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File: 1626893145748.jpg (78.92 KB, 682x452, header-1280x_1.jpg)

No. 859842[Reply]

Thread for current NEETs who do not wish to/are not ready yet to rejoin society. Please be considerate of eachother, no shaming.
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No. 1297890

I'll take it extra easy today in your honor

No. 1297916

File: 1660213195728.jpeg (43.85 KB, 540x559, 250DD825-3766-4207-BB6D-C4203B…)

I’m fully realizing my neet dreams. My disability is going to increase so now I can create my ultimate weeb room and tell everyone to fuck off. Life is good.

No. 1304693

Sorry for barging in as an ex-neet, but I feel like if I complained about this anywhere else on here I'd only be called a blight on society like it always happens whenever an anon admits to neeting kek. I went from my only human contact being talking to my parents on the phone about once every other week tops to having to talk to 100+ people in a day. I hate everything and should I ever leave the job I currently have I'll try to find something where I work at night and preferably talk to absolutely no one at all. I have no problem living off of savings for a long time, I just have no idea how I should explain the gaps of me doing absolutely nothing job relevant.

No. 1304703

Is it possible to learn this power?
I want my disability scraps so bad but I already know I'm gonna be fighting it for years because mine ain't recognized

No. 1304723

I was a NEET for the better part of 9 years and I miss it so much. Wake up whenever, do whatever, sleep whenever… I can't do this work shit anymore. It's so limiting.

File: 1558933655326.jpg (1.84 MB, 1575x2362, National_Dried_Milk.jpg)

No. 414947[Reply]

Did your favorite cow vanished from the face of the internet?
Or maybe her milk just dried up?

Vent here about your favorite (ex?) cows, throw some tinfoils around of where they are and why they disappeared, if they'll make a comeback or not, who's the next missing cow, the likes.

Examples: Our queen Pixy, Felice Fawn, Kaka, Orange Citrus, Ashley Isaacs, Bunny Alexander, Ashe (the skin bleaching chick), Ahripop,Charms, so on and so forth.
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No. 1304545

I think that's Charles sheen

No. 1304550

I can’t watch this on mobile but daisy lola sounds like a very familiar name

No. 1304720

this looks really retarded. the execution is awful but the idea sounds like it might be okay were it not for the fact that brightly colored tattoos fade fast anyways

No. 1304843

Even if they didn’t fade fast (and in my opinion, awkwardly) on the face, I think the idea might be cute for an outing, not for day to day life and somewhat «forever».

No. 1304979

Really random minor cow, but I miss reading about Elizabunnii during her peak "uguu kawaii" phase when she was still running her blog and trying to be an idol kek. Last I saw of her in the last UK Weebs and Wannabes thread she had a shooped to oblivion pedopandering onlyfans but the milk is pretty much dry other than that.

File: 1656161502955.png (19.11 KB, 350x280, E1AE69DF-A49B-49D5-A405-8D9689…)

No. 1239867[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1107215
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No. 1304493

there are legit reasons to hate white women that don't involve trying to impress moids

No. 1304519

While I agree with this wholeheartedly the issue is that white men are now using it as an excuse to be overtly misogynistic and it’s become an all-encompassing term to cancel out saying really vile things about women in general

No. 1304771

>there are legit reasons to hate a diverse group of millions of women
bitch gtfo

No. 1304773

Don't be obtuse. It's clear that moids use the "white women" only as a free get out of misogynist jail card. If you call a strawwoman a white Karen or Becky you can say the most vile, sexist, woman hating shit ever because it's somehow excused by adding that "white" prefix in front of it even when reading between the lines it's clear they're talking about women as a whole, not some specific issue related to only caucasian anglo women in America.

No. 1304952

Behaving like a twittertard in the twitter hate thread, lmao. Go back.

File: 1644350498972.gif (1.2 MB, 498x280, spam-spamalert.gif)

No. 1057483[Reply]

Post random things you ate and why. A picture of the thing you ate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here.
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No. 1299616

eee, bet it's amazing!! I finally managed to get the super hot sriracha and I am obsessed. I wonder if Sriracha mayo is worth getting? I don't usually consume mayo.

No. 1304456

File: 1660612895195.jpg (193.88 KB, 900x1200, slice-of-tiramisu-on-plate-wit…)

I had a tiramisu cake from Walmart. It was pretty good but not enough coffee and cocoa flavor I ate it with my hands cause I was too lazy to get a fork

No. 1304462

Eating tiramisu with your hands is so primal it's like a spiritual experience. It makes me feel like I'm connecting with my cavewoman ancestors who ate handfuls of mud and swampwater. You live my dreams anon

No. 1304464

I love you tiramisucavelady

No. 1304472

I love you too

File: 1654231454885.png (929.83 KB, 688x533, anime1.PNG)

No. 1208852[Reply]

Talk about consumerism, criticize consumerism, talk about niche and fandom specific consumerism, talk about consoom tendencies, collections, hoards and addiction. If you are a consoomer yourself, feel free to talk about it in this thread, same with people who are now reformed consoomers. And if you did get over it, tell us why or how it happened.




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No. 1304363

This is my personal perspective on it
1.Find 2~3 (4 max) main statement colors that look good on you and that you actually love. Mines are green and pink
2.Find a good neutral color that not only goes with your skin, but also your personality. Mine is black
3.Buy cool statement tops in the colors that you picked, and neutral bottoms so the statement color pops up more
4.Buy 2 pairs of neutral shoes, 3 pairs of statement shoes

No. 1304364

I feel like someone with IT/Programming knowledge could craft something like this themselves, but much cooler with actual functions.

No. 1304380

Might as well get one of those shitty idogs from the 2000s kek.

No. 1304401

omg my dad has one of those! tbf it still works even though we got it like 15 years ago.

No. 1304504

Either sort your wardrobe into complete outfits that you always wear together and don’t mix and match (dresses are good for these) or only buy edgy tops and neutral bottoms so that everything always goes together.

File: 1646056212205.jpeg (60.72 KB, 679x452, 3E72F2A8-6BAC-4F1B-8C8B-C8C3BD…)

No. 1075106[Reply]

Maghrebis & Algerians get your own place
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No. 1290670

Super late to this. Are you talking about my dad by any chance? kek Watching my dad become so heavily religious put me off ever wanting to date a muslim man, as much as I feel they can understand my cultural background and are westernised now, I worry about what’s yet to come as they become closer to deaths door

No. 1291175

go to a less female hating country in the region like tunisia instead

No. 1292839

File: 1659866753506.png (363.71 KB, 1258x646, 1657555818265.png)

How do Muslim women cope with the knowledge that their men envision an afterlife whereby they deflower virgins in perpetuity with an eternal erection? How do they cope with being married to and cherishing such men? Forming families with them and loving them?

Why are they invested in Islam's perpetuation? As a Christian woman I've always wondered that.

Qur’an 55:56
Indeed, We have produced the women of Paradise in a [new] creation. And made them virgins, Devoted [to their husbands] and of equal age, For the companions of the right [who are] (Translation by Sahih International)

Qur’an 37:48:
And with them (the dwellers of paradise) will be women with modest glances, with large, [beautiful] eyes,

{Indeed, for the righteous is attainment - gardens and grapevines and full-breasted (companions) of equal age.} [Quran 78:30-33]

Narrated Abu Huraira:
everyone will have two wives from the houris, (who will be so beautiful, pure and transparent that) the marrow of the bones of their legs will be seen through the bones and the flesh."

No. 1292849

scrotes are so heavily dickbrained that they invented a whole religion around their virgin fetish, this will never not be funny

No. 1304339


necroposting sorry but
>less female hating country

goddamn nona havent u seen the rise of feminicide there ? i lived in tunisia for 9years and the only time i felt safe was when i was around russian/belgian/french tourists since i was in a big touristic city. otherwise i didnt wanted to be near any man out there. and that must be worst when u live in a city that doesnt attract any tourists. after the terrorist attack in my city i came back to algeria 4years ago and its just felt the same, tunisia lost its potential since the 2011 crisis and last terrorist attack. imo theres no hope for any NA countries anymore, they're all the same now.

No. 1302416[Reply]

I'm planning to go to Korea on a work assignment option next year, but looking at videos like this one has me genuinely worried.

How bad are things for foreign women in Korea? Anyone have any experience?
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No. 1304351

Aren’t most k dramas written by women? And for women? So sad.

No. 1304409

I feel like half of the k dramas I used to watch on Netflix depicted scenes of women just being smacked and kicked around by men while sitting there and taking it. Very weird trope.

No. 1304512

No kek that was literally my experience and what I've seen of mediocre white dudes who go to Korea as well. Of course people are generally rude af on the train and strangers will not want to deal with you since you can't speak Korean but Koreans that do have a conversation with you will always comment on your looks (and it's almost always about having a small head size).
NTA but I shopped in Korea and the quality of clothes there is pretty shit, I'd be wary of buying clothes there because for the most part it's all just aliexpress (I forget the Korean version's name) clothes bought wholesale and sold in various stores. You will see multiple stores selling the exact same item, even at stores within a big mall like COEX.
If I could go back I'd buy counterfeit designer items at Dongdaemun.

No. 1304735

This reminds me of a video i saw on youtube. This white guy was vlogging in korea and saw that what seemed a drugged out women being dragged into a car. You can see that in the vlog literally no one cared what happened except the foreign guy. All korean citizens just quickly walked past them. He tried to talk to them but they told him she was there friend. He didnt know what to do so went to the police but said in the comments that he was not sure if they actually did anything to help the girl.
Korean citizens really do not care about the wellbeing of women. Someone could get kidnapped or beat up in front of a whole group of citizens and they would just all ignore it and pass by.

No. 1304928

No, that happened in Japan, in one of the popular places (Shibuya?). I remember watching that vlog, too, but I can't find it anymore.
I think people in Japan are awy too afraid of "causing a scene" because it's "impolite", which is partially also the reason why Japanese women who are obviously uncomfortable being hit on are so polite to the scrotes who harass them.

File: 1659845549844.jpeg (196.79 KB, 1080x1047, 9D0046DE-C42D-4A81-81C6-4AFF1B…)

No. 1292618[Reply]

Anything goes here.

No theme, no venting, no discussion about anything, you come here to be an absolute retard and shitpost. Post whatever you want. Bark if you want to. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc

>How is this thread different from the dumbass shit thread?

The dumbass thread is for coherent dumbass thoughts, while this one is for yelling, shitting, and pissing into the void

Previous shitposts >>>/ot/1227447
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No. 1303729

Beautiful thanks for sharing

No. 1303733

It’s uncomfortable

No. 1303903

File: 1660587046683.jpg (70.08 KB, 680x644, photo_2022-08-15_11-40-52.jpg)


No. 1304201

File: 1660603321646.jpeg (30.85 KB, 640x757, skamtebord.jpeg)

No. 1305196

File: 1660673573149.gif (1.27 MB, 383x214, index.gif)

File: 1654269897010.jpg (67.08 KB, 889x810, map.jpg)

No. 1209563[Reply]

Previous Thread >>1081510
SwedenGate outrage edition

>Swedish people will dance the små grodorna around your starving body

>Dutch people will require their guest to Tikkie them
>Twitter thinks an Instagram map is a proper study
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No. 1300960

It's as dead as can be, even as a person who was really into having a polish thread I ended up forgetting to visit /int, not to mention there's no way any incoming polish nonnas will never be aware it exists so it's bound to perish. I could create some proper polish thread on /ot/ following the example of Dutch one (and if jannies are still against, take my temp ban since I'm going on vacation anyway), but ever since I've stopped using fb I'm no longer up to date with polish cows (gossip groups there a goldmine) so not how could I start it nicely.
It's hard to not be worried about it especially reading it's some very specific kind of mercury that is more poisonous than the one found in thermometers… but then again, people are reporting seeing others still swim in the waters, and most of the Oder is not looking like fishapocalypse yet so I really want to remain hopeful here, even if it's grasping at straws.
Btw saw a government job offer for a water quality inspector job; requirements: higher education, driving licence, knowledge on environmental laws, good management of high stress environment; and pay? The equivalent of 570 eur; which would barely be enough to rent a flat in a big city but literally nothing else. This country is doomed if important government jobs are like this.

No. 1301323

well, some people are stupid and would even swim in the waters if there would be an official warning, some would even eat the dead fish. Frankfurt an der Oder seems to have prohibited to swim or fish there. They fear that it might reach the Baltic Sea and it's not 100% sure what's really inside the water. I still hope that it will be solved quickly and without long lasting consequences.

No. 1302591

File: 1660495484010.png (232.13 KB, 448x360, 1532116194698.png)

>are you ready for the energy price increase?
lol hell no, I'm an idiot and renewed my old electric rate schedule (??) where the price is tied to the market price of electricity. It's good if the market price of electricity starts to fall or stays low but in this case it's the worst possible deal and it can't be terminated for two years

No. 1304051

File: 1660595951777.jpg (26.81 KB, 400x336, 1456796082937.jpg)

>1 Euro = 1 Dollar now

No. 1304183

I never understood this X currency is losing or gaining worth thing. Is this bad for us or bad for them?

File: 1658784999185.gif (50.54 KB, 220x220, sad-2.gif)

No. 1277080[Reply]

Previous >>/ot/1269329
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No. 1290518

The mods should have never doxxed that cunt creepshow, now the board is infested with tourists

No. 1290519


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 1304008

This has been weighing on me for years and is dealing with colorism and some racial undertones so trigger warning on that type of thing.

To make a long story short, my family and my in-laws are Mexican/Hispanic. My husband is tall and dark with long dark hair, he is 60% Native, and so he fits in with them.
Me on the other hand, despite having a similar background ethnically, have very pale skin with dark hair and dark eyes.

People in my own family have made fun of my skin color all growing up. I’m used to that from them, I have never been okay with it but at this point it’s expected so whatever.

What really breaks my heart was learning that my in-laws are no different, and were actually worse about it at one point. My husband and I have been together for nearly 14 years now too and it still happens. It’s a lot more subtle now but it’s there.
I can’t help that I’m this color, and if I did I know they’d comment on that too. Plus I don’t want to pretend to be brown, because I’m not and that’s fine.
I’ve just always felt like the reject daughter in law. Especially now that my new sister in law is actually white but no one makes fun of her skin or anything. (Husband’s brother got married) Like what gives?

It’s not just the skin color thing either, my MIL has said I should never have children because I’m an atheist, her husband is the biggest offender when making comments about my skin or my weight/appearance, they’ve said that my husband, their own son, ruined my life, effectively calling him a loser.

And yet husband is frustrated because I never want to see family or am never excited to visit or see them. I’m like how can you expect me to feel anything even remotely close to that?
Oh but it’s always “just a joke” and everyone makes fun of each other so it’s fine. Except that’s clearly not the case with many things they’ve said to or about me. I’m done pretending to be anyone’s friend. I can’t just forget about it like they want me to.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1304017

I had an Indian ex whose family didnt like black people and thought i was ugly and he didn't do much so I dumped him lol
You should have never married him tbh because you'll never be happy and he's always going to side with his family.

No. 1304018


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

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