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File: 1626360488299.jpg (23.17 KB, 250x250, tumblr_pb1ypgoPkd1v4whilo2_250…)

No. 854762[Reply]


Previous thread: >>>/ot/204765
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No. 979525

ty so much thats what i was going for

No. 979530

File: 1638055041322.jpg (112.92 KB, 1024x986, DujLgeFVsAAofSs.jpg)

i just want to kiss somebody

No. 979763

I hope I don't throw up nonas, all that's in my tums besides alcohol is almonds and chips and I don't feel so good

No. 979801

Tasty tunes

No. 980591

File: 1638171764942.png (1.14 MB, 720x692, 1635632980110.png)

Remember to drink enough when drinking, please take care anons.I love you.

File: 1598464751072.jpg (64.32 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 616008[Reply]

One of the weirdest yet funniest YouTube communities I've seen so far. Subliminals are aimed towards lazy, self-conscious people who think listening to audio will help them make money and get a girlfriend. There are subliminals to turn you Asian, give you mental illnesses, go to another dimension, become an anthro plane and God knows what else.
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No. 978916

They're lying, most of those comments are just promoting said video

No. 979958

I remember using subliminals kek

I used the ‘Become Heterosexual’ subliminal that had bts in the background that I used to listen to, (linked below) as well as ‘Remove Dark Circles’, but I was just insecure back then.

But some of the comments are HYSTERICAL. Like I saw other subliminals in playlists like ‘become Asian’ or ‘Become Korean’, and girls will comment
>day 1: i felt kawaii but no change
> day 2
>omg woke up with slightly squinty korean eyes felt kawaii
>my dad looks chinese!!1
> we’re going to a korean festival today!
> I found an asian ancestor!
> I think rice manifested into my dinner!! ><
As well as others like ‘become Mexican’, or ‘Get tourettes!!’. So, by far, the mental illness desiring race changing subliminal users are the funniest to me. I think they’re mostly insecure teenage koreaboos, maybe with a side of autism and a dash of negligent parents. Harmless for the most part.

>>880062 we really want to know what you’re talking about, sounds wild

No. 979965

Listening to this one before bed every night, will post results later.

No. 979992

ah fuck trips i accidentally made cottage cheese noo yawns but when i close my eyes i see a double headed black eagle on red? Ok maybe i'm ill opens phone but Radio Televizioni Shqiptar starts playing top albanian hits oh noo

No. 980548

File: 1638160242509.gif (1010.91 KB, 320x180, EKLX4s.gif)

a lot of them do stuff that helps with the things they want at the same time they listen to these things
if you look at the comments it's always
>Oh i did excersice the whole month while listening and i felt thinner!!
And pretend listening to 1 hour of kpop made them lose weight

File: 1593041824256.jpeg (14.91 KB, 340x255, 56B67A89-AC82-4F83-82ED-53C325…)

No. 574723[Reply]

Cryptids, the hollow earth/Agatha, aliens and other supernatural shit.

Discuss experiences and share knowledge of realms beyond our own!

Religious experiences are also welcome
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No. 944258

Unfortunately, she removed all those paranormal videos. I just checked and can't find them. Her channel name on yt is "Starseed 11:11" and there was a word "paranormal" in the name of these videos.
She made a few videos, but after this situation, she stopped making them, I think the experience scared her.

One was creepy because she asked for any message for us, but that ghost kept talking about her family members (including names). It said that her husband annoys it.
When she pressed for more, it made a loud screeching noise. After that, she was clearly uncomfortable and just said she was sending love and light. It was all surprising.

No. 944266

>It said that her husband annoys it.
based ghost.

No. 944269

I had some paranormal experinces, but its going to be a long story.
I didnt belive in ghosts until these.
1. Ghost who had a problem with me: I bought a flat and lived there with my bff roommate. All was well untill one night i had a 5 dreams in a dream. I was already well trained in lucid dreaming and astral projection, also had nightmares since i was a child untill i was like 18 so i know a lot more about dreams than your average joe, dreams and all sleep states are my hobby. Thats why i could tell that these 5 dreams in a dream were something way different to a normal dream. In these dreams there was a man in my kitchen. He was standing there in white clothes and had black slicked back hair. He was evil and jumped from my 6th floor balcony. After waking up again and again, to story continues that he was running back to my flat on the stairs to hurt me or jump again. When i woke up for real i told my roommate and went on my day. In the evening we were taking selfies with an analog camera and my roommate was joking abou the man from the dream. The second i handed her the camera the lense broke! I thought weird, but can still be a coincience. A few days later i was sleeping alone in the flat and had another dream in a dream. I got up from my bed and looked above it, there was a painting of one of my friends twisted into the shape of the painting with bones broken suffering. I knew the man painted it to hurt me and i woke up. When i woke up i heard a man laughing from my kitchen. It couldnt be the neighbour because he never laughed, he only said "Kurva" or screamed "Silence" (he was crazy). It wasnt the neighbours voice either. I layed there frozen untill the sun started to come up. Then a few weeks later my boyfriend came to visit me and this time i slept fine, but he was woken up by a girls voice saying "he is standing right behind you". Right behind us was the kitchen. And then he saw some orbs in the room.

2. Religious experince:
So some years after the ghost story took place i did mushrooms couple of times to expand my horizons. So far it was fun and i learned a lot about the world around me and myslef. I love to do mushrooms in nature alone, anyway most of the time while it was mindblowing i didnt see god or anything. But couple of months ago i did it to say goodbye to my forest since i was moving far away and it was so beautiful. I watched a sunset on a hill of wet grass and in the clouds illuminated by the setting sun i saw an aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 944328

Ot but the whole 11:11 thing.. I'm not much of a believer in anything but I'm about 15 years into wrestling between my head telling me to 'pay attention' to the number 11 and another part of me just assuming I've some weird form of ocd. Other repeating numbers too… I'm fairly sceptical on most things, I try not to entertain it but I feel like ignoring it only leads to shit like me getting a receipt with a long series of 1s on it where its harder to explain away the chances of getting it.

It started before I ever had an internet connection or any awareness that's it a thing other people get too. I thought I was going nuts, then I googled it 12 years ago and if I'm nuts I'm at least not alone. Cannot shake the feeling that it means something.

No. 944343

it's legitimate. don't read too much about numerology but instead pay attention to the pattern of events that surround a "sighting." you'll probably be able to determine what it can mean then, and it might not necessarily lead to schizo thinking

File: 1620295270427.jpg (131.96 KB, 960x960, a pile of cats.jpg)

No. 800151[Reply]

Thread for the admiration of felines.

Because everybody wants to be a cat.
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No. 980262

A lottt of torties look super alike ive noticed, my grandparents had a cat that looked like a chubby version of her

No. 980275

File: 1638131796083.jpg (1.78 MB, 3264x2448, 20211128_141806.jpg)

Newbie I took in today.
My established cat (this guy >>800171) reacted predictably negatively towards her.
I now have two bewildered cats.

I will be keeping them separate until they chill. Any advice?

No. 980278

No. 980297

Anyone else just feel it deep in their bones how much love you can feel for cats? They are so precious.

No. 980298

Yes girl, with every fiber of my being

File: 1515527200140.png (55.72 KB, 924x924, 9D4E73DE-A953-43EB-9325-0B66D2…)

No. 221664[Reply]

AliExpress Thread!

People on cgl love these, so i figured we should have one too.

Post your purchases and/or wishlist items, links and photos of the items are appreciated.
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No. 980231

File: 1638128204259.jpg (257.27 KB, 2364x1184, hat-muffs.jpg)

bought this headband and earmuffs last week, excited to get them! the headband looks like a hat but it's open on the top.

headband link

muffs link

No. 980253

congrats on the elderly asian woman in winter steez

No. 980256

No. 980257

Why did it make me think of Russia

No. 980268

I have a russian white hat like the headband but it was $120usd, so I want to see how black looks without spending that money again. first time I've heard of it looking asian but hey it's aliexpress

File: 1599123558400.jpg (178.41 KB, 640x404, Estos-son-los-5-premios-Nobel-…)

No. 621962[Reply]

Posteen vacas, drama o lo que sea.
Para empezar:
¿que canales de youtube ven?
¿conocen alguna vaca de su país?
¿es palta o aguacate?
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No. 980188

Aprovecho este hilo latino para quejarme de que voy a comprar casa pronto con mi pareja, y estoy aterrada porque siento que si lo hago, significa que me voy a quedar en este pais religioso y tercermundista para siempre. Necesito consejo nonitas

No. 980192


Que se pudra vieja pendeja. Sabe qu hizo mal, y ahora esta mamando con que su vida esta arruinada, asi como los pinches machitos cuando los meten al bote por andar de pitoloco. Que bueno que le este llendo delaverga

No. 980201

Noni disculpa si es muy blunt, pero por qué estás considerando comprar casa si te querés ir del país?

No. 980254

No lo hagas, porque entonces si vas a querer poner la casa/apartamento en alquiler, va a ser un peo porque seguro te van a querer quitar lo que compres. Es mejor aguantar un poco y salir corriendo del país donde estas a un lugar más decente fuera de Latinoamérica.

No. 980535

File: 1638159548566.png (43.05 KB, 420x420, 001 (1).png)

¿Por que van a comprar una casa si quieren irse?
¿o la "posibilidad" de irse de un país del tercer mundo para tener una mejor vida te hace dudar de tus decisiones?

File: 1637096210557.jpg (358.24 KB, 1377x963, suomillanka3.jpg)

No. 969959[Reply]

Ja jatkuu!

Edellinen >>>/ot/737511

>OP kuva on paska

Tehkää seuraavalla kerralla parempi
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No. 979925

Ei varmaankaan ne joilla on jotenkuten kaikki kondiksessa. Itse kyllä "aakkosihmisenä" olen ihan tyytyväinen jos saa olla rauhassa, ei kohdella lakien yms puolesta toissijaisesti ja ihmiset ei överisti kauhistele/hermostu/mitä ikinä siitä jos ilmenee että mulla on samaa sukupuolta oleva kumppani. Se on vaan noi muusuilijat ynnä muut joille vähemmistöön kuuluminen on selvästi jokin mukamas niiden mielenkiintoisuutta lisäävä asuste eikä pelkästään yksi osa elämän kokemusta. Niillähän on koko ajan kauhea kilpailu siitä kuka kokee eniten sortoa ja kuinka monella tasolla, koska se on ilmeisesti niille joku suurikin jännityksen aihe

No. 980251

File: 1638130675403.jpg (363.83 KB, 1080x1629, Screenshot_20211128_221701.jpg)

You cringe you lose. Hävisin ennen kun avasin koko klippiä.

No. 980318

File: 1638134459804.jpg (53.2 KB, 896x453, 6695529c5efc0827.jpg)

maitoo tästä? vois kai päätellä että ilo ei osaa valita seuraansa jos murhaajiakin katsoo lähipiirissään ja puolustaa

No. 981675

Tää saaga jatkuu nyt niin että keskenmeno tuli n. viikko takaperin, mutta sunnuntaina sitten selviskin että gasp raskaus jatkuukin! Ketään ei varmaan yllätä että tää paljastus sijoittuu kätevästi ajankohtaan ku Petrus lähti jenkkeihin reissuun ja jätti Roosa-raukan ihan yksin kotiin ilman ketään joka hoitaisi ja tyhjentäisi kissanhiekkalaatikkoa.

Mielenkiinnolla odotan että millasia joululahjoja tässä on vielä luvassa, melkeen pitäis tehä jo bingokortti Roosalle.

No. 982736

Mä nautin niin paljon siitä että Petrus on narsismeissaan mennyt lisääntymään Roosan kanssa, koska tän raskaussaagan aikana lakkahaltija menettää vähintään puolet hiuksistaan stressin takia. Bitch is a karma äksdee

Oma veikkaus: abortilla uhkailemisesta tulee Roosan uusi lyömäase ja Roosa myös tulee valehtelemaan vähintään kerran että on tehnytt abortin
Fanitan Roosaa koska hän selvästi tekee Petruksen elämästä helvettiä <3

File: 1637597169331.jpg (110.82 KB, 800x600, 1637529598181.jpg)

No. 975283[Reply]

After the townhall stream yesterday, several anons would like to start a movie night with a chat function.

>suggestion to have a movie night once a month

>suggestion to make the first one a Christmas party (23rd? 25th? A weekend before Xmas? etc)
>movies could be streamed on cytu.be via a private link, like yesterday on the townhall, but the possibility to add videos from other platforms than youtube still needs to be tested
>another option is to host it on discord
>let's try not to engage in namefagging too much
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No. 979906


No. 979908

For the bad/trash movie night we were talking about I propose Hell comes to Frogtown. It is peak retarded male fantasy, no deeper meaning. Just pure shit but so shit it is a must watch . What do you think?

No. 979910

File: 1638097502919.jpg (558.79 KB, 1000x1428, MV5BYmU0ZTBiZjktMTVhYS00ZjgzLT…)

Thanks again for this amazing movie night! Was totally worth staying up late for this! Tag turned out to be interesting, even when I had no idea what the hell was going on for the most part lol. Will def try to join all upcoming movie nights as well, love the planned schedule so far.

No. 979919

Reminder there's a new more organized thread now
Use this instead

No. 980235

AYRT. I was busy with life and I come now to tell you you haven't watched any of Kon's films and if you did then you have zero media literacy.

True, the film has tons of creeps. None of its male characters are haloed in any pleasant light. You can't even identify with them for a minute; in other media, male characters might have healthy obsessions and attitudes (You, American Psycho, literally any Hitchcock film), but they possess certain qualities that makes it not astonishingly hard to identify with them – whatever you want to call that thing that makes Joe from You not make you want to immediately throw up. However, this is not the case in Perfect Blue.

PB is about identity, performativity, memories, escapism, and illusion – and our very own person subjectivity, and how malleable it can be to external influence. The incel characters are employed to illustrate the film's critique of idol pop culture, parasocial relationships, the way simulacrum interacts with identity, and most importantly the shoujo female archetype. It's her! The sweet, wide-eyed, small-limbed, high-pitched, perpetually innocent and perpetually young and perpetually accommodating girl. The last bit is important; the shoujo female figure is never disagreeable, is high conflict-averse, has no boundaries. Just like Mima when she hesitantly agrees to do a traumatic rape scene – problematic because of its implied connotations with maturation and transition into adulthood? If that was the case, a good 70% of female imageboard dwellers would have been considered "mature" at age 15 – and then goes on to cry, alone, weeping about she only agreed to it because she didn't want to "cause trouble to anyone." I would say this is the tipping point of the film. In Kon's films, there is an event that causes the heroines to retreat reflexively into some other illusion – maladaptive daydreaming, anyone? Did you notice that the subject of it has skyrocketed in the virtual online consciousness ever since the pandemic hit? – some hallucination, anything to give them escapism away from the horror of real life. Plus, if we're going to talk about that scene, let's talk about how Rumi murders the men who attempt to "soil" Mima's image by….gouging their eyePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1625594364647.jpg (413.33 KB, 1280x1280, 479242a4-c772-4a39-bf34-45b88c…)

No. 847382[Reply]

Ever since tumblr started banning 18+ content a lot of retarded shit started blending into twitter and that found its way into mainstream media. Not only that demonstrates that we have a nsfw epidemic but also tumblr was a containment zone for retards.
Talk about the good, the bad, and the awful shit that came out of tumblr before and after the ban and how it has impacted people's lives, ours and theirs, after tumblr dunked on itself.

Alternatively, talk about old and new interesting lolcows from tumblr.
80 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 979489

just try it? Personally I like tumblr as it is now but it may depend on your "circles"

No. 979544

despite knowing about tumblr's existence for years, i never actually used it until a year or so ago just to look for some fics.
why is their search system complete ass? and how are people supposedly having deep conversations there with the site's format? in the fucking notes section kek? god i just can't stand the whole format. and i fucking hate people using ugly font and background colors that make everything unreadable. like fucking white on off-white or super light neon on light grey. it's not even done intentionally as a joke.

No. 979584

Tumblr's technically for microblogging, I'm not sure that includes having "deep conversations". But you're right about the search system, it sucks.

No. 979609

File: 1638063868323.jpeg (42.76 KB, 400x400, D649C85E-8C63-40B9-A6E2-F662CA…)

>Black people are allowed to rip apart San Francisco and steal everything because mild oppression makes black people are automatically innocent forever.

No. 979917

I made a tumblr general thread for anyone who's interested >>>/m/171798

File: 1606940318549.jpg (59.54 KB, 729x486, Borzoi-running-outdoors.jpg)

No. 686468[Reply]

Last thread was locked. Please use this thread to contain your distaste for canine creatures.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/288706

Dog lovers, please see this thread >>>/ot/686457
495 posts and 66 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 979279

Training does nothing against aggression. And maybe 1 in 100 dog owners even attemp it. Most are too lazy/busy to even walk them properly.

No. 979290

I live in apartment complex where literally all the retards let their pit bulls run free with zero supervision. When I went outside to check my mail I ended up getting attacked by one of the pits. The owner proceeded to tell me it had to be MY fault because his precious little dog would never attack a human. I ended up calling animal control and now those people at every turn I make are butthurt I got them in trouble. I mean I guess it's all about them and not me for getting attacked. I especially hate pit owners now. Luckily the dude hasnt brought the dog around but it pisses me off how someone had to get attacked just so retards will watch their dog

No. 979301

My IRL friend likes to post pics of her dogs in our whatsapp chat constantly and I couldn't care less. Sorry friend. I would never say this to her though, I know her dogs are precious to her and I'm not that heartless. She also likes to bring her dogs EVERYWHERE and one of them is the barking kind. Annoying as hell.

I just think dogs are filthy animals and I would never let one sleep in my bed. They're not even cute.

No. 979389

jesus, this made me so sad. that poor kitten.

No. 979400

Proper training and breeding do a lot for aggression. Pits aside, every problematic behaviour in dogs originates when they are puppies and get encouraged if they have no training. People shouldn't be allowed to have untrained dogs and they shouldn't be able to make them breed without some kind of certificate that says they are being kept in proper conditions. Backyard breeders are usually the ones who give away puppies born from problematic parents that get taken away from them too early, creating behavioural issues. Also, breeding is good, because the law imposes breeders to keep up certain standards and to produce dogs with good behaviour for the sake of their image.

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