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File: 1715039180068.jpeg (225.99 KB, 1004x994, IMG_1374.jpeg)

No. 1993114[Reply]

Previous thread >>1976497

Megan Thee Stallion is getting sued for sexual harassment >>1976779
Kanye is trying to make a porn website >>1977290
Dominic West opens up about ‘absurd’ furor over Lily James pictures >>1977375
Billie Eilish says she loves masturbating in front of a mirror >>1978648 >>1978654
Weinstein’s conviction is overturned >>1979800
Madison Beer releases new song >>1980878 >>1982007
Lana Del Rey posts over edited selfie >>1980962
Baby Storme exposes Ice Spice >>1982208
Athlete’s girlfriend is harassed by seething fans over her appearance >>1982373
Tyla is dating Chris Brown >>1983253
Doja Cat says to keep kids away from her shows >>1983758
Partynextdoor uses explicit sexual imagery for album cover >>1985474 >>1985475
Kendrick Lamarr disses Drake >>1986079
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No. 2010220

File: 1716172280995.mp4 (19.28 MB, a429b48473fb7a8d0df50539b1772a…)

I feel like this is the only valid opinion ive seen when it comes to the kendrick vs drake beef

No. 2010242

It’s just white Ice Spice.

No. 2010269

As if it’s not humiliating to prance around saying you look like a kid and your pussy hurts from sex. It’s pedophilic so yeah that brand is going to be more coy and flirty than rappers twerking idk I have a low threshold for young female performers obviously doing shit for the pedo pandering coin and normalizing it to a younger audience.

No. 2010272

File: 1716175465879.png (217.93 KB, 740x1952, screencapture-x-Anok-Yai-statu…)

Anok Yai recounting a time when Zara's team let a photographer treat her like shit, then called her a liar and blamed her when she spoke up. Zara's a shitty fast fashion brand, anyway. I'm glad they're falling out of relevancy. Wish she could've named the photographer.

No. 2010355

There are 2 personalityfags here who think that whatever a white woman shits out is literal gold,have a obssesions with rap music and calling things ghetto, racebaiting about black women etc.

I even remember one of those anons defending Julia fox and when anons called them out for being a hypocrite for defending julia meanwhile calling black female rappers whores or degenarate and they said that is different…mhmmmm

I wouldn't be surprised if those are the same anons who vehemently defend whetever mediocre blonde starlet is currently trending. Which is in this case Sydney and Sabrina.

File: 1711377402145.jpeg (91.63 KB, 577x433, 1708043242862.jpeg)

No. 1938489[Reply]

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No. 2009874

I hate that I like these sort of videos. It's like my monkey brain is hardwired to find this aesthetically pleasing and desirable even though I could get the same effect with a bowl and a book to prop my kindle up against.

No. 2010058

I hate these videos bc they all feel like embedded ads for useless gimmicky Amazon consoomer crap.

No. 2010075

they feel like that because that's exactly what they are. most of these video creators have amazon store links or other referral links for all the items in the video

No. 2010263

JFC she needs to get a big garbage can in every room, and immediately put all garbage in the garbage can the very instant it becomes garbage. The floor and sink are not storage areas for garbage. And if the kids can't sit and eat food at the table, they aren't hungry. There is zero reason for anybody to leave food or dirty diapers on the floor, or empty food packaging in the damn sink.

No. 2010270

She says her new dog is going to be her “new vacuum cleaner”. With all the trash she has lying around, the dog is likely to eat things like plastic or those dirty diapers. Yuck. Poor dog. It’s insane she’s okay with living like this and thinks she’s some martyr for being the only person cleaning the house. You shouldn’t even let it get to that point and she needs to beat her scrote, he needs to pick up too.

File: 1709179405702.png (1001.9 KB, 1302x1722, nobodylikesyou.png)

No. 1905883[Reply]

Post 'em.
Link for (taking it to /meta/):
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No. 2006782

As long as they’re not enforcing this rule on /ot/, I don’t care too much if it’s enforced on cow boards, though I agree it’s pretty anal

No. 2006807

I laughed so hard I tinkled

No. 2006819

>As long as they’re not enforcing this rule on /ot/
they are >>1974631. there's another one too but i forgot which thread

No. 2007416

lmao i posted this. feels weird to see some autistic anon accusing multiple bans of being from one person, and another anon defending me

i don't see why this was banned for racebait if that reply about the psyduck as the threadpic for the vent thread is fine (neither should be)

anyways the most recent redtext in the pixielocks thread for "autism" was completely unwarranted, and didn't even say anything new really. just condensed old info into one post.

No. 2010259

File: 1711211019695.png (189.22 KB, 1920x1080, 3ZTZrOq.png)

No. 1936286[Reply]

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No. 2009813

She just has a big ass and wore very tight leggings.

No. 2010110

If anyone else saw the sex doll run over by a car quote tweet every single moid saying dildos are just as degenerate as sex dolls are falseflagging and 100% own sex dolls

No. 2010232

File: 1716172541414.jpg (529.44 KB, 1080x1627, 1000018192.jpg)

lol i wouldn't say she's 'based' she's just the average online 16yr

No. 2010235

So she got sent death and rape threats by trannies, and STILL supports them? Young and naive go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.

No. 2010273

I swear people project THE weirdest stuff onto this kid. If they’re not writing him into their neomonarchist fantasies it’s this shit. I don’t think he’s ever said a word in public.

File: 1706306150122.jpeg (83.94 KB, 455x652, IMG_5625.jpeg)

No. 1868538[Reply]

Previous thread
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No. 2008613

last year I was just standing at a bus stop and a dude in a car pulled into the gas station the bus stop was front of and said "could you help me with something?" I was like what and didnt move, so he drove a little closer. He said "can you show me where to go" or something similar so I thought he was asking directions so I stepped closer and see hes holding his dick in one hand just jerking it…
like??? is this just a rite of passage now?

No. 2009227

This happened to me a few times when I was 16. Since then I never go near a car with men inside. If they are truly asking for directions they can ask a man.

No. 2010107

Do you guys remember that Kenyan women-only village? I just learned the story behind that, and it's horrific.
From 1970 to 2003, British soldiers came to Kenya to "train". Over 650 women and girls from the Samburu and Maasai ethnic groups were raped by these soldiers. A girl named Oseina Thomas Koitat was 17 years old when 7 British soldiers gang-raped her when she was trying to fetch water to bring to her parents.
When the victims tried to get justice, they were called "liars" by the British government, and the Kenyan government (who make money off of the military training programs) conveniently "lost" all documentation pertaining to their cases. At 3:11, one mother being interviewed is crying with her mixed race child, but the British government would rather say she's lying than hold one of their own accountable for rape. Most of the surviving children born from these assaults face heavy stigmatization along with their mothers, and several infants were killed using tobacco. A woman named Beatrice Lenamunyi stepped up and started a woman-only village so they and all other victimized women could live in peace, support themselves/their children financially, etc. None of these women have gotten justice to this day, they're still exiled from their own community for being rape victims, and their children are bullied.
British soldiers are still going into Kenya to "train", by the way. In 2012, a 21 year old girl named Agnes Wanjiru was killed in 2012, and had her body thrown into a hotel's septic tank. The British soldiers involved were let off, even after one tried to confess (he was told to "shut up"), and were later exposed mocking her death in their private group chat. The case has been "under investigation" since 2021.
https://english.almayadeen.net/nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 2010117

this is what fucks with you as a news story? This is so lame, I mean read the room we got gang rape in African countries and women being beaten and raped til they’re brain damaged, this is nothing compared to that.(infighting)

No. 2010233

this is more than stupid retard

File: 1557968121945.jpg (140.37 KB, 427x547, un_gato__by_faboarts.jpg)

No. 410647[Reply]

I was inspired by the subreddit. This is a thread to ask other anons if you're being the asshole in a particular situation or if you're in the right.

>there's a cat that always chills around the neighborhood

>no collar or any indicator he belonged to anyone
>always coming up to me demanding affection
>took him in assuming he's a stray
>get him collar and stop letting him outside
>after a week start seeing missing posters with a cat that's most likely him in them
>ignore them, telling myself it's not
>his owner contacts me on Facebook a few months later saying she thinks it's her cat and that she wants it back (apparently a neighbor tipped her off that I might have him because she saw him through the window)
>I lie and tell her I've had him for longer than her cat's been missing and there's no way they're the same cat

I feel bad, but who the fuck let's their cat be outdoors in an area filled with fisher cats, dog breeds known for being predatorial toward cars, heavy traffic, and doesn't even put a collar/name tag on them? Not only are this cat and I super bonded at this point, but I would genuinely worry about his safety going back to someone who lacks this much common sense.
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No. 2001985

No that’s insane, I wouldn’t have gotten that either, I would have taken that as she’s the office mom or a caring person or something, not literally your mother. Actually maybe she’s the autistic one.

No. 2006632

It's difficult to say for sure going by text only but it reads like it was a joke on top of a joke.

No. 2009594

thanks. i was told by someone else that i was a bitch for just laughing and shaking my head but i feel a bit better now

No. 2010106

File: 1716166247132.jpg (59.62 KB, 564x1001, 056d6715932b79634ce211fed60251…)

>be me
>working cash register during heavy traffic hour
>middle-aged woman walks up to check out a bottle of wine
>"do you need to see my ID?"
>"nah no need"
>her face drops
>instantly realize I just implied she's too visibly old for me to even bother
God I have no tact sometimes.

No. 2010394

KEK nona… I mean if she's middle-aged it's retarded to expect people to go 'ohhh i had no idea you're 47..! You look like you're 18, practically a baby'

File: 1713076989741.jpg (123.1 KB, 1200x1200, DmMFHG6XcAAuGQM.jpg)

No. 1962884[Reply]

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.

Previous: >>>/ot/1801622
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No. 2009915

Lucky me, my program doesn’t make us write a master’s thesis. I’d like to work in a publi cv library when I graduate which seems like one of the easier positions to get into but also one of the worst paying. I think I’d really enjoy the job though

No. 2009964

won't i get in trouble for outright saying no, though, especially as a new employee? i've only been working here for 3 months. technically 2.5 but linkedin rounds it to 3 so i'll just go with that kek

No. 2009995

ayrt, good luck nonna! my friend has that job and she loves it

No. 2010004

File: 1716158943611.jpg (27.04 KB, 735x413, a8278c9ebc4d7bf3294dca2097d658…)

Nonnas, is UX still worth learning? I feel interest towards UX writing, but I believe it would be better to get a good grasp of the whole thing before choosing something to specialize into, right?
I'd like to leave customer service once I finish my degree later this year, but my brain is in a constant cycle between the UX field and copywriting (some aspects of it also interest me) and it's hard to decide when I don't know anyone who has knowledge in those areas.
It also doesn't help I'm an anxious mess and very afraid of investing time and money into courses and ending up regretting my choices. Thanks in advance!

No. 2010099

File: 1716165884333.mp4 (6.33 MB, 1280x720, meow.camera_486961787839390076…)

I think I'm getting burnout from my job. It kinda sucks because it felt like my first not-retail-wageslave full time job with coworkers who I get along really well with. I was even able to do a modified schedule to fit in college classes, which would have never worked at my old job. A few people I like have left or retired so it's not as amazing as when I first started, and I'm currently doing work for three different positions because of people on maternity leave…it's mentally exhausting. The work/college grind is taking its toll. I'll have the summer off but I'm really torn about leaving or not because I never had such a good work experience up until the last two months.

File: 1715537293407.png (723.64 KB, 970x584, 1714282969321.png)

No. 2000429[Reply]

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse. Global rules apply: don't infight, report and ignore bait, etc.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Slapfights between slash, femslash, and het shippers
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashed/blackwashed/colorist fanart drama
> ‘[Insert Sexuality/Gender]-Coded’ Characters
> Debates over death of the author
> Stalking/harassment experienced by actors/creators

Criticism of fujos has its own dedicated thread:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 2010088

File: 1716164294990.png (402.62 KB, 1264x705, sade.png)

libfems will really read up about a man who was an abusive POS, who abandoned his wife and sons, was an actual open rapist and who wrote essentially the first-time child-rape erotica where it's mostly stories of children being raped, murdered, and mutilated and actually come away thinking he was a proto-feminist writing women's agency

No. 2010090

Don't think this is the thread for this

No. 2010091

The same author wrote a story with a plot that had a misogynistic man who was essentially forcefully transformed into a woman by a radical feminist cult. and initially he tries to resist but eventually embraces his female identity, becoming a free-sex loving lesbian and leaving behind male chauvinism.

No. 2010097

>becoming a free-sex loving lesbian
I frankly don't remember this part of the book
>and leaving behind male chauvinism.
And I didn't have this impression either but maybe my intense hate towards the mc is blurring my judgment

No. 2010421

I got shittalked everywhere including lc. It hurts at first, cause you know a real human wrote awful things about you, but you eventually grow a thick skin. Ignoring things online is so easy

File: 1686251529620.jpg (75.98 KB, 736x647, HAPPEEHAPPEEJOYJOY.jpg)

No. 1601035[Reply]

What's looking up, Nonnie?

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1187321
814 posts and 214 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 2008356

I feel so good and accomplished today! I actually woke up early, made a healthy breakfast, pushed myself to do a hard workout, showered and now i'm about to do a face mask and relax before making red thai curry for dinner.

No. 2009322

File: 1716126391635.jpeg (961.63 KB, 1084x1260, IMG_1571.jpeg)

I noticed the pit toilet at my campsite was almost out of toilet paper so I generously donated a personal roll I had with me (taken from a hotel earlier in the week) for the good of all the campers here. Everyone is definitely using it. I will now accept my positive karma from the universe thank you and you’re welcome. I have it a little hotel-fold for this photo to try to make it a prettier picture.

No. 2009323

You're an baby deer with angel wings

No. 2009974

You are a wonderful soul

No. 2009991

You are a good person! thank you.

File: 1712283570313.jpg (66.6 KB, 735x740, f31b57364bdd0342899b8bcad2d24f…)

No. 1951096[Reply]

Can't remember where you saw that thing? Want to know the name of someone? Ask here.

If you're not searching for something specific, try the request thread >>>/ot/1343869

Previous threads:
#1 - >>>/ot/861432
#2 - >>>/ot/1068958
#3 - >>>/ot/1288369
#4 - >>>/ot/1561582
260 posts and 63 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 2009334

File: 1716127983525.jpeg (434.71 KB, 1469x1920, yuMenor1.jpeg)

Was it this one?

No. 2009338

Ernst Fuchs

No. 2009339

can a kind nonny translate the moonspeak?

No. 2009346

File: 1716128898222.png (421.33 KB, 1177x717, 365835.png)

No. 2009955

I can't find a documentary whose name I can't remember. It used to be on Youtube. The filming took place in the 90s-00s. It was about a guy who took in all kinds of unwanted animals, from farm animals to really sick ones to very aggressive ones, and they were all living well under this guy's care. During the filming of the documentary, the New York state animal services agents came in and took all of his animals under the false claim he was abusing them and arrested him. The film crew had to use their footage as evidence to free him and get his animals back. Some of his animals unfortunately died while under the state's care as a result.

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