person, some worse than others as we've seen, and then when they are still pissed off with each other, that's when the blocking/unfollowing starts on social media.

Remember when they would change their Facebook statuses to engaged, engaged to (Kevin Hanft/Lori Lewd), single, no info, back and forth all the time when they were fighting? I used to semi track that one too (not with dates or anything but I would make note of when they both did this and combine them in an image and post it to their threads here) but then they both stopped that entirely.

No. 264479

Sorry anons, I don't come from a country where people recreationally mess around with poker chips unless there's cash on the table so I misinterpreted. It's not fun even with money involved so from my perspective it just looks like sad and boring way to spend the week.

This is shit teenagers do which leads me to believe you're %100 correct kek.

No. 264491

That is embarrassing to think about. Imagine leaving your apartment to run errands and passing these two clowns posing in the common area room nobody uses because its a step below a game room at your local rec center.

Im surprised they stayed at this place this long. Surely theres no way their lease got renewed.

No. 264495

They're staying on those affordable housing rates for low incomes and Kevvy's parents are paying. Wouldn't be surprised if one of them claims fake disability for it, too. Funny that Kevvy only owns one pair of pants, he must be buying everything for Loony.

No. 264502

File: 1667743912381.jpeg (190.78 KB, 750x1007, A8EA8E2C-011B-4798-BBD5-441DB3…)

Kevin posted this on both of his fb accounts. I still don’t get why he thinks advertising financial desperation is a good strategy. It’s so creepy.

No. 264526

If they’re paying rent consistently and aren’t causing too many problems or destroying the property management isn’t going to want them to leave.

No. 264552

File: 1667768289983.jpg (91.83 KB, 720x1169, IMG_20221106_135724_582.jpg)

Here's Kevin whining about how he isn't a successful YouTuber again.

No. 264572

Last time he posted as a 30 second video 6 months ago. He doesn’t market. He doesn’t interact with other skateboarders or communities. He doesn’t produce or share unique content. What does he expect?

No. 264648

Damn, this might be the most prominent showcase of her significant weight gain so far. (What is she, 130lbs at 5’1”?)

Is how fat her fingers look on her phone hand due to the editing?

No. 264682

Kek, get a job like everyone else if you need money.

People with intelligence know there's something wrong with them at first glance. This isnt "unique style", its mental illness. Imagine adults with lucrative careers and sucessful lives seeing this woman in public. They know immediately she's not ok.

I noticed the fingers right away. Anyone paying for pictures like this must know they're completely edited and fake. It might be a reason no other cuck ever picked her up. Why meet her in person when we can see the pics are fake.

No. 264690

There’s nothing about that photo that looks appealing. Her expression looks like she wasn’t even ready for her own selfie. How they look at that (or anything she posts) and think ‘yes, this is the one that’s going to bring in the spicy spaghetti macaroni money’ is beyond delusional.

No. 264692

File: 1667839551686.jpeg (79.12 KB, 631x806, AD574762-4625-4BB1-8F99-73731F…)

When she turns to the side enough that her beak covers her eye, the filter reallyyyy struggles to rearrange everything.

No. 264695

Considering how she really looks from the side in >>264270 it's no surprise she's doing everything she can to hide her recessed manjaw, lack of upper lip and nasolabials.

The goofy expressions and fake teeth filters can only go so far. She needs her eyes checked if she thinks this is how actually attractive people look >>262346

No. 264703

Wow, its almost like people want to be part of discussions and not first row at the Bishie narc show on youtube.
He has the naivety of a child. Only people making millions off youtube are the channels like Mr. Beast and Ryan's Toys or whatever. Also isn't revenue on there generated via google ads and partners?

No. 264709

He has no idea how social media works. He puts absolutely no effort into his pages, and isn’t even thinking about analytics. I think Kev here expects to become some viral overnight sensation from his mediocre skating videos, that aren’t even posted on a schedule. Delusional.

No. 264712

I might just go out on a limb and say this is the worst her hair has ever looked. It’s so busted and fried, and looks so unhealthy. I’m sure it’s coming out in clumps.

I’ll wait for the incoming “my hair is lush and full and goes down past my dumpy diaper ass” cope post to follow.

No. 264760

He truly doesn’t. Nobody gives a shit or can relate to a video of him showing off an ugly shoe in a dimly lit kitchen on the floor.

And any time they had a follower who wanted to interact with them in the past, him and Lori would just shoo them away with “if you want skateboarding tips subscribe to my girlfriends OnlyFans” or “for cosplay prop making tips subscribe to the spicy!” Ironic since those mightve actually been decent subjects to make videos on. But nah they feel too entitled to everyones money to make content for free

No. 264775

These cows think fame and millions are just around the corner while being jealous of anyone with success. They don't realize all those people they're jealous of put the work in.

They're forever going to be in debt and denial, including about their looks, kek. The begging seems to reach a fever pitch around this time of the year, almost like clockwork.

No. 264832

File: 1668029520298.jpeg (118.16 KB, 750x1010, 51A092C2-73D7-4E25-A2B9-359B89…)

Winner winner chicken dinner, prophetic nonny!

Lori lives in a reality where no one could possibly just pay a vet bill and focus on providing the best quality end-of-life care to the animal. It’s perfectly normal to have to beg and put on a big performative show about the suffering the pet is needlessly enduring because other selfish people won’t cough up hundreds of dollars.

No. 264835

Wish there were a way to donate directly to the vet clinics in situations like these where the owner is a thieving piece of shit so people can make sure that the money goes directly to the poor pet's care and the owners don't see a single penny

No. 264858

As long as I live, as God as my witness, I will never pay for someone's - no one's - goddamn motherfucking vet bills. ESPECIALLY not for a fucking ferret!

No. 264893

File: 1668043144898.jpg (98.93 KB, 720x1201, IMG_20221109_181546_967.jpg)

>Winner winner chicken dinner, prophetic nonny!

Haha that was me and I was just coming to post this.

>If you ever somewhat wanted to see me (pretend to be) naked, I'm at my most desperate now. My ferret needs surgery.

So sexy.

No. 264920

I’ll try my hand at foretelling: I predict Lori will get a few pity donations. Not enough to treat the poor ferret, sadly, but the new streetwalker shoes/ nail set/ extensions will help ease the sting of it’s death.
Lori and Kevin suck. Any ‘Ferrets 101’ type website will advise you that ferrets are prone to cancers and other terminal conditions. They all say to save up, because your ferret WILL need costly vet care sooner or later.

No. 264954

why does she make it like the poor ferret is on only fans

No. 264960

She even puts her meitu filters on a dying animal because it's just a prop to her.

The amount of filtering she uses is insane, look at how the green pool table >>264338 turned into neon teal >>264261 because she's not uwu pale, so even pics of her meaty claws need to be filtered.

No. 264973

The fact that she peddles her “sp¡cy site” with a photo of her dying pet… girl you are so ghetto

No. 265452

File: 1668278511531.jpg (95.89 KB, 720x992, IMG_20221112_113951_724.jpg)

I guess she gave up on editing herself skinny.

No. 265457

I think she has one paypig at a time, her of is not very popular so she caters to whoever is giving her the most money, hence the unwanted feet closeups for one specific guy. Seems like there's a new guy who likes kim k asses now.

No. 265481

So what's her ass and what's her thighs? Wait… nooo… is her ass long and narrow? Omg so unfortunate.

No. 265484

The thumbnail looked like Moo in a wig. They even make the same stupid faces. Go get some lipo, Loony.

No. 265523

I'm all for dunking on Lori, but some of you anons sound so incredibly stupid with what you say. That's hip/butt/thigh. Do you have any idea how anatomy works and how all of that is connected? Most asses do sit low because the muscle to build them are low, not high up like people say it is. Your lower back isn't your ass.

No. 265531

Doesn't it look uncanny and strange though? The pose is so weird and her proportions feel totally off.

No. 265534

No. Like, it's smoothed as fuck, but where the ass it sitting and where it meets the thigh, no, and she has hip-dips. Literally nothing in this looks weird. The only way you would get a round ass at the bottom bend is if you stage it that way by pulling the skin out and adjusting your sitting again, or you get a BBL.

No. 265543

Honestly the bottom half of the image looks her age where as the top half looks uncanny next to the matronly hips/thigh/butt area. Before anons get their knickers in a twist it's not an insult, but a subjective opinion, so don't get personally offended.

No. 265546

She literally looks like an amputee from the thumbnailand she edited out everything that's remotely a shadow, so of course it looks busted.

No. 265552

She's right next to a light source. The shadows weren't harsh to begin with even with her bluring of the skin plus overhead ceiling lighting. The room isn't dark.

No. 265581

No. 265582

I understand anatomy just fine, but obviously Lori doesn’t since her heads smaller than the width of her thigh

No. 265585

The anons saying she's fat and should get lip are retarded, and yes having hips like this is totally normal, but they are violin hips and not everyone has them, some people naturally have more fullness there, though they're typically of a higher body weight. Hers just look really extreme in this photo, which is likely just because she edits them in other pictures

No. 265597

It looks weird because she has no definition to her ass from muscle. The shadow created by the indent from where her gluteus medius and maximus meet look jarring when combined with the jutting out hip but it isn't unusual, just sloppy. Gravity and tone matter, Lori, not being fat isn't enough.

No. 265609

Nah dude, this pose is weird. She ballooned and I agree with the anon who said she looks like Moo. It’s all I can see. You know she is 100% hiding a mcchicken gut under that apron.

Why are you so tilted over this? Don’t take the criticism personally, fatty.

No. 265610

Cataracts are hawt

No. 265617

The camera is down below. Everyone's head looks small that way??

No. 265618

Apparently pointing it out makes you a WK, anon. Don't bother. These idiots don't care about logic.

No. 265640

Maybe lori will let you fuck her in the chest hole if you WK her harder.(shitpost)

No. 265661

File: 1668369477424.jpg (8.52 KB, 282x179, uwu.jpg)

We've seen her candids. She maxes out the head shrinking option on the app.

No. 265765

Tinfoil: she gained weight on purpose to better fit into the "thicc" ideal that's popular with men nowadays. She used to be an expert anachan and horrifically skinny. Back in her day (late 90s/early 2000s) being super thin and flat all over was what got women on magazine covers and turned men on. She conformed to that to a tee. Considering she is an expert at restricting, there is no way she would just let herself gain weight willy-nilly and even point it out to everyone. It's a carefully crafted change to add appeal for modern moids.

No. 265775

File: 1668414137918.jpeg (693.36 KB, 773x1022, 285C7584-8A55-4580-8078-9342B5…)

Accurate. Too bad skinny is back in. It’s very obvious that she has gained a decent amount of weight. Her hips do not sit high and at her natural weight she never has violin hips. Her now formed hip dips are a direct result from her weight gain

No. 265776

File: 1668414537051.jpg (650.89 KB, 1920x1080, 70874-8.jpg)

>being super thin and flat all over was what got women on magazine covers and turned men on
Anon here choosing to forget the actual beauty standard in the late 90s/early 00s. Being super thin and flat all over has never been a straight moid preference, conflating fashion industry preferences, which skew androgynous for obvious reasons, to male sexual preferences is sure to muddy the water

No. 265777

File: 1668414718777.jpg (91.8 KB, 723x960, 9999bfdd7d18f30c6697d0bc5bf0ed…)

No. 265779

In typical Lori fashion, shes late to whats in style.
I don't think she actually gained weight on purpose though, I think we’re just seeing the toll that years of restricting, living an inactive lifestyle and aging is taking on her metabolism. Living off of juices isn’t going to have the same result at 37 that it did at 25

No. 265786

Agreed, she didn't gain on purpose. Although wouldn't surprise me if she isnt in a rush to starve it off because the added fat may be making her appear younger by plumping out some of the ghoulish angularity and sag from her face irl - not that we can tell under the 10 layers of filtering

P sure weight gain is bad for spine problems????

No. 265788

File: 1668426089209.png (744.71 KB, 480x718, AD372AF4-D07A-4F23-A2A4-0AF383…)

lori was never really that thin especially in thr early 2000s. i mean i never saw her in real life but i've seen the moony era photos, she wasnt rail thin. the time she was rail thin was like the mid/late 2010s when she was on and off with rikki and pretty much just poor and starving. but she definitely ran with it and acted like being skinny smol uwu loli was her thing, tagged everything on insta with #under100pounds. but that wasn't some feat of willpower and anorexia she was just poor. she had that juice phase a few years back now too, but again i think that was her being poor and still trying to cling to that anachan body she managed for a few years. but usually lori is a very average weight. she has a short stumpy body its easy for her to put it on. picrel shows what i mean.

No. 265803

Wasn't talking about boobs, but waistline and ass, for which you can see here the ideal was to be tiny with no ass or thighs. Sir Mix a Lot, in his infamous song, comments on it - big ass and thighs was considered fat and unappealing by mainstream culture (including white men) for a long time. It's only much more recently that it became an ideal among scrotes. Still gotta have the tiny waist though, of course because scrotes don't understand how bodies work.

No. 265804

File: 1668436719553.jpeg (1.33 MB, 2731x1839, 4ECABC5C-8CC5-416F-9B0C-1CB967…)

>She used to be an expert anachan and horrifically skinny. Back in her day (late 90s/early 2000s)
please. lori is painfully average. always has been.

No. 265805

File: 1668438244314.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.2 KB, 650x813, 1524576667195.jpg)

I really don't wanna post much of her anachan pics because they're disturbing, but can you anons stop acting like it never happened. She was skelly af.

No. 265806

The only thing disturbing about this is her shotgun wound-shaped chest dent. Her BMI would be totally normal here.

No. 265808

More likley is she is eating normally and after years of deprivation on and off her body is in survival mode and storing fat. At 37 your hormones are taking a dive, years of starvation diets take their toll and it doesn't take much for the pounds to pack on. Lori's mistake was in thinking not having a baby would keep her thin and young looking. Hormones and age dont care if you had a baby or not. Eating right and excercise is the only way to stay fit and like >>265788 demonstrates she still wouldn't be that thin. She has a regular sized body.

She had food issues back then too. She would order large plates of food and not eat it. Usually, it was for attention, her stomach hurt or some nonsense but the eating issues were already starting when she was very young.

No. 265816

Uh.. she still doesn't fit it and it's going back to heroine chic anyway.

No. 265821

Completely agreed, it's a mix of never having healthy eating habits, a sedentary middle-aged lifestyle and probably binging after weed. Her weight must also be going into her huge feet because she wear crocs whenever outside, kek. Kevvy seems to do the same things she does, so it's a few years until he blows up again as well.

This was a short timeframe where she was legit homeless until she mooched off Kevvy's parents. She still shooped herself to look even thinner and whiter than reality.

No. 265849

Anon pls get help. No doctor is going to agree that it's healthy to have your whole ass ribcage sticking out.

No. 265899

Nearly everyone's rib cage is visible when you pose like that. Give it a try.

No. 265916

160lbs girl could get her ribcage to show if posing right. Dumbass nitpick.

No. 265918

It’s too bad being rail thin is in again. She’s ten years late to trends as always.

No. 265954

I love her throwback photos. Her fashion sense has always been awful. Even back then I remember thinking these outfits were outdated. It’s hilarious.

No. 266036

She would have get be on Tiktok to catch up to trends and she would get absolutely destroyed there. That's why she sticks to facebook with the rest of the boomers.

This, somehow even back then she looked like a greasy mom cosplaying amongst teens.

No. 266060

File: 1668543142477.jpeg (181.97 KB, 696x879, 25FD0354-313B-410C-AB0D-BE1F35…)

Even at her skinniest, when she took a rare head-on photo or video, you could see she has no real waist. She has to twist and contort herself and then shoop to put one in. I think she looks better with a little weight, but she is definitely editing more to smooth some sins away. The most recent pics look like she’s using some sort of fisheye effect to force the big hips/thigh look she’s going for? Every body part at the edge of the screen, looks disproportionate. And in the pics where she’s standing, the bottoms of her shoes are distorted. I know that “fat squidward” meme gets overused on the farms, but it comes to mind.

No. 266061

She really doesn't have an unflattering figure tbh, except for the cave in in the chest.. It's just.. So weird.

No. 266062

you must be american or obese if you can’t see your ribs while posing like that and think that’s anachan. you can clearly see she has some fat on her hips and her arms are normal sized. some have a wider rib cage than others too.

No. 266089

The anon you replied to literally mentioned that phase newfag.
>when she was on and off with rikki and pretty much just poor and starving. but she definitely ran with it and acted like being skinny smol uwu loli was her thing, tagged everything on insta with #under100pounds.

No. 266101

yeah at the risk of sounding too WK, I think she looks way, way fucking better these days with this body.

No. 266105

That wouldn't make you a WK.

No. 266154

I see a typical weight gain pattern. Gaining in tge thighs and behind is normal. I do agree she nipped the waist, but not to make herself look larger, to appear to have a shape. She's built like a box and even wider than she let's on.

I looked at her instagram for the first time in ages. She posted a few sets of this outfit >>266060 and pinned a few older sets to the top of her page. I laughed because even the bits aren't liking anymore, with an average of 1200 likes per post. She's done but wont quit. Pinning a few older posts with likes doesn't change that. I'm wondering how long she plays dress up for no one. I remember their holiday last year, guess their aiming for a repeate.

No. 266158

File: 1668606684525.jpeg (234.97 KB, 828x1201, 8135932B-CF01-48BE-8073-59EE0D…)

apparently lori is "living in the hot tub" lately. imagine if you lived here and thinking "oh maybe we could use the hot tub" and you go out and see a wrinkly hag puffing out her cheeks and moving her head maniacally. also shes really showing off how short and fried her hair is here.

No. 266168

File: 1668611162142.jpeg (44.83 KB, 402x605, 7025ABF2-DDB5-48C2-8DAF-F1CDE1…)

^ This vid from a few threads ago really shocked me at the time. This was from right when she moved into the new place, maybe 10 lbs or so ago? She has wide hips, but also wide shoulders and no waist. No matter how much she gains or looses, her “curves” have to be shooped in.

No. 266172

yea this picture here shows her natural body shape best if you compare it to her old 2000s pics. she is an average fridgechan at best. she does look better with a little weight on her because shes in her late 30s with little collagen in her face from smoking cigs and poor diet. she just doesn't have an hourglass like she wants people to think, but her body really isn't bad, just normal. except for her chest deformation. she used to hide it better back in the days with (pushup?) bras and presumably its gotten worse over the years.

No. 266181

it's been like 50° out, what's wrong with her?

No. 266213

That is perfect hot tub weather nonny. Warm weather and hot tubs don’t mix well. Nicer places they’re open all year around unless it’s below freezing.

No. 266215

i have never used a hot tub outside in cold weather.

No. 266216

Obviously you don't live somewhere that gets cold kek a hot tub in the winter is heaven

No. 266219

no i do, we already have snow. i said an outdoor hot tub for a reason. i'd also never use an outdoor sauna but my condo building has both inside.

No. 266238

You grew up with an outdoor tub in the snow and never played the shock game? Lame. Regardless, it's not insane that she's using that hot tub even if it's frigid out there. It's normal, especially in colder climates in Europe and the americas alike

No. 266239

Growing up I always thought if you had a hot tub to use in winter you were rich, and alot of people did. But really a lot of the cabins you can rent out here in the winter have the hot tubs outside as well because it’s just a nice relaxing thing to do and considered a luxury. Indoor water parks here have nice big ones too open in winter.

Lori still flexing her apartment hot tub / pool though is getting old. Wonder when her lease is up.

No. 266269

Kevvy's parents' lease must be around xmas because that's when they sperged out for more money the first time around. Though they also might be sperging out to afford little dropship "presents" for each other again.

No. 266392

I think of private hot tubs as luxury. But a maintained private tub on a secluded patio or attached to a saltwater pool is a waaaay different experience than a public hot tub. Public tubs are saturated with chlorine to keep them sanitary, and they smell like straight-up hot bleach. I imagine that’s why her porous, broken hair is always up and she’s posted vids of her doggie-paddling with her head above water: one dunk in that water and her hair will be tye-dye neon green.

No. 266394

Plus the people at their apt complain of how poorly maintained and full of feces and dirt the public spaces like that are. Not to mention the trashy squatters like Lori making them not want to use it, so they move to better places. She's literally soaking in piss soup.

No. 266525

Hard agree. After seeing the Pi Pi's waterpark episodes of SouthPark I haven't been all that keen to hop into a public pool or hot tub. I have absolutely no idea how Lori perceives public water as a something luxurious when it's standard for most apartment buildings and rec centres. And now that you mention it anon, her hair has taken a nose dive in quality since moving to that apartment building. Intially I put it down to accumulative damage but I suspect the pool (whether chlorinated or salt) has something to do with it too.

No. 266677

File: 1668834220192.jpeg (280.7 KB, 750x1112, CAAC7913-294F-4C57-AC3B-E7F078…)

Welp. There goes the ferret fund

No. 266688

she's wearing a full on wig

No. 266690

Probably because a few anons including myself have been critiquing her hair kek.

No. 266693

>bald snow app user handing you a bag containing her struggle meal of lettuce

Is she still trying to get freebies from Dolls Kill?

No. 266699

Man that deal must have been so hot it caused her to melt into her plastic chair.

No. 266726

She looks really cute here but this is also basically cgi and doesn't resemble her irl at all. I don't really care about the wig though since all egirls wear wigs.

No. 266743

Good job, Lori! Sick animals that depend on you to care for them always appreciate a fresh, new look. It does wonders for their morale.

No. 266758

>butterfly bondage bra
>pink ski mask
I swear, it's like she just goes "Okay my thirst trap for today is gonna be BLACK and PINK" then slaps on whatever vaguely resembles those colors

No. 266760

loris whole schtick for years has been "this is my real hair" though so thats why people are going to point it out

No. 266767

It's so funny to watch Lori's hypocrisy because she made these lies her NAGL personality.

It's been decades of claiming to use her real hair and lashes but she never even did. Now what happened to the vampire genes that kept her sooo skinny and young she would never need fillers, kek. Bet she's screeching at Kevvy for some botox money.

No. 266876

Anyone else notice her ass is blending away into whatever the fuck she's sitting on? She looks like she's melting here

No. 266877

She's going ghost

No. 267160

File: 1669044608580.jpeg (39.57 KB, 750x230, 5AFFCA14-05C2-4D15-8B56-06687F…)

Hello, Stephen! If you’re referring to us, we are merely the most recent and currently active “conspiracy” site. When was pockybox active? Oh Stephen, it’s been literal decades since the first conspiracy pages popped up! Anyways, enjoy your weird cgi porn.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 267162

Anon, this isn't about baiting randos. Wtf is your brain damage?

No. 267280

Lori is the most boring person on the internet. She's posted outfits that look nearly identical to this last year. The woman has zero personality.

>looks really cute
Yeah, if your blind.

No. 267493

Kevin is the most interesting thing about Lori these days and he’s boring as hell lately.

No. 267497

I think so too. I'm not surprised though, Kevin has no web presence left and they're broke so they don't do anything anymore. They have no one around either.

No. 267558

For real, his manifestos and spergs made me laugh so hard. Perhaps he is in some random Facebook group right now yelling about his husbando bakugo or his skateboarding skillz. Wishful thinking…

No. 267683

When he's gone from her stories or promoting her and anons post it, I forget he is in the picture at all. Dude has no presence.

No. 267752

File: 1669250348199.jpeg (464.09 KB, 2426x789, AE82A3F1-A425-42AD-BD65-175B5E…)

some very bad edits. she looks sad and chubby. i took a screenrecording of her looking very tardish and swimming the other day but have been too lazy to get on my computer and upload it but i would if anyone wants to see it.

No. 267754

Saw this on the front page and thought it was Lucinda KEK

No. 267784

He's probably busy doing instacart or something to pay for everything.

Kek, is it another attack on titan vid?

No. 267854


I'm surprised she posted these. Bellybutton is indenting the fat surrounding it, and the hole itself now looks deep.

No. 267908

File: 1669328445375.webm (1.04 MB, 480x640, tweakergranny.webm)

something like that…

No. 267927

Im surprised she didn't hop onto the chainsaw man hype. she still looks so stupid with these outfits and filters

No. 267969

What are those leg movements kek. So she never learned how to properly swim, sad.

No. 267980

What a luxurious pool; a 10 footer that, with Lori's flippers, can be swam across in three doggie paddles.

No. 268002

Anon, don't be disgusting.

No. 268031

Did she think this was cute or something???

No. 268127

File: 1669428314396.png (1.79 MB, 1483x1025, g7wnVBFcIliZ.png)

>Anime is copying me!

No. 268162

That hair jfc Kevin take a cold hard sober look in a mirror.

No. 268176

Kev entering Lori’s delusional stage where he thinks the character is copying him. He looks like such a fucking idiot.

No. 268179

File: 1669468826515.png (325.84 KB, 445x596, highvis.png)

David's "fit" is literally a high vis jacket Kevin.

No. 268226

God these two are so pathetic. kevvy is looking more and more like Quasimodo with those awful posture kek

No. 268305

Even his hair looks like Lori's, they really are the same retard with stupid poses and facial expressions to hide how gaunt and old they look.

He's so uneducated about fashion and clothing while claiming to be so interested in it and somehow starting trends. Hoping someone can catch candids of them going outside in their homeless "fits" to Spencers only to be surrounded by teens laughing at them.

No. 268340

Is her account down for anyone else? Wonder why

No. 268361

File: 1669520994765.jpeg (84.18 KB, 750x1203, 283A9A68-3AFC-4A13-9E07-E499D1…)

yeah it's gone for me as well!

No. 268373

Kinda hoping it got taken down for real and she has to "start over."

Surely she can't buy followers, it'd cut into the ramen and mystery meat fund.

No. 268380

Kek yep, it's definitely down. Kev the cuck's account is still up though, so there's probably going to be some story soon about how "the haturs took down a minority sex worker's instagram!1!!" despite Lori breaking Instagram TOS.

No. 268386

File: 1669527903616.jpg (915.03 KB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20221127_004335_Ins…)

Kev did have a chimp out today, possibly related

No. 268387

File: 1669527941715.jpg (1.13 MB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20221127_004338_Ins…)

No. 268388

File: 1669527966965.jpg (751.27 KB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20221127_004341_Ins…)

No. 268398

Kev, you do know that most famous internet influencers, which you so desperately want to be, post daily, right?
Again, he's just showing how absolutely retarded he is. You have to keep giving fans content in order to maybe make it, but he just puts zero effort in and expects to become a rich overnight sensation from his lame skateboard fails and shit cosplay that he only posts every few months.

No. 268400

lolcow is literally the only place Kev HAS any online presence tho, kek.

No. 268418

Kek, he wishes we talked about him everyday. This thread goes dead for a few days sometimes, and the last time he was mentioned before that screenshot was nearly 3 weeks ago. So yeah thats sounds like little to no presence to me

Kevin, you wouldn’t even know what “fun at parties” is, you’re a broke shut-in who pushed all your friends away for your abuela

And nobody said you were skinwalking? Does he have zero reading comprehension none of what hes saying is in any of his screenshot “proofs”

I’m honestly starting to think Kevin might actually be an illiterate retard.

No. 268429

And here I thought he got access to her phone and deleted the account because she's been trying to cheat on him.

It's so clear they both live for this thread. Now the 2 whole people who saw his post are going to go looking for it only to find pee suits and ferret scams.

No. 268440

kek i assumed i was blocked after i reposted that retarded swimming video. trouble in paradise? or is she trying to just wipe her old face off the internet and start over with a new skinwalk…

No. 268453

Thanks for never changing, Kev. It’d be a shame if you ever showed growth. Keep on being the gift that keeps on giving. We love to see it.

No. 268457

Has it already been a year since they blamed having no money, friends or christmas presents on the ferret dying? So much has changed.

No. 268458

>Kevin, you wouldn’t even know what “fun at parties” is, you’re a broke shut-in who pushed all your friends away for your abuela

Imagine how bleak holidays must be locked in that musty apartment with only that bleached out hagbeast. Maybe we'll get a Milkmas gift and they'll have another domestic.

No. 268462

Neither of these two understands how to monetize a goddamn thing. What do you expect from grown ass adults who probably couldn't hold down a job at the local mall food court.

No. 268478

File: 1669564161018.jpg (48.83 KB, 468x632, Capture.JPG)


No. 268486

Lol, my comment about him having no presence really hit him hard.

No. 268489

He grossly overestimates the amount of time anyone spends thinking about his posts (including his 'followers ')

No. 268508

we really live rent free in his brain. when most of us forget he exists until he spergs out after binge-reading the most recent threads. the milk may be drying up with these two. any facebook friends of lori? whats she posting over there? i would ask if theres any blocking updates but with her whole instagram account gone i guess thats over with. imagine the tension in that tiny apartment.

No. 268517

>we really live rent free in his brain. when most of us forget he exists until he spergs out after binge-reading the most recent threads. the milk may be drying up with these two. any facebook friends of lori? whats she posting over there? i would ask if theres any blocking updates but with her whole instagram account gone i guess thats over with. imagine the tension in that tiny apartment.

It's got to be unbearable there. Makes you wonder if he has quadrupled down on that shitshow of a living situation because he knew from the getgo she was a shaky investment. Lori has more red flags than a goddamn maritime fleet. As for the deleted accounts, let's hope she is prepping for a brand new skinwalk. Saged for tinfoil and shameless speculation.

No. 268542

File: 1669577397447.jpeg (148.15 KB, 1137x808, 959E196F-BB2D-4642-AB93-4605C7…)

Woah mrs. Wormwood looks rough these days.

Truth usually hits the hardest kek. Must be hard to accept that even on this site he doesn’t have much presence. As I’m even writing this comment I can’t even remember what his name is lol. They’re like bubble gum on a sidewalk where she sticks to your shoe and you gotta scrap it off, and he’s been walked on so many times that he’s that crusted black tar you’d forgotten was even bubble gum.

No. 268591

File: 1669590849699.png (312.73 KB, 423x500, topkek.png)

>Every hour
>Anon just made an offhand comment while going about her business

No. 268612

Kek I love how he didn’t even deny they’re broke and don’t do anything anymore.

I wonder what Lori will do now that her insta is gone, she still needs her narc supply. It would be absolutely milky if she created a tiktok account, but other nonnies are probably right that shes too scared to make one. She’ll probably just hijack Kevins account or shit up OF and cosplay subreddits again.

No. 268637

File: 1669606428045.png (564.28 KB, 720x1280, 966785E1-52F9-4538-B3A6-68F6C3…)

No. 268639

TOPKEK Ok that's hilarious.He doesnt need to worry, no one thinks of him daily. He really can't help himself though,can he. Half of the country has been traveling or spending time with family and friends but Kevin is on LC checking his thread. Guess he needed something to do while his gf stinks up the public sauna but honnestly screenshot and response is just sad. Public freak outs dont disprove the fact that guy has no following anymore or that they have no life outside of sitting around their apartment all day.

They dont do anything, go anywhere or know anyone. The only social thing they've posted in ages was that apartment pool party with like 3 people at it.

Kek,nice Nonnie!

No. 268667

I have no idea how you drew something so accurate anon but this is thread pic material

No. 268674

File: 1669614886371.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280, 30FBF7A8-CAB2-4DE0-A560-BF9A51…)

No. 268682

Omg the lone dead ferret and the laptop that looks like its opened to the lolcow main page. Nona your talent and attention to detail is unparalleled.

No. 268693

Kek I didn't even notice the finer details
This is a masterpiece anon

No. 268707

kevvys eyes need to be all red and bloodshot like hes high or been crying but otherwise perfect

No. 268708

So Lori's Instagram page is gone but her OF is still there. I cant help but think she opened a new instagram to avoide us seeing her pictures or to rebrand herself.

No. 268711

File: 1669641150704.jpeg (34.2 KB, 640x421, 871A3E68-B62E-4054-BBEA-0B5643…)

Watch this space maybe?

No. 268719

That would be a bold dodge considering how her internet presence is the only thing keeping her with her meager following to erase it only to escape a thread seems a little much

No. 268725

it's more likely that she got reported or something. ig has really been cracking down on this content recently.

No. 268748

She would never. That was her literal baby. Imagine she’s absolutely raging behind closed doors

No. 268754

This. She's a retard for sinking all that money into fake followers and never making any money back and thinking it meant success or something when she has never posted a real face, smile, or even friends.

Be hilarious if Kevvy realized the house of cards that is Lori's faked popularity for what it always was.

No. 268771

Yep, Lori must be screeching at Kevin right now. They’re probably trying to plan what to do next. No way is she going to start over again, she doesn’t have the money to buy more fake followers. Likely she is trying to force Kevin to give her his account.
It’s too bad, I thought Lori’s IG being taken down would cause a chimpout from Kev. Kevin’s only presence is on lolcow and we laugh at him for sperging. That’s all he has going on for him.

No. 268810

She's likely chimping at him to restore her account, so he's too busy to post.

No. 268821

"Dear Mr. Instagram, my fiancee is a very popular POC influencer on your platform, and HOW DARE you discriminate against a disabled sex worker…" keep it going nonnies kek

No. 268863

"Her only source of income and enjoyment comes from her Instagram, in which she inspires the tiny portion of women who actually follow her how to be feminist kweens despite the overwhelming adversity she faces as a POC and having a broken spine!"

No. 268865

Nonny you might be onto something. He renamed his account to kev_skye.

No. 268867

“Lori Lewd was the inspiration behind Zero Two and Marin! You’re making a big mistake kicking her off, she’s the OG e-girl and invented elf ears! She can’t work anywhere else because of her disability, Instagram is all she has. If Lori could pole dance she would, but she has a broken back! She trips over her feet too moving at all, so she can only take still photos!”

No. 268868

File: 1669683412383.png (1.97 MB, 1200x1322, Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 6.53.…)

She's posting some on her depressing ass twitter to a resounding response of 4 likes from her alleged 20k followers.
I do wonder what shes going to do. And who would have reported her. If it was one of us some anon would have posted their confirmation email by now.

No. 268915

The dirty mirror, I can't.

No. 268919

the filthy tongue, imagine her breath.

No. 268925

why would lori post this.
what an extremely fridge-shaped and chonky ‘smol elf loli goblin bb’

No. 268932

What was she doing to break IG TOS? A lot of thots promote their OFs there

No. 268937

File: 1669704001317.png (1.92 MB, 1440x2716, Screenshot_20221128-223755.png)

He also renamed his FB page from adollaskye to Kevin Skye

No. 268948

true but it's technically against tos

No. 268956

I wonder if Kevin was checking here to see if we were the ones who got her taken down? we're as suprised as you, Kev. also cowtipping is cringe we don't fuck with it. if anything her profile being down is less milk for us.
I wonder what happened? I hope this is a Kevin-escaping mormon-skateboarding saga

No. 268988

NTA, but yeah. What is she doing that's break the TOS on Twitter where actual porn is?

No. 269004

Might be an Instagram glitch. A cosplayer I follow just had her account removed and locked and literally all she posts is wigs and the occasional photoshoot pic. It's been happening for a couple months now that people are being hacked or glitched out of their accounts.

Lori relies on her IG "reach" too much, there's no way she closed her account voluntarily. I doubt she suddenly broke TOS, either, unless someone went through and reported literally every borderline post of hers.

No. 269006

Sage for major tinfoil, but maybe her and Kevin had another fight and he took her phone and deleted her account. That's why he hasn't commented on it.

No. 269016

That’s very possible. It makes sense considering what’s already been done before.
>Lori breaks Kevin’s stuff
>Kevin pees on Lori’s suit
>Kevin gets arrested, likely because of Lori
I guess it’s about his turn to retaliate. What better way than to delete something Lori cares about and uses to talk to other scrotes? Actually, Kevin might have deleted her account so there’s less chance of her running off to some other moid (even though literally no one else would be with her).

No. 269035

didn't her and rikki break his computer and desk before? this would definitely be the sweet revenge for that, deleting her "baby". if kevin actually did that he's less of a doormat than i thought. sage4tinfoil.

No. 269045

If this tinfoil is true, Kev receives 0.01% respekk for me, but loses 0.01% for staying with her anyway lmao

No. 269065

If it was out of her control, she's be capitalizing on the opportunity to cry about it and beg for donations because her livelihood is in jeopardy

No. 269068

i’m pretty sure, like most social media nowadays, if you delete your own account you get around a month to reactivate it and lose nothing. so if kevin did delete it it would have taken lori no time to bring it back.

No. 269079

She hasn't complained anywhere, maybe Kevvy really did it?

No. 269081

File: 1669790508980.png (3.27 MB, 1242x2208, E6BE5B9F-9B7A-49DD-BEB1-733723…)

Y’all suck at cyberstalking lol

No. 269095

it's instagram…

No. 269097

This cap >>268868 is twitter.

No. 269104

Holy hell nony, go to bed. The other anon was clearly asking about why her Instagram was gone. And anons who thought Kevin did it are tards. Lori broke so many TOS, the biggest being peddling porn and buying bots. Kevin even touching loris phone is questionable, let alone being able to hold it long enough, unlocked, to delete her Instagram. The tin foil in this thread is insane and just makes us look stupid. Stawp.

No. 269106

Instagram are suspending a lot more accounts now for anything they deem suspicious, and limiting usage on web etc, they are definitely cracking down on things they may have overlooked before so I'm not surprised she got deleted

No. 269112

File: 1669820752909.jpg (95.06 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20221130_080323_759.jpg)

Nah, anon posted about that account a couple days ago here >>268711

Well it's been an eventful month. Here's November's recap.

No. 269123

File: 1669826167547.jpeg (1017.41 KB, 1242x1729, AA7C7331-AAF1-4117-AA62-45A58D…)

Imagine spending a decade growing an account, nurturing it, buying followers and all those useless, toxic clothes, stressing over the best times to post, what hashtags to use, literally putting every ounce of your energy into this one egg only to have it wiped away like it never even existed. Must really sting. Good thing she has those vampire genes. She’ll totally be able to gain back that following in another 20 years. Let the schadenfreude flow

No. 269127

Kevin must be walking on eggshells, she is on the warpath lmao

No. 269216

she's not going to have the money to build her account back up kek.

No. 269235

File: 1669847878339.jpg (618.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221201-093640.jpg)

She's seemingly being positive about the whole thing (with a subtle sprinkle of muh neurodivergentcy) I wonder if it's just massive amounts of cope?

No. 269238

“Organizing content”…? Between what and what, it’s all the same?

No. 269241

her and Kevin will just cry shadowban as an excuse for not being able to “rebuild” their followers
By organize content she means folders full of photos she hasnt shooped yet

No. 269242

File: 1669849602858.jpeg (524.67 KB, 2731x1347, 17B284C9-BB68-4D3C-A95D-44F6F1…)

getting a new face ready for the new grift on the new account. also sperging about wow. shes seeming to go back to the zero two skinwalk, using zero two hashtags on the most recent pics. also hashtags like living doll and human doll kek. trying to get a new big reach and find that new coomer audience.

No. 269247

File: 1669850720920.jpeg (46.29 KB, 700x393, E959A776-8E97-4D60-83CD-6FE96B…)

Kek shes trying to rebuild her audience by hashtagging an anime from 4 years ago that nobody remembers anymore!? God she really is showing her age and behind the times. Another anon brought it up but I’m surprised she hasnt hopped on to skinwalking Power considering how popular chainsaw man is right now. She wouldnt even need to buy new horns for it.

No. 269256

File: 1669853432254.jpeg (754.94 KB, 2391x1222, 064FD9A8-DF4E-43CD-A4A6-E0A514…)

shes already deleted and reposted this second zero two set. heres some of the tags shes using. also posting picture from the last apartment what, over a year and 25 pounds ago? i wonder if shes buying likes already?

No. 269267

She is 100% using those like for like apps ahahaha

No. 269268


If she skinwalks Power, she will have to show off her dirty disgusting teeth!

No. 269293

You're the best, calendaranon.

Nobody is on instagram anymore, it's cringeposts so now so she won't reach anyone. Buying followers and bots again will only get it flagged even faster.

No. 269320

Everyone still uses Instagram, but mostly stories since main page posts get stifled by the algo so often, I see people who used to get thousands for just a cat photo get a few hundred for good art posts.
Idk why Lori doesn't use tiktok, a lot of girls on there use as many filters and edits as she does and it's an easy way to get views and interaction these days

No. 269325

she probably doesn't know how to use it.

No. 269337

Her reputation precedes her thats why. If she posts anything on tiktok, immediately someone would dig up her history and old posts to cancel her. They would have a field day with her “oink oink” and “go do some of your dads cokes” posts, and that was only 2 years ago.

No. 269345

The oink oink comments are especially hilarious now considering how much she's ballooned in such a short amount of time. Karma

No. 269425

Guess she's blown up so much that she's still posting old edits of herself, kek.

No. 269528

Lori is too boring for ticktock. Her videos consist of her mooing and braying. She doesnt have the skill to be social beyond that and she has no intellect so she wouldnt have anything to talk about.

Not that it wouldn't be a hoot to see it.

No. 269529

poor lori having to retire the "under 100lb" tag so quickly when that is all kevin was attracted to. I wonder if he has a deathgrip or it's 'cause she's so fat now that he won't fuck her? maybe it's the white tongue, the cheating/destroying his belongings, sabotaging his friendships and family relationships and dragging him into a hellhole the one in her chest where she used to keep the ferrets she killed "close to her heart" or if Lori is now simply too fat and he will not fuck her.
time will tell.
missing kevin ngl if he shook of her shit and went home he could actually maybe get some money by talking about "being abused by a ~cosplay veteran~ storytime part 1 of 2000!". like zoomers would eat that shit up. not only was he a comparatively wholesome (besides being momo's mate, fuck he ruined that path to fame Kev should have just fucked her and been a sugarbaby kek) cosplayer before lori got to him but he technically has evidence of her abuse. he could easily spin this to make her out as the true villain as much as he was complacent, he's an absolute idiot for not cashing in on his victim card while he has it. I'm not suggesting or condoning it but like, that would be the move for him. did he learn nothing from this pet-murdering skinwalking sociopath?
at least find yourself an upgrade while you're young kevin. I don't even like the dude but it's baffling he hasn't tapped out yet. I wonder what they have holding over each other? is she going to pull a holly conrad and cry rape or some shit?

No. 269530

sorry to samefag I meant to reply to this my bad. remember the way she talked back then? I don't see this unintelligent rambling getting her anywhere with the terminally-online zoomers/coomers she is trying to appeal to, she sounds her age like I cannot see her larping as anything other than I ZERO TWO SEE, THEY BASED HER OFF ME like it would NOT fly

No. 269533

"Like like like omg omg" with the most baritone voice will not win her fans and she knows it, hence the high pitched squee she uses now. Both voices are equally awful but her actual voice and speech patterns show she's uneducated and grasping for words.

Its ironic she says Scott's expose' was about her since an expose' reveals the TRUTH about someone being a liar. How fitting, and hilarious.

No. 269556

>Her videos consist of her mooing and braying.

Anon, this made me have to stifle choke laughing at 6 am.

No. 269580

Why the hell is this spoiled, someone post it without the link, this is an imageboard. A spoiled link is weird, so not clicking it.

No. 269587

Anon, it’s text. Not a link.

No. 269629

Nope, there's a link in the last sentence.

No. 269636

It's some djranmas archived shit

No. 269656

>Lori is too old for tiktok

Fixed it for you.

She sounds like someone high but actually she's just retarded.

No. 269668

I had a fruit fly pissing about my computer screen and when I scrolled past this image, it landed directly on her tongue, as though compelled by a malign stench.

Which really summarizes this picture for me, honestly.

No. 269678

File: 1670029036313.jpg (103.54 KB, 720x983, IMG_20221202_175517_575.jpg)

How is Lori this bad at linking to her own shit?


No. 269931

File: 1670118905823.jpg (616.08 KB, 1080x1435, Screenshot_20221203-195157_Chr…)

It's really sad that she's even reposting this crap. Now she can just relive all these old pictures and stop worring about new outfits and "shooting" daily.

Only someone as old as Lori would type out www, kek

No. 270526

She's already buying followers. She has almost 500 followers in a week while averaging 100 likes a post. Didnt she say the last remaining ferret had cancer? Her priorities are awful.

No. 270537

Kek she only had like 17 likes before. How long til she cries about needing 10 more subs or not being able to afford a plastic christmas tree? But, yknow, such a luxurious lifestyle with a community pool and the same dollskill purse

No. 270589

File: 1670351763615.jpeg (508.65 KB, 2731x962, D2A4234A-EB01-44C3-8664-4C8788…)

you can tell shes trying really hard with this new account because she's already bought so many followers and likes and is posting constantly. shes showed off a new angle of the apartment, some major filter glitching showing her real face, her last remaining ferret on what appears to be a bed (?) ft. a kevvy sighting, and posted a picture where she appears to be taking a dump.

No. 270618

File: 1670361986468.jpeg (164.28 KB, 750x933, 044F2846-2FC1-4AC0-B2C4-D1FC50…)

Lawd, her hair is looking rough.

No. 270679

Moids are more savvy nowadays. They know if Lori's face is always covered and her body always obscured, that she's a super uggo granny hiding under the filters.

Seems Lori is spending loose change she stole from Kevvy on bot followers and still not making any money from OF. The definition of insanity. Love that for her.

No. 270689

I don’t know what she’s selling in this other than looking like a ‘before’ photo for hair loss. That huge chunk missing between her bangs and the front of her hair is front and center.

No. 270776

i think she has a cowlick there that's becoming more obvious with her thinning hair. it's noticeable in her really old photos as well.

No. 270876

File: 1670451725814.jpeg (523.97 KB, 746x1015, 93D3185B-F715-4C36-9677-63FBB9…)

This is a story about how a child lacking self control and interrupting others should be met with understanding. And, as someone with actual diagnosed ADD (not dr. Google), it’s not an excuse. You take the experience of having trouble following conversations and you work on it. You can’t expect everyone in the world to tolerate you being a disruptive brat because of your sooper special neurodivergent brain. Not past grade school. You have to adapt and grow.
…Or you become Lori.

No. 270883

or even better, grow up. this woman got through life fucking different dudes every day and grifting off people. she never ever experienced feeling productive in her life. it’s good she’s not planning on having kids or anything because she seems like the type who would drop them on kevin to take care of, neglect it in front of a tv and ipad, or abuse it and use “oh w-well it’s my trauma my addsd”

No. 271269

Whori's iota_zerotwo insta has reappeared.
Can't post a screenshot cause I keep getting an error when I try that says "failed to resize image" but it's back anyways.(imageboard)

No. 271285

File: 1670574380638.jpeg (440.13 KB, 828x1180, 431DDBCC-A981-4884-9877-142B4E…)

abuela must've been working day and night to get it back, weirdly she's posted on the new account but not the old one again yet. i guess we'll wait and see. kevin also said he got accepted to the reels fund so he's going to start posting more.

No. 271289

you know instagram temp bans people right? appeals don't work for temps. she probably doesn't know it's back.

No. 271297

File: 1670583723468.png (Spoiler Image,490.65 KB, 500x648, gromblin.png)

top %0000000.1 onlyfans guise sub or kevin gets the hose again

No. 271513

Kek nonnie, new angles of that one room. Oh wait!! They haven't seen that corner of the ceiling before. Let me point my phone in that direction. So sad.

Yeah to bad for Kevin, but posting more never got him more views.you need actual viewers to make more than change. What will we get? More sub par skate vids, or maybe Kevin sitting by the stove rambling about shit no one cares about.

No. 271579

Hopefully we get another banger like sitting in the stars

No. 271582

What the actual fuck is wrong with her scalp??? Does that look lime scabbing, or am legit just blind?

No. 271587

Scabbing can happen from putting bleach on your scalp, wouldn't be surprised if hers was scabbed over since she clearly does it herself

No. 271611

Makes sense, but sweet Jesus. She shoops herself straight into the uncanny valley, but can't be bothered to do anything about her disgusting, crusty ass scalp. Like bitch, put a hat on.

No. 271729

she's probably using too high of a volume of bleach for her scalp. most dumb people do because they're too impatient to bleach their roots properly with low volume, and she's probably too poor to buy multiple volumes anyway. she basically gave herself chemical burns.

No. 271732

That definitely fits in with her MO…lazy and trashy with zero attention to detail.

No. 271762

File: 1670796884093.jpeg (126.06 KB, 1242x995, 77924440-F6CA-4055-8651-647AF3…)

Then get an education or a job? Apply for benefits if you’re actually “disabled”. They can get remote jobs, or delivery jobs, literally anything but they refuse to and grift while complaining about having no money. Stop spending money on dumb stuff and save guys. Get a job.

No. 271888

Kek, as if she has anyone to buy gifts for other than herself.

At least my tinfoil about them fighting about money during christmas each year is true. Their debts must be growing faster than usual.

No. 271908

>They can get remote jobs, or delivery jobs
Literally how with what skills or resources? They suck but you sound like a literal bootstrap boomer. They are pathetic because even with Lori's age and countless years and opportunities to do something and with Kevin's endless support from his family, they can't be anything but grifters. The only "remote work" they can get is e-whoring and e-begging. You need to be a licensed driver with a good record and a car for 99% of delivery work.

No. 271930

ntayrt but, eh… my current job and the one before it are both remote, and they both have entry level positions. i went from working in a grocery store to working in my last job. zero relevant experience.

plus, in utah there are tons of call centers, and many of them went remote during the pandemic. you don’t need experience for these.

if anything, i think it’s their lack of social skills and understanding that they’re not the main character that would prevent them from getting hired. i know they’re not applying for any jobs. but i can’t imagine how those interviews would go, if they shocked us all and gave it a go. it’s fun to try though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

No. 271931

Agreed, it doesn’t take hardly any skill skill to flip burgers, scan groceries at checkout, or drive for doordash. If a traditional holiday tips the scale of your financial stability maybe put the pride aside and do something, anything, for a stable income. Even if it’s just seasonal. Places get desperate for help. Idk what she’s gonna do in life without a 401k if Christmas sends her into financial crisis and she’s “fighting to survive”. It’s just gonna get worse.

No. 271938

This. Places are desperate for seasonal hires right now, and I believe she lives within walking distance from alot of bars/ restaurants and a shopping mall. Even though theyre socially awkward they could still find seasonal jobs like restaurant hostess. busboy, shelf stocking ,or retail especially since Lori already has work experience in it. Theres nothing stopping her from doing onlyfans and working part time for some extra cash. I mean besides her supposed broken spine.

No. 272058

Correct. Lori has worked at Kohls, a sex toy shop, and Forever 21 as her most recent jobs. She can work retail despite her stupid delusional behavior. Kevin worked at a hardware store at one point. With it being the holiday season there are no shortage of jobs. They’re just lazy and for some reason believe that the world owes them a life of luxury so they refuse to do anything but grift.

No. 272129

Pushing 40, large gaps in employment, no references, no work experience, no education, no speaking skills. I wouldnt even consider her for an interview. Now pushing 40 is not an issue but with her resume it is.

>owes them a life of luxury
It's no surprise they think this since these two have a serious case of social media brainwashing. The funniest thing is they cant even compare to the Joneses on the most basic level. I know some dont agree, but there are mental health issues here. It's no excuse for not taking responsibility for themselves but it's obvious Lori's not right in the head. I dont see her holding a job long term and Kevin is your basic narc enabler sidekick, they always loose their identity to conform to their controller. I see these two on social services and eating from food banks in the future. A life of luxury isnt in the cards for them.I dont think Lori's plan was ever to work anyway, just live off someone else so she can act out her fantasy play time all day.

I always thought Kevin would come to his senses and leave but I've lost hope for him. He seems to be fine settling low. He's always talking about what he's going to do, but people who get it done dont sit around talking about it for years with no result. They get up and just do it.

No. 272254

honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if she is receiving some type of aid. unfortunately even disability assistance doesn’t really provide enough to live off of.

>>272129 kinda sad he just up and quit school to be … a sidekick

No. 272291


She knows this, it's why she's leaning into the whole "I'm autistic no rly I'm literally retarded" shtick. She's not a workshy leech who can't keep a friend yall, she's neurodivergent

No. 272301

Since Kevin and Lori can’t get real jobs maybe they’ll panhandle or start throwing themselves into traffic for accident fraud money

No. 272305

Those two aren't clever enough for that. They're low level grifters who occasionally scam money for sick (medically neglected) ferrets. Lori is too skanky to be a successful gold digger, so guess it's all downhill from even this low.

No. 272340

lori also thinks she's hot shit and wouldn't marry a desperate old man either. what are they even going to do in 4 or 5 years?

No. 272382

Probably continue to live in increasingly desperate, degrading circumstances. At least Kevin has family who are willing to support him financially. Lori is just fucked.

No. 272383

is marriage even in the question?

No. 272386

even if kevvy wanted to marry her who is gonna pay for that big wedding and expensive kay jewelers ring and whatever other insane stuff she demands? you think she'd do a courthouse wedding? of course not! (even if no one would be there)

No. 272392

I think she meant a wedding with some desperate old dude, Anon.

No. 272400

yeah. the least she could do is marry kevin and convince him to take his assets to own the haters

No. 272404

She's been trying to fish for desperate old dudes with the OF for years and it hasn't gone anywhere.

Kevvy's parents funding her is the best she can do now. The milk would be amazing if and when Kevvy wakes up and leaves her in the dust for someone younger who cosplays.

No. 272417

why does she have huge hauls of dollskill like every other week? i know for a fact they are not sponsored. i never see kevin do huge hauls of anything. every piece from dollskills is like 30-60 dollars each so dont complain youre broke lori

No. 272445

It has to be afterpay or ferret fund.

No. 272447

oh kevin is deep in her after pay plan for sure. im sure he is the one who foots the bill. or maybe she pays it off slowly with gubment buxx.

No. 272458

Tinfoil, but I think every so often, Lori is able to get some (actually) neurodivergent simp to take advantage of. Months ago, this kid started to leave weird comments on her IG content, continuing conversations from DMs and talking about pics that she sent him. He talked about living with his mom at some point. Tellingly, Lori would actually respond to him. He disappeared for a bit, but just showed back up recently. There’s others that show up in her comments - could be bots, or could actually be horny ESL/neurodivergent kids she exploits.

No. 272462

Are you talking about that purple_strawbarry guy?

No. 272477

>Kevvy's parents funding her is the best she can do now. The milk would be amazing if and when Kevvy wakes up and leaves her in the dust for someone younger who cosplays.

That would be amazeballs. It would be an even merrier Milkmas if he ditched her and spilled everything from the three ring Circus that is their relationship. A bunch of unfiltered photos of that craggy hagbeast would be the cherry on top.

No. 272478

No. 272497

Honestly this is the only card Kev has left to play to keep any semblance of an upper hand in their relationship. Although idk what he has to show for it other than her screeching, some lettuce wraps with bacon bits and canned tomatoes, giant beef balls marinated in sodium rich beef broth, and her dirty underwear piles.

No. 272499

Considering Loony's track record and how all her exes spill everything, it's highly likely to happen since they are lurking here every day.

No. 272540

>Hopefully we get another banger like sitting in the stars

Fingers crossed. What an (entertaining) atrocity that was.

No. 272777

File: 1671228629543.webm (3.47 MB, 720x1280, LoriBarbieGirl.webm)

Someone come get their grandma.

I don't normally pick on Lori for her age but this is just… The opposite of whatever teenage loli thing she's trying to do. Rocking back and forth with thin white hair in a frumpy bathrobe to "Barbie Girl."

No. 272794

grandma wildin topkek

No. 272803

what in the dementia is this

No. 272804

Way to go, Lori. We can all still see your patchy, scabby scalp, even with the overblown lighting. Anyone else getting Buffalo Bill vibes from this?

Please please someone put the song Goodbye Horses to this video.

No. 272805

KEK what a brilliant idea, I hope someone will do it

No. 272815

i'm dying, she's just standing there going backward and forward. is she suppose to be dancing ??

No. 272824

are these the moves she landed kevin with? kek

No. 272848

Grandma's face is completely ghoulish the moment the filter pops off at 2 secs in.

No. 272887

Topkek, I am dying over here! I don't even know what to say about this, from the Golden Girls night gown to the outdated song, "dancing" like she's geriatric and looking dirty as hell. This one is a Christmas gift from Loonie for sure.

The irony though, she cant afford to be plastic and her lack of energy doesnt fit this song. Hearing the lyrics, "let's go party", when she hasn't been invited to a party that wasnt thrown by her apartment complex in years is sad. She's nothing like Barbie. Just a delusional.

No. 272888

File: 1671294750701.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, D27A3E8C-2E29-4A3D-AA93-F06D24…)

“Pull the lever, Kev!”

No. 272889

It's obvious she's hiding her dinner plate sized chin behind her shoulder on purpose that entire time except when she decides to move her witchy looking hand up by her face to hide it, which just added to the "Grandma trying to get down in the living room" effect.

I am truly baffled as to why she posted this. It is so embarrassing. I can kinda understand most of the photos she posts — she thinks she looks cute and is posed cute and her outfit is cute. Whatever. But she's just rocking back in forth in one spot here looking very very haggard and rough. Did she just not notice? Does she think she's being cute and quirky in this video? Being obsessed with looking at oneself through the lens of an app filter is such a weird thing that I will never understand.

No. 272893

wtf I thought this was luna tuna for a second

No. 272933


Probably, considering how awkward he is. He literally must have never been in another relationship and has zero basis for comparison. Saged for pointless speculation.

No. 272941

Barbie doesn't hide her face, wears cute outfits, goes out with friends and is super positive. Loony is an shrivelled up granny that's twice her age and does none of the above.

Her nose shape and shrivelled wrinkly lip area is something.

No. 272946

Lol not to mention Barbie actually has careers and owns her own house and car.

No. 272960

not speculation kevvy was confirmed virgin before lori according to friends from utah. can't forget our boy is a good mormon. wanted to bring up something i've thought about, which is that lori still doesn't do any actual (public) sexwork. i wonder if shes doing much more than lewds at all, and with what we've seen in the past i doubt it. i think its the big line shes afraid to cross because kevins parents would absolutely not be ok with that. its also why her and kevin havent done a sextape yet. if they were really that strapped for cash you would think she would be forcing kev to grope her on camera for money.

No. 272988


IRL sex work? Nah, I somehow doubt Utah is a wellspring of generous Johns willing to seek out the services of a 40 year old midget gremlin who smells like a pet store and comes with the added albatross of a frizzy-haired sobbing weeb trailing along behind her

No. 273005

She’ll never include Kevin in her onlyfans, gotta keep the facade that shes single for any potential paypigs to leave Kevin for. She could just put out better content on there instead of the same tired selfies in her 10 dollar mirror. But we’ve seen anything that requires more effort than clawing her puss for 8 seconds is too much work for her.

No. 273008

Idk about irl sex work but we've seen her vagina a few times so I'd call some of it porn rather than lewds at this point.

No. 273020

As "autistic" as Kev and Lori are, I think they're with it enough to sign up for govt. aid and/or take part-time jobs to keep from doing IRL sex work. Thats a whole different game than Onlyfans. And having a dude show up in her content would only destroy her "innocent, available weeb bb" schtick she tries for.
Speaking of which, I think the funniest aspect of Lori's Onlyfans era is that no farmer (not on here or the other farms) cares enough to pay to leak her content. We saw the one vid because it was found on a dedicated onlyfans leak site. As obsessive as she wants to believe we are, everyone knows that even her most smutty content is too boring and pathetic to bother with.

No. 273026

i wasnt talking about fssw just actually putting out porn on her onlyfans. most costhots seem to do dildo videos and shit like that, even moo does full boy girl porn now.

No. 273031

She might have those vids up. She had one “teaser” clip up of a dildo on that oval table in her living room, then there’s the leaked vid of her being super awkward with a vibrator. Iirc, there was a simp on some review site bitching that subscribing just got you alternate IG lewds. You had to tip significantly more for nudes and vids, but they exist, apparently.

Whatever content is on her onlyfans, no one cares enough to pay for it, kek.

No. 273057

well she's not really attractive. guys will pay for lewds of attractive girls, but lori is on the same level as girls who post full nudes on reddit for free. say what you want about coomers, but the ones who simp just for lewds and think you're an irl anime girl are way more tolerable than ones who just want you to get naked.

No. 273070

I knew Lori from her 2003 con cosplay days and seeing her now like this is the best kek i've had all day.

No. 273093

She's posted nasty solo porn vids on her of. Someone did pay to leak them here at some point a few threads ago.
I agree they're definitely getting some pub assistance though.

Me too, and it's no surprise this where she ended up. Sadly, I think it will get worse for her eventually.

No. 273125

It was from a leak site. Link to post? None of us are willing to drop a dime for that lmao

No. 273143

It’s on thread 14. First someone posts the comment from the salty simp that leaked it. >>196405
The original file is no longer accessible but someone archived the vid further down.

Although, as I was scanning I saw a post from a farmer who did sub and posted a nip-slip pic. So someone did pay the $10 at some point. Clearly, as funny as her content is, it’s not worth what she prices it. I don’t follow too many cows but every other one I’m aware of that has a OF, someone is willing to pay to leak it. Not Lori though. And I think that’s just fine.

No. 273157

It's so sad that nobody wants her content, not even leakers. Lori must be screeching non stop at Kevvy because everything they do ends in failure.

No. 273269

File: 1671990456593.jpeg (189.99 KB, 744x937, 0AED1575-789F-4B4B-9BBF-7F3C87…)

No new Christmas drip for Lori? She posted multiple sets in outfit last year. Also, kek at the slimming filter stretching the edges of the frame to compress the middle - her hand on the left side of this pic is so distorted.

No. 273287

The shoop on that belly button is insane. Does she really think that looks believable in any way?

No. 273290


Even her forearms look beefy now, christ. I thought the weight gain had hit a plateau but I'm not sure anymore, that strap is cutting into her skin

No. 273292

what the fuck IS this outfit? xmas-marin-catgirl? she has no fucking taste and no idea what looks good. or how to use a ring light.
is she fucking brain damaged?

No. 273318

File: 1672068440659.jpeg (131.75 KB, 440x895, 7FC19465-E569-4604-B18A-AE66D9…)

Her new waist edit, I’m fucking screaminggg.

No. 273325

File: 1672071519269.jpeg (727.67 KB, 2048x1536, ED4BF5A8-F964-4CC1-A088-4EE3D2…)

>she has no fucking taste and no idea what looks good.
She really doesnt. Kek at this onesie and “midwest mom coat” combo. And the unflattering sweatpants emphasizing her her fupa.

Also is she trying get forever21 to promote or sponsor her now?

No. 273326

Kek who is she tryna fool!?

No. 273342

I legit thought these thumbnails were Kevin and I got really excited that he's back to showing off his cool outfits.

No. 273347

Phew those clip ins are LAST LEGGIN

No. 273373

The new waist edits are hilarious because she tries to smooth over her growing gut but the bottoms of the outfits she wears rounding out give it away anyway lmfaoo

No. 273374

The different shade of red on the shoes are garish. They look almost orange in comparison to the outfit. Spot on if she was going for a cheap hooker Santa cosplay.

No. 273400

File: 1672120737471.jpeg (340.1 KB, 1170x1464, 0123C7F9-2A09-418E-B6DB-5921F7…)

She strains herself to smile, so fake

No. 273407

wtf is going on with her feet in this one? usually her toes are hanging at the edge, but it's like she's trying to slip her feet all the way back? or did the flipper feet comments get to her and she ordered bigger hooker shoes to try to look smoller kek

No. 273410

the shoes have covered toes, not open ones.

No. 273413

She's wearing stockings that have a band of red fabric at the toes, it's easier to see in her previous photos. Those shoes are still open-toed sandals.

No. 273423

Don't think she's straining, think it's the add smile feature on editing apps. That's why they always look terrifying and uncanny valley. We know she's got missing teeth.

No. 273499

The face you see as the trunk closes over you…

No. 273504

File: 1672233240536.webm (4.37 MB, 750x938, IMG_5467.webm)

Filters aside, It’s her straining to smile and failing. It’s a still from a video. Like always, she’s too fixated on watching the screen to have a genuine emotion. The straps on the outfit warping around make it obvious she’s got a slimming filter on.

No. 273514

she is straining though, to make us believe she has a full set of teeth, a man who loves her, live animals she didn't kill through neglect and a fanbase. she hasn't had one in years besides the handful of sycophants on her fb she careful curates.
she's really sad, being this toothless and next to homelessness. wearing all plastic and looking like she smells as bad a grimes. as soon as Kevin realizes he's a young basically-virgin (we know she doesn't fuck him anymore obvs) who can pick his game up before abuela expires she's going to be the thing she most feared: irrelevant, poor and alone.
very usagi of you lori. good job suuing YUU anyone who points it out. he really would have been bette of with moomoo.
she's single now Kev here's your shot!

both so cringe, but the opposite of free. surely there's a name for it?

No. 273520

I don't get these posts. Kevin isn't any better off than Lori. He can't be saved. He's just as much of a pathetic piece of shit as she is. Maybe after the first breakup when his parents rescued him back home, sure. But we're coming upon the 6 year mark with this wonderful couple. You didn't say this, anon I'm replying to, but I also hate the posts that root for Kevin to break up with Lori and find a nice, normal girl. Why would anybody want an innocent woman to be subjected to the abuse and dysfunction that is Kevin?

No. 273530

This. They’re two shitty peas in a pod, at this point they deserve each other kek.

No. 273545

Loony is back to adding teeth via the add smile option in her apps again? Those teeth filters work on videos, too. She needs to look like she's happy during the holidays and not about to turn tricks for pennies.

Keking at how much weight she's gained, she hasn't had a thigh gap for years, she's not fooling anyone with all the filters and edits maxed out to hide how old, bald and lumpy she is.

They both display tweaker 101 tendencies and shared delusions of grandeur. They even look the same. It's a countdown until Kevvy has to start using Lori's hair extensions to hide that he's also bald from the drugstore peroxide.

No. 273646

File: 1672442797528.jpeg (58.21 KB, 750x1289, CA391E51-8214-41A4-96C3-1957EE…)

So Loris last post was 5 days ago and hasnt been on OF since the 28th. Tried to pull up Kevins ig but no account was found. Did he nuke it or am I blocked?

No. 273651

File: 1672443616275.jpeg (717.95 KB, 828x1231, 059CF578-9FC7-4CDC-B390-257C6C…)

he's just changed his instagram handle. happened around the time lori lost her account for awhile.

No. 273665

Why do you sound like you have a personal problem with them?

No. 273699

Oh piss off, this post wasn't by Moo or Vamp. Take your delusions to a therapist or go get a another job to support your hag's plastic trash hoarding.

(I'm not the poster you replied to either, before you accuse me)

No. 274066

File: 1672757672876.jpeg (55.83 KB, 737x449, 2DCD54EB-76B8-400A-9A3A-422F55…)

Kevin, babe, it’s been YEARS since your narcissist girlfriend did what she’s famous for doing: chased off all your friends so she could keep you isolated and preoccupied with her own moods and whims. You chose this. Everyone else could smell the toxic bitch in the room. Let it go.

No. 274068


I dare you to marry Lori, Kevin. This is hilarious though. Do any of his former friends care anymore? It's been years. I think they moved on, Kev.

No. 274069

who is he even directing this at though?

No. 274078

Imagine calling your friends pieces of shit for being concerned. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce she’s toxic, but that’s okay because so is he. Those old friends are better off without him.

No. 274134

File: 1672774094033.jpg (47.33 KB, 1080x491, IMG_20230103_122707_272.jpg)

LOL she's delusional.

No. 274223

Kek, all his old friends have moved on, yet here he is still stewing in misery of “betrayal” years later.

There she goes pulling “muh neurodivergence” to mask her entitlement. What do they even get out of sharing your “content”of blurry lewds in front of the same plastic mirror? More selfies of you filtering your pudge and crater hole away while wearing deteriorating polyester outfits that havent fit since 2020?

No. 274226

File: 1672839164877.png (2.37 MB, 828x1792, 426A28A8-46D6-40CA-81BE-94D5A0…)

This is exactly what she used to do with her livejournal. All friend requests had to answer some faggot questionnaire. She expected autistic internet degenerates to feed her delusional ass and apparently that has not changed. You really can’t teach an old dog new tricks. She’s not remotely famous for anything other than being a cow. Even back then. The mental gymnastics are actually impressive at this point.

No. 274240

File: 1672847168276.jpeg (279 KB, 1500x996, 625D12B2-ACFD-42B1-A586-993946…)

Who knows? Lori has increased her cope posting for about a week now, these two posts are just examples. Maybe someone in Kevs orbit committed the unforgivable sin of expressing concern over her behavior.

No. 274243

Who is the one pity like he got on his post?

>pretending the bots are real people who give a shit
>pretending she has money while crying because she can't afford fillers or botox

Both of them must be reeeing about how they have no friends and no money all day.

No. 274247

yes all your friends, who genuinely cared for your fucking ungrateful, stupid ass, were pieces of shit to your abusive and batshit insane girlfriend. next he's going to be telling us how cutting his leg open to the bone was a sign of true love! and that lori dindu nuffin when the cops have to be called on them for fighting like two rabid cats in their section 8 apartment. he really is a lost fucking cause, and deserves everything he gets for continually simping for this bitch. i would be so mad if i was a former friend of his and i happened to read this.

No. 274263

Lmfao sometimes I forget that this bitch has been this insufferable her whole entire life

No. 274290

He actually brought up the leg cutting about a year ago when he was sperging about Vamp and Moo. He said it was a cosplay injury that he got from cutting material on his lap, LOL.

No. 274306

File: 1672873942537.jpeg (Spoiler Image,58.37 KB, 540x960, D7C73B6E-C800-4699-9239-77203D…)

Apologies for rehashing old milk but just In case there’s anons who haven’t seen what he did to his leg and are curious, here’s him admitting doing it for Lori. It’s all discussed on the first thread. Spoiler for obvious reasons, don’t click if you’re squeamish.

No. 274356

My favorite
> I'm not one for big age differences.
Kek of all Kek's. Love how she is always a hypocrite.

Kevin is re-writing history. Looks like he's taking a lesson from Lori on how to be a narc. He's done that a few times, like people forget. >>274066 All his old friends? What about his new friends? These two are perpetually alone because anyone one who gets a wiff of their bs runs. Between her delusional "you must share my content to be my friend" and his "Poor me, I'm the victim" attitudes, they have to make up lies to assuage their ego's instead of facing the truth that they suck as people.

No. 274369

When I read this, it sounds like straight-up manipulation on his part. Lori is crazy and abusive but I hardly think she told him to hack his leg open to prove he didn't like another girl. He did it himself as some kind of mentally ill "proof"

No. 274376

This. I'm not trying to WK kevin, but it just doesn't seem like Lori to up and tell him "Go cut yourself to prove muh loyalty uwu", I'd buy her telling kevin to kill himself or that if he died she wouldn't give a fuck. Then Kevin slicing his leg as a guilt trip only for, big surprise, Lori to not give a shit.

No. 274382

yeah I think actually lori would be pissed about him cutting himself so disgustingly because it could interfere with him working or doing shit for her or how he looks. She would not want a mangled guy next to her. It just makes no sense.

I wonder how big his scar is. Looks like such a nasty cut and I bet he refused to go to the ER too

No. 274383

omg I just opened that pic again and saw the final sentence
>never seems to show concern when I get hurt
he's insane, he did it to himself. that's not getting hurt, that's you self-harming to provoke a response. "show concern" is also a weird fucking way of putting it if she asked him to do it. I'm convinced now, she might have insulted him or said kys (she is abusive after all) but she never asked him to cut himself to prove loyalty. Otherwise Kevvy would not have written "she never seems to show concern when I get hurt" (if she asked him to cut, why would he expect concern? or call it "getting hurt" if she is ordering him to do it)?

what psycho cuts himself this deep over a fight with Lori? and justifies it with a fake demand for loyalty? I think he's on drugs and has been for a long time.

No. 274393

He deleted this post.

No. 274396

File: 1672970159862.jpeg (Spoiler Image,162.75 KB, 750x1068, A72968A5-30E9-40F0-A387-66B96B…)

That screenshot came from Moo, and her comment alongside it was “the things she made you do so you could stay friends with other girls”, but Kevin could very well have taken it to the extreme when Lori didn’t intend on him to cut himself like that. He’s proven himself to be just as toxic as her anyway. Spoiler again since it still includes the self harm pic.

Kek of course. I wonder if he actually regrets what he said.

No. 274399

I never noticed before, but does it look to anyone else like there are old scars there? Hard to tell, the photo is so pixelated. I don’t remember it being discussed. Whether or not Lori encouraged him to cut, it looks to me like this is something he might have a history of.
Lori is manipulative in a very overt queen bitch wannabe way. Kev is manipulative in a more covert way - he manipulates the fuck out of anyone stupid enough to tolerate his, “you MADE me hurt myself, I’m too emotional to control myself!” bullshit. They truly deserve each other.

No. 274403

Yeah it does. I’m not going to repost it red-lined because I’m tired of looking at Kev’s innards but there’s at least six other scars and it looks like the gash is over top of a scar too. So if he’s a cutter and this time he cut “because” of Lori, that doesn’t actually mean Lori made him cut himself. He’s saying look what you made me do. Still a fucked up situation though and should’ve been his wake up call to get help and get out when he had the chance.

No. 274404

File: 1672979087324.jpeg (129.13 KB, 750x857, 571438F1-98DE-430C-876F-4A907C…)

Hes absolutely manipulative. Like the time he whined publicly on his facebook about Lori “WITHHOLDING SEX” to shame her. Loris trash but even she doesnt owe him sex.

Which is it Lori? Is being yourself bringing in the dough or are you so poor you cant afford pizza?

No. 274408

File: 1672983986893.jpeg (243.98 KB, 750x851, E27C8022-31BD-458E-BABA-EB13BF…)

The lone like was from his friend, Tae. Appears to be a FTM trans cosplayer near them. Has the same tired greasy, weeby aesthetic Kev has.
Maybe she’ll jump on the DID bandwagon and claim she has multiple personalities - ones a rich, ultra successful boss-bitch. Then there’s the poor, autistic, asexual gremlin.

No. 274515

hey lazy looney, guilt tripping people to throw money at you for doing absolutely nothing won’t get you anywhere. next time you get money, why don’t you buy normal clothes from dolls kill? because soon you’re gonna have to get up and get a job. and those tacky yru shoes and and cheap chinese anime lingerie isn’t work professional. it’s amazing that there’s so many options she could do with her life that would get her by, like marrying krazy kevin, or actually fucking him and making actual onlyfans porn instead of meitu filtered garbage.

No. 274578

File: 1673110510842.jpg (94.81 KB, 1080x744, IMG_20230107_095407_008.jpg)

Kevin deleted the Facebook status about his old friends being mean to Lori.

Meanwhile Lori is still being a Karen on Twitter complaining about "rude" local businesses on a tweet from 8 months ago.

No. 274606

She's so retarded for doing this constantly on her "Lewd" accounts thinking the bot followings have pull to get her freebies.

Banks don't work that way, Loony. Enjoy being in debt and being treated the way you deserve for looking, smelling and acting like a homeless tweaker.

No. 274701

Why do I feel bad for cows like this? He's clearly being manipulated by Loony to the point where he doesn't think for himself. Sad.

No. 274709

Kevin infantilizers are truly enraging. Go give him money for new pants. That's the only way he wants friendships now. Gtfo with your "Poor widdle Kevvy! He's just an innocent bean being manipulated by Lori!" shit.

No. 274727

File: 1673215385397.png (376.45 KB, 450x530, industrial-grade projection.pn…)

I get the pity, in a way… but also hope we can all see by now that even if they escaped one another, they wont change. They were both terrible before they met. Iirc, some of Kevin's former friends said he wasn't a virgin, but he'd never had a long term relationship. That tracks- Some women may pity him and think he's fixable, but only someone as desperate as Lori would tolerate him for any amount of time. He's a manipulator and emotional abuser, and I doubt that's new. They both love drama feeling victimized. It gives them something to blame their shitty behavior on, so they never have to change. Part of me can pity Lori too - she's an idiot and a slave to her own need for attention. Even the attention of disgusting grandpas and autistic teenagers will do. I can pity their diseased mindsets, but they have no interest in changing. They're both just shitty people. They were shit before they teamed up, and they'll be just as shit if they separate.

No. 274775

File: 1673242926930.jpeg (112.23 KB, 681x923, C4FE9185-8B92-4894-9913-8E03AD…)

Does she realize she just outed herself as not being autistic? Mimicry is fairly common in autistic girls, and the fact that she just “suddenly” stopped doing it? Yeah I call bullshit

No. 274789

File: 1673256532711.jpg (Spoiler Image,574.97 KB, 1024x1422, 20230109_031756.jpg)

Dont worry Looni, people are "sharing" your content all over the web. If this is what her OF looks like no wonder shes broke. Imagine getting baited by fully edited pictures and then forking over ten bucks for this. Her ratty extensions are on the counter and they look so gross.

No. 274794

She drags her selfie mirror into the bathroom? lol!!

No. 274798

Gotta use that bomb ass bathroom lighting for max filters and to minimize the wonky mantits.

No. 274813

Not trying to bodyshame anyone else but why does her vag look like that? Is that normal? I know her dented in chest is a medical thing too…

No. 274815


So it's not her vagina, those are labias. Everyone's looks a little different so hers is "normal" it's just not what is typically shown in media. They come in all different shapes and sizes.

No. 274825

>>274815 Well labia majora, before nonas ree. Doesn't seem like she has almost any minoras. I'm the same but not as big. Don't really know what causes the dent in hers though? Weightgain and loss? Loose skin?

No. 274837

Loony drawing over the area with the lightening and blur tools in her app is likely making things look more off. Literally nothing in her pics and videos are close to reality.

No. 274841


You can't see them because she's not laying down with her legs splayed out. Her vag is normal. Collagen loss happens with age everywhere, not just the face.

No. 274858

>>274841 No but, if she's like me there literally isn't any minoras. I just got a tiny ridge where they should be. But yea collagen loss makes sense didn't think of it sorry.

No. 274898

Aww Lego vag! I almost forgot about that.

That is too funny, I didn’t notice that before.

>Wonky mantits

No. 274911

File: 1673315856241.jpeg (276.13 KB, 1491x1183, 567778D6-1F52-449D-90A7-65EC71…)

This time frame…is she talking about Rikki? And/or Stephen?

No. 274923

Going by that time frame it’s a lot more than just those two.

No. 274935

Lori posting this to call herself pretty enough to date is funny since she's clearly never been asked or taken out, ever. Her life seems to consist of chasing low income scrotes she found at anime conventions in hopes of grifting.

No. 274956

This is something you post immediately after a rough breakup, not a decade later when you’ve been with your “fiancé” for like 6 years, right? It makes her look like she’s trying to get her old flames to message her about what she meant to them, or maybe guilt Kevin into finally going to the courthouse with her? It just seems like a weird thing to post now.

No. 274961

that's not collagen loss…

No. 275088

her body screams hood for her age but her face and pussy screams 40 year old boomer mexican woman(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 275107

that area is called mons pubis or mound of venus. it's very big on some women and that is normal, it can look like that even from a young age

it causes no medical problems

it's fine to call it lego vag but let's not act like it's a medical problem lol. she just has a fat pussy

No. 275113

are you really asking if it's normal to have labia minora that doesn't hang out past the labia majora?

No. 275127

Agreed, some women's vaginas just look like this. It's the shape for me more than anything. She has Homer Simpson's mouth just like Shat at like half the weight which makes it a bit more stark. I'm hoping that's why anons unironically asked if it was normal.

No. 275142

Likely trying to get her old hookups to give her a meal or a few bucks again. That guy who leaked here that she was begging him for food while she was grifting off Kevin's family shows what dire straits her life really is in.

She brags about looking young but she actually looks much worse and older for her age without the filters. She's been falling apart a lot faster than other women her age because of her lifestyle and eating cheap food like ramen.

No. 275148

Kek my pussy looks just like hers, thank you nonnies for giving me new insecurities…

No. 275152

Honestly I have no idea what anons are even talking about, her pussy looks completely normal to me. A lot of women have hangups about pussies due to shitty scrote comments (men should just fuck each other if they have such an issue with pretty female bodies), so some women think too much about what one is supposed to look like, but as someone who doesn't care about this topic, I see nothing of note here.

No. 275164

It's probably people shit posting because they know she and kevin lurk hard.

No. 275178

It's legitimately called a simp because it looks like Homer simpsons mouth. There's an entire coomer subreddit for it because it's considered the ideal type for a lot of coomers.

No. 275227

I have a tinfoil that Lori's lost more teeth, fairly recently (last few years).

She had missing teeth in the Sailor Moon days but she sometimes would still post pics from the side of her smiling or her open mouth. Now, nothing or she uses some fake smile filter.

Bet she's lost a tooth or teeth in a place she can't hide anymore. Kevin, can you prove your girlfriend isn't toothless?

No. 275229

don’t worry nonna, we have beautiful labia

No. 275339

Your vagina is fine stop taking the dumb shit you read on an imageboard personally.

No. 275370

the extensions on the sink really elevate the sex appeal

No. 275381

Anyone remember when she first used the smile filter? There were several posts reacting to how obvious it was. She must have lost more teeth sometime before then and was compensating.

No. 275383

I thought I was in the shaymus thread for a second. When she bends over i bet it looks like a ball sack.

No. 275404

Yes!It reminds me of the movie Smile lmfao

“ It's smiling at me. But not a friendly smile. It's the worst smile I've ever seen in my life. And whenever I see it, I just get this god-awful feeling like something really terrible is going to happen. I've never felt scared like I do when I see it.”

No. 275499

File: 1673555315527.jpeg (Spoiler Image,755.05 KB, 3070x2048, BF812651-5774-4C3E-8351-A12933…)

Lol, funny you should say that. She recently posted a pic of her bending way over and it’s very uncanny-valley. Especially how her right leg dramatically changes shape and size between pics.

No. 275532

How has she been taking the same photos for over a year now? It's just so wild.

No. 275620

yeah it’s crazy how there’s literally no variety. how do expect money when her photos are literally all the same just in varying different cheap shein outfits? same dumb mirror selfie in the same corner of her apartment. she has no idea how to appeal to potential subs

No. 275635

If she didn't look like absolute shite irl and had friends she would have more variation in her pics. Plus she's getting fat by her own standards, and there are only so many retarded mirror selfie poses that can disguise everything.

No. 275789

I desperately wish for her to move onto her next skinwalk. At least that way they're be some variety in which she posts.

No. 276092

File: 1673827317007.jpeg (182.99 KB, 750x1253, CF8B0F7C-5C71-436E-A2F0-A13450…)

Looks like you won’t have to wait that long

No. 276242

File: 1674057103176.webm (1.05 MB, 750x924, SillyPuttyLorena.webm)


No. 276270

Why does she insist on looking like a hooker perpetually trapped in 1995? The bouffant bangs, bikini strings tied just below her bottom rib, none of it does her any favors. I was really excited to see her jump skins into Power or Marin but she refuses to let go of the Moonie bangs and what she calls a "hime" cut. Yawn. Also this isn't how you advertise decals. Usually e-girls put them on their kawaii anime cars- oh yeah. I forgot. She's like, 40, living in an unwalkable state with no car. Oops. Well, she missed her chance to slap those on her ~designer~ drag kid platform shoe-barus.

No. 276289

File: 1674069309705.png (974.64 KB, 1080x1888, Screenshot_20230116-222756-048…)

She just keeps packing on those pounds

No. 277601

This is one of the reasons she cut me off years ago. Like girl I’m not sharing your fucking OF when your trying to cosplay as a 15 year old and your almost 40…

No. 277603

Wow she really does look fatter here. If I didn't know she was puffing her cheeks I would just assume she gained weight in her face.

No. 277609

In Lori's case, she has larger labia minora and is trying to hide this by tucking them back inside. This creates that weird gaping and lego vagina look.

Ladies, unless your labia minora is causing you pain and discomfort, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them if they appear different than what is portrayed in porn. No need to try and tuck them back in and hide them. Most dudes honestly do not care. And if you run into ones that do, then they are probably scrotes who get off to 2-d lolicon shit.

No. 277633

It's so funny to watch her puff her cheeks less because she's gained so much weight that she doesn't even have to do it anymore kek

No. 277694

you knew her personally?

No. 277695

Post any proof at all, no one gives a fuck about some made up random anon with a made up story to go with it.

No. 277697

What? I'm not that anon but what she's saying doesn't sound unreasonable. Lots of Lori's former friends have said similar. They didn't post some outlandish story. They said Lori cut them off after they didn't promote her OnlyFans, lmao. Lori posts statuses all the time about how she does that to people, or is willing to, like the anon is replying to. Why the hostility?

No. 277698

anon just made an offhanded comment, she's not making any wild claims. she's not even implying they were irl friends, just fb/instagram friends.

No. 277714

So anyone can pretend they knew her or interacted with her and we don't need proof, got it.

No. 277715

I think we all know there are better things you should be doing instead of lurking this board.

No. 277716

Asking for real milk isn't a reach and not blindly believing anons isn't some strange new thing. Maybe stop being gullible instead.

No. 277718

You want people to possibly dox themselves to prove to you they were once internet friends with Lori? Get a grip.

No. 277719

There's a video "Did people used to look older" on youtube and Lori is the definition of that. She thinks she peaked in the 90s so she keeps dressing and styling herself the same to this day and it ages her further.

Lori always hollers when reality hits her where it hurts: people not wanting to share her ugly OF while being called old and fat.

No. 277720

not every post is real milk, newfag, no one is being gullible this is just no stakes.

No. 277725

Minimodding and sperging about a lack of milk is a /w/ phenomena, actual farmers don't do this just newfags baiting a dox.
What is it with retards on the least stringent board consistently expecting unreasonable adherence to what they perceive to be the rules?

No. 277730

No one is asking for anyone to dox themselves. But saying you were a cosplayer or someone she worked with, something other than general stuff. You're really calling asking for some kind of credibility to a story related to a cow as minimodding. Sure.

No. 277748

You’re unhinged. Anon never said they cosplayed with her. They only said they wouldn’t share Lori’s content. It was most likely just a Facebook friend who got the axe. It’s not even milk in the first place so there’s no reason to demand proof. Shut the fuck up and stop sperging retard.

No. 277750

Exactly this. Kevin is just unhinged and hellbent on thinking everyone here is Moo or Vamp. Expect a meltdown in his stories soon, this has become so routine it's so easy to call out.

No. 277762

it's insane and someone needs to examine the moderation on this board. Minimodding is out of control since at least 2021 if not earlier

No. 277774

/w/ also has the highest concentration of wks and sjws on the site so maybe there's a correlation? they treat threads like twitter callout posts and get mad if you post anything besides alogging, calling it derailing or they wk the cow and claim every post isn't milk. it's honestly worse in generals because they either vendetta post or rage at anons posting cows other than the specific ones they have a problem with. they're always so inflammatory towards other anons too like >>277730 is doing.

No. 277776

the posts they claim aren't milk are usually saged too. But when a cow has some news that isn't milky (but might evoke empathy) suddenly that's allowed to be unsaged and discussed with 15 posts about how cute something is or how pretty they are or RIP dead pet or whatever

No. 277809

File: 1674256891619.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3072x3072, F4146639-0073-41FE-AF88-021441…)

>>277776 Speaking of which, the last of the ferrets made an appearance so i predict we’ll be seeing vet bill grifting soon. Looks shaggy to me, but I don’t know anything about ferrets so maybe theyre supposed to look like that?

No. 277810

Yeah both Lori and Kevin have been sharing other animal donation/shelter pages on their Facebooks within the month and they only ever do that when they are gearing up towards spamming their own grift fund. Sleazy behavior. They got like $600 last time.

No. 277821

Literally this. Then the same autism spills over into /meta/ because of their constant need to appeal to authority or shut down dissenting opinions. The amount of newfags who believe this behaviour is normal because it happens so often is disturbing.
Ferrets are notorious for their health issues so it wouldn't surprise me if this one isn't doing so great. It's irresponsible to purchase a ferret (let alone multiple) if you have to beg for donations everytime you're at the vet. Not that the abundance of cheap consoomer crap Lori and Kev hordes isn't the main contributor to the problem.

No. 277836

It's so obvious why one tard brought up specific details that nobody mentioned: cosplay, work.

Loony is desperately trying to find out who is leaking her facebook posts, kek.

No. 277839

God I didn't even think of that. I think you're right.

No. 277842

it seems more like annoying newfags than lori doing it. they do this on basically every thread.

No. 277914

A newfag wouldn't know highly specific details about who Lori recently blocked, nor would they care to figure out who was leaking her fb posts here.

No. 277939

Nobody is really leaking her posts here tho. It's just been screenshots of all the memes she reblogs, which are public.

No. 278018

Idk, they were pretty triggered over someone claiming to be a former friend and posting here. Demanding proof like a psycho implies they wanted to see a capped interaction. What else could they really provide after being unfriended? That would make it easy as 1 2 3 for deloonloon to figure out who it was. The simple fact someone came her to comment literally anything about her is enough to send Lori over the edge with rage. It’s not out of the realm of possibility. Saged for tinfoil and bc it honestly doesn’t really matter.

No. 278022

Only Lori or Kevin are retarded enough to call a milkless statement about being unfriended for not sharing content a “story” and demand proof. At least I would hope.

No. 278024

File: 1674388396074.jpeg (77.88 KB, 1370x576, E083EE0B-CA42-4381-96E8-0CF27F…)

No. 278201

It's also in line with the last few times they came to sperg out.

Anyone leaking how Loony is constantly begging for dollars through her FB friends and old exes gets her reeing because it ruins her self delusions of being "successful".

No. 278431

I've known them both for years and Lori's awful but honestly Scott's even worse and seriously needs his own thread. I think it's hilarious he was all up in Lori's threads going on about how he just wanted to help and is a good person, lol.

He cheated on Lori over and over, cheated on Tiffany after she got them an apartment in Jersey and when she threw him out he had to go live with his mommy and daddy even though he was in his thirties because he's in debt up to his eyeballs and can't hold a job. And then cheated on the girl he moved to Colorado for who was supporting him and got thrown out by her to. Dumbass moid will never learn and is a giant baby just like Lori.

No. 278455

This has to be bait. No way in hell you idiots are coming out of the woodwork like this. Now I see why anons were asking for someone to provide some sort of evidence they even knew Lori or Kevin on personal levels. Now it just sounds like bad larping for asspats from other anons.

No. 278468

"when she threw him out he had to go live with his mommy and daddy even though he was in his thirties because he's in debt up to his eyeballs and can't hold a job" you mean like Kev, Lori? I bet they'd take him back if you ever threw him out, but that will never happen because you're in your thirties and can't hold a job.

No. 278478

Lol, no doubt he’s a POS too. Let’s face it, no one sane could date Lori for more than a week and not run screaming for the hills. She is not good at all at hiding her insanity. Con relationships where you hang out for a few hours several times a year were all she could manage, and even then, most people realized pretty quickly something was terribly off with her.
I did check his Facebook after he (apparently) showed up here. He and that chick he was dating broke up pretty shortly afterwards and she alluded to him cheating. Didn’t post it here though, because who cares? However faulty Scott’s wiring is, he’s kept it off the internet. He’s not cow material or even vaguely interesting.

No. 278479

theres only two people who would come in here unsaged to complain about scott like that, and we know who they are.

No. 278489

No one fucking cares.

No. 278490

Lori, vendetta posting is against the rules, dear.

No. 278510

File: 1674583969680.jpg (474.22 KB, 1536x2048, 29067367.jpg)

It’s common knowledge he cheated on Lori and has wandering dick. I don’t know who Tiffany is but if you go back just a bit to earlier threads, Scott came in here to tout himself and carry on about Lori…like fifteen years after the fact? He admitted to stalking her and got called out for being weirdly obsessive despite being in a committed relationship with someone he moved to Colorado for. It’s pretty obvious he’s still hung up on her because who carries on about an ex decades later when they’ve supposedly moved on like he claimed he had? Not to mention the freaking manifesto he wrote. It was creepy and if I was his wife/girlfriend I’d be weirded out too.

Someone else pointed out at that time that the Colorado girl had made a post on her social media about betrayal at the same time Scott was having his heyday over Lori here, and then he suddenly disappeared never to comment here again. And someone else pointed out how also at that time he disappeared from all the social media of the girl he was in a relationship with.

I dunno, it kinda adds up especially with how many people have been saying he’s terrible and a serial cheater from day one of the Lori milk. I kinda think he actually tried to get back with Lori and that’s why Kev went bananas when Scott was posting here. Except she must’ve rejected him and he lost his current girl in the process. Kek.

No. 278517

at least he looks his age. i doubt whori would turn any man down at this point either. she would love to go live at his parents house again if she could.

No. 278522

>at least he looks his age
He aged like milk kek but I guess that’s moids for you
>i doubt whori would turn any man down at this point either
I can see Lori turning him down. She would probably meet him to hookup, but not move in. If he’s in debt too like anon said, then she would rather wait it out and find a gullible nerd with money. Which we know ain’t gonna happen again but she’s delulu. Also, Kevin is way more of a doormat than Scott, Lori would rather have someone stupid to control. Kevin doesn’t stray far and she can manipulate him to do anything.

No. 278524

oh i agree he looks like shit but i just meant he shows his real face without filters and doesn't try to appear younger than he is. but good point about lori thinking she could score a better man than either scott or kevin. she really does think shes gonna land that SIMP whale one day.

No. 278528

Isn’t this a Lori and Kevin thread? No one gives a fuck about her ex from over a decade ago and his no-name girlfriends. Scott is not a cow and boring as fuck. Just because you’re starved for milk in a dry thread doesn’t mean it’s okay to derail. Go create your Scott thread if you’re so inclined but no one cares about this dude and his boring regular life itt.

No. 278530

File: 1674589798804.jpeg (191.44 KB, 824x1165, E16A36D9-65AB-4E24-8C26-9782A7…)

Lori. You’re pushing 40 posting Rick and Morty memes about being 25. As someone ten years younger, this is cringe to post, even at my age. Please log off and get a job so your pets stop dying. Maybe even get a diet that doesn’t revolve around plastic noodles and powdered beef. Your coochie must smell like Taco Bell cheese with all that fast food you’ve been eating.

No. 278534

You just did exactly what you were bitching about- bumping the thread for no reason. Which is ironic because the other anon saged. YOU didn’t. Fucking retard.

No. 278535

It’s even more tacky that she’s sharing this Rick and Morty meme after the recent domestic violence charge involving the creator, Justin Roiland.

No. 278537

File: 1674590997291.jpg (30.74 KB, 586x154, Image1.jpg)

He's literally whining about how broke and penniless he is online for the whole world to see. No way would Lori take him back lol.

IMO Scott is just Lori with a dick. They belong together.

No. 278556

The sadest thing about this is admitting no one gives a shit about her. Yeah, turning 38 in like 2 months with nothing to show and no one to care must make her feel like its a miracle. She must know shes not the princess she pretends she is. Why didnt she ever do something real to help herself? She didn't even have enough brains to fake being normal and marry a beta male with a career. She could have at least done that. She just seems so broken, I feel like by posting this she knows that. What a bottom of the barrel mentality. What age does she actually get out of this lame "I'm an influencer" phase and at least get a job. Pretty sure Kevin is a dead end. What does he make minimum wage with no real plans at this point? Are they even engaged anymore?

No. 278557

I dont remember it being that big of a deal. He kinda trashed her and made himself look like a hero trying to save her but when did he say he was stalking her or obsessed with her? He said he reached out and offered her food and she blew him off.

He really is, these two could never make it. They would have no place to go. I doubt we'll ever see a reprise since they both need someone to foot the bill.

No. 278561

>If I write "kek" at the end of my spergout they'll think I'm a regular

No. 278562

Not anon you're asking but there was a good lol had because he got called out and admitted to googling her/going through her accounts/etc. which is "how he found this forum".

Hope getting yeeted out of colorado was worth it Scott "this page came up in a search".

No. 278564

the vendettaposting in this thread has gotten out of hand today, i really don't think anyone but lori, kev, or someone salty from her and scotts past would be posting this shit here. it just reeks this pathetic strange energy. 4 negative posts about someone not relevant to the thread in 24 hours? no one but someone whos involved in this whole drama would care enough to post this.

No. 278568

Agreed. It’s very obvious by the twitter cap. Who would even know that was Scott’s account unless it was someone who knew him personally or had endless free time being unemployed so they could lurk someone irrelevant all day. Oh wait…

No. 278571

Nobody cares about this scrote other than Lori and Kevvy. Nobody asked, yet they're coming here sharing personal details and twitter accounts nobody here would know about, then saying he is a stalker in the same breath.

No. 278572

Yeah I remember the entire thing. It wasnt that serious.Besides, who didnt do that? Anyone who knows this cow looked at her online shit, that's not an obsession though. People look people up all the time. Still dont remember him ever saying he was obsessed with her. It looks to me like he was just basking in a moment of attention and it was really more about him getting to relive a moment in his life. It was like last thread, still pathetic and irrelevant. I'm not defending him, I dont really care was just saying the anon blew it up to an obsession, and no one has ever been obsessed with Looni other than to make fun of her sadness.

If your not interested in the conversation, you can always just go to another thread and ignor it and stop telling people what to do.
The past 10 threads have been nothing but rehashed nonsense and little bits of pointless info dragging them on how pathetic they are. Why freak about it now?

No. 278573

File: 1674611616516.jpg (751.54 KB, 1536x2048, 58320985690268954043543.jpg)

Scott seems a little milky. He's openly doing cringy shit still while pushing 40. What's with his Native larp? Dude looks like a tube of mayo. Also, none of you posted his furry OC. Fake nonnies. I'm here for the Scott tea. He currently doesn't meet thread requirements though.

No. 278574

File: 1674611728067.jpg (Spoiler Image,203.98 KB, 973x1280, waya.jpg)

here's his fursona 'Waya'. Is he trying to smash native chicks or is this some sort of identity crisis?(derailing)

No. 278575

>ignor it and stop telling people what to do.

This is the Loony thread and not the Scott thread. Go make a thread for him if you think this is interesting.

No. 278576

File: 1674612920501.jpg (512.03 KB, 1536x2048, 291411668.jpg)

Holy cultural appropriation batman. His posts have been pretty cringey lately but I haven't seen this. Does he have a native woman fetish or something now?

Pretending to be something he's not just like Whori.(derailing)

No. 278579

>Holy cultural appropriation batman
Please, go back to Twitter we didn't ask for this

No. 278580

dudes just wearing some necklaces. fuck off with your vendetta posting. no one cares about steve or whatever his name is.

No. 278588

Please don't yell at me for derailing or being a vendettafag because I'm honestly curious. But is there something wrong with Scott, like mentally? I don't know anything about him aside from the online drama but I went back to read his posts while he was here, and skimmed his social media out of curiousity. And he just seems…not right.

Not trying to be mean. Just really wondering.

No. 278594

bonnie he dated lori. of course there’s something wrong with him mentally.

No. 278609

Lorena got mad people brought up her Lego pussy again so she’s derailing with some old moid she dated and fucked. It’s so obvious it’s them.

No. 278611

And just think. Lori fucked him and begged for him to take her back. As laughable as he is, Lori is still below him. She begged and screamed and cried over him. Threatened to kill herself over him. Hysterical! Thanks for reminding us that Lori can only pull ugly incels.

No. 278614

>holy cultural appropriation Batman
>proceeds to call someone else cringe

No. 278615

Fun fact- Scott is currently shacked up with and freeloading off that Tiffy Tezna chick from cupcakecosplay. Yes, the same one who committed covid relief money fraud with her husband.

No. 278632

It's so obvious broke and bored Loony is here, vendetta comparing herself to whoever >>278615 is. As if Loony herself isn't committing fraud on the daily whether with lego catfishing, bumming free MMO account with fake illness, or pretending yet another ferret isn't dead yet.

No. 278642

kek i almost forgot the time she grifted a WoW subscription for kevvy under the guise of covid thanks anon

No. 278656

File: 1674677924181.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1978, Screenshot_20230125-121826.png)

No. 278658

Kevin, tell anons how it feels to know Lori begged this man >>278576 for sex to the point he became irritated, but with you she’s constantly “withholding” and publicly claims she’s asexual. Better yet, when is the last time she’s even kissed you? When is that wedding date? Y’all are pathetic wastes of each others time but it’s fun to watch the desperate front that ‘everything’s fine’ you put on for the hatersuntil it inevitably explodes in on itself.

No. 278671

will say that it's certainly refreshing not to see horrifically photoshopped bobbleheaded people here for once, despite it being another gross moid kek. kev's shoops make me retch every time.

is she not embarrassed. the lack of self awareness is outstanding in this one every time. looney lonely lori

would not be surprised if there's a block of text freakout from kev's stories soon. this whole thread right now reeks of them reeee-ing at home.

No. 278683

Nobody knows or cares about her. If she was worth any attention she'd be posted somewhere on /w/ or personal lolcows by now.
Of course Lori would rather be a delusional recluse in Bumfuck county than be faced with reality in a populated area. Easier to cope and remain ignorant while isolated. She doesn't even hold the confidence to be reclusive in a major city, it's so pathetic. Any proximity to dynamic landscapes and people must be agonizing for her. You'd think by now she'd have realized.

No. 278688

Eaxctly, she knows she'd get laughed at in cities because of how gross and cheap she looks IRL.

Still, wouldn't she need a car to go where picrel is? Loony has no means of transport aside from Kevvy and they only use his car for walmart or that teenager store where some girl said Lori looked mad old and dirty.

No. 278693

>Lori begged this man for sex to the point he became irritated

Do we really know if that's true though? Not defending her at all but Scott's always been full of shit. Is there any documentation of this besides Scott saying it?

No. 278694

I thought there were multiple reports from Lori's former friends that she was a total sex fiend, to the point of wanting it at inappropriate times. Wasn't there more than one person who verified the story of Lori kicking the other guests out of the hotel room at a convention because she wanted to fuck Scott?

No. 278696

There was I read it somewhere in the old milk from the moonie era

No. 278698

Not suprising since she just looks like a fatter version of Lori.

No. 278702

This is grossly truth and she use to make people evacuate the shared hotel rooms. Sex fiend is just a nice way of saying ho bag. Which she was.

No. 278707

Well, she was in Time magazine for her Elsa costume. She might not be a cow but possitive attention is better. The best whori ever did in an actual publication was a shitty pic in Spin Magazine back in 2001 and got made fun of for being a weirdo and made fun of on a late night show for 10 seconds.

No. 278708

But Lori is a fatter version of herself.

I thought Lori's claim to fame was that convention videos where she is racist towards the young girls who were casted on the live action show.

No. 278710

>made fun of on a late night show for 10 seconds.

What is this referring to? I know about the Spin Magazine picture but not this.

No. 278711

No. 278712

That’s not Lorena. It’s obvious you’re trying to get nonnies pointed to this girl instead.

No. 278763

File: 1674725873975.jpg (452.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230126-203155.jpg)

This never happened, she is absolutely living in a fantasy world kek

No. 278764

File: 1674726087815.jpg (427.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230126-203209.jpg)

Cue her very next story with her perfect "wig's" black roots, split ends ridged extensions

No. 278781

File: 1674733408347.jpeg (398.57 KB, 1640x1774, B00C569B-22A1-4515-B792-855131…)

Lori really do be lovin Red Lobster. Even the seafood she eats is nasty manufactured chum. It’s giving white trash. Just imagine her cracking a claw open with her long hot pink nails and slurping it into her toothless mouth. Nightmare fuel.

No. 278787

File: 1674736021263.jpeg (49.01 KB, 750x428, 947795B4-E0B3-48AD-A1AA-6291BD…)

I think she’s fixating on this comment. She really should go back to tracing artwork or making cheap necklaces with sculpey. She needs a hobby, her brain is atrophied.

No. 278789

Samefag to show what he was commenting on . Yeahhh, he obviously thought it was a wig because it’s so “perfect”. Lori is as delusional as an old man with a toupee, thinking it makes him look younger and no one suspects.

No. 278790

File: 1674737011388.jpeg (144.92 KB, 506x873, 69C4BEA2-55D7-400E-BA02-18EE78…)

Fuck, can’t delete for some reason and forgot attached pic. Sorry for shitting up thread.

No. 278803

Lori has been obsessed with people thinking her hair is a wig for over 20 years. I promise nobody is thinking about your hair that much, Lori.
Kek, I'm sure this is it. She totally made up the whole "perfect" thing. Hilarious. Also there's so many cheap wigs out there. "Your hair looks like a wig," isn't necessarily a compliment about how perfect looking your hair is.

No. 278845

Imagine gaining 30 pounds in a year and absolutely none of it going to your tits…bleak

No. 278850

god she looks terrible here. and i don't think she's fat, she's just very doughy and not getting any t&a which is laughable since she's catering to coomer men.

No. 278857

I recall hearing he has porn induced ED and a sex worker addiction but thats every crusty misogynistic moid for you. One of his exes I knew back in the day said he'd been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder which explains a lot of his behavior and how he's so similar to Lori.

I knew about Spin magazine but whats this about the late night show and where can this gem be found?

No. 278864

Lori I can smell your extensions from over here and they're so ratty that they can be used as bedding for your decrepit remaining ferret. The breakage in every single picture is extremely obvious too kek. Methinks she needs to invest some of her klarna in some glasses.

No. 278881

It's been 84 years of "vampire genes" and "no wigs" and "no lashes" when she's wrinkly, bald with DIY extensions, and her falsies slipping.

Her poses ave changed to hide that she hasn't had a thigh gap in ages. It's the body of someone who sits and eats all day.

No. 278900

When she stands up straight she just looks like an actual fridge, no curves whatsoever

No. 278907

I hate these ugly edits to clothing that these Chinese and Japanese mass creation companies make. Wtf are those tights? There's already all those ugly variations of the VKS too compared to the original. Lori, you look fucking stupid.

No. 278928

This is rough. I can’t believe she posted this at her own free will. And this is AFTER serious shooping. Yikes.

No. 278929

This has to be one of the worst photos she’s ever posted. Horribly unflattering. Her hands look really warped too.

No. 279050

Oh wow. If she posted this it means it was the best shot out of hundreds. Despite all the contorting, "bomb ass lighting" and weapons grade filters she can't quite manage to hide the fact she's eaten herself into a teletubby bod

No. 279080

File: 1674830461926.jpeg (74.31 KB, 650x500, 31D31B8D-5C15-4F0C-BE06-8DA7BE…)

The weird tights along with the shrug are a “reverse bunny suit”. It was a trend for about three seconds a few years ago. At least, every degen was drawing their fursona in one briefly. Didn’t see too many actual people wearing them, I guess because (as Lori is demonstrating) it looks unbearably stupid.

No. 279131

hers looks even worse than your pic somehow.

No. 279134

It looks like she’s shooping her feet to be ever so slightly smaller. Her feet are flippers

No. 279143

First the Scott derailing, now the dumpier than usual bait photo. I wonder what she wants everyone distracted from

No. 279146

File: 1674874845409.jpg (Spoiler Image,134.3 KB, 800x1440, 37987896.jpg)

To be fair Scott kinda derailed when he came in here years and years later to declare what a NICEGUY he is

No. 279149

I'm just glad anons didn't chase away the cow like they did in the Felice Fawn thread. I'll take milk from whatever source and make my own assertions, even if the guy's as big of a bpdfag and Loonie.

No. 279157

This, it's not derailing when we were provided some of the best milk since Kevvy peeing on Loony's suit.

No. 279161

>some of the best milk since Kevvy peeing on Loony's suit

somebody going on about how awesome they are for sending her a free hello fresh meal is not good nor milk

No. 279178

Nta but we got to hear about her legacy milk and that she was begging her ex from the early 2000s for money as recently as 2017. Even if it mostly just reaffirmed what we already knew it was mildy entertaining to see the moid chime in directly after all these years. The act of coming here after all this time was milky enough for me, particularly since this thread has slowed since Kev and Loonie try to keep their public spergouts to a minimum.

No. 279197

Did we ever find out who the guy was that Lori was messaging a few threads back? She was begging them to visit and was saying how Kevin wouldn’t know? If it was Scott I feel like he would have said so. It’s still bugging me that we don’t know who she was messaging.

No. 279201

I’ll be honest, Scott looks better here than Kevin did with his dancer onesie and space sneakers when he was forced to cosplay the little boy from DitF

No. 279266

>If it was Scott I feel like he would have said so.

Not if he actually went and hooked up with her he wouldn't. And it does line up with the timeline other nonnies pointed out of the CO woman he was living with breaking up with him and kicking him out. Scott you nasty.

No. 279334

File: 1674948353111.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3072x3072, 6AF71A45-516C-422D-BD3F-FF30DE…)

Had to pull it up, it was back in 2020. I also wonder who it was but i guess scotty would make the most sense

No. 279338

Let's be real there's only one person who would consider that "not milk".

Especially because it got Lori and Kevvy fighting and blocking each other yet again, kek.

It reads like Scott and in all these threads Loony hasn't had anyone else offer her help. Her pitiful network has always been in shambles.

No. 279346

Scotty and Kevvys dicks must be so rotten and diseased from being stuck in Whori's holes

No. 279368


I wondered where he went after cheating on and leaving Heidi

No. 279374

If this is true he really is just as pathetic and gross as Lori. He's gotta be well into his forties by now (def looks it since he aged like milk). But he's still grifting his way through female cosplayers, cheating then getting yeeted, and rinse repeat? How are there any women left associated with cosplay who don't know to just run away from him by now?

No. 279526


No. 279528

Sage your aggro kek

No. 279554

File: 1675136036501.jpg (262.91 KB, 967x870, 20230130_212441.jpg)

I couldnt find the clip, just this jpg on the old dramatica site. Stephen Colbert used her as an example of degeneracy and pretty much degraded her for about 10 seconds. A super low if there ever was one. Wish I could find the clip, probably posted some place in one of her threads already.

No. 279588

Stephen Colbert wasn’t on air when she was in her moonie days. It’s just a lame meme someone made to troll her. Welcome to the internet.

No. 279602

She was never even famous on the internet, it was just someone making a meme out of her.

threatdowngenerator.com can still be viewed on archive.org

No. 279744

Lori has blocked Kevin on Instagram. It's been awhile since that happened. I haven't done a calendar in awhile but maybe I'll start one for February since she blocked him on the first of the month, lol.

No. 279758

wonder if rent or klarna bills are due

No. 279781

She absolutely was internet-famous during the early net days, on LJ and cosplay.com etc. That's how she was able to have huge dedicated larping groups of all the SM characters in the first place. Of course later with all the drama, it became more a case of infamous than famous

No. 279824

Famous is a stretch. The only reason I even found her was because I liked sailor moon when I was a kid and searched it as a username on livejournal. I’ve never come across Lori or heard anything about her by chance, only intentional searches. Her kkk (cringe) was formed by her and friends irl with a few she met on LJ. Don’t confuse having a username that easily got a ton of searches with “fame”.

No. 279833

Nah, I agree. By todays standards of internet fame, she was never much…but back in the LJ days, in her own niche corner, she was. Cosplay was a different beast back then, and it was genuinely notable that she was able to assemble large coordinated cosplay groups. Her brief fame is so outdated that most evidence of it was not archived.

I understand the pushback against calling her “famous” though. Lori’s delusions have led her to claim wild things, like being responsible for Sailor Moons popularity in the US. She’s always overestimated her own influence. She was admired back when having a friend with a nice camera and photoshop suite on desktop was enough to appear successful and enviable. She was an utter failure at leveraging that into anything more. Part of why I find her interesting at all is her connection to the way the “old internet” worked. She’s a relic, lol.

No. 279849

Loonie being LJ famous in the early aughts is debatable. Yes she had a decent size group who hung on her but most of them disappeared when they realized she was an awful person. Most of her LJ days was drama and her asking people to tell her what they thought of her so she could force recognition for herself. Anyone who who goes to cons knows a lot of people if they go regularly, which she did. She claimed she had a process to adding people but if so, why was everyone she knew from cons and their distant cousin on her friends list. She refused some people publicly to create the look of selectivity but she would add anyone who was willing to give 2 seconds of their day otherwise if they were related to the con circles she ran in. When cosplay . Com was forming cosplay on the internet was a big deal and the fan base was way smaller. I can remember everyone who was regulars across the country knowing each other. Peopl tend to gather in one spot. She narcissistically created photos and icons of herself giving the illusion she was something bigger than she was. Then as the drama unfolded people stuck around to watch the shit show and then all bailed on her.

Loonie getting large groups together is also debatable. Not to be rude but her last group was a rando group of people happy to be part of something. Costumes sucked and no one looks like their character. Is that really impressive when there are groups who look amazing and manage to recruit people with skill and looks? Early on she used a group of friends. Everyone did and still does that.

Loonie tears people apart, she doesnt bring them together. Her groups were naturally formed, she didnt do anything special there. We can know that because she has no one now. Where did that skill go? She never had it. If she did her social media wouldnt be full of bots and randos with a smattering of left overs. An occasional reply from old cosplay friends or a looser ex, etc.. people give this idiot to much credit imo.

No. 279862

File: 1675361099263.jpg (95.34 KB, 1080x225, 20230202_120358.jpg)

Lori has always grifted everything she ever had. Her Live Journal was no different. She used trickery, threats and a fake image just like she does now. The only difference is shes old now so no one is taking the bait anymore other than desperate scrotes and still that the same ole same ole. They see shes a fake and dodge out, just like all the LJ crowd did. The only thing Lorrena is good at us lying to temporarily get what she wants.

No. 279863

I'm just lurking for the Scott milk (which is really sour cream at this point because yuck). Dude's had it coming for a long time now.

Did Lori ever write her own manifesto? I know she had threatened to and even shared a few of his dick pics in retaliation (which were sad and underwhelming, really don't get why he's so full of himself).

No. 279864

File: 1675361174436.jpg (214.12 KB, 1080x367, 20230202_120425.jpg)


No. 279928

Also, all the other relic cosplayers are still around or had growing success or moved onto careers.

Cosplayers like Yaya or Nigri were exponentially more famous, and even in the Sailormoon fandom Loony wasn't even a sideshow bob to the better skilled and prettier cosplayers who also went onto having ensemble groups with friends instead of con randoms.

No. 279936

File: 1675403666257.png (23.95 KB, 735x125, Screenshot 2023-02-02 9.50.36 …)


It's true. When it was happening Heidi would post something and then delete it so there's no better point in time/juicy caps from back then unless anyone saved them but Facebook still has her as single and then this public post.

No. 280001

She made them not public. Leave her out of Scutt and Loony's drama, this doesn't belong here.

No. 280027

File: 1675450360831.jpg (68.83 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230203_115146_189.jpg)

I guess Kevin paid up.

No. 280044

This makes me sad, they were really cute together. I genuinely thought Scott had finally grown up and gotten his shit together, guess it was all a front. His new supply is in for a suprise, either way good for Heidi for getting away from him.

I can't wait to see how juicy this gets the closer we get to Vday kek.

No. 280109

im excited for loris birthday and 4/20 in april this year because thats when theyve had fights before kek

No. 280200

>>276289 we are watching a shayna style spiral into flabbiness. Bet in a year we are going to look back at this and be surprised how thin she still was. Please 2023 be good to us.

No. 280216

Maybe they're fighting because Kevvy called her fat, wasn't he into anachans? Now she eats all his food.

She's going to double in size, in that pic she hides one leg behind the other to minimize how big she is, and now she edits out the lumps that are happening everywhere.

No. 280347

File: 1675634732816.webm (4.24 MB, 720x1280, LoriGrandmaVideo2.webm)

Lori posted another grandma video set to a different version of Barbie Girl this time. I don't know why she keeps posting these.

No. 280402

File: 1675652314110.jpg (70.74 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230205_143151_988.jpg)

Busy month so far

No. 280409

I love you for making these anon

No. 280416

She gives off so much troon energy.

No. 280426

File: 1675666311190.jpg (375.25 KB, 1005x1407, Lol.jpg)

No. 280448


No. 280449

File: 1675684159883.png (1.66 MB, 1440x2356, don't do sex work girls.png)

Little bit meta, but these two images juxtaposed have the exact same mood. Regretful weeb turned sexworkercore

Only a few years ago Venus had a clean image (though suspected to be sugaring) and Lori was posting the same zerotwo photo over and over to 20 likes. And here we are now.

No. 280452

kek i was thinking the same thing anon, those two could be friends. lori would probably just seethe because shes younger and in japan though. i wonder who would look worse if there were candids of them together.

No. 280456

File: 1675689345239.png (690.21 KB, 864x1483, Screenshot_20230206-113327~2.p…)

kev chimping out again

No. 280457

File: 1675689372562.png (494.62 KB, 864x1525, Screenshot_20230206-113330~2.p…)

he mad

No. 280458

File: 1675689400641.png (237.33 KB, 864x1451, Screenshot_20230206-113340~2.p…)

he wants apologies

No. 280461

>We have big eyes and tiny noses. Fight me irl. - Kevin Hanft


Bless you, anon. I've been waiting for a Kevin freakout for so long. It looks like he deleted this so I'm happy you caught this.

No. 280462

Embarrassingly pathetic. Imagine caring about social media this much while pretending you don't.

No. 280465

They're even using the same app settings, kek.

Love a good self-own from Kevvy, the anon predicting a valentine's day chimpout is an oracle because the blocking is getting fast and furious.

No. 280466

i bet lori said that to kevin when he was trying to talk about his skateboarding interests

No. 280470

I'm afraid to ask but still, why Lori keep blocking Kevin when they argue.
They live together, no? Then blocking is useless. I don't get it.

No. 280478

Because she likes punishing him. They're just being awful to each other because it's part of their dynamic

No. 280481

They're both shitty people to each other but they're also too retarded to break up. If Kevvy just dumped Lori, he'd be in a better place but most likely he did something stupid like gave her all his cards and bank accounts which is why they're in debt.

No. 280488

Ok sure but this doesn't answer my question.
How blocking in social media could be considered punishment? Ignoring, being rude or mean - yeah, sure. But blocking? Sorry nonna, I just don't get it.
Come on, Kev and Loris relationship is like symbiosis. They belong together and thank goodness they found each other.

No. 280498

Look into narcissistic abuse; people like Lori use just about anything to threaten, intimidate, or belittle the person they’re trying to control, even something as unassuming as blocking them on social media. Just a guess, but Kevin being blocked means he can’t readily see what she’s up to on that account, so it probably instills some anxiety that she’s messing around (or she alluded to it), thus prompting him to apologize or do whatever it is she’s holding over his head. Also could be seen as a form of silent treatment, which is pretty humiliating if you also live with the person.

No. 280499

This explains everything. Thank you!

No. 280509

Kevin, just because you've done something for so long doesn't mean people are going to give you the attention you want because Johnny over here just started their page and did something cool you'll never do, but stay mad at him for the instant 5k he got.

Kevin is such a whiney brat online. It's like cosplayers throwing fits their cosplay didn't get attention.

No. 280511

>it probably instills some anxiety that she’s messing around

We know that Kev and Lori lurk here since they referenced Scott coming on twenty years later for another moment of glory and we know that Lori and Scott were messaging behind Kev and Heidi's backs trying to meet up without anybody knowing from >>279334.

I'm wondering if Kev has seen those screenshots here and the updates that Heidi caught Scott cheating and kicked him out so knowing Scott is single and still carrying on with Lori has him sperging out? Especially if he was cheating with Lori. They've definitely cranked up the fighting recently and the timing is just too perfect.

Kevvy you're still young and even though you're a trainwreck there's still hope for you to turn things around for yourself. Get out and let the two nutcases have each other.

No. 280518

He truly became Loony 2.0. Now he's crying about more talented people getting recognition that should have been his, kek.

Lori throws fits over and harasses younger prettier cosplayers and ethots getting what she thinks is attention and money that should have come her way. That's why she resorts to all the skinwalking and claiming characters are based on her, and buying bots to look like she's not an absolute nobody.

Sounds right. The sudden uptick in posts about Scott coinciding with Loony blocking Kevvy could be related to Loony reaching out to Scott and trying to hook up with him again.

No. 280530

We're all oracles here. This was predicted by >>277750 KEK

No. 280555

Thot's all wind up in the same place. At least Venus had a moment in the sun. Lori's only ever really been broke and had a bad rep.

So he tantrums on social media about people thinking he's immature while bitching about being owed appologies for shit they did to themselves. Dude still doesnt get get he shaked up with the biggest load of baggage that dragged herself coast to coast letting everyone know what she really was? Even people who were his friends told him she was bringing her crazy to his life after they witnessed it. He didnt care and was fucked up enough to claim someone did something to them. Nive Darvo. It was public. They tried to help him. Then he trashed them publicly and chose Lori anyway. Who owes who the apology? He knows but regret is a bitch.
Who else is he talking about? Post public and accept public criticism.

No. 280562

>I don't use social media anymore because rrRRREEEEEEE
>multi-post spergout
Really makes you wonder why Kevvy isn't more successful, kek

No. 280565

Imagine if Kevin put this passion and effort into any kind of job. Any job at all.

No. 280568

File: 1675739941261.png (1.78 MB, 1080x2085, Screenshot_20230128-155908-325…)

I forgot to post this. He posted this on January 28. Even though he's more or less absent from social media, he still makes it a point to mention how social media isn't everything, and also how dare other people be more successful at social media than him.

No. 280571

More like laying low after that court case. He looks like he hasn't stepped outside in ages with that scraggly long hair. The backside must look bald.

No. 280578

I can smell this photo. Lori def has a type lol.

No. 280616

yea, and its musty. i wouldn't want to be in a room with kev, scott, or that rikki.

No. 280618

Speaking of Rikki. Does anyone have caps from him and Lori’s drama? I stopped keeping up with her during that whole period of time. I’ve read the whole thread but I was wondering if there were any anons who saved the recordings she posted of them fighting. I know next to nothing about Rikki. What is he up to post Lori? Saged because off topic but it’s be fun to revisit while there’s not much going on for current milk.

No. 280640

I’d be interested in info too. It seems like she fell off the Lolcow radar between her 2nd marriage (the renfest poly guy) and Rikki. Farmers only seem to have remembered to archive things around the time she and Momokun collided.

No. 280643

>Farmers only seem to have remembered to archive things around the time she and Momokun collided.

More like Moidkun.

No. 280655

Because old poly losers and Meitu abusing Karens are boring. Kevin is the only thing that makes her remotely interesting as his antics are hilarious. He’s still wearing his shaggy, awkwardly busted hair and swoopy shoes crying that he ain’t famous yet. He is the singular spot of sunshiney joy in this busted old people thread.

No. 280664

File: 1675796553218.jpeg (570.74 KB, 2609x1607, E211A00C-72F5-4BC8-8DBC-FF3987…)

the weight gain is really showing in her (previously witchy) hands. shes also been really overworking it with the waist shoops lately but i didnt feel like including those.

No. 280673

I can't believe he had to deal with a court case and still hasn't kicked her out. His parents must be livid paying for everything.

Is she even legally married or divorced? There has to be a reason why she's still only engaged to Kevvy. She got milky with Kevin and the pee suit debacle, prior to that she seemed to have taken a pause on the skinwalking so there was little milk to be had.

No. 280684

I don’t even think they’re still engaged. Sometimes she refers to Kevin as just her boyfriend (or will just call him Kevin lol) and she never wears the ring he got her.
I think she has referred to him as “fiance” recently (?) but in a previous thread someone pointed out her just calling him her boyfriend.

No. 280690

She also doesn’t have neon pink talons in these photos.
Don’t forget Lori’s other name for Kev, “the boy” kek. She doesn’t care about him at all and is only using him for food and a roof. I really don’t get why Kevin stays because she does absolutely nothing.

No. 280692

Kevin’s fun, but he was way more interesting back when he did funny things like peeing on the plug suit and drawing in other cows for crossover hilarity. He’s pretty boring too nowadays - it’s the same whiny sperg over and over, the same cosplay over and over, the same outfit over and over…. Poor sap is absolutely stalled out right where he is. Both he and Lori are boring yet reliable old cows. Like a comfy rerun of an old show.

No. 280693

One thing we can always count on is Kev trying to make those stupid winged shoes happen.

No. 280701

Rikkis socials so I can lurk on my own pls

No. 280714

They really are a sitcom in how repetitive they are. You got Loony's same old meitu pics and claims of being all natural, to Kevvy's yellow pants and skatespergs, to ferret begging. Then you end the episode with a weekly blocking or unblocking.

No. 280731

i feel like kevin screeches about how he never gains followers because all he posts is him standing there looking stupid bc he sees that's all lori does and he doesn't realize she's been buying followers on his dime

No. 280752

>>280731 He could gain followers, I don't even think it would be that hard, if he stops screeching, if he stops posting "go follow my gfs onlyfans even though you asked a question about my own cosplay crafting". If he posted even every other day and just generally seemed inviting.

No. 280756

Don't know why he doesn't try Tiktok. That would be better reach. No one goes to Instagram for quick skate videos.

No. 280780

Lolllll, Kevin is the most grandpa-ish of all of them. He’s the living embodiment of the “Old Man Yells at Cloud” meme. You’d think he had dementia with how he repeats the same old story over and over, plus the disheveled appearance.

No. 280788

Lol have you SEEN Scott Scott? Or his socials? He looks like a scraggly homeless bum and all he does is RREEEE about how broken and sickly he is and how broke and penniless he is lol.

No. 280797

>Scott is single

Wait did that Tiffy woman he was sponging off of in Orlando kick him out already? That didn't take long.

No. 280801

Exactly why would anyone real follow him though? Just like Lori, the only way to get followers is bots. None of what they do amounts to anything, therefore nobody cares. They're both also way too old and behind trends for Tiktok.

No. 280805

>>280801 Eh, I still don't think he looks bad, but even then most of the pics he cover half his face in bangs anyway. There's definitely an audience out there for 'edgy lanky skater cosplay guy', but that would involve actually interacting with people, even low tier thirst traps but he can't do that because his balls are in Lori's grip.
If he wanted he could pick up cosplay again like the last years didn't happen and just keep going but well…

No. 280806

That's because he IS a scraggly homeless bum kek. He's well into his 40's and I don't think he's ever had a place of his own, he's just lived off his rich parents or with women who are too stupid/naive to know he's a leech. And then they boot him when they find out and/or he cheats.

No. 280809

Hes not talented or interesting and he doesn't have the money to keep up. He didnt gain followers, why would he now? The sport has lots of pros that peaked 20 years ago and followers who are half Kevin's age with twice the disposable funding from wealthy parents. Few people get anywhere online without investment. He's not rocking the brands of the genre and he's not charismatic enough to win followers. That's not to be mean. If I had no clue who he was I would think he was an average skater with average personality. Buisness wise I dont see his content taking off and I dont think it's because he tried to promote Liri. Now I do think if he had followers they would wonder why he was promoting her because her content stinks.

Kek, Scott and Looni were never meant to be. I can see those two trying to force the other to work so they can scrub 40 cent ramen off each other.

No. 280810

He looks like a visitor in his own home.

No. 280830

Don't know why he doesn't try to sell himself as a cosplayer for all those skating animes that came out.

No. 280832

File: 1675891935621.jpeg (31.55 KB, 208x320, 30EF843D-D510-49E5-BEDE-56FBFA…)

No. 280837

They're chasing fantasy careers and fame that can only happen with good genetics, money and connections. Things they don't and won't ever have.

They don't even have the discipline to work hard for anything and don't care to learn either. They just follow that they see more successful people doing in hopes of the same results.

No. 280844

File: 1675898283948.jpeg (1.39 MB, 4096x3072, B8ED8B77-2AC9-45DE-87AF-16CE68…)

Screenshots of a video she posted yesterday of her being a “cat” but just ends up looking like shes pantomiming riding a bicycle. usually in her “no makeup” meitu’d photos the filters manage to make her look fresh faced, but yikes did they fail her in this clip. She looks mtf. Also Kek at the gut

No. 280861

I wonder why she doesn’t change her Instagram handle to some iteration of Lori Lewd. It doesn’t make sense to keep the ZeroTwo handle when she doesn’t skinwalk the character anymore. I guess she’s too much of an idiot to know about branding.

No. 280867

>puts on cat ears
>pants and sits up like a dog
Lori, you had one job.

No. 280893

those extensions are looking rouuugh. Also, you can see just how short and straw-like her real hair is in these photos.

No. 280930

Those are chobits ears I think. And that angle isn’t flattering on anyone except the super skinny.

No. 280939

File: 1675956851098.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20230209-103332.png)

Regardless of what the ears are intended to be, she meows in the video and tagged it "nekogirl," while a second post of this same outfit was captioned like this.

No. 280968

how many times is she going to wear this stupid chinese napkin bikini.

No. 280993

she doesn't wear it because it can't fit on her finger anymore, bet

No. 280996

File: 1675998422943.jpg (99.79 KB, 2700x2025, il_fullxfull.3304531216_4oqn.j…)

they're just these crappy ears. you can see the bells and bows.

No. 281153

File: 1676076808363.jpg (Spoiler Image,173.12 KB, 694x697, Screenshot-2023-02-10-174538.j…)

Lol Scott shooting his shot with my friend by either trying to offer to buy or convince her to buy a $1,000 pair of shoes.

No wonder homeboy is homeless and broke. He and Loony are soulmates.

No. 281167

I don't doubt Scott is a piece of shit or anything but this is kind of a stretch, it's just a generic "treat yourself" reply and she was the Mars in the old KKK (barf) moonie group so they've known each other for about as long as he's known Whori and would probably have already tried something by now if he were really interested

No. 281172

File: 1676086573876.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.33 KB, 960x639, 2272895.jpg)

I think the point that nonnie was making is that he's broke and has to freeload off women because he thinks it's perfectly normal to treat yourself to $1K shoes.

Also pretty sure they were a thing.

No. 281182

Given his reputation I wouldn't be surprised if he fucked his way through the whole Klan at one point or another.

No. 281231

Y’all are really, reeeally trying. First of all, you’re making blanket statements like “he fucked the whole klan” and he’s a freeloader without ANY receipts. Secondly, none of this is relevant. You’re talking about decade old sour cream. Scott is a nobody. He’s not pursuing to be a “cosplay martyr” or an inflooencer like krusty and sideshow Bob. The vendetta posting is obvious and out of control. Anons asking for Lori and Rikki drama that was never posted and yet the irrelevant Scott shit post Lori continues? Sus. Scott and Lori’s past has been covered in detail in multiple threads. Unless there is new info regarding Lori and Scott, no one cares what he is commenting on fuckin Facebook or who he is living with these days. This is a Lori and Kevin thread. Again, make a Scott thread if you’re so obsessed with this random boring guy. It doesnt belong here.

No. 281241

Agreed. I don’t mind reviewing past side characters every so often, but the vendetta posting on one singular person has reached the point of being weird and suspicious.

No. 281246

This, no idea who these people are or why they're in a thread about Loony. Only two people on earth would try to derail this thread because they're mad about him.

No. 281281

I have to agree, this conversation has taken a ridiculous ride over the past two weeks.

Definitely suspect on the potentially deliberate derail. Some of the statements look like deliberate rebutts to comments upthread. Time to start reporting.

No. 281292

File: 1676140752076.png (8 KB, 1494x67, Screenshot 2023-02-11 113222.p…)

I for one am enjoying the Scott drama. Lori milk is still entertaining even if it's her old tub of sour cream.

I'm just suprised he hasn't stuck his greasy head back in here to deFenD his HonOr. Whoever this farmer was scared him off for good it seems.

Do we have any updates from our calender making friend? Curious if there are any new fights lining up with the Scott postings.

No. 281293

>enjoying the Scott drama
He lived with someone and then moved. He commented on Facebook. He’s… average. Truly thrilling.

No. 281309

It has nothing to do with Lori and theres not even any milk. Go make a Scott thread if you care about him so much.

No. 281326

I am still keeping track. This >>280402 is still the latest. Kevin has been blocked since February 5th.

No. 281329

My aren't we butthurt. Never said I cared about him but I am quite enjoying all the spergouts about him kek. Almost sounds like Loony is pissed someone is taking her attention away or Scutt still has groupies that lurk here.

No. 281335

surprised Lori still hasn't lined up another scrote to at least send her money. even Shayna can get tards to send her a couple hundred bucks or buy her food

No. 281362

File: 1676169357869.jpg (175.1 KB, 747x1280, IMG_20230211_193402_126.jpg)

I think she's trying. She recently followed this hustle culture guy and liked his recent pic. I noticed she did the same thing with the Andrew Lego guy, but she doesn't follow him anymore.

It's just that Lori doesn't have anything that these guys want. She isn't valuable to anybody but Kevin.

No. 281365

Lori going around liking random scrote posts in hopes they'd give a complete catfish a few dollars is just the saddest thing.

No. 281377

You are really, reeeally trying.

No. 281381

Or random anons passing by just think the hyper fixation on a side character is retarded at best.
t. Anon passing by

No. 281400

I think it has to mostly with a) being middle aged and b) seemingly only willing to date white men. Both of these things limit her options. If you notice, most of the positive comments she gets on pics are from nonwhite guys.

No. 281425

i really think her issue is that at 30+ years of age she has nothing to show for it and that's a big red flag for most people, especially men in that same age bracket. there's nothing in her name that she owns other than her busted down history as a "famous" cosplayer, which she did jack shit with. no assets, no investments, no college degree (not even a high school degree), not even a basic shitty secured credit card or a savings account she's been squirreling $15 into whenever she can. that's okay when you're 22 and still trying to figure yourself out, but once you hit 30 that shit gets old real fast. any man with half a brain would wonder what the fuck has she been doing with her life? why hasn't she graduated high school? why hasn't she ever tried working a job, even if it is just pushing a cart back and forth at the dollar store? and then she poormouths and expects people to spoonfeed her while being a raging bitch if you don't kiss her ass. she can't even get away with it being kind and sweet and feminine even though this is how she tries to portray herself. any other dude she manages to bag if she ever does leave kevin or vice versa, will just be another mentally unstable desperado just like him as that's the only kind of guy who will put up with a leech like her.

No. 281443

Are you retarded or new? Lori has done this e-begging to randos for years except it never pans out.

Like >>281425 says, her only hope is someone stupid enough to fall for her catfishing for a little while to give her a few bucks. Kevvy is probably legally married to her at this point and can't easily get rid of her.

No. 281448

File: 1676223749281.jpg (350.53 KB, 1080x1920, Man feet.jpg)

This is apparently not a Kev sighting - posted on Lorena’s IG. What a special thing, to wear the same size shoe as your ‘boy’. I wonder if he’s mincing around in her stripper heels?

No. 281450

Can we do a url check for >>281377?

I wrote >>281231 and the first line of my post was rewritten verbatim, borderline whiteknighting in >>281377 to an anon criticizing Lori begging for pennies… which has been proven thousands of times over the years. Lori and Kevin are 100% the ones derailing this thread and defending themselves, trying to shift attention to anyone they possibly can, and have a particular hard-on for Scott. At the very least let’s just report because I’m so tired of these pathetic beggars being agitating in the thread everyday and ruining the topic of conversation w their derails.

No. 281454

>mentally unstable desperado
You summed up her taste in men perfectly! Has she ever even dated anyone normal/stable?

>Lori and Kevin are 100% the ones derailing this thread
I mean we know they lurk here. I just ignore anything sus and have a good laugh at the mental image of Loony shrieking.

No. 281456

Confirmed Lori has the same size foot as Kev. Way to out your clown feet, Lori.

No. 281464

im pretty sure they actually have matching pairs of these ones sorry nona. not gonna totally spoonfeed you but years back in threads theres a picture of them together in them.

No. 281508

Whenever she goes outside she's literally in rags or Kevvy's clothes. They really are the same person.

No. 281586

Most scrotes don't give a shit about a woman's accomplishments or lack thereof. Sad but true. They care about looks above all else.

The renfaire guy seemed pretty normal and nice, other than being into nerdy renfaire stuff obv.

No. 281594

Rich men don’t want to date a broke woman, it doesn’t matter how good she looks

No. 281595

>sugar babies

No. 281602

Wow this nearly 38 year old women is wearing some pilled up sweats and sneakers even a 10 year old boy would pass on. Why does Lori own some nice Jean's and tops like women have? She puts it all into the fake cultivated online image but I've never seen her dress nice irl even once.

No. 281609

I thought renfaire guy (Steven?) cheated on her / she cheated on him?
But I think he did buy her nicer clothes. Around that time she wore a cream-colored lace dress from Free People/Lucky/some popular brand at the time. If it was a knockoff, it was a nice one anyway. I also remember seeing other pieces that were more age appropriate…guess she hated that, because it all got yeeted with Steven. Except for the lace dress which showed up in a pic a year or so ago, looking ratty as hell.

No. 281629

Even sugarbabies still have to be cute and young IRL. Lori wishes, kek.

Lori still wearing decades old knockoffs and tattered extensions shows the absolute state of her closet. Wasn't there a pic of her dirty bikinis living in a basket one time? That's all she's able to afford when she isn't cutting Kevvy's clothes.

No. 281669

Or she got it from depop or postmark lol

No. 281672

File: 1676327629135.jpeg (136.97 KB, 750x1095, 4D60D9A9-4D44-4CA4-B3A8-F1FD79…)

I wanted to disagree with this but looking back at her ig you’re right. It looked outdated but at least it was coordinated.

No. 281673

File: 1676327959749.jpeg (2.13 MB, 4096x3072, 6CEBE33D-EABE-4ACD-A3F2-E248FA…)

Compared to the stockings with jessica simpson shoes and wrinkled tutus she began wearing around 2017. So probably some sort of midlife crisis

No. 281681

Those clothes looked like costumes. What about things you wear when you have a legitimate place to go? Did she wear sweatpants with crazy shoes and a dollskill hoodie to the court? Out for dinner with Kevin's parents? To the dmv? I mean some nice jeans, a fitted top, heels proper makeup I've never seen her wear something like that even once. That's weird. For a woman who prides herself on her looks she must look ridiculous when she goes out. I bet she thinks people are looking at her because they think shes pretty or unique but they probably think she looks insane. She needs some real friggin clothes.

These are fine for a club, or a strip joint. I can see why she always winds up with Beta anime boys though. I dont think an actual man would want to parade this around.

No. 281758

File: 1676341938805.jpeg (160.14 KB, 750x1097, EF9E295F-E7C1-4467-A867-9DC012…)

Lol now someones going around trying to bump her old threads. I think we broke Kevin guys

No. 281763

Kek the timing of Kevvy spam bumping the post claiming people admired their outfits combined with these posts about Lori's meagre attempts at "fits". Seems fashion is a sore spot for those two.

No. 281768

File: 1676347521426.png (2.78 MB, 1500x1334, 95E43E75-CF6C-4404-B792-CA6558…)

No. 281778

bumping to fix the catalog after some spam

No. 281780

Old pic: Cute cos outfit, outside at the beach in the sunshine, looking healthy and trim.

New pic: Outfit looks like a homeless person, cooped up inside dark apartment, bloated from high sodium and carb diet.

No. 281781

I will never get over the size of those stompers. Her toes look like noodles or cheese going through the grater.

No. 281794

Even with all the filters to whiten things, the dress is so yellow looking because it's that old. Also her styling completely looks like things found in the bin now.

No. 281796

False. Look at lazy bitches like Taylor and Peach who have never had a real job in their life, yet pulled fat ugly rich guys to fully support them. Looks are king

No. 281841

This is fucking SAD. If she wasn't such a horrible person I'd feel bad for her. What a train wreck. And her delusional self thinks she looks better than ever. And that's after all the filters to try to make herself look better. Holy shit. It's really jarring whenever anyone posts side by sides.

No. 281853

Radio silence from both on insta it looks like. With Kevin blocked and someone bumping old threads over old outfit pics I wonder whats going on in that apartment

No. 281869

File: 1676431251590.jpg (68.97 KB, 967x1280, IMG_20230214_201713_953.jpg)

Lori unblocked and followed Kevin for Valentine's Day. I am having trouble posting this.

No. 281886

File: 1676441920977.jpeg (272.34 KB, 1498x1055, 5CE99678-B736-47A3-8AA7-E5C8D2…)

Kevin offers a tribute to his “best girl”, praising her lewds and flexing a bag of takeout.

No. 281902


Nothing will make me believe it's not a picture of the Doordash order he was delivering

No. 281904

I don't follow e-girls so I was wondering, is Kev's behavior as the e-girl's partner typical? He doesn't feel embarrassed about Lori's "work"? yeah yeah sex positive maybe I'm a prude but this just seems so pathetic

No. 281947

Kek, all it took was Kevvy giving her money and plugging her stupid accounts with ancient meitu edits of Lori as usual.

He's probably one of those drivers who steals people's meals every now and then. So sad that they can't even afford to eat outside like a normal couple.

No. 281999

Nah it's pathetic, I've never noticed other moids advertising their girlfriend's porn even if they seem to be okay with them doing it.

No. 282010

Not only does he advertise her OF (although way less lately in the last couple years than he did at the beginning) but anytime he's posted a cosplay WIP, if there are any legitimate questions about the props or costumes he's made, Kevin nastily tells them to subscribe to Lori's OnlyFans in order to be worthy of receiving cosplay tips. They did this over and over and over. No other scrote does that for their gf's OF. They are so good at self sabotaging.

No. 282017

he should nastily tell them to like his sick skate vids and then maybe he'll give a few tips

I always wonder if he's at the skate park with 12yos and having autistic meltdowns if they aren't leaving him enough space. I'm also sure he turns up in smelly knockoff slater clothes

No. 282022

Wait so someone says up thread she never dresses like zero two anymore so she runs and pulls those horns out? Lori cant come up with any ideas of her own. She should give the farmers her pennies and ramen as payment.

And Ew! Imagine shilling your gfs porn on Valentines day. That's pathetic and gross.

No. 282026

It"s not zero two bc the hair color is wrong. Just supposed to be "a monster girl." Not the first time

No. 282047

It's an old pic from their old apartment.

No. 282076

Thats so sad.

No. 282088

Interesting that he chose an old photo of her. Not liking how fat and bald Lori is getting, Kevin?

No. 282089

It could also be Kevvy being shady about how Lori has gained so much weight now. They both have so much inexplicable pride in their totally uwu anime looks.

No. 282090

Kek we posted the same thing at almost the same time but agreed! It could be adding to the fighting.

No. 282093

Great nonnas think alike kek
I wonder if Lori picked up on that

No. 282156

He's trying to pass himself off as native american to get government assistance.

No. 282157

nobody cares. go stuff yourself some more and wash your extensions.

No. 282158

File: 1676613715341.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1608, Screenshot_20230216-230022-938…)

Christ in a bucket, the absolute state of Lori's tongue.

No. 282160

And those TEETH

No. 282165

Obviously people do care or they wouldn't be asking. Cry more.

Washing those extensions won't help, those things need cleansed with fire.

No. 282174

Holy thrush. Brush your tongue Lori. I’m gagging. I’d bet my life that it’s been years since she’s gone to the dentist. Woof.

No. 282186

Is that tooth rot? Looks like there’s a huge black cavity.

No. 282205

File: 1676658240450.jpg (70.91 KB, 967x1280, IMG_20230217_112251_341.jpg)

Lori unfollowed Kevin today. Guess that Valentine's pity follow didn't last.

No. 282249

She has missing teeth, tooth decay and poor dental hygiene all combined. Bet Kevvy also has the same if their lifestyle is shared.

Kek, not even a week! He's so pathetic.

No. 282326

File: 1676724679342.jpg (168.84 KB, 540x972, Screenshot_20230218_134933_Ins…)

nice nose hair, lorena

No. 282390

How does her eyeliner still come out this bad after so many years doing the same look? Surely she's had enough practice.

No. 282424

>gremlin noises
i can hear the mouth-breathing and wheezing of smoker's lung from this photo.

No. 282426

Does she have a middle tooth like Tom Cruise?

No. 282567

File: 1676825012168.jpg (73.94 KB, 967x1280, IMG_20230219_094046_198.jpg)

Kevin unfollowed Lori and she posted a story at midnight last night about how she's alone with her thoughts and there's nothing to do in SLC after midnight. I wonder what happened.

(Sry the calendar is so janky looking. It really messed up when I did the 3 entries on the 14th.)

No. 282591

File: 1676833888418.png (1.81 MB, 828x1792, 0E4BD2DB-04F8-4596-B567-479667…)

No. 282601

Guessing this is still fallout from valentines day last week. All Lori got was:
>stolen doordash delivery >>281886
>kevvy saying happy valentines to a much older photo of her
>likely no gifts because they're both broke
She probably wanted to go out on a real dinner date and is still yelling about it. They have no money though and honestly, Kevin is probably embarrassed to be seen in public with her.

No. 282614

File: 1676841711334.jpeg (291.06 KB, 828x1297, 153FBBAD-0B46-47F1-B64D-D92DBE…)

the timing of this story post lines up with right after these >>282591 >>282601 posts kek it looks like someones mad. although i can barely comprehend what this word salad means.

No. 282629

>acting as if she has friends, money, proper clothes or even a car to go anywhere
>begging for a scrote to DM her with an offer

She chose to move in on Kevvy's parents and leech him. She can leave anytime but she knows she'd be homeless, kek.

No. 282630

Salt lake Business hours arent to blame Lori, youre both just broke

Lets be real even if she lived in a livelier city and had a little more income to play with they would still be homebodies. Even when both of them worked retail I don’t remember them really posting about going out other than cons

No. 282638

The only time they go anywhere is when they scrounge up $20-$40 to to to the Round 1 arcade, where Lori screeches at Kevin from the sidelines to win her more plushies from the claw machine, while wearing thrown together plastic neon stripper gear, cat ears or horns on a headband, and whatever cut up hoodie of Kevin's she can find.

I would love to see an art anon draw that sometime.

No. 282767

File: 1676918013565.jpeg (38.04 KB, 224x320, F6BF8A5B-1B58-4D45-A24D-3DF95E…)

why don’t they just do like every other broke couple does and do a midnight run to del taco? there’s nothing more romantic than sitting under the stars while munching away on a couple of value men burritos, punctuated by the sweet serenade of death farts and moans from the neverending stomach aches they will get for the rest of the evening.

No. 282794

You paint a detailed and accurate picture nona, I can smell the nacho cheese and stale weed from here.

No. 282802

Hmm maybe a 38 year old woman would go to bed since she has work in the mor… oh wait never mind. Smh.

No. 282901

File: 1676987744586.jpeg (172.01 KB, 750x1084, 186570B8-51E6-41B9-A872-1A279E…)

Kevin must have REALLY fucked up Valentines, kek.

No. 282909

File: 1676990653135.png (70.21 KB, 1080x400, Screenshot_20230220-212413-143…)

Kevin with some late night wisdom.

No. 282951

File: 1677000776340.jpg (839.21 KB, 1079x1480, Screenshot_20230221_183137_Ins…)

She looks rough..her ass is getting wider and wider and wtf her teeth??

No. 282965

File: 1677004566224.jpg (22.07 KB, 379x360, struggletoof.jpg)

seriously what is going on with her teeth? they look both snaggly and rotten.

No. 282968

>imagination of SpongeBob
I live for Kevin.

No. 282972

Loony went from complaining about having nobody to go out with to complaining that nobody wants to buy anything for her. Considering she has one person in her life, she's just whining about him.

Kevvy the dropout in yellow pants showing off his dunning-kruger effect.

No. 282976

kek lori must be screeching at him and he's lurking these threads seething. kev, you guys are so predictable. it's not hard to figure out what you're fighting about.
wtf her teeth look like they're stained with blood. she hasn't been wearing her nasty press-ons lately, did kevvy not buy you any new ones lori?

No. 282977

"You're so hard to buy for" Lori your boyfriend doesn't have a job or an income. Kevin dropped out of school to suit your needs years ago. What did you expect him to buy you with no money? The funds im sure his parents send him go to your bills and "lux" lifestyle.

All HE does it hate others on the internet and SEETHE because they have more views than he does. If he actually TRIED and uploaded content weekly or actually put EFFORT into his posts, they might get more views. He also WANTS to be internet famous so badly. But you can't try to make your own content with poor attitude and limited effort… AND SHILL someone elses nudes 24/7. Pick ONE. People shouldnt be FORCED to pay lori money you drove away any views you had with that bullshit.

They both need to get jobs and stop being grifting sacks of shit.

No. 282978

Are these two even in a relationship? Remember when he posted that he asked her if they were ever going to have sex again and she said no? How much do we wanna bet they didnt. That was like two years ago. How long does he put up with her for? If my basically how roommate asked me where their gift was I wouldn't have said "your hard to buy for", I would have said "F You". Wasnt Mr. Rice and a movie enough for her. Wonder if he will just work to pay for her forever while she slowly prunes out and they live the same monotonous day over and over with nothing real to look forward to.

Better get crackin Kevy, her bday is next month and Lori wants some 90' Demonia shoes, manic panic and rocks. Wouldnt want to miss your chance for that high five shes gonna give you.

Kek, says the guy who works some crap job with no education and an inter net whore roommate he pretends is a girlfriend. Besides no one hates them except the people they were in direct contact with early in their relationship.

No. 282980

>Are these two even in a relationship?

to be honest with you, no. i think they just put up with each other out of necessity. lori has no where else to go and no means to leave anyway, and kev is emotionally wrapped up in proving everyone on the internet that he's going to be living in a white mansion on top of a hill. i think only one person is still somewhat invested in this relationship and that's kevin. lori checked out a long time ago.

remember they were supposed to get married a few years ago, too? no mention of that either, unless of course they did it behind the scenes and somehow have had the restraint to not talk about it publicly.

No. 282984

File: 1677010031191.png (2.23 MB, 1080x2161, Screenshot_20230220-212333-647…)

Kevin posted this the other night too. "Winter funk," sure. He is in a "funk" most of the year.

He always says this and never delivers.

No. 282997

the hoodie and pants look like something a girl would wear in y2k.
it's funny how attached he is to those wing shoes. it's fitting, like icarus he stupidly hovers around danger aka lori.

No. 283000

This is hilarious! Didnt screenshot it but around a week before Valentines Day she shared a very similar meme on insta that said something like “what i want for valentines day” and it was that will smith tada meme next to pink bikinis and lingerie. Shes definitely big mad

Lets not forget their staged proposal at a con in their darling in the franxx cosplays

No. 283016

Exactly, they're two overgrown uneducated roommates living off Kevvy's parents until that well dries up. Wonder when, since his parents won't pay forever. They probably have a cutoff date when Kevy turns a certain age.

The fact that Loony is a toothless yokel and will never afford dental care because she'd rather get outdated knockoff rags with afterpay that she and Kevvy seem to share is cracking me up tho.

They probably didn't go out for vday because bet there'd be potential candids of Lori in the wild.

No. 283031

Kevin's posted multiple times saying he is going to start uploading skate videos, cosplay tips, prop making content, cosplay content…. and never delivers. Once in a while he will spray paint a crappy bakudo cosplay but it's casual tier.

Remember back before lori how often he cosplayed? How nice his cosplays were and he even got picked up by a company interested in his content/designs? Talk about ruining your own future. They both ruin each others chances to become actual content creators.

What do they do all day in their one bedroom? Sit and rot? Both of them look held hostage, sick, unhealthy, jealous but they tell themselves a different story to be victims and make their shitty living situation "Acceptable". Both are degens.

No. 283045

I remember them being engaged. I never thought it looked serious. It looks like she has a habit of making her boyfriends propose to her. They dont seem to have ever made any plans and it would be weird. I guess maybe they could have already but I dont think these people can keep anything to themselves.

It seems like a real burden to be living with someone who wouldnt be able to take care of themself if you leave or something happens to you. I wonder if he stays because he feels sorry for her. He's super lulzy himself and I dont feel bad for him since he clearly chooses this but I really cant understand why a man less than 30 would stay in a situation like that unless something was really holding him back. And she does technically have a place to go, back to her parents house. She might claim otherwise but if she had no choice she should just go.

No. 283046

File: 1677032939847.png (139.8 KB, 750x1334, 8B559AAF-C89F-4291-A512-7DC9E8…)

Kev posted a new insta story….Jesus christ. It’s been what, 7 years since Lori chased off his friends? And he’s still blaming them for the shitty state of his relationship?

No. 283058

Imagine being mad at your boyfriend/fiancé/whatever for over a week. That’s a lot of anger.
He’s been bringing this up a lot lately. He’s blaming them, but in reality I think he’s lonely and misses having friends.
>if ppl could have just apologized
It sounds like Kevin is longing for his old friends and regrets the situation. If he left Lori, stopped being so arrogant and apologized, maybe he could salvage those friendships.

No. 283061

>maybe he could salvage those friendships

Doubt these people even remember who he is, it seems to be old con acquaintances or family that he demanded money from.

It's been years and very likely people his age have moved onto having fulfilling lives and have no need to be involved with someone who just wants their money.

No. 283084

File: 1677039074126.jpg (76.97 KB, 967x1280, IMG_20230221_210946_835.jpg)

Aaaand Kevin's been blocked. His 2 recent likes disappeared from Lori's page. This has been a very active month.

No. 283097

Is this about Moo? Lol
He should just dump lori

No. 283100

>He should just dump lori
This could be wishful thinking, but perhaps the time is near. The domestic violence charge didn't break him, but he's probably close to snapping. The Valentine's day fighting sounds pretty heated judging by how much Kevin's been posting lately. Lori's birthday is coming up soon which means more demands that won't be met. She's walking on thin ice, she should be nicer to the moid that's giving her a roof over her head and allowance money from his parents. It would be hilarious milk if they finally broke up.

No. 283106

I would love for a new cycle to begin. Lori would find a new old moid that she thinks can provide for her, leaves Kevvy, finds out new moid is also broke, Lori ends up asking Kevvy for ramen on the side and offers to cheat (because they aren't doing it now, kek). Only for Kevvy to post here and do a little tell all like all her exes seem to do.

No. 283107

File: 1677046476052.png (2.14 MB, 1080x2003, Screenshot_20230221-210400-497…)

Kevin thinks the reason this didn't get any engagement is because he posted it at 1 am and not because he has 0 reach and alienated everyone in his life.

No. 283112

File: 1677047111919.png (131.23 KB, 1080x655, Screenshot_20230221-211221-255…)

I feel the same, nonna. I've always thought Lori could do better than Kevin, though not by much. I feel like there are some chubby goofy moids out there with actual houses that she could go after. I'm sure they're slobs and there's a reason why they don't have wives or long term gfs but it would be so great if Lori could get her hooks into anybody other than Kevin. <