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File: 1657241478255.jpeg (303.96 KB, 1125x889, 13A676D4-4132-4798-B7F9-E7B3D4…)

No. 882448


https://heavenlybunnies.tumblr.com/ [deleted]
https://pileofthembones96.tumblr.com/ [ed tumblr]
https://thewrldisurs82.tumblr.com/ [active]

https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]

>26 year old "sober" heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on-and-off “sex worker”
>Has overdosed 5+ times
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides shitty art and poetry
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun; most noteworthy illnesses include BPD and an elusive ED
>Started dating her (now 43) year old “fiancé” Matthew (known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”. They’ve been together now for 8 years
>Romanticizes the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, layers of dirt and mystery stains on every surface of her home, etc
>Constantly buys cheap shit on Amazon with her dad's credit card while complaining about being penniless
Historical Milk:
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lost the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s sick dad) by squatting in his apartment and leeching off his social security until he died. They were soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom poverty home, ultimately drives her mother to relapse and go to inpatient >>795390
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spreads ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga:
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more dead in every photo
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
>Anon leaks a ‘commission’ video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647 WARNING: SAD AS FUCK >>758661
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video >>761016, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter. Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775, >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought but didn’t leak at the time: >>811491, >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:
>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets shut off >>813209 and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as "her landlord" despite admitting on facebook that they're not supposed to be there >>813354
>The apartment door lock has broken, Luna and lurch build sad little barricades >>816475, >>815981
>The cops pay a visit >>813338 and find drugs, paraphernalia and a knife. Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990, >>822424, >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the reg, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718, >>822657, >>823499, >>823823, >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober >>824858, >>825465, >>827008 despite still taking fucking Xanax >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses >>825466, is “dying” >>825993, >>826190, Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimmy checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by neighbor’s pitbulls totally not while stealing >>831109

Assault Saga:
>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building >>840784, >>840941 Anons infight about whether or not she's telling the whole truth
>Reports the rape to the police >>841832, >>841834, It seems to go quite well
>Police now don't entirely believe her rape story >>843957, now suspect her of submitting a falsified statement
>Luna gets psych warded >>846413, Calls it the "worst day of her life" but not explaining why, posts unsettling selfies with her ekg stickers still on >>846458
>Seems to be police-related >>847120, Current theory is she lost her shit when she took all of her klonopin and psych wouldn't give her more

>Luna makes a trip to hospital after getting stabby with her wrist while filing taxes >>879532 , >>879535 , >>879540
Milks her injury for sympathy >> 879961 , >>879964
e-begging for money >>879569 , >>879572 , >>879641 , >>879816
aesthetic >>879640
and scrapbooking >>879691 , >>879935
Lurch shows some oddly placed anger towards the Dollar Tree knife rather than his mentally vacant girlfriend >>879538
>Luna thinks about creating an OF to supplement her thriving SW career >>879663
>One of Luna's followers drags her for her questionable sobriety and frequent e-begging >>879666
But Luna is totally sober and hasn't publicly e-begged for YEARS! >>879667
>Luna cuts off her mother after she allegedly steals shampoo, a wash rag, a jewelry box, and some nicotine patches while house sitting for her >>879692
Lurch corroborates Luna's story >>879734 ,
>> 879735
>Still asking Reddit to find housing for her >>879819 , >> 880369 , >>880477 , >>880489
>A bleak look at Luna's deteriorating body >>880478
>Luna finds out her tumblr got nuked
>>881228 ; creates a new account >>881780
>Yet another failure in seeking housing >>882011
>Luna announces the possibility of securing a housing arrangement via AirBnB- most likely with the help of evil dad's money >>882209 , >>882335

Previous thread: >>>/pt/879529

Past threads:
33 >>>/pt/848981
34 >>>/pt/859618
35 >>>/pt/865357
36 >>>/pt/869724
37 >>>/pt/874997

No. 882450

File: 1657242538248.jpg (223.13 KB, 720x1380, VideoCapture_20220707-180824.j…)

No. 882451

File: 1657242559915.jpg (157.24 KB, 720x1400, VideoCapture_20220707-180829.j…)

No. 882452

File: 1657242591674.jpg (205.75 KB, 720x1443, VideoCapture_20220707-180834.j…)

No. 882453

Just an incredible thread pic. Thanks for the new thread.

No. 882454

Thank you Nonna. The pic and title ate chief's kiss. Great job !
Can't wait for the air bnb saga and "I lost 85% of my belongings, yes, even my cute and beloved pink chair. Plz donate bb" to start.

No. 882456

File: 1657242757142.jpg (187.14 KB, 720x1360, VideoCapture_20220707-181131.j…)

No. 882457

File: 1657242783013.jpg (188.27 KB, 720x1352, VideoCapture_20220707-181139.j…)

No. 882458

what in the wish.com Trisha Paytas hell

No. 882459


who the fuck is that

No. 882460

It goes against Airbnb’s TOS to make adult content. Hosts are cautious about it because they would be in violation allowing it. Tinfoil — her father applied and paid for the Airbnb on his own account.

No. 882461

File: 1657244142123.jpg (329.91 KB, 1080x1181, Screenshot_20220707-181711_Sam…)

No. 882462

File: 1657244221098.jpg (350.92 KB, 1031x1920, tumblr_a32357e87b4b33b3971e382…)

No. 882463

File: 1657244258285.jpg (286.48 KB, 1080x1152, Screenshot_20220707-183654_Sam…)

No. 882464

She has a video up on her insta if someone wants to grab it, it won't let me upload it. She spazzes out a bit at the end of it and I wanna know if it's bc she sees a shadow person.

No. 882465

Most airbnbs don’t let you rent on behalf of someone else, so I doubt he would reserve it under his name. You don’t have to apply for them like you would with a regular apartment though, so Luna could have easily gotten approved for one. Idk if it’s different in NY but I’ve been living out of Airbnb’s for a year and I’ve never had to submit any kind of proof of employment. Usually the owner just asks a few basic questions and that’s it. You pay it entirely in advance so it doesn’t really matter.

No. 882468

She looks almost normal in this one. I mean as normal as she can go

No. 882469

I wonder how gnarly her stitches look rn. They've been in for a month when they're supposed to be removed/dissolved after two weeks, tops.

No. 882471

the only photo of her since 2013 that hasn’t made me physically cringe

No. 882472

keep your fucking hair brushed

No. 882473

File: 1657247937481.jpg (207.88 KB, 1080x664, Screenshot_20220707-202148_Chr…)

Second time she mentions ODing six times after going from four to five since she's been "sober".

No. 882480

File: 1657253227560.jpg (248.33 KB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_20220707-142352_Ins…)

This one was deleted fast

No. 882481

File: 1657253316947.jpg (284.18 KB, 1080x1840, Screenshot_20220707-155302_Ins…)

No. 882484

How many days has she been wearing the same crusty outfit? Looking old as hell here too for 26.

No. 882491


I know she's still filtered & filthy in this one but it made me a bit sad, she could definitely reinvent herself and be really cute

No. 882498

Not to wk but I think this hair colour actually looks decent on her

No. 882502

She would have to reinvent an eyeball.

No. 882508

Looking cute doesn't pay the rent.

No. 882533

Still fried as shit though.

No. 882534

i can't with this unnaturally posed arm in all her pics. first it was to show off tattoos, then the bandages, now back to tattoos i guess?

No. 882538

>my pout is so severe from having a crooked jaw
?? She's poking her bottom lip out with her tongue in these pics. Weird fake humblebrag and makes her look retarded anyway

No. 882548

She's so fucking retarded kek. How do you use Amazon for all your other stupid shit but you don't know how to look up plain jewlery in bulk? It's a cheap cheap ten bucks for fifty pieces piggie.

No. 882551

Some of the best pics of Luna, simply stunning. Now that she's found a place to live she's glowing up again.
Luna: 1 Lolcow:0
Stay bitter fat ugly wannabe-bully losers, you'll never get your homeless saga.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 882555

no she couldn’t. can we not start the thread with this shit

No. 882569

Imagine doing nothing but think about your own looks all day

No. 882576

so you agree that she was disgusting before?

No. 882577

Oh, please milk gods, let them get kicked out of that airbnb after a week or month of living there.

No. 882579

You think they are actually gonna go outside every time they want to smoke a cigarette? ZERO chance they don't smoke indoors day 1 and get yeeted

No. 882581

I see this photo and think "well..ok, she could potentially clean up well if she actually dressed herself in clean clothing

Then I see this pic and all hope is lost:

No. 882584

> simply stunning

Wow - talk about the bar being in hell, kek.

No. 882585

The real fun is doing any type of OF work is against Airbnb's TOS.

She could get kicked out and permanently banned if she does any content.

No. 882587

what the fuck is this weird nitpick? luna isnt even really a sex worker and doesn't have an onlyfans. she just sells videos and pics sometimes. this seems like one of the weird scrotes on reddit who asked about her "camgirl business". she's got housing for months now, and her and lurch can spend anything they get on drugs. she will be sitting on her fat lardy ass getting fatter, playing video games, buying cheap cheap trinkets, and nodding out for the next 6 months.

No. 882588

Lol lurch go home you’re drunk. Pretty sad a grown man lives at the whims of a uwu sad little girl.

No. 882589

Any one of several of these things is a violation of AirBnB rules and the landlord of one (if that is indeed what they are doing) will take one look (or smell) at them and know not to trust that their property is safe. So yea well see how that goes for them.

No. 882590

Just praying to God that they get booted before the 30 day mark so that we don't have another boring year of squatting. Don't care if its for smoking, drug use, being filthy, or taking massive areola pics. Just want milk.

No. 882592

Not really a nitpick, anon's just implying that when her dumbass starts taking nudes in that airbnb it could possibly lead to someone reporting them or the landlord finding out.

Milkwise, this is my tinfoil:
>Ebil dad agrees to pay 6 months of rent for an apartment only if Tuna sobers up and gets a job
>Tuna instead lies about finding a place and it's actually an airbnb
>dad doesn't know or question how she got a place, just happy she has somewhere to live and thinks this is the beginning to her changing
>in reality tuna fully expects to laze around for 6 more months and then cry to dad for more rent money
>he goes ballistic on her when she does get kicked out
>cue "daddyyy is so meeean to me" post
The end of july really couldn't come faster kek.

No. 882593

File: 1657306119460.jpg (216.94 KB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_20220708-114504_Ins…)

how will she show how sad and tortured she is now that the bandage is off and her stitches are being removed??

No. 882596

>scared does this hurt
Not as much as that outfit does.

No. 882597

No airbnb host really cares about someone taking nudes in their room and selling them for $10 on reddit or whatever, they just care about actual sex work or porn that’s widely circulated. The airbnb host would have no way of knowing this is happening anyways unless Luna is stupid enough to tell them or someone cowtips

No. 882598

She looks really nice in this? Ngl I'm low-key jealous of her hip to waist ratio. She's thicc and curvy, she doesn't need to lose a lot of weight to be pretty. In this pic at least. Also, her hair is starting to look healthy. Is it weird that I've been liking her make-up as well lately? She's clearly getting better at it and experimenting. The "clown" look is trendy among edgy London hipsters (where I'm from) so I imagine it's the same in NYC. I feel like it's almost like her MUA hobby replaced her painting hobby? Idk the fact that she's finally found housing and is generally looking healthy and happy really gives me hope she'll finally decide to turn her life around?

No. 882600

calm down nona, remember youre looking to some filtered pics. but yeah im amazed how in picture she doesnt look as big as she really is.

No. 882601

What hip to waist ratio, at least in the photo you're talking about? Fucking kek.
>the fact that she's finally found housing and is generally looking healthy and happy really gives me hope she'll finally decide to turn her life around?
I'd hardly call staying in an AirBNB housing.

No. 882602

you must be new

No. 882603

Not to mention, she blew her last job and she currently has no job.

No. 882606

are you huffing paint thinner

No. 882607

File: 1657311841294.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3840x2880, hip2waistratio.jpeg)


No. 882614

Thank you for replying with that cause that "hip to waist" ratio shit is how Luna let herself go in the first place. She let's that area, her jaw and her hands trick her into thinking she's not disgustingly huge. Your "hip" to waist ratio doesn't matter when the rest of you is the size of a school bus anyway kek.

No. 882622

How do Luna's face and chin stay so relatively unchanged while the rest of her body is getting so huge? Her fat distribution is grotesque. But she looked cute on the right.

No. 882625

File: 1657316889882.gif (1.34 MB, 498x315, 1508631805689.gif)

>doesn't matter when the rest of you is the size of a school bus anyway
It's always great when anons bring the delusional people back to reality.

No. 882626

Filters. Don't be retarded.

No. 882630

She legit looks like Grimace this is insane

No. 882635

File: 1657319205981.jpg (297.43 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_20220708-122547_Ins…)

No. 882636

File: 1657319232704.jpg (223.06 KB, 1080x1577, Screenshot_20220708-122540_Ins…)

No. 882642

No…No you don't. You look stupid as hell, Tuna.

No. 882644

File: 1657320184776.jpg (218.06 KB, 720x1406, VideoCapture_20220708-154023.j…)

No. 882645

File: 1657320207347.jpg (175.69 KB, 720x1405, VideoCapture_20220708-154056.j…)

No. 882646

I don’t wanna be like ‘hi cow’ but this has to be one of luna’s enablers coming around again, nobody else is gonna write earnest paragraphs about how the fat delusional cow is good and pretty actually

No. 882647

Nah just trolling

No. 882649

She’s losing weight because she’s using a ton of heroin again. It’s painfully obvious. She has been e begging non stop. Also - most air bnbs have cameras these days and disclose that in their TOS to prevent illegal use of the space. It would have to be some bottom of the barrel shit for them to get away with 6 months in an air bnb with their lifestyle. I give them 2 weeks tops. No way a neighbor or someone isn’t going to report the stench alone.

No. 882650

File: 1657321354364.webm (2.73 MB, 720x1402, XRecorder_08072022_153809_1.we…)

No. 882651

File: 1657321449964.webm (2.89 MB, 720x1402, XRecorder_08072022_153809_2.we…)

No. 882652

She totally went to the emergency room to get her stitches out didn’t she

No. 882653

File: 1657321601511.webm (3.89 MB, 720x1402, XRecorder_08072022_153809.webm)

No. 882655

Of course she did.

No. 882659

dont know shit about this cow but I will say from experience that its (maybe) probably due to insurance BS. those on government disability insurance or similar often can only get their treatment covered by ER visits and walk-in clinics. its a really fucked system

No. 882660

Some people just don’t carry as much fat around their face and neck as others can at a similar weight. Once someone gets to deathfat level it’s a roll of the dice where their body decides to store all that extra fat.

Also, filters working overtime.

No. 882665

File: 1657327786451.png (8.11 MB, 4491x2160, Pear Chan.PNG)

As >>882660 weight distribution varies greatly between people. Tess Holliday (years ago, around 2014-2015) was (?) a great example of a deathfat with a thin face. Pear Chan (picrel which was before filters too) wasn’t quite deathfat levels yet but also benefited from the same luck. Luna has years of practicing her angles and filters, lots and lots of filters.

No. 882667

Her desperation is so unattractive

No. 882668

Of course Lurch is nowhere to be found. What a faggot

No. 882672

File: 1657330746401.jpg (202.94 KB, 1080x1647, Screenshot_20220708-183753_Sam…)

nope, while she was there he was on Twitter as usual

No. 882673

There is more love between these two frenemies than he and Luna.

No. 882674

maybe Michael will let Matthew move in when things inevitably go south at the airbnb, could be sitcom worthy tbh

No. 882676

Kek, their bromance is legendary

No. 882679

sage but holy shit I forgot about her, whatever happened to her I wonder?? didn't she become a death fat eventually?

No. 882686

Luna's hip to waist ratio actually gets worse the thinner she is, kek, who would have thought.

No. 882687

thats how being pear shaped works most of the time unfortunately

No. 882691

File: 1657340219806.jpg (43.08 KB, 1000x750, 868f78-20151104-dance-hours.jp…)

No. 882704

Girl what??? Ratio where?? When Luna goes from “fucking gross” to “average sloppy” some of ya’ll really want to pile onf the unneeded praise.

Who would have thought that her body would be decent compared to where we are now. tragic.

No. 882707

agreed, nona.

tuna’s nasty every size and shape she comes in. the

No. 882710

She was doing BBW modeling, did get to death fat size, got married and divorced and is with a new dude now. Her insta is afattyfox

No. 882712

what is this filter omfg it took like 100lbs off

No. 882714

jesus christ she really did get to deathfat. always thought she had the cutest face. what a waste.

No. 882731

someone has to stay at their apt at all times, remember? so she has to do everything alone.

No. 882742

File: 1657386623379.jpg (157.11 KB, 720x1390, VideoCapture_20220709-100920.j…)

No. 882745

Sis has Tess Holliday arms

No. 882754

File: 1657395604792.jpg (180.12 KB, 1080x1510, Screenshot_20220709-123915_Sam…)

No. 882757

Luna come get your weird racist sexist ableist boomer boyfriend

No. 882762

Surprised but not surprised than Luna didn’t keep the airbnb stuff private. It’s only a matter of time before someone sees a photo of her space and figures out the listing then reports it to Airbnb. I don’t believe in cowtipping at all but the constant lack of brains between lurch and tuna is amazing. Calling it now she won’t last the full 6 months in her rental.

No. 882773

Takes off her mask in a hospital just to stare blankly with her fish mouth agape. I can't imagine being this obsessed with looking at yourself this often. It literally takes priority over her own housing. BPD and drugs is a hell of a combo.

No. 882775

File: 1657417819844.jpg (158.32 KB, 713x1396, VideoCapture_20220709-184935.j…)

No. 882776

Holy shit her hairline. Is that the filter or is she majorly balding?

No. 882779

she’s always had that 5head balding hairline

No. 882780

Yeah, it’s almost always covered by her bangs so we don’t see it, no doubt because she’s self-conscious, I’d say I’m surprised she posted this but, y’know, drugs

No. 882781

File: 1657424651625.png (96.08 KB, 340x238, 3C9D213A-59F7-4D95-87F9-DF4857…)

it was extremely evident immediately after she fried half of her hair off. her genetics are just SO shitty in every single way. literally looks like someone with alopecia wearing a bad party city wig

No. 882789

File: 1657432164535.jpg (196.21 KB, 1080x606, Screenshot_20220710-014905_Chr…)

No. 882792

I fucking hate her

No. 882794

>my fiancé
Okay Tuna

No. 882804

If you look above the hand on her hip, right at the top you’ll see a sliver of skin between her hand and tube top. >>882457 Her butt keeps going passed the hand. Connect the above hand skin to the butt and that’s where her waist actually is. You can see the thick waist oddity in >>882480 Her mid section sticks out further and higher than the back of her tube top with the angle she’s on.
Her entire life is getting high and taking poor excuses for wannarexic selfies, she’s learned how to pose. Plus she threw on a skinny filter, did a three quarter turn, and kept her other arm out of the picture so her broad shoulders/lunch lady arms don’t shatter the illusion. The arm in the pic is mostly cropped out/hidden by her hair for this reason.

No. 882805

if the Airbnb thing is true, we may still get another “lost 96.3% of my belongings” saga. there’s still hope.

No. 882810

Posting in the BPD subreddit must be tedious as fuck, try to ask for advice and every attention seeker takes it as an excuse to drop their own personal sob story

No. 882823

It's gonna be a good, funny time no matter what imo. If it's actually a bnb they're going to trash it because there's no way they can be clean, normal people, and they'll be kicked out/have actual consequences. My other tinfoil is that it's some sort of drug house they got thru someone lurch knows, or like they're gonna be living in allisin-wax-ear-plug's attic or something. Anyways I feel it'll be milky.

No. 882830

For the AirBnBs sake I hope they have wood floors instead of carpet because neither of them know how to vacuum and their current carpet is like 60% tortilla chip shards and needles

No. 882835

Wood floors show damage just at much as carpet and it can be more expensive to fix sometimes. They can stain super easily from pet urine and the scratches from the debris will show also. These poor fucks don’t know what they’ve done letting them stay.

Remember back in the day when she would get high and “clean” which was just moving and rearranging shit from one room to the other.

It’s wild to me they they just don’t wash…anything. Like she’s get stuff from her wish list and we just watch the items get grimier and grimier post by post…is haunting honestly lmao

No. 882846

File: 1657481540886.jpg (180.47 KB, 720x1392, VideoCapture_20220710-123201.j…)

No. 882847

File: 1657481563872.jpg (192.65 KB, 720x1392, VideoCapture_20220710-123203.j…)

No. 882848

File: 1657481588054.jpg (187.67 KB, 720x1392, VideoCapture_20220710-123214.j…)

No. 882849

File: 1657481806010.webm (1.11 MB, 720x1396, XRecorder_10072022_102030.webm)

No. 882850

that was one of my favorite things. “spent the day cleaning” and it’s just her night stand moved two inches to the left

No. 882858

Her skin looks really good in these? I’m liking this insta thot look, it suits her, glad to see her getting better…

No. 882860

Is she absolutely against wearing any bra with an underwire? If its remotely hot she'll have sweatlines walking anywhere. This look probably only “looks good” on snap, not in person

No. 882862

The drugs? Yeah, they'll do that

No. 882863

Can the trolls please stop with the fake wk compliments about heavily filtered selfies. I am tired.

No. 882865

You can be doing better and have flawless skin too, anon. Just buy this bridge real quick so you can be on the road to success.

No. 882871

who the fuck are you people and how did you find this thread?

No. 882875

can we ignore the bait so they don't get the attention/reaction they want and go away? god ladies, i don't know why anyone would ever respond to bait.

No. 882879

Nonnas, none of the videos in the thread play for me. Any ideas how to fix that??

No. 882881

Try watching on a browser rather than mobile? Videos are hit-or-miss with mobile for some reason.

No. 882882

what does it say under the caption?

No. 882883

"Happy Eid al-Adha"

No. 882887

Do you have an iphone?

No. 882905

Happened to me. Clear cache, install browser updates and restart it

No. 882923

On iPhone I download the video from lc and then open that in my files using VLC

No. 882930

Is she coordinating her outfit with the broken pink chair now

No. 882933

Looks like homegirl can't even match up her falsies anymore, kek

No. 882943

Pushing down, trying to camouflage those massive hips. We see you, Looney!

No. 882945

i’m sorry but this video is so funny

the mouth breathing, the shoving of her stitches into the camera and then immediately fixing her tits and hair and attempting to lay back seductively only to just violently thump

she will never change

No. 882960

mashallah i always knew our luna was a muslim queen

No. 882962

Anon, if you’re on a mobile device, download the app “OPlayer lite” you can click on the webm link on the post, download to your phone, and then open it in the app. That’s how I watch all the videos posted in threads. Hope that helps.

No. 882971

File: 1657573203667.jpg (190.4 KB, 720x1447, VideoCapture_20220711-135924.j…)

No. 882972

File: 1657573239425.jpg (219.87 KB, 720x1435, VideoCapture_20220711-135930.j…)

No. 882973

File: 1657573277427.jpg (212.76 KB, 720x1435, VideoCapture_20220711-135937.j…)

No. 882986

God damn she looks like lurch nowadays. Also her FAS is showing, kek.

No. 882987

File: 1657580189311.jpg (44.85 KB, 600x665, sub-buzz-12546-1490718442-1.jp…)

god fucking damn it, I know her hair is fried and dirty and that's why but I'm envious of the volume…if I put my hair in a bun I look like an entire Trunchbull, which is what she SHOULD (and probably does, sans filters) look like…

No. 882988

It's more than likely due to unwashed hair spray abuse.

No. 882989

She just teases her filthy hair for volume and abuses hairspray nona. She tries to balance out her sloppy body to hide how disproportionate her head is compared to her mammoth size… everything else.

No. 882992

no make up? or thats the filters make up? ugly cow

No. 882994

A breeze feels good even if you're wearing makeup as long as you don't have it slapped on like sheetrock

No. 883003

File: 1657589360652.jpeg (50.92 KB, 828x288, BA13D8C0-2B66-45E5-97D3-9B3B19…)

looks like the airb&b didn’t okay out because she’s so desperately looking for a place to live.

No. 883006

What’s up with this juggalo makeup phase

No. 883008

>>883003 ahahaha. You called it, nonnies. Wonder what her explanation will be.

No. 883011

Kek did you downvote this

No. 883022

I'm not so sure. Maybe she means permanently, or she lurked here and feels stupid now and is downplaying it. Anyways, July 31 is coming up quick!! Better start packing the hoarde, only about 20 days left!

No. 883024

Are her eyebrows actually super patchy or is it just the filters she uses? They almost look normal in these pics.

No. 883025

How much you want to bet that they googled her or they saw her with that stupid looking makeup on?

No. 883026

It looks to me that she (or the filter) colored them in darker. You'd think with all the time she spends obsessing over her face that she'd actually wax/pluck and shape her brows instead of letting them just look like random hairy blobs

No. 883033

Like the other anon above said, she means somewhere to live permanently. She's assuming the AirBnB will be temporary right now… until they attempt to live there for free.
Daddy paid for 6 months already so this is happening.

No. 883049

If you continue to follow Luna around Reddit downvoting every comment she makes, she’ll just end up abandoning that account and making a new one. It’s basic shit, don’t interact with the cows.

No. 883055


she's way too lazy for some reason lol. she's said in the past she shaves them and fucks them up pretty bad sometimes.

No. 883065

File: 1657633902706.jpeg (171.19 KB, 750x993, B6DC214C-C423-4F91-950A-CFD3BD…)


No. 883066

Their conversations are truly something else kek. Men are fucking weird

No. 883068

i get what you’re saying lol even without hair spray and teasing her hair volume is still enviable. when she had that really short bob it was more evident, she had a (unflattering) triangle edna mode shape going on whereas when i had a bob my 5 hairs just stuck to my face. it’s the only thing i’ll ever envy about her. even tho her hair is beyond fried.

everything else about her is absolutely repulsive. the fucked up jaw? the beady little eyes? the benzo eye?? the flat ass? pepperoni nipples??? heroin addiction on its own ?? i would rather just have thin hair lmfao

No. 883069

It's frustrating because in a parallel universe, they'd be mental health advocates using their experiences to actually help others. So many of us ex-junkies/addicts find solace by putting our stories out there and being a service to our community. Hell, you can even get paid to write blogs for charities or non-profits.

No. 883077

please please tell me luna is actually writing lurches "memoirs" i would love to read this shit. i love his bromance with this guy. he seems to care about him more than he does luna kek.

No. 883078

"servive to our community" of useless junkies. get over yourself. every junkie thinks they are william burroughs

No. 883080

“i stormed into the bedroom to call my girl a fat cow for the last time tonight, it was our special bed time routine, nobody knows love like we do. although she was sad and also fat, at least she had her plushies to hold onto. how could anyone hate drug addicts when they are so beautiful and buy designer pink clothes from shein? i scooted the broken chair aside (which broke due to her fat fat ass) and left our apartment, which wasn’t difficult due to not having a lock, to go score some heroin in the bronx. sober people can do heroin, you clearly don’t know what sober means. luna wants to say her copics are dried out, please find our venmo link in the dedication of this book. life couldn’t get better than this.” heroin & pepperoni nipples - matthew shumacher (2023) critics are raving about his debut novel “it made me bathe in hand sanitizer. 1 star.”

No. 883083

File: 1657643271553.png (133.69 KB, 1366x768, 1DCFCD48-97A8-4D78-B15C-D94639…)

No. 883089

I AI generated this from your text.

"Purpose & Inspiration

My goal was to put Luna’s real raw emotions on a page, with her personality, thinking, and expressions. I wanted to show that Luna is a broken person, a heart on the verge of being broken and never repaired, just like everyone. I also wanted to give Luna a voice; not just telling people how sad she is and how she wished she had died, but showing people that just because you think you’re bad, you’re not, and you should be in a perfect place, doesn’t mean the person sitting in the kitchen is happy, that they’re actually going to do you any favors by sharing their positive thoughts. To show that you can be fucked up and still not feel the need to feel better about it.

From the very start, I set out to write a book about the “tragic lows” of Luna’s life, and that’s exactly what it is, I mean if you read a lot of NA books, then you’ll know what I mean, and to me that was the point. I wanted to put my own interpretation on her life. I think what made Luna so special was that despite her difficult life, she found something to make her happy. That’s the only positive thing she has. I also wanted to show that the right person can change your life. I needed to tell her story in the worst possible way, so she would never ever forget that she has a dream to live, and she is really meant to be here, in a good way. Her dream was to get famous and to meet a celebrity. I always told her that she’s here to have a great time, and be someone to people, you can’t be a “shit bag” and not give a fuck, that’s not what life is about.

Special thanks to everyone who helped me get this book done!

All in all, this is a book about love, and life, and not caring about what everyone thinks about you, and being yourself. These are the themes that I hope everyone can find in Luna’s story. If you’re still reading, then thank you, and please check out the special dedication page!"

No. 883090

AI is more skilled a writer than Luna
>>you can’t be a “shit bag” and not give a fuck, that’s not what life is about.
true that

No. 883102

This is perfect

No. 883107

File: 1657659760612.jpeg (277.95 KB, 1284x1705, 32587C52-4020-414E-8B9A-AD2F1B…)

The state of the slim parts of the room we can see never fail to disgust me absolute barf

No. 883117

File: 1657666220889.jpg (65.29 KB, 1080x721, Screenshot_20220712-154951_Ins…)

that fucking stain in the background

No. 883119

File: 1657668757531.jpg (181.25 KB, 720x1430, VideoCapture_20220712-163230.j…)

No. 883131

Paging chair anon, how many days has it been now?

No. 883140

Stain is definitely pee, the litter box is just to the right

No. 883141

the chair was intact for 133 days. it’s been sitting there broken for 144 days.

No. 883149

thank you for your service

No. 883177

I archived the new blog in case she gets it reported and deleted with her attention seeking sh crap. https://archive.ph/1nTzc

No. 883198


Someone please make a fake book cover/sleeve/etc. for the next thread pic including these. Nice.

No. 883201

Except Lurch's memoirs are about Lurch' life. Tuna would be mentioned not even by name but just qthe title of gf. But of course she loves to say he's her fiance
Keeeek she's handwriting his 800 pg mEmOir… I'd love to see her bring in her handwritten fictional story about Lurch and her to a publisher.

No. 883202

How many pictures a day do we think she takes?
I love you so much, chairanon. Thank you for your service.
I also love the archivists. Thank you!
Those who know graphic design is their passion, this is your time to shine! We beg you.

No. 883208

File: 1657718488085.png (185.91 KB, 1148x318, Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 9.20…)

posting this here on the off chance she still reads this thread. maybe it would behoove you to apply to even a single job luna

No. 883210

I can imagine the "three clips" she would send to them and I'm cackling. But let's be real she doesn't actually want a job.

No. 883218

>>883208 Why TF does she need "clips" for a writing job? Clips of what, her nodding out on Snapchat?

No. 883220

“clips” in journalism are previously published stories (short for “clippings” from newspapers or magazines, back in the day)

No. 883235

File: 1657739274961.jpg (335.48 KB, 1080x1875, Screenshot_20220713-120708_Ins…)

No. 883237

You just beat me to it nonnie kek, so funny how she complains about not being given to access to meds but it’s clear the only reason she has to wait months is because she has already abused the meds given to hear, going inpatient would most likely be the best thing for her so no wonder she doesn’t want to do it, the bitch is allergic to making any positive changes in her life clearly

No. 883244

I love how Tuba’s naturally bloated corpse hand is now flattened and elongated by her filter abuse into some kind of alienesque probing paw. Girl, throwing your rotting clothes into a tub and then lint rolling them after they’ve dried will help your self esteem more than wannarexic LARPing. Instead she’s choosing to destroy whatever ounce of it she has left with warped AF selfies and trying to find ways to abuse prescription meds, business as usual.

No. 883246

File: 1657742459905.jpeg (873.78 KB, 828x1434, F64B92C8-B4C6-45B0-805F-B411E8…)

just reuploading for the comment

No. 883249

Don't air b&bs come with contracts?

No. 883255

“I refuse to go”
>just go
“I can’t uwu”

No. 883258

"about to move" i.e. getting kicked out of the rooom I've been squatting in because I am a dysfunctional adult drug addict with mental illness…but I don't need psychiatric care that bad

No. 883261

File: 1657755589689.jpg (195.87 KB, 720x1446, VideoCapture_20220713-163918.j…)

No. 883262

File: 1657755630260.jpg (209.81 KB, 720x1406, VideoCapture_20220713-163930.j…)

No. 883263

if she went to a psych ward, maybe she could like, get a case manager, who would like, help her apply for section 8 and disability. then she'd be able to buy her cheap cheap trinkets and benzos for herself each month.

No. 883264

Who does she so badly not want to do intake? Whats so bad about it? (I'm honestly not familiar)
Or was she just hoping they'd throw some benzos and shit at her immediatley?

No. 883265

So much to do? Like lazing around playing video games and taking selfies? Certainly not throwing out your broken gamer chair or boxing anything up. Honestly I don’t think there’s a cow on this whole site that would benefit more from being monitored most of the day.

No. 883267

Can’t shoot dope while you’re inpatient

No. 883269

she’d have to give up her online life support for an indeterminate amount of time, nonnie.

we all know tuna fish can’t live without the interwebs

No. 883272

because she's lazy and doesn't want to put in any effort to make her life better, she just wants it handed to her.

No. 883277

kek, that comment is exactly what I thought reading her caption. Why not go inpatient, all the shit she has she can pack in a week and her lazy boyfriend could get it into their airbnb, she could go inpatient and maybe, just maybe, change. I'm still amazed by the fact that she gets so much help from the outside and nothing changes and all she does is complain.

No. 883278

My bet is even if lurch wasn’t a lazy sack of shit he probably isn’t on any contract if it is an airBNB. So taking crap there probably wouldn’t work. Add to that he doesn’t give a shot about lunas ass and certainly not her shit- so all her uwu stuffies hed prolly leave behind

No. 883296

File: 1657774464225.jpg (150.4 KB, 1080x548, Screenshot_20220714-005408_Chr…)

AirBnB still happening and some other bullshit excuses.

No. 883301

File: 1657775922409.jpeg (14.81 KB, 380x380, AD5EF17F-FB6B-46C5-8EA5-FDA79A…)

>we’d be married otherwise

No. 883304

My face exactly. I get so tired of hearing her say that she just needs her birth certificate, etc, or they'd be married by now.

Girl, no. You wouldn't be married even if you did have those things. Which aren't that hard to obtain! You're both just lazy ass junky scum who are stuck together.

No. 883305

Tuna is lucky in the way people give a shit about her and offer her advice, but she always dismisses it. People should stop offering her advice, she clearly doesn't want any.

No. 883306

The only way that semi-animated corpse she’s attached herself to would ever marry her was if she had a lot of money. He probably only shacked up with her to begin with because she had that inheritance from her grandmother (for all of five minutes before squandering it). I don’t doubt that the only reason he is still with her is because ebil dad’s handouts are the only thing preventing them from homelessness and he has no intention of getting a job himself. He is leeching off her leeching off her dad

No. 883307

one of her issues is that she thinks being together 8 years is reason enough to get married.

No. 883308

The only redeeming choice I see from all this time casually watching this shit show is she hasn’t gotten pregnant by the wooden cigar store Indian within those 8 years. Can you image how much more depressing it would be with a fucking child.

Idk how it works in New York but in my state both of those issues are simple fixes with a DMV visit and like $35 dollars give or take. I wish more people in her comments would just dig into her for how fucking dumb she sounds.

No. 883309

>I wish more people in her comments would just dig into her for how fucking dumb she sounds
So she can block them?

No. 883310

if she went to the hospital looking like that in literal clown makeup it's no wonder they suggested inpatient

No. 883313

Let’s be real, two smack heads aren’t going to be having that much sex, plus her pcos probably has probably fucked her fertility, which really is for the best given the circumstances

No. 883314

She’d still be on ebil dad’s insurance policy, no? Even if she’s not I’m sure he’d cover her for a nice stay in a nice facility. But we all know that she has no intention of getting any serious help so I guess that’s a moot point

No. 883333

Would not surprise me if she was on medicaid, but is too lazy/stupid to use it for anything but prescription abuse.

No. 883345

Well this Airbnb saga is gonna suck for her dads credit rating, because we all see what’s going to happen, and I can’t believe he’s rich enough (seriously I don’t know) to pay for the inevitable violation of contract and destruction these two are going to do to any decent place.

No. 883347

I wonder if he knows the true extent of the filth they live in, and even with regards to them shoehorning their way into Tuna’s mom’s place and taking it over. I can’t see him agreeing to any of this airb&b shit knowing how the two troglodytes live and leave a trail of filth wherever they go, but saying that perhaps he doesn’t want Tuna stinking up his place and would rather this arrangement

No. 883353

I truly do not think he’s ever seen their living conditions or he would extract Tuna from there immediately. The way they live is above and beyond disgusting.

No. 883358

Honestly, I think he has seen the way she lives. But what can he do? She won't live anywhere without lurch. It seems he doesn't care enough to force her into rehab or whatever. Luna is an adult, and has been one for 8 years already. In his head probably, he should let her suffer the consequences of her own actions while providing the bare enough to keep her alive. I just can't imagine how difficult it must be to have a junkie daughter. Tinfoil but I think since he wasn't around much during her childhood, he blames himself for how she turned out to be, and try to make up for it by paying stuff for her.

No. 883383

she's on medicaid. lurk more.

No. 883393

they never used protection and were (supposedly) very sexually active in the first few years. they still don’t use protection now but don’t even touch each other unless for SW content. one of them - or both of them are definitely infertile

No. 883394

> one of them - or both of them are definitely infertile

From your lips to God’s ears.

No. 883396

Well that and I’m sure she nonstop calls him repeatedly until he’s tired of hearing her voice. She’s gotta be the biggest nag ever. I’ve not seen her going to visit her dad at all in several threads or am I wrong?

No. 883400

I think he did once like way back when. He made her stay at his apartment but she soon left after stealing some of his shit and went back to the drug den.

No. 883401

File: 1657843741220.jpg (258.92 KB, 720x1445, VideoCapture_20220714-170855.j…)

No. 883402

Her eyebrows looks even worse somehow lately.

No. 883409

Damn she looks so busy packing and shit… no wonder she can't do inpatient rn

No. 883412

Force her into rehab for what? So she can bitch that lunch isn't good enough and walk out again? He's seen all her bullshit same as we have.

No. 883413

She looks like Luna the disabled toddler…. yikes

No. 883425

Her sperg about the rehab pizza always makes me chuckle. And then she’d e-beg for donations because she and Junji Ito’s tobacco store wooden Indian were ~literally starving~ but instead of buying groceries they’d buy sugar cookies and ice cream

No. 883435

No. 883442

Is it odd that she never got pregnant? Being groomed by a sentient Halloween decoration into staying with them for almost a decade would have made pregnancy a very likely scenario. It may genuinely be a miracle that he hasn't knocked her up at this point

No. 883444

They don't have sex. Heroin isn't known to increase your sex drive.

No. 883451

>>883444 This combined with her PCOS (still unsure whether this was ever truly diagnosed who knows with Luna) her body is clearly never in the best of ways so I would not be surprised if at this point she was infertile or something, forever thankful the two have never truly had a pregnancy scare because god the poor state that child would be brought into, but boy would that be a milky saga, Luna e-begging for money to fund her pregnancy cravings and trying to dismiss why she shouldn’t do drugs whilst pregnant kek

No. 883454

i’ve been following her since about 2011 and remember her having unprotected sex in high school. when she first met lurch they were having sex daily if not a couple times (according to her many, many posts anyway) all unprotected bcuz theyre fucking stupid. this went on for a couple years until suddenly luna was “sex repulsed” however still made SW content for clients involving lurch in which they didn’t use protection (there are unfortunately videos of them having full intercourse in previous threads) - with over a decade of drug abuse from her, and decadeS of drug abuse from him, it’s no surprise they wouldn’t be able to conceive. plus, she supposedly has PCOS and has said many times she doesn’t get her period for long stretches of time and then gets very heavy randomly. this means she’s likely not ovulating regularly. even if a fertilized egg were to successfully implant in her uterine wall, it would abort mission almost immediately with her CVS diet, no exercise, and benzo abuse. we can consider both of them infertile as of right now. at this point i do not think they have sex anymore, anyways.

what gets me is shes mentioned “maybe having a kid” in the past year, and first of all - NO! and second of all - with your current lifestyle and geriatric partner, it’s not going to happen

have drug addicts had babies before? sure, look at luna herself. but did they defeat a million odds to get to 40 weeks? yeah, absolutely. chemical pregnancies are common in perfectly healthy women, and 1000000x more common in women who abuse drugs. and if not a CP, the fetus dies in utero at some point

No. 883456

Can’t force anybody into rehab anyways, they have to volunteer. But she better be careful about acting out trying to get benzos because they can send her on a little vacation to a locked psych ward.

No. 883473

>>883454 Heroin fucks your hormones up like crazy, especially if you're a woman. Missed periods, extreme hormonal/cystic acne, and infertility (not always permanent) are common side-effects of long-term use.

No. 883480

I think the only way to get Luna to volunteer for inpatient would be to cut off her parent’s help and stage an intervention-intervention. Like a real one. I think 100% losing access to her trinket fund would fuck her up.

No. 883495

File: 1657915185340.gif (442.85 KB, 220x207, EE32E6AE-E76A-4E46-BD8B-2AA6C0…)

I’m getting flashbacks to that one video where toilet paper falls out of her while he’s trying to take her oh lord

No. 883496

File: 1657915191988.jpeg (231.61 KB, 828x1451, 3BD3B10B-4384-4A69-BC67-E87306…)

No. 883501

File: 1657918616546.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2605x1881, 90449FF2-F106-436D-8352-73E0F2…)

combined her three photos into one, but jesus why does she need all this goop? shouldn't she be busy packing or something? i guess a "friends mom" helped her out, huh she must be named fivefingerrule. also the state of her bedsheets jfc.

No. 883506

File: 1657920122486.jpg (752.67 KB, 2048x2048, PicGrid_20220715_14171189.jpg)

The cost of these two items are pricey! What level of delusion does she live in that she expects people to believe that they spend that type of money on her? If so why not ask to live with that friend's mom

No. 883508

Someone on KF described it looking like Lurch was playing an uncooperative banjo in that video. I still think about it too, nonnie. The anon that decided to leak that over a year later was truly a sadist. But the banjo imagery softens the flashback.

No. 883510

Kek think it’s been a while since she’s used the “friend’s mom” lie, who does she think she’s fooling? Bank of dad I’m sure

No. 883511

It’s baffling how much skincare stuff she goes through. Those bottles are supposed to last anywhere from like 3-6 months and she gets a whole new set of products once a month or so. Is she slathering it all over her body?

No. 883512

“always nice to get free stuff” yeah i’ll bet, god she pisses me off. free apartment for TWO YEARS, free air bnb, free useless shit she doesn’t need or care for all while bitching about benzos not being handed to her because she so desperately needs them so she can black out and dig another hole in her arm for sympathy and money. beyond selfish and disgusting. hope whoever decided to let her stay for 6 months removes them when they find out she lives in literal garbage and leaves used needles around. she needs to get her comeuppance, so tired of her shit

No. 883514

As if she didn’t just steal all this shit. We can’t be so naive to believe anyone bought her any of this shit ever; nah she five fingered it or lurch did (doubtful). Seriously it isn’t like she has anything better to do than steal shit from
Stores, or from graves, or from peoples patios

No. 883515

kek that comment, lmk if she responds to it!

No. 883518

File: 1657923270469.jpeg (840.68 KB, 3428x2847, 1B466B63-08F4-4D9D-9ADE-4EE718…)

Took a bit of a turn

No. 883522

I wish she would shoplift a fucking lint roller

No. 883523

why does this give the same vibes as lurch and the twitter guy kek. maybe she can shack up with ddlg girl and make an onlyfans. then lurch can move in with twitterman and start writing his great american novel. also is this a farmer wtf? WATERSPORTS!?

No. 883529

File: 1657926464938.jpg (223.39 KB, 719x1407, VideoCapture_20220715-160602.j…)

No. 883530

File: 1657926493888.jpg (224.86 KB, 720x1432, VideoCapture_20220715-160604.j…)

No. 883531

File: 1657926514476.jpg (220.64 KB, 720x1409, VideoCapture_20220715-160605.j…)

No. 883532

File: 1657926538279.jpg (135.55 KB, 720x1407, VideoCapture_20220715-160607.j…)

No. 883533

File: 1657926564262.jpg (265.76 KB, 720x1411, VideoCapture_20220715-160609.j…)

No. 883534

File: 1657926588979.jpg (261.24 KB, 720x1408, VideoCapture_20220715-160720.j…)

No. 883535

File: 1657926615032.jpg (280.72 KB, 720x1419, VideoCapture_20220715-160710.j…)

No. 883537

jesus christ i’m not dermatologist but i’m pretty sure one good exfoliate and one good moisturizer (and maybe like, Differin if you have acne) would be better than randomly applying all of this goop

hell, doing the caveman routine w/ zero product at all would probably be better than slathering 50000 goops

No. 883540

amazing her friend's mom bought her the most expensive items void of their box with the security tag on it, they must have been marked down cheap cheap cheap for that reason. totally.

No. 883542

File: 1657927569055.jpg (92.32 KB, 1080x632, luna.jpg)

No. 883551

the sad state of her purple sweater

No. 883555

No, bestie

No. 883557

lmao the fake bag and the pilling clothes with nasty ass cat hair all over them, yes tuna, you look fantastic

No. 883563

Why did you post this?
Dare I wonder which thread has the Tuna Lurch porno?

No. 883568


KEK when I read her caption and seen that fake LV I was gonna a comment that she has ger stealing bag all ready and then I scroll down and see this lift haul lmfaoooo "friends mom" okay tuna. Steal enough that it's a felony and then maybe you'll get three hots and a cot if your airbnb falls thru!

No. 883569

it’s in the thread header

A year later, anon drops “lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought but didn’t leak at the time: >>811491, >>811554

No. 883574

Those are some tighs that caused Haiti indeed.

No. 883575

Yeah I saw that so nicely laid out for me and I watched it and I promptly lost a part of myself.
Literally looks like two special needs people attempting to have sex. I guess that's what it is, really.

No. 883576

I have this theory that because she’s spent so much time begging and spending other peoples money she has no idea of the real valtevof money and the time spend to earn said money. She probably does think $43 is “cheap cheap cheap”

No. 883578

I saw a video recently where two women were stealing a shit ton from a Ulta or something, nobody did anything. And the way she laid them as those tumblr 5 finger discount pics. >>883535

No. 883582

topkek never forget the gif. As traumatic as seeing a walleyed land whale and sentient wooden totem attempting to be sexual is, at least we got a laugh out of it

No. 883586


Holy shit there is zero sexual chemistry. Absolutely jaw dropping.

No. 883587

Great as in neutrogena is literally the worst skincare line on earth and it’s going to do nothing but make her even more dusty. For the “price she paid” for this garbage she could have bought something from the inky list, the ordinary, or even good molecules.

No. 883589

Right? Someone else’s MOM took her to buy a billion pair of eyelashes and like 100 buck's worth of creams. Her high from stealing all that shit must be sky high

No. 883590

>>883537 You forget that it’s Tuna. Stupid advertising promises that take the buyer for a fool works great with her

No. 883591


She doesn’t even want to search for good skincare. She wants the dopamine rush from buying colorful highly marketed products.

No. 883594

File: 1657969376219.jpg (182.85 KB, 720x1454, VideoCapture_20220716-040236.j…)

No. 883595

File: 1657969398956.jpg (195.7 KB, 720x1460, VideoCapture_20220716-040220.j…)

No. 883596

You literally used them once, that's not even long enough to know if they work lmao

No. 883597


No. 883601

Seriously, they look like two people who JUST found out what sex is

Quite literally just in and out over and over with Luna looking like she’s gonna shit herself

No. 883605

That’s what makes it grosser to me is she’s slathering on all these products but not even applying them on a clean base as we have known she doesn’t shower.

No. 883606

Wow. It’s as bad as I remembered it. Lurch dead eyed staring at the camera as he displays his idea of great sex which is apparently jiggling Tunas waterlogged corpse looking ass so vigorously about half a roll of toilet paper fell out. So. Many. Questions.

The one question I do not have is why Luna became ‘sex repulsed’ after being with Lurch.

No. 883612

File: 1657981269364.gif (236.12 KB, 200x200, 4CE982B1-5F2D-4F35-B90F-419FDF…)


> Literally looks like two special needs people attempting to have sex. I guess that's what it is, really.

ILY Nonnie.

No. 883634

File: 1657997996563.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1277x2223, 9327A71C-E93D-4D44-9032-4C3365…)

Damn the cow says she’s actually going to “drop her ego” and get a customer service job! I’ll believe it when I see it, couldn’t see her lasting more than a week after dealing with some Karens.

No. 883635

announcing plans to do something later is usually a precursor to not doing it. she just wants the asspats for considering being productive eventually.

"i'll do better tomorrow" then tomorrow comes and breaking bad habits is hard so you just don't, because… there's always tomorrow. rinse and repeat and you're suddenly in your mid 20s with your mid 40s "fiance' being evicted from your trashed squat and you're still a loser

all she has achieved is having less pictures of needles on her social media

No. 883642

File: 1658003717952.jpeg (287.02 KB, 1170x1698, AAE8AAD9-A4CD-4AD6-AE66-BFF072…)

Crazy that this is exactly what she was up to a year ago, crazier still they’ve been conjuring up this “AirBnB” story this long only to squat in Mama Tuna’s place. Like for a whole year afterwards.

No. 883643

File: 1658004073798.jpeg (341.36 KB, 1146x1868, 86C0C87D-6951-4FD1-9495-C80AB4…)

More from the last time someone tried to get them to leave re: Luna’s mom’s case worker saw her sobriety was at risk. Nostalgia for the days the carpets didn’t crunch when they walked on them.

No. 883644

Looks how clean the walls are?!

No. 883646

nobody starts out writing about only one specific thing? Tuna, to start you will have to write about anything and if you're good enough you can carve out your niche. Also, it has never been easier to be published, why don't you write on your blog or for online magazines? Why don't you self publish a book? Because you can't write or be productive fatty

No. 883648

>>883535 someone on the other farms added it all up. Comes out to $311.63. Nobody believed her to begin with, but that pricetag pretty much seals it. rlyblonde's mom used to take her out but she'd get her clothes and groceries, too. Not $300 worth of cheap cheap makeup.

No. 883650

as a manager of a coffee shop, she’d absolutely never make it. the first customer to ask her if she’s stupid and she’d walk out. she’s not as sTrOnG as she wants us to believe.

No. 883651

She will NEVER get an actual job. She's high and just talking about her BiG, BiG (pretend) planz again kek

No. 883653

File: 1658007804286.jpg (294.93 KB, 1079x1478, Screenshot_20220716_224149.jpg)

Why is it so… Square

No. 883654

Luna finally admitting that she thinks she's too good for retail and fast food jobs. She is a junkie loser that lives in filth and walks around with smelly stained clothes and think she's better than the hard working people that have to work these jobs. Fuck off. She couldn't even last a day. She probably has no work ethic and would steal from her coworkers locker/store is she had the chance.

No. 883655

Still lookin more like a dick and ballsack. We all know her waist is not even near that small. Good camera tricks tho

No. 883656

why does this stupid bitch think she’s too good for customer service in the first place? I guess because she’s had everything just handed to her, so she somehow thinks she’s better than everyone else? anyone working PT flipping burgers at McDonald’s is automatically better than Luna. and the anon who said this heifer doesn’t know the value of money because she’s never actually worked was bang on.

my favorite thing about Luna is how she steals all this cheap cheap CHEAP skincare and contorts her body and filters her pics into oblivion, but she still just looks like a steaming pile of garbage at all times.

No. 883657

>anyone working PT flipping burgers at McDonald’s is automatically better than Luna.
Why do I get the impression this thread is full of such people. "I might work at McDonald's but at least I'm not Luna Slater." Lmfao.

No. 883658

Nothing is stopping her from writing about sports now as a hobby if she really wanted to get a start on her 'dream job,' but she really just wants everything handed to her, of course.

No. 883659

File: 1658014170994.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.12 KB, 718x1335, VideoCapture_20220716-162733.j…)

No. 883660

File: 1658014197003.jpg (Spoiler Image,158.96 KB, 720x1377, VideoCapture_20220716-162731.j…)

No. 883661

File: 1658014218436.jpg (Spoiler Image,150.54 KB, 720x1384, VideoCapture_20220716-162735.j…)

No. 883662

File: 1658014244981.jpg (170.59 KB, 708x1398, VideoCapture_20220716-162756.j…)

No. 883665

Advertising prostitution on insta stay classy tuna
Her excessive posting of normal everyday shit normal people buy really makes it look like she stole it all and is on that stealing high and can’t shut up about it

No. 883666

I think anon was just implying that anyone with a job (even if it's shitty) is more productive than Luna. Though we all already know this.

No. 883667

Her ass is mad long

No. 883670

i literally cannot tell if that’s her ass cheeks or just her thighs.

No. 883671

Still with the broken chair in the background.

No. 883672

I feel like she’s thinking “customer service” as in a cushy office job taking calls for Apple or something. I don’t believe for a second that she’s considering retail/food service

No. 883673

i think she has actually become mentally retarded she reminds me of the amanda bynes videos

No. 883680

she hit amanda bynes levels of pathetic mental illness years ago. when will we get our wig saga?

No. 883684

it’s so square bcuz she doesn’t actually have a big ass. it’s just fucking flattened out. it’s like ALR thinking she’s got a big ass because she’s flattened it into a shelf.

No. 883685

I regret zooming in on those pubes sticking out from her razors. God she really must be blind

No. 883689

File: 1658030249699.jpg (23.69 KB, 408x531, ss696hiqzw591.jpg)

>it’s like ALR thinking she’s got a big ass because she’s flattened it into a shelf.

No. 883691

bitch what the fuck

No. 883693

File: 1658032510312.jpg (30.55 KB, 453x480, 1653791523703.jpg)

holy fuck that her body looks like it's been molded out of kinetic sand

No. 883698

She's also the type to think that no one will notice a few dollars missing.

No. 883701

Who is this revolving beast? How is it even possible to get this fat?

No. 883704


I was about to say. How on earth can you even get your body to look like this. Like I’m not one to sit on lolcow and talk shit about appearances that really can’t be helped, but this is a human shape I’ve never seen before.

I don’t see Luna as being cut out for dealing with people at work. It’s really a balance of being firm, in control, but polite when interacting with your average customer. It’s almost like working with children. Plus if Luna worked in a retail setting, she would be stealing shit all day, it probably wouldn’t last long.

No. 883705

I always thought that Luna and Matthew would do well if they made a few of those cute couple prank videos that go viral on instagram and Facebook all the time. I never understood why they never tried to capitalize on Luna’s internet fame and become an influencer couple…

No. 883706

Go to sleep and wake back up in reality.

No. 883714

Why the fuck would anyone want to witness these two trogdolytes besides farmers. This is exceptionally retarded anon. Go to bed grandma.

No. 883716

File: 1658050319183.jpg (70.25 KB, 577x433, 6n0ya7.jpg)

Picrel is all I see when she posts this kind of shit

softly nonny, no…
That's just cursed thinking

No. 883719

When you’re ugly on the inside, it begins to affect your outsides. Or whatever roald dahl said.

No. 883721

File: 1658058849102.jpg (17.61 KB, 275x208, 1476842108006.jpg)

Lmfao yeah dude it's a real mystery.

No. 883723

Matthew’s face truly is the stuff of nightmares

No. 883726

She got the long back, kek.

No. 883728

"Hey Flat Earthers- wanna p2play to see this same angle of an ass that's flatter than your Earth? Hmu." -Loo Schu

No. 883730

Yeah she 100% means a call center or wfh customer service job, not an irl service industry job.

No. 883732

Wow. The ass is obviously the main feature of grotesque here but look at her ARMS. Holy shit. She is massive! That ass just hangs. If she wasn’t so repulsive I’d feel sorry for her. She’s legit deformed.

No. 883734

Amberlynn Reid.

No. 883735

I…I don’t understand. Is that a second set of buttcheeks? Is that all genuinely one ENORMOUS flat pancake ass? I can’t wrap my head around this picture. Also she’s fuckin gross. She is such a hag. +1 to the e begging though, shes hard back on that bullshit

No. 883738

it looks like her butt should be the skirt is ending and she’s just showing off an extra fat roll

No. 883742

File: 1658069034073.png (4.05 MB, 1100x2048, 02CC8973-E367-4241-9768-1FF38D…)

No. 883743

File: 1658069105901.jpeg (579.35 KB, 828x1119, C230B09C-756E-4403-943C-684D23…)

No. 883744

File: 1658069143366.jpeg (576.87 KB, 828x1126, 01FE6E16-2A23-40F2-91EB-D62F13…)

No. 883745

fresh injection site on the lower right, next to her tattoo?

No. 883746

>calls cat a “princess”
Catfags are so fucking retarded, and that cat is hideous
Fucking kek are you high, nona? Or just trolling?

No. 883747

poor pumpkin has something going on under her chin

No. 883748

To the cat people: is there any reason besides illness for the 3rd eyelid constantly being exposed? Or am I just wishful thinking? I’m a dog person but love all animals and I don’t know much about cats. She’s the only one that I really care about right now. How many Airbnb’s allow pets also? Is that a thing?

No. 883749

File: 1658071895716.jpg (207.92 KB, 720x1452, VideoCapture_20220717-083121.j…)

No. 883750

File: 1658071928470.jpg (228.71 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20220717-083119.j…)

No. 883751

File: 1658071992979.jpg (219.69 KB, 720x1382, VideoCapture_20220717-083122.j…)

No. 883754

not a cat person but my friend is a vet tech and i’ve asked her about this before. she told me unless she’s only taken pictures of the cat after a surgery or they just woken up, it’s almost certainly an eye condition or underlying illness.

No. 883755

have four cats and they’ve never had this issue. my husband used to foster litters of kittens (20+ sometimes) and never saw this with healthy cats

according to google it is a symptom of nervous systems damage, anxiety, or eye infection

No. 883757

it's acne because she doesn't have access to a clean water bowl. cats get this when their water bowls are slimy and disgusting. it can itch and hurt too. poor pumpkin.

No. 883759

I disagree with other anons. I think watching these two white trash, filthy infidels high out of their minds "prank" each other with shitty filming angles and blurry footage trying to LARP as a happy youtube couple would be fucking PEAK comedy.

No. 883760

File: 1658074371154.jpeg (605.61 KB, 1170x1153, 52066D91-72D3-44C1-9A4D-8CE858…)

can’t wait for the Airbnb saga

No. 883761

Why do retarded, ugly, disgusting, curdled foreskin smelling mutt lovers like this always feel the need to announce to everyone their dog nuttery and force their mutts and mutt love onto others by diminishing the best pet on this earth, the beautiful, intelligent and charismatic cat? And feel the need to diminish their owners too? Yes we know you're a mentally ill mutt lover and your stinkin', worthless, ugly, retarded, diseased, shit eating, shit machine mutts suck. Like who are you trying to convince otherwise kek next time I see a mutt i'll kick it just for you.

No. 883762

Calm down nona

No. 883763

Come on Nonnie - the only animals we should be trashing here are sow Luna and ape Lurch.

No. 883766

lmao this is so unhinged, no one said anything about dogs, take your meds nona

No. 883767

Anon I'm a cat lover too but calm down ffs.

No. 883770

File: 1658077571210.gif (277.14 KB, 360x360, C1432DC5-97F6-4B39-A1A2-1F89EA…)

say mutt again

No. 883771

Both of you suck for taking this out on animals. Focus on the real reason people suck. Because they are people. Not because they like cats or dogs. Now stop derailing and take your anger out on tuna.

No. 883772

Usually the “is this a fresh track mark????” anons are buggin when it’s clearly just shadow or cat scratch, but that one on her thigh is 10000% a fresh track mark. And it’s exactly where she used to shoot up. Guess she isn’t afraid to let her addiction to H be known again now that she’s sooo sad and homeless.

No. 883773

Nonnie, not a single person mentioned dogs before your mentally rant. Just say you feel personally attacked when people criticize cats because there's nothing redeeming or valuable about you except your willingness to take care of a cat and go

No. 883777

Take your meds, you dumb bitch. What is with all this unhinged autism in the farms today?
Bless you sane, compassionate nonnies.
Poor kitty really needs a veterinarian assessment and a much better home. The Air BnB saga is going to be such a mess

No. 883784

my heart skipped a beat when i saw this photo and thought they had FINALLY removed that fucking gaming chair… no… luna’s just so big now that she can strategically hide her trash as well as her weight with those “slim thicc” poses

No. 883787

Anon nta but this reads so much like a copypasta, I'm fucking dying over here because what the fuck

No. 883791

File: 1658087206046.jpg (209.27 KB, 720x1410, VideoCapture_20220717-124638.j…)

No. 883793

pack it up dennis reynolds

No. 883804

god i want that poor baby to find safety AWAY from them so badly

she's only "hideous" because she has medical deformities that her hellish vile narc humans refuse to take her to the vet for. why would you take it out on the neglected animal and not the negligent owners? catsperg anon needs to log off but so do you

about the Airbnb's, they do allow pets a pretty decent amount of the time and there's a toggle option to filter by whether they're pet-friendly or not. I've had to do this a lot because I couldn't leave my cat alone while out of town traveling when he was a kitten, but you do have to be a responsible pet owner (i.e. bare minimum cleaning up after yourself lol) and i have zero faith in her doing that. wouldn't be surprised if she didn't even book a pet-friendly place and/ or didn't tell the owners she has a cat and it ends up becoming a problem.

No. 883808

Thank you nonnie. I use the pet friendly option for my dogs too but just for hotels. Even if I had a cat I would too tbh. I just didn’t know if that was an option. This is going to be a shitshow and I hope pumpkin is the only one that makes out for the best. Can’t wait until she is safe and away from these…uhhh…I can’t even call them humans.

No. 883816

I agree and it's insane considering she has literally none of the things that employers look for. She has no evidence of consistent/long-term work history, no degree, no skills, nothing. She can't even show up looking clean and professional and be pleasant, normal, sober, and easily trainable.

On what basis does she have such an ego that she believes she's more qualified for an office job than the people working at McDonald's or in a call center? They at least have more experience than her. I just can't believe she's that delusional. It must be 100% an excuse to avoid being hired so she doesn't have to work.

No. 883821

Anyway here's my wishlist for the AirBnB saga:
> The host(s) is/are already weary of their stay after digging into their records and online presence. They clarify their expectations- ending on a concerned note after having to mouth breathe for the whole conversation to avoid smelling whatever is emitting from every crevice of Luna
> The host has implemented a chores list, which will only serve as an inside joke to Luna and Lurch
> They utilize a cleaning service from the host, forcing the host to rent a dumpster for each visit. They leave with bags full of cigarette butts and misc items that have been marinating in mystery juice
> For whatever justifiable reason, the host wants to terminate their stay. In comes a flood of Luna posting about the host being a big ol' meanie for no reason. How dare they make poor, depressed drug feens take accountability?
> Bonus points for recording interactions: Luna's whining in slow motion about being mistreated because she's benzo'd out; Lurch is passive aggressively mumbling to himself until the police arrive, to which Lurch is now the toughest G on the planet; Luna unknowingly shows the absolute state of the house, the broken gamer chair resides in the corner of the room
> Luna finds out the hard way that having a job means you have to work. No kawaii benzo breaks and it would be preferred to practice daily hygiene. The stress of going 2 hours without eyefucking herself in selfies drives her to take her anger out on the scrote that gets to sit on his ass all day while he visits Twitter ewhore accounts and licks his phone screen.
> And somewhere between all the hoopla, Lurch finally kicks rocks

No. 883823

peak autism

No. 883824

Go post that shit on kf, no one here wants to read that 10 mile long sperg

No. 883825

The way she ALWAYS squeezes that poor cats guts/ribs to force it to take a picture with her is so sad and pathetic. Poor pumpkin

No. 883833

File: 1658108013428.png (39.96 KB, 1086x245, Screenshot 2022-07-17 213340.p…)

No. 883836

Oof. If she thought she lived in the ghetto before, Mt Vernon is gonna be way worse.

No. 883838

File: 1658109474368.png (605.49 KB, 1242x2688, 1BBBDA4C-749A-4C97-A96A-9148C6…)

Lol, she's gonna complain about all the scary black people uwu

No. 883842

I'm interested to see how she's going to carry her whole hoard all the way to Mt Vernon.

No. 883843

It’s gonna be like Shay and the “retarded dog” anons all over again.

No. 883845

Lmao it's gonna be funny. I can't wait to see what her new place is gonna be like, especially assuming they can only afford to rent a room and not have a whole place to themselves

No. 883846

forgive my ignorance for i’ve never been to NY but she didn’t even live in the ghetto did she? just a shitty complex in a totally fine neighborhood? and then every place she lived before that was decent neighborhoods. she’s really not as street smart of as tuff and she wants people to believe. just another spoiled brat who thinks poverty is a personality trait.

No. 883851

Anyone thinking she will last more than a week in the Airbnb I’ll take that bet- the way she and lurch live would be a serious breech of any contract, which is why I’m sure her dads credits about to take a shit. Also mt. Vernon? Is this dad trying to get her away from familiar drug hookups and stuff?

No. 883852

Unless the people who own the place and/or the other people living there are also filthy degenerates. I’m sure not everyone with air bnb listings is squeaky clean. Plus I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t have done any digging into Tuna and Lurch’s background given how long they’re staying. Just googling their names would bring up the threads

No. 883858

File: 1658117172733.png (163.07 KB, 648x663, ew.png)

one of the posts she replied to.

No. 883866

This oughta be interesting considering Matthew’s views.

No. 883871

I doubt he’d be dumb enough to put the booking in his name- I’m sure he just set it up for Luna with all her info

No. 883888

she keeps tryna find housing on reddit when her post history is literally all closeup vag pics and drug/bpd shit. noooobody would want to rent to her. i literally would die if she and lurch showed up to rent an airbnb i had

No. 883911

man i haven't looked in this thread in months and i just want to say how the fuck is this bitch still alive i thought she'd be dead like two years ago.

No. 883912

Sometimes I feel like being talked about here miraculously extends the lifespan of cows who we’d expect to see kick the bucket as per the natural order of things (an heroes like soren notwithstanding)

No. 883915

File: 1658147852055.png (2.14 MB, 1082x1468, skinny saggy qween.png)

She was never blessed in the body department but damn it's crazy to think this was just 3 years ago. (from thread #21 >>591868 )

No. 883918

She was one of the coolest and prettiest instagram traumacore girls back then. I wouldn’t exactly call her skinny but she was nicely curvy.

No. 883919

Getting attention from strangers online is her life support. Can't get proper asspats if you're 6 ft. under.

Talking about the topic at hand is definitely not a sperg. Especially since there's a cat/dog sperg right above. Scroll past it, no one is holding you at gun point to read it.

No. 883926

you're reaching.

No. 883928

go outside

No. 883929

File: 1658155240768.jpg (179.65 KB, 987x1280, IMG_20220718_114101_192.jpg)

New drawing.

No. 883930

File: 1658155279160.jpg (1.23 MB, 2048x1535, Tumblr_l_589996333590141.jpg)

No. 883931

some of you really have awful taste in…well, everything

No. 883935

This is the first new thing Luna has done since her pity job with Alltard that isn't her everyday ebeg/selfie/benzos/bitch about whatever routine. It isn't good at all, but at least it's not the same exact self portrait she keeps drawing. I wonder who she stole the idea from, she's too burnt to have any original artistic thought anymore.

No. 883940

seriously, is she just going to move all of her things into someone else’s house? usually when you stay in an Airbnb, you just bring like, a suitcase.

No. 883941

File: 1658165054291.jpg (306.86 KB, 720x1179, good idea.jpg)

She's gonna squat there, bet. Pity whoever rents to her.

No. 883942

Honestly, I'm glad she's drawing again. Not that her art is any good or she will ever attempt to improve, but AT LEAST she's doing something that is not laying down in bed and getting high

No. 883945

i mean i would agree if she did anything with her art that isn’t the same girl figure with pill bottles/a cigarette and cherubs. she can probably churn these out in like fifteen minutes at this point. it’s the same shit over and over.

No. 883950

File: 1658168683442.jpg (104.67 KB, 500x667, 1491255624986.jpg)


She could draw pretty well when she was 16/17 like in this promo poster she did years ago

No. 883952

This is actually kind of cool

No. 883957

File: 1658171373055.jpg (169.97 KB, 720x1356, VideoCapture_20220718-120937.j…)

No. 883958

File: 1658171419254.jpg (224.61 KB, 720x1346, VideoCapture_20220718-120931.j…)

No. 883959

File: 1658171540659.jpg (165.82 KB, 720x1409, VideoCapture_20220718-120923.j…)

No. 883960

File: 1658171563015.jpg (268.14 KB, 756x1443, VideoCapture_20220718-120917.j…)

No. 883962

File: 1658171793889.jpg (937.67 KB, 1080x2118, Screenshot_20220718-121440_Sam…)

Same pic, vastly diff caption for diff audiences.

No. 883964

I hope the person renting out the place is there to greet them to see that they fully intend on moving in.

I want to pay2neverseethisshitagain.

Evil hated mom gave her evil loved drugs, what an evil thing to do.


No. 883966

Looks like she got hungry for 4mg between these pics

Fupa looks like a crinkled plastic crisps bag

No. 883968

Looks like a fat retarded clown.

No. 883970

cool track marks on your hip, bitch

No. 883971

its always fascinating to remember shes only in her twenties. when you should be at your peak. her body is a dumpster fire and she knows it. she never shows her legs its always highly filtered and her contorting her body in the strangest positions while sucking in, holding her breath for dear life

No. 883972

tuna will never change

No. 883973

I feel like even if we didn't notice those this whole look still screams track marks.

No. 883977

"i'm cutting out my mom for good for real this time!!11" not even a month later she's still taking pills from her.

No. 883979

Shit….. I meant to….

No. 883987

File: 1658181361671.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1284x1983, 14289206-8AE9-433E-B834-421621…)

No. 883988

Oh, what'd I'd give to see those fucking sharpie brows in their unfiltered horror.

No. 883990

I'd pay to see her take a picture not sucking in at all. I don't get how she doesn't feel fucking retarded in selfies like this.

No. 883991

she really does look like she just got through a c-section or something.

No. 884002

Must be why you won't stop being one.

No. 884004

File: 1658189826517.png (116.28 KB, 1473x882, Screenshot 2022-07-18 201620.p…)

Not only is she too retarded to post properly, but she was stupid enough to say that she's too good for a job anywhere despite being nearly homeless.

No. 884005

File: 1658189915284.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.79 KB, 720x1434, VideoCapture_20220718-171839.j…)

No. 884006

File: 1658191416237.jpeg (Spoiler Image,511.72 KB, 1242x1526, B2E8F01B-31ED-43D2-B32D-0FFCAC…)

IG dump incoming

No. 884007

File: 1658191452454.jpeg (Spoiler Image,639.3 KB, 1242x1527, A9BFA92C-15CD-49D6-9A3E-5659BE…)

No. 884008

File: 1658191480631.jpeg (Spoiler Image,644.24 KB, 1242x1535, 640EFCB7-126E-434C-A8A9-2AA021…)

No. 884011

Who buys her lingerie, I feel like she keeps posting new underwear, is it stolen?
Please no one tell me her dad buys this shit for her

No. 884014

File: 1658192010986.jpg (Spoiler Image,291.72 KB, 1080x1456, Screenshot_20220718-205107_Ins…)

How is this even possible?

No. 884015

Not to wk luna of all people but at least in bongland lots of air bnbs do long term stays and are basically a defacto short term lease rather than a few days get away. Also can we stop acting like all airbnb owners are completely above board too, I've had some outright proposition me. I'm sure Luna managed to find someone scummy enought to let her and lurch stay longterm in their property kek.

No. 884017

Are those track marks on the luna tattoo?

No. 884018


She is sucking in for dear life

No. 884019

is this a screenshot of a video or is she blind in both eyes now

No. 884020

To not tip the cow I have to screen record her snaps. This was a still.

No. 884022

Looks like it to me. And her hip and boob

No. 884026

I fucking hate how these ~sex work uwu~ bitches think that selling nudes is better than a no education needed low paying job. Imagine resorting to drinking piss thinking it's better than being a cashier at a grocery store.

No. 884028

You can, I guess, make the argument that sex work is difficult because of all the networking and know-how involved, needing to maintain a sexy appearance, putting work into pictures and video/lives. Luna does NONE of this, she throws on some cheap ugly lingerie and sucks in her flabby stomach and takes snapchat pics and posts them all for free on reddit and thinks she's a hardworking sex worker. this, to her, is her definition of hardworking.
It's actually hilarious how she doesn't even have the work ethic or intelligence to hold down a food service job. she doesn't even know how to clean or cook for herself at nearly 30. You can see how delusional she is saying she's "lowering her standards" by getting a customer service job when that kind of work wouldn't even look twice at her with how useless she is.

No. 884029

Track marks of bedbug bites? They come in 3s.

Also titty zit

No. 884030

What an ufortunate looking body. Other fat chicks her age don't look that bad.
Those are lyrics to a Hole's song.

No. 884036

This shit is how I found out about Luna in the first place I’m friends with a bunch of the bands in that scene and she’s how I found the board. I will never, ever understand how someone with so much potential and who STILL has an out would willingly throw it all away to play house with an ugly, filthy, drug addicted, pedophilic, useless waste of space. Blows my fucking mind.

No. 884037

File: 1658196963799.jpg (226.26 KB, 1051x906, Screenshot_20220718-221559_Chr…)

No. 884038

it’s because he doesn’t want to marry you dude. if any man wanted to marry you badly enough, he would have made getting all of this a top priority.

No. 884039

She thinks she’s so curvy and special and tragic uwu that people will be immediately enticed upon seeing one photo of hers. She doesn’t think she should need to network because people should just flock to her. She’s better than the people who network and work hard. She wants all of it handed to her, the way her entire life was.

No. 884040

I’m a little saggy in that area from massive weight loss and even I don’t know what the fuck that shit is.

No. 884042

def track marks. they’re exactly where she used to use.

i doubt she ever stopped heroin fully but at least we have proof she’s using again, now that she’s posting unhinged nudes and not hiding her track marks

makes sense since every time she tells her OD sob story on reddit, she adds an additional OD

No. 884043

File: 1658199275541.jpg (Spoiler Image,413.87 KB, 1128x1513, tumblr_73fd2f44e41a587d330a5f4…)

No. 884044

File: 1658199311239.jpg (Spoiler Image,849.03 KB, 966x1905, Screenshot_20220718-195359_Sam…)

No. 884045

File: 1658199362562.jpg (Spoiler Image,368.31 KB, 1051x1228, tumblr_74601b7735f97224ac27970…)

No. 884046

File: 1658199492017.jpg (Spoiler Image,440.72 KB, 1186x1474, tumblr_43f6e9d102d6d59f513811b…)

No. 884047

File: 1658199568775.jpg (Spoiler Image,604.17 KB, 1186x1782, tumblr_09f78fd7b408150af047d90…)

No. 884048

why are you posting these again?

No. 884050

These are uncropped and you have more horrors to observe like the scary ingrown hairs on her bikini line.

No. 884051

oof that razor burn

No. 884053

She didn’t really look like this for long and this is just one of the better pictures. I swear everyone forgets she was fatter than she is now when she was younger. She’s always been tragic.
No redeemable qualities.
When we say “bought by dad” or any variation, we mean she has her dad’s credit card or access to his Amazon account not that he literally chooses things for her.
If it’s not armpit fat, it’s axiliary or accessory breast tissue.

No. 884056

Nta but is her waist shooped? I know she always had okay proportions and she's obviously sucking in but this is just ridiculous.

No. 884067

Everything here looks absolutely horrifying. How can she glaze her face in eight hundred face creams but not buy some cheap cheap cheap cocoa butter? They sell it at Dollar General. They also have cheap cheap cheap magic erasers so you can clean the wall behind you so it doesn't look like Lurch pissed at it. Good lord

No. 884069

Okay proportions kek. Sucking in and bending her upper body forward to give the illusion of a waist. This would be a convincing picture if didn't regularly expose her sag and folds in all its glory. If she would just start taking care of her body she wouldn't look this bad. It's not like she'd be starting from ground 0. We all have stretchmarks, ingrown hairs, cellulite here and there but she has been putting her body through the wringer for years and it shows. Or she could just keep slapping on a blurry filter.

No. 884071

Anons don't bother saying it anymore because anons who don't understand what a track mark is are never going to understand what it looks like no matter how many times people tell them. So keep running with your tinfoil.

No. 884074

Wait did she claim she drew this NoBunny poster for Gilman in Berkeley, CA?!! As someone who booked for Gilman and has worked with the singer of NoBunny enough times to message him with this pic and ask how he knows Tuna, he said his friend drew it and never even heard of or seen Tunafish Slater. Why is Tuna even trying to pretend she drew this?

No. 884076

Why pay when you're giving away nudes for free, you sweaty bitch. It must smell like full blown dirty booty in that place.

>okay proportions
Have you seen her thighs or arms? At all?

No. 884077

Anon there's nothing to track there. And people don't muscle there since that's awfully painful and you'd noticeably have a large lump there but go off. I know anons stopped pointing out when the ill-informed believe they see tRaCk mArkS, but it's goofier than Tuna's jugga-ho look to keep thinking you see track marks when you don't know what they look like or where you'd find them.

No. 884078

Sigh… no anon. Just no.

No. 884079

I need for this stinky bitch to just come out and say why she can’t get a job like the rest of us

No. 884080

no sympathy for a retard who has earned nothing, yet thinks she’s too good for a ~customer service~ job and the city bus

No. 884082

File: 1658208187028.png (15.01 MB, 2160x7617, Luna 2014 2016 Scam.PNG)

This >>884074 is interesting to me. I’d love to know why >>883950 believes this is Luna’s work. Because picrel was Luna’s work in 2014 (bonus 2016 scam in third panel) and unless Luna has simply devolved in every single aspect of her life, there’s no way those were her skills 10 years ago and merely 2 years later she was producing picrel.

No. 884083

Same fag, sorry. I also think I see a signature in >>883950

No. 884088

> Anons, have you ever gotten a shot at the vet

No. 884089

She used to blame the threads on her before.

No. 884090

Kek, sorry I have a pet business and my mind was half on that. I'll repost.

No. 884091

Anons who keep thinking these are track marks: needles do not leave scabs this large and irregular shaped (like on her hip). What's noticeable about an iv mark will be the large amount of bruising and raised lump like half a gumball under the skin since Tuna muscles. Anons, have you ever gotten a shot at the dr or have your blood drawn? Do your scabs look large and oddly shaped? Or are they perfectly round and the size of a pin prick? You don't have to use drugs to know an iv needle is an even smaller gauge than the ones phlebotomists draw your blood with. Sorry to kill the dream, but Tuna is sloppy enough on benzos without the fanfic.

No. 884097

Some of her shitty poetry, it’s too long to screenshot so sorry about the long post

I. i remember as a child
marrying my plushies while i wore rose colored glasses
not even realizing how broke we were, that my home, the only one i’d ever known, was about to be sold
or that my mom left so early every morning cos she was going to the methadone clinic
i was going to therapy at age seven or eight, playing puzzle games while i talked about my dad smacking me across the face in front of my only friends for accidentally drooling on him cos of my massive overbite
watching my mom get thrown against our red garage door by the police for stealing a watch
while i screamed bloody murder from behind the window scream, begging, pleading, sobbing, “please don’t take my mommy away”
over and over and over and over

II. and this is the normal life i thought i was living
I thought i must be rich like every single other kid around me, I had no idea we were on food stamps - i thought i was normal… even when my father dragged me onto his 29th story balcony to scream at me and put down my every insecurity
and eight year old me truly considered suicide by jumping, first time i felt suicidal
but i still thought all was well.

III. every apartment i’ve ever moved into after the house sold was slightly worse and slightly smaller than the last, until I ended up where I am now, where I got raped, by a stranger in the “lobby”
on camera yet the cops still said I wanted it
a man smashed my window in cos he was off his meds. all there is now is a wooden board over it
this building has all the crack one could ever need
I feel sick, ill, empty, but most importantly - so so scared. for my life. if i even have a future left. fear is crippling.

IV. I spent decades with no emotions towards dying but I think fear of death is much worse - i miss not being scared to die
i’ve overdosed, blue lips, death rattle, cold to the touch, six times, but here I am, still breathing
definitely the ideal way to die - it’s like going into a warm, gentle slumber
there’s too many things to do
I don’t want to be a wilting flower, just wanna grow more appendages, and watch my leaves, rubber leaves, turn greens and pinks - but i’m still scared… if never… accomplishing… anything…. truly
I feel like a rag, a couple uses before it stinks and ends up in the trash.
V. the internet disgusts me, so much disgusts me - on the daily i have identity crisis’ and wonder who the fuck i am!
who AM I?
without my platinum mop on my head I feel even more confused
I don’t know who is staring back at me in the mirror - i’m a blob of confusion and shitty makeup

VI. i’m so filled with fear that i’ll never accomplish what I truly want
I’m 26 but I feel so old
it hurts realizing my art ain’t all that - my writing is subpar
all i’ve got, though
I’m loved but my own self hatred seems to override that
the mirror mocks me - one moment i think i may be beautiful and then i remember that i’m not
i’m just me, whatever that means
whatever that lunar eclipses on my birthday, or the stars in the sky and planets in the universe decide is me
but it still doesn’t tell me the answer… who the fuck am I?

VII. nothing that exists my mouth is good enough for you, why does it feel like you’re working against me when we were built to be a team? i’m losing it… you
IIX. i want to sit on the clouds and laugh at those below and instead, i’m the goddamn joke I don’t want to be the joke
I don’t want to be, period
nothing but a dream, but i’ve lost my wings and my heart.
I live inside somewhere close to hell, stepping on hot coals barefoot
I feel no pain, and I feel all the pain
fear is starting to consume me when the one I love says the words, “nothing left to lose”
my parents never protected me and never will but you, you’re supposed to protect me…

IX. I am not immune to this type of fucking fear
roses roses roses
petal, skull, petal, skull
my hearts gonna grow wings and fly straight outta my chest
but i won’t die, my eyes water with the threat of more pain. i never signed up for this kind of hurt, I was born into it

X. I just want to be married - but it’s too much to ask after eight years
more aspirin, benedryl
xanax doesn’t even take the edge off anymore, cos there’s no edge left - it’s so much stronger, my chest feels emptied out
like my chest was contained in a glass bottle that burst when it couldn’t contain my spirit anymore
XI. take the knife, the needle, anything that hurts or numbs
I just wanna be numb
I can feel the tears escaping my eyes but all I feel is nothing
emptiness, clouds, open skies
I sold my soul and didn’t get a goddamn thing in return
this amount of pain is too much for one girl to take
I feel
LESS THAN HUMAN, as always.
idk if there’s any typos i don’t feel like reading over i copied this from my notebook writings poetry

No. 884102

I never really read her writing but this one is pretty milky
>my dad smacking me across the face in front of my only friends for accidentally drooling on him cos of my massive overbite
>it hurts realizing my art ain’t all that - my writing is subpar
>i’m a blob of confusion and shitty makeup
>nothing that exists my mouth is good enough for you, why does it feel like you’re working against me when we were built to be a team? i’m losing it… you
>fear is starting to consume me when the one I love says the words, “nothing left to lose”
>my parents never protected me and never will but you, you’re supposed to protect me…
>I just want to be married - but it’s too much to ask after eight years

>who AM I?

>without my platinum mop on my head I feel even more confused

No. 884115

Sorry I missed the op content but this is too cute nonny

I'd much rather see her art than this word vomit, it's so bad

No. 884116

luna if you're gonna use roman numerals in every poem, at least get them right.

every single one of her poems is the same. her writing will never be good, but would it kill her to pick a different subject?

No. 884119


It was posted in thread #3 as her old work so I assumed it was, no idea where that OP found it or if Luna had posted it as her on an old blog.

No. 884120

i followed her throughout her high school life and she did in fact draw that. i remember when she was commissioned and everything. it’s legit.

No. 884121

yeah she’s a heroin addict now ? the fuck

No. 884122

same anon as above

i didn’t think that maybe she was lying back in like 2012 or whenever it was. she didn’t come across as a liar back then. just kind of snooty.

but as far as i know she did draw this and post receipts

No. 884123

She definitely drew this and your humblebrag is cringe. You think this dude remembers every single tour poster he had commissioned? How do you know "a friend" of his didnt commission this from Luna? It sounds like you messaged this guy out of the blue about his association with a notorious drug addict, and he gave you a non-answer about a fake nameless "friend"

Music spergs on lolcow lmfao

No. 884124

They got me double-thinking it too. Luna has a specific signature she adds to her art, why is the signature on the poster different? I can’t tell what it says, looks like “Seloli” or something. The handwriting looks totally different, too.

I feel like I remember there being evidence she did in fact draw this in a past thread but I’m not about to hunt for it. Signs just point to this missing Luna’s typical fingerprints.

No. 884127

because she started doing H and realized she can get away with putting absolutely no effort into her drawings and just call it a “style”. that being said, her new “style” that she randomly acquired in like 2014 is just a rip off of daniel johnson’s art.

also, “artists” (used loosely here) change styles all the time. do none of y’all know anyone who draws? seriously?

No. 884128

johnston **

No. 884132

My >>884082 questioning was due to >>884074 ‘s account but what made it somewhat credible was the signature. Which >>884124 also has noticed. Of course styles change, nothing I’ve seen of Luna is similar to the original but I stumbled upon her later than some of you, you might all be right.

No. 884135

It looks like her handwriting if nothing else. I don’t think any of her high school art is still on the internet but iirc, it was miles better than the scribbles shes pumping out now.

No. 884137

Her art has visibly deteriorated over the years. I quite liked her style from when she was doing shit for zines and whatnot, it wasn’t brilliant but it was interesting (like a lot of “outsider art” is), it’s gotten progressively worse by sheer virtue of the fact that she’s lazy, simple as that. I wonder if she hadn’t shacked up with Lurch would she have found some other deadbeat to throw her life away for. I think the answer is probably “yes” but still. Sad!

No. 884138

Of course she would have. Don’t forget before Matthew there was Peter who she still occasionally pines for.

No. 884142

Nta but did you even read the post? Anon was talking about her actual signature, her name written on the piece, not her art style.

No. 884147

File: 1658242919403.png (2.6 MB, 1230x1436, Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 15.59…)

People on lolcow always seem to forget that she really isn't ugly and at the peak of her internet fame she was one of the coolest Tumblr/indie hipster girls out there with thousands of reblogs on her pics. When people call me a troll for supporting Luna and refusing to say she's ugly that's how I know they're new here… I literally used to follow Luna since her teens and my side blogs with inspo looks was filled with her. She really nailed the aesthetic and didn't become a disheveled mess until recently… but she's definitely not naturally ugly, it's just the drugs.

No. 884148

File: 1658243103278.png (510.77 KB, 798x690, 1471383962735.png)

No. 884149

Just say you like cracked out white women and go nonnie.

No. 884154

File: 1658245057204.jpeg (71.75 KB, 447x701, 4FF86560-6338-49D3-B428-16A999…)

As someone who has followed Luna forever I’m inclined to agree with you re: her not being ugly, but rather the drugs, complete lack of hygiene, overall shit lifestyle and constant weight fluctuation has absolutely destroyed her body, it’s actually depressing to see a woman in her mid twenties wreck herself to such a monumental magnitude. Plus like nearly all cows she’s a real life iteration of picrel

No. 884164

Every single «decent» picture of Luna of any era has at least 20 of pictures of the same era that show the horrifying reality. You’d realise this, of course, if you were able to be objective.
> my side blogs with inspo looks was filled with her.
And? For all we know you could be as tragic as her, if not more.
> didn't become a disheveled mess until recently…
And here’s how I know you’re unable to be unbiased. There are pictures from 5-6 years ago undistinguishable from >>884043 and the rest but whatever you need to tell yourself to keep the flame burning.

No. 884165

All of those pics are from after her junkie blog being outed, so idk what you’re talking about it being her tumblr peak. Have you even slightly zoomed into those photos? Fucking nightmare material.

You guys need to raise your standards, unless you’re grimes fatties too, in which case it makes sense.

No. 884167

>I don’t want to be a wilting flower, just wanna grow more appendages,
>but i’m still scared… if never… accomplishing… anything…. truly
>i’m a blob of confusion and shitty makeup
Idk what you jealous bitches are talking about, this is some of Luna's best work.
>roses roses roses, petal, skull, petal, skull
This is "rain and petals eavesdrop"-tier art, gorls.

No. 884168

>I feel like a rag, a couple uses before it stinks and ends up in the trash.
You're supposed to wash it, wtf

No. 884169

>>884168 I misread it as "a couple uses it before it stinks and ends up in the trash." Like damn girl, you're really calling yourself a jizz rag?

No. 884170

not the anon you replied to but does it fucking matter? it’s all the same idea. people who do art change, do different shit. signatures or art style or whatever. her signature is apart of her sTyLe anyway. dumb response.

No. 884171

>unless Luna has simply devolved in every single aspect of her life, there’s no way those were her skills 10 years ago
all of the art posted above is abysmal, they would be cute doodles in the margins of a notebook at the absolute best. I don’t see why any of these pics would point towards her “skills” “devolving” when it’s all equally unsightly

No. 884172

File: 1658251019238.jpg (298.13 KB, 531x800, 1544029910897-GettyImages-8666…)

I mean, all of those things you mentioned are a part of the aesthetic though. I think that's what anon is trying to say, not that she was ever a beauty queen, but that she was very on-brand for the subculture she was in and did a decent enough job of emulating it that she had followers who thought she was cool.

If you go look at pictures of the most famous punks or grunge musicians many of them were pretty gross most of the time too. It was a part of the appeal for their demographic.

Again, not saying I think Luna's pretty, just clarifying some of what that anon is saying.

No. 884173

she literally had a track mark which eventually led to an abscess in that plaid skirt pic

you just be new as fuck here huh?

also she’s always been ugly. i’m not one to comment on her body but facially she is a nightmare. big ass overbite, mouth breather, beady eyes, drool everywhere

No. 884174

rain and petals eavesdrop, i drank the wrong juice carton

No. 884175

Oh hi gorl

No. 884179

File: 1658252102426.jpeg (279.72 KB, 2048x2048, 372EB6E0-DB99-43F9-AAC3-9B49CD…)

This is the last year we saw her without benzos, bare minimum. While I’m sure she was a nice enough girl, she was still fucked up lookin. This is from that video of hers with Tai, rest in peace, and l’est we forget when Tuna milked Tai’s death for heroin donations. And when she milked her grandma’s death for heroin donations. We often forget how much of a scumbag she is. She’s not a some previously Tumblr famous, beautiful tragic story about drugs and sex and love. She’s just a piece of shit, absolute scum of the earth waste of oxygen. Maybe not in this video, but not long after that.

No. 884180

File: 1658252148050.jpg (2.16 MB, 2224x8896, LESS THAN HUMAN, as always..jp…)

Screenshot (picrel)
It’s all trash, the decline was going from >>883950 to >>884082 which is apparent even if they’re only “doodles”.
> This is "rain and petals eavesdrop"-tier art, gorls.
> rain and petals eavesdrop, i drank the wrong juice carton
I love you, Nonas.

No. 884182

But that wasn’t her peak on tumblr. Her peak was during high school, that whole junkie “aesthetic” came after she was already fading into obscurity. And even in high school she was gross and fat. She looks like an Oompa Loompa in the majority of those “pulp girls” photos from her actual “peak”. Again, embarrassingly low standards. No wonder only dumb children liked her.

No. 884185

If these pics don’t scream “disheveled mess” then wtf does?

No. 884186

“old shein lingerie” after an anon questioned who pays for this underwear… she’s really lurking the boards lately and i would tinfoil that she’s the one wking over her hasbeen days if it weren’t for the coherent sentences lmao.
her body looks beyond repair. with her face cut out of these photos you’d think she’s a mom in her 40s, some friends her age doubled in size over covid and lost weight and they still have an elasticity and vibrancy to their skin. they might be bigger but they still look healthy and hot in their two pieces. it’s not a size thing with luna… it’s total self neglect that has ravaged her looks. there’s the riot grrrl grime but you could at least tell that most of those people washed in the tumblr heyday it was just proud excess hair and distressed clothing. luna definitely looked cleaner to say the least. but rediscovering her on tumblr at the time of rogers dying uwu ebeg with that crusty mouth and party city wig of bleached hair it’s safe to say she didn’t look cool or good then. there’s nothing aesthetic about plushies that look like they’ve been scavenged from abandoned homes with toxic mould on bed sheets so filthy that they deserve their own special on tlc.
tl;dr : for someone sober she’s falling looks wise and still not hit rock bottom & this is a tlc level of cow for living in filth alone.

No. 884187

Reading comprehension matters, yes.

No. 884188

Yikes, that's a really bad overbite.

No. 884190

Yes it was absolutely her peak or at least the tail end. Her first blonde bob was the same era as her designer bags, blue velvet dress, Pulp girls photo shoots etc. and this was literally in high school LMAO. She dated Peter fresh out of high school and Tai came long before that.

No. 884193

even more tragic to think that her peak was just a teenager enjoying a subculture and naively living a life online. who was to know it would spiral to this?

No. 884195

File: 1658253997205.jpeg (101.45 KB, 497x750, 9F8E5461-4E9C-422B-A472-5D9201…)

> But that wasn’t her peak on Tumblr


No. 884197

also if we’re gonna dredge up the past again anons i want to see lurch in his so-called heyday who was he before Luna… point me to a thread if this has been talked over before

No. 884199

File: 1658255793776.png (120.32 KB, 236x275, 7323CD91-2AF3-48BC-A350-C08F66…)

I’m talking about these photos. They’re years apart. The photo you posted, yes, that was her “peak”.

No. 884208

It's insane to me what the bar is. As gross as this aesthetic is, there are actually attractive girls who pulled it off. But Luna has always looked dumpy and given off the look like she's trying desperately hard to fit in because frankly, she really looks a bit ugly at the very least and it doesn't jive. At best, she's a bit of the cute but ugly type, like a 4-5.5 irl. Add all this to the fact she lives in NY and she is nothing special. Her best photos still show her as a chumpy looking girl with frazzled, dried out hair and poor hygiene.

No. 884241

File: 1658265318341.jpeg (Spoiler Image,433.64 KB, 828x1151, 5B0E5411-8907-434F-949A-478220…)

No. 884245

>>884174 nonnita pls I'm gonna have a fuckin asthma attack laughing at this
>>884241 This is like that Star Wars scene with Leia chained up to Jabba the Hutt. Except in this case, Leia is Jabba the Hutt. Do you guys think she fucks her hair up on purpose before she takes pics? This looks so bad.

No. 884248

Another AI Luna poem (inspired by the real thing):


I. “no, no, no, don’t take my mommy”
i became the baby everyone wanted to take home from the hospital
i was the kid everybody hated because of my precocious language skills
i was like an animal at a place of worship
liked to wear princess dresses and ruffles
wore pink lipstick with a red and black outline around my mouth
i was an insomniac
i wasn’t potty trained
i couldn’t do any of the other activities, like soccer or gymnastics, because i didn’t know what to do with my hands when i did anything, the sores on my palms or how to make one fist when i lifted the other one

II. i’d stare out my window at the treetops and feel like nothing was good
My dad would find me in the garden barefoot crying over our dying sunflowers
My mom would hold me in her arms until i could catch my breath
i watched the world change around me and wished it could stay the same
i’d be dared to take a bath in the sink
at 6 years old
i would bathe a dirty blanket instead of myself and be sent out to do my chores
moths would be released from the earth right into the water supply
my mom would be drunk, yelling
i’d stare at myself in the mirror and hate my appearance
i’d get dressed and comb my hair

III. i want to be your muse and not in death
my trauma is preventing me from letting go.
how does a body not know they are dead?
even when it feels that way. my body is not dead. but i am.
he told me i deserved to die because i was so nice to him.
that he was sick of being nice, that he wanted to make me bleed and die.
things are getting better.
things are going to get better.

IV. i want to cry, i want to scream
i want to let loose the madness from my soul
but that’s not an easy task when your brain is screaming for help
i wish i could cry - but i don’t know how to.
i don’t know how to cry
i don’t know how to feel.
it’s like sitting in a chair and expecting the chair to speak
like that chair is a loner and doesn’t want to talk
i’m so afraid that i’ll always be alone
and it’s not because I think I’m unlovable - it’s because my brain says i am unlovable, because it’s programming my feelings
that is why i begged to be admitted into the ICU because all i wanted was for them to make me feel something
and they didnt make me feel anything

V. i don’t like who i am, the white motherfucker who doesn’t know who she is
every time i get to the point where i know the answer to what i am
i remember what I like and don’t like and that’s when I lose it
on a bad day, i hate that i have to make myself hate myself
i know i’m better than that but i do it anyways
i’m really in a rough spot right now and so have been my whole life
my mother told me that “unconditional love” isn’t real, that love is conditional
my mother told me that day that i was a fucking cunt
so, fuck her and fuck every single person in my life

VI. in a box, at the bottom of the ocean, in a landfill
i am just nothing and it’s so lonely and it hurts
my eyes are watering and i don’t know why, but i just keep crying
as the tears roll down my face, i can’t make them stop
the world is too much, i can’t cope
how am i supposed to make my way out?
i’m fucked up, i can’t stand it anymore, i’m fighting with everything i have but even that won’t be enough
i need help, i can’t even function properly
i feel dead
i just want to go to sleep
here i am, just like an angel
to be reborn, i feel just like an angel

VII. i do this to myself
i’ve cut myself a thousand times but i’m not aware that i’m doing it
now I can’t even sit through an episode of The Walking Dead without feeling it
i’ve never felt this
there’s something wrong with me, i’ve been abused, raped and even emotionally abused
i’m done with being victimized, i’m done with self-hate, i’m done being afraid
i’m done with all that, i can’t take anymore
so im gonna do this
i’m gonna cry
i’m gonna leave an empty mess
it's all i'm gonna do
the real solution
i’m gonna do
i'm not ready to do shit

No. 884254

I love you anon and I love you too AI. Thanks for the keks

No. 884256

Really captured the true essence of a shitty Tuna poem, amazing lmao

No. 884258

She really is and always was. And at the 'peak of her fame' she was still a fucking nobody. 'Thousands' of reblogs, wow. Superstar.
Get help with your obsession, anon.

I wish we could go five minutes without talking about who she used to be and dredging up the same handful of photos but at least this confirms is the same skinwalker that won't let it go.

No. 884260

>so, fuck her and fuck every single person in my life

fuck you anon for making me laugh with a cracked rib

No. 884261

honestly incredible and uncanny, luna wishes

No. 884265

as an un potty trained white motherfucker this is relatable

No. 884269

ah fuck you’re right, my bad, misread your comment

No. 884270

i can’t get over the space in those cups

No. 884272

What AI do you use for this, nonny?

No. 884273

File: 1658273295959.jpg (225.93 KB, 720x1393, VideoCapture_20220719-162812.j…)

No. 884275

stealing grave trinkets and now cannolis. is nothing sacred?

No. 884277

I read through this whole thing thinking it was real, holy kek

No. 884278

When your "fiance" treats you like shit so much that you have to brag about the normal shit in a relationship.

No. 884280

Lmao I lost it at the chair part, imagining the piece of garbage she still hasn’t thrown out.

She should really just use this AI from here on out. It does tuna better than tuna.

No. 884282

File: 1658279331763.jpg (289.21 KB, 1080x1836, Screenshot_20220719-180228_Ins…)

She can't even pretend to miss Roger as a person or feel bad about his death in a way that isn't related to how he inconvenienced her by dying

No. 884285

>my father in law
Yeah okay Tuna, keep deluding yourself. That poor cat is frankly better off wherever he is now compared to living in dank, mouldy, smoke-filled squalor with two useless junkies responsible for his well-being, I’m surprised they even managed to keep him fed and watered (unless he was relying on the resident rodents for food, of which you just know they had in plague proportions)

No. 884291

File: 1658283029331.jpg (209.59 KB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_20220719-190913_Ins…)

No. 884294

File: 1658284368160.png (483.08 KB, 348x623, 165828429690558487.png)

Holy mother of Photoshop batman!!!!

No. 884295

What am I looking at here?

No. 884296

File: 1658284815135.jpg (92.19 KB, 736x669, 0a154c2d07d20ee7bd5c2cb4c22ea0…)

Did you have a brain aneurysm?

No. 884299


Dang looking at all the teenage photos posted again just recently and how she actually pulled of the aesthetic wearing these things and now she just looks a middle age schizophrenic

No. 884301

Yeah she literally looks like some unhinged, sad, old psycho but honestly thats probably what she's going for

No. 884306

>>884248 This is the best thing I've ever seen in a Luna thread. AI nonnita, you are amazing. Honestly this poem is way better than Luna's work. Honestly pretty okay up until "it’s like sitting in a chair and expecting the chair to speak/like that chair is a loner and doesn’t want to talk" which absolutely sent me.
>i’m gonna do
>i'm not ready to do shit
Luna in a nutshell right there.

No. 884311

>wearing a gross old walmart nightie someone probably died in (or at least shat themselves in)
That's our Tuna

No. 884313

File: 1658298634595.jpeg (394.3 KB, 1283x1941, 8AB0C9A2-93AB-4565-BCA7-518C8C…)

Imagine the state if she got lash extensions, she’d be more than likely to end up with some sort of infection or something kek

No. 884314

Nta but what? What is >>884294 supposed to show? Photoshop evidence? Where?

No. 884315

Damn the blurring on the tops of her hands is so obvious! Track mark cover ups I’m guessing

No. 884316

Why don't you learn how to apply lipstick and highlighter before worrying about lashes, Tuna.

You're going to summon the track mark anon.

No. 884320

Lash extensions need to be kept meticulously clean, you best believe she’d end up with mites or mrsa within the first week

No. 884322

It’s giving mental asylum escapee

No. 884323

File: 1658304761070.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220720_091120.jpg)

Looks like Regan from The Exorcist.

No. 884324

It looks like she's wearing one of those sheet face masks… Under her eye, there's an area that's a completely different colour/texture. Could this be down to airbrushing/filtering her skin and had to miss the part under her eye so she didn't blue her eyelashes or something?

No. 884325

Lol I missed that at first because I was distracted by the herpes on her lip that she crookedly colored over in lipstick. I wonder if she just missed that part under her eye when she caked on her makeup?

No. 884326

>I feel like a rag, a couple uses before it stinks and ends up in the trash
More proof that tuna has never washed a fabric in her life

No. 884330

It's her rotting skin, she's had it for a while and mentioned a cream her doctor gave her a few threads ago. I think you can see it on the left eye in this one >>884291 Luna mirrors her pictures a lot so that could explain it jumping around

No. 884331

>rotting skin
Surely this is an exaggeration…

No. 884333

No. 884359

she def has rotting skin in some places but idk if under her eye is one of them. it looks like brown underye shadow or badly blended foundation

No. 884360

>notorious for her lack of hygiene
>surprised her skin is rotting
Bitch doesn't even shower, she "bathes" every once in a while and I'd be willing to bet she just turns on the water sits in it for like an hour then calls it a day.

No. 884366

Yeah she probably doesn't own a wash cloth or soap. She just stews in her hair-color-water and doesn't actually wash up, ever.

No. 884369

File: 1658344252968.jpeg (41.81 KB, 300x400, B52668FB-5EEB-4D33-B519-7755D2…)

Damn, Looking more and more like a lumpy vintage 80s cabbage patch doll every day.

No. 884371

She used the Shea Moisture $6 soap she stole recently >>883662, >>883535. She could at least steal some nicer cat food, but she's too self absorbed.

No. 884378

It's definitely just a patch of her natural skin contrasting with a fuckton of concealer she's wearing

No. 884385

yet another chance to play “is she blind or is it the heroin?”

No. 884389

File: 1658354933445.jpg (233.31 KB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20220720-150659_Ins…)

No. 884391

File: 1658355089494.jpg (293.06 KB, 1080x1717, Screenshot_20220720-150958_Ins…)

No. 884393

>i'm afraid to show weakness
Luna has been showing weakness in the form of whining, e-begging, and posting sad navel gazing "poetry" for years.
She is not strong at all.

No. 884405

YOU need to follow up with a phone call to potential employers dumbass. I hear this excuse all the time it is such bullshit.

No. 884412

I’d LOVE to know what jobs she’s applying to (if she’s not lying). Probably shit she is 100% not qualified for. She could be working fast food or Walmart same day, they’ll hire anyone. She just thinks it’s beneath her.

And why isn’t lurch working ?

No. 884414

Of course she's lying. Tuna only goes to the gas station, liquor store, and therapist appointments in person. She's too lazy to go anywhere where she comes back with nothing.

No. 884415

she probably could get a job at the gas station. but that would probably require the night shift and we all know she needs 16 hours of xanax and weed induced sleep.

No. 884417

File: 1658365131368.jpg (244.12 KB, 1080x1810, Screenshot_20220720-175725_Ins…)

No. 884418

File: 1658365164888.jpg (216.14 KB, 1080x1730, Screenshot_20220720-175751_Ins…)

No. 884419

File: 1658365187278.jpg (272.4 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20220720-175803_Ins…)

No. 884420

KEK hope no one gives you anything after milking them for so long, you selfish saggy sack of shit.

No. 884421

crazy how she’d rather be borderline homeless all the time than the both of them just get entry level retail or food service jobs. tbh i would bet money on the reason luna won’t work food service is bcus shes have to wear a uniform and that totally doesn’t vibe with her aesthetic

No. 884422

~Well if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions~

No. 884423

File: 1658367564218.jpeg (311.9 KB, 1170x1614, 8B3B3C6B-9795-41FB-A56C-08B999…)

It took two seconds to find the place she rented based on the photo she just posted the transaction showing the website and Mount Vernon which she stated Prev

No. 884424

Jfc they’re going to be sharing a bathroom with the home owner? I hope they are prepared for any free counter space to be taken up by Tuna’s hoard of stolen cosmetics. Also if they’re planning on going from squat to motel to airbnb they’re absolutely going to abandon the bulk of their belongings. They don’t have the level of agency required to perform a move like that, and that’s not saying much.

No. 884425

that is absolutely not how a certified letter from a city marshal would look like. they dont even know how to grift right

No. 884426

File: 1658368018278.jpg (118.84 KB, 1120x1680, whpjx4vfqt6mdej0qgbw.jpg)

This is great.

No. 884427

hahahahaha they're getting kicked out within a week and if this is the first airbnb they've had, the reviews these guys will leave them will keep any other renters from renting out to them.

No. 884428

also why is Lurch always putting it on Tuna to “figure shit out” about their living situation. whats his contribution? this man is literally pushing 50

No. 884429

> but we were just told we must be out august 1.
You weren’t “just told”. Your agreement was until July 31. Praying Pumpkin escapes.

No. 884430

File: 1658368165074.jpeg (287.99 KB, 1125x1563, B17F7888-3386-4289-862D-B0EEDF…)


No. 884431

Let’s hope Dan enjoys the presence of two racist junkies around his wife and two girls.

No. 884432

>no pets

No. 884434

that place is booked all the way to feb 15th 2023. these people are in for it. they are definitely planning to squat.

No. 884436

I thought she said she had an air bnb for 6 months? This would only be a months worth.

No. 884437

No cow tipping. Let this play out organically.

No. 884438

don't cowtip/don't encourage cowtipping.

No. 884439

Can't wait for the "lost 95% of my belongings" saga. She couldn't be arsed to pack by now, she had to take a million selfies every day.

No. 884441


No they’ll be sharing the upstairs bathroom with the other Airbnb guests, the owners live downstairs (it’s a two story apartment). Also no smoking or pets. This will go down brilliant, I can’t wait.

No. 884442

I looked more at the listing/reviews and it seems they won’t be sharing a bathroom/kitchen with the owner, but with other people renting out rooms in the second floor. It seems the owner and his family have the first floor all to themselves. In the other reviews it seems most people stay here for a few nights at most, I wonder if the gruesome twosome will be their first experience with longer term guests. Also I have no idea how they’re gonna handle keeping Pumpkin in there, we all know that room will smell like cat shit and piss within a week, and they won’t be able to hide that. Also what if someone else stays in one of the other rooms who has a cat allergy?

No. 884444

just wondering how we know it's this place for sure, from Mount Vernon + screenshot of transaction? I see it's not available after August 10th but there must be other airbnbs in the area

No. 884445

File: 1658369693759.png (444.63 KB, 771x750, nightgown.PNG)

>clearly came from a sewing pattern

What a weird thing to lie about. They're from the company Woman Within that sells plus sized clothing for older women.

No. 884446

He does the scoring

No. 884447

I'm assuming it's not available because it's already been booked by them. They said they've booked the place for six months.

No. 884448

File: 1658369959511.jpeg (358.49 KB, 1170x1137, FEAFE2D9-055F-4CAA-A04A-0DAF00…)

You can see the crop of what she posted matches the air bnb photo, that decor def stands out

No. 884449

KEK, maybe she was too embarrassed to admit to undergoing a death fat right of passage. Woman Within makes Torrid look hip.

No. 884451

she must be on the internet for a week. Why would you post proof with her current and later address visible? Waiting for the "someone posted where I live online and called the airbnb"-saga.

No. 884452

She has the brain of a gnat.

No. 884454

Nah I’m pretty sure what she’s got thru Airbnb from looking last time she mentioned it and it isn’t that. There a listing with a dude who made like 3 different bedrooms in his house into “studios” meaning he shoved a fridge and folding table in the bedroom. So it’s a bed table and fridge w a small loveseat and tiny attached bath. It’s really shitty looking.

No. 884455

Imagine literally getting an eviction date in court and being SHOCKED that they won’t let you stay an extra two weeks just because.

No. 884456

oh I missed that post, thanks anon. definitely the same location.

No. 884457

Eh, why the screenshot then? When has Luna shown any foresight to misdirect?

No. 884458

Oh shit there’s shared spaces? kek this arrangement is gonna last about two days, if that

No. 884459


Compare the white fluffy foot poof thing at the foot of the bed on Lunas screenshot with the screenshot of the listing just found - it’s the same ad

No. 884460

I give it one day when the owner smells cigarette smoke or the kids mention missing stuffed toys.

No. 884461

With AirBNB you pay month to month prepaid

They obviously don't have the other 5 months saved up to pay for this, otherwise she'd have money for a hotel for two weeks.

Her dad probably offered to pay for a month only, or Lurch really did get a small ass lawsuit settlement.

No. 884464

I can't believe she's still having to scramble to make arrangements whatsoever when this whole saga has been in process for TWO years, maybe even longer. How is anything regarding this eviction an "emergency" when it's been slowly creeping towards her for so fucking long? I just can't imagine being told you're being evicted and doing literally nothing about for that long.

No. 884465

File: 1658372890388.jpg (151.08 KB, 720x778, Screenshot_20220720-233010_Chr…)

The guests are gonna love the added sounds of junkies squabbling as king of the hill plays on repeat

No. 884466

Damn this is a nice place and the owners look clean and normal. Are airbnbs automatically booked or does the owner have to approve it first? I feel bad for them because they're in for a surprise once they see tuna and lurch stumble in thru the shared entrance. Yikes. Could she have been hooked up with these people thru her father at all?

No. 884467

Tuna's gonna stumble in wearing clown make-up and one of her "sexy" tops and give them one of her dirty hands to shake. I'm here for it but also feel so bad for the owners.

No. 884468

Depends on the property. Some don’t require a response and are just automatically booked. Sometimes you don’t see the host all throughout your stay. Mind you, I’ve never stayed at a shared space, I’d assume those sharing their living quarters would so some background checking.

No. 884469

I’m 99% sure this was set up through her father. I just cannot believe someone with a family would rent out a space in their home long term to someone like Luna + Lurch.I’m going to assume her father set it up as to avoid the owners being able to google Luna’s name and find here/KF. And I also think he would have no issue doing that because he knows if they have nowhere to go they will inevitably wind up on his doorstep.

No. 884470

Could go inpatient those 2 weeks, and Lurch can find another Luna.

No. 884471

Any of these places would take her. She’s just holding out for a comfortable office job but that possibility was thrown out the window years ago.

No. 884475

If they last more than a week in this place I will eat my shoe. Between the smoking, cats and junkie squabbling there’s no way the other guests and owner will tolerate it. Can you imagine how trashed that nice looking room will be within the first 24 hours? GINGER, GET THE POPCORN.

No. 884477

>Other people renting out rooms in the second floor. It seems the owner and his family have the first floor all to themselves.
RIP to their peace having Luna lumber around upstairs all day long. Luckily she doesn't move very often or for very long kek

Nonnie how tf did you find that out lmao

No. 884478

File: 1658385415098.png (159.33 KB, 565x832, fromkf.png)

Kek I wonder if Lurch is going to behave himself since there will be weapons on the property.

No. 884479

Lurch gets shot trying to steal from homeowner saga when???

No. 884480

I’m not saying that we can only hope, but…

No. 884481

Of fuck, I didn't think they'd be so stupid to rent a goddamn room in a shared apartment/house. This is gonna be milky.

No. 884482

yeah i called bs on that too, looks nothing like something sewn from home. she’s so stupid and has so little life experience

No. 884483

This is all great. Security cameras, no pets, no smoking STAIRS!??!?! (her poor cottoneye joe knee). Did she even read the contract? Or did evil dad fix everything for her and she did nothing but cry and get high.

No. 884484

File: 1658391344706.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.8 KB, 640x853, 1571465783737.jpg)

Decided to take a look back at the old threads from when I started browsing the farms, here's the quality of selfie our newer anons have to look forward to if she's really back on heroin! Spoilered because holy shit, I forgot just how much more bleak and horrifying it got when she was shooting up

No. 884485


We know they're going to steal food in the shared kitchen.

No. 884486

„Mommy, the juice from this juice box tastes funny“

No. 884488

More like Lurch gets shot being Lurch. They're going to be kicked out as soon as the owners find out about the cat and Lurch is going to argue about how they're allowed to stay because they paid. I just want Tuna to record it all so we can see Lurch get his ass handed to him.

No. 884491

They're gonna get arrested kek. Lurch will try to pick a fight, Luna will try to stuff everything that isn't nailed down into a grimy striped sack with a $ sign on it and the owners will go ballistic. This is gonna be great.

No. 884492

if the airbnb owner doesn't smoke, they will get kicked out as soon as he smells them. I've neighbours that smoke as much as those two with doors and windows shut, as a non smoker you can smell them from miles away. This will be nice, tasty milk, I hope.

No. 884493

The lipedema of it all…

No. 884494

>grimy striped sack with a $ on it
The way I audibly snort-laughed at this image, topkek nonita
This is what I see at the end of my bed when I have sleep paralysis

No. 884495

I think everyone who has seen that photo has the same sleep paralysis demon. Still can't believe she thought it was good enough to post.

No. 884498

Seriously, it’s especially horrific even for Tuna standards

No. 884499

Kek this saga is going to be sooooooo milky. Too bad we'll have to wait until August when she moves. Honestly it makes me soo mad how motherfucker Lurch is 43 and refuses to do ANYTHING. Great prince charming right there, Tuna! If only she was smart enough to use this non-smoking environment as an opportunity to get ACTUALLY sober. I'm so excited to see what'll be of her hoard because we know she is not preparing nor packing. I'm just worried about poor Pumpkin. She never pland ahead, holy shit, I know that's nothing new but sometimes I am actually stunned to see what a useless human being she is (Lurch is even more tho).

No. 884500

No, they’re stretch marks. She does have tracks on her arms and legs but dear jesus you don’t inject in your hip or titty. Those are stretch marks or zits/other rashes from not bathing or taking care of herself.

No. 884502

I guess she is more afraid of being alone than being with an adult baby that is absolut useless. Hope we get to see which outfit she chooses for her first appearance at that airbnb and how the will smuggle that poor cat inside.

No. 884503

File: 1658407066321.jpeg (50 KB, 828x602, 78F44DDC-E206-4951-AFBC-80B996…)

This is gonna be good.

No. 884504

File: 1658407284019.jpeg (279.07 KB, 828x791, F8E8BB47-8B4B-42A1-B2C3-B50ED6…)

Dan must be putting some bad vibes out into the universe to get the gruesome twosome.

No. 884505

the only difference between this and now is that she uses filters now

No. 884506

Oh dan, sweet sweet Dan… poor guy

No. 884508

I’m sure it was no skin off their back to skip a washing machine, neither of them know how to use it and probably reek of dirty clothes the moment they enter a room.

No. 884509

File: 1658408704226.jpeg (407.71 KB, 828x1235, F7B1EFA8-A729-447F-9CE0-AB187D…)

Yeah there’s no way Tuna and Lurch booked that place under their own names, especially given that it’s for 6 months. Ebil dad absolutely booked it for them in his name because I refuse to believe this Dan geezer would have allowed someone to stay at the place where he lives with his family without thoroughly vetting them first. These are the top three results returned when searching her name.

No. 884510

Speaking of entering a room, Tuna might want to lay off the kitchen selfies since it's shared.

No. 884511

A lot of people are seriously desperate for money rn so if he overlooked shit in favor of some quick cash then I can’t really blame him but hoo boy I can’t wait to see how Tuna copes with this and how the other house guests react. The only truly positive thing to come out of this hopefully is Pumpkin gets surrendered and is adopted out to people who won’t leave her in filth and used needles. Can’t wait for the bpd meltdowns.

No. 884512

I reckon she’ll try to get her dad to take it rather than surrender it. Though I wouldn’t put it past her to be retarded enough to attempt smuggling it in to the air bnb

No. 884513

File: 1658413202445.jpeg (505.92 KB, 1170x1712, 16FDE5F0-D490-4791-B6C3-57B08B…)

Airbnb doesn’t give an option to pay 6 months in advance. When you’re renting long term, it is billed a month in advance. You have the option to pay the next payment early as 7 days, but not months in advance. They absolutely have plans to squat. If she had enough money saved for 6 months in advance, she’d had enough for a hotel until the 15th.

No. 884516

Yeah she never does the right thing, just wishful thinking. I feel very sorry that an animal only exists to make tuna feel better about her shitty life choices that she caused. Stop being a selfish cunt, Luna. For once in your life. Your sooper severe mental illnesses don’t excuse animal cruelty or neglect, Pumpkin is not your “family” and you don’t deserve her. Stop dragging other living things into your mess just because your bored and lonely. Sage for cat sperg but it just makes me so sad.

No. 884517

The fact the animal looked better living outdoors and most likely was someone's pet makes me want to sperg. It's not like she went to a kill shelter and adopted a cat. No she had lurch plunk it off the street like the religious iconography she steals from graves (can't believe that's even a thing good grief)

No. 884519

There is no way in hell she’s going to squat this place there is a totally different legality here. She may think she can totally do that, but this falls under the same rules as hospitality yes? Would be the same if she rented a motel and said she’s totally a resident and claiming squat rights- they’d kick her shit in. And since this is someone’s actual house I’m sure she isn’t going to get to pull the same shit she did with moms place. I dunno why anyone thinks this is an option even if it’s her “plan”

No. 884522

literally a jumpscare

No. 884523

Completely agree, at this point I would be surprised if they were even let in to stay as soon as they turn up, from the looks of the b&b the owner would most definitely not want Tuna or her useless Easter Island statue around his child/ren. Not like the two are going to turn up looking remotely presentable whatsoever, reeking of cigarettes and weed, Tuna’s dead eyed benzo fuelled stare (eyes going in two different directions of course), complete with some grimy stained outfit with her fat spilling out and Lurch in whatever gross shit he wears he really is just an ornament at this point.

No. 884524

After 30 days in an AirBNB you have tenant rights in NY. I’m sure that the host knows this though, and will hopefully boot them before that happens.

No. 884526

I’m inclined to agree with you, although honestly I have no idea about laws in America. I’m only inclined to agree with you because in the UK lodgers who are actually staying in your house with you have far less rights than a tenant staying in a property you own but don’t live in. You don’t have to go through the usual eviction process to get rid of someone living in your domicile, they’re considered an “excluded occupier”. Any burgerfags know if it’s the same over your way?

No. 884527

It’s insane to think how she has left such a massive, life cripplingly bad footprint on the internet and yet still continues to go about doing exactly what she’s always been doing. Most people when they discover they’re being exposed online, go offline forever or eventually come back under a new name or whatever. She definitely doesn’t care about finding a job or housing if she keeps posting nudes and drug photos online under her real government name. She deserves it all.

No. 884529

I feel bad for the other people involved but god I hope this airbnb thing happens. They haven’t been around functioning people in so long, judging from luna’s “job interview”and therapy looks they’re incapable of even pretending to be normal. It’s going to be peak comedy. I’ll be shocked if the owner even gives them the keys.

No. 884531

Can somebody post this one with Luna's instagram name on it? Just for the books, right now it _could_ be anything screenshotted. Maybe also because I can't believe they scored this AirBnb, can't wait for the mess kek

No. 884533

Exactly what I keep thinking. They’re pretty much feral… they never interact with other normal people at all. Would they even be able to look slightly presentable, show up and say “hello, I’m here for the AirBNB, nice to meet you” with brushed hair and jeans and a shirt even??? Doubtful

No. 884538

they will wreck their room. it'll require extensive cleaning and probably replacing of a few things because we know they'll steal.

No. 884539

>our stay was lovely aside from the other occupants. i waited fifteen minutes to make my morning coffee because the woman would not stop taking pictures in front of the stove. all we could smell was cigarettes. there was a broken gaming chair blocking the door as well.

No. 884543

Easily found Dan's LinkedIn, which leads to both his & his wife's instas, which are linked to each of their businesses as a boutique contractor and real estate agent with KW. It's a beautiful, young, successful family. Their daughters are so precious, but both still under 10. Hulking Luna's miasma of failure and fat is going to be a rude awakening for these successful, currently happy people.

No. 884544

Hehehe the gaming chair

No. 884546

I don't think they are going to physically meet the owners to get keys. If I'm reading the listing correctly they're just given a pass code to punch in once they arrive. There's cameras at the entrance though so I hope the owners see them asap. Too bad there isn't a live feed online (im thinking the big brother gameshow) from the cameras and a reaction video from the owners.

No. 884548

It says that it isn’t a private entrance—I’m assuming they’ll run into another person at some point.

No. 884549

File: 1658423855190.gif (2.12 MB, 336x230, honey-big-storm-comin.gif)

If he's been doing this for a while, he might not be THAT naive when it comes to potential squatters and problem tenants. There's a reason why long-term rentals are less common - lots of scam offers, or sketchy tenants. It's a risk for both parties and I'd imagine he knows this and figured he'd risk it for the potential $$$, but if he is that naive, he's in for a ride with these two.

Biggest red flag imo, you just know they're gonna roll up on day 1 with way more bags than normal, even for long-term, hinting that they don't intend on leaving.

No. 884550

How is this "tenancy after 30 days" possible with air bnbs? Will the owners need to go through the courts to evict them? This seems like a horrible blind spot for Air BNBs
Also I wonder if it's legal to misrepresent yourself as a different person than the original Air BNB profile. They may NOT have permission to enter the establishment because her father is the only person legally allowed to reside there.
Most Air BNBs ask you to disclose every other Guest that will be staying or pay a fine.

No. 884551

isn't there a rule against making porn in air bnbs?

No. 884552

From the quick googling I did, it seems that in order for squatter's rights to not apply, they would need to physically move out (with all their stuff) as though they're not living their for one day of the month before coming back the next day. I dunno how right this is, though.

I wonder if you can override this if you get the tenant to sign a contract maybe waving the squatter's right?

No. 884554

They can boot you for violating your agreement even if you did gain tenant rights. So if they do something to the property the landlord stipulated was unacceptable when they signed on they can have them removed easy. They’re on thin ice. I can see them smoking, letting Pumpkin piss on the floor, or nailing shit to the walls/writing sad gurl poetry in pen on them and being kicked to the curb again.

No. 884555

there sure is. sorta OT, but juhnelle evans from teen mom is currently sperging out after getting kicked out of her airbnb for filming OF content on the premises

No. 884558

File: 1658425832065.jpeg (399.05 KB, 1011x1800, 42528C26-2D95-485F-B009-1F3081…)

If Luna and Lurch mind their P&Qs they could gain tenant rights.

But I have a feeling that the owners can utilize the discrepancy that those two are not who initially contracted to live there. It was her father… who isn't living there With them and who is a completely different person.
He likely didn't disclose that those two (and everything they own) will be there actual guests.

Hopefully they are smart enough to create a vacation rental contract!!

No. 884560

I agree that the likelihood of them actually staying long enough to squat is probably super low. The owner will probably be keeping an eye on them for violations and won't have to wait long before they become apparent.

No. 884561

I can't wait for when she has to crash at her dad's place for 2 weeks, and then shows up late on her first day to the airbnb because she decided to sleep in or get fucked up the day before. There's no way her or lurch can discreetly get high or'll be willing to stay sober their entire stay there. I eagerly await her meltdown when she predictably has the police called to forcibly remove her from the property/possible arrest arc. There's no fucking way oldman dan wants his home to turn into these two chuckle fucks new drug den.

No. 884562

ik this is cowtipping but maybe someone should warn Dan. i know it’s funny for us but this innocent man and his family are gonna have their lives turned upside down

No. 884563

Oh god

No. 884564

So is she gonna rock up to this place with a bunch of trash bags filled with biohazards?

No. 884565

Calm down. The family lives in the bottom floor with no direct contact with the tennants. The children won't even know Tuna is there.

No. 884566

how could you possibly know that

No. 884567

Dan is a big boy and can handle it himself. Fuck off. He'll catch on to any red flags within the first few weeks and the trash will be kicked out. Again, fuck off and don't cow tip.

No. 884568

it's in the airbnb listing. it's been talked about in the thread already. scroll up.

No. 884569

Mt vernon is not in nyc

No. 884570

the sheer suggestion that lurch and luna could ever mind their Ps and Qs made me lol

No. 884571

You guys Dan is going to find out in two seconds flat who they are, deal with it swiftly, and the milk will be amazing. Please leave it- I beg you all to not reach out not to benefit Tuna but for us. I cannot fucking wait for this to go upside down oh my GOD

No. 884574

ikr, putting august 15th on my calendar

No. 884575

File: 1658428872688.jpeg (83.48 KB, 733x1096, Mt Vernon Airbnb.jpeg)

Here you go, courtesy of the other farm.
There is. One of our cows, Shayna, got into some minor trouble for filming porn in an Airbnb.

No. 884576

I really really hope no one cowtips

the milk of a bad airbnb stay would be so much funnier than just regular old homelessness

No. 884579

I remember needing to provide ID for airnbnb. This had to have been booked under her dad's profile.

No. 884580

It IS that place, damn. I was being nosy and looking up AirBNB in Mt Vernon since she first mentioned it. There was a much more basic “studio” available for same price that allowed pets, but in a more grimy part of Mt. Vernon.

OF COURSE that was not good enough for her and she went with the shared space/no pets because it looked fancier. Like what the fuck does she think is gonna happen when she rolls up with a cat carrier???

Where the hell are they gonna put their stuff?

This is gonna be a disaster. Imagine you’re the other AirBNB guest sharing common space with them? It’s even a shared bathroom, wtf.

The other spot was grimy but private bathroom at least.

No. 884581

File: 1658430120526.jpg (17.8 KB, 367x123, the milk will flow.JPG)

no way they won't meet each other, even on the airbnb site it's stated that they will be shown around at their arrival. Only think that would "work" is her father meeting the owner at the first day and they then get smuggled into that apartment without the owner knowing it, who knows what they have "planed".

I can't wait for it, hope nothing disrupts their plan.

No. 884584

I doubt they even own a cat carrier or any type of pet cage. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to smuggle the cat in a purse or backpack. Good luck keeping a cat quiet in that type of environment.

No. 884585

DON'T. No really, just don't. Let everything happen naturally, this era could be the milkiest we have in a long time. Also: Dan's an adult, he can deal with it kek

No. 884586

The red dots on the hip look like bedbug bites to me? If so, the Airbnb hosts are in for one hell of a time fumigating their whole 2nd floor. Every plushie and article of crusty clothing they cart in is absolutely carrying the eggs.

Hopefully, the owner is savvy enough to “greet them at the door (look them over before giving them the code/private room key)”, and turns them away. If not…well, they gon’ learn real quick.

No. 884589

I'm pretty sure she has mentioned having bedbugs a couple months ago. Not sure exactly where, though.

No. 884590

Keep in mind that Luna and Lurch are not unique. There's 1000s of Lurchs and Lunas in any given city and, assuming this guy has never encountered such a couple, he eventually will and needs to know what to look for/what to do when dealing with situations like this. Personally, I think he probably already knows what to look for and doesn't need randoms on the internet contacting him with warnings.

No. 884591

idk pumpkin looks about half dead. she might be pretty silent

No. 884592

top fucking kek

No. 884594

This is fucking insane. Squatters are the absolute worst smdh

No. 884596

Don't cowtip, you tard. The owner will figure it out quickly. Is your moral-fagging savior complex worth more than the the hilarious milk we are about to receive? If the answer is yes kindly fuck off to twitter and never come back.

No. 884597

This is the Shayna AirBnB cow tipper all over again, Jesus. Literally don’t fucking do this. Their family isn’t in danger of anything more than having their room be gross. Let this play out. It’s not like they’re violent or cooking meth.

No. 884599

File: 1658439089393.jpeg (178.85 KB, 828x427, 3B31B0ED-DC34-47D9-B389-D0F6C1…)

Feel like this is aimed at alltard Allicin…i tinfoil she hit her up for money, beg for her job back or housing help or cheap cheap cheaps got told to fuck off and wrote this obvious ass call out bpd meltdown status to lash out

No. 884600

If the host works for KW wouldn't he know about renters/squatters rights?

No. 884602

Can we just state for the record that yes, you do have squatters rights in NY at AirBNBs after 30 days and that is something you can easily google. Its annoying that we will have to live through another year+ of the squat saga if they manage to pull off a whole month without getting kicked out.

No. 884607

so she’s back to talking about being a heroin addict

No. 884608

I highly doubt they will make it a month before getting kicked out. Lurch's yelling at people, attempts to flirt, Tuna's kitchen selfies, her leaving a ring of filth in the tub, and eating all the food in the fridge will get them kicked out first. And that's if they don't even find out about the cat.

No. 884609

I think the bathroom will be a huge area of contention for them. Leaving it dirty, being in there too long, banging on the door when others are in there, etc. It's difficult to navigate even in the best of roommate situations.

No. 884610

I honestly don't see them needing the bathroom that much. Tuna can get a cheap cheap mirror for the bedroom to oogle herself in all day and lurch will piss in bottles. Neither of them can shit due to constipation from drug use probably. I'm sure they don't shower, wash their face, or brush their teeth regularly so I don't see them needing a bathroom much.

No. 884611

I dont know why we are so quick to presume she'll bring pumpkin to the airbnb. None of her posts so far said she will, maybe she'll rehome it after all or ebil dad will take the poor kitty.

No. 884612

Not to mention the various needles and pill bottles they'll be dumb enough to leave around, 5$ says tuna nods off in the bathroom for hours on end or ends up leaving her makeup grime in the sink.

No. 884613

She mentions it here >>884417

No. 884614

i think when she said “i’m scared mostly for my cat” when talking about having two weeks between eviction and the airbnb reservation kind of suggested she was taking pumpkin to the airbnb

No. 884615

Did you miss literally every post she made looking for a place to live? She included her cat and statue in them all.

No. 884616

The listing specifies no pets. And you know she isn’t gonna get rid of pumpkin. She hasn’t been trying to rehome it and although dad might be an option I somehow doubt she’d bother to ask
AFAIK her dad renting for her and lurch and not telling the owner is immediate breech of contract because he’s the one they expected. At any rate this is gonna get milky

No. 884617

If I recall, she tried to hide Pumpkin in the video where her mom's caretaker told them what pieces of shit they were. They were trying to find her at the end of the video. She's for sure going to hide Pumpkin this time too.

No. 884618

File: 1658447699256.jpg (Spoiler Image,612.21 KB, 968x2594, Screenshot_20220721-165516_Red…)

No. 884619

File: 1658447972458.jpg (394.5 KB, 1080x1607, Screenshot_20220721-165939_Red…)

5 finger discount confirmed

No. 884620

the fresh shaving cuts lol
also what—— 2 men and it’s been a while? guess lurch not being able to perform anymore confirmed here

No. 884621

Why the hell did she choose august 15 as her check in date? They’ve known for months that they had to be out by the 31st.

No. 884622

I was thinking maybe she reached an agreement with the host considering the fact that the space is already booked and paid. But taking that into account… yikes. It's easier to hide a cat when it's just them. What would be the endgame, hiding it in their room the whole time? Apparently the floorboards are creeky and the corridor walls are thin. If other residents don't report it, the foundation surely will.
And with the non-smoking rule I wonder how long it'll take for them to try to open up a window in their room to smoke out of. Otherwise it'll be a chore to walk outside each time since their usual treks only consist of going to cop or walking to the fridge.

No. 884625

I'm wondering if these are friends of her fathers and he set it up/vouched for them because he doesn't know how fucking disgusting they are.
Do you have to set up an account to book airbnb? It says these hosts are normally booked up so I feel like they aren't desperate to book people.

No. 884627

I was just thinking the exact same thing, it seems too good to be true for a couple of utter deadbeats like these two. If her dad has vouched for them is he also planning on coughing up over two grand every month for six months? Why wouldn’t he just get a rental for them? Pardon my ignorance but I’m not a burger, I’ve never heard of anyone doing shit like this in my country

No. 884628

See >>884509

No. 884630

Even if he did vouch for them, Lurch's behavior alone is enough to get them kicked out. He can never shut the fuck up.

No. 884631

Seems likely she hit up Alltard for cash and took "no" as a judgement against her. Luna "No one loves me because heroin is my identity" Slater just doesn't get it when other people don't bankroll her.

No. 884632

File: 1658452980195.jpeg (74.12 KB, 1300x866, B2BDD12F-7E46-4C02-9F1D-F7E964…)

>included her statue in all of them
It took me a second lmao nonnie

No. 884634

File: 1658454365236.jpg (327.39 KB, 1080x1751, Screenshot_20220721-214340_Ins…)

Blessed be the individual trying to give advice to help Pumpkin. However I'm sure it will not be used, Lunas laziness is far too strong. Prayers for Pumpkin

No. 884635

It feels unlikely to me. They’re a young (late 30s), religious (not overly so, just in the typical South American way) couple with 2 kids under 10. Both work in the real estate world, although he seems to be more involved in the construction side.
We need to remember that Airbnb’s vetoing is minimal, you don’t even need an ID to be able to be verified. As per their website:
> In some cases, you may not need to add a government ID. We’ll confirm you’re really you when you add your legal name and address (this should match where you get banking documents or utility bills). We’ll match this information with secure third-party databases.
> We do not provide Hosts with the photo of your ID, the photo you take of yourself as part of ID verification, or your address.
There are some stays in which I never interacted with the owner beyond an automated message indicating how to get into the property. Any guests I’ve had with me are just mentioned in passing, e.g., «my sister is coming with me». It’s also worth mentioning that the only way it’d be “legal” for Luna’s dad to rent for them is if he had an Airbnb business account.
> We’d love to welcome your loved ones into Airbnb. But to help maintain transparency and trust throughout our community, you can’t book on their behalf unless you're staying together.
> We require all personal travel reservations to be booked by the guests themselves because Hosts rely on reading their profiles, reviews, and other verifications during the approval process.

No. 884637

Is she really the type of tard that believes more sexual partners = “loose pussy”?
Can’t say I’m surprised, she’s fried any critical thinking skills she could’ve potentially had.

No. 884640

LMAO I didn't even consider that, but I think you're right. I was trying to wrap my head around what she meant cause to me it just sounded like she was saying she's had sex very few times overall. What a piece of shit.

No. 884642

Need you even ask? She’s a whole ass retard, of course she believes misogynistic shit like this

No. 884643

This is such good advice, but Luna will never take it. If she gave Pumpkin over to a shelter to foster, they would see how filthy and unhealthy she is and probably try to prevent Luna from getting her back since she so obviously neglects the shit out of that poor animal. Also why I think Luna refuses to take Pumpkin to the vet ever (aside from yknow, it costing money), she knows Pumpkin is unhealthy and other people would judge her for being such a shitty pet owner. She’s just too fucking selfish to actually care about anything other than herself and Pumpkin suffers because of it. Disgusting

No. 884644

And why can't I see tuna ever making actual phone calls around to shelters to see if they can direct her towards the type of thing the person suggested? I can't imagine she can make a normal phone call. If it can't be emailed or done online she doesn't have the (minimal) skill to do it.

No. 884645

Hopefully the Airbnb situation forces her to give Pumpkin to a good owner. The poor cat deserves better. It's not hard to look for low cost vets and use Daddy's Amazon account to buy quality food for her cat. The amount of money she supposedly "spends" on facial care could cover the cat's food bill for months.

No. 884646

My goodness I really hope these people, just trying to make some $, don’t end up like some othe NY hosts do.

No. 884653

I don’t even like cats and I’m worried about it, for someone who professes to her pet being her absolute number one priority she sure doesn’t treat it in a way befitting of a beloved animal companion. All she does is manhandle it for photo opportunities, the poor thing must be profoundly unhappy on top of whatever health problems it has as a result of neglect and what I’d even argue is abuse (smoking around it, etc)

No. 884654

either way i already feel so bad for the impending doom of luna and lurch moving into their home. imagine these two showing up trying to hide a cat in their room - i bet they don’t even clean the litter box.

No. 884658

Bet that she claims the litter box was left behind and needs donations for pet supplies.

No. 884662

File: 1658471875196.jpeg (197.04 KB, 1284x844, 1AEE5E57-F6F0-47DA-B479-D35D27…)

Its crazy to me how life just goes on as usual in her head in every situation kek

No. 884663

Received an eviction notice from the police? Who cares, what about my hair?

No. 884664

It's sad that all of us (whether we like cats or not) care more about Pumpkin than she does. I go out of my way to stock up on extra food and set aside extra money monthly for my pet. I'd much rather go hungry than have my pet suffer like poor Pumpkin. Pumpkin's eyes at the very least show she's severely dehydrated. They obviously don't give her fresh water and decent wet food daily, which is incredibly sad. Pumpkin is most likely in a lot of pain, and her owners are too self-absorbed to give a damn.

No. 884665

Pumpkin’s going to wind up abandoned outside Luna’s current squat, but she’ll be better off than she is now.

No. 884666

i call bs on the most recent eviction letter from the “marshal” it doesnt look official AT ALL

No. 884667

Why is she so worried about what her hair is going to look like by Christmas? What about your housing and job situation, or your fucking marriage license?

No. 884668

I think one of the most bizarrely interesting and cow-like quality Luna has is her total and utter self-obsession which takes precedence over literally everything else in her life. Bitch needs to just put her shitty hair in a bun and start applying for jobs and finding somewhere to house her cat instead of doing conditioning masks and planning for a salon appointment.

No. 884669

This. It’s just wild that someone who is a completely non-functional drain on society truly believes the world owes them to have a beauty regimen like that of a celebrity. She literally exists for her looks, and that being said the one thing she won’t do is actually lose weight, which when done right can be basically free.

No. 884670

>She literally exists for her looks,
And yet, she still looks the way she does.
The most ming boggling thing about Luna is how she's now spent 8 years of her life doing absolutely nothing except think about her looks while ALSO getting progressively grimier and fatter.
Does she really think that her hair is her only problem? How can she simultaneously be so self absorbed and not see how fucking disgusting she actually is? This is the one thing I truly don't understand about Luna, maybe someone can explain lmao.

No. 884675

Luna will never really realize how repulsive her appearance is. I don't mean her whining about how fat she is or other things she posts because it's part of her scam that gets her attention. If luna really realized how repulsive her looks and personality are, she would die. She cannot afford this humiliating and tormenting truth. The same goes for the fact that her fiancé is a total loser on all levels who just looks gross. she has to convince herself that chief areola is good looking and intelligent. because what does it say about you when an intellectual good-looking guy wants you as a partner? What would it mean if she only had the last loser as a boyfriend?

No. 884676

What do you think it is then?
There's other paperwork behind it too.
Do you think tuna made it up to try and scam? Obviously they're being evicted why would she have to fake a letter about it?

No. 884677


I’ve seen letters like this before and it’s likely legit. They nail one like that to your door and then send a copy registered mail.

No. 884678

Plus do we really think Tuna would waddle to a print center to print it out? Doubt.

No. 884679

Lmao late af, but her tongue just chillin there + the wonky untrimmed falsies is just giving her the most dopey expression. Like a fat, hot dog, panting in the sun

No. 884686

Lurch would be yelling, "You have to send one by mail!" in the background so we'd know that it was fake. That's not even mentioning the google translate English they'd use.

Those poor owners. Imagine this monstrosity >>882846 walking through your door dragging a broken chair to barricade the door for when they start squatting there. Posing like this >>883661 any time a male guest walked through the kitchen, yelling pay2play at him and causing the guests to leave. Telling every person there her life story, starting from her being conceived on the steps of the methadone . Meanwhile, her sticky fingers will be stealing toys from your kids. She'll flash her pure gold smile, her eyes looking at two opposite walls, saying she didn't do it.

No. 884693

what kind of boomer logic is this? kek do you think the McDonald's manager wants people calling to check on their application?

No. 884694

went in one ear and out the other. can guarantee she’s already forgotten

No. 884695

tbf pre-Covid this was how it was (i was a retail store mgr for a long time) we’d have a handful of decent applicants, and the ones who called to check up were considered first. happened prob for like 50% of applicants. and that was just a sales or keyholder position

however post-Covid and post-inflation you’re lucky if the applicants were even serious about wanting the job. most of them never show up to the interview to begin with. we’ll hire anyone who breathes and ideally doesn’t steal cash (Luna would take issue with the latter)

No. 884696

There are small-fat (she may be beyond that tho) women who look really nice and successful and radiate good energy. The reason Luna is absolutely foul isn’t her weight, but it’s the fact she looks like she’s literally rolled around in cat piss and used flaky white bird shit as foundation.It’s her eyelashes mostly falling off, her dead beady eyes, her track marks, her dead hair. I could go on but you get the idea. She’s fucking gross.

No. 884706

Agree - there are two very overweight people at my job… one of them has a very pleasant attitude and dresses very nicely and appropriately for her figure, nice makeup, brushed hair etc. She looks very nice and gives off great energy.

The other one has scraggly hair, frumpy ill fitting clothing, garish makeup and is totally one of those people who is a perpetual victim, gives off such negative energy.

Luna will never dress properly for her figure, or even perform basic hygiene. I doubt she has even ever washed her clothing? She’s certainly not headed to a laundromat.

No. 884707

Well to be fair it was taught to me by my boomer dad kek. I had no idea it's not like that anymore.

No. 884713

File: 1658514047784.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.29 MB, 2302x4096, InCollage_20220722_141602988.j…)

These are probably some of the worst nudes she has taken, she looks like a propped up corpse. She looks high as fuck too. She is obviously very desperate for money at this point with how much she has been posting nudes on reddit.

No. 884714

Damn, she just really wants to make sure she never has a legitimate job or any sort of future prospects, huh?

No. 884716

Dear god these are grim. She’s completely off her gourd, and her head looks like a pin atop her monstrous bloated corpse body

No. 884725

the way she constantly says "you like?" like her creepy boomer boyfriend would say just kills me.
i dont know why she started posting her pussy for free right out of the gate, didnt try any teasing or keep stuff behind a paywall

No. 884726

>one was when I was 14
Why is she bragging about this???

No. 884728

is statue head taking these ? so gross and sad

No. 884729

definitely a timer. lurch hasn't been near that puss in ages.

No. 884730

shes slouched back on the couch, sad defeated expression on her face probably from holding her breath bc of the odor. how is this going to make any sort of money? everything she does is half assed no effort low budget nonsense

No. 884733

Why did she WANT her face to be in it kek make an onlyfans already there is probably a fetish for her type

No. 884736

she can’t, she refuses to get ID. yet this is her “job” kek

No. 884738

File: 1658525110841.jpeg (27.02 KB, 500x500, 9A332AFB-CF2E-4A90-AED4-FBE5FA…)

Luna’s face looks like one of those latex fetish masks that trannies wear.

No. 884741

File: 1658527739565.jpg (Spoiler Image,30.74 KB, 512x768, imago0090926335w.jpg)

Said it before, she really is a Clockwork Orange statue. Uncanny valley.

No. 884742

Luna’s becoming a Halloween decoration just like her her dear fiancé.

No. 884744

at least these statues got some shape

No. 884746

File: 1658536103357.jpg (217.13 KB, 720x1449, VideoCapture_20220722-172814.j…)

No. 884747

File: 1658536137161.jpg (194.48 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20220722-172823.j…)

No. 884748

File: 1658536295869.jpg (Spoiler Image,923.63 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220722-173154_Red…)

No. 884749

File: 1658536362195.jpg (Spoiler Image,636.93 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20220722-173133_Red…)

No. 884750

Scrotes really don’t even bother looking at the complete squalor she lives in before they updoot

No. 884751

She MUST be posting these for someone who's paying her who has a humiliation fetish. They're so sloppy, gross, and embarassing. She's being evicted in about ONE WEEK now and she's wasting her time plastering on makeup and probably taking 200 photos just to get 2 she feels are good enough to post? Kek. Looks like she's ill and woozy from a septic pussy infection and on a desperate video appointment with a doctor

No. 884752

File: 1658536706336.jpg (Spoiler Image,359.53 KB, 1080x1659, Screenshot_20220722-173401_Red…)

Take away her scary story face, sad boobs, and brutalized public area….. HER THIGH IS SO WIDE! Goddamn tsunami thighs or whatever she always says.

No. 884753

The way she has to hoist her tits up so they're less saggy and sad

No. 884754

What if Lurch is posting for her? Or at least telling her what to caption them?

No. 884755

I do not understand how she is making money posting full nudes on reddit. Makes zero sense. Post s teaser, then put the rest behind a paywall… That would make sense.

No. 884756

File: 1658540845618.jpeg (795.65 KB, 3465x2211, 6D4CE26C-F300-42C2-945E-1B825E…)

No. 884757

"Content" as though she's a content creator/influencer lmao she's delusional. She means to say creating more gross fap material for depraved scrotes with a humiliation fetish.

No. 884758

She doesn't wear an "engagement" ring anymore? She pawned it for $5 and was too lazy to steal another? Or she really just doesn't have that kind of effort to play pretend fiancé anymore? Didn't she get some heirloom one that she stole from her dad's house?

No. 884759

What is going on with the top of her arms? Why do they get huge like that? It’s like another joint above her elbow.

No. 884760

File: 1658543719719.png (383.16 KB, 355x636, 165854369162547979.png)

No. 884761

Why do you keep doing this. Why

No. 884762

it’s loose arm fat from losing and gaining weight over and over. source: i had that and had to get it surgically fixed (and even then it still exists just smaller)

No. 884763

I thought she was wearing baggy white sweatpants but nope thats just her laygs

No. 884764

I'm waiting for her to slip up and post a pic of that new
abcess by her luna tattoo. She's been hiding it ever since >>884241

No. 884766

File: 1658548888543.png (2.74 MB, 1290x2048, Screenshot_20220722-225351~2.p…)

No. 884768

Stop derailing the thread with this autistic shit

No. 884769

I know, it's weird as fuck. And at least fucking spoiler them, they're horrific!

No. 884770

Good observation, nonnie. Although the Korova Bar statues have more life to them. Ugh, she's such a grotesque creature.

Can't wait for the ~uwu SW Kweeeen~ saga though.

No. 884771

Can't wait for her making nsfw content at the airbnb saga kek

No. 884772

Tinfoil but I think her hair is the way it is (all pushed forward) is because it's matted that way for laying down every moment she isn't taking a picture.

No. 884773

Farmers were talking about hoping no-one cowtips regarding the Airbnb. If they did, do you think the owner would say they couldn't stay or just ignore them because it's $$?

No. 884774

I highly doubt a young normie couple with young children would want to have two thieving junkies, one of whom self harms and posts graphic nudes with her face and legal name attached on the internet in the same house as them. Unless they’re absolutely desperate for cash. I don’t know what air bnb’s cancelation policy is ie how easy it is for a host turn people away once they’ve paid

No. 884777

I mean, would you want two stanky ass junkies stinking up a bed that you're renting out and having everything smell like cat pee and cigarettes? I give them one week before they're kicked out if they aren't told no at the door.

No. 884779

Her costumers want to humiliate her so it doesn’t matter for them. It’s kind of sad

No. 884780

>Her costumers
That would explain the ugly outfits.

No. 884782


No. 884786

File: 1658572260899.png (2.88 MB, 1440x1928, Screenshot_20220723-051612~2.p…)

No. 884787

Can someone explain why these are posted all the damn time and what they're supposed to show?

No. 884788

I think (?) they’re supposed to highlight the places where she smoothed out her skin (hands, thighs, face) but like… one was enough lol. We get it.

No. 884789

that bridge not looking good

No. 884794

I think if someone's going to cowtip they're probably coming from the other farms, they're really desperate there kek

I think if they find out who the gruesome twosome are, they will just cancel their reservation. They can do that.

No. 884796

You must have missed the previous videos where she is taking out her rollers and "styling" her hair. She purposely finger comb/teases it all to the front so it looks bigger and hopefully makes her facial mass look smaller.

No. 884797

I’m begging you, stop posting these or kys.

No. 884800

> Goddamn tsunami thighs or whatever she always says.
Excuse you, it’s “her thighs caused Haiti”.

No. 884822

Nta but turning up the brightness/sharpness makes it easier to see where editing has been done, this isn't like whatever is going on in the Lillee Jean thread kek

No. 884824

That’s one of the best Lunaisms

“Caused Haiti” but the earthquake in Haiti. But caused Haiti itself.

No. 884826

File: 1658609608696.png (3.42 MB, 1353x2375, Screenshot_20220723-154725~2.p…)

2nd shot. /Done.

No. 884827

i wonder if tuna secretly resents lurch for basically ruining the texture of the skin on her thighs/legs. for being a seasoned dopehead you’d think he’d have learned how to register a vein properly. he’s scarred her for life

No. 884828

File: 1658610267407.jpeg (27.28 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpeg)

No. 884829

Who cares if tuna resents lurch or not. She deserves him anyway.

No. 884830

what is the point of these weird edits? can we start reporting this autist for fanart

No. 884831

File: 1658611163463.jpg (88.24 KB, 613x769, Screenshot_20220723-171758_Red…)

Genuinely looks so doped up, and if she's not… genuinely wonder how she looked at this pic and said "yes yes this is great" and uploaded it. Whichever anon said she looks like a propped up corpse was spot on.

No. 884836

Is that what it is? I guess all the junkies I’ve known were just, idk, better at their craft? Been wondering how tf someone has cottage cheese thighs from the front.

No. 884837

File: 1658616481752.jpg (123.53 KB, 720x1349, Fsjkssbn.jpg)

No. 884838

Nta but I think they're trying to help all the nonnies who envy Luna. They're foto forensics, shows shopping. I haven't seen them in forever.

No. 884841

File: 1658617766910.png (25.9 KB, 678x105, writer.png)

No. 884842

File: 1658617992510.png (64.87 KB, 918x303, Reasonable-Green669.png)

whoever you are you're pathetic

No. 884859

>yes i know my aerola are big

No. 884863

The only post alluding to wanting to cow tip was on this forum, so not sure where you’re coming from with this dumb shit. Desperate for what? Lol
And someone posted these exact comments in this thread, so it looks like the cow tipper is the same anon or a lame lurker. I wish tuna would reply to these comments though. It would make this pathetic shit mildly entertaining at the very least.

No. 884867

File: 1658642142121.png (28.22 KB, 1077x195, Screenshot 2022-07-24 015439.p…)

They sure did.
To the cowtipper, just fuck off. She's not going to listen to you so stop trying to ruin the milk with your retarded behavior.

No. 884915

File: 1658687983850.jpg (161.37 KB, 1080x902, luna slater tumblr.jpg)

She is so smug and insufferable.

No. 884918

File: 1658688303853.jpg (101.2 KB, 1080x630, funeral1996.jpg)

No. 884920


>plans to get a job 'in a few weeks'

>eviction from 2 year-long squat is in 7 days

Tuna has never felt any sense of urgency, has she?

No. 884921

She loves blaming problems on the pandemic as if she hasn’t been living the same stagnant lifestyle for the last 8+ years regardless of the pandemic. When we all know the pandemic actually benefitted her by allowing her to squat for 2 years.

No. 884924

holy shit lol tuna finally admits shes never looked for an actual job for all these years, i believe she might have sent in one or two apps online over the years but never actually tried to get a job and the heifer has the audacity to confirm it so she can excuse why shes lazy in the present im howling.

No. 884926

the way she talks down to employees who work food service or retail when she wouldn’t be able to last a single day without having a panic attack or getting fired lol

i work at a big coffee chain and those who climb the ladder make like $80k… and the ladder is short and very attainable. she’s so arrogant for someone who couldn’t hold a job wherein her responsibilities included 1.) showing up to her friends house and 2.) putting socks on plants

No. 884927

No because every time she needs to be bailed out, someone has been there to do so. She doesn’t think she will face her consequences this time either. I would bet money that she thinks she’s not actually going to be evicted and daddy is gonna come save her at the last minute.

No. 884928

>>884924 Right? God, this is satisfying. Welcome to real life, girl.

No. 884931

She should have started blaming her weight gain on "getting clean", not covid kek. Also, she's too high and lazy to hold down a job and she's the type who is untrainable because every time she's corrected in doing something, she'll be a "victim" who is "getting yelled at" or "treated unfairly".
One week till eviction! Wonder if she's paring down and packing up her hoarde yet. Do you think she'll be sent a bill for the clean-up after she leaves?

No. 884932

I can see this dumbass applying for writing positions at The New York Times, Washington Post, anything related to sports journalism, nursing, caregiving (to steal drugs of course), anything that she has no background in that is above retail and fast food.

No. 884933

File: 1658691981565.png (73.39 KB, 611x133, fromkf.png)

Then get a job, you dumb bitch.

No. 884934

Then you shouldn't have picked out the more expensive shared air bnb. God it's so hard not to a-log. She has not had a single dose of reality in her life.

No. 884936

The nerve of this bitch to complain about retail jobs, as if she is above that when she never had a real fucking job.

One of the things I hate about her is that she never fucking expects her 43 y/o boyfriend to fucking get a job and contributes. Aren't they a "family" after all? This dumb fucking bitch threw all her life over a boomer who won't even work.

No. 884937

>>884933 Reality is setting in. Grab your popcorn, ladies.

No. 884938

I’m still waiting to see if she brings up the “no pets” issue. She must be aware at this point.

No. 884943

pumpkin will tragically "die" so that tuna gets internet asspats while she actually just sets the cat loose on the new york streets is my bet

No. 884945

She looks down on a job at Dunkin Donuts while her boyfriend deals fentanyl which killed someone several threads back… I know which job I'd rather have.

No. 884946

kek, as if anyone else would want to share a bathroom or kitchen with her.

I never understand how people can look down on others working in customer service, it must be hell and I wouldn't be able to do it, because I would probably kill one costumer a day for being an idiot. If she gets a job somewhere, I give her two weeks, she won't last longer.

No. 884947

Not even two weeks. When her mom was removed from the apartment, Luna admitted she didn't accept the help/resources offered because she was asked to get up "too early".

No. 884948

she’s still one wrong move away from living on the street and her biggest problems are having to share a bathroom and not being blonde

No. 884949

File: 1658700668137.jpg (635.5 KB, 971x2119, Screenshot_20220724-151058_Red…)


No. 884950

she was asked to get up to take a phone call. it doesn’t matter that she has suddenly decided she can ~lower herself~ to work at Dunkin’, no food or customer service place would ever, ever hire her. like she literally won’t even make it to the point of someone googling her — just picture this stinky nodded-out giantess at a job interview. instant rejection.

god I love this saga already

No. 884951

I also wonder how open she is in a potential interview about her mental health and drug addiction. She might go to a job interview and think that the person in front of her has any compassion for her and will overshare every little detail of her life.

No. 884952

Get a job in a couple of weeks? She has no real work history or current references. Imagine her breaking down the moment she messes up and spending her whole shift crying about in the restroom or in the walk-in freezer. We know that Lurch has no drive to do anything for them. They both lack initiative to do anything in life

No. 884954

>>884915 I'll act surprised that there's still no talk or expression of relief that Lurch will finally try to become financially reliable so Luna could stop gapping her holes to sex demented scrotes online. Now poor Tuna has to become a contributing member of society. Even fucking convicts have jobs. You can't live off handouts and lawsuit payouts forever.

No. 884955

Can you imagine her trying to answer the most basic, simple job interview questions? For real? The thought is hilarious and there's no way. She would make such a fool out of herself.

No. 884959

I could see her applying for a full time position and asking to only work one day a week.

No. 884961

if she wasn’t an idiot (she is an idiot), she could hype up the work she did with the autism plant pots and earplugs like it was a real job
if she didn’t actually steal from Ally, Luna could probably guilt her into giving her a good reference
then she could just put a restaurant that has since closed because of COVID as her previous employer and they would have no way to check

No. 884963

it occurs to me that she is probably the most awkward, weirdest person to talk to irl. she acts so nonchalant and casual but would cry and quit at the first karen who glares at her. she stands no chance in customer service.

No. 884965

My prediction for eviction day: Tuna's going to post copius videos of the mean sheriff and the movers throwing her shit out, with Lurch in the background yelling curses at them and acting big while Tuba sobs about the awful cops not caring about making them homeless for a week because they supposedly have nowhere to go until the airbnb. And in the caption shell be begging for donations because they so suddenly got thrown out and are homeless etc it's so predictable.

No. 884967

the fact her dad won't shelter them for only a week during the transitory period is so fucking funny. she's such a moron sacrificing everything for lurch who's probably gonna croak in 5 yrs.

No. 884968

I'm sure she has something figured out. She hasn't mentioned it since the first post? Her evil evil parents always come thru for her it seems.

No. 884969

File: 1658720865160.jpg (526.89 KB, 937x2592, Screenshot_20220724-224509_Sam…)

Tuna you had 2 years to get the hell out, you don't even deserve an extra day lmao
It'll take them awhile to remove your hoarde and get rid of the nicotine stains and cat piss/junkie smell. They owe you nothing. You're a squatter

No. 884970

so sad that people still donate to her, like she doesn't post pics pills on her tougue and trashbags full useless junk "hauls". since these people love parting with their money so much, tell to hit me up

No. 884971

ofc no one is set to move in yet, even the worst slumlords are gonna have to fix the broken front door, broken window, moldy tub, and festering carpets first

No. 884976

she doesn't understand how that works, right? If you have a date where you should be out, you are out, if you aren't out, they will help you get out. There is no "oh, I'm moving on the wrong day" bullshit. She had so much time, well, both of them had so much time, but Lurch seems to not care if he will have to live on the streets and Tuna is just calming her brain with buying shit and taking drugs.

No. 884979

They’d be better off burning the entire complex down
That festering sentient statue isn’t worrying because he knows Tuna isn’t going anywhere without him. He knows that the only reason he isn’t going to be on the street once they’ve been evicted is because ebil dad is footing the bill presumably because he doesn’t want his darling daughter to be homeless. As much as she is a scamming, scummy piece of shit I really hope she miraculously comes to her senses and goes to stay with her dad so Lurch is left high and dry without his meal ticket, the fact that he is mooching off someone half his age and who he fucking groomed and enabled is truly abhorrent

No. 884981

He deals you retard, kek. "his meal ticket", please. He's the one making enough to cover their addictions. She needs him way more than he needs her.
Why some anons persist in these weird denials instead of just hating him for what he is, I will never know.

No. 884982

Everyone who follows them knows he deals you retard, but that’s not enough to keep them off the streets. If he was doing so well why would she need her dad to acquire accommodation? He might be doing the bulk of the thieving but he is stilling using her/her dad

No. 884983

he can not be making much money at all. they have been living in that shit hole for 2 years, no way he would have any saved either

No. 884985

Omg I bet you're right.

Cringe, I can definitely see this.

>Lurch is not using Tuna as meal ticket because he buys the drugs, even though she is the one who "provided" their current housing, sells her body and dwindling humilty for dollars, and set uo their next living situation through her well-off father.

No. 884988

they both use and exploit each other’s families (i.e roger and luna’s mom/dad) but it’s ridiculous to think lurch isn’t the one gaining in all this. he would ditch her in a moment if he wasn’t able to mooch from her but tuna will never leave him and he knows it. can’t stand how people still think he’s the provider: he couldn’t even provide enough drugs for the two of them, tuna has been pinching her mom’s xans for ages now. he’s just as useless as her, except instead of wasting his time on shein spending sprees and posting nudes on reddit he just boomer rages on twitter and replies to porn bots.

No. 884989

>he would ditch her in a moment if he wasn’t able to mooch from her but tuna will never leave him and he knows it.
This is one of the reasons why tuna is a loser. She blindly supports a boomer who doesn't care about her. Must suck for her BPD.

No. 884991

i don’t think it’s from shooting. she just has a high fat percentage, no muscle tone, and bad circulation. as well as probably bad genes. i also have tons of cellulite and stubborn thigh fat but when i lose weight the appearance is dramatically reduced. but building muscle/ being active is what really helped. but we all know she will never do any sort of exercise, let alone a proper diet - not even diet as in fad/calorie deficit diet, just a nourishing, diverse diet in general is out of the question. she lives for immediate satisfaction.
sage for ramblings but she will be lumpy forever.

No. 884992

I think both are true, celly-chan

No. 884993

While I agree he isn’t a provider, I’m guessing he could be bringing in money, but he chooses to use the profits for more heroin for himself. This is a very common junkie relationship dynamic. The boyfriend is the one with the connects, disappears for half the day copping, always mysteriously loses it or “gets ripped off” for half the money but is actually keeping it for himself and getting double zoinked or is saving a stash for when shit hits the fan. It’s not hard to make money even as a middle man, unless you’re a greedy fuck. The man has a face that SCREAMS I could sell you dope. With what we’ve heard in the past about how he locks his drugs in a suitcase from Tuna, there’s at least a decent chance that Lurch, unlike Tuna, has been independently stashing for this moment and is along for the ride up until he isn’t.

No. 884996

ppl who get jealous over the fact that their partners have simply had sex in the past boggles my mind. can't believe she's insecure over her piece of furniture "fiancé" I really don't think there's much appeal there for anyone other than her

No. 884998

I'm just gonna get banned but whatever.
I follow Lunas thread because I find the behavior of an addict fascinating, and I guess some of you are too, so I'm gonna recommend the film/documentary called "black metal veins".
It's easy to judge her relapses but in the end she will always be an addict until she ODs by herself, so yeah, this is the only thing she'll do and there is nothing milky about but yeah, just watch and see the similarities and call it a day.
Have a nice life.

No. 884999

“the only thing milky she does is her drug use” is a weird way of saying you haven’t actually read a single thread. nobody cares.

No. 885002

I thought it was agreed way back when that she was skin popping in her legs for a while and that’s where all the abscess scars are from

No. 885004

aside from the drug use, most of black metal veins was fake/staged but ok

No. 885005

You probably wouldn’t get banned if you put sage in the email field and just said “this is a good documentary if you find Luna morbidly interesting”. You have a nice life too, I guess..?

No. 885009

Sage or w/e…. but thank for the rec. I watched it with my jaw agape until I read that it was fake / staged.

No. 885010

>>884998 thank you for your input, tard-chan.

Anyway. What day is she supposed to be out, Friday or Monday? Any predictions for how many days she'll last in the AirBnB if it exists? How do we think this is gonna go down? I say it'll be dead silence or full-on meltdown, no in-betweens.

A. a "smooth transition" (ie she behaves, or doesn't post her emotional meltdown until she gets to the airbnb in a week or 2 or whatever).
B. or it'll be a combo of the day the locks got changed on Roger's house and the day the case worker came to rescue her mom and told her to have fun being homeless. That lady was a farmer in spirit.

No. 885012

lucifer valentine a gross vomit fetishist made this and exploited everyone in it so let’s not

No. 885013

File: 1658770272449.jpeg (648.74 KB, 2126x1512, VeryWiseDan.jpeg)

SA, sorry, but I brought milk from a neighboring farm. Looks like the rez was cancelled. The dates of their stay were apparently blocked before now but are open again?

No. 885014

If I was her, I'd change my name to something really fucking generic. Yeah, it's a nightmare having to have ID and everything changed but if I WAS serious, I'd do that and apply for jobs in my new name, one that isn't going to bring up pages and pages of shooting H and pissing in cups. I'd also be almost untraceable online and just fade into obscurity. She doesn't want to though, even though she's mainly just followed by people who view her life as a car crash, she still wants to keep that slither of what she thinks is internet "fame".

She really could do so many things to make her situation better and that's why I can't feel sorry for her.

No. 885018

I hope this isn’t because someone cowtipped, but I don’t think this takes away from the milk. just changes the flavor. it’s 2 pm in NY so she’s probably not awake yet, but I can’t wait for Luna to find out.

No. 885019

most likely someone did cowtip all things considered but youre right.

No. 885021

Fuck. Some fucking hero had to cowtip. No one can document in peace because people always think they can have their part of the attention.

No. 885022

File: 1658773183036.png (1.42 MB, 1090x1524, BeforeHaiti.png)

Off topic, but jesus her legs looked so normal in thread 1 wtf.

No. 885023

Kek we should hit her up with Katherine the parkbank pinup for ~mUtUaL AiD~

No. 885025

A soft fuck you for making me download and skip through this pornographic nonsense.

No. 885026

Is that a design on her shirt or just filth?

No. 885027

No. 885028

>>885021 Probably a kiwifag. I brought it here, but when I initially saw the post I immediately assumed cowtip. She's gonna lose her shit tbf, but I think the vast majority of us here prefer our milk organic.

No. 885029

How do we know it was a tipper vs she never actually paid? Maybe why she's not boo hooing yet.

No. 885030

I was the anon who suggested cowtipping and warning Dan, but I didn't go through with it after Nonnies made some good points.

No. 885032

I doubt it. They’re pissed about it too.
Honestly, always blaming the other farms starts to look like a deflection imo. Sus.

No. 885033

>>885032 I just assumed kiwifag because way more men use that website than this one and men are statistically more retarded lol.
>>885029 I think she mentioned it was pre-paid somehow? Fuck if I know tbh.

No. 885036

How do we know it's Luna's room to be that got vacant? Not another room?

No. 885037

>>885036 Excellent point.

No. 885038

Maybe Dan looked into them or suspected they were going to be a problem? She had to have put her name on it, right? Or maybe he found out it wasn’t Luna’s dad that was the one who was actually staying? Who knows, but now she has to scramble to find something else

No. 885040

nah. if her dad rented it, he’s supposed to say that she’ll be staying there, but I have a feeling he rented it and didn’t mention Luna, Lurch, or Pumpkin. there’s no way Luna rented it, because she would need ID.

No. 885042

Maybe he finally disclosed that two people, namely these two, would be staying there.
Or someone cowtipped

I can't help but think that the owners are awakened to homeless/squatters game and asked the reservation holder for more info.
Dad maybe said they are between homes and it threw up a huge red flag.
=pure tinfoil
Waiting for the heavy cream of Lunas reaction either way we gettin fed

No. 885052

This. Crashing at daddy's arc is the substitute. I for one, happily await her meltdown when she can't stay at her mom's and she knows Lurch can't tag along at her dad's or the subsequent shitshow when she tries via throwing a temper tantrum.

No. 885053

Each individual airbnb room has its own listing, even if there are several rooms by the same host.

No. 885057

Better be this and not be cowtipping. It would be so much funnier to see the saga of her getting kicked out. Think of the milk. Think of the hilarious content she would post while getting kicked out. What sort of milk is there ifshe has nowhere to go or stay? Dumbass cowtippers never learn.

No. 885058

Man I KNEW someone's going to cowtip. Fuck you to whoever did that, I hope you get diarrhea for the next two weeks. I'm waiting for the meltdown Luna's going to have though..

No. 885060

Might not be cowtipping, the guy could have just done a simple google search or AirBnb could have asked for guest names since the reservation is coming up

No. 885061

Is it possible they just failed the background check? I recall reading on the other farms that the check is done by AirBNB 10 days before the stay, so maybe it's that?

No. 885062

This is epic
So many questions….
Will they notify her? Will they notify her father of the cancellation? Do they have to? Will lunas father notify her.?
Does the money come back to her father?
Did the money come from Lurch's bank account or her father?
Is it her fathers money/credit card or is it lurch's credit card/bank account (<< no fuckin way lifelong heroin dealer Matthew Schumacher is NOT hiding cash under the grimy mattress next to the bedbugs)
Do they lose a deposit?

Want to make a bet we'll never know?

No. 885063

File: 1658789990512.jpg (240.92 KB, 1080x1172, airbnb.jpg)

I don't think anything in their records would pop up as a red flag on the background check.

No. 885064

yeah they'll be notified, imagine if airbnb hosts just cancelled on peoples reservations without telling them lol. and also since services haven't been tendered yeah they'll get a deposit back, it'd be criminal if they didn't

No. 885072

That depends on what was on Lurch's record.

No. 885076

Didn’t someone say this place had two rooms that were rented out (which is shared amenities)? Possible the availability is for the other room? Just a thought.

No. 885077

Wasn't he arrested and taken to jail for heroin/paraphernalia not too many years ago? I remember tuna having a breakdown at the subway or whatever that he was arrested and then wasn't back for a few days after.

No. 885079

>>885077 Yep! And then bust for the H more recently. And then before the threads were numbered it was mentioned he'd been to prison. I suggest revisiting the early threads, it's a wild ride looking back rn. Like she was always filthy but not unsalvageable, looks-wise. Her face looks nothing like it used to anymore, she's melting.

No. 885080

yeah i’m pretty sure that’s why he got on methadone? because he was on probation?idk how NY law works if that would be a misdemeanor or a felony and i’m too lazy to look it tbh.

No. 885081

Has Tuna posted anything since this Airbnb discovery?

No. 885082

hey if any autists aren't busy it would be amazing to calculate how much she has speculatively spent on stupid frivolous beauty products over the past few years. maybe it could have bought a cheep cheep house

No. 885083

Well the post with the Airbnb receipts e begging was deleted on Instagram so I think she’s aware…

No. 885086

She steals these items.

No. 885088

File: 1658804072563.png (37.76 KB, 1146x262, Screenshot 2022-07-25 225338.p…)

She really likes talking about ODs.

No. 885089

>>885082 It's been done >>883648 but if somebody is so bored they want to add up all the useless shit we've seen her buy this year that would probably be amusing.

No. 885091

If the airbnb was ACTUALLY canceled by the host (and tuna wasn't trying to pull some scammy shit this whole time) she probably isn't posting anything yet because she's busy obsessively calling her parents screaming, crying and threatening suicide to try and get them to bail her out again.

No. 885093

I'm curious if she called to try to go on August 1st and they had no idea who she was because it was under her dad's name. I'd like to think that she threw a fit to them about sharing a bathroom and kitchen.

No. 885094

I think this is likely the case, along with her trying to scheme up another potential e-beg grift. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple.

No. 885096

Ahhh, if you had to randomly recommend some junkie films, at least make it a good one, like the Swansea Love Story doc. Lucifer Valentine films are trash. It's mainly fake and purposely gross like the rest of his "films".

Sage for off-topic.

No. 885097

I think she'll try to avoid crashing at her dad's if she has pretty much any real alternative. The only problem is that her options are pretty much restricted to known slums/illegal apartments and seedy motels, given her internet footprint, cowtippers, chronic unemployment, and bad credit – and despite how filthy she makes every place she lives, her standards for housing are absurdly high.

No. 885098

Can't she go to a homeless shelter?

No. 885099

If you're into drug films I recommend checking out Spun. I really enjoyed it for some reason.

No. 885100

That combined with deleting it from all her social media so there's no proof. Lurch is going to blame her for it, it's not going to be pretty.
He will call her horrible things and she'll suicide bait and eventually she'll do a "4eva love" cope-post to convince herself her junkie fantasy is intact.

No. 885101

Fuck, I totally forgot about that piece of shit since fakeboi viciously defended it. My life was so much better a moment ago and now it's ruined. Thanks, >>884998

No. 885102


Or to bring in pumpkin

No. 885104

I could see Tuna saying that she can't share a kitchen because of her cat and them being like, "What cat?" It could also be that they called her dad to confirm some stuff and he told them who all would be there. I don't know how airbnbs work.

No. 885108

File: 1658815585287.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.44 KB, 600x353, spun-lg.jpg)

I'm gonna read the threads from the beginning; I will try to keep a tally

Dope Sick Love is a realllllly good documentary about drug users being messy. Spun is also fantastic. Mickey Rourke's pussy monologue is legendary, Brittany Murphy is adorable, and Debbie Harry kicks ass in it. Tuna could never. (I am really sorry for the derailment but I seriously love junkie documentaries. I will take a ban. Thanks for the Swansea rec nonnie, i'm on it! Ps- who else is obsessed with A&E Intervention??) Spoilered for OT

No. 885110

File: 1658823716583.jpg (142.82 KB, 947x2048, fb1.jpg)

These are all from kf. That idiot keeps doxxing herself over and over so it's really no wonder how a cowtipper got in contact with the airbnb owners.

No. 885111

File: 1658823748428.jpg (200.56 KB, 947x2048, fb2.jpg)


No. 885112

File: 1658823848071.jpg (192.67 KB, 947x2048, fb3.jpg)


No. 885113

File: 1658823936421.png (97.5 KB, 604x565, airbnb.PNG)

She told the whole fucking internet where she was going to be and gave out her number like a dumbass. Raised on the internet and didn't learn a damn thing.

No. 885114


Omg all assumptions were true

No. 885115


The money really came from Easter island accident

No. 885116

Which makes me wonder if they did finally do a background check on Lurch kek

No. 885117

Woah, nonny. This is tunas phone number…

No. 885121

which she herself posted publicly. what a dumbass.

No. 885122

probably lurches burner flip phone kek

No. 885126

Thats Luna for ya. Whatever you think she’s doing, she’s doing, as I mentioned in the last thread. Never once has an assumption about her not immediately been proven correct. There’s not many cows like her. Her brain is so simply wired that even the most uneducated farmer can guess how she got where she is and how she’s handling it.

That’s why “I wish Luna would leave Matthew and she’s get better and become a good person” shit is so useless. There’s hope for most people in this world, but not her. She will never get better. Let’s just watch it unfold until they both die.

No. 885127


For some reason I have a feeling the vacancy is for the other room, but if it was her booking that got cancelled…..God I can't wait for the shitstorm she's gonna throw

No. 885129

>it'll be nice to go for walks
This cunt walks outside regularly with her nice iPhone with no fear of getting robbed going in and out of that permanently unlocked hovel to take pictures flashing her tits.

No. 885130

Unless they changed rooms within the house, it got cancelled. The room pictured was blocked off for six months and now no longer is.

No. 885131

I can't find the listing for the room on airbnb, but it pops up if you use the precise name and location on google. Maybe airbnb's site is garbage and only hides unavailable rooms from their own site but not the listing itself. I've seen similar things before, so I hope it is the case here. I want to see at least the beginning of the Luna(r) cycle with a new setting for the gruesome twosome.

No. 885134

She deleted all the airbnb posts from her Instagram which all but confirms it. She might have even cancelled it herself though if she’s trying to book another room for the first 2 weeks of august. Or if she realized the entire internet knows where she lives.

No. 885135

By giving the host her number he was able to run her info and search her, thus leading them to her social media/ lolcow/ reddit. Shes so obsessed with her online presence and now it has done her in. Luna I wish you weren't so brain damaged.

No. 885136

Good point. If you search that # it links to her thread at the other farms.

No. 885138

I remember your post and it's crazy that you have been 100% right. Luna is definitely a… special snowflake when it comes to being a cow

No. 885139

Why would she cancel it herself though? So she can cry homeless in the hope that some retards on the internet will donate a couple more pennies? That doesn’t make sense, she had six months of accomodation secured, why would she chuck it in for the sake of a few bucks? I’d put money on the owner being made aware of the fact that the person who booked the place (ebil dad) wasn’t who would be staying there or ebil dad did disclose that the people who would be staying there are Luna Slater and Matthew Schumacher, and upon doing a background check and/or a simple google search unearthed enough information about his incumbent guests to warrant a cancellation

No. 885140

I have no idea how Airbnb works, but this seems really odd. I mean the whole thing is fucking weird to me; booking a room for six months, only paying for the first month up front, undoubtedly having someone else (ie her father) book the room because apparently neither lurch nor tuna have identification documents despite being grown ass adult American citizens, none of it makes any sense to me

No. 885141

“walks” is code word for sloppy outdoor titty pics

No. 885143

When you book a long term stay on Airbnb, you can hold the room for 6 months, but you’re only billed monthly, a month in advance. So she would have paid aug 15-sep-15 to book it, then would have been billed another month in advance on sept 15.

No. 885145

Ah right, that makes sense. I’ve only ever considered Airbnb to be short term holiday type thing, I mean I’ve never heard of anyone using it in lieu of renting, so that’s why it seems like an odd arrangement to me, especially given that her dad (presumably) arranged it, wouldn’t it make more sense for him to find some cheap ass apartment for them? I’m not a burger so forgive me if I sound like a retard (spoiler: I am a retard)

No. 885146

My question is why is this any better than an extended stay motel? I mean her dad or whatever is gonna pay about the same, and at least at an extended stay motel you get your own damned bathroom and kitchenette in most places I’ve stayed. Makes no actual sense.

No. 885147

Yeah, it's weird and deffo not the norm but, you can use airbnbs in lieu of renting the thing is though, is that it's typically expensive af and Tuna once again unintentionally showing off how privileged she is to have her dad be able to afford such an arrangement.

No. 885148

Because it’s impossible to squat in a motel but in an Airbnb, after 30 days you have tenant rights and have to be evicted. They’re probably planning squat #2. They likely only have enough for that first payment, since she was begging for money for a hotel for the 1-15.

I’m not 100% on board with the “her dad is paying” theory either. It is possible lurch got a quick payout from the dog bite and they have $2500 and that’s it left from it. lunas dad doesn’t seem down with housing lurch.

No. 885150

This is what I find hilarious about Tuna. She loves to go on and on about how terrible her life is, but the minute she has to go through real challenge, she's kicking and screaming the entire way because of her sheer laziness.

0 reason why she can't ask her dad to take her to the DMV to get her ID so she can apply to her nearest wagie job. 0 reason why she can't just go shack it up at a homeless shelter and ask her dad for a gym membership so she can at least have a place to shower and sleep. No, princess NEEDS a cozy motel that "muh toxic and abusive" dad is paying for, while she shamelessly smears his name and uses his money to buy whatever bullshit she doesn't need for the month.

No. 885151

Why did she have to mention they've been together eIgHt YeArS. Who gives a fuck

No. 885152

It could be a mix of both. If they did get settlement money, I can't see either of them having the forethought to save. They drain money like it grows on trees, could even be Lurch's dope money and her dad giving her enough to crash at a motel/first month's rent to find a place out of pity but, I don't doubt these idiots are 100% scheming to squat again and can see an incoming meltdown from Tuna when they get no biters.

No. 885153

Samefag but, lmao it just dawned on me. The only reason they might've not spent whatever settlement money they got because it was sent to them in a check and neither have an ID to cash it.

No. 885156

because it’s the only thing in their relationship she can hold onto. everything else is shit, but they do have years behind them. too bad that doesn’t mean anything.

No. 885158

Sunk cost fallacy cope.

No. 885159

Would be funny but nope. She posted it before and like another anon said, if you google the number the kiwi thread pops up. I really wouldn't be surprised if that's what happened or if someone really did cowtip. She also could have unbooked it to try to book it from August 1st instead and thinks that incoming donations will allow her to be able to rebook it but she didn't get enough in donations. She posted her number and where she would be everywhere cause she's very stupid so it's really hard to say what happened. The only fact we know is that she's an absolute idiot with no intelligence whatsoever.

No. 885160

File: 1658864664656.png (17.93 KB, 738x141, Screenshot 2022-07-26 154436.p…)

Her priorities right now

No. 885161

What are you talking about? The presence of bots in r/Ratemypussy is of the same level of importance and urgency as her impending homelessness.

No. 885162

File: 1658865508226.gif (232.52 KB, 250x194, milkwillflow.gif)

Only 5 days, nonas, 5 days, can't wait for the drama to unfold. I hope for videos that show Lurch screaming at the people removing them from the flat, Tuna crying and pumpkin running away, finding a good, new home.

No. 885163

This is exactly what I was thinking, I can’t see any other reason for her canceling it from her end. It’s highly likely that she’s screeching at her dad to cover an extra two weeks for them. I feel like if it was indeed old mate Dan who cancelled the booking she’d be having a sperg for the ages all over the internet right now

No. 885164

The post she's commenting on is at 304 upvotes while Tuna's last post in the same subreddit only got 4 lol. She's so petty.

No. 885166

File: 1658870674898.jpeg (110.5 KB, 635x717, B7B47095-FC84-4B0F-A6D7-8166B7…)

So apparently Airbnb heavily penalises hosts that cancel by way of both a monetary penalty and a note on the host profile they they’ve cancelled on guests before, however there is a caveat as per picrel in the event that the hosts suspect the guests are inclined to break the rules.

No. 885170

100% sure Dan found out about Pumpkin or at least it will be the official reason. Luna posted his AirBnb for everyone to see online and never mentioned that she won't bring the cat with her

No. 885171

She is really, really fucking stupid to think she can just sneak a cat into a SHARED airBNB. There were other options too where pets were allowed.

No. 885172

rudys place in mt vernon. way shittier area, room is not CUTE, you sleep next to your fridge, but takes pets, own bath, private entrance.

guarantee she's say the neighborhood is "dangerous". Well that's the situation you got yourself into

No. 885173

Kek dangerous when her current squat has crackheads busting down the windows and no lock on the door

No. 885174

But she has the chair!