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File: 1532395533433.png (988.64 KB, 1024x1005, 1532377200398.png)

No. 645637

Be sure to use the spoiler for NSFW photos.

Previous thread: >>634221

>finally bought a bed after sleeping on a piss stained rug for months

>edgelord bf has returned from his visit to see her and there's potential trouble in sti paradise
>"daddy punches so hard", leaves no real marks on her, confirms tumblr dom status
>still no alien porn
>more clips/videos from hardtied and lovinglyhandmadepornography have come out, just as crusty and cringy as everyone expected she'd be
>trying to charge $100 for advice on sexwork
>still allowing minors to follow and comment on her social media
>continues to beg for money while spending it on things she doesn't need
>finally growing her pubes out to hide her infected vag
>professional shoots in la to make he feel like a "real pornstar," keeps underwear on the whole time because everyone lives in fear of her vag

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- no doxxing
- do not include or harass Shay's family
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No. 645645

File: 1532396405368.jpg (2.48 MB, 1341x2073, ramen.jpg)

No. 645646

File: 1532396513581.png (4.26 MB, 2000x2000, download (3).png)

No. 645647

File: 1532396574495.png (948.61 KB, 1080x720, 1526161532843.png)

No. 645654

>>645612 yo snap anon, can u at least try to get some screen grabs of her new talons for us?

I know she doesn't allow screenshots but like previous anons have said screen recording doesn't give notifications. (If you think it does test it out with a few of your actual snap friends and check it out. On my own snap whenever I SR it does not notify the other person.)
There's always an option and we really would love to get in on the milk.

No. 645661

File: 1532397735608.png (2.84 MB, 1242x2208, 05320A45-8948-4327-B446-DA9CF4…)

Ask and you shall receive

Broken talon

No. 645665

File: 1532397849657.png (4.69 MB, 1242x2208, 51BDF940-0E16-4F30-AECD-DB0747…)

New talons pt 1

No. 645667

File: 1532397952062.png (4.48 MB, 1242x2208, 859D1909-9D6C-4B54-B995-2C7318…)

No. 645669

Her hands look gigantic

No. 645670

And thank you so much Anon!!

No. 645671

Has she still been reposting anything from LA? Also, thanks anon!

No. 645675

File: 1532398542917.jpg (301 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_2072.JPG)

She already changed her work schedule that was posted last night lol

No. 645682

Nope. Basically, all she showed on her snap today was her begging for money to get her nails done then talking about ANOTHER sale she's going to have so she can move bc wuw baby can't handle construction noises. Also gushing about how she got booked SO much and how that's gonna cost a ton of money too.

No. 645686

That's a big change kek,Shay couldn't handle working an 8 hour day like most adults

No. 645692

File: 1532399451707.jpg (295.03 KB, 1080x1920, 1532327248373.jpg)


No. 645693


She already shaved off 9 hours total from her cam time.

No. 645695

drunk 35 year old wine mom breaks a nail. kek

No. 645697

Has it even been set for DAY?! It's gonna be down to nothing in a week.

No. 645699

Inb4 she shaves off even more time, down to where she's barely camming at all, and her schedule becomes very sporadic. Just how it was before this new schedule she's proposing

No. 645712

Hasn’t she tried the schedule thing before and could barely do it for a week?

No. 645728

File: 1532402109010.png (4.54 MB, 750x1334, 0E0FF8CF-09C9-46DE-85FB-7328AD…)

Why would he do this to her

No. 645730

Glad she managed to realize that time zones are a thing, sad she hasn't figured out that times aren't dates though

No. 645763

Maybe he is a sadist after all?

No. 645779

She can’t handle construction noise? Can you elaborate?

No. 645781


Shouldn't her being booked mean she's MAKING MONEY? Is she getting ripped off?

No. 645791

the agency she works for doesn't pay for her tickets to travel. most probably doesn't pay for accommodations either. so yes, she is getting ripped off but she's delusional enough to think she's making it big

No. 645793

She has to travel to the city where she was booked. I hope she was smart enough to make sure she would end up being paid enough to supplement the travel costs…

Also instead of buying a full new set of really nasty nails (those curly nails aren't "bimbo" dumbass), shay should have invested in a new and clean pair of white socks. These are so dirty they need to be tossed out!

No. 645795

I don't understand this lighting. She isn't that dark so what the heck is up with that

No. 645797

imo it looks as her hand and arm were dirty or soemthing

No. 645807

God, Fupa keeps reblogging the goddamn slap video.

No. 645814

I know I shouldn't be shocked that shay was this dumb to sign with such a scammy agency, but of course she did. porn doesn't pay very well for amateur dime-a-dozens like her, especially since her agency is clearly a bad one. she's being scammed hardcore. she isn't making any money this way.

i bet her dumb ass thinks she will be "discovered" and get to make it big. but there's no way that's happening.

No. 645815

File: 1532411560938.png (57.08 KB, 588x601, IMG_4579.PNG)

God, she's so tiresome. Like, even if she didn't do all the cringey stuff she does, I can imagine she's such a boring, one-dimensional person to be around. When she isn't making things about herself–which is rare–she seems like she'd run out of things to talk about quickly because her interests are so few and so surface level.

No. 645816

File: 1532411584849.png (362.74 KB, 456x653, delusionconvinceurselffattymat…)

No. 645817

File: 1532411723106.png (13.3 KB, 415x344, no.PNG)

fupa's dick is too tiny to make shay scream from anal. we all know she is used to dry fucking it so tiny chode boy isn't doing any damage, shay is faking it for him kek.

I hope they make the video so we can laugh at it though.

No. 645827

I wish there was something to elaborate on. It's just as I said she can't stand the constant construction outside the apartment because the noise gets in the way of her 'work'

No. 645834

Construction done to apartment complexes can be pretty noisy, but it's not really anything to move out over, lmao. That's just being overdramatic. I'm not seeing how it would even affect her work as she's supposed to be doing most of her camming from 5pm-9pm, where construction usually only takes place from 8am-5pm.

No. 645858

moving would be easy though i guess. she can just roll up her fuzzy pink rug (aka her bed) and be on her merry little way.

No. 645876

Apparently, she got a notice on her door saying the construction was going to go on for 6 months.

No. 645909


It's the people and studios that book her that are getting scammed, not knowing how bad her genitals really are until the moment she takes her panties off on set.

First week in LA, and every photo, including her agency photo had her hide her nasty pussy. Either by posing from the side, using her fingers to spread whilst covering her sores, photoshop/editing it to the point they blur out part of one of her stomach rolls, or make her keep her bottoms on all together now she's got a gross sunburn.

No. 645927

Yeah i agree but society15 is still a scammy agency regardless.

No. 645935


Studios finding out about her pussy after the fact they booked her reminds me of her goth girl video. She hides her boils with duct tape, and you don't get a good look at her pussy until the very end. Horrifying.

No. 645936

File: 1532434260244.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB, 1606x1200, gg.jpg)

No. 645939

File: 1532434464329.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.98 MB, 1893x4254, gg01.jpg)

No. 645940


Her nipples were the same size and color then.

No. 645941

File: 1532434576154.jpg (Spoiler Image,5.2 MB, 1908x4267, gg02.jpg)


No. 645942

File: 1532434634194.jpg (Spoiler Image,5.53 MB, 1909x4257, gg03.jpg)


No. 645943

File: 1532434730189.jpg (Spoiler Image,378.9 KB, 828x686, ggd.jpg)

"Final Reveal" The final frame in the video where you see what was hiding under the duct tape.

No. 645944

I still can't understand how she thought filming her pussy in that state was a good idea

No. 645945

File: 1532434997980.jpg (Spoiler Image,714.59 KB, 1193x694, screenshot-9482634.jpg)


They've always been drastically uneven. You can't tell from those frames because of the angle. Here's a head on shot where it shows the true size.

No. 645949


Ref this photo from the last thread: >>639470 Each are diff caps from different videos. Gives you an idea of how her pussy looks in every video. It always looks like that.

I agree, it's mind boggling. Its obvious that she really, really, really wants to do porn, and that it's something she really wants to be a part of. Considering that her genitals that look like that.

I don't know if it's just blind determination, or just delusion at this point. I'm thinking the latter.

No. 645952

Single handedly the worst Shay porn I've seen. I don't know how she could stand to post this if she isn't literally blind, I know we rag on the state of her pussy a lot but this video is like shock value horror material.

No. 645958

Thank you, kind snapchat anon!

Holy crap is she even serious at this point kek. I bet part of the reason her asscne is so bad, is because of the claws. How do you wipe yourself well with those?

No. 645960

Honestly, this is just so jaw droppingly horrendous, no ones genitals have any reason to look like THAT, especially not one their genitals are literally the main feature in their line of work, what the FUCK Shayna?

No. 645961

Guys… Fupa put his mouth on that.

No. 645964

File: 1532439385263.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.01 KB, 540x278, tumblr_pbmy4tlRod1rmiw96o3_540…)

No. 645965

Also kek at him and Shay having matching forehead wrinkles

No. 645966

This is the worse pussy ever published. Wtf? How? Are those white heads?

No. 645971

Why isn’t Shay in pt? She devours threads

No. 645985

They’re molluscums

No. 646014

Maybe we should move her there for thread #13

No. 646026

/pt/ is for special cows. You can report the OP of the thread and ask for admin to consider putting Shay there, but otherwise she needs to stay in /snow/.

No. 646035

These cursed goth gorl images should be mandatory in new threads onwards, they just sum up who shay is so succinctly

No. 646106

Since you're reading shay, Tend Skin is like $15. Look at the before and afters and start using it after you shave.

First though, see a doctor!!!!

No. 646117

File: 1532455711103.jpg (151.9 KB, 650x1280, tumblr_pcdlk9W5BD1rmiw96o8_128…)

some pics from shay's tumblr we haven't seen.

No. 646121

File: 1532455760976.jpg (Spoiler Image,180.95 KB, 650x1280, tumblr_pcdlk9W5BD1rmiw96o5_128…)

No. 646123

File: 1532455774930.jpg (Spoiler Image,129.13 KB, 650x1280, tumblr_pcdlk9W5BD1rmiw96o6_128…)

No. 646128

she really needs to keep her pubic hair grown out more like this it makes such a difference in the look of her genitals

No. 646140

File: 1532456886655.jpeg (365.22 KB, 1242x1619, 0F207C13-3561-4A52-9975-DFFAC0…)

the autism is strong in this one. i can’t believe people think this is sweet, she looks fucking terrified the whole time.

No. 646145

She doesn't shave. She waxes, and she STILL has really bad sores and outbreaks. Those aren't just ingrown hairs, those are infections.

Also, from looking at these photos >>639470 , it looks like she has a lot of permanent scarring as well.

No. 646149

You can still see her sores through it, but I agree, a bush is better than what it looks like bare, for her at least.

It would completely throw off her desired aesthetic though, at least from her pov.

No. 646150

yet more evidence that fupa's 'no drink or drugs' thing is bs

No. 646151

File: 1532457519801.jpg (63.67 KB, 680x460, sadftghj.jpg)

Apparently still doing her alien video

No. 646153

File: 1532457536336.jpg (37.41 KB, 686x265, khjgtrfsadfgh.jpg)

Of course he does it hides all her sores.

No. 646154

I'm guessing she might have grown it out to reduce her chance of getting turned away at shoots for looking infected

No. 646157

I'm pretty sure his sweaty fupa slammed into her sores and that's why she cried

No. 646161

File: 1532457847801.jpg (13.91 KB, 574x192, fupafollowrs.jpg)

Proof Fupa is just using shay for followers kek

No. 646165


She only signed a 6 month lease, she had to leave or renew anyways. Why does she have to pretend like it's all bc of construction?

No. 646166

File: 1532457951655.jpg (261.14 KB, 1012x1321, fupastrain.jpg)

He's so gross he looks like he's trying to take a shit

No. 646181


I seriously think this is the reason Fupa says that he "doesn't look at or hasn't watched any of her content".

Didn't Shayna go back to goth for him? She calls herself his "part time goth gf". You'd think gothboy would love to see a video of his gf titled "Goth Girl Gets Fucked".

It's like he already knows how horrendous her pussy looks and has def seen her content. But he lies and just says he hasn't… like by admitting he did would acknowledge the and confirm the fact he knows bc he's seen it. Kek

No. 646182

probably so she can milk some sympathy from her neckbeards since she is broke and plans on camming for only 6 hours a day.

No. 646184

she shaves inbetween waxings

No. 646187

No she doesn't. To get a wax, you need to grow the hair until it's about the length of a grain of rice. She strictly waxes bc of how bad ingrown hairs are for her when she does shave.

No. 646189

She's said she shaves before. That's why it gets so bad, she tries to shave or keep it shorter and just irritates it before irritating it more with wax.

No. 646197

Interesting. Do you know when? She's only ever said she shaved in the past but learned that she can't and why she only waxes now.

She might have changed it to only waxing for pro shoots and shaving for everything else. Regardless, even if she stops her outbreaks. Her pussy is riddled with really bad scarring from so many sores.

No. 646198


Wasn't it also that bad because she waxed and went straight into making videos where her puss got slapped and things like that?

No. 646201

Honestly, not 100% positive, maybe she does only wax now, but I know in the past she mentioned shaving in between waxing! And yea for sure she waxed her parts right before a BDSM shoot and does it before any of her own stuff too I believe. then add in all the bacteria from those claws and you get >>645943

No. 646207


It's hilarious that we're all trying to figure it out, bc its that bad. Like the whole fact that her pussy looks like that and she still wants to do porn. I'm flabbergasted by her "determination and will". It's actually sad bc you can tell she really wants to do porn.

I gotta give it to Fupa, he's actually a really, really nice guy, to not care about how her pussy looks, and the fact she embbarasses herself online as a career. I'd be so humiliated.

I wonder if there will ever be a time where he sits her down and just tells her that truth. But he'll prob lie and start telling her that she looks good with pubic hair or sumthing to spare both of them from further embarrassment.

No. 646210

Honestly I don't think he's so nice he doesn't care, I think he's so desperate to fuck something and get followers for it that he ignores it.

No. 646211

Also he just replied to >>646153
with a gif implying he DOES prefer pubic hair so kek

No. 646212

Fuck, I am so tired of the conversations about what causes Shay's pussy to look so bad. I mean I get why people keep doing it because that's some rank shit but please, for the love of the sanity of oldfags, please read this:

What is happening to Shayna's genitals is caused by an infection called molluscum contagiosum. It could be exacerbated by poor hygiene, shaving, waxing and sugaring but didn't get it because of her hair removal. It's not ingrown hairs. It's not irritation because she fucks after getting waxed. She picked it up somewhere, probably using a towel at one of her sugar daddies' houses and because she keeps fucking with the area it never heals. It can take up to a year for the infection to heal and that's if you aren't a gross girl who seldom showers and schedules porn shoots hours after getting waxed.

But she can exfoliate, use better razors, follow certain waxing protocols, stop masturbating on cam immediately after hair removal, wear cotton panties and all the stuff that keeps coming up about those lesions but none of it will help. It goes away when it goes away and she's just aggravating it with her gross life. At this point she just needs to get the whole area frozen like a wart and hope it doesn't scar too bad when they all fall off.

But again, it's molluscum contagiosum. It's not caused by anything other than an easily transmitted virus and is not an STD. It's just a relatively benign infection that got really gross on Shay because she's really gross.

No. 646213

One of her biggest gross factors is the state of her genitals and I don't think people will ever stop talking about it, sorry, but I'd get over that if I was you.

No. 646215

Not like you can confirm the diagnosis, thanks for the input and possible explanation, but I really personally think it's a mix of stuff and added scarring that makes it look as bad as it does from her picking with her bacteria infested claws. There's a million and ten reasons it could look the way it does and people will speculate until she goes to a doctor and actually figures it out.

No. 646216


Yeah, she doesn't bathe or shower for weeks so… makes sense. All that sweat, bacteria, accumulated dirt. I bet you she didn't shower ONCE while in LA.

Links to her admitting she doesn't shower/bathe
Not bathing/showering

Also having to get hospitalized to shower, that's ridiculous

No. 646222

File: 1532461724712.png (16.05 KB, 336x436, gagonchode.PNG)

implying anyone could gag on lard boy's tiny penis. she is so gross ughhhhhh

No. 646223

File: 1532461821617.png (57.45 KB, 433x872, riiiiiight.PNG)

They barely did shit. Trying to pretend their scenes were so intense.

No. 646225

File: 1532461911220.png (55.54 KB, 321x866, oky.PNG)

No. 646248

Lmao this is so tryhard it's embarrassing

No. 646251

File: 1532463793550.jpg (57.21 KB, 511x678, nodding.jpg)


Does she not ever think from others' perspectives or understand business, or even social cues? I wonder if it even crosses her mind how unprofessional, unethical, offensive, and just mindless it is to show up at a studio who means business with a pussy that looks like hers.

The photog that edited her pubic area and half a stomach roll off >>>/snow/642310 , >>>/snow/642311 , >>>/snow/642335 , (potnpussy) has his work up on http://www.atkmodels.com/blog/photographer/bmbwanton-photography/ None of the other girls photographs are edited. Makes sense why he did such a poor job airbrushing Shayna's photos. If he wasn't use to editing but had to just for her shoot.

All week in LA, being told to pose from your side, and being directed to keep your panties… in PORN. Is she that deluded? And now her bf is telling her that he likes pubic hair… just to save them both from further humiliation, to get her to grow it out and hide all the boils. Can't she take a hint?

No. 646262


For comparison. http://www.atkmodels.com/blog/blonde-kate-kennedy/ Same couch/backdrop that Shay was on.

No. 646267

Agreed. She has a very fortune pubic hair growth pattern and actually makes her vagina look attractive.
But I guess she has to be a baby bimbo with a puss-y pussy

No. 646274

you literally don’t know this for sure though. you have only scene pictures, and can’t diagnose from that. you push it in every single thread. you’re the wannabe thread doctor, fucking shut up.

No. 646279

File: 1532464374888.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 1070x1558, pnp.jpg)


No. 646282

re: pubic hair

If she was smart she would grow out her pubes and switch her aesthetic to hippie stoner chick. There, Shay, get your lazy ass in some tie-dye and drop the tired as babygirl shit.

No. 646284

kek when even trying to have her hand and skirt and panties cover her, you can still see all her sores.

No. 646285

Every time I see one of these pictures I can't stop laughing at his shoulders, they're so different from eachother kek

No. 646286

File: 1532464461421.jpg (Spoiler Image,347.51 KB, 900x655, pnp2.jpg)


Photoshop fail. He edited out her boils, but fucked up and shooped her tummy roll off

No. 646296

Probably just from the bad smell

No. 646303

I honestly think the guy just gave up half way through and copy and pasted her tiny sliver of clear skin over the top of her pubic mound because we all know she has extra big dark ones right at the top

No. 646305

LOL! She already did this though. She did this for like 4 yrs before she went dd/lg. She started sex work with HUGE bush. Then shaved it for some guy, and her bimbo aesthetic. Fupa's definitely in the middle of trying to convince her to grow it out to hide the boils.

Holy shit anon! I just noticed. Why are his arms so drastically different in size? WTF? Him and Shay are perfect together. Mismatch nipples, mismatch arms. He's got a fat face/chin that make it look like he doesn't have a neck. Shay is a giraffe. Her huge, long hands are bigger than his little woman hands. His hips are wider than hers. His voice is high, her voice is low.

No. 646306

File: 1532465194637.png (Spoiler Image,558.4 KB, 591x894, 1532036701426.png)

Here you can see what he was trying to cover because even in these they didn't manage to shoop them out.

No. 646311

File: 1532465405201.png (Spoiler Image,78.53 KB, 318x198, 1532036701426.png)

No. 646315

i know it's been said before but that nipple freaks me out so much. like, not quite body horror levels but it's like a little cocktail sausage.

No. 646316

it's a like this pencil eraser just jutting out from her body

No. 646318


i can't help but imagine it getting caught on things, ughhhh

but the other one looks so tiny in comparison, and the positioning on her actual tit looks off???

No. 646330


That was the first time I've posted about molluscum contagiosum. It's coming up all the time because people who have seen it know what the fuck it is.

This isn't diagnosing heart failure online. You see a kid with a red, crusted eye, 99% of the time it's gonna be pink eye. Yeah, there's a small chance it's some exotic disease but common experience shows that generally it's just pink eye. Molluscum contagiosum is a similarly common condition that Shay has exacerbated with her grossness and you don't need a fucking biopsy to know what it is once you've seen it. Athletes get this all the time, especially if they use gym or university towels that weren't properly sanitized. You live in a hot place, you have preteens who swap clothes or share lipbalm with a friend, you run marathons, then you've seen it in person. You don't even need to go to Google images to compare.

Literally no one on the history of the planet has ever had the rash Shay has from ingrowns from waxing or shaving, especially since the rash extends beyond the regions that have hair. It's also not a sexually contagious disease and you know that because none of the blood tests porn studios demand caught it in a screen. Someone new comes along, suggests it's herpes, and we circle back to talk about all the possible things it could be again, and isn't it fascinating to rehash it literally every ten hours.

Oh wait, someone has some advice on how to exfoliate between waxings. Or someone's sister got a rash from using a depilatory cream and like it was bad but not as bad as Shay lol. Or maybe someone can chime in with a really awesome razor brand that totally eliminate ingrowns. Hey, did anyone suggest she stop shaving for a while yet? No worries, some anon thinks may be genital warts even though it doesn't come close to resembling the condition.

Enjoy your thread shit up with endless speculation and relentless advice on how to totally fix it. Because that's about 75% of the fucking thread.

No. 646334

Take a breath, anon, damn.

No. 646338

If he actually loved her he would take her to the doctor

No. 646340

No one has time to read your nonsense anon, fuck off.

No. 646345

It doesn't look particularly like molluscum contagiosum though, it's more likely to be folliculitis IMO

No. 646346

See, one sentence and you can say what it looks like, good job new anon. Gold star for not flipping the fuck out.

No. 646353

did anyone actually read this autistic rant? lmfao

No. 646372

As spergy as this is, anon ain't wrong. This really makes the most sense given the sores happening outside of hair-growing parts and it's so tiring to see the thread devolve into conversation about shaving/herpes/etc.

No. 646384

as >>646345 pointed out it doesn't look much like molluscum contagiosum, also why do you keep freaking out over this lol if you're going to have a stroke every time it's mentioned then get off the thread. it doesn't take that much effort to scroll.

No. 646387

Let's just all agree to disagree lol I honestly think the speculation is hilarious and i hope she keeps taking awful care of it because it's basically like watching the progression of a science experiment to me at this point

No. 646388

File: 1532471350489.jpg (382.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180724-182842.jpg)

Please kill me now

No. 646391

We all saw that tiny awkward dick, there’s no way it reaches her throat.

No. 646392

lol I seriously doubt his dick can reach her throat

No. 646395

File: 1532471692727.jpeg (459.62 KB, 4650x3100, 5C95580B-90E1-49DB-BBA6-4EC0E3…)

Completely agreed anon. I’ve personally gotten a few bumps on my rear that looked exactly like the very early stages of Shay’s various boils and bumps but all you have to do is go to the doctor ONE time and get a prescription for an anti-staph ointment. It irritates me so much that she won’t go. Picture is a reference from google.

No. 646399

Tinfoiling but I wonder if he's an addict\alcoholic. He looks worn out. It would explain why he claims he doesn't drink or do drugs but there's photographic proof that's a lie

No. 646401

Lmao are you really out here talking about your ass bumps? Jfc

No. 646402

No he's just almost 40. 40 year olds look worn out.

No. 646404

Nah even at 40, and he's mid 30's, he looks worn. He obviously doesn't take great care of himself either.

No. 646411

Sure anon, let’s just pretend none of us piss or shit either while we’re at it. The point is, all of our bodies are gross, but no one besides Shay manages to be as gross is she is.

No. 646412

Bodies can be gross, Shay is beyond and genuinely foul. Play nicely children.

No. 646414

Stop derailing.

No. 646420

I could see former addict maybe?

No. 646421

Definitely my guess too

No. 646430

File: 1532474168603.jpg (213.88 KB, 429x450, 34.jpg)

he's got a solid 4 inches and she's trying to act like she can throat him? ok sis.

No. 646432

You have to remember Shay also gags after the first inch whenever she tries to suck on anything, she had a cam show once where she got off because people were making fun of how bad she was at trying to suck a fake cock and barely getting any in her mouth.

No. 646505

File: 1532481455181.png (2.84 MB, 1334x750, 832B4059-7687-45C3-B90A-0EB465…)

Our fave is on cam

No. 646516

File: 1532482243021.jpg (39.25 KB, 487x430, pimpls.jpg)

First thing i see coming in the room is ass pimples.

No. 646518

File: 1532482343689.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.8 KB, 761x613, check.jpg)

2nd thing I see is her checking on her boils. There are no registered users in her room, just guests, she prob thought no one was watching.

No. 646522

literally a minute after that she said that she has the fan on and she felt chilly in her pussy cause she's "wet". nice try, anon

No. 646524

nice try shay, just watched you type

No. 646527

what website is that? i cant remember

No. 646530


No. 646531

pukes on cock
>daddy do u twink u cwould go down on me now uwu
“This is done. Get under the covers…

No. 646533

File: 1532483078873.jpg (49.73 KB, 504x532, lolnicetry.jpg)

Lmao, her face when this reply was sent.

No. 646536

she's not even saying or doing anything, what the fuck? she's muted guests who are like 80% of her audience rn
at least she has nice taste in music

No. 646537

still just sitting there playing with her shorts. doesnt she realize she has to take off clothes to make money being a CAM girl??

No. 646539

I don't watch camgirls nor do I cam myself, but like, isn't there supposed to be more interaction than Shayna's giving? Who's gonna pay you to just sit there, fidget around and lipsync to songs?

No. 646540

File: 1532483488045.jpg (88.99 KB, 765x613, screenshot-29485531.jpg)


Checking on boils again.

No. 646542

File: 1532483549793.png (2.86 MB, 1242x2208, 6A100701-01BA-4572-BD48-71CB45…)

From her snap. Dunno why she thought that face or angle was cute kek you can see her faded assne spots

No. 646543

i'm cackling at the fact that you think i'm shay when really i'm someone all the way down in south america, but okay.

>>646537 also, camgirls don't have to take their clothes off for free, wtf

No. 646544

She's offline now. A whole 30 minutes online.

No. 646545


She's so boring. I can't help but click on the hotter camgirls on the side bar.

Doesn't change the fact she was legit checking her boils. Saw her do it, twice too

No. 646546

sorry to offend you shay, just trying to give you some tips. no one wants to see you just sit there doing fuck all in your clothes.

No. 646549

OMG! There's a shit stain of some sort between her legs of her shorts on this snap.

No. 646551

That could also be period blood, anon. But still, wouldn't be wearing those while camming or taking any pics of that sort

No. 646552

Lol I went to check after seeing everyone talking about her being on, and bang! She’s gone! But yes anon, when I started camming I milked the “new” label and literally never stopped chatting up members. Like…people aren’t just going to start a conversation with you, you have to engage them. Come on Shay! Has she ever worked a service job before?? You don’t just walk up to a table and stare at the people there, waiting for them to order…

No. 646553

Probably piss. I don't have her premium snap but yesterday she said she was going to do some piss custom on her premium today. Knowing Shay she didn't bother to change.

No. 646554

File: 1532484137122.png (1.55 MB, 1205x888, sda.PNG)

so engaging

No. 646556

it doesn’t even look like an ass it just look like her legs extend further up

No. 646558

No one said she had to get on cam and instantly start masturbating naked, but there is a level of interaction you need to have with the people on your room. You can’t juat sit there and expect people to give you money for just showing up.

No. 646559

doesnt do anything on cam and expects money for it
“No one tipped me I’m so victimized!!!”

No. 646561

real great job sticking to that schedule Shay.

No. 646563


Her work ethic lacks. I've noticed the only time she makes videos is when it's a custom ordered by someone that she releases for sale anyways.

No. 646565

File: 1532485044801.jpg (105.5 KB, 720x1355, tumblr_pceghbvVYe1wkuxmho1_128…)

Still skipping leg day, I see. His insecurities as a man are so transparent.

No. 646566

Honestly, I feel like she has (face) cheeks that have a potential for a super cute smile when genuine. I feel like all we’ve ever seen are posed “candids”, filtered snaps and various unattractive distortions of faces she thinks are adorable. I wanna see a real smile out of this girl, tbh.
A lot of that has to do with the fact that god dammit, can there just be one thing about her not be disgusting??
Sage for no contribution at all.

No. 646575

taking selfies in the hallway of his appartment with a gun in his pants
no need to overcompensate fupapa we've already seen your tiny dick

No. 646580

File: 1532486897955.png (23.96 KB, 1150x442, lmao.PNG)

he got this shortly after. lmfaooo he's so tough and edgy, i'm ~so scared~

No. 646581

File: 1532486996175.jpg (319.4 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_pceid5ABWF1rmiw96o1_128…)

No. 646582

File: 1532487007968.jpg (319.26 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_pceid5ABWF1rmiw96o2_128…)

No. 646583

File: 1532487023547.jpg (316.2 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_pceid5ABWF1rmiw96o3_128…)

No. 646585


they need to get one of those exfoliating massages or something, they look like corpses

No. 646587

File: 1532487432872.jpg (22.69 KB, 210x240, yeti-monsters-inc-43.5.jpg)

he still looks like this to me

No. 646601


he honestly looks so much better when he smiles instead of doing that open mouth pose he normally does

No. 646613

Check out Shay being sneaky growing her pubes out coincidently the week of/before companies and fupaddy got ahold of her.

Applauding her effort to hide her pussy issues, but not trying to get it checked or fixed lol

No. 646615

tbh this character has better personality and is way more attractive, kek

No. 646618

File: 1532490825113.jpg (21.51 KB, 205x327, jelly.JPG)

oh dear lucifer hes starting with the jealous crap now too

No. 646619

File: 1532490969639.jpg (34.42 KB, 494x367, ittybitty.JPG)

she looks your height or taller, manboy

No. 646630

File: 1532491964900.jpg (64.59 KB, 445x750, 1529245634895.jpg)

They almost are the same height, he's MAYBE 5'9 and she's 5'5

No. 646631

She's slouching and the top of her head still reaches well over Fupas shoulder

No. 646639

I'm assuming fupa is lying about his height. He must be salty about not only having a small dick, but also being a manlet, lmao.

No. 646644

File: 1532493810106.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.15 KB, 406x240, 20180724_234215.jpg)

This is beyond gross. I cant believe he put his face here

No. 646647

Wow anon how dare they be both of average female and male height

Tbh, as much as I hate them, the height thing is a nitpick, they both look average height, neither of them are super short nor super tall, I just don't see an issue

No. 646649

Agreed. You can also be considered small by a guy without being short.

No. 646651


I think it's because she's lied about her height (and I believe he said he's 5'10) and doesn't fit her whole oowoo smol bean persona

No. 646654

Looks pretty accurate to me if she's supposedly 5'5 and he's supposedly 5'9 or 5'10, 4-5 inches ain't a lot anon, so of course they're not gonna look like a mouse standing next to a giant or whatever anons were expecting

No. 646677

File: 1532499981750.jpg (222.38 KB, 1250x986, entertainment-2015-07-32-princ…)

Ot but looks about right to me, the prince is 5 inches taller than kate

No. 646717

File: 1532511413452.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.31 KB, 720x405, Dg18fNOU8AEBXc8.jpg)

Even when her sores are mostly hidden, how could anyone find this dry pussy enticing? Why did Shay think showcasing how unaroused she is was a good idea for a thumbnail?

No. 646769

File: 1532521327589.png (25.37 KB, 548x451, ofc.PNG)

Nobody wants nasty worn out Shay, Lardy. People are messing with you cos you trigger easily and you think you're tough and hypermasculine when in reality you are doughy and weak.

No. 646770

File: 1532521402227.png (29.38 KB, 542x544, thatswhyyouloveit.PNG)

whew chile the delusion

No. 646771

File: 1532521480996.png (16.63 KB, 538x330, nodude.PNG)

He sounds like such a tryhard fag.

No. 646773

File: 1532521661922.png (19.54 KB, 538x345, ajoke.PNG)

Funny how he says this but Shay has not improved with Fupa in her life. She is far worse off with him in it. She doesn't even listen to him anyways, couldn't commit to being on cam like she said she would. Doesn't bathe or take care of herself. It's disturbing how he can consider himself helpful and good for her when he's actually contributing a lot to her issues. very disturbing.

i wish he would an hero already. i normally wouldn't go that far to say something like that, but he is truly a piece of shit predator. Shay is shitty too but this guy is worse to me.

No. 646775

File: 1532521802885.png (14.21 KB, 553x278, actuallyno.PNG)

tumblr- an echo chamber where predatory fucks like fupa can get their rocks off and get asspats for contributing to the damage of impressionable younger idiots like Shay.

No. 646776

File: 1532522001920.png (21.79 KB, 547x447, laksjdf.PNG)

>if and when
haha love of Shay's life here.

>being supportive and clout chasing

Fupa, you know all about doing that. You are the king of fake love.

No. 646778

File: 1532522228796.png (13.47 KB, 565x306, no.PNG)

No. 646779

File: 1532522299321.png (162.98 KB, 544x501, tru.PNG)

No. 646780

It's funny because its been proven that protein has more estrogen-esque effects than soy.

No. 646797

is it really necessary to post every single non-milky ask that Fupapa answers?

No. 646818

Shaynas pics are up, not seen them posted https://www.amkingdom.com/tour/photo/361755/

No. 646819

Fuck she looks rough, her hair is practically matted to her head and she's all boils and scars even in the small pictures.

No. 646827

Is it just me or does her pussy look wrinkly? Or it kind of looks like smallpox scarring right on her outer labia. Scary even with the shopping.

No. 646833


I just reloaded the page, and the photo set changed. The first time I looked there were three close up pics of her from behind with her asshole on full display and a close up pic of her gaping her vagina.

Such bad angles. Her dirty feet appear massive in the foreground. Is she completely curling all of her toes?

Her outer labia hang like testicles from behind and are lumpy from the front.

No. 646834

File: 1532529522185.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.83 KB, 139x201, ATK Galleria Dolly Mattel - 3…)

Yea why does it looks so wrinkly and dry and droopy…

No. 646835

File: 1532529561267.jpg (Spoiler Image,15.61 KB, 136x201, ATK Galleria Dolly Mattel - 3…)

and her hair is just AWFUL! Wish we could get the full versions without paying

No. 646837

Its all fucked up

No. 646840

I gotta wonder like maybe the waxer she goes to is bad, that's why they never turn her boils covered ass away, and maybe the skin has been pulled too much and that's why it's so wrinkled?? I don't know why else it would look so DUSTY.

No. 646841

File: 1532529978831.jpeg (51.62 KB, 640x482, 3CB28554-CF89-40E8-9C55-484177…)

The texture reminds me of this guys face. I am sick.

No. 646843

totally right, maybe her vagina is just mostly scar tissue from all those boils she picks

No. 646853

I might've missed this, but has ShayNasty ever mention her boils?

No. 646869

File: 1532532379234.jpg (20.02 KB, 134x189, 20180725_082547.jpg)

Gripping that Hank Hill ass

No. 646873

I don't believe so, I think she mentioned something once about people obsessing over her genitals but I can't be 100% positive. I believe it was kinda just as like people shouldn't make other feel bad about their body kinda thing though.

No. 646874

File: 1532532631306.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.09 KB, 116x122, 20180725_082832.jpg)

Dear god what is that??

No. 646875

With her top ramen hair

No. 646877

There was a video of her with a giant pustule in what I think is the exact same area, trying to find it!

No. 646878

File: 1532532762507.jpg (Spoiler Image,7 KB, 200x135, dol012BMB_361755101.jpg)

That is some deep scaring on her ass, couldn't edit it out I guess?

No. 646879

File: 1532532881556.png (Spoiler Image,415.56 KB, 933x503, 1502330719474.png)

No. 646880


No. 646883

File: 1532533133100.png (Spoiler Image,76.54 KB, 534x285, 1502330719474.png)

No. 646887


The selection of pics has changed again. Gone are the pics taken from behind in which her outer labia hang like testicles.

No. 646889

I'd guess maybe Shay is asking certain ones to be taken down of they're getting some bad feedback on them

No. 646890


And this pic is now no longer included.

Is the site purposely rotating the pictures?

No. 646893

File: 1532533735717.jpg (90.23 KB, 633x478, qawesrt.jpg)

On cam picking at something on her arm.

No. 646895

Irdc about other subs' experiences, it's written all over shaygnarly's face she isn't into violent sex. She is ruining her life, mental state AND her physical state. As in shhe NEEDS medical attention for her pimple crotch

No. 646899

This website lists her weight as 115lbs rather than the 105 she claims on the agency website, isn't that a kinda big difference?
It also has her correct age, her agency profile says she's still 20 lol

No. 646900

File: 1532534303726.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.63 KB, 135x200, dol012BMB_361755021.jpg)

super sexy

No. 646903

File: 1532534498247.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.92 KB, 609x456, DollyMattel - MyFreeCams - Goo…)

kek the tan lines show how lopsided her boobs are

No. 646904

File: 1532534687040.jpg (85.11 KB, 609x455, pop.jpg)

still picking and squeezing her arm

No. 646970

File: 1532540328123.png (Spoiler Image,156.19 KB, 618x410, Screenshot (15).png)

It says theres 136 pictures here so I think the site just cyles through random thumbnails

No. 646972

When she started out, her vagina DID NOT look this bad, at all. (I’m taking about the wrinkling and used up, beaten meat look it has to it now, not the sores.) Wtf Shay?

This is what happens when you don’t use lube kids.

No. 646979


Even the people up north are smart enough to keep where you carry a secret. How embarrassing would it be if he pissed someone off, they see where he carries, takes his gun/knife and shoot/stabs him with his own weapon? Even in open carry states people don't actually open carry because if an emergency happens you don't want the aggressor to know you have one. This guy is just a moron.

No. 646982

He doesn't care about safety he cares about looking "badass" and it's hilariously ridiculous

No. 646989

One would think she’d get laser treatment instead of repeatedly tearing up her poor labia and asshole
Even at the height of her popularity bitch didn’t care to invest her money into her work, bein a short sighted dumbass she spent it all on tacky clothes
Set up an eBay depop something! Sell all the shit you never use like the pink pressure cooker, in fact all the kitchenware you haven’t stuck up ur ass as well as the ugly overpriced dollskill garbage

No. 646991

File: 1532541739365.jpeg (Spoiler Image,18.69 KB, 135x200, 1CD802C5-F9A6-4D03-9D9D-F3AF3B…)

No. 646993

every photo of her spreading her ass or vagina is just so disgusting to look at and not cute in any way.

No. 647005

File: 1532542718929.jpg (99.6 KB, 1009x616, 22feb76d-347a-42a5-8220-603159…)


We can call her Hank hill, but lets admit who she reeeaally looks like

No. 647014


Brandishing is a big no-no in firearm safety. Carrying a knife and gun doesn't make you look insecure, fupa. Posting selfies of it does.

No. 647019

File: 1532543622037.jpg (327.56 KB, 1064x1600, Dolly-Mattel0_big.jpg)

are you guys ready? full size

No. 647021

File: 1532543636761.jpg (318.56 KB, 1064x1600, Dolly-Mattel2_big.jpg)

No. 647022

File: 1532543660799.jpg (Spoiler Image,286.44 KB, 1064x1600, Dolly-Mattel4_big.jpg)

asscne assboils

No. 647023

File: 1532543697627.jpg (Spoiler Image,308.15 KB, 1064x1600, Dolly-Mattel5_big.jpg)

No. 647024

File: 1532543751459.jpg (Spoiler Image,414.6 KB, 1064x1600, Dolly-Mattel6_big.jpg)

even with heavy photoshop, it still looks sooo bad. he tried tho

No. 647026

holy shit, she literally has NO hips whatsoever

No. 647028

File: 1532543797007.jpg (Spoiler Image,317.5 KB, 1064x1600, Dolly-Mattel7_big.jpg)

i just litterally threw up i my mouth

No. 647030

File: 1532543846409.jpg (Spoiler Image,270.03 KB, 1064x1600, Dolly-Mattel8_big.jpg)

and fuck no, i did not pay for these

No. 647032

File: 1532543893071.jpg (Spoiler Image,254.14 KB, 1600x1064, Dolly-Mattel9_big.jpg)

some airbrushing, still not enough

No. 647035

File: 1532543972277.jpg (Spoiler Image,212 KB, 1600x1064, Dolly-Mattel10_big.jpg)

i love how they airbrushed her boils/pimples out, but instead of taking them all off, they just diminished the color… it's like well… like ..it's not totally
lying KEK

No. 647036

OKAY what the fuck… her pussy is as wrinkly as her eyebags… ive never seen vaginal lips look like that

No. 647037

File: 1532544011502.jpg (Spoiler Image,247.94 KB, 1064x1600, Dolly-Mattel11_big.jpg)

No. 647038

File: 1532544025345.jpg (Spoiler Image,228.94 KB, 1064x1600, Dolly-Mattel12_big.jpg)

No. 647039

shit that looks better than she does

No. 647041

She looks high AF

No. 647042

File: 1532544080742.jpg (Spoiler Image,352.47 KB, 1064x1600, Dolly-Mattel13_big.jpg)

idk whats worse, the photoshop job, or her facial expressions

No. 647043

File: 1532544110651.jpg (Spoiler Image,242.75 KB, 1064x1600, Dolly-Mattel14_big.jpg)

No. 647044

wtf kind of positioning is this? This is NOT SEXY, photographer. having her slumped down with her pussy looking like tenderized meat. fucking gross.

No. 647046

File: 1532544177462.jpg (Spoiler Image,400.65 KB, 1600x1064, Dolly-Mattel15_big.jpg)

easy on the dodge tool bruh

No. 647047


her labia looks like a ballsack

No. 647051

Soooo….. She has a scrotum now??

No. 647052

I’ve seen vaginas look like that, but usually it’s from women who have had children or who are much older than shayna. Your pussy shouldn’t look that used up at 21 years old.

Her pussy wasn’t like this when she started, which creeps me out to no end.

No. 647054


No. 647056

No. 647058

God this looks like a squid's leg shoved in… I don't even know. Doesn't look right at all.

No. 647060

This is wayyyyyyy too high def lmao what a goddamn nightmare

No. 647061

Her teeth have surpassed yellow and are now browning. Dear god someone tell her to brush them before they all rot out.

No. 647062

They look like they have the thickest layer of yellow gunk on them

No. 647064

A free to vote star rating is dangerous for her.

No. 647065

she just got it put up and she only has a 6 rating out of ten kek

No. 647066

File: 1532544948677.png (Spoiler Image,872.67 KB, 1019x804, editing.png)


Also proof that the photog photoshopped/edited from his public twitter

No. 647067

File: 1532544973827.png (69.86 KB, 1032x397, Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 1.54…)

This is in the description… Shay wishes.

No. 647069

File: 1532545077418.png (114.48 KB, 720x493, Screenshot_2018-07-25-14-56-16…)

So unique that porn companies will edit it out and you're no longer unique lmfaooo

No. 647070

Kek omfg her vagina is a prolasped anus I just can't

No. 647072

remember how she used to talk about how she had a “cute puffy pussy”? yah, there is nothing cute about that wrinkly over used beaten meat mess of a vagina. She is so delusional it’s hilarious.

No. 647077

I still can't get over the fact she looks older than some 40 yr old women. She legit looks like a grandparent

No. 647080


I dunno if people from here are going on but when I looked she didn't even have 5 stars

No. 647088

she has the weirdest ass I've ever seen. It really looks like it belongs to a plastic doll, not a human being. It's so flat and short

I think her pussy became that weird from stretching, you can see here >>647037
that she's putting her finger and stretching the skin away exactly where it looks so wrinkly. Skin is skin. When pulled constantly, will become loose.

No. 647096

File: 1532546739735.jpg (403.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180725-152526.jpg)

I'm right there with you, Jeff.

No. 647102

hahhahaha her rating is only 4.59 out of 10

No. 647107

File: 1532547233896.png (33.16 KB, 1556x218, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 17.5…)

I'm not sure if you guys have seen this but this is a comment on one of Shay's manyvids videos. Off-putting is putting it nicely

No. 647110

File: 1532547434737.jpg (45.1 KB, 471x342, stupidfupa.JPG)

Fupa is so fucking dumb. this question was clearly baiting him to answer and he took the bait so easily. how fucking stupid can you get, really?

No. 647112

did they disable voting? it doesn't work for me

No. 647113

100% chance someone from here wrote that Ask

No. 647114

he still took the bait like a highly caffeinated goldfish. hes dumb as a rock.

No. 647119

god why would you not photoshop those ass boils and vag bumps out? how could she be okay with her pussy looking like this?

No. 647150

Everyone knows what a disgusting vagina your gf has. Like, with that, he's always going to lose. Doesn't he realize he's a meme.

Bc they already did a lot of photoshopping. Must have been atrociously worse before.

No. 647151

File: 1532549706696.png (11.18 KB, 516x150, Screenshot (1).png)


you inspired me to creep. found another!

No. 647159

Her rating has dropped to 4.19. I wonder how low it can actually get.

Waiting on her Tumblr post of “ omg some trolls are rating my pictures so low!!!! Go rate me a 10 and I’ll reblog your post!!” Or some other nonsense.

No. 647175

File: 1532551083632.jpg (366.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180725-163715.jpg)

The comments are hilarious

No. 647181

Beat me to it lol. This has to be a wake up call for her, right? She can't just pretend these comments don't exist or delete them herself, can she??

No. 647182

And these are the comments on this heavily edited pics. Imagine how horrified these people would be seeing screen caps from that goth girl video for example. Yikes.

No. 647193

All the photoshop skills in the world couldn't fix that pussy. I've never seen a more tragic vagina. Shay's deluded trying to be a porn star. The only people that are gonna fap to that are men with old woman fetishes.

No. 647194


Who remembers when she begged people to leave a review on her content for a discount, a paying customer left his honest review and rating, and she got pissed it was low, or not good enough. Was in an earlier thread

No. 647196

Not only that, but these are just regular porn-watching dudes making their candid comments. She can't even use the "jealous haterzzz" excuse for this one. I hope she's embarrassed and realizes what she's gotten herself into.

No. 647201


Did they make her wipe off her huge winged eyeliner or did they shoop it out?

Those lashes are drag queen huge. Like I know she said she needs to have them on daily, and has been for the past 2 yrs, but it makes her look clowinish, she'll still look like a 50 yr old regardless.

No. 647206

She's officially down to a 3.98. I clicked on the 3 recent models linked below her on the sidebar and none of them had less than a 7. Yikes.

No. 647221

Herself and fupapa must be humiliated by this.

If it wasn't for the spot problem I think she'd have a lot more of an average score. But she's been actively working with such a problem for over a year so even if she does get it cleared up there's always gonna be this boil infested era all over the internet.

No. 647224

If they only knew the true horror, even heavily edited her pussy looks atrocious.

No. 647228

I think people are also confused about the ballsack pussy

No. 647243

File: 1532554722557.jpeg (262.79 KB, 1242x1777, BF81345D-243C-4376-93D0-C5EB70…)

Fupa’s Shameless add me on snap post only got 13 notes? Just proves how much of a liar he is. He doesn't have 100s of asks in his inbox. That’s why he constantly publishes ‘trolls’ because no one else cares about him

No. 647245


Does he really think that bitmoji looks like him?!!? kek.

No. 647246

i find them highly entertaining and i’m sure many others do, and would rather not have to scroll through fupas vomit inducing feed to find them js

No. 647261

The amount of photoshop work on that vagina closeup, I feel sorry for the editor

No. 647270

Yeah I agree. It's so interesting to find out what kind of dude would wanna date Shayna. I also find his 'I'm a big man dom daddy' act hilarious but I don't wanna scroll through his all the tacky vanilla porn and hypocritical drrug pics on his blog just to laugh at his asks.

No. 647281

possibly dehydration? external factors? i mean that could explain her outer labia. mine look wrinkly sometimes if i'm not drinking enough water (sorry for the tmi blogpost but it could be an explanation). they also look really dry, maybe not enough circulation?

the inner labia look swollen and inflamed. could be a combination of the fact that she's constantly fucking herself when she's dry and the fact that she doesn't bathe. friction+bacteria? possible infection?

No. 647287

Wow her snatch looks like an empty ballsack

No. 647289

3.81/10 now kek

No. 647308

The speed that it's going down makes me think farmers are spamming 0 stars. I hope that's not the case because it just gives her fuel to day its trolls

No. 647309

I'm pretty sure the reason why it looks so wrinkly and weird is because whatever she has has scarred really bad. You can see in these images, >>647022 >>646834 that the wrinklyness and whatnot look alot like big scars, and coincidentally these scars are placed exactly where the worst of her boilness occurs in that "goth girl gets fucked" video. Just compare the locations if you have the stomach to look at those nightmare-fuel images. Perhaps some kind PS anon can side-by-side and point out the nightmare image boils with these scarred/healed ones so you can properly tell?

No. 647310

I'm pretty sure you can only vote once.

No. 647311

Her clit looks like a tentacle, what the fuck.

I MIGHT believe it’s just really bad razor bumps, but even her clit has gross bumps on it.

Shayna… I think it’s time to throw in the towel and find a real job.

No. 647312

Yep. Plus I think most of us would like to see the inevitable crash and burn that would happen on it's own.

No. 647316

File: 1532558460339.jpg (12.42 KB, 353x92, fdfdcdsdf.JPG)

I rated her 4 to keep it as close as it was as possible, refreshed and tried again but got this.

No. 647318

The girls below her have 100-200 ratings, but have had their sets out for weeks to a month. So yeah, her having 80+ ratings the first day is kind of unusual for the typical traffic of a set, and looks like the majority of votes are farmers.

No. 647319

File: 1532558740438.jpg (33.39 KB, 500x333, RuOAB0Q.jpg)

KEK it really does look like a ballsack holy crap!

I was previously wondering about this image where multiple people said that they edited out her stomach roll and holy kek its REALLY obvious in this one! She has a roll on either side of her mound hahahomg.

I'm deceased at this point.

No. 647321

i can smell this picture.

also, legitimate question - is she delusional, or something? has she not mentioned her nasty ass boils at ALL? does she think everyone doesn't notice?

No. 647332

Eh doesn't seem that unusual, a girl posted a couple of days ago has 100+ votes, i feel like people are more likely to vote on a set if it is really bad or really good, rather than the average ones

No. 647341

Honestly, it looks better with hair than without

No. 647344

File: 1532560792518.png (3.72 MB, 1213x1764, Capture.PNG)

No. 647345

File: 1532560869270.png (113.88 KB, 1206x787, Capture1.PNG)

i threw up a little

No. 647346

Shay is so obviously so obsessed with him, she says "when" for everything, but when asked about moving in together Fupa said IF AND WHEN acting like it was so unlikely and he's already shot her down about their whole "getting married" bullshit being a joke. It's just sad how desperate she is.

No. 647348

>pimple crotch
I think this should be her new nickname.

No. 647349

Thats hilarious considering fupa is very unenthusiastic about moving in with her.

She needs to grow up.

No. 647350

does she realize that relationships really don’t work like this? relationships, marriage,
living together, isn’t all just happy shit all the time. It’s not a suburban sitcom “somewhere that’s green” fantasy. Relationships are work, not playtime 24/7.

No. 647351

his username coupled with "i love you" is a bit of on-the-nose irony, isn't it?

yet for all the warnings, he's still hanging around.

No. 647354

I think he's addicted to the "fame" she's bringing him, no doubt his followers have gone up from her weird probably underaged followers obsessing over them. And he posts stuff about wanting more and wanting attention constantly.

No. 647357

judging from this, she’s going to be in for a real shock after their first fight/disagreement. I can only imagine how depressed and emo she’ll be after they disagree for the first time, talking about how she thought love was real but it’s not and how she’s sooooooooo sad.

Does she not realize that eventually, she will have to grow up? she will eventually be a 35 year old woman who can’t play baby 24/7 and have people attend to her every need?

No. 647359

She's going to have the biggest meltdown ever the second it's not all rainbows and sunshine

No. 647363

File: 1532561600703.jpg (34.98 KB, 484x274, xjcctr54w.JPG)

>>"like they normally do"

kek x100000

No. 647366

"She's fucking beautiful" Buddy… She looks like a pile of trash with ass and pussy boils, you're not lucky, no one is jealous, people FEEL BAD that you two are so fucking disgusting. It's not envy, it's pity.

No. 647379

WOW she finally went off the deep end frfr

No. 647380

I swear this is what every fat, insecure fuccboi's bitmoji looks like. beard with a faggy undercut.

No. 647381

Not to mention she makes her 'career' on people ogling her and finding her attractive. He should be happy strangers on the internet are drooling over her not wanting them to 'pull up irl' kek

No. 647382

Wtf? Can someone explain this?

No. 647383

Fupa is active on Tumblr and reblogging shit but hasn't reblogged or replied to this at all.

No. 647387

He def is. It strokes his fragile beta male psyche. He's a former obese/current fat boy who's never seen this much attention in his life.

Prob the fact that it's negative and that the perception of both of them is that of joke a non factor for him. He's almost 40 and dresses like a 14 yr old from 2007 myspace days. Soo misunderstoood.

He's also the same loser who constantly reblogs photos of xanax, cups of lean and other drugs ,>>642668 but then answers an anon saying he doesn't do drugs and that "xanax is a touchy subject" bc of his sisters death from it >>642395 … but you always glorify xanax and drug use fupa.

No. 647390

File: 1532563553053.png (64.74 KB, 1406x998, gsdfdssfd.PNG)

god, fupa reblogged this. how disgusting can you get? bdsm isnt ~consensual abuse~, that's not how that works.

No. 647414

File: 1532564835315.jpg (512.06 KB, 1080x1468, Screenshot_20180725-202321_Ins…)

this is the only tagged photo of PimpleCrotch on Instagram
She'd be better off having just none at all

No. 647421

File: 1532564935720.png (2.93 MB, 1242x2208, 3B51E511-540A-4639-B07B-F3CB18…)

Is she implying something?

No. 647422

File: 1532564984283.gif (2.42 MB, 445x280, E92AA3F8-1534-499C-B270-CAB71E…)

Here’s the gif

No. 647428

Probably that she hasn't found/doesn't want to find and pay for her own place lol

No. 647431

Doubt there’s construction at all, and it’s just an excuse to move close to Fupa.

Even if there is construction, she’s just using it as an excuse.

Wonder how Fupa feels about this…

No. 647447

File: 1532565905883.gif (1.43 MB, 320x226, tumblr_o4wtpuJw1F1vq448po1_400…)

this gif was his only response so far. he's so totally thrilled about it.

No. 647448

Yeah she mentioned a while ago that her lease is almost up

No. 647449

Why bother to even makes a schedule when she's not going to use it. No wonder she has ZERO people in her rooms ever. Not following any schedule you put up on top of being boring, sitting far away to hide your boil, she'll never get better on cam.

No. 647451

File: 1532566212223.png (79.71 KB, 555x573, Screenshot_2018-07-25-17-49-52…)

No. 647452

Talk about unrealistic expectations. Has she ever been in love or had a LTR? Even if they do move in together,he's gonna get tired of her shit real quick. and her world view will crumble. Depressing.

No. 647457

File: 1532566549227.gif (2.04 MB, 408x640, SmartSelect_20180725-195254_Tu…)

Fupapa cringe

No. 647461

File: 1532566714797.png (137.5 KB, 734x816, Screenshot (9).png)

No. 647462

So dainty.

No. 647463

I'm unsure how she even manages to pay her bills monthly. Most of her income must come directly from her videos, but she'd make more if she actually did stick to her schedule, unmute guests in her chat and act a bit more personable.

She had an ex named Connor a few years ago whom she dated for awhile and they lived together. I forgot how long they were together specifically though.

No. 647471

If she was actually smart she’d move closer to LA so she could either get a train there or a cheap quick flight. But sure shay, I’m sure you have enough money to move even FURTHER away from your main place of work.

No. 647475

Her and Conner started dating in high school, they were together for quite a while if I remember correctly. Once she started camming behind his back (in his fathers home btw) he told her to stop and she said she would and she didn’t so he was like get out of my house.

I’d look for the post where she talked about it but it’s so far back in the archives.

No. 647479

File: 1532568211659.png (3.52 MB, 1242x2208, C201A3D3-7CA1-44F0-A619-9645EC…)

Can confirm she’s not lying about the construction and you can hear it in all her snaps. But still she was going to have to move anyway

No. 647481

Does she even post the daily content she promised on for her snap? Like the photosets, life updates and cumshows? Thanks anon!

No. 647483

I don't have her premium snap so idk about cumshows and all that but most of the things she posts is smoking vids and recently she's been begging for money and whining about construction which I guess is life updates.

No. 647484

File: 1532568724156.png (35.54 KB, 699x503, Screenshot (173).png)

Uh can someone confirm that her atk profile no longer has any comments? Did the site or Shay delete them?

No. 647485

all of the comments are gone and the votes too.

No. 647487


one vote and it's 9. fucking wow.

No. 647489

Wow I had checked when the comments were gone but the votes were there. Wonder if this is something they routinely do or if Shay threw a fit?

No. 647492

File: 1532569309307.png (423.78 KB, 547x700, dmdm.png)

Comments are wiped out. Hopefully no one cowtipped. It would've been great to see the opinion of true porn users

No. 647493

i used my other computer to try to vote since it wouldn't let me on the one i'm using. i voted earlier to see if it would work and it wouldnt go through this time. looks like they're blocking everyone who voted or commented earlier from doing it again, so i'm assuming she threw a fit.

No. 647500

No. 647501

File: 1532569624922.jpg (Spoiler Image,152.5 KB, 522x609, asdfghj.jpg)

forgot to spoiler sorry! Score is even lower

No. 647507

the site must have deleted it and reset the votes. how sad.

No. 647512


Don't you you have to be registered in order to even comment? Those comments were from real users.

No. 647515

File: 1532570115199.png (45.07 KB, 590x314, Screenshot (17).png)

did they reset again?

No. 647517

File: 1532570167710.jpeg (265.56 KB, 1242x768, 34280AD4-969C-44B3-AFE7-B8F160…)

the site is fucking around withe the ratings, now its magically at 100 votes at 9.0, before I refreshed it was at 1 vote at 3.6

No. 647518

Was just going to post this, same thing for me

No. 647520

the site is faking her ratings, how low can you get? none of the other recent models posted have had their scores or votes changed, or bad comments removed. this is seriously pathetic, maybe you should listen to your consumers, ATK models.

No. 647522

File: 1532570373470.png (Spoiler Image,7.94 MB, 1125x2436, 32EA6E61-97A3-45AB-8D7E-FE9E58…)

It looks like she got poopy butthole

No. 647523

hi. is anyone just allowed to post here?? haha found this thread by searching that blonde's name from the website. i'm on there regularly then i saw her photos. what in the fresh hell is her pussy. also the ratings are weird. i'm always on there and of course i revisit pics of my favorites but i never see the ratings move that erratically.

No. 647525

nah that’s just a freckle, she’s always had that.

No. 647526

I don't feel like going back and quoting the pictures but seriously guys isn't her vagina prolapsed? If she's fucking herself without lube it's gonna happen.

No. 647528

Type "Sage" in the email area so you don't bump the thread! And no one knows what's wrong with it exactly, she's just foul and covered in boils and pimples and scars from picking at them.

No. 647529

anyone can post here but you're encouraged to lurk to get a feel for the boards. you should also read through all the other threads dedicated to her - they can be found at the top of this page.

happy lurking!

No. 647530

it’s so unprofessional to fake ratings. it’s very obvious they did it too. what’s the point?

No. 647542

me again from the site. scrolled through this thread first. i feel seriously sick to my stomach. went on her tumblr too and i am so confused. jesus fucking christ

No. 647543

I'm not sure if it happened before, but now when you try to comment it says that it is pending moderation.

No. 647545


this is just the tip of the iceberg. you need to read all of the threads to get a real feel for her delusions.

No. 647548

She is a genuinely an awful person too, she cheated on her boyfriend and cried rape, accused both her parents of abuse and particularly her mom, lies, lies, and lies, admittedly hates to bathe and doesn't regularly and has done/said racist and derogatory things, to name just a few.

No. 647554

guy from site again, just wanna say no other girl in the last couple of months that i've been on that site that i've googled has this many issues… at least theyre not being talked about on a hate site (?) oh god what is this honestly. what a huge turn off. and her pussy looked like shit to begin with. to think i googled out of concern and now i'm just filled with regret(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 647556

Shayna is on her very own level of disgusting.

No. 647557

hey, you don't have to announce you're the guy from the site. just so you know.

we're not a hate site so much as a gossip site. we don't pull issues with these people out of our asses, we're just here to make note of train wrecks.

No. 647563

oops sorry about that. should probably read how this site works. i don't mean to mis-label this as a hate site, it's just what i thought it was. looking through a couple of threads, i do doubt these arent actual issues. theres proof everywhere. i dont know how anyone could not lose wood after coming across her photos on the site. i'll go lurk some more now hahahahah

No. 647566

make sure you click the post number of the post you want to reply to. you can find more info on how to use the site here https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 647574

that rug looks almost as bad as hers. i bet she felt at home there

No. 647615

File: 1532575432469.jpg (Spoiler Image,443.83 KB, 1080x1250, fakeratings.jpg)

Lowered again, but not by much.

No. 647620

File: 1532575873750.png (187.48 KB, 969x725, Screenshot_20180725-223001.png)

>Honesty, Quality, Reliability and Trust

No. 647626

Well, the funny thing is she got her rating changed to higher than a good number of other girls on the site who're much more pretty and actually care about their hygiene.

No. 647631

I bet it kills uwu widdle baby bimbo Shayna that she’s not smol enough to be featured on ATK Petites.
>Do you like your women slim, tiny and delicate? If your answer is yes, then ATK Petites will be like a dream come true, because all ATKPetite's models are shorter than 5'4" and weigh 110 pounds or less.

No. 647678

this is so obviously bait

No. 647687

Omg Ratinggate. This is absurd. So thankful we had the screens to prove it. Shay somehow keeps getting scummier and scummier.

No. 647691

File: 1532580198711.jpg (608.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180726-004106.jpg)

>h e a l t h y
ok, shay.

No. 647692

File: 1532580257765.jpg (307.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180726-004026.jpg)

Did she send this to herself?? Who would ever think this for real..?

No. 647703

her rating was at 8.02, i rated 2 stars and it was at 7.44, then i refreshed and it was back to 8.02, seems like their just adding one good vote for every bad, or just not counting the bad ones, either way, how fucking shady.
sage for speculation

No. 647710

File: 1532583798698.png (71.49 KB, 980x981, Screenshot_20180726-003809~2.p…)

this is my first time posting here after a year or so of lurking so sorry if i'm not putting sage where it needs to be but i just refreshed the page and it had one comment, i'm assuming by another anon hence the "pencil eraser nips"

No. 647720

That's not a term from here, it's something that a porn-viewer would be familiar with

No. 647721

I hate the same thing happen to me

No. 647730

i thought i'd seen it used by an anon in a previous thread when they were discussing if she'd damaged her breast tissue from hitting it so much

No. 647733

Can second this

No. 647738

File: 1532588206454.jpg (Spoiler Image,346.7 KB, 900x900, shayconvag.jpg)

Her vag looks like a bacon hamburger in this one

Also, I'm astouned with the shitty quality of these two photoshoots, did she payed for them? or it was her agency who took care of the payment? because it is a way too low quality job, if shayna payed for them it was a waste of money… bad photography, bad styling, bad direction and REALLY bad editing

No. 647740


Holy fucking shit, don't make me throw up anon.

No. 647744

instead of using videos and pictures of animals being abused for the meat industry, vegans could just use this image

No. 647746

Holy fucking shit. What is happening to her poor vagina. Dear god

No. 647758

File: 1532590526969.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.77 KB, 426x360, Hymenectomy.jpg)

this gives a really good look into how worn and beaten up her vagina is not even externally but internally. i knew something was off in this photo and i figured it out… she basically has no hymen. i have looked at different diagrams and irl photos and she has one of a woman whos given birth

thats sad and a bit gross

No. 647771

I think she might have convinced them that every negative comment she gets is from here so they treat all super bad ratings as spam. If she showed them the thread with the few anons commenting that they rated her that'd help them believe her.
Too bad we all know the bad ratings came well before any anons even noticed her page! Most of the ratings were from normal people

No. 647774

File: 1532592518669.png (Spoiler Image,578.39 KB, 776x769, Screenshot_2018-07-26-01-05-56…)

Extreme close up of her vagina, do not click unless you are ready for it!
Anyways, what the hell is that almost coming out of her vagina at the bottom? The weird whitish flesh. I've never seen that before. Granted I haven't looked that closely at a vagina before, nor seen many for that matter but this doesn't seem normal

No. 647779

I know that it's been used here before, I'm saying that it isn't exclusive to these threads, it's a common phrase

No. 647793

Tbh white stuff just looks like her dry pussy trying to desperately produce some discharge

No. 647809

Pretty sure the 'white stuff' is just the bottom part of her vaginal opening. It's kinda pushed outwards bc her vagina is gaping open like that

No. 647833

There was a makeup artist and hair stylist, though it looks like they just gave up on her hair.

No. 647836

Well there is no neck, that’s accurate

No. 647850

File: 1532601557707.png (773.97 KB, 850x1498, teeth.png)

Her teeth. The inset on the top left is just her tooth zoomed in. It's legit a shade of brown.

No. 647855

He thinks people say he has no neck bc his "shoulders are huge". When in reality, it's because his chin/face and neck are just that fat. Jawline? bahaha. More like needing a beard to be able to distinguish where his face stops.

No. 647860

Experienced lesbian here
Her vag is fucked, but the inside of it looks like a normal vagina of a woman who's…been around
Its a vagina, 99% of the time when you look very close up its gonna look like a bunch of weird meat

She should really get checked though

No. 647882

File: 1532606073267.jpg (575.68 KB, 966x1285, arbys.jpg)


Arbys pussy. The bun even resembles the spotting of her boils and sores

No. 647885

File: 1532606432881.png (13.27 KB, 291x363, 8675309.PNG)

No. 647888

File: 1532606578587.png (247.46 KB, 518x538, littlecheekbones.PNG)

Reblog of that wimpy gif set of Fupa putting his gloves on with a new caption.

i think he meant swollen bulimia cheekbones. there is nothing little about this awkward grown adult woman.

No. 647890

File: 1532606690990.png (131.6 KB, 429x878, thefupalook.PNG)

18 dollar medium sized amazon gloves complete the fupa look.

No. 647891

File: 1532606754415.png (21.78 KB, 425x386, eckdattor.PNG)

No. 647898

Fupa, someone with no parents, was in the foster care system, lost a sibling, has actual truama.

Shay with fake trauma, a compulsive liar who pushed false narratives about "child abuse", when in reality she got "grounded" and occasionally had to babysit.

+ Impact play, "consensual abuse", etc..

That's healthy

No. 647900

File: 1532608640249.png (15.53 KB, 512x296, 100j.png)

I can't even imagine how exhausting she must be.

No. 647912

Also not showering

No. 647914

That’s her hymenal tag at the bottom of her vag opening but it doesn’t usually poke out like that. Or at least it shouldn’t.

No. 647919

OT but I'd really like to know. I thought all hymens were like the first one pictured (just a hole). Are the other types really that common? And is the hymen deep inside (where you can't see it spread normally?)

No. 647938

the person in their avatar looks 8 years old what is this..

No. 647966

File: 1532614008693.jpg (300.14 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_2076.JPG)

she changed her schedule for the third time in four days.

No. 647971

she also used to take pride in finding Hitler attractive and iirc was fine with people calling her a Nazi. have not heard her recant these statements

No. 647973

Shaved hours off Tuesday and Saturday

No. 647974

She has her "Jewish friend" on there go on and on about how she's not racist and shit, don't think she ever actually apologized though

No. 647976

Why is she not camming all day Saturday….? Lazy bitch lol.

No. 647977

What I’m not understanding is why Fupa, a grown ass, nearly 40 year old, supposedly “professional” man, wants to be plastered all over the internet beating a 21 year old girl. Just an all around awful life choice.

No. 647981

I think he feels pretty secure that his real name isn't going to become attached to it because it hasn't come out yet. However, as we have seen with other cows, he or Shay are going to slip up eventually and reveal him in some way or someone he knows irl is going to find this thread and be weirded out by it and out him.

No. 647983

Honestly I don't believe Fupa is a mature person. He still has his fragile little emo teen persona he's trying to defend and he's loving the ego boost her "fame" is bringing him, even if it's negative, I'm positive this is the most attention he's ever gotten and he's living for it. He's using her completely and I'm also not in total belief about his tragic upbringing that he seems to bring up at random times. We all know he likes to make himself seem extreme and edgy and orphaned boy whose sister killed herself probably seems hardcore to him.

No. 648004

File: 1532617756853.jpeg (569.55 KB, 961x918, 600E7009-48BE-421C-A6FB-F3F42F…)

here we go everyone

No. 648007

I remember posting a picture from her twitter in the last thread, or maybe the one before that? She said that if you want her to interact with you "the customers" and be off of her phone, you needed to tip and keep the service up……

Why is someone gonna tip you when they know you get naked immediately and you don't even look good with your clothes off. Everyone has officially seen your empty nutsack, Shay. We're unimpressed hahaha

No. 648009

File: 1532618385033.png (1.62 MB, 1218x900, qhaadsa.PNG)

she's just sitting and eating goldfish, also keeps leaving to go grab shit.

No. 648010

File: 1532618446968.png (316.33 KB, 720x690, Screenshot_2018-07-26-11-17-47…)


Y'all.. She's bumming money to try and move WITH fupaddy?! His incredible job having self and her 55k a year and she needs to beg ON TUMBLR
She changed her hours because of construction, yet again, but I guarantee she's not going to even be able to find a new place to live by the time she has to leave for that lease in a couple weeks.

No. 648016

No wings today, that's why she looks so weird rn

No. 648017

ahaha. someone came in and asked her how the ass boils were. comment immediately deleted and they were kicked.

No. 648018

OT but isn't there a goldfish cracker recall rn….. good luck shay

No. 648019


Her hair is so uneven af. I never realized how its all chunky and butchered unless she wears it down.

She lowered her tokens drastically. Wow, she really must be desperate.

You can already see her pussy boils poking out the side of her panties.

No. 648020

Someone just commented that they got her the mesh from her goth girl video ew

No. 648022

According to shayna that video was a hit lol

No. 648023

File: 1532619214592.jpg (704.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180726-082521_Sam…)

Downy Shay

No. 648024

File: 1532619245152.png (744.35 KB, 1726x561, assboils.png)

Sorry for the obnoxious cap, peep Shays reaction to the boil comment, followed by an INSTANT deletion while she moves on with her life like nothing happened even tho theres 19 people in the chat and one person talking so its really hard NOT to notice ShameA.

(this is basically how her stream sounds)
"im like…" "so like…" "im totally like …" "me and my bf …" "I like …"
he also freaked out cause she "loved" someone calling her a "filthy little cum nugget", the only time she interacts with the (tiny) audience is just to talk about her but not anything erotic just…egocentric 20yr old who says "pay me" while looking fugly

No. 648025


She's being so obnoxious. She's either boring or obnoxious. Reminds me of when she went ot MV loft and everyone kept rolling their eyes, looking at each other and laughing when she spoke.

Also, I can't even go a couple mins in her room before I click off to a hotter girl linked to the side.

No. 648027

File: 1532619415733.jpg (457.02 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180726-083107_Sam…)

She took a dab and now is SoOoO high and "dancing" to brit. By dancing I mean flipping the noodle hair around like a spaz

No. 648028

File: 1532619516493.png (1.59 MB, 1258x935, sadadad.PNG)

her face when asked how she gonna beg for money to move and still have enough to buy dabs

No. 648030

- "I don't kow anything about the internet, I just make porn"

Lol. Very true, she doesn't know how porn works, she just takes photos of her ass and pussy boils.

The only people that like her are these desperate girls that are looking for validation from someone that's been on tumblr for like almost a decade. Even tho they're now known for making porn whilst having millions of pussy boils, open sores and scars all over their pussy.

-She's also been singing, her voice is horrendous and can't carry a tune for shit

No. 648032

File: 1532619706049.png (118.35 KB, 1287x908, lool.PNG)


No. 648035

Same anon. Everytime she sees my name, insta ban lol
Also why does she look like she's on Xan when she just dabbed. She keeps rolling her eyes back, like chill bitch

No. 648036

File: 1532619855978.jpg (446.79 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180726-084204_Sam…)

Porn stars with sun damaged skin is shays look

No. 648037

She just admitted she needs more twitter followers bc despite all the tumblr followers, she claimed no one will buy anything

No. 648041

File: 1532620361760.jpg (341.35 KB, 895x711, 0fyj.jpg)

Her crotch is so discolored and you can see her boils on the side.

-She's talking about how she decorated her apartment with her collars, rope, etc.. lol she's so tacky and cheap. She calls it "artsy"

Remember when she begged people for money and cards for apartment stuff and decor 6-7 months ago? Then never bought any furniture or decor with it. And only got a futon like a couple weeks ago and her lease is already up.

No. 648042

I can`t believe she has all this issues with construction but apparently buying proper lights so you can film past sundown is impossible for her? No noise and you basically free up your day to be a productive member of society before slithering into your pink hobo hut to record degeneracy.
It is still just her singing to her playlist and talking about shit way out here and trying to hook any bot that says shit like "I wanna be ur daddy" and "do u xx?"

She desperately responds to shit that sounds like those camgirl bots trying to snatch ur credit info.

No. 648045

just so everyone knows, an mfc token is worth 5 cents. today, she's made a whole $2.10. pathetic.

No. 648046

She only makes a % of that, so she's only really made maybe 30 cents. kek

No. 648047

So broke she can only afford a ps2
" if anyone wants to buy me a new Playstation or Xbox I wouldn't say no" god shes pathetic

No. 648048

Holy crap she just shifted her position and her panties are DIGGING into her vagina. She legit spread her pussy lips on either side of her panties. Sorry first time watching her dumpster fire live streams so no caps.

No. 648049

File: 1532620814207.jpg (377.16 KB, 891x722, u5y.jpg)

Her nails are to the point they're not cute or sexy. They just look clowinsh and straight up ridiculous. She said she likes to get them big bc she's super insecure about her large hands. But her nails just draw attention to the fact that her hands are super big.

No. 648051

File: 1532620850474.jpg (444.03 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180726-090012_Sam…)

Now she's gaming, singing and still ignoring everyone

No. 648053

nah, that’s the payout for models. a friend of mine does it. every token they get is 5 cents payout to them. super low, but if you’re good at it and not a complete failure like shay, you can make quite a bit.

No. 648054

File: 1532620950632.jpg (342.49 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180726-090202_Sam…)

The punching begins

No. 648055

File: 1532620973149.jpg (371.03 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180726-090208_Sam…)

No. 648056

File: 1532620982483.jpg (311.87 KB, 907x736, nu48j.jpg)

No. 648057

File: 1532621030619.jpg (342.9 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180726-090213_Sam…)

She got tipped around 70 tokens for this.

No. 648058

File: 1532621065196.png (852.27 KB, 1737x641, gamur grll.png)

Spent 5minutes touching her controller, barely looking at the screen, several times she looked away while moving the joystick and pushing triangle and generally never touched the start button, It just really makes ya wonder especially since the only audio is her and her playlist no sound from the monitor/tv.

(gg say you\re so dead on cam you play games to make the timepass by and occasionally hit your face when you\re paid then go RIGHT BACk to the games.)

No. 648061

File: 1532621201834.jpeg (672.53 KB, 1242x1033, 883191C4-7A6A-431C-9773-E7DC3C…)

her face, lmao

No. 648062

Someone tipped her to spin her wheel and it landed on video which means you can spin to get a free video which she said there's a 50% chance you won't, and they didn't win anything. What a rip off

No. 648063

Unless she's actually cutting food on that "paddle" no reason it should be that dirty. Wtf

No. 648065

She keeps singing, and it's annoying. It'd be different if she had a good voice, but it's just so off pitch and off tune.

Someone spun her wheel and landed on win a free video. She said you can spin again or try to get a video, I only let people respin for the vid. He spun, and she said "sry but you didn't win one" BEFORE it stopped spinning. She knew it was never going to "get a video"

No. 648066

Please tell me someone got caps of that uncomfortable titty flash

No. 648067

File: 1532621462668.jpg (Spoiler Image,190.81 KB, 1060x594, 7878646546.jpg)


No. 648070

File: 1532621514502.jpg (Spoiler Image,371.17 KB, 882x725, 4rrj.jpg)

No. 648072

File: 1532621562789.jpg (Spoiler Image,432.92 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180726-091124_Sam…)

"Do u think they are cute? I think they r cute."

No. 648075

ya she had the phone faced towards the camera away from her, as well as the wheel wasn't even done spinning yet. But she said he didnt win one. She knew before hand

No. 648076

Omg the keks made me forget to spoiler, I'm sorry!

No. 648084

File: 1532621927030.jpg (231.32 KB, 1059x636, 8526832.jpg)

Are you kidding me? She reads the comment, pauses and says "whats that? what's twitch?"
She's gotta be kidding right?
Also dat face lmao.

No. 648087

She didn't even reach her goal and she said she's going to head off. Probably to play more video games.

No. 648089

Remember to use the spoiler. If you forget you can always delete and repost correctly like >>648076

No. 648092

File: 1532622141700.jpg (1.17 MB, 908x2204, 5ytr.jpg)

She's learned to keep her legs closed and clothes on to hide her pussy boils. Since it was pointed out so much when she was actually nude. Sad.

Okay I'm done. Between the off key, off pitch singing and her obnoxiousness.. I just can't. Also been fighting the urge to click on the hott girls.

No. 648095

This is just sad. Why isn’t fupa helping her out? What kind of daddy is he? It’s all very comical

No. 648096

I guess she can't afford to go to a gyno? I don't know why else she wouldn't get it fixed if she knows its a problem. She could at least treat her razor burn and ingrown hairs at home though.

No. 648100

File: 1532622414425.jpg (85.42 KB, 626x501, 7687864684.jpg)

Well noone is tipping her or talking to her, which is understandable because she's not even trying to interact.
Shes PRETENDING to play PS2 and singing horribly, I would tip her the tokens to gag ball her but honestly its not even worth the 5 cents or whatever.

Peep how there's no red light on her controller, whenever the controller is actually ON and being used, there should be a red light on it indicating if you are player 1 or player 2.
How are you THIS sad Shay?

No. 648106

it's only newer ps controllers that have lights like those lmao

No. 648108

Annnddd she's off

No. 648113

She gets anxiety when no on in the room talks to her and gets discouraged easily. She's using the controller and playing a game as a crutch. If anything, it drives away 50% of potential tippers from even going to her room. She's an idiot. She has no social skills. she really doesn't. She doesn't know how to talk and engage with people.

People come in the room, then leave after only sitting in for less than 5 or 10 secs. It's bc she's either obnoxious/boring. Sits too far away to hide her boils. Or has her boils out.

No. 648121

lmfao she’s so terrible at this.

No. 648139

But she doesn't do anything to encourage people to interact with her, she asked once "what are you guys doing? tell me I'm curious" but didn't pay attention to if anyone replied (they didn't) and continued with her game.
If she wants people to talk to her she should at least make an effort to start a conversation, shouldn't she? I know nothing about camming so I may be mistaken, but I do know about human interaction. The only time she did anything was if anyone tipped her. She wasn't even trying to ask for tips or being alluring like "omigosh tip me 2 c my puffy pu$$y it so cUtE an adorbs guise! Not atol infected whiff awful stuffs."
>She gets anxiety when no on in the room talks to her and gets discouraged easily.
Okay that's understandable, but how in the hell has she been doing this now for a long time and made at least some money from it and she still gets nervous and shy?
She could at least try to spin her nervousness into something sort of cute.

No. 648143

I don't think she has anxiety, I think she's just that fucking boring.

No. 648154

If this is something he does I'll give fupa this, I'm glad he's doing it. Sure he's overall a shit Dom but at least he's aware that Dolly fakes how into things she is. And if he legit stops when he notices then I'm almost proud of the guy. Maybe he'll learn to be a real Dom some day haha
She needs to learn that no one will magically show up and tip hundreds of dollars if they see no reason to. If someone is going through cam girls trying to find one they like, it doesn't matter how cute they find one, they're going to leave if the girl's just sitting there. She can't become engaged when people tip her, she has to engage them so they tip her. Lowering price to see tits isn't enough, if all they wanted was random tit shots they would do an image search, not watch cam girls.

No. 648155

lmfao why would you be proud of someone for doing the bare minimum?

No. 648166

She thinks she deserves money just for barely sticking to her schedule. She feels entitled to payment just for getting on cam. It’s how delusional she is.

No. 648176

Yikes thats paraphrasing by alot anon and Fupapa is basically admitting that Shay will end up getting raped ala Insex (admitted that they didn't use their safe words as to not dissapoint ends up raped cause using the word felt too little too late and they might as well perservere)

No. 648185

File: 1532629975968.jpg (67.62 KB, 698x308, asdfgh.jpg)

Fupa just got super defensive over this really innocent seeming ask

No. 648194

Lmao why was he so triggered by that? Legit just sounds like someone trying to connect with them over something. Jfc.

No. 648198

well he quite clearly is worried. what a transparent piece of shit kek.

funny how someone can even unintentionally shed a light on how insecure and dumb both of these idiots are in this relationship.

i swear he just wants negative attention at this point. i guess that's better than nothing at all for him.

No. 648199

File: 1532631321924.jpg (438.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180726-145358.jpg)

Lmao @ >hate site

We are like totally the reason for her shit-tier "career", guys.

No. 648202


how would this person know when she hasn’t posted about this site or a link to it? Seems like she’s lurking and leaving comments on her own stuff anonymously kek

No. 648205

yea next we'll be accused of personally infecting her with whatever gross infection she has and wrecking her pussy with our own 10inch dildos

No. 648206


so, i used the contact form to reach out to them and said this:
"As a company that preaches "Honesty, Quality, Reliability and Trust," I want to know why you've not only disabled comments and votes on the model "Dolly Mattel," but you deleted every negative vote and comment posted. Her set, "Blonde Dolly Mattel," is objectively awful and the votes and comments reflected that. Why did her ratings go from 3.76 with 111 votes to 9 with 100 votes after just clicking refresh? Why did all of the user comments get deleted? Why are you manipulating votes and comments in her favour when her set is objectively bad? This isn't honesty or reliability."

Their response:
"stop humiliate and troll our model
all degrading comments have been removed"

so she definitely threw a shit fit when she realized she wasn't being fawned over by people's dads.

I don't even think that many of us voted or commented.

sorry if this is cowtipping, i just wanted some insight.(Cowtipping)

No. 648214

Well Anon you tried. Those bad reviews seemed like they were written by your average porn user though. I thought Shayna wanted to be a famous porn star? The more videos she does and the more sites she appears on, the more people are gonna comment on how busted she looks. And she can't throw a hissy fit and get comments on every site removed. The more productive thing to do would just be to go to the doctor and get her disgusting pussy looked at. Although she probably knows at this point it's not salvageable.

No. 648220

I sent a reply asking for confirmation that they were manipulating votes.

Didn't get one.

Honestly, their first response (the grammar, unproffesionalism, etc) says everything you need to know about the company anyway.

No. 648221

Yea it sounds like people just as stupid as her are running it, not surprising by the state of their rug and furniture.

No. 648241

I cant decide wether Fupapa is doing a horrible troll job or if he is actually being this oblivious to his own reaction.
>I`m not worried about her. She`s not worried about me.
y i k e s

No. 648245

They can cry "troll" all they want, but I'm sure they're enjoying that sweet, sweet traffic her photoset has generated.

No. 648249

File: 1532636130826.png (191.84 KB, 434x614, dmiwyssdhtpuwcw.PNG)

are they seriously moving in together kek

No. 648250

Nah I don't buy it, I think he's letting her have this little fantasy but there's no way he would move in with her when she hasn't even been to his place and I'm pretty sure he lives with someone based on stuff said in other threads.

No. 648251

that's what i thought too. i guess he is gonna lead her on until they see each other one last time then bail on her. can't wait for that shit show.

No. 648253

Calling it now: they're going to move into some $20/night roach motel together.

No. 648254

Don't you have to pay to comment/join????

We might be a gossip page, but I could pen my entire 401K on saying;

And I'll quote:

"None of us are willing to spend the money to access this company's brand, and leave bad reviews on her damn page. We don't hate her, we just find her to be an oblivious scammer who promises and promises and then backpedals and re-words to get out of working. Shes unattractive with no attributes, you took her only unique titty vein feature and now she's a haggard looking 21 year old female. We want her to seek mental help instead of praying on her mental state like this company seems to do. We are people who have tried coming forward to help her and she shoves her canker girls pussy and idgaf attitude in our faces."

The delusion of this girl, chile

No matter if her pages here stay or go, whenever she opens her legs.. Or mouth.. Everyone abandons her.

No. 648256

Was just about to say this. Nobody from here commented on it because I'm under the impression that you need a subscription to comment. It's their fault for allowing everyone to be able to vote, though. They thought this girl was going to get good votes with the state her body is in? Hilarious. Makes sense that she would work with a trashy company though.
She definitely used it as an excuse to go cry to them and get the comments off and the votes tampered with.

No. 648280

Just tried this position myself to see if it cause similar wrinkling or w/e

No luck
It’s not the pose or the way she’s holding her body causing the severe wrinkling

No. 648283


idk, (I am heavy) but when I'm sitting in a certain position for too long sometimes mine will be a bit wrinkled when I stretch back out, but never that bad.

No. 648286

I mean I'm a girl too but I don't generally check my vagina for wrinkling whilst sitting??? I think we can just all agree it's gross without the experiments.

No. 648291

I think he's in panic mode now because he said he 'owned his own house since he was 25' and now Shayna's lease is up she probably expects him to let her move in.

No. 648307

Most significant others typically ask. Like mine did when it was about time for me to move/life wasn’t so great where I was. I didn’t have to drop hints or post shitty gifs. The thing is, if someone wants you around, they’ll invite you.

He’s definitely caught in a weird spot. On one hand he could be living with Shayna to prove us all wrong, but then he’d be… living with Shayna. On the other hand, he could make up some dumb ass excuse as to why she’s not gonna go live with him and know we were all right all along.

No. 648310

File: 1532641346739.jpg (Spoiler Image,900.18 KB, 1064x1600, Dolly-Mattel8_big.jpg)

Thanks for all the tasty soy milk Shay!

No. 648329

File: 1532643012660.png (3.53 MB, 1242x2208, 1E543CB2-432B-4AB8-BE01-3B23F2…)

Snap anon back with updates

Preview of her new video 1/3

No. 648333

File: 1532643087366.png (Spoiler Image,3.36 MB, 1242x2208, CD4E900E-6E46-4BE7-9625-434CD4…)

Bruised butt 2/3

No. 648334

File: 1532643184680.png (3.35 MB, 1242x2208, E64F87E5-C213-4051-8C4E-1E045F…)

Beatdown Barbie 3/3

Yes she slapped herself

No. 648336

File: 1532643311681.png (5.44 MB, 1242x2208, BC247B12-300C-4437-8627-AA1202…)

Bonus look at my little kiddie lunch

No. 648338


>all carbs

>all processed

No wonder she's doughy

No. 648342

File: 1532643817794.jpeg (159.34 KB, 1242x839, E22D19E0-5B6B-439E-9BA4-0EF51D…)

Genuinely shocked that she hasn’t tried to charge to hang out with her on club penguin

No. 648356

The fact she's just sitting there, wasting her time getting barely any tips, letting grimy men look at her for free and pretending to play playstation is just too sad.

No. 648368

Nitpick but
>nostalgic 90’s baby
kek you were born in ‘97. Your earliest memory would be like… 2001–2002.

I’m shocked every time I remember she’s only 21 when that face says 40-something single mother of three, and that pussy looks 60.

No. 648369

I was just about to mention that. Thank you

No. 648372

File: 1532647147669.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1653, 542AA698-C1C8-4FB8-880C-F4531D…)

she doesn’t have AC and doesnt shower… imagine how stinky and musty her apartment was when fupa visited. gross.

No. 648375

you don’t have to announce your arrival every time, buddy

No. 648409

Imagine not being able to separate your porn persona from your everyday life.

No. 648458


I wonder. I know a lot of people used to think he was married and cheating on his wife with Shay. He seemed to be very careful. But he's been so lax about showing his face–or rather, letting Shay show his face–that I'm not sure. Maybe he is married but just stupid and getting cocky? I'm leaning more towards divorced and living with a femalE friend/relative.

Then again, if he's dumb enough to let his face be shown like this risking his place of work seeing it, why wouldn't he be dumb enough to let his wife?

I don't know, I've just been wondering. He hides everything behind the fake edgelord bullshit, it's impossible to figure out what's really going on.

No. 648497

That’s the difference between 90’s baby and 90’s kid tho, shay was literally a baby in the 90’s

No. 648514

I think the point is that you don’t get nostalgic about an era you don’t remember. People now get excited about 80s nostalgia because they were a part of it, that’s how nostalgia works.

No. 648526

File: 1532660965073.jpeg (975.07 KB, 1125x1871, 2CDBD14A-6EDF-4FAA-910D-1A110C…)

He’s also still reblogging pictures of drugs and being hypocritical about that.

No. 648538

Being a 90's baby means she is nostalgic for the 2000's, when her childhood would have taken place. Obviously, her club penguin nostalgia wouldn't be 90's nostalgia because club penguin wasn't released until 2005

No. 648568

File: 1532665589235.jpg (274.11 KB, 963x716, Screenshot_20180726-212521_Chr…)

She's online for anyone interested

No. 648570

File: 1532666281024.png (109.56 KB, 1998x634, huh.png)

I've literally never been on MFC before and wanted to see the milk. It wouldn't let me go on as a guest so I made an account with a throwaway email. What the hell? Is she just, like, insta-banning new people or is she just not camming anymore after, what, 20 minutes?

No. 648572

File: 1532666411630.jpg (201.46 KB, 794x596, shay.jpg)

She left and came back. Now playing games and signing obnoxiously

No. 648576

File: 1532666710133.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.38 KB, 702x523, assne.jpg)

No. 648586

Shes putting a sparkling water bottle up her pussy in a private lmao

No. 648587

Pics or it didn't happen lol

No. 648588

She looks drugged

No. 648591

Different anon, she made it a private show

No. 648601

If you’re from mass, she has the whole state banned (you can do that on Mfc) because that’s where she’s from

No. 648602

File: 1532669220553.jpg (Spoiler Image,209.75 KB, 884x662, Screenshot_20180726-222614_Chr…)

No. 648605

File: 1532669636595.jpg (Spoiler Image,374.27 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180726-223314_Sam…)

She won't turn around kek

No. 648607

File: 1532669685489.jpg (Spoiler Image,256.6 KB, 1014x760, assne2.jpg)

No. 648609

She has zero hips, you can tell by her "dancing". It's so awkward, do none of her viewers notice she won't even turn around..

No. 648610

File: 1532669842628.gif (993.95 KB, 268x258, jZaDo.gif)

how can she be so okay with all those ass pimples

No. 648615

Sitting on her poor carpet with her ass and pussy sweat. She said she's super hot and itchy right now. You can visibly see she hasn't showered since last being on cam.

No. 648620

She seems more involved with the game than her chat, lmao.

No. 648622

This bitch thinks she can last in LA in this 100+ Farenheit weather? sitting there complaining about Seattle and Massachusetts weather

No. 648624

I'm confused as to why she just doesn't buy a fan for her room and one for her laptop to keep it cool. She keeps complaining it's hot so much

No. 648627

God her ass cheeks are in the same rough state as her pussy now imo. And imagine all of the schmeg and goldfish dust that's encrusted in those gross talons of her's at this very moment ugh

No. 648628

Ballsack pussy

She looks so pissed and bored when she's on cam. No wonder nobody wants to watch that.

No. 648630

Offline now. Recap for anons who couldn't see it, this is everything I saw:

>Came on an hour later than scheduled

>First thing she did was got 22 tokens to show off her ass
>Got tipped 50 tokens by someone, person said it was "just being nice" and she could decide what she wanted to do
>She was going to paddle her pussy, then just decided to smoke weed instead
>Got tipped another amount (couldn't tell what it was, it wasn't showing for me for some reason) for her to dump out the rest of her sparkling water drink out of the bottle and use it to fuck her pussy
>Complains a lot that she was scared it would create an air vacuum, despite making a video before where she got fucked with a wine bottle
>Made it a private show
>Comes back on in a bit, is naked and playing video games
>Constantly complains about the heat, not really paying attention to her chat trying to communicate with her and taking awhile to respond to things because she's playing games
>Doesn't get tipped anymore and 11pm rolls around, so she goes offline

Apparently she will keep to her schedule and be back on in the morning, but we'll see

No. 648632

This position wouldn't be too bad for cams with a couple fixes:
-Look less high/be less high. She looks bored as shit
-she fixes those damn tan lines. Like shot girl, buy some drugstore tanning lotion and even that shit out
If she then engaged her viewers and did more than ignore them and play video games she'd be good. You can't see her boils from here and since her prices are low, she might not get many high purchases but a decent amount of desperate guys willing to see even a small amount more. Hell, start in underwear and say that she'll take them off if she gets a certain goal of tips, even better

No. 648644


Holy crap. Though, I guess out of all of Shay's BS that does make the most sense. If I could automatically prevent everyone I know from seeing my porn, I would to.

No. 648654

Simple and solid advice. Except Shay is so lazy that she literally won't do this. I always have a hard time wrapping my mind around why so she chooses to do this without putting the effort forth to succeed. There are plenty of ugly or unconventional cam models out there who do well cos they put forth the effort. She would rather smoke weed, complain, and beg for money.

If she actually cared to do a good job she would make enough and wouldn't even consider porn. It's weird that she would want to subject herself to an inevitable STI/STD in the porn industry as opposed to clocking in the hours on cam and racking in the same amount without having to waste money on flights to LA and airbnb. She couldn't even do the porn thing right.

I don't understand this girl. She repeatedly makes the worst decisions for her life possible.

No. 648666

this bitch has vitamin A thru Z deficiency. the fuck.

for the love of god just use soap

No. 648695

Wait, isn't this the same person who was just crying about "not feeling validated ah bloo bloo" by her parents cause they don't "support" her life choices by giving her ass pats? Why the hell would she cate about people in her home state knowing she us shitty on cam?

No. 648707

Why can't she slap some lotion on her dried out labia? And at least fake arousal with some lube since she won't drink water.

Most of her problems are cheap ,simple fixes(apart from her boils), but she is so lazy she can't be arsed to put an effort into her looks which is her whole career.

No. 648759

she's itchy because she doesn't shower. TBH that ass looks like she doesn't clean her toilet seat and it's grown mold so she's got a rash on her butt. it's happened to me before when the toilet overflowed and the seat had to be replaced even after cleaning it. shit is disgusting but I can't even fathom not immediately washing yourself and changing the toilet seat. Knowing her attitude towards personal hygiene I highly doubtful she's cleaned her toilet in the 6 months she's been living there

No. 648775

Her feet are huge

No. 648777

She's a size seven, not huge, just average like everything else about her.

No. 648779

Those are perfect clown feet

No. 648780

I mean they look big here, but so what? I'm more concerned with the rest of her body. Foot size isn't something anyone can control unlike her hygiene and general self care and monster nails.

No. 648784

True. I couldn’t help notice her feet. She look extra nasty in those photos. like she’s about to die from heat stroke

No. 648787

A heat stroke and probably sweating toxins from her body like a walking bio hazard.

No. 648806

File: 1532704831388.png (70.8 KB, 299x511, pngnp.PNG)

No. 648808

File: 1532704924925.png (1.27 MB, 1593x713, dirty.PNG)

Heatstroke barbie is on cam:https://www.myfreecams.com/#DollyMattel

wearing the same shit she had on last night

No. 648809

You could see sweat all over her last night, she must be so gross and covered in dirt and sweat by now my god

No. 648810

One of Fupas rules should have been a daily shower

No. 648816

She’s just sitting there playing a game and won’t even answer what she’s playing like fucking interact why is she such an anti social bitch

No. 648820

I had to close the tab after a few seconds. shes just sitting there looking miserable and radiating depression

No. 648822

she seems more interested in talking about her music and still can't manage to make that entertaining

No. 648829

first time watched her life on cam and i have really no f idea why people would pay to watch her do stuff. she's so boring..

No. 648837

I'm so curious what her music is now hahaha. I haven't watched her.
>When people are more interested in your music than seeing you naked

No. 648841

Right? Camming takes work, specifically to build an audience by being personable, consistent and uplifting, and none of those apply to shay. If you’re really that lazy, just get a fucking minimum wage job where all you have to do is show up.

No. 648852

She couldn’t handle waitressing, a very simple customer service job, yet wants to work independently in the camming world, which is ALL CUSTOMER SERVICE BASED.

If you can’t handle the amount of interaction working at fucking Olive Garden, you probably shouldn’t be in a field that’s based completely off your personality, looks (including hygiene practices), and how well your customer service is.

No. 648853

Her customer service boils down to her saying “you’re jealous” “I fucked ur dad” “pay me” “talk to me privately” and “you can’t afford it”.

Snarky, dismissive customer service is her brand of interaction.

No. 648867

That's what's so weird with Shay is she doesn't seem to enjoy any of this, not in her videos, not on cam. I don't see what the appeal is for her.

No. 648868

Am i the only one seeing the pattern between fupappy and the OG Washington guy????

OG Washington kid
-Constant begging on tumblr about needing a place to live,
-finds subject in Washington,
-moves in with him
-tells her camming audience/tumblr that her male roomate wont sleep with her.
-everyone finds out he was dating her and dumped her bc she was lazy and never helping him upkeep
-blames the fact shes too hot for him and moves

Finds Fupappy
-begging for a new home bc of construction even though she said her lease is up
-(in due time will be repeated cycle from above)

No. 648909

Who is OG washington guy?
Is he mentioned in any other threads or anything? -Admittedly I mostly skimmed them and looked at the images and replies to those.
Do you have any links, kind anon?

No. 648938

File: 1532716292416.png (41.22 KB, 1202x492, ugh.png)

You both constantly reblog "porn" you made that nobody wanted or asked for, but okay.

No. 648945

File: 1532716509554.png (180.02 KB, 1280x924, Snap.png)

Apparently Fupa deleted a lot of people on snap. What is he referring to here when he says "you already know?" Did I miss something here that got taken down or is he just being vague and edgy?

No. 648962

He prob had like 10 people following his lame ass lmao what makes him think anything about his life is interesting enough to pay attention to without Shay present?

No. 648972

Has she abandoned her wings for good after being "professionally" shot without them?


I was a piercer for ten years with a large female clientele, and I never encountered outer labia that puckered like that.


And recalled for possible contamination with salmonella.


Shay's just bein' a bratty baby!

No. 648973

File: 1532719309743.jpg (Spoiler Image,228.73 KB, 1600x1274, DollyMattel_27072018_0627_MyFr…)

caps from a cam show. she pulls her shorts up, and you can see how bad her outbreak just from seeing the sides

No. 648983

File: 1532719791029.jpg (88.33 KB, 929x641, lng.jpg)

i know she does her nails like this bc she thinks it makes her huge hands look smaller. but it does the opposite.

also she gets the cheapest manicures, she pretends like she doesn't remember or know "exactly what she gets" despite getting them done frequently, and despite remembering mundane occurrences and conversations from the nail salon that she blogs about.

No. 649002

wow anon thanks for pulling together all those images. i couldn't sit through shay's cam for more than 5 minutes. she just looks so bored and uninterested in the audience. everything about her radiates social anxiety. she's clearly super uncomfortable and needs her video games as a crutch. i guess if your kink is girls ignoring you, you might like that….but i thought most dudes went on cam to talk to hot girls that they couldn't talk to irl

No. 649006

have you guys noticed that it's gone from 458 tokens til she gets naked yesterday to 705 tokens til she gets naked today? seems like shay's ashamed of something? wonder what it could be…

No. 649019

Could some kind anon link the thread(s) where she moved out to Washington for the first time and everyone found out she mooched some guy of everything he had?

She would sit around on cam all the time, a lot of her early videos were in that thread as well.

Im on mobile and heading to work. >>648909

No. 649141

She's running late to get on cam…u had one job

No. 649143

She changed her schedule to start camming at 8pm PST due to not having an AC in her house

No. 649146

File: 1532737787478.jpg (50.07 KB, 650x181, khugjyfhtdrsea.jpg)

No. 649150

Hasn't she been dating that loser for about 3 months now? she's desperate to have someone else to take care of her obviously… It's ironic though cause Fupa uses her for clout while she uses him for a place to live. How long until he realizes she's lazy & disgusting like the other dude she lived with?

No. 649153

He must be aware to some degree how lacking her hygiene is. Like, he's personally seen the state of her ass, pussy and the apartment she lives in. He probably just doesn't care, as I assume most women his age don't want to date a man who larps as a 15-year-old scene kid, and dating a girl 10+ years his junior is some sort of ego stroke to him, regardless of what she looks like.

No. 649157

Oh no, she's trapped him
Or he's going to random open houses and pretending he's totally going to buy/rent one. For both their sakes I hope they don't go through with this or at least have the good sense not to lock into a year long lease
Though for the milk I'd love for them to be stupid enough to try

No. 649158

Lmao she’s doing it Jonny Craig style

No. 649160

Can you imagine introducing Shayna to your family?

Guess it’s a good thing Fupa doesn’t have one.

No. 649167

File: 1532739312742.png (170.48 KB, 439x523, wtf.PNG)

Fupa responding in GIf form. so invested. so enthused he seems. kek.

No. 649174

She likes to have the baldie punch her vag. You know how careful you are when you put moisturizer on your face and under your eyes because shit’s delicate and you don’t want to fuck it up?

Shay has been paddling her cunt, letting people punch it, dry fucking it, etc.

Let’s be serious. Her vag looks like hell because she beats the shit out of it.

No. 649184

So edge, he responded to her with Ted fucking Bundy, what absolute losers they are.

No. 649190

imagine being the poor real estate agent having to show that fool a house

No. 649191

It’s beginning to. I posted this a while back and got dragged to fuck, but no one at her age should have a loose flesh tube sock hanging out of her vagina. It’s not just that she doesn’t use lube, either, could just be bad luck, but between that and the scrotum that her labia majora have turned into, she needs a doctor, immediately.

No. 649192

Doesn't Fupa claim to already own a house? Or is he just house-hunting on Shay's behalf, to avoid actually living with her?

No. 649203

Does anyone else worry about the cat? Am i dumb? If she can’t take care of herself then what is the state of the litter box. I just imagine it piling up with shit because she can’t be bothered to clean. The cat is probably way too hot because it’s a long hair with no ac. I’ve seen other cam models that have cat trees in the background and toys for them. I bet the cat is getting the bare minimum of care which is food and water

No. 649204

I've wondered the same. I really hope her cat is ok! You would think she would post more about it (especially if she was buying cat trees or toys)

No. 649206

Think more about the cat sleeping on her piss rug and getting cat shit and liter on it
Then she sits in it naked and fucks Fupa on it

No. 649207

she said something once on tumblr about how if people she went to high school with want to buy her porn they should pay her double. maybe that has something to do with it too. im sure people send her ex connor her stuff all the time and he laughs at it. also it’s stupid bc most people she went to hs with in mass probably go to school…. not in mass and can see her shit anyway

No. 649321


Omg I totally forget about the cat sometimes, is it even still alive? It's never in pictures or on her cam. I have cats and they photobomb me all the time. True that she doesn't even have a cat tree… I bet her walls are all scratched and fucked.
I feel so sorry for the kitty :(

No. 649326

Ribmeat is probably a very angry kitty nothing good laying around to knead and claw at.

No. 649369

If a girl came to my set in the state she's in, especially with the mess around her genitals, she'd be sent away and blacklisted. HOW is she getting any jobs at all?

No. 649385

Don't forget that she's used a pussy pump a couple of times too. Im not an expert but I can't imagine suctioning your vag until it's almost purple is a good thing to do if you don't want it to look fucked up/stretched out

No. 649398

I totally repressed that memory but you’re absolutely right, from what we saw that this has to have caused a ton of damage on top of all the other traumas she puts her vag through.

I’ve heard people say the porn industry uses people up and tosses them out but I’ve never actually seen someone get damaged like this and be so carefree.

No. 649408

I feel like she probably cages the kitty up while she's working. Seems I'm not the only one who worries about Ribmeat.

No. 649422

i worry about him too… why is he never in the frame when she cams?
also she's dumb if she locks him up, on top of being cruel, at least it would be something to look at while she pretends to play video games

No. 649426


Wouldn't surprise me if we get a cat pic today about how much she loves her cat and explaining whatever the reason is why we don't see it.

Poor cat deserves better, it's such a cute one tho.

No. 649438

File: 1532778140819.png (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 640x1136, 6916F4F6-2182-4D56-86B6-C44050…)

why does she have talons only on one hand kek

No. 649439

that's fupa's hand anon, she's using her other hand to take the picture. but yeah that's an easy mistake to make because she's got giant man hands and his are tiny soyboy lady hands

No. 649441

oh whoops my bad
his hands are so tiny it’s hilarious

No. 649442


Mistaking Fupa's fat girl hands for Shay's is hilarious. Gave me a good laugh as I thought they were hers too in this pic.

No. 649450

File: 1532780515238.png (71.44 KB, 326x394, hahahahahahha.PNG)

Yeah, they are totally BUYING a house.

I highly doubt this. But on the other hand yes Shay, go on and get that subprime mortgage girl lmfao

No. 649451

File: 1532780597494.png (176.87 KB, 422x430, fupapy.PNG)

Fupa's response. Oh boy this is too much.

No. 649452

File: 1532780671769.png (779.58 KB, 430x858, littlegirlhands.PNG)

ooh all that work at the gym is paying off boy i tell you what fupa looks so good kek

No. 649453

File: 1532780730418.png (19.73 KB, 424x231, verynice.PNG)

Fupa will be shooing Shay out of his face all of the time then kek.

No. 649481

1. The first mention of Fupa was April 10th or 11th, so about 3.5 months ago, and they’ve met a grand total of… twice.
2. He definitely said he’s owned his own home since age 25. What happened to that?

No. 649483

He's wearing a compression tank under his shirt. the random lump right next to his armpit is where the fat is being squished out the side of the tank's strap. so unnatural looking

No. 649487

I can't tell if he was lying about owning a house or is stringing Shay along with lies about buying one.

Soon this will all blow up and we should get some tasty milk from it.

No. 649504

File: 1532786776000.jpeg (165.73 KB, 640x410, 13F5205C-CB55-4CB4-B880-48BAFA…)

No. 649509

As if anything could make him more ridiculous, paired with the chicken legs he's got some outward feet. He must walk like a penguin.

No. 649518

File: 1532788091685.jpeg (174.22 KB, 640x1093, 2F2F14E6-C2F0-401F-8AA8-EEEB10…)

So Fupa deleted the post about owning his own home since age 20 (not 25), but forgot to delete the reblog: https://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com/post/174917188572/in-your-mid-30s-and-still-living-in-an-apartment

Also if y’all want milk without digging through shitty Tumblr dom porn gifs, use his archive: https://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com/archive/filter-by/ask

No. 649526

Because thanks to feminism other porn companies are having to be more "body-positive" in order to stay afloat.

No. 649528

lmao do u pornsick retards really think feminism is the reason shay is getting booked w an infected pussy? no one is pushing for pornos to be inclusive too lol

No. 649529

File: 1532792795447.jpeg (347.66 KB, 640x1099, 26F49857-A964-4C31-A9A4-56365E…)

Fupa had an apartment built for him when he was 20.


No. 649533

You'd be surprised

No. 649534

File: 1532793049886.jpeg (51.34 KB, 640x532, 09F359FC-3D1E-4FC3-B225-D0819C…)

No. 649535

Riiiiight he totally had a house built in his 20s. Why does he keep pretending to be such a big baller when he gets his "BDSM daddy" gloves off of amazon and shirts from hot topic?

>it's the next logical step in our relationship.

no you fat piece of shit, you haven't even known each other for a year and you've met a total of two times. that is not grounds for moving in together. this is a toxic arrangement that will fuck both of you up hilariously when it dissolves. have fun with that, fatty.

Who is he fucking kidding?


No. 649536

She gets booked by cheap people with low standards because she's cheap with low standards

No. 649538

if any of this is even remotely true it'll be because fupa knows he would struggle to get any one else

No. 649542

File: 1532793596244.png (23.56 KB, 471x503, delusion.PNG)

Everyone knows what is going on here with Shay and this idiot loser broadcast so much of their relationship to the world via social media, even the toxic shit. we see all of it without even having to try to look for it.

These two are fucking delusional idiots. It's genuinely astounding to me. I know stupid people exist but Shay and Lardy Fuccboi take it to the next level.

>making up stuff and speculating

Was it speculation when you took Shay's name off of your tumblr bio (of which there is actual evidence)? Is it speculation that Shay routinely bitches and whines on tumblr while pretending you have made her life so much better when she appears to be more miserable than ever before?

These two are not a hard nut to crack. They leave a trail of evidence of their stupidity.

No. 649545

File: 1532793963887.png (Spoiler Image,1.52 MB, 1376x902, lmfao.PNG)

New vid from lovinglyhandmade. Funny how even in lowlight, you can see the bumps on Shay's infected vag.

I also find it super unnerving/disturbing that all of these grown men keep referring to Shay as "little" in any capacity.


No. 649547

Lmfao the scrotum looking pussy lips are back at it in the thumbnail
I’m too grossed out to even watch the video ugh

No. 649551

I'm cracking up at him knocking on her asshole like its a door

No. 649553


her vag is always in bad state, it's what she's knowm for. her breakouts never clear, and if they ever do, her pubic and ass area are riddled with permanent scars from having constant open sores. her feet are nasty here.

it's bc it's what she wants to be called, and it's her desired "aesthetic". despite the fact she's the same size, wider/larger than these men. esp in a collab, lovinglyhand has to title/market/promote these videos to what her whole "shtick" is. if she didn't have the pink, or juvenile clothing, pigtails etc. shayna would just be her subpar basic self or in milf porn category.

No. 649564

Lmao same, is he punching her asshole? Do people find that sexy?

No. 649571

> have met twice
>"It's the next logical step in our relationship"
they must be trolling us fucking lol

No. 649573

Lmao knocking on it like a door. I'm done.

No. 649589

anon this is hilarious feminism has absolutely no influence on the porn industry apart from on those tiny indie 'queer' studios where all the girls have mustaches & shay has never been part of that scene. you sound like one of those people that blames feminism for government decisions

No. 649594

whew that caption is weird as fuck

No. 649598

Since its already been speculated he lives with his sister, I'm willing to bet mommy and daddy got their kids an apartment/house.

No. 649599

He's said he's an orphan

No. 649601

He's said a lot of things that are proven to be bullshit, who knows what to believe tbh

No. 649602

Yea not sure I've ever believed it either, might just be one more thing he says to make him "edgy" like Shay's so called

No. 649610

right an orphan whose great uncle is the actor who played the original norman bates. also had a sister who tragically died from xanax, therefore he doesn't do drugs especially xanax, which is a "toucy subject" for him, yet he glorifies drug use especially xanax on his pseudo dom tumblr blog by plastering photos of it frequently

No. 649612

God written all down like that, maybe him and Shay are meant for each other they're both delusional as hell

No. 649617

File: 1532799921934.gif (151.42 KB, 500x375, FF0BA44C-2D88-40A2-B940-BFC011…)

accurate depiction of Fupapa looking at himself

No. 649618

Also doesn’t drink, even though Kyle & Shayna shared “a bottle of Fireball” for dinner in Mexico.

No. 649620

File: 1532800059128.png (93.48 KB, 302x701, lasdkf.PNG)

No. 649621


can u imagine these two having a convo about family, upbringing or background

fupa: im an orphan, i have no parents, my sister died

what is shayna gonna do? lie and tell him about her horrible traumatic childhood… aka being grounded and having to babysit sometimes..

shayna was a bored kid who "rewrote" the past and compulsively lied to strangers online who didn't know the truth for attention. cuz she was just bored in her room from being grounded.

hat makes her pathetic, is continuously pushing the false narrative even as an adult, until getting called out by the internet and those who knew her

No. 649624

He said he doesn't drink?

Sry, but there's something really messed up about a guy close to 40, letting the 20 yr old girl he met online get drunk as he stays sober in a hotel room in Mexico. KEK!

No. 649625

fupa seems to lie just as much as she does

Yeah lol in an ask he said that he doesn't drink or use drugs, despite him and shayna posting photos that prove he does. He's an idiot

No. 649643


So he's owned a house since he was 20 and 25, which was 12 years ago, which means he is 32 and 37. This is some Petscop shit.

Seriously though, at least be consistent somewhere with your lies. Has he not SAID he lives in an apartment somewhere? What's the shame in that? That's totally normal if you live in a city.

No. 649647

My guess is that he doesn't have a house, but told Shay he did. She's delusional enough to believe it. So now he's making up this lie about how he's "selling" his house aka moving out of his shared apartment to make it seem like he wants to buy a house with her lol

I'm getting some popcorn for this trainwreck that's about to happen

No. 649648


Honestly to me the idea of using "little" in this context isn't on its own gross. You'll see mainstream porn and just regular old dirty talk refer to "tight little ass/pussy." What is strange is the description beyond the first sentence, but I don't really think the use of "little" in a vacuum or the title (barring the fact that she's chosen the name "Dolly," which has always eeked me out) is that weird.

It's just gross because it's Shay.

No. 649651

>>649203 >>649204 >>649206 >>649321 >>649326 >>649408 >>649426 >>649422

Do we know the story of how she came to get Ribmeat? I honestly wonder if she even cares about him or, like, even likes cats. I'm not much of a dog or cat person, but her blog has that dumb "clicko for doggo" tab, and it seems like she only shows off Ribmeat when she wants to seem So LITTle and CUUte uwu.

May be tinfoiling, because, it's not like it's impossible for someone to like dogs and cats, but I just get the feeling she only keeps a cat as part of her ~aesthetic~ of being a little pink kitten or whatever.

No. 649653

Wouldn't surprise me. It'll probably also turn out that conveniently the only house he finds that he likes is for rent not sale lol

No. 649658

Even if they rent, he's going to say he bought. There's really no end to the lies/delusions in sight.

No. 649664


No doubt about it, they've already announced to the world they are "buying" a house because #couplegoals. They'll rent an apartment, claim it's a house and not prove otherwise for safety reasons or whatever BS excuse they come up to hide it, which is smart but for these two it's just a cover-up.

No. 649680

I would not be surprised if he worked in IT support or something similar at UT Austin, I've seen that lanyard in a bunch of photos and IT departments often have a more relaxed dress code/don't care about tattoos. Would make his "business trip" to Mexico make sense, if he lives close-ish to the border.

No. 649691

i think it's just gross to me in general when people refer to adult female genitalia as "little". the idea is that the person is supposed to seem really young, lovinglyhandmade has referred to Shay in that context before as well. I am sorry if I seem closed-minded.

No. 649703

He prob bought the lanyard at Wal-Mart, where I am going to assume he works until I see proof of a "real job" somewhere.

No. 649704

It's a retarded nitpick, yes.

No. 649709

File: 1532808091777.jpg (311.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180728-155906.jpg)

Hoping this next trip to LA provides as much milk as the last

No. 649720

Kyle???? Wow I'm not shocked he has such a basic ass whiteboy name. LMAO.

I somehow don't think he could afford a house? The job market is shit, and I doubt if anyone w/ his attitude has a formal education or a job that can pay for a house. Houses are expensive!!!

No. 649721


I wonder when we get the chance to see the ~big company productions~ she was talking about when she was in LA.

No. 649729


yeah kik anon from a couple threads ago also said his name was Kyle

No. 649731

Wait, Kyle? Do you have a last name,anon?

No. 649736

Not gonna argue the job market thing anons, but if he’s qualified in something like SQL, Python etc and has a decent job in analytics then he could be on the lower end of what he’s claiming. (£30k start for those in London so after a few years doing it, wouldn’t be shocking that he could work from home and on a decent $60k salary)

Anon training in analytics in London here, I’m not using the higher end of things here. I’m #blogpost training for a career move without a paydrop after working in sales!

No. 649738


kik name was Kpeezy or some shit so I'm guessing it night start with a p?

No. 649740

Where tf are anons getting that he has a good job? Most dudes would at least flex SLIGHTLY about job perks if that was the case. He seems embarrassed to reveal whatever it is he does and has/had a roommate at one point.

No. 649751

Reminder not to post any personal info that hasn't been shared publicly by them.

Rule 5a: Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

No. 649762

File: 1532813162111.jpeg (44.11 KB, 640x499, 187CCF19-E18A-44FE-8063-CF5499…)

$20 says Shayna sent this.

No. 649765

Has Kyle ever bragged about going to college? You know if he went, Shayna would definitely brag nonstop about her college-educated daddy.

No. 649777

how is it retarded or nitpicky to point out that Shay and the people who enable her actually retarded behavior try to pretend and act like she is a baby/young child?

have you seen the stuff Shay has been doing kek? sorry if it offends you dd/lg anon.

No. 649787

Waaaay too soon to even think about moving in together when you've only met twice. I was in an LDR with my current partner, we now live in the same city after more than a year of travelling to see each other, but in different houses. We have now been together nearly 2 years and agreed we'll live together eventually but no rush as financially we can support ourselves just fine.
Sage if irrelevant(don't blogpost)

No. 649791

It doesn’t help that they both lie about everything. The only way the transition from LDR works is if both parties are completely honest about themselves with each other—especially if they’re planning to live together—so there are no major surprises. Like in Shayna’s case, her consistent lack of hygiene and general laziness. She probably did shower before their two visits, and she went on a cleaning spree before he saw her apartment. But that’s not how she really lives.

And I’m sure they’re each expecting the other to take care of them. Like, she thinks he’s going to ~spoil~ her and she’ll never have to do “adult” things like pay bills, buy groceries, cook, clean, and so on. At the same time, he’s going to expect her to do the “woman” stuff, and she has probably told him she’ll be his uwu sexy maid/slutty housewife/human furniture/etc., because she knows that’s what these Tumblr doms all want: a woman to take care of them. But she can’t even take care of herself.

I can’t wait for this milk.

No. 649792

File: 1532816407047.jpeg (124.88 KB, 750x944, 3FB82CFD-4607-4398-8666-B5DB8B…)

Shay feeling insecure or one of her psycho fans?

No. 649796

i remember on snapchat he said he usually went on business trips to Mexico, Asia, and another country that i don't remember the name. probably his delusion talking cause he never went to Asia yet, and he said he travels regularly.

(sorry about not posting about it before. i saw it while i was on break at work and then i forgot)

No. 649797

File: 1532816907896.jpeg (203.98 KB, 750x1273, C974D94D-2C1B-4074-8323-F09011…)

Just yikes

No. 649798

it’s funny how so many girls fupa talks to get sent asks exactly like this….it’s so obviously Shay and she can’t even hide it

No. 649800

It's so embarrassing every time and yet she continues to do it.

I highly doubt they are actually going to move in together. At the last minute something's going to fall through with Fupa's house and she's going to be stuck scrambling to pay her rent for that month.

No. 649802

where are they even planning to buy a house? sorry if this has been answered

No. 649811

File: 1532818414611.jpg (105.68 KB, 644x486, desperate.jpg)

Wow he seems so in love, can't even remember who said it first even though we all know it was Shay's desperate ass

No. 649821

File: 1532819103911.jpeg (206.58 KB, 1452x1936, 08CB3D95-3298-48D3-A7CB-5F1F38…)

No. 649831

holy shit no fan would be this incessant. shay, stop. it's so embarrassing. your insecurities are showing.

No. 649833


Seems like maybe she's super drunk or high or both and letting her insecurities get to her

No. 649834

He's bragged about flying business class and getting per diems for trips before.

I wonder how he plans on integrating her into his real life when you can easily find videos of her shitting out easter eggs if you google her name.

No. 649836

i dont have a tumblr and tried to go to thhe girls blog but it's safety restricted, can anyone post a photo of her? I want to see who shay must be so clearly jealous of. (unless that's against the rules?)

No. 649839

File: 1532821444335.jpg (80.14 KB, 418x579, squish_monster.jpg)

No. 649840

hasn't he said in the past that his job has him gone from home like 8-9 months of the year? shay is setting herself up for more failure lol

No. 649842

"blushy and nervous" or uncomfortable that she told him she loved him after a month and he does not care about her like that

No. 649846

File: 1532822656894.png (292.86 KB, 429x799, straightedge.PNG)

Cannabis, alcohol, and caffeine count as drugs you dumb piece of shit kek.

Can someone help Fupa, his brain isn't working again….

No. 649847

File: 1532822721672.png (17.33 KB, 452x331, antiquated.PNG)

I can't

No. 649848

I mean that doesn't necessarily mean he makes $$$. For example university professors can enjoy the same perks and they don't make shit

No. 649850

File: 1532822785750.png (25.94 KB, 457x336, kek.PNG)

No. 649851

File: 1532822829364.png (22.43 KB, 445x371, sodumb.PNG)

The stupidity hurts my brain.

No. 649852

File: 1532822898634.png (26.84 KB, 485x441, missingthepoint.PNG)

No. 649853

"We have months before that's even a thing" I really thing Fupa backed himself into a corner and is hoping she finds something else and doesn't plan to actually buy or even rent a place.

No. 649854

File: 1532823016866.png (13.21 KB, 444x275, triggered.PNG)

Wow this fat ass is easy to trigger.

He has been going on and on about this on his tumblr today. Why is he always so transparent and defensive?

No. 649855

Do any other anons predict that once Shayna has realized all the horrible choices she made during her early adult years she'll purge all her social media accounts and legally change her name? I've thought about this from time to time, just wondering what she'll do when she's thirty and there's no way to scrub the videos/threads/posts she's made off the Internet that have her real name attached

No. 649856

You can tell he's getting more and more sensitive to things like this which I think just shows he knows their relationship is total bullshit and he's starting to panic

No. 649857

File: 1532823116501.png (23.49 KB, 450x391, obviously.PNG)

No. 649858

He also said he doesn't drink lol

No. 649861

File: 1532823411913.png (13.95 KB, 441x300, never.PNG)

Never forget

>I don't take drugs or drink

>I said I don't do drugs. I drink occasionally and have pictures of me drinking IPAs a couple of times. I don't drink all the time.

Which one is it fupapa? Can't be both kek.

No. 649864

There's not really a point. Even with a name change most employers and other things still ask for name change papers and will look up your former information

No. 649866


I've never had an employer ask that. Is a name change the type of thing that would come up on a background check? Is it just my area that doesn't ask for something like that?

No. 649868

I feel like they both probably accept the others lies so they don't get called out on their own. They're pretty well suited for each other in that sense

Yeah, in my experience whenever a background check is done they also ask you to disclose any former names so they can check them out too

No. 649872

File: 1532824226872.png (36.51 KB, 1081x470, farfrom.PNG)

If Shay had taken better care of herself she could have snagged a dude like this! Funny how she wound up with a guy like Fupapa instead. Funny to read stuff like this in hindsight from her lol.

No. 649873

Background checks are done by ssn, so disclosing names is really only for fact checking. Even if she didn't say anything, the information would come up.

No. 649897

Let's pretend for a second that caffeine doesn't count, his weed is strictly medicinal, and he very rarely drinks socially and doesn't have more than one drink when he does. He still used to claim that he never touched the stuff and they're such a trigger for him. Something that serious wouldn't be something he can turn on and off in social situations, he'd actually avoid them religiously.
And in a situation where he never touched the stuff, he still glorifies the shit out of it and turns something he knows is a killer into an ~aesthetic~. Who cares if he doesn't if he potentially encourages the normalization of drugs? You'd think someone so against drugs wouldn't glorify them or make them look cute and innocent. Those people hate these posts because they're done by idiots who usually have never done drugs and don't know the destructive nature of drugs.
I'm not going to shit on someone doing shit in their own time as long as it's not hurting anyone or destroying their life, but he's a hilarious liar or a total idiot whose sister may have actually died yet he thinks what he's doing is totally better than privately doing drugs

No. 649901

Maybe he really doesn’t do them, he’s just one of those slimebags who likes when women do.

No. 649907

File: 1532828388702.jpeg (226.48 KB, 750x1114, 62CD7102-3E61-48C4-9861-6B9C20…)

He doesn’t appreciate being called out on his shitty bdsm. This was on the post where the anon asks if Shay ever used her safe word and he said “she would let me kill me because she just wants to make daddy proud” or something like that

No. 649910

The fact that he’s so aggressive with people questioning it shows how much he’s in denial about it.
He doesn’t even want to CONSIDER the reasons moving in so soon could be bad. When you’re making such a big life decisions, you need to think about the good and the bad of it.
You don’t just completely deny all of the bad possibilities.

No. 649912

He claims that his sister strung out on xanax dying in a car crash is a touchy subject, yet women being drugged and abused to death on your tumblr is completely different?
Glorifying not only the drug but people under the influence of said drug, strictly women no less…and this invokes no emotions in him? What the fuck triggers him then, Lil Xan??
His replies are just endless milk reaffirming both Shay's and his own intellect, their ability to string together back stories, their ability to lie etc.
fuck me they really have shit in common, even in looks.

No. 649914

They are kinda disgustingly perfect together in their horribleness

No. 649915

Certainly possible, but still makes no sense if he dislikes drugs due to the death of his sister. Why would he want to see someone else close to him die if he's afraid of dying himself?
Ok, this post wasn't even calling him out for chosing to end scenes cause his sub goes into their "sub space" (disassociates). Also Christ what a dick. This woman was bringing up a very valid point that Dolly should know her Dom will be happy even if she calls her safe word (a big issue in bdsm), it had nothing to do with fupa chosing to end a scene cause shay has disassociated or because it's gone too far for him. There is no need for "more context" he gave all the context we need. Blue waffle over here does not call her safe word when she should, that's a serious issue a Dom and sub have to talk about and work through

No. 649918

File: 1532829319616.jpg (121.62 KB, 642x397, fupadefensive.jpg)

No. 649919

'I don't be upset" - Fupa

No. 649924

All good doms jest about their submissive mental state

No. 649931

"She's free to use her safe words"
Cool, explain that to dolly then because she feels a need not to out of a desire to please you. Your own words fupa. It makes the idea that "she can handle a lot" and "she's only called her safeword once" hard to stomach. Also pray tell where the context we're missing is. Where in that post was there any indication it was a joke? And if he means he lied in order to keep up an appearance (something I suspect) then he is promoting and portraying dangerous bdsm practices. Just as bad in my opinion. I wonder if he's ever been part of a bdsm community or forum or if all his bdsm knowledge comes from porn. I also wonder if he's read 50 shades of grey…

No. 649932

lmao I feel like he's never used the word sub space before til that other guy used it in in >>646223

and now he's trying to "adopt the language" as it were to seem more of a Dom

No. 649940

File: 1532831020838.png (33.79 KB, 449x547, blindness.PNG)

He's in his thirties, right?
I am exasperated. He is incredibly immature when it comes to relationships.

They are immersed in the honeymoon phase of toxic relationship. Eventually, that will end and they will have to face all of the shit they are choosing to ignore cos of the ~haterz~. He should know this by now. If he claims to be the good, positive influence that he is for Shay then he wouldn't put her in a situation where she would have to rely on him financially this early on in their "relationship". He would realize she has mental health issues and physical health issues and remind her to address them properly.

Shay is an adult who should know to do this stuff and take care of herself by now. But if he gonna sit here on dumblr and claim that he gives a fuck about Shay and is nurturing her and helping her change for the better, he should actually DO that.

Shay is an idiot for considering something like moving in with someone like Fupa. She is going to learn her lesson.

No. 649947

File: 1532831301918.png (15.32 KB, 444x292, baka.PNG)

>Post about your shitty relationship on public social media accounts

>post pictures/videos/gifs of you two together

>girlfriend posts passive aggressive posts when she disagrees with you

>delete your girlfriend's name from your tumblr bio and change it back after lurking lolcow

>get angry when people call you out on how toxic it's become based on what you post online

No. 649951

File: 1532831498105.png (21.5 KB, 472x356, 58997755411587.PNG)

No. 649976

File: 1532833161232.jpeg (239.82 KB, 1024x1024, 14B48DDC-DD70-446F-9CD9-DBB3EF…)

No. 649991

File: 1532834129409.jpg (Spoiler Image,279.51 KB, 988x741, 20180728_201432.jpg)

She's online if anyone cares, but you can't hear her over her music, lmao

No. 649994

shes always picking herself

No. 649995

she always has about 15~20 people in her room (mostly guests) and i feel most of the viewers are anons from here. which is very very sad.
she should seriously stop this career choice. she's been camming for a while and it's not working out

No. 649997

Wow. 5 minutes and she's already offline

No. 650002

is it possible shes in a private show atm lol

No. 650004

She’s obviously into gaming, if she had the drive to put into the effort she could be at least decent on twitch. She wouldn’t have to show her diseased vagina just have an actual personality.

No. 650006

Yeah, as soon as I posted that image she went offline.

When it's a private show it will display it's a private show, not that she's offline.

No. 650007

Well I see she took my advice on being naked to get a surge in donations, too bad she ignored the part about engaging her audience

No. 650009

File: 1532835941894.jpg (410.05 KB, 1059x1112, 20180728_204504.jpg)

I saw this so maybe she's doing a Skype private show??

No. 650068

Both Dolly and fupapa have disabled anonymous asks

No. 650073

They really are such idiots, if they knew anything about BDSM they'd know that there are other ways to communicate outside of safe words. Usually they're used for forms of play where the sub can't speak (like when using a gag) but if she has a difficult time verbalizing then they need to either a) find a way for her enforce her limits or b) stop doing this kind of play altogether.

No. 650076

File: 1532844521801.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, CA454368-0CE1-434D-92EE-F8F279…)

Dada said she could have a beer with lunch

No. 650077

File: 1532844885706.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, 6B96746E-E696-4018-8580-1D657C…)

Shay explaining that she hasn’t been taking nudes because of her tan lines

No. 650080

Is she at least taking lewds or something? Not because I want to see them but if people are paying (and especially since it's her "moving sale") she should deliver. If I just bought her sale on her snapchat I'd be mad to see she has no intention to deliver as asked. Also how long will this last? I don't know about shay but my tan stays for months! And it won't start going away until after summer (and she's going to la again soon which will give new tan lines)

No. 650089

Nah, looked at UT austins faculty directory. Unless he's 65, Asian, or has an MS or PhD he's not employed by the university.

No. 650098

She could just get a spray tan though? I don't understand her logic.

No. 650108

Well, in the screenshot you can see that she at least showed her tits in that video. But aren't tan-lines a really common fetish, anyway? Much more common than boils, I would think

No. 650149

Why spend money when you can just withhold content that people have paid for

No. 650193

TOP kek anon thank you

No. 650214

I see two completely different people

No. 650222

File: 1532868106149.png (Spoiler Image,2.51 MB, 750x1334, E43CF26A-D2B8-4629-AD7B-6A87CB…)

Why do her nipples look drastically different here?

No. 650224

One arm is up and the other is down. Alsoshes always had differently colored nipples, it's not unheard of

No. 650225

File: 1532868244224.png (Spoiler Image,2.4 MB, 750x1334, 80E774C9-6970-4A6D-95AC-54E60C…)

Also she finally filmed that piss video she was tipped to make days ago

No. 650227

File: 1532868413269.png (Spoiler Image,2.46 MB, 750x1334, 6F85B476-C77F-4975-95FD-DB619F…)

Biting her dirty ass talons

No. 650234

So she is just pissing directly onto her floor and sitting in it….? This girl will never learn

No. 650240


at least last time she used piss pads. what a nasty bitch wtf!?
I wonder how much she got tipped to do that. She punches herself in the face for practically nothing at all, so I bet this was cheap too.

When will we see Shay on Tosh.0 or efukt kek? I feel it's only a matter of time.

No. 650242

File: 1532870411184.png (49.37 KB, 421x883, majorkek.PNG)

a continuation of fupa getting rekt

No. 650243

File: 1532870502525.png (50.28 KB, 418x838, btfo.PNG)

No. 650245

Damn, respect. Nice to see Fupa get torn a new asshole by someone in the kink.

No. 650247

File: 1532870586662.png (131.25 KB, 399x838, btfooo.PNG)

No. 650248

He really thinks "in jest" makes him sound smart.

No. 650249

File: 1532870781976.png (54.96 KB, 537x814, rly.PNG)

Do people actually view Shay and Kyle Fupa as leaders in the BDSM tumblr community…?


No. 650252

File: 1532871056134.png (11.08 KB, 228x315, sadddd.PNG)

Or you could read the BDSM literature out there and not rely on tumblr idiots as a source. Bonus kek. It was nice to see Fupa be ripped apart but scary to see that people are using him and Shay as a point of reference for learning.

No. 650262

I can’t get over this. She’s just…. pissing on the floor.

And we know that she barely cleans so what are the odds that this just got sloppily wiped up and not bleached and mopped thoroughly. I’m appalled. This is so nasty. Her boils are gonna flare up even more sitting in piss.

No. 650268

lol does he think people forget that he responds to 99% of asks with gifs and/or a tantrum

No. 650289

Sad but true. The thing is people who are actually in the community they wished they belong to has already distanced themselves from sites like tumblr. Kyle and shay are just bottom feeders.

No. 650291

Wait I'm so confused. My thoughts exactly?? Since when do they look up to them???

He was probably joking about a safeword because what have they even done past SLAPPING and "punching"? It's all lies. If they did anything BDSM it would be broadcasted and bragged about to the internet. Did I miss something??? When did they "only have to stop once"? When she couldn't take your 3 inch dick, fupa?
These people need to get off of tumblr. This is some weird BDSM dom roleplay BS.

No. 650323

File: 1532878337856.gif (473.94 KB, 200x150, disgust.gif)

No. 650352

She’s got what looks to be a new (?) and very large something that’s just under the skin on the left side of her labia in these shots. I’m on mobile, or I’d circle what im talking about but it’s fairly visible.

It looks like a whitish oval, and as a medfag I’m extremely curious to see what on earth this is going to turn into. I’ve never seen it before. I have to say that I’m not entirely convinced about the current group dx of molluscum, but the absolute state of her vagina is fascinating in a very repellent way.

No. 650357

As someone who actually IS seen as a leader in (a different part of) the BDSM community, no lmao. No one in the real scene takes Tumblr doms seriously.

No. 650371

File: 1532884608922.jpg (Spoiler Image,181.89 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_7615.JPG)

Is this what you were talking about? Looks like a cyst but who knows what that could be

No. 650377

File: 1532885091887.png (28.01 KB, 317x850, Capture.PNG)

Sorry Shay. You picked the tumblr idiot who can't even afford to take you out in Mexico of all places.

Or how about learn how to support yourself instead of relying on other people to do it for you kek?

I keep forgetting she is just a dumb bimbo baby.

No. 650378

File: 1532885179145.png (13.19 KB, 483x271, 546616164.PNG)

Fupa loves the negative attention. He could always simply ignore the asks completely.

No. 650384

File: 1532885391694.png (53.38 KB, 427x889, 35468513496.PNG)

>I don't really get the timelines or made up criteria some people have surrounding moving in together

yeah, sounds like something an immature POS would say Fupa.

No. 650394

Fupapi is the type of guy just to be with someone to prove a point.
>"You don't think I can make this relationship with a Tumblr whore work? ILL SHOW YOU. ILL SHOW YOU ALL"

This dude is fucking pathetic. I wish Shay would actually go out and find friends, because this dude is all she has for outside interaction. She's so fucking desperate she latched on to the first dude to be loony enough to look and buy a house with her.

There's so many red flags about this kek I can't wait until the inevitable break-up.

No. 650411


She doesn't know anything about houses, fixures, or finishes. Granite countertops have been out dated. Everyone already knows she has no class, nor does she have any taste outside of cheap, inexpensive, amazon, thrift store, f21, or pink.

LMAO @ her thinking she's high maintenance, she doesn't wash herself. She admittedly doesn't shower or bathe, and she rarely combs her hair. "High maintenance" is the LAST thing she is. KEK

No. 650420


Yep! Shayna's actually lucky for people making fun of them, bc left by themself, she isn't enough. Fupas drive comes from naysayers. KEK! It's hilarious how they've become nothing but a joke online, but they're incapable of seeing it. Wait until the day either of them does… it's actually fucking scary.

Fupa prob thinks hes got a catch bc she's been on dumblr for 7 yrs making an idiot of herself. Same for her, bc lets be honest, there's no self respecting guy on tumblr that would be caught dead with her. Thats why the people she's met on Tumblr REFUSE to be known, and refuse to be public with her, except for fupa. They are actually perfect for each other. They're both nasty, hypocritical, delusional, disproportional cows.

No. 650426

There's still fucking huge pieces of debris and dirt embedded on the rug. ew.

Thanks kind snap anon! Yikes, she's adopted the habit of covering her vag with her hands, and foreign objects. As well as learn to sit and pose from the side or legs crossed as to not let her diseased pussy be visible. Sad.

Poor cat she prob left alone during her trip.

Shay doesn't have any friends. I bet you she left ribmeat at home.

No. 650433

ugh that is so fucked. The only consistent person Shay ever hung out with in Seattle was that weird older dominant guy who had a dungeon. But he wasn't around anymore by the time Shay went to Mexico. She doesn't have any friends. She left that poor cat alone the entire time, and does it when she goes to LA too.

Fuck you Shay. It's one thing to neglect yourself, but your cat is more of a victim than you ever could be and it's your fault.

Maybe she should just stay with Fupa so they don't fuck up any good people. Just rot together. But at least give Ribmeat to someone who cares. What an evil bitch.

No. 650456


They sound like 17 year olds who have no idea what these things cost planning out their future home. They'll end up in a shitty 60s style ranch with an above ground pool.

No. 650461

wow arched doorways and crown molding their standards are high as fuck

No. 650468

The part about Shay moving that is funniest to me is imagining her on move-out day rolling up her bong and 3 outfits into her pink, piss-stained rug and setting off for a "new life" with fupa.

No. 650510

she probably doesn’t even understand what crown molding is, she just likes it cos it has the word “crown” in it, kek

No. 650518

She probably hears it on house hunting shows a lot and figured it was expensive and nice
A well built house actually doesn't need any molding because the mold is to cover bad seams between the wall and ceiling

No. 650525

ot but ya that's the historical signifigance however real wood or decorative plaster moulding can be pricy and does add value to a house. most you see in apartments, etc. are poly or PVC and cheap tho.

No. 650534

I’m suuuure Shay can tell the difference, kek. She can’t even tell the difference between latex and vinyl lmfao

No. 650540

That's fair lmao

No. 650558

File: 1532903048925.jpg (23.75 KB, 506x309, xanax.JPG)

hes like, really triggered by xanax though guys.

No. 650566

One of her nipples was pulled several inches away from her body a couple weeks ago and it's probably permanently damaged. See previous thread for photos

No. 650571

People on @squish-monster’s Tumblr are calling out Shayna for those gross anon asks from yesterday, and they magically stopped, plus Shayna & Fupa have now disabled anons on their own blogs. I’m 300% convinced those were indeed Shayna.

No. 650581

>>650571 caps?? this is an imageboard

No. 650589

Yeah, that was it. It does look like it could be a fatty cyst but I’ve never noticed it prior to this.

No. 650591

File: 1532905135243.jpg (Spoiler Image,548.06 KB, 1200x675, 1531583876093.jpg)

HOLY FUCKING SHIT ANON. I didn't believe you at first so I had to go look. NO NO NO NO NO NO THIS IS HORRIBLE AND SICKENING AND CRINGEY. Warning, the photo is more nsfl than usual for Shay-Gnar Dx my existence is screaming in agony and my boobs are cringing in sympathy

No. 650594

File: 1532905309042.jpeg (190.31 KB, 680x2290, 71CC20A5-DC90-4D43-AA54-469D95…)

No. 650595

I guess the only parts of her “work” schedule she takes seriously are her days off. She hasn’t posted anything on Snapchat all day (which she advertises as containing daily nudes)

No. 650596

I sincerely hope nobody on this thread is cowtipping

No. 650599

None of those messages read like they're from someone here, probably just friends/followers

No. 650631

Her nipples have always been radically different from each other

No. 650643

so much for that 5pm cam start

No. 650654

i honestly have a bit of ptsd from this pic

No. 650691

File: 1532916725198.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20180729_221056231.j…)

"house hunting" chronicles

No. 650692

How do she and fupapa expect to afford any of these places? Seattle is fucking expensive and I'm sure wherever fupa is isn't must cheaper.

No. 650705

She obviously doesn't realize she said they were moving to Boston. And then Fupa facetimed her while looking at the houses, so he lives around/working in Boston atm.

Jesus, for him not wanting a lot of his information out there… She has surely sold him out enough

No. 650712

Boston is even more expensive than Seattle, what the fuck? This'll be a fun dumpster fire to watch–either they stay together in fear of 'the anons being right', or they have a shitty breakup and Shay has to move allll the way back to Seattle in a long walk of shame.

No. 650713

He dug himself into this dumpster fire. This is his own fault.

No. 650717

Do you think she would go back to her parents'?

No. 650720

I mean, how do her parents feel about her camming career choice? I feel like Shay wouldn't go back to her parents strictly due to her own pride and not wanting to be told "i told you so". Not only that, but I highly doubt her parents would let do porn work in their house.

No. 650725

It's definitely worth taking a look at the older threads to see just how Shay's relationship with her parents deteriorated but basically she demonizes the shit out of her mom. She makes it seem like her mom abused/neglected her because Shay had to look after her little brother sometimes. Shay's mom found out she was camming and didn't want her to be and was concerned for Shay like any mom would be, but Shay talks about it what happened as if her Mom was just jealous of her and had no right to be upset. Which is ludacris. Shay's brother even called her out for her stupidity via Tumblr I believe.

I don't think she even saw her mom when she visited Massachusetts this year. Her relationship with her dad seems to be okay. But she still portrays her parents in a negative light whenever she can. Especially her mom.

I would imagine her parents would help her if she became completely destitute because they wouldn't want their daughter to be homeless or whatever, but I bet Shay would make it seem otherwise and just beg her neckbeards for money to get a place.

No. 650728

Samefag but I also forgot to add that Shay was camming under her parent's roof.

She claims her mom discovered evidence of her camming wishlist in Shay's bedroom if I'm not mistaken(on my phone right now or else I would look it up).

She mentions how her mom would send her information about schools and other opportunities for Shay to explore as opposed to camming but disliked her mom trying to help her out.

No. 650731

Aren’t her parents remarried? I remember the fiasco in the other thread of anons posting about her step sister and how successful she is. If the mom she refers to in posts is her stepmom then it would make sense that she’s bitter. Daddy’s girl has to compete with new mommy who brought along a better daughter

No. 650739

im prettysure she has mentioned leaving her moms place to live with conner and then getting kicked out and living with her dad so its probably her real mom not step mom although It very well could be both moms

No. 650740

I am not sure. I always assumed she was talking about her biological mom. I found this compilation of archived posts from the previous thread that might clarify some: >>634222

No. 650741

Boston aka a shitty suburb lol I bet they end up living in revere or chelsea

No. 650748

Ive never thought about it before but as far as I can recall she’s never made any reference to having a stepmom even though she does. Kind of surprised she didn’t milk the Cinderella story with her “evil stepmother and stepsister”.

No. 650778

So he built a home and now that his financial situation has changed he's selling it. It takes a rich person to have a house built so I can only imagine that his income has gone down and he can no longer make the payments. Or he made this bullshit up and didn't realise how it sounds. Also, da fuck do they need a three car garage for? I mean that sounds great on paper but it's not like they need a work station and they're never going to have three cars. This is a riot. If they do buy a place they're going to be paying for the mortgage for ages

The people on tumblr who look up to them are idiots who just got into bdsm (at least, that's what they think) and are following the first bdsm blogs they see based on their limited knowledge of the culture. There are some real good blogs out there by long time members but in order to find them you need to put in more effort than just searching the bdsm tag and following the first pretty pics you see. It requires common sense as well as some knowledge of how a bdsm relationship actually works. With the overwhelming amount of teens thinking it's edgy as well as its weird mainstream popularity due to 50 shades, there are tons of blogs now created by fupas and Shays and they all follow each other and wind up worshipping the people who actually wind up in a relationship (which most of them don't)

No. 650784

File: 1532926395594.png (27.12 KB, 311x703, 21515121515.PNG)

No. 650785

This reads like she didn't like an answer he gave on an ask about her kek

No. 650790

"I won't answer questions of people who aren't paying me" bitch, since when did you have a price on asking questions? This isn't being a "boss business woman" this is stupidity and alienation of your only supporters. The level of cheap on this girl. She starts penny pinching because no one buys her content when she could just simply improve her content and people would buy. The way the tumblr cam girl scene works is that they are open. People go there for a proper human experience, just like how people watch YouTuber reality vloggers vs the Kardashians nowadays. Know your audience shay, you fucking dumbass. The more you lose the less you'll make, and the less you'll be liked and reblogged for others to see
It's so funny that shay can mess up something as understandable as telling people not to bother her bf if she doesn't answer right away. Obviously if she makes herself unavailable people will find other avenues for their answer. And it just so happens fupa responds constantly, not to mention he's actually less of a shit in his answers, he fucks up sure, but he answers

No. 650808

She could, in theory, improve her content, but she can’t repair the damage to her scrotevag. This is going to be a continual problem for her as she attempts to move forward.

No. 650828

She could theoretically make less porn involving her vagina like blow jobs and anal with a view from behind, cover up her vagina, and simply getting a better washing routine would help her immensely. Sure certain parts of her body are beyond saving like her abused left breast and her saging scrotum, but she could work around that once the boils are gone. Plus she could be more interactive while camming and keep focus away from her vagina to get more money that way. She clearly had no Shane so she could go all out with the little persona and wear a diaper. That'll both turn on the creeps and keep it hidden

No. 650840

The only thing about all that is she also happens to be awful at blowjobs and any kind of acting

No. 650843

File: 1532933150921.jpg (Spoiler Image,290.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180730-024239-2.j…)

Was any of his posted? Found it on atkingdom.com's "free coed of the week" kek
dump incoming

No. 650846

File: 1532933240155.jpg (Spoiler Image,714.3 KB, 3000x2000, dol012BMB_361757023.jpg)

I feel cursed even having saved these to post

No. 650847

File: 1532933255356.jpg (Spoiler Image,861.8 KB, 2000x3000, dol012BMB_361757033.jpg)

No. 650848

File: 1532933274896.jpg (Spoiler Image,794.53 KB, 2000x3000, dol012BMB_361757054.jpg)

No. 650850

File: 1532933296873.jpg (Spoiler Image,772.83 KB, 3000x2000, dol012BMB_361757066.jpg)


No. 650851

File: 1532933325887.jpg (Spoiler Image,661.93 KB, 2000x3000, dol012BMB_361757075.jpg)

Is this her signature pose now or something???

No. 650853

File: 1532933360960.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 2000x3000, dol012BMB_361757088.jpg)

This is sexy, right??

No. 650854

It was probably a modular home he had placed there. Those are cheap as fuck.

No. 650855

i would like to apologize in advance for the vivid high-def lmao

No. 650864


No joke she literally does look like a milf already.

Rode hard and put up wet.

No. 650872

Still can’t believe her snatch is this beat up when she doesn’t take dick regularly, and the last one she had was 4 inches

No. 650884

She really needs to get whitening strips, actually start brushing her teeth and bathe more. She looks filthy in all of these, especially this one

No. 650889

lol I wonder how Shayna feels about being described as 'girl next door'

No. 650894


Shayna should never be shot in HD. Her teeth are yellow and crooked, she's got super deep wrinkles already and acne that is somehow still uncovered by the layers of makeup she has on. That hair is wrecked. Her nails are in a desperate need for a refill and she's so filthy looking.

And the worst thing about this set is that absolute monstrosity of a vagina she's splaying out like a Christmas ham. The pustules on her bum, the 5 o'clock shadow, the dozens of ingrowns. It's like an ISpy of horror.

I can't imagine how embarrassed I would be if someone took photos like this of me. How does she have no shame?

No. 650895

File: 1532938642580.png (Spoiler Image,3.14 MB, 1440x2461, Screenshot_2018-07-30-03-13-44…)

No. 650901

why must you do this

No. 650904

File: 1532941612492.jpeg (86.83 KB, 750x493, 5598D896-AF50-4BD9-8B63-536E27…)

New comment on her last set of hd photos

No. 650908

File: 1532942182795.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.44 KB, 475x317, shay-barf.jpg)

Hey look guys, it's Dolly Mattel!!!!

No. 650912

Things anons should be grateful for:
Their vaginas not folding and wrinkling
around like fucking play-doh/fondant.
Her lips (face&other) are so dry and the high def shows pencil streaks in her brows since she couldn't even be bothered to spool them out.

No. 650941

File: 1532946859178.jpeg (142.89 KB, 749x1147, 9434D96F-7E64-4305-BCEA-1D0EAE…)

Just went for a social media lurk and it looks like shay hasn’t figured out how to hide her ugly tagged photos on Instagram

No. 650953

File: 1532948484271.png (Spoiler Image,227.65 KB, 949x314, Screenshot (17).png)

I think its wrinkled from constantly pulling it away from her body like that. She has 3 photosets up here now https://www.amkingdom.com/tour/model/dol012/atk-galleria-Dolly-Mattel but the pictures are all for ants

No. 650960

File: 1532949745920.jpg (685.1 KB, 1154x977, wtff.jpg)

How is this girl in PORN?!?! omg! She must really, really need the money. Does she not have her diploma/GED? Is this her only option!? Poor girl! You can tell this must be her last resort because nobody in their right mind would pose nude with a genitals covered in questionable sores.


I don't know whats worse, her face(pic) or her gross cooter.

No. 650961

When her pussy is so gross they file it under FOOT FETISH!

No. 650964

File: 1532950154233.jpg (44.78 KB, 387x332, ew.jpg)

This girl can't even make it in the foot fetish category. Those are some busted ass feet

No. 650965

File: 1532950214699.jpg (Spoiler Image,944.18 KB, 1550x1510, thumnails.jpg)

No. 650966

lmao she been following me on Tumblr for years, I messaged her last night and asked if she would be on cam (off Anon since she had turned it off) and she finally unfollowed me. Took her long enough, we haven't been mutuals since she started talking about how much she loved Hitler and how attractive he was to her

No. 650978

why are her feet are so yellow/orange ?? is it dirt or discoloration? looks gross af

No. 650980

I finally realized she reminds me of ke$ha. Just needs to insert glitter into her vagina/butthole and I think she could really play that off. /s kinda

No. 650982

>1st time amateur models

No. 650984


Does this bitch not know how to get washed?? I can smell the the grease and halitosis from here

No. 650991

It is not her only option. She has family that would help, but she WANTS to do porn

No. 651010

She’s a real life doll thooooo

No. 651018

Yes, look at those lovely hi-def corns.

How can she be so unaware of what a wreck she is?

No. 651022

I find myself wondering the same thing. The only thing I can deduce is she does know how bad she looks based on what she posts to her social media.

She tends to overly edit the stuff she posts to tumblr, which is where the majority of her idiot fanbase is. They compliment her overly edited stuff. She never posts the ATK pictures and Hardtied stuff on her tumblr, and she has barely posted any of that stuff on her twitter.

I think she can tell how bad she looks in high definition, which is why nobody got to see anything but two photos from her manyvids shoot.

I personally would love to see Shay post the high def stuff to her tumblr so people can see what she really looks like. No snapchat filter, no low res camera, no shitty editing. She looks really bad without all of that stuff and I am certain she knows it. Otherwise she would be bragging about how good she looks in the ATK photoshoot.

Sidenote, but she also posted the heavily edited images that Society 15 took of her. So she was okay with those because they edited the fuck out of them.

No. 651029

That sounds pretty on the nose. I can’t imagine her followers ooh-ing and ahh-ing over her lovely scrotal sac, her ruined nipple, or the fact that her unbelievable wrinkles make her look more like a haggard, overworked mother of four rather than a porn princessu uwu~

No. 651032

In what way is this considered erotic? I like girls but looking at this just makes me feel gross. I guess guys are different, but I can’t see anyone honestly looking at that and thinking ‘wow, I sure do want to fuck’, it’s like a gynecology shot, cold and ugly. It’s also kind of weird that she wants to sell this pink girly shit, but then she lets people go ham on her cunt and tear at her nipples. What is she really selling? Here’s my (very debatable) nubile, young body, let’s destroy it for cash and prizes? She’s so nasty for so many reasons.

No. 651042

Kek she looks like she has a ballsack(sage posts like this)

No. 651063

Lmfao at her “modeling” face, she looks high and retarded

No. 651067

Anyone know why I can’t access fupapa’s tumblr on the app? Safe mode is off and I can view his posts on shay’s blog just fine, besides I’ve never interacted with him so I’m not blocked.

No. 651073

Could be a bug or your connection I can see it just fine on the app with data but the wifi I'm using goes in and out so I've experienced stuff like that happening

Can only imagine what her followers would think of her hi def pics

No. 651077

Anon, you are shockingly stupid.

No. 651103

File: 1532965610211.png (168.04 KB, 720x1122, Screenshot_2018-07-30-11-45-38…)

This deserves to be seen, for anyone who ever says they wanna be her friend.

No. 651106


KEK @ the troll anon at the bottom
>what's your workout routine… so petite and perfect

It's hilarious when she still posts these troll anons thinking they're compliments. She's so desperate for any validation that these 'asks' meant to mock her just go over her head. We all know you don't workout Shay, nor do we think you are petite or perfect. kek

Funniest are the ones mocking her and Fupa. So Perff Couple, Goals! Shay… they're making fun of you, you just look like an idiot.

No. 651109

Wtf she’s 5’5” she’s not fucking petite by any measure

No. 651115

KEk she doesn’t have a “petite”, small-boned frame either; her hands are fucking gargantuan, she has a wide waist and neck, thick wrists, etc.

No. 651116

Large feet large teeth long nipples to add to that etc

No. 651130

she should have kept her name as Bambi, Lord knows she looks nothing like a doll.
She just looks so long; her legs, her hands, her feet, I don't understand how she actually thinks she's petite in anyway.
no one cares but I'm 5'2 and most days I'm not even considered to be short.
besides that, she's not fit in any sense of the word. she obvious gained and lost a bit of weight over the past couple of years but has gained absolutely no muscle which makes me think along the lines of eating disorder rather than healthy weightloss. it could also be why she looks so old and worn out and her teeth are so yellow.
she's literally skinny fat&looks 5'8. what doll looks like that?
kek, what bimbo looks like that?

No. 651171

I've seen porn stars in their 40s who've been in the business for decades with nicer looking vaginas… she genuinely looks like she's recently given birth out of that thing.

No. 651175

That isn't Shayna anon, it's her 36 year old aunt!

No. 651181

File: 1532971336383.png (192.46 KB, 357x253, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 3.20…)

No. 651197

This. Before I thought it was stretched out since she had a toy in one set but I don't think she even has one in this set.
I want to know so badly how much money she is actually making. Has to be nothing since she couldn't even afford a bed before. She shouldn't have gone for fupa, should've gone for a 90+ year old rich man with eyesight problems

No. 651203

She had to beg her followers for money just to get her nails done, so that should indicate how much she makes

No. 651210

I can't believe anyone would pay to look at that pussy when there are 100x more pretty models with normal, healthy looking vaginas who charge the same or less… she probably either has family sending her money or she has cooked lonely desperados that are into age play/are pedos paying for her SC for whatever the fuck reason I can't think of… maybe they fall for her tumblr persona of a "cute sub stoner baby sex worker"…. there are some true wonders of this world and Shayna having paying customers are one of them… but just remember, even the most beat up, old, ugly, meth addicted prostitutes get customers!

No. 651218

File: 1532973546573.png (Spoiler Image,67.83 KB, 640x1053, IMG_2762.PNG)

Can't ask for a better highlight reel than this.

No. 651246

Cuz they’re cheap! Shay needs to up the quality or lower the price.

No. 651265


her crotch reminds me so much of an overripe apple or any kind of fruit bc of it's color, wrinkles and prob of the way it smells too.

No. 651266

At least it looks like it has healed quite a bit, or did they edit the warts out or did she tactically place her fingers on top of them? She should just drop the blonde bimbo thing, dye her hair brown and let her pubic hair grow out.
..On a second thought tho, it would look nasty as well since there would be all kind of discharge and shit stuck to the hair since she doesn't shower or clean herself. Shit, there's no saving this girl.

No. 651269

I feel like you could do a Rorschach test with some of these pics of her pussy. If you zoom in on >>651218 and turn it sideways I see an old man squinting.

No. 651314

Shayna’s toxic waste dump of a pussy looks like a combination of razor bumps/ingrown hairs, acne (bacterial), pityrosporum folliculitis (fungal), and molluscum contagiosum (viral). That would explain how she supposedly tests clean—she’s just really fucking dirty.

No. 651315

File: 1532980998866.png (61.69 KB, 1334x451, Capture.PNG)

they act like they're 12 lmao

No. 651320

Is that a sore by her mouth, or just a mole?

No. 651323

It looks kind of like a bruise

No. 651327

You can see it in the other pictures from this set. It has a white head.

No. 651333

She’s kind of trapping him by doing this. He can’t just ignore his girlfriend sending him an ask she obviously wants answered publicly. And how else is he supposed to answer it?

I really wonder how long he’s going to let this last, and what stage he’ll end it. Because her lease is ending soon I believe.

No. 651335

File: 1532982297590.jpeg (178.59 KB, 640x887, D60827D3-5077-4B22-8471-F7739E…)

Says the woman sending shit like this >>649792
to anyone who dares interacting with Fupa.

No. 651354

Except in this ask >>649821 she actually spelled you're right whereas the one here she spells it wrong. Could be reading too deep, but some of the asks could just be from other Shayna fans or Shayna herself, along with this woman most likely

No. 651370

Did anybody else notice how them moving in together was a "maybe" at best and after pressure from followers (and LBR Dolly pestering him on anon) they're acting like it's a done deal?

No. 651376

I’m not saying @00084 sent those gross asks to @squish-monster; I’m saying Shayna did, and then has the nerve to reply to @00084’s ask like, uwu oh my gosh thanks sooo much for noticing how kind and sweet and positive I am!!!

Shayna didn’t always type like a braindead bimbo idiot, and she doesn’t always type like that now. She can turn it on and off.

No. 651410

This post is littered with issues. It's like they don't even have one person double checking the posts. Such professionalism, Dolly should by proud of herself that she managed to get on this site

I don't get it either. I see a lot of porn stars doing this pose, though they don't pull their skin away that much like what dolly does. It's more pushing their lips to the side to expose their vagina and clit. Dolly probably thinks "I can do that, only better!" And takes it to an extreme that nobody wants. Then again, maybe guys like this too (on non-diseased pussy though I'm sure)

No. 651440

>I'm 5'2 and most days I'm not even considered to be short.
Where do you live most days, the Philippines?

No. 651475

File: 1532993462198.jpg (390.8 KB, 1280x1536, 5a7014aa-85a5-4f37-9bf4-5c1259…)

This is a pic that fupa recently reblogged and I really hope that under the censor bar is another girl's name. I'd never stop laughing if shay has to see that name anytime they have sex and he takes off his compression shirt

No. 651481

Isn't that a shamrock above it though? Maybe an Irish surname?

No. 651482

that's been discussed before, I think the general consensus was that it's his name/his last name. you know shayna is too insecure to handle something like that lol.

No. 651498

Ah ok sorry, I totally missed that
It's a shame, would have loved a former love's name there

No. 651515

File: 1532997615718.png (Spoiler Image,3.57 MB, 1242x2208, BAE76493-D8A9-4EDD-84E8-E135B7…)

Shay’s desperate for cash again

No. 651526

File: 1532997996853.png (3.87 MB, 1242x2208, 3EE8A7C8-4F32-41E8-9BBF-80458A…)

Also looks like she’s moved on from acting like a kid to full on baby

No. 651528

File: 1532998088811.png (4.57 MB, 1242x2208, 58ADAABC-D991-4084-ADD6-E47184…)


No. 651538

$15 for 10 videos?? She must be REALLY desperate to sell some

No. 651542

She looks fucking old wth

No. 651543

what is with those smile lines being so deep?

No. 651545

She would get everything but soap and shampoo

No. 651546

Grandma baby

No. 651549

I’m pretty sure this is for that “custom” she was claiming to make.

No. 651557

PLEASE for the love of god buy something for your lips because your filters aren't gonna do shit for them. Carmex, vaseline, burts, literally anything. Put it on when you go to sleep. Works wonders.

No. 651606

File: 1533006997479.jpeg (180.5 KB, 640x893, 1BF481DC-E2E1-42E2-B312-F2C961…)

Fupa is really letting her believe he’s buying her a house. He won’t even pay for her cheap ass nails.

No. 651614


She showed up to LA looking like a truckstop hooker. Pussy nasty as always, shitty af wax job. Hair all butchered with roots grown out, teeth yellow and brown.

She showed up to Canada, MV loft with a cheap plastic wig, face looking like a man in drag.

WTF does this girl do with all the money she makes from begging and selling porn? Clearly she doesn't make any. I thought you made 55k/y Shay?

She' beyond embarrassing. She mentioned she has a humiliation kink. I'm convinced doing porn whilst looking the busted way she does and with open sore genital breakouts is all part of her grand scheme.

No. 651617

Sorry, I should have warned you that it's literally what happened and I wasn't being dramatic. Hope you can recover.

No. 651622

This whole situation is the dumpster fire I can't stop watching

No. 651629

Fupa wants to buy the house so anons won't be right, Shay wants him to buy the house so she can be a lazy pig around him. I wonder if she will stop camming and just be a full-time baby for Fupapa.

No. 651630

Both outcomes are hilarious,
1: Fupapi and Shay move in together after having met twicr and been together for 4mo give or take which will result in an absolute state of things considering they both can't stfu online and will out each other through passive aggressive means.

2: Fupappa is just leading Shay on and will drop the whole thing at the last minute leaving her devastated and emotionally shitpost on her "bussiness only" tumblr.

No. 651648

pretty sure she begs like this when she's out of weed/alcohol/other drugs. she needs money for substances and ends up spending 90% of her earnings on drugs. I'd love to know how much she spends on weed and alcohol in a month compared to her rent.

No. 651661


I can't wait to watch any of these two outcomes. They're both disasters, a match made in heaven.

How can this girl keep going ?

No. 651662

Mkay cam ho here. MV scores are a mixture of updates and monthly sales, heavy weight toward sales. Reviews stop counting after a certain point, and there's a couple hundred base score for filling out your profile. So Shay's MV score is close to what she pulls in a month on MV, with a couple hundred point buffer.

Just to put the 55k myth to rest. Unless she has a ton of indie sales her camscore + her MV score means she's maybe doing 20-30k a year.

No. 651675

Tinfoil but what if fupa actually needed to downsize and was buying a new home anyways? He's actually looking for a new place and using shay to help find them. If he does let her move in, his name is the only one on the house anyways so he's free to just kick her to the curb when he wants
That's still pretty fucking good, if her rent/bills is 1k she's still got almost 500$ for everything else per month if we assume 20k with the 12% tax taken from it. And she likely gets money here and there from her other avenues. If she was money smart and was business smart (ie understanding cost/reward with trips to la) too she'd actually be doing fine

No. 651689

Ugh, tax works out to more than 12.5% generally because self employment is a bitch, especially if she isn't paying quarterly. General recommendation is to save about 30% a check. That way you dont have any nasty surprises come tax time.$20-30k to put your nudes on the net and decimate your job opportunities isn't a lot, at all. It esp. doesn't go far when you are living alone.

Shayna is kind of a masterclass in what not to do. Worst is she has her legal name tied up to all of this.

No. 651814

I think either fupa is faking searching for a house to get Shayna off his back OR he needed a house anyway and is gonna get Shayna to move in (until he gets tired of her real quick and evict her)

Also 20-30k a year is not great at all considering she probably doesn't have any health insurance, unless she's somehow still under her parents. It's not too bad of a salary when you're young but you'll still need to pay bills, try to put some money into savings/retirement and get yourself a health insurance plan (ESPECIALLY since she's doing sex work and might abuse her body even further if she continues to shoot with companies who don't care about her body and mutilate her breasts)

Being a sex worker will also be a problem when she's tired of being treated like a dumb sex object, and not even being paid a decent amount of money for it, but can't access nice positions because of her past sex work.

No. 651817

seriously can't fucking wait for these two overgrown toddlers to realize that meeting and hanging out for a few days and full-on living together are two totally different things.

what's gonna happen when fupa finally gets tired of her dumpy boil-covered ass? she's gonna be out of house and home.

No. 651974

I almost hope he doesn’t disappoint her cause this thread is depressing enough

No. 652024

File: 1533046685235.png (17.17 KB, 648x289, squish3.PNG)

I checked Fupa's tumblr to see if anything was happening there and I noticed he reblogged one of squish-monster's (the girl Shay was harassing recently) pics. They do appear to be friends.

I wonder if any conversation has been had about Shay's obvious bullying. I lurked squish-monster's tumblr and found a mention of another girl who has taken a break from tumblr due to "anon hate". Seems like there has been an outbreak of that recently towards the submissive tumblr girls that Fupa follows.

I find it so weird that Shay goes around harassing people on anon but gets butthurt when it happens to her.

No. 652026

File: 1533046871368.png (24.39 KB, 628x316, bullying.PNG)

b-a-b-y-monster's tumblr is now deactivated so I cannot see what the asks were. But I would be willing to bet 100 dollars that she was another girl who Shay decided to bully via anon on tumblr this week.

I wish someone in that community would rip into Shay's dumb ass and put her in her place. All of these girls getting picked on by her are acting scared of her or something. I guess it's because Shay is "popular" and they don't want to be attacked by her stupid followers.

No. 652042

Are these from Fupa's blog or where?

No. 652052

These girls need to get an i.p tracker up on their blogs. Or, if it’s not a thing anymore cos GDPR google analytics set up or whatever. Betting on days they got all this hate they got lots of hits from shays iPhone…

No. 652070

Sorry, I should have mentioned these are from squish-monster's tumblr.

No. 652071

File: 1533051297784.png (7.54 KB, 307x253, bloobloobloogsympathy.PNG)

Aww poor crusty Shayna. I bet you didn't feel that bad leaving your cat behind to go to Mexico and LA. Funny how you pretend to care now, and only because you have to milk this "construction is bothering me" bullshit to get sympathy money.

No. 652072

also totally not a coincidence she posted this after anons have been expressing concern for her caring about her cat

No. 652074

good point. Shay has some sociopathic tendencies, I swear. I am not trying to say she is a sociopath but she genuinely doesn't seem to care about anybody or anything but herself. It's really bizarre.

No. 652081

File: 1533052287219.jpg (167.27 KB, 650x1280, tumblr_pcpu0tbcA11rmiw96o1_128…)

Another one. Fucking creepy, she looks like she can smell the stink on her own body kek

No. 652086

ugh… the diapers in the background. who would actually ask/pay for this??????

No. 652092

I know its been said, but her "look" is so incoherent. "Baby girls" have overly long fake nails, plugs, huge fake eyelashes, plugs, and smoke weed? What even is your concept, Shay?

No. 652102

File: 1533054094234.jpeg (226.96 KB, 650x1280, D6B3D2DF-1B4B-4D7F-991A-D38D5C…)

Played around and edited her hair to match her awful roots and she looks slightly less busted. Major improvement in fact. Take note shay

No. 652109

actually makes her look younger too
gj anon, first photoshop i've actually seen that's been an improvement

No. 652115

Good job, she looks much better with her hair like this. The blonde has never suited her tbh.

No. 652129

the sad thing is even if she does go back to brunette, she's probably going to get some horrible box dye and it'll look more damaged/dry/matted than ever

No. 652145

She anon bullies all the time

No. 652158

tbh she still looks like shit. nothing is going to fix those crusty lips and deep wrinkles she has at this point.

No. 652187

Aaaand she deleted it. Lol.

No. 652194

i still see it

No. 652197

pseudo-pedophiles who thankfully think they cant do better

No. 652200

File: 1533060594337.jpeg (844.64 KB, 3000x1688, E91E03DE-6B2D-4D13-9ED2-6F26E1…)

Shaynut? Give up being a blonde bimbo? Lmao this girl had her unlicensed friend bleach her hair because she’s a broke bitch and that made it, quite literally, fall out. Her hair has looked like a pile of straw for the past year because of it. She has naturally curly hair and she was constantly flat ironing it, plus It can’t even hold a curl when she leaves it braided for days. Anyone with remotely curly hair can tell you that’s a sign of damage
I’d honestly be a little disappointed if she gave it up after sticking with the scarecrow look all this time. Pic for reference

No. 652205

This is a massive tinfoil so take everything with a huge grain of salt, but I fully believe Shayna self posts some of the really bad images here because of her humiliation kink. It’s why she doesn’t clean herself, it’s why she shits plastic eggs on a filthy matted rug, it explains why she purposefully makes herself look bad, abuses her vag, etc.

She gets off on seeing us rag on her nasty pussy. I feel like this also explains why she feels no shame in presenting herself to studios/producers this way. She loves the fact that they think she’s gross. Like I said, many grains of salt, but yeah. She’s fucked in the head.

No. 652208

to me it's more likely that she's buried herself deep enough in her delusions that she thinks she looks okay and normal
we're all just the haterzzz

No. 652212

nta but we know she lives on this board though. Look at how fast she posted about ribmeat. I don’t think she’s above self posting gross shit to get us talking. All attention is good attention for her.

No. 652216

File: 1533061524918.png (607.67 KB, 750x1334, 3DBBCFA4-E64D-4BCB-93F9-248BEA…)

Dolly was snap chatting Ribmeat hiding under something and when she zoomed out you see this white thing that looks like furniture…. did she finally invest in a real bed?

No. 652217

No. 652223

It’s Shayna, not Dolly.

No. 652229

Agreed, apparently she hates her real name so I like to make sure it's used.

No. 652230

i see where you're coming from with this idea. i was thinking about it too and for me it seems like she hates herself so much she kind of aims to look bad. like.. she has no respect for her own body and abuses it herself or lets it to be abused by others due to deep hatred she has for herself as a human being. no bathing/showering would match this too as she may think of it as a kind of punishment for her own body which she hates. another theory tho, she would need good therapist to work through it

No. 652238

i mean we know she lurks but it doesn't really matter if we use shayna either way right it's her name?
something feels off about the >>652229 anon

No. 652243

Omg guys it's Shayna >>652238 kek
Not everyone in here is Shay, come your tinfoiling ass down.

No. 652254

i did not mean to come off as tinfoily but the fact anon brought up that she prefers being called dolly is odd? i don't think it's ever been brought up in any of the threads

apologies to >>652229 if i came off that way but it's milk i don't think has ever been brought up in the threads.

No. 652257

I think it's just a guess seeing as she insists on not using it, being called Dolly and Bambi and Holly Michelle by Fupa, certainly seems like her name isn't used around her a lot.

No. 652258

She's mentioned wanting to be called dolly for almost a year maybe you're just not looking hard enough for the old milk

No. 652261

Apparently even her nail tech calls her bamabi something along the lines being said apparently were "is it because you have such big eyes"
Which tbh is probably a fake story made up by Shayna

No. 652268

File: 1533064380480.gif (13.04 MB, 640x408, SmartSelect_20180731-151059_Sa…)


No. 652270

File: 1533064404429.png (46.96 KB, 228x78, auntie debbie had too much to …)

no it's old milk that has gotten lost in the other milk. apologies either way.

i kinda wonder about that now? if it has to do with here coming up if you look up her name and her username or if she's gonna cry "abuse made me not want to be called shayna unu" or something

it might be the false eyelashes and eyeliner if that's true but it's likely not

No. 652273

She's always made postings where she mentions she doesn't like her name, and has for the past few years. She did make the post declaring she be called "Dolly" and not to be called or referred to as "Shay/Shayna" anymore. She did this around the time she changed her URL the first time. She made it a huge deal.

No. 652274

is that supposed to be a punch?

No. 652277

And I love how desperate Fupa is to prove us wrong. He’s really playing this out.
Jokes on him, we don’t care what happens. we get milk either way.

No. 652280

I think Fupa is hardcore addicted to this attention he's gotten from Shaynas fans and their "haters". He is more something now than he ever could be on his own, simply for having the grossest girl on tumblr as his girlfriend.

No. 652295

File: 1533065484007.jpg (682.66 KB, 777x1482, Untitled1.jpg)


Aside from the fact that she admittedly wears costume lashes everyday for the past couple years. And also habitually drawing their winged liner to their brow. I'd be surprised if nobody noticed and pointed it out. In addition to that, the use of filters and the angle she takes the photo, and now her ring light, it of course will give the illusion of larger eyes.

Lets remind people of their true size. (pic)

No. 652302

File: 1533065741179.jpg (286.13 KB, 842x701, Untitledeyes2.jpg)


This photo, her without makeup or lashes, show that her eyes are actually really, really small for her face. Explains why she always has to have her lashes and liner on daily, even for mundane tasks.

No. 652304

File: 1533065786821.png (15.87 KB, 448x269, getyaglassesready.PNG)

Ooh I cannot wait for this trainwreck.

No. 652305

"the mattel clan" im throwing up, jesus christ.

No. 652310

This looks way softer and less harsh. Cray will never go for it though

No. 652312

Hahaha this should be in about three threads time right?(sage posts like this)

No. 652314

She keeps reblogging all of this pink house shit, like does she expect Fupa to buy her an entire ~uwu pink pastel princess barbie bimbo bich uwu~ suite???? Unless he's making six figures, and i HIGHLY doubt that he is, there's no absolute way he can afford to furnish their new house like she wants, which she's gonna throw a fit over. We all know she only has one piece of furniture. HOW are they paying for all of this???

No. 652317

>making six figures
youre complimenting him by even floating the idea around LMAO do you really think he would dress the way he does and date shay if that were really the case? anon, pls.

No. 652318

Still don't believe they're mobving anywhere, 45 days and she's going to be moving in with him?? To his house? Or are they actually implying they'll have a house by then after looking for all of three days

No. 652335

jesus, this looks so much better than the original.
she needs to stop dying her hair asap and just stick to her natural hair color. the roots and the blonde dye in general make her look so cheap and haggard.

No. 652336

Even just a dirtier blonde shade would help, but she has to be barbie blonde.