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File: 1541732126604.jpg (5.36 KB, 236x219, gude.jpg)

No. 322342

No. 322371

I hate hearing people speak Chinese, it's such an annoying and yappy sounding language.

No. 322374

Null can be hilarious and I’ve been enjoying some of his streams.

No. 322376


Mandarin sounds more annoying imo, but maybe i'm a bit biased because my husband speaks Canto. I used to go to a church as a kid that would hold a mass in Tagalog after the English one ended, and I really disliked the sound of the language since then. I would even describe it as 'yappy' in my opinion.

No. 322383

ive been liking them too lol

No. 322470

I agree.

Americans from the West coast sound really airheaded and vapid when they talk, and Finnish is a disgusting language.

No. 322474

People say German sounds scary, but I find that Finnish and Russian sound much more intimidating.

No. 322476

No German is actually terrifying. Germans are always screaming and every word sounds like an insult.

No. 322490

Have you ever been to Germany? Good luck trying to find a more quiet country. The only people who're loud and who shout are (mostly American) tourists.

Imo English sounds so cold. Even when parents say something sweet to their children they sound like snobby assholes. Yet somehow they think they can dictate and rate what every other language should be perceived as: French is dirty, German and Russian are scary, anything Asian sounds silly, Italians are constantly complaining to Mama, Arabic only consists of "allahu akbar", the funny Indian accent is the butt of the jokes in every tv show, and so on. In the end these are all old stereotpes still stemming from war times, but because Anglos have tried to put themselves as the leaders of the world since the beginning of time, sadly every other country started adopting those false views as well. If you constantly put out movies there you exaggerate (racist) stereotypes, then people who have actually never even traveled (and are not the brightest) will adapt these as "the truth".

No. 322496

I agree, although I'm Anglo myself.
I think all accents are endearing and it's nice to hear other languages even if I don't know what they're saying.

No. 322518

What's wrong with Finnish? :^(

No. 322539

>French is dirty
Americans usually think it's hot, it's mostly Germans who say we smell

No. 322541

Idk, I think Finns are really nice people but the language I just can't stomach

No. 322546

I meant that Americans say the french language is dirty as in it always sounds very sexual. And it's also Americans who say you don't have proper hygenie and that your women don't shave. I've never heard any German say that - I mean, afterall we live right next to you, we usually know better than somebody who's across the ocean.

I personally think that finnish sounds kind of hot, especially if men speak it.

It's really tiring that the whole world still constantly brings up the past, but I guess saying that we all sound like Hitler is somehow funny to all of you. Well…

No. 322547

Finnish women often have really deep voices and that's hot

No. 322548

Thank you

No. 322557

Idk if it counts as an unpopular opinion but I think people should wait until they're at least 22 or 23 if they want to get a tattoo.

It's something to be taken seriously and spent some extra cash with a decent artist but I feel like most young people don't think about it as something that will be basically forever on your body and may need retouching so they do whatever crap they have in mind under the excuse of it having a "meaning" then go to a shitty artist or apprentice just because they're cheaper and then you have a body part forever ruined. Sure, you can just laser it but some colors do not fade away easily or don't even fade, hurts like hell and will leave scars.

Skye purdon, plastic and proud, a few other cows and some people I know irl are examples of why I think this way

No. 322570

I agree. I'm glad that tattoos are losing a lot of their stigma, but I hate that it results in young people getting impulsive tattoos because it's cool and makes them look "deep". There's even high schoolers in my home town getting the tackiest tattoos, and I'm from a snooty preppy rich suburb.

Personally, I also dislike how so many people now are getting random disjointed little tattoos all over their body that aren't part of one big piece. It looks ugly and haphazard to me (and also screams impulsive to me)

No. 322601

I agree, but this is a popular opinion.

No. 322711


I love the German language, I just wish I had studied it seriously at school and not like the idiot slacker 14-year-old that I was. Trying to take all that back now and study like hell all on my own, years later as an adult, is exhausting…


Americans regardless of where they're from sound grating as hell in general, right up there with Chinese. At least us Finns are quiet so you hear our "disgusting" language much less in public. Same can't be said about Americans or the Chinese… no concept of indoor voice, anywhere, it's a nightmare.

No. 322765

File: 1541812361032.gif (1.09 MB, 200x270, 1525430896866.gif)

I want to start reading again but I hate library books. They're always so icky and stuff, but I can't buy books every month because money ugh. I'd like to be cozy with my book and keep it on my bed and all but I'm too uncomfortable with library books because it's just gross. I've thought about reading online but eh I occasionally want a break from my screen, you know?

No. 322777

Try an e-reader, anon, it's nothing like your computer screen or phone, the light isn't blinding and there's no internet browser or apps to distract you. you can find thousands of books for free online. if you do have to buy books they're often much cheaper than their paper counterparts

No. 322788

This, I thought I would hate e-readers, but I tried an original Kindle and it was great, now I'm hooked. Get a paper white one without backlighting, it won't affect your eyes like a glowing screen. They're really convenient and I got ~40k public domain books for free through my university.

No. 322792

I want to have gamer/nerd orbiters who white knight me but I’m too lazy to put in the effort to make people like me that much

No. 322797

Lol a salty Finn who has no problem doing to others of a different nationality.

No. 322809


Thirding this! I looove my Kindle Paperwhite (although now knowing of Amazon's shady shit I'd probably buy its competitor), it really doesn't tire the eyes, and I love the touch of the screen, it's not super glassy like a tablet, I don't know how to explain it.
Also, I can read at night in my bed without worrying about getting up to turn the lights off, since it has built in light, and the light comes from the top instead of behind the screen, so it really doesn't hurt my eyes.
Try it, anon!

No. 322825

I'd fuck Mr Metokur in an heartbeat. But only with the lights off, I don't want to break the illusion lmao. I like his voice and asshole attitude too much.

No. 323210

I hate the man-hating threads because a couple of threads ago I just peeked in and read about fathers admitting being sexually attracted to their daughters, which shocked me. Ever since reading that I've been slightly paranoid. I think I do want children in the future but potentially having a person like that as the father of my children would just absolutely wreck me and damage my trust.

No. 323344

bitch can't even afford to buy physical books and y'all recommending a fcuking kindle lmao

No. 323847

I don’t hate vegans, but Jesus Christ the ones who literally base their whole identity on being vegan are annoying. A lot of the ones I see on Twitter are also either anti-vaxxers, fakebois, ~witches~ or all three mashed together. We get it, you don’t eat meat, it literally does not make you any better than anyone else when your lifestyle helps contribute to third world countries overworking and underpaying their farmers.

No. 323848


I don't think it's most men who want to fuck their daughters but it's definitely more men than women. And more men than I'm comfortable with.

If I had to guess I'd say probably around 10% of them.

No. 323900

I can’t stand people who bitch about “omg plastiiiiiiiic” when talking about packaging or whatever. I honestly dont care about that shit.

No. 323903

File: 1542041300926.jpeg (611.97 KB, 1600x1200, B123F40D-8969-4AD2-8874-7D1B2E…)

Airports are fun places to be

No. 323904

I got a kindle as a graduation gift (lol associates not high school) and tbh it is worth it…also the friend whom bought it for me was not really in a good position or anything, he just saved a bit from a few weeks of paychecks from what he told me when i felt bad and thought it cost a lot. They're really not that bad and if anon can save up or has anyone willing to help so they're not spending tons of money on books its worth a shot i think.

No. 323921

NTA but to the anons that have ebook readers: should I get a Kindle or can you recommend a cheaper competitor with same functions available (light up screen with touch functions)?

No. 323956

Agreed. My favourite airport so far is the Schiphol in Amsterdam. It's very spacious, well-designed AND it has showers once you get into the terminals. Mmm.

No. 324216

totally agreed, and seconded in schiphol. i've been to airports in like 10 diff countries and it's definitely the most unique/interesting. i liked that there's bike pedals to power your laptop/phone charger, it saves power and lets you stretch your legs a bit

No. 324255

I actually agree. Being in the airport makes me excited because I'm either going somewhere or meeting someone who I haven't seen in a while. I love people watching at airports too like seeing couples/families/friends hugging, people running because they're late, just all the weird characters (once a guy sketched me and my bf while we were sitting in the airport and I still regret not asking him if I could see it). Airports have more shops/restaurants/cafes than any mall. They have free wifi. They sometimes have nice lounges and showers. I actually like the airport part better than I like being on the plane.

No. 324368

Feels like "Rich white women talk to black people like they're going through the same thing. Lady, you were in on the robbery, you're just mad about your cut." applies to here, and I bet that about half of y'all would barely even give a shit about this statement and just take it for what it is.

No. 324869

I was recommend a video on youtube where this woman describes her morning routine with 10 kids. 10 KIDS!
I think no matter what your geolocation is, there should be a moderate tax once you cross the 4-5 kids per couple threshold.

No. 324895

yeah the overpopulation thing being the cause is pretty bunk but that being said we are on the precipice of natural disaster and having a ton of kids is not only possibly adding more suffering but adding to the general energy needs of a household.

Until or unless we find ways to live a lot more sustainably and make our carbon footprint reversible, I agree, taxes for those with more than 2 children…

Of course, the people who should be taxed out the asshole first are the people making it nigh impossible to change these things in the first place (I mean, I think they should be tried for crimes against humanity and literally executed but dunno if everyone will go on board and that's risky business for the stability of society)

but yeah that all being said we're all in this shit together like please calm down and be sensible, plus having more than 2 kids seems like it really sucks anyway unless you truly live where they act like it takes a village.

No. 324905

I was recommended that as well. No idea why??
My first thought was that there's no way she can give all of them enough affection.

No. 324923

all the female idols that get nitpicked in the kpop crit thread look fine

No. 324952

I was recommended the same video. That family gives me the creeps and apparently they're freaky religious extremists.
Also those names… one of the kids is named Shakespeare. Fucking Shakespeare.

No. 324956

Exactly. People constantly parrot the fact that at the moment we could all fit in a state the size of Texas with a house and a garden but they ignore the enormous amounts of waste we produce every day, every hour, and every minute. We need humongous resources to maintain a modest lifestyle by western measures. Even if everyone went vegan that still wouldn't help.

What I hate about that video is that everyone calls her a superwoman and a super mom and all the other superlatives for popping out 10 kids.

I'm determined to be childfree but I don't rub it on other's faces nor do I resent couples that decide to have kids, but anything above 4-5 is really pushing it.

I don't know why I was recommended that either. Also, she gave her kids really cringe names considering she's from Finland. Omega, D'Artagnan wtf

> That family gives me the creeps
Glad that I'm not the only one that feels that way.

No. 324975

I have one (1) child and good great awesome stay childfree. I do wish people treated me better as a mother (because lol sexism ensures the Disneyland dad that doesn't do anything truly useful will get the credit if our child turns out great), but I'm tired of this zomg supermom bullshit and I'm tired of hearing from my childfree friends that they get pressured, belittled, and generally patronized for making a decent decision.

Also ten kids and if she was single she'd be a monster but i guess its ok because her creampie happy husband stays with her through it all. Fuck her, tbh.

No. 324992

are you ok anon

No. 324993

Finland has one of the lowest birth rates and the highest EPI rating in the entire world, so fuck off with that nonsense. Scandinavia is the last place which needs to be lectured on environmentalism and “having too many kids”.

No. 324995

I was recommended that too! I watched about 2 minutes but it was depressing seeing her throw them around and not having enough time to properly interact with them. Should be classed as child abuse to have more than 5 kids tbh.

No. 324996

Heres' my unpopular opinion online outside of extreme normalfag circles, I'm tired of seeing people whine about "wah too many kids" and somehow get offended if people want a lot of kids, even if its a small number, no matter how economically well-off or socially well to-do they are. The fact so many people are pressed about it never sat right with me.

No. 325004

Finland shouldn't be the exception, no country should be. I don't care where the person's from, having that many kids is purely selfish. What's the problem with having up to four or five kids unless in rare occasions when there are sixlets and so on.

Also, this is the unpopular opinion thread if you haven't noticed, there are many people praising that woman in the comments anyway.

Also, they're all in white and have these weird names. Someone said they belong to a Quiverfull cult

No. 325008

Really? The fact so many people care about issues related to overpopulation such as global warming, environmental destruction, starvation/poverty, etc. doesn't "sit well" with you? I'm curious, can you elaborate?

imo it's similar to spitting in the face of humanity's future but whatever.

No. 325009

>purely selfish
How though lol

No. 325010

They’re probably the child free types who aren’t just child free, they resent the existence of all children and treat them as though parents had the kids just to make the childfree fanatic unhappy.

We’re talking about adults who call their friends children filthy crotch droppings to their friends faces. Of course they’re going to be insanely bitter about everyone else’s choices. They’re self centered and can’t understand people not obeying their whims.

I’ve been called a retard, a handmaiden, an animal, a degenerate, and a demented boomer because I plan on having a kid or two. They’re genuinely so offended that a stranger will have a baby they scream insults into the ether and accuse you of singlehandedly pushing the planet over the brink.

Just show them all the shit about aging populations and watch them lose their minds. No point taking a bunch of angry children seriously.

No. 325012


You are basically saying "fuck you" to everyone to come after you that's going to have to deal with the exponential growth of your progeny. Every human being takes up natural resources. You create more demand for limited resources - take take take - you are selfish.

No. 325013

Again, I never heard an argument against this that didn't sound like a faux-concern obsessive vegan-tier sperg faggot spieling this rhetoric.

There's many things arguably wrong for humanity and society as a whole that is perpetuated and doesn't have as much a vocal pushback in these circles but this is the one that does. Hm, really curious.

No. 325015

No one is mad at people having a couple of kids, we're talking about ten kids for fucks sake.
I really want to know where you live because I barely ever hear anyone belittling parents, in fact, it's always the other way around.

Overpopulation is the root of all problems you could name on Earth. Wtf are you talking about?

No. 325016

You sound mentally deranged but everyone who says this and goes on long rants about it sounds mentally ill. You existing is taking up resources, I take it you should just put that bullet in your brain?
>Overpopulation is the root of all problems you could name on Earth.
LMAO, explain how drug abuse, sex slavery, rape, murder, crime, government corruption, is related to "overpopulation". That shit was happening before overpopulation was a concern.

No. 325017

Yeah, but Finland has a rapidly ageing population and literally needs more children if the country is to survive. The contempt towards the mother in the video ITT is nasty.

No. 325018

It's funny how a function regulated to women is shamed like everything that is natural to us and no one makes a big deal about it and pretends that shit is normal. You never hear these waste of nuts whining about men becoming porn-sick and indulging in harmful images of sexuality and women with the frequency they whine about women having children.

No. 325020

It's a problem for Western Europe and most European countries in general, and Japan, but let the retards and brainlets tell it is a-OK to have your native population go down the drain and lose the potential of gaining the power of the country's economy.

No. 325021


sex slavery literally is so heavily tied to overpopulation it's not even funny. same with rape and all crimes, really. you're an idiot for being unable to see the connection tbh.

tbh having any children is insanely selfish. we're so beyond able to being able to salvage earth that any children born now are condemned to a near apocalyptic earth thanks to resource scarcity and the inability to control the knock on effect of climate change

that isn't true. you can easily complain about both, and i do. both are hugely problematic and society turns a blind eye to overpopulation and men's sociopathy

No. 325022

>sex slavery literally
Is that why it was a thing before overpopulation was a concern? Also you only addressed one point.
>you're an idiot for being unable to see the connection tbh.
You're a complete drooling retard for thinking it's extremely connected to overpopulation and having only slight balls to tackle one point I made.
>tbh having any children is insanely selfish.
Overpopulation is only an issue for countries you people call "shit-hole", it's the opposite for the "first-world" countries. You don't understand nuance and something is wrong with your brain.
>you can easily complain about both, and i do
You sound like you complain about anything and everything, one mentally ill person is not representative of everyone, though, hence the word "frequency".

No. 325024

Maybe all men should just have vasectomies at 13 and only be allowed to create a child with a partner through banked sperm and ivf. Fuck it. They're the ones cumming in everything they can get their hands on.

No. 325025

Imagine being so much of a dumb drooling brainlet that you barely establish a link to "overpopulation" to sex slavery like your brain is trying to make an argument between imbalanced gender ratios in certain countries but it can't click lmao

No. 325026

Nowhere irl, because people aren’t retarded. On lolcow, it’s been four seperate occasions. Imo cows are just bitter and want to hate women who do anything they disagree with. Literally called a handmaiden because of planning for three kids.
Yeah ten kids is excessive but farmers mostly don’t care about the planet, they just love any opportunity to call another woman a piece of shit.

No. 325028

Yeah cause forced sterilisations have worked out so well historically. Go back to your man hating containment thread.

No. 325029

> I take it you should just put that bullet in your brain?

nta but that's the most retarded thing people say regarding the overpopulation.

Besides, you can't discuss and sum all of the threats that overpopulation causes in one post, not that you would care.

> LMAO, explain how drug abuse, sex slavery, rape, murder, crime, government corruption, is related to "overpopulation". That shit was happening before overpopulation was a concern.

Overpopulation decreases the value of human life, lowers the living standards, affects the market negatively, makes irreversible damages to nature and so on.
Such circumstance do create an environment that is more prone to aggressive human behaviour. It's not like there weren't many experiments done on this subject.
And overpopulation does have ties with all the problems listed but it's not as if you're here for a debate.

I don't see the issue with someone having kids and paying additional taxes if they want to have muh genes propagated. This should apply worldwide, mind you, not just to Finland. We're not discussing Finland or Europe. In an ideal world, we would have been able to control population growth. Alas, you're just one of the many that don't give a shit and only care about themselves.

Go on, knock yourself up and have lots of kids. They'll all die within decades as things are going.

tbh I pity the nature and the flora and fauna that will suffer because of selfish pricks like you.


> people in the first world use way more resources than those in shithole countries

This too. It's not about the area like I mentioned previously (the texas comparison is used often) but about the resources.

fuck off

No. 325030

>Overpopulation is only an issue for countries you people call "shit-hole", it's the opposite for the "first-world" countries. You don't understand nuance and something is wrong with your brain.
what are you even talking about? you do understand that overpopulation is more than just about "WE HAVE ENOUGH AREA TO ACCOMMODATE LIVING SPACES!!", right? people in the first world use way more resources than those in shithole countries and there's no fucking way the USA is getting their shit together enough to start consuming the resources of an african family. people in the first world don't want to downgrade their lifestyles and have a direct effect on the rest of the world. unless you insist on dedicating your entire life to sustainable living and expect everyone else in the world to as well, YES, assholes having kids in the first world is still a facet of overpopulation. it isn't about area – it's about resource scarcity, and people in third world nations shouldn't be condemned to a shit lifestyle and be unable to improve theirs because you want kids to suck up 1000000x the resources than they do.

>Is that why it was a thing before overpopulation was a concern? Also you only addressed one point.

do you think disease isn't worsened by increasing populations? does that mean disease doesn't exist when populations are low? women are trafficked to accommodate more and more men. women are trafficked because men can't be controlled when there are billions of fucktarded men seeking to abuse women.

No. 325031

File: 1542238243866.gif (1.06 MB, 400x305, 1443759569534.gif)

>you do understand that overpopulation is more than just about "WE HAVE ENOUGH AREA TO ACCOMMODATE LIVING SPACES!!", right
It's almost like I brought different countries up for a reason, wow.

>there's no fucking way the USA is getting their shit together enough to start consuming the resources of an african family.

>african family


That's a whole continent, faggot. BRAINLET DETECTED. Jesus you people are SLOW AS FUCK.

No. 325032

I believe all these people defending someone having 10 kids are incels. They're the strongest proponents of a woman just popping out kids and being in the kitchen.

No. 325033

Everyone here has brain damage and serious BDD and we are all feeding into each others unhealthy world views. Take a break from this site and come back and you’ll see what I mean.

No. 325034

>That's a whole continent, faggot. BRAINLET DETECTED. Jesus you people are SLOW AS FUCK.
i was specifically talking about the third world and brought up africa, fucknuts.

No. 325035

Who is actually defending having ten kids though? Nice incel strawman but it doesn’t work.

No. 325037

I don't give a shit if you're not that anon.
> you can't discuss and sum all of the threats that overpopulation causes in one post, not that you would care.
Wow, it's almost like things regarding world issues and threats can't be discussed on an imageboard with low iq individuals.

> and people in third world nations shouldn't be condemned to a shit lifestyle and be unable to improve theirs because you want kids to suck up 1000000x the resources than they do.

Imagine thinking it works like this LMAO. There are more factors as to why a third world country is a third world country other than someone sucking up resources, dimwit.

>women are trafficked to accommodate more and more men. women are trafficked because men can't be controlled when there are billions of fucktarded men seeking to abuse women.

So you're saying more people = more abuse? Damn.

Muh inceeel argument!!
Totally showed me there! Got em XD

No. 325038

File: 1542238463385.jpg (23.82 KB, 480x412, 1533119988207.jpg)

But not all of Africa is a third world you fucking idiot. How are you gonna try to make an argument and you don't know what the fuck you're talking about?

No. 325039

File: 1542238491515.jpeg (33.46 KB, 300x250, 83A5D3C5-D9C5-4F81-AF0A-31BCAD…)

so when are you gonna start donating to charities for third world families, anon? since you care so much about them.

No. 325040

Go get your own uterus removed. Save the planet. Forcible sterilisation is the most retarded, incel option offered up here so far and you’re supposedly a woman.

No. 325041

Well they won't wear condoms and have apparently been raping women by taking the condom off secretly, but are the loudest assholes saying abortion is murder and birth control is immoral and brainwashing their wives into the same.

So idk, maybe it was an exaggeration and hyperbole a bit but it seems like men want it all ways, to ejaculate irresponsibly, to not have to be equally accountable for their offspring, but to also demand control of women's bodies such that it is difficult to obtain or use contraception.

Like what the fuck? I guess what I'm getting at is I'm more bitter about her jizz happy hubby than her…her i just more feel bad she has to cope and convince herself that's any way to live.

No. 325042

>defending women
yeah ok, brainlet

No. 325043

They won't because their dumbass grouped a whole continent as "third world" since they barely take the time to research besides rehashing arguments from other slow failing at life morons on imageboards.

No. 325044

You’re an idiot. Go back to your containment thread. Last thing this discussion needs is people reeeing that all men are rapists and addicted to cumming in everything.

No. 325045

And so what if it is? How can you or your children possibly be so well adjusted with such split attention and chaos? My mother had 4 kids and we had a lot more hardships than a family with just like, 2.

I guess where she lives there's a lot of social welfare and whatever so at least there's that but idk, what kind of fucking monster makes their wife put up with 10 children? Its absurd.

No. 325046

If it's projection you can't argue right since you assume everyone has the same life goals and thinking like you, you have no empathy and can only relate to people if you project your deranged mindset to them. Sad!

No. 325047

Birth rates are currently so low that we don’t have enough children to replace more than half the global population, which is going to start very rapidly decreasing once our grandparents all start dying off. There’s a reason immigration is currently pushed so heavily to increase national populations.

While I agree people shouldn’t be having an absurd amount of children, don’t shame the women having 1-4.

No. 325049

People stop responding to incels.
They clearly feel passionate about this subject. Funny thing is they'll never ever have kids because they're loser idiots lol

No. 325050

b-b-but muh overpopulation in china and india and pamphlets i learned from my hippie grandmother!!!!

No. 325051

>Imagine thinking it works like this LMAO. There are more factors as to why a third world country is a third world country other than someone sucking up resources, dimwit.
nowhere in that post did i say that's WHY their situations aren't improving. nowhere. but the fact is that since people in the first world are having so many kids and won't change their lifestyles drastically any time soon, on top of the fact that there are a fuckton of people in the third world, they couldn't even have better quality of life without consuming the resources of like, 10 earths. we're already consuming the resources of like 1.7 earths and most people alive aren't in the first world

shut up, you dumb faggot. you obv are an anatomically retarded incel. you don't need to have your uterus removed to go through sterilization. kindly kys.

No. 325052

You’re acting like she has no access to birth control or abortion like she’s living in some 1920’s catholic society. You really assume she has zero agency in having all those kids like she’s some dumb object?

No. 325053

earth will be largely uninhabitable in like, 60 years tho. that's what you people aren't getting. you're just condemning these future children to suffering.

No. 325054

bud light lime is DELICIOUS and refreshing. it's easy drinkin on a summer's day. people who act like it tastes terrible are playing it up to make it seem like they have a "refined palette"

like, bitch there's a reason it sells so well. it's tasty.

No. 325056

Uh…so thinking that its kind of seriously fucked up to put 10 children in a woman and then lock her in however she copes with it an objectively extremely difficult situation with lots of strain makes me deranged? I admit to kind of making a hyperbole scenario out of anger but like…lol. If that's deranged don't wanna be sane my dude.

No. 325057

File: 1542239103187.gif (7.13 MB, 356x200, flabbyfinished.gif)

>but the fact is that since people in the first world are having so many kids
That's statistically incorrect, faggot. People in first world countries are NOT having kids, especially middle class-upper class people.
>n-no incel
gr8 one anon
People with that kind of derangement tend to have contempt and hatred towards other people so yes, she is.
>earth will be largely uninhabitable in like, 60 years tho.
I wanna see a lot of sources for this. It was 200 years, why is it 60 now?

No. 325059

Lol who hurt you? Chill the fuck out eugenics-chan. Your idea was stupid no need to aggressively defend something worthless.
There’s a whole thread for artists to cry about how all the men are abusing and raping them by existing. Go post your nonsense there.

No. 325060

What do you suggest then, that the entire world suddenly stops listening to their biological drive to reproduce?

No. 325061

File: 1542239186523.jpg (80.49 KB, 488x410, 1526962016469.jpg)

No you just sound retarded and overly emotional. Something is wrong with you

No. 325063

Just say you hate women, especially ones who have kids and leave it at that. It’s already blatantly obvious you’re only mad about women choosing things you wouldn’t choose. Take the pill and cool your jets.

No. 325064

The only reason population growth is desire is to increase the number of wage slaves and to pay off pensions.

The only people winning here capitalists. So, the quality of life will diminish but we're going to deserve everything that's coming to us. Pity that the animals and plants and the whole ecosystem will have to suffer because of us.

population control would seem like a good compromise but with so many like you that are unable to control their primitive urges, it's not going to happen, cretin

No. 325065

>Just say you hate women, especially ones who have kids and leave it at that.

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 325066

What do you do all day, masturbate with a cucumber and fap to 2d boys? You sound like an autistic female equivalent of those incel boys.

No. 325067

Oh god now they’re claiming superiority because ‘above muh base instincts unlike you animalistic plebs’

Why not just admit this is about your ego and not some altruistic ideal for the planet? If you purchase from a supermarket or a clothing store you’re just as bad, so the holier than thou act is bullshit from the beginning. You gonna claim you’re a vegan who makes their own clothes, eats only the plants they grow organically at home, don’t use a car, don’t use plastic, etc etc etc?

No. 325068

As I said, this is coming from someone very lonely and likely doesnt have much friends and is deluding themselves about their character.

No. 325069

ding, ding, ding! you're so spot on, anon. i love how these uggos think they're such hot shit that they need to have kids and are panicked that women see having kids for the selfish racket it is

lel this is so obviously a white supremacist incel. just face it, no one wants to carry your ugly as fuck children. you and your trash seed are worthless, kek.

No. 325070

You know what mate, I’m not even going to try to argue that it’s not a primitive urge because it is, but I don’t see how that apparently makes all who reproduce selfish idiots. Population control is already happening from birth rates being so low and continuing to decrease.

But I guess what you really meant was the death of all humanity, hurr durr all people are ebil we deserve to die out!!!1!1!1

No. 325071

Women who have kids are bad
Women who have kids are bad and lack agency because they’re too dumb and hateful to use BC or have choices about procreation
Everyone who disagrees is an incel and a retard killing the planet.

You’re either a bloke or believe women are literally nothing but retarded baby factories if they aren’t childfree.

No. 325072

I'm allowed to think and feel that men who have an excessive number of kids and dump the care on their wives are shit and actually, I'm right! Good for you that you've never actually interacted enough with the quiverfulls or the kind of men who convince their wives excessive kids will be an awesome idea and totally not a fucked up shit show. If you had, you might understand why I'm fucked up and angry about it and "have something wrong" with you too.

No. 325074

Beer is disgusting and smells of dead sourdough starter. Wine snobs are worse though.

No. 325075

LMAO follow my posts I was arguing against those people not for them.
>. i love how these ugly spergs think they're such hot shit that they hate kids and are panicked that women see them hating kids for the deranged lunatics they are


>white supremacist incel.

buzzwords to make yourself feel better. im a black woman retarded fuck

No. 325076

>Why not just admit this is about your ego and not some altruistic ideal for the planet?
how is not having kids about your ego? having kids is all about the ego of the parent, especially now. if anyone is making ego-based choices, it's you. you'd rather have kids in an uncertain world than not secure your 'legacy' or have the perfect polaroid picture idea of your own family who have your eyes and your smile, etc

No. 325077

>I'm allowed to think and feel
And I'm allowed to think and feel you're an overly emotional sperg with no empathy for people and a massive projector

No. 325078

Your whole rhetoric and your attitude is about your ego, your argument "for da planet!" is full of shit and you know it. You're full of shit.

No. 325079

Love that you still choose to assume women are incapable of wanting or using their own agency and just get pumped full of babies the same way a horse producing Premarin is.

No. 325080

Because they secretly despise women or are projecting their own low intelligence / low empathy / high emotional combination personality on all women and hold contempt for them

No. 325081

There's nothing we can do. These idiots will multiply and multiply and until shit hits the fan (though we have been experiencing and seeing the consequences of aggressive industrialization for many decades now) they won't think about it. They don't care at all. They don't think. Any debate with them is pointless. They'll just throw ad hominems at you.

Even with knowledge and statistics and scientists warning us, they're still willingly ignorant. They are the majority of people on Earth who think exactly like that. Take, take, take.

No. 325082

It’s not about legacy you tard. It’s not wanting a little person who looks or acts like me, I hope they’re wildly different to myself.
Can you really not even imagine a reason for wanting a child beyond thinking kids are tiny little trophy toys you use to carry on your last name?
Was it injury or illness that made you brain damaged?

No. 325083

Love that religious or patriarchal pressure to have excessive children for the sake of a traditional husband's ego and "muh lineage" is apparently not a thing that has happened ever.

No. 325084

>muh statistics
statistics are saying the native people of first world countries and the "higher class" portion of n. america aren't reproducing. you're a delusional faggot.

No. 325085

no her but I do things for the planet, from my lifestyle, every day choices to volunteering. I know a small people that do that too which gives me hope that all is not lost.

Stop lowering me on your filthy selfish level.

No. 325086

>muh raligon and da partiarchy
third wave feminist?

No. 325087

>They are the majority of people on Earth who think exactly like that
>Take, take, take
how pretentious and self important can you get

No. 325088

women aren't even informed about the nightmares of childbirth or parenthood because the capitalist system and wealth owners (men) need more workers and more women to exploit and abuse. women are told to idealize situations (marriage, parenthood) that contribute to landing them in abusive situations or poverty. women are deliberately kept in the dark about the reality of these situations.

until women and girls are fully informed of the negatives of relationships with men, marriage, and parenthood, i don't think it's truly agency. just like it isn't agency for naive girls to get into porn or prostitution

No. 325089

>but I do things for the planet, from my lifestyle, every day choices to volunteering
like picking up garbage and lecturing to 10 people who'll forget what you say? even by your text i can tell you're as low-energy and charismaless as you would be online.

>Stop lowering me on your filthy selfish level

ew imagine having someone "help" you who thinks this way, i'd be afraid you'd spike my drink in my sleep and kill me or something. you're are unhinged, though i could tell that in person probably.

No. 325090

literally incel rhetoric. leave.

No. 325092

*as you would be offline

*you are unhinged

do you think the whole world only revolves around america, actually this would make sense kek

No. 325093

you have yet to actually address my points, you suck.

No. 325096

It’s not secret that they hate women. They screech about it every opportunity they can whilst wearing their stupid ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ shirts made by a sweatshop that basically owns women.
None of them can defend their positions by claiming any sort of actual environmentalist activism, but plan on having a baby whilst being a goddamn self sustaining farmer and you’re a retarded cum dumpster with no morals according to these girls with their alleged environmental concerns.

In third world countries and probably America because you’re all too stupid to understand that healthcare isn’t a privilege.

What backwoods hick hut do you live in where women don’t know that pregnancy isn’t always perfect, or that raising kids is work?

No. 325097

More people should stop eating beef. Not all meats or animal products, but beef specifically. The beef industry rapes our planet and has been shown over and over again to have negative affects on our bodies. I also think that more people would be willing to give up a mainly meat diet than vegans like to believe if they didn’t push an all or nothing ideal.

No. 325098

I bet small town USA considering the obsession and fixation on puritans and capitalism, either that or a north europe feminist breed.

No. 325099

you are yet to counter any arguments that talk about the consequences of the climate change, how the Earth is running out of resources, and the increasing number of endangered species etc. These are the main issues around overpopulation and you can't dispute them, you stupid piece of shit

No. 325100

muh feminist boogeyman

go fuck yourself retard

No. 325101

Naw, just witnessed enough and did enough research on shit like the quiverfulls and Mormons and etc to figure out that its very unusual for a woman to naturally desire to live life like a brood mare, they get caught up in a bunch of bullshit about how it'll be perfect and "god's way," then of course because having a crap load of kids regardless of your material resources is a huge strain on your mental capacity its not. But they can't leave because how the fuck do you leave your shitty life with 5-10 kids in tow?

So yeah you know I'll admit, maybe I'm totally wrong and she was totally cool with it or it was her idea, maybe she copes pretty well considering its a socialized country with a lot of support for families with young children and there's no real excessive suffering.

But these situations rarely exist in a vacuum and i can't believe I'm getting a ton of shit about how i must be a sperg and psychopath for recognizing that.

No. 325102

NTA but a lot of risks involving pregnancy and labour aren’t disclosed to women publicly, I wish I was told about all of the lifelong changes I will now have from having a baby. Not even midwives will talk to you about all the issues you’ll face

No. 325104

Not into veganism but it’s 100% true. Beef is terrible for the planet. We started eating meat only two times a week and using meat from local pest animals that would be hunted as pest control anyway. (Mostly rabbits. They lead to thousands of native animal deaths a year)
Feels like a reasonable compromise.

No. 325105

Not researching and having a lazy obgyn is hardly the same thing as women being deliberately misled all around the world and convinced to have heaps of babies.

No. 325106

Because your arguments are as weak and ineffectual as that thing you call a brain. LMAO YOU MAD

No. 325108

Probably because you can’t come up with an argument that isn’t an ad hominem I’d expect from a 11 year old boy on the Xbox.

No. 325109

>Naw, just witnessed enough and did enough research on shit
Oh so nothing different from what I did then, except you went on the hay-wire approach like 90% of people who look at information on their own because their brains are too small to come to sane and rational conclusions.

No. 325113

same. i'm vegan and a lot of vegans push the all or nothing shit, shit on vegetarianism like mad when people are just getting into it, etc. it's really annoying and makes people feel like giving up/like they're being judged. i hate it. even encouraging just cutting down would be massively helpful.

>What backwoods hick hut do you live in where women don’t know that pregnancy isn’t always perfect, or that raising kids is work?
women are literally cut from vagina to asshole when they don't need to be and develop lifelong conditions and don't consent to this procedure. you should read the harrowing stories of doctors sewing women up super tight "so their husbands would be happy", etc, to the detriment of the mother. other than that, pregnancy is still dangerous for women without the negligence/harm of doctors. that's why it's still a million times more safe to have an abortion than carry a child to term and go through childbirth.


"not researching", wow, you piece of shit. girls and women are encouraged from day 1 to have children and told it's a special experience they should want to have and information is deliberately kept from them by medical professionals/risks are severely downplayed. even online, they're barraged by countless pro-mommy/pro-parent sites that idealize and glorify pregnancy despite it being dangerous.

No. 325115

>women are encouraged from day 1 to have children a
yeah in hick towns

>im vegan


No. 325116

Jesus where are the mods this thread went post apocalyptic.

No. 325117

Episiotomy is falling out of favour and has been for ages, the husband stitch has not been proved to exist in years in any hospital in my state.
Post some studies on these secret life long injuries that are deliberately hidden away from researching potential mothers.

Over the last few decades women are
alsonencouraged to be and do literally anything else. Sorry your stuck in the forties and all women are allowed to do according to you is take cum, make babies, and be dumbly led around with no mind of her own. Some of us paid attention to the suffragettes.

No. 325118

Women are allowed to make stupid choices. They're still stupid and bad for them, though, and other women are allowed to say how dumb those decisions are, since they're literal physiological and financial risks that endanger the health of the mother while men contribute zilch, and men often walk away and fight to not support their children.

No. 325142

I think there should be a massive tax benefit if you don't spawn until you have at least 75k USD a year in household income. Poor people having children enrages me. I grew up in a poor area and anyone who tries to say it's NBD is either not as poor as they think or has whatever the monetary version of Stockholm is.

No. 325144

>they're still stupid and bad for them
according to all to me of course xD

No. 325154

So right back to ‘I hate other women here’s my weak justification’
Why the whole schtick about concern for women’s health?

No. 325157

Jesus fucking christ, can we all agree having 10 children is a little fucking absurd simply because of the demands it requires to raiser them all, regardless of your opinions and shit and that's why it was brought up and collectively move the fuck on?

This thread is like a nuclear bomb of autism right now.

No. 325158

File: 1542248544737.jpg (21.06 KB, 640x604, 18034718_15103523756.jpg)

Dr.Pepper tastes like shit

No. 325160

I think pepsi is too sweet.

No. 325161

fuck u

No. 325162

Soda is gross in general.
Portello is tolerable tho.

No. 325163

Shit tastes like medicine
Root beer is nasty too

No. 325166

>soda is gross in general

Yeah, I agree with that
It’s poison, sweet tasty poison
Water is the fucking best tho

No. 325168

Water, coffee (however the hell you like it no coffee snobs pls) and herbal teas are the best.
Sofa just feels gross in my mouth. Plus sugar is basically garbage.

No. 325198

I really hate those specialty starbucks drinks. They're just sugar and cream and dyes. I don't know why people get so wild over em.

No. 325228

I wish anons had post history because I swear I see the exact same people fighting in some threads.

No. 325233


No. 325237

I've only tried the recent Witch's Brew (sucker for purple) and had the most repulsive reaction when I took a sip and realized it was orange cream.

No. 325240

I hope this isn't too personal, but what lifelong changes do happen from having a child? i've heard about your body changes and sometimes getting diabetes during pregnancy, but that's it.

No. 325243

i had a baby and that anon sounds crazy so…

how does she know about them if they're some well kept secret.

No. 325249

ewww wtf how

It took awhile to recover from the pelvic microfractures, i was in a lot of dulled pain for about a month or two after in that general area. Sitting for long periods during breastfeeding was hurting so much I had to get a special pillow.

c section recovery is rough as fuck and i was extremely lucky, still had a lot of pain, trouble moving, itchiness from hell…

hemorrhoids. hemorrhoids literally out the ass. Taking a shit became a chore for awhile until everything calmed down and now I only thankfully get them very occasionally.

acne like you wouldn't believe

I'm still sometimes slightly incontinent, if I laugh really really hard or cough really hard I sometimes pee myself a little. This never happened before pregnancy. I've heard this is not uncommon and often stays for life.

body odor was really especially foul to the point I couldn't stand myself if I got a little stanky, which you do when you have a newborn.

uhhh probably more but thats off the top of my head tbh.

No. 325254

No, no, there’s definitely a secret cabal hiding the effects of pregnancy and birth from all women. Episiotomy is just doctors having fun and they totally stitch your vagina up tighter for your husband afterwards. The few million women providing healcsrw and midwifery are all in on it and Margaret Atwood predicted the future. No information whatsoever is a ten second google search away and women who believe they had a choice are just handmaiden broodmares shilling for the birth Illuminati.

No. 325255

What kind of ignoramus can’t find out this is possible before getting pregnant? None of this is secret.

No. 325263

>I don't know why people get so wild over em

Because they are so ~instagram worthy~. People love food that looks cute/cool for photos. Thats literally it

I like starbucks but never tried one myself. They always sounded disgusting from what I heard about them

No. 325264

the actual pregnancy wasn't that bad for me tbh. I probably didn't really go looking because I felt over the moon and had one of those glowy IM SOOOO HAPPY pregnancies that went pretty well. And maybe its not a conspiracy, maybe doctors just don't really wanna ruin your excitement with the details. I just was informing anon since they asked.

so idk. I do think people like to not talk about it but yeah you can always look it up.

No. 325266

File: 1542256818350.jpg (31.22 KB, 640x634, 14691048_1419339584747708_1612…)

I agree with this tbh. I dont even watch what I eat, I should be eating a lot better. But I've always hated sodas. If Im thirsty I want something that quenches my thirst… and carbonated drinks just dont.

I cant even imagine how much fatter I'd be if I drank pop every day. I mostly drink water and 1-2 plain coffees a day. On the rare occasion I'll have a juice or something, but I dont pretend that its any healthier than pop

No. 325269

Choosing to not learn about pregnancy before getting pregnant is retarded. Doctors shouldn’t be obliged to warn every patient about morning sickness or gestational diabetes being a possibility when it’s common knowledge and reasonable people make an iota of effort to learn about their conditions independently rather than expecting doctors to spoonfeed them basic shit like ‘preeclampsia exists’

People choosing to be ignorant about pregnancy is their own fault. The anon who says doctors hide information is crazy paranoid.

No. 325271

There’s diabetes in my family so I try to be careful. The amount of sugar people eat is disgusting. A soda has enough for days but people will chug multiple down.
You can’t even buy cereal at the supermarket that’s not loaded with it. I don’t want a dessert for breakfast!
Also giving kids junk food more than once a week is gross and lazy parenting. Fuck those people.

No. 325272

I think what they are saying is everyone reasonably knows about those, and I don't appreciate your attack on me tbh, because yes I did know about those, I wasn't especially ignorant and even if I was they did tell me about diabetes, preeclampsia, etc.

What they are probably trying to say is a lot of the after effects that are kind of embarrassing or rough are often not really talked about or perceived much beforehand, due to cultural expectations and whatever.

I don't really think it was some conspiracy that they didn't tell much about the weird often subtle things that happened after, so please stop going on the offense about it.

No. 325275

It’s not an attack on you if you weren’t a dumbass who didn’t bother to learn about pregnancy…

No. 325278

All right. All I'm trying to say in defense of anon is while they are definitely in hyperbole land it is true we don't really talk about these things or like to really think about them. I sure didn't lol.

Probably would benefit from teaching teenagers about the physical, mental, and emotional hardships of child rearing in a more direct way. But I mean its no secret sex ed sucks lol. At least we have google I suppose…

No. 325280

Women not bringing up their haemorrhoids and bo at the dinner table is not even slightly similar to anon imagining doctors withold information.
Ive been around babies for thirteen years now and not one woman wasn’t informed about basically the entire pregnancy and birth process from every woman they knew.

Maybe you only know a bunch of puritanical prudes but most women speak to other women about the experience.
Anyone would have to be incredibly sheltered and uneducated to not know about most of the things mentioned in >>325249

No. 325284

it just sounds like some insane conspiracy shit. anon doesn't even sounds like she knows shit about pregnancy to begin with, she just keeps going on about ~body chances~ but hasn't mentioned shit other than that.

No. 325285

They were entirely ignorant and super defensive about it. Imagine being surprised about hormonal acne during fucking pregnancy?!
I’m amazed she didn’t include ‘missed my period for nine whole months and doctors NEVER warned me about that’

No. 325288

in my experience women didn't really want to talk about it in person and it had nothing to do with puritanical stuff, its just a similar thing to that "doctor not wanting to ruin your excitement with the bad news" deal.

So yeah I agree its not really as nefarious as they make it sound but I'd say its still a bit of an issue. That being said, the truly curious wanting to know what to expect can do what that one anon did and ask and be told so yeah, if you're a regular internet user not a lot of excuses for the ignorance.

No. 325289

So it's the responsibility of "people you know" who may not have experienced prolapse in pregnancy, to tell you about the negatives of pregnancy? The list is practically endless of potential problems and no, doctors don't inform you of all of them, and people don't hysterically Google everything irl. Is it better to Google? Yes, but people don't do that shit irl. And no one said doctors are out here "hiding" everything. They're just not relaying all of the negative information about pregnancy to women because there's cultural stigma in not having children and an obsession with pregnancy being a positive thing. That's why no one can, culturally, question people having kids. It's always automatically "congratulations" regardless of the situation.

No. 325293

>no one said doctors are out here "hiding" everything.
>proceeds to say doctors are purposely hiding things because of cultural stigma

okay retard.

No. 325295

If you think doctors hide potential risks from you to keep your mood up you clearly don’t know shit about the healthcare system.

No it’s up to the woman getting pregnant to learn about things like prolapses, tears, ectopics, cesareans, breech births, and everything else that might happen to them.

Just like any other adult choice. You think doctors have a few hours to sit down with every single pregnant woman and explain every possibility to her because she’s too stupid or lazy to do it for herself?

No. 325296

nta but i don't even understand what anon is trying to argue now. usually doctors will tell you during pregnancy if something is going wrong (obviously) and as far as episiotomy as real or not a fear it may be, if you're choosing to have a baby you probably would like your baby to live. wounds heal, dead babies? not so much.

it's like, anon is saying "we're alive, why aren't doctors telling us everything that could possibly go wrong? they're hiding the truth!"

No. 325297

The lengths they will go to to defend being being an ignorant hick are amazing.

~Hospitals are hiding information, well not hiding it just withholding it cause they don’t wanna harsh your happy vibe but also they don’t tell you enough and are bad because of that but killing your vibe would be worse so that’s why nobody alive has ever discussed pregnancy ever and I’m not totally stupid~

No. 325299

sue your parents for conceiving you.

No. 325304

Sorry you’re still upset that you’re dumb and shouldn’t have gotten knocked up. It never feels good to find out you’re the dumbass.

No. 325305

wat? i'm >>325296 and was responding to someone who sarcastically asked who to sue since their dr. didn't tell them about cancer…

No. 325306

you'd think women carrying an actual life inside them would actually, like, research pregnancy.

No. 325308

No, you clearly don't. Have you never had surgery or been to a doctor at all? You're rarely told the exact likelihood you'll experience such and such complication of certain procedures or medications, or told entirely about the subsequent effects of certain complications, unless you have an excellent doctor. I had orthopedic surgery very recently and was rushed through the process from start to finish, very little was explained to me, few risks outlined, etc.

No. 325309

Responsibility? Over their own choices?
Get outta here with that expectation that a parent will behave like an adult.

No. 325310

You can sit here all day long and pretend everyone irl is researching furiously because it's obviously the mature thing to do, especially before having a child, but people irl really don't, and genuinely need to have all of the risks and information spoonfed to them. Truly.

No. 325311

i think you're arguing with the wrong people.

we're not saying doctors tell everyone everything, we're saying that of course they don't but it's not because they're purposely hiding shit like anon kept squawking about.

most doctors don't outline every little thing because it's unnecessary stress on everyone.

No. 325312

Surgeons didn’t take hours to explain tiny potential outcomes before performing surgery I had already agreed to without demanding explanations of risks!
Clearly medical establishment is deliberately withholding information from people to trick them!
Personal responsibility is a myth! Google doesn’t work!

Yeah my fascmax surgeon didn’t sit me down for a few hours to discuss dry mouth and drainage tubes before emergency surgery either because the priority was surviving. What bastards.

You have zero idea how the system works at all and just invent paranoid fantasies to suit your hysterical ranting.

No. 325313

They are irresponsible and ignorant and that’s their fault. Defend stupidity all you like, it’s still stupid.

Why should the retarded lead the blind?

No. 325314

you should really get this chip off your shoulder. you're so fucking tilted about poor people having babies.

No. 325315

maybe anon doesn't realize she can just ask the fucking doctor herself.

No. 325317

Where does poor come into it?

No. 325319

That’s too close to looking information up, so clearly not an option.

No. 325321

yeah I'm >>325288 who >>325295 keeps taking a tone of patronizing with despite me just kinda sitting here talking about my experience and not trying to fight anyone. And that's all I was trying to say, that if you're an internet user and go on a chan and ask that's one thing, but most normal people that live IRL for the most part aren't…like that…

yea there isn't some weird intentional conspiracy to withhold medical information about pregnancy, but its a real issue that people aren't very informed and a lot of that probably has to do with the cultural expectation to breed, and thus many can't base their decisions very well because of that.

like most things in life I think the issue were talking about has a lot of nuance to be had in the middle and its not really black and white.

why is everyone so angry and snippy today over stuff that doesn't matter? I mean I get this place is like that in general but this has been more than usual.

im gonna have to take a break feel my blood pressure tickin up a bit lol.

No. 325322

>ITT: defending ignorance


No. 325324

‘It’s societys fault I chose not to learn about things stop blaming me for my choices reeee’

No. 325325

the anon you're talking to literally said it was a fucking conspiracy.

No. 325327

They said people are acting like there’s a conspiracy to hide facts about pregnancy. Learn to read.

No. 325328

anon keeps reeing about ignorant or uneducated people or how no one can question pregnancy regardless of the "situation", she's obviously whining about poor people.

No. 325329

Loads of rich people are ignorant and uneducated tho. College doesn’t mean a person is smart.
Choosing to learn isn’t about money it’s common sense.

No. 325331

File: 1542262434085.jpg (73.98 KB, 498x357, 1369245392097.jpg)

??? again, why are you people being so snippy and angry today? Assuming things that don't make any sense? Did we just get a fresh batch of really ridiculous trolls or what?

When did I ever say I personally was retarded enough to not know about preeclampsia or diabetes or shit? I just said I was so happy to be pregnant I kind of didn't think about or care to know or talk about a lot of the other shit, and that's probably a factor in real life interactions not being super informative on that point.

And then I went on to say "Well most people that are not immersed in internet culture probably don't have the same kind of look it up views we do so I can understand it being A Thing."

I'm just so….confused. Please chill the heck out.

No. 325333

you know that >>325310 is >>325102 right? she has been rambling the whole thread about how "not even midwives will tell you!"

No. 325334

Wow, those assumptions. No. Women that are in abusive situations having kids, women that are drug addicted having kids, teenagers, women with conditions that endanger their lives or are carriers of congenital disease, etc. Society doesn't really allow us to say "I don't know that this is a good idea".

No. 325335

don't get upset. these anons are just weirdly defensive.

No. 325336

you're extremely naive if you think people like her don't generally refer to poor people as "ignorant"

oh yes anon, i can recall all the heroine addicts who's baby shower's i've been to! well all shot up and they totally didn't give birth in a toilet!

you've never walked outside have you? stop getting your education from lifetime tv.

No. 325338

“I was so happy pregnant that I never talked about it to another woman or thought about potential complications. Stop calling me ignorant even though I’m making a point to say that women never discuss pregnancy and nobody has ever taken it upon themselves to research. Doctors should have told me just didn’t because it’s not fun’

You’re fuckin retarded and you got pregnant like a fool. Hopefully you’re not stupid enough to repeat it assuming there’s secrets about the process.

No. 325339

are you samefagging or something? the anon you're defending is acting like complications in childbirth are government secrets. she's even going on about how druggy pregnancies are applauded by society and everyone will hate you if you say anything.

No. 325340

not really upset just…as I said, very confused about how today has been. These anons need some chill pills, a bowl of weed, a sedative, or maybe just a decent hug…

No. 325341

go outside jesus christ fam.

No. 325342

or for you to hush and stop acting like you’re being criticised for nothing.

No. 325343

why don't you tell that to >>325334

the idea that people have to step on eggshells about drug addicts having kids is nonsense!

No. 325344

I'm literally being attacked and called retarded for being essentially a chill human being that is trying to come in and say "its not all black and white guys."

so yeah i don't understand it. at all. why are you all so ANGERY

No. 325345

Are you serious? There are plenty of women addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs, etc, that people know irl, not just the hardest street drug out there, you know.

No. 325347

right and i'm sure literally no one tells them not to have kids!

No. 325348

You’re being called a retard for saying that women don’t normally discuss pregnancy, for saying that doctors don’t warn you of risks because they dont want to ruin your mood.
Essentially, for saying retarded things.
Stop saying them and it will stop.

No. 325350

I never said "no one". I'm talking about friends and family feeling pressured to not be honest about it not being a great idea (especially when they're already pregnant). People are just encouraged to be really optimistic about pregnancy.

No. 325351

I never said women don't discuss pregnancy, I said they don't really often discuss all the embarrassing parts and what not in my experience and I don't agree with you that it was some backwoods puritanical thing.

And why would they want to ruin my mood? Stressing a pregnant lady out has no real benefit. Yeah I don't agree with the anon saying this is all a conspiracy, but after I experienced all the after birth stuff, I realized that would've really soured my mood.

I did the right thing and went to the doctor and got the education and prenatal care I needed. Stop acting like I literally endangered my baby or am some kind of monster just because I wasn't really all that aware at first that prolapse and etc is more common and didn't really ask my doctors because I was having a healthy, happy pregnancy and was not concerned.

No. 325352

this is honestly like my first time getting into a big fight here in mooonths.

No. 325354

Oh my god cry about it harder if you must but do it somewhere else.
You know jack shit and made bad arguments. Get over it already. Nobody’s gonna come hug you and apologise for your hurt fee-fees.

No. 325355

jesus you're unnecessarily rude

No. 325357

who hurt you, why are you just rotting on the inside and waiting for any opportunity to flip your shit on anyone you perceive as inferior? I never even actually disagreed with you and have been pretty civil.

please go watch some kitten videos or something to heal that festering wound in your soul and leave people who weren't trying to provoke you alone, perhaps.

No. 325358

>>325355 and you’re unnecessarily silly and insistent. Got anything else useless to add?

No. 325359

idk i hope you feel better jesus fucking christ i can't imagine being this butt blasted about something so insignificant.

No. 325361

Lmao okay projector chan.
Back to the woods with the rest of the puritanical ignorant.

No. 325363

File: 1542263999640.jpeg (43.36 KB, 537x399, 2E28D16E-3E27-464C-8831-A7FD7D…)

Getting offended is a choice. Why are you so hurt that someone thinks you’re dumb? You’ll never meet them. You’ll never need to prove anything to them. Why act like you’re hurt that an anon said you didn’t know enough about your pregnancy?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 325367

Is it just me, or is the autism in this thread unbearable?

No. 325371

Ah good, we can get back to it. Thanks mods. Love ya.

Unpopular opinion among a lot of chicks i saw get wrapped up in the hype…bumble sucks. Was just tinder repackaged to me and i didn't have a single normal conversation on there that wasn't sexual harassment. But i got told sooooo much it was THE game changing dating app and that wouldn't happen.

I mean its definitely "better than tinder," i guess, but it wasn't really anything special i thought.

No. 325385

the unpopular opinion threads are always filled with vicious autism lmao. worst thing to happen to the site.

No. 325460

All the hate threads and femcels are killing this board. There were fights before but it was mostly comfy, this last couple of months has been really bad.

No. 325480

umm, is that really it because like five "reee femcels!!" anons just spent like 50 posts harassing a mother for saying her midwife and family didnt tell her certain things and that most people don't do research

No. 325485

I'm really glad i wasn't the only one that thought that was way over the top.

No. 325492

Feel like a dickhead by essentially having started that shitfest by stating that midwives don’t make you aware of many common issues that come with pregnancy and then that poor anon was ripped into.

And yes, you CAN google the issues that come with pregnancy, but you know what? Most things won’t be listed. Just the most commonly fatal ones or very mild issues. It’s not some huge conspiracy, it’s just a lack of information out there. For one, I’d have to do some pretty specific fucking googling to find out that the pressure of the pregnancy has caused my hip to chronically click now, 2 years later still going. And I’m sure I’m not the only one but this is information women don’t seem to share among themselves because we all feel that we have to uphold pregnancy to a golden standard, it’s also just embarrassing to admit that you still piss yourself when you sneeze.

But by all means nasty anons who had dragged that poor woman, demonise women who didn’t think to google every single possible shitty outcome during a time that’s supposed to be special.

No. 325518

nta but there are a ton of femcels on the site now, especially here.

and no, femcels aren't simply anons with certain opinions. they are those crazy paranoid over-reacting anons who take everything on the internet at face value and base their opinions around extreme examples of things.

some of these girls just need to go outside every once in a while and calm down.

No. 325533

that's not how femcel is used though, anon. maybe by you, but not by everyone else on here. they use it specifically to mean women who are suspicious of men. most of the time those "femcels REE" anons get way assblasted over women being suspicious of men's involvement in certain things or men's (even historically documented) influences on certain things. they spent ages harassing a woman for giving an absolutely lukewarm take of her personal experiences, and then cry in here and on meta about how awful "femcels" are

No. 325540

u should work harder on your baiting technique bc u aren't very funny

No. 325542

NTA but not really…

Femcels are just the girl version of incels who just hate men (and other women) in really extreme ways. I'd say most anons in the man-hate thread are femcels because sane people don't usually choose to circlejerk over that kind of shit.

Also, the people harassing anon ITT are femcels. Your definition of femcel just sounds like butthurt.

No. 325545

>Femcels are just the girl version of incels who just hate men (and other women) in really extreme ways. I'd say most anons in the man-hate thread are femcels because sane people don't usually choose to circlejerk over that kind of shit.
this directly contradicts this
>Also, the people harassing anon ITT are femcels. Your definition of femcel just sounds like butthurt.

the women harassing that anon were literally the ones who were complaining about femcels and calling them manhaters. they were attacking her because she was semi-agreeing with anons that they were calling manhaters

No. 325553

Are you high? There was little mention of men, and anons who were harassing her were basically accusing her of being a handmaiden and a child who lets men control her.

No. 325554

i kinda think you got confused anon. i remember a lot of the people calling anon stupid for not having her own autonomy.

No. 325563

no, i'm not confused. it stemmed from an argument where people saying the planet is overpopulated and women having children benefits men and men and society pressure women to have children or keep them underinformed about the ways it can hurt women was met with "manhater reeee", and when midwife anon chimed in to say that she wasn't informed by the healthcare community about the complications of pregnancy and childbirth and that it would've soured her on pregnancy if she had known all of the complications beforehand, so maybe that's why they don't get so in depth about it, they harassed her.

No. 325564


I'm pretty sure you're talking about a certain Finnish youtuber. Incredibly ironic that she's all uwu vegan organic environmentally friendly whatever when, you know, she has those 10 kids… one could eat meat all day and fly every month and drive a monster truck every distance longer than 500m and still be more environmentally friendly than her and her spawn.

And whoever is saying "but Finland is an exception they can breed their population is declining blah blah" can shut it, 1) this family doesn't even seem to consider themselves Finnish and are going to move to Australia soon so they won't even affect our birth rate in the long term, and 2) quality not quantity, we don't want any more weird culty Christians breeding anyway, we already have our own and they literally contribute to nothing but the birthrate in this society (look up Laestadians, I know this bc I'm ex-laestadian myself)

No. 325590

I KNEW this bullshit 10 kids thing had its root in one of those "quiverfull" type cults, i just knew it!

Thank you SlavAnon for pointing this out, i thought i was going nuts because there were people reeeeing at it being pointed out that's probably the context there.

Yeah things got a little femcel with whoever pointed this out but its pretty true those men are garbage. Reading accounts from people that escape before they get trapped with more than 5 which then makes it nearly impossible to leave…i shudder to think about it.

No. 325603

yeah and then it changed. that was like one post and it turned into a different argument. fucking stop reaching and go back to your containment thread.

No. 325605

midwife anon isn't even the anon that got harassed you retard. the person who mentioned midwives was arguing with her up until she explained herself.

No. 325643

Fuck I thought it was just me, I love his voice.

No. 325661

Jesus christ some of you girls on this website sound so fucking deranged and retarded.

No. 325664

I'd love to be financially supported by a man. I don't really care for the whole 50/50 thing, I think too many men take advantage of it. On too many occasions, it ends up with women supporting their freeloading boyfriends and husbands, or the man earning way more at work than the woman, but still demanding they split all costs 50/50. In the latter case, the guy is sitting on "fuck you" money from saving half his cash, while his SO saves nothing. The rules were never fair, I'm not interested in playing, I derive no personal fulfillment from a typical job, and frankly, I like living a relaxed, pampered lifestyle. I don't mind learning to cook to his tastes, keep things neat, look pretty and show that I love and care for him daily. Honestly, if he makes enough to hire house help or a cook, or even prefers cooking/cleaning on his own, I only have to look pretty and love him. It sounds like a nice deal. I'll just save money in secret and fuck off if/when things start getting sour. I don't even think I'd mind having a kid or two, if I meet the right guy.

It just irritates me that so many women who seem to agree with this also want to shit-talk feminism for "ruining things for us". Ruining what? Plenty of men hate feminists and go on about wanting "uwu trad wives", it's just a matter of finding one who is decent to you, not unbearable in personality or appearance, and will put his money where his mouth is (easier said than done, though). I'd rather be able to choose than just get sold by my parents and condemned to a life of butter-churning or yam-pounding for some ugly, fat abusive fuck I never wanted, thank you. It's feminist efforts that enable me to make a choice, become educated enough to even think these things through, and most importantly, have the option to leave and change the course of my life at will. Also, there's nothing wrong with a woman wanting to pursue a career and ignore men, not everyone needs to live the way I personally would like to live.

No. 325671

Anon i do understand, however i would like to caution you.

I used to think that way and got myself married to a man that insisted he was ok with that. It got abusive, resentful, and lifw ruining in a hurry. He had so much resentment he attempted to leave me homeless and i was severely financially abused.

Since then, i literally want a career because i never want to we risk going through that again.

I've talked to others and its not uncommon of a phenomenon.

All I'm saying is, from personal experience, be careful what you wish for and if you do really want to make sure you have a way to secure making or having your own income, should the worst case happen.

No. 325675

Thank you for saying this. It's the choice that matters.
It really makes one bitter when not only men but a lot of women seem to have a hard on just because you believe in equal rights.

Likewise, I don't think anyone should belittle women or men that would prefer to have the nurturing or a traditional role.

it's good to know however, if things do get bad that there's a safe network that you can turn to.

Feminism isn't about demanding more rights in the west and it's not useless. It's good to have a group that monitors decisions made by the government and speaks up if they perceive an injustice.

It's frustrating when you're stereotyped as an angry feminazi for looking after your rights.

Anyhow, good luck anon. I hope you get a comfy life you wish for.

No. 325680

I'm sorry you went through that, anon. It must've been horrible. I definitely won't put all my eggs in one basket, I've also heard many stories like yours about men turning out to be abusive once they have enough leverage.
I hope you're doing better now, and thanks for the concern. I'm glad that we're living in a world where escaping such situations is even possible, it definitely wasn't like that in the past.

No. 325682

Hard agree. I'll never understand how anyone who isn't up to no good themselves would be against a movement that's dedicated to protecting us and giving us options. The women who complain about feminism probably won't learn until they lose everything it's given them, as sad as it is.
>Anyhow, good luck anon. I hope you get a comfy life you wish for.
Thanks, anon

No. 325686

I'm doing better now, however i definitely would have been homeless if i didn't have family or if they would have been conservative and puritan enough to believe the lies he told them that i was a drug addicted prostitute to get them to kick me out of their home.

Fortunately, my parents actually love me and even if they had believed a word would have never kicked me out so.

Struggling to get on my feet but it could definitely much worse. Thank you for the sympathy.

No. 325951

sticky rice >>>>>>>> all other types of rice

No. 325952


I love the idea of not having to work and being financially supported by someone else, I think most people would love that.

The only thing is then I'm almost totally dependent on that person. What if they lose their job? What if they decide they don't want me anymore and dump me? Now I'm fucked, because I probably have a huge gap on my resume which means getting a job to support myself won't be easy.

I understand why someone would want it but I don't think I'd ever trust anyone, especially a man, with my life that way.

No. 325963

I'm with you, anon.

No. 325985

You tried to freeload off of someone as a parasite and you're upset that it didn't work out for you? lmao that's hilarious

No. 325986

I like wild rice a lot. Too bad it's expensive where I live.

No. 325988

Why do so many people claim to hate men here but insist on dating them? Sounds weird. Why not just stay away. It's a lot of effort to date too.

No. 325993


I only date women so I don't fully get it either. I guess if you're a straight woman men are your only option unless you want to be celibate forever. It's a bit like having a choice between eating someone's shit or starving.

No. 326011

Not speaking for all anons but you can hate men as a class but love the few decent ones in your life.
Not that hard concept to grasp.

No. 326020

Not speaking for all anons but you can hate white people as a class but love the few decent ones in your life.

No. 326022

Nice race-baiting, anon. Very original.

No. 326024

Pretty sure somebody is larping as a manhater and shitting up different threads to try to get the manhating thread nuked or autosaged again.

No. 326047

I'm suspicious too but we should just ignore it and not even acknowledge them. They'll get bored.

No. 326052


That's what it seems like. They're not very subtle. I just ignore them, if nobody reacts they'll give it up.

No. 326054

Apparently there was a troon in the kpop crit thread, but that could just be speculation.

No. 326056

that's not what race-baiting is you platinum retard.

No. 326057


There's someone who keeps saying "Terf!" like that's some kind of argument-winner here. It's either a troon or someone fresh off Tumblr but it's funny watching them crash and burn so whatever.

No. 326104

Why do you think it's larp.

No. 326108

yeah they are

No. 326113

I'm glad that more than one anon is agreeing with this.. the last time I brought up potential larping, replies said I was retarded to assume. You can definitely tell.

No. 326115

i like the standard american accent better than all other accents. english accents (all kinds) make me so uncomfortable. same goes for other accents that people often claim to love (australian, irish, etc).

fight me

No. 326116

Are you American, anon?

No. 326118

Aussie here. It's weird because I feel the same way about american accents in movies, but when I hear real life Yanks talk, it's jarring and annoying.
I can see why it's a comfortable accent though, it's very basic.

No. 326125

yes. it's like i have misophonia for like, all other english speaking accents or something. my partner happens to be english so it's kind of weird to see women fawn all over his. idk, english accents are not charming at all to me. like, i grew up in the south and in ny so it's not like it's not 'homey' for me to hear a southern accent or a ny accent, but they sound super wrong too. all that sounds comfortable and 'real' is the 'neutral' american accent to me. a lot of people really seem to dislike it though.

maybe it's because of the type of americans you're likely to encounter in australia, you know? i dunno, it just is, like you say, basic and reassuring to me or something idk. all other 'cute' accents (esp on guys) really grate on me.

No. 326127

I'm not even an English speaker and I absolutely despise the British accent and all variants of it. American accent is way easier to listen to and to understand.

No. 326136

I feel this way about Australian accents. I’m fine with all varianys of UK accents and North American English accents, but Aussie accents are just so unpleasant.

No. 326145


I'm Brazilian but for English speakers I like British accents best, followed by Irish accents. American accents are sometimes OK, but the New York accent makes me want to punch things.

No. 326202

People saying things you don't agree with is larp? lol

No. 326208

Nope, but strawmanning is definitely defensive. Did I hit a nerve? lol

No. 326323

Australian here, what is it that makes you uncomfortable? Not angry just curious. I kinda know what you mean with strong country aussie accents, some blokes voice's in particular sound almost angry or gruff, but urban aussies sound less offensive.

Also, curious, how do you feel about kiwi accents? I remember I saw a joke on Flight of the Concords that said Australian accents are basically kiwi accents but more evil and I kind of know what they mean haha

No. 326433

ugh. going to thailand as an anachan was the worst. i missed out on so much mango sticky rice.

No. 326955

Not sure if this is unpopular, but I don't understand why hating Nickelback is such a fucking meme, and it's honestly cringeworthy. I'm not even a fan, but some people act like they eat babies and make the worst music in the world when it's not that special.

They've also made some bops, ngl

No. 326966

Working in groups is overrated.

No. 326987

File: 1542576850798.jpg (58.91 KB, 500x464, c68053df-1693-488a-b8c6-a1969a…)

>They've also made some bops, ngl
Sorry to racebait, but white people who use the term "bops" wrong have no room to call anyone else cringeworthy ever. No, Nickelback has never made a bop. Kpop does not slap and lil peep's shit does not fucking hit.(racebait)

No. 326993

>gatekeeping of meme language that will go away in a year or so
Nah, I think you are the real cringe here.

No. 327002

I doubt it's a meme language to black people… I'm constantly noticing supposedly new 'cool' slang being used by black people in movies from like a decade or two ago.

No. 327006

Unless you're black you have no room to actually speak on the subject. Gatekeeping slang is lame as fuck, and no one actually cares. Love how you assumed anon was white from a harmless comment though

No. 327021

Calm down weirdo, my comment was innocuous as fuck. Be less offended someone thought you sounded lame for saying bops.

No. 327022

>t. bitch who unironically listens to and enjoys nickelback

No. 327023

I am not the Nickelback anon but please continue kek

No. 327027

I'm amazed that me casually using the word bop on an anonymous imageboard has somehow started an argument but I expect nothing less from this hellsite. Not white though.

No. 327194

Sorry if this doesn't belong in this thread but my unpopular opinion is: I've never understood the appeal of h3h3, even back in their prime. Hila is okay but I never liked Ethan, he seems like a snake and he is not funny or charming at all.

No. 327234

agree about h3h3. but while hila isn't as tryhard (she barely talks most times, especially early on) she seems a bit creepy. i clocked her as a tranny when i first saw them tbh.

No. 327268

…I hope you don't still think she's mtf. She's pregnant.

No. 327368

I really don't think feminine clothing or makeup suits men.Personally I think women can look good in men's clothing, but not the other way around. Ezra Miller looked weird as fuck in GQ. Unless a man has girly hips, it's just gonna look weird to me.

No. 327370

i don't lol, i just meant when i saw her the first time.

No. 327384

No. 327385

years ago he seem like a light hearted goof but turns out he is a snake so good instincts. I used to like him a lot sadly.

No. 327402

I agree. A woman in a man's suit can look cool and distinguished, but men in dresses just look weird. It just seems to exaggerate their most unattractive features. Even men with good bodies still just look ugly in clothing cut for women.

No. 327406

strong disagree on that one, I think it looks weird because it's not something you see generally, so it looks "wrong". I don't think yours in an unpopular opinion on this board though.

No. 327407

dunno if it looks bad on everyone but it sure as hell did on him imo. I don't why it turned me off so much, maybe it's the muscles? And I do think he's attractive normally.

No. 327422

File: 1542662660834.jpg (55.87 KB, 461x700, 8c5739fdda1a4aaa587898d3f1ebf3…)

i googled 'ezra miller gq' but couldn't find him in a dress? he's annoying though. like i can see why these sanctimonious retards are mocked by men on the right. they certainly don't do anything to legitimize their views with the way they act and dress. ezra seems like a huge piece of shit too.

i think men look retarded in dresses because first of all, women's fashion is functionally retarded and the only reason we dress the way we do is bc we've been forced to, basically, so automatically, any guy looking to make life more difficult for himself by dressing in female fashion looks dumb and trying too hard, basically. fashion that's unisex but slightly feminine doesn't look as dumb because it's not functionally retarded.

also, men who wear dresses and such always look like creepy fetishists and that's the problem. ezra looks like a creepy fetishist that's 2 seconds from mainlining premarin and become a 'camgirl'.

pic related only looks ok because he clearly doesn't give a shit and isn't trying. anything else is too try hard and calculated, so it looks especially dumb and fetishy

No. 327424

File: 1542663160868.jpg (29.17 KB, 400x500, tumblr_pif8m2xV971t2hynx_400.j…)

nta but it was playboy

No. 327428

File: 1542664703084.png (253.76 KB, 696x395, ezra-miller.png)

thanks hahahahah wow, this is even worse than i thought it'd be. again, more proof that these neoliberal men aren't examples of progressive genderbending. they're just obsessed with the idea of being objectified the way women are. what the fuck is this? this kid watches way too much porn.

i just read that he spoke about being polyamorous in that playboy article. he's the perfect example of an effeminate male manipulator.

No. 327432

Working is a scam and it’s a meme. Most people will spend the majority of their lives at work and only working to pay bills. No one questions how much of a scam it is to make a person work everyday for 8 hours until they’re elderly and we just accept it as normal.

No. 327438

Kinda blogpost; but this fucking dooode! I met him at a friends birthday party in ny about 13-15 years ago. My friend used to go to the same school as him. He definitely did not look like this, holy shit muh sides. Iirc he was a nerdy autistic hyper talkative theater kid and wore a fedora the whole time at the party and even verbally reminded people to check out his fedora. At least he’s got some good stems to work with now. F for fallen. Why playboy, why.

No. 327448


upopular opinion I think he looks kinda hot in it, I dont have a problem with men being objectified and I Like the fact playboy included this, it's super interesting

No. 327450

Agree, even if he is a ~homme fatal~ like other anon said.
idk much about him but that shit's pretty hot.

No. 327453

What ezra done btw? i dont know much about celebrity stuff but im curious, ive heard hes a good actor but thats about it.

Saged for ot

No. 327454

Amen sister.

No. 327459

File: 1542668877085.jpg (57.5 KB, 968x681, no one's buying it.jpg)

he's fully turned into Nico Tortorella, attention hunger and all

No. 327462

His break was as Kevin from We need to talk about Kevin, a very solid performance. He was also in The perks of being a wanderall, some indie stuff, a generic disney movie and the New Harry Potter crash grab thing playing a vulnerably hot but dark magic possessed guy.
I agree, I can't not see him as hot as fuck no mater what he wears.

No. 327463

File: 1542669282017.jpg (47.56 KB, 800x435, young-hot-zoolander.jpg)

Still hot in a weird and disturbing kind of way.

No. 327464


Lmao ty for the reccs but I meant drama wise, sorry! should have specified. But I do agree with you, he's a very attractive man regardless.

No. 327465

Capitalism is a scam

No. 327480

i dont see it at all. he's legit hideous to me. all i see is a self-obsessed narc. even without the dumb styling, he just looks too masc to me to be attractive. just looks like the quintessential art school abusive male and it's hideous.

the worst is when people think that working is so useful and a huge contribution and that life is empty without working for some asshole profiting off of you, kek. most people aren't holding super useful positions.

No. 327483

This, there’s something very wrong with the system.

No. 327491

That's the thing, there shouldn't be a system. Humans were put on this earth to be free in the wild and do whatever, wherever. Not stand on our feet all day on concrete floors doing hard labour or sitting for 10 hours in an office chair. As cliche as that sounds, it's just simply the truth when you look back on it.

No. 327493

What exactly do you think humans did before the 8 hour work day? Sit around all day having a laugh? They had to do serious labour just to eat, our lifestyles are as easy as it gets.

No. 327494

Why do men’s legs look so awful in heels, they also never look good in anything super short that isn’t undies

No. 327495

this. and most people had to have a skill of some kind or they wouldn't be able to trade for food and they'd die. either learn a skill or own a farm, many times both.

No. 327498

File: 1542678311713.jpg (14.02 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

To me the appeal comes from his masculinity being presented in more revealing, and feminine ways without it strictly conforming to it..
I don't really know much about the guy, but I feel you might be projecting onion onto this dude, kek

No. 327502

Nightmare fuel

No. 327504

anon, any theater/art guy that's 'queer' and into polyamory that isn't gay is a narcissistic abuser that preys on women. polyamory always, without exception, attracts 'alternative' abusers. i might not know him personally but everything he says reads as babby agp anyways.

exactly. imo mens legs look like a mistake and they shouldn't be highlighted. it's so weird when people say men have 'nice legs' too.

No. 327512

i know they're married but he acts so weird towards her. Like he talks about her body even though she's uncomfortable with it and stuff.

No. 327515

ew… he's so disrespectful of her. how old is he??? he truly looks and sounds like a guy that would be texting 15 year olds.

No. 327522

couldn't stomach watching the whole thing but hila does look better than she ever has.

No. 327531

people who complain about starbucks employees getting their name wrong are so shallow and stupid.

No. 327554

He's in his mid to late 30s. In my personal experience, guys never grow the fuck out. they need to be taught manners at a young age and honestly– Hila is too good for Ethan. People have said this before and i believe she settled for him and don't understand why. She must have incredibly low self esteem, which is sad.

No. 327555

Seriously. It's the most first world problem ever. Grab your overpriced coffee and move the fuck on.

No. 327556

Because men have awful legs half the time. Women usually have gorgeous, shapely legs and heels highlight that aspect.

No. 327563

Shut the fuck up Socialist.
This comment was made by the Centrist Gang. Support Bolsonaro in order to inflate the stock market bitches.

No. 327566

Supporting Bolsonaro isn't centrist at all…

No. 327569

Centrist in the streets, fascism is the streets is how the Centrist gang rolls. After all, I gotta rape the forest to get that cash money dolla dolla bills y'all.

No. 327591

I love male legs a lot, it is one of their best features imo. Burlesque/pinup outfits look retarded on both sexes.

No. 327600

I hope he stays just kind of David Bowie tier sexy genderqueer, but I know he's gonna take it too far and trans up

This. I feel like such a teenage hippy when I say it, but the system is a pyramid scheme meme and it's dumb that we have to live like drones just because of this lottery.
I do believe people need some kind of work to function, people on unemployment subsidies go down the drain fast, but there's no reason we should all be working three full time jobs just to live like rats. Where possible jobs should be shared between people so that everyone can have shorter hours, and those that can't work can find meaning in volunteering with the community. The economy is made up anyway, why is it made up so badly?

No. 327646


Exactly, I don't get people who think male legs look good. They're so bony and weird looking.

No. 327673

Men who have muscular quads and thicc calves are the best. Too bad many guys have ugly chicken legs from skipping leg day their entire lives.

No. 327674


What I don't like is when men have skinny legs. You can see all the bones around their knees and calves, particularly where their knee connects to the calf. It looks really weird and ugly. It's something you only see on women if they're anachan.

No. 327716

He seems just desperate for attention. I don't read love or affinity for women here.

No. 327718

He reminds me of one of those fake woke men who make a big deal about being feminist and then turn out to have been abusing women for years. I wasn't at all surprised when it turned out he's poly, that's typical of those types. I bet he also claims to be bisexual but mysteriously only actually dates or has sex with women.

No. 327790


his face reminds me of a demon. its like theres something sinister deep below.

No. 327911

I can't ever voice this in public but I still love Melanie Martinez's music and videos
Melanie's responses to the situation were undoubtedly shady, but as much as I believe there is no 'correct' way for a rape victim to act, Timothy just seems disingenuous. The way Melanie disappeared from public discussion freaked me out compared to the way that people drag on stuff about male celebrity rapists also.

No. 327926

I still sometimes watch her older videos from 2015 and 2016. It sucks about everything that happened, but i genuinely enjoyed her image and videos/music.

No. 327927

He looks like he just wants attention and it's annoying. Wasn't he flirting with that drag Queen Detox a few years ago at London fashion week or something?

No. 327938

I also enjoy her music and aesthetic, and still listen to her stuff. I don't really know what to think of the rape allegations, to be honest.

No. 327956

Who here thinks that men and women should act a certain way? I'm getting sick of even these "but crossdressers who know they aren't trannies are cool". Yeah they aren't. Those men are still stealing from women's fashion and it's making me fucking angry as fuck that there are women out there who would defend those fucking losers. Dress like a man, get ripped and shut the fuck up about your feelings for once you damn sissy ass millenial/gen z femmen.

No. 327969

Nah. Be a weirdo if you want. I'm cool with people acting and looking however they choose….the issue is when they claim they're actually true and honest women. Go ahead and be a man with long hair and makeup. Break the norms. Just don't deny biology

No. 327976

I always think it's funny when people who are most likely millennials themselves shit on other millennials.

No. 327982

File: 1542782942207.jpg (52.06 KB, 700x960, 1537113548939.jpg)

Eh disagree. This one sums it all up pretty well imo.

As long as they aren't hurting anyone, or demanding access to women's spaces, I seriously couldn't give one single fuck.

No. 327988

>Who here thinks that men and women should act a certain way?
The fuck are you doing on an imageboard, go back to the kitchen and pop out 5 kids if you are so fond of gender roles.

No. 327989

It's not about breaking the norms, it's about how these men break into what is supposed to be OUR thing and make it all about themselves. Even though some of those men can pull it off, I simply believe that men should be masculine and manly out of the need to uphold social order and to stop the pussification of the American male.
Yeah I'm a millennial. That doesn't mean I'm not embarrassed about this generation.
I'm a libertarian, I stand for the liberation of men and women to be who they truly are. Men and women.

No. 327990

What the fuck do you mean by 'be men and woman'? You are one or the other just by being born. You sound like a tradthot tier sperg.

No. 327998

>Those men are still stealing from women's fashion
Women's clothing is tailored to flatter our body type, but there isn't a biological basis for wearing a dress or "girly" clothes. Clothing is cultural, dumbfuck. Women don't have a copyright on wearing loose outergarments. Do you froth at the mouth every time you see a Scotsman wearing a kilt? What about a guy wearing a floral printed Hawaiian shirt? Kek.

No. 327999

The problem with the American male is that they are raised to not be pussies and are punished and mocked from birth for showing weakness or femininity. The solution is to stop letting aggressively judgemental assholes in power push bullshit ideologies like "pussified males" so that men as a whole can calm the fuck down and act like actual humans.

No. 328002

>"It's not about breaking the norms"
>"Who here thinks that men and women should act a certain way"
>gets mad about men wearing feminine clothes
Anyway, men say the same shit about women "invading" male spaces (see: the so-oppressed gamers). Also, dandies have been a thing for a very long time and have codified now-feminine things as masculine before we even saw them as feminine. It's a pretty common exchange.

My issue is when women becoming associated with said-masculine thing "devalues" it, like women dominating biological sciences so now STEM-lords call it a "soft" science compared to majority male fields like CS or engineering.

No. 328003

I could buy it if your point was that men have enforced femininity on women and it makes a mockery of our oppression when they demand freedom to be feminine… but you sound just like every MRA alt right scrot who thinks feminism turns women into men.

No. 328008

I mean that aesthetically men should dress in the way that man is meant to, such as wearing suits, jersies or whatever nerd shit that they are into. While women should dress in skirts, sometimes pants and try to be as pretty as possible. Women should be involved in politics, but let's not pretend that people are unique and stop shoving weird shit like men crossdressing like it's normal lol. There is only really one way to live, and that is according to nature, as the stoics say.
Just because it's cultural doesn't mean that it's not true to nature. Beavers build dams and certain acts are more appealing in the respective sexes than others. The simple fact of the matter is that women who dress up like men and wear short hair are freaks and so are men with long hair that dress up like girls. Who gives a fuck about the Scottish anyways? Their culture is irrelevant and inferior to that of Britain and America.
No, men should embrace stoic virtues and accept things as things as they are. To not expect anything, to hold no attachments and to make rational decisions. Women should be held to the same standards. The free market is the embodiment of that standard, but the state has corrupted it with gender confusion in attempt to teach men sensitivity instead of calm.
Have you ever seen men enter into the MLP fandom? That is a reason why the crossing of the sex boundaries should be limited. That isn't to say that men can't like some things about femininity such as child-wearing (to a degree) but gender confusion should be kept to a minimum.
That's your issue that I don't buy into the "male and female brains are the same!" argument.

No. 328028

>anon turns on the television
>flips to the history channel in a desperate haze
>just in time for a documentary on Ancient Rome
>breathes sigh of relief
>”oh, great! A time when men were MEN and women were WOMEN.”
>admires the lovely, masculine armor of Roman soldiers
>eyes trail down the length of their stocky, muscular figures
>spots the knee-length tunic worn by men as customary for that time period
>”w-wait! What is this?!”
>eyes widen in shock and disbelief
>sweats profusely
>nose wrinkles in disgust

No. 328040

I get why it's banned, but I like reading blogposts in pt/snow when it's relevant to the topic. It's only annoying when anons use it as an excuse to humblebrag.

No. 328041

File: 1542795128686.jpg (27.48 KB, 300x300, 1489675819410.jpg)

Definitely an unpopular opinion here and I've seen multiple anons voicing this but the shitflinging by the femcels is getting unbearable.
For a group that hates men you lot sure love talking about them every chance you get, now I wouldn't mind it if it weren't for the fact you have your own dedicated thread for this yet you still choose to shit up other threads with your autistic sperging and it's honestly starting to get annoying as it doesn't allow room for actual discussion in these threads.
I just wish the mods would do something about this

No. 328044

Mods have banned a few femcels in various threads for derailing with mansperging but then they just accuse farmhands or being men lol. The man hate thread was a mistake, it's literally the same exact culture of places like r/incels where they get sucked in until it's all they think and talk about.

No. 328055

the above posts aren't even manhate posts. are you serious? it started from this >>327368 anon saying men don't look good in women's fashion. why can't conversations naturally evolve to you people? any 'manhate'-y posts responding to the unpopular opinion relate to what the original anon said, too.

No. 328068

At this point, I think those anons are literally retards if they equal any criticism of men as man-hate. It happened before in the bullshit that doesn't belong anywhere thread.

And my unpopular opinion is that anyone that uses word "femcel" should be banned as it's highly likely that the poster belongs to the shitboard that coined the term. For people complaining about incels they sure like using their vocab.

No. 328069

Wait, anons think the Ezra miller fashion posts where man-hating?
I'm one of the anons that find his shenanigans hot af but I think it's very legitimate that other anons feel uncomfortable or that he's mocking femininity in some ways. Just different views, and I mean, the whole lefty fake woke pan guy predator is a real thing.

Unpopular opinion for some but man are not fragile beings that need other woman to protect them from evil man haters, most just have big egos and that's all.
Just like it's justified that black people that grew up with racism feel uncomfortable or are overcritical of white people, it's to be expected that women exposed to a lot of misogyny, abuse and harassment to be weary and critical of men. Yet I'm pretty sure that most of the anons that post on the man hating thread live normal lives and interact in respectful ways with the men they know, family, coworkers, etc; unlike incels, from what I hear about them at least.

No. 328088

That post had nothing to do with the above posts, what are you smoking? It didn't quotw or mention them at all.

No. 328099

thanks for proving my point

No. 328102


Their victim mentality is so bad they create imaginary problems now.

No. 328106

most of the time people make those "i cant stand ____" complaints specifically about the posts that precede it, that's why that's being figured.

No. 328107

I think anons in this thread have a point, that men wearing womens clothes look really ugly in them. modern dresses, skirts, and all those things werent designed for male body types. stuff like kilts/roman tunics/etc dont look bad because they were designed for men so it flatters their bodies more. clothes designed for women are obviously going to look like shit on the male frame.

i think it is a mockery of femininity tbh, because men wearing these clothes never go for the alternative designed for them that would actually look ok, they always go for the version designed for women and then act as if looking like some creepy autogynophile is breaking gender barriers or some dumb shit like that.

No. 328112

I completely fucking agree anon. They have ruined lc lol it's not even fun being here anymore.

No. 328113

Where are the Romans now? They weren't manly enough to stop the barbarians at the gate.

No. 328116

Based and redpilled

No. 328130

The story of Harry Potter is a rip-off of the movie Elvira Mistress of the Dark.

No. 328138

… How?

No. 328139

Agreed. I just think that the female body looks by default much more attractive than the male body.

No. 328146

Oooh, now this is an interesting topic. I've always been thinking like this. World economy is shittier and shittier and in order to just survive you have to put yourself in debt to work your ass off in college (while also working your ass off as waitress and such, unless your parents are wealthy) and get as many qualifications and unpaid work/internships just to be remotely considered when you send your resume, just so that you can work your ass off for most of your day for most of your days until you're too old to function. Like, I get that working is productive and has always been a thing and I'm not saying that you shouldn't be working at all, just… less? So that you could enjoy your one and only life a bit more?
That's why I've always envied photographers and such, at least they get to travel and their jobs seem more fun.

No. 328178

If you've watched Elvira you'd know. Both orphans, both deal with magic, she has to fight at the end her evil uncle who is like Voldemort. When I watched it I was surprised by the similarities

No. 328195

The story of Harry Potter uses a lot of cliches and rips off several earlier stories. Harry's relationship with Voldemort, including the forehead scar and telepathic connection, is suspiciously similar to the relationship between Mina Harker and Count Dracula. Guess which one was written first.

No. 328198

honestly, the only somewhat unique aspect of harry potter was the fact that it presented witchcraft in a more positive light. if you look at media about witchcraft pre harry potter they were bad 90% of the time.

No. 328231

JK is an extremely uncreative writer and it boggles my mind that she made so much damn money off what is basically a copy pasta. Never thought about the Elvira movie in a while, so i need to rewatch it.

No. 328233

True, i'll give her that credit.

No. 328234

i know dakota was one of the original cows on here, and her original shopped appearances in japan were jarring, but she was extremely cute in the popteen era. those videos might have been slightly edited, but overall she looked really cute then. i also don't think shes much of a cow or even a snowflake anymore. now that she has lost weight her thread is just nonnies desperately scratching the bottom of the barrel to find things to be mad about

No. 328236

dude, i'm with you. I need to do something! Anything. even if i am sitting comfortably, i want to at least be where i'm happy. Every day that i'm at work, i'm miserable and i want to do something about it so badly. it's unfair. i don't want to be in my 50s or 60s to be happy.

No. 328238

People like to trash talk communism and socialism knowing only what they were told by wacky bloggers and fox news, whose ideas and agenda origin from the same kind of people who promote corrupt socialism(as a tool to control people), but with different goals. They believe memes about lack of food in soviet union as if it's a factual source, and yet barely know any of its history.

I was told only good from my parents and grandparents who lived in that time, who experienced it themselves.

No. 328240

Put down the weed you big fucking avocado, there are no similarities.

No. 328243

Kinda agree. I think her photoshop is ridiculous. But I skim the thread every now and then and her recent fashion shows looked fine. She’s not fat. She’s not hideously ugly and deformed like anons try to make her out to be. I personally don’t think she’s super cute. But I do think she looks decent. Sorta pretty with the right styling.

No. 328255

Not even that anon, but that was the cutest way to insult someone. You are adorable.

No. 328261

File: 1542845835204.jpg (40.99 KB, 700x525, worst-witch-flying-lesson-700x…)

You should take a look at the book/TV series The Worst Witch. Both came out before Harry Potter and have a lot of subtle similarities. I doubt a lot of Americans know about it because it was only aired on this side of the pond. It's my personal tinfoil that JK saw The Worst Witch and used a lot of it as inspiration for HP. Pic related looks so much like the flying lesson from HP.

I can't actually insult anyone, you're all too cute.

No. 328265

>the worst witch

Not that’s anon but WHOA I haven’t seen that show in a long time! I used to watch it when they would air it on HBO, didn’t realize it was a UK show. Thanks for the nostalgia anon!

No. 328331

I'm an Amerifat, but i def will check this out. I legit thought this was a screenshot from an HP movie. I have a huge feeling you're right, anon. JK probably took a lot of 'inspiration' from this.

No. 328509

People who do histrionic stuff like announcing pregnancies, engagements, etc. on a holiday are huge attention whores who want all eyes on them.
Funny how these things are less common to happen on the day before or after a holiday.

No. 328511

Not really sure how that’s histrionic? They have exciting news that they want to share with those they care about, people are busy just before a holiday and they’re tired after - also it makes sense to do while people are gathered? You seem to be taking a lot of offence over a non-issue

No. 328515

Inspired by farmers saying that trannies and gay men should not have children:

I'm so sick of lesbians thinking that both of you being women and therefore knowing how to raise children right somehow changes the fact that your kids would still get bullied to hell and back and suffer immensely from the social stigma that having same-sex parents brings.
Seriously, please don't put a child through that. Gay people, of both genders, should not have children.

No. 328517

Generally I agree. People are gathering to celebrate "event x" and it's annoying when one person shows up to turn it into "event y" and also force everyone to talk to & about them for the rest of event x. Plus everyone is put on the spot and has to pretend they care and are as excited for event y as the attention whore.

No. 328519

>people are busy just before a holiday and they’re tired after

Won't get as much attention and feedback with those conditions considered.

No. 328521

I remember a few years back reading recounts of children with gay parents and a lot of them were heartbreaking - they weren’t abused by any means but they felt ostracised from their peers, felt guilt if they were straight and all had a lack of a stable role model (gay male parents they lacked female role models, female gay parents they lacked male role models), many also admitted to feeling like they had to be perfect children otherwise it would reflect poorly on the lgb community.

While I feel that children should most definitely be adopted out to anyone who is appropriate and can provide safety, stability and opportunities to the child I do honestly have an issue with gay couple having children through ivf and/or surragocy, but I have that same issue with straight couples whom are infertile or single people.

No. 328522

Id like to think that if a loved one announced a life changing event going on for them most people close to them would genuinely be excited for them

No. 328525

File: 1542901584837.png (52.01 KB, 757x389, twomomsstudy.png)

Reality doesn't really agree with your opinion though.

No. 328536

i read somewhere that jk rowling was like 10 when the worst witch books came out, so i feel like she definitely read the books and got "inpired" by them.

No. 328538

>rated higher in social and academic competence
>rated lower in social problems, rule breaking, aggressive problems
You did not read my post carefully: I did say that lesbians can raise their children well - like your post shows: they're successful, they're less likely to be criminals and so on. BUT: that does not change the fact that they will get treated differenly (usually worse) by society. Even children who get bullied can still be "good" children, but that doesn't mean they don't secretely suffer on the inside. And don't forget; I'm 99% sure your receipt is from an american study, however, the rest of the world is by far not as liberal when it comes to homosexuality as the US. Children of lesbians will have to face a lot of shit, some might be able to handle it well, some might try to put up a facade, but they would have had a much easier life with a mother and a father. It's egoistical to put a child through that. Maybe all goes well and the kid gets accepting friends - or the opposite happens. You shouldn't risk anything.

No. 328539

>Not really sure how that’s histrionic?
>also it makes sense to do while people are gathered?

Here's my (maybe) unpopular opinion. I hate when people turn statements into questions like this. I read it like a feigned ignorance/innocence and it's so god damn annoying to me. I first noticed it when I saw shoe doing it "" but I didn't say that tho??? "" but see farmers doing it a lot lately.

It's nitpicky as hell but just needed to say it.

No. 328544

So instead of creating a more accepting world, you think lesbian women just shouldn’t have children? You know who also has a hard time raising children? Single mothers, yet you don’t mention or say anything about them. Are you going to make divorce illegal on your perfect society?

Kids get bullied, all the time for no reason. I had a hard time growing up for being a weirdo weeb. The world is cruel, but we handle it.

No. 328549

Sorry, I can see how it’s annoying, I typically phrase things as questions as questions are often more likely to get a response than statements

No. 328551

Creating a more accepting world takes time; but right now society as a whole is not ready yet. That's sad for you, but my point stands, no child should needlessly suffer.

>You know who also has a hard time raising children? Single mothers, yet you don’t mention or say anything about them. Are you going to make divorce illegal on your perfect society?

Yeah, what about the single mothers? And poor people? And criminals? And druggies? You could go on endlessly like that.

However, like I mentioned above, this post was inspired by the lesbians on lolcow being so vocal about how gay men should not be allowed to have children. And while I completely agree, it also angers me that you think that you're different. You might raise children better, but you can't change how society treats them. And I think it's unfair that you seem to choose to ignore that.

No. 328562

Someone who's close to me was raised by gay parents, and says he wasn't bullied or really given shit for it at all growing up. We were watching this one drama, and a scene came up where a girl told her parents how hard it was being bullied for having gay parents all her life, and he completely downplayed it. He was like "Not really lol". Not everywhere in the US stigmatizes it, anon.
Besides that, the only way to eradicate bullying like that is to outright normalize it.

No. 328578

I hate people who think that being geeky is a synonym for having a personality.

I also think video game whales who drop hundreds of dollars on mobile games are sad. They seriously insist that there aren't any other hobbies worth having. Maybe if you hate travel or being a shut in. Also worse are the SJWs who insist that everything about society is terrible, yet refuse to donate money to organizations that could change that and play trashy video games instead.

No. 328579

I hate people who think that being geeky is a synonym for having a personality.

I also think video game whales who drop hundreds of dollars on mobile games are sad. They seriously insist that there aren't any other hobbies worth having. Maybe if you hate travel or being a shut in. Also worse are the SJWs who insist that everything about society is terrible, yet refuse to donate money to organizations that could change that and play trashy video games instead.

No. 328584

Lesbians don't say gay men shouldn't have kids because there's a chance they'll get bullied though. They say it because men are statistically more likely to be child abusers and because gay men can't have kids without hiring a woman's womb. Neither of these things apply to lesbians so it seems like you're just grasping at straws.

No. 328588

>but right now society as a whole is not ready yet
"Society"? More like it depends on where you live. My neighbours are a lesbian couple with now teenager daughters and they have never been bullied for it. The whole country is very accepting of gay people, it seems like it's been like this for decades, too.

No. 328593

Any med fags here? I hate scrubs, really hate them

I spent 60k on med school just to go to work in my damn pajamas ?? They don't look professional at all especially with how many nurses wear retarded patterns on their scrubs, not to mention its easier to distinguish workers and it just adds more femininity to the uniform overall, I feel sloppy and gross wearing scrubs, the western medical profession lost all the pride they had

No. 328596

I'm getting tired of seeing people call themselves empaths. We get it, you have feelings, but so does everybody else.
You're actually just pretentious and want to be sooo special and unique and join the "cool kids club".
These are people who love attention on social media and are always whining about how everyone is so attached their phones. Complete hypocrites who update their social media more than twice a day and have to announce when they "need a break".

No. 328606

Flowerbomb smells nasty. don't know how it got so popular

No. 328608

I hate when empaths shit on people who "arent" empaths, saying that their creepy or weird. Thats pretty non empathetic and hypocritical of empaths to say shit like that.
Most people only care about those close to them, sorry not everyone pretends to be a special kumbayah hippie.

No. 328609

Most shelf perfumes smell like shit, its all some combination of alcohol and chemicals. Oils are much nicer.

No. 328616

If most of them smell like shit to you, there's something wrong with your nose

I feel the same about La Vie Est Belle. I have it in my already too large collection cause it was a gift so I need to find a way to make it work. It doesn't play well with my skin either. It's meh but it smells better on other people to me. I'll have to try lightly spraying on clothes to make it work somehow.

No. 328622

Agreed. I can rarely ever find a perfume that makes me want to buy it. Most of the stuff is just "good enough" to what I like. I love the smell of coconut and all the perfumes I've smelled have some other scent taking over, practically ruining the mix, alcohol was a big one.
I bought an alcohol free coconut fragrance off Etsy that used witch hazel instead of alcohol and it was perfect. It was extremely cheap compared to these perfumes I had lined up to sample too.

No. 328630

you should read a little bit instead of believing anecdotes

No. 328634

Do you even know what chemicals are?

No. 328650

No, they don't. Every time perfume comes up there's always some oil sperg that comes around shitting on commercial perfumes because they aren't ~natural~. Oils are great and there's a lot of scents that are fun and unique, but god they have an awful fanbase.

No. 328699

>there's something wrong with your nose
Nta but sorry some people have sensitive noses or gasp different tastes. You sound like a child. Not everyone's going to appreciate your basic, overpriced chanel perfume.

>perfume fanbase

No. 328705

perfumefags just like to brag to convince themselves spending $40 on a 1oz roll on was a good idea

No. 329471

people who get butthurt about seeing spoilers are retarded.

I've seen people's mood go an entire 180 because they stumbled upon some spoilers of a series they enjoy and project them being upset onto everybody else. honestly, who cares? especially for games, the little spoiler screenshot or sentence shouldn't ruin and entire 5+ hours of game play.

I remember I saw spoilers of Toy Story 3 a few days before I saw the movie. When the part that got "ruined" for me came up, I still cried, because all the events leading up to it made such an impact on me.

No. 329472

people who get riled up over someone else not wanting to date them beause the other person has preferences are fucking pathetic

No. 329480

why do anons take an argument from one thread and go whine about it in another

No. 329485

nta but it's on topic here

No. 329493

I’m okay with trans people, but I refuse to acknowledge “non-binary” shit. I actively avoid anyone who calls his or herself non-binary because they are always self-hating sexist snowflakes. Recently this got me in trouble with a friend of a friend who was upset I didn’t want to befriend her on social media due to the NB thing. I hate that this is becoming more popular.

No. 329495

anon, trans people are literally just as sexist. they're all chauvinist and cuckoo bananas attention whores. all of them. no exceptions.

No. 329499

No. 329502

you have to be hideously sexist to even become trans, anon. (save for children forced into it, and gays in iran, etc, but even the kids have already been molded into believing chauvinist crap by the point of transitioning)

No. 329504

This, they're all shit.

No. 329506

I agree with >>329493
trans people are okay. I've met a lot of them and most of them aren't sexist. I guess that's a very unpopular opinion on lolcow though

No. 329508

>not sexist
pick one. you cannot be both at once.

No. 329531

Non-binary people all have the same shitty personality and look, it's uncanny. They're always unfortunate and awkward looking with blue/green/purple hair full of split ends, wearing embarrassing Voltron/Steven Universe/anime t-shirts that aren't big enough to stretch over their rolls of chub. Every time.

No. 329546

seriously a bunch of enbiezzz are permateens

No. 329562

Lesbians on here are seriously using statistics to try and prove that they're somehow "better" than other women. Congrats, the sexual orientation that you were born with makes you feel "superior"…

My unpopular opinion is, that lesbians can be just as creepy as men. I'm sick of them painting themselves as poor little victims. You want men to stop bothering you? Then please respect straight womens wishes to be left alone by you as well.
They always complain that men think they can turn them straight, but your "sisters" also borderline harrass women by trying to convince them that being with a women is sooo much better than being with a men. And most get a pass for that behavior. Because afterall it's just an innocent harmless woman, no reason to be scared or disgusted…

No. 329570

>lesbians can be just as creepy as men

Agreed. They can be just as sexist too. At least from what I've seen here.

No. 329573

I'm really sorry if you had a negative experience with lesbians. Sexual harassment is vile regardless by whom. That being said, I really don't see lesbians being pushy in the public aside from gay bars.

And myself being one, I don't know where you meet or see these lesbians because there's really such a tiny percentage of us (or so it seems).

honestly, bisexuals saying it's sexist of lesbians to not wanting to date bisexuals sounds awfully like tranny rhetoric.

I don't hate bisexuals but I can see why there would be prejudice on the dating scene. It's just a preference I guess.

No. 329574


Sshh, they'll call you a dicksucker handmaiden now.

No. 329577

I think lesbians are usually chill. You get some lesbians online mouthing off about evil slutty bisexual women who deserve to get raped, but in real life the lesbians I've met are pretty laidback and sane. Plus if I judged bisexual women by the loudest ones online they wouldn't come out of it looking good either, thanks to exceptional cows like sh0e and lainey.

No. 329579

No one is trying to use statistics to show they're better than anyone else kek. Someone asked for a source to back up someone elses claim and they got it.

No. 329590

I definitely agree with you on that one. I use /a/ a lot and some animeonly flipped out because someone posted an image from the Index novels that spoiled something that will be coming up in the anime. Thing is, the series has been around for so long that the “spoiler” is over five years old. It’s nice if people use tags or whatever on other sites but people should know better than to complain.

Call me crazy but I swear the same person has been posting nonstop about lesbians for the past couple days. All these posts complaining about them on lolcow sound the same.

No. 329593

Someone got rejected lol

No. 329595

That makes sense.

No. 329596

The horny lesbians who harbor some extremely bitter, aggressive hate for bisexual girls are usually pretty young (18-22ish) and compensating for their insecurity. The most militant political lesbians always turn out to be straight themselves when they're nearing their 30's, the lesbians who are comfortable with their sexuality rarely have a problem with bisexuals. Source: Seen it a million times.

No. 329603

I bet that was embarrassing to witness.

I have some mutual friends who are freaking out and threatening to take a break from the internet and showing off their blocklists because Smash Bros is getting datamined and they're all getting scared of spoilers. Tbh, I don't care about Smash anymore, I didn't like Brawl but I'm interested in what these people can find. Even in a game series I like, I'm one of those people who will datamine shit to see what I can find. It's like finding treasure. I've been spoiled so many times doing this, but it doesn't make me want to call people who post new information nasty names and make call out posts about them.

No. 329604

Who the fuck was talking about dating? This is about the pissed off angry lesbians wanting bisexuals hanged for simply existing and claiming they're all poser heterosexual sluts out to rape and abuse them. Are you a robot larping as a lesbian or just underage?

No. 329606

I thought you were talking about that argument in the vent thread at first

No. 329609

Lmao, this fucking wacked-ass hyperbole and disregard for people's preferences bc everything haaaas to be about you. This is why people dislike bisexuals tbh.

No. 329610

Muslims get away with destroying European countries because they look closer to white and a lot of Arab men/women are conventionally handsome/pretty…meanwhile darker skin Indians get the blame for what Arabs do because they fit the “ugly and dark skin” image more. There are many times when there have been hate crimes against Indians because people assumed they were Arab/Muslim.

No. 329611

When I started working for waitr it annoyed the shit out of me how wasteful poor people are

I dont understand how someone can have little to no money but when you drive through a trailer park or ghetto all of them have mustangs, order 50 dollars worth of shit on waitr daily but also blow all their money on clothes and shit which they make a mess with

Obviously I'm not talking about all poor people but imo people should have spending limits depending on their income,no wonder Americans are ridden with dept

No. 329612

NTA but making self-obsession out to be a bisexual thing makes you look really dumb, anon.

No. 329616

I guess muh evil slutty bisexuals sperging makes a change from constant race sperging.

No. 329619

Nope. Playing victim and l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y claiming the situation is so bad that the big bad lesbians want bisexuals hanged all because lesbians just aren't into you and prefer lesbians is insane and is near tranny tier narcissism, sorry.

No. 329620

>One cringy bisexual spergs out
>"This is why all bisexuals are bad! They all act this way!"

It's dumb, anon.

No. 329623

at my old school there used to be some autistic lesbian girl who used to pull peoples underwear down and grope them in the changing room, or slap people on the ass. she did it to me a couple of times too. the school refused to do anything about it because it was in a very "liberal" area and they were afraid of being accused of being homophobic.

No. 329624

It's not just that anon, pls. Bis claiming they're so victimized by lesbians. Bisexuals are treated like shit by men. Lesbians aren't the enemy that they keep being made out to be by all sides, and -that's- what's dumb. Not to mention that this is already a thing plenty of us have already seen play out in lesbian-centric spaces. Bi girls legit sperg so much in lesbian-centric spaces because lesbians don't see them as lesbians and just are wary of them.

No. 329630

I think it's idiotic when other bisexuals sperg out about the evil lesbian conspiracy too, but lumping all bisexuals in together because one said some cringy shit is not going to win you any allies.

No. 329642

I never said all bisexuals do it tho?? Bisexuals have poor representation and they need to acknowledge that instead of being shocked and soooo insulted that people are cautious about them or mistrusting of them when they're often, honestly, repped by retards. It's like any community that's plagued with poor optics. Acknowledge it and dispel it, don't get belligerent and paint people who you don't feel 100% accepted by as evil sexist boolies or homicidal maniacs bc then they just honestly prove the point they're trying to argue against and claim is so insane and wrong

No. 329657

i always just assume the lesbians who hate bi girls are just salty that bi girls can have straight relationships. if i was bi it'd be a lot easier to just slot into what's expected by society.

No. 329670

I assume the same thing but rather than 'salty' they just don't have as much in common with those women as they do lesbians. I know if I was gay and had the choice to avoid men and people who like men I would do it.

No. 329674

Not that this makes the saltiness okay, but biphobia among gays is generally due to thinking their existence makes homosexuality look like a choice.

No. 329706

Anon you replied to.

You don't "become trans". I think you are confusing trans with troons. I have plenty of trans friends who do not support troonage or tumblr fakebois because… those people are not trans. True trans people have dysphoria, which is a mental imbalance and is real. "Non-binary" shit is just a snowflake label. It's for boring cishets who want to shove their way into queer spaces and pretend they're special or oppressed.

Yeah. This girl ticks those boxes… and she's over 30 which makes it even sadder. They're all either ugly/fat womenchildren who hates themselves or creepy men who want to get into female spaces easier.

No. 329722

>thinking trans is real

dysphoria isn't real, lmao. it's a psychological obsession that stems from other things, chiefly depression/anxiety and/or ocd. it's like dysmorphia but more retarded. any imbalances come from the issues that cause it, like depression or anxiety. it's an unhealthy fixation. for some women, they are traumatized into it, but most ftt and fakebois are just trendy shits. mtt are fetishists 95% of the time, with the other 5% being gays that want to attract straight men, or children misled by their idiot homophobic or just retarded parents.

tl; dr it's absolutely not something you're born with, lmao

No. 329728

Unpopular opinion: science disagrees with you. Dysphoria is a mental/medical condition and its treated by transitioning. And internet lolcow troons aren't a good way to judge trannies.

No. 329730

>And internet lolcow troons aren't a good way to judge trannies
That's not an unpopular opinion, that's a shit opinion

Internet lolcow troons are the loudest group, of course people will judge trannies based on them. If trannies don't wanna be lumped together with them maybe they should do something about it and face lolcow troons? Rather than enabling them

No. 329737

Dude, no. Dysphoria IS real. Lots of fake trans people claim to have it but it is a legit disorder. The real trans people act like normal people that integrate into society and just want to live their lives, you probably don't even know they are trans.

>>329730 This person is correct, not all trans people are troons they are just the most obnoxious and shitty "representatives" even though most of them aren't even truly trans. That'd be like saying all feminists are like Amy Schumer.

No. 329738

The same science that's ultimately predicated around the thought that brains are sexed and that the preference of gendered toys, articles of clothing, etc are based in biology and that female monkeys prefer dolls, etc? Shitty, biased, wack-ass science? Science tainted by politics comes out all of the time.

Some are happier when they transition, of course they are, they're fetishists, but studies also suggest they still commit suicide at high rates after transition, soo…

Almost all trans have comorbid mental illnesses and personality disorders, and they're also going undiagnosed with proper illness because they're instead being diagnosed with this stupid shit. MTT trans have NPD at a rate of literally, 64%. Both male and female have personality disorders at a frequency of 81%, and their comorbid diseases and disorders often go neglected or untreated. They're being neglected by the medical community and doctors are violating the hippocratic oath.

No. 329739

Replied to the wrong comment, meant the first one is correct.

Anyway a lot of them don't give a fuck about the troon twitter screechfest, just like I don't. I'm not going to argue with internet troons all day to defend feminism or anything.

No. 329741

>science disagrees with you.
[citation needed]
All the studies done on muh gender dysphoria that have found some biological evidence have been performed on patients that have already received either hormones or puberty blockers, thus it's not reliable evidence. Hormones affect anyone's brain structure, even depression is based on a hormonal imbalance and its effects show up on a MRI scan. There are absolutely no studies inherently supporting the claim that gender dysphoria is something you're born with and much less that transitioning is actually the best way to treat it. The first push towards my personal peak trans was actually not being able to find the scientific evidence to support the "gender dysphoria is real" during arguments.

No. 329745

>even though most of them aren't even truly trans


No. 329749

Yep, and the bottom line is that brains cannot be sexed and brains differ between person to person more than sex to sex. There's literally no way to sex a brain by simply observing it. Scientists can't do it. Our brains are highly neuroplastic anyways. Playing video games regularly literally results in structural changes of the brain. Even if it were reliably observable and wasn't just politics and wishful thinking on the behalf of sexist scientists, any number of things shared in common between trannies could result in these changes, too. They try to claim tranny white matter structure (heavily, heavily influenced by habit and behavior) resembles the gender that they 'identify' with. Even if 'dysphoria' was REAL, that is, truly undeniably observable, the idea that it makes males any less male is absolute insanity. They'd just be different types of males? Like, are more hirsute men than average literally monkeys then despite all evidence showing that they're obviously not? Like wtf

No. 329752

Blade Runner 2049 is shit, it's aesthetics over substance.
People can like the movie, it's fine. We should have different opinions but when br2049 fans tell me that the movie is deep and that I don't like it because I can't understand it, that's when I get mad. There's nothing deep about that movie. The message is blatantly obvious even with the incoherent out of place scenes that you honestly have to be a retard to think that Blade Runner 2049 is deep in any way. It pretends to be but it's not.

No. 329758

File: 1543189549896.jpg (61.39 KB, 468x375, article-1337026-0C679462000005…)

I dislike "Disney people". I'm aware that I'm hypocritical because I still enjoy a lot of things from my childhood, but Disney people just seem weird to me in a way I can't place like with other nostalgia-fandoms.

A lot of them just seem very sheltered on top of having oddly hateful political views. "Princess" people are always weird; those women who are obsessed with one princess or Tinkerbell and have a bunch of merchandise of them. They tend to be gigantic bitches.

I'm less judgmental of younger adults who are mostly just into the Pixar films as opposed to classic Disney stuff/Disneyland fanatics.

No. 329762

Disney people are probably as boring as you get.

No. 329778

Disney and Harry Potter people are low tier. I know a Disney girl who is "kin" with 12 different characters. Delusional.
Tbf I like the Lion King and Kingdom Hearts and all that, but the communities of these things are like watching that anime club video 24/7

No. 329813

fiction-kins are fucking batshit regardless of what other obsessions they have, anon. people who are obsessed with disney are weird tho tbh.

No. 329816

whenever I see grown adults sperging about what magic harry potter house theyre part of I get so embarrassed.

No. 329841

Agree big time.

Nothing says "white trash American normie trying to be a nerd" like being "obsessed" with Disney. Also, fuck people who get married at Disney in particular, because they're paying fifty grand to get married in a plastic theme park full of greasy food and screaming children. They fell for the capitalist lie of Disney magic and think that not growing out of it makes them SPESHUL.

I wouldn't even go to a honeymoon at Disney, either. For the same amount of money, you could go somewhere sexy like France or the Bahamas.

No. 329843

ngl thotpatrol has been fucking hilarious.

No. 329853

I think it’s kinda pathetic too but it’s some people like it, then I don’t really care. I don’t really care what others do as long as it doesn’t hurt myself or other people.

Speaking of which, my unpopular opinion is that I think people on lolcow care too much what others do. I mean it’s one thing if it’s a lolcow who has a thread on here but a rando doing something mundane? Who gives a shit?

No. 329854

not to show my spergy disney side, but no one gets actually married in the parks where the guests are. the weddings are normally closed off in the luxury hotels.

No. 329856

disney marriages are pretty cheap tbh i'm paying 10G for mine. not even into disney, it's just a good option and my fiance's parents are flying over so they can visit since they've never been to USA disney before.

also not really. weddings are at special wedding venues (which aren't at hotels) but you can add extra photoshoots in the park as well as have dinner in any restaurant, usually in a private room tho, but still. it's not separate from the park, and most of the locations boast great views of the park and fireworks.

i hate disney fags but i'm getting married there cause there will be fireworks and rides and shit close by. also one of my disneyfag coworkers got extremely salty about me doing it, but keeps trying to get an invite. haha no.

No. 329860

well i know for disney world the main wedding pavillion is part of the grand floridian resort, some weddings are also hosted at the restaraunt citricos which is also on resort property, and there are the ballrooms in the hotel as well, but i imagine those are more reception venues than ceremony venues. they also now allow either early morning or after hours ceremonies to be held in the park, both in magic kingdom, at the tower of terror at hollywood studios, and all over the world showcase at epcot.

idk how it is for disneyland because i never looked into a wedding there.

No. 329883

honestly yeah i hate disney too but getting married at disneyland sounds pretty fun lol

No. 329886

i don't think they're pretending, they're just naive. bundy, ramirez and dahmer fangirls- not the ones who are just interested in them as serial killers but the ones who claim they're sexy and all that- are the exact types that would get victimized by them (aside from dahmer obviously.) these men preyed on people who were easily swayed by good looks.

as far as the looks thing, bundy is ok for a serial killer i guess, ramirez looks like a model but a little too extreme for me, dahmer is very conventionally attractive

No. 329887

this being an unpopular opinion is saddening but i don't find ted bundy and richard ramirez handsome. they are horrible sons of bitches and i don't understand why they get praised for their looks either, they just look disturbing either. these people who claim to be hybristophiles are retarded edgelords

also, bundy wasn't a genius, he just knew how to manipulate

No. 329896

samefag, this anon was replying to me. i deleted my first post to change a sentence before i've seen your reply, i'm sorry anon

i don't know, looking at their interviews, they have such a creepy aura and looking at them makes me uncomfortable. same for the columbine shooters, i see them getting romanticized a lot but they look completely psychotic in videos. maybe it's the effect of knowing what they've done, i don't know

No. 329905

Bundy is average as fuck, Ramirez does have that alien model look but really neither of them would be noticed if they weren't notorious. Their fangirls are, as you say, edgelords. I don't pay much attention to them, I'm sure there are a lot of theories about why ~hybristophiles~ exist. But honestly, my first inclination is that it's a pure ego fantasy where they love the idea of being special to a guy who would murder them if they weren't so great.

No. 329909

that's exactly it. they want to be the special girl that doesn't get murdered and helps these retarded uggos get better or reach their potential, etc. men assume it's because they're turned on by them committing the crime and just for being bad boys, but that's not it in the case of hybristophiles, i dont think. also, these men were all uggos.

No. 329912

this is kind of like anime nerds who like those crazy chicks. they just want to feel special, like they're the only one these crazies love. they want to be the exception.

No. 329917

i don't consider shooters on the same level as serial killers. hope i don't sound too tcc-ish but serial killers fascinate people for their methodology and brain workings, whereas mass shooters are just angry idiots. but they're still fetishized by lonely women just the same.

this is it. women are the primary makeup of hybristophiles, and idk if there's a term for this but generally it's men who are into "crazy chicks" and fetishize having a pSyChO girlfriend who treats them differently

No. 329923

i feel like they see these serial killers as some kind of fictional characters and like to imagine to be the one to fix them

No. 329925

exactly. they're more the ones that really fetishize it tbh. hybristophiles are absolute dumbasses but i think their interest is a little more… wholesome. whereas men that are typically into pSyChO girls are all about "crazy girls fuck better!! XDDD the sex is so worth it!! she's tough to deal with but she's not boring!!"

No. 329926

eh, serial killers are just sociopaths who found a hobby.

No. 329971

File: 1543213375057.gif (1.6 MB, 498x273, vtuuSx351v2qjw7_540.gif)

I hate that people outside of the internet are using words like "triggered" and "snowflake" like on the news ugh. It's like what happened to the word trolling, everyone just kinda throws it around and don't really use it properly/know what it means.

No. 329974

"special snowflake" has been a thing since fight club came out anon

No. 329975

fair enough
maybe I'm just used to crazy people on the internet mostly using it…
it's awful hearing it in political debates

to add another unpopular opinion, I think people should just leave Amberlynn Reid alone, like why is everyone giving her so much attention/views? She's just another obese person on youtube.
It's obvious most people who make fun of her do it because they hate fatty chans and just want to make money making stale "joke" vids about her. Not because they actually care about her health or whatever the fuck. No one can really do anything except Amberlynn herself, and if she doesn't lose weight it's literally her own fault. The whole thing is wild.

No. 329979

it annoys me too because a lot of it comes from the same people who used to call everyone special snowflakes in school during the 90s and 2000s and now they're now using "snowflake" as a derogatory term as if they had nothing to do with people growing up to have the snowflake mentality in the current era. taking the term that our generation came up with to mock what the former generations did is just more bullshit boomer gaslighting to make the newer generations feel like we're the problem.

No. 329992

Why do younger people call people who are 25+ boomers?

No. 329994

Lainey is prettier than billie

No. 329997

to each their own, i guess, but i dont see it. lainey isn't even in the same class of attractiveness as billie imo.

No. 330002

Lainey looks like a 40 year old cucumber and Billie looks like she probably smells really bad. Billie has a better facial stucture tho.

No. 330006

Now THAT'S an unpopular opinion! Could you explain what traits about Lainey makes her look good, and what you don't like about Billie's look?

No. 330081

4chan joke

No. 330104

billie is snub nosed and as basic as you can get. instagram dime a dozen. its like when anons sperged about how sara is such a great beauty.

No. 330136

if you're into underbites tf lol

No. 330184


you like fakebois and that's it. billie is the prettiest onion girl if you think about it. inb4 shiloh cuz she was fat

No. 330188

since this seems to be an unpopular opinion on lolcow:

lesbians = not evil

No. 330200

Ever since homophobic straight girls have discovered social justice, their particular brand of homophobia has got harder to spot, but it's still the same thing deep down. "Lesbians are abusive predators" is just "oh my GOD that icky dyke probably wants to fuck me!" re-phrased.

No. 330205

I always thought his first wife was the prettiest

but I also find vegan gains' gf cute (or at least I would if she wasn't a horse girl…) so take it with a grain of salt

No. 330229

Way to victimshame: you're just like men, not believing women when they say they were sexually harrassed + insulting them at the same time.

>"Lesbians are abusive predators" is just "oh my GOD that icky dyke probably wants to fuck me!"

Sounds awfully like men doing disgusting things and then whining >females scream rape if you just look at them!

No, there are lesbian abusers and rapists, your community is not as perfect as you try to make it out to be.

No. 330233

Billie > Shiloh > Sam > Skye > Maya > AJ < Lainey

No. 330238

Of you ignore Lainey’s fake boi bullshit and look at her features she is more classically pretty than Billie. Billie is chubby faced with a pig nose. If Lainey grew her hair out and dressed in conventionally attractive clothes for a woman her age she would look better than Lainey.

No. 330239

She would look better than billie*

No. 330251

Not even remotely true, that pig nose you're referring to is the most conventionally attractive nose for girls. That's why it's on every Disney princess etc.

No. 330262

I'm not even a lesbian, I can just see straight through your type.

No. 330263

Fuck,*> Lainey

No. 330266

Lol, nope.
What is it with this site?
Pixyteri is "pretty", Charms is "beautiful", but actual attractive women are "ugly" and "manly" or whatever else.
Is it ugly women sperging at hot ones and praising ugly ones to feel better?

No. 330268

Yeah her nose is qt, Lainey has a beak

No. 330273

women will pay thousands to have a node like Billie's lol, who are these people calling it a "pig" nose?

Lainey has a long horseface, wide mouth with no lips and a hooked nose, what is classically beautiful about that??

No. 330324

yeah and analyzing and bickering over if their individual noses are technically more aesthetic or not is autistic af.
Just take a quick look at them and I think most people's first impression would be that Billie reads generally more soft/feminine and Lainey reads more harsh and plain. It doesn't mean Billie is flawless and it doesn't mean Lainey is irredeemably ugly. Just that there's a reason many farmers share opinions on their looks. Doesn't matter who's nose is technically better. If it worked like that, anyone who could afford PS to get the right features would be model tier and no one famous for their looks would be able to have any flaws.

No. 330329

I can't believe you guys are really arguing over your subjective opinions of two semi-attractive/conventionally attractive women. Neither of them would actually be considered "ugly" by the average person, despite the RPing and A-logging in Onion threads. Whoever you prefer is up to you, but trying to convince one another that one is a hideous beak nosed horseface or a pig-nosed moonface is just autismal.

No. 330330

Unpopular Opinions, Onision Thread Edition

>onion discussions have way too many people who are either ex-fans who were once in love with him or in denial about it

>Shiloh is an interesting (in the worst way) topic because she'll either be glorified or someone will be frothing at the mouth about her being just as bad as Greg.

>A lot of people who idolize Shiloh are really just projecting because if a frumpy cringy mentally ill pug-faced fat girl glow up and smoke weed on instagram while clinging to the remnants of her noughties emo music relevancy do it then so can I!

No. 330339

>too many ex-fans

the amount of anons that have come to the onion threads admitting to once finding him attractive have been awfully high

No. 330383

File: 1543289081586.png (1 MB, 958x1092, Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 10.2…)

i have said it once and i will say it again: i hate harry potter fans.

No. 330385

not sure if this belongs here or in annoying shit thread but w/e.

personally i could care less about the thotpatrol shit happening atm. anons who keep reeeing about the sex-worker IRS reporting shit are fucking hypocritical. especially in threads explicitly about costhots. if you're in threads designated to watching those kinds of women get fucked over or deal with drama sit the fuck down. now that some alt-right fags you don't agree with are targeting them, they're poor uwu women?

No. 330386

We don't give a shit about costhots being audited, we have an issue with the fact that men are only reporting females to the IRS right now. They don't give a shit about them evading taxes, they just see it as a way to take women down. Doesn't help that one of the 'leaders' of the thot patrol also harassed a 16 year old for nudes and then threatened to leak them.

No. 330389

I am not a Shiloh fan in any way, but I am confused about how can she be even remotely as bad as onion.
All bad things she did happened when she was still under his control and pretty young.
She turned on Adrienne (gross, yes) and helped onion spread the drama, but she did not groom teenage girls like Plainey. She got the fuck out and is living her life.
Anyone feels like explaining?
I have joined on the onion ride shortly after Plain happened, so I did not experience Shiloh.

No. 330390

The fact that they wrote <3 instead of a heart.

No. 330391

File: 1543291477794.jpeg (162.79 KB, 1280x720, E247F692-F77E-473D-AED1-29BE25…)

>women will pay thousands to have a nose like that

I wouldn’t kek

No. 330392

This exactly.

No. 330396

that's my exact problem. you fucks don't care what's happening, you just care about who is doing it.

No. 330403

This is my favorite meme of 2018, you can probably find out more by googling it. I only saw it evolve on /fit/, where it seemed arise as a variation of the stereotypical old guy in the gym and any combination of annoyances that might come from such a character. The meme is that the age of the boomer kept getting lower with each iteration to the point where they're drinking monster energy drinks and listening to music/wearing clothes from the 2000s. It's funny because it points out how looking at older people with derision is less to do with what they're actually doing as much as it is just framing literally any generation as being old fashioned because of whatever arbitrary delineation you've drawn between "then" and "now", or more fundamentally "us" and "them". Of course, age is a particularly stupid marker to use for making these separations because we all get our turn on either side of the generational fence, and yet this has been going on at least since the beginning of recorded history and likely since long before. Using the hyper acceleration of culture online to shorten the generations into indistinguishably short windows, and then using memetics to poke fun at it: poetry.

Sorry I just really like this meme and hope somebody else can get the same enjoyment out of it!

No. 330405

ok i hated this meme at first but you converted me.

i will say the reason i hated it is because boomers (like from the traditional baby boom) are the worst customers. the vast majority of them are absolutely astonished if the smallest thing goes wrong, even if it's no one's fault, they act like it's your personal mission to con them out of their money and that they're the only ones clever enough to tell you your job's prices are too high, they give so much unsolicited advice and ideas both for your work and you as a person ("try travelling the world kid ;) you might learn something") and just overall seem like they've never had a normal entry level job before. People younger AND older than them don't do any of their weird quirks they way that they do it. They also all have the same fucking voice?!
like i get what you're saying and shit talking one arbitrarily distinguished generation is pretty much like school days where everyone would hate the freshmen no matter what, but at the same time fuck boomers.

No. 330412

More like, for what reason. It's definitely not out of any genuine concern for tax evasion.

No. 330416

it’s stupid as fuck on both sides, and you cant just send the irs some random patreon account and hope they get audited, which is unlikely since anyone making over $600 on patreon automatically has to file taxes, they send you the form. and any twitter random selling their Snapchat isn’t making anywhere enough to make the IRS care. It’s embarrassing, and shows how stupid incels are.

No. 330417

File: 1543298630886.jpg (14.67 KB, 450x299, 18665958.jpg)

>excuse ME young lady!

No. 330419

Retail workers demand too much from the world.
I've seen Starbucks workers try to go on strike because they thought they thought they weren't getting paid enough. Last time I checked, they were getting paid way more than minimum wage.
If the job doesn't pay enough, just get another job. Preferably not something else retail for god's sake.
I hate it when these people demand to get coddled by the public. These people literally work the safest job in the world. What else do you want?

No. 330421

people aren't getting paid a living wage tho, really. you sound like a real bootlicker, damn

No. 330424

I mean you're both right. Individual jobs can be perfectly legal and humane while the whole system is deeply flawed and unlivable.

No. 330425

File: 1543301579735.jpg (23.51 KB, 253x454, cat.jpg)

I'm fine with the thot audit, pls don't kill me

No. 330427

I have mixed emotions about it. I hate sex workers, but I hate incels even more. I also don't think anything is actually going to happen and this is just a big fat waste of time and energy.

No. 330428

yea, and none of the anons who have been shitting on these same camwhores for months give a shit about them either. they just are whining about "muh alt-right"!

No. 330429

I am too. I don't like how it stems from incels wanting to fuck with women but I'm not mad about it otherwise. I'm a server and I have to claim my tips at the end of the day. It sucks but it's what you do and idk why anyone else who lives off tips or earned money from others should be exempt from getting taxed on it.

No. 330431

why should we? fuck them

No. 330433

I think the point is that most of the anons bitching about the whole thing have been active in threads about the people who this affects. They're literally just mad that the alt-right are doing this, but wouldn't bat an eye if any other group did.

No. 330434

yeah, what about it? I don't see what's wrong with that. the thotit would be okay if it wasn't happening for all the wrong reasons.

No. 330437

It's as long as it is wide, literally no one would pay for that. The Billie worshipers are ridiculous.

No. 330439

File: 1543310656241.png (255.66 KB, 800x600, upper middle class.png)

No. 330440

>"try travelling the world kid ;) you might learn something"
It's funny when they say that because they've sucked out all the money from millenials and zoomers so we can't even "travel the world"

>People older than them

euh, I'm pretty sure people older than boomers are dead

No. 330446

These dumb incels/alt right faggots are later going to be mad about how "muh sexual market" means they can no longer even buy tiddy pics from women who will pretend to like them. It's going to be "[Suibait] Women hate us so much they won't even ACCEPT MONEY to let us see what Chad sees every morning, afternoon and night". They're too spoiled to go back to regular porn without the whole "friend/e-gf experience".
Stupid cucks working against themselves in the name of "BTFOing thots". It's also probably the same people who agreed that Trump is a "genius" for tax evasion, but if a woman does it, they're suddenly mass upholders of the law.

No. 330470

I'm actually a poorfag who can't afford to go to most retail places besides shopping for groceries. I've worked retail before. The job was too stressful because the staff started unnecessary drama all the time. It was like high school 2.0. Everyone just wanted to make friends, party afterwards, and do the bare minimum, making us all leave late majority of the time because of it. Even the adults with kids in middle School loved to gossip.

No. 330481

File: 1543320381130.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, sure.gif)

>I'm actually a poorfag

No. 330486

This, plus their idea of “the world” is Europe, USA, maybe one country in Africa for safari. While there they don’t respect the cultures or bother to learn anything new. American and British boomers of this type don’t try to learn any other language and insist everywhere should cater to their language, culture and expectations. They still have this notion of a great empire.

No. 330497

It's mad hypocritical to be in threads laughing at these girls, but then suddenly be up in arms defending them. Sit the fuck down.

No. 330500

>if u call someone a fat whore online ur not alowed 2 think they dont deserve 2 get falsly reported 2 the irs by braindead, sexist incels
yeah, yeah.

No. 330509

Found the retail worker.
You ever applied to a blue collar position? It's great. You rarely talk to anybody. Being a custodian was the best decision.

No. 330512

I feel like you're the same anon who's been trying to shill alt-right losers in the anti porn and man hate threads as "anti-degenerate" and "our true allies" because all porn = Jews or something, then got mad when we pointed out that these "alt right" people are obsessed, happy consumers (and sometimes producers) of cuckold porn, and only feel any hatred toward it because they hate women and also hate black people, not because they understand why porn is shitty and exploitative.
No one here is going to convert to your disgusting /pol/cel handmaiden cult. You have to go back.

No. 330513

I thought it was a handmaiden, but it might be a scrote, honestly. That sort of black and white thinking, and complete lack of nuance coupled with a whiny attitude of "Why aren't you on on ouuuurrr siiiiide?!?! We both hate sluts!!!" primarily comes from entitled males.
He tried to hide it with the "Sit the fuck down" line, but we're all seated and calm. He's the one bitching at us and having a conniption.

No. 330517


NTA but i agree? anons who say they give a shit about this give as much as a shit about the cam girls as the incels do about tax evasion.

No. 330519

samefag but they're obviously not a man.

No. 330522

Have you been in the threads I'm talking about? It just seems kind of lame that everyone is trying to moralfag when many people in those threads wish this kind of shit on cows almost constantly.

It's totally different than discussing it on the site in general. I'm talking about people in the costhot thread or the momokun thread. They don't give a shit about moo getting audited, they give a shit that it's a neckbeard thing.

Gotta love that "anon doesn't agree she must be a handmaiden/man" meme.

For someone claiming that my thinking is black and white, you certainly seem to know alot about that…

No. 330531

>They don't give a shit about moo getting audited, they give a shit that it's a neckbeard thing.
I still don't see what's wrong with this. No, I wouldn't care about moo getting audited at all if the sole reason why she was getting audited wasn't butthurt incel rage.

No. 330542

You're missing the fact hate we hate both parties, and the reasons for why one did what they did. Why should we suddenly start liking one of them? I haven't even seen anyone actually WK the thots, just deride the incels for typical inceloid behavior. No one on LC has ever been salty enough to call IRS on Moomoo, but no one cares if it happens, either. That said, we're free to comment negatively on the faggots spergy enough to do such a thing all because >tfw no gf.
I'm calling you a handmaiden or a man because only those two would be this retarded.

No. 330546

introvert and "omg i have no friends ;'(" culture is so fucking annoying. maybe it's because you keep alienating people from your life.

No. 330547

>If the job doesn't pay enough, just get another job

What if your job works you so much you never can schedule an interview with another company? What if your schedule isn’t flexible enough to work two jobs? Why should someone have to work themselves to death just to survive?

I am anti-sex work but I’m not going to shit on women already in the field, and getting them audited isn’t the way to get them to pick other jobs. I’m a radfem, I’m going to side with the woman in most situations. Not to mention incels like this are the literal target audience for these sex workers anyway, they started it.

No. 330552

Emilia Fart isn't "iconic" she's just a gross slob with severe mental issues

No. 330554

I literally am just saying it's hypocritical to suddenly be pissed off that a group you don't like is doing something milky. That's it. I'm not saying anyone is right, but it's retarded either way for anons to start whining about incels fucking with people they actively hate.

No one's saying not to side with women, I'm literally just talking about anons who browse threads that shit on SW.

I'm done talking with you guys because you're just knee-jerking about the entire thing. I've had discussions in other threads (like that shit one on /g/) about how shitty the whole thing is, but that still doesn't mean I don't think that anons in the costhot thread need to rethink their choices, because they look like idiots.

I'm not suddenly going to start supporting june or someone just because neckbeards do something shitty to her.

No. 330555

I'm saying if your job doesn't pay enough, quit your current job after getting a new one that pays more. I'm not saying work two jobs, no one wants to do that.

No. 330556

What really fucks me off about this whole thing is that I guarantee that the men reporting these women and laughing at them obsessively consume porn on a daily basis

No. 330558

Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. 9/10 these same neckbeards that bitch on forums about "evil SW" are the ones paying them the $$. Incels are always so salty about this shit because they want the girl for themselves or are just angry that someone is getting sex, especially if they're getting paid for it. But we all know they would fuck for money in a heartbeat (only no one wants to bang them).

No. 330562

Are you that dense that you don't realize a lot of people TRY to find better paying jobs, it's just that there aren't any out there?

No. 330564

>I'm not suddenly going to start supporting june or someone just because neckbeards do something shitty to her.
Who started supporting Moomoo or other thots?

No. 330578

this and i think it applies to each one of her followers too

No. 330581

Who even said those anons are the same anons? Most people here only hate on “thots” who are also shitty people with drama filled lives. No one has any animosity toward your average patreon, twitch, or cam girl as long as they aren’t an asshole. Either way I’m also capable of empathy, I can dislike someone while also not hoping actual bad things happen to them. The only lolcows I actively wish harm on is onision.

No. 330602

Yes anon im sure your beak is gorgeous and super elegant kek

No. 330606

wtf is wrong with billie stans? she willingly had onisions dick inside of her. anons will brigade a rando on twitter for atting him and kissing his ass and yet this teen idiot let him inside her and anons defend her over her basicass style.

No. 330609

I think you missed anon's point, she's trying to say she is only talking about anons who are doing what she claimed, if you read her first post, she said that pretty clearly in an earlier posts. She's only talking about the anons who frequent those people threads.

NTA but there has been a few whiteknights trying to claim she pays her taxes always so…

No. 330610

File: 1543340870085.png (612.22 KB, 960x766, hfx2xtrhfey11.png)

i fucking hate online mental illness-support culture. especially the memes like pic related. "haha i use humor to cope with my SEVErE mEnTAl IlLnESs lol lmao" actually you don't have any humor, and you don't have severe mental illness

No. 330619

i cant wait until the depression/suicidal memes fucking go. nothing like wanting to really talk about how youre feeling and you get a oml 100% me too lmao kms right?

No. 330622

The thing is that I remember very clearly everyone shitting on Billie's looks during Cuddlegate, saying that she looks like a pig, that her bare face is ugly, her hair's fried etc… then suddenly when she gtfo'd of Casa de la Grasa people in the thread started praising her and saying she's so beautiful.
I'm not any of the anons above, just pointing out how ironic it is.

No. 330623

Yeah! those are annoying as fuck, like how about instead trying to be #relatable go to a damn therapist or something

No. 330632

she's stupid for fucking onion boy but that doesn't mean she's not cute. I'm not defending anything that girl did for the grease dick by thinking she has nice features.

No. 330641

Not to mention the original sentiment was "Lainey is cuter than Billie" like if it's just between those two, then yeah most people are going to pick Billie. Even if you think she's ugly for the sole reason that she took the greasestick, Lainey is STILL taking it on top of being a horrible person to boot, so….

I think it's weird how much people vendetta Billie. That'd be like vendettaing Skye or Shiloh. None of them are even remotely involved with Onision anymore. People can from back from mistakes as horrible as fucking him.

No. 330650

fujoshis should be nuked.

No. 330655

i don't care about the ones who won't push their annoying shit down everyone's throats but i think the ones who won't shut up about it should be nuked too

No. 330696

tbh most of the cows here aren't ugly.

No. 330711

100% agree with you there. well closet fujos are okay imo since they keep that shit to themselves like ya should but the out and proud fujogoblins and fake shota bois all need to die.

No. 330750

I’ll never forget that there are anons on this site that thirsted over Ian idubzz. i refuse to believe the anisa thread was anything other than jealous ian fangirls.

No. 330759

Shes hawt BE MAD

No. 330785

Not every underweight girl has an eating disorder

No. 330787

If the roles were reversed everyone would be saying how beautiful and cute Lainey is and calling Billie ugly

No. 330790


my one:

being underweight is fucking unhealthy and you should avoid it unless you have an actual illness that makes you underweight. it doesn't look good, you're as unhealthy as an obese person is but you think you're better than them 100% of the time. ed or not, underweight is not a goal and its as bad as overweight or obese.

inb4 anas attack me for stating basic bmi facts

No. 330793

I present to you the argument that any normal user finds him gross, and so only those who liked him would spend time in those threads, making them containment threads for those pathetic anons vs the larger body of lolcow.
But also I agree with you, embarrassing that they walk among us

No. 330794

Just because someone is unhealthy doesn’t mean they have an eating disorder

No. 330799

I still can’t wrap my head around that one
He has a full on egghead

No. 330827

Most skinny girls are skinny because they eat like shit without realizing it, not because they have Ed. For example my underweight little sister will snack on tiny portions of candy all day then at night she will have a huge meal from some fast food restaurant. They just eat very small amounts without thinking about it.

No. 330848

the first time he and Anisa streamed together, he was being an aggressive dick to her. It was funny to watch the Cancer Crew thread slowly start to realize that maybe Ian wasn't a docile shy husbando.

No. 330908

my god i just read the latest anisa thread and its worse than i remember. heres a charming comment from it

>""i think idubbbz is disgusting, but he could def do better than anisa. she's a chubby, ugly clout chaser with a high body count & a history of cheating."

imagine thinking this unironically.

my other unpopular opinion is that a lot of the "advice" anons give in snow threads is awful, especially w/r/t clothing and makeup.

No. 330909

sameanon but i found more

>Idubbbz not that bad looking honestly and a lot of girls like him for some reason. I think hes with anisa because he actually likes her Or hes too lazy to find another person. Not to be offensive but anisa seems like a but of a sl*t so idk why ian likes her but whatever

>Anisa really isn't a looker lmao (not that ugly but not attractive either) and tbh while Ian is gross (esp when he's got that puberty stache and greasy hair ugh) I always thought he was superior to her lookwise

how can anyone say lolcow hates men when we have anons here defending idubbz of all people

No. 330913

the only people left in that thread are utterly insane. anyone with sense bailed long ago (i'm shocked the thread is still going tbh, i forgot about it until a few weeks ago i saw a pic of anisa on the front page). anisa does literally nothing cow worthy and all people do is pick apart her appearance. being a chronically insecure idiot dating a bigger idiot is not milk. (especially because idubbbz is irrelevant as fuck.)

and i guess on the topic of unpopular opinions, but i dont think anisa is fat or ugly. just desperate and pathetic.

No. 330915

most cows aren't fat or ugly. i hate how anyone who is neutral on the appearance of a cow is accused of being from pull. picking apart appearances on anyone isn't funny unless its onision. i would rather make fun of men who are cows and snowflakes.

No. 330924

lmao why do they act like he's being forced at gunpoint to date her? he's willingly dating her. he must like her for a reason.

like most cows she's not ugly or fat. she's not less attractive than idubbbz either.

No. 330925

i disagree. freely talking shit and nitpicking cows is one of the best things about lolcow. especially cows like shoe who put down other women for their appearance.

No. 330927

nitpicking is explicitly against the rules though…

wonder if we'll ever get another hellweek, we're long overdue.

No. 330930

yes please this shit is stupid. half of these people who make "jokes" like this are narcs.

No. 331075

File: 1543422626788.png (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1280x604, kek.png)

Is it you comparing underwieght people to overweight people in every single fucking weightloss thread?
Are you completely delusional?

No. 331713

File: 1543543329230.jpg (434.77 KB, 1024x728, 38-Rare-Color-Photos-of-Smilin…)

marilyn monroe and most actresses pre 90s would be considered fat now which is really weird because the majority of the population of the most influential countries are now much bigger

No. 332298

File: 1543656100893.gif (2.69 MB, 252x320, 00884.gif)

fuck all of u bitches

No. 332328

marilyn monroe would never, ever be considered fat unless you're fucking ana-chan, please drop this ridiculous meme. her clothing fits on a current year 6-8 dress form. she wore a 32A brassiere, ffs. at her death she stood 5'5" and weighed 117lbs.

she weighed 135 during the filming of some like it hot. that's not fat. sorry, not even close.

this shit is easily googled, it's tiresome to see people parrot this without ever actually looking into it and it's aggravating when haes fatties scream about how BuT mArILyN ws ObEsE, just stop.

No. 332333

Yes but lolcow is full of anachans, so according to lolcow standards she is fat.

No. 332335

That's a lot of baloney and you know it. If Marilyn would be considered fat, then actresses like JLaw or Emma Stone are fat too.

No. 332336

Or they have a fast metabolism and can eat however much they want to whenever they want. Everyone's bodies are different. You sound well jealous of your sister too.

No. 332344

nta, but most women have a fast metabolism until they reach their mid/late 20s. the "she can eat however much she wants without working out" is a myth, you gain weight by eating more than you burn. what kind of food you eat affects this of course, but the older you get the less calories you burn.

a lot of factors play into why people are underweight, but the "some people have fast metabolisms" argument should be dead by now.

No. 332347

The only people I've seen calling Marilyn Monroe fat are fatass women who want to compare their looks to Marilyn Monroe's because she's considered beautiful by most people and the media. They usually say things like "She wasn't wearing size 0 clothes so she must be fat like me! That means I'm hot like her!" with no shame or self-awareness. It was mostly on fb and tumblr a few years ago though.

No. 332398

File: 1543677115652.jpeg (97.51 KB, 467x712, 487FEA7B-3FE3-4CA7-B0EF-E848AC…)

Emma Stone is extremely thin, so no, but Jlaw has said she’s had her weight mentioned in Hollywood. She’s thin but her figure is on the fuller side, I can see sick fucks giving her a hard time for that

No. 332400

Marilyn wasn’t fat, but it’s hard to imagine a photo like this being taken of a celebrity today with an obvious stomach roll in the photo. It’s obviously the posing, and she’s still thin, but it’s nice to see a body do normal body things.

No. 332420

nta but you comparing a morbidly obese woman to a barely underweight chick is autistic.
Anon was just saying someone with BMI 26 isnt more unhealthy than someone with BMI 17.

No. 332429

marilyn monroe being considered fat by today’s standards is a retarded meme fatties started to feel better about themselves. over her career the largest she ever was (to my knowledge) was a us size 4 but at several points she was even skinnier than that.

in your pic she had a bit of belly fat which may be what you’re referring to but she still wouldn’t be considered fat, by hollywood standards she may not have been considered to have the most perfect body ever and greasy critics may have been on her ass as they are on all other famous women but that’s it.

No. 332445

I don't think children should be celebrities.

No. 332450

Agree, is that really controversial? >>332429
I don't understand how anyone who has ever seen a photo of her could believe she was fat.

No. 332454

eh tbh there are definitely some more unflattering photos of her where she does look a lot less skinny, but still not fat by any stretch of the imagination. her weight did fluctuate a lot. also, i believe she had endometriosis, which can cause someones stomach area to protrude a little.

the "marilyn monroe was fat" meme was started by legit fatties, like >>332429 said. facebook was always filled with some cherry picked unflattering photo of her with some cheesy caption about how mm wasnt a size 0 and therefore she is a fat activist icon.

No. 332508

Fat people cant lose weight because they don’t understand calories and they believe that everyone who isn’t fat has a fast metabolism

No. 332517

And most are fat because they are eating emotionally and don't want to stop.

No. 332533

once you live with an overweight person its really very easy to see why they are. a roommate i had awhile ago had moo like proportions and constantly complained about her huuuuuuuge tits because thats just how she was built. in reality she drank 4 dr peppers a day and ate stuff like cheesy tuna casserole with potato chips on top all the time lol

No. 332535

I lived with a fat girl who used to make fun of my portion sizes (which weren't even small). I once had a pizza delivered for myself that was about 11" and she was shocked that I was eating such a "tiny" pizza. She kept asking if that was all I was having for dinner and seemed to think it was crazy when I said yes.

No. 332536

File: 1543697261646.jpg (75.86 KB, 640x719, 76dde0fb-f7c1-4343-9785-4ca695…)

Unpopular opinion: the man hate thread is actually suprisingly misogynistic

Like maybe chill

No. 332538

In what ways?

No. 332548

I often see fat people saying they can't lose weight easily for stupid or vague reasons such as
>I eat normal portions, it's just because my genes/my health problems
when they actually pig out more often than the average person because their health problems are mental problems and make them eat too much.

The fat or chubby people who are the way they are because of actual health problems that directly influences their weight don't try to have others pity them from what I've seen, such as people with terrible disorders who must take cortisol medication, or hormonal stuff that cause water retention like menopause for example. I never see these causes mentioned, I find it very surprising now that I think about it.

No. 332549

I think it's ironic how some farmers claim to be anti-male and yet perpetuate some of the most dated, male-oriented opinions about other women's looks and bodies on this website.
Which is it ladies?
Do your insecurities ever vanish after you've spent your day shitting on a particular look?

Stop weaponizing the male gaze against other women, telling us what is and isn't "womanly," while claiming to cape for us. I see right through that bullshit.

No. 332557

File: 1543699937831.jpg (145.08 KB, 850x701, image-973771-galleryV9-tawz-97…)

I don't mind how I look at my age now, but I can't wait until I become old so I can be a flamboyant, old lady roaming the streets with my equally fashionable ladyfriends, even if that means getting a walker that matches my outfit.

Whenever I feel bad about aging I google pictures of old ladies in fashion. They always put a smile on my face.

No. 332561

mee too anon!!

No. 332594

bearville was way better than webkinz, neopets, and stupid fucking club penguin

No. 332604

what is 'there are like, 100,000 unique users that visit lolcow a month', alex?

No. 332659

File: 1543713336146.jpg (48.97 KB, 800x450, tumblr_inline_p1brmcd9Dk1rr08j…)

No. 332669

i'll take 'acting like 100,000 unique people post misogynistic shit in the gender crit and troon threads' alex.

fuck i hope you're not that naive, we all know most of that traffic is for cow boards anyway.

No. 332671

Ugly/unattractive people exist, you have to realize it early on and just focus on improving other aspects of yourself. The moment you accept that your face won't ever open doors, will allow you to grow immensely. This whole "everyone one is beautiful" bullshit is nonsense that further deludes ugly people such as myself into thinking our outer appear will ever yield anything besides disappointment.

No. 332676

what was so misogynistic that was said in the troon threads, and how the fuck do you know they're not males? males raid OT literally all of the fucking time

No. 332677

A lot is said, but no use in calling it out all the time or else those threads would be nothing but infighting. If the crazies don't get their rants in for the day they get grumpy.

No. 332686

when anons bitch at other anons about their totally male opinions despite those opinions forming in a womans brain. inb4 brainwashed REEEE

No. 332695

So you believe women are inherently submissive in sexual situations, we got it.

No. 332701

your insecurities are showing anon. no one mentioned sex but ok

No. 332705

Thing is, anon is not just one person. I'm sure there are other users here who participate in radfem discussion and don't bother with nitpicking in snow/pt. But I'm also sure there are users who do both and you're right they could self reflect a bit.

No. 332711

I assumed you were vaguing about anon complaining about misogyny in the trans thread, who I assumed was vaguing about that anon in the thread who said femininity and submissiveness are intertwined.
My bad ig.

No. 332724

ahh! i got you boo youre good

No. 332726

Ugh shut up. What an obvious samefag.

No. 332736

The mods argue with people anonymously then ban them when they feel like they’re losing the argument Or getting bored. This is why infighting goes on for so long sometimes.

No. 333259

i sort of tinfoiled this for a long time. it makes a certain amount of sense, especially when it takes place in specific threads. do you have a thread you can point to as proof? i'm almost sure this happens in /snow with one of the cows i follow.

No. 333338

I really wish women could understand how much of disservice they’re doing to themselves by hating on older women and pandering to older men and gassing them up and saying how much hotter they are than young men. They forget that one day they’re going to be older women as well and they’re just adding the problem.

No. 333347

It's such a massive, obvious cope. It infuriates me but men are always clear that the only way women can get them to settle down is by being younger, I'm not surprised so many do mental gymnastics to pretend they'd be happy with an ugly old man.

Young men are objectively hotter and I would rather die alone than marry someone significantly older. I refuse to reward the egos and entitlement of old men.

No. 333352

I agree and I just think Women need to stop doing this to themselves because it leaves many women feeling like their life is over at 25 and they have to give up all their hobbies to be ugly old moms who wear nothing but sweat pants. Meanwhile men can keep playing video games, enjoying their hobbies and living the single life for as long as they want.

No. 333379

Women care too much about age. Ugly people become ugly old people and beautiful people become beautiful old people. I'm 19 and have other friends the same age who are complaining about entering their twenties. The bar for what is "young" seems to be getting lower.

No. 333409

In some ways, but in other ways people are encouraged to act like kids for longer. It’s fine for 25yo to dress like teens which was considered really weird even 5 years ago.

No. 333456

this site is so concerned about people in their mid-20s "dressing like teens" but never gives actual examples as to what what is. i would argue now that teens these days look older than ever with the kardashian fashion nova instagram model trends.

No. 333459

Dressing like a teen means wearing anything cute or interesting. After 25 we can only wear dress suits or jeans and T-shirt’s. Any fun after 25 is not allowed because we are old and moms now.

No. 333463

i've seen "dress like a teen" used for everything from wearing leggings and hoodies, to wearing alt fashion or even wearing pastels past the age of 21. farmers can be just as bad as incels sometimes.

No. 333465

File: 1543794092572.jpeg (159.47 KB, 800x1200, 8D0D1D49-CF7B-47DD-9DB5-32132C…)

I think they expect us all to start dressing like rich stay at home moms after 25.

No. 333510

thats what happens when someone who isnt 25+ or a lady who want to speak on our behalf.

No. 333520

just curious, how much of a fashion offense am i committing by wearing dreaded aero/abercrombie henleys/ts and jeans at 24? i hate them so much but i cannot find ANY other shirts that have the same cut as them. their cuts are very good for petite/curvy women. my limbs are relatively chubby and i need to highlight my waist without wearing belts and/or bodycon bullshit. do you guys know of any normal brands that aren't for fucking children that have really feminine cuts to their casual ts and henleys and stuff?

No. 333524

tbh, I don't think it's bad if they're plain/don't have branding all over them

No. 333541

no one in the real world cares. if youre a us-nonny then the average american woman is wearing jeans or sweats on any given day unless you live in a big city.

No. 333552

Can confidently agree with that other anon. At least, where I live, wearing anything but pajamas to Walmart is an accomplishment. Anything more than jeans and a t-shirt, people will ask where you're going "all dressed up." kek Yes, it's the south.

No. 333553

people who believe in and obsess over astrology are fucking idiots and it's even worse when they try to tout any criticism of it as anti-feminist or anti-POC

No. 333560

oh shit, yes thank god. i know so many people from high school into the whole astrology shit thinking they're celestial beings and it's only for women. my boyfriend used to check his horoscope every other day at one point.
throwing around astrology terms are just trying to make up for the fact they have no personality.

No. 333564

>Anything more than jeans and a t-shirt, people will ask where you're going "all dressed up."

I see this crop up a lot on lolcow, and I'm not sure if the tone is framing this like it's a problem?
I think it's great. I panic thinking my fashion is so mediocre yet I step outside and get showered with compliments and praise.

I'd hate to live in a society that expects me to have planned an outfit the night before and have only the most pristine makeup and hair to even be considered noticeable. I don't see people being happy to be so competitive with expectations all the time. The excitement and impression towards someone who dresses nice stems directly from the presumption that they didn't have to do it. It's special that way, imo.
If it becomes a baseline for everyone, then it becomes a chore. Another "Oh, that's nice dear."

No. 333571

The higher weight you are, the larger BMR you have.
It's hilarious to see people's reactions when you tell them that thinner people actually have slower metabolisms and that overweight people are probably just eating too fucking much.

No. 333572

Don't get me wrong anon, I am fine with fashion standards changing over time. People are really black and white about style on here. Either you must always dress up 24/7 or you never dress up and you are a slob who wears pajamas all the time. Sometimes I dress up nice, sometimes I don't, it depends on my mood, my schedule, the weather. I'm all for people wearing whatever makes them happy.

No. 333580

do you know what 'misogynistic' means?

No. 333584

I'm confused as well, how are these posts misogynistic in any way?
Aren't they celebrating women's strengths despite the oppression?

No. 333586

I kind of think that has some truth to it, some people are just more genetically predisposed to gaining weight.
Or it sorts of just hits them in their 20s or something, without changing their eating habits. That must suck, but it's not a new issue.

No. 333590

Those are facts and society doesn't operate on facts. There is still an underlying distrust for women despite our succsses, that's why we still haven't had a female president of the US or why 95% of CEOs are still men.

No. 333592

I presume they mean misandrist but…nah still wrong. Some of my favorite posts of the last 24 hours there, probably a salty man who posted itt complaining.

No. 333595

>thinner people actually have slower metabolisms

What actually happens is that your calorie maintenance (TDEE) goes down the smaller you get. Because obviously you eat less to weigh less.
If you eat more you get larger.

ie. A 300 pound woman can eat 2,300 calories a day to maintain her weight. If she eats less, then she loses. And it adjusts the smaller she gets.
If she lost 100 pounds and went down to 200, her maintenance may be 1900 calories a day to stay that weight.
A 100 pound woman can eat 1,200 calories a day to maintain, if she goes over, she gains.

It's the same principle for everyone regardless of weight, not metabolism magic.

No. 333596

I don't think there's much excuse for being fat, if your metabolism is slow you just need to eat less and exercise more to compensate. I do think people can be naturally thin and get away with a much more lax diet.

But you can't admit this because people will call you a fatty and sperg about CICO OMG YOU CAN'T DEFY PHYSICS, even though we already know cico is determined by your BMR, and BMR varies depending on gender, age, size, etc. It's hardly unreasonable to think it could be affected by other factors like race, or just individual differences.

No. 333599

File: 1543817650097.gif (1.29 MB, 331x197, 1494638584058.gif)

>Complains about misandry in the man hate thread

Has to be a scrot lmao

Or a very retarded farmer

No. 333611

I don't get how its normal to be naturally thin but being naturally a bit bigger is wrong. Too much in any direction is bad, but some people it is impossible to imagine them thin, like the plus size model ashley graham ever being a size zero.

No. 333661

File: 1543840389704.jpg (361.58 KB, 1066x1600, old-is-the-new-black-by-ari-se…)

Oh hell yes!
Sometimes the thought of getting older kinda scares me, but it makes me feel better when I think about how awesome it'll be to become that flashy, quirky, cool looking old lady. It seems like the older you get, the less you care about what other people might think, and I find that really comforting.

No. 334004

I always feel like people who say this didn't grow up in conservative families, cause I did and fuck gender roles entirely.

No. 334026

I think South Indian accents are cute.

No. 334060

No. 334124

zepeto is the ugliest shit ever. it's like a 3d version of bitstrips come to haunt us again.

No. 334141

I really like eating asmr but not in a sexual way

No. 334143

agreed. I don't understand how anyone thinks it's anything but hideous.

No. 334191

I think the baby dragons in "Spyro Reignited Trilogy" are ugly as fuck

No. 334199

true. sheilas design looks like a fucking mess as well.

No. 334207

fuck, they gave like every character clothes. i liked them when they just looked like non-humanistic animals.

No. 334228

I actually think Sheila looks okay. I thought I was gonna hate it when I heard about it but once I looked at it though, I was all like “Eh, it’s not that bad.” I think Elora is the worst though. I appreciate that they were trying to go for a more elf like look but she looks like a fucking crack head.
Haven’t played Year of the Dragon in Reignited yet but I think the designs overall are a mixed bag. Some of it is pretty cool (like the dragons in the first game). Some of them aren’t terrible but they kinda lose the charm from the original games (Hunter, Moneybags), and some of them are just bag (Elora, a lot of the NPCs from Ripto’s Rage).

Still having a fun time playing it though

No. 334643

Life is great and I'm optimistic about the future.

No. 334668

r&b music is fucking terrible

No. 334689

I never got the meme of going for men way older, do they wanna feel like a "smol bean" or something? I don't get it.

No. 335028

A lot of the characters are okay. But yeah, they tried adding more human elements to the characters. I know a lot of the characters could already be seen as furries, but now it's even more obvious that is what they were trying to do. But of course I'm super pleased with Spyro and that's all that really matters

No. 335084

Me too anon!

No. 335291

File: 1544130305839.jpg (39.41 KB, 640x640, bunny.jpg)

i hate being called a woman of color, it makes me sound like i have a disease or that i'm some sort of alien from another universe. just call me black and get it over with.

No. 335294

i despise brother nature

No. 335296

lol i suggest you google for trans people, there are a plethora of just normal transfolk who've transition and act like any other person in society. there are the sjw nonbinary snowflakes, but there are also genuine trans people who just want to be seen as a regular person and don't stick out lol

No. 335297

I'm so sorry, anon. it seems only black people or indian ppl get this shit too. I'm puerto rican and have never been called that.

I feel like only weirdos with guilt issues do that bullshit anyway.

No. 335341

so many leftists who want to be politically correct try to be "good allies" by doing shit like this. im a ~person of color~ who happens to have a parent who isn't straight. whenever i casually mention this to people (who mostly are upper/middle class, white and straight) they act like it's soooo cool because it makes me a level 100 minority or something. it's gross.

No. 335344

>using the term transfolk unironically
>believing the trucum meme
just say you're retarded and go

No. 335385

File: 1544144089866.png (465.25 KB, 680x762, batty.png)

you'd definitely be called a "woc" (ugh) especially in my area, people usually group hispanics and black into the "_____ of color" category in casual conversation.
i've unironically had so many coworkers in my field call me the "lady of color" because that's the only way for them to somehow address me as slightly human (most of my colleagues are upper middle whites). way to dehumanize an entire race even more by creating stupid names that make them sound ~exotic~ and ~special~ and put an even more divide between whites and minorities.

No. 335392

I'm a whitey but it's interesting you don't like it…I always thought it sounded strange. I refer to people by their nationality (country/area they're from) and not race if necessary. WOC and POC I get the need for the terms but…it is weird to me
I've seen plenty of people online refer to themselves as a WOC but where I live (very multicultural, europe) it would seem hella passive aggressive if someone did that in person. Idk man maybe it's an american thing

No. 335396

Lol that image, love the reference, fukken saved

No. 335421

I'm Latina and I've been reduced to being referred to as a woman of color by my SJW "friends". It seems like they only want to talk to me about racism and being the good person at this point, it's so fucking stupid. I hate their narcissistic asses.

No. 335453

I'm in the middle of the trans debate where I agree most look creepy and cringy. But I also think there is nothing wrong with being trans as well and sometimes I feel like people on this site are transphobic to the point it's just as annoying as the transtrenders

No. 335454

i hope you realize how stupid you sound. none of the CG anons would care how cringy these people look/act if they weren't doing massively fucked up shit that comes with how they identify. this is like the most superficial and backwards level of virtue signaling ever.

No. 335455

As if being cringy is the problem. Pharmaceutical companies making big bucks off mutilating people and disrupting puberty is the problem. Erasing language we need to talk about sex based oppression, speaking over women, invading women's spaces, and silencing any dissenters is the problem. In reality it's not about being trans, it's just classic male bullshit. But it is particularly frightening because it's disguised as being progressive and inclusive and therefore only a bigot would dare speak against it.

On the other hand, I don't really care about FTMs because they aren't responsible for much legitimate harm. Maybe they're annoying, misguided, self hating, but they still lack the typical male entitlement and aggression and FTMs retain. I also don't really dislike gay MTFs because it's basically being used as gay conversion therapy and I pity them.

No. 335456

>and FTMs retain
meant to say
>that MTFs retain

No. 335505

I don't think MPA is that bad of a place. Say what you will but back when I was a lonely anachan it did make me feel like I fit in somewhere. I don't think it is necessarily a good place either, but I think it is mostly harmless. A lot of funny stuff came out of it too, like that girl that threw the steak on the roof to hide it, or that "pretty" vomit thread.

No. 335515

Soggy cereal > crunchy cereal

No. 335574

I think that transactivism has been pushing so hard lately that you either buy into their bullshit and be a loyal "ally" lapdog, or you hate them, no inbetween. When you use actual threats and intimidation as soon as someone dares to question something about your movement, yeah, they will tend to hate you. I used to be neutral about this topic, but seeing fucked up shit like the cotton ceiling, self ID, MtF being in competitions with women, trans criminals being covered and protected, and outright denying basic biology and witch hunting anybody who disagrees with their delusions… when you realize how bad it is, you can't help but become actually "transphobic"

No. 335636

i don’t see how it’s harmless when it’s just an echo chamber of encouraging severe mental illness

No. 335645

>Idk man maybe it's an american thing
I think it is. I also live in Europe and have never referred to other people by their race irl. I do it online, though. Browsing predominantly American forums has unfortunately influenced me quite a bit.

No. 335865

my girl right here. In warm milk as well!

I also live in Europe and its getting rampant here… Granted I'm in artschool so its Snowflake Central but they're pushing so strong. The lefties, the righties, everyone is pro trans.

No. 335869

File: 1544229276450.jpg (53.03 KB, 540x526, bf1408e6-34b7-4807-8a2e-5b71c8…)

>in warm milk

No. 335880

Ariana Grande doesn't qualify as a snowflake let alone a cow

No. 335881

Good thing she's in /ot/ then, eh?
Stay in /snow/ and /pt/ if you care about milk.

No. 335909

Uh…yes she does. Shes a terrible person and said she hates her fans because signing abd meeting them was too much work lmfao

No. 336037

File: 1544270776775.jpg (40.61 KB, 474x810, hipsss.jpg)

I don't understand the round hips trend.
Like fuck when I see nicki minaj, the middle of her body look like a plane surface it's so weird.
Does it is possible to have hips like this naturaly ? Hips dips or like some kind of soft line before the roundness seem so normal to me.
Pic related hips and waist look like a goddamn dick to me, which is ironic for this traditional symbol of female beauty.

No. 336041

i know asexual people exist for real, but i think a lot of the tumblr asexual people are just socially/generally anxious people who are scared of sex and intimacy and were influenced by the weird neo-puritanical views tumblr has on sexuality. like, it feels better and not like a problem to identify as asexual rather than someone who has the desire but can't act on it because of mental/physical obstacles

No. 336051

this. a lot of these tumblr asexuals think every relationship has to be extra open about their sex lives and show PDA all the time. to them, their parents are probably asexual.

No. 336061

It's possible with surgery and I guess if you're fat (and genetics, as in you gain there) but then you don't have that tiny waist with a flat belly

No. 336130

a girl i know (who is also a transtrender, surprise!) has always considered herself asexual, yet she openly does nudes, masturbates regularly, and watches porn. when i mentioned to her, "oh, maybe you just haven't met someone your comfortable having sex with" she immediately berated me with "you're shaming my sexuality!"

i don't understand the fad at all–just say you don't like sex, you don't have to have a fucking word for it.

No. 336392

i know a girl like this too. i don't call myself asexual but i don't like porn, don't masturbate (have before but just don't like it, and don't have a libido), never orgasmed, and don't hook up with people at all. i'm 20, but just not interested. i don't care enough to slap a label on it.

she thinks she's "non binary" (which basically means fucking nothing) and asexual, yet tells me in-depth about what kind of porn she watches (disgusting tentacle hentai and i guess at some point ghostbusters cartoon porn but they're lesbians? fucking gross), what she uses, how great orgasming is, how much she loves drinking and hooking up with boys (totes non sexual though because it's just gross sloppy making out and hickeys), but she's sewwwwwwwwwwwww ACE. i hate it so much. this shit doesn't add up. you aren't asexual if you have a libido, fuck the tumblrthink. this makes no fucking sense whatsoever. i think it makes sense if you call yourself asexual and legitimately just don't have much of a libido, but if you do and love to make out with guys and masturbate, you definitely are not asexual at all. what is with people and their precious labels nowadays. i swear they'll just slap whatever identity on themselves in place of a personality.

No. 336431

Thissss so much. I roll my eyes when I see people describe themselves as asexual online these days.

No. 336473

I agree with this, mainly because I used to be like this. It feels better to cover up fear and anxiety under the label of a sexuality.

No. 336474


same but with "nonbinary"

No. 336491

The sperging over ariana grande is a little sad in the celebricows thread. Ihate to use the word jealousy since it sounds autistic as fuck but good god with how much they talk about her appearance you're lead to believe that half the anons would actually kill to live in ariana's skin for just one day

No. 336503

how do you figure? no one ever calls her ugly, they just shit on her Cheeto spray tan and her ponytail.

all the posts suddenly cropping up about "Ariana spergs ruin everything!!!" just makes me think there's a few diehard stans who just caught wind of the celebrities thread.

No. 336573

Same goes for 99% of the kpop critfags. Why won't the mods just give us a hellweek? The site really sucks right now

No. 336582

Agreed. I actually DO think Ariana is a cow and her antics deserve to be mocked but I’m starting to get annoyed on how much her appearance gets nitpicked. I mean, I know this is lolcow but do we really need to derail the tread about whether she’s 5’0” or 5’3”? Like who gives a shit? I mean, if you’re gonna discuss her appearance, at least talk about how she’s apparently an anachan because that’s more relevant.

No. 336591

>tinfoil hat
The sudden posts all criticizing the celebricows thread and how much they talk about Ariana is just Amanda-chan being salty that no one wants to talk about Amanda Seyfried

No. 336604

The biggest problem with the celebricow thread is that anons aren't impartial. It's very clear some anons have favorites and others have vendettas.
Causes infighting because some anons can't stand to have their beloved celeb criticized, others can't accept that what they post isn't that milky.

No. 336627

lying about your height to appear like a smol bean is a pretty prevalent trend among cows here tbf, it gets talked about in EVERY smol bean thread, like June, Lainey and Lori.

wouldn't surprise me.

No. 336632

That's ridiculous anon! But since you mentioned her…

No. 336645

okay but no one is impartial ever. Even when it comes to actual cows and snowflakes etc, it's impossible to be 100% impartial, you always have your bias.

No. 336684

Its cuz anons get suicidal over her being short

No. 336708

File: 1544361233198.jpg (207.85 KB, 683x878, miley-cyrus-ariana-grande-manc…)

I honestly don't get how anybody could be jealous of her height.
Your body is supposed to be 8 times the lenght of your head, hers is probably only half of that… Miley is also just average height, yet her proportions look a hundred times better. And even if Ariana is 5'3 that's still incredibly short for a young woman.

No. 336717

Lolcow is teeming with former weebs and weebs in denial who wish they looked like smol thinspo animu girls, but know they can't/don't, so they often get at least a little mad about literally any woman being short, thin or having a "cutesy" aesthetic.
Ariana Grande is a celebrity, which means she is partially unavoidable, so she just automatically puts some farmers in a very, very bad mood. Whether or not she actually looks good is irrelevant, her body and fashion choices are a trigger for some people.

No. 336720

>5"3" is incredibly short

you've done it now anon, now every insecure sperg 5'4" and up is gonna be in this thread shrieking about how 5'3" is totally average

No. 336894

why is her head so damn big?

No. 337013

you know you can find someone successfull annoying without being jealous right, anon ?

No. 337021

File: 1544392527208.jpg (329.9 KB, 1079x1263, Screenshot_20181209-155439_Sam…)

No, it's an inch away from average. I'm 5'3" myself and have never felt extremely short or tall in public.

No. 337026

I'm not talking about people who just find her annoying, I'm talking about the autists spending 948298428 posts discussing only her height and how she's anachan, her tan, how it's haram that she wears baggy sweaters, etc and even derailing the /meta/ thread to try and get mods to ban people from criticizing such obsessive behavior.
There's far more interesting shit to pick apart, like her relationships, social media meltdowns, how her past as a Nickelodeon star might be influencing the way she acts now, her fakeness in public appearances (that black accent, lol), etc etc. Many farmers don't actually care about any of that, though. They're just upset that she's skinny, "exotic looking" from all the tanning/surgery and smaller than them, and it shows.

No. 337027

File: 1544392873725.png (5.6 KB, 462x90, 3qe.PNG)


it might be 5'3 globally but that counts places like latin america or asia where people are short. the average american is actually 5'4 and she's shorter than that, miley is 5'5

No. 337029

File: 1544393126902.jpeg (13.11 KB, 294x294, images (5).jpeg)

No. 337031

Which thread will the height infighting hit next? Stay tuned for the next episode of Sperging in December

No. 337033

damn this image literally ruined the illusion of her being short for me, just her fucking head's gianormous
oof at her proportions lol

No. 337034

File: 1544394180740.jpg (114.3 KB, 640x828, susnOe2PKK4nkIlvd2jCuW6-C-_eVC…)

Farmers will permanently be mad about this girl and her height. I wonder how insane Lolcow will get if, say, Dove Cameron ever gets popular, and they find out she's 5'2.
She even naturally has the small, delicate features that sends anons spiraling.

No. 337036

People don't hate Ariana because she is small, they hate that she can't shut up about how small she is and exaggerates it for her babythot persona.

No. 337037

When's the last time she even talked about being small, though? I hear more about it from here than anyone else.
She definitely exaggerates it with her clothes to up her persona, but literally every celebrity overblows some aspect of themselves.

No. 337038

she's much more proportionate, like looking at this pic I wouldn't have guessed that she's under 5'5" you know? vs ariana (alone as evident by the miley pic kek) looks like a legitimate midget despite being taller than dove. also dove is actually beautiful, ariana on the other hand I find sorta meh looks vise, nothing to be jealous of imo

No. 337041

File: 1544395477418.png (571.65 KB, 626x500, ariana-dove-selfie.png)

I mostly agree, but
>that spoiler
Tbh, I think they both blow most of the population out of the water lol.

No. 337044

did she line her lower lip in a darker color?

No. 337046

File: 1544396023632.jpg (223.14 KB, 1080x843, HIuhKkY.jpg)

Dove got a good plastic surgeon. The only thing that's off imo is the tip of her nose. It looks weirdly boxy.

No. 337051

Matte lips make lip fillers look more noticeable to me. They both have fillers and nose jobs.

No. 337054

The lips look really bad too tbh

No. 337059

The lips look really bad too tbh

No. 337061

Jesus, I had no idea that was her real face. I legit thought she was naturally like that and there'd be no way to work plastic surgery into a teen Disney career. I guess nobody just "has it all".

No. 337063

ITT: Where Farmers go when celebricow threads don't circlejerk enough

No. 337064

Her mom also wrote a book about getting kids famous in hollywood

"The Hollywood Parents Guide: Your Roadmap to Pursuing Your Child's Dream"

No wonder why she got ps at such a young age

No. 337073

It is though. 5’3” is short but it’s pretty damn close to average unless you live in Scandinavia.

No. 337077

>I legit thought she was naturally like that
She looks like a blow up doll, especially in motion. 2 nosejobs, man-made dimples, lip fillers, probably a lot of botox too since her face looks super stiff, you name it.

No. 337090

Miley's dressed much more flattering in this than her and Ariana's ugly ass giganto hair extensions don't help her bobble head look any smaller.

5'3" is definitely average.

No. 337102

do you guys even listen to yourselves or can you just not help being complete caricatures when you see "5'3" uttered anywhere on this board

No. 337184

Lol. All I said that 5’3” is short to average cause anon said that 5’3” is really short, which is obviously retarded. I don’t care about height either way. Can’t speak about everyone else here though.

No. 337371

File: 1544445577240.jpg (47.38 KB, 432x628, Dovey_Cameron_2012.jpg)

She got blepharoplasty and breast implants too. Her eyes back then were never this big and Dove dick nose is so weird, sometimes it looks alright most of the times it looks bad

No. 337376

File: 1544446062348.jpg (10.18 KB, 236x209, ba06113c7b7afaedb8fc47f207abab…)

Youre a fucking ugly bitch. Im gona stab you to death. Then play around with your blood.(incel)

No. 337377

I didn't know Dove was a farmer.

No. 337381

I didn't know Patrick Bateman was a farmer

No. 337576

I remember being crucified in one of my college courses years ago because for a debate and research project I played "devil's advocate." I argued why video games are detrimental and can cause violent tendencies.
People didn't like it and thought I was unfairly attacking their hobby, because how dare I had criticized VIDEO GAMES.
And of course if something's popular and beloved it can't be bad, hm?

Except nowadays there's evidence to conclude developers make video games as addicting as possible. Ranging from dopamine manipulation to outright gambling.
How many more videos will I see of lazy ass men not being able to pry themselves away from their games and becoming aggressive and violent when other obligations call?

Obviously not everyone who plays a video game has a problem, I think women are the fewest offenders of video game addiction. But clearly it's a fucking problem. When is it gonna be socially acceptable to publicly shame this shit? Men are fucking losers if they need to be yanked away from games like children and then beat their wives in response to their justifiably upset attitudes.

No. 337590

Was your argument that violent content makes them violent, or that addiction makes them violent? I could buy either. I dont think it takes much to make men aggressive though, women can play endless video games and it wont make them beat their partners.

No. 337599

I was forced to argue that violent content begets violent people.
Obviously I don't fully believe that myself, but I certainly feel that some people will attach themselves to violent content more and use that as a negative outlet, if not recreating the violence irl themselves.

I speculate researchers back then were onto video game addiction but they lacked the research to put two and two together, so they just assumed "violence" was behind the behavior. Addiction wasn't even a word on their horizon. Whereas today we have more research to see that the 'violence' and aggression stems from addictive personalities.
Similar to what happens when you take away dope from the meth addict.

No. 337606

Slight OT, but gdoddamnit I regretted looking at the comments on Reddit, everyone started blaming both parties, when clearly the guy doesn't want to stop playing and eat with his family (which was supposdly 1 hr ago)
Male Gamers, streamers and everything in between are literally man babies

No. 337610

Yeah, they're bitching about "whiteknighting" but totally sucking the cock of the faggot who fucking beat his pregnant wife!
>"b-b-but she berated him and threw something doe"
Like so fucking what? How is beating a pregnant woman a warranted and equal reaction to being called names? He put his own child in danger, and the child didn't do shit to him.
He's a fucking monster, bar none. I wish women would stop dating these loser gamur assclowns.

No. 337612

he hit his mom for trying to get him to stop playing video games too.

remember ladies, if he's a gamer: fuck him and leave him. never love him.

No. 337614

I had a similar research topic and had similar reactions. Majority of people raved about the potential and positive aspects that video games could bring. And while they "acknowledged" some of the issues such as addiction, lack of empathy, sense of detachment, etc. could be an issue, good luck trying to have gamers take that seriously. Spending hours of your free time gaming is just "hobby" and any criticism is just from people who "don't get it".

In this specific case, you have trying to take away someone's fix with the emotional stability of a 5 year old…but with the responsibilities of an actual adult. Absolutely tragic. The kids deserve better than that cunt. Fuck that toxic gamer culture bullshit.

No. 337615

Any man who hits their mothers deserve to die tbh . No sympathy.

I wish these women would see the giant red flags before they marry or have kids.

No. 337617

>fucking and leaving a guy
Unless he's so insanely hot you'll throw out all sense to get the dick, I don't see the point. You're just giving him exactly what he wants for free, with zero effort involved and a convenient excuse for him to look down on and dehumanize you. Few dicks are worth that.

No. 337618

lol women like to fuck too. and more than fucking, men like women pining after them. they want women to desire them romantically.

No. 337620

they also like to "pump and dump" anon's point is that don't fuck dudes to get back at them.

No. 337621

never said that. i said you can fuck them but you can't love them.

No. 337622

Anon, that is literally what most men want out of life. You're boosting their ego and making their dreams come true, at no inconvenience to themselves. If you wanna fuck a guy that bad go for it, but don't labour under the delusion that you're doing anything to hurt them.

No. 337631

i hate that im super into video games because of people like this. there's so many autistic men in the community who are obsessed with anime and speak like retards, i can't connect with them at all.

No. 337632

Do they really though? Why is it that most women don't orgasm through sex? Do most women enjoy the chance of pregnancies, injury, STDs or death (all of these being almost exclusively through women participating in PIV)? Why would women like doing something when they bare all of the incredibly serious consequences alone?
You are delusional if you think fucking men does anything but fill their need for oppressing and controling women and YOU'RE the one benefiting.

No. 337647

yeah, the real trick is to fuck them, marry them, ruin their life and then steal all their twitch welfare after you get beaten on stream.

No. 337649

>steal all their twitch welfare

NTA but god I fucking wish lol

No. 337650

>when radfems sound like misogynists

No. 337651

Off-topic but a janitor accidentally banned me the other day because they thought I was replying to a scrote in the anti-male thread when I was actually arguing with a femanon who was just being that misogynistic. I had to repeal the ban and it was taken off after I explained lol (but it's actually not funny…).

No. 337659

How on earth what I said misogynistic?
These are factual, real occurences that have happened and happened to women through history and the present. "Fucking" or PIV "sex" has been used almost exclusively to control women's means of reproduction since the beginning of male dominated society and harms women.
But yet, we're supposed to "like" and "enjoy" PIV while taking on almost all of the sometimes fatal consequences because….men are entitled to it?
Just because you've been conditioned to believe that PIV is the entirety of sex and it ~feels good to you~ doesn't mean it hasn't been used to oppress women throughout history AND STILL TODAY.
It's funny to see that when you challenge that PIV has a high potential of being dangerous and risky for women to participate in, you always get the choice feminists crawling in and trying to say that the feminism they believe in is so empowering for women. Except it's not and you're just participating in exactly what men want.
Men want you to think that PIV "sex" is mandatory and NEEDS to happen because THEY want it. How many women stay with men that refuse to do oral/non-piv even though for many women it's the only way they can cum? How many men stay with women that refuse to do PIV? I've never heard of a man that needs to do PIV to cum, so why is it mandatory for women to participate in, given its many risked that women alone experience?

No. 337660

happened to me, too. lots of femanons would only be happy if women agreed to be political lesbian spinsters. anything else is

No. 337661

i know you don't go outside a lot, but a lot of women like piv! wow shocking!

No. 337683

No. 337779

staff is banning for replying to scrots? great news, hope it becomes a rule and retarded anons learn to ignore the scrotoid

No. 337822

I'm legit surprised some women can be this close minded.. wow, guess what, some girls actually do enjoy PIV sex and do it because they like it/romantic reasons

You're making a huge mistake by generalizing. In fact, this way of thinking is what's actually taking liberties away from women… "Now WE will tell you what you can enjoy or not!"

No. 337880

Men are SO ready to play Devil's Advocate but they get so angry when you say anything bad about vidya. Look at the whole gamergate shitshow.

No. 337881

Like, 80% don't but go off.

No. 337930

Yeah I'm closed minded because I think about the entire history of women's oppression and suffering and not my own individual pleasure.
You guys are so deluded.
Why do you think PIV is so popular in porn even though you know the women are suffering but they have to act like they're enjoying it?
Why do you think media only shows up PIV instead of other safer sexual acts that women in the real world actually enjoy and can gain sexual pleasure from?
Again, I don't see how saying that because it makes you or some other women feel "good" that it somehow cancels out all of the negative effects of it that the majority of women face today.
You think women and girls in Africa and India are championing how wonderful and awesome PIV, male centric "sex" is while they deal the brunt of the pregnancies, injuries and diseases?

No. 337932

Nta but the piv is thought of a standard and "actual sex" and all women are supposed to love it and come from it according to all fucking media and porn ever, so no one is surprised when a woman likes it, as she should. I think it is more refreshing to see women be critical of it, balance is needed. There are risks and far from everyone gets off from that act.

No. 337940

ah yes every woman except for you is brainwashed. you're the golden one.

No. 337954

The Amanda Seyfried thing happening in /ot/ and the Celebricows thread isn't funny.

No. 337962

I agree.

No. 337976

Yes, I "witnessed" that anon who started all this right from the beginning and still don't get why so many find that so funny…

No. 337977

>Except nowadays there's evidence to conclude developers make video games as addicting as possible. Ranging from dopamine manipulation to outright gambling.
I always thought that the people that gets violent over video games were mostly playing competitive multiplayer stuff, because it leads to frustration. Kind of how during important football games there's more violence overall, on the street because of hooligans and domestic violence, things like that. I love video games and I mostly play cute stuff and JRPG, only single player games so that's only my guess.

No. 337992

Like, I get why it's supposed to be funny. But it's just not this time. Anons are overexcited to be privy to an "in-joke" and it's cringey.

Semi-related but what thread was it where recently an anon was posting photoshops of the cow that were obviously supposed to be taken seriously but they were hilariously bad and uncanny valley-ish? That was funny

No. 338009

Yeah. It was one of less funny spergouts we've had on /ot/ this year. The anon who thought the mods were communicating with her when the "true" message came up after she reported a post and the crazy russian neet anon were more entertaining.

The one who posted edits of rachel evans/that "suicide shipper" girl?

No. 338019

When the fuck did I say that lmao
There are tons of women who think similarly to me, ie) most radical feminists
Are you going to actually address the points I'm making or are you just going to continue to completely make shit up because your idea of "sex" is being challenged and you feel uncomfortable with it.

Why do you think heterosexual women have the least amount of orgasms out of everyone? Why do you think heterosexual women have higher rates of STDs compared to lesbian women? Why do you think heterosexual women die more often from sexual related acts (injury or pregnancy)?
What could heterosexual women be doing that lesbian women are not…?
If men truly gave a flying fuck they wouldn't engage in so much PIV, let alone consider it MANDATORY, knowing all of these risks for women.
There is more to sex than PIV. How the fuck do you think lesbians have sex, or gay men?

No. 338024

I recently decided to search up some guy I was rejected by after cold approaching several months ago (pathetic to fixate on, I know) and found out he's at least 7 years older than I expected him to be.
I'm not sure if this is reassuring for me and my taste since manlets age well, or embarrassing that I, a 20-year-old at the time, hit up a near 30-year-old man unknowingly and expected him to be single.

He really did look younger though. Wow.

No. 338027

I meant to put this in the vent thread but now can't delete it…so to save myself:
Unpopular opinion: skinny manlets age better than average sized or tall men

No. 338051

>rachel evans shooper

No it wasn't in that thread… ugh now I'm going a lil crazy trying to remember what thread it was…

No. 338055

I actually like Turkish people, too bad their government sucks ass.

No. 338060

I’m bummed Starbucks discontinued the holiday spice flat white but the juniper latte tastes really good. A lot of people seem to dislike it.

No. 338065

I remember, I think. It was the one with the chubby kawaii-tumblr-weeb-style girl with the apple-shaped body and rectangular face, right? But anon just made her look like an alien instead lol.

I can't remember her name even though I followed her for a short time…

No. 338070

Most of the human population is straight, that's why theres "higher rates" of shit than compared to 3% of lesbians. Also gay men are gross as fuck, spreading their aids, fam. Sorry not everyone on this site is a raging lesbian. Rethink your life.

No. 338076

Was it plasticandproud? The anon who made those ugly shoops of her was even more hilarious than the rachel shooper

No. 338079

You're trash too lol

No. 338081

You sound delusional

No. 338086

lmfao YES that's the one! Ty anon kekek

Ohhh yeah!! I was thinking it was pnp initially but I dismissed the thought bc I totally forgot about that haha

Good stuff imho. I was laffin'

No. 338087

nice samefagging

No. 338093

dykes need to stop projecting their hatred of dick on every single woman. not to mention, insisting that being a dyke is the default for women, therefore, if you're not a raging homo, you're a brainwashed victim of male propaganda

No. 338099

Shut up handmaiden

No. 338101

Keep your sperging to the male hate thread. You sound misogynistic as fuck. Sorry people enjoy other things than you, you're not smart for disliking video games to an extreme and you got laughed at in class because you have autism.

No. 338105

not orgasming from piv doesn't mean women don't like piv and doesn't mean they're not orgasming thru other means but go off

No. 338115

Oh you didn't know, anon? Any woman who doesn't have the same opinions and thoughts as her is garbage and is fooling themselves!
Talk about insufferable.

No. 338116

>all this samefagging falseflag bait and the people falling for it

No. 338121

Half of that isn't even bait.

No. 338128

nta and I don't really have issues with PIV but kek @ "orgasming thru other means." that's synonymous with
>your bf uses your body as a fleshlight and falls asleep immediately after he cums so you have to go get yourself off in the bathroom

No. 338130

How is it misogynistic to point out people who like video games are trash?

No. 338133

/pt/ is boring as fuck i never go there. NO FUN ALLOWED zone

No. 338136

Did you not read her other posts and initial one or are you retarded?

It's also funny that she thinks anyone here cares about people liking video games when this is a hub for women who love them including anime. It's an imageboard for christs sake.

No. 338137

look sis, I'm a radfem too but is this really the hill you want to die on? Of all the unsafe, non pleasurable sexual practices, are you gonna insist on PIV ? PIV can be unsafe but it isnt inherently. STDS can happen in non PIV sex, preagnancy -while a tool of patriarchy- isnt always a threat or source of fear and PIV truly can be enjoyable and I'm not talking about "empowerement" or "personal pleasure".

Sex IS used by men to submit us but this whole battle you're fighting is ridiculous.

No. 338139

cool strawman. "orgasming thru other means" means getting head or getting your clit rubbed, dumbass. guess what? men do those things all the time. you wouldn't know because you're a bull dyke radikewl lesbian feminist.

why do lesbos use strap-ons and finger bang each other? because it feels good.

No. 338150

>you wouldn't know because you're a bull dyke radikewl lesbian feminist.
cool unwarranted assumption. guess what? most men who are even willing to eat pussy and/or rub a girl off are so shit at it that it would probably feel better to go do it yourself anyways lol.

No. 338151

agree, /ot/ best board

i agree the whole "penis is bad" sperg is ridiculous, but man finger banging doesnt ressemble PIV in the slightest

No. 338155

says who? afterellen dot com?

No. 338165

says reality (and this study https://www.utpjournals.press/doi/10.3138/cjhs.251-A2 as well as most other women you ask about it). why are you so convinved everyone who questions men's sexual performance is a lesbian?

No. 338168

more like women are too pussy to teach a man how to give head. no one is born with oral skills.

No. 338177

Nah I just find if amusing that they can't admit there ARE risks and if men cared about female safety and pleasure, they'd find other ways of intimacy instead of making PIV mandatory.
lmao keep trying, I'm straight you retard. I'm sorry that your man is so sexually uncreative and cruel that he has made you believe that PIV is the best form of sex he could possibly grace you with.
You should try something anon. Tell your bf that you're not going to have PIV sex for a month and tell him you'd like to explore other avenues of sex that aren't centered around his pleasure and his anatomy. We'll see how long your relationship lasts.

No. 338183

but everyone is born with hands, hands they can use to go on google and figure that shit out themselves. men don't teach women how suck dick either kek. it's not like oral is even difficult enough to require teaching, men just don't try.

No. 338212

Honestly, I'm kind of with you on this.
I find PIV comes off as inherently demeaning (even though I'm one of the few who can come from penetration) unless the male is tied down, and would prefer to only 69 or partake in pegging with every sexual interaction. It's disappointing that no men would be okay with that. It's stupid.

No. 338236

when your only experience with having sex with men is through lesbians on tumblr and femcels on lolcow, of course you're going to think this is standard when it's not

No. 338239

Uhhh there are plenty of guys into pegging. wtf are you going on about?

No. 338277

Is "plenty of guys" enough of them to make it super commonplace?

No. 338281

I'm not sure why you stop at PIV. If I was to really disregard my sex drive for the sake of feminist ideals (and I do), I wouldn't have sex at all whether it's PIV or more 'creative' forms of sex. Either way it still involves being intimate with a guy so as a personal choice for me, celibacy and spinsterhood >>>>>>

No. 338282

Just so we're clear here…I'm OP of the video game secret and I've been out seeing my bf for several hours. Soooo….not autistic and not the one who was fighting. Sorry.

No. 338458

it’s embarrassing when anons on here try to speculate on the weight of a cow just based on pictures and their own humblebragging

No. 338756

I think that Adelina Sotnikova deserved the gold medal over Yuna Kim at the 2014 winter olympics, and the only reason I feel like mentioning this is because people are still sperging about this several years later.

No. 338763

My city's only abortion center closed down which kinda sucks but people are making way too big of a deal of it. If you can't afford proper birth control then you shouldn't have PIV sex.

No. 338765

you do know there are plethora of reasons one could be in need of an abortion besides reckless unprotected sex right? I hope the closest abortion clinic isn't overly far now

No. 338779

so women who can’t afford birth control should be forced to give birth and take care of a baby and be punished with all the side effects of a post partum body? this logic is so dumb, if you can’t even afford birth control where is someone going to find the money to have a baby?

No. 338780

You should know by now that people who are against abortion don’t actually care about the children lol

Once a poor and uneducated woman has a kid she can’t take care of then the same people complaining about abortion will be the same people complaining about how her and her kid is a leech on welfare etc

No. 338786

If she doesn't have birth control and can't take care of a kid, why is she risking it by fucking in the first place? It's not like she has to fuck

No. 338787

You know a majority of abortions are carried out on women in relationships who already have one kid. And what’s easier or a more likely solution, having affordable and easily accessible abortion and birth control avalible to low income women, or telling poor people just not to fuck until they’re rich.

No. 338788

why do you think babies are supposed to be punishment for daring to have sex lol

No. 338792

Do you live off in lala land?

No. 338810

Yeah, because women are always to blame right? Is this a man? Have you no sympathy for women who have been sexually assaulted? Or are trying to leave an abusive relationship and a baby would have it more difficult (not to mention the abuser would have rights to see his child)? Or women whose contraception failed them? Or teenagers who might not be educated about contraception or don't have easy access to contraception like you do? You think somebody who is not in the position to have a child should just be forced to have one because of your shitty beliefs? Must be nice to be so blissfully ignorant of the suffering an unplanned pregnancy causes because yeah, it is a big deal you twat.

No. 338813

If you can't afford a child, don't stick your penis in a woman who can't afford one either how about fucking that.

No. 338824

sex has never only been for the sake of procreation. monitoring the sex of poor people is dystopian. the solution would be easy access to contraception and abortion, which you’re against because you want to punish women, you don’t care about babies.

No. 338825

again, the idea that a baby (a living, breathing,dependent and innocent creature) should be punishment for sex is completely sociopathic.

No. 338826

Sorry, I don't have much sympathy for women who accidentally get knocked up unless they got knocked up after being sexually assaulted. I never suggested they should have to carry their shitty kid to term though, I think that would be a terrible idea. Not going to argue about it.

Also those are two different anons.

No. 338837

Pregnancy is a paradox, it’s both really hard and really easy to get pregnant depending on what your goal is. Birth control isn’t perfect, there’s loads of misinformation about the pill and that can lead to pregnancy. Condoms break, I even know women who got pregnant on an IUD.

Pregnancy is a life changing and potentially life threatening process. The idea of it being a punishment is horrific. Forced pregnancy is evil. Abortion is a mercy.

No. 338842

same. if you're going to be a slut then take responsability of your actions. they use raped pregnant women as a strawman too, most women undergo abortions after consentual unprotected sex

No. 338847

how is having an abortion not taking responsibility for your actions? if someone is pregnant, and they don’t want to be pregnant they cannot invent a time machine to stop themselves from having sex. they can however, realize they aren’t well equipped to handle a pregnancy and/or motherhood and terminate the pregnancy. that is taking responsibility. life is not a bad lifetime movie, a baby isn’t a lesson that needs to be learned, there is no happily ever after where a woman forced into pregnancy magically loves her child and embraces motherhood and is never sad again.

No. 338851

terminating a human life isn't taking responsibility for your actions, it's selfish

No. 338864

Silly anon, you're supposed to have an IUD, be on birth control, use a condom, and use spermicide or else you weren't trying hard enough and both you and the child deserve punishment.

No. 338865

A mass of cells isn't a human life, anon. You're sounding like a scrote.

No. 338867

The bodily autonomy of a living, breathing woman trumps that of a zygote living inside of her. Just like how we cannot force someone to donate blood or organs, we cannot force women to rent out their uterus for 9 months to what is essentially an unwelcome parasite.

No. 338872

File: 1544723473970.jpg (553 B, 100x100, 1423833318224.jpg)

You better try harder next time

No. 338873

Surprise! It's a retarded male!

No. 338874

you'd think they'd have more of an issue with them having a baby considering they'll be paid by the state and some states pay to put the child up for general adoption and you can get paid for private adoption. but you know, retards who just want women to suffer likely aren't doing research.

No. 338884

>> all women who have sex are sluts

Oh hey trump, welcome aboard

No. 338918

im sorry, im not pro life, but my unpopular opinion is that people who say shit like "its only a zygote!!!!!!" and "its only a clump of random cells!!!!!" are retarded and need to take a class on human developement, and have no bussiness trying to educate others about abortions. the zygote phase lasts about 4 days, at which point its pretty much impossible to tell whether someone is pregnant.

also how disgusting do you have to be to refer to a human baby as a parasite? not only is it wrong, because by definition a parasite has to be a different species from the host, but it also sounds borderline psycho.

No. 338941

Agreed tbh

No. 338946

Its to drive home a point, a fetus at the time abortion is legal most places does not feel pain and does not think, so its not unethical

No. 338949

>unpopular opinion is that people who say shit like "its only a zygote!!!!!!" and "its only a clump of random cells!!!!!" are retarded and need to take a class on human developement,

You can’t talk about us needing to take a human development class when you call a fetus a “human baby”. It’s not a baby. It’s an embryo until weeks 9 and 10, then it’s considered a fetus. Fun fact: most abortions happen at the 8 week stage, meaning what’s being aborted is several stages away from becoming anything resembling a “human baby”.

>also how disgusting do you have to be to refer to a human baby as a parasite?

To someone who doesn’t want their pregnancy, the fetus is essentially a parasite. It makes them ill, feeds off their body, causing a laundry list of painful and debilitating symptoms. Pregnancy is hard enough on women who want their babies, now imagine going through all of that while resenting the fetus and not wanting to be a mother.

No. 338954

Move out of your parents house, and stop watching Fox News. Trust me, it will be good for your obviously developing brain.

No. 338956

>fuck babies, fuck mothers, women deserve punishment for having sex whether it's consensual or not

Pro lifers are such cunts. I'm perfectly happy to be pro baby murder if that baby is solely reliant on one human body and couldn't feasibly exist without it. Once a baby is out of her mother's stomach that's no longer applicable, the line is drawn so I don't care how it's phrased to make us sound evil. Nobody's gonna make me care more about a fetus than a woman by calling it murder or a real baby or whatever.

No. 338958

Oh and to clarify my greentext because I forgot the tangent I was going on - they don't care about the wellbeing of children and mothers once the child is actually born, they only care about women getting their just desserts for having sex

No. 338961

File: 1544738779536.jpg (Spoiler Image,16.4 KB, 640x435, 8weeks2.jpg)

anon, pic related is an 8 week old foetus. a baby is considered a foetus at the end of 8 weeks, not at 9 - 10 weeks. an 8 week old foetus has begun to form toes and fingers, has a heart beat, and has started to form the major organs, and has eyes and eyelids. so not exactly "several stages away from becoming anything resembling a “human baby”" like you claim. they also have a spinal reflex, so they may or may not feel pain, but this is a complex issue and up for debate.

also whats your problem with calling a fetus a baby? its not a scientific term, unlike "zygote" "embryo" and "fetus" which you clearly have trouble differentiating between. do you also screech at pregnant women who refer to their unborn children as baby?

so you think its ok to lie to people about something like this? youre essentially spreading bullshit to people who have to make a difficult medical decision, and taking their right to an informed decision away by telling them that "its just a clump of cells" when that isnt true.

again, im not against abortions, but actively lying about important details of a fucking medical procedure regardless of the reason is sick.

No. 338963

it doesn't have a brain.

No. 338966

Why does everyone itt turn into a full blown libfem when someone mentions accidental pregnancies or abortion?

No. 338967

are you fucking serious ?
Poor people shouldn't have PIV sex ? what the fuck?

No. 338968

yes it does lol… at 8 weeks the brain makes up 43% of the fetuses mass… tbf thats not saying much though.


why are you so insistent on claiming that its wrong to call a foetus a baby? its not a medical term, its just a more informal word for a very young child. depending on your opinion of the matter, a foetus is a very young child. your not "informing" anyone about anything.

also, how is pointing out that claiming that a foetus cant feel pain isnt neccesarily right somehow a bad thing? its the truth that no one knows for sure yet, and women undergoing an abortion have the right to know the truth about the serious medical decision theyre about to make, as opposed to being fed lies.

No. 338969

nta, but maybe first learn how to type and use punctuation correctly if you intend to appear intelligent.

No. 338970

lmaooo this isnt reddit you sperg

No. 338979

y'all arguing with a male troll btw

No. 338981

nta but don't you think the "everyone who disagrees with me is a male :^)) report and stay safe!" meme is getting a little old?

No. 338985

Probably a mix of LARPing males, women who are projecting their own body image issues and well, it's lolcow. Most people here aren't quite right in the head.

No. 338987

The reason we make a distinction between “fetus” and “baby” is because they literally are not the same. Pro-lifers are careful to use terms like “baby” because they want people to imagine an evil whore and a mad scientist murdering 3 month old smiling white babies. Not the reality of a woman getting a safe medical procedure to remove something that is essentially the size of a Lima bean from her uterus.

Arguing over fetus/baby/zygote is all a distraction, because I’ll alwaus value existing life over potential life. The existing life of a living woman trumps that of the fetus that lives inside her.

No. 338999

People on here fight constantly over everything you mentioned, calling each other ana-chan/fatty over disagreements on cows' weights, and whole threads have gone to shit over boob size arguments before.

No. 339039

why do nasolabial folds appear to be a meme on here? I've been lurking for a while but i haven't ever understood it

No. 339040

Because it’s a pretty typical symptom of aging and most girls get them genetically. It’s a meme here because anons sperg out when someone has them, be it a cow or someone lamenting on /ot or /g. It’s a meme that a lot of anons choose to derail over.

No. 339041

weeb girls under the age of 24 who move to japan will end up escorts or in some kind of sex work. Every girl I’ve met who went to Japan to “study” and doesn’t have super rich parents ends up in a av or working at a hostess bar.

No. 339056

Some of them dont even have those folds then again we're in a place who think 16 yr olds are aged and haggard

No. 339078

File: 1544759704778.jpeg (68.38 KB, 628x940, 5E5CA3B8-9655-465D-A47D-ABE9FE…)

This, its so fucking retarded, all humans have them to varying degrees

No. 339087

Most of the posters in the celebrity thread are so jealous of Ariana grande it’s becoming cringe kek

No. 339090

it's always been cringe. the arifags kinda ruined that thread.

No. 339109

the criticism implies they're there when a face is resting, dumbass

No. 339115

not really, anons on here would sperg about nasolabial folds even if the person in question was smiling or not

No. 339133

Honestly, Ariana does a lot of stupid shit. The only ones jealous of her are the anons who keep bringing up shit like if she's short or not, and how her body looks.

No. 339134

this. i've seen people argue that not everyone has them while smiling to wk certain cows.

No. 339139

I know that, everyone has them, its a human trait

No. 339140

I know that, everyone has them, its a human trait

No. 339241

People constanty write (or accuse people of) this, but I highly doubt it. Why would anybody be jealous of the way Ariana looks? Yes, I'd love to be as rich as her, but there are plenty of other celebrities with much better bodies. I just don't get it…

No. 339248

Becauae shes cute, petite, skinny and looks younger than she is, which alot of weebs(itslolcowyknow) aspire to but is unnattainable for most, so jealousy

No. 339253

Young, cute, rich, pretty, thin. The type of woman that would make the typical chubby lolcow user with pcos triggered.

No. 339255

i immediately disregard what someone is saying in text if they unironically use ya'll.

No. 339256

Unironically these. If you ever see someone get heavily emotionally invested in a conventionally attractive female public figure's appearance down to their exact weight and height, try to dig for social justice excuses to shame them (for Ariana, it's "She's purposely pandering to pedophiles by existing as a short, thin woman and wearing baggy sweaters! By the way, she's actually totally not even really that short, and also she's been gaining weight! Also, her clothes are way too small and tight! Also, she's trying to replace black women!") chances are that they're seething with envy.

No. 339260

don't forget "she's also a (((dangerous))) anachan because you can see her collar bones and I'm 99% sure her bmi is one (1) pound below the healthy bmi for a girl her size!"

No. 339261

Femcels and crazy dykes are ruining this website.

No. 339263

This. I don't even give a shit about Ariana but the skinwalkers in the celebricow thread are so obviously envious of her figure and looks with their constant sperging disguised as some sort of a moral panic.

No. 339264

Some crazy posters are so obsessive-compulsive with their constant need of picking other peoples' looks apart that they start screeching about the smallest things such as nasolabial folds that most people have naturally at least to some degree. I think it originated from the spergy Dakota antis who would go over every inch of her body to find something to write a 10,000 word a-logging wall of text about. So the nasolabial fold meme is meant to mock someone who's taking their nitpicking to unhealthy levels.

No. 339267

You forgot to mention the roleplaying robot shitposters.

No. 339272

Isn't she in her mid-twenties? I think she looks her age, with or without makeup, but I do think a lot of people her age look older than they are so I think it's just subjective.

>which alot of weebs(itslolcowyknow) aspire to but is unnattainable for most, so jealousy

Reminds me of the anons sperging and playing victims whenever an anon says she's short or skinny or both at once, as if they were being directly insulted, no matter the context of these posts.

No. 339277

>Also, she's trying to replace black women!

Nobody said that tho…

No. 339302

So many user here think once you hit 25 you’re too old and “haggard” to wear, say or do anything someone young does.

No. 339310

Why? How are they runing the website?

No. 339363

Reminder that someone having an unpopular opinion isn't grounds to report them, unless you suspect they're a man. All male bans will be redtexted as male.

No. 339366

I don’t respect people who spend tens of thousands of dollars to undergo fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization and similar. If your genetic composition is so shit that you can’t reproduce naturally we don’t need your shit dna being perpetuated further.

Why is it always hyper religious couples who are always dead set on trying for years to conceive unnaturally? They champion against amoral biblical practices like homosexuality and abortion but IVF is fine. ‘God’ made you barren, everything he does has a purpose and you’re defying him.

No. 339378

That seems unfair to people with illnesses anon. A lot of times it is one small issue causing fertility issues why not use therapeutic means to fix it? Would you deny someone the normal function of walking if they had a curable defect?

No. 339388

Not that anon, but how are you even comparing being able to walk, or even use your own two legs in general, with not being able to reproduce, which doesn't even impact your daily life? Being able to have your own biological children isn't a right or a duty.

No. 339391

NTA but people with "one small issue" aren't the ones getting thousands of dollars in treatments.

No. 339393

That's not an unpopular opinion though

No. 339411

idk if it's an unpopular opinion but even hearing about people having threesomes or being poly when in commited relationship makes me violently sick. i lose all respect to everyone involved.

No. 339412

christ, same.

No. 339413

same. i don't think that's too unpopular, you're just not allowed to say so because muh internet feefees and muh LGBTQAP+++++++++

No. 339414

maybe its because i'm npd and bpd that i feel this way but

anxiety is the pussiest of all mental illness. i swear i see people cry on a regular basis about the most banal shit. and everyone experiences it too, like its literally nothing special at all. i hate people like kathleenlights who shield all their behavior on "but be gentle with me bc i have anxiettyyyy <///3".

literally the mental illness of normies. fight me

but then again i feel no empathy for others so maybe its that

No. 339425

i think that's your multiple personality disorders speaking. severe anxiety is pretty crippling and a nightmare to live with.

that said, the people crying about how bad it is, are NOT the people suffering from severe, crippling anxiety. if their anxiety was that bad i promise they would not become youtubers or social media personalities.

No. 339435

I get that hardcore bpdcunts like you have trouble empathizing with others but your kind of people are the reason I
a.) have developed severe anxiety
b.) am too afraid of contacting a professional to help me because it's seen as a "normie mental illness" and thus not taken seriously.
I work full time and seem well adjusted but each day can't wait to get home to cry and every night I end up getting only a few hours of sleep because I either have nightmares or can't fall asleep at all. Each day I have to either find a way to avoid or build up the courage to do completely mundane tasks because my anxiety has convinced me that I'm worthless and will fuck it up anyway.

This. I'm too afraid of the stigma to ever speak about it, even to my closest friends. Because that's fucking anxiety for you.

No. 339449

i dont get how NPDfags can ever feel entitled to even an ounce of sympathy, empathy or even niceness. You're not capable of feeling empathy towards others, so how do you expect others to have some for you?

I am honestly supportive towards anyone with any mental illness as long as it doesnt include lack of empathy. Schyzophrenia, bipolar even when they're the worst kind of maniacs, hell even BPDs can be humans if they work towards it.

I understand empathy is a complex matter that happens in complex ways but… not being able to EVER feel empathy for anyone else ? Die, lol.

No. 339452

I'm sure legit anxiety is debilitating but it's so interesting how 99% of people (tumblrinas) on the internet have it. Special snowflakes desperate for attention and sympathy have latched onto it, so any minor discomfort in social situations is now muh anxiety

No. 339467

Ugh, honestly, I kind of agree with this. I’ve had severe anxiety for the longest time and I do feel like it’s one of the most pathetic mental illnesses and is becoming an almost epidemic in its scale.
The amount of things that people won’t do because ‘i-it makes me anxious!!’ Fucking deal with it, life goes on. Yeah I get it, it makes things harder to do but people need to at least attempt to get their shit together so that they can actually coexist with society. I know someone who doesn’t brush his teeth because it apparently makes him anxious, another who will never catch any sort of public transport because it makes her anxious so she’s reliant on others to drive her. I can think of many situations like this off the top of my head. I couldn’t bring myself to go outside for the longest time so my social life and vitamin d heavily suffered which in the end just made my mental health so much worse. Wanna know what real self-care is? Doing things you need to do to even when you don’t want to - not developing a fucking shopping addiction by buying shit every time you feel bad.

It’s not their fault but it doesn’t make it any less pathetic that anxiety makes people so fragile and incapable of partaking in so many activities.

No. 339475

I honestly believe that, in one way or another, Jews are at fault for mostof the world's problems.

No. 339482

You sound like a christian plague victim during the black death.

No. 339486

What is up with white people and jews? What did they do to y'all? Like I don't fuck with them, but they don't cross my mind everyday.

No. 339501

How do you know they're white tho?

No. 339504


mental illness isn't a competition bpd tumblrinas like you make it out to be. ocd is an anxiety disorder, for example - actual anxiety greatly impedes upon people's ability to even think normally for more than 4 seconds. common anxiety symptoms include thinking that is often conflated with schizophrenia symptoms by non-professionals

my opinion: i have little empathy for people with borderline personality disorder - my partner was raped by one repeatedly and i have known many personally who have ended up traumatizing me. i mean i feel bad that they are subjected to this disorder, however they ironically tend to have a high amount of self-awareness but don't give enough of a shit about their victims despite bullshit claims of "hyperempathy" (read: feeling guilty/ashamed)

No. 339517

Asian people and black people don't care about jews.

No. 339526

people who use bpd as an excuse for their cunty behavior. how weak. whats a little self control?

No. 339531

This is unpopular because it's wrong. People with BPD can't control themselves and are a danger to others around them. Telling them to just get over it is just going to prevent them from getting help and not torturing more innocent caring people!

No. 339536


Not to blogpost but I have OCD and real anxiety disorders are crippling. I get paranoia, intrusive thoughts and irrational urges to do certain things. I have compulsive addictions like scab picking and the like. Sometimes when I'm stressed out the first thought I have is to kill myself or the stressor. It's terrifying to me and I often feel plagued by these thoughts and the worry that I will act on them, despite having no violent history or nature. Sometimes I get triggered by something and a thought won't leave my head no matter what I do.

Anxiety on a normal human level isn't all that serious, but a real anxiety disorder is hell.

No. 339540

My Chinese dad is pretty anti-semitic but it might not be the norm.

A lot of black people are anti-semitic. Ever heard of Nation of Islam? Also they are being blamed for gentrification in a lot of cities


My unpopular opinion is that Jews are white. As someone who is pretty obviously not white, it's baffling that Jewish people say they are not white just like me. I guess they can't join the country club, but so can't Eastern Europeans. And there are a lot of Greeks who have way darker skin than a lot of American Jews but I never see anyone call Greeks non-white. Being Jewish is a total non-issue in most interactions today. (Especially since i think my race has been mostly a non-issue too)

No. 339560

iktf anon :( i have pure o and it's pretty high functioning but when it gets bad, oh god does it get bad. i can relate to all of that. it's always there in an ambient sense and i can't go more than 5 minutes feeling a chill of anxiety go down my spine. i also have a problem with rumination with thoughts that don't feel like mine that feed into guilt

No. 339565

There are definitely nonwhite Jews out there but any Ashkenazi Jew who claims not to be white is full of shit. I feel like a lot of them who do that shit seem to be American who also happen to be SJWs and claim to be *~POC for brownie points. Anti-semitism is real and it sucks but just because you experience it doesn’t make you not white.

No. 339582

Oh yeah I definitely didn't mean to say that there weren't Jews of different races. There are black Jews, Arab Jews, etc. I am talking about pasty white Jews like my roommate. I think she probably would be offended if I said she was white. Yes, I do hate it when Jewish SJWs claim to be PoC for brownie points.

Also I remember this super pasty Cuban girl who ran the tumblr blog shitwhitepeoplesay or something like that. She complained that her family was racist because they didn't believe her when she insisted that her family had Afro Cuban or Taino heritage. Except I bet that they were just confused or thought it didn't matter.

No. 339594

people also protect bpd and take away personal accountability to regulate their awful behavior because uwu they cant help it while there are countless resources to combat the illness.

its no excuse.

No. 339608

Many years ago I used to talk to this /pol/yp type and I always got the impression that they hate Jews out of jealousy, because Jews are more successful and won't let them into their super secret club. They just want their piece of the pie too. I imagine if the Jewish community were less exclusive, stormfags would absolutely love them. They'd prop 'em up as shining examples of white excellence.

I agree. I couldn't tell a European Jew apart from the average white person unless they told me. Like I won't doubt that they face their own kind of discrimination but it's different from racism that nonwhites experience.

No. 339618

I think Stormfronters hate Jews because Hitler and the Nazis hated them. And there's just been a big tradition of Jew hate in general across the world. Not really sure why. It doesn't even make sense from a Christian standpoint because Jesus was a Jew.

I do think it's weird that Jews claim oppression and not being white when they are overrepresented in elite colleges (without having to face any stigma in admissions like Asians do) and prominent industries like banking/media/law/etc. Being Asian, I don't think my race is a big deal for the most part worth complaining about, and it makes even less sense for Jews. Anything that Asians face, Jews face even less of.

Also I do think it's weird that things like the Holocaust are so prominent in American culture while things like Russians dying in WWII and the Cambodian genocide aren't. Also there was a time some Hasidic Jews decided to take over a public school board and complained that all of their detractors were Holocaust supporters or something like that.


Man, I guess I sound really anti-Semitic now? I just think a lot of people in America want to blame their problem on race, and I have scorn for other Asians who are constantly complaining about race and being oppressed. But it makes the least sense for Jews to do so. Especially because I think the average non-Orthodox Jew is better off right now than the average (non-Jewish) white American right now so it makes no sense to me. (And the Orthodox Jews choose their own problems to an extent)

Also I'm probably super biased on this, but I feel like white SJW/academia types sometimes attack Asian Americans for enabling "white supremacy" because we love our model minority status or whatever. But Jews are never attacked for this even though they are at the very least white-passing and definitely have more influence over the state of things in America right now.

Finally, I'm remembering how annoyed I was at my white Jewish roommate for saying she felt unsafe in the Southern but liberal/Democrat city that we live in. She said that someone threatened her over her religion/heritage. That makes no sense to me because I grew up atheist and visibly non-white in a super Republican, super Christian suburb and people never commented on my religion. It just seems like an example of someone using the Jew card to feel oppressed.

No. 339619

I'm thinking, do Jewish people in America face problems that white people don't? I guess. But I don't see how they face problems that are comparable to anything racial minorities face in the US.

Is someone going to skip over your resume because your Jewish? Be profiled by security/police? Be passed over for upper management?

I guess Jews might suffer more hate crimes than people of other races. But I wonder how much that has to do with going to the police while people from other groups not bothering.

There's also the alt-right to worry about. Except I don't think they are a huge part of the US, and their favorite buddy Trump isn't anti-Jewish. He supports Israel and has a Jewish son-in-law that he is on good terms with. (I'm not sure how altrighters reconcile that) Also a lot of Trump's boomer Evangelical fanbase is still definitely very pro-Israel.

In general, all I can say for sure is that I don't think my racial problems are a big deal, so I don't see any reason to think why I should think Jewish problems are a big deal either. Am I missing something?

No. 339623

This conversation reminds me of a guy I knew from Israel who groomed me as a kid/teen. He insisted he wasn't white, despite being half Eastern European and Ashkenazi, and constantly talking about how he had what he described as "Aryan features" (blond hair and blue eyes) as a kid. He said something along the lines of "There is so much genetic variation in Europe, the Middle East and people who just look white!", and when I said "And the same is true of genetic variation in Africans and people who just "look" black, but they're all still considered black", he outright said "No one cares about genetic variation in Africans". But I'm supposed to care about all the supposedly different flavors of the exact same thing (white) because of his feelings? Lmao.

Ashkenazi Jewish people are white, and so are Slavic people. I don't care what brainlet /pol/tards and people who want oppression points say. They are white.

No. 339626

>It doesn't even make sense from a Christian standpoint because Jesus was a Jew.
Jews killed Jesus, that's why.

No. 339639

They run the banks and won't share the wealth with non-jews. They invented interest rates.

No. 339644

Do you really think people should lend out money without anything in return? Even Muslim countries where interest rates are supposed to be banned have loopholes so their banks work. I guess you want to return to the Middle Ages?

And it sounds like you want a bunch of gimmedats. lmao

No. 339651

In terms of systematic oppression, you're right that American Jews are currently doing better than pretty much any minority. However, the vitriol white supremacists have toward Jews is typically more extreme than what they have for anyone else besides possibly Mexicans. How successful Jews are on average is the very thing that gets white supremacists triggered by them more than they get with anyone else. A highly common conspiracy theory among them is that Jews are leading the crusade for white genocide and aiding the other minorities in pushing diversity in the media and giving more opportunities to non-whites.
Violent hate crime against Jews and holocaust denial are also on the rise. Ffs, just look at what happened at Tree of Life last month.

No. 339652

Everyone on this site is absolutely pathetic and I don't understand how so many deny that. We are all garbage.

No. 339661

>Yes, I do hate it when Jewish SJWs claim to be PoC for brownie points.
Definitely this. I've had a pasty white Jewish mutual in particular share posts about how oppressed they were, comparing themselves to black Jews and even sharing audio posts aimed at black non-Jews to accept black Jews in the community. It was baffling to experience, it basically felt like this person was expecting non-whites to treat them like they were special.
Honestly, I can't tell the difference between a white Jew and a white non-Jew. Like another anon said, there's Greeks who look like they're middle eastern. Same thing with Italians and Spaniards.

No. 339662

>they just want a piece of the pie
I'm sure this is the source of antisemitism for some of them and this excuse is absolutely bullshit. White people's lack of success never has anything to do with their race, but whenever anyone points out that blacks or Hispanics are often hindered from success due to racial reasons, these same people sperging about Jews fight tooth and nail to invalidate the idea that brown people face disadvantages. Also, Jewish success has nothing to do with ~some exclusive club~ it's because they're typically tiger mommed harder than white people by an astronomical amount. Jews don't have any privileges whites don't.

Sure, inherited wealth often plays a role, but it does for many whites too. And alt-right shit heads think of inherited wealth as great when it involves whites.

No. 339668

The problem is a lot of people define POC as people who face discrimination when that's not the case. It literally just means "not white or of European descent". It's not a catch all for anyone white supremacists don't like, but unfortunately since there's no umbrella word for that, people use POC out of simplicity.

No. 339674

>Also, Jewish success has nothing to do with ~some exclusive club~ it's because they're typically tiger mommed harder than white people by an astronomical amount. Jews don't have any privileges whites don't.
The dumb /pol/ I used to talk would always sperg that Jews prioritize their community over other people and that makes them evil and snakey or whatever. That's what I meant by that. I don't think that non-Jewish whites are disadvantaged or Jews have privileges, my personal opinion is neutral to nonexistent. White supremacist types are just filled with salt because another group of people are surpassing them.

No. 339676

Literally everyone does that, white or no. The phrase "old boys network" exists for a reason and refers to primarily white male boomers giving each other benefits and jobs, and every immigrant group will have their own community in a foreign country. This is in no way exclusive to Jews and is literally grasping at straws.

No. 339684

I'm legitimately starting to think a lot of the anons on this site suffer from some sort of mental disorder or autism, I can only imagine how some of them function IRL

No. 339685

Obviously, and borderline is likely common as well.

No. 339687

I agree wholeheartedly. In almost every thread there's emotionally charged circular sperging often about the dumbest shit. Not to mention, many users here get way too obsessed with the cows and snowflakes. Reading the "people you know IRL who you cyber stalk" thread then thinking about how invested many people are with the thread subjects is so fucking unsettling. In one of the threads I participate in, an anon followed the subject and photographed her three times without her knowledge. They were at really small events and two of the times were in the street when the events were over and everyone was on their way home. Myself and some other anons pointed out this was really creepy and just got dismissed as whiteknights and accused of being the snowflake herself.

But yeah, some farmers go so far as to engage in literal stalker behavior and have a drama thirsty echo chamber telling them it's okay as long as they get their milk. It's quite disturbing and made even worse when you read the thread about stalking people they actually know and see just how unhinged these people actually are. Then, of course, there's the countless users who aren't quite at that level but way too emotionally invested in their thread subjects. Keeping tabs on every little thing they do and dissecting every tweet or IG post for their bizarre tin foil headcannons.

No. 339693

Samefag, but here's the thread about IRL obsessions with people I was referencing: >>204455

Read that shit then think about some of the farmer behaviors that are "normal" on this site. Like being on top of every single post they make,