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File: 1657280224298.jpg (1009.5 KB, 1080x1080, FXIjZrfXwAET599.jpg)

No. 1254738[Reply]

Thread to talk about the general world news and current events.
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No. 1453427

toronto guy didn't shoot the condo board, just random people in the lobby.

No. 1453452

so nothing of value was accomplished then.

No. 1878990

File: 1707191805816.jpg (214.38 KB, 720x705, Screenshot_20240206_040717_One…)

No. 2016953

File: 1716498182491.mp4 (7.38 MB, 576x1024, 0dc5af4c4365735f1ffb5db85de043…)

America going towards handmaids territory…

No. 2016998

i cant wait to leave this actual hell hole. over priced piece of shit state with no greenery or a beach. heard texas is so bad they're trying to criminalize texas residents leaving the state for abortions as well.

File: 1708104220308.jpeg (70.81 KB, 1280x720, IMG_8625.jpeg)

No. 1890593[Reply]

previous thread >>>/ot/1256189

From mildly annoying, to ghoulish, to ghastly, to gag inducing.

Threadpic is Texas senator Ted Cruz
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No. 2012423


No. 2012485

Kek, you’re welcome nonna. Same thing, I just got randomly reminded of his shitty song and I felt the need to unveil my hatred for this cow and leftist males in general.

No. 2016705

File: 1716489074419.jpg (60.2 KB, 1080x565, ava-louise-1586291514099.jpg)

The ugly,horse-faced Onlyfans whore who flashed her tits at the Ny-Dublin portal.

No. 2016723

That dumb bitch stood too close to the portal that no one in Dublin even saw her tits just the new yorkers standing behind the portal. She's such a retard lol

No. 2017540

why are her lips so chapped

File: 1665135397348.jpg (105.73 KB, 650x500, toke it for andrea.jpg)

No. 1366720[Reply]

for all your stoney baloney needs

previous thread >>>/ot/542085
smoker salt goes here >>>/ot/1307162
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No. 2015581

File: 1716434988208.gif (58.65 KB, 68x70, girdancing.gif)

stonnas? lol

Excited for you! You can do it!!

No. 2016416

Is it under the couch?

No. 2016434

this is a cute image. I hope the kittys cramps go away soon

No. 2016682

File: 1716488598146.jpg (13.18 KB, 258x225, 1522436152580.jpg)

nonnas can edibles make you smell bad or am I just being schizo?? Usually I smoke flower and after a shower I don't smell like weed at all, but I took an edible last night and I swear I keep getting a hit of weed smell. From my sweat maybe? Hope my coworkers don't notice

No. 2016694

I think it can, when I sweat I smell like weed imo. Just shower nonnie. You'll be ok.

File: 1714531852160.png (446.91 KB, 775x550, imisstherage.png)

No. 1986698[Reply]

A place full of attention seeking, bra stuffing, body filters, fake stories, elsagate spamming, fake doctors and coomer bait, cringe fuel etc. Anyone else find this side of the internet to be particularly cancerous?
Thread #1 >>1291087
Thread #2 >>1417602
Thread #3 >>1573244
Thread #4 >>1707886
Thread #5 >>1879378
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No. 2016446

Dance moms don't care they pimp out their daughters all the time

No. 2016449

You know it when you see it. This is basically pornography for pedophiles.

No. 2016649

I hate men so much, it should be law to not have them in any jobs with children.

No. 2016671

late but it's basically a "socially acceptably slightly quirky girl who remains quiet and lets her boyfriend be the shining star in the relationship". the woman in the vid is not criticizing her as much as the moids who want this type of woman to be a subservient "alt version" of basically a tradwife. as someone who lives in a hipster city these women absolutely exist

No. 2017227

Ok, thx for explaining.

File: 1713076989741.jpg (123.1 KB, 1200x1200, DmMFHG6XcAAuGQM.jpg)

No. 1962884[Reply]

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.

Previous: >>>/ot/1801622
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No. 2016345

Do warehouses usually hire women? I think that's a good suggestion but I remember my dad working in one and it was 95% men.

No. 2016438

Yeah, when I lived near a warehouse for a retail company there were men and women there. I knew one couple where the wife was a manager at the warehouse and her husband did the delivery/on the floor stuff. Maybe it depends on what the warehouse is for.

No. 2016459

Whether or not this is low stress depends entirely on your management and the warehouse. It could be backbreaking and stressful and potentially not even pay that much. I guess she wouldn't interact with customers though.
Just an idea but if you live in a city talk to your mailperson about becoming a CCA, they can tell you if the routes involve walking and if the management is terrible. I would not call it low stress to someone who does it as a career, but it can be a real clock-in-clock-out get your steps in type of job and might be less stressful if you're not in it for the long haul. If your city doesn't have walking routes don't do it for exercise, you'll just be driving and lifting heavy packages.

No. 2016554

Janitorial work is generally pretty calm. I used to do it at a hotel and never had to interact with guests. Housekeeping is stressful though

No. 2016698

Are you Canadian? I live close to the epicenter of the international student diploma mill problem. I'm an ex-neet student that hasn't worked since 2021, I feel so screwed. I figured immigrants are less likely to take liqour/weed store jobs because their parents tend to disapprove of drug use, but I guess they apply to that shit anyway.

File: 1659802427659.jpeg (255.11 KB, 2048x1366, 00china-internet-2-superJumbo.…)

No. 1291989[Reply]

Share stories about your freak neighbors
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No. 2005679

my neighbour across the street from me is a cop. the first time i met him is when he pulled me over for the first time and i'll give him that time it was warranted because i was going a little over the limit, but the second time he pulled me over for absolutely no reason at all. when i asked him why he said i was "a little aggressive back there" (meaning like 10km behind us where he started following me from) and when i asked what i did that was aggressive he couldn't give me an answer and told me i was putting him in an awkward position, then let me go. even my coworker was driving behind me the whole time and saw it all happen and said it was weird that i was pulled over. now i always feel like he's watching me or keeping tabs on me when i leave my house and its uncomfortable.

No. 2005792

They make air cannons that can launch fart smells and they only make a twang noise when used. Can you use those on them?

No. 2015494

woke up at 2:30 am at my idiot moid neighbors idiot female quests screaming like fucking banshees and haven't slept since, work starts at 6. sorry for my misogyny but the certain piercing women's high pitched drunken screaming just is just so fucking annoying, though this time it was once again a man's fault after all because he keeps bringing these trashy girls home to fight there.

No. 2015496

Do you live in my street there's students across from me screaming right now and some girls are doing cartwheels. It's 0306am. I'm up smoking weed watching YouTube so I don't care about the noise but if I had work tomorrow I'd be out on my balcony telling them to grow up and go drugs in the kitchen like normal students

No. 2016346

I got catcalled by a twelve year old (I assume, gen alpha males are behemoths for some reason) scroteling while walking from the front door to my car some twenty paces away. I hate this place.

File: 1715797701762.png (245.31 KB, 537x330, uglymoidpsyop op.png)

No. 2004347[Reply]

Thread to discuss the current psyop regarding ugly men getting shilled as attractive. Discuss beauty double standards in media, ugly male characters being shilled as attractive, lack of attractive men in hollywood, etc
>do not try to defend ugly men ITT no1currs

Last Thread: >>1990830
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No. 2016315

some retards fell for the psyop so hard they think any woman who isn't supermodel tier = instantly looksmatched with an ugly moid (literally how incels think too)

No. 2016318

Sure, the girl is a 6/10, but that guy is a 3/10 and I'm being generous.

No. 2016319

So true nonnie

No. 2016320

its bait, dont respond, there's no retard regular to this thread that doesn't know what a "looksmatch" is.

No. 2016321

File: 1709843449767.jpg (102.17 KB, 952x859, 1708501829487.jpg)

No. 1914925[Reply]

Discuss the happenings, drama, cringe, etc. of Neocities, personal sites, webrings, and other small communities, and how they used to be in the past.

Other possible topics of discussion:
>personal sites vs social media profiles
>creating shrines and fanlistings
>joining webrings and cliques
>how socializing on the internet has changed

Previous threads

Search for personal/non-comercial sites:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 2008718

The obfuscate function on that divsel character's site uses a hideous amount of code to perform what is essentially a rot13 transform. kek

No. 2014881

I think Spacehey was (nearly) DOA, it's already flooded by gendie gen As. I clearly put on my profile that under 18s shouldn't add me but I got random requests from obnoxious children anyway while seeing teens profiles tell adults DNI. They bring the problems of social media with them. The experience is 50% this and 50% normie 35+ year olds pretending it's still 2008. Not the cool kind, more like you wonder if they wandered from Facebook and got lost.

No. 2015119

Besides this thread, is there anywhere I can discuss personal web development and adjacent interests with other women?

No. 2016271

Update, I blocked him days ago and he hasn't refollowed since. He's probably using a script.

No. 2016859

ultraguest, you can edit the css and style it however you like

File: 1674940074426.gif (7.78 MB, 400x400, fdfd.gif)

No. 1484551[Reply]

It's been a year, but we're back. A thread to collect topics/things that absolutely or mildly annoy you.

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No. 2010322

when married men hit on you and think you're gonna feel flattered (I'm offended)

No. 2010404

I think this too. Call it brain rot but it feels like a lot of conversations have lost so much meaning. In professional environments to literally like 90% of communication could've easily been shortened up or turned into an email, like I thought these places were focused on productiveness? But I'm so sure making me drive an hour out of here for office worker story time is fun I guess

No. 2010412

I'd be the first to admit that this is true about myself. It's a combination of autism and just innately lacking the ability to reciprocate conversation. I just don't think it's even possible to have a fulfilling conversation with someone who doesn't have your same interests or sense of humour. I have to police every single word and force myself to care about the other person because my primary concern is not to be rude, not form a connection. When i talk to people at work or in irl, none of my responses are genuine, i just say what they need me to say so avoid conflict and to shorten the interaction. It's not like i can opt out, although i'd love to be able to tell people that they are wasting their time talking to me, but that would be rude too because they wouldn't understand why i'd make such a statement even if i explained myself.

No. 2010538

people who let their pets get grossly overweight then call them things like chungus. especially when they’re cats. your heckin cuddly hungus chungus probably has a clogged artery and can’t even jump more than an inch into the air it isn’t cute.

No. 2016228

My father gets in a mood when everyone other than him goes on vacation. For example one time he was bitching, blaming my mother who works 2 jobs for not getting his passport done for him. My mother does multi-level marketing and qualifies for the vacations (it's actually just free hotels/cruise tickets & conferences) so she travels a few times a year. Either pay for a room yourself or start working the MLM so you can get the hotel stays. The pouting is ridiculous.
I don't know if this post makes it sound like I live with my parents but I don't.

File: 1715867560356.png (181.85 KB, 524x340, lol.png)

No. 2005215[Reply]

Do you have any stories related to trouble with the law?
Have you ever been involved with police matters?
Today an anon who posted in the vent thread said she's in court for charges related to burglary
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No. 2016151

>There are 66 other nonnies from Argentina
I wanna meet them…

No. 2016156

I was just about to ask anon if they're in england by any chance. I've seen (usually trannies tho) send the police after women who've so much as called them ugly online and the most ott seriousness it's been treated with by police who must deep down hate having to conduct these bs interviews. Linzi Smith comes to mind.

No. 2016170

Sorry I deleted my comment because I thought it might be offensive. Here's what i said

Mention the Malvinas. That usually gets a reaction

No. 2016187

File: 1716469740898.webp (59.96 KB, 1080x1350, RDT_20240523_09564664761616818…)

dw nonnie, most young people don't feel too strongly about them, it only starts to becomes a sensitive issue because brittoids online will intentionally treat you like shit and taunt you when they hear where you're from

No. 2016196

Thanks I used to work with a lot of South Americans and they mentioned that to roast each other. Also Messi is overrated usually got 7-1 back to the Brazilian guys. I don't get it but it sounded funny

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