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File: 1539994617090.jpg (506.97 KB, 1273x1920, 1539298462506.jpg)

No. 313209

No. 313212

Lettuce hope tokitama's racist curse has been lifted

No. 313214

Judging by the last posts on the old thread, it’s gonna be more Asian vs White shitposting.

Let’s have some new opinions anyway.

Current mods are garbage, probably contribute to the shitposts.

Terfs aren’t that bad.

Having a robotic prosthetic is like being 10% cyborg and that’s kind of sexy.

He new haunting of hill house on Netflix is pretty good, but overhyped by people who can’t deal with mild horror.

No. 313230

File: 1539997093147.jpg (17.54 KB, 400x300, 1517707_10153455517131179_2270…)

>Having a robotic prosthetic is like being 10% cyborg and that’s kind of sexy.

This is a good opinion

No. 313231

>He new haunting of hill house on Netflix is pretty good, but overhyped by people who can’t deal with mild horror.

I've been wanting to check out it, but got sucked into a show called Terrace House and I legit can't stop watching it.

What is Haunting of house hill about and it is worth watching for a fellow horror fan like myself?

No. 313234

I’m a big horror fan too, and so far it’s not been bad it’s just not like, groundbreaking or as scary as people said it was. I know the articles saying people like, cried and screamed are just hype garbage but idk, I expected more than the bent neck lady and some spooky faces.

It’s loosely based on the Shirley Jackson novel, but instead of recreating that, they’ve kept the house the same but a family moves in, leave suddenly as children, and deal with the aftermath of their mums apparent suicide. Imo it was a good move, the house is still hill house and it still wants to devour anyone who enters it but the characters bring in better drama than the group of investigators from the novel.

How’s terrace house?
Horror in general seems to be doing better now that we’ve grown from goddamn paranormal activity. Films have been much higher quality and seem generally smarter story-wise.
Here’s hoping for intelligent horror shows.

No. 313236

Samefagging to add, there’s hidden ghosts in each episode that never jump scare you just stand there being creepy. It’s hard to spot them tbh, I only noticed like three of them.

No. 313237

i havent made it all the way through the series yet but thats really cool to know. ive noticed two so far but i wasnt sure if i was mistaking a background object for a face or something.

No. 313238

It’s a fun detail. I’m rewatching to try and find them all. Not bad for atmosphere imo.

No. 313239

File: 1539999472624.jpg (792.67 KB, 1000x1333, IMG_0012.JPG)

Alex wolf of one of the hottest men I've ever seen

No. 313240

File: 1539999648787.jpg (38.22 KB, 500x700, 10 outta 10.jpg)

Big agree.
Although I think he has a more cute appeal than the sort of handsome-hot.

No. 313242

He’s pretty meh. Not great bone structure.

No. 313257

aaaaaand it lasted 3 hours.

No. 313260

what does disliking blue eyes have to do with race

No. 313261

Who said it did? Nice bait retard

No. 313263

>tfw anons will probably take the bait

No. 313266

>Judging by the last posts on the old thread, it’s gonna be more Asian vs White shitposting.
>aaaaaand it lasted 3 hours.

how 2 infer

No. 313267

No. 313270

Deleted because it honestly wasn't intended as bait. Carry on.

No. 313271

It’s more of a slow burn family thriller with horror elements than a full on classic haunted house horror. In my opinion the show peaked in the middle and the climax was a let down but it was still an enjoyable watch.

No. 313282

Arab guys are cuter than white guys

No. 313283

I just didn’t enjoy Mario Oddessy that much. While it was a really beautiful game, I was bored most of the time playing it.

No. 313290

All Mario games are essentially the same after a while. It feels like such a brain dead franchise, and it bothers me that Nintendofags will never call them out with the same tired ass Bowser kidnaps Peach 'storyline.'

No. 313291

He's just so damn cute and huggable

No. 313293

Micky thread is starting to get boring and repetitive, a lot of it feels like vendetta posts by the people who got hurt by her/her dumb BS

Same with the Amina thread, although it's about time a thread for her exist(ed) so people can fuck off WK from other people's thread

No. 313296

File: 1540010180941.jpg (98 KB, 1080x445, IMG_20181019_233335.jpg)

Idk if this is unpopular but! I cringe every time i see this idiotic banner, wish it could be removed.
People kissing venus ass and incapable of speaking anything bad about her cause her shitty mom. Still Venus is cringy and a boring weeb

No. 313297

Amina had some good milk during her days in Japan though. That DVD was comedy gold.

No. 313299

Okay? I’m not gonna think he looks better because you link vids and insist he’s cute. Dude looks like half my nieces 7th grade class.

No. 313300

Sounds interesting. I might check it out tomorrow.

>How’s terrace house?

I legit can't stop watching. It's weird because i've never ever been a reality show type person. I used to watch America's Next Top Model years ago (like seasons 1-3.) It's pretty compelling imo. Japanese people express their feelings much differently and it's nice to see actual relationships develope vs american shows where everyone gets naked in the hot tub by episode 2 and fucks each other.

It's actually oddly calming and genuine. I would recommend it.

No. 313301

He looks like groucho marx without the stache

No. 313302

No. 313304

Same, same, anon. It's actually really sad to see people cheer Venus on as if she's really changed. I mean, she got most of her stomach removed for weight loss? she's still a huge weeb and dresses like a toddler.

No. 313313

That girl is mentally fucked and people need to acknowledge that and stop acting like she's living a good life

No. 313316

Venus got stomach bariatric surgery? How?

No. 313318

She went to Korean to a get it done by a very, very shady surgeon. The staples came out when she was back in Japan and she needed emergency. She could have died to lose weight when she could easily diet and exercise. i cant even feel bad for that decision.

No. 313322

File: 1540012169635.png (628.26 KB, 633x833, VN5Uwg6.png)

he looks like blackops2cel

No. 313326

>Terfs aren’t that bad.
wheredoyouthinkyouare.jpg, that's only unpopular in SJW circles. Transactivism isn't a thing on lolcow.

No. 313328

I think the West Memphis Three are probably guilty.

No. 313330

Whether a game is going to be different from the rest of its series or not reallu depends on the franchise and its fans. I think Nintendo doesn't want to take risks with Super Mario Bros because it has a lot of spin offs and a lot of people want the main games to be similar because they're casual fans so I guess they enjoy starting a new game they're already familiar with. Plus, you also have some games that innovates within their franchises that are either a hit ot miss like with Final Fantasy or Sonic and Nintendo probably doesn't want that.

No. 313332

Just googled and holy shit how is she not dead. Over forty surgeons rejected her before finding this Korean psycho apparently.
Like yeah it’s got it’s place to save the morbidly obese, but what sort of monster would do that to a 58 kilo girl?

Shit that can be a new opinion for the thread, lots of plastic surgeons are Frankensteins, creating monsters from depressed people. There’s way too many botched procedures and addicts getting mutilated by a relatively small group of doctors.

No. 313333

That girl is mentally fucked and people need to acknowledge that and stop acting like she's living a good life

No. 313334

Sounds good, thanks for the recommendation!
Fuckin loved top model back in the day even though it was ridiculous. Smize is still funny.

No. 313335

Worst taste of all time

No. 313338

This just shows there's someone out there who really wants to fuck you even if others don't

No. 313368

Yeah, honestly. I was high key repulsed by him in Hereditary. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, thankfully.

No. 313371

He ticks every box for me
>curly hair
>big dark eyes
>looks barely legal

No. 313372

He ticks every box for me
>curly hair
>big dark eyes
>looks barely legal

No. 313376

Yeah we got it. Figures you’d be the type to use smol unironically lol.

Start a husbando thread if you need.

No. 313386

we already have one in /g/

No. 313395

So take your creepy crush there. ‘Barely legal looking’..ya nasty.

No. 313396

i wish the cows on pt and snow were actually interesting again, all the cows i used to follow have dried up and farmers need to let go.

No. 313397

I wasn't the anon you were replying to, I'm >>313335. I was just saying.

No. 313413

File: 1540038829991.jpg (294.34 KB, 1093x614, 63061021.jpg)

The popularity of Plastic Love autistically triggers the fuck out of me.
Weeaboos and people otherwise not into this genre of music it apes from (R&B-Pop circa 80s music, by the way) praise it like it's the second coming because a Japanese voice is over it even though there's like thousands of American and European music that sounds the same.

These same faggots would ignore Western music that sounds like this (and is much better produced and lyrically refined) because its "boring" or "old" cream their pants for the same shit as long as a Japanese and Korean person is singing it.

It disgusts me on a viscerally level as a faggot genuinely obsessed and infatuated with this sort of music all my life.

And fuck the vaporwave meme too.

No. 313414

*visceral level.

No. 313417

I agree. People who enjoy these types of songs are cringey as fuck and only in it for the fact that it's Japanese. It sounds like any other 80s song and isn't that good.

No. 313418

Fuck yes! I like “Plastic Love” and I enjoy a lot of vaporwave. It just saddens me that a lot of the fans probably would detest its root materials and make fun of it. (More understandable with some Vaporwave samples, but city pop and the like can be traced back to R&B, soul, funk, etc. I just don’t think the people enjoying that shit now could appreciate the rest.)

No. 313426

Didn't this song get popular cuz it randomly showed up in everyone's recommended?
It showed up in mine even though i never losten to vaporwave or any japanese artists

No. 313428

i've liked utada hikaru and 80s shit since a decade ago and just discovered this song and adored it because it fits everything i love about music, makes me feel nostalgic for my teenagehood.
maybe let people enjoy things? i understand the frustration about something blowing up that you appreciated before, but this is borderline gatekeeping and kind of a shit thread.

No. 313430

*thread of logic, sorry. i agree about vaporwave though it's pretty irksome all around. plastic love just seems like some wholesome fun

No. 313435

have you ever thought the thought process behind is more than "let me enjoy what i want" and more often than not the negative judgment is correct?

you really think weebs into anime op and vg music are listening to 80s music?

No. 313436

Agreed, they're also better dressed and groomed. Too bad they tend to be cringy autists.

No. 313437

also utada hikaru is a late 90s - 00s artist
it's not really "gate-keeping" at all, since that is not where the source of complaint is coming from. i know for a fact the circles im in aren't listening to bobby brown or any of the like outside of maybe fucking michael jackson so i'm not talking out my ass.

No. 313438

The classic mario games are better than the modern mario games
2d games are better than 3d games in general

No. 313439

>Having a robotic prosthetic is like being 10% cyborg and that’s kind of sexy.
True. I love prosthetic arms and hands, especially the ones that don't look too realistic. Video related one looks cool as fuck

No. 313440

It's good imo. It's psychological horror rather than jumpscares.
The second episode fucked me up for a couple of days because it hit me where it hurts most, lol

No. 313460



I am a nintendofag but I'm super happy that I got this game for much cheaper bc I wouldn't want to pay 60€ for the lack of divers gameplay. After a while it felt just like a core because of the over and over same missions to get a power moon. Sure, it's a mario game but after the first "wow"-effect is gone, it's just not that memorable imo. I loved the small homages during the game to previous titles but after I felt like I saw everything, I dropped the game and moved to another one even though I still have tons of post-game missions to finish but nah. I'm glad it didn't won the game of the year award.

That's why I loved the Paper Mario series so much more because of the rpg elements and unique story (for a mario game)but meanwhile it's a trash/dead franchise rip

No. 313474

Yeah, a lot of surgeons in general (the ones who aren't helping cancer or burn survivors) tend to be monsters imo.

Breast jobs and other things they do to people and they end up looking worse. Venus' weight loss surgery is really terrifying because she could have easily lost weight in a normal and healthy way and now she has a fucked up stomach for the remainder of her life. She is very lucky she isn't dead.

No. 313476

Both the Paper mario series and Mario RPG are the only Mario games I enjoyed tbh. Both are very underrated.

No. 313521

The anti Korean thread isn't even an anti Korean thread anymore, it's just an Asian hate thread now kek

No. 313525

This, I've always loved me some 80's and 90's Japanese city pop BECAUSE it reminds me of R&B pop from the olden times. It's nostalgic and comfy. Anon's being salty for no other reason that "reee autistic weebs liking dumb things".

No. 313535

that thread is 90% former weeaboos/koreaboos who has high expectations for living in an asian country and had a bad time. For people who hate Korea a lot of posts start off with “when I lived in Korea”

No. 313552

> It's nostalgic and comfy.

>"reee autistic weebs liking dumb things".

>implying thats a bad reason


No. 313554

You'd think that posters who keep saying Korea is culturally irrelevant and lacking of depth would stop making off-shoot threads on different aspects of Korean entertainment or society.

At least the critical Kpop thread is substantial with the current 'scandal' of literally tortured minors.

No. 313565

File: 1540060630389.png (165.1 KB, 1200x628, TdwC4fL.png)

I never saw the point in reading fanfiction because none of it is canon anyway. Why would I want to read a fan's interpretation of a fictional character someone else created? I've tried some fanfiction (both published online and in print) but I kept thinking that none of it will or has happened in the officially published books/TV show. It's just a waste of time when I could be reading original stories by internet authors.

No. 313572

Wait I thought this banner was satire. It's supposed to be supporting venus?

No. 313580

Sometimes I read fanfictions from fandoms I'm not apart of, on AO3 it's easy to just filter what you want. Wattpad is pure trash tho

I think plenty of people see fanfics like doujinshi.

No. 313589

It is satire. All of the banners. Anon's just a retard

No. 313590

It should be as socially accepted for women to have "side guys" as it is for men to have "side chicks".
I'm sick of seeing a "Well…I'm not saying it's good, but it is what it is. That's life, pretty common" POV everywhere when a man is known to cheat on his wife/gf, but the moment a woman does it, it's anger and cries of "Whore!".
Either it's bad on both sides, or it's whatever on both sides.

No. 313600

neither should be socially accepted.

No. 313617

True. A friend of mine has always wanted to have a nosejob, walks in the clinic of this surgeon and he tries to convince her to get a breast job too… lmao. Thankfully she laughed and refused, because she likes her tits and has no intention to touch them, she was there for the nose and the nose only. But imagine someone who's just insecure about their looks in general walking in that clinic…

No. 313630

Are you reading gen fic or something…? Both fic and 'canon' is just a made up story to begin with, usually the point of reading fic written by amateurs over better written original fiction is for romantic/sexual gratification between characters you're already attached to/familiar with.

No. 313645

Ew. No. People who aren’t mature enough for relationships should just accept it and hoe it up without pretending they have attachments. Anyone with a side-anyone is a degenerate.

No. 313653

It's different when you're looking for insert character name from series x reader material

No. 313676

I haven't kept up with Venus since she escaped Margo and had to google it. My god, she actually did it. Motherfucking surgeon removed 120cm of her intestines. That's all sorts of sick. I'm just thinking of all the anons laughing about how "chubby she's getting" due to her naturally full cheeks while she's out there doing stuff like this and weighing next to nothing.

Which brings me to my Unpopular Opinion: I hate it when I scroll through /snow/ and see how in all the ana-chan threads anons are calling the ana in recovery "fat". I get it, it's banter and nitpicking and shit but when it's actually a fucking skeleton that's not cool. You can bitch at the cow for doing shitty things but enabling someone's anorexia/body dysmorphia is straight out a-logging. The same goes for anons telling a cow with an average face to get plastic surgery or lose weight when they're obviously within healthy weight limits. Someone having a small stomach roll or a slightly bumped nose is not milk.

No. 313679

Anachans are the worst nitpickers of them all. Imo they’re mostly fat larpers.

No. 313681

File: 1540081511822.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.48 KB, 500x698, 1538239577118.jpg)

There needs to be more Lurch dunking in the luna threads, its hilarious

pic unrelated

No. 313686

I mean it sounds nice… Doesn't have to have any deeper meaning than that. Gatekeeping a random song people heard thanks to YouTube suggestions because people don't understand city pop or whatever makes me think that you're the autistic weeb here, not people who liked one (1) song by Maria Takeuchi.

No. 313690

>fat larpers

Or maybe some skinny bitches are truly shitty people with shitty attitudes.

No. 313694

No doubt, it’s probably hard for them not to be awful when they’re 65pounds of hangry and too busy navel gazing to realise they’re just nasty little bitches.

But the phenomenon has been seen heaps of times on garbage places like mpa. Some of the most vitriolic, nasty, graphic insults came from higher weight individuals with mad issues about it. Jeez, it’s not like the comment was about fat people in general. Most of them are sane and nice and that should be obvious lol.

No. 313696

What you think about Disney buying out Star Wars and de-canonizing a lot of the expanded universe novels? Never been a Star Wars fan, but I felt bummed for the writers.

A lot of media I enjoy I won't ever read fanfiction for because the original vision is already enough for me and there's no need to supplement it. But some of my favorite series have shitty execution and the only way I can resolve my frustration with that is through fandom content.

But the geeky part of me prefers reading the interpretation and metacontextual discussion of themes, writing, or characters, instead of actual fanfiction, especially since a lot of fanfiction diverges entirely from the canon and just feels like they're using the names and character relationships as templates.

No. 313698

File: 1540085993264.jpeg (180.03 KB, 2048x1046, 81357D68-4DE3-499F-BF9C-6AE336…)

Disney will own the world and it’s fucked.
All media will be Disney media.

No. 313699

The entire cult around Disney is fucking bizarre. People take any legit criticism of the company (the monopolization, the way they fuck over artists working for them, their stronghold in Orlando politics, etc.) as a direct affront to their childhood. Disney's really perfected the "personable company" image and I wouldn't be surprised if they really do take over the world.

No. 313701

game of thrones is entirely too overrated.

No. 313702

>nasty comments can come from higher weight people
Higher weight than the anachans? Sure, as in they're probably average and projecting their issues. It makes no sense for someone medically fat or whatever to be shitting on someone smaller than them for being "fat." All they'd be accomplishing is hurting themselves with their own words. I'm not sold that fatties are behind awful things people say about weight.

No. 313707

I love it but you’re not wrong.
It’s not groundbreaking or legendary, it’s just a fun story.

Mkay. You seem really offended over a throwaway comment. Sorry I hurt your feelings.

Disney stuff is cute but it’s not the be all and end all of childhood and whimsy like some treat it. You can enjoy the films and realise that they are still a massive corporation and behave like one. Uberfans always seem to take it personally even if you barely criticise part of their favourite thing.

No. 313711

Something about that man unsettles me on such a visceral level. He literally is a goddamn cryptid and you can't convince me otherwise. Every picture of him is cursed.

No. 313713

I’m teally exhausted by aggressive vegan preaching. I don’t mind vegans as a whole, but the ones who come at you like you’re murdering a baby and calling you a rapist because you own a single cow that you hand milk shouldn’t be a thing that happens. Women calling each other rapists over chicken eggs seems like a dystopian joke.
Why are zealots of any sort always so loud and aggressive?

No. 313716

I absolutely hate GoT and hate the people that defend it. It's got really horribly graphic torture and rape scenes and all the women are badly written. They give George RR or whatever his name is a pass because 'muh fantasy.'

I bet most of the people who are obsessed with GoT have never read a real fantasy book series. It's awful

No. 313717

My ex-friend became a really spergy Dommen who frequently tried to shame me and my other friends for our fetishes, which kind of felt like she's was trying to involve us in her fetish without our consent. She even tries to "Dom" us, in her terms, then pretends it's a joke.

I'm of the opinion that most young women, or baby/internet Dommes in general, are just sad cunts like this with mental issues. They also seem to have a total hatred for women who submit to their partners, while unironically revering in the attention from their male subs as if it's any different than typical highschool girl behavior. I also saw one of them on here unironically say that she can't respect submissives because how can you respect someone in the "lesser" position during sex, while also claiming to be a Domme. As if not respecting the person you're intimate with literally makes you any better than the typical asshole man you pretend your blatantly insecure ass is superior to…

Does she unironically not see how fucking abusive and weird that is? You're a terrible goddamned Dominant of any kind of that's your attitude. She also doesn't seem to care that Switches exist and even laughs at the idea of their existence. She is literally a female "twu Dom", lol.

The worst part is, this is what a lot of women think being a Domme is. Unironically being indoctrinated into patriarchal attitudes and opinions, while pretending you're superior to men. It's pretty hilarious tbh.

The funniest part? I own my own house, have a steady job, currently finishing up my PhD, etc. I also happen to enjoy being tied up and teased by my partner. Who is a woman. This cunt, who lives with her parents, dropped out of college, works a minimum wage job and has a sad incel submissive she messages on discord sometimes, pretends that she's superior to me because of what she enjoys in the bedroom. And the vast majority of young women who claim to be "Dommes" are exactly like her. They literally don't know the first thing about bdsm, and are about 5 years away from either becoming a submissive themselves or a tradthot.

If you're reading this, getting angry and getting your Cheetos and yeast infection covered fingers ready to scream about how I'm wrong and how superior you are to me and all that shit, you're exactly the kind of person I'm talking about and should rexamine your life. Sorry not sorry.

No. 313718

It's actually a lot of fun. I've found some fantastic writers through fanfiction. It's easier to write a story with already established characters. Sorry you havent read the right stuff yet.

No. 313719

did you post this in the wrong thread? no1curr

No. 313720



Yeah, the fact that you bothered commenting on it in a thread that specifically states it's for unpopular opinions, says you do indeed care.

No. 313721

I didn't even read your post past the first sentence. I'm not interested in hearing about your or your friends' degeneracy.

No. 313722

All kinks are bad and deserve to be shamed

No. 313724


Fair enough, although once again you are posting that in an unpopular opinion thread. TBH I'm falling out of this sort of thing myself because of people like her. The older I get, the less I need but the more intimate I want to be with my partner, if that makes sense.

The entire community is starting to see so toxic and degenerate to me. It just seems like a lot of people use it as an excuse to abuse each other emotionally and psychologigcally with no consequences, like normal domestic abusers would face.

No. 313725

Why are you telling me this? I already told you I don't want to hear it. Please stop blog posting.

No. 313726


*Psychologically fucking wine fingers


I am starting to agree with this. Isn't there actual data to back up abusive behavior also lining up with "kinky" behavior?


>posts no1curr

>in unpopular opinion thread
>continues to reply as if you don't care
>accuses others of blogposting when you've provided no content or opinions for the thread other than stating the obvious "I don't like your unpopular opinion"

Lol, sorry I touched a nerve there, boo.

No. 313730

Lol bragging about being a better glorified hooker than your friend. Fucking degenerates.
People like this who think kinks are something to share with anyone other than a sexual partner are why we have furries and ddlg. You and your friend are gross.

No. 313731

You say that like there’s fantasy out there with decent female characters?
In before YA shit. YA is automatically shitty writing.

No. 313732

Yeah she sounds obnoxious but women submitting to men is different to men submitting to women. Society conditions women to take an inferior position, it's a lot more insidious and widespread than this chick being a bitch. When men are expected, pressured and assumed to be submissive while given very few options to explore outside of the default, then maybe her behaviour will be 'just as bad' as male asshole doms.

BDSM is garbage either way though.

No. 313733

You didn't. Seriously, this isn't the thread to blog about your whore shit. Take it to the vent thread or the sex work thread. You sound extremely new and obnoxious.

No. 313735

I feel bad for her because BDD can be a hell of a drug to trip on. It's unlikely she'd actually lose weight dieting and exercising at 60kg anyway unless she went on some anachan diet, because bodies have a limit to how much weight you can lose eating right and exercising. This is probably what set her on a downward spiral and made her take such a dangerous, extreme decision that she'll have to live with forever.
Overall i agree that the Venus asskissing is annoying. I mean, she got away from her narc monster of a mother, good for her, but she's mentally fucked forever and not "goalz!!" for aspiring weeb gaijins in japan.

No. 313737

The whole empowered sex worker thing is a meme.

Selling your body isn’t empowered or sex positive just because you get money for it. The girls who act like they’re doing something super feminist and brave are just reframing the commercialisation of women’s bodies by horny old men.

Sex work thread is dying, they won’t be as noticed as they are by posting here.

No. 313742

>Sex work thread is dying

No. 313745

Getting a degree in the USA just doesn't feel like shit anymore. It just feels like proof that you spent a lot of money and time for something you most likely won't use. Because of that, people who shit on online degrees are ignorant as fuck. I'm not talking University of Pheonix mills but like outlets of actual colleges that offer online courses. Working adults use online schools to move up the ladder in their career by checking off the ridiculous HR requirements of a degree. Or people who work faster than the usual college course pace use them to accelerate. To suggest that those people are using scam degrees and somehow degrees from places like Evergreen and etc are more legit makes my blood boil.

Also, fuck people who rag on adults for working minimum wage jobs. I moved on from that life but I worked my ass off to support myself at one of those jobs and hate when people suggest that min wage jobs aren't worthy of respect.

No. 313747

Vikings it's better

No. 313749

I’d die for Floki. Kinda hoping for more old sagas to be made into series. The mahabrata would be cool af to watch, or the Ramayana.

No. 313752

Empowered sex worker is one of the worst memes, the worst part is that leftists are like "we need to destroy capitalism!!" then as soon as you mention prostitution they're like "no, not that, that's empowering uwu"

No. 313754

Mental how they will rush to defend literally selling their body to strangers for the strangers sexual gratification. That’s not empowering. If you like orgasms you buy a vibrator, you don’t let any man fuck you for money whilst you risk your health and safety. Some of the most ignorant handmaidens are the empowered prostitution type tho.

No. 313755

File: 1540099359324.jpg (66.03 KB, 750x929, IMG_20181020_215843.jpg)

I don't know how popular this sentiment actually is outside of the internet, but I see people call Asian men feminine-looking quite frequently and I don't agree with it. Of course if you're just looking at cookie cutter kpop stars that might be true, but I see Asian men with really good bone structure all the time. There's something about their cheekbones I really like. They're also the only race of men I like with a muscular/fit body type. On other races muscles can look really overdone and white men in particular look like cavemen, but when I see fit Asian guys more often than not I think they look great.

>inb4 weeb/fetishist

No. I hate the vast majority of anime/manga and I don't listen to k/jpop at all. I'm probably the farthest thing from a weeb.
>inb4 das raciss!!
I find all races to be attractive, but for different reasons. This is just what I find attractive about Asian men.

No. 313762

Take a look around other threads and maybe delete this before yet another thread is taken over my this useless and uninteresting Korea shit.

No. 313763

People who can’t manage their time and are always late or take forever to do shit are incompetent children and do not deserve employment or the amount of coddling they get.
If you choose for a 20 minute task to take an hour you’re just lazy or selfish.

No. 313764

What "Korea" shit? I'm talking about East Asian men regardless of nationality. Korean and Japanese pop culture is just what most people immediately think about when they think of East Asians these days.

No. 313765

Who cares, keep your Asian sperging down. There’s enough of it in every other goddamn thread.

No. 313766

>keep your Asian sperging down
I'm not sperging, I just posted my opinion. Ironically, you're the one sperging about an unpopular opinion posted in the unpopular opinions thread. If you don't like it, ignore it and move on.
>There’s enough of it in every other goddamn thread.
Cool. I don't frequent those threads so I don't really give a shit. You should try doing that instead of complaining.

No. 313767

Shhhh your yellow fever isn’t an unpopular opinion.

No. 313769

>thinking Asian men don't look feminine is yellow fever
Okay, idiot. You're obviously a sped who has serious trouble with reading comprehension so this conversation is over.

No. 313770

but it is an unpopular opinion on both lolcow and in the mainstream world lol
anons are so touchy lately, if you don’t want a thread to derail then don’t start an argument

No. 313773


Shhhhhhh yellow fever. Shhhhh.

No. 313775

This is probably an unpopular opinion irl rather than on imageboards and such, but I'm so sick of interracial relationships being pushed in media. It's like there has to be at least one in every movie and TV show made now and on this one show I tried to get into, EVERY relationship shown was interracial.

No. 313776

Just stop replying to craynon.

No. 313778

Can I ask what group of interracial couples we're presented the most? white men with black women or black men with white women?

No. 313781

I don't mind interracial couples but I do feel like they're being over represented in tv now. The new season of TWD in particular, random sex scenes that hold no relevancy

No. 313782

The show I'm talking about in particular had white man/black woman, white man/latina woman, white woman/latino man. There were more, but those were the main couples.

No. 313785

how is it being "pushed." Do you think non inter-racial relationships are being pushed when they're in movies/shows?

No. 313786

ahh thats kinda what I expected but they're playing it safe still. No white woman/black man, thats the one I've noticed that makes people the most angry.

No. 313787

cause they're rare as fuck.

No. 313788

unpopular opinion: all this race discussion is complete shit and I wish it would stop forever

No. 313789

I literally searched "top shows 2018" and already see a ton that highlight white couples


white couple
>Game of Thrones
plenty of white couples
white couples exclusively
>Crazy ex-girlfriend
white couples

everything from HBO to teen crap to netflix originals have white couples.

The Good Place has a white woman/black man couple but its kinda complicated due to the plot of the show, the whole "soul mate" thing.

No. 313790

As long as different races exist, it never will.

No. 313791

umm welp I think its time to grow up for you. Race discussion are never going to end unless we all turned the same one tomorrow so time to grow up

No. 313794

I didn't specify that I only want to see white couples. Just less interracial shit. The couples can be all black or all latino for all I care. Some consistency would be nice.

No. 313795

regardless, one race couples aren't rare at all

No. 313796

I think the anons who insist on sperging about Asian people for 3 days in a row should grow up. I don't have a problem with race discussion in general, but I don't think there has ever been a decent discussion on race on lolcow, ever. it's all retarded.

No. 313799

>anons are so touchy lately

This. My unpopular opinion is this exactly. Lately any time someone disagrees with whatever is being said they get attacked with cringey, sperg-chan level projection, reaching, REEEing and emotionally charged accusations of stanning or samefagging. It's getting super annoying. I miss when it was possible to disagree without being accused of something and having it derail a thread because the cringelord arguing like a teenager just won't stop until they get the last word.

No. 313800

They're the vast majority, that's the point. And likely why I feel that interracial shit is being overrepresented and forced on screen.

No. 313801

you have zero proof of that. Maybe you should change what shows you're watching if you don't like the couples on them.

No. 313803


Agreed. After the number of people who have sperged in these threads with "I don't like ur opinion >:(" or desperately insisting "lmao no1curr" and then replying 10 times, I just assume these people can't fucking read and don't know where they are. Literally no self awareness. No better than scrots.

No. 313805

“Everyone who doesn’t coddle shitty posters is a sperg with emotional disorders”

Nah love, it’s just that nobody gives a shit about random diary entries over a weeby crush.

The hypocrisy in this comment has so many levels it’s like an MC Escher drawing of stairs. Metahypocrisy lol.

No. 313806


I think you're the one who isn't self aware. I'm agreeing with the OP that a lot of people devolve into teenagers in these threads who simply need the last word and don't care what content they add, if any. Saying "I don't like the thing" in an unpopular opinion thread is beyond dumb, unless you actually have something else to say with it. I assume this is what she's saying when she means people who only insist on getting the last word.

No. 313807

Ayrt. Honestly half the time I'm like "this is a male pretending to be a farmer…maybe". Did a link to the farm get ppsted somewhere on 4chan or something recently?

No. 313808

Rephrasing a point means youre a man who lacks self awareness.
Ahhh, never change unpopular opinions. Never change.

No. 313810

I can tell you're the anom from the jrock thread and that you assume I'm the Miyavi sperg- but I'm not. And this is exactly what I'm talking about. That paraphrasing to shove words in my mouth to suit my post to your agenda.

>Nah, love

You sound like Kiki with the way she misuses dated internet slang.

No. 313811


Agreed. It's probably just my paranoia, but has anyone noticed an uptick of incel posters lately? Especially in the man hating threads.

No. 313813

I'm torn between "incel scrot invader" and "butthurt cow trying to pass as a farmer and failing". It's weird how this particular type of sperging only happens in ceetain threads and over certain triggers.

No. 313815

I love the word connections you guys make with internet sleuthing. I don’t post on any asiam themed threads because they’re annoying enough without it spreading to other threads.
Nah love is a common Australian expression. Kiki did not invent it.

No. 313817

>let me post without sage to get the last word while also pretending to be calm and uninterested in the argument I instigated and can't stop replying to

Winner winner chicken dinner

No. 313818

Obsessive detectives poorly sleuth again. Got any opinions that aren’t kvetching and incorrect detective work?

Back to the thread, YA fiction is pandering and bad, idk why so many adults like it and read so much of it.

No. 313820


The saddest part is, I'm pretty sure she's been replying to everyone's comments in this thread for at least 4-5 hours now, even when they're not directed at her, if you scroll up and look. Possibly longer tbh. I'm not even sure what her last reply to me was meant to say, it has nothing to do with what I said and generally sounded like incoherent rambling. I genuinely think they may have some sort of mental disorder, at this point, because that's some scary obsession/lack of self awareness right there.

No. 313823

Sooo are you just gonna keep hurling your incoherent buzzwords at me? They don't make you seem any less nonsensical and… off-meds-y.

By the way, if you don't go to the Asian themed threads, what in your subconscious made you reply to my original post (>>313799) with:

>nobody gives a shit about random diary entries over a weeby crush

The entire reason I said you thought I was the Miyavi sperg was because of that line, from you.

No. 313824

Sorry I’m talking about books now.

Stephen kings bad endings are worth the ride. If you just stop reading under the dome before the aliens, it’s a damn good story. He does human villains fairly well. Not like a literary genius, but not poorly either.
His books don’t deserve the love or hate they get. They’re just fun.

No. 313827


Agreed. Anyone who can't enjoy Cujo can get out of my house. Also Salem's Lot.

What are your thoughts on David Wong's "John Dies at the End", if you've read or watched it? NuHorror garbage or Lovecraftian lovenote? I see his name stirring up a lot of controversy since the John Cheese debacle, so it's hard to find an honest opinion that isn't just "I don't like the book because the author's friend is a pervert." I myself am having a hard time forming an opinion on it as I've reread the book as an adult/since the debacle.

No. 313830

Okay so I was recently watching some interviews with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, everyone always talks/talked about how Gil and David should get married, they're perfect for each other, soulmates, the best chemistry etc but I saw the complete opposite.

No. 313831

Ngl, I loved JDATE. It’s silly and it’s tropey and it never feels like it’s trying to be anything more than that. I like that the narrator isn’t some powerful genius who becomes a hero. He’s an ass and he needs help and admits it readily. It’s really fun if you just kind of let the story happen and don’t question it. Very immature, and he can’t write a girl to save himself, but yeah, still a good silly time.

Imo the author is separate to the story. Jason Pargin/David Wong might be a huge douchebag, but even douchebags can write fun stories.

No. 313835

I mean they are more feminine, there's no doubt about that. But there's individual variation within a group too. So there are masculine ones.

They all have feminine personalities as a result of being coddled by their mothers though. Even if they don't have feminine appearances.

No. 313836

the fuck is a "feminine personality"? being coddled would make them entitled manchildren, not "feminine"

No. 313837

Absolutely a man posting. Feminine personality confirms it.

No. 313838

I mean it's pretty common for people to go to Korea and hate it. And given the racialized sexual violence some anons reported I don't blame them for hating it. That's a pretty legitimate reason to hate a country.

No. 313839

Entitled is another issue. I'm talking about how they'll always respond to questions about their opinion with "my mom says…" They have no thoughts of their own.

No. 313840

How is being a mamas boy a feminine personality?
What is a feminine personality in the first place?

No. 313841

yeah, probably. I'm sure that anon was also one (or both) of those weird /pol/tards in the anti-korean culture thread.

No. 313842

I noticed that in Aziz Ansaris show. Then he turned out to be a creepy racial fetishist with a revenge fantasy. The Big Sick was also shilled to hell and back. And all the non white women calling themselves "white man's whore" in "solidarity" with that actress was just embarrassing. No shame.

Also To All The Boys I've ever loved before was also kind of annoying. I don't understand how Asian women can simultaneously rant about white men like Sarah Jeong did and then exclusively ride their dicks. There must be something unhealthy about it

No. 313844

Because their personality doesn't exist other than a channel of their mother.

Don't chalk it up to being a mama's boy either. Hispanic guys are mama's boys but they learn some degree of independence at least. Asian dudes are on a whole other level.

No. 313846

What is a feminine personality anon?
It’s a nonsensical term.

No. 313849


No. 313850

I associate it with being more sensitive.


No. 313851

Confirmed scrot. Post benis or gtfo.

No. 313852

>People take any legit criticism of the company (the monopolization, the way they fuck over artists working for them, their stronghold in Orlando politics, etc.) as a direct affront to their childhood.
I think that's why they're so successful. They've made such an effort to stay pure and family-friendly that people associate Disney with their childhood and everything that's good in the world. They can't stay mad at them. Which allows Disney to do the most heinous things and alter the law forever to avoid having to give Mickey Mouse up for public domain. The whole company's sole goal for the past 30+ years has been to make as much money as possible at any cost which is why Don Bluth and a handful of other animators left the company.

Because they're not motivated by making the world better, they're motivated by getting to be better than other people.

No. 313854

So confirmed for garbage you made up because you’re a man. Pack up your dick and go.

No. 313856

Aznidentity is the subreddit you're thinking of. Asianmasculinity is another one. They're all incels, but I just thought you'd want to know.

No. 313857

Oh that journal link is fantastic ty. The abstract has me sucked in.
The worst thing with them imo is constantly claiming that cows are raped as if that’s not belittling to actual rape survivors.

No. 313897

Imo bdsm should be forbidden (yes, I know that's impossible, but nevertheless)

How can hurting a person you love or care about turn you on?
All those "femdom" anons wanting some barely legal twinks to abuse are sickening. Why does being into that and wanting very young bfs always go hand in hand? That's creepy af. You're not better than all those disgusting men who do the same shit.

Also, your thread pic should be spoilered. Yes, it's only a drawing, but it still shows a bloodied person.

No. 313898

I don't get femdom anons at all. Submissive men are disgusting, creepy, and always have some sort of underlying issues that they turned out to be absolutely beta. They're essentially looking for mummy and women who enable that shit are just as bad as they are.

No. 313900

Well, they admit they want somebody who's super shy, a virgin, extremely skinny, dependent on them, so I guess they're into sexually exploiting mentally unstable dudes…

Just turn around the genders, if an anon would write about her bf wanting all that, everybody would scream "abuse" and "dumb him"…

Why are so many people nowadays no longer content with just having normal sex?

No. 313902

>Why are so many people nowadays no longer content with just having normal sex?

Internet porn. I want people to judge internet porn as totally shameful to watch like VHS porn in the 80s was just for losers, make that shit go away. Now that is a sadly unpopular opinion.

No. 313907

File: 1540125041689.png (1.15 MB, 876x882, Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 8.29…)

>Now that is a sadly unpopular opinion.
I so badly wish it wasn't.

I'm fucking surrounded by pornsick degenerates and deviants who are constantly trying to force their degeneracy onto you making you look like the insane one for not having 929812 mentally retarded LEARNT and CONDITIONED fetishes. ffs.

I cringe so fucking hard when a mental slave calls normal healthy sex "vanilla".

No. 313910


I miss the time where it seemed like these things were private and meant for couples, as a way to get more intimate with your partner. Feathers, blindfolds, all that cute shit you keep together in the drawer in your bedroom. Maybe I'm imagining that part…but it feels like people are so fucking extreme now that they literally can't get off without these things, or more. And they also can't get off without telling everyone how much they enjoy these things and bragging about how kinky/edgy they are.

I want sex/intimacy to actually intimate again and not need the entire world's attention and approval.

No. 313913

Agree that calling sex vanilla is stupid. It sounds like a sneering sour grapes thing. It is as if kinksters think they are superior because they can't enjoy something that is naturally designed to give humans pleasure.

Also complaining about "kink shaming" is retarded. There are plenty of reason a fetish should be criticised, if it's actually harmful to people irl like rape shit. I am fucked up myself but at least I can admit it.

No. 313915

>Also, your thread pic should be spoilered. Yes, it's only a drawing, but it still shows a bloodied person.
Was this copy-pasted from a thread somewhere else?

No. 313916

Honestly, I'm a femdom anon and I agree. Although I know I naturally want to take the lead and prefer weak guys (via what I was interested in at the start of puberty), the sadism and weird super-controlling aspect came from years of porn addiction and issues with men.
If I wasn't a fujoshit in my formative years and my dad wasn't awful I'd just be into gentle femdom in a female-lead relationship tbh. Can't speak for all dommes though.

All this said, I'm not sure what your issue is. If you don't want beta men what's wrong with other girls dating them? Are we going for some eugenics now?

No. 313917


Regular sex is more intimate and flat out easier most of the time too TBH, can't always be bothered to break out my nurse costume. I think you're right about the sour grapes thing- it really does feel like they're jealous of people who don't need 373736637 things to get off/be intimate with their partner. Plus then you have people trying to make normal shit special; apparently the fact that I enjoy having my ears bit during sex is a kink now. I really don't get it.

No. 313920

>It is as if kinksters think they are superior because they can't enjoy something that is naturally designed to give humans pleasure.

kink shaming LOL what the actual? So what? I'll shame your kink all I want FOH nigga, deviants try so hard to normalise the retardation. kek. Bet they're jealous of trannies for getting their fetish protected under law. Who next, will be bold enough?

No. 313930

File: 1540129494639.jpg (21.61 KB, 480x274, 38542142_574989629570250_71687…)

For example, take the missionary position. It gets so much shit for being "vanilla xdxd" and yet I find that it's among the best ones for pleasure. You can also look at your partner in the eyes, kiss them etc., but nooo. You just have to have sex in weird positions like feet behind your head and hands sticking in a bear trap, otherwise "omg so boring!!" They don't realize that yes, trying new things and positions is perfectly normal, but only EVER feeling pleasure by enacting weirder and weirder fetishes is actually sad. I feel bad for these people, must be tough not being able to reach orgasm in normal ways.

No. 313932

I don't actually see anything wrong with sexual deviancy, as long as all parties involved are consenting. It's whatever, people like what they like. Human sexuality is varied, and sometimes it borders on uncomfortable. It's been like that for centuries, with or without porn. There's nothing that can be done about it, really.
I just think people need to keep their shit to themselves. Unlike homosexuality, something like BDSM is pretty much only relevant to your bedroom, and it should stay there. Nobody except you, your partners and your search history need to know your kinks or your sex habits.
Also, "kink-shaming" is good and fine. If someone's openly into diaper furry vomit scat unbirthing, it's dumb to try and pressure the general public into not voicing their disgust. Should've kept that to yourself or hid it better, gross bitch.

No. 313933

I agree about the femdom stuff being a bit creepy but what's wrong with dating younger guys?

No. 313935

>I don't actually see anything wrong with sexual deviancy, as long as all parties involved are consenting. It's whatever, people like what they like.
you're kink is retarded and you're a deviant.

No. 313937

And who whole-heartedly gives a fuck about "deviancy" in 2018? It's a social construct designed specifically so people know to keep their "problematic" elements to themselves. If it's doing its job, letting them know "That's not okay" and making them shield it from public eyes, what's the point in internalizing it and trying to make others do the same? Will we go to hell if we don't? Nothing about humanity and the mental state of most people is pure or clean. Deal with it, or make a commune of puritans who only like sex in the missionary position solely for the purpose of procreation and see how long it lasts.

No. 313938

People who care this much about what consenting adults do in the bedroom are retarded

>Why are so many people nowadays no longer content with just having normal sex?
Honey, kinks have been around literally since the beginning of history. Also, this concept might shock you, but some people are just into different things than you are in the bedroom?

No. 313940

i think anon was trying to point out the hypocrisy of anons rightly calling men who date younger/barely legal women predators but then the same people thirst after younger/barely legal men

No. 313942

I think everyone on this website (myself included) are absolute trash and worse than most people in /snow/ and almost as bad as some of the people in /pt/. I have no doubt that if we all were internet personalities, most of us would end up here.

It's sickening how in denial most seem to be about how pathetic what we do here is. Just own the fact that you're wasting your time shitting on irrelevant strangers on the internet for what it is. Stop acting like there's nothing wrong with spending hours debating whether or not someone is fat or speculating that they had a falling out with their best friend because they haven't posted a picture together in three weeks.

No. 313943


Kink is exactly the same as homosexuality(sometimes).
For some people it's how they express their love and who they are at their core.
In fact, for many people, the vanilla normal-people person they put on as a facade is just a mask.
Vanilla as the norm is just an arbitrarily chosen societal default.

No one should go around and whip unconsenting people in public or whatever, but a sub calling their partner "Master" or wearing a collar in public hurts absolutely no one, and your judging people like that is pointless and only seeks to suppress those who are different.

And don't get me started on "It's not the same as homosexuality"… I don't think you can really speak about that when even homosexuality is still seen a "deviant" or wrong. It's a lot more accepted now, but displaying affection towards your same-sex partner in public will still put you at great risk of harassment than if you were straight.

A large portion of society still doesnt know how to handle homosexuals in public, so I'm pretty sure it's not equipped to rationally assess how to allow kinksters to express themselves too.

I always think that the best course of action is to just say "each to their own" and allow people to be themselves as long as they arent forcing you to physically participate in their world.

No. 313944

How dare you. Being gay/lesbian isn't the same thing as being a fucking kinkster WTF.

No. 313945

>a sub calling their partner "Master" or wearing a collar in public hurts absolutely no one

no one want to see your disgusting fucking sex life being paraded around in public.

No. 313946

Am I the only one not seeing any anons who want barely legal men? I saw one person and they weren't even in the femdom thread. You have people on this website who are turned on by corpses, deformed faces, getting raped by men, yet you complain about a few women who want men who don't fit the stereotypical ideal macho man image?

My unpopular opinion is that people who are SO passionate about hating kinks or sex have a much bigger underlying problem than people with kinks. It also makes you sound uneducated and underage when you act like people not being into your preferred brand of sex is a novelty thing or something that started only recently.

No. 313948

I'm into femdom yet I disagree completely. The ones who can't handle that people dislike abusive kinks are the ones who sound ignorant and selfish.

(I haven't seen anyone here who want barely legal guys either.)

No. 313949


Do you get this up in arms hearing anything harmless you don't like when walking down the street? I wish hearing someone call someone master was the most offensive thing I've ever heard in passing. Just mind your own business and move along.

No. 313950

But wearing a collar and calling someone master isn't actually overtly sexual? The way you talk about it, it's like you expect them to just start fucking in public?

No. 313951

id rather have that than a controlling dominant guy

No. 313952

File: 1540133240849.png (7.07 KB, 306x143, 53634524536678.png)


>I haven't seen anyone here who want barely legal guys


No. 313953

normal sex is maledom. not everyones cup of tea.

No. 313954

No honey, the people who conflate BDSM with abusing your partner are the ignorant ones.

No. 313955

literally no one who isnt into sexual shit like that wears collars or calls their boyfriend master and shit like that. keep that shit in the bedroom, we dont want to see it.

No. 313956

Shy do people give a shit if someone likes barely legal guys, though? Key word is 'legal'. Not to mention, most of the people on this site are under 30, so it's not even like you're talking that much of an age gap.

No. 313957

Ffs this isn't even an issue. With how butthurt you are you sound like you go out and see this shit on the daily.

No. 313958

Kinks are supposed to stay in the bedroom. It's useless to cry "kinkshaming" when the people around you didn't need to know about your sex life (just like you don't need to know about theirs) and didn't consent to be exposed to it.
People who feel the need to run their mouths about their kinks in public sound like those teenagers who have just started having sex and won't shut up about it.

No. 313959

this is the exact same argument that disgusting scrots use when they have sex with teenage girls

No. 313960

Well, the cool thing is there's nothing illegal about it (at least in my country) so no one has to actually listen to you. Also, I see shit I don't want to see all the time outside, so suck it up and mind your own business like literally everyone else has to.

No. 313961

Yeah, like teenagers or like they have no sense of respecting other's boundaries.

No. 313963

It shouldn't be. There is a happy middle ground you know.

No. 313964

If the teenage girls are over 18, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Can we stop pretending young adults are somehow magically children?

No. 313965

There is also this thing called "minding your own business and not caring how consenting adults fuck" you know.

No. 313966

>Kink is exactly the same as homosexuality(sometimes).
Being gay is not a kink. Same-sex love and feeling are not comparable to someone getting aroused at exaggerated power-play or other forms of "play" (which is why it's called play). Stop.
>For some people it's how they express their love and who they are at their core.
Why does the whole world need to bear witness to expressions of love that often bear striking resemblances to dehumanization, or are just….over-the-top and kind of gross in the public eye?
>a sub calling their partner "Master" or wearing a collar in public hurts absolutely no one
Faux-slavery LARP does not belong in the public eye. It carries unfortunate implications and baggage to non-kink society. Like it or not, context matters The entire world is not privy and restricted to someone's personal kink-sphere and "harmless" experiences. Something like slavery may just seem like a strong form of devotion to one person or even a small community, but in the wider world, it's a fucked up, life-ruining, abusive practice that's destroyed people for millenia and even continues on today around the world.
Plus, trying your best not to disgust or involve strangers with "too much information" is only polite. Why can't holding hands in public, hugging or maybe sharing a quick kiss with the person you love be enough until you get somewhere private?
>I don't think you can really speak about that when even homosexuality is still seen a "deviant" or wrong.
And that's incorrect because homosexuality is not a sexual fetish. It's an innate orientation, a form of love. A gay couple is still a gay couple without sex, specific words they use, LARPing or special "gear". The same is not true of kink, and the fact that both are often criticized in public does not make them the same.
>allow people to be themselves as long as they arent forcing you to physically participate in their world.
By making it so that strangers have no choice but to witness and be a (passive) part of someone's world, even if just in passing, they are basically forcing them.

No. 313968

nta, but can you stop pretending that stating your preference for barely legal women/men online isn't nasty. men do it all the time on their sites and it's a huge red flag regardless of the age gap, or however old the person being lusted after is. saying "i like ____ because they look barely legal uwu" is dodgy asf. it was only 1 anon so not like it's a big deal anyway but i digress.

No. 313969

kinksters are triggered. lol.

I don't care if older women are into 18 year old men, I cheer it on but I hate when older men prey on very young girls like 18 year olds. It's just not the same imo.

inb4 wah you're just like scrote. I know, try it sometime. Thinking like men and not giving one shit.

No. 313970

Probably because it's a perfectly valid one?

Also, I like how you say "teenage girls" to make it sound more dubious when we're explicitly talking about legal adults.

No. 313972

Good post anon. Kinksters are so embarrassing when they say things like that. Comparing bdsm to homosexuality and thinking slave roleplay in public is non-sexual and OK? Yeah, you lost me.

No. 313973

>conveniently leaves off the rest of that sentence where I said except ONE post

you're so embarrassing

No. 313976

File: 1540134712931.jpg (287.79 KB, 1280x720, jfc.jpg)

>gay people holding hands in public is the same as this!

No. 313977

You're missing the point here. There is nothing wrong with people disliking a certain kink. They can even be repulsed by sex altogether, who cares. But them getting up in arms about it when it doesn't involve them AT ALL? ridiculous. The anons here were not just saying they personally don't like it, they were saying it shouldn't even be a thing and the people who are into it should stop. If you really are into femdom or any power dynamic you'd also know it isn't and shouldn't be abusive. Sadomasochism=/= abuse.

No. 313981


except it doesnt stay in the bedroom and the way it's presented nowadays is shaping our society's view on sex and normalizing violent sexual behaviour. Straight teenagers are into anal, young girls are getting affraid they're not "good in bed" if they dont let their boyfriends choke or slap them.

also your "honey" is cringe as fuck.

No. 313983

there is no part in >>313948 where you mentioned that one post, just admit youre a borderline pedo and leave

No. 314009

my unpopular opinion is that sometimes vanilla sex/anti-bdsm advocates act like any sex that isn’t gentle and loving is bad. a little hair pulling, spanking or love bites do cause “pain” and fall under the definition of “hurting your partner”, but those aren’t bad. the intersection of sex with being rough is normal, what’s fucked up are weirdos who need sex dungeons and to see blood.

No. 314010

my unpopular opinion is that sometimes vanilla sex/anti-bdsm advocates act like any sex that isn’t gentle and loving is bad. a little hair pulling, spanking or love bites do cause “pain” and fall under the definition of “hurting your partner”, but those aren’t bad. the intersection of sex with being rough is normal, what’s fucked up are weirdos who need sex dungeons and to see blood.

No. 314011

my unpopular opinion is that sometimes vanilla sex/anti-bdsm advocates act like any sex that isn’t gentle and loving is bad. a little hair pulling, spanking or love bites do cause “pain” and fall under the definition of “hurting your partner”, but those aren’t bad. the intersection of sex with being rough is normal, what’s fucked up are weirdos who need sex dungeons and to see blood.

No. 314029

That's a problem that's more due to premature porn exposure and guys being pigs, though. Explain to me how shaming consenting adults for not being completely vanilla helps this issue?

Also, this problem can be helped by schools bothering to teach kids about consent, sexual being pressure being wrong, and the difference between porn and reality. But no one wants to teach kids about this shit because ~its awkward~.

No. 314030

How often do you see this in public though? The most intense shit I've ever seen publicly is someone wearing a collar, which a lot of non-kinky people do just as an accessory. They sell them in places like Claire's ffs.

You guys are angry over a non issue that isn't even happening. The initial anon who brought this up literally said they want it illegal to do BDSM privately and now you guys are twisting it into "PEOPLE CRAWL ON ALL FOURS IN LATEX AND SAY SEXUALLY EXPLICIT SHIT IN PUBLIC" when this is literally not a thing that even happens.

No. 314031

File: 1540138800075.gif (1.31 MB, 300x224, tenor.gif)

>very thin
>lets me financially support her
>Same dynamic in and out of the bedroom
>bullying a short qt
>I prefer women […] lbs and under since they're easy to lift and very cute. If she doesn't want my full support, I want to at least make more than her at my job. For this reason I generally go after artsy girls hehe.
>personality: constantly sexualizes herself, calls me daddy, bratty trophy wive
>posted in the kink thread but just to clarify, if there's anybody from that thread whos interested in me whoring out my gf etc it's still fine to email.
>when I slap her face or ass, when I call her degrading names (her favourite is "fuckhole")

No. 314032

Your lack of capitalizing the beginnings of your sentences is far more cringe

No. 314034

I love to kink shame!!!!!

also guys stop freaking pressing 'post' multiple times. If it doesn't work the first time just leave it be and it will show up on the page eventually. If you keep clicking, all the times you click will also show up.

No. 314036

Pretty sure it's just one anon doing this.

No. 314037

The thing is, men are awful and actually commit sexual crimes because of their sexual preferences for submissiveness. There's also a cultural pressure for women to adhere to this role (small, stupid, supported by her Big Man) which doesn't exist for men.

A sub man has no pressure to be small and weak. In fact it's the opposite, which means if he agrees to a relationship like that he really wants it whereas a woman may just do it because it's expected of her.

No. 314038

File: 1540139232712.jpg (12.25 KB, 317x267, 385.jpg)

>when you have to attack someones spelling and grammar to critisize post because theyre absolutely right

No. 314039

So is the lack of a period at the end of yours, if you want to play that game.

No. 314041

Nitpicking at stupid shit is the cringiest of all. Stop detailing the thread with your literal autism.

In fact, let's stop derailing the thread with this entire kink conversation all together.

No. 314042

Are you a mod?

No. 314043

This so fucking hard. The false equivalency is so poorly though through.

No. 314044

You don't need to be a mod to see how ridiculously stupid and derailed this thread has gotten

No. 314045

Men really need to be kinkshamed to the maximum, while there are abusive women male violence against women is a fucking epidemic.

No. 314046

how is pointing out that some kinks encourage sexual violence nitpicking?

No. 314047

this entire thread is one big derailment

No. 314049

Dom women aren't pressured into relationships with subs though. That would kind of defeat the purpose. At least the ones that are just naturally into that sort of thing, anyway.

No. 314050

So you expect people to just post their opinions and others not to respond? Thread policing is just as irritating as thread derailing.

No. 314051

Discussing something =/= being "angry". I only wrote that being gay can't be compared to sharing kinks in public, even if hypothetically.

No. 314052

The issue around expressing yourself in public is. Learn to abstract.

I frankly don't care that you don't like people expressing themselves.
Like I said, a relationship dynamic is not sex.
No is going to go around naked whipping each other. People just want to be allowed to be themselves. A collar hurts no one. If you get stressed by seeing someone wearing a collar, why don't you go and ban all goths?

Like I said, there's a difference between the sex life based on the dynamic and the dynamic itself. For some people, being submissive or dominant with their partner is their most happy and comfortable state of being. It's not about sex, it's about the way you express your relationship.

For example, think about the myriad of ways vanilla couples express their relationships. There's no two vanilla couples that are the same, and that goes for power exchange as well.

Agree. There's a good and bad way to do BDSM… Same with vanilla. Abuse is abuse regardless of what dynamic you prefer within your relationship.

I bet most people who DONT wear a collar are into sexual shit as well.. Can I now demand that all people must NOT be bare-necked just because they share an interest in sex?
A collar is not sexual inherently. Ask goths.
It's an expression of a dynmic in most cases which, like I explained before, is a dynamic thing.
And many people dont want to see same-sex partners holding hands.. But guess what. They are going to anyway because it's not your place to tell people how they show affection towards each other.

> kinks are supposed to stay in the bedroom

Says who? And who says people cant talk about it in the open?
Like I said, the vanilla default is an arbitrary societal default that keeps changing as humanity changes.
Pretty sure power exchange folks just want to be allowed to be themselves. No one is going to have sex in public.

>Being gay is not a kink.
I was explaining it in context of expressing oneself romantically in a way that is not common or the accepted Why does the whole world need to bear witness to expressions of love that often bear striking resemblances to dehumanization, or are just….over-the-top and kind of gross in the public eye?

That's what people used to say about homosexual people wanting to hold hands in public.
Also power exchange is not dehumanizing. Being oppressed and forced to conform to the norm is.
Also no one NEEDS to bear witness to anyone doing anything in public. Couple dont kiss in public because they want the whole world to see. They do it because they love each other and it's not wrong to express that love towards your partner in public.

>Faux-slavery LARP does not belong in the public eye.

Says who? Also same thing was said about homosexuals.

>Something like slavery may just seem like a strong form of devotion to one person or even a small community, but in the wider world, it's a fucked up, life-ruining, abusive practice that's destroyed people for millenia and even continues on today around the world.

You dont get to decide what is and isnt accepting for consenting adults.

>Why can't holding hands in public, hugging or maybe sharing a quick kiss with the person you love be enough until you get somewhere private?

Because it's an arbitrary limit. For some people even THAT is too much.
Just because YOU feel its too much or too wrong doesnt mean it is.
It's so easy for you to just not bother caring about people who express themselves in public. Better that than to force people to hide their real selves and not be allowed to express their love the way that makes them the most happy and comfortable.
Why do people need to be less happy just so you wont be grossed out at the unknown?

>And that's incorrect because homosexuality is not a sexual fetish.

Power exchange is not a sexual fetish. It's a dynamic and a form of love.
Some people simply cant love people who arent either dominant or submissive.
The fact that some power exchange couples also engage in a lot of kink is another story. But the two are not necessarily tied together.
Im not talking about doing kink in public. Simply expressing love in public.

>By making it so that strangers have no choice but to witness and be a (passive) part of someone's world, even if just in passing, they are basically forcing them.

>By making it so that strangers have no choice but to witness and be a (passive) part of someone's world, even if just in passing, they are basically forcing them.

Same was said about homosexuals.
Sorry, the public world is for everyone, as long as people arent getting naked and whipping each other on the street, the fact that you get a little uncomfortable with people behaving in a way you're not accustomed to is frankly a non-issue.

No. 314053

I know (I am one), sorry if I was unclear but I meant that sub women can be pressured into being subs because men expect it of women. That pressure doesn't exist for sub men, so it isn't promoting abuse of men. Or the abuse of women, which is what some farmers itt are insinuating lmao.

Yes, dommes existing promotes violence towards women. Good correlation.

No. 314054

Way to misrepresent what was said like a dishonest troll.

No. 314055

I used to have the biggest crush on him when I was a Kid and they were in "the Naked Brothers Band" on Nickelodeon. He's aged better than his brother to say the least

No. 314057

I think they're referencing the part where they complain anon called them 'honey'.

No. 314058

I genuinely think it should be mandatory that all anons must post photos of themselves before criticizing the way the cows look

No. 314059

jfc calm down you fucking autist. accept that not everyone want to see you walking around in your nasty ass fetish gear in public.

No. 314060

NTA but it goes both ways. Accept people can wear whatever they want in public as long as it covers the vital bits whether you like it or not.

No. 314061

>tfw some nutjob kinkster keeps trying to compare homosexuality to literal sexual deviancy when thats been part of the lgb struggle lmfao plz choke to death by your ''master" or shibari rope

No. 314065


You're the only one raging here and overreacting to what Im saying :)
Never said anything about fetish gear.
A collar isnt fetish gear and many people wear them for fashion.
I love how me saying "People should be able to express their love form that makes them the happiest" automatically translates to fetish gear and sex in public in people's heads lol.

Also, I do accept that some people will take offense to it. Even give dirty glances. What I'm saying is that it's a non-issue. Offense is taken all the time.

I really love how one just wants to be themselves and then people like you come along and act like a moral superior while wishing death and suffering on another…
I dunno who the deviant is here, but it's not me.

No. 314067

please go to /pol/

No. 314068

God lord why don't you just shut up and post some nice pics in the femdom thread instead. This is why I avoid other kinksters.

No. 314069

ahhh, so when the white man gets with someone else you are angry. the polar opposite of /pol/ incels crying about white women with non-white men. Whites attached at the hip.

No. 314075

>being this self righteous about how the lgbt community is represented while telling someone to die over stupid shit

No. 314077

Do you think she realizes interracial relationships happen a lot irl? I'm the result of one, I know two huwhite women irl dating a brown and black guy, I see several on campus, etc. I live in Canuckdada though.
And I see a lot more same-race in the movies I watch anyway. Maybe anon is just ~unlucky~ enough to end up liking media featuring the forbidden race mixing.

No. 314078

Because the world doesnt revolve around your and your preferences perhaps?

No. 314080

its only a non issue for you because youre not the one having to watch kinsters perform their gross ass fetish in public

No. 314081

>lgb instead of lgbt

No. 314082

please, read that again and again until you have it memorized

No. 314083

nta but I live in a major city with tons of debaucherous night clubs and have never once seen someone "acting out their fetishes in public". Where the fuck do you live where this happens enough for you to feel the need to sperg about it so much?

No. 314084


Are you lost? crystal.cafe is that way.

No. 314085

I'll tale that as a yes. The irony of you trying to act like you're morally superior when it comes to these matters.

No. 314087


I'm not the other anon, sperg. Fuck off back to CC, your type isn't wanted here.

No. 314089


Does that trigger you?

No. 314091

why is that kinksters get triggered over the idea of a naked body in public and not over people being overtly sexual in the same context? if you told me it was for health reasons i'd understand it but if that's not the case then it's a weird way of being a prude.

No. 314092


No. 314097

You're a tranny aren't you?

No. 314098

I see a lot of people do things in public that I hate, such as obnoxious people.. But since we dont like in an authoritarian state(thank god) and I have the power to take ownership of how I feel about things, my sensitivities do not trump other people's right to express themselves as long as they dont physically force me to pay attention to them.
You can look away, therefore the fair compromise is to well… look away.. Rather than force the other person to conform to your notion of normalcy and in the process, take away their happiness.

No. 314102

Hahahaha is the obnoxious kinkster sperg a tranny? That explains so much.

No. 314103

I was referring to legality, not my own personal preference. Also, I am not a kinkster.

Although, my own personal opinion is that anus/genitals should be covered for health reasons.

No. 314104


This isn't Tumblr, you can't just throw that word out to shut down a woman you disagree with here.

No. 314107

Actually, I'm a TERF and i'm not any of the kink anons, I just find it really ironic that anon is so offended on behalf of LGB people that they're telling someone to kill themselves over sex positivity, but then is anti-trans

No. 314108

trannys get the boot

No. 314110


If you were really a "TERF" you wouldn't find it ironic at all, because LGB and T aren't the same. Shit cosplaying, go back to CC.

No. 314111

>reeee TERF?
>actually I'm a TERF

TERFS don't un-ironically refer to themselves as TERFS.


No. 314112

In my experience, people who complain about interracial couples in media are always just insecure or very jealous about "their" women/men being taken away.

No. 314119

I don't mind when incels show up. Their delusions are entertaining to me.

No. 314120

>dumb insecure fake dom who won't question my ED,w will pay for all my expenses and will worship me under the guise of bullying me
>I can be a complete bitch and call it being "bratty"
I dunno, it's convenient IMO for such a person to exist. Not for long-term, and the "whoring out" part is a complete dealbreaker, but yeah.

No. 314127

Whether we like it or not, trans people are counted in the LGBT community. That's the general consensus and our minority opinion doesn't change that.

>TERFS don't unironically refer to themselves as TERFs
… The TERF thread literally used to be called the TERF thread, you fucking moron.


Can we stop with the underage edgelord bullshit? It's so painfully cringey.

No. 314130

I dont think you realize how obnoxious you sound.

But for the record I'm just into power exchange and I dont engage in debates about transgender. And I didnt engage in the terf talk. I think people should be allowed to be themselves and do what they want with their bodies as long as they dont force others to do the same or force others to call them by whatever pronouns… it should be done willingly.

That and people who are just afraid of the unknown… it's like they have a stuck mindset or something.
Also I understand why people would be miffed when media suffers from badly written phoned in political agenda plots.
Like if a movie has an interracial couple, and they were devoid of all personality or coherency to the movie, then it's pretty obvious someone was just trying to force in that dynamic without actually doing them or the media justice.
But in general if one really is against just seeing interracial couples, it's just another way people are trying to force others to conform to their notion of normalcy so that they dont have to feel uncomfortable over being confronted with things they dont like.
The latter is just gross and oppressive

No. 314131

Word. People on the kpop critical thread seem to be as obsessed with idols as any twitter stan but they don't see it because instead of thinking Jimin is hot they spend hours saying he's a disgusting gook so np.

No. 314132

Holy shit anon, why are you so fucking triggered? Take your meds

No. 314133


They're in the LGBT community. They're not in the LGB community, genius.

No. 314134

Oh god tranny sperg confirmed. My sides.
I wish this type of man got banned too when typing too many retarded posts, not just regular incels.

No. 314135

Why do you keep comparing homosexuality by itself with bdsm and ddlg and kinksters who just won't stop talking or posting about it you fucking degenerate?

No. 314136

Tokitama hasn't forgiven us yet. After the racist curse, we now face the kink curse.

No. 314137


I can hear your Y chromosome.

No. 314139

>anyone who disagrees with me must be male!
Jfc you guys are retarded.

No. 314141


It's not because you disagree, it's because you're male.

No. 314142

Kinksers should be stoned

No. 314143

tranny confirmed

No. 314144

… Aaaannnyway

My unpopular opinion is that family vlogging or using your kids to further a social media presence in anyway is exploiting your children.

No. 314146

Vegans are way less annoying than the "lolololol bacon wrapped everything XD" people who feel the need to scream how much they love meat every time someone so much as mentions vegan recipes. They also aren't as bad as those "daww look at the cute doggo booper snoopity de doop" people who usually support stupid charities without thinking (Peta) and in general are Taylor Nicole Dean clones. I'm an omnivore and have no current plans to become vegan, but I think the large amount of child-like hate they receive comes from deep-seated insecurity.

No. 314147

*kinksters, whoops.

No. 314148

>being this mad
You could use some mandated therapy

No. 314151

I agree. I know they exist, but I haven't actually ever met the stereotypical obnoxious vegan, but I know a lot of people who eat like shit as a bizarre political statement.

My other unpopular opinion is that it's really annoying when people add correction posts to threads when their mistake wasn't bad enough to make their post confusing.

No. 314153

>goes around reading threads she doesn't like and posts she doesn't enjoy just to sperg

obsessed and pretty masochistic. Are we sure this isn't your kink?

No. 314155

You could use some vitamin boulder, tranny. Y'all all need some.

No. 314157

Or when they spend hundreds of posts talking about how ugly most idols are and then spend equally as much time talking about how they're retarded for getting surgery

No. 314158

Clearly you do too for being so pressed. It's been hours sis

No. 314160

It horrifies me anytime I see an anon reference having a child. I'm sorry, but I can't imagine anyone who spends significant time here making a good mother. These children are most likely going to have an incredibly toxic upbringing.

No. 314161


No. 314162

Yet another thread ruined by back and forth autistic sperging. Guys, this really needs to get reigned in. It happens in almost every fucking thread.

No. 314163


Farmers in general have a varied and weird hypocrisy about looks when it comes to cows/other Farmers/women in general, which all seems weirdly based around male attention even though so many claim to be attracted to women.

If you're truly attracted to women, you don't become a mental slave to male sexuality. Simple.

No. 314165

point out anywhere I mentioned ddlg

I am comparing busybodies like you who would tell homosexuals that they cant hold hands in public. And others who say "Well im ok with gays as long as they dont gay out in public hurr durr".
It's the same concept when it comes to people merely interacting with each other naturally, but in public.
Like I said to the other anon, learn to abstract(Or was that you)?

No. 314166

I once become friends with this girl who suddenly treated me like I was Satan when she found out I wasn't vegan. She had assumed I were because obviously only evil people eat meat…or something.

No. 314167

The first post I made on the topic was >>314142

Don't call me "sis," faggot. Go back to /tttt/

No. 314168

I can hear your failed trolling.

No. 314172

Knock off the tranny sperging, it's fucking cringey at this point.

No. 314175

most vegans are mentally ill so thats not surprising

No. 314177

wasnt even the tranny anon or anyone you were arguing with, it's just funny how obsessed and seething you are

anyway, unpopular opinion: the korea-related sperging should be limited to one general, it's the same anons hateposting on three different active threads
Saggy breasts and nasolabial folds aren't as big of a deal as farmers make them seem
bait threads from scrotes should be locked or deleted instantly, and anyone who bites the bait should get a strike/warning instead of bans

No. 314182

The lack of vit B, protein, iron and other minerals is no good for the mind so it's no surprise a lot of vegans have very rigid black and white thinking. They likely did from the beginning but the lack of nutrition makes it worse.

No. 314201

People generally don’t understand vegainism on lolcow, it’s so hilarious how demonized it is. It’s like you’re all from Minnesota or something.

No. 314202

>busybodies like you who would tell homosexuals that they cant hold hands in public
>like you
Bitch where? If anything I was defending them in regard to what you posted.

No. 314205

I'm from a large European city and most the vegan girls I've met have been eating disordered or seriously aggressive about animal rights.
I've met one chill vegan though.

No. 314209

I kinda hate the phrase/concept of telling guests to "make themselves feel at home". It just gives people free reign to disrespect your house rules and make you feel like the one in the wrong when you tell them to be considerate of your space. Of course I want my guests to feel comfortable, but also I want them to be mindful of the fact that there are certain ways people like their homes kept.

No. 314215

File: 1540149611232.jpg (49.58 KB, 750x459, c4c8220be0a64470b8be5125c8aec1…)

That's the most ironic shit, yeah, or when they complain about how fucked Korean beauty standards are while they call gross someone that doesn't fit their own standards.

I understand your point, but I don't agree with you.

>If you're truly attracted to women, you don't become a mental slave to male sexuality. Simple.

I know pic related is a tired quote used by tumblr feminists and such, and usually that kind of stuff is enough for people on here to dismiss your opinion, but the point is, as much as you think you're woke, free or even just aware of what society as a whole has taught you, getting rid of those ideals and habits can take you years. So even if you aren't actively trying to attract men's attention you might end up behaving in a way designed to cater to their fantasies and desires due to the education you've received.

Also, on the kpop thread the targets are (most of the time) male idols so that serves to prove that farmers are extremely judgy of people's looks regardless of gender (although they usually prefer to attack women) so I think that's a problem of society as a whole.

Sorry if I sounded too pedantic and just said a lot of shit you already know.

No. 314230

Oh! So I have an unpopular opinion:

Free speech and freedom for all matters.

No. 314231


Okay, but if you claim to be a feminist and whine about how men judge us and police our bodies, maybe don't do the same thing to other women. And you can pretend that women judge men just as harshly but they do not. As you said in your own post, we're literally conditioned by a male-centric to behave otherwise. To pick apart our own bodies and the bodies of other women. This website literally proves that.

It just makes me sad that they all can't see their own hypocrisy, and indeed rely on Tumblr quotes to excuse shitty anti-female behavior that they think is of their own volition but is actually an effect- as you admit- of our patriarchal society.

Women need to stop being hypocrites on this matter if we expect the rest of society and our little girls to follow suit.

No. 314238

I think mice are adorable

No. 314254

They are, rats too.

No. 314256

Venom wasn't that bad

No. 314261

I loved it!! Tom Hardy is a cutie and so is Venom

No. 314275

the ones that try to mimic skin always look weird and rubbery. Prosthetics like that though are pretty sexy. I have a pretty big 2D cyborg fetish, and frankly, I wish people in the real world would embrace mechanical looking limbs more and mechanical looking robots instead of going for weird rubbery uncanny valley shit.

No. 314278

I don't see how any of what I said sounded like I was trying to excuse farmers' behavior. I just brought up that quote and the paragraph I wrote in relation to it to point out that even if you aren't attracted to men you can still be "a mental slave to male sexuality" because those concepts are deeply engraved in our minds. That doesn't mean I approve the disgusting things they say about women just because they don't like how they look or, like in many cases, they don't conform to the image of the ideal woman created by the patriarchy.

Also, I know that women are much harsher on other women than on men, I said so in my post too when I stated that farmers rather attack other women I was just pointing out the problem society as a whole have with looks. Everyday I see posts on different platforms that critic the looks of everyone, regardless their sex, nationality or race, although I'm not that naive to think these things don't have anything to do with people's perception of others, I still think it can happen to anyone.

No. 314290

>What you think about Disney buying out Star Wars and de-canonizing a lot of the expanded universe novels? Never been a Star Wars fan, but I felt bummed for the writers.

As a Star Wars fan, this pissed me off because I quite enjoyed a lot of the old extended universe. There was crap too, of course, but a lot of it was actually good. Fucking sucks that we'll never get anything as good as the KOTOR comics or the Dark Times comic again. I've also learned, long ago in the Star Wars fandom, to willfully ignore canon I hate. So fuck Disney, the old extended universe is still canon to me.

No. 314291

Yeah the ones that try to look real are uncanny valley. Imo just go with the full on robot aesthetic and leave the metal out.
It’s cool that prosthetics are so much better now. At least if you have to live with a lost limb or appendage stump you can get a prosthetic that functions.

No. 314298

Yeah, I love seeing the advancement in robotics. It's cool seeing the ones now that people can actually control with their minds and nerves too.

Aesthetically, Luke Skywalkers robot hand in TLJ is more appealing to me than his simple human one from ESB/ROTJ. Which of course, was just them saving money. Also, Boston Dynamics robots are cute, I don't understand people who find them creepy.

No. 314301

I love the way they look and function, robots like Asimov wrote in are a looooong-time dream. It’s amazinf how complex they are but I can see how it would be creepy if you’re not into robots or if you’re maybe sensitive about amputations.

It would be nice to have better, less obviously prosthetic options for amputees who are self conscious or really uncomfortable with the robot limb. It’s probably pretty shitty to just want a normal hand or foot for a photo. Ideally, a prosthetic skin that can feel and doesn’t look like a spooky mannequin would be made.

No. 314309

I've lurked the kpop critical threads and the criticism directed towards male idols appearances seems to be done in jest, but towards female idols its a lot more angry. for example

>jimin looks like a lizard kek thats so funny

compared to
>joo-e is fucking deformed ugly bitch how was she even hired shes so ugly why is she even famous

lately the entirety of /ot/ has been full of negative threads. kpop critical, anti-korea general, gender critical, man hate, dog hate, vent thread. i think it is contributing to an increasigly hostile environment on /ot/ that makes anons more touchy and vulnerable to baiting. all that, combined with /snow/ and /pt being really slow recently, means everyone is bored and wants to debate.

the site wasn't this bad a few weeks ago. i wish we had more topics and threads that weren't negative but i think right now itll just become derailed somehow because everyones in a mood to argue.

No. 314311

I think they'll definitely start working on limbs that look more like real skin and feel, but that's still a bit of a ways off. It still has that rubbery look for now.

No. 314320

>criticism directed towards male idols appearances seems to be done in jest, but towards female idols its a lot more angry
Glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. None of the female idols they nitpick look worse than the BTS members either, they all look fine at worst.

No. 314330

Always thought the criticism towards the female idols sounded too insane, but I have to disagree about the male idols part. This was especially more common in the earlier threads and has lessened now because anons called it out, but the criticism of male idol looks was just as severe and borderline insane (that one anon who had to post several times about how deformed and vomit inducing Jimin is). A lot of the criticism was race-based too, for some reason. These posts stopped after they were pointed out as insane, but I have a feeling the same posters who do this are the /pt/ and /snow/ posters who had nothing else to do with how low profile cows have been lately. All these person-based threads on /ot/ are replacing the cow drama for them and giving them an outlet for the looks bashing and fighting.

No. 314342

I don't disagree anon. I also think the speculation on the surgery some idols got is exaggerated, like how anons talk about jhopes face. the whole thread seems to be populated by maybe 5 specific anons, since they repeat themselves, like the anon who is really insistent on taehyung/v being autistic. but overall i feel like the insults hurled at the men are less serious than how the women are insulted.

No. 314344


For real. I love gossip and drama which is why I come here but the infighting recently is ridiculous. I know it's par the course on imageboards but the negativity feels esp stifling recently. Some of you guys seem cool but jfc there is a lot of sour bitches on here.

No. 314353

I think the misandry on this board gets too insane sometimes. Men are terrible over all, but sometimes you see anons who genuinely believe there's zero exception and any anon who considers themselves to be in a healthy ltr is just being brainwashed or something.

No. 314363

I feel like if they were able to step outside themselves and take a neutral perspective they'd see how fucking similar a lot of it sounds to the misogynistic incel shitposting that's killed off most of 4chan

No. 314366

Tbh that's intentional. We see horrific language and sweeping dehumanization of women fucking everywhere. Taking the higher ground is overrated. We're all sick of it so we're taking it back

No. 314372

Okay but at least keep it contained. Most people don’t want to come across random incel-esque screaming. It’s just as unpleasant as the roastie memes.

No. 314437

The way some of the "feminists" on this site talk about other women is completely indecipherable from how robots and incels do.

No. 314440

Kay, but when it turns into telling other anons any man in their life is automatically horrible and they're too gaslit/dumb to realize, that's infantalizing the shit out of other women and ridiculously obnoxious.

No. 314441

It’s sad when their misandry is so strong it makes them misogynistic. Sadder that they deny it even when it’s obvious.

No. 314447

Black folks in the US are the friendliest people ever. This is coming from a foreigner whose only image of them came from movies and the internet. Unpopular opinion because every other white American I told this to acted shocked or awkwardly disagreed.

No. 314453

Which threads are you talking about? I've come across quite a few posts where I just assume those ARE made by robots, masquerading as women and trolling this place.

No. 314458

what's the most misandrist post you've seen?
how do you know those anons are feminists and what do they say? I honestly don't think being told my weave is bad is as awful as scrots writing novels about how women are worse than stalin and hitler and how they should all be put to death

No. 314467

Did you miss the part where anon mentioned the misandrists calling any woman who’s not on their team gaslit, weakminded, and infantilise any woman who disagrees.

No. 314477

I mean….it totally depends on the person. Black people with white american accents are always friendly but you can bet your ass the ones that speak ebonics get uppity real quick.

No. 314480

As an anon from the southern us, this is actually hilarious.

No. 314481

NTA, but I'm also a foreigner and I've never had that experience. You might have just been rude or standoffish to black people with accents you're not accustomed to, idk. Even "ebonics accents" (kek) doesn't sound too dissimilar from typical white thick Southern accents IMO.
"Uppity" is kind of a cringy word to use in this context, too.

No. 314495

What >>314467 said, I've also seen people say there's absolutely no good men, they don't exist and I once saw a post where an anon said they want literally all mean to die.

No. 314510

The ‘death to all men’ schtick is pretty normal for them. I remember seeing one claim every single man is a rapist no matter what. If you question it, they dogpile you to say only a few crazy extremists believe that.
Seems to be a lot of comments saying that crazy extremist stuff and agreeing despite it only being those alleged few.

No. 314534

Yeah it's as if women never say anything negative about women. lmao

You sound like you live online or you have some sort of weird Handmaid's tale paranoia fantasy in your head

It's annoying

I think people here would post better if they were forced to post their own pics and social media profiles. Not for doxing reasons but to see if they can actually back up how critical they are.

No. 314535

Why would pictures validate someone’s criticism? Gotta be better looking than a cow to criticise their scamming?

No. 314536

My unpopular opinion is that the farms have gotten /pol/aids. Threads are infested with easily recognizable /pol/ scrots LARPing as women and this is shitting up the place.

No. 314537

Eh, there also seems to be a tendency for posters to decide any dissent is proof of having nuts.

No. 314539

I doubt all or even most of them are larpers

No. 314541

I'm talking more easily recognizable /pol/ish speech patterns that don't align with farmers' typical speech patterns. You understand if you spend some time at /pol/ then come back and read the posts again. It's generally easier to recognize when they're sperging about race and muh genes, but there's some subtler stuff.

Not being anonymous would ruin the purpose of an anonymous imageboard. Also what do you mean with
> see if they can actually back up how critical they are
Like, do you have to run a sucessful business to say Doe Deere is a fraud?

No. 314542

File: 1540183041830.gif (479.53 KB, 493x342, giphy.gif)

Kink is exactly the same as homosexuality

Opinion discarded

No. 314545

Yeah, I’ve been called a man for not typing with a typical American dialect and for disagreeing with someone in an old vent thread because of daring to say that rabid man hate is not a solution to sexism.

I think it’s fewer poltards sperging over non-race related stuff and more women who can’t handle being disagreed with.

No. 314575

>Power exchange is not a sexual fetish. It's a dynamic and a form of love.
Some people simply cant love people who arent either dominant or submissive.

I'm glad someone finally said it, I'm sick to tears of the perception of dominance and submission as some sexual lifestyle and wish all the sex crazed hedonists would just shut up and stop trying to represent the rest of us.

No. 314578

Is that… supposed to be in defense of BDSM? God, a sexual fetish is far better than letting a sad, creepy power dynamic dictate your love life.

No. 314583

You… sound like the human pet guy from Tumblr.

No. 314593

Lol its not even “when i lived” its always “when my friend went on vacation for 2 weeks” or “my friends friend who studied abroad in korea for three weeks”

Like 90% of these anons have never been there and cant even speak korean and know wtf actual koreans are saying and their actual opinions. No, your one english speaking coworker doesnt speak for an entire society much like your own views in drugs/gun violence/lgbt issues doesnt cover your whole country.

No. 314599

>Some people simply cant love people who arent either dominant or submissive.
This is pathetic. A grown ass woman shouldn't need a man to tell her what to do. Stop looking for a replacement father.

No. 314619

The talk about Asian men being naturally less attractive because they aren't glorious Aryan machos def makes me think that.

No. 314625


The anti-Korea thread was a bit of a dumpster to begin with but as of yesterday the dumpster officially caught fire.

No. 314629

i think it's sick that people want abortions to be illegal/are all about private healthcare but crack the shits when someone wants to commit suicide. like no offense…the one right you should have is whether to live or not. i can't wait to kill myself but it's hard to navigate because of all this shit. it's the opposite of "let me live!!"

No. 314647


Regardless of what you think is creepy or subpar or whatever, it is nonetheless how some people are, and since they can't help it your sensitive personal comfort isn't a good enough excuse to dictate how consenting adults live their or whether they can do things that are slightly offensive to you in public.
Basically I don't think I care much about what you or others think, I just want other lifestylers out there to know that we have their backs and that their oddities are acceptable since they aren't forcing it on others and acting like their natural selves in their limited space in public doesn't count as as breaching other peoples consent. You can't use consent as an excuse to control what happens between two people just because you don't want to look at it.

No. 314649


You can go around in a cringy collar calling your skinnyfat boyfriend Sir and Master all you want, but the rest of us are going to judge you and that's just something you have to deal with.

No. 314655

The girls on this site have always been more "conservative" (not really) compared to places like pull and tumblr. I mean, a lot of them are oldfags from other imageboards. It's really nothing new.

It's better than the brown eyed libfags sperging out about eye colour out of spite.

No. 314656

Of course :) that's something every lifestyler is prepared for, especially if they go in public with it. No one is asking for accolades, just freedom to do (in your eyes) stupid shit.

I'm certain that as society moves forward, people will come to accept that some people just have different lifestyles such a power exchange or polyamory or both even and what have you.

No. 314662

No, people don't want to be randomly exposed to your slavery fetish while taking their kids to school or going grocery shopping.

This ridiculously persistant anon just confirms to me that kinksters have no respect for other people's boundaries.

No. 314664

Meh. Call it all kinds of overdramatic words.
It's always "think of the children"
With everything. Whether it's atheism, different forms of relationships, alternative clothing or power exchange. Like I said, it's not a fetish. You don't get to "consent" away other people's freedom of expression. As long as nothing sexual is being done, you're just one of those people who want to ban anything they don't personally like.

No. 314665

>not a fetish

No. 314667

Meh. Call it all kinds of overdramatic words.
It's always "think of the children"
With everything. Whether it's atheism, different forms of relationships, alternative clothing or power exchange. Like I said, it's not a fetish. You don't get to "consent" away other people's freedom of expression. As long as nothing sexual is being done, you're just one of those people who want to ban anything they don't personally like.

No. 314669

yeah, sure wearing a goth outfit is -totally- the same thing as getting off in public out of the looks given by unwitting participants.

Do that shit in the bedroom. Nobody doing groceries has to see how special you are that you can't contain that shit to the bedroom like the rest of us.

No. 314677

unpopular opinion on the farms i guess but i actually find jimin good-looking. i don't know what is it with bts (or just k-pop groups in general) that makes everyone so obsessed but both bts fans and haters are way too intense. bts' music is nowhere as groundbreaking as the fans make them out to be but i enjoy some of their songs. they don't seem like the worst people either, i like all of the members except v. they need to chill with the fanservice though

No. 314678

Weebs are totally okay, as long as they don't do any dumb shit, I really don't care if someone is a hardcore weeb at the age of 34 or any age really.

No. 314683


I think he's cute most of the time. I don't like his personality though.

No. 314684

>BDSM isn't a fetish
Absolutely delusional.

No. 314691

Says the ignoramus who doesn't know that bdsm entails more than fetishes and that power exchange is a form of interaction not sex.
Power exchange extends into vanilla parts of the life and requires no sex. In fact some PE couples have normal, non-kinky sex with each other and don't use any fetish gear or toys.
You,are uninformed on this topic so stop making false statements.

No. 314692

…They were literally calling it racist to not like blue eyes. I don't think ~*brown eyed libfags*~ are to blame, just sane people.
Anyway, no, LC was never mostly composed of cringy /pol/ spergs who are obsessed with Asian women

No. 314694

Nta but just wear your goddamn Forever21 choker and move on already

No. 314695

fetishes don't require gears and toys to be fetishes. and honestly if you're not getting anything sexual out of it, power exchange is even more unhealthy and creepy. signs of weak personalities play acting because their brains are so broken they don't know how to handle themselves in their normal, day-to-day lives.

No. 314696


The entire eye debate was cringy on both sides. Who cares that deeply about fucking eye color?

No. 314697

I agree. I just found it secondhand embarrassing that one side pulled the race card over something so trivial and retarded.

No. 314713

The fact that you find it creepy is not a problem. You speak about people you don't know, so your opinion on them is irrelevant. Being a sub doesn't mean one is weak, just a different way to be. Subs are just normal people who are as independent as you or anyone else (or as codependent as any vanilla person can be) but feel the happiest in a power exchange relationship. Some subs are fiercely independent and have dominant personalities towards everyone else.
If you think that's weird, I can't help you there… But the cool thing is that you don't have to give a fuck and you can ignore any encounter with it :) someone wearing a cheap collar is probably not the worst thing you've ever seen in public.

No. 314716

People who constantly travel seem like they're compensating for their lack of personality (that may just be the people I know though.)

Not sure if this has been posted before but the obsession with Harry Potter in 2018 is so cringey. There are people I know from school and we are in our early 20s STILL posting "it's my whole life" all the time. FFS get a life.

No. 314722

>not weak

BDSM defenders are fucking idiotic. don't wear your collar in public, you dumb freak

No. 314724

I'm sorry that you wear your ignorance so proudly.
And in fact yes, submissives aren't submissive to everyone. If you can't even fathom the concept that being submissive doesn't mean you will submit to everyone, then you probably can't comprehend the deeper nuances in bdsm anyway.

No. 314726

>To be fair, you have to have an high IQ to understand BDSM

No. 314728

Whenever I see photos or videos of baby’s moving inside the womb, or a foot/handprint showing I cringe hardcore, I think it’s so gross, creepy, etc. but everybody else thinks it’s super cuuuuute. Also like photos of kids/babies with food all over their hands/faces make me wanna gag but people seem to think that’s adorable too.

No. 314731

Anon I'm on the same boat as you and I am pregnant. Any time I see videos of the hand literally pushing an imprint out of the stomach, I get nauseous. I think because I don't understand why they NEED to post it to strangers.

No. 314732


Just because you're only weak and pathetic for one guy doesn't mean you're not weak and pathetic.

No. 314733

I cant comprehend what is being said and I love straw men

No. 314737

Had a baby. Also think this is weird and creepy. When I was pregnant, I would just not look when I felt the kid move, which itself was such an alien feeling I hope to never experience again.

No. 314738

Seems like your fetish is attempting to tear others down :) maybe you should try consensual sadism instead. Could be therapeutic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 314739

Whenever BDSM anon spergs out I think about when I worked as a findomme for a year to pay my rent and half the men begging to get dommed said they were usually dominant, but found it so boring and just did it because sub girls are as common as dirt. lol

No. 314741

Look at the smiley it is just a troll. Ignore it and it will go away.

Don't feed the troll.

No. 314742

Look at the smiley it is just a troll. Ignore it and it will go away.

Don't feed the troll.

No. 314743

Look at the smiley it is just a troll. Ignore it and it will go away.

Don't feed the troll.

No. 314747

Especially because that doesn’t like up with what anons say they find attractive in the man hate thread and the threads on /g/, most people here aren’t into super muscular masculine men. we’ve always had a really vocal anti-asian men troll but never like this

No. 314749

Eh, I've always remembered it being like this tbh.
Casually bringing up having an asian bf two years ago in the vent thread already made crazed anons jump on you faster than a pack of wolves on a piglet.

No. 314754

Imo it's pretty obvious from the wording of those posts that they're /pol/tards and racist robots. They sperg about non-white men in such retarded ways. It's sad when some people still take their obvious baits…

No. 314756

Can't someone just hate Korea for being a really racist, fucked up place that tries to cover up their shit with snappy marketing? I mean, for me it's not even a dislike of Asians as a group. I just dislike Korea specifically because it's just so much more racist, sexist and fucked up than its neighbors. China and Japan are actually countries I have good memories of visiting.

No. 314778

Feminine guys with (well taken care of) long hair are the fucking best.

Too bad guys like that are really rare. Most men are greasy hairy ogres who are obsessed with porn and hate hygeine.

No. 314787

I think trying to tout Korea as definitively more sexist and racist is what makes people touchy. Everyone has had different experiences there, I had a friend who was miserable in China, people were randomly photographing her and treating her like a zoo exhibit, but she had a better time in Korea.

No. 314789

Nah. If you don't find all the plastic surgery and artificial faces attractive you're from /pol/ apparently.

I didn't even care about kpoop until it started getting shoved down our throats with the aggressive BTS fans and PR everywhere. This shit can't die soon enough.

K-dweebs actually make me look back fondly on people with yaoi paddles at 00s conventions. That's how bad they are.

No. 314790

>south korea
>more fucked up than china

No. 314792

Unarguably more racist at least. Blood purity obsession is something Koreans are known for even among other Asians. Which is funny given that they're likely descended from invading Jurchens and Mongols.

No. 314819

Just because you guys shat up the anti-Korea thread doesn't mean you get to spread your bullshit here.

Enough. If you hate Korea or white people or whatever, go scream into a pillow instead of sperging endlessly about it here.

No. 314832

lmfao pretending to be a baby to get off or wearing collars and shit in public isn't the same as being gay but go off degenerate fag

No. 314861

My unpopular opinion is that I think a lot of women are insecure about being insecure of other women. Mentioning that jealousy is a thing gets a lot of women triggered but I see too many young attractive girls being bullied to not believe its a thing. I try to surround myself with more attractive people for that very reason and never find myself feeling jealous.

No. 314914

File: 1540241180069.jpg (540.33 KB, 2764x2073, hmm.jpg)

I don't understand when people say they wouldn't mind dating outside their race but would hate the thought of having a mixed child because it won't "look like them". Iirc your child is supposed to look like you AND your spouse merged together. Yeah obviously sometimes there are cases where a kid will end up looking a bit more like the mother or father, but still, it's not an entire erasure of the other parent.And even if your kid ends up looking more like the other parent why would you get so upset? You love your SO anyways so why would it matter? Your child is a creation of the love you share with each other, not just some mini you.

No. 314920

Agreed. It always sounds like a racist cop out. My cousin's kids are half white, half Pakistani and they look just like her and her siblings, but with darker skin.

No. 314941

That statement is also stupid because even if you stay with your own race there's a good chance the child won't look like you too.

No. 314944

Well I literally never see that, attractive girls tend to be popular and well liked (usually well deserved too). Does your anecdotal evidence trump mine?

But either way of course women are defensive over constantly being accused of jealousy (and cattiness and bitchiness), because many of us realize men try to pit us against each other. They love seeing us competing for their approval.

No. 314956

Because continuity feels good. Also I want white kids. Being the only white person in my immediate family would feel weird. Don't take it personally anon.

No. 314958

The whole "beautiful girls are bullied by all the ugly girls!" thing is something men say a lot but I've never seen irl. I'm not saying it isn't possible but people as a whole respond positively to attractive people and they tend to be liked. Even men will treat attractive men better.

No. 314959

Especially in today's political climate. Your hear stories about white mothers of non white kids who grow up to hate their moms, call out their so called privilege, bitch about how their mom struggled with their hair, don't identify as white at all… Who would want to deal with all that shit when you can just have a normal family instead?

No. 314963

This is such a retardedly common opinion. I'm biracial and people express to my face that race mixing is wrong.
Like it already happened and I'm here, yep, mom and dad look very different. So what. People have been tried to police the race of people I date. Should I only seek out other people with my exact racial composition?
People are wild.

No. 314965

It's possible that less attractive girls can talk shit out of insecurity, but they always have a lower social status so it doesn't manifest as actual bullying.

No. 314966

"Normal family" ok. Race mixing, abnormal. White, heterosexual families only.

No. 314968

Normal from a relative perspective. All of my relatives are married to other white people. As are most people where I'm from. So yes, in literal terms interracial relationships are a departure from the norm from my perspective.

I actually disagree with the comments about appearance btw. That would be a concern but the primary reason for me is just culture and the prevalence of racial conflict in American society. I don't see race relations getting better, quite the opposite, so I think that's another reason not to have mixed kids. Eventually they're going to have to pick a side.

No. 314973

That's bullshit. If the attractive girl isn't extroverted and is a bit "odd" (think religious or something) then she can get it just as bad.

No. 314974

So that means they get bullied for being weird, not because people are jealous of their looks. And again, never seen it myself, people who are attractive enough to make others insecure are usually socialized well and dont end up weird.

No. 314979

Yeah, it's not super common but it can happen. I had a friend who was pretty but also a massive autist so she got a lot of shit.

No. 314986

im mixed and i look nothing like my white parent and my non-white parent and its never bothered me. i was teased as a kid for possibly being adopted but who cares, genetics don't work like cartoons where the son always looks identical to the dad and the daughter looks just like the mom.

those people have mental problems and it has nothing to do with being mixed. don't let weirdos with issues on r/hapas dictate what you think of all mixed people. and if you really only want to have white babies then what is stopping you? just do it, no one is forcing you into interracial relationships.

No. 314988

I really hope my kids get their dads Maori looks instead of my boring german looks.

Seen a lot of mixed people say they weren’t accepted as kids because they weren’t one race or another, so it’s understandable to have some concerns about the race mixing from that perspective but folks who just want a baby to be a particular colour are crazy.

No. 314994

Not even talking about hapas. I'm talking about the half black kids I know who went full BLM/black activist and call out their own mothers on twitter for "complicity with white privilege". The hapas I knew (well I only knew one really) were actually better adjusted than that.

Having a kid who grows up to hate one half of themselves, especially if that half is the half you identify with, is pretty fucked up no? And it's obvious America is starting to come apart and divide along racial lines. I expect to see intermarriage reach a peak and then start declining in about ten years or so.

Actually scares me how balkanized America is becoming.

No. 314997

Well it's not really color is it? It's eye shape and colour, nose shape, shape of the skull, other facial features, hair color and texture etc.

I mean if it were just purely skin color then ok, but it's not.

No. 315000

Sort of colour, more hoping kids don’t inherit my pallor and tendency to burn. I’m designed for snow, not Australia. Their dad just browns. Tbh the biggest concern is some asshole calling them “abbos” if they turn out slightly brown, cause Australians are mental about aboriginal people.

No. 315003

Tbf aboriginals are absolute scum. Maoris are alright though. I like Winston Peters. He's half Maori, looks like an Italian though.

No. 315004

Also what are you talking about? Maoris look nothing like aboriginals. They're two completely different races.

No. 315009


The white trash of Australia isn't exactly a brain trust that can tell the difference.

No. 315010

mixed white and black people know better than anyone else how white privilege works. so many mixed b/w kids i know were rejected by the white side of their family and constantly get shit from them. shitty parents get called out, theres just another layer to it when its a mixed household.

No. 315011

That's just anecdotal experience. My anecdotal experience is that their mother's raised them while their fathers fucked around for years, or were never around to begin with.

Regardless. Whatever the circumstances it's a good reason not to have mixed kids if you want to have a peaceful life and not have racial conflict in your house every day.

No. 315012

Trust me. They can. Maori look completely different to aboriginals. Are you sure you have a Maori husband? What part of Aus are you from?

No. 315018


I'm not the anon with the Maori husband, I just think Aussies are brain dead racists who piss in the streets

No. 315019

Jesus you sound so self hating, putting your german looks down as boring and the rest of australia as white trash who cant recognize maori features… We all know the difference between aboriginals and islanders, and a mixed maori person will look even less abo.

No. 315020

I'm skeptical "she" has a Maori husband. Because the differences between Maoris and aboriginals are so blatant, not just in terms of looks, that nobody would confuse the two. Not even bogans. Let alone the fact half Maoris basically look like tanned white people half the time

No. 315022

I'm not actually an Aussie but ok. Whatever you say racebait san.

No. 315028

I'm sure the husband exists, I think it's just a bit of special snowflakery. Aussies tend to like maoris so chances are her kid wont be bullied.

No. 315030

Why the hell is everyone being so blase about this anon.

Anon, you're an insane racist and I hope you never reproduce. Go back to stormfront.

No. 315035

tbh I think everyone who uses android phones are gross, iPhones are superior and I judge everyone who uses an android. if I went out with a guy and saw he had an android I would reconsider lol

No. 315038

>Expecting other people to police your ideology and getting triggered when it isn't

You're fragile.

Nothing about Nazism was said. Would you call a black woman who wanted to marry a black man and have black kids a nazi?

No. 315039

I would have believed it too but the whole "I have boring German looks, ugh. I hate being white" routine was too obvious.

No. 315040

ntayr, but it's not really the same thing. It's just that when white people tell mixed people shouldn't be a thing, there is a very obvious racial undertone that isn't present in the situation you mentioned. Also, such people are so pushy about how much they want white kids, and only white kids. No one's stopping you from doing so, but trying to police whoever someone wants to have children with is ridiculous.

No. 315042

Never owned an iphone. What's greater about them specifically?
I've just never had problems with my droid aside from lack of cute phone cases.
And I do own a macbook pro, so it's not like I'm exactly biased I just wonder what makes an iphone so desirable.
Anyone can weigh in on this if they want.

No. 315043

>Not the same thing

So let me get this straight. White people shouldn't be allowed to want to marry and have kids with people who look like them while sharing a similar cultural background whereas it's ok for non white people to do this? Because however you want to spin it, the end result is that tribalism and ethnocentrism are ok for all but one group.

What's your endgame? Suppose white people cease to exist. The world you'll inherit will still be riven with the same racial tribalism you've been encouraging among PoC for the past century anyway. They're not going to stop just because there are no more whites

No. 315044

Couple of other things.

I didn't say mixed people shouldn't be a thing. I pointed out difficulties in having mixed children that aren't there when you have same race children as my own reason for doing so.

Finally you're not using the term "undertone" correctly. In both examples the racial element is explicit. It's not an "undertone" by definition. Lrn2english

No. 315045

idk, everyone I know that has an android is an annoying weeb who barely showers so I probably just expect everyone who has one to be the same. plus the photo quality sucks and the emojis are ugly, and the green texts annoy me

just a personal preference

No. 315047

Oh so you're like stupid right?

No. 315052

Hey anon, how do you like having to pay double the price for headphones or other hardware because most companies don't use the retarded lightning port? Or having to buy a new phone every two years because new OSs slow down and fuck up everything but the newest model? How do you like having a bunch of shit you can't uninstall or rearrange on your phone?

iPhones are for tech illiterate dumbasses who like paying hundreds of dollars over and over again for the same damn phone.

Ooh, but it comes in rose gold and all of the kawaii cases are for iPhones, so I guess it's worth it right?

No. 315056

Nah the emojis are great and you have huge variety and choice of which ones to use. Camera on the iPhone is the worst out of the flagships. Mate 20 Note 9 and Pixel 3 all have better cameras. Texts not green if you're on the android, the green texts is apple brainwashing which seems to be working on you.

No. 315058

No, I’m just plain with a round face and prone to being blotchy pink. I don’t hate being white lol. Husband has better looks and I hope they get them. What a monster.

He’s half Maori, if our kids are just brown there’s a good chance they will get the ‘abo’ bs because most aboriginal people in our town are mixed and just brown as well. It’s not like all maori and all aboriginal people have one exact phenotype lol.

Sorry to have offended you guys so much lol. Nobody claimed maoris and aboriginals are the same race. I’m just saying our town is shitty and hates even slightly brown people.

No. 315059

why in this scenario is it always white women with non-white men, instead of non-white women with white men?

maybe its because you're a /pol/ invader who only cares because white women won't fuck you?

No. 315061

What town is this? Why did you move from Germany to some tiny town in Aus? Why did your husband for that matter? Something doesn't add up with your story.

No. 315062

How did I say white people weren't allowed to have white babies? I just find it laughable that such white people cry white genocide when they mixed couples/children. They're also very spergy about it. No one in the real world thinks about this other than racist, "muh purity" people.
I may have used a word wrong, sure, but you sure as don't have great reading comprehension.

No. 315063

So why don't you move? If your town is so racist against your husband and you fear for your future children, get out of town. Why would you willingly raise a child in a place you know is already racist towards your family? You said you were worried they'd be confused as abbo but now you're saying it's because everyone is racist.

No. 315064

>No one in the real world thinks about this
Most of the wealthy gulf states still have anti miscegenation laws and policies so that's clearly bullshit

No. 315065

when they talk about mixed children*
My mistake

No. 315068

I should have said non-racist, rational people. Sorry, anonnette.

No. 315069

Because most of us are women here, and most non white women tend to date men of their own heritage? Basically all mixed kids have white moms.

No. 315070

I didn’t immigrate. My parents did.
What’s not adding up here?

No. 315072

South Korea, India, big parts of the rest of Asia etc. People who "don't care about interracial marriage" are a global minority.

No. 315073

Moving is expensive, and we have careers and family here. Shitty people are everywhere so why leave an established and settled life to find new ones?

No. 315074

File: 1540253814521.jpg (779.27 KB, 1248x1654, old.0.jpg)


more reasons why I hate androidfags lmfao, they get triggered every time you say you don't like androids

I have bluetooth headphones, so idgaf about the headphone jack

the emojis are tragic, the iPhone has all of the same ones except on android they look like a 5 year old designed them

overall the android design/interface just annoys me, every time I see a screenshot on here from an android i'm repulsed by the number of icons and notifications. god forbid if the person has that stupid fucking comic sans font

No. 315076

So you're saying that you cannot find another job in a safer environment for your family if people are just that horrible towards your family for being even, as you put it, slightly brown?
I'm not trying to doubt your story but either the racism isn't bad enough for you to care and you just don't want abbo-looking kids, or you and your husband are gambling on the chance that your super racist town may or may not bully the fuck out of your future kids.

Kids are expensive, anon. More expensive than moving. Imo if you can't afford to live in a better and safer environment, you can't afford the kids in the current one.

No. 315077


Why are you bringing up white genocide? You're the first person in the thread to do that lol. This discussion is about individual preferences. Some anon expressed anger at white people who say they wouldn't want mixed kids, I simply explained my own reasons, which have nothing to do with demographics.

You're really all over the place here. Are you sure you aren't from one of the ethnic incel boards?

No. 315080

What kind of career do you have in small town in Australia full of abos and bogans that would be put at risk by moving to a major city?

And moving domestically is not that expensive. Unless you're living in a mansion with a mansion's worth of furniture.

No. 315081

Don't feed the troll.

No. 315083


I mean I guess if that's important to you fine, but lol. I'd never buy a device based on the emoji offerings. That sounds like such a millennial caricature lmao.

No. 315084

Having some gross jerks use racial slurs isn’t impacting safety. Moving is a massive lump sum that is better off in the bank for an emergency because were capable of explaining that the guy who screams about “niggers” at the lake is an ass and not worth our time.

Im concerned about some kids at their future school making Noongar jokes, not about assault. Moving to the cities where people are less racist means we make less income because social work is suffering in rural areas and I get a bonus for living in the country. Rent and home ownership is also about 4x more expensive elsewhere for smaller and shittier accommodation. >>315080
Social work, specifically drug and alcohol counselling for mandated clients and recently released convicts.

No. 315086

The anons who automatically assume every single poster who says something inflammatory or stupid is a male should fuck off. Though they usually aren't, women can be just as retarded as men.

And beef doesn't taste very good. I much prefer fish.

No. 315090

On android you have a choice of themes and emojis to use.

The number of icons and notifications that you saw on other people's screens is just that person adding a ton of stuff to their phone, if you don't do that you won't have that.

It's very clean out of the box on most manufacturers. You saw like 1 person with weird choices and customizations on his dweeb device and assumed everything else.


Check it out for yourself.

No. 315094

It’s obnoxious being called a man for not agreeing with American women on everything. Condescending af when you consider it’s a group of women deciding women who don’t agree are totally invalid.

Also goat is superior to beef in every way. Fish looks incredible and I’m sad I’m allergic.

No. 315103

>backward cultures nobody in their right mind would actually want to be a part of and who still have things like normalized rape are also mad about something as dumb as interracial love
Why should any first world country follow suit again?
Dumb /pol/ incels always want the world to roll back to its worst state because they're resentful and paranoid over "their women" being taken or "tainted by feminism", and are convinced it means they'll have a gf. Your waffling excuse about why you only brought up white women with non-white men (as if statistical data doesn't reflect that minority women date interracially more, especially Asian women, though most races date intraracially anyway - IR dating is like 3% IRL - which means any stupid myth of "America is falling apart, white genocide, everyone is gonna be brown!!!1" is bullshit) is pretty transparent.
Begone, and stop spreading retarded propaganda.

No. 315104

Blob emojis are adorable, though. You have bad taste, go away.

No. 315117

You're the one who sperged about phones up in the first place, genius.

You didn't refute anything I said. All you did was spout some subjective crap about emojis and icons.

Are you seriously a grown-ass adult who allows emojis of all stupid things to effect which phone you use? Emojis are for dumbasses anyway, why do you think they're banned here?

No. 315140

"Suppose white people cease to exist"

This is the /pol/ crap i was talking about jfc. White genocide isn't real. Race wars aren't even a thing outside of the USA, IF it's a thing in the USA since you never know if whitepower amerifats are just blowing it out of proportion.
They already managed to turn this thread in a spergfight too.

No. 315154

The third season of The Good Place sucks so far. I don't know if that's an unpopular opinion but I've tried googling and found nothing. I just want to read some reviews that don't sing praises.

No. 315176

Spergs like you tend to pivot towards that dumb argument, some time. Yes, someone doesn't agree with your opinion must be from those incel ethnic boards as you say. Christ.

No. 315178

I personally think it's okay to be like, "I'm not into [ethnicity] of guys". However, there's something really creepy about specifically saying you don't want mixed kids.

That's not about attraction anymore, that's literally "racial purity" phrased differently. It's weird and fucked up, and I hope none of the racial purist anons in this thread reproduce, period. You guys are fucked up.

No. 315188

Why not make a race arguments containment thread so this thread can actually be used for its purpose?

No. 315191

They’ll still flood any other board they can.

No. 315206

It’s because surprise surprise most anons are white

No. 315207

As a black woman go fuck yourself, come back to me when people dehumanize you for centuries.

No. 315208

Lolcow is a great example kek

No. 315209

the whole world isn't responsible for that get over it.

No. 315210

Here's a real unpopular opinion. A lot of Farmers would probably be cows (or may be a few steps away from it TBH) if they were more extroverted/attractive to incels, based on personality alone. Some of them also seem weirdly jealous of the sheer attention some cows/women other than them receive. An example is that sperg who tried to start a thread with one picture about some random Instagram girl with a short paragraph about her being a "fake-ass bitch", but luckily they banned her for being retarded.

No. 315211

>what is the ottoman slave trade
>what is the barbary slave trade
Every race has been enslaved by another at some point. The entire world's history isn't just American.

No. 315214

the one black anon that's been sperging with the oppression trip, i have to say congrats, yes, you have an unpopular opinion

No. 315216

File: 1540299786059.png (102.84 KB, 275x247, 1439742725587.png)

oh absolutely! i tend to think that the less rational the post the more lolcow worthy an anon is.

No. 315218

I don't think it's creepy. We have good statistical evidence showing that mixed relationships and mixed kids have a lot more difficulties, especially in terms of mental health. Wanting to avoid that doesn't mean you're an advocate of racial purity. It just means you want to avoid unnecessary difficulties in your life.

It's just generally a lot easier to marry and have children with someone who is like you, comes from a similar background and so on. Note that this doesn't only mean race, it can mean what region you come from, your social class, your level of education. Race is just another one of these factors that make things easier.

Cultures are a lot more different. Often in ways that are repugnant to people, than most left wing people are prepared to admit. It's not only "they put spice on their food".

So please, stop trying to push this idea anyone who doesn't want to date interracially or have mixed children is an extremist. Because according to most attraction surveys people are most attracted to people of a similar racial background, and would most want to settle down with someone from that background.

No. 315219

Ding, ding, ding. Completely agree with this. Same on PULL. I've noticed a lot of anons are jealous of people living in Japan, even if their lives are garbage and they're working as hostesses or something. It's honestly kind of sad. How shitty is your life.

No. 315222

I've never had people say it's wrong to my face, but I've had a couple people say it's great because it waters down the black and the children are always smarter and more civilized. I've also had people give my mom kudos for getting white men.

People are fascinating.

No. 315224

I'm mixed and I don't really think it's racist as long as it's because of the kind of stuff you said instead of blatantly racist reasons, and they don't push their preference on anyone else. That being said, I have noticed a massive correlation between people who openly say they wouldn't date outside their race and actual racists/racial purists, so I can understand why people are sensitive to it when people admit that.

I'm straight up just not attracted to men who aren't white and blonde. It's not because I think they're ethnically superior, it's just a preference. I haven't dated a guy who wasn't in ten years and I ended up married to one. I've had a lot of people jump to the conclusion I must be self-hating or an uncle Tom and it drives me crazy because it's simply a matter of physical attraction.

No. 315225


Unpopular opinion irl that will probably be popular here: women are a hell of a lot nicer about not being attracted to another race, and 9/10 it's purely physical and has nothing to do with weird beliefs about the master race or whatever. Maybe it's for the reasons you posted, even. Even if they are racist, they're generally quiet about it.

Men, meanwhile, will scream at the top of their lungs about how superior their particular choice of female is (usually white or Asian) and how females of other races are all worthless fucking scum who should be eradicated for not appealing to their penis.

No. 315235

File: 1540303127759.jpg (30.32 KB, 524x348, IMG_20180601_145229.jpg)

/ot/ threads get way to /pol/ with the race talk

No. 315236

i agree with you tbh. having and raising children with someone who shares the same culture as you is a lot easier because there will be fewer conflicts. i wouldnt date an atheist/agnostic or someone who isnt a member of my religion for the same reason.

but /pol/tards reeeing about how race mixing is wrong are still disgusting.

No. 315241

>Submissive men are disgusting, creepy
You have shit taste
>How can hurting a person you love or care about turn you on?
Because they're into it?
>All those "femdom" anons wanting some barely legal twinks to abuse are sickening.
There's nothing wrong with liking pretty boys

No. 315243

> And the vast majority of young women who claim to be "Dommes" are exactly like her. They literally don't know the first thing about bdsm, and are about 5 years away from either becoming a submissive themselves or a tradthot.
What a retarded sexist bullshit
First off implying that submissive women are better than domme women is retarded
Second off saying all domme women will become tradthots or submissives is sexist and I am 100% sure a robot wrote this
>If you're reading this, getting angry and getting your Cheetos and yeast infection covered fingers ready to scream
Maybe people wouldn't 'get angry' if you didn't stereotype dommes so hard

No. 315245

I don't understand why some anons feel the need to "clap back" at fairly innocuous unpopular opinions, as if they are being personally attacked. If it's racebait or something that's a sensitive issue today, I get it, but when it's something mostly trivial and someone gets rabid about it, I have to wonder where they harness that energy.

No. 315247

Idk. I've had female family members laugh at the idea of dating an Asian dude. Not as bad as aggressive men can be, but still kind of harsh.

I don't find men who aren't White or Hispanic to be viable dating partners. But I don't rub it in people's faces. Then again from what some people tell me if you're dealing with a fetishist just telling him "I'm not into brown/asian" dudes gets him to back off quicker than trying to play nice.

No. 315248

Agreed. Sometimes I read things that apply to me too, but I don't say anything and move on. Who cares if a person on the internet dislikes something that applies to you? It's the unpopular opinions thread, not the change my mind thread. Disagreeing with an opinion that is already unpopular and clapping back is useless and it's the reason why there's so much infighting in here

No. 315250

>say something stupid
>get mad when people call you out for being stupid

No. 315252

>People are wild.
>People are fascinating.
Is this anon samefagging or do all mutts use this moronic cant?

No. 315253

Fuck off already, /pol/tard.

No. 315255

File: 1540306280389.png (997.83 KB, 645x911, 07C8E0F3-0B95-431E-BF54-95F1AF…)

I’m a white anon who agrees a little with what /pol/chan is saying. I’ve known so many half black, half white kids who grew up with an absent black father and a white mother who sacrificed everything for them, and still ended up identifying more with their black side who abandoned them whilst resenting their white side who supported them. It’s a little sad, but seeing cases like this has really put me off interracial relationships. I can’t imagine how painful it’d be to invest everything into a child who rejects you like that.

Also, white Chads > everything

No. 315256

NTA, but do you stop and correct all things you hear and disagree with on random shit while walking down the street? No, because who gives a fuck, right?
What about the internet is different for farmers to the point that something like "I don't like blue hair" is often enough to spark a mass debate because some blue-haired anon(s) got steamed?

No. 315257

Oh god, go away you inbred idiot

No. 315258

There's a difference between saying "I don't like blue hair" and "People with blue hair are bad"

No. 315259

I've never seen a post like that, but if I did, I'd assume that it's bait and not take it. At most, a simple "Go back to [whatever site you probably came from]" is enough.

No. 315260

>An example is that sperg who tried to start a thread with one picture about some random Instagram girl with a short paragraph about her being a "fake-ass bitch"

More than likely a self-post tbh.

No. 315261

you're not looking then

No. 315263

Stop taking bait, then. Otherwise, it's just useless sperging about subjective preferences.

No. 315264

Nta but it goes both ways. The internet is known for people picking fights over literally anything, so complaining when people voice their disagreement with an opinion you know is controversial is equally (if not more) stupid than responding to it in the first place. Especially on a site like this where everyone is already frothing at the mouth.

No. 315265

it's obviously not bait dumbass

No. 315267

I wouldn't care anyway. A rando on an imageboard is saying that people with blue hair are bad? Whatever, doesn't affect my life.

No. 315269

I'm not /pol/chan but I have witnessed that with half arabs too. The father is usually present though but half arabs tend to identify more with their arabic/muslim roots, and are more radical as well.
All the white women irl that I know and have been in a relationship with a black guy, are sadly single mothers. The black men are absent fathers is a touchy topic to them so I don't really say anything but never have I seen a stereotype being this so real outside of boards.

No. 315272

Saying "People with [this hair color] are bad" is not bait?
Okay, then what exactly do you accomplish by getting upset and trying to change their opinion?
How am I the dumbass here when you can't stop yourself from unleashing your autism and taking anonymous BS personally?

No. 315273

When someone says something stupid there's nothing wrong with calling them out,especially when they stereotype based on one person they know

No. 315274

Re-read >>315256. Do you call out stupid shit you hear IRL from strangers on the street, then?

No. 315275


I guess I'm a newbie or just dumb because I hadn't even thought of that. People do that? They purposefully come here and try to get harassed/followed/etc?

No. 315276

Agreed. It's not only race though. I know a woman married to a Lebanese Christian and he's an awesome husband and really loves this country as much as any other person.

I just find relationships between black men and white women so sad. Imagine giving birth to a child that grows up to hate the race to which you belong. And identifies more with the man who abandoned you. It's tragic.

I don't get why black women shill for black men so much, because they get it even worse than those white women do.

No. 315277

There's a difference between strangers on the street and someone on the internet presenting the opinion

No. 315281

It's probably because the black father may have abandoned them, but didn't actually discriminate against them or treat them like an outsider, which is more bound to happen with white families. Americans still seem to follow the "one drop rule", where just being half black is basically the same as being full black.
I'm black (but not American), and I disagree with it because they're 50/50, but I even get screamed at by white anons if I say as much, lmao.
A biracial kid is more likely to be accepted by black kids, because the white kids will just see them as "too black" and turn them away. Even if the mom tries hard, her parents or the rest of her family and her larger community will probably still be racist and ashamed of her for dating outside her race, and little kids pick up on that sort of thing (even when it's hidden) more than most people want to acknowledge. They'll feel alienated on both sides, but while one is absent, the other might actually be hostile and/or passive-aggressive and exclusionary.
It really is sad, but I can kind of understand why they'd latch on to black people. Based on that, I get why someone would avoid interracial dating. I just find the "White people will cease to exist!!" crowd as retarded racists, and part of the problem.

No. 315288

File: 1540309260958.jpg (255.88 KB, 629x639, 1507486959129.jpg)

Everytime anons come to this thread to sperg about biracial people(or racenin general, let's be honest here) for whatever I can't tell if they're misinformed, ignorant, or I'm just some weird exception to everything they've said. My black dad is still in the picture and has been married to my mom for 20+ years and I always end up rejected by the black community. I don't really identify with either side and just say I'm mixed because that's what I am. I don't understand why people twist their panties so much over race at all.

No. 315290

File: 1540309357464.jpg (21.64 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>I don't get why black women shill for black men so much, because they get it even worse than those white women do.
Black patriarchy is worse than white patriarchy, because they're constantly telling black women that before they are women, they are black. If they're not handmaidens who do or say anything that's not in support of (black) men, they are automatically being self-hating and/or hoes "destroying the community". Black men say shit like pic related, and that feminism is a "white woman's disease" to gaslight black women.
It's an entire fake promise that if racism is eradicated, black women won't be oppressed as women. As for handmaidens and pick-mes, multiply Shoe0nHead by the thousands, take them to nightmare proportions and make them people's mothers, aunties and grandmothers. It doesn't help when non-black women make a habit of antagonizing or ignoring black women, or say unironically things like "Woman is the nigger of the world" as a feminist mantra, further separating being black from being a woman.

No. 315294

Thing is. You call her family racist but are the stereotypes about black men really so inaccurate when children of bmwf couples are so much more likely to have an absent father figure? One of the main reasons white parents earn their daughters about black guys is for that very reason.

No. 315296

I'm not arguing with the absent black father meme, or even defending black men. My boyfriend is white, so I don't really have any dogs in this fight, for or against.
I'm explaining why some biracial kids might identify more with their black side. It doesn't just come from nowhere as a giant middle finger to white people.
>One of the main reasons white parents earn their daughters about black guys is for that very reason.
But why should the biracial child suffer and be treated with racism for what their father did? It's one thing to raise an eyebrow at your daughter bringing home a man who doesn't seem serious, but to blame the kid when things fall apart is just shitty.

No. 315298

In an ideal world they shouldn't suffer at all. But humans are humans and human nature is just the way it is. It's not unreasonable for white parents to have suspicions about black guys given this.

I also don't buy that whites treat mixed black people that badly. I've never seen it

No. 315300

Then don't make excuses or try to deflect. Child abuse is shitty, end of story.
>I also don't buy that whites treat mixed black people that badly. I've never seen it
Well, you're probably not mixed, and biracial people aren't exactly a large chunk of the population, so why would you take notice, or even acknowledge it if you do see it? I've heard this from many biracial people specifically, those are their experiences. That's just life.

No. 315301

Pretty sure it's more abusive to just abandon your kid but eh. Whatever you want to believe. Black people need to face up to certain uncomfortable realities. It's the only way they'll improve. Likewise for many whites.

No. 315306

Pretty sure it's more abusive to just abandon your kid but eh. Whatever you want to believe. Black people need to face up to certain uncomfortable realities. It's the only way they'll improve. Likewise for many whites.

No. 315309

Why is it a competition of "Who is worse?" for you? Why can't both be bad? Aside from that:
>W-Well, actually emotionally/mentally/racially abusing a kid is less abusive than walking out on them!
Gross. Please don't have kids, your mindset is completely messed up.
>Black people need to face up to certain uncomfortable realities. Likewise for many whites.
It sounds like the same is true of you, as an individual (not a collective).

No. 315310

Never seen a white mother of a half black kid racially abuse their kid.

No. 315311


I've seen white mothers get their half black toddler's hair relaxed because they didn't want to learn how to style black hair. Wouldn't call it abuse, but it's not good parenting.

No. 315312

I’m mixed and through my childhood and teenage years my white friends and peers would usually refer to me as their ‘black friend’
When you grow up mixed and especially in a predominantly white place, you’re often seen as black and that’s what you’ll identify with

No. 315313

How many half black people do you know and/or are friends with, and how much do you know about their extended families? Do the ones you do know tell you in detail about their personal lives and experiences with their white families?

No. 315315

To put this into more perspective, it even public figures have spoken out about this:
Logic looks very white, too, which makes the one drop rule even more retarded IMO.
I don't think anyone can blame him for identifying more with black people after this sort of abuse. It's also not just him that goes through this, no matter how much certain people want to pretend it never happens.

No. 315316

Yeah, I don’t resent mixed children for picking their black side or anything, but it does make me feel a little cautious. I guess it’s just a sad situation all around.

I know it’s pretty rare in comparison to the inverse, but all the biracial kids I’ve known who are born to white fathers and black mothers seem to identify with their white side a little more. I wonder why that is.

No. 315318

White moms to black children are statistically more likely to be very low income earners. Logics mother was a hooker and raped as a kid and stuff. Depressing stuff. I can understand why she behaved in the way she did towards him.

Rap music was a mistake.

No. 315320

You can understand why she'd try to strangle her own child and call them a nigger? Being a hooker/CSA victim makes you a racist and an attempted child killer now? That's an insult to all CSA survivors who have done sex work.
Please, do not reproduce. You'd probably be the narc parent who blames their ~*depression*~ for being a disgusting, abusive shitstain.
>blaming music for individual actions
Oh, I see. This is bait. Guess heavy metal and violent video games make people serial killers, too.

No. 315321

The fuck is wrong with you. The woman was raped as a child and raped as an adult. She had to sell sex to keep her kids alive and you're stressing about use of a fucking word? American moron.

>But muh history of muh word


No. 315322

>ignores the fact that she tried to strangle her own child
>"It's okay to abuse your kids and give them racial complexes if you were raped"
Idiot /pol/aks need to commit "white genocide" on themselves, holy fuck.

No. 315323

this should just be renamed big ol bait taking debate thread. some anons just cant resist

No. 315324

Good for you? I knew a white lady who "affectionately" called her daughter her "little nigger" and dismissed anyone who tried to explain to her why that was horrible as upset over nothing.

No. 315326

>words > decades of sexual violence


No. 315327

Look at >>315321 >>315318 >>315326. This person is not sane. It's a mentally ill racist fishing for (You)s. Probably an incel, too.

No. 315329

I think it's more a patriarchal thing than anything. Society has made the default to identify with your father subconsciously. Personally, I just identify as black because I was raised by my black mom and look more black than white, but people seem to go with whatever their dad is usually. At least from my observations.

No. 315330

The world would be a better place if racists of all races would just self-destruct because they don't (and never will) live on a racially pure planet.

No. 315331

I didn't know being sane was contingent upon shaming a victim of sexual violence and abuse for using a word.

People like you will forgive so called underprivileged men anything. Even murder. But woe betide someone uses the dreaded "n word"!!!!!

No. 315334

You lost all credibility when you tried to tip-toe over a woman strangling a child so you could racebait with "juzz a word!!!1".
Go home, incel. You are a man, most likely an "underprivileged man" by your own description, and you are bad at impersonating us.

No. 315336

The population of East Asia would disappear if this happened.

No. 315338

RIP anime

No. 315339

Why are you conveniently disregarding the fact that she STRANGLED HER CHILD?

It's almost like you're an irrational person and have a transparent agenda.

No. 315342

Given that he has grown up to be a rapper it's a pity she didn't follow through.

No. 315343

File: 1540314305598.jpg (65.89 KB, 890x876, 1387875930123.jpg)

You know you've reached peak /pol/cel when you advocate child murder.

No. 315344

this tbh

No. 315345

>when no one is taking the bait, so you have to respond agreeing with yourself in hopes of getting attention

No. 315347

Where are the mods when you need them? The massive derailing of threads has been intense the last few days.

No. 315355


i think the mods stopped caring about these shit threads about 2 months ago

spergs gonna sperg

No. 315360

I get a little miffed about that because I've been temp banned for less yet this shit can go on with impunity for days.

No. 315391

File: 1540319525070.jpg (68.31 KB, 770x899, u.jpg)

I'm black but not from America and eh this wasn't really directed at just (white or black) americans. Just people in general. I've heard this from every race. I can't help but to think that this (I date other races but hate the idea of mixed children because they don't look like me) is stupid and obviously untrue. I completely understand mixed children will often go through some kind of identity crisis, but then again, if they had 2 parents (!!) that are together purely out of love and not "fetishization" or self hate, they'll most likely end up to be fine. If you want children that are of your own race then that's completely okay. Just don't go around dating other races and then just be like "woah I don't want mixed children though, they won't look like me!!1!!11" after a while. Oh, and those anons wanting to "preserve" their culture, as much as you try, culture will always fade away over time. It doesn't mean you don't have the right to enjoy it currently, it's just a reminder to be realistic and to stop sperging about it. This goes to all cultures before someone tries to play the victim.

No. 315454

What can I say, people don't like blacks no matter what we do

No. 315456

your right, however, that doesn't mean the impact is important. You would never tell jews that holocaust was X years ago, get over it. I wonder why

No. 315457

Hahaha, see how they attack the anon who outs themselves as black. And lolcow says they aren't /pol/ lite

No. 315458

Really joggins the noggin

No. 315459

>You would never tell jews that holocaust was X years ago, get over it.
I wouldn't? says who?

No. 315461

they suffer more if they don't

No. 315462

I've meet a mixed girl who self hated their black side so much she tried bleaching herself white and only dated white boys. Then she got upset when they white boy called her black side of the family ghetto. Lol, everything she shits on black men I call out her boyfriend and her self hate and she has no response.

No. 315464

This is the exact truth.

No. 315466

They have nothing based on stereotypes and anecdotes to confirm those stereotypes.

No. 315467

Again, just because you never experience, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. For fucks sake

No. 315468

>biracial people talk about their experience
>White person writes it off as just nothing and says what they believe.

And you wonder why we never get anywere

No. 315469

So naive. My god

No. 315473

That's the fucking point the anon was getting at. You would never tell jews to get over such shit, but you continue to tell blacks to get over racism when we are having states this month trying everything to stop minorities (mostly blacks) from voting, even when they make up the majority in the local elections! And that is just the start

No. 315474

Anon is implying she would you fucking retard.

No. 315475

>Black can't read
I was implying I would

No. 315477

>Not black but continues to shit on them

No. 315483

File: 1540327778298.jpg (7.55 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

Hey guys, so today–

>Sees thread

Holy shit can you all stop taking about race? We already had enough of the Asian hate threads.

I think it's time I leave this fucking website, milk on the other boards are dead.

No. 315518

I think what everyone needs is an intervention, especially American anons holy shit.

No. 315520

>that pic

No. 315525

Not that anon but what's wrong with it?

No. 315527

check the last few posts from anime hate thread

No. 315586

Does anyone else hate it when people chew with their mouth open? It seems like almost everyone does it and it pisses me off

No. 315605

File: 1540343188439.jpeg (58.48 KB, 700x394, 1C3B37B0-67D5-4C84-9ECC-E53932…)

keep crying about it

No. 315606

i fucking hate it. so much. that along with loud eaters.

No. 315612

>the self-admitted racebaiter at it again
If you left this site, we'd finally have peace. Fuck off, scrote.

No. 315615

File: 1540346066040.gif (2.16 MB, 350x350, 134868ea.gif)

Anime reaction pictures are so embarassing. Like they're never even remotely funny, they're just lame. The only reason why they got popular in the first place is because of the thirsty male weebs who spam their indistinguishable waifus on every corner of the internet. I feel the same about kpop reaction pics for the most part, but there are more exceptions and the fact that girls are basically the only ones who post them makes them irritate me less.

Tbh I think anime in general is unfunny. Weebs only act like it's funny because they're, well, weebs. I've also seen a lot of weebs who like to RT unfunny japanese memes just because they're japanese.

gif unrelated

No. 315620

kpop reaction pics are so unfunny too. they wouldn't bug me if it weren't for the total lack of self awareness. like i get it, if i think a guy is hot, i'm likely to find some insignificant little thing he does hilrarious too, but the thing is i realize it's only funny and interesting to me because i'm thirsty. kpop fans really try to defend the idea that their husbando making a face or whatever should be top comedy for the average person

No. 315622

Yeah, agreed. That 100% applies to weebs too.

I guess another reason why I think it's less pathetic when kboos do it is because they're at least thirsting after real people, unlike their male counterparts.

No. 315628

If the mods aren't going to do their damn jobs in this thread, then they should just fucking lock/delete it.

You guys fall for the most obvious bait, Christ.

No. 315642

I'm real sick of the anti ___ and hate threads on ot in the past year. This place used to be a bit more lighthearted when it came to thread topics and now posters seem way too negative and the atmosphere is darker.

No. 315654

File: 1540353818081.jpeg (117.45 KB, 1245x1176, DB5B8EC4-3D22-4A25-A166-07DA32…)

Also it’s dumb to complain about weebs on a site where most people are weebs. Like if you don’t want to see or deal with it then leave I guess

No. 315711

This. My guess is that the "anti-weebs" are pretty young (18-22ish) and are just growing out of their weeb phase while harboring this bitter hatred for their past. Most of the "anti" threads are people basically using it for trauma therapy and criticizing the culture around the matter while taking it a bit too personally. Such as the ex-k-pop-fags in the anti Korean thread yelling about being disheartened by the Korean culture not being the promised land of prefect fair-skinned oppas. Which isn't wrong per se I guess, everyone rebels at their teenage phase at some point, but I just wish they would leave other people alone. It's not like weebs are actively destroying things or doing anything else than maybe being cringey in their own space and a lot of the examples they offer are the worst case scenario delusional "oh my god Japan is perfect in every way" weebs that are pretty rare in numbers.

It also pisses me off that people don't realize that you can enjoy Japanese culture and anime WHILE acknowledging the faults. Yes, I know that the Japanese are horribly misogynistic at times and have a problem with NEETs and I absolutely do think they should work on their societal issues more, but it doesn't take away the fact that they also have good things to their culture that I appreciate. You don't have to tell me about the suicide statistics for the 100th time. No society is without its faults and it's not like the Japanese are actively committing genocide or chaining their women to the stoves.

No. 315721

There's also the fact that the weebs have a weirs superiority complex about their dumb reaction images. At least the kboos are aware it's embarrassing for the most part. I blame imageboard culture for making weebs think their retarded reaction images are so funny and acceptable.

No. 315739

I don’t understand the anons Debo keep trying to make Belle Delphine drama happen. She’s just your everyday costhot with no milk other than her ahaego face and ddlg clothing, at least have some proof of milk before you bring her up every chance you get.

No. 315741

I think the thread about sadgh0sts/dollblood would've worked if the OP had made it a point to highlight that she was stupid enough to get caught shit talking her "friend", another "sadbbydoll" Millie Graves, on /snow/, then played the "Someone's CATFISHING as me" card (and failed miserably).

No. 315745

I have never been a weeb, ever, and I dislike anime after the 90s and some 2000s for the large part, and dislike weebs very much.

No. 315750

Japan is cool and has a lot of different elements to its culture, for example they have a thriving independent music scene not many people know about because jpop I'd all they hear. Korea is just garbage though. Not motivated by bitterness. It's just a shit country in most regards. I feel sorry for the westerners who get married to one of them and have to settle there.

No. 315751

I would. They've been using it to systematically degrade and rob another people, Palestinians, for decades now. If you still believe Jews are apex victims you're an absolute joke. They're privileged and powerful as fuck.

No. 315753

I hate that kids who don't want to be in school and actively try to disrespect anyone and everyone there get resources wasted on them. They ruin the class for everyone involved with their outbursts like getting into fights with teachers who do nothing to them or leaving the class which makes the teacher chase after them. Maybe traditional/public school isn't the type of discipline or help they need and that's ok but they shouldn't be forced into that environment if it helps no one. It's not always like the movies where kids find their ah-hah moment and suddenly start wanting to learn and be respectful.

No. 315772

I don't have big breasts but I feel better wearing a bra than not. Can't relate to the "can't wait to go home and take off my bra" thing

No. 315782

>At least the kboos are aware it's embarrassing for the most part.
>t. a kboo
They literally throw a "LOL U MAD BRAH" shitfit when people tell them to stop flooding everything with their shitty oppa gifs.

No. 315792

>>315473 Stfu about Jews, literally nobody but other Jews care about anti-semitism. We're told to stfu and stop whining about it, and holy shit is it not any less racist to say this just because you're black.

No. 315824

>No one cares
They care more about it than any other race suffering.

No. 315832

File: 1540402572503.gif (948.7 KB, 170x200, beydancing.gif)

I don't have tits either, but a bra comforts me into feeling more secure too

No. 315856

>Give me one example of an average white (not alt-right) shitting on Jews on Facebook. Now I can give you countless Facebook articles shitting on blacks, check Fox News

No. 315871


>I form my opinions about the outside world from Facebook

Opinion: discarded.

No. 315909

>Didn’t disprove argument

No. 315919


>implying someone who cites FB as a source and asks for it in reply has an argument

Stay mad.

No. 315923

Not that’s anon but you have to be blind to see the blind favoritism Jews get by default. Come on, can you honestly say anything negative about jews out loud? You can’t. Trump wouldn’t have gotten far if he talked about Jews the way he does with Muslims and Mexicans.

No. 315945

A good trip has very little to do with what you do and has more to do with who you're with. If you're on a trip with someone who is boring, annoying to you or you're a shy person the trip isn't going to be good no matter how great everything is planned. This is why traveling is only good for people who are social or have good friends and family to make the trip fun….if you don't have that there's no point in wasting your money on traveling.

No. 315949

>not having fun on the trip alone
It depends on the trip tbh. I'd rather go on a cruise and view beatiful landscapes and castles alone but I don't think I'd have fun at a place like disney or some tropical resort by myself. Those are more family oriented anyway.

No. 315954

this. in american and european society, saying anything about jews is a special kind of taboo far greater than all other forms of bigotry. for all other kinds of bigotry or perceived bigotry, there's still a chance for people to go "no no no i didn't mean it like that. i just meant-" and often most people will hear them out. the same does not apply for saying anything about jewish people or Judaism or Israel, and the three are treated like they're all one and the same when they're not.

No. 315955

Foreign kids like to claim that white parents are bad parents because they don't let their kids live at home well into their 30s, don't cook all their meals and clean for them like a slave. I think this causes more damage than good, I've met so many Asian, Indian and Arab adults who can't even function without their mother and have mental break down at the thought of even mildly upsetting their moms. There's an issue when you're 26 and have never touched a washing machine or a stove.

No. 315958

in my experience they have really strict parents and even when they're well over 18, they won't do certain things because "my parents would literally kill me!" and act like my parents just "let" me do certain things. no dude, my parents have been furious about me rebelling too, but eventually you grow up and just stand your ground and do what you want anyway. like are they afraid of being legitimately disowned or financially cut off? honest question.

No. 315965

It's a effective brain washing from birth and many of them never break free.

No. 315970

Why is it so fucking hard for some farmers to go one day, one SINGLE day without talking about Asians? I don't understand.

No. 315973


No. 315983

File: 1540419701787.jpg (44.78 KB, 800x600, ug.jpg)

Asian people are so ugly, i had no idea people found them attractive let alone had a fetish for them until imageboards(racebaiting)

No. 315986

because people keep sperging about how uwu they are when they arent, or they are just koreaboos or weaboos

No. 315988

The only ones sperging are the anons going on about how awful they are and bitching about them nonstop. You people sound unhinged.

No. 315997

You're so obviously the autistic, racebaiting scrot who's been posting anime reaction images, it's not even funny.

No. 316002

It's dumb and annoying when anons accuse people of being American just for not having the exact same opinions as themselves. The way some people here act, you'd think world is split between "America" and "Everywhere else [who obviously is exactly like me]".
It honestly doesn't even make sense as an insult half the time.

No. 316005

File: 1540422490172.gif (2 MB, 313x240, 1453193335708.gif)

A really good point. I remember artists doing the exact same thing on tumblr, rejecting their "deviantart/anime phase". Too bad it eventually became something worse; tumblr red nose artsyle.
But I can sympathize with weeb haters on a certain level. Hell, even weebs hate weebs.
Most weebs I've met are usually harmless, but running into the shitty degenerate ones is the fucking worst (lolicons/people who talk about hentai/yaoi in public,etc..).

In addition here's my unpopular opinion, that bowsette meme was super retarded and felt like it was forced. I can't stand the disgusting thirsty weebs fueling it and always looking for the next big anime tiddy thot to obsess over. I get a lot of people drew her just so they could get more followers and don't actually care, but it's so frustrating seeing everyone shill her just because it's a popular/cool thing to do even if the design was shit/obvious jerk off material.

No. 316025

Disagree for me. I always prefer travelling alone.

No. 316026

Trans people are doing everyone (including themselves) a disservice by heavily reinforcing gender stereotypes when we should be moving towards accepting a wider range of behaviours from people without fixating on what gender they are. I bet gender dysphoria wouldn't be a fucking issue if people that don't fit into stereotypes weren't made to feel like freaks. But no, you must become a woman if you don't embody masculinity in every aspect!

I don't get how people can be feminists and also support trans people that just care about performing that gross, narrow idea of womanhood.

No. 316029

File: 1540432134793.jpg (639.81 KB, 1080x1920, 20181024_194031.jpg)

I liked Harry Potter but the obsession is getting a little ridiculous. And the biggest fans are usually people my age (20s) which makes me think it's all fueled by muh nostalgia

No. 316034

ew, this is so embarrassing. What will they even 'teach' ?

Yeah, pretty much most HP original fans are in their mid 20s to early 30s. So it's extra embarrassing to see this behavior.

No. 316042

Gender is a social construct, so you're right in that dysphoria wouldn't exist if the social construct of gender didn't exist. However, other aspects of life such as race, money, and time are also social constructs and impact humanity in general and the individual person. We should absolutely work towards the idea of eliminating the concept of gender itself. However, since that is unlikely to ever happen, especially not anytime soon, people with dysphoria are genuinely suffering. Transitioning eases that suffering, and I have compassion for those that are hurting.

of course, people who don't have dysphoria are typically attention seeking idiots. Non-binary identified people at least are moving toward the idea of breaking out of the gender boxes, but if they ever start ranting about "truscum" or "you don't need dysphoria to be trans' you know they're vacuous attention seekers.

No. 316043

>legitimately disowned/ financially cut off

No. 316046

As much as I have antipathy towards transtrenders and genderfluids I think challenging gender norms > conforming to them to the point of self-mutilation.

No. 316064

>We should absolutely work towards the idea of eliminating the concept of gender itself.
The only reason anybody bothers to separate the concept of gender and sex is because transactivism has popularized the concept so much. Prior to that, it was pretty much interchangeable and still is for many people who don't let their language be dictated by crazies. Gender roles attributed to sex are the problem, not the concept of sex aka gender in itself.

It's just semantics really but man am I sick of trannies dictating language, especially language women need to be able to discuss our issues in a concrete way without adding a bunch of disclaimers to ease the 'suffering' of autogynephilic men.

No. 316186

Anyone remember how when that "Bao" short before some capeshit movie got trending Asians started dogpiling in to insult whites, "only we get this, your parents spoiled you and you swear at them" etc?

As someone from a more traditional European country it grinds my gears they literally try to claim that Asian families have a monopoly on parental love. It's so dishonest too since these are the same races who have been genderciding baby girls for millennia and regard their children as nothing more than a retirement plan.

Asian Americans are insanely obnoxious.

No. 316194

It's dumb when people assume any black person who doesn't look like a stereotype must be mixed. It's not a compliment when someone asks if I'm "really just black", or if one of my parents is "other" just because I have naturally longer hair or light-ish skin, even though literally all my features are very obviously black. They think they're calling you pretty or something, but it's just incredibly backhanded, and kind of shitty. It's even more annoying when you get accused of bleaching, though. Stay indoors for a few and see what happens to your own skin, dumbass. There are different shades to black people's skin, just like any other race.
I know it's not just me, because people say the same things about certain black female celebrities and how they "don't even really look black!!1" or throw out inane claims of skin bleaching. It's just painfully transparent what they're really saying, and I hate it.

No. 316204

surely you know how lightskin came about though - somewhere in your ancestry line is european dna so… you ARE mixed

No. 316207

Asian American culture is basically just filtered marketing trivia. Omg boba tea, asian parent jokes, unfunny asian YouTubers and the old favorite: moaning about white girls not dating them.

When your assumed identity is the largest continent on earth it's no wonder it ends up being absolute garbage

No. 316219

Nope. There are tons of pale 100% black African people. I know, because I'm one. Light skin did not "come about" from anything but lower exposure to the sun and lower amounts of melanin being generated by the body as a result.
Also, Africans literally have the most genetic variation, so of course that would apply to skin tone.

No. 316223

if you came on a slave ship you're congoid and w/o mixing would be dark. if you're an immigrant from some other part with light skin wtf are you saying "get out of the sun" for to people whose skin is genetically darker than yours

No. 316225

i'm not into bondage but i actually think bdsm harnesses, chokers and shit in fashion look dope as fuck, i wish they got more popular as non-sexual accessories. chokers already got kinda trendy like that though

No. 316231

I agree! Leather, chains and so on are so cool, but I don't like bdsm.

No. 316235

??? I'm considered "dark" by global standards, either way. I'm just not as dark as some other black people, but that doesn't mean I'm mixed. You just have a retarded, backward idea of what we look like. You really think everyone arriving from the historical slave ships had one single shade of skin?
Interestingly enough, I also didn't/don't have any actual slaves in my family line despite coming from one of the countries the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade got most of their business from. The closest was one ancestor who went there to study, and then came back home to settle. There has been no mixing with Europeans in my bloodline, I just have slightly paler skin. Lots of black people are like this, sorry.
>wtf are you saying "get out of the sun" for to people whose skin is genetically darker than yours
All people tan and lighten based on their surroundings. The extent of it varies, but that's how it is.

No. 316237

Chokers are cute but I'm put off from wearing them because of Shuwu and cringey bdsm spergs. I feel your pain.

No. 316238


I think simple black chokers are cute as fuck but ever since I've seen multiple creepy men describe them as a "blowjob black belt" I've not wanted to wear one. Why do men ruin everything?

No. 316239

Chokes have been an incredibly normie thing to wear for ages anon

No. 316240

>letting men and Shuwu put you off shit you like
Don't do this, anons. If you give them leeway, men will stop you from wearing anything but burlap sacks. And then they'll sexualize the sacks.

No. 316254

File: 1540488910611.jpg (46.39 KB, 500x358, 5adcfashion-fail-awwww-yea-did…)

No. 316255

As long as it's not the Aliexpress heart dd/lg choker you should be fine

No. 316295

>like are they afraid of being legitimately disowned or financially cut off? honest question.
In my case yes, most likely, but that's because my family is full of crazy fuckers. I'm actually independent when there's nobody at home for weeks or months and I'm really looking forward to leaving when I get my own place somehow. It's just that when my whole family is at home I basically have no private life and it's more "efficient" for my mother to do all the housework. Once one of my sisters and my mother had a huge fight because we were 4 people who want to cook our own separate stuff in a tiny kitchen, you get the idea. When I was a child or a teenager my parents would forbid me a bunch of shit like cooking or using the washing machine because they're paranoid and were worried I or my siblings would break something.

I've noticed it's the case in my extended family since I have no brothers, but usually the girls are expected to do all the housework or to at least help around, while the guys NEVER do shit and are spoiled so they're more dependent and bratty.

No. 316312

omfg this. i wish i internalized this way earlier than i did. men who say shit like that live in their own porno fantasy world where everything relates to their boner somehow. it's just their worldview, and it's in no way more legitimate and objective than yours. in your worldview, chokers are just a cute accessory and anything they say has no real power to change that.

No. 316318

A-logging on this website should be a bannable offense just like blogposting and racebaiting. It's cringey and leads to a lot of derailing and shit threads.

No. 316322

It is already a bannable offense.
>3.4 Don't excessively post about wishing serious bodily harm on a subject or harming them. (a-logging)

No. 316325

There are light skin Africans. They exist. I am one of them and my parents are dark and come from Nigeria. Our family tree has no white/Arab blood. There is such a thing called variations within race and ethnicity.

No. 316326

Anon are you Nigerian too?

No. 316335

Yup, yup. Nice to see another Nigerian poster for once.

No. 316390

Harry Potter is honestly not even that good

No. 316413

i think most people look good with little/natural makeup, and i think foundation never looks good irl.

No. 316419

what's up with farmers who say shit like "omg if you think she's pretty you must be ugly as fuck"? like…i don't know how to say this without humbelbragging…but there are plenty of people who are less conventionally attractive than me who i still consider pretty. is there a rule where you can only compliment someone if they look better than you? because that's neurotic as shit. or maybe people who think like that are pretty homely so anyone who looks worse than them is always going to be ugly?

No. 316444

imo foundation looks good as long as it's light and natural. It's heavy eye and lip makeup that makes virtually everyone look worse off instagram. I know the defense is always 'but makeup is fun and I like it!!', and I'm sure it is fun but I'm also sure the goal is to look good afterwards, not like a middle aged clown.

No. 316445

Agree with this anon. A good foundation with good application can do wonders for your face.

If we are going to bash makeup, overlined crusty dry butthole lips never look good on anyone.

No. 316469

If you’re good at makeup it’ll also look good irl

No. 316496

This was my first thought when I saw a girl wearing blue eyeshadow today. I could imagine it looking cool on Insta, but it looked Drag-queen-y in real life (and not in a good way).

No. 316515

I don't understand why the NPC meme makes some people on the left side of the political spectrum angry. It's just special snowflake "Everyone's a clone but meeee" nonsense, it is not new.
Anyone with any opinion or persona can be replicated and copied. No one is exempt, no matter how much /pol/tards tell themselves they're unique, even though they all spout the same stock phrases/newspeak, post the same reaction images, make the same hand signs and all have that same dead, glassy look in their eye. It's just the nature of existing while others can observe you. No one is a player character except in their own mind, and what you think of yourself doesn't really count for shit in the outside world on a mass scale.

If someone calls you an NPC, it's ridiculously easy to shut them down by directing it back at them, proceeding to do your own impersonation of them and posting 500 examples of other people who are exactly like them (because the type of person who would unironically call you an NPC is undoubtedly an "NPC" themselves by their own definition, just with a different flavor of programming). Then, they have no choice but to concede and let it die.

No. 316519

I'd rather date an out going asshole like logan Paul than a shy/insecure man. The constant whining just becomes annoying after awhile…I would love a outgoing douche bag who knows he's the shit for bf instead of some crying mommy boy but I can only attract cry baby losers. I want someone to seduce me like a man instead of constantly crying and wanting to talk about their feefees 24/7.

No. 316522

The NPC meme just confuses me because the problem is people on the left can't agree on anything and rip each other apart over purity politics, lol. It's the right that unites, even "centrists" will defend nazis with the same talking points over and over.

No. 316523

pls send whiny fee-fee men my way anon. I'll take any you don't want.

No. 316524

lol trust me, when you're just trying have a fun day out and he's crying about how other guys get more attention than him or how someone was a meanie then it gets old real fast. It sounds cute but in reality it's not, it's just someone constantly whining and ruining any fun event and emotionally draining you.

No. 316526

File: 1540555842325.webm (3.55 MB, 240x240, npc.webm)

at first I thought you were talking about this lol

No. 316527


I don't mind occasionally comforting a man or offering emotional support, but you do it once and men always start acting like you're their therapist. They never give you back any emotional support, they just constantly load more and more of their own problems on you and expect you to spend hours at a time acting like some sort of cross between a mommy, a maid and a counsellor.

No. 316528

Bold of you to assume I'm not also miserable and whiny.
Only kidding a little bit. Mostly I just have a fetish for weak men.

No. 316577

I'm really annoyed by the kind of people who treat housewives as heroes or noble. It makes since when you have young children, especially since childcare costs can be through the roof. But if your kids are in middle school or older, or worse if you don't have any kids, you basically don't have a job. I don't see why someone shouldn't take advantage of their position, but at this point they're no better than a trustafarian. I don't get why trustafarians are such bad people but you should never criticize being a housewife.

I'm annoyed because I have to deal with the stress of uni and exams, while some people basically have their livelihoods handed to them. Sometimes I wish I had the ability to fake love so I wouldn't have to worry about how I'm going to support myself in the future.

No. 316673

i fucking hate this new hipster trend of undercooking… sorry, cooking burgers "medium rare". ive eaten this shit twice in my entire life, because ive been pressured into it by friends and family, and each time i ended up with food poisoning. ive been living off liquids for the past couple of days because thats the only thing i wont throw up.

it's gross enough when its done to steaks, if you cant cook a piece of meat properly without turning it into a "hockey puck" then youre a shit cook.

No. 316678

I get what you're saying, and there are certainly lazy or rich housewives out there not doing a damn productive thing. But tbh in most cases its not like that. Unpopular opinion but running an entire household is not a walk in the park. There's a lot of aspects of domestic labor that are just as difficult, if not more so, than other types of labor we usually consider "real work." This is especially true in cases where the domestic partner (cause a few house husbands exist) budget, garden, coupon, raise animals and livestock… Basically stuff to overall lower or make efficient the household expenses. And tbh i find there's a lot of pressure from the s/o we don't think about when we get judgmental for domestic partners not being "productive enough." Um yeah if you're not productive enough and you're not a rich household your spouse will probably divorce you and try to leave you on your ass. That's kind of a lot to take, psychologically.

Though it is definitely a reason I'm a feminist that thinks the expectation is very wrong and there isn't a "choice" here to be had that leaves the domestic partner less vulnerable other than choosing to labor in ways that produce individual income so they aren't totally screwed in worst case scenarios and power dynamics. And that's kind of an unpopular opinion because criticizing the very concept of domestic "partnership" (lol lot more like slavery) is often seen as an attack on those that "choose" it, even though the whole point of the unpopular opinion is that it's more coercive expectation that leads to inherent shitty power dynamic than it is choice.

No. 316684

Look I'm not against people being housewives (or househubands) in the same way I don't think trust fund babies need to give up their money. I don't think being a housewife is anti feminist. On the other hand I don't know why I need to see it as feminist too.

If being a housewife is so productive then why in the world do two earner families exist? I think being a housewife tends to mean you are married to someone who earns enough that having one income is sufficient. And in America these days that means you earn a lot of money.

Do you have any statistics that men divorce women for not doing enough housework?

I bought this up because I was reading a thread where a housewife without children was whining about being worried or some shit. To me it was tacky like being worried about your inheritance too big. Yeah it's sooo terrible some nice guy is willing to find her lifestyle with minimum stress. Meanwhile I'm bitter that I need to graduate college with a good GPA and find a career in an economy that's tanking. I'm just jealous that some people get shit handed to them especially when I'm not allowed to point that out.

No. 316685

and having children isn't productive, period. it's a problem, actually. being a full time parent is not noble in 2018, or necessary, though it can be difficult. those full time housewives aren't typically doing all that much during the day once those kids are old enough to take care of themselves, but i will give them that they have to deal with the emotional burden of being reliant on their cheating douchebag husbands, which has to be fairly taxing, plus put up with their husbands treating them like the work they do in the home isn't valuable at all. i'll give them that, but it's still a pretty cushy gig.

we shouldn't be telling ANYONE it's noble when the planet is already overpopulated, having more children only contributes to an already worsening job crisis, environmental catastrophe, etc, not to mention that the only reason society encourages people to have children at this stage in the game is to devalue labor and keep labor cheap.

>inb4 WE'D DIE OUT!!

there's absolutely no way this train of thought would catch on globally, or even nationally, to the point where it'd be a human existential threat. we're already facing ACTUAL existential threat with climate change, and assholes are still popping out babies despite it being very likely that earth won't be comfortably habitable in the not too distant future.

No. 316686

I don't think house wives are treated noble now a days since it's considered lazy work

No. 316690

childfree MRAs pls leave

No. 316691

childfree MRAs pls leave

No. 316692

childfree MRAs pls leave

No. 316694

Rare steak is good, but rare burger is just fucked. It’s minced so the surface that had ecoli and whatever else is no longer the part that is seared, the germy surface is mashed through the whole patty. It’s as unclean to eat as undercooked chicken.

If you eat steak cooked more than medium rare it’s fine but you’re missing out.

People who think good housekeepers have it easy have never properly cleaned or managed a home or they’d know better. Maintaining a home is work.

No. 316698

>but i will give them that they have to deal with the emotional burden of being reliant on their cheating douchebag husbands, which has to be fairly taxing, plus put up with their husbands treating them like the work they do in the home isn't valuable at all.
lmao, like are you retarded, anon? sorry, but recognizing that having children is monumentally retarded and that it sucks to be reliant on cheating men and is unending emotional labor itself, doesn't make me an MRA.

No. 316699

I don't think it's mainstream to call homemaking "noble" except by other SAH moms. I think it's treated like it has its own special difficulties, but moreover people do consider it cheesy and cushy work like you said. Probably because the labor involved isn't supervised, timed, and graded like it is as a traditional job. The majority of the work can be done at leisure.

However I'm hesitant to berate domestic labor completely because when it does need doing, it can take up a lot of time and effort. In my last relationship, my ex took my domestic labor completely for granted. On top of that I was working 30-40 hours a week at a job that I would argue made more demands of me than his did. He didn't value the unpaid time I put into at home, and was more than happy to live like a gross piggu. Then he'd turn around and I demand I work more to give him more money! Heaven forbid if I made the dire mistake of having had a child with the needy little creep. He couldn't have handled it.

The "unintended consequence" of feminism, some would argue (although I think it's more about toxic masculinity), about propelling women into the workplace is that men are now more whiny than ever. They expect us to work the full 40 and rake in a handsome income ON TOP OF popping out brats and doing all the housework. And what do most men get to do by reaping the benefits of our increased workload? Sit on their asses.

No. 316703

>I don't think it's mainstream to call homemaking "noble" except by other SAH moms.
not home-making, but being a SAH mom is considered noble by most people, except like, incels/MGTOWs, because the idea of having children and rearing them is placed on such a stupid pedestal.

>However I'm hesitant to berate domestic labor completely because when it does need doing, it can take up a lot of time and effort.

absolutely, and men DO take advantage of it. my friend had a kid and she works full time, takes care of the kid, and STILL, her "sweet" husband was yelling at her and raised his hand at her because she wasn't making his coffee, breakfast, dinner, etc. men are hideously entitled and having children with them is a horrible mistake. as you say, it's already bad enough when they think you're financially reliant on them – they see 0 value in maintaining a home and relegate their partners to 'leech' status. no, it's not AS difficult and stressful as a typical job, but it isn't invaluable and if the situation were perfect, hell yeah, i'd rather just do housework, but bringing a kid into the mix? yikes. i'd rather just work a regular job than put up with the shit men do to women who are reliant on them, or anyone that's reliant on them, really.

having children, however, kind of is useless except for the fact that it benefits the wealth owners of the world and creates more exploitable workers/consumers, and i fail to see how that's a real benefit to society when people are having children at a very unstable and unpredictable time in human history.

No. 316704

>They expect us to work the full 40 and rake in a handsome income ON TOP OF popping out brats and doing all the housework. And what do most men get to do by reaping the benefits of our increased workload? Sit on their asses.
This is why I would not want a kid if I couldn't be a SAHM. If women choose to work, they just have to do all the house work/child rearing on top of their regular job anyway. Household chores and emotional labour aren't measured and valued the same way paid work is, it's very easy for men to dump them on their wives. The fact is women will always get shafted in those areas, because if they chose to do less than the bulk of the work, their family suffers for it and most women won't let that happen. If men stepped up and assumed a legitimate 50/50 role in the home then it wouldn't be so difficult.

Also, I do acknowledge the difficulty of motherhood being 24/7, whereas you can leave work at the office. I read one mother describe it as constant boredom, because you get lots of tiny pockets of time in between doing shit for the kid, but it's never a long enough stretch of of time to actually get into a book, tv series etc. It sounds rough.

…I think I just don't want kids or a husband. I can tough it out for 8 hrs at work as long as I can come home to 6+ hrs of uninterrupted free time.

No. 316707

>People who think good housekeepers have it easy have never properly cleaned or managed a home or they’d know better. Maintaining a home is work.

Anyone who says this is a piece of shit. It takes me a week to clean out my room and that's mostly just putting clothes and misc stuff away. Not including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, ect. House keepers are crazy awesome and need to be paid more.

I have a cleaner at my job and she works really hard but only makes a dollar more than i do. she needs more in my opinion

No. 316708

"homemaker" here, no kids. we have an apartment (big one) so managing stuff is way easier than it might be for a house, but i only usually clean for 2-4 hours a day, other than that i do my hobbies for the rest of the time and spend 1-3 hours cooking. i used to do housekeeping work as a job and let me tell you, keeping your own house is much easier to deal with.

No. 316711

>4 hours a day cleaning no kids
my fucking mind is blown. minding a whole house here it takes like… 30 mins every 2 days to do the washing up. what are you doing

No. 316719

You're not a "homemaker" without kids lol, you're an unemployed leech who happens to clean up after herself, big whoop. Most ppl do this shit already in addition to actually going to work.

No. 316721

NTA, but you are bitter and envious as all fuck, lmao.

No. 316722

She didn't even say it was hard lmao, she said it was easy…twice.
What are you so bitter about? She's not on welfare/using your tax dollars, her partner agreed to this and it's between them. Good grief.
t. not a housewife myself but I want a househusband someday

No. 316725

That sounds really nice anon. I'm really envious of the time you have to organize and cook.

How do I bag me a guy that sees value in that? Lol.

No. 316726

do you know if their mother raised them well? or if their mothers' side of the family did reject them either way? having a mixed race child dosent theirs gonna be constant race war in your family christ

No. 316733

god I'd love a househusband too. every guy that I've ever dated likes the idea of being one because "free time for videogames lol", but then hates it after a couple weeks of mild cooking and cleaning. but lord do I love those couple weeks of not having to worry about the domestic stuff and I can focus completely on work… the first time I tried it with a guy completely opened my eyes about how much help a "wife" can be, and how much energy I waste on it normally, if that makes sense.

No. 316753

how filthy are you that you have to clean for 4 hours every day…

No. 316754

File: 1540612173584.jpg (37.82 KB, 768x384, landscape-1458577499-index-cle…)

there are some cleaning tasks you're meant to do every day.

No. 316755

in what universe does that take four hours? and doing laundry every day with no kids… are you rolling around in mud or only have one set of clothes or what… that's so unnecessary. you could do everything else listed in less than an hour, unless you're using a toothbrush to scrub every surface.

No. 316756

You'd be shocked how many nasty hoes never clean the toilet

No. 316757

this anon probably got nasty windowsills baseboards and walls.

No. 316762

this anon probably got nasty windowsills baseboards and walls.

No. 316772

Obviously someone who cleans 4 hours a day isn't filthy.
There's always something to do, clean or organize if you have free time. A lot of it might not be necessary to do every day of course, but preventive cleaning is better than letting filth accumulate. Four hours is a lot, I'm guessing anon is exaggerating and not accounting for breaks and stuff but still.

No. 316774

it physically hurts me that americans probably really think this. you probably think you'll get "germs" if you don't do this ridiculous "sanitization". This is why your kids have peanut allergies and autism. If you spend 4 hours doing this a day you are deeply mentally ill. not to mention retarded for spending 3 hours cooking

No. 316780

Yeaaah my unpopular opinion that pisses off a lot of uber neat freak fellow Americans is that hell is a purely white room with only a white nondescript table and chair, a single succulent on the table.

I'm kinda using hyperbole but tbh in my experience I'm barely not. I'm not a hoarder or a total slob or anything, but i really get weirded the fuck out by living spaces where it just… doesn't look lived in lmao. Its deeply uncomfortable for some reason, and highly stressful that a little bit of clutter can be subject to so much shit?

I've also had bouts of depression in the past too and I'm getting better about not falling into the trap but hoo boy, if you know what I'm talking about you know what i mean. It sucks and is hard and adds to the stress of that cultural insistence.

I have lived with both total piggy slobs that were close to legit hoarder status, and neurotic neat freaks, never really an in between, and in particular, I've had to deal with hypocritical ones like my ex whom demanded perfection but did gross shit like leave excessive plates of gross leftover food out (like, in addition to the dishes i already was going to have to do, he would get food at his parents after work and bring their dishes…) and refuse to even throw away the debris to make my life slightly easier and less gross. And he had severe neglect in childhood, so part of it was that he'd fucking EAT that left out shit so i had a weird window of time for dealing with it. Almost always fucking men in that category of course. I'm tired of it. I just want peace from either cleaning up after total gross assholes or constantly being nagged at by neurotic people for not doing enough lmao.

No. 316783

No. 316813

No one does this every single day. I can maybe only understand wiping down the kitchen and cleaning dishes. I dunno, i never made the bed unless company was coming by.

Still, even excluding two or three times, like laundry, this would take an hour or so tops.

No. 316834

File: 1540644396473.jpg (61.32 KB, 528x810, tumblr_pcjxnqmfn91wf15iko1_540…)

I don't care what anyone says, I loved/love t.A.T.u. They were so cool to me as little bi kid living in an intensely homophobic country. I had a huge crush on Julia, too. It's sad that she trashed her natural good looks with all the heavy tanning, lip injections and plastic surgery.
I know their first manager was a pedophilic scumbag who took advantage of them, and that the group itself was made for all the wrong reasons, but there was somehow something so empowering and entrancing about them as a duo, regardless. They were clearly coached to be "controversial" and act like they didn't give a fuck, but it became obvious after a certain point that they never actually needed the coaching. They understood exactly what was going on, and they managed to make something gross and exploitative feel cool and confrontational. I don't think just any two girls would've been able to pull that off in a convincing way.
I love listening to the old demos where it's Lena singing, and you can hear all the emotion and power in her voice. I'm still convinced they ultimately split up because Lena actually ended up catching feelings, but Julia never did.
>Paragate never

No. 316917

File: 1540663408202.jpg (18.35 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I don't think the hit or miss girl is cute. She has nasolabial folds.

No. 316927

File: 1540664749619.jpg (71.45 KB, 500x741, juliaa.jpg)

I loved Julia too! I liked when she had a bit of a tan, her whole look tbh was very distinctive of the early 00s. An icon lol. I did like their whole image because they looked super badass, like Totally Spies or something. I never saw it as sexual. It's funny because I've only known bi and lesbian girls who listened to them, even to this day. I do get there was a group of gross guys into them, but it seems like it's a very small minority.
I never heard of her plastic surgery before and holy shit that's nightmare fuel right there.

No. 316930

she's… smiling… that's a dumb reason to not find her cute. a better reason is that she looks like a tranny

No. 316994

No one outside of lolcow cares about nasolabial folds, why do they matter to lolcow?

No. 317003

I looked it up and i guess its A Thing and every single place talking about them says unattractive and like its the worst thing ever.

Digging into The Facts, it appears it is a pretty natural aging thing that commonly starts getting "bad" in the late 20s. Media and misogynistic bullshit has the world utterly convinced they are some kind of monstrous sign of ultimate ugly? A lot of it seems to be purely marketing for a lot of skin care bullshit that will never truly fix the "issue" because its not an issue.

Don't get it. Have them myself and am self conscious and i guess it makes me ugly, then. I don't really think women that have them are necessarily unattractive, but then, I'm not shallow at all and seem way more chill about it not being the end of the World to be physically unattractive?? So I'm biased i suppose.

I'd be interested to see if historically it was this big of a deal…i kinda get the sense this is more recent tbh.

No. 317020

File: 1540675516043.jpeg (91.79 KB, 1100x733, mqp626.jpeg)

No idea who she is but in that photo she is extremely cute and her 'nasolabial folds' appear on LITERALLY EVERYONE when they open their mouth like that. Jesus.

Pic related, old hag with nasolabial folds. Not cute at all!

No. 317024

I like you, anon.

No. 317026

the nasolabial folds meme really bothers me when anons don't actually realize what it means. the folds are only an issue when you're not smiling.
they're called smile lines because you get them from smiling, but like in your photo, even fucking babies have them when they smile. (it's why models don't like to smile)

and if you have folds there, it doesn't even mean they are wrinkles people with fat cheeks can have them if their dermis isn't that thick.

women like jnig get them cause they fuck their skin up with makeup so it sags there, but it's a bunch of wrinkles that you can see when she's smiling too.

sorry for the rant i just hate this whole meme, especially when anons don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

No. 317031

I do those things but it’s because I’m housekeeping for five people. It depends a lot on the size of the household and how much the others contribute to upkeep, more than people being filthy for not cleaning their shower everyday or whatever nonsense.

I vacuum every second day, but that’s because there’s a border collie and carpet. If a single anon with no dog did the same it would be excessive.

Being a homemaker for one or two isn’t that hard, but doing it for a larger family takes forever. Anons just get overexcited to call someone filthy or obsessive.

No. 317034

And yet it never lives up to my imagination.

No. 317040

I do those things but it’s because I’m housekeeping for five people. It depends a lot on the size of the household and how much the others contribute to upkeep, more than people being filthy for not cleaning their shower everyday or whatever nonsense.

I vacuum every second day, but that’s because there’s a border collie and carpet. If a single anon with no dog did the same it would be excessive.

Being a homemaker for one or two isn’t that hard, but doing it for a larger family takes forever. Anons just get overexcited to call someone filthy or obsessive.

No. 317053


when i said 2-4 hours i was accounting for times when i'm on my butt waiting for stuff to finish or washer/dishwasher to finish. the actual work i do only accounts for an hour or so. we have a pretty big 2 bed/2 bath apartment and i clean our cat's literboxes every day too. things like making the bed and tidying up happen every day too. plus we get a lot of packages so i break down and take boxes downstairs every other day or so too. other things like hand washing certain dishes and clothing can add up.

No. 317054

Cowboy Bepop isn't good. It's fake deep, the characters are annoying, and the biggest reason why people treat this okay-level anime as some kind of masterpiece is because of nostalgia.

No. 317056

it's a male

No. 317059

childfree MRAs pls leave

No. 317062

Thank you, someone admits the truth

No. 317067

nyannyan cosplay is 100% female. she used to do fakeboi yaoi cosplays in the past, but is getting meme'd now for looking like a trap.

No. 317077

Yeah no. I wish characters in more anime were written like in CB instead of retarded animu cliches. Seen it years back and loved it as much as Satoshi Kon's work. It even had a badass old lady trucking around galaxy. The plot and characters were written in a way that seemed to account for the viewer being able to add to two two aka understand unsaid parts of the plot. Most anime, especially modern, treats viewers like idiots and bashes them on the head with plot points. Nobody expresses emotions like a human being, but like an alien attempting to blend in while exaggerating what it perceives as normal human behavior.

To me, the individual CB episodes were a delight. This is not nostalgia in my case, I expected to dislike the anime (Cowboys in space with jazz music? Sounds boring to me), but I was hooked.

I disliked the movie for being too long and drawn out while not providing a particularly engaging or original story.

TLDR HARD disagree

No. 317089

I'm a bisexual girl, and I'm attracted to tomboyish girls. I'd be attracted to "fakeboi"/Aiden type fujoshi girls if they didn't take themselves so seriously and insist that they are trans just because they like to self-insert as yaoi boys (even though they only want to be cute effeminate softboys uwu, not actual men). I get it, I like yaoi myself, but please stop being delusional. You will never be an anime twink. There's nowhere else I can share this without being called literally Hitler.

It's a lingering fear that every attractive, masc-presenting woman I see is actually just an egg. It'd be a fucking nightmare to be with a tomboyish woman, only for her to tell me she's had gender dysphoria all along. Like, not even fakeboi trans, but "I want hair all over my body and to shave my head. Buck Angel is an inspiration" trans who would go on to take testosterone shots and grow nasty facial hair. Then I'd quite literally just be dating a man without a dick (aka useless).

No. 317091

military music is one of my favorite kind of music, i don't even support the country/political system behind it, i can perfectly listen to both communist and royalist march, as long as it sounds good

especially russian, french and japanese are my favorite

No. 317120

Cowboy bebop is one of the few animes I can tolerate and it isn’t weeby and embarrassing so I have to disagree.

No. 317129

File: 1540703332221.jpg (223.89 KB, 750x1150, 59aa6f24.jpg)

How unsurprising that Cowboy Bebop fans have to back up their opinion with 'other anime sucks', aka a massive neon sign saying you watch barely any anime and only know the popular shitty series, then assume the whole medium is like that.

I'm not that anon and I don't think CB is bad but it's kind of amazing how consistently CB fans act like this.

No. 317153

No again. I used to watch a lot of anime but stopped as it does not match up with my tastes aka it's weeb crap. I still read manga because there is some quality stuff that never gets anime because it's too mature/not pop enough (mostly seinen, but not only). The fact that CB fans say it's good when most anime is bad does not say they do not know shit about anime/do not try watching it, just that their expectations for quality entertainment are not being met. I have horrible issues with pacing in anime (everything seems too long when compared to manga and and 'normal' tv series) as well as with the weeaboo crap. I thought I am not good with watching tv series when it turned out that anime is the problem.
What anime do you consider good anon? I am curious as you are so salty about CB ad it's fans and I could use a recommendation. Note that if it's based on manga, I will read manga, so how about original anime recs?
I must say that I love quite a few anime series from 90's and 00's, but there was plenty of crap back then, so I wpuld like to discover a good original anime that came out recently.

No. 317156

Samefag but just want to add that the meme is stupid as CB is a ONE anime that is quite different to what was coming out at the time. It's not like many series like CB were released so the (parodised) argument does not even make sense. The real question is why there are no (or barely any) new anime that are mature (not in the hentai sense obviously kek) and engaging to nonwebs/people over 25 years old.

No. 317161

i've been a fan of his music for a very long time and i don't think eminem's new stuff is that bad, i actually enjoyed both revival and kamikaze. his 2017 and 2018 releases were better than most of these years' popular hip hop songs. the soundcloud rapper trend needs to go, everyone says that they don't like them yet their trashy songs get hundreds of millions of views somehow.

No. 317173

You white?

No. 317174

No. 317179

>I wish characters in more anime were written like in CB instead of retarded animu cliches.
Original anon, as if the CB characters weren't cliches themselves, watch something else than anime I'm not even comparing the plot or characters to other anime but in fiction in general.

The stories were stupid typical anime bullshit.

No. 317181

Also, "CB is good because every other anime compared to it is so shitty" really doesn't say anything about it's merits lmao

No. 317208

Same, except I'm a les. It's a real shame because tomboyish girls are cute as fuck and I can't help being attracted to them, but whenever I see some sketchy signs (like being into yaoi, using Tumblr lingo etc.) I know it's trouble. So sad that the trans propaganda went this far

No. 317214

I'm afraid women are avoiding me because of this, I dress I guess in lowkey "tumblrish" style and I attract aidens and genderspecials, while I just want go date normal lesbians… And they probably think I'm aiden myself

No. 317215

I do watch/read other stuff lmfao which I pretty much hinted at. CB is an example of Tropes Aren't Bad to me. They were typical in a way (The Lone Wolf, The Femme Fatale and so on) but really well written and with hidden depth which humanized them (like Faye's lost childhood) and that's why I did not mind. You can't have a character that is unlike any other, everything's been done so it matters more how well you will write the character rather than it being some media trope (and tbh yes, thank God CB characters were not rooted in late 90's moe kek). They felt real to me because of how they were presented, how they behaved and how they treated each other. I would not call the stories typical for anime (typical would be beach episode or something like 'omfg we have to all take part in a cooking contest for no reason whatsoever xD wacky shenanigans ensue') aka basically all that you see in the lighter parts of Higurashi (which could be good if it was not crap for that reason). I found them engaging, well-paced and the side characters diverse and interesting (they were not waifu/husbando types, just various people going through life).
The argument is not that all anime sucks so CB passes on the merit of slightly being bettter, it's just written in a way resembling western/european tv series or movies while keeping the cool animation and art of anime. It's really high quality which makes it shine even more in comparison to typical garbage. You don't have to compare it to compliment it, but it's hard not to, as it's significant that something so good came out out of a genre so plagued with bad scripts that only kids would consider great (or ~anime connoisseurs~ in the same way one can be an adult FiM enthusiast lmfao).
I would argue more but I have seen CB about 7 years ago and my memory is shit in general.

You might hate CB, but people that love it a are not wrong, just see it in different light than you.
TBH the discussion made me want to rewatch it as well as see other tv series of Shinichiro Watanabe, so thank you for that. I am also really curious what CB haters consider good anime, but I guess I will never find out. I do not want 'the next CB' but I would really love to find something that had similar strenghts (like Paranoia Agent, for example - not similar to CB except for the short story plus overreaching plot format, but also with great script, characters that are written more like people than anime cliches, semi-realistic art style and so on).

No. 317265

>but really well written and with hidden depth which humanized them (like Faye's lost childhood)
Lmao that's actually one of the parts from the series I didn't like, Faye's backstory was fake deep and didn't leave me with feeling that there is some sort of hidden depth, it felt shallow and cliche.

And as someone who reads more western comics, no, CB doesn't resemble western stories, it has obvious anime stint.

No. 317267

>Race wars aren't even a thing outside of the USA

what is Albania

what is Myanmar

what is the Bantu expansion

No. 317274

File: 1540745731583.jpg (78.85 KB, 541x783, denoyelle_Larcenet1.jpg)

And as for my favorite anime and manga, I actually do enjoy reading manga more than watching anime:

Akira, manga version. (Movie version story is fine, and fits better for movie phasing, but the original story has more depth and more developed characters. It suffers a little from characters always running from place a to place b, that sometimes feels exhausting, but I enjoy the whole traumatized society trying to cope in post-war life thing)

Nausicaa, original manga (The movie is very, very shallow compared to the original manga. Sometimes Nausicaa feels kinda boring as a main character, but I like that she has to face some really heavy moral troubles, especially as a person who tries to value all kinds of life, and how sometimes she has to act against these values)

Homunculus (manga, don't know if there is anime version. The art is beautiful, and the artist uses slow phasing brilliantly in some pages)

Junji Ito comics (sometimes his characters are dull with them just basically suffering and taking everything fate is throwing at the)

I also like some mobile suit gundam series too, sometimes they had a very slow start but I feel like for example the original series and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam had a nice payoff still.

Similar level with CB, but animes that I think had more interesting characters and felt more sincere and why I think they're better than CB: Cyborg 009 (the 2001 anime and manga, 70s anime was okayish. I find the characters more sincere even though they're cliche too) and Trigun (it had obvious anime stint but I liked the characters well enough) That's right, I don't hate CB, I just think it's allrigt-level at best. Hellsing was alright until the nazis showed up, before that it had fun vampire aesthetic going on, nothing too serious, but then the whole war angle ruined it. The original TV series has a good soundtrack and was okay before the Incognito stuff.

(From western comics, Manu Larcenet is one of my favorite authors with stories and characters that I think have some actual depth in them)

No. 317323

>tfw I'm a tomboy bi girl, attracted to femmes, a massive crossplaying fujoshi but I hate the transtrender fakeboi bullshit with burning passion
>tfw all your butch friends have been caught in the trans fad during the last few years and some of them went as far as starting HRT and getting SRS
Just end me already

>It's a lingering fear that every attractive, masc-presenting woman I see is actually just an egg.

This. I'm wary of interacting with people like this at this point because I'm not fucking going to play into their gender delusions but I don't want to be #canceled as a ~transphobe~ either. It makes me feel lonely because nowadays you can't be a butch woman, you have to be an Aiden who's at LEAST "transmasculent" or "nonbinary". When people hear you're 100% cis and not genderspecial you can hear them groaning in disappointment. I'm surprised I haven't been called out for "appropriating" trans culture already or some bullshit like that.

No. 317358

All the edits in the joysparklebs thread are unfunny as fuck. I've never read any of those threads or kept up with her, but they seem really shitty. LC is going through a milk drought rn.

No. 317370

People who are super sensitive about racism are so annoying because they can find racism in things that aren't even racist. I went on a trip to Tokyo with a black friend and she pretty much ruined everything because she's constantly whining about racism when no one was even racist to her and its not even me not knowing what racism is because im darker than her and I'm black too. We went to the Milky Way cafe and she bitched that they gave us a table in the back only because we are black despite numerous Japanese people being in the same area, she claimed the girl at 7/11 was being racist because she inserted her card chip instead of tapping it, she bitched and whined how Japanese people are nicer to whites even though there were no situations that would even make her think that, whined that some Japanese guy gave her a dirty look and I literally can't understand how he did. These people will never enjoy life because they will always be worrying if someone is being racist. Like seriously get over it.

No. 317375

i keep seeing the thread get pushed up and i'm just thinking to myself, "is she actually doing something milky? or is someone showing off their epic edits"

No. 317376

the joy thread has some of the most concentrated autism on the site, avoid at all costs. but I agree, the ot threads are way more active, most cows have dried up a long time ago but people keep perpetuating their threads in hopes for a return to the glory days.

No. 317387

that's so fucking lame sorry she ruined your trip. my trip was quite the opposite, we had our really big friend there with us, also black, and he was getting fawned over by school girls (we were in HS at the time) and everyone was just talking about how cool the japanese thought we were.

No. 317399

SJWs really incite paranoia with their constant push to talk about racism whenever a non-white person is around. basically their way of trying to be closer to the non-white person, by only seeing them as their skin color and doing a constant pity party around them. its so exhausting.

my boyfriend's like this whenever he catches a bout of bad luck. he has to stay a mandatory few minutes after work, why? because he's a short, brown guy. some drunk person wasn't taking him seriously? because she's a short, brown guy. a cashier sounded annoyed? because he's a short, brown guy. thankfully this isn't as bad as it used to be. he's mostly like this because of the musicians he follows on twitter who retweet extremist shit all the time.

i understand the paranoia because that was me for a few weeks. thankfully i got over that quick, hopefully your friend realizes making powerful excuses like that for little things isn't the way to go.

No. 317400

Seriously I think people are overplaying the "omg Japanese are soooo racist" meme and it causes situations like this. I'm a white European and when I went to Tokyo for the first time I was constantly looking for signs of people treating me "badly" because everyone tells me that the Japanese hate all foreigners and it almost ruined my experience there. In reality they're pretty curious and sincerely interested in foreign people unless they're old, conservative nationalist grumps.

No. 317412

yep. i usually see these claims come from those of japanese ethnicity who haven't even traveled to japan once in their life and are just bleeding exaggerated facts about the culture you can easily find in random articles with a quick google search but throw them around like they're highly intelligent and have experienced it firsthand.
i've only known of one non-japanese person who's been attacked, but he was living in japan for a few years. it also turned out the guy attacked japanese people as well, he was just insane.

No. 317422

Japan is like the least racist East Asian country. Your friend would probably be on suicide watch if she went to South Korea or China (IMO, Korea is the worst with the racism).

No. 317443

Absolutely Fabulous is one of the shittiest shows Ive ever attempted to watch even by Brit standards and I dont understand why people are so obsessed with it.

No. 317574

i feel bad for the popular-pretty-girl-who-bullies-the-main-character characters in american high school movies. i can't hate them

No. 317580

Agreed. Complains about Korea and China I can understand. Especially Korea. But Japan really isn't as racist as some people say. Then again neither are wypipo

No. 317582

Have you ever considered that maybe a lot of people on your "side" are genuinely unhinged?

No. 317584

If you cared about overpopulation you'd be campaigning against Oxfam lol

No. 317585

File: 1540802072922.jpeg (39.63 KB, 500x447, npcmeme.jpeg)

>People are getting angry with it? Why? It's such a harmless meme and only making fun of the masses with no individual thought, it's been done since forever and…

No. 317586

>actually choosing "sides" when it has been shown that most are unhinged and retarded when accepted wholeheartedly
>not being critical of all political groups, and only accepting what doesn't sound ridiculous
Now this is true NPC behavior.
inb4 you reeee and complain about me being a dirty centrist or "fence-sitter" like all /pol/-programmed NPCs are prone to do when they can't scream "Libtard!!!1" at people

No. 317595

Kotaku gave it steam because their business model requires outrage. These liberals are no better than the right when it comes to getting outraged about stupid shit.

No. 317600

File: 1540806334421.jpg (31.68 KB, 339x513, 1539567948269.jpg)

>being this mad about the npc meme

No. 317601

>person says "I don't get why people are mad about this"
>"Wtf…they must be mad"
Projection much? Your hot new meme is not that big a deal, Cleetus. Just let it go.

No. 317602

But grifters on the left say that it's a bad meme! I must meme this to trigger the lips and give them money!

No. 317627

Brides are whiny and entitled as shit. Nobody finds it fun to have to spend money and attend multiple events centered around someone's selfish ass.

No. 317643

speak for yourself! did you not get to be maid of honor or something? lmao.

No. 317660

Struck a nerve? The majority of people don't want to participate in weddings, and no less want to be the main punching bag-emotional tissue aka maid of honor.

Le kek.

No. 317661

the anti/critical kpop and Jpop threads have so many posters who really just come either to complain about the change of style or to literally gush over their (ex) favourite artists, whats the point of calling it critical if all people are gonna do is ride the nostalgia boat while they cry that their favourite idol got too much plastic surgery?
The kpop one atleast has some anons talking about critical subjefts but they usually get silenced by koreaboos who just wanna complain about their faves looking ugly.

No. 317665

I've been a fan for a long ass time too and liked kamikaze, but I feel like it's nothing new anymore, I'd rather listen to new artists who have something to bring to the table instead of eminem wanting to prove himself again and again cause honestly it's getting kind of old, he's definitely lost touch. And I lost some respect for him for the whole blackballing mgk his whole career thing. He comes off as so insecure and it's lame now that he's gotten old. Plus neither revival or kamikaze are even top 20 albums released recently, I think people who think that don't listen to enough hip hop or disregard any artist as being a "mumble rapper" or w/e. There's still a lot of good stuff out there.

No. 317667

>free food and an excuse for a vacation

oh no anon it's soooo terrible! i think you're really in the minority here tbh, most people don't mind weddings and many feel quite the opposite. a colleague of mine goes to about 3-5 yearly and loves it.

not only that but your idea of brides seems to stem from reality TV, in real life wedding planning is super simple thanks to cheap planners that do everything for you. and many weddings i've been in/to are about the couple, and not just the bride, so it definitely sounds like you've formed your opinion from over dramatized television.

No. 317670

Not that anon but I find wedding awful. You're stuck there for hours on end with people you mostly don't know (if you're not family).
Who would love that shit? Even for free food it's a big fucking hassle.

No. 317671

Marriedfag here, part of the reason my husband and I decided to elope was because I had four different friends who voiced their expectation to be maid of honor, and I know others who've had friendships permanently impacted by someone not being maid of honor who felt like they should. Your views are by no means universal.

No. 317676

I think whether or not people will enjoy it depends on a lot of factors. If you only know the couple, but have no one else to socialize with, it's going to be absolutely horrible. That's why most people will let you bring a +1. Also, organizing seating so that people you think will have a good time talking together is crucial.

No. 317681

I mean, it is pretty possible there were interactions that were obvious to her they were being judgey, but…you don't go to Japan and not expect them to be polite but secretly hate everyone that isn't Japanese lmfao. That's literally one of the biggest issues in that country. If you wanted natives that aren't racist as fuck go to a different country, you're not going to fix it by swooping in with tumblrite logic. God I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

No. 317692

Also their version of politeness comes off kinda rude to some people, like, yeah maybe there's a high chance they kinda secretly hate you and the fact you don't get how their culture works is frustrating and alienating but man get over it.

I really can't stand people who go full in on vacations to Asian countries with these kinda problems and cultural differences and then come back being like "baaaw this sucked bc people there are terrible or whatever"

Like that oatmeal guy went to India and blogged in a super racist paragraphs long thing how much it sucked that he essentially didn't get a sterile, convenient vacation, because they didn't have a resort vacation, essentially. Like…two minutes of reading about India from the perspective of a tourist would've clued him in that he wouldn't enjoy it. He caught a lot of flak for it and deleted it i think, but i always thought it was incredibly stupid and rude as fuck.

No. 317711

i agree that his music got repetitive and it's not as good as his older work, it's not groundbreaking or anything, but i don't find his newer stuff as bad as people make it out to be either. people are being too hard on him because of their expectations. his beef with kelly is just messy, some of his disses in general were just pointless and unnecessary.
i'm not saying all of today's popular hip hop music is bad. there are definitely a lot of talented people who make decent music in our time as well, i just dislike the stuff that became mainstream with x, lil pump, lil xan, 6ix9ine and their alikes

No. 317714


Do Bridezillas seriously believe people enjoy using their time off work to go spend money to travel to a wedding and fund gifts for some newlywed's house?
That's not vacation. It's satisfying what people feel they're socially obligated to do.

No. 317744

MTV sucks now but I find it stupid that people complain about the “lack of music” on the channel in this day and age. What’s the point of showing music videos on TV when it takes a millisecond to look it up on YouTube? Besides, they had shows that had nothing to do with music since the 80s.

I hate that it’s become the SJW channel though. The cheesy reality dating shows that they had in the mid 2000s were the best.

No. 317764

Tourists in general tend to be stupid as hell. It's like the moment some people board a plane and land in a different country, they lose all common sense and want to bitch about everything.
My mother is often the same way. It's just frustrating.

No. 317779

The blog post is still up here

No. 317783

Agreed. It's all about technique that makes a singer good, Mariah has both amazing range & technique. It's something these new " Mariah"s " ( Literally any new girl with a higher range than normally is said to be the next Mariah ) need to learn, just because you have a great range doesn't mean you'll have the ability to control it to sound good. This is just like Christina Aliguera, everyone raved about her having high notes, but live she's always screaming. Ariana Grande is always out of breath, nasally, or can't pronounce anything which to me sounds like yelling/whiny. Many of these wide ranged singers depend on high notes to save a song. I think singers don't need to necessarily have an unique sound, they just need to know how to make their voice appealing which is with technique. Kinda like the lead singer Hope Sandoval ( Mazzy Star ) is very quiet in her music, something Selena Gomez is now trying to imitate, but can't replicate a soothing voice…because she has no technique… & lack of vocal training ofc. Sorry for being a musicsperg.

No. 317784

I'd heard he had gotten rid of it but well it was just buried…still just as cringy, rude, and over the top as i recall it being. All of his complaints are valid but would've been discovered with a laughable amount of basic research…

Idk if this is truly an "unpopular" opinion but that guy was always really overrated, anyway. He spergs so much and with such hyperbole he goes from legit funny to you're not that funny pretty quick. I guess now he just shills a bunch of quirky card games riding the tail coats of cards against humanity. Looked at one of them once and it sounded really boring.

I always felt he had cow potential if not for the fact he's smart enough to be a private person. But man, you just know this guy has wicked skeletons and is really not as well adjusted as he tries to posture as. He's just so fake. Don't even think half of his public opinions are really his true beliefs.

No. 317793

No. 317817

Reminds me of that Christian lady who went to some African country as a missionary and was shocked and upset it was developed and had supermarkets and shit in the capital.

I really don't understand people who travel but don't take the time to fix their expectations on the destination.

No. 317825

Japan loves foreigners visiting them, they're just not to keen on them living there, but that's more to do with the entire population basically being high-functioning autistic and having poor reactions to the unexpected/change. Other than that, the only racism in Japan comes from lack of education about other cultures, because their population is so homogeneous they don't even teach anything about them (think of it like US midwesterners who grow up with only white people, but aren't in racist areas like the south).

100% agree here. Especially in the USA, Japanese Americans are like this because they slot themselves into the "Asian American" identity and hear from other "Asian Americans" how racist Japan is to x, y, z country. It's like a fucking disease. Asian Americans are so fucking weird to me because all of them shit on eachother's ethnic background by shitting on the country itself and get super offended when someone mis-identifies their heritage, yet they do shit like get offended for other Asian cultures when it isn't appropriate. Probably because their 1st generation parents are always racist shits against other Asians.

My unpopular opinion is that I hate that any Asian gets a pass for "appropriating" eachother's shit simply because SJWs are too racist to care what ethnicity they are. Chinese girls should not be allowed to wear kimono if white or black or indian girls can't.

No. 317826

Holy shit, what? Link? I'm from an African country and that sounds hilarious.

No. 317828

As someone who lives in Africa, that Christian lady story sounds way too familiar kek
I've met foreigners here who were shocked we have the basics of living, or even know what a condom is…
We don't even have an overpopulation issue in this country.

No. 317832

so true. people do the whiny singing thing to prove that they have a wide range a lot nowadays. i think ariana does have potential but her music is underwhelming

No. 317833

>another African farmer
Holy fuck. I thought I was the only one. Where are you from, anon?

No. 317836

No. 317837

this is me just sperging out, and it's a stupid complaint coming from a lolcow user, but out of every gossip site… i don't get how anyone can stand browsing kiwi farms for very long, it's embarrassing as fuck and so are its users, who are hilariously out of touch.

i's semi-tolerable when it's furries and gamergate weirdos, and run-of-the-mill internet freaks, but they are way too retarded to tackle shit gay drama (the noodlesandbeef thread means you have to trudge through the same 50 iterations of OTT homophobic jokes and people giving posts by actual members of the community/people that knew the victims/the only people that can actually explain shit accurately "autistic" rates - and holy fuck are the rates annoying too), way too fat and ugly (and trans) to tackle anything in the beauty parlor, and way too behind in general to fully understand instathots/internet alt kid drama (their thread on luhshawnay on ig - who is honestly just really fat and black and a woman, not much drama - has a kf user sperging out because she captioned a photo "stiff smile just like i'm aphex twin", because apparently the aphex twin smile isn't stiff enough to him… it's a frank ocean lyric, seriously?)
their "clothing cringe" thread is just the stupidest dunking on couture looks that are basically intentionally unwearable, and jesus. all the "i'm literally nauseous right now"s and a-logging. i'd rather talk to naive PULL users than this

No. 317838

oh shit i can't type today. it's and shitty gay drama.

No. 317840

Somewhere in North Africa, so if you're sub-Saharan you might not count me as a real African kek. Where in Africa are you?

No. 317843

Wait you're telling there are people surprised there are things like supermarkets in North Africa? Were those foreigners white tourists? Are you that Moroccan anon from the "where are you from" thread on /g/?

No. 317846

Yeah, it's always white tourists, mostly Americans and Brits. I've had one of them tell me he didn't think he'd see something like Morocco Mall (second largest shopping center in Africa) anywhere in the continent, and then proceeded to ask how do people afford to shop there if everyone is so poor. Online I've had people(Americans, white and black) unironically and seriously ask me if I'm from the royal family because I can afford good internet while living in Africa. Shit gets even wackier sometimes, lmao
And yes it's that anon if you haven't guessed already. Is this the same anon from earlier?

No. 317848

No, I'm another anon, we already talked on the other thread because I'm in France but one of my parents is Moroccan and I have a lot of relatives in Morocco. White tourists from France seem to know what to expect in Morocco a little more so I'm not even surprised it's mostly Americans and Brits being ignorant. And even then I've heard some weird things about Morocco from French people, you'd think people ride camels instead of cars to go to work according to them.
>Online I've had people(Americans, white and black) unironically and seriously ask me if I'm from the royal family because I can afford good internet while living in Africa.
lmfao I can definitely believe it happened to you several times.

No. 317851

KF is full of incels, autists, a-logs and other users that are cows themselves, it's just unbearable. I've never lasted longer than maybe 2 pages of a thread there. If people thought the nitpicking and derailing problem in here was bad, try browsing through 80+ pages of people sperging the fuck out at each other and making up long-winded theories and blogposting instead of actually discussing the cow.

PULL isn't much better though, it has the same problems except the userbase is full of underage skin-walking BPDcunts, fakebois and tumblrettes who berate you for using the wrong pronouns for a tranny cow. In all honesty you can bitch about all the flaws of lolcow but it's literally the only tolerable gossip site there currently is.

No. 317857

I only go on KF for the Ja/ck/ thread and even that has gotten a few spergy weirdos who powerlevel too hard.

No. 317860

As someone from the US, generally Americans tend to be pretty clueless about other cultures to begin with, but the way the Western media represents Africa doesn't help at all. You're probably talking to people whose only exposure to African cultures have been UNICEF commercials of starving Ethiopian children, NAT GEO documentaries about primitive African tribes, and what's shown on the news which is never good.

No. 317873

The animal control threads are flooded with autism, it's mostly furries making fun of other furries and sperging about their unrealistic expectations of the cows. The Glip thread is only enjoyable when she's being extra milky, otherwise it's people trying to continue or rewrite her comic series for some reason.

Yes, whenever a cow is gay they make the same lame ass homophobic jokes, I'm glad a majority of them don't get much feedback, but it doesn't stop them from continuing.

No. 317880

I like this parody of the phenomenon.

No. 317881

yeah you nailed it. GuruGossiper also sucks because people will not only nitpick everything imaginable about a cow, but will also somehow spin it like each and every flaw makes the cow a bad person. AND making fun of or criticizing any other user on the site in any way will get you banned and you can't tell anyone to quit nitpicking or you'll get told to leave the thread. So imagine a bunch of narcs blogposting and comparing themselves to cows, competing to find a new thing to nitpick, finding weird philosophical loopholes where gossiping is morally upright, all completely unchecked.

lolcow is the most wellbalanced imo. not as autistic as KF, more cruel and unapologetic than PULL, and more realistic and self aware than GG.

No. 317883

yeah you nailed it. GuruGossiper also sucks because people will not only nitpick everything imaginable about a cow, but will also somehow spin it like each and every flaw makes the cow a bad person. AND making fun of or criticizing any other user on the site in any way will get you banned and you can't tell anyone to quit nitpicking or you'll get told to leave the thread. So imagine a bunch of narcs blogposting and comparing themselves to cows, competing to find a new thing to nitpick, finding weird philosophical loopholes where gossiping is morally upright, all completely unchecked.

lolcow is the most wellbalanced imo. not as autistic as KF, more cruel and unapologetic than PULL, and more realistic and self aware than GG.

No. 317907

off topic but where can i learn more about what goes on in Africa? t. ignorant brit

No. 318040

asian weeaboos are the worst. prove me wrong.

No. 318042

Asian weeb males are just as creepy and fetishistic towards Asian women as their nonAsian yellow fevered weeb male counterparts but I never see them get called out for it.

No. 318046

Disney style fucking sucks, I only appreciate the animation, that is the technique used behind it, but nothing about the expressions, the stereotypical and derivative character archetypes and roles, or the plots, ect. It fucking sucks. I grew up with Disney but I always had an innate distaste for it. I even detest Don Bluth's style. Horrible.

No. 318048

…ethnic conflict instead of arbitrary burger standards of race

No. 318049

I love being hapa

No. 318074

I wish lolcow had more traffic

No. 318075

For some comedy go check their kiwi users "improve" shitty art thread. Honestly though they have incredibly insufferable user base.

No. 318097

Same, some days I feel uneasy when no one's posted on any threads for over half an hour.

No. 318098

Watch the news and documentaries about history.

No. 318243

File: 1540919498830.jpeg (48.03 KB, 400x286, E8908704-EFB3-42A9-8B3A-72512E…)

The new American horror story season is utter fucking garbage. Am I the only one?

No. 318252

all of them are garbage, but this is sooooo bad. really, all of them are terrible, but i can't stop cringing.

No. 318253

It's been shit after the season with the Witches and even that was intolerable

No. 318256


Please explain! Haven't watched it yet, but wanted to give it a try.

No. 318257

I watched and enjoyed Cult and I was wondering why nobody's talking about the new season… Now I know why, kek. I had that feeling when I skipped through parts of the first episode and decided to drop it

Cult was nice imo. That, season 2 and maybe season 1. The rest is garbage

No. 318284

cult was awful imho. the only semi decent one was the first season

No. 318320

File: 1540927905879.png (673.56 KB, 597x585, Screen-Shot-2017-07-31-at-8.53…)

only the first two seasons of AHS were good.

No. 318331

File: 1540928707781.png (357.94 KB, 450x529, surprised anons actually got t…)

farmers think everyone is into ddlg. chokers? ddlg. dress too pink? ddlg. too lolita? ddlg. wear pigtails? ddlg. wear popular fashion from insta/tumblr? ddlg look. literally just someone who likes the 90s and is obviously trying to look like babyspice? ddlg. at least a few of them must be projecting cause i swear everyone gets accused of it and i never see it. i think a lot of these bitches just copy eachothers styles and that's it, it has nothing to do with what they do in the bedroom. i love pigtails, pink and chokers and i ain't no fuckin ddlg i just like cute things and being a femme lesbian okay i just really like baby spice and i will not stop

maybe pixieelocks though cause she actually does speak like a fucking ddlg caption 24/7 and thats pretty weird.

No. 318336

that file name lmao

100% agreed anon. It's so annoying. saged for blog but I'm into fairy kei and damn I loke chokers and cute shit but I'm so scared of being called ddlg for fuck's sake, not everything is about kinks, even if it might be super popular. However, now that I'm not a Melanie Martinez fan anymore I can see how ddlg it looked. But as you said not everything cute or slightly childish is kinky wtf

No. 318343

File: 1540929801161.jpeg (67.09 KB, 494x660, 133D7E0C-F2A5-4536-A65D-35195B…)

Firm agree anon. Zachary Quinto gives me life.

No. 318431

I’m not a SJW but I feel like this site is WAAAY to obsessed with race. Whether it’s people bitching about black people, white people, Asians, Middle eastern people, or Latinos, some of you people need to fucking chill. I’m not saying we should all get a long and sing kumbya but can you at least not shit up every goddamn thread in lolcow with your race sperging? Much appreciated.

No. 318434

Today when whoever opened that thread about white woman/asian man couples. I was just like…stop. Does this deserve a whole thread? How do these rare couples bother you? What? It's always just someone and their insecurities and frustrations. I agree that it's getting to be a bit much. It's either these super specific threads about something they're personally jealous of or racist about or clogging up other threads with racebaiting. It's a lot. Don't really expect it to go away but it's endless droning on and on and ooon

No. 318439

These weebs are having an identity crisis.

No. 318451

Race is a hot topic, so it's bound to come up at some points but the anti-Asian sentiment has become very superfluous. Do this board really need 1000 different threads just to shit on Koreans? Seems like a bunch of white ex-weebs/koreaboos had a shocking epiphany that there can be good and bad aspects of each culture.

No. 318468

I dated a black guy before and felt like I had to walk on eggshells the whole time, afraid I would say something to offend him. He constantly made fun of me for being "too white" but obviously I could not say he was acting "too black." Tbh I don't think I will ever date outside of my race again

No. 318475

Ex weaboos in the korea hate thread thinking korea is complete hell compared to living in China is fucking hilarious. Chinas a shit show and has more thread worthy content than japan amd korea combined.

No. 318500

i think it's just ex kboos who wasted too much time on kpop now getting mad that they couldn't find their kpop lookalike bf/gfs and south korea isn't the bubbly aegyo land where they'll get treated like the second coming of jesus for being a foreigner. like you said, there are good and bad aspects to every country, welcome to the real world. if you want to critique the culture of a country so bad, not being able to do it without being a racist cunt makes you look ignorant.

No. 318510

File: 1540971485748.jpg (38.26 KB, 500x684, 75d.jpg)

Mental illness sucks, I get it, as I am a depressed person, but people who never shut the fuck up about it and never make any improvements in their life are the absolute worst. Yes, it is hard to do shit as mundane as brushing your teeth when you are depressed, but your life will always be miserable and you will ALWAYS be a burden to others unless you actually try to make improvements. Just going to talk therapy isn't enough, either, you have to ACTUALLY implement the suggestions your therapist makes, or at least give it a shot. I have zero pity for depressed people who do not even do the bare minimum effort of getting better. Even if you try and fail, it's better than blaming literally everything on your depression and using it as an excuse to get out of doing anything with your life.

No. 318519

Pretty much this. A lot of 18-20yo girls growing out of their weeb/kboo phase and going from one extreme to another, and people having an irrational hatred for weebs/kboos joining in for drama. It's really tiring for anyone older than 25 who went through this shit in their late teens years ago and now acknowledge that you can enjoy a culture and the media it produces without being either an obsessed pre-teen or thinking it's a god-forsaken hellhole. A lot of american girls (white, black, hispanic, all of them) seem to have a lot of resentment towards asian girls too for them being glorified over their ethnicity.

No. 318545

> A lot of american girls (white, black, hispanic, all of them) seem to have a lot of resentment towards asian girls too for them being glorified over their ethnicity.
More like just white girls tbh. Black/afro latino girls are already used to being compared to other races and dragged for it. White girls are used to being "desired" by all types of men and tend to freak out if it's starting to shift towards asian women.

No. 318546

This. And it's not just American white girls either.

No. 318548

>White girls are used to being "desired" by all types of men
white woman privilege!

No. 318551

that and cody fern is overrated as shit. sorry not sorry. also i don't get why everyone's suddenly pretending they've forgotten that emma roberts is a fucking domestic abuser and is back to praising her and her (awful) acting

No. 318553

Seeing all the butthurt black girls on this site I'll have to disagree, there just was an anon talking about her black friend being paranoid of racism everywhere in Japan. And it's definitely an American thing, I haven't seen people being so assblasted over Asians in Europe where I live.

No. 318555

oh please, they we're beating down on each other and if the guy she was dating was being so "abused" why didn't he just leave? obviously didn't feel that threatened.

No. 318560


I've mostly only seen this when men are insulting white/Western women to try and big "submissive" Asian women up, like those men who sperg about boycotting American women because of feminism or whatever.

No. 318563

Well, look. That's not really fair. Abused people in shit relationships often don't leave. You see it in women all the time. People are like WhY diDn'T sHe LeaVe?! But abuse psychology is more complicated than that.
I will say that Evan Peters is a pushover and that his relationship with her makes me like him less. He's had numerous opportunities to get the fuck out but he always just came right back. If you break up and get back with someone that many times…maybe you shouldn't be together. In that incident she went off in him and he was later even comforting her like he was the one who did it. Like I said, I get that it's complicated but it really does make me feel more meh about him since it's been going on forever and he's really not helpless with nowhere to go. I've heard stories from people who saw them in public or were at events with them and it always included her being unpleasant to him. I've just heard too many stories about her being terrible to believe they're all lies. And I'm careful with rumors about a woman being a bitch cause it's often baseless sexist bullshit. But with Emma Roberts, I believe it.

No. 318565


I don't get the point of the AMWF thread. There are some cringy AMWF couples but not at any higher rate than cringy couples of other races. And AMWF couples are so rare to begin with that there's not much fresh milk so the thread is destined to turn into race arguments.

No. 318567

When white/latino/black men are into asian girls it's called yellow fever and those poor girls are victims of fetishism.
When asian/latino/black men are into white girls then those girls are lucky to be desired by everybody and therefore should consider themselves priviledged.

No. 318568

>But abuse psychology is more complicated than that.
I agree but only with women. idc about male victims of "domestic violence" by women like that. I'll just ask why don't they leave like men ask women that. Meh. Men who stay with "abusive" women are beyond pathetic. How the fuck are you scared of someone you're 3 times stronger then? I just don't give a shit lmao.

No. 318573

I love how this is all it comes down to when they talk about "white woman privilege" men want to fuck you most! You're the sex object on every billboard!

….and white women have everything to do with that. Definitely. I don't take these people seriously because they remind me of incels.

I don't take these people seriously.

No. 318575

Oh no, I don't think he's scared of her. Don't get me wrong. But men do stay in shit relationships too and they have their own complicated internal crap on why they don't leave. I wouldn't ever compare it to what women go through. It doesn't happen as often, they're not in the same amount of danger and it's just not the same. But she is a huge bitch and he'll break up and get back together a few more times before they end it. Maybe they'll even get married for maximum shitshow potential.

No. 318578

Ikr like it's some sort of accomplishment to have men want to fuck you. Give women a break lmao.

No. 318581

because there's a very large subset of american men viciously obsessed with asian women

No. 318582

>I love how this is all it comes down to when they talk about "white woman privilege" men want to fuck you most! You're the sex object on every billboard!
No one even said that. You just have a victim complex and jump to conclusions faster than hopscotch.

No. 318583


You're right, but get ready for the flood of replies furiously denying this.

No. 318611

I think it's the US side of Lolcow. Americans are the ones obsessed with race

No. 318619

Why do eurofags blame everything on Americans? Many of the racebaiters have straight up admitted to being eurofags, yet they still insist all this race obsession is caused by Americans.

No. 318626

That was not what was meant. It was to point out how white women get heated because they get compared to asian women. That's literally it. Did you even read the post within context?

No. 318647

It's rich that some of the most horrible posts re: Americans have come from Germans. Don't act brave online when the first thing most people think of when they think Germany is Hitler.

No. 318652

Sure, because us eurofags aren't dealing with the same shit now?

No. 318667

Venus is a greasy gross nutcase who is obviously into some weird ageplay shit. She’s not ‘goals’ she’s very mentally ill

No. 318708

The issue is that white anons here don't complain about being fetishized nearly as often as they complain about other women being fetishized. It's obvious what's really going on.
You can post exactly one Asian model, and the meltdowns and nitpicking will begin immediately. If it's not that she's ugly, it's that she's too young looking and pandering to pedos, and anyone who says she's not actually that young-looking by real life standards, but is probably edited that way by her agency to pander to pedos is actually just "normalizing pedophilia" because real adult women must be able to pass for 34 at 20. If it's not that she's too young-looking, it's that she has plastic surgery and "real Asian women" are totally ugly (and then they will proceed to post multiple photos of underage Asian girls in school uniforms that they found and have been collecting from god-knows-where as "proof"). If it's not that she has plastic surgery, it's that she's "anorexic". If it's not that she's "anorexic", it's that everyone who would dare find her pretty is just a dumb weeaboo/kboo with yellow fever and that anons "feel sooo bad for her" because of all the people who sexualize her and she's not even that good-looking anyways so there.
Like…The bitterness and envy is palpable. The biggest threat to an "ex" weeaboo/koreaboo's ego and self-confidence is an attractive Asian girl who non-Asians find pretty.

No. 318723

Um, I’m American and I wrote the post you replied to. Sure, there are some Americans who are obsessed with race but don’t act like there aren’t Europeans who sperg about race on the internet, especially on here.

Agreed. I don’t have anything against Europeans but it’s annoying how some of them act holier than thou than us, especially since Europe has its own problems. Some that are very similar to America’s problems.

No. 318725

I'm so tired of the race discussions infesting almost every /ot/ thread. Can't we just have a containment thread for the spergs so the rest of us can hide it?

No. 318726

All women here regardless of race will get nitpicked, asian women just have more whiteknights so they'll grab their pitchforks anytime someone says an asian woman is anything less than a 10/10 goddess who shits out rose petals, but when women of other races get nitpicked its ignored and not questioned

No. 318728

having a thread full of racists flinging shit at eachother isn't a good look for lc. they should all just get b&.

No. 318731

>asian women just have more whiteknights so they'll grab their pitchforks anytime someone says an asian woman is anything less than a 10/10 goddess who shits out rose petals
This never happens, racist-chan. Especially not on /ot/, go look at the fucking kpop and jpop threads.

No. 318732

I wouldn't care about people finding asian women attractive, the issue is whiteknights or those with revenge fantasies who pin women against each other and claim all white women are jealous roasties of asians

If you can't be attracted to asian women without mentioning women of other races being jealous or ugly, then you aren't attracted to asian women you're attracted to the idea of them

No. 318734

It happens here all the time, in fact its happening right now, look at threads of asian cows, or how that one sperg started freaking out and accused everyone of being jealous because of the one porn star who gets photoshoped to look as much as a child as possible,or that one picture of the asian athelete getting nit picked but people only care if women get nitpicked if its an asian gettint nitpicked

It may not happen in those threads maybe, but anywhere on the internet? Ehh

No. 318735

Many women in the korean culture thread complained about getting treated badly by the men there, yet then people came in and accused them of being salty former kboos who just couldn't get oppa…
So, it's not like they're get taken seriously when they complain about getting fetishized either, it's always them being the weird yellow fevered ones, it's never the asian mens fault.

No. 318736


I've noticed this too. I think on LC it's just one or two spergs who throw the same tantrum every time but they're pretty annoying.

No. 318737


I see white women on lc complaining about being fetishized pretty often. But then its always derailed by someone telling them to check their privilege or saying other races have it worse.(sperg)

No. 318743

Not that anon, but
>look at threads of asian cows
Who? Yumi? Because pretty much everyone agrees she's ugly.
>that one sperg started freaking out and accused everyone of being jealous because of the one porn star who gets photoshoped to look as much as a child as possible
This never happened. An anon posted an image of her sans-shoop, said she doesn't actually look like a child, and multiple anons started sperging out anyway, claiming they were normalizing pedophilia and collecting CP as inspiration material. They then spammed the thread with creepy photos of her for some reason.
>that one picture of the asian athelete getting nit picked but people only care if women get nitpicked if its an asian gettint nitpicked
A biracial girl being nitpicked was posted in that very same thread, and delusional anons ignored it, or claimed it's only being called out because "everyone is against white women now".
It sounds like you were one of those insane anons. Were you part of the "Not liking blue eyes is racist" crew, too?

No. 318746

>White women complain about being fetishized
"Shut up, this never happens and Asian women get fetishized worse than you do."
>White women complain about Asian women being fetishized
"Shut up, you're just jealous!"

No. 318751

Nice strawmen

No. 318753


Four words: the anti Korea thread.

No. 318755

Just leave the Asian girl sperg alone. It's the same anon who always flips her shit whenever someone doesn't agree that Asian women are simultaneously the most oppressed and most worshipped people on the planet and you guys always fall for the bait. There are starving mice on dairy farms with more self control than some of you.

No. 318757

why are we white women so obsessed is my question

No. 318759


"We" aren't. Maybe you are.

No. 318760

one word: strawman.

No. 318761

Insecurity, plain and simple.

No. 318769

natalie portman and gary oldman's actings were great but leon wasn't that good of a movie. it's overrated

No. 318780

It's mostly praised because of the ddlg stuff but no one wants to admit that's the real reason it's so popular. The older male character and the child character had a really weird sexual tension.

No. 318788

I believe only white women or mixed women with primarily white heritage are attractive.
I believe blue and green eyes are beautiful.
I believe blonde hair is beautiful.
I believe fair skin is beautiful.
I believe swarthy skin is beautiful.

I believe everyone is entitled to their preferences and attraction and arousal are completely personal and not to be subjected to ridicule.

No. 318796

Fullmetal Alchemist is good, but it's not THAT good. I guess compared to other popular shonen manga published around the same like Naruto or Bleach it's a masterpiece, but otherwise it's just a good shonen manga.

No. 318798

please no one take this bait

No. 318799

I don't understand why 99% of the population seems to hate water so much and is unable to drink it.
I mean, it tastes like nothing? Drinking it is not that hard. Yet about everybody I know either drinks way too little, drinks other stuff like tea or coffee, or puts some weird flavour shit into it.
I also had a phase there I drank too little, but that was when I was a dumb 10-year-old; there's no reason to still be that picky and risk your health as an adult.

No. 318801

Samefag: it also really annoys me when people whine and say "I can't drink that much!". If it's soda or alcohol you suddenly can…hm, strange.
Not drinking or only drinking coffee causes your breath to stink - that shit is nasty as hell.

No. 318802

anon, tea and coffee are just as hydrating as water and infact add some good health benefits. not drinking plain water isn't a bad thing.

No. 318804

Ugghh i had a bf that couldn't STAND to drink water without flavoring it…and i was like fuckin why. I give him that the water quality at his place wasn't great, but i always used a brita filter for that and was cool with it. He'd use the filter and flavor it still, and ??? It's so strange someone can only enjoy a beverage if its sweet or tart or something. I thought most of those flavors were really gross even though a couple i really liked. Even though he got me into indulging it i still liked, even preferred, plain old water for extreme thirst.

I've heard doctors say this kinda thing is why people will often be dehydrated, have appetite issues, etc. Its not really satisfying the thirst and hydration. I believe it tbh.

No. 318805

Coffee is not hydrating. Both can contain caffeine (+ extra calories) and stain your teeth. Simply not as healthy as water.

No. 318810

It's sugar addiction, plain and simple. I don't think anyone realises just how many peoppe are truly addicted to sugar just because it's in most foods. I used to be super adverse to the idea of eating or drinking something without "flavour". Now I think water is the best tasting thing in my life.

No. 318812

Coffee and tea are dehydrating as hell. Just because they are 95% water doesn’t make them a good replacement.

No. 318815

wtf. coffee is not hydrating. in fact, it makes you shit and can give you horrible headaches and cramps if you have too much. Just drink water.

No. 318816

That sounds sad, anon

No. 318818

I thought both Gary Oldman and Jean Reno carried that movie. I didnt care for Natalie portman at all

No. 318820

No. 318823

samefag but for idiots who refuse to read:

>Many used to believe that they [coffee and tea] were dehydrating, but that myth has been debunked. The diuretic effect does not offset hydration.

No. 318824

Even if that's true (I doubt it), my point still stands. No matter what, not wanting to drink water makes you seem whiny and spoiled.

No. 318825

but by the time you load it up with sugar and cream it's far less healthy than water….and if you're drinking it black, enjoy your caffeine dependency I guess.

No. 318826


>“Consumption of a moderate intake of coffee, 4 cups per day, in regular coffee-drinking males caused no significant difference across a wide range of hydration indicators compared to the consumption of equal amounts of water”

Sorry anon is right, you sound kind of dumb tbh. Drinks are no different than eating other kinds of foods. If we took your advice we'd all just eat things for nutrition and not taste so yeah.

No. 318828

you're ignoring the tea aspect (which is super healthy and full of antioxidants, but you know, go off i guess.

No. 318838

Okay, I believe you.

Anyways, I still find it annoying when older children and adults complain about not wanting to drink plain water, whine about somehow "not being able to" or flat out refuse to.
And I find that people who drink coffee have bad breath. It smells as if they haven't brushed their teeth in the morning.

No. 318839

Okay, I believe you.

Anyways, I still find it annoying when older children and adults complain about not wanting to drink plain water, whine about somehow "not being able to" or flat out refuse to.
And I find that people who drink coffee have bad breath. It smells as if they haven't brushed their teeth in the morning.

No. 318840

It was proven she photoshoped extremely to make herself look like a child, if you think the only reason why people would raise eye brows at someone photoshopping themselves to look as much like a child as possible in porn, must be because they're jealous roasties then…

And yumi also has whiteknights who accuse everyone of being jealous

Unpopular opinion:I think white women are beautiful and feminine, weird I know

No. 318841

>Unpopular opinion:I think white women are beautiful and feminine
this isn't an unpopular opinion in any way, shape, or form, you're just deeply insecure

No. 318842

You need to take a break from image boards if you genuinely feel this is an unpopular opinion anywhere on this planet lmao

Chocolate anything tastes too strong and bitter and lives a disgusting aftertaste

No. 318843

unglazed cake donuts are the only good donuts

No. 318856

All donuts taste like shit. Fucking disgusting sugary and greasy mess.

No. 318857

??? Can you read? I literally just said she was shown to be Photoshopped. By the same anon who was being screamed at by insecure weeaboos, and they didn't stop screaming, because they are/were mentally ill, saw red the moment she was posted and needed to vent.
And she obviously doesn't Photoshop her own gravure pictures, I don't know why you're dragging this out. You sperged out in that thread for no reason, just let it be.
And every cow has WKs. Doesn't mean those WKs make up general consensus.

No. 318859


No. 318861

I believe the mods will delete this race baiter.

No. 318864

They so obviously posted that because they know the reverse would destroy them and throw them into emotional turmoil. They're projecting hardcore and assuming everyone else must be as insecure as them. It's so pathetic.
Wonder if they're confused why there's no response, kek.

No. 318871

I can only have like 1/10 of a donut before the sugariness gets to be too much.

No. 318877

I love Krispy Kreme donuts much better than any other type of donut, be it from another chain or from a small local shop.

No. 318884

White men might lack empathy and they're sexist but they look like perfect knights in shining armor compared to other races of men

No. 318889

"Lol white girls are hideous roasties only asians are feminine and cute all other races are masculine uggos and anyone who says otherwise is a mad coping white roastie"=taken seriously and seej as truth
"I find white women and white features attractive, this is just my opinion and you're entitled to yours"="w-what? No way someone can find those hideous whiteys attractive! Must be bait!!!"

No. 318890

Lets be real, the only race of women that white women get the shit end when compared to are Asian women, compared to all other races of women they are considered the best and more attractive. White women are so petty they can't handle not being number one compared to everyone, being considered the best compared to most girls isn't good enough, you have to be the best compared to all girls. I'm black and I'd kill for white womens social position.

No. 318891

how do white women get the shit end compared to asians? it's a meme, just like black women being masculine is a meme. black women are incredibly feminine. 80-90% of the asian worship is worship of hapas or women who have gotten surgery, or uncommonly attractive women. the white vs asian thing is so dumb because the asians that are held up as being so much better than other races are the top 5% of 'pretty' asians. it's like picking cindy crawford and saying black women are ugly because all white women look like cindy crawford

No. 318892

I know it's a meme. I mean Asian women are the only group of women that men can use to taunt white women and make them feel bad but white women are still considered the best compared to all other races of girls. At least you only have to deal with men comparing you to one group of girls instead of comparing you to all groups of girls like black women have to deal with.

No. 318895

File: 1541033461964.gif (763.17 KB, 480x260, 61A9EC6C-0957-4336-B3CE-5C7FA6…)

No. 318896

Glad you just admitted to projection, just because YOU want to be better racially doesn't mean no one else sees an issue with pinning women against each other over things we cant help like race

No. 318898

oh, yeah, i guess, but men are retarded though and meme themselves into fucking men tho so, meh. what's really bothers me though, imo, is when women on here start saying that stupid shit and repeating literally the same meme rhetoric as men about asians, like, imo, it's incel tier stupid shit and they should be above that. you're right though about black women being put down in society

No. 318899

I am the poster they called a bait.
I can't see why or how it's bait. I prefaced every single sentence with "I believe" to make clear it was my personal opinion and preference. I don't want to make it a big deal, it's counterproductive. Let's drop it altogether.

No. 318900

Shit like this sort of makes me sympathize with black women who prioritize race over sex. Some white women are absolutely insufferable, their victim complexes are just too much.
>inb4 more strawmen

No. 318902

black women being seen masculine is more than a meme. the decades of racist pseudoscientific studies conducted to prove black women's inherent manliness just some science guys memeing?? that shit destroyed actual lives.

whiny shitposts about the white woman vs. asian woman thing really doesn't compare. leave black women out of it.

No. 318905

that wasn't what was meant. you're choosing to get offended over something that doesn't imply it isn't actually harmful or dangerous or incredibly negative. i meant that it's not based on anything. it's a bullshit psychological meme that isn't based on anything real. it being a psychological meme doesn't preclude it from being materially harmful to countless women

No. 318908

Who the fuck even said this shit? The victim complex is strong with this one.

No. 318909

You're autistic. Anon got called out for stating a universally wrong (((unpopular)))opinion, and got shit for it, naturally. It's not that deep

No. 318910


"Wahhhhhh a white incel said a Kpop idol is prettier than white girls once. Even though the majority of men on earth find white women the most attractive but I'm mad that not all of them do!"

The lack of self awareness is amazing

No. 318912

it's not once. it happens often and it's usually 'white women look like hags' and it's a meme women are spreading amongst themselves too, and it's equally as dumb as being okay with women promoting the idea that white women are more 'clean' or 'virginal' or 'pure' than women who aren't white af. it's all stupid and all of them should be called out. why do you guys have an issue with calling out retarded shit that racist or racist fetishists say?

No. 318914

>almost all models, actresses and celebs are white
>men from every culture see white women as a prize/trophy
>white women are the standard of beauty in all first world countries
>complaining about a few negative stereotypes that most people don't even believe

No. 318915

Are you illiterate? I said "inb4 more strawmen," dummy. Go away.

No. 318917

no, that post didn't. are you illiterate? look at what post that post was responding to, moron.

why can't women complain about other women perpetuating stupid ass ideas that are largely informed by popularly pushed male opinions?

No. 318919

You know damn well that no one says white women age like shit besides insecure black girls trying to cope with the shit cards they were dealt or bitter white virgins. No one really believes that.

White women only start crying "omg we are all women!" When they need something from women of other races.

No. 318920

They've spent so much time on lolcow and other imageboards they forget that the rest of the world doesn't think this way.

No. 318921

You've spent way too much time on lolcow and 4chan to think the majority of the world bashes white women in favor of Asian women lol

Even if you go to East Asian countries a lot of the models there are white and asians are shitting themselves over how cute and perfect white women are.

No. 318922

>You know damn well that no one says white women age like shit besides insecure black girls trying to cope with the shit cards they were dealt or bitter white virgins. No one really believes that.
literally what? so many self-hating white weeb girls who've never met an asian in their lives say how unattractive white women are in comparison to asians lol, like, all weeb communities are like this. i don't think black girls are the ones saying "asians are so much prettier and tinier than every other race!!". i've seen plenty of posts on here about how asians have the best skin, nicer than black women's or hispanic skin, etc, and they're posts, allegedly, by lesbians

No. 318923

I was agreeing with that post, dummy. Calm down.

No. 318924

>White women only start crying "omg we are all women!" When they need something from women of other races.
Holy shit, this. I'm so sick of the "m-muh fellow wombyn" card.

No. 318925

>"Lol white girls are hideous roasties only asians are feminine and cute all other races are masculine uggos and anyone who says otherwise is a mad coping white roastie"
When has anyone on Lolcow ever said this?

No. 318926

This isn't really racism towards white women. Many Asian girls say that white women are so much prettier etc and that's because of the media they have consumed.

No. 318927

Not touching the race stuff, but ‘wombyn’ is one of the stupidest words to ever enter the English language and everyone who uses it unironically is an idiot.

No. 318928

Interesting how you never see white women crying when they're being fetishized, fetishizing a persons race is only evil and racist when it's a girl who isn't white.

No. 318930

For every “uwu asians girls are so perfect <33” post on this site, there’s like 30 crying about Asian plastic surgery, fetishization by neckbeards and popular media, kpop and beauty standards in Asia. It seems like some of you have it stuck in your head that white women get shit on here, but the
threads and posts just don’t add up i’m sorry. Saying “white girls are beautiful” isn’t an unpopular on this site, nor is it one in real life so chill with that meme narrative. It’s just not a thing

No. 318933

Realest thing i've read today.

No. 318946

Except for all over this thread. Can we move on yet?

No. 319029

you see this all the time on lc lol, we get told to shut up though. stay mad.

No. 319033

>I'm black and I'd kill for white womens social position.
and what position is that exactly?

No. 319035

I like spring water fine but I hate buying expensive, heavy, unnecessary plastic bottles in order to drink it. My tap water tastes like iron and mud so I seriously don't want to drink it because it tastes like shit and leaves a bad taste in my mouth even though it's safe to drink. It's the case for many people as to why they prefer flavoured drinks over regular water.

I don't really get why people become so buttbothered over others drinking for hydration whatever they want unless it's super sugary drinks.

No. 319036


Nta but black women do get a lot of shit. Men say stuff like "I like every race of women except black women" or call black women masculine, black women get stereotyped as loud and angry so even when they're just talking normally people accuse them of yelling, and tons of workplaces say that black women's natural hair is "unprofessional" so if they want to keep their job they have to spend a stupid amount of money on either a weave or relaxing it.

No. 319039

right? i do see it all of the time, and the only reason why you don't see even more complaints about white women being fetishized is that they're fetishized by men of different races, who aren't the dominant culture (bc theyre not white) and most of us aren't that exposed to them, but either way, it's creepy and dumb on either hand.

No. 319043


Did you find lc yesterday? This happens all the time.

No. 319048

>white features are the ideal in mostly white countries
>anon is shocked by this fact
Go travel sometime, jesus christ. Even the "Asians idealize white women" thing is a load of bull, most native Asians think white women are mannish and scary. The only reason black men from Muslim majority countries think white women are hot is because they believe they're all sluts who put out whenever you want.

No. 319074

just get a Brita pitcher.

No. 319079

It's so annoying when you're on a gossip site/forum and whenever someone makes a comment criticising something about someone popular they have to add "as someone / as a person who does this / suffers from this etc etc". Like I don't know you and this isn't about you, it's totally irrelevant so I don't really care. Just talk about the person you're gossiping about for god's sake.

No. 319088

If you google, Brita pitchers clean from the metals and so on but add new bacteries so good luck with that overpriced shit lol
My roommates insisted on buying this crap and once the water in the pitcher was fucking green

No. 319114

The filter does need to get changed regularly… the water tastes much better and you don't have to deal with plastic bottle waste everywhere. If the water was green then that filter w