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File: 1609366159824.png (2.54 MB, 1984x1062, Peridot.png)

No. 811813

19 year old "beauty guru" with subpar make-up skills. Has around 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram (fluctuates with when they can buy new bots), 11k (fake) followers on Twitter and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be from bots, fake accounts, and engagement pods. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter aside from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snafu and send her PR. Recent drama channels exposing her have garnered more attention as of late, but the views die off quickly and return to bot numbers soon after the hype dies down.

>Her mom Laur creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics) UPDATE 7/2020: This turned out to be just a new blog launch called @lilleejeanbeauty as her associated IG account was renamed as such
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palettes for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago. Lillee and Laur read here everyday while denying they do so.

MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2020 (updated December 2020)


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)
https://www.twitter.com/JeaniezInc !Currently Suspended 30/12/20!
https://twitter.com/iamlaur67 (goes between private and public)
https://www.instagram.com/jeaniezmanagement suspended/deleted

https://twitter.com/lilleeinc !Suspended!
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeauty suspended/deleted
https://twitter.com/lilleejeanbeaute suspended/deleted

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646


>An extended summary of Lillee's Q&A video >>777943

>Whatsyourvibez is changed over to lilleejeanbeauty >>778093 which also becomes the name of her new website >>782801 One of her other sock accounts is also renamed to lilleejeandebunked_ >>778430 which later moves to tumblr at lilleejeantruth.tumblr.com >>780643
>Tiredlady believes Brenda's killer is paying Dees to stalk LJ >>778145 A new sock by Laur also seems to believe this >>778857 and tells people to kys while at it >>778900 Proof the sock is Laur >>779801 Laur seems to be the source of this lie >>781692 and goes full batshit claiming Diane is her sister's murderer >>782355 and >>782362 and >>782377 Much later she denies this ever happened >>784620
>Laur threatens Lunart with legal action after IG takes down the art post on Lillee's page >>778257 She also contacts the teen's mother >>778339
>Lillee's organic growth continues as she gains 500% more subs, and only 4% more views on Youtube >>778338
>A poster on reddit claims to have gone to middle school with Lillee >>778529 They claim Lillee said she had a 17 year old boyfriend and wore a sexualized halloween costume to school >>778565 Dees interviews the poster on stream >>779428
>A farmer finds old comments sent to a currently empty account by LJ/Laur calling them Pheepy >>778608 The few comments not deleted sound extremely ESL >>778610 before the replies change to a @princephillipe account >>778611
>More racist comments by LJ's sock fans >>778775 and >>778776 and >>780491
>Lillee claims Youtube vets subs by removing them and then putting them back later, hence her totally normal fluctuating sub count >>778844 She doubles down on this when she totally organically reaches 10k subs >>779696
>LJ wants you to sign BLM petitions and wear a mask >>779326 People calling her out for her racist comments get diatribes in reply >>779335 She also fears supporting Black brands right now can be construed as racist >>779382 Tiredlady spams the comments >>779581
>LJ follows a comment's advice and asked her million real Jeaniez to send her them following one of her tutorials or doing one of her looks for a feature in her video >>779890 One user takes her upon the challenge, complete with copious fallout >>780241
>LJ's very savvy brand manager found an account of a Portugese woman running for congress and thinks she's trying to kill him for having a non-English name >>780567
>Laur claims they will get really exciting news July 1!!! >>780754 (Nothing ever comes of this)
>Dees says her attorney is working to get Laur and LJ's youtube accounts terminated for false copystrike flags >>781031 She clarifies she is not suing Laur or issuing a restraining order >>781834
>Instead of actually donating new items, LJ uses 2 year old photos of her donating clothes and encourages Jeaniez to do so as well >>781173
>Many women in LJ's family have The Sight, including LJ herself >>781502 She wants to do more videos honing in on spirits, ghosts, demons, and more >>781632 Also Diane cursed Laur to stub her toe >>782054
>People find reviews for Laur's propmaster claims which are what you'd expect >>781829
>As Laur continues to spam the LJ hashtags, Twitter finally takes action and temporarily restricts her management account >>781995
>Lillee does another IG live, highlights here >>782069
>Lillee tries to dye her hair and manages to turn it dark red, then a brassy green after apparently not toning it correctly >>782204 and >>782954 and >>783072
>After accusing Dees of being her sister's murderer for a month, Laur begs Diane to leave her and LJ alone >>782533 and even pins such a request >>782588 then proceeds to spam her feed with instances of Dees calling them out for various things. Later she says she will continue to respond to Diane as long as Diane talks about her daughter >>784619
>Tiredlady seems to give up and says she will make a video with everything she knows before shutting down her Twitter account >>782868 She follows through with the deletion, at least >>783003
>Laur begs Diane for an interview on her channel >>784127 to "give her views" >>784170
>When the clip of Lillee telling Black people to shut the fuck up about slavery begins circulating again, LJ directs people to watch the full clip for context >>784138 possibly unaware that it makes her look even worse >>784204
>Lillee survived a whole year of being a victim and a lifetime of having tight pelvic walls >>784381
>Laur goes off on Tatiana for calling in a lawyer and defames the firm >>784392 Apparently the lawyer reaches out to Laur to tell her to stop tweeting about Tatiana, which she tells everyone by tweeting about Tatiana >>784521 Laur says she will apologize to anyone who actually comes to her with concerns, of which countless people have >>784542
#12 >Laur is harassing a talented cosplayer and trying to have her store closed on Etsy >> 793210
>Laur is harassing Tatiana's lawyer again >>793805 >Lillee is shaming another brand who dropped her: therabox >>787795 and "pillow bra" >>792063
>Lillee still looks like a 50 old hag with baby teeth >>793882

>Drama went dry on #13 and #14, however Lillee and Laur managed to be as obnoxious as usual. They moved again, probably freaking out from Tatiana's lawsuit, but also due to eviction >>797016 . LJ spend 500$ to be allowed to put her ugly pictures on Malvie magazine >>800166 and bragged about a silly Yahoo post >>795527 also paid: 150$.

>Lillee triggered all the "french anons of the universe" >>797778 with nonsense about her fake french roots and a very painfully ugly "french look" video >>798128 and managed to lose one real fan >>798297 while playing the victim again.
>Just before the locking of the #13 thread, LJ went on an epic crazy rage insulting everyone/wishing everyone's death by fire, decapitation or covid because some anons edited >>802011 her everipedia page (a website literally no one hear about before this event), video >>802042
In #14, Still upset and bitter about the everipedia edit and >>802296 and >>802568. Lillee made a new video >>802175 where she appears more crazy and delusional than ever (stating everyone is jealous of her in the middle of incomprehensible ramblings).

>Following the US election, Laur bragged about using another ID >>803336 because anons pointed out neither Laur, nor LJ nor Earl were found in the voter records in NYC >>803287

>Lillee was desperately trying to hidde she didn't vote while ordering others to do so >>803282
Leading FakeIDTinfoilS-Anons to come up with very interesting theories:
-LJ and Laur had allegedly left NYC and live now in Florida >>803917 Making sense as Laur's parents are from Florida >>797079
-They are also related to a mysterious Beckles Madina always showing on public records >>803747 who could be an alt for Eearl Trueman but living in Maryland and Florida >>803755 >>803907 >>803917 with the same path and moving way too much for honest people (see eviction-anons tinfoils).
-Laur might be a murderer >>804185 which would be why they might have left NYC. No one would be surprised if found true.
Lillee has mispellings on her name >>809155 but this is also the same name as Wolf's mother and Laur for some reasons thought it would be a great awesome choice >>809160
-Hence Laur has a crush on Wolf her alleged sister's murderer >>809178 starting 25 years ago, validated by several Anons.

>The most hilarious of the previous #14 is 1/the dump of Lillee in the Guardian scammy project >>807355 2/the fact that Laur got kicked by CyberDouche himself >>802691 and >>802722 for of course not paying the fees and is now harassing him >>806121 >>804662 because why not?

>Laur denied but was unable to show receipts >>802757 Lillee made an official statement about this >>802778 and made a pathetic live about "business strategy" aka whining about everything >>805035 and responds to 8 months old video for attention >>805669
>Laur and Lillee's accounts were suspended again >>803049 >>809407. Laur asked Archluminous to pay for her legal fees >>809048 >>809371
>From mid/end of december of this disastrous year, Lillee is spamming Tiktok with utmost Wtf videos >>806975 >>807393 >>807787 >>809681 >>809683
>Rachel, Laur's fake account "won" Lillee's giveaway >>809996 because it was products for old ladies and the fake bots don't need it anyway.
>Lillee has been dropped by RewardStyle >>808815 >>808778 and prentends she is the one stopping the collab because she wants to be free. Green hair >>807578 >>805542
>Lillee buys her own ugly merch >>803340 >>805446 >>807181 >>803346 >>803369
>Massive bans for Laur >>811510

Additional info: OP image from previous thread and contribution of Glorious-Art-Anons >>810423 >>810432 Quote from Lillee herself >>804170
Will the drama last forever or go down in flames?
Brace yourself for 2021.

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No. 811822

File: 1609367038850.jpg (32.76 KB, 642x233, recap.jpg)

She did a disturbing recap on Tiktok with baby pics of her.
I don't know how to put video here.

No. 811838

File: 1609371306635.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1551x2176, 76D7311C-5AD3-41EC-93E3-6C5353…)

She seriously thought this was ok to put up on TikTok. The shirt is see through and uh…

No. 811843

File: 1609372701458.jpeg (782.81 KB, 828x1463, FDF0BBB5-70AC-45B8-8153-84FE6A…)

She included this saggy ass look in her latest TikTok

No. 811853

How is it possible that her upper teeth look somewhat normal in this picture, but look 6ft apart as soon as she opens her mouth?

No. 811856

She pushes her tongue against her teeth and it fills in the gaps

No. 811858

i remember reading the first thread a year ago when she just became known for her antics. im sad to see she and her mother havent changed at all.

No. 811878

File: 1609383801683.png (4.02 MB, 750x1334, E03826F2-B6D4-42DD-82B9-34BAC8…)

>>me on my period face

No. 811879

File: 1609384444777.jpeg (256.09 KB, 750x738, D0AD887D-C605-4335-8A2D-488CDB…)

posted by diane on twitter

why isn’t twitter suspending all their accounts?

No. 811883

File: 1609385003035.jpeg (1.06 MB, 4096x2304, 885FAA13-FBA6-4ABE-90F6-84DD0A…)

More proof it's lillee's handwriting

No. 811885

>your hormones
lmfao what

No. 811886

Omg I’ve seen this card before but never saw the “Your king” at the bottom. How fucking cringy. No “diplomatic” man nearing his 30s would sign off like that kek

No. 811890

I had a big no1curr post regarding some seminars with a forensic handwriting seminars in college, but deleted it to avoid a ban. Plus it's junk science anyways. Luckily we aren't in a court of law and any tips I learned make me kek at the signs of this shit valentine being written by Laur. I'll spare you "analysis" anyone can see, but imagine talking about loving your daughter's hormones. Now! Many anons, due to LJ and Laur's illiteracy, argue they meant "pheromones" which is pretty sexual, but they're role playing as lovers anyways. But after all these threads of LJ's obsession with her periods, I think she meant hormones. Even more illiterate is that she meant mood swings. Someone get LJ to sex education. I don't think she knows the difference between a cervix and ovary at this point.

No. 811899

Both of tonight's tiktok outfits are extremely unflattering her body. The Barbie dress is cheap AF, and she looks like a 20 pounds of potatoes in a plastic walmart bag.

The outfit with the boots just makes her look like someone picked body parts from 3 different people and stuck them together. It makes her look extra chonky.

No. 811900

File: 1609391396291.jpg (344.63 KB, 2880x2880, 20201230_230339.jpg)

Forgot the picture and the website is being wonky for me, sorry!

No. 811910

That blue dress was extra uncomfortable to watch. Her toad body is so stuffed inside that small cheap dress that she can barely move and it looks like it’s bursting at the seams kek

No. 811911


Laur's unfortunate potato dumpling genes are really bearing down on Lillee quickly, and she's too lost in the attic princess fantasy to find an aesthetic that works for her actual body type. I can hear the seams on that blue dress screaming from here.

She really did peak in middle school, poor baby.

No. 811918

File: 1609397392271.jpeg (478.35 KB, 1125x1198, A8C7B731-1789-4045-BA43-592F2B…)

Seems like the trademark idea was brought up by a sock account months ago but they are only now latching onto it

No. 811928

Does anyone believe that Lillee Jean really did move due to being doxxed and harassed?

But I noticed she enjoys posing with a certain staircase (assuming it is in her house). And this staircase has been featured in a few recent Instagram pictures as well as in a few of her tiktoks going back to around April.

So would it be safe to assume that Laur and Lillee lied about having to move due to being doxxed and harrased.

No. 811950

It has already been said but Philippe isn't written with 2L. I know some people are pretty liberal with name spelling but in France no one would accept this spelling especially for a very common name.
The keks when they can't even bother to do the most basic spellcheck for Philippe the great king.

Flaps are ALWAYS closed. To the point I wonder if by day they live like this too.
Is it Laur claiming they have to hide from stalkers?
Because it looks they are squatting some places and they don't have authorization to be there.
It's really weird and unhealthy. What's going on in their house?

No. 811951

File: 1609411753581.png (532.31 KB, 599x724, Screenshot_7.png)

She finds a way to bring up Marie Antoinette once a month. It's the only history she knows.

No. 811952

File: 1609412239321.png (493.68 KB, 452x461, goblin.png)

This picture is just fuel to the tinfoil that Lillee is old. I don't know, there's just no way this picture is from the 2000s.

No. 811958

Am I missing something? Wtf does that have to do with Marie Antoinette?

No. 811962

It’s a $125 steak so most of the comments are “let them eat cake”. Lillee thinks she’s a modern day Marie Antoinette kek

No. 811963

I think she is 'defending' Marie Antoinette because people are equating the politician eating beef to Antionette ignoring the poor and living in luxury while whining let them eat cake.

I think Lillee sees Marie Antionette as her role model at this point kek

No. 811973

Wow Laur didn't age well at all! She looked so normal back then.
Lillee on other hand looks possessed by a drunk demon.
I agree the pic seems taken circa 1985, definitively not 2001.

I think it's super interesting Anon, I would like to know more. Don't worry about the no1care message system. Can you do an analysis of their handwriting?

No. 811981

Actually it's a pretty old fashioned name in France. Not a lot of men are named Philippe, except grandpas

No. 811999

Tbh I was thinking about that old tinfoil too. I don’t think she’s lying about her age, but that picture with the ugly wallpaper and Laur’s bad perm is so aggressively 80s. I would never have guessed it’s from 2001.

No. 812003

If i have to see one of you unfunny dullards post your FAS tinfoiling picture all snarky without commentary like you're the smartest little bitch on this website ONE more time i will rip your eyeballs out and grate them over my pasta and livestream it for charity for all the poor little retarded children with FAS because they do not deserve to be compared to every e-whore on the internet

No. 812004

how can this be 2001? maybe ‘90 at the very latest but 2001? too weird.

No. 812007

Alrighty, well it's not that interesting since it was forever ago and I only attended a few seminars with an expert. Most techniques are for forgery and comparative. You usually use exhaustive examples for comparison. If I truly wanted to see if Laur wrote this I'd need a lot more examples of her handwriting so this is simple educated guesses.

It's always important to look at the piece in parts like you would a well written paragraph. Your most careful efforts to change your handwriting will be at the beginning and end. The middle is where you get a bit lazy and slip up. "Your hormones, your laughter…" is distinctly different from the end and and beginning. It looks like someone who extensively writes in cursive and is distinctly different than the beginning, then starts gradually going back to the style it was in the beginning. It looks like someone who is comfortable with cursive trying to write in print with small habits of cursive. Everyone does this, but for a drastic change and reversion is indicative of someone trying to change style. The "of" is also a different type of writing compared to all the other f's. Because this is so lazy there's no point in looking at the minutia because no one's exact type of writing is being copied.

As I said, it's not worthwhile because we all know LJ or Laur wrote this but the heavy cursive makes me think it's Laur. Boomers wrote exclusively in cursive for most of their lives, especially women. Handwriting forensics is mosty junk science because everyone has odd styles of writing and I don't even think they were trying to disguise shit. Just trying to write it clearer and fucked it up in the middle. I mean this was the time when they were still insisting LJ had a collection with bite beauty?

No. 812011

It's also likely that the flower shop wrote the card, especially if it was delivered to her.

No. 812014

They wrote "Your King" in a place you can barely see it with terrible handwriting? Anytime I've gotten local flowers, the message is digitally printed. Doubtful, but maybe the flower shop was this ghetto?

No. 812020

Queens actually has a lot of small (cheap) flower shops, it wouldn’t shock me if many of them hand wrote their cards. Either way, it’s pretty clear Lillee picked out the words since no one talks like that.

No. 812029

LMAO, handwriting anon is interesting but she downright outed herself with her sloppy spelling
Phillip = english spelling
Philippe = french spelling
and this supposed boyfriend writes his own name "Phillippe"… which would be pronounced feeyeep…
who would have known, guess she has no bf

No. 812040

So if philippe does exist, he's as retarded as she is
"your hormones"

No. 812102

11:30 EST is Lillee's NYE Insta live. I'm hoping for a repeat of her birthday live.

No. 812118


Anon, pls screen record it for posterity.

No. 812143

It's really boring so far. She's splitting screens with Indian guys that all have poor connections.

No. 812145

She's talking about Diane now! Some guy is egging her on about the cyber boolies.

No. 812152

I’m uploading it to YouTube right now, should be up within the next hour if anyone’s interested in watching it, just search for lillee Jean New Years instagram live
Not really interesting at all, but I managed to catch her viewers shooting up from 30 to 600 then over 1000, as if her viewbotting wasn’t already obvious

If she has so many “fans” I wonder why only Indian men were commenting and joining lmao

No. 812154

She was asked about her boyfriend and replied saucily that people were just looking for drama, and it was none of anyone's business. I wanted to learn more about her imaginary bf. :((:()

No. 812162

Around @16:30 she was asking if a woman in the background was his ‘mate’. While putting her fingers together. Big yikes

No. 812168

File: 1609480423895.jpg (208.13 KB, 1152x2048, ugly anusmouth.jpg)

link? summary? c'mon anons not everyone use instagram

No. 812171

Short ass summary:
LJ talks about overcoming bullies blah blah, same old.
She starts taking people to chat with- most are guys from India most likely just want to practice their English, LJ doesn’t grasp that they are ESL and is confused. Once they start to respond she says goodbye.
She told another person to stop asking about pedo bf.
She got that one model lady she did a stream with to c9me on.
Had a 9 year child come on to say hi and bye.
Really only the blatant racism against
foreigners is worth noting so 40 min in.

No. 812172

File: 1609480912057.jpeg (248.3 KB, 1226x1542, EE779303-F5E8-453B-9083-79E587…)

They tried taking down another video but Youtube wasn’t having it. This is from Daniel Pizarro

No. 812187

They know that this falls under fair use - that’s why Lillee and Laur say that their videos are being used in the entire video rather than time stamping the video. Do they not know that these videos are reviewed?

No. 812191


I watched the video and the video does include moments where the speaker is talking without LJ's work being shown (not even a picture of her flabby face).
The "entire video" part shows what a lazy fuck she is. And she still doesn't understand fair use and copywrite. I guess this is what happens when you don't develop critical thinking skills at school or home. I'm 99% this is fetal alcohol syndrome affecting her cognitive skills.

No. 812282

File: 1609509109135.png (3.24 MB, 750x1334, EDA68EDD-A267-40F7-9917-3DA557…)


-Lillee adds a bunch of random men. Seems confused about it being daylight in India & already New Year’s Day.

-Lillee’s visibly irritated most of the livestream because none of her engagement pod friends are joining, only random Indian men.

-She repeatedly calls her pod friends bitches. She may have been using it as term of endearment but it comes off catty.

-picks up stuff with her feet and shows her feet.

-wearing the infamous black & red pj pants

-Her and Laur talk shit about some guy who won’t join because he’s in an Uber.

-After midnight, Lillee unzips her shirt. Fake happy cries. Adjusts her boobs on camera before adding people.

-Laur asks Lillee if she remembers a bomb threat at school. At first Lillee doesn’t remember anything but then tells a vague story. In the chat, Laur says “no the time I ran in after you”. (Paraphrasing but it’s a really weird exchange)

-She adds a group of Indian men who are loudly laughing at her and then asks Laur if they were masturbating together in a circle.

This was really hard to get through. Her energy is chaotic and unsettling.

No. 812289

Is the video up yet? Her igtv is missing some audio and is kind of unwatchable

No. 812308

Maybe I’ve been watching these cows for too long but does anyone else notice Lillee skinwalking Diane? Her new glasses are Walmart clones of Diane’s. She’s wearing red lipstick. Even Lillee’s mannerisms seemed like exaggerated versions of Diane’s quirky behavior.

No. 812311

It's not just you anon, I think it is something Lillee does on purpose. When they were having beef with Sonia, Lillee started doing make up looks that were direct copies of looks Sonia had posted on twitter, and when a big ASMR channel commented on one of her videos and critiqued her after having seen priminks video she started doing ASMR as well.

No. 812318

She’s looks so much like laur here, they’re both have such masculine faces.

No. 812334

having some trouble uploading, YouTube’s going real fuckin slow but it’s still going

No. 812344


It's because they both have jaws that are wider than their foreheads. That's why Laur looks like Kitty Litter Danzig.

No. 812355

File: 1609532395313.jpg (241.75 KB, 1152x2048, EqmjBQqXYAI-xPr.jpg)

From her twitter.

No. 812356

File: 1609532518793.jpeg (888.96 KB, 828x1483, 61FE0D43-5209-452C-89A2-7C8DA9…)

No. 812375

She needs to skip the knee high/OTK boots, they compact her small dumpy frame even more than it already looks.

I’ve thought this every time I see her wearing long boots. She needs something shorter and with more of a heel to elongate her stumps. Long boots isn’t doing it.

No. 812376

File: 1609537717222.png (1.24 MB, 1083x645, viewers.png)

videos been posted.
shes starts tapping away on her ipad then when she looks back up her viewers have jumped from 50 to 600, then later on to 1000
big fucking yikes, lillee.

No. 812378

She was definitely texting Laur asking where their bought views were.

No. 812379

Oh god this is so embarrassing. It’s like she’s trying to look all ~quirky and casual teehee I don’t dress up~ but completely misses the mark.

No. 812380

why lillee is so horny on all her lives? so weird also lol >>812376 i notice this too this dumb bitch.
She is young why she doesn't have a hobby idk like gaming,watching streamers,listen to kpop somewhere where she can be in a fandom SOMETHING LILLEE DO SOMETHING.

No. 812399

She binge watches cartoons meant for preschoolers

No. 812412

It’s those hormones Pheepy loves so much

No. 812527


I don't even know why they bother. 1000 views versus 50 is literally no different with the fact that she has 1mil followers on Instagram. They're both grossly low numbers. It makes me laugh to see her waste her money, but it's completely useless, and it's mind-boggling she thinks the 950 jump in viewers makes her look authentic in any way.

No. 812528

Her energy straight up gives me tweaker vibes. She's acting like she's on crack.

No. 812535

Some anons were wondering if Laur was buying the fake engagement without LJ knowing about this.
That's proof she is 100% aware about the fake followers and just being a huge hypocrite about this.
This and the fact nobody sign her middle school year book and Laur had to pretend she was LJ's classmates, fake fans, fake boyfriend, fake gay BFF…
Gosh that level of sad!

No. 812546

File: 1609598249097.jpeg (491.69 KB, 828x1334, 9A00D8FE-6772-4726-B2FB-D7D715…)

No. 812547

…At least she's actually dressed? Damn, the standards are low for Lillee

No. 812549

File: 1609599030940.jpeg (504.91 KB, 750x902, C9A301EE-CB44-4F65-A99C-346AB3…)

What’s going on here?

No. 812553

Too tight underwear under worn out jeans that are too tight and made of a thin/stretchy material.

No. 812564

This is so unbelievably unflattering for her. She looks about two feet tall with short arms. No idea what she was thinking.

No. 812574

hobbit thot, circa 2008

No. 812586

She's so stubby. I'm only 5'2 and it looks like I'd tower over this bitch.

No. 812592

She’s 4’9” so you’re not wrong

No. 812595

Exactly. 1,000 viewers is an extremely low number for the amount of followers she has.

No. 812606

Laur should be 34 in that picture but she looks way younger.
I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was a Natalia Grace Barnett alike case (the 33 years old mentally ill dwarf who pretended to be a kid). With Laur being fully involved in the scam.

No. 812619

File: 1609619765696.jpeg (838.55 KB, 828x1241, EB97E73D-5AD6-4592-9AE1-4B261F…)

This poor dress

No. 812630

And they're gonna return it with seams ripped, soda stains, and Cheetto dust.

No. 812637

The thing that gets me, is why?
Why fake having a glamorous life and a bunch of followers when at the end of the day it won’t feel fulfilling in the slightest? They know they’re not making something out of themselves by faking Lillees entire life. I don’t understand what’s to gain.

No. 812646

File: 1609624424355.jpeg (107.27 KB, 573x455, B1B03EC3-908D-4EB5-920D-A93D6A…)

YouTube’s vetting Lillee’s subs again.

No. 812647

She wants to look legitimate for companies only. Her dream was to create a makeup company or collab with one, similar to RBK

No. 812650

Her and her mom are actual retards that think faking followers will eventually net lillee a beauty guru career. In one of the hour long videos laur posted she said that lillee was only a couple years out from having jefree star or James Charles level of success on YouTube.

No. 812655

Shes trying to do instagram baddie slim thicc angles but it doesnt work cause she has the aesthetic and taste of an 11 year old girl who shops primarily at justice and old navy.

I honestly dont even think her body is that bad, but her content, personality and aesthetic is so immature and childlike that it just feels wrong when she tries to pose sexy lol.

No. 812729

I have a theory that it's all to "stick it to the haters". I know she did the faking long before she got caught, so I agree with >>812647 that it was originally a facade for companies. But now, with all the videos and articles about her that are completely negative and any brand that takes 5 minutes to research her will avoid her, she's just doing this to see if she'll break through and "fake it till she makes it" just to try and show everyone how wrong we are.

No. 812730

I don't think she has a necessarily bad body either. If she worked with clothes and angles correctly, she could just be a little short thicc lady, which is fine. My biggest issue is her hair and makeup make her look like a 40 year old from a trailer park that finally got dolled up for the local Olive Garden. And of course the clothes she chooses don't help at all, they contribute to her looking old.

No. 812734

Lmao, I have these exact boots in blue, and they're cute af… when you're 5'11. Someone else said she needs shorter boots with heels and it's true. She always looks so… oompa loompa-ish.

No. 812735

it'd help if she got clothes truer to her size, but she's always squeezing into clothes that are clearly too small for her. i agree she has a decent body, but the way she dresses always squashes down her chest and shows where she's carrying extra weight elsewhere. and esp when she's already so short she really shouldnt be doing anything that masks what curves she does have. makes her look 12

No. 812774

File: 1609678972126.png (616.16 KB, 618x640, an attempt.png)

Lillee seems to have lurked here enough to actually pay attention to fallout
Her newest video isn't very milky though, just very bland and the same childish voice

No. 812778

File: 1609679631051.jpeg (427.36 KB, 1818x1818, 421690A6-1D8F-4943-963B-5C429C…)

Found this comment on Daniel’s video. Brands know their shit is fake.

No. 812810

Yeah anyone with any sort of social media experience in any capacity could see that her engagement was ridiculously low. At the time, all of her responses were her ridiculous sock accounts and maybe some pradips. Also, the Bite Beauty collab was a dead giveaway, because she posted the video of it obviously showing she was at the Bite lab where anyone can create their own shades, but everyone knows this by now. The issue was these brands weren't doing legitimate research or looking at overall stats/credentials, they were just looking at "Oh 1mil, okay I'll get some PR off this", not even realizing it MAY reach 1000 people.

No. 812822

File: 1609696554923.jpeg (227.32 KB, 827x1485, F719CDE5-C7E5-45DB-92E0-FD59E4…)

Is she pretending to read Russian now?

No. 812823

File: 1609696678205.jpeg (1015.25 KB, 828x1540, C9C512A9-D8D4-48EB-AF76-7B39C3…)

Why is Lillee liking photos of people not wearing masks or social distancing in a country that’s ravaged by covid?

No. 812835

lol bet she only like it cuz of those half naked mens

No. 812836

File: 1609700190394.jpeg (270.53 KB, 828x1186, 4CAB93D1-6AC8-4CE4-A995-1A8226…)

No. 812837

Kek she couldn't get any guy to agree to her sucking their dick if she begged. With those shark teeth? Fuck that.

No. 812841

why is this still used as an insult like scrotes arent the most desperate thirsty things alive

No. 812845

Anon >>811655 called this 4 days ago kek

No. 812867

File: 1609708504571.jpeg (48.91 KB, 828x452, 3A67965A-6B6C-470F-8E26-4BD22E…)


No. 812893

Probably from the engagement pod, in that case she has to post

No. 812970


New Pheepy is a vaguely Eastern European chad who wants Lilee to be his wife instead of a pussy French Diplomat

i mean, her and laur are already larping that Lilee is a "blue-eyed blond beauty" so why not just follow that to the logical conclusion

No. 812981

The account that sent her this us an empty account made in July. Do you think Lillee is sending herself death threats to further the boolied narrative?

No. 812989

Absolutely. These messages make no sense otherwise. Why would some random be personally offended by her buying followers to the point of sending death threats? The added spelling errors are laughable too.

No. 813035

File: 1609736950956.jpg (220.23 KB, 1080x1594, Screenshot_20210103-220808_Sky…)

The website places her as #5 and says "L​illee Jean @lilleejean is an actor who has jumped full speed into the world of social media with her passion for beauty and skincare."

Actor is new and here's her bio on a site literally anyone can make an account on.

No. 813054

That's literally Indian Yahoo omg KEK

No. 813066

File: 1609745752903.png (454.99 KB, 590x588, 1553468801-ScreenShot2019-02-1…)

Is this photoshopped? found on the castingt site, the lighting looks so off.

No. 813069

File: 1609746672260.jpg (39.04 KB, 480x721, ashley-graham-revlon-dress-151…)

I'm almost certain it's shopped. That event happened at night and the spacing between words seems to be off. But idk…

She probably stretched and lightened this picture. Whilst putting her body over Ashley Graham's.

No. 813070

samefag but look at the bottom of the wall in LJ vs the pic I attached. Totally different.

No. 813074

Shes just…so lame, but I'm honestly impressed the lengths she goes to embarrass herself.

No. 813075

i doubt its photo shopped as there are other photos of her at the event

No. 813077

File: 1609748104130.png (1.62 MB, 1197x583, 24323.png)


Yeah I'm pretty sure she was there.

No. 813078

It was a social rally so I think the event was open to the public

No. 813086

Why do i get the feeling shes never been to an actual salon before besides the ones they have at walmart

No. 813117


This has been discussed before, but you can get a yahoo article about you for about $150. All these 9 "top influencers" are in the same engagement pod, so they most likely banned together and spent roughly 17 dollars each on this shitty piece of journalism.

No. 813128

File: 1609762288580.jpeg (64.81 KB, 600x290, hatchet-face.jpeg)

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 813129

File: 1609763015024.jpg (789.11 KB, 1320x925, right.jpg)

I'll take your word for it.

No. 813138

She was there, anon. Right after this event Lillee started shit talking Revlon. It’s tinfoiled this is the event they were escorted out of by security.

No. 813139

She looks like someone who grew up in a Romanian village and was asked to dress up for an event

No. 813153

File: 1609773000421.jpg (34 KB, 414x250, revlon.jpg)

This has been commented before. She was at some Revlon public event.
Then LJ harassed Revlon for free products.
Note Laur-Elyse was working with Revlon but we all know LJ has no shame.
LJ has been obnoxious to the point they sent a C&D to her and probably kicked her out at the event. She didn't handle it very well and called the office manager.
Here's a summary of how awesome it must have been. I so wish they would have recorded this.

No. 813164

She looks so bad. A fat Ukrainian housewife from the 1800s with that bad, I styled hair, horrendous hair and Ross Dress for less clearance outfit

No. 813165

Wait what’s the tea on them being escorted out?? I’ve been following this from the start but never heard of this before

No. 813166

Nah this is the lawyer laur was faking a relationship with I’m pretty sure when she filed those hilarious ethics complaints against Nick Rekeita. Notice the word “paras” which prob means paralegals

No. 813175


I’m pretty sure it was addressed in the first thread. It was in the OG reddit thread. A redditor said they worked for a brand which invited LJ to an event. Lillee and Laur kept promoting the brands event as a meet & greet. The brand told them to stop but they continued until the brand had security escort them out of the event.

No. 813176

Brands have legal departments too.

No. 813183

They've been banned from Uber, what do you expect?

No. 813262

The Uber thing was super cringe. For anyone not aware, if I recall correctly, the goblins were traveling from Queens to Manhattan for a Drunk Elephant event, and the driver had to stop for gas. Laur proceeded to have an abusive tantrum in the car. Then followed it up with an abusive tantrum to Uber phone/email support. And Uber noped out. There might have been previous abusive incidents. Does anyone know?

No. 813273

File: 1609791715610.jpg (268.97 KB, 2880x2880, 20210104_140615.jpg)

The uber thing also had something to do with a coupon code/voucher Laur had not working. That was back when Laur would hashtag twitterarmy and NYCArmy trying to get people to attack on her behalf. A year and a half later, Laur's still trying to get free shit and other people to gang up to get her way. For someone who likes to play victim to mob mentality, she was doing it way before anyone gave a shit about Lillee Jean.

I was rewatching the Drunk Elephant vlog, and Lillee literally brought dolls to the hotel with her for an overnight (maybe 2 nights) trip that is across the bridge from her hovel. She refers to the Ken doll as her boyfriend. She also "accidently" almost flashes the camera while spinning in a robe in the bathroom, does the Marilyn Monroe "oppsie" pose, and puts it in anyways.

Lillee Jean is a 19 coming up on 20 year old woman, but the way she acts so immature makes her seem like she's 14 or 15 and it makes her attempts at sex appeal feel so dirty and wrong. She comes off a 13 year old that just started humping her pillow and thinks a hickey is a badge of honor.

No. 813275

this makes me extremely uncomfortable, laur spend money on her therapy not on buying her youtube views. It's so uncomfortably gypsy rose

No. 813305

File: 1609794509250.jpeg (165.8 KB, 723x565, 4F479F51-4783-4883-9416-A739F0…)

Found this comment on a YouTube video and honestly never thought of it this way until now

No. 813314

Oh wow. I hadn't thought of that either but it makes total sense and explains why she made up Pheepy and thinks it's ok for adults to date teenagers "as long as it's not reported". Gross.

No. 813318

How fucking newfags are you to think this is a unique take on the situation? Some random anon YT comment isn't milk retard. Don't post it, and if your galaxy brain thinks this is such a hot take that you just have to enlighten us with, at least sage. The grooming weirdness has been discussed since first thread.

No. 813320

Lol remember that speculation that Laur was pimping out Lillee to get money? People were wondering how she filed for bankruptcy and are still buying loads of followers, and someone pointed out that if you escort/prostitute you don't claim your money from that lmfao. Good times

No. 813331

I don’t think this goblin is getting any dick. What’s more likely is this family of generational pedophiles and perverts groomed her as a perfect target. I suspect that there is way more than emotional incest going on between laur and LJ.

No. 813332

Agree completely. She goes off about how she has a good relationship with her mom and she feels sorry for us because apparently we don't. My mom is my absolute best friend, and I act nowhere near as weird with my mom as she does. They act downright fucking creepy.

No. 813341

File: 1609799535264.jpeg (131.59 KB, 828x585, 83929FBA-AE7C-479F-846F-01A1B2…)

Laur was really going off yesterday

No. 813369

I wouldn't be surprised if Laur and LJ take their bath together

No. 813370

File: 1609805205768.jpeg (468.02 KB, 668x1027, 6822C42A-3A26-47EF-A636-EDDE31…)

You can park a car between these tits

No. 813375

God those lashes aren’t put on properly at all it looks awful

No. 813385

File: 1609809836458.jpg (499.47 KB, 1043x1995, Screenshot_20210104-192106_You…)

Nok has a "Feed The Trolls" series and he published one yesterday for Laur, Lillee, and Earl. I'm sure Laur is having an absolute meltdown and acting like he's saying he wants to kill and eat them, even as the meal he prepared probably cost more than their weekly wood budget.

No. 813432

THIS IS KILLING ME OMG LMAOOO yeah this girl will never give a blowjob in her life

No. 813464

Anon, the only real people who even talk to LJ are horny Indian guys. There are plenty of men with low enough standards for LJ.

No. 813481

File: 1609863649116.jpeg (577.04 KB, 828x1403, 12BA5147-06D0-4922-A8BC-29554A…)

Lazy cunt

No. 813487


what is she even setting an alarm for? the only thing she does all day is film zero-effort tiktoks in dirty pjs and spend 20 minutes talking rambling nonsense into a camera while she smears on the same boring makeup. i'm convinced that spamming emojis for her multiple engagement pods is what takes up most of her time every day.

No. 813511

I agree, anon. These 2 boomers probably waste 10+ hours a day replying to comments when there are programs that do it for you. In Laur’s defense, most of these programs are referred to as chatbots so she probably thinks Diane is trying to hack her.

No. 813524

File: 1609876124780.jpeg (639.38 KB, 1536x2048, BD0EC82C-9191-4D8F-95EE-728B32…)

No. 813530

File: 1609876990410.jpg (582.2 KB, 1080x2129, Screenshot_20210105-140056_Chr…)

It is significantly better than her artwork from 2 years ago. It's completely on par with what one would expect from a middleschool art student. Which, with Lillee Jean, is as much as you can expect for her to achieve in any aspect of her life.

No. 813547

File: 1609878399735.jpeg (178.3 KB, 750x979, 8BDB2570-03EA-4507-A934-B074EF…)

I noticed on her most recent IG photo numerous replies from Lillee on one comment. I did what any sane person would do and counted how many comments were left by Lillee, not her sock accounts, just Lillee. Out of 2600 comments, 700 are Lillee.

No. 813550

thank you for sacrificing your sanity for that

No. 813566

Lol anon you have more patience than me but thank you for your service. It's so cringe, imagine sending out like a thousand heart emojis every day

No. 813568

I have noticed that when Lillee Jean pops up on my Instagram search/for you page, it is always from her LilleeJeanBeaute page, never from her actual page. I wonder if instagram is suppressing her main account?

No. 813570

Jfc. I spend a lot of time on my computer and social media, like a fuck ton, and that would make me want to die at how tedious that looks. I get so lazy that after about an hour of posting something, I stop responding to people lmfao. I guess maybe if it was my "job" it would be different, but I don't want to call this a job for her either, it's just a sad waste of time.

No. 813577

I'm surprised Instagram's algorithm doesn't pick these comments up as spam. I just scrolled through 2,800 comments on her post from 3 days ago and noticed that she responded to every single comment (except maybe like 4 of them she probably hadn't gotten to yet) at least 1-3 and up to 6 times. Meaning the more than half of the comments on that post are from her. Her posts are still appearing under her hashtags though, so she hasn't been shadowbanned or anything.

No. 813590

Also a large number of accounts she replies to are admittedly run by her and her mom who comment several times from the jeanies management, alwayslooking4talent, truetiques, Diamondtiques, laur trueman, Lillee beauty (or whatever the account is called), and I believe there may even be an account for earl too. Plus the sock accounts that they run (James Dee has made a comeback recently). The amount of effort put into the scam should have been put into getting an education and actually working on improving her makeup skills.

No. 813591

it's always amazing to me when i see stupid lazy people working ten times as hard for the "easy" way out than they'd work doing it the right way. lillee could dedicate her time to improving her "skills" and building a real following. instead, she's focused on trying to trick people into just giving her that acclaim instead. she thinks she's so entitled on unearned acclaimed that she can't be assed to just…earn it.

No. 813600

Laur and Lillee don't see the engagement pods as a scam. Laur, in one of her rants, said theat being in an engagement pod is a "privilege". I've noticed a reoccurring trend with the dynamic duo. If someone they "trust"(aka someone is nice to them and tells them that the trolls are mean and lillee is deserving of praise) tells them something is beneficial to Lillee's career, they believe it and follow it whole heartedly. The same thing happened with the everpedia page. Lillee has said multiple times an everpedia page "eventually leads to a Wikipedia page". Rossow, bitcoin enthusiast that he is, convinced them to get her a page and that it was basically the same thing. Even as everyone else pointed and laughed that she'd been scammed. I think that was a large catalyst for the fallout with Rossow.

They are desperate, and anyone who "hears" them can manipulate them.

No. 813606

I would be curious how many unique accounts made the comments. A quick glance at Lillee’s last post shows that there are accounts posting at least 10 times.

No. 813619

File: 1609899000993.jpeg (110.13 KB, 944x1020, 3F549C16-6F3B-40F1-83DE-6F8A6B…)

>>more girth below

No. 813620


usually i am able to decipher truemanese but i am truly baffled with "far more girth below."
someone must have said it in a movie. unless lillee does have a penis kek

No. 813622

Again, they always get so mad when people don't have their face as their profile picture because they can't try and doxx them.

No. 813627

File: 1609900176410.jpeg (913.79 KB, 828x1721, 08112E0D-A7F3-4B36-9A8A-42D829…)


No. 813628

File: 1609900407307.png (38.07 KB, 379x444, Screenshot 2021-01-05 213321.p…)

Ummmm that 1.7mil in one day doesn't look suspicious at all…

No. 813629

our queen outdoes herself! this is the funniest thing to happen in weeks

No. 813630


AMAZING. BRILLIANT. I guess we know how Laur, Lillee, and Diamond Earl spent their stimulus money. What a fucking waste.

How is she going to explain more than doubling her already-dubious follower count overnight without having gone viral on any platform? Her most recent post to IG still has the same number of (fake) likes and comments as all the previous ones, so 1.7MM people followed her without engaging with any of her posts?

No. 813633

Don’t be silly anon, clearly being published in such a prestigious article as yahoo India’s top 9 influencers to watch has skyrocketed our dear Lillee further towards her goal of worldwide fame. 1.7 million is a perfectly natural number to pop up out of literally nowhere

No. 813643

Alright anons, place your bets, what do you think she'll blame this on?
The Indian article like >>813633 says?
A glitch in the system?
She organically earned these somehow?
Ignores it completely?

No. 813646

Oops, she's back down to 1 mill. I checked on two devices to be sure.

No. 813649

It's still showing it on social blade. Can't wait for her to be called out.

No. 813652

Holy shit lol. I wonder how much they spent on that many followers?

No. 813655

Kek. I hope Instagram immediately caught the influx of bots and purged them all. Way to waste your money, Truemans

No. 813691

1.7 mil subs would cost around $10k. I highly doubt the Truemans have that kind of disposable income.

No. 813713

On Twitter, if your account is suspended your follower count falls to zero. My guess is Lillee used her stimmy to buy 500k followers, the influx of followers caused Instagram to disable her account, she somehow got it back and we’re seeing the aftermath.

No. 813719

They are buying followers this week but not to that extent. This was definitely a very funny glitch that could’ve potentially restricted her account

No. 813725

File: 1609941062666.jpeg (305.6 KB, 750x1161, 87C53FD1-4D92-4CE3-9D18-1A4EC9…)

all her new followers look like this

No. 813730

Her followers have always looked pretty close to that. I remember checking them out when this whole saga first started and the names were all formatted in this way and with weird, pixelated profile pics. It's why I found it completely absurd that she was trying to say they were real. Unfortunately all the big call out YT videos wanted to talk about was the Met Gala photo.

No. 813739

Anon, 100% of the Trueman incomes come from revolving credits & scams. They just had to open another subprime loan in a fishy bank not so smart with background check.
They've been doing this for years, this and the Antique business-scam. To the point I suspect Earl spinnal's injury to be insurance fraud.
And once they're close to the termination date and repayement, they go bankrupt et voilà!

Keks at their laziness: same profile pictures every 4 account.

No. 813747

jackie cox?

No. 813758

So sorry anon, may I have the milk of them opening another loan recently with a bank that doesn't do background checks, that's hilarious, but I missed it somewhere

No. 813759

>I suspect Earl spinnal's injury to be insurance fraud.
I thought that too. Laur had her sperg out with Geico a while ago for not giving her insurance money from some accident, just seems like bullshit. They’re 100% the type of people to exaggerate every illness and try to sue for everything. I really doubt any of them are disabled.

No. 813761


A lot of people suspect that's why they constantly move as well. They can no longer afford to pay for their place, so get kicked out. But they blame it on being stalked when no one actually gives a single shit about them.

No. 813765

> I really doubt any of them are disabled
Pretty sure Laur has some mental illness. Nobody in their mind would do what she does. As for LJ, pretty sure she is mentally retard. She acts like a 12 years old

No. 813771

I think they're probably all disabled in an informal, undiagnosed way, in that they are all absolutely batshit and clearly couldn't work to earn their keep in any kind of normal setting. LJ would cry and get her mom to help her quit on her first day, and Laur would attempt to steal the till and blame it on an imaginary burglar.

There's definitely what seems to be some kind of weird inherited dysfunction on both sides of LJ's family. LJ is completely like certain types of people who can only be born out of a couple of generations of fuck-uperry.

No. 813787

Still waiting for them to delete 99% of that other million though lol

No. 813788

File: 1609956637681.jpg (276.48 KB, 746x392, credit history.jpg)

Exaclty, they have the same pattern for years with moving and budgeting.

It's all good Anon. I don't have hard evidence.
I just looked at their bankruptcy files that is public. I have tried to make it more readable:

Green: Governement/Justice dept etc

Blue: Attorney or legal
David J. Doyaga was Laur's attorney. He has a new website.
Others are legal dept from the banks.

Red: Banks Laur and Earl owe money to.
As you can see, they didn't borrowed from just one bank. All banks listed seem shady and some don't exist anymore.
Examples: Accion bank for those who did not meet requirements for traditional financing (such as bank loans).
JH Capital Group offers end-to-end solutions to customers at every stage of the distressed credit cycle, from default to rehabilitation. (don't exist anymore)

Side note: I'm nt sure if 100% their debts we cancelled or frozen.
Their credit history would make them unable to borrow money unless it's all on Lillee's name.
(or Beckles Medina keks still not done with that tinfoil)

No. 813789

Woah, anon, this is fucking awesome. Thank you so much for this.

No. 813801

Whoa fucking grim. I’d feel bad for them if they weren’t such garbage people. LJ’s credit will be tanked by age 25

No. 813805

By which time I bet they try to get LJ to have a kid whose social security number they can use to open new credit cards…

No. 813812


Too bad Pheepy has such an extremely low sperm count.

No. 813826

they can do a green-card arranged marriage with one of the Indian guys kek

No. 813832

File: 1609976007766.jpeg (285.44 KB, 828x750, C8ED8C8F-E016-4B2E-86E6-599F2B…)

No. 813840

Is she unaware that throughout all of history people have behaved like this or..
This isn't a monolith.

No. 813842

>>813840 That’s a pretty normal reaction to what happened today. America is over 200 years old, and something like that has never happened here.

And I am sure it’s unsettling when it happens anywhere. Most of us aren’t going, “Oh well. This happened in France 100 years ago. I guess that’s just how humans roll.”

No. 813843


This is the pretty standard reaction right now, anon. Now, I will admit, Lillee is so out of touch with reality and stuck in her attic bubble, that I highly doubt she's truly shaken and horrified. She tends to capitalize on things that happen to scrounge up some supporters. This sounds like some PR bullshit that she's trying to drum up to sound relatable.

No. 813846

Please, I'm begging for an LJ season of 90 day fiance.

No. 813867

I mean, there was a whole Civil War, but go off.

No. 813897

girl same!

if lilz can't deal with haters now, wait until she has millions of reality tv fans throwing her shade on the weekly

No. 813926

File: 1610005625617.png (42.6 KB, 379x541, Screenshot 2021-01-07 024611.p…)

Forgive me if I don't really understand how Social Blade works, but they removed 1-05 (Jan 5th), and Jan 6th still has a suspiciously high number of 9k new followers. Not sure if that's a linger from the 1.7mil or if she bought more today in a smaller number to make it seem more authentic

No. 813937

Anyone here into banking can confirm it's possible to get several loans before 21 in US?

I know about the tinfoils that Laur lied about Lillee's age for the credit card, that's why she showed 40 on public records, BUT how comes banks didn't ask for ID/Age confirmation through any valid ID document? Is there any credit history check for borrowers below 21, are they really that incompetent?

Did they got her a student loan instead? That would be top keks ironic.

No. 813957

People can get student loans so it’s a possibility I guess. Financial aid fraud happens all the time with students at university where they’ll take out more money than is needed to pay for classes. It’s an extremely short term solution because most reputable universities will place a hold on a student’s account that prevents them from registering if they’re found to be doing this sort of thing since the university would risk losing federal funds if they are found to enable these actions. Key here being reputable university, it’s possible to enroll in a shitty online school that doesn’t care about this sort of thing. (I work in higher education so I have seen students try to do this and it’s idiotic because as soon as they are found out, they can’t take classes anymore and they’re loans have such high interest that they owe a ton more than they got to begin with. I’m not sure if LJ and Laur are even doing this as we’ve seen no evidence, but even the dumbest students do this so it’s not hard. Usually it is the dumb ones who are looking for a quick buck. Sorry for the sperg.)

No. 813969


I don't know about banking but you only have to be 18 to get a payday loan in Florida. I say Florida because it's illegal in New York and there were a bunch of records for the Truemans in Florida. This would not show up on their credit, only a collections agency working on behalf of the lender would.
In Florida you can only have 1 installment loan up to $1000 at a time, its kept track in a database, however I have no idea how accurate the database is (whether it would pick up alt spellings like Trueman vs Truman or Lillee vs Lillee Jean) so I don't know if it would be easy to manipulate. This database is also fairly new within the past couple years. In any case there are at least 4 possible loans up to $1000 each if you include Beckles Medina. You also don't have to be a resident in Florida, you only have to "think about" moving there, and some places only require a paystub which is painfully easy to fake.
On top of that it is against the law for payday lenders to pursue legal action on those who don't pay in Florida. I do not think it would be difficult for the Truemans to walk away with at least $4000. And that's only through legitimate lenders and only in Florida!
My tinfoil is a bunch of shady lenders and lots and lots of fraud.

No. 814219

File: 1610126058536.png (3.44 MB, 828x2489, 09BED4CC-C224-47C6-AB2B-783E34…)

No. 814227

File: 1610128123360.jpeg (119.82 KB, 736x1448, 652F975D-3AA5-4BBB-AC99-A0AC6F…)

Her arms too fat for it to fit properly kek

No. 814229

she looks 40 this is just tragic

No. 814231

what she couldnt use some darker brown eyeshadow and filled in her brows more? nothing about this looks like gal galdot outside the red lipstic. the bracer makes me sad

No. 814239

File: 1610134613417.jpg (132.15 KB, 1627x1080, Screenshot_20210108-133510_You…)

Her hair is 100% dry in thos btw, not wet or damp

No. 814241

“I’m not brunette, I’m a blonde!!!!!” kek

No. 814242

Wow Lillee your dark caramel blonde roots sure are coming in nicely

No. 814243

why she even bother omg>>814227

No. 814246


LOL them roots, gurl.

Also, could just be the cut of her shirt and how it is hanging (is it Earl's?) but Little Miss Petite is looking very broad, very STRONK

No. 814250

God, she should just shave it all off and start over. Or, hell, at least visit a salon and get someone qualified to attempt making it a little better?

No. 814254


She doesn't look like Gal Galdot, she's wearing the costume shirt from the Audrey Hepburn sleep shirt from Breakfast at Tiffany's, she's wearing a wig Annnd those cuffs are cheap and made for a child…but honestly? She looks pretty. This color suits her so well, and the darker brows do as well. Lillee will never rate as rare beauty, but rarely, she can be beautiful every once in a while in a moment. The full shot of any of these is a disaster, but the head shot is fine.


She needs to embrace the "dark side", she looks SO much better with a darker color and not the mold covered brass she's been trying to pass as golden blonde.

No. 814255

She edits to high hell though lol that’s NOT how she looks in the actual video. Plus, the moment she open that mouth we see piss yellow shark teeth so no thank you. Beautiful my ass. Not with that toad body, crusty makeup and hatchet face mug

No. 814263

File: 1610145168742.webm (228.02 KB, 576x1024, 6915168888082746630.webm)

posting some of her tiktok cringe

"i might pull up flexing on these niggas like aerobics" kek

No. 814264

File: 1610145330179.webm (353.31 KB, 576x1024, 6912567249903586565.webm)

those old navy jeans are screaming for help

No. 814266

File: 1610145496888.webm (643.04 KB, 576x1024, 6915171447577021701.webm)

>lillee jean is an actor

No. 814268

File: 1610145685195.webm (151.21 KB, 576x1024, 6911735569747889413.webm)

last one, this clip from one of here tiktoks where it lands on lillee's fried white trash red hair disaster right as meg says "ratchet" made me laugh

No. 814316

Lol, if anybody actually watched her tiktoks this would be a cancellable offense, you're not even supposed to lip sync the n word according to zoomers

No. 814339

File: 1610161819306.png (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1088x886, gaping maw trap.png)

spot the difference

No. 814343

When she has her head turned at an angle with the lights on full blast and she keeps a neutral expression without showing her teeth, she absolutely looks passable. I’m honestly shocked she doesn’t rely on that pose more often. Her boring front-facing view always looks pretty terrible.

No. 814355

What in the hell is it about the way her lipstick is applied that is so off-putting?
Is it the sides of her mouth have such a thick layer of lipstick? I know her gaping maw is horrifying in its own right, but what the hell is going on

No. 814376

It's freezing in NYC and Lillee is always half naked at home. Are they heating like crazy while not paying rent and services or are they living somewhere else?

No. 814411

part of me has always thought they dont live in nyc to be completely honest

No. 814418

This. Especially since NYC locals never shut the fuck up about being in NYC. She never name drops local areas or posts pictures of herself outside. She probably lives in Scranton or somewhere much less exciting.

No. 814419

Several of LJ’s old pictures are clearly around Queens/Long Island. She also attended school in Queens so it’s pretty likely they lived there at some point. No idea if they moved somewhere else, but it’s super weird to me how there are almost no photos of LJ outside anywhere. Queens has so many nice parks and trendy cafes, it’s like the perfect area for influencers. Pretty weird how they don’t take advantage of the area.

No. 814421

Lillee has agoraphobia and Laur is using it to keep her as close as possible. They could live in Manhattan and never see the Empire State Building

No. 814427

It might just be me but the agoraphobia tinfoiling just doesn't make sense? Lillee's been to multiple events (somehow) and travelled far enough that she's had to stay in hotels.

No. 814428

It might be possible LJ developed it after being made fun of at the events. We know they were escorted out of security at one of them. There is definitely something fishy going on there

No. 814440

I don’t think it’s agoraphobia, I think they’re just ultra lazy. A lot of older New York boomers think going anywhere (especially Manhattan) is a hassle because of traffic, tolls, crowds, etc. I could definitely see Laur using any excuse to not go anywhere and Lillee parroting her opinion like always.

No. 814444

Sauce please for when LJ was kicked out of an event, tried looking for myself but was lead back to this thread.

No. 814448

One of the callout accounts talked to Lillee’s ex boyfriend and he basically said that Laur never allowed them to spend any time outside of their house. Lillee’s never been to an event by herself and god knows when was the last time she was allowed to go somewhere on her own

No. 814457

File: 1610233885429.jpg (239.6 KB, 1080x1919, 20210109_171044.jpg)

Another "dancing" video in her pjs and looking completely stupid. The lack of social awareness is staggering.

No. 814469

I don't think there's any actual proof, but I believe it was the Revlon event that was mentioned upthread. IIRC the story is that she and Laur were escorted out for pretending to be invited guests at an event that was open for anyone to attend.

No. 814471

I think Lillee pretended to have a fan meet and greet at the revlon event and was promptly escorted out

No. 814472

god, she is so fucking basic.

No. 814493

I wish we knew why she always films on the staircase.

No. 814497

I just find it so hard to believe how someone who is 19 or 20 years old acts like both your 45 year old aunt on facebook and a 12 year old girl at the same time. I know she was withdrawn from school, but plenty of people are losers in high school with no social life and grow up to be functioning adults. Even those with crazy mothers (@laur) eventually start to realize their mothers toxic behaviors and rebel. I just wonder why lillee is so deep into her delusion. She has never shown that she has had any second thoughts, embarrassment or remorse for her behavior. Criticism just seems to have the opposite effect and just makes her and laur get even more cemented in their delusions.

No. 814498

File: 1610254807715.png (69.64 KB, 645x531, Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 11.0…)

Does anyone know more about what happened at the Revlon event? Additionally, what went down at Drunk Elephant.

LJ lost a lot of bots today on Insta.

No. 814512

I had the same idea tbh. One of the reasons I keep checking this thread is because I’m hoping LJ will finally show some sign of waking up and realize Laur doesn’t have her best interests at heart.

I think the main part that’s different about Lillee’s case is she’s pretty much had no one in her life except her boomer parents for several years. It doesn’t seem like Lillee had any relationship with her grandparents or extended family, and combined with homeschooling, that’s super isolating. I also think she has some kind of mild disability (or just a very low IQ) that makes her so impressionable. She obviously believes and repeats anything Laur says.

No. 814514

I think it's possible she was genuinely bullied in middle school, I can easily believe kids would give her a hard time just for her teeth. In those old videos she seems like a normal but insecure teen, her mom pulling her out of school may have eased her anxiety but was the worst option for her development. She's just badly stunted with a terrible mother.

Maybe old but I just noticed she's deleted all her old blonde videos.

No. 814516

File: 1610264831567.png (18.57 KB, 397x122, Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 1.46…)

It looks like she deleted them on Dec 26.

No. 814534

I had a mother who was narcistic and bipolar. When you are young, you think the world of your mother, you won't doubt her. The world is wrong and your mother is right. I am well aware of lying and gaslighting mechanics, even more aware of the impact this has on a kid. I have talked with a psychiatrist for three quarters of a year because I feared I was fucked up like my mother and treated other people like she did.
This Laur persona saw her antique griefing business fail and latched on to her daughter's hobby. Perhaps Lillee is intellectually hampered by this Williams Syndrome condition and it will never dawn on her what is going on. Nonetheless there's an oncoming train and when it hits, it won't be pretty. I can only pity her.(blogging)

No. 814550

File: 1610289882205.jpg (1.79 MB, 3024x3780, with old dude.jpg)

Lillee went to events in 2019: Drunk Elephant, Revlon, Covergirl, Runaway Rogue, Wander Beauty (plant dance).
She also had pictures in Sarabeth in NYC (image) and in front of a Sephora.
We know they are still wasting money on fake articles/bots, so it's not a money issue.
It' strange they stopped to go anywhere. I first though Laur's paranoia was preventing her to leave the house, but Laur loves the attention too.
Could it be because of the Uber ban, they can't go anywhere on their own now.

No window.

No. 814627

I doubt she's suffering from that syndrome, but she definitely has some subpar genetics and is possibly on the spectrum and her IQ might be average but definitely on the lower end or even a bit below average.

No. 814659

File: 1610305896968.jpeg (809.16 KB, 828x1470, 2263BB2A-7848-4F34-BA7A-A08CC0…)

Bella is dead/dying so naturally Lillee’s in her ig stories with her baps out

No. 814677

she looks so overwhelmingly retarded lmao

No. 814681

Lillee shared her cat has stage 4 oral cancer and is in so much pain she can't groom. Why hasn't the cat been euthanised? Queens Animal Cruelty squad has probably already gotten multiple reports since she posted this on Insta.

No. 814690

File: 1610317417692.png (4.04 MB, 828x1792, 7B1DA11E-0354-46E1-8F25-D5A0B7…)

Maybe Laur briefly worked as a vet in the 90s

No. 814694

File: 1610318695643.jpg (185.56 KB, 1080x993, Screenshot_20210110-164225_You…)

So the cat is literally going to starve or die from dehydration because Lillee and her mother are too selfish to have her put down? Yes, it sucks and it is hard, but allowing an animal to suffer because you're a selfish twat is bullshit. Lillee's probably just worried it will interfere with how many bots she can buy this week.

No. 814701

That poor poor cat…

No. 814706

They need to put the poor fucking cat out of its misery. It's awful having to say goodbye but it's so much better than subjecting Bella to living in pain.

No. 814717

Feline tumors are classified by grades not stages. It requires very expensive biopsies and X-rays. As far as I know tumors are only graded 1-3. There’s no such thing as stage 4 cat cancer.

The video on Lillee’s Instagram is horrible. You can only see the bottom of the cat’s face but it looks like she can’t even close her mouth fully. It also sounds as if she’s in respiratory distress.

No. 814729

This is what I thought as well. Laur must’ve diagnosed the cat herself

No. 814730

File: 1610329764510.png (501.36 KB, 421x741, Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 7.43…)

No. 814732

File: 1610330995193.jpeg (786.4 KB, 828x1547, 5FF34EE9-293B-4520-9C26-539412…)

She’s just milking it isn’t she

No. 814735

File: 1610331474786.jpeg (106.55 KB, 750x396, D5CF22C7-9AAF-4557-AFC0-ED9EDD…)

Do vets make you wait for an appointment to euthanize a pet who’s in pain?

No. 814737

They do when you don't actually take a pet to them and just call to ask for advice. Poor kitty is suffering so Lillee can milk it for pity comments and to promote her video. Laur has Brenda, now Lillee has Belle. Oh the crosses the Trueman must bare. /s

No. 814739

>They do when you don't actually take a pet to them and just call to ask for advice. Poor kitty is suffering so Lillee
…doesn't have to spend money. I bet they are waiting for the kitty to drop dead on it's own so they don't have to cover the vet cost. There is no other explanation. I don't know how can they stand being near a beloved pet that suffers so much. At this point it should be a relief to put the kitty down asap so at least it's not in pain anymore. There is no point prolonging it if it's terminal disease.

No. 814741

Things might be different with COVID too

No. 814742

this. even if it’s an emergency vet, you need to call ahead right now. lillie and laur are garbage but i think she’s telling the truth on this one.

No. 814744

i unfortunately live on long island—the fact she doesn't leave the house tracks for most people unless you have, like, actual friends or can drive. the LIRR to manhattan can get pricey, too

No. 814755

File: 1610339853775.jpg (132.72 KB, 720x1187, 20210111_013044.jpg)

Trying to look sad while using a filter and a sticker of a cat crying…if you are really sad you don't have time for these things. She's ok with her cat dying, she doesn't care…

No. 814759

File: 1610341148452.jpg (100.96 KB, 720x981, 20210111_014751.jpg)

Your pet is dying and you are tasting cum, please, not now stupid dumb asshole!!!!!!!

No. 814760

You call ahead, but like any emergency vet, they're more than likely to see you. From my experience at an emergency vet during COVID (also live in metropolitan area), you call ahead and take the cat to the door. Someone brings the animal inside and the humans wait in the car while the animal is being assessed or prepped for euthanasia. The clinic will then call with updates.

Most places will let at least one masked person inside so the animal doesn't die alone surrounded by strangers. Not only that, but there is options of at-home euthanasia that would require an appointment since the vet comes to you, but would more than likely have pain meds for the animal ready to pick up at their clinic because vets aren't just going to let an animal suffer.

No. 814767

I have no idea how it works in NY but in a few states where I've lived, county shelters will put down an animal that is suffering. Hell, most private shelters and rescues can refer you to low cost vet services, if any are in the area. But you have to be calling and looking for help. I don't think much of these grifters but i really hope theyre not just sitting there posting for asspats while this cat dies an agonizing death.

No. 814772

Then you call ahead, explain that your cat is dying from a "stage four cancer" and work something out from there. If it doesn't work, you keep calling different clinics until they let you bring the pet.
I do not understand what the fuck Lilee and Laur are doing.

No. 814786

For someone claiming she's an «««actress»»» she is shit at hiding her garbage personality.

No. 814798

There are plenty of at home euthanasia for pets businesses. Her hobgoblin ass can stay at home wearing the one one used Victoria's Secret night shirt she owns. I'm sure she can film it for IG for all the asspats from her totally real and not paid for bots.

No. 814811

No way are the gruesome twosome going to pay for at home euthanasia. They obviously don't even take the cat to the vet for routine visits. Or to, you know, diagnose her fucking cancer

No. 814850


No. 814853

Just ignore it, they're posting it on other threads too

No. 814885

What are you even saying lol. I care about animals but this is crazy.

No. 814888

Not that anon but I wouldn't say it's crazy. I would expect a person with a dying, in pain animal that can't drink or feed to get them put down and relieved of their suffering within a reasonable time frame, say 48 hours. I would have thought that even during the pandemic that's possible, if you care to try hard enough. When I had my last pet put down it was an extremely simple and quickly arranged process, because vets don't want the animals to suffer either.
It would never strike me to get on Instagram Stories to cry and get my tits out.

No. 814891

File: 1610394699310.jpg (459.19 KB, 1080x1446, Screenshot_20210111-134809_You…)

The car has been bleeding from the mouth since November, and they just took her to the vet. She acts like Belle has been put down while making the video, even though she was posting videos with her after she had recorded it. That poor cat has been suffering for months and Lillee used it as a platform to complain about getting death threats.

No. 814892

This cat has been looking sickly for at least a year. I remember pictures where her hair was super patchy, dull and balding. I assumed it was because they feed them the cheapest shittiest cat food, but this cat has been suffering a lot longer than they are letting on.

No. 814894

What pieces of shit. They should not be allowed to own pets. If my cat was bleeding out the mouth I would be whisking her to the vet, covid or no. Fuck the Truemans. They're worse pet owners than Chris Chan

No. 814897


Different LI anon, but LJ and Laur could go to a low-income veterinary service such as North Shore Animal League.

This is incredibly upsetting that her cat has been suffering for so long. I recently had to put down my cat (same age as Bella). I didn't care about how much it was going to cost, only cared about comforting my animal. Yes, ER vet visits are expensive but at least to me - it's family. COVID protocol at the ER was that a tech takes your pet into the center, we were able to watch the exam from a window and called us immediately after. Once it was over, they brought my pet back out, gave us all the medications and sent the report from the exam to our normal vet. We called our vet and scheduled an appointment to bring him in to cross the rainbow bridge. We were allowed to have two family members in the room for the appointment.

LJ and Laur are awful.

No. 814898

Her acting is so poor she can't pretend she cares. She's putting on this one-deminsional show of how sad she is. But she forgets to keep it up, and begins to overshare about herself. I can't get through the whole thing in one sitting because it's disgusting.


I doubt there's an appointment to put the cat down. The way she described "Grandma Wrinkles" sounds like they let the cat die at home but she finished the description of an agonizing death with "she had to be put down."

When my cat started to isolate and displayed textbook end of life behaviors one morning, we called at around noon after trying to get him comfortable. The vet told us to have one last night with the cat and scheduled us for his first appointment the next day. I believe this is standard. One last night. Not weeks. Fucking evil cunts.

No. 814899

I remember her looking really bad too. Was Bella the one with a bald belly? That has always struck me as really odd.

No. 814901

Something about that “she’s so fierce, an extension of me” really rubs me the wrong way. Girl can’t stop talking about how ~fierce and Aries~ she is even when her cat is dying.

I know they’re awful in general but something about letting an older animal suffer really shows how gross they are. The poor cat is literally going to starve if she can’t eat or drink, how would you not put her to sleep? Just gross negligence.

No. 814904

File: 1610398727537.jpg (670.73 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20210111-145518_Tik…)

In the same line, the song she picked for the preview video on tiktok is Stronger by Britney Spears- "you might think that I won't make it on my own"

Fuck Lillee and Laur. Horrible excuses for humans.

No. 814905

File: 1610399218247.jpeg (474.59 KB, 2048x2048, 61DC9FA8-B2F1-4CAF-B239-4D149A…)

She’s such an animal lover. She doesn’t even know it’s ASPCA.

No. 814907

What exactly is crazy about it to you? Not letting your pet suffer to death? Sorry but I think if you have a pet in extreme pain, it should be your priority to help it (don't come at me with excuses, Laur and Lillee aren't even going to a day job). Maybe I am unaware how difficult it is to book a vet visit in USA since here it is not a problem if you call in advance or have an urgent issue (and cancer euthanasia is urgent). It doesn't seem impossible from what other anons say.
I don't understand how they can just watch their supposed friend in tremendous pain and do nothing.

No. 814908

So the cat has been slowly dying for months, bleeding from the mouth, and this fat trash goblin has sat on her lumpy ass and done nothing. fucking evil.
They haven't contacted low cost services or used the stimulus they got to immediately help the poor fucking thing.

No. 814910

Her voice is so irritating it sounds like she's trying to read a monologue. The fact that she's already talking about her "new spirit animal" and has already picked a name when Bella is still alive says a lot about how much she actually cares about her in the first place. Horrifying but not surprising.

No. 814912

File: 1610402705835.png (4.35 MB, 750x1334, 92BE60DC-1D4E-4FBD-B4F4-C4B242…)

There’s a TikTok from a month ago which shows Bella’s face swollen & unable to close her mouth. She’s been suffering for a long time.

No. 814913

Just finished watching the video and I'm absolutely disgusted.
Bella's had a growth for TWO YEARS?
As soon as I found out my cat had cancer I got him to the vet and having surgery as soon as I could. She really has absolutely no excuse for letting the poor kitty suffer for so long.
I won't even get into how obvious it is that she doesn't care lmao, her actings almost as bad as her ''acting demo reel''

No. 814914


Wtf I only got a few seconds through, she said the cat had a tumour growing on the side of its face for TWO YEARS and they did nothing?!? Straight to jail that is fucking horrible.

No. 814915

File: 1610404617787.jpg (507.75 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_20210111-163629_Twi…)

Laur's big mad someone called bullshit on LJ on Twitter.

No. 814917

>this is bullying
>also go to hell (but that's not bullying)
classic laur.

No. 814918

There is all sorts of wrong with this. Posting all over social media instead of taking her cat to a vet, the fact that she has food all over her face, the fact that she chews like a cow…

No. 814921

File: 1610405764057.png (172.78 KB, 476x874, image_2021-01-11_225543.png)

She's calling people who are worried about Bella trolls lol

No. 814924


Something's really off with her. If you've had a pet for so long and truly love them you're not gonna act like that. Jesus. I was fretting for hours when my (senior) cat had to go under sedation for a tooth cleaning because of the small chance that he wouldn't wake up. Her cat of 18 years died and she doesn't give a fuck???

Before this I just saw her as a self-centered delusional brat, but this behavior is down-right crazy.

No. 814930

File: 1610407333148.png (142.08 KB, 1195x628, image_2021-01-11_232228.png)

this thread is insane…

No. 814933

Report animal cruelty and negelect here:


No. 814935

File: 1610408648800.jpg (543.54 KB, 1080x1649, Screenshot_20210111-174250_Ins…)

And while Laur is having a Monday Menthol Meltdown, Lillee is playing with makeup and thanking her fans for patting her back as she continues to let the cat suffer.

Despicable white trash.

No. 814936

stuffing her face while the cat can't eat or drink.

No. 814944

File: 1610409675745.jpeg (107.84 KB, 828x767, 24AF22C8-FD87-4579-8609-124DD1…)

There’s video from Dec 18th where you can see the cat can’t close its mouth. A vet would have put the animal down then not give it “treatment” whatever the fuck that is

Lillee and Laur’s stories don’t line up like usual. Lillee says it’s been going on for 2 years. Laur’s saying it just started recently. Laur says the cats had treatment for weeks. Lillee says she got a cortisone shot 2 days ago.

The cat has been suffering since Saturday based on Lillee’s crying post. It’s now Monday and Laur’s refusing to say if the poor animal has been euthanized. “Now it’s time” sounds like the cat is still alive and suffering.It’s disgusting and they’re mad because people are rightfully calling them out on their cruelty.

No. 814945

"therapy" what the fuck laur nobody would ever do that for an animal that old or sick. the delusion knows no end and instead of actually helping bella she'd rather sit her ass on twitter pretending there's any semblance of a reputation to save. fucking horrible people

No. 814946

"preserve" is a very weird word to use for keeping a cat alive, in my opinion lol. Idk that might be normal, but I typically hear "preserve" when someone is talking about something inanimate, not living.

No. 814951

#weirdpets #wee are odd choices

No. 814956

And in Lillee’s comments and video she makes it sound as if they have put the cat down. I truly hope they have as it’s cruel to delay it. And letting her live for two months with a bleeding mouth is awful.

No. 814963

100%. I thought the same

No. 814984

I know it’s been mentioned a million times, but Laur and Lillee both have the most bizarre grasp of English. I’ve never heard any other native speaker talk like they do. Someone who is uneducated or stupid might misspell things or misuse punctuation, sure, but these two just seem to have no grasp on the meaning of very simple, everyday words.

I can’t imagine anyone saying they’re going to “preserve” a living animal, that’s straight up ESL shit. I just don’t get it.

No. 815001

I think it's transparent what they're attempting to do. They're trying to sound smart by using more uncommon words. However, they're uneducated fucks who never made it past shitty NYC high schools and they fuck shit up a lot.

No. 815042


They almost have a version of twin speak, and it's not a new development. Back when they had Lillee do the Indie Blush Magazine article, it was brought up that they had their own language. (And they Laur kept butting in, although it was worded nicer)

Learning how people speak and interact from cartoons and fairy tales will do a number on your social development, but only really having confrontations with imaginary enemies in the mirror will make you feel wayyyy smarter than you are. Laur and Lillee believe they are the smartest people in the room, and considering they never leave their house, they probably are. If they had to have a confrontation in public, Lillee would have a panic attack and run off crying and Laur would just keep getting louder until she got physically violent, then cry that she was assaulted.

No. 815110

this bitch is fucking disgusting. i'm really not trying to a-log but fuck she's a fake bitch and she doesn't give a shit about this cat. this entire video and in her post (she's a fighter, LIKE ME!!!!1) she can't even help but make it about herself. and to any international anons wondering, no, it's not difficult to get a quick euthanasia in the US for a suffering animal, even during covid, even if you're broke. laur and lillee have 0 redeeming factors. white trash hillbilly bottom of the barrel swill. when i had to put down my 17 year old companion every waking moment besides going to school and driving home was spent sobbing in bed. this cunt really wants us to believe she cares when she doesn't even shed a tear? you're gonna need a few more acting classes to pull that one off, lilz.

No. 815130

I have been following this since the reddit thread for fun. But this cat business is just cruel.. the poor cat has been suffering for so long. What kind of garbage are they, "preserve"? It's a living thing, in pain, suffering because her owners are such assholes they can't even do the right thing.

No. 815145

File: 1610461107260.png (1.53 MB, 828x1570, BC2FB8C7-36EC-422A-BE57-815478…)

No. 815146

Once again, Laur's obsession with protecting Lillee strikes. It feels like so many of the detrimental things in Lillee's life trace back to Laur's inability to see the importance of Lillee learning to deal with disappointment, embarrassment and criticism. I wonder if Laur thinks if her mother had been a "better", more protective mother, that she would have been more successful and Brenda would be alive? I mean, it would line up with Laur's constant belief that she's the victim of something, all the time.

No. 815147

There’s also a deranged promotional video made by Lillee: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ7WpT_HNef/?igshid=k5cmzjzucjs

No. 815148

File: 1610461381082.jpg (158.94 KB, 1037x546, Screenshot_20210112-082145_Ins…)

>I love everything about the heritagestorenatural skincare produ cts

Uses them once for the promo, never touches them again.

No. 815150



this bitch can barely string together a coherent sentence and struggles to speak her native language but she’s a writer now

No. 815167

She never sounds even the least bit genuine. You can tell she only does it because it's an excuse to talk about herself and that she's given only the barest cursory sniff of the product. She is so lacking in creativity of language and presentation, so the result is super stilted, boring and uninformative.
At least it shows up which beauty companies are comprised of desperate morons.

No. 815168

They deleted the post kek

No. 815169

god damn, that poor cat. I always liked Lillee and Laur for being pretty harmless cows - they’re way too incompetent to damage other people with their antics - but this is a-log material. unable to drink or groom… and they haven’t even mentioned a specific appointment day? they’re just waiting for that poor cat to die on her own because they can’t be fucked to take her to a vet or pay for it, and she’s going to have a miserable death because of them.

No. 815173

Patiently awaiting Lillee’s tirade against the natural beauty store and how she dropped them because they eat babies or some shit

No. 815189

Holy shit that was quick! I did notice that comments were probably limited/deleted and that it would be increasingly more obvious that LJ wasn't bringing her HUGE fan group to support the company. Cringe

No. 815195

File: 1610467023044.jpeg (128.01 KB, 750x443, 5985A292-6EE8-4A6B-80E8-BBF1D2…)

aspca shelters screen families before placing pets. They aren’t going to adopt an animal out to a household with 2 disabled members and zero income. Most shelters require a letter from your landlord if you’re renting too. They can buy a cat off Craigslist but they’re not adopting anything from the aspca. It’s also weird af she’s already named her new cat when her old cat is still dying a painful, miserable death.

No. 815204

File: 1610467567231.jpeg (290.18 KB, 750x573, 34BDA8AB-CE50-4C0A-B313-15B6AD…)

Laur didn’t notice they deleted the post

No. 815209

Can't wait for another episode of TEH BULLIES ARE WINNING AGAIN

No. 815215

File: 1610468450679.jpeg (433.18 KB, 750x1150, 7A983251-ED02-417F-B3C8-AF9F69…)

>> we continue to grow

Translation: sorry we didn’t research Lillee Jean and used a racist, transphobic, pro-grooming attic goblin to promote our products

No. 815219

File: 1610469874815.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, 0506ECF9-B226-474F-A79D-269EDE…)

I see another brand C&D in Lillee’s future

No. 815229

File: 1610470839161.png (3.66 MB, 750x1334, A7EA6ABB-9316-4B5C-BFB9-B695F2…)

4 days after saying Bella was put down, Lillee’s finally posting confirmation

No. 815233

Give it a short amount of time before she uses the cat's death as a way to POOR ME about the company dropping her. They'll lose their shit no doubt.

No. 815249

>Cyberbullying activist
100% accurate.

No. 815253

File: 1610473813220.jpg (756.12 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210112-114637_Twi…)

Laur is pissed they got dropped and is gearing up for a rant. She gets SO sensitive when they get backlash for the shitty things they do. And yet… Laur will never change.

No. 815257

That's not even confirmation. That's a picture from April, she's just as likely to be posting to shut up the animal abuse allegations. As much as Laur and Lillee lie, and have a tendency to dig their heels in when they are are called out, I just can't put it past them to decide they know better than the troll vet and internet bullies and that Bella is still fighting because "she's aN ArIeS like lillee jean"

No. 815258

The language Laur uses here sounds like the cat is still alive and suffering

No. 815260

File: 1610474632023.jpg (335.93 KB, 1079x1446, Screenshot_20210112-120028_You…)

Either Laur is tweeting at the vet, or Lillee is continuing to obfuscate when exactly Bella is/was put down. The language in video is meant to make you think the cat is dead, but she never actually says it and she still hasn't. She's dancing around it, which is Trueman for they are faking.

No. 815268

File: 1610475053546.jpeg (87.25 KB, 750x356, 72B9F7F3-C806-451D-825E-E23AF8…)

Lillee said they put Bella down 18 hours ago

No. 815277

That's interesting. Laur could have easily shut down the trolls last night by saying Bella had been put down earlier in the day, instead, her word use indicated the cat was still alive. At the same time Lillee was telling someone the cat had been put down.

No. 815283


It’s obvious Lillee was planning to livestream Bella’s very painful death for sympathy. Once she started getting pushback, it changed to “we put her down” “we have an appointment to it her down”. They had no intention of humanely euthanizing her. Bella died of hunger/thirst this morning after not being able to eat and barely breath since Friday - 4 fucking days ago. Now they’re just biding their time and playing victim until some Queens vet contacts Diane and says the Trueman’s dumped a dead cat at their office.

No. 815289

Thanks for nothing anon. Post deleted and you didn't screen cap retard.

Are you a good farmer, did you get a screenshot before they deleted?

No. 815292

Not anon but there's a screengrab here: >>815145
There wasn't much more to see as a screencap because it was a video.

No. 815295

Even if Bella has been put down, Lillee said she had a growth for two years. No idea why they're downplaying it to a couple of months/days that she's been suffering.
The truemans are true psychos.

No. 815324

I remember a Tiktok she posted of the cat’s hairless belly and I thought it was weird. I thought it had some kind of skin irritation or something until lj put her face in it, made me go hmm.
Maybe she thinks that because her own fucked teeth bleed all the time, a cat getting that sick must be normal. Just like she has a burning vagina problem but doesn’t get it checked at the doctor’s, it’s totally normal.

No. 815354

Cba to look for it, but I'm pretty sure the naked belly cat is her other cat, the tortoiseshell/sable. Both of them look(ed) pretty scraggly, probably due to food like anon said itt, but also their dirty house causing tons of dust mites etc that affect pets more bc they're lying on the dirty floors. If they can't wash LJ's one shirt and plaid pants, they def aren't vacuuming/sweeping/mopping etc. I bet the litter box is disgusting.

No. 815355

File: 1610500730144.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 95E08C2F-AD43-4F46-BAC3-B87993…)


No. 815366

>25 subscribers
Is this a self post anon

No. 815368

>No view
Yeah, it's a selfpost.

No. 815382

Why her teeth are so fucking awful pointy and parted like a shark and her body fat without ass or tits like a whale now i see why everyone bullied her

No. 815397

no one thinks she's a whale; she's short, a little on the chunky side and the way she dresses doesn't help.
Her teeth have been discussed to death all ready.

No. 815399

I don’t understand how they thought showing Bella in this state would make people empathize with them. This is truly horrific and cruel. They have 0 emotional intelligence, never seen people so out of touch.

No. 815424

you must be new here. Petty comments are not helpful and not milk. Learn to sage and maybe lurk more

No. 815430

File: 1610527693410.png (471.49 KB, 409x727, Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 2.47…)

The date of death is left out. What do we think, farmers? Is the cat really dead?

No. 815438

File: 1610530687512.jpg (432.36 KB, 1080x1393, Screenshot_20210113-033158_Vid…)

Looks like Laur may be on Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.
Which in itself isn't bad, but considering her constant stream of screaming the boolies cost her her business, I find it suspicious. If benefits and the moratorium on rent aren't extended again, I expect we will see the Trueman's move again in April/May.

Laur's all about that "free" money.

No. 815450

>my spirit purr

Is she actually fucking retarded?

No. 815460

I mean, have you seen her tictok?

No. 815470

Of course Laur’s going to take advantage of a program helping people who lost income due to the pandemic. It’s not meant for someone who hasn’t had a job in years because they’re a scammer. It’s especially gross considering she talks shit about people on public assistance and claims all her haterz are unemployed welfare moochers.

No. 815479

File: 1610545638351.jpg (69.15 KB, 396x310, Erk4XpBW8AIiLp3.jpg)

Update on the suspended accounts, most are from her totally real fans who are suspended at the exact same time, but it's totally not suspicious at all.
Sorry for bad quality, I got it from twitter.

BTW why is LJ always saying "eyeballs"? There is the drunk elephant video where she accidentally puts product in her eye bc too dumb, and she says it went on her eyeballs… This is so weird.

No. 815486

I’m convinced this is why Laur keeps her main accounts locked now. It’s only going to take a few reports to get her only twitter accounts left suspended. It would be funny to watch her & Lillee share an account though.

No. 815503

I would have thought with all that free time they would clean their hovel or you know take care of their pets.

No. 815546

File: 1610555317790.jpeg (95.71 KB, 828x923, 8E68A277-2A28-4744-AD2A-9E30C2…)

Saged because not particularly remarkable milk but I found it funny and indicative of LJ’s extremely tenuous grasp of English and poor critical thinking skills:

1. “In the context of to someone else” (???)
2. “Inspiring” and “remembered” are kind of the same thing? Well, not really, but close enough that they shouldn’t be different choices
3. I’m sure “rather be hated” would be a totally popular and reasonable choice
4. “Forgotten” and “neutral no feeling towards” (??? kek) are also kind of similar?

What a goddamn mess of a poll.

No. 815568

File: 1610560183589.jpeg (202.15 KB, 827x1456, 8F01DACD-FC5D-4BFE-9143-4DD4B3…)

They got a new cat already

No. 815573

thought she was gonna name her new cat luna?

No. 815580

The timeline is fucky. When she shared that she was naming her next cat "Luna," she said Bella was already dead. But now she's saying she found Theo at the vet's office when Bela was euthanized.

No. 815581

I really hope this nutjob didn't get a cat euthanized for sympathy likes.

No. 815583

This sounds extremely similar to the story she told about her other cat. How it sat in their laps when the older cat was euthanized. Very strange to retell the same story with different cats.

No. 815589

Is it common in vets offices to just have cats wandering around free? I've never been in one that kept other animals in the exam/basic care rooms.

and…um, wasn't she saying Bella was put down on Monday? But she's just now posting this cat that she got when Bella was put down? So when exactly did Bella get put down?

No. 815591

I don't think she got it euthanized for the sympathy like, she was posting about it "dying/being sick" for the sympathy likes. She said she got it euthanized to try to stop the animal abuse allegations. I still think that the whole reason Bella wasn't put down between November and now is because Lillee didn't want to "ruin the holidays" and I wouldn't doubt the cat passed away from malnutrition and they went and got a new cat with a new tragic story. Such a fitting thing for the latest member of the Trueman cult.

No. 815601

Is it just me or is this the same cat? The markings are the same? Maybe I’m mistaken?

No. 815619

Definitely a different cat based on the markings, but grey tabby cats do look pretty similar. The new one is definitely a younger cat.

No. 815621

There is not a single chance in hell that this is true. No vet's office just has random stray cats walking around to comfort grieving pet owners. Most vets don't even operate additionally as adoption centers, at least not in my experience.

No. 815624

I agree, I'm sure:
-She got him on craiglist for free.
-Cat's not vaccinated and they're not planning to do so.
-The previous owner didn't bg checked them.
-They never went to the vet and they probably tossed poor bella in the trash.

No. 815634


Not disagreeing with you, but some vets do have stray cats who are in for neutering/vaccines. A vet nearby my place also offers cheap pet keeping, which is what I've done a few times since I rescue a lot of strays and finding homes can take a while. We always tell them that we're looking for good pet owners (not sure if they ask anyone though).

No. 815637


Anons, how may cats of theirs get cancer? Is this another stage 4 diagnosis pulled directly from the ass of esteemed Dr Laur, DVM?

The whole Bella story was ringing a bell for me, so I went looking, and Lillee told some vague sob story about another dead cat named Grandma Wrinkles with cancer several months ago >>768630 >>768697

She said that the cat screamed and "peed on the kitchen floor" when it was "put down" which doesn't sound at all like they went to a vet's office. There was a tinfoil that Laur and Lillee would never fork over the cash for a vet to do a home visit to euthanize Grandma and that Laur just probably offed the cat herself and buried it in the yard or something.

What are the chances that Laur did another DIY on Bella and that they just snatched up a stray cat they found outside?

No. 815638

>>815637 saged
Watched the cat video that was called out for being self posted. Vid is dry but does say somethings on cat cancer. The person was saying that the meds they gave the cat would not work

No. 815652

lol sage for dumb blog, but I did actually take my cat to a vet once & they had an “office cat” just strolling around the waiting room… but it was so weird and inappropriate I never went there again. and even in that one-off situation, the cat definitely wasn’t up for adoption

also holy shit I hope this new cat doesn’t have any medical issues as a result of the broken pelvis (or whatever caused it). they’re not equipped to care for themselves, let alone an animal with long-term health problems

No. 815654

I don’t discredit the story on that, I’ve seen vets that have had one or two pets in there that could be adopted. I’ve even seen a vet that had a surgery cat that was available to be adopted out and he just chilled behind the reception desk all day. So in general that works.

The problem I have with her story is how covid would impact a vet visit. First of all I don’t think any vet would encourage more foot traffic with adoptions right now. I could see them being more lenient in maybe letting more than one family member in for a euthanasia and not rush them out the door, but I can’t see them having people wandering around behind the scenes to view animals. Also whenever I’ve been in for a euthanasia they’ll take the payment and sort everything out straight away so when I’m ready I can just leave, no hanging around. I doubt they’d have time to stumble upon a cat for adoption, they’d likely have had to ask to look at the cats.

No. 815732

Anon, I sincerely applaud your tenacity.

>a cat that died of brain cancer because the previous owner (Laur’s ex best friend) smoked and dropped the cat on it’s head
That's not how cancer works.
If it was lung cancer, maybe, but cats never fall "on their head".
(unless Lillee hit the cat on purpose)
I am disturbed by this: >>768697
>Yeah, I tried pulling her out aggressive claw hands again and like I felt like Bella hated me, but I felt like it actually built a bonding experience (No, your cat fucking hated you)

I also never believed Laur's 150 000 times cancer survival hero stories too.
Laur and Lillee are manipulative sickos who are unable to love someone besides themselves, they know people will not question their medical history. Laur's symptoms don't even match the type of cancer she said she had. And all their cats have cancer now?

No. 815734

Fake cancer diagnoses are absolutely always the choice of the moronic scam artist/Munchausen's nutter.

Thinking of all the pets I've owned in my life and those of my friends, the illnesses or conditions that ultimately befall them are pretty nuanced and differ each time. I would be able to explain them thoroughly and with proper technical terms and symptoms that fit the diagnosis. Same as with the people in my life.

If you are a mentally deficient grifter, cancer will always be the choice because it's simple, everyone's heard of it, and you will receive unending sympathy and probably few questions.

No. 815769

> She said that the cat screamed and "peed on the kitchen floor" when it was "put down" which doesn't sound at all like they went to a vet's office

I don’t remember this tidbit but this is so disturbing.

No. 815846

File: 1610665327024.jpg (826.58 KB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20210114-165748_Tik…)

And just like that, Bella is a distant memory, a poor kitty that fell into the fate of so many instafluncer's fake life styles. She was old, bleeding on everything, barely able to breathe, with a wonky face. Not exactly the attention getter you want in your tiktoks. Now she's gone and immediately replaced by a cute new kitten with a tragic backstory that ends with being rescued by the Truemans!

No. 815870

File: 1610668191955.jpeg (860.19 KB, 828x1442, 6C8BA26A-C9FD-4658-B2F8-61B0C8…)

No. 815885



From >>768697
>But as my mom was putting her down, Silky actually came out of the pen. Where she went was a vet that also kind of cared for lost cats, and somehow the door, and it was like a really big glass door, was open, and Silky came out and jumped in my mom’s lap. Her paws were on her chest and she just looked up and started purring, and that was Silky. Sold.

You're right, anon. These are pretty much the exact same stories.

No. 815888


> Has a million followers on insta

> #undiscovered_muas

Funny thing that tag has way more talented MUAs who do more than a pink smoky eyeshadow and lipstick combo.

No. 815895


I guess "purr" is the new word Lillee is stuck on. She keeps trying to force it into every post, and I can't tell if it's just her atrophied brain making word salad, or if she picked it up from one of the Black beauty gurus she stalks on twitter, and is having a "whew chillay" moment.

In any case, it makes no sense the way she's using it. WTF is a "purr manicure," and also "God himself" does her nails? Way to blaspheme, Lils.

No. 815905

File: 1610676670317.jpeg (380.87 KB, 750x739, 9955AC37-F7F4-462D-A636-71A399…)

There’s a video clip of the kitten pawing her finger. “Purr manicure” is fucking stupid but it’s probably in reference to cat touching her fingers.

No. 815907

I think she’s talking from Bella’s perspective maybe? Like Lillee thinks god gave the cat a manicure? Hard to say for sure though because Lillee has such a poor grasp of the English language.

No. 815910

I'd blow a load so hard deep into her colon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815914

lmao, i think the post autocorrected "purr machine" to "purr manicure".
Purr machine is way more of a common saying when referring to cats.

No. 815918

ok, Lillee. Cool those hormones and/or go get fucked by someone real (not "pheepy) if you need to blow off steam youre an adult jesus

No. 815995

File: 1610721562462.jpg (31.84 KB, 296x523, zehjhgfdertyi.jpg)

Cat's eating on the doll's shelves.
I wonder where the litter is, maybe under her bed?

No. 816099

>the good life
>living in the truemans' attic of horrors

pick one

No. 816134

File: 1610750857494.jpeg (510.87 KB, 828x1102, 87E9177A-C738-4BAD-AFF8-8DEAEC…)

No. 816151

Agreeing with other anons that I doubt she had Bella put down by a vet. I highly doubt Laur would be willing to part with bot money on a dying cat, especially since neither of them seem to care about her suffering. Shit, didn't even Tuna Slater have one of her cats put down when it was old and suffering? Imagine being more selfish than a smack addict.

Hopefully the bit about the new cat having a broken pelvis is something they made up, because no way can they properly care for a pet with ongoing health issues.

No. 816164

File: 1610765522410.jpeg (143.42 KB, 828x805, BB25FA8E-0194-4BF3-BD85-55ADA2…)

tatiana filed a lawsuit against these people after she inserted herself into this whole situation, used strangers’ money to hire a lawyer and now she’s trying to stir up the drama again? lmao, noticed she doesn’t get many views on youtube anymore since she stopped talking about them.
also mentioning the fact she repeatedly said she will “never discuss lillee jean or her mother” on her channel again

No. 816192

File: 1610771830363.jpeg (120.02 KB, 828x1421, 5E477B16-AD6C-406B-9A79-AEE230…)

why did she think this was attractive..

No. 816195

I don't like Tati but she has gotten traction on her makeup ig and is living her life with a job and bf. She called it that suddenly people would start after her once making this video, and here is unsaged Karen coming in hot.
Is she also a bit of a cow? Meh. She's milky adjacent. She wants followers and to feel important but that's her and thousands of other girls. I hope she just follows tutorial without much commentary. She works a shit ton more than LJ so I can't wait to see the #jeaniez seethe & make false reports.

No. 816206

File: 1610777290781.jpeg (44.08 KB, 500x281, 6443CDCA-D37C-4047-9146-5701EC…)

Wtf was she going for?

No. 816220

honestly think she partially does this shit on purpose. the only genuine engagement she has ever gotten and will ever get is when she posts embarrassing, hideous stuff like this. she knows her teeth are fucking disgusting and as much as she and her mother like to pretend she ~loves what makes her different~ we all know they’d both sell their soul for lillee to have normal teeth. but at least they get attention. i kinda wish lilz would embrace her ugly and just jump off the deep end to go full indulgent horrorcow like lovelypeaches. an anon can dream.

No. 816227

tater has mentioned eventually making this video in her last one about laur all the way back in october. so i don't believe this isn't a new video popping up out of nowhere because she's irrelevant again (which she is but not the point)

No. 816231

I don't like Tatiana much neither, but if it makes Laur furious I'm good with it.
Adding that LJ seems to truly hate Tatiana for what was already mentioned above: she has bf+ job+ her own flat+ friends+ real engagement+ decent makeup+ fitting clothes keks.

What about the C&D? Does it mean Tatiana can talk about Laur or LJ but not the other way arround?
I recall Laur was REALLY scared about the lawsuit and they moved right after the C&D so it could be rental issues+ lawsuits.

No. 816233

>If you don't like LJ ignore LJ
Follwing that logic it should be:
If you don't like people talking about you, get off the internet.

No. 816259

File: 1610811619171.jpg (88.69 KB, 1300x957, XC2HR9.jpg)


She looks like is wearing one of those novelty pacifiers

No. 816263

She needs to fix that fucking teeth for once…all her photos are disturbing.

No. 816264

>>815546 talking serious, is she autist or retarded? I never saw an adult talking English that bad. I don't understand what she says. And it's her natal idiom…

No. 816265

you don't give a fuck about your pets. you let your cat being in pain and die. and you took advantage of the death for gain some more views, likes, fame or people feeling sorry about you. when the cat was dying you were doing stories and videos like if nothing happened. you do not deserve or have the right to have more pets. animals are beautiful, friendly and kind, and you are the opposite. i hope one day you will suffer like that innocent and poor cat that you left alone when dying.
what you do is so disgusting.

No. 816315

I also want to mention, before Lillee ever posted about Bella's sickness or anything like months ago, the small glimpses of videos you got of her cats showed what kind of environment they were living in. They were both overweight, not grossly obese as some cats I have seen, but they were large, which isn't healthy. And they always looked dirty and dusty from constantly rolling around in whatever filth was in Laur's house. I'm not expecting everyone's houses to be spic and span and perfectly clean just to house a pet, but I have a feeling they never really "kept up" with the dirtiness of their place and the cats were probably living in a semi-gross environment. And to see Lillee feeding her new cat on a shelf is really apparent of that. Poor things.

No. 816731

Stop bullying Lillee Jean(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 816732

Stop looking in places that bother you.

No. 816743

No. 816745

Angry that the thread is as dead as Lillee's career, anon?

No. 816749

File: 1611063627900.png (3.56 MB, 828x5800, A7E90D3F-1B6B-4D70-8AB2-327CE5…)

No. 816752

Hi Laur, learn to sage your bullshit. The only bully here is you, sweet baby

Lillee only has two modes, doesn't she? "I'm on my period and have so many hormones and a tight pelvic wall >.<" and "I'm so horny, jerk off to my feet, random Indian men"

No. 816776

she trying to be sexy is the most ugly shit i know. her feet and plain as fuck body are nasty.

No. 816788

She reminds me of those fat white girls who smell constantly of stale cig smoke and only date black guys, especially when she wears her Walmart outfits.

No. 816795


And just like that; everytime the thread is dead and no one is talking about her for more than 2 days, someone who is absolutely not LJ or Laur comes here and commands us to stop talking about her.

Legend also says that if you yell "Laur Trueman is old and ugly" 3 times at midnight in a very dirty room, a sock account will appear and leave nasty comments under all your social media posts.

No. 816798


Zero activity on this thread for a couple of days, the callouts mostly moved on months ago, and even the Pradips haven't been leaving any love for her on LJ's ghost town twitter posts.

Lillee/Laur, we know you watch this thread: stop wasting time with this low-effort footperv bullshit and throw a proper tantrum for us, darlings. Miss those Franzia Freakouts.

No. 816823

File: 1611087474344.jpg (229.88 KB, 1924x1033, 20210119_140811.jpg)

Why would you do a hair tutorial when your hair looks this nasty?

Also, if you took a shot for everytime she describes this as elegant or stunning you'd be hammered half way thru the video.

No. 816824

File: 1611088246654.jpeg (373.79 KB, 2048x2048, BF153B59-0C1F-457C-A69A-490214…)

Her hair is a greasy mess and this looks like literal dogshit.

G8 job, Lillee.

No. 816826


an "easy" hairstyle technique that doesn't actually work and turns out like a rat's nest? look out 5-minute crafts, lillee is coming for your gig

No. 816842

Surprised she’d show a closeup of her very brown roots. Not looking too ~golden blonde~ up there.

No. 816863

Not really looking too ~golden blonde~ anywhere to be fair

No. 816870

File: 1611097522259.jpg (248.58 KB, 1058x1728, 20210119_170540.jpg)

This latest video is not doing so well.even after 4 hours, it has 3 comments-2 of which are Lillee Jean. Better call the bot farms!

Lillee is really concerned with being "silenced" and losing her voice. She consistently brings it up, and, outside of her hair, seems to be the major sore spot for her. I can't help but be curious about it. With the polls about how would you want "another person" to remember you and how she embellishes any minor accomplishment, I think Lillee Jean is terrified of being forgettable. At her aunt had multiple articles about her death, laur and Earl will just be the cheapest obituary package and a Facebook post.

No. 816931

File: 1611104952323.png (4.39 MB, 828x3486, 2444BFBA-D5FD-4AA3-B57C-53BE37…)

No. 816938

File: 1611105807779.jpeg (182.67 KB, 828x836, B9FDC3F4-80CE-4CD0-8399-940B32…)

Finally, a look to match LJ’s looks and personality
Although miss piggy may still be too pretty for her

No. 816954

I thought Youtube removes the person’s comment and disables them from commenting further when you block them. How is the comment still up?

No. 817000

It's gone now, she probably didn't block them for a while to make sure they/other people saw what a badass she is. Just like how Laur comes off private when she feels particularly clever.

No. 817038

Does she only own the one outfit now? (along with her cheap amazon cosplays and stained jammies)

No. 817145

Kek. LJ has Express mom jeans! They're not Old Navy or Walmart like anons have said in this thread. She had to be sure to call that out, must have been bugging her for a long time. And don't you dare say her hair is brown, either.

It's pathetic how little she has to show off as an influncer. She should embrace being dumb & poor. Especially poor. Do Walmart outfits and drugstore makeup if she can even afford to. Make her cosplays about reusing Amazon and party city costumes & accessories, and re-doing her one makeup look in slightly different shades.
She is the opposite of everything she wants to be, she must truly hate who she really is.

No. 817204

File: 1611179465261.jpeg (218.35 KB, 827x1475, CA4A93A5-CB98-4C9E-93DE-366332…)

No. 817208

I feel like she HAS to be doing this to try and garner sexual attention at this point, right? So many of her posts over the last few days focus on her feet and it’s getting real fucking creepy

No. 817211


Ffs, LJ just download a dating app at this point for ur horniness.

I'm sure you can catfish some dude who doesn't care abt covid for some dick

No. 817228

Ew this made me wonder if she’s even had sex. I’m on neither side of the fence, I think it could really go either way.

No. 817237

I would be SO surprised if she has. She was home schooled the last few yrs of hs and that one anon said Laur was weird about her leaving the house in elementary school, I can't imagine that would have changed once things like parties, drugs and sex could've possibly been on the table. Virg for sure.

No. 817242

File: 1611185882731.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, 7FD0F4E6-CBE2-419A-AE86-290D3A…)

Answered like a true virgin

No. 817247

if she HAD ever had sex, she wouldnt be near this horny. she acts like a virgin desperate to feel sexy

No. 817261

Remember guys, Pheep “tends to her needs”

No. 817269

she's an adult and she hasn't any couple, sexual experience, studies, friends or a house…

No. 817272

>>817228 %10000000 virgin of course!

No. 817276

Shaniqua4798 should write a long racially stereotypical caption with a stock image of a sassy black woman to celebrate this victory for minorities like lillee

No. 817290


Lol Kamala Harris ain’t black LJ fuck off pandering

No. 817403

File: 1611241171247.jpg (371.71 KB, 1075x2098, Screenshot_20210121-084204_Twi…)

This from the same girl that still has a instagram post telling her followers to "aaatttttasck" sakekitty for calling her hair brown, and Laur bullies companies constantly. In typical Lillee stalker fashion, she went thru this person's Twitter feed. I think Pheepy may be a real person that just said hi to her one day in 4th grade and she's been obsessed with him since. She's definitely the crazy stalker that makes up a whole relationship in her head.

No. 817424

Lillee is so dumb and arrogant she is actually insulting both of them. Is she saying that customers are bullies now..?
The Overclockers account is not a support account and politely responded to Adventuresupnorth. Wtf.

No. 817461

It’s funny how she always complains about stalkers yet obsessively stalks anyone who comments something remotely negative. Why would you comment on someone else’s tweet from December when it’s not even about you? So embarrassing.

No. 817525

File: 1611283317931.jpeg (197.05 KB, 750x422, 7C2595B8-E8B2-42F3-ADEE-BFA848…)

No. 817532

Lillee begging for a taste of Pheepy’s royal horse cock

No. 817602

File: 1611322548842.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 11376D13-8926-4067-83B4-01687E…)

Lillee is mexican now

No. 817603

File: 1611323320024.png (3.27 MB, 828x5440, D5B82C6D-1D28-444F-965D-F5799D…)

No. 817608

Holy shit. I'm pretty good at Attic Pidgin but it took me awhile to parse some of these sentences. It kills me how she tries to use lofty language and semicolons to sound smart, but it comes out as worse than ESL. Her regression is frightening.

No. 817609

File: 1611324171107.jpeg (413.49 KB, 750x1103, 40F0C1C0-5E3F-475B-AB2E-15A827…)

Lillee posted about her heritage on YouTube too

No. 817610

File: 1611324198598.jpeg (160.88 KB, 750x908, 96763694-7789-49B9-A210-80B3CF…)

No. 817612

File: 1611324371339.jpeg (72.43 KB, 645x834, 617FC967-AFA6-4B15-A4FE-BE814B…)

I thought her great gma was stabbed in the face fleeing nazis? Now she’s an Australian pirate?

No. 817614

>>pretty cool seeing the immigration papers documenting even nose shape, freckles etc

Uh, who’s going to tell her?

No. 817622

All the “Lil’ Jean is older than 19” tinfoilers were correct. If her great grandma was a pirate in the 1500s, Lillee is around 200 years old.

No. 817636

lillee and laur seem like the type of people who don’t wash their legs in the shower because they thing the soap on the top halves of their body will sufficiently clean their legs

No. 817645

Mad how most of these places are famous for a folktale or legend. What a fun coincidence that quirky Lillee has quirky genes! So lucky that the outfits are pretty much already planned out for her! Can't wait to see Robin Hood and Dracula

No. 817646

>Lillee is around 200 years old.
Don't underestimate her family of time travellers. Her grandma was transported to Australia before Europeans had even noticed it was there.

No. 817648

So much bullshit in all of this, I wouldn't even know where to start. But…1500'? Would love to see evidence of a 1500 ancestry, but you know the paper are probably locked up inside some french catacombs by the Nazis.

Several anons earlier talked about regression and making up some fancy lineage, this is sure some heavy sign of mental deterioration.

No. 817651

This is making my head spin. Is she genetically Jewish or religiously Jewish? If genetically, how could she possibly be “half” if the genetics are from Russian/Ukrainian decent yet Laur has other genetic roots? If she is referring to her religion, how is she half Lutheran and half Jewish? How can a person be two different religions?

No. 817652

>Alsace France
>1 event in Cherbourg
Cherbourg's in Normandy Lillee you uncultured swine. Learn some fucking geography.

No. 817654

>How can a person be two different religions?
Anything is possible when you lie.

No. 817660

Kek love this nitpick, anon. Where is Quiche Lorraine Grandma? haha

No. 817710

It's common for Ukrainians have some Israeli roots, I'm assuming Lillee is just too dumb to realize people from Israel are not called Jewish.

No. 817712

It makes me wonder what she meant by her Russian/Ukrainian ancestors were Jewish, buy the German ones were Orthodox. Sounds a bit backwards to me.

No. 817723

Why is it always people with no personality who care so much about the ethnicity of their great-great-great grandma? No one cares about this shit. Most Europeans have ancestors from other countries if you go deep enough, people have been traveling for centuries. LJ has the vibe of a basic white girl who found out she’s 1/46th Native American.

No. 817745


It's 50 shades of beige, like every other basic American white girl. The only thing remotely unusual is that she doesn't have .00003% Sub-Saharan African or a like a Cherokee princess or something hiding in there somewhere.

You can't build a personality out of your 23andMe results, Lils. You're still just unseasoned chicken breast and broccoli.

No. 817762

File: 1611356368385.jpeg (318.13 KB, 828x809, 074CD2F1-CDA1-4493-A520-24634E…)

Laur is now on the all lives matter bandwagon

No. 817773


Sweet dancing Jesus.

I can’t decide if this just her racism showing again, or she’s trying to get people talking about LG again. Either way, she clearly has parsnips for brains

No. 817775

Well,since her daughter is related to Mexicans now, she can't just say black lives.

And she's back to sucking up to Estella. She really thinks Estella cares about her. Estella dropped her ass after she got in trouble with Rossow and Big Daddy Luci for spreading private information that Laur sent her. Estella won't do anything to risk his affections. She's too busy writing erotic fan fiction about him falling in love with her.

No. 817778

If her cousins are half Mexican (or Brazilian?) then that would mean her mother's sibling's spouse is Mexican. Meaning Lillee would have no blood relation at all to that ethnicity. What the hell?

No. 817779


Attic Academy

No. 817780

What triggered Lillee to prove she’s special and unique this time? Did a twitter call out or anon call her a boring American or something? Also I’m excited for the MAGA ALM Laur era.

No. 817818

File: 1611368717286.jpeg (147.8 KB, 828x293, 1C0EB0BA-433A-46C8-93AD-E240C0…)

No. 817819

Laur just buckles down and cannot admit that she screwed up. All lives matter is a phrase used by racists but keep spouting it laur. It will really make people want to work with Lillee…

No. 817828

File: 1611371929550.jpeg (240.96 KB, 750x755, C98DA3C7-30C2-4D43-824B-FD0AA0…)

Laur’s having a multi-platform franzia freakout

No. 817829

File: 1611371959741.jpeg (403.71 KB, 750x955, A4536DBE-9B6B-489B-99CB-8F346A…)

No. 817841

File: 1611376142584.jpeg (176.51 KB, 750x903, CF7AE0E4-7F83-4CFD-A745-43E594…)

>> I c u I c everything

Wtf is going on in the attic? These two are incredibly paranoid today.

No. 817842

> Attic Academy

> Bathroom Academy Attic

You know, if we needed anymore proof that Laur 100% reads here lmfao

No. 817846

>Based on your art, I know where you came from.
Is Lillee about to track down some innocent artist to harass because someone grabbed their pic off pinterest for an avatar? kek

No. 817887


Well, a request was made here for one of Laur's old-fashioned frazia freakouts, and a few days later we got one. I'm wondering if I can place an order for another of Laur's pants-free vlog rants filmed from the attic floor. Extra chompy gum, pls.

No. 817895

How can someone be self obsessed enough to believe anyone cares about every single ancestor they have… newsflash, most white North Americans have ancestors from a whole bunch of countries and no one cares. She’s so boring she has to resort to this stuff to try to sound interesting

No. 817897

File: 1611403547472.jpeg (325.72 KB, 945x1296, D2A7F113-1B3E-4CE4-8592-FB0575…)

No. 817901

>Black, white, pink
Oh yes sure Laur, pink lives matter too! Why is everyone always forgetting about pink lives? Praise you for your awareness SJW uwu pink lives savior petite size 2 princess.

No. 817902

How can someone so old be so dense? Yes Laur, all lives SHOULD matter. Sadly, for many they don't.

No. 817907

Kek. I want a 10 minutes dance youtube video/tuto but I bet LJ can't dance for that long.

No. 817911

>1 event in Tel Aviv Israel

>Great grandparents

Israel wasn't even a thing when my grandma was born, how was it a thing when her mom's grandparents were born? And how has she decided that this Israeli heritage was Jewish when people living in that area 80 years ago were mostly Arab Muslims?

No. 817914

I wish pathological liars would do some google searches before they shared their story. The inconsistences ruin the plot. 0/10

No. 817939

This multiracial haunt is pathetic. It won't make her more relatable/likable.
It's only vaguely interesting if you have very unusual beauty with noteworthy features such as Anya Taylor-Joy or Ezra Miller who unlike Lillee, are very talented actors.
Being an attic 50yo looking hobgoblin nobody is indeed unsual but too unfortunate to be racially intriguing, as it's more a medical condition.
It's sad how she desperately wants to be this international influencer who belongs somewhere at the top of the social class with her fancy ancestors but makes no effort to be genuine and skilled in any ways.

No. 818004

File: 1611438087866.jpeg (294.5 KB, 750x655, F0337D69-1C1B-40BC-8554-719E32…)

Laur’s on one again

No. 818008

File: 1611439419307.png (961.37 KB, 828x2131, 65992E07-3B24-4243-9CCB-B316D9…)

No. 818009

File: 1611439465449.png (889.08 KB, 828x1923, BE92B5C4-DB4B-4EC1-BA43-A913E0…)

No. 818010

File: 1611439610809.jpeg (158.34 KB, 828x426, E9806149-2108-4480-93C7-2A8618…)

No. 818011

I wonder what set Laur off this time? Was it that no one was talking about them? That Tater Tatiana did a better job following Lillee’s makeup tutorial than Lillee did? That they are drawing attention away from something else that will be found out? I wonder if Laur knows that her freak outs hurt Lillee’s “career” more than anyone talking about their bad behaviour. I truly think that is her plan - she doesn’t want Lillee to have an ounce of independence.

No. 818013

File: 1611440158723.jpg (358.1 KB, 1080x1724, Screenshot_20210123-154657_Twi…)

It always annoys me when Laur and Lillee claim to be victims of antisemitic behavior. I've never seen it, after a year and a half, and if they weren't constantly telling people they are Jewish, no one would know. The only thing Jewish about either of them is maybe a historically Jewish nose, but they aren't active or even trying to pretend to be unless it is Christmas and they don't want to put down the suffering cat.

Lillee must be on her moon cycle, these normally happen when she's pissy and lashes out at Laur for not aborting her like any intelligent person would have.

No. 818015

Calling PoC “ethnics” to prove you’re not racist. G8 plan, Laur.

Has anyone heard Lillee or Laur mention Laur being her manager since Drew disowned them?

No. 818017

File: 1611440872947.png (697.8 KB, 828x1587, D8535FDA-7C4F-4C73-AA1F-139750…)

No. 818018


I imagine Laur's C&D was written on a piece of notebook paper in sharpie. God knows no lawyer sent it.

No. 818019

>we all know where you live and work
OK, so this is a threat, right? Especially in the context of the other tweets. She sounds thuggish, like our former Supreme Leader Trump. Are all New Yorkers this trashy and aggressive?

No. 818024

There’s a strong correlation between Lillee coloring her hair and laur losing her shit. I think the grown toddlers tantrum mode rubs off on mommy

No. 818028

File: 1611446133787.jpg (251.93 KB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20210123-175151_Tik…)

Oh look, Kermit the frog is wearing Billie Eilish's wigs. Two for one deal on party city wigs.

She's been super self conscious about her hair lately, she's all about wearing wigs. She knows her hair looks like pond water and she is too poor to get it properly fixed.

No. 818047

I feel like a lot of white girls that didnt grow up with any rich culture surrounding them always go through that phase of researching their ancestry and then adopting a persona off the .001% of a minority they find in their roots. Its ok to grow up eating kraft mac n cheese with hot dogs on paper plates

No. 818054

Lillee & Laur have been larping as different ethnicities for years. Shaniqua, Romalatte, Ray Williamson, Sharita, Aaleyah etc. This is just the natural progression of LJ’s multicultural role playing.

No. 818055

What the fuck? You having halfie or mixed cousins has nothing to do with you genetically, culturally maybe if you spend a lot of time with the. What the hell is it with these kinds of white americans pulling this shit?

No. 818067

File: 1611451283002.jpeg (238.25 KB, 750x721, 3462820B-CFB3-4CBF-B1CB-1BFE5E…)

Chelsea, a self proclaimed white-passing “ethnic”, reacting to Laur’s racist meltdown. She’s going to look mighty stupid coming to Laur’s defense after tonight’s klan themed franzia freakout.

No. 818068

LILLEE youre gonna be angry to hear this but being mexican doesnt make you not white. hispanic isn't a race you fucking idiot

No. 818080

It's too bad Laur is too dumb to figure out how to get Lillee on reality TV. That's probably the only way she could succeed in entertainment.

No. 818089

Lillee couldn’t even succeed on reality tv without her train wreck of a mother. Lillee alone is extremely boring. People only are interested in Laur’s Franzia Freakouts. It’s the only reason the Reddit thread didn’t immediately die and end there - Laur started trying to dox people. Laur is the one who enjoys stirring up the drama (I mean, as things get quiet she all of a sudden starts with the all lives matter nonsense) and honestly no one would still talk about this if not for her.

No. 818098

The elderly ogre and her pet midget would be great reality tv.

No. 818102

I wonder what kind of future LJ will have when her parents won't be there. She is mentally retarded, has no studies or competences.

No. 818103

That’s an interesting question actually. I doubt she’ll get much of an inheritance due to the staggering amount of debt both of her parents have racked up. She’ll have to get a real job eventually, Laur’s sabotaged any chance at a career in the beauty industry she may have had. My guess is she’ll work retail eventually because she’s not really qualified for much else. she’ll definitely be living with her parents until they die though- no question about that.

No. 818109

File: 1611476150254.jpg (287.56 KB, 1080x1242, Screenshot_20210124-021340_Twi…)

Laur must have been on a bender or feeling ignored tonight. She's dropped the ALM bullshit from her name. She got the attention she wanted and got to play victim, back to hiding while tweeting at thin air in locked until she needs to have someone pay attention to her again.

No. 818128

>You need to stfu and stop acting 13 instead of 23
Laur you are 52. YOU need to stop acting like a 6yo dumb spoiled brat.

>she’ll work retail eventually
Jobs with no qualification are difficult to get, especially now. I don't see how Lillee could possibly be hired.
Laur won't take the risk to see Lillee-the-dainty-princess getting her own money.
If Lillee was on her own, I bet she would run at her aunt or any family left to live for free, just like Margaret Palermo did.

No. 818130

File: 1611497697536.jpeg (435.2 KB, 750x959, 0B19C403-BC27-4E15-AF00-B6B761…)

Just last week Laur was praising Tatiana. Guess Lillee didn’t get a big boost in views or followers from Tatiana’s video.

I’m not sure if anyone’s pointed it out but Tatiana is Puerto Rican, not black. Laur saying Tatiana is racist because she believes only black lives (her race) matter >>818009 is funny considering Tatiana isn’t even black.

No. 818135

Tatiana has self-identified as black (specifically Afro-Latina) before so that’s probably why Laur’s calling her black

No. 818147


I also can’t see Lillee being hired for much - just meeting with her in an interview would be an experience that would be baffling.

I think the only chance she’d have would be a call centre, the type of place that basically hires everyone due to the high turn over rates and let’s them weed themselves out. I am sure she would eventually be fired though, because those jobs do have schedules, metrics, etc and she can only do things “on her own time”, and I think it’s unlikely she would be able follow a script successfully honestly

No. 818148

who knows what’ll actually happen, but if our society worked properly she’d go into the care of adult protective services. she definitely won’t be able to work or care for herself alone.

No. 818149

What's tragic is that Laur is so lacking in theory of mind that she thinks "attic academy" works as a generic insult despite being a specific reference to the fact that LJ was home schooled (poorly) while living in a literal attic. It's very very specific to LJ and Laur but it hurts Laur's feelings so she thinks it'd hurt someone else's feelings too…?

No. 818150

LJ is a spoiled brat and probably has a low IQ, but plenty of unintelligent people have jobs. I’m sure she can work and care for herself just fine, she simply doesn’t want to.

No. 818151

File: 1611507879289.jpg (120.74 KB, 695x1091, botsbots.jpg)

Lillee's Yt videos just went from 1.2k views to 3.5k on average.
Tatiana's last video is at 5.1k.
I checked last week and Lillee was arround 1.6k views on average for the last videos.
Did they bought views because Tatiana had more? Lillee socialblade shows only +400 subscribers, but +132,144 views, while her analytical history shows a huge drop in views, she is back to the number of views she had one year ago.

No. 818152

You know, if she were to embrace her unfortunate looks and start an OnlyFans called UglyGirl98 or something similar, she could advertise on any of the weird adult subreddits and build a HUGE following of creeps who would do nothing but praise her and insist that she isnt ugly at all. She could probably even get her teeth fixed by donations from a single patron.
Guys looove anything different, and plain jane girls with weird boobs have a huge fandom online.

No. 818154

The problem is she's been raised to believe she's too good to work a regular job and that she's meant only for wealth and fame. By the time Laur passes away LJ will be middle aged, with no work history whatsoever, no real education, and an online record of being a trainwreck. She's been completely sheltered and has no idea how the world works; unless she can turn herself around, her only hope once her parents pass will be to find a husband desperate enough to take care of her, which seems unlikely since she adamantly refuses to do housework and sees no reason to ever start.

No. 818156

I expect Lillee will end up pregnant. She refuses to take birth control and she has the maturity level of a 14/15 year old with a 20yr old's hormones. Lillee ttempts to act like she is incredibly confident and has high standards, but she's very easily manipulated and lied to by anyone who treats her with kid gloves and doesn't call her out on her lies. I think that's part of why Laur took over as her manager and is basically as much of the Lillee Jean Brand as LJ herself. Laur's atleast been fucked enough to know that there are plenty of dudes that sleep with 2s.

No. 818159


I kinda doubt so. I know some dudes are desperate and would fuck someone like her… but she is so delusional she thinks she expects some prince charming, and what handsome guy is actually going to be into someone with that body, those teeth (and creepy ass smile), and that childish personality?

No. 818161

She’ll have to go outside to meet someone who would inseminate her. Lillee doesn’t go outside unless it’s with Laur.

No. 818164

Laur is her manager because Lillee has no talent and there is no sane person on earth who would willingly manage LJ.
Unless they become less paranoid and agoraphobic, LJ's not going to have an opportunity to leave the house to interact a guy in the first place, let alone to have sex with them. The most interaction she gets from males other than her father is the gross Indian guys on her lives who want to see her feet. LJ's biggest chance of getting knocked up right now is if someone breaks into her house and assaults her.
>inb4 Laur starts sperging people are orchestrating a plan to break into her house to harm Lillee.

I could also see Laur whoring Lillee out if they met a guy with connections and he could help her career.

Plus, weird nitpick about not being on birth control for someone we know isn't sexually active.

No. 818167

I was thinking her attitude would be enough to prevent her from doing any of that menial work, like >>818154 said. can you seriously imagine her keeping a schedule and listening to someone else long enough to even make it through training at mcd’s?

No. 818170

sounds exactly like Venus

No. 818172

I don’t doubt she’d fail at any normie menial job because of her bratty attitude (fast food is a lot more challenging than most people think), I was just addressing the other anon’s point about adult protective services. Being an asshole who thinks they’re better than everyone isn’t really a reason to be in protective care. Unless she actually has a diagnosed mental disability, she’s just a spoiled brat who chooses not to work.

No. 818222

Yeah she’ll be on some sort of social assistance for the rest of her life because there’s no way she’ll ever be able to work with other people. Idk whether they were ever serious about Lillee being in a Marvel movie but imagine her having to wake up at 5am to be on set for 12 hours kek

No. 818231

Being a spoiled entitled shit doesn't warrant you government assistance, but she will be a habitual abuser of unemployment.

No. 818240

File: 1611539198368.jpeg (105.57 KB, 750x352, 1C6AF27D-344E-4D95-9ED5-A5C60A…)

Good timing, anon. She just left this comment about bc on her newest YT video. Laur told Lillee she can’t take bc due to a family history of blood clots and birth defects? Wtf.

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