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File: 1529569334193.jpg (397.7 KB, 1000x3695, shoe0nh.jpg)

No. 616598


Previously on the uwu small bun and shitty daddy dom trainwreck show:

Summary of her past:

>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school

>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances.
>Befriended an unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet.

>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".


>Almost 27- Still addicted to internet (male) attention- no education other than high school, no career prospects, no skills.

>No real personality either, changes her opinions constantly based on what will make her gain fans.
>Dates an obese guy with intellectual disabilities who treats her like shit - Desperately wants to be seen as a young girl.
>Acts like a teenager online even though she's almost 30, can't form argument worth shit
>Lies about her past, pretends she was a "friendless wallflower shy nerd girl uwu" even though she was a popular guido with tons of friends who bullied nerds.
>Still obsessed with shitting on women while she coddles men like babies, huge double standards
>Still a bully, now online, sends her fans to attack smaller channels and random people she doesn't agree with (never goes after big channels).
>Huge coward, will block you if you point out her hypocrisy. (She will block your followers too)
>Googles her name all day - finds comments about her that don't even mention her directly.
>Makes everything about her, can't talk about a topic without inserting herself in it.
>Has nothing to put on her resume except "dunking on terfs xd"
>Got dragged by Brittany Venti and some of her former alt-right chan buddies for throwing Lauren Southern under the bus for trans and leftist brownie points
>It failed horribly, and after June trying pathetically to backtrack, it reseulted in vid related and people on both ends of the political spectrum are sick of her shit now
>Still pulling her hair out while her bf flirts with other girls on twitter, the only defenders who seem to care about her getting roasted are her troon skinwalker fan Mayu and a few of her lolicon beta orbiters
>'Deunks' Brittany's video by lying again and trying desperately to cover up. Still no shame in sight.
>Her and her fanboys have been falseflagging the original Shoe vid in an attempt to cover for her

Shuwu Saga Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpNB9_GDpuo
Shuwu Saga Part 2: Electric Boogaluwu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWnk4gkMuzw

No. 616615

File: 1529570525738.png (1.82 MB, 2138x1288, ok.png)

this literally looks like a padded ass. i really think she's wearing padded underwear.

screencap from her video from a week ago for comparison

No. 616630

Her clothes look so cheap too. She has zero sense of style, how is she so bad at everything?

Also same thread pic as last one?

No. 616631

Jesus fuck how embarassing, looks like she wore a diaper and took a big shit

If she wants to be thicc so bad why doesnt she just work out? Then greg wouldn't be so disappointed when he takes her pants off

No. 616633

File: 1529573848750.jpg (108.75 KB, 1288x1288, mv6RyOa.jpg)

literally kim k meme tier

No. 616637

File: 1529574505283.jpeg (326.56 KB, 740x825, 9BAB40EA-904F-421C-9C15-8C6E75…)

Lol saw this, possibly related…

No. 616643

Maybe june hates this meme so much because she literally is the annoying, orange fake to titty girl who tries to fuck everything she sees

No. 616648

I think this went over your head anon…

No. 616651

She's the left, but thinks she's the right.

No. 616657

This. She's essentially a failed Stacy who realized her complete and total inadequacy a couple years ago, and has since dedicated time and effort to trying to be a quirky internet 4chan bunny girl waifuwu.

No. 616668

Wait, she said she hates this meme?

No. 616669

Maybe she did start to wear diapers wtf is wrong with her ass

No. 616670

Can someone explain why mumkey is dissing shoe i thought he thirsted over her?

No. 616680

So she's wearing trendy jeans and possibly padded underwear + eats more unhealthy food on purpose to appear that she has current trendy body type to her fans while simulteneously telling how smoll and thinn she is cause she sercretly hates her natural body? This is the highest level of desperation.

No. 616693

>same thread pic as last one
you had one job

No. 616696

Those are buttpads alright, look at how they move in the video, if her butt was fat and muscle it would jiggle while she was moving like that

Why did she wear aliexpress padding anyway? Does she think her fans are retarded?

No. 616697

I don’t think he ever did thirst after her to begin with, she really did take his joke too seriously.

I had my suspicions when he liked a comment I left on his “apology” video where I said June thinks she’s more important than she is. That and he has a gf who is cuter than June.

But either way, it’s hilarious. I think it’s proof that Britt’s videos made more of an impact than we think.

No. 616707

Yeah i found out on my own this is hilarious can we get this juxtaposed with her complaining about fatbuttmcgee being upset about compliments? but thanks anyway anon

No. 616715

Yeah he's on our side pretty sure he's seen Britts videos too.

No. 616717

No doubt that once she hits 30 and realizes that her jailbait loli uwu shtick won't do it anymore, she'll pull the ''thicc'' angle, which will be just as ridiculous and deluded considering she's literally an inverted traingle shape.

I don't understand why she can't just be comfortable with herself, she always has to cling to some kind of trend.
First, she couldn't shut up about how ''T H I N N'' she was, because being really skinny was quite popular in the early 2010s. Then she was ''jailbait loli uwu'' because anime is now becoming more popular and is considered less ''nerdy'' than before. Next, she framed herself as the ''goth gf'' since that meme was hot during that time. She's gonna pretend to be ''thicc'' next, give it a few years.

She pretends to be what is popular/trendy at the time while sticking to her ''cool anti-fem gf'' image because that way, she won't appear like a basic bitch in her fan's eyes. She and skeptic are so vile towards girls who use snapchat filters and follow fashion/make up trends that are considered ''basic'', yet she is allowed to do it because she is so different and totally one of the guys.

Sage because this might seem nitpicky but what bothers me is how she puts other women down for enjoying the exact same things as her, and how hateful she is to women in general.

No. 616721

Gosh I feel so sorry for her socially awkward fans standing there and coming to see them. I mean how miserable you're supposed to be to be fans of those talentless lazy but desperate and owning cameras people that have nothing to contribute to anything? Why do they deserve your attention, money, time etc and why do you think they're any better than you at least? Ugh. Also I would be so embarassed to sit in front of people whose money I live off and admit it without any shame just like her and Preg in one of those videos. They probably think of them as total losers and they look like people they like to make fun of.
>>616500 This is a golden post.

And yeah those are definitely buttpads. Everything about her is so embarassing. But the trick has worked cause look at the replies to that tweet.


I think her fans are basic themselves at least mentally and so is Preg. So she's doing exactly what they want. It's fine with them when a girl is trendy but also ''understands'' them and says what they want to hear 24/7. They only call them ''Stacies'' when they can't get them and those women don't cater to them specifically. That's the logic of incels.

And those videos with her, Chris and a bunch of other dudes I've never seen. Turns out they're so cool and fun to be around and have dinner with! They're having such fun there, don't you see guys??? I mean at least June goes out of her way to present it like that. Lots of efforts and hype vs actual substance of it…

No. 616734

Funny thing about this is she said she only gained weight in the winter and tried to play off the ballooning as "winter weight"

No. 616738

File: 1529589939989.jpeg (68.1 KB, 714x749, DgMPuVwXcAARGzU.jpeg)

Her fans think this is flattering

No. 616742

File: 1529590227471.jpeg (283.35 KB, 1200x900, DgL2gC8UEAA6Bi1.jpeg)

She looks really tall here now i see why she doesn't like to wear jeans

No. 616743

I love how she's deliberately trying to shrink herself

No. 616746

And pop her hip out with that horrible pose she always does

No. 616748

Her breast size is so inconsistent. I bet she binds with a sports bra to make her boobs smaller.

No. 616750

There's even suspicious bumps on her ass where padding would end hmmmm

No. 616762

File: 1529591939774.png (3.33 MB, 1242x2208, 80F3DB0E-59BF-437E-8F71-3CF253…)


No. 616763

File: 1529592027124.png (5.16 MB, 1242x2208, CBEF8741-FDE8-4D62-A715-DB6700…)

This too

No. 616772

File: 1529593445835.jpg (79.96 KB, 604x1136, ayBoVs5.jpg)

Shreg and June literally look the same age here.

No. 616773

File: 1529593482616.jpg (174.18 KB, 1200x900, VjXp3cM.jpg)

The phonecase

No. 616777

I bet he'd never do anything like that for her in a million years

No. 616780

Vidcon put that sign out just for her.

No. 616788

No. 616789

File: 1529594839728.jpg (5.01 KB, 200x200, KYGtgs5.jpg)

tfw Chris Ray Gun, who is tiny, has a more masculine body than your ''alpha male dom''

No. 616792

File: 1529595379853.jpg (60.31 KB, 900x900, G3pIDRC.jpg)

it literally looks like she's wearing one of these padded hip-butt ''enhancer'' panties kek

No. 616800

File: 1529595810456.png (32.98 KB, 200x275, image.png)

Sage for offtopic, but I will never discuss June on Reddit again. This one chick got downvoted to hell, because she told those neck beards the truth about her.

No. 616801

File: 1529595922396.png (78.96 KB, 604x706, 2LeEtOb.png)

such an introverted and shy smol bun :3

she needs to rest for at least 12 hours after every social interaction you guys

No. 616813

Lmao look at Chris' arms compared to Greg's. How embarrassing.

Also both June and Greg look way fatter IRL. She looks overweight and he's just obese, he should just make her pay for a gym membership.

No. 616864

File: 1529601097705.png (322.38 KB, 638x706, u5780C0.png)

Finally, the June/Mayu rl meetup we've all been waiting for

No. 616871

Lmao what a loser.

Mayu is too.

No. 616884

File: 1529602177330.gif (126.34 KB, 481x481, 1529521784174.gif)

how tall is maya? how funny would it be he meets her and she isn't shorter than him? I'm not even big on the height debates that go on here but, it's hilarious that even her own obsessed followers need to double down on the 'smol' image.

No. 616893

I thought that too. Mostly because her thigh looks odd relative to the size of her butt…

No. 616906

She should not wear shitty wigs in direct sunlight.

No. 616908

God fucking dammit Maya is so cringy. If I were in Shoe's shoes I'd be so creeped out when meeting this chick.

Does anyone remember the incident of last year's vidcon with that "crazy hair" girl? I assume Maya will be as creepy.

No. 616940

Am I the only one offended by her use of the term "dad bod" in refering to greg?
I always thought that was the english slang for Bara (wide beefy guys)
Pregory on the other hand is clearly a thinly-built dude who just eats alot of got fucking fat with a gross beer belly. He isn't even strong looking

No. 616948

Saged but i thought we figured out she's 5'5"

No. 616953

File: 1529605562882.png (40.38 KB, 615x409, ToplessCowell.png)

It's used to describe a body type that a really fit guy gets when he becomes a dad and is too busy to work out anymore. Pic related.

No. 616956


>calling this thirsty incel manlet a "she"

No. 616961

File: 1529605870853.jpg (123.11 KB, 1024x576, DDLw62mVYAANj4R.jpg)

I mean Shoe not Mayu like I thought we figured out June's 5'5" she and Chris are the same height. She was in flats btw))

No. 616969

Yeah, she constantly rags on muscular guys calling them "tumor body" and shit, saying she finds muscles disgusting but uses coded language for musculature towards Preg's body (beefy, lumberjack, hunky, strong ect.)

No. 616981

File: 1529606862966.png (108.57 KB, 495x278, 4738376-140203191807.png)

I guess that means Maya flew all the way from the UK just to be near June, since he's surely not notable enough as a YouTuber to be holding his own fan meetup.

Gee, wonder why June never refollowed Maya on twitter? I can't imagine.

No. 616985

File: 1529607202480.png (110.38 KB, 612x932, zj8JeIE.png)

Don't forget she constantly talks about Greg's stronk arms. It's like she's attracted to muscles but is too afraid to hurt Gerg's fragile ego

No. 616993

can you not read? I called him a he, when I used she I was referring to shuwu, fuck off.

No. 616994

> nice arms

And then she tries to pass off as if she's talking about Greg when anyone and their mom has more arm definition than Greg. God this woman

No. 616996

File: 1529607772826.jpg (445.28 KB, 1200x1049, 1529590227471.jpg)

I think I have cracked the code about this picture. She uses angles and perspective to look smaller. If you measure the calves of each person according to their thighs sizes in the picture you will notice she is at the back, not to mention folding her legs to create an illusion of being smaller. That is why she the cut the feet out of the picture. They are probably posing much more on the front than her.

No. 617000

Looks like she's leaning back too.
>>nice arms
Oh yeah, look at those arms. Such a beefcake

No. 617011

File: 1529608485560.png (694.41 KB, 757x567, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 3.14…)

No. 617016

why are they wearing sunglasses in every picture

No. 617024

File: 1529608875721.jpg (76.36 KB, 1280x708, ukxpjdp.jpg)

Maybe because the pics of her from last year were less than flattering.

She can't keep up the "17 year old loli desu uguuu" facade when she looks like an average 27 year old woman. It's easier to keep that illusion when half of her face is covered

No. 617029

File: 1529609119124.png (1 MB, 1162x562, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 3.19…)

Looked at Preg's liked tweets on twitter and he acknowledges people he's met at VidCon and likes their tweets.
Shuwu, on the other hand, couldn't be bothered or just doesn't want people to find her "not to smol and princess-like" photos.

No. 617033

File: 1529609277460.png (646.55 KB, 749x558, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 3.27…)

Those butt pads aren't doing her any favours imo…

No. 617037

Oh my god it's so obvious im crying why did she do that to herself?

No. 617038

She looks incredibly tall.

No. 617042

I get that height conversations can get annoying, but it's hilarious that she's taller than all of her female fans and even some of her male fans.

No. 617046

She looks so uncomfortable touching other women lmao

No. 617047

jesus christ, did she think she was gonna pull this off well? you can literally see the outline of the padding

No. 617051

Sunglasses: Check
Wig: Check
Hand on hip: Check
Buttpads and maybe boob pads/pushup: Check and Check.
One knee bent to look shorter: Check
Prego in the background looking both sad and awkward: Double Check

No. 617054

Her fans and other men won't notice it. I don't think they even know such thing exists. That's an effect she wanted. But that's really embarassing lol

No. 617055

Boob job: check

No. 617057

Who wants to bet shes hid the butt pads from Greg and he's too dumb to notice her ass grew like 7 inches overnight.

No. 617060

>*doesn't give enough of a shit that to notice her ass grew like 7 inches overnight

No. 617062

Preg looks jealous here

No. 617068

Of course, he knows for a fact June has a thing for neck beards

No. 617070

Or he's mad cause these guys actually thought he was Chris Ray Gun, they tagged Shoe and Chris in this picture, not Preg. Poor Preg

No. 617137

As fat as June has gotten Groceries is still on a whole other level. No wonder she likes him, he makes her still look relatively smol.

No. 617161

File: 1529614603794.png (844.9 KB, 752x562, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 4.56…)

No. 617164

File: 1529614698371.png (446 KB, 644x485, yMR7Ep4.png)

Is Ella now Contra's replacement?

No. 617167

File: 1529614749980.jpg (177.9 KB, 1199x974, ABYGW81.jpg)

No. 617169

File: 1529614836927.jpg (285 KB, 1200x893, lh7BO1J.jpg)

No. 617175

File: 1529615110275.png (290.45 KB, 509x516, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 5.03…)

>>you are short
yeah… cause she's standing next to two people who were born male and therefore are typically taller than those born female… People are dumb. Day two of sporting sunglasses, Shregory too.

No. 617177

I mean that's just being friendly. Introverted, shy or not that's how you're supposed to act in that situation.

No. 617180

I can't wait for the shitstorm when June tries to run away from creep Mayu kek

No. 617187

She uses the word ''cis''. Isn't that a red flag for her anti0sjw fans?

No. 617193

It must be sad to have your fans only comment on how ''short' you are. Is she really that uninteresting? lol

No. 617233

Damn I hate to be a nitpicky bitch to her fans but, while I figure they'd might look like incel virgins, they actually do in fact look like incel virgins.

Content creators learn a lot about themselves when they meet their viewers. Like how some lpers learn their fanbase is majority children and have to accept their making money and views off of them? How does it feel to be making money off of lowest of the low men? Do you think she secretly cares? Or is her attention whoring so extreme she doesn't mind who gives her views? I feel like deep down she must feel like shit just based on how awkward she looks around these autists, she wishes they were more "normal".

No. 617242

File: 1529616723592.jpg (181.47 KB, 1000x812, DgPqEObXkAAFjQu.jpg)

her fans are so cringy

No. 617249

>beautiful women
they literally both look like guys in a drone metal band that put on their girlfriends clothing for 'lulz'

No. 617259

Wonder how nitpicky june would be to these women if they weren't her fans

No. 617270

I mean she literally said ''we appreciate your money'' to them at their meeting. How blatantly disrespectful is that alone!

No. 617277

She used to beg for attention on 4chan, hacking forums and a forum centered around Boxxy. She knows who her audience is because she actively seeks those people out. She also loves to brag about how her audience is mostly underaged. She knows, anon, and she loves it.

She doesn't see transwomen as actual women, so she probably wouldn't be too nitpicky either way.

No. 617279

not to mention they are the type of people she would have bullied in high school.

No. 617303

Does she ever log off twitter?? such a sad existence.

No. 617313


>two trannies

??? Am I missing something?

No. 617318

I would say the difference is she making money from the attention whoring, before yes it's obnoxious but a lot of insecure fucks like her go to male dominated spaces for validation.

When you add money into it, there is a whole knew meaning. She actively knows she's getting payed by lonely desperate uggos who watch her because she misinforms and tells them things they want to see/hear an "average" looking female say.

I wouldn't be surprise she treats all the fans that she meets like mentally retarded children cause she definitely sees herself(and preg despite being manchild himself) above them socially and aesthetically. I remember watching killstream a caller allured to this, that she thinks she's better than everyone around her.

I just think it's kinda fucked, like of course anyone who pays and takes her seriously shouldn't get any sympathy for being retarded but, it's just the fact she and preg probably go home and make fun of all them like they're better despite them not at all being and their fans will always remain oblivious to this.

No. 617341

File: 1529618701044.png (851.17 KB, 1018x564, 5CEAVeA.png)

No. 617346

File: 1529618864599.png (800.34 KB, 884x612, vXkLsGg.png)

No. 617362

But anon, these two are June-approved women (male)

No. 617363

At 48:28 they start going through shoe's twitter to talk about vidcon. They share that image of Preg in that pirate costume and miss the chance to call him Captain Jack Spare Ribs.

They also forgot to add the last thread in with the list of old threads.
Here's the missing thread that didn't get added for whoever makes the next thread: >>601732

This'll be great.

No. 617366

Wow I hate to say this but Greg might actually be more attractive than her. And I'm not saying that because I think he looks better than normal in this pic.

No. 617370

I hope she's wearing butt pads because if not that's unfortunate.

No. 617383


She looks more confident in these pictures than she does in any pics with real women but…

I know June hates other women and is intimidated/jealous of them, and prefers to hang around men in dresses because she thinks they make her look better… but perhaps she should rethink this.

Even next to these obvious trans-males, she looks awful compared to them and they look far better groomed, younger and prettier. They have real hair, don't seem insecure, and are showing off their bodies/faces. She looks like a dumpy aunt.

No. 617391

File: 1529620242826.png (403.34 KB, 402x448, 1.PNG)

she looks like she could be their mom.

totally ~uwu forever 15 loli xD~ sooo young looking. lol

No. 617402

That dress is so ugly

No. 617408

File: 1529620809923.png (96.45 KB, 598x630, APIWCrB.png)

No. 617416

Pics or it didn't happen

No. 617420

It's like the Cancun trip all over again! Seriously tho, these are fucking kids. They look no older than 16.

No. 617441

Juwune always pulls Preg face when she's forced to touch other women. Bi my ass.

No. 617451

> "thank you for your money!"
> nicest person

These incels will be over the moon by being treated somewhat decently. They'd probably brush off June being fucking rude with her patrons as "just a joke".

how funny would it be to have a chunk of their patrons pull off their donations after that. June and Greg are too conceited for two grown adults e-begging for money

No. 617477

File: 1529624594004.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20180621-194148_Twi…)

that hoverhand though

No. 617482

i guess shuwu gave up on being "smol and tiny thin gurl :3" because now she's gaining a pound every day and is wearing literal fake disgusting diaper butt pads that look absolutely insane.

No. 617486

when will these delusional idiots stop feeding her ego with lies?????

No. 617489

This is a FISHNETTED floral dress? Who designs this shit? Why does she buy the ugliest shit imaginable? These pieces of floral fabric are linked together by literal fishnet. Dear God is that Burlington Coat Factory tier thotty.

No. 617493

File: 1529625582527.png (806.75 KB, 434x1000, TAh39e4.png)

Some fanpics

No. 617514

File: 1529626997544.png (430.85 KB, 590x440, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 8.23…)

No picture with Shuwu but Mayu got one with everyone else. Maybe Shuwu really did hide from her

No. 617542

Oooooof, man does Mayu, Ella and Ella’s friend look rough….they look so much better in vids but damn

No. 617546

her face is so punchable in the third photo..

No. 617607

careful wig, your fake bisexuality is showing

lmao what is this stupid head tilt in every photo? it just makes her bloated chipmunk cheeks more obvious.

No. 617609

Mayu looks really creepy here like he missed meeting Shoe just barely and is thinking of detonating the bomb under his shirt in incel elliot rodger meltdown fashion

No. 617642

File: 1529633845546.png (17.23 KB, 620x93, XDc73o5.png)

No. 617644

Trouble in paradise? Lawl

No. 617671

It's seriously so fucking embarrassing how every single one of her "girl" friends is a busted tranny, and her only real girl friend is one too.

lol @ mayo's butt chin, he looks especially crusty irl

No. 617693

This photo makes me feel like I'm watching Shreg hit it from the back while they make those stupid grins at me.

No. 617698


5'2" is not that rare. how hard could it be to meet 1 person of that height without flying to LA? Like it's short, but averagely short. This is all assuming sh0e is really 5'2". She even had it mentioned at mythcon IIRC as if that has anything to do with anything.

No. 617700

What I can't stop thinking about is how June and Shreg got ready for the event. Like, is he aware she's wearing pads? You think they were running late and she goes "Hold on daddy I need to put on my padded fake butt UwU"

No. 617701

>how hard could it be to meet 1 person of that height

It's easy if you never leave your room.

No. 617704

wtf is with Ella's arm

No. 617705

yeah…. "women"

No. 617710

Completely agree. I'm 5'2 but I'm still average. It's incredibly annoying seeing girl's of my height and slightly taller bragging about their shortness.

No. 617714

nasty pear face

No. 617721

His man hands are wild lol

No. 617736

what the hell is this? nigga you and shoe are the biggest cheaters there, hell I'd cheat on him to

No. 617740

File: 1529641178127.png (1.13 MB, 1200x529, Untitled.png)

No. 617742

File: 1529641204787.jpg (256.24 KB, 1200x900, DgRJdSHU8AE5ya0.jpg)

No. 617743

File: 1529641227392.jpg (234.62 KB, 1200x1200, DgRJdSEVMAACl-j.jpg)

No. 617746

File: 1529641403583.png (233.19 KB, 638x450, qZIlj9x.png)

No. 617766

File: 1529642774134.png (630.39 KB, 628x678, ghey.png)

No. 617767

File: 1529642795629.jpg (156.87 KB, 903x787, DgRKmbbU0AAu49k.jpg)

No. 617779

how are her features so ugly behind sunglasses? i'm starting to believe that whole "shuwu is a tranny" tinfoil tbh.

No. 617781

Same, I agree completely. Her little friends are the same height and do the same exact thing too.
I wonder if Mayu didn't take a picture with her because she wasn't as smol as she expected.

lmao, I bet she hid it from him somehow. He doesn't seem the type of person who would know butt pads exist.

Isn't Arielle basically a TERF by June's standards?

No. 617791

Did june bring more than one set of butt pads with her? She's been wearing them out in the sun for two days now. Things must be getting kind of musty by now.

Ella legit looks like he's pushing 40. I get why he goes for the retro thing. It must suck being an 18 year old hon.

No. 617797

Didn’t she say she gains weight in her ass years ago on askfm? Her sister has a round ass too. It’s possible it’s not fake- we just never see her ass especially in tight jeans.

No. 617799

>It must suck being an 18 year old hon
>18 year old
i-is this a joke? he deadass looks like bruce jenners long lost brother and he's only 18? rip in piss, holy fuck.

No. 617802

File: 1529645628027.jpg (606.15 KB, 2048x1536, june pure.jpg)

Here it is.

No. 617808

>Straight relationships are so gay lol, look at how gay we are
I hate this type of bullshit so bad

No. 617840

how old is this and where did you get this picture from? i've never seen it before

and >>617797 one minute she's this tiny uwu smol loli and the next she has a big lumpy fake looking ass. from the photos i think she legitimately used butt pads. there's just no way that's from natural weight gain. plus, of course shuwu would say "hehe i only gain weight on my butt! smol tiny waist always!" because she's a delusional liar.

No. 617842

she is posing SO HARD in this picure to look like she has a bigger heart shaped butt/hips and a small waist. you can tell her body is actually very straight and boxish here though, just ignore the way she's pushin her ass up to try to look better. she has big shoulders, not a slender hourglass body whatsoever kek

No. 617846

I swear trannies' greatest enemy is natural lighting. They all look so bad.

Iirc it's from shuwu's ex-boyfriend GMasterRed's, his real name Andrew (and she was together with him longer than she's been with septic), instagram account. That photo has been posted in previous threads before.

No. 617848

Where was this from?

No. 617852

This is one of the leaked images that got posted by Kenny, I think.

No. 617863

File: 1529654511438.jpg (70.19 KB, 1113x817, jv0DGjm.jpg)

You can't magically gain a lot of weight in one place. She doesn't work out either, you can tell by her skinny thighs. When there's such a strong difference between ass and thigh size, it's most definitely fake, and as a result looks laughable.

Pic related is from a video from 2015 vs vidcon 18; she did gain weight since then, but again, you don't just gain weight in your ass without gaining any in your legs and hips, plus she isn't pear shaped so it's unlikely for her to begin with. I really hope it's a padded panty because if it isn't, that is one strange and unfortunate body type.

No. 617866

nice booger shuwu

No. 617867

Ella's only 18 damn son maybe its the lack of elastin and collagen in male skin? combined with an unfortunate rugged masculine jawline (which would look great on him as a man) RIP though for tranny syndrome.

Disgusting, men constantly fetishizing women gross.

Seconding, she gains weight in her midsection and upper shoulder height area, her one asset is her thin exercise less legs that lack any muscle definition.

No. 617869

like it seems her pants are about to fall and it looks ridiculous

No. 617881

File: 1529656091359.jpg (63.25 KB, 735x718, VlZUrEo.jpg)

This is giving me Taylor Swift flashbacks kek

No. 617890

Imagine posing this hard for butt picture knowing your boyfriend will post it on obsessed incel board.

No. 617897

Around 1hr 20min they prove she's wearing buttpads.

No. 617909

they're just recycling memes from here. men are unfunny and boring.

No. 617920

File: 1529660036495.jpg (41.14 KB, 414x299, fat flynn.jpg)


>he's making that face while wearing sunglasses

No. 617979

Mayu thought she was there for the 3some and got left behind because of her "shoes"

No. 617980

Wow, you mean June doesn't have Arielle blocked even though she's an evil terve?

Ella looks like Bruce Jenner in this

No. 617989

Is this legit a photo full of men?

No. 617991

I would have never guessed he was 18. damn, rough af. RIP to his parents who lost their son so young.

No. 617992

esp during Pride month. It seems extra gross. Seriously though, do we all think they'll actually get married or just be engaged forever?

No. 618015

She's 5'5" she was as tall as ChrisRayGun while wearing flats and an inch taller than the fan who admitted to being 5'4"

No. 618022

why do I feel arielle is lowkey annoyed with them and is gonna snap at them any second?

No. 618031

introverted doesn't exactly mean antisocial.
You can still say hi to random strangers lol

No. 618032

Yep! Toxic vision uses this same trick in her pics (but shes fit which is why it looks weird), took me a while to figure out why her body looked so warped, its also a well known trick a lot of japanese girls use in their pics and we know shoe wishes see was a small uwu like them.

No. 618035

yeah but what introverted traits does she exhibit ? she clearly likes being around others, the only thing she did to make herself seem introverted is just call herself introverted

No. 618045

File: 1529676633759.jpg (45.97 KB, 1080x223, Screenshot_20180622-091056_You…)

No. 618066

She's extremely social and always has been. The only thing keeping her from being out and about is her internet addiction.

No. 618070

Are her legs padded too? I thought they looked twiggy in her recent video but they are thick there

No. 618075

Damn, I used to think that Ella was actually passing and pretty but these candids I'm seeing are proving me otherwise. Look at those long ass faces and manly jaws

No. 618079

What video?

No. 618093

File: 1529679145342.png (590.88 KB, 1280x720, 20180622_105107.png)


No. 618105

Her legs are just as skinny as they always have been?

No. 618107

The cringey big bi one

No. 618109

File: 1529679734662.png (175.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180622-104058.png)

Her fans are dumb

No. 618113

They dont look thin at all to me. Def bigger than in her last vid

No. 618115

Ella wouldn't look bad at all as a man, but fuck, he looks rough. I refuse to believe he's only 18.

No. 618120

I wouldn't put it past these types to lie about their ages fo their neckbeard audiences. saged for tinfoil.

No. 618121

File: 1529680292115.jpg (3.61 KB, 272x275, 1Xy6AWW.jpg)

No. 618125

Those buttpads are embarrassing af. And she's paired them with the most ill fitting jeans I've ever seen. What a sight. I think she borrowed them from Blaire.

OT but Arielle stays ass-licking shoe, so not likely. She's recently tweeted about ppl saying terfs linked with anti-lesbianism but she'll never call out shoe for saying it. But hey, birds of a feather, shoe the fake bi, Arielle the fake lesbian.

No. 618129

Estrogen/HRT can age men rapidly. Trannies delude themselves otherwise because it does clear their skin up, make it smoother, make their facial hair grow less quickly. Men usually naturally have higher levels of collagen than women, and produce it for longer in their life time. Which is why a lot of guys in their 20s can still look really youthful. When they start taking HRT, their collagen production halts rapidly. Along with that, the HRT often dries their skin out (male skin is usually naturally oily which is good). That's why they get less pimples. But having dry skin leads to the degradation of the skins collagen more quickly, and since they aren't producing any more, they rapidly start to age and form wrinkles. Also, these men do not follow a skincare routine.

It never shocks me how fast trans males start to age after starting HRT.

Sorry for the pointless tranny sperg.

No. 618172

File: 1529683034237.jpg (24.55 KB, 466x592, softleaves-b600-buttocks-and-h…)

theyre still really skinny for that ass but theyre slightly bigger than they used to be. she has always had like size 00000 legs so theyre like maybe size 0 now but those hip/butt pads fill out the upper thigh

No. 618208

There was an internet news from a couple years ago on Ella's transsexuality and his problems with his high school's administration. It mentions he was 13 in 2013, when he entered junior high school. So yes, he really is 18.


No. 618224

File: 1529687402329.png (767.05 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180622-104556.png)

More screenies of her real ass

No. 618256

File: 1529689037215.jpg (97.05 KB, 424x615, flynnirl.jpg)

In all of these too lmfao

No. 618260

That and women are naturally more neotenic than men. Even without HRT, men who crossdress as women always make an "older" impression, because broad/sharp features commonly found in men are more frequently found in aged women. You don't notice this on a male presenting guy, but once they slip on a wig it becomes a huge eyesore. See: drag queens.

No. 618278

Kek, what vid is this from? Jesus Christ, why would she do this to herself? Her flatass honestly looks so much better than this padded diaper booty

No. 618281

can we all agree that her ass is padded? it's so blatantly obvious

No. 618302

This got buried but it's also a better comparison uwu and it's from the Oppression Park skit bloopers

No. 618320

I was excited to see how stupid shuwu would look and act at vidcon, but I never thought we would get so lucky seeing her walking around in butt pads trying hard to look "thicc" and """"sexy""""

No. 618335

This is a round ass but a small ass. Not what it looks like in the pictures.

No. 618339

Her wig doesn't look good in real life if that's the same one. In her low quality videos it didn't look that fake.

No. 618341

i wouldn't even say round, it's just her manipulating pose to try to look more round or heart shaped in her butt/hips

No. 618344

What about weight distribution? Still can't tell.

No. 618345

Yeah, also doesn't she have hip dips?

No. 618436

Super asexual btw

No. 618438

Are her fans literally retarded? Even men can tell she's wearing buttpads and men are oblivious as hell when it comes to stuff like that

No. 618440

>Are her fans literally retarded?

Not to come off as snarky, but seriously, look at them.
They all look like maladjusted, unsocialized weirdos who graduated from the institute of fedora tipping just like Preg. Youtube works for them because they can build a world where they can pretend like they're normal individuals. And clearly none of them are hot and are average at best.

They're not gonna know fuck all about Wig's photo manipulation, butt padding, or deceptive posing.

No. 618441

>They're not gonna know fuck all about Wig's photo manipulation, butt padding, or deceptive posing

Addendum: Except for the trannies, but even then they're not gonna jump Wig's ass for that when they do it too.

No. 618469

File: 1529703577710.jpg (179.96 KB, 1080x1080, UNXT2eH.jpg)

No. 618475

plenty of celebrities (and """celebrities""") shoo away their fans in public because they value their privacy and downtime away from the public.

it can come off as rude but it's not as if june's always an angel to her fans. she's always posting about how anxious she gets from social interactions, so

No. 618478

File: 1529704252518.png (29.95 KB, 483x268, VduCtaj.png)

Paypig confirmed

No. 618481

File: 1529704384790.jpg (11.08 KB, 275x236, RaEuzdI.jpg)

>tfw you build your entire career around sperging about how thin/feminine/small you are and attacking women for their looks, only to embarrass yourself a year later, looking manlier than the two trans folk next to you and wearing obvious butt pads

No. 618485

File: 1529704656346.png (25.95 KB, 486x231, 4Z4mVx0.png)

>gets upset when Brittany makes a video mocking her
>turns around and makes a video mocking someone else

No. 618488

File: 1529704722294.png (7.72 KB, 457x108, mthQqLx.png)

No. 618493

Well dogs do represent their owners, thats probably why june is getting fatter and dumber

No. 618510

I have a sudden hankering for pancakes…kek

No. 618532

But in her mind it's ok because it's a mean TERF not a small bun

> We joke a lot about it so much to the point I'm always the one paying for things and doing literally everything a pay piggy does

No. 618541

File: 1529709424136.jpg (3.82 KB, 183x276, 1524886422125.jpg)

No. 618556


No. 618566

how many years ago did she drop out of liberal sharts school?

No. 618578

File: 1529712844962.jpg (99.21 KB, 764x1015, HHDYSxA.jpg)

No. 618579

File: 1529713019848.png (379.2 KB, 640x648, p6jIJeD.png)

No. 618583

Jesus christ now she's wearing extremely loose clothes to hide the buttpads better lol

No. 618585

When is Brittany gonna make a part 3 more people need to see this buttpad fiasco

No. 618586

File: 1529713747910.jpg (123.24 KB, 1080x1080, 013jWwU.jpg)

No. 618587

File: 1529713803484.png (85.18 KB, 269x281, disgusted.png)

He looks thrilled to be around dom daddy and lg

No. 618604

File: 1529714708455.jpeg (24.04 KB, 640x480, sniff.jpeg)


I'm sorry but there was never any proof that this was June. It was first posted ages ago on Unichan with zero context so I'm assuming it was just some picture they found on 4chan and re-posted in an attempt to troll that it's June.

No. 618608

W-When was this…

No. 618610

The face is too blunt, nose to wide and the hair is real. How could Unichan fuck up so badly?

No. 618611

File: 1529715295351.png (139.26 KB, 359x357, a8okInB.png)

For comparison

No. 618612

File: 1529715432382.jpg (108.52 KB, 640x480, faith.jpg)


What? I'm not talking about the picture I posted. (That's real, it's her and her friend Faith.) I'm referring to the random butt photo.

No. 618629

File: 1529717677876.png (422.07 KB, 644x992, IgveH6k.png)

No. 618634

File: 1529718008207.jpg (124.15 KB, 1024x717, DgVj4UnUYAEDaH9.jpg)

No. 618636

she could be 35 and I wouldn't bat an eye, these daughter comments are getting cringier by the day.

No. 618669

Pfff my bad

No. 618671

"I hate alcohol so I only drink for memes"

No. 618674

Behold the most bi June has ever been.

No. 618679

Wow. Sceptic said something nice about her for once.

No. 618680

What's this from?

No. 618683

I hate how everyone writes off her having friends as "they were family friends" so they automatically don't count or some shit kek

No. 618689

they're desperate to believe june was a shy wallflower with no female friends uwu
agreed, and her eyeliner with her hairstyle only ages her, can't wait for the day where she'll be a literal prune with emo eyeliner and that hair and her friends will still insist she's jailbait uwu

No. 618697

Her fake ass looks just like mine and I'm latina lmao (and super insecure about it I can't wear the kinds of clothes I would like and make it look good)

Must be nice to be able to take it off(no one cares)

No. 618730

I know it's not saying much for it being June in the butt photo, but the hair definitely looks like a wig to me. The ends curl up like an unstyled, untrimmed wig (all of her wigs). Real hair doesn't curl up to that extent at the ends.

No. 618763

File: 1529728291509.png (749.58 KB, 588x586, Ija3vPu.png)

No. 618767

File: 1529728387130.png (541.36 KB, 906x552, VmvtBRy.png)

No. 618769

File: 1529728423024.png (463.72 KB, 923x447, joon's fans.png)

No. 618777

File: 1529728736058.png (249.66 KB, 626x378, 2u7a3aT.png)

>oh baby I would never sleep with another man

No. 618779

File: 1529728848957.png (159.28 KB, 512x241, naYETCx.png)

17 years old uwu

No. 618782

File: 1529728924779.jpg (262.24 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_20180623_014040.jpg)

No. 618783

Sad thing is that like 85% of these mouthbreathers are still way better looking than preg. Probably more financially successful too given that preg sets the bar really fucking low

No. 618784

that stupid expression and his eyes lookng at different directions makes him look exceptionally ugly in this picture

No. 618787

File: 1529729022278.png (388.95 KB, 720x1038, 20180623_014245.png)

Shoe stop trying to push that Flynn Rider bullshit. You're dating an obese neckbeard, time to face reality.

No. 618789

>85% of these
>better looking than preg

anon how low are your standards

No. 618792

File: 1529729238328.png (540.59 KB, 588x586, iy9hostz.png)

No. 618794

Christ, the amount of foundation Shoe cakes on is so noticable. It's too yellow for her skin complexion as well. I don't even wear foundation and I always notice how unnatural it looks.

No. 618797

Well, normally pretty high, but all the otherwise unintimidating nerds with longish hair seem more appealing to me than a man that looks like a skeazy, greased up Moldovan that literally uses women as chattel.

No. 618816

lol @ maya's comment

No. 618822

early but…voted for new thread pic uwu

No. 618830


I'm really starting to feel sorry for him/her

No. 618833

She can't be aware of it only now? He's been doing that stupid constipated expression on every photo they have taken for years…

No. 618834

Those poor women who she worked on during her beaty specialist days. She can't even choose a right shade for herself..

No. 618856

File: 1529735290956.png (557.32 KB, 588x586, iy9hostz2.png)

Redid it for more accuracy. Excuse shit photoshop skills

No. 618860

He's an alt-right, mra dickhead and a creep, you really shouldn't feel sorry for him.

side note: he'd fit in perfectly with the other neckbeards in that picture

No. 618862

lmfao omg anon this is brilliant

No. 618873

She's getting breakouts too which you can see even with foundation
So much for her uwu perfect maintained skin, if her skin looks like that everywhere else butt her potato camera, god knows what it looks like with no makeup and an HD cam

No. 618901

my dude… what the fuck are you saying. stop

No. 618903

I'm fucking howling anon

No. 618911

File: 1529742090424.png (847.18 KB, 588x594, BgarA7Z.png)

When she's not wearing sunglasses she keeps on covering the second half of her face. See also

No. 618962

She's scared of Magdalen Berns making a video response but she wants to talk about radfems so bad because it's related to her internal unresolved issues so she chooses safe topics.

No. 618971

Omh these attention whores… So embarrassing. Look at her reactions to see how happy she is to cuck herself in front of everybody. But no way she dumps him. She's going to play this role she dragged herself into till the end.

No. 618978

Don't know whos voice is faker, June's or skeptics

No. 618980

Wig's fake baby voice makes me want to kms, it sounds so laughably forced. She must be really insecure about her natural deep ass voice if she feels the need to fake it in every video.

No. 618983

No. 618986

Except that it looks forced and fake af and both of them know that it is a forced fake ''birthday gesture'' and nothing more.

No. 618991

File: 1529753862806.png (362.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180623-073328.png)


No. 618992

Am i going crazy or does June have some manly ass hands?

No. 618993

I highly doubt he does that for her.

No. 618998

File: 1529754727725.jpg (41.79 KB, 1201x767, A63oQmS.jpg)

She does, it was pointed out in an older thread.
I mean, god damn.

No. 619015

she looks like ronnie radke

No. 619016

File: 1529757160360.jpeg (469.12 KB, 1242x1927, 4459CB79-03C8-4EAD-A750-6A5F1A…)

Whats the yellow thing below her pits

No. 619017

lighting, shapewear or a piece of paper

No. 619019

I would've thought it's just the lighting but it does look kind of weird

No. 619021

light from the sun

No. 619024


If shes scared of magdalen she shouldn't be going after megan murphy either. She could get her ass handed to her. Maybe June knows Meghan won't respond because she cant be bothered and this will keep fans in an echochamber.

No. 619025

she looks like an actual tranny here.
so much for being smol and ultra feminine unlike those basic bitches in sweatpants and messy buns uwu

No. 619039

Magdalen is a part of youtube community and she's regarded as more rational and smart by anti-sjws that watch youtube videos. Meghan writes stuff that is controversal.

No. 619061

Kek underrated comparison

No. 619082

File: 1529764749068.jpg (76.98 KB, 900x750, ronnie-radke-2.jpg)

Oh my fuck youre right

No. 619094

File: 1529766151891.png (691.42 KB, 1200x588, 2OmGXnY.png)

No. 619099

Next thread pic please

If she makes a video about Megan Murphy, Magdalen might still make a response to her. Magdalen has uploaded videos of Murphy's speeches before and they're clearly in the same online circle/share a lot of opinions Magdalen would probably be willing to defend against someone like June.

No. 619112

File: 1529768681650.png (16.72 KB, 634x111, QyRB3WT.png)

Exactly. She's scared because Magdalen is one of the few people who calls her out on her shit. Same goes for Brittany Venti.

She has no idea how to argue and yet she insists on getting into arguments all the time.

No. 619114

File: 1529769065276.jpg (44.4 KB, 565x551, vmqmXxc.jpg)

I still can't get over how perfect this comparison is. Visually anyways, since Shrek actually cares about his wife and the donkey is actually funny and likeable, unlike Preg and Shuwu.

No. 619124

Someone put buttpads on donkey

No. 619172

Why would she do this lol

No. 619174

File: 1529776007728.png (207.66 KB, 457x484, 20180623_130930.png)

Mama June thiccc uwu

No. 619192

She tends to gain weight in her back too.

No. 619223

File: 1529781759414.png (11.97 KB, 476x192, juneabs.png)

Is this the beginning of her accepting her weight gain? Looks like the start of some mental gymnastics to me tbh

No. 619226

> I'm guessing you've got em

BITCH IS U BLIND wtf are her fans

No. 619229

>i personally dont like the way hard abs look on anyone

fat fetish confirmed

No. 619246

I swear she sends these to herself

No. 619247

why do you think that?

No. 619252

They're all anonymous and barely anyone who is updated on technology uses ask.fm anymore, it would be similar to using memebase or omegle in 2018, yet magically her ask.fm is flooded with questions that talk about how smol she is, her skin, or her butt and hips, which are things she obsesses over

No. 619253

Anon are you trolling. I don’t think a single one of her followers is more than a 4/10

No. 619254

Oh and the exact same typing style, notice the lowercase "i'm" with an apostrophe

No. 619263

File: 1529785429584.png (276.34 KB, 581x577, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 4.21…)

Who wants to bet Shuwu is lowkey pissed that Blaire's engaged too now.

No. 619273

Damn, well I see Blaire also lives in Whoville.

No. 619274

Who wants the bet they'll have a wedding before shuwu

No. 619276

tragic that even lip injections couldn't help him not look like he has fas

No. 619282

File: 1529786196375.jpeg (26.98 KB, 429x343, images.jpeg)


> mama june

There's only one mama June

No. 619286

Yes, and they're always overly ass-kissing. I wouldn't doubt for a split second that Wig sends these to herself, but then again, we know how blind and thirsty her little neckbeard fans are, so I wouldn't be surprised if they're real either.

No. 619298

>disney princess waistline uwu

No. 619303

Anyone have anymore askfms like these? We can see if the typing style is similar

No. 619316

File: 1529788282367.jpg (22.8 KB, 442x236, hDo0Xqk.jpg)

Found this gem. But isn't she so against showing cleavage on her channel?

No. 619318

File: 1529788368602.jpg (4.47 KB, 431x62, 0DuiPGP.jpg)


No. 619319

Lol that was my first thought too.

I wonder if June is gonna get her makeup done by a professional for her wedding day or if she will wear her eternal boxxy eyeliner.

No. 619320

June in the future, trying to live vicariously through her daughter.

No. 619321

i'll bet 5000$ that she will wear her boxxy wannabe i'm-stuck-in-2008 eyeliner at her own wedding.

No. 619328

Same eye liner, cakey makeup, and shitty poo colored wig

She'll probably wear butt pads to the wedding too, gotta be appealing to other men on your wedding day
Will she pull a yumi king and cheap out too? Unless her parents force and push the wedding and do it themselves

She'll probably show her baby-butt forced clevage too, since she's so not sexual right?

No. 619330

File: 1529789245640.png (287.43 KB, 592x1014, 5FjhXeF.png)


She wore it for her engagement party so yeah. She'll publicize her whole wedding like she did the rest of her relationship. Don't wanna scare away the followers who came for ~antisjw Boxxxy~

No. 619331

Shoe is one fake cunt.

>You haven't had to sexualize your videos for views

I'm sorry, what? There are a ton of ways to ''sexulize'' yourself online, it's not limited to showing cleavage (which she does as well). Do they genuinely think she doesn't sexualize herself for attention?
She openly posts about her sex life, bdsm, that she ''worships his peen 24/7'', how loud they are when they have sex, her tits, threesomes, going to sex shops with greg….need I go on. I mean she pretty much admitted to sucking Preg off on stream. Come the fuck on.

This is pathetic.

No. 619333

The Ralph Retort Killstream streamed last night featured a bit about June. At around 1:55:30.
>Metokur talking about how the "Skeptic" group apparently has an insider working at Youtube that probably got Venti's sh0e video taken down. Proof: Vee, the Romanian guy who's part of the skeptic posse had told about this to Jim when one of his videos got struck
>They start talking about June's fake thicc ass at Vidcon and making fun of her looking like she's wearing diapers
Mumkey was present and laughing and making jokes about her so for the anon wondering about his opinion on her, there you go. Though I'm wondering why Jim is so quiet about throwing bant at shoe all the time and pretends she doesn't exist, even during the Venti drama.

No. 619334

Don't forget the simulated sex scene with Preg in one of her videos uwu

No. 619336

File: 1529789942352.jpg (34.71 KB, 600x526, 2mwLWQC.jpg)

samefag but
>I'm not superior to anyone, except Steve Shives
That aged horrifically, Shuwu Shives.

No. 619344

File: 1529790331118.png (294.67 KB, 494x554, S8g6K8K.png)

No. 619365

So fucking gross. He's so unappealing. I would be embarrassed to just be with him, let alone try to gas this guy up publicly as if he's a prize

No. 619382

ewwwww i want to throw up imagining his tiny smegma penis..

No. 619406

File: 1529795422981.jpeg (77.34 KB, 750x437, 5B32E422-8E28-4B37-A070-7E22D0…)

No. 619407

but guys, shuwu is totally a super far left liberal!

No. 619412

File: 1529795659269.jpeg (461.65 KB, 750x891, 24A2456F-B17C-4439-8BDB-8230EE…)

He even has an ogre gut

No. 619418

Imagine this thing heaving above you, out of breath from any sort of effort and mumbling you to call him daddy as he desperately tries to wedge his yeasty microdick out from the fatpad it's hidden under.

No. 619421

Most likely.
The guy Blair is with actually enjoys being around her, and being loyal to her.

No. 619431

Sad that Blaire's one-year relationship is more loving and healthy then Shuwu and Pregory's odd freakshow of a relationship.

No. 619433

imagine his smegma rubbing on shuwu's skinny toothpick legs and her butt pads as he struggles to start having sex lel

No. 619468

He knows her posse has a man on the inside, regarding YouTube, so he probably never wanted to risk getting flagged. Plus, Shoe unfortunately still has a relatively good reputation on the internet, Brittany drama side. Might not be worth the bullshit

No. 619474

File: 1529799024891.jpg (144.03 KB, 829x1000, shuwu vidcon.jpg)

No. 619476

Is it true Greg doesn’t give a shit about her, and is only using her for money?

No. 619482


No. 619485

File: 1529801707437.png (524.92 KB, 1272x1068, DMrTxT1.png)

Nazi fetishism how qUiRkY

No. 619486

The answer is obvious if you even just skim the thread

No. 619493

File: 1529802541401.jpg (71.62 KB, 959x476, shuwu.jpg)

wow shuwu gave her wig a trim! definitely brings out her features.

No. 619500

>Hitler's master race
The standards for "master race" sure are low, lmao.

No. 619501

yeah what the fuck, hitler loved fit young blonde boys who worked hard and had families once they were over like 20 etc, not fat dark haired lazy slobs who don't want kids and who make their wives pay for their food lol

No. 619503

>downtown Disney is free
What a gift. Not like he could've taken her to the actual park

No. 619507

and you're hanging massive crowds of 12-15 year olds at night.

No. 619508

Uh he has mentioned her before on twitter and they were in a weird chatroom together with other people and he even made a "shoe is 5 years old" joke dont buy what he's selling folks

No. 619515

I never really thought she had a baby voice? Can you give an example please?

No. 619516

File: 1529804504475.png (899.23 KB, 1107x513, unrelated pic.png)

So what you're trying to say is that Shreggory used June's bday as an excuse to look for new gfs?

No. 619517

File: 1529804523922.png (428.34 KB, 720x1043, 20180623_214045.png)

She's tried to get Metokur's attention a good amount of times.

No. 619518

File: 1529804686263.png (251.68 KB, 424x397, 20180623_214437.png)

It hurts…

No. 619519

What are you talking about, Blaire looks miles better than June.

No. 619521

So I guess Brittany stopped making Shuwu vids cause of the two strikes? Fuck…

No. 619523

This is unrelated to the current conversation but I was thinking about how Greg has XXY syndrome and that men with this syndrome are likely infertile because they produce little to no sperm. Are they even aware of this? They talk about having children together but he is probably a dud.

No. 619525

What was the second strilke for? I know the first was about the sword girl?

No. 619526

He's always been a dud.

No. 619532

Wow what a Disney princess waistline

No. 619533

>XXY syndrome
It seemed like she was just making a dumb joke when she said this though.

No. 619534

They appealed that apparently, but it was overturned and she was hit again.

No. 619535

Wasn't it XYY syndrome? Or is that the same as XXY syndrome?

No. 619550

File: 1529807198462.png (33.25 KB, 540x183, Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 12.2…)

Oh sorry you're right. I thought I saw other anons in earlier threads calling it Klinefelter syndrome which is XXY so I got confused. Many XYY males are fertile, unfortunately. I was hoping that nature was going to weed out Greg's genes from being able to reproduce.

No. 619557

File: 1529807887601.png (59.42 KB, 291x233, 999439861.png)

….what is she even talking about? xyy syndrome isnt rare really, plus it doesn't make you an ALPHA MALE? it actually can cause issues? june, you're dumb. surprise.

No. 619566

symptoms found quickly on google are:
an autism diagnosis.
attention difficulties.
delayed motor skill development, such as with writing.
delayed or difficult speech.
emotional or behavioral issues.
hand trembling or involuntary muscle movements.
hypotonia (weak muscle tone)

greg clearly has many of these qualities such as autism and VERY weak muscle tone since he's all fat lol

No. 619567

>tiny balls
How alpha.

No. 619568


"Boys with XYY syndrome typically have normal intelligence, although, on average, IQ is 10 to 15 points lower than siblings. Affected boys may exhibit mild delays in reaching developmental milestones. Learning disabilities have been reported in up to 50 percent of cases, most commonly speech delays and language problems. Reading difficulties are common due to an increased incidence of dyslexia.

In some cases, affected individuals develop behavioral problems such as an explosive temper, hyperactivity, impulsivity, defiant actions, or, in some cases, antisocial behavior. There is a higher rate of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and a smaller increased risk for having an autism spectrum disorder."

This describes Greg well. June is just trying to delude herself into thinking XYY equals alpha because an extra Y chromosome must mean he's super manly and full of testosterone right? :^)

No. 619569

MAN this explains so much this is literally a read of pregory kek

No. 619582

File: 1529809374792.png (427.19 KB, 644x1039, i4k1Udy.png)

Did someone say dyslexia? She seems to have a complex about #1 Skeptic's disorder

No. 619590

File: 1529809729088.png (33.86 KB, 661x303, aWdzor4.png)

same anon but yikes

No. 619597

Be warned anon.

No. 619611

> says DDLG 24/7 you don't get it
> DDLG invokes infantilizing the sub
> "I want to tuck my daddy dom in bed and read to him like a mommy"

Logic 10/10

Does anyone remember that screenshot of Skeptic saying their parents didn't know how to raise a genius so that's why he developed slow?

Idk I think it'd be so much better if he just toned down his ego, accepted his disabilities and owned them? Like
> yeah,I have this disorder and dyslexia, I have had difficulties in my education which I've done my best to over come

I've seen plenty of youtubers come forward about disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar, autism… there's a lot of room to talk and it seems to be a better community than
> ~Skeptics hur dur look at those dumb SJWs and religious ppl
God knows this shit got pretty old pretty quick

But I guess he'd have to get rid of his obnoxious personality so what do I know


No. 619670

File: 1529813656477.jpg (340.22 KB, 1437x2048, DgZ8Yv6VAAAgWiJ.jpg)

Her face looks chubbs. Look at Greg trying not to raise his eyebrow.

No. 619679

Wow she's even reading him a children's book. Lmao

No. 619734

File: 1529816808786.jpg (17.02 KB, 398x343, ba dum tsss.jpg)


>a children's book

Star Wars or Jordan Peterson? ;^)

No. 619740

Is it just me or did she pack a back up wig? This one looks much longer/fuller than the one she arrived in.

No. 619778

Love yourself, shoe. Holy shit. I hope her mother deleted twitter so she doesn’t have to witness this embarrassment.

No. 619793

> I got to thank them for their work
Yeah, making shitty youtube videos with little to no original points/jokes sure is important work.

No. 619812

She's been trying to ride his dick since forever, so I like to think that Metokur pretends she doesn't exist just to piss her thirsty ass off. When the Venti drama was going down his followers were telling him to make a statement on June and Jim was mostly replying with "Shoe who?". It's strange though that he's ripping on every single skeptic retard but leaves Gregory and Shoe alone, despite them being perfect Internet Insanity material with their retarded BDSM relationship and shoe's pathological lying.

Like mentioned before, the skeptic group has an insider working for Youtube. Someone at Youtube accepted Venti's appeal to put the video back up, but someone else (the insider) overturned the decision and took it down.

No. 619845


I think she was just joking with that tweet but is so stupid she wasn't aware Jacobs syndrome is a rare allosomal disorder. Jacobs syndrome is sort of the poster of sex based disorders used to teach sex based inheritance same with male patterned baldness.

I've never encountered someone with xyy syndrome before but they appear pretty normal aside from the aforementioned physical traits. You'd have to get a karyotype to prove it, lower IQ is a common phenotypic trait that Greg shows, his dyslexia is very obvious and he mentioned he has a learning disorder in an old video. Honestly the fat man boob shit could just be because he has fat man boobs though. I wonder if they ever do a 23 and me type DNA test meme video this would ever be proven lol.

No. 619847

I'm pretty sure it was bdsm 24/7 not ddlg

No. 619848

This board is fucking brutal sometimes

No. 619874

>Someone at Youtube accepted Venti's appeal to put the video back up, but someone else (the insider) overturned the decision and took it down.

Is there a way for Venti to get in contact why was the decision ovdrturned?

No. 619914

Still. In what world do you get a sub that wants to read like a mommy-girlfriend to her dom?

No. 619916

I thought she couldn't read

No. 619927

File: 1529848316990.png (650.61 KB, 720x1082, 20180624_095210.png)

I think they're ddlg because of

-The dynamic they're trying to push
-June has school girl/kitten/innocous outfits she uses for sexual play
-infamous leash that says "daddy's girl"
-Fuckin take a look at her June Lapine insta
-them getting defensive about ddlg in a video
-liking ddlg/ddlg-esque shops on etsy

No. 619928

But they never will out right say they are DDLG because of the very embarrassing/negative connotation tied to this branch of BDSM. Theu tease it all the fucking time, newfriend.

No. 619969

Judging by that instagram account she's got lots of different wigs. Her videos are so identical. If she'd be changing wigs then there would be at least something different.

No. 619976

File: 1529855195701.jpeg (37.56 KB, 640x534, CNpUQCpUcAAbh9z.jpeg)

Found Shuwu being obsessive and retarded again this time with Davis Aurini. Uwu
Bonus points for her actually making that "ew my fat cousins picture" her profile picture on twitter. She even cropped it so the fattest cousin is in the background with her looking annoyed. Fucking grotesque.

No. 619977

Also found out that she buys wigs on etsy!

No. 619980

File: 1529855512327.png (180.17 KB, 720x1125, 20180624_095146.png)

Behold June's favorite item on Etsy:

No. 619985

File: 1529857008671.jpeg (135.23 KB, 572x1032, DAF867A5-E1DF-4608-818B-7A7442…)

Also Greg has referred to June as a little on Twitter

No. 619987

File: 1529857207979.png (1 MB, 831x615, Greg comparison.png)

I just don't get it. How does Greg manage to look so consistently bad? This man literally does not have one good angle.

No. 619997

God, she's so pathetic. She's such a fucking bully to members of her own family no less, and to an audience of what I'd assume was around 150-200k in 2015

No. 620019

lol this made me laugh hard

No. 620020

See,the problem here is not being into buttplugs. The problem is so openly into buttplugs that anyone on the internet can find your etsy and find this kind of shit.

Imagine someone from her family surfing the web do to think of a wedding gift and they find this kind of shit.

No. 620022

but what about how june is obsessed with being preg's smol "daughter" on twitter 24/7? it's obvious they constantly dip into ddlg publicly.

No. 620041

Pretty sure it's obvious they're ddlg, nta but seems like the anon just meant they're ddlg some of the time but ~24/67 bdsm cock worship~ supposedly all the time.

How can people this cringe make livings from calling other people cringe?

No. 620044

File: 1529862003881.jpg (104.83 KB, 197x339, MubpCBs.jpg)

Wig gets so fucking w e t whenever someone says ''Greg and his daughter'' or ''You look like a 14 year old'', of course she won't admit it, but she loooves it and humblebrags. She's encouraging the comments too, she acknowledges them, replies and always talks about how ''''young'''' she looks.
Have her fans…ever seen a woman in her 20s? Do they think any girl over the age of 19 looks like a wrinkly leather handbag?

She absolutely looks her age. At best. Her shitty skincare and lifestyle seem to be catching up with her now.

Pic related is what they think a ''teen/middle schooler'' apparently looks like, fucking kek

No. 620065

They've confirmed it before, check previous threads.

>Have her fans…ever seen a woman in her 20s? Do they think any girl over the age of 19 looks like a wrinkly leather handbag?
You're overestimating the level of intelligence neckbeards have, especially when it comes to women.

No. 620069

The majority of her fans are greasy neckbeards and male shut in nerds who believe women's looks go downhill after 30. In fact if june is still on her bullshit when she hits 30 and her fans stay this delusional, I bet she'll exploit this belief. But I don't think june is aging well at all, her unhealthy lifestyle is catching up with her

No. 620071

>Do they think any girl over the age of 19 looks like a wrinkly leather handbag?

Yes. Yes they do.

Her fans are the type of faggots that truly believe the 'hit the wall' thing at 30 and believe that the girls they like just roll out of bed looking the way they do in pictures, no foundation, concealer, powder, I bet you anything they think her lashes are real.

Same as the guys that think heavily makeup wearing trannies with perfect lighting and filters really look that way, and that whole 'wow you look better than real girls!'

Her fans are completely delusional retards cut from the same cloth, and it's pathetic she gets such obvious smug joy from their ass licking. It's like you're getting complimented by the lowest of the low, who gives a shit what they think anyway? They don't know shit about attractiveness.

No. 620082

File: 1529865389807.png (119.59 KB, 609x1167, 20180624_143646.png)

The best part about this is the sizing goes from small-large… bruh how big is Shuwu's butthole

No. 620098


Yeah, those guys who believe that (in reality pimply and awkward) 14-18 phase is the hottest and "prime" age for girls. Her audience is mostly very unsocial and I don't doubt most of their knowledge of the other sex comes from the internet and movies.

I actually think movies play a big role in this phenomenon of men thinking women turn to hags once they pass 30.
They always cast 25-30 year old women to play teenagers lol. Young characters are almost never played by teenagers or girls in their early twenties, so when they need a character that looks older, they cast much older looking women so they won't look the same age. And that's why a lot of people think 15-year-olds look like 25-year-olds and 25-year-old look like 35-year-olds.

So I think that might explain all the "omg you're such a teenage jailbait" shit.

No. 620106

>bruh how big is Shuwu's butthole


No. 620107

File: 1529867392876.jpg (111.11 KB, 1080x566, IMG_20180624_160908.jpg)

I can't get past over how fucking unlikable Greg is


No. 620112

They definitely don't live in reality and their perception of the opposite sex is really fucked up by tv/movies and social media. They think people that look like models on instagram don't put any effort into their appearance, they just look like that with no work.

We've talked before about June's shitty camera really helping hide and distort her flaws, and her fans want to believe what she tells them because they crush on her. If she tells them 'I get mistaken for a teenager' it just puts in their minds that she is so youthful and it must be true because she says so. Same with 'I'm so short' 'I have perfect skin' 'my figure is perfect hourglass with a dream Disney waistline, lol so weird' and their perception of her is altered to just blindly believe it. Men are so retarded when it comes to attraction it's fucking unbelievable.

Also women look so good in their 30s right now, saying they turn into Baba Yaga pisses me off. Skincare, hydration, and nutrition is such a huge thing now women in their 30s look great, and men are barely judged on losing their attractiveness as they get middle aged. Even Brad Pitt doesn't look as incredible as he did 20 years ago, which is fine, but women get judged so harshly on their aging even if it's been like two whole decades.

That's another reason why I hate June's 'evil jealous 30 year old women grabbing my perfect waist and demanding I be fat and old and ugly like them poor me' because her retarded fans have another reason to shit on older women.

No. 620116

File: 1529869043455.jpeg (77.21 KB, 574x900, image.jpeg)

No. 620120

File: 1529869642601.jpg (98.4 KB, 835x835, AieBQp8.jpg)

No. 620127

File: 1529869708734.png (794.39 KB, 711x797, howold.PNG)

Tried one with both of them out of curiosity after seeing this.

No. 620134

I'm dying anon uwu

No. 620137

File: 1529869979579.jpg (23.64 KB, 334x378, HkdAdmB.jpg)

No. 620154

fucking my sides her mom looks younger than her

Shoe honestly think she looks like a teenager, but in reality she looks like someones 40 year old aunt who takes Zumba classes

No. 620204

File: 1529873926564.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1413, Screenshot_20180624-175842~2.p…)

No. 620210

Blaire is really hideous without his lighting and shoop.

No. 620212

he looks like a monkey.

No. 620216

File: 1529874809642.jpg (330.12 KB, 1200x1200, 69698696986986.jpg)

No. 620217

Every single tranny, how do their fans stay so deluded?

No. 620223

Such a libcuck

No. 620225

You can tell how much she loves collabing /taking pictures with trans women because she knows she'll look better than them (as any woman would). Shoe doesn't have any female friends because she feels threatened by them.
She's that girl that surrounds herself with below average looking girls to make herself look better kek

On a side note, where's the lauren collab at?

No. 620228

File: 1529875304084.png (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 1080x1620, sketch-1529874835283.png)


No. 620234

File: 1529875521238.jpg (221.57 KB, 800x1052, shuwu old age.jpg)

No. 620238

he totally wants to be mike patton

No. 620241

Blaire's face straight-up looks like marshmallow.

No. 620250

Woof, did he get a botched nose job at some point? I don't keep up with him. He looks like even more of a who than june does in this pic kek 404 upper lip not found.

No. 620256

kek so many comments in this picture asking why shuwu looks like a cardboard cutout

No. 620260

Idk if this photo was shopped but June looks like she’s getting jowls

No. 620274

Shoe fits that stereotype of attention whore who's been chasing male attention on the internet for a while and been talking only things guys want to hear and became famous because of that. I think all the anti-sjw females and trannies on youtube perfectly fit that stereotype. Notice how their main target is feminism. But her case strikes me as particularly desperate one for some reason.

No. 620280

He's got a video on his channel about the plastic surgery of his face to look more ''female''. It involved his nose, brows and something else. He's also got boob implants and botox in his lips.

No. 620293

I couldn't care less that Blair is trans, but I can't forgive that nose job. That nose job is a travesty. What a shame.

Still has more of an hourglass shape than Shuwu, though

No. 620296

Thought so. He looks completely fake, not like a real girl at all. That uncanny valley look makes it even more obvious he's a guy imo.

No. 620308

Blaire passed better before the facial feminization. She's gone full Gigi now. I'd fucking cry if my face looked like that AFTER PS.

Because her behaviour screams desperate and pathetic. Compared to Blaire, who very much has a dgaf attitude and routinely speaks her mind regardless of popular opinion or backlash, Wig desperately tries to come up with the most pandering content ever and if someone dares take issue with it she blocks them immediately.

No. 620309


>everyone thinks I'm 14

No. 620358

this is fucking hilarious

No. 620361


glad i'm not the only one who thought blaire looked better before the face surgery. it looks like a blow up doll now


shuwu looks fine for her age, to me it only feels like she looks so old because she constantly spergs about looking like a 13 y/o loli waifu when she doesn't. her neckbeards clearly like her fine the way she is, she'd be less annoying if she admitted to looking like a normal grown woman and would shut up about it

No. 620366

File: 1529881375699.png (716 KB, 568x873, creepu mayu.PNG)

Mayu looks so "creepu" without angles

No. 620396

kek. he looks like that fat neckbeard guy from toy story 2 but with long hair.

No. 620419

I agree. I was watching some of Blair's older videos a few days ago and she actually looked very passable before the nose job (going off camera anyway). The nose job just makes her nose look off and it's more of a distraction now since she does face cam.

But yeah it does seem like her and Shoe are like opposites. Blair tends to speak her mind and stand by them whereas Shoe will say whatever to pander to an audience and then shit bricks when people call her out but masks it with "LOL meme".

I'm not really sure if Blair's body is actually hourglass shape or if she's wearing shapewear and padding. I mean some of her fashion looks like that of a drag queen and she could've learned how to pad from tutorials and whatnot with them. And before she got her implants, she used to double push up bras and use makeup contour to create a illusion of cleavage.

I wouldn't say hideous but she looks WAY different than what you see in her videos, it's kinda eye opening. Kinda like with Ella.

In her videos, Ella looks extremely feminine but after seeing those pics posted above, she looks a lot more masculine than you'd expect. London (Ella's friend) always looked more masculine to me even in videos to be honest. There was just something about her face. And the way she talks too but that's mainly because I've never seen or heard of a female acting like she does with the loud voice.

Same. That old video of hers when she did her first Q&A (the one where she was wearing that white fur shawl), she looked quite pretty there I thught. The nose job just did her no favors and she should've left it alone.

June is not ugly, she's not gorgeous but she's not a swamp beast either (lol Shrekory). But the problem is she cannot dress to save her life. Her fashion sense is all over the place and so mismatched. Nevermind her subpar makeup which only ages her more as she gets older. but yeah, if she just owned up to being a normal, grown woman, she'd be far less annoying.

No. 620450

What's june'a hat say?

No. 620459

You honest to god sound like a handmaiden going out of her way to respect as many trannies pronouns as possible.

No. 620461

File: 1529884991412.png (525.72 KB, 927x383, YbJlCgr.png)

Somewhat related but what happened to her planned video with Lauren Southern?

No. 620463

File: 1529885051574.png (43.94 KB, 564x374, qUHTxCJ.png)

No. 620467

She's so corny.

No. 620474

> hentai loli gets destroyed by huge beast man
> love u guys

Amazingly, the first comment is somehow less creepy than the latter (still,LMAO at June being called a fucking loli at 26/27)

June can't stop speaking in meme language, its like she almost never can speak seriously about a subject

No. 620475


No. 620492

lol no thanks, newfag

No. 620503

File: 1529888694462.jpg (205.51 KB, 1200x900, DgffWhCV4AEk6X_.jpg)

No. 620504

man blair looked so much better like 8 months ago.. that facial surgery makes him look less passing. and the thick foundation they're both wearing is so unfortunate

No. 620505

File: 1529888883695.jpg (169.04 KB, 1200x900, Dgcewd-U0AAJ1Ef.jpg)

Greg and June with their fellow fencesitter

No. 620509

File: 1529888952472.jpg (205.05 KB, 1200x1031, DgeVPdbUEAARR3a.jpg)

No. 620511

File: 1529888964218.jpg (143.93 KB, 1024x856, Dgcevx0U8AAG8w-.jpg)

No. 620525

Ugh, Boogie is so gross. Cows collide

No. 620531

when are these blind neckbeards ging to admit that no matter how much shuwu panders to them, she looks nothing like a loli. she's literally an aging guido with a lumpy body, big manly shoulders, and fake butt pads.

No. 620536

Wow, Preg almost looks as fat as Boogie. Maybe Boogie ought to give Preg the number for his gastric bypass surgeon, he may need it in the near future.

No. 620537

Her BF's face is alright, but is wasted on someone with birth defect, and gross body.

No. 620552

File: 1529891399822.png (166.79 KB, 1148x642, 0ZsvW24.png)

>That's another reason why I hate June's 'evil jealous 30 year old women grabbing my perfect waist and demanding I be fat and old and ugly like them poor me' because her retarded fans have another reason to shit on older women.
I find it funny how she's always always always shitting on old women and boomers when they were the only people who bothered to show up at her engagement party kek.

That must have been hell on earth for forever young loli June.

No. 620580

The fact June is almost 30 makes this picture even cringier

Boogie-post surgery is actually pretty much alike to Greg's "dad bod lumberjack with a bit of muscle"

No. 620617

Amazing how he always looks like a cross between a manchild neckbeard and a guido

No. 620632

She's almost at a mil

No. 620663

File: 1529895642030.png (43.71 KB, 593x357, not like the other gurls.png)

Go ahead, shit on me, I don’t mind, I’m the Cool Girl.

No. 620675

I don't know what I'm missing but her side view looks normal?

No. 620680

what's so shitty about her skincare and lifestyle? i remember her and preg talking about how they both had a really shitty sleep routine but that's about it.

No. 620686

File: 1529898870092.png (589.13 KB, 924x552, qJj4DKt.png)

This pic was posted, but not this caption.

>will my opinions on guns change??

Since when has she ever talked about guns? Didn't she pretend to be into shooting because her ex was a gun nut or something?

No. 620689

Probably shitty diet, as she's gotten older she's gained weight due to the fact that her body just isn't burning through the american diet as it used to so now it's sticking. Also someone posted a photo she took of her desk and it was sugary shit after sugary shit that she snacks on apparently constantly. Probably doesn't work out either.

No. 620698

her 'forever young skincare' routine is all really expensive memetier crap that doesn't really do anything for you. she shills $120 loccitane 'immortelle divine' (lol) that's just like, borage oil and shit, and everything else is wrong about her skincare routine. she drinks starbucks fraps daily and eats nuggs constantly, eats shit like skittles all the time, etc

No. 620715

File: 1529901503423.png (297.34 KB, 736x756, 0yT4buW.png)

No. 620722

Tbh this might be the smartest thing he has ever said

No. 620726

Wow Preg actually looks less insufferable when he smiles like a normal person, instead of doing that awful "hey everyone I'm a smug asshole" Dreamworks face. Too bad his entire personality is a bit harder to fix.

No. 620728

File: 1529902382927.png (38.48 KB, 566x352, Djz9EEv.png)


No. 620731

Even if the guns aren't loaded you can get banned for not following proper gun etiquette at ranges?

Does she also not know what "sperg" comes from? She's so dense.

Agreed, but at the same time it's difficult to take seriously given his attitude about literally everything else.

No. 620736

Her face is actually rather long, which is not neotonous at all. I notice she only tends to take photos of herself that make her face look a lot shorter when in actuality, she has a long face.

No. 620745

She eats like trash. Lurk moar. Also, she doesn't go out with sunscreen/protection from the sun and she constantly cooked herself in tanning beds back in the day.

No. 620747

Jesus christ, Blaire looks like a Gorillaz character. I'm fuckin crying.

No. 620749

Yeah she bought a gun i think? I remember her posting a gun pic on her old insta captioned "my new gun" or sfome shit

No. 620771

to me it looks hilarious and like a chipmunk from whoville, hence the reference, plus the giant puffy wig.

No. 620778

Bullshit. Boogie still has at least 50kg on Shrekery.

No. 620785

A lot of (mostly male) YT commentators who don't talk about politics follow her and she seems overall respected. I can guarantee you it's 100% because she is a woman and nothing else. She gets special treatment. These guys constantly call out other youtubers that do exactly the same shit as her (pandering, fence-sitting, ''sjw'' tendencies) but she doesn't get called out because she's female, so they give her a pass, lol. Talk about female privilege.

She has no charisma, brings nothing new to the table, she is painfully unfunny, screams constantly and her content is beyond boring and repetitive. What I don't get is how they aren't tired of her pandering yet, doesn't it get annoying and obvious as fuck after a while?

No. 620789

File: 1529912056116.png (232.47 KB, 616x1221, Ddt5ZEX.png)

Uh oh, looks like RationalDis pissed off June again.

>Make the Left Great Again

What happened to June being a libertarian? Or a centrist? Or how about ~not caring about politics heehee~ despite having a political channel? I wonder how long she'll keep pushing the lefty act. She was doing just fine when she was only courting fellow fence sitters.

>There was a professional film crew on-site


She also knows how to kiss serious ass. She may be an absolute bitch to randos and even her own fans, but she knows how to play nice around the right people.

No. 620790

File: 1529912150073.png (35.26 KB, 578x288, HsJDEIk.png)

No. 620791

File: 1529912505670.webm (2.62 MB, 640x360, @ArmouredSkeptic.webm)

No. 620794

I get that they're joking but still….how sad…

No. 620795

>I don't talk about politics
>I don't care about politics

No. 620796

Holy shit Fupa Ryder is such a hypocritical dumbass, god forbid you waste resources memeing guns for your faux maga debate but if rich daddy Musky uses the Falcon X launch (which literally was a test to carry cargo specfically hence why they put the chery Tesla in there because why the fuck not, opposite to fupa they do things to engage an audience & make them learn through actual entertainment and literal groundbreaking discoveries)
I just hate these fake mensa ass neckbeard fatties who try to critique these projects with 1: nothing of value to say 2: shit on it bc too many libs hyped it (this is a frequent one and how tf are you gonna claim being smart/an intellectual if you're gonna reject any advancement in human history bc MUH LEFTY) 3: Moot points, Cringe disses & dry tweets ala 'hurrdurr rich guy is sending his tesla thru the asteroid belt!!! Greggy no like it not smart 4 da wurld'

No. 620820

File: 1529921622919.png (37.9 KB, 320x352, sgafpBb.png)

cow crossover

No. 620828


It's the makeup. She looks so much better without it.



Ugh! Does this mean I have to watch a video with Shoe in it?

No. 620830

Nice new samsung, Grocery. Did you make Shuwu buy it for you?

No. 620834


Wow, she's the typical example of a girl who changed hobbies and interests depending on the person she's currently dating.

No. 620836

>June represents the libs and is doing this as an experiment to see if she is willing to relax her position on gun regulation.

How will filming a dumb meme video make her change her position on gun regulation?

Her "positions" are so easy to change depending on the person she is sucking up to so why would people even care?

No. 620838

aww matching FAS philtrums!

No. 620839

File: 1529924386865.jpg (60.35 KB, 810x539, IMG_20180625_125636.jpg)


My tinfoil is that she was crushing on Jim (who was known as Internet Aristocrat before he became Mr Metokour) and tried to get his attention and admiration hard.

Then it turned out that Jim has a girlfriend and had a cringy moment where he fucked his gf during a GamerGate stream. Shuwu's heart must've been broken when she received this ask lol.

(And then some time later she braged how she sucked Grocery's dick during a stream uwu)

No. 620842


Nope its bullshit grandstanding trying to pretend as if you care about natural resources when you really don't give two fucks.

That experiment was to test the capabilities of weight in the barely explored environment of space as well as space travel an eventuality that will exist in the next 30 to 50 years.

The only way space travel will become a method of transport is if it gets enough investors and positive PR only dumbshits would look at the experiment Elon Musk pulled and say its a "waste of resources" what a lame, 1 dimensional excuse to come across as informed and smart as expected of groceries, the single digit IQ learning disability stricken who thinks successful entrepreneurs with degrees in STEM are childish. Don't farce concern about resources when you know nothing about them or how to manage them.

No. 620844


>>boomers get the wall

That sounds like a handmaid's tale reference. Has she even read the book?

No. 620845


I'm guessing her position on guns is "my twitter bio says libtard so that means I'm against guns unless you confront me on the issue in which case everyone should have freedoms uwu"

No. 620857

so they know who jim's gf is, why hasn't he been doxxed?

No. 620860

File: 1529929990684.png (60.62 KB, 572x430, K0HB459.png)

No. 620868

"New lefties," as opposed to June, the original leftie uwu >>619485

No. 620870

>one of these lefties
isn't june's whole thing that she's a ''lefty'' though?

No. 620877

Jim is generally whiteknighted even more than June. They even rewrote his ED article to make it less insulting, and his dox was deleted from KF as well.

No. 620878

>I saw multiple people I follow make fun of you guys
oh no! :( someone made fun of Shoe and Greg?

So…Shoe can make heaps of videos making fun of feminists, sjws, cosmopolitan writers, zoe quinn, radfems, random people, but if someone does it behind her back in private that's a problem? Shoe's entire career is based on attacking people and making fun of them (hence her ''it's entertainment'' defense)? Jesus how retarded is that toxic fem girl

No. 620881


i swear you these guys were laughing about her diaper ass disaster behind her back kek

No. 620900


You know she would shit on that book without even reading it. She'd probably just find a summary on the net and tweet "OMG LMFAO FEMINIST THINK THIS IS FUTURE LIKE IM NOT EVEN??? "

No. 620901

These retards are behaving like the "lefty" backstabbed them while all he did was criticize Shoe and Blaire on the gun thing.
Oh he hung out with us yesterday, he shouldn't criticize our opinion ever again!! Sooo skeptic and open-minded..

Plus June publicly denouncing her friendship with Lauren was much more of a cunt move but I guess it doesn't count because she was a pwessued uwu bun bun smol girl ;___; :33

No. 620905

it is. it's a reference that's big on the left. they say shit like "'TERFs' get the wall" (so painfully ironic and stupid that it makes me cringe out of my skin), etc, but of course, june has to take from lefty meme culture to try to seem lefty despite the fact that she'd shit all over margaret atwood

No. 620922

Yeah, she really tried to lick
his balls back in the day. I think June was desperate to latch herself to any one of those guys tbh, maybe Skeptic was just a coincidence.

No. 620924

Oh seem very ignorant about space

No. 620926

Also when did Metokur do that? Holy that's so cringey.

No. 620951


Fat Septic is just a consolation prize.

Real prize would've been Jim, or more recently, a detransitioned Contra lmfao

No. 620953

Skip to 1:52:53 , Jim's gf moaning

No. 620957

File: 1529937970109.jpg (248.73 KB, 1152x880, 2013shoe.jpg)

Have some "retro" June tweets from 2013. Nothing' really changed.

No. 620976

The amount of narcissism always amazes me with June. She is so self-absorbed it's unreal.
>i tried hard to look older tonight and someone thought i was in high school
>''what grade are you in honey?''

Man, she must have a serious internal complex to be this obsessed with looking ''young''.
I still don't get why she thinks she looks younger than she is? Her face is not youthful looking in the slightest. It's really long and narrow, she has no upper lip, a large philtrum, small-ish close-set eyes, huge horse teeth…youthful features are practically the opposite of hers.

if she thinks it's her skin that makes her look young, oh boy, that'll hit her hard soon.wear some spf and lay off the silicone meme moisturizer, june.

Could you imagine what will happen in a few years, when even her ego-stroking neckbeard fans will realizes that calling a fully grown 30yo woman ''jail bait'' is delusional and retarded?
She'll have nothing to offer since her whole act is based on immaturity, it's already starting to not be cute at 27, imagine once she's thirty and still yelling ''YOU'RE MOM GAY xD'' for a living. Her ''career'' is not going to last for very long and the lack of male internet attention will probably drive her nuts.

I guess that's the karma for being such a cunt to other women and promoting it to your very young, impressionable fanbase.

No. 621010

Why do they think just because they're friendly with someone that it gives them a magical criticism shield?

No. 621025

Lol i got a shakeweight silly bois uwu YES i do exercise in fishnets~~

No. 621027

Fuck her thighs and knees look so badly malnourished here

No. 621028

I didn't hear anything? Did he confirm the fucking?

No. 621034

File: 1529943883757.png (833.55 KB, 720x843, 20180625_121811.png)

Here it is. It's just captioned "gahn". But if she really had a strong stance against guns or if they scared her, she wouldn't put them on her insta captioned with a cutesy uwu spelling.

No. 621038

His girlfriend (Jade) is just as much of a troll as Jim is. He better pray she'll never leave him.

Just who are they talking about?

His KF dox was fake as far as I know? He's been spreading fake doxes of himself for like 10 years online. Jade is the only person who knows who he is IRL. During Gamergate someone managed to doxx her and apparently made threats towards her and Jim, making her quit internet 4ever and Jim retreat from Gamergate. Jim keeps saying that it's because people started milking the movement for money that he left but I think it's a half-truth, his primary reason for leaving must've been because of the threat of being doxxed.

To be fair the story isn't that they fucked, people were talking about how Jim fingered her. But they could just be fucking with their audience because like I mentioned, they both like to piss people off with controversial stuff.

Sorry for the stupid Metokur lore, shoe has always been notorious for trying to suck his cock (ever since GG) so I felt it was appropriate to list what kind of a person we're talking about.

No. 621041

We need a complete compliation of Shoe pining for Jim. I think she deleted some of her tweets on it. I remember tons of just @ing him about everything.

No. 621073

she never had a strong stance against them. she went shooting with andrew multiple times and got the gun because he loves guns. she just uses the "I'M A LIBERAL SO…" so people infer for her but she doesnt have to say so for herself. shes so spineless. literally all she cares about is protecting men and trannies (men).

No. 621132

>petty little petulant child
But Preg isn't that what you like

No. 621135

File: 1529949482590.jpg (306.94 KB, 1204x1170, internet aristocrat.jpg)

Here you go anon-chan~

This is when he was known as Internet Aristocrat. I think she tweeted him even more but I guess she deleted them.

I will now begin compiling June's tweets towards Jim's current account.

No. 621144

File: 1529950139924.jpg (18.69 KB, 628x118, metokur.jpg)


Okay so samefags here, there is tons of tweets mentioning Jim on his new account by her, it would take like 5 MS paint collages to finish it.

You can find them here, it's just her shitting on other people and being "JIM!!!!! LOOK AT ME!!!"

No. 621146

File: 1529950330329.jpg (11.45 KB, 275x275, 1514087697252.jpg)

Thank you, based anon.

No. 621149

>dat beautiful voice
she really was wet for him, damn. she never talked up greg like this publicly before they were dating, did she? thats gotta sting but thne again, greg obv doesnt gaf about her and is just in it for the steady supply of puss that he doesnt have to do literally anything for

No. 621151

>the haunting feeling that @MisterMetokur will make a video on your fetish some day
lmao I hope he does, that'd be hilarious

No. 621153

She did mention that what made her wet for Grocery was how his voice sounded.

So being wet for Jim's voice first confirmed.
Septic being a consolidation price confirmed too.

No. 621155

I thought she was thirsty but I didn't know she was this thirsty. 200 dollars says she love letter bombed him in his DMs kek.

No. 621167

File: 1529951514711.jpg (39.27 KB, 574x242, heartbreak.jpg)


Here is a juicy tinfoil.

She got the ask about Jim fucking Jayd3fox on November 2nd, then one day later she tweeted how her bunny can sense when she's upset kek

No. 621172

funny part is he never really acknowledge her besides when he wanted to confirm gossip stuff and commented that he liked Brittany's video on a stream once. I'd love if her threw more shade at her, he definitely hates the skeptic community in general and always made sure to separate himself from them, especially when he started going after mras.

The problem is, preg and shuwu aren't milkly enough for him. Maybe in the future when their channels start dying or they have another candid moment.

No. 621213

that is true but honestly the nose looked better before, now blair kind of looks overly feminine and too unnatural.

No. 621245

There have been several failed attempts to make a KF thread on Jim but they have all been met with autistic screeching from his stans and immediately locked.

No. 621247

>being thirsty for an old Midwestern video game edgesperg with nothing better to do than chimp out on youtube

June's shit taste knows no bounds, holy shit.

No. 621288

they're so old they don't remember how things like high school are, one minute someone is "friendly" the next they don't care about you etc. they are very out of touch with reality and they are also in their 30s and almost in their 30s (shuwu i mean)

No. 621292

well her face isn't narrow, she has massive bizarre cheeks lol but it is long yes. i think her huge jigsaw cheeks make her look worse, a more narrow upper face would look more normal.

No. 621311

kinda funny because shoe herself was that fake bitch in highschool("we made fun of EVERYONE behind closed doors, but not like, bullying, or anything~~") and is still this bitch, pretty sure this faux outrage is just to feel like a victim again and get e-buttpats.

No. 621317

shuwu is just a gigantic fake buttpadded narcissist.

No. 621322

>XY stealing wamenhood

Why is she so fucing cringe? but that's exactly what those men are doing and always have done. Trying to oppress women in another way that isnt considered 'sexist' when it is.

Also, wtf is a boomer? I only think of those monsters from Left4Dead when i hear it.

No. 621328

File: 1529962456795.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

>Fupa Ryder

Bless you, anon

No. 621331

Before I read anything on lolcow, I thought she was somewhat relatable. The more and more I read about her though, the creepier and more disgusting she gets.

She sorta reminds me of a juggalo - loud, brash, heavy makeup, follows ICP (read Greg) fanatically, etc.

Unlike the very-maligned Juggalos, she’s not even remotely entertaining to watch. At this point I’m here to see the eventual Britney Spears-style meltdown (sanz the head-shave, I think she’s got that covered lol).

Saged for no1curr

No. 621333

>i'm drinking trying to keep up with you i may die tonight, jim i may die

I thought juwune hated drinking and smoking and only did it for teh memes uwu

No. 621339

That's hilarious.

No. 621347


A baby boomer. Someone born between 1945 and 1955 usually but can extend past that. They hate millenials and millenials hate them. That's about the full of it.

No. 621349

since when did his account get suspended?

No. 621357

Juggalo June. The eye makeup is uncanny

No. 621359

File: 1529964818416.jpg (91.65 KB, 1200x600, DgkTQ1bU8AAGoy0.jpg)

No. 621364

Mayu looks so bad lol

No. 621375

Mayu kinda looks like TJ without the facial hair.

No. 621402

Shit even SHOE looks better than that thing in the middle..

No. 621404

>tfw you're a fat mra incel that absolutely hates women and cant get the hot girls so you try to become the hot girl but perpetually look like a young jason alexander with a balding head of mousy hair

No. 621434

billionaires can pay people to lick their boots, you really don't need to do it for them

No. 621450

Wow I thought Mayu looked super feminine and actually passing in all the other pics I've seen but this totally shatters the illusion. What a manface.

No. 621476

Seriously? I've never seen one photo of him where he wasn't extremely obvious. The angles, male pattern baldness, and the way he abuses the blur tool are dead giveaways.

No. 621517

File: 1529978531475.png (65.06 KB, 779x521, SdPzAPr.png)

No. 621527

nta but it's actually 1:52:23

No. 621531

Fuckin get em' brit

No. 621532

I heard that shit fuck it was loud. No one commented on that? What?

No. 621534

lol of course she pretended to have trypophobia back in 2013. is there any trend she won't hop on?

No. 621554

File: 1529982692281.png (972.69 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180625-225527.png)

Found this. I'm leaning toward the Boob job confirmed crowd now.

No. 621556

that doesnt look like june at all. where did you find it?

No. 621557

File: 1529982865776.png (864.4 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180625-225444.png)

Who is this guy?

No. 621558

A video dedicated to her ex boyfriend.

No. 621561

Kek! Maybe June catfished Gmastered too!

No. 621565

File: 1529983484333.png (850.37 KB, 673x701, watinthehell.PNG)

oof this is so bad

No. 621566

File: 1529983698128.png (96.96 KB, 201x332, 20180625_232537.png)

No. 621570

That's not june

No. 621578

Kek june wishes that were her
This seems about right for shuwu

No. 621579

Then she confirmed catfished her ex too with misleading pictures. Tbh tho it's too blurry/far away to tell, it /could/ be her.

No. 621581


No. 621585

File: 1529985387679.png (38.14 KB, 604x382, 0Oibr90.png)

No. 621588

File: 1529985630171.png (557.48 KB, 720x846, 20180625_232307.png)

June being disgusting again.

No. 621589

She's a fucking career cow.

No. 621673

she looks hideous here woah

No. 621689

File: 1529996219812.jpeg (253.52 KB, 1242x1083, 93B33147-B3FD-4F8D-B596-A26EE0…)

and HE has the audacity to call REAL women ugly lmao good job mayuwu

No. 621695

>two furthest left

but you can't even see them.. wat

No. 621696

Fr, how can this curdled white boy who stans a slightly less curdled dego sit there and call pretty women ugly like that? I think Mayo grosses me out more than grosseries

No. 621716

I look like Mayu, now I'm sad.

No. 621719

this fucking moron. There are only two women in this photo, the ones on the left are reflections from a mirror. Dumbass het boys stay dumb

No. 621720

that's pretty petty anon. anyone looks bad at this angle.

No. 621731

File: 1530002109941.jpg (150.85 KB, 1200x859, Dgmqry_VAAAO7Xf.jpg)

No. 621732

File: 1530002142587.png (240.44 KB, 567x359, 0wOYI6F.png)

No. 621734

File: 1530002250094.png (283.31 KB, 603x647, IRENUNf.png)

No. 621737

File: 1530002486158.jpg (143.49 KB, 1200x800, DglkX6ZU0AAvpve.jpg)

No. 621738

you mean shuwu is a slithering snake and not a smol shy hufflepuff? uwu

No. 621744

File: 1530002935591.jpg (82 KB, 1200x629, DgQPx4dU0AAlvis.jpg)

No. 621749

File: 1530003647309.jpg (645.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180626-110125.jpg)


No. 621750

You two are too lame for Hogwarts so no.

No. 621751

File: 1530004151437.png (464.07 KB, 1248x1036, VrYCFyh.png)

Sure. Nothing's more humble than screeching "I'm so such a smol forever yung loli feed me compliments" all the time

No. 621755

When you want to control how you look on pictures and then notice a picture of you is being taken by someone else atm and you can't control it.

No. 621759

I feel like shuwu decided to drop her ''shy sensitive uwu'' skin for a while because of Brittany's video and play this big meanie character again and only wear previous skin when someone calls her out for her actions which rarely happens.

No. 621761

File: 1530004915251.jpeg (722.01 KB, 1242x1232, C0C94B0C-7186-48AA-BE17-A0C45B…)

Apparently, Groceries unfollowed Mayu on Twitter, geez I wOnDer WhY

No. 621769

>Shoe has shoulders almost as broad as Blaire, who is a man

tiny and smol uwu

No. 621772


Maybe Retarded Septic thought Mayu was a real girl and got hit by reality that Mayu is a musty neckbeard, just like him!

No. 621773

I have a feeling he realized Maya wasn't a thicc troon like all the ones he likes but just a sack of potatoes

No. 621798


43% Ravenclaw? Witty, researching?Doubt it.

No. 621808

Lmao, Preg can't even keep up the pretense of being friendly towards the catfishing tranny even on the internet.
It just makes me smile knowing that Preg and Wig were super fucking uncomfortable the entire time, despite trying to paint themselves as being so progressive regarding trannies.
Yep, weirdos like Maya are who they're backing and attracting. I hope they lure in some more ugly trannies for next con, maybe a few more autistic neckbeards and unattractive women too.

No. 621809

Mayu straight up looks like Sméagol from LOTR topkek

No. 621817

this is the same person who bullied a girl because she wore a Harry Potter scarf in high school, everyone.

Now that it’s less nerdy to like Harry Potter, she jumped on the bandwagon. Opportunistic cunt.

No. 621826

It's way less cringy to be a fan of Harry Potter during high school years than be a woman in your late twenties suddenly getting into HP and being ~a proud Slytherin~

No. 621832

Can anyone steal her jacket and yell "JACKETGIRL JACKETGIRL WHERE IS YOUR JACKET NOW?"?
For great justice.

No. 621840

This hairstyle shoe does triggers me so hard, what the fuck is that supposed to be

No. 621841

The long bangs at the sides are supposed to slim down your face, especially hide your cheeks. A lot of Moon face asians do this illusion. (I should know because I do this a lot too lmao)

But the updo + bangs? Idk

No. 621843

File: 1530014569645.jpg (9.63 KB, 355x355, first google images result for…)


>what the fuck is that supposed to be

No. 621881

He's so creepy wtf. Bringing up possible heart condition in a tweet about Septic unfollowing him to try to garner sympathy/get the mutual back.

No. 621898

The updo/bangs combo is what I don’t get, she leaves out this long ass strand of hair in the front and tied the back into a low bun, it looks absolutely laughable lmao
can’t believe she wears it in public

No. 621912

She probably styled it off of her and didn’t bother to think that it may not look natural. Bc it doesn’t, it looks like a wig she tried to style in bed before Greg got out of the bathroom.

No. 621949

does blaire still wear buttpads? you're more like butt-brothers than cisters, joon

No. 621970

File: 1530024794403.png (293.95 KB, 384x445, 20180626_105214.png)

This is getting sad.

No. 621975

What am i looking at here, anon?

No. 621979

The hip is not nearly as wide as the Blair and Shoe pic, and she strategically uses her hand to cut the line where her waist and hip start when ever she can't edit/wear padding.

No. 621983

Two cows that treat their pets like garbage? I'm in!

No. 621986

This picture kinda sums up their relationship

No. 621987

ohhh gotcha. definitely is a huge dif between the shoe and blaire pic

No. 622005

File: 1530027837411.jpg (112.32 KB, 1197x961, YG5c6nC.jpg)

Top motherfucking kek who are you trying to fool, June?

>hiding waistline/hip curve with hand

>creating distraction with sunglasses, jacket and bag strap
>hiding half of your body behind Blaire's sleeve (lol! why is it just hanging there? this is the most obvious one)

She's already hopping on the ''thicc'' bandwagon, predicted it

No. 622036

WE CAN'T LET THIS SHIT SLIDE. Can an anon here make a video exposing this shit?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 622038

i'd honestly do it but i'm scared of getting doxxed. her fans are batshit crazy (as we see with mayu)

No. 622042

File: 1530031858117.png (580.36 KB, 720x837, 20180625_102448.png)

I remember her posting that she had her grandmother's body type. (Her dad's mom.) This was probably to deflect because her fans know what her mother's body looks like/looked like. Pic related June's mom during Halloween a long time ago.

No. 622047


fuck why

i actually like jack
why must this picture exist


No. 622057

We'll just have to wait for Britt then I bet this shit is burning a hole in her pocket.

No. 622068

File: 1530034788246.png (416.7 KB, 720x571, 20180626_133956.png)


No. 622073

>ignoring june's god awful hair and oddly skinny disproportionate face

No. 622077

god her butt pads are huge,.. otherwise it's just photoshop/editing plan and simple

No. 622107

File: 1530038305956.jpg (11.9 KB, 497x72, swerfonhead.jpg)

Saw this under Riley J Penis video on ''SWERFS''. Where does she ''send'' these people from? I checked her twitter and didn't find a mention of this video. Discord?

No. 622111

File: 1530038569450.jpg (110.09 KB, 960x960, 13654419_1281038035241156_3563…)

No. 622114

She really makes it her mission to demonize the only real feminists left. Plenty of these men were fine with the second wave and said shit like "modern feminism is cancer but the old feminism was OK" but she really wants them to hate ALL women who don't dickplease 24/7

No. 622130

I can understand trans issues but men have literally no place to comment on women's sex work issues, point blank period.

June is a woman making videos on women's issues for men to watch. There's something very strange and antagonizing about it overall.

No. 622133

Even Riley does the Dreamworks faces

No. 622142


have you guys heard his voice in june's latest vid? (the one about diversity) he sounds so weird.

No. 622151

The buttpads basically confirms these threads get under her skin. We already know she lurks here probably as much as she searches her name up on twitter, it's just really pathetic. I guess those protein shakes and "working out" didn't do enough in time for vidcon where shuwu wants every neckbeard to remember her having a "big ass". top kek, it just shows all she cares about really is having gross men lust after her even when she's almost 30 and is past prime attention whore age.

I just don't understand how she can live with herself, she's so unaware she's going to have to look back on her life and realize she went out of her way to buy fucking buttpads for her lack of ass to keep her ugly incel fans thirsting after her.

No. 622154

I agree. I remember when that one anon leaked the discord messages, she straight up said ''I used to think only the third wave feminists are bad, but the other one's are just as shitty''….because they didn't support trans women and sex work I assume.

June genuinely, truly hates women and all she cares about is male attention. There's a reason why she had such a massive hate boner for ''fat girls'' and now all of a sudden, wears butt pads to appear ''thicc'' and curvy.

What a sad, pathetic person.

No. 622172

Same anon. My thoughts exactly.

>June is a woman making videos on women's issues for men to watch. There's something very strange and antagonizing about it overall.

You hit the bull's eye.


Yeah. You would think people exaggerate in such threads. Not her case at all.

No. 622176

Listen to Shuwu's voice magically go from deeper than mariana trench to uwu anime loli~~~

No. 622178

File: 1530041888595.png (1.76 MB, 1024x768, pol meetup.png)

Sage for OT, but with the people BV hangs with, she shouldn't be talking.

No. 622181

Anyone remember when they said they were open for threesomes and that one creep sent a nude of himself? lmao

Not only that, but people in her circle usually make fun of Harry Potter fans for tying everything to HP. In fact, she's probably done it herself before.

Agreed. What happened to her to make her this way? It's really pathetic. I hope she hits the wall soon just so she can reflect on her life soon.

It's hilarious but also sad because if she's really reading these threads, she knows of all the legitimate non-nitpicky complaints about her behavior, yet she does nothing about them at all. Because she'd rather continue lying to her fanbase than actually improve herself. I wouldn't hate her anymore if she actually did that.

No. 622183

File: 1530042228763.png (142.41 KB, 707x414, 20180626_114334.png)

Shuwu trying to sound like those edgy nihilist memers. How cringe

No. 622196

She made fun of Scarf Girl who liked Harry Potter because Scarf Girl would LARP it.

No. 622199

File: 1530042950509.jpg (95.29 KB, 1617x667, 2234434.jpg)

No. 622200

Where did she say that?

No. 622204

Cunt hates findoms. Doesn't that make her a SWERF?

No. 622207

true, seriously.

No. 622213

That's a HWNDU meetup, not her fans but I see what you mean, her fans prob don't look much better.

No. 622214


has anyone talked about this video?

No. 622218

LMAO no. also js peep that totally normal average straight/banana/apple shape, not pear in the slightest. seems like andrew never liked kenny? beyond andrew killing a kitten as a kid iirc at the insistence of his cousin or s/t and being very remorseful, apparently, he had pretty decent judgement, it seems

No. 622270

File: 1530048145249.png (162.1 KB, 606x958, 6dYJpRe.png)

she sounds like such a child when she tries to argue and she's almost 30.

"lmfafo fdgs sit down"
wow, got 'em

No. 622273

File: 1530048340598.png (83.43 KB, 601x463, vEpPRMZ.png)

No. 622278

She's agreeing with pro-prostitution commie furry troons now? wew. I can't believe anyone still likes her, this is pure sjw shit.

No. 622280

Most men who watch her and in general are pro-prostitution. It goes perfectly with their agenda and how they want things to be.

No. 622337

The thing is I've watched his newest stuff and his voice does not sound like that.

At first I thought he had just sped the audio up, but no- he has just made his voice lighter, I assume to sound more feminine. It sounds fucking weird.

No. 622343

File: 1530052398622.jpeg (5.08 KB, 257x196, download.jpeg)


Thought of this. Shuwu really pulling out all the stops for creating thiccness where there is none

No. 622344


Just like when her Twitter name said "xx vagina haver" or some shit, she is once again making fun of terfs with a term they don't actually use. Fucking stupid.

No. 622347

File: 1530052672320.png (143.27 KB, 477x474, F8012E99-6D9C-4A43-9BC9-6E40F5…)

I’m unfamiliar with these kind of boards so sorry for being a fag, but I’ve been lurking and I gotta say her jeans in these assgate photos or whatever look a lot like they’re specifically shaper ones—the waistline has the elongated look that those sort of jeans have

so yah, hope that helps:)

No. 622349

File: 1530052764463.jpg (34.62 KB, 554x1200, DgYYUouVMAAO--G.jpg)

i feel like this is what shoe looks like facially

No. 622357

Yeah, they look like those, but they don't just create an ass like that. She's wearing buttpads too.

No. 622360

no I know! I'm just saying that waistline and stitching and number of buttons on those jeans means she's got shaper ones as well:)

No. 622379

But the Bao mom is cute with thick hair and no wrinkles.

No. 622412

that short was the cutest thing this this year, it doesn't deserve to be desecrated by shuwu

No. 622430

My face is kinda flat like hers.. How do I improve this?

No. 622432

I don't think June works out.

No. 622435

What's wrong with safer prositution from those that actually want to do it?

No. 622445

File: 1530060776727.png (70.26 KB, 1129x367, bCYj2wQ.png)

Looks like she does on and off. And peep those NYR lol

>take youtube more seriously

But her YT is just a joke guys, don't take her seriously or anything.

Most (not all, but most) women don't get into prostitution because they want it.

No. 622446

i have thin cheeks and i hate it lol nothing we can do. i just feel like her face looks weird because of her very long chin area and long face in general + giant round upper cheeks that are like ball implants and i don't know, back in that pic her face just resembles a long flat foot to me. the hair makes her face look more progeria like as well

No. 622451

idk the guy next to her is kinda cute

No. 622470

thats her bf, iirc. he's a manlet and a douche too but he's still, i guess, better company than the ones surrounding her

No. 622527

Do you mean oblong/narrow? Don’t grow your hair below your shoulders and wear it away from your face. I think up-do’s and half-up styles are the most flattering on that face shape, but avoid having hair all in your face the way Shoe’s doing with her bangs and those long pieces below her chin.

No. 622628

someone wanna explain the fucking half drunk gallon of milk lmao
the guy in the front at the right looks pretty attractive tbh but all the dudes in the back… oof

No. 622634

as someone with kinda flat cheeks and an oval face, i find that up-do's make my face look worse lol. but that's probably insecurity as well

No. 622636

No. 622649

File: 1530086257159.jpg (31.16 KB, 450x267, kKDcm03.jpg)

The ''skeptic'' community in a nutshell:

''I think a billion genders can exist, gender is a spectrum''
''I want to fuck traps, they're better than actual women anyway''
''I know Riley J Dennis looks like a guy in make up and calls himself a lesbian while obviously being a man, and I think that's perfectly legitimate because he's on hrt''

>Skeptics: You are a truly rational and smart individual.

''Trans women are not the same as bio women''
''Gender and sex go hand in hand, only 2 of them exist''
''The porn industry is dangerous and demeaning towards women''
''Nigger is a racial slur''
''Women in the west still face issues''

>Skeptics: Fuck off to tumblr fucking SJW, you are insane xDD lel swerfs/terfs get the wall

No. 622656

File: 1530087442529.jpg (59.53 KB, 468x542, N31HYOs.jpg)

Yeah June, you're totally just a liberal, not an sjw
>a billion genders can exist
>all genders are based on the two sexes

Her trans crusade is obviously just a pandering strategy to appeal to the greasy ''skeptics'' like Preg and any man who believes >>622649 pic related

No. 622660

File: 1530087773281.jpg (161.74 KB, 1320x1000, Cd8gsPZ.jpg)

Samefag but Shoe always reminds me of this

No. 622690

How could traps have a "better ass than 90% of women"?
That's like saying they have more delicate shoulders than 90% of women, or a more feminine brow-ridge than 90% of women, or less facial hair than 90% of women. Makes 0 sense.

>the absolute state of skeptics

No. 622697

It's a 4chan alt right / pol thing. Most minorities are lactose intolerant. By drinking milk, you show off your "superior white genes".

It's stupid. I know.

No. 622700


That's called a personality, shuwu

No. 622707


A lot of the concern lies in whether or not legalization/decriminalization actually makes it safer for the workers rather then simply legitimizing the buyers. Since prostitution involves being vulnerable in the best of times (many feel this way about sexual activity more so than, say, cashiering), many don't want to do it. If the amount of buyers whose desires are newly affirmed vastly outnumbers the amount of willing workers, it could run into problems of people acquiring workers from other channels. It also raises the question of whether an unemployed person should be pressured to take up prostitution like they would a waitressing job at a diner with a help wanted sign. Some would say the job offers are no different when some say they are.

And tbh it wouldn't surprise me if people like June cared more about the feelings and validation of predominately male buyers over the safety of predominately female workers.

No. 622724

If June read the first paragraph of the post you wrote and tried to understand it, her head would explode. Bitch can't even tell time from a watch.

Her only thoguht is "How do I seem more likeable to men? How do I show I am not like the other girls?" which then drives her to make shit video where she screams "HARPIES WANT TO STOP GUYS FROM SEEING SOME BOOBIE. BOOBIE GOOD. LEAVE BOOBIE ALONE??? YOU JEALOUS FATTY??? I AM SO QUIRKY." and reading out-of-context quotes from random people just to seem more smarter and "woke" than them.

Her "smart and skeptical" male audience eats it up, of course.

No. 622729

File: 1530103445497.jpg (64.52 KB, 810x368, IMG_20180627_144419.jpg)


No. 622795

Rofl this girl is way more attractive than wig she lacks the FAS philtrum and doesn't look like the emo lorax kid.

No. 622800

interesting coincidence

No. 622862

>better ass than 90% of women
does anyone else notice with a lot of trap/tranny chasers that they try to make traps seem like they're a lot more attractive than they actually are? like ive seen posts before with people talking about how they have nicer thighs than actual women and shit like that despite the fact that it's obviously not true. it reeks of insecurity

No. 622891

They're ''better women'' because they're men who recreate men's idea of women which has nothing to do with actual women. Like they said, those trans guys they're talking about go through ''bottom surgery'' to enlarge their asses etc. They're misogynists who think of women as objects. >>622649 This tweet speaks for itself. Who cares what these morons find attractive and who they think is better looking? Don't be the same level of desperation as shoe.

No. 622892

Shouldn't June be reeing at this, since this is kind of transphobic?
>trans wamen don't need to look feminine or pass you TERF reee
>trans wamen hate their dicks how dare you reeeee
>why are you calling trans wamen traps reeeee
>I also give anal all the time reeeeeeee

No. 622899

Contrary to the popular belief, I feel like the majority of trans supporters are men. One type is this disgusting "skeptic" kinda men like these assholes who actually hate women so much they want to eradicate the whole gender. And due to shoe's obsession with wanting to please men and be #notlikeothergirls, of course she's supporting the movement.

No. 622900

nah she's okay with it because they're still men no matter how you twist it, so she won't feel threatened since she doesn't see trans women as actual women (she'd never admit it though ofc). she only sees other women as competition.

No. 622949

File: 1530126621025.png (297.1 KB, 457x510, kek.PNG)

No. 622955

File: 1530127074455.png (47.23 KB, 397x513, buttpads.PNG)

No. 622959

That’s exactly how she’d respond if the poster were a woman but since it’s a man, she has to carefully weigh who she sucks up to in this situation.

No. 622961

Plus, compared to transwomen she seems smoll and soft uwu

June's wet dream is transwomen replacing real women (except her, she is special and not like the other girls ofc)

No. 622963


Massive uwu block spree incoming lmao

No. 622969

File: 1530127718174.png (10.59 KB, 493x162, hypocrisy.PNG)

she released her "political lesbianism" vid some days ago, which she callls "mgtow for chicks" when advertising it. notice how she conveniently "lost interest" in the massively more milky MGTOW and couldnt bear to drag the mens, but is all about shitting on MGTOWism when women are doing it.

No. 622982

yeah skeptic is sure intelligent and a great """husband""". he's literally a fucking moron who lusts after trannies.. shuwu is beyond pathetic and desperate.

No. 622988

File: 1530129405202.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, A73232BB-30CA-46CE-8F6E-52B71D…)

“But the menzzz!”

Pandering ass bitch.

No. 623008

File: 1530131141868.png (11.02 KB, 488x153, 6JhNtRf.png)

"I lost interest in them." More like "I don't want to alienate more than half of my fanbase uwu."

Does she not realize Terry Crews is an evul feminist? Surprised she didn't find a way to mock him

No. 623017

File: 1530131513224.png (116.92 KB, 579x238, oiOziTr.png)

Oh man this was also in her likes. Talk about lack of self awareness. Why does she hate Ben Shapiro again? You'd think she'd be all over his dick considering who she is

No. 623020

he believes that trannies are gross pornsick men that want to perv on women (his only correct take). plus i think he dunked on her or fatty once and shes still pissed about it.

No. 623061

It's because trannies and chasers are actually the same thing (look it up - they're the same psychologically). It's only natural that they have the same narcissistic coping mechanisms.

No. 623083

It's not serious though, it was a joke that became a meme after some shitty SJW website started screeching about milk being racist somehow

No. 623087

Not fooled by the padding

No. 623222

Sure. It's like the equivalent of when ppl go out of their way to praise grandpa for making it down a flight of stairs without falling on his ass.

Basically just trying to make them feel better. Which would be nice and everything if it weren't so transparent. It just comes off as patronizing.

No. 623357

File: 1530165118601.png (337.03 KB, 612x1160, sWTs2ds.png)

No. 623363

Their fans are even more pathetic.

>If I make an ironic comment then it totally isn't scumbag behaviour, r-right guys?? ha ha…

No. 623387

Amuses me how the smegma-sucking fans of Preg always get so defensive on his behalf. Because heaven forbid his actions are criticized, that could reflect poorly on their tastes in youtube personalities! Oh no.

No. 623391

Kek that guy is so triggered

Probably the type of person who would publicly disrespect their S.O like Greg does, because “a god deserves multiple slaves sometimes”, amirite?

No. 623417

No. 623440

Ok, this thumbnail… I guess this pose is her answer to Greg’s stupid DreamWorks smirk. Does she not understand how hideously big her hands are to be doing the “thinking pose”?

Also, why can’t she leave Gorillaz alone? She’s so dumb for saying she wanted more 2D vocal songs, Damon Albarn has literally 3 other projects where he does all the vocals. Go pick one of them up you stupid cunt. I’m sure this is a case of her having a crush on the 2D character or something. Lol

No. 623442

File: 1530181133138.png (105.63 KB, 574x662, fvNz3OI.png)

Someone's cranky. You could even say he's proved himself to be a petty little petulant child.

No. 623453

>i have no hobbies but i luuub gorillaz its just like vocaloids xDD omg a random conspiracy theorist think they are satan??? omg omg omg xDd soo dum!!!!

Woah! Another great video from June LaPorta. $2000 well earned.

No. 623467

June and Greg have hit the bottom of the barrel if they have to start making videos on conspiracy theorists

No. 623506

>I don't have many interests
Lol she definitely lurks here. she's trying so hard to meme this part of criticism by being'''''self-aware'''' and quirky but completely falls on her fucking face. it just makes her look sad, pathetic and boring. well done.

No. 623508

It's not the fact that she admits those things that makes her this way but the fact that she sees nothing wrong with that. She sees that as a part of her ''quirky'' personality that should be left untouchable cause she's so special and unique, not like those other normies that live a full life and have mental resources to do stuff. No wonder she's almost got 1 million subscribers. That must be a proof (so she thinks).

This narcissistic delusion must be a defense mechanism that masks her actual state just like people with personality disorders or whatnot have it. It is sad so I'm not bitching about it. On the other hand, the fact that she's involved in political debates and bullying of people makes a lot of difference so I think she should be exposed for what she is and it doesn't make me feel actually sad.

No. 623521

File: 1530193724368.jpg (155.41 KB, 1024x838, Cm_OaVrWcAAYgaH.jpg)

what could you possibly be talking about, anon? everyone knows shuwu has tiny children hands - just look at this pic

No. 623530

i love how she always covers half of her hand with Preg's or crops it out almost entirely, so that you can't tell how long and big her hands truly are, kek.

that infantile thumb grabbing she does makes me want to vomit. The fact that she straight up calls pedophilia a ''kink'' makes this even more disgusting to look at.

not sure if she's really into ddlg, I think she just has to appear ''smol, young and submissive uwu'' at all costs, that's all she cares about and it's her entire personality at this point. she's so desperate that she's willing to date a fat, retarded moron who publicly treats her like shit, has a tranny fetish and bigger tits and wider hips than her.

No. 623535

She's starting to rely entirely on the screaming for her "entertainment" value. June has always been obnoxious, but she's done more screaming in her last three videos than most of her old videos combined, and those still had plenty of screeching in them. She can't think of anything funny to say, so she just compensates by giving her opinions as loudly as possible and waits for the bucks to roll in.

No. 623546

Can't she just go more in depth about her love of Gorillaz? Does it have to be another "exposed" video? This video was really shallow and boring. I guess that's to be expected.

No. 623598

''They do that on purpose'' ''It's a cartoon'' ''It's not real''. She can't even think through enough to come up with non-shallow arguments while replying to conspiracy theory video. It doesn't even say anything against this dude's points because conspiracy theorists believe these things are intentional and he knows the cartoon isn't real. She's being capitain obvious and talking like a shallow normie teenager. But I guess embarrassing low-hanging fruits gives her views.

No. 623599

It's funny how small preg's hands are, especially for someone who is 6'3. He has tiny baby hands and chubby fingers. What a daddy dom.

No. 623601

Also notice how she responds to male who made this video calling him ''sweety'', ''honey'' vs how she responds to female feminists

No. 623602

why can't she stop being so cringy
that fucking stupid "thinking" finger pose and her saying "whomst" out loud.. it's so horrible.

No. 623605

I like how she straight-up admits her usual fare is political at the beginning of this particular “bideo.”

So much for the “issa meme” excuse.

No. 623614

>junes hideous caked makeup that makes her look like an old meth addict whore
>jumping on the "feminists think all sex is rape!" band wagon
>gregs weird autistic kiss that makes it look like he's about to deepthroat a dick
>claiming feminists think women can't rape
>tumblr angle to make her beady eyes look bigger
>men joking about women getting raped is men laughing at rape being bad not rape being good because innocent wittle mens can never do no wrong
>her chapped as thin white girl lips
>claiming powr wittle mens are terrified of being falsely accused so feminists shouldn't talk about rape, but women being scared of rape is feminazi paranoia

No. 623623

"In denial about liking vocaloids", uhh, there is literally nothing similar besides that they've made characters for the music? She's so dumb. Albarn and others ACTUALLY sing, there is literally no similarity between Gorillaz and vocaloids. She couldn't even do enough research to know the difference but claims to be such a big Gorillaz fan? It's actually pretty offensive considering more work goes into Gorillaz albums than putting lyrics and melodies into a synthesizer.

I hate her. I'm guessing this is her attempt to strawman feminists (usually radfems) who say "women can't rape (legally)", because that's literally fact in multiple countries. In the UK, the legal code is written in a way that excludes women from raping, that is, penetrative sex with a penis is required to "rape", and women forcing themselves on men that don't consent is considered sexual assault. It's a legal distinction made by certain countries. Go cry about it to the men that made these laws, not women that are repeating the reality back to you, you absolute pissbaby.

No. 623625

well yes, but even the most radfems I know are protesting against that, even amy schumer is getting tons of hate from the feminists shoe hates so much for having sex with a drunk guy in college
my point isn't that this doesn't happen, but acting as if all feminists are evil and think women don't rape is insane and really shitty considering some feminists efforts

No. 623633

Of course it doesn't, I'm just saying, she has to strawman and twist everything. i wasn't calling you a pissbaby, btw, i meant her, lol. i've seen radfems simply explain how the legal code works in certain countries, and seen them demonized just for explaining it. but yeah, of course it doesn't happen beyond this. she just has to make it seem like she's the only SPECIAL AND SMART AND HOT girl in the world that is proteccting the poor widdle mans and will happily suck their dicks unlike the rest of the women in the world, who are all bitchy, hairy, and fat.

No. 623652

Yeah, for such a huge Gorillaz fan she claims to be, I expected her to actually explain the whole occult/satanist thing. Argument why it isn't meant to be actually evil.

Instead she just played into conspiracy guy's argument and her point at the end was "some people are into good things and some people are into bad things mmmkay?"

Her shallow arguments will flow over people heads again though because she purposely chose easy target again that's already overshading her with ridiculousness.
I can't believe people give money to see this shit though.

No. 623655


Back when she was 50 pounds lighter and Preggy seemed enthusiatic to be with her…

…How the times change…

No. 623671


Do people enjoy hearing her screech? She needs a better quality mic then cause her screams sound like shit. So distorted.
Also kek at how she says that Gorillaz was created for people who love Vocaloids but etc. I get it's meant to be a fun soundbite but it sounds morronic as Vocaloids are older than Gorillaz (or at least as we know them, with anime mascots and cutesy music videos). Agree that they are nothing alike. I expected her to explain the lore but it didn't happen. She's meant to be a smart debunker yet she does not see how cartoons being not real does not change the fact that they can affect people. She could say that the band is not meant to be emulated or does not glorify satanism etc. but she stops at cartoons not being real. Ok.

Sad how she's supposed to be into Gorillaz and has barely anything to say. A fake fan if I ever saw one. I literally cannot shut up about what my fave bands mean to me if someone is willing to listen (which luckily happens rarely kek). June has an audience and yet she does not say anything. Like why Murdoc is her fave? What does she think about the records? Best videos? and so on.

Do people genuinely enjoy her content?
I was disappointed by her voice. Not very uwu kawaii.

No. 623674

More like she doesn't know anything about Vocaloids but has to mention them because she's totally a kawaii animu loli right guys uwu

No. 623680

The unholy spawn of TJ and Kristie Winters

No. 623716

What does this even mean? What is the context?

No. 623797

Did anyone else notice how she pronounced aesthetic?


No. 623844

>>stop ruining our videos
Can you imagine being so devoid of self awareness that you believe it’s the platform and not your own shitty topic selection/content, editing, talking points, etc., that makes a video “ruined”?
This man-child needs a handler ASAP.

No. 623976

File: 1530240315307.jpg (372.48 KB, 2048x1466, IMG_20180628_224404.jpg)

jesus christ her wig looks bad. June you realize you could get a lace front, monofilament or silk top, human hair wig for less than $1k, right? she's seriously letting herself get robbed lol.

No. 623980

she probably thinks she's too smol and different to go to a quality wig shop

honestly, it's not even about the wig quality anymore it's the same hairstyle thats really unflattering on her and gets more unflattering as the years go by, like she looks like she smells like hot dog water and a yeast infection

No. 623982

Jajajaja, I laffed so hard it came out in Spanish.

Agreed, and I don’t think Greg could help matters any. He looks like he could be wearing too much cologne or thinks he can get away with skipping a shower or two (or 5 with his greasy looking ass) and douse himself in it.

No. 623986

File: 1530241661233.png (420.33 KB, 750x1334, A4DA9FC3-D043-4493-8063-8AE54D…)

Another skeptic fail (his original question deleted, unfortunately).

My favorite part is how he really is outraged at being mocked for asking a stupid question. I feel sorry for June all of a sudden. Lawl

No. 624004

assuming the "I take 5 showers a day teehee" thing is true, she probably does, along with messing around with greasy greg who scratches his asshole before fingering her, god knows what infections and diseases lurk in her "meat flaps"

No. 624089

File: 1530251073169.png (76.62 KB, 603x585, jBBhVpW.png)

Spending four months every year in Shuwu's room = being totally immersed in American culture.

Got it.

No. 624098

By Americans he means shuwu and himself

But the dude is right, using new yorkers, or big urban city folks in general to represent Americans is like going to bangcock and claiming thats what all thai people are like, or going to amsterdam and claiming that's what all scandis are like and so on, urban people just tend to be shitty all over the world mang

No. 624100

>Sit down

He is starting to sound like Shuwu in her not-so-kawaii angry guido mode.

No. 624109

This reminds me of that one video shuwu made (“compliments are harassment” or something like that) where she went on and on about “basic bitches with flower crowns” using “woke twitter” lingo phrases such as “sit down”. Kek.

Honestly Preg is so easily triggered it’s insane. If there’s one thing about him that isn’t thick, it’s his skin.

No. 624124

Jesus.. what a miserable son of a bitch lol.

He's really exactly what shoe deserves.

No. 624134

Like this jackass has any room to call other people arrogant when he goes around claiming to be a MENSA IQ genius while being an idiot, blames his parents for his academic failures, and can't take criticism without throwing some sort of bitch fit. I would tell him to sit his ass down, but that ogre needs some exercise.

No. 624199


Based on a very quick Google, the Canadian judicial system is fairly similar at least in the respect of occasionally changing precedent and he may be ignorant of his own country as well.

No. 624206

File: 1530271169198.png (316.74 KB, 590x562, TSSBQV2.png)

he's so sensitive

No. 624211

Sometimes I think it's June replying and blocking on behalf of him but then I realize I'm just falling into their narrative of Septic being the more calmer, rational man when hebis actually the same type of insecure dumb sperg like June.

No. 624278

File: 1530284860216.jpg (163.31 KB, 675x1200, DgzIShOVAAAlyvh.jpg)

No. 624287

File: 1530286092752.jpg (450.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180629-072754_Twi…)

Ugh is all I gotta say and of course they give her an uwu Disney princess waist.

No. 624289

What is that thing? It looks like idubbbz in drag

No. 624297

Why is every cancer bitch suddenly a huge gorillaz fan?

No. 624298

File: 1530287203154.png (449.61 KB, 580x616, fIMpOML.png)

No. 624375

I'm surprised they didn't draw her to look like Murdoc since she's such a big fan of him and all…

No. 624393

>going to amsterdam and claiming that's what all scandis are like

found the american

No. 624397

The man hands are accurate at least

No. 624429

and those wide-ass shoulders

No. 624617

File: 1530310823522.png (204.62 KB, 400x560, melman_icon-copy.png)

whats up with those awful faces

No. 624621

Other than the obvious #FailureInArt and #FailureInStyle Iwonder how many of her fans want to draw for instance Scarfgirl being humiliated, or Juwune gushing over Hontra, or Juwune DUNKIN on the 2 year old Shapiro tweet, or Juwune DUNKIN on noname twitterpeople who don't like her channel, or Juwune instablocking everybody, or Juwune fanboying Metokur (who is btw very trans-exculsionary, i wonder when she will address it).
Gotta love these selective moments to draw on paper.

No. 624628

File: 1530311765773.png (55.41 KB, 566x564, 9oUtsuE.png)

"they thought I quit months ago"

kek. if only.

No. 624635

They said "you should have quit months ago" but he misheard

No. 624711

LOL @ “we’re partners”

They’re more like children getting an allowance from big daddy Youtube. Youtube has incentivized uploading content by giving creators a share of ad-revenue. The agreement between creators and YouTube is completely one-sided. Creators are subject to any change Youtube might want to make. If this were a true partnership where Greg had any power at all, he would be able to break things off with YouTube and try with another platform.

It’s hilarious because people who make a career out of making Youtube videos are gaming a system that is in no way obligated to honor content creators. And the content creators COMPLETELY rely on YouTube lol. Like Greg can’t break up with YouTube and go to Vimeo. There’s no money in that. YouTube is the only way for him to do this. He’s completely at their mercy.

If YouTube stops working for him he’ll be forced to go back to driving buses, I guess.

No. 624716

I know June’s criticized working for the man or whatever, but people who actually have marketable skills can leave their employer and find a new one when things go to shit.

No. 624751

preg is so cocky and self important that he actually thinks he is "partners" with youtube and i just think it's hilarious. i don't care that people make money from youtube now. it will always be a social media site like it was in 2007, not some partner business besides that weird youtube red bullshit nobody cares about. like you said, it really is daddy giving an allowance to people if they get popular enough. preg is a pathetic narcissistic fatty.

No. 624957

june and preg aren't even popular by youtube standards. youtube only cares about channels with millions of subscribers, preggory is a tiny insignificant bug

No. 624988

File: 1530324542879.png (36.99 KB, 565x333, UhfMRH0.png)

No. 624998

she's got almost a million though.

No. 625114

Yes, please! Stop embarrassing yourself with all the bdsm cringe and stop getting your followers to dogpile small accounts!

No. 625352

File: 1530347942311.jpg (796.16 KB, 600x808, UIQjGrA.jpg)


What is she talking about? How stupid do her fans have to be not to see her constant flip-flopping? She can never stay consistent about any of her opinions, whether it's political or personal

She can BARELY stay one day off twitter, she literally said in the gorillaz video from not even 2 days ago that twitter is one of her ''interests''?

…Or maybe, did the people on twitter laughing about her diaper ass get to her?

No. 625380

No. 625420

>maybe, did the people on twitter laughing about her diaper ass get to her?
Most likely, considering she got that triggered over skater skirt gate and begged for validation from her fanboys, who knows what was going inside her mind considering even several men made fun of her buttpads

But being june, no matter how much people hand her silicon pads to her, she will always resort back to the same cheating, male attention thirsty, delusional hoe she is, so I give her a few weeks before making another status on twitter humblebragging about her butt, hips or waist

No. 625806

File: 1530388269881.jpeg (122.4 KB, 1125x447, B797FC42-9538-4E47-8572-E80C80…)

No. 625891

File: 1530394079118.png (245.35 KB, 582x754, oGNYxEy.png)

>I don't talk about race
>I'm just gonna post my videos and leave

>Or maybe, did the people on twitter laughing about her diaper ass get to her?
Probably. I think it's also because people were mocking Gerg's dumb posts and he threw a temper tantrum in response.

No. 625892

File: 1530394122650.png (276.82 KB, 588x1340, bPYOFcg.png)

No. 625908

File: 1530395748764.png (80.52 KB, 595x559, friendly reminder uwu.png)

No. 625911

File: 1530395945497.jpg (101.72 KB, 300x256, 9dYx21I.jpg)

Kek remember when June bitched about YT cringe compilations because they essentially ''add nothing to the conversation/use other people's content''?
All she adds to already existing content is ''lololol look at this dum idiot xDDD''. She literally is a cringe compilation channel.

>I stopped talking about gender
Pic related

No. 625941

>She literally is a cringe compilation channel
in more ways than one, amirite?

No. 625945

>that caption
Wig really doesn't like people telling her where she doesn't belong, can't stand the rejection.

No. 625988

she literally did a buzzfeed cringe vid a bit ago and just said like yesterday she's going to do another one and "it's worse than you thought" or s/t along those lines

No. 626009

File: 1530407240606.png (176.18 KB, 874x852, wdaf.PNG)

this guy is rabid obsessed

No. 626015

why does he hate other women so much

No. 626017

does this guy search june's name everyday. what a creepy freak.

No. 626024

>other june is ugly
she's better looking than him that's for sure. combined with >>621689 it seems like he hates any woman that's not june.

does he not realize june would have bullied him in hs?

No. 626064

Who are we kidding, June would bully him NOW if he weren't her sycophant.

No. 626066

What's this? An individual is getting tons of praise and attention from the opposite sex simply because they trash talk their own gender?

It seems so…familiar…

No. 626104

This is why we need a lauren southern part 2 tbh

No. 626144

who the fuck does Mayu think he is calling women ugly when he looks like >>621359

No. 626155

This Mayu guy has to be trolling at this point. Fuck, I hate weeb trannies like him so much, they’re some of the worst type of misogynists. Honestly can’t blame Shoe for not wanting to be too close with this creepy motherfucker. Disgusting.

No. 626158

No. 626160

why is this ugly tranny so obsessed with calling actual real women ugly except for shuwu who actually is ugly in multiple ways lol

No. 626161

File: 1530426137684.png (512.47 KB, 836x417, g2JaZg1.png)

"kill me if I ever show cleavage on my channel uwu"

No. 626162

File: 1530426330085.jpg (53.28 KB, 621x398, 45678.jpg)

how the fuck

No. 626169

>dat editing to make his face look more animu gurl feminine uwu

hmm just like shuwu, no wonder mayu is obsessed with her.

No. 626171

Angles and a beauty app.

No. 626174

File: 1530429161980.png (76.61 KB, 856x628, shuwu skinwalker.PNG)

at least shuwu still looks like the same person. mayo went from catatonic 14 year old girl to 14 year old girl's 45 year old father who kills women and wears their skins.
all of the edgy anti-sjw trannies act that way

No. 626176

they think it's so cute when Preg talks over her in every video on her own fucking channel, don't they? i'd be so embarrassed, but i'm just a ''normie vanilla fuck'' so i guess i don't understand their complex, deep dynamic.

No. 626178

File: 1530430379144.jpg (37.13 KB, 772x204, ugh .jpg)

why are her fans such morons. i'm fed up

No. 626180

what the FUCK is that wig for the love of god shoe, watch some youtube hair tutorials and drop the myspace 2007 cut. what a mess.

also at 4:43
>I once made a joke about you being the ''golden alpha'' and having an extra Y chromosome and someone took it dead ass serious
kek, she lurks 100%.
I hate the ''it's a joke XD'' cop out. She realized too late how retarded she sounded because she made it look like he had a genetic disorder that was discussed in the last thread.

No. 626182

she's probably reading this thread right now and crying because it's all too accurate to handle. there is a reason she doesn't """""dunk"""" on us all and send her rabid little patreon suck-ups here to defend her. it's because she's legitimately scared of anything here being seen by her deluded fanbase

No. 626190

That facial structure is tragic. If no one told me this was a tranny I would just straight up think he is a fat, greasy cisman with long hair.

No. 626197

She can't blame us for taking it seriously tho: he does look like he has an extra chromosome and she's dumb enough of a bitch to think that's a good thing.

No. 626201

File: 1530433224325.jpg (86.7 KB, 1465x775, oRmEn6l.jpg)


Shoe's entire career is based on others sexualizing her or her sexualizing herself. Of course she and her fans will claim that this is not the case, but it couldn't be more obvious. Just look at comments like >>626178.

She has no value as an actual commentator - her only trait is being female, sexual and ''submissive''. She refuses to/can't debate, admits that she is uninformed on almost all topics she speaks about, doesn't bother to do research, has no entertainment value and is incredibly thin-skinned. Shoe relies entirely on being the token female in a male community.

Her fans are so delusional and thirsty that they desperately try to convince themselves that she's ~not like other female youtubers that use tits for views~ because shoe panders so hard to them. They're the lowest tier of lonely neckbeard men and ''not like other girls uwu'' women that are just like her.

Imagine if Shoe wouldn't dedicate her entire existence to male pandering and her channel would be normie level female youtuber - she'd get fucking fried by them for showing cleavage, wearing heavy make up, wigs, talking about sex and taking suggestive pictures. It's so pathetic and transparent and I'll never understand how much you'd have to hate yourself to appeal to that kind of audience.

No. 626204

Agreed. If these threads were inaccurate she'd make videos/tweets of herself and Shreg reading them and make fun of the things said here because she ''loves cringe'', as she always says.

It's why she pretended to not know the site's proper name in her discord and told the people in the chat and her friends to ignore the threads, lel. She's scared they'll see her true colors.

No. 626209

exactly, i thought that too when i wrote my post, it all adds up so obviously. we really have her running scared

No. 626250

Exactly. She had no problem going through her Rationwiki.

No. 626266

@ 10:45
>and that was the only jab at physical appearance i've ever done on a video

No. 626302

Not funny or entertaining. Why are her fans so retarded?
Love it how she has to put up with his sexist treatment all the time cause of what she said on the internet and her ''cool girl'' persona she plays for precious male attention

No. 626306

Blair's gun isn't even on target.

Sage for nitpick.

No. 626307

He's extremely ugly and manly is both photo. Anyone who isn't a retarded tranny chaser could clock him.

No. 626322

I always knew that she's a liar, but this is so blatantly obvious, how has no one ever called her out on it?
fucking cunt.

No. 626332

The original title for this video was Rape is Bad, btw. I wonder if she changed it because she realized what poor taste it was or she was forced to.

I love how she thinks that she needs to explain rape jokes and why people shouldn't get offended by them because the joke is 'rApe Is BaD duh lol' Would you say that to a fucking rape victim June? Would you explain to them why they shouldn't get upset at a joke trivializing their trauma?

This bitch thinks she's so smart and can condescend to tell other people, possibly victims, what they can and can't be offended by.

No. 626392

File: 1530462788114.jpg (46.91 KB, 578x619, Bvwg8AO.jpg)

>someone born with a womb

SJW confirmed.

No. 626439

it is technically correct

No. 626443

right. i just think it's interesting how she avoids using pronouns at all costs (she does that with trans trenders too) because she's that scared of offending people on either side.

No. 626485

Does June wear circle lenses? Considering her horrendous makeup, she seems like the type of person who doesn't even know what they are despite being sooo ~anime uwu~
What is the point of tagging her in this weeb post?

Those idiots literally think the only way to sexualize yourself is to show cleavage and present yourself as one of those basic internet hoes. But June is too innocent and kawaii for that uwu

No. 626615

File: 1530484570552.png (247.03 KB, 573x396, XUqW9IE.png)

No. 626616

File: 1530484585050.jpg (76.62 KB, 1200x829, DhCx_iKUEAAjIUW.jpg)

No. 626636

File: 1530486116113.png (260.45 KB, 926x399, o7LRpRz.png)

You guys think she's going to get married sometime soon? It seems like she's talking about marriage even more lately

No. 626638

I would also be horrified and distraught if I woke up next to that

No. 626696

File: 1530491155653.png (468.54 KB, 1157x489, 6LTulTi.png)

>pride shirt time
>no lesbian/gay themed shirts
>only sells bi/trans themed shirts


No. 626731

i actually can't stand that he does a dreamworks face in every photo, it shouldn't bother me so much but holy fuck. Does he not realize how stupid that makes him look.

No. 626736

>haha, you're cool too


No. 626737

>another country
bruh. he's from Canada and you're from the US. chill. she tries so hard to seem special every chance she gets.

No. 626738

File: 1530494460940.jpg (11.94 KB, 400x263, when 2 become 1.jpg)

No. 626753

File: 1530495780343.png (425.65 KB, 570x526, fUq6vKv.png)

little firecracker

No. 626754

File: 1530495789977.jpg (142.79 KB, 1200x900, DhEEkx9W0AEoFs2.jpg)

No. 626775

File: 1530499457735.jpeg (330.77 KB, 750x913, 13191943-E63C-443C-8044-4D0712…)

Isn’t this the Anisa cuck? He thirsts for another cow too?

No. 626823

File: 1530503207201.png (148 KB, 540x585, no you are not.PNG)

No. 626827

I think Juneski makes enough money to buy wigs that are just a touch more realistic looking, right? That looks like bad Barbie hair, it’s so plastic.

No. 626834

File: 1530503818184.jpg (487.17 KB, 1080x1479, Screenshot_2018-07-01-22-55-21…)

This response

No. 626856

wat. wasn't she just trying to say she's slytherin?

No. 626857

This person is so stupid. June secretly thinks they're just an annoying anime loser.

No. 626902

look, grocery finally acknowledges his fiancée. he even called her that too!

No. 626903

I don’t want to be Canadian anymore

No. 626906

Why does she like to polish his ego with his heritage? I swear she does anything for validation, such as worshipping where he comes from. It makes me think if grocery wasn’t from canada, and was from any country in the world, would she do the same thing? This is kind of embarrassing.

>look gweg i luv canuckies now post this to twitter bc i want ur validation uwu I love canada guys canuck socks for you

No. 626909

canada isn’t really much of a big deal. it’s same as the us. if Greg was from the us she wouldn’t be doing this. Unless..

>uwu I love my big strong american hot dog eating champ daddy gweg <3

No. 626913

god me either. shuwu ruined my life

No. 626916

i don't get it. i'm canadian and my boyfriend in from the US and i would never ever dress up all patriotic just because he was born there.. she's seriously an attention whore that's it.

No. 626917

Maybe if he was born in the South she would be wearing confederate socks

No. 626920

I think she lies about having to buy $2000 wigs because she obviously gets some Party City tier shit for $15 and funnels rest of her patreon money to her manbaby dom's account so he can buy a new overpriced Star Wars toy.

No. 626921

>sorted into hufflepuff
>wears slytherin hoodie

A true fan, lmao. Not to sound all neckbeard-y, but I can guarantee you she has not read the books and is just jumping on the trend because HP is very mainstream nowadays, whereas before it was more of a ''nerdy'' thing - never mind she used to bully girls who were actually fans of the franchise. She has absolutely no shame.

>Maybe if he was born in the South she would be wearing confederate socks
Kek, this 100%. Shoe is a picture book attention whore. She wouldn't care if it went against her morals either as long she can thrive on internet attention.

No. 626930

God damn, Shoe can't style herself for shit.
You'd think for someone who essentially makes a living off of her looks she would know that nothing she's wearing matches.
That godawful wig/hairstyle doesn't go with the headband at all. The glasses are horrible for her face shape. The bangs are too long and overpower her face. The shirt and her nails is so out of place and random.

She has so much time and money and her some of her only interests are skincare, make up and fashion yet she still looks a complete mess 24/7.
Honestly I don't even think she cares about those things since she doesn't even know the basics of skincare, never experiments with her style, never tries anything new….she is so boring.

Sage for nitpick.

No. 626956

That squeaky uwu laugh she does annoys me

No. 627023

File: 1530543314485.png (207.15 KB, 1090x540, 2lnDXKz.png)

No. 627039

kek, not even. he called her his 'fiance', not 'fiancee'. so embarrassing.

No. 627065

he looks so dead inside lmao

No. 627067

File: 1530548782895.jpg (28.55 KB, 366x327, why-you-always-lying_o_6046735…)

Kek, I swear she had said stuff before I mean-she made an apology for comments she apparently made about BLM.
Also she admits, yet again shes dumb but expects people to take her thoughts on these subjects seriously? Fucking kek how can her fans not understand how much of an attention seeking thot she is?!

No. 627176

File: 1530557858697.png (544.67 KB, 464x697, armoured_skepticshrink_by_kari…)

is this supposed to be flattering?
I can't tell if it's fan art or just pointing out that greg is uggo.

No. 627202

File: 1530559872686.png (74.13 KB, 436x524, shoe_by_karisean-da0umw9.png)

that's possibly the only accurate fanart that exists of him.

No. 627215

not enough philtrum, as usual. the artists always make it way too short in the fanart, kek.

No. 627255

'radfems' ideology is so interesting to me' and yet shuwu knows nothing about radfems at all. she gets all her info on them from lying trannies. if it's so 'fascinating' to her why hasn't she read any writing actually by them? instead of watching riley j penis's strawman videos and arguing that 'oooh TERFS want to kill all trans ppl!!' if you can even call her mindless drivel an 'argument' kek

No. 627267

>defending TERFS


No. 627270

they always shorten her face to make it less horselike lol, at least they included her huge tumor cheeks though.

No. 627274

File: 1530566316816.jpg (114.22 KB, 730x905, 1524609866759.jpg)

Are you lost?

No. 627288

File: 1530567279535.png (60.23 KB, 581x517, hqqy8Bd.png)

>not mentally draining or divisive

>pretty niche fanbase

Gorillaz are extremely mainstream/popular (or as she would say, normie), what the hell is she talking about?

And her non-feminist vids consistently get less views her "lul stoopid feminists xDDD" hot takes, so obviously a decent portion of her fanbase don't connect with her.

No. 627297

lol shuwu has no clue what an actual niche fanbase is.

No. 627305

File: 1530568461524.jpg (62.93 KB, 588x639, would you like to sit on greg'…)

>downloaded a free font, typed out a very weak middle-of-the-road "I don't stand for anything" statement and put it on teespring
>designing great shit

>preg's star wars toy fund

>a great cause

No. 627328

Extremely niche band that are on YouTube trending for a week plus every time they release a single, teaser track or sneeze.


No. 627330

File: 1530571189395.png (57.85 KB, 575x524, vtuluYn.png)

No. 627423

>gorillaz has a niche fan base

Literally everyone who cares about music is a Gorillaz fan.

No. 627428

In her Gorillaz vid she said something like "those of you who are thinking 'gorillas, like the animal?', leave" as if there still are people in this day and age who haven't heard about Gorillaz.
Is she trying to make it seem like she's cool and unique and listening to some really obscure underground stuff, instead of a really well known mainstream band?

No. 627449

well not people who care about old music like classic rock or grunge but yeah it's obviously not niche

No. 627508

Is maya legitimately a man or are you guys just saying that because she/he looks like one and it's kind of a joke? I'm confused. I watched a video and although his/her audio isn't very good it sounded feminine enough.

No. 627510

he's an actual male

No. 627511

I hate how all these insecure cunts take selfies upside down/sideways it's the most annoying fucking thing.

No. 627514

File: 1530585587960.png (13.32 KB, 377x157, xQvuLzk.png)

I'm sorry anon but what are you on? He sounds and looks 110% male. Even in his shooped pics he looks like a dude. Passing transwomen exist but he is not an example of one.

No. 627516

mfw even this hideous shuwu worshipping tranny admits that shuwu looks like a fucking who


No. 627542

Holy fuck I must've been really sleepy or the volume was down, that's most definitely a man jesus christ. I guess I was on something.

No. 627739

lol she's thirsty as fuck for feminists/feminism. Has it ever occurred to her why she's so 'passionate' about it? I'm pretty sure she's aware she feels like if it wasn't for male attention then she'd fall into pieces and feminists contradict it. She's got serious mental issues because she's super thirsty for attention and her entire life revolves around shitting on feminism.

No. 627747

File: 1530610959562.png (57.99 KB, 570x400, JjLZR8b.png)

but feminists control society! who else is equipped to stop those evil harpies other than june and her muh wage gap button?

No. 627758

>subscribed to the circlejerk
She doesn't even realize she's admitting to how much of an echo chambered, bubble of no nuance that is her screeching about feminism validated by her army of greasebeards and troons.

No. 627759

I love how triggered she gets whenever someone brings up the fact that there are women who do things for male attention. She feels so called out and personally attacked, lol.

She tries to act like women like her that are thirsty for male attention don't even exist. Does she think no one knows that she's been attention whoring on image boards for like a decade?

No. 627777

File: 1530614875883.png (1.14 MB, 1437x1631, Screenshot_2018-07-03-05-42-47…)

Poor Derrick is being reduced to her token trans friend like always lul
Dunno why Derrick couldn't have just found this out themself, but no June had to make it public. "Look guys I make sure to care about trans people!"

No. 627780

buddy we are the terfs you will not find sympathy for scrots in dresses here

No. 627810

Every single "friend" of her is only reduced to a tool she can use to gain attention. Once she doesn't have any use for them, she just stops hanging with them and finds a new tool.

In high school she jumped from one clique to another.

What happened to her friends during her university days and unichan days? She hanged out with them then suddenly dropped them in a second.

Then she went back to Derrick. She says they haven't talked for years but are now "gud friendos" just because she could use Derrick being trans for cookie points.

She even uses her retarded boyfriend for attention just to paint an image of submissive innocent waifu uwu, but cucks herself in the process lmao.

I know friends come and go, but with June you can see a pattern. Everything is used as a tool to gain attention, that's why she is addicted to internet so much.

No. 627827

File: 1530623171445.jpg (36.03 KB, 319x316, 1529931041676.jpg)

Didn't shuwu and her followers get triggered over a male actor playing a transwomen? So it's ok if it's a pretty actress because she's more 'aesthetically pleasing to the eye' trans character but, a man portraying a realistic looking tranwoman is offensive?

none of them realize how shallow their opinions are, they literally base everything off how it looks or sounds instead of realizing if your going to be all for lgbtq it includes accepting the fucking gross looking weirdos included.

But no, lets just portray every trans person as a 10/10 instead of giving them realistic representations to relate too.

No. 627858

just because you sperg the hardest doesn't mean everyone here is a terf, just that we don't feel the need to bring it up everywhere

No. 627869

fucking thank you. It's lolcowfarm, not terfchan.

No. 627880

>It's lolcowfarm
could've fooled me, it's basically tumblrchan nowadays

No. 627885

funny that you mention it as most terfs are active on tumblr. Maybe you should fuck off from here and join your radlabiawomyn friends there?

No. 627888

by "terfs" that anon probably just meant "women who don't buy into tranny retardation," which really is what 99% of the posters itt are.

No. 627896

File: 1530632755168.png (214.57 KB, 574x662, eBxRKqt.png)

No. 627909

>triggered by terfs
found the tranny lol

No. 627915

This. If you’re female and you don’t swallow the trans narrative whole you’re a filthy turf by shuwu standards. Likewise, if you criticise the way June sucks up to anyone with a dick while tearing down other women, you’re a hysterical feminist. Welcome to the club, your badges are on the table.

No. 627922

Nah, just an anon who's neither buying the 'transwomen are the real women' narrative nor sperging about how all trannies are evil incarnate. Both extremes are cringe as fuck

No. 627973

>scrots in dresses
Go away, power dyke.

June’s catering to trannies and inability to see women as human are bad enough without us shitting on the trannies and elevating teh womynz.

No. 627990

>h-hey girls, I totes care about the wamen haha I'm one of you ladies! Don't you think we're a bit too mean to trannies though? H-haha!

Back to tumblr, Alice.

No. 628006

can someone shoop this so her philtrum is more accurate

No. 628054

looks like the STOOPID feminist, emma watson way more than june, lel. couldn't look any less like june tbh

No. 628056

File: 1530648343033.jpg (145.87 KB, 574x695, 1530632755168_mr1530648316109.…)


Here is my sloppy edot using meitu app on my phone.

Artist did their best to portray her as a cute anime girl and even made her eyeliner look decent. ai tried to make it more realistic.

No. 628064

File: 1530648974539.png (1.2 MB, 1796x2047, Untitled-2.png)

my attempt at correction

No. 628092

File: 1530650275562.jpg (28.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 628109

he literally looks retarded here. but you know, he's a genius, handsome big daddy and everyone shall bow down to his incredible presence.

No. 628110

lmao, shrink the eyes and pull them closer together and make the face just a little longer and it'll be picture perf

No. 628154


No. 628172

File: 1530655360191.png (763.97 KB, 1053x1200, 82A14C3B-43A0-4984-966A-E1F6F4…)

heres my edit

No. 628174

this would be a good thread pic

No. 628191

This one looks the most FASsy and like her so-this one.

No. 628197

eyes just need to be slightly smoler uwu

No. 628237

File: 1530662051523.png (182.31 KB, 720x715, 20180703_195123.png)

The anon who was talking about her being wet for 2D vocals was right.

No. 628239

Shuwu's wig tho

No. 628244

File: 1530662780454.png (320.67 KB, 646x370, 20180703_200607.png)

June in 2 years.

No. 628245

Who calls damon albarn '2D'? I've never seen anyone do that before her wtf

No. 628247

Kylie's not as ugly or old as june tho. June doesn't even have the potential to look as good as Khloe imo, fas is a hell of a drug.

No. 628248

File: 1530663048993.jpg (310.62 KB, 947x1080, 1530655360191_mr1530663031899.…)

I had to

No. 628252

she can't blow all her money on plastic surgery like kylie though because preg needs his big boy toys

No. 628254

This actually looks like her and it also looks like better art.

No. 628255

this one would be flawless if her cheeks were bigger and her chin was slightly longer and narrower

No. 628264

File: 1530664684713.png (1.12 MB, 655x1023, 20180703_200541.png)

Looks like preg's balding

No. 628273

File: 1530665235366.png (59.03 KB, 580x478, yfBddWv.png)

How much do you wanna bet this evil roastie in June's story is completely made up

No. 628275

File: 1530665480708.png (327.21 KB, 1053x1200, 85693051-6FD4-4FCD-923D-8B5B8F…)

okay okay i'm done with this

No. 628315

come on that face is way too short and heart shaped, and the cheeks are too small lol

get your head in the game.

No. 628322

File: 1530669859625.png (177.72 KB, 499x504, accurate shpoe.png)


No. 628341

This would be 10/10 if bald.

No. 628345

File: 1530672567555.png (483.9 KB, 576x600, AkYEfz9.png)

No. 628347

Kek, as if her channel is any better than those shitty cringe videos. And isn't her rhetoric essentially the same as the "FEMINIST REKT" crowd? Surprised she would call them poisonous.

No. 628351

He's so genuinely creepy… If my obsessive, woman-hating, /r9k/-lurking beta orbiter turned skin-walker started following me around like that, I'd 100% get a restraining order.

No. 628361

>informed opinions
my fucking sides

No. 628362

Isn't that shitfest in like, Michigan or something? Doesn't he live in CA? He's going to fly all that way just for her? Lel. So creepy.

No. 628368

If I was June I would ask Mayu to give me some space.

Talking about June all day on Twitter is creepy but mostly harmless behavior.
Meeting up once at a large public event and following June around is crossing a boundary, although maybe a bit expected.
Following June from one public appearance to another (after Greg unfollows) is actually approaching stalker territory and personally I'd be afraid of what would happen if I were to let it continue much longer since it will obviously have to end in a rejection at some point.

No. 628379

Getting serious randy stair vibes from him. Pretty sure he loves guns too

No. 628452

File: 1530683325904.png (98.78 KB, 714x568, 20180703_195052.png)

>"Collect your 7 dollar patreon check and go home."

No. 628466

File: 1530684684859.png (578.34 KB, 1080x561, deleted tweet.png)

No. 628476

what the fuck is wrong with this woman? what's funny about that? it has shown to be at least a little effective in liberia, the Philippines, colombia, kenya, etc. she LITERALLY thinks men have a right to sex and should always have access to our vaginas. this is the hill she wants to die on. mocking women's autonomy, again, and fighting for men to be able to fuck us no matter what. she's so fucking gross.

i really think she'd eat greg's shit if she thought he'd be happy with her for doing it.

No. 628482

>”it’s really just a headass thing”

June, stop trying to use AAVE to seem like one of the cool kids.

No. 628489

Jesus now that you mention it, I honestly think Shuwu isn't above scat kink. She's already content with getting metaphorically shit on to be the cool girl, why wouldn't she go the extra step? :^)

No. 628495

hasn't she made fun of AAVE too? yikes

No. 628508

wow, that's so uwu soft and cute from her ~

She just can't contain her inner guido.

No. 628515

damn, she is impulsive and easily irritable. you’d think someone who makes a living off of making fun of ~le triggered feminists xD~ and telling others to “pop a xanax” she’d be able to hold a normal conversation without adding a thousand question marks after every sentence. maybe take a few days off of the internet and get some fresh air, June.

No. 628525

>informed opinions

calling her funny is one thing, since humor is subjective. but what the actual fuck is her ''talent'' supposed to be? screaming into a webcam in her room at her parent's house?

No. 628543

File: 1530698941344.gif (822.93 KB, 234x154, wigonhead in dance form.gif)

>Shuwu tries to be sassy and land a zinger
>Doesn't realise in order to do that you need to be smart and able to spell, just comes off as a dumb cringy bitch instead
Oh shuwu, never change, kek.

No. 628627

Wait is that the same person? Saged.

No. 628628

That's Kylie Jenner before and after surgeries lmao

No. 628629

This is a good one but too savage :(

No. 628630

dun dun duuuuun
Sorry, I never followed Kardashians.

No. 628633


Did she write this blurb herself? I cant fathom anyone else doing it.

No. 628641

When you have to title your couples vlog "normie vlog" to remind everyone how not vanilla-normie you are.

No. 628645

File: 1530717087527.jpg (89.41 KB, 2175x657, WMbwcUZ.jpg)

forever young, 15yo-looking jailbait loli uwu~

No. 628648

Lol, she looks like shes the mother of a 15yr old in this pic

No. 628654

File: 1530717916039.png (215.57 KB, 252x465, buttpads.PNG)

so bad

No. 628655

File: 1530717998877.jpg (118.11 KB, 1357x779, AQBEMTS.jpg)


At 25:10 they both start filming this random girl who is just taking pictures for absolutely no reason and talk about her…while they're standing right in front of her?? Why not just go up to her and talk, or at least get a couple of feet away to talk about her?

This might sound kind of nitpicky but it just comes off as really creepy and weird…like who acts like this in real life??

No. 628656

File: 1530718132404.png (707.04 KB, 777x363, smolbuncompetition.PNG)

Aw look, Mayu is a smoll bun too! Totally not a skinwalker though.

No. 628657

File: 1530718237688.jpg (64.51 KB, 1357x779, goihHMp.jpg)

Also zooming in on a random, innocent lady for obvious reasons…classic.

No. 628658

File: 1530718339451.png (429.36 KB, 468x474, wtf.PNG)

god she's so fucking awful. another zoom in and hold for like, 4 seconds of another heavy woman/"ugly" woman. the worst thing about june is that no matter how much she's criticized, she never changes her behavior. she changes it for 2 days then has the balls enough to think "that's enough" and goes back to her normal, shitty, selfish self

No. 628659

File: 1530718379156.png (143.94 KB, 720x819, 20180703_203611.png)

Source: Brittany's bideo. uwu

No. 628662

Distracting a service dog by filming it? (Not sure if that was a service dog btw). Saged.

No. 628665

I’ve seen so many greasy neckbeards with the exact same face. I almost feel bad for him kek

No. 628669

Shoe is becoming this >>628658 slowly, so I don't know why she's hatin' on her fellow BBWs kek.

No. 628671

What I want to know is whether or not she was involved in the fan community and wrote Murdoc and 2D fanfics or did art about them.

I wouldn’t be surprised.

As the other anon mentioned, she probably has a thing for the character 2D and doesn’t know how to keep it to herself which is why I’m hypothesizing about the fanfics being out there.

Saged for tinfoil.

No. 628675

File: 1530719657636.png (229.66 KB, 332x330, lo.PNG)

june, a month ago, after insisting for the past 3 years that her boobs are big: "i have smol loli boobs!!! ^.^"

No. 628676

File: 1530719839132.png (321.11 KB, 715x397, ohno.PNG)

god forbid female content creators hold a group for aspiring female comedians. don't women know they aren't funny and are deserving of hate for wanting to make people laugh?

No. 628677

Lol they should’ve gone to the second one.

They don’t seem to know what “TMI” means.

No. 628678

File: 1530719968702.png (484.86 KB, 660x434, dfd.PNG)

june laughing/'cringing' while at the 'girls just wanna have funny' event

No. 628679

Jowls coming in nicely I see

No. 628682

Why does Wig feel the need to comment on or ~cringe xD~ at anything that involves women in a way, no matter how minuscule and irrelevant it is to her?

No. 628686

File: 1530720558426.jpg (77.95 KB, 1438x795, doggie.jpg)

Anon please. The dog doesn't give a shit that somebody is filming him, because he doesn't know what filming is, and he seems to be already busy smelling people anyway.

No. 628694

You aren't supposed to distract SDs in any way shape or form. Saged.

No. 628696

The absolute i r o n y.

No. 628699

File: 1530721191835.jpg (124.37 KB, 1450x770, 4gbHi2W.jpg)

Also never forget

>bitches be using fashion tricks to have my waistline

>i always get compliments on how tiny my waist is uwu
>i need to check my disney princess waistline privilege
>women grab my waist and tell me to eat a cheesburger
>I have the same hip-waist measurements as marilyn monroe

fucking kek. Why does she have to lie about her body so much? It's so obvious and there is so much proof. She is so insecure it's unreal.

No. 628700

Sage for OT but does anyone know who that girl is?

No. 628708

File: 1530721883007.jpg (85.28 KB, 1405x787, soccermom.jpg)

>people think I look 16 uwu~~

Filming a dog isn't distracting it. They're walking while filming and a dog happens to be in the view. They're not petting him, talking to him, or standing right in front of him in order to film him.

No. 628717

File: 1530722882735.png (264.41 KB, 703x879, 20180704_124840.png)

Her stans obviously don't know what flared dresses and skirts are. She has been getting compliments on her "huge hips" and "ass" since 2016.

No. 628719

These pictures are embarrassing lmao. Especially the one of her walking away. Tranny tier.

No. 628727


Wow anon didn't you know shuwu is the only girl who can be funny maybe she would make a panel or something on it if it weren't so ~cringe~ kek.

No. 628731

Shoe has talked about crying while watching GOT btw. I don't know if she watches it as much as she claims, but here's her dancing like an autist to it.


No. 628732

I swear I'm not an anachan but holy shit she looks bad. Everything about this is ugly.

She would get so triggered if this was "boys just wanna make funny" and a woman was laughing at it. Why on earth is she cringing? Were the only attendees bigger than her or something? No wonder she doesn't have any female friends. She's such a sad waste of air.

No. 628740


she reminds me of zoe from sesame street every time she does that fake "cute" laugh. she really is trying to be a little girl. why is she so punchable

1:22 and 1:28 for reference

No. 628742

Plus the obvious photoshop and meitu on pictures she uploads.

No. 628748

File: 1530725548756.png (719.19 KB, 904x601, dfd.PNG)

reposting this horrible waist shoop fail from her insta that gave her an elastic, wavy ass arm and totally fucked anatomy that went mostly unnoticed. and yet her orbiters claim she doesnt shoop and naturally has the tiniest waist ever, kek

No. 628749

>People mistake me for looking 15 years old!
In dog years, yes.

No. 628750

this video has so many gems in it.
>shuwu "getting scawed at those loud guns" even though she was super into them before and use to own/possibly still owns a gun
>preg commenting about all the overweight, middle aged men wandering around vidcon as if isn't one and then filming said men as they mind their own business
>grug thinks all the women at some meet up were flirting with him because they were being friendly towards him
>while juwune and slug are walking from one of the panels they went to you can see maya in the distance behind septic just following them

No. 628769

File: 1530727752852.png (655.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180625-230510.png)

Ex constantly took her to the gun range.

No. 628773

Time stamps pls.

No. 628783

okay she actually looks really old here. if she wasn't wearing that caked eyeliner i would think she was a solid 30-38. she looks extremely aged

No. 628786

it's funny because june literally looks like this only more guido, currently still thinner but that won't last long, and more like age 35 than 50

No. 628790

this pic really shows how much weight she's gained. her waist is huge now lel bye shuwu your days of bragging about how smol and perfect your waist is are over, looking like a chunky earthworm

No. 628795

Her waist was never small compared to her shoulders and hips to begin with, she was simply skinnier. She's an inverted triangle shape, or a rectangle at best. She thinks she's a pear/hourglass with ~wide, birthing hips uwu~ but she's built quite proportionally. I think she's got some serious body dysmorphia going on.

No. 628797

lol she made herself look like she's humping forward rather than having an uwu tiny loli waist

No. 628805

Which is even funnier because if she's humping forward her stomach wouldn't cinch like that. She has fucking arists that follow her. They should be ashamed.

No. 628813

Once in an old video she picked up a card with a mooing cow on it and said that if she had a fat female friend she'd give them the card so

No. 628814

This is so embarrassing since June is probably less funny than the women on the panel, and only knows how to do comedy by Amy Schumer screaming. But she can't even see the irony because she thinks she's all that for impressing neckbeards.

No. 628816

which is why her being scared at the gun range seems like total bullshit. bitch is so fake.

shoe being scared of gun noises: 30:03 to 30:16 and 31:22 ( septic: "she was SO afraid of the gun" june: "yeah")
preg acting like he isn't some fat, middle-aged guy himself while he makes his remark: 23:15
greg thinking people being nice means they are flirting with them: 26:56 (you can also see his balding head when he leans forward after he says that, too)
maya in the background in the pink dress behind greg, sees them, and starts following them: 16:18

honestly i recommend watching the whole thing to anyone who hasn't seen it yet since there's just so much cringe, like this hand holding song that june sings in a baby voice (time stamp: 2:57) or june pretending to gag from sipping wine (time stamp: 18:42).

hooktube link for those who don't want to give them views:

No. 628817

Losing my marbles at Mayu following behind. Slight tinfoil but I wonder if Grocery unfollowed after playing footage back to edit and noticing this himself?

No. 628820

June's films were abortions.
Bonus June looking like the preppiest early 2000's thot.

No. 628824

oh yeah, i'm 3 inches taller than shuwu and my waist has always looked smaller than hers. she loves to pretend she's an hourglass shape when it's obvious she's not

No. 628825

Lol the way she's intentionally hesitating to shoot. Also, what is this vague shit about "muh opinions on guns" like she's completely anti gun.

No. 628826

The way he kept flexing like he even has /toned/ arms.

No. 628829

And it looks like he did that after missing most of his shots lol

No. 628833

Finally! Someone else acknowledges that Preg's going bald. Soon Juwune won't feel so self conscious. uwu

No. 628834

Notice how at the beginning of almost every day Shreg filmed her from further apart (maybe she wanted to show her outfit idk) - except for the day she wore jeans where the whole diaper-ass fiasco was going down, only very little of her was shown. 10 bucks she told him to edit her out of the footage from that day. Even people on twitter were making fun of her buttpads lel

No. 628835

i think she may have worn buttpads on the blaire day as well but the loose pants hid them better and didnt make her stick legs look so sticky in comparison to the massive ass

No. 628838

File: 1530733618442.jpg (972.42 KB, 275x207, uSFFbcA.jpg)

what the fuck is this cancer i'm fucking hollering

No. 628857

File: 1530735215083.png (1.14 MB, 1351x709, cryptkeeper.png)

KEK god these people look nasty in natural light.
also somehow blair is looking younger than our ~forever 15~ shuwu here, who's totes not 27 you guys really~ uwu

No. 628873

File: 1530736199721.png (342.73 KB, 500x564, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 23.3…)

yeah, more like 72

No. 628876

She should really abandon that emo/boxxy 2006 middleschool eyeliner, it's doing her no favor at all.

No. 628878

oh my god her face shape is so unfortunate

No. 628883

File: 1530737010926.jpg (10.75 KB, 606x295, lcFVv6c.jpg)

How has she been wearing the same eye make up style for over a decade and worked at a makeup counter and still manages to look a complete mess? That has to be some kind of achievement.

She doesn't even understand the basics of make up and she's literally making amateur mistakes with her eyeliner (that wing…fucking lol). For someone whose only interests are ''skincare, bunnies and make up'' she's failing on every single level.

No. 628886

>insterests: skincare
Don't wash your face with a proper cleanser and use sephora wipes instead. Oh amd buy this $100 meme cream. Sunscreen? What's that?


Put your bunny in a hamster cage and never research how to hold him properly. Don't neuter him and let him suffer for life


Just wear a shit eyeliner because you are "better Boxxy" and put some spider lashes with it. Apply heavy foundation but pretend it's your bare natural skin.

No. 628892

is it possible for her wig to look anymore awful and fake and unflattering on her head and face? i highly doubt it.

No. 628895

It's kind of ironic how male pandering woman-hating shoe0nhead actually managed to "hit the wall" before even reaching 30.

No. 628896

She does that voice/laugh because Greg has told her that it’s cute. There’s a point in the video where she does an especially weird one and he goes, “Ooh that was a cute giggle.” Which makes her do it more.

No. 628897

Mayu creeping timestamp?

No. 628898

i vote this for the next thread pic… dang

No. 628899

No. 628900

Next thread pic plz lmao

No. 628901

She sounds exactly the same lmao
What I don't get is how her followers don't find this cringe.

Eww, timestamp?