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No. 66283

Previous thread >>>/meta/63684

No. 66284

Can mods ban the one incessant retard constantly sperging and nitpicking about Shayna’s eye color and nose? It’s so annoying and blatantly that one obsessed projecting 4chan tranny who also has a huge nose and brown eyes but hates them and wears blue contacts there is constant nitpicking in that particular thread but it’s clear there’s one anon with a vendetta who won’t stop.

No. 66289

There’s a scrote posting some extremely hilarious jokes in /ot please remove them they’re so funny I might die. How are scrotes so funny even though they make the same jokes at women’s expense over and over and over again whilst being unlovable, unfuckable and totally intolerable?

No. 66307

File: 1701559428048.png (62.64 KB, 2769x451, brain damaged tourist.png)

Mods please explain this ban, how is finding doxxing some random person's address creepy being a "brain damaged tourist"? What's the point of a "stalking thread" anyway besides being an unhinged psycho breaching peoples' privacy and why is it allowed up?

No. 66308

File: 1701560248430.png (198.8 KB, 1800x1578, ca1.png)

Because youʼve been acting like picrel.

No. 66309

so I think there's this racebait going on in the current fakeboi thread, like it's not the usual race discussion and feels more like something out of r/aznidnetity

The comments are speaking about how black women are seen as less feminine and how white people are afraid of them and that's why they aren't dated, it feels like a very obvious racebait trolling

No. 66313

What the fuck was this ban?

No. 66314

anon… read the thread description…

No. 66315

kek I'm illiterate. I truly am a vain bitch.

No. 66316

Shayna’s latest thread >>>/snow/1937016 was obviously created by a troll. It starts with
>>CURRENTLY FLYING TO ARUBA. Beware of severe silicone water pollution due to giant tiddy implants if she falls in the ocean.
And in the summary it states
> Alcoholic troon freak with infected tits

No. 66317

Voting time! Heres hoping the jvlog spergs win this year for getting 2 threads closed if you include their edits in the belle thread(check what thread you're in)

No. 66319

There's an obvious racebaiting moid in the fakeboi thread, trying to sperg about his racial fetishes.

No. 66320

"obviously"? They're all like that. And it's about as milky as anything else to do with that creature.

No. 66325

Thank you for reversing this

No. 66327

Anons refuse to post images and just infighting all over this thread >>>/w/314074

No. 66330

I wrote the first post and I’m a mixed half black half white woman, why the fuck did you think I’m an Asian moid? That’s insane lol.

No. 66331

Something needs to be done about this newfag that doesn'tunderstand how shit on the site works yet attempts to mini-mod. They want someone to screenshot a whole document instead of reading it, like everyone else on this site does.

No. 66332

Reminder all racebait is the projecting Israeli moid, he’s obsessed with Asians because he got romantically rejected by an Asian moid kek. He’s also obsessed with black women and creepily larps as one too bc troon.

No. 66333

He loves bashing Asian women and claiming theyre all racist and all hate black women and are out to get them. He’s making up larps now about a racist Asian mom racially abusing his imaginary black sister. Just trying to sow seeds of hate between woc. Pathetic. Honestly.

No. 66334

This is an imageboard. If anons don't know how to post screenshots with links, they don't belong here. No one said to screenshot the entire doc. Anons said post caps in general, not the entirety of it. No one likes clicking out on links all the time and it's valid some anons don't trust links. Acting like this is some new request for the site as a whole screams newfag.

No. 66335

newfag made a new thread before the old one even reached 200 posts

No. 66336

Its been days since a new Heather thread was requested … can a more seasoned thread maker help out? Theres milky things happening

No. 66338

File: 1701702820591.png (12.78 KB, 1291x139, Screenshot.png)

So I think nonna here was maybe a little extreme near the end but it was related to the discussion and clearly still a joke, I don't think she should have been banned for this.

No. 66341

>>>/w/314195 not a single person can dissect this thread and discuss anything without this vendetta newfag replying to them with WhiTeKniGhT accusations. They are shitting up the thread with it and camping to replying to all comments not immediately calling out and damning the cow. They don't need to reply to every post and infight like this.

No. 66344

I'm not sure it really matters because this is the internet and it doesn't really materially affect anything whether it's real or fake (sometimes it's fun to wonder!) but I truly believe the new Widow Thread is someone roleplaying. The way they write about him and their feelings is really over the top and phony.
In any case, please move the thread to /g/.

No. 66349

Moid posters and newfags not following the rules in >>>/ot/1747132

No. 66350

Extremely minor but how are you supposed to vote for winners of the Lolcow Awards to win the Lolcow Awards? As in, no one has actually won anything yet, they should be called candidates instead

No. 66351


No. 66352

Also she’s not even a widow they weren’t married (pedantic of me I know but it’s so dramatic to call yourself a widow and make a whole thread about it and then make sure to keep the thread bumped with little tidbits for days lol) and the 72 year old granny poster writes in the exact same way so they both seem fake but who am I to criticize someone for role playing on an anonymous image board. I’m not a fan of the nonas tinfoiling in the thread itself that just shits it up

No. 66353

… you're voting for winnners. Meaning, your vote can make them a winner. The wording is fine. This is such a dumb nitpick lol

No. 66354

The wording is ambiguous at best. It doesn't mean anything in the end, but it bothers me as a STEMcel who's used to specificity.

No. 66355

I feel bad for your limited knowledge of how the English language can be used and read.

No. 66356

I feel bad that you've never gone to university and gotten a degree of any worth, so you spend all of your time on lolcow acting condescending toward other anons for making minor complaints over dumb shit because that's the only way you'll feel intelligent or accomplished.
If you want to act stuck-up and infight like a retard, go ahead. I already said it wasn't that deep, so let it go.

No. 66357

Really don't need more proof than this that some anons are using this thread as their personal army towards this cow. Anon calling a 13-15 year old a whore because they had nudes leaked online. You have got to be kidding me with this type of male mentality posting.


No. 66358

The /w/ womp womp poster is back >>>/w/314396

No. 66360

scrote baiting on /ot/

No. 66361

and another one
i guess we are getting raided

No. 66364


No. 66365

The newfaggotry on w is crazy, thank you mods for handling it

No. 66366

/w/ has always been like that, it's whole inception was due to the autism that some of the weebier cows would attract (although lc started out as a weeb-adjacent site to begin with)

No. 66367

The micky newfag needs to be put to pasture, they are ban evading again

No. 66369

Since it's clear there's a good chunk of vendetta in this thread, can we get the anons, going forward, who complain about WKs and derail about "Oh micky is posting here!!!" redtexts? It's non-contributory in the thread and they know they are doing it to insult posters they don't agree with and try to infight. There's no whiteknighting going on in the thread and unless anons are going to stop being cowards, there's no point in vague posting that random posters are the cow. >>>/w/279002 It's just shitting up the thread.

No. 66370

This retard won't stop ban evading and posting unsaged hour by hour updates about the cow >>>/w/314451 they are literally using the thread to vocalize the air coming out of their own ass

No. 66372

File: 1701897935967.jpg (156.91 KB, 1080x1164, Screenshot_20231206-221342_Duc…)

I think should mods to stop giving warnings to nonas who put paragraphs their posts.
First of all, it's not something that goes against the rules like using emotes, and secondly, it's simply not reddit spacing and implying it is such is ignorant of imageboard culture.
Excuse me the cringe cap from urban dictionary but it immediately explains what reddit spacing is. It was all born from 4chan moids who could clock newfags from reddit due to how they formatted their posts.

Either make regular spacing against the rules and give us an explanation why it's not allowed here or stop spreading lies about imageboard culture. No imageboard ever complained about regular spacing in posts. Reddit spacing is its own thing and has a very recognizable formatting pattern.

No. 66373

Kek they came back after a farmhand deleted them >>>/w/314462

No. 66374

why is a farmhand deleting posts there

No. 66375

Why you ban evading still? You act like no one can tell.

No. 66376

I'm not that anon, I've never posted in Micky's thread, nor am I ban evading. I just wanted to know why posts were being deleted.

No. 66377

Because a multi banned anon doesn't need to be posting

No. 66378

I think redditspacing bans are fine. Maybe the farmhands just need to have a consensus of what it is first, so regular paragraphs aren’t banned. Paragraphs aren’t the issue right? It’s the double spacing (cause if I’m correct you have to put loads of spaces on Reddit for it to become a seperate paragraph) between almost each sentence like this:

Blah blah blah… Blah? Blah.

Blah blah.

Blah blah blah.

When it instead should be:
Blah blah blah.
Blah blah blah blah blah.

No. 66379

Just adding, honestly suggest autosaging the thread. The anon doesn't know how to sage non-milk and it keeps getting bumped to the top of /w/ because of it.

No. 66381

Yes, exactly. It's something that redditors subconsciously end up doing on imageboards because they're used to reddit's retarded formatting rules. I have seen some newfag redditor nonas (bless them) post here on lolcor with that exact "two newlines after the quote" posting style not getting any warnings, while on the other hand simple posts with two regular paragraphs max get hit with the reddit spacing warning.

No. 66382

racebait thread in /ot

No. 66383

I think a space between paragraphs makes things much easier to read, and it would be retarded to ban it. "Redditspacing" is way too vague of a rule imo.

No. 66384

paragraphs are not the problem. redditors are a cancer on any site they infiltrate and they make a big deal about writing in these wacky, pseudo-narrative styles since they all think they're intellectuals and "good" writers. plus, they've been bullied by other redditors into writing this way so they don't really pay attention to how awkward and noticeable their posts are. the thing is, no one wants redditors on their websites. absolutely no one. mainly because they astroturf and are really bad about trying to change a platform's culture to suit their preferences than adapting/contributing to the current culture (them trying to colonize lemmy is a good example of this). and imageboards have, in the past, typically followed the old rules of the internet, one of which was assimilate your fucking ass or leave. it isn't that hard, but normies can't handle being told to rein in their autism because in their fucking minds, they WANT people to know that they're crossposting on other platforms since they think it makes them look "cool" (ugh).

look at what happened to 4chan once all the reddit npcs flocked over there - other than a few holdout boards it's turned into the same tired memes that have been regurgitated a million times over since god knows when and news article spam. do you all want that to happen here, too? a bunch of them managed to come here in 2020 when reddit started cracking down on "hate" subs like r/kotakuinaction and r/drama - it was awful and unironically one of the worst eras on the board imho. all their whining, passive aggressive bullshit, policing other people's opinions, trying to one up everyone for imaginary karma points, all the while also acting incredibly snobby like their farts don't stink. not to mention the casual racism and aggression they brought, especially if you dared to criticize them for being what they know they are: a bunch of boring fucking white people.

No. 66385

Not sure why it's so hard for the farmhands to just permaban the minimodding whiteknight in Micky Moon's thread. Honestly, they keep coming back and that's been happening is useless redtexting. I swear a few years back stuff like this would be handle better and the thread could continue as normal.

No. 66387

Dildo sperg in Stef thread after multiple anons told them to stop derailing about horse dildos that aren't even horse dildos and feels like the same poster from the micky thread too with all their "wk" accusations


No. 66390

Nah, all those redtexts are valid. Anon is a newfag using the site only for their own personal army, admitted it, can't link, post, reply, integrate, sage, and samefag and ban evades repetatively. I hope the thread gets autosaged and it'll be all their fault.

Not a single post has come from a whiteknight and if you really think calling out the absurdity that anons, including the doc op, keep pushing that a child deserves her cp to be posted to 4chan, then you all need to be banned. That's not what whiteknighting is and its really telling that those anons think cp revenge posting is okay because its micky. That's fucked up.

No. 66394

There’s definitely some white knighting going on in the thread, and it was definitely an attempt to derail. Based on the screenshots from her Twitter, Micky is lurking the thread and probably white knighting herself. Though I do agree that some of the anons on there are sick in the head for blaming her for her own grooming, I’m surprised none of the WK posts have been red texted? When it’s likely Micky herself.
Let me know if I’m misunderstanding this.

No. 66396

please redtext y'all

No. 66397

Yes please redtext it.

No. 66398

Thirding. I'm sorry southerners but nearly every unintegrated retard uses it because they're either zoomers, from twitter, or both.

No. 66399

what the absolute fuck is this scrote-tier defense of bestiality in Stef's thread? Anyone who has followed zoophilic cows in the past knows that furries buying dog dildos is exactly in line with zoophilia tendencies. It's not tinfoil to say that they are roleplaying bestiality and the proof is right there. Can you please handle this person, this is truly disturbing to see being defended as normal behavior by someone and personally idk any woman who would defend this aside from the ones actually doing it. >>>/w/314616

No. 66400

double post to say that only one of these posts is mine, and I didn't post any screenshots or other commentary until right now. I've never posted in Micky's thread so you're just wrong or trying to infight. Just leave the thread if you don't like it, go defend signs of zoophilia somewhere else.

No. 66401

File: 1701993110556.jpg (76.28 KB, 587x689, Capture.JPG)

I know the thread was retarded but could the Sam Hyde thread be unlocked? I think there is some good milk incoming

No. 66402

I don't know why some anons complain about Redditors taking over this site when most anons are not regular chan users to begin with, or migrated here from TikTok/Twitter. It is most likely that a good 50% (probably closer to 75%) of current users are newfags who joined in 2019 or later.

No. 66403

Stfu about the dildos, you're unhinged

No. 66404

File: 1701999040492.jpg (29.45 KB, 473x595, 1.jpg)

Is lolcow getting more mainstream? I was shocked to see that is has 2.2million monthly visits. I always thought this was the kind of website that would be too weird to tell people about…

No. 66405

This has to be bots/spiders and not actual people

No. 66406

Are the visits for each page separated? Like if you visit /ot/, /g/ and /m/ in one session do they count 3 visits?

No. 66407

You are the most unhinged tinfoiler I've seen in a long time, anon. Like this is insane levels of tinfoiling.

No. 66408

NTA and I shouldn’t weigh in because I don’t lurk that thread so I’m not sure what’s up with the cows there but being a furry and/or using animal dildos is just a form of zoophilia, barely a stones throw away really — the underlying fetish is the desire to fuck animals / be fucked by them for whatever reason (psychopathy, the degradation angle, wanting to be an animal, whatever). Is the cow in question actually using a dog penis dildo? That’s pretty zoophilic lol, it’s simulated beastiality.

No. 66409

Unless they are actually fucking animals, all this tinfoil over a dildo is retarded.

No. 66410

Male in tradthot thread reeing about femcels for shitting on tradscrotes >>>/snow/1939729

No. 66411

Spam/mental illness in the Shayna thread

No. 66412

We are talking about women here, so unless they would use a strap-on with an animal, then we're talking about them getting a male animal to fuck them or giving oral to a male animal. You seem pretty knowledgeable on this subject, so let me know how often you get hard proof of a woman committing bestiality unless someone is filming it and posting it. So by your logic, unless we see one of them do sexual things with an animal, it's tinfoil to say they seem to be "into bestiality"? Come on. You've come into a thread for a cow you barely seem to know to minimod and tell regular posters what to do ("don't discuss Countess here," "animal dildos aren't milky"). It's clearly not the thread for you, so why don't you close the tab?

Farmhands, please ban the infighters:
These comments add nothing to the thread no matter what your opinion on the rest of it is. No one posting is or is acting underage.

No. 66413

>dogfuckers calling other people insane
cope, I can't believe people are defending this. Stef has several horses and 2 or 3 dogs iirc. Maybe anons buying weird dildos for keks who don't actually own animals represented by the dildos is…not as bad but this is bad. Really. Cannot believe I share a board with dogfuckers kek

No. 66414

Pretty sure being called underage or a zoomer is a compliment if the alternative is being a dogfucker. Millennials are dogfuckers I guess? What a trainwreck kek

No. 66415

I cannot believe we're at a point here where posters actually think there's some huge leap between being a furry and being into bestiality. Feels like I'm taking crazy pills. Do they just not know or are they furry degenerates themselves in denial? It doesn't make sense.

No. 66416

Is there a reason why whenever I post from mobile that my image filenames are getting renamed with something else? It's not happening to what I suspect are desktop posters, so I'm jw. It's recent.

No. 66417

Go outside, even the mods are sick of your dildo pipeline bullshit tinfoil

No. 66418

I'm not even the person who started it I'm just really surprised at the reaction they got. It's not like they outright accused the cow of fucking her dogs they just said it was gross and concerning, that usually wouldn't count as "tinfoiling". Maybe you need to go outside because steph and her gfs interests are not remotely normal.

No. 66421

anyone who uses age as an insult has ran out of arguments.

No. 66422

Yes, it is tinfoil. Same way DDLG people aren't in to kids. Not everything sexual has an equal equivalent to actual degeneracy.

Let me say it in terms you might grasp: all MAPs most definitely are in to lolicon, but not all lolicon consumers are MAPs. There's adjacent shit, but most people know right from wrong. It's tinfoil to assume because she has animal@, the girlfriend, not even Stef that this is about, likes fucking animals. There's no merit to that, no proof, just anons mad that women buy and use animal, alien, tentacle.. etc dildos. If someone is white and they buy a black dildo,are you going to tinfoil its due to wanting legit raceplay? Are they racist? You sound stupid.

No. 66424

Most men into ddlg are pedophilic or hebephilic(into 11-14 year old girls) while women are usually trying to look underage either out of trauma or self-pedophilia so youre unfortunately wrong.

No. 66425

Please give me stats rather than you just tinfoiling. Thank God the farmhands are cracking down on this type of posting in threads or go to college and take a psych course regarding this stuff. Being in to that stuff doesn't = acting out and being in to it irl. That's why anons are telling the dildo spergs to shut up and the mods handed out bans accordingly. Even they have brains.

No. 66426

spend any time on tumblr and youll see how many of the ddlg moids groomed girls. no one can research men with a fetish that only exists online and its prevalence to pedophilia but anyone can tell you that a kink revolving around playing a father and a daughter that fucks has pedophilic udnertones.

Not surprised anons(aka probably larping trannies) who want to fuck dogs also like father daughter shit.

No. 66427

Go back to tumblr

No. 66428

never been there as i unfortunately have never pretended to be an underage girl to turn pedos on like you probably wouldve liked.

No. 66429

So now you're just going to accuse anons of being pedos and dog fuckers? I hope a mod gets to you. You're unhinged all because of dildo sperging and no one agreeing with you, including the volunteers.

No. 66430

>replying with childish comebacks when anons talk about men targeting and harming girls in kink scene
unironically kys

No. 66431

I wasnt involved in the dildo shit fight but I hate ddlg-fags just like I hate diaper-fags and furries. Anyone is disgusted by these groups, stop projecting

No. 66432

>Let me say it in terms you might grasp: all MAPs most definitely are in to lolicon, but not all lolicon consumers are MAPs.
LMAO wow, you fully have degen brain rot or you're really being autistic about your degen labelling/categorizing. I'm not gonna call the police on furfags or lolicons but it's still disgusting, they don't deserve their own special safe pervert category. You are doing too much mental gymnastics for them; furfags are just zoophiles with magical beastiality fantasies and lolicons are weeaboo MAPs.
If her whole fantasy fetish revolves around being a magic animal and dressing up like a magic animal and then animal dildos come in to the picture it's not wrong for famers to see that and comment stuff like ew gross, it's like they want to fuck animals.

No. 66433

Sure, anon.

No. 66434

This. Brushing it off only normalizes their degen desires until they feel comfortable enough to move on to the real thing because they think they can get away with it behind closed doors. The props based on realistic anatomy only encourage them to indulge in it. I'm not even an anon in that thread, but no matter how you look at it, it's weird to defend people roleplaying pedophilic situations and bestiality.

No. 66435

Isn't it against the rules to shit up threads whiteknighting cows? I've seen nonas cop a ban in shay's threads numerous times for posting their pinterest collages of what she should wear, product suggestions, etc yet pt's thread is allowed to be shitted up with sperging about how she's gorgeous just because some nonas project onto her? Its annoying. I've seen anons get banned in any other thread for complimenting cows and sarah's thread shouldn't be exempt from that rule.

No. 66436

Are these stats taken from self-reported accounts? What are the groups they sampled for those so-called stats, and how recently were they taken? Almost no one's going to admit that they're into the actual degen stuff irl when questioned because of the rightful backlash. Would you also argue that men who buy realistic child/teen sex dolls aren't interested in the real thing at all? It's clearly just meant as a buffer or safe alternative but it doesn't deter them for long. In the same way that porn consumption rewires people's brains, indulging in fetishes that involve simulations of accessible, real-life such situations in which the other party can't rightfully consent (in this case, pedoshit and bestiality, and teens are easily groomed) only feeds that desire and enables it until the safe alternative isn't enough anymore, more often than not. So animal dildos/DDLG absolutely deserves to be shamed and called out, while the people indulging in those fetishes need deep psychotherapy (or castration in the case of males).

No. 66437

it's probably a moid. only men get mad when you point out liking drawings of kid rape means youre probably a pedo.

No. 66438

>is given examples of ddlg men acting out on it
>no that doesn't count!

No. 66439

Lots of samefagging in here

No. 66440

its just a retard ragebaiting at this point. even the coomer females dont react like this when child abuse is the topic

No. 66441

nta but several anons said the claim was bullshit

No. 66442

does this faggot believe the men who are into raceplay where black women are abused arent racist? Or the men who like bbc stuff arent racist?

No. 66443

You might want to learn to integrate and that thread got a bunch of redtext regarding the dildo.

No. 66444

Honestly I didn’t even want to get into that part because it seemed like racebait distraction tactics. And this nona >>66436 made a point I also thought of but didn’t want to get into about pedo sex dolls. Like honestly yeah it’s not a crime but it’s still nasty and I don’t have to trust the freaks who are into it, sorry.

No. 66445

You don't have to trust them, but it doesn't make sense to say every single person who buys xyz sex object is into the real equivalent because that is absurd.

No. 66446

Ntayrt but I disagree when it comes to men buying it especially with realistic looking objects and dolls. The majority of times they don't separate their fantasies from real life and do get outed for real cp eventually.

No. 66447

so? redtext means nothing because the actual infighting wasn't even banned, like >>>/w/314671
That shit stays, but nonnies who are disgusted by the open degeneracy of two furries get banned because…why? No reason, not one real reason given for pissing in new milk an anon brought to the thread. No one accused them of doing something irl yet.
This nonny mentioned old threads and the weird crap Stefany used to write about her animals. She didn't tinfoil, she referenced old threads. >>>/w/314647
All this says a lot about the farmhand who redtexted these nonnies. Why is the farmhand fucking with one of the few good /w/ threads? Why. Stefanons historically don't cause any issues for moderation and you know that.

No. 66448

At best they are struggling with the desire.

No. 66449

I'm happy to see Stef's thread actually being moderated for once. It's off topic shit more than half the time and it's gone on for too long.

No. 66450

Seriously. It wasn't even stef, it was her girlfriend, so idk what anons are derailing over a dildo for. I keep seeing anons complain about /w/ moderation and it's very clear every thread needs it. So many nitpicking, derailing anons, coming up with outrageous takes as if it's fact.

No. 66451

racebaiter scrote

No. 66452

File: 1702111408655.jpg (132.75 KB, 897x484, Screenshot_20231209_034028_Fir…)

Since when is asking for a recap on a long ass video considered spoonfeeding? That's been a pretty normal thing iirc.

No. 66453

i think anons are only saying that stuff because they have paraphilias themselves(pedophilia, bestiality, etc) and want to feel better about not having done anything to the real thing(animals or kids) yet. They think its okay to like drawn child porn(shotaposters) long as they dont touch real kids or liking dog penis shaped dildos while you have your own dog and choosing to opt out for the toy instead of raping the animal.
I doubt these anons are women though. This site gets posted on r9k and soc too much for there to not be lurking males

No. 66454

samefagging, there is one anon who actually admitted to sexually abusing children here and another did so on crystal cafe so i dont think shota/loli likers are actually benign. most of them wouldnt admit to committing crimes so you cant really know how many people who like shota/bestiality stuff plan to hook up with teens or hurt animals in the future.

No. 66455

Two posts praising the bad moderation of a great thread within the space of 10 minutes. Stef's girlfriend is milky and they have always discussed their degen sex shit on discord and twitter. Her perversions are just as relevant as any other cow's SO's perversions. Especially since she draws porn of them and furry porn. How is that off-topic in Stef's thread?

No. 66456

I said /w/ as a whole and only the reply is me. It's like anons refuse to believe people agree with moderation.

No. 66457

Kek it's still a form a degeneracy

No. 66458

Who said it wasn't?

No. 66459

why are you replying to all anons in a matter of minutes? why are you so personally invested

No. 66460

It's the same group of anons infighting over it in /meta/ too. Don't know why you're surprised and trying to infight over replies now too. Damn, all I asked was who said it was okay to wear diapers and fuck dogs? No one did.

No. 66462

File: 1702148514434.png (251.29 KB, 1080x1044, 1000008354.png)

Can we get the Sam Hyde thread unlocked? Channing is going to be interviewed on MATI today talking about all of the accusations against Sam.

No. 66463

How long are you going to shit up this thread with whining? You were banned and redtexted from that thread for good reason, learn your lesson and don't ever do that unhinged tinfoiling shit again. Stop whining and just learn from your mistakes.

No. 66466

File: 1702158469364.png (24.53 KB, 1226x219, 1.png)

Makes you think

No. 66467

Maybe one of the many teenage girls hea grooming is a farmhand sweeping for him.

No. 66468

PLEASE unlock the Sam Hyde thread, Channing just showed up on the stream totally fucked up on drugs.

No. 66469

Hi farmhands I think someone posted a pic of their irl cousin in the positivity thread and it's past the post deletion period. Can someone please delete the pic?

No. 66470

Jannies don't know what "spoonfeeding" means. I got banned for "spoonfeeding" once because I asked a user to provide evidence of an accusation they made in one of the cow threads. inb4
>its bc ur a newfag!!!!!1!1!
I've been following the thread since the 1st or 2nd

No. 66472

>>>/snow/1940771 shit thread and personal army request.

No. 66473

If the context you gave us is accurate, the ayrt should have got an "imageboard" (provide images to back up claims) redtext not you for asking to be "spoonfed" kek

No. 66475

File: 1702172874524.png (53.07 KB, 300x100, lolcow for boomers.png)

Seriously? I know banners have been a contentious issue previously but what the fuck.

No. 66476

report it and move on you fucking newfag

No. 66477

Its cute

No. 66478

I'd like to this this is ironic but it's still ab abomination

No. 66479

This is fucking amazing. And I don't mean that as a compliment. You channeled the energy of 10 redditors to bitch about them.
>casual racism
on lolcow.farm? GASP.

Nevermind the redditors, you tumblr tards who felt hardcore browsing /b/ and now act hard like this are the real cancer.

No. 66481

NTA but I don't understand why you singled out the racism part as if it's allowed here.

No. 66484

I find it really funny the way people beg for threads to be unlocked rather than just making a new one. Bitchmade.

No. 66487

that's a good way to get banned quickly.

No. 66488

Late but I thought so too, it's written like fiction. Also seems like they are playing different characters in the thread, both op and the supposed 80 year old writing about their partners (I promise you pensioners have better things to do than post about thots and drama queens on an imageboard)
There are a couple of brief replies that seem genuine, but the lengthy ones are pure fiction imo

No. 66489

I assumed it was because newfags from insert whatever social media overreact to everything calling it racism nowadays

No. 66491

Can we please get another Hellweek soon? So much bait and women hating going on in ot.

No. 66492

The TiF thread has been derailed all day. It's often derailed. There need to be more strict rules there about staying on topic and not infighting. Anons just sit around in that thread accusing each other of being misogynists, scrotes, trads, pickmes, fujoshis, handmaidens, libfems, etc and it gets really old. You can't even make fun of a TiF for looking ridiculous without some tard crying about it, even though ripping into uggos is like half of what we do here. Not to mention that people constantly fall for bait there, or reply to shit that's already been redtexted. It's a shitshow.

No. 66493

I like it just fine, and it's obviously supposed to be ironic. It's also a hell of a lot better than that gross gif of some random camwhore's butt, which I thankfully haven't seen since the last banner update.

No. 66494

>You can't even make fun of a TiF for looking ridiculous without some tard crying about it, even though ripping into uggos is like half of what we do here.
It's probably those same anons who constantly whine in other threads about how making fun of those women is "homophobic", anti-butch or whatever even though many of the women mocked there are straight.

No. 66495

The consoomer thread in ot is being derailed by Israel/Palestine/genocide discussion.

No. 66496

Just ignore and report the non-consoomer posts.

No. 66497

are you the anon that posted a zara ad in a museum and claimed it's totally a Zionist evil plan? Get help.

No. 66498

Why would she complain about it if she was the one who started it?

No. 66499

Maybe we should just move to Reddit and call it a day.

No. 66501

Wtf did the hellweek even do last time though

No. 66503

Some r9k ethot named tinker is self posting and tripfagging in the personal cows thread.

No. 66505

Jvlogfag asking for photos of sharla's vagina in their shit, desperate attemp at remaking a jvlog thread >>>/w/314878

No. 66506

hi cow here: >>>/w/314865

No. 66507

Lesbian general is getting shit up by attentionwhores, black girl thread keeps getting derailed by a white moid who can’t stop talking about interracial porn.

No. 66509

The new Black Girl Problems thread on /g/ has a pol moid larping as a "brown muslim" woman to defend french moids in it and he's derailing for hours now.

No. 66510

That thread should just be closed anyway. It just causes infighting and I don’t really see the point

No. 66511

No it shouldn't, but now I understand with what intend trannys and moids keep trying to shit up the thread.

No. 66513

It 100% has to be a white guy. Absolutely no brown woman on gods earth would get this butthurt at a tweet making fun of French men, or try to whiteknight white moids so aggressively.

No. 66514

To me this proves my theory that someone is in that thread trying to get it shut down.

No. 66515

It’s a well known racebaiting moid. He’s Jewish. His dna test came back 2% Iranian and he thinks that gives him credence to larp as a Muslim woman, I wish I was joking. It’s severe mental troon illness.

No. 66516

Yo, an anon went to a cows personal business to take photos and post. This is fucked up. >>>/pt/924328

No. 66517

Why is nearly every thread in /g/ riddled with bait lately?

No. 66518

the things i'd do to destroy /w/, it was a mistake and i tried to warn first admin about it when i was a janny.

No. 66519

It would be fine if anons didn't obsessively cowtip, unsage, shitpost, tinfoil, purposely infight, stopped posting non-milk, didn't nitpick everything, and just use their heads when they make dumbass takes.

No. 66521

It was reported? Why are you so mad kek. Did you make it?

No. 66522

Resident tranny has fully lost it.

No. 66523

Literally no one asked for it either. She just did it on a whim.

No. 66526

This anon is samefagging and needs to be put out to pasture, they won't sage and are trying to post Moo's business address. >>>/pt/924380

No. 66527

nta but its because both sides are calling each other trannies instead of shutting up and stopping the infight. Several anons even brought the infight topics back up knowingly instead of reporting and leaving it be.

No. 66528

So have farmhands just given up moderating the black girl general because they know the weird ebony fetish moid won't fuck off? There's a white moid posting scrotey 4chan interracial fetish memes with the word nigger in them and being shat on by other nonas yet its allowed to go unredtexted lol?

No. 66529

I love how ironically wholesome it is. Cheers me up seeing it.

No. 66530

spammer scrote attention whoring again

No. 66534

Mods, please get rid of the tranny constantly infighting about fujos in the lesbian general thread and ban evading. And ban people replying to him, it's been going for way too long.

No. 66536

Thank you to the farmhand who handled this. Moo doesn't advertise where her studio is for a reason and anons posting the whereabouts is pretty fucked up. There's talking about a cow and then there is being so obsessively unhinged that you try to showcase, online, where the cow could be at any time. Also the night time photo alone was proof enough an anon was trying to post where the studio was and not for the sake of milk. I don't think anons realize that doing shit like this puts the site in jeopardy. It's one thing if Moo had the address somewhere listed, but she doesn't for safety reasons. Some anons just really hate cows to the point of trying to get them harmed by posting locations. It's so fucked up. Public business or not, if the person isn't going out of their way to promote a location, it can still be doxing. Anons are really using the SniperWolf logic to justify posting.

No. 66537

The little lolcow.farm at the bottom bothers me so much

No. 66538

whats wrong with it? it's cute… agree with >>66537 though

No. 66539

facebook humor cringe
still cringe

No. 66540

can we get a containment thread Vivzie Pop & Hazbin after the current western animation thread ends? the thread is swamped with discussion of episodes and the same repetitive comments every time there’s new content released. idk how many times nonas can read the same mile long paragraphs on how the designs suck or the characters are garbage over and over. If people wanna discuss character development for this garbage maybe we could just give them a thread to fill? Idk it’s not a big deal but it would be nice. Thank you jannies for your hard work & have a good holiday!

No. 66541

Holy fucking shit please clean up the Lesbian thread in /g/ it’s off the fucking rails. I see some posts got deleted but now it’s just fully a yuri manga thread. Literally almost every post from today deserves a red text for bait/taking bait, off topic shit, infighting and derailing. Dumpster fire levels.

No. 66542

Good fucking god it's still going. Well, that's another rare good thread irreparably ruined for me. At least I'll spend less time on this site.

No. 66543

Mod seems to have given up on /g/ entirely, every thread in there is up to its eyeballs in bait posts atm. I blame the feral terminally butthurt troon.

No. 66544

>t. "daddy's lil porkchop" banner enjoyers

No. 66545

Are the mods alive? Do you even look at the mass reports about newfags? Kindly appreciate if you would.

No. 66546

We need a Hellweek for all the newfags and idiots who refuse to integrate so badly. /Ot is a mess, even by /ot standards.

No. 66547

Did the /g/ mod die? Constant infighting and trolling.

No. 66548

Hard agree, that thread has turned into a a cartoon review thread rather than a place to discuss animation cows. It’s especially annoying because we have a thread on /m/ purely for talking about cartoons, I know that they allow general discussion of cartoons in that thread because it’s the most active animation thread, but it’s really overshadowing the actual milk and I think that rule should be changed and anons to be encouraged to use the /m/ thread instead.

I’m also sick of the anons that keep bringing up anime despite it being the western animation cows thread, we also have threads on /m/ where they can talk about anime and manga to their hearts’ content.

No. 66549

thank you nona, this is exactly how i feel too and why i wanted to ask. if i was not working sm i’d try to make a thread myself. its fun reading the Western Animation thread before bed but it’s v annoying having to sift through a bunch of posts harping on the same shit. There’s a lot of good nonas (with actual taste) or interesting milk, so it’s still a fun thread, but god i am so gd tired of seeing people try to analyze this eyesore faggotry with kindergarten level story telling for something remotely meaningful. Viv has enough milk to have her own thread or the Hazbin horse shit should be contained. Hope you’re doing well too!

No. 66550

Cant you just ignore posts you dislike instead of replying to them and infighting for hours? Some random lesbian liking lesbian content instead of straight/gay content isnt supposed to make you this mad

No. 66551

So that's what bothers you, not the aggro fujoshis lol

No. 66552

Just wanna say. I haven’t seen cp and gore in a good while bless you mods/farmhands, even though you almost permabanned me for a joke I made. I forgive you

No. 66553

Cannot believe this ban evading Vocaroo retard from /tttt/ who posted lolishit and rapey fantasies is still shitting up the thread. Farmhands have given up it seems.

No. 66554

Did you reply to the wrong thing? The original post replied to was >>66472 , a post about some thread a newfag made about a moid they didn't like/bothering them asking anons to attack the stranger scrote on behalf of them and their friend group and had only a couple of posts from the threads creator in it. It had nothing to do with infighting or calling anyone trannies. If you assume it was a thread about infighting or whatever, I assume you and >>66476 didn't realise the post was about a different thread than whatever the one you guys assumed.

No. 66555

Yes bless them. The change they made is working.

No. 66556

Yep, still going. Mods really allowing her to post unhinged rape fantasies and incel level insults at anons telling her to get a grip is bleak no matter how I try to look at it. I know jannies hate fujos and all but jesus christ, she's ruining an entire thread shadow boxing imaginary fujos that don't exist even when people tell her that they agree with her point but want her to stop sperging.

No. 66557

How do you know shes a trans person? Why do anons have to make random accusations every time they see someone they disagree with? Just ignore it and let it go omg. You two have been derailing the thread for days posting about lolishit and faggot porn which both have nothing to do with lesbianism. Stick to your own threads you pornsick retards.

No. 66558

>>66541 is obviously the straight fujo thats been infighting with the vocaroo retard instead of reporting and letting it be. the only rule in lesbian thread is to not post about men/being attracted to men/sexual content featuring men yet some obsessed anons lose their minds when they cant post about their fujo husbando or male crush stuff in lesbian thread because they think lesbians posting about fictional lesbian stuff is the same thing. It is not.

No. 66559

Great, now she's found her way here being even more delusional. Thanks a lot mods.

No. 66560

>vocaroo shit
Oh, so it's the same one who shat up the black girl problems thread. He samefagged there to keep the derail going, so chances are he does the same in the lesbian thread. It's really great that for some reason, rather than aggressively banning malicious posters like this or deleting their post history so they get discouraged from posting, we get entire threads closed or new thread rules established to cater entirely to those one or two retards (see the anti-fujo sperg in harmless ot threads). On top of that, normal nonnies get red texted for responding and "scrotefoiling" when they point it out but often not the original scrote who derailed in the first place, so he happily shits up the next thread right after. It's so tiring, I don't understand the staff at all sometimes. This kind of shit has been going on since at least 3 admin teams now.

No. 66561

Please stop derailing and infighting. She left a day ago yet there are still anons trying to fujobait for attention.

No. 66564

I think vocaroo anon from black girls thread and the fujochan from lesbian thread are the same person, they both use cucking a lot and argue very violently/accuse others of being males when they disagree. The vocaroo anon from lesbian thread had an accent and said she was romanian

No. 66565

It's starting to feel like another one of those Choachan psyops that happened all over the site a few weeks ago. The deranged, machine-like sperging over nothing and completely made up, bombastic accusatory autism checks out, at this point it's so off the rails it has to be intentional. Or maybe it really is some mentally ill 4chan regular being a mentally ill 4chan regular.

No. 66566

>trans person
Tranny confirmed

No. 66567

stop trying to cause infights and just go outside. I said trans person because it wasnt clear if you were accusing her of being ftm or mtf.

No. 66568

NTA but the sperg herself said that she's a /tttt/ regular because she uses the word "pooner", a signature term from the board. At first I thought she was a regular male tranny, but reading back on her posts she does undeniably sound like the insufferable autistic /tttt/-brand 4chan sex pest NLOG who thinks objectifying and dehumanizing women makes her based and has a rock solid hate boner for fujos because she headcanons them as the straight stacies who bullied her in high school, which directly corresponds to the rape fantasies she has about them. Think back to that one FTM who got her post history revealed here, very similar energy.

No. 66569

Nta but stop dragging your gay infight to meta newfag. If you think rules are being broken report and ignore. You're just as retarded in this situation sperging across the site.

No. 66570

This is the complaints thread anon, if mods aren't reacting to multiple reports made in the thread it's appropriate to "drag my gay infight to meta" especially when "take it to /meta/" is a common redtext reason.

No. 66571

French black nona here. Nah, the lesbian thread sperg is not me. I honestly think fujos/shippers/adult manga readers in general are pathetic, and I’m not a lesbian either. Grow up, normal people got out of our anime phase at like 15.

No. 66572

You’re retarded and tinfoiling like a schizo now, our voices aren’t even alike and I’m not a lesbian either or go in lesbian threads. I also don’t give a fuck about ‘lolis’ or whatever other disgusting edgy fetishes weird weebs have. And I’m not a guy no matter how much you wish I was. I noticed you never posted any proof you’re a ‘brown Muslim woman’, but you were terribly upset when I called you a man and sperged out harder and still called me a man when I posted a vocaroo proving I’m female, so you’re a white male tranny to me until proven otherwise lol.

No. 66573

Oh and btw, the reason my posts never get redtexted in /g/ is because the farmhand knows I’m very obviously a woman and can see all my post history that confirms it. Both you and the lesbian thread sperg were rightfully redtexted and banned.

I’m sorry you get redtexted constantly because the farmhands clearly clock you as male and recognize your posts as the trannys. Sucks for you. That’s the last I’m saying on the matter.

No. 66574

If they aren’t reacting to your reports it’s probably because they aren’t correct but you don’t seem to realise that.

No. 66576

I'm the anon you're replying to, sorry for mixing it up. Youre based for your opinion

No. 66577

Anon you have been trying to re-ignite thw infight for days, go outside for once wtf. You come here when no one in the lesbian thread takes your obvious bait to infight

No. 66578

can we have longer bans for derailing in the venus thread? theres this weird rush of derailing that always happens once a blue moon and i cant help but think its the same group of people

No. 66579

It’s probably just one vendetta chan.

No. 66580

I have not made one single post in that trashfire, it was obviously all bait and infighting.
kek no but at the time I posted that complaint there has been some visible moderation but then a weird derail into mangasperging which made it obvious at a glance the thread was still fucked. I admit I am extremely irritated lately at the way newfags don't understand what a thread topic is and constantly post off-topic and seemingly never get banned, and if you booly them they cry minimod/trannyjanny like the little faggots they are. They all need to INTEGRATE and LURK MOAR.

No. 66581

the image is cute but it really isn't lolcow to me. also the text is weird and doesn't come off like it was written by someone whose first language is english idk. i think it would have worked better if the computer screen had some funny image of a cow on it. otherwise it looks like a banner for a christian mom website.

No. 66583

I thought it was the fat ftm who got her post history revealed at first too, but the autistic samefagging and replying multiple times is more on brand for certain moid-trannys who derail here.

No. 66584

This is much better than porny banners. I like the new banners a lot

No. 66585

They just ban evade

No. 66586

It's such a cringe banner, but I kind of love it. Definitely better than the daddy's porkchop shit.

No. 66587

Oh come on. Let the boomer nonas have their fun.

No. 66588

Dakota thread keeps attracting the non-milk posters of /w/ >>>/w/315080

No. 66591

yep i like how cringe it is
I'm a zoomer that loves it, maybe I'm an old soul.
Every female imageboard gets spammed that, lolcow used to have a ton too but since moderation has been good it's been a non-issue for a while.

No. 66592

Agreed, it's miles less cringey than the banner of PT fellating a corndog that is STILL UP for reasons beyond all comprehension. It ruins my browsing experience so much because I have to see it 7/10 times I load a page. Please, please remove that utterly unfunny, moid-tier dogshit.

No. 66593

>7/10 times I load a page
I hate it too but anon please kek

No. 66594

There is a moid on the dumbass shit thread. I keep reporting him, but retards keep responding to the bait.

No. 66596

Please just permaban the Florence sperg posting their shit all over /ot/

No. 66597

That's the joke dumbass

No. 66598

nta but if you're not a moid or baiting then why do you reply to everyone within minutes to fight with them? I don't care if you are a woman, get fucked / you're not welcome.

No. 66599

Is moderation good or are they severely understaffed? Anons here can't make up their minds. The goalpost shifts depending on the criticism lmao. Just because the retard mods learned how to make less cringy dumbass redtexts and fake the pretense of joking with the userbase doesn't mean it's "good" moderation. The spam stopped way before new farmhands were added too, shut the fuck up bootlicker

No. 66601

NTA and my post in this conversation.
Anonymous image board moderation will always be shit due to the nature of anonymous image boards. Moderation is considerably better on LC than other image boards and has improved since Shaymin. The fact the CP, gore and dicks aren't being constantly spammed is a very visible indication that moderation has improved. This is not bootlicking or kissing ass, it's an observation of reality.

No. 66602

I think moderation was god fucking awful on here for a while and then it suddenly switched back to the Oldmin style of moderation. I'm glad a lot of the ancient shitty threads got locked and the ones that invite annoying ass people like the leftcow threads. It's true though the spam did stop when they were still looking for farmhands. Honestly, I don't know what's going on with that but I do wish LC would share whatever anti CSAM measures they implemented with CC for the sake of my retinas

No. 66604

I haven't complained about bad moderation for months. Usually anons will infight, get banned and get butthurt the anon they disagree with didnt get banned, come here to attack moderating.

No. 66605

I don't think they should share that at all because it could lead to people finding a way to bypass it.

No. 66606

I’ve been permanently banned and I hadn’t even posted anything in a long time to warrant a ban. I can’t imagine anything I’ve posted resulting in any ban, let alone a forever ban. Pretty sure they got the wrong nonnie, and whoever that ban was meant for is posting freely…

No. 66607

Oh sweet they fixed it, thanks mods! I was seriously confused

No. 66608

no need to be rude, anon, it really isn’t that serious. god bless.

No. 66610

Thanks for finally redtexting the sperg in the lesbian thread. Hope she finally stays the fuck out and rejoins the rest of her mentally ill kin in /tttt/.

No. 66611

File: 1702458059211.jpg (31.93 KB, 909x125, Screenshot_20231213_120141.jpg)

Thanks for banning the samefagging spammer

No. 66612

You sound so aggressive, dont think admin would share their technique with someone who seems to have lolcows moderation and stupidly blames us for men spamming stuff on cc like a newfag would.

No. 66613

You're a braindead mongoloid if you think I'm someone from crystal cafe staff because I made some basic criticism.
>blaming lolcow for moid spam
the moids are lolcow you burger boiling bitch. Also learn how to speak english holy shit that was aids to read

No. 66614

Share it amongst themselves, not make it open source. Why is it that all the farmhand bootlickers in here can't speak, read or write the english language and will make the dumbest most retarded arguments in defense that only make them look worse? Whoever hired the downs cheerleading squad should seriously consider firing them

No. 66617

>holy shit that was aids to read
>aids to read
Nta but I love when people use this phrasing kek

No. 66618

No one accused you of being staff, go back to tranny cafe.

No. 66619

They said DIDmin wouldn't share their "techniques" with me because I was too aggy. How is that not implying I'm CC staff? Bitch you're retarded

No. 66620

No one but you brought up being a part of the cc staff. Please go back to your own tranny site.
Insulting random anons wont get admin to notice you or your child porn and male ridden website which you for some reason prefer

No. 66622

File: 1702482980379.jpg (253.41 KB, 781x704, Screenshot_20231213_185245.jpg)

NTA but calm down retarded bitch. You went on crystal cafe to talk negatively about lolcow mod team after no one replied to your retarded request on here. When no one paid attention to your ragebait on crystal cafe either you came back to infight here like a butthurt retard. You're so fucking stupid for expecting someone to randomly give away a program they spent so much time developing. Just do it yourself and help crystal cafe team, you obviously have the freetime.

No. 66623

This is making me wheeze shut the fuck up I don't even post on cc that fat bitch snail permabanned me ages ago

No. 66624

Probably the only good thing snail has done.

No. 66625

No. 66626

What program did you allses develop and why are all these random anons so privy to it omg can you reign her in already this is embarrassing

No. 66627

Kek this is definitely one of the cp spamming trannies aggro seething. It sticks out like a sore thumb. Good job on that regard, cerbmin.

No. 66628

Yes good job cerbmin can we extend that to the rest of the internet because that was my initial point but if you love CP so much you wanna see it when you wanna check up on fattranny central be my fucking guest I guess!!!!

No. 66629

There’s a sperg in the trad thread yet again. Please just lock it, it’s never going to stop being a homing beacon for people (scrotes) who should shut up forever

No. 66630

Your obvious constant infighting in /meta/ aside, all these sites are separate for a reason. If Google can implement it, then so can other websites without much hassle without needing handouts from rival traffic sites.

No. 66631

I do not infight in here you guys gotta stop calling things obvious and then getting it wrong

No. 66632

>I don't infight
>but I didn't know how to even sage my first post
Anon, go back to CC.

No. 66633

nta but is it
>a program they spent so much time developing
or just something simple that shaymin and oldmin never did?

No. 66634

I'm not saging this post and I might even samefag because I kinda like it when you get stern with me

No. 66635

You don't even need to develop the program. You just need to implement it.

No. 66636

Can someone calm down the tinfoiling in the Momokun thread? It's derailing.

No. 66637

oh ok, so this anon doesn't know what it is then >>>/meta/66622 (where I got the greentext from)
thanks for clarifying!

No. 66638

nta but it's happening again. I wish florencesperg would die. Even Boyega-chan was funny from time to time.

No. 66639

Yep, that's why he keeps asking admin to leak her ways so he can help avoid the ai detection system, kek. It's so mad too that it's unreal.

No. 66640

Once I have that pesky Ai detection system figured out and am able to disarm the floor lasers I will steal your chaos crystals

No. 66641

calm down retard

No. 66642

>better than
>improved since shaymin
You could let Blaine do the modding for a day and it wouldn't be any worse.
>not seeing anything
It could mean any number of things, like the people doing it moving on or getting busted.
So yeah, it is kissing ass because it shows bias all the way.

No. 66643

No. 66644

You just have to sternly tell them to stop spamming the CP sometimes. CC has been CP free since I asked kindly for them to please stop because I check it sometimes. And you boys better not take that as an invitation to start again

No. 66645

And you don't know how to link already in thread posts, thanks for clarifying that you're a newfag.

No. 66646

What did I do? I just wrote a vent post about how I hate being attacked and called “Florencechan” and I haven’t even mentioned her other than that, why would that make you wish I would die you freak

No. 66647

kys xy chromosomoid

No. 66648

It was a mistake from posting on my phone and not checking it. Not a newfag. But yes it's dumb, sorry.

No. 66649

>keeps calling every nona who tells it to stfu aggressive
Of course a moid would get upset by women acting ‘aggressively’ kek

No. 66650

Bl*ine the vile pedotroon doesn’t spam CP or gore much anymore (thank fuck). He stopped doing that after getting caught multiple times by the admin, and also stopped doing it on crystal cafe everyday too. I’m not sure why he stopped but maybe it’s because he only had so many vpns to use avoid getting permabanned on each one. So yeah, I like the new farmhand but I don’t think it’s the admin or farmhands cleaning it up because there isn’t really any spam anymore anyway. He’s still shitting up 4chan with interracial porn and gore tho.

No. 66651

Please intervene in the lolcow screencaps thread in /ot/ and ban the people who complain about screencaps because they're shitting the thread

No. 66652

How do you know blaine stopped and the software isnt auto deleting his spams instead? How do you know the interracial porn is posted on 4chan by blaine? I see you in every thread calling anons blaine and accusing them of posting interracial porn on 4chan at the same time of making those posts as if %80 of channers dont post that kind of shit so it's impossible to tell if its blaime. You're schizo

No. 66653

He sometimes accuses anons of being him to create confusion, now I don't know if >>66650 is the tranny itself but it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 66668

Male in tradthot thread trying to derail thread and shill that the only women who hate tradthots are trannies >>>/snow/1942792

No. 66669

>and also stopped doing it on crystal cafe everyday too.
I don't think/care if it's blaine doing this but cp gets posted on cc multiple times a day, every single day. When I go on cc there's like an 80% chance I'll be greeted with cp sadly.

No. 66670

Is the male in the room with you? Everyone in the thread is laughing at tradthots, but the illiterate moid calling women "catty" "narcissists" and "female socialized" is so obviously a tranny they may as well attach a selfie to their posts. They are just insulting mothers, women in general and not even discussing the cows.

No. 66671

the "muh rita alts" scrote is back in her thread shitting it up after the thread has been dead for 4 months. >>1942280
she's been gone for months, the thread has been dead for months and is an autism vector. wouldn't it be better off locked at this point?

No. 66672

Trying to pretend that saying anons can't shit on tradhots in the tradthot thread or use the term female socialization and only trannies would have a problem with tradthots is obvious bait.

No. 66674

Stop responding, it's an obvious troll

No. 66675

File: 1702548667843.jpg (158.86 KB, 1080x813, IMG_20231214_230402.jpg)

What exactly am I supposed to be complaining about here? This ban is completely retarded and nonsensical. Where in the site rules is anything relevant to this dogshit? Can a farmhand explain this shit? This is the worst ban I've seen since some newfag farmhand accidently banned uwu because they thought it counted as an emoticon kek.

I made that post and I'm not a moid but it seems that it really hit a nerve. Calling others male when they've said and done nothing moid like should be grounds for a ban if I got under your skin that much with my view on pregnancy, catty spiteful anon. Why not try to offer up a counter argument or opinion on anything said instead of saying "everything I don't like is male". Not everything you disagree with is male, Infact you chimping out over my take on pregnancy, as a woman is a pretty clear indicator of that. "Muh illiterate moid". Denial and mental retardation.

No. 66676

please stop ban evading

No. 66677

did you read lolcow.farm/info though

No. 66678

I've been using this site for years. Do you actually get answers in this thread or just retards mini modding.

The ban expired genius

No. 66679

dont reply to it. It has been infighting in 2X and snow just to get attention, came here when it didnt get attention in either place.

No. 66680

No? Schizoid. I barely post and was literally told to complain here. Also I know I just talked shit about mini modding but sage your dogshit continued catty across threads infighting.

No. 66681

samefag, forgot to put the /snow/ link properly >>>/snow/1942280

No. 66682

did you read lolcow.farm/info though?

No. 66683

of course it didnt

No. 66686

Definitely another moid raid going on. Infighting in every thread and the language used is extremely retarded and scrotey

No. 66688

I've been using this site for years. If you're going to minimod shitly can you do so in a helpful way.

Still seetheing and trying catty female socialized antagonism I see. Rent-free.

No. 66689

I doubt its men but lately a few anons have been baiting a lot.

No. 66690

I'm helping by telling you to read lolcow.farm/info and tell us what the section on posting multiple times says

No. 66691

Yeah because antagonizing the websites volunteers and admin is a good thing to do and then bitch about your ban? Maybe they should ban you again.

No. 66693

Ban evading is so common banning again wouldn't do a thing

No. 66697

so the the guy having his face shoved into a cake that's been posted here for sometime now seems to be a minor, I think making that pic a banner might cause some issues down the line.

No. 66702

Why are you so upset about being called out? Me thinks the tranny doth protest too much.

No. 66703

Ban evading food sperg in Taylor thread

No. 66704

Theres two people shitting up the tradthots thread, one is the Android Raptor kiwisperg, and the other is the racist troon. The tranny is more clockable as he’s simping for Eva, bashing brown + Asian women and accusing them of being jealous of white women, calling women cunts and bangmaids etc. Android Raptor is the one who’s always sperging about ‘Career Stacies’, derailing with pseudoscience, bashing motherhood and moms etc.
They’re both annoying and part of why these threads keep getting locked. Although obviously troon is worse.

No. 66705

File: 1702604860295.jpg (60.73 KB, 488x488, eng.jpg)

I'd like to report a massive retard who thinks everyone is ban evading >>66703

No. 66706

File: 1702605193981.jpg (580.37 KB, 1989x1947, takecaution.jpg)

I fully expect a ban and I don't give a shit. I just want to make it clear that there are some paranoid retards, or maybe it's just this one >>66703, who accuse me of ban evasion.
1. not evading
2. "food sperg" is not a rule
3. you femcel losers spend more time arguing over what isn't milk than you do just enjoying it. you may as well just kick yourselves in the kid shitter if you can't appreciate the few people left you bother to contrib.

No. 66707

Proving >>66653 right.

No. 66709

Spergs in Taylor thread derailing and nitpicking because they hate mods, namefagging to be a autistic as possible.

Honestly lock the thread. There hasn't been milk in 2.5 years. It's devolved into 3 threads of nitpicking the fuck out of her child, grammar, racist comments about communication in different languages, and clearly there's a handful of vendettafags.

No. 66710

This isn't milk or milky or interesting. You're just nitpicking stupid shit every family does with their children.

No. 66711


No. 66713

Accusing anons of being femcels is a dead giveaway to who posts in that thread and why it's always redtexted to hell and back. Absolutely don't believe they rarely post. Probably a VPN user. Farmhands have said it's like the same idiots constantly for months.

No. 66716

that salaryman thread at /m/ has so much porn on it, why it isn't at /g/? genuine question. Is it just another containment for the fujosperg? it has to be her, she uses the same reactions all the time

No. 66717

because it's mostly image dumping which is what /m/ is for

No. 66718

The unhinged tinfoiler is going schizo in the Stef thread again >>>/w/315283. Guess their ban just expired today

No. 66719

Where did they say that? Gonna dig up some post from months ago that doesn't prove your point again? One obvious troll in the thread isn't enough reason to tinfoil out your ass about who posts there and ask for the thread to be closed, especially when the cow has hinted her shop is going to reopen in 2024. Just because the mods can't handle nonas' opinions about cows or, turns out, "whether it's normal to buy dog dildos," that doesn't mean everyone who posts on the topic is the same. Learn to recognize a single bannable troll.

No. 66720

File: 1702634178035.jpg (94.28 KB, 975x715, IMG_20231215_065433_939.jpg)

This sperg whining about "female socialization" and writing paragraphs-long screeds sperging about mothers on the tradthot thread goes free but the people calling him out all get the redtext, and two days after the fact to boot? Lmao @ the "omg farmhands rule!1!1!" options on the lolcow awards form, you've had a whole ass man on your team hawking that thread for months

No. 66721

You’re delusional if you think the farmhand is a moid. She bans moids and troons faster than ever.

No. 66722

Yeah, no.

No. 66724

Just saw the banner about crime stats for men and really? We're just tumblr now? Wtf do I care about mods in a backwards shithole killing each other. And why is it a banner. Isn't this supposed to be a place to get away from all that? Same with the troons. That stuff was banned for so long because we knew what would happen. And now here we are.
Can we please have another town hall to decide what this site is? PULL, maybe, but it sure isn't reccognisable LC. 90% of users (including admin) have been here 3 years or less and don't know any different.

No. 66726

I don't get what your problem with that anti-moid banner is? There are a couple of them now like the videogame girl hitting a man. Good, moids shouldn't feel welcome here.

No. 66727

Did it hit too close to home?

No. 66729

No one said anything about dog dildos but good to know the taylor nitpickers are posting in that thread too.

No. 66730

lolcow culture has been overrun by retarded normies lacking in self awareness and they sucked all the fun out of it. it's all juvenile shit which it always was but now it's covered in this thin layer of "morality" and an attempt at understanding politics, psychology and society. suffice to say that people in these circles are not equipped or experienced enough to have anything but irritating conversations when you put those in the mix.

tl;dr lolcow is changing because the internet has changed. nothing of value was lost by focusing more on the off topic aspect of this site which is both more milky and more interesting than essayposts written by gay lsafags about some tiktok mom

No. 66732

I didn't spam genius. I'm not the samefagger or the other anon who also complained and the farmhand taking a stab in the dark assuming I was fucked up. I didn't post multiple times. But thank you for finally giving an answer of some sort though it was like drawing blood from a rock.

>Yeah because antagonizing the websites volunteers and admin is a good thing to do
Wtf are you talking about? Am I holding a gun to anyone's head? This thread is supposed to be for complaints, bootlicker. Not blindly licking farmhands asses. I'm asking a question not hunting down anyone.

Seethe. I made literally one opinionated post that hit a nerve that you keep recycling kek, truly rent free. Continue to rub your two brain cells together and accuse everyone who doesn't agree with you of being a moid. Once again I invite you to have an actual discussion instead of sperging cattily across threads.

I disagree. Being offended by anti male shit is a truly bizarre hand maiden take. Also in what world is tumblr known for its cut throat discussion of moid rape statistics and shitting on trannies? There's no doubt that the site has changed over time but so has the reality of being a woman now and the prevalence of male violence.

No. 66733

You should calm down.

No. 66734

kek cope and seethe

No. 66735

I've been on this site for 5-6 years and I'm really thankful to admin for how she deals with raids and disturbing content that used to be up for a few hours in the past.

No. 66736

when a thread is pushed off the first page, it disappears between the first and second page. still viewable in the catalog though.

No. 66738

scrote trying to bait yet again, this time with added samefagging

No. 66739

File: 1702700693119.jpg (75.09 KB, 1116x228, XMRDnQt.jpg)

Not my post but how is this racebait? For context the anon was responding to someone asking where (country) a cow had come from. I've seen users say "nip" and get away without being redtexted (admittedly it's not that common but I've seen anons say it more than once)

No. 66740

probably just saw it without context in the report queue

No. 66741


The brainless WKs are back on this thread

No. 66742

why did farmhands never delete the recent posts in this thread made by the pedotroon?

No. 66744

Yumi's thread is full of children who think $130 for a pot is expensive, who are tinfoiling about her relationship and using emojis, and racebait. Can you get off your asses and moderate it?

No. 66745

When is our next hellweek? It’s obvious there’s been an influx and we haven’t had one in a long while

No. 66746

samefag but this would also fall in line with hellweek being in december and summer

No. 66747

File: 1702767561381.png (21.21 KB, 512x513, smile-icon.png)

Aw come on nonnie, lighten up

No. 66749

Can you please ban the racebait in Yuhan's thread, or do you only do it for white women? What the fuck.
>she found another old white man with an asian preference.
>some guys are specifically into Asian women. I could definitely see a 40+ man who isn't great looking but has a bit of money being into her.
>most hapas end up wrought with mental health issues, hapa children are more likely to be diagnosed with a severe mental illness than fully asian kids.

You ban every other discussion but let this shitty racebait and misogyny go unchecked? Why don't reports work on this thread, admin? Why does someone always need to bring it here to get even the bare minimum done, but god forbid we insult a furry?

No. 66750

No influx. This is the new normal. Last Hellweek was barely noticeable anyway.
Anon, take your personal problems to therapy. The third one should cop a redtext but the first two are ordinary conversation.

No. 66753

Sometimes racism against asians doesnt get banned. If you said same thing for black or white women you'd definitely get a ban. Probably because mod team doesn't have an asian member, retarded farmhand once banned an anon for racebait for making fun of French peoples accent but I guess Asians dont matter
Moderation has been good but the things staff consider racebait are retarded. You could call an asian woman a whore chasing white men, no ban. Call a Russian or French woman a whore chasing x race man, banned right away.

No. 66754

She doesn't have milk and it always reverts back to anons complaining about her being asian and how she must be with white men because only yellow fever makes her attractive. it's so fucking stupid and there's no milk at all. Anons just use the thread for tinfoiling and posting non-milk to try to keep tabs on her.

No. 66756

Is a mod going to delete the comment alogging Niamh in the scumbags thread? Or at least permaban the moid? (even though he just keeps coming back everyday anyway) The comment has been up for a while now

No. 66757

They're true why are you personally offended on behalf of a cow who's a sugar baby to an ex-husband who fetishised her specifically for being a "soft spoken Asian princess" stereotype? That says nothing about Asian women but says volumes about the predatory white men who fetishise this unrealistic ideal. This is a gossip imageboard grow a thicker skin anon, there's way worse shit said about black and white women in the hoteps/vikings threads than shit that's relevant to a particular cow.

No. 66758

Nta, but there's a reason why tinfoil is banned and it's because this isn't just a gossip site.

No. 66759

That's not what anon is complaining about, she's specifically complaining about racebait misogyny. I suppoe what anons say about Shayna must also be racism and misogyny now kek.

No. 66760

The things said in her thread recently besides the hapa thing were not racebait, I encourage you to stop identifying with """yuhan""" so much

No. 66761

File: 1702801988422.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.86 KB, 720x576, Screenshot_20231217_193304_Bra…)

It's not a half Asian specific thing but a half anything thing. Maybe that anon could have been more specific.

No. 66762

>but god forbid we insult a furry?
The Stef shit was straight up accusations and claiming tinfoils as facts. The first two posts here are just conjecture based on factual evidence of Yumi's past. When will you unhinged Stefanons finally get permabanned?

No. 66763

They are stated as facts. There is zero proof of who she's dating. You are unhinged for allowing the double standard.
it's medfagging to say her kid will probably have mental illness because he's mixed.
it's all racebait shit and anyone can see that. mods here care only if a white woman's baby or partner gets shit on. At least be consistent across threads if you're on some high horse about what constitutes milk and nitpicking here. What about Yuhan/Yumi is milk right now? Learn to integrate with your fucked up quotation marks around her actual name.

No. 66764

the micky wks are back again shitting up the theead

No. 66765

wtf is yuhan?
Kind of true unfortunately. I also dont think you can racebait against ethnicities but somehow saying yiu find French or slavs unattractive will get you banned while anons can call an asian womans baby disabled for being asian and mixed.

No. 66767

Stop moving the goal post. The point was that it was accused of being racebait. I don't agree with the statement but I'm providing context to why anon may have said it. You are way too emotionally invested newfag, go touch some grass and stop obsessing over race.

No. 66768

You going to derail in the thread about it some more? Are the whiteknights in the thread with is right now? None of you have any idea what whiteknighting is.

Anons making comments about babies is always 100% unhinged

No. 66770

The racebaiters also made fun of effina(middle eastern woman) and her white husbands babies. Concerning how the racebaiters tend to be the same people fixating on obsessively hating random innocent babies.

No. 66772

They did this is taylors thread too on w. So many anons obsessed with Asian babies and wishing disabilities on them. I keep saying, stop posting kids. It's against the rules anyway.

No. 66773

wtf, the derailers in taylor's thread are not descrininating against the kid for his ethnicity, but for his dad being old(ish). still stupid and very unhinged, but race is never the reason they tinfoil about the kid's imaginary disabilities/illnesses.
there are, however, a bunch of braindead anons who show up every now and then only to sing odes to the baby's cuteness and future superior looks.
both parties are equally unhinged and creepy.

No. 66774

i was thinking, would it be possible to maybe get a live user stats counter or something? since we have a server status page and the board in general is so, so much slower than it was in the past. it would be interesting to see how many users we have at any given time…maybe break it down by board as well? could we even see which threads get the most hits/posts per day or hour?

No. 66775

Anons are snapping up moid bait in the vent thread in /ot/ like there's no tomorrow

No. 66776

Theres been plenty of posts in her thread saying the kid will have some damage done to him or hes retarded and should wear a helmet. Lurk more.

No. 66777

I don't think Yumi's thread should have been marked for tinfoiling, the rule is "Tinfoiling with no basis to a claim" not that all tinfoiling is banned

No. 66778

Tinfoiling in general is discouraged. You must be new to /w/.

No. 66780

ntayrt but you're exaggerating a ton, no one ever said Levi would have mental issues or needed a helmet.

Anyway my question is why the mod still chose to ban one single poster in Yumi's thread and leave up blatant tinfoil like >>>/w/315395 and shit about how mixed kids have mental illness >>>/w/315434
It's insane to argue this site has such high standards about milk and discussion while letting that thread get filled with gross shit about how she's a "white cock queen" and a "morally degenerate parent." All while she barely posts anything. The thread is never ever moderated until someone comes here to complain after reporting things, sometimes after days. Why is it like that?

I'm sure Yumi's vendetta posters will come in to reee and posture, but there's nothing bad about a cow growing up and making better decisions, like keeping her life more private for the good of her child. I hope she continues to piss you all off by doing so.

No. 66781

Instead you get anons medfagging over his head being flat and how he needs a helmet. Not that it's any better. Anons shouldn't post about children in any capacity. >>>/w/230358

No. 66783

>"morally degenerate parent"
She cheated on her husband and got pregnant by some other dude kek. That is factually morally degenerate, no quotes needed. How long are you going to wk and whine here? Mods don't agree with your sperging, give up and move on already

No. 66784

The racebaiting and race hate in Effinas thread got so bad it had to be locked. I wonder if that was the trolls intention. Anyway they’re trying the same thing in Taylor’s thread. My guess is it’s either the unhinged racist tranny troll, or some other racebaiting moid tourist from /pol/.

No. 66785

I wanna make an "autistic things you do" thread, to share little habits like walking up stairs on all 4s, turning all the plushies in the room around before masturbating, etc. Where would that go, ot or g?

No. 66786

the scumbags thread in general has gone to shit; the rattling and newfaggotry is at levels previously unseen

No. 66788

Why is there a banner of Mariah Mallad literally just shaking her tits? Why tf are these sexual banners for moods being approved?

No. 66789

She cheated on her geriatric sugar daddy, getting pregnant by someone fitter was probably the best thing she could do for her child.

No. 66791

Can something be done about the hi cowing in the art community thread in snow? Whenever anyone criticizes that Kai dude I notice someone comes in and starts wking then whining that everyone is another cow. It's very annoying.

No. 66792

Honestly in a normal relationship it's a morally reprehensible thing to do, but given her situation I applaud it. Geriatric male sperm should not be allowed near an egg.

No. 66793

No. 66794

I already reported it but some stupid motherfucker is shitting up the tradthot thread with unsaged schizo ramblings again. It's kind of fucked up to poke fun at families grieving their dead children as if they're on the same level as pickmeishas grifting off of conservative loser scrotes.

No. 66796

Unhinged tranny schizo rambling about disabled children for like 30 posts now in the tradthots thread, why aren’t farmhands doing anything?

No. 66797

unpopular opinion thread definitely has a moid or a tranny there. I fucking hate how slow mods are right now.

No. 66798

Its holidays and some don't do weekends

No. 66799

The unpopular opinion thread is now just a cesspool telling women they are ugly because they had kids. I feel like we've had the same three topics over and over on there, all shtiting on women or obvious bait.

No. 66800

Its a baiting male but anons unfortunately cant ignore it. It has been baiting about different women being undesirable for ages, pregnant women/mothers, lesbos, straight women, etc. it attacks another group every time and samefags often.

No. 66801

Picture dump threads and topic discussion threads need to be on separate boards. /m/ is very difficult to use for the discussion boards because a good two thirds of the page is filled with image dump threads. Yes, I know you can hide threads, yet even with most threads hidden this leaves sometimes one single discussion thread on page 1. It makes the board unusuable imo and is the reason why /m/ discussion threads have become much slower than before. This has consequences such as things that should be clearly discussed on appropriate threads on /m/ like Genshit instead flooding /ot/ threads because people can't easily find the proper thread or think /m/ is too annoying to use.

No. 66802

totally agreed. nothing wrong with picspam threads but they get bumped so often the discussion threads always get buried.
i wish there was a separate board as well because /ot/ is too much of a mess and would bury the media discussion threads too.

No. 66804

I feel like anons need to prove dakota has milk if her thread is to be active and not locked. Legacy or not, this cow is so dry and anons only use it to complain that they should be allowed to shitpost. Her thread is a shitposting nightmare for a year, nitpicking her haircuts and face. >>>/w/315643 then you have repetitive farmhand complaining and accusing posters of being the cow and getting them banned.

No. 66805

File: 1703004868092.jpg (497.58 KB, 1080x1835, 1000004939.jpg)

Like damn and then you scroll up and it's all "her head shape is funny she's totally not a model". Just repetitive boring back and forth with no new milk to back anything up.

No. 66808

Unfortunately not a baiting male. Some women really do have those kind of opinions, and they are indeed an unpopular opinion, in the correct thread. We have however handed out bans (not all redtexted) to the more egregious baits.

No. 66809

Suggestion: turn 'demisexual' and 'asexual' into redtext words and have a winter hellweek

No. 66811

This is way too much

No. 66813

More accurately a year and a half now.

No. 66814

I second this we need another hellweek considering how much traffic we’re getting

No. 66815

tryhard 3edgy5u moid

No. 66817

so i post a video, some anon is extremely butthurt and won’t shut up about it a week later, i reply and i get banned? why isn’t the instigator banned? what happened to this site, who the fuck are these farmhands?

No. 66818

We should get a board for foreign lolcows, with full threads on them in their language rather than one single /ot/ thread with french lolcows for example.

No. 66819

how do you know it's a woman did she agree to video chat with you or something?

No. 66820

We had one called /int years ago but it was pretty dead.

No. 66821

They aren't going to do it around the holidays. The volunteers have lives too

No. 66822

there's gotta be at least one neet farmhand

No. 66824

racebait and off topic in yumi >>>/w/315707

No. 66825

lost newfag complaining about a thread's subject

No. 66826

File: 1703083108011.jpg (110.65 KB, 937x470, 1000018923.jpg)

Why tf was this redtexted. There's no need for a damn image for what I said.

No. 66827

How can you be so sure when mods didn't notice pakichan was larping as crapchan for a year before shw messed up and forgot to switch vpns?

No. 66828

No. 66829

Maybe post caps of who who these people apparently are. Lots of "I've seen many people" but no capswith proof about who.

No. 66830

is there a reason the jess woods thread isnt autosaged or something?

No. 66831

Anons are tinfoiling about Venus dying on /w/ and coming up with how we could find out. It's fucked up. She just isn't publicly posting right now. Anons need to chill the fuck out.

No. 66832

File: 1703091319943.png (436.81 KB, 1337x1125, Screenshot.png)

as much as I dislike Megha, I feel a troon made these comments, I don't know why the tradthot thread attracts so many of them.

No. 66833

This is probably a woman making these comments like the farmhand said upthread. Women on this site hyper fixate sometimes way more on specific personal body details whereas men do the overall critique.

No. 66834

AI is a fucking moron. Who cares what it thinks? If it thinks she’s a male then it would probably think I am too. OP should put their own face in there.

No. 66835

>>>/w/315742 Anons are mad-mad that they shouldn't tinfoil about a death that hasn't even happened.

No. 66836

That would require a very large collage and some would be too personal. Honestly, it's easy to check the convention's IG, especially when it happened.

No. 66837

Hard agree. These reddit refugees are obnoxious af and now use the thread like a live chat.
>Maggot wiped her Instagram? Waaah Peenus must be dead !!1
> How unusual ! We must ask for a wellness check asap !

It's not the first time Mommy Dearest wiped her account for attention or because she's caught in some hobo dramas (remember the deportation saga ?)
Plus, Peenus being silent for a prolonged period of time is a classic phase of her cycle.
Newfags, I swear.

No. 66840

No, just caps of anyone on twitter calling her out or saying they aren't going now because of it or what Isshicon did. There's 100% ways to cap. That's why it got a redtext. Just sounds like anons being lazy and chalking it up to "Other anons will believe there's a good amount of people who are doing what I'm saying, no merit needed" It's lazy as hell. Also how the hell is it going to be personal unless you're on twitter and posting your own tweets about it? We already know there's an anon who is using the thread to promote their own doc that uses twitter. Unless you're that cow, there's nothing to worry about. Twitter is public and because of that, everyone posting on it can be publicly posted to lolcow too. Blocking out names is also a cop-out since it's public.

So why would it be "too personal"? Because probably hardly anyone is actually saying anything because the community doesn't give a fuck.

No. 66841

Mods should really go back to marking bans for 'chatroom' when it's clear back and forth between like 2 anons and it's just gassing each other's posts up.

No. 66842

They legit posted on their Instagram about the incident and I've had people I'm close with also talk about it. I'm not gonna name them because that would just be me telling on myself.

No. 66843

Thread so dry that anons are tinfoiling about a cows spending >>>/w/315751

No. 66847

That's literally all you had to do from the beginning. Also don't complain about personal info if you're never going to post about personal info. No one asked you to even out yourself, so whining about giving yourself away is pointless. Just post public posts like every other normal anon here. Unless you allude to a post being yours, no one is even going to know either. Being all secretive and whatnot just makes you an easy target.

At least finally you posted caps >>>/w/315753 Don't know why posting caps was so hard and acting like it's impossible. Doesn't matter if it was posted to their Instagram. Post any caps next time.

No. 66848

Why do the farmhands not ban and redtext the obvious racebait in this thread?
all the older racebait posts are unredtexted too. Can a farmhand actually reply about why this is being allowed?

No. 66849

Imagine wanting to die on the hill of creepy wmaf couples who abuse their children.

No. 66850

Pakichan isnt a real person, he’s a Jewish hon who larps as a Muslim woman. He can’t even speak Urdu.(namefagging)

No. 66851

T. Triggered white moid with an Asian gf

No. 66852

They are banned. Not all bans are redtexted as often times we ban the one person posting the same rule breaking content and do a singular long ban instead of redtexting every single instance of the same person. This is sort of in the discretion of the farmhand doing it, but keep in mind that the person themselves IS banned.

No. 66853

No. 66854

Do you mind reporting the instigator so I can follow up and investigate myself? Thanks

No. 66855

i did report them yesterday, maybe it didn't go through? i'll do it again now. it's a meaningless fight in the long run but it felt really shitty to be banned for replying to someone who kept going on about it a week later trying to instigate it, and they had no punishment.

No. 66856

Nuke this newfag >>>/w/315776

No. 66857

There needs to be extra farmhand attention in the lesbian thread, the same 4chan weeb tard has been turning the thread into nothing but baiting and infighting for like 2 days now. If the tard is ban evading, also ban anons replying to the bait. This has to stop, it's so retarded it hurts my head.

No. 66858

Imagine being called a moid or a supporter of child abuse for reporting racebait on this site.

There's literally no reason not to redtext absolute shit like these two replies, and the stuff in Yumi's thread. It's not whiteknighting to find off-topic racism disgusting. There's no indication anyone, let alone Yumi, is abusing her child. This shit is so sick to put in that thread and it should not get quiet bans.

No. 66859

the hands she posted with her brother's + the background of the house seemed legit to me

No. 66860

Imagine having this much of a protective hard-on for Yumi of all people. Why even.

No. 66861

weird and dumb infighting in unpopular opinions right now, started off as something about an anon not wanting to date women and now it's just sperging

No. 66862

Nta but she's one of the few cows who doesn't have drama, never did. Just anons taking shit from the get-go. Also if you find this calling, you're the problem. Anons tinfoiling about haffu babies being retarded and always getting failures as parents are fucking stupid.

No. 66863

This thread has a duplicate and also the picture feels like a twitterfag newfag chose it, it's ugly.

No. 66864

Uh, the whole Splenda dumping her, getting kicked out by her family, and later it comes out that he's not the father via court documents wasn't dramatic enough for you? She was posting videos for months about how poor she was and trickle truthing what happened. She's only boring now because she's in a better situation and barely posts anymore. And the splenda arc was really funny honestly not everything has to be drama

No. 66866

Personally, no. I don't find tragic cow situations to be milky.

No. 66867

Probably one of her moid simps. They love to infantilize Asian women.

No. 66868

How is reporting racebait moid behavior, Infantilisierung of Asian women, or simping for Yumi? I'll wait. Posting generalisations about Asian women and calling them child abusers is classic racebait and deserves a ban.

No. 66869

Honestly what you just described sounds like drama/milk to me. Sure, maybe she's boring now and there's retards shitting up her thread but it sure sounds like she had a quality arc there.
Anon, I mean this in the nicest of ways, but you shouldn't put much stock in what people say to you on an imageboard.

No. 66870

The hatred some anons have for asian women is unreal. Yeah your ugly subhuman incel bf wanted an anime gf but that doesnt mean everyone defending asian women are weeb retards like your bf.

No. 66871

Could someone kindly look into the person defending Vicki on her thread and confirm that it's her self-posting?

No. 66872

Please ban all lowercase typing anons like you did years ago because of lack of integration, amen

No. 66873

mmmm no

No. 66874

racist shithead posting "white cock queen" again.

No. 66875

Seconded. It's always twitter retards anyway

No. 66876

Lol this board is absolutely crawling with moids.

No. 66877

Taylorfag admitting to posting old milk just to try to antagonizing other users >>>/w/315885 Seems like a snide way to infight too

No. 66878

File: 1703176845683.jpg (485.14 KB, 1080x1781, 1000004961.jpg)

If all anons can do is talk about old milk to keep a cow milky, then they are no longer milky. Past or not. This though is out of hand and I know it's some female farmer which makes this more embarrassing. /w/ has a big vendetta problem.

No. 66879

This site was founded on mocking a retard, shut up
At this point you're just shitting up the thread trying to tell people which cows they should be allowed to talk about

No. 66880

i’m going to start typing in all lowercase just to piss the caps lock spergs off now

No. 66881

I don't know why that person said it's old milk, since that photo and others from the trip were only posted today. It's new content from her regardless when it happened. She posted Levi's birthday vlog ~6+ months after his birthday, that doesn't make it irrelevant just because she delayed posting it

No. 66882

That's not what all those redtexts are insinuating.
>trying to tell people which cows they should be allowed to talk about
None of that is happening and those posts are all shitposts that have nothing to do with the cow and all about anons just wanting to say outrageous shit. If you're going to post generalizations like these, you should be banned. This isn't milk and it's trying to force it by getting other anons to agree with the worst takes possible that aren't even true.

No. 66883

> None of that is happening
These are all from the past couple days and there's more upthread, stfu mini mod

No. 66884

>I feel sorry for the kids, wmaf couples are total weirdos 99% of the time
That's not even adding anything to the thread. None of those posts are. No one is minimodding by saying that these posts should be modded when they totally should be. Also you linked multiple anons which I think is hilarious because that means there's a bunch of farmers who agree with this moderation. The only ones who don't are the whomp-whomp-cock-queenfags or shitposters themselves. No wonder you're so against this moderation in the thread.

No. 66885

Don't twist my words, I'm referring to you complaining that threads aren't "milky enough" to be posted in
>anons need to prove Dakota has milk
>no new milk
>no longer milky
>few cows who doesn't have drama
>Thread so dry
Not to mention these posts have multiple lies

No. 66886

All those threads are littered with redtext kek kind of counters your point

No. 66887

nta, but the only people anon antagonises are wks kek. did it strike a nerve? calm down. the topic was closed by the time anon posted and it's not adding new insight to it, the discussion has already died down. of all the latest posts in the thread this is the last one to complain about, imo.

No. 66888

The beastiality tinfoiler is not giving up no matter how many times they get redtexted. So annoying >>>/w/315912

No. 66889

>never did
Now we know for sure you're just a retarded wk LOL. The old stuff like public ddlg videos, acting like a retarded ultra fob toddler to sustain Splenda's ancient boner, then the sudden divorce and finding out she cheated/got preggo from someone else… "never had milk" my ass.

No. 66890

I think you need to stop defending someone who just talked about "missing being an animal" as if she were a wolf trapped in a human body. This is hilarious and people have the right to make jokes about it.

No. 66891

Her style and personality completely changed once she got away from Splenda but she definitely wasn't playing into Splenda's ddlg yellow fever lmao

No. 66892

Some of us are just lazy or feel like changing typing styles. what happens when an anon uses both?

No. 66893

Not defending Stef. She's nuts. But the beastiality accusations specifically are unhinged and need to stop.

No. 66894

I'm not that nona but I didn't read that post as anything but a joke about her typical OTT prose style. She's always talked like that about stuff like kulning and her animals. I just don't think that nona meant to say anything except "kek she's not helping her case"

No. 66895

How do you even know this? I just know him as a weird guy, does he have a thread?

No. 66896

I agree, allowing all lowercase typing (especially with no punctuation) attracts too many illiterate retards, we’ve got a bad enough problem with twitter/tiktokfags refusing to integrate as it is, let’s not encourage them further.

No. 66897

Heolkek actually enforces lowercase typing and the quality of discussion is so bad, I know it's a kpop board but still. People only use the shitposting thread and type 3 word replies constantly. I fully support forcing people to type properly

No. 66898

Is this where the chat threads come from because that sounds really familiar and would explain the insane nosedive lately

No. 66900

Maybe, they're even discussing lolcow in the latest shitpost thread https://heolkek.cafe/ot/thread/510313.html
The progression is probably
>Kpop banned on lc, make choachan (now heolkek)
>Kpop twitter and tiktok finds choa
>Choa goes from lc culture to kpop twit culture
>Choa anons discover lolcow and start making threads

No. 66901

holy shit that thread. Not one single sentence with an actual point what the fuck. I don't even understand how they're communicating, it doesn't even read like English

No. 66902

is it possible to start red-texting the phrase ‘delulu’? god it is exhausting to see it used constantly by newfag tiktok zoomers who shit up threads

No. 66903

We don't care about choad , this is lolcow.

>there can't possibly be more than one person who thinks these asian nitpicks about yumi are terrible shitposting takes
You're telling in yourself. There's more than a handful of anons who have come here to report that thread

No. 66904

They really do type like absolute buffoons. Zoomers are the dumbest generation to exist. I bet there are some Gen A on there too.

No. 66905

Take this to your containment thread (zoomer hate) thread, delulu anon.

No. 66906

Their own post is like explanation blogposting >>>/w/315913

No. 66907

that maybe, but the tradthot thread seems to attract obvious twitter troons for some reason.

No. 66908

You are deranged and I never said otherwise. I was just challenging the notion she was never a cow, learn2read.

No. 66909

The dog fuckers are back in the Stefany Lauren thread on /w

No. 66910

Every time I click a tiktok embed to watch it and then try to close it, the tiktok website pops up in another tab. Can this be fixed please?

No. 66911

The same thing happened to me when using my tablet, I thought I just had bad aim and fat fingers kek

No. 66912

Therapy is the answer you seek, anon.

No. 66913

I agree with this shit. It's all over /ot now. Dumbass shit thread and unpopular opinions seem to manifest newfags who can't type for shit.

No. 66915

Do you genuinely believe it's multiple anons instead of one mentally ill bitch samefagging and vpn hopping? Anyone schizo enough to get off to dogs is probably schizo enough to samefag and talk to herself in the thread to defend her stance.

No. 66917

Just start off with banning twitter/tiktok lingo and abbreviations.

No. 66918

There's one or two moids who frequent the pro ana scumbags thread, they've been posting one off comments almost every day for a little while now. Is it possible for these comments to be deleted when they post, like how Blaine posts get deleted. I feel like leaving them up encourages the behavior because they seem to be attention seeking and feeding off each others comments.

No. 66919

File: 1703265836624.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 2824x1760, Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 12.20…)

Is the /g/ mod dead? This scrotepost has been up for hours >>>/g/367269 It's obviously a man using a dildo in his ass. I don't have to explain why that doesn't belong in the thread. The thread has never been used that way either, it wouldn't be ok to post porn clips and ask "how it this possible" even if it was a vagina and you could prove to me the poster was female.

No. 66920

>i hate other internet slang
>lolcow is not a slang website
You sound so dumb.

No. 66921

File: 1703266545147.png (701.76 KB, 1000x1000, farm.png)

Doing hard volunteer work for free sucks.

No. 66922

Wow, vintage meme.

No. 66923

Why did I click this, I knew what it was and I clicked it anyway, why am I dumb

No. 66925

Who are you quoting?

No. 66927

I'm quoting the right person. Just sounds like personal nitpicking about what language can be used because you think you're such an oldfag. I'm an oldfag too, but this type of trying to guess who is from what websites based on verbiage is garbage and there's no actual way to figure out if it's even true or if it's a farmer who just used slang and abbreviations. It's not killing lolcow culture. Eventually, we will all stop using the site and those users will probably migrate and then new etiquette will develop again. You want lolcow to stagnate and cherry-pick users and ban them for completely innocuous things.

No. 66928

There is specific lingo and phrases that twitter/tiktok newfags use and examples have been named plenty of times. Allowing it here encourages those newfags to not lurk and adapt and turns this place into the same shitholes they came from. If you were an oldfag, I wouldn't have to explain the concept of board culture to you and it wouldn't offend you.

>It's not killing lolcow culture.

>Eventually, we will all stop using the site
So what now? If no one uses this site, it's dead. If you want lolcow to be like an anonymous twitter/tiktok so bad, why not just go there with a throwaway account?

No. 66929

Could anyone in /ot/ and /g/ start getting bans for making threads too early? I know people make mistakes and all, but it's been happening so much these past few weeks that it seems like it's just newfags.

No. 66931

Did you miss the whole migration part? Lol Your specifically nitpicked a part and left out the other. Also I never said I wanted it to be an anon twitter/tiktok. It's stupid to base lingo, internet lingo to be exact, on whether someone is banned or not. It's throwing rocks and hoping one hits because maybe that one user was from tiktok. Either way, how else do you think this place even has a userbase? most anons mass post things from tiktok or twitter, so what exactly then makes you only a lolcow user? Grow up. They can learn to integrate when they break actual rules, but assuming users based on lingo just shows you're willingly to not let the site grow and retain new users for when the old ones leave. There's a reason why slang and lingo evolve. Sorry you feel that level of old to act like a grandma sitting on a porch yelling at the kids to get off their grass.

No. 66933

Wow the oldfag larp disappeared really quickly. You are exactly the kind of poster this site could do without, so there's no use in explaining to you why banning your twitter zoomer shit would benefit lolcow, since that's what you want and consider "growth". If all the actual farmers leave without being able to pass on what lolcow makes lolcow and the newfags who bring culture from other sites never bother to fit in, what do you think becomes of lolcow? It becomes the exact same thing farmers and imageboard users in general tried to escape from in the first place.
If staff would have listened to farmers and strictly punished this when the issue first arose, we wouldn't even have this conversation so I can't even blame you.

No. 66934

Wow you definitely sound like the kind of insufferable person we don't want here. I honestly don't understand how so many anons spend time bringing garbage from Twitter or TikTok here, but you are part of the problem. >>66933 is correct.

No. 66935

Acting this way over lingo is pure lolcow behavior

No. 66936

>how do you do fellow oldfags ? So true sis, wanting to preserve lolcow culture is so delulu fr fr no cap slay queen

t. butthurt twittard

No. 66937

And you wonder why these types of bans haven't been implemented? Lol

No. 66938

How so? Every single imageboard and other niche space has been ultimately shat up into being unrecognizable by the same thing in essence. Of course you can't know that when your internet experience consists of so much social media garbage that you absolutely have to bring it here too.

No. 66939

What exactly do anons even want banned? No one is being specific about what words or abbreviations. Just generalizing is a problem and why it's a dumb request to ban for this stuff.

No. 66941

You can play this game of "but what IS (insert unwanted behavior here) give me a checklist" and then get retarded over specifics with almost every rule. Everyone who isn't terminally on those spaces can easily notice phrases and lingo and typing quirks that get used there. Just like with any other rules, it would be up to a (hopefully experienced) farmhand's judgement.

No. 66943

What dos this mean? I'm a zoomer

No. 66944

moid thread
another moid in friend finder

No. 66945


No. 66946

I reported it an hour ago and it's still up, I'm sure many others reported it too. Why is /g/ moderation so bad?

No. 66947

So you can't come up with any because it's all bullshit. Got it.

No. 66948

That's not used anywhere that even a google search can pick up. This is just badly written fiction on slang lol

No. 66949

neccessaryspeed4 was an anon who used to post here what are you talking about?

No. 66950

How tragic kek

No. 66951

annoying bara avatarfag is back

No. 66952

Mods must be busy with family for the holidays.
Whenever mods get back from Christmas dinner I suggest that everyone who replied in this >>>/g/367449 thread should also please be banned for taking the bait. It’s so obviously bait, they should report and ignore. Newfags need to stop replying.

No. 66953

Stacy Farmhands are getting railed at the weekend while we femcel farmers rot on this board.

No. 66954

LC has had redtexted words for ages now and for a reason. At first it was because of PULL and tumblrfags, now our biggest and most cancerous newfags come from twitter and tiktok. The problem isn't whether anons use tiktok or not, but if that's their primary platform. When tiktok or twitter is your primary platform you also carry over the general zeitgeist and culture from that space into here and shit up the place. Like with PULL you had obsessive nitpickers, with twitter you have insane moralfags etc. This is why certain keywords are great as a way of filtering these types of people out, if someone says pdfile or d*e or sewerslide they can easily be clocked as an underage tiktok user.

No. 66955

I think it would be natural to update the redtexted words now. Sometimes it's annoying and disrespectful to be discussing a crime and then see victim in redtext. Like what other word would be appropriate to use? Valid has many normal uses. Stuff like that. I can't remember what other words seem outdated now.

delulu should be redtexted, I forgot which others. But maybe stick to slang with no actual serious uses. just my opinion obviously.

Regarding farmhands taking a break for Christmas, this has been parroted in meta for more than a week. idk about you people but I had courses and work until today, so it's pretty interesting that every farmhand is awol for nebulous holidays during a time when lots of people (including moid baiters) have time to shitpost.

No. 66958

Verbiage and posting style screams zoomer larping
>simultaneously using grow up and grandma as in insult
I swear you fags think coming across the technical help thread makes you qualified for the larp, but it actually makes you stand out more.

No. 66959

No. 66960

Average Tiktok zoomie reading comprehension.

No. 66961

shit like no cap, cocomelon, mlm, wlw, and sapphic should all be redtexted imo

No. 66962

>Regarding farmhands taking a break for Christmas
I said that somewhere and I wasn't being serious I was just joking. Honestly I wouldn't be mad if they were taking a break, we'd live, but I don't think it's literally the case.

No. 66963

I think all generation related infights should be banned if they're done outside of threads. There will be an anon venting in a thread and some troll assumes its a zoomer/millenial and turns the whole discussion into zoomer/millenial/other generation ruining their lovely lolcow

No. 66964

Cope harder

No. 66965

Racebait and tranny sperging about disabled kids again in the dumbass shit thread.

No. 66966

Every thread atm seems absolutely infested with moids/trannies.

No. 66967

Just because someone has an opinion you don't like doesn't make them a tranny, and there's multiple anons talking about it not just one moid/tranny/baiter. Cope harder

No. 66968

It makes them a whiteknight if you don't agree with them instead.

No. 66970

Looks like you got upset by being called out. It’s obviously the same person samefagging, replying every 30 seconds.

No. 66971

File: 1703384169685.jpg (487.83 KB, 1080x1145, 1000004987.jpg)

This twitter poster is trying to make the micky thread their personal archive with personal takes. They need to leave, they can't following saging etiquette when image dumping even. It's so clear they are a newfag and they keep repeating the same "of she not causing drama right now.. BUT IN THE PAST SHE HURT PEOPLE!!!" Fuck off with your old ass vendetta milk. Either let a cow move on so we get fresh milk, or at least don't be so damn obvious that you're samefagging constantly about her.

No. 66973

I love using cocomelon as an insult.

No. 66975

wlw and mlm is used a lot of weeb threads for comic and anime discussion. Why are you all so thin skinned? These aren't trigger words.

No. 66976

Kiwifarms is down, so scrotes come here and further prove they created the tranny problem.

No. 66977

just say gay you twittard. nobody is gonna be confused if you dont get to say mlm and other tumblrina shit. mxm and fxf are also perfectly fine to describe your yuri and yaoi shit. we don't need people saying "mlm" and "wlw" unironically feeling comfy here. only cows and retards use that shit.

No. 66980

Not even a twittard. Just find it hilarious some of you are wanting completely normal internet slang to be micromanaged. The only thing they micromanage is the censoring anons who type out stuff such as p*rn. That's completely newfag material, but most of you post twitter caps and tumble caps, yet aren't from those spaces? I've been posting since the 5th Moo thread. I'm just not getting my panties in bunch over what anons say, but apparently having a different opinion really grinds anons' gears.

No. 66981

Nobody got called out kek, if you truly thought the 5 or 6 anons all dogging on this user for being so offended we were talking about how genuinely hard it would be to raise a retarded moid is just one samefagging tranny I don't know what to tell you, integrate and learn to cope with opinions you don't like I guess

No. 66982

It's probably not a man but a mentally ill anon samefagging. We had an anon admit she has 80 iq(borderline for retardation according to medical terms) and that anon was known to samefag and vpnfag to infight. I'm sure this time it's someone similar. Just report and NEVER REPLY.

No. 66983

Nta but could you post a link/screenshot to the 80 iq post? I want to see it too

No. 66984

Nta but look at the posts OP is talking about, this was the start of it. None of it looks like bait and the replies were going at the same pace the posts were coming in before and after the argument. If it was a samefagger why would the other anons just suddenly stop replying while the samefagger is posting a bunch of one sided takes?
I've never linked another thread before so I'm hoping I did this right

No. 66985

The white/black/asian girl threads are filled with scrotes using racial slurs right now. They're ALL infested with racebait. We need to get rid of them asap

No. 66986

It’s not normal lolcow.farm slang though.

No. 66988

>wlw and mlm is used a lot of weeb threads
The artist thread filled to the brim with twitterfags, yes.

Good luck trying to get that into her head, she wants to be a perma newfag apparently. Also with the retarded italics again.

No. 66989

Was posted in one of the amber heard Johnny depp threads, she also admitted to spending most of her time rotting at home watching Johnny depp movies while defending his abuse. A lot of anons have very weird mindsets and some are genuinely mentally ill/retarded, kek.

No. 66990

Oh no anons are using site available italics

No. 66992

I bolded some words once and a random newfag accused me of “reddit emphasis” kek people just make up things to get annoyed at or pretend are bad somehow thinking it makes them look better when it really makes them look retarded to complain about italics

No. 66993

If you use them in almost every single one of your posts, you're pretty much one step away from namefagging. Which is good, so it's easier to disregard your posts.

No. 66994

We’re not the same person doofus take your meds

No. 66995

Mod won't redtext those terms or ban them except censor text. Deal with it and keep complaining that users that use site available functions are newfags lol also thers a bunch of anons who find the suggestion retarded

No. 66996

File: 1703444321832.gif (21.66 KB, 1024x1024, 1683384015860.gif)

Soyjack raid in ot

No. 66997

Is there like an email where I can try to speak directly to a mod at lolcow because it seems as though reporting does nothing now

No. 66999

It's Christmas evening/night in some timezones, they probably have better things to do.

No. 67001

Nta but surely at least one has to be here right? Why didn't they hire neets

No. 67002

File: 1703460855416.jpeg (697.7 KB, 1170x1919, ED0CC9B6-D06B-4989-8DB0-328C7F…)

I would love to work with other nonas to identify items on the interpol websites, as I know there are plenty of other sleuth/investigative anons— especially from other countries who may know more. I’m not sure which thread or board this would belong to, though. Here is one of the websites that I’m referencing, by the way: https://www.europol.europa.eu/stopchildabuse would this be something other farmers are open to?

No. 67003

It's not the use of italics, it's the fact someone will be actively arguing or sperging into the void about zoomer/twitter shit whilst using them. There's some weird correlation between retards who cop bans for shitting up threads and italics. I think they just read some of the threads on /meta/ and think it makes them blend in.

No. 67006

No. 67007

I think a few anons are trying to use the Opinions on Cows thread as a tradthot discussion area instead of just posting opinions as is about the cows. >>>/ot/1539480

No. 67008

Infighting/probably a troon >>>/snow/1947033

No. 67009

I reported a few in that thread but this is obviously a man seething about women not liking his fap material:

No. 67012

farmhand is a complete autist and over-moderating banning for blatantly joking about starbucks and taylor swift in the white girl problems thread in /g/. saying something lighthearted like "people keep asking me if i like taylor swift, WHY" is the opposite of 'bait,' it diffuses tension

No. 67015

File: 1703513139686.gif (933.73 KB, 312x234, mib.gif)


> t. hello fellow anons, i am definitely not a sekrit agent glowposting on an imageboard. no siree! don't be paranoid, there's absolutely nothing to see here.

No. 67016

those threads need to be locked for a while. they kind of go against the global rules in the first place

No. 67017


No. 67018

samefagging to say ok now I kind of understand it

No. 67020

yeah that was my post, you are 100% correct, I did it to be goofy since I could sense things were about to go poorly. I have absolutely no idea why I got banned for bait for that, but actual baiters a-la "reverse racism is real" just get to post away. Bizarre moderating, in my opinion.

No. 67021

Disappointed that the white girl problems thread was locked because of one racebaiting retard. It was only one stupid tranny trying to derail about how brown men try to rape him every time he steps outside. It shouldn’t have been locked just for that, that just means the trannies win.

No. 67022

File: 1703579149394.png (39.63 KB, 1004x160, Screenshot.png)

please, the whole thread is bait. I wish /g/ had the same message pinned as /m/ does.

No. 67023

attention whore scrote

No. 67024

Kek why isn’t he cute enough to get even one woman to like him?

No. 67025

File: 1703590981861.png (8.17 KB, 681x80, tradthottery.png)

Please ban trad thots. Also Merry Christmas to the northern hemisphere!

Wtf is up with the glowie image name? Its like a bank account number kek.

No. 67026

Why haven’t the other two threads been locked yet? They attract the same thing.

No. 67027

Wait did they only lock the white girl problems thread and not the others? Kek

No. 67028

there wasn't really anything in that thread (aside from bait) that couldn't have been posted in /ot/ tbh. the race/ethnicity threads kind of seem like a bad idea in general since they invariably descend into endless bickering. there's no way to prevent people from talking about race but it might be better to let it take place in the more populated vent thread so infighting can get moved along by posts about other topics.

No. 67029

Good morning! Could some please shut up the retards in the Pixielocks thread who won't stop debating coffee and anxiety?

No. 67033

Can we get a new Ridiculous Photoshop thread in /snow/ pls? Old one has reached the post limit.

No. 67034

Thread requests go here >>>/pt/913498

No. 67036

annoying boomer who can’t sage or integrate is back in the Lillee Jean thread

No. 67037

edgy party in the TIF thread

No. 67038

Then why the fuck is the black girl problems one allowed to exist? It's the BLM mentality all over again: "Everyone is created equal, except for black people."

Seriously, I don't get why that thread gets a free pass when shit like >>369109 is allowed to be posted. It's bad enough that the entire world has to treat women like shit, but now I get to have the privilege of watching what black women write about me? Women I've never even met before? And they just assume shit about me because of my skin color? I truly don't understand why this is allowed to continue. I thought we were all on here to be able to speak our minds as WOMEN. None of this "divide and conquer" bullshit with races and whatnot.

No. 67040

Probably because white people having problems is literally just first-world problems. If this isn't about race for you, then why not make a "Women's Problems" thread instead? Because some anons do want to focus on the fact that white people have problems too lol You're one step away from crying about "All Lives Matter", anon. Probably why you don't get a WGP thread.

No. 67041

newfag is back

Apparently, it's milky because she might turn around and complain about men. They really don't know how to integrate or how to post milk.

No. 67042

If ANY mention of race is against the rules, then both threads break the rules.

No. 67043

Email the admin then, but I honestly feel it's a different discussion just because it's labeled "Black Girl Problems". Their issues are different and not the same as racebait. It's just labeled as a niche/minority thread. Not that all discussion is about race specifically. Damn, are you underage or something to not understand these basic differences?

No. 67044

That’s not what the rule says though, it says any discussion of race point blank and that’s how it gets enforced- you will get banned for mentioning race, not just for posting something inflammatory. And the same logic applies that if the discussion isn’t really about race can’t it go in one of the millions of “woman problems” threads here.

No. 67045

the blacks always receive special treatment on this site(racebait)

No. 67046

A black person talking about how they experience systemic racism isn't the same as talking about someone's race specifically unlike how this retard acts >>67045
. Yeah, you're just throwing rocks and hoping something hits at this point.

No. 67047

I don't really understand the issue with the black girl thread. Ever since the first thread was made anons have been saying "well why can't we have a asian/latina/whatever thread" but those threads have already existed, including all of the country threads we have. The black girl thread really isn't the first of it's kind. I think anons are just trying to cause issues.

No. 67048

kek anons are starting to sound like my boomer relatives

No. 67049

>systemic racism
Kek holy shit are you lost, SJW retard? This is LC, not Reddit

No. 67051

I think it's because mods are trying to overly control anti-black posts so the polfags and moids can't racebait using them. I wish they overdid moderation towards hatred against other races of women as well, I regularly see anons shittalking asian, white o. r arab women

No. 67052

Just because black nonnas want to discuss topics they have a shared experience or personal feeling about, doesn't automatically make the thread a race-based thread and doesn't go against the rules. That's what I'm trying to explain. Nitpicking the example is a you issue.

No. 67053

Check >>>/w/315707 Mods do handle the race discussion in other threads. It won't matter is anons don't report the posts though, so when you see it, report it.

No. 67054

fujo sperg derrailing threads with her schizophrenia, as usual

No. 67055

Nikocado porn spamming on snow

No. 67056

I'm sure Ukrainian women are only experiencing "first world" problems right now. You can't see beyond American politics when this is an international site.

No. 67057

It’s literally called “black girl problems” so yes, it’s race related. Even if it were called the systemic racism thread it would be race discussion. It’s not nitpicking to quote the rule directly, and at any rate I don’t really care about the thread itself but the hypocrisy.

No. 67058

Nta but there's multiple European and the Russia Ukraine war threads in /ot/.

No. 67060

I know several ukranian/russians and most of them are racist retards who look for excuses to attack black people. Don't bring them up. I'm not black either so don't try to call me biased or whatever. Just let other women have their threads to talk about their issues, not everything is about you.

No. 67061

Nta and not involved but seconded, calling "any problems" a woman goes through "first world problems" just because she's white is so small minded and naive.

No. 67062

Yeah I bet it's just white men just trying to use this excuse to attack threads that aren't about them. A lot of countries and ethnicities have their own threads so doesn't make sense for a white woman to be mad but a racist white man who as always larps as the ethnicity he fetishizes will of course be upset over black women getting their own place

No. 67065

Adding: newfag is just posting random porn of the cow. The samefagging is off the charts too and anon won't sage non-milk image dumps too. >>>/w/316443 can mods do a better job of not allowing them to ban evade? Not to mention their attempt at infighting over meta reports in the thread.

No. 67066

They, uh, really don't know how to integrate. How many device or IP bans is this now? >>>/w/316465

No. 67067

I’m the ban evader anon is talking about. This Anon is a wk. I understand that I have a little track record on this site as I started out on here as one of mickys WKs. I was told to come here by Micky but then I learned how awful she was and started posting milk. Every single post that has been made since Micky was called out on twitter for the umfteen time has been complained about in here by this anon. I will admit there are some other Anon who derail , but I’m very tired of this WK complaining about every little thing. Like I said in the thread, this person is clearly dumb, a friend of the cow, or is the cow themselves. Up to recent times I’ve been following rules but the thread is getting messy because of this WK and the people responding to them. Mickys thread has a lot of back story and is populated by local people so the milk may not make sense for people who don’t get the context. Didn’t mean to type a bible but this is THE most annoying WK that’s come on this thread. And that coming from someone who used to WK there too

No. 67068

I’m black but I agree. If other races aren’t allowed to discuss their problems and race based discussions are against the rules anyway, then no x race problems threads should be open at all. It just creates unnecessary tension and infighting on the board and attracts moids like nothing else too.

No. 67070

>If other races aren’t allowed to discuss their problems
They are, there's a billion threads for them in /ot/ and the other x girl threads are still up. It's like no one here actually read the farmhand post.

No. 67071

Every race has been allowed to discuss their problems here, wtf are you guys talking about

No. 67072

Don't believe you tbh lol

No. 67073

What would white women discuss that are unique problems to white women? I'm having trouble seeing any. That's really the only purpose I see for these threads.

No. 67074

White women might have unique issues but the issue is that the anons asking for white women threads are racist polfag males, not white women.

No. 67075

Being heavily fetishized by nonwhite men is one I can immediately think of… plus racism directed at them from other races too

No. 67076

Nothing. Just made up reverse racism crap most likely. That's why anons keep making fun of the fact that it's all first world problems but theres an anon going *BuT UkraIniAn WomEn". That's still white women and issues in that country are more war related than what that thread would be for and anons know it. They just want to be controversial and bitch about it because they aren't being catered to when theres already tons of complain threads for them to use.

No. 67078

man, you are such a dumb nigger(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 67079

>reverse racism
Go back from whence you came retard

No. 67080

Genuinely sad how this place has gotten infested with twitterfags. Reverse racism, how embarrassing.

No. 67081

the fujo sperg is back, now complaining about real porn since complaining about fujos didnt work

No. 67082

Great moderation! I guess this site being overrun by shit stirring moids might put a dent in my internet addiction because this shit is tiresome

No. 67083

Virgins and Wizards thread is filled with low quality spam by probably moids please just delete it lock it already

No. 67084

>lock this thread because i dont like it!
just ban the retarded baiters, you guys always do the same shit. Attention whore and bait in a thread you dislike then come to the mods to ask them to lock it up.

No. 67085

half of the spam is by moidfuckers who are angry about virgin women existing. They are insane and it's the reason i made the thread, because i have seen them spawn and spread their moid fucking propaganda a lot lately.

No. 67086

femchud BTFO

No. 67087

We already have the bechdel thread, plus your wizard thread is just a bad thread. You also can’t decide what it’s about and said “i dont want it to only be a thread to talk about virginity but where virgin anons can talk together without moidfuckers jumping in” even though the whole OP is about virginity and avoiding the banana or whatever. Are you afraid to use the bechdel thread in case a lesbian mentions sex? Your thread is dumb and you used too much male imagery and lingo (wizard bullshit) so no one likes it. Sorry you got some obnoxious baiters posting horny art but it’s a shit thread.

No. 67088

Why did mods locked the wizard thread? it literally doesnt break any rule.

No. 67089

> bechdel thread
the wizard thread wasnt about not talking about moids, it was for virgin women to congregate and talk about our problems. Considering moidfuckers couldnt even last 5 minutes without reeing about a thread that wasnt about them it shows it was neccesary

No. 67090

also the wizard thing is just so it's easier to recgonize since it's a popular meme and i see it use it here a lot by fellow wizards. This site has truly been invaded by twitterfags if cant even have one single thread for virgin women. Explains why there are so many anons who talk like faggots straight from stan twitter saying''loose pussy'' and other cringy normalfag woman things

No. 67091

put your dick away, turn your computer off and go outside. I beg you.

No. 67092

There are no “fellow wizards” here because that is a scrotal concept/descriptor for males not women. In internet lingo a Wizard is a man age 30 or older who has never had sex.

No. 67093

literally every anon i have talked to here who was a virgin has described herself as a wizard, i am sorry its a concept retarded normalfags who get laid cant comprehend. Its just so the thread is easier to find anyway, some of you sound like trannies when their dads give them a pink pair of shoes instead of a blue one because ''pink is for womyn!!1!'' its a stupid meme, stop getting offended over everything

No. 67094

but dont worry next thread i am putting a bratz blingee meme because women can only like sparkly pink shit and refeer to themselves as girlies uguu. This board has truly been infested by newfags and faggot men.

No. 67095

this is the schizo troon, right? nobody else is this obsessed

No. 67096

again mods? explain why, whats moidish about making a stupid joke and using lingo that other virgin women would understand?

No. 67097

>anyone i dont like is a troon!!!
i genuinely dont understand whats moidish about using lingo fellow women who are virgins would understand, the fuck. The mods are such fucking newfags holy shit.

No. 67098

Is this a reference to something? I am so confused by the virgin wizard thing

No. 67099

No. 67100

Did you not read that its being mocked in the post?

No. 67101

as a virgin woman i don't understand this lingo. sounds like some reddit male shit

No. 67102

Its older than Reddit

No. 67103

Normal women don't say stuff like loose pussy, wtf

No. 67104

Nta, then it's worthless when only a niche of users understand it.

No. 67105

Not to defend her because it was a bad thread but any 30 year old here would probably get it lol

No. 67106

Nta but unfortunately, there's plenty of women who say that. Doesn't matter how much info is out there against, there's women who still say it.

No. 67107

Seems like the "blackpill" retards found it too. Love when they call women cockbreaths and dick suckers #feminism #girlboss

No. 67108

Good thing we don't allow men here, so probably not because why should we care about what men call themselves to feel better about being incel virgins?

No. 67109

This site is so insufferable now because of people like you. No wonder the dumbass thread is 99% infights now. It's basically impossible to joke or have fun anymore. Imageboards are also a "moid" thing so i guess go back to twitter.

No. 67110

Yep. Blame me for threads I don't even visit. Sounds about right lol. If you're going to complain about a "No men allowed" sign hanging on the hangout door, then maybe you don't need to be here. That's the point. We already have incel threads for a reason. There's no reason to dumb it down to make sure you mean virgin men in discussion. Most virgin men that old are incels.

No. 67111

You are getting this pissed off at a joke. Do you have actual autism? It's genuinely not that deep.

No. 67112

>We already have incel threads for a reason.
No we don’t. Are you lost?

No. 67113

Dead but not locked.

No. 67115

File: 1703792154568.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, based on racist pol pasta btw.…)

I genuinely dont understand why i got banned over using imageboard lingo on an imageboard. This fucking board uses ''incel/r9k/4chan'' terms all the fucking time. Just to give some examples
>pic rel
based off a /pol/ racist copypasta about black people
mostly tied to 4chan culture
also tied to 4chan culture
male version of femoid, an incel term
incel terminology
4chan terminology
used by incels
also strongly tied to 4chan culture
strongly tied to 4chan culture
4chan culture

So i want the mods to explain to me why all of the above are allowed but suddenly ''wizard'', which has also been used a lot here by women, is wrong? .Dont get me started on how everyone here uses faggot/tranny which would get you witch-hunted everywhere else but on anon imageboards.
It annoys me how current mods love to power trip. They will ban someone over something that's board culture like it's nothing just because they got pissed over it, even if the post doesnt break any rules, but then defend disgusting shit stirrer misogynistic '''women''' like >>66808 . That anon that said lc moderation is starting to resemble a discord server is so fucking right. The roidpig pasta alone has like a bajillion incel/chan terms yet mods seemed very eagerly to nominate it for best post of the year. Since my thread got banned i hope mods start banning every user that uses all of the above terms, since its also imageboard lingo and that's banned and moidshit by newfag mods.

No. 67116

you are such an insufferable sperging retard. seriously. the problem isn't that you're using general imageboard lingo but that you're using retarded incel lingo. link to one thread anywhere on the site where users are referring to themselves as "wizards" that isn't your own retarded sperging. I'll wait. the fact mods even let you try again is more of a damning sign of the moderation on this site

No. 67117

If anything, the correct word should be witch, not wizard.

No. 67118

They just asked you to switch to something less scrotey, in the ot thread anons suggested other words and even other pictures, they linked an entire thread filled with witch pictures. You can make the thread, you should since they said there are genuine posters, but just make take other anons suggestions as well.

No. 67119

You are spiraling. We don't call ourselves wizards for the same reason we don't call ourselves incels. Dumbass.

No. 67120

we use ''incel'' lingo all the time. Mods better ban everyone using stacy/becky/chad then. Wizard isnt even incel lingo, it existed way before all the incel shit and they just appropiated it.
its just a meme its honestly not that deep
again whats scrotey about imagebooard lingo? we use it all the time
it's just a joke, anons call themselves stacies all the time here.

No. 67121

Samefagging to emphasize that anons cant tell me the difference between wizard and all of the terms and memes i quoted. Either all chan lingo/incel terminology is okay or none is. Choose.

No. 67122

>it's just a joke, anons call themselves stacies all the time here.
stacy is a female name. wizard is a male term. it's not that deep. this is a site for women, we are not wizards.

No. 67123

nta but I have seen other anons refer to themselves as wizards on here, I thought the issue was just that the thread needed to go in /g/

No. 67124

File: 1703794368402.jpg (247.35 KB, 1000x799, complete copy.jpg)

who cares? for a radfem anti troon site you guys sometimes seem to apply the same logic to things by making everything gendered. I can be a female wizard for all i care because its a made up fantasy term and i think it sounds cool as shit.

No. 67125

Feels like you are more interested in arguing over this than actually making the thread. They clearly unbanned you because you are posting, so what else do you want?

No. 67126

There is no point in making a thread about wizardom if i cant use a simple meme word to describe myself. Some of you need to chill if you are offended over a word so fucking bad, like damn i wish i had your lack of problems.

No. 67127

also loling about how none of you can give me a good answer as to why stacy/chad/becky(literal incel lingo) is okay but i cant use wizard

No. 67128

why can't it just be virgin thread? why the wizards? I have never related the two. Or seen someone else do it. When I think of wizards I think of nerdy scrotes

No. 67129

because its an imageboard adjacent meme and nonnies were calling themselves wizards since before you fags learned of this site existence

No. 67130

Take your excuse that anything should be allowed just because this space is an imageboard and shove it. Clearly you're a moid.

No. 67131

explain to me why using stacy/chad/becky and other 4chan lingo is okay but wizard isnt, i still havent heard an answer

No. 67132

Wizard is used to refer to men, which would imply posters here are men. I think that's all there is to it. We use many 4chan terms because /cgl/ is the origin of this place, but many terms used to refer to ourselves have obviously been adapted to the female userbase.
As such we won't use femoid to refer to women despite it being a 4chan/incel term but we will use moid to refer to men. If you came in here and started calling women femoids you'd probably also get a ban because it makes you sound like a man, I think the mods applied the same logic to your usage of wizard. Had you turned it into a female form of the word I don't think you would have gotten banned but idk I don't make the rules around here so maybe I'm wrong.

No. 67133

and? we call eachother faggots all the time, make a cohesive argument

No. 67134

The truth is regular posters also contribute to policing the language on lc and in upholding and maintaining board culture, by doing reports and voicing their disdain in threads. Whenever a new term appears that hasn't been used much before people will talk about it, wizard clearly wasn't liked by many. I assume you got reported enough times by people that didn't like the term that you used and farmhands took it into consideration.
I think that wizard doesn't translate into our board culture well because it's simply a male term, while -fag became more of a suffix to be attached to other words while losing its original meaning. When I say newfag I don't mean new gay person (derogatory) but when I hear wizard I hear "30+ year old male virign". Anyway lc isn't a mirror image of 4chan despite it originating there, we use a lot of similar words but we also have our own culture so some terms won't make it over. Simple as.

No. 67135

>you cant use wizard because its moid incel r9k speach!!1!
not only does wizard predate incels but we actively use more common incelspeak like stacy/chad/becky/manlet/cuck,etc on the daily
>you cant use wizard because its gendered!1!!
we call eachothers faggots all the time, even when talking about ourselves(ex: husbandofag, drawfag, danofag,etc), yet we arent gay moids

so no one can give me a valid reason as to why i cant use 'wizard' then? lame, i though mods were above vendetta posting, that's so childish and pathetic

No. 67136

wizard has been used here since forever and no one cared before, but now we are invaded by newfags that have never set foot outside of social media and want to police imageboard lingo that was created before they were even born

No. 67138

You are such a liar you can literally use the search function and find thousands of anons refeering to themselves as wizards since forever.

No. 67140

i am not going to sage on a meta post, you sound like the ''oldfags'' who call people out for not saging on /ot/. Wizard predates inceldom you retard it started japanese meme from the early 00s, so much for being an ''oldfag''.
>because it's embarrassing to cling to a term just because it's "old". it's also redundant because the terms incel/femcel already exist and aren't as gay.
I cant believe you are calling yourself an ''oldfag'' but are pro using ''femcel'', a tiktok term, what a fucking larping faggot holy shit how embarassing.

No. 67141

oh and ofcourse you are the kind to delete out of embarrassment, very oldfag like indeed

No. 67142

I believe the correct term is sorceress

No. 67143

its just a meme anon you are a bit retarded arent you, i guess from now on we gotta call eachother dykes instead of fags since its the correct term

No. 67144

sorry to be late in commenting on this but this post is the most ridiculous claim that "mods handle racism" - they didn't address any of the racist posts in that thread, posts numerous anons reported, until a couple anons, including me, brought the issue here. Numerous times. They refused to moderate that thread until someone was in here calling out the hypocrisy. then finally someone got off their fucking ass to moderate that thread instead of redtexting every post in some other benign thread.

No. 67145

There's no "correct term" for a meme, but as a teacher of etymology, it's so annoying to read this whole conversation. The conventional gendering of nouns includes
witch / warlock
sorceress / sorcerer
These don't need to be considered prescriptive anyway. A woman can be a sorcerer, excessive use of gendered endings is something we should stop and not propagate, as they used to be considered pejorative and diminutive (authoress, poetess, etc.).

Wizard has to my knowledge no "feminine" counterpart. It's not any more inherently "masculine" than "coward" or "drunkard."

No. 67147

if you don't habitually sage like an autist no matter where you are then you are not a real 1. also you know you can reply to multiple comments in one post right?
you are technically correct. i deleted (before you had even replied) because i was embarrassed. this is a pathetic and depressing topic to have an opinion about. why are you still so mad kekek

No. 67148

I did, and it's just plain old racism regardless of who it's directed at don't be obtuse. Identity politics are the height of newfaggotry back to twitter with you lot.

No. 67149

the moid who's offended by brown eyes existing is back at it in the shayna thread

No. 67150

Yes sometimes women do say those stuff but anon said "normalfag" women often use those words when that's simply not true.

No. 67151

No1currs, scrote. Keep complaining because no one agrees with you at all but your samefag posts.

No. 67152

There's plenty of normalfag women who go on and on about loose pussy and not having one. Like I said before, despite there being plenty of info stating it's not a thing, people will state it regardless.

No. 67153

ummm anon you used fag and thats very scrotish go back to 4chan maybe? this is a girl's site use samedyke, the correct term

No. 67154

normalfag women are brainwashed and will put women down for a crumb of dick. We have had an increase of woman-hating posts calling women ugly for having 2/10 elbows too pointy type posts coming from twitter vermins

No. 67155

Someone's posting weird gore porn(?) in Unpopular Opinions.

No. 67156

falseflagger troon posting gore on unpopular opinion thread. Seems like they seem to switch to larping as ''anons'' since their usual nikocado spam doesnt work.

No. 67157

I don't understand how it isn't obvious to anyone with eyes that the low quality posts filling the place in a short amount of time is a deeply unhinged male committed to ruining the site. like we know how male sexual obsession factors into this stuff, most of us have been on 4chan. a schizophrenic psychopath arguing with himself while pretending to be female is pretty on par for the course when it comes to being a woman online, terminally online males literally go insane upon being faced with a space where there's known women that aren't bowing the knee

No. 67158

>pic rel
>based off a /pol/ racist copypasta about black people

picrel existed long, long, long before /pol/ was ever made, your oldfag larp is terrible

No. 67159

this pretty much

No. 67160

>picrel existed long, long, long before /pol/ was ever made
can you post proof?

No. 67161

Don't bother, she clearly didn't know imageboards before the big shift.

No. 67162

Can we please ban or lock newfag threads? They can't even integrate and follow the trend of posting nun related thread pics for the confessions thread. They're so eager to make new threads, they don't care.

No. 67163

that meme is based on the pol racist meme, anon. Its like the bash x into concrete pasta.

No. 67164

She's not talking about the term picrel, but the actual picture she posted to go with the post. I know you made this mistake because at first I did too when I read her post kek

No. 67165

Cerbmin can we please get a Hell week ASAP? It's my one wish for the new year.

No. 67166

whats the point of hell week anymore, mods let obvious larping troons and gay scrotes run free
spreading their AIDs and make excuses for them nowadays

No. 67167


No. 67168

File: 1703881185572.png (236.29 KB, 500x500, uh ok.png)

So, I've been keeping tabs on this guy before, and I want to spread his glory for everyone here in this thread. But I don't really know where to go, could someone point me in the right direction? Thank you.

No. 67169

the question is, why do they let that happen

No. 67171

They are newfags power tripping. I have been here for a long time and it was never this bad, even shaymin was better. Its no wonder attention whore mods added ''best redtext'' to the lolcow awards, they dont care about board culture of anonimity.

No. 67172

It's bad now because it's been Christmas and I'm guessing that the farmhands have been spending time with friends and family.

I do agree with >>67165 that a New Year's hell week is needed to get the newfags shitting up the site to either integrate or fuck off.

No. 67173

Maybe they’re just responding to reports instead of actually looking at the board and threads? Bunch of newfags not reporting, taking bait and feeding trolls while it all just blows up with infighting etc. Just a theory. I’ve never seen the backend though I don’t know how they work through the reports or if they actually look at the boards ever. I don’t really expect them to read every post but sometimes it’s like a whole moid thread on page 1 of a board for hours.

No. 67174

I reported obvious rule breaking posts so much before but they didn't care so I gave up.

No. 67175

>I'm guessing that the farmhands have been spending time with friends and family
Kek @ thinking anyone who willingly moderates an imageboard (for free!) has family or friends to celebrate the holidays

No. 67176

please delete this >>>/g/369836 female genital mutilation bait and racebait

No. 67177

Lolcow isn't 4chan or /pol/. We have always had a variety of political opinions (to an extent, radfeminism has taken over in recent years). We're not a hivemind. Anons are allowed to believe in systematic racism, it doesn't make them newfags.

No. 67178

File: 1703896519400.jpg (33.29 KB, 552x452, ae852f222fcf2997706cb0c25938c3…)

Idk if admin can answer this but i'm curious about how long the bans for people who bait and infight are? i know there's vpn usage but sometimes it feels like the same retard can't stop shitting up threads that are otherwise ok

No. 67179

File: 1703905447970.jpg (38.64 KB, 563x505, 1651781148461.jpg)

Farmhand(s) really have been on it the past few days, thank you.

No. 67180

That blackpiller is a literal incel male that's been ban evading for years at this point. He admitted and called other anons retarded femoids, spammed 2X with weird porn and such but admin still believes its a woman. Probably because he probably posted some shitty bait in relationship thread or something along with his usual misogynistic oral sex fanfictions he posts on other boards.

No woman spends hours writing fanfictions about blowjobs if she thinks blowjobs aren't her thing, it's obviously a guy that gets off on writing about how it's humiliating for women to get fucked and any woman not staying a virgin for incels like him is a retarded "cockwhore"

No. 67181

You can still vote for it if you like. The announcement remains.

Vote now for the winners of the 2023 Lolcow Awards!

No. 67182

its beyond cringe to be a mod cocksucker

No. 67183


Very fucking telling when a black woman agrees that the race-based threads should be closed, and 3 people disagree with her.

No. 67186

>anon board
And you know that user isn't the troon metafag how? Even if the user was black, their argument is shitty which is why all those anons called them out. Did you even follow the replies from the ones you tagged?

No. 67187

Stfu. Just because one woman of color says something doesn't mean we all agree, we might have different opinions and anons are free to hide threads they dislike. The same anon that's been brining up russians whenever people call him racist is probably now larping as a black woman, he larps as every race of woman he gets rejected by.

No. 67189

I've seen some bait or gross threads and posts being redtexted but not deleted? Shouldn't these types of posts that go against the rules be deleted?

No. 67191

The weekends are slow moderation. Wait until Monday and you might see a bunch of redtexts and deleted posts. It's also a Holiday weekend and the first is one Monday. This is how it's been for years.

No. 67192

jannies that don't have the ability to do more. i don't see why a janny can't lock a thread, it can be unlocked if it was an error.

No. 67193

the unsaged boomer in the lillee jean thread has come to moan again

No. 67194

No. 67195

Post proof that you're a black woman or stfu. Most likely a white troon larping

No. 67196

Just had a nostalgic moment for when bans used to mean something, years ago. I felt so bad the first time I got one.

No. 67197

Two things. It's usually jannies (lowest level of power) dealing with it. Other thing is the retarded do not delete anything policy that several admins have misunderstood. Threads and sometimes posts that deserve it used to either get deleted or moved to manure. /pt/ has so much shit accumulated during the last few years and there's no reason for it.

No. 67198

You have no idea if the anons who responded to you are black. You are not the only black woman on this site. Regardless, whether or not you're black doesn't actually matter because this is an anonymous site (something you clearly don't understand, so you should probably leave). Your opinion isn't going to hold more weight just because you attached "black person here" like that means anything on this site.

No. 67217

Black, asian, latina girl problems gets to exist but white girl problems can't? That's so pathetic. Some of us don't/didn't live in 100% white places and yea do have OUR OWN problems lmao. The saddest part is I bet a white jannie closed it. White women please realize you're fucking white, every other race knows it, and start having some solidarity already

No. 67219

Shut up already. You're the only one complaining and it's very obvious. None of us care.

No. 67221

You're the same racist slav retard that's been racebaiting for a week about the same topic, give it a rest. I'm white and slavs aren't even considered white or European by most Europeans so that makes your obsession with having a whites only thread even more pointless when you probably are more mixed than an average American, lmao.
Also I'm sure you're the same slav retard that said it's normal for your bf to get hard when you cry and then went on to bait about it for one whole week when anons disagreed with you back then. Get help, you're obviously very very mentally ill.

No. 67222

>You can complain about stuff white girl go through in any thread
Yeah and the nasty pocs get their own thread because they're stinky and should quarantine themselves away? While the default whites don't? Since lc bans racebait all race threads should be removed imo. I hate this twitter american mentality lc mods are starting to enforce.

No. 67223

Nta but was the baiter Russian? I think I've seen that anon too.

No. 67225

I think it's a white man larping as slav women but it might be an actual mentally ill woman too. Not sure. The way "she" obsessed about how its normal for a man to get hard when his gf is grieving makes me think it's probably a mentally ill man larping.

No. 67226

These race threads are the new K-pop threads. At this point no need to cry about twitterfags, if you open the door for them.

No. 67227

Can you ban the ban evaders in 2X? O know the board is a containment for that retard at this point but I doubt thats the only place he baits in.

No. 67236

>Mods better ban everyone using stacy/becky/chad then
NTAYRT but unironically yes. I wish, one can dream. The idea of a virgin thread is great and I hope it will stoke some decent discussion I'm also surprised its never been made before, but I hate the attachment of moid terms like "wizard". Even "virgin" is a retarded "untarnished by a moid" term. "Sorceress" is a decent alternative. However the original meaning of virgin meant a woman not owned by or ever married to a man. I see it as the antithesis of a handmaiden. The original meaning is incredibly based so it would be great if virgin could be reclaimed, but lets be honest its not going to when its current day meaning is based around being humiliated and dehumanized and coping about a made up concept of something nonexistent being "taken" from you by a rape ape.

>Why doesn't a made up race baiting term for a demographic that's over represented to the point of being considered the default woman and the least discriminated of all women have a thread for problems?
Kek. Whiteness is not a central tenet that unifies people nor a point of commonality outside of maybe needing sunscreen lel and that's a discussion more suitable for the skin care thread. What weak /pol/ tier race sperging. If you're looking for your community check out your countries general. Cultural identity is shared between the anglosphere and lowland western Europe not "whites", hence Aussie general, Netherlands general, German general, U.S general etc. There's a place for people of those cultures broadly and you'd likely fit the bill there muh white race solidarity chan.

No. 67240

They should all be locked. Let in twitter fags and in a couple years the cow boards will all be locked because they're too mean to the mentally ill or something

>white people don't real
People sure know who white people are when they want to blame them for things or tell them to shut up but ok. Everything you listed is multiracial at this point. America gen is not the place to complain about getting harrassed by black men for being a becky.

Actually by your own dumb dumb logic the other race threads shouldn't exist because people should just stick to their own cultures. What do third gen korean-americans have in common with singaporeans? Nigerian immigrants with AA? Argentinians with mexican-americans? That they're the same race? Well native germans are the same race as 8th gen white americans lmao

No. 67243

File: 1704043514111.jpeg (216.84 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_9181.jpeg)

hello mods! while you ban the annoying racesperg making weird "x girl problems" threads can you put me and other anon in first linked reply to pasture? have a happy new year xoxo


No. 67245

You're trying too hard, scrote. Literally no one has been agreeing with you. Saging doesn't hide your posts.

No. 67246

>um ackshually you cant use this term because i say so, also you cant use virgin either because i say so
i am genuinely so fucking tired of everything having to be politically correct and feminist around here. It's so tiresome. Men are allowed to steal terms from women(like how troons stole witch) but we cant do the same. This site is just the other side of the same coin now. While twitter TIFs discovered they are ''men'' because they like bugs and played a grand total of 5 hours of COD, lolcow reees about a shitty fantasy term for not being ''feminine'' and how women cant use the word 'wizard' because thats for men. Literally the same retarded useless obssesion with gender stereotypes that leads nowhere. This is 4chan now, crying about le snowflakes liberals, while being snowflakes themselves.

No. 67249

Fuck off. Lolcow is not and was not made as a radfem or moid imageboard.

No. 67251

>not a radfem board
you were crying over the use of a word. You are literally no different from twitterspergs. I miss pre covid lolcow when this site was for terminally online WOMEN and not twitter stan gay moids.

No. 67252

The biggest problem white women have is men like you. Kek

No. 67254

I'm not that anon, so thanks for proving my point that no one agrees with you.

No. 67255

you arent scaring anyone with your mean girls ''u cant sit with us!!1'' attitude, it's cringy

No. 67256

youre both retarded

No. 67257

>calls someone retarded

No. 67258

how were you not embarrassed hitting send on this post

No. 67259

you are so retarded you cant even see your mistake, amazing

No. 67260

I want to open an education center for farmers like this

No. 67262

File: 1704074553279.jpeg (26.71 KB, 554x554, images (1).jpeg)

No. 67263

you have to be actually retarded to write youre instead of you're, it takes less than a second.

No. 67264

Didn't you say cant here though?

No. 67265

you are so retarded you can’t even see your mistake, amazing

No. 67269

>Everything you listed is multiracial at this point.
Is that a problem with you race bait chan?

>America gen is not the place to complain about getting harrassed by black men for being a becky.

>for being a becky
Keep your scrote pokemon ranking terminology out of here and go back. If you mean women being harassed by black men take that to /2X/ pink pill or the nation based thread or unironically maybe the American thread if it's regionally based kek. Some anons might share the same experience.

>Actually by your own dumb dumb logic the other race threads shouldn't exist because people should just stick to their own cultures.

They're not "race threads" you retard they're nation based threads in those nations fluent languages aka culture; something you claimed to care about in your previous post.

>What do third gen korean-americans have in common with singaporeans?

Nothing because those are seperate countries with seperate ethnic groups of people and seperate cultures, are all Asians the same to you? racebaiting strawman. You're the one arguing for a amalgamated pointless "white thread", not me.

>Nigerian immigrants with AA? Argentinians with mexican-americans? That they're the same race?

No. Theres a Brazil general though I think but I don't see your race sperging point.

>Well native germans are the same race as 8th gen white americans lmao

No. White Americans are European Americans with a distinct culture that is American but if you're 8th generation you're pretty far removed from that extant culture generally and culturally and have a more broadly regionally based American culture that has been shaped by settler influences aka you're German-American, Italian American etc. Germans are anyone in Germany who has been raised in, lives in and has been shaped by a distinct culture that is Germanic. If you don't believe me you're welcome to post in the German general but I hope you can read and write in German. Dutch people and lowlands people of like Luxembourg have more in common with Germans, yanks don't. Especially 8th generation lel. But oh no evil multiculturalism leading to delicious food exports like hamburgers and chicken parmesan, and good music like jazz and funk. Your race sperging is dated and boring moid retardation circa 2016.

No. 67274

what the hell is wrong with it?

No. 67276

Do you not know about these threads?
You have no argument and can't even follow a conversation logically, damn it must be hard to be so stupid

No. 67279

Can we have a thread thats specifically for arguing, so other threads dont get shit up with infighting?
I know the point is to not infight but maybe it would be easier for mods to monitor if every time an argument starts the nonas gets directed to >>arguments

No. 67281

can you ban this obvious baiting retard? >>>/ot/1836276
it's so obvious it hurts

No. 67282

There’s an Infight thread that’s been dead for 2 years and there’s >>>/ot/1008929

No. 67283

This would work if the "infighting" was actual anons and not 99% dedicated schizos who literally camp here all day to samefag, argue with themselves and post bait

No. 67284

File: 1704149075446.jpeg (309.46 KB, 1061x560, IMG_7210.jpeg)

Can we discuss the state of Unpopular Opinions? It has turned into The Baiting Thread. Maybe just a ban on replying in the thread if you really want to preserve the right of the theoretical women with bad takes who definitely aren’t baiting moids being mouthbreathingly retarded. Picrel exhibit A. if this isn’t bannable as bait what is? If it isn’t bait I don’t want to be on the same website as anyone with such a braindead idea in the head, they must be underage if this is a real woman/girl’s actual opinion. How much education are we expected to give someone this stupid if it’s a real nona and not a baiting moid? She can’t sit with us.

No. 67285

"everyone I don't agree with is baiting!" in the literal unpopular opinions thread, kek

No. 67286

They’re literally in the thread talking about pretty hookers they know who make soooo much money, and only a troglodyte male or underage child thinks being a hooker under a pimp is something you can “retire” from if you’re just smart with your money and not a frivolous spender. Get real.

No. 67287

Site's overrun by psychopathic moids and mods are nowhere to be seen.

No. 67288

I just came here to post the same thing after reporting. Obvious male is obvious and hope the farmhands step in soon.

No. 67289

Apparently infighting moid incident no. 356 isn't anything to clean up but emoji usage is important enough to redtext. Jannies are probably compromised honestly

No. 67290

I really hope not, but there have been some weird as fuck redtexts lately so you're probably right.

No. 67292

Moid posting his cbt fetish pic unspoilered in the confessions thread.
Sorry for repost, I got the thread wrong.

No. 67295

you realize the thread you're in arguing this? Do you really think all women are a monolith and think exactly the way you do? If anything you sound like the child here, assuming that all women think the same way and have the exact same opinions on everything. lolcow isn't your hugbox, grow up.

No. 67296

You’re right, I was just thinking about this. There are unhinged cows who think that way and they’re rightfully mocked for being retarded. They also can’t sit with us.

No. 67301

AYRT. Unironically make a anglosphere general. Whiteness is an invented concept that has been awarded to and taken from people historically. You are not discriminated therefore you don't have "white girl problems" outside of the universal threat of males to all women and the odd twittertard blaming white women for everything, since men don't care. Other than being called Karen you have no argument, shill. Your argument is racebaiting and seeing other disenfranchised women having representation somehow as competition. Nice goal shifting from culture to race too btw. You don't actually care about culture and never have, regardless of the people. You don't care about white "culture" kek. And you especially don't care about women. You see latina and black women having representation as a petty challenge for you and competition so you are resentful. This is incredibly blackpilling and peak female socialization.

No. 67303

Both of you should shut the fuck up and go back to /int/ or /pol/ or whichever moidchan board you came from.

No. 67304

"White people don't real" is retarded and not an argument. And it was you who shifted from race to culture, you don't even understand that I was mocking your assertion that cultural discussion is a sufficient substitute for racial discussion, that you were basically arguing that if white people should only use culture discussion then the other race threads shouldn't exist either and they should also only use culture discussion

No. 67305

Reminder that the anon asking for a white girls thread is a known man who's been larping as slavic women. On one larp, he said "as a russian woman" "she" thought it's fine for men to be turned on by their gfs crying about important losses only for mods to expose that on the same ip he said fathers should have the right to be their daughters first partner.

No. 67307

I'm not a man or that anon, what is wrong with you? Why is accusing people of being a man the go to cope on lolcow?

No. 67308

File: 1704183756721.jpg (292.65 KB, 913x923, Screenshot_20240102_112004.jpg)

Samefag, adding pictures of "her" posting her ban post(when "she" got banned for saying a man can jerk off to his gf crying about her fathers death) which mentions how "she" had previously said fathers raping their female children is a-okay.
This isn't a white woman wanting a thread to discuss her issues, it's severely mentally ill nazi incel.

No. 67309

It's not an empty accusation if I have proof. Yeah random moid accusations annoy me too but the way there are two totally random "slav women " that both bait autistically for weeks using the same style isn't likely. They both act like men also, the racebaiter has been attacking black women and posting in their threads about how men don't find them attractive while the other one literally defends men abusing women.

No. 67310

is it blaine/bill ciper guy?

No. 67311

What's with the redtext decisions lately? It took over an hour for unspoilered naked moid testicles on the first page of /ot/ to get deleted but the mods have enough time to put "low effort post" in Get It Off Your Chest or put a user out to pasture in MtF General for saying she can use caffeine while on her period? No, I didn't make either of those posts, it's just really weird that innocuous-seeming stuff is getting redtexted with no explanation but obvious scroteposting gets left up for hours.

No. 67312

I was wondering the same, came here to see if anyone else found it weird.

No. 67314

When I looked over the farmhand application you apply to mod certain boards (dumb for a small imageboard), which implies that snow farmhands don't have the perms to mod /ot/. As for their individual moderating decisions, they are just retarded.

No. 67315

I wish the moderation was more proactive, it feels like they only respond to reports (a feature that trolls have exploited before.) I didn’t report the ball torture because the whole conversation was a shitshow lost cause, maybe others felt the same.

No. 67316

Users who don't report shouldn't come to /meta/ to complain about no action being taken. I guarantee nobody would like it if Mods were monitoring all threads at all times and jumping in as soon as there's a perceived infraction.

No. 67317

I'm not repeating this again. There is no unified basis for white people and for a white girl problem thread. White women aren't systemically discriminated for their skin color were not colonised or enslaved by women of other races. It should be self evident why this is retarded. Black and latina women only have their own pockets of space to begin with because they were discriminated against, you nonce. Who exactly are you escaping discrimination from being a white woman? What problems would white women even have unique to complian about that all women haven't suffered? Outside of men of all races; none.

No. 67318

>What problems would white women even have unique to complian about that all women haven't suffered
How about being told that we're not even real just because you want to silence us so badly? You know damn well who is "white", everyone knows who is white when they want someone to blame, criticize, mock, everyone knew bike karen and bird karen were white lmao you really are just so threatened by white women knowing they're white and wanting to talk to each other

No. 67319

Please go back to twitter with your oppression olympics nonsense

No. 67320

Yeah but he also likes to larp as Afghan, East Asian and black women. Not that unusual behavior for a creepy bi white scrote, many trannies and gay guys like to larp as woc.

No. 67321

NTA but what a weak response. She's right kek.

No. 67322

Misogyny from leftist men
Sexual abuse and misogyny specifically on the basis of being a “white whore” and being pressured not to report it by the government (see rotherham, cronulla riots etc)
Getting your life ruined over slander (bike girl)
The assumption that you or your family benefitted from slavery (this one is mostly American)
You can say these “aren’t actual problems” and I guess that’s subjective but even if it was a “whining about first world problems” thread that’s not a reason for it not to exist. As others have said it’s more about the hypocrisy, either ANY mention of race is against the rules or update the rules that it’s okay for some.

No. 67323

>systemic discrimination
Not a thing. Take your SJW retardation back to Reddit already.

No. 67324

Didn't post in the white woman problems thread because it was locked after I found it, but tbh I'd like to be able to talk to other anons about the effects of (usually white) groomer weeb moids' pedophilic Asian fetishes and the effects that had on women. I can't think of a single white lady in my local anime/cosplay circles who didn't get some kind of insecurity from those moids.

No. 67325

Technically this could go in /2X/ but it’s completely dead. Any news on that btw admin or are you content to let it rot because “y’all can’t behave”

No. 67326

mods are getting to obvious lately

No. 67327

Ntyrt but it's unsurprising that you can't see the irony of your statement. You didn't care about having the thread until you saw others getting their place to vent about their racial-specific issues which for some reason makes you feel left out of the so-called oppression olympics. It's just asking to be infiltrated by poltard moids.

No. 67328

No, people didn’t care about the other race based threads existing, they only got angry when one thread was locked while the others weren’t.

No. 67329

/w/ mod continues to cherrypick and protect certain cows vs others >>>/w/316934

So nonmilk discussion is just fine in Stef's thread and telling people to hide the thread if they don't like it. But god forbid you have nonmilk discussions in Yumi or Taylor's thread as you'll get banned immediately. Hypocritical bs

No. 67331

File: 1704230172295.png (16.55 KB, 1324x239, posts.PNG)

I wasn't even gonna complain about it, but since mods said to take it here…

The irony of banning someone for blogposting in /ot/ but then calling me a newfag. /ot/ is literally blogpost central and blogposting isn't against the rules there. That's kinda the whole point of boards like /ot/ and /g/. INB4 "but it was in the celebricows thread!", it doesn't matter. If that thread goes by /snow/ rules, then just move it back to /snow/ instead of expecting anons to know which rules apply there and which don't. Jannies have never told us it's against the rules in that thread before, so I just didn't understand why it's suddenly happening. They just keep giving out nonsensical bans, meanwhile the unpopular opinions thread is allowed to be a trashfire.

No. 67332

but where is obvious??? and why are they only getting there lately???

No. 67335

If anon has to find issues in non-milk posting, then why even post at all? This newfag won't take the hint, every post of theirs is derailing and complaining about imaginary whiteknights, and Micky's post has nothing to do with anons personal opinion. >>>/w/316901 we already know shes a bad person. At least post when she is and not add in that context every non-milk post from the cow. Its so repetative and its shitting up the thread.

No. 67336

Wrong. A handful of spergs complained about the black girl thread, and asked "what if there was an asian or white girl thread?!" as bait, thinking the black anons would get mad. They said they didn't care, and then the baiter made the white girl thread after shitting up both the black and Asian girl threads for days. Now he's here pretending it was in good faith and he isn't a pathetic Russian rape ape, as if mods can't see post history.

No. 67337

File: 1704238656755.jpeg (129.56 KB, 701x1141, IMG_9926.jpeg)

posting shit that's not relevant to the thread has always been frowned upon even in /ot/.
your nigel story has nothing to do with celebricows. you have a zillion other threads to talk about yourself.

No. 67338

It’s global rule 4.
>All users are expected to contribute in a constructive way and are discouraged from posting low quality comments
There are a million banned “I showed this to my boyfriend” posts on all boards. No one cares about your boyfriend.

No. 67339

In that case, like 80% of the posts in /ot/ should be
>There are a million banned “I showed this to my boyfriend” posts on all boards.
This is not true for /ot/.

No. 67340

Samefag but it wasn't a rule 4 or low quality post (which again, is applicable to most of /ot/) ban, it was a blogposting ban.

No. 67341

Can the ironmouse thread in /w be locked or something it's only ever trolls now

No. 67343

Doesn't change the fact that the white girl thread got locked but the others are allowed to exist. One moid isn't a reason to ban an entire thread. I know this is shocking but there are real. white. girls. posting. here. Is russian anon man in the room with us right now?

No. 67344

It got locked because it was /pol/tard bait in itself, not "one moid", cry harder your gay op failed scrote.

No. 67345

Thank you, admin!

No. 67348

See >>67331 exposing the one pedophilic rapist neonazi slav moid that's been wanting a "white girls" thread although for the most of the history slavs haven't been considered neither white nor actually European. The slav neonazi tard is retarded because even Hitler himself hated slavs and prefered asians which are one of the groups slav racists choose to mock.
All in all we could have a European thread(which we coincidentally DO have!) but neonazi retards don't feel welcome there because the neonazis only want to be able to racebait, not actually talk about their problems

No. 67350

Why would you be insecure over a pedophiles preferences? And the men in those scenes usually look ugly as fuck and I don't know any cosplayer girls who actually cared for those ugly mens opinions.
Idk their real identity.
This but he's still pretending he wasn't super obvious and defending himself on different vpns. He obviously was the one attacking other threads and he definitely is the one that got banned for pedophilic baits in the past. Imagine being a neonazi and thinking you have superior knowledge in genetics only to have dreams to rape your daughter. He's genuinely retarded.

No. 67354

Thank you for gracing us with the n-word pass. Whatever hitler says must be true as well, you are so right.
I don't even understand why you'd bring up the past views on slavs and how they were discriminated while somehow making it sound like a gotcha against slavs kek. Christ this is so cringe, please go back to twitter.

No. 67355

I didn't say I was, I said it happened to the white ladies in my local weeb circles since all the moids in nerdy friend groups had gross fetishes and that messed up the women in those groups when they were teens. But /meta/ isn't really the place to have that discussion which is why I said I wanted to post about it in white girl problems because that was definitely a white girl problem in my local scene. Anon asked what problems white women could have and that's one that mucked up half my nerd friends back when we were school aged.

No. 67356

Farmhands don't even check post history anymore. I got permabanned on all boards for samefagging (assuming, the ban reason was not filled out) in the lolita thread on /w/ even though I wasn't. You can check my post history of me making several different posts criticizing the girl who is the assumed samefagger in the lolita thread, but nope. Can you guys actually not see post history? Were those sparkly posts about Erin Painter a few years ago just a huge fucking lie? Or is one of you just personally invested in lolita drama, so anything remotely positive must be from her?

No. 67357

The issue is that although your discussion is one that's worth talking about, people will definitely racebait about it, especially white weeb men who come here often

No. 67358

I think they're trolling at this point and enjoy watching the chaos unfold. you thought lolcow meant following lolcows on this site? it turns out we were the lolcows all along. this is our stage

No. 67359

I'm just genuinely baffled. They can see my post history (I assume) of me on other threads/boards. I have no idea why they'd think all those posts in the lolita general were also me. That's also probably why tame shitposting gets redtexted immediately in certain threads, but blatant moid/tranny transplants in other threads can bait for ages until they get banned. Farmhands are biased and have their own personal cows, anybody outside of their own interests don't matter. Thanks to the farmhand for practically confirming you're a lolita though, I guess.

No. 67360

Nta but people will racebait about anything. So why do we still have threads for other races.

No. 67361

That's also happened to Asian, latina and black weeb girls. Most heavily on Asian girls, tbh. I'm not sure how that's a white-specific issue or related in any way to your peers being white, anime-obsessed moids are notorious groomers.

No. 67362

Your ban was incorrect and has been lifted. You were caught in the crossfire of the actual samefagger making a post every 20 minutes trying to change the subject, including in ways that were worded very similarly to what you posted. Your ban was made too hastily and was a mistake. We've spoken to the farmhand who made it about their mistake and we've reviewed the other bans made in the same period, fortunately yours was the only one that was misattributed.

And to be clear, any official post history reveals are made after thorough analysis by admins and not by farmhands.

No. 67363

Dang. Thanks for unbanning and confirmation.

No. 67364

Jill's thread is full of DARE-chans that don't understand how weed actually works and though it's been funny to see Jill react to these comments it makes the thread less credible. Trying to steer comments into believable territory isn't really helping because it's followed soon after by more hysteria fantasyposting. If Jill is smoking every day she is not "greening out" after a bowl, etc. I don't really know what to suggest be done by this as I don't think anyone should get bans and I don't really think a farmhand message in the thread is going to solve it either because I think the posters really believe what they're posting. I guess I just want to vent about it kek

No. 67365

File: 1704287567123.png (44.7 KB, 734x697, ShareX_JQFdTbyotX.png)

Someone accuses me of being a troon because I disagreed with them and not even 5 minutes later a 3 days old post gets me banned. Really makes you think.
Also how in the world is this racebait.

No. 67366

The mods here use “racebait” to refer to any mention of race. It’s very selectively enforced. You can thank burritomin for that one.

No. 67368

Been fed up with all the bullshit on the board for a while now but I’m decidedly going to stop using this board for the foreseeable future. Every thread is full of infighting/flaming trannies and moids and it feels like there’s more trolls than genuine nonas here now. Admin and farmhands really need to get it together, the site quality is going down the tubes with the massive amount of bait and the quality of posts becoming lower and lower, and all the retarded zoomers who can’t even spell, sage or punctuate properly aren’t helping.

No. 67369

Instigating or engaging in race related arguments is a bannable offense. Look up the rules, retard newfag.

No. 67370


No. 67371

Theres a moid lurking in the Black, Asian and Latina girls threads and you it’s all the same moid every time. His usual schtick is how all ethnic women need to divest and suck white dick. He also larps as Afghan and Slavic too.

No. 67372

Right, so maybe explain how mentioning that someone is Muslim is “instigating”.

No. 67373

Where did you get accused of being a troon? Just curious

No. 67374

I love when people like you post their bans and announce yourselves to everyone. Couldn't even read up in this thread a bit, couldn't integrate, never lurked, still won't get it. Continue seething.

No. 67375

File: 1704291692816.gif (422.37 KB, 220x256, brain damage.gif)

I'm the person who posted the ban image, in what world is me complaining about a man from a certain religion(!) not treating women like human beings racebait. In the confessions thread of all places.

Latest Consoomerism thread kek
To be fair I can see why some posters thought the person I had posted was a troon, but some anons are extremely trigger-happy to accuse others of being trannies or twitterfags.

Not an argument. This is /meta/, where else was I supposed to discuss this.

No. 67376

Oh you're that person who insisted on simping for a /k/ tranny catfish even after you had to admit it was, in fact, a /k/ tranny catfish. Everything from the poster you obsess over to the way you post about it reeks

No. 67377

I fail to see how this is racebait. Muslim males hate women, that's a fact? They disrespect nonnie and her mom. Nonnie lightly trolls them compared to the disrespect they showed her. How did rebelling against an incredibly disgusting pedo moid religion turn into racebait? The fact that nonnie may or may not be a retard falling for troon shit should have nothing to do with this.

No. 67378

All I did was post a couple of interesting photos without knowing the gender of the poster (besides what anons on /fa/ were parroting), and afterwards I even included an archived thread that discusses the 'controvery' so that others can come to their own conclusions.
What's with the aggressiveness for such a non-issue.

Thanks for concisely putting into words what was bothering me about the ban, nonna.

No. 67379

There's an Islam hate thread on /2X/ that's been allowed to stay for two years.

No. 67380

Why can’t you retards just obey the rules and stop being fucktard spergs?

No. 67381

Why can’t y’all just behave this is why we can’t have nice things

No. 67382

please tell me I'm not the only who thinks their something artificial with the tradthot threads, they get bumped weirdly too often for a rather niche topic.

No. 67383

File: 1704294398996.png (14.76 KB, 849x152, Rule 6.png)

Islam is a religion and not a race. Also picrel

No. 67384

We all know they’re talking about the scawy brown man, not a white or East Asian muslim lol

No. 67385

File: 1704299621603.jpg (1022.77 KB, 2048x2048, 20240102_232551.jpg)

We have a "post like a moid" thread, but how about a "post like a tumblrina" thread? Also we should get rid of any moid or tif admins. Self-accepting woman or nothing

No. 67386

if the "black girl problems" thread is going to stay up, can there be an announcement or post in the OP to not respond to bait and just report it? it's really ruining the thread. Also please for the love of God can the next thread just be called "Black Girl General" to deter bad faith actors/trolls and the jumps to the most extremely bad shit?

No. 67387

Whoever decided to name the thread black girl problems instead of just BLG is retarded. It’s an extremely negative thread m and full of trolls. Also weird how the original BLG was near-dead for months then started getting massive numbers of posts per week. Makes me think it’s one schizo shitting it up.

No. 67388

It’s not 2017 anymore, boomer.

No. 67389

Why’s there an Islam hate thread but no Christian/Judaism hate thread?

No. 67390

Did you tag the wrong post with the second tag?

No. 67391

I don’t know, maybe all the hate for that gets vented in the trad threads.

No. 67392

this post. Mentioning that the moid is a conservative Muslim is the entire background to her confession about trolling him, since he won't talk to a woman alone. Not racebait in the slightest, and what does banning a 3-day-old post do for an /ot/ thread anyway? Fucking weird. >>67384
quite a leap to conclusions unless you are being sarcastic. Surely you also know that certain interpretations of Islam (like Salafism and Wahhabism) are more prominent in regions like the Middle East.

No. 67393

Because islamhate is easier to racebait about, you can see antisemitism a lot in ot(but it gets banned), never seen Christian hate aside from an anon trolling. All religions are shitty but schizos are known to hyper obsess about different religious groups like how a lot of diagnosed schizophrenics believe jews are totally out the get them.

No. 67394

I've definitely hated on Christians in /snow/ before but I don't have post links handy

No. 67395

I don't browse snow much but you're right, there's probably Christian/Mormon hate in traditional/coquette/rightwing cow threads. I think all religions have their flaws but when anons sperg about jews/muslims/christians in a way only a polfag would, I get suspicious

No. 67396

>when anons sperg about jews/muslims/christians in a way only a polfag would, I get suspicious
I feel similar, sometimes people cross from normal criticism into annoying religious alogging and edgefagging that contributes nothing of substance. It's usually the same rehashed sperging so it's hardly anything new or rebellious, it's just tiring.

No. 67397

So why is bashing Muslims and Christians fine but bashing Judaism is anti semitism? Lmao.

No. 67399

Please ban the baiting infighting retards autisming the vent thread >>>/ot/1838259

No. 67401

boomers be talking about killing a person not sus but sus in pt/res/917506.html & if my signature was put up I'd be coming too

No. 67402

The thread is mostly ex-muslim women

No. 67403

What the fuck are you talking about.

No. 67404

Idk why mods don't just delete posts made by men, they get so many replies. (I'm referring to those male posts in the vent thread)

No. 67407

I just said I see antisemitism and islamaphobia much more than I see Christian hate. I think all three of those are poor attempts to bait/infight most of the time and that's why it should be banned as a topic
It's mostly brown people racebaiting and claiming how they're totally better than other brown people. Pakichan and indiachan are two regular posters. pakichan being the one that said she wanted to be a bangmaid to a neonazi and indiachan saying mothers who have sons(even if it's an accident baby) deserve to get raped by their sons prove those threads only attract schizoid inbreds

No. 67408

This person tells you about something they saw specifically affect white women around them and that's your response? Your response makes no sense because you can just say the same thing about so much of what is brought up in the other race threads

>Mention that muslim moid refuses to talk to you for being a woman
>Banned for racebait
POC jannies selectively applying the racebait rule based on how they feel that day is exactly one reason why there needs to be a white girl thread

No. 67409

The unpopular opinions thread should be locked, even if only temporarily. It attracts way too many baiters and newfags just cannot help themselves from responding and infighting for hours.

No. 67410

This isn't race bait. It's about anon's reaction to a man from a patriarchal culture where sexes are much more segrated.

No. 67411

I think it should stay up as a containment thread. If it were locked, the baiters would spread to the rest of /ot/.

No. 67412

That conversation is already over.

No. 67413

Nta but I wish the janny who redtexted a random 3 day old post on /ot/ would explain their reasoning. Some of the bans I've seen make no sense.

No. 67414

They're still arguing about fatties in the 100 posts too early made reddit hate thread, it's been 24 hours already.

No. 67417

the anti fujo baiter on the fandom thread is so fucking obnoxious, she's been at it for months now. She's now trying to switch from ''fujos bad fujos=TIF'' to ''all porn bad uwu what do you mean you draw your husbando in skimpy clothes? thats just as bad as men drawing lolis getting beheaded'' she always brings up porn into the thread even though it has nothing to do with fandom, her only goal is to shit on women she doesnt like using male coomers as a scapegoat.

No. 67418

they keep going

No. 67419

Says who, are you the farmhands?

No. 67420

more retarded baiting

No. 67421

File: 1704407904559.png (5.96 KB, 807x113, z.PNG)

I'm not this anon, but what's the point of saging on a pinned post? I know sage rules are enforced more on cow boards, but it's literally always going to be the first thread you see there so it's not like it's unnecessarily bumping anything.

No. 67422

can you give an extra longer ban to these retards who not only refuse to sage but wanted to infight when called out for newfaggotry?

No. 67423

No. 67425

Than you for locking the vtuber w thread, place was just a shitshow with no milk for 2 years lol

No. 67426

Since the white girl thread was locked for being created as bait, couldn’t someone make another that isn’t meant as bait? Since it seems at least a few anons have genuine interest. And anons who don’t like it can just hide the thread.

No. 67427

It doesn't work like that. Threads like that can be posted with the best of intentions and it will end up the same way. Think about where you are.
On the other hand, the worst threads have been allowed to take over elsewhere so why not some racebait. The burgers obviously can't live without it.

No. 67428

They won’t answer this.

No. 67429

I genuinely think all race-based discussion threads should be banned, including the black girl problems thread.
1. It invites bad faith users/trolling and infighting
2. It toes the very fine line between normal conversation and racebait
3. This is an anonymous imageboard, no one should/needs to know what race you are
The consequences are obvious even in this thread. When you let one group make a thread, the others will start to complain and think they are being treated unfairly; approve those threads and you'll get infighting, or reject them and you'll get infighting still. Race threads need to be unequivocally prohibited. There are plenty of alternative websites to have these conversations about race-based problems, but lolcow is not one of them.

No. 67430

Honestly yeah. Either race discussion is allowed or it isn’t.

No. 67431

There are Europe threads in ot. Black girl problems thread isn't actually about problems, the retard just named the thread wrong this time around. It should've been black girl general.

No. 67432

Threads about living in a country/written in a different language are not the same as race containment threads

No. 67433

but the black girl thread has been going well. point 3 is just bizarre, because it's an anonymous imageboard no one will know what race you are. and then, should all identity-based discussions be taken down? banning threads that are going smoothly just because they could go wrong doesn't sit right with me.
the thread should have been better moderated, anyone who tries to come into an identity thread like "X GROUP DOESN'T HAVE ANY ISSUES" should be given a warning to hide the thread. instead the janny just let infighting rage on.

No. 67436

>the black girl thread has been going well
This thread begs to differ.
>then, should all identity-based discussions be taken down?
The especially important difference is that racebait is explicitly banned, so any (insert ethnicity here) threads should be prohibited accordingly. These sorts of threads invite arguing and baiting as I had earlier addressed. And anonymity only goes as far as you're willing to carry it. As soon as you start bread crumbing pieces of your actual identity (or make your posts obvious and distinguishable) then the name "Anonymous" starts to mean much less.
>the thread should have been better moderated
Wishful thinking. There are hardly enough jannies to moderate the board as is; I don't believe that the farmhands should be devoting their time and energy to one specific thread that is an obvious magnet for trolls and goes back to what I had written under the previous greentext about the nature of these threads being very open to infighting. It would be better to ban them completely, especially when there are dozens of other threads on this board that are in need of more thorough moderation.

No. 67439

Thank you mods for deleting that weirdo who made a thread on OT showing some 15y.o she went to highschool with vs the same girl now. What a creep

No. 67440

If you're not European you're not white so they are the same. We both know that the white girl general would be racebait general and you baiters only want it because of that. Cmon, tell me what youre gonna discuss in white girl general(not problems because blackgirl gen was just a misnamed thread)

No. 67441

Just hide the thread and go out. Everyone used to be fine with race threads until some newfag decided they're evil ane should be banned for racebait. You guys have been at it for weeks, this is genuinely worrying. Just go outside or do something else if it upsets you this much to see a random group of women talk about their shared experiences. You're like trannies that are trying to ban women's spaces because you can't get in there and I doubt the anons promoting for the deletion of black girls problems thread are even women.

No. 67442

if black people want to talk to each other, why canʼt white people want to talk to each other too?
black people can use regional threads too, black americans in the america thread, black africans in the africa thread and so on.

No. 67443

>If you're not European you're not white
Tell me you're American without telling me your American.

No. 67445

how would people feel about a hazbin/helluva/vivzie thread? I'm not the anon who suggested it in the western animation /snow/ thread but I think it's a good idea. those anons can be fun to read but it can be annoying when trying to follow other things happening. in their own thread they could sperg to their hearts content like the shaytards

No. 67446

You do realize that you have been speaking with multiple anons, right? I've only made two posts (not including this one) regarding this topic, and they were only within the last day. I don't visit the black girl thread or /g/, so its continued existence doesn't ~upset~ me as you are assuming. I simply suggested that it would be easier to completely ban the race threads (all of them, I did not single out the black girl thread alone), and stand by that belief. Simple as.
>Everyone used to be fine with race threads until some newfag decided they're evil ane should be banned for racebait
First race thread (black girl thread) was made in 2021. You're the newfag. Racebait has been against the rules since lolcow's inception. I remember all of the shitty infighting racebait threads (among others) were shoved into a defunct board called /sty/ because they were shitty.
>I doubt the anons promoting for the deletion of black girls problems thread are even women.
Not everyone who disagrees with you is a troon. This is a gossip board first and foremost.

No. 67447

You didnt even answer my question which is what besides racebait would you discuss there?
White Americans have European ancestry so you're wrong.

No. 67448

See >>67308
This is the moid larping as a slav woman for ages and some other stuff he said.

No. 67449

We’d discuss when the Starbucks cashier gives us a frickin Grande instead of a Venti obviously. If you think there’s nothing to discuss you can hide it, that’s never been a reason not to make a thread before.

No. 67451

You admit you don't have any other reasons than to racebait and try to use this as an excuse to shut down two relatively active threads anons use. I'm white too but cmon, you sound retarded with how you just started obsessing over threads that existed since forever.
Take your own advice and hide threads that other groups of women use if they upset you so much you had to spend hours complaining in meta. You're really pathetic.

No. 67452

>threads that existed since forever
Nta , but isn’t the oldest race thread only 2 years old? I also don’t remember people talking this much about races here before. Usually you would have been called a tumblr fag for that

No. 67454

Yet protests against those two threads started two weeks or so ago, right at the same time some /pol/fag tier obviously male baited in them and got mad when no one took his posts seriously. Really makes you think, doesn't it?
I'm not a tumblrfag, didn't even mention my race until recently when anon made a retarded joke about how I assume white womens problems are all about starbucks cups.

Which btw is something only a chronically online millenial would say, no one associates Starbucks with basic white bitches anymore or uses tumblr, this isn't 2010. Not everything has to be about you lost millenial.

No. 67455

butthurt tranny posting that all farmers are men in a bunch of threads sporadically recently, I report when I see it, but here's the latest, in the Shay thread: >>>/snow/1951476

No. 67456

Again I don’t give a shit about those threads. I’m saying either all race discussion is allowed or none of it is.

No. 67458

Kek at how none of the totally "white women" wanting spaces for women banned can come up with what white girls would be talking about besides "Starbucks". Really proves you're true biological women and not incels who only know what women like from some shitty highschool shows.

No. 67459

1. That post was sarcastic.
2. I don’t want those threads banned, I want the rules applied equally.
3. Leftist male misogyny and government misogyny as well as crimes against “white whores” come to mind.

No. 67460

>White Americans have European ancestry so you're wrong.
Are Armenians white?

No. 67462

Most armenians I know identify as Caucasian(as in asians living by the Caucasus, not the Caucasian white race) and they look as white as arabs so no. They're also not Europeans.

No. 67463

Could a kind mod help clean up the idiots that have been sperging and infighting about weight in the lesbian thread in /g/ today? I swear this happens every time some random anon posts a vent about her relationship troubles, anons come crawling out of the woodwork to infight about it.

No. 67464

all the cutsey wootsie childish threadpics are making me literally homicidal. like seriously how old are some of you people? 13? good god, i feel like i am going to get in trouble for posting around underage niggas. i will be so glad when you guys have to go back to middle school next week since most of you are amerifags anyway. hopefully you won't cry when you get slammed into your locker on the way to physical ed.(racebaiting)

No. 67465

File: 1704566883297.jpg (426.16 KB, 913x1194, Screenshot_20240106_214718.jpg)

Also can you ban the derailer that posted her own pictures and keeps calling everyone "fat amerilards"

No. 67466

I laughed so hard at this. I was annoyed at the bone rattling but the whole conversation went full retard and got funny again. Is the donkey poster the self-proclaimed midget trying to say 40kg is healthy or is it the one who posted her height and weight (164cm 55kg) and got called fat?

No. 67467

why are you so dead set against it though?

No. 67468

It's one of the anons saying she hates fatties and that 40kg is normal for women when she's 55+kg herself. This is the anon that's saying it's ok to lose attraction to your gf if her looks/body aren't good enough.

No. 67469

I don't know how you can tell. I can't keep track of who is who at all, seems like everyone is just imaging a very specific type of person and replying as if they can tell on an anonymous site. Don't know why she had to drag the donkey into it either lol

No. 67471

Also now it’s getting derailed by a big boob fat ass sperg, jannies where tf are you

No. 67473

She posted the picture after getting told she's fat based on the height and weight. I think 40kg anon is a different anon.

No. 67477

Chill, I only said tumblr because I was talking about a time before it became twitterfag. I never even said you were a tumblrfag, I was talking about what I remember in the past, nor am I a millennial. You really need to stop thinking you got every anon figured out

No. 67479

Idk why jannies don't cleanup the shitshow at >>>/pt/917506 or the mods take over. It has become a boomer vent thread with low quality shit like old screenshots w their bitchfest of the same complaints. Batshit boomers be on the prowl over there. Time to retire the nonmilk discussions.

No. 67480

>as in asians living by the Caucasus, not the Caucasian white race
This makes zero sense. White people are referred to as Caucasians because they originated in the Caucasus. All native Europeans are white but not all whites are Europeans.

No. 67483

NTA but "white" people didn't originate from anywhere, race is a social construct defined by phenotypical similarities. The term "Caucasian" to refer to white people is outdated at best and originates from 18th century so-called "race" scientists. Actual Caucasians are the Armenians, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, and a few other groups. Whiteness is not a biologically real concept, therefore definitions of what "white" is is inconsistent.

No. 67484

I beg you, open an actual biology or science textbook and not some recent social study analysis.

No. 67485

I just gave you the biology, retard. Race isn't real (genetically).

No. 67486

You didn't give me biology, you gave me twitter ramblings.

No. 67487

Go enroll at a university if you want to learn biology so badly, I'm not a babysitter.

No. 67488

>race is a social construct
No it isn't. Different races of humans exist in the modern world because different humans evolved in different environments. Skin colour, face shape, bone density, height and even fat metabolism differs between different races of people.

No. 67489

Skin colour, face shape, bone density, height and even fat metabolism differs between people in the same race too.

No. 67491

Totally wrong. Caucasian is a stolen term as >>67483 said. Nazis stole it from actual Caucasians.
Racebaiters never know anything about race

No. 67492

Yes. There's huge variance within one "race". Sub-Saharan Africa is a good example, yet all Sub-Saharan Africans are considered black. Personally I think grouping people into races purely on skin colour is retarded but it is what is.

You're thinking of Aryan.
Caucasians also speak Indo-European languages just like native Europeans. If you want another example are the people living in the Ural Mountains white?

No. 67493

No I'm not thinking of aryan, retard. Caucasian is a stolen term and the nazis stole it after they visited Georgia and did some research on their craniofacial anatomy or whatever. Why are all autists obsessed with race yet completely clueless about anything that isn't about aryan-ism?

No. 67496

I'm literally a medfag and sorry but science and biology just does separate people into races. People of a different race have different set of common diseases and show different symptoms. Have different body that evolved to thrive in different climate. Yes there is interindividual variability but it's nothing compared to interracial variability. What you're writing is some terminally online humanities student ramble that's not based in biological reality but instead on social history of humans. There definitely are biological races.

>race is a social construct defined by phenotypical similarities

And guess what a phenotype is? It's an expression of a genome. People with similar phenotype have similar genes unless they are some wild variation that just ended up looking similar. When it comes to things like skin or hair color, genomes aren't that variable so usually the people are just genetically similar.

No. 67498

The use of Caucasian to describe white people predates the Nazis by over 100 years.

No. 67499

I can’t believe you guys are racebaiting on /meta/ of all places, don’t you ever get tired?

No. 67500

Retards that have been banned have returned to do the exact same thing immediately once again >>>/snow/1951911 , >>>/snow/1951879 showing nothing has been learned kek. Truly, where is the lurking and learning? Hellweek when?

No. 67501

I'm glad that someone in this thread isn't retarded. All these girls should tell the black population that they have no increased risk of diabetes or heart disease, because racial disparities between disorders is just a social construct!

No. 67502

redtext the word "girlies". i can't take it anymore

No. 67503


No. 67504

Ok girly

No. 67505

Not seconded. This is so nitpicky.

No. 67506

White Americans are genetically european but not culturally or nationally. We are diaspora. There have been multiple posts in this thread on what people would discuss and you ignore them all

You're not even fine with white women having a thread because you're so threatened by us. The black girl thread was dead until a couple months ago and the asian and latina threads are new. Nobody wanted to deal with complaining about the black thread back then because it didn't seem worth it. No one wants these half assed race rules anymore

At this point we're all just arguing with one farmhand who hates white women. We should just make our own space online, sick of being told to shut up by bitter poc and their white handmaidens

No. 67507

I'm literally white, retard.

No. 67508


No. 67509

Hey admin & farmhands, has there been a big increase in site traffic lately? It feels like there are way more retards in every thread like every day and getting worse and I wonder if we've had a huge surge in new posters

No. 67510

Suicide sperg declaring exactly when she's going to jump in front of a train tomorrow, also sounds underage or mentally impaired since she can't think of any other way to kill herself. Or someone is baiting. Whatever.

No. 67511

I reported them too. They're shitting up the thread and newfags keep responding to bait.

No. 67512

No. 67513

What the hell? Why do you think it's a moid comment to be against abuse of women and why don't you just report it if you think so?

No. 67514

No way girlie

No. 67515

>unironic "femcel" language
>100% of women criticizing Dakota Rose are ugly and use Photoshop
smells like nutsack

No. 67516

did you even read the comment? he said drawing ugly men abusing women is 'based'

No. 67517

UNbased nonny

No. 67518

my bad

No. 67519

hi! there's insane amounts of derailing/infighting in the art thread, it's mostly not even on on topic anymore.

No. 67520

File: 1704687783686.jpeg (128.44 KB, 640x786, IMG_7362.jpeg)

Don’t even worry about it. I had to bring my eyes back to it three or four times before I saw that “un”. My brain was autocompleting it without actually reading it. Kinda felt like that trick where you scramble the middle letters of words but the brain still reads them.

No. 67521

it's related to art, cope

No. 67522

can someone do something about the sharpei personalityfag already

No. 67524

We should enable hashtags so anons can see what is popular. And it will make a lot of us feel more at home. Thank you! ♥

No. 67526

This is everyone's lesson to read posts more carefully. It must have taken you more effort to call me a moid thrice than to read the two words I wrote.

No. 67527

Also add a like and favorite button as well, and maybe change the little cow to an X!

No. 67528

No. 67529

>wordswordswords im retarded
Biology and race are separate, that's a fact. Everything you wrote besides
>Phenotype is an expression of genome
is wrong and reads like you spent 20 seconds on Google to anyone with an actual background in biological sciences. LARPing as a medfag doesn't make you right. I wish you terminally-online self-hating caucasoids would get it together and stop kowtowing to europoors like they will ever accept you. They don't even accept each other KEK

No. 67530

File: 1704732295164.jpeg (81.21 KB, 933x933, IMG_9702.jpeg)

Can we get a hellweek? Please? It feels like the site is catering to newfags who don’t lurk. Are we low on jannies or something? Just a timeline would be nice.

No. 67531

I'm pretty sure it's literally one autistic racist moid or troon obsessed with pitting women against eachother, calling himself a medfag, malding at the mods for days for locking his bait thread, etc. I don't think it's a coincidence that every time he rears his ugly head in here, either the black, asian or latina thread gets some bad bait or moid sperging.
This is also why he can't conceive any actual white women finding him retarded, and insists anyone who disagrees with him must be le threatened poc. Tranny mindset is thinking he has the right to speak for any group of women because he wants to chop his dick off.

No. 67532

Farmers have been asking for a new hellweek for a long time now, cerbmin please respond.

No. 67533

Mods clear up the retarded boomers at >>>/pt/917506. Keeps getting bumped to main pg so we all have to be annoyed with boomerwhine, about 4 yr old bullshit that is dried up. Low quality batshit theories, bumped on to main, is annoying. Non-milk threads need to be retired or not bumped.

No. 67534

We need a hellweek bad. That stupid sharpei newfag has been shitting up /ot for days now.

No. 67535

I believe you but at the same time there are a lot of really retarded anons on here. I guess a lot of them could be moids/trannies

No. 67536

This. All black, Asian and white anons are telling the baiter to stop for weeks, no one agreed with him. It's obviously a racist man because he's also been posting weird stuff in black and asian threads that he begs to be banned.

No. 67537

get over it damn

No. 67539

I think they're trying their best judging by the clear increase of redtexts on all boards. But god damn, I don't know where they all come from. Did we get mentioned somewhere big? Is there some cow that got a lot of new traffic lately? The worst thing is that this brand of cancerous newfags doesn't even fuck off after being told to lurk. Instead they double down and continue to demand to be spoonfed, or demand for the board culture and rules to be ignored in their favor, or they start larping as oldfags in an attempt to convince us that lolcow has actually always been this way and there's nothing wrong with them.

No. 67540

>t. Laur

No. 67541

Newfags tend to not sage, and reply to every single post regarding them. It's unhinged zoomer behavior. You can tell they spend the majority of their time on tiktok.

No. 67542

I know this zoomer vs millenial thing works good to ignite infights but it's getting really stale lately, almost as stale as blonde hair being used as an infight topic.

No. 67543

Just like newfag zoomer has eclipsed being a time period and is now just a state of mind.

No. 67544

We need mods to stop allowing >>>/pt/917506 to be bumped to main page. You got a bunch of obsessed redditors w old screenshots causing an influx of shitposting & fucking up the place. The don't read mentality is not the answer, non-milk w old images is interfering with current posts. Cleanup the place jannies.

No. 67547

>Are we low on jannies or something?
We've been low on jannies for years now.

No. 67548

what is up with the retard in celebricows who doesn't sage anything? i feel like i have autism with how much it's annoying me kek

No. 67549

Tons of newfags lately. Also, someone made a second vent thread #200 on ot. wtf is going on with this site.
newfags piss me off

No. 67550

cp and gore being posted on /ot/

No. 67552

okay now actual cp is being posted, please do something

No. 67553

File: 1704816525114.gif (1.74 MB, 480x294, db75c4031f609e2e4117d3b2b1325b…)

cp and gore on front page bump

No. 67554

Jesus fucking christ it’s rough. I feel sick. Honestly I wish the animals posting this shit nothing but pain. Jannies please work fast

No. 67555

I would actually prefer the nick avocado porn.

No. 67556

File: 1704817402792.png (122.75 KB, 514x424, 1698376756174.png)

More spam from useless moids as usual. Here is a bump.

No. 67557

isn't just posting cp a criminal offence? why aren't there more resources to help report this type of actual evil to the authorities.

No. 67559

When a moids life revolves around their dicks and hating women then years in prison means little to them. I wish for a male only ebola pandemic.

No. 67560

Is the offending material still on /ot/?

No. 67561

The celebricows thread is the only one where people get complained about and accused of being samefags if they talk about the subjects of the thread. Talking about celebrity milk gets samefag accusations even though the mods know it's multiple different posters. When a celebrity does anything milky and people talk about it, posters demand that celebrity get their own thread so they don't have to see celebrity milk in the celebrity milk thread. I just want to keep up with the gossip with other based women, but it's so cancerous and my temper gets too high scrolling that thread not to tell them to quit the samefag accusations. I just don't understand why mods don't ban that shit when they know it's different posters and when half the posts in the thread are referencing samefags that literally don't exist.

No. 67562

Is there a way to reopen the no1curr thread in /ot/? The discussion there was super chill and a lot of anons were participating. Currently the dumbass shit thread is being used for shit posting, it's not the same anymore

No. 67563

That thread was just the dumbass shit thread, even the OP admitted they made it cause they didn't really understand what the dumbass shit thread is for. Just post what you want there instead of making new threads.

No. 67565

Samefag but what I mean is the OP saying something about how they thought the dumbass shit thread was for shit posts. You guys just need to actually get acquainted with the site before making all these new threads.

No. 67566

What’s up pugh-chan sorry kek

No. 67567

Seconded!! I got to participate in conversation I couldn't have in a respective /m/ thread!! I also liked to see what other anons were talking about. It's a different vibe in the dumbass thread because anons are encouraged to be goofy, but the no1curr thread was for more focused conversation.

No. 67568

then just use the /m/ board. The reason it's so dead is because newfags like you refuse to post on anywhere but /ot/

No. 67569

I've posted in /m/… and it's fucking dead. The fuck do you want me to do? Samefag? Stop being a retarded faggot.

No. 67570

nta, but you need to calm down. If you don't like a suggestion, just move on. No need to go full aggro over it.

No. 67571

Maybe if that person had reading comprehension they wouldn't have told me to just use /m/ because they would have known that I said I couldn't have those conversations in /m/… because it's literally fucking dead. Sorry but some anons need to be called retarded faggots sometimes.

No. 67572

NTA but she's right. /m/ is a slow board on a slow site, /ot/ getting spammed with low quality posts all day isn't representative of the typical site traffic, it's normal for responses to take a long time to come sometimes. It's retarded to move all worthwhile discussion to unreadable generals where following a 1-week conversation will have you combing through 4 different continuation threads full of other unrelated sperging.

No. 67573

Can we turn "/s" and other tone indicator bullshit into a redtext word? I've been seeing it a lot in like the past 10 vent threads.

No. 67574

Did I say we should move all worthwhile discussion to unreadable generals…. I just said I appreciated and wanted the no1curr thread open because nobody is willing to have these conversations in /m/. You act like I'm impatient but I'm not going to wait weeks and months for some pity reply when I could rant and vent to and with other anons much more quickly and conversationally. The doll thread in /m/ is a complete and utter ghost town. I've already done my part in trying to use the /m/ doll thread, like there's really nothing more to do. I just want to speak to other dollfags. And they're not using /m/.

No. 67575

I am: weeping, wailing, gnashing my teeth, ripping my hair out. Thanks a LOT anon now I'm bald.

No. 67576

I'm tired of the unreadable dumbass shit thread too, but mods aren't going to ban all the newfags. This is why the no1curr thread was a good idea, can it be back please? The dolls wasn't all that was discussed, there were other interesting topics in there.

No. 67577

Replying to myself to add the link:

No. 67578

is it possible to issue out longer bans for the newfags shitting up /ot/? are bans being issued out at all? this was mentioned by another nonna, but the ones popping up recently are so much more deadset on refusing to integrate (making me wonder if they’re trolls or just idiotic tiktok/twitterfags). i’m worried some of my favorite threads are going to get locked because of their dumbassery.

No. 67579

So contribute to that thread to create discussions you want and keep reporting posts and complaining in /meta/ so mods will ban the newfags there. You can't just make entirely new threads that have the same purpose as other thread just because you don't like the anons in another thread. And what's stopping those anons you don't like from using the no1curr thread? When they come and use that thread are you going to make a new thread that's exactly the same thing just with a different title again?

I'm just tired of this weird thing anons (probably newfags) are trying to do where they make threads that are just "this is the dumbass shit thread, but these anons are not allowed here!"

No. 67580

File: 1704838547922.jpg (72.63 KB, 922x637, why2.jpg)

Can mods lock one of these? Newfags keep making double threads. It also happened with the Vent thread.

No. 67581

Amen, nonnie.

No. 67582

sloppy front page shitfest, old screenshots from twittertards >>>/pt/917506 who keep bumping shit thread to main page. Low on jannies lets these tards vent their old shit fucking it up for the rest of us.

No. 67584

Bl**ne is camped out in GIOYC thread in /ot/ again replying to everything like he knows anons and fantasizing about having sex with anons imaginary spouses

No. 67585

lazy newfag zoomer made the new celebricows thread with a shitty OP pic and no summary

No. 67586

Ok buboe

No. 67587

this, it was really cool
yeah lets spam m with one single subject a single anon in this niche board likes instead of a thread for losts of tastes that's actually active…how genious

No. 67588

The celebricows sperg is chimping out and malding in the dumbass shit thread, including mass amounts of nonsensical samefagging.

No. 67589

Some retard is ranting in the Lillee Jean thread without sage I

No. 67590

>a thread for losts of tastes that's actually active…
That's the dumbass shit thread

No. 67591

But the dumbass shit thread is open to a lot of retard and memeposting that flood the thread. The no1curr was specifically for discussion. I think both should exist.

No. 67592

What makes you think that thread wouldn't have turned into garbage within a few days? It's just the state of /ot/ right now that it's rampant in low quality posts and retarded infights, the only threads that are safe from this are the dead ones

No. 67593

Please lock the new celebcow thread, it was made by a lazy newfag. I'll be happy to quickly make a new one with post links in the OP, but I'm pretty sure if I do it now I'll get banned since it would be a duplicate thread.

No. 67594

File: 1704860482317.jpg (27.67 KB, 564x558, f66163816cf6e381115dc6d261f876…)

bless you nonna

No. 67595

File: 1704860735982.jpg (294.41 KB, 1280x1582, ahem.jpg)

Move celebricows back to /snow/

No. 67596

tell you what, if you do it, I'll lock that one. Godspeed nona.

No. 67597

Does anyone know why it is that a man owns the domain

No. 67598

Can you prove it with domain receipts and not just some random screenshots from other websites tinfoiling about this too? Most likely, none of us care. /meta/ isn't visited as frequently and you may think by the website as a whole.

No. 67599

File: 1704865060916.png (397.88 KB, 1476x1114, lolocw dot farm.png)

Joshua Moon is the guy who co-owns lolcow, he’s mostly known for his work with Kiwi Farms but even if he isn’t active on this website; he still owns the actual domain title. You can’t find that registration on google because it is private, but there is instrumental documentation which appoints Joshua as the responsible party for the lolcow LLC. Someone once tried to make a thread about him on here, and obviously it was immediately nuked >>/pt/788176

No. 67600

So he doesn't own it. Got it.

No. 67601

same, if it dies then it dies on its own, it should be re-opened.

No. 67602

Did you not read the part where I said he owns and has access to the domain or are you just pretending to be retarded because you don’t want your precious moid to shut down the site

No. 67604

Did you not read the part that says dissolution? You're baiting, as usual. You bring up this ownership crap constantly every few months. It really doesn't matter if a man or woman is running the site. moids infest it regardless, not like a woman running it would matter.

No. 67605

…dissolution would mean that the website is inactive. And we can all obviously tell that the website is still running. also
>it doesn’t matter if a man or woman is running the site
kek go back to your discord server. If you think it’s appropriate for a female centric space to have a male domain owner then that exposes you for exactly what you are.

No. 67606

Dissolution is when the domain is retired as a whole anon not when a domain owner steps down or gives the website into someone else’s control. The exact same way he insists kiwifarms is “offline” and ‘dissolved’ but still completely accessible to everyone online. Either way, the domain is still registered to him, that’s how he has access to the domain registration that was shared in the email he sent.

No. 67607

Lol anon, I don't think this is the same Lolcow as lolcow farm kek

No. 67608

Nope, it definitely is. He owns both the kiwifarms and lolcow domains. I honestly don’t think that’s some kind of search engine error.

No. 67609

Sure he does, anon, and no one here believes you or cares, so what is your point?
>proof says he's not

Uh huh.

No. 67610

>i-it says dissolution!
The website is still running, retard. If he’s not the owner, but he just magically for some reason has the website domain registration ready to send out to his constituents whenever they request it, then tell me - who do you think is? And if you really think it’s not him, then why would he be randomly appointed as the responsible party for the website in the early court documents during Scott v Moon? Are you just choosing to avoid the multiple pieces of evidence that’s available just via public record?

No. 67612

Yeah because someone else is in charge and someone has to pay the donation taxes. Doesn't mean its the person on paper where the paper says they aren't in control anymore and an email where you were obviously harassing someone who doesn't even know who you are and doesn't have interest in giving you information. what you posted isn't even public if it's a year old, so where is the new public ownership screenshots? Either post proof or shut up.

No. 67613

You’re claiming that someone else is in charge, but who is it? The only evidence we do have on paper of the most recent owner is that it was in fact a man, before the so called ‘dissolution’ of ownership. We can see on the original document that the domain owner him, at least from 2021 to 2023. Do you have any kind of proof that the present owner is a woman?

No. 67615

You're reversing questions I've already asked. Post recent ownership, anon. It should be easy for you since you know he's still with the website and the paperwork you showed was apparently wrong. I don't think you understand the term dissolution. It doesn't always mean a website or company goes under or breaks up. It can also mean the separation of someone. Like in a partnership.

No. 67616

Just to add because I don't feel like deleting again: If he was co-owner, like you said, then that means the partnership probably dissolved when new admin took over. So unless you have paperwork somewhere saying otherwise, safe to say he isn't in charge of the website, co or otherwise.

No. 67617

As far as I’m concerned this is the most recent paperwork, it is what was provided to me. It also doesn’t state any secondary owner or beneficiary who would maintain the site post ‘dissolution’ , but even if their is a co-owner that is more than likely a male as well. I don’t understand why he’d choose to have a female co-owner.

No. 67619

So no, he's not in charge or co-owner at all currently because there is no proof about it. Cool, this was a waste of time and I hope other nonnas read all this to learn not to waste their time also. Good luck in a few months trying this again.
You said
>Joshua Moon is the guy who co-owns lolcow
So now you have to prove he wasn't co-owning it, so what is it? Does his lore change depending on what anons call you out on?

No. 67620

Are you just gonna ignore the part where I stated the fact that it’s more than likely that two males owned this website as opposed to a man and a woman. Please stop trying to pretend that you’re retarded. Even if he specifically is no longer with the website; that is still physical evidence that a man was a co-owner to the domain, which is unacceptable and insurmountably telling just on its own. Since we now can all see this evidence that scrotes already have infiltrated the moderation before, and extremely recently for an extended period of time no less, why should we pretend that a man would not favor other men to take over or moderate the website on his behalf once he was done with it? Open your eyes.

No. 67621

That isnt the domain, that's just an llc called lolcow. Joshua Moon having an llc called lolcow doesnt have anything to do with the domain lolcow.farm or the servers that host its content.

No. 67622

lolcow llc is the company that runs kiwi farms, that's not news. it doesn't own lolcow.farm. company name≠ domain name

No. 67623

>uh the guy who created the imageboard kiwifarms just randomly owns an llc for the name lolcow which ironically accidentally totally not on purpose happens to be the name of another imageboard!! but they’re totally not connected at all hahaha! there’s no possible way these two things could be connected that’s just out of the realm of possibility!!


No. 67625

You’re bending around in a lot of directions trying to look for excuses as to why he would forward this when asked for the lolcow site registration, not kiwifarms.

No. 67626

that was my first post. maybe null does own lc idk, but just owning lolcow llc is not proof. he's had that llc for years. the term 'lolcow' is old as balls, it's been around since the 00s.

No. 67628

not on any side but if we’re so certain that it is solely women in charge of lolcow then why do the mods act so moidish

No. 67629

That's not the same anon, kek. Don't be a pussy and show the entire email exchange. Go ahead. For all we know, you only asked about lolcow. he says to basically fuck off nicely.
Right? An LLC doesn't even specifically mean this lolcow considering it's a term in general and looking up lolcow LLC doesn't even reroute to lolcow and instead routes to a thread about this Joshua guy, again, which is shut down. It's just the samefag anon who keeps going back and forth between meta threads every few months and brings up with "MEN ARE IN CHARGE OF LOLCOW" headcanon he's made.

No. 67630

Well yeah fucking obviously I only asked about the lolcow website registration because that’s the imageboard I frequent. Are you fucking retarded? And for the last time; if he had access to the licensure, why would he not have access to the domain? Do you think he just owns the title for no reason? If he owns one imageboard, why would he not be capable of owning another? Especially if this one was co-owned by someone else, likely another man.

No. 67631

>It really doesn't matter if a man or woman is running the site.
>old as balls
>he basically says to fuck off nicely
why does this all feel weirdly defensive and scrotey kek

No. 67632

Then what's your argument? You can't stay consistent, you keep changing your story.

No1currs, scrote.

No. 67633

So not wanting a female space to be controlled by a man makes me a scrote. You’re a little boy, aren’t you?

No. 67634

If it's not true, then why should we care?

No. 67635

also what the fuck do you mean “can’t stay consistent” I’ve repeated the same information multiple times to you because your comprehension skills are so poor that you’re unable to read a block of text and understand what is being said. I’ve already informed you, I googled “owner of lolcow” and came across Joshua’s name. I didn’t feel comfortable emailing him personally, so a third party did this on my behalf. She sent an initial email requesting registration information for the imageboard lolcow (she didn’t say that she just sent lolcow.farm), and that was his response, which included the image. I really do not understand why he would have this and provide it when asked if he was not in control of lolcow at some rate.

No. 67636

samefag not only all of what I just said but why the fuck would he even respond to an email asking about the registry info for lolcow.farm specifically if he was not connected to the website? Wouldn’t he just ignore the message? Wouldn’t he respond saying “oh i don’t have anything to do with that”?

No. 67637

You're a scrote, 100%. You won't show all the emails. This is all some dumb headcanon you have. All you have are insults when called out. You have year old begging scraps which are incredibly blurry for some reason and timestamps on the email is purposely removed. And this was all given to you through an email where the person tells you they don't even know you or this supposed third party. Why would they send you real proof of anything?

A Lolcow LLC doesn't mean Lolcow.farm.
>owner of lolcow
>I didn’t feel comfortable emailing him personally, so a third party did this on my behalf.
Wow, you sure did everything to make sure you were right. A Google search kek Literally nothing posted has come from you directly. Post the rest of the emails this third party sent, then. Surely this third party sent you the entire email log. Also post that these were emails attachments with timestamps and not just throwing into the image with the email.

No. 67638

File: 1704871751038.gif (386.25 KB, 128x128, 099.gif)

after seeing that one post in the dumbass shit thread…is all of this retardation just because that awful celebricows thread got locked or because the racebait got banned? like why suddenly bring up this repeated theory now once the mods actually start doing their job right?

No. 67639

If you look at all of the information that’s been provided to you and choose not to believe it, that’s entirely up to you but you can’t complain about scrotes overrunning the website when you’ve already been given evidence stating that a man owns the website.

No. 67640

>no timestamps
>blurry images
>refuses to post the rest of the email exchange
>no proof lolcow LLC means lolcow.farm, especially when googling it just comes up with more tinefoil threads on not just kiwi, but the shutdown one on lolcow

Definitely so legit.

No. 67641

Can you answer as to why he would own the lolcow llc though like why exactly do you think he’d just have that? For funsies? Do you think it’s unlikely that this man, who is already known for owning one imageboard, would own another? Youre being willfully ignorant at this point, you sound annoyingly masculine and flippant.

No. 67642

You really won't answer any questions at all, wow. Prove lolcow LLC is lolcow.farms.

No. 67643

Because the term lolcow predates both this website and Kiwifarms. It's like calling your company Baseball LLC

No. 67645

It's mostly the email that doesn't make sense. First anon said they contacted him now it's some third party did the contacting kek No dates, timestamps, no other emails sent. Looks shopped tbh. Also if they guy sent the proof like he apparently did, why is it so blurry? It would've been a direct photo sent, so not blurry.

No. 67646

one more from >>67629
>Don't be a pussy

No. 67647

The greentext is from different anons, but sure. Keep going out of your way to not prove anything you've been shoveling.

No. 67648

I'm not an anon who has written before in this thread, so I'm not shoveling anything.
same post has both
>Don't be a pussy
>he says to basically fuck off nicely.
He also in no way tells the person to fuck off. In fact he wrote to let him know if an announcement will be made (about what exactly, idk).

When you act weirdly ragey and throw a tantrum, things that may not be true start to look like they have some truth to them. And if you're a farmhand, you should be using your tripcode.

No. 67649

Thanks janny, I appreciate it

No. 67650

Ignore this poster, it's the monthly brigade from retards that love to shit up /meta/ with some ridiculous claim about lc to stir shit. We had the "lc has javascript trackers", we had the "lc's admin is some random nobody from kf called ashley" so on and so forth. Each time when they get proven wrong they come back with some other ridiculous story, always lacking in proof. They're always tech illiterate too, such as now where they don't understand how domains work.