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File: 1638728088612.jpg (56.22 KB, 414x552, 1638137827769.jpg)

No. 986147[Reply]

>>972167 Is Jason Segel "David"?
>sidenote Jonah hill was mentioned and he is gross
>fred armison is also a contender
>>972415 BPD Pete & Kim start "dating"
>>974417 Finn Wolfhard aged rapidly and looks like a lizard now
>>974756 "If you ever actually wondered what it would be like if the average autistic 4chan poster somehow got jacked and started starring in action movies, Vin Diesel is the answer."
>>975051 Kim K may have had a butt reduction.
>>975943 Taylor "feral screeches" at a record breaking new song (longest number one hit of all time)
>>976126 The Brit Awards gets rid of male and female categories to be more LGTV inclusive!
>>976520 Kim & Pete (Kete? Pim?) continue their totally real display of True Love
>>977875 Emily Rat continues to objectify her scary abs while wearing a hideous outfit
>>978148 Will Smith continues to overshare
>>978316 >>983396 Ariana Grande appears to be morphing in front of our eyes
>>978576 Madonna posts insanely shopped pics of herself in a bed.. and then posts a face apped pic of her and 50 cent >>984946
>>980215 Virgil Abloh, the creative director of Louis Vuitton and Off White died
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No. 995707

Someone is triggered, kek

No. 996282

I am pretty sure there was an anon here who posted a really long post about this. Does anyone else remember? I forget if it was here or /g/ and what thread but I have a really strong memory of this and anons extending sympathy.

No. 996344

File: 1639636300628.jpeg (1.62 MB, 2160x3371, 87375E7C-0C86-4D50-8A30-76D8DF…)

Here’s the screenshot of the first post talking about it.

No. 1000064

Billie seems more insecure about her body than she does about what porn does to women, I can't buy this "porn is bad" jig she's putting up

No. 1524148

gonna bust(necro moid)

File: 1654269897010.jpg (67.08 KB, 889x810, map.jpg)

No. 1209563[Reply]

Previous Thread >>1081510
SwedenGate outrage edition

>Swedish people will dance the små grodorna around your starving body

>Dutch people will require their guest to Tikkie them
>Twitter thinks an Instagram map is a proper study
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No. 1497899

Nta but 6 weeks to pick one song is a lot and the system is a weird mess. It used to be a competition where the Swedish people picked their favourite song to represent Sweden in the ESC, but they messed it up a lot.
Now they've divided up the ages into different voting groups so if you have five +75 year old grannies voting in total they have the same power as every single 16-29 year old combined. Ok, it's dumb and unfair that the person with the most votes doesn't win but at least it's still kind of the people's cho- but oh no! On top of that they have an "international jury" consisting of one single "expert" from 8 (iirc) different countries and they have 50% of the power.

Given that the ESC includes their countries too the jury members are representing our rivals, and could sabotage or get bribed to mess up the results. But even if they are good honest people who just pick the song they liked best… what the fuck does it have to do with Sweden what one random ass Australian and Italian thinks??? And naturally they are much less likely to pick authentic Swedish music because they don't speak our language or know our culture. We are literally sending the song off to the ESC so those international people can vote, why are they there at all?

Tldr: Sweden doesn't pick it's own song anymore, but still makes us watch it for 6 weeks pretending we have all the power, which takes the joy out of it.

No. 1497989

thats insane

No. 1515706

File: 1678056974863.jpg (102.12 KB, 800x500, 1815392h27bat6.jpg)

pretty good election results in estonia rn. i didn't vote for her party (centre-right liberals) but im glad kaja kallas will be continuing as pm. ofc the cuckservatives have already begun to cope, seethe, sneed, feed, chuck etc.

No. 1516236


No. 1528570

Eurovision is always embarrassing and cringe, that's what makes it fun to watch.

File: 1675873692057.jpg (1.89 MB, 2000x2000, pbj-grilled-cheese-mc-square-2…)

No. 1494195[Reply]

What are things you like, but others might find weird? Food other otherwise
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No. 1523274

after i read the file name i'm now imagining a duck hanging laundry outside with its wings and beak/bill. it's very qt

No. 1523299

Kek nonna ewwww

No. 1523315

I absolutely love jalapeños on damn near anything. My favorite pizza is a white pizza topped with pickled jalapeños, green olives, onion, roasted garlic, bacon or Philly steak. Not really odd imo but people where I live act as if I'm eating an abomination kek. Also really love peanut butter, mayo and a touch of mustard mixed together as a dipping condiment. I'll put loads of fresh cracked pepper, a bit of salt and maybe powdered garlic. Perfect for French fries. Sometimes I'll put Frank's Red Hot in there too.

No. 1523836

File: 1678837670113.jpeg (83.97 KB, 760x390, A2EE55BE-006A-41F6-B7E1-43A101…)

usually hate bugs but moths, butterflies, ladybugs and roly polies have always charmed me for some reason

there's something whimsical and almost witchy about moths and their more vibrant cousins. minus moths gnawing on wool and clothing.

No. 1523839

fricking love the smell and mouth feel of toilet paper and paper towels, I also like to watch youtube people eat cornstarch

File: 1642050656081.jpg (254.71 KB, 1200x1200, HE_19-10077088-Acrylic-Drawer-…)

No. 1025547[Reply]

Inspired by the "Consoomerism Thread" I made a thread to talk about everything and anything regarding organisation.

>Talk about why you like/want to stay organised.

>Share how you stay organised.
>Recommend resources on how to stay/be organised.
>Drop aesthetically pleasing images .
>Bond with fellow nonnies about your struggles regarding being organised.
>If possible have fun.
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No. 1522322

Candle on the ground looks odd, but everything else is cute though

No. 1522740

I need help figuring out how to organize my art supplies! I don’t have massive hoards of supplies like every example on Pinterest, but I do have supplies for several different mediums and crafts. I have one of those 3 tier carts which works great for some stuff but I don’t want to put stuff like Tombow brush markers or varnish in there, which I don’t use very often. Right now all of my paper pads and sketchbooks are just sitting on the floor in my closet, which is not great because with my health issues I often opt out of doing art over getting on the floor to rifle around for what I need. I’m thinking of putting some kind of organizer on the inside of my closet door but idk what. Any cute ideas for art/craft supplies?

No. 1522769

File: 1678723665355.jpg (14.15 KB, 500x500, 31Fp7S-je5L.jpg)

I just realized I can put these in my detolf cubbies instead of stupid large bins. My scrapbook supplies are going to be so segregated

No. 1523781

If you have the space for one (or two), look for old dressers/armoires at thrift stores or flea markets or ask around and see if any relatives or friends have one that they don't want anymore. These typically have a combination of drawers and shelves that hold a lot and they look neat when closed. I have one just for my stamping supplies. Old stationery boxes are good for holding pens and markers and other odds and ends like tapes and embellishments. I also use a few to organize office supplies inside my desk drawer.

Also, I make it a point not to buy anything to organize stuff with. (My armoire was free.) That way lies madness.

No. 1523950

for my junk drawer and tshirt drawer I cut up old boxes to make dividers. it's been live changing and takes very little time, would recommend

File: 1638763539704.jpeg (140.21 KB, 1056x1200, 23961385-3D67-4148-9CA5-449A8B…)

No. 986511[Reply]

Moosechans unite.
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No. 1523294

Oh please as if the other anon wasn't the one generalizing first about a group of people

No. 1523336

The one's she replied too weren't overgeneralizations, anyway can you faggots shut the fuck up about your dumb little race wars and take it the fuck off lolcow? I'm tired of this shit being Twitter 2.0 with your annoying discourse.

No. 1523396

NTA but stop mini-modding. You're the one turning it into Twitter with your endless attempts at policing other people's harmless conversations.

No. 1523546

>you're doing the same thing when you insist any random brown person is "colonizing you"?
Ayrt, I didn't say brown people are colonizing me? I've never used the word colonization in reference to immigration, or complained about race at all. Why are you automatically assuming I have the same opinions as the other anons you disagree with?

No. 1528573

Because Québec is the only good part of Canada and the rest is just knockoff USA with no identity and culture of its own.

File: 1672852635523.jpg (43.79 KB, 470x595, devilish.jpg)

No. 1462995[Reply]

post devilish things you have done
>screamed spiders on the bouncy castle to have it all for myself
>hid the school books so my class didnt have to do reports on them
>stole my classmate's white playdoh
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No. 1522637

Why did you necro this thread to say it? The stuff here isn’t even illegal retard, or will you call the cops over a kid falsely saying there was spiders in the bouncy castle to have it to herself?

No. 1522673

When I was 17 I was sick for two weeks and my job I'd had for a little less than half a year fired me for it, reason being, 'you're never here, why would we keep you?' even though I'd called in sick only once before and worked 9 hour days 4 days a week (I graduated early). I still technically had to work one month to finish my contract but I didn't give a shit anymore. I was so mad I wrote the most passive aggressive email to the company to say I was quitting, not saying my managers name but he knew so I got an apology after kek. Worked only that evening for a few hours just to say bye to some co-workers. I had fun, I regret nothing kek. Also my friend still works there and years later they are even more understaffed than before. Hehe.

No. 1522821

I want the anon who wrote this to know that I have been thinking about this ever since it was posted. I wish I had a story where I got away with something sneaky like this

No. 1522906

i cranked my online trolling skills to the next level and used all my knowledge of the press for scheming. I successfully deployed my first PR stunt via canvassing en masse and it was bombastically nasty. The person was a piece of shit who deserved the scrutiny, I feel like I scattered enough to drive them away, hopefully to die in squalor and never come back, but I can't help feeling dissatisfied with myself. I never really got the reaction I wanted, even though I did piss the person off. so I kept plotting, scheming. My smugness aside, there's a bitterness in knowing I could get paid for my dastardly deeds and then doing all this for free. At least it shows I have capability to write a stunt and execute one, and can organize and create chaos in a way others couldn't dream of.

No. 1523020

This is interesting. Was it a public figure? Or just a normal person. What did they do that was so bad?

File: 1677992112403.png (247.03 KB, 498x500, little222.png)

No. 1515170[Reply]

groke edition
prev: >>>/ot/1506737
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No. 1522666

File: 1678711804229.jpeg (21.63 KB, 543x502, CD3DE353-A382-490C-A9C8-E23810…)

I am having unwanted flashbacks to when I found out my ex fiancé cheated me on (many many times). I just woke up and I feel so upset. This happened years ago. I thought I got this out of my head. I wish I could just go back to sleep to reset my brain and forget about all of that.

No. 1522667

I have Dita Von Teese stuff in the full brief style that I basically don’t notice I’m wearing (which is what I want) and they look very cute.

No. 1522677


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1522679

New thread >>>/ot/1522675

No. 1522680

Thank you nona! Those look both cute and extremely comfortable. Seems like they are all synthetic, but then again they're the type of underwear you'll probably only be wearing for an occasion so I'm willing to compromise on that.

Haha, I'm glad I could help an anon kek

File: 1676808908600.png (195.98 KB, 468x384, RIProse.png)

No. 1504200[Reply]

posting all based women here who are shunned by society. be it mental illness, illegal actions, or being too based for the moid population. your andrea dworkins, rosemary kennedy's, sylvia plaths, aileeen wuornosesesess, jodia (girlboss) arias, valerie solanas, giulia tofana.
SPECIFICALLY WOMEN. female lawbreakers, loose units, or non-conforming women you respect. no TIFs or MTFs, remember where you are.

let's not focus on moid-murdering but shit that makes them quiver about being murdered. moid-murdering is allowed obviously.
17 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1522571

Are you trolling or a butthurt Mainlander? Get lost.

No. 1522575

>Used surrogacy to get a pet daughter she rents out and chose Muskrat to be the father out of all the possible people
>Smuggled her animals illegally to Australia risking a natural catastrophe
>Called homophobia and misogyny when a lesbian cop stepped in to stop her from beating her then girlfriend up and tried to get the police to delete the files on the case
>Abused her female assistant for years and used her toddler son as a prop for social media exposure
>Again, blatantly stole her female assistant's traumatic rape experience to tell as her own story
>Is a talentless actor, got her big breaking role fully thanks to rotten Hollywood nepotism as was proven after
Well I guess she's the archetypal bippie bihet girlboss so a ton of lolcow users relate to her and think she's based for sucking old man cock for money and abusing the women around her.

No. 1522751

Idk about the rest but it's her ex-girlfriend who said the situation had been misinterpreted and accused the cop of homophobia and misogyny. Also AH didn't steal her assistant's story. Assistant was upset that AH spoke about a conversation they had about her sexual assault, that's what she was referring to in her statement. And their stories are in no way similar. It's sad and ironic that the lies and misconceptions about her keep being parroted even here

No. 1522758

"Never visited his daughter once"
Im glad he was shot.

No. 1523486

if she contributed to the horrible rapes of Chinese and Korean women, she is not a girlboss.

No. 1522259[Reply]


File: 1605276200576.jpg (296.7 KB, 1242x1215, 8ac2793cd5ddf8e7c61bfc5041f392…)

No. 673217[Reply]

For random things we like or love, like the Things we hate thread but the opposite.
Please don't infight, anything you wanna talk about is allowed. You might post physical things, ideas, links to random corners of the internet, etc. The things you might post don't have to necessarily be milky/not milky, go as controversial, weird, complicated, pure, simple or vanilla as you'd like.
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No. 1485676

Yes, it is very useful in medical research. Though I wish the way it is harvested is better, they basically capture wild ones & drain 30% of their blood, pop them back in the ocean and go 'Ok, hope you don't die now!'

No. 1515529

When the outro of a song blends into the intro of the next song on the album, even more so when the whole album is like that

No. 1515993

File: 1678090994822.jpg (118.7 KB, 1080x1350, 330804737_520965326687075_1147…)

No. 1521670

File: 1678609009159.jpg (91.41 KB, 720x720, demon slayer cat.jpg)

No. 1522139

File: 1678651682706.jpg (29.83 KB, 800x656, cat-builder-holding-drill-whit…)

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