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File: 1701996029497.jpg (51.75 KB, 1280x720, fuk.jpg)

No. 1803231[Reply]

Similar to the Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit hate threads, we post youtube videos, creators, and comments that we hate. Infuriating shit, stupid shit, weird shit. Post away.

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No. 1899702

i hope he gets mauled

No. 1899736

File: 1708770277451.jpg (729.33 KB, 1185x1360, castncrew.jpg)

I agree. I enjoy his videos and find him entertaining, but he's such a brainlet. His content is ultimately just cringe content, but of course, he has to align himself with the most popular social justice causes of today, so he skirts around cringe relating to those topics in a way that is really inconsistent with the rest of his channel.

Like in his video "TikTok's Most Unlikely Superstar," he talks about how great this super autistic guy's poorly-produced, mostly-uninteresting, but very sincere songs are. Kurtis never mentions that the guy is clearly a lvl 2 autist, but the entire thing is condescending and overly feelgood, typical of inspiration porn. It's so different from his other videos, despite the subject being pretty much indistinguishable from subjects of his other videos (cringe content), but he never directly addresses why, and it makes the video feel super fucking weird.

His most recent video is about somebody who is almost as autistic, but for whatever reason, Kurtis just… didn't think about that or something, and he rips apart this art project in a way that I honestly found a bit mean-spirited, even compared to the rest of his videos.

The Harry Potter video was extremely hypocritical. The thesis of it was basically that a lot of adult Harry Potter fans are weird and detached from reality. One piece of evidence he pointed at was a woman with a textbook psychotic disorder writing about having sex with ghost-Snape. Yeah, it's funny, but this is really clearly a woman with pretty serious mental illness. In the eyes of the people that Kurtis Conner aligns with and heavily panders to, she belongs to an oppressed group that should be immune from this sort of criticism, but for some reason making fun of her is free game. Then, in what's supposed to be evidence that not all Harry Potter fans are detached from reality, he consults an ftm fujo that runs an 80% genderspecial theatre troupe that does Marauders gay fanfic shit (https://www.theriseoftheorder.com/cast-and-crew)(picrel). The LARP levels are so, so unbelievably high that I can't imagine that even very trans-sympathetic normies aren't put off by iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1899920

i watched one video of his back in 2020 and thought he was a massive faggot normie. i bet he consulted that harry potter fujo troupe because he's definitely the kind of liberal guy who just tries to cater to genderspecial women, he's superficial and he only parrots views in the hopes women will look past his ugliness and have sex with him.

No. 1900102

File: 1708802962126.png (415.08 KB, 1013x732, Sc215.png)

Even on a stupid gambling game app, he still has to insert Rowling-bashing for the trannies. I legit don't understand. It's so annoying trying to watch a simple entertaining commentary video and then getting hit with their daily dose of alphabet soup pandering. I'm done with this fool.

No. 1900696

I remember in his videos on black. white (a cringe reality show from the 2000s about a white family and a black family "swapping races" using makeup), he made a completely unnecessary and out-of-left-field comment about Rowling. A shame because the rest of the video was pretty funny.

File: 1624568025207.jpg (136.41 KB, 576x720, 5cb869ab959063fc3f8572ea53942b…)

No. 837722[Reply]

Thread for anons recovering or fighting with long terms internet/smartphone/social media/video game addiction and the manifesting problems it causes (ADD, low self-esteem, lack of ability to commit to long terms processes, inability to learn new hobbies and skills, inability to tolerate silence ect). Feel free to also use this thread a support network. Brain training, healthy brain foods, building up gray matter and executive functions back up, unlearning destructive habits ect also covered. Avoiding digital junk information landscape in general (adblockers ect) can also be discussed. Any type of technology or media addiction can be covered, including things like netflix or youtube binging that wouldn't be normally considered addictive.

Ideally this thread could be similar to the health and wellness threads, but for our brains and the type of information we consume.
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No. 1887744

Good luck nona! I hope you discover a hobby you really love.

No. 1887838

Awesome tips and pretty pics nona, thanks for sharing! You gave me and other nonas great ideas.
I've been doing #8 for a while now and it really helps because you're not doing it to show off in front of other people but for yourself. Another thing I've found helpful is writing down such activities whenever I get them so I don't forget them. So now I have this long list of ideas for having a good time like "visit a park I've never been to", "get pizza/coffee with a friend at this random place I saw that looks nice", "cook a meal I've always wanted to try but never did because it looks complicated", "watch the sunset at a beautiful place", "visit a flower store and admire the beauty of all the different flowers", "start gardening", "visit a botanical garden", "plan a one/two day trip to a nearby town", "try out a new sport", "experiment with different fashion styles", "invite a friend over for lunch/dinner and cook for her", "read a book you never finished", "try out crafting", "go to the post and send a letter to relatives/friends living far away", "be a tourist in your own/nearby city and visit different historical sights and tourist attractions". And when I have some free time I pick one of those and if it needs some organization I make a detailed plan. The cool thing is that most of these activities can be done many times, as long as you're switching it up you won't get bored and instead will create some great memories!

No. 1888185

nta but I'm doing the same thing! I have actually been writing down so many ideas this past year that I'm thinking of printing it into a booklet, or maybe getting a one-off bound book made for myself so I can pick it up and flip through. Like tailor-made inspiration that I can add to with new editions.
The ideas that I've found the most helpful and inspiring are the ones that make you look at life a bit differently + encourage more curiosity, creativity and playfulness. Like for example one of your suggestions was "be a tourist in your own town" which sounds really fun and simple. It's the kind of thing you'd never do unless you were free from distractions and bored enough to think up something outside of the box.
Doomscrolling can make the world feel so small and restrictive, like nothing is worth doing. Changing your perspective is a must.

No. 1888252

File: 1707936893619.jpg (1016.83 KB, 1716x1176, resippy.jpg)

That's a great idea nonna! It will be so fun crafting this booklet and then flipping through it. And I agree with what you said about doomscrolling, especially when you're stuck in a rut and scrolling has become a habit almost. In such situations it's very hard to step away from the screen but in the end it's for our own good. I think your book would definitely help in such difficult moments!
Speaking of books, another idea I've had since forever is having my own physical recipe book. In one bookstore I saw picrel and have wanted to get one of these for months but my laziness and internet addiction always prevail… I should set a deadline for this as if is's an assignment kek.

No. 1899710

Fuck it, instead of trying to avoid the internet at that point I think it's better if I just use it better. I made my short list of series to watch and manga to read online so instead of just browsing lc and twitter I'll actually do more stuff I wanted to do when I didn't have enough free time for that.

File: 1653837627362.jpg (261.68 KB, 1200x900, pof1-3444218014.jpg)

No. 1201446[Reply]

I know that threads dedicated to specific countries are technically banned, but the Suomillanka, North Africa and German threads are fine and since I've been seeing a lot of Dutchfags (perhaps summerfags, who knows) I thought a Dutchfag thread could be fun. Especially since we have a lot of cows, whether it's on tv or just social media. Also, feel free to discuss anything fun! Like music, food, Dutch habits/manners. Vent about the housing crisis, overregulation, Americanisation, all of it!

Major cows:

Family de Mol
>Johnny the Mol beats up his wife multiple times, allegedly daddy paid all witnesses 5000 euros and gave his wife a house in Ibiza so she would shut her mouth.
>Knew about the Voice kids scandal (multiple children and teens were molested and some even raped), did not do anything at all.
>John de Mol has control over the public television, does not allow criticism on him or any associates.

Marco Borsato
>Singer, former coach for the Voice Kids.
>Molested 2 girls (if not more), one was 15, the other 13 at his home barbecue (which was for the participants of the Voice Kids).
>Keeps acting like it's all untrue despite evidence.

Ali B
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1896863

Duolingo. My bf is also dutch

No. 1897192

Deze is niet slecht idd. Ik vind Friesenjung ook wel leuk.

Vind 'm alleen wel een beetje een goor mannetje om te zien eigenlijk

No. 1898067

File: 1708644065989.png (26.51 KB, 361x600, 1708630029380.png)

We zijn met 84 hier, praat eens wat meer!! (gejat uit het oost europeanen draadje)

No. 1898542

Ik post best vaak op mijn telefoon met 5G dus het zou goed kunnen dat we hier maar met z'n vijven zijn!

No. 1898665

Nonnies, als we nou gewoon met z'n vijfjes een vriendinnenclubje beginnen

File: 1706306150122.jpeg (83.94 KB, 455x652, IMG_5625.jpeg)

No. 1868538[Reply]

Previous thread
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No. 1899346

File: 1708739010549.jpg (99.47 KB, 750x642, 1000002941.jpg)

No. 1899641

Thank god the mother is prioritizing her daughter instead of her pedophile husband. I keep hearing about young girls being sexually abused by their step fathers and the mothers not believing the daughters, ignoring them on purpose or even being jealous and abusing them too.

No. 1899667

This is so disturbing

No. 1899689

Low impulse control heterosexual women are a danger to themselves. No ones rounding women up and forcing them to be in porn.(bait)

No. 1899832

just because someone isn't being forced into doing something doesn't mean they aren't being manipulated or otherwise taken advantage of. do you think it is coincidental that so many women in the porn industry come from abusive backgrounds, were raised in poverty, or suffer from mental illness and/or drug addiction? sex industry professionals are experts at exploiting vulnerable young women

File: 1708711762038.jpg (41.51 KB, 554x554, images-1.jpg)

No. 1898891[Reply]

I've seen multiple anons talk about this through the years but never a dedicated thread where we could share our feelings and thoughts about not having an ideal support system. Not getting enough help or care from our close ones, feeling lost or abandoned by people you're supposed to trust, having lost all the people who meant something to you, simply not being able to count on anyone, etc.

Be it an unsafe friend group, uncaring friends, no friends at all, a bad parent, shitty family members or just nobody to rely on, feel free to post about it. And if you have advice on how to get away from these people and find better, please you are welcome to join in.
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No. 1899315

It’s hard to explain but I hate how unreliable my family is. My dad is an alcoholic and will get explosively angry at me for anything, and my mom will flip between a half-assed attempt defend me or doing literally anything for him. It’s so psychologically jarring dealing with someone calling you names and threatening you and the next day they act like nothing happened.

No. 1899317

I have no friends irl, i am not close with my family and i would not trust them with my feelings since they will twist it into how they have it harder than me and i am spoilt and privileged. I don't like talking to them because i am trying to forget how a lot of my life problems are exacerbated by trying to keep them happy, trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I have online friends but we are not very close as i'd like to be, they are pretty normie and don't really relate to me much, so i avoid venting to them too much.

No. 1899390

You are actually his support system. He is not your support.

No. 1899647

My problem is that as much as I have a best friend whom I can talk to if it comes to it, most of the time it's her rambling and venting s 2/3rds of the time.
I know she lets the door open for me to share anything if need be, but I'm so used to talking about my issues, not just with her, and 1. people pulling the cover to themselves in a metaphorical sense, so they start using me as their emotional support or 2. people telling me that all I talk to them about is just negative stuff, when the "negative stuff" I would qualify as me just bickering or bitching (I criticize people's looks, people smoking, people's car/bike driving, people's loudmouth habits like blocking a seat in the public transport with their bag full of empty tare bottles, etc.).
Emotions of any kind do take at least a good five to ten minutes before I mellow out again.
So I end up having to just forget about whatever is up because otherwise I get antsy by bottling it up, or I focus on other work to use that angry energy efficiently, while maybe throwing a few cusses here and there when more stuff gets annoying.

No. 1899660

I don't know if I have a good support system or not, honestly. I don't have the type of friends I wish I had but not everything has to be like in the movies. I hope things can improve in the future. As much as I dislike my entire family and the feeling might be mutual, at least I have my mom (even if she annoys me with her old lady antics sometimes) and that's ok for me.

File: 1648151200259.png (655.68 KB, 700x700, d612dcdebc561e052c65f7c6fae54d…)

No. 1109566[Reply]

What kind of food are you craving, nonny?

previous thread: >>>/ot/236372
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No. 1899495

Please have a better sense of humor like >>1899492 because I was obviously joking

No. 1899497

I want to try authetinc american food. Like waffles with fried chicken, apple pie, turkey with that sauce thing, milkshakes, corndogs, etc. It looks so delicious.

No. 1899528

Try soul food too

No. 1899578

File: 1708754261840.jpg (160.33 KB, 1000x750, jumbo-buffet-1.jpg)

i'm craving chinese food hard as hell. i miss living in the city…i also miss having money kek. college me did not realize how good she had it, being able to take a bus ride through pretty autumn leaf covered streets and walk through nice clean crisp weather to chow down on orange chicken and fat dumplings every other week. there's nothing in this town but crackheads and potholes

if i get this job which i think i will, as they're checking my references and the lady said she's Desperate for a worker – it's just a part time deal at a lingerie store up town the first thing i'm blowing my paycheck on is a chinese buffet

No. 1899638

I've been craving biscuits and gravy, but since there's no biscuits baking mix in Yurop, I'm going to have to make my biscuits from scratch. For the sausage gravy I bought pork sausages and some mushrooms as well. This weekend is finally the weekend where I get around to making it nonas.

File: 1698333401407.jpeg (58.88 KB, 523x711, IMG_1769.jpeg)

No. 1739705[Reply]

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

previous >>>/ot/1728920
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No. 1752278

I just feel so disappointed when I look at men in real life. I don't really feel anything when I look at them anymore. It has gone so far that I am now only attracted exclusively to horror movie villains who wear masks or so much makeup you don't see their faces underneath. I guess it has to do with my past bad experiences with men. My parents were emotionally neglectful when I was a child, all of my school bullies were boys and I had an abusive ex boyfriend.
I am scared of even going into the direction of romance ever again because of my past relationship with my ex boyfriend who always made me feel like I wasn't good enough. I am also unable to be wholly intimate with men. Every time I tried it in the past I got a panic attack. A part of me wants to do all of that and be intimate with another person I just cannot do it in real life. Sometimes I feel as if I am not a whole person. I am just so tired but at the same time I want to be loved so badly it is as if there is a gigantic hole in my chest

No. 1752291

>trust me he will stop
You're retarded. Stalkers and harrassers like ayrt has aren't going to "just stop" because some other moid starts telling him to. If anything it'll encourage him. Trying to engage someone like anon's ex always ends poorly, and since the ex's mom is involved in his welfare any threats to the ex have another interested party who would turn them around on anon to make it "her fault" if things escalate.

No. 1752377

I feel like I'm extremely bad at bonding with people

I don't know how to approach people and whenever I do it feels forced

I look at my extroverted friends, and how they do it, it seems so effortless for them
I have no idea how they do it
I feel like if I start talking to someone in a more "personal" manner they'll wonder what I want

I don't mind being like this, it's peaceful and quiet not having many friends, but I do feel jealous sometimes, when there's a specific person I fancy and I can't bond with them

No. 1752410

Obsessive thoughts about lesbianism. I’m 100% sure I could be romantically in love with a woman but I’m not sure if I will sexually. I don’t think I can find out by just making out with a girl because I don’t like making out with guys I’m not in love with either. How could I find out without hurting a woman!

No. 1753260

You’re in this situation because your husband won’t or can’t protect you. You’ve gone from one shit moid to the next and if your current husband had any balls or value as a man your ex wouldn’t be doing this. Hope that helps <3

File: 1677078632136.jpg (350.73 KB, 1080x1265, Screenshot_20230222_094541_Twi…)

No. 1506368[Reply]

Share men's brainlet takes on anything women related
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No. 1893097

File: 1708299377116.jpeg (555.6 KB, 1170x1125, IMG_8759.jpeg)

This commenter constantly has incelish shit to say about women and women's media and then shoves this out. Don't try and play "both sides" when it's clear you hyper focus on hating women

No. 1893100

File: 1708299497939.jpeg (620.43 KB, 1170x1237, IMG_8760.jpeg)

Very victim blamey and anti women in general. Then has the audacity to say "b-but scrote aimed media creates unrealistic expectations for men too". Dude you type like a psychopath incel when you talk about women, no1curr if you claim men's media does the same thing.

He writes walls and walls of text just shitting on women on a fucking gossip blog comment section of all places, I have no idea what he's even doing there.

No. 1893177

His “shlubby sitcom husband” comparison isn’t even accurate. In SATC the main characters are successful women who have a decent amount of money and keep their bodies thin, it’s not the same at all

No. 1893220

some of the men the women end up with in SATC are ugly. a nona pointed this out in another thread but I'm inclined to agree, and none of the women are particularly mediocre looking either (some nonas may argue sjp is unconventional looking but she's still prettier than an ugly man).

the above poster always sounds like a bitter "rationalist" sexist in his walls of text and like he's trying to one up the opposite sex and then default to "it's both sides". his posts make my eyes glaze over. dude this is a celebrity gossip website and the commenter before you mentioned this celebrity is an abuser (it was about chris brown), don't try and justify his bullshit with the pretense of blaming women when men are the ones writing so much of the media that objectifies women and glorifies assault abuse and femicide anyway. its a gossip blog, nobody wants to read your meaningless novel.

No. 1899348

File: 1708739020940.png (30.58 KB, 1130x246, porn sick.png)

More porn sickness from the swamp.

File: 1673529452282.jpg (46.13 KB, 1024x1449, melting_by_123hinata_d8t560w-f…)

No. 1470488[Reply]

As the title says.
Post experiences, why you can't stand them and such.
This is NOT about your own disorder, so don't blogpost/vent, there's already a thread for that.
This thread is about mental illness you can't stand in others.
Please refrain from coming in this thread and say stupid shit like "Oh that's why nobody likes me" or "Damn seeing this thread as a [thing] sufferer makes me uncomfortable" because nobody will pity you.

Previous: >>>/ot/854673
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No. 1898892

I have OCD, as does my mom, so I both relate to this and fear this for myself. I think it’s why I’ve tried to manage my OCD so intensely with meds and therapy. I know my OCD is my own problem, so I try to keep it to myself as much as possible and treat the symptoms. I never want to be a burden on the people around me in the way that my mother was on me

No. 1898947

I don't hate all autists but I specifically hate the ones who try to diagnose every person they meet or every celebrity. Please stop.

No. 1899087

it's actually discouraged to reinforce their OCD behavior by providing reassurances - your sis needs help that only a doctor or medical team could provide. It could be as simple as an SSRI.

No. 1899143

I understand that now. At first it felt cruel of me to be annoyed that she was constantly calling me but now I’m realizing I’m doing her no favors. She is in therapy but she doesn’t participate because she finds it hard to open up (in her mind the therapist is going to get her in trouble with the feds). It seems really schizo at times but I think it just boils down to pure OCD. She is on anti-psychotics but it actually seems to have made things worse.

No. 1900238

It’s not retarded of you Nona, you were a child. Forgive yourself.

File: 1663172555899.jpg (72.23 KB, 960x491, kawusia.jpg)

No. 1339537[Reply]

ogólny polskojęzyczny wątek dla nonek z polski! od luźnych pogaduch do rozmów o potencjalnych polskich krowach

miejmy nadzieje że go nie zbanują tym razem

poprzedni >>1073882
martwy wątek na /int/ >>/int/1544
1029 posts and 361 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1896801

File: 1708562194075.png (994.96 KB, 1276x1298, luns.png)

W ogóle jak dla mnie, jej image to taki kiepski mix Poppy i takiej skandynawskiej podróby Sia i Bjork, chyba nazywa się Aurora. Kopia kopii innych kopii…

No. 1898722

boże jej twarz jest serio okropna. ogólnie w PL jest problem, bo typowy zoomer jest tak już wyjałowiony i nie ma zainteresowania żeby tą kulturę na jakimś poziomie tworzyć więc właściwie to dostajemy takie gówno. będzie źle jak starszych artystów już nie będzie. mam wrażenie, że polski przemysł fonograficzny i media próbują ratować sytuację pchając nudnych millennialsów takich jak nepodzieci kwiat jabłoni

No. 1898942

Mi się Luna podoba i nie obchodzi mnie to, co inni myślą. Muzycznie spoko, takie w stylu lat 80. Steczkowska mi się przejadła, a jej ostatni kawałek za bardzo mi Noę Kirel przypominał, czyli tandeta, jakich wiele, tylko przehypeowana.

No. 1899092

There was a similar qualification list in Ukraine but it was shortened eventually and my friends that studied at medical university didn't even bother registering for service. I can understand Polish only partially and the automatic translation into eng might be bad so I just glanced over the source you provided but what does it say there, only that women educated/working in certain fields should register? If so, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll be conscripted. Well, unless it clearly says there you will. I'd just be surprised if it were different in Poland, i.e., not voluntary.

No. 1899939

Szkoda, że nie wysłali jakiejś znanej piosenkarki (mogła być nawet i Justyna chociaż jej piosenka była dość chujowa), tylko jakąś randomkę, pewnie kolejne nepodziecko.

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