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No. 1313346

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

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No. 1313348

thanks for the new OP so quickly anon but we're missing a summary

No. 1313350

Genuine question: why is the trans movement shoved so far down our throats as opposed to other movements? (Abortion, sex trafficking, blm). Not saying that other movements aren’t pushed but more like trans movements feel so strongly shoved in our faces with little public criticism. With other topics, when someone disagrees it usually becomes a discussion or debate. However if anyone raises questions or concerns about anything trans related they’re canceled and have to bend over backwards to apologize for hurting a troon’s feelings bc dead naming them is attempted murder apparently yet they’re threatened with “””girl dick”””” rape

No. 1313352

Because men benefit highly from the trans movement. That's literally it. They gain a ton of power by leveraging gender clout against women. Because they're untouchable pwecious twanswomen, they're above criticism for their rapey misogynistic behaviours with the added bonus that lesbians can't refuse to sleep with them anymore because that's transphobic. That's why they push it so hard.

No. 1313354

Because it's a hypercapitalist movement that benefits scrotes, and it successfully masquerades as being similar to previous civil rights movements. It also creates guilt-free consumption, misogyny, racism, and homophobia by presenting these things as being helpful to "another oppressed group", one which anyone can ID as. You never have to feel guilty for being white, straight, male, neurotypical, or able-bodied, if you are the "most oppressed type of person", or even just "fighting for them" (saying ally mantras on Twitter).

No. 1313365

File: 1630521619492.png (196.9 KB, 587x644, botw.png)

cheers for the new thread anon!

found this while scrolling earlier, i'm so fed up of shit like this

No. 1313366

My Poor Husbando, why can't these assholes leave him in peace, male coomers draw disgusting "sissy" R34 of him and TIFs headcanon him as Trans

No. 1313384

>maledick of the cockman island incident
what does this mean

No. 1313387

it makes capitalists big money by making people addicted to porn, fashion and surgeries. soros promotes transgenderism.

No. 1313393

Big, big money maker for a huge variety of companies. Saves money from government perspective in regards to women’s services, since nobody seems to care. Puts women back where men think “we belong” . Benefits men by offsetting social responsibility, and makes it easier for them to engage in deviant behavior without consequences.

No. 1313415

OP here. Thanks for the feedback nice been doing research but you really have to tread lightly nowadays. I didn’t know about detrans blogs/stories until a few days ago. I wish those were as valid and pushed as the “anime porn help me wanna be dick like a girl and make skirt go spiny uwu”. But yeah I agree. A lot of it seems to be because (mainly white) men are at the forefront of the movement and I believe they’re in a place where they’re backed into a corner to be held responsible for actual oppressed groups so now they’re back peddling with “w-well..!!! You don’t know how abusive it is to ME knowing you can get a period!!”

No. 1313420

File: 1630528454413.jpg (359.03 KB, 1080x1019, 20210901-215442e.jpg)

Troon writer on a thread about sexual abuse in writing, to no ones surprise, admits to never write anything without a rape scene in it

No. 1313421

File: 1630528481699.jpg (348.85 KB, 1080x713, 20210901-215650e.jpg)


Part 2

No. 1313422

File: 1630528549397.jpg (3.79 MB, 2560x1600, transbians.jpg)

First two accounts are boring, first one is seriously terminally online, scrolled like 10 pages worth of media trying for a selfie, left once i saw it was 1.5 days worth of posts. Greasy femboy, go take a shower.
Second one is your standard alt troon, nothing special.
The third one is one creepy transbian, regularly cope posts about how T4T is so great. He really hates the Cis peepull. He looks like the type of troon that joins the HER app expecting to get showered with pussy.

No. 1313423

This is incredibly gross, but he has literally the same talking points of every man writer I’ve seen defending their decision to write gratuitous rape scenes.

Tbh the only SFF novel I’ve read where it hasn’t felt gratuitous were Robin Hobb’s Liveship Trader series but those books were about the limitations and damage women experience under a misogynistic society overall.

No. 1313427

File: 1630529385185.png (1.52 MB, 1275x706, A2CF9F5E-6E44-4158-BB11-D4581C…)

I don’t know if anyone else watches pro-wrestling but it kills me a little how the big “woke” promotion barely gives their women roster any air time but made a man their first “women’s champion” and put him at the centre of this battle royale graphic picrel.

From a men in women’s sports perspective since wrestling is fake and they do inter gender matches, it’s not that I think he’s gonna break a woman’s face like Fallon Fox but it still makes me angry that he’s taking up the very limited opportunities that women have in the company. I guess it’s what I get for watching a scrote tv show.

No. 1313431

Replace rape with slavery and this guy would immediately be boycotted by the woke crowd.
>I'm a transracial, and a professional author, and I've never written anything without at least one buck breaking scene in it.

No. 1313432

of course they're dating within their circle lol ugly sexist fuck dates other ugly sexist fucks

No. 1313433

Jesus Christ the absolute cringe.
>Male pervert draws a meme fetishizing lesbians
>Other male perverts delude themselves into women and try to cosplay the meme
>The troons don't remotely resemble the meme; they're obese with receding hairlines and soy faces.

No. 1313441

just to clear up, he didnt actually make the drawing, I don't know who but it was already kinda an old one.

No. 1313456

this infuriates me. fuck this ugly ass man.

No. 1313459

Sage for blogposting. The more I grow up the more I feel disgusted by rape more than anything else. Now I just can't see it insinuated in a film, in a book or in real life conversations. My bf read a book called ''Disgrace'' from J.M. Coetzee and when he explained to me that a woman is raped and she ''keeps the baby'' out of guilt because she's a white southafrican lesbian that owned a farm and the rapist was a black southafrican men I couldn't help to think: What's the point of portraying something this brutal? It seemed like an absurd cliché methaphor to use in order to portray revenge from colonized Africans against European descendents, it actually sounded fetishistic to me because from what I could gather, the woman is almost unaffected about it and feels like she has been rightfully punished for pursuing her peaceful life and gay feelings appart from larger communities and cares little about Apartheid. I couldn't help but see that as completely unrealistic and insulting to traumatized victims. That's his most popular novel and he's got a fucking Literature Nobel.

No. 1313460

Genuinely wonder if the stereotype that lesbians are desperate and ugly makes people accept that these people are true and honest. All I can see are weird ugly and unwashed crossdressers.

No. 1313462

That sounds like a really shit metaphor about colonization. Actually it might not even be a metaphor at all. Its just in there because men just love the idea of rape and find it titillating. There’s so much rape and sexual assault in the media. It serves no plot purpose, it’s just for horny men. You can find pretty much any rape scene in a movie uploaded onto a porn site.

No. 1313468

File: 1630532323944.jpeg (36.47 KB, 1000x811, ObxnEe0[1].jpeg)

Anyone have a source for the original Annie Cubozoa comics? The spinster links are to a private VK group.

No. 1313469

Of course a moid thinks rape isn’t that bad. Reminds me of all the men defending the movie Evil Dead and it’s completely outrageous tree rape scene. Why include trees raping a woman? The fuck.

No. 1313480

Exactly. And the worst part is that these scenes always center around the brutality of it and how the woman feels like shit after being hit, verbally insulted and abused like the ''vulnerable defenceless'' crature she should be. They're very explicit and visual, sometimes using the male gaze that uses the very same angles it uses when presenting other female body in a non-violent context. Or even worst, at some point she surrenders to it in a unexplicable turn of events she is now willing to do what the scrote wants.
Fuck, I remember that. Have a cousin loves that shit. I wonder what he thinks about troons. Glad we haven't talked in a couple of years.

No. 1313487

File: 1630533985804.png (43.23 KB, 760x308, transvent.png)

Would all his problems be solved if he stopped watching porn?

No. 1313494

it's reference to kerkylas of andros, the so called husband of sappho invented by some greek comedian. basically his name means that

No. 1313498

>I know I'd be happier as a girl
They really are the peak of "grass is greener on the other side" retardation. No, mouds, you wouldn't be happier as a woman. If you're miserable because of your penis, it's because you're letting it run your life, literally living to jack off and coom in an endless cycle.

No. 1313500

File: 1630534801280.png (335.75 KB, 7300x988, copium lel.png)

To all the handmaidens here who claim that men are more transphobic than women and they will support us against troons, you are really really underestimating how much men HATE us. I was just on /lgbt/ trying to talk to these mentally ill idiots and a fucking man comes over to defend the troons and tell me how bad men have it and how he prefers trannies 10 times over women. Men HATE us and no one here should forget it, we are alone in this fight. Just look at that shit.

No. 1313511

File: 1630535275923.jpeg (790.12 KB, 1284x1835, 28A2E0CD-68AE-4512-9828-265B80…)

Not sure if it’s been posted yet but a post blew up in the relationship advice Reddit sub about a person (not sure if man or woman?) getting engaged to their MfF girlfriend and the gf had to “come clean” about a secret before getting married.

The big secret? At 14 years old the trans gf raped an infant. The fiancé said it involved his penis so it was penetrative rape. Of a baby. The caused damage and trauma. The gf says they feel awful about it and that’s why he had to come clean. The fiancé asks advice because they don’t know what to do, because they love their trans gf so much but is conflicted ABOUT THE BABY RAPE.

OP deleted their post so here’s a cap of the copy from r/AmITheDevil

No. 1313514

>Calls himself a ''Cis man''
>''Cis man here''
>Straight forward mysoginy
>lurks on /lgbt/
>''I'm the one who is systematically oppressed by the matriarchy!!1!''
He's either a closeted faggot incel or a tranny (closeted faggot incel 2.0). Either way, nona, don't lose your time with the bottom of the barrel. I'm curious about what you told them.

No. 1313515

File: 1630535576025.jpeg (623.41 KB, 1284x1556, 9BBF8E09-9191-4320-86CB-6C6805…)

OP deleted their profile after it blew up but users found out in the past OP didn’t want kids but the fiancé did and insisted on it. Only after the gf/fiancé came clean did he agree not to have any, but before that he really wanted them. After he raped a fucking baby.

No. 1313519

A lot of the stories on these types of Reddits are fake.

No. 1313520

All of /lgbt/ is trannies.

No. 1313521

>I was just on /lgbt/ trying to talk to these mentally ill idiots
lmfao, nona pls… why even try? Most moids who got into that place have a burning hatred for women and/or are about to troon out.
This is like going to sunni mosque and try convincing people there to become atheist. Fruitless endeavor.

I want to believe this is a troll so I can sleep at night.

No. 1313522

>ik I'd be happier if I was a girl

And by "girl" he means a young attractive woman who has a legion of simps behind her and gets everything by her good looks. Since they're all incels who couldn't ascend to being a Chad, they think taking hormones and putting on a wig would finally make them attractive, ignoring the fact that there's also ugly women who never benefit like pretty women do.

No. 1313523

You didn’t see the comments defending people freaking out about the MTF having a penis and saying it was transphobic to say a MTF used “her” penis to rape an infant. Fake or not, people were defending the fiancé saying he was likely struggling with dysphoria. Read the room anon.

No. 1313526

They never consider how beautiful women have to face their eventual "declining" looks as they age. Society wants women to look perpetually 22. Even if they poofed into a female tomorrow they would still want to kill themselves once they hit 35 because they need the validation of outsiders in order to feel self worth.

No. 1313527

I see, thanks.

No. 1313528

File: 1630536199124.png (85.56 KB, 772x468, MEMEMEMEME.png)

1/2 Trannie makes a post.

No. 1313529

File: 1630536339969.png (54.28 KB, 723x455, HUGE.png)

2/2 Empathic girl doesn't know how to read and tries to comfort him by telling him how a good guy he is because he's thinking about women's feelings, which is false because he has only whined abou how HE should be seen and what HE won't be able to do because other won't let HIM, not about women's feelings really.

No. 1313532

>saying it was transphobic to say a MTF used “her” penis to rape an infant
could be trolling from rdrama users

No. 1313541

File: 1630537078513.jpeg (700.3 KB, 750x1184, 9A1027AB-5094-4046-A709-7A41B1…)

A photo of the rapist from his shop. https://www.queerjoyoutfitters.com/about

People on Reddit found both their social media and are filing FBI reports since apparently the usernames photos and everything match up. https://www.reddit.com/r/AmITheDevil/comments/pg03v0/cw_op_thinks_being_with_a_pedo_who_raped_a_baby/

No. 1313543

Well he's honest about what he actually is, he can fix himself by just not watching porn and analyzing his own misogyny and fetishes
There's still some hope for him

No. 1313560

File: 1630538696978.jpg (124.69 KB, 500x889, 20210518_095214.jpg)

jidging from the glasses this is probably the same person

No. 1313561

File: 1630538741676.jpg (301.7 KB, 1000x1333, 20210525_134318.jpg)

No. 1313571

Yep. Social media is gone too.

No. 1313572

File: 1630540464683.png (200.12 KB, 640x1944, r_AmITheDevil_comments_pg03v0_…)

Nice Dahmer glasses, faggot.


I was about to post this. Yeah, she's a TIF and looks retarded, just like her lovely pedo husband.
Btw, allegedly, this motherfucker is related to the mayor.

No. 1313574

Absolute scum. I'd say I hope the baby is okay, but we know that (if this is true) that literal infant will never be okay, for their entire life. This moid should be executed, and his crimes announced under his true sex and tranny status. A penis having male, who identifies as a transwoman, raped a baby. Every time someone says a woman did this, correct them. These are men's crimes.

No. 1313577

File: 1630540754343.png (642.2 KB, 663x695, shitty collage.png)

He locked his twitter account too. Found some pics on google images when I looked up with his handle. Same glasses, same tattoo on the shoulder.

No. 1313581

All this reporting is gonna be worthless, statute of limitations for child molestation in California is only a few years; my bff tried to report her own molestation when she was an adult and they told her they couldn't do jack
Fuckin' creep works at CPS now

No. 1313582

To be honest, upon further thought, the TIF should be put in jail. TIM definitely deserves the death penalty, but TIF heard her tranny boyfriend say he raped a baby and was just "uncomfortable"? And then she posted on reddit instead of calling the fucking police. Everyone validating this male pedophile's AGP should be ashamed of themselves. They're participating in a pedophile's fantasy, and muddling the truth that males are the ones that do shit like this 99% of the time. He raped a baby, he penetrated a baby with his penis, there is nothing to respect.

No. 1313583

Then spread his face and name everywhere with the information that he's a baby rapist. If he can't be held legally responsible, make his life hell.

No. 1313585

File: 1630541410609.png (54.6 KB, 742x515, doormat.png)

She's a doormat (picrel, one of her posts in the sex poz sub before she nuked her account) and drank the gender cult's kool aid, they will just lay low and come back online with different handles as if nothing ever happened.

No. 1313588

No. 1313596

File: 1630542711240.jpg (264.87 KB, 1080x1018, Screenshot_20210902-023016_Twi…)

No. 1313597

Can’t deal reading some of the comments on the reddit post defending calling the rapist a woman and saying people should “respect her gender identity despite what she’s done”. A baby was raped, whats really more important here? The rape of an infant or pronoun preferences of rapists???

No. 1313603

They always do this when trannies commit crimes, it’s all about changing the topic of the conversation while the tranny puts everything under the carpet.
Then the headlines say
>wrongman raped an infant when he was 14 years old and he will go to the women’s jail for 2 years because everyone misgendered him and he didn’t deserve such disrespect for raping an infant when he was a teen.

No. 1313604

File: 1630543254787.jpeg (434.09 KB, 1160x922, 31E5FAEB-91CC-4354-916D-6D6447…)

The mom of the OP woman who is marrying the rapist has been told about her daughters rapist fiancé’s past and says they are reaching out to police about him

No. 1313605

File: 1630543276959.png (62.56 KB, 740x710, this is fine.png)

Pronoun preferences, of course.

Welcome to Hellworld, enjoy your stay.

No. 1313607

>the baby rapist works for child protective services
fucking bleak

No. 1313614

I have no idea how this works, but what if the child suffered irreparable physical damages because of this man? Will they be able to do anything about it then?

No. 1313615

I think anon was talking about her friend's abuser, not the baby rapist. Still bleak, though.

No. 1313618

Thank you for the update anon. This Pedo tranny needs to be looked up immediately

No. 1313622

>Wahh muh under reported female on male rape
Men shut the fuck up challenge. Men rape more than women, much more. It's the truth, take responsibility for once, you cowards.

No. 1313631

File: 1630546369242.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1872, 1585E7F9-D89F-457D-A588-92E019…)

No. 1313632

File: 1630546900326.jpeg (536.24 KB, 2484x1906, C5081154-DEFA-441F-857C-C4B934…)


No. 1313634

This post is nauseating on so many different levels I don't even know where to begin.


>I am a nobinary woman
These people don't even know what they're saying. How can someone type this out, using their own fingers, and not realise? They deny the "gender binary" and in the same breath claim to be one particular gender, and DEFINTELY not the opposite gender. Revealing their tacit belief that there are… two genders. Idiots.

No. 1313644

Fucking typical male entitlement. He admits to still having romantic options in straight men and women and other trans women, but insists he deserves to be with lesbians who don’t even want him. All I can picture is a spoiled little boy throwing a tantrum because the toy he really wanted was sold to another kid. His enabling parents are promising him any other toy he wants (straight women and other TIMs) but he’s rolling on the ground kicking his feet and yelling “BUT I WANT THAT ONEEEEE!!!!!”

No. 1313652

if anyone ever came up to me and told me i am not a plant my reply would be well when i take a shower i get water poured on me just like plants do when it rains or when someone pours water on them

No. 1313653

In this case, it would be classified as a sexual act with a minor under 10, not just molestation. Rapes of children under ten have no statute of limitations. (Penal Code 288.7 PC) Rowan better find himself a good lawyer, because he's absolutely still on the hook for this. If his TIM girlfriend is as much of a hand-Aiden as she seems, she's probably regretting that she told the whole internet she fucked a baby rapist.

No. 1313654

Because men are in the business of min-maxing their relationships and "build-a-bitch," not thinking about the happiness and comfort of the other party.

So obviously in his imagination he imagines a cis lesbian—no specified personality or other traits—who prob looks like a porn star and will totes validate him with sex.

No. 1313655

He's completely right, which means he probably got gaslit by all the retard groomers in the comments. Lesbians don't date MTFs– TIMs wouldn't be chimping this hard about it if they were actually getting what they wanted. If you see a woman with an MTF, she's bisexual or straight regardless of what she calls herself, and more likely than not was dating the guy before he trooned and is now trapped in a codependent relationship.

I honestly would have a lot fewer problems with trannies if they stuck to dating/sexually harassing each other and left women the fuck alone. It wouldn't solve the inherent problem of men in women's space or transgenderism reinforcing gender stereotypes, but it would be a start.

No. 1313656

File: 1630551456438.png (409.55 KB, 900x2000, valikiko.png)

No. 1313659

File: 1630551619432.jpg (33.96 KB, 567x700, IMG_20210901_225700_181.jpg)

looks like the "terf" got banned and other women daring to call out this POS as male are being downvoted

picrel is Rowan Alexander Seaman, transwoman baby rapist

No. 1313660

We’ll, he’s not wrong

Bless u sweet kikomi

No. 1313665

Why haven't Western women as a whole just peaked already? There is so much terrible tranny shit happening all the time. Do they just turn a blind eye to it and call it "TERF propaganda"? I don't understand how some self-proclaimed "feminists" in particular will say "yes all men" but do not see how this also applies to the men who call themselves women.

No. 1313666

Kek whenever I bring up any criticism of transgenderism, I'm always attacked by other women the most about it. And they are really rabid about it, too.

If a man said sexist bullshit about women, other men would participate in it or not care. There's a male solidarity which is that shared feeling of superiority to women. Women on the other hand lack class consciousness and will throw each other under the bus to gain male approval. Look at how fast Meghan Murphy switched to defending moids who bought prostitutes when she became friends with Benjamin Boyce.

No. 1313668

I hope this baby rapist dies a very painful death. All men are mistakes holy shit.

No. 1313669

I'm so glad kikomi had an identity affirming experience. SO VALID!

No. 1313670

File: 1630552894296.png (48.9 KB, 646x418, based.png)

Update from this >>1313604 situation, Noah's mom saved the day (not my screencap, found on reddit).

I don't think that potato can even feel regret, she sounded spineless. Both of them changed their twitter handles and if it wasn't for the TIF's mother dragging her out of the house, she would just continue saying yes, mam to his every whim.

No. 1313671

I’ve talked about troons committing heinous crimes to other women before but they say I’m “spreading TERF rhetoric” and tell me it’s “not a gender issue” because “women can be bad people too”. Ok but women don’t rape with their penises, cum all over things, and forcibly impregnate other women. A few of them even called me “sexist” for saying men are more violent on average.

I wonder if some of them are completely lacking in empathy towards other women or think the sexes are already close to equal (pretty common among Western women). Though I don’t understand why the USA is so pro-troon while there is much more resistance in the UK.

No. 1313672

File: 1630553203973.jpg (25.9 KB, 207x275, 1622859451556.jpg)

bless, queen

No. 1313673

>Though I don’t understand why the USA is so pro-troon while there is much more resistance in the UK.

This is a good question. I do know the TRA bs started in the US so maybe Americans tolerate it more because it's something they are more used to?

No. 1313674

Ily Kikomi, you're the only transgirl I would ever date. <3

I'm not a bong but, as far as I know, UK has (economic) class consciousness and I think they notice the obvious pandering from the upper-classes. USA stay oblivious and pretend there isn't a huge lobbying machine behind the TRA cult.

No. 1313675

Because transgenderism is obvious bougie shit even if many troons LARP as anti-capitalists. The UK has more class consciousness and labor movements. The US by comparison is super anti-commie and hyper-individualist. I think Brits are more critical of rich people while Americans tend to worship and defend the rich.

No. 1313678

File: 1630554162278.png (175.93 KB, 313x319, kikomi offering.png)

We are blessed on this day.

No. 1313679

While wrestling is heavily choreographed, unlike other sports, the risk of injury is still very much real and wrestler still deal with massive wear and tear on their bodies. So yeah, having a man wrestling women is not on the same level as MMA, but its still massively irresponsible.

No. 1313683

Oh yeah agreed. I hate that my first consideration was "is he in a position to just murder a woman," but it's true he's just much stronger than they are and some of the old heads say he's not the safest worker.

Also, it's frustrating how much they won't do intergender matches at AEW even though it would get the women more airtime but also let this man perform with all the women like it's something different.


Fyi, Noah is the fakeboi boyfriend, the rapist is Rowan Alexander Seaman/Rowan Alexandre.

No. 1313684

File: 1630554659613.png (743.4 KB, 828x816, babbb.png)

No. 1313686

lmao like imagine this image can be used as a image macro for mtf rapists because it happens to often!!! just change the name and who they raped!! i hate trannies

No. 1313687

No. 1313689

File: 1630555464318.png (516.42 KB, 687x597, 40395834085.PNG)

rowan doesn't seem too bothered by everything happening considering the facebook profile picture was just updated 3 hours ago

No. 1313690

File: 1630555631061.png (429.56 KB, 595x923, lovely couple.png)

Just leaving this here in case anyone wanna check if he's gonna unlock and cry twansphobia after a week or so.

No. 1313692

>Though I don’t understand why the USA is so pro-troon while there is much more resistance in the UK.
It baffles me too, especially since Americans have such a reputation for telling people to fuck off. My guess is that the US is ground zero for the unholy techbro/big pharma/troon alliance, so it's much harder to speak out against this shit. Plus this shit started in largely US universities. Though, Canada is every bit as cucked to the trannies as the US is, if not even moreso.

No. 1313697

funny how for people who identify with women trannies never seem to identify with us enough to not rape females with their penises for some reason that doesn't give them dysphoria

No. 1313702

Canada is just a woker version of the US so even if the transgenderism nonsense originated in the US, Canada would accept it way easier.

No. 1313713

You know her parents already had to cringe every time their daughter brought that hideous creep around. There's no way he was pleasant to be around. And of course he's "poly", so he was out there fucking other gross men and exposing the dumb fiancee to every STD that can infest a cock.

No. 1313714

beautiful! indeed and thank you, kikomi-non, for blessing us with your artistry

No. 1313716

>211 tweets
>22 million tweets
Tells you basically everything you need to know.

No. 1313717

Based mom calling the troon a son of a bitch was my favorite part.

No. 1313720

File: 1630561527957.png (3.18 KB, 407x52, 22.png)

Sorry, I forgot to change the settings, that's in portuguese. 22 mil = 22 thousand.
But yeah, dude probably lived on twitter. He had an account for only 4 years while hers is 10 years old.

No. 1313721

Simply put, we're too nice. We've been socialized to be conciliatory and empathetic, so it's very easy to manipulate women into defending assholes, so long as you convince them the assholes are ~suffering~. It doesn't matter that males being homophobic is the cause of most "anti-trans" hate crimes and legislation– women are easier to rally to their cause, so they focus on us. If they can't guilt trip some women into supporting troonacy, they use social ostracisation, another tactic made more effective against us by female socialization.

Women become handmaidens because 1) they've been successfully guilt-tripped 2) they fear ostracisation and 3) they want people to view them as ~noble allies standing up for the oppressed~. This is also why you almost never see TIMs or men caping for TIFs– they can't be guilt tripped as easily and they don't give a rat's ass about their reputations.

No. 1313722

Holy shit, that's an average of sixty tweets a day for four years straight. The fuck is wrong with these people?

No. 1313725

File: 1630562664894.jpg (152.33 KB, 936x1024, Reina.jpg)

reina sweet from riot games has to be a man.. right? i can't find any info on him.

No. 1313727

Don't forget some terminally online women want to outwoke other women because it gives them a power trip.

No. 1313732

3) some women are just autistic cunts who love dick too much. like all the women in my family who love and defend rapists. what are trannies to them but more men to make excuses for

No. 1313733

Men and women both, social media has severely warped social justice activism.

No. 1313735

Scrotes ability to not give a fuck is one of the few traits about them I actually envy, because you're right, women are more easily guilt-tripped.

No. 1313747

>pale white guy with spanish name (Reina means queen lol you know how trannies like to be ~exotic~)
>tism face
>unkempt roots
>cheap ita dress
Only a TIM would chose THAT as a professional picture. The few women at Riot wouldn't be caught dead using a photo like that for a Game Jam announcement.

No. 1313752

File: 1630565294648.jpg (17.93 KB, 360x450, reina kousaka.jpg)

Kek, Reina is also the name of a character who's in a popular yuri ship. Might be a reach but we all know how much troons love yuri anime.

No. 1313755

Reason 7: It ain't all socialization, it's all about avoiding conflict. We all know we can't go toe-to-toe with male brute force, so some women choose to align with moids and their destructive ways… even though it's gonna bite them in the ass in the end. It's a twisted sense of self-preservation and lack of foresight, really. After a while, it becomes normal for them (e.g. mothers mutilating their daughters genitals, defending their abusive fathers, husbands, sons, etc).

No. 1313757

Anon, you can get arrested for calling a TIM a male on social media in Bongland. What magical place are you in with all this resistance, kek.

No. 1313758

Andrea Dworkin actually talks about that very thing in her book Right Wing Women.
The UK does seem to have noisier gender critical and radical feminists, but I also agree with you. It's absolutely fucked beyond the US and even Canada. But then again, maybe the reason they're noisier is because its so fucked.

No. 1313767

File: 1630567203932.png (22.14 KB, 601x276, Ee8ILeGXkAIh5Uk.png)

Plenty of women who are socialized still rightfully call out Trannies, most of these women are from the working and middle class as well as from minority communities
she, her lover and her closest colleague supported Troons

No. 1313769


I’m thinking about this quote:

“ They know that they are valued for their sex— their sex organs and their reproductive capacity—and so they try to up their value: through cooperation, manipulation, conformity; through displays of affection or attempts at friendship; through submission and obedience; and especially through the use of euphemism—“femininity, ” “total woman, ” “good, ” “maternal instinct, ” “motherly love. ” Their desperation is quiet; they hide their bruises of body and heart; they dress carefully and have good manners; they suffer, they love God, they follow the rules. They see that intelligence displayed in a woman is a flaw, that intelligence realized in a woman is a crime. They see the world they live in and they are not wrong. They use sex and babies to stay valuable because they need a home, food, clothing. They use the traditional intelligence of the female—animal, not human: they do what they have to to survive.”

Obviously “sex and babies” should in this case be replaced by “placating the feelings of male trannies and making them feel valid” because that’s what they value most in women, but it’s also interesting that the trannies are trying to take away exactly the only thing women can use to bargain with against misogynists (the ability to bear children), ie they are trying to make it so that men can bear children instead. They won’t succeed but it says a lot about what their ultimate aims are.

No. 1313772

>she, her lover and her closest colleague supported Troons
That doesn't change the fact that she was right about how some women avoid conflict by being compliant. Smegmoids are insane, and women standing up to them are far more at risk than a moid standing up to women.

No. 1313775

File: 1630567609690.jpeg (147.72 KB, 1242x385, 96F225D1-6D7B-4D29-A0FF-3B9BC2…)

This comment though. Terfs I know are all lesbians and hate TIMs with a passion lol.

No. 1313776


The sad HSTS transsexuals she’s talking about in that quote bear no resemblance to the trans movement today so I’m not going to hold that mistake against her

No. 1313779

File: 1630568030052.jpg (5.21 MB, 3024x4032, pt2021_09_02_09_33_04.jpg)

Okay, found their engagement photos. Looks like a TIF and TIM couple to me.

No. 1313781


In this case it’s good thing not many realize it’s a troon though; there is no chance Reddit would have mobilised to this extent if the redditors had all known they were bringing down a stunning and brave transwoman.

No. 1313786

File: 1630568555957.jpg (289.25 KB, 960x1280, 1624521934834.jpg)

Poor Cody and Brandi, this is their audience now

No. 1313787

Already been posted, read back a few posts

No. 1313790

It's bad in the UK but the US is a complete shithole. I shouldn't be too surprised though, since the US is where the transgenderism bullshit originated from.

No. 1313795

Will America ever get its JKR?

No. 1313798

So long billionaires continue funding "trans healthcare", the Republican Party and Silicon Valley (which values trannies since they are cheaper than women and help maintaining appearances about "women in tech"), no.
JKR is a blessing for the bongs, she has Fuck You money but she's a lone wolf.

No. 1313803

Dworkin is clearly talking about HSTS prostitutes here and Dworkin was an ex-prostitute so she could relate to their experiences. Like Raymond, she also believed that a world free of gender would mean transsexuality would cease to exist.
In Woman Hating (1974) she said:
>Community built on androgynous identity will mean the end of transsexuality as we know it. Either the transsexual will be able to expand his/her sexuality into a fluid androgyny, or, as roles disappear, the phenomenon of transsexuality will disappear and that energy will be transformed into new modes of sexual identity and behavior.

The trans rights movement was nowhere near as insane as it is today and pretty much all trannies at the time were gay men who got murdered all the time. 'Autogynephilia' was only named in the 1980s and 'homosexual transsexual' only named a year before 'Woman Hating' was published in 1973.

The fact that Janice Raymond called this out all the way back in 1979, including the straight TiMs for their autogynephilia (before it even got its name) is why she is based. I am definitely going to get her new book coming out this November.

No. 1313806

File: 1630571297682.png (574.97 KB, 509x762, 1630006991883.png)

I don't understand, I'm white and I'm having a hard time differenciating these people apart and others on these threads too. It's like they have the same face and pasty chubby bodies. Pic related. Is this a genotype?

No. 1313809

Literally just a straight couple with extra steps.

No. 1313813

File: 1630571750986.png (176.62 KB, 710x1157, 0959353594044024.png)

When I was younger I was brainwashed by patriarchal propaganda into hating radical feminists for dumb reasons like "they are all ugly man-hating lesbians" but now I see a lot what they said was right. Some of it is just prophetic like picrel.

No. 1313815

No she wasn't, the entire problem with these "academics" is that their fundemtally morons and pseudo-intellectuals who over analyze films or random mundane acts to the point of redundancy, pointless debating and regurgitating their own theories like Hedgehogs
that's what ruined feminism, Germaine Greer was the only that made sense cause she stayed with her working class(sage)

No. 1313816

Sage your shit

No. 1313819

The american mix (english, celtic, german) or western euro mix (idk, there are plenty lol) + autism.
It's creepy how they always end up with the same face. I know estrogen makes them bloat, but it's like AGP warps their appearance. Pudgy face, lifeless eyes.

No. 1313820

see witch burnings, nazi germany, lobotomies. most people are selfish cowardly idiots who will cheer on whatever horrible thing is popular at the moment for their own benefit (asspats/getting praise from the crowd for also liking popular thing). libfems aren't feminists, it's just a label they use to feel good about themselves. they don't ever imagine they're the ones who'll be assaulted by a mtf, so they don't care when it happens to other women.
this behavior isn't unique to women or the west. in the past thread someone talked about how producing and selling child porn of six year olds is legal in japan, you wonder why normal japanese people don't just riot and set fire to places that produce and sell that shit, but as long as it's not their kid they likely don't think it's their problem or that it could ever affect them.

No. 1313821

How is Raymond wrong? Time is only proving she was right all along.

No. 1313822

Yesterday I looked for second hand copies of The Transsexual Empire and they were almost unexistent and veery expensive. Now I'm checking her webpage and the book is there for you to download it for free. Nice.

No. 1313823

I think it's partially because the UK is so small in comparison and living in closer quarters always brings out annoyances, especially when you could be living on the breadline just over the street from the uber rich. The class system is a big issue and tranny stuff is always for the middle class or wealthy, so they don't garner any sympathy. It's a perspective thing - very much "my kid's school can't afford pens and my elderly grandmother can't afford care so a guy not being allowed in the bathroom isn't a priority."

Plus the NHS having to pay for trans treatments means A) pharmaceuticals won't lobby as much and B) the people who are against trans people have to be vocal about it to protect NHS funds. I've noticed more resistance since the pandemic too, when people realised the NHS might have to shell out for gender clinics while nurses on the frontline remain underpaid, hospital staff were dying from lack of PPE, cancer treatment waiting lists were growing and an aging population would need more long term support.

No. 1313829

if you aren't offended by listening to men talk about women's issues king critical made videos addressing this
too long since I saw it for me to summarize it, something about Thatcher tarnishing the image of identity politics, idk

No. 1313834

Janice Raymond is so fucking based.

No. 1313835

It annoys me but since it's a man talking about this, normies might actually pay attention to it.

No. 1313836

US had that 7 yr old kid who was taken from his dad by a jury decision just so his mother could turn him into a transgender (judge then luckily vacated the jury decision). Does the UK have anything even remotely as fucked up as that?

No. 1313839

File: 1630575592874.jpg (457.56 KB, 1080x2006, mtfbrainrot.jpg)

OP's history has multiple "my mom is saying I'm not trans, what a bitch" posts, because he had zero feminine traits all of his life and wants to live out some femboy fantasy.
>women are not real feminists, they question what makes you a "woman" if you aren't one biologically or even traditionally/socially

No. 1313840

>she, her lover and her closest colleague supported Troons
transgenders still hate her for being anti-porn, doesn't matter how much she simped for them, since the trans movement is fueled by pornsickness and cooming they can't appropriate her without shooting themselves in the foot kek.

No. 1313843

I think people forget that handmaidening and being an ally can go beyond "a thing you can do to earn quick woke points", for a lot of people. The blending of what is a "privilege" and what is a "right", and the distance provided by allowing people to "signal boost" and "perform allyship" create a comforting disassociation from real suffering and oppression. That's why upper-middle class and wealthy TRA types are fervent and unrepentant in their support, but lower middle class or lower class ally-types have a level of guilt when confronted with the reality of what they're supporting, but don't ultimately back down. None of them want to be reminded of actual oppression or class struggles. In the case of the wealthy, it's because they perpetuate it, and in the case of the less fortunate, it's because they struggle to carry the burden of daily life and the struggle of genuine awareness, so they drop the one they can afford to.
I'm sure if you looked it up, you'd find something. Considering the whole thing with Mermaids/Tavistock, and the "if you use the wrong pronouns online the police will come to your house" situation. Canada also had that story of that man getting put in jail for not "affirming his child's gender identity". Primarily English speaking countries are fucked, as a whole.

No. 1313845

Yeah, Anglophone countries are fucked because they share the same language as the US. Its easier for the cancerous culture to spread around that way. Latin American countries being in such close geographic proximity to the US also means they are getting tranny nonsense, albeit at a slower rate because they are mostly Spanish speakers.

No. 1313848

File: 1630576647424.png (18.51 KB, 744x241, 2months.png)

Just scrolled down other posts from him and he has been on HRT only for 2 months. And he's a grown up man. Imagine the delusion. And he calls himself a girl, not a wo(man), nope, a girl. AGP like a castle. I wish I could laugh at his moobs right now.

No. 1313851

And didnt Canada jail a father for opposing his 15 year old daughter's transition and taking hormones? Jesus, western countries are fucked up in a special kind of way

No. 1313853

File: 1630577462720.png (481.75 KB, 571x1412, 2132132.PNG)

It's both hilarious and depressing reading radfem lit about transgenderism that was published decades ago. It's hilarious because radfems could see the troons for what they truly were but depressing because things have only gotten worse over these past decades.

Sheila Jeffreys wrote this short essay (only about 20 pages) about transbians in the 1990s. It's a bit dated (because she had no idea how bad things were going to get) but very interesting.


No. 1313857

I think this must have been like a draft to Unpacking Queer Politics which was published years later.

No. 1313858

>Many lesbians havemuch sympathy for constructed "lesbians", recognizing them to be very unhappy men with grave personal and political difficulties to face
So, we gave them too much empathy and understanding. They do not face social troubles, they are privileged coomers.

No. 1313863

>Terri Webb, the MTF transsexual activist who has rejected the practice and politics of transsexualism and identifies as a man, is also honest enough to identify as “gay” because he relates sexually to men. It would show some respect for the lesbian community if those MTFs who want to have sex with women were honest enough to identify as “heterosexual” but there seems to be little enthusiasm for this course.

So AGP have always been more delusional than HSTS kek

No. 1313868

So in 1997, 47% of them were HSTS and about 53% were AGP or some other shit (AGP can "turn asexual" but it's really just autosexuality). In 2015 only about 19% are HSTS while 81% are AGP or some other shit. I think the reduction in the numbers of HSTS is because being gay has become more socially acceptable while the increase in AGP is due to the widespread internet pornography and crazy transgender rights activism.

No. 1313871

Hardcore pornography became really popular in the 1960s onwards as a backlash to second-wave feminism. Men wanted to "put women in their place" through the most base patriarchal oppression - male sexual domination of women. Exposure to pornography among heterosexual males created a whole new generation of autogynephiles. It was a decade later in the 1970s that radical feminists took notice of how many "male lesbians" there were and began to discuss how these men would become a serious threat to women and the future of feminism.

No. 1313876

the thing about Hardcore pornogrphy being popular as a reaction against feminism is complete bullshit, Hardcore pornogrphy which had been shared secretly finally was legalized 1969 which led to an explosion of the medium

No. 1313877

The sad thing is that no woman should feel sympathy for moid problems, because their biggest problems are self-inflicted. Narcissism, petty grudges from childhood, never going to therapy, dumbass hierarchy obsession, trying to bully other people, getting mad because they can't find a second mommy to leach off of.

No. 1313886

File: 1630586101254.png (42.33 KB, 714x411, Sexism.PNG)

The comments are even worse.

No. 1313887

File: 1630586156814.png (47.71 KB, 694x696, Delusion.PNG)

They think being hygienic makes them women.

No. 1313888

The deodorant thing reminds me of how Kevin gibes says after transitioning he realized he only needs to wash his thin, bone straight hair once a month. what causes this?

No. 1313889

File: 1630586407117.png (70.12 KB, 718x636, MoreDelusion.PNG)

No. 1313890

I tried telling my friend but her "friends with a tranny" boyfriend swooped in and started feeding her bullshit like "men are victims too" and linking her contra vids on why twanswomen are victims. she bought it because she's illegal and illegal Mexicans are stereotyped as crazy rapists so when I started linking her to transwomen who are actual rapists she said I was stereotyping them too. she used to be a based feminist but now she's a pickme because she's afraid of dying alone. that was the most disappointing thing to happen this year
so basically projection, insecurity, socialized to be overly emlatheticy?

No. 1313891

the thing about migraines is actually pretty interesting (if true, this mf really said his feet shrank…), wouldnt hrt estrogen work similar to levonorgestrel/etc wrt stroke and clot risk?

No. 1313906

The boyfriend is definitely a chaser or a tranny in the works. Make her get regularly tested and him aswell, or better yet, make her dump him.

No. 1313909

This honestly reads like a shitposter trying to make other troons feel bad, nothing is going to change a grown man's hulking linebacker shoulders or feet. The cuddling meme is so fucking bizarre too, "uwu cwuddles fweel better because of my dainty girly skin and my piss doesn't stink either!"

Yes absolutely, another reason why self prescribing horse piss is an issue but I'm sure it's the terves fault when trannies start dying of strokes.

No. 1313917

it really baffles me that these men honestly think they look uWu cUtE like these fucking drawings the constantly post. sick.

No. 1313922

he either lost a lot of weight since taking HRT or he's lying, since hormones don't shrink your bones.

I'm on live long estrogen and my pee and sweat still stinks and I get anrgy, how unfair

No. 1313924

It sounds like he's just sick. And smelly.

No. 1313931

oppressing the already oppressed even more to facilitate their own oppression? sounds about right. fucking trannies.

No. 1313932

It was still legalized around the same time second wave feminism became a thing.

No. 1313933

Hygiene is a real multi-front issue.
For some reason, men and women in this era (2000~ Current)are EXTREMELY unhygienic. So a troon skinwalking an unhygienic woman will increase their filthy tendencies exponentially. Nobody glamorizes ironing your clothes or making your bed. Nobody glamorizes being clean anymore.
>Charlize Theron used to be my crush
>Found out she doesn't even bathe or shower
>Start researching alot of my favorite celebs.
>They're all filthy and smelly to the point people don't like to be around them, but they're forced to be around them because they're Rich and Famous.
But society does glamorize being "too busy" to take a shower. So here's a antiperspirant that lasts FOREVER or here's some quick wipes for when you need to feel fresh on the go!

This freak doesn't even know how his own body works. Where the fuck did we go wrong as a society? I feel like it was yesterday that we were close to understanding each other, closer than we've been in 200 years and then boom. People turn against science, except for when it's approving what they want. People becoming exceptionally stupid over night. People I used to respect just buying into the tranny bullshit.

No. 1313943

The lesbians being nice to trannies thing is true. When I first heard about the Cotton Ceiling thing in 2010, troons were always complaining that even though lesbians would accept them into lesbian spaces and respect their gender identities, lesbians would not view them with romantic interest. I was shocked that lesbians would let these straight men into their spaces in the first place and refer to them as “women”.

No. 1313946

I stopped talking to her and she wouldn't get tested if I told her. she defended him like mad. I agree with you he's probably gonna troon out soon.

No. 1313948

> sees colors now because I'm a girl ~uwu~

god I fucking hate men

No. 1313967

'i got hips!'
no you don't. hormones don't miraculously turn you into the opposite gender, retard. they really have no idea how the human body works, do they?

No. 1313980

Okay but if womanhood isn't defined by biological sex, behaviour, appearance, mannerisms or even a vague love of feminine things, what is it defined by? These people are trying to convince us biology means nothing but then can't actually decide what DOES mean something. What's the point having categories for people at all when there are no criteria for them? And if gender means nothing, why is the trans movement a thing? Why can't we go back to defining using men and women as labels for physical sex?

Unless this dude scared his own skeleton out of his body and found a new one, I don't see how he lost shoulders and gained hips.

Explains why it looks the way it does.

No. 1313981

File: 1630595782538.jpg (293.97 KB, 1165x2482, inCollage_20210902_171534259.j…)

Im tired

No. 1313982

>girls have lost their rights
>but what about the troons

No. 1313992

this. who even started claiming that narrative of "womanhood isn't defined by biological sex"? You can't talk to these people. Trying to have a legitimate conversation on these topics with them is apparently transphobic and traumatizing to them. It's their way or you're a bigot and that's that. They're all mentally ill.

No. 1314004

File: 1630598380776.png (1.33 MB, 1188x1229, 21536121.png)

No. 1314007

File: 1630598683120.png (3.03 MB, 1181x3406, 125361.png)

What does this have to do with women? Men have been wearing speedos since forever.

No. 1314018

yeah nobody fucking cares they all look like men anyway. This has nothing to do with women.

No. 1314022

File: 1630599927424.jpeg (285.81 KB, 1080x2220, E-Sox9QXMAU1M9x-2.jpeg)

Wi Spa flasher is a registered sex offender. The police had a fucking flyer up about him in 2018 using his trans status to enter women's changing rooms to flash his dick and balls.


No. 1314027

fucking finally

No. 1314029

File: 1630600238691.jpeg (750.23 KB, 750x1134, 52944BE0-EED4-4C90-B90E-94F325…)

Looks about right

No. 1314030

What were the replies like. I'm hoping they were bombed with common sense responses but then again this is twitter

No. 1314031

File: 1630600403145.jpeg (70.24 KB, 550x290, 3F29272F-72B6-41BF-844F-0227E9…)

And everyone claiming it was a terf psyop going to retract… right?

No. 1314040

File: 1630601101978.jpeg (697.84 KB, 1149x2114, E999AF75-357C-46F6-8606-663143…)

Wait, same guy? Weird the post didn’t mention this also.

No. 1314047

how long until people claim this is a set up and she is being targeted?

No. 1314049

I thought it was all a lie? Now they are going to claim he's not really trans when I thought-
>>Everyone who says they are trans IS trans
>>Who would pretend to be trans? The most hate people on this planet?

I guess they'll just not talk about it or start making excuses.

No. 1314051

File: 1630601438940.jpeg (17.67 KB, 564x454, images (31).jpeg)

I guess we are at step two now

No. 1314072

Honestly seems like a crypto terf psyop because of how fucking hideous they are

No. 1314074

anon, remember, NOT ALL TRANS WOMEN (men)!

No. 1314080

trying to expose as many people as possible to your junk without their consent? how very female

No. 1314085

Take a drink everytime he says "fucking"

No. 1314092

If TIMs can be in women’s locker rooms and bathrooms, where there is an expectation of nudity, a man who claims he’s a woman cannot be charged with indecent exposure for exposing his penis there, erect or not. If any troon rights group decides to take the case of this stunning woman, who is not at all a sex pervert, I’m sure the troon would win. Such is the retardation in california.

No. 1314138

the one on the right literally makes me nauseous

No. 1314143

File: 1630609493874.jpg (346.3 KB, 804x875, d7ee41fdb1d9ef1bd17ae3c7c1e697…)

>troon's real surname is Seaman

No. 1314150

So this is how trannies will kill us.

No. 1314164

File: 1630611095420.png (124.17 KB, 734x748, 40395834085.PNG)

>i'm a 20 year old trans girl who wants to be a prof esports player
>i live at home with my evil bitch mom who supports me financially and wants me to get a job
>she doesn't bring me tendies when i ask and unplugged my computer in the middle of a match
>told me to get a job but it's too hard and gets in the way of my esports dream
>i screamed at her that i hate her but reddit am i the asshole here?
>despite her calling me by my preferred pronouns and allowing her trans child to stay under her roof, she hates me because i'm trans somehow
>everyone disagreeing with me in the comments are transphobes

No. 1314185

Kek at how even reddit declared him the asshole.

No. 1314189

Looks like he's actually 23 which would mean he's been sitting on his ass doing nothing since before the lockdown came into play.
I also don't see any mention of a dad which is par for the course I suppose.

No. 1314193

He hits every single talking point in the article. Probably they’re going to (like every time) jump behind the shield of “lesbians are attracted to women in changing rooms” or whatever the fuck even though we’re not like these creeps.

Honestly it’s been very blackpilling to me how many of the “lesbian predator” stories I’ve heard in passing over the last ten years have actually just been men and that’s just going to keep on increasing.

No. 1314198

NTA (and not really a TERF, have at me all you want) but avoiding conflict is part of female socialization, anon — women ARE socialized to accommodate others to avoid confrontation and conflict (although this could turn into a nature vs nurture argument, I would still confidently say that socialization reinforces the aversion to conflict).

This aversion to conflict comes at a heavy price: submitting to peer pressure, and heavily relying on other’s approval. It never occurs to your average woman that she can rely on her own approval, that she can be disliked and happy. So here’s what goes through her mind: by this standard, am I kind enough? Empathetic enough (retarded meme)? Will people view me as an evil unlikable bitch if I say what I really think? Is that person being pushy? If I tell him to leave me alone, will I contribute to his anger and hatred of women? Have I had a hand in his hatred and anger and isolation? Are men sad because of women? If so, what can women do to help with that? I need a constant source of social approval, so I will continue to submit to peer pressure, not realizing this will fuck me up when I’m not longer young.

(Side rant: if you want to notice something fun, look at libfem’s language regarding the manosphere’s, and then vice versa. The former adopts an accommodating tone, assuming responsibility for retarded and lonely men: we can help, we can make women help, we are responsible for your feelings, here’s some Kind and Empathetic bullshit to make you see that I feel for you. I really do. Meanwhile, the latter doesn’t give a shit. It doesn’t assume responsibility for anything. Instead, it attempts to sneer and make fun, “See? You were hedonistic in your youth and you didn’t want me? Now you’re lonely and nobody wants you, but everybody wants me!” It’s a bitter revenge fantasy, a karmic reaction, a “tomorrow you’ll see, bitch.”)

See how women are instantly ostracized for defying their sweet, sweet nature? They’re not only ostracised, but isolated. And do you know what happens to isolated women, ones without support networks, ones without networks of solidarity that offer material interdependence?

They are zeroed in on. This is where the fact that we are physically weaker comes to kick in. (I like guns, but scimitars and daggers even more so).

Meanwhile, women who can 100% handle the consequences of their refusal to submit to peer pressure are almost always rich. JK Rowling doesn’t give a shit about being canceled, because she already has the best support network: her money and her other resources (connections etc.) She can’t be kicked out of her job, her house, or whatever. Sure, an event or a contract can be called off, but that’s nothing to her. You gain freedom by having the money for bearing the consequences of exercising said freedom.

(Not to say that ordinary women can’t do this, but it’s never a good idea to do so. Don’t let grand ideas get into your head: if you do something retarded you might be kicked out of your job or seriously targeted by other people. You don’t want to isolate people who you might need later on, even if you think they’re retarded. I don’t care how awful this sounds; your livelihood almost always depends on it. It’s a fine line to walk, but until you’re socially & economically comfortable, you have to walk it.)

>so some women choose to align with moids and their destructive ways… even though it's gonna bite them in the ass in the end. It's a twisted sense of self-preservation and lack of foresight, really.

Yes, this is a defence strategy for them. They realise that the power lies in the Male hand, and try to wiggle some out of themselves by proxy by performing for that Male hand. They gain protection and climb up the ladder, wrestling out some resources for themselves — after all, if men monopolise resources to limit women’s social (and reproductive) mobility, it’ll only make sense that some women will play by the Male rules to gain some ounce of freedom. They’ll inevitably throw some women under the bus. This never ends well like you said, for obvious reasons.

The important thing to remember is to be immune against peer pressure. Always, always try to be as an independent-minded as you can be. Develop mental resistance to cultural messaging, your surroundings, and your environment. Be less absorbent. Don’t fall for memes. Always be suspicious of people trying to sell you ideas, lifestyles, and ideologies, for they have not paid the price of them in personal suffering — something that you very much will do if you don’t develop mental independence.

>After a while, it becomes normal for them (e.g. mothers mutilating their daughters genitals, defending their abusive fathers, husbands, sons, etc).

This is right. Mothers encourage FGM more than fathers do. These things are considered to be “woman’s matters”, conducted between and encouraged by women. And since women can easily fall prey to peer pressure:

>For many mothers and healthcare providers, adherence to community customs and traditions was the most important motive to practice FGM/C. Also, the social construction of girls’ well-being and bodily beauty makes FGM/C a perceived necessity which lays the ground for stigmatization against uncut girls. Finally, the language around FGM/C is being reframed by many healthcare providers as a cosmetic surgery.

There are many other studies on how women encourage FGM and facilitate it, but I can’t find them right now. They make for an interesting read, though. Check them out some time.

No. 1314202

Samefag but forgot to add: women tend to be more prone to moral punishment, especially in spaces where being Nice and Empathetic and Kind is encouraged. And who wants to have a mob of crazy but totally tolerant, understanding, and empathetic bitches running after them? Not even the horniest lesbian.

No. 1314204

Troon ranch got a segment on "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" They all sound and look like what they are.

No. 1314206

No fucking way.

No. 1314210

what a bunch of LARPers, their not pioneers or ranchers, their a bunch of degenerates who live in polycue

No. 1314217

Idk who you are nona, but you are a treasure and ily.

No. 1314220

File: 1630615194361.png (1.75 MB, 1618x1328, Gibes.png)

all of them are ugly as fuck but this one takes the cake.

No. 1314221

File: 1630615347542.png (331.97 KB, 563x783, glam2.png)

No. 1314223

File: 1630615598820.jpeg (81.94 KB, 700x520, AFCC39B3-B1DC-44BF-BFC4-731690…)

Yes. Link is unironically cute as fuck, but i hate seeing these trannies shoe-horning those “headcanons” info him! Leave the boy alone!!

No. 1314225

I swing between hoping that the current generation of new mothers will realize that videogames turn boys into worthless junkies, and just hoping that even more moids will drop out of society. Let them be so completely useless by 18 that no other women get roped into their failure.

No. 1314245

File: 1630618536140.png (609.64 KB, 1060x680, lupa.png)


No. 1314254

File: 1630619626458.jpg (50.75 KB, 533x800, rocky-horror-picture-show-movi…)

Seeing just what terrible taste men have destroyed my need for male validation. Some women live their entire lives to please men who have absolutely no ability to differentiate quality from actual dogshit.

No. 1314259

File: 1630620241661.jpg (6.65 KB, 238x212, funkykong.jpg)

No. 1314261

>Image description describing a "white nonbinary woman" and a "white genderchaotic person"

What are you supposed to think if you're unable to see the picture.

I wonder how blind people feel about troons.

No. 1314264

Remember when media outlets were calling it a hoax? Kek, they always say “believe the victims” until the perpetrators are trannies.

No. 1314267

Hopefully the biased Wikipedia article created by Gwennie-nyan is updated to be correct.

No. 1314268

So he’s a convicted male pervert and they still use feminine pronouns?

No. 1314271

I’m not surprised. It was never about lesbians being mean to them because lesbians were actually very nice to them. They were just mad that lesbians wouldn’t fuck them. Reminder that men think being denied access to sex is a form of oppression.

No. 1314276

That troon is monitoring the page constantly, even if he updated it to be correct, he would add in some bullshit and use certain words to make it sound like it was the TERF’s fault.

No. 1314294

Outlets like Los Angeles Times are in damage control right now. They’re saying it was completely overblown by right wingers and they called CubanaAngel (woman who filmed the video) an “irate customer”.

No. 1314300

> Merager says her open cases involving accusations of indecent exposure show a “pattern of abuse” from a state and society that punishes transgender people. “You allow [trans women] to go in there [women’s spaces] and then people simply claim indecent exposure and you’re arrested,” she says.

>Merager says she is speaking with progressive California lawmakers, like state senator Scott Wiener, in the hope that they change state law to better protect trans people.

>“If you go into an area where you’re expected to be nude, there has to be an indecent exposure exemption,” she says. Merager says she may file complaints or lawsuits for the discrimination she says she has been made to suffer by law enforcement and women in the Wi Spa. She says she has been in contact with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office since learning of the warrant and plans to turn herself in.

So this is where it’s going to go. They want to change the law to further accommodate TiMs, and put women in danger.

No. 1314311

File: 1630624041194.jpg (282.49 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20210903-010513_Twi…)

You probably wonder how I, a male, deal with not being the center of attention for a day

No. 1314313

It's a shame "Maye's" mother likely didn't have access to abortion.

No. 1314335

I'm not a radfem either, but my point was that women's general stance on male violence hinges on both - nature and nurture (survival instincts and socialization, respectively), instead of just nurture. We're still part of the animal kingdom and its rules still apply to us, so this pesky survival "rule" could explain some of women's compliance to male degeneracy and the horrors that females may inflict on their own kin; socialization could be considered a catalyst for this behavior.
Anyways, that was an interesting read, thx. I agree with your points but won't add anything more because it would be a blogpost. lol

This tweet feels like it came from a sissy hypno script.

No. 1314341

this is definitely not why everyone thinks you're inferior

>how can I make a law affecting women about ME?

No. 1314344

File: 1630627857701.jpeg (196.8 KB, 475x499, 4ef-01.jpeg)

I feel sorry for all the women who truly tried to raise decent sons, and got stuck with troons. They probably thought the weak, wussy behavior, and obsession with little girl cartoons was a GOOD thing.

No. 1314351

It must drive them crazy any time there's a major societal event that revolves around women's rights, beyond girlboss "everyone is equal all the time" stuff. They already go into hysterics if you imply "maybe men are bad to women sometimes, in some ways", even if you use their approved wording, so it likely makes them seethe when a distinctly female issue really comes up. They can't "relate", and the average person would get (rightfully) annoyed with them if they tried "correcting" them with their "some women have penises uwu" shit in such a serious context. They're furious that identifying and having a tight grip on society still doesn't make them women. I don't feel bad for them at all.

No. 1314355

There's been so much content here of moms treating their sons really well, trying to take care of them while also regularly pushing them to make progress, move out, get a job, whatever. They usually have other kids who turned out okay, too. But you find out about them through the troons ranting and raving about how awful they are, how they're transphobic bitches, how they hate them and think the've never done anything ro support them. Seeing all this, I sometimes wonder if there should be laws to remove adult failsons from peoples homes and aid them (forcefully) into the workforce.

No. 1314362

They don't really have anything to gain not respecting their pronouns, then there would be a thousand twitter idiots at their throat because of it ignoring anything else that was said.
I know that is not the case, but why does everything they say sound like a troll/terf trying to make trannies look bad?

No. 1314365

This is why I've always thought that telling women raise their sons to be "feminist allies" and teach them to "respect women" is pointless because he will inevitably be poisoned by the rest of society. He will interact with males who hate women and he can see women being objectified everywhere on a daily basis. The best solution is to only raise girls or have no children. Just abort any male fetus, kek.

No. 1314370

It's incredible how mothers statistically prefer boys over girls and treat their sons better than their daughters. A woman is far more likely to abuse and neglect her daughter than she would to her son, yet men are still the ones who grow up into becoming horrible monsters. People always try to explain so much shitty male criminal behavior as being raised improperly by their mothers but it makes no sense, because logically speaking you would expect more female criminals. The worst woman is not even close to being as bad as the worst man.

No. 1314376

Sage but most men are criminals because men are naturally aggressive tribalists, my thinking is considered “dangerous” but any man that smiles and cracks jokes and manages to “woo” people that they’re civilized will always be a potential rapist, murderer, tranny, or lecherous bum. Men are born to colonize and destroy everyone’s lives with the unfortunate assumption that they themselves are helping when everything they touch turns into fire and misery. A woman’s hate for a man will never compare to an incel or troon’s hate for a woman in her natural state. The only reason that women aren’t committing a good majority of the crimes is socialization and most women are decent people, no matter how rude or bitchy they come off to others.

No. 1314379

when i think of all the hoops a lot of us women jump through to look attractive to men, and then i look at this… what's the point? this is what they find attractive. the bar is very low, we barely have to try to hit it.(sage)

No. 1314380

>”this is what girls do amirite my fellow cute little sexy girlies?”

No. 1314392

File: 1630633478925.jpg (9.01 KB, 191x264, images (1).jpg)

In all seriousness, there really should be a failson shelter to evict them to. The parents can't even crack down on an adult. Moids could leave the house every weekday for "job interviews", and really just be parked behind Burger King, wanking to a phone screen. You would have to treat them like addicts, give them a bare room with a bed, an overhead light, and nothing else. Not even an electric outlet or landline phone.
It really is insane how much you will see this IRL, and nobody talks about it. Even liberal mothers will turn a daughter into the family scapegoat, or parentify her and expect her to make sacrifices for the younger male siblings(s). People brag about how sweet their little bitty boys are, as if that means anything. Male puberty is like one game at a slot machine, a slot machine with no small prizes, only the one jackpot. It's all fail if you don't pull jackpot, jackpot, jackpot. And I'm not even convinced the jackpot is any good.

No. 1314393

File: 1630633481861.png (57.44 KB, 496x200, Screenshot_20210902-194431.png)

If trannies want shelters, they should establish their own. Use all those GFM handouts to build a shelter and leave vulnerable women the fuck alone. Women have shelters because we look out for each other. It shouldn't be our job pick up the pieces after males fail to do it for themselves.

No. 1314399

>"Trannies are sex crime victims, not perpetrators!"
>Icon is of sexualized livestock
Troons should stop trying to convince us to let them into women's shelters and start trying to convince us not to send them to jail immediately.

No. 1314406

Just men needing women to fix their problems and act as personal therapists/sex dolls as usual.

No. 1314411

Women established these shelters to escape male violence and now men want to colonize them.

No. 1314418

Yeah, a lot of self-proclaimed "feminist" mothers are still sexist to their daughters. She might be okay with her son wearing a skirt for fun and being emotionally sensitive but she still expects that her daughter does more housework and behave more maturely (even if she is younger than her brothers).

No. 1314434

>lady weird sloth cow
Why are so many trannies also furries? I really don't understand. I enjoyed some anthropomorphized characters as a kid (like Donald Duck comics) and I always thought furries were weird because many were in their 30s yet still obsessing over kids cartoons. Trannies in general seem to be drawn to animation and children's entertainment.

No. 1314438

They are perpetual menchildren. They can't handle responsibilities. I think this also explains the pedophilic tendencies because they relate to children more than adults.

No. 1314455

File: 1630640520689.jpeg (186.82 KB, 828x1093, 2291A3D7-CCBA-4177-ADC2-B418BD…)

Mishima was literally a gay fascist who hated western men. Tranny fetishism of Japanese culture borders on racist.

No. 1314461

This jackpot metaphor is going to stay with me for years, I can already tell

No. 1314467

File: 1630641493892.jpg (62.32 KB, 714x340, 20210903_005525.jpg)

tranny with and without photoshop

No. 1314468

They don't relate to children, children don't share the same concerns or interests with them because children aren't sexual and don't have the same concepts of power or property as adults. They're pedophiles because teenagers, preteens, and children defer to and rely on adults, and troons get off on the unearned power trip that gives them. Adults ask questions and make demands that younger people don't even think of, or don't feel they have the "right". The younger the child, the more power. They're weak, sociopathic retards who are desperate to feel in control, particularly over a female.
Photo editing software is a blight on humanity, it should be nuked out of existence.

No. 1314469

Never understood white guys loved Mishima so much. A lot of them also deny that he's gay because that would make him "less masculine" in their opinion.

No. 1314470

File: 1630641742734.jpeg (127.7 KB, 634x776, 24270008-3060-488D-BDDB-D0E2E8…)

The way this guy was a literal who before coming out, now there’s pap pics of him every week and he’s on the cover of multiple magazines.

Is Lucas Hedges next? (this one would sting ngl)

No. 1314471

Now they know damn well kek omg Hollywood ain’t shit

No. 1314474

I once got into an argument with a guy who was convinced that Mishima was bisexual or straight because he had a wife and two kids. Mishima literally wrote a semi-autobiographical account of a young homosexual man who hides behind a mask to fit into society but they are convinced he couldn't be gay himself.

No. 1314475

Oh my lord, they look like they dressed that way as a joke. These people have money? I live in an area where most people can only afford clothes secondhand or from thrifting, and I've still yet to see anyone dressed this poorly in public. How embarrassing. The outfit on the left could probably work on an actual woman, but I don't think anyone could pull off that traffic cone colored trash bag.

No. 1314477

pregnant right now and i am amazed at how many women will pout and say they feel sorry for me when i tell them i’m having a girl. one bitch really straight up said “i’ll pray for you.” a lot of mothers seem to regard young girls as too emotional and project these misogynistic views onto them. “but boys are so much easier!! they don’t cry or throw tantrums as much!” it’s disgusting.

No. 1314479

>“but boys are so much easier!! they don’t cry or throw tantrums as much!”

I can't believe people actually say and think this shit. If I ever have kids, I would only want to give birth to or adopt girls. I can never imagine having a son because of all the potential chaos and horrible behavior they inflict. Far too many boys grow into some flavor of deranged psychopathic man.

No. 1314485

Babies and toddlers are a nightmare but most boys during their teen years are easier to deal with. When I was a teen girl I was very angst and depressed, so I’d lash out. Puberty is harder on women, which makes being a parent so hard. Little boys can be shitheads as well. If I ever have children I hope they turn out well.

No. 1314486

All the stories I here about kids who start shit or throw tantrums in school from teachers are about boys. The vast majority of screaming, crying children I've seen in stores or heard stories of were boys. I've heard endless stories of boys being bullies, but girl bullies seem rarer, and less extreme– The boy bullies are always in groups, the girl bullies are always "that one girl". Every boy I have ever known was known to cause immense trouble for their families, breaking things, setting fires, leaving messes, getting in fights, disrespecting others. Most of the girls I've known have more or less followed rules set by their parents, at least in regards to housecare and respect. The concept of "boys being more well behaved" is a crock of shit, and it's not even a tradeoff for anything. All of the most talented or kind people I've met have been women. The only thing you can potentially gain from having a son is another source of care and income, in the incredibly rare chance he doesn't turn out selfish.

No. 1314488

Every boy I've met responded to puberty really poorly and started becoming actually malicious and selfish, whereas girls just became moody and withdrawn. I'd rather a grumpy loner girl than an aggressive boy.

No. 1314491

Yeah that’s true

No. 1314492

File: 1630645059948.png (125.03 KB, 407x600, 4E4039F3-CBDC-4171-B6E8-779392…)

Stop digging lmao

No. 1314493

No way. Teenage boys are a menace. Teen girls mostly inflict harm to themselves but boys harm other people (BPD girl and ASPD boy meme).

No. 1314498

File: 1630645610139.jpg (6.56 KB, 200x202, 0fe.jpg)

>"a staff member who is unaware of any trans people being there"
>Referring to the video in which a staff member repeatedly confirms the presence of a "trans woman" in the women-only section

No. 1314500

>"boys being more well behaved"
Males commit 95% of violent crime and even young boys terrorize older girls. This socialization into male supremacy begins when they are young. Even when we have overwhelming evidence of how terrible men and boys are, people still want to act like women and girls are worse somehow or the two sexes are "equally bad".

>The only thing you can potentially gain from having a son is another source of care and income

Women are more likely to care for their parents and redistribute their own income to their families while men prefer to abandon their parents and keep money for themselves. Men definitely earn more than women do on average so I guess if you're from a super sexist country then having a boy would guarantee you more financial security in old age.

No. 1314501

These women didn't teach their sons to respect women though, they give them whatever they wanted and probably never said No

No. 1314502

It doesn't matter. Every man on earth was born to a woman and yet all men participate in the oppression of women.

No. 1314504

That's a pretty big assumption that puts the blame on the mother instead of the failson.

No. 1314505

A mother can try to be the best mother she possibly can and she may still end up with a shit son (well, all males are shit by default so I mean worse than the average moid).

No. 1314506

and yet there still good men in this world
I'm not blaming the mothers, rather general culture which babies male children, male children and discipline and structure in their lives to function, kinda like dogs

No. 1314508

>and yet there still good men in this world

No. 1314511

>and yet there still good men in this world
No such thing exists. All men oppress women but you think these men are still "good"? Stop caping for males.

No. 1314512

So, when you said
>These women didn't teach their sons to respect women though, they give them whatever they wanted and probably never said No
You didn't mean it? Okay.

No. 1314515

File: 1630647337581.jpg (109.93 KB, 960x720, 58m7uw5z3a721.jpg)

Ah r/ChapoTrapHouse, remember when they used to raid r/GenderCritical almost every other month

No. 1314520

What did they do on r/gendercritical? I don't browse Reddit much (unless it's looking for recommendation on what to buy because you can find genuine reviews there).

No. 1314523

just raiding certain threads now and then, calling us "Ugly old white women" "bitter femcels who are jealous of transwomen" "racists" "TERFs are reactionary"

No. 1314528

File: 1630648347486.png (128.48 KB, 628x782, 423423.PNG)

Same with The Guardian (US version). It keeps mentioning rightwingers, how hard trannies have it, and also talks about how the preciouschild troon was victimized by transphobes even though he purposely baited people into thinking he was the troon at the spa. There is no sympathy whatsoever for women.

No. 1314530

I hate the far-right but they aren't the only ones capable of disinformation. All the MSM were calling it a hoax for months.

No. 1314531

>Worried about how this will impact their image
>Not worried at all about predators and criminals in their ranks

No. 1314533

File: 1630649113110.png (11.91 KB, 1674x51, 09830291.PNG)

It was edited to include a tranny sex offender was charged but it wasn't edited by gwennie-nyan. I don't know how Wikipedia community works but I thought the picrel edit was strange. Do they really not include the names of non-notable criminals or is this just about protecting trannies again?

No. 1314537

File: 1630649992485.png (421.34 KB, 595x440, stop anglos.PNG)

I am so tired of Westerners trying to spread this harmful ideology into non-Western countries like pic related. It is only going to hurt non-Western women even more.

For a while, the language barrier mostly kept this bullshit in English-speaking countries but the trans rights activists are doing their damn hardest to get tranny materials published in internationally.

One of the worst hit countries by the TRA bullshit is India because many Indians speak English. Young Indians are regularly exposed to this nonsense.

No. 1314538

File: 1630650284175.jpg (82.81 KB, 750x1334, E-VrbUsUcAUBQDo.jpg)

She (Evan is a TiF) is the one who published the "Wi Spa is a hoax" article and has locked her account.

No. 1314539

>It is with great annoyance
Yeah, it must be so annoying when women are proven right and it turns out troons are predators.

No. 1314541

File: 1630650844766.png (140.66 KB, 962x540, sfdsfeiuiedsf.PNG)

>Evan Urquhart
Same woman who wrote this.

No. 1314542

There is exactly one sex known for its statistical overrepresentation in cases of violence, rape, sexual assault, etc even in their fucking teen years. It is not females. Stop the lies.

No. 1314543

>even in their fucking teen years
Even pre-pubescent.

No. 1314544

>It is with great annoyance
Annoyed that TERFs were right again?

No. 1314545

File: 1630651615686.jpg (714.04 KB, 1076x1082, Screenshot_20210815-194105_Ins…)

>and yet there still good men in this world
you are truly delusional topkek

No. 1314552

File: 1630652874048.jpg (134.21 KB, 1200x900, lsb9cjmsq0e41.jpg)

Every girl I knew had the moody loner phase, even the cute wealthy ones. Which is what makes the adult male fixation on teen girls even more repugnant. You have just barely started to live life again, and adult men are trying to snatch you up and ruin your life AGAIN. And then they're all jealous and spiteful about how "easy" your life has been, and they do nasty things to you to get revenge. Even your boyfriend will secretly be trying to hurt you. Men just need to fucking stop, troons and untroons alike.

I wish there were more visual medium fiction works about what real life is like for girls, but I know that still wouldn't get through to them. All they got out of everything made by humanity so far is just "hot girls boobs lol sluts".

No. 1314554

>white women
They always think white women hate trannies but non-white women love them. It's funny because I feel like white women are actually the most tolerant of troons. The four women and one girl who filed complaints at Wi Spa were all women of color. They will call them "white feminists" anyway.

No. 1314555

Girls get moody because going through female puberty is when you start to realize how women are sexualized and boys/men start seeing you as a piece of flesh to be consumed. There's also the moodswings that come with puberty but both boys and girls get it.

No. 1314560

Same here. People (including his own mother) straight up extended their condolences to my husband when we told them our second would be another girl. Meanwhile he has admitted to me that he’s actually a bit relieved. He’s a statistician on a project about juvenile delinquency. Make of that what you will.

Girls internalise, boys externalise. Girls who commit violence on the same level as boys are practically always victims of prolonged csa, whereas plenty of violent boys are from regular healthy families but will cite things like “mom turns off my game console when it’s time for dinner” as parental abuse.

Imagine being a journalist and having to report facts, ugh, so annoying.

All handmaidens I know are upper middle class well educated white women, mostly straight or “queer” (spicy straight). None of them seem to realise that they’re only a few years or missteps removed from being labelled the “white feminist” Karens they hate so much.

No. 1314562

>In our culture, the impulse to distance oneself from negatives associated with women and femininity is endemic. When we insult men, we do it by comparing them to women. When we compare women to men, we’re generally praising them. In fact, I’ve probably known more straight, cis-gendered women who’ve bragged about how they’re “one of the guys” than I’ve known lesbians. Ironically, one of the things I share with many women is my eagerness to point out all the ways in which I’m not like other women.

>As girls grow up, they are bombarded by rules and restrictions governing the ways that they can be. I know I was—otherwise I wouldn’t have been a fully grown adult before I started wearing clothes that I found comfortable. These gendered rules confine girls’ choices and constrain their self-expression. Perhaps one day the gender binary will be dismantled totally, and we’ll all stop limiting our children by bringing them up as either males or females. But, in the meantime, gender continues to be one of the first things children learn to recognize about themselves and others, and for that reason I think it’s important to keep the boundaries of what can and can’t potentially be male or female propped open as wide as possible. It’s wonderful that people who feel uncomfortable with the gender they were assigned at birth are gaining strength and visibility. But, it’s just as important that young people, girls and boys and genderqueers alike, can have as many examples as possible of men and women who don’t conform to gender stereotypes. I like to think I’m doing my part for that by living as an aggressive, competitive, logical, and strong butch woman.

She wrote all this and ended up trooning out anyway. That's depressing.

No. 1314564

The fuck does she mean by "squirrely"? Because it involved a woman complaining and she views women as nags? And a black woman at that, a demographic of women who are always stereotyped to be "angry".

No. 1314567

some bullshit about how women are not supposed to be angry or they are “hysterical bitches”, also the woman was talking back to moids which is bad because men are intelligent and rational beings unlike stupid and emotional women

No. 1314571

I find it weird that they HAVE to interject with the "not all women have penises!" Did infertile women respond similarly to the news? Did women from outside the US that are unaffected by the law? Every woman on earth understands why the word woman is being used, they don't sit down and think of ways they're excluded so they can take the attention back.

No. 1314580

lol who are these women committing arson, that seems like a low percentage! I bet the ones who do it do with their boyfriends. I've never heard of a woman setting fires.

I just assume all horrific crimes are done by men and women who commit them either commit them with their lover or are forced to do it by trauma (like killing their abuser). There are exceptions (child abuse is one), but this assumption is still pretty accurate for most of what goes on in the world.

No. 1314583

isn't india additionally complicated because of certain low-caste groups who dress like women but are considered "unclean"? I don't feel like googling this now but my friend went to India for two weeks and these people accosted him for money. He said no, bc he didn't have any.So one touched him on the arm weirdly and said now he's unclean, because he got touched by a [name of crossdressing/gay? group].

No. 1314593

am from china. no sane chinese person that isnt ABC would ever tolerate this bullshit. china barely understand gays.

No. 1314602

File: 1630663601948.jpg (122.9 KB, 1200x630, 872964-85141-oagzuuyalr-152172…)

One of the worst aspects of the caste system is that you can achieve a lower caste by performing certain actions and afterwards you can never move upwards in caste again, you have to wait for the next life
for e.g If I was Brahmin who preformed manual labor or worked with leather I'd be reduced a Shudra(the 2nd lowest caste) and could never be a Brahmin again, in the past if you ever left your home city or province you were automatically reduced in Caste to that of a Shudra, and so Hijras regardless of what ever they were previously are reduced to Dalits, outcasts or untouchable's, the lowest of the low
The Dalits are considered so spiritually impure that even being around them pollutes your very soul, if your touched by one then you need to perform a holy ritual purification

No. 1314611

File: 1630666127305.png (537.83 KB, 1080x2600, hiimrobert.png)

i'm no kikomi-sama but i can at least try to point out fallacies in their logic

No. 1314614

This is great, anon!

No. 1314615

The MS paint art is the best part of these threads.

No. 1314626

So if someone gives birth to a son should they just give it away, since men are menaces. How do we solve this problem? Do we start oppressing men at a young age?

No. 1314628

Just abort it before its born.

No. 1314631

What difference would giving it away make? Why the fuck would you want to give birth to a son in the first place if you know they are destined to be trash?

No. 1314634

File: 1630669874485.jpg (149 KB, 1080x791, Screenshot_20210903-234912__01…)

I genuinely can't fucking tell which is the before and after.

No. 1314636

spot the sidecut

No. 1314643

Lol wasted money

No. 1314644

this just seems like a way to maintain a population of people / slaves to haul literal shit and do what other people don't want to do. I definitely need to read more about this system and how it became implemented. I know "impure" people were a thing in other cultures but eventually the views seem to mellow out over time and even in the Old Testament there's a way back in this life for some of the people cast out as undesirable. Undesirables also were not universally used for shit labor: I'm thinking of lepers, they were shut out entirely from most places, so you couldn't tell them to haul shit. Or maybe you could but it would not be wise. The caste system seems much more damning. Thanks, nonny, I'm going to read more about this now.

No. 1314647

File: 1630670778347.png (456.8 KB, 875x490, 851.png)

What results is he talking about

No. 1314649

I don't get why people focus on athletic performance in the tranny sport debate when women are a socially disadvantaged group. Women had to fight for the right to play sports. Discussing testosterone levels, lung capacity, and bone structure to argue if men can be in women's sport shouldn't be the point. Men shouldn't be there in the first place because they are male.

No. 1314651

Because the arguement "you should just respect women as humans and as an oppressed class" literally never works with moids, so we have to debate on their retarded level to get anywhere.

No. 1314652

You are correct but men don't see women as an oppressed group or believe that men oppress women. Hell, a lot of women don't even think they are an oppressed sex class.

No. 1314653

Because whenever male entitlement to [something] comes into a conversation, almost everyone has to jump through hoops and validate their feelings every step of the way, otherwise moids will lose their shit.

No. 1314654

Now I love both Kikomi-chan and Robert.

No. 1314655

This is true. Even if there was somehow a male who did not have biological advantages, he still shouldn’t be in women’s sports because women need their own spaces.

I think some film award is taking out the “best actress” category because they want to promote gender equality but this will never be gender equal when will still live under a patriarchal structure. All it does is take awards away from women. The males do not have some biological advantage in acting but including men with women immediately makes things unfair because people would rather vote for male actors than female ones.

No. 1314656

An autogynephile being in roller derby is fucking creepy. You just know he purposely enters a sport with a female majority because he feels like it validates his gender identity.

No. 1314667

It’s not even a female majority sport it’s a female only sport

No. 1314677

There are men in roller derby too, anon. There's even the Men's Roller Derby Association.

No. 1314682

lmao based. someone has to say it!

No. 1314691

Uh no, there's literally an international roller derby tournament just for men.

No. 1314700

File: 1630676390564.jpg (37.33 KB, 700x413, rtr.jpg)

The caste system truly is awful and Hinduism in general is a religion almost as bad as Islam, its obsession with purity, phallic imagery, horrid rituals and hierarchy an
look up B. R. Ambedkar a Dalit who was one of the founding fathers of India, he had a lot to say regarding his experiences(even educated Indians in British Universities refused to even sit next to him) and roasted both Islam and Hinduism

No. 1314712

File: 1630677346395.jpeg (350.86 KB, 1019x415, 5E46EC28-1FD0-4596-819C-EB40A4…)

do you guys see it too lol

No. 1314720

When Robert passes more than the TiMs lol

No. 1314722

TRAs, Christians, Muslims, and Hinduists all have male supremacy and female subordination at their cores. There's constant pedo scandals for all these groups, but they stick their heads in the sand because all they care about is having power and having "good optics". There's not a shred of decency among them.

No. 1314731

I hope the women and girls in the Wi Spa incident are successful and the that TiM gets sent to prison for being a repeat sex offender. I know TRAs will just memory hole this entire thing.

>this NEVER happens and if it does happen then we just pretend it never happened

No. 1314733

This is OT as hell, I understand your frustration with maleness but can you not do this, certain religion and cultures are far worse then others alright, to say "but we all suffer under the patirachy" is dismissive of the absolute ​horrors Muslim and Hindu women go though
Like I'm sure the west sucks, but I'd rather live in Sweden then Egypt or India or Iran

No. 1314735

When is Kikomi going to accuse Robert of having cis privilege

No. 1314736

Kikomi-chan crossover when?

No. 1314738

How can she when Robert is AMAB and Kikomi is AFAB? Kikomi has AFAB privilege.

No. 1314740

AMAB passes better as a TIM, so he's got MTF passing privilege.

No. 1314746

I always find trans men who cape for their "trans sisters" pathetic as fuck. I hate this TIF with a passion.

No. 1314748

He probably enjoys tackling and hurting women.

No. 1314763

File: 1630682764510.webm (33.15 KB, 400x224, a98z497hp7d71.webm)

How can us cissies even hope to compete with such perfect females, our fragile womanhood simply fades away all cause the Tranny likes Anal

No. 1314765

I'm sure they'd prefer to pretend nothing happened, but they may not be able to get away with that this time. I certainly hope so. Last time it took them a while to settle on a tactic, going from "she has every right to be there and actually it's rude to stare at a woman's penis" to claiming nothing happened and it was all a hoax. I wonder what they'll try now.

>A) He's not really trans, the trans community are the real victims here! Anyone who uses this situation to call self-ID into question is a literal nazi.

>B) She's a valid transwoman and not a sexual predator at all! Everyone who's accused her of sexual misconduct is just an overreacting transphobe and her criminal record is evidence of systemic transphobia, not of any wrongdoing on her part.
>C) Okay she's a predator but also a valid transwoman. The real issue here is that people keep misgendering her! Anyway cis women can be predators too and there's literally no difference. Let's find a cis woman to demonise instead.

In my experience with perverted TIMs, handmaidens tend to go for A because they still think most TIMs are effeminate gay men. AGPs don't like it because it's gatekeeping, and also makes too many people aware of self-ID and its problems.
With the recent Chris Chan situation Twitter TRAs went for C, probably because they realised they couldn't justify his crime to normies. With Yaniv they tried B but moved on to C when it became impossible to hold him up as anything more than a creepy racist pedo. This time I think it's a toss-up between B and C. Will they be able to convince normies that his indecent exposure convictions were unfair because he, as a true and honest laydee, has every right to be in female spaces? Or will this offender prove so unpalatable to normies that TRAs will deflect and try to redirect their attention somewhere else? If another celebrity suddenly comes out as trans, we'll know why.

No. 1314777

All TIFs are like this. You can't even enjoy female dominated fandoms without risking cancellation by TIF. TIFs are so quick to cancel and shit on other women just to look woke, and to hide their seething mental illness.


Thank god these poor women actually stood up for themselves and their rights. Reddit is currently banning and deleting any mention of this in r/news. How many diaper wearing baby fuckers are going to have to be outed before that site is burned to the ground?

No. 1314822

File: 1630688339244.jpeg (53.23 KB, 574x563, 0CE949BA-69A9-44F2-9209-0F25E2…)

No. 1314825

File: 1630688396675.jpeg (110.4 KB, 793x617, 3879464E-1EC7-486E-B399-BAECE7…)

So I went to KiwiFarms to check if they happened to have any archives on reddit doing this >>1314777 and what I find instead is even dumber takes by Evan

No. 1314826

File: 1630688423130.jpeg (86.98 KB, 665x611, FE3768E9-47DE-4ADA-BE54-F3BFD8…)

No. 1314827

File: 1630688480401.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1150x1500, E-THd74VEA0XSDX.jpeg)

Anybody disgusted by the new lil nas x photoshoot? Ik he's gay man, but I wont be surprised if he transes out later with his hatred of women and womb envy. Men always say we have penis envy but everything they say is projection, they're the ones obsessed with controlling us and our wombs.

It's why we have this epidemic of TiMs and scientists taking the delusional idea of fucking uterus transplants (which will come from impoverished and poor women, like always) seriously. Being a trans woman is just the next level of misogyny. I'm so scared of what will happen next.

No. 1314829

File: 1630688571831.jpeg (101.63 KB, 793x605, F669C8E8-BF45-4B75-A617-ED66E3…)

No. 1314833

These MTF threads bring out my biological senses lmao from a distance he looks like a sick woman, then the pic got larger and I was like kek, that's a man. The ywnbaw copy pasta is right, it's millions of years of evolution.

No. 1314836

Lil nas is a clout chaser and attention seeker anyway. He made so many versions of old town road and montero and those satan nike shoes with the blood the pentagram and the bible verse. He hides behind the fact he's gay and black but he likes the controversy. Gotta give it to him tho, he has the business mindset but he is cringe lmao.

No. 1314840

File: 1630688984176.png (199.86 KB, 1084x1148, Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 19.08…)

Deleted now.

No. 1314843

Did T smooth her brain or what?

I would have appreciated that this pic was spoilered. Yuck.

No. 1314848

Conflicted on lil nas, tbh. I feel for him after the legion of TIFs tried to cancel him for saying gay men like dick. Wouldn't be surprised if this is him stirring shit with those same TIFs lmao

No. 1314853

Then “trans women” should have no problem going to the bathroom of their “assigned sex”, since crimes from strangers towards women are so rare and blown out of proportion, right? Most violence to TIMs comes from intimate partners and family.

He’s a big misogynist, yes. But I don’t get the sense that he would. The biggest predictor for me these days is the degree an effeminate gay man is obsessed with straight men. The higher the obsession, the higher odds of trooning out. That’s why I think James Charles is on the HSTS pipeline.

No. 1314854

He's a giant troll having the time of his life pissing off both right and left wing terminally online children

No. 1314856

Him making mockery of women shouldn't be celebrated even if he's pissing off both the right and left wing. This shit ain't cute.

No. 1314857

Invalidating their gender identity is more violent than literally being eaten by a tiger

No. 1314858

File: 1630690119093.png (21.24 KB, 598x281, romero.png)

the creator of doom simps for this furshit autogynephilic creep btw

No. 1314862

File: 1630690304401.jpeg (62.71 KB, 482x427, images - 2021-09-03T193138.024…)

We really are doomed

No. 1314868

Nah, he's trolling. I can't be bothered by an IRL shitposter, tbh.
Also, he won't troon out since he's VERY into being a gay man. Dude probably saw 1st hand how miserable black HSTS are, he won't ruin his life like that.

No. 1314870

>Tiger attacks are extremely rare!
Yeah, in areas with very few to no tigers. Also, in the areas with tigers, people are made aware of them and (presumably) taught safety measures, just like how Western campgrounds give you information on how to handle things like bear attacks on signs and pamphlets. As far as I know, these preventative measures are put into place because encountering predatory animals at all presents a lethal amount of danger. Having areas without predatory creatures, and informing when they're present and how to protect yourself…where does that sound familiar? Oh, right– Female-only spaces. It almost seems like protective rules and laws exist for reasons, and having spaces devoid of statistically dangerous creatures is a good thing! Unless you want to integrate tigers into your day to day life, Miss Urquhart? Perhaps into your bathrooms and urgent care facilities? Now, don't be bigoted, just because one tiger mauled you, it doesn't mean this tiger will!

No. 1314885

File: 1630691718274.jpg (132.7 KB, 800x1025, Mcgee.jpg)

sage for OT but Romero wasn't the sole creator of Doom, it was a team effort, the bulk of programming was done by John Carmack, level structure by the genius American McGee(fun fact his mother vhim and his sister for her TIM lover so she could pay for his sex change operation) all Romero contributed was some artwork and the "story" of Doom 1993

No. 1314889

Lel, have you seen the state of him recently? Fat and bald, looking like someone dressed a stereotypical eunuch up as a 2000s era Suicide Girl for a joke.

No. 1314891

literally Who ?

No. 1314894

Bailey Jay, known as "Line trap" on 4chan over a decade (?) ago.

No. 1314929

> All handmaidens I know are upper middle class well educated white women, mostly straight or “queer” (spicy straight). None of them seem to realise that they’re only a few years or missteps removed from being labelled the “white feminist” Karens they hate so much.

Honestly most of them act like Karens already. Maybe they already know that or fear that and overcompensate.

No. 1314932

>Why are so many trannies also furries?
The significance of the furry shit is change. CaseyExplosion hates his own identity.

No. 1314949

Ah yes, this film, they'll never be able to cancel this masterpiece.

No. 1314951

File: 1630696113423.png (35.16 KB, 700x731, maoistlarper.png)

their seething was hilarious when the women moved to ovarit and chapos discovered they couldn't raid them anymore
>chapocels think spamming 'chud' at catladies on the internet is guerilla warfare

No. 1314952

File: 1630696183069.png (7.44 KB, 450x134, maoistlarper2.png)

mao would've had these narcissistic privileged coomers executed by firing squads

No. 1314966

He’s truly the worst person in the fakeboi thread as well.

No. 1314968

It's generally accepted here that the answer is autism, which I partially agree with. Some other potential answers include
>Body image issues. Anthropomorphic animal characters are close enough to human to relate to, but not similar enough to truly compare yourself to, as a human being. You won't ever worry about "not looking like them", because…of course you don't, you're not half animal. You can also make them look however you want, because the concept of an anthro animal is already bizarre, and no one in the furry community will openly judge you for your anatomical choices, since the concept is already reliant on fantasy, and many people there are fetishists who also don't want criticism.
>Social and sexual deviancy. Many (if not all) furries have personality disorders, and, as much as they push the "it's not a fetish" thing, you will generally not meet any furries who aren't sexually deviant. Being a complete retard and/or pervert isn't questioned or shamed in the community, and is often encouraged; it creates an autism and coom friendly echo chamber, and there's nothing that the kind of brainlets who get into furry shit hate more than being criticized, so they thrive on it.
>Malformed attachment to childhood. You'll notice pretty quickly that part of being a furry is attaching yourself to media whose target audience is children. This isn't accidental, many of them cling to both nostalgia for their own childhood and media that coddles them and doesn't challenge them, precusely because they're emotionally stunted and don't want any adult responsibility. This includes the responsibilities of engaging on a mature level with media, and not invading the spaces meant for children.
All three of these points are also accurate to troons of both sexes. HSTS are more rarely furries than AGP and AAP because they don't apply to the second or third point as much, though there are some exceptions.

No. 1314969


No. 1314979

What the fuck is Chapo? What does trap house even mean?? I see chapo trap house mentioned alot on r/gamingcirclejerk and I still dont get what this shit is

No. 1314984

It's a "leftist" podcast nonny. It's meme'd on a lot because of its obnoxious listeners.

No. 1314987

>Their worldview denies higher forms of self-actualization and makes the troons miserable and unsympathetic (unrealized) people in real life too

fify. But, is it ever NOT projection?

No. 1314988

File: 1630698717518.jpg (2.1 MB, 2560x1600, 125131.jpg)

Another WiSpa hit piece written by a troon. I scrolled "Emily's" twitter and he tweets the usual good faith tranny propaganda but sometimes the mask slips and we see glimpses of sissy fetish and /tttt misogyny. Claims to be HSTS (isn't Blanchard typology transphobic though?) and has a feminization by Islam fetish (we've taled about that like 3 threads back, but if you didnt know, there's a whole troon sissy fetish involving Islam). His bio says "I block insects" meaning TERFs, meaning women. Says he has a bf, but there's no pictures of him on his instagram. He has no friends as the only pics on insta is of himself, and gets absolutely no likes or comments on instagram. Dude has made his whole life about "fighting transphobia" only engages with online TRAs. https://www.instagram.com/minusplnp/

No. 1314989

File: 1630698774885.jpg (3.49 MB, 2560x1600, 09102974.jpg)

No. 1314994

They're blind as hell, he's visibly HSTS. Dude looks like he freshly evolved from a 4chan femmeboy.

No. 1315000

File: 1630699722809.png (285.18 KB, 948x1149, 12733.png)

why do they lie like this….

No. 1315002

now what is it? are they oppressed and threatened with murder everywhere they go or do they pass perfectly as women? they stumble over their own hypocrisy all the fucking time

No. 1315005

Its a long stupid history, once there was a podcast hosted by 3 annoying brocialists(they don't really matter) and they named it ChapoTrapHouse out of pure randomness(the first episode was literally them deciding a name and they choose ChapoTrapHoouse after the topic of El Chapo came up) the podcast had a sizeable fanbase and so r/ChapoTrapHouse was created, originally it was filled with fans of the podcast but it became something far different in a due time
it eventually became a hub for a new type of online leftist, before they had a sizeable presence on twitter The Degenerate Tranny/Furry Communists that we see often posted on the MTF threads frequently started on r/ChapoTrapHouse, it got to the point where 80% of the Subscribers of that sub weren't ever even fans of the podcast

Most of the posts were Twitter screenshots. The general mood was edgy, anti-cop, pro-trans and quite conspiracy-theory friendly, they frequently devolved to bizarre degenerate ramblings, some stuff I witnessed was "sissyfying Barron Trump so that he becomes a commie femboy" "Harvesting the wombs of TERFs" "degenerate and vile fantasies about murdering various business owners that read like torture porn"

They eventually got banned due to frequent raiding of other subreddits, however that didn't stop them completely and so they created ChapoChat later renamed Hexbear, a somehow ever worse version of Reddit and its just a bunch of pathetic trannies who raid other sites and twitter threads, happy to live in their degenerate bubble

No. 1315012

File: 1630701122957.png (11.37 KB, 710x194, future_transcel.png)

Typical how white loser males seethe that the trans movement is a karmic punishment for women because a feminist annoyed them once, but think their own group doesn't deserve a karmic punishment for millennia of rape and slavery.
Also funny how easily they reveal that they're incels whose entire families despise them, because if they weren't they'd be concerned about their girlfriend or mother/female relatives being hurt by deranged autogynephiles and trans activists.
Just a matter of time until men like this chop off their dick and transition themselves.

No. 1315016

>You have to live the rest of your life knowing that I exist and there's nothing you can do about it except be angry.
I love it when they project this hard lol

No. 1315030

funny how many incels also hope for an islamic takeover and simp for talibans. incel to agp timeline once again confirmed

No. 1315044

File: 1630704383386.png (37.07 KB, 759x189, hb.png)

>Hexbear, a somehow ever worse version of Reddit
I checked it out and they literally have pokemon porn on the front page alongside posts idolizing China and Xi Jinping.
Personally I don't think China is that bad compared to the U.S. but it's funny that these coomers are fawning over and praising the politics of a country that bans porn.
>Giant companies like Baidu and Tencent which provide Cloud storage and download services will change porn videos to "8 seconds educational videos" to educate users that the government is conducting a campaign to combat pornography
Imagine 'lefty' redditors wanting to have a wank at their favorite furry sissy hypno trans porn and instead getting a message that big brother is watching and orders them to stop being a degenerate kek.

No. 1315051

>cis men
>cis women
There’s only men and women and trans women are men. I fucking hate TRAs for treating TiMs as separate from males.

No. 1315054

Everybody who called it a hoax and the media outlets who gaslighted the women are in damage control mode now. They keep talking about right wingers and how this might cause more transphobia and how vulnerable trans women are compared to “cis” women.

No. 1315055

I feel like he’s going to get bullied for being gay and he’s doing to have to troon out to escape criticism since trannies are untouchable.

No. 1315057

what the fuck is that pose

No. 1315060

if they say transwomen are more vulnerable than ciswomen just ask them were all the news reports about ciswomen sexually harassing or murdering transwomen are compared to how many can be shown for the opposite

No. 1315063

I do think there’s are quite a few AGP who pretend to be HSTS because people view HSTS as “more trans” and less creepy.

The fact that he looks like that and works in tech is already proof enough that he’s an AGP.

No. 1315069

Yeah AGP are always in more stereotypically masculine jobs like military and technology. They also dress sloppily because straight men generally don’t have any interest in grooming or fashion.

No. 1315088

They won't get in. You need to message the mods of the site for an invite. I don't use it so I don't know what the sign-up process is like, but I imagine they have ways of filtering out troons.

No. 1315098

men aren't prevented from joining unfortunately but they get banned if they act out. they give members a number of invites to hand out themselves, and so they've invited a lot of dumbass republican women and men who silently seethe with the downvote button so they don't get banned

No. 1315100

You're forgetting AGPs go into a "straight" phase (chasing men aka pseudo-bisexuality) to validate their newfound "womanhood"… then they go transbian. ContraPoints went through the same journey, but nobody batted an eye because he's a professional sophist who hides his AGP behind layers of sarcasm.
You can't believe none of these recently trooned males out there who claim to be "straight" (HSTS), specially when they're from an Anglophone country. Higher chances of being another creepy motherfucker than a self-hating homo.

No. 1315108

File: 1630710011900.png (837.09 KB, 1198x942, sarkeesian_defending_a_sex_off…)

>tfw when the dumbfuck coomer gamers were accidentally right about her being a grifter

No. 1315112

She’s a typical libfem. She will call herself a feminist but defend the things like marriage, prostitution, and transgenderism.

No. 1315114

I miss 2013 “male tears” feminism because even though it was libfem shit, at least back then women could still say trans women were biologically male and LARP as misandrists without getting cancelled for transmisogyny.

No. 1315121

HSTS used to make up the majority of transitions but now they’re in the minority. The number of HSTS to AGP ranges from about 20/80 to 25/75. In my country (New Zealand) almost every white man is an AGP while pretty much every HSTS is non-white (especially Māori men). I don’t understand why there is this ethnic/racial disparity. I guess because non-white men tend to be more religious/conservative about gender roles while white men are more open about sex/fetishes and liberal with “gender experimentation”? I feel like the more privileged you are the more you will be into sexual degeneracy which is why so many rich men are AGP. They have more free time and getting society to validate their womansona is a power trip for them.

No. 1315129

Yep, definitely a future troon. Even some of the most far right scrotes on 4chan despise trannies and tranny shills ruining the boards. There's a certain level of edgy misoginy only closeted coomer faggots can achieve.

No. 1315146

Why was/is the huge hoop earrings+red lipstick convo so common? When I was in a radfem (libfem) group it was like the fucking uniform.

No. 1315147

Moids will say they support feminist causes like abortion but saying video games and porn are bad will make them go psychotic. Anita made a series talking about video game culture being misogynistic and moids wanted to prove that she was wrong about video game culture being misogynistic…by being misogynistic. They even made a game where you can beat and rape Anita. I feel bad for her. No woman should ever experience male violence. I just don't understand how she can face so much harassment from men and had her female biology derided by them…only to defend men who LARP as women.

No. 1315148

"weaponized femininity" Libfems think large jewellery and bright red lipstick will intimidate men.

No. 1315152

>radfem (libfem)
As in libfems pretending to be radfems? That's really common these days. I've seen a lot of "radfems" say they support trans rights or call themselves "trans inclusive" even though radical feminists had reached a broad consensus in the 1990s that transgenderism was bad (all the big names like Greer, Jeffreys, Bindel, and of course Raymond said that transgender ideology was incompatible with women's liberation). A lot of these women seem to have absolutely no idea what radical feminism really is and are mostly just libfems who want early 2010s Tumblr-style feminism again.

No. 1315155

Sorry to hear there's an AGP infestation in your country, nonita.
>I guess because non-white men tend to be more religious/conservative about gender roles while white men are more open about sex/fetishes and liberal with “gender experimentation”?
That's exactly it, but it's also about their economic class. Non-white men can't really engage in petty, destructive desires of white middle-upper classes if those desires risk the roof over their heads and/or their own lives.

No. 1315163

Because NZ is heavily influenced by both British and American culture, we get a lot of our GC ideas from the UK and TRA ideas from the USA, lol. I hear it's similar in Australia too.

No. 1315165

File: 1630713573636.jpg (97.82 KB, 622x839, Tumblr_l_4342335526420.jpg)

this feels very incel-turned transbian i literally can't imagine a real lesbian thinking this is not fetishizing the fuck out of them

No. 1315174

>cis men did violence to me
>boohoo evil transphobic lesbians said mean things in internet

No. 1315179

You're right. Straight men have a huge obsession with lesbians. Even the "normie" ones will say they think lesbians are hot and they wish they could experience being a lesbian. It's the male sexual entitlement and pornsickness. Those take it further end up trooning out.

No. 1315183

He's absolutely not HSTS kek, he's just an AGP experiencing pseudo-bisexuality.

No. 1315184

>"My dream woman is a 10/10 Victoria's Secret model who makes out and has sex with women and claims to be a lesbian, but makes an exception for ME, the manliest man. We would talk about cool things like cars and guns, and nothing stupid like praxis or her hobbies. We'd live in a modern penthouse that SHE cleans."
>"My dream girl is very cute and pretty, and super nice and girly. She's a lesbian and loves me as a lesbian and pegs me and touches my girlcock and I teach her about feminism and women's oppression! We live in a cute cottage together as Sapphic witches uwu (btw what's upkeep? Also I don't have a job)"
Choose one to kill, you can't pick both.

No. 1315186

Kill scenario nº 2, Dream Woman is defenseless and isolated.
Dream Woman nº 1 could kill the scrote with her gun(s) or run him over with her car and make it look like an accident.

No. 1315188

Oh I know autogynephiles get pseudo-bisexuality but I am saying some AGP will try to pass themselves off as "HSTS" because they think it's more "true trans", and HSTS are stereotyped to be "prettier"/hyperfeminine while AGP are seen as much uglier/hypermasculine. Both typologies of tranny would be weird and creepy to a normie but the AGP is much more so than HSTS.

No. 1315192

File: 1630715632688.jpg (174.84 KB, 828x598, E-4343511.jpg)

No. 1315194

First one is less annoying since he doesn't claim to be a woke feminist.
This is like asking an ant if myrmarachne is worse than a normal spider.

No. 1315195

wow so just full on bi-erasure time?

No. 1315204

If you go on /tttt/ you do see a lot of AGP (the board is 90% AGP) seething over HSTS because HSTS "pass" better than them. I wouldn't be surprised if many AGP tried pretending to be HSTS. I think that Rose of the Dawn on YouTube pretends to be HSTS but he's obviously AGP.

No. 1315207

That era was taken for granted when it came to libfemmery. That was even when modern troon activism was in its infancy and their mantra was that sex and gender are not the same and that transwomen are males.

No. 1315214

File: 1630717249940.png (4.56 KB, 342x130, 21321.PNG)

I'm on a film taste thread on /tttt/ and their tastes are so stereotypically straight male.

No. 1315217

> rape and violence
> rape and sadistic abuse of teenagers
> Blade Runner

yeah, fits the profile

No. 1315218

>movie where woman is brutally raped
>torture porn but its its actually a metaphor for italian fascism


No. 1315220

4chan is a straight male site like Reddit is, even the places you expect to not have straight males are full of them like r/actuallesbians and /lgbt/. I think the only female-dominated board on 4chan was /cgl/.

No. 1315221

Blade Runner has a rape scene.

No. 1315222

Blade Runner and its sequel are misogynistic but people always try to pass them off as not.

No. 1315223

>a metaphor for italian fascism
kek anon I honestly don't think /tttt/ troons care about the fascism metaphor, they most likely saw the underage teenagers get abused and listened to the old woman's gross stories, coomed and deemed it a good film.

No. 1315224

File: 1630718070122.png (36.1 KB, 718x745, 325345.PNG)

They always claim women have bad taste in cinema. Must be because women don't care for rape and misogyny.

No. 1315228

>muh women with bad taste
lol tranny pls
Most films on that list were memed for years on /tv/ and the rest are basic "cult" films that any normalfag (from either sex) watched at least once. Dude formed his tastes on 4chan and doesn't look for anything beyond that.

No. 1315229

This dude's list is just a stereotypical list of films a white man who calls himself a writer or an intellectual would enjoy, but with movies he thinks women would like and films about the constraint of femininity (which I'm sure he thinks he understands, but definitely doesn't) thrown in. Hard no pass.

No. 1315230

Shit like Drive and Lost in Translation were considered /tv/ classics, how the fuck is it "women's taste".

No. 1315234

I think so too but moids will always bring up how deep and meaningful it is by mentioning it is a metaphor for Italian fascism. It's like when they talk about how Martyrs is so amazing but it's just misogynistic torture porn.

No. 1315235

You can tell from this selection of movies he is trying to LARP as a woman but his maleness comes through.

No. 1315237

How is kids shitting on eachother or whatever happens in that film (haven't seen it) a metaphor for fascism?

No. 1315238

File: 1630719177142.jpg (72.2 KB, 480x640, baileyBALD.jpg)

some tranny porn star that's usually trotted out as being perfectly passing and based by 4chan dudes. he looks like this now lmao!

No. 1315241

do women even like this film? it's just about an incel who falls in love with his computer.

No. 1315242

Remember when MOGAI trannies created the term 'bi lesbians' and the libkweer LGBTs were saying the term was lesbophobic/biphobic but instead of blaming the trannies, they made up the bs that it was created by TERFs? And then you had both sides claiming their enemies were TERFs.

The MOGAIs were saying "denying the existence of bi lesbians is TERF rhetoric" while the other side was saying "bi lesbians are not valid and if you believe in it then you are a TERF".

No. 1315244

I was going to say this, but I know that someone will pipe up and say "I do, and you're sexist for saying I wouldn't". You're not alone in this, though, all the people I've met who like it are men who insist it's ~*art*~. It comes across as incel pontificating, though.

No. 1315256

All they did was make his nostrils bigger lol

No. 1315258

And further recede his wispy, flesh colored hairline

No. 1315259

He's just trying to make people mad. People talking about him is free advertising. "Hey, did you see what lil nas x did this time?" is a lot easier and more effective than spending money on advertising that most people will ignore.

No. 1315266

The movie was creepy and I can't ever see it as romantic because the relationship was completely unequal - even more so than your normal straight relationship because while the man was human, the woman was literally an object. The female character in the relationship is only there to please the male and give him character development, and the consent is dubious. I hate both Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 for this too. In both Her and Blade Runner 2049, they even bring in a an actual woman who will give up her body to have sex with the male character. Troons love these movies because they treat women as an object, costume, and male fantasy.

No. 1315268

I'm seriously confused what this dumbass is trying to get at here like this makes no sense and I see this exact take all the time on twitter

No. 1315271

If these TiMs wanted to "prove" their femaleness then they should like movies like My Private Idaho.

No. 1315272

These movies make the male the human and the female the concept.

No. 1315274

where is this comment from?

No. 1315276

The torture the teenage sex slaves endure from the fascists is supposed to be a metaphor for the people's suffering of being under a totalitarian society. Also the shit-eating scene is supposed to be a metaphor for the fast food industry.

I've never watched it and don't plan to. People either love the movie as a complex metaphor or hate it for its disgusting scenes. I know Martin Scorsese, Michael Haneke, and Roger Ebert all loved it. Maybe they are all just degenerates.

No. 1315278

File: 1630725612674.jpg (216.99 KB, 2048x1326, E-UV7MvWUA4L22y.jpg)

Oh boy.

No. 1315280

Repeat or severe sex criminals should be castrated and imprisoned for life, I don't care how "cruel and unusual" some fat pervert on Twitter thinks it is.

No. 1315285

rdrama.net (a place to make fun of redditors), there's lots of angry incels there who would claim their sexism is only irony, but it's obvious guys like that user are unironically seething and seriousposting.
Not to say it's only inhabited by men, there's likely some female users too, but you don't see (non-trans) men getting shit on even half as much as they shit on women.

No. 1315288

File: 1630726431874.png (509.23 KB, 874x768, a9e494c3-0770-599d-a63a-335039…)

No. 1315289

Americans are absolutely incredible at mental gymnastics.

No. 1315290

Yeah, thinking a relationship between a man and a robot who is designed to please him is romantic is like thinking your toilet cares about you because it cleans up your poop. It's just built that way, any imagined relationship is one sided.
You could make film named Mirror that's just about a guy who cooms to his own reflection and men would call it deep.

I see, thanks. Well, Scorsese is a Polanski defender… so yes he's a degenerate.

No. 1315291

>the complete horror that is sex offender registries

This is some rape apologist bs.

No. 1315296

No. 1315306

my god, you simply have no idea how elated i am to find another mcgee appreciator. the alice games are fucking amazing. i know there’s a lot of critic towards the second game because of its gendered violence, but i still love it. i came across it when i was 12 and it’s the only video game i love (along with, like, 2 other games.) mcgee’s apparently working on another one where alice hops into the minds of others and attempts to fix their trauma, but the funding’s hard. i wish i could create something as great as alice one day.

No. 1315308

No. 1315310

I believe Blanchard describes this. Many AGP will misremember or exaggerate details from their childhood to make themselves out to be more feminine/GNC than they actually were in order to further legitimize their trans claims.

No. 1315318

None of those choices are surprising. Troons love horror movies too, especially slashers where sexy teen girls get killed. It's all the stuff you would expect a serial killer to be into.

No. 1315319

completely off topic but marriage?? what's wrong with marriage

No. 1315320

Are you serious? Feminists have always criticised marriage.
You can read the Wikipedia page for some common arguments:

No. 1315321

>My Own Private Idaho
I know the joke here is that TiFs are obsessed with that movie. What’s the equivalent for TiMs?

No. 1315322

I think the argument to be made is that these are survival instincts that exist in a specific context, so still largely nurture rather than inevitable nature. If women didn't have to rely on men or had the means to best them in confrontation through solidarity (female solidarity is how bonobos maintain power even though the male ones are still stronger on average) then these survival instincts wouldn't apply.

Nature implies a sort of inevitability, which I don't think is the driving force here.

No. 1315324

I wish female humans could achieve the level of solidarity that female bonobos have. Women always compete and tear each other down. Mothers don't even like their own daughters.

No. 1315325

Sorry anon i don't really come here bc I'm a radfem or whatever, i just like to make fun of delusional males without engaging my brain too much. Thanks for the info btw

No. 1315326

Bonobos are very based and I hope human females can achieve that sort of solidarity some day. Minus some of the incest sex, preferably.

Patriarchal structures isolate women so they can never form any kind of class consciousness and realize their commonalities through the misogyny men subject them to. It's my pet theory that it's why moids of color hate when women of color realize that despite white women's ability to be racist, white women and women of color ultimately have more in common with each other than either of them do to their respective male counterparts. Hence how intersectionality has been weaponized to destroy any form of female solidarity and pretend that white women and women of color have nothing in common and is now all a "but what about the oppressed MEN" fest.

No. 1315327

File: 1630733965704.jpeg (596.47 KB, 2219x1272, 298B835A-9955-4DC4-B782-BF0E4A…)

He guy makes sissy captions with pictures of himself. Not going to post them because they are disgusting.

No. 1315328

File: 1630733991603.webm (837.04 KB, 480x270, 7EG2BiINRD4Tqt8l.webm)

No. 1315333

>Less wrinkles
You look like a botox nightmare, and you're claiming to be superior to a woman because she has wrinkles? It's called aging, it's a sign of life, health, and normalcy. Looking like someone took a floor buffer to your face isn't the gotcha you think it is. Jean/Vonny is really pretty, I'm not going to lie. Looks don't really matter, but she looks like a very healthy older woman, and that's respectable imo.

No. 1315334

He’s a homosexual femboy turned troon. Wouldn’t surprise me if he had nazi views and shared that incel level misogyny that the right wing femboys have. They are also obsessed with plushies, jean shorts and tank tops for some reason (trying to dress like a 12 year old girl?). We have 2 femboy threads on here if anyone wants to read about them.

No. 1315335


I think they are wising up to people asking this question, which is why you see troons these days pushing the idea that sex differences are bullshit as well.

Usually in the form of smugly declaring "sex differences are a bit more complicated than you learned in high school biology" which works on most people because it's partially true. There are XY people who have a completely female phenotype externally, there are sex chromosome errors, there is mosaicism, etc.

But of course, none of this changes the fact that humans only have two sets of gametes, and that 99%+ of humans fall into the normally expressed XX or XY category.

And more importantly: the whole discipline of biology falls apart if you try to impose this ridiculous standard on it. "Humans have two legs" - well, some of them don't, some are born without legs, some are born with a well-developed fetus in fetu and therefore technically have FOUR legs. "The human body exhibits bilateral symmetry" - um no it doesn't sweaty, some people only have one eye, some babies are born with a club foot, many people have an extra nipple on one side! The whole field of health care would fall apart if we erased any and all general statements based on the existence of some rare disorders. But apparently we are now supposed to do this when it comes to sex differences, and accept that the idea of there being two sexes was just transphobic all along lmao

(Trannies also love to pretend to be "intersex" these days even though intersex is not a medical category. I have also seen trannies pushing the idea that intersex means having both sets of genitalia, which is physically impossible and does not happen in humans, and that such conditions are common. All bullshit, but most people with enough knowledge to shut them down don't want to risk their own careers)

No. 1315336

His forced tone and inflection is insufferable. Just talk in a normal voice, you annoying orc.

No. 1315338

Women's criticism of marriage existed long before radical feminism. It's been around since proto-feminism times because marriage is a tactic that males use to control female sexuality and reproduction. Since marriage is a cultural universal, a lot of people speculate that patriarchy came about with the invention of marriage. It all boils down to maternity being guaranteed but paternity being uncertain.

No. 1315341

No those dumb Idiots still defended trannies at the end of the day, they'd always Edit "and I don't mean transwomen"

No. 1315342

old school trans pervs love The Stepford Wives. modern ones seem to mostly love crappy japanese cartoons.

No. 1315343

Can you give confirmation of him being truly HSTS and former femboy? I'm >>1314994 and I'd like confirmation, just to see how sharp my senses are. Someone refuted me (it started that thread), so I could be wrong. There's just something about him that screams 4chan skinnyfat twink to me, more than AGP.

No. 1315344

Not only is marriage a social construction but even fatherhood is. Male humans like the vast majority of male mammals did not originally play any role in the care of offspring. Humans are a sexually dimorphic species and male humans lack any biological functions for taking care of children. Generally speaking sexually dimorphic species only have one parent care for offspring because they have more divided roles in reproduction.

No. 1315346

the latter is a lot worse, the first guy in his ideal scenario at least has a job and financially supports the Victoria's Secret model, the latter guy literally only takes and takes

No. 1315351

File: 1630735657302.webm (1.59 MB, 1280x720, FullSizeRender.webm)

I think this video says it all. Contra (agp) and the other troon (hsts) basically both have agp imo. The typology isn’t clear cut. They both fetishize female body parts and functions. These men are frustrated they don’t have female X part because they want sexual gratification. Just like the incels who dissect their jawline length and who say it’s responsible for the rejection they get. These men have a fetish and wear woman face, there is no “true trans”.

No. 1315355

Correct. There's also the objectification of women and hyperfocus on female appearances when evolutionary speaking it really should be the other way around. The female is supposed to be the "choosy" sex considering the amount of energy expenditure female humans put into gestation and childcare. Male humans are also more "adorned" because they have wider vocal chords, a much higher level of muscle mass, and more body hair. All those things do not serve any real function outside of demonstrating physical fitness to gain female attention.

No. 1315356

Scroll though his Twitter.

No. 1315358

Okay don't wanna start this debate but that's just very inaccurate, human beings and other hominoids were hunter gatherers for most of our history and a lot of our mental problems come from the fact that we are still very much the same hunter gatherers, using Chimpanzees and Bonobos, before Homo-Sapiens even existed Chimps and our ancestors had split over 6 million years ago
no offense but a lot of radfems were/are very sheltered and had no idea about Anthropology and most importantly survivalism and the skills you need to actually live in the woods in their dumb fantasies
The whole reason intersectionality came to be was cause the entire movement was led by upper middle college educated white women, there was no representation or space for working class women, black women, mentally ill women
Its pretty east to say why there was such a backlash against the whole thing

No. 1315360

pretty much, Blanchard pointed out that AGPs just aren't everyday white men, they are often the most privileged social groups, the minority of non-white APGs are also on average very Upper/upper middle class and come from "liberal" households, while HSSTs are from conservative households

No. 1315361

Freak troon wants to take out his issues on a pretty mommy and bring her down a peg or two, I'm sure. Never, ever underestimate the desire of the workaday male to punish "mommy" for her years and years of perceived slights. Or to punish Stacy for not fucking him. The only female they ever seem to not have decades of resentment built up towards is little girls. They want to become them. Men are so creepy. Particularly, of course, troons.

Exactly anon. I hate the intersex arguments and "WELLACKSHULLY" shit about how some incredibly rare situations can happen that result in a person being neither entirely male or female. It all goes back I think to that "valid" shit, where anything that doesn't account for even the most obscure of human experience is "invalidating".

No. 1315362

Actually, we have a relatively high amount of male paternal care as compared to other mammalian species. When fathers are exposed to their babies, their testosterone levels drop & there's also shifts in oxytocin and other neurochemicals if I recall correctly. We also have a very short window where mothers become pregnant again, 2/3 years, which is much shorter than our primate relatives like gorillas (6ish years) which rely on almost exclusively maternal care, indicating that fathers did play a significant role, especially after the babies are weaned and the burden of breastfeeding is no longer put on the woman. Human babies are both very biologically costly and take a fuckton of parental care to raise, so it's very unfeasible that by the same we evolved into anatomically modern humans, the burden was put entirely on the mother. Which is why the current day nuclear family where the baby is highly reliant on the mother and only the mother doesn't work out very great.

It's also an evolutionary mating strategy for female primates to sleep with an array of men, to muddle up who paternity actually belongs to and thus ensure support in caretaking from more than one man. You can see this reflected in some cultural myths of hunter-gatherers where they thought that each person a woman has sex with contributed to the baby.

Not to evofag but this is one of my interests. Sarah Blaffer Hrdy is a primatologist + anthropologist who's written a lot about this if you're curious. We're pretty variable when it comes to care strategies, and it typically depends on the environment. We can have very high levels of paternal care or little (see post agricultural revolution hierarchal societies where the average amount of paternal care dropped).

No. 1315363

Fuck yes, I watch his streams every now and then and its just heartbreaking but he tries so hard out of genuine passion to create something wonderful, the Alice games realty helped me with my depression when I was younger and I only wish I could actually support him

No. 1315366

None of that is proof that male humans were playing a significant in the care of offspring. Male tigers are less aggressive towards their offspring but they don't raise them. Even in hunter-gatherer societies, grandmothers, sisters, and brothers can play a larger role in childcare than fathers do (which probably explains why menopause exists in older women).

Ntayrt and sage for OT (not going to continue this discussion because its derailing this thread).

No. 1315368

there's a flavor of homosexual femboys to hsts 4chan types that has a lot of overlap with AGP. look at the femboy thread for starters.

No. 1315369

There's nothing inaccurate about what I said, and I wasn't implying we were bonobos lol, just providing an example of how higher levels of male strength don't necessarily lead to a particular response. I don't think you understand what I said at all or that you have any particular understanding of anthropology, because it's very common to look at our closest relatives as behavioral comparisons.

I know plenty about anthropology though. Hunter-gatherer societies were relatively more egalitarian than the societies that came after them, for the record. Still not perfect though, which is why we shouldn't look to the past for a blueprint of the future.

And intersectionality was invented by a black woman with the intent of describing the effects of racialized misogyny and sexualized racism. It's white men who have mostly hijacked the whole thing.

No. 1315370

File: 1630737216382.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 76e.jpg)

>His only interaction with his biological father was on his 13th birthday, a meeting which turned violent as McGee's father drunkenly assaulted him that night.
>McGee had a number of stepfathers when growing up until his mother finally settled into a relationship with a transgender woman. When McGee was sixteen, he came home from school and found his house empty and abandoned; the only things left were his bed, his books, his clothes and his Commodore 64 computer. His mother had sold the house to pay for two plane tickets and the fee for her girlfriend's sex reassignment surgery, leaving him on his own. He packed up his computer, dropped out of high school and took a variety of odd jobs, finally settling on a Volkswagen repair shop.

some troon really convinced a mother to abandon her children(mcgee also had a younger sister) and sell her house to pay for a crotch axe wound

No. 1315372

File: 1630737373177.jpeg (983.18 KB, 1242x1647, 0FEEBB9E-669C-48F5-A7B7-1B038A…)


No. 1315373

Just read Sarah Blaffer Hrdy before we derail this whole thread then. Male primates definitely provide more paternal care than male tigers, dumbass, they weren't just generally less aggressive.

They can play a larger role depending on environment, which is why I said we're very variable on our care strategies. That is the whole point.

No. 1315374

Samefag and this is the last I will say about it but there is also hunter-gatherer societies where the fathers spend a substantial amount of time around their offspring, some hunter-gatherer fathers spending 40% of their days in direct contact with them. You have to be delusional to think a social species like us got to this point with no possibilities for high paternal care.

No. 1315375

File: 1630737733123.png (190.44 KB, 1338x782, Screen Shot 2021-09-04 at 2.40…)

had to look at his post history, he thinks HRT didn't help because his mental map of his height is way more UwU than his reality, which is ugga-ugga. Seriously delusional scrote imagines himself an entire foot smaller, unsurprisingly a height more befitting of a teenage girl or an anime girl.

I don't know… most supermodels are 6 foot plus, are you sure you're not just an ugly male ogre and that's why HRT didn't work?

No. 1315377

TiMs love the movie End of Evangelion. It is an anime movie for a series where all the characters are mentally ill and the female characters are sexualized. One of the female characters is a clone of the main character’s mother and he gets weirdly romantic moments with her which represents the Oedipus complex of TiMs. Another female character the main character has romantic moments with is a redhead with narcissistic personality disorder, this is also relatable to TiMs.

No. 1315378

File: 1630738220011.jpeg (Spoiler Image,289.79 KB, 750x707, 17B87C27-1DB2-4543-BF3D-B223FC…)

Anyone know what he’s on about today.


No. 1315379

File: 1630738240754.png (1.21 MB, 1356x1260, Screen Shot 2021-09-04 at 2.50…)

This one passes as a Regency era prince who was breastfed into his twenties.

No. 1315380

if you abandon your kids because you want to fuck a sissy's necrotic crotch wound you didn't need much convincing. some women are simply shitty individuals.

No. 1315382


Plenty of women over six foot are self-conscious about their height as well. I’m sure the majority of overweight people have a “mental map” of themselves as much slimmer too.

But only these people get to cry and threaten suicide and demand that those around them comfort them and cater to their feelings constantly and demand free medical procedures and exemptions and accommodations (because they are aggressive straight white men lol). The rest of us just deal with it like adults.

No. 1315383

looks like and sounds like a man

No. 1315384

I mean the lady had horrible taste in men, seeing as the father of her child was a violent drink, but leaving your children for a Troon just boggles the mind
why would any human being do that

No. 1315385

Men feel plenty of resentment towards little girls. Without mentioning how boys treat girls, men regularly assert misogyny around little girls to "put them in their place", molest little girls, jack off to CP or porn that featuring "childlike" women, murder little girls, etc. We"ve repeatedly seen troons talk about how much they hate little girls and want to kill them, because they "can't be them", but that could be an excuse. What sounds better, "I'm mad at the little girl because I'm envious of her", or "I'm mad at the little girl because she's a girl"?
Jesus Christ, 5'4" is short for women, where I live. I know full grown women can be shorter, but it's insane to me that these moids think it's anything other than immensely creepy to want to be that small. Any time a guy deliberately comments on my height as a positive, I assume he's either very insecure, a pervert, or both. These dudes actually want to skinwalk the idea of a petite anime girl, don't they? Disgusting, get them detixed from the internet and porn.

No. 1315386

File: 1630738938486.png (41.94 KB, 727x300, 54353.PNG)

I don't know but picrel is funny to me.

No. 1315394

Kek their subreddit for masculinity and manhood is half filled with TIFs and their subreddit about womanhood and feminism is 90% filled with TIMs

No. 1315396

Lmao this

No. 1315398

lmao you're right, many of them are obsessed with that.
they pretend they love eva because they think it makes them look smart, since it references psychological theories and rips off arthur clarke, but the real reason they love it is because they jack off to the sexualized underage cartoon girls.
a person that is actually smart would just read childhood's end and other books for many of the same philosophical speculations that eva has instead of watching a cheaply made cartoon that wastes screen time on creepshots of little girls.

No. 1315405

File: 1630741297497.png (345.46 KB, 318x475, 41f.png)

Why are moids so fucking retarded. I always knew he was a man. Even when I was in high school on /b/. He looks like a scene boy.

No. 1315406

i live in a shitty country and i’m broke, but I have this fantasy where i get super rich and i get the money to fund his pursuits and help him make the next great alice game. the first was just a piece of art, considering how it dealt with depression, and the second game’s ending? i think about it everyday.

No. 1315408

it is willful retardation. They want so badly to believe futanari is real they will convince themselves this looks like a woman, and they'll have a functional penis. The reason why so many men are curious about "chicks with dicks", don't really know. I've seen it theorized that it has to do with women not having as obvious response to sexual stimuli. Men are at best not as emotionally aware as us and so would benefit from a big turgid rod or mouthful of ejaculate to let them know that yes, women can be horny too. Thats why the obsession with squirting or shemales. More normal men look for female sexual response in nipple hardness (kek let them believe it) and lots of moaning.

No. 1315409

File: 1630741882226.jpg (180.49 KB, 1000x798, 1622043752006.jpg)

He has a pudgy body so the fat helps disguise his maleness but his face is a dead giveaway
he's still working on it, it might take a couple years but with the income he gets from his mobile games it might be finished with in 3-4 years

No. 1315412

File: 1630742660633.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1440, Polish_20210904_100154968.jpg)

I don't get why they idolise puberty blockers, so far from what I've seen they don't help with body shape at all. Once those guys get 25+ they just look like males with long hair anyway.

I tried to watch it and it was so boring, actors were so bad and it was so wannabe deep I turned it off midways. Talked to my mom about it afterwards and found out she went through the exact same journey with this movie.
It's the tale as old as time, what scrotes like is 'good' and what women like is 'bad'. Women have bad music taste, women have bad movie taste, teenage girls are lame, women have bad taste in books, female hobbies are lame. All of those are taken as a fact irl and on the Internet.
BTW the Wispa mansplainer guy really reminds me of the main guy from Her kek
I'm really hyped for the next game but I'm kinda worried it's never gonna get made. It's been so many years. Second game is what got me into gaming.

No. 1315414

>a quirky relatable man who isn't a dickbrained chauvinist ape

don't flatter yourself, you disgusting fatfuck

No. 1315416

from Whipping girl by Julia Serano(A degenerate TIM TRA)

>We must also stop pretending that there are essential differences between women and men. This begins with the acknowledgment that there are exceptions to every gender rule and stereotype, and this simply stated fact disproves all gender theories that purport that female and male are mutually exclusive categories. We must move away from pretending that women and men are “opposite” sexes, because when we buy into that myth it establishes a dangerous precedent. For if men are big, then women must be small; and if men are strong then women must be weak. And if being butch is to make yourself rock-solid, then being femme becomes allowing yourself to be malleable; and if being a man means taking control of your own situation, then being a woman becomes living up to other people’s expectations. When we buy into the idea that female and male are “opposites,” it becomes impossible for us to empower women without either ridiculing men or pulling the rug out from under ourselves. It is only when we move away from the idea that there are “opposite” sexes

Some might consider this passage progressive and might even agree with this, but its fundemtally backwards as well as blind to reality, Men are men and women are women and while there are bullshit gender roles that we should erase pretending that massive biological differences that we developed over the course of millions of years in our evolutionary history is dumb, men are bigger then women and are stronger then women, but women have higher pain tolerance, better perception of color, longer life expectancy and better ability to survive famines and a million other things

No. 1315418

File: 1630743565088.jpg (99.64 KB, 1024x787, ((Lesbian)).jpg)

hang on I think he might onto something, there are a minority of actual women who willingly get into relationships with TIMs e.g Nats getty and as discussed American mcgee's mother, there attraction could be based on the attraction certain heterosexual women have for femme gay men
It could be a desire for a ultra feminine gay best friend that will also fuck them

No. 1315420

>women have higher pain tolerance
This isn't true. Men demonstrate a higher pain threshold and higher tolerance to pain.

>Abundant evidence from recent epidemiologic studies clearly demonstrates that women are at substantially greater risk for many clinical pain conditions, and there is some suggestion that postoperative and procedural pain may be more severe among women than men. Consistent with our previous reviews, current human findings regarding sex differences in experimental pain indicate greater pain sensitivity among females compared with males for most pain modalities, including more recently implemented clinically relevant pain models such as temporal summation of pain and intramuscular injection of algesic substances.


No. 1315421

Wasn't Nats a lesbian and Greg a gay man? What the fuck.

No. 1315422

normalizing drag was a big mistake in hindsight. some underground campy garbage meant to entertain big city gays and their faghags? Okay, sure, they were always gonna be ~subversive~. Something every milquetoast watches every spinoff of? bad. The way some women foam at the mouth over these guys is wild, and does definitely border on some sort of sexual desire…or rather, a desire for the ultimate expression of acceptance from a sassy gay best friend. Just saying RuPaul has a lot to answer for.

No. 1315423

>Trannie tankies simping for a fascist government committing genocide, encouraging racism and xenophobia, banning depictions of homosexuality, censoring not only the internet but all of distributed media becoming one of the lowest ranking countries on the Press Freedom Index, offering atrocious health care and thorough corruption through the system
Yeah it checks out

True. I know a hardcore AGP who's clearly only into women but fantasizes about being assfucked just to "feel more like a woman" because to him peak femininity is being used as a fuckhole. AGP is a hell of a drug and pornsick sexual behavior isn't an indicator of sexuality.

No. 1315424


Look at the way the author casually jumps from gender roles to sex, and hopes nobody will notice. They think if they just spout this drivel at enough people, and scream at or threaten anyone who disagrees, they can actually stop people recognizing sexual differences and then they'll finally be women. Nature doesn't work that way.

Not to mention that all of the stereotypes Serano is supposedly decrying are the ones being pushed by AGPs, who start taking hormones and immediately brag about how they're helpless and tiny and can't open jars. Plus the whole idea that being a woman consists ONLY of putting on a wig and a dress and makeup and mincing around like a drag queen.

No. 1315425

Thank you for posting this. I’m so sick of people spreading the “women have higher pain tolerance than men” bullshit. Clinical studies have continuously disproven this myth. Women experience more pain in their lives and at a greater intensity than men do. I feel like the “higher pain tolerance” myth is spread around to downplay how painful menstruation and childbirth are for women. Men in the BDSM community also use it as justification for beating women up because they think it hurts them less.

No. 1315427


Women are more at risk for pain disorders probably because we have stronger immune responses and therefore greater levels of inflammation. That would also explain higher procedural/postoperative pain levels. Are pain levels and pain tolerance the same thing?

No. 1315429

women who wanna get fucked by drag queens, that's weird to think about
we can still see color better though and are adapt at surviving famines

No. 1315431

lots of talk about AGP. Did Blanchard (or anyone else) ever theorise what causes it? I get that it's a fetish but why?

No. 1315432


more than likely male autism and narcissism.

No. 1315434

Ntayrt but pain tolerance thing is complete bs and far better known than the other two. Even the whole color perception thing is wishy-washy because it could be that women just have a larger vocab for color.

No. 1315435


We are also just better overall, let's not even beat around the bush lol. Who the fuck wants to hang out with a group of men. The smell alone.

No. 1315437

File: 1630745188936.png (17.49 KB, 200x198, 838C5D7C-C7E2-4BC5-BC42-3BE77A…)

>China bad because…freedom index

No. 1315438

Women (specifically the conquest of women) is at the center of heterosexual male sexuality. Sex is a lifelong obsession for most men, and a high that they keep chasing. It only makes sense that the object of their obsession seems all-powerful to them, and they want to become that which they hold as the ultimate goal.

Alternatively, I've always thought it has a lot to do with most heterosexual men never feeling "wanted" sexually. There is a top 5% of men that straight women genuinely want to fuck, and the rest are men that we might love for reasons outside of sex (and just tolerate sex with them, not actively "crave" it)…anyway, men desire women to the point of delirium, and they want to hold a modicum of that power and sway.

I think AGP is increasing these days as average men are becoming less and less 'desirable' for average women. We can survive on our own, we don't have as much obligation to find a male early, or settle. Women expect more now and so men have destabilized and are grasping to become 'wanted' again. That's why we have lots of embittered incels, neo-primitive, trad conservatards who want to LARP as 'normal' men, and of course AGPs. It's all the last gasps of a sex that is realizing that only a small percentage of them are truly "wanted" or needed in the modern world.

No. 1315439


No. 1315444

Women in the past weren't even allowed to pick their husbands in most cultures. A boy would grow up and his parents would ensure him a wife through an arranged marriage. Moids are mad that they aren't gifted brides upon adulthood and can't treat women as legal property.

They are trooning out to cope.

No. 1315447

File: 1630747240862.jpeg (13.29 KB, 548x480, minimalmakeup.jpeg)

No. 1315449

Depends on the region of the world, while women in the western world were always forced into marriage with a moid women still did have a choice, sure the desired male partner had to approved by the parents but at least had any semblance of a choice, in East Asia, South Asian and West Asia marriage was like a business dead between 2 families and the concept of love outside sex between them was non-existent
see for example the marriage between Tamar of Georgia and her husband Alan, after divorcing her abusive drunk-ex she married one of her personal Military Commanders, something like that would been implausible in any other region in the world

No. 1315451

Women have only gained "equal rights" (not even technically equal) in some countries only very recently. Because these rights have been around for a short period of time, they are always under threat. A lot of people don't even believe women are oppressed and some even think women have privileges over men because male supremacy is so normalized. The level of freedom these women experience today is a complete anomaly compared to the rest of human history. It's actually really scary to think about.

No. 1315454

Yeah, the way it all relates back to the intersection of AGPs and incels makes a lot of sense. Scrotes have ancestral DNA whiplash over not being guaranteed to procreate if they live past 14. For them this is an affront at a biological level. Relative to our history I guess we should count ourselves lucky that its trannies and incels we have to worry about, not raping hordes or throwing ourselves on a pyre when our bald, assigned husband dies.

No. 1315459

File: 1630748344545.jpeg (446.31 KB, 750x928, 16937A03-A3F9-43D7-9195-C622E0…)

I’ve known dudes who took puberty blockers, they all masculinise with age.

You can also look up candids of people like Teddy Quinlivan, who despite taking blockers, being an ana-chan, and getting implants end up looking like picrel in the face.

Honestly I do actually feel bad for the people who get put on blockers as child ten, they cause long term health issues (especially in women) and everyone lies about how they create men who pass. It’s medical malpractice.

No. 1315468

File: 1630749045646.jpeg (77.55 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

Jazz Jennings is another good example. Puberty blocked but still ages like, in his case, an ugly fat guy with long hair. I find the whole idealization of "passing" being wrapped up with delaying puberty creepy too. I get it logically, puberty is where sexual dimorphism becomes impossible to deny, but there is a creepy element of "little boys look WAY more like girls" to it. Then of course there is the entire tranny obsession with 'passing', specifically as a woman they would fuck.

It isn't enough the entire world calls you ma'am now, and you get to invade our spaces and everyone validates you are a woman. You need to also eyefuck yourself and 'pass'. Aren't we all just what people tell us we are? If everyone says you are a woman, no question, why does it even matter what you look like at that point?

No. 1315469

It’s funny seeing their pics side by side. The woman has the camera at a neutral angle, minimal makeup, normal hair, smiling to the camera. She looks like a woman her age, friendly face and eyes, the wrinkles and face are all natural signs of a mature woman.
On the right you have an obvious male, same age, angling the camera down on himself, with a juvenile hand pose and a filter on top, he is attempting to “smize” but has a face any person would read as unreliable and a sociopath. You can see the moid rage behind his eyes.

No. 1315476

They became straight with LOTS of extra steps.

No. 1315484

Marriage has always been something that benefitted men, not women. I never really understood why women seem so much more obsessed with marriage than men. Maybe they're socialized into being afraid of dying alone but I've never had any interest.

No. 1315485

Puberty blockers won’t help MTFs, male bone structure is encoded in the DNA, it will grow no matter what. Also, estrogen isn’t a hormone that makes things grow, this is a misconception that troons have in their heads. Just take estrogen and you will get female bone structure. Estrogens main role is to regulate the menstural cycle and it’s at its peak when women are of fertile age because we need strong bones to survive a pregnancy. Women also produce testosterone and it increases significantly during female puberty, that’s why we have a growth spurt . Sorry if you don’t have female DNA you will be a linebacker man no matter what. Also, starving yourself isn’t helping these troons pass better, the most passing MTFs are all fat.

Puberty blockers + testosterone on FTMs makes them pass way better because testosterone makes shit grow. Unironically, women are better men than men, as opposed to the other way around. These troons will always look like men no matter what they do because of dat undeniable moid bone structure (and behavior).
>no hips because you can’t get pregnant and your moid brain will always read you like male
>bu.. but infertile women exist
That’s a condition only women expedite
Honestly it’s almost like DNA and chromosomes are important, kek. These moids want a female body but our bodies are designed to give birth. Ain’t going to happen.

No. 1315493

All of that effort and stress on your body just to look like Marilyn Manson kek.

No. 1315508

I didn't know Weird Al Yankovic was transitioning.

No. 1315521


What pisses me off about men who want to become women is that they never advocate for having a period. Yes, I know, not all biological women have periods and they are still women. I think trans women should be required to install a uterus and go through actual female puberty (I know this isn't how science works). They "feel" like a woman? Okay, then take PMS, cramps, bloating, throwing up from the pain, getting TSS from leaving your tampon in too long, etc., like a woman. Cuz you're right, putting on a wig, dress, and makeup doesn't make a person anything other than having a wig, dress, and makeup on.

And since they seem to be so concerned with inappropriate gender roles, why are they putting female gendered clothing and accessories on in the first place? Just be a really effeminate man who likes to wear women's clothing and use women's personal care products. No one gives a shit.

No. 1315523

They DO want periods though. Many of them fetishize menstruation.

No. 1315528


Do they? I hadn't come across that info yet so I guess I assumed they didn't talk about it much. I'm trying to figure out what gender dysmorphia really is. It seems to me to be like a branch off of body dysmorphia. Body dysmorphia is categorized as a mental health disorder so why isn't gender dysmorphia?

If they want to go through the pain of menstruation more power to them, I guess? Me having to take pain meds every month doesn't make me more 'woman' than my neighbor who had a hysterectomy. It's wigging me out that society wants us to start saying that (trans) men can have babies, too, but we have to acknowledge that they are 100% men. Because giving birth is just a gendered construct?

No. 1315529

Jazz put on weight like a man, or a woman with severe PCOS. Can't conquer those male genes. And on top of that boys who go on blockers often end up with these weird childlike heads on top of adult bodies. It's awful.

But still, we are obliged to hand out meds to save the lives of all these 'trans kids', even though it's a concept that barely existed 10 years ago.

No. 1315531

Funny, Jazz claims the weight gain is because of binge eating. Perhaps eating disorders and gender dysmorphia really are two sides of the same coin.

No. 1315537


Don't try to apply much logic to it.

I do think gender dysphoria (not dysmorphia) can be real, although whether it should be treated with transition is another question. However I don't think most trannies today actually experience dysphoria in the way it has traditionally been described. For the most part trannies today consist of:

- autistic boys who are groomed online into thinking that their social problems are due to them really being female (note, plenty of MtF trannies literally have an 'egg cracking' fetish that consists of convincing other men, usually younger, that they are trans)

- Male cross-dressers for whom being female is a sexual fantasy and so want to live as one. When they talk about 'gender euphoria' they usually mean getting a boner. When they talk about 'gender dysphoria' they mean anything that makes their boner go away.

- Men who call themselves transwomen online (often they don't even take hormones) so that they have an excuse to scream at women and call them cunts all the time, access online female spaces, claim victimhood, etc

- Pedos who want easier access to children

- A shrinking proportion of homosexual transexuals (ie, trannies interested only in men) who are now a minority but who are what most normies still think of when they hear 'transwoman'.

This last group are also often sex workers. Whenever you hear about a high murder rate of trans women, what that really means is that these gay prostitutes dressed as women (who are often people of color) are often murdered by other men in the course of their work. However, the other types of transwomen will dishonestly present the statistics as if they are in danger of being killed. In reality they are in absolutely zero danger and are usually comfortable, whiny white men.

No. 1315542

Lol menopause exists in older women because they run out of eggs to drop. It has nothing to do with how little (or how much) time a father has spent raising his children. A woman's body doesn't adapt to a deadbeat dad and just decide to stop producing eggs since he won't be around much.

No. 1315546

She's obviously talking about the grandmother hypothesis, anon.

No. 1315566

I was convinced that a husband would love and look out for me. It took years of adulthood for me to realize that at least 99% of men can't love anyone outside their birth family.
That TRA passage really sums up the fallacy that has been fucking over women raised in the past 40+ years. Just because women ignore what women are, it doesn't mean men will stop being how men are. Look at how many boomer parents left their teen girls alone with boy "friends" who just ruined their self esteem, respect, and confidence, and turned them into "cool girls" who think they understand men and that men like them. I wish MechaRandom got a thread, she got completely BTFOed by her own YT in-group for admitting that the guy running the Star Wars fan shitstream, that brought her on just to show how much he wasn't sexist, was actually harassing and screaming at women behind the scenes. She spent years being the "we really love women" face for YouTube moids, and the most she got out of it was being called a fat whale by the battle frog comics guy. In fact, probably all her "sjw harassment" over the years was came from her own side, and she never suspected that they all fucking hate her.

No. 1315573

Sometimes I regret learning English because I can understand what Americans are saying.

No. 1315603

>china bad because they send islamic terrorists to re-education camps
americans project as hard as transgenders, everyone else knows they're the ones who genocided arabs in the iraq war

how will discord pedos be able to groom little kids into being trans with the use of porn if porn is censored on the internet, such a tragedy

No. 1315605

I’m of Iraqi descent so I rolled my eyes really hard at that retard’s post.

No. 1315606

>re-education camps
They're concentration camps

No. 1315617

can everyone please stop the chinasperging

No. 1315623

This guy isn't getting memed as hard as he deserves to be

No. 1315627

something about it really annoys me more than usual. what does a 6'1" hulkmoid know about being a 5"1' woman??? the world was designed around his body he will never stand the daily consistent inconveniences of being significantly shorter than the avg male.

No. 1315635

>As in libfems pretending to be radfems?
Yes, there were two trannies with us (AGPs) and one of them bossed us around (Nooo, talking about reproductive rights during women's day protest is transphobic!!!1!!). Like literally being the lead of almost all our reunions, talking ALL THE TIME, and he wasn't even transitioning, he was literally a scrawny skaterboi who put a little handkerchief around his neck when he was his womansona. I wasn't very involved and not being friends with almost any of them made me last very little (lost a friend in there). Funny thing is I discussed this with her a few years ago and told her straighforward that I was gender critical and that I remembered that tranny being a really dumb attention starved person. And she was like : ''Well, [tranny] does no longer identify as a female, so whatever. But being transphobic is very wrong.''. And she's been dressing like Anita Sarkeesian in an arthoe phase for ages now. I really hope having that guy and the 14 year old 6 feet tall purple thin hair weaboo tranny in a ''''radfem collective'''' opened the eyes of the rest.

No. 1315667

i just love that for trannies getting fucked in their neovagina is never ever a pleasant thing because there is literally nothing that would make it feel good, they just castrate themselves and for waht? to proceed getting fucked in the ass because their rotting wound can't even take a finger. seethe and dilate you fetishistic fucks, you will never be a woman

No. 1315673

he at least has the excuse of not knowing what was going on just after it happened unlike all the defenders of the sex offender on twitter/woke mainstream media.

No. 1315676

File: 1630772349973.jpeg (93.51 KB, 966x680, CB526DF6-3FC3-40DA-B9D1-D84FBD…)

Fucking clown

No. 1315680

Anyone else think it's kinda fucked up to have a subreddit called transpassing? And everyone asking for advice to pass as a "cis" yet they claim they hate cis people? I checked his post history and he's insecure as hell. Also he has a slim waist which is nice but he has a barrel like male ribcage. He's going down the surgery rabbithole and honestly feel bad for him. Linked is a post where he says his mom told him he looks trans. Why is looking trans a bad thing?

No. 1315693

>do they?
Google Yaniv.

Cause the body is still producing adrenal androgens. Hence the masculinization over time. See also: Janet Mock.

No. 1315736

File: 1630777046316.jpg (75.18 KB, 1024x869, 186540341_1883784675131743_110…)

From leftypol(which is basically the same thing as chapochat) they seethe so much at all mentions of their biological sex

No. 1315745

I feel like this one would look much better if he chose less revealing outfits. Idk why every other 20+ TIM chooses to dress like a teenage instagram thot. He said somewhere he's a 'camgirl' too, quite sad.

No. 1315829

>quote from a Kurdish political prisoner superimposed on top of a panel from an Evangelion yaoi doujinshi
Only troons are capable of creating content this cringey

No. 1315833

Only /cgl/ and /cm/ are female dominated because they're for hobbies primarily held by women. I think /lgbt/ had some dedicated lesbian posters, but the transbians would invade their threads so often they eventually jumped ship. I don't blame them.

No. 1315836

Nice false dichotomy. Nothing she said there supports the theory that shes a grifter.

No. 1315839

cgl is unusable for me now– completely full of trannies and retarded moids fishing for cosplay gf

No. 1315847

>TIMs love Evangelion because of the teenage girls in plugsuits, moeblob waifus and gratuitious robot violence against said moeblob waifus
>TIFs love Evangelion because the main character is a short, mopey, vaguely feminine boy who falls in love with another boy at one point
I wish I could go back in time to give Hideaki Anno some Prozac so he would never make this cursed series in the first place

No. 1315852

Classic skinny poc transvestite prostitute. First picture seems like he's picking his nose, I can smell the rest.

No. 1315859

>regular uighurs are islamic terrorists who need to be fused to the han majority via labor camps and forced IUDs and abortions
what the fuck, where did all these "china based" polfaggots come to this thread?

No. 1315863

I've been scrolling through r/transpassing and I'm amazed at how most ftm are teens or younger than 21 whereas mtf go from teens to 50yo men.

No. 1315865

>makes money preaching that people need to believe women when they talk about being harassed
>literally dismisses women who said they were harassed, says 'spinning the narrative to be about protecting children is right wing dehumanization and degradation of the spa sex offender'
she's as much a grifter as a preacher who promotes chastity while diddling kids

No. 1315875

True. I've never seen a woman in her 40s troon out.

No. 1315876

I don't know, but I wish they'd leave and stop derailing with their retard takes. Either it's a Westerner (particularly Anglophone) with no sense of perspective, or some sort of busted psyop. My bet is on the former.

No. 1315878

I know a couple of non binary women in their late 20s and thirties. They're so cringe acting like they're oppressed because you called them "she" and not "them". I also noticed that most of them are white and have an alternative/niche look like goth or lolita

No. 1315880

I guess /soc/ had it’s camwhores

No. 1315883

Evangelion is singlehandedly responsible for the rise of modern otaku culture. Even if we couldn’t nuke Japan a third time, we should have stopped Evangelion from being created. It might have slowed down the trooning out.

No. 1315885

I could never take NGE seriously because it has 14 year old girls constantly sexualized. Anno even said he put in Christian stuff for the aesthetic and it has no deep meaning. Every troon that likes Evangelion is a particularly nasty one.

No. 1315886

since when do the nazis on pol support the chinese communist party

>people seriously think xi jinping is running psyops on fucking lolcow.farm
lmao the amount of red scare

No. 1315887

>Every troon that likes Evangelion is a particularly nasty one.
Same from my experience. Evangelion is also responsible for the most toxic waifu war in history. The franchise and fandom is pure concentrated autism.

No. 1315889

File: 1630795488861.jpeg (77.89 KB, 493x491, 7E5C184C-9245-4F0E-9E91-1B8EE2…)

anno himself has described nge as a feminist work and the overt sexualization and misogyny in it as critical tbh. Isn’t he married to a Japanese radfem

No. 1315890

Hense "busted" and "I believe the other option". I only listed the other one because China is notoriously retarded about the internet and spreadung the narrative that "China #1". Does anyone else remember the time they sued a Taiwanese game studio and had their game removed from all platforms in all countries because of a single asset that said "Xi Jingping Winnie the Pooh bastard"?

No. 1315891

I thought /cm/ was actually full of gay men because that was what I saw when I browsed it a few times. Maybe it was a mix of straight girls and gay men. This was before the whole fakeboi thing but I guess maybe some girls were LARPing too.

No. 1315892

>anno himself has described nge as a feminist work and the overt sexualization and misogyny in it as critical tbh
This is retarded reasoning.

>Isn’t he married to a Japanese radfem

No he isn’t. Radfems barely even exist in Japan.

No. 1315894

as someone who likes Eva (I'm trash), stfu and don't defend this trash franchise or its trash creator; we don't need to derail with another Cuties argument ffs

No. 1315895

> anno himself has described nge as a feminist work and the overt sexualization and misogyny in it as critical tbh
Typical scrote logic. I only put in pedo material because I was criticising pedopohilia!!

No. 1315896

Imagine thinking not believing the Heritage Foundation and its “freedom index” is the same thing as saying “China based”. Definitely no American brainwashing going on there. Hey, didn’t Texas just ban abortion?

No. 1315897

who’s his wife then I thought I read an article she wrote a few years ago

No. 1315898

Anno is a hack, but I appreciate that his newest Evangelion movie ended by telling Eva fans to go the fuck outside for once and stop living in a fantasy world. The screeching was insane, not sure if his wife is a radfem but she's definitely a good influence.
On 4chan it's still customary for women and girls to pretend they're male(calling each other "bros", etc), even on boards like /cm/ which are dedicated to cute fanart of male characters made by and for women. The board as a whole is probably <10% gay and bi men.

Of course, the only anons who openly say they're "girls" are the troons on /lgbt/ and the like.

No. 1315901

>not sure if his wife is a radfem
She isn’t. Not sure where anon got that idea from.

No. 1315902

No, they weren’t just calling each other “bro” and stuff. They talked about being gay with a boyfriend or in the closet.

No. 1315906

He is your typical misogynistic Japanese moid with depression. Don’t tell me you actually believe focusing on Asuka’s teenage beasts and selling merch for otaku to masturbate to it is supposed to be some “critique”…

No. 1315907

There definitely are gay men there, but fakebois aren't above appropriating gay male experiences to make their LARP more believable. Even a cursory glance at fakeboi antics will reveal plenty of Aidens spinning yarns about people on the street heckling them and calling them faggots, being closeted to their homophobic family, etc.

No. 1315908

when I watched it I got the impression the audience was consciously supposed to hate shinji (anno)

No. 1315909

I am a bigger fan of Moyoco than I am of Hideaki and no way is Moyoco a radfem. Stop labelling any vaguely feminist woman a “radfem”, most women in Japan can’t even embrace liberal feminism because they think it’s too threatening to men.

No. 1315924

On r/gendercritical, they did find some 35+ year old women trooning out. Nowhere near as many as TiMs of course but its certainly not impossible.

No. 1315926

A lot of them are LARPing fujos. Fujos back then still LARPed as men but they passed themselves off as bio men instead of fakebois.

No. 1315931

Masha Gessen but she went they/them. Sady Doyle went he/they.

No. 1315936

Masha Gessen is a US operative, she even worked for Radio Free Europe. There is definitely a coordinated US plan where they use "LGBT rights" to try to manipulate and destabilize other countries, like Gessen's native Russia. Gay rights is fine (unless it comes to reproductive technology then I start getting disgusted) but Americans purposely spreading transgenderism to other countries is incredibly harmful.

No. 1315938

Tbh if Gessen just identified as a lesbian or something then it would be OK, I would just see her as a normie lesbian activist… but calling herself "non-binary" just demonstrates that she has swallowed up American queer theory propaganda.

No. 1315939

>I would just see her as a normie lesbian activist
Ok samefag here but maybe not "normie", it's obvious she would still be taken advantage of by US propagandists.

No. 1315942

This is why a lot of non-Western countries associate homosexuality with Western propaganda. There’s plenty of gay Russians out there but Masha who is one of the biggest activists has connections to the CIA and identifies as bullshit non-binary.

No. 1315947

Exactly. Western nations pushing "LGBT" into the non-West feels a lot like when they were pushing "Christianity" onto them through colonization, and then "democracy" onto them during their de-colonization periods. I don't have any problem with LGB but I know T is going to be disastrous for the rights of non-Western women. It's already bad enough for Western women. Western nations don't seem to care about women's rights unless they can use it to spread imperialist propaganda about how backwards the Middle East is.

No. 1315948

Jesus christ take this muh globohomo shit to the tinfoil thread or something, it's embarrassing.

No. 1315949

Yeah just like how trans rights eroding women's rights is all just a conspiracy, all transgender people want to do is pee ofc.

No. 1315950

You're not entirely wrong, Kimberle Crenshaw developed intersectionality to explain the experience of multiply marginalized women, but you are 100% wrong that the "entire movement was led by upper middle class college educated white women." The suffrage movement was intertwined with the temperance movement, which RAN on the experiences of poor women. The leadership of working class immigrant Jewish women in the textile industry was paramount. The second wave got what it got done BECAUSE it wasn't a homogenous group–Susan Faludi's Backlash has a bunch of great info on blue collar women's attempts to break into the trades. Black and Chicana women of the '70s built entire MOVEMENTS that produced thousands of pages of work, much of it specifically criticizing the male supremacy of the Black and Chicano groups, which somehow never gets remembered as well as every time they criticized (rightfully!) feminism. Flo Kennedy co-ran the famous Miss America protest, founded the Feminist Party, and toured with Gloria Steinem! I'm not saying there were never any issues of power, absolutely there always have been, but 1. men have worked tirelessly to portray feminism as a frivolous white girl's hobby by pushing this line (and NEVER criticizing men in social movements in the same way, like they haven't frequently been a bunch of rich boy rapists) and 2. at some point, all this does is erase the women who worked their asses off throughout history to make space for themselves. And it makes feminism completely US-centric, when it has ALWAYS Been global. He Zhen, Begum Rokeya, Clara Leimlich, Cherrie Moraga, Ida B. Wells, and a thousand other women are part of our history. And in fact, Kimberle Crenshaw herself has criticized this tendency – google her "Close Encounters of Three Kinds" piece.

I don't mean to jump down your throat, anon, so apologies on that front. But this is such a common line, and I just can't stand it anymore.

No. 1315954

>Western nations don't seem to care about women's rights unless they can use it to spread imperialist propaganda about how backwards the Middle East is.
Basically every rightwing Western moid thinks like this. They believe they live in a matriarchy and feminism is about "female supremacy" kek.

No. 1315963

Leftwing scrotes think so too, they just hide it better

No. 1315964

A lot of them end up trooning out and blaming the patriarchy on trans men.

No. 1315969

Yeah, they seem to believe there’s misogyny all over the world except the West and treat misogyny as something only non-white/non-Western men can perpetuate. They claim Western women have more rights than men, have “female privilege”, or have it easier than men. You can see endless hordes of Western men flooding Thailand and the Philippines to find a poor and “submissive” Southeast Asian bride to marry, because these men have “given up on Western women”.

No. 1315972

White men developing AGP and wife shopping in Southeast Asia are all incel cope behaviors because Western women have more freedoms to not marry trash like them. There was even that one white TiM who identified as a Filipina.

It's not just the "become your own gf" meme, but also the "become your own ASIAN gf".

No. 1315978

>It could be a desire for a ultra feminine gay best friend that will also fuck them
Jesus Christ just date a bisexual guy at that point. Or– here's a thought– have your best friend and the person who fucks you be two different people.

Drag represents all the things biological women are ridiculed for– lots of makeup, swearing, promiscuity, wearing wigs, being loud, being opinionated, etc. Now, those aren't necessarily positive behaviors, but they're things more women would be if there wasn't so much shame around them. The fact that men doing those things is just considered "fun" and "quirky" while for women it would make them a whore tells you everything you need to know.

Basic women like drag queens 1) because they think being a gag hag is a personality trait and 2) because they live vicariously through the queens. Once again it's men doing things women can't and acting like it's subversive.

No. 1315982

>Jesus Christ just date a bisexual guy at that point.
Though bisexual women are fetishized by straight men, bisexual men are thought of as disgusting. Bisexual men are the least desired group. Straight women have a particular fascination with gay men, like how gay men like straight men, and straight men like lesbians. They like what they can't have.

No. 1315984

>They like what they can't have.
Bisexual men have a massive thing for straight women for this reason. Not because their orientations are incompatible but most straight women have no interest in bi men. Even bi women would rather date straight men than bi men.

No. 1315985

I think straight/bi women find gay men not as threatening as straight men, that's why even in fandom they're obsessed with drawing and writing mlm fics. Straight men sexuality scares them, so they'd rather lust over the ~gentle and loving~ gay men

No. 1315986

>Even bi women would rather date straight men than bi men.
I'm straight but I thought it was funny that so many gays and lesbians consider each other allies whereas bi men and bi women seem to hardly talk to each other. Bi women talk more about solidarity with lesbians than they do with bi men, I often forget bi men even exist lmao.

No. 1315988

And this explains their desire to have a male body and "live as a gay man" instead of a straight woman. They are sexually attracted to men (hence their lack of interest in f/f fiction) but they also desire an equal relationship that they can't get within a heterosexual one.

No. 1315991

All fujos seem to have some internalized misogyny. They see men as the default or better so they prefer to read/write about men than women.

No. 1315995

Yeah, I never bought the excuse that male characters are often more well written and developed than female characters that's why f/f is much more rare. Truth is, there's just more straight women than lesbians and they're only interested in reading about the sex they're attracted to.

No. 1316000

Kind of a shame, because the bisexual men (actual bi men, not straight men calling themselves bi for woke clout) I've met IRL have been pretty solid guys.

Bisexuality isn't really "trendy" anymore, so they Myspace-era posers aren't very common these days. Bisexual men also don't seem as likely to troon out, probably because they're not as fixated on the differences between the sexes to begin with. Usually when troons are bisexual, it's a result of AGP or desperation.

Also I'm not sure where all the paranoia about bisexual men passing on STIs comes from, maybe it's a relic of the 80s or 90s. In my experience bi men have a hard time getting laid because gays prefer other gays and straights prefer other straights. Meanwhile bisexual women are afraid to describe themselves as such because being a genderspecial or a ""lesbian"" is more hip.

No. 1316001

I think there are far more well written male characters than there are female characters. Male characters are often written with a level of depth that most female writers don't even come close to. The professional writing world is male-dominated and most men really struggle with writing women. It's only fanfiction that is female-dominated but since fanfiction is predominantly about shipping and most fanfic writers are straight women, they prefer to write m/m and m/f rather than f/f.

I think many female characters tend to be written better in fanfiction (unless she gets in the way of a ship). Many of these female characters are actually pretty shallow in their canon source material but their lives get expanded upon in fanfiction.

No. 1316008

Idk but I wont date a bi guy. Theres enough risk with straight men and that's with only the available pool of women to them. Add in men who are a much wider pool with lower inhibitions and we have a disaster.

No. 1316009

It's all those reasons imo
>most female characters are not written as well as male characters so women have trouble relating to female characters and come to prefer male characters
>women have internalized misogyny so they gravitate towards male characters anyway
>most female fans are heterosexual so they want to write about two men in love, two women in a relationship is not appealing to them

>Bisexuality isn't really "trendy" anymore, so they Myspace-era posers aren't very common these days.
On the contrary I see it more than ever. Everybody on social media is some flavor of queer even though they are clearly straight. They absolutely do not want to be thought of as a "cishet".

No. 1316011

>Bisexuality isn't really "trendy" anymore, so they Myspace-era posers aren't very common these days.
Lol I don't know what world you are living in but being LGBT on social media is like the new emo. Spicy straights are everywhere.

No. 1316017

File: 1630805757105.png (231.28 KB, 967x393, Life pro-tips for girls and wo…)

No. 1316018

Why do women always validate male delusions oh my god

No. 1316019

Fucking hate the handmaidens and them supporting and upvoting this shit, or maybe it's his fellow troons doing this. This is a subreddit with a "girl" in its name after all.

No. 1316020

File: 1630805983585.png (61.13 KB, 589x470, 224347.PNG)

No thanks.

No. 1316023

God yes I’ve talked about this in another thread. A lot of bi men have this weird entitlement to straight women.

No. 1316024

Which thread?

No. 1316025

Kek it's like no wonder straight women would rather be friends with gay men than bi men.

No. 1316026

Can’t remember which one nonny. I just made some comment about straight women not dating bi men because a lot of them are messy and feel entitled to straight women’s affections.


No. 1316028

Most of the guys I've met who say they're bi are full of shit, abusive, or both. One was genuinely bipolar (diagnosed), one was a confirmed cheater, one was a narcissist who gaslit everyone around him and withheld information, the list goes on. I generally don't think they have the guts to fuck other men, they all seemed or outright claimed to be afraid of being on the recieving end of homophobia, to a paranoid degree. Maybe I'm an outlier, but maybe "false-woke bastard bisexual man" should be a stereotype. At least most of them don't troon out (the bipolar guy did, surprising no one) or become chasers, but they virtue signal about troons online like crazy.

No. 1316030

I hate men and handmaidens.

No. 1316032

>Radfems barely even exist in Japan.
What the fuck? Yes they do. One thing that I remember seeing were some radfem Japanese women try and get loli banned because they're fucking sick of seeing children being sexualized. Progressive groups have really been popping up over there these past few years, whether you've seen it on Twitter or not.

No. 1316033

They're a minority of a minority, even the Japanese radfem in the video said that radfems in Japan barely existed and most Japanese women would never even identify as feminists.

No. 1316034

Those women identified as liberal feminists, not radical feminists. Liberal feminists are concerned with legal spheres.

No. 1316036

*videos from the previous thread
Sorry forgot to add this info in.

No. 1316040

I dated a bi guy in high school (he was my first boyfriend). I really liked him because he was funny, intelligent, and even anti-porn but he's now completely wokebrained. He is pro-sex work, pro-troon, all that shit. I do think most bi men are hot but mentally they can be VERY messy. You're right about them being afraid to have sex with men, my ex actually did date men but so many bi men are furiously suppressing their attraction to men, passing themselves off as straight, and desperate to get married to a straight woman.

No. 1316056

The risk with bi men is that so many get married to straight women and have kids with them but then they’re cheating on their wives with other men. Since so many bisexuals in heterosexual relationships have internalized homophobia, they think homosexual relationships are lesser so the same-sex cheating “doesn’t count”.

All the bisexual men I know are super pro-trans, maybe because they are the demographic most sexually attracted to trannies since they are a “best of both worlds” thing to them. I know a lot of HSTS say they want to date straight men and not bi men but they always end up with a bisexual boyfriend anyway. I remember one HSTS said that they hated dating bi men because they are always bottoms who expect the HSTS to pound them in the ass, kek.

No. 1316074

Fucking men force women out of spaces made for everyone, but then the same crusty smegmoids crawl into spaces made specifically for us, while retarded handmaidens validate them.

No. 1316079

>I remember one HSTS said that they hated dating bi men because they are always bottoms who expect the HSTS to pound them in the ass, kek.

I read something similar to this. The HSTS gets a bisexual boyfriend but they are both bottoms which triggers the HSTS's dysphoria because he thinks he is playing the "male role" when having sex. It's really common for bisexual men to be submissive when having sex with gay men and dominant when having sex with straight women.

No. 1316090

>"best of both worlds"
As a bisexual woman, I wouldn't date a TiM or a TiF to try and get the best of both worlds. No TiM makes an attractive woman and no TiF makes an attractive man. Ever. Idgi

No. 1316094

I've heard bisexuals who are open to dating trannies call themselves "pansexual".

No. 1316095

I know some bi women who say that but it's a lot more common with bi men. A lot of HSTS are literally told they are "best of both worlds" by bi men lol.

No. 1316101

hey can you all stop fucking derailing over the most dumb shit plz ty

No. 1316103

i wonder if bi men date/use trannies to try and "slowly" ease into the homosexual male world?

No. 1316105

I don't know. Some men who fuck trannies are really just straight men with AGP, others are bi men who are genuinely attracted to trannies. They are very rarely gay men fucking trannies but according to sexologists some gay men fuck trannies to try to convince themselves TiMs are real women and to try to "become straight".

No. 1316107

Do you mean if trannies are a stepping stone for bi men to accept their bisexuality? I think that's possible.

No. 1316111

> according to sexologists some gay men fuck trannies to try to convince themselves TiMs are real women and to try to "become straight"
if this is true (honestly i believe it) this is some fucked up shit.

No. 1316112

also /co/ is about 40% female, there's a very clear female presence of that board

No. 1316115

While they are wrong, I have seen certain libfems/radfems claim just as delusionally that the west is actually worse for women then for women in the Middle East or Asia of Africa
both sides are wrong but its undeniable that the only place with any semblance of women's rights is the west

No. 1316116

>In their sociological study, Martin S. Weinberg and Colin J. Williams interviewed 26 men sexually interested in transwomen (MSTW).[4] Thirteen identified themselves as heterosexual, and 13 as "bisexual or probably bisexual." The authors opined "These labels only superficially describe their sexual interest,"[4]:378​ and noted that the expressed interest in trans women was sometimes used as a basis for denying a more stigmatized self-identity. As an example, they described a case who "said that he was 'bisexual' rather than 'gay' because he was able to think of the transwomen as women".

No. 1316117

There's also this study by Bailey on GAMPs

>Background: Gynandromorphophilia (GAMP) is sexual interest in gynandromorphs (GAMs; colloquially, shemales). GAMs possess a combination of male and female physical characteristics. Thus, GAMP presents a challenge to conventional understandings of sexual orientation as sexual attraction to the male v. female form. Speculation about GAMP men has included the ideas that they are homosexual, heterosexual, or especially, bisexual.

>Method: We compared genital and subjective sexual arousal patterns of GAMP men with those of heterosexual and homosexual men. We also compared these groups on their self-ratings of sexual orientation and sexual interests.

>Results: GAMP men had arousal patterns similar to those of heterosexual men and different from those of homosexual men. However, compared to heterosexual men, GAMP men were relatively more aroused by GAM erotic stimuli than by female erotic stimuli. GAMP men also scored higher than both heterosexual and homosexual men on a measure of autogynephilia.

>Conclusions: Results provide clear evidence that GAMP men are not homosexual. They also indicate that GAMP men are especially likely to eroticize the idea of being a woman.

No. 1316118

Of course the West is better when it comes to women's rights but moids use this metric to act like misogyny doesn't exist at all in the West and dehumanize non-Western people and commit sexual terrorism on non-Western women.

No. 1316134

Moids use comparative morality to claim innocence for everything. If they did something wrong, they'll always say something like "at least I didn't do this worse thing", and if the culture they participate in is shitty, they'll say "but it's so much worse in this other place". They don't care about what's actually right or fair for anyone but themselves, everything else is just a show for social credit. Even when they troon out, they always use the same "other people are more evil than me, so I'm not evil at all" tactic.

No. 1316135

Are there any more bisexual men left that arent in their 40s? I thought they all turned into long haired male "enbies"

No. 1316142

There is such a stigma against being a bisexual male, I don't think I've ever met one in my life. I've seen a few gays and lesbians, and bisexual women seem to be everywhere but bisexual men…never seen one (or at least not any that admitted to being bi).

No. 1316145

>I do think most bi men are hot but mentally they can be VERY messy.
Makes sense. Bi men are more likely to get eating disorders than straight or gay men.

No. 1316149

Same here. I’ve met like 15 AGP trannies (and 2 HSTS from Thailand) but never a bisexual man.

No. 1316151

Probably very few considering how pro-trans bi men are compared to the average population and even the rest of the LGB.

No. 1316152

Yeah, there is a stigma. Bi men who are out of the closet have always been rare but now they would probably be rarer because they just call themselves "queer", "pansexual" or some other retarded label.

No. 1316159

They don't use the term bisexual anymore, though. "Spicy straights" prefer to call themselves "pansexual," "demisexual," or just "queer." "Bisexual" is considered unwoke because it implies there are two sexes, god forbid lmao. The "fake woke" guys typically use "pansexual." I avoid anybody who uses that term because it's fucking retarded and historically refered to people who fucked animals.

No. 1316160

I've only ever met one legit, openly bisexual guy. He was also the only fudanshi I've met IRL. Didn't realize at the time how uncommon they were.

No. 1316162

Female TRAs are like a roommate who allows a burglar into your house. Like you can take all the necessary measures to keep burglars out, but it's no use if your roommate is a retard who leaves the door wide open.

Women who willingly give up their own rights to please men don't deserve to live in first-world countries. They haven't suffered a day in their lives so they have no concept of how much they take their freedoms for granted. Meanwhile feminists in Afghanistan are literally trying to get out of there before the government fucking murders them for daring to say women deserve to go to school.

No. 1316163

Banning abortion after six weeks is bad, but not "rounding up civilians and throwing them in forced labor camps" bad. Get a grip. The U.S. sucks, but China sucks more.

No. 1316164

>Meanwhile feminists in Afghanistan are literally trying to get out of there before the government fucking murders them for daring to say women deserve to go to school.
And we can blame "first world countries" like the US for this fucking mess. This is why I said that Western countries don't give a shit about misogyny abroad unless they can turn it into some imperialist project. The US government is whining about women's rights in Afghanistan being trampled by the Taliban when they were giving millions of dollars to violent extremist groups for decades.

No. 1316165

They use a range of terms. A lot of them do still use bisexual but they use this wacky definition of "attracted to both your own gender and other genders".

No. 1316166

>the west is actually worse for women then for women in the Middle East or Asia of Africa
I've never seen radfems claim this on any platform ever, the fuck?
We all know radfems can get into dumb nitpicking arguments but saying they have it worse than i.e. women in Afghanistan is bullshit

No. 1316167

Sage for OT but yeah, the US funded and created almost every Islamist group we have today just to counter the Communists and look what we have today
Islamist groups before the US were crushed with in days by authoritarians secular governments
The US taught them warfare, hooked them up with other Islamists groups(which created the current Global Islamists we have today) and well ruined the lives of hundreds of millions of Muslim women

No. 1316169

Yeah. I am of Iraqi descent so I am always, always suspicious of the US. Internally the West treats women better…but externally the West has unleased an absolutely unforgiveable hell on non-Western women.

No. 1316171

File: 1630828503565.jpg (49.6 KB, 500x667, tumblr_ozavu1fWv01ty0urno4_500…)

These guys will waste a fortune on clothes that don't fit.

No. 1316178

That doesn't explain all the unironic fanservice in the rebuild films. Pretty much everything about the rebuilds goes against the original and whatever he tried to "critique."

No. 1316179

I mean its still better then what the men in my country are like and I don't blame the "western world" rather the Anglo-American Alliance, Their the reason were in such shit in the Muslim world when the Idea of Islamism was dying
just cause of their irrational fear of Communism

No. 1316180

I can't argue with any of that, but the U.S. treating Muslims like shit doesn't give China a free pass to do it either. At least Americans had the freedom to vote for the retards who caused problems, Chinese people don't even have that luxury because they're living in a totalitarian, single-party system.

No. 1316183

I hate how the idea of a cute witchy aesthetic has been ruined by troons (and Holly Conrad kek). I just want to enjoy visually and aesthetically appealing stuff, without having to worry about men jacking it to my tastes, or making a joke out of them by looking like shit in applicable clothes, and making people associate perfectly fine styles with them. They ruin so much.

No. 1316184

Cool story queen

No. 1316185

Anon Islam is fundamentally awful religion that needs to be erased, its the rules and theories of an Arab Shaikh and the interpretations of generations of lazy and good-for-nothing Molvis, this theology of an immoral Arab which always back to 7th century Arabia for an Ideal state
it needs to suppressed and lose all meaning, so it is necessary for all states to suppress the religion of the Arab pedophile

No. 1316187

File: 1630829851994.jpg (285.25 KB, 1080x1560, Screenshot_20210905-101436_Chr…)

Hope this hasn't been posted yet.
TIM hysterically shouting 'witch' at some women while other AGPs in ridiculous outfits stand behind him.
Not sure if funny or sad, good watch anyway.

Video is in link: https://mobile.twitter.com/PianoDentist86/status/1434275486499315716

No. 1316189

If a radfem was called a "witch" she should consider it a compliment lmao.

No. 1316190

Are witch burnings going to happen in Europe again?

No. 1316191

They really do write our material for us.

No. 1316192

So that makes it ok to put women and children in labour camps till they drop dead, harvest their organs and forcibly sterilize them? what the fuck is wrong with you? Why do women always have to pay due to the degeneracy of men?

No. 1316195

I get the feeling he wanted to call her "bitch".

No. 1316196

It's always the UK, USA, and Canada…what the hell is wrong with the Anglophone world?

No. 1316197

File: 1630830551362.jpg (77.45 KB, 636x382, 276153D900000578-0-image-a-76_…)

Between the AGP transvestites, egirls, cosplay sluts, alt whores like Zoe Quinn, trigglypuffs, dangerhair libfems, and rockabilly infinifats, I feel like alternative fashion is just dead. I want Walmart to bring back the Ellen Degeneres line, just ship me a whole wardrobe of ultra normie core.

No. 1316198

>"Trans rights are human rights"
The original was "women's rights are human rights". Trannies co-opt literally every other social movement.

No. 1316200

the organ harvesting thing is a myth, and the women who were sterilized often had multiple kids and were breeding like rabbits, it was for their own betterment

No. 1316204

File: 1630831083941.jpeg (62.73 KB, 1087x408, E-enVi2XoAITi-5.jpeg)

No. 1316206

Can you chinaspergs just shut the fuck up, some anons living in Middle Eastern countries talk about Afghanistan but you just have to go back to China again

No. 1316209

AYRT And I'm in a similar boat as you. I like nu goth, alt, mori, and comfy-feminine looks best on myself and other women, but all of these styles are becoming associated with troons. I can't seem to dress in ways I enjoy or admire the people and styles I find appealing without being targetted by TIMs. It's difficult for me in particular, since I hate the feeling of pants. My only options are discomfort, or looking Amish. Maybe I'll invest in loose pants or suit pants.

No. 1316216

File: 1630832342208.png (810.89 KB, 1250x1204, Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 4.55…)

First step, look at any picture of any woman and don't be autistically faceblind. Second step take your little sister's barrette out of your hair and give up, chomo.

No. 1316220

Not all uighurs are muslim and even most of the ones that are are very secular. China is sending even non-muslim uighurs to concentration camps and banning their non-religious custom and culture. It's the definition genocide, not some wholesome anti-terrorist act. Read a book.

No. 1316222

Can anyone just shut the fuck up about politics and get back to posting TIMs? Can’t we just have a GC thread instead of shitting up this one with ot walls of text?

No. 1316225

Apparently there used to be one or more GC threads, but they were removed because they kept getting raided by moids posting CP and gore, and also some of the users on here ceaselessly complained about the threads existing.

No. 1316226

File: 1630833392272.jpg (108.61 KB, 768x1365, img_2615-1-768x1365.jpg)

I worry that smaller brands will start fucking up their sizing and styles to accommodate no-waist ana troons and potbellied Dennis Nedry Juniors.

No. 1316227

what does the "2017" in his bio even mean

No. 1316229

File: 1630834174994.jpg (66.2 KB, 468x750, tumblr_pccg4jKizt1vb0mt8o5_500…)

Dunno. Just some horrifying jpeg I found on tumblr without any context.

No. 1316230

Moids ruin almost everything they touch but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying your favorite aesthetics, nonita. I know it's hard ignoring them, but remember: the majority of these coomers can't dress to save their lives, will always look like the worst caricatures of women and they know it. The validation they receive from handmaidens and other TIMs always wears off, so they will jump onto something else.

Men will jack off to our fashion taste even if we only wore potato sacks and slippers made of straw. It isn't about articles of clothing, it's about pursuing a fantasy of being us.
Ever read Conservative Men in Conservative Dresses? It's a long article published in the Atlantic Monthly, now purged from its archives; it discussed the mentality of those sickos way before queer theory infected the minds of normal people in Anglophone countries.
>The world of cross-dressers is for the most part a world of traditional men, traditional marriages, and truths turned inside out.
>A central tenet of Tri-Ess is that cross-dressing is a gift–that wearing women's clothes is both relaxing and expressive of a feminine self that is nurturing and gentle–and that it can enhance any marriage if the wife is wise enough to appreciate it and strong enough to corral what can be, as Jane Ellen admits, a narcissistic, self-indulgent habit.

No. 1316235

>that big hulking body
>that unhinged face
>actually yelling witch at a woman at a feminist demo
It's like a parody. He seems fake-disabled as well.

No. 1316236

I wonder how many girls who got into alternative fashion in the 1990s to escape sexualization moved on years ago, finally looked at the fb page for their 20 year high school reunion, and saw a trooned out classmate skinwalk a whore parody of them from 1999.

No. 1316237

File: 1630835604545.jpg (203.28 KB, 311x2743, EricEmma res.jpg)

He should hang out with other bearded troons on HER app.

No. 1316242

Even when he has to go out of his way to invade a lesbian space, he's still polycheaterous and looking for "something casual" like every other scrote on online dating. They shouldn't even let you set gender on datind apps, just discard the data from that field, and mark everyone who selects "something casual" and "cheateramourous" as male.

No. 1316245

I don't think I've ever met a bisexual man before. This is why I forget they exist but I do know they are out there. A lot of people don't think bisexual men exist at all. When I hear "LGBT", I think "lesbians, gay men, bisexual women, and trannies". I heard there's like 3x more bi women than bi men (bi women are the largest group in the LGBT) so it's a big disparity.

No. 1316247

Bi women are over-represented since it's a cool girl thing to be bi, but underrepresented in men since it has stigma with straight women so they'd rather identify and present as straight men

No. 1316249

These MtF generals are still better than the FtM ones because fakebois keep swarming those ones.

No. 1316252

Goodness, he should put on a wig at least

No. 1316254

On /tttt/ they believe all women are bisexual and they use this as a reason to explain AGP experiencing pseudo-bisexuality.

>"feeling attraction to both sexes is proof you are true trans because cis women have innate bisexuality!"

No. 1316255

A lot of "straight" men are bi. They think they're straight as long as they're not in a serious relationship with a man. Exchanging handjobs with friends? Totally straight in their minds, as long as you're not maried to them.

No. 1316256

File: 1630837933253.jpeg (500.96 KB, 828x1148, F1473299-6FCF-439C-B2BD-5F13FE…)

Kek, this reply.
Anyway I just know that man's foul breath was hot. Poor lady.

No. 1316262

They're clearly using those walkers for sympathy points. Or maybe they gets tired easily since many are obese neets and do not go outside much.

No. 1316264

File: 1630839419838.jpeg (401.1 KB, 922x2047, E-ede98X0AEeVj4.jpeg)

Here he is pretending to be full-on immobile and disabled.
Look at the crotch of the tights on the guy next to him. And the face of the person in that car. Comedy gold.
And this is what TRAs try to push as totally not different in any way from us.

No. 1316265

Salo is based on the book 120 Days of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade. It doesn't have a meaning, De Sade was a pedophile degenerate who wrote many books rambling on about the abuse, torture, and murder of women at the hands of men. He was a "philosopher" who spoke about how only the strong survive but this was just a weak justification for why his extremely degenerate books should be allowed to circulate during France in the mid to late 1700s. The shit eating is present in 120 Days of Sodom as well as all his other books because he had a fetish for shit eating. That's all his entire career was- an outlet for his fetishes

Moids and troons like Salo because it's about the rape and torture of teens while pretending that there is meaning behind it. It really is just a shock film.

No. 1316266

Amazing photo. The dress that doesn't cover the crotch and loose hanging pantyhose really highlights the insane maleness.

No. 1316267

I think this is why people in general seem to believe women have "fluid sexuality".

No. 1316269

File: 1630840397380.png (22.18 KB, 680x199, 3442141.PNG)

OT but this comment about Salo makes me mad. It seems like modern porn is worse than shit like Salo.

No. 1316274

File: 1630841793300.jpeg (101.96 KB, 855x1520, E32A5C48-C80F-47CD-BCF2-050DCE…)

No. 1316275

God this list is so male. I think Irreversible, Salo, and Blade Runner are all very made well made films but all of them include violence against women. Which explains why men love this shit.

No. 1316276

Here he is rambling before the demo…what is he even saying?

No. 1316278

File: 1630842779690.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1447, IMG_20210905_135233.png)

No. 1316280

anon youre a fucking genius for suggesting a push to eliminate the gender field in online dating. maybe there could be a sex recognition algorithm that learns your swiping habits regarding the sex of people you swipe yes on, which then feeds back into the profiles youre shown. that would be so fucking funny. it could be framed as a pro kweer thing too, like 'having a gender field is restrictive and exclusionary to he growing number of young people who define themselves in nonbinary, decolonised ways, as well as reinforcing the harmful stereotype that gender determines sexuality uwu' or some bullshit like that

No. 1316282

Literally this cunts physiognomy would not be out of place down the pub 2 missed goals away from storming home and beating the shit out of his wife

No. 1316284

Fun fact: The majority of fudanshi are bi men.

No. 1316290

Makes more sense than lesbian fujoshi.

No. 1316300

i wanna be a lady now

No. 1316304

They already know that het moids will swipe right on every woman who isn't Amberlynn fat, while women into men will barely select any men. So it would be easy to tell after just 50 swipes, and only show other troons to troons.
I don't think I've ever seen a woman wearing an ID card or keys on a lanyard outside of an office. It's extra dumb next to the little Victoria's Secret (of course) mini purse. That thing has a card window on the other side, and you clip your keys to the chain. And he's wearing an actual man's button down under that Kim Jong Il jacket. And his pants are in tatters.

No. 1316314

Back in the 60s and 70s, Italian media would produce "mondo movies" (most notable, "mondo cane", a series of shockumentaries featuring death and sex as an interpretation of human nature). In truth, very little of it was of any intellectual or philosophical substance, it was just for the sake of showcasing vulgarity. Salo is just a movie put out as part of this. Why they decided to set it in early 1900s Italy instead of 1800s France is likely because it was easier. Nothing to do with fascism, no symbolism, nothing.

At MOST the original book 120 Days of Sodom could be interpreted as a jab at aristocracy and men in positions of authority within the church by calling them gluttonous pedophile murderers who abuse the lower classes, and even then you'd be making a huge fucking reach

Ling story short- moids, even in dresses, just like sexualised torture

No. 1316320

> Why they decided to set it in early 1900s Italy instead of 1800s France is likely because it was easier.

No it was because Pier Paolo Pasolini literally grew up in fascist Italy.

No. 1316324

He was also a degenerate pervert who had multiple sexual relationships with teenage boys

>A small scandal broke out during a local festival in Ramuscello in September 1949. Someone informed Cordovado, the local sergeant of the carabinieri, of sexual conduct (masturbation) by Pasolini with three youngsters aged sixteen and younger after dancing and drinking.[25] Cordovado summoned the boys' parents, who hesitantly refused to file charges despite Cordovado's urging. Cordovado nevertheless drew up a report, and the informer elaborated publicly on his accusations, sparking a public uproar. A judge in San Vito al Tagliamento charged Pasolini with "corruption of minors and obscene acts in public places".[25][10] He and the 16-year-old were both indicted.[26]

>In 1963 Pasolini met "the great love of his life", then 15-year-old Ninetto Davoli, whom he later cast in his 1966 film Uccellacci e uccellini (literally Bad Birds and Little Birds but translated in English as The Hawks and the Sparrows).
(stop derailing)

No. 1316325

The sunflower lanyard stands for hidden disability.
>moids, even in dresses, just like sexualised torture
The troon ones are even more likely to be into sick shit because paraphilias come in clusters. Like for example how many of them are pedos.

No. 1316371

>Hey TERFS, I hate how flat my chest is too
What? What TERF would give a shit? You’re a man so it makes sense. Also he looks like Ferris Bueller and Cameron Frye combined. He could play both roles at once.

Lmao the crotch is killing me. So ladylike!

No. 1316383

File: 1630856911483.jpeg (333.02 KB, 668x672, 718BAC0F-B3E5-4810-AC91-B5FE48…)

I think the men who become transbians really think that lesbians can’t tell that they were and are ugly men, so he thinks the only problem is that he doesn’t have huge tits.

No. 1316386

File: 1630857554461.jpeg (229.9 KB, 1495x820, 7A009656-AEDD-4919-A555-2DD5B2…)

>this is honestly the funniest picture ive ever seen on the internet his vaguely threatening gesture and stance, the woman meekly clasping her hands together in fear, the difference in size between his massive skull and hers, his caveman-tier slouch making him look like a hunchback versus her standing up straight, the remnants of what appear to be sideburns on the side of his face versus the woman's clear cheeks, the intense expression on his face versus the bewildered expression on hers, the sheer difference in size between their torsos his is probably double the size of hers, his masculine profile with his chin jutting out and his longer face versus her wider face. i could go on, but you get the idea all of this contrasted with the constant assertion that these people are identical to women and there is no meaningful difference between them makes for the most exquisite form of irony when their differences are juxtaposed so vividly. the contrast is almost divine on the right is man's hubris, his desire to capture the beauty of nature and make it his own, his cerebral and conscious understanding of what it means to be what he thinks he is, his intentional "becoming", while on the left is nature, effortless being, no doctors appointments or hormones or surgery, just an "is" that needs nothing added to it in order to be complete. he tries so hard and yet, the harder he tries to "become", the further he takes himself away from the effortless "is" that is the thing he wants to be. it's comedy on a cosmic scale, a joke only god himself could come up with

No. 1316401

I’m fucking dying nona

No. 1316407

File: 1630859285524.jpg (51.15 KB, 500x404, llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…)

the innocent onlookers are always my favorite part of these kind of photos. who are these people? where do they come from, where are they going? will they spend their whole lives not knowing that one time, they were the main character.

No. 1316409

Reminds me of that amazing pic of the female rugby player going wtf.

No. 1316410

Faggots are just as degenerate as troons, it's a men thing

No. 1316435

Even gimpgirl is disgusted by these degenerates lol

No. 1316448

Oops, dropped my sage here sorry

No. 1316456

it was the 'public places' part that was illegal, burgerland moralfagging aside.

No. 1316457

>burgerland moralfagging

No. 1316472

Omg anon kek it looks just like her.

No. 1316475

ew anon, no.

No. 1316479

If even gimpgirl isn't worshipping the ground a man walks on because he's wearing a dress then you know something is seriously wrong with this shit

No. 1316524

File: 1630869555920.jpg (117.62 KB, 719x627, E-hYzxxWEAc4kvf.jpg)


No. 1316527

I read that in hentai, the average height for the an adult woman is 158-160cm. Shorter than that it's considered Loli.
5'1 = 154 cm

No. 1316535

Absolutely not. TIMs raid all the time, but it gets deleted because they post targetted gore and CP. The TIFs just get banned without mass deletion because they post less, and are more harmless. I would rather deal with an insecure fujoshi whining about how I'm a "roastie" and ugly because I'm a lesbian who won't troon out and become her "trans prince", than deal with a TIM who keeps calling me subhuman and posting images of brutally murdered women and sexualized children. A gnat may be annoying, but I'd take a gnat over a wasp, any day.
I didn't know they were making a live action film based on Donkey Kong (1981).

No. 1316536

Wear them anyway nonnie. You'll win the "who wore it best" award and they can go cope, seethe, and dilate with their loss.

No. 1316537

>doesn't want to stop people being terfs, just wants to "put them in their place"
>no points made about terf behaviour or values, just that TERFS are demonic
>calling women witches
>"we have to stop them!"
Basically lads we haven't had any witch trials in a while and thought we might as well bring them back.

No. 1316540

File: 1630871247891.jpg (141.62 KB, 960x1280, 20210905_224459.jpg)

This guy is an actual retard autist sped and he, surprise, used to love you know what kek

No. 1316542

File: 1630871440704.png (272.05 KB, 860x838, no im a goth girl goddamit.png)

>hey bro
>did you lose a bet? lmao

No. 1316545

someone convince me this isnt some creature TRAs created in a lab to exterminate terfs, resident evil style

No. 1316546

It definitely looks it was made in lab. Damn look at those eyes.

No. 1316576

Idea: we should start asking trannies we see in public why are they dressed like that and if they lost a bet

No. 1316584

It would be safest if other men did that, since they could go apeshit with narc rage.

No. 1316593

I'm going back to uni in a week. I still don't know what could I tell to the Cochita Wurst doppelganger tranny if I see him in any of the women's bathrooms. They are usually pretty overcrowded. I don't care about libfems gossiping about me but the possibility that they would defend him is very high. Someone sprayed over the ''girls'' sign and wrote ''no sex, no gender'' on top of it.

No. 1316605

Does anyone know why?

No. 1316607

Selection bias? Most people wouldn't understand, let alone share, a video in a language they don't understand. English the linqua franca of the internet. It makes sense most well known videos of people sperging out IRL are in English.

No. 1316615

It’s more like the trans nonsense started in the US and it’s Anglophone countries that get infected with this social contagion first because there isn’t any language barrier.

No. 1316617

Salo is a thinly veiled critique of fascism and power dynamics. Maybe Marvel movies where the empowered handmaiden womyn saves the day and monologues Globohomo values are more your speed

No. 1316621

If the English preference for virality weren't a thing, more videos of violence against Brazilian HSTS and GoFundMes for them would go viral.

No. 1316623

120 days is not even a mondo movie PP was an arthouse / critic darling and mondos were no budget trash that did not get reviewed. also you have never read de Sade and it shows.(stop derailing)

No. 1316628

Are you trying to whiteknight a historical sadistic scrote in a troon thread?

No. 1316642

People only started to care about trannies when straight men began trooning out en masse. Nobody cares about gay trannies dying unless their deaths can be used as a statistic to make the straight men look like a vulnerable demographic of “women”.

No. 1316644

This. Mexico is right next to the US while the UK is much further away but the UK got hit with the tranny craze while it’s still not that big in Mexico.

No. 1316646

It’s cultural and linguistic proximity to the US. People from Anglophone countries are regularly exposed to and heavily influenced by American media and internet spaces, much more so than other countries.

No. 1316648

Yeah true, just look at New Zealand sending a man as a “female athlete” to the Olympics.

No. 1316650

Nyayrt, but they didn’t even know Salo was set in fascist Italy because Pasolini grew up in fascist Italy. It wasn’t because it was “easier”.

No. 1316652

I think it's also an Anglophone cultural thing; a lot of these colonist cultures have an obsession with individuality and what better way to be unique than to be a lesbian polyamorous nonbinary transwoman?

No. 1316656

When my family had lunch together the only type of politics we talked about were international and economics. The discussion didn't approach pop culture, dating or lgbt in the least. (As if lgbt stuff didn't exist.) It wouldn't be considered appropriate either since there were kids at the table. Troontism has a major online presence, but in a lot of ways its insignificant.

No. 1316679

Lazy, entitled people in the UK like to pretend they have illness they don't actually suffer from and claim to have ailments doctors have trouble diagnosing so they can claim disability benefits so they don't have to work. This male seems to be one of them.

No. 1316701

File: 1630883887232.png (287.44 KB, 271x518, Untitled.png)

this one is killing me bc he looks exactly like a ftm

No. 1316719

MTIJ (Male to Isabella Janke)

No. 1316722

both are shit

No. 1316736

What's the source on this one? I'm getting a bit thrown off, because he has a level of autism androgyny. If I cover half of his face at a time, the male features are more obvious, but I feel like I'm looking at an AI generated face. Maybe it's because all of the filters.

No. 1316744

For straight women escaping from the ever-present sexualization of the female body through a setting devoid of sexual female characters, along with the anxieties and shames that come from sex for women (pregnancy, submission to men) is a selling point of BL…as for lesbian I haven't a clue. Maybe they are also afraid of seeing sexualized women despite being sexually attracted to women.

I know a lot of bi guys talk about BL to relate better to and seem more attractive to straight girls lmao. Basically, they are attracted to men, can relate to the "heterosexual dynamics" of BL, and also want female attention. Gay men are much more divided on the subject of BL with some enjoying it but others see it as just cringe fap material for straight women.

No. 1316747

Bi guys like BL because the pairings are hot guys who act like a straight couples.

No. 1316750

stop propagating this idiotic BASED RADICAL FEMINIST ANNO bullshit. he literally keeps dvd's of pedophile shows like strike witches on his desk and sells lolicon figures of the eva girls, also stripping instrumentality project was a licensed erotic game starring the underage kids.
anno is a hack and eva is mediocre.

No. 1316751

men can't even be radical feminists, ppl need to stop calling everything "radfem", especially not someone as random as hideaki anno

No. 1316754

Noo don't you see Anno only creates degenerate content and makes money off of it to criticize degenerate content.

No. 1316759

File: 1630889230391.jpeg (Spoiler Image,35.49 KB, 404x282, 1C3A966D-E63A-4CDF-9A59-741A12…)

Joe Lavery is posting about his Kiwifarms thread and incredibly every thing he says in defence makes it all seem more unhinged. I guess the thread was getting slightly dead minus a few schitzo essayists and he wanted to revive it?

Picrel post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTckkaDr4GD/

KF: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/grace-lavery-daniel-m-lavery-joseph-lavery-mallory-ortberg.77242/page-97

No. 1316760

File: 1630889297644.jpg (144.99 KB, 828x1077, MPp0WYAM6fHI.jpg)

No. 1316764

This makes me sick to my stomach. Biology would not allow actual milk ducts and real lactation. What a clown world we really live in..

No. 1316765

the u.s. puts kids in cages and rounded up people to rape them at abu ghraib. at least china keeps their suckiness to themselves, while the u.s. is determined to make everywhere else as shitty as their country by exporting pointless wars and trans ideology.

No. 1316766

TRAS: Allowing infants to be used for sexual gratification since [insert whenever this nightmare began here].

No. 1316767

Say it with me now: Womb envy.

No. 1316768

Well, men can actually lactate (it happens to some bodybuilders and hormonally unbalanced men) but it doesn't happen naturally after a woman gives birth. It gives me a
Deep sense of unease to think about AGPs breastfeeding while their cocks throb with excitement like they usually do while skinwalking women.

No. 1316769

File: 1630891093516.png (20.8 KB, 706x369, leddit.png)

>without having to worry about men jacking it to my tastes
not worth worrying about because men will always jack off to your tastes regardless of what it is. they even fetishize and jack off to radical feminism.

No. 1316770

This is the same piss poor excuse all moid use. They say they only include objectification, sexualization, and violence against women to make some "criticism" of society. Meanwhile the male viewers masturbate to the scene and upload it onto pornhub. They brush off anybody who complains about it disgusting and misogynistic as them being "too stupid" to understand the deep and meaningful reason behind women getting brutalized..

No. 1316774

Stop responding to the retarded chinasperg or you will derail the thread again.

No. 1316777

I wonder if this could be classified as "child sex abuse" since they are using children for their sexual gratification. I know some men get turned on by watching videos of women give birth and that's sort of like child porn, right?

No. 1316779

File: 1630892097016.jpeg (193.96 KB, 1286x571, 7B32D902-7D7D-4F7E-8163-4C9DD4…)

So chronically online starved for touch losers who will fuck anything with a pulse? What is endearing about this?

No. 1316780

I know there was this e-prostitute on OnlyFans or something who said she was going sell videos of herself giving birth.

No. 1316784

Oh brother this guy stinks

No. 1316786

File: 1630892605742.png (701.21 KB, 829x794, 78769432423.PNG)

Found it.

I really do think these types of things should be classified as child porn or abuse. Imagine being that baby and in your first moments of life, tens of thousands of men around the world are masturbating to you and that video will remain on the internet forever for millions of other people to see.


No. 1316791

I think Salo is a disgusting film because it could have gotten its message across without the depravity but you don't know what you're talking about.

No. 1316800

This, plus the dudes who love this shit never care about work by women that makes the same critiques WITHOUT wankbait. Like, Moyocco Anno is literally Anno's wife, and her work actually IS full of pointed deconstruction, but In Clothes Called Fat doesn't have 14-year-old titties in it so they don't care

No. 1316801

Giving me A Serbian Film vibes, thanks for nothing, random e-whore

No. 1316802

I want to a-log so bad. I bet there were people defending her too (besides the pedos of course).

No. 1316803

A lot of people said it was her body, her choice. People who criticised her were called "anti-feminist" for undermining a woman's choices.

No. 1316805

but what about the baby , they didn't consent to have their birth being sold to coomers, people are idiots

No. 1316806

Giving birth is not a sexual act so there isn't any need to give consent to this. I mean, the child didn't consent to being born either.

No. 1316808

Pregnant sex is it own porn genre and videos of women giving birth can be frequently found on porn sites. They aren't technically "child porn" but they do seem close to it.

No. 1316810

I mean it says her target in all this is fetishists, when the baby is older they'll know their mother sold their birth tapes to people/someone who DO see giving birth as sexual/a fetish.

No. 1316814

Not defending her actions but that's not how consent works. The parents consent on behalf of the child when it comes to them being born.

No. 1316815

Yeah sadly, but it's not against the law. I wonder if it's possible to get it classified as child abuse.

No. 1316817

a new born and, obviously, naked child in an obviously fetishistic pornography account should really be enough. This is so gross I just wanna go back to laughing at troons who don't pass at all but still think they are hot

No. 1316820

society bullied the radfems too hard because of their anti-porn stance which led to the third-wave libfems taking over and now we get newborn porn promoted as "feminism"

No. 1316841

He sounds bored. Mallory is a miserable hirsute princess and That Blonde (can't remember her name) probably isn't providing enough entertainment for his narc ass.
Twitter critics can't really provide the attention he needs (everyone gets timed out or banned lol) so he's diving head first into the source of "hate" instead. Could be entertaining, if kiwis weren't so autistic.

No. 1316862

I checked out his official website, he calls himself a "feminist". I really have to laugh.

No. 1316870

The only thing a narcissist hates more than having a thread of people bitching about them is if that thread dries up because it proves how uninteresting they are.

No. 1316888

Just saying there’s lots of birthing videos on YouTube and often on tv shows as well, although the fact it’s on only fans makes it seem pornographic

No. 1316889

There was a whole reddit full of birthing videos where men would leave comments like "I love how much pain she is in".

No. 1316894

OT but my guess is those were people being sarcastic and trying to use this to own the feminists for our body or choice rhetoric. "Hmmm gee ladies if abortion is okay why isn't this?" whataboutism, very popular among Twitter contrarian daddy dom rightwingers.

No. 1316896

God I fucking hate men

No. 1316899

discovered this based chick in re-review of the new wi spa update

No. 1316904

There were definitely serious responses because people were saying "don't shame sex workers", "fuck your SWERF rhetoric", and "she is just an expectant mother trying to do her job".

No. 1316905

derail but lol vv is a retard and not RF

No. 1316906

no, if you criticise her, people will call it whorephobia and kinkshaming

No. 1316909

>calls herself a "terf"
>believes in gender

No. 1316911

"his pronouns were hanging between his legs"


No. 1316912

Sources on libfems defending it? I believe it, I just want to be able to show it to others.

No. 1316925

it wasnt libfems, it was moids on onlyfans defending it but its interesting to see how these pornsick men have appropriated liberal feminist language.

No. 1316936

File: 1630914894478.webm (6.02 MB, 320x690, IMG_5069.webm)

No. 1316941

Who cares. She has more influence than your tumblr sperg posts. VV is unequivocally based.

No. 1316944

File: 1630916395776.jpg (178.79 KB, 840x816, Screenshot_20210906-041931_Chr…)

being an actual autist who thinks women are innately feminine is very based

No. 1316954

ironically being such a sped that you upload your own video showing you can walk/chimp out qualifies him for disability anyway.

No. 1316955

I'm not murican, but can't she be reported to Child Protective Services? I mean, surely, someone selling viewings of the birth of their child on a site mostly connected to porn should ring the alarms of a social worker or two.

No. 1316957

File: 1630919089034.jpg (12 KB, 220x153, 220px-Donald_Sutherland_bodysn…)

No. 1316967

She's from the UK so she's not American, but she does have the same level of retardation as your average American "sex work is real work" activist.

No. 1316971

>She has more influence than your tumblr sperg posts
get real, women like VV would never have even known about radical feminism without tumblr and her entire "theory" consists of regurgitating dumbed down, already simplified tumblr text posts.

No. 1316976

she's actually retarded kek I liked her too at first but shes a massive sperg who will throw women under the bus for male approval at any time

No. 1316978

Not really surprised that this is happening in the West, the Japanese sex industry is the world leader in depravity so it already does this shit and far worse. The world is becoming increasingly pornographic.

No. 1316990

She's also a big racist.

No. 1316994

File: 1630925501612.jpeg (369.64 KB, 1125x1143, E9DAE9E1-B975-4F63-AC73-7E44FD…)

It’s totally not a fetish though. Transitioning to “gaze upon women with artistic lust” kek. I guess he realized that when men do that to women, we just call it leering and creepy, so now he’s a lesbian guys!!!

No. 1316995

File: 1630925645458.jpeg (439.26 KB, 1125x1138, 02E1495E-131B-44C3-BBEB-441625…)

Samefag. This makes me wanna hurl. They don’t even try to hide it.

No. 1317003

File: 1630926708575.png (645.36 KB, 594x1378, everytime.png)

They both sound autis–
>actually autistic

No. 1317011

>the male gaze is problematic
"checkmate, feminists!"

No. 1317015

i heard men with tumors on their chest can lactate. i also remember i saw a site where a man was lactating and drank his own milk, as a fetish obviously.

No. 1317017

Do you know how statistics work? An overrepresentation does not mean every single individual from a group does X…?

No. 1317019

The flaws in their logic are incredible. They claim lesbians are the biggest terfs in the world, demand to be seen as lesbian women, refuse to date other transbians because they clearly don't value them as much as cis lesbians, and then constantly gush over the concept of being a lesbian like it's the greatest thing in the world. Take comfort in the fact these people can't reproduce

Considering the book is set in a completely different time in a completely different place, it's not hard to imagine that they switched the details to a more recent time and in an Italian setting because it's easier to do that than to go through the effort of making everything look like France 200 years ago.

No. 1317022

Stop defending men.

No. 1317024

I am defending reality. It makes no sense to give yourself a distorted view of how the world is just because that satisfies a we-vs-them/tribal mentality. That's pretty harmful.

No. 1317027

Pasolini deliberately chose the setting to be Italy. It wasn't a financial issue since he had the funds and he had loads of connections with French companies (Salo was partly filmed in France). His other movies can get elaborate as fuck with the set design and costumes. Sage for OT.(derailing)

No. 1317028

It literally is "a we-vs-them" issue, there's only 2 sexes and 1 sex has always oppressed the other.

No. 1317067

NTA but I think hating men in a exercise in futility, cause you can't actually ever do any sort of meaningful violence or revolution
you are wasting your own time, which is the worst you can do

No. 1317072

Sorry moid I can't watch males keep destroying everything around them, murdering and raping women and getting away with it and not hate them. It's a natural reaction.

No. 1317073

lol ok scrote

No. 1317076

They're all so autistically gullible, and I mean that literally. They all try to justify their incredibly typical male behaviour by adjusting it to seem female in their minds and it's so laughably tragic. Straight men are the worst, but they don't want to be The Worst so they pretend they're vaginaless lesbians with dicks so they don't have to face their own flaws. I wish they all got the mental care they all clearly need.

No. 1317077

If you’re mad at people wasting time then why are you even on this website yourself.

No. 1317092

>you are wasting your own time

Ironic, that’s exactly what you’re doing trying to argue about it

No. 1317097

File: 1630941308844.jpg (329.13 KB, 1184x2048, Polish_20210903_215245032.jpg)

please help me turn off my Socialized Female Empathy, it's hard not to feel pity for the actual retarded ones

No. 1317104

File: 1630941820176.jpg (86.35 KB, 499x1159, E95wnd_XoAc3n2D_format_jpg_nam…)

Totally not a fetish though

No. 1317109

He is a furry troon, just imagine what he faps too, that would turn off your empathy.

No. 1317130

tbh he probably didn't have much to do with stripping instrumentality. you don't need to dig that far for dirt anyway when 3.0+1.0 exists

No. 1317135

he looks like a fucking scream mask

No. 1317141

Just more proof that scrotes are quite blind, they think they look hot like that when they actually look like a horror movie.

No. 1317146

is there any evidence for this or are you just butthurt that she doesn't like blm? the movement that includes transgenders who think pussy hats are hateful? lmao https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elle_Hearns
anyway, she's pissed off pol incels by refusing to agree with their racist shit.

No. 1317151

Haven't bothered watching that pile of shit film. Didn't need to dig, just remembered SIP from seeing it on artbook sites.

No. 1317169

File: 1630946366353.jpg (285.26 KB, 1080x2600, Screenshot_20210906_100401.jpg)

they're so smart and intellectual

No. 1317175

Are you aware on the site you’re on? Doubt that anyone would give a shit

No. 1317189

File: 1630948087480.jpg (452.46 KB, 1080x1936, Screenshot_20210906-180228_Ama…)

They can't miss a single opportunity to show off their degeneracy. Amazon reviews are full of these freaks.

No. 1317192

File: 1630948268650.jpg (293.12 KB, 1043x1391, Screenshot_20210906-180911_Ama…)


They're plastic leggings Liam. I agree you'll be hot, but not in the way you're hoping.

No. 1317194

My sides, damn

No. 1317201

>too hot to handle
Lord give me the confidence of a mediocre middle-aged man.

No. 1317202

I hope he's talking about his fellow troonbians like
but we all know they would never date eachother. Ugly ass creeps. There's a poster on KF (tranny thread) and she regularly dumps cope and seethe dating app posts by these troons. Once they realize women don't want them they go t4t.

No. 1317211

File: 1630950549354.png (1.16 MB, 1482x765, Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 19.48…)

lol this troon "transgirltherapist" an his mentally handicapped TiF girlfriend made a video on the wispa situation. he still thinks its a hoax and that Darren isnt a real person because he's not on the sex offender registery kek. Started the video where he rages at on Sasha Ayaad, an actual licensed therapist who is GC. Would anyone send their kid to this creep?


No. 1317221

File: 1630951192182.jpg (424.47 KB, 1888x1317, 3512413.jpg)

when I tell you the biggest coom fantasy these AGPs have is transing young boys thinking the boy to anime girl transformation fetish image they saw that one time will actually happen.

No. 1317228

File: 1630951422773.png (1001.42 KB, 977x566, TiFonly_you_knew.png)

No. 1317233

You're fucking retarded. Why do you think scrotes will ever fold to valid logic if it is presented by the one group of people they detest with all their lives other then themselves. He probably took 5 minutes out of his day to spew his retardation whilst you are taking likely hours from his life to prove "not all women". Just let him go back to his games whilst he tries to hold back his tears from that feel when no gf and whatever minor problems they have.

No. 1317237

despite all the gender pink girl, blue boy bs, you can tell who's male and female. He talks over her repeatedly, when she speaks she is really careful not to upset him, and he comes across as really aggressive and abusive.

No. 1317245

File: 1630952992485.png (338.34 KB, 570x528, Ah.png)

Jesus Christ

No. 1317270

File: 1630953977540.png (502.37 KB, 989x611, femme.png)

To my surprise his non anonymous donors aren't all actually fellow femmes. I guess he needs two different GoFundMes because one is for his diet and the other one if for HRT and purple items.

No. 1317271

He looks like he would survive pretty long without food.

No. 1317274

These posts are always wild to me because being a lesbian is very inconvenient and frankly was not something I chose for myself. I don’t think it’s morally bad to be one, but now these weirdos are shitting up the dating pool even more.

No. 1317277

Getting covid will probably put him out of his misery of being stuck in that nasty ass body. Maybe if he was less of a glutton he wouldn't be struggling to pay rent.

No. 1317282

I wonder why it is so common? Like last year, I remember being shocked bc so many so-called GC women were donating to some HSTS troon's FFS surgery GoFundMe, in the middle of a pandemic. He got called out, and a shitton of women ran to his defense, unironically calling other terves transphobic, and telling them to "Be kind!", it was so fucking bizarre.

No. 1317304

Yeah that was fucking bizarre, why would you want to contribute to plastical surgery as a feminist? Beautifying surgery, so a man can look more like a woman? FFS.

No. 1317308

If the titanic sinking happened in 2021, all the life boats would be filled with mtfs,fem/fakeboys, and child play freaks while everyone else is left to drown.

No. 1317328

well yeah, titanic was full of privileged rich folks, if they were born today a lot of them would be doing the trans larp

No. 1317342

the fakebois would be considered women and would be left behind.

No. 1317344

Would rather burn the money.

No. 1317378

File: 1630967477307.jpeg (Spoiler Image,490.13 KB, 2048x1152, 8A6A30D0-AD56-4BB0-A7FB-1D21C7…)