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File: 1598524835965.jpg (27.82 KB, 480x639, images.jpeg.jpg)

No. 616586[Reply]

Things annoy you? Let it out, anons!

Previous annoyances:
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No. 938716

Meh, true millennials+ turned the internet into one big add/networking space but I think anon just means kids and teens are annoying and spergy online. I guess you can blame the older generations for that too though since they let their tards run free

No. 938960

sorry, I'm probably a contributor to your assessment

No. 938990

>We financed shit platforms spreading shit things.
There's no such thing as a good social media platform; humans haven't evolved to adapt to communication at scale, it was inevitable that communication would consolidate as it has online, and it was inevitable that the most deranged, vocal no-lives would have an outsized influence on online discourse. What we're seeing is the result of children being raised with instant mass communication, not the result of being raised with [platform i hate].

No. 938991


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 941787

File: 1634535340781.png (60.16 KB, 643x581, imane.png)

My fuckginjgnjnb godgbng men love to fucking butt themselves in to EVERYTHING.

File: 1609476661149.jpg (127.82 KB, 736x736, b7bc98093912094fd2127482b08d93…)

No. 706391[Reply]

Twitter is sjw hellhole, Facebook is controlled by anti-vax moms, Instagram algorithm sucks balls and Tumblr commited sudoku. Youtube and Tik-tok are useless for those that don't have desire to create videos. Deviantart became ghost-town, other art sites seems to not have community aspect. Fanfiction.Net is only a shell of what it used to be, LiveJournal is only a legend now, not sure about Ao3. Reddit and Discord is hard hit or miss with communities and don't have profile aspect to it.

Also seems like most of the bigger sites are super aggressively pushing ads (looking at u Zuckerboy). Honestly, social media is getting seriously tiring and unenjoyable.

Do you think that there's left any non-dead social media/internet community that's worth using? Any hobby centered sites and forums are good too!
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No. 938208

Probably but it kind of depends on if our interests and sense of humor were similar. That's partly the point of a blog though, to find "your people." Overall I really miss them. Stuff on social media is too short and curated to hold as much meaning, and there are decent think pieces sometimes but they're usually stand alone articles so you don't get the same continuity and sense of growing to know someone.

No. 938209

>would anyone read it
Is a deal breaker for you, don't bother with it. The best blogs I used to love had practically no readers for years before they blew up. If you want to write because you enjoy it, just go for it. The audience will either come or it won't, it's not a guarantee. I think you should only do it if the process itself is fun and satisfying to you.

No. 938439

to add to this, I think "blowing up" also depends a lot on having a lot of blog already, so that when people find it there's a lot of stuff to read through already.

No. 938704

It's not what I meant. I said "would you read it" as in, would the anons in this thread be interested.

No. 939792

Sure, sounds fun.

File: 1627717488898.jpg (97.46 KB, 1024x554, 739173692_70720e47f5_b.jpg)

No. 868290[Reply]

Post words that you like - it could be because of the meaning, the way it sounds, the way the letters look together, the cultural significance, anything! They don't have to be in English btw
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No. 927568


No. 938342

(the spanish words for: blueberries and raspberries)

No. 938346

nananchis (pineapple tomatillo things I was told)

No. 938417


No. 938624

This anon again with another city name

File: 1597674685964.jpg (22.29 KB, 512x512, Love-Dairy-Free.jpg)

No. 606611[Reply]

Use this thread to share internet personalities that are relatively drama free whom you actually hope/wish the best for.

>no cows that have been posted in /pt/, /snow/ or /w/, if you like them so much you can go simp for them in their respective threads
>no shitting on other people's opinions, this is a positivity thread.
>however, if you post someone that is a known shithead, you will be dragged accordingly
>no personal cows
>no self-posting
>no shilling (do not post their store links – youtube channels and social media accounts OK)
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No. 877307

Nisipisa, she's really funny and chill

No. 877409

Yes, Anon! I love Nisipisa, she always makes me laugh. I watch her window shopping videos on bad days and they never fail to cheer me up. Especially when she does a lil voice and cracks herself up. Such a cutie.

No. 913611

Idk if she's been posted here but I love Angela Clayton. She's so sweet and I wish I was as talented as her.

No. 938247

I like MatPat, especially his serious videos.

No. 938252

I love Angela's makes, she's so talented, humble, hard working and has a truly unique eye for design. I really hope she does Coatmas this year.
I feel a little sad for her as a human because she seems to live a very agoraphobic existence without friends or hobbies she does just for fun, she really looks to be going through it since losing her poor dog and having issues with the new ones. She's one of those youtubers I wish would have a more balanced happier life even though it would mean cutting her video output in half.

File: 1623335020739.jpeg (602.19 KB, 1125x1075, 6981D2D5-5728-40A0-8AA1-FCAD19…)

No. 827021[Reply]

it continues. post funny caps from fellow farmers itt. try not to repost the same thing twice kudasai, keep sperging to a minimum, and enjoy.

>>731684 - third edition
>>638051 - second edition
>>589875 - first edition
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No. 938217

sorry i'm dumb, but is that a binary code that you can actually translate in the first message or just random numbers ?

No. 938224

File: 1634203615145.jpg (81.52 KB, 720x533, Screenshot_20211014-011225_Chr…)

>rapunzel below the belt

No. 938225


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 938251

I believe the first reply was in reference to the actual meaning and the rest are just memeing.

No. 938400

new thread: >>>/ot/938397

File: 1634063579856.jpg (34.45 KB, 360x450, Homo_georgicus.jpg)

No. 936880[Reply]

A thread to discuss human evolution as well as the evolution of other general creatures. You can talk about from the very start to the current time we live in or beyond.
Discuss biology, geography, social and cultural changes, etc. Remember any creature is welcomed to discuss.
>If you racebait you die.
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No. 937621

Ohhh that reminds me of this video!!! I hope you nonners find it interesting
I hate creationism so much and I have a new found disdain for "god's design" shit now.

No. 937637

>humans evolved to have round butts to be able stand up" like no, it just happened and we found out it's more comfortable and efficient to walk on our legs
What? Humans didn't just try standing up randomly and decide they liked it. Of course our changes in locomotion are directly related to the evolution of our physical anatomy, although not the shape of our butts (whoever you're quoting got it backwards…our butts are bigger because we are bipedal and therefore our legs and butts carry more of our weight than a quadruped of the same size. We didn't grow big butts on a mission to become bipedal kek) The shape of the pelvis, for example, is widely believed by anthropologists to be a contributor to human bipedal locomotion, and bipedal locomotion, increased brain size, and the hyoid bone are thought to be contributors to our capacity for speech.

No. 937646

Obviously I simplified it because I'm ESL and half asleep but when you have biology teachers in high school telling you the exact same shit you said in parenthesis you know there's a problem.

No. 937834

>we didn't grow big butts on a mission to become bipedal
Kek I love the idea of the missing link being a chimp with a BBL looking back like hey I want more people to see this booty, I'm going up fellas!

No. 938148

Several years ago when I thought I was straight and was on okcupid one of the questions for profiles was " do you think creationism should be taught alongside evolution in schools." And I think basically one man of all my matches said no. Does okcupid still had this question? Lmao.

File: 1633370372764.png (91.08 KB, 500x538, 1559985241573.png)

No. 930219[Reply]

Previous: >>>/ot/914233
Write it out to prevent picrel
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No. 937660

>I always feel drained when I leave and exhausted
I felt this way with one of my therapists, she was a shit as a therapist and as a person. Maybe you subconsciously know it too. You should feel "good" in the presence of your therapist.
Try to find a new one, I have wasted years with this shit one and I regret it.

No. 937666

I used to have this issue until I got a therapist who annoyed the shit out of me and I looked down on for various reasons, then I didn't care what I said to her or what she thought about me or if she was judging me kek. Clearly I do indeed need therapy

No. 937892

The religion of the Arab pedophile doesn't deserve to be broadcast, plus Arabic is an awful sounding language(racebait)

No. 938214

As an ex muslim (was i even ever one if i was indoctrinated into it and stopped engaging in its practices at like 12 lol) muslims like attention they also adore when a non muslim (especially a westerner) opposes them and tries to stop them. It fulfills the conspiracy theory their book says. Its pathetic really..

No. 938615

You’d probably of got away with this if not for the last sentence kek.

File: 1613147580098.jpg (965.97 KB, 1188x1208, 1611972429963.jpg)

No. 737511[Reply]

jatkoa suomillangalle

edellinen >>>/ot/222198
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No. 937319


Jonkun pitäs lähettää tolle freskan hinnasto. Saiskohan ton sähköpostin jollekin siivouspalvelu-markkinointilistalle

No. 939155

File: 1634283220767.jpg (3.24 MB, 4096x3276, CollageMaker_20211015_10312678…)

Joo, muun muassa tämä taiteilijasukuinen polyamoriasta ynnä muusta julkisuuteen valistanut Minni eli bukkakeprincess on alkanut kovasti höpöttämään siitä kun itsekin kokenut olleensa kovin erilainen nuori, itki muun muassa yhessä stoorissa joskus ti tai ke miten sai traumat kun julkaisi videon instaansa (missä näkyy hänen kämppä) mihin joku oli kommentoinut "aikuinen ihminen eikä osaa pitää huonettaan siistinä" ja tämän takia hän ei pysty nykyään kuvaamaan huonettaan ollenkaan someen. juuh

Ja kuvassa eilisen kuvankaappaukset jatkeena aiheesta, ainakin tiedostaa että on dramaattinen ja värikäs. Näitten nepsyjutuista paasaajien myötä tuntuu et se on uusi normi et oot vähintää adhd tai autisti, ja asiantuntijoiden tarve diagnooseja varten on aivan ruuhkautunut tämän trendin aikana.

No. 939182

Näin oikeasti autistina tää trendi saa mut kiehumaan. Tuntuu siltä että neurotyypilliset on nyt uus "valkoinen etuoikeutettu cissukupuolinen" niin on coolia olla epäneurotyypillinen ja sen varjolla oikeuttaa ties mitä paskaa.

No. 939452

Filtteritkään ei pelasta tätä naamaa

No. 940076

Mikähän on seuraava muoti-ilmiö kun masennus ja ADHD on liian massaa, varmaan joku IBS

File: 1625874499865.jpg (15.13 KB, 300x300, download (6).jpg)

No. 849990[Reply]

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues, ect, are all welcome here.
Previous thread >>>/ot/636795
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No. 935736

>meth Crack

No. 935765

It’s like it’s a game to these people.
I had originally gone to the doctor bcs of my chronically fucked up bowels and was told my anxiety and depression were the cause. I told the doctor I had already been diagnosed with MDD, GAD, PTSD, and provisional BPD, but she did not think that was relevant and sent me to a counselor that could only see me once every other month. I had a lot of traumatic backstory to get through and most of my therapy was spent with her trying to make sure she got names and ages and times correct. I specifically told her that I would like to work on my weed and nicotine addictions and she didn’t think that was necessary, it was the trauma I needed to get over first. It took a whole year of my apathetic responses to her queries for her to realize I was over shit and am just a pot head; so she finally decided to have me see someone that specializes in addiction. But not before she wanted to tell me there’s no such thing as evil without elaborating.. Also told me I’m normal but also might have schizophrenia and referred me to no one. I asked for a psychoanalysis because my last one was over 5 years ago (as a minor) and I was told they don’t do that?? How are they able to treat and medicate people? Last but not least. Both my parents and I went to the same building for therapy at one point. I told the counselor I physically abused my younger siblings years ago and asked how to talk to them and my parents about it. She said straight up just don’t tell them. I recently ended up telling them and talking/apologizing to my siblings. My siblings say, thankfully, they don’t even remember but my parents are pissed my counselor told me not to say anything. Sorry for rant response but I’ve been in therapy since I could talk and I agree this is bullshit.

No. 935768

I meant targeting civies with it

No. 935829

more like meth kek. I keckled my little heckle at this

No. 936838

New thread

File: 1613673554414.jpg (80.44 KB, 693x427, discordhate.jpg)

No. 742657[Reply]

A thread to discuss everything you hate about Discord and the niche communities using the platform.

Post all your cringe screencaps and stories about Discord users here.
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No. 934683

Everytime I see this kind of stuff, I think it's more some marketing ploy "look how nice and inclusive we are~~"

No. 934725

Discord has been full retard for several years if not always, the people who work there are extremely degenerate.

No. 935430

File: 1633909789333.jpg (544.07 KB, 880x728, youtube.jpg)

Our Queen will return with a new mission soon, even within our lifetimes.

No. 935623

File: 1633939420655.jpg (115.45 KB, 1080x1121, IMG_20210910_215222.jpg)

My experience on discord:

1. Every discord has "the clique", a group of permanently online people/mods who dictate the conversation and everyone less popular has to suck up to them to not be ignored.

2. People who overshare their health issues and often vaguepost to make themselves seem so dark and brooding, when no one cares to do mental labor for them 24/7.

3. If it's a scrote discord: there will be a NSFW channel with high school anime girls and degenerate shit

4. If it's a twitter-girl discord there will be ridiculous pronoun salads

No. 935664

Nasim got huge titties in heaven.

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