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File: 1658278034875.gif (1.59 MB, 360x270, D8D98D4F-402B-43F8-B877-04280A…)

No. 1268940[Reply]

discuss what you personally think is changing this website, for the good or worse.
no racebait/infighting/honesty allowed.
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No. 1305107

I had the displeasure of reading his posts, which due to his autism are really recognizable once you read too many of them.
>lolcow was so nice before radfems/gc came and told me to fuck off!
>calling everyone who calls him out and/or his samefagging paranoid, schizo, hysteric, panic and similar gaslighting shit
>bringing up /pol/ out of nowhere as if he isn't solely the one spamming lolcow with black people getting murdered and posting pepe shit while at it
>scrotes are fine if they aren't obvious
>quoting his own posts (the one about how we're actually calling out abused women, not larping troons!!, something he even dared to bring up with his namefagging attached)
>actually you're the scrote for calling me out
>actually you're from tumblr/twitter for calling me out
>actually you're the misoginist for telling me I'm not a woman and never will be
>shitting up lolcow

etc etc, I'm glad he's still malding.

No. 1305119

I could see it. Shit up lolcow with false moid and troon accusations so when an anon has a reasonable concern about someone being a troon he can just pull the "see these crazy bitches always call people troons!!"

No. 1305127

That's literally what the one you quoted does.

No. 1305165

Well, now I'm hoping that is true and that it's the troon and not anons being retarded enough to be like "Someone once called me a scrote because I prefer oranges to apples, so I'll call out these anons accusing an egregious inflammatory poster of being a moid, even tho that's not relevant to the current situation"

No. 1305191

I agree completely. There's something subversive and connately misogynistic about it. It's been proven time and time again that the best way to deal with scrotes is to report and ignore, yet these retards insist on doing it when all it does is either alienate actual women or if it is a moid, it encourages them to post more. It reeks of troons trying to destroy the site.

File: 1655134142273.jpeg (670.49 KB, 648x864, 8C10AFA9-D945-4E43-8332-2B2B40…)

No. 1223828[Reply]

previous thread: >>1099529

A thread for funny screencaps, not newfags posting random caps. We’re all here for a hearty kek, keep /ot/ rules in mind and don’t infight, etc.
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No. 1305088

I love this anon so much.

No. 1305105

Fucking disrespectful babies, no manners!

No. 1305114

The fact this was over cheese slices kek

No. 1305128

Fuck you kek, I’m not a scrote and it was clearly a joke and it’s already a popular meme format. This place used to have a sense of humor.

Also all three of these posts are mine >>1304624 >>1304862 >>1304962 I’m an oldfag cry about something else

No. 1305268

i've never seen such a meme.

File: 1657586386984.jpeg (64.51 KB, 497x500, c8d.jpeg)

No. 1259120[Reply]

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse!


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1304776

Oh wow, I wasn't even aware she has a NSFW account, kinda surprising to see how many artworks she's able to produce. Hopefully she has some decent friends around her and gets bored of drawing all this, I know a lot of artists who were into edgy nsfw at her age but grew out of it eventually.

No. 1304924

>i wish everytime a new technology came out people didn't jump onto the board for art theft.

If non-artists didn't use the emergence of new tech as an opportunity to speak out their asses about the doomed future of art, artists wouldn't have to become so defensive. I understand the anxiety and sense of defeat, few people respect artists as it is.

I agree that AI won't kill art, but I suspect that popular artists will have to deal with their paintings being used for ugly AI nft, which shouldn't be allowed without an artist's permission imo

No. 1304942

If the cryptobros do to someone big enough and it’s bad enough it would interesting to see copyright regulations come hard down on AI art because of the NFT shift honestly.

No. 1305069

It's still incredibly possible! Nothing has changed on that front. Social Media isn't a top priority for professional scouters unless they work in social media themselves and aiming for that audience. Stick to dedicated art sites. I sell prints through Etsy and have even gotten invites to vend at local shows and do work that way, too. Go someplace that's already set to look serious or make your own website. Even a Carrd portfolio to send to recruiters and agents is better than a Twitter.

No. 1305259

Hi, could anyone suggest some traditional artists (pref on twitter?) with a distinct art style? Most art I come across on social media is digital and I'm struggling to find good traditional artists other than those who do generic-y looking anime art.

File: 1656525569136.png (647.9 KB, 789x675, arkimaito.png)

No. 1245265[Reply]

Pride-maidon happaneminen piimäksi -seuranta: kikkelikaisa kotelomekossa editio.

#4: >>>/ot/1176608
#3: >>>/ot/969959
#2: >>>/ot/737511
#1: >>>/ot/222198
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No. 1304970

Toihan on nerokas. Samaan yhteyteen terffislogan ja woketusta. Ja mitä ryhmää ei ole mainittu? Miten ei ole jo tullut syrjinnästä huutoa??

No. 1304993

>science is real
>women's rights matter
>ei transwomen are womenia
Täähän on terffipaita, hyväksyn tän.

No. 1305005

Aktivistipersoonat on usein kiusaajia ja aktivismi on vain tapa kiusata "hyväksyttäviä" kohteita

No. 1305056

hyi vittu, saakoot turpaansa joltaki inshallah

No. 1305058


File: 1657748430367.jpg (119.01 KB, 617x800, Borzoi (2).jpg)

No. 1261916[Reply]

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.

Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1218967
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No. 1305085

Yeah it’s def mixed. We’ve reached a point where certain blue-collar jobs pay huge amounts of money (plumbing, masonry, welding etc), and during the pandemic some wealthy city dwellers moved into rural areas to avoid covid + do work from home instead of commuting. Like the town I live in (rural, mostly farm and manufacturing work) has loads of people on state welfare and can barely afford to live yet retirees and academia employees think it’s great because it’s cheap and their work commutes aren’t as bad.

No. 1305086

Why do so many men fake toxic relationships in order to be shit towards women? My ex claimed to be cheated on by multiple women and used it as an excuse to be ultra controlling towards me, not allowing me to go to certain job interviews, demanding me show me friends I said I was going to be around, and would start shit once a week by claiming I was cheating and that he "didn't care" but continued to ghost and go cold, accused me of posting porn of myself and stuff too constantly. Ironically he was the one cheating the entire time

No. 1305090

America is car dependent as fuck so in order to "make it" you're going to have to live in awful situations, either by living in a shitty city apartment to get half decent work nearby you can walk to or hope to god your coworkers won't accuse you of being creepy/a mooch for asking for a ride, or just save up for a car first, live in the car then get an apartment. If your parents are poor and/or choose to kick you out at 18 it's essentially life on hard mode and many people get into sex work and drugs and stuff that way

No. 1305099

Men always expose themselves by protecting onto the woman they are dating. Like a man who is a cheater will be paranoid or controlling and accuse his partner of cheating, and a man who is a abuser will acusse his partner of being abusive or mean.

No. 1305101

Autocorrect mistake. I mean projecting not protecting.

File: 1659960055376.jpeg (407.17 KB, 750x859, B8D72FAA-400D-4C1F-AC59-FDBEBB…)

No. 1294155[Reply]

board rules apply. no racebait. ignore & report bait
previous thread: >>>/ot/1268738
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No. 1304921

Same fag, but my comment high key disagrees with you because baby safe sensitive skin products are literally useless on my skin.

No. 1304934

Ugh I love dr bronners. It’s the only soap that makes me really feel clean.

No. 1304956

My skin is like that too. It’s almost impossible to find a lotion/hand cream that doesn’t make my skin burn with fragrance and actually WORKS. Of course me being a difficult lil bitch doesn’t help. I’m a bit obsessive about washing my hands and have been this way ever since I was a child. It’s lead to some occasional sandpaper dry hands that desperately need lotion, but the lotion just sits there on top after trying to rub it in. Or burns with fragrance. Even times like now, when my hands aren’t too dry, and I hate the texture so much.

No. 1304959

I have sensitive skin as well and I found cocoa butter lotion (although fragranced) works well for me and doesn’t burn. You could even try pure cocoa or shea butter.

No. 1304965

Thanks nona, I might look for some. I seem to remember a brand that was scented but not really “perfume-y” you might say, and it was fine. Pure cocoa butter is great to have around (I think I’ve made some lip scrubs with it) but it leaves the greasy feeling in top of my skin.

File: 1660321716945.jpg (38.7 KB, 540x720, nunsmokin.jpg)

No. 1299608[Reply]

Blessed are the nonnies.

Previous >>1273636
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No. 1304850

bless you

No. 1304857

File: 1660650472349.jpg (295.66 KB, 1080x1474, K.jpg)

The area where i work and in the lgbt district of my city i encounter a lot of trannies, namely MTF
the country where i live has a strong shame culture so they're at least mostly high effort trannies (or straight up sissies) but despite how much i have to pretend to not be a terf and be nice to their face, i feel immense smugness that I am exactly what they wish they were. Everything they wear and wish they could do, I can effortlessly pull off without even thinking about it. Go cope and seethe on reddit
The world makes life fucking suck for women, but try to revel in the smugness sometimes nonnies kek

No. 1304976

wroooooooooooong. troons aren't even human let alone women.

No. 1304989

Same here nonna. I've been joking to friends that I'm homophobic now but it's really not even a joke. I don't want people knowing I'm a lesbian because I hate that default camaraderie that those troon fuckers assume we have. No, fuck off, I don't want to be associated with you.

No. 1305253

I've never actually seen the goatse image but know exactly what it looks like based on parodies of it

File: 1653837627362.jpg (261.68 KB, 1200x900, pof1-3444218014.jpg)

No. 1201446[Reply]

I know that threads dedicated to specific countries are technically banned, but the Suomillanka, North Africa and German threads are fine and since I've been seeing a lot of Dutchfags (perhaps summerfags, who knows) I thought a Dutchfag thread could be fun. Especially since we have a lot of cows, whether it's on tv or just social media. Also, feel free to discuss anything fun! Like music, food, Dutch habits/manners. Vent about the housing crisis, overregulation, Americanisation, all of it!

Major cows:

Family de Mol
>Johnny the Mol beats up his wife multiple times, allegedly daddy paid all witnesses 5000 euros and gave his wife a house in Ibiza so she would shut her mouth.
>Knew about the Voice kids scandal (multiple children and teens were molested and some even raped), did not do anything at all.
>John de Mol has control over the public television, does not allow criticism on him or any associates.

Marco Borsato
>Singer, former coach for the Voice Kids.
>Molested 2 girls (if not more), one was 15, the other 13 at his home barbecue (which was for the participants of the Voice Kids).
>Keeps acting like it's all untrue despite evidence.

Ali B
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1304086

Hoe kan ik (ik ben half nederlands) mijn Nederlands verbeteren ? Ik doe momentueel mbo 4 en het gaat ok maar ik heb erg last van praten en schrijfen igigjivfcd. Ik woon alleen en praat met niemand (soms met familie) heb ook geen vrienden.

ok typing in dutch is zzzz i thought about consuming more nl media , maybe reading books aswell but idk if that helps NGMI!! thanks dankjewel haha !#!@#!@$REFWDSCXZ

No. 1304095

schrijven oops

No. 1304304

Watch English language films and TV, they have subtitles rather than being dubbed, this is super helpful, and yeh, read as much as possible; magazines, newspapers and books.

No. 1304688

Kun je niet met mensen op je opleiding praten? Dat lijkt me het beste, met mensen praten die Nederlands als hun moedertaal hebben. En schrijven kan je oefenen door te praten op Nederlandse discord servers of fora oid. Of een dagboek schrijven in het Nederlands? Kan me niet voorstellen dat Nederlandse media consumeren het beste is om te doen als je aan schrijven en praten wil werken, daar moet je zelf actief mee bezig gaan denk ik.

No. 1304832

Deze opleiding is meer zelfstanding werken. Iedereen doet zijn eigen ding. Ik begon ook wat later dus sommige mensen kennen elkaar al.

File: 1657389205459.jpeg (3.65 MB, 4658x3100, 4A43C49C-79A5-459B-9058-BB0C1D…)

No. 1256189[Reply]

Post people who you would like to punch because of their face.
Picrel is Jason Sudeikis
635 posts and 246 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1304802

File: 1660641755243.jpeg (30.84 KB, 734x418, 870FF0B4-5FB6-4653-87CA-39B399…)

Has someone posted Armie Hammer yet, because I think he belongs here

No. 1304804

Weird way of saying your dad left you when you were born

No. 1304808

MOst people here complain how an ugly woman can't make it big and how sexist hollywood is, yet when someone like her does get famous, everyone forgets about their complains and shits on her looks.

No. 1305059

I thought he was cute when he played Ilya from a Man from Uncle, and dassit. His dark thoughts show across is face in everyday life. What a trash human being.

No. 1305063

He just always looks like a strange caveman in a suit.

File: 1650042061792.jpeg (301.64 KB, 600x450, kermit.jpeg)

No. 1136258[Reply]

Imagine if you could be a frog and spend all day just doing froggy things. Like ribbit ribbit lmao 🐸
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No. 1289230

File: 1659638172999.jpg (80.7 KB, 1000x775, 6882953a82419abb7a61dfd811d586…)

excuse me, cucumber sandwiches also have cream cheese or mayo or greek yogurt with herbs. are you going to deny that cucumber sandwiches are delicious? all of my closest frog friends agree that they're delicious and perfect for a light, refreshing afternoon snack especially with this heat

No. 1289382

i always take them to the frog pool! we discuss our fave lolfrogs and sip green tea together, ribbit

No. 1297308

File: 1660169062992.jpg (80.02 KB, 736x728, 3993ce7488d7662e5351d464ba5919…)

>lunges at you

No. 1298969

File: 1660266924669.jpeg (141.97 KB, 1024x685, F0E9C3EF-1FC0-4A5E-AE24-AB0899…)

>Hugs him

No. 1304792

File: 1660640902593.gif (1.71 MB, 502x378, TMS- Christopher Reeve (1976).…)

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