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File: 1546141262486.jpg (550.53 KB, 2711x1534, Yxxy3CF.jpg)

No. 756206

Thread Image Credit: >>743402

Summary of Shoe’s past:
>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school
>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances. (Note: The sword and door pics are not her.)
>Befriended a unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet. Also cheated on this guy with Skeptic.
>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".

Summary of Skeptic’s past:
>Blamed (still blames) his parents for his intellectual failures and his general stupidity because, in his words, “they weren’t smart enough to raise a genius.”
>Goes to a community college and majors in art. Shortly after he fails out.
>Made a shitty web comic for three years that was on the same level as Sonichu from ages 19-21. (he was willing to make more of these comics in 2015 when he was 31)
>Becomes a Messianic Jew, first cult he joined, and goes into debt from doomsday prepping. Believes in crazy conspiracy theories, like “The Simpsons” can predict the future.
>Becomes an atheist because of Amazing Atheist videos. Joins Atheism+, his second cult. Atheism+ guys can’t stand him and eventually dox him to make him go away.
>Spent loads of money on man-child toys and would hide them from his wife.
>Cheats on his wife with various women (Shoe0nhead, Jenny McDermott, and a catfish who went by River, including a few other unknown women). His wife found out and sent messages to these women telling them to not contact him anymore. Shortly after, he gets a divorce and immediately starts publically dating Shoe.

>Shoe: 27- Still addicted to internet (male) attention- no education other than high school, no career prospects, no skills.
>No real personality either, changes her opinions constantly based on what will make her gain fans.
>Dates an obese guy with intellectual disabilities who treats her like shit and spends all her money on bing bing wahoo toys - Desperately wants to be seen as a young girl.
>Acts like a teenager online even though she's almost 30, can't form an argument worth shit
>Lies about her past, pretends she was a "friendless wallflower shy gothic nerd girl uwu" even though she was a popular guidette with tons of friends who bullied nerds.
>Still obsessed with shitting on women while she coddles men like babies, huge double standards
>Still a bully, now online, sends her fans to attack smaller channels and random people she doesn't agree with (never goes after big channels).
>Huge coward, will block you if you point out her hypocrisy. (She will block your followers too)
>Googles her name all day - finds comments about her that don't even mention her directly. (this includes looking through posts and tweets with the word “shoe” in them)
>Makes everything about her, can't talk about a topic without inserting herself in it.
>Has nothing to put on her resume except "dunking on terfs xd"
>Got dragged by Brittany Venti and some of her former alt-right chan buddies for throwing Lauren Southern under the bus for trans and leftist brownie points. Venti later went and made Shuwu Saga vids, one of which was taken down twice.
>Still never made that video with Lauren Southern because her fans have the memory of a goldfish and she didn’t need to appease them anymore.
>Tries to make an LGBT artist’s suicide attempt about her. Acted like he already died for pity points.
>Goes on to say she was friends with him when she barely ever talked to him and was planning to make a video about him, but never does.
>Goes to Vidcon wearing obvious butt pads and was laughed at online for it.
>Brought up in a ‘would you rather’ video that people believe her bf has Jacob’s Syndrome (aka a retard). However it doesn’t seem like she realizes it says more about her MENSA IQ dom daddy than it does about those who believe that.
>Even though she said she would only make LGBT videos for pride month, she goes and makes an extremely low effort (even lower than usual) video on Gorillaz. In it she “””debunks””” a religious zealot who thinks rock-and-roll is the devil with an argument that boils down to just “yeah.”
>After Vidcon, her bf released a 40-minute long vlog packed to the brim with cringe and disgusting close-ups of his face.
>Soon after, Shoe released a video where she goes to a gun range with Blaire White, and lies nonstop. Claims to have only gone to a gun range once and being afraid of guns in the video despite the fact her gun nut ex took her to gun ranges all the time and owning a gun.
>Threw a few temper tantrums on twitter because people gave her the slightest criticism.
>Deleted her ask.fm, as well as unlisted videos on both her main and side channel. Wouldn’t want anyone seeing she’s not a ~thicc smol pwecious uwu~
>Shits on women who joke about drinking wine, then proceeds to make chicken tendies REEE xDDD jokes
>Posts one tweet that's somewhat pro-woman (criticizes r/theredpill for being manipulative and abusive), gets shit on by her fanbase hard so she quickly goes back to defending MRAs
>Lately has been shitting out bad videos faster than usual, obviously in need of quick beta bux
>It's been noticed that Mister Metokur (Jim) has been avoiding to criticize her and Preg even though he has no problem with criticizing whatever thing skeptic community does.
>Trying to start an internet fight with a radfem church, failing miserably.
>Tries to suck up to Shane Dawson, James Charles and Jeffree Star but fails miserably >>739113
>Greg gets scammed out of $1000 for a Darth Vader mask >>732346
>Gets thrown under the bus by Contrapoints again >>733857
>Sneaks into a pedo dm group and calls their pedo convos "just basically creepy fetish talk" >>748153
>Unlists Ghostbusters vid where she called Leslie Jones a gorilla >>746617

Previously on the uwu smol bun and shitty daddy dom trainwreck show:

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Shoe links:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0aanx5rpr7D1M7KCFYzrLQ (shoe0nhead channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrpD6svgE3L3CCnWk52JSg (shoe0ffhead/shoe & skeptic channel)
https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Shoe0nHead#External_Links (collection of old links and accounts)

Skeptic links:
https://www.youtube.com/user/armouredskeptic (armoured skeptic channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf1iroepad-o5w2il-06Gjg (armoured media channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtb3OOZwXGjwYMIXTu5zMKw (armoured gregory channel)
https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Armoured_Skeptic#External_links (collection of old links and accounts)

Info links:
Shuwu Saga Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpNB9_GDpuo [DL][Archived Copy]
Shuwu Saga Part 2: Electric Boogaluwu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWnk4gkMuzw [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy]
Skeptic’s Autistic Origin Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWuWRsayzCY&feature=youtu.be [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy]
Shoe’s ED Article: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Shoe0nhead
Skeptic’s ED Article: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Armored_skeptic

No. 756213

File: 1546142203625.png (208.31 KB, 730x588, k7NIaJs.png)

>anyone remotely famous has to remember to take the good with the bad. for the thousands that 'hate' you, thousands still love you

No. 756215

File: 1546142244874.png (979.33 KB, 1752x1298, i2ng1d2.png)

No. 756217

File: 1546142623548.png (51.34 KB, 210x290, ew.png)

I was checking Preg's ED page again and this pic is apparently of his body? He's obviously much fatter than this now but jfc imagine calling even this is "husky" or "dadbod".

No. 756237


No. 756292

Oh no, Hazbin Hotel is ruined now.

No. 756296

I mean.
It is like a dad's.
A 50 year old dad who likes to make BBQs and drink beer.

No. 756298

Yo that farmer's tan looks horrendous. His shirts are too big on him, but I bet he has to wear them big because of his beer gut KEK

No. 756308


Damn. Shoe lost.

Any defense she makes of her fiancée is nothing more but sour grapes. She could have stuck to her first boyfriend who was better looking, but needed that e-fame.

Imagine having to take care of your body and maintain a standard beauty norm only to be rewarded with this.

My favorite pic will always be the one of the engagement party where the ex is looking fab. She must have felt some pang of regret.

No. 756327

And it’s not like he makes up for it by being kind, supportive, funny, intelligent or hard-working. He’s an intellectually slow ex-cultmember manchild who gets scammed out of $1000 over a fucking Star Wars toy and openly treats June like shit as part of some fedora-tier “24/7 BDSM dynamic” wherein he acts like a bratty little boy with an ego problem and she’s his overprotective mommy. He has no redeeming qualities.

No. 756349


>Miss me with your uwu problematic creator, kay?

choked on my coffee

No. 756358

File: 1546194361466.jpg (176.76 KB, 640x640, how to cope like shuwu.jpg)


>My favorite pic will always be the one of the engagement party where the ex is looking fab.

the one where preg looks angry that he has to be there?

No. 756367

greg is such a fucking tryhard lmao

No. 756382

Kek. I don’t even remember his expression - just how happy Shoe looked next to the ex wearing a white polo, and he had legitimate muscle definition compared to dough boy.

No. 756384

Same anon as before, but despite the photoshop, you can see the brothers are in better shape.

Poor Shoe got the dud.

No. 756399

The fact that Preg has to wear suspenders on top of a belt. That fucking front facing one looks like it's from a video game kek

No. 756423

rofl wow

I absolutely love when shoe tweets shit like this because it makes her look so. incredibly. bitter. You can really tell her heart must be a tiny shriveled up piece of coal at this point.

No. 756498

File: 1546214155708.png (430.5 KB, 501x520, 1546066785804.png)

I thought she didn't care about games?

No. 756514

File: 1546215762672.gif (216.78 KB, 600x500, 1544384586922.gif)

It's let's go eeve anon, she needs to show her neckbeard fans that she'll play the most casual uwu pokemon game even though she didn't grow up liking pokemon or anime, it's never too late to want attention for being a "gamer girl" even when you're reaching 30!

Reminder around gamergate she bought a 3ds and smash and said she was going to try getting into games only to forget about within a month. I doubt the switch is going to keep her shitty attention span.

No. 756575

She got the camera that all the youtube vloggers use, does this mean she's not going to be making potato quality webcam vids anymore?

Can't wait for the tea when we see her face in HD.

No. 756600

>My favorite pic will always be the one of the engagement party where the ex is looking fab. She must have felt some pang of regret.
You mean her engagement party with Preg? Because I don't remember him being there. You might confusing her ex for her tranny friend Derrick. IIRC she met her ex in the boxxy community so it's not exactly like he was a complete catch, but still better looking than Shrekory by default.

No. 756694


he seems way nicer than preg too

No. 756740

christ almighty, this guy seems actually nice or well-adjusted and shuwu is just so fucking insufferable that it makes it PLENTY clear they are no longer together. she is way too retarded for anyone to be able to make it work with her, except for preg with his mensa level IQ obviously.

but coming back to this video it really makes me wonder why the hell has she left it (along with a bunch of other shit that pretty much provides a solid amount of dirt on her pretentiousness) up for so long? does it not bother her/preg to have people look into her past and figure out exactly how full of shit she is?

lmao oh anon that is so not happening.
>i only use high end cameras for when i go out with daddy preg teehee! potato cam is my channel's brand TM so you guys can't see my blotchy eyeliner and ageing skin clearly uwuuu ~~

No. 756765

he seems boring af

No. 756797

You're probably right, this guy is too boring to help Shuwu's YouTube career.

No. 756798

File: 1546264050089.png (465.49 KB, 748x1040, i will literally scream at you…)

with all the shit carl "i wouldn't even rape you" benjamin has said, this is where she draws the line?

No. 756800

the channel that uploaded this isn't june iirc, it's just an archive of all her shady shit from the past

it wouldn't surprise me if she tried to take this channel down more than a couple of times

No. 756801

File: 1546264238583.png (347.62 KB, 748x882, chad.png)

No. 756816

Lol this goes against ALL of her tranny defending. The one thing she's been consistent on and she can't even keep up. Pathetic.
Also, genuinely curious as to why trannies don't just form their own sorts leauges or whatever given that they claim there's "so many of them" out there

No. 756856

Because then they wouldn’t get to beat (up) women, anon.

No. 756864

File: 1546275446432.jpg (68.5 KB, 960x912, IMG_20181231_085239.jpg)

So if trannies get to play as their preffered gender does Shuwu think transwomen should be allowed in the female league? Does she really want to go down this route?

They don't make a trans league because it isn't validating enough for them, even though that would be the fair and logical solution.

No. 756870

File: 1546275935918.jpg (23.92 KB, 316x341, 1418946197949.jpg)

I really hate when people like shuwu pretend to care about an unpopular sport like wrestling because muh trans/men vs women combat sport = bad!!

not a lot of people know that wrestling is way more technical than just ooga booga strongest one wins. Women can win against men of their body weight, and no I'm not saying this in the "men and women are equal!" way, it's literally all about training and discipline. So when I see that clickbaity pic I can't help but laugh, it's literally making women wrestlers look like jokes. It's kinda sad tbh.

What is unfair(in my opinion) is letting the trans man take steroids and shit to "help with his transitioning". There aren't drug tests in high school wrestling so it's more of a moral issue than anything, I just think that as a reason is bs and unfair to the rest of the wrestlers.

Sorry for sperging but, my boyfriend wrestles and shit like this getting national attention gives us a headache because it really just shows how little the general public cares about the sport.
Again, for anyone to expect a sport as unpopular as wrestling to make a trans league is laughable, especially when none of the more popular sports are willing to do it. Maybe they would for entertainment value, it be funny watching a bunch of trannies play football or basketball lolol

No. 756873

June hates women but loves troons so it's no shocker she would support troons beating women

No. 756875

I want being that serious, just saying that since trannies themselves claim to be a "huge group" it doesn't make sense why they keep forcing themselves into male and female leauges lol

No. 756889

>Women can win against men of their body weight, and no I'm not saying this in the "men and women are equal!" way, it's literally all about training and discipline.

What are the odds of that happening? In tennis, Serena and Venus Williams lost 6-1 and 6-2 against a much lower ranked male tennis player. I just find it believe that women players can win against men unless they are totally a couch potato or something. I also think there is much more to life outside of athletic skill though.

No. 756902

File: 1546279786648.png (62.29 KB, 537x229, åplåp.png)

does she think james will acknowledge her someday?

No. 756903

File: 1546279980355.png (30.42 KB, 583x166, shoe6.png)

No. 756905

File: 1546280118576.png (420.13 KB, 953x717, shoe1.png)

No. 756908

>Again, for anyone to expect a sport as unpopular as wrestling to make a trans league is laughable, especially when none of the more popular sports are willing to do it.
Trannies have been able to huff and stamp their foots to get what they want thus far, so why wouldn't it work in this instance? They can just claim discrimination and people would fall all over themselves to accommodate them, because no one wants to be dubbed as transphobic and get arrested by the woke police.
Anyway, this is getting off topic so I'll end it here.

No. 756913

>What are the odds of that happening
For wrestling, it's more common than you'd think, read up on intergender wresting, it's a thing for a reason. Also there are a lot of universities that combine their men and women's wrestling. You just wont see it in middle schools or high schools since society isn't to keen on seeing "boys beat up in girls" etc. And no it's not just women who can matched up with low ranked guys either. The difference is the way men and women divisions train. You find less women pushing themselves. It's kind of like when you watch men vs women skateboarding, the guys are more willing to do crazy tricks and hurt themselves then the women competitors because no one is setting the standard any higher except for a few outliers. The point is that they can win against men because it's not based on entirely on strength. It's hard to compare combat sports to a sport like Tennis where ones strength is a big factor.

I should also been more specific, it's less probable to see women beat men after high school sports but since the article is about high school wrestling, I'm just trying to make a point that it's less about the women wrestlers being incapable of beating a transman. It could also be that the tranman is just a better wrestler but, humoring that is apparently crazy.
It wouldn't work because all sports today are made on money and advertisements. Wrestling barely gets any attention. Who the fuck would want to want trannies wrestle unironically and put money into it?

…I mean I would because it sounds hilarious but you get what I mean.

Either way, it's annoying af to see shuwu stick her nose in shit just because it involves "trans issues". Imagine you're interests being dictated by that, it explain why she's such a boring empty person. It's no better than dumblr types who screech whenever they see something problematic even when it has no relation to them.

No. 756939

yikes, that makes a lot more sense. thanks anon!

lovely how she chooses to express her opinions as coherently as a six year old

No. 756989

So getting married isn’t on that list?

No. 757125

>it's literally all about training and discipline.
Quit exaggerating, Fry. It's more 95% about training and discipline. So while a trained and disciplined woman can beat the shit out of any average guy, the 5% strength factor can still matter enormously in high level competition. That's why I'd presume your boyfriend also lifts weights when in training, and why you rarely see much talent coming out of nursing homes.

No. 757129

With that said I still agree with your main premise, that women wouldn't be shoved out of the sport entirely. Even in MMA, trans athlete Fallon Fox has lost hard to more skilled women when the fight has gone to the ground. Just a lot more of them have been beaten to pulp. Nobody wants to see women being beaten to a pulp.

No. 757130

> In tennis, Serena and Venus Williams lost 6-1 and 6-2 against a much lower ranked male tennis player.
People always cite this but don't cite the cases of the opposite happening in tennis (Look it up)
Tennis is not a good example to use

No. 757131

Almonds activated.

No. 757143

File: 1546318104992.jpg (374.42 KB, 1486x2048, IMG_20181231_224626.jpg)

>a /comfy/ New Years with my best friend

No. 757144

Did she only paint one set of nails for this pic? Lol

Their hands are the same size

No. 757152

I fucking love the fact they tried to make a take home dinner look fancy, they ordered salads and left them in the containers lol

No. 757157

>Cream soda for me teehee uwu

No. 757161

Happy 1 year anniversary of the engagement that's going nowhere!

No. 757173

Money isn't an issue right for the marriage? They totally could have decent wedding with all the youtube shillings lmao

No. 757174

They're both from wealthy families so it's no issue at all. They just need to find a time when Preg isn't jacking off to camwhores.

No. 757180

File: 1546325651190.jpg (107.66 KB, 800x826, 1514826996961.jpg)

No. 757317

oh how sweet. happy anniversary shuwu! i have a feeling there might be a couple more of these lmao

No. 757346

File: 1546369996377.jpg (31.22 KB, 643x179, 1526248048001.jpg)


June still hasn't fulfilled her plan to live by herself.

No. 757348

File: 1546370359614.jpg (14.34 KB, 619x75, lll.JPG)

No. 757349

File: 1546370454646.jpg (15.21 KB, 401x145, 89.JPG)

This was 11 months ago.

No. 757350

non-US anon here. how expensive is upstate new york compared to where she lives right now (was that long island?)

No. 757359

Depends on exactly where you're looking but probably much cheaper. Upstate New York is pretty but the weather's shitty, housing is cheap.

No. 757365

>lmao no wedding talk yet

you fucking proposed to her you pretentious potato. guys do this all the time now and i can’t stand it, they propose to their girlfriends then act like planning the wedding is “too far ahead”. he clearly doesn’t want to get married but just got her a ring to keep her around and give her the illusion of a future.

No. 757373

1 year since the proposal and no talk of wedding, not even moving in, hell June hasn't even moved out

No. 757391

I still don't understand this. Why does she need to have her own separate place to do 'legal shit'? Why can't she live with him as a visitor during that time?

I don't know much about this shit, we've talked about it in previous threads before but, I still don't get why all of this is necessary. And if it isn't, then what the fuck are they actually doing?

No. 757443

Because they're not right for each other but none of them ready to face facts

He probably bullshitted her too since June is dumb and claimed she can't stay there, I doubt they'll even get married at all

No. 757448

Sorry if I'm mistaken but didn't this guy kill some pet animals like dogs or cats when he was a kid for fun? Or was it another ex?

If it was him, I don't think he's better than Preg in any way.

No. 757460


I've never met any guy who proposed to a girl in a healthy relationship and ever said "no wedding talk yet". If anything the guy may not be that interested in planning and leaves it up the the girl and the females of the family.But from what I experience guys love to help plan.

It's a known fact that any guy/girl who gets engaged and it's dragged out and either side isn't planning then the ring was just to shut the girl up (or a girl said yes and is having second thoughts, comes up with excuses when wedding talk happens)

That's why sometimes you hear people being engaged for 5 years or in extreme cases 10 years where there's kids and all but no signed papers.

I'm calling it now, Skeptic has no plans on marrying June, and their talk of children is just all talk. Does anyone here really think June could even handle the weight gain let alone actually providing for a human being.

No. 757470

>It's a known fact that any guy/girl who gets engaged and it's dragged out and either side isn't planning then the ring was just to shut the girl up (or a girl said yes and is having second thoughts, comes up with excuses when wedding talk happens)
I had a close friend experience this. Been with a guy for over 10 years, 3-4 of those years engaged and when they finally made a wedding date and started actually planning for it, she started experiencing trust issues on his side(more than likely cheating) and she was incapable of committing her life to him(understandably). You'd never would have thought anything was wrong in their relationship on the outside but it turns out they were doing couples therapy to try and save their relationship till the very end.

What's disturbing about preg and shuwu is I think she'll stay with him regardless of obvious signs(nevermind the ones her parents and others have seen immediately after meeting preg). The fact that he's been divorced already due to things like cheating is a huge red flag but, she more than likely thinks that "he wont cheat if i'm into threesomes/cucking and encourage his love for camwhores!".

No. 757576

>What's disturbing about preg and shuwu is I think she'll stay with him regardless of obvious signs(nevermind the ones her parents and others have seen immediately after meeting preg). The fact that he's been divorced already due to things like cheating is a huge red flag but, she more than likely thinks that "he wont cheat if i'm into threesomes/cucking and encourage his love for camwhores!".
i really hate seeing women settle this hard for someone this trash. he has literally no positives. i really can't stand her, but fuck, she has hoards of desperate men with more to offer her follicularly-challenged-ass, but this is what she fights to keep? and risk being cheated on by a literal live-action flubber that puts his partners into debt to buy toys?

No. 757581

well they are basically marketing their relationship with that movie review channel, I wonder if they feel obligated to stay together because they both make money off of it and so they don't have to deal with the thousands of shitposts that would come from breaking up

No. 757585

I'm still baffled how/why they have so many followers.

There is the possibility, however remote, that June is self-aware/self-hating enough to understand & accept she doesn't deserve any better than Greg.

No. 757661

Ugh, he seriously thinks he's 'too good' for marriage after he literally proposed… and already had a previous marriage

No. 758009

Does anyone have that picture of June strutting in the gun range with Blair while wearing her butt pads

No. 758030

File: 1546473304960.jpeg (124.23 KB, 711x646, E9221958-E652-41A6-B48D-E336D1…)

Here’s a still, it’s more apparent when she’s moving

No. 758203

No. 758246

Fucking yikes, that is so obvious in the video. Makes me wonder what preg thought about it or if she hid away from him that morning while getting ready and thought he wouldn't notice? Crazy lol

No. 758276

File: 1546504687097.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.22 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

fucking lmao

No. 758281

File: 1546505674299.jpg (136.56 KB, 732x796, IMG_20190103_095246.jpg)

She was wearing also some kind of waist cincher and a push up bra.

No. 758327

Have a look at her fanbase and then realise the dark awful truth: he's probably as good as it gets.

No. 758400

Pretty much every woman wears a push up bra, and I don't really buy the waist cincher thing either, her torso looks rather normal.

Weird nitpick but ok

Now this is sad, she really didn't check her ass in the mirror before leaving the house, did she?

No. 758403

You've been nominated in the Lolcow Awards 2018! Go here to vote: >>>/meta/8011

No. 758412

File: 1546533777697.jpg (368.27 KB, 600x1716, 1519103971617.jpg)

I hope these threads will win best submitted content.

No. 758488

File: 1546544026861.png (288.16 KB, 735x807, D1h2Q73.png)

No. 758490

File: 1546544130830.png (207.02 KB, 719x863, iWuSqYi.png)

No. 758623

File: 1546554130507.jpeg (184.7 KB, 1242x1211, CA2873FF-EDCD-4EE4-A498-E0333F…)

Guess who popped up in the comment section on jake pauls new scamming sponsored video?


No. 758734

I mean the one where it's taken from behind and blaire posted it to her snap?

No. 758930

If he fools her for X months then shame on him.
If he fools her for Y months then shame on her.

No. 758980

File: 1546609260379.png (160.44 KB, 473x722, sb1.png)

june and carl of swindon are fighting over brazilian trannies.

No. 758981

File: 1546609331884.png (131.28 KB, 474x603, sb2.png)

No. 758994

i just got a headache reading this repetitive drivel

No. 758997

Can't believe I'm saying this but I actually agree with her, this other dude is crazy.
How you can spin the blame over the election of an homophobic autist onto the people that opposed him is beyond me, it's also not like there is a lot of RadFems in Brazil like the guy is implying.

No. 759013

File: 1546618766306.png (16.41 KB, 577x315, they called me a cambucket and…)

No. 759014

File: 1546619296155.jpg (67.64 KB, 600x450, 1411727465891.jpg)

Sargon is fucking retarded and always had been. This is essentially shuwu arguing with her "old" politics/social beliefs. But guyyyysss they can still be butt buddies despite the fact that sargon is a clear extremist asshole! Shuwu can still totes be a lgbtq supporter while promoting him!

The fact is she's never owned up to her past self, the closest she got was making that apology vid on that Milo trans/gender neutral person who was being bullied by the people who she associates with. But she still associates herself with these people and still screams it's not fair and wonders why people hate her outside of her hivemind of neckbeard fans despite the amount of pandering she does to the trans community. The only trans people listening to her are mtf who have the similar edgy politics as guys like sargon so really nothing has changed with reputation and image. She's still known for being anti-fem /pol/ pandering, sargon supporter etc. and it's hilarious watching her now "be on the other side" of him as if she was always like this from the beginning.
LOL just as I was typing this post anon you got this cap that just confirmed what I was saying about her. She honestly wants people to believe this shit.
>I was called fascist, a nazi, a cumbucket
meanwhile shuwu was calling black women gorillas, sexual harassment survivors "too ugly to be catcalled", calling women fat etc. She wants to be complimented on "still being left" lolol amazing.

No. 759033

It's a complicated issue. Brazil has a systematic corruption in every step of political hierarchy. The "left"'s main party (PT) has had its representatives running the office since 2002. A lot of scandals involving their two former president and other party member's were uncovered with the help of the biased media. The mass of population (from class B to D) cried for a long time to elect better and less corrupted politicians, or something that represented a new way of politics, without indications of important ministries or other political roles solely based on connections to other parties instead of a person's actual intelligence to run their role. (Because state-run companies are all broke and inefficient, since the rulers are incompetent politicians who just want to get their sweet money)
As shit stain as Bolsonaro is, he sold the idea that he was a "new wave" politician that was "brutally honest" (just mirroring the thoughts of privileged people who saw the minorities and poor starting to get some important space in society) and blunt with his ideas, and also selling himself a politician with clean history. A lot of people decided to overlook his declarations and passing them off as just being dumb or plain irrelevant in favour of not electing PT again.
You could ask, "weren't there other candidates of other parties running as well?" a lot of them came off as weak or just a representative of old politics. There's also an autistic level of PT obsession with a chunk of the population, so the country was really divided into "people who didn't want PT to come into power again" Vs "PT diehard fans or the only plausible option against Bolsonaro"
Sorry for long post but I don't like when gringos don't do their research before talking about other countries' politics

No. 759036

It's a complicated issue. Brazil has a systematic corruption in every step of political hierarchy. The "left"'s main party (PT) has had its representatives running the office since 2002. A lot of scandals involving their two former president and other party member's were uncovered with the help of the biased media. The mass of population (from class B to D) cried for a long time to elect better and less corrupted politicians, or something that represented a new way of politics, without indications of important ministries or other political roles solely based on connections to other parties instead of a person's actual intelligence to run their role. (Because state-run companies are all broke and inefficient, since the rulers are incompetent politicians who just want to get their sweet money)
As shit stain as Bolsonaro is, he sold the idea that he was a "new wave" politician that was "brutally honest" (just mirroring the thoughts of privileged people who saw the minorities and poor starting to get some important space in society) and blunt with his ideas, and also selling himself a politician with clean history. A lot of people decided to overlook his declarations and passing them off as just being dumb or plain irrelevant in favour of not electing PT again.
You could ask, "weren't there other candidates of other parties running as well?" a lot of them came off as weak or just a representative of old politics. There's also an autistic level of PT obsession with a chunk of the population, so the country was really divided into "people who didn't want PT to come into power again" Vs "PT diehard fans or the only plausible option against Bolsonaro"
Sorry for long post but I don't like when gringos don't do their research before talking about other countries' politics

No. 759092

There are caps of her on here of her saying that she's apolitical, a centrist, a libertarian, an economic conservative, etc.

She's spent her entire youtube career shitting on the left for views, so why is she so desperate for their approval now? Is being accepted by the trans community that important to her?

No. 759130

File: 1546636161234.jpg (214.79 KB, 1192x670, laci_green_and_the_red_pill_by…)


>This is essentially shuwu arguing with her "old" politics/social beliefs.

This tbh.
Shuwu used to cum guzzle whatever shit Sargon spilled, but now that "skeptics" are ridiculed, she's suddenly so ~open minded~ and willing to understand the other side. It's still obvious she copy-pastes arguments and doesn't actually understand the topic she's discussing.

No. 759134

man this image takes me back. All the "supreme gentlemen" on the left went into obscurity or became a giant joke.

No. 759145


is that supposed to be Blaire White in front of/next to mundanematt?

No. 759174

I'm not a gringo though, that's why I'm saying what Sargon is saying is nonsensical. He says
>People could have adapted to a "third gender" over time but you had to try and take the two existing away out of spite. Now the backlash is here
Which is just plain wrong and victim blaming. There's no effort "erase" genders in Brazil, there are barely any radical feminists groups in the country, we're still trying to fight the rampant homophobia and violence against women. He probably said that because Bolsonaro keeps pressing that he is going to fight the "ideology of gender" but he fails to understand that for Bolsonaro, gay rights is part of that ideology.

No. 759230

File: 1546644195522.png (2.13 MB, 1248x822, 824236213.PNG)

The artist who made this is a fucking trip

No. 759231

lel he gave her nasolabial folds

No. 759232

She laughs at this but what about Preg? In his ghost hunting video he outright admits his $1k+ ghost tracker was a ripoff and you should get the cheaper ones instead.

No. 759255

Yeah, it's meant to be Blaire. I had a hard time even finding June at first.

No. 759271

File: 1546649896662.jpg (121.61 KB, 757x566, ''what to heck'' - billy ray c…)


there's a lot to unpack here but I just feel the need to point out that A) that's one short middle finger, and B) is Left-Side Blaire's face opening like a refrigerator door what the hell is going on here

No. 759362

File: 1546658292445.png (504.83 KB, 813x607, IOKVOAi.png)

No. 759422

I swear to god if her degenerate fans post Tomie reaction images im gonna get triggered

No. 759431

June unironically looks somewhat cute here. I wish I knew how to work angles.

No. 759470

This is the cringiest shit I’ve ever seen.

No. 759724

File: 1546724034782.jpg (545.88 KB, 1506x1500, send uwus.jpg)

No. 759731

>I'm too old for this shit

No. 759740

>always gives me something to focus on
>great tool for my attention span
that's what hobbies and interests are for shuwu, you should try it.

No. 759741

>so save the "lol see you next week" jokes
but will she even last a week without losing her shit on twitter?

No. 759752

>shoe0nhead manager

why do cows always do this?

No. 759760

10 bucks preg runs this email, not her.

No. 759780

File: 1546730211320.png (59.49 KB, 563x77, jhhf.png)

it's just "manage" not "manager"

No. 759787

Good for her, definitely a step in the right direction. Let's hope she can eventually delete the account and also herself from the internet entirely. That's always been my dream for June.

No. 759802

File: 1546733272172.jpg (174.99 KB, 1239x1026, ewwww.jpg)

Nothing's gonna change you being a pedophile and ephebophile, Juwune :)

No. 759803

Was it because of her fight with Sargon about Brazilian politics? Or is she tired of having to constantly delete tweets after being called out?

No. 759838

She'll be sperging on Twitter again in a week tops.

No. 759844

Did she delete this? It's not on her Twitter. So much for that.

No. 759847

Sargon is not an extremist…
His debate with Spencer is a good watch. You should try it.

No. 759894

File: 1546749617803.png (366.84 KB, 720x1133, 20190105_233915.png)

Found this on fb

No. 759921


No. 759971

File: 1546769258172.png (5.68 KB, 356x141, download.png)

If you're into FAS face, sure.

No. 759972

trash art

No. 759973

File: 1546769899499.jpg (38.56 KB, 524x355, bravo show.JPG)


She already deleted this and is back tweeting.

Pathetic, she couldn't last one day.

No. 759976

what a difference it makes not to outline her whole entire eye in black

No. 759978

You know if they did that she would complain about that too-shes bitched about allegations before.

No. 760011

File: 1546784328568.png (9.62 KB, 335x89, thank you for sharing.png)

I was trying to check how long it took for her to backtrack on the "Lauren Southern and I are on different paths uwu send buns" thing, and this came up when searching twitter for from:@shoe0nhead lauren

what the fuck

No. 760012

File: 1546784462587.jpg (62 KB, 587x601, blah blah blah.jpg)


it wasn't even a reply tweet to her, like the tweets surrounding it.

No. 760180

Imagine spending your life relentlessly finding faults with every little thing a specific person does because you're that butt-hurt that she's successful and you're not.

No. 760182

she's NEET dating an obese neckbeard with a learning disability and lives with her parents at like 28. how successful is she actually? a bit of e-fame doesn't mean much

No. 760183

I thought this post was about Shuwu

>Imagine spending your life relentlessly finding faults with every little thing a specific person does

I mean that's what she does. And then posts it on Twitter for attention and because she gets off on bullying others.

No. 760193

Kek… is June already bored of her internet break?

No. 760197

File: 1546813670570.png (1.21 MB, 1440x2510, Screenshot_2019-01-06-16-25-08…)

Uwu send smol buns

No. 760198

I probably won't since I guess it might be considered cowtipping but this should really be tweeted at her every time she gets into a fight.

Funny that she got a glimpse of self awareness (that Twitter is bad for her) and immediately snuffed it out. It must suck living inside her head.

No. 760199

I guess it's impressive to all her underage fans (we've seen the pics) but to any actual independent adult, of which there are many in this thread, she is a joke. That's why she's had an active thread on this site for so long. We come here to laugh and stare at her failure and cringe. Sure, it may not be the most productive use of my free time but at least I have an actual job and don't live with my parents in my late 20s lol

No. 760202

Imagine thinking sucking special ed Greg’s dick is “successful”.

No. 760208

umm.. how the hell is twitter a "great tool for your attention span"?? How about picking up a god damn book or hell even playing a video game? See this is what cements her cow status.

No. 760220

File: 1546816500032.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.78 KB, 480x480, 33980708_941781522649464_31126…)

Found this lollll

No. 760248

That’s an accurate representation of her, except she’s actively trying to catch that shit in her mouth in real life bc no matter how shitty pregory is to her, she’s got an excuse or reason ready to explain it away.

No. 760273

He can't see his own penis or clean himself so he gets his slave wife to lick the cheesy smegma and crusted skin and 5 day old jizz off of it with her tongue, and somehow manages to convince her it's a privilege.

No. 760320

lmao never

I wish I could unsee this tbh

No. 760484

File: 1546888113738.jpg (27.66 KB, 640x315, DwVDctQWoAACcbX.jpg)

No. 760506


The desperation is hilarious. I seriously believe she does have some sort of humiliation fetish at this point. I wonder if Greg spends her money on hookers and she sees that shit pop up on her bank statement or something. I just have so many questions when she says things like this…

No. 760510

>"it" instead of "they"

No. 760616

lmao no, there's men who are attracted to other men who look very feminine, there's even girls who like men who look like women. they're still men and they know it, everyone knows it. that's why they're called a trap.

No. 760629

It's amazing that shuwu, who is totally bisexual, can't wrap her head around the idea men who find traps attractive are not 100% straight. There is nothing wrong with this, the problem is the same type of guys who are into trap/mtf are always so insecure about their sexuality, they need to remind everyone that they totally not gay for wanting to fuck a biological man and it's hilarious, hence why it's a meme. But, like everything else, she has to take it literally because preg probably wants to fuck some mtf/trap and maybe she's in denial that he's probably actually bisexual(unlike her who fakes it).

No. 760647

Traps aren't the same thing as trannies

No. 760669

The difference is that anime traps are drawn exactly like women and the only indication of them being male is them saying they are male. MTFs have the bone structures and bodies of men, and it can still be seen after many body-modifications.
If anything traps are closer to fakebois than MTFs, since both are male in name only.

No. 760749

I deleted my social media accounts back in high school; forgot I was ever watched her videos until I saw this thread. The "skeptic" community is an absolute cesspool of low-hanging fruit, and women with low self-esteem cashing in on being "based" while never actually saying anything original or of value. It wasn't obvious to me as a teen, but after recently graduating college and being away from the YouTube drama for a while, it's actually painful how sexist these women are to themselves and those around them (especially June). There's nothing wrong with being bisexual, or being in an open relationship (I personally find it degenerate, but consenting adults can live how they want to), but June takes it to another level. I know she's either not really bi (probably just curious), or she's uncomfortable with Greg's multiple partners but doesn't want to be honest because she won't come off as this "sexually open" and "based" partner who fulfills her man's every desire. She probably fears Greg leaving her because he left his first wife to be with her. I feel so fucking sorry for her because I was once in that place. I told my guy friends the women they found attractive were beautiful or hot when they showed them to me, because deep down I felt like a jerk for not understanding why they found them attractive, and not me. I barely mustered the strength to say "no" to my date when he said he wanted to fuck other girls, because I didn't want to seem like a prude withholding his sexuality. Subconsciously, I had an even deeper fear of him leaving.

No. 760775

Traps and MTF are different things

No. 760796

Does it really matter? "Traps" are supposed to be men with functioning male genitals. It's obviously a fantasy because there aren't real people who look like bio women and have a penis but at the end of the day the dudes who get off to it are still attracted to the idea of fucking something with a penis. Straight men don't like dick.

No. 760812

>I feel so fucking sorry for her
Well don't. She is a perfect case of reaping exactly what you sow.

No. 760831

Don't pity her, she cares too much about looking like a cool, 'sexually open' girlfriend rather than actually having a healthy relationship. And yes, naturally people don't want their partners having sex with other people, so you shouldn't feel bad.

No. 760841

File: 1546933071512.jpg (63.59 KB, 640x640, 47693536_327093574685525_40188…)


No. 760854

At least Shuwu's face is accurate in this, but everything else is nightmarish

No. 760865

What a bad friend Juwune is to contradict Blaire White on a video where he outright states that traps ARE gay (despite making merch saying traps aren't gay, for the memez I guess). Blaire has a hell of a lot better knowledge of traps than Shuwu ever could, since Blaire has been one for a very long time (and in fact still has his penis so he is still a trap in many people's eyes).

No. 760908

Blaire is not a trap,there is a difference

No. 760914

Literally what is the difference, trap/tranny-sperg?

No. 760920

Traps don't think they're women nor do they try to be women

No. 760930

(Not that Anon, nor do I want to subject myself to hours of suicide fuel)

The thing with Sargoon is that he fancies himself as a rational skeptic classical liberal left-centrist (TM) because he thinks it makes him sound very smart and articulate. Which means, like most other skeptics, Sargon doesn't want to be associated with anything too explicitly right-wing, all while throwing temper tantrums at every fruit from the lefty-tree, regardless of whether or not it's justified or if he actually agrees with it.

I mean, don't get me wrong, but just because Galaxy Brain tries to troll the alt-right, gets into twitter fights with them, and condemns some of their more radical ideas, and calls himself as such does not make him a moderate. He's an useful alt light idiot, his anti-fem/SJW/immigrations rants are the EXACT SAME RHETORIC alt-righters use, only under a different flavor, not to mention he actively sympathises with them. So he acts as a direct pipeline to actual alt right ideas. He's too radical to be mainstream conservatism, but too dumb to convince his viewers to not become nazi scum after watching his debates.

Traps are male crossdressers, who look like women, yet who still identify as male. Troons are troons.

No. 760981


Why does every girl he draws look like Lauren Southern with a different wig? lol

No. 761102

File: 1546981592777.jpeg (633.29 KB, 1242x2035, 3D982081-F50D-41F4-8B10-8302D0…)

Shoe commenting the second, kalvin whaterever his name is trans anti-sjw yter, dropped this video. It’s a few down from the top. More trans pandering by trying to buddy up to him.


No. 761107

File: 1546981804755.png (111.21 KB, 1021x852, 5668.PNG)

joon the troon goon in the comment section of blaire's new vid

if you both have dicks it's gay, end of

No. 761109

Yes she literally is in denial about him being bi kek
I’m pretty sure in her ~~have a 3some with me and preg~~ checklist included trannies, he has liked lewd photos of them and posts/jokes about traps being superior to women on twitter
But her big sexy lumberjack daddy dom couldn’t possibly be bisexual because that’s not alpha!

No. 761115

Exactly. If the thought of a trap/tranny having a dick or having been born male doesn't put some guy off of the idea of fucking them, then it's gay. Guys who are into traps just need to accept that they're bi and move on.

No. 761315

File: 1547007544277.png (54.31 KB, 729x389, 1.png)

No. 761318

File: 1547007628390.png (127 KB, 745x925, 2.png)

No. 761349

yup, not wanting men in female spaces is totally like men who want every woman to be dead.

No. 761377

>imagine being so pathetic, you've built your whole personality on the internet pandering to losers.

she really can't handle reality outside the internet. i'm awaiting for the fall of her e-whore career, she'd probably end up working at make-up stores again at 47 and divorced.

No. 761379

Bold of you to assume they will get married in the first place

No. 761391

Could take him up on that bet and probably win. Preg is a giant sausage of Dunning-Kruger.

Yeah but if she did admit and accept that he's bi, she'd never fucking stop going on about it. I'm not sure what it'd worse, constantly being subjected to their lame ddlg humblebrags, or constantly subjected to mentions of preg liking dick.

No. 761392

Eh,Vernaculis(the voodoo head) is still sound, I reckon. Though he was never really and attention whore in the first place.
Because she's so smol.

No. 761395

A trap can admit he's a guy.

No. 761404

Yes. He hates some things on the left, and some things on the right, so he isn't a classical liberal, but he is a dead on centrist. Hence why liberals can see him as a double plus bad alt light idiot while conservatives are seeing him as a gay furry pinko cuck.

No. 761427

Why do these types of idiots always think all radfems worship Valerie Solanas? Some of her takes on men were amusing to say the least, but it's not exactly like she was some profound feminist theorist. She wrote one inflammatory manifesto and that's it.

Going after Solanas has to be the lowest of the low hanging fruit, and has absolutely nothing to do with the current gender debate. Stupid.

No. 761462

June posted about reading that book "for a bideo" a year ago at least. Is Greg suggesting Sargon is copying her when she teased the video an eon ago and presumably just ditched it? Their egos are so bad.

No. 761498

Originally yeah. People on the internet have been using the two interchangeably for years now though.

No. 761686

No. 761724

I feel like she’s doing something like this because she’s embarassed of having done generic and low-quality ~anti-sjw~ videos where she reacts to wacky Cosmopolitan articles for so long. She wants to get into the crowd of people like Contra and Shaun because she’s so obsessed with pandering to troons.

No. 761778

File: 1547075857346.png (153.57 KB, 748x850, FQ7AVKf.png)

No. 761788

This is OT but I despise those little chibi characters they use.

No. 761807

They look so wonky, the artist has bad depth perception. Didn't they also draw for Blaire for a while too?

No. 761893

she's "working on reading it", the thing isn't even 100 pages and she's announced this video a year ago. guess it's hard to get through a book when your attention span is 280 characters long

No. 761980


tbf, carl and greg are abject turds…

No. 762010

File: 1547093937475.png (481.67 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190107-070456.png)

She constantly does and it feels good to f i n a l l y see people call her ass out on it

No. 762017

Why don't they just rebrand as a cringe channel? They are debunking literally nothing.

No. 762049

They sound so smug over picking on a guy with obvious issues, so fucking pathetic.

No. 762054

They are just nasty people who punch down because they are sad.
Yeah, it would be nice to see her called out on this >>759724 though. Like what do all the ppl who "liked" it just have convenient collective amnesia?

No. 762061

Not just nasty, but dumb. They’re not smart enough to punch up. Sad!

No. 762199

Because being low IQ spergs, they can only dunk on even more mentally disadvantaged people to get some leverage and sound half intelligent in comparison.

No. 763534

>make the LGBT great again
It’s hilar how much shoe thinks she’s actually Bi and not a straight barsexual girl.

No. 763672


It says Make The Left Great Again.

No. 766198

File: 1547549713397.png (425.03 KB, 716x1338, Screenshot 2019-01-15 at 4.23.…)

yeah because no part of the picture on the right is fake/made up/shooped.
what a queen, what a glow up

No. 766199

File: 1547549759986.png (726.62 KB, 718x1336, Screenshot 2019-01-15 at 4.23.…)

kinda curious how much and how often she's bringing up her old looks recently though. does she hope we'll leave her current state alone if she starts to roast herself?

No. 766200

File: 1547549931791.png (473.83 KB, 720x1346, Screenshot 2019-01-15 at 4.23.…)

>has so many videos planned
>sargon stole the idea to read scum manifesto from her
>plans to put out 1-3 videos per month this year and will take herself off twitter
>"screams about feminism & womens media" (twitter bio)

also june:
>pic related

No. 766244

All these old photos do is show why she was such a proud bully in high school. Bitch had a complex or having no hair and being ugly

No. 766254

File: 1547565025127.jpg (16.64 KB, 360x195, 1410229244771.jpg)

>finds out good portion of her fans are pedos or pedo apologists
>post a pic of herself when she was a child

No. 766543

This is such weird narcissism

No. 766660

To be fair most of her pedo fans are into children children, not greasy teens with braces children.

No. 767040

File: 1547668802950.png (66.5 KB, 1013x478, fOItDmj.png)

She unlisted another video, couldn't find out which one though.

I think she's trying to ~prove~ that she was a relatable goffic wallflower and not a bully in hs. Just tinfoiling though.

No. 767042

In 2009 she had a hairline so what is she trying to prove

No. 767374

File: 1547781558606.png (721.28 KB, 1245x745, lMgo1ax.png)

No. 767375

Stolen from KF. The unlisted vid is her apology to Milo Stewart.

No. 767739

I thought she loved the trannies lol

No. 767803

File: 1547845053144.jpeg (123.29 KB, 933x699, DB81BD97-2B9E-43D9-89C7-E2CFC7…)

Found this and reminds me of our special uwu cow

No. 768116

So it is straight for a guy to have sex with a trans man by your logic.

No. 768123

you know, if preg would lose weight, stop making the stupid dreamworks face, quit being a childish retard who plays with toys and does nothing but act superior on youtube he really wouldn't be too bad looking. he's borderline the "attractive" one in the realtionship.

No. 768243

File: 1547915875319.jpg (729.98 KB, 1440x1569, Screenshot_20190118-142046.jpg)

Saw this and thought of Preg

No. 768461

File: 1547941312682.jpg (256.28 KB, 1198x1024, shrek1.jpg)

good idea

No. 768724

Doubt it.

I can’t find it now but there was a screenshot where she said her dentist mentioned she had a small mouth like a 16 year olds or something. And her fanboys were coming out of the wood works to say they we’re hard about it.

Also when she tweeted about how posting old pics of her would make the younger version of herself crawl out of the persons computer and some fanboy wrote that he wanted to post the pics then

No. 769136

File: 1548053127552.jpg (41.71 KB, 600x450, 983.jpg)

>small mouth

Lol ok

No. 769352

No. 769354

File: 1548098820861.png (445.8 KB, 776x755, mg3qTT2.png)

No. 769357

File: 1548099530133.png (16.44 KB, 596x113, top comment.png)

No. 769362


Honestly disgusts me how much they want to be seen as that. Shuwu can make as many anti-pedo vids as she wants…obviously, she enjoys being looked as a child in a pedophilic relationship.

No. 769370

File: 1548100832268.png (41.65 KB, 726x347, uwu pls no bully.png)


No. 769387

love how she always has her man shoulders covered nowadays since she's gained a lot of weight lmfao! all she wears is that stupid ass cardigan in those videos with pregory.

No. 769406

nta but trans "man" would still be a woman so yeah, that would be straight.
Catie is younger than her lmao.

No. 769428

Being seen and thought of as a 14-16 year old is fucking creepy. Being 30 is going to hit her like a train

Lmao that probably pisses her off more knowing she copied a younger girl who will always be younger than her

No. 769567

File: 1548114059995.jpg (219.45 KB, 852x1733, IMG_20190121_234002.jpg)

Lmao that fat wrist, the confused owl face. So manly.

No. 769625

I saw this video… kudos to the YouTuber who made it and did not make one reference to wig0nhead

No. 769700

File: 1548128202062.png (94.22 KB, 709x436, QPrGxl8.png)

Guess she's already done with her Twitter break

No. 769701

No. 769765


I could understand her ageist comments if this bitch were closer to 20, even lauren southern's anti woman's videos were mostly made when she was like 21-22 but wig-on-head is pushing 28, she's fucking delusional if she thinks she's in a different age bracket than someone like Megan Murphy. She will be crying very soon.

No. 769776

Of course Wiggy is gonna cry over Gillette making an ad with a message: "Harassing women doesn't make you masculine." because she LOVES getting shat on by her daddy dom uwuu

No. 769808

Holy fuck it's an ad for watches are these people so retarded they don't realize just like with the Gillette ad, they don't give a shit if you "agree" with their "message" or not, it's just to use social commentary/politics to garner attention because sperges on the internet will REACT TO ANYTHING. Ask anyone you know irl and chances are they'll say they don't give a shit about some stupid fucking ad.

No. 769812

of course shoe would retweet this. fucking pathetic. that ad was not even remotely offensive. even acknowledging that lukewarm as shit ad is literal "SJW" territory. amazing how the reactionaries can be sensitive pissbabies to a way higher degree than those they disagree with, but they're touted as rational and stoic, and people believe it

No. 769844

Hahaha, imagine tearing up at a fucking commercial designed to coddle butthurt men from the big mean razor commercial

No. 769900

Most of those antis and reactionaries are sjws themselves but being against something that's bigger and more popular is popular too. They're two sides of the same coin and there's a number of anti sjw cringe coming out. June wants to avoid being in that so much kek

Is Lauren Chen milky? She's has her asian fetishists for being mixed and I've only seen her get destroyed in a debate with vegan gains of all people defending eating meat.

No. 769962

She’s an idiot, but I don’t know how milky just being stupid is

No. 770911

imagine getting big mad over a fucking commercial for RAZORS just trying to be more memorable to sell products like lol anything june says or does doesnt even matter

No. 770934

They started using their Twitch

No. 771036

blessed. thank you.

No. 771062

>Louis Griffin nose
Holy shit, anon this is beautiful

No. 771113

what'd i miss? it's deleted looks like.

also why is shoe so sorely lacking in milk these days? seems to me she's about ready to fade into obscurity, actually – her anti-sjw circle doesn't notice her anymore seeing as she's pretty much stopped making videos relevant to their topics; her online presence has lately been more or less limited to twitter which she herself fled; little to no instagram posting (which i think owes to us noticing her atrocious shoops lmao); askfm still disabled; no blog posts since venti.
looks like this is the year we finally say bye is it??

No. 771121

I really hope you're wrong. Her milk is great in that it triggers me just enough to be entertaining, but not enough to actually make me angry like the cows on /pt/.

No. 771166

I don't think she'll truly fade into obscurity, she's been addicted to getting attention on the internet for a very long time.

Also still no news about the wedding?

No. 771179

Tbh, I think she will. She's here now because of the years she built herself up as a young girl who isn't 30. But that's fast approaching and she can't stop that, so once it hits, I think she'll just fade away and end up doing voice over videos

No. 771191

>Also still no news about the wedding?

She doesn't even live with Greg yet.

No. 771213

I'm looking forward to her living out the anti feminist dream. She can resign to having never acquired any education/skills, get married, pregnant, and finally shut the fuck up.

No. 771228

>actually getting offended/triggered over meaningless shit on the Internet

No. 771273

the best thing for her and greg to do is fuck off the internet and do whatever the shitting hell they want. they're stupid, but what bothers me is they pretend to be ~self-aware~ when it's really obvious they have inflated ego problems. they think they're better than everyone because they have dumb political opinions that no one cares about and they're uwuu so kinky. in reality they're college dropout losers who aren't self-sustained at all because they clearly rely on money from mommy and daddy, and their teen fans' mommies and daddies paychecks as well. they wouldn't bother me if they were just some rando internet couple, but no. they have to act all high and mighty about absolutely nothing, just a shred of e-fame. greg and june are nothing. i hope they leave the internet and fade into obscurity, because the truth is, i don't give a shit about what they think or their "amazing kinky bdsm sex life", i just find it absoutely hilarious that they think they're important, contribute anything whatsoever to society or politics, or intelligent. greg and june: you are college dropout LOSERS who are only fooling your teen fans and yourselves. grow the fuck up, get real jobs and actually pay attention to each other instead of the people on the internet. get real fucking hobbies.

No. 771321

File: 1548378272725.jpeg (194.91 KB, 933x699, 554B185A-F64E-4797-A26E-D4E78B…)

Here you go anons, the art of wig that was strangely deleted for some reason. Why. Must of hit close to home!

saved just in case

No. 771322

*saged ^

No. 771475

serious props to the artists in this thread! i'm losing it at the potato head kek

also >>770934
did anyone manage to trudge through the three hours of tripe and find any milk? i doubt there'd be a lot though apart from preg failing at video games

No. 771841

File: 1548466974223.png (385.83 KB, 492x484, mensaleveliq.PNG)

Looks like her and Greg are hanging out for a prolonged period of time.

No. 771980

How is this "ADD"? Just looks lazy and unorganized to me.

No. 772027

they are so lazy. neither are employed yet can’t find the time to clean their dump?

No. 772030

It's the ADD man

>Stop pursuing any kind of education

It's the ADD
>Make shitty youtube videos
It's the ADD
>Obsessively pander to nerds for attention
It's the ADD
>Shit on other women
It's the ADD
>Have pedo tendencies
It's the ADD
>Cheat on your significant other
It's the ADD
>Be lazy and just browse internet memes all day
It's the ADD
>Don't clean your room
It's the ADD
>Spend all your money on toys
It's the ADD
>Bully others
It's the ADD
>Never get married after getting engaged
It's the ADD

But also if she takes medicine for ADD, she will lose her glorious personality!

No. 772045

>Wig's fading relevancy and diminished internet presence
Mmmmm delicious! So when's she gonna get a real job, then get prego by creepy adulterer Pregory? I already assume there's not gonna be a wedding. Preg's lucky he found such a dumby that can be had for this cheap and low effort.

No. 772110

That picture is pretty accurate, but too bad she's too stupid and boring to start using meds to be able to make bideos~ to make herself relevant again and to try and be a functioning adult. No wonder she never accomplishes anything if she's an unmedicated ADD mess. Sorry about your messy environment and life June, I hope your raNduM quirkiness XD uwu~ makes up for it!

No. 772129

god all self proclaimed ADD/ADHDfags are fucking liars who just use their "diagnosis" as a disgusting excuse for being gross and lazy. i am so triggered

No. 772197

File: 1548539766079.jpg (39.57 KB, 603x292, hes not wrong.jpg)

No. 772345

File: 1548565913467.png (23 KB, 733x180, 1548490090987.png)

stole from another thread

No. 772580

It's sad that wiggy is still sucking up to hontra when he completely ignores her. He doesn't even jerk her off in the YouTube comments like he does with the other verified YouTubers.

No. 772628

File: 1548630001999.jpg (53.89 KB, 499x933, Dx73zvuWsAAWO6Q.jpg)

No. 772630

File: 1548630287575.jpg (71.55 KB, 718x1035, Dx4ipXIV4AATBVI.jpg)

No. 772671

File: 1548634363225.png (369.93 KB, 1080x1218, IMG_20190127_180945.png)

June is riding Blaire's dick as well. No response from that tranny either kek!

No. 772735

File: 1548647442954.jpg (346.26 KB, 1080x1431, Screenshot_20190127-215000_You…)

Ha No reply from this weirdo either. Idk what she's doing in his comments in the first place.

No. 772741

File: 1548648810875.png (43.54 KB, 575x230, not a maga boy.png)


>Tulsi Gabbard

>"basically Bernie-lite"


No. 772882

File: 1548692029174.png (2.88 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_2019-01-28-10-12-02…)

Random telephone rumor = a comment on a Sargon video

No. 772887


bitch should be worried about her own wall coming

No. 772888


Hi, I'm new to lolcows , sorry if this is off topic or a stupid question but are Do this people really not have jobs, and if so how can the have their own apartments? Or they make enough from youtube ads and patreon to support themselves completely?

I think they are both around 30???(no contribution)

No. 772894



lol damn., Thats harsh but probably true. People shouldn't make fun and shit on older-than-them people like they aren't going to get to that age themselves, (unless they are at least planning their suicide before said age and are serious about like those 27 rockers and celebs). But otherwise if they're over 25 they're just spitting upwards and being dumb, especially when it's an age that it's not really that old and not really abstract and far away like say 50 or something.

ESpecially these e-celebs shouldn't build their identity around being cutesy young and not 30 because what the hell are they gonna do after that? Like what the hell were they thinking they were gonna do when they're 30 and they have all those videos that are uploaded forever -talking about how worthless or pathetic women at 30 are-, Lauren southern i'm also looking at you. These misogynist women are going to suffer by their own ideas.

I'm genuinely curious what their plans are for that, she's going to look so stupid and sad if in a couple of years she's still acting like an uwu scene kid but she's 30 already(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 772922

lol get out newfag june and robbie have been friends for a while now. they hung out during vidcon

No. 772975

Lmao at everyone saying this guy wasn't a piece of shit.
He bullied actual children WITH JUNE
He was an active member of unichan and has no respect for privacy

No. 773068

read the posting rules and sage next time you post

but yes, they only have their youtube channels and whatever patreon service they run
neither of them work

No. 773107

File: 1548727859408.png (1.68 MB, 1440x1641, Screenshot_2019-01-28-20-09-06…)

Streaming again.

No. 773130

I know that they are "friends" and have done videos together. Everyone knows that. My point is that he ignores June until he wants to use her for a video. That's how most YouTubers treat her and it's funny.

No. 773138

>>772975 Don't even get me get started on her ex Gmastered. Him and his buddy kicked a kicked a kitten to death for fun when they were teenagers. I saw the screenshots backing this up in a previous shuwu thread. Shoe is annoying but Gmastered is twisted.

No. 773214

at this point i'm beginning to think shoe gets off on being treated like a fucking wall. case in point this pic, case in point her whole relationship

so much this lmao, literally no one in her anti-sjw circle entertains her anymore other than chris ray gun tweeting unfunny one-liners at her every once in a while

No. 773217

File: 1548777960655.jpg (683.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190129-080425_Ins…)

She really still thinks typing like a retarded child is cute

No. 773237

>doesn't want to get rid of capitalism because they like things and stuff and starbucks

jesus fucking christ

No. 773238

Shoe, no fucking poor person cares about Starbucks lmfao

No. 773251

Humiliation fetish or she's just pathetic and can't get someone normal and better since they'll alienate her fan base who get off on the fantasy of dating someone like her. All around pathetic for a nearing 30 year old

No. 773285

damn you're right i remember that now. my hatred for him has been re-lit.

Andrew, Gmastered, June's ex, IS AN actually piece of shit. He is not a good person and never was.

Young girls (minors, including people like Mickey Deer) who were lured onto unichan were bullied heavily, relentlessly by both June and Andrew. June lied about not reading the forums back then but was an active participant and I wouldn't be surprised if she was on lolcow as well

No. 773506

File: 1548796016839.png (162.13 KB, 718x546, pr7pvi2.png)

To no one's surprise, it seems like she's not really on a Twitter break. She's still searching her name and blocking people daily.

(not my tweet)

>Mickey Deer
Damn not the cow crossover I expected to see. June will do anything for male validation huh.

No. 773537

File: 1548807757354.jpg (219.82 KB, 736x1230, pandering.jpg)

No. 773567

If she dropped the tub of lard for someone better at least half her fanbase would call her a hypergamous whore guaranteed.

No. 773591

>I wouldn't be surprised if she was on lolcow as well
I have some news for you, anon…

No. 773667

i hope she quits social commentary and becomes a twitchthot gamergurl instead. she probably only has stone awards

No. 773732

>talks about June bullying by bullying a newfangled and banning them

No. 773734


No. 773737

Now that it's written by an awesome trans gal, will she ignore it?

No. 773741

Shoe is so annoying
>a TRANNY you say?! no way they could have done anything bad

No. 773759

Wtf is going on in this thread? Which retard keeps deleting their posts?

No. 773899

File: 1548955681168.jpg (233.78 KB, 746x1694, tsQnTLr.jpg)

No. 773900

File: 1548955726678.jpg (70.06 KB, 749x410, CSK6wQO.jpg)

No. 773915

Wow, real clever retort, June.

What is she even trying to express here? I think she think being "unlikable" is the worst trait a human being could possibly have. Besides being a women.

No. 773932

June, doesn't everybody consider you an anti-SJW? holy retardation, you can't choose your own labels lmfao.
any time she tries to speak for trans people she says something that makes absolutely zero sense, just throw in terf in there somewhere and it'll get a few hundred likes.

No. 773970

File: 1548965333648.jpg (191.76 KB, 746x918, blO2aP9.jpg)

No. 773971

File: 1548965409145.jpg (215.41 KB, 742x1156, 5rgYh49.jpg)

No. 773975

>trans people and men
trans WHO, JUNE? trans PEOPLE?
>praising terfs for acknowledging biology
wew, at least someone's doing it

No. 773980

lmfao I love how she says ''protecting womanhood'' and ''hating men'' in the same sentence and context as if those two things are on the same level.
Not to mention how she implies that ''protecting womanhood'' is a bad thing.
Your true colors are showing, June.

No. 773989

What is her purpose anymore? I'm no radfem, but they're the more sane feminists there are. The stereotypical ones she talks about in her videos would agree with what she says (besides her weird MRA shit). SJW feminists (most feminists these days, sadly) agree that men can be women and women can be men, so I don't really see the point of her anti-feminist videos. She can't go the tradthot route, she should just be a female MRA then she wouldn't have to pretend to like women at all.

No. 774081

Trying to find any sense in what she says is useless, she is doing it for the money. After all she deleted her anti-mra video when her incel audience started crying. Its funny because shes hated more by rabid MGTOW groups then any feminist. I've seen several videos from the "manosphere" talking about her calling her a slut and how women like her are the reason men need to go their own way lol.

No. 774082

>claims others are bitter
>from the same guy who started a fight because someone made fun of his suit, sides with the alt right because he hates one or two lefties, tried to get the fbi to swat a youtuber he doesnt like by saying he was planning a terrorist attack
Literally he is a pile of salt, this idiot needs his own thread hes one of the biggest lolcows going

No. 774090

I've noticed that mgtows do subscribe to her though so they must only stay for her to shit on women and still not accept her after she's done her part. So she'll never do a video on mgtows. Too afraid lol

There isn't a route for her to go to, being an anti terf is already getting boring. Making fun of cosmo and buzzfeed is tired. Her streaming on twitch won't go anywhere. She'll have to get a job outside of YouTube sometime

No. 774115

There were a few videos here posted a few threads ago from 2 mgtow channels bashing shoe and the likes of lauren southern for pandering to men by bashing on women but pointed out they were doing this for attention rather than being real about it. well I guess they were half right.

Indeed and given how everyones doing youtube blogging now and shes having arguments with people on her own side i wonder how long before she disappears? I mean the audience she panders to is fickle and always want someone younger in their eyes shes an old hag now.

No. 774220

File: 1549046622780.jpeg (278.62 KB, 810x585, 72D065A9-BC15-4FA5-B3AD-E92B5F…)

Why is so so massively inbred levels of retarded? Of course she can’t for the life of her understand the outrage because she actually believes women’s mouths are where the man’s peepee goes.

No. 774225

She doesn't like that mgtows don't like her I bet. They want sex dolls to replace women so June wants to shit and dehumanize herself as a woman for them but like >>774115
mentioned, they don't give a fuck about her pandering. Yet she does it anyway because when men don't like her and call her out, she panics and goes full retard to be their Cool Girl

No. 774229

They are "literally" turning female body and form into a plastic object with the sole purpose of sexual gratification. What's so difficult to understand?

No. 774262

Is this projection again? Men get so hurt over male sex dolls, but God forbid women not support sex dolls

No. 774345

Omg anon this is good milk anymore on this?

No. 774348

Imagine real women being angered by the fact they were made into literal sex dolls for men to use and abuse. How can June not understand this? fucking stupid bitch. I can't wait until she gets a few years older, gains weight and becomes massively irrelevant to men.

No. 774349

I'm so disgusting by her words. She really has no issue with the fact trans people are already invading women's spaces (esp lesbians areas.) Men rights are a joke and trannies know that, so they are bothering women.

People who side with trannies and think they arent fucking shit up even worse for women are a joke. June will do everything in her shitty internet power to mock women for seeing the truth.

No. 774360

June owns a dildo or multiple, so in her head she probably thinks she would be a hypocrite for owning "toys" but then saying sexdolls aren't dolls.

No. 774362

lol ill bet she agrees with the retards saying these weird robot sex dolls are on the same level as a vibrator or dildo.
There's a big difference between using an object for sexual pleasure and using a disturbing human effigy as a replacement for human companionship.

No. 774372

It also goes hand and hand with how women are already viewed as nothing more than sex objects by men in society, so much it affects their career options and how much they earn.

Dildos/vibrators have zero to do with men and their place in society vs an actual women sex doll. it's comparing apples to cucumbers.

No. 774382

Saging as this is a question but people here have speculated that greg would break up with shoe one day but I just do not see it? But if he did do you think her personality would completely change? Would she break? Or would she become more insufferable because she would be "back on the market"?

No. 774391

That's how MRAs usually are, caring more about hurting women than they do with helping men just to wonder why they get absolutely nowhere

No. 774444

I think she's the type that would do anything in her power for him not to break up with her, even if that means him fucking other girls and her basically just being a maid.

She would however break up with him IF she got a chance to be with someone that is "higher on the scale" of whatever she's pandering to at the moment. She would probably do it in a sneaky and manipulative way too so it doesn't anger her neckbeard fanbase.

No. 774454

Lol “Tomorrow Comes Today”

June isn’t as popular as she thinks she is And I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d actually be called out if they ever get the chance to explore the candid scandal again. Seems it keeps getting buried…

Also she’s stupid for thinking Sargon is relevant enough to continue associating with if she’s lefty.

No. 774591

Exactly! It baffles me how easily people compare the two. If you really can't see the difference between a dildo/fleshlight and a humanoid doll/robot, I'm not sure what to say to you.

No. 774627

File: 1549157418287.jpg (178.6 KB, 750x880, IMG_1548959911157.jpg)

Irrelevant but I saw this and it reminded me of June.

No. 774834

File: 1549232264942.gif (951 KB, 300x230, ONTD's only reaction image.gif)


>Also she’s stupid for thinking Sargon is relevant enough to continue associating with if she’s lefty.

the Sweaty Swine of Swindon's been banned from Twitter again. countdown to his new "seriously_not_sargon" account and shuwu getting him banned for the sixth (?) time by arguing with him about trannies

No. 774877

what for this time? trannies?

No. 774962

sorry for dealing but I'm out of the loop

Wasn't Sargon permabanned from twitter? Hadn't he moved to this "free speech only" twitter-like website with frog? Why is he back on twitter?

No. 775022

File: 1549302040982.png (16.1 KB, 574x207, big brain boomer of britain.pn…)


I've seen screenshots of people who reported him where the reason was "Violating our rules against managing multiple Twitter accounts for abusive purposes.", while the email he posted on facebook or whatever said "violating our rules against evading permanent suspension".


this is his third or fourth permaban. gab is too niche (and has its own problems like losing hosting after a member shot up a synagogue), plus he can't trigger the libs/feminists in an alt-right echo chamber so there's no dopamine for him there.

pretty sure this is the tweet that did him in, though.

No. 775225

>"women deserve less pay than men"
..Why? But I guess for shoe, that's top logic. Honestly, I thought sargon fell from anti sjw grace a while ago anyway

No. 775250

>"women deserve less pay than men"
I think he's just trying to troll the guy intentionally by saying retarded inflammatory shit to piss him off either that or Sargon's gone full retard alt-right rather than just lazy alt right.

The wagegap is often more of a job gap/hour gap when controlling for many other factors but this isn't the case for all countries/situations.
I don't mean to be this meme >>774627. The wagegap is a real thing but very rarely is it due to purely gender.

No. 775273

File: 1549372576405.png (91.64 KB, 619x899, hot carl takes.png)


oh, Carlgon's definitely gone full retard. he's just too busy smuckling to figure out how.

No. 775393

File: 1549403096715.png (606.27 KB, 1496x1240, qvOFx3j.png)

No. 775417

What's funny is most of her army probably already googles these rando tweets shoe puts "on blast" for her asspat quota. This guy was just stupid enough to post it and gets blocked?

No. 775745

Hey June babe, if men are such awesome and reasonable people compared to dumb terfs and feminists in general (which you have no problems criticizing) why don't you ever call out cringey and really violent shit MGTOW and incels say?? The tweet about men sucking will look like a compliment next to what these groups say about women lol. Stop being a pussy and mock a MGTOW tweet, I dare you. Then compare the amount of a abuse the MGTOWs will put you through for disagreeing with them compared to the abuse received by your favorite scapegoat the evil terfs. You already know the answer June. Despite being such an anti-feminist even you know how cruel and violent men can be towards you for being a woman you dishonest pussy.

No. 775826

File: 1549548180848.png (237.93 KB, 578x325, it's just a side kink uwu.png)

in case you missed it, Gamergate's pet porn star, Mercedes Carrera, got arrested for child molestation.
take your pick of sources from the google or just click this one if you want to need brain bleach: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/rancho-cucamonga-10-year-old-girl-porn-actress-producer-arrest-sexual-abuse-505471551.html

>Police also discovered methamphetamine and two loaded handguns in the house, leading to the two being arrested on charges of possessing controlled substances while being armed with a handgun, in addition to the sexual abuse charges.

No. 775838

Does anyone have any good stats on this? Do women get paid less for the same hours worked?

No. 775876

thought sargon left after Jim came for him lol

Ha! She would never. Mgtows are men she wants to impress and wants them to like her. But alot of them hate her for being attention seeking and pandering to men. And yet she'll never call them out. Rachel Oates another youtuber did make a vid on them and mgtows didn't hide their retard tantrums and downvoted it like crazy. June's spineless and a fencesitter who wants to please everyone and mgtows dgaf about her no matter how many times she shits on herself for being female. It probably drives her up a wall knowing she can't sit at their table

No. 775878

>Mgtows are men she wants to impress and wants them to like her

lol, you're right and it's so sad. Her whole youtube carrier is about impressing the bottom-of-the-barrel man. Can one go lower then this?

No. 775903

File: 1549568764473.jpg (92.25 KB, 810x446, IMG_20190207_204018.jpg)

She used to be buddy-buddy with that Mercedes woman because they were both ~gamergate girls~ and pandering hard to men.
She deleted the tweets (probably before posting this), there are only some previews left on google search.

No. 775905

Its really pathetic when you consider she knows how much mgtows hate her-her and preg did response videos to those who ripped into her.

No. 775906

>thought sargon left after Jim came for him lol
saged as ot but he got reported and deleted for sending harassing tweets (again)

No. 775926

She wrote a long yt comment (can't remember whose vid it was on, maybe Drunken Peasants or Sargon) where she was gushing about Mercedes and how much she looked up to her. I wonder if she will do a vid on her arrest since she did the one on MAPs…yeah not likely. She's prob deleted this yt comment already.

No. 775929

File: 1549577762118.png (100.83 KB, 741x815, 1.png)

she forgot to delete some lol

No. 775930

File: 1549578006314.png (110.16 KB, 767x735, 1.png)


No. 775933

File: 1549578584085.png (182.78 KB, 714x653, 1.png)

ow the edge

No. 775940

Of course she won't-she tends to distance herself from this shit probably because of the stuff she and pregory have said in the past which has been sympathetic to pedos (another demographic she desperately sucks up to) would not be surprised to see a news headline in future of her and preg getting arrested for something similar.

No. 775948

Is mercedes milky? I only remember her for her being GG golden goose porn star who wasn't like other girls and didn't need feminism uwu

This charge is fucking atrocious and I hope she gets the fucking book thrown at her. Good job June once again trying to hide any evidence that you liked Mercedes

No. 775955

she was a few years ago, she maybe now not sure. a lot of anti-feminist women jumped on the gg bandwagon without knowing the first thing about videogames or the industry-i remember reading the super cringy interview mercedes did with dumblr feminist where they just gushed over each other and mercedes pretty much said the reason certain women hate her is because shes hot and she does porn, and they are jealous.

No. 776045

File: 1549593865381.png (23.77 KB, 743x243, Q0e1zYn.png)

No. 776048

File: 1549594150470.png (308.73 KB, 716x653, NWvaTYK.png)

No. 776057

Since when does stating facts equal celebrating?

No. 776067

…wow. She's seriously going to be 30 and make "cosmo cringe buzzfeed cringe" videos over and over again

Sophia Narwitz sounds pretty retarded if they read that story and only got
>the left celebrates the rape of children and hates gamergate
But I don't expect much from that crowd to begin with. It was never a right v left issue to begin with?

No. 776080

File: 1549600790838.png (163.83 KB, 1060x1138, preg wants daughters.png)

hey june, it's the ghost of christmas future!


>LOS ANGELES — An adult industry source tonight released a statement from adult performer Mercedes Carrera relative to her recent arrest, as well as the arrest of adult producer and partner Daemon Cins.

>The XBIZ source said that “Mercedes has asked that the following statement for her in regards to the false allegations against her and her husband be posted.”

>Here is Carrera’s statement:

>Last week, my husband and I [were] arrested on charges of molesting my nine-year-old daughter, the absolute worst crime I can imagine. The charges were filed by her father, my ex-partner (a fundamentalist Christian). He is trying to take custody of our child from me. The charges are absolutely false and horrifying, and a last ditch effort to keep me from contact with my daughter for the rest of my life. I am so worried for her. Her life is shattered. Life will never be the same for any of us. We are struggling to make sense of this nightmare. This is a no bail offense, so we are stuck in jail until we are cleared. We are facing decades in prison and do not even have money for a lawyer. We do not know what to do, but I ask that you all know me for who I am, and know that neither I nor my husband would ever, ever do anything like this to any child, let alone my beloved daughter.

No. 776108

I love how fast the right wing people forget about "innocent until proven guilty" when it's not convenient for them

No. 776118

>Detectives interviewed the girl, who said she had been assaulted several times, the Sheriff’s Department said.

>Officials determined the abuse occurred over four months and included inappropriate touching, oral copulation and digital penetration, the Sheriff’s Department said.

>On Friday a search warrant was served at their home, and police uncovered evidence corroborating the girl’s statement.

A child molester and a liar.

No. 776125

this is just very wrong and false lol, women get destroyed in d1 college intergender wrestling, wrestling is still a power based sport, and very much about strength and conditioning, not good college program has women competing with males, that would be a slaughter lol.

No. 776129

same anon, to elaborate, no d1 program has ever had intergender wrestling, and every male ranked wrestler would destroy the best female wrestler in their bodyweight, in every video you see of greco roman wrestling you either see a male who doesnt try (most of the time), or a female who gets slaughtered immediately cuz she cant knock the guy on the ground since he is physically too strong for her.

No. 776161

I love how fast left wing people do the exact same thing lol

No. 776171

I love how both sides do the same shit

No. 776256

No more wrestling sperges.. please?

June may be weak willed but I believe she would put a future daughter before preg if he ever touched her inappropriately.

No. 776401

i hope they never breed, jfc that is scary to think about

No. 777104

New low effort vid

No. 777119

File: 1549915932450.jpeg (254.51 KB, 750x774, 2D449994-0D25-4005-9BBD-7B4A7F…)

She copied Lauren Rose’s video idea…and somehow made it shittier.

No. 777129

File: 1549916963201.png (437.45 KB, 1350x533, 1350px-Armored_skeptic_14.png)

ugh fuck I still can't get through these vids, her YELLING amy schumer delivery makes it impossible.

Also, I know this can be said for any shitty youtuber(especially bad commentary and reaction channels) but, something about her having over a million subs from just making this garbage content while art, craft, musicians i.e. people who are actually talented don't get close to the amount views seriously saddens me. I wonder if she's self aware of how messed up it is her following came from her pandering to /pol/tards as a woman and now she thinks she has any place to make fun of "boomer culture xDDD!!". Reminder her boyfriend made this unironically.

No. 777146

File: 1549919451244.png (618.64 KB, 734x701, 3dhPCPX.png)

No. 777154

>She was 23 when she made this
Kek that's so sad. At least it's better than the fine art skepdick was making at that age (and older).

No. 777369

What the fuck does this even mean? And fuck.. at 23? She does have a touch of the 'tard, for sure.

No. 777384

Who is Lauren rose. Another another "meme culture! I'm not like other girls uwu" person or?

Hobbies (I'm assuming video games and geeky shit because that's what her audience is into) are being attacked and shat on by a feminist agenda. By at 23..she would have graduated college, probably working on a career or going to grad school and working somewhere part time. Yet she was a neet and drawing shit cartoons for her orbiters

No. 777476

File: 1549965798707.jpg (359.69 KB, 1429x1927, after school snack.jpg)

immediately reminded me of this

No. 777632

File: 1550007644482.png (318.81 KB, 732x744, 4z3UoKL.png)

She's changed so much since 2014, she's practically a different person now!

Oh wait

Shoe's fans are going at it: https://twitter.com/SeanyConks/status/1095022564345331712

She's a tradthot

No. 777651

Stil hasn't changed in 5 years. I can imagine her 30th birthday will bring us sweet milk. She'll have no job experience, no education, no property, no career and no future planned. Absolutely fucked. Meanwhile her younger sister would probably have all of that and more

Lauren rose? How many tradthots are there. Markets getting saturated lol

No. 777673

>complains when someone brings up gamergate
>still tweeting about anita sarkeesian like she's relevant news
shuwu please get a hobby and help, you are addicted to twitter and staying in 2014-2015.

No. 777775

File: 1550048892572.png (321.93 KB, 595x662, shoeee.PNG)

June's talking about her pedophile video again…

No. 777815

the fuck is up with those brows

No. 777838

File: 1550073007570.jpg (42.52 KB, 1200x675, audrey-hepburn.jpg)

Good question.

No. 777841

File: 1550073215404.jpeg (80.65 KB, 695x439, B36A4ACE-3D4E-4153-AE56-C922B8…)

I thought she said she doesn’t wear tons of makeup

No. 777844

every single time i think june has hit rock bottom in terms of content she surprises me again.
literal 7 minutes of reading out memes in a bored voice and going "what??!" from time to time? and she gets paid for this? how many subscribers does she have again?
>28k likes, 777 dislikes
someone shut this website down

No. 777883

File: 1550081738613.jpeg (Spoiler Image,13.4 KB, 200x267, ca6e2aae0b1cc5ca133219ebd87b89…)

Here she go lookin like lambchop again with those cvs lashes

No. 777905

File: 1550086714073.jpg (164.76 KB, 742x928, notice me.jpg)

No. 777970

Gotta chase clout from a kid who is almost a decade younger than her. Why even is she continuing dipping her toes towards James at all especially since he went for Lauren Southerns friend Faith. I'm sure June was quiet during all that

No. 777992

File: 1550106097991.jpg (108.31 KB, 915x663, xC4CJqs.jpg)

No. 778028


>tweet deleted

>twitter account deleted

is June trying to be the new Dim Reaper?

No. 778031

With her clout chasing contra and James, I’m beginning to think her true type is feminine, skinny, gangly men. As much as she says to the contrary~

No. 778061

What's with her nose contour in this video? She's hitting peak Whoville resident.
She looks tired overall, do you guys think she's finally going through the immigration process or something?
Okay away from the nitpicking, this is honestly such a lazy video. She's just showing memes her Discord presented to her.

No. 778077

File: 1550126476194.png (516.74 KB, 714x1340, Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 12.08…)

>irl animu girl omg!
>literally shoops herself a new jawbone

she has stories up on her instagram (not sure how to record and send here), in one of them she mentions that she's really busy packing in order to move, which is why she isn't with preg this valentine's. then points the camera to the other side of her room, which looks like a hoarder trashheap shithole as always so i can't really tell.

but is it finally happening guys? is she really moving to be with her cute lumberjack hubby uwu??

No. 778078

File: 1550126793821.jpg (112.37 KB, 1444x1315, Screenshot-2019-02-14-at-12.12…)

imagine living like this at the age of 30 while your mom has to clean up after you.

No. 778079

File: 1550126816121.png (1.9 MB, 1440x1681, Screenshot_2019-02-14-00-45-39…)

God I fucking hope so. It took her long enough.

More bideos coming up. This thumbnail looks atrocious.

No. 778082

Is she ever going to stop doing that dumb fucking face?

No. 778105

Try storiesig.com for downloading her stories.

No. 778276

Another new vid

No. 778278

File: 1550188760345.jpg (280.35 KB, 746x1612, GMYJDgm.jpg)

>is it finally happening guys?
going by these tweets it seems like it

>last one we ever have to do

No. 778299

When will June get a better camera or will she continue to use it because she looks better with it?

No. 778307

She will never get a better camera, obviously.

No. 778342

It's so fucking annoying, I've asked multiple times in comments and all her fans and even herself give me this stupid answer about how "its a meme xD" "she'll always use a shitty camera even though she has money, isn't that so ironic and funny"

No. 778344

meant for >>778299 I don't know how I messed the post by one number

No. 778353

she has owned and does own expensive cameras

No. 778399

god, can this tub of lard come off as any less sincere?! i'm loving the way he's just… cropped his beautiful future wife out of the frame lmao

yeah the problem with using a better camera is everyone's going to see her looking like this >>725444
not good for patreon beta bux, i'm thinking kek

No. 778400

samefag but it is becoming more and more obvious with every video she makes that she's been slowing her footage down to bump her videos above 5 minutes of length. The intro seems more natural at 1.25x speed, i am willing to bet she's slowed it down to at least 85% speed. it seems less slowed down once she gets into the quiz thing, but still definitely slower than her pace. the recent turn towards extremely "normie" video topics notwithstanding, is making even five full minutes of content too much of a chore for this lazy bitch now?! and that with the amount she makes PER video through patreon. jfc juwune.

No. 778669

File: 1550289145000.png (4 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_2019-02-15-21-48-56…)

June is posting her skincare routine and she just had to shill Jeffree Star at the end there

No. 778673

Why is her stuff all crusty? She couldn't have wiped the dirt off and shook out whatever that fluffy pink thing is before taking a pic? You have no life June, at least take care of your things.

No. 778688

Hahahaha, I love how preg used a photo where in he is the main focus of the shot and wig is just right behind w an ugly candid look. Really says a lot about their dynamic.

No. 778705

Does he even care about her? Like damn.

No. 778717

File: 1550298199661.jpg (242.07 KB, 720x936, 20190215_221708.jpg)

Doesn't this little shtick get old after awhile? Not the first, and definitely won't be the last time he's humiliated her online. It isn't charming, it's banal as fuck. I don't know what anyone would see in this fatass. He's not only an obese fuck who drsses like a sperg but delusional as well. Really says a lot about June that this is who see chooses as a partner.

No. 778800

good point anon. i was wondering why the fuck she sounded like she had cerebral palsy at the beginning of the video.

at 1.25x speed she definitely sounds more normal (for her at least)

No. 779276

ifkr, lmfao. in every picture with her he looks like he's annoyed, and in any of the RARE tweets he's been nice to her whatsoever sound so fake.

No. 779277

her content is definitely trying to be less political too, so now she has nothing to talk about lol. she definitely lurks here based on her twitter activity and youtube content now. even the way she dresses is less "uwu". now she needs to learn to stop being so shitty at makeup, and to leave the internet in general lmao. watching her fail in her childhood bedroom at nearly 30 is so pathetically laughable at this point.

No. 779376

File: 1550550537753.png (20.57 KB, 714x143, 7u2HK3s.png)

No. 779377

File: 1550550660199.webm (1 MB, 640x360, nmEOfG8zvRwu9ypm.webm)

No. 779395

Ot but when I first heard this I thought she was saying "We ALL gassy, we all-and I can't stress this enuff-GASSY" in a really fake jamaican accent.
Then I realized she's saying "audacity." Heh.

No. 779403

so that's like. the entire video, right? she HAS to be aware of how all her videos sound the fucking same. "oh my god what the fuck" "how dare this person" "what is this idiocy" "what is this world" "kill me" x10
fucking madlibs in motion

lmao right?? this ratchet classless bitch…

No. 779408

I don't care what anyone says she is the single most annoying person on this planet.

No. 779458

File: 1550589616904.png (65.34 KB, 739x597, f4wrEzj.png)

>a straightie pretending to be gay for woke points
boy, that sure sounds familiar

No. 779467

Not really drama but she retweeted a video of a bunny who got run over last night. For someone who loves bunnies she's pretty unemphatic to them.

No. 779545

is this bitch 30 yet?

No. 779686

wait, the video was of the bunny getting run over or?

No. 779810

Road kill bunny.

No. 779816

New vid "Male Feminist goes on a Date"

No. 779819

Use hooktube, dag.

No. 779856

wow, are you serious? how is anyone buying this uWu so sensitive schtick when she's out here rting dead rabbits (that she claims to love soooo much)??

i hate how much she exaggerates. surprised lardass got it together to pretend to care about her enough to actually narrate for her vid.

No. 779858

I checked her twitter immediately after the first post and didn't see anything, and figured someone would at least post it here, I think it's just a shitpost unless someone wants to provide proof.

No. 779861

No. 779862

File: 1550696596956.jpeg (101.69 KB, 518x320, 5CD164A4-7FA3-40A9-95BE-A11DC1…)

lol 480p potato cam is the best skin filter, how do these people not realize this? It’s not because of muh nostalgia it’s because shots like this would never happen in 720/1080

No. 779923

Jesus Christ that ending.
"If you're still single, hit me up! I know dozens, no, HUNDREDS of men who'd love to talk with you about why sexy characters in videogames aren't a big deal."

Can you imagine this poor woman being fed to June's fanbase, being pegged as some "based&redpilled" ideal just because she didn't like talking about fucking youtubers on her first date.

No. 779936

This picture really brings out the FAS

No. 779988

NTA but I read that hooktube no longer works

No. 780042

File: 1550714227383.png (547.16 KB, 760x1408, HGuHhq9.png)

No. 780104

i like how she tweets him like an $8 twee kitchen accessory for attention when we know for a literal fact that she's the one buying all the shit.

No. 780170

"watching Jussie Smollett lie to our faces for 8 minutes"

No. 780190

Christ. June think its cute that his pregory publicly humiliates her w misogynistic tweets? that's so pathetic.

No. 780198

File: 1550763680255.png (806.75 KB, 793x811, sotrad.png)

But anon preg controls all her money because they are in a full time 24/7 bdsm relationship and he needs to feel like a big boy.
Reminder how bad her cooking skills are. But I guess it works out since preg probably likes eating shit anyways.

No. 780203


June: I love cooking because I'm such a waifu uwu

>three peppers
>plain pasta
>woooah I did it you guys

No. 780211

does this qualify as food
or, more importantly, does this bitch qualify as italian anymore lmfao

No. 780235

My dad used to throw a pound of hamburger meat and an entire head of broccoli (uncut) into a pan with no spices… and that was more appealing than this looks.

Unless… don’t tell me they’re on some sort of misguided diet. Lol, Amber June Reid.

No. 780280

this is still so pathetic. like, this is the kind of thing someone who brags about only eating take out would post, but she's trying to claim herself as the unironic opposite of that and brag about plain pasta and three peppers… incredible. if a woman that wasn't a REDPILLED ANTI SJW posted this all her fans would shit on her for being a terrible cook

No. 780346

She's fulfilling a stereotype. Just another white woman who can't cook.

No. 780400

File: 1550837555554.jpg (41.24 KB, 540x405, SGrmK79.jpg)

She is about as italian as the pizza served in American fast-food chains.
There's a line between provocatively joking and being disrespectful and mean. It's not like she ever humiliates him like this so they'd at least be even and it would be obvious that they're joking around. He's been doing this for years, too (and not to mention the cam girl tipping and flirting with other women lol)

June is such an embarrassing cuck, to the point where she even pretends to be bisexual for attention. She's on the exact same level as Paul Feig, who she and everyone else mercilessly made fun of when his movie came out.
But I guess it's only embarrassing and beta if men behave like cucks?
Shows the true colors and beliefs of these ~rational skeptics~ if you ask me.

No. 780426


so she cut 3 huge peppers to barely even use it on the plate as garnish?

No. 780474

This woman is nearing her 30s and acting like this. But all that talk about her being his wife had to have some backlash from his mgtow followers so he had to shit on her to gain their approval again.

No. 780487

File: 1550864835873.jpg (26.88 KB, 897x288, Dz8keSrX4AAs4OI.jpg)

No. 780488

File: 1550864861151.jpg (39.17 KB, 646x508, sargon.jpg)

No. 780550

Lol at headpat slut wtf do these shoe clones enjoy being infantilized and dehumanized?

No. 780579

>i deed it
Lol, is she really celebrating the fact that she boiled water and chopped some vegetables? Good job, Shuwu. You just graduated to the mental age of a middle school student. That's a step up.

No. 780746

File: 1550959951823.jpg (90.51 KB, 590x401, schlitz_beer.jpg)

No. 780769

Yeah, I'd still rather date the guy in the video than a shoe0nhead fanboy

No. 780957

File: 1551047274961.png (26 KB, 422x259, preg gets cucked by ku klux ka…)

yes, that is yet another one of his ban evading accounts.

No. 780979

Sargon,the perpetual idiot. Wonder how long this will last.

And wonder why shoe even talks to him? Unless she doesn't want Jim's dick anymore.

No. 781026

June is peak tradwife

No. 781044

No doubt she still thirts for Jim but knows there's no chance.

This interaction contradicts Jim's bullshit 'alpha skeptic' defense of shoe0nhead. Dying to know what she has on him in order to make sure he never talks shit about her.

No. 781062

so funny the way sargon is so hostile towards trannies yet she's all "SARGON NO" and has literally taken it upon herself to be a permanent part of his rectal microflora but any 'TERF' that passes by she will happily skin alive

No. 781121

Her videos make me want to die lmao
This one with preg's awful nasally voice in my ear is especially bad and juwune not being able to seperate the hypocrisy and shadiness of femfreq from actual gross/harmful tropes that affect men and women
>he's mansplaining
Omg these people complain about buzzwords and theyre the ones who make perfectly usable terms into buzzwords

No. 781141

File: 1551125883617.png (698.07 KB, 778x1352, iFtJ0NB.png)

No. 781142

File: 1551125925840.png (269.04 KB, 728x1006, QehYloN.png)

No. 781145

Just close your channel already or make it beauty vlog or something as basic as yourself.

No. 781151

That's pretty much all the men with a few exceptions here and there.
He's so narcissistic. It's beyond me. Doesn't she realize how awful her own bf is and how much better this guy is than him in comparison? lol

No. 781152

>porn industry is bad
>still okay to watch porn though
>hentai uwu
lmao her pandering to feminists and neckbeards at the same time with her porn stance

No. 781156

she only likes hentai now because preg faps to it. never forget she pretends to like anime related shit because it's now a trendy male pandering trait to have, she unironically hated it before she became "e-famous".

>i said it online YEARS ago

lol ok shuwu. As someone who grew up close to where she lived, saying the n-word was a white middle-upper class thing "cool kids" would say to be edgy. She definitely wasn't(there is video evidence of this too) just saying it online, no doubt she was use to using it often without repercussions(i.e. not knowing or been around any black people).

She always downplays her mistakes or lack of knowledge. Just own up to it jfc.

No. 781168

She deleted all this already

No. 781177

She had to. Shes incapable of having opinions if it means someone somewhere (most likely men she wants to impress) wont like her

I want to know what they know of each other. He calls her and preg 'alpha no drama skeptics' kek there has to be a reason because he can't be that retarded ignoring their bullshit that much

No. 781204

File: 1551147082909.png (198.4 KB, 730x798, VokXjGs.png)

No. 781209


Sargon of Swindon's latest video is about Anita.
"Apparently there are still people that want to talk about Anita Sarkeesian," he says, before whining about her for 37 minutes.

No. 781217

File: 1551152296324.png (861.27 KB, 1427x1096, Screenshot_2019-02-25-21-36-07…)

June sharing bideo game memes

No. 781240

File: 1551159847662.png (94.23 KB, 715x337, ere.PNG)

kek, after he rtd her, she changed her name from the one making fun of him. countdown to her seeing this as an opportunity to get on his good side and sucking up to shapiro by non-stop responding to his tweets in 3, 2, 1…

No. 781282

I doubt she has anything on him. She just isn't as interesting to Jim as she might be to others. I think he said something like "they get into dumb shit, but it's their own dumb shit" when he first made the alpha skeptic comment. As far as I can tell it was more to talk shit about Sargon, and the others, than anything else.

No. 781306

Dunces like Sargon are the best publicity Anita could ever wish for; imagine thousands of little boys who never would have heard of her nor her ideas otherwise.

No. 781608

>porn industry is bad but it's okay to fuel the industry by watching porn
>also the people who speak out against it are bad xDDDD
This is the most fence-sitter take of all time.

No. 781683

she's live

No. 781689


She's literally just reading directly off something and offering absolutely nothing else other than commenting on how the content is "stupid" and etc

No. 781694

>everyone says Greg is my dad xDD
damn she's still pulling this shit. sad.

No. 781695

judging by shoe's socialblade her audience isn't impressed with this either

No. 781696

Those donations are really coming in tho

No. 781698


No. 781733

I know I'm gonna sound like a sjw for saying this, but June really does seem to have a racist streak. She just refuses to consider what it's like to have your culture othered, even if it's not out of malice

No. 781735

she said leslie jones looks like a gorilla which is pretty telling imo.

No. 781738

Well…you're not wrong. Its amazing how so many overlook that fact about her though-they probably think she cant be racist because she dated a black guy that one time.

No. 781749

Yeah, she's racist. The only people who will get at you for saying this are going to be racists themselves who relate to her opinions and feel personally attacked by anyone calling a spade a spade.
I think she's flat-out just too unintelligent to consider life perspectives other than her own. I wouldn't even call it "evil white supremacist" racism, just "I'm a complete fucking idiot who doesn't understand anything about the world and am too stubborn to ever change, but I might change if another person of my race who I like says what everyone of every other race has been saying" complicit racism. That type is very common.
It'd require brain cells, nuance and thought processing she just isn't capable of. She's never actually had to push herself to such a thing, she's never tried, and she probably never will. Just like she can't fathom women in the world are suffering because she's a spoiled, pampered NEET, and she also can't fully empathize with other women who have gone through shit, she straight-up doesn't have the mental capacity to even really understand racism or empathize with the experiences of people who aren't white.

No. 781758

File: 1551353201427.jpg (22.12 KB, 595x200, 4e0d2gT.jpg)

Yes. Pic related sums up quite well how retarded and self-centered she is.
She's just a bit more ''careful'' with what she says nowadays because she's scared of the backlash from either side.

No. 781892

yeah i've noticed she's toned down her "opinions" from being a full fledged incel pleaser to being just bland, brainless, and "lel xdd look how stupid this video is! men are cool guys! i'm a liberal but i also have waifu conservative values, best of both worlds!" and she's stopped the more obvious offensive jokes. she's tiptoeing around everything and refuses to have a single strong secure opinion besides her devotion to trannies and screaming about how much better mtf trannies are than actual women kek.

No. 782351

she's a long island guidette, no surprises on the racism front

No. 782812

File: 1551584587243.jpg (157.78 KB, 746x1008, shoe shives.jpg)

No. 782814

File: 1551584745384.jpg (137.44 KB, 735x787, VBDxExU.jpg)

No. 782861

why does she have such a hateboner for him? is it because he's hated by her community? she's literally no better and it isn't uwu at all to relentlessly attack someone that doesn't even really retaliate or anything

No. 782900

June released a new video, it's literally just her talking loud about fatties

No. 782903

tbh milk on shuwu has been running slow today. and its not even because shes not doing anything milky, but because she just does the same repetetive shit of tweeting dumb stuff and then deleting it, making low hanging fruit videos, and sucking shreks dick. her online "career" and presence is so embarrassing. im just waiting for her and preg to move in together and eventually call the wedding off.

No. 782908

Honestly I think she's just posting "material"at this point to ask for money. Her thin privilege video ended with her straight up asking to donate.

No. 782915

This is such a dead horse of a topic. Are we in 2016/2017? Does she have no ideas left?

No. 782928

File: 1551630535587.png (261.17 KB, 705x820, Screenshot_2019-03-03-10-27-42…)

Don't worry Anon! She has a word document just for the topics to the upcoming videos.

No. 782940

This basic bitch is so annoying I just can't… She's back in the game, right? She's not trying to be subtle anymore going straightfowardly to insults again.

I think she changed her mind on ''class privillege'' because of the posts here so now she has a guilt for coming from her either middle or upper middle class family and having easy money. Plus she can get less backlash if any backlash at all from her audience for that because of her anti identity politics shtick so it's something relatively safe to say for her because more people agree with it.
When it comes to her it's first and foremost the attention. Granted she's doing something that brings her both things at the same time.

No. 782945

Just wanted to add that this whole ''victimhood'' thing they talk about and the way they actively shame it (i.e. identity politics despite it actually having some flaws and lots of people misinterpreting it) it shows people's fear of being weak, of acknowledging they're weak themselves and appearing weak in front of other people. That's kind of ironic cause she's so dependent on attention and her boyfriend herself. I have so much more respect for these people she mocks cause at least they're not afraid to express and acknowledge their vulnerability which is a step forward, not backward as it may seem. People that are truly strong never denied their weakness.

No. 782946

she's been in the negative on sub gains for the last week, I think she's panicking and going for the greatest hits

No. 782989

File: 1551640433455.jpg (37.87 KB, 756x575, D0wEy1cWkAYZHxP.jpg)

IT seems like she's going to do more livestreams too. Those always rake in the cash.

No. 783063


wait so is she going to be complaining about Rey and Captain Marvel in a couple of weeks? and then again in August or September?

No. 783068

Lol, something about her saying she’s gotta “get used to” streaming makes me laugh. She must really hate that she’s got to lick all her fan’s asses for money.

She shouldn’t have put all her eggs in one autistic basket.

No. 783080

File: 1551661645882.png (58.79 KB, 747x631, shoestats.png)


No. 783093

She really has to coddle men from those evil meanie feminists in every video, doesn't she?

Also I'm surprised she would say there is only class privilege when she's always going on about muh transphobia. I guess that also means she doesn't think institutional racism is a problem, but that's a much less surprising stance from her lol

No. 783102

Jesus, does June actually make like $200 a day? What's stopping her from doing so many things?

No. 783133

prob preg and internalized misogyny. she's comfortable being pampered at home and being orbited by boys and girls on the internet.

No. 783142

you'll be singing a different tune in juuuust a couple more months kek
seriously though she just can't go for long without talking about fat chicks can she? it's annoying that her life revolves around looking pretty by comparison and still her followers will eat it up and echo her retarded opinions.
i mean honestly if i had a youtube channel where my followers came up with gems like
>I can only imagine this women kicking over some starving African children while stuffing her face with donuts, yelling at them about how privileged they are for being so thin.
in the comment section, i'd rather delete my channel and apologize holy shit.

all she's gotta do is sit there for an hour looking dumb and giggling occasionally, and her orbiters are going to shower her in cash. fantastic. this reminds me of preg's tweet a few days back that also mentioned he was going to stream more often (and his stream tweets get like, 30-40 likes each time, so that's totally happening lmao)

gotta get dat "totes moving together soon" moolah, yes?

No. 783158

I think it depends on whether t the videos are monetised, if she is with a network, etc. The lower end of those ranges is more likely these days.

With streaming and patreon, she still makes way too much considering the low-effort and low-quality of her content.

No. 783384

File: 1551742146573.png (41.03 KB, 1125x271, 34958.png)


lmao this is on that "planned videos" list.

what could june possibly have to say about this article?

No. 783388

File: 1551743793622.jpg (85.14 KB, 600x908, the uwu dilemma.jpg)

so is june going to disavow carl of swindon after this stream with Destiny? (tl;dw of the carl perspective is that a woman's role is to "be bred" and since carl can't impregnate a tranny, "transwomen are women" is a marxist lie or whatever.)

of course not, because she has no spine.

No. 783414

Well, this doesn't age well.

No. 783434

File: 1551754581179.jpg (113.97 KB, 760x800, xQYVhv7.jpg)

She tried getting into a fight with Ben Shapiro

No. 783436

File: 1551754670916.jpg (314.21 KB, 744x1754, mnYyA2H.jpg)

No. 783437

File: 1551754822083.jpg (119.32 KB, 741x865, sSUT5Y3.jpg)

No. 783443

Why does juwun think that all transmen look like that lmaooo

No. 783462

>Lots of people don't care what gender their partner is.
Uh, yes they do, tard. Homosexual and heterosexual are terms.

No. 783483


how did she /actually/ manage to bring up the wage gap in this and calling it a myth yet again.

this fucking goblin.

No. 783488

Probably because her friend Derrick looks kinda like that and June never leaves her comfort zone enough to realise her personal experiences aren’t representative of the entire world. Same reason she thinks all women live life on easy mode because she herself is a pampered womanchild surrounded by online orbiters.

No. 783502

for real though her followers cant be thrilled to just listen to this tranny talk all of the fucking time, right? i mean, how hoodwinked would you feel if you listened to her fatty shit and SUPER COOL antifeminist bullshit and then you had to hear this constant stream of tranny caping? is she trying to lose followers/orbiters? surely they can't ALL be thrilled to read this shit and only this shit whenever she's online

No. 783513

>imagine being this petty, then imagine doing it for a living
Alright…and how exactly does this not apply to Shoe?
I swear if Shapiro wasn't trans-critical you already know they'd all be sucking his dick.

No. 783586

She can't resist bashing women, no matter how dumb or petty it makes her look. It's her identity.

No. 783591

>attacks ben shapiro for woke points
>ignores sargon who's a "friend" and easily a worse "transphobe" than shapiro ever could be

what a slimey weasel, but of course her betas will suck her ass regardless

No. 783594

Is it because Sargon is likable on the internet? I mean, Sargon and Shapiro are literally the same people, it's just that Shapiro is a real world conservative and Sargon is a dumb internet conservat– err, I'm sorry, "CLASSICAL LIBERAL!!".

No. 783621

Jesus christ serving me tranny realness

No. 783623

Doesn't she know that when she implies "all transmen look like x" that it's transphobic of her because she's invalidating 99.9% of transmen uwu sjws would jump down her fucking throat about that

No. 783638

File: 1551819555362.jpg (84.93 KB, 1115x768, 12323123.JPG)

Stolen from KF, her number of Patreons dropped.

No. 783640

File: 1551819625026.png (214.26 KB, 635x740, tmi_shoe_43.png)

No. 783650

Lmao this bih is so basic. More Lainey tier bullshit. I don't think there's any cow couple on lc that better mirrors Onision and plain

No. 783663

It's not surprising considering those last 2 videos were extremely lazy even for her. It still doesn't mean much as far as money for her. She will always have a following of neckbeards who will pay for her "content" because she's their imaginary gf. I honestly think they'll only turn on her if she and Preg broke up and he claimed she was cheating or manipulative(which we all know he's more than likely the one who'd be doing that).

No. 783695

Im pretty sure she's baiting, otherwise she's really out of the loop. It's more common to find a trans man dating another woman who is attracted to women than any other arrangement. I doubt she'd refer acknowledge that though because it brings up questions on the nature of sexuality and the trans identity that are too complex for her. She's an idiot if she thinks that all lesbians would be turned off by a woman (with a vagina) just because she looks or acts more masculine than a cis woman

No. 783723

I wonder how much she had to agonize over and calculate her answers to get that result

No. 783729

Theres only 15 questions and they're all stupidly obvious.

No. 783730

Yeah it's a very easy test yo manipulate. It might as well just be one multiple choice question where you pick what your sexuality is.

No. 783767

File: 1551844648493.png (504.21 KB, 1076x1078, Screenshot_20190305-225326~3.p…)

Jesus he is so mean to her.
If these are the kind of "jokes" he tells at her expense on a public social media account, imagine how he must talk to her when they're alone.

No. 783777

Because that's "alpha as fuck" and "redpilled" he's treating her like a woman from the 60s

No. 783779

T o t e s BDSM

No. 783810

File: 1551867519572.png (644.72 KB, 728x1488, tOUJnk8.png)

She made fun of yet another female comedian but backtracked and deleted the tweets.

No. 783811

File: 1551867556519.png (407.25 KB, 742x948, soBfXCw.png)

No. 783818

Her using a Joe Rogan gif is extremely ironic because if she actually knew anything about him or watched his podcasts, he's always been extremely supportive of female comedians, even ones that get tons of hate for being self proclaimed feminists and features them on his podcasts.

No. 783851

I honestly dont see how this tweet is ANY worse than the garbage she posts

No. 783853


No. 784026

File: 1551921308178.png (585.1 KB, 559x883, G26B2Vz.png)

people keep @ing her with this and comparing it to momo.

No. 784303

File: 1551997580182.jpg (228.3 KB, 746x1218, shives sperging.jpg)

Shoe Shives is at it again

No. 784400

File: 1552015476853.jpg (64.19 KB, 735x494, 27JKrTq.jpg)

No. 784430

Wow, a 27 year old soccer mom looking hoe finally moves out of her parents house. See now this would be a perfect time to reply with the Joe Rogan "a few claps"

No. 784460

>I'll let her off the hook

As if a renowned british comedian cares about some desperate and insecure womanchild shittalking her on the net.

No. 784533

Her tweets for International Womens Day are so fucking pathetic. She'll have a tweet pretending to care, and then the rest is just panderig to her retarded "anti-feminists" viewers.

No. 784567

so are they actually moving in together or is this the HUGE pivot to her just moving upstate, alone, to her parents vacation property (kek)? because i really, truly cannot imagine that them living together will last more than a year

No. 784619

File: 1552076192987.jpg (52.73 KB, 750x763, D1GyeH0WsAAWRX1.jpg)

No. 784664

Just…imagine being like this at 27.

No. 784665

Excuse you?

No. 784805

she actually thought this was good enough to cap and post. imagine.

No. 784908

File: 1552161272530.png (241.97 KB, 1431x1283, Screenshot_2019-03-09-13-54-14…)

Lmao like half of these people are troons

No. 784911

she hates women so much the only women she admires are men.

No. 784963


oh fuck it's preg's thicc secret lmaoooo

june cucks herself again

No. 784997

You think she would be more careful about encouraging her lunatic skinwalker.

No. 785022

She also gave a shout out to Josephine who’s an actual woman so that’s something I guess.

No. 785040

An Uncle Tom though lmao

No. 785046

File: 1552189225636.jpg (52.23 KB, 352x478, oGMQfh2.jpg)

He took her out of his bio again, but he's still in hers

No. 785047

double post but here's his gaming channel

No. 785051

File: 1552192362994.jpg (116.63 KB, 548x600, 1524449413728.jpg)

"Disney Waistband' my ass

No. 785125

She has a small waist

No. 785127

and uwu so smol internal organs

No. 785129

He does this all the fucking time. Are his bros giving him shit about his 'ball and chain' and he gets embarrassed about the acknowledgement that he's in a relationship?
What could be the reason for that?

Preg doesn't give the impression that he wants her around 24/7, no. I think you're right in that they'll get on each other's nerves.

No. 785141

with the aid of photoshop anyone can. she literally has ben proven to shop. also kek, was gonna post her shoop fail of her holding greg's sword but she deleted it from her insta despite it being old, kek

No. 785160

Septic has friends? Where the fuck are they?

No. 785162

why is a years-old shitty shoop job coming up at this time again exactly?
god, this bitch better provide more milk soon or this thread is gonna collapse onto itself

No. 785172

File: 1552241327503.png (1.77 MB, 1045x1324, 4A6774C4-4F51-4AAF-BDF3-179F3C…)

IKR that pic is like from years ago when she was thinner and she’s posing for the side, thats like an obvious way to make the illusion of looking thinner smh. June is posting here to let off some steam probably.

No. 785173

No. 785184

When's this Onisiongy and Juwun wedding gonna be? Usually after getting engaged you, ya know, get married…

No. 785193


He only has online "friends" he met on pick up artist and MGTOW forums.

No. 785201

File: 1552247721070.jpg (203.8 KB, 734x1116, Nw0meO5.jpg)

I mean, her entire personality nowadays revolves around Tulsi Gabbard. What else is there to talk about?

No. 785202

New vid

No. 785213

.. Imagine being this embarrassing and not even noticing it and then having the gut to call other people lolcows. I feel so much second hand embarrassment for her and now I understand why men like incels and MGTOWs think women are unintelligent since they only follow women like shoe.

>mommy president

It's not even funny at this point, just painful. She should befriend actual bi women so she could learn to copy them convincingly - too bad she's too insecure to have any female friends, let alone bi females, that's her gig!

No. 785571

Why did she buy that?

No. 785630

Because she doesn't have any hobbies to spend money on. She'll just blow it on "xDD feminism is so stooopid!" books to make a quick terrible pandering joke for her neckbeard viewers. It's a really sad existence.

No. 785633

File: 1552353825891.png (96.98 KB, 888x446, shoetwit1.png)

Shoe's political stance summed up in one pic

No. 785724

She's still stuck in 2016, it's kind of sad.

No. 785788

try 2014, anon…

No. 785812

File: 1552411645065.png (12.96 KB, 589x193, shuwuviebob.png)

>for now i must slumber
>at 5:31 am

No. 785813

File: 1552411923913.png (390.51 KB, 580x563, whuwu gives a shit.png)

>caring about gamergate people in 2019
>june not YASS QWEENing for a tranny

No. 785846

Stuff like this makes me think that maybe Shuwu isn't as anti-woman as she leads on, otherwise she wouldn't be shilling for a female president. I found this clip a few months ago and this guy's observation seems spot on. She's just a complete idiot.

No. 785991

The only thing that still makes me believe she hates women is the non political stuff, mostly calling any girl like a little bit bigger than her a hambeast and whale.

No. 786056

File: 1552447990796.jpg (29.01 KB, 739x195, anita.jpg)

No. 786058

she's live

No. 786115

No. 786123

Never, sherk needs that leverage to get juwun to agree to 3somes

No. 786159

How the fuck can anyone confuse horse-faced shuwu with a teenager or compare her to anime girls? Why do her followers buy into that?

No. 786166

They're lonely

No. 786170

Omg a bunny mill you mean where you knowingly bought ollie?

No. 786172

Why do i get the feeling that she manhandles him? It seems like she has a vice grip on him as soon as she relaxes her hands he starts freaking out
>he lives in the den now
Where's proof?

No. 786202

File: 1552495887272.png (1.74 MB, 1440x2451, Screenshot_2019-03-13-01-49-27…)

No. 786210

She is to the extent it gives her attention, but protects her from being called out on this lolcow page and/or in general. She can't not to lurk here.

No. 786313

File: 1552524430225.png (778.24 KB, 750x1334, 59425DDE-3CD3-4CB3-B271-9DC374…)

Lol, and she’s got an emergency “I’m gay” button to get out of being called a homophobe, a misogynist, and unattractive.

What a leather-faced bitch.

No. 786438

File: 1552540936891.png (20.33 KB, 680x242, 9d4.png)

Hypocrisy like this, I don't understand how she can't see it. Just replace the lying part with any of shoe's 10s (100s?) of public fuck ups. I know it's been said before but it's almost like she is a parody of herself and is also trying to open herself up to attack? I honestly don't get it.

No. 786623

File: 1552590665261.png (109.78 KB, 567x750, D1mEL6rWsAEETtW.png)

No. 786624

File: 1552590720269.jpg (95.06 KB, 701x1200, D1mb8wUWwAEuCPM.jpg)

No. 786626

File: 1552590775047.jpg (140.88 KB, 742x862, Kh3oQpV.jpg)

No. 786651

Remember this awful, uninformed fucking thing

No. 786657

June doesn't understand that consent is ongoing, she's uses the harmful and misogynistic "mood killer" argument lmaooo samefaggot btw

No. 786676

I mean, what can be worse then killing the mood in the bedroom? Forget about potentially raping somebody, killing mood is really THE WORST thing that can happen amirite /s

BTW for someone who keeps talking about "BDSM dynamic" she should be less ignorant abut idea of informed consent. Isn't it important in BDSM relationships to talk things out and make sure both people consent to everything? But what do I know, I'm just vanilla normie

No. 786783

>us gays

You’re engaged to a fucking guy oh my fucking god.

No. 786866

>i havent opened it yet but its presence has cursed me
If she hasn't even fucking read it then why is she already make quick judgments? Shuwu absolutely refuses to engage in any meaningful way with the subjects she talks about, she just yells like a guidette and looks for "hot takes." It's so intellectually dishonest. What a fucking idiot.

No. 786964


Another day, another try, another humiliating lack of reaction from Contra

I bet the only reason Natalie hasn't blocked her yet, is that, she deeply enjoys shoe's attempts

No. 787016

File: 1552678254731.png (842.87 KB, 1440x2118, Screenshot_2019-03-13-01-51-45…)

Forgot to post this, but this was in the thread too. Sage for old milk.

No. 787197


>our future presidents

isn't she still pretending she's going to be Canadian

No. 787227

File: 1552717113019.png (49.56 KB, 1000x700, h.png)

I'm just going to leave this here

No. 787231

>insulting the queen
fucking bitch

No. 787233

wait is she actually a moderator of the board with a thread dedicated to bashing her

No. 787238

She was one of the first moderators, guy who made this site is her beta orbiter from unichan..

It's been confirmed she hasn't used her mod powers in a long time though. She lost interest in this image board since it's userbase is mostly female so she couldn't really attention whore for male attention and post her selfies like she did on 4chan/unichan.

No. 787239

anons this milk is so old

No. 787241

hey here's an idea, you dumb cunt, how about instead of throwing phrases at your audience you actually make a video longer than 5 mins for once?

i can't with her uneducated ass. at this point i'm certain she's entirely forgotten how to read.

honestly where's the new milk shoe? stop acting cringey lol give us something fresh. we all know you're all up in the "lol farm", no need trying to be all coy hinting at how much you don't care lmao

No. 787251

As another anon said, her orbiter Ian made this website and gave her mod years ago. They wanted to know who was talking shit about her on unichan by comparing the IPs of posters on here or some shit like that. Someone should screencap the original thread. It was probably some dude who used to orbit her too that spilled all of the milk.

No. 787256


No. 787279

File: 1552739612441.png (295.97 KB, 518x970, shuwu so sad.png)

uwu she sprints through the hallway, leaves ovens on and doesn't listen to people uwu life is so hard with shuwu's mental illness.

No. 787280

File: 1552739719043.png (38.11 KB, 522x291, uwu.png)

No. 787304

Didn't shoe make fun of momo for this exact same thing?

No. 787343

>I hate what the meds do
Has she actually ever been on meds for any discernible period of time..?

This list of hers is actually not relatable except for ADHD I guess…? I've got a cocktail of mental illnesses (bpd-chan here, sadly) and would actually be the one saying all of these things. But apparently if you don't relate you must be… god I forgot the SJW/tumblr word for non-disordered. But anyway sorry for slight blog but she doesn't really seem to understand mental illness at all. I'm pretty sure she's claimed anxiety and depression at times. This aint it

No. 787347

why must this near 30 year old woman post on her twitter like she's a neckbeard from r9k? why does she still want to imitate that?

No. 787378


>you left the milk out

>you left the oven on

so if your dumb-ass parents talk about their fuck-up child being a pig that doesn't clean up after itself then that just means THEY'RE INSENSITIVE TO YOUR MENTAL ILLNESS uwu.

on another note, bitch if you're that depressed/… that you cannot put milk back in a fucking fridge why the fuck are you not in treatment?

shuwu is the most triggering of cows. it's genuinely fascinating how she lives the life of a basement-dwelling neckbeard and non one calls her out for it (presumably because a majority of her fan base do the same).

No. 787409

i think the word you’re looking for is ‘neurotypical,’ (as opposed to neurodivergent) which actually has the potential to be used in a completely professional manner but sadly was co-opted by tumblrites.

No. 787424

on that note, there's no real proof of her ever having had any mental illness whatsoever. i understand it's scummy doubting someone's claims of mental illness, but shuwu just.. gives me absolutely nothing. she's bitchy, shallow, aimless, and untrustworthy – and none of these are really symptoms.

No. 787428

Well, she at least suffers from trichotillomania.

No. 787472

File: 1552781049890.gif (688.13 KB, 245x165, 3939393812.gif)

She always changes her story about what mental illnesses she has. We know she's a baldy and has trich, but in one tweet she claimed that she doesn't have depression/anxiety or anything other than ADHD. Now she's claiming that her ADHD gives her depression.

No. 787491

can this bitch even read? reminder that her much promised scum manifesto video never happened either.

i think she gets off on contra-senpai ignoring her.


I'm actually mentally ill and this made me reeee. take your adderall and shut up june.

No. 787616

Yes! Thank you, that is the word I was looking for. Unfortunately that was the best way I had to describe the word I was thinking of. And yes, Tumblr has ruined a lot of good that psychology has done.

I agree. Other than whatever is fueling her Trich, as someone noted. But who knows. All of her claims besides the trich post seem like bullshit.

No. 787629

File: 1552825669554.jpg (51.86 KB, 590x373, muchmentalillness.jpg)

She's also depressed guys, but only at 4 am
Hasn't shuwu made fun of basic girls before? This is such a basic bitch thing to say

No. 787630

She also talked on her 'Draw My Life' video about skipping school to binge-eat in her car and was skelly a few years ago. She doesn't seem to do anything but sleep all day and post on twitter all night. I understand there's no 'proof', per se, but the indications are all there and I'd be more surprised if she didn't have anything wrong with her mentally. I certainly can see her having anxiety attacks.

No. 787631

If she were spouting all this but seemed perfectly functional it would be different, but we have years of indications otherwise and a wealth of reason to think she's telling the truth.

No. 787639

She is depressed that's for sure, but she doesn't want to do anything to gain responsibility and start living her life as an adult.

>you left the oven out

>you left the milk out
>you said you'd do this and it's not done

This is a consequence of her parents spoiling her like a child (living rent-free, making her food, cleaning her room) well into her late 20s.

>you haven't responded to my messages

>you aren't listening
>do you even care

She is self-centered, can't be arsed to listen or care about people other than the ones she's trying to pander to.

She's been living her life on easy mode, getting easy beta bux just for shouting dumb shit on net and trying to look kawaii. This is what also has led her into depression - no motivation, leading an empty-life + not being the top kawaii internet girl anymore now that she's getting older.

No. 787654

There’s no proof anywhere that Amber Heard “swore under oath” that she lied about anything, but of course Shoe can’t be arsed to fact-check or anything.

No. 787659

>but i also hate what the meds do

Imagine not being able to use meds for your illness because your illness is your entire personality

No. 787686

I’m inclined to believe she was one of those bitches who peaked in high school and couldn’t hack it in college. This is the result, a near-30 year old woman who sought refuge in the internet and never bothered to change bc she was able to block out people that didn’t like her. It doesn’t help that she has probably never been able to take criticism. I’m sure she really does have some sort of personality disorder or learning disability but it’s very hard to find any sympathy for her.

No. 787704

Yeah I don't doubt that she has some sort of mental illness, you don't end up like Shuwu in your late 20s without having a few screws loose. The way she talks about them always seems like she's partially lying to sound quirky though. Like when she said that she doesn't go on medication for her ADHD because it's such a defining part of her personality or something.
As someone who had major depression for years it can be annoying when people trivialize it. It's a real, debilitating illness not a cute personality quirk.

No. 787720

File: 1552848949228.png (81.8 KB, 1278x390, Screenshot_2019-03-17-13-54-51…)

Gay rights

No. 787759

File: 1552857430328.jpg (249.61 KB, 746x1638, jeffree.jpg)

No. 787783

>teach me to look like someone who isn't stuck in 2006.
Just what we needed. More "I'm such a quirky self deprecating dork" humor from June.

No. 787788

She is all about her all the time, must be exhausting.

No. 787828

there is a disgusting amount of neutral palettes out there, shoe. for once, i am glad jeffree releases interesting looking palettes rather than a neutral one and market it as REVOLUTIONARY. fuck off, shoe.

No. 787846

But anon… If she bought a palette from just any makeup artist, then she would lose an opportunity to show support for the LGBT. Plus if she picked an LGBT individual who wasn't famous like Jefree, then she wouldn't get enough attent- I mean… exposure for supporting a noble cause. ~uwu~

No. 787879

>asking Jeffrey Star to make a neutral palette for people like her

what a dumb bitch

No. 787898

Shoe should honestly stay on the low right now because of the whole Pewdiepie alt right situation. Putting herself in spot of attention wont make it hard for people to dig all this stuff up on her

No. 787904

I really hope she does go through with it because I don’t think that given her history, she’ll even last a week.

The Beauty Community is harsher at judging people than the average beta orbiter. And you know damn well she’d have to burn that bridge in order to be redeemed in their eyes.

No. 787905

If anything she's hoping that will happen so she can play ~uwu victim~ like she always does. It's not like she has the talent, looks or personality to get attention on her own merit, it's why she tries to insert herself into other communities, and like a stinky fart she is unwelcome and ignored.

No. 787916


"hi Jeffrey, I want to get your followers attention, by shilling one of your pallets, but I don't like any of them. Can you make a pallet that I would like, so I can put your name in the title of my video and leach of you? pretty please…"

No. 787926

I thought high quality BOLD makeup was literally like, the whole point of his brand. If she wanted boring makeup she should go and find it in any store she walked into

No. 787951

She wants to be part of the jefree's "in-crowd" but doesn't actually like his make-up, lol

No. 787983

File: 1552944875931.png (11.29 KB, 575x76, rip shoe.PNG)

Shoe confirms she's moving… not in Greg's house it seems.

No. 787990

Did her parents buy themselves a new house?

No. 788001

if she's in charge of decor it sounds like she's moving by herself.

No. 788023

they probably let her decorate her own bedroom and bathroom at the very least, not that she'd ever blow that up into something it's not

No. 788086

If her decor is anything like her makeup, that’s probably a good thing. Don’t need her fucking up an entire house.

No. 788092

File: 1552962409348.png (25.74 KB, 724x380, xa5nuvG.png)

No. 788094

Her parents own a house upstate. She has previously said that's where shes moving to. It'll be "her house" because it's an empty vacation house right now

No. 788160

No. 788168

>Poor poor incels who can't find love cause evil women just using them for dates

>If my bf cheats on me, I'd leave him!

He has. What did you do? Came out as 'bi' and 'it's a kinky thing. you normies don't understand!'

No. 788213

I cant even finish watching it. She's basically reaction channel now. She searches the internet for the stupidest article she can find and make a video about how stupid this article is

No. 788221

File: 1553012134086.jpg (86.34 KB, 1000x1065, grotesque.jpg)


>you think I could do better than this?

well, no.

No. 788248

I sadly agree with her on this one. Cheating back and forth does not make for a good relationship and emotional cheating is still cheating. That being said, IT WAS A FUCKING CLICKBAIT ARTICLE. This likely never even happened.

No. 788251

I like how she always relates them to lonely incels. Like, the majority of men on dating sites are normal guys with friends and hobbies and very busy work lives who honestly don't give a fuck if you ghost on them

No. 788280

Shuwu thinks the article is sad but, can't see how depressing her own relationship looks? Reminder she tried defending Preg talking and tweeting at camgirls. How isn't that emotional cheating? Yes, it definitely doesn't compare to the totally true story in the clickbait article but, she seriously needs to look at how toxic her own boyfriend is. There is proof he cheated on his ex wife.

Also, her 'whomst' and 'cease' shit is getting so fucking old and annoying. She can't make actual jokes, she's relying on buzzword and "memes xD" editing more than ever now to stay relevant with her 15 year old fanbase, combined with the low hanging fruit, her "content" is going to age so fucking bad within like 2 years(just like all her other videos). I can't imagine being proud of that, it's seriously sad how she's somehow gotten worse over last year.

No. 788348

File: 1553036164006.png (107.61 KB, 750x723, Tofvvqy.png)

No. 788357

Dammit Mykie, I thought you were better than this

No. 788363

Isn't that what she always was?

No. 788405

THANK YOU. I have always fucking hated her "whomst" and "cease" but it gets more and more irritating as she continues to use it. How long has it been? A year at least?
She doesn't have an original thought or argument in her head.


No. 788448

ot but sure james, your cackling and drag queen looks is worth bigbux

No. 788461

lmao, wasn't she the one he was cheating his ex-wife on?

No. 788537

Considering Mykie is friends with that long greasy haired edgelord who "raps" and hes again made content with Idubbbz etc Im not really surprised she would eat Shoes ass, same lane of woman but different YT genres.

No. 788576

One of many lmao

No. 788585

I think that’s even sadder. She was like “Hoe #3”, not even bottom bitch. If that one girl Greg was catfished with was real, they wouldn’t be together lol

No. 788644

File: 1553109032309.png (140.39 KB, 1196x428, Screenshot 2019-03-21 at 12.36…)

saging because this is a few days old, but i genuinely can't believe i missed this. the lengths she is willing to go to pander. my lord

No. 788766

well of course shoe doesn't need to worry about the wage gap considering she would have to have an actual job to be affected by it

No. 788836

File: 1553148313858.jpg (55.77 KB, 1024x768, 966.jpg)

I'm pretty sure her videos about the wage gap myth is what set off her youtube career though? Who can take her seriously anymore?

No. 789025

i can't believe how little effort she puts into her videos now, literally 6 minutes of her saying "cheating is wrong!" and that's it.. lmao wew she really doesn't care anymore

No. 789030

File: 1553218796145.jpg (64.02 KB, 731x459, sTXKJ4X.jpg)

moving in?

No. 789031

File: 1553218837934.jpg (106.09 KB, 734x483, 6yWKwLV.jpg)

No. 789037

what does this comic mean

No. 789048

I think the implication is that the dude is randomly realizing a girl was flirting with him when he didn't get it at the time.
Basically shoe is implying Skeptic is an awkward man baby I think?

No. 789059

File: 1553225971040.png (217.2 KB, 715x720, mayu.png)

No. 789064

Eww, Maya. He is so nasty lol.

No. 789081

moving into her parents place upstate, yes. not his shitbox in shantytown, ON

No. 789092

I am pretty sure "Tim Apple" isn't a radfem shuwu.

No. 789120

The punchline of every Whomp comic is that Ronnie is a loser. In this case he's such a loser that it took him 17 to realize h had a shot at someone.

No. 789125

As in her fiance of two years now will move into it with her?
Haha, of course he won't. I'm a vanilla idiot normie that doesn't understand how a full time 24/7 ddlg bdsm relationship works for asking.

No. 789160

then just buy his ugly ass blood type or beauty killer palette

No. 789211

File: 1553282242233.jpg (108.17 KB, 1200x960, D2QHqo6XgAAp1q-.jpg)

No. 789213

File: 1553282351248.png (784.69 KB, 759x711, cfOiJ87.png)

No. 789228

Then why are you still pretending to be bi?

No. 789245

This guy always looks like he's taking the most painful, smelliest shits.

No. 789247

I mean, she isn't wrong with that part. C.S. Lewis said roughly the same thing. Just ideally they would also like adults things as well. If Preg has any interest beyond Star Wars, and capeshit, and prostitutes they're yet to be discovered.

No. 789375

The original tweet talked about obsession, not merely liking something. If you take it to mean
>don’t date manchildren like Greg
it’s pretty good advice.

No. 789406

So is June not moving in or sharing a place with Greg at all? She's gonna live by herself? This is some weird ass married life.

No. 789412

Shades of ForeverKailyn.

On the subject of kai, her and preg remind me a lot of each other.

No. 789430

File: 1553352112451.jpeg (234.19 KB, 1064x1264, 28B61956-BE92-4F46-B211-8E7894…)

No. 789573

File: 1553391718626.png (293.06 KB, 719x443, traqtJ9.png)

No. 789574

File: 1553391997833.png (71.95 KB, 683x572, 850IMWa.png)

unlisted a vid

No. 789581

File: 1553395076876.jpg (410.3 KB, 1447x635, 20190323170948_1.jpg)

absolutely retarded shitpost but I found shuwu in ffxiv today

No. 789586

From the thumbnail I thought it was a picture of Preg having a man-baby tantrum on the floor.

No. 789663

This might be the most retarded video he's ever done

No. 789680

The dumbass really took him quite the time to answer?
I dislike Hbomberguy but Preg is more annoying and smug than he is.

No. 789688

So she's moving with her parents (or her parents are helping her move) probably to that vacation house.


No. 789704

this is hilarious bc the entire comic series focuses on a fat anxious NEET weeb who can’t even talk to women and lives in relative squalor

at least the author makes the character painfully self aware of his immense shortcomings, while people like Preg just pretend they’re kings of the internet

and shoe pointing out those flaws isn’t going to end well for her lol - her and Preg’s fan bases are those people that think lightly teasing your boyfriend as a woman is something that counts as emotional abuse. No wonder he constantly disrespects her across social media to such a jarring degree - in his mind, it’s probably warranted because of stupid shit like this.

Jesus Christ it must be exhausting to always have to tiptoe around to coddle some autistic manbaby’s internet persona

No. 789981

File: 1553471065053.jpg (108.53 KB, 603x595, the armoured centrist.jpg)


he actually put a clip of that "origin of the armored skeptic" video in it? the one where he goes on and on about "AJ"s brain problems?

No. 789999

File: 1553472390845.jpg (108.24 KB, 800x982, armored extra chromosome.jpg)

>I mean I went home and I made a video that now makes me look like a giant fucking idiot

just one video, preg?

>in this segment he shows a jumble of different X's and y chromosomes showing that people can be born with more than just an X X or an X Y and then later he uses these mannequins and has similar jumbles of X's and Y's show up

don't talk about chromosomes, grocery.

No. 790025

So he's mad about an extension hbomberguy made blocking popular alt-right and alt-right aligned videos, he takes this as an attack on his channel, and now has decided to respond to that hbomberguy video that was actually incredibly kind to his channel. Greg, he wasn't "debunking your personal opinion", you were deliberately exaggerating your reaction to that stupid Bill Nye show and misrepresenting what was in it for your shitty bigoted followers. You got caught doing that, and now you're backpedaling. Is it wrong of me to think he's only backpedaling because Shoe is only so vocal about being bi now?

No. 790026

File: 1553476437919.jpg (89.53 KB, 1000x525, I said BOJANGLES fett not BOBA…)

>the future I want for my daughter

no, preg. no.

also, Grand Darvin, for anyone who's keeping score.

No. 790027

greg is such an idiot, he says brain sex is is real in this video, and then says it is because "the differences are in transgendered peoples brains too" and then has to edit the video with text that says "*some".

>calling bill fucking nye a climate change shill

centrists like skeptic are the fucking worst

No. 790034

god im samefagging again but i can't pull away. greg is such a manbaby, he's mad about an indian comedian making a harmless white people joke, and in his response, he just doubles down on "mentioning white people is WRONG >:( leave the white race ALONE, stop singling us out!!". he's so smug, he's so much more of a cow than shoe, but they deserve eachother. two smug idiots who think they know more than they really do.

why is hyperbole only okay for him, but not hbomberguy? he then goes on about how his own channel is fun entertainment and full of fun hyperbole, and he just wants to enjoy bill nyes fun netflix channel which should also be just for entertainment and not with politics. so what is it greg, is your channel entertainment or politics since you think they should be separate?

No. 790198

I love when he says he just wants his media to be apolitical, when he'll drag "sjws" into every fucking conversation.

No. 790205

I couldn't continue watching after those first few seconds of him in that white tang top with his fat mantitites hanging low.

Shuwu probably still deludes herself into thinking he's a "lumberjack macho hunk". I fucking cant.

No. 790206

he looks so scuzzy. like a fat captain jack but way less conventionally attractive and with a charisma count in the literal negatives. he 100% looks like someone that would frequent an Adult Book Store & Smoke Shop and it really disturbs me that he tries to pull out the 'classy gentleman' act and she fucking buys it

No. 790226

Whether he's right or wrong on that we both know there's roughly a 100% chance the only research he did on it was asking June's bestie what she thought.

No. 790253

File: 1553532519406.png (1.78 MB, 1440x2610, Screenshot_2019-03-24-21-10-41…)

Mama June making her famous spaghetti and meatballs

No. 790255

File: 1553532639288.png (2.02 MB, 1440x1693, Screenshot_2019-03-25-11-49-42…)

I-is that Preg? He didn't say anything about the move kek

No. 790257

File: 1553533517864.jpg (36.64 KB, 1280x720, insecurity intesensifies.jpg)

Wow you made spaghetti?? Once again you performed a basic human function!Good job shuwu!
It's hard to tell because his hands are just as small as hers

No. 790260

"we" but he isn't moving in.

No. 790299

This bitch thinks she’s so ~wifey~ for mixing some premade meatballs with Ragu and boiling noodles. She’s literally a try hard woman child

No. 790324

OMG, such a nerd! Her boyfriend is lucky to have such an original and cool girl like her around.

I mean I’m not shaming their lifestyle, but if her parents aren’t there, they’re doomed to bean bag chairs, bare walls, dandruff and Stale BO smell, and a fucking hot mess all around.

10 bucks says that Greg pays no rent, keeps his apartment but silently moves in.

No. 790335

you're right. why don't they have a couch, anyways? or a fucking tv stand? she has been bleating on about the move for like months, has no expenses and tons of cash, but no furniture set up to be moved in. she reminds me of those people that have tons of cash but forget to pay their water or electric bill and get their shit shut off constantly, refuse autobilling, etc.

No. 790361

File: 1553553128860.jpg (66.22 KB, 1200x675, D2iamIFX0AAfsWj.jpg)

No. 790364

File: 1553553198981.jpg (160.21 KB, 1200x900, D2iamH5WwAA3XCT.jpg)

No. 790365

extra chromosome confirmed

No. 790368

this is fucking depressing

No. 790377

They actually bought a TV before buying a couch KEK. Like, where are they even shopping? No regular sitting chairs?

No. 790388

File: 1553555748658.jpg (535.98 KB, 2048x1536, D2iamIIXgAIlty0.jpg)

the pepe mousepad really ties the room together.

No. 790389

The mouse pad, holy shit. Also not to be a dick but like she's doing her home shopping at Walmart (peep the Mainstays shelf) but spending ass loads of cash on Pregs toys. She's like literally his paypig. At least go to Target, June, damn.

No. 790394

wait is she still in the US? unless she bought this shit on the way. She's making it seem like she's living in Canada.
>No computer desk
Jesus June, did you take ANYTHING with you to this house?

No. 790398

i mean i think it'd be a million times more sad if she moved to canada to just have her own apartment. pretty sure it's upstate ny.

No. 790407


Jesus look at shuwus dolls on the windowsill. How is she still holding up this uwu im so cute and tiny schtick
or are those gregs? wouldn't be surprised

No. 790409

I'm not from the US, does this matter/will the shelf be less sturdy?

No. 790412

That they're Teen Titan dolls means they double as cool geek girl cred.

No. 790414

This is so sad. Never seen her mention Teen Titans tho. Interesting how she only buys the ones men sexualize.

It'll probably do its job I guess. I think Target does have better quality stuff. She can afford Target, or much better, even, that's for sure, but she doesn't know how to budget so she probably is down to nothing after wasting all of it on cheap Chinese dresses, pleather chokers, and Preg's MFC tokens. I also notice she bought the pink Walmart toolbox which is like $5 more iirc. She's honestly acts like a suggestible bimbo so no wonder she assumes all women are equally as stupid and suggestible as she is.

No. 790418

Walmart Mainstays shelves are flimsy, low quality, and honestly not worth the price even at the low value. Go to Target or IKEA to get better quality stuff at the same price or a few bucks more.

No. 790421

File: 1553559128380.jpeg (307.21 KB, 2048x1287, D2iamIFXcAA9FLs.jpeg)

Looks like she also went to Target. Have to wonder why she wouldn't buy her furniture there. It is better quality. Buying paper towels or toilet paper from Target, and furniture from Walmart is the opposite of smart shopping, if you insist on going to both stores. Apartment looks pretty basicDefinitely a step down from her parents place, but still looks nicer than pregs with his 900 yo oven and fridge, that's for sure.

No. 790432

File: 1553559861291.jpg (132.1 KB, 640x940, obligatory.jpg)

No. 790433

I vaguely remember her tweeting about having a crush on Starfire, but then who knows if she only said that for the LGBT points.

No. 790437

Kek i love it

No. 790439

I know the whole immigration process isn't easy, but her moving to her own apartment seems like such a waste of money. Preg must be really firm on not wanting to live with her right away.

No. 790464

Right away? They've been engaged for what? Well over a year already, and there has still been no talk of a wedding or of them living together. Preg just clearly likes having his cake and eating it too. And from the looks of him he loves cake.

No. 790479

tinfoil: preg is still legally married to his "ex wife" and that's why it's taking so long.

No. 790484

Omg he's hittin us with those shuwu cop outs

No. 790504

I'm going to fucking shit myself if this is the actual reason. He had plenty of time to go through the process, he literally does nothing besides come up with YouTube videos. And now he's streaming. I swear… June, what are you doing with this man.

No. 790821

File: 1553675144086.png (121.54 KB, 575x345, just take your meds lol.png)

>adderal is meth
>I don't want to medicate my personality away uwu

No. 790941

File: 1553711694755.jpg (258.97 KB, 754x1318, kjhjhkh.jpg)

No. 790945

File: 1553712536383.jpg (102.84 KB, 723x550, ad;la;d;ldlk.jpg)

No. 790947

Wooooooow. He really doesn’t want her in his condo, lmao.

No. 790990

beige box, very attractive. surely june must be thrilled by all this.

No. 790998

JFC she still thinks he wants to marry her??? Moves her to Canada but won't even live with her…Wake tf up Shuwu he really doesn't love you

No. 791007

This is such a waste. How long of an engagement do they plan on having? Instead of her moving in with him, or them moving into a new place together, he's not ready to share a space and his life with her. You sure you want to marry this man, Shoe?

No. 791016

>Omg! You guys are finally closing the distance!! That’s so exciting 🎉🎉❤️
>And it only took several years and an engagement :’)


No. 791036

Why even share this? Helping your 'fiancee' move into an apartment that isn't yours is embarrassing as all hell and it looks sad and empty to boot.
I'm curious to see how filthy it gets without mommy there to clean up for her. A whole apartment is more responsibility than a single room.

No. 791050

tfw shoe can't even realize she's basically a side chick

No. 791096

File: 1553737739209.gif (4.98 MB, 640x330, 7fc.gif)

These two make more than enough money to have a fucking house and this is what they are doing instead? Absolutely insane. This is the result of getting overly comfortable with long distance, Preg probably doesn't want to see her for more than a certain amount of time, shuwu thinks its part of their super kinky 24/7 bdsm relationship.

No. 791184

File: 1553756625580.jpg (135.85 KB, 1024x820, oh no no no no no hahahahahaha…)

No. 791187

File: 1553758158982.png (39.85 KB, 574x241, fuck you carl.png)


>And here is Lauren Southern in a video with Martin Sellner, who’s apartment was raided yesterday because the New Zealand terrorist shooter sent him a large donation right before he killed 50 Muslims.

No. 791188

File: 1553758272107.png (47.75 KB, 584x456, she has never actually made a …)


also lots of people blocked by Shoe Shives in that thread.

No. 791197

I agree with your sentiment but she isn't moved to Canada, she moved UPSTATE and is still in New York state. He's dumb for adding the "in Canada!" part because… why state where he lives when it's literally part of his username atm.
But he's just fucking dumb so I shouldn't be surprised.

No. 791237

She just had a stream to raise money for "the buns" but she still can't use her patreon money to buy a cage that will actually fit her bunny in it? It's pathetic and sad how she tries to act like she actually gives a shit about ollie, especially when you know he's locked in that cage for weeks alone when she goes to see skeptic

No. 791244

Oh wow, a stuffed animal! How whimsical!

You know, when shoe got “her own” place (bc let’s face it, Greg will not be helping her with rent since he will continue to live in his own place where he can still bring other retarded chicks home) I would have thought she’d go all out with cute bedspreads and home accessories.

Instead this bitch comes hard with the basic mainstays shit.

No. 791245

Oh wow, a stuffed animal! How whimsical!

You know, when shoe got “her own” place (bc let’s face it, Greg will not be helping her with rent since he will continue to live in his own place where he can still bring other retarded chicks home) I would have thought she’d go all out with cute bedspreads and home accessories.

Instead this bitch comes hard with the basic mainstays shit.

No. 791283

Greg still lives with his parents so him coming home with a different camgirl every night while his parents hear is the icing on the cake

No. 791291

I'm pretty positive he has his own apartment that he "decorates" with star wars toys. It actually be more understandable if he was living with his parents as to why shuwu wont just live with him. It's the fact he does have his own place and instead of them both saving money for a house…you know the thing you do when you're in a relationship, he rather "get her an apartment" to live separately in.

No. 791302

File: 1553801478102.png (257.3 KB, 840x436, delusion.PNG)

tbh im almost offended by how gross her decorating is. she has so much money from doing nothing. i would assume this is a broke college guy's apartment. she really plays up the sexy baby feminine uwu but when given the chance to decorate her own place, it literally looks like pregs 2.0, complete with pepe silicone ass mousepad. not really sure why she continues to larp as a 'left' tradwife while putting in this little effort, when she better fits the relatable girl angle.

also kek @ her fan delusion

he's so right

No. 791303

also dont forget she bought her rabbit from a bunny mill, then claimed to bunny magazines/pet magazines/all of her fanbase that she "rescued" her rabbits. she didn't even report the mill afterwards.

No. 791310

File: 1553803163024.jpg (135.97 KB, 726x1052, apokjfkljdks.jpg)

How can she say this shit about women when her bf is already obese and keeps on getting bigger

No. 791341

that fucking cunt makes so much off each video. she can afford a bigger rabbit house. Basic whore has no issues with Greg not moving in, even though they're engaged and probably cheating on her with trannies.

No. 791423

File: 1553823601883.png (64.35 KB, 371x721, D2x3yusXgAY2eIh.png)

No. 791457

Ugh, this stupid bitch with her “quirky racism” again.

“No guys, don’t post that heeeeere, even though I was playing along!”

No. 791484

>omg that was years and years ago guise?! how can you bring that up?!

No. 791486

Shuwu, your boyf is fat too. Please accept it.
>interacting with @aterfoddbitch
Of course, they’re birds of a feather.
That one barely escaped the Tradthots thread. Would bet money her recent leftism is fake and a poor cop out from her gross nationalist wifey days.

No. 791487

All the Twitter "n word" memes are so cringey and lame. Like either say it or don't but don't try to make it a cutesy uwu thing and pretend like spelling it one letter at a time is somehow okay but posting it in full isn't.

No. 791511

It's this generation's version of playing chicken.

No. 791633

File: 1553883703367.jpg (336.26 KB, 1593x795, mqQ5j5x.jpg)

>Sexy man and his girl in Toronto

No. 791789

File: 1553903474425.jpg (42.7 KB, 640x640, 54732390_124828128610712_52914…)


>24/7 muffin top based on dynamic

No. 791790

File: 1553903675566.jpg (57.95 KB, 640x640, 56280064_2155525934533309_4394…)

is this supposed to be suggestive?

No. 791804

Everything she does is supposed to be slightly suggestive.

No. 791805

Definitely since he has a taco there.. Nasty.
But not as nasty as that fucking eyebrow more over the top than I've ever seen. Holy shit I hope to god he's just memeing himself about it at this point.
When you have to sit on the ground to keep looking "smol".

No. 791885

ooh so edgy he can smoke weed near the police because its legal
15 year old tier edgelord

No. 792009

that wig is so party city tier

No. 792120

either preg's donning shapewear, or he's actually lost some weight?? unbelievable lmao

No. 792249

File: 1553996781744.jpg (98.79 KB, 723x613, shoe shives.jpg)

No. 792254

File: 1553997599649.jpg (47.92 KB, 727x359, CwgGPGB.jpg)

No. 792270

also shoe:

No. 792380

That sun over her while she sleeps/lounges is gonna cook her ass lmao

No. 792427

Now that he's a "girl", he thinks it's not creepy to say something like that.

No. 792615

File: 1554084082000.jpg (138.98 KB, 741x636, Lr9RhFl.jpg)

Contra didn't acknowledge this

No. 792616

File: 1554084212011.jpg (250.33 KB, 764x1816, BIuPST4.jpg)

No. 792620

Holy shit I love it when they roast Preg

No. 792795

File: 1554154929548.png (272.12 KB, 731x622, alcoholbaduwu.png)

men have been owning flasks and carrying it around for centuries, no one bats an eye, but when a woman does it?
>UM alcoholic much???

sounding a bit prudish there juwune, not very kinky or BDSM if i say so meself uwu

No. 792797

But how will she be not like other girls if she doesn't make fun of shower wine holder

No. 792805

File: 1554156085308.jpg (120.22 KB, 728x880, sG3idsy.jpg)

No. 792809

Everytime she posts a Wojak I feel like i am watching the "How do yo do, fellow kids" clip on repeat

No. 792830

did she literally just move to another place in the us… this is fucking tragic. but at least she moved out of her parents house so good for her i guess

No. 792844

Too uwu to drink but not too uwu to post the n-word in her discord.

Didn't Greg seem kinda drunk in his Hbomber video? AlCoHOliSm~. What a drunken mess!1 I guess since it's not one of those awful women she's jealose of, "Alcoholism" is okay.

No. 792865

she told that story about how preg met her parents, he was a huge wine snob and treated it like it was 'quirky'. i guess it's only ok when men do it, all women who like wine should apologies to shuwu for having an actual interest, unlike her.

No. 792868

KEK, didn't June try to make her orbiters believe she doesn't like alcohol and then like a month later she hosts a Livestream where she's drinking hard liquor for the lulz
Miss. Alcoholism.

No. 792949

Men that carry flasks are alcoholics as well. Never have I ever heard anyone say otherwise.

No. 792952


I bet preg doesn't actually know shit about wine and is the wine equivalent of beer dorks who won't shut up about IPAs

No. 793954

File: 1554234047879.jpg (19.65 KB, 233x264, 3.JPG)


No. 793969

but isn't she supposed to be 'so gay' not on april fools?

No. 794389

File: 1554334576684.png (241.36 KB, 596x422, shoe i swear.PNG)


No. 794392

She's just parroting other's opinions here anyway but I don't see how she's wrong here. People who drink occasionally for fun don't need a secret compartment for wine or a special wine glass shelf in their shower. A lot of media outlets geared towards women (especially older women) seem to glorify alcohol abuse as a quirky 'girl thing'.

No. 794398

>People who drink occasionally for fun don't need a secret compartment

What is a flask?

No. 794402

I still never understood why she isn't pan because bi is uwu twansphobic, in fact she seems to hate the term pan? But spends all day every day sucking special tranny snowflake dick on Twitter? I'll never get this girl

No. 794406

File: 1554339086758.jpg (15.25 KB, 283x283, 1409730129173.jpg)

why doesn't she get that either way she's still in a hetro relationship? there is no struggle because as she has pointed out, it's more common and accepted(duh). So why does she seek so much attention on being bi(y'know besides the obvious need for brownie points and lack of personality)? What she ends up doing is making it sound like she deserves to be treated like she goes through the same issues as those in gay relationships when she doesn't. no one looks at her and preg and thinks "wow so gay", they don't have the same fears as many gay people do when going out in public in certain areas as a couple. she needs to stfu and stop pretending she's a victim of some kind for just being bi women.

Also, ik everyone assumes she isn't actually bi, I'm just humoring it to make a point.

No. 794419

File: 1554342524115.jpg (151.88 KB, 742x822, raestrtrgsdgf.jpg)

No. 794425

>I've never dated a woman and I never will. Still bi

What is the point? Am I a world traveller even though I've never been out of the country, I just think about travelling a lot? I've never played the piano but I could play the piano so I guess I'm a piano player. I've never made tiramisu but I could learn, so I guess I'm a master tiramisu maker?

That logic doesn't work for literally anything else, but somehow Shoe can not only claim bi, but shout it from the hills, complain about bi erasure and oppression, butt into conversations with actual bi and lesbian women, and make it a whole aspect of her personality, without having ever, once, in her entire life, kissed or pursue a woman in her life. The level of entitlement is too damn high.

No. 794451

File: 1554347275986.jpg (119.93 KB, 1024x1821, qwklm;qkrm.jpg)

No. 794458

Having a glass of wine in the tub everyday or a glass of wine at lunch or dinner is not alcohol abuse

No. 794477

Exactly. She may be 'bi' (we all know she isn't.) but the fact of the matter is she's in a straight, white relationship. She has the most privilege and she's obnoxious when she attempts to fish for queer or oppression points.

No. 794563

Right? Otherwise most of Europe have alcohol issues. She’s just shitting on things to stand out “I’m not like other girls I’m woke but not an SJW because I complain about WOMEN!! Aren’t I unique???”

No. 794568

That sure sounds like alcohol abuse.

No. 794579

It's the "never will" part that totally kills her argument. Yes, you can absolutely be gay/bi and still be a virgin or not having dated anyone before, but the difference is that those people actively would like to date someone of the same/both sex(es). She said it herself, she's a straight woman who thinks some women are hot. It's super common, but doesn't make her bisexual.

No. 794587

Exactly the never will part is weird as fuck. Like, she doesn't know if her or Preg are gonna stay together forever. I mean she's hopeful, but put that hope aside for a moment when discussing your sexuality.

No. 794601

Yeah she could absolutely talk about a hypothetical situation where they broke up or never dated or something like that, but instead she just flat out goes "never have never will".

No. 794679

don't follow june super closely so perhaps I'm off but she seems like the kind of person who would talk about FFM three ways with smeg to milk those egirl points, kinda surprised she just wrote it off altogether.

No. 794721

she has spoken about ffm threesomes and them having had one, and how they're great or whatever. she allegedly draws the line at DATING women, though we know she'd avoid the other woman in the threesome, except maybe to awkwardly try to please her bf.

no, it really doesn't. having a glass of wine everyday is not alcohol abuse.

No. 794730

Every time she talks about threesomes and shit like catcalling female joggers from her car it’s very performative; she wants all the guys within earshot to think she’s cool, fun, sexy and not like the other girls. She doesn’t view other women as potential partners, only as competition or as props to impress men with. There’s no way she’d ever want to touch another woman if there were no men watching.

No. 794784

File: 1554419351703.png (289.18 KB, 604x570, AS1.png)


No. 794787

She flat out said on askfm she isnt interested in women
Also? Why does Preg allow FFM threesomes because he quote "wouldnt share June with another man" but if she's bi like the threat is still there lmao does Preg believe a woman can't cheat with another woman?

No. 794802

>but if she's bi like the threat is still there lmao does Preg believe a woman can't cheat with another woman?

You should know the answer to that. He doesn't believe that she's actually bi, he doesn't take bisexual women seriously and/or consider bisexual woman-woman relationships anything more than fetish shit, he's happy to share with her, or any combination of the above.

No. 794811

File: 1554428069010.jpg (118.76 KB, 764x627, DTeRo0d.jpg)

No. 794814

File: 1554428124818.jpg (119.2 KB, 729x618, tXIMVqB.jpg)

No. 794815

File: 1554428256457.jpg (137.37 KB, 738x745, x9JyFAJ.jpg)

>also i was 24 theres no excuse lmao
Wow… is she actually owning up to her mistakes?

No. 794821

Probs because she wants to hold onto conservative viewers that see pan as being as special snowflake word.

No. 794857

these two really do get more like onision and lainey every day

No. 794862

she's being very wishywashy and not actually saying anything. she's vaguely saying she's embarrassed by her past but won't say specifics and even doubles down that she doesn't disagree with her past self. her leftyfans will think she is genuinely trying to become liberal. her conservative fans will think she's only talking about her antics and not the politics.

No. 794866

this is absolutely no apology. all she's saying is "i was cringy and i know it" so she can tell people to get off her back when her shitshows are aired
like a "i totally owned up to all the shit i said and i did mention it was cringy! naturally that means you can't cancel me anymore uwu"

No. 794891


Even if he did believe she was genuinely attracted to women it wouldn't be as much of a blow to his ego if she were to leave him for a woman. He could always tell himself "oh I guess she was actually more gay all along" whereas if she leaves him for another dude it would make him feel inadequate as a man

No. 794967

File: 1554477325086.gif (989.37 KB, 500x452, 1534889058012.gif)

>one where I defend white men from black women
what the fuck?

No. 795058

Preg brags about the weirdest shit. I don't doubt that was only a subject he touched upon on in whatever video he's talking about.

No. 795077

I just find it weird they both have a history attacking black women specifically. I remember Preg made a tweet about black women hating him and of course you have shuwu with leslie jones. Why do a race-baiting video like that? "defending white men from black women" is just so ironic it hurts.

No. 795491

No. 795495

File: 1554600045395.jpg (32.02 KB, 723x229, j4Ao6LO.jpg)

No. 795498

File: 1554600651780.jpg (79.26 KB, 727x601, pandering.jpg)

No. 795501

I am 5 minutes in and this is like a Redlettermedia review but remove the funny parts of it and you have this shitty review

No. 795513

wow it's sad that greg honestly sound less like an anti-feminist than shoe does

No. 795544

Probably because she hates other women and he doesn't. At least not sexually.

No. 795645

File: 1554662992523.jpg (41.82 KB, 640x480, xh9mM7g3JYhx_p0cwNlxpCRctHUrTC…)

oh look, it's june.

No. 795771

how is she "pandering" when you're going through her likes frantically trying to find something she just absently clicked "like" on? sorry but i've always thought going through people's likes was a reach.

No. 795785

because on twitter your followers get updates on what you've liked, plus, she knows her orbiters go through her likes

No. 796064

Is it just me or her skin is a shade of green

No. 796065

She looks like the Grinch kek
Someone on KF said she's basically yellowfacing at this point. How come she can't find a good tone? Didn't she work at an Ulta at some point?

No. 796066

Her mom used to work as a professional makeup artist and Shuwu worked as a Benefit cosmetics seller and makeup artist.

And yet…

No. 796098

A little. I think she just has a very weird olive tone variation.

No. 796133

File: 1554818314356.jpg (177.77 KB, 640x480, shoe.jpg)

No. 796205

Perfection, should be next thread picture.

No. 796269

File: 1554841153951.jpg (58.63 KB, 723x365, mythcon.jpg)

No. 796281

"Her mom used to work as a proffessional make up artist" Who said that?

No. 796284


No. 796308

"no white men are allowed to criticize this movie. WAMEN WAMEN WAMEN feminism!"

classic June

No. 796322

"minds irl"
holy shit it's so cringy. are the asspads going to be a featured guest this time around?

No. 796345

File: 1554851680492.png (680.91 KB, 1071x746, 1519561244439.png)


lotta MENSA-level brain geniuses here. also, it's not too late to cancel, Meghan!

>NSFW: How Prohibition Amplifies Problems

>Moderated by: Melissa Chen
>Panelists include:
>TBA, Karen Straughan, Brittany Simon, Meghan Murphy

>Nuance, Context and the Future of Comedy Online

>Moderated by: Stephen Knight
>Panelists include:
>June, aka Shoe0nHead, Gregory Fluhrer, aka Armoured Skeptic, Mark Meechan, aka Count Dankula, Blaire White

>Changing Minds: How to Admit When You're Wrong

>Moderated by: Lauren Chen, aka Roaming Millennial
>Panelists include:
>Tim Pool, Melissa Chen, Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, TBA

holy fuck lol when have Carlgon or Tim Pool ever admitted to being wrong

No. 796376

File: 1554858724205.gif (2.99 MB, 480x320, 1410169467740.gif)

>how to admit when you're wrong
>admit you're wrong
>includes sargon

>the future of comedy online

>includes shuwu

No. 796383

>how to admit you're wrong
>roaming millennial
Didn't she get get btfo by vegan gains in a debate after she couldn't admit she was wrong about eating meat lol

No. 796385

>Also Dankula is there
Is this supposed to be funny because none of the lineup is funny or sad because the lineup thinks they are funny?

No. 796420

Why the fuck is Meghan Murphy going to be there? Terrible idea. Please God I hope she doesn't go.

No. 796421

Wow, really disappointing to see Meghan at an event with the likes of June, Blaire, Roaming Millennial, Sargon… wtf? Unless it's a different Meghan Murphy?

No. 796470

File: 1554894842757.jpeg (157.26 KB, 828x446, 9BE1306D-229D-44F5-A41C-24BCC6…)

How does she still try to shill her “teehee so innocents and pures” when she jokes about a terrorist attack, and no one calls her out on it.

No. 796471

It is the "real" Meghan Murphy sadly, her profile is included on the speakers list if you scroll down here

Honestly, I have no idea how she agreed to this but I bet Shuwu will hide like a coward.

No. 796472


Can't wait for Shuwu to hold a panel like a 3rd grade recital, reading from a paper and nervously giggling.

No. 796495

Aw fuck I just realized this shit is being held only an hour away from my hometown. Shuwu & preg better stay away from our fucking boardwalks.

No. 796507

Those tweets aren't really that bad but I do kinda think it's fucked up that she makes 9/11 jokes considering she's from the New York area and was definitely old enough to be fully aware of what happened at the time. I've known people around her age from New York and they would not be amused by stupid 12 year old tier 9/11 jokes.

No. 796588

Lol @ the title of their panel. I severely doubt Wig or Preg could even define the word nuance if asked on the spot.

No. 796601

File: 1554920810181.jpg (558.26 KB, 1080x1473, 20190410_132113.jpg)


You forgot to add uwu smol irl loli, June!

No. 796682

KEK, she's not that smol anymore

No. 796743

File: 1554943421764.jpg (659.79 KB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20190410-173557.jpg)

Drunkenly ask for feet pics and get blocked. It's just that easy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 796827

>informed opinions
kek my sides

No. 796828

idk what else you were expecting

No. 796915

To be honest, I could see it coming. Is she still a radfem and holds the same opinions she did a few years ago? All of them?

No. 796918

agreed, but her philtrum needs to be longer.

No. 796948

her twitter's cover image is extra cringe

No. 796976

File: 1554993517402.png (264.9 KB, 584x473, pls send buns uwu.png)

No. 797058

Preg went back to his bachelor pad to cheat in peace?

No. 797093

File: 1555008681323.png (18 KB, 438x209, juneisweartogod.PNG)

she's already got people in her mentions telling her she's wrong KEK
even roaming millennial is trying to tell her she's being retarded

No. 797114

File: 1555012098574.jpg (167.87 KB, 754x930, greg at the sex store.jpg)

No. 797116

File: 1555012162149.jpg (173.85 KB, 718x752, film critic greg.jpg)

No. 797122

File: 1555012884244.jpg (477.39 KB, 2052x1756, cosmocringe.jpg)

No. 797141

is really the only complaint these anti-feminists can come up with? that her acting is wooden?

No. 797163

it's probably already deleted. Lol
>roaming millennial
I find it hard to believe lauren is friends with June. A petite half asian anti-fem girl would trigger her to the next century

He knows hardly anything about film so it's not like he would have anything else to say about her. I mean you got a fence sitting film school drop out and a manchild larping as a failed pseudo intellectual. Just embarrassing and doing this..

No. 797220


That's olive skin, it's very common in Mediterranean descended people…

No. 797262

after casting a wide net for collabs I'm going to laugh if one of the two "underrated youtubers I love" is her stalker Maya

No. 797294

No. 797295

File: 1555033276697.jpg (126.93 KB, 640x480, LADNGN0.jpg)

samefag. how'd I do?

No. 797303

They all share a braincell whycdo you think they repeat the same points over and over again?

No. 797357

you did amazing, anon. next thread pic pls

No. 797373

Why is she still talking about MAPS? That video was released over a month ago lol

No. 797403

If you find a way to make her eyes smaller and close set, it would be a 10/10

No. 797628

How does going to speak at panel mean she's not still a radfem???

No. 797690

File: 1555169219013.png (204.47 KB, 1430x770, Screenshot_2019-04-13-10-24-44…)

Shoe's trying to meme with Roaming Millennial lol I wonder if she's sucking up to her after RM told her she might be wrong about the Julian Assange tweet.

Honestly some anons are exaggerating. If I was a radfem with a big influence, I'd agree to discuss some shit with skeptics. It'll at least put your opinions out there to those unaware of true radfem ideology. Skeptics like talking to people with differing opinions, we've seen it before. Meghan has been in a discussion with Theryn before.

No. 797750

>Skeptics like talking to people with differing opinions, we've seen it before
not only that, but they usually end up looking really dumb and humiliated

No. 797773

I wanted to add to your point the fact that Megan Murphy was banned from Twitter and probably had a Minds account. It would make sense that she would want to voice her opinions on as many platforms as she can and if Mythcon is billing itself as a safe-space for all types of opinions then it would make sense that she would speak there.

No. 797791

This is extra funny because Unicorn Store was filmed before Captain Marvel was made, she had just been announced as Captain Marvel At SDCC in 2016. So this movie isn’t something she was thrown because of a marvel movie, she probably got it because she literally has an Oscar.

No. 797809

File: 1555205112086.png (206 KB, 740x906, GIkwzjI.png)

No. 797810

lmao it wasn't about ruining fun for men, it was because women were getting the shit beaten out of them by their drunk husbands

at least know why instead of quickly scanning the nearest pay-wall article for keywords shoe

so many valid reasons to criticize feminist movements, so little application by shoe to read anything longer than an op-ed

No. 797813

A large amount of women in the temperance movement weren't feminists at all, the idea that feminists supported prohibition for the greater good is misinformation ive seen spread on radfem tumblr and now obviously has made its way down to shoe.

but even then, oh no those evil harpies tearing down the saloons where their husbands drank and whored their families into debt, how evil! shuwu is a cool girl who would never stop her man from having fun!

No. 797814

He literally picked a pic that makes him look somewhat decent and makes june look like a a drunk 40 year old

No. 797815

She used to gatekeep the fuck out of 9/11 jokes lmao remember she "experienced" it

No. 797818

holy shit shes so awful. how do you end up as this much of a pick-me? this is so embarrassing

No. 797822

Okay, June. Then live without all the rights feminism has afforded you. No more using the internet to speak your mind, no living on your own, no ownership of anything, nothing. Go and be Greg's actual property (not just your retarded BDSM LARP BS), but before you do so, remember to remind your dad that since you're not yet married, you're actually legally his property and he is free to sell you if he wants.
Otherwise, you're "denying men fun!!1". Fucking dumbass.

No. 797823

Someone come at her

No. 797831

"sacred male spaces" lmao men wanted their wives to stay away from those places because they were using them for immoral and sometimes illegal activities.
Note how she doesn't address that the temperance movement came about because women felt that alcohol and bars were responsible for their husbands cheating on them and abusing them. The men weren't beating their wives, and infecting them with STIs that they picked up at brothels because they were assholes, it's just male fun! And they have a right to do it!

No. 797840

File: 1555224217766.png (66.21 KB, 680x255, wtf.PNG)

not even rabbits are safe from her objectifying females for male benefit or male 'humor', jfc.

they're not 'basically bun tits'. male bunnies get them, though not as often. the whole reason they exist in female rabbits is so them being puffed out means rabbits can easily pull fur from their skin to line a nest for her babies. nothing like breasts

No. 797847

To be fair, she seems to know so little about women, she might fully think it is what a normal human does.

No. 797848

It's funny how June always says dumbest, most ignorant shit regarding women despite being female herself.

No. 797851

File: 1555234208869.png (1.21 MB, 1432x2395, Screenshot_2019-04-14-04-29-19…)

Some cringe from Preg. He's singing Tenacious D of all things. That poor dog.

No. 797863


Seeing this "pick meee i hate feminism" makes me so annoyed but then I get reminded….

>Go and be Greg's actual property

What's funny is that Preg would probably refuse to take her as a "property" because that would mean he'd have to take her to live with him and support her.

When you think about it, Preg is benefiting from feminism. His retarded "pick-me" woman spends her own money to support him and buy his toys while he makes her pay for a separate apartment so he can enjoy his camgirls and "thicc secrets" in peace.

Her life is really pathetic.

No. 797867

It's just that I've been checking her site and seems like she no longer writes any articles that are not ''free speech'' or trans-related.

I understand why she speaks at their events and I don't judge her. It's a good political strategy and if someone was in her shoes they'd probably do the same. At the same time her character kinda suits this ''free speech'' movement mentality so I wouldn't be surprised if she was a sympathizer and if she'd eventually change some of her radfem opinions. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I was just curious cause I don't follow her.

No. 797878

Did her pick me ass already delete this tweet? It must be difficult being so vocal about politics you dont actually give a shit about. Imagine standing for absolutely nothing.

No. 797884

This. It's like saying you hate a restaurant and going to eat there every single day, when you could go literally anywhere else. She's just so pathetic, biting the hand that feeds her for some greasy incel's approval.

No. 797891


Here is the original article, it's very short but it makes some interesting points


>One of the major groups behind the temperance movement, the Women’s Christian Temperance Union […] —whose goals included improving the lives of women whose drunken husbands were driven to abuse

>The temperance movement, in fact, gave women the opportunity to be engaged in public political life for the first time.

>One could argue, too, that the results of Prohibition—opposite-sexes mixing in speakeasies—perhaps did more to end the male-only drinking culture of the “saloon” than the temperance movement ever did.

>When we celebrate our ability to drink freely in America, we should raise a glass to the women whose temperance activism was, at its core, not a call for repression but rather a demand for liberation.

Imagine being a vapid pandering bitch like Shuwu and the only point from the article you get is: "feminists were always against fun!!!11!!! saloons were ruined because of stupid women!!" Fuck, I bet she copied this argument from some incel forum too.

No. 797942

Funny how women having a glass of wine in the shower is ‘ew alcoholism cringe’ but men beating their wives and children in an alcoholic rage after spending their entire paycheck in the saloon is just harmless fun.

No. 797962

File: 1555274805570.jpg (91.15 KB, 1085x592, D3RxgY-UEAEltj8.jpg)

No. 798048

is she about to put wisconsin for montana? my goodness

No. 798057

i fucking seethe at the fact that her retarded audience legit doesn't care about this hypocritical bullshit. all of these neckbeards calling themselves "skeptics" and "rationalists" with pride unwilling to educate themselves on history and facts, but they're totally fine with provoking themselves into a frothy rage because "women drink in the shower ewww!". but anything goes as long as she's willing to parrot the most rancid hatred masked in the form of "opunions", i guess?

No. 798126

>Unlike those other no fun wamen, I want to be beaten by an alcoholic and contract STIs from a saloon brothel tee-hee!

Lmao, straight from the cuckqueen's mouth.

No. 798127

>""""sacred male spaces""""
>obviously has women in the form of barmaids and hookers
>implying scrots can actually tolerate exclusively scrot company

No. 798141

File: 1555363353745.jpg (166.31 KB, 726x1202, imagine.jpg)

No. 798183

>the sacred saloons

Holyshit, what is this nonsense? the place where husbands drank themselves to shit and came home to beat their wives after? or worse? She's really defending that misinformation.

Women wanted actual rights and June seems to not understand her sperging on the internet only came out of basic human rights.

ugh, all of this.

June doesn't care about other women, and sadly she's never ever been in a sexist situation or denied a space/job because of being a woman. she's been riding a free train all her life due to her parents and now Greg.

No. 798219

File: 1555386011958.jpg (48.66 KB, 472x561, 1525533600491.jpg)


>imagine never growing out of your "lol look at that nerd stage. sad."

she has seen her boyfriend recently, despite his best efforts, has she not?
maybe she needs to take a break from the 24/7 peen worship and look at the bigger picture here.

No. 798262

She's saying she doesn't care that he is a nerd, and that she grew out of her "judgmental phase"

No. 798290

File: 1555433798089.jpg (127.1 KB, 736x776, tvukiyvjgbhukgbg,kjhugkbhn.jpg)

No. 798292

LMAO I'm surprised, she hasn't called Preg fiance in months. Seriously what's taking so long? I mean I guess good for June for saying it's only temporary.

No. 798294

>Oh jeez
Shes closer to 30 than she is 20 yet this is the first time shes lived by herself and she feels no shame in saying all of this?
Imo it will never not be depressing seeing people only ever have lived with partners and if it actually turns out to be temporarily shes gonna go from stunted to pure tard real quicc. She will never give herself room to actually develop in life kek.
(They should both change twitter handles to "brainlet 1" & "brainlet 2")

No. 798303

You'd think in this time she'd save up all her money and once she did move out, looked into homes in a nice area. But nope, blew it all for a man child who is already divorced and probably doesn't want to remarry again so he's stringing her along

No. 798310

It's funny how these people act like not caring about anything is mature. No, it's not mature to date a manchild because you have no standards.

No. 798313

It's so weird I haven't even considered shuwu wasn't just relying on her parents but also, hasn't ever lived on her own until fucking now. Most at the very least move out and might have their parents helping them with a few things from into their mid to latish 20s but, she's been this dependent for so long despite all the money she's making from doing a few hours of "work" a month. It's not like she has autism or had a slow development as an excuse either, she's literally just that lazy and preg clearly doesn't want to actually help her improve.

No. 798328

File: 1555443611571.jpg (172.42 KB, 1024x1821, 2022410810405885237.jpg)

No. 798337

>as temporary as it will be

lol i don't think so june

No. 798374

Looking at this, it's so wild to me that she and her overweight daddy dom repeatedly called that girl in the alleged katana nudes "fat", lmao.
Not exactly a skinny legend yourself, June.

No. 798382

I would still consider this to be healthy, but yes she has definitely added weight. Very likely a higher bmi here than katana girl.

No. 798397

June grew some fucking hips, thank God. I honestly hope she regrets making all those fat comments towards women who weigh a mere 20 pounds more than herself, but this is June we're talking about. She'll say something retarded and then publicly cringe about it months later, but then say the retarded thing again the next week.
Looking at the photo a bit longer, her waist looks kind of shooped a bit…

No. 798402

The left hip shoop is so bad, why does she always shoop her hips like that?

No. 798413

Imagine if she goes full circle and starts thin-shaming other women. No longer "Disney princess waistline", but
>Ugh all these shapeless women with no hips trying to fake having my natural Italian thiccness

No. 798419

Wiggy and the Buttpads

No. 798447

her waist is shooped for sure. we know what she actually looks like in a jacket >>694826

No. 798456

File: 1555505344426.jpeg (522.41 KB, 750x1032, AD0A9AE4-C578-472B-814D-52F04A…)

This part is what looks the most shooped. In particular that pocket or whatever that thing is supposed to be. It looks as if she also tried to enhance her bust to make her waist seem smaller. Idk tho

No. 798466

File: 1555509752577.jpg (129.27 KB, 749x1019, D4UXUnuWkAAO4XH.jpg)

>"Stop treating us like we're stupid."

no, Preg.

No. 798469

he really sounds like someone that would get involved with a doomsday cult here, huh

barely anyone is siding with him in the replies so guess this is too moronic even for his ilk

No. 798486

imo its also that gap between her leg and the bag, but could very easily be buttpads as well since we know she wears them. you could see where her sticc leg ends and her buttpads begin.

she's got a natural fridgebod either way, you dont get curves overnight just with weight gain alone. those with an hourglass figure are lucky enough to have fat distribute well, but shoe is not one of those people.

No. 798493

That's not a gap, it's a rip in the jeans

No. 798512

>organization dedicated to erasing history around the world
sorry, what organization in particular is he talking about? i went through his twitter and he seriously seems to be blaming… islam but this is making literally no sense to me

No. 798522

File: 1555525753973.png (279.49 KB, 585x454, I wouldn't even vote for you.p…)

No. 798524

"2014 again amirite xD"

Old and tired memes, get a new gig, June.

No. 798526

File: 1555526142648.jpg (233.16 KB, 744x1972, YxOmaVw.jpg)

He's such a retard holy shit. I wish he tweeted more because everything he says is hilariously dumb.

No. 798531

File: 1555527982691.png (85.75 KB, 593x606, connecting dots.png)


in this moment, he is euphoric.

No. 798533


No. 798554

>i studied the blade

No. 798584

ayy lmao

No. 798623

How he conflates resistance to his baseless suggestions with "Social Justice" is a complete mystery to me.

No. 798635

File: 1555563285121.jpg (70.71 KB, 735x470, contra.jpg)

No. 798636

File: 1555563315477.jpg (130.33 KB, 722x584, brie.jpg)

No. 798679

I still can't believe this is her life. Also she seems more angry lately.

No. 798717

It’s as if nothing changed when she moved out to be closer to Greg… lol

No. 798752

Sounds like she needs Mommy and Daddy to keep her sane

No. 798771

Mommy and Daddy send her to do errands here and there.

Now she's all alone in her apartment with no responsibilities , all she can do is thirst for attention.

No. 798856

File: 1555639331105.jpg (198.23 KB, 718x1242, mommy xDDDD.jpg)

No. 798900

She didnt grow anything lmao there's no way we have receipts of her actual body type

No. 798952

Lmao like there’s no candid pics or videos or anything like that.

No. 798955

Shoe acts like her own comedy isn’t basic corny shit too.

No. 799147

File: 1555759626708.png (10.71 KB, 575x102, debate me you coward.png)

"whether your engagement is real or not" is probably an instablock.

No. 799156

File: 1555765000612.png (258.06 KB, 1080x1223, Screenshot_20190419-055424~2.p…)

He's getting absolutely roasted and is still trying to defend himself.

No. 799157

File: 1555765229002.png (813.57 KB, 1080x1401, Screenshot_20190420-084848~3.p…)

Also Skepchic made a video about it.
I love how he's getting dragged in his own replies. I hope he keeps this going, its what he deserves.

No. 799179

They should debate trans issues, just to see whether she'd a) get triggered by preg and ridiculed by their fans, b) she'd have to cancel her man baby boyfriend to appease the trannies or c) she'd laugh it off and get canceled by the trannies herself.

Too bad that bideo~~ will most likely end up boring, since june doesn't have a single original thought in her brains so she would just end up agreeing with greg on everything unless disagreeing would make her seem quirky

No. 799236

June is such a chicken shit she should debate with feminists not someone she's just gonna let win anyway because we all know she'll giggle and start humping his leg as soon as he opens his mouth

No. 799267

He sounds so pathetic, just admit you were wrong… fuck.

No. 799287

Islamic Extremists have been fucking up Christians in the ME for decades now, so blaming it on Islam has at least some logic too it. You wouldn't call a religion an organization though, and Greg wouldn't be so pedestrian so I'm guessing what he's hinting at is so