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File: 1659802427659.jpeg (255.11 KB, 2048x1366, 00china-internet-2-superJumbo.…)

No. 1291989[Reply]

Share stories about your freak neighbors
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No. 1529705

File: 1679414289567.jpg (11.62 KB, 275x274, m-2.jpg)

I was considering moving but I'm scared to do it because of all the horror stories in this thread. I live too far away from my university/the city but at least my neighbours are decent. I'm scared that I will leave an okayish apartment(with dirtcheap rent) with quiet neigbors only to move to a more expensive apartment with obnoxious neigbors. Specially since I'm under the impression that apartment-renters in the city are more obnoxious than them outside of the city

No. 1529736

>old couple apartment above me
>man beats woman, he has health problems and walks with a stick,is violent, has been for years since I moved here
>swears at her, throws stuff at her, it fucking infuriates me
>I call police several times
>my mom/grandma actually saved this woman's life years ago by letting her stay over here (I live alone here now)
>police can't do much shit
>one day no more scandal
>weird quiet
>see the black thing hanged at block enntrance
>that forsaken man finally bit the dust
>about 1-2 months pass
>see furniture get out of the woman's apartment
>neighbor lady who is basically the surveillance cam and microphone of us all tells me one of the old lady's sons forced her to sell the apartment ,give him the money, buy a new 1 room apartment and SHE WILL MOVE OUT
> old lady has to THROW OUT old type furniture made from the most expensive wood (solid wood, dunno how tf to say it in english, but basically extremely expensive and beautiful vintage furniture)
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No. 1529803

I have an extremely severe anxiety disorder I’m being treated for. I don’t leave home right now. I work from home and have video therapy with a local therapist, but am working towards getting to the office. The other day when I was walking to the mailbox, my neighbor was outside and commented on how I never leave the house. It made me feel so mortified so I just said I had been sick for a long time. I don’t get why people have to comment on things like that when it’s none of their business. Like if I really had been physically sick and couldn’t leave, it would probably be an ok excuse but still none of his business. Either way, I’m not neighborly and never talk to them and it pissed me off because it’s already hard enough to deal with a stupid problem like I have without this asshole commenting on it.

No. 1529854

Honestly, how bad would your commute everyday be of you didn't move? I think good, quiet neighbors are seriously underated, especially if you have to study. I commuted an hour to college and back (before online school got popular), and it was rough but I didn't pay rent (lived with family) and I didn't share a room with anyone. I think the drive was worth it, in the end.

No. 1530266

your neighbour probably just wanted to make small talk, if he didn't say it in a mocking tone.

File: 1669762469150.png (1.11 MB, 1054x1042, Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 22.53…)

No. 1426262[Reply]

A thread to discuss the disdain around dogs, their owners and dog culture in general.

Dog lovers, please see this thread >>>/ot/686457

Previous thread: >>>/ot/686468
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No. 1529079

thanks for this, i thought there was something weird about the story too. i'm really not willing to go look up more info myself, but if i understand correctly, it's more likely that one of two things happened: 1. they trained the dog to perform sex acts, or 2. they abused the child themselves and blamed it on the dog. either one is horrible. but if dogs spontaneously would rape humans, you'd think there would be more cases of this happening… i don't know. someone hurt that child either way and it's scary to think they're getting away with it.

No. 1529168

Dead at the pic on the bottom left. The baby will also probably be dead soon. Rip, little one.

No. 1529784

File: 1679419928213.jpeg (98.21 KB, 796x796, 12E4F292-3392-4826-9262-ADFFEE…)

100% all the comments not making the owner claim responsibility and finding this shit funny and cute. These things are THOUSANDS of dollars. So now a genuinely disabled person who is probably already broke is now several £ out of pocket. I pray that their health insurance covers this.

Your dogs actions are your fucking responsibility so now your carelessness has left someone without a leg instead you record it like it’s funny.

No. 1529792

nice research anon. Yeah i think it’s pretty obvious that the dog had been trained to rape infants

No. 1529808

All I can think about is them stressing out over their leg being gone and this dog is not even cute at all. This is horrible.

File: 1668537726313.png (1.12 MB, 806x788, racefisher.png)

No. 1410278[Reply]

(Disclaimer : this is NOT intended for racebaiting in any way, instead its made for calling out cows who racefish and other drama related to them)
What is a Racefisher?
>Someone pretending to be another race, trying to look like another race or lying about being another race.

Different types of racefishers are:
Blackfishers (pretending to be black
Asianfishers (pretending to be asian)
Whitefishers (pretending to be white)

This is a thread to discuss and talk about different online personalities who are racefishing.

Also even though this thread is about racefishers certain subcategories such as Slavaboos is also allowed to be discussed here.
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No. 1505557

>There's an obvious difference between body dysphoria and gender dysphoria
gender dysphoria is just a subset of body dysmorphia though

No. 1506393

I'm sad this thread was ruined by retards. It had lots of good potential imo

No. 1529692

No. 1529725

Maybe we could request the other thread be unlocked and start fresh(it wasn't as autistic and was mostly making fun on people on tumblr)

No. 1529731

they'll just shit up that thread too. Also do trannys need to be brought up into EVERYTHING when there are literally so many thread here to talk about them, like can we please talk about cringy racefishers without some insane bitches coming here to defend racefishers and bring up trannys as a defense or post some rare cases of people naturally who look like opposite race as a excuse for racefishing.

File: 1668271719822.jpg (268.55 KB, 750x730, IMG_20221113_033911.jpg)

No. 1406489[Reply]

Discuss what you hate about zoomers, their current trends, shitty behaviours, predictions on their future, etc.

Previous thread: >>1066254
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No. 1517999

>refuse to identify as a zoomer
Like hell you aren't.

No. 1518001

the key word here is "identify" kek that anon already lost by using it. Only zoomers "identify" as shit

No. 1518377

Nta and am in my 30's but why the fuck would zoomers know about Archie the comic. Further, who the fuck cares? I can't remember the last time I saw an Archie comic next to the cash register at the supermarket. The last time I saw an Archie comic was on that shitty, hard gum that stopped being produced a long time back. Where do you live? Bumfuck Mississippi?

No. 1529720

File: 1679415180891.png (13.23 KB, 984x344, 1678932009860095.png)

Why are zoomers so stingy

No. 1529894

I live in a pretty normal suburban neighborhood and the Publix near me has Archies. I usually grab one and read a couple comics while I'm waiting in line at the checkout. I doubt zoomers are shopping at the grocery store though, so they probably just don't know they're there

File: 1519214936076.jpg (48.59 KB, 1504x562, QK55tPC.jpg)

No. 230337[Reply]

There is not really an organized thread for programming related topics. Feel free to share books and resources here. Post whatever you're working on and feel free to ask questions anons!
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No. 1528205

Different anon, I have the same question. Is it possible to get a simple code monkey job online just with TOP or similar courses?

No. 1528222

I haven't heard of Odin project before but after googing it seems like a great resource for front-end skills. Will completing that alone get you a job? No. No one course will. If you don't have formal coding experience or schooling you need to show employers that you are on the same or a similar level to someone coming out of a compsi degree. The biggest thing I can recommend is personal projects. Anyone can do a course but showing an employer code that you created and are passionate about shows that you have drive and well rounded skills. To add on that- nothing wrong with wanting to be a front end dev but if you are lacking experience I would highly recommend expanding your skills by also incorporating a backend language (c#, java, ect) as well as database skills like SQL. These will also allow you to create more fleshed out personal project to show your skills.
For reference I self taught html, css, some js and python and then did a 14 week full stack bootcamp (html,css,vue,java). Been in the industry ~3 years now.

No. 1528595

Easiest way to work with Docker on Windows is to use WSL2. You can set up the Docker software to link to WSL2 and it will use WSL to do all Docker stuff. It's very easy and there's plenty of official guides for it online

No. 1529684

you guys would have been so much better at programming if you were welcoming of trans people on your site(No.)

No. 1529688

File: 1679413060665.jpeg (20.26 KB, 203x248, D724D3A2-A3AE-44DD-B488-A5D5CE…)

File: 1634063579856.jpg (34.45 KB, 360x450, Homo_georgicus.jpg)

No. 936880[Reply]

A thread to discuss human evolution as well as the evolution of other general creatures. You can talk about from the very start to the current time we live in or beyond.
Discuss biology, geography, social and cultural changes, etc. Remember any creature is welcomed to discuss.
>If you racebait you die.
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No. 1529654

Neat. I was born without my bottom ones but have the top two. They never grew out though, thankfully.

No. 1529661

>tfw have wide jaw
>still have little space for my teeth and needed braces to space them out
Life is not fair.

No. 1529719

that's tight, thanks for the info nona! sorry for accusing you of moidery (unless…)


No. 1529750

Oh I'm just retarded then, my bad. Admittedly I don't know much about them. In that case I guess I don't really relate much with that small bit of DNA at least that I'm aware of. 23andMe mentions stuff about having a worse sense of direction, less likely to have a fear of heights, less likely to blush, and being more sweaty. They all sound pretty generic honestly.

No. 1529819

Evolution blessed me with a cunt, cunt

File: 1673186610137.jpg (54.1 KB, 552x556, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

No. 1466841[Reply]

Thread for all desi noonies
Thread rules:
>DO not infight because of someones nationality or beliefs
>no pak vs India debate
>keep paki-chan autism to a minimum
Discuss how desi cultures either empower or objectify women .
>no religion shaming
Old milk:
>The month long femicide happening in Pakistan which had three female victims of honour killing
>Indian concert molesters
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No. 1528630

File: 1679280032561.png (680.85 KB, 539x849, s-l1600.png)

I cannot believe the retard that came into this thread to racebait actually claimed "Indian culture" and "Pakistani culture" (whatever that means) came from Europeans and "goatfuckers" respectively. Lolcow always attracts the most retarded scrotes.

No. 1528635

Nonna, there is a difference between what governments enforce on people vs how people behave. If we were to use the Iranian government to make judgment on the Iranian people themselves it would not reflect on how they are considering there a significant amount of irreligious people in Iran despite living in a theocracy. Idk about Gulf people themselves, it sounds like from what the other nonna is saying is that these people lowkey aren't as orthodox despite the governments they live under.

No. 1528709

Same, I can't even believe there's actually someone in this world who possesses THAT amount of retardation kek.

Honestly, I hate how there's always racebaiting and infighting in this thread, why do retards obsessed with 'muh ethnicity, muh caste, muh religion, muh ancestors (who are, more often than not, just a bunch of violent moids 'creating names' for themselves while women from that time got married off once they started their periods)' have to choose this thread to sperg out when we could be talking about.. you know, the fact that women suffer in both of these countries, or our interests, hobbies, dreams etc? We all can shit on moids together or talk about our shared experiences, but nope, let's just argue about whether Indian moids are uglier or pakistani moids like an unhinged teen who hasn't touched bahar ki ghaas in decades. Unless you're related to someone like jhansi ki rani, I couldn't care less about these race/ethnicity/whatever-related rants and debates. Please nonnies, ek baar toh koi normal baat karlo, hum sab basically ek dusere ki behene hai — dushman nahi.

No. 1529602

File: 1679404247055.jpg (86.94 KB, 960x580, furristan.jpg)

was browsing daraz and found this mindfuck kek

No. 1530456

File: 1679502977688.jpg (Spoiler Image, 924.43 KB, 2672x4096, 20230322_1439.jpg)

If that makes you feel better, but its quite ironic that your calling me a moid when you yourselves will be calling yourself men(or actually boys) in 3-5 years
I really don't get banned over this or get doxxed

File: 1663172555899.jpg (72.23 KB, 960x491, kawusia.jpg)

No. 1339537[Reply]

ogólny polskojęzyczny wątek dla nonek z polski! od luźnych pogaduch do rozmów o potencjalnych polskich krowach

miejmy nadzieje że go nie zbanują tym razem

poprzedni >>1073882
martwy wątek na /int/ >>/int/1544
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No. 1529544

czy ktoś jeszcze tu żyje?

No. 1529546

No. 1529547

Ledwie ledwie

No. 1529564

no smutno trochę bo polski wątek nawet nieźle działał przez chwilę…

No. 1529592

Mam wrażenie że masa anonek przestała korzystać z LC po tym dłuższym downtimie jakiś czas temu, łącznie z paroma aktywnymi w tym wątku… ogolnie mam wrażenie że bardzo widocznie spowolniła aktywność tutaj w ostatnich miesiącach

File: 1633547595924.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1805, 522BDE2C-9E71-450C-AD13-41D34B…)

No. 932175[Reply]

Discuss dreams/nightmares you've had, recurring themes or symbols, lucid dreams, your interpretations of other anons' dreams, etc.

previous thread >>>/ot/10376
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No. 1529329

Aw I'm glad you appreciate the picture. I love it too but unfortunately I have no idea where it's from, I saved it from some thread on here years ago. I didn't know there was an oil paint version! It looks really good so I can imagine it's great in person. I love to paint as well, oils and other mediums, and initially saved my pic as inspiration. Thank you for introducing me to its origins!
Reverse image search is leading me nowhere but I'll try to find out the source and update you when I do.

>She was dumb for rejecting you, I bet you're a 10/10 cutie!!

Thank you nonnie, hopefully real life will play out differently

No. 1529337

>gonna derail your dream but where is this picture from!?
Nta but it's by the artist 'Maria Nguyen'

No. 1529449

File: 1679382898872.jpeg (128.02 KB, 1100x648, 822D1D78-6DA2-4AEE-B245-700A09…)

just had a nightmare i was being spied on by who knows and they had hacked into my laptop, i can't remember what they did or why i was in that situation but it was for an irl criminal case i stumbled upon. for some reason what really scared me into waking up is seeing my cursor move on my laptop while i let it alone for a few seconds to do something else and i watched them buy me VIP on moviestarplanet ? and leveled me up to 192. it freaked me out so bad because i was like fuck my ten year old account is going to get banned now such a smart tactic to break my spirit and i freaked out i didn't know if i was meant to accept the gifts that come with that membership so i declined and they didn't register in, like i had no more money or diamonds from the package bought for me. and everything on that game was locked kek i was like i am so going to get fucking banned holy shit. my ten year old account!!!! my childhood!!!! this horrified me so bad i actually woke up in cold sweat heavy breathing with heart palpitations KEK. looks like i'm still scared of those "packers". to this day if i hear the kill bill whistle it sends actual chills all throughout my bloodstream because i think i'm about to get my computer hacked and have a genuine freeze response

No. 1529503

i dreamt of using essie nail polish on my teeth

No. 1530164

And then what dream-happened, nonna?

File: 1668770479147.png (804.2 KB, 940x700, yuriko.png)

No. 1413046[Reply]

Italian thread / Filo o thread italiano
Previous thread / Filo o thread precedente:

Cosa c'è di nuovo?
Cosplayer, scene varie, personaggi dell'Internet italiano vari, virus, vaccini, nuove presidentesse e quant'altro nella sfera italofona
100 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1525874

Ci sono novità nel mondo cosplay italiano?
Giorgia Cosplay, Himorta, e Francesca Dani, ad esempio?
E il Lucca Comics del 2022 e il prossimo del 2023?

No. 1526641

File: 1679137272123.png (12.38 KB, 612x166, 3.png)

>uomo bianco

No. 1528060

Instagram e tiktok.

No. 1529007

Un minimalissimo studio ricavato da due garage in una minimalissima villa.

No. 1529477

Si guadagna così tanto da YouTube ?

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