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File: 1625093696857.png (1.9 MB, 1000x664, 15514722761998.png)

No. 24570

Any autistic meltdowns will be banned.

No. 24571

We're experimenting with reducing the error of arbitrary bans while trying to make the board experience enjoyable. Maybe some of you have noticed but derailing and infighting is no longer being penalized as long as the content is saged, unless it's extremely excessive or completely off topic. Newfags, unintegrated behavior, and unsaged derailing will face greater penalties. The hope is that anons will be able to utilize the hide saged posts feature to skip through any annoying tangents and read actual worthwhile updates to threads. If there's positive feedback on the new moderation then maybe the board rules could be shortened. I plan to make the moderation manual public for viewing in the future to add more transparency.

No. 24572

are we being actively raided by somewhere? there is an alarming amount of cp being posted on all boards

No. 24573

Can you lock, autosage, do whatever to the Kiwi Farms thread? It's unbearable. I feel like while complaining about the actual issues of the site at hand is fine, self posting about old milk and screenshots of shitty wikipedia discussions is not a valuble contribution. I recognize that infighting and derailing is not punishable right now but holy fuck this thread is out of control.

No. 24575

Anon… It's already autosaged. Admin already said it's serving as a containment thread for kiwi scrotes who are using it to camp out until the site goes back up and onionfarms/lolcow.org scrotes to shit on Josh, with the occasional furrykun defending byuu/moralfagging against Josh.

No. 24576

Random alogging scrote in /ot needs a ban

No. 24577

This!! >>>/ot/842954
Please jannies

No. 24578

Thanks for the communication. It really does help. I think this is a great change in the direction of moderation, and will hopefully reduce the work required for volunteers. Less push towards "group think" but still maintaining integrity of threads (saging) and board culture (piss off newfags). I hope it works out!
As for transparency, I think that's what many anons who post their bans in this thread are looking for. It will also help hold jannies & the ban-complainers accountable when everybody knows the rules/expectations instead of feeling like it's a mystery or dependent on which janny happened to be on to catch the report at that time.

No. 24579

Can we do something about the Pakistani anon who feels the need to announce her nationality every time in thread? She can't keep anonymity and often derails every thread she inserts her opinion in

No. 24580

Which board are they in? I haven’t seen them yet kek

No. 24581

The /ot/ spam is still going, I guess someone just discovered us recently

No. 24582

This is why i never go on boards themselves, just threads

No. 24583

there is either a schizo or a bot spamming the dumbass shit thread

No. 24584

I think it’s time to lock /ot/ for a few days.

No. 24585

Seconded. Or even until school opens again for the twitter kids, either way.

No. 24586

I can't be the only one who thinks that the increase in cp being posted is because of the creepshow stuff. Braindead stans of hers are posting cheese pizza because they are pissed that admin revealed her post history.

No. 24587

Samefag but kiwifags might also be posting this trash

No. 24588

I think so too, the guy who was posting loli yesterday or the day before outright mentioned the kf thread

No. 24589

Uhhh? cp was posted way before the creepshow shit

No. 24590

yeah that anon is retarded. cp raids have been happening here for literal years.

No. 24591

Plus the current particularly bad raids have been going on since at least February this year

No. 24592

File: 1625172790703.jpeg (24.39 KB, 700x395, habib-rizieq-santap-nasi-mandi…)

they need islam

No. 24593

I keep seeing her in snow and ot. Specifically the mtf and effina threads, already annoying both threads get derailed every other post with blog posting

No. 24594

No retard I was talking about the recent ones

No. 24595

the attention whore or larping scrote who keeps posting selfies, for the love of god stop it

No. 24596

the "recent" ones have still been going on for months, newfag

No. 24598

Can take any new pics? Gotta spam the same stale old ones? Fag

No. 24599

I'm leaning toward larping scrote, why would some rando care so much to ban evade?

No. 24600

bdp ethos transcend reason. you underestimate lonely people online

No. 24601

she posted a tiktok in an earlier thread, and it appeared to be the same person as in the pics, idk

No. 24602


just looking at her accounts I think she's genuinely special needs or something definitely several sandwiches short of a picnic

No. 24603

Everyone should just stop interacting with them and replying to their threads. Being ignored is the best punishment for bpd trolls lmao

No. 24604

Autist is continuing to spam three threads on g and a new one on ot

No. 24605

Stop replying with this unfunny image whenever someone acts degenerate, it's annoying and it makes you look like a scrote

No. 24606

tbh i think that girl is legitimately retarded

No. 24611

File: 1625190671234.png (90.21 KB, 500x389, allah-save-you.png)

No. 24612

admin should do it. The last time she did was hilarious. For every anon who whines about it ITT should be temp banned with a special "Summer is in!" message that redirects them to crystal cafe.

No. 24613

/ot/ anons all want special little pats because all of their feelings matter so hard. then they come here and screech about banning someone because someone had the audacity to disagree with them.

No. 24614

Yeah, never deal with adversity, just SHUT IT DOWN! SHUT IT ALL DOWN ADMIN! Close /ot/, close /mtf/ thread, close the Belle Dolphin thread and… well while you are at it just throw the whole site in the trash! That will fix things and these suggestions are totally not coming from people who are seething at the site at all!

>spam annoying shit

>complain about annoying shit in /meta/
>ask admin to shut it down because of all the annoying shit being spammed
Mastermind plan, I could never even come up with this!

No. 24615

lol seethe

No. 24616

File: 1625235582124.jpeg (27.86 KB, 510x278, 56a.jpeg)

trannies are angry this summer

No. 24617

You fucking nonce, if you could see past your blind rage, you'd know the anon I was replying to said close /ot/ for a day (which I agree with since the board needs cleaning up). I hope to god this is just shitty bait and you're not actually this retarded.

No. 24618

you forreal?? anon pls lmao this is only proving their post to be true.

No. 24619

just leave it all open and let the autism fester, it's organic

No. 24621

Retarded question but if /ot/ is locked aren’t autists just going to spam the other boards?

No. 24623

Mods, please do something about these anons who freakout when people ask for proof. They've been trying to incite infighting for some reason. I've already reported the infighting anons. >>>/w/158397 They need to just take it to meta at this point instead of making 6 posts samefagging about 'wk anon kek' without adding anything to the thread. If you're going to crop images to omit that on purpose, I see why anons ask.

No. 24624

We already had the "Shut /ot/ down!" conversation a few months ago, but I still don't get why people think /ot/ should be closed (even if it's only for one day) and not the other boards. The recent influx newfags came from /snow/, and I'm pretty sure that when we get raided the drama boards are targeted the most (like the cp/gore spams, or the trannys that were spamming in the MTF thread).

No. 24625

i just think it'd be funny tbh, considering what happened last time

No. 24626

How about instead of closing /ot/ or any other threads, you anons just don’t click or simply hide them or you can leave the site all together. Why not put your energy into whining about something important, something that isn’t a collection of threads including one titled ‘Dumbass Shit’.

No. 24627

who was complaining about that thread specifically? did you miss the weird spam that happened the other day?

No. 24628

Nobody is freaking out, but you keep deleting your posts when called out for never being satisfied with proof and you deleted all the posts where you accused me of being the scrote from Nicole’s leak sites. It’s almost as if you want to gatekeep any and all discussion of Nicole, even when decent milk is brought up.

No. 24629

File: 1625243495426.jpeg (258.58 KB, 1011x1800, 9FB58BE6-760F-49F9-93C7-030926…)

If you’re going to bother farmhands by mass reporting you should probably mention that 90% of the infighting is done by you. When I showed a screenshot of Nicole charging $100 for PPV you demanded to know the specific website of her leak sites, and when shown that too you started accusing everyone of being the scrotes from the leak site and tinfoil of everything being selfposting. The only person in there infighting is you, anon

No. 24630

I deleted them because there was no reason to post them. Learn to prune your posts too. Posting about a wk every time an anon asks for proof makes no sense. Maybe post timestamps and other post info instead of cutting them off.

No. 24631

Retarded tinfoil and accusing anons of being leak site scrotes is really stupid, you mean to say you deleted evidence just so you can hop on meta and complain, when it takes two to tango (or in this case infight).
Cropping posts to show the specific milk I’m referring to is actually meant to be helpful, no important information was cut either.

No. 24633

I think i finally found the unfunny website spamming us with soyjak images. It's soyjak.party. Someone on crystal cafe found it

No. 24635

Because I didn't want to infight and mods can see deleted posts, btw. Its just deleting it from the thread because there was no point after second thoughts.

No. 24636

File: 1625245830330.jpeg (12.4 KB, 259x194, 8D469CFC-3438-408B-9AEE-E64C11…)

You literally accused anons of being leak site scrotes just for discussing milk on two separate occasions, if you don’t want to infight stop fucking accusing everyone of being Nicole’s OF subscribers

No. 24638

You seriously need to calm down about a deleted post.

No. 24639

File: 1625246219987.jpeg (50.07 KB, 591x153, 15664AF9-4E8E-4806-8226-DE938C…)

You forgot to delete one of them. Also maybe just don’t make retarded tinfoil claims and then mass report everyone and whine in meta?

No. 24641

Why don't you just report it then?

No. 24642

First of all I did, and secondly because you’re here and I can just tell you to stop. Are you done?

No. 24643

Maybe admin should make all boards hidden except /pt/, /snow/ and /w/. Farmers would know how to access the boards, newfags and spammers wouldn't. Also "discord" should be filtered to "dicksauce".

No. 24644

No. 24645

This is a good suggestion, I’m on board w it

No. 24646

I have noticed that the moderation has been getting better recently so thanks for this admin-sama

No. 24647

Newfags. This your first influx of new users? Stroke your ego by pretending never to have been one.
Moderation is awesome lately, I simply can't believe someone's doing such a good job for free. It must be pure love of drama. Respect.

No. 24648

I think they mean newfags who refuse to integrate, because the ones who do and take the time to learn the site will be able to find all boards

No. 24649

Never before have we taken such measures, and there's no need to.
Keep your ego's in check. We're all anonymous here.

No. 24650

>We're all anonymous here.
except for the dozens of people namefagging and putting in their actual emails lol

No. 24651

Report and move on, as said 10000x times.
This is not your sikrit club. It's a shittalking imageboard.

No. 24652

Starting to think maybe Admin wasn't completely in the wrong with some of the manhaters on this site being completely deranged. I didn't know full on female incels were a real thing tbh.

No. 24654

welcome to the internet?

No. 24655

let me guess, they immediately awaken your inner captain-save-a-scrote and you derail the thread hoping that the mad incels who lurk here see this and pick you? just report, hide and move on lmao

No. 24656

get her ass

No. 24657

AYRT. There's already hidden boards. Anyone who's been around long enough knows what they are. Newfags would just have to take the time to lurk. It would also help the farmhands deal with spam. If the spammer doesn't know that other boards exist, those boards aren't going to spammed with cp, gore and what ever else is in a mentally ill tranny's fap folder. Another benefit of hidden boards would be less scrote posting.

No. 24658

Dead boards. Why do you need to twist the truth on a gossip website to make a point. And they'll presumably show on the front page when you bump them. Nothing what you suggest is useful. I say again: curb your ego. You are Anonymous. You are no different to me than anyone who came yesterday. See the beauty in that and stop being a gatekeeping bitch.

No. 24659

What dead boards are they referring to?

No. 24660

Most newfags come from googling people and landing on /snow/ or retarded youtubers straight up linking snow threads.

No. 24661

Gatekeeping is good

No. 24662

Nta but what are you so mad for? It doesn’t sound like an ego thing, by all means let’s hear your suggestion on making it more difficult for cp and gore raiders. >>24649 imagine having your panties in a bunch over a harmless suggestion

No. 24663

This would be so funny. Please admin, make all the off-topic boards hidden but don't mention it to any of the users. The salt from anons reee'ing
Would be magnificent.

No. 24664

fuck admin
fuck jannies
fuck mods(thank you for your feedback)

No. 24665

No, it's the femcels who constantly derail threads that talk about men cause they can not help themselves but write 7 paragraphs about how much they hate men and that they all need to be killed for being deeply evil. I report it all the time and they get banned but they just keep doing it because they are as obsessed as incels are. Honestly replace the word man with woman on these rants and its not any different than the moids on incel forums. You're not any better, you're just as bitter except maybe it's even more pathetic for you to obsess over moids this much since we don't need them at all while incels are mad because they need us. I don't need to get picked either, stop projecting on me.

No. 24666

If they get banned then why are you still complaining? They're obviously not going to read this and think "You know what? You're right. I should change my ways." I hate to break it to you but not everybody is going to behave or talk how you want them to so you'll just need to get over it. Like that anon said, report and move on. Don't act entitled. Unless…?

No. 24667

>Honestly replace the word man with woman on these rants and its not any different than the moids on incel forums.
where are the femcels that want to rape men, get shota bfs, or shoot up schools after being rejected?

No. 24668

i think yall are misunderstanding anon, she wants to FUCK the jannies, admin, and mods

No. 24669

File: 1625333234414.jpg (389.67 KB, 1080x1608, Screenshot.jpg)

ok i know this is playing further into your moid wk derail, but here goes: i know the exact thread you're talking about and i followed the whole chimpout. it was a psychotic pickme (likely you) who wrote a novel first. you were also literally the first one to utter that all men are rapists who need to be killed because that's what you got from some pp sperg saying that it's men's fault that they are coomers, and you're STILL going off there expecting spergs not to respond to you so you can have the last word. so thottie, if you can't handle coomers of all people being shittalked in a coomer femboy thread then what are you even doing here? are you a kiwidditor who's suffering from increased scrotal sensitivity and needs special accommodations?(We don't give a fuck )

No. 24670

Ngl the last part was pretty based until they went all red pill blue pill sperg

No. 24673

File: 1625348332127.png (88.26 KB, 1836x668, sperging.png)

Why do you lie like this when people can just look it up? Anon literally started this discussion by saying that 5 year old toddlers are rapists.

Seek help.

No. 24674

In the femdom thread.

No. 24675

to be fair she isn't wrong that male toddlers sexually harass the girls around them

No. 24677

Please autoban everyone with kiwifarm posting in their cookies.

No. 24680

Someone is spamming /w/ (and probably other boards) with hentai and retarded shit

No. 24681


No. 24682

File: 1625358717890.jpeg (119.79 KB, 750x326, C57A7A4B-3092-43B5-A1A5-800B7A…)

I don't know if most these accounts are posters, lurkers, or accounts unaware who started engaging due to seeing people they follow do so but some twitter radfems were engaging with stwabewymilk and one dummy posted this.

I follow the femdon thread religiously there has not been a school shooter fantasy yet. Hope you manifested it into happening though.

No. 24685

all the more reason why anyone with an ounce of sanity should avoid the femdom thread

No. 24686

Probably the same ones throwing fits about not getting their GC.

No. 24687

It's the same for the femboy thread, almost all the cows discussed there namedropped lolcow on their twitter several times to cry about it(before the thread was even made or before they were talked about), which leads me to believe there's a lot of tranny selfposting going on in there.

No. 24688


No. 24689

Lmao stop concern trolling I know exactly what you’re doing and you’re a fucking weasel for trying. Man-hating and misandry is accepted here with the exception of making threads centered around that very topic because it was drawing too much incel spam/backlash and radfems who think this is a terf website. There is no equivalence to incels.co where every 5 seconds there’s some smelly dumbass making threads about justifying pedophilia because they can’t even get people their own age or rape because they can’t get anyone to consent to hop on their micropenis for the night and users here who post about hating men. I’ve not seen one anon advocate for widespread male rape, government sanctioned breeding for men, forced marriage for men. Integrate, learn the culture or gtfo, because misandry will never be the same as misogyny not in another lifetime, not when the pigs fly.

No. 24690

If your manhate is so fierce that you can't help yourself but compeltely derail threads for several days and keep ban evading several times it's you who needs to integrate and also seek therapy.

No. 24691

unironically this.
>there are no pedo-chans
Um. You should talk to that one anon who went off about her sexual fantasy about raping a shota and how it'd be totally cool because he's a male and would probably get off to it. I'm sure you two would get along great.

No. 24692

No, cry harder

Oh dear, you must be very new here. One instance does not represent the whole community, nor does it even begin to compare to the millions of /r9k/ dwellers talking about why they should rape women, doesn’t compare to the scrotes who keep spamming gore and CP on these boards. You also never really know who’s behind what post, so how do you know that shotafag isn’t a male?

No. 24693

The ones currently doing the derailing are you and other suspiciously similar anons in other threads who starting to cry immideately about terfs and radfem invasions when anon mentions the poor poor y chromosomes in a simple post. Example given here >>>/ot/844596

No. 24694

That's one anon. The majority hate shotacon and usually those kind of posts are shat on.

No. 24695

Can the thread about Kittyphina be autosaged already? It’s literally one vandetta chan always bumping it with weird shit and zero milk!

No. 24696

File: 1625409539696.jpeg (42.9 KB, 612x612, toddler.jpeg)

Does this trigger you? Hide yo daughters, hide your girlfriends, hide your cats! He's coming right for you!

No. 24697

Why are you defending anyone regardless of gender for fantasizing about fucking kids at all. Wtf? Does it matter? Get that shit off lolcow.

No. 24698

Literally what thread? I've never seen that, and if such a post does exist, who tf even agreed with that "anon", and how do we know it wasn't yet another coombrained scrote or troon posting his own fantasies?
It's like the person upthread who was claiming there were anons who had a fetish for shooting up men or something.
Why do you guys lie?

No. 24699

What was the reason we couldn't have a critical kpop thread? And is there any way it might be brought back??

Personally miss having some place to dump on some of the music but also share and find new music.

No. 24700

twitterfags. also go to choachan or whatever it's called

No. 24701

Dude the femdom thread and /ot/ are fucking full of femanons constantly posting about how much they love male guro and love to see men cut up and beat up. I see it all the time.

No. 24702

Can't tell if sarcasm or severely bullshitting. Also

No. 24703

Fuck admin
Marry jannies
Kill mods

No. 24704

>the femdom thread and /ot/ are fucking full of femanons
As they should be, as moidanons shouldn't be here.

No. 24705

you don't need to do that here, we're all women
>how much they love male guro and love to see men cut up and beat up

No. 24707

Btw on lolcow, it isn't a "it's okay nonny we're all women wink wink"

Moids and trannies absolutely fuck off. You guys cannot integrate and it's obvious. The ones that get away with it are smart and quiet, and don't start shit when gc/pp women spout about their appropriate male hatred. "B-BUT RADFEM" No stfu. We do not care.

Males, please kick the chair, even the gay ones.

No. 24708

Are we not allowed to post news od transwomen beating women in contests or sports in mtf thread? I see these posts all the time and same with transwomen having bulges, but the bans on that thread seem cherry picked. Allowing posts like that on thread anons assume they are okay to post then get banned there should be at least red tag on posts that get you banned. Snowflake behavior is vague when you consider all trannies snowflakes. I'm legit confused is all because there is new reporting about riots in LA over WI spa which is actively discusses there atm.

No. 24709

God you pedantic fucks are so fucking tiring. Can't even say the words woman or femanon without having 10 spergs screech at you "WHY DO YOU EVEN NEED TO SAY THIS?! ARE YOU NOT A WOMAN?!"

No. 24710

you will never be a woman

No. 24711

Just go back to kf, you aren't fooling anyone.

No. 24712

back to kf, male

No. 24713

File: 1625431305990.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 3q3RJH77.jpg)

No. 24714

The wise ol hair with the lashes on flêęk

No. 24715

lmao why do you lie tho? or did you want to put your bpd on display? it merely says that there are cases of toddlers doing this. you pickmes then chimped out and escalated with a retarded 7 paragraph tl;dr with conspiracies about the government castrating men with porn and overwatch. pp spergs had their containment thread taken away after weeping cunts like you complained, so why do you indulge them whenever they post bait and then complain about derailing? you did this, revel in your success as they trigger you in every unrelated thread. this will not stop until you learn to hide and ignore posts. you will seethe with cognitive dissonance, crytype endless tl;drs about femcels and cats, mash the report button as they ban evade and post more, you'll then pop another box of wine and seethe more as he leaves you on read for another day, completely unimpressed by your efforts at penile conservation on an anonymous forum. this is the future you chose.

moreover, if you read anything negative about males that's factually true, and all your cum pickled brain sees is THEY WANT TO MURDER ALL MEN AND THINK ALL MALE CHILDREN RAPE REEEE, are YOU sure you're mentally stable enough to browse imageboards, especially female centric ones, presumably after seeking them out because moid boards are too misogynistic for you? don't get mad when anons think you're either a scrote or some pill popping boymommy, literally nobody else would be so personally invested.

im calling lolcow's future: we will continue indulging more and more scrotes and scrotefondlers like this one until it becomes completely pozzed and dies like crystalcafe. then at some point another girl board will emerge, countless PULL/kiwi/reddit cumgarglers who can't handle 4chan due to its casual misogyny will eventually start whining because the board is too man hating uwu. more scrotes feel safe and welcome, board is pozzed and dead again.(we don't give a fuck)

No. 24716

>come to report an entirely different issue
>see that the kiwifags are once again concern trolling about evil manhate anons "derailing threads" with no examples besides one crazy fuck in a coomer thread fantasizing about raping shotas as if this was a widespread phenomenon and excluding the possibility of it being planted scrote bait like most of the bigoted and horrible posts on this site
moids need to leave

No. 24717

You really need to talk to a professional about whoever abused you. Holy shit.

No. 24718

Nayrt but overwatch is for mentally ill incels

No. 24719

Not a newfag but I mostly only lurk in /w/, why is a large section of lc becoming a gender war? Like I can’t believe because of all the infighting in meta I had to read a weird conspiracy about men with my own two eyes

No. 24720

>trying to use rape as an own while concern trolling
>im totally a girl uwu(Ban evasion)

No. 24721

Because faggot males can't integrate and now we have to deal with the consequences of that.

No. 24722

Careful, femcels acting like scrotes chimp out when called out.

No. 24723

>using being abused as an insult
NTA and don't necessarily agree with all the other anon's points, but there are exactly two kinds of people who do this. Neither belong here.

No. 24724

File: 1625445668719.jpg (64.72 KB, 1055x315, the unpicked.jpg)

It's the same one chimping about Jewish porn conspiracies in the femboy thread and accusing everyone of being "super duper molested".
Does this still make you seethe?

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child-on-child_sexual_abuse(Still ban evading )

No. 24725

This thread is for complaints and emergency reports, not for a display of untreated mental illness. The thread will get unlocked when it actually serves a constructive purpose that isn't a waste of time.

No. 24733

Can you please clean out the year old permabans from VPN IP ranges? I really doubt whatever scrote was banned 5 years ago using a VPN still comes here on that same IP and it is very annoying for VPN users who haven't done anything wrong to constantly see year-old ban messages.

No. 24734

i think a clean-up of shayna's thread is necessary. there's one exceptional anon in particular who is absolutely adamant that her dog is not 'a looker', whatever the fuck that means, and non-stop fighting over whether or not fupaul is milky anymore that's getting stale fast.

No. 24735

the anon that keeps excusing their autism/retardation with "but we're bored/there's no milk!1" needs to go too

No. 24736

When will the Venus angelic thread finally be out of auto-sage?

No. 24738

Can emojis be allowed in the positivity thread in ot? Sometimes I just want to post smileys while I'm in there.

No. 24739

Please appeal them and a mod will remove the ban.

No. 24740

Theres a moid posting in /pt/

No. 24746

Okay any janny that’s online I genuinely have a question and a slight complaint, have you noticed the increase of racebaiting today? Especially posts made towards black and middle eastern people or is it just me? There’s a strange influx of these spergs making underhanded jabs against these groups and are always highly sensitive when they’re told to shut the fuck up because no one cares.

No. 24747

Which board is this in? I have noticed some of it in /w/ especially some idiot saying it’s cultural appropriation to be a black Barbie kek, but other than that haven’t seen the Middle Eastern thing you’re talking about, which is not even a race,

No. 24748

The Charls and Effina thread in /snow is just racesperging a-go-go

No. 24749

Does using phrases like "not the xyz" or "it's the xyz for me" not count as poorly integrating? I've been seeing it around a lot since the creepshow art stuff, it always reads as if the poster is underage and/or a twitterfag

I think we need another hellweek.

No. 24750

File: 1625831012076.jpeg (208.21 KB, 683x1047, EF231CBD-8DBB-4983-9D33-9F8204…)

What the hell? I’m not a scrote or underaged so why was I immediately permabanned for an unspecified reason.

No. 24752

Damn, it's almost like there are specific instructions in this screenshot that will allow you to take certain steps to fix this.

No. 24753

typically it takes many bans and violations for you to be banned on all boards.
Check what your previous bans were about so you can know why you were banned everywhere and maybe you can stop ban evading.

No. 24754

I've seen it before creepshow and it has nothing to do with twitter.

No. 24755

it's just zoomer phrasing

No. 24756

Sorry if this has been addressed before, I didn’t see a conclusive answer when I checked the rules and I don’t remember seeing anything on previous threads, but does posting pics of the cow from when they were below 16 fall under the no minors rule?

No. 24757

You can post them if they're under 16 as long as its a publicly available picture AND they have to be over the age of 18 now, I'm pretty sure

No. 24758

File: 1625863825932.jpg (31.22 KB, 506x575, 10675606_571426819658827_13457…)

Sex offender arrested after police find deep-fried human remains while responding to burglary call

Law Enforcement Today Menu

Sex offender arrested after police find deep-fried human remains while responding to burglary call

Screenshot: Local media report

Sex offender arrested after police find deep-fried human remains while responding to burglary call

Posted by: Gregory Hoyt|February 16, 2021 |CategoriesFeatured, Investigations


PHILADELPHIA, PA – A 47-year-old convicted sex offender was recently arrested after police responding to a burglary call happened upon something much more disturbing than stolen goods.

The suspect in question was reportedly not only in possession of a dismembered cadaver – police also allege he’s connected with some discovered deep-fried body parts.

No. 24759

No. 24760

bring back the man-hate thread

No. 24766

Someone is bumping really old threads on /w/, just saying really dumb shit like “who?” And I can’t help but think it’s a cow who wants their thread hidden so they’re bumping all these old threads to be at the top or something.

No. 24767

Do mods even check /w/? I’ve been reporting those weird bumps and posts for days and nothing happens

No. 24768

the hi-cowing in the efina thread is ridiculous

No. 24769

If you like man hate threads, you should come over to Crystal Café. We have a pinkpill/man hate thread as well as a tranny hate thread. Technically we have multiple man hate threads. You can just start more if you like, we don't have strict rules and you can do as you please without getting banned

No. 24770

That thread is full of unsaged posts just going hi cow, "look I unphotoshopped her pics", and some racesperging. I thought it'd be interesting at the start but it honestly just reads like a PULL thread, does anyone else get that feeling?

No. 24771

No. 24773

Post this in /b/ or something retard

No. 24774

The Effina thread has the most retarded, samefagging illiterate racist anon in it who just writes post after post talking about her skin color and saying disgusting things. I don't even follow this cow but I see this anon's moronic posts as I scroll /snow and they're absolutely pathetic.

No. 24776

Yeah, I agree. I don't lurk that thread often, but whenever I do it just seems like a ton of "hi cow"-ing and racebaiting.

No. 24777

File: 1625987190490.jpeg (270.45 KB, 1011x1800, 359D2CEA-9C00-4F83-AD4F-EB5B3A…)

Every so often we get a few days of peace in the Nicole /w/ thread, then the same sperg shows up disagreeing with every single anon and telling them to calm down for correcting them or showing proof. It’s been like this for the past 3 threads on /w/ and /meta/ and it’s very clearly all one person with too much time and dedication

No. 24778

You sound like you do need to calm down.

No. 24779

Kekw regardless this >>24050 is not normal

No. 24781

File: 1626005392043.jpeg (520.1 KB, 828x1439, EED4C5DB-6D21-4DF0-9413-81D7C5…)

Please auto sage the new Venus Angelic thread, anons are just bumping it for nitpick commentary and non contribution, >>24736

No. 24782

As usual with lolcow. Nitpicking is apparently milk.

No. 24784

I'm laughing that you told some rando you think is the same anon to go to meta but you're the little bitch who went to meta. Stop trying to attack anyone who isn't you, anon. You sound unhinged all for the sake of complaining about someone's tits and how much you hate their tits. You really do need to calm down. The thread is full of nitpicking and even when she's not at fault like her recent Cassie skinwalking her, its still Nicole's fault somehow? Make that make sense. If you're going to post milk and have an active thread, deal with anons coming in and questing stuff, especially when dates are constantly removed and the mass amounts of nitpicking about her filter usage. How many times do you need to complain about her non-saggy tits being saggy and "uwu she's using a face filter for the 373674 time!!! What am ugly catfish whoooore!!"

Just chill.

No. 24785

The autism is strong with this one

No. 24786

Yes, nitpick her tits more. Get autosaged for it.

No. 24787

Complaining about a thread to mods in /meta/ isn’t attacking you, anon, and sorry to let you know I haven’t commented on Nicole’s tits once/not that anon. I suggest you log off if you can’t handle a single complaint because it’s ruining the quality of a ethot thread lol

No. 24788

You do realize all the appearance nitpicking you’re having a meltdown over is saged, right?

No. 24789

Hey samefag, cope. Meta and /w/ don't your retarded cross-thread infighting.

No. 24790

You don’t need to mini-mod for an ethot that creates porn to pay for the cars she crashes

No. 24791

No part of that was mini-modding. Stop tinfoiling everyone is a WK. These are replies to spergouts. Not everyone has to go apeshit over nitpicks or else they are against you somehow, anon.

No. 24792

Nobody called you a WK but nice projection. >>24784 This is the only spergout I see, it’s like you camp meta to make sure nobody is complaining about you. The clownery

No. 24793

File: 1626061671343.jpeg (280.03 KB, 828x1217, 969319F6-0D74-47D2-9B70-56905E…)

They wonder why their thread gets auto-saged

No. 24794

What exactly is this showing? Why don't you guys ever link to the posts? Mods can't do shit and don't plan to wade through threads to find the posts if no one is reporting it. What would the report even be? Not agreeing with you?

No. 24795

Why are you having a meltdown? I’m asking to auto-sage a whole thread. I have never posted or taken part in that thread before but it’s constantly getting bumped since it’s a new Venus Angelic thread. The old ones were all on auto-sage.

No. 24796

There are several that should be auto-saged. Nitpicking and retarded comments, as well as infighting, apparently doesn't cut it anymore. The retarded Nicole thread has these retards >>24777 baiting and infighting and constantly bumping the threads and nothing there either. The jannies don't seem to care if threads derail with nitpicking and no contribution posts anymore. It's in the update.

No. 24797

But with the Nicole thread there is one consistent angry anon who doesn’t like anyone discussing her. I have never seen that much dedication to hating a thread just look at >>24623
After checking it there is also someone consistently camping there reading saged posts with a retort to everything written 2 seconds later.

No. 24798

Mikan and Lori have the same issues with their threads. Regardless of who camps and if it even is the same anons, which is paranoia on your part, doesn't matter. The mods don't care about the useless stuff anymore and those two threads also have people calling out reaches and infighting. Just have to deal with it.

No. 24799

Fair point, Mikan’s thread atm is just anons reposting year old stuff from the pull archive, it’s pretty shit lol

No. 24800

Come on now, there's like 4-5 unsaged posts for a total of 60, not a bad ratio if you ask me. Sure, some are dumb nipticks (that you can report) but if you compare to other w/ threads, it's not a big deal (Funny that you didn't include the unsaged moralfagging WK in your collage btw)

No. 24802

File: 1626103179311.jpg (76.72 KB, 569x932, wtfmods.JPG)

Driverfagging thread is for fans, not haters. IDK why this mod is suggesting people who dislike him should shit it up. Make your own hate thread on /m/ if you need to whine about an actor so much

No. 24803

File: 1626103277780.jpg (96.65 KB, 1796x523, wtfmods2.JPG)

in case it's not clear

No. 24804

That was weird, yes.

No. 24805

I get the point of a containment thread, but I don't see what good would be allowing haters posting their cold takes. Unless there is some secret agenda of nuking the thread for infighting (which would eventually happen for sure if 'omg he so ugly, het women have no taste' was constantly posted). Between gif spams and hornyposting, we actually have discussion of merit, so it would be a shame if it got ruined by pointless vitriol.

No. 24806

can/will there be another egirl thread? the last one got locked for exceeding post limit and no new one has been made

No. 24808

can we lock the effina and lsa threads?

No. 24809

There’s an insane amount of necro threads being bumped on /snow/ and /w/

No. 24811

Agree. The Effina thread could be ok as long as the race stuff is reeled in, but the LSA thread is just being used as an excuse to racebait and have dumb debates about black women

No. 24812

That thread is full of scrotes and god forbid fembots ew. I don’t know why anyone here would give two shits about her/him.

No. 24814

This reeks of newfag. Go to thread suggestions in /pt/ if you really want that twitterfag shit show to continue.

No. 24815

Please unlock the lsa thread, it was originally supposed to discuss on cow behavior in that site but obvious fonts intentionally used racebait to have it locked.

No. 24816

>it was originally supposed to discuss on cow behavior
it seemed to have racebait from the start tbh

No. 24819

go talk about it on any other site anon, or better yet just go on lsa!! You wanna talk about the people there im sure they'll allow a thread for drama on the site(if there isnt already one)

Plus that thread on /ot was obviously made a bitter anon who got mad that black women can be racist too, like any other group of people

No. 24820

make a thread on cc or /cow/

No. 24821

Fucking christ mods ban that racesperg in /ot/ already. She's been going on racebait meltdowns for two days straight attacking anons left and right.

No. 24826

Idiotic 4chan brown guy creating posts on /meta/ /w/ and spamming various other threads in boards like /snow/

No. 24827

Dumb brown boy sperg

No. 24828


No. 24829

File: 1626284985674.jpeg (407.82 KB, 828x1045, 1221DD17-92C9-4F24-90AD-F71720…)

The Effina and Charls thread is full of unsaged blogposting, cowtipping, racebaiting, emoji using morons.

No. 24830

No. 24831

She probably means the retard who keeps spamming photos of his ass

No. 24832

Samefag but can admins just delete the post when it happens, not just the image? I know that hes ban evading but delete his posts its clogging the threads

No. 24834

Can mods make a mention at all that nitpicking filters isn't milk in >>>/w/155594 at this point? Anons spam post that she's using filters just to nitpick and bring up her nose again and derailing nitpicki about that for the 30th time. It's rinse and repeat because they have nothing new to talk about just like posting old milk. Its been 3 threads. Anons are tired of seeing it and they can't involve themselves in the thread due to the gatekeeping 2018 sociopath who brags about keeping tags on her.

Can mods make that the rule for the thread just like discussing Belle's vagina filters and Moo's boob vein?

No. 24835

And this infighting by trying to bait anons for deleted posts as if that's not a normal thread function. >>>/w/161080

No. 24836

Eagerly awaiting the shit flinging competition that is about to happen. Observing nonitas, are we team "hide the thread" or "stop nitpicking" this time kek?

No. 24837

The nitpicking is as bad as other threads needing certain topics banned from them. It's not new to know she uses filters on everything she does. It's obvious in the photos. Posting daily to complain about how she can't go a day without using filters, isn't milk. It's using lolcow as a personal posting archive. An anon even admitted to keeping tabs on her since 2018 and seems like a photodrop/comparison thread instead at this point. There is a photoshop thread for that.

No. 24838

It doesn’t seem to be a filter discussion though? It’s fillers. Aka injections/plastic surgery.

No. 24839

As expected… Idk why you care this much but you do you.

That's what I thought but I'm more interested in observing the 100th meta shit fight on the topic.

No. 24840

>Sociopath who keeps tabs on Nicole’s social media
Imagine my shock when anons keep tabs on cows.

No. 24843

File: 1626365165083.jpeg (30.71 KB, 377x192, B392EE4C-4DA6-4063-8A66-F34675…)

Sorry for autism but which of these emails do admin/mods use? Or is it the same?

No. 24844

Both as over discussed. Its been talked about since thread 1, anons are now using it as an excuse to post side by side with old milk. What's the point of pointing it out every chance that anons get? Like anons pointing out Moo's tit veins when yes, we know. It's obvious she's has fillers on her face, move on. Anons don't need to say it every thread, over and over. Same with fillers and now it's some retarded 'Has she gained weight, look at her fat arms, hurr durr stretched out, but anon thats model poses". It's discussing about weight gain really milk? Like really? Is it milk because you can use it as an excuse to complain about filters again and editing? The thread sucks to read when she seemed milky with scams and all, but this shit is stupid.

No. 24845

One is probably for lower admins/mods and the other for the actual site admin. Why not just send the same message to both?

No. 24847

>Anons don't need to say it every thread, over and over.
nta and I've not ever really been invested in the whole "infighting over nitpicking" thing but this specific line stood out. You realize that new people use this site every day right? Or even someone who has been in the off topic boards, they come over to /pt/ or /snow/ for the first time. They shouldn't have to scroll back to see all of the times an anon has commented on those things. They're
just trying to fit in, so to speak. They shouldn't be punished for that, necessarily

No. 24848

They can go back and read threads. Thats what they are supposed to do and have always done. That's a bad excuse.

No. 24849

It’s really hard to get what exactly you’re mad about. Repetition and nitpicking is annoying yes, but it’s strange to be upset at anons for keeping tabs on Nicole, that’s how milk works. Most of the anons are making fun of the thot’s hypocrisy of sex work and plastic surgery, so that’s why discussion of fillers is relevant. But if it bothers you to this extent I suggest only checking up with the thread once every couple of weeks rather than every day.

No. 24850

A mod already handled the posting of old milk to prove of she used to say she wouldn't do this. Anons have said that since thread 2 as well. Again, it's just an excuse to post old milk and to relate it to what she does now. You can tell that's all it is because it's repeatedly old milk and the parroting "But now she does xyz" and it's the same xyz. Not every instance of her saying it needs to be pointed out in order to prove she is doing sex work now vs then. No shit she does it now. What gave it away?

No. 24851

Read every post though? And what if they have "hide saved posts" turned on? They shouldn't need to read every single shitpost in my opinion. I understand this sentiment for milk, but I don't understand this for nitpicking.

No. 24852

Just to add, if your thread consists of barely any unsaged posts because its nitpicking and bullshit about what weight she is now and complaining about saggy boobs instead of recent milk, that's a complete issue. Most of the threads have been saged posts or on autosage because of this and that's what is happening to this thread too because anons are using saging as a reason to post and nitpick.

Mods might as well autosage it.

No. 24853

Yes. Other threads tell newfags to fuck off and read old threads too. Anons have complained about not wanting to spoonfeed anons before, so why would they start now just to justify the posts?

No. 24854

>She seemed milky with scams and all?
Which scam in particular? Because even when anons bring her scamming habits up there’s still always one anon complaining and nitpicking about how Nicole is a girlboss for scamming scrotes. Never happy even when there is fresh milk

No. 24855

Then ignore them and just post the recent milk? There are also anons trying to bait them and are snarky right back like this stuff >>24835 Why does it matter if it's deleted when those same anons are also deleting posts?

No. 24856

>Then ignore them
But I get the inkling that anon is you. There’s always one in particular that stands out like a sore thumb and it’s always only one person complaining about thread every day.

No. 24857

Apparently anons think everyone is the same anon. You can see it by how they complain about samefags constantly, but anon, it's an active thread near the top of W. Keep being paranoid.

No. 24858

No they should have to scroll back if they're newfags. That's how this imageboard works, we're not a hugbox. Newfags have to lurk and learn to integrate.

No. 24859

The same way one anon in Nicole’s thread always complains there’s only one anon nitpicking her face and body and stalking her since 2018. Oh the hypocrisy of your post.

No. 24860

Again, keep being paranoid when it's multiple anons who have called out the thread. I mentioned it because it's the only recent redtext ban. It is an anon bragging about keeping tabs on her since 2018. Where's the lie in the post? Anon admitted it. Lol Good argument though, I guess.

No. 24861

You are so worked up over Nicole’s appearance being commented on but it’s nothing speshul in the W board, you should check out Lori’s thread and you might just spontaneously combust.

No. 24864

Wrong anon. I'm >>24860 This anon >>24858 is not the same anon as me. I told you, it's not just one person tired of the Nicolefags. You guys want to skirt rules and complain when called out for it.

Forgot to sage. Oops.

No. 24865

As long as it’s recent milk you can’t really control what subjects anons can talk about. And clogging meta with Nicole discussion is just going to direct more anons to her thread and keep it very active. Good job.

No. 24866

Good, then anons should keep it concise without old milk. Just because a new photo is posted that anons think shows off her cosmetic surgeries and filters, doesn't make it new when it's already been discussed. Do you know what milk means? That's exactly why I keep bringing up Momokun's boob vein. Anons would use any new photo with it as a reason to bring it up every time, but just because it's a new photo doesn't make it new milk.

No. 24867

An anti-surgery thot getting plastic surgery is going to be discussed.
>Do you know what milk is?
I do. Do you know what a saged post is? >>24571 discussing her new face injections
are completely on topic. But if thots threads like Nicole, Moo, and Belle’s bother you to this extent I suggest you apply for a jannie or farmhand role.

No. 24868

Recent injections. Yes. Not anons posting about her nose over and over and over and nitpicking about it. It's like the Mikan thread in that way.

No. 24869

You can’t blame anons for discussing her nose injections when there’s one blind anon itt insisting that her nose looks the same and that it’s just angles. That alone is bound to make anons continue discussing it, and it’s understandable why.

No. 24870

Why don't you just ignore them? Don't engage.

No. 24871

Noted, but other anons respond to the obvious bait and will reply to that. This is what leads to one discussion carrying on and on, so if you want to play a blame game, it’s normally the anons requesting proof or denying milk that keeps the thread on the same prolonged discussion. Don’t you agree?

No. 24872

Not really, I don't see much of that in this recent thread. It's a two way street because both proofchans and nicolefags are replying to each other. I see why bringing up old milk and repeating the same things is annoying when it's what is filling these threads fast. Looking through, there isn't much new milk compared to old posts just for the sake of archiving and proving points to fight with anons. Again, it should be autosaged in general if everything posted is mostly saged to begin with. Even some recent milk, like I just checked and saw there is a post about her eye bruises, that's saged and that's actually good new milk. People who want to see those new posts now won't see it if they hide sgaed posts and soon it'll be buried in infighting and nitpicking again which anons already called out about why the threads are hard to navigate and keep up to date with already having to go through missing date posts and confusing the timelines.

No. 24873

Now you’re upset because of saged milk? Anon, stfu and enjoy the gossip site experience.

No. 24874

A couple of faggots in the MtF thread are trying to brigade. Tranny nanny must be dilating because no one's getting redtexted for it.

No. 24875

Lots of cowtipping in the mtf thread as well. It's funny to am extent but the point is to let them be in their natural habitat like the animals they are.

No. 24876

yeah wtf has been going on in that thread all day honestly

No. 24877

>Again, it should be autosaged in general if everything posted is mostly saged to begin with

Pretty obvious you're the same idiot who's been obsessed with the nicole thread getting autosaged for a year now. It's not gonna happen. If you used lolcow outside of the nicole thread you'd know most posts being saged is normal.

No. 24878

Many threads about female cows have nitpick thread pictures, comparisons and posts. Only thread where mods handled it well was Belle's. It is impossible to follow some threads without reading hundreds of posts about same nitpick.

No. 24879

That anon is retarded. I don’t understand how anons using the sage feature means a thread should be auto saged?

No. 24880

If most of the thread is saged with nitpicking and useless reposts, it makes sense. Anons are only saging because they got bans repeatedly for not doing it.

No. 24881

It's handled well in the Moo thread too.

No. 24882

File: 1626447512476.jpeg (167.19 KB, 828x510, C1174A7F-522E-459A-BDE5-F1BA9B…)

There’s a retard in Nicole’s thread accusing everyone of samefag posting about Nicole and being the same anon, when mods/admin can easily refute this.

No. 24883

>Nitpicking and useless posts
There is unsaged milk as recent as a few hours ago discussing her blocking anyone who calls out her OF scams. Seeth.

No. 24884

Anon you outted yourself by fucking up your 3 back to back posts. You are samefagging. Mods have even called out of before. Stop being embarrassing. You make it obvious. What I'm laughing about is how you're paranoid of multiple anons calling you out and saying it's the same, but your dumbass fucked up their comments of two different parts and edited them to split. Lol Go reply to yourself more on different IPs.

No. 24886

File: 1626448110703.jpeg (338.59 KB, 828x813, A5D0A883-6D44-44D4-B0E6-890641…)

Just to give you a state of peace for whatever the hell sperg meltdown you’re having, this is the only post I made out of the three you’re claiming are all one anon.

No. 24888

Mods will deal with it if, it is. You have a report function too.

No. 24889

No, sorry but I was browsing the thread when these were posted and that’s two different anons. Looked like one reposted to fix their post and the other reposted their reply to link to the new, proper post. Believe it or not but Nicole has more anons looking at her threads now.

No. 24890

This is such a retarded reach to make, that every single anon posting milk is always one anon samefagging and agreeing with each other. I deleted my post replying to Spanish anon because I saw that they deleted theirs and made a new one fixing typos, so I deleted mine and replied to the new one. The delete function exists for a reason. Next time hold your sperg horses before refreshing meta every 5 seconds because you’re angry.

No. 24891

Then you know there are anons who have a history of this by reading the farmhand comments from past threads about it.

No. 24892

Not even referring to deleted posts, but okay.

No. 24893

Most of the farmhand comments from the first thread are about a ban evading whiteknight, regardless this is all a year ago so why are you still holding onto your paranoia? You’re really ruining the Nicole thread by tagging two different anons, then getting angry and going to meta to check if anyone complained about you. Go back to your psych ward.

No. 24894

Are you stupid? The whole reason you think it’s one anon is because the posts were deleted and reposted.

No. 24895

No one is coming to meta to complain except Nicole posters?

No. 24897

Are you retarded? I’m saying that there’s one anon accusing two anons of samefag and when I (one of the anons they accused) come to meta to complain about this, they reply instantly angry and bitter >>24884
They really thought they did something, too.

No. 24898

You're kind of the only angry sounding anon here.

No. 24899

>>24894 There’s no use talking to them. They think two anons posting at the same time and agreeing with one another is samefag and will continue shitting up the thread with their conspiracy theories and disingenuous retorts to every post

No. 24900

At this point it’s gotta be bait, right? So much grasping for straws. Good lord.

No. 24901

I'm concerned this new thread about Asian men with white females+incels is going to lead into racebait

I don't think it belongs in /snow either. If it were in /ot/ and the focus was just making fun of AMWF couples, it might be better?

No. 24902

No, it's just racespergs trying to find ways around getting to post racebait.

No. 24903

It's already devolved into rampant racebait and it hasn't even been up for five hours.

No. 24904

bunch of shit threads on /pt/

No. 24905

Was just coming here to post this. We can't have the pink pill thread back but we can hate men of a specific race posting shitty misogynist things. Okay.

/pt/ is a dead board

No. 24906

It's a pretty active board??

No. 24909

Scrote bait thread in /ot/

No. 24910

and the funny thing is that the men in that thread dont even want to integrate, they are openly racebaiting and calling other users ''female''.

Wonder whats taking the mods so long to ban/delete the moid spam.
I remember a couple of weeks ago when there were tranny raids who were spamming gore , it took the mods a whole day to delete that, meanwhile on the same board they were banning people for posting fanart in some snow thread but they didnt have the time to ban all those gore posters…..hmmm

No. 24912

File: 1626525091110.png (244.45 KB, 1273x655, ThisSiteIsGoingToShit.png)

in /snow/

No. 24913

Jumping Dwarf is self posting in Kiwifarms thread. Can he get banned already?

No. 24914

>I remember a couple of weeks ago when there were tranny raids who were spamming gore , it took the mods a whole day to delete that, meanwhile on the same board they were banning people for posting fanart in some snow thread but they didnt have the time to ban all those gore posters…..hmmm

It's a very specific set of morons like you that bring this shit up like beating a dead horse, and then tinfoil like the mods are cool with gore instead of just maybe using your brains a lil bit. It's easy to imagine (well, a non-mentally ill person can imagine) that there could just be a mod (or mods) sitting and refreshing specific threads. Also you guys lie, and say >yEaH it took a WHOOOOOOLE day
when I remember that incident. It wasn't a whole day, it was a an hour max. Any other time that gore took longer to be taken down, it wasn't the same boards so it was very clear the mods of specific boards couldn't do anything about it.

No. 24915

>one hour maxx
Nice try but the gore stayed up for hours.
Any other retarded takes you have to share with the class.

No. 24916

Not them but no, it didn't. Also stop infighting.

No. 24918

Nah it didn't. I'm sure you'd like to imagine it did though.

No. 24919

Anon, shut up. Go complain about mods not doing everything asap for you specifically in regards to shitty people posting things out of their control until they are able to notice. They aren't on the computer 24/7. Get over it.

No. 24920

There’s an anon constantly going “hi scrote” every time someone posts milk of Nicole. >>>/w/161812 posting milk of someone being blocked by the cow and feeling scammed does not automatically make you a scrote.

No. 24921

So.. There's one vague hi scrote?

No. 24923

If you’re that anon, you do need to show up in meta every time someone makes a complaint about you. Read lolcow rules and follow them, don’t hi-scrote and tinfoil just because anons are discussing milk. The thread does not need your spergfests, just stfu and enjoy the milk.

No. 24924

You're paranoid

No. 24925

Not really, there’s always the same long battle in meta with one bitter anon who wants Nicole’s thread taken down.

No. 24926

It seems like it's all infighting in the thread, so its not just one anon.

No. 24927

Sadly it’s a back and forth between one anon who tries to counter-argue against proof/milk. Anons have shown proof of the cow spending thousands of dollars worth in injection fillers and Pokémon cards/nerd crap, as well as mentioning how wealthy her parents are, and anon is convinced the cow is as poor as she makes herself out to be in her sob stories when e-begging for subscribers on her only fans.

No. 24928

Anon no1currs about the specifics. Keep that in the thread. Don't spam up meta with your sob sorry about why. Just ignore it and didn't mods callout that the nicole poster also samefags? So everyone is samefagging or just stop being paranoid.

No. 24929

Thanks for finally locking the racebaiting LSA and ricecels thread but i just find it funny that ricecels got banned after like a day and it took like months for lsa to get locked. But better late then never I guess

No. 24930

It is censorship and it's sad.

No. 24931

Waiting for the shit flinging that's about to start from this interaction

No. 24932

It's not censorship to lock threads that attract racebaiters, anon. Those threads wouldn't have got locked if it weren't for the racist anons and scrotes.

No. 24933

Ban the bitches that made the fujohate thread, you all hate when women don't cater to men and it shows

No. 24934

Okay cuz let’s talk about it Fujos don’t even bother anyone these days they stay in their own little threads

No. 24935

The Fujo cringe thread was literally made 3 years ago

No. 24936

Agreed. Acknowledging that someone is a cow for their behaviour is not racist. I do understand why the thread was locked though. It attracts racebaiters even if the intent of the thread was not racebait and it makes a lot of work for the mods.

No. 24937

The Venus whiteknights are so annoying, writing essays every day on why farmers are psychopaths for making fun of her. You already autosaged the thread, right? so it's not like it's constantly on the front page, they chose to go there hourly and get triggered.

No. 24939

well, why is racebait worse than other kinds of bait? there is bait in every thread on this site, and if it's too much work for the mods, get more mods.

No. 24940

Can we please ban all of the whiny fujo newfags? The infighting they cause is just tiring, and they won't stay in their own thread.

No. 24941

>ban the fujos
>noooo ban the anti fujos
wtf this isn't reddit, let people speak. Either way if you're this invested in fictional men fucking or not fucking id suggest killing yourself

No. 24942

Racism is the only unforgivable sin on this site because admin is brown and insecure.

No. 24943

Honestly seems like a GC lowkey. Close the thread

No. 24944

>a GC lowkey
A what?

No. 24945

Lurk more, anon.

No. 24946

The only GC I'm aware of is gender critical, which has nothing to do with that.

No. 24947

what does gender critical have to do with anything

No. 24949

how would lurking help the context at all? kek

No. 24950

It's not even imageboard exclusive terminology KEK

No. 24952

Anon is a aiden from twitter that still hates women enjoying stuff instead of hating themselves

No. 24953

how about you quit having autistic meltdowns about fujos all over the site, freak

your husbando is GAY. he likes MEN. because fujo pandering is where the money reside. GET OVER IT!

No. 24954

File: 1626647243285.png (10.95 KB, 202x275, 1625941204446.png)

Fujos stay in their slow containment thread 99% of time. I'm pretty sure there's only like 3-4 active anons who still post in there that're from the fujocord The only time their thread gets super active is when retards/aidens come in and try to rile them up.

No. 24955

I have noticed they are mostly radfems, their only "argument" is "it's degenerate" and they just use the fujo shit as an outlet rant about pr0n, degeneracy and overall show off how they are superior prudes.
Like this whole thing not my business but I used to be a radfem and radfems annoy me to no end now.

No. 24957

oh my god can you fuck off already? Being a radfem has nothing to do with fujos and if anything, I bet some of them participare in muh 2D husbandofagging because they can't stomach the real life equivalent.

No. 24959

>I bet some of them participare in muh 2D husbandofagging
this is true but there are some radfems that get angry that women enjoy any type of erotica. It would be best to just let them sperg out in the fujo cringe thread than bring it up to meta

No. 24960

Ngl there is ONE radfem-chan who sperges out in the thread but, idk if she just stopped gaf or just got banned. I just group her in with the other retards because if it's not her moralfagging, it's other fujo anons shitting up the already autistic thread with their own moralfagging/whining.

No. 24961

I’m confused which posts are radfems, the omegaverse mpreg part??

No. 24962

the endless fupaul ‘is he or isn’t he abusive’ sperging in the shayna thread is becoming exhausting. can mods step in? idk if it’s the same little group every time but i’m sick of reading about fupaul’s gay ass

No. 24964

go back to tiktok retard

No. 24965

If you didn't realize I was mocking them you should kill yourself.

No. 24966

Why are old threads being bumped in this board for no reason? Nobody is replying to them.

No. 24967

what if someone made an infighting thread? that way when people start to infight they get redirected to that thread where they can hash out their beef to the death!!!

No. 24968

Hey, idk if it's just my device or something, but the pro ana scumbag thread glitches out and has weird spaces out posts. All the other threads work just fine

No. 24969

I adore the idea of an infighting thread. In my mind I have this image of anons in a dangerous looking thrown together boxing ring in a basement that smells like gym sweat and blood just full tilt autism wrestling

No. 24970

that was already tried a few months ago and jannies locked it lol

No. 24971

but that is so smart it would be contained. THey could even do what LSA does and just redirect the infighting posts to that thread. But i guess thats too much effort and they probably just get off on banning people for shits and giggles.

No. 24973

any mods can you please delete my mistake in the celebricows thread, I accidentally posted the thread details in the wrong thread, it wasn’t intentional

No. 24974

I don't associate tiktok lingo with radfems because unlike you I'm not a retarded zoomer whose knowledge about radical feminism comes entirely from other retarded zoomers on tiktok and Twitter. In fact I've never seen a radfem use those terms at all. It is therefore you who should kill yourself

No. 24975

why is the celeb thread so fucked with infighting? actaully scratch that why is there so much infighting happening on here now? did this place get brought up by someone? would explain the constant newfaggotory

No. 24976

Agree. Can derailing please become a bannable offense again

No. 24977

Fujos are despised almost universally. It's in the name, "fujoshi", in case you didn't know.

Sounds to me like you're trying to defend fujoshit with basic-ass feminist rhetoric while inventing these "radfems" because you think your persecution complex will seem more valid if it's the spooky terfs hating your shitty spank material.

No. 24978

File: 1626721613521.jpg (68.91 KB, 562x530, 788.jpg)

can't believe you bitches are still fighting over pixels for days on end

No. 24979

thank you for stepping in over the fupa sperging in shartna's thread jannies ♥

No. 24980

the nicknames just get worse and worse don’t they?

No. 24981

why do you hate women

No. 24982

except every post since the farmhand stepped in is still retarded infighting

No. 24983

I don't and I'm indifferent towards yaoi porn. People will get annoyed when coomer sperging is brought outside of designated threads though.

No. 24984

>shitty spank material
leads me to believe you're biased against fujos even though the only reason theyre being vocal outside of their containment thread is because scrotes and radfems keep bringing them up in other threads. If you leave them alone and shut the fuck up there won't be any problem

No. 24985

And radfems were kicked out from this site how many times? I even see them in the tranny threads, non-stop sperging.

No. 24987

so because you cant post 10 threads worth of scrote hate youre taking it out on fujos? radfems are fucking pathetic

No. 24988

It’s still going on. Shay threads were already retarded but this one is out of control like the celeb one.

No. 24989

Can't you read, dumbass? I'm /against/ radfems. I was saying that they should leave.

No. 24990

A. You will never be a woman
B YOu're a scrote who should kill himself
C. You got lost, this site doesn't have to change just because you don't like it.


No. 24991

File: 1626780172307.png (9.38 KB, 649x138, kyshag.png)

Why do fujo farmers hate women?

No. 24992

No. 24993

and there it is. there's only one breed of /meta/ karens.

No. 24994

Go back to twitter.

No. 24995

been posting here since 2016, nonnie

No. 24996

The CSA drama

No. 24999

Anon we all know what kind of person uses hag as an insult.

No. 25000

This is perhaps one of the worst thread on /ot. Only consists of Twittards racebaiting and nitpicking like crazy:
>She's a blackfishing problematic fatty!
And gay scrotes from LSA (I mean, who else could spend hours sperging about dicks, or tinfoiling about how every celeb is totally gay?)

It's a shame cause there's some drops of milk buried under all that autism here and there, and it's nice to be able to read about celebricows without going to GG or lSA (which are even more retarded imo) but yeah, it's a mess.

No. 25002

File: 1626813897890.png (165.6 KB, 880x735, dab.png)

I want to say thank you to all the posters on this site who are cool, except the jannies who are trannies

No. 25003

jannies fucked up the transparency of my image, fucking foiled again! Ahh! One day you will pay for your crimes!

No. 25004

Let me offer you context since you intentionally dropped it: This was posted in the fujo thread as an obvious infight bait.

Also what degree of brainrot makes you bring radfems into the fujo discussion? Is this twitterfags with their retarded "it's always the terfs" discourse or just scrotes and trannies trying to pin everything they don't like on the radfem boogeyman again? Coincidentally shit started stirring right after someone said in the MTF thread that fujoshit is the only female hobby males haven't colonized. Adding an extra layer of tinfoil on my head nonnies.

No. 25005

make sure you have not accidentally hidden saged posts

No. 25006

Nope, I hate all coomshit outside of its designated containment areas.

No. 25007

Oh well too bad for you

No. 25008

There really is no conspiracy, it's a reflex akin to shitting or breathing. Moids (and, to a lesser extent, seething redditor shieldmaidens posting in-between venmoing their neckbeards for eating their leftovers) possess an unstoppable, visceral need to infiltrate and shit up female oriented forums until there's no one left but moids. It always begins with casual offhand whining about muh sand tree terves and ends with a dead website that they promptly abandon for a new female host. A place that doesn't actively chase them away will get pozzed within days. This will never stop and lolcow will one day become an anonymous r/twoX.

No. 25009

Please Please make responding to bait (in any thread where the bait is overwhelmingly obvious) a banable offense again. On the same degree as it was when the PP threads were around. It's really annoying to see anons replying to some bait or infighting back and forth over something that was probably posted by a retard moid to begin with. People continue to post low effort bait on this board because they know it's guaranteed responses.

No. 25011

Then where's your anger for anons who post about wanting to fuck e-celebs and youtubers all over /ot/ constantly?

No. 25012

I have no idea if the anon simply asking questions actually wanted to fight, but either way the response was misogynist.

No. 25013

I asked the question because I was genuinely curious why other straight women flick their beans to gay men cause I don't understand it. I asked in the fujo cringe thread first cause I didn't know you had a proper thread for it and was immidiately told to kms. You are legit mentally ill and I assume your desire to see men have anal sex despite being straight women is a result of this mental illness. Can't even ask a fucking question about your weird-ass fetish without being met with hostility.

No. 25014

Can a mod permasage the kiwi thread it seems to be rife with loser kiwifags that think we care about them getting banned from their 600 pound recovery autist group.

No. 25015

It's out there actually, about mullenfags and pewdiefags in particular.

No. 25016

No. 25017

Can a janny come spray the Shayna thread with holy water? It’s getting weird in there. Well. Extra weird.

No. 25018

that's not how you save a .png retard

No. 25019

>You are legit mentally ill and I assume your desire to see men have anal sex despite being straight women is a result of this mental illness.
all that needs to be said about fujoshit

No. 25020

File: 1626917463573.jpg (45.48 KB, 466x379, 3e5.jpg)

Requesting use just so I can post (you) reaction images.
my heart goes out to all the jannies who have to deal with our autism on the regular

No. 25021

Dumb question but do jannies/farmhands ever take part in cow’s threads as a regular farmer? Or are they not allowed?

No. 25022

I'm pretty sure it's allowed as long as they don't say they're a janny

No. 25023

Can mods take a look at the Lucinda thread in /snow/? The infighting in there is excessive.

No. 25024

I was about to say that, it's full of white knights and moralfags who don't understand the hide fuction.

No. 25026

The amount of cowtipping anons in that thread is aids

No. 25027

I like to think admin/jannies regularly post in some threads just incognito, which is why some parts of the site seem more moderated than others.

No. 25028

Fujos get the rope kek

No. 25029

I think you should kys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 25030

I think you should slit your wrists & take a bath dear(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 25031

I think you'd look better with a hole between your eyes but thats just me

No. 25032

Jesus fuck can you underage cringelords go back to whatever shit site you came from

No. 25033

Don't know if it's changed but the application used to say something along the lines of that you'd just casually lurk like normal and clean up the site as you went. Or maybe admin just said that at some point. I don't remember the nuances.

No. 25034

obviously yes I saw a farmhand once accidentally dropping her trip on /ot/ and quickly deleting it

No. 25035

The obvious newfags should have been banned on sight

No. 25036

do you remember what she said?

No. 25037

Can we please do something about the retards in the Shay thread threatening to call the bar she was flashing in and "report her?" The cowtippers in there are out of control at this point and I don't want to get an accusation of in-fighting for trying to remind people of the rules.

No. 25038

Nah, jannies will only ban 3 posts at random from every Shay thread. Picked via dartboard, so don't bother.

No. 25039

File: 1626979601538.jpg (236.64 KB, 1080x583, Screenshot_20210722-114308_Chr…)

Why are all the anons from this thread absolutely autistic when mentioning reposts or duplicated posts? Someone posted that every percentage change in her name doesn't need to be postedd and yet anons go postal about it. This is literally implemented in most threads not to post repeated barely changing milk like that and it's not milky what her percentage change is of being .04% lol, so I see what anons meant. Infighting like this is derailing as hell. "Gatekeeping" kek. Sure, anon.

No. 25040

Admin already said not to use this thread to complain about one or two posts you could have easily reported yourself. Use the report function instead of showing a screenshot of a post without even linking the thread. Also, an anon disagreeing with what defines milk isn’t infighting.

No. 25041

Those mental anons come here too. You don't get to cherry pick who posts here.

No. 25042

Sounds like you’re the mentally ill one. Admin has said repeatedly to use the report function.

No. 25043

I did.

No. 25044

File: 1626980392211.jpeg (96.94 KB, 795x243, 25D2C483-B865-4400-9634-D65BAB…)

No. 25045

jfyi not all bans are redtexted.

No. 25046

I like this idea. Autists like >>25039 won’t have to come here with no link, name or mention of thread and expect farmhands to care about their personal beef with another anon. Bless.

No. 25047

the fact that this still has to be pointed out in every complaints/suggestions thread is astounding

No. 25048

Can the Mikan Mandarin thread finally get locked? Every time I check it for milk it’s the same long racebaiting and infighting about Middle Easterns, BMI and Japanese people. The thread OP is red-texted, there hasn’t been fresh milk for months, and reads like something straight out of PULL.
Seriously, jannies keep handing out bans here but it’s not doing anything except fuelling the flames and derailing it even further.

No. 25049

Can mods/admin check the post history of that one billie skinwalker recently caught cowtipping in Lori's thread. She lurks but I'm curious if she's been confirmed posting in past onion threads or just on here in general.

No. 25050

And what happens if it's a recycled IP?

No. 25051


No. 25052

Can the mods or the one mod who keeps banning/warning people because they say something slightly politically incorrect stop? If people are having an off topic argument about politics than that should be moderated but making an off handed comment about jews doesn’t warrant a red “>>>/pol/“ attached to the end of the post. That’s something newfags on the shit 4chan say - you’re aware these jokes and notations exist irl and have existed irl for decades right?
Although the majority of users on LC lean a certain way politically, this is one of the only cow sites that has been relatively free of biased and PC moderation, please keep it that way

No. 25053

The problem is, tolerating "remarks" about jews will tell the lurking 4chan scrotes from there that it's okay to do it 24/7 just like in their shithole and they then quickly extend it further and further into the usual /pol/ shitflinging.

No. 25054

this. we already have a problem with racebait. don't really need a crystal cafe situation where we have "anons" getting too comfy and trying to make /pol/tier threads.

No. 25055

File: 1627094435766.jpg (106.67 KB, 708x762, 20210723_224019.jpg)

Why do I keep getting banned for posts I didn't make? This is the third time.

No. 25056

What an oddly specific ban

No. 25057

The flood of newfags is so obvious. Please jannies, clean them up. I know you're all busy but we'd appreciate it.

No. 25058

Who is this post about? Anyway, it's probably just your IP

No. 25059

I'm assuming someone used a VPN abs got the same IP as me. From the looks of it. It might be about Bunny and Susu?

No. 25060

I noticed who anon is talking about (bunny ayumi and susu) some weird lesbo costhots. In case that’s what you were wondering

No. 25061

Unlock the girlboss hacks thread wtf

No. 25062

File: 1627108618739.png (94.75 KB, 465x341, anachan.png)

So these are the kind of people who post in that thread..explains the brain deficiency lmao

No. 25063

Jew comments just scream /pol/, banning those posts is the right thing to do before it escalates as previous anons said.

No. 25064

File: 1627126103592.png (1.65 MB, 826x1392, pol-posters.png)

I suggest admin buy this book and make it mandatory reading for all jannies so they can better identify and sniff out those dang darn /pol/tards with their sad frog memes and jew jokes. Sometimes I read someone say the word "kek" which is a dogwhistle for the alt right.

No. 25065

are you trolling, everyone uses kek here and it has nothing to do with poltards.

What has to do with poltards though is them trying to start racebait here all the time and spamming naz!s

No. 25066

pol-tard detected!

No. 25067

its ironic

Also can we ban all the new ips from when the creepshow art drama started, ever since that retarded thread was made this site has been slowly turning into twitter 2.0

No. 25068

How did you read this
>Sometimes I read someone say the word "kek" which is a dogwhistle for the alt right.
And not realised anon was being ironic

No. 25069

>telling admin to buy and read a book of complete bullshit

kek isn't /pol/ in origin. It was originally used in WoW communities.

No. 25070

Oh dog

No. 25071

File: 1627158377689.png (336.13 KB, 887x736, manhate.png)

fuck jannies

No. 25072

So anons are back to posting underage SH twitters?

No. 25073

What's up with the manhate thread being unlocked and locked again? Modbattle between the scenes?

No. 25074

>Modbattle between the scenes?
god I hope it's this that would be hilarious

No. 25075

Mods are playing 5D chess and trying to get rid of the manhate crowd by getting our hopes up and then incinerating them.

No. 25076

Based mod fighting for our right to shit on men.

No. 25077

The girls are fightinnnnggg!!!

No. 25078

Crystal Cafe has a pinkpill/mandate thread. It's one of the most active threads there, people should post manhate over there since it doesn't break rules and you're allowed to leave the "containment thread" and make multiple misandry threads.

Its better than just fighting a pointless battle with the mods over something we honestly SHOULD be allowed to have anyway

No. 25080

File: 1627227493886.jpg (69.17 KB, 400x400, 0da.jpg)

No. 25081

>mandate thread
Man-date threads are definintely allowed in /g/ kek
It seems it already happened, dear.

No. 25082

tranny jannies won't allow a manhate thread cause deep inside they know that they are men

No. 25083

No. 25084

Well, crystal cafe has multiple troon threads so you can complain about them there lmao

No. 25085

I got the extra harsh ban for this one, the one where you make me have to clear out my cookies and browser data to go back to shitposting. Must have really hurt your tranny janny feelings with my joke.

No. 25086

leave then, if you really think this site is run by men

No. 25087

Can a mod please do something about Dakota’s thread? One anon keeps tinfoiling about the same repetitive things over and over (e.g., there are so many posts about Dakota’s hair length) and accusing everyone of being an Ostrenga

No. 25088

I guess being able to understand a joke is not a requirement to join the staff on this site.

No. 25089

You deliberately created the thread knowing it would be locked so you could go play victim and whine about your trannyjanny fanfic. This is insanity, bro.

No. 25090

oddly reminiscent of this twitter tranny tendency to spam DUDE BRO MY GUY MY MAN at the end of the sentence when someone accuses them of not being real wammen (not saying it's the case but kek)

No. 25091

lul it makes me think of Momokunt ngl

No. 25092

Nonny, relax. I use dude, bro, my guy all the time.

No. 25093

As a side note, I'm really annoyed that very few months, newfags will come and try to remake a manhate thread, and then yeah, come here when it's locked. And if it's not newfags, it's some bitter anon that definitely knows it's going to be locked and like admin said, doing it to play victim. Please read the rules and then visit the boards that actually have manhate stuff on it to reminisce. Also, hating men isn't inherently breaking the rules, I do it all of the time, it just has to be related to a specific thing or you specifically. Or a vague comment, but not an attempt to start a whole conversation around why men are awful (which we already know). I feel like it could be bypassed with a "tell us your shitty experienced with men" thread that would be more than enough, but it wouldn't be a general gc/pp thread.

No. 25094

Why do we need a manhate thread if we can have an admin/janny drama thread with shit like this >>25034 kek
What makes you think it's a tranny and not a normal cismoid

No. 25095

moid is bitter

there's no reason there shouldn't be a manhate thread

No. 25096

>but not an attempt to start a whole conversation around why men are awful
Actually, I'm pretty sure that even this is allowed. It's just that we can't have any manhate threads, which sucks but whatever. We all know 2X is gonna stay banned until the next Admin (or at least I hope the next Admin will un-ban it) so I'm not sure why people keep making manhate threads just to flock to meta and call admin and jannies scrotes/trannys when it gets locked. If anything, it's probably making them want to keep it banned lol

No. 25097

be the change you want to see nona. become a janny under the condition that you will only be responsible for gc and pp threads to counter the "hurr durr it attracts moids" argument

No. 25098

bans are handed out too easily and for no good reason

No. 25099

I doubt another admin would allow it purely for the amount of meta drama it causes. The current admin made an entire board for them and they still sperged in unrelated threads and called her tranny. It doesn't matter what she does, they will hate her anyway so why even bother?

No. 25100

just dont get banned

No. 25101

Am I allowed to post a thread for personal research? I only ask because its convenient for me (I'm a long time farmer and I need the opinions of other women on this topic). If it's not allowed I can try looking elsewhere but I'd like to post in /ot/ or /g/ if its allowed

No. 25102

Can something please be done about the sperging over feminism/femininity in the celebricows thread? It's getting out of hand.
I've tried reporting to get y'all's attention but nothing as of yet. >>>/ot/855255

No. 25103

Thanks jannies luv ya

No. 25104

there is a manhate board?

No. 25105


No. 25106

nobody tell this anon what it is, they'll figure it out

No. 25107

Yes, it's /meta/

No. 25108

nice op pic, thanks. i want them both to turn and look at me and say UH OH and ~~~~~~~~~~~mmmmmmm
my bad they're so beautiful my heart goes strum strum twangggg I want to buy them a nice baked potato first then kindly ask them back to my abode(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 25109

Hey admin~ if racism is banned you should ban transphobia too.

No. 25110

hey you got troons for farmhands you're fine obviously
jokes will get you banned, neovag rotholes are all the rage at the moment on these boards go off kweeeeeen xxx

No. 25111

honestly can't wait for the REEE TERF THIS IS NOT A TERF BOARD lolcow dot farm arc and the subsequent exodus of nonas kek

No. 25112

Could a mod please look at >>>/snow/1280424 ? there's a retarded amount of infighting and cowtipping. ty mods and jannies ♥

No. 25113

There would be no site left, after all these days everything is transphobic.

No. 25114

Dear jannies, why is the Alicia Day thread on auto sage? She's a pretty interesting subject with lots of milk between being a femcel, animal abuser and pig stealer.

No. 25115

I think it's because it attracted a lot of self-posting by Alicia, but I would love if it was taken off since there's a lot of milk and self-posting has happened in other threads that manage to plod on.

No. 25116

this. please unsage it, I can name at least 4-6 cows who've selfposted in their threads granted like 3 of those are /pt/ cows but, they still managed to truck on.

No. 25117

I love the salt that comes from you anon lmao. "Farmhands won't obsess over troons 24/7 and dedicate the entire site to discussing them? OBVIOUSLY TROONS THEMSELVES."
Never change ♥

No. 25118

Assume it's the vpn you're using. Not sure why that service cops so much heat or why admin was never able to figure out the problem with the bans stemming from it.

No. 25119

Chimping at any troon/man hate and whining about muh too many terves on meta is the definition of obsessing over troons and men, except from a different angle. It's reasonable to assume that anyone who does this is a moid, like the one who outed himself in Shayna's thread after going off about how he totally wouldn't fuck Shayna.

L2hide and stop expecting a hugbox from a Chinese cartoon forum.

No. 25120

It says right there that it's a long-expired ban from 2019. Why does it even matter enough to post it, clearly you just got a recycled IP. Learn to read. The absolute state of this site I swear.

No. 25121

Can something be done about the schizo in the husbando thread in /g/?

No. 25122

There are more interesting things than spending your days talking about trannies or race. Imagine making your gender or the color of your skin your entire personality trait and then sperging when mods on an anonymous site don’t care. Tf?

No. 25123

File: 1627403175870.jpg (69.97 KB, 1200x800, projection_lens_overhead-proje…)

Ah yes, the meta:

>if I see a post then it must be all that particular anon talks about

>I-I am deeply uncaring, unbothered and unaffected as I mash the report button and complain about every opinion that chaps my ass

Imagine making minimodding and saving scrotes on an anonymous pointy elbows discussion forum your entire personality, then sperging when a bunch of anons behind 7 proxies don't care. I honestly want you to keep going, that sounds like a great time.

No. 25124

new day new race bait threads. never change retards

No. 25125

I’m not reporting shit, it’s just cringe to see a men vs women vs troons debate turn into all lc is

No. 25126

What do you mean?

No. 25127

Please autosage dead9irl's thread. It's pretty obvious she's self posting porn promos in an attempt to get attention again. She's been dried up.

No. 25128

genuinely asking, but do /w/ posters have lower IQ than other boards or am I just noticing these people now? Most posts sound like ESL and they don't sage their autism.

No. 25129

My theory is that maybe the subjects of those in /w/ attract young, dumb fans who have discovered lolcow for the first time while just googling about whatever cosplay/lolita/asian vlogger they follow and they've never visited an anonymous imageboard before and therefore don't know how to integrate.

No. 25130

Its all you choose to see, because you don't go to /pt/ or /w/. Last I checked LC was still mostly pointy elbows.

No. 25131

there are definitely more English as a
Foreign Language posters in /w/, because the weeb and cosplay scenes are so international
the no-sage brigade is just stupid though

No. 25132

Tell your dumb ass mods to stop handing out perma-bans

1. it will not stop people from ban-evading so there is literally zero point to it
2. all you are accomplishing is making VPN users unable to post on your site, even if they never did anything wrong

holy shit your jannies are so retarded

No. 25134

So basically PULL. /w/ is filled with underage newfags and unhinged /w/endettachans compared to /snow/'s population of blogposters, newfags, and vendetta filled sex workers

No. 25138

Just wanted to thank the mods for cleaning up the bait in the Genshin Impact thread, great job!

No. 25139

Is there a reason victim and abusive are still redtext? There’s certain boards and threads where it makes sense but there are actual serious discussions where it feels completely out of place.

No. 25140

Hi, everytime I try to upload an imgur gif the site tells me "invalid image" yet every other retard seemed to be able to do it. Googling did nothing for me and im getting tired of these shit dysfunctions, any advice?

No. 25141

I agree, that red text looks out of place in a lot of serious threads.

No. 25143

Nothing is serious on lolcow.

No. 25144

Komaeda anons are starting to become the new driverfags. So many threads in /ot/ getting shitted up with their thirsting over some 2D fag. I call for a containment thread.

No. 25145

I noticed there’s been more moderation in the Lucinda thread, and wanted to just say thank you! I know that it’s a hotbed for newfaggotry so it can be difficult to keep it tidy but the hard work is massively appreciated.

No. 25146

They don’t need a containment thread, they just need to be put down.

No. 25147

There's already containment threads on /m/.

No. 25148

There's literally 2 anons talking about his dick calm down.

No. 25149

>no-sage brigade
My fucking sides anon holy shit

No. 25151

I saw there was a mod handing out bans in shay’s thread yesterday because of all of the infighting, but Jesus the anons just will not stop going back and forth over the most retarded shit. I know she’s already in snow but it seriously needs to be auto saged for a bit

No. 25152

File: 1627572762575.jpg (77.03 KB, 940x960, 1626892981590.jpg)

bippity boppity boo, mods eat poo

No. 25154

autosage doesn't do anything if the posts in question are already saged

No. 25156

No, but I agree with the ayrt that the thread should be autosaged for a bit. It's been a dumpster fire for a while now, with a lot of non-integrating anons getting a little too comfy with the lax moderation, along with some anons in that thread just needing a break, the hate they have for a literal who e-whore borders on comical.

No. 25157

but literally what would autosage do if the retardation is already saged is my question. just report them and ignore.

No. 25158

It almost never does anything, anons just want to feel like they're doing something by requesting it

No. 25159

sometimes newfags are too retarded to find threads if they arent right there on the first page or they search for it thru google. or they mash f5 then cant do more after that idk auto sage makes sense for that because they will usually have their one board bookmarked and stray little from their focus

auto sage is a bandaid, im surprised no one is bitching about hellweek anymore. but admin will strangle lolcow to the grave at this point. is it that you cant find someone based of unbiased opinion or you just dont like the people applying? has anyone worthy did? because i wouldnt doubt that anyone who had chops to run this hellhole of an alt chan ran off somewhere else. no one wants to fix twitter lite

No. 25160

does anyone else feel uncomfortable with the nearly sexually explicit shayna banners? i get that it's to make fun of her behaviour but we don't really need to see that whenever we browse lolcow

No. 25161

Has the site been really fucking slow for anyone else? I can't click on threads from the catalog anymore without them taking like 5 years to load.

No. 25162

CP in /ot/, careful anons

No. 25163

came here to say the same, jannies plase remove it

No. 25164


No. 25165

Jannies? Please…?

No. 25166

In the meantime I'm gonna bump threads until it disappears from the front page

No. 25167

I saw porn in OT, I thank god, I was scrolling fast, but I saw enough. Be careful in OT. What the fuck.

No. 25168

Does anyone know if it's gone? Im scared to leave Meta

No. 25169

Jesus fucking Christ it's not worth going on this site anymore, what is wrong with men

No. 25170

I bump the threads so it would disappear from the front page but it's still there on the second page

No. 25171

Jannies WAKE UP

No. 25172

Thanks for at least doing that Nonnie and thanks for answering me

No. 25174

Jannies ffs it's been there for more than half an hour now please wake up and delete it

No. 25175

And I don't understand why they are doing it, noone's gonna click on those fucking links

No. 25176

File: 1627642345030.jpg (39.9 KB, 680x453, e.jpg)

That same one was posted on C.C, too.

No. 25177

is it still there pls jannies pls I didn't even figure out what was in the pic and then when I did it was too late kms

No. 25178

It's still there, I'm gonna tell you when it's gone

No. 25179

Thank you anon, that's very sweet and I appreciate it very much!

No. 25180

You guys need jannies in other time zones, so many times now there's been porn or CP and its stayed up until the american jannies are awake. FFS.

No. 25181


No. 25182

File: 1627643253775.gif (499.5 KB, 400x291, tumblr_nq1whalh9t1tzi2c0o1_400…)

It's been an hour

No. 25183

Does anyone know how many jannies there are?

No. 25184

there's a cp thread on ot please take it down fast

No. 25185

It's been there for an hour and the jannies are asleep

No. 25186

No. 25187

Is it gone nonnies?

No. 25188

nope, still there

No. 25189

What sucks is that for people who mainly use catalog, bumping other threads doesn't help much.
It's still not deleted.

No. 25190

Is it on the front page of Ot? thank in advane for the answer

No. 25191

Becauase i kind of want to vent and posting will bump it down more until it's taken off.

No. 25192

It's on the second page of /ot/

No. 25193

the CP is gone

No. 25194

it is finally gone

No. 25195

it almost feels like the jannies are in on it, like letting actual fucking CP stay up for hours is insane and enough for me to never come here again

No. 25196

sigh You again.

No. 25197

Gonna go ahead and repost what I posted last time:

Blaming the jannies for some basket case scrote posting cp is retarded. If you don't think there is enough moderation on this website, apply yourself or shut the fuck up. Alternatively, you can leave. Otherwise, be appreciative that someone is even around to delete it at this point. Admin has made it pretty clear that the site is short-staffed, so jesus christ, give them a break.
They don't get paid to sit around all day and refresh lolcow. The site is free, being a mod is a payless job so I think give them some leniency? This isn't a business.
Yes cp is fucking terrible and awful but being an absolute retard tinfoil and saying jannies are in on it as got to be the most kiwifag, cowfag, newfag shit I've seen.
Anyways thank you to the jannies that delete it when you did. Thanks to the anons that reported here and I'm sorry that you all had to see it.

No. 25198

shut up bootlicker

No. 25199

oooo you sure owned me! Score 1 for the mentally ill, 0 for people with common sense

No. 25200

Yes, me too. It's been like this for almost a week now. Thought it was just my wifi being shitty because of the bad weather.
It seems to cut out randomly for a few minutes at a time.

No. 25201

Can I make a TERF tumblr general thread on /snow? The community is overflowing with constant drama like users being nazis, accusing each other of discord rape after e-dating, faking their sexuality or race for oppression points, calling everyone that disagrees with them -phobic and making call-out posts etc. There's been some interest for a TERF thread on /ot but I don't want to summon the vendetta trannies and I guess it will have to be a very moderated thread

No. 25202

Nta but this response got a kek out of me

No. 25203

keep licking admin's ass

No. 25204

Considering the majority of "radfems" on this site already act like cows, I can only imagine what they act like on tumblr. I would be very interested in seeing a thread.

No. 25205

File: 1627660342564.png (1009.69 KB, 760x1481, image.png)

CWC is now claiming to have sex with his infirm 80-year-old mother. Is this worth unlocking the thread for?

No. 25206

Oh god please be lying

No. 25207

You guys are literally retarded if you think the terf haters aren't just as ridiculous as the terf themselves. So no, I don't think we need a safe space so you guys can cry over how mean terfs are.

If you actually want to read terf drama KF has a thread. Fuck off there.

No. 25208

Make the thread there is already seethe >>25207

No. 25209

>using KF
>thinking lolcows are "mean people"

No. 25210

Thread is unlocked!

No. 25211

Pls fix the site. It's slow as fuck.

No. 25212

Link it then retard

No. 25213

Don't be lazy, cunt. Go check for yourself.

No. 25214

Should we retire the sanic totem? I think we should still have an idol thread for worship and divination but sanic is beyond cursed now

No. 25215

Let me guess, the vast majority of these "milky" terfs you speak of are minors.

No. 25216

Honestly, the more cursed the totem gets, the more I believe its prophetic powers.

No. 25217

I think the Chris Chan thread should be locked or heavily moderated, it’s divulged to infighting over pronouns and it honestly looks like a retard Twitter fight

No. 25218

Something needs to be done about all the idiots making unsaged posts about how Chris-chans (omg he is a she!!) mom deserved it.

No. 25219

thank you for deleting the scrote posts in the CWC thread and not giving them the satisfaction of ejaculating their bile all over lolcow. this is honestly the best policy

No. 25221

At one point, a thread had this rule to not reply to other posts. I think we should have that rule in the vent thread. There's a lot of infighting in the vent thread and it's in really bad taste, plus it deters most people from posting there.

No. 25222

I don’t lurk in the tranny threads but out of curiosity what does it mean when mods say to not respond to obvious bait? Are they referring to bait in the tranny subreddits or bait in the threads?

No. 25223

…bait in the thread, anon.

No. 25224

WTF? This only made the totem more powerful.

No. 25225

Honest question: if there is a black women thread and it's not a race bait, can we have a white woman thread and an asian women one?

No. 25226

Literally most of the site's stuff (fashion, hair, etc) pertains to people with Caucasian (including asian people) skin or hair. So, no?

No. 25227

samefag… but I think actually yeah there should be an asian thread and a mexican thread. But there are already threads like that, if you fucking morons would ctrl+f and find them.

No. 25228

Praying for mods to investigate the Lucinda threads for selfposting. There's some strange shit going on in there

No. 25229

i don't get why black thread is special in that regard but ok

No. 25231

Just curious if farmhands ban people for bumping threads and then deleting their posts in /snow/. I've noticed it happening with the Erin thread several times in particular.

No. 25232

You people always have to make it about yourselves or do a “devil’s advocate” riddle me kind of this shit. A majority of this website is already catered to your kind, why can’t we just have one fucking thing?LipstickAlley is boring as shit. You’re just racist and want to argue because you’re bothered by black people. Fuck off

No. 25235

NTA but Lolcow is one of the rare place left on the internet where there's no race sperging and it's super refreshing.
Nothing stop you from posting about your life experiences/beauty tips on the general threads. Why that need to segregate everything? And on a Laponese embroidery forum of all places?
I love you very much dear Burgers but your obsession with race is quite disturbing.

No. 25236

File: 1627833746494.png (30.82 KB, 275x206, 1583875324212.png)

>your kind

No. 25237

what was wrong with the original anime critical thread? i dont get why the duplicate got moved
even after a red text pointing to the correct one

No. 25238

That's just how blacks speak

No. 25239

This. Plus, Lipstick Alley is already a thing. I'm sorry anon if their discussion bores you, be the change you wanna see and discuss the topics you wanna discuss on there with other black users. Anything race-related here usually devolves into politisperging, infighting, and attracts weird larpers.

No. 25240

Wdym, anon? It was just moved to /m/ as it should be. The thread is still open.

No. 25241

Nta but,
>Lolcow is one of the rare place left on the internet where there's no race sperging
What do you even mean? This just isn't true.

No. 25242

Can mods regulate the celebricows thread more for bodyweight-related sperging? I’m tired of seeing ‘ X celebrity has gained weight’ being discussed like it’s milk

No. 25243

lose weight fatty

No. 25244

I agree, it's boring as fuck and not milk.

No. 25245

File: 1627851631476.gif (129.34 KB, 220x198, 808CC2FA-9561-4EB3-8ABD-BDD483…)

Oh, sorry, did I rattle you, anon?

No. 25246


No. 25247

not to be dramatic, but farmhands seem to be extremely slow when it comes to locking threads and banning posters who bait or infight. there are obvious newfriends who are not integrating (stemming from the creepshow expose and the other farms), but aren't dealt properly with. you additionally have sperging with clear radfem undertones, these users often victimise the flakes that are being laughed about and cry about the fact that they are being ~body shamed~. please do something about this, thanks.

No. 25248

>SpongeBob txt
Back to Twitter you go

No. 25249

Anon pls

No. 25250

they also seem to be unaware that infighting is no longer a bannable offense precisely because of twitter tourists.

No. 25251

are there no /g/ jannies?

No. 25252

there already was an anime critical thread, there wasn't any need to move the one instead of closing itm especially since op got redtexted with the corrrect thread. pure retardation

No. 25253

File: 1627895672181.jpg (333.85 KB, 1080x1501, IMG_20210802_111249.jpg)

see? the redtext is the previous anime critical thread, idk why the sperg deserved to make a new thread just cause they cannot be assed to check the catalogue

No. 25254

File: 1627904364510.png (224.53 KB, 1835x382, fedposter.png)

Looks like we got out first fedposter, you gonna hand nonnies ID over to the FBI? I remember admin-chan gloating on several occasions about how these things NEVER happen on this site, only on Kiwifarms.

No. 25255

I made an archive for you, admin-sana so you can report it before it gets swept up by the janny trannies. https://archive.is/ZSNYS

No. 25256

Please lock the chris-chan thread again, there's nothing but le epic troll kiwifarm refugees shitting it up with their autism.

No. 25257

Imagine being the child of someone that writes shit like this. So cringey.

No. 25258

>posted Now

nigga did you just post this, screenshot it and then bring it here?

No. 25260

Kek I can't tell if that's the joke or this person is truely a giga autist

No. 25261

absolutely both lmao

No. 25262

can we just ban the constant pronoun sperging from the Chris Chan thread? either way, neither “uwu call Chris Chan ‘she’” or “omg some newspaper called
Chris Chan ‘she’, Western civilization is ending” is even a tiny bit interesting

No. 25263

I feel like the tranny sperging with Chris-chan is inevitable with the recent updates. Mods should either allow chris chan discussion in the terf containment zone or make the Chris-chan thread another terf containment zone with updated thread rules.
There's too much "no true trans woman" and pronoun infighting going on.

No. 25264

I would like to sincerely thank admin for not selling lolcow out to Null. Now I see how bad things really could be.

No. 25265

I think the Venus thread should be removed. No milk, they are sick, they don't harm or scam others and they do the same repetitive shit all over again. The Venus thread is literally kept alive by 4 Vendetta anons and the occasional scrote that comes to complain about how Venus scams people for not selling actual porn. Farmhands could check the thread and I assure you it is the same 4 anons all over again.

Likewise, the camgirl thread should be deleted or rebranded in something more general. It's also around 4 anons that frequent the thread and that post only Pumpy, although there are way more problematic sex workers out there.

No. 25268

There's a scrote posting bs comments in /ot/ (stupid questions & things we hate threads)

No. 25269

I have a hunch that the very same scrote created the new vent thread with the scary pic. No evidence, just a feeling

No. 25270

Did you report them?

No. 25272

Was admin really retarded enough to follow herself with the LC twitter? The candidate does seem pretty intriguing given what we know.(ban evading sperg)

No. 25273

Elaine April Gertler-Miller, I have truly given you various passes to fuck off back to whatever greasy hole you crawled out of. Sending my partner and I death threats and doxxing threats won't get your thread taken down. Trying to doxx low hanging fruit on discord as blackmail won't get your thread taken down. Harassing random individuals because they happen to share a common name isn't going to get your thread taken down. I really wanted to refuse to believe someone could lack this much nuance, yet here you are. I can't think of a single person on here who was remotely aware of your existence or your thread, you're just not entertaining or interesting enough. And yet you continue to milk and bring attention to yourself by creating the same socks, harassing the same people, spreading the same misinformation, being the only person retarded enough to truly believe this site is owned by Null, being bold enough to apply for admin twice and losing your shit when you were immedately rejected. You were pathetic enough to email me fake self harm images that were easily reverse image searched. Well congrats, you're finally going to get the attention you wanted, you bottom feeding slag.

No. 25274

Get her ass!

No. 25275

Bitch who even are you

No. 25276

>>25272 < who is this

No. 25277

KEK holy shit put her in a coffin Admin-sama

No. 25278

I was here when the retard first posted. Admin changed her name from Anonymous to Elaine Miller, she didn't put her name initially. So her little lie on kiwifarms is stupid kek

No. 25279

Also the fact that she immediately knew to go to KF and say "omg it wasn't ME!!!" Okay.

No. 25280

Please ban this retard who bumped the NED thread over 20 times with autismo derailing >>>/w/166127 they stick out like a sore thumb and after numerous anons telling them to sage they continue the aid posts

No. 25281

File: 1628029585079.jpeg (452.65 KB, 1800x1800, 50C18E0F-4772-4FB3-A27B-AAAD53…)

Thank you for banning them. That brings me to my next question, after the milk that Nicole and her friends discovered the thread, isn’t it against the rules for cows to post about themselves in the third person? These tweets confirm it’s her, lord. And the unsaged posts tell me it’s a newfag who just wants to rehash old milk, say, because they’re the cow themselves?

No. 25282

I need to reach .x on the Discord and I have NO clue where she is. Does anyone know? I need her help with a serious matter.

No. 25283

Post history reveal when? Honestly I thought it was only funny to tinfoil about, but it seems certain now.

No. 25284

It’s super convincing that it’s her, lol. Not just from posting that at similar times as unsaging anon but also using words in her tweets like “speculating” when the thread OPs mention cheating as speculation, and coincidentally anon requesting more cheating proof.

No. 25285

Please can the idiots in the J-Vlogger thread be banned for unsaged sperging about Sharla and Chris apparently dating?

No. 25287

Jannies, a scrote created a thread in /ot/, please ban his ass. It's probably the same one who pretended to be one of us and was shitting up some threads yesterday >>25268

No. 25288

Get rid of the scrote vent thread so we can use the sexy babushka one pls

No. 25289

can the cwc thread be moderated? there is so much disgusting scrotery to be deleted

No. 25290

Thissss pls

No. 25291

A scrote posted a retarded Billie Eilish thread in /ot/ please ban his ass

No. 25292

dang that was fast thanks jannies!!

No. 25293

They aren't wrong that no one has said cheating or cheated and by who except from anon tinfoil and up in the air vague posts. Asking for concrete posts from cows isn't some new thing compared to tinfoil by connecting dots. Honestly agree a little that you guys need to do less speculation in that thread and post actual evidence of stuff. You bump it way too much with retarded posts complaining about her tits and use it as a collage archive vs milk.

No. 25294

>post actual evidence
>entire thread is filled with evidence

Reminds me of the ridiculous demands of the past where the "evidence" demanded by proof-chan (likely Nicole) >>25281
would require actually being present with a spycam or interviewing said people personally. We can only post whatever is publicly available for any follower to see online.

No. 25295

A scrote posted porn in the vent thread

No. 25296

>They aren’t wrong
You know it’s Nicole, I know it’s Nicole, speaking about herself in third person is deceiving and against lolcow rules. Even when we post evidence of Nicole’s ex mentioning her cheating and another one of her ex’s wanting to sit down with the guy she cheated on him Nicole was insisting since Destery is a pathological liar and cheater his side of the story is automatically invalid. Sorry but we already have proof that Nicole cheated on all three guys as well as the women’s perspective for the relationship she ruined. It doesn’t get more concrete than that. The only one bumping the thread lately was Nicole demanding a cheating statement from her exs.

No. 25297

What cow wants to give a concrete post exposing themselves? Connecting the dots is how some milk ends up forming. Don’t be daft. If you want some “concrete evidence” go look at how Nicole’s current boyfriend cheated on his ex Darcy Nycole for 3 years.

No. 25298

The autism is strong with Nicole and that anon. She’s a pathological liar who kept insisting she never dated Destery in 2018, didn’t want to be seen as a homewrecker and a cheater for destroying the relationship of a girl she lovebombed for years. Meanwhile telling the general public “the love of her life got away” “he left me” as if she didn’t cheat on him during their 9 year relationship, pretend to be single and lesbian and saying she prefers women and wanting a girlfriend all the while using him for her tiktok comedy skits. Her 9 year relationship ending so swiftly and according to her he wanted to learn the timeline of when she saw other men, which would only make sense if you think your girlfriend cheated, dude. And the second man in 2020 saying she fucked other guys and that he can’t trust her again. So that’s 2/3 thinking Nicole is a cheater, the third hasn’t come out about information yet seeing as he’s still currently in a relationship with her yet.

No. 25299

Can you retards go back to your thread and not shit up meta with your sperging

No. 25300

It’s almost as if the initial mention was just to inform mods the cow is posting in her thread and quickly turned into shit flinging. Sorry but there’s virtually nothing else going on in meta right now and this is where complaints go.

No. 25301

yeah and i'm complaining about you

No. 25302

Well that’s redundant. Cow threads are for milk, not for complaining. Close your eyes if you don’t want to see complaints here about an ethot posting in her thread.

No. 25303

File: 1628101816807.jpeg (315.97 KB, 1125x1213, F231C2EB-F9D0-4615-930D-751139…)

Why am I permabanned? What the hell?!

No. 25304

Not everyone who wants more concrete info is the cow, anon. The thread is littered with disjointed posts, so of course anons mention wanting something not disjointed. I get defending existing posts, but the thread is a mess.

No. 25306

>Not everyone who wants more concrete info is the cow
It’s not tinfoil at this point, she posted about anonymous people “speculating” about rumors and how asking for proof is good at the same time as the newfag who couldn’t sage. The thread would only be considered a mess to a tard who doesn’t know how to hide saged posts and look through all the evidence and milk imo. >>25281 is undeniably her and we all know this because her roommate sperged about finding the thread just a few days prior. Use your brain.

No. 25307

Gore in the MtF thread

No. 25308

Scrote gore raid in the MTF thread. Again.

No. 25309


No. 25310

If you're using chrome just disable images from the settings or use an extension to do so. Jannies will take care of it the schizo troon soon enough.

No. 25311

Almost the whole thread is saged because of the massive speculations you're talking about and one anon constantly putting together badly edited collages to use these threads as archives rather than post new milk. It is a mess, anon. I'm not going to argue about it in meta. Just stating that it's not just one anon who has pointed this stuff out because a lot of us in meta notice it too. You come here whining any time someone isn't throwing reaches around. Just stay in your thread and report.

No. 25312

I have a feeling that there's still a scrote larping in various thread and he sometimes answers his own posts. He never sages his posts and the writing style is always similar, that's where my assumption comes from. Ether that or I'm just paranoid

No. 25313

gore (of women) in mtf thread in snow

No. 25314

gore in the mtf thread. scrotes are here.

No. 25315

Nice but we’re going in circles now, it’s against lolcow rules to reply in your own thread anonymously. More than that, every thread has one or two autismo anons who think something shitty is milky, ignore the collages. Read the OP. There is a lot of milk to offer.

No. 25316

Report him then.

No. 25317

Gore porn in MTF thread

No. 25318

I'm begging the farmhands to give long bans to the spergs who keep replying to the goreposter scrote in the MTF thread instead of ignoring.

No. 25319

Goreposting in snow

No. 25320

I did

No. 25321

I think we should all bump the threads with cute animal pics instead

No. 25322

I think that's retarded, we should all just sit back and watch him sperg out into the void

No. 25323

No one knows if Nicole is even posting. Reading what people say and posting on lolcow are 2 seperate things. You sound autistic accusing everyone of being Nicole.

No. 25324

trannies have lost their mind in the mtf thread

No. 25325

>implying they're sane in any way

No. 25326

He's literally so ugly lmfao.

No. 25327

What happened now

No. 25328

>Cassie read the thread and posted about it mere days ago
>Nicole Tweets about "anonymous" opinions yesterday
>Very active whiteknighting specifically in that thread for over a year
>Nicole has used greentext format in a facebook post as far back as 2015
>Is also very active online and replies often
>guis we don't even know if she posts(stop)

No. 25329

Most cows read their own threads but that doesn't mean they are posting.

No. 25330

It’s like you’re making these general autismo statements on purpose and ignoring her tweets at the same time as those posts. Don’t be this stupid.

No. 25331

Are you really going to hi cow everyone in the thread who isn't you, anon, and lolcow isn't the only website to use anonymous and green text. No one is saying she didn't post about lolcow. It's just dumb to think every anon who isn't posting something you agree with, is Nicole.(stop)

No. 25332

>Are you really going to hi cow everyone in the thread who isn't you
One newfag who couldn’t sage.
>Lolcow isn't the only website to use anonymous and green text
It’s one of the first websites that pops up when you google her name. The timing is too perfect since her roommate just discovered it. And the tweets at the same time. Afaik she doesn’t have threads on any other anon sites.
>It's just dumb to think every anon who isn't posting something you agree with, is Nicole.
You mean the narcissist who just posted about her thread on social media isn’t the same one anon trying to rehash old milk at the same exact time as these tweets?(stop)

No. 25334


No. 25335

File: 1628164631730.jpg (135.28 KB, 1080x1080, 29ed8fe729e4d4e73fe97ed0f6b011…)

Admin, can we please have the GC thread back? At least until the Chris Chan shit dies down and the kiwifags leave? We can't voice GC stuff in the MTF or fakeboi threads.

No. 25336

There's a scrote again in the MtF thread. I predict another gore raid soon

No. 25337

Before someone asks, I reported him

No. 25338

Just go to crystal cafe. You can make as many threads as you like and you'll have plenty of little friends to talk to.

No. 25339

File: 1628188116789.jpg (935.71 KB, 2002x471, Untitled-2.jpg)

These. There was also another post where he wrote something about casually having an umpteenth abortion and doing drugs afterwards and it also sounded very scrotish but can't find it. I noticed he never sages

No. 25340

Basically they sound like what a scrote thinks a woman would write and they are always very man-centric posts

No. 25341

File: 1628193290511.jpg (148.88 KB, 625x640, 2f2239cea3aa9dc2805f01b1e82595…)

That fourth comment is the scrotiest thing I've ever read, classic male behavior to get offended when one of their shit activities has a name. Sex pest is not even a new term. The other ones do sound like a man larping. It might be the same one who wrote in the vent thread or somewhere recently about how they are too pretty to make friends, and the entire post sounded like a man's idea of female behavior based entirely on 90s teen movies. I'm sure he runs back to 4chan or reddit and brags about how he totally has us fooled!

No. 25342

>Scared to fuck because I have to ask for consent
Yeah that is some severe scrotery.

No. 25343

It sounds like a scrote trying to "infiltrate" and use this site as their /pol/ alternative.
>my mildly conservative, radfem opinions

No. 25344

Major newfagging in the Lillee Jean thread. I reported a bunch but they're having a whole ass back and forth Convo and I can't keep up.

No. 25345

“sex pest” is literally a term from mid-20th century newspaper journalism, the tardation in that post!

No. 25346

Jesus lock the effina thread, I’m tired of seeing those cgi fanarts on the front page. In before just “hide the thread” no let me bitch.

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