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File: 1599068058871.jpeg (536.96 KB, 1598x1000, 9FAFA60F-4FD6-4384-9984-FDDB74…)

No. 621465[Reply]

I didn’t see a copy pasta thread, so here it is! Pasta all of your copies here:
>the fresh
>the stale
>the gross
>the milky
>the dairy free
>others’ pasta
>even those in your own pockets
And so much more! If you could add pictures related to them, that would be even better.
Let’s try saving all those huge spergs that have been posted on lolcow by cows and farmers alike!
this is my first thread so no bully pls
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No. 1520956

She's kind of right, but wrong too. Look how South Korea and Japanese moids treat their own women. Japan literally needs women-only public transport because of moids sexually assaulting them. South Korea societally bashes anything even resembling feminism, moids harass women en masse for having short hair or reading books with female main characters, but somehow disregard the fact that sex trafficking is rampant and that camera phones that don't have the flash sound enabled are illegal because it's so common for them to take creepshots, install hidden cameras in bathrooms, hotels, their own homes, etc. Women and young girls have been doxxed, had their lives ruined and been driven to suicide by the latter, by the way. As for what white scrotes do, the average trad white male, especially in Eastern Europe, is a pig who loves to abuse. White men are also the main ones selling out their women to be trafficked en masse throughout the world, producing and hosting most of the world's CP (and this gets even more morbid when you realize they don't just make CP of children within their own race, they like travelling to poor countries), shaming them for not doing porn shit like anal or tolerating AGP fantasies, entering women's bathrooms and bragging about committing disgusting acts, etc. White and Asian moids may understand keeping up appearances, but their souls are as rotten as moids of color.
As for /pol/tards and internet bullshit specifically: Those misogynists bash you because they see you as space for a proxy battle for their eternal dick-measuring contest with moids of color. Women are just bargaining chips to them, and they know it makes themselves look good to say "Our women are the best (because they are ours)", but they don't truly internalize it. It's literally not personal. That's why they'll STILL slide into your DMs, make "exceptions" for you and have thirst threads for all different races of women. Even tradthots know it's fake, and that's why so many of them are weirdly aggressive toward non-white women who never did anything to them. Sometimes it's literally just the moid's retarded negging tactics. They'll be nice to you, then quickly call you racial slurs and go on about how you're a shitskin if you reject them.
It doesn't even mean they have love or respect for white women, because when they're done degrading you, they're back to degradinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1520962

nta and I get what your saying, but its just when your accustomed to an extreme level of misogyny then a lesser form of misogyny will seem preferable, like I have spoken to an Egyptian women who said that Japan was better then her home country cause the level of groping and harassment in Japan was minor compared to Egypt, that doesn't erase Japanese misogyny or Japanese harassment culture, it just illustrates how massively fucked up Egyptian society

and Its incredibly offensive to say that all misogyny is equal cause it isn't, your better off then most women in the world and I'm better off then most women in Afghanistan, that doesn't erase the misogyny of my nation or your nation, but acknowledging it doesn't exist or that it's the same is denying reality and again is offensive

No. 1520976

I'm not trying to say it's all equal, anon (and I'm not white). I agree that black and brown moids are worse in a material sense. What I'm trying to say is that I don't have the impression that white or Asian moids are noble or have dignity just because their cultures aren't as blatant with the misogyny. They have a veneer of all these great values, the same way a rich family can have a beautiful home and pay lip service to all sorts of pro-human causes, but still hide fucked up abuse and secrets. When I see people praise certain races of moid, I can't help but see that it just helps their evil behaviors hide under the radar.

No. 1521033

I didn't know it was that bad in South Korea, I really need to look things up.

No. 1522138


File: 1677248834294.jpg (106.52 KB, 2000x1331, CCV_iStock-619079366-2000x1331…)

No. 1507975[Reply]

You probably are not alone in your opinion.

Previous: >>>/ot/1491432

>do not respond to bait. do not respond to trolls or obvious maleposters. report and move on, please.

>remember this thread is about unpopular opinions, not the debate thread, or the politics thread. if you want to get upset, that's on you.
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No. 1521658

I bet she looks like an angel without the eyebrows filled in and false lashes.

No. 1521659

ayrt now you say it, I see it. there's something ethereal about her. maybe even some sort of fairy or elf. very pretty.

No. 1521669

I DISAGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY I cannot disagree strongly enough, a sexually abused man will go on to sexually abuse throughout his life in my experience (personal experience with an adult man abused as a child who went on to abuse women and children)

No. 1521671

samefag: he also got abused in prison and it did nothing to fix him, he was still a rapist when he got out he was just older

No. 1521674

I guess it only works for some of them then. I've met men who had their confidence and male cockiness absolutely shattered by abuse. Men never think they can experience sexual abuse, but when it does happen it really fucks with them. Then they either become violent, become troons or as I said they start to behave better.

File: 1657720600751.gif (5.62 MB, 450x253, 635939226.gif)

No. 1261328[Reply]

I'm not asking anymore, you're coming to Brazil.

Tava mais que na hora de fazer um novo Brasil Fio.
Notícias, tretas, polêmicas, lolvacas ou qualquer outra discussão em português entre as nossas noninhas.

Previous: >>>/ot/222861
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No. 1509788

Ela está em outro instagram, vive bem com o namoradinho Rena e continua postando coisas esporadicamente.

No. 1511781

Eu sou mulher e tô pouco me fodendo pra macho que sai de roupa de fadinha em bloco. O que me ofende é violência, implicar com roupa é coisa de twitteiro que não tem mais o que fazer.

No. 1511807

Concordo… Eu não gosto de travecos e teoria queer, mas isso de homem usar roupa de mulher e sair em "bloco das piranhas" no carnaval é literalmente a menor preocupação da época kkk
Nesse caso não é nem cosplay de mulher como drag queen, acho que é mais algo de quebra de expectativa, ver um cara barrigudo e peludo de vestido é grotesco e cômico, ou um cara qualquer usando roupas toscas tipo saia tutu rosa choque e pompom que é algo que nenhuma mulher usa seriamente .

No. 1511913

Nada a ver com nada mas eu gosto de uma cow no tiktok que faz vários videos reagindo a videos de progressivas e alisamentos permanentes em cabelo com a maior cara de cú possível, e óbviamente tem gente nos comentários que acha estranho e vai lá e fala sobre isso. Imediatamente a tropa dela e ela mesmo fala que ela não falou nada e você está imaginando coisas. Aparentemente tem um diploma de direito ou está estudando direito, mas eu não entendo a necessidade de estudar direito para jogar um jogo de gaslighting na merda do tico teco. Se você gosta do seu cabelo natural, tudo bem. Agora, se você fica puta só de ver alguém alisando o cabelo tá na hora de terapia. Aparentemente é um tipo de bait para engajamento e para o pessoal comentar mesmo.
Eu nem uso a plataforma muito, mas os meus familiares sim. É esse tipo de pessoa mesmo que o tiktok atrai?

No. 1521001

File: 1678553658907.jpg (175.05 KB, 1200x1195, download (2).jpg)

Por acaso, alguém sabe me dizer se wix é melhor que wordpress.com? Note que eu disse wordpress.com, não wordpress.org

File: 1645557243707.jpg (55.88 KB, 640x500, EF8plMoWwAAPjxC.jpg)

No. 1065316[Reply]

This is a thread for all kinds of internet addiction, this includes addiction to social media or other websites (lolcow included). Discuss how to stop coming back for more, and how internet addiction is affecting our lives/solutions to this.
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No. 1520886

>used to be a huge filmfag and would watch artsy movies
same. it's hard to imagine how that was something I used to do. just sit through a 2 hour film fully focused on what was going on and feel totally immersed in the story. but now it's like an itch i get every 15 minutes. and even if it's not to open my laptop, it's to do something else like just get up and play with (annoy) my cat or make some tea. the ability to just sit and focus on something has been damaged.
exactly, I would be so addicted to a game but then the game stopped when i stopped it and that was that. around that time, i used to play instruments every day and sew, knit all kinds of stuff. but when you're on the internet or your phone, nothing really stops, it is still open in another tab for you to flip back to so you can never move on or "end" that task fully. not to mention there are always things to check back to like unlimited replies and updates on whatever you are following.

No. 1520892

>I took a screen recording of all my saved songs and just downloaded them to listen to on an old mp3 player.
I did it too kek. It actually feels better listening to music this way, cause with streaming you just scroll endlessly without immersing yourself in the music and wait for the next catchy song. I love metal, but with streaming its actually worse listening to it. Like, with black you need really immerse yourself in the album to really appreciate it. Good luck doing it if you are endlessly bombarded with next hot album.
>i've heard a lot of people say this lately and my theory is it used to be an easy form of escapism, but now - when you compare it to how easy and instantly accessible mindless scrolling is - it's actually a fair amount of effort. turning on the console, setting up, waiting for it to load and then committing to that SINGLE activity for the next hour or so. our brains have been trained to jump from one easy thing to the next and it's getting worse.

This is very true. With internet, you can just click on something and instantly get a video or a meme to fry your dopamine receptors. Games, on other hand, require some time investment and that instant gratification doesn't come. This is true with my favorite games, like RTS and RPG. For example, I love Crusader Kings. The problem is, you need to learn to play it first, read manuals, read a lot of in-game text and wait some time till you level your kingdom and only then all the fun stuff begins. Why should I do it all to have fun if I can go to YouTube and watch some memes and get my dopamine hit? >>1520879
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. At the very least, games can be a pretty good and harmless hobby if you don't play them all day long. It can be even positive in some way. I like Morrowind and it really inspired me to draw more and I even learned to draw pretty ok landscape painting cause I loved the game so much I wanted capture it in my art. Same with people who code game mods etc. Vidya can be good rarely, meme consumption is always bad on other hand. You just consoom dopamine tokens endlessly. With vidya at least I can say I appreciate it as an art form and can get inspired to do cool stuff. But again, playing Sims or Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1520894

>I got rid of spotify a year ago because it was expensive if you didn't want ads
If you use it in browser on desktop (as opposed to the app) an appblocker will block ads. Not sure about an appblocker on phone. I know this isn't relevant within the context of this thread but just in case anyone else wasn't aware.

No. 1520925

File: 1678546893748.png (579.71 KB, 786x534, pi.png)

Thinking about the time my laptop broke and I had to reply on my raspberry pi (which I use as a server) for internet for a few months until l replaced it. First, my rpi was in a fixed spot in my room so I wasn't constantly on the internet whilst I was watching TV or eating dinner etc. Second, it was so fucking slow and painful to use that it simply put me off a lot of the time. Due to my very basic setup, the screen was small and I could only listen to audio if I plugged in headphones and even then the quality was awful. So I would only watch a youtube video or clip if I really needed to because otherwise it was a pain to load it and have to plug in my headphones. Third, I really had to think outside the box when it came to workarounds and was constantly problem solving and learning so at least my brain was working. At the time I really needed a decent computer for work though so I gave in and got a new laptop as soon as I could.

However, now my job has provided a separate laptop for work (which is heavily monitored so I can't use it for personal stuff) and I'm seriously considering wiping and selling my laptop so I would just have the pi + work laptop.

I still have my smartphone but am in the process of switching to a dumbphone. My plan is to create a fixed spot for my smartphone (possibly a wall mount so I can't easily pick it up or something similar) and remove all apps except for my banking app and 2FA app (+ anything else that is strictly necessary for now) and have the dumbphone for text and calls.

No. 1522383

Do not do mobile banking especially on a dumb phone.

File: 1626360488299.jpg (23.17 KB, 250x250, tumblr_pb1ypgoPkd1v4whilo2_250…)

No. 854762[Reply]


Previous thread: >>>/ot/204765
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No. 1520690

same yo. the wine remants like an occult star, looks kind of like tea leaves

No. 1520713

Thank you for posting a cute pic of my husbands

No. 1520716

mine wasn't that pretty it was just flaky!

No. 1520857

File: 1678537939128.png (254.6 KB, 211x961, T-J-Sweet-Cat-Italy-00-Red-LR.…)

Tbh i dunno much about booze so I just got this red wine cuz it had a cat on the label. It was really sweet and easy to drink! Also i wanna try that mead you posted!! Hope they sell it here. The only time I ever had mead ever was in some viking restaurant in Stockholm kek

They're too adorable!!!

No. 1523095

been a while but i’m still here and still drunk on a monday nigh, ilu nonnas, hope 2023 has been kind to you so far. love, yumeanon who needs a better hobby and job

File: 1678531221369.jpeg (775.96 KB, 979x979, F23A2C7F-076C-4298-B456-FF2A13…)

No. 1520818[Reply]

How do I locate weird women? Where might they be found? i really don’t want to find a life partner among the normie population. i want to find someone who is interesting/crazy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1520827

I can’t tell if you’re an autistic lesbian or a stupid scrote.

No. 1520843

Heather is that you?

No. 1520845

No. 1520848

Nonnie my sides can only handle so much.

File: 1677038168830.jpg (37.19 KB, 640x360, 1881f9e6d925962806ab279a1b72c8…)

No. 1506105[Reply]

Are you, like, stupid or something?

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1489133
1200 posts and 157 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1520767

At least where I live handholding is considered romantic by default, so you'd have to be dating someone to hold hands or otherwise it would be weird. It'd be easier to get laid than to get to hold hands with someone tbh.

No. 1520768


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1520770

What happened to the celebricow thread. I took a break but it was one of my faves thread, but the posts in the thread seem odd? Like it's a mix of twitterfags and the anons from the tinfoil thread. It looks like a lot of people are samefagging too, everytime i go check there it feels like a fever dream. Like wtf caused the thread to become like this

No. 1520779

I never post in there but for some reason I felt compelled to this week because I had an opinion about some stupid new celebrity shit. I was also a little curious why people complain about it so much lately. It seemed fine. There was some stupid posting and some posters got redtexted but that’s lolcow. What is it usually like?

No. 1520783

new thread

File: 1678276321757.png (2.37 MB, 1500x1000, pride shinji.png)

No. 1518006[Reply]

Pride month is still far away as the creation of this thread but I wanted to make it already so we can input our predictions and general thoughts. Discuss
9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1519605

the op image is sending me kekkkk

No. 1519850

What a nice Eva meme you have there.

No. 1519853

Can't wait to avoid all establishments that display the trans flag again! Yay! I gotta be thankful for the Pride month - it helps me to save money.

No. 1519862

Whether anyone ITT wants to accept it or not, G part of the LGBT has more than enough furries and pup mask moids to back that.

No. 1520646

I predict a return of the following type of thinkpieces and discourses:

>"here's why kink belongs at pride and why i'm teaching my kids brayden and kayden about leather and pup masks this pride month"

>"i'm a bi woman who hates pussy and one time a lesbian was mean to me and my poly soyboyfriend at pride"
>"friendly reminder that trans folks and especially trans women are being literally genocided by terfs like jk rowling. after the release of hogwarts legacy, pride is more important and political than ever"
>"my three year old identifies as genderfluid. is there a place for them at pride?"
>"without onlyfans and its content creators, pride becomes meaningless and alarmingly white"

File: 1677377275344.jpg (43.65 KB, 564x564, 3c00bd87328ecbab48c7021ee66be5…)

No. 1509454[Reply]

Previous thread >>1500633

the real dumbass shit was the threads we created along the way
1203 posts and 299 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1519997

File: 1678456877693.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 130.79 KB, 778x681, 4F12171A-7FFD-41E5-A417-9C85EC…)

If my thyroid is dispersed, does that means it needs to take adderall?

No. 1520002

American soft power ruins everything again. And the fact that English is the most spoken language and communication is super easy anf fast with the internet yet normies online have no reading comprehension, no critical thinking skills and never look for sources.

No. 1520179

Corporate interests and backed up by big pharma
Trannies are the ideal suckers because they are a customer to the medical system for life

No. 1520182

Same this made my morning finding out lol
I hope more people speak up and point out how ridiculous this whole tranny shit is

No. 1520381

Are Fashion Nova clothes decent quality? As in at least H&M quality? I watched an amalzd haul video where she says she paid less than $10 for each item and I haven't bothered to look on the website myself

File: 1609169901619.jpeg (208.1 KB, 750x965, EqLaiYaXcAIVOCA.jpeg)

No. 704153[Reply]

ITT we post about what we learned today. Whether it's an interesting scientific fact, an important life lesson, or whatever.
527 posts and 86 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1506704

Today I learned that I want toaster strudels

No. 1506705

My bad y'all, I thought this was the cravings thread and just realized it's not kek

No. 1506710

It's okay nonny, this thread needed reviving anyway

No. 1519123

I was today years old when I learned about the tapeworms coming out of bears, fuck that nature not even posting a pic or video of that shit, i never want to see it again

No. 1519818

oh my god I've never heard of this… it's because they eat all that raw fish? ugh it looks terrible.

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