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File: 1539303140653.jpg (7.81 KB, 332x375, 1482920257794.jpg)

No. 308262

No. 308263

Now here's my unpopular opinion: I never liked those weird looking mascots in the OP pic

No. 308266

anon please, that pic is going to make me go fucking blind. at least spoiler it.

No. 308268

The "thick" body type is disgusting. Comically large tits and asses are not attractive.

No. 308273

I'm not into the anachan look either but I agree with this. Healthy slim is best.

No. 308280

Everywhere I turn these days people are acting like women are harrassed every second everywhere. I've never been harrassed sexually or even verbally by strangers in my life for being a woman. It just seems exaggurated to get people to back a cause to me, I often walk out in short outfits and alone.

No. 308282

ok june

No. 308283

>it never hapoened to me so all the women who say it did must be exaggerating

Fuck you. I'm glad you've never experienced that shit firsthand but your experience =/= every othr woman's experience. You don't get to discredit other women just because you were lucky and sheltered enough to never see or experience what they have. Please, take a seat and don't act like you have the authority to say when other people are being truthful or not based on your perspective.

No. 308284

Wow you must be extremely ugly or deformed

No. 308285

Agreeee. These threads have the ugliest OP images.

No. 308286

File: 1539307671396.jpg (69.47 KB, 480x720, 1539235260264.jpg)

Maybe you look like a tranny. I grabbed this from another thread, do you identify with the "woman" in this image?

No. 308290

No. 308291

What country are you from?

No. 308292

Sparkling water is better than still

No. 308294

Nope, I've had no problem finding guys who were physically attracted to me. Just didn't want to humblebrag and add that in OP.


No. 308295

You dont have to say shit like that, as if men dont harass unattractive women and as if some attractive girls dont just get lucky.

No. 308296

It has nothing to do with attractiveness, most of the women I see shrieking about it are objectively unattractive.

No. 308297

for the millionth time you don't have to be attractive to be harassed, assaulted or raped. why do we have so many retarded teenagers on this board.

No. 308298

You might've just been very lucky. I've never experienced the whole "harassed every second of the day" thing either, but I've been sexually harassed before, and I believe it is more of a problem in some places than in others.

No. 308299

This is the most reasonable answer I've gotten so far. Maybe the bar is lower for some women too, I don't consider being stared at as harrassment even if it comes off as leering.

No. 308300

File: 1539310234952.jpg (32.7 KB, 640x480, 1529363700253.jpg)

>it's never happened to me so it isn't a problem

No. 308301

I said exaggurated, not non-existent. People act like you can't walk out in the street as a woman without a constant barrage of cat calling, groping and rape.

No. 308313

asexual people shouldn't feel "welcome" in lgbt spaces as if they're "one of us" and shouldn't claim the label since sex and relationships don't fucking apply to them

No. 308314

i feel like it's gotten a bit better due to men now being more afraid of their ~life being ruined~ over sexual assault allegations than they are willing to give basic respect to a woman, but honestly, it doesn't need to happen every time you go outside to feel like a threat. there's so many microaggressions and being the victim of harassment can ruin plenty of your future days after it happens even if it isn't actively happening all the time.

i don't want to call you ugly or fat or undesirable or anything but if you don't feel this fear quite regularly, then i figure you must not be the target of it very often.

No. 308316

blonde sam hyde used to be cute as fuck

No. 308335

No. 308343

>relationships don't fucking apply to them

Do you know what asexual means? Some asexuals even have sex, they just don't experience sexual attraction.

No. 308346

asexual people piss me off. They have no reason to be included into LGBT circle when they have faced zero discrimination from having no sexual drive.

No. 308347

having a shit reaction to trauma or a hormonal imbalance that makes them not feel sexual attraction is not a fucking sexuality. it's a condition that needs to be addressed.

sexuality is about being attracted to a specific group. like same sex or both sex.

all this messy shit like asexual, trans, pan all needs to go somewhere else.

No. 308351

Good for you, you piece of shit. I'll never forget the time my mother was dying in the ICU and on my way home, three guys approached me to cat call and harrass me when i was in tears about her.

It happens. It doesnt matter when- day or night. Men will randomly approach women to harass them. Fuck you.

No. 308353

>some asexuals even have sex

if they dont consent to it its rape
why the fuck would you consent to have sex if you dont experience sexual attraction? and if you do experience sexual attraction or arousal, you're not fucking asexual lol

good god the lengths people go to make themselves seem ~special~

No. 308356

I really don't like Sailor Moon. I grew up watching it in the late 90s, but as i grew up I never understood the love for it people my age (late 20s/early 30s) have for it.

No. 308357


"asexual" is not a label like "gay" or "bi" or "transgender" are so fuck off with your snowflakeism and trying to enter the lgbt community based on that

No. 308358

also highly uncomfortable with "asexual" people who claim attraction to the opposite sex and have/want relationships w/ them, essentially just being straight people with some tumblr label they applied to themselves to seem oppressed and like they can enter lgbt spaces and be part of them

No. 308359

That reminds me of this potentially unpopular opinion I hold: the German dub of Sailor Moon is better than the original (and far better than the English)

No. 308365

Because your loved one is not asexual and needs sex?
I've been asexual for over a year now (due to medication murdering my sex drive, hope I can get it back, but now it is nonexistant) and I am okay with having sex with my bf though it hurts that I cannot enjoy it as I should.
While my asexuality is hopefully temporary, it made me understand asexuality.

No. 308367

Because your loved one is not asexual and needs sex?
I've been asexual for over a year now (due to medication murdering my sex drive, hope I can get it back, but now it is nonexistant) and I am okay with having sex with my bf though it hurts that I cannot enjoy it as I should.
While my asexuality is hopefully temporary, it made me understand asexuality.

Asexual =/= aromantic.

No. 308368

Because your loved one is not asexual and needs sex?
I've been asexual for over a year now (due to medication murdering my sex drive, hope I can get it back, but now it is nonexistant) and I am okay with having sex with my bf though it hurts that I cannot enjoy it as I should.
While my asexuality is hopefully temporary, it made me understand asexuality.

Asexual =/= aromantic.

No. 308369

Because your loved one is not asexual and needs sex?
I've been asexual for over a year now (due to medication murdering my sex drive, hope I can get it back, but now it is nonexistant) and I am okay with having sex with my bf though it hurts that I cannot enjoy it as I should.
While my asexuality is hopefully temporary, it made me understand asexuality.

Asexual =/= aromantic.

No. 308371

Not necessarily disagreeing with you guys, but I don’t see anything wrong with asexuality being considered lgbt, only because of the fact that asexuality is simply a deviation from heterosexuality. Is being discriminated against a requirement to being included in the lgbt community?

Also, I agree with >>308353 , unless you’re sacrificing your comfort to please your partner, voluntarily initiating sex while identifying as asexual is retarded. I’ve heard tumblrites actually calling themselves “sex-favorable asexuals.”

>Asexual =/= aromantic.
Exactly. Asexuals can be heteroromantic, homoromantic, biromantic, etc

No. 308372

Is German voice acting notoriously good? The German dub of botw was better than the original too, if not just because Urbosa wasn't the only female character who didn't have an annoying ass anime girl voice. The original was the worst.

No. 308374

not going to reply to each of your hundred posts, but if you're consenting to having painful sex because your partner "needs it", you've got as whole other host of issues that extends past a sexual identity and the person you're with is a piece of shit
thats extremely unhealthy anon and very fucked up

No. 308375

Really depends on where you live imo.
>grew up in rich area
>no one ever harassed or bullied me in any way and I never saw it happen to anyone else
>go to uni with a shit-tier town surrounding it
>get honked at, yelled at, followed, etc nearly every time I step outside the campus alone

No. 308379

straight people aren't fucking lgbt.

again, this goes back to "straight people putting a tumblr label on themselves to enter lgbt spaces and also claim the same societal oppression".

No. 308387

>straight people aren’t fucking lgbt
Ok, we’ve established that. So what you’re saying is that a heteroromantic asexual couldn’t be considered lgbt, but a homoromantic asexual, for example, could? I’m just trying to get clarification.

By the way, not all self-identifying asexuals are attention-whoring tumblrites. AVEN (asexuality site) was created in 2001, way before around 2013 when histrionics started creating identities and sexualities to shoehorn themselves into the lgbt community.

No. 308396

>heteroromantic asexual couldn’t be considered lgbt, but a homoromantic asexual, for example, could? I’m just trying to get clarification.
do you not understand the difference

No. 308398

you just said it in this post, asexuals can have a sexuality, so it means they're not LGBT by themselves by definition.

if an asexual is a lesbian, sure she's lgbt but not if she's straight.

No. 308401

I think if you’re debating this you need to differentiate between one’s romantic and sexual orientation.
So, really, what I’m trying to say is that a heteroromantic asexual could choose to identify as either lgbt or not, without pretending to be discriminated against, of course, since one half of them is straight (heteroromantic) and the other half is a deviation (asexual). I wouldn’t, personally.

But I agree that asexuals with lgbt romantic orientations like homoromantic and biromantic should be considered lgbt.

No. 308403

Jesus christ, what is this nonsensical babbling consisting of 90% made up words from tumblr?

There is no such thing as divide between romantic and sexual orientation. If you aren't attracted to someone but you love them, that's fucking friendship. If someone truly has no sex drive, which I'm sure is medically possible, they'll see the both sexes in the same way a straight person would see the same sex. If someone has gender preference, there's no way they completely lack a sex drive.

Asexuals are annoying because everybody KNOWS low libidos are possible, even so low that the person really doesn't want to have sex at all. If someone lacks a sex drive, it can 100% be taken seriously and their boundaries need to be respected. But attention whores want a super special label and to force their way into LGB circles to feel included and get minority bonus points.

No. 308404

if you enter relationships with someone of the same sex then you are lgbt.

if you never are in a relationship and never plan to be in a relationship, you arent lgbt.

if you are dating someone of the opposite sex but not fucking them you arent lgbt.

this isnt difficult to figure out.

No. 308406

straight people are not lgbt

No. 308407

>If you aren't attracted to someone but you love them, that's fucking friendship.

At the risk of sounding tumblr-y.. I disagree with this. From personal experience, and by talking to other aces, I know that asexuals can still feel aesthetic attraction and find other people physically attractive. They simply don’t have the urge to fuck them, aka feel any sexual attraction towards them.

I guess this is an unpopular opinion, but I believe that romantic relationships without sex can exist, as long as both parties oblige. Romantically loving someone, finding them physically attractive, wanting to spend the rest of your life with them, exhibiting affectionate behaviors like kissing, cuddling, etc are all parts of a romantic relationship that don’t involve sex.

No. 308408

both of the english dubs of sailor moon are utter trash, they ruin so many of the moments and scenes because surprise surprise, dubbing in the 90s wasn't done very well

No. 308411

I knew someone is going to say that kek. You are not understanding the situation at all though as your judgement is based on some exaggerated vision of my life.
I am not being forced, my bf is extremely understanding. You need to compromise in a relationship. We don't have sex as often as he would like it (not that he wants to do it very often), but we don't abstain from sex completely. I would feel bad if we had no sex at all as it is a necessary part of a relationship.

I am looking for ways to get my libido back, as without it I do not iniciate and it's kind of boring to me, but it does not mean that I am being assaulted. It's just neutral.
I am mostly worried about being like this forever as I want to finally experience the joy of sex with someone I love. I feel robbed and lied to by life, if it makes sense.

Fucking this. While I do not identify with my asexuality, sadly it's how I am nowadays. I would hate for someone to downplay my relationship just because I am unable to be excited about fucking. I love everything about him, I love kissing him and I want to spend my life with him. It would be a nightmare to just be friends/roommmates.

Oh, and I do not think that asexuals (real ones or medically induced ones like me) are lgbt.

No. 308413

Pretty sure this is shitty robot bait and way too many anons are falling for it.

Almost every fucking tumblr asexual I ever see claims to be "asexual panromantic" to seem like they're part of LGB without really being anything more special than a plain straight jane.
>I'm totally into girls guys, I'm just asexual so I don't have any obligations to actually feel sexual attraction! Except for all these hot guys and my boyfriend of course, god I love dick.

No. 308415

>I would hate for someone to downplay my relationship just because I am unable to be excited about fucking.

Exactly. I still can become romantically infatuated and in love with someone, feel butterflies in my stomach, want to hold them forever, kiss them, etc, just for whatever reason I’m sex-repulsed. I want to find someone else who feels like this though, so this doesn’t cause problems or deprive anyone of their natural urges.

Also I’m the anon who was defending asexuality being in the lgb community, and I think I’ve changed my mind lol. If someone is asexual, it means they have an absence of a sexuality. Therefore if all they’re left with is a romantic attraction to the opposite gender then it just means they’re straight, not lgb. Sorry for sperging.

No. 308417

Yep. This is what you get when you tell kids that they're literally hitler for simply being straight and genderconforming like 97% of the world's population. They latched onto the next best thing they can fake for good gay points. Now we have all these asshole straight "asexuals" screeching about being oppressed and straight trannies claiming to be "gay" and invading LGB spaces. I just want the LGBT+ to drop the T and every other stupid letter that comes after. At this year's local pride parade I saw more trans and asexual flags than rainbow flags and I'm being dead serious.

Also my unpopular opinion which I thought was popular but apparently not outside of the farms: demisexuality is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard and if you claim to be one I want you to never make eye contact or talk to me again

No. 308418

I don't really believe "bisexual" people who've only ever been public and had sexual relations with the opposite sex. Unless someone cares enough to have a relationship or at least do something meaningfully sexual with the same sex, they're not bi.

I still have my ex on fb after ending a long term relationship of many years, and he said something about being bisexual I feel just for the asspatery for national coming out day. The post got the most likes I've seen him get in a year, because ya know, ~brownie points~
I think he may have been bi-curious as a teen and admitted to putting cock in his mouth. Yet idk, if he has only dated and has fucked women since I don't think he's repressed. He just has no real interest in dating and fucking dudes.
Like and what's his motive? What's anyone's motive to lie about this shit other than for attention? It's fucking pathetic.

No. 308419

No women are claiming they're being harassed "24/7", it's that so many women have been harassed that it's fucking ridiculous in this day and age. Just because something shitty doesn't happen to every single woman doesn't mean most of the ones that it did happen to are lying about it ~for attention~. And who wants that kind of attention, anyway? You want to be seen as a victim and have people tell you it's your fault something shitty happened to you that you didn't want? You want people to see you differently, as weaker or less trustworthy or somehow dirty/damaged? Sagenfor having to come back to the issue an hour late.

No. 308420

Because to predatory men they're "easy targets". Who would believe anyonw would want to grope/rape a fat uggo, right? Then they turn right around and say shit like "pussy is pussy" when guys fuck lonely, desperate girls they consider "unattractive" just to get a nut.

No. 308422

I kinda agree because I know a lot of people fake it for attention but you gotta take into account that homosexuality still has a big social stigma attached to it and a lot of straight-passing bi people are too afraid of dating within the same gender because of the social circles they inhabit. If your friends aren't mostly LGBT, it's a lot harder to be one yourself and "allow" yourself to experience the gay side of your sexuality. There are still parents who would disown you in a second for being gay and internalized homophobia is still a thing. But nevertheless, fuck the people screaming omg I'm sooo gay cuz i love boobies!!!XDDD.

However I don't believe in absolute hetero/homosexuality myself because sexuality can fluctuate over the years, which is why I call myself bisexual instead of lesbian despite being way more into women and having more girlfriends than boyfriends. I've known hardcore lesbians who fall in love with a man and fullblown heterosexuals who suddenly find love within the same gender.

No. 308489

I think you have to have mental issues and/or be a tranny or tranny-chaser in denial yourself to care so much about them that you frequent gender critical and fakeboi threads more than any others.
Like, get a grip. They can be annoying, but they aren't terrorists. It's not even like the users in those threads seek out the gross, child-molesting diaperfag trannies like Stefonknee or psychotic incels in dresses. They go out of their way to lurk "passing" subreddits just to obsess over photos of random sick people who are trying to seek validation from their own kind, live their lives and mind their business.
And this obsession with "clocking" strangers can only lead to actual women who just look a bit more androgynous or masculine getting accused of being trannies. I don't get how posts like "How do you spot a tranny IRL?? Their hands, height and the way they move, right?" and "Sometimes, people think I'm trans just because I'm tall, have big hands and am a bit stocky. It hurts my self-esteem" can coexist in the same thread without someone realizing it.

No. 308544

I think the majority of men will always betray you and see you as lesser, one way or another. No matter how well informed, woke, and compassionate they might seem or be, deep down they still see you as Other. To sacrifice anything for them is stupid. To put them above your female relationships is stupid. Men are to be used, period. Maintaining a normal facade for your relationship with a man is important, but a woman should never let herself forget the entire point of the relationship is to serve her.

No. 308562

>"asexuals arent discriminated against"
>LGBT community itself constantly discriminates against them

No. 308573

I mostly agree. I'm really annoyed by the way the rest of the internet talks about trans issues and understand why you would want to vent but I think some people take it too far. I don't come across a lot of trannies in my life, and I don't understand how people keep having trouble with them.

Also I think it's really misogynistic that a lot of people here assume that any slightly masculine looking woman must be trans.

No. 308575

I think it's retarded to expect me to stick out my neck for some "sisterhood" that doesn't exist. The vast majority of people, male and female don't give a shit about you. I'd rather trust people who have helped me.

No. 308591

Same, the 'support your sisters!' idea is nice and worthy of following to an extent (for example, supporting women's reproductive rights, victims of sexual violence etc) but if I help someone, I do not do it because of their gender.

No. 308598

I'm not talking about a general, vague concept of sisterhood. I'm talking about an already established trusting relationship you might have with a mother/guardian, a sister, or a best friend you've been with through thick and thin. If you don't already have one of these strong bonds with a female in your life, I don't expect you to understand what I mean by prioritizing them over a guy you met 2 months ago.

No. 308603

>being that smug over knowing ~tru womyn sisterhood~
My bff who I had been with thick and thin dropped me once she decided to ruin her life so that she could explore polyamory with fellow ~free bohemians~ so yeah lmfao
Also some of us do not need to chose between our boyfriends of whatever time and our close female relationshps because it's not a competition, you can do both.
If your close relationship with your mother is getting between you and your boyfriend I don't know what to tell you. Either your bf or your mother are toxic assholes.

No. 308607


Hope you get that male approval cookie you're angling for, anon.

No. 308609

On the topic of asexuals, I feel like most asexual lesbians are truly asexual, they're just scared to be sexual due to how pornized and fetishized the term lesbian has become.
I'm on dating apps and a good 45% of the non-straight girls on there claim to be ace

No. 308610

Of course I wouldn't ditch my relationship with my mother/sister over some random guy. I'm not going to date anyone who makes me choose between them and family. But I'd rather hang out with my bff over break than go see my mom/sister.

Totally agree. And yeah your relationships with your bffs don't always work out. My old bff was a girl but she was super flakey and racist too. My new bff is a guy who has changed my life around.

I'm a different anon but yeah I'd rather get the approval of people I know than randoms on the internet.

No. 308612

God you sound insufferable. I'm glad your friend found better people to spend time with.

No. 308613

>assuming I am obsessed about male approval because I value relationships on the basis of their strength and not if the other person has a vagina or not

You really miss a lot when the basis of your argument is flinging shit around and seeing what sticks

No. 308614

what is this samefaggotry? she's being reasonable

No. 308616


Touched a nerve, huh.

No. 308624

Quite the opposite. Dunno what imaginary shuwu you are barking at but it ain't me.

No. 308699

File: 1539364689921.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.18 KB, 400x282, squat.jpg)

thank you, someone finally said it! also, why is everyone trying to push doing squats/weightlifting nowadays, who tf said i want your giant disgusting horse ass anyway lmao. the best part is that most instathots who "grow" bigger butts end up getting ass implants anyway and say they did squats so that their male fanbase doesnt abandon them.

No. 308700

you're right. but relationships do apply to some asexual people, i'm an asexual lesbian myself. i agree with everything else you said though
>Some asexuals even have sex
if they're actually asexual they don't enjoy it and are probably doing it for the sake of someone else which can be incredibly harmful and sometimes traumatic

No. 308705

…are you implying that the girl on the right has a horse ass?

No. 308709

Stating the obvious here but you seriously sound like an assblasted TiM tranny who takes the gendercrit/fakeboy threads as personal attacks. If I'm wrong, then you probably don't have a lot of experience with dealing with troons. A lot of the gendercrit threads are made of people who have been mistreated or outright abused by entitled trans folks and want an anonymous place where to take their frustration to.

No. 308710

no, but girls who say shit like that always do.

No. 308731

No, I'm pretty happy with being born a girl (in spite of how the world treats anyone female). I'm secure enough that people who cosplay as my gender to cope with their brain problems don't get me pressed unless they turn out to be shitty, dangerous people aside from that.
Must suck that you can't say the same, anon. Nice job on ignoring all my points to try and defend your spergy obsession with trannies, though. They make up what, 4% of the population? I strongly doubt the majority of posters have been "abused" by them (and even if they have - you deal with abuse via therapy, not maxing out Lolcow threads with nonsense). Like I said, either most of the posters are sick and this isn't helping, they are trannies themselves, or they have some gross unresolved sexual tension around such sad cases.

No. 308747

Or they're really asexual and realized that forming any kind of relationship with men is simply not worth it

No. 308748

Trannies are like 0.5% of the population.

No. 308762

Kek you skinnyfat idiot. Bodyweight squats do not and cannot give you that comically exaggerated horse look. You only get that effect if you're squatting with heavy weights and bulking like hell on supplements and protein. The squats actually fit people tell you to do work out more than just your ass. They tone your core, glutes, legs, improve your balance, and so many other things. Keyword TONE. Meaning they just give you shape and lift your saggy nonexistent ass into a perkier shape with no cellulite. Perhaps the people who tell you to squat just think your muscle-less ruler shaped body needs some toning.

No. 308788

The Pennywise from the new It looks like shit and is too cheesy

Breath of the Wild itself is a good game but the worst (official) Zelda game so far

No. 308792

here we go again. you donkey butt bitches need to shut up and accept that not everyone thinks your comically disproportionate bodies are what everyone wants. id rather have a "muscle-less ruler shaped body".

also kek at the "actually fit people", most of the people pushing this bullshit wont touch cardio with a 6 foot pole, and they probably have the cardiovascular health of a 70 year old man.

No. 308803

>most of the people pushing this bullshit wont touch cardio with a 6 foot pole

Lol this is true. They just repeat stuff they have read online about fitness.

No. 308806


cardio is a meme

No. 308809

I'm not >>308792 but not really… a balance of both is best. I actually enjoy cardio when cos it takes my mind off life. I also love when it triggers a manic high afterwards.

No. 308810

And I'd like to add I hate this new meme that you have to spend every waking hour in the gym or your body looks like shit. its really just bs made up to sell people stuff "omg you need this diet powder and to pay for our gym or you'll be flabby and saggy!". These days in America people think normal/human looking bodies are skinny fat.

No. 308816

>romantic relationships without sex
That's called a fucking platonic relationship. You can't have a romantic relationship without sex, that's an oxymoron

No. 308817

tbh the term "skinnyfat" annoys the hell out of me. skinnyfat = not over weight but not toned…so… a normal fucking body.

No. 308819

no matter what the bullshit fad fitness websites that you read say, cardio is an important part of fitness as its a well know fact that it maintains the health of your heart and lungs.

No. 308822

whatever you say, cottage cheese ass

No. 308824

Did you even read the post you're replying to?

No. 308826

what makes a relationship inherently romantic, though? FWB is a thing but the people don't have romantic inclinations towards each other.

I'm not actually disagreeing with you, but I'm just kind of curious now that I think about it. People have casual sex all the time and feel nothing about it. But in a relationship if you aren't having sex it automatically makes it platonic?

No. 308828

anon, the butthurt "saggy nonexistent ass" comment and the "squatting gets rid of cellulite" meme were pretty obvious indicators of what kind of person i was responding to kek

also just to make it clear, im not against strength training because that would be ridiculous, but when people try to push that large asses are attractive and that there's "no excuse" to have a flat or a fat ass and shit like that is what im against. i find overly toned butts extremely ugly and horse like and i dont want one, id rather have a flat or saggy cottage cheese ass. this is the unpopular opinion thread after all.

No. 308829

You absolute moron. You double digit mumbling idiot. Did you even fucking read the post? Do you understand the words used in the post, you dense bitch? I'll break it down for your simpleton brain. I said BODYWEIGHT squats WITHOUT weights and WITHOUT SUPPLEMENTS are literally INCAPABLE of giving a "donkey-like" appearance for the ass. They cannot give you the horse ass and legs. All they do is improve your ass, CORE and legs a bit. They add a little bit of strength and toning. Literally cannot give the comical appearance, you illiterate fuck. You clearly don't understand anything about the human body or fitness or nutrition so I'm not even gonna bother to explain to you why it SEEMS TO YOU like squats are ONLY recommended by people who don't do cardio. Jesus fuck, you even think not doing cardio is a sign of not being actually fit. How can one person be so smug about their lack of information? I've never seen this level of stupidity on this website before. Congratulations you shapeless anachan, you win.

No. 308830


romance is tied to sex, anon. you can have sex without romance/romantic feelings but you can't have romantic feelings without sexual ones.

scientifically romantic feelings are just what humans feel for eachother due to pheromones that help us bond.

No. 308831

*help us bond to who we're mating with.

No. 308832

samefag again

but this is why most people in FWB situations catch feels for the other person, cause the sex is making them.

No. 308837

>FWB is a thing but the people don't have romantic inclinations towards each other.
That's just choosing not to involve feelings in their sexual relationship, it's pretty common to hear of someone falling for their FWB though.

>But in a relationship if you aren't having sex it automatically makes it platonic?

Yes. That's literally what the word "platonic" means.

No. 308841

kek why are you getting this mad over something this stupid? your entire post reads like some shitty copypasta. maybe you should start reading fitness information from actual accredited medical and sports journals instead of reading bro science articles on the internet and following shitty fad advice, because cardio is actually a very good indicator of fitness, and this is a well documented medical FACT.

i have definitely seen girls with horse asses who "only" do body weight squats as well.

No. 308842

fair enough.

No. 308858

indian food > thai food > japanese food ≥ chinese food ≥ vietnamese food > korean food

No. 308870

Gyms and stuff are kind of gimmicky.
At my workplace there's so many fat bitches talking about all the programs they've joined like weightwatchers and all these shakes/diets/gym classes and bitch about it all while drinking a sugary drink.
Even the younger girls are become heffers which is fine except their bitching and moaning about having to go to the gym.
I am slim, not naturally, but I don't even go to a gym.
I just try and drink more water and move a bit more. I still have my days where I binge, but I just balance it with either healthier food or just run it off or skip rope for a bit in the backyard. Or just eat a bit less that day.
I'm not a supermodel by any means but I'd say I'm moderately healthy.

Like I understand for some people they have a disorder or don't have self control when it comes to food, but honestly the first step is admitting that and making small changes to your diet and routine.
The problem is people just want to make excuses instead of helping themselves. When they DO help themselves, it's usually through stupid quick fix ways like crash diets or joining a gym and ending up never going back and wasting money.
If you are gonna blow money on a gym membership and you are prone to be flaky and not go, at least hire a personal trainer to actually guide you or buy a treadmill to have in your home. Even if you don't use the treadmill you can resell it.

Not hating on gyms for folks that actually use them, but just the idea of people joining when they have other lifestyle changes that need addressing that a gym membership won't fix.

No. 308871

>romance is tied to sex
That’s just not true. Blogposting, but I had a two year sex-free relationship and was in love with him. The feelings I had for him were different than the ones I had felt towards just friends and we did things that simply platonic friends wouldn’t do. I still felt physically attracted to him, I just had no urge to fuck him. It was literally a textbook romantic relationship, just without sex. It definitely was not the same as a friendship. People can still have a loving companionship without the sexual aspect. Friends with romantic benefits?

No. 308872

File: 1539378470294.png (240.65 KB, 1242x1227, IMG_4947.PNG)

These days skinny fat means a woman who is slightly underweight or average weight who doesn't work out, eats 3 normal meals a day without thinking about it, works a office job that doesn't require any moving, they go for walks, bike ride or walk the dog to be active. Basically these days skinny fat is just a normal woman who isn't thic or ripped. Pic related is what would be consider skinny fat these days but looks normal to me.

No. 308879

isnt she kind of thicc though? like soft thicc?

No. 308880

its ridiculous how high the standards are, apparently its not enough to be a moderately active woman with a normal fucking body you have to be a fitness obsessed extra thicc instathot with a waist to hip ratio of 0,4 or youre skinny fat.

No. 308882

>It was literally a textbook romantic relationship, just without sex.
So you were in a platonic relationship? Cool.

No. 308884

No it doesn't? Skinnyfat means flabby and visibly unhealthy/out of shape, but still pretty skinny. Pudgy and untoned, but still boney. The girl you posted is like healthily soft.

No. 308885

stop being stupid, you know what she meant. a platonic, romantic, and sexual relationship are different.

No. 308886

Not even close, no…

No. 308888

i think a lot of guys would consider her soft thicc tbh.

No. 308889

Platonic means an intimate relationship without sex which is exactly what she described.

No. 308890

platonic usually means an affectionate relationship, romantic is similar but more intimate it also involves some sort of courtship.

No. 308894

There is literally no difference in how the term skinny fat is used. Someone who looks “healthily soft” is going to look “skinny fat” in poor lighting. just like how bad lighting can emphasize stretch marks or cellulite. It’s just a dumb term used to shame women for their bodies. No, not everyone is going to look like an extremely toned Instagram model, and that’s okay.

No. 308895

File: 1539380554734.jpeg (61.37 KB, 719x331, BF13AF37-E811-4847-8ABF-84622D…)

Okay, I looked up the definition and by definition, you’re correct. But I still prefer the word “romantic” over “platonic” because the latter is pretty much connotated with friendship and the former is associated with intimacy and courtship, like >>308890 said.

No. 308907

Really?because I've seen people calling women who just aren't toned called flabby and skinny fat. On here I've seen many female Korean idols called skinny fat…

No. 308915

Whenever Lena Dunham is brought up in discussions on the internet, I’ve noticed people are quick to bring up the fact that she molested her sister and admitted it in her memoir.

I don’t like her and I think what she did was disgusting but I can’t help but think people (particularly on 4chan and other sites) only bring it up constantly because she’s liberal and a woman. Like as a way of saying “See? That side does it too!” Like if she was a dude and/or conservative, those people wouldn’t give a shit. It’s all about proving the other side wrong, not actually caring about the victims.

Of course, I feel like if I expressed that anywhere, people would accuse me of defending her, which I’m not. Just pointing out the hypocrisy.

No. 308917

Whenever Lena Dunham is brought up in discussions on the internet, I’ve noticed people are quick to bring up the fact that she molested her sister and admitted it in her memoir.

I don’t like her and I think what she did was disgusting but I can’t help but think people (particularly on 4chan and other sites) only bring it up constantly because she’s liberal and a woman. Like as a way of saying “See? That side does it too!” Like if she was a dude and/or conservative, those people wouldn’t give a shit. It’s all about proving the other side wrong, not actually caring about the victims.

Of course, I feel like if I expressed that anywhere, people would accuse me of defending her, which I’m not. Just pointing out the hypocrisy.

No. 308923

tbf people always redefine skinnyfat to mean what they want it to mean, as long as they can use it to shit on women who they want to percieve as less attractive than themselves. i will never understand why people call kpop idols skinnyfat though, they actually have to dance (aka exercise) for their shows. they just look regular skinny to me.


bad lighting can definitely make even fit people look "flabby". for example cellulite is a thing that exists on many people, especially women, regardless of fitness level, and some types of lighting can make it more or less obvious.

No. 308925

Idk if you've noticed, but anons on here tend to exaggerate. A lot.

>Someone who looks “healthily soft” is going to look “skinny fat” in poor lighting
Not really, definitely not in her case. If your body isn't already flabby and out of shape, not even the least flattering lighting will make it appear to be

No. 308930

Cellulite doesn't have that much to do with it, honestly. Unless you have a ton of it, you can hardly tell it's there. There are probably some skinnyfat people don't have any cellulite. I'm talking about stuff like batwings and general sagginess… I guess picture shayna if she gained like 10-15 lbs and continued to not work out at all for the next 2-5 years?

No. 308935

skinnyfat is more often than not a word used by fatfat people to talk about girls they don't like who happen to be slim. don't expect any logic to that word anon

No. 308936

im convinced men are just becoming more gay and more attracted to women who look manly rather than like..you know..normal fucking women who arent overweight and dont squat

No. 308946

i mean youre not wrong. its so weird how men were fine with normal female bodies for what… the last several thousand years, even up until a few decade ago. but if you want to be considered attractive nowadays you have to be (relatively) masculine.

this might be a bit ot, but if you look at the womens gymnasts from 40 years ago compared to today, todays gymnasts have very masculine body especially the women on the US team.

No. 308948

the american gymnasts now are SO damn bulky its insane to me and sad because im convinced it affects the performances
i dont believe they should be starving themselves by any means, but its weird how the women on the euro teams are lithe and slender but still strong and not underweight and the american team are all like..linebackers

No. 308953

That doesn't say much. Women's gymnasts 40+ years ago were basically on the same teir as special olympics gymnasts, no one took them seriously then. Now they train harder and more is expected of them.

No. 308955

how is being fit/being muscular = being masculine? a fit woman doesn't look like a dude…

No. 308957

You. I like you, anon.

No. 308958

muscular has always been on the opposite side of femininity and it wasnt until the late 80s that the average women started doing more than light workouts such as running or tennis or lifting 5 pounds dumbbells or running on a stair master and they didnt NEED to
it was never considered feminine for women to be muscular and the opposite of feminine is masculine thats just the way it is

No. 308959

They make up less than 0.2%, dude

Which is why pandering so much to trannies is insufferably stupid.

No. 308960

Breath of the Wild was an OKAY game, but nintendofags want to act like it's the golden chalice for Zelda games.

No. 308962

Which is dumb because women can build muscles, just not in the same way guys can. Having muscle tone is very helpful and healthy.

The whole bullshit that women with muscles look like guys is a social issue with how women are expected to look a certain way.

I definitely don't want stick arms like most kpop idols. Not having any muscle tone at all is gross to me.

No. 308963

this is the stupidest post i have ever heard. muscle isn't reserved only for men and being a muscular woman isn't really masculine, it's just a different kind of being female? both women and men build muscle. men aren't magically super duper crazy muscular without working on building muscles. muscles aren't only for men and being a muscular female with typical female bodyfat doesn't look gay or male or masculine at all.

it shouldn't have to be mandatory for women to be low bodyfat fitness queens, but muscle isn't only for men and doesn't make the female body look particularly masculine unless they're doping or lifting like a crazy person or ruining their bodies with gymnastics. if anything, it's a good thing the taboo around women building muscle is being removed – but unfortunately it's all centered around building asses. female asses with muscle don't look like mens though, so again, this is just dumb.

No. 308964

You sound like a fucking idiot.

No. 308966

Indian food is underrated as fuck. And you can't nag on British food for being flavorless when British Indian fusion food has produced so many novel, tasty results unique to the country.

Unpopular opinion: I don't think pho is that flavorful.

No. 308969

historically being muscular has always been associated with masculinity
doesnt matter if you disagree with it being ~ok~ or not, its still reality

No. 308981

anon, you're just really dumb. that wasn't what was being said. what was historically categorized as being masculine doesn't mean anything. it's just not true and is ignorant of science? muscle isn't only reserved for men. both women and men build muscle in response to micro-tears. what shit was 'associated' with is ignorant of human physiology and isn't true, it just has to do with chauvinism. women weren't allowed or encouraged partake in hobbies and jobs that would cause them to build muscle for forever, and because it fit men's preferences for the time.

No. 308982

well youre right in that men arent naturally super muscular but an average man who doesnt work out will have a LOT more muscle than a woman with the same mass who doesnt work out. this isnt sexism, this is basic biology. testosterone = higher amount of muscle.

yes! i swear the euro and asian gymnasts have much better landings and choreography as well. and i think the problems with the US teams is also the fact that not only are they muscular, they also have very narrow hips and wide shoulders, and those awful leotards really dont help either.

anon, wtf are you talking about? womens gymnastics in the late 1970s, aka 40 years ago was pretty well developed. youre thinking of the 1950s era. look at gymnasts from that time e.g. nadia comaneci. imo todays gymnasts only perform "better" because they have the springboards for the floor exercise and extra padding on p much all the equipment, and todays gymnasts would probably break their necks trying to use the equipment that the old gymnasts used. its completely changed.

No. 308985

>well youre right in that men arent naturally super muscular but an average man who doesnt work out will have a LOT more muscle than a woman with the same mass who doesnt work out. this isnt sexism, this is basic biology. testosterone = higher amount of muscle.
idek why you're saying this to my post. your 'it isn't sexism!!' reasoning is exactly why why the claim that women who have muscle are masculine, is stupid. normally muscular women don't look like men. women having muscle does not make them masculine because building muscle isn't specific to males. muscular women don't look like men without doping, and the bar for women looking 'masculine' in men's, and society's eyes, has historically been really low, solely because of taboo. the slightest bit of muscle did and still does draw the 'wow, she looks like a man' for no reason other than men being retarded and coming up with arbitrary beauty standards for women as if women don't naturally develop muscle in response to sport or lifting, as men do.

No. 308989

i was specifically talking about the US gymnasts, who do in fact have masculine bodies. and whether you like it or not, having a significant amount of muscle will make you look more masculine. especially if someone also has a low body fat %.

No. 308990

>Not really, definitely not in her case. If your body isn't already flabby and out of shape, not even the least flattering lighting will make it appear to be

That’s literally not true. I’m what anons would call chubby or skinny fat, there are times I look in the mirror and think I look fine, and there are times I look in the mirror and see every dip and stretch mark and lump. It all depends on lighting and posing sometimes.

No. 308995

No offence, but I did say "if your body isn't already flabby and out of shape," which doesn't seem to apply to you going off your post. If your body only looks good in flattering lighting/poses, it's probably not that good at all. Hence skinnyfat.

No. 308996


No. 308997

That’s like saying if your face only looks good when you’re taking a flattering angle then you’re actually ugly. Nobody is pretty from every angle and every lighting. That doesn’t mean they are liars who aren’t actually attractive.

Its like when people try to call out cows for taking a photo from flattering angles or wearing flattering clothes. Yeah, that’s what everyone on the planet does

No. 308999

that's a stupid comparison though. US gymnasts warp their bodies during development. their development is fully changed by their training. these girls go into gymnastics at 4-5, train all of the time, their testosterone is often elevated as a result of training at crucial stages of their development, the daily bodyweight exercises warp their bone structures, they go through puberty way later and get their periods, on average, like, 3 1/2 years later than most other girls do, etc. comparing US gymnasts to your typical woman is almost like comparing a woman that is doping to your normal fit, healthy woman that lifts. that's not even remotely the same thing as women who are fully normally matured building muscle, who haven't had their bodies altered by rigorous training that started at five years old.

No. 309000

File: 1539389875479.jpeg (Spoiler Image,122.97 KB, 800x1038, EBD1B04F-8833-44D8-AF59-53F4BE…)

samefag but here’s an example. there is an unflattering angle or pose for every body, no matter how thin

No. 309002

Please… Please go read a book. Educate yourself, because you clearly know very little.

No. 309358

I think that sucking a dick makes him pretty bisexual anon

No. 309361

I think think that using the first letter of all of Onions past girl friends name is dumb.

No. 309446

>they have faced zero discrimination from having no sexual drive

NAYRT, and sage/huge sorry in advance for blogpost but that part's not true. As for asexuals in LGBT spaces, well, not gonna comment on that other than to say I have felt both welcomed and unwanted in LGBT safe spaces, and I personally don't go to them unless its's in support of a friend who is LGBT. All my issues with wanting to be left alone come from the patriarchy, for me LGBT sage spaces at most are a place to discuss issues caused by the patriarchy and how it hurts not only me, but LGBT people as well.

Idk what you personally consider discrimination, but you'd be amazed how people treat you as a woman with no desire to get married or be with anyone. I get weird looks, sarcastic laughter, I've heard borderline rapey "jokes" made about "teaching me to like it", I've lost friends and AND jobs over drama that came from other women targeting me because they didn't believe me and thought I was saying it for attention OR lying and trying to steal their man. I have also never benefitted socially or financially in any way from saying I'm asexual, and I tell people I'm asexual because I'm not interested in sex or attracted to anyone, male or female, not because I want a label or to be different. I used to avoid the subject entirely, not say the A word unless a guy was really insistant, but now ijdgaf. Some of the things people, not just guys who were into me, have said include:

>are you a virgin? (3/5 times I hear this one)

>then why do you wear makeup and dress so nicely? it's not like you're trying to impress anyone (cause I choose to and I'm not a scrub? idk)
>maybe you just need practice/had shitty partners
>how do you know? (how do I know I don't want to date/have sex with you??)
>were you neglected/abused/raped? (no, I had a great childhood and home life and I've fortunately never been raped/assaulted)
>is it because of your/my (looks/past/religion/income/whatever irrelevant BS)?
>have you even tried? maybe you'll develop feelings/attraction to someone if you get to know them well enough! (I tried, I did not, see below)

Usually I'm approached by guys (lesbians not so much) who see this as me being afraid, stuck up (you sure your standards aren't too high?), or who see me as a challenge they need to invest the right amount of time and effort into, like they'll eventually thaw my icy heart somehow if they keep asking/trying until I have some "a-ha!" moment at 27 and suddenly pull a 180. Now I make sure to be clear with my boundaries, and I stopped trying to justify the countless, prying "but why?"s, and as for descrimination- this subject and these questions have come up at my jobs (and in the past, school) more than anywhere else. I've lost "friends" (who really wanted to date/fuck, always disappointing), been given the cold shoulder from coworkers, lost several study partners and potential job connections, and the biggest issue I've faced personally were jealous, insecure women who were convinced I was lying to keep other guys off my case while I try to steal their man. I lost two weed dealers this way, had a coworker whose wife MADE HIM QUIT HIS JOB and block me after meeting me (and my other married female coworker too, "so she can't send messages for me"), and lost tons of "friends" who ghosted me when they realized it wasn't gonna happen. I've had grown women tell me it's inappropriate for me to talk to their man for any reason unrelated to work/school, because to them the idea that I could genuinely enjoy talking to and spending time with a man without even secretly being attracted to him is simply impossible for them to believe, no matter what he says. I even get asked if I'm interested in (whoever) because of trivial stuff like laughing too hard at a shitty joke, having inside memes or hanging out to smoke with just them and no third party to "chaperone". Lots of people find it easier to believe I'm either lying, traumatized or a snowflake than that I don't want to be with or have sex with anyone that way. It's insulting first of all, to me and their SO, plus it damages my reputation to have otherwise normal, emotionally secure and seemingly confident women spreading rumors of me being a lying, attention starved homewrecker.

As for trying: I've been in two healthy, (mostly) functional sexual relationships with guys I deeply cared for and loved being with/around, but sex hasn't ever been something I had a desire to do, I never felt attraction to them in a way that made me want to get married and be with them forever, even without sex. I did it because I thought, well, That's What You Do. As I got older my friends all started dating, going on about their awesome sex with their awesome SOs, plus my family would keep casually asking if I was seeing/interested in anyone, so I guess I felt obligated to in a way because of social pressure. They both eventually asked to go steady, and both times I just… did. Because I figured I was old enough, it was time to try it out and at first, I halfway believed the feelings would come later myself.

When I admitted to myself, and to them I was faking it and didn't feel genuine attraction to them, it was like a HUGE weight had been lifted from my shoulders, even though I did feel bad for my boyfriends, not only for how I made them feel unwanted, unattractive and like they couldn't satisfy me (their words) but also for how we drifted apart. I wish we would have just stayed friends, tbh. After the second breakup my mom even tried getting me to admit I was bi/lesbian, but I'm not. Also, as an unmarried female I have a lot more bullshit to deal with economically than I would with a husband (taxes, insurance rates, credit/loan approval, health insurance) and I've had to fight for hours at my jobs because the logic was, a single woman paying her bills solo can't possibly need as much money as two married people who each get full paychecks, on top of tax breaks/better insurance rates/spouse benefits and helping each other pay their bills/share the cost of living, right?? There are only so many hours to give, and more often than not mine get cut back little by little as my coworkers ask for more, while I have nobody helping me pay my bills, I don't have the luxury of getting any ~single ladies~ discounts while married couples can bundle their service plans and have someone else's credit to balance out or improve theirs. Ever year and a half or so I to get a second job for extrs hours, then slowly leave the other as they schedule me less and less so I don't have such a long history of 1-1.5 year jobs with no overlap on my resume.

As for my relationships, I say "mostly functional" because despite plenty of verbal affection, cuddling, sharing hobbies, spending plenty of time together, and meeting their friends/family I never initiated kissing/foreplay/sex, which was the first flag in both relationships that eventually lead to me telling my BF(s) that I just didn't feel the desire to do that stuff, despite how much I loved and cared for them. Both times we tried to make it work, but slowly they changed after noticing, and both times we eventually drifted apart, broke up and stopped talking at all.

In hindsight, the relationships weren't really something I even wanted either, I just went with it. I didn't have my first kiss/have sex until the first relationship when I was nearing 20, I only got into it because my long-time best guy friend confessed his feelings for me, so I went along figuring the romantic and sexual feelings/desire would grow over time. They did not. I wasn't interested in having sex/being physical eith them in the beginning and my feelings stayed the same throughout. I wasn't ever repulsed by them or by being physical with them, it was something I did for them to make them happy, and they both always backed off without issue when I put on the brakes (which I did a lot, tbh). Both of them later found other girlfriends and one is married now, which is great, and I live with my best friend and her fiancee' who are pretty good at keeping their sex life on the DL around me out of respect, and we're all very close, I consider them my family. I'm much happier now by myself with my group of close friends who know me as an asexual than when I was pretending to be "single, but waiting for the right guy" in a group of friends where I was always afraid one would want to set me up with someone or ask me out. I hated the feeling of walking on eggshells like that, waiting to find out if they would stick around after realizing I'm a "lost cause" or whatever.

>TL;DR: don't want it, don't need it, never have. not claiming to be asexual for imaginary perks or status. shrug it off, confuse and confound everyone by being a standalone human not afraid to die childless and alone

No. 309467

it's not always trauma or hormonal imbalances lol, fuck off with this

No. 309471

>deep down they still see you as Other
fucking this. i think men are unable to see women as fellow humans, in their eyes we're Women, not people. Men emphatizing with women is a myth. Sympathy, sure but even that is rare.

No. 309472

>you'd be amazed how people treat you as a woman with no desire to get married or be with anyone

This is a misogyny problem, not an asexual specific problem. Unmarried women who aren’t asexual would get the exact same shit from people. 99% of all discrimination related to asexuality is just misogyny o homophobia.

>Also, as an unmarried female I have a lot more bullshit to deal with economically than I would with a husband

Do you think these problems don’t exist if an unmarried woman is having sex? That’s again a misogyny problem, this has nothing to do with being asexual, because unmarried women who aren’t asexual exist.

I’m not saying life can’t be harder for people who choose to got get married, but nothing you describe is proof of inherent asexual specific discrimination.

No. 309473

>you'd be amazed how people treat you as a woman with no desire to get married or be with anyone

This is a misogyny problem, not an asexual specific problem. Unmarried women who aren’t asexual would get the exact same shit from people. 99% of all discrimination related to asexuality is just misogyny o homophobia.

>Also, as an unmarried female I have a lot more bullshit to deal with economically than I would with a husband

Do you think these problems don’t exist if an unmarried woman is having sex? That’s again a misogyny problem, this has nothing to do with being asexual, because unmarried women who aren’t asexual exist.

I’m not saying life can’t be harder for people who choose to got get married, but nothing you describe is proof of inherent asexual specific discrimination.

No. 309477

I don't see how a lot of the issues you described don't apply to any woman, asexual or not, especially the "jealous other women" stuff. Losing pretend friends happens to mundane straights who reveal they are already in a committed relationship.

No. 309483

>you'd be amazed how people treat you as a woman with no desire to get married or be with anyone

This is a misogyny problem, not an asexual specific problem. Unmarried women who aren’t asexual would get the exact same shit from people. 99% of all discrimination related to asexuality is just misogyny o homophobia.

>Also, as an unmarried female I have a lot more bullshit to deal with economically than I would with a husband

Do you think these problems don’t exist if an unmarried woman is having sex? That’s again a misogyny problem, this has nothing to do with being asexual, because unmarried women who aren’t asexual exist.

I’m not saying life can’t be harder for people who choose to got get married, but nothing you describe is proof of inherent asexual specific discrimination.

No. 309485

>you'd be amazed how people treat you as a woman with no desire to get married or be with anyone

This is a misogyny problem, not an asexual specific problem. Unmarried women who aren’t asexual would get the exact same shit from people. 99% of all discrimination related to asexuality is just misogyny o homophobia.

>Also, as an unmarried female I have a lot more bullshit to deal with economically than I would with a husband

Do you think these problems don’t exist if an unmarried woman is having sex? That’s again a misogyny problem, this has nothing to do with being asexual, because unmarried women who aren’t asexual exist.

I’m not saying life can’t be harder for people who choose to got get married, but nothing you describe is proof of inherent asexual specific discrimination.

No. 309488

can you stop spamming??

No. 309496

reminder that if your post goes through more than once, you can DELETE the extra posts jfc

No. 309503

ffs, i thought my computer was glitching out for a moment, kek.

THIS! not to mention my whole life i've had crushes on girls who were gay but too shy/didn't want relationships, or lesbians who were into other girls, or straight girls. ive also been super self conscious about being bi because i'm a bit more tomboyish and idk, have been called a dyke before and feel weird around some friends ive had in the past. now im dating a guy i love and get on with extremely well, and i'm not gonna just leave him because im secure in my sexuality now so i can try to prove to people that i am A TRUEE BISEXUAL.

also kek at other anon who thinks her ex can't be bi and has to be some pathological liar with a motive

No. 309511

I’m sorry, the site was down and I got an error message, I refreshed and it didn’t show the posts so I didn’t think they went through. I would’ve deleted them if I had known

No. 309515

It doesn’t work when the site is down and multiple posts happen as a result. I had that shit happen to me and it didn’t allow me to delete them for whatever reason.

No. 309536

Thanks, that just bolsters the point of it being silly to obsess over them even more, tbh.

No. 309552

IMO, the solution to "helping Africa" is for non-Africans to completely uproot and stay away. Stop mining resources, stop setting up BS "charities" that are little more than fronts by first worlders to thieve from other first worlders and venues for pedophiles to run free, stop weighing in on African politics, stop sending secondhand clothes and forcing countries to stop manufacturing their own clothing so you can have a stronghold on their economies, stop demanding colonial taxes to this day, stop setting up schools where you evade taxes, and stop visiting to pose with poor people for IG asspats. Just go. Empires, growth, civilization and wealth existed long before colonialism. No one begged for settlers to arrive and set up shop, and to date, I've never met an African person who has said "Thank god for all these charities keeping me and my family alive :)".
I'm African, I say this all the time whenever I run into a /pol/fag, and they always get flustered and go quiet (even if they had just been bitching about all the "aid" sent to Africa being a waste). For all their screeching about not wanting globalization, they really want to keep their hands all over other countries.

No. 309624

Blonde hair is the ugliest hair colour and makes everyone look considerably worse. It makes men look childish like I can't take them serious and it washes women out. I don't understand peoples obsession with blonde hair. Blonde haired men make me irrationally angry, I wish they'd just go away and be children somewhere else, I prefer dark haired men a thousand times over. They're just so much more sexier and professional looking to me idk why.

No. 309630

I find blonde hair irl unattractive too. It only looks good on 2D characters.

No. 309631

No. 309639

That makes no sense.

Also lolcow has made me hella terf-y and im not the least bit ashamed.

No. 309641

I actually watched a documentary a while back that was about this. Several African politicians in it even talked about how all the charity work Americans do is preventing Africa for growing as a society or solving any of their long term problems.
I can't remember the name of it tho, it was on Netflix if that's any help

No. 309644

Your irrational anger at blonde men made me laugh, anon.
Wish they'd just go away and be children elsewhere. Absolute riot.

No. 309649

>I don't understand peoples obsession with blonde hair
No one's obsessed with it except you. You sound really crazy and childish, ironically.

Blond guys can be hot or ugly just like anyone else. You sound really unhealthy focusing on one entire group. Are you racist as well?

No. 309652

I think kids with blonde hair arent as cute as kids with darker hair. Where I live everybody wants their kids to turn out blonde.

No. 309654

Not necessarily discrimination, but another shitty aspect of being asexual is feeling like you’re going to die alone since most people wouldn’t be able to deal with a relationship without sex (not their fault). I’ve limited my dating pool to other asexuals.

I’ve seen the acronym grsm ( gender, romantic, and sexual minorities ) used by asexuals in lieu of lgbt since evidently the community hates us.

No. 309658

I remember some losers on /r9k/ crying that having blond hair as a man is unattractive, and that their hair color makes them feminine, unattractive to women and undateable.
Simply put, I think this is shitty robot bait. Hair color is not this much of a big deal.

No. 309659

I'am being overdramatic, anon its kinda silliness. The ugliest dark haired man is still a thousand times more sexier to me than the hottest blonde haired man though. Idk I guess its just a preference.

>Are you racist as well?

I thought someone would accuse me of being a bitter black woman. No, I'am white I don't think I can really be racist toward other whites. I'am talking about white men with blonde/dark hair.

No. 309660

Idk I mean I’m texhnically lgbt because bisexual but I’ve never seen anyone hate asexuals, just get a bit tired of asexuals comparing things like an inevitably smaller dating pool or being asked stupid questions to actual discrimination like a law preventing homosexual marriage or people getting beaten for being gay.

There’s clearly hardships that come with asexuality, it’s just that those hardships aren’t a massive issue nor are they something anyone can do anything about, unlike lgbt issues.

No. 309661

It really does, either that or it's some bitter ho who got her man taken away. What girl can resist someone like River Phoenix lmao

No. 309662

Cilantro fucking disgusts me, and I hate all the fucking hipster restaurants that feel the need to put it on everything. It tastes like someone put soap on my food, nd it doesn't taste right on anything.

I had to pick cilantro off of SUSHI the other day. What the hell.

No. 309664

you sound turbo retarded and can't read. no wonder blond men dont want you. please get over your issues soon.

No. 309669

you sound turbo retarded and can't read. no wonder blond men don't want you. please get over your issues soon.

No. 309672

I'm >>309624
I actually wasn't aware of this retardation. Yeah women don't want to date you because you have blonde hair, keep telling yourself that lmao their repugnant personalities, horrible hygiene and non stop autistic reeeeeing at women has absolutely nothing to do with it.

No. 309673

Maybe it’s because I’m not an avid tumblr browser, but I’ve never seen asexuals pretend that our issues are on the same level of being systematically oppressed? I don’t think that way at least.

If you look at all the asexual discourse on the internet it’s obvious that a lot of the lgb community feels spiteful towards us, calling us snowflakes and saying that we can’t even be in romantic relationships.

No. 309674

>I was only pretending to be retarded
You seem bitter in your initial post and I'm pretty sure anon asked if you are racist against minorities as well since you just went apeshit over an entire group of individual people. Racists have that mindset.
You seem insufferable and not very smart on top of it. Not even saying this to be a bitch, but you srsly need help even if you're upset over a personal vendetta.

No. 309678

Asexuals are constantly trying to shoehorn themselves into the LGBT community. They call themselves "queer", they made pride flags for themselves, they keep trying to change the acronym to "LGBTA", etc.

You guys aren't opressed. No one is going to disown you or threaten violence on you just because you don't have sex.

No. 309684

why are some people getting so triggered over anon's post? it's just her opinion. not everyone is attracted to the same things you are. I find blonds ugly as fuck too, no exceptions.

No. 309687

Ace people will argue that because they might have to tell a date "no I don't fuck" and possibly get assualted on that basis they think they belong under the LGBT umbrella.

No. 309690

If you can't see the problem with anon's post and yours, then you're disgusting. No one stable wants to be around people like you.

No. 309692

oh you have that soap cilantro gene? that sucks because cilantro with the compatible tastebuds taste great imo. enhances any dish. but i understand it must suck for you when they put it on anything.

No. 309693

well, this IS the unpopular opinion thread

No. 309694

Ok well most asexuals don’t think that way. It must be a small minority on tumblr or actual trolls. The asexual communities I’ve browsed have been relatively sane. I have never heard an asexual say that our issues are tantamount to the ones lgb face.

>You guys aren’t oppressed

I literally never said I was
>No one is going to threaten violence on you just because you don’t have sex

No. 309696

File: 1539556743401.gif (200.94 KB, 450x409, 194710232881.gif)

I think smoking looks cool. Of course i know it's super bad for your health but the act of smoking has a nice aesthetic lol. I also think it's too expensive but that's another issue.

No. 309699

t. blondcel

No. 309701

Older men are honestly disgusting. I'd never fuck a guy older than maybe 27 while I'm still young.

No. 309702

Fellow African comrade, thank you

No. 309704

>getting butthurt over someone just saying blonde hair isn't for everyone/ over-rated


No. 309705

I think really good looking people who smoke look hot, even if cigarettes smell like shit and give you cancer.

I wish there was a way to fake smoke without the cancer. lol

No. 309706

gee im a straight woman but that sounds an awful lot like what i, as a female have to be afraid of happening every day of my life too thus I am also lgbt

No. 309707

Blondes are overrated in all sense of the word. I was watching Gossip Girl the other night and always thought both Blair and Vanessa were way more attractive than Serena and Jenny. I don't get the blonde obsession.

No. 309708

>it’s obvious that a lot of the lgb community feels spiteful towards us

this attitude is why the lgb community doesn’t like asexuals. you got asexuals making jokes like pic related where the death of ~sexual~ people is just a funny joke. Asexual people who imply that the AIDs crisis wouldn’t have happened if those dirty sexual gays listened to asexual people.

No. 309710

File: 1539557668940.jpeg (175.3 KB, 994x988, CF3B3E8C-0FCA-4D5F-977B-C2FEC5…)

dropped my pic like an idiot

No. 309711

Wow, that's fucking disgusting. They do realize that a significant number of people have sex, right? Gay and straight?

Asexuals are nothing but special snowflakes.

No. 309712

File: 1539558000829.png (121.24 KB, 1080x676, B1DDB4E0-811D-4337-A679-77B775…)

it’s just another way for
1. straight people to feel Cool and Oppressed “I’m coming out as asexual so now I’m hip!”
2. women to harmfully cope with the twisted way we treat female sexuality in society. “I’m not like those whores at my school, I’m different and asexual”
3. deeply in the closet people to justify not ever having to date. “I’m not gay, I’m asexual, I don’t like anyone!”

No. 309713

And then the world ends because no one reproduces?? Asexuals are dumb shits. rofl

No. 309714

Which sure, sucks, but the point that asexuals aren’t facing actual discrimination or harassment, just some comments online that are a bit mean.
What do asexuals expect to get out of the lgbt community? There’s not much common ground or shared grievances aside from ‘sometimes people bully us about it’

You’re not going to find satisfying relationships with sexual people, and that’s not anything to hold against sexual people, and lgbt is a community largely based on sexuality. You can make friendships with literally anyone because sexuality doesn’t matter there, so why lgbt spaces specifically? You’re not lgbt so idk why you’d expect open arms

No. 309715

Are they seriously blaming gay people for AIDS? Because that's some 80s propaganda.

No. 309717

You're not LBG. And there is no reason for asexuals to be there since having no sexual drive has zero to do with a sexual preference. wtf

No. 309718

File: 1539558175332.jpg (30.29 KB, 640x363, blogger-image--1310564522.jpg)

I was about to make the same post kek. I love watching men smoke, shame it's so fucking unhealthy.

No. 309719

Yes, but y’know, they’re totally not unpleasant people they’re just oppressed by the big mean lgbt team.

No. 309723

File: 1539558297370.gif (498.58 KB, 500x213, clint-smoking.gif)

It's a good look, even if it's so bad for you.

No. 309727

oo smoking does look sexy too bad it makes you stink like shit. I cringe at the thought of kissing a smoker.

No. 309728

>Asexuals are constantly trying to shoehorn themselves into the LGBT community
only the wannabe lgbt snowflakes do that. if you actually met an asexual person in real life then maybe you'd see that you shouldn't group real people in with the tumblr crazies

No. 309729

>Asexual people who imply that the AIDs crisis wouldn’t have happened if those dirty sexual gays listened to asexual people.
Ah, yes, because the entire asexual community thinks this way, and not just some insane cliche of people you found online. Not to mention that >>309712 is an obvious troll.

>feeling prosecuted by a mediocre tumblr joke

Exactly. All of a sudden, all asexuals are unpleasant snowflakes who think AIDS was the gays’ fault. These replies just reinforce my point that the lgb community is irrationally hateful towards asexuals.

No. 309731

>only the wannabe lgbt snowflakes do that
why are you acting like they don't make up the majority of people who identify as asexual?

No. 309734

yes because regurgitating Reagan era AIDs panic philosophy is just a harmless joke

a majority of the “asexual” community ARE tumblr weirdos

No. 309736

i mean you're right, i just wish instead of saying "asexuals are the worst" people would say "straights who want in on the lgbt community by pretending to be ace are the worst"

No. 309739

Sort of like how you think all lgbt people are being exclusive and mean to the poor widdle asexuals?

Jesus, you’re forcing this to be an issue when it’s not. Lgbt people generally don’t want asexuals in their spaces because asexuals don’t fit there. Cry a river over it.

No. 309743

Sage for blogpost - but for the longest time I thought I was asexual because I just naturally had a low sex drive and was fearful around men. These things are still true, but I also still feel sexual desire even if I don't always want to act on it or find sex painful/exhausting.

I think asexual people must exist - if there are gay people, and straight people, and bisexual people, there must be people who don't want sex at all - but I don't think it's as widespread and as much of an "umbrella" as tumblr makes it out to be. I think most tumblr asexuals are in a similar situation in that they are anxious about sex, have a low sex drive, or honestly just so used to rejection that they don't even bother with it, given that most of tumblr's users are asocial nerds.

Our society, at least American society, is so black and white about sex. It's both the best and worst thing in the world and our opinions of it are heavily negative if you are a woman having sex. I think that a lot of "asexuality" comes from not being as sexual as you might feel you are expected to be, along with fears about sexual health.

And it's not like there aren't LGBT people who don't struggle with it too. One of my close friends is a gay man who has a low sex drive and was beaten when he was younger so finds being alone with men intimidating.

No. 309750

I really don't think asexuality exists but if it does, it's extremely extremely rare. I think most people just say they're asexual to have an excuse as to why they're not having sex, there's a lot of pressure. The world is obsessed with sex. Like I'm afraid of men and afraid of sex but I still want it badly.

No. 309751

even the "truaces" are whiny as fuck as we've seen itt. y'all kinda are the worst.

No. 309772

The level of gatekeeping they dedicate themselves to is incredible.

No. 309786

Unpopular opinion, Lana del Rey is a bit ugly.

I thought she was pretty around the born to die era, and even in her recent days she looks good in videos and photoshoots, but everytime I see candids or non professional photos, she just looks like she has bad fillers and has a weird duck face.
It's bizarre how many people think she looks good or goals.
I like her music and aesthetic but I really feel she ruined her face with plastic surgery and fillers.

No. 309788

>I really don't think asexuality exists but if it does, it's extremely extremely rare.

Well, it does, but you're right- it's exceedingly rare in humans because we're such social animals. I'm the anon you're quoting, and I wanna add that I probably wouldn't mind marrying and living with an asexual guy for those sweet sweeet benefits and the extra income, but male asexuals who aren't somehow fucked in the head or terribly damaged are more rare than actual unicorns. I'd never marry a gay guy or a lesbian though bc, and this might be stupid as hell, but I wouldn't want them fucking around on the side. It's a trust thing with me I guess. But for now I'm fine living with my friends and going to stay with my parents, grandparents or my sister's family when I sometimes start feeling that achey loneliness. Lucky for me my family is pretty damn healthy and supportive, I know how rare that is these days. Tbh I feel like being raised without being pushed to explore/date (until my 20s anyway) and getting all my necessary love and emotional support from my family first might be a big part of why idgaf about sex or romance.

As for the other thing, I personally don't mind people having asexual "phases" while they deal with trauma, find themselves or whatever as long as they're not doing that "I'm asexual but I let my daddy fuck me bc I'm his little/sub" tumblr bullshit, I'll call that out in front of anyone, it makes me seethe. I don't pay attention to the A type/B type shit because none of it applies to me, so I won't comment on that.

No. 309793

>Tbh I feel like being raised without being pushed to explore/date (until my 20s anyway) and getting all my necessary love and emotional support from my family first might be a big part of why idgaf about sex or romance

This is me as well except I kinda hate how relationships weren't normalised. I'm 20 years old and feel extreme embarrassment even saying the word "boyfriend" around my dad my dad has never even made silly dad jokes about boys to me, ever. He has never mentioned them in relation to me, not once, but yeah I only really want a relationship just to prove to people that someone can like me, if there wasn't so much pressure to date or there's something "wrong" with you, I probably wouldn't care at all.

No. 309794

exactly, asexual anon is just describing issues women have and attributing it to being asexual. anything for oppression points. plz point me in the direction of all of the asexual people who have literally been beaten and murdered because they don't like sex

No. 309798

>this is a misogyny problem, not an asexual problem

Not if it only ever starts happening after I pull the Ace card. Right up until I shatter the illusion of me being available to "someone, eventually" I get treated just fine. And I even said, most of the problems I face are from other women after I tell them I'm not after their men. As long as everyone assumes I'm straight they have no problem inviting me to hang aroung them and their SO, because they think I'm gonna be either actively or passively looking for a guy- just not theirs.

>Do you think these problems don’t exist if an unmarried woman is having sex?

I think they don't exist if the guy she's fucking is helping her out financially, obviously. Again, idk about your experiences or where you live, but in my state the only women who don't get help from the guys they fuck are the ones who do it as FWB/NSA who aren't dating. Most of the time, from what I've seen and heard from other women and men, couples who fuck usually help each other out with money and other necessities l, even when they don't live together. Nobody I've ever known who has had a BF/GF didn't at least offer to help when they needed it in one way or the other.

Also, just because it's all rooted in misogyny doesn't mean it doesn't result in asexual discrimination. The women who intentionally tried to fuck with my livelihood and friendships based on if they believe me or not still happens because I tell them I'm asexual. Again, when I used to pretend to be a maiden in waiting, I didn't have those problems, as long as I kept pushing the idea that I was ~still looking~. Nobody got overprotective or jealous of me being single, but me saying I'm asexual was, to them, some kind of slutty deceit, almost like me not wanting/needing a man the way they did upset them. Hell, maybe it did? Idk, not a mind reader. As for them being ~fake~, I can't help that or control how people treat me, or what they say about me, but it's more than just a few "fake" people, if you're implying everyone I meet is a fake friend, that's dumb. A new girl on the job isn't gonna be able to convince the entire staff that Becky, who has worked there since forever and is soo nice and sweet and happy, would be shitting on her because she doesn't like that newbie is ace. "That never happens IRL" logic doesn't apply here because she has the history and credibility that I do not, in these cases.

In summary, just because you never experienced something and can't imagine or believe it would ever happen, doesn't mean it doesn't, or that you get to tell the person who has literally lost real jobs, realfriends, and had their real life, IRL reputation trashed based on jealousy and lies that it's solely because I'm a female in a world dominted by misogyny. Losing hours to heteronormative peopld and being told "they need it more", as well as other women shitting on me and going out of their way to fuck with me bc I'm asexual is, quite literally, me being descriminated against for saying I am asexual (aka, being asexual). Just because it's not exactly the same as whatever you usually think of when you think "descrimination" doesn't change that. Even if I got married, never said the words "I'm asexual" again and never got intimate with my husband, it still wouldn't change my lack of desire, my lack of any definitive sexuality, or my lack of need to be with someone romantically. I'd just be in the closet while raking in the perks of being a "straight" woman like I did before, only this time with more perks.

No. 309801

I love cilantro, it tastes deliciously soapy and I believe that everyone who can't stand it is just a picky eater crybaby with an unrefined palate

No. 309803

Give a single example of an asexual person being assaulted, killed, rejected from a job, denied legal counsel or medical care or stop claiming asexuals are discriminated against in any way.

Not being invited to join the gay and lesbian club and having a smaller dating pool isn’t discrimination, that’s just being spoiled.

No. 309808

nah, cilantro is a mystery. many people can't taste the good part because of genetics. it's kind of cool tbh.

No. 309809

Don’t try to reason with these people. To them, all asexuals are speshul snowflake straight people trying to shoehorn themselves into the lgb community. And us giving any instances of shitty treatment is us “trying to be oppressed.”

No. 309811

Soap is not delicious. Tbh it’s silly af to call people picky over cilantro when it’s established that how a person perceives it is genetically coded.

There’s a million bitches out there who won’t eat anything that isn’t beige and familiar to most toddlers.

No. 309813

It’s not that you’re trying to be oppressed, it’s that so many asexuals claim to be oppressed when they are dealing with some mild meanness online.
Why do you want to be included in lgbt when lesbian/bi/gay are sexualities?

No. 309816

not wanting sex isn't a sexuality.

No. 309819

this. it's like saying athiesm is a religion.

No. 309820

Yeah but they’re so oppressed, someone on the Internet said they are prudes and another says it’s just low libido! Clearly it’s basically like a Chechnya gay conversion camp!!

No. 309823

nta but I’ve seen plenty of examples of asexuals being assaulted and/or threatened because they need to be “fixed” or some shit like that

No. 309824

Can you provide any proof besides incredibly vague anecdotes?

No. 309826

File: 1539575147335.jpeg (217.73 KB, 750x1084, CEDAD3F9-639A-40E3-A5DD-B5C08C…)

Oh the humanity!

No. 309828

Hmmmm somehow I have a feeling you're an obnoxious asshole who bases their whole personality around their """"sexuality"""" and brings it up constantly, and that's why people hate you

No. 309829


And tumblr posts don't count

No. 309831

Welp, there goes any proof they were gonna show me. Tumblr anecdotes is all the proof of asexual oppression there is.

No. 309832

Kendrick Lamar is boring and isn't "woke". He says nothing that is groundbreaking or revolutionary for his time and nothing about his flow or music is like that either.

No. 309833

I'm sorry you have nothing interesting about you other than your lack of a sex drive.

No. 309834

“I identify as my low libido. I can’t believe everyone doesn’t adore that about me”

No. 309835

File: 1539576818753.png (178.9 KB, 500x376, 7e28eb24b9452ffba21d134499dd82…)

No. 309837

What a compelling argument. You’ve sure proved your point about the terrible oppression of all those poor asexuals. Can’t believe we’ve wasted time on human rights when someone online once said that asexuals aren’t murdered by the churches or beaten by strangers for wearing a rainbow pin.

No. 309838


look, I feel for people who have low libidos,I do. it sucks living in a sex-obsessed world and being the odd one out. but you cannot expect people to what to date you if you are adverse to the one thing that separates platonic relationships and romantic relationships. yl

No. 309840

File: 1539577911078.png (173.38 KB, 530x479, 1539149222443.png)


get fucked

No. 309841

File: 1539577929526.jpeg (126.54 KB, 490x768, 283156B3-A5BD-4643-930A-654DCC…)

It gets better.
Apparently an 11 year old girls disinterest in sex means she’s asexual and oppressed by the mean old gays and lesbians.

Pretty sure most 11 year olds are asexual because that’s how children work. Asexuals are mental.

No. 309842

Cry more about your garbage persona and oppression olympics.

No. 309843

You mean… the thing men will do to women who reject them for literally any reason and come up with any excuse to justify it?

No. 309845

According to asexual blogs, it’s a special kind of hate crime called corrective rape, and it’s corrective rape even when the rapists don’t know what asexuality is or that their victim claims to be it.

Total nutters.

No. 309846

>in my state the only women who don't get help from the guys they fuck are the ones who do it as FWB/NSA who aren't dating.
>Nobody I've ever known who has had a BF/GF didn't at least offer to help when they needed it in one way or the other.

Are you aware of how much you sound like an incel? Right down to claiming that women having their significant others buy them stuff is a "privilege"?

Newsflash: Sex and relationships aren't inherently a contract that guarantees you a plethora of gifts and money and bills being paid the moment you stick a dick on a hole. People give eachother gifts and help eachother with bills and money and other payments out of love and kindness. I have friends that have helped me out financially with no sex required because they care about me. This isn't some allosexual exclusive experience.

As for the women "trying to fuck you over" that sounds like a you problem. You seem like a conceited, shitty, self centered person and I don't think that has anything to do with your asexuality. I don't think world isn't out to get you because you don't fuck. I think it is because you are fundamentally unpleasant.

>Losing hours to heteronormative peopld and being told "they need it more"

You're implying that you get less hours at work because you don't fuck? What? Like, actually, what.

No. 309847

true story, until high school I thought I was asexual because I had no interest in sex while my friends talked about kissing and sex a lot. turns out I was just too immature to understand sex and slower to develop than them

same thing goes for toddlers who are supposedly trans. a lot of them think being a boy = playing rough and being loud and being a girl = liking dolls and being quiet which is why their parents mistakenly label them as trans

No. 309848

Sounds mad jealous that other women are in happy relationships with nice partners who sometimes do special things like give gifts. You can practically taste anons bitterness in her weird little idea of what relationships are. Fuck me, a contract where you get gifts in exchange for allowing your husband or partner to touch you could only be made up by a mental patient who’s never seen an adult relationship before.

No. 309849

It’s not unusual for an 11 year old girl to not be interested in sex. She’s prepubertal, and far too young for anything sexual or romantic.
Kids are just not sexual people.

Ugh trans and their messed up enforcing of gender roles is a giant mess. Imo trans kids aren’t real, they’re being manipulated and used by sick parents.

No. 309851

I can see the hours happening where people that have families and who are good friends with the person deciding get more hours cause they need to provide for their children

No. 309852

File: 1539579294292.gif (1.66 MB, 212x153, 54607E1E-5C90-4418-B40D-9BDE9C…)

>asexuals talk about their hardships
“LOL, those snowflakes really think they’re as oppressed as gays in conversion camps!!!”

>actual asexuals try to distance themselves from the small minority of tumblr users who make the entire asexual community look bad

“I can’t believe those truaces go to such lengths to gatekeep!”

>be asexual, which is a sexual minority

“I can’t believe those snowflakes want to shoehorn themselves into a community that, for decades, has traditionally accepted sexual minorities!”

>identify with the “asexual” label for the sake of brevity and because it concisely defines your feelings towards sex

“Asexuality isn’t even a sexuality!! You’re just using the label for attention!”

>blatantly fake tumblr blogs are created by aphobes to make us look like shit

“Wow! Look at this! All asexuals are insane homophobes who think gays are to blame for HIV/AIDS! Asexuals are total nutters!”

At this point I think asexuals should stray away from the lgb community since we aren’t welcome there. We should stick to our own community since we face our own unique struggles, including being hated by the one community that is usually accepting of sexual minorities.

No. 309853

So go away and stop forcing yourselves into lgbt spaces. Crying like a little Bitch about being rejected by the mean oppressive queers just makes everyone think even less of you as a group.

You can moan about how you personally don’t call yourself oppressed all you like, that doesn’t change the hundreds of asexuals that do use the term over words they saw online.
You’re so defensive of such a nonissue. Lack of sexuality not belonging in a spaces meant for people who have been discriminated against for their sexuality isn’t a crime, or cruel, or exclusive.
You just don’t belong.

No. 309854

>At this point I think asexuals should stray away from the lgb community since we aren’t welcome there
this, please!!

No. 309856

Wonder how long they spent being told to please leave this space that is not for you before they finally got giddy enough to say ‘fine I’ll go I don’t even want to be here!’

No. 309859

>using the term aphobe unironically

Can you stop and think for a moment? How does the term "aphobe" even make sense? You think that there is institutional fear and hatred of asexual people built into our society? Everyone at some point in their lives is "asexual" at some point! Non-asexuals aren't constantly rabid dogs horny every second and fucking at every chance they get. It is normal and natural for every person to deal with a lapse in libido at various points in their lives, due to stress, depression, or just not having the time or need to care about sex.

How does society teach people to be afraid of those who are asexual? Is there a history of people who are asexual being denied the right to marriage, or the right to housing, or adopting children, or a job? Does religion frown upon asexual people? Are religious texts twisted to justify the oppression of asexual people?

The answer to all of the above questions is no. Because none of that is true. And to think otherwise is a fantasy invented by tumblr.

Also the LGB community isn't for any and all sexual minorities. It was a community of individuals who bonded together out of necessity due to experiencing oppression by a heteronormative society for expressing their sexual and romantic desire for the same sex. No matter how many no micro identities get made up and pomo queer discourse trying to make things like demisexual or polysexual or androsexual happen, LGB isn't some free for all club for cool people who don't have missionary sex.

No. 309860

Are you autistic ?

No. 309862

No but I’d rsther be autistic than a bitter asexual with shit sonic memes.

They honestly do believe that. Some claim they lose jobs or get fewer working hours over it.

No. 309864

Wtf is up with asexual people thinking they need to discuss being asexual 24/7? Normal people don't go around talking about how much they love sex and have it all the time. Gag. If you're discussing being asexual with your employer that's inappropriate. Imagine a normal person talking to their boss or a new acquaintance about their sex life.

No. 309866

If an asexual speaks in a forest and doesn’t mention their asexuality, are they even special anymore?

No. 309867

hahah if "heteroromantic androkindle sapiohomoromantic asexual uwu" it isn't in their twitter, tumblr, facebook, and instagram bios then everyone will assume they're just a normal straight, not a speshul one

No. 309872

Maybe get a grip and stop giving yourself special snowflake tumblr labels like 'asexual' and literally NOBODY will ever look down on your lack of libido again! Nobody gives a shit that you don't want to fuck, except the small number of partners you may choose to be with throughout your life. Lots of people don't want to fuck. Sex is often kept private and nobody needs to your thoughts on it. Your struggles are FAR from unique or notable, they are the same as post menopausal/andropausal people, people on anti depressants, people with sex related trauma, people with any number of emotional or physical health issues that cause low sex drives. You attract hostility and get mocked because you think 'asexuality' is a community or defines someone as a minority to begin with, rather than the (relatively) minor health issue it is.

No. 309876

People who MUST buy special flavoured water drops to put in water or else they can't drink it are pathetic. Just drink water and stop being such a snowflake, its not that hard.

No. 309879

lmfao you act like lgb people don't act the same

No. 309880

samefag but didn't know that issues had to be special enough to deserve space for people experiencing them.
No need for asexuals to join lgb but I see nothing wrong with the community for them existing. Same for the term itself.

No. 309881

The problem is that the 'type' of community they're angling for is CLEARLY the oppressed minority sort. They are not anything like an oppressed minority, and they are disingenuous about the nature of their issues. Nobody would fault a community for people struggling with libido issues, in fact it makes perfect sense for those with similar problems to support each other. But it makes NO sense for them to frame it as a social justice issue rather than just a personal problem.

No. 309889

i prefer a chode over a regular average dick

No. 309904

just stopping by to let you know that aphobia isnt an actual thing. have a good day anon!

No. 309923

And yet they made their own space to do it instead of insisting everyone make them feel special and important. They made the lgbt community, so asexuals should go make their own too. Y’all are so cut up over not belonging to lgb communities, like it wasn’t treated as a shameful thing to be part of until ten years ago.

No. 309925


>At this point I think asexuals should stray away from the lgb community since we aren’t welcome there

For the love of god, please do it.

No. 309926

Aromantic people MIGHT have a slim case for saying they face oppression, since married people get tax breaks and in the military you only get to move out of the barracks once you're married. But you don't ever see that being brought up. Instead we're supposed to agree that asexuals are oppwessed because someone said, "Uh, OK, are you certain that's not because you're on a high dose of Prozac, Ayden?" when one "comes out."

No. 309928

Even then it’s not oppression. Missing a perceived perk over not being in a relationship they don’t want is nowhere close to the mildest oppression anyone has faced. Asexuals and Aromantics are just the newest group to have hopped up and said that their hurt feelings are the most important thing.

When you finally get a big enough club the narcissists find the sycophants and start a feedback loop with each other of validating every single perceived slight as deliberate and malicious abuse.

No. 309929

Aromantic people can still get married. Love isn't a requirement. My parents only got married because they were under a lot of pressure to not abort or disown me and they needed the tax breaks.

No. 309930

My unpopular opinion is, that all of you are just self-hating whites.

>blue/green eyes are scary, brown eyes look much cuter

>blonde hair looks like shit, black hair is the best
>I wish I was shorter…
>bigger than a B = udders!!!
>you don't like thicc asses?! I bet you're a disgusting skinnyfat

The only feature associated with caucasians that lolcow doesn't hate is pale skin; but probably only because your yellow fevered brain tells you that all asians must have "milky" skin like anime and kpop girls.

No. 309931


Brown eyed people get weirdly salty about blue and green eyes. You never see blue eyed people making those cringy viral tweets about how their eyes look like MELTED HONEY CHOCOLATE IN THE SUN or how eyes of other colors are ugly and scary looking.

No. 309932

>ITT: the LGBT comm of lolcow shows why normal people don't give a shit about them by gatekeeping their special right to be treated like shit while claiming nobody else gets treated like shit as much as them because they say so

Wow, when did the opresssion olympics come to town? What a wild ride.

No. 309933

Most whites don't have blonde hair and blue eyes, anon. This post faintly smells of /pol/.

No. 309934

Don't you have an aphobe block list to compile?

No. 309937


And yeah, god fucking forbid lesbians, gays and bisexuals 'gatekeep' the LGB community that literally exists for them. Why not just let straight people in if same sex attraction is no longer a requirement.

No. 309939


Since when does being treated like shit automatically make you LGBT tho? Are people who like pineapples on pizza LGBT?

No. 309940

Absolutely true. If a lesbian hits on you it can be just as disgusting as if some male creep does it and their whining can be as annoying as trannies and the likes as well. Yet they somehow think they're better… I wonder why there are so many of them on lc

No. 309941

This is the worst point I have ever seen someone make ty anon

No. 309942


But you still can't explain why you think being treated like shit makes you a member of the LGBT community, I see.

No. 309943

Couldn’t pretend to be oppressed as an asexual anymore, because nobody is stupid enough to consider such atrocities as being asked questions or doubted as actual discrimination, oppression, or a hardship.

~WOW lgbt are such babies wow whiny oppression olympics much~

What sensible and reasonable people you’re presenting asexuals as, anon.

No. 309950

It doesn’t and nobody has ever said so. Sorry you’re obtuse.

Lgb people have, as a group, been discriminated against by their own governments, they have been kicked out by parents, beaten, sent to abusive conversion camps, told they are doomed to eternal hell, murdered, raped, denied employment, or healthcare especially during the aids crisis. They have been systematically discriminated against and targeted for cruel and unusual punishments for their sexuality.

Asexuals are questioned and their flag isn’t taken very seriously. Asexual ‘hardships’ are not comparable to the discrimination lgb people have faced. Lgbt groups came from supportive communities of fellow homosexuals and bisexuals. They are people who have bonded and connected over and fought together against these prejudices.
Why do asexuals think they belong there?

No. 309955

File: 1539597898509.png (58.46 KB, 1077x261, asexualsbeinghomophobesagain.p…)

This definitely seems like the kind of people we want in the LGBT community!

No. 309958


We deserve the apocalypse.

No. 309984

seems like an obvious trollpost.

No. 309995

When society has gotten that bad to the point where you cant tell if trolling or serious. :(

No. 309997


Oh anon.

This post is from the founder of AVEN, David Jay.

No. 310002

you've never heard "brown eyes look like poop", "everyone has brown eyes so therefore it's ugly", "blue is the rarest and most beautiful aryan color", "my eyes change color from greenish blue to bluish green depending on the light uwu", cause i sure have!

No. 310004


No, I haven't. You might be imagining this brown eyes persecution, anon. Most people genuinely do not give a shit.

No. 310005

same can be said about light eyes lol

No. 310006

>you've never heard "brown eyes look like poop"
I have never ever heard this not once until I came on this site. Bizarre.

No. 310010


Except the blue/green eyes stuff is literally here in the thread, anon.

No. 310012

I've noticed white girls have the biggest hang ups about brown eyes. I guess because they grow up with the ppl around them/media having blue/green eyes.

My unpopular opinion is calling blue/green eyes "light eyes" is dumb bc light brown/yellowy eyes exist (and are beautiful)

No. 310013

White girls with brown hair and brown eyes have the biggest hang ups about anything. They're truly insecure and obnoxious no matter how many times people tell them brown hair and brown eyes are just as beautiful. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "I'm going to date so and so because she has red hair/brown eyes/blue eyes/etc". In reality, no one gives a shit about that but they will give a shit about the incessant whining included in someone's personality.

No. 310016

Sounds a bit of a reach. Brown hair/eye white girls I've met seemed fine with it, they just really loved Anne Hathaway lol.

The worst one I've met was a blonde hair brown eyes girl who would legit start tearing up whenever someone complimented her eyes.

No. 310021

I don't think I've heard anyone criticise the color of someones eye in my life, it's probably the last thing someone should worry about appearance-wise. I live in Scandinavia and green and blue eyes are so common that many people will say they wish they had brown eyes, find brown-eyed people attractive and exotic etc. I can imagine that it's the other way around in places where brown eyes are the most common, but since brown eyes are the most common, I doubt there is a more than a small fraction of people, probably racist, who'd compare brown eyes to poop or something, I really doubt anyone sane cares that much about eye colors at all

No. 310022

I was joking and not the original anon in case you didn't get it you sperg. Kill yourself.

No. 310023

now THIS is an unpopular opinion. What is it about chodes that you like anon?

No. 310025


I've never even seen anyone with what I'd call an ugly eye color. Maybe if someone had naturally bright neon yellow eyes.

No. 310026


I've heard brown-eyed people (usually Asians so maybe it's a language quirk) calling blue/green eyes "colored eyes" too which is fucking weird because brown is a color???

No. 310029

As a white girl with brown eyes, I do hate the colour on myself and others.
IMO people with light coloured eyes should never mix with us, brown eyed people. There are slim chances that if you have kids, they will get the superior eye colour. Most likely, they will get the poopoo colour.
The only people that say stuff like brown eyes are pretty are either brown-eyed people deluding themselves or people with non-poo eye colours that say stuff like that out of pity and for sounding nice.

I wish my green-eyed mom never had me with my brown eyed dad. My sister has beautiful emerald eyes and I'm stuck with feces in my eyes. Guess who gets compliments all the time about their eye colour? Well, certainly not me. I lost the genetic lottery.

No. 310031


Anon, if the color of your eyes is the thing you hate most about your appearance then you're doing pretty well for yourself.

No. 310033

I do have other things that bother me, but it's like I'm the boring one appearance-wise. My sister always gets the spotlight and deservingly so, she has intense green eyes like my mom. No one ever complimented my eyes. They're squinty and brown.

Perhaps a lot of people don't actively pay attention to eye colour but subconsciously? Definitely.

We can try to sugarcoat it but brown eyes are common. And while really attractive people can obviously have brown eyes and still be mesmerising, a common person of regular appearance will look far better with light eyes than dark eyes just because light eyes are so rare and probably because they're associated with the poorer third world.

No. 310034

>oh no the gays won't let me into their secret club :((

No. 310035

I've seen this too. I wonder if it comes from colored contacts, but then again brown colored contacts exist.

No. 310036

I have green eyes myself and I like brown ones, the way they get reddish when the light hits them a certain way is pretty. Too bad you won't believe me.

No. 310037

You're lucky if you consider having brown eyes losing the genetic lottery. In my case it means being deaf, near sighted, mentally ill, etc. Obviously someone is always going to have it worse than oneself, but I just can't fathom how having brown eyes can be someone you'd be sad about. It's not going to hinder you in life in any way, it seems like it's only a problem to you because your sister get's complimented and you don't

No. 310039


I have oMg eMeRaLd EyEs and I'd swap them for acne-free skin and boobs that aren't noticeably lopsided in a heartbeat.

No. 310040

My bf has beautiful green eyes yet he has complimented my boring brown eye color a bunch of time during our relationship, I think love just makes you attracted to even the most basic average thing your lover has. I'm sure one day someone will find your brown eyes irresistible, will compliment them and you'll feel awesome about them.

No. 310041

obviously because asian eyes look black most of the time unless there's direct light

No. 310042


Blue-eyed girl here and I like brown eyes. Not saying that out of pity either. Brown-eyed girls can wear whatever color eyeshadow they want and it'll look good because every color goes with brown eyes. If I wear blue, purple or green eyeshadow I look dead.

No. 310044

File: 1539617342244.png (882.43 KB, 828x1134, 1532118102762.png)


They're literally just eyes. No ugly person is going to be made pretty by having blue/green eyes and no pretty person is going to be made ugly by having brown eyes.
You sound psychotic, no one is going to think you're ugly solely because you have brown eyes

No. 310045

>You never see blue eyed people making those cringy viral tweets about how their eyes look like MELTED HONEY CHOCOLATE IN THE SUN
Except you always see blue eyed people posting "I have the sea in my eyes" and similar cringe.
Not that the opposite wouldn't be equally cringey. Fighting over something as vapid as eye/hair/skin color is dumb

No. 310046

if you’re so insecure about your eyes, buy some color contacts and get over yourself.

genetics don’t work the way you think they do. i have a green eyed and a brown eyed parent, me and my older sister have green eyes, but my younger sister is the only person who inhereted brown eyes.

No. 310049

Not again.
Inferior because of eye colour holy fucking shit. You dipstick. You absolute nimrod. Can you imagine being neurotic about this of all things?
I can only imagine how insane you'd be if you weren't white.

I'm convinced you're just baiting us now and always have been. You just keep rehashing it every few months and it's kind of suspicious. If not, get over yourself.

No. 310050

File: 1539618643697.png (54.88 KB, 500x409, tumblr_nn2m1vtxqU1qf55xoo2_500…)

No. 310052

File: 1539618666358.jpg (41.34 KB, 831x1200, tb,1200x1200,small.2u2.jpg)

No. 310055

File: 1539618824165.jpg (10.38 KB, 225x225, images (7).jpg)

No. 310057

People with light eyes color always get buttblasted when a poor fella with brown eyes dare not hate their eye color lmao.

No. 310058

File: 1539618929325.jpg (18.45 KB, 236x255, brown-eyes-clipart-funny-eye-2…)

end of cringe display
imagine being this pressed to wax poethical about your fucking eye color, something so insignificant
doing same thing with blue/green eyes reminds me ow icky vicky so same cringe

No. 310060


imagine being this pressed about people describing something in a literary way lol

No. 310064


imagine being this pressed about people describing something in a literary way lol

No. 310066

I hate my brown eyes. Nothing others say or do will change how I feel about them.
There were several anonymous polls on various sites, and blue/green eyes always win, so it's not just me.

No. 310069

nah, I just enjoy the cringe. As mentioned above, same with vicky's icyyyyy blue eyessss.

If you care so much about eye color, you must have some unresolved issues. Every eye color can look great on an attractive person. It's a neutral feature.
Also in my euro country a lot of girls go crazy over brown eyes on a guy (blue is considered cliche and boring), so there is that. Never heard that brown eyes are considered ugly before browsing tumblr dot com

No. 310071

i have brown eyes and am oppressed because of it, therefore i am lgbt

No. 310072

This. I fucking love my dark eyes and how they have a warm, rich glow when the light hits them just right. They remind me of a doe or a doll. Whenever I say this, trust at least one insecure light-eyed person to dogpile and scream about "shit colored eyes", being "boring" and "common", then veer into racism little by little until they're full on yelling "Shitskin!". I don't understand it. If your eyes really are superior, why would other people liking their own make you feel a certain type of way?
On another note, it's cringy when people with very light blue eyes claim their eyes totally change color to green and yellow and ~*sOmEtImEs rEd*~ in the rain or whatever. Like, chill. Reflection doesn't mean the color itself changes.

No. 310074

Okay, but if it's such a heavy weight on your life and causes you intense misery you may want to stop focusing on it. Maybe talk to a therapist if you're unable to stop yourself alone.
Because it really is not the most important thing in life, not even close. So many people lead successful lives with brown eyes, and if you're having problems in your personal life there's a high chance that you're just using this as a scapegoat.
A majority of the population is with you on this one, dude. And we aren't killing ourselves over it. It isn't ruining our lives.

>inb4 you claim that it is and we just don't notice

I laughed.

No. 310076

Who tf cares so much about eye color?? Half of you guys have to be joking or exaggerating. Big fucking deal everyone knows eye shape is a billion times more important anyway

No. 310078


I've gotta be real anon, I find it hard to believe that every time you say "I like my eye color" you get a blue/green eyed person screaming "SHITSKIN!" at you.

No. 310079

>eye shape
Uh oh anon. Don't start with that or anons will come after you for saying green, almond shaped eyes are pretty and proceed to complain about how no one likes their brown, droopy canthal tilts. /s

No. 310080

That's okay, I don't expect everyone to have the exact same experiences as me.
It's always some level of salt or passive-aggression, then actual anger, then soft racism, then hard racism if they're mad enough. I have no reason to lie about eye color sperging on an anonymous imageboard, kek. It's just what I've been through.

No. 310083

soft racism and hard racism? i don't think anyone is racist towards your eye colour fam. seek help

No. 310084

Are you legitimately autistic, or do you just have zero reading comprehension?
Maybe look into therapy if someone recounting their experiences triggers you this much.

No. 310085

Anon how could you now I'm gonna kys myself because my eyes aren't perfect to everyone on earth!
/also s

No. 310087

>Be me, girl with brown eyes that sparkle like golden haloes made out of cinnamon honey nut crunch in the sun
>Say "I think my eyes are OK"
>Pointed goblin with evil wishy-washy blue eyes appears out of nowhere
>"You don't really think that"
>"Brown eyes are ugly"
>"You are a liar"
>"Shitty poop eyes"
>More goblins appear
>Surrounded by evil little gremlins with blue eyes
>They all start chanting GO HOME SHIT EYES
>This definitely happened

No. 310089

t. triggered light eyed person mad that people have noticed their bitterness
Imagine being so mad about an internet conversation that you write an r/thathappened greentext.

No. 310090

To be fair, nothing's more autistic than labeling racism as "soft racism" and "hard racism". It's either racist or it isn't and someone not liking your brown eyes isn't racism. Racism isn't a tumblr aesthetic.

No. 310092


I have brown eyes, anon. That's why I think your story about getting screamed at every time you say you like your eyes is funny.

No. 310097

Sounds like you don't really get the dynamics of racism. It's not a single action, but a spectrum. Insinuating slick shit about someone's ancestry isn't the exact same as screaming that they're [slur], even though both are demons. Not everyone will get it (doubly so if you're not typically the sort of person who experiences it in the west). "Soft" and "hard" aren't only terms used on Tumblr, either, and it's kind of elementary-tier to think immediately of aesthetics when you see them used as descriptors.

No. 310099

>both are demons.
I meant *demonstrably racist, lmao

No. 310102

>If it's never happened to me personally, it doesn't real!
Okay, anon.

No. 310103

File: 1539621871528.jpg (52.54 KB, 640x1005, 66dfaf09acfc91ae3ab019961fd31a…)

to be fair there's plenty of uwu deep posts about deep ocean blue icy sky eyes. moral of the story is caring about eye color is fucking dumb

No. 310107

*~*follow for more soft racism*~*

No. 310108

Damn, you're buttblasted.

No. 310112

Underrated post

No. 310113

>tfw everyone's favorite eye colors are blue, green and brown
>tfw hazel eyed people are never the favorite
check ur privilege brown eyed shitlords, us hazel eyed people are the REAL victims here

No. 310114

Hazel eyes are just dark green IMO. Just think of them as that, anon. Your eyes are pretty.
t. dark-eyed anon

No. 310115

File: 1539623772606.jpg (15.79 KB, 320x213, S_1117_jaundice-eye_M1900084.2…)

Who cares about eye color? It's the color of your sclera the real deal. I bet you all have boring, common pasty white scleras.
Colored sclera>>>>Peasant white
Pic related is my eye, try not to be too jealous cunts

No. 310116

The term sounds hilarious to me because of the soft grunge meme from a few years back.
Tbh I know what OP meant and I agree with them.

No. 310117

They're talking about covert/overt racism.

No. 310118

thanks for providing the correct term.

No. 310119

File: 1539624456011.png (24.55 KB, 834x189, im only 11 years old.png)

If you want to see some prime eye milk, look up eye color hypnosis videos on Youtube and read the comments.

No. 310120

Bitch, if your tear ducts aint as yellow as your sclera, you got 0 game and are literally unloveable.

No. 310123

hazel eyed people are just poop eyes in denial, kys

No. 310124

I've never understood what's the deal with those videos… Are they all trolls in the comments? Sockpuppets from the channel who uploaded the video? Or are humans really dumber than I thought?

No. 310127

>not having completely bloodshot eyes constantly
Silly anon.

No. 310129

i prefer them small & fat kek

No. 310131


Gullible tweens.

No. 310133

I feel like the only people who get really spergy about eye color are either really young or very insecure. When I was a kid, I hated my brown eyes and was super jealous of my mom, who had green eyes. Now that I’m in my 20s, I really don’t care that I have brown eyes and I honestly think I would look freakish with green or blue eyes.

Besides, I actually only think blue or green eyes only looks really striking with people with dark hair. Like you expect someone with blonde hair or really light brown hair to have green/blue eyes, so you’re less likely to notice it when they do. That’s not to say that it looks plain however.

No. 310148

I really don't know why people get so anal about eye colour. Where I live most people have light eyes. I have dark brown. I couldn't give less of a shit about someone's eye colour if I tried, I've seen people with both who look gorgeous and those who look dull.

No. 310240

never seen one irl. can it go deep enough to give you pleasure?

No. 310248

I hate Drake.
Drake is a phony shithead of artist and the only reason why his character and career has gone on so far is because a certain part of his ethnicity has helped him since Hollywood and the entertainment industry is full of those.

He's fake and a coward. Fuck him forever and ever.

No. 310249

Shape of eyes is more important than the color, seriously. So is the whole face. If the color of your eyes is a problem maybe you're ugly as hell

No. 310255

exactly, it's the same as people obsessing over having one specific characteristic they think is attractive without realizing it's about harmony and your features blending well together. Sometimes people with beautiful faces have some "unattractive" features and others with good features might look off. It's about the big picture always

No. 310258

exactly, it's the same as people obsessing over having one specific characteristic they think is attractive without realizing it's about harmony and your features blending well together. Sometimes people with beautiful faces have some "unattractive" features and others with good features might look off. It's about the big picture always

No. 310286

I hate gay men. I only support the L in lgbt.

No. 310295

No. 310307

File: 1539651336773.jpg (47.34 KB, 960x580, 13645326_1215936955103269_8791…)

seems reasonable

No. 310315

He's better than the new trash soundcloud/lil rappers tho.

No. 310322

hi anthony fantano

No. 310357

I like some of his stuff but idk what he’s protrayed as “woke” or whatever. Because he talks about police brutality and racism? Virtually every rapper does that these days. I’ll admit I don’t follow rap that much, so I’m not the best person to comment on this issue though.

No. 310359

Adele annoys the fuck out of me. All her songs are about the same relationship she had when she was a teen. People rag on Taylor Swift for singing about her exes but at least Taylor dates different guys. Plus Adele’s voices always seems like it’s gonna give out.
Me too. His music sucks. He seems pretty gross and in real life, and at risk of sounding like a shallow bitch, he’s not even cute. I don’t even get his appeal.

No. 310392

not one of these features are Caucasian, anon. especially the shortness and boob size? what the fuck?
i've seen many non-whites with blonde hair and non-brown eyes.

No. 310410

>i've seen many non-whites with blonde hair and non-brown eyes.

I call bullshit. Especially with non-whites having blonde hair. Not to say that it never happens but it’s pretty rare. Plus, more often than not POC with blond hair and/or blue/green have that because they have white ancestry in them.

No. 310415

tbh i agree, though i am in the "brown eyes are much cuter" camp, but not a weeb. the azn obsession and glorification is insane.

No. 310424

Lol yeah no….

No. 310426

Learn to read anon: light hair and eyes, being tall, having bigger boobs vs a smaller butt are features that most whites have.
Anons here dislike this, that's why they write stuff like "I wish I was shorter".
And secondly, those rare blonde children in mongolia or that pic of that afghan girl with green eyes don't count as "many nonwhite people are are blonde and blue-eyed"…

No. 310428

File: 1539673124660.jpg (125.26 KB, 1492x755, blonde hair.jpg)

i think anon said the shortness because white girls are more likely to be taller than average. also, i lived in a pretty diverse area, and the only two non white people ive ever seen with coloured eyes were half white.

No. 310437

I can see why there are so many pedophiles, since most white girls are so cute and beautiful to me until they hit their twenties. But on the same coin, I don't find latin/black/asian women attractive at all until they're in their twenties. I don't understand why I see them that way.

No. 310439

No. 310440

It looks like you have liver disease. Is this a troll?

No. 310443

Because white women have to meet insane standard while ethnic people dont have to meet any

No. 310444

Cringy post that smells like a robot made it.

Cringy post by someone with a victim complex.

No. 310446


This post smells male.

No. 310447

Obviously?? What's with the influx of you no-fun allowed stick in the mud people on imageboards?

No. 310448


Are you that person at every party who needs jokes explained to them in detail?

No. 310449

anything that isn't soccer mom humor obviously

No. 310451

No. 310458

the only insane standard is that your men go around saying all women look like shit after 24/25 because of the way you age despite literally any other ethnicity not aging that way

No. 310469

it's getting harder and harder to differentiate between a non-white woman and an incel.

No. 310470

it's getting easier and easier to trigger insecure white women.

No. 310472


Lust versus jealousy. That's how I tell them apart.

No. 310475

>Instead we're supposed to agree that asexuals are oppwessed because someone said, "Uh, OK, are you certain that's not because you're on a high dose of Prozac, Ayden?" when one "comes out."
holy shit anon my sides

But you're completely right. The "oppwesshun" these "asexuals" claim to face is that they feel left out when a wide part of our society revolves around sexual things, but that's the same kind of "discrimination" a lot of non-asexual people face. A lot of completely normal, sexually active people with varying libidos feel uncomfortable with sexuality being showed into their faces and hate it when people try to pressure them into hypersexuality. It's not an issue exclusive to asexuality. Being repulsed by sex due to a trauma or lack of experience isn't "asexulity", it's a different issue altogether.

>B-but our sexuality isn't validated, this is OPP WESS HUN

It's not validated because your asexuality requires no special expressive validation, dingus. What the fuck is your endgame? To have people pat you on the back for being asexual? To get a participation trophy? People are so obsessed with getting a piece of the discrimination pie they jump through all sorts of mental hoops to get rid of their first world privilege. I swear I'm going to scream if I see one more "ace" waving an "ace pride flag" despite enjoying pornography, experiencing sexual attraction but proclaiming themselves as ~ace~ because they're not in a sexual relationship.

No. 310488

File: 1539684135797.jpeg (59.14 KB, 484x633, images (17).jpeg)

>who enjoy pornography

whenever I see shit on Tumblr like REMINDER THAT YOU CAN ENJOY AND HAVR LOTS OF SEX AND STILL BE ASEXUAL I'm really confused. like, if you enjoy and desire sex doesn't that make you fundamentally like…not ace? isn't the basic fucking prerequisite to have no desire to fuck people?

like the analogy in pic related is stupid as. normal people don't jump at sex whenever it's offered.

No. 310490


They claim you can want sex without feeling sexual attraction, like how you can eat without feeling hungry.

But that doesn't hold up because they all want to fuck weird lizard men like Benedict Cumberbatch and whenever you go to any asexual forum or thread they're all talking about random celebrities they think are hot.

No. 310493

You can have a sex drive and masturbate but not feel sexual attraction to other people. I was effectively asexual for many years till I cracked and suddenly found people attractive, it was weird.

I'm guessing it was probably hormonal.

No. 310494


>Greysexuals only want to have sex sometimes.

This describes literally everyone in the world.

No. 310498

File: 1539685985158.jpeg (661.61 KB, 1080x2160, 253BE3F7-D995-465E-8282-9980DA…)

LOL, its so pathetic people are so triggered by the mere existence of white women that they have to grasp at straws.
White women are considered attractive, they dont age worse or anything (wtf lol) i could see and argument related to suncare, since they do have less melanin, but if you dont lie and bake in the sun and use sunscreen there is no arguement. Most models and actresses are white women and so on.
I know its envogue to hate beautiful thin white people, but its just pathetic and pretty obvious as to what its fueled by.
Heres “badly” aging Miranda Kerr at 35 years of age.

No. 310500

I know my bipolar ass can't talk, but autistic people have such linear personalities and one-track minds that it worries me. Though they can be very gifted and intelligent, I find them predictable and close-minded.

No. 310501

>blah dee bloo bloo
No one cares, faggot. Go waste your words on the screen somewhere else.

No. 310502


The only time I see white women ageing like shit is when they spend all their time under the sunbed. Wear some damn sunblock and stop trying to look like Kim Kardashian and you'll age fine.

No. 310514

File: 1539688624395.jpg (217.76 KB, 1858x1116, 1512836512127.jpg)

Yeah, everyone is triggered by white women. Totally.
You sound so insecure and pathetic, anon. We're all women, stop attacking others over race.

No. 310516

I’m a white girl and we do age worse. Why is this so hard for some farmers to accept? People of other races tend to have more melanin and a thicker dermis - Asians tend to have more buccal fat and that’s why they age best of all (you can look this up). I don’t give a fuck about non-white people, but you can’t say this isn’t true. As white women, we have to put much more effort in trying not to age poorly and even then, I’ve seen the most unhealthy, alcoholic chain-smoking Korean manage to look younger than white women who’ve been raw vegans and exercised their entire lives.

No. 310517

File: 1539688714292.jpg (465.33 KB, 900x2588, volleyball.jpg)

Meant to post this instead, but that works too.

No. 310519

>we’re all women!!!1
>having a literal collection
rent free

No. 310520


Anon, why do you apparently collect photos of random white women being jealous… Do you have a whole folder on your phone or what?

No. 310522

>two images I found on 4chan randomly
>a collection
Calm down. I'm just pointing out that women being salty and attacking other women definitely isn't restricted by race, even though anon clearly thinks everyone is threatened by white women.
C o p e

No. 310523

No. 310524

You're so angry about two pictures that break your cringy victim narrative, seek help.

No. 310525


>Rageposting three times in a row

Who's angry, anon?

No. 310526

Wat. When did I do that?

No. 310527

not her but for me there is more pleasure in the penetrative object, in this case a penis being thick than it going deep. im super scared of hitting the cervix lol.

No. 310528

These threads are just infighting/spergchan central huh? It was funny at first but now it's just cringe

No. 310529

Why is everyone in this thread so pressed about women of other races? You're all fucking ugly shut-ins, calm tf down.

No. 310530

File: 1539689257118.jpeg (27.43 KB, 353x334, 4C7B10EB-0986-4C0A-A260-3C88BA…)

>two images I found on 4chan randomly

No. 310531

Yeah. There's always one retarded racebait anon who can't help but try and start a war against women of [x] group.

No. 310532

All this infighting on /ot/ has given me more entertainment than the cows and flakes lately.

No. 310533

This anon knows.

No. 310534

File: 1539689437220.jpg (29.74 KB, 474x348, cc.jpg)

>Saving images? While using imageboards?? What the fuck…

No. 310535

>using outdated boomer memes

No. 310536

>uses "le shrek fedora tip" image unironically
>complains about others using outdated boomer memes
Are you Shoe0nHead?

No. 310537

File: 1539689642392.jpg (35.16 KB, 500x494, minion-meme.jpg)

No. 310539

Thank you. That is all I've been trying to say before the mess began.

No. 310545

I like Nicole Dollanganger's earlier music, and the whole "sad bby doll" aesthetic was kind of visually appealing up til 2016.

No. 310547

File: 1539691240750.jpg (63.97 KB, 800x880, DpmExPaU8AAN1NL.jpg)

This is the reason why I hate Eastern artstyles

>they can't make distinctive features to save their lives, all of their women and men look incredibly same face-y, you see this the worst for Korean artists, and somehow this effects even the anthro character-drawings as well

>they all make their women look like children and make them look as infantile and innocent as possible, ignoring the potential cadences and individuality a character may have

I get it, people like Eastern art over Western a lot of the time. I don't. This is the unpopular opinion thread, though.

No. 310548


I agree. The style is pretty but once you notice every single character has the exact same face with different hair it's spoiled.

No. 310549


No. 310550

It is, but once I realized there's little variation in the style and its extremely derivative of each other combined on top of it made me very distasteful of it. I also do not like the shading or the thin lines, I like my lines to looked inked or properly lush and full, with appropriate thickness.

That being said, I do like some Eastern artists, but it's nowhere near the standard shit you see.

No. 310553

I tend to prefer the humor and writing in American cartoons to (most) anime, but I can't get over American cartoonists' obsession with ugliness and/or mediocrity. There's a point where it goes from distinctive, creative, eye-catching (yet comparatively simple) art styles to an entire show only being distinctive because no one with a functioning pair of eyes would want to copy that style in the first place. It's not even funny to look at after like 5 seconds, just an eyesore.
The sad thing is, even the "distinctive" part seems to slowly be disappearing. Someone posted a gif showing that the main characters of Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Gumball, etc all had the same basic head shape and grin a little while ago.
I'd rather look at cute, pretty anime characters with similar basic shapes and facial structures, but different clothing designs/hairstyles/color palettes to differentiate them, than shit like vid related for 11-24 minutes.

No. 310557

I think French animation is blowing the American out of water. American animation peaked and re-peaked in the 20th century .We're too obsessed with making hideous cartoons, shit Calarts, or infusing bastardized Eastern influences [which are already a bastard influence of the West from the 20th century] into our art which creates a lukewarm, boring looking trash.

Honestly you may not like him but John K got it right.

No. 310558

This is lolcow, not tranny crystal cafe. Go larp as a black woman who's so woke over there lmao because it's really obvious that's where you came from.

No. 310559

ive been here since this website was created though lmao

No. 310560

I'm >>310514 and you're fucking dumb. I called out >>310437 previously for being an obvious robot, too, so it's retarded of you to accuse all of being the same person.
I've been here since we were all on Stamina Rose, and I'm not a tranny. I'm just sick of the same bitter racist-chan(s) shitting up this board with their obsessive, pathological digs at non-white girls and women. If you can't handle that, go make a /fempol/ board or something on 8chan. No one will miss you.

No. 310562


careful. this exchange is about to get turned into another story about how thousands of evil green-eyed bitches surrounded anon and screamed for her death while ritually sacrificing a (brown eyed) goat.

No. 310563

Stop sperging and in-fighting. Some people here need a break from /ot/, I swear.

No. 310564


damn, let me have my fun. i'm hanging out on lolcow, you think i've really got a busy social life to get back to?

No. 310568

File: 1539695274727.jpg (2.23 MB, 1483x2175, Pigeon666.full.1975147.jpg)

Korean artists hide their basic styles behind good coloring and overdetailing

No. 310572

Wh-where's her nose? The artist did such detailed hair/accesories/shoes but forgot the nose? What the fuck?

No. 310574


noses are for uggos

No. 310577

the red splat with white dot is her nose

No. 310578

When I was a child I thought princesses didn't have noses or ears thanks to the drawings in the storybooks I had.

No. 310581

Looks like a big fat irritated pimple that's ready for poppin

No. 310588

I know that this technically belongs to the gender critical thread but after the whole farce with Rachel Mckinnon, any biological female that supports mtf participants in sports and attacks biological women for being against it should be named somewhere on a list with posts/tweets etc. that prove that and be made a social pariah, like barred from any women only events.

I just don't get how any woman with common decency would think that was okay?

No. 310590


A lot of them don't. They just say they think it's OK because they're scared. They know "TERFs" get death threats and rape threats and pressure put on their employers to fire them and they don't want that to happen to them.

No. 310593

Yeah, but when I went on Rachel McKinnon's twitter, the first few pinned tweets are from allegedly biological women that not only defend her but completely harass anyone that dares to say Rachel's not a cheat (which made me doubt they're actual women).

Also, the silver winner also took her defence while the bronze publically tweeted it was not fair.

I do think that the silver winner should be forbidden to go to any competitions and that other sportswomen should boycott competing with her out of protest. I think it's completely disgusting. I get why trannies will root for Rachel, but an actual woman to be okay with this?

No. 310594

File: 1539698676201.jpg (19.54 KB, 275x220, 1457545359075.jpg)

Anons need to chill with the bitter nitpicking of one another
Unpopular opinion: I dont think hot people shold give advice on how to love yourself
something i think is bullshit and I think appplies to anything, is like "keep a positive attitude and like force your self to love yourself", I tried it once. It made me more depressed.

I think it's fine to be insecure, but to sperg about it all the time is fucking inane. I know women are judged on beauty and youth all the time, but I think you're all more than that.

No. 310596

I mean, you get more solidarity and outrage from men than from some women. I've yet to see more than three tweets from a guy that didn't think it was nonsense.

I don't care in what sort of sjw hellhole one lives, nothing excuses a woman to shit on women's rights like that.

Those women that do that should be spat on their face.

I'm sorry, I'm so pissed off.

No. 310597


Definitely more men will say it's bullshit. But they also don't usually get called TERFs and punched in the face when they say it's B.S, unless they're that Jesse Singal guy half of troon twitter is obsessed with.

Sometimes you get liberal men who go hard for it because it's an excuse to tell lesbians to suck dick while still being "woke."

No. 310600

> But they also don't usually get called TERFs and punched in the face when they say it's B.S,

I get that, but then why say anything at all? The silver medalist that did that in a way undermined what the bronze medalist said.

So, the tranny cheater, #herthigness, has one medalist supporting her and thus validating her "achievement".

I do think there should be a tranny enabling blacklist but for real life just like a terf blocker exists and terf witchunt. If those women are so easy to sabotage other women for men in drags, then they can be with those trannies as much as they like. Let other women in their circles know where their loyalty lies. I sincerely doubt that number is high outside of certain demographic areas in the USA.

No. 310601


It is annoying. If we all rose up as one and said this isn't fucking cool there'd be too many of us to argue down, but as usual, other women have to trample over the rest of us to get ahead.

No. 310603

people who plaster their kids all over SM/youtube need to have their internet taken away.

No. 310606

Handmaidens gonna handmaiden. Some women will die for their KANGS, no matter what, even letting them take over their own sport they probably trained years in. it is very annoying.

No. 310614

eh, it's just because liberals don't think logically, they just want to pretend to be progressive. the issue is that they only fight for small minorities. women aren't really minorities on their own, so that's where intersectionalism comes in. it's not cause they're men, it's cause they're a poor, small, marginalized oppressed group.

in short, i don't think libs care that they're men, just that they're a minority.

No. 310615


A lot of liberals definitely don't think past "Trans women are women." You can tell because the moment you ask them to dig a bit deeper and define woman in a non-circular way they get angry and shut down any discussion. Every single time.

No. 310616

yea it always turns into some circular argument and then it turns into them harping on you for trying to put your feelings before theirs cause you're not oppressed enough.

the only people who can argue against them are PoC NB/GN chronically ill, clinically depressed paraplegic muslim sex workers, and even then, they'd find a way to get aorund it.

No. 310617

Its literally the other way around..
>> ree white women are ugly
>> white women age badly
>> all other women are more attractive than white women!!

Its tiring and pretty thinly veiled.. do i need to even say the word? Lol

No. 310622

how is it that everytime someone makes an unpopular opinion thread people always shit it up with "reeeeee white women age like shit" "coloured eyes look so creepy, muh chocolate honey swirl hazel caramel latte eyes are so superior" >>309930 was absolutely right. i cant imagine a non white woman being this pathetically obsessed with how white women look.

pathetic, contain your yellow fever.

No. 310623

science isn't yellow fever you faggot.

No. 310624

Everyone on this board is a self-hating white bitch who also hates asian women I swear.

No. 310625

Sad but true lol

No. 310626

did u mean """science""".

probably true tbh. i mean take a look at the kpop hate thread and that one thread bashing korean culture. most of the posts are directed at the women, like calling female kpop idols ugly when they look completely fine, i swear most of the ppl on this board are straight girls with a bad case of yellow fever who are mad that asian women are "taking" oppa/sempai away from them.u

No. 310627

>muh science
non-white women are incels.

No. 310628

pretty sure that that anon is a pathetic ass self hating white women lol.

No. 310631

The kpop hate thread is kinda half/half in terms of criticizing female and male idols' appearance, can't say the same about the korean culture thread.

No. 310638


Most of the posts in the kpop hate thread are directed at BTS who I think would be surprised to discover you think they're all women, anon.

No. 310640

The kpop hate thread could literally be renamed to the Jimin hate thread and nothing would change but sure, it's all just the mean white girls bullying pure asian princesses.

No. 310643

I came in here and see a bunch of arguing about what women people think are ugly on here and lol

I'm just gonna say it to maybe put the fire out, one thing i actually don't like about this website is how much its about tearing down appearances.

I honestly think you all should stfu about it because there isn't a woman's picture on here I've seen that hasn't been subject to rabid, scathing critique about the smallest of imperfections.

Y'all who do that are so transparently insecure and rotting on the inside and i tend to avoid threads where that's all that's going on. Its boring and samey as well, cause it always boils down to not looking like an airbrushed photoshop model or looking too much like one.

I see so many pictures of women on here where I'm thinking they're a normal average lady, but if you assked the people here they're ratchet ass hoes without a shred of aesthetic value.

I love a lot of discussion here and tearing down people who deserve it, but that whole being a huge shallow bitch is just really not my cup of tea, and it makes me think you all are in serious need of love and security in your lives, tbh.

No. 310644

people dont attack the male idols appearance as much, and im not trying to imply anything like asian women are pure princesses uwu, because that obviously isnt true. im just saying that a lot of people seem to unfairly attack the female idols appearance sometimes, even though they look fine, and those people usually come off extremely bitter and hateful.

anyways, one of my unpopular opinions is that i dont get lc's obsession with nasolabial folds. i think they can look cute, especially if someone has chubby cheeks.

No. 310646

You guys sperg about race and white women more than those guys on sites called shit like Boycott American Women.

No. 310654

Agree, I don't get talking crap about normal looking women's appearances. There is plenty of other things to complain about out there.

No. 310659

The only people I've seen sperg about white women on Lolcow are other white women.

No. 310661


You can see the race of posters on an imageboard, anon? Damn, not sure why you're wasting your psychic powers on lolcow when you could be making bank proving James Randi wrong.

No. 310662

Where? That didn't even happen in this thread. A bitter dumbass wrote >>310443 and sparked off the entire argument, and the "I can understand pedophiles" post was obviously written by a white guy baiting.
I literally never see what you're talking about, unless it's coming from white incels who probably have no chance with any woman. Are you really blaming non-white women for what your own men, when misogynistic and retarded, say about you? Talk about backwards logic.

No. 310663

It's just obvious. There was literally a survey a year ago asking the race/age group/financial status of farmers, and the majority turned out to be white (because of course).
Also, who here says "White women are (adjective)"? I've seen "Asian women are (adjective)", "Black women are (adjective)" in these threads especially, but I haven't seen anyone speak about white women as a separate group at all.

No. 310664

Brown eyes really are prettier than blue or green eyes though.

No. 310666

Don't say that, it's going to be used as evidence that everyone ITT is an evil racist ~*ethnic woman*~ who bullies white women to the point of suicide.

No. 310667


Why would white women suicide when that would take valuable time out of their daily routine of screaming "SHITSKIN!" at you for smiling, anon?

No. 310668

ugh please no this is going to trigger another page of eye sperging.

No. 310669

Because femcels are delicate.

No. 310674

ITT too much discussion of what kinds of women are ugly and not enough dunking on ugly men.

No. 310675

Exactly. Have you SEEN men?

No. 310676

Not this shit again…

No. 310679

only because its impossible to dunk on every single man in existance on one imageboard

No. 310680

Agreed. I think Ryan Gosling is ugly as fuck, and so is Brad Pitt. All the hype around them for so many years was annoying and boring.

Just watch me honey

No. 310683

Ryan gosling is the epitome of male mediocrity.

No. 310688

Noah Centineo is average looking and his Twitter is a cringe factory.

No. 310689

Ezra Miller straight up looks like a demon

No. 310691

File: 1539709502122.jpg (64.66 KB, 337x548, bigstock-LOS-ANGELES-OCT-Noah-…)

Lmao, why does his neck look like this? He looks like a fucking thumb.

No. 310693

Noah Centineo is a cringe factory in general
How can a person be such a basic white ass ~softboi~? Incredible

but a sexy demon

No. 310696

i used to think so too but hes so stupid, he thinks that "weed is just a herb" literally stopped seeing him as sexy in that exact moment

No. 310703

I cringe every time

No. 310705

this was the most cringe inducing video ive ever had to watch thanks i hate it

No. 310710

lmao it's a joke, the file says jaundice eye.

No. 310713

Ezra Miller makes me uncomfortable with how hard he goes for feminism. If I were a more naive woman I'd probably buy his whole feminist ally thing and think he was cool but I've seen way too many men use all the right lingo and talk the talk and then turn out to be creepy predators hiding behind a woke mask.

No. 310716

Oh he's like that? that's sad to hear. Men that go really hard for feminism almost always turn out to be predators. What's he hiding?

No. 310718

Is he supposed to be a good actor? Genuine question

No. 310719

He's gay

No. 310721

gay men arent immune from being predators

No. 310722


He's bisexual, but it doesn't matter, I know plenty of predatory gay and bisexual men. Men are men.

No. 310723

He was really hateable in We need to talk about Kevin, but I don't know how much of that was acting

No. 310728

I've noticed this before in the past. Some white women obsessively talk about asian women or yellow fever men like angry autists. Is crystal.cafe a better place? Most people here are actually toxic and mentally ill. I suspect they don't go outside or have a social life and act bitter online.

No. 310729


To be honest I don't really see white women getting angry about yellow fever men. It's generally asian women who get angry about it, which I guess is understandable since they're the ones getting slobbered on by 2/10 neckbeards.

No. 310731

didnt the survey from last year show that there are more asians than whites tho?

No. 310732

It doesn't even have to be the right lingo, you can be a mouth breathing misogynistic retard like my ex just saying you are totally into feminism, and apparently get some "woke latina feminist" excusing the fact you had an affair riding your dick. Hell, she'll even get a job as a paralegal for some other misogynistic bulldog of a divorce lawyer, and risk everything professionally to help fuck over the mother of a young child.

Male and female "feminists" alike are great at talking the fucking talk but not doing that goddamn walk. I am instantly suspicious of anyone proclaiming to be that "woke" regardless of sex.

No. 310733

I might be a self hating white bitch but I love asian women.. well mostly all women, really.

No. 310734

I don't browse this place /a lot/ but sometimes I just check it out and there's a fight going on between two autists on the front page. Am I wrong to think most of you are toxic and not mentally stable?

No. 310738

If you think so then kindly fuck off to Troon Cafe.
What the hell do you want us to say? Beg you to stay here?

If you get so triggered by some autists fighting, then most of the internet isn't going to be for you.

No. 310739

File: 1539715601468.jpg (23.42 KB, 299x450, depositphotos_8836466-stock-ph…)

No. 310748

we cant know that until we try!

No. 310774

File: 1539718155779.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.67 KB, 354x500, IMG_5018.JPG)

Big boobs are only something to brag about if you're thin, if you have big boobs and you're fat that's just a natural result of eating too much and they're gross.

No. 310775

She looks like a kid, I'm so grossed out

No. 310776

same. anons need to learn how to spoiler their creepy softcore porn.

No. 310779

please spoiler this child porn, jfc.

No. 310780

Pretty sure almost half the userbase is asian, so i can only imagine its them sperging. Shitting on white women is accepted, if i see anyone saying anything about ethnic people they get banned or the thread gets locked, and the K-pop thread is not “ew asians are ugly because asian” but this person is ugly because hair or some shit. its like “ree aging whites” “ugly blue eyes” with white women, which specifically has to do with race.

No. 310782

crystal.cafe is basically troonchan so no, not a better place at all. It's also pretty dead

No. 310785

NTA, but I know some creepy fucks were calling her a "legal loli" or something and that's her "niche", but that girl really doesn't look childish to me. She just has a small face, nice skin, big eyes (and big ears) and doesn't wear very visible makeup.
Apparently she's 23 and an F-cup? Some people just have baby faces unless they go out of their way to thot it up with heavy drag-tier/IG thot makeup. Chill.

No. 310786

Anon, did you forget why we had to start putting "·Don't racebait" in the OPs of the kpop crit threads in the first place? They were FULL of racebait, it only stopped when the mods threatened to ban people.

No. 310787


No. 310789

Who said blue eyes are ugly (and specifically, white women with them are ugly)?

No. 310790

File: 1539719792437.jpg (31.2 KB, 373x500, 1539716802123.jpg)

Some other anon posted this pic of her with visible makeup and less coverup in a different thread.
She's not a child, ffs.

No. 310791

read this thread and every single one of the recent unpopular opinion threads theres always a few anons sperging about how ugly coloured eyes are. i dont think theres been anything specifically about white womens eyes tho?

No. 310792

keeping pics of girls like that in your inspo folder isn't any less creepy than wanting to fuck them jsyk. you're gross, anon. borderline pedoshit ain't cute.

No. 310794


No. 310795

hi, im the anon that posted the pic in the other thread and i only had it cause i wanted to see why the anon in the vent thread thought she was gross i thought they meant she was a tranny kek. this is the first pic that comes up.

No. 310796

That's not from any "inspo folder" of mine. Are you retarded? I got the image I posted from >>>ot/310757/ (check filenames if you don't believe me), and I'm not even the first poster who brought up tits with the picture of her.

No. 310797

no one cares about your favourite child larping pornstar.

No. 310799

See >>310796 and >>310795, and seek help. You must be one of those closeted dd/lg fags to be reaching this hard. Keep your psychosis to yourself.

No. 310802

Total projection.

No. 310804

that's fine. I don't think you were creepy for posting it out of curiosity, but the anon posting pics of her itt clearly is.

No. 310808

On whose end? The freak who jumped from "I'm not that anon. Also, here's a pic I found in another thread to illustrate that this is clearly a grown woman abusing angles to pander to pedos" to "OMG why would you have an inspo folder of pedoshit?! Stop posting your favorite pornstar!!"?
I didn't even know who this bitch was before I saw her mentioned in the other thread.

No. 310814

File: 1539721307447.jpg (31.31 KB, 600x450, 1529055916979.jpg)

I wouldn't be mad or see it as "censorship" if furry porn was declared illegal once and for all.

No. 310818

File: 1539721691133.png (392.98 KB, 610x457, second.png)

No. 310819

The only pic I posted of her came from that anon. You're creepy as fuck for randomly imagining anyone having CP inspo folders, and to even think of such a thing makes it look like it's actually something you'd do yourself.

No. 310840

It should be. I can’t see why they aren’t all considered mentally ill and potentially dangerous to any animals.

No. 310844

Furries themselves should be illegal. I'm sick of going to family friendly anime cons and seeing furries wearing smelly and dirty fursuits and bdsm gear trying to hug everyone and everything that moves. Every single fucking time.

No. 310845

Lol you have no fucking idea. White women delusion.

No. 310848

Why are non-white people brought up AGAIN. We weren’t even in the conversation to begin with!

No. 310850

It should be. I have never met a sane furry who wasnt secretly some kind of dog fucker irl. They are all insane and threats to society.

No. 310851

Yeah, there's nothing worse than a furfag at an anime con walking around the dealer's room, trying to hug or high five people.

No. 310856

That's exactly what I said in >>310560, lmao.
They post about how everyone attacks white women, but they literally can't stop themselves from bringing up non-white women and shitting all over them. When is the last time an actual female poster randomly brought up white women? I've never seen it, but I'm eternally seeing shit spewed about us.

No. 310857

She doesn't look younger than 23 imo she just looks young when compared to the average white woman.

No. 310861

Stop false-flagging.

No. 310864

The average white woman looks older because of the drag queen style makeup and they're generally fatter. If you go to Japan you'll see most women under 30 look like her.

No. 310866

Any time someone says they don't find a feature some white women can have attractive, they immediately take it personally and accuse the poster of being self hating, a racist, a jealous darkie, or an incel. Imagine being that insecure.

No. 310871

can someone spoiler this creepy pedo looking shit?

No. 310872

I don't 100% disagree, but it's kind of unnecessary and racebait-ish to bring up white women IMO. It's a cultural thing, not a racial one. Asian-American, Mestizo and black women in the US wear that kind of makeup, are generally bigger in body size and follow overly sexualized trends, too (t. PoC).
Careful you don't get accused of being a pedophile with a folder full of child larping porn stars as "inspiration" for making that post (or having functioning eyes), anyway.

No. 310873

my unpopular opinion is that anons need to chill about accusing women of pandering to pedos. at this point, anything that isn't OTT sexy instagram model or full on androgynous is considered pedo pandering. women can like cutesy things and want to look youthful or cute and not be pandering to men.

obviously the japanese model anon posted above is a difference case, since shes a model, but i've seen pedo accusations thrown at random anons here posting outfits they like.

No. 310876

File: 1539726698064.jpg (Spoiler Image,109.93 KB, 1080x1350, 42004026_146656849619991_47292…)

mte look at this 23 year old looking like a normal 23 year old asian! nobody would EVER mistake her for being a child!111 theres NO way her management would EVER market her based on the fact that shes pedophile fodder!
ya'll are some bitter old white fat bitches lmao!

No. 310877

i mean, the japanese model as boobs, pedos don't like tits afaik.

No. 310881

have you seen their hentai? theres tons where obviously under aged kids have unnaturally large tits or dicks
its part of the fantasy for these mouthbreathing retards

No. 310883

Not that anon, but now you're saving pictures of this woman LARPing as a kid, probably to use as inspo.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself for not looking like a "perfect loli uwu", then using that pain to lash out at others. It won't help you.
Get help. Outside of shooped selfies, pigtails, and carefully posed photoshoots where the cameraman stands above her so she looks as small as possible and her chest looks flat, no one sensible would mistake her for a child IRL or otherwise.
That was pointed out in >>310790, and then you sperged out anyway.

No. 310887

That honestly looks so fucked up, it scares me…

No. 310889

That honestly looks so fucked up, it scares me…

No. 310890

That honestly looks so fucked up, it scares me…

No. 310891

thats my first reply to literally anything you people have posted about this pedo bait bitch

miss me with your pathetic attempts to normalize this bullshit by using race baiting

No. 310900

im sure the exhaggarated makeup, obvious editing and camera angles have nothing to do with her looking like pedo bait. she looks in her 20s in >>310790 so i dont see wtf youre sperging about.

maybe all those "reee white women age badly" spergs from earlier werent self hating white women after all?

No. 310902

Are you the anon who first posted her itt projecting again? Same typing style and autism.

No. 310903

because it is

No. 310905

I didn't first post her, >>310774 did. I only posted the one where she actually looked her age because I recognized her from the vent thread.
The anon who claimed I had an "inspo folder" of her and called me "disgusting" for pointing out the obvious was the only one projecting, but nice try.
Stop pushing your own pedo fantasies on anyone with half a brain.

No. 310908

Where the fuck did I race bait? What am I normalizing?
>>310873 is right. Some batshit insane lurkers in these threads. Do we all have to contour ourselves to fuck and dress like instathots before we look like "real" women to you?

No. 310909

We're not talking about a normal grown woman who likes cute things. Her porn and gravure crap is marketed to appeal to men who jerk off to kids and probably are 10 minutes away from kidnapping and raping one off the damn street. But go off I guess.

No. 310910

"ya'll are some bitter old white fat bitches lmao!"

No. 310911

> Do we all have to contour ourselves to fuck and dress like instathots before we look like "real" women to you?
Do you realize the comparison you're making with this porn star? Thats not normal anon. Context is important.

No. 310913

No one denied that, we're all just saying she looks like a regular woman who doesn't wear heavy makeup when not marketed that way.
If you can see through Photoshop, hair choice and photography tricks, this isn't news to you, but stay triggered.

I didn't say that, or even bring up white women. In fact, those are actually your(?) words here >>310876.

No. 310914

nope those are my words actually nta

No. 310915

sorry anon i was meaning to reply to >>310908 but i messed up

No. 310918

The problem is that even upon seeing >>310790, autists jumped down everyone's throat yelling about child porn larping.
She is clearly an adult woman outside the retouched, shooped pics, and if after seeing what she really looks like, you still disagree, I can only imagine that you only think IG girls with pounds of makeup and inflated lips can qualify as "looking their age". Most of us look like that in our early 20s without baking our faces, for fuck's sake.

No. 310919

File: 1539728879223.jpg (130.21 KB, 865x680, IMG_20181017_002546.jpg)

Just your average adult woman, you guys! Nothing wrong to see here!

No. 310920

No worries, that's still me. I doubleposted by mistake and deleted the first one.

No. 310923

You really think edited photos are reality, to the point that you literally ignore actual reality and just carry on having meltdowns. I'm thankful to not be this delusional.

No. 310927

How are people still sperging about this pedo bait? If you google her name the first hits come up and talk about the famous child like beauty with massive tits.

We get it anon, you saw her name, googled it, saw her pics and wanted to troll some other thread about tits. now fuck up

No. 310931

People who aren't blinded by cherrypicked photos saw through the bait, said "That's clearly a grown woman tbqh", and then naive retards refused to accept it, accusing anyone who said as much of racebaiting and normalizing pedophilia. Now they're messing up the thread with garbage posts like >>310919.

No. 310940

Is this what lolcow wants to look like? Is that why theres so many eye color spergs because you guys have blue eyes and want brown? Imagine having such shit taste.

No. 310943

That's what I'm starting to think. They're so consumed and triggered by images like that, they just get even more upset instead of relieved when anybody dares to say "That shit's not even real".
They're western (probably white) women who can't decide if the whole world is envious of them, or if they've lost the genetic lottery for not being born an Asian/Eurasian woman who's been photoshopped to look like a child. Shit's mind-boggling.
I just wonder what these spergs look like IRL. I'm thinking either completely average, or weebs with circle lenses in at all times.

No. 310946

….what part of japan is this? because no lol

No. 310951

Fucking this. Lolcow has a bizarre love-hate relationship with Asian women/culture, they hate them but at the same time are weirdly obsessed. probably bitter ex-weebs.

No. 310955

More like average white women trying to look like Asians(more like the edited, ps'd, fake version of an Asian)

The amount of Asian related threads is ridiculous, but I guess that's what happens when a board is mostly full of weebs who wish they were animu/kpop or ex-weebs who are bitter they ever wanted to be their animu/kpop doll

No. 310964

You don't see women who look like >>310790 in Japan? Are you sure?

No. 310965

In Japan she's popular for her huge boobs not looking young. Only white men consider her loli like because compared to their own women she is.

No. 310970

>Only white men consider her loli like
>She is often known by the catch phrase "Gouhou Loli 合法ロリ" (literally translated as "Legal Lolita")
Also, see this Twitter post by a Japanese guy:
>“Left picture: 20 years old, Right picture: 12 years old. I don’t know what to believe now”
Even she doesn't look like the images plastered everywhere, it's all editing and camerawork. If >>310790 hasn't convince you, the Miss iD 2016 video of her in the articles shows she's just a skinny adult woman with deep nasolabial folds (actual ones, not meme ones). We've been over this.
Stop screwing with the minds of gaijin girls with heavy self-image issues, anon. You'll cause a femcel uprising. I bet you some people reading this are already praying for her nasolabial folds to become deeper.

No. 310973

File: 1539737094126.jpg (69.08 KB, 638x960, IMG_5021.JPG)

IMO she looks late teens/early 20s. Stil cute though.

No. 310975

I do agree she's thin and cute, but that doesn't make her more (or less) than me. I'm not crying about anything, as I understand and appreciate more than one type of beauty. She's an idol for a reason, lmao. I just don't think she looks like a child, which is what her agency clearly wants her to look like. It's sad.
You sound like a shit-stirring robot.

She's 23, so that makes sense.
>Stil cute though.
"Still" is pretty bad. Being cute doesn't mean you need to look like a 9 year old, unless you're a pedophile.

No. 310976

File: 1539737585456.png (19.86 KB, 497x81, 099.png)

Not sure why that anon deleted his/her post. Probably realized the scrot mask was slipping.

No. 310977

It's true. No one in real life cares about nasolabial folds, plus no one cares about her face. People like her body because she has big boobs without being a ham planet which is rare, especially in Japan.

No. 310980

Oh, I see. You're the autist who first posted her along with the weird bait about tits, who some other autists went on to repeatedly accuse of being me when I said she didn't actually look like a kid.
I'll stop replying.

No. 310982

>cry moar
Maybe anon realized they needed to go back to school for reading comprehension.

No. 310983

I don't mean to be nitpicky but, she just looks average imo, something about her eyes and face shape scream male in a way? I cant put my finger on it, even despite all the photos of people going out their way to Photoshop it

For her body, its okay, I'm not really gonna be envious of a board with tits, she just looks like your typical shooped asian who got loaded up with skin whiteners and an unsettling need to be as childlike as possible

No. 310985

>I don't mean to be nitpicky
>proceeds to nitpick
This is, word for word, shit that belongs in >>310517. Look at your life.

No. 310987

>accuse of being me
*accuse me of being

No. 310989

Yawn, I'm not old, nor white, or jealous
Idrc if people find her attractive, this is just my opinion, as I stated before
Or let me guess, everyone who doesn't kiss all asian girls ass and dare think one isn't attractive is just an old jelly white lady? Why don't you accuse everyone who is hella nitpicky towards white women/latina women/black women, of being jelly?

No. 310990

>that white girl is average looking
>lol truu
>that latina girl is average looking
>lol truu
>that arab girl is average looking
>lol truu
>that black girl is average looking
>lol truu
>that asian girl is average looking
>WTF?? Jealous white roastie!!!

No. 310993

>nitpicks an actual model/idol as if she stole her man and she has something to prove
>is upset when someone calls them out on it, and proceeds to strawman
I actually call out anyone who's nitpicking like an insecure loser on their behavior. It's just that in this instance, it's you. Sorry.
Your level of bitching is why /snow/ and /pt/ have gone to shit.

No. 310995

And? People still call non-asian models average and don't get attacked for it, im just pointing out what I see

Isn't it funny how no one will ever have an issue with people nitpicking non-asians to hell and back, even if they're models, but suddenly the world ends and everyone who doesn't think an asian girl is attractive is a made insecure white woman, instead of repeating the same shit, explain to me that

And I have to say, that's the only thing I'm jealous of asians about, it's that if someone nitpicks me, others will be quick to attack them and claim they're jealous whiteys, never of woman of any other race

No. 310996

They're like this with all women who aren't white. Look how they acted when a mixed girl might be playing Ariel or how there's always one anon in the pretty black girls thread who has to point out how someone is mixed/photoshopped. Asian women only get it the worst because they're the most popular with the guys in the community most of us are in(anime, games, weeb shit).

No. 310999

How were you attacked? Where have you not seen nitpicky anons get told to tone it down or get over themselves? Link to some posts as proof.

No. 311005

You fucking retards are both correct. She used to be known as the "worlds first legal lolita~!" and was marketed as such, but now she's decided to go for a more mature look. It took 5 minutes on google after I read the post mentioning her name last night to find this out. But you inbred fucks just cream your panties over the opportunity to sperg about race, instead of what op was trying to point out - which is that some men are disgusting pedo fucks.

No. 311006

>now she's decided to go for a more mature look.
Go look at her Instagram, come back here and say that again.

No. 311007

The nitpickyness and obsessive fixation anons have with appearance is really starting to put me off of lolcow. It's like clockwork at this point.

>When I think of beauty, I think of Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe
Oh I get it. She's not plastered with makeup or attempting to like a feminine caricature while she's out engaging in sport, so she looks plain. Anyway, she has great legs. Anyone know her name? I like sporty girls.

No. 311008

We get that all women who put themselves out there get nit picked, correct? The fact there's even a picture someone took their sweet time to make to show how all evil white roasties are jealous of asians but none when other non-asian models get nitpicked proves my point, that fact you are so quick to jump at me because I thought an asian model looked average proves my point, yet never in my life have I seen Miranda Kerr,Angelina Jolies, Megan Foxes,Sophia Vs, Jlos, Yanet Garcias, etc etc nitpickers get bitched at or labeled as "jealous old roasties", its only ever with Asians, because bashing every other woman is fun and facts but bashing asians is a big no no and you'll be seen as a jealous hoe, hell even lilychu and yumi kings nitpickers get quickly attacked

No. 311009

I don't give enough of a shit about her to look at her instagram. I skimmed an article, no idea when the date was, that she quit some girl group and was going to release a mature photo album, which is where I'm assuming the pictures she looks more adult in are coming from. If I'm wrong and she's back to being a loli fantasy faptoy then I guess the mature theme didn't sell, which only furthers op's point that men are fucking gross.

No. 311010

It's like her styling and what she's wearing, idiots. It's obviously a lolita aesthetic. Look at Asian women from the 80s and 90s ect they don't look like kids.

No. 311012

Where is your proof? I said link to some posts. The image that was posted before the raging at the Asian girl was another woman attacking a mixed black/white woman. So no, it's not just when it's Asian women that people roll their eyes when other women nitpick.

No. 311013

Kek what you're saying is right. the way Asians are defended and whiteknighted online is nauseating. I dont find them unattractive but northeast Asian women are nowhere near my top ethnicities for women.

No. 311014

Nah you're right the other anon is playing dumb

No. 311018

>I don't give enough of a shit about her
But you're still typing angry paragraphs and bitching about how it only took 5 minutes on Google that you yourself didn't spend to come to an utterly wrong conclusion.
No one was even talking about men being disgusting in here, but in the vent thread. This was a discussion on whether or not she looked like a child without the gross pedo-styling and photoshop. Answer: She doesn't.

No. 311019

No. 311021

How defense you're being and the fact that a picture like that even exists is proof enough, if you show me a picture someone made of people nitpicking non-asian models or athletes then you'd have a point

After all, even other anons can see how quick asians are white knighted if someone say they're anything less than uwu perfect angels, hell even that incel who threw a tempter tantrum because some anons thought tsuroko looked white should be enough proof, or how they will find random attractive white girls and claim they're hapa and cry when people say they're not white should be enough proof

No. 311022

Lol now white girls know how black girls feel.

No. 311023

>if you show me a picture someone made of people nitpicking non-asian models or athletes then you'd have a point
Right here >>310514. Stop being willfully blind. I'm not even being defensive, you're literally writing diatribes to pretend everyone is only tired of Asian nitpicking. It's all annoying, and you're even more annoying for making this a race thing.

No. 311024

i.e. everytime i get triggered by someone saying they like brown eyes (which is obviously synonymous with hating white girls and having yellow fever) on lolcow and throw a tantrum, people tell me to fuck off ;n; why do you guys only white knight asians? ??


No. 311025

i'm a black girl and i can easily unironically "attack" white girls now, especially with taking cheap spins relating to "feminism" or "western", while nitpicking asian girls looks still drums out the cries of butthurt faggots.

No. 311027

Lmao allowing larping men to get you riled up enough to fight other women over whose uglier. Y’all are beyond pathetic.

No. 311028

This is one of the few though, people are just starting to turn on white girls so much now they're siding with a black woman. This tells you people are becoming increasingly more fussy and distasted with white women.

No. 311029

The stuff they're complaining about is the same stuff bloc girls have been going through for decades. Since the popularity is anime and Kpop white women are getting a taste of their own medicine and I'm loving it.

No. 311030

*black girls

No. 311031

So much this kek. Keep having meltdowns over obvious baits you salty ass bitches

No. 311032

How do you turn an example of an older white woman being nasty to/about a younger black/white woman to a victimhood cry about how everybody is suddenly turning on white women? What has society wrought? What kind of delusion is this? Fucking hell.

No. 311033

I'm not, they ree way too much. I just want them to shut up forever.

No. 311034

Why are you trying to argue such a stupid thing? Sucking up all the troll posts is why the vent threads are always shit.

No. 311035


why do i feel as though these are incels larping

No. 311037

Because I'm bored, and the mods have left these threads for dead. Unpopular opinions threads (not vent threads) are the designated shitting street of /ot/.
Just let it happen.

No. 311038

‘Everyone else is throwing their shit so I’ll chimp out too’

Nah fair enough anon. Still seems silly to get worked up over such obvious race bait.

No. 311039

Probably are. Either that or handmaiden-y not like the other girls uwu types.

No. 311040

I actually have a bit of fun doing it, not sure about other anons. Nothing blows off steam like a retarded argument that you don't have to pay any actual social consequences for.

No. 311041

Uh what would I get out if defending white women?im not white.

No. 311043

There’s always someone in fertility conversations who pipes up with their shit about how ivf or sperm donors are selfish and evil and nasty and refuse to adopt pwecious brown babies because racism, and I dearly wish every one of those people will have every one of their eggs die.
They use their ignorance about adoption as a weapon against other women purely to make themselves feel virtuous and they all need a good punch to the neck

No. 311044

Nobody is saying defend the poor white wimminz lol. Just that your sperging our and pretending there’s some massive zeitgeist happening where everyone realises that all the white women are actually ugly badly aging trolls wahh.
You sound like the women from the 40’s who’d say that black girls look like apes or whatever racist garbage they spouted.

No. 311045

wow that one example, that was just heard of and the other pic has been circling around for ages and used anytime someone says an asian girl is less than a 10/10 perfect goddess, meanwhile go to any imageboard, insult a non-asian girl, no one will girl
go to that same image board, insult an asian girl and whiteknights will grab their pitchforks and lose their minds, if you can't see that I don't know that to tell you

No. 311047

how so? and why would incels come here and discuss how defensive people get towards asian girls?

No. 311048

Oh look it's a bunch of femcels sperging out over a picture of an Asian girl who is thin and cute for the 100th time

No. 311050

Unironically, I don't think interracial adoptions are a good idea 99% of the time. I'd be so much more fucked up if I were raised by some weirdo ultra-liberal couple who want to parade me around so they can show off how cultured and un-racist they are for taking in an unwanted little third world shit from abroad uwu.
Whenever I'm on certain FB pages, all the American upper/upper middle class people of Caucasian descent comment shit under little black kid's pictures like "Are they well-trained?" and "I want one! :)". Like they're pets or something, not real humans. It gives me weird, uncomfortable vibes.

No. 311051

File: 1539743181048.gif (805.19 KB, 400x270, 0877784222.gif)

Jesus, I can't even tell what you bitches are arguing about at this point. Lmao.

No. 311052

more proof for >>311019

No. 311056

No. 311057

Yeah people who do that are fucked, but it’s also fucked to assume that’s the only reason white people adopt non white kids.

No. 311062

This thread is pure cancer at this point, holy shit. Who the fuck invited all these disgusting and obvious men into the thread? Fuck off, jfc..

No. 311063

As of late, i’ve seen more anons bitching about asians and how annoying it is to see them shilled in popular media, than actual praise on this site. I don’t care about other image boards, but the idea that lolcow puts Asian women on an pedestal and knocks down white women is retarded. I also think the reason some anons get called out when nitpicking Asian girls is because it looks like it’s coming from a place of malice. Instead of pointing out actual flaws they just go to the old “yuck, she looks 12!!” “Pandering to those neck beards again wew” copy paste arguments and it’s just stupid. On the topic of marina nagasawhatever, she’s an objectively cute girl and if I were to guess blindly i’d Say she looks 16-18. Pandering to men and playing
up the “legal-loli” thing doesn’t make her outward appearance ugly, just incredibly weird and eyebrow raising.

No. 311064

Mods don’t care so it’s gonna stay like this until the site is overrun and abandoned. It was too hard to autosage shit threads like this and manhating thread because then one or two people complained and mods received emails. Since that was too much to handle,(lots of emotional labor ignoring an angry radfem)incels, men, and freaks of nature like eyecolor-chan are free to scream into the wind. Report the posts but don’t expect much.

No. 311067

> i’ve seen more anons bitching about asians and how annoying it is to see them shilled in popular media, than actual praise on this site
receipts ?
>some anons get called out when nitpicking Asian girls is because it looks like it’s coming from a place of malice.
this is exactly what I mean, girls get bashed her all the time yet suddenly when it's an asian girl people get defensive and claim everyone is just jealous, if calling her average is even considered bashing

>Instead of pointing out actual flaws

okay, I'll point out her flaws
too long philitrum, stupid weird primate looking faces, no neck, weird angles and photoshop that make her look weird, jacked teeth, nose too wide, eyes and eyebrows too masculine, jaw too wide, no hip/waist ratio, masculine and flat butt, narrow and male hips, happy?
>she’s an objectively cute girl
I don't think she's cute, now what?it's simply subjective, many men I know don't think she's cute, now what?
>up the “legal-loli” thing doesn’t make her outward appearance ugly, just incredibly weird and eyebrow raising.
honestly, I don't care, it's all over the asian community and is creepy as hell but she isn't the only one doing it, my argument was about how quick people are to start riots when someone bashes an asian but stays silent even if people are tearing non-asian women apart

No. 311069

Oh, and saggy misshapen breasts, fried hair that looks like a 5 yr old cut it, no eye lashes, she has this weird kinda sad look on her face which makes her face skin look aged

No. 311070

t h i s

No. 311072

Shit bait, you could try harder

No. 311074

You complained that people were focusing on her pandering and not her flaws, so I pointed out her flaws, now I'm baiting, there's no winning is there?

No. 311076

File: 1539745398249.jpg (59.89 KB, 716x570, 98118785.jpg)

>tfw you're a heteromantic asexual blonde blue-eyed white woman, can pass for Asian, look 12 years old with HH-cup breasts and a naturally thicc ass without working out, have been an idol in Japan, have never been catcalled (the feminists are sperging out tbh), are a furry, like dd/lg, enjoy mainstream pornography and are currently a K-pop singer living in South Korea reading this thread
I am the most oppressed.

No. 311078

File: 1539745544573.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.24 KB, 640x425, 62ad3f5eb893c01959b2d2ca269504…)

she looks kinda old tbh, in pics that aren't purposely shooped to make her look as much as a child as possible anyway

No. 311080

dw anon, you're right, tbh. normal 'haggard' western models are shit all over and no one questions it but the minute an asian celebrity or asians in general are said to be average or just like western women but put on a pedestal, everyone flips the fuck out. like people have valid criticisms about western celebs, whatever, but you can't say a damn word about asians, or their plastic surgery boom which has made all weebs apparently think every single asian looks like a celeb, without all hell breaking loose.

No. 311082

she's whatever looking, but asian culture IS fucked for trying to combine a grown woman with a grown woman's body, with childlike posing, editing, angles that are deliberately chosen to pedobait, etc. that is seriously problematic.

No. 311097

Nah that’s not what I meant. It looked like you were throwing out random flaws just for the sake of it, but that’s entirely subjective so whatever. I’m not going to change your mind, but I did give you a possible reason and you kind of just proved my point.. When cows get nitpicked on it’s always for a specific reason. Lainey’s shitty hair, and mariah mallad’s weight as examples. In the case of marina, it was because she looks too young and her pedo pandery modeling (which doesn’t make her ugly by any means). And you’re allowed to find her hideous but, that’s just kind of your unpopular opinion here. Most normies would say she looks like a kid and would be uncomfortable even answering that but, again she’s not ugly. You gave your reasons for finding her unattractive and that’s fine, I just hope you understand that I was speaking out on anons going straight to the “neckbeards” argument when speaking on physical attractiveness of some Asian women, and that POSSIBILY be the reasoning why some anons get triggered. Again that’s only my personal guess, I could be wrong. I lurk the kpop threads a lot and never see any bickering in there only agreements on botched plastic surgery and bb creams 10 shades too light. There’s a board wide agreement that korean beauty standards are shit and there’s NEVER arguments disagreeing otherwise.
There are 3 threads in /ot/ right now about sperging over Asian’s male and female alike, yet you say white women get the shit end of the stick on this board? I just don’t see it anon I’m sorry. Again I’m only talking about instances on this website, I don’t care if a bunch of incels from 4chan and reddit cry about white women aging like shit or whatever bullshit they like to spew. The majority of people in real life don’t feel this way, and that’s all I have to say. Sorry for derailing the thread again.

No. 311103

the anons you are talking about weren't the same as me
I personally, never go into detail and point out flaws on random cows, but you asked, you got the answer
people do that shit for yumi king and lily and go into detail pointing out flaws so where are you then?
>yet you say white women get the shit end of the stick on this board?
my point was that when people call whites ugly no one cares, when an asian even just gets called average everyone loses their shit, this thread proves my point, and you put 2 completely unrelated things together and yes people do sperg when someone makes fun of a kpop idols looks, just look at the anon who came in and claimed the 100% only reason why we argued is because "we were mad femcels arguing over a skinny asian girl"

No. 311104

>be white women
>find Asian girls more attractive than us
>can't get wet for white girls despite the fact I'm white
>Asian girls look so soft and squishy
>tfw im a white woman with yellow fever

I can't help it anime has ruined my brain

No. 311116

Can you post some examples of the soft and squishy asians? From what I've seen they all like quite boney, the natural, non-shooped ones anyway, most of the soft and squishy looking women I've seen were white or hispanic

Yellow fever truly does rot your brain

No. 311117

Don't do it, anon. If you shit up the thread with more softcore porn of asian girls is2g I'll send a deepweb hitman to come kill both of you. You don't have to justify your yellow fever.

No. 311119

Better alternative, stop contributing to this obnoxious sperg-feud and don’t.

No. 311120

File: 1539751510857.jpeg (41.05 KB, 647x474, 9C18CD66-6312-4E5B-8AC6-4CD295…)

We got a badass right here.

No. 311126

examples are not needed. thats the aesthetic in asian porn or whatever so ofc that's selectively chosen. again, western people can't realize that eastern media is selectively chosen with specific purpose.

No. 311129

Unless someones out there raping and assaulting someone, I find nothing wrong with racial ~fetishizing~. I honestly believe that some people just don’t find their own race attractive for various reasons. And the women/men they end up being with aren’t victims. You can spot someone like that from a mile away, and those relationships are mostly beneficial for both parties anyways (the women want to be with black/white/asian men as well).

I also find it hilarious that Tumblrtards shit themselves over people being only attracted to black guys or asian girls, but will accept every thing under their weird fetish and sexuality umbrella as saying people cant help what they are/what you’re attracted to. Like its more acceptable to say you only get off to animal fucking than it is to say you can only get off to black or asian dick. Being against one is kink shaming and being against the other is ~woke~ .

No. 311132

I agree tbh. it's a non-issue.

No. 311134

I wouldn't have an issue either if the fetishization only revolved around finding that race attractive, the issue is many of them
>only fetishize it out of lies (ie all asians are small submissive pure angles and will bash asians who aren't, all black men are tough strong manly men with big dicks and bash men who aren't)
>bash women/men who aren't of that race, or even worse if they happen to be in a relationship with someone who isn't of the race they are fetishizing, men crying about how they want to cheat on their white or black gfs with asians because they're not good enough or brag about abusing their gfs for not being asian, women bragging about cheating on their bfs with black guys
>weird obsessions and revenge fantasies that go along with racial fetishization
>finding people of that race then using and abusing them and moving on when they dont fit their fetishized ideal person anymore, similar to what yumis splenda daddy is doing

The only problem I have is because I've seen how absolutely disturbing and sick people can get with fetishizing, how much effort people put into it, the slippery slope is real and can range anything from "meh I just find asians/blacks/arabs attractive" to "I hate x race so much and my SO is of that race and im so miserable! I need to cheat on them with perfect pure amazing x race and beat my partner for not being born of the race I want then sperg about how anyone who isnt of that race is a big fat hideous manly/feminine haggard who needs to off themselves and accept the fact women/men only want x race"

No. 311139

File: 1539753933580.jpg (107.57 KB, 640x960, IMG_5027.JPG)

They just look so huggable when they're pretty and their skin looks super soft

No. 311141

…that just looks like normal female skin, and you'd have a better point if you didn't use retouched photos

I'm sorry and I know "hur no1curr about fetishization" but I don't see what's so magical or different about asians that you can't find in women of all other races, and you really need to get out more if you think soft skin is something special and only present in asians

No. 311142

File: 1539754417307.jpg (15.92 KB, 500x375, 1485800584408.jpg)

will y'all ever shut the fuck up? just accept that not everyone likes the same thing you do and move on.

No. 311144

Agreed. Weebs are just really mentally malleable though and asian shit is a meme and they eat it up despite black women having really nice skin, latinas, etc. May be a negligible difference in that asian looks culture is insane so rich asians are over here slabbing coconut milk on their faces every 3 seconds, but it's nothing inherent to asians specifically.

No. 311146

I understand your taste anon, and am in a similar boat. I really like the way their skulls are, and they shape of their eyes. I also like their yellowish-brown skin tone, it has a nice warm look to it.

No. 311147

BDSMers are tryhards who act like their kinks make them interesting and their relationships are 'better' than regular relationships. It's really annoying and the 'educators' online are always insecure 20 somethings who always come off as douchebags.

No. 311149

You hit the nail on the head
They're so fucking creepy, they'll go out their way to prove asian womens shit doesn't stink but when it comes down to it, the only features they're fetishizing is literally just normal features present in most women and sometimes even more present in women of other races

And biologically speaking, black and white skin has more casual lipids in the stratum cornium, thus retains more moisture and is softer than asian skin naturally

No. 311151

BDSM/kinks/fetishes in general are becoming a social meme.

No. 311154

tbh I find it harmless in theory, just kind of weird and awkward. I get secondhand embarrassment when I hear someone wax poetic about an entire race, and I think it's nasty to talk shit about an entire race too.

That said, men obsessing over race is a huge red flag for them being freaks. Doesn't really matter what the race is, they're always weirdos whether it's submissive Asian waifus, pregnant white women in wheat fields, whatever. It's a convenient way for them to divide women up between fuckable/marriage material/neither.

No. 311156

File: 1539756813485.jpeg (95.53 KB, 434x650, 3FE665D3-2651-4025-956A-84C321…)

Its an asian woman larping, they are sad white women arent jealous of them kek

Its so bizarre to me, i’ve never encountered someone with yellow fever irl, and if a dude has a asian gf he gets made fun of(horrible but). I’v only ever seen it on 4chan but even there its not really a huge thing?
Also why do they pretend they look like 9 year old when in their twenties with huge eyes, milky white skin and ~naturally skinny~ when an normal asian woman looks like this? Like? Shes pretty alright and not child looking.
Why so obsessed with looking like children?

No. 311160

Here we go again with the "anyone who prefers asian women is a bitter, jealous asian woman larping :^))) #notbothered"

I'm also a lesbian and white girls are the only girls I'm not overly into. Goes double for Bongs, Americans, Canadians, and Germans and the only exceptions are slavs.

No. 311167

Yes, its not a conspiracy theory that half the userbase is asian and no woman would sperg so hard just because she gets off to a certain race and not another.
>> im white becoz i say so !!!
No one lies on anonymous image boards ever right?

No. 311168

how dare you post a picture of a normal looking asian woman, anon??? dont you know it's a fact that all asians have TINY BONES with thumbelina frames and naturally tiny noses because they are so T-I-N-Y with lots of squishy softness and perfect skin that no women of other races possess, like elegant, sexy baby-women. surely that woman is an amazon giantess and not a normal looking asian woman that you're 20000x more likely to encounter in most asian countries than selectively chosen waify kpop idols, who actually accurately represent all asian women.

No. 311169

Why would we care what you faggots are into? kek
It's the same as a guy saying "As a male I prefer females who…"

No. 311170

>Half the user base is asian because I said so
>Lol you honestly believe that girl is white just because she said so? Don't you know better than to belive everything people say on an anon board?

holy. fucking. shit. are you joking?

No. 311171

no. why. would. i?

No. 311176

That screams male lmao, being this obsessed with what races are attractive and which aren't is a male thing, not even the biggest lezzys are male-obsessed women I know would go into a sperg fest over trying to figure out what races are attractive and which aren't

It's simple, there's attractive and ugly women of all races, yes even those hideous manly white women can have smooth soft skin, petite yet squishy bodies and childlike faces, yes even your perfect uwu asian goddesses can be boney or have skin problems or be wide, this can apply for all races, asian womens shit doesn't smell like roses and fairies, white girls can be cute and soft, just let attractive women be attractive without bringing race into it

Jesus Christ I feel like your pea sized brain would explain if you see a European woman with neoteny features, a small frame and smooth soft skin, do you leave your house? What school did you go to?

No. 311177

here are 6 posts made in the past 3 hours proving that at least some of you do care quite a bit about what other anons find attractive: >>311156

not even going to get into the non-stop fighting about tit size, eye color, hair color, bmi, height, etc. I don't understand how you can claim anons don't care about what other anons think with a straight face. if you really didn't care, why did you even reply to my post? we're in the unpopular opinion thread, bitch, just close your eyes and keep scrolling.

No. 311178

>anons are still sperging about Asian women
You lot need therapy.

No. 311180

File: 1539760123514.png (60.11 KB, 1113x769, DC4AADFA-3543-4D2C-AA0B-2579BD…)

My bad, the majority are asian.


No. 311181

It's not about neoteny, I'm not the yellow fever anon. Stop dragging chinks into this. I personally don't find white women attractive, please get over it.

I feel like your pea sized brain would "explain" if I told you there are more races than white and asian.

No. 311183

>No one lies on anonymous weeb image boards ever right?

No. 311185

File: 1539760479620.gif (1.69 MB, 250x250, 369CB89C-A261-4923-8B5A-88008C…)

Yes ofc, people are more inclined to lie on a random survey with no benefit than you are for strenghtening your own arguement

No. 311186

Okay, what are features, that all white women have, that makes them unattractive, that other races of women do not have?

And "stacy rejecting you therefore evil white women are ugly thats just my opinion though" isn't an answer

No. 311187

Lmao so that's why there is so much fucking bitterness towards white women.

No. 311188

Btw anon, did you actually read the thread? Not only was it more recent than the poll in the OP, but it was for /ot/ instead of the whole site, which makes it more accurate for this thread. The vast majority of the posters in it were caucasian.

No. 311191

All the Caucasians, basically, are weebs, so Asian or not, they fetishize and deify Asians like mad

No. 311192

Its from some sitesthat calculates userbase statistics so your not wrong but it seems accurate and more reliable than just people posting in a specific thread

No. 311196

you people have kids?!? and grad school education?! please seek help.

Anyways you guys need go outside and take a shower.

No. 311197

lmao I swear every space I go to on the internet is obsessed with white women/has extreme anger and bitterness toward them. Ya'll are talking about them more than some male sites.

No. 311199

Adding to this post, there were a total of 42 whites in that thread and (drumroll pls) 4 whole Asians, at least one of which was also white.

lmao but what happened to "that anon was obviously just another larping chink! this board is plagued with them, I tell ya!" ? are you admitting that that anon probably was an actual white girl who prefers asians?

No. 311200

I never accused the lesbian of not being white, that was another anon. I don't doubt that she's white. The white people on imageboards are deluded asf wrt Asians so it would check out anyways.

No. 311201

I dont care if shes a white woman or not(doubt it) im just tired of the shitting on white women while putting others on a pedestal, its only accepted when its against white women. Apparently its sperging if you say asians look like normal adults and not children, but if you say anything as to
>> white women age badly!!
>> blue eyes look ebill!
You are a sperg?? I dont see ayone putting down asians, black women etc and IF they do it gets shut down(rightfully so) idk its just BS to me

No. 311202

Then they say it never happens and its actually whites on here who constantly put down whatever minorities when I see the exact opposite. Someone will racebait about white women then a white women will reply.

No. 311208

Dunno what's more sad, the anons lying or people who believe it

Isn't it funny that this small board known for being filled with angry neets who love gossip also happens to be filled with 18-23 yr old asian and white women, who also graduated grad school, who also somehow found a 150k or more paying job within the short time period they finished grad school above the average age of finishing it, but also somehow managed to have kids while going and finishing school and working on their career?
I wonder how much BS we would get if we had a thread where everyone stated their measurements

If we are going by what all anons claim to be then all of us here must be business owning, self made millionaires, who are perfect tight shy uwu virgins with 5 kids, who all live in big famous expensive cities and manage to own expensive houses and apartments despite being a young adult in a struggling economy, who all also happen to have 32-23-45 measurments with 28H cup tits, who are all also white and asian mixed, who also happen to shop at whole foods and take random trips to japan and france

>inb4 bitter jelly bitch

Yes, I am jelly if this is what you actually are, but this is an image board, and either this is hella a coincidence we just happen to attract the rarest of rare people or yall are lying, and since this is an image board that consists of gossip, dress up games, makeup, and other shit, I'm going to assume millonaire business lady models with phds and 5 kids who live in new york just happen to all be on lolcow

No. 311209

Do you know how to read statistics?

No. 311214

Do you? Please show me how the statistics didn't say the average user here was 18-24, with kids, asian, who completed grad school, and also make more than 100k a year

No. 311219

Not all white women have blue eyes.
Not all white women have blonde or ginger hair.
White people typically don't age as well as women of other races do and there's nothing wrong with that.
It should not surprise you that whites aren't constantly getting their dicks sucked on a weeb imageboard.
People wouldn't call you a sperg for saying Asians look like normal adults if you didn't exclusively say it in response to anons who say they prefer Asians.

>I dont see ayone putting down asians black women etc

Did you forget how to read? This site has been full of it since day one. The only times people get definsive of them is when anons are blatantly racebaiting (which isn't the same as simply having a racial dating preference) or when anons go out of their ways to reply to people who prefer them in a thread about unpopular opinions just to shit on them, which just so happens to be 99% of the time they get shit on in the first place as of late. As long as you don't do either of those things, you can shit on them freely as others have time and time again.

No. 311222

*people of other races, not just women. guess you could say either though.

No. 311223

But ONLY white women have blue eyes and ginger hair, get it?
White women dont age worse no, i dont see much difference at all, only maybe if you compare some blonde whos been suntanning since her teens to some asian who has been diligently using sunnlock.
I dont want my “dick” sucked, just tired og the accepted bullying is all, snd stop assuming which posts are mine.

As to your last point, give me one example of this where the person didnt get banned? Is it shitting on asian women to say that they dont look like kids?

No. 311224

File: 1539764392578.jpg (495.51 KB, 500x213, myND8Dq.jpg)

this site in a nutshell:
>men online treat women like shit so this is an all-female image board for women

>non-stop hostile arguments about women of certain races that go on for DAYS

>constant fights about boob size, weight, height, fucking eye colors, etc etc etc
Many of you are just as vicious and crazy as the type of men you hate.

>inb4 ''MALE!1!''

i'm not and I'm also not a handmaiden, far from it actually. I'm just seriously tired of the autistic fighting and putting women down for absolutely no reason and i'm also convinced that a lot of these posts aren't even bait. some of you are so beyond obsessed with appearance that it's unhealthy (the nasalobial folds meme is a good example).

No. 311225

(My keyboard is fucked and i cant be bothered to correct the mistakes, live with it)

No. 311226

>who also somehow found a 150k or more paying job
That's HOUSEHOLD income, you silly bitch. That doesn't exactly mean anon individually makes that much a year unless they live alone or something. Also that's only one demographic and not the majority of people posting. Do you think we're all Anonymous because we're the exact same person? Lol.

No. 311229

File: 1539765359467.gif (189.57 KB, 480x360, 3oEjHAUOqG3lSS0f1C.gif)

I've seen people say they don't find x race - usually black people - attractive on more than a few occasions and no one really says anything. One person says they find Asian women attractive, or don't like white women and anons have a fucking meltdown. I think this is the easiest way to troll the board

No. 311230

>But ONLY white women have blue eyes and ginger hair, get it?
First of all, that's not true because albinos are a thing and they tend to look even creepier than whites. Second of all, there's nothing wrong with disliking those features and disliking them is not synonymous with hating all white people, nor is it even synonymous with shitting on white people. Batshit to even suggest that.

>White women dont age worse no, i dont see much difference at all

I don't really care what you see, anon. It's true, just do a little research on how melanin works.

>As to your last point, give me one example of this where the person didnt get banned?

Check the old threads yourself, I don't have time to dig through them for you. That said, the anons who shit on Asian woman usually don't do it in unpopular opinion threads, they do it in threads where it would be considered off-topic racebait (i.e. the Kpop crit threads, all those old racebait threads that would get nuked, threads on /snow/ or /pt/, etc.), so it'll probably be harder to find. At the very least, I've seen posts about racial dating preferences that exclude black women, finding their courser hair texture ugly, finding darker skin unattractive in past UO threads.

No. 311231

agreed. it's ridiculous.

No. 311233

Find it odd that people can find an entire race unattractive, people vary a huge amount even within small ethnic groups - yes they have features they share but also many more that they don’t and each group will always have both ugly and beautiful people. Just find it strange that there are people that can write off entire ethnic/racial groups

No. 311234

you keep cosy in your smug right-think bubble anon

No. 311235

Thats like me saying “afro hair is ugly, but im not racist some fringe group of white people have that too!” Or “i think slanty dark eyes look creepy, but im not racist because Björk is white and has them so!” Just.. its like troons with their intersex bs arguement. No one is saying your not allowed to not find white women attractive, its the blatant racism people have a problem with.
And yes melanin does make a difference, but fx with asian and white people there really is not mich difference, there are white people with higher melanin too, lots of pale skon people work inside(not getting sundamage) sunscreen is a thing, like..
Also yes there is racist remarks about other races too but it gets shut down and the users get banned and everyone agrees its BS, but when its white women they should just stfu and take it? Nah.

No. 311236

Sorry that not dismissing entire ethnic groups makes me smug?

No. 311237

Brown eyes are so common literally all over the world. Idk how anyone can hate on blue eyes, they're so exotic but that doesn't mean brown eyes are ugly.

No. 311238

Lolcow itself is turning into a 4chan-tier cesspool of infighting minorities obsessed with Asians and the white people who obsess over Asians.

No. 311239

Stay devastated you weren't born white, brownie.(racebait)

No. 311240

listen to yourself right now lol

No. 311241

Why are you talking about asian porn like it's a Tarantino film? LMAO

No. 311242

Genuinely not smug, but go off I guess, anyone who doesn’t think the same way you do obviously has to be self-righteous

No. 311243

do you think a 150k household income is small or something? that is a lot of money. the average household income in the US is only 59k..

No. 311246

So many crazy bitches lmao
Do y’all ever leave the house

No. 311250

>Thats like me saying “afro hair is ugly, but im not racist some fringe group of white people have that too!” Or “i think slanty dark eyes look creepy, but im not racist because Björk is white and has them so!”
No the fuck it isn't. Most white people aren't perfect aryans with blonde hair and blue eyes, most of them do have brown hair, brown eyes, or both. That's a false equivalence.

>No one is saying your not allowed to not find white women attractive, its the blatant racism people have a problem with.

There has been no "blatant racism" against white people itt lmao. Do white people honestly think that someone finding the features some of them posses ugly constitutes as racist bullying?

>Also yes there is racist remarks about other races too but it gets shut down and the users get banned

Yeah, true. Good thing people saying they don't like the aryan look isn't racism, unlike posts like this one: >>311239
Genuine racebait against whites does get shut down, but this ain't it!

No. 311253

Nowhere did I insinuate that it was small. The point is that poster was making it out to be like the survey takers have to have a job that pays 150k+ a year for it to be accurate which is not what household income means at all. It's the combined income of all individuals in the household. Learn to read.

No. 311257

Bitch, that doesn't change the fact that most white people don't have blonde hair and/or blue eyes where as virtually all black people naturally have afro hair texture and virtually all asians have monolids. It's still a false equivalence and it's still not racist.

No. 311258

I’ll make a really simple point so you may understand.
>> person: i think afros are ugly because some bullshit
>> thats racist dude
>> person: no because not all black people have afros and some fringe group of non black people have afros so

Now, maybe some fringe group does have afros and they are non black, but its still racist right?
So, only white people have blue eyes(99.99%) #notall white people, but ONLY white people.
Do you understand?

No. 311260

But it is a feature only white people have, so yes it is racist.

No. 311262

how do you hide threads

No. 311263

>No racism against whites itt
Are you retarded or is your baiting that simple?

No. 311266

>> person: i think afros are ugly because some bullshit
>> thats racist dude
Person B is wrong. There's nothing racist about that.

>So, only white people have blue eyes(99.99%) #notall white people, but ONLY white people.

Okay, what about it? Most white people do not have blue eyes, therefore this isn't the same.

It is not even remotely racist to find a fucking eye color ugly, retard. Imagine being this sheltered.

No. 311267

Finding blue eyes ugly isn't racism, McKenzie.

No. 311268

Fine we probably just disagree then. I think its racist af to say afro hair is ugly, to say that light eyes are ugly, and to say monolids are ugly because its race specific.

No. 311270

Did you just blow in from tungle.hell? This is the dumbest shit I've ever heard in my life. I can't believe you people think anyone who calls blue eyes ugly is racist. I'm fucking crying.

No. 311271

Good for you, have fun with that

No. 311273

Uh, mixed people can have colored eyes too.

No. 311274

That is racist though. Also you sound like youre from tumblr, not anyone else. Did you pop in from pull

No. 311275

What are they mixed with?

No. 311276

White. So it's still racism against white people.

No. 311278

This entire thread is officially one massive dumpster fire

No. 311280

They want to be discriminated against so bad lmao.

No. 311282


No. 311284

It should just be deleted. No one understands that this isn't the hate thread though it's supposed to be for unpopular opinions. No one cares if you don't like x group of people bc of some petty, narcissistic reason.

No. 311290

Contrary to what man hate thread spergs believe women abuse each other emotionally more than men as seen in this thread, try saying it was a "le man larping" all you want women are vicious fucks.

No. 311291

we have to quarantine and mercy kill the thread because multiple anons have committed the extremely racist crime of calling blue eyes creepy

No. 311296

File: 1539771148895.jpg (10.22 KB, 300x200, 1495445566757.jpg)

>shitposting and arguing on an imageboard is abuse

No. 311299

File: 1539771739524.jpeg (12.08 KB, 301x340, 5F9B8FE1-78D7-4A46-B42B-74AF7D…)

No. 311301

Since the results of that "survey" showed that only a couple anons are non-white, does this mean always the same 3 girls are sperging about dem whities? lol
Or is it white sjw larping to protect their precious poc babies?

No. 311303

Seems too tinfoil hat

No. 311312

do you mean the fake survey that was a screencap of youwebsitestatistik.ru or the actual survey thread we ran to correct it (can't remember the result of the race mix in either)

No. 311317

The latter

No. 311318

It's the same on PULL everyone happens to be Korean or half Korean or Japanese.

No. 311328

Did you read the threads on here?
>> white women age like milk
>> white women are ugly and look like men
>> white women have stringy hair
>> white women are not “soft”(loleut)
>> light coloured eyes are ugly
I could go on, its just petty and racist, not “imaginary” no one is “sperging” just calling it what it is.

No. 311330

File: 1539777542110.jpg (29.01 KB, 474x466, kjnk.jpg)

>it is a feature only white people have
But it's not. It's just a recessive gene, not something that only occurs in one racial group ever.

No. 311332

This. Entire threads are destroyed because some anons can't just be quiet and report actual racebait against them (probably because it's not really race bait to say you're not that into light-colored eyes or blond hair, but certain anons are oversensitive).

No. 311336

Grasping at straws.. Monolids fx are not race specific either, but yknow. But like 99.9% of the time its white or mixed people who have light eyes. Monolids even are more common to see in other racial groups than light eyes but thats considered racist towards asians too.

No. 311338

It's not racist to not find monolids attractive. Even some Asian people aren't as attracted them, and think double lids are more cute/innocent looking.
Preferences aren't racist as long as you're not an asshole to everyone you don't want to fuck or look like. You will survive some people not liking an eye color you might have, I promise.

No. 311342

My point wasnt not liking light eyes but saying shit like “looks like lizard, dolls, souless eyes” is different.. But i give up lol

No. 311343

No one said any of those things ITT, and even if they did, it wouldn't be racist. Your life is not made worse, and you are not discriminated from anything but some people's sexual attraction just because of your eye color.
Not liking blue eyes is not racist. Deal with it and go back to PULL.

No. 311349

Dear lord, are you actually crying about "racism against whites"? That shit is cringy as crying about "sexism against men" or heterophobia. You literally cannot be racist/sexist/etc against those with power. Spare us the white tears please. I don't normally say that but it's really warranted here.

No. 311350

i love it when threads derail because anons feel the overwhelming need for the last word. anons will fight over literally anything and watching it unfold is amazing

No. 311351

File: 1539782173826.jpg (12.01 KB, 236x297, ea7c72bdd5efd6378922e5dea5c4a6…)

Inspired by all this eye sperging.
I actually like negative canthal tilts on both men and women. Maybe it's coping since I "suffer" with this trait myself (identical to Katie's in pic related), but sad eyes are cute to me. I also like round eyes on men, super fucking adorable.

I like all eyes though tbh. Upward tilted almond eyes look fierce and cat-like, but that's a universal taste (it seems?).

No. 311357

Agreed, I think neutral and negative canthal tilts can be very cute. As always it's not the isolated feature that makes or break a face, proportions > individuals features.

No. 311358

I don't understand why balding white women don't wear wigs or why they would rather fry their hair to hell and back dying it rather than just just buying a wig and dying it

No. 311360

how do you guys even know/notice these things and can tell them apart? fucking hell when I look at eyes they just look like eyes they all look the same to me. Whatever the hell a "negative cantonal tilt" is? so is there a positive? how many? man. wow.

No. 311361

It's just upturned or downturned eyes, basically.

No. 311364

Maybe because they're scared too? When I was wondering about perming my hair to get more volume I watched some vids done by some young white girls and I shit you not there were a lot of black women in the comments saying that they're racist and appropriating "curly hair". look becky wants to be like us xD typical yt taking jacking our style but we get hated for it!
>tfw white women have been perming there hair since the 50's
>tfw black women have been perm straightening there hair to emulate Europeans since the 50's

fuck this generation.

No. 311365

File: 1539783696840.jpg (27.26 KB, 474x237, s.jpg)

Agreed. I think it's not specific traits that are ugly, but how they're combined with others.
Negative canthal tilts can look endearing.
Thinking about it reminds me of the whole tsurime/tareme thing in Japanese culture.

No. 311368

File: 1539783951757.png (588.98 KB, 920x888, 1538275805317.png)

Give it a rest already. You know the race wars/oppression olympics need to end when it begins with eye color preferences being ~*racist*~, and segues to "being scared" because of YouTube comments about hair.
Don't you guys get tired?

No. 311373

Bottom line is you can not "appropriate" a damn hair style. Its SJW's plain and simple. Not all black women.

No. 311375

Why would you wearing a straight wig be an issue?most people won't know it's a wig if it's a decent one. I wonder why people like Dakota don't just go buy a sandy blonde wig and call it a day. Can't even blame sjwism for it because she lives in Japan.

No. 311377

did you not see the part where I said "fuck this generation."?

No. 311386

I agree with you. Although I do think the hostile atmosphere was born almost out of necessity to keep men away.

No. 311389

I sometimes think of how different this board would be if anons were required to share and verify their height and body weight with a timestamp before being allowed to post about bodies in /ot/.
The same would apply to discussions like eye color, the "attractiveness" of any race, how someone's personal aesthetic choices are/aren't pandering to pedos, hair, etc etc. You'd have to be open about yourself before going off on other strangers. The risk of doxxing/cowtipping would make it inapplicable for /pt/ and /snow/, so it'd be a /g/ and /ot/-only thing.
I bet the personal shame and accountability involved would clamp down on sperging and shitposting over such petty things.

No. 311391

Is this bait or are you just a mentally stunted tumblrina? lol

No. 311392

racism aganst yt people dawg XD

No. 311393

They weren't wrong though.
Women can't banter and when they act retarded they're taking themselves too seriously.
What is wrong with womanfolk ?

No. 311394

File: 1539786590456.jpg (806.32 KB, 1280x1656, 1504488284302.jpg)


No. 311396

femcels feel the need to speak up on behalf of all women everywhere on a small corner or the internet taking back womynkind for all bio women across the globe. cant you see? this is making a big difference!

No. 311398

kys tranny

No. 311401

Stop replying to obvious robots larping. If you can't tell how many of these posts were made by men then maybe leave the board.

My unpopular opinion: men and women should be allowed to have men-only spaces and woman-only spaces without someone crying sexism. I hate the fact that I can't even join any girl-based online group or community without some guy forcing himself in and all the girls saying "well he's not causing any trouble, so?". But when a girl joins a guy-only space everyone starts REEEEEEing

No. 311404

>without some guy forcing himself in and all the girls saying "well he's not causing any trouble, so?". But when a girl joins a guy-only space everyone starts REEEEEEing
funny how women have no particular interest in being in a male space but men our obsessed with being in womens. Its like they actually die without being centre of attention 24/7.

No. 311407

idk anon, our dear vicky shingles would starve if she didnt make every single 'male' centric interest about her and how she made it better

No. 311409

I agree. Although a lot of men-only spaces, such as lodges, men's clubs etc, were historically (and still are obviously) places for networking and economic and political advancement that women don't have access to. So in those cases I understand why women might want to enter but the real problem is that men have any political power in the first place

No. 311416

>Its like they actually die without being centre of attention 24/7
well, 50-75% of the male population do have NPD.

No. 311420

Just tell me-
Does racism against whites exist?
Does sexism against men exist?
Does heterophobia exist?

Answer all 3.
Then answer this- are you a straight white woman?

No. 311422

>are you a straight white woman?
No, they're a heteroromantic asexual non-binary babe.

No. 311424

I was watching 3 Wives, 1 Husband on Netflix and I have to say it seemed really comfy to me. I would not dismiss converting to fundamentalist Mormonism to live with my sisterwives and our kids in the desert. Especially that one wife that was all gung-ho about adding new wives to the family (it lowkey seemed like she really enjoyed the alone-time it afforded her) spoke to me. Of course that was just this one community and how it was portrayed, I'm sure Warren Jeffs' compound was less comfy lol

No. 311427

1) yep
2) not on a societal level
3) nope
What is your point, how does this have anything with the racism going on, on these boards lol. Just bully everyone and make them feel shit about themselves and thats fine if they arent ~oppressed~ ? Im not following..

No. 311431

people just need a place to get their aggression out relatively unchecked.

No. 311432

NTA but
>2) not on a societal level
Why? And why would that reason not apply to a white-majority society when it comes to white people? Remember, racism is not just "hurt feelings".
I don't care about this debate either way, but the whole "You can't be sexist against men or heterophobic, but you absolutely can be racist against white people!!!" liberals always confuse me.

No. 311434

None of them exist on a societal, personal, or informal level. They just don't exist at all. White feminists can just fuck off.

No. 311436

If saying “all those white devils age like milk and have dead soulless eyes and look manly” is not racist, then wtf is it? Since you want to word police.

No. 311438

So, then, how is it not sexist to say "All those male scrotes age like milk, grow bald and fat, are incapable of seeing us as human and are 75% narcissists", or heterophobic to say "All those gross straight breeders think of nothing but fucking, bible-thumbing and procreating"? Think.
And how am I word policing?

No. 311440

I guess that would be sexist and "heterophobic", but you cant really compare those two because the majority of people no matter what race etc, are straight and men have the power no matter the race.
Its not like white women have the power over anyone anywhere really, if you wanna get all intersektional, its white MEN.

No. 311441

Also you didnt answer, if its not racism, then what is it?????

No. 311445

Also to my knowledge asian people havent been enslaved or anything, is it okay to shit on asian women then?
Maybe not because they are a minority?
lol probably something like this, what if you say racist shit while in korea where the majority is asian, can you be a "racist" then?

No. 311446

>I guess that would be sexist and "heterophobic"
Then you agree that those two things exist, which means you've stated that a lot of feminists and certain LGBT people huge bigots. GG.
>the majority of people no matter what race etc, are straight and men have the power no matter the race.
In a white-majority society, who do you think has power?
>Its not like white women have the power over anyone anywhere really,
You really don't think white women, through their adjacency to white men, would have power over non-white women? You really didn't think this through.
>if its not racism, then what is it?????
Just being rude and mean. That's not racism, sorry.

Before I even entertain this, answer: How am I "word policing"?

No. 311448

>needing to say black women permed to EMULATE EUROPEANS
>"white women in the 50s permed" without feeling the need to say they were emulating anything

it really is transparent how you victim complex bitches think

No. 311450

Nta but uhh isnt that legit the reason hair perming was a thing for black women in the 50’s. To soften and emulate the straight hair textures? I know that was my reason for perming my hair as a kid cuz I wanted to fit in with my white friends. Don’t think anon meant anything rude by it

No. 311452

This whole "women can't do no wrong, every bad post is a larping men we are literally perfect" shit is getting on my nerves. Girls are are vicious and petty as fuck, get the fuck over it.

No. 311455

That anon never even thought for a second about why black women in the 50s would emulate Europeans. She probably thinks they did it for fun, not that it was pretty much necessary to get a job or be respected in any capacity because natural black hair was shamed hardcore and seen as "unkempt".
It literally still is, which is why little black girls are getting thrown out of school for having "unkempt hair" and black women are being fired from their jobs if they have braids. They can open their mouths to say "It's just hair" to black people, but keep quiet when it's around their non-black family and friends shitting all over us and calling us "unruly" and "trashy"/"ghetto" for the way our hair naturally grows out of our scalps, or the styles we use to protect it from the elements.

Not that anon, but
>cuz I wanted to fit in with my white friends
Now take this to a society-wide scale for adults, and extend "being excluded from play time" to "being excluded from work, school and human decency", and now you get it.

No. 311459

File: 1539791551470.png (66.85 KB, 275x202, 1468489619739.png)

right there with you nonnie

No. 311460

>white women have no power
Tell that to the hundreds of black men falsely accused of crime and/ or sex assault in the news, Cornerstone Caroline

Or also the black womenswear who get gaslight by white women on the daily irl. You can be sad online, but it never translates to hate irl for you.

No. 311462

Thank you. They pretend to be oblivious to history.

No. 311474

vs thousands upon thousands of black men raping white women…

No. 311476

This just in…only black women can have braids. Wow lol. Maybe braids just look trashy in general? Novel concept.

No. 311477

Nono black men are abused by white women now apparently, i wonder which dimensrion these people stepped out of

No. 311478

This thread is cursed because we stopped using tokitama pictures

No. 311479

>black men are abused by white women now
Nice try slipping now in there. I guess centuries is "now". Good lord.

No. 311480

Quadruple-post spamming, ignorant, petty and bad at responding in a halfway intelligent manner when exposed to facts and history. You really work hard to give your group a bad name.

No. 311481

You retard, it's the maleposting style that makes it obvious it's men larping, not the petty attitude. This is lolcow, we all know women can be vicious and we're probably the worst of them.
I don't disagree with that part, it's the fact that she didn't mention the whites perming as them emulating anything. I see it on here on the time, whenever someone accuses a white cow or celebrity of emulating brown girls you have that one anon saying "have you ever SEEN a southern European? White women can naturally look like that! When they wave or curl their hair and add extensions, get lip injections, Brazilian butt lifts, drawn thick eyebrows on, get dark fake tans they're just trying to look like good looking whites!" And when the same is said about white weebs who dress and modify their bodies to look like an Asian teenager it's again never considered selfhate, and in fact they turn it around to say Asians themselves are trying to look white so wearing massive circle lenses and bb cream 3 shares lighter than they are is just them being white, not race-larping selfhating weebs.

No. 311491

The gag is, southern European women only look the way they do because they have so much Moor* blood. So, however they slice it, in the end, they're trying to look less white.
*Moors are black people, for the less educated people ITT.

No. 311494

The "you can't be racist towards (a particular race)" argument is so stupid. You can be racist towards any race. Just because a race is the majority in the country you live doesn't mean they are the majority in the entire fucking world. Someone not being systematically oppressed because they are from the majority group in a country doesn't justify treating them like shit and feeling superior to them because of their race. I'm from an Asian country and both white and black people are minorities here, and they do face problems with racism. Racists are butthurt towards particular nationalities because of historical reasons and they like to take it out on today's people as if it solves anything or it's their fault. Especially white and black women face tons of shit when this racism and misogyny get combined. It's sickening. It saddens me to see other women from different countries trying to fight over things that don't even matter.

No. 311495

>Just because a race is the majority in the country you live doesn't mean they are the majority in the entire fucking world.
I agree with this, but when you're not in "the entire fucking world", but in a space owned and populated by one racial group, that group can't collectively be victims of racism. The most an "other" can do is be a rude asshole, because they have no power or control in that place to oppress those in the majority. That's the hard truth.

No. 311511

>Moors are black people

No. 311512

I'm the anon you replied to, moors aren't black people. They're north African, mainly Berber(who are light brown, not black). They're the people who conquered modern day Spain. Recent ancestry tests still show a link between southern euros and north Africans though, so you're right about that.

No. 311514

File: 1539794402097.jpg (24.17 KB, 474x313, moor.jpg)

So, all those artists from back then were just time-traveling SJWs?

No. 311516

bananas are the nastiest fruit. the texture and taste are gross and they are not the best source of potassium

No. 311518

File: 1539794574965.jpg (45.59 KB, 460x591, 1379254_158146481060865_102941…)

Like, I'm sorry, but this is not "light brown" by any stretch of the imagination.

No. 311521

The term "Moors" refers primarily to the Muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb, the Iberian Peninsula, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, and Malta during the Middle Ages. The Moors initially were the indigenous Maghrebine Berbers.[1] The name was later also applied to Arabs.[2][3]

Moors are not a distinct or self-defined people,[4] and the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica observed that "The term 'Moors' has no real ethnological value."[5] Europeans of the Middle Ages and the early modern period variously applied the name to Arabs, North African Berbers, and Muslim Europeans.[6]

Anon, I'm Berber, I have lived in the Maghreb, I've studied our history. The FEW black people from paintings by orientalist's were slaves brought from western Africa by the Barbary pirates. You don't have to go we waz kangz here.

No. 311523

>history is "we wez kangz"
>Der Begriff Mohr ist eine seit dem Mittelalter verwendete Bezeichnung für Menschen mit dunkler Hautfarbe, zum Beispiel historisch in Bezug auf Kuschiter und Mauren oder später allgemeiner für Schwarzafrikaner. Sie wird heute aufgrund ihrer negativen Konnotation nur noch selten gebraucht.


>The term Moor is used since the Middle Ages term for people with dark skin color, such as historical for the Ethiopians and Moors or later generalized for black Africans. It is now rarely used because of its negative connotation.

>Ursprünglich bezeichnete das mittelhochdeutsche Wort mōr[1] einen Mauren. Der Begriff Maure stammt allerdings vom Griechischen μαῦρος, was soviel wie „schwarz, dunkel, dunkelhäutig, dunkelhaarig“ bedeutet. Mauretanien bedeutet daher zunächst das Land der Dunkelhäutigen. Das lateinische maurus kennzeichnet in aller Regel bereits den Mauren als Herkunftsbezeichnung (aus der Provinz Mauretania bzw. dem Königreich Mauretanien).

>Im Mittelhochdeutschen wurde dann nicht selten zwischen swarzer mōr („Maure mit dunkler Hautfarbe“) und mōr („Maure“) differenziert. Sogar heute noch findet sich im Deutschen die Bezeichnung schwarzer Mohr, was man aber eher als unnötige Doppelung (Tautologie) oder als literarische Betonung empfindet. Sehr früh belegt ist auch die Verbindung von mōr und Ethiops.


>Originally designated the Middle High German word MOR [1 ] a Moor . However, the term Moor comes from the Greek μαῦρος , which means " black, dark , dark-skinned, dark-haired 'means . Mauritania therefore initially means the land of dark-skinned people . The Latin maurus features usually already the Moors as a designation of origin ( from the province of Mauretania and the Kingdom of Mauritania) .

>In Middle High German then often between swarzer Mor ( " Moor with dark skin " ) and MOR ( " Moor ") was differentiated. Even today, can be found in German the term black Mohr, but you'd rather be an unnecessary duplication ( tautology ), or feels as literary emphasis. Occupied very early is the combination of MOR and Ethiops .

>As in the 18th Century was the term " Moor " then increasingly by the term " " replaced , there was the possibility for comparison of noble Mohr ( pre-colonial idea ) and primitive Negro ( colonial idea ) . Even the attempt to distinguish between black African " Negroes " and white African differentiate " Moors " in the wake of racial theories , is now obsolete.The term Mohr for a dark-skinned person is now used only in historical contexts. Like the term " negro " can be understood as a racially discriminatory term " Moor " .

No. 311527

File: 1539794995967.jpg (134.47 KB, 620x1069, vos-pp-man-detail.jpg)

And, idk, this is a very well-dressed slave.
I don't even care this much about some ancient people, but I've even been told by white Spaniards that Moors were black, they mixed with a certain part of their group and that's why they're swarthy with different hair and noses.
All I'm doing is Googling and it's just…there. I don't see why it seems to be a debate.

No. 311530


No. 311532

Why are Woc so obsessed with the idea that everyone hates them but everyone want to look like them at the same time. I think they're just projecting hardcore when they claim white people hate themselves.

No. 311535

Damn, that's some Jojo level fabulous.

No. 311539

even if some places used moor to refer to black africans, it certainly doesn't mean the same moors that had an empire that included spain etc. all this comes from a stupid irrelevant assertion by gooberanon that southern eurpean (e.g. Greek) lmao women have black hair because of African blood

No. 311540

I understand your point, I didn't mean to invalidate the issues people from other parts of the world face because of racism. Sadly, the circumstances you said can happen to anyone anywhere in the entire world. Hatred doesn't solve anything, it just results in more people being discriminated against for nothing.

No. 311541

Sorry to burst your bubble but white women can have big lips, curly hair and a curvy body, being white isn't limited to looking like a pasty norvegians. But what can I say amerifats always lose their mind when I tell them arabs are caucasians too.

No. 311542

File: 1539795558129.jpg (14.87 KB, 236x335, 6872bcd24e70d334122ec3fc10356a…)

Can you prove without a doubt that's not the case? Because history and art aren't exactly backing up your claims.
I'm sorry if this is a harsh topic to you, but racial mixing does result in different features. A certain population of southern European people are not "pure white", and their features reflect it. It doesn't make them less valid as humans or take away their culture, but it's just life.
"100%" white women, when they emulate mixed women, are making themselves look different from their actual racial background.

No. 311543

What is "my group", little racist?

No. 311547

I don't know, what is? And how am I racist, my juvenile, illiterate friend? People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

No. 311548

Pure white white don't exist, it doesn't even mean anything. You are so butthurt over the fact that white people can have a variety of features that you have to claim they're not really white? Lmao.

No. 311549

>Pure white white don't exist
So, all of Scandinavia doesn't exist? You're the only one who sounds butthurt here. Clear your mind.

No. 311551

i can read the african admixture in europe wikipedia article and it says like 1-2% which is like, okay, but you actually think that that's why they have dark hair.. because when people moved out of Africa in the first place, they suddenly turned 100% blonde… and then when greeks and shit slunk back down to the south they got fucked by oogaboyega and then 100 generations later all have black hair lol

No. 311553

So you know all of scandinavia's genetic makeup? You seem retarded.

No. 311555

I know they're typically more white in admixture than Southern Europeans. Throwing around immature insults and trying to deny reality just makes you look sad and delusional.

No. 311558

Well I'm not white therefore I cannot be racist. No glass house here.

No. 311559

this is a robot baiting

No. 311561

Says who? White people in white countries can't be victims of racism, but non-white people can be racist, especially to other non-white people. So, enjoy that glass house. Hopefully it doesn't fall on you.

No. 311563

When did I say that? I was talking about skintone and hair texture that isn't present in the Europeans without Moor blood at all, not hair color.
Nvm, you're just racist. This conversation was 100% a matter of emotion and pride for you, not simple facts. I'll stop.

No. 311565

I commend you for trying, anon

(bananas were an acquired taste for me. I still prefer them in baked goods or smoothies)

No. 311567

>non-white people can be racist
Yawn, crybaby whites aren't going to be hurt by POC criticizing them. Whites being racist results in the abuse and deaths of POC. POC being "racist" (not even a thing) just results in whites having hurt feelings. Boo hoo.

No. 311568

>skintone and hair texture that isn't present in the Europeans without Moor blood
like what?

No. 311569

Anon, I don't think you finished reading my post.
>especially to other non-white people
inb4 "POC solidarity though"

No. 311570

why is this fucking full blown sjw in here and the last 50 posts are all us responding to this person in good faith?

No. 311572

oh no….the ess jay dubyyaas! no one reply to the essjay, I'm triggered!

No. 311573

>in good faith
NTA, but if you mean posts like
you've done nothing in good faith. If this is your good faith, I don't want to even see what your bad looks like.

No. 311574

this entire thread should be banned, theres been nothing but race baiting for at least the last few days, and you dumb ass bitches fall for it every single time. where the fuck are the mods?

No. 311575

>Many of you are just as vicious and crazy as the type of men you hate.


Threads like "hot guys dating hideous girls" or the ps one are just unnecessary evil, why do you guys enjoy so much shitting on people's looks or their partners decision of dating them? It's particularly sad when the insults come with a "even I look better than X kek" or "how can that ugly bitch have a bf".

Caring so much about other people's looks is absolutely pointless and every thread goes to shit the moment anons start doing that. That's why the kpop critical thread is so boring, because even when people start talking about something not related to bts is about someone's botched ps or subtle racism.

Even the momokun thread is the same. The funny thing about her is that she's such an obvious cow that always gets caught on her lies and even her more "artistic" content is 13 yo with an aliexpress wig spinning on her backyard tier, but no, but half of the comments are insubstantial and tired remarks on how fat she is compared to six months ago, we know that already.

No. 311576

lol, well it's even contentious that Italians and Greeks are white so

No. 311577

To think all of this started because of this robot shitpost >>310437, and the insecure harpy that followed after who saw fit to screech about non-white women. The Asian model didn't make things any better, either.
Farmers are so easily baited these days.

No. 311580

a sound voice among many anon ty. i will take them in smoothies but man they are just so gross.

pears, grapes and figs are SSS

No. 311581

>why do you guys enjoy so much shitting on people's looks or their partners decision of dating them?
Lolcow is a haven for unstable women. Plain and simple.
Imageboard users in general are usually sick.

No. 311583

Lmao how are italians and greek not white? Amerifats need to stop speaking about pretty much anything, your education system is way too fucked up.

No. 311586

people were already reeing about how ugly coloured eyes and blonde hair were a few days, ago, an obvious attempt at riling up all the insecure white girls.

No. 311589

well thankfully white girls are on their way out. give it 10-15 years max.

No. 311590

>mfw they'll probably take this bait too

No. 311592

Humor me. How are facts bait.

No. 311596

Anon don't be tempted by >>311592

No. 311602


It's contentious in America. If you told an actual Italian or Greek they're not white you'd be laughed all the way back to the airport.

No. 311603

If you told a Greek they'd give you an hour long monologue about Greece being the cradle of European civilization and muh Alexander the Great tbh

No. 311610

Same for italians lmao

No. 311612

I doubt americans even care. maybe SJWs but not the greeks/italians themselves.

No. 311613

not to race bait but all the americans sperging about "muh 0.0023128273456% exotic italian ancestry" proves otherwise kek.

No. 311636

not the same as pretending to be PoC.

No. 311643

>an obvious attempt at riling up all the insecure white girls.
Could be that, or some people could just genuinely be of the opinion that they don't like those features, thus posting them in an unpopular opinions thread. Either way, lolcow has gotten really easy to troll.

No. 311644

Here in America, Greeks and Italians are still considered white. Crazy SJWs aren’t the majority.

No. 311651

Hey, insecure white girl: did you know that not every post itt is an attack on you? Those posts almost certainly weren't made just to rile you up and you sound fucking insane for suggesting it was.

I think this thread has made me actually racist towards white people, fuck you guys for real. I wish lipstick alley wasn't such a shithole.

No. 311659

Blue eyes originate in a mutation to a specific gene. The allele originates in southeastern Europe 8000 years ago.
The allele is recessive and it due to selection pressures it survived in western and eastern Europe and it is traced back to a single ancestor. It is Caucasian through and through.
The gene codes for melanocytes in the stroma of the eye to produce melanin. The mutated allele simply does not code for melanin production in the melanocytes. The blue colour is simply the absence of melanin in the stroma of the eye. The refraction of the light produces the blue colouration.

There is no demonstrable way for a person to carry the gene without white ancestry. The gene comes in 3 variations. It is the same exact gene that codes for hair pigmentation and dermal pigmentation.
The only part of the body that has melanocytes that function differently is the pubic and genital area, that has its melanocytes alter their melanin production in response to androgens, primarily testosterone (ovarian and adrenal testosterone in women)

No. 311664

Caucasian =/= White

No. 311666

File: 1539807426845.png (128.83 KB, 325x281, 1525759210103.png)

No. 311669

File: 1539807557883.jpg (47.37 KB, 343x280, 1536845401532.jpg)

No. 311673

th-the tokitama curse

No. 311674

Define white.

No. 311676

That's good to know tbh anon.

No. 311677

you all are really still sperging out over eye color in here??

No. 311679

File: 1539808182454.png (140.41 KB, 986x879, 1538886278344.png)

Is this another "we all came from africa" episode?

Phylogenetics is an actual science, compared to your ethnic studies BA, and most of white europeans have statistically imponderable levels of african autosomal and mitochondrian DNA.

No, skin pigmentation in south europeans does not constitute african intermixture.

No. 311680

this, I felt him hex the thread too

No. 311681

Caucasian = Arabs, Europeans, some Indians
White = Europeans only
That's why racist white people attack anyone who's brown, even if they're Caucasian. Point: Racists are retarded.

No. 311687

>increase intelligence
Lmao, I see the gf-less /pol/aks came riding in after the incels and MGTOWs from /r9k/ had their fun causing a mess. This shitshow of a thread was kind of fun while it lasted.
Until next time.

No. 311689

You can study the source material.
You can run the logarithmic models yourself.
The logit is available in the source material.
The software is open-source and you can even ask your university to provide you with a key.

No. 311690

bold of you to assume im an insecure white girl. this has happened in every single unpopular opinion thread, someone posts about how coloured eyes are ugly/lizard like/creepy and all the white girls with coloured eyes get triggered and worked up, im just pointing out that at this point this is a well established pattern. theres probably plenty of spergs taking advantage of this.

No. 311692

File: 1539808801131.jpg (65.89 KB, 890x876, 1535787130583.jpg)

>doesn't deny anything stated

No. 311693

Why would I entertain ad hominem and reductio ad absurdum?
I made an assertion, I provided source material.

No. 311695

File: 1539809224936.png (100.77 KB, 390x282, 786672A2-4614-4BD6-BA48-29D95D…)

>hating a race because of baiting farmers
i feel powerful

No. 311699

could you really not tell I was joking, retard?

anyways, white girl wednesday is cancelled from here on out.

No. 311701

File: 1539809646405.jpg (585.26 KB, 2000x2026, 1529326081288.jpg)

sure you were anon

No. 311702

What's white girl wednesday…?

No. 311704

why would we care, do you really think any of us go lurk your shithole forum you autist

No. 311705

your reaction images are ugly.


No. 311708

Not white, and I agree. There are some insecure people lurking these threads, and shitting on a trait they might have is enough to set them off.
I realized this once by just pointing out certain opinions and behaviors I've seen without actually speaking to anyone, and then having someone get really angry at me.
I don't think it's impossible to just not like light eyes or blond hair (I don't really like blond hair at all personally), but it's obviously bait when it's repeated. And closet, bitter weeaboos and/or Kim Kardashian Klones will eat it up every time to try and tell the person off in a transparent bid to boost their crippingly low self-esteem. You can tell they lash out because they really internalize the shit they read on LC as if it's real life, and it's unhealthy.

No. 311709

File: 1539810047262.png (460.18 KB, 1000x1000, 000CE31A-0B43-4B0B-BF2D-4C8AB9…)

>I-I was only pretending to be retarded!!!1
>w-white girls are FINISHED

No. 311710

File: 1539810062289.jpg (112.9 KB, 850x812, 1539102982366.jpg)

No. 311713

can we please not make the whole race baiting situation worse please

No. 311714

File: 1539810271747.jpg (643.15 KB, 1361x1889, stormfags.jpg)

A friendly reminder not to respond to offsite invaders using anime reaction images, or stormfags.
Pic related, the latter are literally spammers 99% of the time.

No. 311715

File: 1539810307666.jpg (54.47 KB, 480x360, 600d4a34-3b3d-4ded-93e7-77c239…)

imagine using reaction images this ugly

No. 311716

Don't even argue with him. He's not here to discuss, just push an agenda. See >>311714

No. 311719

The anon implied that black men are falsely accused systematically because of racism.

Cognitive dissonance is less stressful though, I guess.

Yes, sourced data from the literal government is a means to push an agenda, not representative of reality.

>if a shoes fits…

No. 311722

im >>311690 and i completely agree with you.
as a others have said, some anons come off as extremely unstable so im not surprised that people get this angry this easily, and the trolls and spergs really arent helping, deliberately trying to get a rise out of people.

can we please stop ALL race baiting, this thread is enough of a cesspool already

No. 311723

>data from 1998 relevant to 2018
Not going to reply again.

No. 311724

No. 311725

File: 1539810943172.jpg (42.22 KB, 720x405, p05xbsb2.jpg)

I'm so sorry for the autism, but I want to add to this sperg and correct some stuff because it's a bit outdated. The most common determining factor for light eyecolor in Europeans is an allele of HERC2 which modifies expression of the gene OCA2 in the iris. This allele was common in Europe already much earlier, first documented in a 14000 year old hunter-gatherer from Italy. At the same time the alleles coding for light skin pigmentation were not yet common, leading to suspected phenotypes of dark hair/skin with blue eyes, like you might have seen in depictions of the British "Cheddar Man" on the news (pic related).
Light skin and hair pigmentation alleles appeared first in northern and northeastern Europe as well as in the Caucasus and Near East, from where they spread into Europe during migration events of the Neolithic and Bronze Age. The blue eye allele likely also spread outside of Europe into the Near East early on, before the genetic makeup of what we would recognize as typical Europeans had even come together.
Why are whites called Caucasians nowadays anyway, it seems the people who use that term wouldn't recognize actual Caucasian populations as white.

No. 311729

File: 1539811455631.jpeg (99.61 KB, 987x1000, 8EA4CE27-F69A-4C5C-A268-C1E263…)

>mfw /pol/autists, cracker-chans, wog-chans and yellowfever fags all fighting in one thread
this is why I keep coming back here, lads

No. 311730

The data is virtually the same in the latest NYPD census.

You simply elaborated in what I said. Moreover, the depiction of cheddar man has been withdrawn for more than 2 years already.

>why are whites called Caucasians

Ancestry originating from the Caucasus region. Stormfags are LARPERs akin to the wakkandians. They have no insight into how phylogenetics function. They LARP about haploid distributions of autosomal DNA, even though the furthest it goes is 120 ancestors.

No. 311731

>Stormfags are LARPERs akin to the wakkandians.
And now you're pretending not to be what you are in a bid to fit in. Not gonna work, autismo.

No. 311733

I am unapologetically racist, but I am not a "muh aryan" larper.
Stormfags fail to realize that their ancestors were flinging faeces at each other when the greeks and romans had working sewage systems and entire disciplines of science and literature.

You can call me racist, but don't conflate me with those demographics please.

No. 311735

>I am unapologetically racist
>You can call me racist
Fuck off and stop racebaiting, then. We've had more than enough of that bullshit.

No. 311736

can the mods please shut this thread down already wtf

No. 311737

You need a history lesson. No one in any culture was "slinging feces" when the greek and roman empires were around and greeks and romans were white. Aryan lovers love them and descend from them and take pride in that just so you know.

No. 311739

I literally posted once about blue eyes, once about different alleles expressed in white and black people and once about crime statistics.
You can construe as racism all you want. It says more about you than it does about me.

No. 311741

Stormfags hate greeks and italians and call ancient greeks pederasts and homosexuals.

>you need a history lesson. No one in any culture was "slinging feces"

What is hyperbole, I am aware they were not literally shitting in their palms and throwing the excrement on people. God.

No. 311742

>You can construe as racism all you want. It says more about you than it does about me.
You already said
>I am unapologetically racist
>You can call me racist
Nothing to construe, you let us all know. Now fuck off back to your own site.

No. 311744

what does all this have to do with unpopular opinions? cant you guys go and sperg about your nazi shit somewhere else

No. 311745

>post hoc ergo propter hoc
Me identifying as anything whatsoever has no effect in the subject or ideation of my posts.

No. 311748

I'm >>311742 >>311731 >>311735, and I'm telling this retard >>311745 to leave, anon. We're on the same side.

No. 311749

>the depiction of cheddar man has been withdrawn for more than 2 years already

can I get a citation on that because all I can find is a DM article from this year hyping up one researcher saying, yeah, we can't really know. Light skin color comes from the Caucasus/Steppe and possibly Scandinavian and Russian hunter-gatherers, why do you need every single person that lived in Europe after OOA to be white?

No. 311764

white an in pigmentation or race?
Humans in that general region have never been white in complexion like stormfags have wet dreams about. That's how melanocytes function in response to solar radiation.
As a race, there was virtually no contact whatsoever with sub-saharan Africa at that point in time.
Cheddar man was strictly homo sapiens, Caucasoid with Indo-European admixture(PIE) later in time. Phylum wise (excuse the vernacular) virtually everyone indigenous to europe has common ancestors for at least 20000 years now, with admixtures over time.

The CGI artist took liberties with the pigmentation of cheddar man, I didn't save the source, but I will look for the article.

No. 311767

ok, but please stop replying to the race baiter youre just egging them on

No. 311768

File: 1539814296929.png (88.28 KB, 236x231, 1526424246660.png)

>race baiter
It is like the whole of your frontal lobe has undergone apoptosis.
You retards have been arguing over wavy hair and how smooth asian skin is for days now.
Inane nitpicky jabs and passive aggression > actual discussion, apparently.

No. 311769

I remember two years ago you could appreciate a thin girl or say an Asian girl is cute without being accused of yellow fever or being an Ana chan. When did yall get so sensitive?kek

No. 311770

When I read about genealogy and the different homo groups it appears to me, that Homo Sapiens mixed with the Neanderthals and Homo Erectus to produce the europeans and asian sapiens we get now. A lot of records have been lost and there's probably other humanoid groups to discover on the South African continent, but pretty sure Erectus would have got to that continent back in the day too.

Homo Sapiens have been the most volatile humanoid group and caused the most extinction to other species than has been recorded before.

No. 311771

Sorry I'm not parsing your text
White pigmentation, because I don't really understand the American race concept. It seems to me they mostly mean WASPs when they say white.

>Humans in that general region have never been white in complexion like stormfags have wet dreams about.

which region are you talking about now?

>Cheddar man was strictly homo sapiens, Caucasoid with Indo-European admixture(PIE) later in time.

What? Cheddar man was indigenous European, so-called Cro magnon. Are you saying he had Indo-European admixture? Do you differentiate Caucasian from Indo-European because earlier you made it seem like that the same thing to you. What do you mean with "later n time"? We are talking about a single individual who can't gain ancestry over time.

>Phylum wise (excuse the vernacular) virtually everyone indigenous to europe has common ancestors for at least 20000 years now, with admixtures over time.

What are you even trying to say here? I think you mean that everyone in Europe is descended from ancestors that have been genetically isolated from non-Europeans for at least 20000 years? There is no single European phylum, Europeans descend from at least three streams of widely diverged ancestries that admixed over the last 8000 years, precipitated by different events. Some of those ancestries arose outside of Europe. Please be precise in your language, you're so vague that I'm not sure if I'm arguing or agreeing with you.

>excuse the vernacular


Please do Y chromosomes next I know you want to

No. 311772

They did intermix with homo neanderthalensis, but homo erectus was 1800000 years ago. Yikes, 2018 education.

No. 311773

I think some former pulltards grew up and moved here. they brought their sensitivity and autism with them.

No. 311774

i thought i read somewhere there was an overlap but my bad. but there have been many humanoid groups found around Indonesia and the like, what's to say there isn't other humanoid DNA mixed in to account for the genetics.

No. 311777

European region. The continent of europe.

His descendants intermixed with indo-europeans 7500 years ago, after the migrations.

Yes, divergent evolution.

No. 311780



>7500 years ago

bad troll

No. 311781

>what is alternative location hypothesis

You are not too shabby either.

No. 311782

>what is alternative location hypothesis

what is this, google gives nothing

No. 311783

No. 311787

So you're arguing for the Anatolian hypothesis?

No. 311788

Anatolian, steppe, out of india, La teoria della continuità… they are all in line.
They are just magically memory-holed in modern universities.

No. 311792

Wtf are you just some algorithm that spouts unintelligible garbage? Please explain how any of these are "in line"

You sound like someone that was banned by davidski, how did you find here. And ffs sage your shit

Also mods please delete this cursed thread

No. 311793

>Wtf are you just some algorithm that spouts unintelligible garbage?

Good talk.
Go back to sperging about asian skin and black girl hair.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 311795

Let’s talk about food.

You know what I hate? Chik-fil-a. Everyone praises their fast food for being “one of the good ones” but it just tastes dry and stale.

No. 311798

No I never did that. I want to sperg with someone about linguistics and ancestry. And
>Anatolian, steppe, out of india, La teoria della continuità… they are all in line. They are just magically memory-holed in modern universities.
is a truly novel and unpopular opinion, so right on topic. Please explain yourself.
Type sage in the email field

No. 311803

Happy people disgust me.

No. 311806

crazy sjws aren't the ones who don't think greeks and italians are white though? I thought that was an /int/ meme

No. 311809

exactly, no idea where they got sjws from.

What amuses me is when Americans claim Penelope Cruz as some exotic spicy Latina, but she's just a white European? I guess sometimes people think she's Mexican

No. 311812

As an Aussie, American fast food used to seem like such a cool thing we were missing out on but it just seems gross now.
Also, do people really deep fry as much shit as it seems? Or is it just a thing that happens at like, fairs or whatever?

No. 311814

Mostly just happens at fairs

this is the worst opinion itt

No. 311818

I feel that, though not as strongly as you do. It all feels like a façade, trying to show up everyone. "Yeah my life is great LOOK I AM SMILING AND LAUGHING AND TALKING WITH EVERYONE I SEE".

I wish I was actually happy, but I would never express my happiness like them if I ever got there.

No. 311841

South Europe is the best region of Europe and the most culturally rich.

No. 311843

looks like they won

No. 311846

wait a minute…stormfront isn't even a thing anymore. lmao idiot. Also that shit is from 2013.

No. 311850

They're the only chain with a spicy chicken sandwich that I fucking love.

No. 311856

You're fucking retarded. So retarded, in fact, that I feel like you might be a particularly dumb stormfag trying to discredit things. It's right here: https://www.stormfront.org/
Also, it being from 2013 doesn't mean they ever stopped. Look at the state of /pol/ (or rather, don't). It's a fucking cesspool, and I don't want Lolcow to become that.

No. 311863

File: 1539831904661.jpeg (58.1 KB, 1024x576, 4DF667AE-9E59-42B5-A727-636CE5…)

Yes anon! Finally someone who appreciates chick-fil-a’s spicy chicken sandwich. It’s the best item on the menu but all the normies refuse to try anything else besides their nuggets and original chicken sandwich.

No. 311868

I feel like it’s both honestly. Maybe alt right moreso than SJWs but still.

No. 311873

I am a fatty and love all fast food spicy chicken sandwiches, but annoyingly Chick-fil-a is one of the only ones where I have to tell them I don't want the fucking cheese. Fried chicken and cheese just do not go together on my palette.

No. 311882

I feel bad for people with BPD and don't hate them. I know most people hate "BPD cunts", but it really is the result of coping poorly and being mistreated in a lot of cases. They suck but I think to some extent they should be given some leeway and understanding. It's not like NPD or some shit.

No. 311888

>features they might have

Notice how there isn’t complaints from black girls when they keep low key shitting on “thicc” features and big lips when talking about social media

No. 311890

File: 1539838869186.jpg (27.63 KB, 640x625, 1531881118155.jpg)

>make an innocent "unpopular opinion" about my near-pedophilic attraction to teenaged white girls from my youth and my unhealthy elektra complexed attraction to older black and asian women who resemble the mentors I've had in college
>start a racewar that derails the thread for over 500 posts

Wtf is wrong with you? Why did all that last so long? I expected dyke pedophile jokes when I got back and instead it's a mile of whining and playing the victim on both sides.
I'm not a baiting robot, but I see why they come here and derail so