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No. 341517

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

http://4thwavefeminists.com (404)

https://gendertrender.wordpress.com (suspended)

Inauthentic Selves: The modern LGBTQ+ Movement Is Run By Philanthropic Astroturf And Based On Junk Science



Documenting violent crimes committed by transgender individuals
This Never Happens

Parents and clinicians concerned about transgender youth

YouTube Channels
Elly Arrow
Magdalen Berns
Cathy Brennan / Ally Missandry
Dr. RadFem
Tanith Lloyd
Meghan Murphy
Posie Parker
A Woman's Place

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No. 341518

File: 1545253845093.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 341521

File: 1545254000683.png (41.6 KB, 739x355, 1b54b4_40855320c0f448e8b308f7c…)

No. 341522

File: 1545254100478.jpg (30.28 KB, 364x364, peachyoghurt.jpg)

Peachyoghurt recently launched a forum.


No. 341524

File: 1545255181763.png (721.83 KB, 640x950, cis.png)

Thanks for the new thread!

No. 341530

This is so much truth

No. 341536

File: 1545258277586.jpg (36.28 KB, 960x624, 42506558_313534636139300_78978…)


>In Sweden, Kristoffer Johansson chopped his ex girlfriend into pieces. Then his 14 year sentence was chopped in half because it was felt that this was 'too harsh' a punishment for dicing a living woman into cubes. Now he's 'changed gender' and is himself 'a woman' so Johansson is about to be moved into a women's prison.

>Her name was Vatchareeya Bangsuan. She had already left him. Pandering to this murderer's autogynaephilic fantasy of himself as sexual object (but with the power and learned violence of a lifetime's manhood to keep him safe) is a heinous insult and dishonours her life and her violent death. Vatchareeya Bangsuan was only 20 years old. He set upon her while she was out jogging. A coward. He scattered pieces of her dismembered body through the woods. Her murderer now calls himself Kim Marie Johansson. He gets vacations from his high-security confinement to visit clinics, obtain hormones, and pursue 'gender reassignment.' "I get the feeling she has found herself," coos his attorney.

>The murderer could be released as early as January 2020. His victim meanwhile remains dead. He is "afraid for his own health" in the men's prison.

>The victim: a 20 year old woman sliced to pieces.

>The murderer: a man enclosed in mordant self-absorption. Just look at the expression on his face. Remorse? Contrition? Horror at his own act? No… more like infinitely patient self-exploration at public expense, in the media, in the surgeon's office, and in prison.

How is this possible? The number of male woman murderers, pedophiles and rapists trooning out the second they step into prison just to be moved into women prisons is baffling. How is it allowed? In this case it's obviously a tactical move driven by dark motives, it's obvious even for PC dumbasses. Killers and rapists who coincidentally find out "their true identity" right after being put into prison? Way too obvious.
Let's not talk about the fact that this guy only got 7 years for killing his ex and dismembering her… even the initial 14 were a ridiculous number. In my country he would've gotten 30 years at minimum and straight to the men's prison with no chance of appeal. What's wrong with Sweden?

No. 341539

Ayrt and like >>341516 said, I’d lose practically all my female friends and acquaintances my age. All my social hobbies are full of libfems so if I want to socialise with people who share my interests I pretty much have to keep quiet about my gc beliefs. 80% of the time we just talk about the shared hobbies and interests and that mostly makes up for the 20% virtue signalling. Nothing makes up for the predatory men, tough. Most of them get kicked eventually when they really cross the line but even after they’re gone you have to be careful about pronoun use when talking about them because in these circles, “misgendering” is just as bad as whatever the TiM did to get banned even if that included sexual harassment and death threats. I suspect that at least some other women in these groups must have peaked by now but it’s hard to find each other without attracting the ire of the handmaidens.

No. 341541

"Being called sir hurts so bad"
>Like a lot of people say it out of an attempt to be respectful I guess? Both that and son? But…I feel my heart seize up every time I hear it, and my shoulders tense…and I know it's my fault. I haven't done anything towards transition save starting hormones…and a little voice practice…but god if it doesn't feel like I want to curl up and die every time I hear that word.
>I'm not a sir, or a son…I'm a girl…a small girl and god I wish I could be delicate and feminine instead of a…sir…

No. 341542

>How is this possible?
Because the Swedish are fucking demented with their hardcore woke ideology. You wouldn't even believe. Source: I'm Finnish

But remember it's not a fetish!

No. 341543

This is so horrible and it show how much the world hates women. Even rapists and murderers are more important than women. It has happened in the UK as well: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/male-rapist-transfer-womens-jail/

>In my country he would've gotten 30 years at minimum and straight to the men's prison with no chance of appeal.

Where do you live? Maybe I'll move there… In my country a man can rape and kill women and progressives will campaign for him to be freed from prison. He can then become a celebrity and start murdering again and maybe he'll even get a movie with Michael Fassbender. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Unterweger

No. 341546

I'm considering putting this up on my fb to see which of my friends are drinking the troon koolaid lol

No. 341547

An update from the dude with hair in his "vagina": simply use Nair/Veet! Because what could possibly go wrong when putting chemical stuff inside your body

I once got veet too near towards my labia (as a dumb teen) and it burned so much, I thought I'll need to see a doctor. That hole they have down there has nothing to do with real vagina; otherwise he'd be in great pain while doing that

No. 341551

>Where do you live?
Italy. Our economy sucks though, and gays aren't 100% accepted yet. More than troons, but still.
I'm not sure if we've had a case of a murdering tranny yet, at least I've never heard of it. Only heard of TiMs being killed - by other men, of course. What I know for sure is that something like the Swedish case would never, ever happen here.

No. 341566

Every time people want to say Sweden is a great country, i'll show them this shit. They actually give men who use violence against women a giant slap on the wrist. It's disgusting

No. 341568

Same, anon

No. 341639

i mean at that point they're already pretty deep in the genital mutilation pit, might as well add chemical burns.

No. 341712

File: 1545288368221.jpg (61.62 KB, 540x960, 3dd8214f_ac3f_4159_8621_373af4…)

Did we get our hands on Jonathan Yaniv's dick pics yet? He supposedly sent a bunch to women in the makeup groups he joined.

No. 341713

File: 1545288465523.png (120.58 KB, 846x1016, ketchup.png)

Anal popsicles.

No. 341728

First off, how can anyone describe this as something a sane person would do.

Second, if you were a real woman with a real vagina… You wouldnt put any of those products near or in your vagina. Fast way to upset it and throw it out of wack. Like what the fuck

No. 341730

>change my protection

what in the actual fuck.

No. 341740

>Only difference is if it's a work thing.
That is what I was about to say. In my home country, most of the universities or at least their humanities departments are very leftist and follow libfem ideologies. Diversity is heavily advertised on my campus (which is actually great, if it didn't just mean following the ideas of all kinds of special snowflakes without scrutinizing them). I work in the humanities and I know that speaking up against certain views could lead to problems. I sometimes visit university events about gender/transgenderism and it always surprises me that even in an academic context, some ideas of e.g. TRAs are accepted without any further discussion. I also know that some professors have strong opinions and that people should be careful about what exactly they write in a term paper.

No. 341745

Sounds like a literal translation from french.

No. 341748

File: 1545300629594.png (172.63 KB, 392x407, horrifying.png)

I've read a lot of shit from kinkfags in my time, but troons who fetishize periods are a whole new level of "what the absolute fuck" for me. I don't know of any woman who sees the mess, potentially debilitating pain, constant worry about leaking or showing through, and teasing/harassment over her bodily functions remotely sexy. Only a completely ignorant man is enough of a headass to think so.

No. 341751

I don't like the thread pic

No. 341752

It looks like a redkatherinee chara drawn by someone else.

No. 341754

It reminds me a little of Ben Shapiro.

No. 341755


I need to do another social media cleanse. A few mutuals of mine won't stop talking about gender in the most stereotypical way. Abolish gender, but give into the stereotypes?

No. 341756

Same, it's the kind of shitty tumblr art I'd expect to find in the bad art thread.

No. 341757

Except with downs

No. 341765

Just to adds some extra information as someone from Thailand, the murdered Woman was Thai. Here there's a big thing about Thai women who grew up in poverty trying to marry foreigners from developed worlds in hope they could get some financial stability, they don't know better that they're getting themselves into troubles when a big majority of their husbands are losers back home. You know, mail order bride kind of stuff. You come here and see a bunch of fat old men, or drunk lowlifes with early 20s something local girls.

Many of them later faced domestic violence into their marriage and to get help would be hard as many of the women weren't so good with the languages/not knowing much about new countries.

This issue is so big that the embassy has to speak about it. I don't know about the case of this girl in particular since she was still in Sweden after leaving him so there's a possibility that she's more from better background. it's just something to take into picture about how these men think about them too.

No. 341769

Is it easy to get gender affirmation or troon out in Italy? Do people get to change their gender in legal documents without anykind of medical intervention?

Just curious

No. 341775



Cross dressing is legal in Italy, and sex reassignment surgeries are also legal, with medical approval. However, gender identity is not a part of official anti-discrimination law.

In 1982, Italy became the third nation in the world to recognise the right to change one's legal gender. Before Italy, only Sweden (1972) and Germany (then-West Germany) (1980) recognised this right.

On 21 May 2015, the Court of Cassation also decided that sterilisation is not required in order to obtain a legal gender change.

No. 341780

SRS is legal with medical approval and now sterilisation is not required to get legal gender change, but I wonder if any run of the mill coder troon or tumblrina fakeboi can just get their gender changed if they want without any kind of medical procedure.

No. 341783


The page linked in the footnote for the change in 2015 does not work, so I could not find out specifically what the requirements are for gender recognition.

I tried searching Google for related articles and didn't find anything, but I'm searching in English.

No. 341800

Yes, since 2015 you can change the sex shown on legal documents even without having had bottom surgery.
But somehow you don't see many troons in Italy, not as much as you would see in, say, UK, not even half. Plus, TiMs can't get into women restrooms/locker rooms and shelters and they can only get vocal on the internet because irl they'd get shut down immediately.
Personally I've witnessed one tranny trying to enter the women's toilet: there was a mother with her daughter, two girls in front of the mirrors, and I was washing my hands. When he opened the door, all the women in the room glared at him with such intensity that he just… backed off and closed the door. They don't get cocky because they know this country isn't a safe space for them. They even refer to themselves as "transsexual" (excluding the tumblr dwellers).
Oh, and the country isn't giving any hormones or surgery for free of course, and you can't trans kids

No. 341801

Apparently it is by her. I saw the full comic while scrolling my dash the other day but unfortunately I didn’t save it. It was something to do with all the asks she’d always get and was posted under a different username (not sure if on tumblr though - the post I saw was criticizing if). If I see it again I’ll post the whole thing.

No. 341802

Agreed, it should've been Junji Ito's one

No. 341815

With the recent deadnaming policy in many websites. Is it caused by someone reporting him? Can Jonathan Yaniv get himself banned by saying that his name is Jonathan because he plastered that in all social media?

He doesn't even try to commit to trans identity seriously, more like going as Jonathan in every life then using Jessica as drag name (and to do his creepy pedo shit while crossdressing)

No. 341856

File: 1545324963923.png (1007.03 KB, 749x1301, pz1pljirdf521.png)

Meghan Murphy is doing an AMA today.


No. 341857

In a just world, he'd serve 3 years for every piece of her chopped up.

No. 341863


>wanting to use art by a man for a feminism thread

No. 341864

This is 11PM GMT, 12AM GMT+1, etc. for people in europe.

No. 341869

File: 1545327536975.png (13.99 KB, 220x300, 1433200235002.png)

No. 341882


How is this bait? Anons in this thread habitually disregard gender critical men because they are men.

Is Ito even writing from a gender critical point of view, or is he simply using the terrifying tranny trope because it makes for good horror?

No. 341884

let us believe, anon.

No. 341915

Who cares? It's funny and reflects our views. No need to overthink "Is he even a /realterf/ tho?"

No. 341926

>Cosplay and nerdy hobbies/fandoms in general


Saw this on GC earlier and reminded me of why I love that sub so much. They absolutely lay into the cosplay and general "geek girl" scenes so much for their generally trashy, slutty behavior. No whining about "slut shaming" or whatever, just calling it as they see it.

Honestly, fuck cosplay and fuck cons, and fuck the girls who have succeeded in stereotyping any girl with unusual/nerdy hobbies as some borderline-tier slut.

No. 341956

I'm a cosplayer of 10+ years and agree with this. The hobby has become so sexualized it's unreal. I see so many girls barely 18 selling their "lewds" and being groomed by older guys, the worst thing is that if you bring this up you'll be called a slut shamer, a swerf, a bully, an elitist etc. It used to be a nerdy hobby where you could meet other nerds and bond over your favourite series and craftsmanship advice, now it's being considered gatekeeping if you so much as expect a cosplayer to know the character they're cosplaying as. The notorious "cosplay is for everyone" slogan is exclusively used to silence everyone questioning the current state.

Though I wouldn't say it's exclusively due to a lot of anime being sexual (for example furries have been way worse with their kink culture since the 80's) because the sexualization started simultaneously when normies began developing a "geek fetish" and social media became more popular. A lot of girls grabbed the opportunity to make money and get more exposure. Many of the guys paying for their patreon are usually borderline normie dudebros who don't even care for being nerdy, they just want to see attainable girls being slutty.

8 years ago I wouldn't have dreamed of this. It was just a silly hobby most people looked down upon. Now it's all about sex appeal, fetishes and making money.

No. 341958

Reading that thread made me consider just taking up another nerdy hobby. I've heard positive things about tabletop gaming (both in that thread linked and elsewhere). What do you guys think? Asides from all the other bad things that anime/manga brings out in people, I think one of the worst things is that it has created a 'hobby' over what is essentially just being a passive consumer of entertainment. At least with tabletop gaming you're doing something more proactive that uses your mind, forces you to be a bit more creative (especially if it involves figures) etc.

No. 341961

IRL gaming is also more social. I like non-fantasy boardgames and it can be a relaxing way to socialize. I think lots of people in fandoms are weird because they don't interact with other people very much but passively consume entertainment as you wrote.

No. 341963

File: 1545335027728.png (163.35 KB, 474x318, stop injecting your fetish int…)

Aside from a few misogynist neckbeards who usually like to inject their fetishes into DnD, tabletop gaming is usually wholesome and inclusive. The coolest nerds I've met have always been at board game night. I really wish more cons would use board gaming rooms instead of orienting all their programming around panels and photography/drinking.

No. 341967

It's strange. You'd assume that tabletop gaming, given that it seems to attract more stereotypical neckbeards, would be worse. But I've found the people in tabletop to be much more socially adept (even the literal neckbeards). In contrast to this, a lot of cosplayers, especially these days -look- more normal. They take care of their appearance, work out, wear sexy clothes etc., but even the good looking dudes at cons are usually creepy motherfuckers with no boundaries. And like others have pointed out, even the somewhat attractive girls see nothing wrong with broadcasting their fetishes to the world, or talking about their sexual experiences in front of actual children.

What the fuck is the deal with that?

No. 341972

Combo of porn culture and growing up on chans and other forums where sharing hentai is normal?

No. 341975

Has the whole fake geek girl thing really gotten that bad, where cosplayers don't know about the characters they're cosplaying as? I always assumed it was more this huge group of "secondary" fans of video games. Where they have a rough outline of the characters and story from secondary sources but have never played it.

Remember that most of the twitter female weeb fandom are lazy as fuck, they don't have the energy or motivation to complete an old school RPG. Just vegetate in front of plotless moe garbage instead.

No. 341980

My peak trans was…oh, sorry, I thought this was the Gender Critical thread, not the Costhots or Gaming threads. My bad.

No. 341982

Bless you anon

No. 341983

>if you bring this up you'll be called a slut shamer, a swerf, a bully, an elitist etc.
Ugh yes, this. I’ve never cosplayed but have many friend who do and have attended a few cons, and biting my tongue got painful after a while. There would be Pokémon cosplay meetups at a con advertised as family-friendly where a little girl in a Pikachu hat would be posing with a woman in a hypersexual gijinka “cosplay” which was literally just a tiny bikini, ears and tail. God forbid you question how this might affect that child, you slut-shamer! If that girl grows up to believe she should get half naked in public for male attention empowerment that’s her choice! Says the pervy man, who is totally not benefiting from this and is really just being a selfless feminist ally~.

Also the women who’d excuse their often impractically skimpy costume with “well it’s not my fault this is what the character wears” when it’s obvious that they picked that character exactly because that’s what she wears. They’d even use this argument when cosplaying fanart instead of the (less sexy) source material. It’s such a transparent argument, especially because many of these cosplayers will admit in private that they’re not actually familiar with the source material. One girl told me she was doing 2B because she wanted to give her social media a boost but she’d “never watched the anime” and wasn’t planning to just for one costume.

I blame the horny men just as much, if not more, than the women. But I don’t think the women should be above criticism either. It’s just more libfem bullshit.

Gender critical doesn’t exclusively refer to trans. Note how this discussion started because someone linked to a thread on r/GenderCritical. I agree that we should probably not drag this out here, though.

No. 341988


As noted in the OP this thread was started by Admin as a containment thread for discussing trans, so yes, on this site it is exclusive.

No. 341994

That's cool, no need to sperg about it though. Are you a cosplayer or something? lol.

No. 341996

>Also the women who’d excuse their often impractically skimpy costume with “well it’s not my fault this is what the character wears” when it’s obvious that they picked that character exactly because that’s what she wears.
Holy fuck. This ^^^^^ like you just happened to pick nudist beach nonon, some other skimpy character, and some other even skimpier character and weren't conscious at all of what you'd be wearing, it came as a surprise to you lol!
and more generally fuck cosplay and the convention scene in general. It's 16-30 libfem ground zero.

No. 342017


No, just tired of seeing this thread get derailed. Those discussions are worthy of having, just not here. Would a Radical Feminism general thread be made impossible by invasions by incels and man hate?

No. 342024

Well, gc threads and manhate threads are still trucking on despite troons and incels, so why not start a radfem thread too? Just be sure to not respond to trolling.

No. 342029

someone explain to me how deadnaming isn't trans erasure

No. 342034

Will I Get BANNED For This Video?

Benjamin A Boyce

Published on Dec 20, 2018

"They Who Shall Not Be Misgendered" has been litigating against small business owners, having websites like wordpress delete accounts and shadow edit articles, having reddit employees ban users, and takes personal responsibility for Meghan Murphy's deplatforming.

No. 342036


Miranda Yardley shares our views and expresses them eloquently and succinctly and is frequently asked to speak at GC events. But dare to post about Miranda or anything Miranda has written and get attacked.

No. 342045

Because most of us live in the real world where people continue existing in exactly the same way even if their preferred name isn't used. What does using their birth name erase, exactly?

No. 342046

Because most of us live in the real world where people continue existing in exactly the same way even if their preferred name isn't used. What does using their birth name erase, exactly?

No. 342051

No. 342052


THIS is bait.

No. 342060

I think you misunderstood. Trans right activists are against trans erasure but the same fight against 'deadnaming' just acts as trans erasure of another sort. You can't be against trans erasure and against deadnaming without being hypocritical, if we conceded to demands IRT deadnaming transpeople effectively wouldn't exist on record. That's why trying to criminalize deadnaming is stupid.

No. 342073

File: 1545353377963.jpg (498.96 KB, 1080x1854, 20181220_184831.jpg)

Why does this cow need to write a fucking novel for everything

No. 342075

I’m trying to understand exactly why not wanting to eat someone out on their period is apparently a bad thing.

No. 342081

im so disturbed by her graphic detail describing the prepubescent girls like is she trying to turn on pedos? also idk how many partners someone would need to go through in order to find one that would eat her out on her period. either this is made up or this woman has seen hundreds of dicks in her time.

No. 342084

I'm shocked at how well its going, considering it's, well, reddit. Anti-feminists and TRAs being swiftly downvoted

No. 342093

File: 1545356781250.jpg (119.87 KB, 1080x874, 1306051a-3927-4087-9ed8-d3a242…)

No. 342103

Is that a fucking joke?

No. 342104

This is a troll account.

No. 342105

The sad part is at this point ya can’t even tell what’s trolling anymore because this sounds exactly like something one of them would honestly say

No. 342106

File: 1545358528276.jpg (6.96 KB, 342x148, 1526004653366.jpg)

Obviously. Do your own research and google that twitter.

If that sounds like something one of them would say to you, it's because you know nothing about genderists beliefs.

They might say cis women are privileged to be correctly gendered when getting procedures such as abortions done, but no one would say needing a medical procedure such as an abortion is cis privilege.

Fuck off, retard. That twitter is clearly a parody account. Troons give enough milk, and the shit they say is already so wack, that there's no need to misrepresent them in order to ridicule them.

No. 342107

Meanwhile in this very thread an anon got ghosted by a troon friend because she had cervival cancer and it triggered his dysphoria. They are actually jealous of periods, cancer!! and abortions (or ability to get pregnant at all)
>privileged to be correctly gendered

Really fam?

No. 342109


I'm half expecting some of my comments to be deleted in light of what happened on r/GC. And I equally expect reddit will not remove the comments harassing Meghan and other users.

No. 342123

The official D&D social media and Twitch page are drowning in Troon juice unfortunately. This year they advertised an all female teifling campaign but everyone started the games by announcing their pronouns. There was a mtf and 2 girls with short hair who of course used they/them.
The campaign had such potential for being cool but the gender politics were a mess and they had to close comments on YouTube because of the criticism. This campaign is also why a lot of D&D staff have pronouns in their Twitter bio now, to show unity.

Side note: One of the players, Kayla, is super talented but it trying to be a clone of HollyConrad in every way possible and it’s so creepy!

No. 342127

But when did the troon say she was privileged due to it? Troons getting triggered by women talking about their female-specific health problems =/= troons believing women are privileged for having those problems. Like… if you were jealous of someone with brown hair, you wouldn't necessarily believe they are privileged for having that hair color.

As for your 'really fam' thing, it's obvious that I was speaking from a genderists perspective. But of course you left out the part of that sentence that established that, so you could make it seem like I was giving my perspective there.

I find it hard to believe you're engaging in good faith, if you are, that's even sadder. I don't see what either of us has to gain by continuing this convo.

She never implied it was a bad thing. She was talking about her experiences with her past partners not wanting to eat her out while she was on her period in order to contrast Jonathan Yaniv's attitude towards menstruation with that of the men she has known. She is using her past experience as evidence that Jonathan's attitude towards menstruation is abnormal, and to emphasize that it 'aint right'.

No. 342129

Are you a troon?you seem booty blasted for no reason kek

No. 342161

File: 1545372923511.png (165.2 KB, 824x1244, asspopsicles.png)

Here's more period sperging. Some trannies put frozen fruit in their asses and pretend the melted liquid is their period.

No. 342164

File: 1545373295991.png (91.88 KB, 884x880, tampons.png)

Of course, they fetishize pregnancy too.

No. 342166

File: 1545373558923.png (43.41 KB, 808x324, tampons2.png)

They call shit their "flow".

No. 342168

File: 1545374012139.png (441.12 KB, 1024x3536, tampons3.png)

Here's a recipe they use to make fake period blood:
1TBSP Water
1 TSP Oil from can of tuna
1 TSP Honey
1 TSP Strawberry jam
3–5 drops red food coloring
1 TSP corn or Kayo syrup
1 TSP of one egg (beaten)
1 TSP Mayo

No. 342169

Am I understanding this wrong, or is does he really think women hold period blood in and then push it out?

No. 342170

Sounds like a good way to get Toxic Shock Syndrome. Letting a nasty old tampon soak up your literal shit particles for 24hrs. Good god. If you want to be a woman, at least read the warning labels on the box.

No. 342171

Can guys get toxic shock syndrome?

No. 342173

it'll fuck up their ass biome if they put it up there. TSS just happens cause it kills all the bacteria.

No. 342175

File: 1545376662020.png (93.86 KB, 866x842, period.png)

You just KNOW some of these people would take used tampons from bins in public restrooms to stick in their butts.

No. 342176

File: 1545377144998.png (116.72 KB, 834x900, ummm.png)

Well speak of the fucking devil.

No. 342177

They consider being catcalled and sexually harassed to be cis privilege and fetishise female bodily functions so it’s not a huge stretch to think at least one of them is far gone enough to consider anything to do with female sexuality and biology to be “privilege”, no matter how traumatizing. I’ve been told that having a painful period is a privilege because brave stunning transgurls can only dream of having one. Some of these men will say anything to trivialise women’s experiences and whittle away at our rights.

No. 342178

Ok I get being a weirdo with a fetish but I just can’t wrap my mind around this one. It just seems so tedious and pointless kek

No. 342180

File: 1545378132468.png (206.65 KB, 904x1732, used.png)

No. 342186

File: 1545380945079.png (10 KB, 788x117, laxative.png)

It's probably more common than you'd think for guys to think that having your period is the same as having a bad case of the shits.

No. 342188

Don't be retarded.

No. 342189

And they say women’s restrooms should be open to everyone because these freaks “just want to pee!!” I see very little difference between these creeps and TiMs these days.

No. 342191

We should never have gone against trump…

No. 342192

Since they were 10? wtf.

No. 342193

File: 1545383082388.png (629.3 KB, 772x579, rsz_2screen_shot_2018-12-21_at…)

So this tranny killed his 43-year-old dominatrix girlfriend in a murder-suicide during a.. dispute?

Apparently they had broken up before this happened.


No. 342210

I get the sense that you've already decided I'm a troon. I guess I shouldn't bother to try and get people to think logically on this board (not that everyone here is illogical) because look where it gets me. You just assume that I'm a troon, and my guess is that because of that, you aren't really paying attention to what I'm saying, because you dismiss it as retarded troon logic.

sage for feelspost.

No. 342211

I get the sense that you've already decided I'm a troon. I guess I shouldn't bother to try and get people to think logically on this board (not that everyone here is illogical) because look where it gets me. You just assume that I'm a troon, and my guess is that because of that, you aren't really paying attention to what I'm saying, because you dismiss it as retarded troon logic.

sage for feelspost.

No. 342233

What. The. Fuck?!
Males really stealing used pads and tampons vomit and wearing them?
Shoving eggs and tuna water up their assholes following a tampon to feel "feminine"!?

Only males have the most fucked up fetishes. I hope they all get some disease and toxic shock from their degenerate behavior.

Makes me glad I switched to the cup 2 years ago. I cannot stomach some werido is going through the trash and use my literal waste for a fap session gross.

Male sexuality is fucked up.

No. 342236

No. 342245

It would be great if these creeps could hurry up and get cancer from the HRT.

No. 342300

I really hope all of them become delusional enough to get a stink ditch. That's the punishment they deserve and don't reproduce.

No. 342325

Okay, this is epic.

No. 342330

File: 1545416703109.jpeg (345.12 KB, 574x2686, D74E537C-872C-4CBD-9B18-91FF11…)

No. 342334

>t. incel porn addict

No. 342367

That's basically what TiMs are and what they really want. They don't just want to be women, they want to be 20 year old Victoria's Secret models that everyone wants to fuck. Being an ugly woman for them is basically death, because what value has a woman if she isn't pretty?

No. 342369

>Being an ugly woman for them is basically death

Funny how they all look hideous but think they're hot shit and take tons of smirking selfies.

No. 342385

lol imagine if an ugly woman was like "I'm a hot grl inside an ugly woman's body, plz pay for my plastic surgery so that I can get the face/body I deserve also anyone who doesn't want to fuck me is triggering me and makes me suicidal"

babied chucklefucks.

No. 342389

Are they becoming self aware

They admit they see no value in women who aren't VS models and would rather die than be usual/average ie ugly. And liberal feminists continue to give them our spaces and support. How the fuck can you support these men who don't even want you alive if you're not "beautiful" for them to mimic ffs

No. 342408

File: 1545424472504.png (24.28 KB, 807x82, 9898.png)

>Hi, I identify as a conventionally beautiful woman, but society doesn't treat me as who I am inside, and this makes me suicidal. My body and brain simply don't match. I need to be accepted as a conventionally beautiful woman, and I need Beauty Affirming surgical procedures.
Dead-ass imagine how fast any woman would be laughed out of a room, dissuaded from any surgery and told to seek therapy if they came out with this spiel. But when it's a man, it's a real issue. So real and incurable that they require and deserve surgery, or they might not make it through life.
Also, he admits to being AGP.

No. 342439

>my little sissy clitty and balls

totally not a fetish.png

No. 342441

I think this was already posted somewhere but the TiM in this video creeps me the fuck out. Especially at 4:55-5:00 with that wide eyed smiling psycho expression and the wink, and at 5:08 that weird little dance with his tongue out. The way he moves doesn't even look human, it's like an alien trying to mimic people (women in this case) and failing really bad. It's so innatural and creepy. He also looks like he has a giant bimbofication/Barbie doll fetish from his getup and weird expressions.
I admit I actually have the chills

No. 342471

Yesterday's Meghan Murphy AMA was on around +200 upvotes, now is on 0. It got brigaded by downvoting idiots from AgainstHateSubreddits.

No. 342477

reddit is literal cancer so it's not surprising.

No. 342479

I am surprised how well the actual chat went though, considering it was on reddit.

No. 342481

>it gets wet

excuse me while i throw up

No. 342485

kek you know they chose the best-looking troon they could find and he still looks like an awkward man in makeup with big fake titties and a pubescent voice

imagine if it had been a pre-hrt troon. why does mainstream media peddle out twans wimnins like they’re all beautiful Barbie women?? 99.999999% of them look like richard kuklinski in a wig

No. 342486


it gets wet with shit like the troon in the previous thread who talked about his asshole fusing with his gaping penis wound and liquid shit spraying out

niiiiice and wet

No. 342512

Anyone else who just feels so conflicted about it all? I'm one of the people here that still believes at least a part of trans people are 'real' so to speak, but the line between the ones that feel fake and the ones that feel real just keeps getting more and more blurred.

No. 342517

i'm conflicted, but not about that.

i don't hate trannies per-say, but i think that some of them are absolute shit, and some of them definitely get pushed into acting like and doing things they wouldn't otherwise, to try to fit in.

i don't believe they are any different than other people who suffer from BDD type mental illnesses. but they shouldn't be being lied to and validated.

No. 342523

I used to be in a similar situation, but now after having read stuff about it I just realized that gender dysphoria is basically a type of BDD… and BDD shouldn't be cured with surgery, especially not such an invasive, irreversible type of surgery. Trannies all suffer from one or more mental imbalances: autism, depression, OCD, BPD. That's the ideal soil for additional shit like gender dysphoria. They fixate on this unreachable goal of becoming the opposite sex because they think it will bring them happiness somehow… except it doesn't, and when they realize what they've done, what happened to their bodies and that there's no going back - or going forward, that is, because they will never be real women/men - they an hero

No. 342527

After being on these threads since day one, I reached peak trans long ago. I honestly believe these people need help, honest help. A lot of them want to be 'women' instead of feminine men and vice versa. It's also a form of gay conversion therapy imo.

People who say shit like 'i'd rather have a live daughter, then a dead son' don't make it better. There are tons of evidence to support the way kids grow up has nothing to do with being trans. Boys putting on their mom's jewelry and heels has been a thing forever. It's called being a kid.

And tom boy girls exist all the time.

Now they want to put every single person in a box, emphasize gender roles created by society and put women's rights back 30+ years. I'm completely against it.

Men who can't come to term with their own sexuality, or just being a straight dude who likes 'girly' things are the reason we have so many trans bullshit. The acceptance is the worst part. Putting people on hormones so easily without any evaluation is horrible and unprofessional. I honestly think trans people are just people outside society norms but cant come to term with it.

No. 342540

Ugh, I just decided to look at the "asktransgender" subreddit and this is one of the first threads I saw: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/a7ybbe/what_are_some_signs_you_missed_as_a_childteen/

Like, how can they be so close to getting it but then be so wrong. Like, "yes maybe gender norms are dumb", then they go, "nah, if I liked as a kid "girl's toys" that must make me a woman".

No. 342548

File: 1545440888035.jpg (35.48 KB, 761x352, 596db69c-f7d8-4bd3-98e4-57e6bb…)

"but we just want to pee!!!"

No. 342553

Anyone else got really good at clocking TiMs since being exposed to more trans stuff? Like, after 2 minutes of watching this video I knew something was up and that might not be an actual woman. The weird body proportions, voice, the big hands. I've seen this before…. that's a dude.

Meanwhile, quite a few people in the comments were genuinely not able to recognize that this is a man and think he's passing very well.

I wonder when people get to know more and more trans people, they'll be able to detect the patterns too and it'll be even harder for troons to pass.

No. 342560

I just told my bf what gender critical radical feminism is and he told me that his mother shares the exact same values as I do and a) I'm so excited to talk about this with her and b) I'm so sad that the only female person I can even imagine to share these values with is 30 years older than me. I mean I would not mind talking with an older feminist, but all of my peers would cut all ties with me if I ever dared to critizice trans people or libfems.

No. 342562

Did anyone see the Martina navratilova vs Rachel McKinnon drama on twitter

No. 342567

What a waste of both time and resources. She could be helping REAL women prevent cervical cancer.

No. 342569

>don't point this out
>don't point out that men don't have a cervix and don't need a gynecologist
>don't say anything just play pretend with them

We live in this reality everyone

No. 342572

This should be fucking illegal. Not only because these men are insane, but because you cannot change the facts of biology. that's like women attempting to do a test for prostate cancer.

No. 342580

File: 1545445210094.png (66.76 KB, 557x364, 44.png)


I've been following along in r/GC. KF has all the tweets capped. I've lost the capacity to be surprised by the audacity of troons.


Awesome that you can connect with her! Is she radfem on other issues as well?

No. 342581

File: 1545445328964.png (97.69 KB, 550x556, 1.png)


I hope these get covered by stickerwoman's penises.

No. 342583

File: 1545445789728.png (707.29 KB, 2018x2048, Screenshot_20181220-085047.png)


No. 342588

Yeah I already adore her so much but even more after my bf told she is also really anti-sex work and porn culture. She apparently was very active in the local radfem scene when she was younger and I'm really just so pumped to talk her about current issues we're having!

No. 342604

Summary, please?

No. 342606

A lot of older feminists are TERF-leaning, I think. A lot of tranny-feminists hate the supporters of the older wave and bitch at them on twitter all the time because they aren't as concerned with the hierarchy within feminism as long as women as a whole are mistreated, and they reject trannies altogether, which is hilarious. Younger feminists act all betrayed when older icons get all TERFey.

No. 342608

>implying that's not their exact fetish and their disgusting asses get off to the very thought of that happening

No. 342626

does…does he think that sex offenders hand themselves in voluntarily and sign up for the title?
also >>342608 is spot on, as if any woman alive would ever slam open the cubicle door to watch a tranny go to the toilet or even to scold him, what a fucking trans fetish doujin plot if ever ive heard one.

No. 342629

i'm dying, all i did was call some tranny retarded in a youtube comments section and he made a video response to me. this is so fucking funny

No. 342630

I think they're referring to the incident that happened recently when a tranny wanted to use the girl's bathroom at his school, but wasn't allowed to because the girls said they were uncomfortable with a male (obviously.) So they made special accommodations for him, but he still forced himself into the female restroom and wouldn't come out for hours until the workers had to use a crowbar or something to open the bathroom door lol. He filmed the incident himself acting so dramatic, calling everyone perverts. Has it been posted here? I haven't seen it, I would be surprised if it wasn't.

No. 342632

oof, that face

No. 342633

he also was furious i said he couldn't do makeup for shit lmfao! he looks like riff raff and dr frankenfurter from the rocky horror picture show had a meth baby.

No. 342634

samefag, sorry didn't mean to link the vid twice

No. 342635

Found the video lmao. You can tell he instigated the situation just by how he talks.

No. 342638

male entitlement at its finest lmfao

No. 342640

>what a fucking trans fetish doujin plot if ever ive heard one.
Funny you say that!

No. 342641

File: 1545450740080.jpg (119.42 KB, 680x989, joker.jpg)

>That face

No. 342642


No. 342644

File: 1545451120991.gif (209.09 KB, 200x150, spot the difference.gif)

No. 342645

File: 1545451161859.jpg (77.01 KB, 971x289, natch.jpg)

No. 342646

i died when he compared himself to onision. only a true retard would do that lmfao

No. 342647

File: 1545451495613.jpg (65.77 KB, 1280x720, Saw-movie-1.jpg)

No. 342651

>8 minutes
HOLY FUCK this is amazing. He's such a retarded narc.

No. 342654

File: 1545452315240.jpg (344.45 KB, 720x988, 20181221_201257.jpg)

Also, I found the post his sister made on facebook.

No. 342655

i love how for 8 minutes he is just fucking rambling and swearing about nothing. truly schizo

No. 342657

holy fuck anon im crying

No. 342659

No. 342662

that's quite levelheaded. her brother must be reeeeeeing that his sister isn't a handmaiden.

No. 342663

Sweden yes

No. 342665

Zoomers will literally call you a gate keeping bully if you laugh at them for being to lazy to finish a JRPG

They literally don't understand games where it's possible to lose

No. 342670

Holy shit lmao

No. 342686

lol his voice is shaking with rage

No. 342695

File: 1545466731090.jpg (75.91 KB, 552x427, jojo loved and appreciated.jpg)

If those are all signs of being a man, well I'm happy I wasn't born any later. I'd be a prime candidate to confuse as a child and push into the whole transgender stuff. The whole tranny thing actually even made me feel inadequate as a woman. If apparently when you are born with a vagina you are supposed to automatically be into make-up and fashion and be highly skilled at it or ''get it''. Or that all women need huge tits, plastic if need be. The fact that they made being a woman into a performance again really hurt my self esteem and it took me reaching peak trans to all of the sudden fix most of my self esteem issues. I feel bad for all the girls growing up now who are being told they fail at being girls just because they don't conform and that they are told even men make better women than they do.

No. 342696

Good for her that’s she’s able to be honest about this. Growing up with an entitled narc like her brother must be exhausting.

No. 342719

File: 1545479558924.jpg (38.89 KB, 767x431, the-crow-remake-cancelled.jpg)

I mean, people used to think Christine Jorgensen passed and yet… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyh8BxPxtnw

(brandon hunny, i am so sorry)

No. 342722

Wow, the male ego jumped out

No. 342771

Any resources to dispute common TRA narrative that they have a 'wrong brain sex', this is getting worse when truscum is calling out transtrenders for being fake with how 'innate and biological' for them to be trans.

Is brain sex even real?

No. 342775

>I'd be a prime candidate to confuse as a child and push into the whole transgender stuff

You aren't alone in thinking that, I have seen that expressed by A LOT of adult women who were tomboyish as children. I was also into wearing more sporty clothes as a kid and had some "boyish" interests - but only if you think about it stereotypically. It is scary to think what would happen if I were born later.
The girls who are growing up today need to hear that they are not weird or actual boys for not being 100% girly girls. But I guess they are not hearing it enough because of all the screeching that feminists, lesbians and gc women are terf bigots.

No. 342785

This dude scares me.

> literally

> literally
> literally
> like seriously

lel, he is a retard

Maybe he should learn first to express himself properly. Also, he curses most of the time, what sort of response is that?

I kind of feel sorry for him, then scared and amused at the same time. shrugs

also, I thought my headphones broke, wtf is it with the sound?

No. 342788

Dude really sounds and looks like Onision, not surprised he liked his content.

No. 342792

It's really crazy, it's baffling how many people don't see it. It's an adult version of play pretend but worse, it's just like those crazy people in psych wards who think they're Napoleon… except the whole world has to accomodate their beliefs and it's somehow illegal to even question "Are you really Napoleon though? How do you know that?"

He's totally bonkers, I can see it even just 2 seconds in. The perma-smirk, the Onision way of speaking (aka "the raging narc speak", it's especially reminding me of the "FAAAAAX" video sperg), the exaggerated reaction, the fact that he spent 8+ minutes sperging for a simple comment.
You just know that this person is mentally ill and violent, who knows what would happen if a woman just happened to give him the side eye in a women's restroom.

I loved both Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, Barbie dolls and YuGiOh cards. I must be "genderfluid" or, who knows, even hermaphrodite kek

No. 342793


>She thought she had found it in the fall of 2016 with the Minnesota Vixen football team, then part of the Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL). Team members welcomed her and cheered her on during an open practice before tryouts.

“I thought, ‘This is it,’ ” she said Friday. “I found my home.”

But when the team’s owner discovered that Ginther was transgender, the team yanked the welcome mat.

This week, a Dakota County jury found that the team and the league discriminated against Ginther because she is transgender, a violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act. Ginther was awarded $10,000 for emotional distress and $10,000 in punitive damages.

No. 342794

McKinnon is a fucking idiot.
>"You don't play with genitalia! Penis means nuffinnn!"
That's not what Martina was saying you dumbass, you don't play with your dick but you play using your male muscle structure and bone structure, which gives you advantage. It's not like declaring yourself a twanswoman causes a Thanos snap and your body magically becomes like a real woman's.

No. 342795

Part of me expects Greg to troon out one day. He already has the raging narcissism, the misogyny, the entitlement and the victim complex, plus he clearly loves to wear makeup and tacky costumes for attention. He’s even willing humiliate himself on video if he thinks it will bring him views and/or make someone in his life feel like shit, like when he ran around his backyard in an adult diaper to mock his children. The only thing missing is the AGP.

No. 342797

Sue Donym, author of the Medium article "Inauthentic Selves", just published a new piece on 'trans'kids, and it is worth a read, and I think ought to be added to the next thread's OP. It confirms more of what she was talking about in her article "Inauthentic Selves". Holy fuck this whole movement is dodgy.


No. 342798

File: 1545490862364.jpg (24.85 KB, 473x325, ows_154544444716926.jpg)

>“I don’t know what could have given me away,” she said.


No. 342800

File: 1545491472599.gif (1.9 MB, 450x253, a91ed265-83e1-4193-8aa7-7dc168…)

Here is a good read: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/03/opinion/male-female-brains-mosaic.html?smtyp=cur&smid=tw-nytopinion

TL;dr no neurologist is able to "sex" an individual's brain because there are no individual, decisive differences between male and female brains. Brains at the individual level tend to mix together all traits in varying ways, and rarely does one trait have any relationship to another, "people’s self-reported tendency to empathize tells you almost nothing about their self-reported tendency to systemize, and people may be highly oriented toward both things and people, to mainly one of these, or to neither.".

Transgender people almost entirely rely on stereotypical "feminine" behaviors to prove that they are women and claim these behaviors are solely the product of the brain (I knew I was a woman before I could even talk/under 7/during my childhood etc.). Almost all of these behaviors are either consumerist (pink TOYS at childhood, pink THINGS, beauty, fashion, bodily hygiene standards [shaving, plucking, styling, waxing]) or covert male desires (women being submissive, beauty being ideal, being ~empowered~ through letting men have easier access to sex instead of fighting for complete autonomy for women's reproductive rights, wanting to be valuable for men/patriarchy) and are hugely socially forced (by other men).

The Zhou et al. study that is frequently used as a source for brain sex had a number of methodological errors: a) did not correct for confounding variable of long term hormone use which has been shown to affect brain structure
b) it had a sample of six people
A follow up study by the same researchers also explored the statement about the neurobiological basis from birth and found that the sexual dimorphism of the BSTc is not present before adulthood (approximately 22 years of age) even though transsexuals report being aware of their gender identity since childhood.

Basically they are wrong and do not understand the papers they are citing for their arguments lol

No. 342807

No. 342809

I'm absolutely astounded at how much JY is able to get away with all of this. How can anyone defend someone who is straight up preying on young girls without in any way pretending he isn't.

No. 342851

>1 TSP Oil from can of tuna
ahh, troons perpetuating the ole' le fishy pussy xDDD myth. if you're going to LARP as a women, at least don't perpetuate the stupid stereotypes wrongfully attached to actual healthy female genitalia… but that's obviously asking too much from a stupid man.

No. 342855

File: 1545501609379.png (110.17 KB, 537x456, yaniv.png)


He has bragged about getting accounts suspended for years.

I hope the women who appear in the backgrounds of the photos he has taken in restrooms and then posted online sue him for violation of privacy.

No. 342888

File: 1545505537807.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x1684, 3B3764E1-9730-4801-90F8-5A7771…)


No. 342892

No. 342893

I feel the fact he's old probably helps him pass, that and the fact that he dresses like a normal old lady instead of a slut. People don't expect elderly women to be attractive so when one has man face, no one bats an eye. Tbqh if I met him on the street I'd probably give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's a mannish old woman instead of a tranny.

No. 342895

I guess he's an old school gay trans not an AGP? He talks and moves like a flaming gay guy, which is not at all like how a woman talks and moves.

No. 342903

he's literally saying the exact same thing hontra said, holy shit, can't they even form their own thoughts and arguments?

No. 342912

Why is the troon community so full of beggars and grifters? I get GoFundMes retweeted on to my timeline a lot and it's always troons doing the begging. Or they're screaming that muh evul cis people don't care about transphobia unless they give trans people money. I don't see other discriminated communities doing this.

No. 342920

It's hard to believe that this man is a tenured professor and doesn't know this

No. 342922


>I don't see other discriminated communities doing this.

Like munchies and malingerers, they are playing victim. What easier way to not have to seek employment and instead rake in donations than to declare oneself the most oppressed of oppressed minorities?

Speaking of munchies, the number of young women exhibiting MBI and identifying as non-binary seems ever increasing.

No. 342926

File: 1545508991546.jpg (71.31 KB, 555x559, meet.jpg)

Receipts of harassment perpetrated by Jonathan Jessica Yaniv


No. 342930

"Non-binary" women are funny because they still want to be seen as women when there's a woman-only space or a woman-only discussion. They're not like all the other girls until it's convenient to be like the other girls.

No. 342932

I dont understand how this sort of fetish even happens. How disappointing to be this person's parent.

I would disown any kid that did this and grieve for the child I thought I had.

I think they probably do have a hard time getting and keeping employment, not just because of their looks but their whiny personalities. I think a hiring manager is is a bad spot IRT hiring them, on the one hand you don't want to discriminate on the other hand if you hire them you're on eggshells they might end up suing you over something else anyway.

No. 342938


>I think they probably do have a hard time getting and keeping employment, not just because of their looks but their whiny personalities.

That is the manipulation, anon. They make themselves unemployable.

No. 342944

Men are always sick in the head.

No. 342945

non-binary doesnt even make sense in accordance to human beings.

No. 342947

Has anyone else noticed trans women now being framed a certain way by straight men who hate women? "Men are so much better than women that they are even better at BEING women." I see this comment under every video/article about women.

It used to bother me a lot because I'm too oversensitive and the constant messages put out by society of women being worthless had a negative impact on my mental health. But now it's kind of funny. Because trans women will take the place of being women - second class citizens. It's like women are being let off the hook and now trans women get to take our places of being the punching bags and objects of derision of society.

I still have no idea why someone would willingly choose to be seen as a second class citizen, which is basically what they are signing up for by presenting as women. If biological women ever do become obsolete in society like they want us to, they will regret it greatly because they won't have anyone to shit all over anymore and now they will be the bottom rung of society.

Or maybe not because biological men still consider them men so they hold them in high regard. Who knows.

No. 342949

Transwomen are still men, anon, so yeah. They do still have that male mentality for a reason.

No. 342953

Men are very hierarchy oriented, if all women suddenly vanished a new pecking order would be established and yes, some people would find themselves on the bottom

No. 342954

Yeah you're right I think. I just think it's funny how misogyny trumps everything. Like, even the straight southern men I know who despise transgender anything and call them trannies and shit still say things like "transgender women are better than women" and "women are obsolete now because men can become better looking than them."

They will be the most virulent 'transphobes' up until the point they can use transgender people as a stick to beat women with. It's pretty depressing at times. Like society really hates women that much that there is no one supporting them.

No. 342966

>a rose by any other name would be just as sweet

And a pile of dog shit would still attract flies if you called it a rose.

No. 342967

>contributing to society
>not being emotional vampires and a massive drain on resources of everyone around them

No. 342971

We have each other, and not every member of society puts troons over women anon. I think it's just hanging out on image boards full of incels who glorify 'le traps XD' that give that impression.

No. 342973

It's just more of them being parasitic really. Just like how they can't be bothered to build their own movement and just leech resources from the LGB and women's movements, they also can't be bothered to make their own money and expect everyone else to fund their lives.

No. 342977

We have each other….sort of. I mean I've known women who want to take women's rights away and hate other women. Which is sad because you would never see a man advocate for the removal of men's rights to gain the approval of women. Women will defend men to the death but you never see men doing the same for them. Yet they still do it and choose to shit on other women to build men up. You would think that the transgender community would have like…even a modicum of support for women and at the very least not shit all over us like men do because they would understand what its like to be hated and seen as worthless and inferior. But instead they go the complete opposite way and join men in attacking women for anything imaginable and calling us worthless and obsolete. That's what I don't get.

It just sucks and it truly feels like women can only depend on themselves while every other demographic has people who want to protect and support their rights, but women have to be fiercely protective of their rights because every other demographic wants to take them away at the first opportunity. Idk. I'm just pessimistic I guess.

No. 342980


Clearly those who put troons above women are in the majority (or are in seats of power) in society when women are being erased legislatively.

No. 342982

Society puts fucking amoebas above women, let's be real.

No. 342984

As a scientist myself I’m confused as to how the Zhou et al. study got published at all. Only six subjects and not a single unmedicated control? If I had presented a research proposal like this in any of my classes I would have received a failing grade. I get that it was probably hard to find enough suitable subjects for a study like this in 1995 but if your dataset is as meagre and flawed as this one you simply can’t draw any conclusions from it and shouldn’t publish. I’ve seen so many grad students struggle with hypercritical reviews that set their projects back months, even years because they keep demanding more and more control experiments, and these assholes got published without any controls? In Nature even! It’s really irresponsible and kind of upsetting, to be honest. Maybe standard are higher now but at the sane time, so many people are still pointing to this one flawed study as justification for chemically castrating gnc kids. This is why scientific integrity is important.

No. 342985

Repost that image, I missed it. Holy fuck.

No. 342988

Just because some are nice and relatively sane doesn't make their ideology right.

Being a woman inside is a stupid concept. There's nothing inside that makes a woman a woman, it's all about external genitalia. Defying gender norms doesn't make someone the opposite sex… I mean, tomboys have been accepted as normal women for decades.

No. 342990

File: 1545514870416.jpg (27.02 KB, 720x536, trans.jpg)

No. 342992

saw this happening a lot with the miss universe thing, men saying men are better at being women and whatnot. it's dumb tbh

transwomen aren't expected to live up to the expectations set on women, they seem to be praised for doing literally the bare minimum. some of them look like straight up greasy, dirty pigs and they still get called beautiful and brave kek

i wouldn't be surprised if the idea of being a second class citizen got some of them off as a fetish. they're weird and creepy like that

No. 342998

I assume people call them beautiful and brave for the same reason the Hartley Hooligans get called beautiful and brave, people just feel sorry for them.

No. 343002

File: 1545515633628.jpg (108.01 KB, 1000x850, tranny.jpg)

No. 343019

He creates video games, doesn't he.

No. 343030

Oh wow he just comes across as a drag queen.

No. 343031

I hate how much trans activism has taken ahold here in the UK. Here's a post where one of the leading trans CHILD charities 'Mermaids' responds to a media request.


A lot of the post is real bullshit but this in particular screamed out to me:

>Young children between 18 months and 3 years learn how to use the words 'man' and 'woman' to identify themselves and others (Berk, 2013: 531). In this early stage of childhood, children already relate toys, clothes, colors, and behaviors to gendered identity and express their preference

They are literally admitting that they think kids should adhere to gender roles. And this is a mainstream charity that is often quoted in the press here!

I can't bring myself to be optimistic like some people in thinking that the trans bubble will burst. It's just going to grow and grow

Almost perfect. Only missing 'omg cis people are SO OBSESSED with genitals so creepy' before the girl cock line.

No. 343037

Idk if anyone else read that scientific American on brain sex but to me it basically disproved it by saying most people's brains fall into a mosiac. It basically made me ask more questions opposed to having them answered. People keep pointing to it as proof of brain sex but I don't think they've actually read it.

No. 343038

File: 1545517271454.jpg (77.9 KB, 1200x778, DKmW_DZXcAUwpxJ.jpg)

According to Mermaids, lesbians and gay men are trans!

No. 343043

True, they're parasitic. They don't bring anything good to society, they're often too autistic to even work, they can't reproduce, they have a plethora of mental illnesses and shit genetics anyway, they waste money and resources from the state and/or people around them. They're definitely not worth all the coddling they get.

No. 343045

I am not sure anymore of it's tinfoil hat to say that the aims of child transing is to get rid of homosexuals.

No. 343046

People are losing their shit on Twitter cause Robert Webb criticized mermaids saying they're not a good charity. Clearly that means he hates trans ppl right.

It's interesting to me how certain social justice circles will critisize certain charities as being problematic or bad but the minute someone criticizes a trans charity people lose their shit.

No. 343047

I have noticed a lot of parents of "trans" children are extremely homophobic. I've seen multiple instances where parents of a kid who transitioned at a very young age said they were terrified their kid would turn out gay.

No. 343052

File: 1545518266406.jpg (58.6 KB, 580x232, whyaretheylikethis.jpg)

Robert Webb: Saying all gender non-conforming kids are trans isn't accurate.

No. 343053

Not a tinfoil at all, it's very true. Transition has been used to get rid of homosexuals since the 60s, even earlier probably. You can also notice how many families with a tranny are very religious, see the one boy forced to transition by his very Christian mom because she saw him behaving in a "flamboyant" way (a 3-4 year old child…) and abused him until he became depressed - and ofc she used the "he's suicidal cause he's trans" excuse, right after saying she yelled at him everyday. Under the video many people were praising the mom as "strong, brave, open minded"… the world is just crazy like that nowadays, logic is out of the window.

No. 343056

Does joining Twitter make your brain fall out your ass or something

No. 343059

File: 1545518778611.png (453.54 KB, 752x732, hailey.png)

No. 343061

Back in the 20s and 30s they actually did used to force hormone therapy on gay people to "cure" it. Google Gladys Bentley, an openly lesbian singer who was given the choice of being given hormones and "turning" straight or jail. She chose the hormones, and they made her write an article about how she was a good straight woman now. They even made her marry a man, though accounts from friends published after her death revealed the marriage was a sham and she was still gay, just closeted.

No. 343062

Oh wow I didn't know about the hormones thing… This makes it even more insulting that that one nb gay dude who made a list of "trans and nb queers" on Twitter put her on it…. It ended up being a Twitter moment and it made me so mad… They put vaudville actors in drag in it as well as like Marlene Dietrich… It made no sense.

No. 343065

but mention this and people scoff at you even though it is used for that today in other countries.

a "friend" of mine was talking about how kind and merciful it is to force hormone therapy onto people instead of killing them, and then she quickly shut up when i asked her if she thought those people would get dysphoria.

i have a lot of friends who have closet peaked, but any of my "feelzb4reelz" friends are constantly confusing themselves over this mess.

No. 343066

Spot on

No. 343067

NTA but back in the 40s it was illegal to wear women's clothing and many autogyn and crossdressing men were turned in order to push the status quo. there's a shitty documentary from the 50s about that kind of thing happening, but it really reminds me of trans rhetoric in the present.

No. 343068

They did it to Alan Turing too. After he was convicted of "indecency" (being gay) in the 50s they gave him a choice: go on estrogen or go to prison. He chose the estrogen.

No. 343070

File: 1545519710691.jpg (80.87 KB, 1347x432, 1545168858065.jpg)


Hello, Ryan "Lisa" Kreut aka Hailey Heartless of Victoria, BC.

No. 343071

File: 1545520112406.jpg (89.27 KB, 1200x630, sunny-ist-aufgeregt-sie-hat-ih…)

Saged for long rant:

Today my mother said that I scare her because me saying that being transgender is an illness is exactly what Hitler said about gays as well…
I tried to explain to her what body dysmorphia is, but nearly all trans lingo is english - which she doesn't understand.
My mother isn't old or uneducatued, there are millions of people who're more gullible than her and this is exactly what will cause the tranny invasion in Germany and other european countries as well: People try to be as understanding as possible - while having no idea.

My parents always watch this tv show (which is actually geared towards an even older audience) and on top of having tons of refugee characters in it, they also let one dude troon out (pic related). He's the aryan poster boy, 2 metres and 100kg of muscle, in pink dresses and a shitty wig. And of course everybody around him is super supportive, allow him to be "one of the girls" and he's suddenly acting all weak and girly - living life like r/mft's wet dream.

Is this some weird sort of propaganda? Showing trannies to middle aged and old people until they start to think "Yep, that's normal"? Youtube is already doing to same thing to young people.
On top of it, that tv staton is owned by the state and financed by taxes… Around 2 weeks ago they also allowed person named "Zer0" to speak about trans rights during the news. It said it was born a he and now is neither male nor female - but clearly dressed in typical troon fashion, complete with hot pink hair…

There's really no hope.

No. 343072

It's still done in some Middle Eastern countries. In Iran gay men are given free hormones and surgery because then they'll be straight "women" and not gay men.

No. 343073


I can tell she's obnoxious from this one word

No. 343074

which show is that?

also, when I went to fetch something in the kitchen today my mom was watching a turkish soap opera and asked, "that isn't a girl, right?" and lo and behold, a fucking tranny in a turkish soap opera of all places.

So maybe they're trying to do just that. Win the hearts of elderly people. My mom used to be a lot harsher when I was a kid but with age she gets more emotional and more understanding. I presume a lot of people go through that as well.

No. 343076

So they let some crazed borderlands fan, who is obsessed with the charterer Zer0 speak on national tv? Sounds great

No. 343089

maybe they know the results of the surgery are worse than death and they get some sick enjoyment out of knowing a gay man got his dick taken off.

No. 343096


Google image search is your friend!



Lindenstraße: Spectators are increasingly criticizing

Transgender and refugees are currently playing a major role in the cult soap. The viewers criticize this more and more.

No. 343097

File: 1545522323227.jpg (26.04 KB, 375x211, lindenstrasse-1695-folge-100__…)

The show is called "Lindenstraße" and is from Germany, I have posted about it in one of the earlier threads. The character's name is "Sunny". Unlike >>343071, I actually think the character's depiction is hilarious and the show's writers could very well be gender critical. There actually is a German word to describe people like him, "Trümmertranse", which basically means "trashy tranny".

He really just is a buff guy wearing a wig and dresses. His character is annoying and his transition is pretty realistic because the only thing he cares about is himself lmao. The other characters in the series support him, but his depiction actually is pretty antiquated and gives me freakshow vibes. I would not call this character propaganda, and even if it was, it would probably ineffective.

No. 343113

The status of self-ID in New Zealand.



Speak Up For Women is urgently defending the rights of women and girls, in opposition to the Government’s proposal that a person’s sex should be a question of choice, or self-identification, on birth certificates.

We believe that women’s voices must be heard in the debate around self-ID.

No. 343119

As soon as people start thinking trannies are normal, we're doomed. And I'm always pissed as hell when people try to compare trannies to gay people. They are not even in the same boat. Gays aren't invading women only spaces and pretending to be something they are not. Loving the same sex/being attracted to same sex is no where near the insanity that is a man thinking he is a woman, wearing a big wig and LARPing.

No. 343121

Self-ID is horrible and will cause more and more women to be preyed upon. Your born sex defines your biolgical sex. While some may argue gender is a social term, bleh bleh. Women are born female and men will always be born male. There is no arguing that.


No. 343179

File: 1545537990770.jpg (11.85 KB, 292x215, 1532148123011.jpg)

holy hit anon

they are retarded kek

No. 343181

File: 1545539251620.png (304.78 KB, 987x616, Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 11.2…)

kek of course he watches onion

No. 343182

>Vanessa teanswoman

No. 343183

File: 1545540262504.jpeg (339.09 KB, 1213x1740, 6AAA89ED-3AF9-460E-B0CD-B51CF4…)

Cause lesbians just looove dick, right?

No. 343184

He looks like a feminine man…no lesbian is interested in him LMFAO.

No. 343185

Something about his face is really uncanny valley

No. 343187

Kek didn't Ru Paul make "transphobic" comments a while ago? Something like how he didn't want troons on the show because drag is just men acting and mtfs aren't "acting" but troons got angry anyway

No. 343188

Kek didn't Ru Paul make "transphobic" comments a while ago? Something like how he didn't want troons on the show because drag is just men acting and mtfs aren't "acting" but troons got angry anyway

No. 343190

Kek didn't Ru Paul make "transphobic" comments a while ago? Something like how he didn't want troons on the show because drag is just men acting and mtfs aren't "acting" but troons got angry anyway

No. 343191

Kek didn't Ru Paul make "transphobic" comments a while ago? Something like how he didn't want troons on the show because drag is just men acting and mtfs aren't "acting" but troons got angry anyway

No. 343194

Probably caved after being attacked on Twitter but yeah their ideology isn't consistent

No. 343195

“You can take performance enhancing drugs and still be an athlete,” RuPaul wrote, “just not in the Olympics.”

No. 343222

File: 1545562864320.jpg (239.36 KB, 837x837, knife bird.jpg)

reddit never fails to lower the bar

No. 343227

Somehow Gia looks more manly now than in his original season and I can't figure out why.

No. 343231

Probably because he’s trying to present as a natal woman now rather than drag, makes all his masculine features obvious

No. 343233

His comeback was fucking hilarious, he shared a photo of a green flag thinking it was the trans flag but it was actually a "trains" flag

No. 343234

I wonder if it was an accident lol

No. 343238

In the latest episode of Drag Race they had to write lyrics for a pop song performance and Gia’s opening line was about how she put the “T in the LGB” and I don’t know the full words but she said “don’t confuse me with those hags” because of course, surgery and claiming you’re a woman for 5 minutes means you’re more of a woman than actual women. Of course people can’t complain though because of the ‘transphobia’
Production themselves accidentally leaked next weeks episode on their streaming service and there’s mild ‘transphobic’ tea involved there with Gia trying to use her trans status to get her own way (thankfully no one stood up for her lol)

No. 343239

This >>343231 and he's trying too hard to be a "real woman" now. I wish Ru kept with his original statement because it made way more sense than to let this mentally Ill bitch on the show

No. 343240

I cant stand Gia Gunn. He's such an obvious faggot, but because he transitioned, everyone is sucking up to him. He's annoying as shit and people say he passes well, but all I see is MAN.

No. 343241

Is that the dragrace subreddit? that shit is a breeding ground for kiss ass hive mind bullshit

No. 343242

This is why I'm fighting to get the T out of LGB. It makes zero sense as to why it's even there now a days. Maybe back then, but now there's no reason for it and it's bringing down gay people. Too many people think gay + trans is the same thing.

No. 343243

Gia is trash. He's a man and he's sexist as that. Him and Carmen are fucking awful. Anyone who says they don't represent 'true trans people' are wrong. MTFs are always the same slock.

No. 343247

File: 1545570711662.jpeg (77.83 KB, 750x401, 19F4111D-062A-4319-A07C-12931A…)

found a couple really creepy tweets by a TiM after he got into an argument with a woman i follow

No. 343249

File: 1545570816730.jpeg (933.3 KB, 1152x2048, FAB28338-0FBF-4D36-B862-26AB3E…)

and this is the man who retweeted that ^

No. 343251

This shit is disgusting

No. 343260

Looks bad man

No. 343267

It's sad how most of the facts for the 2010s are about "menstruators", "now people recognize men menstruate too!!!!" and "talk about periods has become more inclusive!!!". Meanwhile one of the 2010s facts that DOESN'T center around trannies is "there was one tiny spot of red shown in a pad ad!!! PROGRESS!!!!"

No. 343269

File: 1545578092546.png (32.8 KB, 1022x133, comment.PNG)

No. 343270

>cis men feel alienated

on a video talking about periods. amazing.

No. 343284

The word "menstruator" makes me extremely uncomfortable. It is dehumanizing and reminds me of Terminator. How can people seriously think that this is a good idea? I have just read an article about this, and the writer suggested "Menstruella", which I thought sounded cool. But then again, I don't really think a word for this is needed.

No. 343285

>a trans person was here
>toilet symbol
>and nothing bad happened
It looks more like a sign congratulating themselves on not being incontinent

No. 343303

We really don’t need another word, cutesy or not. There’s nothing wrong with “girls” and “women”, because men don’t menstruate. I’ve never heard of actual women who don’t menstruate for whatever reason being offended by the general use of these terms.

What I don’t get is why they skipped over the specific yet ~inclusive~ term “menstruating people” straight to something so dehumanising. Just because it’s slightly shorter? Currently they still talk about “pregnant people”, but how long until they start simply calling us incubators?

No. 343309

>saw this happening a lot with the miss universe thing, men saying men are better at being women and whatnot.
I dont think they mean it with any adoration. Its just a joke. Ive seen similar comments about trans people competing in womens sporting events.
Theyre mocking the situation itself, that men are able to participate in these things in the first place, just with the sexist attitude of "well of course men are better than women at everything, how can they compete?".

No. 343310

>saw this happening a lot with the miss universe thing, men saying men are better at being women and whatnot.
I dont think they mean it with any adoration. Its just a joke. Ive seen similar comments about trans people competing in womens sporting events.
Theyre mocking the situation itself, that men are able to participate in these things in the first place, just with the sexist attitude of "well of course men are better than women at everything, how can they compete?".

No. 343311



I hope the author was being ironic.

No. 343313



I hope the author was being ironic.

No. 343317

The menstruator/bleeder thing is a hidden blessing. So many libfem women I know are infuriated by it, even though they usually rush to lick trans people's feet over everything else. Troons are peak transing all their allies because they don't know when to stop.

No. 343325

File: 1545585912812.png (698.39 KB, 800x1106, Screenshot_2018-12-23-09-21-47…)

No. 343331

>Which is sad because you would never see a man advocate for the removal of men's rights to gain the approval of women.
Male "feminist" soyboys exist ya know.

No. 343333

File: 1545586553877.png (469.72 KB, 500x534, tras.png)

Seriously tho this image is so accurate

No. 343334

It's just retarded in its logic.
>Saying that only females menstruate is not inclusive enough!
>Say, I wish we had an umbrella term for people who menstruate…
>How about "menstruator"? That's what we'll call human people with a womb and vagina! Genius!

I mean I'm aware of the "what about the women who were born without wombs or had to have it removed" argument but seriously you still wouldn't come up with a different term for a human born with only one arm. It's still a human.

The ad was depressing though. Watching it made me realize how little menses and diseases of the female reproductive organs are studied and how even up to 80's PMS was just considered psychosomatic and a bill to improve research on life-threatening TSS was refused, and then it ended up with a retarded "not all who menstruate are women uwu" sentiment. No matter how much time passes, nobody still gives a shit about women.

No. 343338

Seriously though, why is their community so infested with pedophiles? It seems like a good majority of TRAs and well known online trans figures are pedophiles. Sarah Nyberg, Andi Dier, Laurelai Bailey, Terra Jones, the list goes on.

No. 343339

i know a word! how about: Women

No. 343341

IT'S NOT A FETISH, GUYS!!! he says while wearing this BDSM slut outfit..

No. 343342

because john money was a pedophile and was one of the "scientists" who first started experimenting with children's "sexual/gender identity" and genitals. iirc he was the guy who started the whole gender identity ideology bs. being trans is nearly inherently a perversion; normal people don't believe things like that.

No. 343343

How long until a cis woman tries to get on the show? I wonder what would happen if one tried and cried discrimination when Ru said no.

No. 343345

Could Ru be sued for letting a tranny on the show but saying no to natal women?

No. 343346

She nailed it. She's even calling McKinnon a "he", hope the TRAs don't bully her (or the Spectator) into silence

No. 343348

Most drag fans I know look down on bio queens (misogyny in my drag culture? It’s more likely than you think!) but if they let a TiM on and there’s literally no difference between cis and trans women uwuwuwuwu then there’s really no reason not to let actual women compete. Unfair because they were born female? Well so were transwomen, since tw are w and their penises are female etc. etc.
It would be funny to see their own logic be turned around on them in this way, even though any bio queen who tried would probably get inundated with rape and death threats for her trouble. Maybe one of them will piss on her door, too.

No. 343355

So the gendered brain theory has been debunked (multiple times), what else do they have?
I'll admit if that were true I'd somewhat understand transitioning but like? It's not.
What else do they have? Does anyone have any somewhat non delusional trans support blogs out there I could look through?
I'm definitely gencri but I just like to see both sides of an argument

No. 343356

Literally the only basis they have is snake oil. It's just their feelings and how feelings should matter. There's nothing else to it.

No. 343363

Totally not a fetish you guys!

No. 343365

How has it been debunked?

No. 343366

There have been multiple recent studies showing there is no gendered difference in brains, and that neurologists cannot distinguish a brain belonging to a male from a brain belonging to a female.

No. 343367

No. 343370

People are already accusing the other contestants of 'ganging up' on Gia in the leaked episode. All I could see is a trans person using their 'victim' status as manipulation to try and get their way, yet again.

No. 343390

File: 1545593898840.png (81.79 KB, 632x734, Gender-brain-studies.png)


I'm not super GenCrit, but even if brain gender distinctions are completely developmental in nature, I feel like biological developmental events like menstruation or pregnancy are going to have a big influence on the brain. That can support GenCrit.

Otherwise, indistinct brains can support gender/sexuality by choice so popular among the Social Justice Fandom and most damaging to actual queer rights.

No. 343397

Genderless brains just mean that “gender identity” isn’t real and that someone’s sex is determined purely by their body. It means there is no way to be born into the wrong body or “feel” like the opposite sex, and that anyone who claims such is talking about societal gender roles, not something inherent. It won’t stop fetishistic narcs from prancing around in miniskirts but it will take the wind out of their only claim to being women. No female penis, no men who menstruate. Just people with BDD and people who defy gender roles.

No. 343412

i mean, we already know that brains only know what sex they are based on development, look at the david reimer case.

No. 343421

I met up with an old friend since we both happened to be in our hometown. I've known him since he was a teen and he's always been very gender non-conforming. Identified as male, but never really gave a fuck about gender roles, he was (and still is) just really androgynous.

Now when we met, I complimented his hair at one point and said that men seem to have thicker hair and I'm jealous. He was instantly taken aback, told me that he's not a man, and he identifies as nonbinary.
He moved to a different city, into a neighbourhood that is known for being a SJW swarm, and started studuing at art school, so I'm not really that suprised. But I'm so sad for him. Before he had no dysphoria, he was fine just being GNC, but I'm assuming that all the talk regarding this subject must have made him think that he's actually nonbinary. And now being referred to as male makes him anxious. This shit is so harmful and it only creates more anxiety, BDD, depression. I know because I was like him when I was younger, I almost trooned, I had horrible body dysphoria because I thought that I must be male since I'm not feminine. But then I learned that gender roles don't mean shit and boom. I was and still am way happier.

I'm mad that my past is happening to him but in reverse, I'm mad that people let this happen. Sorry for a blogpost but I just wish people started to realize how harmful this is for everyone now that it's starting to affect my loved ones.

No. 343423

Unfortunately, this story is all too common. These people really do operate like a cult and actively recruit socially isolated and vulnerable people.

>change your life completely and dedicate yourself to our ideology 100% and we'll love and accept you

>cut off contact with your old friends and family, they're evil outsiders who want to destroy us and by extension you!

It's textbook cult tactics the way these people operate, except they have political clout so you can't even speak out against them like you can, say, Scientology. At least Lord Xenu doesn't want anyone to cut off their boobs or penis.

No. 343427

I know this has been talked about here slightly before, but what's everyone's opinion on the whole Zombieland Saga drama?

I personally felt like it was kind of just not serious and def didn't take it as "omg it's trans representation!!" for fucks sake seeing a beard hair killed the character.

No. 343429

The funny part is that women do not have their cycle for their whole lives and they don't feel any less like women or girls.

No. 343434

and what about women who stop their periods with birth control? i don't feel like any more or less of a woman either way.

shit like this just baffles me because men are lucky enough to not have to deal with periods, yet they act like it's some kind of special thing. as if all of us wake up like "uwu i missed out on makin babies this month~ and now i'm in pain for 4 days!" how fucking wonderful. another question i'm wondering is are TiFs this crazy about annoying male bodily functions? do they reeee about not getting uncomfortable morning wood, or claim they suddenly have prostates? if they do i've never heard it.

No. 343437

Reimer was raised as a girl but felt he was a boy inside, didn't he? Got suicidal because of the dysphoria or something.

No. 343438

Trannies keep thinking that the way western anime fans see those characters ("trap") is the same as Japanese fans see them ("otoko no ko"). Even the "trap is a slur!" part is silly because 4chan adores traps and show a lot of repressed homosexuality rather than hating them.

This might just be my experience but in anime and manga I've seen portrayals ranging from "ugly gay men in drag wanting to be women", over "who even cares" and "we want more fetish fuel", to very few serious portrayals in manga like Wandering Son. If anything is silly then it's that they blew out of proportion when the staff referred to the whole group as "girls" when multiple series do that.

A lot of characters still see themselves as male in those media, hell, there was a dude in idolm@ster that is worried by his soft feminine appearance because he wants to be more popular with girls, so he decides to become an idol. To his horror, they think he should substitute a girl and crossdress, but he wants to debut as a normal male idol and rejects the offer but things still end up that way. Later on he's added to the SideM and dresses like a guy because he hates crossdressing.

To be honest, I really think it's some subtle homophobia when they'd rather think of those characters as transitioning and female if they idea of younger men with softer features puts them off. Lily is one of the rare characters that asks to be called a different name though and hates masculine features on himself, but is still handled as a joke and looks like the typical "who cares about the gender when it's cute" logic.

No. 343439

No. 343440

His dick got burned off as a baby so they turned it into a neovag and forced him to be a girl. It's obvious he didn't "feel" like a boy, he was literally a boy that they turned into a girl. His body knew something was wrong, just like every post-op tranny's body does.

No. 343443

Japan only has issues with homosexuality on a surface level, and it's less due to them finding it immoral, and more to do with Japan finding literally anything that makes waves or transcends the norm problematic. I mean ffs, this is a society that promotes bullying people who don't fit in, or people who have mental and physical illnesses. There was no way for them to tolerate homosexuality.

No. 343444

These kinds of things make me feel so much disgust, I have endo and the tl;dr is that I kept fainting from pain, was called overly sensitive, kept chugging painkillers for years until they took out a baseball ball sized cyst out of me when it ruptured.

Now I'm on birth control and I really don't want to be because of the side effects, but if the ovary gets removed I'll get the same or worse health complications. And then I see men who want to take birth control, it's what made me reach peak trans because they don't get how they could fuck up their bodies.

No. 343445

File: 1545604931995.png (613.42 KB, 940x2572, sheknows.png)


No. 343446

Oh, I wasn't referring to Japan with the homophobia part, but more to the logic western fans have: "this can't be a guy who enjoys dressing like a woman, he must be secretly trans and hasn't realized it yet!".

No. 343447

>now ending marriage
At least she got out, too bad about the ruined family.

No. 343448

could you link as i cannot find-are there any reader messages with this one?

No. 343449

>My wife’s pregnancy was hard for ME
Typical male behavior lmao. The more they try to insist that they’re women, the more they give themselves away.

No. 343450

File: 1545605420379.png (28.87 KB, 736x224, chh.png)

No. 343452

well isnt that interesting-I wonder if the comments were even open to begin with.

No. 343454

Katelyn needs to fuck off with his terrible wig.

No. 343455

And his terrible shit eating grin while hes at it.

No. 343457

Oh my bad, that I can agree with. Most weebs can't fathom that Japan has a culture unlike their own country's and they automatically project whatever they want onto like every character.

No. 343458

File: 1545605998070.png (725.89 KB, 652x700, upload_2017-11-14_20-45-25.png)

Reposting this for the terves who haven't seen it

No. 343459

Oh Jesus. He looks like a special ed kid in drag.

No. 343460

Oh Jesus. He looks like a special ed kid in drag.

No. 343462

Oh Jesus. He looks like a special ed kid in drag.

No. 343463

File: 1545606197383.jpg (48.18 KB, 600x467, 001.jpg)

I guess I shoudnt be surprised they are deluded about thinking they are women after all.

No. 343465

and what about women who stop their periods with birth control? i don't feel like any more or less of a woman either way

Same here. Periods are a non issue to me because I've been skipping them for so long, they have nothing to do with my identity as a woman. Some women do feel more strongly about it, but surprise surprise we aren't a hivemind and there is no specific feeling or experience that makes you a woman.

No. 343466

Oh Jesus. He looks like a special ed kid in drag.

No. 343471

First world white straight male problems: the article

Revolting and delusional.

No. 343473

File: 1545608153126.png (324.72 KB, 928x2496, periodd.png)

No. 343474

It disgusts me that women like us that desperately need birth control/HRT have to put up with these manchildren bragging about popping estrogen like candy . A waste of resources for trivial aesthetic changes like fat moobs. They deserve any cancer they give themselves.

No. 343480

Can't believe he actually got srs

No. 343482

do trans people need to put the gender they were born as for medical and healthcare purposes? like does that affect blood and such

No. 343486

do trans people need to put the gender they were born as for medical and healthcare purposes? like does that affect blood and such

No. 343488

Not sure if this has been discussed before, but with the newest season of Drag Race All Stars being on the air I see more retards online bringing up the whole “ru paul transphobia” controversy (where he complained about trans women wanting to be cast on his show causing a shitstorm amongst the tranny crowd). So not only do trannies want to be considered “true” women but they also want to be able to participate in an artform that is about representing A GENDER YOU ARE NOT. What the fuck? Do you want to be considered a woman or not? Only when it’s convenient I guess.

No. 343493

File: 1545619133652.jpg (117.42 KB, 577x700, tumblr_mkp7gttvZL1rd2z6to1_640…)

No. 343497

I wonder what would happen if a transbian got on drag race

No. 343498

Sorry if this has already been mentioned but have y'all seen this show on TLC? I feel so bad for the wives in this situation. I can't imagine what they must be going through.

No. 343500

Too accurate.

>"Give yourself a chance to be glamorous!"
Because that's what being a woman is all about. Can't watch anymore because it's too cringey but I definitely feel sorry for the wives who have to put up with that nonsense.

No. 343502

Lol what did he think he would look like

No. 343505

Like a hot late teens to early 20s female probably…he seems really upset with the whole age thing too, not surprised. And lol at him thinking losing 20 lbs is gonna make his jowls disappear and his rib cage any smaller. Also, that dress type is like the least flattering thing he could wear for his body shape. So unfortunate…

No. 343510

He’s not only a huge ogre, but looks 20 years older too. No, the average healthy 35 year old woman does not look like that.

What is that body shape? A smoked turkey leg?

No. 343511

File: 1545623750706.png (430.56 KB, 523x472, trannies are pedophiles.png)

stop trans ideology

No. 343513

I swear, this poor little boy really seems like he has already been molested. His entire way of talking is coached and unnatural(not like a normal gay child) and his parents are creepy as fuck. I really hope he can make friends his age that will help him.

No. 343517

There is something seriously, seriously weird about this child's situation.


Why would you even talk to a child about drugs like ketamine, and why the fuck does he know how to mimic taking ketamine? At age 11?

No. 343520

absolutely appalling. and people think this shit is okay because they ignore all the signs. we need to be proactive and stop enabling these pedophiles around children! kids are supposed to be protected by people, not exploited. this poor child is getting taken advantage of and it will only get worse. it's a shame he is being indoctrinated like he is.

No. 343528

11 years old?! How is this not child abuse? 10 years ago this child would have been taken away by CPS immediately. Ru Paul making drag more mainstream is influencing this crap. This is actually scary to think that some people see this as normal.

No. 343529

Yeah, there's no doubt this child was probably molested.. this is a huge red flag

No. 343530

Men already age badly as it is, which is why older trannies look even worse larping as women. Most men hit the wall at 25 now a days, so seeing a 50 year old tranny is alarming.

No. 343534

Mtf troons who are obsessed with periods are so frustrating because even though they are consumed by the idea of menstration they still don’t bother to properly learn about it or how it affects women. Also kek at him comparing troons to non-menstrating women, the delusion.

No. 343538

This is basically CP. Wtf???

No. 343547

File: 1545630413081.jpeg (276.28 KB, 1200x1477, 62F320AF-AA65-44D0-9ECE-004A38…)

Hes very thin for his age. He’s 11 but I thought he was younger. I think his parents are trying to stunt his growth by starving him.

No. 343549

he's definitely somewhat mentally stunted it seems, that or he is being drugged imo. i was shocked after watching those videos of him posted above that he's 11 years old. the way he talks and his movements made me think he was at most 8 or 9. not to mention that he is already being groomed into being a narcissist and obsessed with his appearance and drag culture… a culture extremely inappropriate for any child to experience at all, let alone participate in.

No. 343555

is there a JY thread yet? there should be. he's incredibly milky.

No. 343557


> they can't be bothered to build their own movement and just leech resources from the LGB and women's movements

it's how we know they're men,

No. 343558

if i remember right he was bullied in school because he obviously didn't look like a normal girl and had to spend huge amount of his life in hospitals for surgeries and for the creepy doctor to teach him what being girl is about by forcing him act sex acts with his twin brother.

No. 343560


We have tried to discuss him before and mods issued bans.


He idolizes the Club Kids. The movie is literally an instruction manual on how to prepare and imbibe K.


How would it not just be reposts of caps from the KF thread? That's where people are going to post receipts since every other site has capitulated to his complaints. I doubt Admin and the site host would refuse his demands since they have caved so easily to costhots' threats of legal action.

No. 343566

This poor kid is fucked for life. How are people getting angry at Toddlers and Tiaras but this is fine?

No. 343568

I didn't watch the video of him doing his little dance (just don't want to be seeing that) but oh my goodness you're right, he looks almost malnourished.

If his parents are truly trying to stunt his growth, I wonder why?

No. 343569

A kid doing Drag is fine, better than trooning out, but no child should be dancing for money in a club no matter what the circumstances. I don’t like the doors this could potentially open for other children who are vulnerable, I wonder how people would feel about an 11 year old girl dancing for tips? It would surely be compared to stripping

No. 343570

I noticed that too! He looks underfed and those shaven eyebrows on that tiny face make him him look sickly.

What is most frustrating is that if you object to the way this child is being exploited by his parents, people assume you must be anti-LGBT or a far right conservative bigot. Like, nooo! Love and support gay children but treat them the same as any other children. Educate them about how the world may treat them, but still let them just be little kids. His parents brag about them knowing he was gay since he was two! Of course, some children’s inclinations are quite obvious early on but why encourage your toddler to build a whole identity around something that will not be revelant until they’re much older? Why does anyone think that discussing his undeveloped sexuality is an appropriate topic rather than talking about how gender stereotypes hurt him? This all so fucking weird and I never imagined I could ever be considered not liberal enough.

No. 343571

File: 1545649696516.jpeg (100.07 KB, 630x825, 4275DA68-6C97-415E-A9EF-5EFE37…)

???????????? Smh

No. 343573


No. 343575


Ot but how the fuck do you manage to look like a tranny even in your drawn pfp

No. 343577

There are so many women who can't afford gynecologist visits, young women and girls whose parents refuse to get them care due to their backwards views towards the female body, women who don't receive care because they are afraid or ignorant of their own anatomy, and here we are wasting resources doing pap smears ON MEN. Fucking christ.

No. 343581

I have legitimately never encountered a troon in greece. Whenever I read stories like this I am so confused and baffled, it doesn't seem real.

No. 343587

Kek it's the smile

No. 343588

Everything else aside, who lets their kid hang out with a convicted murderer? Jesus fucking christ.

No. 343593

>In historic ruling, Colombia prosecutes transgender woman’s murder as femicide


No. 343594

that classic AGP smile

No. 343606

Yeah, they are legit promoting child abuse and even pedophilia. this is insane… I figured someone like Rupaul would speak up against this, but he's silent, isn't he?

Drag should have stay underground where it belonged.

No. 343609

A kid doing drag is weird and makes me question humanity.

Sam, how you shut the fuck up while I provide you with biological facts that you're wrong in every way.

No. 343611

>period symptoms

No. They're not period symptoms. Maybe they think their cramps are similar to period cramps, maybe they think their mood swings are to do with periods, but they're not. They're having symptoms of SOMETHING, but it's not a damn period. They're not fucking menstruating. They have no uterus.

"Similar symptoms" don't mean shit. Anybody who has ever done one of those online symptom checkers know that you can have similar symptoms without having the issue.

Dcotors don't treat hypochondriacs' imagined health issues because of their ~feelings~, they can't demand we accept their headaches as brain tumours, so why should we let people go round saying they have periods when they physcially fucking can't?

I hate that they're allowed to just take everything. We can't even have pain anymore without them deciding their pain is more important.

I already know so many women and girls who have issues with their periods that is never taken seriously because we're supposed to just deal with it secretly and privately, yet trans women can come and make it into more of a joke? No thanks.

No. 343618

this doesnt have much to do with trannies though. i thought drag queens and agp's were considered different, so wouldnt this be more of an issue with gay males than troons since this shit is allowed to happen in a gay bar? this is pedophilia, how are all the adults involved in this getting away with it?

No. 343622

it's so annoying that they want in on literally every aspect of what we are, and not only do they want in on it all, they want to be held on a pedestal and treated special while they're at it. they want talks about periods and pregnancy to cater more to them when they should just accept that many things aren't inclusive and that's the end of it. they want women's bathrooms, schools, shelters, sports, wombs, and even prisons. they want lesbians to go against their nature, simply for validation. what they act like when people refuse them these things is terrifying to me. they're not entitled to anything or owed a thing from us, but they fully believe they are.

they clearly want us to be a subcategory of our own gender (us "cis" and them just women), and genuinely believe they make better women and are deserving. i'm sick of hearing about them, but they're completely inescapable these days and they're always demanding something else. i feel so degraded and creeped out when i read the shit they say and do. i'm afraid of what they're going to want next because everybody jumps to give it to them without so much as a passing thought about women. just had to get that out, sorry

No. 343630

Probably to keep him young and twink like longer and so that he doesn’t get taller/bigger so that they can turn him into a troon when he’s in his teens

No. 343631

If you're not having a period then it's not a period symptom. I know troons struggle with this concept but words do actually mean things.

No. 343632

I was watching a video with that tranny from ru Paul’s drag race and people in the comment section were referring to women as fish. It’s funny how trannys and gays say we stink but their shitty assholes must smell amazing…

No. 343633

>be Italy and Greece
>ancestors famous for being openly LGB
>ironically end up being the countries with less troons in all Europe
How did it happen?

No. 343634

Like you said, openly lgb. No need for conversion therapy

No. 343669

They really should, because there are some significant biological differences between men and women that can come into play when giving/receiving blood or even just presenting with symptoms. Ignoring the patient/donor’s sex in favour of their genderfeels could put them or other patients in danger.

No. 343680

Ironically the first troon that peaked me is Italian, born and raised. Are they not that common?

Openly LGB means no need to transition if you're gay. AGP/AAP nutjobs do exist, though.

No. 343684

I've noticed this too. And another observation I've seen is they mostly come from single mother homes. Not all of course but it's enough to notice a trend. I can't help but feel that the single

mother latches onto her son and if he starts exhibiting feminine interests like playing with makeup or wanting to wear dresses, she believes he must be trans for x y or z.

And then in the other scenario, they really do prefer having a trans kid over a gay kid because they are either homophobic or they're genuinely terrified their child may get abused for being gay.

And finally, the way the world is right now, if you don't support your child being trans, you're looked at as some disgusting, bigoted, tranpshobe and a lot of these people don't want to be known as "that" person in their neighborhood.

That's just disgusting…

No. 343690

Lmao, are his initials V.L. by any chance?
They aren't common at all, there's a couple of troons in television but they're basically seen as freaks, in a very circus way. There was also a TIM from Naples who got married to a man, and it was on the news. I saw people outside of his house, they were only there to stare like there was the circus.

No. 343702

File: 1545677096478.jpeg (188.09 KB, 746x1171, 72433E1F-1517-481B-BA6F-EA2F0F…)

No. 343707

Not a big name just someone I've got to know.
A bear-chasing 'gay' TIF living in Milan that looks nowhere masculine. Most people seen her as a joke anyway, and she still hasn't got any interest from gay men yet. Pretty much showed me how cotton ceiling in not only TIM thing. Moans a lot how people don't take her seriously yet always point out that she was a woman when it's convenient.

This is very unsettling and comedic in the way clowns can look creepy, with that arms and rapist smile. How did he think this look good?

No. 343709

File: 1545677785088.jpg (256.58 KB, 642x944, IMG_4043.JPG)

This is what normalization looks like.

No. 343710

Tinfoil: Conspiracy theory on this is that trans-everything is being pushed onto everyone to make pedophilia more normal. Since tras praise kids for being mature with themselves, their gender identity and being more open to sexual identities. The more kids shown to be in adult situations making adult choices instead of being kids, the easier it is. ie JY believing talking to 10 year old girls alone about periods, tampon insertions and being completely nude in public locker rooms is "normal" since "we're all girls here uwu and you can't offend me or I'll sue you uwu"

Ugh. Of course drag hates women too. They'd bond with troons over it except drag mocks tras and mtfs for being what they are, men in dresses.

No. 343716

File: 1545678890942.gif (8.26 MB, 480x358, iseeall.gif)


No. 343717

Sexuality was viewed differently in the ancient world, so there was no gay movement (like LGBT) troons could attach themselves too. Dressing like a woman to get fucked was seen as a paraphilia with no parallels to normal sexual relations between homosexuals.

No. 343720


a big inverted triangle man arms tribal tat troon…. wrinkly ass cheap dress, literally a grimey punching bag.
men are such a fucking joke. i'm sure this gross testosterone infused orc has soooooo much to teach me about being a woman. i'm sure he had plenty of female friends and was involved in female dominated hobbies, l m a o. why do these gross hulk dudes think they have anything in common with actual women? they dont look or act like us, whether they're ex military or programmer soyboys.
no female friends, no interests a real woman would have. they just hang out on 4chan or other misogynist sites. why tf do they think we'd want to hang out with them, or even think that their masc selves are anything like us in the first place? how does some dude think he's anything like a woman? they hate and resent us, and refuse to think of us as people.

No. 343721


In b4 a trans person receives treatment inappropriate for their sex during a medical emergency, suffers a severe adverse reaction, and sues the medical provider.

Ty Turner had a bad reaction to a misplaced T shot and resisted telling the ER doctor why she was injecting T and that she was even trans until the doctor became suspicious she was using it illicitly.

No. 343725

they really don't give a shit about their health at all, do they. "invert my penis into a fistula! sew my arm skin and distend my urethra into a flesh tube! cut my tits off! give me off label prostate cancer drugs to stop my puberty! let's buy hormones off the internet and tell other people how to! these cramps are my awesome trans gurl period!"
these procedures are disgusting and untested. no one knows the long term effects of test. on female bodies, because no one cares enough to try to get a long term study. trans people are basically used as guinea pigs, and are ok with this for some reason.

No. 343728

He probably thinks he looks like Bowsette

No. 343732


An interview with Desmond and his father and the accompanying video.


No. 343733

Desmond recently appeared on Queer Kid Stuff.

If you haven't seen Queer Kid Stuff…hoo boy!

No. 343734

It's Buffsuki

No. 343740

This is actually infuriating. Fuck men

No. 343744

NYC has become a liberal shit hole with accepting drag and troon propaganda.

No. 343746

I'm legit terrified that this is going to be normalized. This is both sad and scary . Kids should be kids…not this.

No. 343751

When you skip leg day and biology class

No. 343752


The effects of T on the Olympic athletes forced to undergo doping have been studied.


Since the early 1970s many athletes of the GDR, notably females, were given not only oral androgenic steroids but also injections with androgenic hormones, including nandrolone esters or, most frequently, testosterone esters. The strong virilizing side effects of injectable testosterone esters were accepted by most female athletes, but some refused to participate in this additional testosterone injection program. … Because the effect of doping with androgenic hormones was so spectacular in female athletes, the abuse of such drugs rapidly spread not only to Eastern Block countries but also, since the mid-1970s, to countries of the Western world, including West Germany and in particular the US. Thus, the women with natural ambiguity of sex characteristics, who had played a significant role in female sports until the introduction of sex test controls in the late 1960s, were soon followed by the pharmacologically induced ambiguous sex characteristics.



Shot putter Heidi Krieger

Testosterone took her femininity. She changed sex and now lives as a man, teaching youngsters the dangers of pumping steroids in a bid for sporting glory.

No. 343758

File: 1545682107718.png (656.87 KB, 800x956, Screenshot_2018-12-24-12-04-49…)


KF also has a thread on Lyndsay Amer and the garbage that is QKS.


No. 343760

File: 1545682194484.png (627.96 KB, 800x1016, Screenshot_2018-12-24-12-03-27…)

And how about that Drag Queen Story Hour?

No. 343786

This, plus it’s important to keep in mind that these cultures were very macho. Being a dominant adult man in a sexual relationship with a submissive younger man was accepted or at least tolerated (e.g. Hadrian) but being an effeminate crossdressing man in a sexual relationship with a more masculine man of lower social standing (e.g. Elagabalus) was considered disgraceful. It was okay to be gay, but only if you were manly about it.

No. 343791

no suprise he posts on the sissy subreddit lmao. fucking gross.

No. 343794

I feel so bad for that kid. Pedophilia in broad daylight, and if you speak up on it you must be anti-LGBT!!11

No. 343795

I hate this woman. The whole channel is just pedophilia-humoring. Remember she has said things like "all children are sexual" and that this channel is aimed at 3+. Because 3 year olds really need to learn about their sexuality!!!

No. 343798

Yep if a drag queen is semi-passing they call them "fishy"

Women who stan drag queens are idiots honestly, specifically that show and the way they talk about women.

No. 343806


Gay men have been calling women "fish" for decades. When AIDS happened they needed lesbians and faghags to take care of them which helped diminish some of the misogynistic treatment of women by gay men. But that was two generations ago, and here we are again.

No. 343811


A snippet of Desmond's mom's response to the bullies:

Desmond likes dressing like a girl, so what? How is that sexualizing him or abusing him? Only you seem to see it as sexual. I see a plain old 10-year old boy in a dress. Also, how is that promoting pedophilia? Explain it to me please. If there is a pedophile anywhere, they will go for whatever child they can most easily attack whether it is mine or yours. It is proven that, for one, most pedophiles are heterosexual, and two, they go for the weakest children, the kids who keep their heads down, the ones who beg for attention and love because they get it nowhere else. That isn't Desmond at all. He is being raised with unconditional love, has been treated as an intelligent individual, and has been told every day of his life that he is a worthy person in this world, no matter what. He is self-confident, smart, and self-aware. Desmond constantly has a parent with him at all times, is supervised, and he only attends family friendly or all ages events. He is a happy and well-adjusted child. So where does that leave your kids?

Desmond is not transgender. No one is pumping him with hormones or forcing a gender on him. He fully identifies as a boy who likes to dress up like a girl on occasion. Days will go by where he doesn't even dress up at all. Most days, he looks like any other 10-year old boy. The media and videos he participates in would like you to believe that he dresses up 24/7, but that is not true. It is a hobby for him, something that he enjoys doing when he wants to, same as playing with his toy subway cars, or doing his crossword puzzles.

And yes, Desmond does think that he is gay. He has had crushes on boys that he has told me about since about first grade. In imagining his future, he would like a boyfriend someday. Alright. Is that really so bad? There have been people of all identities and all sexual orientations on this earth since the beginning of time. It even occurs with animals and in nature. Does he ever talk about sex? No. Do we talk to him about sex? No. It isn't appropriate. He hasn't even reached puberty for crying out loud. I am, beyond a doubt, disturbed by how many people think he is sexualized. It's disgusting that so many people see a child this way. It speaks volumes about our society and what we watch, listen to, idolize, model our livestyles after. Has he been molested? Absolutely not. Will he still think he is gay in two years? four? ten? Science would tell you, most likely he will. Whatever happens is fine with me. Desmond has been focusing some of his energy on advocating for the LGBTQ community and that focus also helps him with his autism. He realizes that, he enjoys it, and it also pays karma back in that it is also helping others. What do you do to help others?


No. 343820

I don’t believe for a second she doesn’t have him on hormones lol

No. 343824

File: 1545693486208.png (289.76 KB, 512x384, cfbo9kj76kfx.png)

Lmao how the fuck are his arms so disproportionate
All I can think of is that one episode of Spongebob, pic related

No. 343827

The big arms, the smile, the punching bag, the "Beginning of my Journey" title. This is fucking hilarious.

No. 343831

File: 1545694572414.png (4.67 KB, 456x84, trans.png)

Because everyone knows women and especially lesbians need to be "enriched" with ~girldicks~ uwu!

No. 343842

File: 1545706139760.gif (412.94 KB, 320x216, giphy (1).gif)

> It is proven that, for one, most pedophiles are heterosexual, and two, they go for the weakest children, the kids who keep their heads down, the ones who beg for attention and love because they get it nowhere else.

This is bullshit and she's a bitch for even suggesting it. So the gymnastics coach who molested gymnasts who perform on a world stage are vulnerable and unloved? Fuck this dumb bitch. That is an assisine and straight up false thing to say.

No. 343843

This entire argument goes out the window when she has him dancing for dollars

No. 343844

I'm a bit drunk right now, so i apologise in advance, but i used to follow jim sterling until he got fucking ridiculous. at the end of his most recent video, he stated trans women were women. i am so sick of this fucking bullshit. trans women are NOT women!! they are men.

i used to watch his shit until a few years ago. he's gone 100 percent extreme left now. (at 13:52)

No. 343846

Fucking thank you. Like fine, a little boy who wants to dress up like a girl isn't a big deal so long as he's dressing appropriately for his age just like you would for a little girl. Whatever. But that doesn't excuse the fact that she has her 11 year old son dancing in a BAR for money. It's fucking inappropriate and no child should be in a establishment for adults, especially with alcohol being a big thing in the setting. How the fuck does she not see how wrong that is?

It's not that it's a gay bar, people would be saying the same thing if it was a little girl dolled up and singing in a non-gay bar while twerking and getting money thrown at her.

The main point of contention is that a bar, club, or any other adult oriented place is appropriate for a child, no matter what.

No. 343847

jim sterling not being able to keep his shitty bullshit politics out of his gaming videos just sucks. I'm glad i dont donate to him on patreon.

No. 343848

*Is inappropriate

My bad

No. 343850

Dressing up in female clothing (which btw, i dont even gender clothing) , so whatever, but the fact he is an 11 year old boy dressing up for MONEY as a BAR is a huge issue. He is dressing up for money as a fucking bar. how does no one see this as straight up child abuse??

No. 343853

I'm not surprised, one of his close friends is a troon.

No. 343854

You mean that ugly ass Laura kate dale ?

No. 343856

Yes, him.

No. 343861

File: 1545710575663.png (64.49 KB, 1060x526, notafetish.png)


No. 343863

>wants a womb for lewd purposes
is there some kind of uterus pleasure i dont know about what the fuck is he on about

No. 343865

He is just so incredibly male that womb and vagina are interchangeable words for him

No. 343866

He probably thinks cervical penetration is something that actually happens because it happens in hentai all the time.

No. 343869

I knew normalization of pedophilia was going to be the next step, but at the same time I was hoping that it wouldn't be.
Between this and the recent burst of popularity that loli has seen in the anime sphere (and numerous other instances of "thinly"-veiled pedobait), it seems like we've got dark times ahead.

I am really, really, really, really sad for humanity.
I really wish this craziness would stop.

No. 343870

Recent burst? I remember loli being super popular 20 years ago..

No. 343874

>10 year old boy in a dress

Yes that's exactly how normal ten year old girls dress, you got us!

>mine or yours

Vague threat, since she clearly knows a lot of pedos and murderers

>attends family friendly or all ages events

Like hanging out with murderers and adult drag queens making drug jokes

>No one is pumping him with hormones or forcing a gender on him.

He's pumped up with mood stabilizers instead! Nice taking a high and mighty stance when this is worse than most trans parents (and they are the only people supporting her)

>Desmond has been focusing some of his energy on advocating for the LGBTQ community and that focus also helps him with his autism.

You're not helping the LGBT community any with this shit. And surely there are more age appropriate ways for him to "focus", like working on schoolwork, games or sports.

No. 343876

what the hell? does this dumb fucking troon think that fucking a womb is actually a thing people do?? like… does he know what a cervix is? and why giving birth is so painful? or why a man should avoid hitting a woman's cervix during sex? why did this fucking troon not ever learn jack shit about female anatomy if he is "such a wammin inside~".

oh right, because TiMs are disgusting men who fetishize the idea of being female, and don't actually give a single shit about women's issues. the entitlement is astounding.

No. 343881

It's always been popular underground in small circles. I was speaking of the mainstream anime culture of the past 5 years or so.
I've seen shirts that reference loli, people "ironically" posting pedobait memes, weebs openly (and proudly) talking about it, and ridiculous amounts of fanservice.
I know that most anime nowadays is made to pander to degenerate otaku, but loli seems to be getting an unprecedented amount of attention lately.
From what I've noticed, it seems to be newer animefags who think it's cute and quirky to be into that stuff, or sometimes even completely misunderstanding it's purpose. Even in the early 00s, I don't remember such material being talked about so openly in anime communities. Also, the amount of loli-esque characters in shows has skyrocketed since moe became a thing.

I dunno. Maybe it's primarily because anime is fucked up in general, and it's just now starting to get really popular.
The cracks begin to show.

No. 343885

no one knows their sexuality at 10 too! How disgusting is that mother to push her 10 year old son in the LGBT comm (take the T out already!!) when they dont belong there. It's seriously messed up.

Nothing wrong with discovering your sexuality, but this is not the way to do it. That kid should be playing sports or videogames and making friends, not having grown men (probably pedos) throw money at him at a bar. this makes me shudder.

No. 343887

i think he just reads too much hentai where they show the cum spurt into the cervix.

No. 343896

Sexual abuse is rampant in the entertainment industry. Does she think no child stars could ever have been abused because they got to be on tv and had fans? Stage parents who care more about their child’s “success” and fame than their emotional wellbeing are especially dangerous because they’re much more likely to turn a blind eye in the name of ambition. Pedos with clout in the industry actively seek out and promote children in this boy’s position. Especially since he’s apparently autistic, that just makes him an even easier target.

Also this. Even if there’s no physical abuse (yet) that is an incredibly inappropriate and damaging thing for a child to be doing. I hate that you can no longer speak out against this shit without being called a prude. Child grooming is progressive now.

No. 343899

File: 1545728766516.jpeg (595.2 KB, 1125x3873, BDA81035-8AEB-4CBE-BC3F-B49309…)

No. 343904

>The inside of the nose is the same type of tissue the uterus has

Are they implying you can be impregnated up the nose?

No. 343906

Wtf do the nose and uterus have to do with each other. It doesn't matter what kind of tissue the it has, the nose doesn't need to shed for anything like a uterus.

No. 343922

>be me, live in a very small and rural town
>the people here are so religious, I know one lesbian couple who still has to pose as just "friends"
>it's christmas, all families go to have lunch in our local restaurant
>2(!) families with each a troon are there as well
Fucking hell, they're literally everywhere. Also, why is it always the super tall, super muscular "chad" dudes that decide to troon out?

No. 343928

>The cramps happened in her intestines

You mean like when you have awful diarrhea, not the natural cycle of a reproductive system? What’s with these fuckers and comparing having the shits to our uteruses contracting and shedding the lining that could potentially support a new human life? The tampon bin raiders further up the thread were also purposely shitting themselves to simulate a period. Have any of them actually tried to give a “scientific” explanation about why a male’s body would cramp everywhere but the reproductive organs? Are they really trying to say it is is “phantom uterus”, magically reacting to artificial hormones?

No. 343936

Right? Blogging slightly but I get very bad stomach and bladder pains pretty frequently, and they’re NOTHING like my godawful period cramps. Different organs, dudes. You have to have a uterus to have uterine cramps. Apparently you can’t say that anymore.

No. 343938

File: 1545747411566.jpg (30.1 KB, 524x394, pev001.jpg)

>Have any of them actually tried to give a “scientific” explanation about why a male’s body would cramp everywhere but the reproductive organs?

No caps sorry, but I once saw a TIM claim that period cramps are caused by the abs contracting in reaction to estrogen, which makes the uterus hurt. He didn't elaborate further but I guess by his logic in male-assigned bodies there's no uterus to cushion the intestines and that's why they get cramps there instead. Of course that even doesn't take into account the actual size and position of the uterus in non-pregnant women but I guess pic related is too triggering to take a look at.

No. 343940

>My son dresses up like a drag queen and dances at gay bars for money, what's sexualizing about that??
>Most pedophiles are heterosexual, just like the men who prey on young boys in Hollywood!!
>It's YOU people who are pedos for seeing sexual undertones in this!!
Sweet jesus what the fuck is this mother going on about.

>period cramps are caused by the abs contracting in reaction to estrogen, which makes the uterus hurt.
I.. what. You can literally google it and it's the first result - after no fertilization the prostaglandins are released from the unused womb lining, causing the uterine muscles to convulse in order to push the tissue outside which is why period cramps are similar to labor pain. This is why female anatomy needs to be taught more in schools. I can imagine some women even believing this shit TiMs tell them.

A personal vent because I need to get it out: I just came across a girl whose work I used to follow at some point, she has gone full troon these days and it's so sad. She still looks 100% like a petite girl despite a year of being on T, just with a massively receding hairline and a lot of acne. Like you would never be able to tell that she's anything else but a woman. She's also in a "gay" relationship with another FTM, so it's just giving off lesbians in denial vibes. Why is this allowed to happen?

No. 343943

I'm fairly sure that these idiots have heard of period poops and think that because some women get diarrhea on their period that it's basically the same thing. I've seen non-tranny males make claims that they understand what having a period is like for the same reasons.
I don't think it helps that men refuse to ever listen to real women about anything either. These men don't talk to women about the issues women face, they talk to other delusional men and chalk it up as being the same thing because they know any real woman with a some would shut them down immediately.

No. 343949

File: 1545750305621.png (1.28 MB, 1240x2432, pee.png)


No. 343950

It's interesting how troons/bisexual handmaidens like to say that a TiM is "providing to the lesbians" specifically. Why not the bisexuals? I'm 100% sure no lesbian ever wrote something like that.
We're just a fetish to them, just like straight guys fantasize about fucking a lesbian girl. TiMs do the same.

No. 343951

File: 1545750737035.jpg (81.72 KB, 640x831, cycles.jpg)

It's the way hormones cycle through the body, prompting muscle movement to "do the thing".

And saying transwomen can't have periods is transphobic.

No. 343952

i've never seen anyone wearing pads when they aren't in or about to be in their period because it's just a waste and it's not uwu super comfy to wear pads in a normal day like trannies imagine. they are delusional

No. 343954

i'm sure the person who wrote it isn't a lesbian too. i hate it when bisexuals call themselves lesbians and do shit like that. they are only contributing to the stupid "lesbians have to be attracted to mtfs!!" narrative. you are into both sexes and both genitalias, lesbians aren't. if you are bi, you are bi, stop pushing shit down people's throats

No. 343955

Well that was depressing.

No. 343956

Every day I'm hitting peak trans over and over again.

No. 343957

File: 1545752708027.png (629.81 KB, 838x1130, >the agp smile in the mirror.p…)


Shop for silicone body parts. This is so creepy.


141 men bought this for $100. And of course the silicone nipples are hard.

Looking at stuff like this honestly makes me dysphoric and want to get my breasts cut off. It's so degrading to see men use normal female body parts as a fetish object, sex toy. I don't see how anyone could buy stuff like this and still treat women with the same respect as they treat men. I just hate the world we live in.

No. 343960

I mean, people buy dildos too.

No. 343962

Even my transgender sibling (ftm) seems to be hitting peak trans. We can't stop joking about the ridiculousness of it all. Especially in regards to the biological men "feeling" or "getting" periods thing, which os what has thrown me into peak trans in the first place. I've been very tolerant because my first and only real life interaction with a mtf was my ex, and they seemed to actually suffer feom dysphoria and was really quiet about the issue and never slapped it in my face. And also didn't fetishize women. But now it comes to light that the vast majority are like the examples in this thread and just…UGH

No. 343964

There's a difference between using a dildo and getting off by wearing silicone breasts or even a full female body suit.

Also, there's a reason why there isn't a fetish in which women wear male silicone body suits/parts.

No. 343966

what is a strapon?

No. 343969

A sex toy which is usually used by lesbian couples who usually neither get turned on by men nor the thought of being a man themselves?

No. 343972

>the "lmao a strapon, a tool to penetrate a vagina and simulate an erogenous zone inside for sexual pleasure, is basically trying to be a man and completely the same as a male wearing a skinsuit to get a kick out of being a female!!" meme
Please leave

No. 343982

This is literally pilpul.
This kid was on a podcast with a literal murderer (in the same room). He also mimed ketamine use when some drag freak mentioned it on a stream with him.
This kid has very obviously been exposed to sex and drugs. Can't confirm whether or not he has participated, but it's still abuse.

No. 343990

She also says toddlers can understand consent.

No. 343998

No one is complaining about men using fleshlights.

No one is complaining about women using strapons.

The problem is freaks getting as close as legally possible to wearing a woman's skin as they can.
If it was legal there'd be no doubt in my mind these sick men would 'wear' real womens' breasts (and skin) instead.

No. 344010

File: 1545758333898.png (91.84 KB, 1066x310, enbiebutthurt.PNG)

Speaking of KFs I always rip on it for being full of troons/chasers but I checked out the thread and was greeted with this shit. The same person was claiming that intersexuality is more frequent than thought, linking to statistics that counted simple deformations of genitals (such as the placement of urinary tract) as intersex. I'm so fucking sick of "nonbinaries" using the issues of intersex people as their shield. They were born with malformed reproductive parts and chromosome deficits, you weren't.

As for the QKS thing, it's simply bonkers. No kid would enjoy that travesty, she's using concepts and terminology nobody under 15 understands and clearly has no degree or experience in child psychology or pedagogy. Even without addressing the whole mess of talking about two headed dildos to "3-6 year olds", making an educating kids' show is actually hard and it doesn't suddenly turn into a child friendly success when you stick some colorful building blocks and a teddy bear in your set.

No. 344013

>what is science

No. 344014

what's this about dildos

No. 344017

So I'm just curious. I noticed that a lot of trans people are huge anime nerds and I can't help but wonder but think that the only reason a lot of these people think they're women is because they watch way too much anime.

But I dunno, maybe I'm generalizing? Do you think it's telling when you see one of these trans people and notice they are huge anime nerds that they're just fetishing anime girls to the point they want to be them?

No. 344031

Some years ago Carmen Carrera was on Cake Boss, he unknowingly partecipated in a prank for Buddy's cousin where Buddy set him up for a date with Carrera and in the end he said "That's a man, baby!". Later on Facebook, Carrera complained about the situation because "calling transwomen "men" is literally violence and they get killed and beaten up" blah blah.
Carrera has a passing voice, I'll give him that, but how dumb must a man be not to see that it's an obvious tranny?

No. 344032

I don't think anime started the whole trans trend, but it has definitely made it more popular. There absolutely is a large group of trannies who want to be uguu kawaii loli waifus teehee x3, just look at the r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns subreddit and how often they mention catgirls, headpats, thigh-highs etc. and use anime girl reaction images. They've watched too many moeshit animes and think that they're accurate depictions of what being a girl is like, just eating cakes, wearing cute idol outfits and squealing with your friends.

No. 344047

Imo his voice doesn't pass that well. Also, if Carmen was so offended by Buddy calling him a man then why did he agree to this? It's obvious the joke is supposed to be that Buddy's cousin was flirting with a tranny without knowing it.

No. 344048

Yeah, I've seen the r/traaaaaaannnnnssss subreddit, that's part of why I was concerned but another one was because I stumbled upon another trans YouTuber in the commentary community who goes by the name "Doodletones". This person uses a fake voice changer to disguise her voice and it doesn't sound like a girl or woman's voice, it sounds like it's trying to be some high-pitched anime girl character and all the stills she uses in her videos are mostly either anime moe girls or her own crappy looking character that looks like it was drawn by a 7 year old.

She did a segment in one of her videos where she showed her real voice and oh boy, it's not even close to sounding like a woman's.

Anyway, I guess you're right that anime didn't start the trans trend but definitely made it more popular. Yeah, I've seen all this anime fetish-paraphernalia and these fools thinking they can look like some cute anime waifu when they look utterly ridiculous.

No. 344049

This, there are definitely AGPs who want to larp as cute anime girls but it extends way outside of the anime community. It all boils down to lonely men wanting to have power over women and they exist outside of the weebs. A lot of the hardcore TRAs are very anti-anime to begin with because of the ~fetishization of transwymmyn~ with traps.

He took part in the prank willingly yet went on to bitch about it later? All righty then.

Oh god this faggot. Doodletones is a babyfur degenerate to begin with and overlaps with a lot of nerdy communities outside of anime. I think he's mainly just an autistic furry and we know how they are.

No. 344052

>Oh god this faggot. Doodletones is a babyfur degenerate to begin with and overlaps with a lot of nerdy communities outside of anime. I think he's mainly just an autistic furry and we know how they are.

"Doodlediapers"? Lol that's an interesting nickname. Yeah, your right. This individual does seem likek someone who is mostly just a huge nerd. You seem to know about this person, do you know if this person even tries to "pass" in real life or is it just some overweight neckbeard who looks like some of the transwomen posted in the last thread?

No. 344055

He has a thread on Kiwifarms and is pretty notorious for being a babyfur defending sick kinks. I don't know if he's legitimately an IRL tranny instead of just someone roleplaying with a girl avatar online though. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/doodletones-susanne-hembree-sean-hembree.24380/

No. 344069

File: 1545775431458.png (17.46 KB, 800x124, Screenshot_2018-12-25-13-57-27…)


And that member was appropriately roasted in the ratings and responses.

For a site "full of troons/chasers" they have the most thorough aggregation of troons in the news of any site I have seen including all of the major GC sites.

No. 344070

A lot of the threads concerning lesser known trannies are full of people forcing the "whoa hey, just because they're a cow doesn't mean misgendering isn't violence!" narrative or blogposting about their own troonism looking for asspats. Just look at the Hope Chapman thread, they're happily using He/Him pronouns for her and She/Her for Protomagicalgirl, one of the worst AGP speedrunners. But it's definitely not as bad as PULL though where someone using calling a fakeboi a she results in a 4-page infight about misgendering and "As a nonbinary person…." replies.

No. 344084

File: 1545779483102.jpeg (910.99 KB, 1242x1530, 662047E6-D8C2-4E1C-831A-B86AA4…)

Trannys are the only group of people who are proud of supporting criminals

No. 344085

Wtf lmao why is this even a thing

No. 344087

>The same person was claiming that intersexuality is more frequent than thought

I've seen TRAs claim that women with PCOS are intersex, making 5% of the world population intersex. It's so ridiculous and offensive.

No. 344090


I'm referring to news stories. The discussion of the Brown study is an edifying and informative read. They even reposted the entire document. Here it barely got any notice.

No. 344092

File: 1545780957470.jpeg (176.35 KB, 1067x1369, jonathan vs miranda.jpeg)

Miranda Yardley vs Pedoboi Jonathan Yaniv


No. 344100

porn and anime are the two biggest catalysts for brainwashing young nerds into this shit

also aggressive recruiting by the cult of trans where they target lonely weirdos

No. 344104

Update on Meghan Murphy's upcoming talk on gender identity ideology and women's rights

No. 344110

Carmen was always such an obvious AGP fag even before he came out. In his first appearance on Drag Race all he fucking talked about was how much he loved being naked and getting male attention. His fetishim of the female body couldn't be more fucking obvious if he tried. I was 15 when his season aired an barely knew what a tranny was and still saw right through him.

No. 344111

So… KiwiFarm has received a LOLsuit by the one and only Jonathan Yaniv! I'm sure other websites have received one, including the struggling lolcow.

No. 344112

File: 1545799457898.jpeg (187.98 KB, 1242x779, 58445296-1CA5-4753-936B-EC5851…)

Why does it seem like trannys almost never want to be women?they never say they’d want to be a woman their own age, they’re always whining about not being a woman under he age of 21 or crying about how they didn’t get a female childhood. You would think if they wanted to be a woman so badly they wouldn’t care if they’re a 40 year old woman or a 12 year old girl.

No. 344113

Saw the pics and yep, not surprised. Pretty much looks like the usual gamer/anime nerd transwoman we saw in the last thread. And of course she's using anime face expressions to cover her face. That is just… lmao. Thanks anon, that was quite the read, I had no idea that this person had antics that went as far back as 2015.

No. 344116

File: 1545801957137.png (59.01 KB, 800x579, null vs jonathan.png)

No. 344117


No. 344122

File: 1545816395511.jpg (94.72 KB, 360x504, Helga.jpg)

Ooh this'll be good

No. 344123

why is fucking null cooler than our admin? kms

No. 344126

File: 1545817076095.jpg (49 KB, 500x578, 1542332733362.jpg)

oh my god there is audio of Yaniv now, does this sound like someone sincerely trying to pass?


No. 344129

>Giving attention to an attention whore is cool

No. 344133

Is he trying to do a valley girl accent or is it just me

No. 344144

don't you know, anon? that's how REAL women talk, down to the inflection.

No. 344146

Nayrt, but yeah, when it’s a child predator, giving attention is very cool. Take him down.

No. 344152

He sounds like Robert Wayne Stiles

No. 344158

Null planned to stream about Jonathan today, but Jonathan filed a DMCA complaint within hours of the post.

Null will instead be streaming on


No. 344178

kek i'm sorry but the op pic is cringe

No. 344187


Null called Jonathan during the stream.



No. 344188

File: 1545863844680.png (489.85 KB, 818x502, Stream me1.png)

Stream was fun. Have this picture of JY being an anime gurl.

No. 344189

i knew this guy in high school, anime club nerd ofc, bad ebay tier cosplayer. always treated me like shit in high school and throughout my 20s for being a fujo. never expressed any interest in wanting to be a woman at all and was always drawing his "OCs" that just happen to be 12-14 year old lesbians. suddenly its 2016 and he's a 30 year old grown ass man posting his photoshopped trap loli cosplay online for degenerate men to jack it to. im convinced anime turns men into pedophile trannys.

No. 344285

Of course he has autism. The three TIMs I have met irl all had autism/aspergers. I don't know why, but there does seem to be a link there.

No. 344344

File: 1545920062369.jpg (116.35 KB, 769x1024, DuZt6y7VsAA5oGF.jpg)


>a hyper-sensate, nonbinary cyberdyke

>the softest butch

oh fuck no. the fucking nerve of this guy to call himself "dyke" and "butch"

also, troons and disgusting oily hair. name a more iconic couple

No. 344347

File: 1545920470386.jpg (367.32 KB, 1103x2048, DvTKf2RU0AAfQH9.jpg)

Crazy homeless person or awesome trans gal during pride?

No. 344351

File: 1545920706443.jpg (324.39 KB, 1536x2048, Duo5JR5UUAE_80v.jpg)


>I came to realize that transition has given me quite a booty.

All that estrogen gave him is the body of a major alcoholic, lmao.

No. 344373

I always get a bad taste in my mouth when trannies and tradthots keep calling themselves girls. More proof it's escapist fetishistic bullshit, wouldn't want to call yourself a adult with all those pesky responsibilities. It's certainly interesting that a lot of these basement dwelling men suddenly troon out and want to little girls at the time they are expected to live independently. They've been so coddled they can't handle the adult world so they regress, but they since they are adults they've tied it up with sexual shit. They're obsessed with 'safety' and view disagreement as a violent threat because they have never had to deal with real conflict. It's no coincidence that so many were raised middle class or higher.

No. 344396

LMAO they're getting radpilled hard. I mean KF and such are not exactly the allies I personally would go looking for but it's still hilarious.

No. 344401

what's the timestamp for the phone call?

No. 344422

1hr33 mins or so.

No. 344424

File: 1545934097741.gif (1.51 MB, 244x244, tenor7.gif)

One time I was on tumblr and scrolled past a long "butch muscle transgirls appreciation post". Needless to say, I puked in my mouth. All those obvious men, ugly men, with thin greasy hair and receding hairlines… Many of them weren't even muscular, just fat and trying to flex their arms as much as possible to show a hint of "biceps".
Of course there were some "lesbian" handmaidens fake-swooning and commenting stuff like "My poor lesbian heart". As if.

No. 344428

Vaguely related but can we talk about the beauty community and the fact that if you're a stereotypical gay guy that pretends he's one of the girls, you instantly get popular?

No. 344460

he's getting off just talking about it, this fucking pig, wow.

No. 344474

I know exactly which post you're talking about, bunches of TIMd look like they're straight of some IT job. Dudes with edgy hairstyles and no hint of any feminity except questionable colorful clothing choices making them 'women' some how.

The best part of this was that I saw it shared from a 'drag queen' fakeboi TIF with a 6'10 TIM best friend.

No. 344475

File: 1545942787766.jpg (464.78 KB, 1080x1360, 20181227_133202.jpg)

They wanna wear the skin of a young woman so bad

No. 344478

Is this a joke shoop/satire?

No. 344483

File: 1545943434663.jpg (443.53 KB, 1080x1404, 20181227_134222.jpg)

I don't think so

No. 344488

Who here thinks that Desmond's mom will put him on hormone blockers before he hits puberty?

No. 344496

Desmond needs to be fucking rescued, all this because his mom is too lazy to get a damn job

No. 344505

File: 1545946856259.jpg (15.17 KB, 280x210, whoa.jpg)

jesus christ how horrifying

No. 344507

File: 1545947235858.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181226-164307.png)

No. 344510

imagine being so un-self-aware you post a picture of you with your fat rolls and ugly man body in clothes meant for petite women, questioning if it's even possibly good looking and not ill-fitting

why do all trannies remind me of pixyteri jfc

No. 344511

Jesus Christ did we get some nightmare fuel tonight.
What the fuck is wrong with trannies.

No. 344514

They always dress themselves like anime schoolgirls. It's not a fetish tho!!!

No. 344516

I understand. I too count myself lucky that i was not fully trooned out and just did the laughable non binary but still basically living as a chick shit.

All you can do is hope that he will have the same or similar inhibitions about going full troon.

The lucky thing about a lot of these "enby" cases is that they often pick that label to cop out of the pressure to fully troon out in the first place, or at least, i think that's a big factor because i realize now that was a huge reason i did that rather than be all "I'm a boy now gib hormones"

A lot of these weird enbies that "don't try" i actually don't like to laugh at or make fun of personally as much, with the hope that they'll come around. Its pretty obvious to me now that I'm deconditioning that they act like that due to reservations about the whole thing.

No. 344517

File: 1545948454087.jpg (491.82 KB, 1965x3493, 3bhkgwta8t621.jpg)

For real. Also from r/trespassing…

No. 344522

File: 1545948780037.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181226-164529.png)

Nightmare fuel?

No. 344524

man i can't believe steve from stranger things trooned out

No. 344527

lol I thought the same thing

No. 344534

File: 1545950159580.jpg (38.77 KB, 640x1137, HZfJiFN_d.jpg)

Oh God…

No. 344539

even his hairline is trying to escape his presence lmao

No. 344541

File: 1545950794482.jpg (52.18 KB, 646x375, grossss.jpg)

gross tranny in a spanish football team…

No. 344542

It's only affecting women and that's the worst part. I'm so mad because you know they hate that piece of shit man but can't say anything about it. just another way to make women miserable.

No. 344543

I spotted that tranny beside i even enlarged the photo. fucking hell

No. 344544

LOL me too

No. 344548

I love how he's the only one that didn't put his hair up into a ponytail. When will trannies understand that having unkempt long hair doesn't make you magically look like a woman and they just look like disgusting weirdos?

No. 344559

Kek, I knew he looked like someone but I couldn’t pinpoint who.

When will troons realize that growing long hair doesn’t automatically make them look like women.

No. 344574

that fucking receding hairline, oml

No. 344587

File: 1545957904180.jpg (366.06 KB, 1007x1200, IMG_4087.JPG)

Uncle Ted wore it better

No. 344588

gender iffy uh
hormones got me sicky uh

No. 344615

ot but what show is that reaction image from lmao

No. 344625

You're right, he did cave after he got dog-piled on by the Trans community. It was pretty hilarious that even though RuPaul explained things in a way that shouldn't have been offensive towards transwomen saying that Transwomen are not acting, they still got butthurt by the droves and lashed out at him.

Personally, I feel that he shouldn't have apologized but I understand that from a business standpoint, it probably was better to just apologize even if you don't mean it if all else, to shut these people up.

Yeah… He doesn't pass to me neither, just looks like an effeminate Asian man with cheek fillers…

If you told me this 5 years ago, I'd think you're crazy but now… I see where people who share opinions like yours are coming from. Trans people are just not in the same ballpark as gay people and I notice that a lot of people who don't care for trans people or get annoyed by the TRAs, they push this hate on the LGB portion side even though they don't have anything to do with the "T". You're right that back then, it was better for all of them to stick together but where we are now, there's no need, at least not in the first world.

Yeah, I tried to be non-bias and scan from right to left but as soon as I got to the middle… LOL

Glad someone else noticed. Only fuels the whole "They watch way too much anime" notion because I don't know any female who dresses like that unless they're going to an anime con.

I feel like that people do this for different reasons as well…

Non-binary Guys: Most likely have a difficult time in life being an effeminate man but they don't want to change themselves (fully troon) so latch onto the "Non-binary" label to justify their lack of masculinity without transitioning.

Non-binary Females: Either are confused butch lesbians who think that their lack of conforming to female gender stereotypes must means something is wrong with them but they don't feel like men so they call themselves "Non-binary" to justify their lack of conforming to femininity. That or they're attention whoring teenagers.

I try not to make fun of these people neither but I don't call them by their "preferred pronoun" of "Xe", "Xer", "Xhey", "They", or "Them". I do this because I want them to understand that it's okay to be a gender nonconforming woman or man.

No. 344629

No. 344639

File: 1545966724565.png (23.81 KB, 402x853, transvogue.png)

What's going on with TeenVogue?

No. 344655

TeenVogue is such fake "woke" garbage. Honestly stick to fashion

No. 344696

File: 1545978652688.png (188.42 KB, 793x596, IMG_4093.PNG)

It's from an anime based on Star Ocean the Second Story. The anime is mediocre, but the game is great if you like old school SNES/early PS1 sprite rendered JRPGs

No. 344737

File: 1545991062050.jpg (120.67 KB, 800x523, diversegirlslaughing.jpg)

Twitter's a hoot when searching up gc or radfem tags. I'm surprised by the amount of activity from spanish speaking radfems in Latin America. Venturing past the english and spanish tags into other languages yields more interesting nuggets. Lmao when Japanese radfems make fun of the UK's transgender ish and compare trans people to Rachel fucking Dolezal. True lolcows know no geographic or language barriers now I guess. Crazy trans people are pissing off women all over the world and the UK is the worldwide radfem punching bag (OK perhaps I exaggerate a tad).

Makes me wonder if it might be worthwhile to translate the milk on Yaniv and share it across multiple non-english tags.

No. 344739

Do it! I love seeing Japanese radfems on twitter btw. I love seeing any radfem there but East Asian ones ruin the weeb male/troon image of submissive Asian waifus. Good.

No. 344741

I'm thinking of translating it to Spanish first. Its the foreign language I know best, has reach across multiple countries and latin american radfems are proud of the title. Would also make any later attempts (perhaps by other people) to translate into Italian, Portuguese and French a bit easier. My Japanese is baby level but there seem to be Japanese radfems with good English skills that could perhaps understand the content well enough without translation.

Either way it would probably help to disseminate the content across non American based sites.

No. 344746

Can you guys recommend any good accounts, or hashtags as a starting point? I've been wanting to lurk around radfem twitter from other cultures but I just don't know where to find them, aside from some Korean and latino accounts.

No. 344747

I remember when I saw this years ago and thought it was funny as shit. I also remember the South Park episode in which Mr. Garrison goes through SRS and then goes into a lesbian bar to be this "super dyke" talking over actual lesbians. I would've never thought it would become reality in less than ten years.

Can you recommend any hashtags for Japanese radfems? I've heard of Korean radfems but I'd be really interested in reading Japanese radfem tweets.

No. 344760

This shit was just a ridiculous joke video back then, scary yo see it has become reality.

No. 344770

I translate articles in russian for my terven sisters. It's totally worthwhile to share the knowledge.

No. 344772

top fucking kek.

No. 344775

Not very lady like, “ma’am”.

No. 344778

More like TeenTroon

No. 344779


No. 344781


i had a whole thing i was gonna do today, but after reading this im just gonna go back to bed, sleep it off, then try tomorrow

No. 344793

Holy shit. If I were the women who told him to settle down, I would be really scared when he started yelling. His whole, “I’m clearly a woman” bull is comical, but I’d also be terrified of him because he’s clearly unstable. And people wonder why we don’t want troons in our female spaces?

No. 344808

It’s always the overly aggressive and easily triggered men who troon out. Also kek at this happening at a GameStop of all places, just buy your game and gtfo.

No. 344818

TransVogue has been like that for a while now. I have no idea why, are all their contributors troons?

>extremely male voice sCUSE ME IT'S MA'AM!!!!!
holy shit I had to pause right there to laugh while holding my stomach, this has to be a fucking joke

No. 344821

lmao @ the gorilla noises he made from 1:11 to 1:13

No. 344823

This plays out exactly like something I'd see Eric Cartman do in South Park. Jesus Christ.
Gamer man baby? Check!
Trans women ? Check!
Violent man? Check!

No. 344824

Don't forget the caveman intimidating grunts at 1:12

No. 344825

I like how somebody snickers when he finally leaves.

No. 344828

vandalizing gamestops is trans culture

No. 344832

I like the employee's sarcasm.
"Ma'am? Mmmkay."

No. 344834

At first he tries to sound like a sassy woman from reality TV but then he can't keep up the woman act and the male territorial display comes out.

No. 344844

What ended the conflict as much for me is the one transsexual i knew as an example of a "real, old school one" died recently and i got to find out he was detransitioning at the end, got cancer probably from the years of HRT, and regretted the SRS.

That to me just said well that's it then, treating this shit with hormones and surgery is not the way and the data is not there because of fucking course detransitioned people aren't necessarily recorded, out about it (i mean its admitting you made a huge fucking mistake, had your body mutilated, and you are still unhappy), or regarded at all.

I really do think we're on the right side of history and you'll see an epidemic of premature cancer, death, health problems, and lawsuits.

Kek you can smell the cluster b coming off this clip

No. 344863

It's not fair that they get to use the LGBT community as a shield to attack people in public. Lesbians and gays and bis have to fight pointless battles for trannies that accomplish nothing and lose massive amounts of public goodwill.

No. 344911

Does anyone else really cringe when TiMs, especially AGPs, speak in this weird stereotypical tranny voice? Like Riley J. Penis or Hontrapoints? I can barely listen to their voice, it's so annoying. And thinking about they put so much effort into trying to talk like a woman and still end up sounding like shit makes me cringe even more. It's so pathetic. Are they gonna disguise their voice like that for the rest of their lives? How is this considered normal behaviour?

No. 344921

Twitter user WomanNotCis (@woman_not_cis) is a good starting point. She retweets lots of other Japanese radfems and stuff in English from time to time.

No. 344922

I can't stomach any tranny voice. When I run into youtube videos by trannies, I just can't watch them. It's like a tween girl trying to poorly voice act for a 4kids dub.
Tho its hilarious when they drop it to defend themselves/be aggressive. They pretend to be dainty, soft voiced anime girls who are victims from everything, but piss them off or don't give them their way and they go straight back down to their male gorilla screaming tenor.

No. 344946

File: 1546027663878.jpg (134.48 KB, 640x480, IMG_4045.JPG)

MtF 6 months post HRT

How do I look :)

No. 344954

Tranny voices gross me out. It's basically men going through puberty. The worst is Laura k buzz from the jimquisition

No. 344967

File: 1546028891062.jpg (1.55 MB, 3120x4160, 3211uo8j7x621.jpg)

"First time attempting a more girlish hair style- wishing to grow it out for ponytails, but felt cute like this"

This guy is 16 (yes, sixteen) and has an anime girl as his reddit profile picture btw.

No. 344973

looks like the type of motherfucker who'll hit the receptionist with a "I'll have uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and stare slack jawed at the menu for five minutes when he's in front of you in line at Wendy's

No. 344979

He is absolutely not 16

No. 344985


judge for yourself

>I've been jealous of girls ever since I hit puberty. I knew what transgender people were, but I never even considered myself trans until I talked to my online friends about these feelings. Funnily enough, I asked them "how can I get rid of these thoughts," and an hour later I already came out to my parents.
>I never even considered myself trans until I talked to my online friends
why am i not surprised

No. 344988

Yeah, surely he's just larping as a 16 y/o

No. 344995

he's about as 16 as he is a woman kek

No. 345033

File: 1546036418085.png (44.1 KB, 540x228, tumblr_inline_pkgmb7QjHv1sz0o7…)

And they wonder why they now have to beg for whitelist/donations to keep afloat. I will laugh when pinknews finally dies.

No. 345038

fuck anon my sides

No. 345041

Lol anon you madman.

Maybe this lady and Zoe Tur can start a trans anger management support group

No. 345052

I can see how the title of the article is disrespectful but it's just stupid clickbait. It's a video with lesbians (including Arielle Scarcella) eating bull penis (?) meat.

>“Dick is great” is a phrase you likely won’t hear from the participants in many other contexts.

The article would be probably considered kinda terfy by some TRAs, tbh.

No. 345094

File: 1546043279142.jpg (215.53 KB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20181228-162523_1.j…)

W e w

No. 345098

File: 1546043582022.jpg (162.06 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20181228-163008_1.j…)

???what are these proportions

No. 345102

File: 1546044108603.jpg (114.28 KB, 899x588, darn.jpg)

I thought this was just an extremely unfortunate woman at first and decided to facetune his nose to be smaller and more symmetrical. Then it stopped distracting from the rest of his clearly male features and I checked his profile to see if he was indeed a tranny, and he was. Of course he is.


Was already posted here >>344772

No. 345105

Ah! My bad i didnt see it

isnt it interesting tho hes a woman until he needs to threaten violence against someone.

No. 345106

el goblino!!

No. 345107

these ugly troons have self confidence for days. a real woman that looked like that wouldn't post pictures of herself on a major subreddit for people to laugh at.

No. 345108

that fucking bulge… yuck

No. 345110

I am absolutely losing my shit because that's the Gamestop I used to work out and that GM deserves to be fucking yelled at kek

No. 345111

the glasses! it's always the fucking glasses! they all have greasy anime club boy wireless frames, and don't think to buy new ones! TROON GLASSES!
just add cheap polyester stiped socks, an ill fitting pleated skirt,a video game reference shirt, anarchist pins, and a secret lewd twitter called like, "softlestrap" that has furry anal vore and hypnosis on it.

No. 345113

File: 1546045495246.jpg (139.96 KB, 640x960, oa8o6xyme9f01.jpg)

lmaoo all his pictures look like he took them with a fucking fish eye lens

No. 345141

This will be a diary post so I'll sage it.

I managed to semi-successfully debate a TiF in a discord group for my college course!

Sadly as soon as I presented her with some facts and examples of certain things happening in real life, she ignored them and started talking about something else that "bothers" her, and when I assured her that she still has her human rights and that women having their own space is important and that we're not the ones attacking trans people, she went offline :/ But as soon as the conversation shifted to another topic she magically came back online to contribute, which is quite sad. However, a person who was supporting my statements started a private conversation with me to talk about the points we made so I'm satisfied.

There's 2 other trans people who are both TiMs in the group (I know, sad). I was expecting them to back her up/give me something else to talk about, but I got nothing. One of them actually DM'd me after the whole thing and thought that it'd be a good idea to come out to me. Maybe he thought I'd back down and apologise? Instead I just indirectly called him out for escapism and fetishization.
Either way, I'm quite proud of myself for standing up for my beliefs and for the fact that I didn't get kicked lol.

No. 345145

this looks like skrillex if he trooned out, lol

No. 345168


The full rubber suit fetish has been around for decades but always very underground. And now it's been on mainstream telly via TLC.


KF has a thread on these sick freaks. And we thought that pic of the Degenderette pretending to bleed in a tub was disgusting.


No. 345175

That armpit hair peaking out dear God.

No. 345337

And so it begins… The anime tranny fad has claimed another young victim lol.

You know, giving these people the benefit of the doubt just to humor them, this is why they should be talking to licensed professionals. Of course these fools self-diagnose themselves without seeing a doctor to confirm things (for the sake of the banter).

Pretty sure this person uses way too much editing effects lol

Holy fuck lol I remember seeing this a long while back and it was pretty unsettling to say the least.

No. 345372

Giving Monster Factory a run for their money.

No. 345434

It's like a mugshot of those weird criminals with wide faces and expressions

No. 345441

File: 1546095827735.jpg (243.56 KB, 1728x2304, c8sw9cgl7w621.jpg)

"I think I looked adorable for being 45."

No. 345444

File: 1546096066347.jpg (833.77 KB, 2448x3264, 2nzzyw8b44721.jpg)

>Second Christmas since coming out and I am closer than ever with my family 🎄🎄🎄 (27 - 1yr&2mo)

>that makeup

No. 345446

File: 1546096376100.jpg (402.54 KB, 2016x1512, NIYPTYg.jpg)

>Me this past Sunday, felt super cute. I know it's extremely subtle, but if you squint really hard you can tell I'm super queer

No. 345447

File: 1546096438621.jpg (344.13 KB, 1504x2016, ala14PD.jpg)

No. 345479

He looks like one of those oil paintings of peasants from the Renaissance

No. 345497

Typical Arch user

No. 345503

Dear jesus it looks like he's wearing a skin mask. I'm getting massive buffalo bill vibes.

No. 345506

le master race HSTS trannies wouldn't stand for this shit. You own at least five coloured polishes, but no nail file, or top coat, or the sense to remove the mistakes with nail polish remover and a cotton bud before posting your nails online? It's almost like you like the idea of painting your nails for the sake of performative, superficial femininity more than actually painting your nails for it's own sake.
I guarantee this man was (is?) deeply into mlp.

No. 345511

File: 1546105917153.png (188.85 KB, 1440x854, Screenshot_2018-12-29-11-50-31…)

Troons are getting into serious mental health groups I'm in, equating their fetish with our real suffering.
I laughed as soon as this reply was posted. No one's buying it KEK.

No. 345515

File: 1546106688329.jpeg (219.9 KB, 750x1094, DD7D27DD-A69C-4968-9817-4F2014…)


No. 345516

Kek. Can't tell if it's a terfy reply or a unsuspecting, normal reply.

No. 345525

>lesbians and normal women
Troons just can't help but be homophobic even when they're trying to get lesbians on their side.

No. 345544

>trans women are more female than you

what? to be a female, you need female anatomy, not dresses and makeup and feefees. it's that simple. facts don't bend to your will just because you're offended and want something you can't have. their responses when being reminded of this are utterly male, threats of violence, aggression, and encouraging the murder of women

we can fight for the rights of women as much as we please, because we are women and always have been. they stay trying to tell us that we're not allowed to fight for women's rights without including men, it's dumb as fuck. we aren't obligated to include you just because you feel entitled, and more people secretly hate you than you think, too. shitting on "terfs" is just more socially acceptable these days

No. 345546

File: 1546111570806.png (913.06 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0496.PNG)

I know this is old but lol

No. 345561



Every fucking time.

No. 345562

That shit grinds my gears so much.

No. 345568

stupid troon outed himself for having a major case of male ego butthurt

a woman is rejected:
>walk away from situation, accept it

a man is rejected:
>male rage and violence

No. 345570

File: 1546114545393.png (116.53 KB, 526x567, yaniv.png)

The whole yaniv incident which some online are expecting to blow up even more now certain sites are getting involved coupled with that gamestop story going national I think a lot of people are about to hit peak trans soon.

No. 345571

jfc he looks way older than 45! my mom just turned 48 and looks amazing, way better than this troon. but estrogen totally reverses aging doesn't it /s

No. 345575

Trans and their handmaidens are desperately trying to run damage control on that gamestop freakout and it's not convincing anyone.

No. 345577

i think most trannies are at least a little aware that they are not, and never will be women, no matter how much money they spend mutilating their genitals and pumping their body full of harmful hormones, hence the rabid hatred of anyone who goes against them.

i was quite active on tumblr around 2014 - 2015 and i remember all the truscum people (is that what theyre called?) getting triggered over otherkin. if they truly believe that everything they said was true (trans women arethe same as women, brain sex, etc.), then why does a dumbass 13 year old who thinks he/she is a dog/fictional character/dragon resonate so much with their experience to the point where they autistically screech about how its making a mockery of trans people?

so its fine for a man to larp as a woman but a stupid kid cant larp as a cat because its "mocking" trannies kek.

No. 345579

Damn you have some courage, I think if I tried that at my college they’d kick me out or secretly have me blacklisted from future employment opportunities. It sucks people who disagree with their university’s libfem ideas can’t safely voice their opinions without fear of being shunned. You’d think places of higher learning would be open for debate, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Lol imagine being so delusional you think this butchered paint job is worth posting on reddit. Can 2019 be the year people stop hyping troons up for less than mediocre attempts at imitating women?

No. 345580

Usually you see a tweet with 10k+ likes about how retail workers are the victims of capitalism and they don't owe customers shit once a week but that side of woke twitter is now busy falling over themselves to defend a burly man's right to yell at a kid. The lack of awareness is absolutely frightening.

No. 345582

Troon have successfully pushed the narrative that they are always the victims. If that had been an actual woman we'd be seeing people talking about how evil white women are and how yelling at a teenage retail worker who appeared to be non-white is peak white privilege. But a troon does it and he's instantly a poor little victim.

No. 345593

I get a lot of petty satisfaction from the fact that despite idolising youth and always LARPing as young girls, TiMs all look a good 10-20 years older than they are once they don their womanface. Someone like Contrapoints doesn’t actually pass but even if I’m being extremely generous and squinting a lot (and maybe drunk), he looks like a 50-something cougar at best.

Imagine fetishising teenage girls so much you meme yourself into transitioning and coming out of that looking like a 50+ year old alcoholic lot lizard. That’s karma.

No. 345607

You got any screen prints? Would love to see them trying to defend that.

No. 345610

What do agps and hsts think of each other? Neither pass, but hsts are head over shoulders better at performing the type of femininity that agps crave

No. 345611


there's a few popular tweets like this defending him

No. 345612

if it was a real woman people would already be calling her gamestop gertrude and trying to get her fired. trans privilege in action.

No. 345613

That video was fucking hilarious more than anything. Troons who think retail employees deserve to treat them like royalty and are mind readers are full of milk. There was a hon on /lgbt/ who recently tried crying wolf about some Wendy's cashier misgendering him expecting to get asspats and a nationwide boycott and they all turned on him saying he doesnt even pass.

No. 345617

File: 1546118798206.png (123.79 KB, 1080x491, Screenshot_20181229-212451~2.p…)

Here's an explanation of those terms in case anyone else was confused

No. 345618

kek, I love how they have to focus on the troons right to be mad while ignoring the fact that he expresses his rage in the most blatantly male way possible. A women (trans or not) wouldn't be so aggressive and try to start a fight.

No. 345626

Hey, it's He-Man. By the power of Greyskull!
Or maybe should we say "He-Ma'am"?

No. 345638

Could this person be more of a dick, what's with the shitty entitled voice/"sassy" behaviour.
I only looked at this thread because I heard about the game stop thing. Didn't know trans people were this awful ugh.

No. 345645

File: 1546122640701.jpg (165.67 KB, 742x703, 1546115309610.jpg)

Which of these 4 stronk gals would win?

No. 345647

File: 1546122752658.jpg (140.53 KB, 1200x800, Dt02RjRW0AA10es.jpg)

Make that 5, I found this on /tttt/ and whoever put it together didn't include my personal favorite stronk gal Hannah Mouncey

No. 345653

The four horsemen of apocalypse.

I was going to say that the collage was missing the other He Man clone, lmao. Bonus pic: Jonathan Yaniv

No. 345664

Political compass of troons

No. 345670

Just got back from my great-grandparents' for Christmas and dear god it was the worst ever. My 40-something male cousin, who no one in my family even spoke to until recently, has decided that he is ~truly a woman~ which is why he has been so troubled and fucked up for his whole life. He has no job, no education, is in immense debt, and has a criminal record, and is now living with my grandparents who now finance him and pay for his hormones therapy… he literally looks like a man in a skirt. he is so hairy and fat and disgusting, when I had to sit across from him at the dinner table I almost puked. I don't understand why my grandparents are taking care of him now, they don't pay for anything for any of their other grandchildren or great-grandchildren anymore meanwhile they pay for his phone bills, food, housing, etc. .. It was so obvious that everyone in the family was repulsed by him but trying to be PC and ~accepting~ but I just refused to talk to him. Luckily I was not staying over at their house but I would have refused.

No. 345679

File: 1546129492231.jpg (1.31 MB, 1778x1482, --.jpg)

/r/actuallesbians, the subreddit for hetero balding men

No. 345681

File: 1546129778733.jpg (523.76 KB, 2448x3264, 44tan18n75w01.jpg)

oh fuck the front is even worse

also, his flair on /r/traaaaans is "35, Demon-Neko who likes to top girls", ew. Poor child.


No. 345683

File: 1546129797765.jpg (20.38 KB, 195x332, ITS MAAM.jpg)

Excuse me IT IS MA'AM

No. 345684

imagine being a middle aged man, and deciding to upend your life because you watched too much yuri lmao. this is the type of loser who rages at terfs behind a cutesy cartoon twitter pic. they all look like ill proportioned, lank haired, goblins irl, or if ftt, the type of pudgy girl who would try to get you to read her mcr bandfic, or wore a tail to school, or chubby soft faced manlets, so don't feel too bad about their insults.

No. 345686

ugh, that really sucks anon. remember, narcs feed off outrage, so just… act like a cool cucumber. no emotional stuff, just changing the subject, etc.

my ex is trans, and rn, he's trying to become me. for example, i'm a ballet dancer, so what does this agp do? post pics of himself….. poorly dancing ballet. it's awful, if i cared, i'd tell him to not try to do that, bc he's def gonna get an injury lol. he bought a wig the exact color and style of my hair! he bought the same shirt as me, but in a bigger size! FUCKKKKK!!! he also posts those shitty leftist memes with twelve different fonts. aahhhh!!!!! fuck, i hate him so much!!!!!! leave me alonnneeeeee!!!!!! i don't post at all on social media anymore, and i blocked him on everything, so idk why he hasn't moved on to someone. i'm just going to wait it out.

No. 345688

EW. He’s trying to single white female you? That’s so creepy. I peaked a few years ago, but I keep reaching peak trans again and again because of crap like this. Men don’t want to be accepted as women—they want to wear our skin and fetishize us and steal used pads and tampons uuuugggghh.

No. 345689

it's disturbing how i haven't heard just once but several times how troons take the names of women they know like their sister's, exes's, friends's…

No. 345691

File: 1546131458623.png (1.49 MB, 1376x1532, ,,,.png)


How does this man have a wife and children?

>This story takes place at a localish McD's. (…)
>Yesterday, while I was there working on drafting a legal document, I was sitting in the corner and was wearing a sylveon ears headband, I just wanted to look cute. Well I achieved a goal I didn't think I could, even though I still have a masculine face, I was treated as a cute girl all day by the customers who cam in and out and some of the older clientele , who I know are conservative, had a big happy smile and chuckle as I sat there, every-time I moved my head, ears would flop. Made some of the kiddos laugh as well. I only got one dirty look all day, but the happiness I got back because of my mindset of being cute and wanting to be sylveon for the day paid off. I even got the female managers to laugh some during their breaks as I was listening to music and my ears were flopping to me bouncing in my seat.

This is so embarrassing and disturbing. "I was treated as a cute girl all day by the customers"?! The people probably thought he was mentally challenged.

No. 345718

File: 1546134700477.jpg (23.1 KB, 306x306, 111.JPG)

i do not like where his hands are rested in that pic. fucking creepy.

No. 345727

>"treated as a cute girl all day"
>claims he is a 35 year old "demon neko"
>looks like a 50 year old man

How can troons possibly be this delusional.

No. 345736

they're not laughing with you, they're laughing AT you. and also, "cute girls" aren't treated like that, autists are.

No. 345774


Saw this in a facebook group I was in. It seriously infuriates me. How hard is it for women to have a group and be women without troons bitching about exclusivity? You don't have to join and OP could've said no and suggested another establishment to the young lady.

I apologize for the rage but I hate the transwomen can have periods/pregnancy/etc bullshit.

No. 345780

>35, Demon-Neko who likes to top girls
I fucking physically recoiled

No. 345783

Leave Sylveon alone you gross piece of shit

No. 345784

This is a made-up story.

>"We have a right to keep TiMs out." (Trans identified male, an asshole way to completely misgender people)

This gives it 100% away. OP said this story happened years ago, but the popularity of the term "TiM" is pretty new. Instead, MtT (male to trans) was more common.

No. 345805

Yeah, that is not how radfems talk in public, especially since the OP says they are a transman and that would have been obvious to the applicant. The second red flag was that the “TERF” stomped off when she saw all the transmen in the audience.

No. 345815

yeah wouldn't "terfs" be okay with transmen being there because they still view them as women, not men?

No. 345818

Yeah, it's very similar to those fake justice porn-y posts that are frequently highly upvoted on certain subs. r/gc had a particularly egregious one recently from a gun toting Montana mom who wants to join in shit talking trannies: https://www.reddit.com/r/GenderCritical/comments/a84q77/the_tale_of_how_i_became_of_terf_and_didnt_even/

No. 345851

But anon sylveon is a confirmed sassy trans gal. Just look at the colors.

No. 345886

I'm sure this story TOTALLY happened and isn't someone's power fantasy they decided to write down.

No. 345898

i was just reading posts on r/psychotherapy (hoping to be a therapist one day) on trans people because i was curious as to how therapists might deal with treating trans clients. shocked and upsetted by the responses, this thread in particular
https://www.reddit.com/r/psychotherapy/comments/6xdcd0/transexualgender_client_transfer_complicated/ (edit: wrong link lol)
like, i don't know, i thought people versed in psychology would be rational enough to see it as unhealthy, yet all of the comments call OP transphobic for being skeptical of TiM after she was assaulted by one. ????? i know reddit is a shitty sample size of people but it doesn't seem far fetched from the rest of the world's opinion on trans. literally have lost all hope

No. 345900

It's incredible to see people bending over backwards to defend TIMs, even when they're violent.

Ever since hitting peak trans, I've noticed how much hatred is lobbed exclusively at women for not being over backwards to defend delusional men.

No. 345902

If there weren't replies defending her rights to her feelings and validation of her own experience, I'd lost all my hope in the medical community. I'm simply appalled by the people reeing at her how she would hurt the poow widdle twanswommyn's feewings by being uncomfortable in his company and calling her transphobic for thinking of him as a male. Are psychotherapists supposed to validate their clients' delusions now?

No. 345905

Apparently they are since gender is a feeling now.

No. 345940

>it's disturbing how i haven't heard just once but several times how troons take the names of women they know like their sister's, exes's, friends's…
Bruce Jenner took one of his other son's fiancés name. Her name is Caitlyn. Fucking creep.

No. 345942

Exactly. See >>341518

No. 345959

Alright, I know that r/childfree isn’t exactly a beacon for feminism but there are two top posts right now that use irritating language. “Cis women” and “womb havers.”

Even if you’re trying to be inclusive (which, when it comes to pregnancy, what’s the point?), WOMEN (not “cis” women) are the only sex capable of getting pregnant. TiMs know it doesn’t apply to them, so they get pissy, I guess. There’s no need to add the qualifier of “cis” except to virtue signal and protect the feelings of men. The post is about the pressure for women to have kids for their husbands.

And “womb havers” is just…gross and dehumanizing. Christ.

No. 345974

this guy i knew who got into traps creepily took photos in similar poses as some of my old selfies while wearing similar clothing as i had on in those selfies. they're all sick in the head.

No. 346005

The dehumanizing language they try and force everybody to use is disgusting, especially since nobody cared about inclusive language when it was just about women.

Nobody said "menstruators" out of respect to the women who never menstruated for medical reasons, they only decided to say it when men demanded it. Nobody said "womb havers" out of respect for the ladies that had hysterectomies, only for the men.

It is all about dehumanizing women. If it wasn't, inclusive language would have popped up for the benefit OF women. A different word would have been created - one that doesn't reduce us to genitals and body parts.

Women who didn't menstruate, didn't have a womb or couldn't bear children never complained, never dehumanized other ladies on such a grand scale. A woman that didn't menstruate would look at an article about periods and just move past it because they didn't have a giant ego and a strong sense of entitlement that demanded everything be catered to them.

Nobody cared about inclusive language for their benefit. Men only use them now to defend their own actions, claiming that if women who cannot bear children are women then so are men.

No. 346006

Especially disgusting since Caitlyn would also take the name Jenner when she married the son, would she not?

There are so many names in the world, why make it weird and take that specific one?

No. 346008

Every time I see Hannah Mouncey, I think the rules of sport should be changed so that you're not grouped by gender but by chromosomes. xx chromosomes together. xy chromosomes together. The gender rule exists to equalize physical differences. Now that transgender people are turning to professional sport it doesn't fulfill its purpose and should be changed.

No. 346029

I once came across a forum for trans widows, women whose husbands trooned out and basically abandoned their wives and children to ~live their best life~ as sexy transgurls. One common theme was that they’d buy wigs that closely resembled the (ex)wife’s hair and they would sometimes dress like an awkwardly sexualised version of her, too. It’s the ultimate narc power move. They’re not satisfied with merely controlling their spouse financially, sexually and emotionally so they try to become her and show her how it’s done.

I looked it up and her name is now Kaitlynn Carter Jenner. If she hadn’t kept her maiden name as a middle name she’d be practically unfindable on Google because when you search Kaitlynn Jenner it only gives results for Caitlyn. What a creepy scumbag.

No. 346032

I remember the media reported bruce couldn't make it to his son's wedding. I bet Kaitlynn just didn't want that skinwalking abomination at her wedding and didn't invite him kek.

No. 346073

File: 1546182865055.jpg (115.04 KB, 720x601, Foto BoccadellaVerità Roma.jpg)

Oh hey it's the Mouth of Truth! If you put your hand in his mouth he will detect if you're a truscum or not.

No. 346245

File: 1546192910465.png (645.74 KB, 1434x2376, Screenshot_2018-12-30-11-57-43…)

No. 346246

File: 1546192953447.png (648.15 KB, 1440x2395, Screenshot_2018-12-30-11-57-58…)

No. 346247

When cis women scream at retail workers we get a demeaning nickname, harassed, doxxed and then fired.

When trans women do it everyone rushes to find a reason why it was the minimum wage teenager's fault.

No. 346248

File: 1546193135996.png (289.08 KB, 1440x1008, Screenshot_2018-12-30-11-58-12…)

No. 346249

Such a lie. We've had tons of thinkpieces about how all white women are evil based on the actions of one white woman videoed being an asshole.

No. 346257

File: 1546194001850.png (13.49 KB, 410x211, xkcd_suck_at_math.png)

lmao they have no idea what being a woman is like

No. 346265

They're so deluded that life is a perfect utopia for women that when people actually start treating them like women and they get a taste of what it's really like they assume it must just be twanzphobia because muh women live perfect lives.

No. 346266

File: 1546194454388.png (755.97 KB, 667x917, areyousure.png)

>But I still look hot so whatevs

does it weird anyone else out that these people continuously bring up periods when talking about women

No. 346267

The reason why radfems want them to speak up on these incidents is because transwomen claim that they don't ever happen! We point out specific examples because otherwise they'll get away with the lie that allowing transwomen into women's bathrooms causes no harm. Not just once, but several times we've seen predatory creeps given access to women and girls in vulnerable positions because they claim to be trans. They should have to answer for it because they're the ones pushing for legislation that makes it possible

No. 346268

>couldn’t find my makeup so I had to go as a guy

Oh, so you admit that you’re putting on an act and a costume and that you’re not actually a woman? Hm.

No. 346273

How privileged of troons to escape "transmisogyny" by simply not wearing makeup. It'd be SO nice if women could be able to escape misogyny by doing the same!

No. 346279

File: 1546195306362.jpg (57.79 KB, 640x960, 49001985_310910219553064_15743…)


It's crazy how inflated and deluded are their egos about their appearance. If a woman looked like this she wouldn't post pictures of herself anywhere, let alone calling herself "hot". This isn't even a 4/10 as a man. The fuck

Anyway, some guy in my contacts just posted this and it doesn't look like he's trolling. Wew

No. 346280

I can't be the first person to suggest calling them REEmales right??

No. 346282

Exactly, anon. Especially since a lot of troons are pornsick incel types that think living as a woman is life on easy mode.

No. 346300

How do people like this have the confidence to post these photos online and think others are going to praise them for being a "cute" girl?

No. 346310

Because they will get compliments, but in a "bless your heart" kind of way. Kind of like how teachers will compliment the retarded kid at the school dance for looking so pretty.

Of course, since they're legitimately retarded, they will think it's the truth.

No. 346328

First time I've seen it. I like it.

No. 346336

You've seen the complements on a trans person's photo compared to a non-trans person? It's all about their gender. So many purposely gendered words, it's almost mocking them.

No. 346346

File: 1546201006257.jpg (50.88 KB, 878x122, girl souls.jpg)

Muh pink girl soul

No. 346359

>pink tint in eyes
TIL stoners all have girl souls.

No. 346369

>Boy and girl souls

But it's not a fetish!

No. 346373

This is fucking stupid. I still don't believe I've hit peak trans, I still want to be accepting, but its so fucking apparent these people have no intention to understand how females exist, they truly think they are the only victimized people in existence. They feel that their experiences as white males in dresses is comparable to black females because they wear dresses. Women WERE berated and questioned and demeaned because of the Casey Anthony case, it gave people the proof they sought out already regarding women of the time being whores incapable of raising children, that this could be the outcome for their own future children. But seeing as it was largely women concerned with the case and paying attention to it and intuiting how wrong it was, it didn't get out of hand. There wasn't twitter thread after twitter thread defending her on account of her being a woman and not wanting to make other women look bad, or that "every woman has wanted to murder her child at some point stop judging". (It's also hilarious in itself that they have to compare someone screeching in a gamestop to a murder trial because its evident they realized it was objectively untrue that people chastised individual women screeching at retail employees like we don't have archetypes named after some of these people)
You're being asked to answer for those things because you act on those behaviors, you defend those behaviors. Not just that you don't talk about it, but that you are clearly complicit and think people have justification in behaving like this. It's REALLY not that hard to figure out.
But these people are selfish, they're narcissists, they want to be females but don't want to be treated like females while thinking they're treated worse because they have no idea what oppression is actually like.
Of course the only thing they can think of regarding womens suffrage is menstruation. You have no idea what it's like to be a woman.

Sorry for the sperg, I would lose friends if I posted something like this anywhere else.

No. 346376

This isn’t sperging, anon. Let it out! It’s sad that so many of us have to rely on anonymous or semi-anonymous platforms to vent because we’d lose friends (or even jobs) for not catering to the whims and fancies of LARPers.

No. 346379

>rainbow feminist symbol representing terfs
of course

No. 346386

>I still don't believe I've hit peak trans, I still want to be accepting
Why do you feel obligated to accept straight male autogynephiles? You can hit peak trans and still have empathy for women and gay men who transition, they experience legitimate discomfort with their femininity, bodies, sexuality, etc and deserve some understanding. But transbians have no excuse, they almost all develop 'dysphoria' from porn and anime and become women to live out their fetishes.

No. 346412

>tfw my handmaiden friends are RTing this kind of bullshit full force
Women get generalized on a regular basis. It's laughable to claim otherwise. If that person in that video was a cis woman, it would circle around the internet with people making fun of women for being overly emotional and overreacting. These entitled trannies think the whole world should stop and focus on their feelings every time they face any negative experiences. And in most cases, it fucking DOES. This caveman started challenging the store clerk to a fight outside, threatened to beat them up, yelled profanities and kicked down a display stand while shouting, grunting and cussing for the entirety of their exchange. And people are excusing and/or ignoring it because of m-muh misgendering? If it was a real woman everyone would be gasping over her behavior and condemning her like they should. Yet these incels in dresses are still pretending like women have it on "easy mode". The only good thing to come out of this is that this video and the reactions to it will make more women hit their peak trans.

No. 346424

I think most of the women who claim that women don’t get generalised or experience daily sexism are just so used to it that they don’t see it anymore, like fish who don’t know they’re in water. I’ve noticed this a lot at my workplace. Certain male coworkers will straight up say women are generally incompetent/incapable of leadership/irrational and some of my female coworkers will not only nod along to this but swear up and down that they’ve never experienced any workplace sexism.

No. 346428


There it is.

No. 346430

I like how they're going #NotAllTrans! over a video taken at a fucking GameStop. It fits their entire stereotype. Autistic men who like tech. But, no not any other video of a troon attacking a woman or a group of teens, a GameStop employee. That's where they draw the line.

No. 346454

One thing that annoys me is the whole "trans is not a mental disorder" because it just doesn't make sense logically. You can't claim wanting treatments or surgeries while at the same time saying there's nothing wrong. It just doesn't work that way. You can't say you don't have a disorder because it hurts your feelings.

You're not alone anon, I want to be accepting of those that just live normal lives and don't bother anyone or yell about it online, and while I still do the line is getting so so blurred.

No. 346460

Why so upset people are pointing out male pattern violence?

No. 346469

File: 1546211615106.jpeg (145.35 KB, 900x1200, 04E9D532-7CD5-49F9-9E56-BCDAE3…)

Every time this guy get posted I can't help but stare in awe at that massive forehead. Ugly troons piss me off the most because even if people 'accept' them as women, they'll still never be treated as an ugly woman. No one is even allowed to call them anything other than beautiful and inspiring because it's 'transphobic' to claim otherwise. They're still given a voice and platform; nobody ignores them for being ugly. Their appearance will never be a hindrance to them like it is for ugly women, because they're men. They have so much power and privilege women lack but then they have the balls to screech 'transwomen are treated far worse than cis women on every level REEE CIS PRIVILEGE' They're so deluded.

No. 346470

We're fucking doomed.

I tried talking to some of my college friends about all this tranny madness and how fetishy and disgusting they are but couldn't do it since I felt they'd disapprove if I said those things. So I just told them about the men pretending to be women to get in women's bathroom and do perverted things but I literally can't say anything about trannies without being labeled as a transphobe. Shit sucks. I had to change my narrative and tone as soons as they started giving me stares, I wish I had TERF friends. All my lesbian and gay friends encourage those freaks

No. 346475

imagine impregnating a woman, being with her through the pregnancy and birth, and still believing that growing out your lank hair gives you an access-all-areas ticket into the female experience. unbelievable.

No. 346479

That's completely understandable! The absolute censorship that they've obtained is something that baffles me constantly. Just questioning their beliefs can be considered report worthy, and to be quite honest, it's terrifying.

Also I'm half expecting someone from my college to warn me about my behaviour once the break ends lol

No. 346494

File: 1546214653086.jpg (58.84 KB, 629x851, tumblr_p71bdhi59a1x8takso1_640…)

Would not know if this was sissy if they didnt say tbh

No. 346499

>All my lesbian and gay friends encourage those freaks
I seriously cannot understand this, they're the ones who should be most offended and afraid since it's basically conversion therapy. And all the best radfems are lesbians, it seems crazy not to jump at the chance to join them.

No. 346502

File: 1546216040240.jpg (95.04 KB, 554x543, onH7gn9.jpg)

he looks like this caricature of kiki.
also, ick. those sharp bits on his nails are triggering me.

No. 346504

>stupid as a girl
God, I want to punch this disgusting fetishist so much.

No. 346523

File: 1546219229902.gif (1.63 MB, 480x270, 369B3857-B56E-4505-BFDD-9B4C2A…)

No. 346572

File: 1546222176536.png (2.86 MB, 1926x1444, annoying.png)

I know dead meme, but I'm tired of period fetishizing troons thinking they have any semblance of a period.

No. 346584

File: 1546223826393.png (519.62 KB, 1412x2393, Screenshot_2018-12-30-20-31-37…)

Jesus Christ, there's so many fucking threads protecting this GameStop troon.

No. 346607

>when someone tells you they're pronouns

what are the preferred pronouns for those who self-identify as pronouns

No. 346614

File: 1546228804833.jpg (60.12 KB, 496x750, tumblr_pkjttz8R5T1uqbrpu_540.j…)

No. 346615

>>346584 if this was a white woman no one would be defending her

No. 346619

File: 1546229580482.jpg (39.09 KB, 540x691, tumblr_pfpmoh77901uqbrpu_540.j…)

"most sane people"

No. 346623

My sentiments exactly… Like dude, all that other crap he spewed is pretty much the same thing a sissy would do. Not even actual femboys do what they do for sexual gratification, that's what differentiates themselves from sissies.

That's just the way it is because non-internet people are aware of all the controversies that surround the more extreme trans people and sometimes it's just not worth it to put yourself out there as public enemy no.1 if you value your social life.

Pretty much what I said above but also, some LGB people feel obligated to support the "T" because they feel that they need to stand together.

I think one thing that helps is when you meet a trans person in passing IRL. I've met one transwoman in real life and while she didn't pass (voice too deep and just had a masculine face), she was not like these annoying TRAs, she accepted that people weren't always going to see things her way so it made it pleasant. Unfortunately she passed away from a drug overdose but it was nice knowing her because she showed that not all trans people are batshit crazy.

The no percentage… lol

No. 346625

Kek, you're a cheeky one aren't you anon?

No. 346626

Please quit failing for this. The poll is real, the social media account is satire, and is anti sjw one (which isn't bad) I just hate seeing this shit past around like a poll legit from the dumb SJW libs.

No. 346627

women are women trans

No. 346629


That's Null's Twitter account



Gender dysphoria/incongruence is no longer a mental disorder, anon. The WHO/ICD and the NHS, among others, say so! The APA is headed in that direction as well. When will WAPATH cave?

No. 346631

File: 1546231815014.jpg (100.49 KB, 1200x925, DoC9ZwOXUAEgCue.jpg)

Ok my bad. Still pretty funny tho, and its a shame we are at a point where the trans mantra has been repeated so much its hard to tell whats satire and what isnt-because I just realised I confused this one with dr adrian harrop.

No. 346632

File: 1546232076549.jpg (79.54 KB, 797x769, DoCS5nhXsAEegpJ.jpg)

Whoops samefag here should have posted this one-it has a but more context.

No. 346659

File: 1546234518142.jpg (59.93 KB, 640x630, b8gbmri4uh721.jpg)

No. 346670

File: 1546235903496.png (782.37 KB, 458x572, 033902.png)

No. 346682

File: 1546237952719.jpeg (173.22 KB, 750x706, 5EC35F2C-C1E1-4338-B0F7-46D84B…)

what do these dudes even want? They’re never happy

No. 346702

Guilt. What he's feeling is called guilt. Over forcing everyone to play along with what he knows deep down to be a delusion.

No. 346725

>see people finally cancelling Louis CK
>it's over some stupid pronoun jokes

I'm glad this is apparently more cancel worthy then masturbating in front of women in a hotel room!

No. 346729

Do these people ever listen to themselves?

No anon, it's just internalized transphobia! And that's why we need more funding for trans organizations to fight this sort of thing!

The trans movement in a nutshell. Who cares if he's sexually harassing some stupid women, but misgendering? That's LITERALLY as bad as murder!

No. 346762

>that's why we need more funding for trans organizations to fight this sort of thing!
Imagine all of the money that could go into protecting the environment or to women's shelters that get's put into protecting delusional people's feelings

No. 346763

File: 1546251882228.jpg (1.03 MB, 2358x1808, 1473791874240.jpg)

It's pretty common in anything related to mahou shoujo/idols/shows that advertise toys for girls. A lot of such guys fantasize about living as a woman and want to escape responsibilities of adulthood + become desirable by becoming what they desire.

No. 346786

File: 1546262350259.png (15.38 KB, 268x370, lel.PNG)

Andrea Ritsu is the most disgusting motherfucker. I couldn't find the original screenshot of his Pripara lactation kink tweet, but found a reference to it.

No. 346788

File: 1546263621857.png (32.06 KB, 535x332, lol.png)

No. 346791

nothing says being a woman more like pretty nails and dresses

No. 346808

Of-fucking-course. People are only problematic when they’re against the trans brigade.

No. 346857

Damn so I guess they have no shame broadcasting literal blackmail. Ok.

No. 346875

No. 346877

File: 1546279175197.png (253.77 KB, 801x556, jfl.png)

No. 346892

File: 1546282125240.jpg (37.68 KB, 540x471, tumblr_pjn9s2V5331w2it1e_540.j…)

A video about a 16 years old FtM ended up in my recommendations. It was awful. This girl watched a tv show about trannies at 11, somehow got convinced she was "one of them", three years later came out to her family and started hormone therapy, at 15 she underwent the surgery to remove her breast tissue forever.
Her mom is dating another FtM who looks like he could be his teen son.
Of course anyone who dared to question if it was a good idea to let a child change her body forever got shunned and labeled as "ignorant bigot".

No. 346902

God, so many of my TRA mutuals on Twitter are purposely publicly enraged about that Louis CK non-binary quote. To me it sounds like they're overcompensating because of that GameStop troon. I swear this news conveniently came out because of that video.
Just like other Anon said, Louis CK sexually harassing women is fine for these people, but they'll draw the line at misgendering.

No. 346904

File: 1546285306818.webm (3.37 MB, 720x1280, troon.webm)


>tranny goes through security check at the airport

>anomaly in groin area detected
>female tsa worker refuses to pat him down
>says she's gonna send a man over to do it
>tranny throws massive fit
>demands to have a female touch his dick

Wasn't posted here yet, but some of you might have already heard of this. It's a perfect example of the entitlement of trannies. He doesn't want to get patted down by a man, but women should be okay with touching his penis.

No. 346916

File: 1546285773270.png (177.56 KB, 1440x646, Screenshot_2018-12-31-13-48-14…)

Lol it's a "wish".
>Just hire a woman who likes to touch penis! Problem solved!

No. 346926

This wouldn't even solve the issue, because what about so-called non-binaries?

How about we just get a regular dude who identifies as genderfluid? Then he can pat down all the trans people and the non-binaries, because he is after all, every gender. Problem solved and if you disagree you're twanzphobic, you bigot.

No. 346932

I say go one step further; just pick an ordinary guy at random while everyone who works there pretends he's totes genderfluid, who are you to question him transphobic scum

No. 346934

"But he's got a beard and a shaved head."
"Are you saying trans women have to perform femininity to be valid? Oh my god, that's literally violence, block and stay safe everybody! We've got a transphobe over here!"

No. 346936

The replies got me some faith in humanity, as the most liked ones are all dragging him.

No. 346942

They were smiling because they thought he was a literal retard

No. 346945


People just don't care about misogyny. In Germany, there was a big outrage after two rappers won a music award because some of their lyrics were anti-semitic ("My body is more defined than a Auschwitz inmate"). The music award was shut down because of this incident, no kidding. The nominees in the rap category often had really misogynist lyrics but nobody cared until there was anti-semitism involved.

It just makes me sad no one takes misogyny seriously, despite it being so rampant, but everyone freaks the fuck out if someone says something slightly racist (which is also not okay, of course). I'm still mad that barely anyone talked about how the Toronto van attack was literally terrorism against women.

No. 346952

If the person killed in that attack had been a member of any other minority group we'd still be hearing about it. But it was a woman, so nobody cared.

Just like how people go after white women who attended the Women's March for "only" protesting misogyny, and not racism or transphobia or environmentalism. Misogyny isn't seen as a good enough reason to protest.

No. 347030

>slightly racist
I think you mean anti-semiticism. Rap music is racist all the time but hating Jews? OMG BIG NO NO!!!

No. 347047

"Growing Up Transgender and Mormon"

This is fucking depressing. I was still a libfem handmaiden when I first saw this, and something about it didn't sit right with me then. Same old story, gay boy from a conservative religious background transitioning, seemingly for acceptance from his community. The stuff his dad says about resurrection and marriage really bothers me.
>"If we were to all die and be resurrected tomorrow, and this young man comes up to me and says "Dad, look! I got resurrected as a man - but I'm okay with that." I don't know that I would be okay with that because I would say "where's my daughter, and who's this young man that I don't know?""

implying that he doesn't want his son to be resurrected as a homosexual.

>"We believe that the church leaders are receiving revelation that helps them to be better able to serve in the callings that we're given in the priesthood. We have the Proclamation of the World on the Family which states very clearly that a marriage is between a man and a woman. In my opinion Eddie's a woman and so I don't see a problem with that and I'm hoping that the leaders of the church are gonna see it that way and that she'll be able to get married and she won't be able to have children, but she can hopefully adopt children"

Your son identified as gay before transitioning, are you seriously telling me that you would be okay with him being exiled from his community if he hadn't started pretending to be a woman?

No. 347098

What is the mentality of people thinking trans is more acceptable than the person just being gay? Gay animals exist in nature, trans ones don't. One is more natural than the other and it isn't trans.

No. 347116

Many homophobes see homosexuality as an illness that needs to be cured. Homosexual transsexuals "cure" themselves from homosexuality by transitioning to women.

No. 347145

The waterbed he's on in the first few seconds… it turned him gay shame on those mormons

No. 347149

Does he ever stop to consider how "stressful and humiliating" it would be for the female officer to have to touch a man's penis? Of course not he's delusional

No. 347190

Ot but I don't get why homophobes think it should be 'cured'. Does every single person on Earth really need to fuck heterosexually and produce children? Then shouldn't monks and nuns get 'cured' too?

No. 347193

You're trying to make sense of religious doctrine… you can't make sense of it. It's just that gay thoughts are more evil than mutilating a body to pretend to be another gender to them. That's it. Write it off as insane because it is.

No. 347233

I saw this thread and I thought I was the only one. Why do women support these sick-minded fucks? Feminist don’t care about women anymore they just care about being naked infront of men, trannies, male “refugees”, etc.
these women who support this shit are cocksuckers and femtraitors.

No. 347302

I saw a troon today at the store. Every time I see one, it's so nauseating and disconcerting. They literally looked like a man with long stringy hair and man tits. I have NEVER seen a passing tranny, not even close. They always look a hot mess and have an obvious man body. They always have oily, undone hair and not an ounce of femininity in their mannerisms, voice or gait. I have equal parts disdain and pity for how embarrassing and tragic they are and that I am supposed to accept them as women. It's a terrible LARP. At least drag queens have a clue.

No. 347320

there was a ridiculous couple on facebook, typical neckbeard chaser and a greasy haired troon. they both got arrested and put in jail and the troon comes out of jail a man so when his chaser bf got out of jail, he decided to be the tranny in the relationship instead. what the fuck. the chaser also cheated with some other reverting tranny while he was in jail too. complete degenerates.

No. 347349

How would you know if you saw a passing one if passing means you can't tell?

No. 347374

Passing just means you can pass off as the opposite sex, but if people look at you long enough it might still be obvious.

No. 347378

Implying passing trannies exist

No. 347394

File: 1546343921500.jpg (73.67 KB, 663x657, delulu.JPG)

imagine wanting to be special this much despite being just a basic bitch
imagine being this misogynistic despite being a girl

No. 347404

People like Blaire White or Gigi Gorgeous come close and actually have a good amount of feminine traits but still aren't quite indistinguishable from women. Their type aren't as upsetting to me as the transbians who are varying levels of Chris-chan-like abominations. They can't even remotely hide their masculinity. The box bodies with b cup man boobs and voices that sound like 80 year old women at best are just sad to witness. Their attempt at womanhood is an insult. It's obvious that femininity is a completely foreign concept to them that they aren't even close to understanding, much less replicating

No. 347416

File: 1546348715418.png (1.02 MB, 1000x718, g.png)

take the makeup and filters off gigi or stand him next to a woman, same with blaire, and i don't think they come very close to passing personally. they're easier on the eyes than the greasy messes that don't even try though, i still just can't see females no matter how hard i squint

No. 347430

Isn’t it interesting how one moment they’ll claim that we totally pass dozens of passing translaydees in the street (and bathrooms) every day without knowing it yet when it comes to fashion shows, music videos, movies etc. they complain that there aren’t any trans women in them? How do they know half those background dancers weren’t trans? Either they can pass flawlessly and you see them without realising or they’re always clockable in some way. They can’t have both.

They never truly pass when you see them in motion, not even that Miss Spain guy who’s supposedly so much more feminine than real women. There’s no hiding a male skeleton.

No. 347449

File: 1546352606277.png (165.22 KB, 802x1082, how_4chan_ruined_society.png)

i've got some OC, /gendercritical/. thoughts and critique appreciated.

i made it as a way to visually detail my response (>>757252 ) to >>757237

No. 347451

File: 1546352885203.jpg (33.04 KB, 458x612, gettyimages-964375596-612x612.…)


In what world is linebacker shoulder, boxy body, track runner legs blaire white feminine?

Blaire doesn't pass, you put Blaire next to a a pretty cis girl and it always catches a laugh. Blaire only ever looks okay when it can control the angles and lighting. Whenever it's out of Blaire's control you see it for who it is. Some other category male trying to be female.

No. 347454

I love this anon, but I think your first left arm needs work. Not being able to foster romantic relationships IRL would also be a catalyst to right-wing theory and extreme porn use; this is incel country. I would probably put it as a circular path though - the initial struggle with women feeds RW idealisation and porn, which feeds struggle with women as it reinforces the idea that women are lesser beings (that they are inexplicably obsessed with).

No. 347456

I think TIMs like Blaire, Eden, Gigi and Nikita pass far better than any troons I've seen personally…but I totally agree that when you put them next to actual females, the huge amounts of plastic surgery and feminine smokescreening suddenly become extremely obvious and therefore makes them clockable. They just get away with it when alone/nicely edited/well-lit, like on their social media channels.

No. 347458

If so many are passing, why isn’t there a single famous trans celebrity/model who looks exactly like a biological woman? If it is true that we are holding them up to an unrealistic beauty standard, then why do they encourage and praise each other to get so many feminizing cosmetic surgeries? Nearly every “passable” trans woman has been cut up, injected or implanted numerous times in order to get to that point.

No. 347459

I fucking thought this was a Jersey Shore blow up doll holy shit

No. 347462

I wouldn't be so hard on the women supporting them, they're brainwashed by all the propaganda. I've been there too (in a less severe way thankfully), many of us have been there. I have a friend who's a very fervent handmaiden to troons, she ragequit our group chat after a long sperg because some of the guys in there (not our friends, some weeb randos who joined later) made fun of a tranny. But when the same guys were saying the n-word or using demeaning words to women, she didn't have such a strong reaction.
She used to be a normal girl, a feminist, but at some point along the line she got absorbed in the hardcore SJW "protect trans people" stuff and is now completely brainwashed to the point that she's isolated herself and nowadays posts on Twitter ragethreads about evil TERFs and has had many falling outs even with her Twitter friends, because some of them dared to use their brains sometimes.
These women show every sign of brainwashing and it's sad.

No. 347468

God I fucking hate the men who cape for troons and everyone sees them as saints while they can go off doing morally terrible shit, like make fun of handicapped kids and say racial slurs, in the blink of an eye… but it's okay! because They support trans women!

No. 347482

Agreed, a lot of the trans-positive women are so because they're bullied to silence due to the social expectations of women having to be accepting and welcoming to everyone and they will be ostracized for speaking up. One of my friends (A) used to root for another friend's (B) transition and told B that she'll still stand by her whatever decision she makes, but after B grew out of the trans phase A confided that she always thought that the thought of transgenderism was horrifying and B had just a lot of issues with internalized misogyny caused by being a butch. The main steamrollers behind the trans movement are entitled MTF males after all, the women are just useful fools they love to exploit. I mean I'm gender critical and think troons are insane and damaging to women, but I simply can't speak up in public due to the very real fear of losing my friends, my reputation and possibly my job looming over me.

No. 347494

File: 1546357857715.png (309.26 KB, 611x728, Screenshot.PNG)


No. 347497

File: 1546358603363.png (476.22 KB, 484x590, Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 10.5…)


If you put it like that, than it's true they do pass better.

Bonus of blaire next to pretty Lauren Chen.

No. 347498

Should maybe check out the sexual assault stats for cis and trans women

No. 347499

what kind of check-mate, atheists bullshit is this. top fucking kek at "that means cis women are 300% more violent than trans women". imprisoned troons literally do everything in their power so they can transfer to female prisons where they, surprise, rape women. maybe we should take a look at those statistics instead?

No. 347501

There are trans that shot people and committed violence, the media just glosses over them

No. 347504

Does anyone have more complied stats about trans-committed violence? Aside from the transcrime UK site and that Facebook page (This Never Happens)? I got called an alt-right bigot for saying more transwomen commit violent crime than have it committed against them. Wasn't even trying to be mean or hateful.

Whenever Googled, nothing but pro-trans stuff comes up about trans people being attacked. I know the stats have got to be messed up because a lot of them aren't identified as trans when arrested. I imagine in more liberal states transwomen are filed as female and in more conservative states they're filed as male. Pretty sure most jails/courts do not have an option other than male or female.

This is so frustrating. Don't want to link LC to people even though these threads are so good and I've been following them for a long time. Feel that people won't take it seriously.

No. 347513

I saw this one troon in public that people might consider "passing". Full drag makeup and full surgery… Still fucking 6 feet tall and built like a fridge, clomping around in
platform heels. Their center of gravity will always give it away. There is no such thing as "passing" in person.

No. 347514


Since reddit's search engine sucks google

site:reddit.com/r/gendercritical crime statistics

No. 347538

Relationships in 2019

No. 347539

Wow. She sounds really fucking stupid.

No. 347541

There should be a twitter version of this too, because I've seen more people brainwashed through that vector.

No. 347556

Passing is a myth. Even next to butch lesbians, trannies look so off and bad.

No. 347558

File: 1546368050109.png (666.27 KB, 800x733, Screenshot_2019-01-01-10-32-04…)

Perusing an article listing the new laws going into effect in California today.

"Nonbinary" is now officially a sex designation on drivers licenses and IDs.

Also, "Boards of publicly traded companies must include women. SB 826 stipulates publicly traded California companies must have at least one woman on their board of directors. According to the state legislature, one-quarter of the 400 California-based companies in Russell 3000 stock index have zero female board members. They’ll have until the end of 2019 to fix that."

Yeah, they'll fix that by hiring troons.

No. 347559

That woman is beautiful. Blaire must be inwardly seething.

No. 347560

File: 1546368222354.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, hehehe.gif)

wtf is this moron going on about. There are tons of trannies (men and other men) commiting violent acts that dont get headway. Not to mention, over all, women are the least likely to commit any act of violence, unless it's extremely personal (towards boyfriend or husband.)

No. 347561

non binary is the dumbest shit ever. You are either born male or female. If you want to present as whatever, that's you- but changing your sex on an ID seems absolutely moronic and will bite Cali's dumb ass in the end.

No. 347571

excuse me, but 0.0001% of the population is born intersex and

No. 347573

I love how they say this but also get offended if someone says intersex women aren't women/intersex men aren't men. Which is it? Are they variations on men and women or are they a whole new sex?

No. 347576

If women are so dangerous then why do you want to invade women's spaces?

No. 347577

>that Nico pic
Why does he look like Lt. Barclay

No. 347580

File: 1546371262896.jpeg (987.06 KB, 1242x1385, 78076B14-0D6D-4DEA-82A9-58D65C…)

No. 347584

What a cope. Even the butchest most gnc woman has more natural femininity to her than the most heavily made up troon. It's a matter of bone structure, frame, posture, voice, movement, and other things that troons just cannot emulate.

No. 347585

Agreed. TIMs never fully pass, even ones like Blaire and Gigi are easily clockable when they aren’t controlling the lighting, angles, etc., like they do in their videos. TIFs pass better than TIMs because it’s easier for women to gain masculine traits than it is for men to lose masculine traits. Even then, most TIFs end up looking androgynous because they’re fakebois who don’t commit to HRT and SRS.

No. 347590

File: 1546371877247.jpeg (990.08 KB, 1242x1189, 60B87272-BC12-4A69-BBAB-3FF3A2…)

Talking to troons is like talking to a wall

No. 347592

I'm so goddamn sick of that word, along with "folks/folx". It's like some sort of bizarre online faux-humility these types use to try to sound more "down-to-earth". Shit gets on my nerves.

No. 347593

Most intersex people are actually female or male, it's just not as immediately apparent as expected. Many go through their whole lives never knowing…which kinda throws the whole "sex is spectrum" thing out the window. If that's the case, then why does pretty much everyone in the world function completely as either male or female sex? Where's the third gamete? Or are all infertile people just in the middle of the spectrum? Ridiculous. /sperg

No. 347604

Wtf is this I VAGINA GOTS/COCK GOTS shit? Is this their attempt at insulting normal, non-troon women and men?

No. 347666

as a texan, libfem twitter has ruined 'y'all' :(

No. 347673

File: 1546382111838.jpeg (74.93 KB, 750x535, 06536DBA-8AD7-4F47-A542-6741D9…)

Someone shared this article on my FB feed and was legitimately outraged about this. Sounds to me like they’re just trying to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, which liberals push for anyway, no?


No. 347684

File: 1546383139274.jpg (1.08 MB, 1440x2283, Screenshot_20190101-225038.jpg)

Are they both troons?

No. 347685

I have nothing to contribute, just wanted to say I saw this pic on the homepage and I thought it was Onion and Lainey.

No. 347686

File: 1546383167302.jpg (131.82 KB, 720x1044, Stanisława_Walasiewicz_z_nagro…)

trannies trying to use intersex people in their arguments is wrong. intersex isnt a whole sex in its own, its an umbrella term for multiple conditions. a lot of intersex people are clearly either male or female, they just have a chromosomal or hormonal abnormality. and even then you can sometimes tell that something isnt quite right, like in pic related.

No. 347689

GC, I need some help. How do you deal with my friends transitioning and becoming more obnoxious and obsessed with gender politics being a 'gay transboy'. She's dealing with self-hatred to begin with and I feel like transitioning is a symptom of a deeper issues. I don't really talk to her anymore but we used to be close and this hurts me.

No. 347702

As someone from the South who has always used y'all, I agree. Maybe we Southerners should start screaming appropriation, but then again, that's not much our style.

No. 347719


Bless their troony little hearts.


I posted this documentary about intersex conditions a few threads back but it bears reposting as it presents unique and thoughtful discussions about gender (both the construct and the concept of identity). It was produced 15 years ago so it's not tainted by present gender ideology.


OT, but I suspect Nasim Aghdad was intersex.

No. 347720

No. 347740

File: 1546389902577.jpg (255.23 KB, 1848x796, aypwcjajmm011.jpg)

Articles like this and the organizations in the article are such a double edged sword. They present a much needed introduction of intersex to the mainstream public. But by grouping it with trans and nonbinary, sex and gender become even more conflated and gender identity validated as inborn. It's unfortunate that the general public's understanding (read, brainwashing) of trans is the gateway for its understanding of intersex after trans ideology has appropriated so many aspects of intersex identity. Intersex people are the only people who would be "erased" by the memo's proposals.


No. 347810

It didn't dawn on me that trans people stole that phrase from intersex people until I saw your attached image. How shitty.

No. 347819

Sounds like she's assuming that gender presentation is the same as gender identity. How transphobic! Sounds TERFy, tbh… everyone block and stay safe!

I think having a third category for visibly intersex people makes sense, but I know it was probably put in to appease trannies and will be used to make ID reflect their identity, not reality.

No. 347826

Lol, a dude who got his dick blown off was born male and still is even if he's maimed. A tranny has never been female and never will be. What a stupid analogy.

No. 347858

Considering how they’re so fragile that >50% supposedly attempt suicide at some point, this is for their own good, no?

No. 347869

I saw something on Chase Ross and I feel like it should belong here.
In one video, he was advertising a packer (which is essentially a rubber dick FTMs put in their crotch) for CHILDREN ages 8-12.
He got really offended in the video insisting that YouTube shouldn’t demonotise it since it’s “educational”

I looked in the comments and the child packer was by a site called “trans kids”, which has packers for preschoolers, coloring books from the “assigned male” comics, and a sex Ed book for preschoolers talking about “children’s sexy times”

And the worst part is that NO ONE was disgusted by it.

No. 347884

no one other than fakeboi fujos care about gay men not being into ftms, literally no one cares but most mtfs bash lesbians for not being into them, it's fucking sickening. all these "kill terfs" tshirts and shit isn't about muh ~~transwoman empowerment~~, it's just about their aggressiveness towards women

No. 347979

has anyone been following the drama on her? she apparently abused her similarly fakeboi poly bf or whatever and has been scamming her fans/patrons/whatevers. god, even the women are such degenerates.

i really hate the trannies are mentally ill meme. i really don't think they have legit mental illness except maybe depression. they just seem to be npd or bpd as fuck

No. 347989

>I don't think trannies are mentally ill
>I think they have these mental illnesses

Pick one, anon.

No. 347997

personality disorders are considered unhealthy long term patterns of behavior and thinking, not actual diseases that people cannot help without medication, like, say schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. that's why therapy is like the most effective way to treat them. it's a problem but it's not like, actual genetic disease or anything. they just seem to be very psychologically unhealthy.

i dont believe the ones have depression that say their depression was alleviated by transitioning. depression doesn't work that way. they're just whiny men that want what they want and they'll obsess and throw a fit until they get it.

No. 348027

that logic kek

dude gets his dick blown off = still a man

therefore, if a dude gets his dick chopped up and flipped inside out = …somehow magically a woman?

No. 348054

You're explaining this to someone who has BPD and bipolar. Both were diagnosed by a psychiatrist and both are treated with meds/therapy. Just because one is learned and one is organic doesn't mean they're not both mental illnesses. Sage for OT sperg

No. 348107

"Real" trannies have a mental illness that is basically body dysmorphic disorder but specifically to do with gender. This is the rarest type of tranny in society today.

Most TIMs have autogynephilia and typical male entitlement. So they get off to seeing themselves as women and get off to forcing others to see them as women. Their entitlement is made worse by all this pro-trans propaganda. Men are highly influenced by sex and sexual desires, and often they form their entire life around their sexual desires. This is typical male behavior.

Most TIFs have typical female dysphoria and are made to believe that this means they are trans. They have been brainwashed and are preyed upon by Big Pharma/shill doctors. Show me one single woman who has never felt dysphoric about being a woman. Being a woman is hard and especially when we females go through puberty, it's very distressing. Guaranteed a lot of us who post in this thread could've ended up transed if we were born 10-20 years later than we were (I know I could've been).

No. 348116

My troon ex took the name I told him I’d name my hypothetical future daughter. I physically recoiled in disgust and still get this strange pang of anxiety thinking about it

No. 348121

My troon ex took the name I suggested to his best friend looking for gender neutral names. I hate both of them now, but it's fucking weird he's basically copying her. Both of them trooned out around the same time, but his best friend did it first.

No. 348125

Ian Huntley took the name Nicola, which is the name of the mum of one of the girls he killed.

No. 348167

i'm a terf but i really don't see how it's a slur. it's reality
we are excluding trans women from feminism? it's silly to act like being called what we are is a slur

No. 348177

trans women don't belong in feminism so not only is there no validity to the term, but it's being used to put down others in a specific way, which is what a slur is.

No. 348178

yeah I don't think it's been used publicly besides being the subject of any variant of "KILL ALL TERFS"

No. 348185

Radfems aren't 'trans-exclusionary'. We do support 'transmen' since they're female.

No. 348205

I think the intent is what matters with slurs, not the word itself. I mean, if you call a gay person a fag that might be true since it means gay, but it's still a slur coming from a straight person trying to denigrate them.

With terf it's basically a misognistic term with the intent to silence and discredit dissenting women. I dont care if it's considered a slur or not, but it's certainly not neutral or merely descriptive. It's not even accurate, we don't exclude TIFs.

No. 348214

new to this, sorry for the dumb questions. why do terfs accept trans men in their feminism? i know the simple answer is "they are biologically female" but i was looking for something more detailed. do you accept all trans men? why or why not? if they pass 100%, are they still included? why or why not? thanks guys.

No. 348215

Literally anyone can be labeled a TERF and sent death threats if they don't 100% capitulate to trans ideology. Normal lesbians get called TERFs all the time just because they don't want to suck cock. That's the point.

No. 348218

You're overcomplicating it, there are no restrictions to feminism except biological sex. Feminism exists due to sex based oppression, not gender identity or how you pass or whatever.

No. 348233

im going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you arent being dumb on purpose, so: if you dont understand why "terfs" include all female-bodied people in their feminism, then you don't understand radical feminism. radical feminism is for the liberation of all female people. ftm transmen have the same lived experience of being female up until the moment they transition, and even after, they still face many of the issues that apply to "cis" women, no matter how well they pass.
taking hormones and getting surgery can never free a person from sex-based oppression.
even a hypothetical transman who passes 100% and lives as stealth can still be raped, can still require abortion, can still be subject to so many of the systems of oppression that will never affect male people, and that stuff matters more to radfems than some made-up gender identity ever could, i guess.

No. 348235

thanks for answering. i'm not well versed in this topic so i really do appreciate it.

hope this follow-up isn't too dumb, i just really don't know the common opinions of radfems (is that better than "terfs?"). what does this "liberation" you mentioned look like for trans men? i guess what i'm asking is, do radfems treat trans men as being physically female, but still respect them identifying as men, or is the idea to get them to detransition/change their mind? do different radfems hold different opinions on this?

i'm aware i sound dumb as nails, so thank you for your patience.

No. 348257

NTAYRT but you sound a lot like a liberal on leftbook apologizing to the Tankie Gods for not knowing about marxism-leninism, or a tumblr user apologizing to a popular tranny for not knowing about gender special pronouns lmao. dont be this way, don't put yourself down for asking legitimate questions <3 sage for OT sperg

No. 348260

> <3

fuck off.

anon shouldn't ask dumb questions, she should lurk for more than 1 or 2 seconds. same with you.

No. 348267

Radfems will say they should accept themselves as a butch woman, gender stereotypes don't reflect biological sex so there is no need to identify as something other than female. It will always be accepted that they are subject to sex based discrimination no matter what they look like or if they transition or whatever.

No. 348268

no, you arent dumb. i apologise if i came off as aggressive, i was just unsure as to your intentions with your post.
ofc every radfem is different, so i cant speak for all of them, but i think many radfems are gender abolitionists, which means that we hope to destroy society's gender roles/expectations. there shouldnt be "man" and "woman" gender identities at all, rather just the facts of biological sex. a female person with XX chromosomes can never become male and vice versa, and she can never identify her way out of oppression. transmen should of course have the freedom to present however they choose, to use traditionally male names and pronouns, to be as "masculine" as they want, but be free to do so while acknowledging the reality of their femaleness. its okay to be a masculine woman, you shouldnt need to change your body or take hormones in order to be how you are. having surgery and taking hormones is not healthy and is not the answer.
Many radfems are detransitioned women who, after undergoing medical treatment and transition, realised that it didnt solve their problems/grant them a magical male privilege card.
it isnt so much about "detransition=change your mind" so much as realising that no amount of medical procedures can change biological reality.

No. 348287

Fucking hell this. There have been all men groups which have been frank about not letting ftm's in and none of the transactivists bat an eye, but the moment you say you will never date a transwoman as a lesbian its death to you and some stupid argument about how you are the cause of transwomen deaths because denial of sex something something. Its also no coincidence a lot of religious conservatives are supporting transgenderism, worlds gone mad.

No. 348292

No. 348293


The purpose of this thread is discussion of gender critical/radical feminist thought. There's nothing wrong with this anon asking questions - which I didn't think were dumb at all. It's clear by her posts that this anon did research radical feminism quite a bit but had some follow-up questions for better understanding. Her only mistake was to apologize so much for asking them, tbh.

Classic female socialisation, learn to be more assertive and alpha, newbie anon. Never apologize for posting and taking up space, nobody cares anyway and it makes you look kinda pathetic.

No. 348326

File: 1546493610257.png (770.9 KB, 515x621, yes there is male pattern bald…)

A former teacher of mine, who I respected a lot, completely unexpectedly trooned out. (I mean he spent a lot of time in Argentina, so that might've had something to do with it.) I only have contact with him through social media, but his social media presence has done a complete 180. He used to be very reserved and only post once in a blue moon, but now he CONSTANTLY posts selfies and talks about laser hair removal and other TMI shit. Because that's what women do, amirite ladies?
And, of course, he calls himself a lesbian.

No. 348327

This video is fucking bizarre. I don't even know how to describe it. Dude goes on a tangent about how much he hates his body, and all the excuses he has for not changing his body. I wish I knew more about psychology, because there is something really, really off here. Don't watch the video if you've just eaten, there are close ups of the guy's stretch marks and hair follicles. proceed with caution.

Ew. I'm sorry anon. I'm dreading someone in my life getting into this shit.

No. 348328

Ugh, I can relate a bit since an older male musician that I respected a lot also trooned out horribly. I can’t imagine the thought process of older men who decide to troon out like that.

No. 348337

Sorry I need to vent about this: I saw an article about this 13-year old FTM "trans activist" and it had the same old "I preferred to play with action figures instead of dolls and everyone kept telling me I was a boy" shit, which was annoying in itself, but then I saw someone in the comment sections writing along the lines of
>"Oh my poor girl, how I pity you, you would've grown to become a beautiful young woman!"
It sort of made me realize why so many of these genderspecial girls have issues during their puberty. If you're a full on tomboy and don't fit in with the gendered female stereotype, what does "a beautiful young woman" sound like to you, especially in the context of someone pitying you? A dull, pretty, traditionally feminine princess? Someone that's against all your ideals and personality? I get that the comment wanted to "encourage" her to give her sex another chance but why do you have to be so patronizing? Why can't women be handsome, intelligent, talented, strong or brave? Why is only "beautiful" the only compliment people think women are flattered by?

I probably thought too much into it but it triggered a memory of how much I HATED being called "beautiful young woman" growing up because I was butch and felt there were more redeeming qualities to me I wanted people to notice. We've been through before in this thread how masculine young girls don't have any iconic role models which is why so many of them are suckered into the trans bullshit. Helping young "transboys" come to terms with their sex can't be done by erasing their personality.

No. 348344

Complaining about hair removal: "most of us just don't have that time laying around" aren't most women expected to be pretty much completely shaved at this point…something about hearing this stuff from him feels wrong, like women haven't been hearing this their whole lives already and he's just now having to deal with it himself so now it's important enough for him to care. Also the close ups were awkward as hell with that abrupt stopping music, if you're gonna try and be artsy at least try…

No. 348354

You don't even need to know much about Psychology to see what's going on with this guy. He just explains insecurities that almost everyone gets just in a way poetic way smashed together with almost fetish shots of his body. He complains about being fat, compares himself to an obviously active friend who rock climbs and uses that as an excuse to feel bad about himself. Not everyone fucking rock climbs but this dude makes out like it's so tragic to know someone who does. He's fat and lazy and victimizes himself by comparing himself to a fucking mountain goat. And the hair, anon >>348344 hits the nail on the head. Women are expected to be hairless everywhere except our eyebrows and our heads.

Then he rounds that all in by blaming depression which I understand, I really do. But try being a little girl, subjected to sexualisation and grooming to be expected to do that from the age you grow hair which can be anywhere from fucking 10ish. All because why? Someone wants to fuck you. That's not feminine enough, too masculine. What are you a lezbo dyke?! The list goes on. Then add abuse, biology, discrimination and entitlement and you've got yourself a tragedy. A real reality for women.

I sat through this whole thing and I realized what was off, at least for me. It doesn't even connected in his head that what he described is something that women and girls go through because we are female. Not because we may be fat or hairy or bald because that's ACCEPTABLE for men. But because we are female and he can't see that because he can't see past his own self pity and excuses to blame everyone else for his fixable problems.

Sorry for the rant. He ended the video with a whole 'accept everyone for who they are blah blah' bullshit and I just lost it.

No. 348360

File: 1546509017522.png (458.39 KB, 1228x1504, ,,,.png)


Yeah, that's what happens when you pick the wrong gender, what did you expect? This is so stupid.

No. 348361

It’s almost as if males and females have different health concerns!

No. 348371

File: 1546514724039.jpg (106.57 KB, 640x350, brain-univers.jpg)

she/they pronouns are the new neopronouns for straight girls who are faking it all

No. 348373

Totally agree. Guy should be able to say "I'm a male but I think Sandra is a rad name and I like wearing boots" without mutilating their bodies and forcing young women to see their "girl cock" or putting down their sex as female on hospital reports. They should accept that they're not lesbians but effeminate heterosexual men and there's nothing wrong with that!

I'm not even that into radfem ideology but I still believe that :
> trans people should not use female or male safe spaces including shelters, changing rooms, restrooms etc. I'm open to a THIRD gender neutral room but no one should force their way into female spaces.
> Trans athletes should only compete amongst themselves for obvious reason.
> Kids should be left alone
> If the trans community is so hell-bent on protecting and supporting each other, they should also hold each other accountable and protect their community from bad press by disavowing the creeps and AGP
> We need to stop entertaining their dialogue of "Agree or you're a vile bigot and deserve to be physically harmed because your words make me want to take my own life and that is 100 times worse".

No. 348375

It's astounding the number of young women who were on the path of going full troon if they had all those opportunities.
I was NOT a pretty young little thing. I grew up fast and got big so I was never dainty. I was hairy and went through puberty awkwardly, so basically I had some boobs but also no curves. Shaped like a fridge with some upper lip hair. Still laughing at troons delusions of girls doing pajamas parties and braiding their hair lmao. Nah I was playing some mario party game with my siblings and we'd fight about it. Probably had the same exact childhood as them.

I only had male siblings so I knew what being a boy was because I'd play war with them and we'd make bows out of sticks. I was also completly not interested in boys until around highschool. It actually gave me comfort to be one of the boys because of course, I wasn't one of the girls at all, and hated everything girly (Like girly clothes that would fit akwardly on my frame). Plus people don't care if boys are dirty, messy, clean or if they swear so I was always a little bit jealous of all the freedom boys had.

I even pretended to be a boy on a forum for a while and I noticed how my own "boy" personality evolved from mine, which I why I doubt TiF who say hormones make them so much different. Imo it's mostly auto-suggestion.

No. 348380

When you have majority TRA friends, you end up labeling yourself this for a while to try to fit in and seem "inclusive". I know I did.

No. 348394

With troons pretty much leaping at any opportunity to bully women for being twanzphobic, it's also a way to try and avoid that. It's harder for them to call you an evil TERF if you're claiming to be trans too.

No. 348413

I never did, but I sympathize because all my old college roommates identify as non-binary now, except for one who’s TiF but has been the entire time I’ve known them. We’re in our mid-20s FFS. It’s time to grow out of this “not like other girls” stuff…

No. 348443

File: 1546527289176.jpg (95.21 KB, 1078x312, 20190103_075025.jpg)

The audacity of these narcissists. Saw this comment on an article about trans people choosing their names on the BBC news Facebook. Trans "women" are like parasites who seek to swallow up their hosts. Especially the ones who dump their wife and kids for this nonsense

No. 348445

File: 1546527443278.png (615.46 KB, 564x570, 2trooned.PNG)

I recently heard that this total beardo guy I used to know trooned out, and I was curious to see what he would look like trying to present as a "woman." Pictured on the right, having… shaved off his beard.

No. 348450

File: 1546527756646.jpg (149.23 KB, 500x349, large (1).jpg)

Me looking at this
(Me looking at any tranny ever, actually, because it always applies)

No. 348463

>anime icon
They’re all the same

No. 348465

Oh cool, time to tell my SO he’s presenting as a woman now because he’s shaved. I guess I’m in a lesbian relationship now?

Disgusting. It baffles me that nobody in his life would question this choice and that everyone is expected to accept it (and praise it, even.)

No. 348481

There was a Reddit post about a woman whose brother trooned out and then tried to change his name to hers, so they would have the same first and family name. It was so creepy.

No. 348496

that makes sense, thanks.

you're right, i'll work on that.

another question: what do radfems think of intersex people? what about intersex trans people? already ctrl+F intersex, just looking for more details, maybe some articles.

No. 348501

File: 1546535084897.jpg (1.03 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190103_110053813.j…)


No. 348503

File: 1546535373819.png (105.69 KB, 997x529, skinwalking.png)


Here it is. It's very TL;DR and has several updates.

Also linking this (also TL;DR) comment from a troon armchairing OP's brother because wew.


>I think she finds you extremely intimidating, and I think you wield incredible emotional power over her. You're the girl she can never be.

>Again, for all her casual act I think she's frightened and intimidated by you- and here you are, the person whose shadow she lives in, who she desperately wishes she could be just like, admitting to her that what she's doing makes you feel deeply uncomfortable and it's a threat to your identity.
>She finally has some power over you, after feeling totally at your mercy for years and years, and of course being immature and in pain she can't resist the temptation to stick the knife in, to minimize what you're feeling and lord over you that for once she's finally managed to make you feel a little bit of the identityless-ness that she struggles with every day.
>So she acts cool and tells you that you're overreacting but inside she's silently squealing with ugly glee that she finally, finally got you!

No. 348506

Yes! That too. Any time a troon would try to come to me asking if I was transphobic I would tell them I had gender problems I need to get sorted out.

No. 348527

Change "is frightened by" to "hates" in all that greentext, and it fits more.
I swear they figured out that if they act like their man-rage is "uwu scaaaared" they can do whatever they want. There are so many of them that claim that gender-critical discussion "scares them" and that they feel "scared" by radfems, when really, they feel that caveman hate.

No. 348534

There's a couple of intersex advocates on Twitter who engage with TRAs quite a lot who are very informative (@mrkhtake2 and @ClareCAIS). The latter is a chromosomal male who is androgen insensitive, so her external body naturally presents female, but she doesn't have any reproductive organs. In cases like this I think most radfems would be happy to accept her as female because she would have gone through her entire life as a female, until her period didn't start and medical professionals got involved.

This article is really in-depth and has unearthed some stuff regarding the trans movement and its intended erasure of females:

No. 348568

She’s by no means the only one. I bet he wore her clothes and bought wigs similar to her hair, too, and more likely than not he drained their family finances to pay for his new Brave and Stunning lifestyle before abandoning his family completely. It’s such a common story that it’s only a matter of time until some indie filmmaker who gives no fucks makes a psychological thriller about it. Single White Female except instead of a roommate it’s the woman’s own husband who first empties his wife’s bank account and ruins her credit before trying to kill her “in self defence” when she finally stands up to him.

I like how he’s basically admitting that this is a kind of narcissistic power play, except of course he’s blaming her for it like a typical transcel.

No. 348570


No. 348586

If a filmmaker did that troons would call him or her a transphobic bigot who is responsible for the murder of 6000 troons every year.

Like how they ree about Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs being a "cartoonish stereotype" even though he's based on multiple real murderers who did do that shit.

No. 348592

>tranny trying to literally steal sisters identity/wear her skin
>reeeee poor transwoman uwu shes obviously just frightened uwu this is all the sisters fault

trannies need some kind of mental help instead of this genital mutilating bullshit. imagine if people started to unironically suggest that the treatment for anorexia should be liposuction. its so hypocritical, because many plastic surgery clinics will turn someone who they suspect has body dismorphia away, but its now completely fine to mutilate someones genitals because they think theyre a woman.

No. 348611

Troon takes OPs sister's soon to be baby's name and people in the comments are basically telling her sister to let the troon keep the name and give the baby a different sounding name instead.

No. 348613

at least everyone's still mad at the troon. What a dick. I wonder what happened with that, since it was posted two years ago.

No. 348616

Oh definitely, but it would be a good story. Maybe it can be done once more of the world has hit peak trans.
Its relevance to this thread is a spoiler in itself but there’s a 2017 French detective series on Netflix called La Mante, about a female serial killer who targeted abusive men and is now helping the police to catch her copycat. The copycat turns out to be an entitled troon who kills men for sexually rejecting him. My French is very rusty but it would be interesting to see if any French TRAs have flipped their shit about this series yet. IIRC the copycat is portrayed as having a tragic past but also called out on being entitled and narcissistic, so it’s hardly a sympathetic portrayal.

No. 348618

No. 348619

I think the replies aren't asking the troon give up the name bc the troon announced his new (stolen) name AFTER already having gone through the name change process.

No. 348630

Is it possible for troons, especially the ones with life tied closely to internet culture to stop obsessing over gender politics and become a somewhat normal member in society? Tumblr is depressing to browse at this point, everyone looks like they live in their fantasy and lack self awareness.

No. 348631

File: 1546554018973.jpeg (861.89 KB, 828x1423, 6CB7A2DC-D8FC-46B2-8EE2-48BFC0…)

New poster here but this came up in my Facebook newsfeed (shared by a handmaiden, of course) and I’m big mad.

NONE of this is anything to do with feminism. This is just straight up conservatives doing what they always do, but of course it’s women’s fault. Fuck these delusional tr00ns I s2g.

For anyone who doesn’t know, National Front are a fascist far right party in the UK. Such feminism, eh?

No. 348634

there are no TRAs in France lol

No. 348640


Cry me a fucking river, troons. The comments are all people who are pissed off about this. I often forget that most people don’t buy into TRA crap.

No. 348644

Those pesky radfems and their love of the traditional family!

No. 348656

i have been terf since 2013 and i keep peak transing over and over again i absolutely fucking despise trannies i can't wait this stupid trend to be over and all these fuckers realize they fucked up their lives over a meme

No. 348669

i've had people say to me "are you sure you're not nonbinary?" because i bind my chest.

No. 348672

why tf are you binding your chest and telling people about it so much that they ask if you're nonbinary?