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File: 1547045994952.jpg (141.86 KB, 762x884, not an identity.jpg)

No. 351615

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

http://www.4thwavefeminists.com (404)

https://gendertrender.wordpress.com (suspended)

Inauthentic Selves: The modern LGBTQ+ Movement Is Run By Philanthropic Astroturf And Based On Junk Science



Documenting violent crimes committed by transgender individuals
This Never Happens

Parents and clinicians concerned about transgender youth

YouTube Channels
Elly Arrow
Magdalen Berns
Cathy Brennan / Ally Missandry
Dr. RadFem
Tanith Lloyd
Meghan Murphy
Posie Parker
A Woman's Place

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No. 351616

File: 1547046047578.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 351622

Nice poster, who made it?

No. 351624


I was unable to find out. It has not been widely circulated.

No. 351630

Transwomen who get uterus tattoos straight up scare me.

No. 351632

It's actually a fetish among anime incels, they call it "womb tattoos" and it's used as magical marks in porn to turn the girl into a slut or control her fertility. I know this because somebody tried to comission art from me with that, there's probably a danbooru tag too.

No. 351633

Great, this got even worse!

No. 351636

Yeah, that's gonna be a yikers from me big dawg

No. 351638

This sound so fucked up, do you have a link where I can read more about this? I can’t find anything

No. 351644

File: 1547050460506.jpg (61.86 KB, 852x253, Screenshot_20190109-171404_Fir…)

No. 351664

The only way they can ever get a uterus.
I am somehow not surprised. They can only imagine themselves having sex if some retarded anime magic was used.

No. 351673

File: 1547052625202.jpeg (76.16 KB, 564x651, 7D5BC021-1256-4B0A-897E-6C007C…)

Saw this today and it really resonated with me.

No. 351680

Jesus, I never thought of it like that. We really are living in a nightmare reality.
The most literal aspects of being female are no longer valid to womanhood for political reasons. If trans people get their way, we're going to have to water who we are, even our childhood memories, down to only the stereotypes.
They really want to take everything from us. What next? Will we have to create groups entitled "Non-artificial menstruators, uterine system possessors and/or natal, biologically made vagina owners who identify as women", or will we be yelled at and browbeaten for that, too? This trans shit is going entirely too far.

No. 351690

I expect more and more women to start identifying as "AFAB" before anything else. But of course, troons will try to colonize that too, just like they did with "female." The fact AFAB stands for assigned female at birth and they literally weren't doesn't matter, they constantly come up with schizo-tier delusional justifications to steal words.

No. 351708


Sorry if I'm posting wrong. I strictly lurk.

This story is just… Ugh. Nobody deserves to be assaulted, but it's a part of the female reality. Like, it happens ALL THE TIME and nobody blinks an eye.
We won't be hearing the end of this. One poor twanswomyn gets a taste of womanhood and now TRAs have their ammunition, because, of course, all terfs are literal murderers.
I really wish those two idiots would not have done this.

No. 351710

>The woman told Raleigh police she was inside the bar’s bathroom in December when Harrell and Fowler started verbally abusing her, exposed themselves and started touching her.

Sounds made up but ok.

No. 351711

seriously. like i can easily believe some women would start insulting a visibly trans woman in a public toilet, that doesn't stretch belief at all. but sexually assaulting her? that sounds like it came straight out of a troon fap fantasy.

No. 351713

True lmao, sounds like a troon's mental nsfw fanfiction.
But even if it were true, I think it's normal that after all this trans bullshit, at some point some woman will snap and fight back.

No. 351715


I agree. I'm assuming drugs were involved if it did happen as the article suggested, because what the fuck

No. 351716

And of course it's one of the most upvoted stories on Reddit's news sub. But when troons do the same thing to women, nobody cares. The stories get ignored even after the guy gets convicted.

No. 351717

Calling it now: More information will come out that proves this is either made up or enormously exaggerated. And that information will be ignored.

This always happens. Just like when that troon interrupted Rose McGowan talking about her experience with rape to scream at her, everyone rushed to coo about the poor Literally Murdered troon, and then it came out the troon was a sex offender. But that bit of the story didn't get mentioned by any news sites.

No. 351718

I can see it now. "I assigned myself female at birth, so I belong, sorry TERFs :^)".

No. 351719

Agreed. And I HATE to accuse someone of fabricating a sexual assault story. But also like, a TiM is going to be stronger than a woman. Hate to admit it but it’s the truth. TiMs don’t really need to be afraid of being overpowered by a woman in a restroom or locker room whereas a woman can reasonably fear a troon trying to overpower her. God. This is going to fuel the TRAs so much and I hate it.

No. 351720


>Amber Harrell, 38, and Jessica Fowler, 31, followed the victim into the women’s restroom at Milk Bar in Raleigh and proceeded to lock the door and fondle the woman’s buttocks and chest, according to the arrest warrant.

>"She pulls her shirt up and says, 'Do you want to see my boobies?' and she pressed me up against the wall with her bare chest,” the victim said in a 911 call immediately following the alleged incident.

I'm not sure what to believe.

No. 351723

Samefagging, found another article.
>The caller told a police dispatcher that Fowler and Harrell began chatting up his friend inside the bathroom. The conversation appeared to be congenial at first, but then one of the women grabbed the transgender woman’s genitals and asked if she had a penis, according to the 911 call, which was released Tuesday by Raleigh police.

>It’s unclear whether Fowler or Harrell grabbed the woman initially, but the unwanted gesture prompted the other woman to laugh and then pull up her shirt to ask if the victim would like to see her breasts. One of the women also grabbed the transgender woman’s backside, according to the 911 call.

>The unsolicited touching took place despite the victim saying a “number of times to stop,” according to the caller.

>The groping then continued outside the bathroom, with at least one of the women grabbing at the victim’s stomach and buttocks. The bartender also chimed in and asked Fowler and Harrell to stop harassing the victim, according to the 911 call.

Seems like two drunk idiots to me. Not sure where the "verbal abuse" and "second degree kidnapping" come in, though. When did they try to kidnap him?

No. 351726

"I feel I was reborn when I came out, so I'm assigned female at second birth. AFAB for short!"

No. 351734

File: 1547060576545.jpg (8.28 KB, 300x222, a8d.jpg)

Yeah, I'm sure a woman would totally get her hands near the body of a tranny. Also sure that a possible 6 foot 200 lbs He-Ma'am would be so intimidated and overpowered…

No. 351735

Edited my post for clarification, I think it's because they apparently locked the door to prevent him from leaving the situation.


>(a) Any person who shall unlawfully confine, restrain, or remove from one place to another, any other person 16 years of age or over without the consent of such person, or any other person under the age of 16 years without the consent of a parent or legal custodian of such person, shall be guilty of kidnapping if such confinement, restraint or removal is for the purpose of

>(3) Doing serious bodily harm to or terrorizing the person so confined, restrained or removed or any other person
>If the person kidnapped was released in a safe place by the defendant and had not been seriously injured or sexually assaulted, the offense is kidnapping in the second degree and is punishable as a Class E felony.

No. 351736

No, if they wanted to see what a woman went through, the comments would be filled with to the brim, screaming liar but also victim blaming, but because women are the supposed perpetrators, we all know ebul ebin only ever do wrong and offend, so no one will think even for a second was this made up

Women are considered second class citizens to everyone, also explains why misogyny is considered a non-issue now

No. 351738

They locked the door… of a public toilet? I've never ever been in a multi-stall public toilet with a lockable communal area, so either it was a single-person toilet in which case why was he in there or they managed to shove him into a stall and lock it…from the outside.

No. 351739

yeah every public toilet i've ever been to had stalls that lock, but the area with the sinks doesn't have a bolt lock on the door. if it did then it'd be too easy for some asshole to just lock everyone out of a room with 10 stalls. this doesn't make sense.

No. 351744

>try to rewatch some old speedrun
>thumbnail seems like a girl is playing
>it's a dude

Of course he had the shortest shorts possible on too

No. 351747

>Amber Harrell, 38, and Jessica Fowler, 31, followed the victim into the women’s restroom at Milk Bar in Raleigh and proceeded to lock the door and fondle the woman’s buttocks and chest, according to the arrest warrant.

It was probably a single person toilet marked Women's. Followed him in and locked it.

No. 351748

i've been to some shit restaurants in the US where the entire room had a lock on it, but that's usually only been when a cupboard has been converted over.

No. 351750

Did anyone notice that the daily beast version of the article says the alleged victim made the 911 call, but the vice version says a friend of the caller made it? I really hate to doubt accusations like this but there's something not right about this story. It's almost like each website gives a different account.

No. 351774


it’s probably not the websites inaccurately reporting, but the lies of the troon coming through

No. 351802

File: 1547075239630.png (93.86 KB, 275x163, dflfjk.PNG)

This incredibly greasy old troon came into my work today, he was like 60 and had long stringy hair, bad makeup and gaudy earrings, and a super put on voice. Why are there so many troons in my immediate proximity lately? Delete it all.

No. 351806

this story is about as real as a neovagina is a real vagina kek. this is the fantasy of an agp whos watched too much porn. i bet they insulted him for being in the wrong bathroom or something like that, so now hes falsely accusing them. funny how when a woman is assaulted by a man/tranny everyone screams liar and false accusation, but when a tranny makes up some R18 fanfiction straight from deviantart everyone believes him.

No. 351825

File: 1547078821585.jpg (44.93 KB, 422x750, tumblr_pbnhgxwt1Z1rf9oduo1_500…)

I was checking my tumblr today and somebody reblogged this. How does this prove that transwhamen are real women,. it only tells you that chromosome pathologies exist, that's all.

No. 351846

File: 1547083096820.jpg (3.76 MB, 3416x1920, inCollage_20190109_191232910.j…)


The best thing about Julia Kaye is that he's dating another beautiful stunning transgirl that passes even worse than he does. And a photo to show how well he passes next to real women kek

No. 351855

they just look like they're in The Mars Volta. looks nothing like women. when are people going to stop pretending men that look essentially like rock group band members look like women?

No. 351856

File: 1547084932454.jpeg (308.67 KB, 750x967, 48DF50D5-96BA-4A33-A3F8-7B5E1F…)

Jobs are transphobic now.
The NHS is killing me by wasting my money on trannies 👍

No. 351858

Oh no …. They have to work!?! The injustice.

No other group of people gets treated like this…. There are plenty of disadvantaged who have to work to get their treatment…

No. 351860

Ppl swooning over the most mediocre transwomen triggers me tbh

No. 351882

Oh the poor baby isn't getting anyone in the real world taking his cosplay seriously. What a shame.

No. 351883

Radfem blogs seem to be getting swatted like flies by Tumblr.
Why are people who ~feel~ like women protected but actual women are not?!
I’m angrier more and more every day but outing myself as a TERF could ruin my life. Ridiculous.

No. 351890

>The NHS is killing trans people

Okay but the NHS has a budget, is under massive pressure and has to ensure they're treating the right people the right way.


>wasting NHS time by complaining about being misgendered when sent reminders for tests either linked to their biological sex or sent because they claimed they were the opposite sex

>Constantly forcing people to have to deal with their pointless complaints and taking time away from more important issues
>demanding to be prioritised over people with serious illnesses
>demanding that surgery to make them attractive is paid for by the NHS beacuse it helps them "pass"
>Wanting the NHS to pay for laser hair removal and sperging when they have to wait more than a few months
>Sabotaging their own treatments (taking puberty blockers which make SRS harder and more expensive, not dilating, etc)
>Focusing in on the "transphobia" of medical campaigns rather than the message (complaining about cervical cancer campaigns being aimed at women rather than appreciating that something life threatening is being brought to light)

No. 351904

File: 1547092509432.jpg (642.2 KB, 1047x1856, Surejan.jpg)

Was checking out the explore tag on IG and look what I found out in the wild. Someone who hate watches this thread! Say hi

No. 351905

I wonder how people would feel if everyone started treating body dysmorphia like they treat gender dysmorphia, because I'd sure love to work to receive "certain treatments", have a highly active gofundme page for treatments, and be supported by the world after getting said treatments

No. 351907


No. 351910

so guys, how terrible was shaun's video on 'terfs'? i didn't watch it. i can't bear to watch it because he has made himself so hateable with this issue and i want to crawl out of my skin listening to him talk about literally anything now. cant even get through hbomber's new flat earth video without him mentioning completely out of nowhere how graham linehan ruins everything or something (despite him literally creating like, what, three of the most beloved british sitcoms of all time??)

theyre really doubling down on this dumbassery a lot more now that contra has gone fullretard

No. 351924

I watched it recently and it was full of strawmen. Also, agreed, his slurred voice is painful to listen to.

No. 351934

>Radfem blogs seem to be getting swatted like flies by Tumblr.
are there any posts circulating about this? I haven't seen any.

No. 351937

How is it transphobic to notice some masculine girls have body issues. It's recognition. We are seeing patterns and people pressuring these women to destroy their bodies.

No. 351938

File: 1547099224341.png (783.64 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20190109-214500~2.p…)

Mad cause his bangs don't cover his receding hairline lel

No. 351940

What happened with Contra?

No. 351947

File: 1547100271607.jpeg (514.74 KB, 1125x2222, 695883D8-7853-4F59-A1F6-DAC7BA…)

>posts pics of their T shots
>wanna be insta art hoe
Are we surprised

No. 351948

File: 1547100282209.jpg (58.16 KB, 600x849, gender-identity-ideology-and-w…)

The Gender Identity Ideology and Women’s Rights talk at the Vancouver Public Library is sold out! Tune in to the live stream on Meghan Murphy’s YouTube channel Thursday at 9:30PM Pacific — the moderator will be taking questions from the live stream comments during the Q&A. Live tweet the event at #GIDVPL.



No. 351950

File: 1547100453790.jpg (73.66 KB, 504x409, january oger 3.jpg)


Oger will be there!

No. 351952

File: 1547100550784.jpg (95.79 KB, 499x536, january oger 1.jpg)


In the lead-up he has been @ the library in self-righteous rage.

No. 351967

>literally threatens suicide if people don't fuck them or give them money
Yeah, okay. You suicidal lunatics keep believing you're all actually happy playing pretend

No. 351972

File: 1547102701407.png (1.28 MB, 800x1071, Screenshot_2019-01-09-22-33-28…)


I tried again to find its provenance. It shows up on a couple of Pinterest boards as @untameableshrews but I couldn't find it on any of their existing accounts. They have been deplaformed on Tumblr, Twitter, and Etsy.

Their Instagram is inspiring.


No. 351984

I'm going to this but I'm so fucking nervous. I don't know what kind of insanity the transactivists are gonna try to pull. Which makes me think, how many fucking leftist women are on team TERF and scared to say it?

No. 351985

Seriously why the fuck are these called terf bangs. I have never seen an example of a "terf" with baby bangs.

No. 351990



Not really a thing, whereas the autogynesmile is.

No. 351991

No. 351993


And the next day is an event organized by Hailey Heartless and Feminist Association for Collaborative Education (FACE BC).



No. 351997

Reminder that HH is a lunatic fat man who likes wearing trash bags (I mean totally hawt bdsm gear) while wanting to sexually dominate 'terf' lesbians.

No. 351998

Projection… I've only ever seen genderists with this type of haircut

No. 351999

His vogon looking ass is revolting

No. 352001

File: 1547110636372.png (119.54 KB, 474x211, tumblr_pege1rkc6h1qzi1q2o1_500…)


The video appears to have been purged from the net, but here is a transcript:

>You little TERF, I bet you wish you could be here, right at my feet, worshipping my body. I bet it’s all you think about as you sit on this website and watch your tr** videos and obsess and get angry and get wet and get sexually frustrated. I bet this video is a godsend to you. I bet you’re gonna watch it, it’s gonna make you come, you’re gonna get your panties all wet, and then you’re gonna go on Twitter and get mad because a woman like me made a lesbian like you come.

No. 352002

File: 1547110660026.png (68.12 KB, 592x627, tumblr_inline_pegdxj9WzW1qzf92…)

No. 352004

File: 1547110938289.jpg (134.81 KB, 960x854, img_3006.jpg)

No. 352006

File: 1547111493988.png (247.04 KB, 1024x890, twitter-lock-out-Screen-Shot-2…)

Meghan's first Twitter suspension was to do with Kreut.

In August, I was locked out of my Twitter account for the first time. I was told that I had “violated [Twitter’s] rules against hateful conduct” and that I had to delete four tweets in order to gain access to my account again. In this case, the tweets in question named Lisa Kreut, a trans-identified male, as the individual who targeted Feminist Current’s ad revenue and led efforts to have Vancouver Rape Relief blacklisted at the 2016 BCFED Convention.


No. 352036

The hairline…. Lol everytime

No. 352039

The sheer narcissism of thinking people are losing sleep over trannies rather than just taking a few minutes a day to read and post here. I shouldn't be amazed by their narcissism any more, but here we are. Surprised it was an FTM though.

No. 352043


I don't get this trend of calling short bangs "terf bangs", the only women I've seen with them are non-binary/queer/libfem tards

No. 352048

Exactly. Is it still a thing to call them that anyway?

No. 352054

They think all radfems are white avant-garde college students who masturbate with spaghettios and call it art. That's who they think radfems are.

No. 352057

anybody notice how they treat the words terf and lesbian like they're completely synonymous? now we're in two categories: the good ones who cater to their delusions, and the terfs who dare to be attracted only to females while using the lesbian label. but they treat "terf" like a horrible slur, idk how they just get away with everything. i can't imagine this all happening to straight men tbh.

like if you're not choking yourself on their dicks, you're a murdering ugly monster. it's as if we have to put aside our own comfort and preferences in order to appease them, which feels so fucking rapey and coercive it's unreal. yet they're allowed to be exclusively into females without a word. i wouldn't be shocked if there are lesbians who suffer through straight sex with them just to avoid being called transphobes. it's sad to think about.

No. 352066

This is what peaked me. A trans ally I know asked "I know about TERFs but is there a word for gay men who won't fuck FtMs?"

They made it obvious that TERF truly does just mean lesbian and they didn't even realize it.

No. 352068

"hot 1000% of the time"

No. 352069

I can believe this happened but what's driving me mad is that if it hadn't happened to a troon the outcome would have been so different.

His FRIEND reported it the day AFTER it happened and the two women were arrested based on that. Meanwhile, women who have actually been raped go to the police straight after it happens, with a rape kit as proof, and get told to fuck off because nobody cares.

Tranny privilege exists.

No. 352073

If you don't let anorexic people starve themselves to death you're a violent anaphobic monster and probably a Nazi.

No. 352074

No. 352075

Imagine reporting someone to the police for getting your name wrong.

Imagine the police actually taking it seriously instead of just laughing at you and then telling you to stop wasting their time while actual crimes are happening.

No. 352076

Can Meghan get a restraining order taken out on him? It seems like she should.

No. 352078

>that pin
Of course he's a brony.

No. 352095

File: 1547129616819.png (130.6 KB, 219x376, ot Gender Critical 11.png)

They all have this unhinged, dead behind the eyes expression. You just know that women don't usually make these faces in pictures

No. 352098

he looks like the irl version of dr. frank n furter kek

No. 352102

Tim Curry doesn't deserve this

No. 352112

Same. Everyone I’ve ever seen with bangs like that was the “prostitution and BDSM are so empowering!” kind of libfem. When I think of what a stereotypical radfem would look like I think of Magdalen Berns or Cathy Brennan.

> i wouldn't be shocked if there are lesbians who suffer through straight sex with them just to avoid being called transphobes.
There are. Most of them are very young, like teens and early-to-mid twenties, and their entire lgbTQ+ social group is made up of TRAs and handmaidens, so they often aren’t even aware that an option without dicks even exists. It’s either sucking girldick or go crawling back to the more conservative homophobes who want them to just settle down with a nice boy and make babies. So really they’re surrounded by homophobes who want them to be correctively raped, but one is popularly portrayed as the good guys.

No. 352122

File: 1547133040356.jpg (166.07 KB, 612x676, pqN9aw2.jpg)

HAHAHA Oh my god good job gamestop troon was it really worth it to throw that tantrum

No. 352123

File: 1547133064376.jpg (139.75 KB, 1200x1137, 5aXMXRS.jpg)

No. 352127

>im shaking uwu
Ha, not so brave when the opponent is as big as you, Ma'am? You won't tell them to "take it outside"?

No. 352129

I like how he had to point out they were black men. PROGRESSIVE.
I think white troons are gonna try to start an oppression war with black men in the near future.

No. 352131

Hahahahahaha, who even thinks this crap up.

Ole fatty garbage bags is a trip.

No. 352132

>"freed ourselves from the societal binary"
lol what a joke! From all I've seen/heard both online and IRL, 'passing' is a huge deal for them. They need the society binary to validate their existences.
The fact that they constantly group mental illness with sexual orientation is what made me hit peak trans in the first place.

No. 352138

I don't think this is the actual MA'AM; transcribe is a different agp tranny. Still funny though.

No. 352139

I know this is not the same guy, but just saying that that Gamestop troon helped create a meme with his behavior

No. 352142

I thought he said he was proud he did it.

No. 352144


This is comedy.

No. 352149

>A group of black men

Interesting he felt the need to specify they were black.

No. 352154

He said in another tweet that this was "the worst in-person abuse" he's ever received.

Some men mumbling "Crazy man" is the worst abuse he's ever got from someone in person.

Millions of women can't relate.

No. 352180

So they're confident enough to post this to IG where they're going to get praise and asspats and "uwu~ so brave" comments but don't have the fucking guts to post here? Ask some questions about why we feel this way instead of trying to have a "moment" on social media maybe?

No. 352189

Doubt it. Troons are cowards and weaklings, they wouldn't start a fight with men because they'd get BTFO'd in 0,0001. That's why they only bother women. They don't even bother gay men.

No. 352192

File: 1547138018625.jpg (16.69 KB, 220x391, d6sf8JI.jpg)

People initially started calling them "SJW bangs" along with "problem glasses" (thick, dark and usually cat-eye glasses that SJWs supposedly wear often). SJWs were embarrassed and quickly tried to make the term "TERF bangs" catch on instead and they're still pushing it despite there being no evidence that "TERFs" commonly wear this hairstyle?

If this is a "TERF" hairstyle, I guess pic related is a TERF then.

No. 352199

I literally don't get the logic behind their pattern of thought. I have never in my life seen a TERF or any other radfem wear this sort of hairstyle, it's ALWAYS troons and libfems who sport it. Is it supposed to be self-irony or trying to piss off le evil terves?

No. 352200

I hope they get eaten alive for specifying it was black men. Something along the lines of, 'what are you doing transcribe, don't you know black men are side-eyed ENOUGH in public? why are you singling them out here? you are literally KILLING black men!'

No. 352202

I don't have any terven friends so I am going it alone. I'm even more determined to go after hearing about the protest. I mean I'll be damned if I let some misogynist pervs scare me away.

Meanwhile my libfem friends have been trying to "boycott" the library, LMAO. Bitch, what are you gonna do, refuse to pay your 2.50 in overdue fines?

No. 352207

Consider taking measures to protect your identity if you have something to lose, the protesters will probably try to take pictures so they can identify and out everyone in attendance.

No. 352212

They really can't see how fucking ironic all of this is. Will they ever?

No. 352222

A real woman would get torn apart. But troons are the most oppressed ever so they can engage in racism and you're just an evil TERF who wants millions of awesome trans gals dead if you object.

No. 352230

File: 1547140608887.png (59.94 KB, 993x577, milkbar.png)

"This isn't about me wanting attention" says troon bathroom 'sexual assault victim', whilst begging for asspats from the internet.


No. 352231

>Milk Bar does stink though. They have such a racist door policy.

So the bar that went out of its way to back the troon up is racist. Racists and troons do seem to be the closest of friends.

No. 352232

"I wasn't grabbed. I was prevented from leaving and blocked."

So they weren't sexually touched at all then. Thought so.

No. 352236

If you check reviews for the place there's a lot of people saying the same thing.


No. 352241

The troon says it's his favorite place, too, lmao.
I already see one loser in the Reddit thread making excuses for the racism.

No. 352243

These bouncers are straight up racists. They did not let in our African American friend due to his "sneakers" when 5 other white people walked in with similar or less nice shoes (including us). It was 11pm and no one in our group was intoxicated or confrontational. Their rent a cop agreed with their racist assessment and promptly kicked us out for disagreeing with the bouncers.

So this bar have a history of having sway with the local police. Interesting.

No. 352249

Rent a cop usually means they're not actually cops, just security guards with a power complex.

No. 352250

It's a "No you" cope, like the "two Spidermans pointing at each other" meme.
Like TRAs calling radfems "nazi" and "cult-like" when they're the ones acting out on nazi and cult-like patterns. Projecting.

No. 352253

the troon changes his story every time he opens his mouth and each time it sounds more and more ridiculous lmfao. he admits to outright lying multiple times. if he was a woman people would be reeeing and calling him a whore and a liar.

>one of the women grabbed the transgender woman’s genitals

>I wasn't grabbed. I was prevented from leaving and blocked

choose one tranny.

No. 352256

I hope he keeps going. The women have been charged so there'll probably be a trial. If I were their lawyer I'd be very happy about this troon constantly changing his story online.

No. 352277

Having made good friends talking about hair and makeup!!!! Fucking kill me

No. 352281

>tranny attention whoring
>racist bar
>both women identified as shoplifters
white trash all around. not worth the outrage imo

No. 352286

I hate that I know exactly what you're talking about god

No. 352320


Troon is so buttmad over LesbianActually not wanting to hear about girldick that he goes to actuallesbians to cry about it. Many asspats are offered by his fellow troons.

No. 352321

One of the users who replied is called "vocaloid_mayu", they're all such parodies of themselves lmao
Oh, speaking of ActualTroons, remember the "Kitten" one from the end of last thread who said that lesbians are vagina fetishists? He disappeared from the radar, was last seen posting 2 days ago.
Dude was most likely flooded with "kys" messages. Maybe he actually did it?

No. 352324

He got banned. Turns out even the mods weren't very happy about him calling lesbianism a degenerate fetish.

No. 352338

I know how you feel anon, one keeps coming into my local cafe.
He talks in this soft, creepy Miss Doubtfire-esque voice that makes my skin crawl.

No. 352340

Did you girls see that story about PC gamer reviewing a game and calling a part of it transphobic because characters say reductive stuff like "I played with dolls as a kid that's how I knew I was a girl" and then one of the devs came out and said they reached out to actual trans people for their stories.

No. 352341

File: 1547151868557.jpg (52.99 KB, 750x750, 5ubbs4vfde521.jpg)

This was in his post history. He thinks that a man hitting on him at a bar is "straight" lmao. What a hypocrite

No. 352343

No. 352345

wait isnt that the usually sob story they use though?

No. 352346

That's exactly what makes it funny

No. 352349

File: 1547152486456.jpeg (68.95 KB, 640x585, 7C64F6AF-AB4E-4349-BC13-E596DE…)

…has anyone ever actually witnessed this though? I know handmaidens love to swoon over beautiful trans gals but we all know how insincere it is.

No. 352352

File: 1547152834367.jpeg (448.58 KB, 828x1327, 22F3D02B-A3FF-4966-9318-E6ADB3…)

here we have a fakeboi getting triggered that gay men don’t want to see her vagina. That response too, lmao. You won’t ever have a dick, you’ll have a floppy meat sock and a mutilated arm to go with it.

No. 352358

tifs truly have it the worst, they mutilate their genitals and arms/thighs to get some deformed elephant trunk looking "dick". quite sad really.

No. 352363

I only ever see incel men posting photoshopped troons with tons of plastic surgery and saying "wow men are prettier women than actual women!!!!".

No. 352367

This tweet is literally just TRAs trying to compete with each other to see who's the most accepting.

No. 352370

Absolutely amazing; even when people do what they are told to do by them, they still complain

No. 352395

File: 1547156523352.jpg (155.94 KB, 1074x481, Screenshot_20190110-153431_Adb…)

If only they all ignored lesbians.

No. 352397

lmao i'm sorry anon literally that's all i think when i hear the word terf, not even actual radfems

No. 352426

File: 1547159342683.jpg (125.72 KB, 1046x344, Silenceofthelambs.jpg)

So while searching for Bates Motel stuff and putting in the word Norma, a strange video pops up.

I check out the user page and there's so many damn videos. There is such a strong link between autogynephilia and narcissism, I mean holy shit.

What is even the point of the channel? It creeps me out and I can't pinpoint why.


No. 352428

videos that kill you seven days after you watch them

No. 352430

File: 1547159676802.jpg (62.35 KB, 960x734, 49652238_10155893445741863_189…)

i hate people who unironically say shit like this

no, its not the same, you dont have hundreds, if not thousands of strangers coming into your bathroom at home every day and pissing and shitting in it and if you do then you have a massive problem.

i honestly dont really want to share a space with random males where im vulnerable, like the toilet. inb4 "reeee what about muh single stall unisex bathroom" have fun standing in like for several hours kek. if i ever see a tranny in a womens bathroom, i will call them tf out.

No. 352435

Such a male point of view. Of course as women we can share a bathroom with trusted individuals such as our father, brother, boyfriend, etc. We aren't welcoming random perverts off the street. That's more of a "tranny on craiglist" kind of thing.

No. 352441

no contribution but I'm happy to see there are other women who see through this mtf horseshit. thank you farmers.

No. 352446

does anyone have that image compilation of trannies admitting they take used pads/tampons from womens public toilets/unisex bathrooms to masturbate with them?

No. 352456

The previous thread had several.

No. 352468

Fucking hell. Sometimes you guys make sense and then you start rehashing the gender neutral bathroom debate. Only time I can see it being an issue is in America where you dumbasses haven’t figured out how to make a toilet stall private. (Honestly it’s creepy no matter what gender is walking around) To all the tough girl anons acting like they’d totally stop a tranny in a bathroom you’re either delusional, lying, looking to have your reputation ruined over feeling uncomfortable that someone peed next to you, or worse get physically accosted by a man with acrylic nails on who can just claim uwu mental illness in court. So stupid!

No. 352470

>reeee what about muh single stall unisex bathroom"
Are these not universally available in the US? They're called disabled toilets and I'm fairly sure they are legally required where I live, they are unisex and you don't have to be disabled to use them.

No. 352474

>videos that kill you seven days after you watch them
I don’t think it’s a troon though, in his bio he admits to being a crossdresser. These just seem like fetish videos.

No. 352478

im not even from america, ive never even been there. why have many disabled unisex stalls that take up more space when you could have many smaller single sex stalls? that way you wont have to stand in line for fucking 37 hours like every single one of those single stall toilets ive ever been to. and also you will have people shitting on you for using the disabled stall if youre not disabled regardless of whether youre technically allowed to use them or not.

>get physically accosted by a man with acrylic nails on who can just claim uwu mental illness in court

thats just another reason to ban these freaks from female toilets and enforce it.

No. 352482

We have mens, womens and disabled bathrooms separately. There are plenty of stalls, just an additional big unisex stall for disabled and non disabled people to use if they want.

No. 352494

the bigger stall in the mens and womens bathroom is for disabled people in the US.

No. 352497

Legally or do people just assume that? Here it's perfectly ok to use them, really doesnt make much sense to bar anyone but disabled people considering they are not going to be used by them constantly and being disabled doesnt mean you're above waiting in line for a toilet occasionally. Just means you need one that is accessible.

No. 352553

File: 1547168181311.png (35.41 KB, 683x237, Screenshot-2019-1-11 Transgend…)

there are so many related vids, some of this stuff is utterly bewildering

looks like attitudes to what crossdressing actually is is changing.

No. 352563

legally, they have a wheelchair sign on the doors, although other people are able to use them. usually baby changing stations are in those stalls as well.

No. 352578

File: 1547170957595.gif (2.41 MB, 480x254, Bqda.gif)

LMFAO this fool is really feeling himself, isn't he? The way he walks is killing me.
Looking like a dollar store Buffalo Bill

No. 352594

File: 1547171746477.jpg (19.61 KB, 500x500, Right_Hand_Between_Walls_6_Sta…)


Anons are conflating single user unisex bathrooms, which provide privacy, and accessible stalls within multiuser bathrooms [pic related].

No. 352602

File: 1547172398165.png (854.62 KB, 681x855, delusion.png)


No. 352607

File: 1547172868827.jpg (30.99 KB, 600x450, 9ddedb257aa06469cbb61905ea7115…)


In the US we do not have "stalls" that are separate rooms [pic related].

No. 352608

A mall in my town (in Finland btw) has unisex bathrooms with stalls that have doors without any kind of gap, so they're basically all private toilets. I've never felt unsafe using it, but I wouldn't feel safe in an unisex toilet in a public place with stalls like that.

No. 352611

This style of bathroom is getting increasingly popular in trendier spots in my US city. It's usually just the toilet in the room and a communal sink to wash hands. This seems to be my city's response to gender neutral toilets.

No. 352615


what pisses me off is his makeup, double chin, and the fact that he's drinking out of a fucking measuring cup lmaoooo.
as usual, agps have to try to morph into the hot alt girl they creamed themselves over in high school, which is why half of them dress in those stupid jean vests or crappy versions of mall goth.

No. 352621

File: 1547176285642.gif (2.26 MB, 300x225, 1412806788083.gif)

>drinking out of a measuring cup

No. 352622

He's for real sticking to his diet this time, gorl

No. 352626

Holy shit neither did I and I posted it looool

No. 352627

God also what's with the black lipstick… I in general don't think black lipstick is very flattering on anyone but especially if you have small lips lol… It's gonna make them look smaller

No. 352628

It seems that rather than piss anyone off, his "cute pic" has caused a lot of amusement. How nice.

No. 352631

The thing that pisses me off about the whole transwoman who got groped in the woman's bathroom… Is like I can agree it's wrong but how many cases have there been of transwomen asaulting women that they have been silent on…. Hmm really makes you thunk

No. 352632

Mirin' those calves

No. 352634

Sorry had a follow up thought… And those same people are like "this isn't representative of all transwomen" but somehow these two women who groped a transwomen are representative of all women ????

Assualt is wrong no matter who does it but one side is really getting away with murder

No. 352635

The reason they're taken seriously is because, despite being True and Honest Women, they're still seen as men.

No. 352636

Yeah also they never treat this like women on women crime cause they deep down know they're not women lel

No. 352677

No. 352681

i set my alarm for this. stupid west coast

No. 352686

Cross dressing, sissy fetishist and the like can all go too. It's creepy how comfortable they are wanting to erase women but wear our skin then change the idea of a woman into being dehumanize porn sick caricature.

No. 352691

the enthusiastic rounds of applause and cheers are giving me so much hope. so glad that so many women were brave enough to attend and make their voices heard

No. 352693

of course they're trolling in the live chat. pathetic

No. 352696

>they hate, _hate_ it when we ignore them!!!
Yeah I guess that's why they have to make another sub to get rid of all the troons and when that gets invaded create a private invite-only sub to be left alone. But gosh darn those lesbian terves just HATE IT when the trannies ignore them!! They all secretly crave girlcock!

No. 352703

Lee Lakeman is fantastic. I'm moved.

No. 352712

>The butthurt tranny in the chat with a furry avatar constantly trying to start petty shit and everyone just ignoring him or destroying him with arguments

No. 352714

the pronoun police lmfao omg

No. 352726


>"I would mention that it's almost impossible to turn a man into a woman." -Former chief of disguise at the CIA

No. 352727

Holy shit is this still going?

No one wants to hear about your shriveled estro-dick bro. Let it go.

No. 352761

This is extremely old but have anyone checked about how the 'Goth dad' in Dreams Daddy is a trans fujoshit with so many references making fun of fandom slash shippers? The character also did not have surgery for extra troonness.

That did get called out then fakebois went into protecting the character saying it's a muh ~representation~.

They sure love being a stereotype.

No. 352767

The CIA has been infiltrated by TERFs, block and stay safe UwU

Most TRAs these days would argue that “passing” is an unnecessary (and transphobic!!1) concept and that stunning transgurls are female from birth no matter what they look like. I’ve even seen some of them claim the term “afab” for themselves even though that flies in the face of all their rethoric up til this point. The fact is that they can’t allow girls and women to have anything that’s exclusive to us, not even acronyms originally stolen from intersex people.

No. 352786

>not even acronyms originally stolen from intersex people
I feel bad for Intersex people
They love to use intersex people to preach that 'biological sex is a spectrum'. Its not.
Even including the rare variations of chromosomes, there still a finite number of possibilities, not however million they want you to believe

No. 352803

their explosive, outraged reactions to the "woman: adult human female" thing tells me that deep down, regardless of how much they insist that they're female and afab, they know the truth. why should we as women have to cater to the delusions of men, when those men kinda know it's bullshit too? lol

if they really believed the shit they say, they'd embrace the definition without a second thought, because they'd assume it applied to them too. their immediate reaction is to get offended and shit on women, though. telling.

they look like a bunch of squealing idiots getting irate over a dictionary definition. yelling over women won't change anything, especially the facts.

No. 352804

They do know that, and they also desperately want to find ways to make women's existence smaller and smaller, so we're constantly treading on eggshells and terrified to upset them.

It's a control tactic.

No. 352805

So I’m going to rant a bit here, sorry if it’s not the place.

My friend was sexually assaulted, reported it immediately afterwards and the police and proscurator fiscal didn’t even fucking charge the guy despite the fact she reported immediately, didn’t shower etc to preserve evidence. This fucking AGP cunt gets ‘groped’ in a toilet, and it’s reported by his friend if the articles are to be believed, and the women get charged immediately! If this was a case of sexual assault against women we all know it wouldn’t see the light of day in a courtroom. Men look out for other men and that’s the fucking tea.

I’m hitting peak trans more and more every day.

No. 352808

Adding additional info, this guy already has previous for sexually motivated crimes. So it’s not like it was a first time offence, the police were well aware that he’d been accused before and still didn’t give a fuck because the government and the legal system hate women and don’t care what happens to us. Sorry to clog this thread with my bullshit but I’m fucking angry. I’ve hardly heard of any sexual assault victims being treated like this troon is, and the reason is because he’s a fucking dude.

No. 352810

i hear you, anon. i've had similar experiences. police just don't take actual women seriously, no matter how severe the crime was or how much evidence we have. and as far as the general public is concerned it's just same old same old. just another woman getting raped or assaulted, who cares? but show them a troon who got groped and the world's ending.

No. 352814

cis privilege amirite?

No. 352815

We have one in a CLUB of all places in my city. It's the fucking worst. The last thing I want to do is come out of the toilet stall and have to stand with drunk guys while I wash my hands in a private place.

Trans women weren't brought up like cis women and told how to flatter every flaw or subjected to judgment about their shape or features. They were raised as men and told their looks were secondary and they carry that socialisation with them when they transition.

If it had been a woman getting groped, she would have been asked what she was wearing, why she went to the the bathroom alone, did she even say no? did she call out? had she drank anything? had she invited it? Then the entire thing would have been dropped because it was just one witness vs another and no physical evidence.

But when it's a trans women, ta-da.

No. 352816

If you believe in transition, "woman: adult human female" isn't even exclusionary, right? After a TiM finishes transition, he's "female", and presumably an adult human, so what's the issue.

No. 352817

Deep down they know the truth.

No. 352823

Same anon who posted the original comment here. These shared experiences are just another reason why I probably won’t ever report my own abuser. It’s clear that the police and the legal system don’t care, this happens to women all the time and it’s nbd to them because we MUST have done something to bring it on. Maybe if I trooned out my experiences wouldn’t be chalked down to me being a whore who got too drunk and regretted shit. I’m blogging far too much than I’m comfortable with already but this stuff is so transparent to me. Rape and sexual assault only matters when it happens to ~brave transwymyn~ because they’re men and will always be seen as such, if they were ‘real wimmin’ their entire life and sexual history would be under scrutiny.

No. 352850

I won't go into any details but I deeply resonate with this
When it happened to me, I was literally bullied out of it by the local PD and I was 15 and petrified that I was going to die. I still weirdly am, many many years later. It was horrible, and I have a deep resentment to our local PD since. This entire system is fucked and will only do something about it if you're "news worthy" like a 10/10 hottie, super problematic or a fucking troon. And people still say "women have it better than everyone else"… Idk sorry for derailing, it just fucking enrages me

No. 352858

I went to the talk last night and it was amazing. But nothing Meghan Murphy said was even that wild. We got compared to neo-Nazis in the media for hearing her say that…biological sex is real. Like, goddamn has the left gone off the fucking deep end.

No. 352866

File: 1547225403368.jpg (120.2 KB, 453x604, tranny.jpg)

"terfs are just jealous of girlcock" looking ass

No. 352869

File: 1547225487564.png (307.47 KB, 527x412, killme1.png)

everyone who is pushing for gender self id is literally going to hell

No. 352872

What the hell is wrong with his body? Is there something wrong with his spine?

No. 352873

How was the mood? Did the troons protest and do/say anything?

No. 352875

File: 1547226434732.png (Spoiler Image,558.47 KB, 515x689, Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 17.0…)

Oh god why did I look up his Twitter. It's all terrible 'slut' fantasies, but remember trans is totally not a fetish u gaiz!!

This pic makes it look like he has just the one moob, right in the center of his chest kek

No. 352880

Blogpost but I actually do have TERF bangs because they suit my face. Am I going to GC hell now

No. 352881

I have to say that everyone was surprisingly well-behaved? Probably only because they were clear that anyone disruptive would be removed by security. I only saw protesters when I was leaving the event (library has two entrances and they only stood at one) and they didn't heckle me or anything.

Morgane Oger did arrive with an entourage. Oger said nothing but they clapped when Meghan Murphy talked about being banned from Twitter and one of made a very confusing comment about trans-racial adoption during Q&A. But no crazy shit actually went down.

No. 352883

I do too, it's okay. We can be in GC hell together

No. 352897

Guts really let himself go.

No. 352898

He has become a…. casca of his former self
bamdum tz

No. 352899

Holy shit I know this fucking person and his "girlfriend" FUCK

No. 352905

File: 1547234623252.png (133.68 KB, 1440x646, Screenshot_2019-01-11-13-22-51…)

This is normal… Right?

No. 352907

Woman-hating utter garbage.
Meghan Murphy and other women who have been banned for speaking the truth should be the ones posting on Twitter, not troons who just misuse social media anyway

No. 352911

File: 1547235477928.jpg (23.69 KB, 540x185, tumblr_pb0sc0oxqa1uvnk2eo1_540…)

This is just a really minor thing but I came across this screenshot on Tumblr and it just reminded me how annoying I found the whole warriormale thing there. It started as a funny homoerotic joke blog, then it got more popular and people just HAD to start whining "BUT WHAT ABOUT TRAAANSMEEENNNN WHAT ABOUT MEEEE TRANSMEN ARE MANLY TOO RIIIIGHHTTT??? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF TRANSWOMEEEENNNN". This guy was just running some blog where he reblogged bulge pics and wrote captions about how manly it is to wrestle naked with other men, then it suddenly became his job to start validating every trans person ever because WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEEE. They just HAVE to be included in everything.

Reminds me of those posts that say something positive about women and some random fucking gremlin just has to add "DON'T FORGET TRANSWOMEN THIS INCLUDES TRANSWOMEN AS WELL!!!". They really can't go one second without being the center of attention.

No. 352914

File: 1547235547853.jpg (21.47 KB, 263x350, mintz-plasse.jpg)

No. 352945

His chest looks like it's caving in under the weight of all that duct tape.

No. 352971

That super annoyed me too. I had so much faith in the guy but god has his rep been tarnished for me after that purposely (I assume) small-scope video. Like there isn't a multitude of sites cataloging exactly the incidents he claims are rare or don't happen. And I love Lindsay Ellis but holy shit, dropping Contra into her vids for a sentence or two of input here and there then gushing over him rustles these jimmies. Just disappointing to see.

No. 352980

spill the tea

No. 352982

Tranny drama going mainstream is a double black secret 5D divine cyberbackgammon play by the CIA to spend less money on disguises by normalizing troons confirmed

No. 352983

it's so corny when gimmick accounts become woke

No. 352990


I had to stop following her on Twitter b/c of this. I love her film videos but god, she's one of those women whose brain just turns off its critical thinking faculties when it comes to trans women.

No. 352993

> Lindsay Ellis
I love her videos too but I hate her for supporting contra. They both support each other on Patreon and they both comment each other's videos. I was so disappointed when I saw that. Just why?

No. 352995

aww shit i did not know that. hontra is garbage.

No. 353000

I've always hated her, not surprised to find out she's a tranmaiden. She and that girl who spergs about star wars are excellent examples of soygirls.

No. 353002

I'm not a fan of hotdogs girl but something about the cadence of Jenny's voice is spellbinding to me, her videos are top comfy. I was a bit disappointed to find out how involved she is with the soysphere.

No. 353003

File: 1547251321149.jpg (278.97 KB, 756x1328, i dont even know anymore.jpg)

No. 353006

Way to set the bar high for how retarded TRAs can be this year.

No. 353012

imo it'd be nice to have bathrooms like this to avoid the long-ass lines women's restrooms get sometimes (assuming we double the number of available stalls by having the two restrooms combined/made unisex) or when one restroom is out of order.
My only real concern with unisex restrooms like pic is if a woman trying to get into the bathroom could get followed in, but not sure if other factors would mitigate that like potential for other people to get involved, decent stall locks, etc. Since it's rooms, the potential for peeping toms is reduced…minus the fucking cameras. Not sure if it'd be possible to do things that would prevent that like sweeping for them.
Sage for OT

No. 353014

What's the tea on Contra? Dude annoys me but my leftist friends loooove him for some reason

No. 353022


No. 353023

No. 353040

TRAs doing dumb provocative shit for attention? Must be a day that ends in y.

No. 353042

Take away porn and anime, and watch the tranny ate drop lik flies. They all get off on skin walking as women but also becoming a dehumanzied sex object - their ultimate view on what women are. I keep hitting peak trans

I only use tumblr for aesthetics but alot of the people I follow reblog pro trans anything and it's frightening how quick they all are to incite violence against terfs (women) A post talked about trans men in history and someone added how important it was for women to disguise themselves as men,using male pennames and all that. God damn the blacklash.

No. 353049

gooby plz

No. 353055

File: 1547262476632.jpg (72.38 KB, 573x372, sisters.jpg)


No. 353057

As someone with SWYER, thank you anon, it's very annoying to be the butt of a lot of their validation seeking arguments.

No. 353058

File: 1547264133232.png (300.95 KB, 842x380, tumblr_pl483nJaz91wpsdwi_1280.…)

No. 353063

Physically recoiling from this… The state of journalism right now

No. 353065

do you have a link to the tumblr post anon? im curious to see it

No. 353070

this post alone should make everyone wake the fuck up about troons and their gross fetish, but they just choose to ignore evidence. Trannies and their handmaidens really turned feminism into a fucking joke.

No. 353075

File: 1547268941544.png (434.29 KB, 480x607, Screenshot_2019-01-11-23-42-42…)

r/transpassing is such a goldmine for cringe…

No. 353078

this doesn't even pass as a normal human, it looks like a botched cosplay

No. 353082

He looks like a purposefully ugly rendition of a Tumblr flavor of the month anime prettyboy.

No. 353086

Anon just remember are a woman alright and you matter

No. 353092

>Hands at chin pose

No. 353093

File: 1547281966965.jpg (255.23 KB, 1848x796, 1546389902577.jpg)


Reposting from the last thread for context for my follow up:

Articles like this and the organizations in the article are such a double edged sword. They present a much needed introduction of intersex to the mainstream public. But by grouping it with trans and nonbinary, sex and gender become even more conflated and gender identity validated as inborn. It's unfortunate that the general public's understanding of (read, brainwashing about) trans is the gateway for its understanding of intersex after trans ideology has appropriated so much from intersex. Intersex people are the only people who would be erased by the memo's proposals.


Follow up:

I went to the Intersex Society of North America website to see what's new and its statement on trans. It doesn't seem to have been updated in over ten years! Are intersex organizations folding and/or joining up with trans organizations like those in the article?

Excerpt from ISNA's statement on trans:

Many people confuse transgender and transsexual people with people with intersex conditions because they see two groups of people who would like to choose their own gender identity and sometimes those choices require hormonal treatments and/or surgery. These are similarities. It’s also true, albeit rare, that some people who have intersex conditions also decide to change genders at some point in their life, so some people with intersex conditions might also identify themselves as transgender or transsexual.

In spite of these similarities, these two groups should not be and cannot be thought of as one. The truth is that the vast majority of people with intersex conditions identify as male or female rather than transgender or transsexual. Thus, where all people who identify as transgender or transsexual experience problems with their gender identity, only a small portion of intersex people experience these problems.

It’s also important to understand the differences between these two groups because in spite of some similarities they face many different struggles, including different forms of discrimination. The differences between transgender and transsexual and intersex have been understood by lawmakers in countries such as Australia where lawmakers have publicly acknowledged that people with intersex conditions have distinct needs from people who identify as transgender or transsexual.

People who identify as transgender or transsexual also face discrimination and deserve equality. We also believe that people with intersex conditions and folks who identify as transgender or transsexual can and should continue to work together on human rights issues; however, there are important differences to keep in mind so that both groups can work toward a better future.


No. 353097

Australia doesn't have a TRAs issue from what I can tell so that doesn't surprise me.

No. 353099

I knew reddit betas liked Elon Musk, but I didn't know some like him that much

No. 353101

I thought NB was a term for intersex people to use. Too bad it primarily is used by people who hate themselves and believe in sexist gender roles.

No. 353106

I thought this he was referencing Musk(a strong odor resembling musk especially in heaviness or persistence)

No. 353107

He was, I was just joking. I Should've been clearer.

No. 353108

alright my bad

No. 353124

Doesn't Riley j Dennis live there lol

No. 353127

Not too long ago friends of mine would argue that real transwomen weren’t influenced by porn, real transwomen would never sexualise their transition, real transwomen could never rape anyone because their genital dysphoria is so utterly debilitating, and only a horrible person with a transphobic agenda would conflate sissies, trap fetishists and ago sex offenders with real transwomen. But in the last year or so more and more “real, full-time” TiMs have been open about how much they love porn and their own dick. I welcome it, to be honest. The more these TiMs show their true colours, the more naive sexposi libfems will eventually see the truth about the men they’ve been protecting.

No. 353135

I've never heard of them, so apparently they haven't been very successful.

No. 353137

Wait really he's like really famous for "genital preference" discourse

No. 353138

He has a pretty decent YT following and is a proponent of the cotton ceiling aka corrective rape of lesbians. I’m not Australian but I’ve seen him mentioned pretty often. Afaik most TRAs are more well known online than locally.

No. 353143

No. 353159

>Trans women are women! Sex work is work!
simply adding a word in front of another doesn't make it true. not surprised by the male voice leading this chant either.

No. 353164

They sound like a cult

No. 353180

File: 1547302355588.jpg (181.81 KB, 1280x720, MOUNCEY_PV1_1280x720_02_c.jpg)

Junji Ito predicted the future.

>Rapey J Dennis
>Hannah Mouncey

No. 353191

>literally two trannies

That's what I call a success.

No. 353194

I doubt they're the only ones in all Australia, just the ones that we already know of. Dennis is a "lesbians are vagina fetishists and every woman should fuck me otherwise she's a terf" narcissistic loon and Mouncey is allowed to play a violent sport in a female team against female opponents, despite looking like He-Man and having already caused injuries to some girls. Australia seems infected with TRA ideology as much as USA to me

No. 353197

There’s a tranny on the greens, I forget his name but it made me scrutinise all of their policies a lot more when before they were a party I favoured

No. 353202

File: 1547305731525.jpg (67.41 KB, 800x711, sub-buzz-23159-1534946511-1.pn…)

TIM receives NASA internship,then proceeds to tell legendary NASA engineer to "suck my dick and balls"

No. 353208

kek, a classic

No. 353209

This is old news why is it being brought up again

No. 353213

im surprised no one here knows i suppose the most famous tranny after hannah in australia hes been in commercials and has been a vocalist for a comedy band called axis of awesome since even way before his transition, hes the one that really helped me peak trans coz i just couldnt believe it, heres his 'coming out video' (embedded) and heres a commercial he appeared in at 1:05
he also has a ted talk thats pretty popular that made me roll my eyes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUedQ0_EGCQ he also has a youtube channel under his name jordan raskopoulos and in his roller derby video he replies in the comments saying hes fully female and has no advantage in the sport kek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dk0Bg5T1HI

sorry for links spam i feel like since people are mentioning australia i should bring more to the conversation lol

No. 353214

This is beautiful

No. 353219

Wait hold up, he's the founder of Insert Coin? I only have 2 things from the shop but I had no idea a troon and some other dude are behind it.
The quality of their items are so bad. The prices are ridiculous too, not even including shipping. One of my items had a zipper break off within the first month and the other item had extremely thin material, felt like I was wearing a napkin.

No. 353225

Can someone who watched the Meghan Murphy event explain what the one lady during the q&a session was on about that complained about conflating transracial and transgender? I couldn't really hear what she was saying because of the acoustics but apparently noone really got what her point was.

No. 353239

hi anon, i never looked at insert coin but after comparing what you said and the link in the description the insert coin that they run is some kind of comedy channel about gaming and skits and shit, no relation to the clothing brand sorry, would have been a good source of milk though lmao

No. 353243

So he is Damien "Desiree" Swann. He's exes with Tyler "Morgan" Thorp, who has his own KiwiFarms thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/tyler-richard-thorp-morgan-thorp.18692/
Their relationship was terrible, Morgan basically spent his entire time living rent-free with Desiree, jobless, and spending all his time playing Hearthstone. Morgan complained about everything, constantly threatened with suicide because of him being allergic to Desiree's kittens. Morgan was possibly the cause of them getting bed bugs.
Desiree, hangs around Chicago's Finest Troons including Richard "Terra" Jones, who also has his own KiwiFarms thread:https://kiwifarms.net/threads/richard-terra-jones-fire-buffalo-bill-lightning-princess-leslie-eclaire-stilanas.17120/
Basically, a guy who escaped from Florida after going under the sex offender registry for masturbating next to a school bus full of children, now lives in Illinois as a true and honest woman, constantly sucking up to Zinnia Jones.
Desiree spends a majority of his time begging for money and posting photos of himself covered in cum after having sex with randoms because he's in a poly relationship with another troon legally named Robyn Magi, although I think they broke up now because Desiree's Facebook says he's living in Indiana now.
This is all I know as of currently.

No. 353254

This is a shitty thing to say, why don’t people just look at intersex and trans people as the biological mistakes that they are and change them into what they’re supposed to be.

No. 353255

>trans people
No. They're just men pretending to be women and viceversa, they can't be put on the same level with intersex people. And intersex people have nothing to do with troons, it's already bad enough that troons bring them up all the time to make wrong analogies

No. 353274

File: 1547317774382.jpg (85.71 KB, 828x1792, 9p4464ftwx921.jpg)

So… straight sex…

No. 353282

File: 1547318640075.png (50.73 KB, 863x432, lmao.png)

Imagine being a beta male with a bad fetish who decides to fuck up his body inside and out in the hopes of being able to infiltrate lesbian spaces and get easy access to women, only to realize that the only people who want to fuck you are other ugly and often mutilated men. LMAO.

No. 353285

>why am I looking at wedding pictures of two women? Or reading stories about two women casually living together as a couple? Why would that even be interesting to me, sounds kind of lame?
Because you're homophobic, retard. Holy shit. Normal straight people are sympathetic to gay relationships and can feel happiness for gay couple because in the end, it's love. But no, you're obsessed because you want to ruin these women's lives with your male presence.

No. 353292

File: 1547319585619.gif (696.63 KB, 498x370, tenor8.gif)

Oh, I had no doubts that transbians are just beta straight men with a lesbian fetish. The top searched categories on porn sites speak volumes about men and their obsession with us.
>If you want to be a lesbian, you totally can! It's not hard and I would recommend it to a friend
Is this a troll? Wew. "Becoming" a lesbian…

No. 353297

File: 1547320738990.jpg (325.54 KB, 1440x794, Screenshot_20190112-191226.jpg)

Ding ding ding, I finally got a troon messaging me an insult today, keep that as an achievement. Talks about projecting insecurity.

No. 353298

kek. how fucking pathetic
And I bet he thought he was being real smart too.

No. 353300

I wish this shit would just go viral everywhere and people will start to finally put their fucking foot down on troons. They want to take our bodies and wear it like a skinwalker based solely on their fetish of lesbians and womanhood

What country doesn't tolerate this shit but isn't shit to women too?

No. 353306

Too bad it's deleted, I would've calmly replied that he's a man who will never be a woman and all the people in his life are lying just because they pity him. Nothing but the truth

No. 353324

File: 1547323169437.png (24.92 KB, 602x257, NOT A CULT THOUGH.PNG)

found this reply to a cow's tweet about being nonbinary

No. 353326

You mean two men rubbing their open wounds together?

Because no bio woman wants to have sex with men pretending to be women.

No. 353329

I don't think intersex people should be lumped together with them, their parents make a choice for them when they're children and their natural development can change how they feel or how others percieve them.

No. 353335


As noted in the OP, the statement on the ISNA site was written over ten years ago. The accompanying link for the info about Australia is 404.

No. 353339


On the off chance that you are not a troll, to whom are you replying?

No. 353340

>Not even a rapist would want you

I'll take "insults that only man could come up with" for $500

No. 353342

File: 1547325330742.jpg (35.51 KB, 362x314, Djrrj4nUYAAv7wG-1.jpg)


It is tolerated precisely because women are not respected.

No. 353343

No. 353346

I don't think it's lost on me nor anyone else here how Petty Male Psycho™ specifically brought forth a rape analogy because he knows how much rape injures women, and then rubs anon's desirability in her face because she's a woman therefore she should be so, so scared that a man might not find her attractive because of her opinions.

Since when do "people with hearts" talk about rape like that? Idk anon, rape is on his mind, sounds like projection of something sinister…

No. 353350

File: 1547326151277.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.85 KB, 675x1200, Dwuki_MWsAAlEL3.jpg)

this is all kinds of fucked up

No. 353353

this sounds like how super AIDS starts. inb4 tranny degenerates wipe out part of mankind

No. 353357

What the fuck is going on here? If that had happened to me as a kid, I would have been SCARED.

No. 353362

he's probably been exposed to so much inappropriate shit that this is normal to him now

No. 353364

File: 1547328376381.png (1.62 MB, 1258x1098, Screenshot-2019-1-12 Queen Lac…)

The photo was removed from instagram, but its from a shoot done for the above article. here's the photographers non apology, not like any of the other photographs in the article are any less disturbing
>So instagram took down my photo of the drag kid I interviewed for @huckmagazine. I’m posting another one because although- on reflection- I realize that the particular photo I posted with the older drag queen was distasteful for many, I’m proud of the article. It was a balanced piece about the subject, which ironically probed the issue of sexualizing children. I’d urge anyone to actually read the article before passing judgement.

>Often my job is to report upon people and groups living on the margins of society. I received a lot of threatening messages last night and some serious abuse- probably from someone called Hank in Iowa- which doesn’t bother me too much tbh, but makes you aware of the potential dangers that come with this kind of work. I’m not after sympathy, further controversy or applause- I just wish people were a bit more understanding of each other’s differences.

He made some other comments saying he was just documenting what was already happening there, which honestly makes the situation a little more creepy, who knows whats happening when there aren't cameras around

No. 353368

Thinking of conversative places to lvie and I think how how much shit women receive for being women as thought of as weak and only as baby makers for men. I look at liberal places and it's the same fucking thing, except they're lying to you by making you believe you're empowered but only when you allow these aggressive, toxic fetishists into your private spaces because they're women too uwu gender is a feeling uwu be an ally (and accepted as a woman by us) or die terf

And I know people have quietly hit peak trans or just have never believed in the trans movement at all but their voices would be demonized and they'd lose everything if they spoke out.

No. 353372

Just pedophilia, sanitized "y are you so closed-minded hank? U must be a homophobe to dissaprove of this"

No. 353374

Just watched this, similar stuff. I love the drag community but NOT like this. Children should not be exposed to drugs and sex by adults and these people are either irresponsible or predators. They make the community look bad.

No. 353375

File: 1547329688704.jpg (11.6 KB, 385x415, 1542222888829.jpg)

>that picture
>a fucking CHILD posing as some kind of sex doll with his legs spread apart, makeup and fishnets
This looks like some deep web shit! How is this allowed? This literally looks like one of the children exploited by pedo rings, except it's in plain sight for everyone to see. It's a fucking pedo shoot. Reminds me of the one they did to Brooke Shields when she was a child… and years later she sued the hell out of her degenerate parents and cut off contact forever.
Before I thought that the conspiracies about the trans movement wanting to normalize pedophilia were exaggerating, but this… this is making me think

No. 353378

this is an extremely convoluted way of saying "i'm a mad tranny"

No. 353381

jesus christ
imagine half of your social circle having their own kiwifarms thread.. lmao

No. 353388

>>probably from someone called Hank in Iowa
yeah only rural folk would be so UNENLIGHTENED as to think that there's something wrong with letting a kid dress in drag and parading him around naked adults

No. 353389

>This literally looks like one of the children exploited by pedo rings, except it's in plain sight for everyone to see

Yeah. This is normalization of children as sex objects, right there. If we all seem cool with that, then the next step of pedo normalization can take place.

No. 353392

File: 1547331618882.jpg (75.75 KB, 595x359, IMG_3912.JPG)

Drag Queen is Violet Chachki. He identifies as genderfluid and does a bunch of kink-oriented fashion.


No. 353396

1. Not all animals have hearts
2. The way this idiot is using the term heart doesn't make sense when you think 5 seconds about it.
3. Talks about people needing to have "heart" because they are triggered by biology but has no qualms about triggering rape victims and the like

tl;dr thats one triggered, hypocritical and not to mention stupid, tranny.

No. 353397

This is what I don't get about the drag king shit, keep it away from kids, don't get them involved in it in any way. It's on par with BDSM and lingerie as being inappropriate for children to be exposed to because it's inherently sexual. It's not an attack on the LGBT community because there's fucking straight people who love this shit and it shows right here because a heterosexual couple made this child and put him in this situation.

No. 353403

File: 1547333032510.jpg (64.76 KB, 634x422, 8446344-0-image-a-40_154732911…)

'Britain's first transgender family where dad was born a woman and his little girl began life as a boy'

I hate when the poor kids get dragged into this shit. It's always the same couple of stereotypes about the boy liking princesses and not roughhousing and the parents turning it into 'Oh no, we have to think about hormone blockers! Pity us!'.

>Most people do not know my gender identity. They just know me as a male, which is how I prefer it.

Sometimes the TIFs can be as delusional as the TIMs.

(Also, what's up with so many TiFs having those odd squinty and puffy eyes? Even the few that aren't fat seem to have it.)

No. 353411

SAVE THAT KID geez imagine growing up with troon parents.

No. 353428

absolutely disgusting. this is why those drag queen library reading sessions or whatever the fuck theyre called make my skin crawl. drag is inherently sexual, keep it tf away from children.

No. 353430

Starting to believe all those conspiracies about this fucked up tranny shit being pushed so that the public will accept pedophilia

Comments weren't having it. Anything positive about that ere down voted hard lol

No. 353434

Starting to believe all those conspiracies about this fucked up tranny shit being pushed so that the public will accept pedophilia

Comments weren't having it. Anything positive about that ere down voted hard lol

No. 353440

Are they against showers as well? Couldn't they wash their child's hair at least? Literally pigsty

No. 353441

underrated post

This is so unbelievably disgusting. If this was a female cis child doing this sort of shit, nobody would approve of it. But thank god it's okay to sexualize small kids when it's about identity politics!

No. 353442

This is fucking gross. Imaging the outrage if it was a cis dude with only his dick and nuts covered up standing next to a child,

No. 353449

File: 1547341552037.png (585.49 KB, 666x532, 2f17d8c694[1].png)


the one of the left reminds me of reuben from chowder lmfao

No. 353462

What I don’t understand is why people are expected to view troons as biological women/men, but they can still bring out the “muh trans” card whenever it’s convenient for them. It’s like they’re only women/men when they want to be and trans when they want to claim victimhood. I just don’t see how it’s fair for them to identify as women/men and trans at the same time; it’s like they want to have their cake and eat it too.

No. 353469

Mey rude is gross as hell

No. 353471

all those wigs and caps are damaging his scalp. i think i see hair loss

No. 353475

File: 1547346544518.jpg (38.41 KB, 500x249, tumblr_pl7fmlYfaS1w02isho1_500…)

No. 353478

File: 1547347267794.png (712.28 KB, 1080x842, Screenshot_20190112-184004~2.p…)

No. 353481

>That Sonic pin


No. 353482

He got fatter.

No. 353490

File: 1547349572337.png (285.02 KB, 585x371, Screenshot_453.png)

I used to really like him but he annoys me so much now. Shit like this gives people severe body image issues like he hasn't have a shit ton of corrective and cosmetic surgery done and cakes his face on a daily basis + photoshop. What a narcissist. Does he really think he looks like that? Or that he wouldn't still look like the "before" picture without wasting as much money he has to still look like an alien?

No. 353492


>colonial constructs

Why is everything in SJW Land always somehow linked back to colonialism and British imperialism?

No. 353501

>those huge man hands
woof. surgery can only do so much

No. 353510

I’ve been lurking this thread for the last 2 hours out of curiosity and also growing disgust at some of the abusive harassment by agps toward lesbians who, surprise surprise don’t want anything to do with their uwu girlcock or cartoon porn fetishes. It’s weird because I know several normal mtf and they’ve never displayed any of this type of insanity or aggression, I never knew this world existed. I’m curious do fakebois harrasse gay men like this and call them whatever equivalent for TERF for gay men for not wanted to sleep with them or is it just woman who are ~so ebil~ and deserving of verbal abuse?

No. 353514

His eyebrows we're bad but he looked better before….not plastic

No. 353515

I think it's less common but I have gay friends who told me they've gotten harrassed by ftms on grinder before.

No. 353520

File: 1547354880033.png (80.56 KB, 500x427, tumblr_pkywom3Kkz1wrwfj4o1_500…)

Since when is gender about race?!

No. 353525

>white imperialist views of gender
Does he know what imperialism is

No. 353533

5.9k likes…. This shit makes me lose hope

No. 353543

>has literally had surgery on his entire face
I’ll never get people.
You’re still an ugly man btw Stef

No. 353549

For some reason she doesn't pass regardless of how unwashed and disgusting she tried to be.

Poor kid though

No. 353583

It's insane how many people are defending this asshole. Telling a superior to suck your dick and balls is verbal sexual assault. I can't believe he had to clarify his position and Buzzfeed is painting this shit stain in a positive light.

No. 353584

Isn't the idea that this type of makeup only belongs on women "white and imperialist", though. Let's not forget all those fancy native men rocking face paint.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353585

File: 1547370761452.jpg (89.64 KB, 1024x576, 1547369368214m.jpg)

Speedrun trannies are on a different insanity level. This particular one got extremely butthurt at the event because he knows he can't be in a room with everyone secretly hating them.


TL;dr tranny speedrun now has dual personalities so they refer to "themselves" as "we".

"i'm a girl, and basically the source of all of our gender. i'm the magnemite liker, the plushie hugger, and the feminine, giggly, bubbly girl who loves her partners very, very much. also i guess i'm the autistic traits? or at least most of them?"

"I'm the Video Game Antichrist, the smooth talker, interview hoster, and so on and so forth. I'm our confidence, bravado, competitiveness, and drive to succeed. I'm sort of what one could describe as a "flat character" right now. I don't have a lot of memories, experiences, or grander personality traits to call my own since I've been hiding within alexis for so long, but with time, just like any conscious entity, I'll grow."

Why is it that they ALWAYS call themselves "girls"? Fuck it's so gross.

No. 353587

File: 1547371052646.png (104.58 KB, 620x786, 1547368702703.png)

No. 353588

White Europeans invented biological sex and sexism, and introduced it to the people they colonised. Before the 15th century all non-Europeans lived in perfect harmony as sexless (yet somehow still gendered) blobs. /s

No. 353589

>knowing that there are event attendees who do not believe you or people like you deserve to be safe or comfortable
Welcome to being female (or “female”) in geek circles you obnoxious asshole.

No. 353590

And I thought Proto couldn't get any more milky, this is a whole new level

No. 353591

File: 1547372871017.jpg (108.71 KB, 969x1600, b68a2ac5-f872-4b28-a2a3-9a96b1…)

This posts comments are a goldmine of things that totally happened. Not sure to post here or the fakeboi thread since there's a lot of those in the comments as well.


No. 353592

File: 1547372893731.jpg (139.73 KB, 1015x1600, 41251036-eb50-4fe9-a8eb-838f39…)

The comments

No. 353594

Didn't know being a woman meant that we came with built in lipstick!

No. 353595

SUUUUUURE. Let's not forget that in africa and the middle east you'd probably get gang raped or stoned for wearing makeup. Whites also used to use face paint long ago… Kinda stupid to compare us to people who are centuries behind us lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353597

FTMs are women. Women aren't socialized to be entitled and aggressive, unlike men. That's why you might see a ftm making a catty tweet about a gay guy rejecting her on grindr once or twice but you never see an actual movement like the AGP transbians are forcing upon lesbians.

No. 353600

>also i guess i'm the autistic traits?
God, I hate these specific kinds of male autists who have absolutely no self awareness and embarass themselves like this while making everyone around them repulsed and uncomfortable in the process. He is no better than Chris Chan.

No. 353606

…Are you autistic? That's not anon's point at all. Fuck off with this racebait.

No. 353618

File: 1547380768940.jpeg (123.69 KB, 540x1510, 54A2EF2A-23BC-4BCA-BAA4-5D2AF8…)

Saw this on r/gc. I wish more TRAs understood this reality, and the hypocrisy of their movement.

No. 353620

The whole concept of cultural appropriation is inane and infantile.

White culture is the universal western culture and I don't see any white people screeching about appropriation. It's a tired topic altogether.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353631

Who is talking about cultural appropriation? Stop shitting up the thread and sperging out about how all other people are "centuries behind you". You sound psychotic.

No. 353632

The original tweet was 'racebait', and it's retarded since whites and maybe eastern asians are the only race that would allow makeup (not facepaint or studio makeup) to be worn on men. This is a reality that lots of these white hating trannies don't realize. It's not ~~racebaiting~~ to respond to such retardation lmao

idk if the previous anon was being ironically unironic tho or what they were getting at?

No. 353634

That wasn't me.
Not other people. Just those who wore facepaint like a thousand years after whites ditched it.

No. 353635

Yes, it was obviously racebait, and we were laughing at it, then someone had to go full autismo and start racebaiting too. Why would you think it looks sane to copy a delusional, ugly tranny's mannerisms?
People from all races "allowed" makeup to be worn on men traditionally (and in the modern days, depending on where you go). It's uneducated, and yes, racebait to read that, somehow take it as an attack on whites and start screeching about how they're all rapists and murderers who are centuries behind one's own race.

No. 353637

African and Arabic countries have a huge problem with Transexuals and Homosexuals? So it's ironic that Trannies hate whites when this tranny stuff is basically something that would only be accepted in a white society.
Idk how claiming this is 'racebaiting'.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353639

I've already explained why it's racebait, and directly quoted the post to show why, at least twice. Not sure why you're trying to spin what's already there into something else.
There are also tons of trannies who hate anyone who's not white, too. See: Shuwu's hulking skinwalker, "Maya", and the tranny who calls a racist, shitty dive he claims to have been sexually assaulted in his favorite place.

No. 353640

>White culture is the universal western culture
how american

No. 353643

Haven't really caught up on shoe, read a bit about her change in belief and saw ventis vids but idk who Maya is.
Majority of transexuals are left leaning and buy into this tumblr white blaming ideology. Most right wing trannies are the most attention seeking of the bunch and since the left leaning pool is over saturated they try to appeal to the nazi anime twitter demographic.
Western culture is white? Usually the West refers to European countries and wherever they've moved to beyond that. (Australia, New Zealand, the whole USA etc)

No. 353644

>believing there is a single "western culture"
how american

No. 353645

I'm not american.
The term "Western culture" doesn't insinuate that there is only a single culture in the west lol…

No. 353648

No. 353670

LMAO, anon, are you implying that western culture isn’t Eurocentric and white? How is it American to acknowledge that the western world is white - a few ethnic minorities here and there don’t detract from the fact that it’s still Caucasian(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353680

can we stop with the race sperging; that was how the man hate thread was locked

i don’t want another critical thread locked because anons can’t stay on topic

No. 353681

This is a good chart. I wish tumblr stuck with the “gender is a social construct” narrative they had back in 2012 because they were actually onto something.

No. 353691

File: 1547392616999.jpg (4.69 KB, 237x213, no.jpg)

>Everybody is sexy but white people, because FUCK white people!!!!!

No. 353702

the thing is the people spewing that shit were trying to push trans but realized they were contradicting themselves so quickly moved onto "UWU IT'S OKAY IF GIRLS HAVE DICKS AND LIKE PLAY VIDEO GAMES. YOU'RE VALID."

No. 353706

>man-hating thread

All anons agree that western culture is white and has been white for 2500 years now. A singular anon is sperging and making it a huge deal.

No. 353707

Kids incorrectly guessing gender probably happens to a lot of women, because they're so bad at it. Once had a kid sitting next to me at a doctor's office ask his mom if I was a boy because "[my] sneakers have blue on them."

No. 353716

Well, at least this one looks like a woman. An obese, middle-aged woman.

No. 353724

Yeah but that one chick who said two kids came up to her to apologize for an old lady not using the correct pronouns…suuuure

No. 353728

Oh yeah, that was horseshit for sure.

No. 353730

File: 1547396708405.jpg (428.68 KB, 918x516, louie-anderson-baskets-fx.jpg)

I think he looks like louie anderson in drag with a touch of lindsay ellis

No. 353733

the thing is louie anderson looks better than all these troons because he's confident about it

No. 353737

Don’t know why he’s blaming white culture lol. I’m black and most black people aren’t really down with that excluding the heavily SJW types but they’re seen as jokes.

No. 353739

Your own brothers will literally kill you if you got too close with that faggot shit

t. black

No. 353755

Overcompensation. Non-whites who reee the hardest about whites are always super white identified And feel guilty about it

No. 353760

Seeing him in AGDQ streams was basically the reason I started becoming GC. The way everyone tried to cater to him while acting like an asshole, and still is offended that not everyone kisses his ass is what got me.

No. 353763

Samefag, but when it's in an sjw type of reee*.

No. 353767

holy shit that fucking five o clock shadow
estrogen is treating him well

No. 353771

Yes exactly. TRAs realized that using “gender is a social construct” to push their trans narrative was contradictory to their beliefs and was bringing people closer to radical feminism rather than liberal feminism. So now you only ever hear people on tumblr and twitter say “there are infinite genders uwu” because it validates the TRA narrative. What I still don’t understand is if TRAs believe gender is how one mentally identifies and it’s separate from biological sex, why do troons need to have HRT and SRS to change genders? If sex has nothing to do with gender you should be able to express yourself without altering your hormonal composition and mutilating your genitals.

No. 353773

That's what so hilarious about it. Everyone bent over backwards for these fucking retards and it's STILL not enough.
It will never be enough, he's a fucking entitled man. He won't be happy until every single person personally validates him and has offered to have sex with him.

No. 353781

From r/truelesbians:
>So, I was having a nice conversation over at Lesbianactually about Transwomen not being my preference and got banned!
Another user says she's been banned and had her comments deleted on the same sub. The comments in question were:
>”It’s genuinely exhausting to have the world come at us from all directions about how great dick is all the time. and then to come to a lesbian forum to get away from it all and get the same thing here. It feels like there’s no escape.
>Transwomen are women and they, like everyone on this sub, should be treated with dignity and respect. This respect goes both ways though, and I feel as though on this sub I am being asked to put the feelings of transwomen first all the time, without them and their lovers reciprocally caring about the feelings of people like me and OP.
>There is no rule violation to say there’s a difference between your sexuality and mine. We both identify as lesbians, but there’s something different about being able to like dick versus not. And a lot of homophobia & misogyny tends to come along with a woman not liking dick in patriarchy. It’s not transphobic to wanna talk about this experience and name it.
Even when you suck (figuratively) tranny dick, they still get triggered and ban you if you suggest that you, personally, dislike dick. They should rename the sub "Inceltranniesactually".
The bright side is that both AL & LA, with their dumbass tranny mods (who get always downvoted to oblivion in their own sub whenever they intervene because their homophobia is too evident even to the most fervent libfems), are literally chasing all the lesbian users away, to TL, which is a gendercrit lesbian sub. By going full TRA they're making women, even libfems, go peak trans and gather together in a "no trannies allowed" sub.
Congratulations transcels, you played yourselves.

No. 353782

No. 353783

There's some psycho in LesbianActually who keeps insisting /r/gendercritical has private subs and discords where they organize covert anti-tranny co-ops.

I've been a member of /r/GC for three years and never seen anything of the sort, but somehow this schizo troon knows all about it? Yeah, that sounds realistic.

No. 353785

I have a feeling that if enough users migrate to r/truelesbians, some transcels will try to infiltrate it. They just can't deal with women having a single space to themselves, even though there's already plenty of trans-inclusive ones.

Sounds funny, you got a cap?

No. 353786

>have a lesbian sub
>be a "transbian"
>go full narcissistic rage when lesbians dare to gasp say they don't like your cute girldick
>the lesbians leave

No. 353787

They wouldn't, TL has a no-tranny policy. LA was infiltrated because they didn't have a stance against TIMs.

No. 353788


This guy. He's been all over the sub for the past few days spewing this conspiracy theory crap.

No. 353789

The best they can do right now is call TL an evil Nazi TERF sub and pre-emptively ban anyone who posts in it from AL or LA.

But if enough women migrate there expect to see them try to begin infesting it.

No. 353790

>and pre-emptively ban anyone who posts in it from AL or LA
They already do that. The incel mods sit on their computers all day scrolling through the history of every poster, and people get banned (in some cases, harrassed via dm) for having a post/comment on TL

No. 353791

Having TL in your post history will get you tarred and feathered as a TERF witch in most other LGBT subs. Instead once troons have destroyed LA, I think lesbians will try to make another lesbian community that isn't all about girldick. Like how LA was meant to AL without the troons, until the troons got to it. And then troons will find the new sub and take over and the circle will continue.

No. 353792

LA first mods did a mistake by letting the TIMs in and catering to them in the first place. TL is considered a "TERF sub" because they put their foot on the ground first thing first and made clear the sub was for real lesbians. With TIMs you have to say "no" from the first moment, and never give them any authority… otherwise we see what happens.
So I'm positive TL is going to stay a woman only space

No. 353798

The user who got banned for those innocent comments is also being stalked by the tranny mod who banned her. The mod got obsessed with her and posts her in the GC stalker sub, encouraging other troons to stalk and harrass her.
Even though she said that she believes transwomen are women. (Believed, since she hit peak trans)
Mind that.
Troons deserve no sympathy.

No. 353800

File: 1547407582350.webm (1.17 MB, 1280x720, 1547406090595[1].webm)

oh my god
iconic moment in AGDQ history

No. 353802


No. 353804

AGDQ is a breeding ground of narc troon speedrunners who get streams limited because people abuse emojis of crossdressers. The fact this "dude in a silk dress" prompt showed up in a video game is hilarious. The guy in the back even knew what was up.

No. 353807

You give an inch, they'll take a mile. There's no appeasing these shitheads.

No. 353809

File: 1547408673514.jpg (50.31 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

kek my brother just told the funniest story ever about this Cosmo/Narcissa Wright troon, he's really into Zelda speedrunning videos and used to watch this guy five years ago

No. 353811

Troons are always disturbing to watch in motion but Narcissa and Brianna Wu take the cake. They're like Silent Hill enemies.

No. 353819

File: 1547409431606.jpg (4.3 KB, 275x246, 1542657177410.jpg)

>they're like silent hill enemies

No. 353821

File: 1547409567842.jpg (162.24 KB, 900x675, Fj mods back to school meetup …)

I used to enjoy gdq events but the audience ("hyyyype!") is just too cringe, I can't handle it anymore. Also yes probably 50% or more of the "women" in the community aren't.

No. 353822

File: 1547409570799.jpg (44.48 KB, 391x500, 51tiJ-hEGlL.jpg)

Kek, they wish.

No. 353824

Someone please post THAT pic. That one with all the nerd troons sitting at a table, and one of them having the worst receding G. Washington hairline ever

No. 353825

I'm referring more to the shambling gait and uncanny way they move, but yes, appearance-wise any video game enemy is much more well-groomed.

No. 353829

File: 1547409839282.jpg (373.5 KB, 1280x1055, 1515760040868.jpg)

You mean this gem?

No. 353830

guess you had to be there

No. 353831

File: 1547409958626.jpg (10.25 KB, 275x155, 1534079974343.jpg)

Lmao yes. It gets me every time.

No. 353833

PLEASE i need to know who benjamin franklin motherfucker is

No. 353834

SGDQ is a lot better still, even if just for the fact the donation comments aren't all "my family died of cancer but I love this game!"

But it really depresses me that there's 9 trans runners for everyone 1 actual female runner

No. 353838

He looks like an overweight, balding HVAC technician from Pittsburgh

No. 353847

im crying because this looks like a parody post

No. 353848

pictured: "lesbian" troons and the only sort of people who will ever, ever have sex with them

No. 353855

Tbh it's hilarious to me when straight men troon out expecting to "fuck hot lesbians" and find themselves in a trans sausage fest instead. Poetic justice

No. 353857

File: 1547413601538.png (369.39 KB, 589x526, eddiemurphy.PNG)

i love when troons roast themselves for attention

No. 353872

File: 1547414877794.jpg (19.06 KB, 360x270, 1503728047144.jpg)


>push my ass cheeks to the side so it look like I got hips

No. 353883

He also picked clothes a woman his age and body shape might actually wear. Except for that hat. Is it a pinata?

No. 353898

The original tweet was literally was an attack on white people.

No. 353899

>dude chill no ones saying anything negative about whites! there's some token "racist" troons so it doesn't count even if they are!

No. 353924

File: 1547424525717.jpeg (413.26 KB, 791x1024, 19D661A4-35E8-4636-A3C5-9C29BE…)

Why do agps refuse to be “androgynous” and insist on transitioning in the ugliest, cosplayish possible way knowing it will fuck them over? I see straight men all the time you just by nature of their dna look more feminine/passing then basically every transbian I’ve ever seen. There’s a decent segment of girls that go crazy over the David Bowie/pretty boy look, but instead of cultivating that they stick a $20 pink wig on, some gross frilly dress that no woman would wear unless she was seven, and take hormones that virtually make it impossible for any het female to be attracted to them. For obvious reasons lesbians don’t want them either, basically insuring their future as incels.Any theories?

No. 353928

File: 1547425651195.png (311.21 KB, 530x373, gSbXbov.png)

This dude who was bullied by Idols contest in my country for having huge ears tronned out apparently. This after getting a free ear surgery. He's now called Alexa , which isn't even a common name in here. The dude had some mental shit going on but nope, this is not a disease /s

This is the guy now https://dioguinho.pt/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/40466402_493571014477013_2722746509010147731_n.jpg jfc

No. 353929

why do none of these people believe in washing their hair

No. 353932

Because they want the same "privileges" that attractive women get but they fail to realize they will never get that treatment even if they pass.

No. 353935

I wonder…. is Jen blue pilled like Shaun?

No. 353950

why even ask? yes, they are. can't trust lefties especially those kinds.

No. 353969

Because their fetish isn't to look cool and androgynous, it's to look like little girls or pornified sex dolls. If they just wanted to look like women you wouldn't see middle-aged men in pink frills.

Also as a lifelong fan of the pretty boys, none of the ones I've known were AGP, a fetish which seems to proliferate among fat nerds with poor grooming.

No. 353974

On a purely selfish level I hope we aren't losing any pretty boys to transhood. They're rare enough as is.

No. 353985


Brisbane's IWD is filled with old school radfems, Melbourne has an underground radfem network, and so does Sydney iirc.

No. 353987

imo we're safer here because women are expected to be tough and capable, so men can't pretend it's some sort of "escape" and young women understand they can still be a woman while being "manly"

No. 354011

I live somewhere where women often dress in a practical way and aren't girly girly, troons still troon out en masse because of anime, porn and social contagion.

No. 354012

Nothing you can say or do to convince these people. They will just come back with "those aren't real trans women", "why do you care?". If they don't want to see it they won't.

No. 354013

File: 1547439049800.jpg (61.03 KB, 630x945, Andrej Pejic- male model (13).…)

We have lost this one, he is now Andreja and has fake boobs.

No. 354022

She was clearly gay/attracted to men anyway, I don’t think that was what the op meant by lose.

No. 354025

Get out

No. 354042

File: 1547441357791.jpg (39.33 KB, 900x900, 1542220810279.jpg)

>My boyfriend is a conservative
>live and let live he says

No. 354059

File: 1547442500222.jpg (85.54 KB, 1351x367, IMG_4205.JPG)

fuckin roasted

No. 354102

But if you said anything against this, you'd be in the wrong because there's nothing sexual about this photo! They'd also be the kind to call straight women "breeders" and claim that breastfeeding in public is perverted.

No. 354107

Now we're being told that children who want to be trans should be put on puberty blockers or given hormones. But if we decide as a society that children can make such a huge life-changing decision before 18, what else are they "old enough" to decide? Should children be able to vote? That doesn't do them any harm. Should children be able to drink? If they want to permanently fuck up their liver along with their body, why not? Should children be able to drive? If we decide that children are old enough to go through cosmetic surgery and take hormones and decide what sexual organs they want, surely, they're old enough to decide when they want to have sex too? That's 100% going to be next.

No. 354111

It's funny you say that. I was checking out the "MAP" side of Twitter and fell into a sort of rabbit hole of "children's rights advocates" who all just coincidentally happened to be pedophiles. They lobby for kids voting, AoC being lowered/abolished, teaching kids sex ed with an "It's YOUR body to do with as you please with anyone you want to!" message rather than an "It's YOUR body, so don't let anyone take advantage of it or hurt you" one, etc etc.
Their MO is to give kids as much responsibility as possible, and accuse adults of abusing them for setting rules or boundaries of any sort.

They try to make it sound so good and "freeing" for children, when their real goal is to be able to groom kids, rape them and then get away with saying "It was their choice, not my problem if they regretted it afterward" (just like male rapists do with women all the time).
These people are fucking insidious, and anyone who thinks it's just an unfortunate coincidence that so many trannies are also pedophilic and/or have other paraphilias is being willfully blind.

No. 354113

There are several strong grooming aspects when it comes to promoting transgenderism to children. Teenage kids are taught that if their parents don't accept their new gender identity, then the parent is abusive and they should leave home, or get hormones etc behind their backs. And who should they trust and spend time with instead? Adult strangers from the internet, who are juuust like them, unlike their stupid bigoted parents.

No. 354164

So I've been seeing talk that the James Bond series is going to make a trans Bond. Mostly from idiotic scrots, but still. Thoughts?

Personally, I don't think any movie studio would flush money down the toilet like that, but maybe they're looking for those controversy dollars.

No. 354181

don't swallow such stupid bait anon. we can talk about that if it happens

No. 354182

i'ma keep it real wit u chief, that sounds like massive bullshit and i would reconsider who you trust and believe.
although there was a bond controversy recently, but it was because they were considering a black actor to be bond next and racist 80yo english retirees (who would probably be dead by the time the movie came out) got their panties in a twist over black people "not being classy enough" for the role

No. 354186

They lose a bit of their fragile masculinity if you even imagine a female Bond, so I doubt it.

No. 354197

Idk anon, I heard the same and it's in keeping with the lazy genenderswap remake trend like Ghostbusters and Oceans 11. They already alienated the traditional fans with Daniel Craig's more fragile portrayal too

No. 354200

Queerty posts that the first trans women has been murdered in 2019, after 10 days.

Commenters point out that at least 25 women have been murdered in America ALONE in those 10 days. Get told to shut up, because nobody cares and vagina people don't matter anyway.


No. 354214

I don't see it anywhere? Were they instabanned and made to delete it?

No. 354220


So lemme clarify, I never said I believed it, that's literally why I'm here questioning it. I was mentioning it because I've seen some buzz about it on YouTube/Reddit/etc (especially from handmaidens) and I don't watch the Bond series at all because explosions are boring. But it wouldn't surprise me to see writers using troons for an easy award show sweep/controversy bux.


Thank you for actually answering my question. That makes sense tbh, the entire Bond series is one long stupid male fap fantasy. Changing it would risk alienating their scrot fans. But also, money talks. Controversy prints money, and we all know troons love controversy/drama. Studios will always make a decision based on whatever makes them the most money, or whatever they think will, and they certainly never care about fans. That's what I'm uncertain about, regardless of my personal opinion about troons/men in general; does putting tranny bullshit in everything to make it "inclusive" actually help or hinder a series/franchise/etc?

No. 354232

I think this thread forgets how trans people don't receive support outside of social media and very liberal circles. The UK is a unique case, in the rest of EU people pretty openly voice their distaste towards what the media is pushing.

Funnily enough that reminds me how Crunchyroll forced Lily into the best girl category of their awards and most replies were "that's not a girl".

No. 354233

lmao that's absolutely not gonna happen. If they want SJW points, they'll take Idris Elba (which would be a great choice imo, he's hot as fuck).
Besides, Pierce Brosnan was like "I'm legit gonna kill myself if they put a trans Bond".

No. 354238


Very good points. Is the UK really like that? I've seen those godawful Barcroft videos but I had just assumed they were the minority.


Idris Elba would be enough to entice me to sit through explosions and bullshit, fair dues.

No. 354240

Kinda late to this but I'm 100% convinced he got off the hook and people even defended him just because he's a troon. Imagine if a woman (or hell, even a cis man) replied like that, no way they wouldn't get in trouble. For some reason trannies are always allowed to talk about their genitals, even in a really graphic and obscene manner, no matter what the situation or context is. Not only do they get away with it, people DEFEND them if someone has a problem with it. There's no way a woman could say "lick my cunt" to her superior and not get shit for it.

No. 354271

Every murder is a tragedy, of course, and my sympathies go toward trans people pushed into the dangerous sex industry.

The way trans murders are reported on pisses me off though. Every single one is reported by "queer" media as if it were a hate crime. It's manipulative as fuck. Can you imagine doing that with any other marginalized group?

No. 354281

idk about the rest of the country, but i lived in a very liberal area and where people would get rabid if you you dared to say anything remotely not positive about trannies. im glad ive moved back to my home country kek.

No. 354328

I want a black Bond or a female Bond. That would be great and make all the racists/sexists so made. A trans Bond wont happen though (please, no)

No. 354336


Do you mean aside the support they are receiving from governments adding gender, gender identity, and gender expression as protected classes at the expense of sex?

And aside from being allowed to change their legal identification at the expense of statistics regarding sex?

And aside from some of the largest web 2.0 companies deplatforming users in order to protect them against being misgendered?

And aside from the World Health Organization reclassifying gender incongruence as a sexual disorder from a mental disorder?

At this point their support from official entities and society in certain countries has become an impossibly tight feedback loop.

No. 354347

About the r/straightAGPactually thing, I wonder why troons really won't let "cis" lesbians have their own space. Wouldn't it benefit troons, not having to read language that would "trigger their dysphoria"?
>Lesbians: We don't want to talk about dicks
>TIMs: B-But muh dysphoria!! This language is triggering to transwomen!!
>Lesbians: Okay, we will go somewhere else to talk about it
>TIMs: Ok we're coming too!! We're also lesbians after all!!
They want to have their cake and eat it too, we know that, but some actual lesbian in AL should really bring this point up next time they butt heads.

No. 354348

Sorry, anon, but trannies deserve to be eliminated.

No. 354365

Is there still researchers working on the autogynephilia theory of Blanchard or has the subject been shunned from the scientific community for being too controversial?

No. 354370

My mum works at an Australian uni and she said she recently had to attend an 'anti-discrimination seminar' for her job which had people of different backgrounds (like disabled, the token refugee, lgbt) who were called 'living books' and told their stories to the attendants. The TIM they chose to represent transgender people was a fat, hairy, middle aged man dressed up like a hooker (tartan mini skirt, crop top, high heels, trashy wig) who talked about how he always knew he was a lesbian inside and that he is finally living his dream as a woman and has a lesbian partner. It amazes me that their goal of the seminar is to make people less 'discriminatory' and yet the tranny they choose is nothing short of a fetishistic crossdresser. In my mum's case, it only made her question transgenderism more and leave feeling distressed.

No. 354389

Seminar organized by a closet terf confirmed.

No. 354400

If TIMs being murdered by their male domestic partners or pimps/johns is a hate crime then the same thing should go for women murdered under the same circumstances IMO.

It doesn’t bother them because they don’t have dysphoria. They’re incels who cannot stand the idea of women doing or discussing anything that doesn’t center men. You can try using their own “logic” against them but TRA ideology is already so contradictory that it probably won’t have much of an effect.

I don’t wish harm on HSTS but if all the Rogaine Ogres of the world suddenly developed gangrene of the girldick and keeled over I wouldn’t be too torn up about it.

No. 354408

File: 1547505170301.png (34.64 KB, 588x289, 1547370219087.png)

Just found this.
It's a long Tweet thread, so here's a copy+paste:

"Autogynephilia - A paraphilia that has come to connotate narcissistic rage, depression, shame, denial, a drive to spend fortunes and leave families in the pursuit of a mere fetish, and much more.
A question that many observers may have is, "why?" Why are these feelings so genuinely felt and powerful? Why are AGPs so ambitious in the chase for womanhood? Why do they seem to lie about their past? Why do they reject Blanchard's theory? Let's talk about it.
Autogynephilia is an unusual sexual orientation that involves an Erotic Target Identity Inversion on to a feminized version of oneself. Like other sexual orientations, AGP has multiple dimensions to it: A sexual side, which is well studied, but also an emotional/romantic side.
"Love of oneself as a woman" takes on a whole new meaning when you take the word "love" for what it is, LOVE. Just like how a straight man in love would do anything to protect his wife, to see her grow, to make her happy, a highly AGP male would do the same for their female self.
This also plays in to why many AGPs claim that their motivations to transition are not sexual, and that is because it's mostly true. The type of dysphoria that comes with severe AGP is emotional torment. It's as if you are so deeply in love with someone who is lightyears away,…
and mother nature herself decided to put up impassable barriers between you and her. Barriers like your voice, your natural presentation, or your face, for instance. You don't feel like a whole person, because you are far from embodying the person you desperately wish to be.
The desire to transition becomes all-consuming, much like the desire to deeply connect with someone you love, and to live your life with them.

Seeing as I have somewhat explained the emotional side of AGP, it should be fairly easy to explain narcissistic rage and denial now. A classic example of narcissistic rage would be the gamestop ma'am kicking over displays for being misgendered.
To her, the word "sir" stung as if the cashier had verbally harassed her "wife" and had invalidated the existence of the lover she was trying to embody. Her actions were very wrong and uncalled for, but I don't mean to pass judgement, I mean to help people understand why.
As for denial of AGP/Blanchardianism, I think it mostly has to do with two factors. the first being the conception that AGP is a mere sexual fetish and nothing more, like bondage or feet. This directly contradicts the lived experiences of AGPTS, for whom AGP is their sexuality.
The second reason being that the concept of autogynephilia is one that invalidates itself when explained. As Alice Dreger poetically put it, "Autogynephilia is a love that would rather you not speak its name." People deny it because being AGP means they have a male sexual issue.
Final note: At this point, I would like to take a vow. I will be honest, transparent, and respectful at all times when discussing my sexuality. I am not ashamed, I am not afraid, and I understand that it is ok to be AGP. I am #AGProud"


No. 354409

>HSTS dindu nuffin maymay

No. 354411

The reveal that this was written by an AGP was one hell of a twist.

No. 354466

And yet these trans people claim they're different from sissies. How? I'm not going to say all transwomen desire to be sex objects but there are quite a few out there where it does make you raise an eyebrow. As for the second comment, it's Tumblr… That's pretty much the norm there LOL

No. 354469

Jackie Chan kicked out his daughter out of his house for being a lesbian….
Men are so fucked up.

No. 354475

You got me shook, but a quick google search told me they never lived together in the first place? She was raised by her mom.

No. 354480

>the UK is a unique case
London is a unique case and ill be happy when sea levels rise and wipe it off the map

No. 354483

File: 1547520026723.png (115.59 KB, 768x406, degenderettes-11.png)

I went to the Feminist Heretic blog and discovered the video of her Degenderettes strip is gone. A large number of Baby Radfem's videos are gone.



No. 354506

Eugh. I'm generally for the liberation of children in many regards but the majority of people who are for kidlib just seem to be interested in fucking children.

No. 354510

>get married to someone you started dating when you were 18
>after only a year of dating
>to someone more than a decade older than you

Yep, that's what I call a relationship destined to last!

No. 354555


holy shit

No. 354556


anon, which uni? I know that student unions in Melbourne are getting ridiculous about liberalism. One of the Sydney (correct me if im wrong) unis had a VAGINA magazine which got some media attention because omg its a vagina!

No. 354558

for real?? I used to look up to him as a kid. if that's true, fuck him for being a lil shit. I'm openly a lesbian and i definitely dont tolerate anti-women shit like that

No. 354565

See >>354475. I have no idea what anon's on about, I'm not even sure if they had much contact at all.

No. 354591

File: 1547543582602.jpg (103.93 KB, 750x920, tumblr_plcmwtjGCv1uuzkn2_1280.…)

We need to start making bingo cards for this shit.

No. 354593

What a self-pitying piece of shit.
Can you imagine the amount of e-begging and whining this guy would do if he was actually disabled?
His mom didn't force him to go through anything, his own fucking body did. Why isn't he getting mad at his genes and chromosomes lol

No. 354604

BUt trans women are women so we’ll still hear your voice??????

No. 354605

>Forced puberty
Excuse me sir the only forced puberty you went through was taking estrogen lmao
Male puberty is natural for you, dipshit

No. 354618

checkmate atheists

No. 354619

I bet he didn't even mention being trans until a year ago. This is norman bates tier mother obsession

No. 354620

File: 1547556845393.jpg (213.67 KB, 1223x391, lmao.jpg)

TIMs gonna TIM.

No. 354621

File: 1547557418118.png (98.33 KB, 720x452, Infiltrate.png)

Interesting thing to RT in the middle of all this

No. 354627

File: 1547559619089.png (213.05 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_plbqkdAkAz1qmbsz9_1280.…)

I peaked years ago but this has me sick to my fucking stomach. This needs to go fucking viral. A major UK LGBT charity is literally seeking to decriminalise rape by deception for troons. I literally want to die, gyns

No. 354632

Look, an FTM TERF! Or a TIF TERF?

Stonewall isn’t an LGBT charity anymore, it’s gone full TTTT.

No. 354633

That's the case for most "LGBT" organizations now. My local LGBT org has several social clubs. One is for everybody, one is for gay men, and then there's five for troons. There are none for lesbian or bisexual women.

No. 354635

File: 1547561632900.jpg (130.36 KB, 720x945, _20190115_122034.JPG)

Trans women truly are superior to pesky cis women in every aspect…

At least nobody in the comments is buying it.

No. 354637

kek, it's truly amazing how they're always hotter, smarter, healthier, cooler, etc, than us. no exceptions.

No. 354640

Meanwhile, trannies are also geting cervical smears when they don't fucking have cervixes or a need for any kind of vaginal exam at all.

Fuck these fetishistic males. It's amazing to me that these men are allowed to publically parade and force their blatant fetishes onto everyone. I suppose it allows other men to feel ~empowered~ about their own, just look at how pedophiles are allying themselves with other trannies.

No. 354644

The milk they can lactate can be used for supplementary feeding, as very little is produced at a time, but no MTF has ever been documented providing the sole source of nutrition. It’s all fiction.

But no way in Hell is it superior to a healthy woman’s breast milk, especially compared to a male who is bathed in artificial hormones and one or more psych meds! Babies don’t thrive on online medical cocktails.

No. 354645

What does "healthier" mean in this context? How did they measure and quantify that? Breast milk can be tested for disease, but there is no set standard for what makes it healthy. Some mothers favor colostrum-rich milk (which is impossible for a troon to produce, and can only be produced by a woman who has given birth that week) but that's the only popular standard used to categorically define how "superior" the milk is.

Oh right, the troon made all of this up.

No. 354654

wait what trannies actually give their gross ass medication saturated "breast milk" to babies?

No. 354657

>HRT milk
Ok. Anyway, anyone can lactate with enough stimulation over time, even natural born men. Trust trannies to ignore biology because it makes them feel better, though.

No. 354670

No. 354677

File: 1547567491903.jpg (314.4 KB, 1139x603, Untitled.jpg)

Thoughts on this? Real or just another fap fantasy?

I can believe that some man is perving on his girlfriend's kids, but saying his troon stepdaughter is hotter than his mom after just eight months of HRT seems suspect.

No. 354681

With all the mentions of the mom, it seems like the troon wants to skin walk

No. 354688

File: 1547568920720.png (131.21 KB, 554x662, 1111.png)

"My wife is a massive hulk who looks like elderly Hagrid. I'm a cute tiny little waif who everyone thinks is her daughter!"

With a partner like this, who needs enemies?

No. 354690

File: 1547569115948.jpg (138.33 KB, 700x548, tumblr_pke09ofdT01w02isho1_128…)

Speaking of zinnia who makes fetish videos apparently…

No. 354692

Pardon me, is this a person or is this a tiny little pixie? Genuinely tiny!!!

No. 354694

>Referring to your girlfriend as Hagrid

No. 354695

>When she stands among other AFABs it's like Hagrid surrounded by a gaggle of goblins.

So tall women are big hairy giants and short/average women are goblins? That misogyny.

No. 354696

w-what…? How delusional do you have to be to write this?

This is a really bad and obvious attempt at a sissification/bimbofication porn fantasy. The "HRT made my tits as big as my mom's" gave it away. I bet he's in the replies continuing with the story taking it to even more perverted places. also
>He even described to me how he had sex with my mom and said that he would love to fxxk me and see whether I would moan as loud as my mom.
>I'm rather confused by this!!!!
Yeah it's written by a horny porn-addicted male.

No. 354697

Wait, this goblin has a girlfriend? A real woman?
This is too ironic

No. 354700

but twans wimmin are beautiful wittle pixies~! uwu <3

No. 354703

I had a generally live and let live attitude towards trans but a few things have happened in the past few months which have made me reconsider that position and become very critical of anyone claiming the label.

My best friend from college got with a guy shortly after who fed her high doses of acid daily (I have nothing against responsible use of psychedelics but this was dangerous) for about 6 months.
>She basically fell off the map during that time and when she re-emerged she was now a he (no HRT or surgery, just no more makeup) and her bf was now she (no physical change).
>They would both sperg if anyone in our friend group slipped and misgendered them even though we all tried to respect their wishes.
>Friend and bf break up, she moves to another state and gets into a poly relationship with a pregnant lesbian and her girl-dick partner.
>Convinces lesbian to leave girl-dick and move to another state one month before baby is due
>Girl-dick follows because he wants to be in his child's life
>Lesbian and friend have a falling out and friend moves in with girl-dick
>They rekindle their romance and girl-dick gets bottom surgery
>There is now a huge, bitter, long custody battle over the kid who is now 3
>Friend, after refusing to talk to any of her former friends for years, contacts me to catch up, complain about not having any spoons, transphobia in the extremely conservative southern state she CHOSE to move to, and begging for money to cover legal costs
>Doesn't have a job despite having a perfectly good BA degree
TL;DR friend uses transphobia and ultra special misunderstood snowflake status to deflect any criticism for being a shitty person and to e-beg

My current best friend has been married twice.
>Her oldest, a 13yo girl, is from husband #1. The guy is hardcore alt-right.
>Her other two are from husband #2. He has become a troon recently, lives in his car, and refuses to get a job.
>#2 will not talk to his own children but keeps in contact with the teenage girl because she has a cell phone and "texting is so much easier"
>#2 has been convincing the teenager that she is actually trans and should start HRT
>Friend is trying to be accepting of her daughter's feelings but won't allow HRT until the teen is grown and put through her paces in therapy
>Teen not happy about this, obviously
>#2 tells teen that she can run away and live with him in his car and they will both do HRT together
>Teen threatens to call CPS so she can go live with her dad, doesn't understand that she would be placed with her hardcore alt-right biological father and not #2 who refused to adopt her when he had the chance
My friend is meeting with a lawyer to take away #2's parental rights so he won't be able to influence her other two children.

No. 354706

File: 1547571365204.png (166.61 KB, 1228x449, wow.PNG)

i guess this is old news but i'm just hearing of it now. you guys hear about this? what the fuck

No. 354710

>Right: What he genuinely thinks he looks like
>Left: The sad reality
This is like some sort of racebait image, lmao. So bad.

No. 354711

>Right: What he genuinely thinks he looks like
>Left: The sad reality
This is like some sort of racebait image, lmao. So bad.

No. 354717

>#2 has been convincing the teenager that she is actually trans and should start HRT
Holy shit this is jaw-droppingly dysfunctional parenting. He should've trooned out and gotten sterilized before having kids.

No. 354721

Prisons absolute use size (and thus perceived strength) to decide who should be cellmaters: bigger with bigger, smaller with smaller

No. 354722

He was in the military when they were together, which seems to be a common theme I've noticed, especially among older troons. Discharge from the army and 5+ years later you're a woman.

No. 354723

Prisons absolute use size (and thus perceived strength) to decide who should be cellmaters: bigger with bigger, smaller with smaller

No. 354724

File: 1547574662306.jpg (56.82 KB, 800x450, maam.jpg)


No. 354726

>an actual woman becomes disabled in a way that's very rare
>women joke about it because they're sick of men's bullshit in their daily lives
>man decided that all of this is about him
>"bawww I'm so special I expect people to cater to my feelings even though they don't know I exist, what about men???"

No. 354730

did he marry that heather macnamara, or someone else?

No. 354731

File: 1547575307198.jpg (888.77 KB, 1237x3864, claris robyn the boobed girl.j…)

Here's another trans speedrunner that showed up at AGDQ2019. 99% of his tweets are about him having a meltdown and asking for help, or just posting "Girl" or "Boob" over and over. I think he had eight or nine panic attacks during this year's AGDQ, and those are the only ones that he posted about on Twitter (when he failed to get attention irl I assume). He's less in your face than Proto, but much more mentally ill, even when compared to other trannies. Just look at pic related, all those posts were posted in just a few days! Totally not a fetish for him.
Gotta give him cred for his selfie skills though. The first 3 pics are selfies, and the bottom pic was taken by someone else, and that's what he actually looks like. Can't be easy hiding that massive jaw.

No. 354732

Are there pics of him next to actual women?

No. 354733

File: 1547575428262.jpg (34.11 KB, 457x511, tumblr_ph3qu9SJWw1vz4ns6_500.j…)

Transwomen proving how male they are yet again.

No. 354735

Yes-and some other lolcows in their own right (sargon of akkad, david sheratt) joined in goading him.

No. 354736


No. 354737

>"very few issues that pertain directly to having a vagina"
>"transwomen are effected by all things ciswomen are effected by"
>thinking 99.9% trannies will ever even pass for a woman in real life, let alone ever fully understand us or be affected by the exact same things we are
Fuck off with this.

No. 354738

These sick fucks kill themselves because they don't even slightly pass for women but we are to simultaneously believe they face the same issue as women? Nobody believes that they are women in the first place so…

I'm so disappointed in feminists. Intersectionality ruined it.

No. 354739

What would happen if natal women started calling ourselves "trans-transwomen", said we identify as transwomen despite already being born women, and complain that we're being oppressed us whenever transwomen bring up things like HRT or voice training, since it doesn't include those of us who believe they fall under the "trans" umbrella without experiencing all the same things they go through?
It'd be the exact same as what they do to us, really. Imagine if a bunch of actual women started putting "trans" in their Twitter bios despite very obviously being born female (and even being attractive), and called people bigots for not respecting their valid identities. Gender and biology are social constructs, and you can definitely "identify with" any lived identity, after all.

No. 354740

This is called circumgender and despite being an obvious joke, troons go absolutely insane if you talk about it. They don't like their own medicine at all.

No. 354744

Why does this happen so often? Do those men fantasize about an "easy life" as a woman after experiencing the military?

No. 354748

That's amazing. Now I know how I'm going to troll.

No. 354751

File: 1547579450552.png (19.58 KB, 577x137, wat.png)

Redkatherine's bullies sure say weird things…

No. 354753

>claim to be a trans woman on all SNS
>get all the pitty and oppression points
>get all the praise for actually passing
>be able to talk shit about all existing groups because such brave trans uwu
I'm in.

No. 354754

Them robbing women of time at the doctors so they can play pretend is fucking ridiculous. And how the medical community can't say anything or face prosecution, what the actual fuck. They're probably also in the same camp of incels who chant for artificial wombs to replace women entirely so that they can be women for men uwu

Sick of this saga in human history where women are still given shit and expected to accommodate men in our spaces

No. 354759

The term "transmisogyny" is fucking enraging. It triggers me how they use a word with "misogyny" in it for the dumbest first world tranny problems ever (see: lesbians not dating/fucking them). How dare you. Appropriating women's actual suffering to play victim when you're sexually rejected. Using such a meaningful word for the shallowest, most trivial "issues" ever. Women can only wish their biggest issue was sexual rejection.
Also the interesting turnaround of using the term "misogyny"… against women, to oppress them.

No. 354763

it's shit like this that makes me want to cry with the frustration of it all. they all believe this nonsense and will reee until everybody else has to pretend to believe it too, and again, we'll be back to having men speaking on our behalf when they don't know shit about being us outside of their stereotypical pov of makeup and dresses and "i liked barbies as a kid".

they think they can speak on the female experience when being female involves the vagina, ovaries and womb they toss aside as a non-issue. regardless of what they think, they're important to being female, and that "very few issues" comment just screams "man who doesn't care because it doesn't fit his false narrative". it's disgusting.

and they cannot speak on the female experience because everybody knows they're not female at a glance, and if not at a glance, by voice and closer inspection. they don't have our experiences because they don't pass for female, nobody thinks they're female, so they're not treated as an actual female is. pure delusion. they won't ever relate to our experiences, no matter how much they try to twist definitions around to fit their feelings.

No. 354775

Intersectionality originally referred to black women and other POC issues being included in feminism. Its ironic that trannys hijackked that given they keep comparing black women to being men.

No. 354782

File: 1547585320705.jpeg (643.96 KB, 750x1105, 5A048185-947C-41B1-9896-229580…)

I won’t be surprised if this gets deleted or attracts a bunch of angry troons.


No. 354786


Okay this pisses me the fuck off because I’m an Cis woman and I have always had a extremely deep voice (like some diamonda galas level shit) and I remember other girls on the playground asking me why I had a “man’s voice” I had no idea my entirely sense of feminity was under attack because of my harmful, non consensual dna that made everyone on my mother’s side of the family sound like Barry White interviewing Marlene Dietrich. Fuck I honestly almost blame anime and weeb culture more for this BS then the actual nutters, because without it they’d have nothing to base their uwu fetish off of. Also lol no one ever actual mistook me for a man, because lolol I don’t have the infliction or timbre of a man, something that most halfway sane mtf get training for. But nah, gib moar surgery and drugz

No. 354792

>they keep comparing black women to being men.
Thank you. I never see that mentioned here, they constantly do this. I kind of wonder if some of the users ITT are the same breed as those 1-3 retarded "anons" who previously unironically claimed black women are more manly/"have more testosterone", linked to a study that literally proved their own point wrong, then accused everyone of "erasing their experiences" when they were rightfully told they were idiots and to piss off lmao.
The fact that trannies think "Trans women are women the same way black women are women!" is a sensible statement will always show how deluded, self-absorbed and racist most of these men with fetishes actually are.

No. 354793

File: 1547587178717.jpeg (282.78 KB, 828x741, 4862FAAE-EA22-4342-B971-02D0D6…)

On today’s episode of Trans Insanity™️
>chances are they feel more uncomfortable and anxious than you
>you have the privilege of feeling comfortable and unjudged

Yeah.. I think the fuck not in the case of most women.

No. 354796

File: 1547587407192.jpg (600.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190115-152318_Chr…)


No. 354803

Nta but we've actually talked many times about the unfair comparison trannies make with black women, and them being obvious racists.
Like Rapey J Dennis's most famous video where he compared black people with trannies, fat people and disabled people.

No. 354808

>pwease let troons cut in front of you at McDonald’s bc letting them get their tendies before you will make them feel less dysphoric uwu
This is so stupid

No. 354810

File: 1547589256768.png (62.21 KB, 1107x614, Screenshot (251).png)


No. 354811

So how the fuck are we supposed to know they’re either of these besides the obvious

No. 354832

You're a transphobe if you clock them, you're also a transphobe if you don't let them go first which requires you to clock them. Simple, eh?

No. 354835

>you pass dude
>you have a feminine jaw

my fucking sides

No. 354844

This one seems self aware enough to understand that he'll never get a truly female looking body.

Maybe he should try pass as FTM lol.

No. 354850

It's incredible that people struggled with gender roles and concluded that the sex must be faked instead of… just not conforming to the construct that is gender.

No. 354866

>I was very masculine growing up but I got in touch with my femininity in later life, so baring a few issues that pertain directly to having surgery I feel that I really have lived the trans experience

No. 354963

Reminder to use adblock when watching Hbomb's videos. A leftist comrade he may be, but now he seems to be supporting that mermaid garbage Shaun also supports.

No. 354967

Already dropped that balding man of soy like a hot potato back when the Bill Nye video came out, not surprised he's gone that direction.

No. 354982

Her wife is 31. 31. What the fuck is a 31 year old doing complaining that her teenage wife's famous parents won't let them live in their mansions instead of getting a job to support her teen bride? Why didn't she already have a job? Sorry, but I don't trust their word here.

No. 354988

File: 1547612523205.png (108.7 KB, 455x810, tumblr_plbqkdAkAz1qmbsz9_540.p…)

No. 354989

I figured this would be the best place to post this since Riley Dennis is a very prominent trans person on YouTube who was infamous for trying to push her BS onto Lesbians who didn't want anything romantic/sexual to do with her.

This trans person in the video totally missed the mark about why most people despise Riley as it's not about his look (but it did play a part for some) but it was because he said a lot idiotic stuff and comes off as a rapist creep to lesbians with the "some women have penises" crap.

No. 354991

Fight the Power: Meghan Murphy and Miranda Yardley

Streamed live 7 hours ago

Meghan Murphy and Miranda Yardley fight the power. Tune in, turn on, get radical.

You can support Meghan’s work:



Please do not contact and especially do not harass anyone mentioned in this video, which is a criticism of words and actions of others and it's not my intention to lead to bullying.

This is the reporting of a news incident, and is not for shock or entertainment. Stand against male violence against women.

No. 354992

I dunno, I could see the stepfather being some closeted tranny chaser overjoyed at his good fortune over his son deciding to troon out.

Well whatever the case, I'm sure the comments are full of people telling him to get out of the situation asap and other such advice. Troons are pretty good at running away from home, after all.

No. 354993

File: 1547613209078.png (145.92 KB, 442x585, tumblr_pj4qtcnYDv1xmovlco1_500…)

No. 355000

No. 355005

I keep seeing this shit from and I'm over the whole "cancel VS for not hiring trans women! Look at Nikita for being better than the models!"

No. 355008

Ask them how we're supposed to spot them, isn't that twansphobic? mmmmm op seems kinda covert terfy, y'all :/

No. 355011

Seriously, the quickest way to get the rights and funding trans women receive is for us to start iding as trans women.

No. 355015

Those fake hips look so messed up and no that face just no….

No. 355018

no one would advocate for a real woman with that amount of plastic surgery but when it's a tranny it's woke

No. 355020

Oh jesus christ stop lumping LGB people together with you literal babies, I don't need any coddling bc of my sexual preferences and I sure as hell don't want anyone else making belittling statements like these on my behalf.

No. 355022

please ask them how you're supposed to spot a gay person. please.

No. 355029

Is this in reference to Lily Madigan?

No. 355035

And despite all the plastic surgery, it still looks like a man. Even the stomach is masculine looking and the awkward movement. No amount of plastic surgery can hide the manframe, it honestly looks like just plastic stuck to the chest and hips while the skinnyboy fridge body is still there.

No. 355038

I thought from the thumbnail that his jaw was photoshopped to look like that, but no. That's really how much of his face he's hacked off. His manhands caressing his fake boobs genuinely made me recoil. The way his hip implants/injections sit look like padded shorts that rode down. Why is this guy always offered up a troon who ~totally passes as cis you guise?

No. 355039

nta but yeah. that cap has been going around for a while.

No. 355040

>those hips
Literally alien-tier

No. 355041

I can't even be mad anymore, I'm just laughing at these retards. They found the golden ticket to act like spoiled, entitled brats with no consequences. Want everything handed to you and the right to be amazingly offensive and misogynistic while being let ahead in lines? Better put on that dress my man!


No. 355042

he literally looks like he could be blaire white's cousin

No. 355057

File: 1547632170291.jpg (58.04 KB, 750x480, nikita_dragun-20181206-0016-75…)

Jesus Christ he made himself look like a video game character creation fuck up.

No. 355061

File: 1547633292112.jpg (60.29 KB, 860x360, ganserer-860x360-1547486513.jp…)

https://www.thelocal.de/20190114/regional-lawmaker-is-germanys-first-transgender-mp (english)
>'I am a woman with every fiber of my body': Germany's first transgender MP
>While she has made little public comment, she told the paper that she "discovered" herself as a woman around 10 years ago when looking in the mirror wearing a dress.
> She doesn't plan to undergo any medical procedures, but to mark the definitive arrival of Tessa, Ganserer took a major step: she packed all her ties, shirts and suit jackets into bags and gave them away.

He's from the Green Party of course, the centre-left libfem party of Germany that mostly cares about identity politics and doesn't give a fuck about the working class.

https://www.sueddeutsche.de/bayern/tessa-ganserer-transfrau-landtag-1.4274552-2 (german)
>Wenn Ganserer übers Einkaufen spricht, sagt sie: "Was könnte es für eine Frau Schöneres geben?" Bietet ihr ein Freund einen zweiten Nachtisch an, interpretiert sie das als "Angriff auf meine Figur". Es sind Sätze, die sie früher nie gesagt hätte, gekünstelt klingen sie nicht. Ohne Perücke fühle sie sich mittlerweile nackt.
Translation: When Ganserer talks about shopping, she says, "For women, is there anything better than shopping?" If a friend offers her a second dessert, she interprets this as "attack on her figure." These are sentences that she would never have said before, but they do not sound contrived. She feels now naked without a wig.

Great, we now have an AGP in the Bavarian parliament. Also, that wig. Why would you wear a 10€ Aliexpress wig as a public figure?

No. 355063

>Also, that wig. Why would you wear a 10€ Aliexpress wig as a public figure?

It always baffles me that they dream of being the pretty girl they know they are instead of the ugly frumpy regular woman but they put absolutely no effort in how they present themselves. Wouldn't they enjoy their fetish experience more if they at least tried to get a good wig and apply decent makeup? Idgi.

No. 355065

>that's a wig
didn't even have to point that out you can totally tell KEK
why do they choose the worst quality items? why do these men never even make an effort in trying to look halfway decent. especially this dude, he has the money to buy a wig made with human hair.

No. 355066

I haven't even heard of that yet, unbelievable, especially in Bavaria.

At least this lol:
>Da kommt Martin Hagen ins Plenum, Fraktionschef der FDP. Er sieht eine Frau vor der Kamera, hört ihre tiefe Männerstimme und fragt: "Was macht ihr hier für ne Nummer? Dragqueen?"
>Martin Hagen, head of the FDP, sees a woman, hears her deep male voice and asks: "What are you doing? Dragqueen?“
The party "she" is a member of is also famous for originally wanting to legalize pedophilia.

The article also criticises another party for not having a "queerpolitical spokesperson"…

No. 355068

"Naked without a wig"

Lol I think he means bald

No. 355069

This is him just 8 months ago

No. 355074

no one can convince me there's a "soul" of a woman in that man's body

No. 355086

>When Ganserer talks about shopping, she says, "For women, is there anything better than shopping?" If a friend offers her a second dessert, she interprets this as "attack on her figure."
Does he identify as a woman or as a vapid sitcom character?

No. 355114

What does this person want? Conversion therapy? Force the lesbians to like dick?

People drag the VS models down all the time for getting surgery or being too skinny or for looking too conventionally attractive, but we're supposed to applaud a trans woman for all those things? Nope.

Why did he shave off so much of his jaw anyway? Maybe it's just the picture but he didn't have a strong jaw in the first place and getting it shaved down made him look botched.

No. 355125

File: 1547650246341.webm (1.33 MB, 958x398, she.webm)

Anyway, Rapey and every other tranny/handmaiden advocating for conversion therapy should drink bleach. The cotton ceiling stuff is something so fucked up that I have no issues talking about it in public. Arguing with that wouldn't make anyone look good.

No. 355133

>is there anything better than shopping
Yeah, not being raped or sexually assaulted or harassed in public by gross men who feel entitled to our bodies or the right to comment on them? Of course troons wouldn’t worry about those things, they’re men after all who don’t even need to make an effort — just pull on a cheap dress and wig and you have everyone telling you you’re a stunning brave True Woman and voila. If any natal woman had to go out or post pictures the way they do they’d receive an endless amount of criticism and roasting for being ‘lazy’ and ‘disgusting’.

No. 355143

They want to be objectified like we are sooo badly. They didn't condemn the VS Show or say it was sexist or that they didn't want to contribute to it because of the misogyny.
Instead of taking an opportunity to speak out against it, they instead talked about how fuckabke they are LMAO as if it wasn't obvious enough how little they care about actual women.

No. 355149

It's funny because he knows nothing of the industry he desperately wants to get in. The model industry isn't made to be "inclusive", you have to fit into certain standards.
This is like the other entitled troon who made a video saying he absolutely HAS to get into VS, because he thinks he deserves to be "celebrated". Except… the model industry isn't there to make anyone feel celebrated. You're just a walking clothing hanger, an overworked and underpaid one if you don't have strong connections/rich family backing you up.
But of course troons understand nothing of real women's life, and watch too many movies, so for them being a model means being a young, flawless, powerful woman that transforms every ground she walks on in a shiny catwalk and everyone throws themselves at her feet, tossing her money and praises.

No. 355208

File: 1547662585655.png (344.28 KB, 550x704, UAy9AN2.png)

Someone on r/gendercritical posted a ton of studies showing that men will never have the development of women boobs, really interesting read.
>50% to 70% of males have 'breast' tissue. HRT expands it and induces severe gynecomastia. The HRT introduces unique traits, but predictably does not create actual female breasts. There are anatomical differences so strong that (1) even after 10+ years on HRT, transwomen are 'unlikely' to reach Tanner Stage V breast development (which is why you usually see 'cone' shapes in the MTF population) && the lobules remain like that of a 'prepubertal breast' (2) 60% simply end up seeking breast augmentation due to being unable to achieve their dream of an actual female breast shape (3) the breast cancer risk in TIM patients remains only "slightly higher" than the cis male breast cancer risk.

No. 355212

With their male diva antics, they wouldn't last 10 minutes, being treated like real female models.

No. 355225

>"For women, is there anything better than shopping?" If a friend offers her a second dessert, she interprets this as "attack on her figure."
That's it, I've hit peak trans again

No. 355230

Sage for no contribution, but are ~non binary~ crazies allowed in this thread or are they relegated to fakeboi status? I have a hilarious example of a super special gender void being REEEEing on Facebook about muh emotional labour but unsure if this thread is the place for it.

No. 355257

post away imo, its the gendercrit not the "autogynephile" thread. Although, I do tend to find FTM and nonbinary women just cringe and annoying but not downright dangerous like MTFs

No. 355265

File: 1547668473792.jpeg (765.25 KB, 3072x3072, F651791D-9A79-4BE1-AA8A-2E1DA9…)

I agree with you anon. Non binary women and FTMs are more laughable and bizarre as opposed to predatory and disturbing like the AGPs. Here you go.

I couldn’t decide if this belonged here or over on the fakeboi thread because it’s.. neither really, but still a good example of TRAs gone mad.

Backstory: I’m in a bunch of tag groups on Facebook from my libfem days and this girl is pretty popular in a lot of ‘leftbook’ circles. She’s fucking crazy, identifies as ‘gender void’ and makes a huge fuss if her tOtEs rEaL aNd VaLiD gEnDeR is ‘discriminated against’ in any way. She’s a mod in one of the craziest SJW leftbook groups as well and makes her rounds through a lot of others causing a stink about.. basically everything. I digress, anyway.

These posts from her popped up in a group making fun of shitty tinder profiles. First pic we have her posting some dude’s profile with a passive aggressive comment because he asked her what the fuck gender void was. Cause honestly, outside of the insane SJW/TRA circles, no one knows what that is.

The comments got hilarious real fast. She instantly goes to the whole “answering a question is emotional labour!!1!1!1!1” shtick then went off on some girl for rightfully calling out the fact that answering a question IS not emotional labour.

Then, she admits (in a backhanded way) that she has no fucking clue what gendervoid is either!
>explain my existence from scratch
It’s your existence. It shouldn’t need a lot of thought to go into explaining.

Finally, she’s run out of ‘spoons’ to reply and anyone who doesn’t immediately know the ins and outs of her (made up) gender are big meanies who constantly take up her precious emoshunal laboooooour.

What’s wrong with just being an androgynous girl? Not ~special~ enough for you? These kids are fucking deluded lol I’m so glad I came to the radfem side.

No. 355270

I think the heavy toxic masculinity found in the military make some guys go crazy in regards to their own manliness/masculinity. They can't 100% fit the standards for being "a man" so they end up fantasizing about being a woman/wishfully thinking they were women all along.

No. 355274

Wtf the guy knows what agender and non-binary is and was probably going to accept her bullshit gender identity, and she still managed to make herself a victim. She seems super milky OP, is there any more posts of her acting like this?

No. 355277

What an incredibly entitled, emotionally stunted girl. It's wild that certain echo chambers support and egg on this type of immature behavior. Her inability to give a simple answer and her viciously over-defensive responses really do evidence that she has no idea what her "identity" is either and that her use of the term is mainly just the result of spending most of her time in a subculture that says your personal and moral value come from using and enforcing esoteric identity labels.

No. 355294

Pretty sure it's because of this, and a lot of soldiers who served at war zones come back with some form of PTSD so they dwell into escapism with their messed up psyche.

These kinds of people are extremely exhausting to deal with, but thankfully like you and the other anon said they're not life-threateningly dangerous like the AGPs. Definitely cringeworthy and pesky though. I know an "enbie" activist who can't shut up about trans rights and her life literally revolves around sperging out about it. She's active on Twitter 24/7 and 90% of the stuff she tweets and retweets is aggressive trans activism. However, she's also a very heavy supporter of the #cancel culture, attacking people at the drop of the hat and inciting witch hunts. How do you survive leading that sort of a negative, hostile lifestyle from year to year without killing yourself?

No. 355393

Why are "TERFs" their big enemy and not actual people that aren't "feminists"? It can't be because they're just misogynist, right? I don't want to believe that it's so simple.

No. 355400

File: 1547782130585.png (1.5 MB, 1440x2618, Screenshot_2019-01-16-23-32-19…)

This shit showed up on my Snapchat, it's Teen Vogue so I'm sort of unsurprised.

No. 355406

File: 1547783567483.jpg (503.47 KB, 1080x2152, 20190117_215215.jpg)

You forgot this one, anon. DUH

No. 355407

Something they can handwave away as "ignorance" is a million times less threatening than direct criticism of their dogma.

No. 355411

File: 1547785035787.png (59.69 KB, 1377x300, Screenshot_2019-01-17-05-38-29…)

I'm in a mental health based Discord channel and the fetishists are insane in here

No. 355421

Why do these fuckers never, ever sound normal? I don't think I've ever gotten through more than about five minutes total of hontra footage no matter how hard I try to endure it because his voice is just way too grating.
And when they don't sound cartoony as hell, it's just a regular man's voice, like how Cosmo usually talks on stream.

No. 355429

File: 1547788797373.png (428.7 KB, 792x3938, Screenshot-2019-1-18 Symptoms.…)

what is wrong with the NHS?

No. 355579

Anyone catch contras new video? 90% of his content now is tranny shit. Are his neolib faux socialist fans going to ever get bored or what? He was never a compelling figure to me, just seemed like your run of the mill poly art school male abuser that thinks brocade flocked wallpaper and overusing Tumblr tier 90s graphics really sets him apart, but now that his content is literally all troon shit, how is anyone watching it?

No. 355588

File: 1547820901755.jpeg (896.61 KB, 3072x3072, DFA4BB47-E6D9-4589-A60D-14762F…)

She is milky, you’re right anon. Unfortunately most of her best milk was in the old version of one of the groups she mods that’s since been deleted by Facebook so I had to gather the worst I could find from her from the few leftbook groups I’m still in. Again, sorry for my rubbish collage skills. If people are entertained by this I’ll gather some more info.

Left to right, first picture, we have the usual “genitals don’t equal gender!!!” nonsense and demanding people use ‘inclusive language’ aka cater to AGPs and snowflakes like her who are riddled full of internalised misogyny. Dirty deleting is basically when you delete your comment following a dog pile, if you do this they’ll upload a screenshot of whatever offensive material you’ve said and the dogpile continues. Nothing new, but I still found it funny.

Next is her putting yet another guy from dating websites on blast for what I assume is an error in translation — in a not included picture she posted screenshots revealing he was not native to her area and was just visiting. This is especially hilarious to me because she makes a huge fuss in other groups about not shaming people’s imperfect English yet here she is doing the same thing, again it’s directly related to her made-up gender, and the people who lick her ass about microaggressions in the comments are all here doing the same thing.

Third, we have her sperging out over being ‘misgendered’ when someone on another dating site asked her a valid question. Mostly just funny rather than eye-rolling content. She expects to be taken seriously as a political speaker yet this innocuous shit is what makes her so angry. And that’s tame for dating websites! Usually men just hit me up with dick pics or some weak “lol what would u do if I was there ;)” shit.

Last of all, on the bottom, we have her claiming to have been booted from tinder because of… TRANSPHOBIA! And going off on someone about it when no one asked because they said her chosen dating website was trash. Sounds like self-victimisation to me, but okay heron, keep at it.

Overall, she’s not nearly as dangerous or even on the same page as the AGP loons but honestly it gets disheartening seeing their continual and sickening misogyny when so many people will bend over backwards to defend it, so this more light-hearted stuff is a welcome distraction for me.

Also, she’s close friends with the Boneghazi girl, they mod the crazy SJW group I mentioned in my first comment and the milk runneth over. I’m just gutted the group got the zucc because there was some seriously laughable content in there.

No. 355613

So is prostate cancer now a women's issue too? Do they not hear themselves when they talk?

A bit tinfoil but I find it so weird that this stuff would be advertised on a magazine for teen girls… It almost feels like a remote child grooming.

No. 355619

File: 1547825044134.png (532.65 KB, 430x700, TLC.png)

Jazz had a farewell party for his penis.

Video of his mother planning it: https://people.com/tv/jazz-jennings-farewell-to-penis-party/

Video from the party: https://twitter.com/TLC/status/1085383791978467329

This whole thing is so insane. It makes me sick that people are watching this for entertainment.

No. 355628

this is so embarrassing and inappropriate. the sad thing is that the dad seems normal and it seems like, on some level, he knows this is wrong and that this was the wrong path. he seems like a good parent that has been shamed into accepting this, but she seems like a terrible parent, honestly.

No. 355630

I feel bad for Jazz, his life is literally the Truman Show.

No. 355631

RIP in pupperino
Hope he gets to find some happiness with his fake pussy…
It would be horrible if he regreted it later on.

No. 355634

I don’t understand where people get entertainment from out of this. The whole thing is sad and disturbing.

Also, troons sure do love to talk about their dicks for ‘real wimminz’

No. 355635

I wonder what's the endgame for Jazz? After the show is over, after he moves away from his munchie mother enabling this shit, what will become of him? Will he go underground for a few years, become a drug addict, attempt suicide, then after rehab speak out about the dysfunctional things his mom put him through? Talking about his genitals and upcoming sex life when he's a minor and making up shit about him wanting to be a girl at age 2? If this happens, will people listen to him and realize that roping children into the trans psychosis is child abuse and grooming? Or will everyone ignore him?

I really don't see him coming out okay from all of this. He's already severely depressed, you can see from the weight gain alone that he's not doing well. Hell he's admitted to being depressed and suffering of severe anxiety. He's mentioned how doesn't have friends. His sex life is forever ruined due to the puberty blockers. All of this has been brought out to the attention of millions of people following his life.

The more I think about it the more I can't believe people are supporting this. How can one look at the whole situation and think it's brave and beautiful?

No. 355637

I feel like 10-20 years from now, or however long it takes for his mom to die, we'll be getting a book or something about how the trans thing was a huge mistake.

No. 355638

>omg why are cis people so obsessed with genitals?!1

No. 355639

I think this is one of those situations where people don't understand how fully awful the effects of this on children are. Kind of like how people thought cigarettes were harmless at one point in time. Even though we're critical of transing kids, I don't think even we know the full extent of how bad this is going to turn out down the road. Science hasn't had time to study it yet. Of course, people on the other side of the fence are going to take this ignorance as something positive and run with it.

No. 355642

File: 1547829688560.jpg (236.79 KB, 1364x685, vice is trash.jpg)

So many of you have probably seen this circulated as its suspected the author (who surprise surprise, isnt named) really hates lesbians and was suspected trans. Anyway I looked at the guide to gay men and look at the extry for trans which is nothing to do with gay-and the irony of vice moaning that trans people get shit on when their whole lesbian article is doing that.

No. 355645

File: 1547830057977.png (46.9 KB, 755x586, ewwww.PNG)

Holy christ, this is some of the most homophobic and misogynistic articles I've read in a while. Vice is garbage but I didn't think they would be this fucking malicious. It's like I'm reading a Stormfront post.

Also pic related
>How do you do fellow lesbos??

No. 355651

Yep, this is 100% a pornsick troon. How disgusting.

No. 355654

File: 1547830260468.jpg (144.03 KB, 728x526, YIKES.jpg)

Oh fuck ok I posted what was circulated but I went and actually read the archived article and in fact its even worse-this was clearly either written by a troon or a salty scrot.

No. 355656

Sage for no contribution because holy shit I can't believe what I'm reading

No. 355657

I can, its seems lesbians get a lot of shit from the troon crowd so unfortunately this is no shock, im just surprised VICE has the gall to call itself pro lbgt with this shit.

No. 355660

It's early programming so that next gen aren't as critical of trannies. Thing is, the next gen are all online and far more likely to reject it. Libfem has lost alot of support

You can tell this is a porn sick tranny fed on a diet of lesbian porn made for men thinking hes one of them. They always speak so male lmao you can clock them just from how they type and talk about shit.

No. 355684


yep, as always they continue to trash lesbians but worship troons for being 'so brave!'

No. 355687

Trannies are the ones who should be approached with a taser, looking at those crime statistics. Nice projection

No. 355688

>an article full of incredibly homophobic stereotypes
>"trans people are the ones who get shit on the most"
I can smell the stench of a male (most likely tranny) author from a mile away

No. 355694

I can't stop thinking that this MUST be satire… but in that case, what's the joke??

No. 355706

This is so cringe. Even my libfem/TRA friends would find this shit aweful. Like, yea, not everyone is okay with pubic hair (esp in america I heard) but most of the lesbians I know truly don't care about it. Most of the lesbians I know LOVE old lesbians and see them as an inspiration and wouldnt "take a dick just to not be stereotyped as ugly".
What kind of male-approoval-hungry handmaiden wrote this shit? Love yourself.

No. 355753

>Complete trainqreck of a family broadcasts their insanity and lets the whole world watch the mother force her son to crossdress and cut his penis off for attention
Are you not entertained?

No. 355756

File: 1547844098798.png (97.64 KB, 1071x867, Capture _2019-01-18-12-40-10~2…)

What other choices are there…?

No. 355771

File: 1547845099945.png (1.25 MB, 1286x2048, Screenshot_20190118-145539.png)

Omg I've been following this artist for a long time and had no idea. She's a pretty popular pixel artist 8pxl on Tumblr and 16pxl on Twitter, softwaring is their personal Tumblr.

I'm guessing she's just non-binary or some shit because she looks like a masculine woman to me… What do you think?

No. 355776

File: 1547845182545.jpeg (397.78 KB, 828x845, 91D044CB-E665-4191-84FA-ECA8F1…)

This ain’t it chief

No. 355778

Bisexual people don't even have cluster b disorders at a higher rate, and nobody has ever suggested they do. Troons just need to drag someone else into it to take the heat off themselves.

No. 355783

This is literally the explanation of the kind of brain that would come up with the cotton ceiling shit. For TRAs, a lesbian rejecting them is transphobic, because they think that considering someone unattractive means you HATE them. Because that's what they do themselves. See that "old lesbians" thing: he seems to hate them just because he doesn't find them attractive. I don't like old women either, so what? Nobody's forcing you to date them? But because he's a man at core, he's personally offended that there are women he considers unattractive. Their sole existence annoy him.

No. 355788


Ugh, I remember reading this when it first came around. I'm so fucking tired of people making women who don't give a shit about pleasing men or looking cool according to them into their whipping girls. Even the most woo woo yoni crunchy earth mother lesbian in the world is like, I don't know, a little preachy at worst, but people act like they're SOOOOO embarassing and THE WOOOORST when the equivalent of anyone male is ACTIVELY DANGEROUS.

Not to put too fine a point on it but Michfest-y spaces were maybe kind of evangelical at times, at their worst. I don't believe in crystals or astrology and I think some of the more out there earth mother stuff can be a bit much. But you know what? It's only the Vice-y radical queer spaces that got me assaulted. It's only there that I saw rape and abuse and harassment run rampant. Because those places have males, and prioritize their feelings above all else. Men say we're the emotional ones, but so much of the radqueer/trans movement really just boils down to males thinking absolutely anything that hurts their feelings is satanic, and that every emotion they've ever had is far deeper and more complex than anything anyone with a pussy has ever experienced.

No. 355790


Or you desperately latch on to concepts of A Whole New You and a transcendental concept of True Gender that explains everything and makes nothing your fault because you have cluster b personality disorders buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut whatever

No. 355796

I know the topic of this video has been discussed here before but I didn’t see anyone post this. Interesting updates on how politicized the issue has become in B.C.

No. 355798

I love this post and you're right about everything you're saying here.
>Men say we're the emotional ones, but so much of the radqueer/trans movement really just boils down to males thinking absolutely anything that hurts their feelings is satanic, and that every emotion they've ever had is far deeper and more complex than anything anyone with a pussy has ever experienced.
This honestly just sums it all up.

No. 355814

they have cluster b disorders because they self diagnose 90% of the time. don’t think we don’t see through that bs

No. 355825

Tbf most of them do possess disgusting cluster B traits. Their sdx isn't inaccurate.

No. 355829

Men often think the most hurtful thing they can do to a woman is to sexually reject her, because that’s pretty much the worst thing any woman could do to them.

No. 355830

Genderqueer massage therapist helps with chest binding pain



Reed has seen clients who have traveled from rural areas hours away. Some don't have the resources to pursue top surgery in their communities and rely on binding for up to 12 hours a day to "pass" in their places of work, in industries such as construction. Reed described another client, a 17-year-old, who suffered such excruciating rib pain from binding that he sometimes had to go home from high school.

Minimal research has been conducted on the health impacts of binding. But one survey published in 2016, the Binding Health Project, found that physical discomfort was almost universal among transgender adults who bind. More than 97 percent of the 1,800 survey participants said they had experienced a negative health outcome, including back pain, overheating, chest pain, shortness of breath, itching and bad posture.

However, participants frequently reported that the advantages of binding far outweighed the drawbacks, saying it significantly lessened their anxiety, depression and suicidal feelings, and made them feel safer and more confident.

It wasn't until after Reed had started teaching binding classes that the practice took a toll on their own life. After working as a massage therapist in a binder every day for years, Reed developed such a severe shoulder injury that they were unable to lift their right arm and were forced to take five months off work as a massage therapist.

"I couldn't wear a binder at all for those five months. I couldn't even wear a traditional bra because the pain was so severe," Reed said. "The gender dysphoria that caused for me was huge."

No. 355846

No. 355862


Keeping hold to this fact has honestly helped more than anything else when I feel overwhelmed by the state of things. Especially b/c I don't even realize how much credit I'm giving to men until I revisit it. I'll be like, subconsciously thinking there MUST be a deeper reason to all this, and maybe I really HAVEN'T considered how blind I might be to the hardships of being a dude who wants to be pretty and flirted with or whatever. But then it comes in like occam's razor : stop. wait. could it be that he thinks his emotions are the most important thing to ever happen? What are your emotions? Why were you discounting them?

Not to be conspiracy minded but sometimes that's why I think even the leftiest spaces are so shitty and mean about the 70s 2nd wave and like, yoni crunchy stuff and even the most basic things like not shaving your underarms. They know that women banding together and truly not giving a shit makes the whole castle of Men's Feelings tumble down. Realizing it is so liberating: their feelings aren't more important or real or valuable or complex than my own.

No. 355873

Sounds fake. He bleeds from his penis? And he hasn't been going to school because he's afraid of getting a period?

Although this seems to be possible?
On the other side, having a bit blood in your urine like the man in the article is different to needing pads because your penis is bleeding so much it ruins your pants.

No. 355878

everyone in that thread is like “omg ur bleeding out of ur dickhead??? Lucky!!!”

No. 355887

So he has a working ovary that causes the bleeding? But menstrual blood is uterus lining etc being shed… how can he have a period if he has no uterus this sounds fake or something else is going on

No. 355888

This should be posted to r/badwomensanatomy but they are "trans-inclusive" or whatever.

No. 355892

File: 1547857399180.png (193.06 KB, 600x730, RTE.png)

Graham Linehan will appear as a guest on the Irish television programme "Prime Time" next week to discuss trans issues. Stephanie Hayden, the trans lawyer who is suing Linehan for misgendering and deadnaming, is already threatening a lawsuit against the programme in an email. The "Dear Sirs" opener says it all really, especially since two of the three producers and the main presenter of that programme are women as is the editor-in-chief of RTÉ.

No. 355894

God this is every feeling I've had about this situation. I don't have anything in particular to add, but thank you for saying this/

No. 355898

This. All of this. Men are so incredibly emotional and the worst is, when they get emotional, they get dangerous and violent. Women usually cry or get upset, but men become scary when they're emotional. I will never put a male's feelings above mine or my fellow women's, that's why this pro trans thing is mainly only dangerous to women. and fuck the extreme left who want to throw women under the bus to yet again, PLEASE MEN and male feelings.

No. 355902

File: 1547858263667.jpg (267 KB, 1024x1024, 23081468816_93a0ddeb5a_b.jpg)


related: Alix Dobkin is the woman in the original Future is Female pic, here she is nowadays, I fucking love her music and I want to stop being ashamed about that because it absolutely 100% IS all that la la 70s woman power stuff and fuck male hipsters, it rules. tbh I feel shitty all the time that I missed out on that 70s moment, but then again, I also really feel like gender criticism has picked up in the last few years. I think we're bringing it back. 20terfteen, ladies

No. 355923

I thought so as well. She posted a 2009 vs 2019 challenge comparison, but she may have deleted it. Her before pic looked like it could've been a masc girl or a femme guy. She complains a lot about period things that make me think she's afab. I think calling urself trans while you're a female presenting afab is dumb tho. Non-binary is just stupid.

No. 355924

>Or will everyone ignore him?
MSM will likely ignore him.

No. 355925

File: 1547861563468.jpg (33.15 KB, 400x400, PfFxUvWk_400x400.jpg)

Straight out of a comedy horror movie.
Good luck for Glinner.

No. 355934

File: 1547862391919.jpeg (Spoiler Image,92.46 KB, 640x799, 15B26991-D33F-4EDF-B675-08AAC6…)

trans girl uwu

No. 355944

At least the guy in the article is actually intersex/has an actual medical condition and not just rping incels

No. 355950

sage for semi related sperg

We've had self ID here since 2015 and it seemed to just appear on the news sites one day. There was no public discourse around it like there has been in the UK. Irish women had to fight tooth and nail, for generations to get access to abortion, and we only got it up to 12 weeks and in cases of fatal fetal abnormalities etc. this month. But the trannies are immediately handed special privileges on a silver fucking platter. Must be nice.

Yesterday there were news stories about a woman who is at 13 weeks, has a fatal fetal abnormality has been denied an abortion. She was told she would have to wait for another month to see if she would miscarry naturally. Women are still having to leave the country to access basic healthcare. The indignity and disrespect afforded to women in this country is so upsetting and absurd.

No. 355951

That's a man in a hospital gown what the fuck lmao

No. 355967

>his fucking face

No. 355970

What the hell is wrong with her neck

No. 355976

File: 1547870667860.png (886.38 KB, 1045x1059, Screenshot_2019-01-18-20-02-36…)

NVM she didn't delete, but I can't tell how twanz she is

No. 355983

>leaving for basic health care
How much you want to bet that troons see women fleeing the country for their health concerns a d reproductive healthcare as a privilege too because ~they don't it and feel left out~

No. 355987

iirc men can bleed from their dick but it's a disease (caused by mosquitoes, I think?). It was so common in ancient Egypt they just assumed men could get periods too. walked around with special cups on their dicks and everything so that the blood wouldn't stain their clothes.

No. 356086

File: 1547891548614.png (99.87 KB, 299x339, IMG_4062.PNG)

>non constitutional puberty

No. 356148

Male/female to special snowflake

No. 356150


Even if it's NB why would you call yourself trans if so?

No. 356154

Because they think calling yourself non-binary is the same thing as going on hormones. The thing is some enbies go on hormones to look more "androgynous". Some end up going the whole way.

No. 356257

Some people use the term trans to simply mean "not cis" and by that definition, anyone who doesn't happily fit into their sex-defined gender box 24/7 counts as trans. I've mostly been seeing this with girls who like looking girly and having girly interests but don't want to be an icky cishet and figure that using the trans label will net them more points than just being NB. When you point out that by this definition practically everyone is trans, they get upset with you.

No. 356440

Implying I would support a leftist either way

No. 356447

You're aware that gender critical feminism is leftist, right?

No. 356510

File: 1547939329881.jpg (50.08 KB, 686x500, Women-of-the-US-Congress_1_1.j…)

not the anon, but i always saw gender critical feminism as a politically independent form of feminism.

>women of congress

>no troons
the future is truly female

No. 356536

File: 1547942954744.jpg (63.53 KB, 500x674, wotyo92p8tl01.jpg)

gender critical feminism has become, i think, a defanged radical feminism, like, just a catch-all space for anyone who vaguely believes in feminism and disagrees with gender. it's kind of lacking in analysis, but radical feminism is inherently leftist. also, if people are using gc feminism as a euphemism for radical feminism and think radical feminism is not necessarily leftist, they're wrong.

No. 356559

This isn't insanely biased or anything.

No. 356589

File: 1547948101972.png (713.61 KB, 914x594, delusion.png)

The delusion-matching just over 1/4 with a celeb does not make you their twin especially when its just down to having the same wig and skin tone.

No. 356602

File: 1547949119909.jpeg (244.24 KB, 1242x886, 49F85F9D-1F50-4870-BAEC-5A1F62…)

This just in: sucking dick when you’re a man is now straight! No homo to see here, felllow straight men!

No. 356603

File: 1547949180526.jpeg (275.81 KB, 1242x1015, 889009F2-4585-43CB-A865-844C61…)

Samefag, but oh my lord, this fucking comment.

No. 356610

I think he knew it was a dude and he was just trying out his story on reddit to see if it was convincing. Not that he didn't feel or see the dick at any point prior to when he claims to have found out

No. 356612

I wish I could show people from like, 2014 this stuff. They wouldn't believe how we have all been brainwashed*

*bullied into repeating this unscientific nonsense/coat-tailing off actual intersex people and conflating transexuals with them

No. 356617

Daily reminder in case anyone forgot: troons are NOT our allies

No. 356622

I never said I was conservative. Stop strawmanning me. Just because I agree with radfem ideology doesn't mean that I have to believe in leftist economic principles (I'm a social democrat) and you're not going to gas light me into it.

No. 356625

stop using this word please if you don't know what it means

No. 356626

You have any qualitative rebuttals or nah? The rest of the internet may coddle your ilk, but this isn't a place where you'll get away with brow beating people into your ideology.

No. 356634

Do I need to worry when a guy I know starts wearing bras and panties? Like does that mean he'll soon become a troon

No. 356638

Hbomberguy doing a charity stream for Mermaids. Throwing a lot of insults at Graham Linehan.

No. 356641

File: 1547954594643.jpeg (245.36 KB, 750x750, 6E64A2D8-C54E-417D-8480-9407A4…)

No. 356651

File: 1547956602165.png (40.81 KB, 1037x76, Screenshot 2019-01-19 at 10.37…)

Newfag. One of the things that irk me is the whole identity politics of being LGBT+.

I'm always confused with this LGBT+ ideology, even as a bisexual myself… On my way to be a doctor. Now doctors have to be 'educated' about all this….

We're at LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual), now. I don't think it should be forced (it should be scientific and factual).

>"There's also GSRM (added to the LGBT acronymn), which stands for Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minorities. Just because romantic orientation is separate from sexual orientation, even though most people's are tied together. "

I don't want to bash the quote in the screenshot, I'm more perplexed at the amounts of identification that the LGBT community does to individuals. I'm not really the best at bashing, I'm just weird about the amount of people under the LGBT umbrella adding more diversification (which was bad in the day) to themselves - then adding all these adjectives/nouns to differentiate themselves.

>"A second "A" used to be included in the acronym for "ally" but we don't typically include it now since they are simply supporters and advocates of LGBTQQIA individuals and do not struggle under the same societal and legal pressures."

I'm not a TERF myself, I want to understand to be honest, I don't want to be super hateful toward my community. But lord, we're heading towards the opposite of what LGBT stood for (everyone! gets a trophy for being x gender etc, instead of equality we want more privileges, we're 'unified' because of this false security as a result of catering to feelings). My community is not above critism, I just wanted to post this and get feedback. I hope some anons can agree/discuss this.

/Sage for blog post

No. 356653

Honestly, I think it's extremely important doctors know about intersex conditions, since they're actual medical issues. There's intersex people who've had their genitals cut off/altered because doctors think it's better for a man to have no dick at all and become a woman than to have ambiguous genitalia. And obviously psychiatrists need to know about how to deal with AGPs etc. But yeah, I don't see why doctors should care about special snowflake identities, etc, if it doesn't matter in treating the patient.

No. 356654

>>356653 Same fag. I agree about knowing about intersex people, thanks for taking the time to read my blogpost.

I don't want to bash the individual, I wanted to discuss and see if anyone else kinda understood what I'm seeing/feeling in all this.

/Sage for OT?

No. 356659

I would be very concerned and would bet he troons out in five years.

No. 356672

>There's intersex people who've had their genitals cut off/altered because doctors think it's better for a man to have no dick at all and become a woman than to have ambiguous genitalia.
the concept that you have a 'gender' separate from your sex literally came wholly from the mind of the 'doctor' that came up with this practice which incidentally was his fetish. shut the whole thing down

No. 356676

That already sounds creepy as hell and I wouldn't be surprised if he were an autogynephile. Best you could hope for is for him to realize he just has a weird fetish instead of actually transitioning.

No. 356698

No. 356715

Ew. It’s that 60 year old transcel crypt keeper who constantly retweets his “sick burns” of TERFs(aka, any female)while receiving no more than 10 likes. He stays online all day baiting women and insulting them. Oh, and he has a totally hot, not pretend young girlfriend and he is the ultimate trap, you guys! “Hey fellow young people! I’m totally hip with the memes and Chan-speak! Please, will more than 4 house-bound autistic men praise me and say I did good?!”

You can literally check off ever square of trancel bingo. And his ancient ass definitely lurks here.

No. 356724

Thoughts on this person's voice? I've gotta admit, it actually doesn't sound as as bad as the usual voice you hear come from troons.

No. 356726

Smells like a self post. You know men aren't allowed on here, yeah?

No. 356728

I wish I could show some of my libfem friends this stuff now in 2019 without them rolling their eyes and insinuating I’m naive to fall for an obvious troll post, because they still think that trans people are never unreasonable and everyone’s simply out to make them look bad. No True Scotswomxn.

>supporting the systematic grooming and sterilisation of young children just to spite some guy on Twitter

No. 356731

his voice is okay compared to other trannies but his face gives it away and his personality is toxic. i watched the video and he's basically blaming a guy who said he was bisexual for not wanting to have sex and calling him straight. when are trannies going to stop guilt tripping people for not wanting to fuck them? no one is obliged to do anything with you, just shut up

No. 356738

File: 1547974903303.jpg (87.72 KB, 675x1200, DxVAnosVsAAxmhV.jpg)


>slayer of Terfs lmao

No. 356745

First time posting here. I love these threads tbh. Before I had reached peak trans, I kinda thought that these threads was a trolling attempt or some alt-right bullshit. But I'm definitely gender critical and I also think that a lot of normies are turned off by feminism in general, because it's hard to grasp all the new nonsensical gender labels the trans community are coming up with and impose on feminism.

I believe that gender dysphoria is an issue of body image and self hate, and the treatment should be therapy rather than chopping off fully functional body parts. Why sterilize yourself, chop your dick of and mutilate it into an open wound; when you can just keep your dick that didn't give you any physical pain, infection risks and other health issues? A dick that also can create new life by impregnating a real woman? Such a biological failure to hate yourself enough to actively castrate yourself so you can't spread your genes.

When I hated my body in my teens, and felt I wanted to be skinnier/prettier and so on, no one told me to lose weight or get surgery on my face. Everyone knows that self esteem have little to do with appearance; it comes from within and resonates with how you think about yourself. Obsessiveness and fixation around appearance shouldn't be treated with obtrusive surgery to "fix" perceived errors; doctors should help these patients love themselves instead.

For this reason I do believe "trolling induced transexuality" is kinda real; someone who hates themselves enough and have been bullied enough may well detach themselves from their current identity and try to reinvent themselves with a new name, gender and personality. Sadly I think it's a self-destructive way of "fixing" a problem, leading these people to be even more set aside as freaks and whatnot.

I've had two trans friends, both MtF. They are sweet and harmless people that I respect as individuals, but they seem extremely lost. One of them comes across as a fetishist; a horny guy in a frumpy dress and bad lipstick. The other one is more of a charicature of a woman; comes across as a cross-dresser or drag queen and constantly talks about sex with the "gay lisp"-voice. They both seem to think that womanhood is about dressing in hyperfeminine manners and using sexuality to get their way.

I really hope the trans issues could be separated from feminism in the future. I'm tired of gender roles and the notion that you must change yourself to fit into certain gender labels. What the hell happened to just loving yourself for the complex person that you are, no matter if you're a dude who loves chick-flicks or a woman who loves football etc? It's insanity to get surgery just because you don't conform to some stupid gender role.

No. 356751

No no self-post. The post was just on the front page since I watched that annoying Contrapoints video about Traps and I was just surprised this person's voice didn't sound grating like Contra or the other usual trans youtubers.

But yeah I agree that trans people need to understand that they're going to have a much smaller dating pool.

I agree, while I'm not going to say that gender roles are bad if for example, the couple didn't mind them but it's sad that nonconformity has to be tied to transgendderism in the current year. I saw a funny post somewhere saying effeminate gay men are becoming extinct and are becoming transgender and I think that's just sad. And then you have a lot of the girls into the non-binary nonsense. It's like just go back to being a complex person who doesn't conform to gender roles.

No. 356765

360? bait

No. 356792

gaslighting means someone trying to make you think you are insane, not someone debating you you dumb fuck.

No. 356800

>Vagina and tits that produce milk
First, I hope he doesn't think vaginas make milk. Also men can lactate too.
Second, the comment is complete mental gymnastics.

No. 356810

Nobody has ever been born with functioning vagina and a functioning penis. There is no intersex disorder which causes this lol. Troons BTFO.

No. 356816

Oh, Graham Lineham doesn’t feed into this deluded trans bullshit? Another reason to love him.

I’m sure tech troons everywhere are reeling from the fact that the creator of the IT Crowd doesn’t believe in validating their sexual fantasies.

No. 356829

Kek @ the comments, Beyonce stans are vicious and aren't afraid of attacking anyone who compares themselves to their queen, troons included. They don't care about woke points.

Yeah, very rarely you can see TIMs who somehow have a passing voice… but if it's not the voice who gives them away, it will be the face, the body, the mannerism. Just like in this case.

No. 356842

This guy is a cunt. Even putting aside the gross troon shit, he's a smug asshole with a real anger problem.

No. 356923

Wow. Those two thumbnail responses read just like any other incel or mgtow.. How are women OK with guys like him in our spaces

No. 356931

So you have no actual rebuttals? Stay seething leftist shill. No one wants to be recruited into your cult. Your own ilk would eat you alive for posting here.

No. 356982

It fucks me up seeing people wanting a lingerie brand of all things to be more gender inclusive. Why should they have to cater to trans and men who just get off of female underwear?

No. 356998

File: 1548008312596.png (1.17 MB, 1200x800, B8CF46DF-0A8B-4C5F-BAF3-FCAC12…)

No. 357004

slight blog post but I want to discuss troons refusing to work because ~transphobia. I know a mtf troon who does nothing to pass. absolutely nothing. They're part of the ~ trans people don't owe you passing crowd. They call themselves Alexa and insist everyone uses female pronouns. Obviously they get 'misgendered' and 'deadnamed' constantly. Thye refuse to get a job because no where is accepting of their identity kek. How common is this? I really don't understand the need to be accepted at work? I'm a lesbian, but I pretend to be straight at work because it isn't worth the backlash. Like it would be nice if I could be open, but I can't so I do what needs to be done.

No. 357046

i'm not the original anon you debated with retard. suffer your psychosis somewhere else.

No. 357050

more sage for double posting but yes the moment i pushed the new reply button i became aware of the irony of criticizing the way she used word gaslighting and after that telling her she's psychotic (funny though you tell others are part of a cult yet you use this cult's exact ways they take words just like "gaslighting" and inflate their meaning)

No. 357088

Trans people who want to be seen as their desired gender make an effort to pass, even when it's futile. It's like an external indicator of their preferred gender, so not wanting to "present" or pass is a huge red flag. This "Alexa" is a manbaby who wants the workd to mommycoddle him from his bedroom, so the idea of leaving it and having to do for himself probably is legitimately horrifying and rage inducing. Although, that has nothing to do with gender or gender dysphoria- it's just an excuse to hide behind so they can act like an opressed, broken baby.

No. 357222

File: 1548015232014.png (3.02 MB, 1715x1666, transisbeautiful.png)


No. 357223

Every group has their ugly duckling.

No. 357224

god the fucking "flirty face" in the far bottom middle photo

No. 357232

You can say 'he' anon, it's more than okay here.

On the topic of preferred pronouns, anyone else wanting to take a hard line and refuse to use them? I just do not consent to participating in a man's sexual fetish, and validating their identity is part of that. My initial thought was 'whatever, they're just words so I'll use to keep the peace', but I'm starting to feel like even that is being bullied and silenced. Treating straight MTFs like women in any capacity is, to me, being forcibly included in their AGP fantasies. Fuck that.

No. 357234

File: 1548016778841.jpg (89.01 KB, 566x480, Kob.jpg)

>bottom left

No. 357241

Bottom left and bottom right are terrifying. Real women look like they're wearing masks, right?!

No. 357251

Agreed with the whole comment.
The stuff about hypersexuality; that's a bit of male projection where transbians and men see simply existing as female to be sexual. So everything about us is sexual to them. They cannot be female without also doing everything intentionally for sexual purposes, including looking female (in any way). Which they also assume we do, which is why we get harassed while buying milk or walking down the street. Existing is sexual.

Also agreed that the major issue is the push for "corrective" surgery. Mutilating and castrating yourself is never the solution. Hormones are also extremely dangerous things to play with.

No. 357431

Had to google what he exactly had said and
>Linehan later criticised the PinkNews ongoing coverage of his comments, saying "when a magazine purportedly for gay people, collaborates in homosexual erasure by indulging the straight fantasy that men can be lesbians, something has gone deeply wrong."
This man is a treasure. Just how many times could you see a male actually helping lesbians out?

Full article here, it's about a troon throwing a fit over him deadnaming and calling him a he on twitter. https://inews.co.uk/news/graham-linehan-father-ted-writer-trans-activism-nazism/

No. 357443

It's very common, nearly every tranny I've met has sang the same song of "I can't work, I'll face violence by being misgendered!". The rare cases that are actually employed are either IT professionals who trooned out and work in San Francisco or have some welfare position such as "Head of equality matters at (organization)".

>tfw my native language has only gender neutral pronouns so I don't have to deal with the pronoun bullshit and don't have to bend over to call a ratty transbian "she" in order to save face
Feels so good. However when typing in English I usually start out with he/him for TiMs and she/her for TiFs until someone "corrects" me. I hope that at least this small gesture gives a gentle push to someone to question the farce around them.

No. 357471


Abusive twitter troons have shadow banned the account of "Freedom programme" a UK programme that helps victims of domestic violence. Why? They say that women don't have penises.

No. 357483

Welp…men are now calling women terfs in Japan too and invading their private spaces: https://twitter.com/LiverpoolReSis1/status/1086617138809487360

No. 357487

I knew this would eventually happen to those women-only train cars

No. 357488

Oh, wow. I hope this is a japanese Joey Salads-style isolated incident. I know japanese youtubers can be pretty similar to western douchetubers.
At least that's what I want to believe, because if this shit is gaining traction even in cultures that aren't really likely to let it flourish, we've really got a problem.

No. 357494

Anyone else here disturbed by the amount of blind support people are giving to the Mermaids organization? Do people really just read "oh it's for trans people!" and not read up on it more and realize how fucked up it is?

No. 357495

At this point owning the evil TERFs is far more important than actually giving a shit about the safety and well-being of children.

No. 357498

As someone who had to go through the mental health system myself seeing people go "it's violence if you make kids wait!!' really fucks me up.

I need to wait months just to get an appointment if I'd want some new type of meds. And that's fine because a lot of stuff can mess with you so seeing them advocate to just give them surgery and meds is very dangerous.

No. 357507

>existing is sexual
You cannot get anymore male than the mentality of associating women to only sex. No wonder so many trannies head straight into sex work. To them, it's the pinnacle of being a woman - being a sex object. They will never be women's allies lmao this shit should end this year

God damn trannies hate any space for only women don't they. Hope Tokyo doesn't take away women only trains. Sexual assault is so fucking rampant it's a fucking porn category for sick fucks to get off to.

No. 357514


Why are there so many fucking Woke Lefty Men so much more into trans politics than feminism. I mean, I know why, even if no one's saying it it's because men band together even when they don't realize they're doing, but for fuck's sake you know he'd never do this for like, a broke women's shelter or an abortion clinic

No. 357537

File: 1548034987734.jpg (135.96 KB, 666x800, Untitled.jpg)

Given the amount of shit people get for speaking against it im not surprised. In fact I only came to know about it because of the backlash certain people got for opposing it.

No. 357545

Tons of people, even ones who seem otherwise "sane", are supporting puberty blockers and saying there is NO HARM in them and I feel like I'm losing my mind. They are fucking dangerous and untested. Even if they want to help transgender people, I'm pretty sure the negatives outweigh positives long-term.
And didn't it get used a ton mostly on black and Latina girls who then ended up with osteoporosis and other long-term health issues? Seems like race and manipulation of vulnerable groups by greedy pharmaceutical companies doesn't matter in this case to a lot of people…
I come here sometimes so I feel like I'm not actually losing my mind for thinking there is something wrong with Lupron and it should be pulled.

No. 357556

Well this is fucking depressing. At least some of the comments give me hope (I know they say dont read the comments but this time at least half of them see through the BS and support rose's original stance which I also do)

No. 357571

Sage for OT, but having never watched more than an episode of his shows (British comedy isn't usually my thing), I feel inspired to binge them in my free time now.

Thankfully his past work's too big to deplatform, much to the agony of trannies everywhere.

No. 357574

The flinging of insults like dumbass, the accusations that a woman is acting "psychotic" or hysterical, the addendum to get even more in.This post reeks of mantrum.

Chill your agro bro. If you don't like troons that's fine, but check your seething test at the door.

No. 357578

OT but reading radfem ideology really helped me see how socialization under the patriarchy makes women meek and apologetic for things they didn't cause (catering to mens feelings and taking fault to not cause a stir & so on). I want to help my sister get away from this mindset (she does too), I was wondering if you ladies had any recs of good articles or lit to start her off with?

No. 357584

File: 1548045704660.png (Spoiler Image,485.44 KB, 470x894, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 11.3…)

Fucking repulsive
warning: very disgusting and very nsfw


No. 357586

Why did you even post this? No one wanted to see that, it adds nothing to the thread, and it makes you look like a gross freak for seeking it out in the first place.

No. 357588

Lol a cam girl from /snow/ retweeted it. If I had to see it then you guys do too.

No. 357589

Okay well this shit needs to stay in whichever /snow/ thread it came from. This thread isn't for random tranny porn.

No. 357593

This thread is full of random pictures of disgusting degenerate troons. sorry I triggered you with a picture that I put a spoiler on and gave a warning about!

No. 357610

File: 1548053114847.jpeg (24.03 KB, 540x310, 33753636-336D-4857-9BDE-928D9F…)

the stuff about the mermaids charity stream has me feeling depressed as fuck. i’ve lost a lot of respect for so many creators i used to like for supporting a charity run by a homophobe that enforces gender roles and invasive surgery on children, it honestly feels like a weird nightmare. i should probably just get off the internet for awhile lol.

No. 357618

name names anon. anyone outside the general leftube sphere?

No. 357628

File: 1548059269156.jpg (265.87 KB, 640x1321, Screenshot_2019-01-21 Women's …)

Vomit inducing.

No. 357632

>Sometimes accuracy is sacrificed for brevity
'Women' is shorter than 'menstruators'. What do these people have against calling women 'women'?

No. 357635

God I just want to fucking scream. If this language begins it really will be the end.

The only way we can combat this is either through calling men and trannies the same thing (sperm-bearers/ejaculators) or by proclaiming we're actually transgender (circumgender) so we can just go back to calling ourselves women.

But of course, trannies sperm-bearers hate it when actual women use their own tactics and language.

No. 357645

I'm so glad they're fighting for women's rights by making sure that any female language is erased to include men while male language is allowed to exist!

No. 357671

they want to erase women entirely

No. 357675

You're not alone anon, seeing people just raving on about how good the cause is makes my blood boil.

Has anyone else seen this:

No. 357681


This is about TiFs, not TiMs.


Yet women and teen girls still face hurdles getting contraceptive pills. Prescriptions can be denied for even remote risk factor contraindications.

When I was diagnosed with endometriosis in the early 90s Lupron was being trialed as a treatment. A friend of mine joined a trial, and the side effects were hellish. And those were just the immediate ones, not counting bone loss and the rest.

No. 357686

Ostensibly this kind of language is meant to accommodate TIFs, but notice how the same thing isn’t being done to men. Men aren’t being redefined as ejaculators, inseminators or prostrate-havers. Men aren’t having their social groups invaded to nearly the same extent as women. When schools and universities want their toilets to be more inclusive it is invariably the women’s toilets who are converted so that there’s only men’s and unisex (on non-men’s) toilets. Women are the ones whose spaces and language are being taken away, not men.

It took women many decades to carve out these spaces and win the right to discuss our health concerns in a public sphere and now it’s all being taken away from us over the course of what, two years? Three? Do you think a tiny subset of (mostly gay and/or teenaged) women suddenly has that kind of influence? No, this is happening to benefit the people already in power, which is men.

No. 357688

The whole mermaids thing has been making me read up on discussions regarding trans children and somehow I still can't wrap my mind around (now adult) people going "I knew I was actually a girl when I was 5"

The fact that none of them can explain what it means is honestly baffling. Because liking things girls like isn't really anything special.

No. 357690

sage for doublepost, but I forgot to add that I noticed how everyone seems to think that puberty blockers couldn't possibly have any bad side effects later one and how it's better to be safe then sorry with them.

No. 357694

This is one of the most puzzling things that TRAs fight for.

A child put on puberty blockers and then HRT = 100% sterility and no sexual development PERMANENTLY.
They are guaranteed to be irreversibly harmed. That's just the sexual side of things, people often forget that sex hormones also influence general health, cognition and mental health.

No. 357702

Exactly, I mean we can't even block menstruation hormones without it having side effects for most women, yet blocking your entire puberty is fine?

No. 357703

Swedish newspaper instructs us on how to make life easier for trans people.
2. If one person keeps changing from one identity to another it's important to be attentive. Ask "Is it right to interpretate you as more masculine today?"

No. 357709

File: 1548076499217.png (187.6 KB, 800x949, Screenshot_2019-01-21-04-47-11…)

Oger called for legal action against Meghan Murphy in this comment on Quora back in November, his only comment on Quora.


KF doesn't have this archived in his thread.

No. 357722


My point was that these "inclusive" terms are not being used to erase women and include men in the way cisgender/ciswoman is used.

The movement towards "inclusive language" began in 2014 in midwife organizations, organizations as far removed from the influence of patriarchy as one can get.


No. 357725

Could be a lot worse tbh.

No. 357729

Ciswomen be jealous! This is what peak womanhood looks like. They're gonna replace you all soon. /s
God, I don't even know where to begin. Bottom left isn't even definable as human, that's a damn reptile ffs

Personally, I have to use she/her when I see TIMs à la Blaire White, doing otherwise would put me at risk of harrassment/doxxing/you know what they do. However, I play dumb whenever I see troons who don't even try/are too obviously men (see Ma'am) and just call them "he" at first. If I get corrected I make a surprised face with a "Ooooh… sorry". It's the max you can do in a liberal area.

No. 357732

The account that retweeted the story is mistranslating. I live in Japan and there is no growing anti-TERF movement or even Japanese people using that extreme rhetoric. The gender problem is almost exclusively between “cis” woman and men. I really don’t think the trans cult will ever develop here because despite(or perhaps in relation to?)the rampant sexism, you would never see Japanese men clamoring to support another man who now says he’s a woman. Especially if that mother fucker is ugly and obnoxious. He would just be considered a pervert or joke. They only tolerate “Okama” if they are funny television personalities your mom likes or if they try to fit the stereotypes of a cute, feminine woman. The likes of the Degenderettes would NEVER be given a platform. Just based on my own observations, Japanese transgender people tend to lay low or they are so eager to be liked that they are self deprecating to a level that Western trans would accuse them of “violent internalized transphobia”.

You’re right. It was just a douchebag YouTuber thinking he was funny. In the comments section, it is full of people joking about what the T in LGBT really means, like “Truck Driver”, “Transformer”, or if you say it quickly, “Drug buyer”. Even the YouTuber himself was joking along, even though he was still being an asshole towards women.

No. 357738

File: 1548082485849.jpg (135.64 KB, 920x920, heygirls.jpg)

I want to start making parodies of this type of troon "meme". I remember seeing a few on KF, fucking hysterical.

No. 357739

He's truly sticking his neck out for lesbians and women in general. I'm surprised but very appreciative.

No. 357742

Was Kefka Balldemort all along?

No. 357751

Oh, I loved FF6.
Please do.

No. 357752

Same as you guys, my gender criticism is softer than some but I still feel like this is the place for me. I'd rather put up with anons occasionally disagreeing with me than completely brainwash myself the complete other way to fit in with the echchamber happening elsewhere. If anything it's probably better that there are a few people like me mixed into the 'enemy' side to dilute the crazy.

No. 357759

File: 1548086266608.jpg (773.53 KB, 1280x1280, 19-01-21-09-57-16-555_deco.jpg)

This is so bad, I tried

No. 357790

File: 1548092465984.jpg (270.67 KB, 876x964, troonnn.jpg)

This is what trans identified males think:

"I don't think it's possible to be a truly good person if you aren't a trans ally".

"I just see trans as being beyond reproach in that sense. What better goal can there be in life than to self0actualize and gain wholeness and happiness? It baffles to me to no end that so many people feel such a need to disrupt a purely positive process".

No. 357796

The most fucked thing about this "trans or die" type of viewpoint is how a large majority of people who aren't model UwU allies are part of the working class. Someone not having the luxury to engage in your navel-gazing gender thetan pronoun metaphysics shit shouldn't send them into Literally Hitler territory, yet these fucks think that's just a matter of course.
The worst crime you could possibly commit is not go out of your way to validate them, TERF or not.

No. 357801


Loving to Survive is great if you wanna go with a book. Article wise….honestly, there are so few sites, I'd say spend some time on radblr. The best contemporary writing that's easy to access is happening there. I like fyxan, laurierrose, inqilabi, kittyit, tejuina.

No. 357807

Ugh, I feel this so much.
Sage for blogging, but;
At my job there's this mentally deranged transbian who literally looks like a ginger praying mantis. He has all sorts of ""lesbian separatist"" stickers around his office/desk and he dresses SUPER unprofessionally like some kind of artschool grandma/ constantly talks about how much of a dyke he is.
He sticks out like a sore thumb and it makes me so mad that I KNOW that a woman who dressed/acted like that would never be tolerated in a work environment.
Anyway I hate that I have to refer to him as "they" in case someone complains about my "transphobia" bc he makes me wanna vomit.
People keep "gently" reminding me "Oh, X uses she/her pronouns btw" and it really annoys me bc I already feel like im pandering by using "they". I wish bending over backwards for these fucks wasn't so often included in the job description nowadays.

No. 357853

File: 1548098789727.png (243.4 KB, 1180x1112, Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 14.5…)


No. 357855

Because "women" who love being catcalled and who think womanhood revolves around pink dresses and submissivness are just so much more fun than real women who wont take your bullshit, I guess.

i love laurrierrose, she's top notch

No. 357857

>the queer community
The CEO of Mermaids says being gay makes you trans by default.

No. 357858

FFS. How can someone read this and think this sort of language isn’t CODDLING people? This is how you’d talk to a small child who’s pretending to be a tiger or a princess or whatever.

Damn. I was waiting for her to say something I didn’t like. Wish it didn’t have to be this.

No. 357859

Who else here is bothered by the general fixation of being young for women? It can def feel like only young women have any worth, and the obsession leaks into trans too as you see all the men going on about how much of a cute small girl they are.

Even if the internet isn't representative of every person out there, it's still disturbing how many men lust after teenagers at best.

No. 357861

Why are women always the ones who have to suck it up, “act like adults” and bend over backwards for men’s feelings? Why can’t men be asked to act like adults so that TIMs can safely use the men’s bathroom?

And therefore in need of correction. It’s literally conversion therapy/surgery and anyone who actually supports the LGB community should be very concerned about what this “charity” is doing to gay kids.

No. 357864

File: 1548099978883.jpeg (28.48 KB, 352x394, FCD7F669-8D6C-4E6B-B7D0-5C04D7…)

Someone I know shared this a few minutes ago. Thanks, I hate it.

No. 357866

Try using their name exclusively instead of pronouns

No. 357867

Sage for sperging but what gets me fucking boiling is that all this money and support that could go to wildlife conservation and cleaning our garbage is going to actual child abuse and no amount of gaslighting is going to convince me that this is anything but that. We live on a sacred, beautiful planet filled with literal fucking garbage and billions of people who don't give a fuck and here we have these raging first-world manbabies who think THEY'RE the real victims in all of this, when- if anything- they're some of the most systematically privileged people I've ever seen

We live in a time where adults were parented so poorly that they've latched onto whatever it takes to make them feel innocent and childish again. It's disgusting and the fact that we've put so much POWER in such fragile weakness is deeply alarming

No. 357873

i think that's why so many women fear aging and the aging process. at least i think that's why i do. i'm afraid of not being seen as an attractive girl anymore because i won't be young, and it'll show. idk.

No. 357875

Agreed anon. I'm barely in my mid-twenties and I already can't help but think I'll soon be undesirable forever.

No. 357881

this is a guy i used to watch on youtube, he used to be pretty cool and NGC and whatnot. then he came out as trans. he looks so bad now. something about guys taking the "i like being androgynous therefore i must be TRANS uwu" bait when they're that old is just hilariously disappointing to me. like you just put on some lip gloss and a "girly" hat, you still look like a man, congratulations. time to destroy your body with HRT and possibly cutting your dick off. it enrages me that trans ideology is always something very easily influenced people latch onto, never questioning it at all.

No. 357886

While that is definitely an issue I think it's something you also just see in trans people in general. How many FTMs are into being soft cute boys uwu instead of men?

No. 357889

I think the best way to solve aging is to stop it by killing yourself. You die wrinkles and not haggard looking. Be sure to leave makeup instructions to the mortician for the final dashing appearance.

No. 357892

Che has nothing to do with those freaks.
Still better than Trump. I wonder what's Benie's position in regards to single sex spaces.

No. 357897

oh what the fuck

No. 357900

File: 1548105336641.gif (1.9 MB, 316x213, A356jiI.gif)

No. 357904

To be fair, it's easier to pass that way. They can't suddenly grow wide shoulders and and strong jaws, not like most men have them but you know what I mean.

Because they don't want to be treated the way they treat and see old women. If you look at the incel crowd they don't consider below average women human.

No. 357910

Who gives a fuck about men's opinions, especially regarding our bodies?
Find some friends or go create a garden, do something more with your life. Anything but spending actual energy worrying about how you're going to be treated by incels.

No. 357916

seems like /pol/ is creeping in here

No. 357920

This is the same idiot who told a woman who had FGM that she was privileged and transphobic. Fuck this asshole.

No. 357924

File: 1548110573861.png (41.4 KB, 922x314, lol.png)

No. 357925

His body had a weird, unpredictable reaction in response to being flooded with chemicals it was never meant to have in the quantities he has?
What a surprise.

No. 357927

he's just incontinent lol, making it sound like us womyn get sexually aroused over deep emotional conversations

No. 357928

File: 1548111616110.jpeg (104.5 KB, 1125x386, 36561369-7EB8-4A04-9F6F-938A2C…)

One of the comments found under the post. That isn’t how the human body works…

No. 357929

That's not what the post was about, you sound triggered. It's a fact that those men shape their trans identity based on their desires and fears and they know how much more desirable girls are.

No. 357931

File: 1548112378001.png (617.02 KB, 720x1080, hentai addicts.png)

No. 357932

People who wear shirts like that need to be shamed

No. 357934

They need to be taken out back and shot

No. 357937

so trannies have a beef with mitski? why is that?

No. 357940


We need to start doing this format more. Having their face beside their words makes all the difference.

No. 357950

oh shit i have a messy bob with bangs and i love mitski. he's an idiot, mitski fuckin' slaps! she's made some bops! if anything, i can see mitski being loved by queer artsy insta girls, so he's basically shitting on women who (pretend) to like him and ally to him. troons just hate women having fun at all and cover it up with tumblr funnyman level insults. this is tumblr funnyman tier. i bet this guy posts on /lgbt/ and /co/ and still thinks he's a super open minded person lmao. 4chan boys be trooning out.

No. 357951

ironically Che had queer men sent to concentration camps to be worked to death because he considered being a "sexual pervert" "counter-revolutionary behaviour"

No. 357953

Jfc. All these guys who ignore seriously medical issues because it's just ~feminine discharge~ despite not having a vagina or ~their periods~ despite not having a uterus shouldn't be shocked if they're diagnosed with something serious later. They purposefully ignored symptoms for the sake of delusion and a fetish

No. 357955

It's funny that the cropped icon for mermaids looks like it says "men".

No. 357959

Could someone explain why the T was added to LGB? I googled it but the listed reasons for it are so bad and nonsensical, it makes me wonder who agreed to it.

No. 357965

The jokes literally write themselves lmfao

No. 357987

From what I can gather, a lot of trans people are LGB and hang around lots of LGB spaces at first, but then they grow in denial about it, so they transition to be seen as "straight".
Transbians, I can't really explain. Not sure if this is a good answer, this is what I've gathered.

No. 357995

The explanation for transbians is autogynephilia.

No. 358005

How did we get to this stage? is it simply because troons are loud enough on social media?

No. 358013

The way fetishes induce already rich and privileged men who have benefited from a lifetime of actually being taken seriously to troon out later in life is definitely a factor.
But it's really a lot of shit that's come together to create this special awful situation, I'm not sure I'm aware of half of it. The way it makes girls think they can simply opt out of all the awful shit that comes with being a woman without resolving any of the underlying problems that cause it, how incels have a "life on easy mode" view of womanhood and want to opt in to all the "free love and attention", how easy and elegant a solution it must seem to have a straight, normal "daughter" rather than a feminine/gay son, etc.

No. 358019

Anyone have screenshots from the recent r/Gendercirtical v r/Chapotraphouse drama

No. 358025


When T was added for "transsexual", the majority of transsexuals identified as homosexual.

No. 358037


This drama? >>>/snow/768460

The respective threads are still up.

No. 358050

yep thats the one

No. 358053

Trannies give big pharma a lot of money to get their stupid cancer drugs.

No. 358080

Cis doesn't even mean straight, this is the most obvious "trans agenda is conversion therapy" yet

No. 358081

Time for all the TERFs to start calling all men "cummers" since we are being labeled by what our sex organs produce

No. 358085

I'm wondering whether at some point in the near future, all the science-deniers will be labeled as crazy loons and the "bad guys" who don't support Mermaids/invasive surgery on children/who think men are men will come out the winners

No. 358088

i was talking with a close friend, he's gay and kind of a sjw, not too extreme or anything but some of his beliefs are similar. the topic came to terfs, i said i do agree with some terf arguments and people who constantly whine about terfs are usually the creepy straight males pretending to be a woman and attacking lesbians for not liking dick. after i said that he started to act weird towards me and cut the conversation short. i feel bad because we've been friends since we were kids, and i love him, i don't want him to start seeing me as a bigot and shit. i am critical of tras but i don't want them fucking dead, i wouldn't do anything if i saw one of them in real life, i don't have anything against the ones who just do their own thing. it's frustrating that pointing out any criticism about trans people has become such a controversial thing

No. 358101

It's because "men are men" automatically means you're a "transphobe" and (apparently) "want them all dead". Having a mild opinion isn't possible.
I agree entirely with your post and I'm sorry about your friend. He will wise up eventually.

No. 358146

File: 1548146868022.jpeg (756.5 KB, 1555x1237, 78535717-FE94-4881-939C-7A64C7…)


My husband and I discouraged our daughter from doing things she enjoys and dressing how she wants because they are Boy Things, and in response she wants to be a Boy.
I wonder why!
Also, here is a cartoonishly regressive list of gendered stereotypes that prove she is a boy, including: enjoying sports, wanting short hair, and burping!

No. 358150

File: 1548149050353.jpg (292.85 KB, 752x1280, 19-01-22-05-16-41-952_deco.jpg)


No. 358152

File: 1548149354089.jpg (330.36 KB, 749x1280, 19-01-22-05-17-05-031_deco.jpg)

And the replies. it's all so overtly "shut up, women," it creeps me out these people can't see it and figure they're being progressive.

No. 358155


No. 358157

>first comment encouraging this shit is from a man
male approval should be a sign you're probably doing something wrong

No. 358163

He even calls her babe and she doesn't twig on.

No. 358165

File: 1548152645201.jpeg (194.81 KB, 1242x748, 7613B334-7698-4CBC-B3FC-9B316D…)

This reads like a shitty fiction some tween typed up, yet here we are, stories like these being peddled as reality. What kind of 4 year old talks like this or even thinks about things like this

No. 358169

>as an enby person
why the fuck do you even care about this then

No. 358179

File: 1548155890903.jpeg (141.81 KB, 640x496, 9DF17D20-3520-44A4-A93B-45AE20…)

The word “female” is a TERF dogwhistle, spread the word, block and stay safe!


No. 358180

File: 1548155977582.jpeg (91.8 KB, 640x283, BCFC3C4A-DAD3-4A60-9AFD-0D32E4…)

No. 358184

What the fuck happend to him? I used to watch his videos when I was bored… I stopes watching for awhile and now he turned from a homo to a this caricature of a woman?

No. 358191

TRAs have been trying to eliminate the word female for humans since a year or so ago. They think it's "animalistic" and "objectification" because somehow it only means vagina.

No. 358193

does anyone here wonder to themselves what will actually be the final straw for the current direction of transactivism? I've seen ideas like controversies over the health of hastily medicated "trans kids" when they become adults, the undeniable similarity of rising transracialism, and men trouncing women in the 2020 Olympics thrown around but part of me wonders if the bullshit will just keep ramping up. It primarily affects women so I can't imagine a great deal being done

No. 358194

i hope something like that never happens but i'm afraid one of the "uwu punch the terfs" fuckers is going to go absolutely insane and actually become a serial killer

No. 358200

Sadly I don't think that'd change anything. It'd either get brushed under the rug or people would make excuses for why it's OK and the poor serial killer was just hurting.

No. 358225

There have already been several AGP murderers of women (and goodness knows how many rapists) but >>358200 is right, either their AGP side is brushed under the rug or they’re portrayed as victims of a cruel world who “snapped” because they couldn’t take it anymore. Maybe if they were socially active TRAs who were very open about being trans and hating women TERFs prior to the murders it would be different, but I’m not optimistic.

No. 358227

File: 1548163875910.jpg (108.97 KB, 900x1200, DhsVpXlW4AAQM2F.jpg)

Probably mad they get id'd as female while dressing something like this

No. 358229

Trans butting up against muslims. Places like Iran may be 'ok' with it after they have forced transition upon the person but American/Western muslims do not necessarily feel the same way. And they may not be happy about things like having to shear locker rooms with transwomen. Who will the sjws defend?

Or a sterilized transperson sues their parents for not preventing them from going on blockers while prepubescent so they can recoup costs for adoption. People do crazy things when they realize they can't have kids. They can't sue their doctors because they sign away their rights but their parents are fair game.

No. 358230

Do I need to leave this discord? Is there not a single place on the internet that isn't infested by these idiots?!

They were talking about right wingers, then suddenly this "man" (who's actually a little girl) started:
>Radfems and terfs + nazis otp
>Uhhhhhh what? Radfems and terfs are the same
>i mean radfem stuff is fine as long as it's not trans exclusionary
>I guess being anti porn is radfem. Terfs are such crackheads like trans women of colour built this community but Okay
>like anti sex trafficking, anti porn industry
>I mean yea that but I haven't actually ran into anyone who ids as a radfem and isn't a terf
>Yea so when someone calls themselves a radfem im… concerned bc 95% of the time theyre terfs from my experience

I'm honestly so tired of this, always with the "women who I don't agree with are evil"-rethoric. Should have called "him" a misogynist for not caring about the women's rights that radfems fight for lol

Saged for personal rant

No. 358234

did trans women of.color really not.build this community

No. 358236

>Who will the sjws defend?
Speaking from experience, the TIMs. Defending Islam is all well and good when it’s about hijab and FGM but from the SJW viewpoint Muslim women who aren’t comfortable changing in front of men should have no problem with TIMs because they are literally 100% biologically adult human females. If Muslim women don’t understand that, it’s simply a failure to integrate. I live in a neighbourhood with a large Muslim population and I’ve had this discussion about our local swimming pool. There are special women’s hours where part of the pool is open exclusively to female-identified persons yet mysteriously, no Muslim women ever attend.

No. 358238

her twitter is a mess too, all she does is talk about trans people

No. 358244

They were gays and lesbians. Media likes to paint them as trans because a lot of them wore clothes made in mind for the opposite sex.

No. 358250

a lot of the stuff itt seems kind of convincing
do any of you bother to look at the science behind this stuff?

No. 358251

Brain sex has been shown to be directly linked to our biology, like our menstrual cycles. Everyone knows more testosterone = more aggressive, but brain sex that isn’t reliant on our reproductive organs and hormonal levels just isn’t plausible. Plus it’s been shown plenty of times that socialising plays a huge part in what areas are more prominent

I’ve even linked in earlier threads studies in regards to how our menstrual cycles affects female brains and which parts are more active during different times of our cycle

No. 358253

No. 358258

I fail to see your point, at the end of the day they’re still not female, just like those with other types of body dysphoria have a mental illness these people do as well

No. 358272

I'll never get over that chin and those lips, tragic.

No. 358281

Kek this is literally Taylor tho

No. 358283

All right tranny, I'll bite. Let's assume that gender dysphoria relates to the strong desire of wanting to have the other gender's body and have the specific societal role as well. The animals in the study still WERE the sex they were born with, they just harbored SOME traits traditionally expected from the other sex that were controlled by hormones, not brain structure. It literally means nothing. Hormone production affecting our behavior isn't anything new, you really can't use "females behave differently during the different stages of their menstrual cycle" as some definite proof of "brain sex". Depression is a hormone-based sickness and it affects your brain to the point it shows on MRI scans. You still aren't born with a "depression brain" and the treatment for a suicidal person isn't to euthanize them even if that's what they strongly desire. Just as you shouldn't put people through surgeries and hormone treatment to enable their defective delusions about having the other gender's brain.

No. 358285

I’m the anon who brought up men’s trial cycles affecting female brains, not the same anon that linked the chan thread, and I’d say that’s a pretty decent indicator of sex dependent brain differences/functions - only females can ovulate and experience menstruation, so I’d say it’s very much a female specific brain phenomenon.

No. 358294


No. 358298

you're asking who taylor is? lainey/onision's wife.

No. 358301

Having just googled Taylor, I feel like that's an insult to Taylor.

No. 358304

ugh ugh is everyone on /lgbt/ retarded? nobody there seems to get that if you're a female exposed to a higher level of testosterone in the womb you turn out gay. if you have average female testosterone levels you're gonna turn out a straight woman, if you have more than that, you'll be bisexual, and if you have more than that, gay… in families with all sons or all daughters, there's a bigger and bigger chance of the born child being homosexual as the number of children produced by those parents increases. in that specific case of multiple children of 1 sex in a family, its got everything to do with how much estrogen/testosterone is in the womb after multiple pregnancies…
i'm sure there's a certain amount of opposite sex hormones in the womb that'll trigger someone ending up trans, but i also believe that anyone who isn't homosexual and transsexual is either so low self esteem/so far in the bisexual closet that they get stupidly confused or a disgusting sissy tamponfucker that got to this point by jacking off to too much dickgirl pornography.

do these people really think brains are sexed opposed to just running on one type of hormone or the other? like idk regular vs premium if we're talking gas for a car? do they think that(hypothetical situation incoming) if they can put a male brain in a female body, the body will stop physically being female because the 'brain sex' is male? does putting diesel fuel in a car tun it into a 16wheeler? help me out here, i'm a dumbass.

No. 358305

File: 1548177155541.jpeg (30.39 KB, 720x240, E4344BAF-AE06-4302-9214-E36DC4…)

Samefag but this made me think. Muslims in my country almost exclusively vote for leftist/green parties, which are also the ones pushing the hardest for self-ID and other TRA causes. I wonder if there will come a point where these parties push too far on the trans issues and find that they’ve suddenly lost a significant part of their voting block.

Also unrelated but I just came across this chart used by Mermaids UK and hoo boy.
>tag urself

No. 358308

>i'm sure there's a certain amount of opposite sex hormones in the womb that'll trigger someone ending up trans
no. there's no such thing as trans anyways so

No. 358312

I love how bumpy and shitty the non-default figures look. It's like the worst futch scale.
I'm 5. Zher's got that overweight trucker look.

No. 358316

Do you know they do? In my country everyone, left and right, assumes all immigrants vote left when in reality they consistently go right.

sage for ot, I'm just curious if it's different elsewhere.

No. 358317

Hatred of anything with a vagina but it's always only a real one they despise. Fake ones or sex toys are fine for them because that means everyone and anyone can have one. But when it's something meant for only rwal women then it's bad

It'll probably be drag kids. Not related to trans or tras that much but I've seen people absolutely fed up with kids like Desmond is amazing and turning to the trans agenda as the culprit of allowing this shit to exist and be praised on mainstream media outlets.

Today I found out that the partial ban on transgenders serving in the US military will continue so there's pushback somewhere

No. 358321

File: 1548178888469.png (34.49 KB, 603x158, 1548088338580.png)

It really throws me off whenever TiFs are as power-hungry and controlling as TiMs are.

No. 358323

Meanwhile I see the whole Mermaids charity stream news pop up everywhere I go and people are licking the asshole of that gross organization everywhere. It's disgusting.

No. 358326

Why do they insist on associating the words "vagina" and "gross" all the time? And they pretend to be feminists while openly shitting on female biology the way men always did and will keep doing?

No. 358328

I've been playing dumb while sowing a few seeds of discomfort. Like 'Oh Mermaids? They're that charity for trans children, right? That's so cool. Hey, but aren't they that charity who said gay people can't be cisgender? Kinda weird…I wonder if they still say that?'

Just sow the seeds. People will do their own research from there and what they find will speak for itself.

No. 358339

The inevitable likelihood of more Jonathan Yaniv-like incidents, the inevitable likelihood of more Ma'am-like incidents, trans kids detransitioning and suing their parents and doctors, TIM's sexual crimes against kids and women becoming too many to cover up.

No. 358341

I mean, she's right, almost all normal people don't actually believe in this shit but just go along with it enough to avoid confrontation, drama, doxxing, etc.

No. 358345

If only she had the power to read minds so she could out the otherwise perfectly respectful wrongthinkers

No. 358353

I’ll admit I’m just assuming that it’s country-wide. At least in my city surveys say they overwhelmingly vote left/green. I’ve heard it’s the same in the bigger cities but I don’t know that for sure.

No. 358356

This is actually the perfect strategy. I don't believe that straight out pummeling someone deep into the trans cult will do any good, but dropping small indications of how absurd it is works much better. When I was still a TRA the things that caused me to peak trans was being objectively exposed to the horrible things that are being done in the name of TRAism and it definitely didn't happen overnight, it began with small steps.

No. 358357

File: 1548184539077.png (37.9 KB, 540x97, tumblr_pdeujmDu341xbvhfgo1_540…)

O RLY slight OT but the thumbnail looks like they could be in that league of gentlemen show

No. 358369

Hbomb gave a child abuse organization over 300k dolars, and he ends his shitty stream by saying he is on the right side of history.
RIP Hbomb, see you in hell, my favorite soyboy.
Oh, and his thread on incelfarms has become gold.

No. 358371

No. 358372


No. 358374

Ridiculous. Men should be forced to serve the military regardless of whether they like wearing a dress or not. I'm not sure having a chopped penis would prevent them from doing that either.

No. 358376

Kind of disappointed there won't be dilation stations in the middle of war.

No. 358380

they're treating them like a protected class

No. 358386

Well, it makes sense. People who try to get in the army get screened and if they have mental illnesses, they can't go in. You don't want to put a rifle in the hands of a mentally unstable person.

No. 358388


I'm >>357545 back and angrier. I assume this may have been posted already in an earlier thread, but it is relevant again. People are ignoring this shit because twansphobia, but children are going to be used as guinea pigs again and have their bodies destroyed while people plug their ears and say that you are a TERF if you think this is unethical.
Trust me, it would be wonderful if things like precocious puberty or identity issues could be slowed down with medication. But this one will not be just reversible.
Fuck these greedy shitheads.

No. 358393

Fair enough. I wouldn't want to be on the same side as the He Ma'am.

No. 358395

File: 1548189533560.jpg (48.41 KB, 500x552, DuHwQuEXQAAmA19.jpg)

Reminder that TIMs get off on being called she, never give them that pleasure.

No. 358398

Disturbing. How these people keep yelling there's no side effects or anything wrong with blocking puberty indefinitely is beyond me

No. 358404

This. We’re talking about a demographic where, according to their own claims, at least half have attempted suicide at some point and most are supposedly still constantly on the brink of suicide and self-harm whenever someone uses a word they don’t like. Who in their right mind would hand these people deadly weapons, much less send them into a combat zone?

No. 358422

Watching Prime Time with Graham Linehan rn, tune in other Irish anons.

No. 358427

I'm super jealous of anglos, it seems like you have the largest communities for GC stuff these days. Is it because the TRA push is especially bad there?

No. 358430

Really, imagine being a soldier from the opposite side. It would only take for you to yell "Transwomen are men" to make the TIMs shoot everyone around them and then themselves… if they haven't already killed their own comrades (because you know how men in the army can be, they would at least make -twansphobic- remarks and bully them)

No. 358431

England anon here. Yes, it's awful. Our department of education is paying Mermaids, the trans kid charity, to teach gender ideology in some schools. It's against the law to misgender or deadname people, and saying anything GC in public is getting women stalked, harassed out of their jobs, threatened with rape and violence… it's fucking terrible. It's happened so fast and no one really understands how.

No. 358432

I had an early puberty. I think it started during 2nd grade. It was a total mindfuck for a decade plus of my childhood, but it ended. It fucking ends and you're fine maybe aside from some mental health issues because society doesn't want to accept that sometimes kids go through puberty early. Or doesn't want to research into reasons why kids go through puberty early and just throw poisons like Lupron at them no matter what the long term effects are.

I definitely feel for these women/their daughters. If my parents were more """informed""" it could possibly have been me, and instead of being 100% physically healthy but working thru my emotional baggage, I could be doing the same but also having my fucking teeth fall out.

No. 358437

American here. It seems like Britain bends over backwards to defend and protect troons, even over the expense of actual women. I could be wrong but it seems like the majority of horror stories come out of the UK. I wonder why that is.

No. 358444

Britfag here. I think there is a lot of guilt from how much we oppressed minorities (British empire, windrush, anti-gay laws etc), and now it seems everyone’s scared of being on the wrong side of history with this, without stopping to think it through. There’s a definite smugness here among the left, of “oh well we’re not as bad as America” (in terms of tolerance), while also wanting to pick fights with anyone not in absolute agreement on every minor issue.

No. 358448

Okay so I took notes for non-Irish anons. It was a 45-minute long documentary (not a debate) that I actually thought was very well-balanced and interesting. It basically explains the trans debate to people who know nothing about it. Even though it's balanced and mostly factual, this actually caused a huge backlash from trans activists who sent 4,000 emails to the broadcasting company not to air it. Glad they did anyway. Sorry I didn't take down anyone's names but I might be able to add them later. From my notes:

>Starts off with the story of a F2M trans kid as told by the mother who is torn between doing what is best for her kid and what her kid wants. The kid is on anti-depressants and possibly also autistic.

>Shows how schools support trans kids, they compare supporting trans kids to supporting kids with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Principal notes how sometimes kids will be a girl one year and the next year they're a boy and their classmates are fine with it.
>Demand for mental health services for trans people in mental health clinics is on the rise. It's also mentioned that trans kids have higher levels of mental health problems (anxiety/depression) and autism. People wonder how these mental health issues affect their view of gender.
>They explain puberty blockers.
>Well-known F2NB trans activist in Ireland tells their story about how they didn't like going through puberty or having breasts and didn't like wearing a skirt in school (does…anyone?). This person has been on testosterone for a long time and looks very masculine but doesn't identify as either a man or woman because they don't have to "fit into a box".
>TENI (trans support group) don't want psychiatrists involved in the process of trans people getting surgery.
>Psychiatrists disagree (one is interviewed), they feel it's important psychiatrists determine if trans people have mental health issues that need to be resolved before surgery. Apparently 30% also have mental health issues.
>They mention that girls have more gender dysphoria than men and it's suggested that it might have to do with peer pressure.
>They interview a woman who had gender dysphoria as a child but is now comfortable with her gender. She wonders how differently her life would have played out if she had been a child today. She thinks trans people do genuinely exist but that kids are being put through the trans process too quickly and that some of those kids might end up being like her.
>Says 70/80% of kids who are trans end up being comfortable with their gender eventually but 100% of kids who are on puberty blockers transition as adults, meaning that a child who chooses to go on puberty blockers is making an irreversible, life-changing decision as a child.
>Trans activist wishes they knew what being trans was earlier in life and took puberty blockers to stop puberty.
>Ireland could potentially become the most liberal country in the world for trans issues thanks to a proposed law allowing people as young as 16 to self identify without parental consent. Gender dysphoria woman asks why lower the age when we don't consider people to be adults until they're 18.
>Psychiatrist says that Irish gender recognition certs are given without any psychiatric assessment, whereas it's required in other countries. This means that a trans person can get surgery abroad at 16 without any assessment thanks to their Irish certs.
>M2F trans person says it's not an issues and compares it to plastic surgery.
>They then talk about the debate in the UK. They show scenes from that discussion where trans people blocked the stairs in balaclavas. Mention that feminists in the UK are concerned about the trans thing and have received hate for saying that "trans women aren't real women". The interviewer says "but trans women are real women!" and the English feminist argues against that saying that they're socialised as men, it's wrong that we've gone from saying they "identify" as women to now saying "they are women!" and that they will always be XY.
>Show clips from the protest of the discussion, trans activists say that it's offensive not to call trans women real women.

Now for the best part…
>They introduce Graham Linehan as someone who is for women's rights and showed support to repeal the 8th (legislation that made a foetus' life equal to the mother's which was repealed by a referendum last year).
>He says kids going through puberty do have dysphoria but the solution is not to tell them that they're in the wrong body.
>He's concerned about trans people in womens' spaces such as changing rooms and women's sports. Mentions Rachel McKinnon and Hannah Massey who he describes as "a big man on the field" lmao and how they have an advantage in womens' sports due to having male bodies.
>M2F trans person appears again to say that M2F people have the same testosterone levels as women, maybe even less sometimes.
>Graham says that men who identify as women but who haven't gone through surgery are a threat to women in prisons and shelters. Says that men and women are segregated because men in general pose a threat to women. He doesn't believe "transwomen" are a threat to women but men could take advantage of the situation.
>They give an example of a paedophile who sexually assaulted two women in a prison (was mentioned in one of our threads before).
>M2F trans person says this is "scaremongering" and that'd we've had self-ID for three years now and that we haven't had a problem so far. Says that if a man wanted to assault a woman, there are easier ways to do it than going through the process of self-ID. Repeats that we haven't had a problem so far.
>The English feminist says it's bad that women can't voice their concerns about there being a man in the changing room with your 13 year old daughter.
>A story is brought up about how some UK-based group tried to have a discussion in Ireland about trans issues but it was protested and eventually cancelled. M2F trans person is proud of this and thinks it's an example of how Irish people won't tolerate those kinds of debates over here.
>They interview someone who wanted to do a study of people who regret surgery. Multiple women who regret surgery but now live as men anyway contacted him. The college denied his study because it might offend people. He says this is wrong because they're not allowing a discussion to take place and people can't make informed decisions without a discussion. People need to know what they're getting into and need to be checked for unresolved mental health issues.
>Some UK-based clinic saw a rise from 6 to 2,300 referrals for trans people who need mental health services last year.

Going to check Twitter now to see what people are saying.

No. 358449

Kids say all kinds of shit. She could just as easily have said she’ll come back as a dolphin or something, kids just talk like they’re high

No. 358450

>Some UK-based clinic saw a rise from 6 to 2,300 referrals for trans people who need mental health services last year.
This is fucking coo coo bananas man. How can you look at these stats and deny the existence of ROGD?

Thanks for the great work with the summary anon, much appreciated!

No. 358452

This morning one of my women in technology groups got a posting "is there a way to include nonbinary and trans people without using the word women?"

Why do we need to make space for you? This is for women in technology, it has an explicit member policy! Why do we need to erase our identity so you feel comfortable? We already have to erase our identity everywhere else in this stupid fucking profession so men feel comfortable, hope we can make you feel comfortable by erasing ourselves too,

Of course there's 12 replies by handmaidens already talking about ways they can preserve their feelings, making space for TiMs while they take up less and less of their own space.

No. 358453

Ah yes, because we all know women in technology don't have to worry about sexism so they have all the time to tend to a bunch of narcissists.

No. 358454

File: 1548199492464.jpg (2.8 MB, 1669x2112, DONKEYKONG.jpg)

This meme is almost perfect. Just gotta adjust Pauline's dialogue.

No. 358463

No. 358465

So how do you separate transgenderism to sexuality? Whenever people try to speak against trans issues you always have all those people saying shit like "well these exact same arguments were used against us lg folk"

No. 358470

I thought we were supposed to separate it from sexual orientation. Being G,L or B has to do with your sexual orientation. Being a troon does not.

No. 358481

Ugh reminds me of this girl who shills "girls in tech" initiatives , that blatantly have girl/women in the title, by reaching out to girls/non-binary people. Why are we so inclusive? Why do initiatives created for girls have to include non-binary ppl??

No. 358482

A couple notes

>TENI (trans support group) don't want psychiatrists involved in the process of trans people getting surgery.

That shit needs to piss off. You cannot claim that you're transitioning into another fucking sex and still claim to be mentally sound and normal.

>Trans activist wishes they knew what being trans was earlier in life and took puberty blockers to stop puberty.

>stop puberty
>remain prepubescent
..I don't know how to begin to unpack that.

No. 358484

thanks, now I don't have to somehow hunt this episode down

p.s. just read that TRAs doxxed Graham Linehan's wife, wew

No. 358488

I cannot express this with enough passion: this article made me hate trans people, and I'm not even done yet.

All the feminist classes in the world were unable to adjust this man's shitty, solipsistic worldview. People like this are beyond change.

No. 358556

File: 1548211760137.png (117.94 KB, 864x737, STOP.png)

No. 358558

As a woman in tech, it drives me crazy that I'm not "allowed" to point out that there are way more transwomen in tech than natal women and that I think this needs to be addressed directly. I'm sure being trans has its challenges, but the people being socialized and bullied out of tech are women, and they/we are people in need of support because our sex is discouraged by upbringing and men's attitudes toward us later on. Almost everyone I see who is a "woman in tech" or has tech stuff on their profile and "she/her" is trans, no exaggeration. Rule rather than exception.
Trans people are coddled or transition so far along their career that it doesn't matter, they for all intents and purposes got by to high places as men.
There are a few trans women I like in tech, but they are pretty low-key and normal people. Most of them are annoying SJWs and have been fucking things over by making women look bad (female/afab NBs in particular, they can say they are NB but everyone else who isn't a TRA is not going to consider them that lmao)

No. 358565

God, there was a women in gaming book sold at my local vidya store, when my boyfriend saw it he joked it would be full of troons, and the first fucking page we turn to is a greasy hemaam. And the second. And the third. It really was all trannies other than a handful of pages.

Is this just men’s way to continue being sexist in the hiring and awarding process but claim to be diverse?

No. 358575

Why does the west love troons so much? They're not women. I could make a huge list of actual women in gaming and not even have the thought of a troon coming to mind.

No. 358577

People are shitting thier pants over glinner again…does anyone know what happened???

No. 358581

I don't know. i dont seriously understand the West's obession with pretending men are women and catering to their delusions. it's disgusting and it pisses me off.

No. 358594

Because they're men.
Men who pretend to be women are better than actual women because they're really men in the west's eyes.

No. 358595

File: 1548222957158.jpg (53.33 KB, 640x946, oCNXVOD.jpg)

Juat what IS a woman or man, you may ask?


Wow. I had no idea that actual, physical body parts can be non-binary, rather than the person’s perception of themselves. Gender identity is real; sex is biological: except when it’s not! Because… science?

No. 358598

why are the words female and male so scary for these people? they're merely descriptors. a vagina and uterus are female body parts. that's all they are. body parts that are female. a penis is a male body part. accept it!

No. 358599

Burn postmodernism to the ground.

No. 358602

I think it’s backlash to the strides feminism (actual feminism) has made in the west. Other parts of the world are just as misogynist but they can oppress women in more straightforward ways.