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File: 1658965405908.jpg (246.1 KB, 1927x1333, VIER PFOTEN_2015-04-27_010-192…)

No. 37093[Reply]

trannies kill themselves edition

previous thread:
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No. 41846

>talks a lot about Makima from Chainsaw Man
>avatarfags with pics of Shin (Dorohedoro), Makima (Chainsaw Man), Grell (Kuroshitsuji), Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter) etc.
>says he'll dox and kill/lynch "moids" (men other than him that spam here, seems to have a bit of an obsession with the indian scrote and the /pol/fag that's been spamming the same thread lately, if it's not the troon himself)

No. 41847

This is what I think will happen when they "update the site"

No. 41885

>meds/meds now/take your meds
>complaining about the posters in /m/'s Genshin Impact thread

No. 41896

>if it's not the troon himself
It's literally all him kek, he's staging a retarded feud with himself and then turns around and says he's only spamming the boards to fight his second personality.

No. 43968

>talks a lot about Makima from Chainsaw Man
Fucker was waifu posting this whole time.

File: 1659716095206.png (1021.01 KB, 1496x753, Screen-Shot-2022-03-04-at-8.43…)

No. 40923[Reply]

previous: >>>/meta/37093
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No. 43442

Calm down, Brlle has herpes

No. 43443

Herpes pics are not edited. Janitor was wrong to redtext them and your sperging won't make those herpes go away. Cope.

No. 43444

NTA but moderation is weird and biased in Belle thread. Actual derailers are banned so late without redtexts and actual nasty photos of Belle that were not edited get redtexted because janitor is lazy and she refuses to back down on her mistakes.(samefag)

No. 43445

You know you can read when a photo is edited, right?

No. 43446

File: 1661522511790.png (786.84 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20220826-041439~2.p…)

Here's basically proof that this unhinged janny posts in this thread pretending to be a normal farmer. There was no info about why I was banned. Janny has to post in defense of itself because no one else is so stupid as to have these fetish views about weeb cows.

And I don't care if you think it's "tinfoil" - this is meta and I'm complaining about this bullshit. We combine photos to avoid posting multiple posts in a row. Her face looks fucked. Take your hormones, tranny janny.

File: 1445921544715.png (679.74 KB, 1527x1653, 1445800850611.png)

No. 1469[Reply]

The officially chosen lolcow-tan is >>2091
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No. 42664

File: 1660791477316.png (237.17 KB, 1271x1288, Untitled_Artwork 2.png)

hi nonas, enjoy my slightly drunk drawing. cow-tan 4ever

No. 42665

I love thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

No. 42666

Please submit this to this thread too!!! maybe add some text?: >>>/meta/41695
love your art anon

No. 43553

That’s a man, baby

No. 43565

you're a man.

File: 1659659885854.jpeg (43.16 KB, 612x408, 8935F803-930E-4505-B41F-A08621…)

No. 40548[Reply]

help(tranny made)
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No. 40904

Fix /w/

No. 40908

Editing anon is back. An anon had to point out that they are still editing her photos, posting them, and saying Belle is editing them personally as "OoPsIes" which everyone ITT knows is bullshit because anon keeps doing this >>>/w/236291

No. 40910

He's minimodding in /snow/.

No. 40913

The tranny is fucking self-posting in the tranny thread.
Would any anons care to fucking stop replying to the tranny moid that's posting CP and gore in the website?
Thank you.

No. 40918

Welp the faggots are awake, time to fuck off for 12 hours

File: 1659676552497.jpg (25.27 KB, 474x315, th-2412969946.jpg)

No. 40708[Reply]

Are you seriously letting moids stay if they pay up? Are you willingly letting the CP and tranny spam up? What the fuck is going on?

If you don't care about this website or its moderation anymore, just close it entirely, let it die with honour instead of keeping it barely alive. Or resign and give it to the people who actually care. Previous admin said this on the last townhall: this will always be a female only website. I don't know why you're letting the stupid male trolls do this.

No. 40715

There's no way you're the admin.

No. 40725

You're not a woman, you're male and want men in this website.

File: 1659021975995.png (542.77 KB, 2400x2070, 01_The-Most-Hated-Brands_World…)

No. 37455[Reply]

Inspired by >>>/m/221721

Companies or products you will not support and buy, for whatever reasons you may have. Bad actions and business practices, questionable ethics, shoddy quality or just bad personal experiences, anything goes. Please mention your reasons, and post sources if available.

No. 37459

File: 1659022086519.png (298.56 KB, 596x843, mini_magick20190211-27588-14s7…)

Nestle is a pretty common one people boycott - they own over 8000 brands, so avoiding them requires quite the effort


No. 38164

I wonder if anon has realized she posted this on the wrong board yet

No. 38264

I did, I posted about it on the suggestion thread and reported my own post too but nothing yet. Now this is here to shame me forever!

No. 38266

Moved to >>>/ot/1281779.

File: 1637515072954.gif (2.35 MB, 480x360, watchingu.gif)

No. 28304[Reply]

Good morning / good evening farmers, the last townhall of the year begins in 3 hours. In preparation a room has been prepared for anyone to join anonymously, no registration required (you should also recommend me some videos to queue in thread). I will also be on discord in case anyone wants to privately message me, but email also works. I will try to limit the length of the townhall to an 1hr 30min so everybody can get their questions and thoughts in before the meeting ends. 

If it is your first townhall, don't be intimidated. Feel free to make a cup off tea and join us anyways, unless you actually have something better to do.



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No. 30502

I've been accused of being other anons but it was never true. Maybe some anons guessed right based on writing style and that's how the rumor started?

No. 33868

Admin you said site migration would occur soon and then you would add new banners on the new site but none of those have happened. I just wonder what's going on and I hope everyone in the team is ok.

No. 33869

>6 months ago and no news or introduction

No. 33870

I don't believe in the Newmin anymore than I do in Bigfoot.
In fact, Bigfoot has been spotted by humans multiple times, can't say the same for Newmin.

No. 33883


File: 1658591965225.jpg (16.8 KB, 404x303, ead16a00206ecf77c73e2ad9c2d474…)

No. 35976[Reply]

Anyone else think that it's very creepy that Adam clearly runs the site and refuses to let other men around. Anyone else have an abusive rapist partner like that? I get you don't want men around but maybe a gay GNC to sniff out the rapey males since one is your fucking site owner MIGHT NOT BE THE WORST IDEA AT THIS POINT LOL

Ban the IP, delete the post, idc Ian or Adam or one of the other names you use online to creep on girls, you did this brazenly on another site and now I will make sure you can't harm a single user here.

You shitty scote.
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No. 35985

Adam Driver is running Lolcow? Nice!

>You shitty scote.


No. 35995

I'd prefer a creepy regular scrote to a supposedly well intentioned tranny any day.

No. 36000

kill yourself damaged xy chromosomoid

No. 36002

You loathsome misogynistic piece of shit do you not even notice how this might come off?

No. 36011

Stop pretending to be a "one of the good ones" HSTS anyone who cares to can do their research on you and know that you are anything but that.

File: 1653852748259.jpg (267.32 KB, 647x900, mystic-woman-and-earth-collage…)

No. 33807[Reply]

Most of you might not know this, but we actually have an entire board dedicated to international topics, right here:
The board was intially closed due to "lack of activity", but there's been a very big interest in making international threads on /ot/, to the point of clogging the front page with them.
My solution to this is: tweak the board a little, don't make it about cows only. Move all international threads from /ot/ there and delete the shit threads and duplicate threads on /int/ (there's some vandalism atm due to the board not being properly closed), replace them with the current ones.
I think this might help /ot/ stay focused on off-topic threads, and we already have an /int/ board for the threads that are bumped constantly and don't really belong on /ot/. My only request is, make the board visible so more traffic is guaranteed, and truly reinforce the no racebait rule-

Here's some threads from /ot/ that you can move there:
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No. 33854

Putting the idea on the table is the first step, so maybe it'll happen. I hope /int/ becomes a place of all nonnies to socialize in a healthy way.

No. 34088

Yeah worked out great for /m/ hey. What are you smoking lmao

No. 34108

The defeatism ITT, sheesh

No. 34241

No fuck off. /int/ scrotes are not welcomed. Back to your dogshit bongoloid thread and suck each other off.

No. 34616

We already have an /int/ board in here though, that's the whole point, it's not for scrotes it's just a thing that exists inside lolcow's weird assort of hidden boards

File: 1652336673903.jpeg (364.28 KB, 1180x600, suggestioncow.jpeg)

No. 33094[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/meta/31751
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No. 34570

spammers on scrotechan still get around that by using their phones (since their ip changes easily on that, something to do with the mobile data)

No. 34571

Oh shit yeah, you're right. What a retard. Nuuuuhh don't ban muh vpns I need to racebait to cope

No. 34587

Can mods please wake the fuck up. Open up janny applications, jfc. This is pitiful.

No. 34592

Agreed. They seem to be doing stuff now. It's quite late. The workload is clearly too much for their small team. This may embolden moids to try this shit again.

No. 34688

Get rid of /ot/ and watch your jobs become easier.

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