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File: 1528126600745.jpg (397.7 KB, 1000x3695, c77p543.jpg)

No. 601732


Previously on the uwu small bun and shitty daddy dom trainwreck show:

Summary of her past:

>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school

>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances.
>Befriended an unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet.

>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".


>Almost 27- Still addicted to internet (male) attention- no education other than high school, no career prospects, no skills.

>No real personality either, changes her opinions constantly based on what will make her gain fans.
>Dates an obese guy with intellectual disabilities who treats her like shit - Desperately wants to be seen as a young girl.
>Acts like a teenager online even though she's almost 30, can't form argument worth shit
>Lies about her past, pretends she was a "friendless wallflower shy nerd girl uwu" even though she was a popular guido with tons of friends who bullied nerds.
>Still obsessed with shitting on women while she coddles men like babies, huge double standards
>Still a bully, now online, sends her fans to attack smaller channels and random people she doesn't agree with (never goes after big channels).
>Huge coward, will block you if you point out her hypocrisy. (She will block your followers too)
>Googles her name all day - finds comments about her that don't even mention her directly.
>Makes everything about her, can't talk about a topic without inserting herself in it.
>Has nothing to put on her resume except "dunking on terfs xd"
>Got dragged by Brittany Venti and some of her former alt-right chan buddies for throwing Lauren Southern under the bus for trans and leftist brownie points
>It failed horribly, and after June trying pathetically to backtrack, it reseulted in vid related and people on both ends of the political spectrum are sick of her shit now
>Still pulling her hair out while her bf flirts with other girls on twitter, the only defenders who seem to care about her getting roasted are her troon skinwalker fan Mayu and a few of her lolicon beta orbiters
>'Deunks' Brittany's video by lying again and trying desperately to cover up. Still no shame in sight.
>Her and her fanboys have been falseflagging the original Shoe vid in an attempt to cover for her

Shuwu Saga Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpNB9_GDpuo
Shuwu Saga Part 2: Electric Boogaluwu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWnk4gkMuzw

No. 601784

File: 1528130322779.png (278.33 KB, 653x453, S8n3JOI.png)

From Septic's likes

No. 601816

File: 1528133285402.jpeg (80.19 KB, 310x399, 6B7C3A80-1752-4501-815A-344276…)

Reminder that scarf girl is living a happy life right now and shoe is sucking off an obese manchild 24/7 and bragging about it on twitter

No. 601855

No. 601884

File: 1528138700733.png (815.02 KB, 668x1376, fee.png)

reposting some of her latest greatest hits from the end of the last thread. this lvl of self insertion is just too much coming from a 27 yo that couldve had a really great life that now tries to LARP as literally anything but herself

i can already tell hes the kind of guy thats already tired of her telling him she loves him/is bored by her worship and is just generally annoyed by her presence

No. 601888

File: 1528139144842.png (260.4 KB, 626x306, really.PNG)

june is such a cuck she gets him 4 softcore hentai tier 'art' pieces for his birthday, on top of expensive ass ipads. meanwhile the best she's getting is a fucking rock – literally.

in the vid he's very happy with the shit-tier art and cant wait to frame it to hang. literal onion tier white trash artistic/decor sensibilities. she's such a cool girl to get him artwork that he can jack off to in the living room!

No. 601897

File: 1528139710451.jpg (90.5 KB, 784x1014, nfA55mD.jpg)

I was trying to find her post about how being a cuck makes her happy because it makes Gurg happy and stumbled upon this. Girl needs to love herself. Is this what she thinks love is?

No. 601904

That' so fucking embarrassing and pathetic…I'd be ashamed if my gf posted this. Your S.O. is supposed to lift you up and encourage you to be confident. Greg on the other hand likes to flaunt how ''smart'' he is while June purposefully makes herself look stupid because uwuu kawaiii. They don't even see each other as equal beings. What a genuinely sad relationship.

No. 601906

File: 1528140540697.png (628.23 KB, 1408x728, dnUQO4C.png)

found it. bonus contradiction bc why not
>she's such a cool girl to get him artwork that he can jack off to in the living room!
it makes her happy! that's all that should matter! uwu goo goo ga ga

No. 601914

Everyone loves to see their S.O. happy, you're not fucking special, June. My god, she's retarded.

I'm surprised she hasn't added the ''compersion'' bullshit to her tumblr-tier sexuality description yet, because she loves to remind everyone how ~unique and different~ she is.

No. 601920

File: 1528141465534.png (67.94 KB, 597x896, fat.png)

Some comments from this video, lel

>They don't even see each other as equal beings.
Of course not you silly vanilla anon, that's their ~dynamic uwu~

>It symbolizes us!!!

No. 601924

KEK "are you pregnant" is already coming from men, oml, that is scrumptious. watch her try to get pregnant to save face instead of admitting she's a 'fatty' with no waistline.

JUNE, your 'wanda' is literally dyslexic and functionally illiterate. he STILL cannot spell, but "big words confuse" you?? jesus fuck she will let a truck run over her just so she can suck on his ass hairs, or really, any guy's ass hairs

tbqh i deal with extreme jealousy and she doesnt seem to have it at all despite claiming she did. guess she realized it's more on brand to be the "cool girl" that isnt jealous

No. 601941


If a rock is good enough for Charlie Brown then it's good enough for her.

No. 601959

File: 1528144339150.png (549.17 KB, 652x1244, Ob3BGcj.png)

He interacts with this girl more than he does June

No. 601963


Would be an upgrade for Grocery but a downgrade for Misa… She's single.

No. 601972

>Greg is rocking that Shrek cosplay

also the dude insisting she looks 100 lbs when most guys have no idea what that even looks like on a woman… wew

No. 601979

File: 1528146278158.png (102.92 KB, 673x537, G3bejZ7.png)

take a shot every time june turns a conversation to herself

No. 601981


ooooooooooof that first comment

Honestly she's at the weight where no amount of jet black will make her look think. It's obvious and it's literally on her face now. It's starting to become round with fat and the updo didn't help.

No. 602007

File: 1528148772445.png (Spoiler Image, 95.63 KB, 400x400, uwu.png)

uwu art

No. 602008

Nice job, anon, but
>implying his fat peen even remotely gives a shit about her

No. 602009

There's not enough booze on the planet…

No. 602016

>june's baby voice

No. 602036

File: 1528151447080.png (256.79 KB, 641x503, V4vBgjd.png)

she deleted this tweet and then reposted it hours later with practically the same rebuttal, only instead of directly @ing them she screencaps their comment

lmao how petty and passive aggressive

No. 602040

I think its funny she brags about being smart and making counter arguments etc (although she thinks a counter argument is hitting the block button) but then posts stuff like this admitting shes thicker than a plank of wood. She really is stupid kek.

No. 602049

File: 1528152899096.png (86.09 KB, 675x589, eEtJuBz.png)

>should have just let them do their own thing & focus on myself
she says this but 90% of her feed is her dunking on random strangers right now. or do those tweets not count because she can't use nobodies to her advantage?

june will always be an opportunist. she sees that bearing is getting some press so of course she has to jump in with her 2 cents and make herself look good.

No. 602072

takes a shot

No. 602109

Sometimes I wonder if she purposely contradicts herself knowing it will garner attention (albeit negative).

No. 602174

Saged but wheres the info about scarf girl? I really hope thats true

No. 602188

File: 1528170126123.jpg (719.24 KB, 1920x2560, 18-06-04-22-38-41-648_deco.jpg)

Anything focusing on women is bad, right Shoe?

No. 602198

lmao their @s are still there, how idiotic.

Notice how she'll say this but never show any regret about scarf girl!

No. 602201

But anon scarf girl deserved what she got for drawing June as Hitler and stabbing the paper with the pencil.

That's waaaay worse than stealing someone's things and publicly mocking them with your friends. And definitely so much worse than destroying a birthday gift.

Besides I'm sure June never did anything prior to the Hitler drawing to lead to the girl thinking of her as a tyrant. It was totally unwarranted!

No. 602224

What…? I don’t get it. What is the problem? Why is she complaining?
She comes off as a really hateful person online and irl, not surprised she has no female friends.

No. 602252

See you gotta just imagine what an mgtow/incel would be like if given the opportunity to wear female costume. That's June. She is threatened by women in the same way as those pathetic lot of men. They alienate any woman with whom they come into contact and it's kind of a self fulfilling prophecy.

Now the "condescending" part, I'm not sure where I see that at all in the screenshot. I think she just pulled it from her list of adult-sounding words and just went with it.

Just a reminder there are women June's age with doctorates and professional careers, making it completely on their own in her city. So her insecurity makes perfect sense.

No. 602259

File: 1528180981638.jpg (82.95 KB, 357x412, pikacu-kurttur_818784_m.jpg)

>Be eccentric kid with unique interests in anime that lay outside of current day social norms
>be bullied heartlessly by insecure teenaged wig
>be upset for being publicly ridiculed and mocked, vent sadness by drawing
>be flippantly fake apologized to receive insincere forced apology
>See 10 years later your bully sucking alt right, misogynistic ddlg fupa while pretending to have interests in your interests you were so severely bullied for having.
>mfw scarfgirl

This shit is so typical the person being bullied will always react in a not so bright light because they were fucking bullied therefore it somehow validates the fucking bully to some people its disgusting. This is in part why school shooters and teen suicides exist.

No. 602268

I hope Scarf girl healed and now enjoys watching people snatch Shoe's wig.

Also that video she made with her trans friend was disgusting. They were constantly giggling about how they bullied others.
Her trans friend is same as her, wanted to be e-famous bully so they made a TERF shittalking video only to be BTFO by Magdalen which resulted in whole channel deletion lmao.

No. 602274

File: 1528184741232.png (652.39 KB, 602x1832, never change you lame ass high…)

Can Shoe or her trans friend come up with an insult other than "lol ur fat"?

No. 602293

I know it was mentioned that she showed on Blaire vs Onision debate, but I don't think anyone posted that according to Blaire response they will be both (+Groceries of course) on vidcon?
Her superchat with answear is about 1:46:27, Shuwu said that she is on train and will watch later, and Blaire answers
>I can't wait to see you on vidcon
link to debate with timestamp


so, new embarassing stories will come soon (vidcon is 20-23.06)

No. 602299

june has no fucking business calling a man's arms fat when she likes getting choked out by greg's quivering meat tubes

No. 602305

My comments to the solo video:

Grossery looks like some bottom feeder gigolo in a bar in Pristina at 4am and it's the 5th day he didn't get none.

June seems like a 12yo with no identity or opinions trying to play grown up in a video.

No. 602308

File: 1528195945782.gif (235.96 KB, 333x200, its-what-she-deserves-gif-5.gi…)

Now these are the fans she desperately panederd to, by being ~better than the other (fatty) girls~ and ~muh uwu disney princess waist~.
Now they shit on her because she dared to cosplay a character that is thinner than her.

Bitch made her own bed.

No. 602310

File: 1528196571091.jpg (188.16 KB, 684x668, IMG_20180605_130305.jpg)

I actually want the wedding to happen.

Imagine the trash and cringe (and smell), there would material for days..

Pic related, this is what Shuwu and Septic wedding album will look like. Vanilla normies just don't understand the dynamic..

No. 602330

don't think this was posted yet?

No. 602334

I believe that was in the last thread.

I know that the killstream where they react to the second Venti video hasn't been posted.

No. 602336


Did she used to be friends with Crowder? She's really showing what kind of friend she is.

No. 602364

I usually don't watch the videos posted in threads but finally gave in for the Brittany Venti vids. I had no freaking clue how deep of a voice Shoe has. What the fuck, I was ready for a squeaky baby voice not the voice of an 18 year old boy. So smol indeed.

No. 602374

File: 1528209384863.jpg (89.91 KB, 1650x572, xDDD.JPG)

so0o0o0o0o gay you guys!!!1

What's with the female bihets being both extremely jealous of other women AND letting their men cuck them under the guise of bisexuality?

No. 602382

I find it weird that if Preg really believes that June is bi, why would he only have a mff-threesome, when June has stated that she is more into girls? They are both so idiotic it makes my head hurt. I wonder if June would rip her lashes off if Preg cucked her with someone smoller~ than her? Or is June only willing to be cucked because deep down she knows that Preg is so unattractive that he won't find anyone, so she can keep her sanity while looking like a totally cool and perfect sub girlfriend?

No. 602403

She has admitted that she is very jealous but she's still ok with threesomes because she's such a ~cool gf~ who'd do anything to please Preg.
To me it's pretty obvious that she's uncomfortable with having other people involved in her relationship. But she's so desperate to be ''not like other girls'' that she'll pretend to be into girls because he thinks it's hot.

Being what they call ''anti-feminist'' is actually perfect for her; she can shit on other women all day long for the most minuscule and irrelevant things and it's giving her attention. The fake ''I'm bi'' shtick shields her from criticism - that way she can insult and mock other women while simultaneously being ''attracted'' to them, so no one calls her out on it.

No. 602450

File: 1528217670934.png (18.26 KB, 637x145, ZmjL5wv.png)

> They were constantly giggling about how they bullied others.
The reason June and her fans keep having to tell people she's so nice is because no one would come up with that conclusion on their own. She's a total bitch and a bully after all these years and she'll never change.

It's the same reason she makes stuff like this >>602049 or pic related public. She could have easily apologized to Bearing through messages or privately talked to that girl, but she has to let everyone know what a wholesome smol bean™ she is. And even when she's making a spectacle of her "kindness" she still manages to be a narcissistic asshole and insert herself. She's been using that girl's tweet as a way to dunk on people and get more retweets/asspats, she couldn't care less about her.

No. 602459


I feel like her playing the fake bi card shouldn't work in the "skeptisphere", because they're constantly calling people out for doing just that. How do they let her get away with it? What kind of snowflakery is that.

No. 602466

I think she mostly panders to liberals on Twitter and ~skeptics~/anti-SJWs on YT. That and she has far, far less followers on Twitter than she does on Youtube so most people probably don't know how annoying she really is.

No. 602469

File: 1528218336558.png (620.45 KB, 684x1368, e2cKzkH.png)

but she never called anyone fat to their face so it's okay!!1!!1

some more hypocrisy. june's making fun of this fat girl even though skeptic is literally her in adult male form. he doesn't have the excuse of being a dumb teenager like this girl does either.

bonus cringe from shreg's pedo ass. it should be a red flag when someone doesn't want to date in their age range, not an endearing quirky trait

No. 602481

File: 1528218796374.png (18.08 KB, 624x126, jSiVl4x.png)

his punctuation is r/iamverysmart material

No. 602547

>When her age starts with 3 disgusted face

Hahaha this is actually hilarious now that June is approaching 30.

No. 602548

Shoe will be 30 in exactly 3 years kek
It’s like she thinks she won’t ever age, she is hilariously stupid and impulsive

Can’t wait for the inevitable shitshow to go down. Wig goes full blown psycho after being dumped by his ass because she is “too old” for him. Their relationship isn’t gonna last long, considering Preg seems to be sick of her shit already.

No. 602550

Holy shit, that uh; is hilarious.
Headonistic? It's hedonistic.
And wtf is a hedonistic SJW? What's he trying to say?

No. 602556

>Uh;Trump won. We get to build wall around Disney now.

What a sad attempt at humor. He's that guy who bothers people at parties with shitty jokes and everyone has to force a laugh out of politeness.

No. 602558

File: 1528224642269.png (14.83 KB, 435x143, puByLGq.png)

june's obsession with screeching "i'm gay" every 10 seconds reminds of gay space prince lainey.

june loves dunkin on onion but they're more alike than she'd like to admit

No. 602560

How fucking lame lmao
Shoe is the embodiment of “How do you do, fellow gays?”

No. 602565

I remember some time ago she made a post kinda admitting she claims to be bi so she can get "oppression points" and that tumblr sjws cant pick on her because without that shes a straight white basic bitch otherwise(which lets be honest, she is) there is a lot of projection with her.

No. 602569

File: 1528225442439.png (290.89 KB, 659x637, SJeBFNp.png)

imagine pretending to be bi and then basing your entire personality over a fake identity just to… stick it to teenage sjws? wow got'em, june

No. 602572

More like
>where's the woman you're kissing and fucking and being in a relationship with

No. 602577

Morons like her are exactly the reason real bi girls get shit. And like you say its all a farce, shes so pathetic

This too!

No. 602580

That is exactly how Preg's arms look though.

>June seems like a 12yo with no identity or opinions trying to play grown up in a video.
Don't say that, it's what she wants! Grocery is getting off to that idea this very moment.

I hope they do the collaring ceremony lmao.

Because lesbian relationships aren't "real" to these people, so it's not a threat.

He would like a 3 year old though.

No. 602652



>obsessed with calling themselves gay

>partner named Greg who fetishizes lesbians and wants M/F/F threesomes (only skepdick is successful in getting them tho)

checks out

No. 602662

File: 1528232774382.png (20.67 KB, 665x261, hg69K44.png)

No. 602680

Don’t forget how they’re both soooo sm0l and constantly infantilise themselves in their totally kinky bdsm ddlg relationships while their respective Gregs blatantly ignore them in favour of cuter, younger girls on the internet. If they actually lived together I’m sure Preg would also regularly lock himself into his “office” to “work”.

No. 602685

june should stop pretending she loathes onion and just start making collabs

No. 602691

File: 1528234209251.png (399.66 KB, 750x1210, 8SvTLR7.png)

No. 602694

"luckily for you, yes" what the fuck why would anyone want to be with this retard? june, are you so fucking stupid that you can't see that he makes it OBVIOUS that your relationship has a shelf life?

does this bih really think just because he shat out a $5 gold plated engagement ring that she's set for life?

No. 602739

Does anyone have the link to the stream where she sneaks into Preg's computer room and says she's technically not allowed to be there?

No. 602744

File: 1528236778884.png (827.29 KB, 984x1632, KRPfPZu.png)

lmao shreg and jun criticize women all the time for their appearances but this man can't because contra and blaire are trans?

No. 602751

File: 1528237044533.png (285.56 KB, 637x523, KuQKpSI.png)

June dunks on this LGBT educator(?) like there's no tomorrow. Wonder what she'll say about her now that she has waifu Contra's support.

No. 602765

the only thing june is really passionate about is being a handmaiden.

No. 602783

She's wking them because they're men lmao.

No. 602805

This. If they were real women you know she would be shitting on them for surgery claiming they are "thirsty thots looking for attention but not like me because im natural and totally dont abuse the fat girl angle shot uwu"

No. 602831

Apologies for OT and blogpost but it's funny, I've actually had sex with two different women (not 3-somes) in my life and I still wouldn't really call myself bi in public because I've only ever had relationships with men. (i know - no1curr - just wonder if any other anons are in this boat)

Really truly doubt june would go through with a 3-some (the one with the tattoo'd girl doesn't sound like her at all imo), let alone an actual sexual encounter/relationship with a woman. Especially not a relationship, you know, with saying things like this >>602469 and all.

Another thing that shows her general inexperience with female friendships is the fact she doesn't seem aware women compliment each other on their looks all the time without calling themselves "so gay!!"

No. 602842

File: 1528244235579.png (47.32 KB, 639x271, narc rage.png)

she's 27 and types like this

No. 602847

and yet again, she doesn't block out their handle. shes hoping for another dogpile on leftists.

to her credit tho, i see women that are like around this age typing like this with phds and shit, so i'm just glad the rest of her life is reflective of this level of loserdom. that being said, she's too pathetic and i can't believe she hasn't gained even a modicum of self awareness/modesty after this whole brittany ordeal. i had no idea she'd really turn out ot be this much of a cow

No. 602851

File: 1528244996396.png (68.62 KB, 679x549, tBo6urY.png)

>stop crying
the audacity of her to say this when she handled the Brittany situation like she did.

No. 602860

File: 1528245547899.png (71.43 KB, 687x537, TnAM0vp.png)

>amazing. bye
an absolute slam dunk, as to be expected from june

No. 602864

File: 1528246317520.png (153.32 KB, 1320x688, ioZC9Bj.png)

june can rest easy, mayu has come to white knight his pwincess

No. 602866

>headonistic sjw
This. What? What does hedonism have to do with TLJ OR SJW's?

No. 602869

Ew God I can't stand that she still thinks its cute or cool to talk like this. I know changuys who stopped talking like this at 17 bc it's fucking cringe as hell AND she doesn't even have the thick skin to back it up

No. 602872

Same, anon. I've been on dates with women and had sex with 2 women. I do consider myself to be bisexual, but I'm basically closeted because of my family. They would never understand why I might choose to be with a woman. I honestly think they would be more accepting of me if I was a lesbian. Only my older sister knows, and it's because she told me she knows without me bringing it up. It's not even something I talk about with boyfriends because guys turn it into a sexual fantasy EVERY TIME. They get creepy about it, and I am not poly, I don't have a threesome fetish, etc.

I know lesbians who have been REALLY hurt by girls like June for essentially leading them on while they sort their shit out. They like the idea of a female relationship, they don't actually want to go all the way with it. Because of that there is a bad stigma surrounding bi women.

June's contributing to it. I wish she would fuck off.(blogposting)

No. 602873

I never would have thought a word could make me cringe harder than the n-word with a hard r, but somehow the skinwalker managed it.

No. 602874

File: 1528247925460.jpeg (359.24 KB, 750x981, AC026CB5-247D-47A9-A104-D75306…)

lmao how fucking predicable

No. 602875

File: 1528247925861.png (152.47 KB, 671x617, OF5D1Cy.png)

>assuming june would actually lead on a girl

No. 602878

File: 1528248856842.png (158.85 KB, 633x531, VWJkmza.png)

funny that the same people calling brittany obsessed aren't also calling june obsessed with meghan murphy

also funny how june calls us "seriously dedicated stalkers" when she's no better for doing stuff like this all the time

No. 602879

File: 1528248960969.png (215.61 KB, 633x517, niOz9kb.png)

No. 602885

>footbinding isn't evil. Some women like to conform to painful beauty standards set by men! uwu

libfems are such pansies. You can like heels and also acknowledge how prolonged heel wearing does permanent damage to your body.

No. 602889

Exactly, she's going to just ignore the facts for her feewings uwu
She's too simpleminded to understand that it's possible to hold a nuanced opinion like that.

No. 602890

File: 1528249703775.png (105.35 KB, 675x641, NNLzQzV.png)

of course she has to make this about herself reee
>kelly is cute because she's like me she's nervous and shy like me

it must be killing her to pretend to like another woman because she wants skeptic's approval/got called out and

No. 602893

Does June honestly think she can take on Meghan Murphy now? She is 100x more intelligent and informed than June. Where is this dumbfuck getting all of this confidence from?

No. 602900

She's been DUNKIN on Meghan Murphy for like the past year but each interaction with mm just makes her look even stupider than the one before it. It's so embarrassing seeing her get owned by MM and yet her confidently coming out of these squabbles like she's the victor. She has such an inflated level of confidence that isn't warranted at all.

No. 602903

File: 1528250092667.png (50.84 KB, 637x479, fYsSZd9.png)

she thought this was good enough to tweet twice. does she really think that everyone who comes across her page cares about her DUNKIN on radfems? her followers barely care about that shit.

No. 602908

>acknowledging that high heels have negative side effects on health is telling women what to do uwu
Also, didn't she go hard on libfems for doing slutwalks before? She's such a fucking spineless panderer.

No. 602911

June is a sex positive feminist. She's just not aware enough to understand that.

Like she'll say she's sex positive, but I"m not sure if she realizes that's a feminist movement.

No. 602912

lmao you guys need to watch vid related of mags taking her bullshit down. you have no idea how much of a neoliberal she actually is. she thinks she's so "RADICOOOL!" for not wanting to wear heels and a skirt as if we all fucking love being in pain/uncomfortable

so if gays start joining christy conversion therapy bullshit rehabs en masse, it's fine because it's their choice? the fact that it's overall harmful to the gay community won't matter and we should support them and their choices despite it being personally and collectively harmful? ok june

No. 602914

lol back to her usual self I see

No. 602915

probably lol. but this is the same woman suddenly disavowed the words "sperg" and "autism" all because radfems started to use them. y'know, despite the fact that she regularly used those same terms not even a year ago.

god forbid you breathe the same air as someone you disagree with

No. 602916

File: 1528250491178.png (373.35 KB, 450x564, libfem.PNG)


No. 602917

File: 1528250629684.png (23.48 KB, 419x212, slutwalk.PNG)

wow that's really sex negative of you june

No. 602919

File: 1528250751711.png (212.06 KB, 684x638, r5EweLs.png)

>june calling another woman unfunny
>june calling an award winning comedian unfunny while she still makes vlogs for her audience of 12 year olds and neckbeards and tries and convince herself that she's in the entertainment biz
o i am laffin

No. 602935

who is that in the picture? also why tf is she talking to marge when marge was one of the people making fun of her during the Venti drama?

No. 602937

It's okay anon, he's probably just borrowing from June's "list of adult-sounding words" she loves to randomly insert into her bs.

It's okay that they don't know the meanings of these words because it's unlikely their followers understand either.

No. 602939

Idk I think just some libfem or Google search for "trashy woman" or something. She used to try to get in with Marge and Brittany Venti, actually, which is why it's so great to see them come for her, kek

No. 602940

File: 1528252149521.png (610.69 KB, 604x1572, 0lds3QI.png)

>june: replies to greg's tweets
>greg: doesn't reply, likes the tweets of rando women instead

No. 602942

File: 1528252319364.png (29.36 KB, 444x299, humblebrga.PNG)


No. 602943

File: 1528252427611.png (35.28 KB, 442x300, PANDERING.PNG)

so embarrassing that you tweet it to 250k people, plenty of which happen to be bronies

No. 602944

File: 1528252450079.png (234.47 KB, 445x503, biggest poser.PNG)

you dont even fucking like anime june

No. 602949

File: 1528252622716.png (19.21 KB, 435x254, little sides.PNG)

gotta remind everyone at every possible juncture that she can meme unlike all those other girls, and is really hot and skinny

No. 602953

>My boyfriend doesn't even text me back
He liked that? lmaooo

Because anime mousepads are "ironic"

No. 602958

lmfao is this for real? Is she seriously trying to be hipster about fucking MLP?? I would say she drunk posted but sadly she is probably sober.

No. 602959

yes and it was posted this year lmao

No. 603011

Bitch must be thirsty to get her neckbeard fans back-I saw quite a few comments on brittany venti's video about unsubscribing from june after finding out how much of a lying attention whore she is kek

No. 603012

File: 1528257164873.png (251.88 KB, 421x460, 1525268045393.png)

Its hedonistic not head on is tic.

Is he spelling shit wrong on purpose? RIP MENSA IQ. I knew he had learning disabilities but damn.

No. 603024

"A few people I need to do this with" she says.
Meanwhile, the person she is replying to is someone she tried to tone police and sperg out over because he criticized Shreggory and he couldn't defend himself.

Literally so obsessed with herself and trying to make herself look like a good person that she ignores she's talking to one of the main people she did this to. Completely disengenious.

No. 603037

I'm pretty sure she has mocked women that do the slutwalk shit, but will act like she's for women who do them when it fits her narrative. I think its cringey and stupid as well personally. But, fuck. Just have some fucking standards and principals that don't shift with the breeze of the wind.

No. 603038

She is lying yet again. My friends were huge fans of MLP in 2010 when it was first airing, and by that point you could already find new merch just coming out with the release… I don't know why she would lie about something like this.

No. 603045

She is still ski walking Boxxy. I believe it was one of her old vids she talked about Boxxy talking about MLP and then suddenly she liked them again. (Or it could of been in some of her comments on caitechan)

She has no personality so she is still just stealing Boxxys personality and traits because its what has gotten her male/online attention in the past.

It's also just another attempt at being so uwu smol and precious.

I hope Preg has nick jr and Disney with his cable for when he chains he up to distract her when he needs to jerk it to e girls.

No. 603050

i almost feel bad for her because we all know that's exactly what will happen. he has liked e-girl lewds when he has been with her, too.

tbqh, as someone who has been in an ldr, he should be satisfied enough w their online sex life to not at least publicly like those photos, but my partner wouldve just broken up with me if he preferred jacking it to egirls to us being intimate online, even. it's not like june isn't available for 'cybering' 24/7, but what do i know as a vanilla normie that doesn't like my men to make $500 a month max at 34, hoard dickcheese under his fupa, and disrespect me online

No. 603073

yep, and she's encouraging this failure. lol literally what money, june? like, his brand isn't going anywhere. it's one thing to be with someone that's not making anything if they're trying to come up in their field, etc, but this is probably the best it's gonna get for him, and he's wasting what little money he makes on fucking toys while she enables him. guaranteed there will be a prenup despite him not having anything because he's fucking delusional, and june only has a few years left of her channel/patreon making anything, and she admits she spends all of it as soon as it comes in, so after the divorce she'll definitely be fucked. sad.

No. 603075

I kinda wonder what she thinks of female rape victims or if she's ever mocked them. You know she would be the type of bitch who says women are "asking for it" but then say male rape victims "Don't deserve it uwu the feminists don't support you uwu"

No. 603097

File: 1528263672383.png (Spoiler Image, 659.88 KB, 668x1062, g8L4jJV.png)

she keeps tweeting about this artist in order to get asspats. now she's acting so scared like the kind, sensitive smol bean she is even though she had no problem making this tweet about some poor (gay?) dude being killed just a few months ago. but you know, she's totally shocked!

No. 603111

She is so fucking triggered

No. 603130


Yes and they should have to jump through HR hoops to get that option to not wear heels in a job unrelated to them! If they don't they must love em!

Sage for OT.

No. 603134

Anyone finds it amusing how she gets irrationally mad after someone from the left calls her out on her fence-sitting?

It's always like:
>um..i deleted that okAY???? am i not pandering enough to you too? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?? btw you are the lolcow here, look how closeminded you are like asdfxjxhdiwi WOW. I AM JUST A SMOL BEAN!!!! uwu

No. 603139

This tweet shows how shallow and stupid wig0nhead is, given ash hardells video, murphy's comment makes complete sense.

Just stop wig, you're embarassing yourself

No. 603142

File: 1528266729614.jpg (22.13 KB, 720x590, FB_IMG_1528124674421.jpg)

Shuwu gf

No. 603148

Has she ever given any insight on what she blows her money on? I think I remember someone putting her yearly around $40k, or more? That's a lot of extra cash if you're still living in your childhood bedroom rent free.

No. 603155

File: 1528267554078.png (17.24 KB, 637x123, g7q6rji.png)

she probably spends it on lots of eyeliner, f21 clothes and tickets to see shregory pregory every few months. someone here said she spends like 3k per wig and she has a buttload of wigs, so

can't find the exact post, but
>jewy voice
what? is she jewish?

No. 603156


Lots of flats also aren't great for your feet unless you get certain ones. They can pinch your toes and lack arch support. Idk what Ash meant by "compliant flats" though. You can even say the same for lots of men's business shoes too.

And that doesn't even touch on the issues with dresses and make up requirements in some workplaces, probably shaving too.

Sage for more ot.

No. 603165

you can put arch supports or orthotics in flats or business shoes, but plenty of loafers are super comfortable. the same could be said for sandals and sneakers but the point is that these rules target womens freedoms and forces them to wear a certain kind of shoe that men think are hotter. men don't make dress codes for other men wear because they want them to look fuckable the way they do for women.

No. 603168

File: 1528269178680.jpg (75.85 KB, 1170x742, DAZUwXuUQAIj_2K.jpg)

She actually made her own…

No. 603169

wait, she made this? are you serious?

No. 603172

It's from the lewd0nhead account, which a lot of anons suspect was run by her since she runs her own fan accounts. She interacts with it as if it's a different person but it had a bunch of screenshots of tweets only seconds after they were posted and other obscure stuff that would take an extreme stalker to find/know. But knowing what Shuwu's fanbase is like, that might not actually be that unrealistic…

No. 603175

>uwu im so smol n qt & devote my life to pleasing my bf bc i have no personality :3 im so innocent and sweet and i cry a lot lol btw feminism is cancer fuck these fat bitches xDD

Wig0nhead in a nutshell

No. 603182

>Don't say that, it's what she wants!

She wants to be boring and have no identity? Well she sure succeeds with that.

No. 603194

File: 1528273579225.jpg (82.45 KB, 944x562, QtnGApg.jpg)

a bit more accurate

No. 603196

File: 1528273890473.png (2.49 MB, 1803x3596, Sargon&TF drama.png)

I found some stuff from the Sargon joke stream from last year. There was a bit considering how Thunderf00t reacted to it and then how everyone reacted to his reaction, so there's probably a lot that I missed.
Here's the stream that started this whole thing:

There's also a youtube account that's called "June's Fan" (or something along those lines) that's also most likely run by her since all the video's on it were from her vlog days and are now all unlisted. I know at least one of the unlisted videos has been linked to in a previous thread. I'll look for that later.

No. 603208

i lost my shit at "bald :3"

No. 603220


I definitely agree with you. Just adding info to possibly further counter Ash's statements because a workplace letting people wear flats doesn't always mean letting them wear comfortable and supportive shoes and even if it does it still does not solve the problem of sexist wardrobe requirements.

Sage for OT

No. 603249

I wonder if Greg’s in government assistance and that’s why it’s so difficult for June to immigrate- in addition to June being unemployed.

No. 603254

File: 1528286695812.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180606-070418.png)


No. 603258

what is "gay" about this?

also, i really hope they have a gift registry. it'll be so deliciously white trash and i'm excited.

No. 603260

She uses ''gay'' in place of ''lovey-dovey'' from how I understand it…fucking embarrassing. I just can't grasp the fact that she is 27 god damn

No. 603263

Oh god their gift registry…

>golden BDSM collar

>Star Wars dishware
>pacifier (for June)

No. 603284

Doesn't that bitch have enough wigs already gee whiz.

No. 603318

File: 1528298280673.png (521.39 KB, 631x503, LPifmRD.png)

this reads like she tweeted under preg's account

No. 603326

File: 1528298642635.png (302.21 KB, 655x525, HuZnp7c.png)

meanwhile, greg's watching videos about menstrual cups kek

his sunglasses are tragic

No. 603342

Link for those of us who don't follow as much?

I wanna see what non-essential shit she's begging people for 'ironically.'

No. 603344

can't tell if this is serious or not, but i'm 99.9% anon was joking

No. 603345

I thought anon was just having fun with that gift registry. They're cringy, but not cringy enough to beg for adult binkies lmao.

No. 603350

Sometimes I feel like June’s parents just don’t give a fuck about anything lol. I remember that Greg was apparently really rude and impolite when he met them for the first time. It was in the parents Q&A video on June’s channel I think.

I’d have a huge problem if my daughter was dating someone like him (plus keep in mind June’s mom follows her twitter so…she knows). But then again, any criticism you give June she dismisses with “ur mom gay lol ur a fat old cat lady xD”.

No. 603360

File: 1528303560939.png (35.9 KB, 1228x145, ptiQxG3[1].png)

No. 603366

File: 1528303862457.png (707.39 KB, 1350x1394, jainey gay for greg.png)

it's because she can't help herself! she's just tooooo quriky xD

she speaks like a teenage boy. just one of the silly boys teehee~ :3

No. 603400

> 1000/10 BDSM stuff

Are you sure about that? The "BDSM" in the picture looks like the ones Tumblr girl takes pictures with for aesthetics instead of actual kinky life

Preggory is only using BDSM as an excuse to have her do all the work in the relationship, being ok with being cucked etc under the narrative "oh yeah it's bc we are kinky June the normies don't get it

I fucking lost it in one of Brittany'svideo with him saying DDLG is the most submissive a woman can be to a man. I'm pretty sure forniphilia folks would like to have a word on that.

No. 603410

>Giving blowjobs isn’t sex
Kek which of her white knights wrote this shit

No. 603437

File: 1528311119051.png (173.88 KB, 628x1496, TRnwE6I.png)

No. 603440

File: 1528311431448.png (181.61 KB, 636x1454, Dtf4ZW7.png)

june suddenly pretending to care about slurs so she can dunk on terfs is the funniest thing

No. 603441

Why is she so obsessed over TERFs?

No. 603442

Because she hates (real) women, especially real women who don't hate themselves and bend over for men.

No. 603443

Is she still pretending to research the topics she talks about? Because five minutes of googling reveals that there is no TERF branch of feminism and nobody self-identifies that way. Anyone who calls themselves a TERF is trolling, joking, or so new to gender critical feminism that they’re completely ignorant of the terms.

Oh I forgot, big words confuse her. Never mind.

No. 603452

>Anyone who calls themselves a TERF is trolling, joking, or so new to gender critical feminism that they’re completely ignorant of the terms.
June always argues (well, screeches at) the lowest common denominator of any group that she disagrees with. It's more difficult to scream "haha look at this crazzzzzzzy dum SJW xD" in response to a well thought out argument. That would require actual thought and research and not just emotional shitposting.

When people do try and legitimately engage her in debate, she'll block them. Either that or she'll use the tired excuse of "issa joke" and then block them before they can respond.

No. 603454


>worlds gayest couple

>straight couple

I’m about to fucking explode

No. 603461

Because it's essentially a "girls only" club and shoe's case of penis envy is so severe this actually offends her.

No. 603488


Anyone supports her is probably on a government watchlist. If Shreg and shoe fart out a kid maybe not leave them alone with Aunty Cuntra.

No. 603491

>Aunty Cuntra
Shit insult tbh; he'd probably get off to being called that.

No. 603494


I usually say CancerPoints but I figured I'd switch it up. shrugs

No. 603506

why not just "Uncle Hontra" lol. creepy AGP troons like him feel validated by gendered insults (i.e. cunt).

No. 603511


Honestly I'm happy to call Contra every name under the sun. I really fucking hate that dickhead.

No. 603538


How does she not realize calling her straight relationship gay is homophobic as fuck

No. 603575

File: 1528320261589.jpg (233.25 KB, 1050x2048, DdrYD9IV0AANEep (1).jpg)

uggghh…. a new thicc secret for greg?

No. 603586

inb4 she comes out as a soft gay trans boi

No. 603606

she only cares about homophobia if she can use it to her advantage ie making up sob stories about how the meanie lesbos and gays are oppressing the poor bisexuals in het relationships.

notice how she never talks about bi people with same sex partners?

No. 603627

Wtf is going on here? Everything about this image is hideous. Those cankles are wild.

No. 603641

I had to read this tweet 5 times to understand what wig said. She types worse than my little cousins. She's so retarded it hurts.

No. 603646

Is that a guy?

No. 603661

Because its the only group she can go after that wont earn her blowback/shit from her followers. One of the many reasons her opinions keep changing ex: BLM. She likes to bully and will go after any group to make out like she standing up for something when in reality shes just a bad shitposter

No. 603669

uhh clearly she's using the word "fag" in reclaimative sense, get with the program sweaty.

No. 603714

File: 1528331190816.png (14.58 KB, 563x111, A7yDffb.png)

what a difference a year makes

No. 603725

That's a man, baby

No. 603793

>fugly frayed tartan skirt
>south park necktie(?) hanging off curtain rod
>bad wig
>can't tell if troon, but assume so since june was actually nice in response and didn't mock

her fans are real winners

No. 603849

a bit early for this, but i vote this for next thread picture

No. 603958

File: 1528360870144.jpg (40.8 KB, 555x452, Capture.JPG)

No. 603960

isnt it like almost 5am in long island. good thing this stupid bitch was trying to fix her sleeping schedule.

No. 604009

Kek this image is cursed as fuck. That has to be a man in drag.

No. 604023

File: 1528367428011.jpg (541.46 KB, 1160x1464, second wave.jpg)

Did anyone notice how she is really keen on demonizing second wave of feminism as "it's women who hate sex xDD,". She pretends she has somehow discovered the real boogey-man - the second wave feminists who are now middle-age women she hates so much.

Makes her sound very ill-informed and dumb to anyone mature and educated.

No. 604031

Is june proud of her retardation jw

No. 604039

She has never read a research paper in her life. She gets her information through 4chan memes. She sucks dicks but stays a virgin. She is quirky and dumb and isn't afraid to admit so!
She is shoe0nhead - better than the other girls!

No. 604050


Saying radfems hate sex for not liking porn is like saying vegans and the super size me guy hate eating for not liking McDonald's.

You can argue that the latter things should still exist without inaccurately framing the opposition, but only if you wanna be a vanilla normie I guess.

No. 604058

File: 1528372473960.jpg (58.67 KB, 617x651, IMG_20180525_212449.jpg)

She is so goddamn dumb. It's painful.

No. 604082

I remember in an older thread someone posted screenshots of her saying ''I used to think only the third wave was bad, but now I think they all are'', something along the lines.

She is so obsessed with her beloved trans folk that she'd rather spit in the faces of women who helped to improve lives for other women, including herself, only because they are ''TERFs'' according to her….Let that sink in. I used to think ''internalized misogyny'' was made-up bullshit but now I'm convinced June is the prime example of a self-hating woman. I can't believe people listen to her, let alone like her. She is such a hateful person.

>choosing to wear heels is oppression

said no one, fucking ever. (note how she said ''choosing'')

No. 604303

June never ceases to amaze

No. 604390

File: 1528395176793.png (35.39 KB, 943x206, wig.PNG)

Look at who I found in the comments of Gorillaz new video

No. 604442

File: 1528398945412.png (337.86 KB, 704x1232, T68uxCS.png)

i like how all day she's been dunkin on people and exposing their names even though
a. she promised not even a month ago she would stop
b. brittany exposed her for doing this
c. she can't handle when people do it to her

gotta love the random ~uwu i'm gonna donate funds buy my shit~ shill at the end so she can make herself seem like a good person in spite of this. in reality she's probably only going to donate like 1% of funds and spend the rest on wigs

No. 604445

File: 1528399276119.png (308.36 KB, 654x869, 5t1Yd6F.png)

i mean, if she didn't actively fucking seek out terfs she wouldn't have to deal with them. they're a niche group and she's neither trans or feminist. even ian miles cheong of all people gets this and called her out for for following a bunch of terf accounts.

on the rare chance that a terf does approach her, she just blocks them. so tough! meanwhile her trans friends are having serious discussions with terfs

No. 604453

File: 1528399973861.png (84.83 KB, 643x549, sc7RrB0.png)

>i try to jump on every opportunity that comes my way to do so.
in what world? she regularly spends her days making fun of people. rarely ever does she do something nice for others unless there's it's also beneficial to her

No. 604462

No. 604472

File: 1528401249928.png (17.44 KB, 619x137, v6wwUuy.png)

haha i'm such a good person i found the gofundme myself haha can't you see i'm such a good person? haha let me tell you how much of a good person i am

let me make a clickbait video for my neckbeards and earn $2,000 haha that'll really help you haha wait is this not about me?

No. 604473

she doesn't have serious discussions with them because she doesn't actually care. hating terfs just means she gets to hate evil sjw feminists while making sure her fans aren't too right wing

No. 604475

Shoe0nhead's daily twitter routine:
>find random ass ''TERF'' accounts
>''debunk'' their opinions by insulting or mocking them, don't present any actual facts or arguments
>be a pussy by not @ing them directly but retweeting a screenshot with names exposed so your audience can still harass them
>when asked to debate, end the argument with ''you're mom gay xD'' or ''lol bye''
>to save face, post about how cute your boyfriend is and how ''gay'' you are or reply to a ~friendo~ ''I will protect u from dah bulliez!!'' with some cutesie anime gif
>do more damage control by virtue signaling, posting bunniez :3, baby talk (''bideos'') and pretending to be smol and submissive uwu

Rinse and repeat.

No. 604497

June had him added on her old facebook does she know know this guy? Is this the lolcow ian?

No. 604501

Hope it doesn't get too political and hope it doesn't have too many featured artists for wiggy's sensibilities :3c

No. 604507

No, ian miles cheong is like a center right blogger/commentator that rags on june now, lol. He sides with the evil tervens so June, her center and right wing tranny chasers, and her libfem friends love shitting on him

No. 604509

File: 1528403841044.png (90 KB, 767x279, T783o2k.png)

one of them literally only has 6 followers. what does she do? search "TERF" on twitter all day? (hypothetical question, we all know the answer is yes)

such a nice smol sensitive bun uwu. what a bullied introverted wallflower uguuu

No. 604523

File: 1528404455249.png (377.33 KB, 972x1028, r5QUK0R.png)

don't forget she got buttmad when he criticized her.

>i never liked him in the first place even though i tweeted at him (stillgray) all the time for validation from his followers

classic june

No. 604524

"Gorillaz is my favorite band!"

>Has seemed to only listen to Demon Days, seems to only know 4 songs on that albumn

"I hate when they have featured artists this isn't the real Gorillaz!"

>Gorillaz is her fav band yet she doesn't understand that they are about show casing talent, being original, and having a new sound added to theirs

"Humanz was too political!"
>her favorite album Demon Days was arguably way more political

June is even incredibly uninformed about things she supposedly likes kek

No. 604528

File: 1528404710657.png (240.15 KB, 624x1064, pBV9EFU.png)

>june's fanboys: brittany's obsessed with june

No. 604536

>i didn't even like him that much

This is the internet commentary community's equivalent of some loser being rejected by a girl and then telling her ''whatever bitch you're ugly anyway'', kek.

No. 604538

Is that Aubrey Plaza… June we've been over this…

No. 604541

june LOVES women
of course unless they're
>don't have 20 inch waists uwu
>are middle aged
>don't have perfect clear smooth skin uwu
>are feminists
>are "basic"
>don't let her or her bf touch their "boops"
>don't want to fuck gregs fat yeasty ass or her yeasty potato shaped self
>don't have boobs or butts
>don't like transtrenders

No. 604545

File: 1528405688755.png (185.4 KB, 615x1618, iDmVuMQ.png)

>i didn't come to this party to get calledaubrey plaza all day
but only feminists humblebrag, right june? kek

No. 604547

I noticed how she constantly stalks this Hannah woman, trying to make her into a "lolcow" or something but Hannah doesn't give two shits about her lol.

No. 604569

File: 1528407438332.jpg (98.36 KB, 1340x775, 92uHs43.jpg)

>people tell me all the time that i look like aubrey plaza

jesus christ…stop embarrassing yourself, june.

No. 604574

She looks like what Cristin Milioti would look like if she had fetal alcohol syndrome. Doesn't look like Aubrey at all though..who is she trying to fool?

No. 604577


>sarah silverman? uh, i mean i got told this maybe o-once but everyone calls me audrey plaza like non-stop, like all the time and definitenly not sarah silverman

No. 604578

how is her face getting mroe special needs by the day? it's not even like, aging that's making her look so much uglier, she's just actually getting uglier somehow?

she really wants to demonize all of feminism. this is what makes as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than self declared MRAs and male ant-feminists. she might not shoot up women herself, but her rhetoric can potentially mobilize/radicalize a lot of weirdos. and to their credit, a lot of male anti-fems and MRAs will say that they're okay with the 2nd wave and the 2nd wave was the last time feminism was relevant/good. they obviously are still retards that try to claim patriarchy doesn't exist, rape culture isn't a thing, etc, but at least they admit that the 2nd wave was good. june wants to completely turn them full on anti-woman so she can be admired and praised more for being the only good woman out there and gives no shits about how she's likely actively poisoning the minds of young men

No. 604580

File: 1528408210507.png (104.63 KB, 300x340, Jvb4A3Z.png)

>how is her face getting mroe special needs by the day?
her eye makeup is super unflattering and makes her look like pic attached

No. 604582

Honestly Shoe's entire internet persona is built on humble bragging. She literally has nothing else to offer. I love how everything she brags about is false though…it's probably just projection, lel.

No. 604583

Sarah Silverman looks way better than June too, not very similar.

June has a face only incel would like.

No. 604585

File: 1528408690827.jpg (151.68 KB, 1080x1349, uB2KOK1.jpg)

She looks as droopy as Jenette McCurdy does now.

No. 604593

File: 1528409242623.jpg (116.92 KB, 1267x720, 208067.jpg-r_1280_720-f_jpg-q_…)

Better example.

No. 604595

her FAS-y reminds me of a cartoon character but not in a good way. She looks like female Goofy.

But now I understand why her fanbase thinks of her as hot. She pandered to the lowest autistic male filth on the net, the same people that get sexually aroused to My Little Pony characters. That's why June and her goofy-looking cartoony face makes their dick hard.

No. 604601

I thought this while watching Fargo Season 2 except June has a very puffy face and no chin or something f

No. 604604

File: 1528409984489.png (228.59 KB, 640x594, 2ktN1HW.png)

she looks like cristin in the same way gerg looks like brendan

so not at all

No. 604608

File: 1528410273171.jpg (26.33 KB, 450x450, oOn5bfG.jpg)

june's mid face area always reminded me of andy milonakis

No. 604609

Come on, I understand it's supposed to be full of Regina Georges but stop nit-picking. She doesn't look like her if you compare static pictures but it's not the same as actual person constantly moving. They do have the same vibe sometimes, from certain angles or whatever and something in the eyes is the same.

No. 604610

>but only feminists humblebrag, right june?

the absolute irony of that blogpost was that almost the entire thing was a humble brag on her part. she talked about how she gets hit on constantly and complimented on her hair, skin, make-up, etc, even though she's "like a 5/10 on a good day." fuck off june lmao

No. 604611

Like 90% of posts in these threads are nit-picking tbh. This girl is an idiot but she has so little milk in comparison to the rest of the cows posted on this site. It's really strange to me how she's had so many threads.

No. 604615

>It's really strange to me how she's had so many threads.
she had a hand in creating the site, what else do you expect?

Personally I'd say she's milkier than say, Anisa/Pixielocks/Momokun, who are all popular cows. Sure there's a lot of nitpicking, but what thread on here doesn't have a lot of nitpicking?

No. 604617

It's fair for this particular cow since she and Skebtic spent so much effort shitting on "middle aged women" "fatties" that weren't even fatties and older women in general. It's funny how she thinks she'll never get old and is getting fat.

No. 604624

I meant to tag this >>604569 post sorry.
She also kind of looks like Mary Tyler Moore. I guess they all resemble each other because of Italian descent or kind of same type.

No. 604630

thank you. she's delusional about her appearance and shits on goodlooking and average women, more than 90% of cows on this site.

if she didnt gas herself up and knock every woman down when she isn't even close to being a goddess herself, she wouldn't get this many criticisms. and this isn't even nitpicking tbh, she isn't looking good despite her constant claims to the contrary. her entire career is built on nitpicking other women. it's fair game, and her face is looking permanently like that now.

No. 604636


>I’m doing a video on political lesbianism in June

Woo boy get ready for a video on how lesbians are just hairy feminists who date women because their too big of fattys to get a man. And you know what? Being straight but calling yourself a lesbian while actually having relationships with women is a whole lot ~gayer~ then having threesomes with some other straight girl and your tubby shrek boyfriend.

No. 604637

Except that shoe's infantility shows on her face. You can kinda see she's got an unresolved childhood trauma that made her such a failure. I don't know maybe it's just stereotypes and prejudice but as soon as I saw her video for the first time I could tell she was desperate and craving attention just by looking at her face. It's in her facial expressions. I just used to know someone as desperate as her, to the same incredibly high degree. And she was resembling that girl to me. They have common facial expressions or idk what.

Nitpicking was saying that she doesn't look like Aubrey just because she doesn't look like that particular picture of her. People can resemble each other in many ways. You don't have to have exactly same measurments between your eyes etc for others to think you look like someone.

No. 604638

"We have the same hair so we must look alike!"
Why is she so obsessed with looking like Aubrey plaza? Is it because she's cute and naturally chill/tomboyish where as june has to pretend shes a coolgirl

No. 604645

She looks literally nothing like Aubrey.

No. 604649

File: 1528412621782.png (42.21 KB, 770x252, YuXnwoo[1].png)

which tweet did she delete it is not there anymore

No. 604651

That's probably why she btags about her fans telling she looks like ''14'' or ''7''. It's about her expressions and infantile look. Sorry to diappoint you shoe.
They do have something subtle in common sometimes.

No. 604653

File: 1528412906539.png (308.93 KB, 666x638, y7Vjn2q.png)

>how everyone made a 17 year old kid into an internet punching bag it just makes me go
I like how she says "everyone" so she can skirt responsibility. She still makes fun of teenagers regularly though, not sure why she's acting above it.

>Except that shoe's infantility shows on her face. You can kinda see she's got an unresolved childhood trauma that made her such a failure.

>Nitpicking was saying that she doesn't look like Aubrey just because she doesn't look like that particular picture of her.

If you compared any picture of June and Aubrey they still wouldn't look alike. They just don't have similar features, point blank. They don't have similar personalities or vibes either.

June continually humblebrags about looking like Aubrey and people here are responding. It's not quite nitpicking imo. Unnecessary? Yeah, I guess.

No. 604656

We need that bot someone mentioned awhile back.

No. 604658

As you please, Regina(hi [cow])

No. 604662

File: 1528413393502.png (58.39 KB, 599x239, Fd3MCjS.png)

Is it this? it's a deleted tweet

I guess? I just don't see how it's mean to say she doesn't look like Aubrey.

No. 604663

it's not. it's just a stupid wk trying to go stealth, notice the repeated lack of sage and stupid regina george comparison

No. 604671

>when you try to drag the same people who made it possible for you to have access to the legal contraceptives that you need to safely fulfill your BDSM relationship with your "alpha daddy"


No. 604695

File: 1528415279883.png (2.23 KB, 344x21, mzkdRKv.png)


Sa but yes it's this tweet. She's got so fucking triggered by this one tame response that she had to delete her entire tweet.

Can't let your cult know that someone disagrees with poor Shuwu!

No. 604714

File: 1528417008661.png (103.96 KB, 664x846, ptsd.png)

jesus christ june. this is literally andrew dobson tier

bonus mayu

No. 604716

ptsd but all the feminists and/or leslie jones that get harassed and sent death threats on a daily basis "need to suck it up and ignore them", ok. she has ptsd from simply being critiqued by freeze peach neckbeards, sans death threats or threats of bodily harm. wow.

No. 604771

So does she want to be a comedian or a political activist?
She should donate that $2000.

Literal tumblr-tier

No. 604842

Mayu is so creepy… They are always there inserting themselves into conversations that don’t involve her.

No. 604921

>I literally need help
>As long as we help one person it's ok, only that one person isn't you
Why did she bother even responding?? This tweet literally doesn't say anything other than "shut up, we do a good job with our ~activism~ (aka tweeting about issues and not doing shit) and we can't help you" like what a cunt

No. 604923

File: 1528436324927.png (571.02 KB, 799x1874, snap.png)

her merch store is… special


No. 604925

File: 1528436399379.png (36.36 KB, 252x310, lol.png)

this literally could have been made by a 13 year old on Tumblr

No. 604949

the ones with her face on them or that are about her are so fucking cringy.. one is just a filtered selfie of her trying her hardest to look cute. and "thinn"… no june you're not thinn or thicc you're just oddly proportioned and getting lumpy.

No. 604954

There is barely any originality i have seen half those sayings on tumblr kek

No. 604957

does anyone else find shuwu's face really creepy? i have to look away when i see it too much now because her massive cheeks and super long face with such weird nose proportions looks like a creepy cartoon character or Thing 1 and 2 but even more disturbing.

No. 604958

File: 1528439234092.png (228.17 KB, 720x962, 20180608_022727.png)

Kween bootleg

No. 604961

File: 1528439399909.png (21.48 KB, 119x118, 407cbdac-7134-4ba9-972c-691073…)

Got this for you anon, happy fucking birth

No. 604962

thankfully that image is really small on my laptop screen ha

No. 604965

These are so bad…I’m just hoping nobody actually wears these in public.
Gotta love the “libtard” and “conservatard” shirts, as if any true conservative would watch her. Most of them are edgy anti-feminist teens with a trap fetish. But of course, June has to pander to them as well.

I love how she is totally cool with conservatives but can’t respect the fact that “Terfs” have opinions as well. By definition, conservatives would disagree with like 85% of the shit she posts about: sex work, transgenderism, degenerate bdsm, lgbt…the lost goes on. They don’t like her. She doesn’t hate “terfs” because they are critical of trans issues, but because they are women that don’t pander to men like she does. Their mere existence makes her so fucking angry that she goes out of her way to find tiny accounts and blasts them on her twitter.

No. 604968

yeah why doesn't she blast "conservatards" who think traps are an abomination? What's this bitch's problem?

No. 604974

Dang she looks old!

No. 604986

File: 1528443406723.jpg (320.58 KB, 1020x1568, jji.jpg)

Have some recent discord screenshots. Nothing milky, just June being cringe as always.

No. 604988

Oh, I see, it was originally "ready to cry". That makes sense.

"Shy, bi and ready to die" just doesn't make sense. Why DIE?

No. 604990

File: 1528444285398.png (216.33 KB, 634x706, WnADxX5.png)

ty anon.

>no but lol. just ignore it.

lmao they really are like a cult

>why is ethan altright now?

>cozying up to the altright is a big miss steak
huh, she had no problem cozying up with "delightful" pol early in her career

just like she was happy to retweet ethan earlier this week so she could leech off his fame.

because she's just so quirkily depressed and anxious uwu ;w;

please send buns

No. 604992

File: 1528444588041.jpg (139.73 KB, 1252x1252, BnnqN7S.jpg)

>all videos this month are gay related
>this month is gay

She's trying so hard to convince everyone that she is bisexual

June is the Rachel Dolezal of the LGBT community.

No. 604996

She looks like a Sims 2 character

No. 605003

Fuckin kek

No. 605004

File: 1528446733560.jpg (33.76 KB, 783x667, Capture.JPG)


Even her shitty webcam videos can't always hide it.

No. 605018

I'm getting disheartened with this thread because I don't think shoe will ever suffer real consequences for being such a disgusting person. She's so blatantly hypocritical and mean, and yet her thirsty neckbeard followers defend everything she does and lick her ass all the time. At least other cows/snowflakes have to atone for their shit occasionally.

Fuck I just want shoe to suffer some kind of consequence for her behavior

No. 605021

she's living her comeuppance through being a bald insecure bitch dating a fat manchild who hits on everything that breathes and keeps threatening to bring other women into the relationship. you can bet that she's an anxious wreck on edge every day, and when armoured grundle finally and inevitably cheats on her she's going to fall to pieces.

No. 605027

I know what you mean. It's because Shoe sucks their dicks. She doesn't provide actual, intelligent commentary, it's mostly just really shallow insults towards women whom she disagrees with (pretty much anyone who isn't focusing on male approval 24/7) shielded under the ''it's for entertainment!!'' excuse. She constantly has to remind everyone how ''submissive'' and ''cute'' she is, acts like a childish retard when she's with greg to make him look like the ''intelligent one'' and go on rants about how mean and horrible the world is towards the poor menz :(

Of course insecure ass men like her fans love that. That's why she's never called out.

No. 605032

Lmao so catfishing as a black guy confirmed then?

No. 605034

Same. I don't post that much anymore tbh because I don't think anything will change anytime soon, she's so repetitive and boring. Something big would need to happen like her and grocery breaking up. I think her youtube career will last a few more years(I'm sure she'll milk it to the very end). As a cow, her future(or lack of one) is more interesting then where she's currently at now.

No. 605052

I haven't seen this posted yet. He basically says Brittany lost all credibility because she lied. Meanwhile, he's okay with shuwu lying about every single thing. Shoe's fans have such an extreme double standard for her that it's legitimately cult like.

Same here, anon. At least it seems like people in her community are more aware of her bullshit. And just in time for the shit show that is Vidcon.

No. 605055

File: 1528457457036.png (39.28 KB, 845x345, YHvJcAF.png)

it was i think, but i don't think this was.

why do shoe and the uwus keep ignoring that most of the vid is comprised of recent events

No. 605076

She should stop being a youtuber then. Criticism gives her ptsd but she feels ok publically bullying low hanging fruits on the internet. These things make me feel everything but bad for her.

No. 605080

Catfishing as black guy confirmed fucking EW and WHY

No. 605081

it's bothering me so much how the 'rainbow' looks more like pan pride than bi.

No. 605083

He even had the same fucking URL as her old insta kek i hope brittany adds this in a potential third bideo uwu

No. 605085

This guy was obnoxious the kicker is when he took her askfm blogpost as fact despite the evidence that said otherwise

No. 605086

File: 1528463276358.png (331.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180608-022455.png)

Even the thinn one isn't hers she's just monetizing obscure memes jesus june it's not hard to come up with original merchandise

No. 605087

Jfc, that person tells her that she ignoring many good points and just mentions those she said when she was younger and she is like "I'm not here to discuss stuff I said years ago!!!" What a fucking retard.

No. 605101

Who buys that shit?

No. 605102

yes, i feel like vidcon might be a little more problematic for her than she expects. i do think people will ask her about it

No. 605103

File: 1528465881978.png (937.61 KB, 1024x1008, iQm4lkE.png)

you rang?

No. 605104

I mean, it's literally the same thing

No. 605109

File: 1528466502244.jpg (21.27 KB, 480x360, baked potato.jpg)

>tfw your functionally illiterate, fat 2/10 'fiance' with earth-shattering levels of entitlement that you spend all day publicly praising doesn't defend you, doesn't help you, doesn't acknowledge you, can't be arsed to not make a face of total displeasure while wearing your merch for a photo that you intend to make public


No. 605112

i agree, but when she prides herself on being "so gay! i'm totes bi guys!" she should at least get the colours right.

No. 605128

Jaimie Hewlett would be /livid/

No. 605155


She is punishing herself already anon. Sure, she might get some cash money and incel worship, but she's already made her life into shit.

She is forcing herself to be an in an unloving and unfulfilling relationship.
Hasn't really made progress career wise- in fact her career the way it is now is bound to fail especially when she reaches 30 judging her audience.
Nobody mature can take her seriously either, she is a commentary channel but is unable to actually debate anyone. She lives on criticizing others but can't deal with being criticized, she seems to have breakdowns often.
As she said herself, her mental illness is a big part of her "personality" which is alarming because not only does it imply she still has no personality but also that she is going to cling onto something that is hindering her from living an adequate life.
No hobbies, no usable skills, not even an idea what she would like to do in life and she's 27. She's addicted to internet shitposting which should actually take a small part of her day, not 24/7.
Also clinging to teenagehood. It's not about looking youthful for her, she actually wants to be a teenager forever. That must bring her more and more anxiety in her life as she realizes that IRL, she is considered an adult woman already.
That's why she tries her hardest to project image of her being a teen on the net and why she panders to the lowest of the low - incel neckbeards and the like might be the only one who don't mind her being the way she is. Though, even that's changing because there are younger and more "fresh" girls appearing to steal her attention.

So for all the farmers who are currently struggling - working and studying hard, going to therapy and battling with their mental illnesses - your life might be hard and seem bad compared to Shuwu's lifestyle of pandering and getting easy beta bux…but you are building something that will last - a good foundation.

Her, on the other hand, is very flimsy and has a expiry date - if she doesn't change anything, it's gonna all fall down once she reaches her 30s.

No. 605202

File: 1528473843868.png (182.14 KB, 1260x786, oad9K0C.png)

No. 605211

That's funny, she said she didn't monetize but she did claim to be partnered on ask fm.?

No. 605217

Entertainment can indeed be a job, but her sort of "entertainment" has a very short shelf life.

No. 605218

I think she means she's happy seeing her partner with another person…

No. 605232

ehh I can maybe hear her saying this due to the sheer amount of retarded stuff she says, but this is straight up strawmanning. unless she actually said these things? she didn't… right?

No. 605235

Afaik she has said multiple times that Humanz was too political, that she loves Demon Days, that Gorillaz is one of, if not her fave band. IDK about the 4 songs, but it is pretty telling that she dislikes other albums that are similarly if not less political for being "too political" and her fave just happens to be their most famous album with the most commercial hits

No. 605238

File: 1528476801347.gif (504.27 KB, 1080x1080, d65ZmnW.gif)

>I was a shy wallflower in high school
>I'm an introvert
>I used to have really bad social anxiety

>Entertainment has always been my dream job since I was a child

This is how you know this bitch is lying. I get that not all people who are introverts, have social anxiety etc are the exact same, but i'm pretty fucking sure being the center of attention is not something shy or introverted people crave. This is such bullshit. Not to mention she's been attention whoring internet boards for over a decade now. June confuses being introverted with being insecure.

No. 605251

File: 1528478182857.png (302.85 KB, 590x900, shoe doesn't get gorillaz.png)

I know she's stated that she didn't like Humanz due to it being too political. Not too sure about only knowing four songs on Demon Days, but she only talks about that specific album when the subject of Gorillaz is brought up and rarely, if ever, talks about their other albums.

No. 605254

File: 1528478299503.png (143.35 KB, 644x1187, Y1cyNZh.png)

couldn't find the "too political" tweets

No. 605336

Pretty sure she bawleted it since i remember people arguing with her about it

No. 605384

File: 1528486370525.png (333.68 KB, 374x568, 1wx5hiJ.png)

just your average 17 year old. nothing to see here n.n

No. 605389

File: 1528486987324.jpg (60.79 KB, 609x700, tots eternal youth uwu.jpg)

No. 605392

File: 1528487112563.png (300.65 KB, 671x589, why.png)

No. 605406

Christ. Imagine looking at this horrifying face, bald, naked and crawling on all fours up to you. No wonder preg never wants to be near her

No. 605409

File: 1528488720264.png (19.75 KB, 506x258, 9qQBSi3.png)

feminists are now on par with scientologists and antivaxxers. great hot take there, june

you're acting as if greg is some prize himself kek

No. 605423

File: 1528489621736.png (84.03 KB, 644x658, r1OYjQ0.png)

Imagine totally owning!!1! XD someone after they were diagnosed with brain cancer because they're a TERF

Imagine totally owning!!1! XD someone after knowing they're a schizophrenic vet with PTSD because they talked to you

yeah you totally owned that brain cancer victim, pal.

delete everything. go live in the woods.

No. 605427

She looks so rough and horsey, wew. Anyone who thinks she looks younger than she is is completely delusional. If anything she looks older.

No. 605438

File: 1528490407888.png (125.94 KB, 645x589, vBbK1Dk.png)

this woman, unironically, 2017: “this homeless vet is suffering from schizophrenia lemme troll him in from of my audience of 200k lol”

sane rational human: “asshole”

this woman, unironically, 2018: “shitzo got em”

she's so predictable. she keeps mass tweeting about this low hanging fruit that's already getting a lot of (deserved) flack in order to make herself seem like a good person. she'll truly leech off any popular happening.

No. 605462

Shes going to be that sad 40 y/o shopping at hot topic.

No. 605463

she kind of looks like june except she has hair and not a nose made in whoville

No. 605476

she really is ugly when she doesn't have the low quality cam and filters and perfectly planned strategic poses.

imagine her in 10 years.. almost 40 and i'll bet 500$ she'll still be living like she is now and she will still be going uwu don't i look like i'm 16??? i'm still tiny guys pls see me as a young loli who's just becoming a teen now!!

No. 605497

cause she wants contra's dick?

No. 605510

File: 1528495410812.jpeg (344.27 KB, 750x861, F6F74A61-D3B1-4436-B812-03B792…)

Actually a little in awe at how tasteless this merch is

No. 605514

File: 1528495722703.jpg (53.29 KB, 807x454, bojack-horseman.jpg)

she has both the looks and personality of bojack horseman

No. 605539

Leave a good show out of this

No. 605541

No. 605553

If June was really bi, wouldn't she have found a side girl by now? Greg wouldn't mind. She could easily find a fan girl to date, fuck or whatever. She could even get away with having a troon gf and her fans wouldn't say shit.

I know not all bi people are swingers or poly, but with June's cuckery, if she actually wanted to play into Greg's fantasies could have found a girl by now.

I'm glad she isn't actually with a girl. I'll feel sorry for the poor lesbian or bi girl who falls for her shit. I'm actually glad she's actually straight because she won't actually hurt some girl.

No. 605555

File: 1528499059137.jpg (37.71 KB, 600x600, CModbV0VEAA3e6U.jpg)

Nah, she'll be that 40 year old working at Hot Topic.

No. 605576

File: 1528501379921.png (173.22 KB, 319x357, 70wuHd1.png)

her fans at vidcon did her no favors with these pics

No. 605578

The long hair ages her SO much. There’s a reason women tend to cut their hair shorter in their adult years. The long hair has an association with youth (as in childhood or teens). She actually looked substantially younger when she used to wear the shoulder-length bob wig. That’s what she had during her Opression Olymlics video where people mistakenly thought she was younger.

No. 605580

Looks like a straight up man here jesus

No. 605587

Let me get this straight…she packs on the liquid liner, but can’t be fucked trying to cover up that lash glue? So much kek

No. 605590

File: 1528503460426.jpeg (44.28 KB, 480x360, 0235A0C0-850F-4048-ABC6-D7A77C…)

No. 605598

that wig and eyelash glue look so tragic. hopefully her fans, and greg since he's apparently responsible for some of her photos with fans, give us more of these wonderfully absurd pics at this upcoming vidcon, too.

No. 605613

Hahahaha I thought that was a shitty smoky eye because it was grey until you pointed that out. the sweat from her hooded eyes must’ve melted the liner and glue together to make such a mess

Doubt she even knows how to do a Smokey eye seeing that she only wears liner and never any shadow.

No. 605658

File: 1528510865016.png (173.94 KB, 636x323, snake1ngrass.png)

looks like a certain someone was inspired by your post, anon

No. 605661

File: 1528511094102.png (369.99 KB, 788x828, nTlF8HE.png)

No. 605680

File: 1528512378908.png (82.05 KB, 656x696, dsMEZpi.png)

Using semicolons in every sentence isn't going to make your functionally illiterate ass seem any smarter, you windbag.

No. 605682

he always does this. he has been using semicolons in place of colons for literally years. why doesnt she correct him??? this is so embarrassing for him, so why doesnt she help him out?

No. 605683

I don't think she knows how to use a semicolon either lol.

No. 605687

>10 years ago
>in my 20s

Uhh…. pick one or the other June? It can't be both.
It sounds like she doesn't even know when those videos are from.

No. 605693

File: 1528514002630.png (21.91 KB, 874x200, QlV0eS8.png)

this is kind of late, but here ya go anon.

No. 605695


Her reddit AMA is funny. There's one where she says she "educated" her mother on the wage gap. Condescending cunt.

No. 605711

File: 1528516454945.png (614.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180527-161358.png)

Cringe from old insta her fucking hip bones sticking out uggghhh

No. 605714

looks like shes pulling her shirt back to show them

No. 605772

So she had a period where she went into ana-chan territory.

So much about "naturally wast metabolism!"

No. 605793

Like i said June has a real body issue

No. 605794

File: 1528529837819.png (719.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180527-161229.png)

She also took up dieting around this time even though she was already horribly skinny

No. 605799

She is

This was from last year, right? Or is it older?

No. 605817

It's from 2012

No. 605821

File: 1528535072061.jpg (33.42 KB, 548x566, qgotGyZ.jpg)

>horribly skinny
I wouldn't say she was ever that skinny. pic related is from the same year her diet plan was posted. She was quite slim but not ana-chan tier. I think you guys are gassing her up a little much, she loooves hearing how 'dangerously thin ;-;'' she is lel

I definitely agree though that she has body image issues though. From her old instagram and ask.fm you can clearly she's always been obsessed with her weight/figure and how ''smol and dainty'' she is. She still is today, she constantly has to bring her disney princess waistline up (which is laughable because her waist is not small and has never been, she shoops quite heavily), and also the fact that she's sooo much smaller than Greg.

It makes sense that she'd date a lard ass, not because she likes ~dad bods~ but because she is unhealthily obsessed with her appearance.
You can tell she doesn't actually find him attractive though and would rather date a ''chad''/muscular guy, because she's always trying to convince herself and everyone else how ''strong and manly'' Greg's doughy arms are kek

No. 605833

You're right she isnt that skinny, maybe others think so because shes pretty shapeless.
Do you think they will still get married?

No. 605836

File: 1528539760869.jpg (93.5 KB, 569x961, Capture.JPG)

septic liked this tweet lol

No. 605863

this fatass in his lil han solo cosplay cracks me up every time. he's so lame it's painful, makes it even funnier how june talks up his daddy domness when he looks like a fat little kid half the time.

No. 605895

File: 1528550802616.jpg (53.81 KB, 960x942, FB_IMG_1528498977271-1.jpg)

Reminded me of her.

No. 605897

>There’s a reason women tend to cut their hair shorter in their adult years.
Because it starts thinning, also there's still a pressure that older women shouldn't show/let down their hair. It has nothing to do with it ageing you.

No. 605899

>binge drink on the regular
Why is this a good thing, lmao? And yes, it's definitely something June would post.

No. 605916

Thanks anon got confused but yeah agree

No. 605917

The wedding is gonna be a shitshow (if it ever happens)

No. 605918

Tbh I find sceptic a bit more youthful looking in comparison to shuwu lol

No. 605921

File: 1528555316288.png (71.03 KB, 720x581, 20180601_201342.png)

Lol i hate shuwus fans

No. 605936

File: 1528556620051.jpg (22.22 KB, 198x198, image.jpg)

Oh my god Greg really doesn't give a shit about June, liking a tweet by some tranny thot disrespecting their relationship. I know its a joke, and in another context it would be fine, but given the amount of cam girls he thirsts after its just disrespectful.

I honestly don't understand why he has so many egirls chasing his dick and waiting in the rafters for their relationship to crumble. He must be a big tipper, cause it can't be for his personality or looks.

No. 605946

Tips + attention + they like cucking june

Ot but I knew a girl like june who pretended to be the coolgirl cuck who let their bf fuck other women, I kept fucking her bf until he left her for me then I dumped him, girls like june deserve to be cheated on anyway tbh, I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't such a complusive liar and didn't go out of her way to bash other women so damn much

No. 605948

Meanwhile you'll never find her emphasizing with a woman who actually got raped

No. 605950

In 2008 you would say ''wow hip bones! so sexy'' because it was trendy body type

No. 605956

I'm just wondering when June is finally gonna break or she'll continue being a cuck till the end. I wanna bet she's gonna play this comical ''cool girl'' till the end.

No. 605967

I sort of blame the internet and her fanboys for the obsession with being “smol” and “dainty”. Since her days on unichan, they have been using those kinds of descriptors to talk her up and prove that she is ultimate waifu. Some of those guys were pretty stalker-ish level white knights. So, I feel like part of that was a form of positive reinforcement to her to want to project that image.

Also septic might be a more attractive guy if he corrected the strabismus. I wonder if he’s ever looked into it, or even mentioned it at all?

No. 606081

You're not the only one. Shreg has a round, fat face and sounds/dresses like an overconfident atheist teen boy from 2006. Manwhile June has that long face and deep-ass voice of hers.

No. 606084


>they like cucking june

lmfao this

knowing that you are cucking the attention-starved, humble bragging bitch must be satisfying in a way

No. 606086

File: 1528572247865.png (515.63 KB, 636x1244, iKVUWYB.png)

June spent all of Friday night DUNKIN on an ancient political lesbian even though she is unironically a political bisexual.

sidenote: does she only own books she can meme on? does she ever do anything crazy like read for pleasure?

wow june, you're so much better than everyone you don't even have any hobbies! good job!

No. 606090

>she's got big hips

Of course he has to make it sexual.

No. 606094

File: 1528572643811.png (631.88 KB, 632x1168, mayu the creep.png)

>she's just a basic woke™ trans activist honestly.
But this describes June to a T lmao. Why use the term "guilty pleasure"? Talk about a superiority complex.

No. 606101

>Dyke separatist politics for lesbians only

From the summary I've read, this book describes hardships lesbians go through and advocates lesbians focusing exclusively on lesbians.

Why is June so bothered with this? Why does she want to force lesbians to cater to men? What does she get from demonizing a minority of women who are attracted to other women and don't have interest in men?

As a hetero woman, I don't understand her logic. I would ask her, but she blocked me on Twitter already.

No. 606105

File: 1528573188842.jpg (11.08 KB, 275x236, mWPJD4w.jpg)

>mayu talking about degeneracy

No. 606128

File: 1528574194340.jpg (59.29 KB, 332x811, mNCu3FL.jpg)

>Your boyfriend looks like a 90s disney prince
I got a good laugh out of that, thanks John.

Agree. Preg sounds like a straight up incel with his weird hip-waist ratio obsession.
Also how pathetic that he likes a character only because of the size of her hips kek

No. 606134


>reading about lesbians

so much for worshipping grek's peen 24/7 uwu

No. 606144



i feel like everytime we catch preg liking and tweeting camwhores, she starts reading lesbian separatist literature

No. 606150

he's always being caught liking camwhore pics, though

No. 606173

That's what some creepy douche would say "she's fucking crazy but she's got a nice ass". So damn disgusting. Mayu is exactly what the TERFs June hates so much fight against. Men pretending to be women to talk shit about women's rights and fulfill their creepy lesbian fantasies.

No. 606183

“Some call it sling blade, I call it a kaiser blade, mmmmh”

No. 606191

I don't understand why she would focus on this during pride month. The general population hates lesbians, knows little and probably don't care about political lesbians, they are a small minority with little power. It's like kicking a puppy.

No. 606194

Kicking puppies is her entire shtick though. She's too lazy to come up with actual arguments, so she has to rely on groups that are already disliked so she doesn't get any backlash. This is why no one, not ever her own fans, takes her seriously.

No. 606195

He really is cross-eyed lol.

No. 606196

Remember when she said she was reading the scum manifesto and would make a video about it but never came thru?
I doubt she can read anything besides tweets

No. 606202

File: 1528579592386.png (351.53 KB, 891x537, 4qLRB5q.png)

I guess she couldn't find any Cliffsnotes on the book kek

No. 606221

File: 1528581430224.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180609-185644.png)

No. 606225

it looks like every other wig she wears, why even bother commenting on it.

No. 606226

kek that is Meitu'd to hell

No. 606230

File: 1528581964185.jpg (52.23 KB, 693x534, tl19703862.jpg)

No. 606231

File: 1528581993149.png (659.22 KB, 900x900, 7W7NyY9.png)

lmao the fucking bisexual flag in the back. She really is like Lainey. Next thing you know she'll come out as some Tumblr gender.

Even with the excessive filters she looks better here. She needs to nix the spider lashes and Boxxy cosplay. It's 2018 ffs, even actual Boxxy has moved past that.

No. 606235

MTE, remember the mess when she apparently posted her pic that was run though the "remove makeup" app yet she still had eyeliner on? Looks likes she trying to step up her game-her followers are stupid enough to believe this tho

No. 606236

She's shooping herself into Catie Wayne again..

No. 606238

…I think june would benefit from a bigger nose her nose is voldermort level especially for her huge horseface face lmao

No. 606241

it kinda looks like she edited her nose or something

No. 606243

File: 1528582821165.png (191.55 KB, 632x1052, 3wsYTma.png)

Reminder that June has perfect skin is totally not a fat, basic bitch who relies on filters and that Shreg would dump her and deem her unfuckable if she even dared to think about using them uwu

No. 606255

File: 1528583947015.png (660.82 KB, 1141x1522, ktJ7lTr.png)

another reminder that june has the skin of a goddess but is supportive of other girls with acne uwu

No. 606258

holy fuck I thought this was Suzy Berhow for a minute. she has a thicc trabby doppleganger who is less inbred looking than her.
new wig who dis*

No. 606268

HDU anon. She's a smol donkeyface.

No. 606285

File: 1528585234687.png (92.47 KB, 622x560, hhshUba.png)

June apparently hates Suzy. Or hated her at some point

No. 606331

I’d bet $5 that June has contributed heavily to the Suzy threads in the past. Considering how much she’s used this site it wouldn’t be surprising at all

No. 606349

I like this haircut/wig so much more than the longass wavy one. Face looks Kota-level shopped though.

No. 606362

File: 1528588443943.png (120.78 KB, 654x1084, this is mean uwu.png)

some more lauren southern drama

No. 606365

File: 1528588483704.png (65.19 KB, 669x583, oMDqa1f.png)

No. 606374

File: 1528588826603.png (63.91 KB, 636x532, vBRdlp9.png)

lmao the backtracking…

No. 606431

File: 1528592529237.png (92.29 KB, 656x548, Xp2WDxW.png)

No. 606433

the way she fetishizes women liking women is so fucking disgusting. her and plain could not be more similar.

shes such a piece of shit. you'd mock girls with acne whether or not they covered their pimples, you asshole. they dont cover them thinking "they're invisible now!", they cover them to draw less attention to the pimples. shes such a hateful cow.

No. 606470

File: 1528595557651.png (42.61 KB, 675x421, YW71NWJ.png)

hm, I thought June was above fatshaming now? What's with this "hehe fatty doesn't eat vegetables" quip?

Could it be? Has she not matured?

No. 606471

File: 1528595583199.png (269.73 KB, 614x826, Zb3lG0P.png)


No. 606506

File: 1528599301291.png (40.65 KB, 709x442, 20180526_015211.png)

This too

No. 606509

June doesn't have really great skin lmao you can see in the few truly makeupless photos that she has redness and some open pores also she's aging like milk

No. 606512

File: 1528599770028.png (120.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180525-213247.png)

Before smol bdsm bun waifu it was smol elf on the shelf waifu ft. Other bullshit

No. 606517

File: 1528600533657.png (181.45 KB, 648x526, zVvBzL8.png)

On the topic of June using filters
>Snapchat why are you giving me a longer, slimmer face? I ALREADY HAVE A LONG SLIM FACE uwu

But it's other women who humblebrag. Riight

No. 606521

File: 1528600970977.png (10.13 KB, 493x150, n1vKaaf.png)

>what an easy job

No. 606523

File: 1528600997197.png (18.46 KB, 490x314, 1o1lXSq.png)

No. 606526

File: 1528601066482.png (25.51 KB, 492x296, kCTlMr7.png)

No. 606534

File: 1528601644154.png (363.41 KB, 628x1112, 39QDRmj.png)

owo what's this?

She calls herself a political Youtuber but didn't vote in the election? But then she said earlier that she voted for Stein. She can't keep her lies straight.

No. 606536

File: 1528601720820.png (12.73 KB, 498x177, eWEyEit.png)

Still pushing the uwu so smol 'n shy stuff even though she's obviously outgoing

No. 606537



>for the memes

well that settles it. memes are all she has.

No. 606538

She looks like a fucking alien

No. 606540

File: 1528602000327.jpg (19.61 KB, 300x450, 1146-004-AE20ADEF.jpg)

Wide hare™ uwu

No. 606553

She means she “threw away” her vote by voting for Jill because everyone knew she wouldn’t win. A lot of lefties say this was as bad as voting for trump.

No. 606570

She probably hates Suzy because Arin can actually stand the sight if his wife, loves her and doesn't demean her and ignore her to pander to twitter thots

No. 606573

>i respect that hustle
Lmao. This greatly contrasts the other screencap where she said she wouldn't do findom because she "has a father and morals," or whatever the fuck.
Does she have any consistent opinions on anything?

No. 606577

File: 1528608547906.png (51.55 KB, 667x412, UCYw5yI.png)

she's only playing nice because brittany made fun of her hypocrisy in the last vid. the "easy job" line is pretty catty, she obviously still doesn't respect findoms despite being a degenerate herself.

No. 606587


Except acknowledging bio sex is literal ~terf rhetoric~ uwu time to "dunk" on yourself, June

No. 606596

Lel, she only accepts BDSM/kinks when it's men shitting on women. She can't stand it when she sees it being the other way around.
Also, this is rich coming from the bitch who bullied a schizo with ptsd then refused to apologize for her mistake. June is way too quick to be holier-than-thou. Kek.
>i has morals but it okay to bully mentally disabled people uwu~*

No. 606598

>I wish I had no morals
>posts about sex life daily
>let’s fiancé jack off to/ tip cam girls and flirt with them
>publicly talks about threesomes
>wears “kinky” collars in public
>posts about “being on a leash” and “worshipping his dick 24/7”
>cat calls random joggers
>insults random people for absolutely no reason
>blocks everyone who disagrees with her
>into bdsm
>mooches off of parents at 27
>mother still cleans her room
>puts sister down in order to push herself up
>posted gifs of her pantomiming blow jobs and flashing her boobs online
>bullied nerdy girls in hs

Yeah wig, you have some great morals.

No. 606602

This gave me a headache while reading.
>there can be a billion genders
>only 2 sexes exist

Typical pandering by Shoe. She probably believes “Demi girl” and “non binary” and all that shit is legitimate.
This is tumblr-tier retardation, holy shit. June is just an SJW with a hatred for women/black people.

No. 606605

Why does she even open her mouth and attempt communication?

No. 606606

File: 1528612357079.png (108.7 KB, 650x808, wmOd8Yr.png)

> She probably believes “Demi girl” and “non binary” and all that shit is legitimate.
Well yeah, she identified as ~demisexual~ at some point and maybe still does. Then again June can make fun of anyone she wants while doing as she pleases.

>met my bf online and didnt even know what he looked like before i got a crush on him.

Holy shit is this why she thinks she's bi/demi? She's too much I'm dying. Why is she like this

>black mexican chinese demi sexual transgender

And of course she's made fun of someone for doing the same thing.

No. 606648

i saw a notification from her twitter and when i got to read it she deleted it. basically she said that her mom asked her what the bi flag in her room was and she said it was just for a video. then she went on about like "there are people being killed on their countries for being gay meanwhile im a 27 year old woman about to get married to a man and i cant even come out to my mom" or something

No. 606652

File: 1528620109617.png (107.86 KB, 646x894, jAPZCUJ.png)

>"there are people being killed on their countries for being gay meanwhile im a 27 year old woman about to get married to a man and i cant even come out to my mom"
Uh alright then June. She left these tweets up though.

No. 606657

These are the most boring nit-picky threads now tbh.

No. 606661

File: 1528621053710.png (253.34 KB, 595x373, niggawhy.png)

>not having gorillaz-gorillaz at the top of the list or even on it
Does june really call herself a gorillaz stan?

No. 606664

out of all the snowflake identities to come from tumblr/aven, demisexual is probably the most bullshit

of course june would

No. 606677

theyre no more nitpicky than the rest of the threads, idiotocin

No. 606679

File: 1528625490568.jpg (99.06 KB, 1024x766, 3GLxqNu.jpg)

these threads aren't any more nitpicky than the rest of the board. just you wait though, the dumpster fire wedding is coming soon. it'll be pouring milk any day now if we're lucky

No. 606693

>being attracted to women but falling in love with men

That is LITERALLY a straight woman who thinks other women look nice. Pretending to be bi to attract men is so 2010 it's embarrassing. People like June is why straight and gay people both don't like bisexuals and think they are all faking it and just need to choose to like either men or women. How sad must your life be if you need to pretend to be a smoll bi sub uwu to get attention on twitter, shit. She's really living the life.

No. 606713


Interesting. I know a histrionic woman who does the same thing like June. Has only one "best friend" but shittalks and makes fun of everyone and everything all while humble-bragging about herself 24/7 and making every day occurrences seem like something dramatic.

No. 606743

June blaming the Game Grumps getting bad on Suzy and not the Game Grumps themselves. Arin's been a cringefest for years.

No. 606808

Lol bitch no you just can't keep multiple friends because you are insufferable to be around especially for other women

No. 606811

The electra complex is strong with these bitches

No. 606815

Back peddling in fucking motion

No. 606821

I don't think June's ADHD is that severe where she impulse does something and forgets about it for a long while this is just pure backtracking nice try wig

No. 606823

If it IS then she needs the meds, no fucking excuse. I bet her life would greatly improve.

No. 606825

I thought I saw it on her list thingy

No. 606853

hi girls
ED guy here again
small question - Can someone run me through the drama that Shoe had with Steven Crowder once? I've been hearing some sort of story about her getting mad about a video he made, getting into an argument about it, losing and deciding she doesn't like him anymore.

Can someone give me some details on this?(read the rules)

No. 606883

>gay people don’t like bisexuals

Somewhat OT and not really defending June but if a “straight” girl/guy wants to have sex with someone of the same sex and that person is equally as “straight” and also just looking for sex then why does anyone, gay OR straight, need to feel in any way judgemental about it?

I get that it’s pretty stupid to go around telling everyone you’re bisexual when you aren’t actually looking to have sex or a relationship with a person of the same sex. But honestly who gives a fuck.(stop derailing)

No. 606894

File: 1528658078264.png (734.68 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3765.PNG)

New video is coming soon apparently. Also, it looks like she toned down her looks

No. 606908

it has already been posted, anon >>606221
i still can't get over how obviously filtered/blurred that picture is

No. 606921

She's so prideful of her skin but can't show herself with no makeup on an HD camera? Why?

No. 606981

>tfw your right eye is totally NATURALLY almost twice the size of your left

No. 607059

>complaining about feminists being camwhores

How is that any different from men who hate women and yet pay prostitutes for sex?

I'm surprised she doesn't delete more, considering the amount of stupid shit she says, but alas, that would require some more self-awareness on her part.

No. 607062

File: 1528670851648.png (45.23 KB, 630x349, NxjmCKq.png)

>personally i don't understand the "im proud to be (race/gender/sexuality)"
Huh? Just a few days ago she was saying stuff like "kill the hets" repeatedly while proudly having her bi flag on display. She sure seemed proud then.

June will really go wherever the wind blows, won't she. She's a total blank slate.

No. 607070

File: 1528672039769.jpg (112.31 KB, 887x644, droppedonhead.jpg)

Hey ED guy
I remember seeing this months back, this is all I know I hope it helps, if I find more info I will post but heres the jist of it, shes a few comments down

Now while you are here wtf happened with sssniperwolfs article, seriously some ass licker turned it into a waifu fanfiction, please look into it

No. 607157

Lmao you should see her genuinely smiling she never fails to look like a stroke victim

No. 607181

Her skin and features look so bad she has to filter her face like crazy and pose extra hard lol but guys don't forget, she has flawless loli skin and huge perfect eyes that men all love and old ladies are jealous of!

No. 607182

If dominating consenting men who will literally seek you out and pay you to fulfill their fantasies is immoral, what does that make her public BDSM relationship with Preg?

No. 607204

File: 1528686566756.png (182.58 KB, 640x576, rationaldis.png)

No. 607208

Yet, its fine for her to cover her bald head with a wig uwu

No. 607232

she's just bitter women get paid to hate men and still get worshipped by good-looking men and she blows all her money on a fat greasy neckbeard and loses any pride,dignity and self-respect she had and men still hate her lmao

wonder what she'll do when she becomes the bitter middle-aged women glancing down young women she hates so much

No. 607235

File: 1528690906625.png (309.39 KB, 652x822, i'm the cool girl.png)

>insanely sexist

No. 607236

File: 1528690930147.jpeg (177.65 KB, 598x1139, ECE02772-580C-4DCD-94A6-C516C1…)

Well a wig ain’t gunna fix your balding head June

No. 607242

what bitch? you can't even show yourself on a good camera without makeup, so much for your ~skin~ you claim to take care of so much

also "I was never good at makeup"
june, hunny, most of your jobs revolved around makeup, literally almost every video of you, you have your eyes smothered, blended, with fake lashes and all that, who is she fooling?

No. 607253

>criticizing a "lopsided eye socket"
june really thinks she's supermodel level doesn't she…

No. 607255

This is the biggest irony lmao. Who does this bitch think she is, making fun of other women's appearances when she doesn't even have hair?

No. 607261

File: 1528693101457.png (30.97 KB, 637x252, XqZQDws.png)

>someone else is mentioned
>june makes it all about herself
of course

>i'm jealous

it's not like anyone is holding a gun to her head and forcing her to live on the internet

No. 607265

File: 1528693281005.jpg (56.19 KB, 748x420, IMG_20151022_002441.jpg)

>june, hunny, most of your jobs revolved around makeup, literally almost every video of you, you have your eyes smothered, blended, with fake lashes and all that, who is she fooling?
Well I mean, just because she attempts to apply makeup doesn't make her any good at it. Kek.
We can all see her raggedy raccoon/boxxy look that she's been applying for years and conclude that she still hasn't improved on it one bit. Then there's that photo of her farther up the thread where you can clearly see the eyelash glue on her lid…
The fact that she's even worked at makeup counters before genuinely worries me. I feel bad for whatever customers came in hoping for a great makeover but came out looking like knock-off Amy Winehouse.

No. 607266

File: 1528693437460.jpg (111.48 KB, 841x589, byebyeeye.jpg)

…but that's… but she.. but .. !!

No. 607268


Shit, it's almost like most people don't have entirely symmetrical faces!
I would assume most people have hair and/or don't rely on tearing down other women to feel attractive, though.

No. 607279

She shooped this hard. This is a more attractive version of herself in a universe where her eye sockets are more even, her skin isn't sallow, and she actually has a nice head of real hair.

She went through the trouble of enlarging her eyes and lips, shrinking her nose, but did fuck all with those gangly eyebrows and chicken neck?

No. 607283

File: 1528695504682.png (188.23 KB, 593x338, i don't use filters uwu.png)

No. 607284

lmao where's that picture comparing her to that hanna posion ivy chick

No. 607289

File: 1528696200147.png (Spoiler Image, 460.53 KB, 622x752, 11wFuhC.png)

At least it wasn't Disney incest porn this time

No. 607295


fuck her, june can come for other women's appearances when she has the guts to make a video without makeup or posts an unshooped pic of herself. has anyone other than farmers ever called her out on this?

No. 607296

Add a bald selfie with completely no hats or anything covering her head. I wonder why I've never seen any men who are critical of makeup come at her for wearing a wig and "lying" about how much hair she has on her head. Kek.

No. 607303

File: 1528698772574.png (139.47 KB, 631x567, qOvhZjX.png)

>june: i'm not a gamer!
>also june: actively seeks out commentary on video games to complain about

and nice job blurring out the name there bud

No. 607313

File: 1528699889521.png (91.63 KB, 671x553, hn6hdWo.png)

Shoe Shives is getting bold.

If someone tweeted this to her though she'd throw a fucking fit lmao

No. 607373

Jesus, what's wrong with her?

Shoe, post a picture without make up, filters/shoop and a wig. And without that hat you wore when you were asked to do it the first time.
She's exactly like Leafy. Makes fun of other people's looks but is so insecure that she has to hide her bald fucking head and FAS face behind wigs/hats, filters and a 480p cam, like leafy hid his chin behind his mic lol.

I can't get over it. Imagine being bald and attacking the way other women look, kek.

No. 607388

File: 1528709252732.jpg (7.72 KB, 361x87, the disappearance of upper lip…)

No. 607400

File: 1528710336077.jpg (4.28 KB, 359x91, j3VmPiF.jpg)

She is smiling in the picture on the right, so that may not be the best example.

Nonetheless the Photoshop on her lips is so obvious lol she made her upper lip bigger and also enlarged her bottom lip

No. 607403

File: 1528710585704.jpg (58.85 KB, 520x549, sfsf.JPG)

She is now making huge drama over some dude's opinion on video games

(his criticism is pretty valid regarding overuse of the same themes in certain genres that focus on storytelling imo)

June, he actually plays video games and don't. Why do you act like you are the expert and somehow more right than he is?

No. 607405

File: 1528710688953.jpg (38.78 KB, 553x407, Capture.JPG)

Fucking pathetic how she tries to forcibly insert herself into a discussion of something she doesn't know shit about.

No. 607406

File: 1528710757548.jpg (14.49 KB, 529x89, Capture.JPG)

oh pleaseee

No. 607417

If you don’t understand it just don’t post about it? Or educate yourself on the topic? But we all know that concept is too difficult for June to grasp, she talks about things she doesn’t understand daily. That’s her whole fucking career.

No. 607424

But if she doesn't talk about it then during E3 all the attention is on the games instead of her!

No. 607442

Why can't just she be honest and say ''new wig''? Cause that's what it is

No. 607449

Can't wait to compare her in this picture vs her in new bideo once she releases it.

No. 607458

Cant wait to comment on how stupid her new video is and see more cringe

No. 607468

File: 1528716203203.jpg (51.82 KB, 548x511, xfsf.jpg)

Anyone knows which video is this screenshot from?

She pretended to be a ~gamurgirl~ who plays SSB

>i main zss

of fucking course

No. 607472

File: 1528716523593.jpg (21.23 KB, 493x231, Capture.JPG)


Even though ask.fm doesn't show dates, google says this was from 14th September, 2015

So during gamergate, she posed with her 3DS and pretended she's into video games. Then few months later she claims she doesn't play and she's gonna sell it. lul.

No. 607476

Shoe0nhead: The Ballad of a Smoll Bean parts 3,4 etc need to see the light

No. 607478

Probably because most men don't know she's wearing a wig. I remember in a livestream that Brittany Venti was a part of (I think it was the "Kumite" or something like that) and in it, they got to a point where they talked about Shoe and Brittany mentioned that she wears wigs and the male guests were very surprised and genuinely didn't know.Not sure about the makeup thing but it could be because her video resolution is so outdated that one wouldn't be able to tell what exactly her makeup looks like.

I think she knows that if she ever showed what she really looked like on an HD cam that she could easily afford, her viewers would definitely think differently of her since a lot of her viewers believe that she genuinely looks like a 12-15 year old (For some reason…).

Or at the very least, those who play games and know what they're talking about lol

That's from her "Manspreading" video she posted back on January 7, 2015. She talks about her the game for the first few minutes of the video. But yeah, she's not a gamer and never has been, at least not during her YouTube career. She's only talking about gaming right now because it's in the middle of E3 weekend.

No. 607480

File: 1528717085825.jpg (85.56 KB, 1317x786, Capture.JPG)

In this video from October 2014, she wears a Mega Man shirt and claims that video games were her entire childhood but that she's not a modern gamer, that the most modern game she played is TF2 but only for 0.3 hours though that she loves playing Halo 2 on Xbox.
She then classifies herself as a "nostalgia gamer".

And then since Gamergate has been happening she's "kinda getting into it again" and that she's gonna get a 3DS because she is a "nintendo fag" (how??)

No. 607481

Oh god yes, I remember this. She's the definition of a "Gamer Girl" (you know the ones). Like I'm sure she probably played Pokemon at one point as a kid because who didn't like Pokemon back in the day? But yeah, it's so obvious she's only using the video game angle to draw in more views and mindless guys who will drool over "Gamer girls".

No. 607553

i like how she went out of her way to order a megaman shirt. remembre the classic "I WASNT LIKE THE OTHER GIRLS. I PLAYED HALO 2 WITH MY SISTER ON THE DAY OF PROM INSTEAD OF GOING xD"?

i figure the only reason why she didnt take the gamer girl persona too far was because she was afraid of being called out for not being knowledgeable like a nigri or s/t

No. 607577

Brittany-sama pls make a part 3

No. 607578

June and her gamer girl persona

No. 607580

She even threw it around hard too

No. 607581

Men are also horrible at telling apart makeup and bare faces. They probably think she only wears eyeliner.

No. 607640

True, I meant she kept trying to make it sound like shes ~some innocent uwu girl who doesn't like and know anything about makeup, so not like other girls~

When she isn't repeating the same trailer trash eyeliner, her makeup is okay, not awful, though she applies her fake lashes on so awfully, on HD cameras her makeup is cakey too

No. 607654

File: 1528735316362.jpeg (74 KB, 745x809, 491D02E3-173F-4299-ADE2-4F612E…)

In the video she says “I paid $25 for this shirt. Never played Megaman in my goddamn life.”

No. 607657

Yeah and she complained that other girls have faces that look like 7 layer cake

No. 607663

God i hate that skincare schtick too june you go outside with no spf that's like rule number 1 also she worked at a spa and it was like retail work and computer stuff (sell the costumer shit, get them to buy a facial, put in appointments ect.) But of course her fans tote her as skincare guru shuwu and ask her things that they'd be better off googling

No. 607669

But why? Why buy an overpriced shirt for a game you admit you didn't play? Wtf

No. 607701

I'm amazed she hasn't inserted herself in the Battlefield V thing, it would be right up her alley with all the woman hating and siding with neckbeards

No. 607720


This is the same person who bitched about college girls and elderly women seeing themselves in Anastasia from 50 shades of grey. Lol.

No. 607726

File: 1528740584929.png (87 KB, 627x484, cocksucker.png)


sucking sargon's scrote again I see


No. 607856

File: 1528749930268.jpg (173.79 KB, 1266x1050, dK1G1X8.jpg)

>june: digs up a year old picture of herself with lefty youtubers that mostly ignore her nowadays

meanwhile they were all at the same wedding with june nowhere in sight. why does she have to insert herself into every group.

No. 607865

File: 1528750228300.png (127.57 KB, 460x660, g54VloB.png)

She's going after some teen again. Who cares if some weeb kid doesn't like you. She needs to let things go and maybe not quote them for her neckbeard followers to attack

No. 607891

File: 1528751134946.png (505.29 KB, 582x469, golden showers.png)


>current year discourse

does June know she's a Russian bot?

No. 607894

File: 1528751242426.png (199.69 KB, 665x631, tZUamYT.png)

Gerg uploaded some weird Chrischan-esque sing along shit. It's worse than his Chrischan-esque comics. Idk how to embed videos, but


a MENSA level genius, everyone

No. 607905

Yt field, newfriend.

No. 607906

June wore that hat lol so yes?

No. 607908

Reminds me of Chris chan singing over music.

No. 607934

File: 1528752812108.png (291.4 KB, 631x455, cd6LlmL.png)

No. 607943

"Every girl is insecure/envious of traps except for me, Joon, the cool girl with the model face so dere's no reason for me to be insecure owo."

No. 607990


There's another photo from that meeting where they're pretending to be at each other's throats and you can tell by the look on Contra's face she fucking means it. I really think she hates her.

No. 607993

No. 607996

File: 1528757155692.jpg (457.05 KB, 2048x1536, DDBzMHYUQAEliEt.jpg)


this one?

>the look on Dan Olsen's face

>his smile and optimism: gone

No. 607997

File: 1528757161758.png (1.59 MB, 1196x895, kek.png)

No. 608039

I wish she'd STFU about women having "tranny envy" towards transwomen. It may be true for some but definitely not the majority.

No. 608058

June's feet look really long is it just me? Maybe this is why she'd go out of her way to hide them and rag on "footfags"

No. 608066


wow june, thought you said like a year ago that you never play video games and never really did as a kid much either? but i guess you're totally one of the boys right, one of the cool online gamer guys who are getting harassed! totally june, you're so cool and such a unique gamer girl. u w u

No. 608076

File: 1528761417491.png (253.76 KB, 616x383, z4HcEUt.png)

>here come dat big gay
jesus christ she's so unfunny it's painful


No. 608086

File: 1528762058550.png (305.96 KB, 641x490, 1476044822024.png)

>straight boring white girl with no hobbies or interests jumps on the lgbtq train because she's too insufferable for literally every other shitty social groups, so she picks the easiest one to be in and needs it for a label/identity to make up for her lack of personality
and normally this is saved for teenagers still trying to "find themselves" but shuwu is 27 and doing this.

No. 608096

File: 1528762455613.png (20.6 KB, 620x144, p5MHsqw.png)

but anon she didn't know what her boyfriend looked like before she was attracted to him! that totally means she's demisexu- i mean bisexual.

just because she's not attracted to and would never date the same sex doesn't mean she's not lgbt, silly :^)

No. 608122

a fakeboi phase is coming. I can feel it.

>I'm not like the other girls so I became what I love best: a shitty man! uwu

No. 608150

idk about that but, def some binary tumblr gender once it's mainstream enough
>this explains why i can't related or get along with girls despite being so feminine!
just to fuel the "not-like-the-other-girls" attention.

No. 608163

I doubt this since her entire shtick is "I'm such a perfect model-like feminine submissive princess!"
She takes pride in dressing and presenting herself as feminine, because the other girls she's "not like" are the icky ugly feminists with short rainbow hair who don't care about their appearances! She's always going on about how she loves trad gender roles and is soooo submissive because that's what real women are like!

No. 608176

Nah, she gets off too much on being "not like other girls". Someone mentioned it in a previous thread or so - she likes to be not like other whatever. If she went the transtrender route, she would alienate too much of her fanbase.

Back when she was still sucking up to betas on Unichan she was "not like other girls, but (still) a lot like Boxxy". Then Boxxy moved on with her life and June became a "better Boxxy" who kept espousing what neckbeards wanted to hear: antifeminist, alt-right drivel. Now she realized the community she was pandering is too extreme (probably by watching how Lauren Southern being cannibalized by the very people she was sucking up to), so she decided to become "a leftist who's not like other lefties". However, she still doesn't want to lose her old followers, so she picked the easiest target - radical feminists/"terfs", because they're not liked by either side.

Also, I don't think Preg would stand to be engaged to a fakeboi, and she sucks his chode too much to risk that.

No. 608197

Jesus her voice is deeper than mariana trench

No. 608200

Saged for tinfoil and probably wrong but the way her shorts sag and fit kinda looks like she has a diaper on lol

No. 608208

>is obsessed with a fat power hungry wannabe manly man neckbeard
>said in the last two years that she would never date a woman

seems like she's really more homophobic going around making these cringy stupid videos calling herself a big gay etc. it's just a joke to her that gains her popularity and attention.

No. 608238

File: 1528770033425.jpg (45.47 KB, 600x544, shoe0npride.jpg)

>I'm such a LGBT I even let my boyfriend put it in my butt that makes me kind of gay right?

No. 608250

File: 1528770697729.png (282.48 KB, 669x783, uwu.png)

share to all your facebook moms

No. 608291

Is that Lindsay? The nostalgia chick?
Is this some old picture I had no idea they were even friends, Lindsay has not said anything of shoe recently, is this just old?

No. 608292

Lindsay is contra's friend

No. 608311

File: 1528777189929.png (73.81 KB, 640x646, BCfFvPF.png)

ye it's from vidcon last year.

saw this in the replies. if shreg really did say that, then he has some nerve. june and him both practically brag about how little effort he puts into his vids. it shows

No. 608314

I'd be making that face too if i had to spend any time with shuwu and preg, I feel for him.

No. 608346

good lord Is this cunt implying biological women are jealous of trans women

No. 608373

She's clearly projecting kek

No. 608609

No. 608713

File: 1528826717854.png (1.17 MB, 979x1408, oh greg.png)

No. 608718

June, just because your bf wants to suck troon cock doesn't mean most men want to :^) sorry june

No. 608740

What an unappealing group of people, wow

No. 608842

He's fetishizing women left and right. It's nice watching shoe putting up with eveyrhting he does because of the image she created about herself and all of the things she said to pander to men. She's falling into her own trap. Wonder what will be the new low she'll hit. She's a living proof of what radfems say that's why she feels so angry about them. I wouldn't care about that all if she wasn't linked to politics and had zero influence on people.

No. 608863

Speaking of curvy wife guy, June made fun of him just for saying he'd loved his wife's body. She went on about how "it's okay if you love her body but no one cares and it's cringey lol" Remind you of anything? :^)

No. 608872

File: 1528834683755.png (182.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180612-161432.png)

She still talks about it too lol.

No. 608877

>nobody else would find her attractive but him

Bitch, where did he even say that?
She's just jealous because Preg does nothing but neg her at every turn and treats her like a replaceable hole the second her waist goes over an inch to his liking.

No. 608882

File: 1528835623828.png (698.21 KB, 1284x890, Fra10Jq.png)

But she doesn't find it insulting when talks about Preg's ~dad bod~? She's basically trying to convince herself that she's attracted to the Shreggory's 'ol beer gut on a public platform.

If I didn't know any better I'd think her tweets to Armoured Chrischan were patronizing. To put it bluntly, she sometimes talks about him like people talk about disabled children.

No. 608886

File: 1528835849831.png (380.25 KB, 714x562, x45qEef.png)

>Greg's such a smart boy even though he can't read or write! Gotta catch up with him wink wink

No. 608922

File: 1528838716924.jpg (21.01 KB, 402x469, Y7gNzps.jpg)

Every time June brags about her ~IQ2high4u boyfren~ I remember this tweet kek

No. 608924

File: 1528838751872.png (415.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180612-165952.png)

I wish for death

No. 608943

oh my god the part about how everyone should be envious of her because apparently feeling a fat disgusting overweight stomach on your back is the best thing ever

i'm going to throw up

No. 608946

This is exactly the case
She hates women getting treated how she treats greg/men in general, because well, she hates women, she also hates men getting treated how she treats women

No. 608956

She's exactly like the curvy wife guy lmao why is june so oblivious to how she is?

No. 608958

June doesn't have the attention span for the dedication page let alone the book itself.
>Richard Dawkins
Could he be anymore of a stereotyphical athiest neckbeard?

No. 608960

He's already looking for a replacement.

No. 608980

She'll get dumped for a 19 year old camwhore by the time she's 30 and "too old" for Preg.
She won't even have white knight neckbeard orbiters by then because she'll be too old for them also. They'll find a new teenage/early twenties girl to orbit by then.
She has no college degree, a shitty film making portfolio, and hasn't worked a real job in years. She doesn't even have the discipline to get an education or work towards an actual career. She's fucked. If she wasn't an obnoxious bitch, I'd feel sorry for her.

No. 609020

Why did he even use the word “schovanist” there… this is like when he was calling SJW’s hedonistic. It makes 0 sense. June is honestly the smart one in the relationship and I’m so confused how he managed to convince her otherwise.

No. 609061

I know right? Can't help but feel she's projecting because her pregnant boyfriend faps to transwomen on Twitter lol

No. 609161

>muh dadbod!!
kek, i get so much schadeunfreude knowing june, the ultimate boxxy skinwalker attentionwhore, will get married to some fatfuck leaf with no job, shit genetics and chris-chan levels of aspergers and mental deficiencies.
all those years of fishing for male attention and THIS was the best she could do, feels good fams.

No. 609216

No. 609218

Her face is looking chubby

No. 609220

"im tired i've been doing this for 4 years"

then stop??? oh right you have no talents or skills so you have to keep doing the same videos over and over

No. 609222

also lol at her comparing herself to Rey saying they both have smol boobs

No. 609224


>"crippling depression"

if only.

No. 609225


kek june will continue to spout nonsense now, but you just know that she'd be on the same side as radfems if grocery gets fed up with her and leaves her for a shemale camwhore. i do feel bad for hoping for that but it's the only way she'll learn

No. 609226

File: 1528862899604.jpg (99.75 KB, 700x700, argNXQy_700b.jpg)

you'd think after skater skirt gate and anytime she lies about her measurements and shoops she's stop being obsessed with trying to convince herself and everyone she's a pear

June, you have big boobs, wide shoulders and chest, a wide waist, narrow hips, a flat ass and skinny legs, your hard bolt ons are 4xs the size of your ass

didn't she say sword girl had "no tits" as well and now she's claiming she has small tits, most likely due to the recent bot obsessions with small breasts and large hips, any girl with small tits knows not to claim another girl with actual small breasts has "no tits" as if something is missing, but she hangs around fat retarded men, she probably things just because a womans tits aren't bigger than pregorys they must be small, but it somehow doesn't apply to asses since she keeps convincing herself she has large hips and ass and they're wayyy smaller than pregories, even pregory has a better w/h ratio than her

No. 609247

Don't forget that she's always lied about her breast measurements being smaller than they really are.

No. 609260

And its funny because back in the day she was obsessed with her boobs, maybe it has to do with the fact skeptic is always liking women with small boobs photos? Syren cove, cutepup, the spanish chick, even loli

And she claims skeptic chea- I mean messing around with camgirls doesn't make her feel insecure

No. 609273

File: 1528868742699.jpg (588.52 KB, 2800x1867, boobs.jpg)

>small boobs

bitch what? are we really gonna….

No. 609274


Didn't she say exactly this in Discord, "people think I have small boobs. Actually my boobs are rather large."

No. 609278

File: 1528870314754.png (8.9 KB, 471x77, Screenshot_35.png)

No. 609283

Gorillaz fangirl teehee also the autistic sperg about it not being anime jesus

No. 609284

Anyone else think her age is starting to show more in her shitty quality videos?

No. 609287

Lord all her videos are the saaaame also she's aging like fucking milk

No. 609288

File: 1528871259031.jpg (43.91 KB, 1527x430, fSWbE1G.jpg)

Wow, the shoop becomes really evident when you put the the picture side-by-side with the video. She gave herself a whole new face.

>Refined/reduced nose tip

>Increased lip size, whole new top lip
>Edited eyes
>Completely different face shape; a lot shorter and way more rounded
>Skin filtered to oblivion

Insane. No wonder her fans don't notice this shit if like 85% of them are male.

No. 609291

Sage but what happened to her ass it looks huge then it just gradually shrinks lol

No. 609292

What happened to her bi flag lol

No. 609293

This is possibly the stupidest one getting mad about peoples opinions about characters in media who gives a fuck

No. 609296

As if males don't notice that. They probably just dont give a shit.

No. 609300

File: 1528872526530.png (57.68 KB, 578x566, 20180613_024838.png)

Oh idiotcin

No. 609304

Weight loss/unflattering dress/different positions

No. 609305

Who is she even talking about? Who said she had "no boobs" let me guess is it the middle aged women who grab her 32 inch waist and tell her to eat a burger again?

Wonder how long it will be before she gets her implants removed

No. 609306

>What did shoe say you think was untrue
Holy shit…did he…watch the video? There is not a single thing June has not lied about..

No. 609311

if she's going to make stuff up I wish she'd avoid stuff everyone can see. everyone sees she has a curvy chest. this makes her look unstable, kind of.

also is her obsession with having small boobs and stuff tied to greg's pedophilia? he likes "lolis" aka children so she's trying to convince everyone she looks like a child naked too? if that's the case, very gross. she must live in a very dark place. 6 years ago she got rock hard implants partly for male attention, now the trends have changed and she needs to pander to men that don't like boobs, so she's probably tearing her hair out and contemplating an implant removal lol.

i wish she would love herself and just be proud of who she is instead of desperately try to keep up with what guys around her want. she would be a lot happier that way.

No. 609313

I think June just wants to be a ''curvy pear shaped loli with small boobs and big hips'' so bad because that's what Greg and her animu neck beards like. She's desperately trying to convince everyone she looks younger, not like a child, but to fit the ''sexy loli'' aesthetic.
She just changes her style/things about herself based on what gives her the most attention from men. What else is new.

No. 609314

sorry for the double post but i just realized she will probablt start wearing a binder like Laineybot does to try and "prove" she's flat chested. yet another similarity between them lol

No. 609316

> wish she would love herself and just be proud of who she is instead of desperately try to keep up with what guys around her want. she would be a lot happier that way.

I'd feel that way too, if she wasn't such a massive cunt to other women and girls while hiding behind a cutesie made up persona and coddling men even if they are in the wrong. Shoe is the embodiment of double standards and deserves no sympathy, in my opinion - she is a genuinely mean person.

No. 609322

Didn't she do a video about same subject before

>Wah wah SJWs want token characters as representation of diversity in ther movies and they are never happy wah wah

Yes, we've known this since 2014, what else is new?

No. 609324

Well that would just fuck up her ribcage or make her implants explode
She hates when women get treated how she treats men and cries when a woman treats a man how she and greg treats women

No. 609327

Wearing a binder over fake boobs is the most retarded thing I've ever heard. Hmm so shoe might actually do it then.

No. 609329

samefag but

She automatically got more than $2000 for making this video with a boring recycled subject and no actual value at all.

Her fellow YouTubers are struggling with the algorithm and have to upload quality videos often to attract views so they can get some money.

Cherry on top is that June also screwed them over by trying her hardest to shill Candid app, that later got used as a tool to demonetize videos. She didn't even give a proper apology to her Youtube friends for such a large screw up. Instead she acts like ~uwu i have PTSD~ poor victim.

I guess she's what people mean when they say "selling soul to the devil". She gets easy money for fuckall amount of work, but in turn she gets no personality and integrity and has to stay a pandering womanchild, stuck in her room forever.

No. 609330

File: 1528876639202.png (632.02 KB, 1080x1405, Screenshot_20180613-044911~2.p…)

she retweeted this then unretweeted it, probably because we can see the fucked up lower teeth.
she then retweeted another tweet with a different screenshot (of the same thing) where her lower teeth couldn't be seen. kek.

No. 609331

File: 1528876734325.png (160.79 KB, 523x388, Screenshot_20180613-044911~3.p…)

closer one

No. 609343

I genuinely don't get why anyone who isn't a desperate edgy teen would watch her. Her content is so repetitive and stale. She makes every topic about herself. Every video can be summed up with ''lol these stupid women xD look how different and cool i am :3''. Her voice is annoying and she's constantly screaming. On top of that she is not funny and speaks like a myspace teen.

How do people watch, let alone pay money for this shit show?

No. 609345

Well, even though it's shooped as fuck the hair looks nice and I still think she looks better with lighter makeup instead of the thick chunky eyeliner she always does.

Is it just me or is she trying to be female idubbbz now? She's even talking like him in her most recent video.

No. 609349

>Is it just me or is she trying to be female idubbbz now?

Yeah, I see the similarities too. She also wants to have the same ''untouchable'' status idubbbz has in the YouTube community. That's why she ignored Brittany's videos for so long (in hope it wouldn't get views) and only briefly addressed it on her blog. Unfortunately for her, she is way too stupid and there's a lot of dirt on her and it's public.

No. 609367

The fuck is wrong with her bottom teeth? They look literally rotted. She's too young to have teeth this damaged.

>H.Bomberguy, >Contrapoints?
Why are leftist Youtubers hanging out with Armored groceries, especially H.bomberguy who's made his views against Greg obvious he doesn't seem to hate the guy like he does Sargon of Akkad but he definitely holds some disgust for his narrowass views. How old is this photo?

No. 609370

File: 1528885314502.jpg (34.74 KB, 456x494, Untitled.jpg)

Her hands look like old woman-s hands, even the shitty 280p webcam can't hide it.

No. 609372

The lonely neckbeards probably just fap to her.

No. 609399

File: 1528892710677.png (404.8 KB, 624x757, 20180613_082529.png)

Someones getting a turkey neck?

No. 609420

holy shit, she deserves all the bad shit that happens to her tbh. She hates women so much. Never seen someone shit on their own sex to this extent, for no reason

No. 609424

The actress used to be way more into lifting weights and has cut back.

No. 609426

Why can’t she just transition into a woman already?

Seriously though, at this point if you’re not going to age gracefully then why not just get all the plastic surgery and find bliss in “being like the other girls”?

June gets in her own way too much and I do not feel sorry for her.

No. 609427

Did anyone else cringe at her “colored people” joke? Both because it was unfunny and because of how she is weirdly opportunistic about using racial slurs against black people.

No. 609433

i swear each month she looks closer to chin-chan. It's weird how quickly and badly she's been aging this past year. I can't tell if it's really just the extra weight but, either way it's funny to compare how she looks now to just a year ago.

No. 609440

OH wow, yikes

No. 609456

Shes probably got a thyroid problem

No. 609457

is it just me, or can you see her full baldness a bit on the left where the weight of the braid is lifting the wig up?

No. 609463

Nah she's just lazy, doesn't know how to take care of herself, and still eats like shit out of delusion one day it will go to her flat ass and non-existent hips

Or maybe it has to do with skeptic cheating on her with syrencove, whos chubby and has small tits and is pear-shaped, I low-key predict june will become syrencoves skinwalker or some other cam hoe skeptic is messing around with

No. 609476

She's probably wearing a wig cap

No. 609478

Her teeth are like ingrown on one side tf

No. 609480

She looks like someone's overweight Italian auntie.

No. 609482

Can we get side by sides, anon?

No. 609484

Why are her teeth so bad? Didn't she have braces?

No. 609500

braces are for gaps between the teeth they don't fix the length issues, you have to get them filed for that. june has weird beaver teeth.

No. 609502

No I meant her bottom teeth, it looks like there's some crowding

No. 609504

File: 1528904778353.png (297.28 KB, 432x473, not political.PNG)

i rt people complimenting me on the fact that my content is political, BUT DON'T COME FOR ME BECAUSE I AM NOT POLITICAL!!!!

No. 609506

oh yea i see what you mean, sorry. maybe wisdom teeth? sometimes dentists will think they're fine but they're not really.

No. 609507

File: 1528904931844.png (155.87 KB, 432x391, ouch.PNG)

shes looking so rough. not saying this to be a bitch, but she genuinely looks about similar age in this photo to my 55 yo mother in law

No. 609519

All of her wigs are AWFUL. All of them! For someone who definitely has the time and money, why doesn’t she inform herself better on how to wear and style them? I know black girls who wear front lace wigs and they look very real and high quality. Why not take advice?
This goes for make up too. She never tries anything new and her eye makeup hasn’t improved in years. It’s always the same heavy liner with lashes.

I feel like June just doesn’t care about
anything, everything is so half assed, from her content to her appearance.

Sage for nitpick, but it just gets on my nerves how little effort she puts into anything. No wonder she has no interests or hobbies.

No. 609524

Don't say that anon! She has hobbies! There's attenion seeking, pandering, lying~

No. 609525

File: 1528906769106.jpeg (67.44 KB, 1199x742, DfjC_ogWsAIGd7m.jpeg)

No. 609531

This coming from the woman who bought a flag to show how bi she is and only put it up for pictures and memes

No. 609549

>it just gets on my nerves how little effort she puts into anything. No wonder she has no interests or hobbies.

This is the one that gets me. I'm just shocked how she doesn't seem to have any actual hobbies. With all the time she has and the fact she uploads like what? once every month? You would think she would have some hobby to indulge in but no, she most likely just scours over Twitter all day if she's not visiting Shreg. It just feels like she's a boring person.

No. 609679

exactly, and has never backed up her biness with anything at all. it couldnt be more clear that she's only 'bi for the guys'.

tbh as someone with treatment resistant depression, i get being boring and having no hobbies, despite having the time to develop hobbies so i understand feeling that way when nothing brings you joy, but she kind of does have hobbies, they're just incredibly stupid and boring and revolve around men entirely. the only things that bring her joy are DUNKIN on poor old women and getting her ass licked by ugly speds online

No. 609701

It's funny because when she posted "no hobbies so you will be my hobby" her little friends replied saying they relate, but looking at their accounts they actually have other hobbies and have a lot more going for them than Shuwu lmao.

No. 609739

I said that because of how her neck looks. Stop with your projections.

No. 609744

For that matter, I'd say the comparison of her to the donkey from Shrek in a wig and makeup is legitimate.

No. 609746

Cuz I mean the video is so dumb and predictable I've nothing to say about it. But apparently there are still lots of morons who love this type of..erm.. ''content'' as she says. I've got more honest names for it. One of them is trash.

No. 609749

File: 1528920522613.jpg (28.85 KB, 566x626, vUuknJS.jpg)

I've said it before and I'll say it again but her videos are about as funny as Onion's. No wonder half of her fans are horny teen boys.

I have no idea how you guys manage to make it past a minute of this shit good lord.

No. 609758

The only thing that's different this time is her excessive ''apologizing'' and still proceeding doing the shit she kind of ''apologized''about as if it changed everything or made her videos better. I mean she did it before but now the was a bigger amount of it. Guess, Brittany's video impacted her cause she's so sensitive to any mild criticism she can't get to the actual point of it and she's stuck on being personally hurt cause I guess she's got a childhood trauma and her parents keep deluding her about nothing being wrong with her.

No. 609764

Eh maybe you're right. I probably was being harsh and I take that back but I guess it's because I can't imagine not having anything to do to break away from social media for a few hours or a day. I mean she pretends to be this anime girl so why doesn't she at last watch some anime? lol

Yeah exactly. Her friends/acquaintances seem to have something to be into that's not tied to social media so it makes them mildly more interesting.

No. 609770

Also for fuck's sake her singing out of tune was neither ''musical'', ''artistic'' nor ''charismatic''. It was super awkward. There's nothing about that video except for usual pandering to certain group on youtube which is mostly men/whites being angry about the threat of the world no longer revolving around them. I know some of them can be more thoughtful than that so it's for total superficial dummies and sad men seeking for confirmation bias.

No. 609775

>also is her obsession with having small boobs and stuff tied to greg's pedophilia?
Greg like em young, but he's always liking curvy women with big tits on Twitter.

I think she's just obsessed with being smol/young and has been long before Shreggory Preggory came into the picture.

>(in hope it wouldn't get views)
Reminder that Britt's second vid is almost at 100,000 views :^)

No. 609777

File: 1528922206231.png (70.27 KB, 635x387, czWmSJ6.png)

>see guys? i can laugh at myself

No. 609779

I thought her next video was suppose to be with lauren?

What happen with that?

Also, just like everyone else is saying, I can't wrap my head around how she can get away with the exact same unfunny content and still have this amount of views per video? neckbeard thirst is strong I guess.

She doesn't add any substance or new ideas or concepts to any topics she tackles, she just repeats the same shit to the point she uses clips from her old videos.

No. 609788

File: 1528923393590.png (367.2 KB, 640x916, Hz7oNaA.png)

No. 609791

If scarf girl could see June now…

No. 609800

june still made fun of scarfgirl years after highschool ie this character/video. i bet she still would if she could get away with it.

>beach whale anime fans

No. 609814

Did britt mention this?

No. 609817

No but it should definitely go in a third video if she ever makes one. She doesn't regret bullying Scarf Girl at all.

No. 609819

This boxxy ass wannabe

No. 609822

File: 1528924937300.png (87.44 KB, 228x275, 1506285073396.png)

>daddy gave me his special massage again

No. 609827

File: 1528925296493.gif (1.92 KB, 290x240, udt.gif)


No. 609829

this video gave me acute leukemia

No. 609836

How old is this she just admitted to posting on 4chan and being posted there game over

No. 609838

sa but this video is even worse. this whole channel reeks of desperation for efame
>let me throw whipcream at my face and shove myself into the freezer to show you that the girl i bullied in higschool is the real loser not me

No. 609840

>that part when she made fun of scarf girl's tumblr bisexuality

heh, reminder scarf girl had a giant crush on derrick but they both antagonized her anyway.

No. 609841

she would've gotten bullied like crazy if she simply posted on 4chan with her personality back then, she probably made threads about herself pretending to be a "fan" or something

No. 609844

I know scarf girl was ACTUALLY bi

No. 609845

File: 1528926072190.png (48.63 KB, 481x417, 6nfwZLx.png)

No. 609846

File: 1528926190963.png (85.76 KB, 477x439, UCu6r0O.png)

Which one of you sent this ask

No. 609848

File: 1528926244608.png (25.16 KB, 483x243, WOx5E1i.png)

No. 609850

Derrick is a lesbian but also hates women/is misogynistic, how fucked up is that?

Someone mentioned she would do Boxxy impersonations on random unrelated forums with mostly male userbases such as hacking forums. She was also confirmed to post on /soc/ dating threads.

Yeah, and then she followed that tweet with 5 other tweets berating someone who wasn't impressed with some game

No. 609852

June ranting about boxxy under the cover of a character :^)

No. 609855

her posting on /soc/ is very believable given that it was the board where all attention whores were dumped off to

No. 609865

File: 1528927013317.jpg (116.6 KB, 943x833, Capture.JPG)


She also had a board on 8chan

She would post there herself too even though the boards was littered with creepy posts talking about how they want to fuck her.

Pic related, June samefagging about herself + shilling board about herself on 4chan's /b/

No. 609869

File: 1528927258143.jpg (515.55 KB, 1365x2048, 1413513416630.jpg)


trashy asexual shy guido wallflower

No. 609874

That dress is so pretty and she ruins it by styling it in the tackiest way imaginable. I guess it was practice for her style today.

No. 609875

File: 1528927393789.jpg (79.24 KB, 640x640, 1430678873875.jpg)

hahah look at that flat chest

No. 609876

Remember the time June called herself a bunny expert and got a magazine cover in a rabbit magazine?

No. 609878

"OLlIvEr lOvEs bEiNg p IcKed uP"

No. 609880


There is always new pictures of her old self in these threads…

Which makes me conclude that she posted like 1000+ pictures of herself on the internet, mostly to anonymous imageboards too , jesus…

No. 609883

No. 609884

Lol remember when she ridiculed that male feminist guy about having no pictures on his wall?

No. 609886

Why is she talking to Ollie like she talks to preg? :^)

No. 609888

File: 1528928051527.jpg (26.4 KB, 546x307, Capture.JPG)

No. 609891

File: 1528928190319.jpg (70.13 KB, 539x632, Capture.JPG)

whooops there goes June's patreon money :^)

No. 609895

How much do you think that's worth?

No. 609897


It's about $400 - $500 on Amazon. Considering he gets $900 per video and only posts like once a month, I don't know where he is getting the money to buy something this expensive.

No. 609898

No. 609900

File: 1528928616428.png (89.59 KB, 668x706, 16exf45.png)

Greg responded to Theryn's tweets about taking a break but didn't say a peep about his fiancee's ~pwease send buns~ breakdown a month ago. Jesus christ June, open your eyes.

But anon, making him happy makes her happy :^)

No. 609901

that's £800 that could have been spent on better looking wigs TT_TT

No. 609916

But his bitch fat harpy wife didn't let him spend their savings on star wars toys after he got them into debt for being in a dumb cult.
June is a cool fiancee though. Spending $1000 on a SW toy is a part of the BDSM dynamic.

No wonder her wigs have been looking like party city shit tier

No. 609950

> so smol

How do you know that? I figured it'd be more since he's fucking living off it. Maybe his and June's patreon/merch come in hand?

No. 609955

File: 1528931547830.png (67.58 KB, 316x364, z3JqEtK.png)

nta but it says so on his Patreon. Though I have no idea if he's monetized and how much he makes on merch (probably not much). June in comparison makes over $2000. She makes 2x more than him and buys him toys. So alpha!


No. 609956

What the fuuuuuck is this

No. 609957

"She bi. I never proved that i just said so. Believe me."

So much like "I'm bi. I only ever been with guys and cannot see myself with a girl but I'm bi believe me"

Lol oh June

No. 609963

I think you underestimate the amount of people who don't mind watching the same content over and over again.

No. 609979

File: 1528933332193.png (813.52 KB, 628x1432, jW7pb6D.png)

Cow crossovers

No. 609991

File: 1528934307928.png (387.89 KB, 647x593, goffic gyaru.png)

No. 609994

File: 1528934471097.png (584.29 KB, 1363x605, side by side.png)

I was wondering about that, too. Maybe she thinks she doesn't need to make it anymore since her braindead audience seems to not care about her lying and shit behavior at all.

If I didn't think Preg was retarded before I sure do now. This one is the best of the four he posted. It legit made me cackle.


No. 609997

I recommend looking at the comments section of this video.

No. 609999

Why june gotta do flat chest girls a dirty like that?

No. 610013

I think it’s odd that she is aware of this website and possibly lurks and is liking pics of tnd? I find it hard to believe their YouTube communities have any overlap

No. 610017

File: 1528935930406.png (322.38 KB, 641x467, FaKM1kP.png)

>complains about Brittany posting about her highschool/college years
>continues to make multiple posts about her highschool years

what is it june? either you want that stuff talked about or not

No. 610021

>I don't know what a nigger is

No. 610023

File: 1528936163182.jpg (169.75 KB, 1300x1816, a7xgate.jpg)

Yeah she posted about having a thing for synster gates (lead singer of avenged sevenfold) yet another twinkish metal boi

No. 610024

is this her """goth""" stage picture? she was clearly trying to be emo, why does she keep insisting she was goth? she looks like a 15 yr old who read a wikihow on how to be emo

No. 610025

She says everything from goth to metal she was literally a daiso avril

No. 610031

Ok the mop on top of her head looks so fried no way it is a wig

I want a crossover of kikichan and kiko kannibal. Holy fuck this is the kind of shot you post online when you're 12 not… whatever age she was at the time.

Greg is insufferable. 'DDLG dynamic! But my more "successful" sub buy me toys'" I half want them to go to be acquaintances with other BDSM. For the grunge.

No. 610044

File: 1528938215379.png (71.02 KB, 694x551, 20180613_210009.png)

Speaking of which
(Also shuwu's first blowjob practice?)

No. 610046

Brittany Simon pointed out that other bdsm fags thought their dynamic was so abusive they couldnt even confrot preg and shuwu they pulled Brittany aside to ask her about them lmao but I'm sure theyre just banirra normiez who dont understand!!1

No. 610051

>shoe in the comments: i've never actually talked to someone who acted like this. i wish i knew one. ahahhh

No. 610062

File: 1528940085633.png (524.61 KB, 639x601, pRW3baS.png)

friendless loser :'(

If this pic is anything to go by, then only on the top teef

No. 610063

File: 1528940115943.jpg (129.19 KB, 1200x797, munkustrap_cats_tour_photo_by_…)

She looks kinda like a rejected Cats character

No. 610066

Boob job confirmed depending on her age here

No. 610067

When's the last time shoe ever actually showed her body w/o photoshop or baggy clothes or whatever?

No. 610072

You'd have to see candid pics her friends/family members have taken of her

No. 610075

Same fag but there's a paticularly juicey one where she's desperately popping her hip out in a sad attempt to appear curvy

No. 610077

Let's see it

No. 610078

So is she gonna leave out the part where she barely played it, only knew feel good inc and couldn't hold down the strings cause she was too weak? Or is she just gonna make it look like she's Flea?

No. 610083

Thank you anon!

No. 610085

It's the red dress one at the wedding her wig also looks jacked its in older threads

No. 610089

File: 1528941449291.png (371.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180613-170550.png)

No. 610091

Theyre both shit pet owners, liars and both suffer from an extreme case of GOTIS calling TND asJune's first bilesbo goilfren uwu

No. 610115

File: 1528942767187.png (64.02 KB, 641x469, NSNbuMJ.png)

June making fun of people for blocking again

No. 610137

God already did us a dirty by making us exist, sage for off-topic.

No. 610145

She's too young here. about 16, likely, idk about you ladies but I went up 3 cup sizes between then and 19, so I think you can't say for sure based on just that photo

No. 610153

£800 is like 1400 canadian dollars

No. 610159


Another victim of Contra. Was a cool chick till she started palling around with shoe's unrequited love.

No. 610174

No, he wasn't. He was still an "anti sjw sjw" They're all shit and deserve each other.

No. 610197

File: 1528950621771.jpg (149.52 KB, 1136x640, image.jpg)

Being flat gives you such a complex. I've mostly come to accept and love my flat chest after years of hating it, but I still get insecure about it.

I can't believe that she would drag sword girl for her body and then turn around and claim that her tits are small too because she wants to appear smoll and uwu. She puts down other women, but skin walks as them for attention. Is there anything she won't fake?

No. 610204

mayu is learning off of wig

No. 610207

mayo is becoming more and more of a skin-walker every day

No. 610220

No. 610228

File: 1528954057410.png (25.06 KB, 529x189, ZxGR26O.png)

>there was a girl over there being dark, not that i have anything against being dark but i mean….
oh june

>makes fun of the girl for spending all of her money on toys (yugioh cards)

sounds familiar!

No. 610229

File: 1528954177348.png (353.09 KB, 566x800, 1521148380955.png)

My small chest sister I feel you, joon obviously has c+ cup titties trying to be a smol loli pear with her 30" chest and 35" butt uwu
I bet she wouldnt be able to live with being actually flat chested tho bc without her meat sacks shes not a feminine small waist hourglass disney princess.

No. 610237


No. 610264

…c cup is tiny…

No. 610268

Maybe in Burgerland but anyway shoe is fucking lying about her bolt ons being smol.

No. 610269

small boobs are honestly more "in" now, though I admit that still no one wants to be flat flat I think. I've always have small boobs and never cared about it (no one ever commented on it or cared), though I'm also not completely lacking. I think June's boobs are fake and she regrets it now, but she wouldn't be the only person who wants a more reduced look now that it's "in fashion"

No. 610284

no anon, c-cup just means a 3in boob vs underbust ratio. june probably has e or so, but you should learn about bras.

No. 610285

File: 1528958933139.jpg (149.25 KB, 800x800, cute bra.jpg)

If your boobs can create cleavage and fill out a shirt/dress then they aren't small to me.
I personally dont believe she has fake boobies because Italians have big boobs and broad shoulders which she has.

No. 610286

everyone preemptively shut the fuck up about whether or not a bra size = big titty. this thread gets so easily derailed its fucking incredible.

No. 610287

Agreed. Please. Hers are most likely fake based on the confirmed mirror nude. Regardless of size, her bra size, etc, we can all agree she is lying/backpeddling about something, seeing as how she used to claim they were "rather big", but are now small after gaining weight. We can drop the discussion about what bra sizes mean now.

No. 610288

>I personally dont believe she has fake boobies because Italians have big boobs and broad shoulders which she has.
You can't generalize stuff like that anon
It's like saying every single American is fat as fuck and has no hip-to-waist ratio, which is obviously false

No. 610291

First of all American is not an ethnicity, Ethnic groups share common physical traits like greeks have a certain nose shape and koreans have epicanthic folds.

No. 610292

ot but we should have a boob thread. sage/s

No. 610294

I second this, on /ot/ theres already one for vaginas so lets make a"boob posting general".

No. 610295

Last comment so I don't get banned for derailing, but boobs heavily depend on your individual genetics. I have seen plenty of Italians from different regions who were flat as fuck

No. 610296

File: 1528960497850.png (766.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180614-040408.png)

she's definitely doing this to prove her "goth" phase

No. 610297

File: 1528960547365.png (939.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180614-040411.png)

No. 610299

File: 1528960577463.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180614-040414.png)

No. 610302

Is this her real hair or what? It's hideous. I wonder if she doesn't even try to fix her Trich because she has such ugly hair and such a bad hairline. Her hairline is crazy masculine.

No. 610305


I have a headache. 1 year of junior high isn't all of HS June.

No. 610306

This is so ot but anon what is that bra? Its so cute

No. 610307

i think it's just another shitty wig

No. 610309

File: 1528961639717.png (36.21 KB, 480x372, NTvuaF5.png)

>Is this her real hair or what?

No. 610311


>going through old pictures of yourself and posting them with commentary to all your followers

She's gotta be in a dark place right now.

No. 610321

You sound like an ignorant dude

No. 610324

who thought girls'd like to hear his important expert opinion on small vs non-small and fake vs non-fake tits. At least that's what you sound like. Also I don't believe any girl is unable to recognize obviously fake ones.

No. 610326

please try not to double post!!

No. 610347

File: 1528968998951.png (471.88 KB, 892x684, shoeonhead1.png)

what the fuck is happening to her face?

No. 610354

Does anyone have the screenshot where Shoe claimed she didn't know what this board was and referred to it as ''lol farm''? I think it was from the discord anon, but I can't find it.

It's obvious that she's lying and is very well aware of this site, but I'm just posting this as proof.

Go to 0:53 of the video.
>It appears that the lolcow gods have blessed me overnight

No. 610357

(talking about onision)
at 1:46
>he's an absolute drama lolcow

No. 610358

>I'm like blessed by the lolcow gods, I have been given this glorious milk
>That's my job here I find dumb things, I find lolcows and I share the milk with all my beautiful internet followers

No. 610361

that farty chair joke is stolen. she complains about female comedians stealing jokes but this is one here

No. 610363

File: 1528972206023.webm (2.11 MB, 640x360, gettin-old.webm)

She just retweeted this video.

>She's doing it for male attention and she'll learn when she's older.

>Haha isn't that stupid, right silly boys? I'll crave male attention until the day I die.

She'll never change, will she.

Here ya go >>594658

No. 610364

It's always the poster children of internalized misogyny who believe it doesn't exist kek

No. 610367

this old clip of her is funny ironic considering how much she's "changed" on her views to appeal to libfems. essentially, as she gets older she is becoming more and more like the attention victim feminists that she makes fun of on the daily without even realizing it.

No. 610369

So you're saying… she's learnt as she's gotten older?

No. 610370


Lol yes, she behaves like her opinions aren't going to change and nowadays she's like "but that was one month ago!! i've changed my opinions!!!"

No. 610371

File: 1528973726816.jpg (160.33 KB, 826x1548, admin confirmation.jpg)


yeah, "lol farm made in 2012"

How fucking stupid of her to boast about being a mod here. Did she her discord is super safe?

No. 610374

>italians have big boobs, lets ignore the fact most of her family has small tits and the fact they're complete bolt ons! Shes italian so they must be real

Guess nickis minajs ass is real too since black girls have big butts, and so is kim ks since shes Armenian
I'm Italian and I have small breasts and narrow shoulders, guess I'm not italian or had a breast reduction huh
There reaches a point where you go out of your way to call obviously fake tits real because you think women of her race all have big boobs, you must be retarded as fuck

No. 610378

Can we not get triggered by every little thing and continuously derail the thread?

No. 610381

holy fuck calm down youve been trying to derail the thread for the past 3 hours and nobody cares, just ignore it.

No. 610385

lolcow didn't even exist in 2012, we all used maxfag and stamina rose back then. nice try tho wig.

No. 610453

Which is embarrassing af since she never listened to goth music i wouldn't even call her "darkly inclined" she just tries to use any lable that will give her attention

No. 610456

No. 610473

File: 1528986347689.jpg (53.58 KB, 600x600, CfFoVa0UsAIqEvj[1].jpg)

Was she inspired by sssniperwolf? I sure hope not, from what I've read her obese boyfriend cheated on her multiple times but I hope June grows a spine before Preg comes close to it.

No. 610497

the truth is that fatties are even more entitled and worse boyfriends than regular men. women thinking any fatfuck will worship the ground they walk on for fucking them are deluded and simplistic in their way of thinking. male entitlement is real. sssniperwolf totally deserved it tho, as does june. these nasty bitches that shit on other women so deserve their comeuppance.

No. 610662

>before greg cheats
Good joke anon

No. 610746

She's either still as self unaware as she used to be or retweeting that so her fans don't think she's a male attention craver

No. 610748

>autistic cosplay girl
There should be a tweet of her saying that using autism as an insult is not cool in 2018 or something.

No. 610762

hate wig but i do think she meant that pt is genuinely autistic

No. 610778

File: 1529008578911.png (Spoiler Image, 744.8 KB, 511x959, 15348572158.png)

>the truth is that fatties are even more entitled and worse boyfriends than regular men
Fuck if that aint the truth

No. 610852

I honestly feel the reason why she doesn't invest in higher quality wigs is because her fans never talk about how her hair looks. I've never seen any of her fans mention her hair looking off or anything like that so why bother? But yeah… It's obvious she put that money towards the SW toy.

Because LOL Wearing black = Goth to people like this, I'm so quirky and gawf teehee.

Which is pathetic because there was never anything Goth about her. She's the equivalent of Avril Lavigne, poser pop-punk with no musical ability lol

Exactly. I'm willing to bet she has never even heard of a band like Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, or Alien Sex Fiend.

No. 610854

next thread pic pls

No. 610880

File: 1529015754819.png (59.21 KB, 584x279, QrIuJM7.png)

The political bisexual talks about political lesbianism

>MGTOW for chicks


No. 610882

No. 610893

sssniperwolf is a wannabe-latina white skank with no real personality and who just cannot stop trying to be a slutty le gamer girl XD for male attention so she fits a great profile of some dumb bitch who thinks fat guys will somehow give her more attention than not fat guys.

No. 610904

No. 610925


>I'm dating a bisexual girl

lol no you're not greg
(at least he didn't claim to be engaged)

No. 610929


June only started calling it a "goth phase" after the whole goth gf thing became a meme. She even admitted herself it wasn't a legit goth phase/it was more of a "mallgoth" phase, but she leaves that detail out because basically fucking everyone in middle school had an emo phase and she knows half of her neckbeard fans probably jerk off to cartoon goth girls.

No. 610944

File: 1529018571566.png (236.23 KB, 1168x1196, ZQ42U6V.png)

If it were anyone else but June, sure. But she's familiar with chan culture and loves using autistic as a pejorative

No. 610946

So she made this move because she obviously lurks Magdalen Berns' twitter more than she should and she knows Magdalen doesn't support ''lesbianism as a choice''. Magdalen told her she gonna respond if she dares to make another video on ''terfs''. So that way she avoids her response while talking about ''terfs'' and sending her fans to their small channels. She wanted to rant about her beloved radfems so bad because she's the biggest and the most desperate attention whore on the internet alive and male attention is like an air to her while radfems are diametrical opposites. She's clearly trying to resolve some unconscious unresolved trauma here because nobody would care as much as she does.
I really hope she'll get the revenge she deserves for getting away with everything. That's so unfair she's got almost a million of subscribers.

No. 611026

Hey june nice one it's not like it's literally like your other videos at all except with a different subject

She did not make up any original jokes on the matter and literally the only argument she formed here is "penis on vagina makes baby" when she could've talked further into this.

Also "yeah I got all these books about it to prove it's not another strawman but I won't said a word on them teehee"

Come on. It's pride month! JWhy don't you make a storytime video about coming to terms with your so-called bisexuality that is not made up for LGBT brownie points? :)

No. 611029

why does she have to fucking yell to get her point across. actual retard.

No. 611038

lol, I wanted to comment but I can't because I disliked the bideo(no one cares)

No. 611039

File: 1529021940655.png (546.4 KB, 1128x644, aRan5bG.png)

Because she's incredibly unfunny and has to rely on cheap tricks like screaming and ~qUiRkY fAcEs~ to convince her audience of 12 year olds that she's funny.

She's always tearing down actual accomplished female comedians when she'd never make in show biz in a million years.

No. 611040


No. 611043

No. 611044

Is Kids with Guns the only song she knows? lol I hope she get's a strike

No. 611047

>a few weeks in 2015
>says autistic screech in january 2017

No. 611051

>>610023 lemme just say something offtopic af, synyster gates is a guitarist not the lead singer. but fuck, now i hate liking a7x bc of fucking wig.

No. 611053


No. 611054

Fuck yeah I thought that but for some reason second guessed myself. sage.

No. 611056

File: 1529023327333.png (373.94 KB, 578x602, 9yZbpBN.png)

No. 611058

File: 1529023425514.gif (3.97 MB, 600x342, joon.gif)

From her Twitter

No. 611059

uh i wouldn't play copyrighted music on my 900,000 plus subbed channel mayne she reads these threads and wants to up the ante on the Gorillaz thing lmao

No. 611061

Is it just my eyes, or are her arms and face look THICC?

No. 611093

Oh my god in her new video "Being Straight is a Choice" I noticed that she keeps saying Spanish words. "Cajones" and "Pendejo" but it's so cringey. She doesnt even say Pendejo, she says "bendeyjo"….

No. 611117

Can someone aware me on what the meme is with her and contrapoints

No. 611136

File: 1529027969064.png (270.86 KB, 583x473, XMknWUN.png)

She tweets at him often even after he publicly disavowed her and basically admitted to using her as a political pawn. He doesn't typically respond and when he does, people here read his tone as dismissive.

June started sperging over TERFs partly to get his attention/approval.

People here have said that she likes twinky/otter guys, which Contra is.

Add that all together and farmers (mostly jokingly) assume there's some sort of unrequited love drama going between June and her trans waifu.

No. 611141

File: 1529028354257.png (127.95 KB, 467x569, barf.png)

>ddlg isn't daddy/daughter uwu

No. 611198

It's actually a played out meme at this point

> everyone thinks Greg's muh dad cuz I'm a smol bean :3 you guys are no help but I'm clearly into this joke bc it validates me pls continue as I give you the slight attention

No. 611233

"I can't read lol" why the fuck was that a point in her new vid? Does she like making herself look stupid to an audience of 400,000 plus people?

No. 611242

That was one of the stupidest things those two bitches have ever said i hate how they tried to deflect by jumping on the "lol you honestly think a daughter and father are fucking?" When everyone knows it's not literal but it is a fetish dealing with scenes of incest/child molestation

No. 611313

I kind of find it funny how her favorite movie is Silence of the Lambs

No. 611339

oh she retweeted this
it's cringe how she's trying to pander to the LGBT so hard and all of a sudden.

No. 611347

This clip made her look so much bigger than I even thought. So much for being smol and having a "flat chest" or whatever. I already knew she was putting on weight but having a video version of her like this really shows it especially in the torso/belly area.

I'm surprised she put this in her video considering how it totally goes against her "I'm tiny" image. She looks like she's on the heavier side of normal.

No. 611352

File: 1529049277415.png (275.24 KB, 320x436, thinn.PNG)


No. 611361

Also those big augmented tits.

No. 611378

>has never gone on a date with a woman
>has never kissed a woman
>has never loved a woman
>only fucks dicks

bi larpers need to shut up forever

No. 611432

Well with that logic an incel is asexual.

No. 611436

File: 1529063065562.jpg (10.08 KB, 250x250, 6sHL7b9.jpg)

>''Can't see myself dating a girl''
>''I'm heteroromantic because I don't feel attracted to girls''
>''I'm only sexual with people I love and therefore only with men''

The mental gymnastics are out of this world. June is like those sjw trans trenders (milo stewart, ash hardell) but she's faking her sexuality instead. That's probably why she made that apology video and believes ''a billion genders could exist'' (her own words).

Kek…the political bisexual making a video about political lesbians. I'm done.
Her LGBT pandering is so fucking annoying and I'm not surprised why actual bisexual girls have such a bad rep considering people like this cunt exist.

No. 611439

No, because anon in >>611378 said that she ''fucks dicks''. It's not like she isn't attracted to anyone at all. Not being able to get women is not the same as not being attracted to them at all

No. 611440

sage for nitpick but i'm laughing at how skinny they drew her.
that alone shows you how delusional her fans are lel

No. 611444

Don't generalize. I have small boobs and I hate and avoid clothes that make my boobs look bigger. It just looks ugly to me, I simply prefer it looking smaller. I would hate having bigger chest.

Sorry for OT but such a generalization because of your own messed up head and lack of confidence is stupid.(no one cares)

No. 611466

>Does she like making herself look stupid to an audience of 400,000 plus people?
That's her "comedy". Exactly like " muh vagina" female stand up comedians, they make all their jokes about themselves and say its "self deprecation" when it's always just attention whoring/humble bragging.

No. 611471

this thread is about June, not how uwu smol you are… June obviously hated her flat chest enough to get a boob job and also shamed other girls with small boobs. It's normal to be insecure about your chest size, especially ten years ago when she was a teenager and "body positive" movements weren't a thing.

No. 611473

Objection, I'm italian but also flat chested

No. 611478

If you think women are attractive but have no interest in dating or fucking a woman (except to fulfill your man’s mff fantasies), you’re not really bisexual. Most straight women acknowledge that other women are attractive in my experience (or at least I do, and I consider myself straight)

Incels have never had romantic experience with a woman, but they want to and do for the most part want to be in a romantic relationship and date them seriously

No. 611481

June is fucking up hardcore with this bi stunt I hope Brittany gets her

No. 611486

File: 1529071127182.png (560.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180615-093913.png)


No. 611584

They're really low enough to do this during Pride Month, hm? Not shocked at all.

And June: YOU. ARE. NOT. BI.

No. 611587

She's not attracted to women though. The only reason she thinks she's bi is because she was attracted to her online bfs before even meeting them irl. So in her mind that means gender is irrelevant to attraction even though she knew they were both dudes before seeing their faces

No. 611620

That's because he said he was a male and june would fuck a turd just because it's attached to a neckbeard, so him being a pretentious cheater douche ontop of all that made her fall for him

No. 611629

She's only doing it because it's Pride Month. Once June is over, she's not going to mention crap about it again until next year. I call her more of an "opportunistic Bisexual". In the sense she talks about being so Bi but only in times where she knows it'll get her attention. I don't like doubting someone's sexuality but I seriously doubt she's bisexual. She never talks about girls in "that" way and when she does, she does it in the form of a meme and how can you take that seriously? The way she goes about it makes me think back to like 2007 when everyone was saying they were bisexual, just a fad lol

No. 611648

Is Brittany making a third video?

No. 611688

File: 1529088561907.jpg (44.86 KB, 1080x400, laugh.jpg)


> june would fuck a turd just because it's attached to a neckbeard

Fucking jesus anon I love you

No. 611689

File: 1529088583582.png (17.91 KB, 542x177, 3cU2NhA.png)


No. 611703


collaring ceremony tomorrow, wedding never?

No. 611722

The only time she actually talks about liking girls is when she's mentioning how her and preg stare at women because she's the le coolest most chill gf on earth and that's why genius preggo groceries like, totally loves her for who she is.

No. 611726

Preg never says my fiance or my wife to be lol it's always girlfriend or dating

No. 611738

File: 1529091947805.png (81.39 KB, 646x698, 1vVB8u6.png)

June on the other hand.

Get ready for June and Grocery Store Hallway

No. 611742

Is that the party HER parents are paying for? Lmao >>603254 ok then June:)

I half wish not bc June doesn't deserve the attention but I would love that

No. 611754

File: 1529092762019.png (57.26 KB, 663x583, XMY4z5d.png)

>outrage cow is my brand
yeah it is june, but not in the way you think

No. 611762

File: 1529093708477.png (12.17 KB, 639x67, 6P88Gzx.png)

No. 611796


What does this even mean? Is she referring to the chikfila owner being against gay marriage thing and people being judged for still eating there? How could she have been "lynched" without making herself look like she has some sort of persecution complex?

No. 611815

They waiy until almost half a year later for a fucking engagement party? Lmfao, considering what they're both like the relationship will be over before they even talk about the wedding

No. 611821

File: 1529098164353.png (750.93 KB, 1200x496, E4qGqCs.png)

No. 611822

File: 1529098217107.png (292.3 KB, 660x646, VoGhHAl.png)

No. 611823

What makes it even funnier is that they brought pedo roleplay and greg consentually cheating and june pretending to be ok with it since shes a cheater herself faster than the engagement party after the engagement

Its way past the 90 days the wedding was supposed to happen,"immigration" my ass

No. 611864

Is it true her parents never mention her on Facebook at all, but always sing her sister’s praises?

No. 611869

File: 1529101303249.png (68.19 KB, 640x476, L48zq0q.png)

Calling Tomi Lauren and Trump supporters cute. What a lefty

That's what people claimed in the past threads. Farmers also said that Gerg's parents still contact his ~evil gold digging ex~ but never mention June.

No. 611879

File: 1529101828896.jpg (55 KB, 858x201, hm.JPG)

>Its way past the 90 days the wedding was supposed to happen,"immigration" my ass

I'm guessing they didn't even get their marriage license yet. And it's simple, they just need to show their ID and Preg needs to show his proof of divorce document and that's it.

No. 611886

File: 1529102086129.jpg (13.21 KB, 712x81, 879.JPG)

Meanwhile June pretends how there is soooo much paperwork to do, she needs to move upstate because of it…

(As it couldn't be solved by simply staying at his place for a month)

No. 611894

Oof, damn. That really tells you all you need to know, doesn’t it? They probably think Shoe is a complete child

No. 611896

File: 1529103072910.jpg (198.1 KB, 886x864, 898.jpg)

There is no minimum income requirements for sponsoring a spouse so it shouldn't be a problem for Preg, unless he is receiving autism bux.

Again, they could have done all the paperwork in one month if she stayed at his place, I have no idea what's taking so long and why does she need to move upstate NY??

No. 611897

Soooo she’s moving to Buffalo. Fastest way to get to Toronto and the surrounding environs.

Good luck with going from LI/NYC to the shithole that is WNY, June, I’m sure you’ll just love it there.

No. 611902

What’s the point I mean lol he’s never marrying her and every one knows it. It’s pretty obvious at this point, otherwise there’d be no need to move upstate, she’d go directly to Preg’s. This is the weirdest engagement ever. “Yeah, honey I love you, just lemme rub a quick one out over these thicc ass trannies.”

No. 611920

File: 1529104680599.webm (1.41 MB, 640x360, good day in canada.webm)

No. 611935

Lol this is such bullshit. Moving across state is so much more of a chore than any paperwork for marriage. The fact her orbiters don't even question this is suspect. Like what is even going on? Just move in with your fucking fiance.. unless he doesn't really want you?

No. 611946

I have a feeling she won't. Her first video got flagged and taken down and the second one didn't do as well as the first one in terms of viewership. It may feel like a waste of time for her because not much changed since those videos.

Pretty lame and doesn't help her claim. Has she ever talked about her staring at girls or having girl crushes when she was single?

I can't help but feel that the only reason he's staying with her is because she's the breadwinner and she can buy him all kinds of expensive Star Wars crap, the thing that his ex-wife was not having (spending their savings on expensive toys).But as soon as the next best thing comes, I won't be surprise if he dumps her.

No. 611955

> the second one didn't do as well as the first one in terms of viewership
Just checked. Her first video has 90k views while the second one has 103k views.

>I can't help but feel that the only reason he's staying with her is because she's the breadwinner and she can buy him all kinds of expensive Star Wars crap

Yeah plus she has a much larger following than him. He's probably gained a lot of fans through June. Since he's an egomaniac he must love all that sweet attention

No. 611974



- Shoe, 2018

No. 611985

Wtf. They wish they were as fun as the Seed family and Far cry 5.

No. 612015

Her last name is actually way worse "La Porta" More like La Porta Potty

No. 612018

She was attracted to Shego from Kim Possible does that count? :^)

No. 612020

So June is gonna have to clean her own room and cook her own tendies??

No. 612023

Wait isn't upstate in the fucking woods?

No. 612036

There are some cities but pretty much yeah kek.

I wonder if she'll get her very own swamp house like Onion. The transformation is almost complete.

For real though she seems to be a shut in aside from the occasional Starbucks run and she """""""works"""""" from home. It doesn't really matter where she lives

No. 612066

Such smol trad ~uwu~
Also wtf is that gif shes has the worst sO rAnDom "humour" is she trying to say she doesnt wash or something?!

No. 612099

lmao anyone remember those porn videos of an emo girl wearing that necklace?? anytime i see that necklace i assume the girl (shoe) is trying to copy the emo girl.

No. 612123

I’ve lived in both NYC and Buffalo and for whatever reason some native New Yorkers refer to western NY, which is basically Buffalo and maybe Rochester, as ‘upstate’. Don’t know why.

No. 612183

File: 1529124390306.png (35.97 KB, 654x256, 9G04oPp.png)

Announce your engagement right after tweeting a camgirl.

No. 612184

File: 1529124556046.png (417.44 KB, 598x1016, qbd1WBs.png)

No. 612199

Isn't she exactly 5'4? She's average height for a woman, kek.
Imagine being so desperate to be seen as "smol".

No. 612200

Junes height has magically shifted from 5'4" to 5'3" to 5'2" over the years.

No. 612201

she's gonna have to clean everything, she barely does shit on her own dunno why she has this fantasy about being a housewife, she can't be a housewife nor a career woman, then what? she's useless

that's what gets me, I just don't get it, and considering they didn't even have the fucking engagement party until half a year AFTER the engagement, more than half a year actually, over the lame party, for something that happened half a year ago, I highly doubt it will ever happen at all, same with marriage unless it's some jaclynglenn and richie type "fancy cakes as wedding cakes" stuff

like shit, you'd think after 6 months which is more than enough time to wedding plan, she would have said something about the wedding, turns out it was for the engagement party which usually happens, you know, after the engagement, not half a year later

are they even trying
they're either
1: the biggest procrastinators in the universe
2: super lazy
3: greg is too lazy to get any work done so makes june do all the work, then later either tells june she can't stay with him and june doesn't wanna publically announce her fat ugly bf won't let her stay in his apartment for a bit, or greg lied claiming she has to stay in her state or whatever and june isn't ready to hear the fact her fiance, and pretty much no one wants her around
4: they know they can't handle what it takes to be a real couple, june isn't wife material, greg isn't even fucking man material, most of their relationship relays on the internet, memes, and greg fucking other women and june pretending to enjoy it

No. 612202

she hangs around fat neckbeards so any woman that isn't one of those slavic muscle ladies is ~smol~ to them, probably why she can't handle female friends since most women make her look like a damn buffalo

No. 612208

Shoe you have man shoulders and a deep voice, you’re not fooling anyone.
This smol:3 obsession is so weird and it’s going to be really creepy and try hard when she’s thirty. Hell, it already is.

No. 612221

Putting down women with larger breasts because you prefer flat chests makes you a dick.
You're doing exactly what sh0e does.

No. 612300

>considering they didn't even have the fucking engagement party until half a year AFTER the engagement, more than half a year actually, over the lame party, for something that happened half a year ago,

It's not them who are organizing it, it's June's parents. They probably want to hurry up and marry June so she can leave the house.

>Honey, congrats on getting engaged! When's the wedding date?

>We still haven't decided, mom
3 months later
>So honey, when's the wedding?
>We still don't know the exact date, sooo much paperwork to do.
another 3 months later
>What about wedding June?
>Still doing all that paperwork, mom.
>You know what, we are throwing you guys an engagement party

No. 612305

File: 1529147150125.jpg (30.85 KB, 1216x183, Capture.JPG)

from kiwifarms

fucking sad to be this much obsessed with yourself.

No. 612306

File: 1529147274377.png (191.19 KB, 690x1725, 1515307624800.png)

hehe so random and cooky :33

No. 612314

Her parents are so great at parenting! No wonder she is what she is now.

Why ask such questions? She mostly talks about herself already. This reminds me of 2000's magazines for teenagers obsessed with celebrities. 50 stupid facts like these about a celebrity you worship to waste your time reading. I'm pretty sure she was one of those teens and had tons of such magazines or something like that. Now she's doing the same thing as a ''youtube celebrity''. Yikes. Victim of celebrity culture. She's desperate as hell and her fans must be even more so. I feel sorry for them.

No. 612335

2-5 showers everday is horrible for your skin jesus june is probably incredibly greasy under that wig and the remaining hairs stick to her scalp like a sweaty balding guy

No. 612343

I'm 106 and 5'1 and I'm honestly nowhere near as thin as she used to be. I'm definitely more 'normal' looking, so I really think she is 5'4. I know everyone distributes differently, but 106 on an actually short girl isn't as skinny as she was, js.

how old was she here? this reads like literally an annoying 14 year old, and even then, i would've been annoyed by it. i'm guessing she was at least 20? the pandering is so obvious.
>i dont like flowers and i dont wear makeup and I LOVE BUYING THINGS FOR PEOPLE so you dont need to hold down a job or have ANY marketable skills to land me, silly bois!! here's a million mentions of my bellybutton, naked body, and my panties for you to jerk it to!!!

jesus fucking christ she'd lick the shit off of any man's sack so long as it landed her some positive male re-inforcement(no one cares)

No. 612372

File: 1529157763678.jpg (30.66 KB, 584x592, DyvNkhD.jpg)

>i lov tanning beds :3
>i take 2 showers a day sometimes around 5
A professional ''beaty'' specialist and skincare enthusiast, everyone. RIP shoe's skin.

>ive been the same height since i was 12 >.>

Serious question, does she have some kind of complex or mental issue because she's the older sister? This post is quite old and even then she was so obsessed with being smol and tiny uwu. She was always talking about it, even in old videos. It's pretty much her entire personality at this point. It's not normal to be this obsessed and delusional about yourself, get help June.

No. 612396

>[muffled SUK MIIII in the distance]

No. 612397

I think it is somewhat normal to have some sort of a "complex" about something extreme in your appearance, ie height or the size of your nose, but 5'2'' is nowhere near that extremely short. I guess it's the only thing that's even somewhat special about her and that's why it's her whole thing. She should have picked her boldness, since that's special and quite abnormal in females. I wonder if she uses some kind of glue between the wig and her head when she's having sex, or is hair pulling too normie vanilla? Can Preg even lift his noodle arms high enough to do that?

No. 612411

Shes definitely 5'4
I've never met someone as obsessed with being smol as she is, and the best part is that she ain't even small, maybe the reason she avoids women so much is due to the fact that they'll make her look like a giant and there will be more pics like the laci green and chris one or the one with the 5'4 girl with short hair

No. 612479

File: 1529169676281.png (2.5 MB, 1355x1487, fsfdf.PNG)

No. 612481

No. 612484

The photos of the party are good quality but hers is so bad, when will she stop hiding behind the 480p aesthetic jfc

No. 612485

File: 1529170533891.png (2.29 MB, 1214x1300, dfafsdf.PNG)

No. 612486

File: 1529170723987.png (198.62 KB, 631x861, IMG_8760.PNG)

Only two tables for an engagement party? That is super depressing. Wow. :(

Also wtf is this pic? They drew Greg so fat haha

No. 612489

Man, Greg really can't style himself for shit. He always looks so greased up. At least Wig isn't wearing some tacky lolita aliexpress shit.
Why did they choose to use a winter-themed fanart without colors and lining? It really doesn't fit the rest of the theme…Sage for nitpick/irrelevancy.

No. 612539

That last button didn’t make it for the photos :’(

Lol he just fat. I bet the photographer advised him to just leave the bottom of his shirt unbuttoned to avoid a pregnancy scare

No. 612540

She really thinks she's a cute smol loli, doesn't she? lmfao.
I think it depends on bone structure. Her bones are huge for someone 5'2" so if she really is that height she can be heavier but still look kind of thin.
Since she doesn't always wear wigs around Preg, I wonder if she gets him to pull some hair out for her. Us vanilla normies will never understand!

No. 612543

His proportions are just a thicker version of hers where if he stood up they'd be the same height

No. 612545


ooooh yesss this is the trash I've been waiting for my dudes

No. 612546

File: 1529178184543.jpeg (100.97 KB, 675x1200, Df1bvN1UEAAyZi3.jpeg)

Reminder I hate alcohol and NEVER EVER drink unless it's for teh memes! X33

No. 612548

Why do they have like 30 cups and only 8 chairs lol

No. 612549



Their party sounds so dead, who is even attending it?

No. 612550

This is so fucking embarrassing lmao

No. 612552

File: 1529178491496.png (631.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180616-154726.png)

Wtf fuck is this? Are they writing names on peoples cups? "Kathy something"

No. 612557

In every fucking photo he does he's sticking his thumb in the pockets of the jean pants that barely fit him and it just looks like he can barely fit his thumbs in and it triggers me

No. 612558

File: 1529179385867.jpeg (223.84 KB, 441x685, B43E94F2-F593-4E22-B4FF-CC6AC2…)

god this hairstyle is so fucking ugly holyshit he is so unattractive

No. 612563

greg, shoe, her parents & presumably her parents friends. so no one. this is so sad. ordinary couples invite their own friends to their engagement party, but shoe doesn't have any.

it's just cringy. if i was shoe i honestly wouldn't even bother with this wedding/engagement stuff - it just highlights how far behind she is compared to other people her age, and embarrasses her further.

No. 612565

also, sorry for the double post but greg honestly looks so embarrassed to be there and 100% done. and they look the same age and honestly, compared to shoe he doesn't look too ugly

No. 612567


Kim Jong-un with a beard

No. 612568

He's not getting married in that outfit right?
June's is passable but he looks like he's just attending the wedding lmao

No. 612570

God he looks retarded. He needs to stop doing that eyebrow thing immediately.

No. 612572

Her parents could prefer caring for her sister because she was younger and neglecting her or something like that. Yeah if a person is so obsessed with something like that there's always some psychological reason underlying.

No. 612582

Derek said he's going

No. 612583

June got all dressed up meanwhile Prince Charming is wearing dad jeans. I'm convinced he'll wear sneakers to the wedding

No. 612585

She reminds me of one woman I know who tries to convince as many people as possible that she and her husband are the most happy loving couple in the world by posting stuff on social media non-stop, making various ''wedding'' celebrations (i.e. 1 year after wedding etc) she invites lots of people on etc. Everything is for the public. I don't understand if these women try to lie to themselves too or what their problem is… The truth and their actual relationships don't go anywhere

No. 612589

File: 1529182719335.png (531.37 KB, 633x489, 4QW3e25.png)

No. 612590

Fuck, this party is depressing. June is a shitty person but I actually feel kind of sad for her. This is going to be Yumi and Splenda's wedding all over again.

No. 612593

At least splenda and yumi seemed to like eachother a bit and weren't half as shitty as these two.

omg, that's horrible

No. 612597

File: 1529183130563.webm (1.08 MB, 180x320, @ArmouredSkeptic.webm)

No. 612598

Why are you acting like 5'4 is tall? Also, if she's 5'4, how tall is her husband?


He looks to be over a foot taller, assuming she isn't wearing heels.. so you're telling me he's 6'4 plus? It's possible, but I can bet that fence behind them is around 6 foot, not 7.

Why are anachans always lurking this site, pretending like short, skinny girls are always WAY bigger than pictured. It's fucking cringey. Suit out your body dysphoria with a therapist instead of projecting it on thin e-tards.

No. 612600

You're right. Splenda is a fucking creep but his and Yumi's interactions, as awkward as they are can be endearing at times. He does occasionally show a little consideration for her, which is more than I can say for Greg.

(Saged for discussion of other cows)

No. 612601

can you stop pretending that girls who are 5'6 are giant ugly monsters, or that the victoria's secret models who are like 5'11 are repulsive massive giants? june is a horrible cunt but you're being really silly acting like 5'4 is so tall it makes june look like a "giant" when the average height is 5'4 and many women are 5'5-5'7 and even that isn't super tall or giant looking.

No. 612602

So has the party began already or these photos are pre-party? And yeah that giant art thing looks cringy. Pregory can't put an effort even in dressing up for their party. He puts no effort in everything that has to do with their relationship.

No. 612603

File: 1529183434607.webm (686.53 KB, 180x320, D.webm)

No. 612604

>parents organize your engagement party
>they have to invite their friends because you don't have any

fucking depressing mang

No. 612605

why do they make such retarded faces? why is that shitty stupid cheesy drawing being praised by them? w h y

No. 612659

There have been studies that show a positive correlation between the frequency that couples post about themselves on social media and their feelings of insecurity about the relationship. It's hilarious when thea people who clog up my newsfeed about their "no 1 forever" go strangely silent just a few months later.

No. 612664

How long did June go to school for? Before dropping out? Was it like a year, or

No. 612666

that's pretty normal at parties where everyone has the same plastic cup

No. 612668

I'm trying to figure out what's sadder:
- this "party". It was obviously supposed to be a small gathering but June is delusional
- June trying to dressing up for a daddy dom with dad jeans and a Guido haircut at this… party

No. 612677

why are you two so weirdly triggered? laci is 5'1 or something so a woman that's 5'4 will look considerably taller. no one is saying she's enormous, just that in comparison to 5'0 or so women she'll seem a lot taller SPECIFICALLY because she tries nonstop to exaggerate and draw attention to her 'smol' height. you both are sperging for literally no reason.

No. 612686

1.5 years out of a 2 year degree. She should've just finished it…

No. 612700

File: 1529190123452.png (27.59 KB, 489x337, FwN5RpB.png)

No. 612705

File: 1529190259678.png (439.8 KB, 632x496, fDgOhTD.png)

No. 612706

File: 1529190290764.jpg (188.56 KB, 1200x901, x5kIltB.jpg)

No. 612707

File: 1529190317411.jpg (168.91 KB, 1200x899, VLlz9VD.jpg)

No. 612708

File: 1529190368895.jpg (205.74 KB, 1200x900, OVDEMmh.jpg)

No. 612709

File: 1529190398732.jpg (207.13 KB, 1200x900, M8ydQkb.jpg)

No. 612713

It's just their dynamic anon u filthy normie

You know you fucked up when your trans ftm friend is more fuckable than your fiance

No. 612720

this is so sad. the three of them at one table and then june's parents friends/family at the other table.
her parents want her to be normal so badly.

ugh this is so depressing, she also looks hella her age.

No. 612723

is her younger sister engaged too? i see a ring on her left hand's ring finger…

No. 612725

her cleavage is a mile long. "i have such smol boobs you guys! ^-^"

those eyelashes are absolute abortions

the food looks good. better than this bitch deserves. i'm sure grocery was upset to not be snacking on rotel and ramen and a tryhard glass of scotch (on ice ofc).

No. 612726

you directly said that june's height will make her look "giant" around OTHER WOMEN. You did not say around laci specifically. not our fault you don't know how to type out your thoughts properly. also you get shuwu points for using the term "sperging".

No. 612729

File: 1529191008069.png (257.22 KB, 636x418, TeIGMsQ.png)

Have any of her YTer "frens" sent their well wishes? Or is it like the Brittany drama where no one other than Mayu the skinwalker came to her rescue.

She always makes a spectacle over congratulating/praising them so you'd think they'd do the same for her.

No. 612731

Syren Cove (Greg's thicc secret) did.

No. 612734

>the black lady with her headphones in trying to pretend she's anywhere else but this so called """party"""


No. 612737

Follow the thread replies if you can't make sense of why we are saying what we are saying

I'm specifically calling out the anachan who said
>the best part is that she ain't even small

Now why does her calling herself 'smol' trigger you so badly? Is that what is considered 'milk' nowadays? wtf

No. 612746

i'm ntayrt with your first annoying post, so i didn't say shit. and 'sperging' has been used here longer than june has even used it for so ??? that anon was just saying that there are plenty of short women who will make someone average look a lot taller in comparison, especially when those AVERAGE sized women talk nonstop about how tiny they are but are then out-tinied by other women that are on the shorter side. you're certifiably insane for getting this pressed over that anon's post.

isnt it on her right hand?

you're obviously a whiteknight that's trying to disguise yourself as two different morons, which explains the annoying lack of sage and disproportionate outrage. it annoys a lot of people, as it annoys people in the onision threads when taylor lies about her height and can't stop spamming her videos with how "smol" she is despite being taller than her mom and sister while claiming they're both taller than her, yet no one questions that. it's annoying because it's a. a lie, and b. obnoxious specifically because june is obsessed with infantilizing herself to an audience of creepy fucks.

No. 612751

File: 1529191805218.png (68.79 KB, 1340x545, a.png)

nice double post ya autistic

No. 612772

File: 1529192742794.gif (1.04 MB, 396x222, tenor.gif)

So all grocery has to do is hit a retweet button, tag wig, and this happens:


Please for the love of god just stop about her height. It is so stupid, fuck.

No. 612776

File: 1529192918200.png (724.67 KB, 572x1024, swhHvjI.png)

>those lashes

No. 612779

more chins than chinatown

No. 612782

the post was deleted like 10 seconds after the other one was posted. you're truly touched.

No. 612787

Saw this on my homepage and thought of this thread. In all honesty when do you guys think she'll realize how embarrassing she is?

No. 612792

The art is winter themed because I believe he proposed when they were ice skating? So it's a depiction of the actual proposal rather than the artist just choosing a winter theme. June sucks but I think it's really cute that her dad had that made for the party

No. 612798

He didn’t make it, he printed out someone else’s fan art on his work equipment.

No. 612803

File: 1529194589259.jpeg (397.77 KB, 750x743, F7E7AEA7-2AB3-45B4-94F8-C0C30F…)

>June pretending to be Lindsay Ellis’ friend.

Such a liberal

No. 612805

File: 1529194646972.jpg (190.59 KB, 1200x1069, lXJTLhj.jpg)

No. 612816

>all those old people had to see that cringy fanart enlarged and displayed

How much of a smug dick do you think preg was during this? Just based on shuwu's parents first meeting with him alone, I can't imagine how he must act with her parent's friends.

No. 612828

> when your sister has a better looking hunk to fuck
> when your sister looks better health-wise than you
> when your ftm bestie is wearing casual on your engagement party
> when you have no friends to invite despite you are famous
> when 99% of the party is your parents' friends
> when the guests are obese and you are triggred by even 2 pounds of extra weight

feels karma, man.

BTW why didn't she invite Mayu the skinwalker lulz?

No. 612831

Our dear Mayu has been suspended from Twitter RIP. June probably couldn't get in contact with him

No. 612834

Junes titties in that dress look so bad omg

No. 612835

Her sisters man fine af

No. 612837

what's up with that scarring and lack of tissue on derek's arm? did he really get a frankenpenis? ugh

No. 612844

Next thread pic

No. 612848

Jesus christ i saw that that's fucking unsightly

No. 612850

it's interesting how you can really see how pathetic someone is when they're around their normal successful siblings.
Her sister looks nice and less of a nutjob, same with her bf. June and preg look like freakshows next to them.

No. 612855

that blonde lady in the back looks like a june doppleganger wtf.

No. 612857

>sssniperwolf is a wannabe-latina white skank
wrong all around, aside from being a skank. she's an arab who's ashamed of that for whatever reason so she tries to pass herself off as Greek and turkish

No. 612858

you just know all those old people who are shoe's parents friends went home and talked shit about this entire mess.

these neck wrinkles seem out of place for someone who supposedly looks like a teen, june!

her sister's boyfriend is pretty hot. must suck being the failure in the family. no wonder she lashes out at strangers online.


No. 612864

File: 1529197952114.jpg (55.84 KB, 749x694, DO5xFAZWkAAInIm.jpg)

>when your parents invite the same fat cousins you made fun of in a post on twitter cause you have no friends

No. 612868

File: 1529198118736.jpg (102.83 KB, 1280x720, kek.jpg)

>when you're now the fat cousin being made fun of

No. 612872

File: 1529198438720.png (659.12 KB, 666x580, 5BuMSc8.png)

hm no bratty pics this time around.

No. 612877

June's too much of a coward to try that shit again

No. 612881

look at those itty bitty smol boobies uwu

No. 612883

serving me chin-chan realness, wow

No. 612891

shes really getting chunky aint she