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File: 1679829686257.jpeg (101.44 KB, 644x960, 57EA8A2B-7CED-479F-A695-AF24C4…)

No. 1533183[Reply]

Post appalling, dangerous or generally judge worthy parenting failures.
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No. 1993751

Hell yeah, better father than average. No girl should grow up thinking heels are anything but a tool of subjugation. What a bad mother.

No. 1993762

In the midst of the infanticide spike, you want to label her a bad mom for the crime of…princess dress up? If this is what grants you that label now I can see why so many women give up and off their kids. No different right?

No. 1993763

My mom never let me have those because she thought it was inappropriate kek

No. 1993764

You are correct, but she's not a bad mother
You are right in your sentiment, but you're exaggerating

No. 2003766

File: 1715785450764.png (391.87 KB, 656x397, 57EA8A2B.png)

File: 1678121559774.jpg (47.07 KB, 500x500, EasternEuropeMap-56a39f195f9b5…)

No. 1516175[Reply]

Discuss anything pertaining to Russia & Eastern Europe.
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No. 2002290

thank you sm i haven't seen that one

No. 2003751

File: 1715784905698.png (307.6 KB, 648x574, Untitled.png)

prime minister of slovakia, robert fico, has been shot. so far it seems like the attacker was an older retired man, the exact demographic he and his party usually panders to. kind of worried how his party is going to use this as a marketing strategy, whether he survives or not. the atmosphere is already weird here

No. 2003770

Popcorn time

No. 2004197

Worst fucking bodyguards ever. Imagine a 71-year old man being able to fire multiple shots and hit you

No. 2004483

Slovakia hitting another low and from now on it'll be either more awful or worse. It seems to me the attacker just snapped with old age but the consequences will be huge. I'm glad to see another Slovakianon here, please take care of yourself stay strong and if it comes to worst don't be afraid to leave.

File: 1665347519203.jpg (64.74 KB, 800x438, pjimage-463-scaled (1).jpg)

No. 1369203[Reply]

Rules: ITT we only discuss things related to life in the main Celtic nations: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Mann, Brittany, and, because I have no choice but to include you, Cornwall.

You can speak in any of the Celtic languages in this thread if you want to, so gaeilgeoirí show yoursevles!

Enjoy the thread, noneens! Picrel is Irish women's rugby
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No. 1971276

File: 1713545443262.jpg (34.55 KB, 500x500, artworks-39XaJkyYtpvzEk0J-zfom…)

Thoughts on the Viper Higgins? All the lads seem to think he's the second coming of Christ, seems like an arsehole to me. They post in so many clips of him into our WhatsApp group and they are all terrible.
I never watched Hardy Bucks so I don't get the references but it still seems like shite.

No. 1971321

We're you watching his stream? I think he's alright. I fucked a guy about three years ago that had a jacket like the viper and on reflection I think I memed myself into the attraction because I find the hardy bucks so endearing but real life counterparts not so much the ignorance does not become endearing.

Apparently there's talks the other actors are going to continue the show without him because he prefers streamers. Some people think it can't go on without him but you could actually if you watch the rte version you could just write him out. Eddie and Buzz carry the show

No. 1971332

I've popped into one or two of his streams. That one where he covered the Iran thing last weekend was some weird modern reality shit.
Like he seems okish but the fact that he's English putting on a rural Irish accent rubs me the wrong way. Feels like he's making fun of us. It gives me the ick.
Rest of the Hardy Bucks guys seems ok. I'm not into it but I'm not offended by it.

No. 1987058

Irish nonas. I'm so sorry for the retarded question. But I failed some of my exams in the first year of college. I failed my repeat exams too and had to repeat those 2 modules. Exams are coming up soon. I know I'll pass one module but I have a sinking feeling I'll fail the other one. That would be failing three times. Would I be allowed to carry that one module into the next year? Or repeat for the fourth time? Or will they just kick me out kek.

No. 2003718

File: 1715782107787.jpg (107.53 KB, 1000x1000, 1702187749804.jpg)

Any tips for festivals? My BF just got me a ticket to Forbidden Fruit so I can go with him. The only other festival I went to was Longitude for one day. I'm not great in big crowds. He's also talking about camping at All Together Now but that is way too much but I also don't want to let him down. I'm thinking about just drinking my anxiety away but there's so many weirdos at festivals I don't want to lose control. I'm an introvert he should know this.

File: 1697161395604.jpg (32.1 KB, 351x351, ausfarmerss.jpg)

No. 1724622[Reply]

my sunburnt countrywomen standing at the limit of an endless ocean, join me in observing this prisoner island.
free fairy bread and a sausage sizzle every sunday arvo
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No. 1991963

Any ladies here enjoy 4x4 camping in the outback or northern beaches? I'm planning a trip after buying a new 4wd.

No. 1992441

A fun game to play is to peruse the Australian political subreddits and take a shot whenever somebody uses the phrase ‘nanny state’ or ‘tall-poppy syndrome’. You’ll be blackout drunk within 10 minutes.

No. 1992470

Your excuse on why you don't want more people in your area is literally the same excuse as everyone else. The earth has limited resources, someone somewhere else had more kids than that area's resources could support, and now they want to come to your area and use up all your resources instead. And I'm completely fine with your opinion of that, fuck those people who greedily had too many children and now they want to flee like rats from a sinking ship because there's no more green spaces in their area so they want to come and turn your green spaces into unaffordable condos and complete for who can work a job for the lowest wage all so they can settle there and repeat the cycle. But it's funny to me that you think the exact same way as the people you're calling xenophobic.

No. 1998349

Thoughts on David McBride's trial and the news media around it?

No. 2003450

>>“Known to the police” in NSW & Queensland

They need schizos free so they can use it as a pretext to add more surveillance to you


File: 1634000571332.jpg (3.77 MB, 3500x2608, HB4AT3D3IMI6TMPTWIZ74WAR54.jpg)

No. 936145[Reply]

Post about your love for those heckin' doggo puppers here.

Remember: This is a thread of love, not hate.
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No. 1950555

My dog has to take antibiotics for a wound I'm partly responsible for (I was playing with her and I made her jump around too much/I wasn't paying attention), they make her tired and she loses her appetite and it makes me so fucking sad. Why am I such a fucking idiot. I'm usually super careful but I decided to be a stupid fuck that day so now she has to take medication. I'm not even pissed about spending money that much, I just hate seeing her so tired because she's usually so active and playful. Fuck me.

No. 1950790

accidents happen, it's ok. I know how you feel but we have to remind ourselves that we're doing the best we can. Someday your dog will probably trip you or something and you wouldn't hold that against her!

My contribution:
I miss my dog so much. It's been a few months since her passing and I still cry every day. She was old and had dementia. It was right to finally let her pass after trying many different supplements and approved treatments. But my life has been a living hell since she left, too. It was backbreaking work the last 3-4 months with her - and still, somehow everything is drastically worse without her. When she finally calmed down and would sleep, she wouldn't take her eyes off of me. I told her so many stories and made up tales of her divine essence. I wanted her to hear my voice and feel my pets, feel loved. At the end neither of us were sleeping. I was so tired. I know she was too (pacing and distress at night - only xanax helped her). But I miss our naps. She still would play a bit. She still loved being outside. I just couldn't bear her suffering such anxiety & dementia all the time. She was almost 14yo. mini dachshund mix (long haired).

When I even consider adopting another dog in the future, I start getting so upset and sad. I loved finding out my dog's personality. Watching her look for a certain toy she wanted to play with (how did she decide? She must have actually had a thought before sticking her nose in the toybox. That's fascinating, that she had a certain desire to play with a certain toy). Training with her. Teaching her. Accommodating her remaining reactivity (adopted her when she was 6yo, so she had experiencd trauma). Bringing her to new places. She lived in three different countries with me.

I know it's so dumb, but I don't want to love anything more than her (in a way appropriate for a pet). I know I loved my childhood dog deeply, but it's different when you have a dog as an adult. And I'm afraid to ever have another dog because she* will be different from this divine creature I love so much.

*Both my childhood dog and my recently departed dog were female. I am so put off by some aspects of male dogs (the "red rocket" is one) that I don't really want one. I only see myself adopting female dogs in the future, if I do.

No. 1994131

File: 1715100703834.jpg (67.71 KB, 564x748, 19559c580c3ffe19ae870648756bc1…)

This art reminds me so much of my dog. Miss him so much.

No. 1999861

Do you let your dog hump things when they are horny? I have to watch over my parents dog today and he‘s trying to hump everything. I‘m considering to let him because it distracts him better from his abandonment issues. Or is that wrong?

No. 2002972

I love the way my dog just… loves everyone. She genuinely adores every person, animal and other dog she meets.

Highlight of my day is seeing her gently boop her nose with the neighbours kitty every morning.

File: 1714761500738.gif (92.11 KB, 200x133, no more.gif)

No. 1989451[Reply]

thread rules:
>no racebait
>no infighting
>don't reply to bait
>rest of /ot/ board rules apply
>farmhands are always watching
previous thread: >>1977077
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No. 2002945

Samefag but the “leg up” in your scenario already is happening too. Before even leaving high school well off kids are in the family business and have their parents setting up investment funds and nepo shit, it doesn’t make a difference except that they couldn’t get any outside jobs requiring a degree.

No. 2002946

Of course rich kids have a leg up no matter what, I'm saying the gap will widen the more years they are forced out of education. 4 years of being banned from social mobility actually does make a difference.

No. 2002947

Maybe it’s different where you are, but here we stick to our low income areas and get roommates working similar jobs. 2 or 3 people can usually get by in an apartment even with volatile jobs unless you’re trying to live in a city center or nice suburban places

No. 2002949

Samefag but also the more people are forced not to go to college the more competition there will be for those min-wage shitty jobs. A lot of them are already more competitive than Harvard but now imagine that all the young people who would normally be in college are competing for the same min-wage starter jobs that don't require degrees.

No. 2002951

new thready!! >>2002950 !!

File: 1698207733708.jpg (56.33 KB, 635x854, JlapJvt.jpg)

No. 1738305[Reply]

first thread:>>>/ot/204455
ITT we discuss our times having unhealthy obsessions with people. It can be any kind of obsession; romantic, hateful, wanting to wear their skin, etc.
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No. 2002213

>None of you feel "awful"
what a thing to say in a thread where anons are talking about coping with being raped, stalked and abused…

No. 2002662

and it's comical to call the people obsessed over victims, when majority haven't in engaged in actual stalking (showing up to addresses, leaving things, damaging property) or harassment(sending them maliscious messages, spreading rumors about them, making them feel fear). I guess everyone in snow is a "victim". I'm tired of people with no understanding ptsd or abuse making shallow equivilences. Especially when majority of the "victims" are abusive scrotes who endangered anons.
Hypervigilence is literally a trauma response, awful is the right word>>2002057

No. 2002727

what an overreaction, and most of the posts here aren't even that serious, get some real problems maybe if you think being obsessed over a moid is on the same tier as anorexia

No. 2002792

>what an overreaction
Again, there are multiple anons in here talking about how their behaviour (which as >>2002662 say aren't even "stalking" but just unhealthy obsessions, as the titles of the thread says if you learn how to read) is a direct respose to getting fucking raped you dimwit moidbrain.

No. 2002874

I'm obsessed with keeping tabs on my abusive ex husband. Met him when I was 18 and he was 32, then was with him for 12 years. He trooned out at the end of our relationship. I thought I took all of my stuff out of the house when he was gone, but there he is on Instagram wearing the skirt that my first girlfriend (dating) from highschool got me along with my birthstone necklace pushing his moobs out as much as possible. Oh look, in another pic there he is in a shirt he bought that is an exact replica of one I used to wear (very different, not like a basic white v neck tee or something). Oh, there's the quilt my gma made on the couch I bought with my dead dad's money, guess he found that. Guess the cats weren't as special to him as he said, he got rid of their cat tree, guess he wasn't as heart broken about losing one out of the three like he told all our mutual friends. At least his new roomie is moving out. I want to go inside when he's at work (driving the car I bought, I bought 2) and wreck the house in a way that won't be discovered until it's too late. I still have flashbacks and night terrors of him every day/night four years later. He literally broke my ribs twice and held a knife to my throat and made me literally think I was going to die. Fuck that troon I hope he dies of breast cancer from that estrogen he overeats

File: 1693471060032.jpg (257.14 KB, 1057x790, g04x72uh5mg.jpg)

No. 1683306[Reply]

Post random things you ate and why. A picture of the thing you ate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here.
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No. 1992624

File: 1715013499556.jpeg (80.31 KB, 600x400, IMG_9580.jpeg)

I made green curry fish soup with coconut milk

No. 1993711

Not exactly ate but I've been drinking cinnamon tea with honey and milk and it tastes like they'd charge you 5 dollars for it at a touristy spot. So good!

No. 2002620

File: 1715707965478.png (7.98 KB, 219x230, 1000024674.png)

I just had some meat soup and it had corn, I love corn so much, it's so practical and delicious, no wonder why there's a band named after corn, I want to eat corn every single day.

No. 2002622

File: 1715708293089.jpg (1.01 MB, 1200x960, tofu-limonello-2.jpg)

I made tofu limonello for the first time. It was kind of bitter, maybe I fucked up making it somehow.

No. 2002743

File: 1715716872402.jpg (74.47 KB, 750x340, 22502_nachos_bellgrande_750x34…)

I ate taco bell today. I think I might be autistic because people call my favorite food places like taco bell, subway, arbys, etc; shit food that makes them die but I genuinely like it. I haven't eaten it in a long time because I prefer staying away from fast food in general but holy fuck it's so good. I might have specific cheat days where I sit down and gorge myself on a mukbang style taco bell meal.

File: 1609169901619.jpeg (208.1 KB, 750x965, EqLaiYaXcAIVOCA.jpeg)

No. 704153[Reply]

ITT we post about what we learned today. Whether it's an interesting scientific fact, an important life lesson, or whatever.
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No. 1981523

Ngl, have not been able to get this off my mind since seeing it KEK. I'm dying to know if this could enhance orgasms while masturbating using an insertable toy or if it solely benefits scrotes.

No. 1981936

It probably could, regular kegels feel good and can enhance solo orgasms I unfortunately cannot orgasm without squeezing my cooch

No. 1991955

I was looking up horse racing videos, and I learned that dog racing is a thing. The way their heads move during the race is kinda funny lol

No. 2002580

The 'Welcome to the mind fuck' sample at the start of the vocaloid song Mind Brand is actually sampled from Nostalgia Critic.
I knew that there was a decent sized japanese fanbase (I once came across a guy online who said that he learned english from subtitling nostalgia critic videos) but lol

No. 2002742

Late but yeah, it's a very cruel practice. These dogs run their whole lives, get abused and it's not at all uncommon for the (moid, mostly) owners to hang them off trees when they can't make them money anymore due to old age or injuries. They're usually called galgos pe lurchers and there are a lot of organizations trying to rescue them and give them a normal home.
Many sighthounds are also used as living blood bags, because apparently they often have a blood type that can be used for most dogs.

File: 1605147087874.png (2.16 MB, 2000x875, graduation.png)

No. 672223[Reply]

For everyone who wants to move on with their life outside of lolcow, aka graduating.
Here is where we thank the website that accompanied us for months or years of our life, and we finally say one last goodbye to never look back. Try to not bring negativity into the thread.
>Your favorite lolcows
>What thread you loved the most
>How much time did you spent here
>What are you looking foward in the future
>Would you come here occasionally
>Etc etc etc

Or the reverse, why you would never quit this place. Please don't infight, don't vent, some people are just trying to stop being neets.
700 posts and 156 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1983029

I think I've had enough lolcow for a lifetime but this site keeps reeling me back.

No. 2002452

File: 1715698341206.jpg (25.12 KB, 512x342, 7756a8e70decfd970324abcb3c844f…)

I'm not entirely graduating the farm as there's one or two threads I'll keep using but this place is no different from any other mainstream social media to me now. 8 years of my life I gave to you lolcor…ot was my main but it has become so hateful and negative I have to hide so many threads, it's just no fun anymore. I'm done.

No. 2002454

Its crazy how many threads I have hidden now

No. 2002516

No. 2002600

I keep coming back once every 4-6 months, posting obsessively in almost every /ot/ or /m/ thread and then leaving. Idk why I'm like this.

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