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File: 1545372926063.jpg (101.59 KB, 678x1200, dasha.jpg)

No. 616102



>Dasha is outed by lolcow admin for posting 142 times in one thread alone >>>/pt/519998

>Posts included doxxing Mina via a photo of her passport, unreleased semi-nude photos stolen from Mina’s phone, rumors about Mina being a sugar baby, implying Edwin is a kiddy fiddler for dating a 20 year old, and praising/defending Dasha
>Edwin makes a video about the nonsense, alluding to her posts on lolcow
>An old clip resurfaces of Dasha saying "Sieg Heil, mein Führer!" while doing a Nazi salute >>>/pt/525575
>Dasha reacts by deleting her Twitter and making her Instagram accounts private, and announces she is getting “phone therapy” for her depression
>Dasha’s true form is revealed in pics and videos shot for a pluggednyc campaign >>>/pt/532499
>This was particularly delicious vis a vis her addiction to extreme shooping and the fact that she was also caught out editing Mina’s photos >>>/pt/533091
>Dasha and Cyr conspire to take down Edwin’s videos and ultimately have his YouTube channel deleted as revealed in leaked voice messages Dasha sent to her flying monkeys >>>/pt/534251.
>Someone who may or may not be Dasha assumed Mina’s identity and succeeded in getting Mina’s YouTube channel taken down (it has since been reinstated) >>>/pt/536040
>Cyr himself has yet to comment on the situation, leaving his attack dog NetNobody to whiteknight him against Edwin on Twitter >>>/pt/546541
>Videos released by “Anonymous Person” attempting to discredit Mina and Edwin >>>/pt/535521 sound suspiciously like Dasha putting on a British accent >>>/pt/536537
>Mina finally responds to the fuckery herself in a dignified video, mentioning that what is currently public knowledge is not even the full extent of Dasha’s psychotic abuse >>>/pt/543633
>Dasha reveals an unfortunate-looking bowl cut >>>/pt/612660 while continuing to larp as Mina harder than ever >>>/pt615087
>Is outed as escorting in a public (video) tweet by her john, in which she's dressed in Mina's 15yo sister's shirt, wearing a Mina wig, and with painted-on Mina beauty spots. Video: >>>/pt/615816


>Around late 2016/early 2017, Edwin (Edwin’s Generation), Mina (minaxxbell), Dasha, and Cyr all lived together

>Cyr, who was already in a relationship with Dasha and had been for a year, decided to try to have a polyamorous relationship with his ex girlfriend, Mina, and invited her to live with himself and Dasha in LA
>Apparently Dasha suggested this arrangement and was the instigator in getting Mina to live with them, and she later admitted that she did so with the intention of ruining Mina’s life
>Edwin is made to feel ostracised in his own apartment while Cyr attempts to have a relationship with both girls
>Dasha and Mina are featured in some of Cyr’s videos, and they look eerily similar to each other
>Mina, Dasha, Cyr, and Edwin all appear together in “Are You Trying to Smash One of My Girls?” on Edwin’s channel
>At the beginning of February 2017, Edwin and Mina are kicked out of the apartment, and Edwin makes a distressed vlog as they're leaving
>Between November 2016 - January 2017, Mina discovers that Dasha has deleted Mina’s entire Instagram account
>It is believed that she did this out of jealousy, as Mina had more followers than her at the time
>Dasha streams on Periscope claiming that the problem was Mina and Edwin, and that their actions hurt her and Cyr
>Soon after Edwin and Mina leave the apartment, Dasha harasses Mina online through photoshopped memes and sending her minions to bully Mina on Twitter
>Dasha’s fans also start to post on lolcow a lot around this time, defending Dasha and accusing on Mina of “hurting” Dasha
>Dasha says that one day while Mina was in the shower, Dasha went through her phone and found a fake Instagram account on her phone that was sending her (Dasha) hate. Dasha claims that this account belongs to Mina, and she was using it to harass her because she was jealous
>Cyr calls Mina a “crazy girl with an agenda”
>Edwin makes a video with Mina titled “Edwin and Mina get Kicked Out by Cyr and Dasha - Sharing Our Story” (uploaded 4/17/2017)
>He later makes another video responding to things Cyr has lied about, titled “Edwin Responds to Cyr’s Lies” (uploaded 6/12/2017)
>Dasha constantly makes threats to ruin people's lives when they don't give her what she wants
>Follows through with these threats in getting Edwin and Mina kicked out of the house, turning Cyr against his friends, and deleting Mina's Instagram account
>Throughout the videos, Edwin accounts various times where Dasha was emotionally manipulative of Cyr (with Cyr once texting Edwin that he felt “emasculated” by Dasha)
>Video of Dasha responding to Edwin
>Quote from Dasha: “…And I told him, yes, I’m fucking, I’m going to actually get you kicked out, if you literally take Mina’s side over your best friend. I said that to him! I’m owning up to that! I told him that I’d ruin his life, because I would, if he takes a fucking British cunt… I’m sorry [smiles], over his best friend. He’s absolutely right, I stood there smiling…”
>Around June 2017, Dasha makes a video talking about how many people tell her she’s copying Mina’s style
>Dasha seems to continue to talk about how much hate and harassment she’s received because of Mina, and is fixated on people accusing her of copying Mina’s style (spoiler: because she fucking is)

PULL drama:

>In early 2017, when the initial drama involving Dasha, Mina and Edwin started, a user named “Fawnie” created a thread about Mina

>This account mocked Mina for her alleged use of Photoshop, and posted pictures that had never been seen previously by anyone
>In one of Edwin’s videos, Mina says that some of these pictures were never released online, and were pictures that she had left on her camera after a photoshoot
>Dasha apparently also intentionally photoshopped these pictures to make her look bigger than she actually was, to make it seem like Mina was shooping herself to be unnaturally skinny
>While it hasn’t been confirmed that “Fawnie” is Dasha, lots of evidence points to it being her


Snapchat: iblamejules




Previous threads from most recent to oldest:


Edit: Any posts solely commenting on skinwalking will be considered no contribution nitpicking with a minimum ban length of 1 day.

No. 616105

broken link in there, sry: >>>/pt/615087

No. 616107

File: 1545373236670.jpg (372.94 KB, 810x1080, pt2018_12_21_00_14_53_mh154537…)

Trasha was hooking and cucking Cyr on his birthday (assuming she was with this yacht guy before midnight)

No. 616109

Wow, gross. Dasha taking evil to new levels.

No. 616110

i don't think the date this video happened has been confirmed yet, but to me it feels on the older side. hate to insinuate that she looks anything near good here, but she really hasn't looked this flattering in a candid in a long time (just look at how bloated she is in her most recent stream and in those leaked box-body modeling gig candids). plus she's wearing mina's sister's shirt so unless she just stole it and never gave it back, it might have been when they were all still living together? idk i can't tell because i don't have a good timeline on her skin-wearing phases, she has so many that I'm losing track lol

No. 616111

File: 1545373955678.jpeg (821.11 KB, 3464x3464, 813E2276-2A41-48A2-ABBD-528A74…)

dasha and roses 🌹

No. 616113

File: 1545374229009.webm (Spoiler Image,8.54 MB, 360x640, Dasha DyYL9Y-gEqS7lrmE.webm)

Video reupload for this thread as it's so topical

No. 616115

oh my god, i only just caught a whiff of what's going on but this is almost too good to be true. karma hits like a goddamn ton of bricks. and not a peep from cyr yet?

No. 616116

File: 1545374501302.gif (4.1 MB, 339x427, giphy.gif)

god damnit anon

No. 616117

File: 1545374714723.jpeg (119.05 KB, 1242x1008, image.jpeg)

Lmao found this comment under the vid of cyr eating leaves, I don't think it's supposed to be funny, he's just begging at this point

No. 616131

Place your bets on how long they're gonna last through 2019, Trash is one dirty ass girl. If it's an Oldish video I wonder why this guy decided to post it now..

No. 616136

he's not gonna say anything, he's a cuck

No. 616146

Kek, first thing, what the fuck with that song? That "sugar daddy" super millionaire dude thought "oh, maybe this song makes me look badass and rich while some chicks are around".
Also Julia, you don't fool anyone, you look pretty stupid acting like you're turned on while the guy looks disgusting and didn't even touched you. Like dude, we know you needed some extra cash or contacts, but please, you were shaming SW and you don't even do that right lol. This is fucking gold. Merry Milkmas farmers.
Wtf cyr? Is that why you don't leave that piece of shit? Do you really need that dirty money for rent?
This is gold.

No. 616148

omg i was about to say the same thing lol her acting was so cringey

No. 616163

She's panting pretty hard for someone who's not even being touched and just laying there in her clothes awkwardly next to some guy who looks old enough to be her Father. SO hOt

No. 616177

File: 1545382805534.png (63.29 KB, 200x175, FAEF2800-6968-4C01-BD93-C79516…)

Looked fast and thought it was Dante 2.0 first, but damn what a stank ass hoe love yourself cyr. I remember actually thinking he seemed like a funny guy from when I saw him in jacksfilms old videos.

No. 616190


i can't work out the other girl in this. seems like a blow up doll or s/t to me.

No. 616197

That would be hilarious but unfortunately, it's not. Look at the legs.

No. 616199

File: 1545385802431.jpg (41.22 KB, 784x498, lolsd.JPG)

>Unless she just stole it and never gave it back
That's exactly what she did! She stole more than that actually, where have you been anon? kek

Love it!

No. 616205

Does anyone remember back when Dasha had ask.fm before she turned polyamorus and that shit with Mina went down, people were asking her what's her opinion on Onision and she said "she has no respect for people who sleep with other people other than their significant other" ? Lmao this bitch.

No. 616210

Missed a link of Dasha’s in the OP.


No. 616211

Where is this screen cap from?

No. 616213

This milk is absolutely amazing. I wonder how many uncovered videos there are of Trasha online of her being bought by nasty old men. Personally, I believe Cyr probably wants to break up but since Trasha is crazy beyond belief, she probably threatens to release personal milky info/pictures on him.

No. 616217

thanks anon, I made a shitty effort in my haste

No. 616222

No. 616223

Looked through the Tony guys Twitter & it looks like he's into the porta potty scene. Basically men paying ig whores to do extremely degrading shit

No. 616226

probably found her on one of her old sugarbaby sites

from her exposed posts on here:
>loool I know the site she was on and it’s for paid dates and not for prostitution. lots of IG girls are on there. the website is strict about prostitution being illegal. just because shes on there doesn’t mean she suckes someone off for cash. you don’t have proof for that either

some more laughs, since we know everything is 100% projection:
>and Mina cheated on Cyr with sugardaddies while they were in a monogamous relationship.
>lol Mina cheated on Cyr before he allegedly cheated on her. her sugardaddies flew her out and she was seeing them while she was with Cyr. he even said that

No. 616227

File: 1545389862916.jpg (906.99 KB, 1207x660, sCOCjGv.jpg)


No. 616230

File: 1545391012279.png (92.73 KB, 373x407, projection.PNG)


rip cyr

No. 616235

Omgggg where did you get this picture from?she looks so ugly when she is not posing

No. 616236

You can easily see that her biggest insecurity is her double chin

No. 616238

File: 1545393002306.jpg (367.7 KB, 348x468, 1qtN38o.jpg)

Nice wig there dasha

They are from Cyrs stream btw

No. 616239

File: 1545393270480.png (1004.04 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-12-21-13-53-33…)

What a natural looking wig

No. 616240

File: 1545393378154.jpg (770.43 KB, 694x562, 82s2J0l.jpg)


No. 616242

Could she possibly be threatening Cyr into letting her live there by telling him if he kicks her out, she'll get him in trouble for harbouring an illegal immigrant? Because I'm pretty sure that's a crime and I'm sure that's something she would use to manipulate Cyr, I'm not sure if it's even more illegal to be harbouring an illegal Prostitute either but if so that could be why Cyr hasn't fucked her off yet.

No. 616245

Have a feeling that Dasha's unfortunate new blond bowl cut is a direct result of this gross (but super rich) Tony Toutoni guy.

On his twitter, he shames a girl for not being able to handle 20 seconds of a titty twist, because she would have earned $1000 bucks for that degrading act. That's here https://mobile.twitter.com/tonytoutouni/status/1065116298961539072

So even though Tony claims not to pay these skanky whores for sex, he does indeed pay them to humiliate and degrade themselves in whatever diabolical act he can think of at that moment.

Is it really so off the wall to assume that he may have offered her a thousand or 2 to cut off her money maker hair into an ugly bowl and dye it brassy blond too??? (Maybe he got tired of all her wigs and rationalized that if she wears so many wigs anyways, who cares about the hair underneath.)

Check it, he paid for a slut to blow some old man in a nursing home, he had 5 skanks all over his accountant, and his friends all pose with bitches at their dongs. One chick hes suing for "abusing and arousing" his dog, well, that model says that Tony himself encouraged her to let the dog hump her and have sex with her, that Tony was the one behind the camera the whole time directing.

This is the kind of guy Dasha is hanging around to get her bills paid.

I'm pretty sure Tony is kinda aware of Cyr, and I think maybe this milky video of Dasha and him is a jab at both of them, with that message he posted with the video.

Think Tony is throwing shade at Cyr for pimping out Dasha.
>I been a hustler and player before the IG model Ponzi scammer introvert pretender learned what pussy was

Think Tony is throwing shade at Dasha too, since he knows how controversial she's become, and he knows just how insane she is about skinwalking Mina, well, insane in general, but that Dasha in reality, behind the hype, is some no-name nobody that just skanks around IG looking for handouts from rich "daddies"
>To all those idiots who look up to tricks with daddy’s Money I say go fuck yourselves !

And if you made it this far, one more thing. Dasha's ugly white chunky sneakers. Why is she wearing them so much? Where did she get the money for them?

I present to you, exhibit a, Tony's IG on November 2 https://www.instagram.com/p/BpsvXoWg9g2/?hl=en

See those feet wearing ugly chunky white sneakers?

Are they Dashas feet? Is that Dasha almost 2 months ago with this guy? Did Tony give Dasha the sneakers? Or or or…. Is there some other nameless skank who wears these sneakers instead????

And even worse, if that's not Dasha in the picture, does that mean Dasha saw some other slut there with Tony wearing the sneakers, and Dasha decided to skinwalk this new nameless slut's feet?????? Because she's sure done that before.

So, Dasha skanks around like the all the IG models who eventually become yatch girls having sex with rich middle eastern men and getting pooped on.

Is Cyr really ok with all of this? Well… maybe he does not love Dasha. Maybe he gives so few fucks now. Cyr is a huge cheater anyways. He skanked around Cali a whole hell of a lot more 7-8 years ago, and cheated on all his girlfriends. Multiple times.

Maybe if they are happy together, it doesn't matter what the other person does outside of their relationship.

But no way in hell does Cyr not know about all of this. And if he didn't before, he does now.

(Phone isn't letting me upload pics sorry)

No. 616249

did she comb her sugardaddy's jizz out of it though

No. 616251

i don't think those are even buffalos
bit tinfoily, anon

No. 616253

I don't think the video is old at all. That guy constantly posts videos of his hoes. Why would he save this one for almost a year?

No. 616255

She was larping Mina in the escort video and has been larping Mina since december 9th if you look at her instagram, note the birthmarks. The video is definitely new, and she's probably a very uhh hard working escort lol

No. 616256

Is it just me or have her teeth become a lot more gross, I swear they were nicer a year or two ago. >>616240

No. 616257

This guy sounds like a total scumbag. The fact that she claims to be a feminist but works with someone like him just shows her nasty character.

No. 616258

What do you guys think she will do in 5 years lol
She is already turning ugly before our very eyes she is not gonna be able to do this forever

No. 616264

Well, she's clearly not an escort. She will probably end up doing porn, best case scenario, she already looks like a blow up doll ooorr she'll be a crack whore 'cause once a whore you're nothing more.

No. 616267

I doubt this guy gives a fuck about dashas personal life, this ehole text is a massive reach

No. 616269

Cyrs turned off all his IG comments, I wonder what their next stream will be like, and if Cyr only did that to make it seem like he was making the money. Now its out in the open I wonder if he's even going to bother with it anymore.

No. 616270


December 14
00:12:54 "Dasha's gone"

December 16
Tony Toutouni posts the video on Twitter.
Also Cyr's birthday.

No. 616271

na, for me it sounds like she tried to fuck him over and he posted the vid out of revenge??? But honestly it's hard to decipher what this guy means, he has some serious case of peanut brain

No. 616273

My translation of what Tonys tweet means is that Cyr is Dashas pimp and Cyr tried to scam Tony? Or Dasha tried to scam Tony, not having anything to do with Cyr? Maybe farfetched, but it fits the description in the tweet.

No. 616280

File: 1545399859580.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20181221_15415644…)

I'm pretty sure this is also her

No. 616284

Could be, but hard to say. I was checking the photos and videos for a girl with her tattoos, but has no luck finding her.

No. 616285

That twitter guy is 100% not talking about Cyr or any part of Dasha's personal life. He's talking about Dan Bilzerian, the Insta famous guy similar to him. Dan says he made his money off poker but everyone knows it's from his dad's embezzled trust fund

No. 616290

I agree. This Tony dude prolly just hired dasha not knowing her personal drama.

No. 616294

It's like she went to Party City and got something from the 90% Halloween bin.

No. 616296

Maybe he's waiting for her to break up with him, so she doesn't go full psycho on him.
You know she couldn't handle him breaking up with her, even though she doesn't give a fuck about him.

No. 616297

Could be her since the girl also has really wide shoulders

No. 616299

Very possible, look at those wide shoulders

Yep, one guy in the comments even brought him up

No. 616300

The black hair certainly looks like one of Trashas shitty wigs, the sukky sukky blonde escort makes it even more plausible that it is her. Is that a hand on her ass??

No. 616303

If only we should be so blessed for Dante 2.0.

I'm having an internal struggle about feeling sorry for Cyr. I feel bad for him and then I don't. Dasha is trash, he should have taken her to the dump a long time ago.

No. 616308

File: 1545404548691.jpeg (281.43 KB, 1189x1287, C5FCDF75-6ADF-47E9-BA4E-123B4E…)

No. 616314

The fuck is this outfit?

No. 616316

Has Cyr been active since Dash got exposed?

No. 616325

He closed the comments on his Instagram. So far that's the only change.

No. 616337

I can still see the comments?

No. 616341

Yeah you can see the comments, but no new comments can be posted.

No. 616367

He was supposed to stream yesterday but didn't

No. 616377

This level of degradation is insane. From what I’ve gathered, mina prob does sugar babying (remember the problems with getting into the us, and Lettie saying “she was saying you were a prostitute but that wasn’t what it is”) but this guy’s twitter is nuts. There’s no way Dasha didn’t know it would be posted publicly. Maybe she thought nobody unrelated to the escorting world would see it?

Not to shame sex work but when I see shit like this I’m just like.. you’d rather be extremely degraded than work in the service industry? Doesn’t make sense to me tbh. Also Cyr MUST know and be ok with it (or even like it), you can’t entirely hide something like this esp when you live with someone and your old roommates knew (remember how Cyr was like “she always pays in cash”)

No. 616392

Dasha is a nut. Remember that she skinwalks Mina whilst being degraded by this dude. Maybe in her own twisted mind he is really doing this to "Mina", whom she [Dasha] wants to punish for whatever reason (not wanting to be Dasha's twin/girlfriend? This tinfoil always intrigued me). It's a form od deflection, because it's rather obvious that the person Dasha cannot stand the most is her own self.

No. 616395

well, as an illegal immigrant she cant get a debit card
I think he just doesnt care about her, she doesnt care about him as well. I wonder why they're still together… probably to prove something to Mina and Edwin

No. 616401

I wonder how often Cyr fantasises about killing her or himself and what drugs he does to cope

No. 616402

tinfoil but I think that Dasha may be so deeply body dysmorphic and just simply delusional that she believed she's safe, since she's skinwalking Mina (and in her mind, looks like Mina). Maybe she was even trying to frame her and that's why she took the deal with this pig. Who knows what's going on in her sick head.

No. 616416

This is the theory i believe as well. The fact that she drew the freckles on exactly. Like she prob was looking at a pic of mina while doing her makeup

No. 616418

To be fair sex work is often done by undocumented immigrants because they cannot apply for "regular" jobs. It's also fast money (high-end sex workers make around 500/hr), and for people like her, it can be a way to reach "fame."

I honestly don't doubt she's doing escorting, and she's so insecure abt it that she had to lie about Mina doing it. She knows she isn't as conventionally attractive as Mina, and she seems to mirror her to feel better about it, maybe?

It just seems like she is trying to imitate her, and maybe it's because she feels intimidated by her?

No. 616423

yeah I dont think anybody shames her for doing sex work. The problem is dasha accusing Mina of every single thing SHE HERSELF DOES! its absurd at this point.

No. 616427

File: 1545424873115.jpeg (170.85 KB, 750x996, 4EC43FBA-6059-46D5-A32A-FF8657…)

Think Cyr even knows yet? Dasha seems very good at takig control of these situations like how she would erase his messages and whatnot. Seems like she’s taken over his instagram and twitter too. There’s no way I could see Cyr making this header and bio like who is she fooling lmao

No. 616428

Dasha couldn't work in the service industry even if she wanted to, and Cyr couldn't afford to support them both in LA with anything he's qualified for. If they want to continue with their lifestyle, this is probably their only choice.

I don't see an issue with sex workers, but considering she dresses up as Mina while she does it, homegirl has got some serious damage.

No. 616429

He knows. People tweeted it at him and he closed his comments on Instagram soon after this came out.

The question is: does he care?

No. 616434

It's not that hard to find a man who will pay you a lot without having to be extremely degraded in public like that but you have to not be a nut.

It's just pure desperation, or maybe it's her kink.

No. 616436

Poor Cyr is just a little bitch boy who stays home with the dog while his partner goes out getting all the dick, meanwhile his creativity has been sucked dry and his content has been reduced to the most miserable, dingy, unorganised streams that to me exhibit crack behaviour, getting interested in dull things, constantly repeating the same phrases over, no real goal or meaning or anything to what he chooses to stream and he himself is convinced his content is nothing without Dasha. If that doesn't tell you that Cyr is in a delusional state right now I don't know what will, think about his content before compared to now, and he's convinced himself it's good. He looks miserable in each stream, he probably doesn't care I wouldn't be surprised if he's drinking himself into not giving a shit.

No. 616437

She’s a wannabe Russian so sex work is a part of her cat fishing imo

No. 616438

Cyr has other options, considering he does video filming/editing and has a large internet following. Lots of entertainment companies in La will hire you based on follower count and your “YouTube resume”. The question is whether he’s willing to actually put work into something that is unrelated to his own Cyr brand and support two people on the income

No. 616441

I feel like Cyr knows about the sex work for sure, but it's probably something he didn't want his friends and the internet knowing. Who wants their friends to know about you staying home playing video games while your GF is out prostituting to pay rent. It makes him look really bad.

How much does he even rake in per stream? and how often does he stream?

No. 616442

Cyrs not going to be able to get any job if he gets caught by law.

No. 616446

Dasha couldve been the one to do that. Seems like she has full access to his accounts.

No. 616447

Idk shit about California law, but would Cyr have any reprocussions for just harboring/housing an illegal immigrant?

No. 616457

LA is (kind of) a sanctuary city so as long as she lives there, I doubt anything will happen. Honestly, there are cases with way higher priority than some washed up wannabe LA model

No. 616461

Also Dasha could work an under-the-table job like personal assisting/working at a shop etc. A lot of people work under-the-table so doing this intense degrading prostitution isn’t her “only option” imo. Honestly seems like her and Cyr don’t wanna give up on their dreams of fame and don’t want to work “normal” jobs, even though every other creative who doesn’t have financial help from their family needs to work a day job (especially in la)

No. 616466

I live in Los Angeles and I know Multiple immigrants that work under the table. Theres a lot of asian restaurants or boba stores willing to pay in cash bc they dont wanna pay the new higher minimum wage.
As much as I don’t want to shame sex work, you really don’t need to in california if you’re willing to hustle and budget wisely.
I mean it’s not a 6 figure salary but its better than sucking some creeps finger for rent

No. 616467

What do you guys think about the hate Edwin and Mina are getting for retweeting it? I feel conflicted because the video does make me feel bad for Dasha - that's a gruesome situation and I'm sure she's miserable to have that information out there.
But also…I mean, Edwin didn't post it himself. And this was truly the only way to prove that Dasha was projecting about the sex work stuff.

No. 616469

File: 1545433169182.png (123.03 KB, 1080x628, IMG_20181222_084815.png)

He'd get 5 years or a hefty fine if it did become a case. Not sure if it would be 10 for the prositituon as I'm assuming he does use some of her financial gain. L.A might be a sanctuary city but that is for immediate refuge, for example if you fled your country in a rush because you were in immediate danger, still though, you have to seek asylum or apply as a refuge, you can't just hide there illegally and not notify anyone, you will get deported.

No. 616470

I feel no sympathy for her, after what she did to Mina, posting her nudes and passport without consent, honestly this is sweet Karma doing her job. What goes around comes around.

No. 616471

uhm she leaked minas private information and nudes. For me it was just prove and karma being a bitch.

No. 616476

File: 1545433431263.jpeg (225.23 KB, 748x1035, 9A2F8638-7232-40D1-9C03-1E2971…)

The hate is nonsense, the same hate will be given to Mina and Edwin no matter what they expose. I don’t think they should even respond to it.
The girls who defend Dasha are just minions anyway or don’t know the full situation.

No. 616479

Bridget is not smart. Don't be like Bridget.

No. 616482

She knew she was being filmed by him, it would eventually get out anyway. I think she knew what she was getting herself into. She must have seen his twitter and instagram before.

No. 616484

It's funny because on the guy's instagram, he looks like a normal Dan Bilzerian type. Like his Instastory highlights are wild, but not too crazy.
But his twitter is like…jesus christ I wanted to wear 3 pairs of pants after scrolling through it. I needed holy water. That shit on there is HORRIBLE.

No. 616488

even though edwin wasn’t the one who originally posted it i agree w her to an extent… he’s the one who spread it to tenfold. edwin is slimy as fuck, i really doubt they even give a shit anymore about dasha copying mina. its reached past the point of “waah waah this psycho is wearing the same clothea as my gf :’((“ and treaded into revenge porn territory, the same shit dasha did. they are literally turning into the same evil they were trying to expose.

No. 616490

lmao i mean she did kinda share mina’s private info on here anon. i do agree that edwin and her are DEFINTELY not mad about her wearing her little sister’s top and are more just trying to burn her at this point. she deserved it for being a shitty person and now its her karma thats shes being exposed and cyr as a cuck

No. 616495

Cost of living in la is expensive but there are lots of jobs that surprisingly pay pretty well under-the-table (catering, $15/hr shop clerk jobs, gigs as performers at parties, heck even atmosphere modeling) and if you’re willing to hustle you can do it. Seems to me like Dasha wants to lay around on social media all day and sometimes have sex for money. It’s her choice to do sex work of course but to frame sex work as her (and Cyr’s) “only option” is inaccurate.

No. 616499

The video wasn’t private, it was shared publicly. Edwin didn’t get it sent to him and post it or steal it from someone’s phone and post it, he just retweeted

No. 616500

i literally said that in my prior post

No. 616521

She is not only wearing the same cloths or copying a bit of style but doing a full-body Mina impersonation - complete with wig, cloths that are connected to her and drawn on moles. While doing the very thing she desperately tried to publicly frame Mina for - on here >>519727, convincing her teenage minions >>527274, god knows where else.. It's royally fucked up and she needs to be called out for that. Julia decided to publicly drag them through the dirt and neither Mina nor Edwin owe her now to not speak up about having proof of her abusive behavior and twisted lies just to protect her image.

No. 616526

File: 1545439294157.jpeg (255.33 KB, 750x1050, 3F41E841-41D3-45A1-A8D5-867044…)

This bitch is so predictable. I bet shes the one who blocked his comments. Just like she monitors her comments and deletes at lightspeed when they’re open and she inevitably gets criticism. I agree with anon >>616441 he must know what she does to pay rent but I don’t think hed appreciate the public embarrassment and make memes with Dasha rn had he seen the shitstorm on twitter (remember how he didnt want anyone talking about his private life when the drama started)

No. 616530

Cyr is so fucking dumb for sticking up with Dasha's shit that I don't think any sympathy is needed here lmao. He destroyed a longterm friendship, his own reputation, his mental health and his career and now he's getting cucked, too. I can't with this man.

No. 616536

File: 1545441288947.png (129.69 KB, 641x571, funwithfriends.png)

From Edwin's Twitter

Aw yes, my good friend Tony who glorifies and celebrates the degradation of women. Fun times.

No. 616540

lmao is she for real

>my good friend Tony who twists my nipples for fun

No. 616543

birds of a feather lol

No. 616552

Hahaha this guy is fucking ugly and is a misogynistic asshole. Dasher deserves what she gets. How pathetic lmfao merry christmas bitch

No. 616557

tony is a friend hehe! My other friend sucked his dick and he rubbed my nipples and stuck his fingers in my mouth for fun hehe!

No. 616565

For fun? Really? That old gross looking man who only hangs out with naked women and posts nothing but degrading pictures and videos of women? The guy who brags about money and hoes? The guy who's suing someone for apparently fucking his dog? The guy who talks about nothing besides fucking women? Just a friend? Do you let all of your friends touch you sexually? Do most people you hang out with casually get sucked off during friendly conversation? As a proclaimed feminist Dasha, why are you "friends" with this sick pervert? Sure trash, sure.

No. 616569

Hey small dick Cyr I'm just gonna go hang out with my BFF Tony, great guy you know we're just gonna film some soft porn together and then go get some rice. Totes just friends tho okay hun?

No. 616581


A feminist who is friends with a misogynist??? She’s either a hypocrite or a liar. Just fucking admit it Julia Walwhore.

No. 616597


I don't mean 'only option to live in LA', I mean 'only option to support their above-their-means lifestyle'. like the kind where Dasha can get ugly ass leather sneakers and support her cuck bf all in the same week

No. 616620

It's a bit ironic for me that she has had a years-long vendetta against an ex of her boyfriend for no reason and went above and beyond to destroy and antagonise her but she'll tolerate this piece of shit for more than a second and gladly suck his metaphorical and literal dick. Dasha, you dun goofed

No. 616624

I'm laughing my ass off picturing a disgusted and shocked anon putting on three pairs of pants

No. 616633

File: 1545459805314.png (736.52 KB, 900x600, happybdaycyr.png)

No. 616644

File: 1545462411727.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20181222_020011106.j…)

what happened to her goddamn

No. 616653

what the fuck the left is literally the basic instahoe that she always tries to be lol

No. 616680

File: 1545477170762.jpeg (181.97 KB, 1189x995, D8717A65-59D8-47D3-9126-AE1108…)

>shitty wig
>wide shoulders

No. 616682

Looks like tommy wiseau

No. 616684

Her shitty makeup, wig, and clothing choices are just so unflattering! She does have the widest shoulders and the strangest body type. Girl, stop copying other people's styles and figure out what will suite you. She just makes herself look nasty. And again, I hate her wigs. They are so obviously fake. Is it because her forehead is so short and the wig looks too low? I'm not sure …

No. 616691

Seems like even Tony has a preference and prefers the blonde one more over Dasha.

No. 616697

"He's just my friend lol we just like to take naked bubble baths together you know that's what friends do"

No. 616709

i also let suck on his fingers and let him touch my nips because thats what friends do for fun

No. 616711

It looks like there are him and a woman in two different pics photoshopped together. You can kind of see his hand on the brunette's ass too, in the same way he has it on the blonde. So there are two pics spliced together (I think)

No. 616724

More likely that it's cropped, probably some other guy touching Dashas ass

No. 616739

She put herself in that situation, though? She knew it was being recorded, she chose to cosplay Mina and be degraded for a few bucks? Sex workers screech about it being a choice and how they're liberated but somehow sharing this - something Dasha chose to do - is evil? After everything Dasha put Mina through, this isn't even half of what she deserves. She's a dumb, illegal whore who's finally being exposed for the dumb, illegal whore she is. Plain and simple. I don't feel bad for her in the slightest. She made her bed, and she can lie in it.

No. 616751

People with this "logic" are morons. The problem isn't that she's doing sex work, it's that she's doing sex work while cosplaying as Mina, freckles and all. This is no different than when Margo slept with that Korean man in Venus's clothes to make her look like she was cheating on her husband/whoring out.

No. 616757

I looked through his whole Instagram and Dasha is such an odd addition.. Anyone noticed that?
Every other girl is the perfect ass and boob combo, flat stomachs and just overall the societies "perfection". And then there's a wig wearing Dasha….. I'm so confused how, where…. why??

No. 616758

File: 1545504027197.jpg (681.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181221-173251_Ins…)

Based on the wig and body shape plus Dasha's like, I think this is also her

No. 616759

why are trash people like him so famous? i don't think it's her though

No. 616761

Yeah, I really can't tell. It just vaguely looks like her and I thought it was odd that it was the one pic she liked. Probably isn't her though

No. 616762

She wishes

No. 616769

That looks way too good to be Dasha.

No. 616783


I kinda feel like she was a one-time thing. This guy clearly has no issue getting actual pretty girls with nice bodies to fuck around with. Why bother inviting Dasha more than once?

I really feel like she probably catfished him since instagram is probably how they came into contact, and everything on her IG is shooped to hell and back.

No. 616786

Lmfao im dead anon

No. 616789

is she selling herself now and still with cyr?

No. 616790

File: 1545510084937.jpeg (115.96 KB, 750x1079, 6D24690E-98F4-4A49-B1E4-5D5F47…)

Shes trying to turn him into tony

No. 616791

Well, remember that he's her friend. And It actually doesn't matter if she did it with him just once. Now we all have prove that she's a prostitute and was accusing Mina of all the thing she herself does.

No. 616792

What happend to her? She used to be normal weight?

No. 616793

i’m pretty sure dasha has a tattoo going down her spine thats like the five stages of grief or something edgy like that. the bathtub pic is definitely her tho

No. 616794

File: 1545510900760.png (2.09 MB, 1242x2208, 4E4E8FFA-5D3D-45AC-AA1B-B58285…)

No. 616796

She just has an unfortunate body shape, reverse triangle or square or some shit like that.

No. 616798

she looks heavy in the pic, like overweight.

No. 616800

File: 1545511910109.png (442.09 KB, 819x396, Skärmavbild 2018-12-22 kl. 21…)


ok so dasha sits down and eats some leaves.. then makes like a moo sound? are we alright here?

No. 616804

that's thai basil which is typically eaten raw. They're acting like this over a spice?? I'm not super familiar with this cow, is she on the chicken tendies diet?

No. 616805

Her wig and the bubbles are covering that section of her back anyway. You wouldn't be able to see the tattoos

No. 616811

she' looks like she's at a pho place where they usually give you basil like that (along with lime and bean sprouts) to put into the hot soup.

No. 616895

Oh my god, I haven't checked on this thread in a while and Dasha is just straight up a prostitute now? Incredible

No. 616896

I'm so confused as to how this girl actually looks. I know she looks nothing like her instagram pictures. The video is actually accurate to how I think she looks after editing and stupid angles but then in cyr's twitch streams she looks… like a fucking blob and i'm JUST talking about her face, nothing else.

No. 616943

Anyone looks good laying down that's why you see so many selfies with bitches laying down on their bed. Gravity is forcing her skin back and of course, that's going to accentuate your features. Don't forget she's also lifting and straining her head, jawline, and neck up a fuckton while pretending him touching her is really turning her on that much.

No. 616959

File: 1545571444024.png (320.22 KB, 678x646, IMG_20181224_002152.png)

Yeah she's stretching her neck out heaps, here we've spotted a false giraffe.

No. 616964

all that kybella for nothing lmao

No. 616968

File: 1545573449376.jpg (37.65 KB, 1280x846, preview@2x-5ce03458.jpg)

No. 616975

That titty twist video makes me feel ill. The way he's laughing whilst she's literally screaming in pain? What the fuck dasha. Feminist?? This is your friend? (kinda not buying it, idk a friend who you let touch your tit you suck his chodey finger whilst he gettin his dick sucked?) he prob has mad mommy issues by the look of his autistic Instagram, armchair that mommy wasn't very nice to him so he thinks he's on a crusade for revenge/fixing his hurt feefees
Edwin is a fuckin rat but I'm still glad him and mina are out of there. Shit just gets darker and darker

No. 616993

please don't add gross scenarios into the mix, anon.

No. 617021

File: 1545589977978.jpeg (51.54 KB, 750x171, 84BBBED3-342D-4783-8BCC-80AD26…)

Much vegan~ I guess shes done pretending to care about animals.

No. 617023

File: 1545591661556.jpg (1.09 MB, 1021x1420, Screenshot_20181223-135825_Ins…)

Lol she edited the fuck out of her legs, especially the one on the left (our left) … I think she also may have made the sneakers larger in order for her to appear smaller but idrk

No. 617024

File: 1545591748254.jpg (77.62 KB, 1070x402, SmartSelect_20181223-140220_In…)

Um.. where?

No. 617027

Its… Not a scenario it's a description of the video dasha was actually in

No. 617028

Dasha shopped her legs to look like the ones of a old sporty in shape lady, with her strange body shape I wouldn't surprise tho

No. 617030

Pretty sure she’s fingering herself under the blanket and that’s why she’s panting so hard. Take another look at the video

No. 617031

omg you are right

No. 617060

File: 1545600379586.jpg (110.06 KB, 709x352, 20181223_212532.jpg)

No. 617061

File: 1545600446465.jpg (177.17 KB, 720x564, 20181223_212500.jpg)

Lols she deleted the first comment and skipped over addressing the shoes

No. 617062

It's all been deleted now lol

No. 617084

File: 1545603809197.png (5.42 MB, 1125x2436, 4C124E33-323D-4001-8614-14796C…)

No. 617094

File: 1545604751297.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x2560, 18-12-23-17-38-50-640_deco.jpg)

No. 617098

File: 1545604914934.png (3.15 MB, 1125x2436, CA87735A-3900-4908-8D81-19B27E…)

No. 617100

he cheated on every gf so he deserves this, kek

No. 617161

File: 1545609082821.png (433.52 KB, 476x582, Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 6.46…)

Still won't admit she wear a dead animals skin on her feet while being oh so uwu very vegan. Coming from a person who shit on Mina for taking a photo with a taxidermy deer.
>>I USED to edit my pictures a lot more back in the day.
Bitch this picture is from July! No one can tell me she didn't photoshop and facetune the FUCK out of this. No one would care nearly as much about her editing if a) she didn't edit/make herself look like Mina b) if she didn't go so fucking over the top to make herself look like a freaking alien or c) hadn't tried to throw others under the bus for editing when she actually was the one editing the photos as blackmail. (remember that Julia? Lolcow remembers.)

No. 617206

As a passing lurker, I gotta say, Dasha is one of the biggest photoshop catfish I’ve ever seen (of the ones who go it well and get away with it I mean) it used to be Dakota, but Dashas real life vs photoshopped self is even more contrasting. She’s below average ugly and gross faced in every nonedited pic and video I’ve seen if her, but gorgeous in 90% of her own edits.

No. 617226

mate if you consider shit like this >>617161 even one percent 'gorgeous' I have some dakota selfies to sell you lol.
She shoops her photos like she has a dorito massive bratzdoll look. It doesn't look real, it doesn't look good, and she's literally dumb shit retarded thinking this is attractive in any way. It's sad because if she really tried and went towards her natural Austrian look instead of this pseudo russian wanna be look shes's so desperately claiming to be, she might actually get proper modelling gigs after working out and crap.

Instead, she's stuck sucking old man dick for money, and pretending to be in a relationship with a cuck she clearly barely cares about. What a life to be jealous of lol.

No. 617232

Some of her photoshopped pics are pretty. That’s why she’s an “instagram model” with followers in the first place right? I was just saying that the difference between Instagram dasha and real dasha is the biggest of any other shooper I can think of.

No. 617283

File: 1545647103945.jpg (77.31 KB, 960x720, cortisol moonface.jpg)

Tinfoil, but is Dasha on Meds? I think she has this typical, bloated, cortisol moonface?

No. 617325

I think bulimia or shitty plastic surgery/botox are more likely. Or maybe just karma for her photoshopping Mina to look puffy.

No. 617326

File: 1545670493945.jpg (815.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181224-175315_Ins…)

Nice Christmas pictures

No. 617327

File: 1545670521306.jpg (858.56 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181224-175302_Ins…)

No. 617363

File: 1545679622358.png (402.14 KB, 495x587, Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 2.22…)

All she wants for Christmas is Mina's skin. Or more leather for her uwu vegan image.
No tagging the clothing company or the agency that's doing the shoot, perhaps Julia's using her whore money on hooker clothes and a photographer. Excellent investment for a washed up instahoe, I mean, "model".

No. 617364

File: 1545679761821.png (232.05 KB, 331x618, Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 6.52…)

Looks like she's using the snowapp or another video/photo editing app.

No. 617365

File: 1545679997812.png (469.23 KB, 923x587, Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 2.28…)

It's so cringy she's still copying Mina in style and personality. Mina's done the whole "uwu aliens, space ships, out of this world" thing (if I remember correctly her insta bio still says "london based alien"). Also, no tag of the designers, agency, studio, photographer, nothing.

No. 617366

File: 1545680244491.png (761.77 KB, 932x578, Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 2.36…)

No. 617384

She's probably afraid people are going to tell them about her.. Shortcomings.

No. 617386

As she should be.

No. 617389

She's brand poison. She can't plug the brand cause then people will let them know she tried to doxx her boyfriend ex, posted revenge porn of her bf ex, dresser and pretends to be her boyfriends ex, and is an all around cunt. So basically the brand is getting the shit end of the stick, they don't get any exposure from her, they don't get any credit from her, they will most likely get backlash if they are ever printed or used and they have to spend a day with Trasha.

No. 617464

i knew her pose looked familiar lol somebody gift thi girl originality for christmas

No. 617523

Also, no one wants a non-discreet broke ass prostitute as the face of their product. 'Buy these shoes worn by this chick who blows strangers for money!' Yeah no.

No. 617613

File: 1545800926078.gif (1.65 MB, 480x258, perfect_blue.gif)

I'm sure this comparison has been made before…but does anyone else feel like this is turning into full-on "Perfect Blue" at this point? Like Mina's gonna wake up to Dasha wearing her clothes stabbing her? I mean

No. 617615

File: 1545801179564.gif (1.93 MB, 500x269, 195199.gif)

pic related Dasha v Mina

No. 617685

File: 1545846027725.png (502.46 KB, 921x576, Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 12.3…)

Merry cringemas everyone.

No. 617687

Well we know where she took this lol.

No. 617705

File: 1545857705120.jpg (146.07 KB, 740x925, dfsgsj.jpg)


forgot the flowers

No. 617738

This outfit really accentuates the fupa and she looks horrendous but hey ~muh modeling gig~ Good luck with the shoop!


No. 617968

Oh.. my.. god.. the accuracy is unbelievable. I bet Dasha still lurks and is seething at that comparison

No. 618004

We do? Where?

No. 618116

I get the vibe she took this at her good ol' friend Tony's

No. 618123

Lmao same here..

No. 618188

File: 1545982783207.png (789.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-12-28-09-20-30…)

>>616102 well, it doesn't look like shoop, guys

No. 618189

File: 1545983294834.jpg (1.74 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20181228_09412653…)

on the stroke of twelve the spell will be broken

No. 618198

File: 1545985728398.jpeg (156.45 KB, 750x462, 231BE7F5-2C73-4840-8170-B43FFB…)

Trashas new identity for her upcoming rebrand?

No. 618213

File: 1545990610705.png (893.98 KB, 1078x1083, IMG_20181228_204931.png)

Jesus christ if she puts anymore black shit in her eyebrows she's going to look like this.

No. 618296

>fuck you dasha
>and your eyebrows

No. 618342

Julia and her flying monkeys gave Mina so much shit for visibly overdrawing her lips - is there anything that she criticized Mina for that she doesn't do herself? Like one single thing?

No. 618349

File: 1546026257249.png (67.94 KB, 966x245, Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 2.41…)

Fuck that Tony guy is nasty. "feminist supporter" yeah okay there bud. Worst part is amongst the hundreds of posts of naked, degraded, intoxicated and sex acts he posts pictures of him and his fucking kids! Is this guy like a drug lord or something? Julia sure knows how to pick the scummiest of scumbags

No. 618353

File: 1546026488187.png (56.46 KB, 778x223, Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 2.46…)

I guess we know for sure know where Dasha gets her "modelling" done, by her good "friend" Tony! I guess the only way Dasha can get a modelling gig is by whoring herself out to a millionaire that happens to have a camera. Much model indeed.

No. 618360

omg he's the guy from that story wtf

No. 618364

File: 1546027541127.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.19 KB, 602x339, main-qimg-a096bb52c1a50e4b42ca…)

Yup! So not only does Dasha abuse/neglect her own dog (shock collar, eye witnesses, not maintaining the dogs nails, etc…) she's also BFF's with a guy that either let some slut bang his dog or got the dog to rape the girl. Honestly this guy seems as much of a lolcow as Dasha. I guess scum attracts scum

No. 618367

File: 1546027665463.jpg (128.75 KB, 600x531, Tony-Toutouni.jpg)

Such a feminist! Oh he's also married to some bimbo half his age.

No. 618380

insert a slideshow of tony pics with a voice over of dasha criticizing onision

No. 618384

>"Tony was still 'ok' with that"

No. 618416

Spoiler this, it's gross

No. 618419

He seems like he would be such a good, uh, "friend". Right, Julia?

No. 618420

File: 1546032509177.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.41 KB, 560x320, Deyana-Mounira-Sued-Over-Dog.j…)

It's an all around fucked up story and very telling of what kind of guy Dasha's BFF Tony is. Different articles claim different things, some claim Tony tried suing the model simply for arousing the dog (which is ridiculous cause that's like having your dog hump someone and then trying to sue them for being too attractive to the dog) and some claim Tony encouraged and urged the dog to hump her and then others claim the model was trying to get the dog to perform sex acts on her while Tony was 'ok' with it and just didn't want the footage to be uploaded online. From what I can tell the model obviously didn't film it herself and looking at the video she seemed extremely uncomfortable and kept on trying to push the dog away. On top of all that, Tony has a history of including animals and his dog Hef in his fucked up orgies, one instance he had a bunch of goats for some reason at one of his slut parties and there's photos of the girl half naked riding the goats. He also likes to fetishize women to be like animals ( >>617685 even Trasha has taken part in his weird fetish) by making them walk around on all fours, putting them on leashes, etc… Often Hef is seen in photos staged to have his paw on a models bare ass or crotch.
He's a fucked up individual which makes perfect sense why he and Trasha would be such good "friends". Seriously though, look this asshole up cause its just a huge rabbit hole full of nastiness which I'm done subjecting myself to at the moment.
Sorry if this is o/t or derailing.

No. 618425

File: 1546033218113.png (416.29 KB, 1008x481, Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.39…)

>victim of sexual abuse
Self proclaimed "feminist supporter" yet shits and makes jokes about sexual assault… Good friend ya got there Julia!

No. 618428

File: 1546033384668.png (Spoiler Image,541.28 KB, 514x582, Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.42…)

Apparently Tony was "okay" with this too since he fucking uploaded it. How is instagram okay with this? Spoiler: naked chick ON TOP of Tony's dog.

No. 618429

He's clearly mocking women and what LA girls do for money/fame in my opinion. He's humiliate them! but the girls are too dumb to care.

No. 618430

File: 1546033537878.png (Spoiler Image,489.73 KB, 818x548, Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.44…)

Uploaded 14 hours ago on Tony's instagram, him trying to teach a sheep to hump one of his whores. This guys gonna need a thread of his own pretty soon. Thanks for bringing this fucktard to our attention Julia! Any more disgusting friends you fuck for money we should know about?

No. 618451

Or he's just a fucking asshole that can only get his dick wet by paying women to tolerate him and when one doesn't want to put up with his abuse and public humiliation he claims they raped his dog. Pretty simple. In interviews with his "wife" she says he purposed to her multiple times before she said yes so not even his own wife wanted to be around him. He seems like the type that when money won't silence em, he blackmails em instead.

No. 618454

Well now we know why Dasha wears that fetish dog mask, Tony must thrive off it. This makes Dasha even more fucking disgusting and feral than she already was, I wonder how many animals she's gotten sexual with, seriously disgusting why hasn't Animal control been called on this guy because beastiality is so beyond disgusting. Dasha, you are one of the dirtiest, feral, vile pieces of hypocritical shit to walk the earth. Poor Cyr probably smells the dog and Tony on her when she gets home from uhhh… Work..

No. 618460

He mocks sexual abuse all throughout his insta captions. Julia has mentioned several times that she had experienced sexual abuse in the past herself.
How pathetic to claim such a disgusting turd was your friend just to save your face.

No. 618461

There's WAY too much evidence of Tony's fetish for beastiality and animal abuse to ignore. The fact that on his instagram he also posts pictures of his infant son and young daughter along with all the pictures of naked women and him getting his dick sucked is just too fucking much. This guy is verified on IG too and is self proclaimed "king of instagram" and somehow instagram is fine with it.

No. 618466

Does anyone here believe Julia's claims of being sexually abused? I don't want to deny anyones trauma but we are talking about Julia Stadler here, the women that can't not lie. Is there any actual evidence of it or just Julia claiming it to save her ass?

No. 618524

She probably has been sexually abused at some point, people who go through that can grow up to be extremely hypersexual (sex addicted) but at the same time, Julia is definitely one of those girls who would fuck someone, regret it, then claim rape to avoid the shame. I'd love to know more about this mother of hers because if she hasn't been sexually abused in her childhood, her mother probably abused her. We don't know but SOMETHING pretty fucked has probably happened to her to make her turn out this way, you don't just turn into a Skin walking, animal abusing, fame obsessed sex addicted Prostitute who constantly spews lies after lies with chronic jealousy problems for nothing.(armchairing)

No. 618567

File: 1546043672256.png (2.5 MB, 1080x1363, IMG_20181222_232235.png)

Tony's boat perhaps? Her legs are wide spread and I'm pretty sure them bathers say sugarbaby. Wow she really been out here doin this a long time, at least Universal Angel and other models can proudly and confidently admit it. I wonder if that Phibs chick she hangs with and also tries to look exactly like, also does this kind of work, it would make sense why else would she still be friends with dash, that's a bit of a tinfoil moment I know but nothing would surprise me. They both look like they'd be into that twin fetish hoe stuff.

No. 618600

Pretty sure they say "sullengirl"

No. 618609

Like an anon said the bathing suit says sullen girl but I do get the vibe this was taken on Tony's boat. The latex mask pic and now this one makes me wonder how much time she's spent with her BFF Tony

No. 618618

>Tony was still ok with that
How has nobody dumped him in the sea and stolen his boat yet?

Who willingly poses for shit like this? How little self respect do Dasha and the other girls need to have before Tony considers them fucking material?

No. 618622

How can she call herself a animal activist when she’s involved with people like this? This guy is honestly disturbing, i don’t believe for a second that girl willingly did that. This guy has some serious issues like getting girls to do fucked up things is his kink. What was the verdict of this case?

No. 618623

Dasha you fat cow it doesnt matter how much you try to pretend you are animal friendly and "vegan" (no you arent) it will never justify fucking that Jabba Zoofilic Hutt
I dont know who is the grosstest in the equation Dasha, Tony or Cyr. They all seem to be pretty fuckup in the head.

No. 618624

File: 1546054764993.jpg (108.15 KB, 1080x1080, uploads1524873921172-31270353_…)

I think the charge was filed on April 26, 2018. I wasn't able to find anything else on the case so my bet is it was either dropped or settled but I'm no legal-anon.

No. 618625

File: 1546055751434.png (231.08 KB, 1233x538, lo10qw244.png)

No. 618627

File: 1546055945078.jpg (625.12 KB, 4000x1961, trash.jpg)


No. 618628

This Tony guy not only posted a lamb/sheep humping some girl, he posted the aftermath of what her black playsuit looked like after and its seriously disgusting, this man is straight up into beastiality and it makes me question how far Dasha has gone. His dog, others dogs by the looks of it, goats, sheep, eletricuting women's assholes, squeezing their tits harder than anything, I get people wanna be freaky and kinky but there's a line you do not cross and Beastiality is one of them, that's right next to incest, which is something Dasha also jokes about fairly often. Funny how she kink shamed Mina for being in a Manogamous, harmless DDLG relationship with Edwin, and here's Dasha! With her "daddy" Tony doing fuck knows what kinda crazy shit. Mina would never ever stoop this low, the more we learn about Rotten Dash the more her own words backfire, and the more apparent her reasons for jealousy become. Mina has Class, Grace and dignity, Dasha doesnt have a single shred of any of that.

No. 618631

If that's what he's comfortable posting online I'd hate to see what this guy does behind closed doors.

No. 618632

That's what makes me wonder how the fuck a car salesman turned into a multimillion dollar night club and car dealership owner and instagram "playboy".

No. 618640

Lmao, even if the bathers said that, which they don't, what is written on your clothing is not automatically your job for the day. She's not sugarbabying anyway, she's hooking.

No. 618642

don't post this shit without a spoiler and a heads up to what's in it. I don't care how overtly sexual it is or isn't in any specific image, your bar for spoilering is too low atm. we have a zoosadist thread with everything properly spoilered and we don't need anything like that casually flashed around her just because it's dasha.

No. 618730

File: 1546077129416.png (111.06 KB, 991x698, Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 1.46…)

I think all cases are public and you can look them up if you have a case number. I'm not too sure, but it looks like Tony filed a case on the model, but then choose to dismiss it in November. Doesn't look like it went anywhere.

No. 618731

File: 1546077532560.png (114.42 KB, 895x706, Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 1.46…)

Filing dates & court dates.
Not sure what happens after a request for dismissal, but I think it's kinda ended?

No. 618813

ok tony sucks we get it, some of this shit really has nothing to do w dasha anymore

No. 619075

Jesus fucking Christ. These women have zero self respect. I'd rather live in a cardboard box - and I'm sure most women would as well - than be treated this way. I'm not surprised Trash allows herself to be treated like this. Oh, the glamorous life of an illegal prostitute.

No. 619096

I love that Mina has excelled past all of this, shes thriving and striving and being her good ole Happy go Lucky self, I hope next year she goes even further with herself. I'm proud of her, she's not perfect but she dealt with Trash and Cyr in person. Meanwhile Trash is STILL reaping what she sowed, it just shows that nasty bitches get what they give.

No. 619140

Definitely some illegal, disgusting stuff at play. Not a new thing in la.

No. 619183

Interestingly enough Dasha's whole innocent act was around Mira having largely false accounts and using bots. Instagram for the past few weeks has been purging bots and accounts that used bot followers yeeeet Mira's is still there. And her follower count has barely shifted. If she was using paid followers why wasn't she banned?

No. 619230

Sad how quick the milk doth dry up. Cyr doesnt give a fuck and neither does dasha. Tonys gross obvs but this thread isnt about him or his sick acts

No. 619247

Nobody has talked about the Tony stuff for 2 days now, apart from you and the comment above telling everyone to stop talking about it.

No. 619281

Can someone please make a thread on this Tony-dude?

He might be the next big thing since the dog-fucker and who knows what will we uncover. Especially when it comes to how he got his dinero

No. 619290

I agree someone should make a thread for Tony, this guy is on another level of fucked.

And I know it's not got much to do with Dasha, but if she works for this guy it kinda does, especially since she's a self claimed Feminist Vegan. It's Not very Vegan or Feminist to work for someone who degrades women for a living using beastiality among other things.

No. 619444

I doubt everything Dasha does is Tony related. He's just the one that we all found out about. If she does escorting regularly, then she's with whoever pays for her.

Does anyone remember Dasha's snapchat days when she ranted that she'll never go after someone in a relationship and will back off once she knows?? She said this while still with Cyr, so I'm sure the girl gets around with plenty others.

No. 619465

File: 1546248901410.png (3.02 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

Tinfoil perhaps, but I get the feeling that Cyr is starting to hint that he hates Dasha.

No. 619479

Trasha really does just dress him up and parade him about. At this point he's basically just a shell powered by alcohol and coffee. He looks like shit. Cyr please respect yourself enough to get sober and escape your captor in 2019

No. 619504

Cyr is the opposite of a "Daddy"… he's like a broken cuck with a bossy, slutty wife.

No. 619614

I'd love a tony thread. Something dark and big is at play with this sick fucker. He's very blatantly into beastiality and degrading women.

No. 619718

Scariest thing is that he has a daughter…

No. 619756

ok but like can we report this scumbag and get him off instagram?? how tf is this ok?

No. 619770

How the fuck is he allowed on Instagram and Twitter? How the fuck is he not in jail? It just shows that “no one is above the law” is absolute bullshit. If you have money you can get away with anything. If he posts that nasty shit for the whole world to see then imagine what he does behind closed doors, I wouldn’t be the tiniest bit surprised if he’s killed someone before (most likely women since he fucking hates them) and I wouldn’t be suprised if he rapes or pimps out his own children. Someone needs to take the animals away from him and lock his ugly old ass up in jail and all of his sick disgusting male friends who are in his videos. Those girls need to find a new client, no amount of money in the world could make me get near that scum.

No. 619797

Oh wow I remember an article about this. I can't believe its the same guy.

I think its safe to say that any kind of instahoe ~sooo rich~ pic she posts is with him.
And why doesn't cyr just leave her?

No. 619829

i know this is kind of OT, but this is one time i will kind of blame the women for enabling his behavior. they only see $$ and it's kind of pathetic on their part. it's not as if tony lives in an area that isn't full of fairly reasonable beta men with money.

No. 619833

The thread is derailing because of another man being disgusting what a surprise but this is what happens when instead of trying to remove women from these situations without them being condemned turns into lets support all "sex work" (a title made to bleach the name of prostitution and sexual services) and pretend they're all happy consenting adults who aren't mostly fooled into it with glorifying media while damaging their own psyche and view of the world/themselves for a quick buck lol.
Its funny however that dasha who can speak out her gaping ass about veganism, feminism or whatever bandwagoning topic she found that "speaks to her",at the end of the day is nothing but an enabler and abuser herself who will never amount to much besides being the gf of a youtuber who's career died years ago.

No. 619858

I just started reading this thread and you’re the most closed minded, hateful and disgusting person ever holy shit. You’re even more hateful and repulsive as Dasha. Please do your research on sex work before you pull shit out of your ass. A lot of women and men in sex work love their jobs and just because you could never in your life get the attention of any living thing because you’re ugly inside and out doesn’t mean you have to put other people down on things that are completely out of your realm and knowledge. Do you even read what type of shit you write? Are you listening to your thoughts? You’re filled with hatred, your insides are rotting and you are a hideous person.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 619860

Blaming women for a mans sick and disgusting actions just shows how some of you are disgusting misogynists. It’s 2019, Expand your tiny rotten brains for the love of god

No. 619873

tbh the discussion whether sex work should be seen as real work or not has got nothing to do with Dasha. Dasha was accusing Mina of hooking as a form of degrading her and was mocking Onision for being a cuck. Now it's revealed that this was just another case of projection of her side. She wants to give the impression of being a successful instagram model in LA with a cool internet famous bf, not someone who got to go hooking while her bf has a mental breakdown numbing his pain with alcohol in their dirty apartment. Even now she denies to be hooking, calling Tony a "friend" lmao. SHE sees shame in sex work while doing it herself, therefore we can surely mock her for that.

No. 619886

Found the prostitute. Whoops, I mean, “sex worker”. Whatever makes you feel better about it, sweaty.
Enough derail anyway, >>619873 hit it right on the nose.

No. 619900

Is it jealousy? Is that what it is? That women and men get paid to have sex, what many people do for free? Or is it anger that nobody would ever get near you even if you paid them? People might actually pay you for you to get away from them. Prostitution or any form of sex work isn’t shameful to me, you should be ashamed that you’re so ignorant and closed minded and filled with hatred. But I wouldn’t expect you to actually do your research or to change your opinion, trash will always be trash

No. 619901

>>619858 Sorry to derail, but…
>just because you could never in your life get the attention of any living thing because you’re ugly inside and out doesn’t mean you have to put other people down
>you’re ugly inside and out
>doesn’t mean you have to put other people down


No. 619903

truth hurts, doesn’t it?

No. 619911

Shut up newfag, there is literally a sex worker thread in /g/. Nobody is shitting on Dasha for being one, if you read the thread it is because of so many other reasons. Also how many men that seek sex workers post all of their private shit on the internet? Now that's disgusting. I suppose someone like Dasha just wants instafame though and is using him to look like she's rich so it works out for her.

No. 619914

i agree with Bridget and the anon, there’s no reason for anyone to shame sex workers but can we please move on, this is a thread about Dasha not on an entire group of people

No. 619919

File: 1546380352545.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, 31677FCD-EC23-41BA-A5DB-4C5F62…)

No. 619921

This is icky and uncomfortable from a photo nerd perspective.

No. 619969


this is pure autism. no one here has “sHaMeD sEx WoRk”, you sound just like dasha’s retarded fans that can’t defend any of the valid points against her so you go for the sjw approach. what’s shameful is preaching about positivity, veganism and empowering women and in reality doing the exact opposite by 1) obsessively trying to tear down and smear the image of an innocent girl who’s only crime is being petty about being cheated on over two years ago, 2) constantly flexing expensive accessories and clothes that are MADE OF LEATHER, as well as neglecting the wellbeing of a pet, and 3) sleeping with/associating with a disgusting man who not only enjoys degrading women but also most likely takes advantage of the fact that most of these girls NEED money and will do nearly anything for it and pushes the limits and morals of his “customers”. dasha is NOT a feminist by any means, she doesn’t believe in uplifting women, she doesn’t believe in living a vegan lifestyle and she sleeps with a vile man with mommy issues because she wants to gloat about buying overpriced crap. get off your high horse, you’re on fucking lolcow for god sake

No. 619985

Shut the fuck up bitch, no ones talking about it anymore. Using “autism” and “retard” just shows what pure ignorant trash goes on lolcow, I wouldn’t have expected anything more

No. 619987

>arms cut off weirdly
>body cut off in a horrible spot
>who tf even took this and why

No. 619988

nta but lmao stop moralfagging on lolcow you retarded cunt.

No. 619989

She needs to stop using clothing with lines or textures that emphasize her crazy editing

No. 619994

File: 1546395897374.jpeg (257.34 KB, 685x1704, 788BC2B9-AF43-4213-825E-C2F1BD…)

What a mess. Why would she even post this? She looks deformed.

No. 619995

It's sad that Mina's unflattering candid pics are still more attractive then Trash's overly edited,posed and filtered pics.

No. 619996

File: 1546396673239.png (315 KB, 781x473, ojj98687743sd6.png)

True that. Also looks like she has a weird stomach tumour or something or like she tried to shoop on ribs or smooth out her fupa. Whatever it is it's weird and obviously edited.

No. 620048

looks like cyr attended jacksfilms new year party, and if trash fest is in the picture on twitter then she's the only one looking away from the camera

No. 620066

File: 1546428704621.jpeg (186.68 KB, 750x970, 27A4FDD0-5140-4EDE-9A5B-F6F9A6…)

i wonder why she’s looking away from the camera 🤔

No. 620090

It's not her photo and she can't shoop herself to death so she doesn't want to be in the pic.

No. 620105

I am so curious what cyrs friends think of Doucha. There’s no way that her craziness hasn’t come out yet around them

No. 620136

File: 1546452855556.png (561.88 KB, 595x584, Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 12.0…)

What a happy couple!

No. 620159

Gross gross gross

So now that the milks been spilt, and we now know Dasha tricks herself out to rich uggs on the daily, guess Dasha is fine showing off the BDSM gear she has to use when she "goes to work".

See, it wouldn't matter that Dasha whores herself out, if she had only a little bit of integrity about it all.

Had she not displaced her own shame and projected her sex work onto Mina, the no one would care.

Dasha should have been public and vocal about her sex work. She should have owned that shit. That's integrity.

>And why doesn't cyr just leave her?

That's the question. Who knows? Maybe Dasha can only keep him by paying his rent??? Why does he stay with this slutty brand of crazy??

Especially when seeing this:
She's just another girl who takes Instagram pics on yatch, then gets down to the sex work with the nasty owner, in order to portray a continental, rich, party girl lifestyle, that will validate their egos by getting as many comments and likes as possible.

If I were Cyr, having sex with Dasha would be the last thing on my mind, would be too scared to get the Hilton Herpes, or any other nasty STD that she might bring home.

No. 620161

File: 1546457851590.png (376.13 KB, 611x402, 8890.png)

Well Jacksfilms didn't even tag her soooooo… I imagine it was a rather awkward night just like Trisha's birthday or any other time Trasha tries to be human and social, she just looks angry and worried someone will get a candid of her and realize she looks nothing like her insta pics.

No. 620165

its board culture, go somewhere else if you don't like it

No. 620166

Fairly certain the only reason they put up the facade of being together is their twisted way of proving Edwin and Mina (and the hatruz) wrong. It's been said and shown that Cyr isn't sexually attracted to Julia (shocking I know) and that Julia isn't attracted to Cyr. They have next to nothing in common besides hating and wanting revenge against Mina and Edwin.
So in short I'm sure Cyr doesn't care that Julia is out with a women hating guy that's into beastiality since that seems like the only way they can pay the bills. I still find it hilarious how Julia tried to slut shame and claim Mina was an escort, a stripper and a whore, so much projecting its unbelievable. Honestly if she wasn't such a bitch about it when it was Mina AND if the guy she was "servicing" wasn't such a disgusting human being and abuser AND if she didn't lie about it no one would care.

No. 620167

File: 1546459070892.png (266.15 KB, 325x610, p98.png)

vegan sperging on her instagram stories. Bitch we know you hate your dog and are trying to seem like "uwu i love my rescue dog, dogs are so great, i love all of gods creatures". First of all we all know she hates the dog and refuses to properly train or take care of it, it's just a prop. Secondly, girl you can't be saying you love all animals and want them to be saved when your wearing a fucking $300 dead cow on your feet in the form of fugly ass shoes. Third of all, REMEMBER YOUR BFF TONY? lolcow remembers >>618428 >>618430 >>618425 >>618364 >>618353
And lastly, your hatred towards PEOPLE is the real kicker. 2019 is just going to be the same old shit as last year and the year before with Julia. Still skinwalking, still lying, still obsessed and still a manipulative bitch.

No. 620214

File: 1546472236985.jpg (1.02 MB, 2560x1920, 19-01-02-18-22-23-158_deco.jpg)

Her new profile pic looks EXACTLY like Mina omg

No. 620215

File: 1546472463945.jpg (1.29 MB, 2560x1920, 20190102_184101.jpg)

No. 620223

File: 1546476350617.png (4.23 MB, 1125x2436, B6A1DE98-2892-46BD-85CA-7D908F…)

Don’t disrespect Zelda like that EVER again, Julia.

No. 620224

File: 1546476436797.jpeg (141.36 KB, 1125x564, F4059183-0EE9-4140-8E2F-DC843F…)

Pt 2. I hope she doesn’t… but If she does get into cosplay it could be potentially milky.

No. 620256

File: 1546481656794.jpeg (87.47 KB, 1125x584, 6AF8801E-CBA5-4278-9C9C-CB0FF7…)

No joke it’s crazy! The Mina skinwalking continues.

No. 620259

File: 1546481799668.jpeg (68.24 KB, 1125x404, B1599589-1F64-4B92-B9FD-2B4C26…)


I hope Julia decides to seek therapy. It is not mentally healthy to act like this by skinwalking Mina for such a sustained amount of time. This combined with the Tony stuff, and I hope people continue to call her out. This is ridiculous.

No. 620283

I'd look miserable too if I was in a room full of people that don't like me haha poor Dasha crack a smile on your dile, you're living the LA dream!

No. 620297

Inb4 she becomes a cosplay thot who does titty streams

No. 620300

Stop bumping the thread to call every photo skinwalking when two white girls have the same black hair color and instagram careers.

There is plenty of legitimate questionable instances of nearly identical outfits like >>619994
Stop nitpicking or wait for actual milk like >>616113

No. 620306

thank fucking god. these retards won’t quit crying about skinwalking, it ruins every thread and its not even milk. julia isn’t even actively skinwalking that often anymore.

No. 620326

File: 1546503111713.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1837, IMG_20190103_190736.png)


No. 620328


i'm surprised she got a dog that didn't "fit" her aesthetic. or was it just a desperate and impulsive purchase?

No. 620339

>if I could get away with hurting people.. dude I'd probably go to jail

…Julia are you drunk?

No. 620344

I'm pretty sure Cyr got the dog to begin with? Maybe that's why

No. 620345

Lets be honest here. Dasha probably regularly has sex with the dog. It's the only way she's satisfied. Cry or whatever his user-name-is doesn't do it for her.

No. 620346



No. 620355

>julia isn’t even actively skinwalking that often anymore

Yes she is

No. 620368

>Stop bumping the thread to call every photo skinwalking when two white girls have the same black hair color and instagram careers.

No. 620374

You've been nominated in the Lolcow Awards 2018! Go here to vote: >>>/meta/8011

No. 620446

My dog wears a shock collar and has a neglected leg deformity and I crack the shits at Cyr when my dog barks and one of my clients uses his dog as a sex toy but god forbid ill hurt anyone else who hurts animals because it's only okay when I do shitty things - Sincerely trashes thinking process.

No. 620552

Hurting animals? wearing leather? EATING THEM!? Horrible horrible guys unless i'm getting paid for it… ONISION! FEMINISM! LETS HELP AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER GUYS! unless is my boyfriend's ex girlfriend who i flew from england just to mess her up. I love MINA I FORGIVE HER but im going to leak her nudes and private info on lolcow yay! Virtue signalling much?

No. 620556

girl no, she's hooking with mina's beauty spots painted onto her face and wearing mina's teen sister's clothing
>instagram career
if you call it that

shutting the fuck up is a fine option

No. 620602

hope tony ODs soon(derail)

No. 620726

It’s so obvious that Mina’s Bulma cosplay is what got her into this. Right after Mina did her first cosplay, Dasha postet a Daenerys Cosplay on her Instagram. Everything she does comes from Mina.

No. 620734

File: 1546604824950.jpg (98.94 KB, 2048x996, 3546873213544.jpg)

the irony

No. 620749

haha didn't age well

No. 620762

i used to enjoy cyr’s content. i’m holding julia responsible for ruining that channel for me.

No. 620933

Not really milky but Spaceboy (one of cyrs nopixel friends) talked about how he wanted to move in with cyr in one of his streams not too long ago, and on his NYE stream he mentioned about moving to LA to live in a streamer house. So either he plans on moving into the place that cyr is at now or they all want to find somewhere new. Either way, they're gonna have a consistent streamer help to pay the rent. Spaceboy seems a cool dude though so idk why he would willingly put himself into that living situation, considering the fact that cyr and Dasha seem like roommates from hell

No. 621109

Cyr had to raise money for their dogs vet bills via twitch donos, the dog is really sick. He very miserably ended his stream early today because he had to clean up dog shit. The real victim in all of this is that poor dog

No. 621170

Poor thing. Can you link the twitch stream?

No. 621199


2:39:00 he is afk and comes back to say he has to come offline because he has to clean up dog shit. After that he mentions to his chat how he feels bad about streaming while his dog is in such a mess, but then says he can't come offline until he finishes his RP.
I don't know which stream exactly involves the money raising for the vet bills. At some point after cyr leaves, Spaceboy tells his chat he is really proud of the community for the coming together to raise money for cyrs dog

No. 621211

Why doesn't Dasha just go out and work for a night to cover the cost? Is he trying to convince his audience they're hard done by and only make money off streams? Poor dog needs to go to a safe, loving home where he's actually taken care of and not used as a prop for Dasha.

No. 621376

No. 621377

I agree

No. 622421

File: 1546755785097.png (3.09 MB, 750x1334, 891E2708-85F2-4AA7-A9EC-20007C…)

She is photoshopping herself to look even more uncanny as mina

No. 622435

Is she even trying to make it look realistic anymore at this point… that shoulder shoop is horrendous

No. 622446

At this point it does not matter. Either she is doing it to piss everyone off or she has no personality. She let herself go, she had a hreat shot at being an influencer but she blew it. She said fromday one that she shopped her pics so that is not surprise even before the whole minagate thing

No. 622447

The milk is dry af

No. 622453

That's just how it is with Trasha since she went into hiding, there's no milk for months and then we get confirmation she's a full on prostitute. I guess it's just a matter of time.

No. 622673

at first glance i thought she's pregnant. She's got big fast.(nitpick)

No. 622679

Onision said, "she's a literal prostitute" back when he was still friends with cyr, so all that time she's been doing it.

No. 622727

Body looks too nice to be Dasha(nitpick)

No. 622728

Body looks too nice to be Dasha

No. 622733


Not Dasha, no tattoos. Similar eyebrows, tho

No. 622735

thanks for denying for me, I tried to find her tattoos but the jaw, eyebrows, and smile did seem similar…maybe tony just has a type kek

No. 622738

File: 1546817104141.png (628.29 KB, 927x588, cheapass.png)

That's just fucking gross. Guess it was Julia's birthday recently.

No. 622741

File: 1546817220212.png (517.8 KB, 811x577, totallynotskinwalkingmina.png)

It seriously looks like she went to a hairdresser with her old Mina wig, held out her phone with hundreds of photos of Mina and just begged "PLEASE MAKE ME LOOK LIKE HER!!!!"

No. 622743

File: 1546817406032.png (383.44 KB, 460x592, l9g87tdh.png)

Mina's hair for comparison. In true Trasha form, hers looks worse than Mina's.

No. 622744

Her hair is real, well at least the top of it
Dasha already dye her hair of black or still blonde with the bowl haircut?

No. 622748

according to insta it seems like she’s back to Black but I think the other anon already debunked it by lack of tattoos

No. 622787

Staph it. We get it she is skinwalking Mina. That is not milk. It is the same bs… like.

No. 622897

no-one goes from a bowl cut to a bob overnight. pls. it's her mina wig.

No. 622971


i die laughing imagining her walking around like this outside of her instagram photos. imagine walking through a museum looking this retarded and thinking it’s a fashion statement. even some of mina’s past outfits have been awful but she’s finally found a style to match her, unfortunately for julia that style does NOT work for her but she just keeps hoping it’ll look good enough for instagram at the very least. i know it’s a nitpick but it’s funny as fuck

No. 622985

File: 1546882618976.png (322.86 KB, 317x603, obyuc98.png)

Jesus christ, the amount of photoshop. I know its old and during the peak of her Mina skinwalking (even wearing Mina's jacket). Julia must be feeling old and ugly as she's been spamming old photos claiming she's "thriving". Bitch, your barely surviving.

No. 622986

File: 1546882713847.png (360.48 KB, 325x615, po88gobb.png)

Julia, sweetie, you were never creative. You've only ever been attention hungry, jealous, unoriginal and boring. Just staph please.

No. 622996

Universal__angel is calling Dasha out in her latest story!

No. 622998

Isn't this just a 2B cosplay?

No. 623000

File: 1546886949514.png (637.48 KB, 750x1624, 3334A1A8-5420-45D0-A603-600561…)


And linking to Edwins video. Wonder if something has happened to prompt this post??? Or maybe she's just getting questions about it from followers.

No. 623001

She did get a question from some supporter of Dasha, but she deleted the answer of her story. It made Quinn look aggressive and I really think it was for the best, she later provided all the info needed without making herself look bad. Sorry, I didnt take a screenshot but Quinn said something along the lines of "Dasha is the queen of trash". Don't remember the exact phrasing.

No. 623002

Thanks anon for the info.
Quinn is dope, and it's not like what she said was untrue. But I guess that linking to the video is a more informative answer.

No. 623019

Looks like it. But nah, Trasha and her big unique and creative mind totally thought up this look all by her lonesome self.

No. 623035

I've followed her for a long while and never seen her start drama with anyone or get involved in other peoples business. She seems genuine and very sweet. Dasha must have really pushed her buttons.

No. 623096

Yeah this was back when she tried to market herself as a hot nerd girl on Twitter. She wore a silver wig once and then decided she was like the real life 2B. Changed her location to YoHra, and even changed her bio to say “Glory to mankind.”

No. 623099

Sorry misspelt YoRHa. My bad.

No. 623632

File: 1547041001743.png (394.87 KB, 934x601, trash.png)

That's some weird ass leg and knee shoop. Still can't tell if she uses snow or some sort of app like that for when she does videos or if it's after effects of something

No. 623638

Does Dasha have twitter? I can't find it for the life of me, yet I see some many screen shots of it

No. 623653

Her account was itsbabydash but when admins outed her for posting here and Edwin made his videos, she deactivated. Some say it was to prevent people from accessing dms from her (you can't see dms you've exchanged with inactive accounts) that further showed how crazy obsessed and nasty she was about Mina. Now that username is being held by some dumbfuck who says they will return it to Dasha when she wants it.

No. 623705

Thanks for explaining!

No. 623813

Does Edwin have his own thread? This thread used to involve the four of them so I'm not sure if this is appropriate/derailing - sorry!

I'm not sure where this docuseries is going but he's exploiting Dodie/Karim lool. He's jumping on the Shane Dawson bandwagon lol, but I'm not sure he's very good at interviewing folks or talking to them haha.

No. 623827

This is Dasha's thread now so yeah, this is not really on topic. I don't think Edwin has an own thread, he's kinda cringy and a bit attention-whorey imo but not very milky.

No. 623834

Miss the days were we could call Edwin's bs without being accuse of be Dusha's fan
Edwin is massive cow for his own and getting cringy with the time

I honestly think he should have a thread of his own or at least include the three of them (Dasha, Cyr and Edwin) together again.

No. 623842

Can't you put them in the youtuber general in /snow/? Aren't they youtubers?

No. 623865

File: 1547087204194.png (1.52 MB, 1125x2436, F6DEE8EA-E844-49F8-AAE2-755DDE…)

Lol she definitely saw her being accused of editing that video on here… nice cover up trasha

No. 623887

omg mina starts doing tik tok videos .. now dasha is trying to get on it

this is profound

somebody boil the fucking kettle

No. 623889

Alot of this thread, isnt it just Mina and Edwin(Edvin?) samefagging?

No. 623910

What? No lol fuck off

No. 623950

I'd like to share this other video as well. I think Edwin has established himself enough on Youtube to be a cow himself. He's essentially profiting over exploiting other people (aside from Cyr and Dasha I mean). Some things in this I don't quite agree with. He's pretty much giving Karim a narrative in order to villainize Dodie. But if you listen to the story, Karim was in the bed because he felt lonely, squeezed between Dodie and some other dude, other dude grabbed his dick, Karim remained in the bed uncomfortable – I mean if this were me I'd probably go back to the couch idek???

"My content has been evolving" = copying every other exploiting youtuber in 2019.

No. 624025

Then make a thread for him, sis. This is a Dasha thread since her selfposting was exposed.

No. 624045

ehhh, i don't think the guy is really interesting enough for his own thread. i agree that he's a little bit cringe/ try-hard and it's kinda obvious that he wants to use other people's stories (or his gf's past with dasha) to get his own name out there more, but he's not any different from all the other repzion-esque youtubers that regularly do these "exposing" types of videos about internet drama for clout (also tbh i feel like most people who are regular followers of dasha/cyr drama are gonna be more sympathetic towards mina and edwin because of all the shit we've seen them go through in the last couple years at the hands of putin) I'll give him props for helping to bring the poppy/ titanic sinclair bullshit to the public eye, but this dodie thing seems kinda stale and boring.

by all means if you still want to discuss him/ have any decent milk, i personally think you'd have better luck in youtube general like the other anon suggested

No. 624076

File: 1547107716104.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 3EA0D078-1715-421F-8EB6-0E9739…)

Baby Dash’s First Skinwalk :,)

No. 624082

File: 1547110309029.jpeg (70.07 KB, 590x1047, 51D27EFC-F422-4579-9E5B-78A36F…)

Sorry but she looked absolutely soulless and creepy even then.

No. 624083

there's a Youtube General Thread. put him there if you want to talk about his channel that much. I don't care about Edwin but making vids about others' drama isn't exploitation lol. You would have to accuse of the same 3/4 of Youtube.

No. 624117

Someone make a thread on him

No. 624118

Why does Trasha keep copying Mina? Is she a narcissist or what? Narcissists are notorious copycatters, just saying….

No. 624153

>The moment when a skinwalker assumes control of its victim [colorised]

No. 624167

Following the Tony and his dog stuff, this is pretty awks

No. 624293

File: 1547159831288.png (137.57 KB, 1080x667, IMG_20190111_093120.png)

Here's some Insight on why Girls Copy others. It's normalish for some teenagers/kids as they figure themselves out but you grow out of it. Dasha has not done this, which shows something is not right with her.

No. 624296

File: 1547160108982.png (273.97 KB, 1080x1378, IMG_20190111_093157.png)


No. 624386

This makes me sad because her parents obviously failed her.

No. 624722

That article may seem to answer the question but seeing as how Trasha seems to not only copy a few things but every single thing that Mina does is just straight up unnerving that it reminded me of a narcissist copying….

No. 624973

File: 1547254818291.jpeg (53.87 KB, 750x294, 2FD66257-C786-4AC9-88DD-6FEC37…)

Lmao they are so happy eh?

No. 625020


His reply is kinda cute tbh.

No. 625043

File: 1547260738357.jpeg (442.13 KB, 1124x1529, 525609C8-12F2-4DF7-BF46-0B215F…)

She can photoshop herself to look more like Mina but can’t photoshop the dead-tired look she has in her eyes

No. 625045

This looks like some uncanny valley shit, fr

No. 625100

>> 625043
Those eyebrows are horrendous…

No. 625109

Is that a new tattoo?
“It was just a laugh,just a laugh.”
It sure was a laugh posting mina’s passport huh, Yoolia?

No. 625120

Found something about Tony, it's old tho

No. 625137

Those eyebrowsss!
I do not think she is trying to look like mina in that pic.

No. 625146

It's kind of funny that she's so unaware of how bad her eyebrows are and goes out in public like that. Also Dash an Cyr are miserable, even if they're happy their relationship is miserable, they do fuck all together an stay home by the looks of it, Dasha has no friends except Phib who she barely sees, and when they do go somewhere it's a hassle and a battle from what we've seen on their streams. Is Cyr still drinking? I noticed on his insta he's been sleeping in till afternoon looking like shit.

No. 625182

No, it's a Radiohead quote and she got another one ("It is what you say it is"), too. She got both when their new album came out in 2016 (and both quotes from songs on that album), since Cyr seemed to be a fan of them… looks like an impulsive decision to me, tbh, as if she wanted to impress Cyr back then when they started dating.

No. 625184

File: 1547292997397.jpg (348.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190112-123458_Ins…)

Her head is waaay to small for her body

No. 625190

Maybe her body is too big for her head.

No. 625201

i think she has wide af shoulders and is using an app like snow or something that's shrinking her chin/jaw

No. 625240


No. 625243

Maybe her eyebrows are too big for her everything

No. 626764

File: 1547650209793.jpeg (371.28 KB, 1199x1693, CDB13CA1-EAC9-49ED-BFB5-6388E7…)

No. 626778

the brand has also posted her on their instagram

No. 626817

File: 1547666850578.jpeg (508.88 KB, 750x1039, D0E77F1F-05A1-478A-BC41-EEA86F…)


holy shit this is momokun tier catfishing. what the fuck were these people thinking when they squeezed her into these? she should stick to modelling their masks, at least we don’t have to look at this trainwreck in those

No. 626841

Why make things easy for the circulatory system? Make that motherfucker put in real effort!!!!

No. 626875

The company started deleting people’s comments about Dashas problematic behavior

No. 626911

File: 1547676819744.png (462.76 KB, 813x597, dasha.png)

No. 626915

She looks like a suffocating sausage in that horrid thing.

Why any company would still want to associate themselves with this psycho is beyond me. Specially now that she's gone into hiding and barely has any reach, definitely not enough to warrant getting your brand's image dragged through the mud.

No. 626947

she looks uncomfortable and sad in these - scared almost. just as she did in the pluggednyc shoot.
i can't help feeling bad for her. what a mess.

No. 626970

File: 1547686221471.jpg (82.13 KB, 435x422, plaughing.jpg)

"like a zeppelin in a condom"

No. 626973

Mina would have looked fabulous in this, let's be real.

No. 626978

File: 1547687038558.png (35.99 KB, 171x171, Screenshot_2019-01-16-19-54-30…)

Excuse me what the FUCK is this

No. 627032

Oh my god. The way these kinds of shoots typically work is the clothing company has their line in sample sizes for the editorials, so they find models to fit the clothes, rather than sizing for the models. This makes me think she really did catfish them with fake measurements..jesus christ

No. 627074

really sad to see them deleting comments. She probably told them before hand about "fake hate" or something

No. 627139

With how much she edits herself I actually wonder if shes happy with those photos, I'm trying to comprehend how the company was happy with those photos, she's literally spilling out of everywhere she possibly can, if I honestly didn't know Dashas history I would genuinely think those photos were horrid still and probably feel bad for her honestly, how could any company let a model they've used look like that? They didn't even try to make her look better.

No. 627149

It’s like the pluggednyc shoot where she stuck out like sore thumb amongst the other models, she clearly catfished them and (tinfoil) they only featured her because they want to be seen as inclusive/avoid any potential body shaming controversy. Though with this company they clearly don’t care about controversy if they’re willingly overlooking her psychotic harmful behaviour and deleting comments calling it out

No. 627154

Underrated post

For real tho, these pics are atrocious, and not just because it’s Julia. The composition is dreadful, good luck getting anyone to buy your shitty “fetish couture”, my dudes

No. 627165

File: 1547785601376.png (112.49 KB, 223x377, IMG_20190118_142526.png)

It's worse when you emphasise it, I'm actually kind of impressed they were able to get this on.

No. 627166

File: 1547785639285.png (43.06 KB, 142x206, IMG_20190118_152337.png)


No. 627248

File: 1547799005408.jpg (24.3 KB, 203x216, 20190117_163003.jpg)

She has baboons ass for lips

No. 627249

File: 1547799336351.jpg (82.68 KB, 682x400, 20190118_091440.jpg)

Its sad that mina still has to deal with dashas minions

No. 627250

But hopefully it’s true. She deserves nothing less with how hateful a person she is.

No. 627274

lol She never had a career.

No. 627285

She's still a working hooker so what's the problem?

No. 627309

Wish I could sage for noncontribution but isn't latex supposed to work like shapewear and isn't it supposed to stretch nicely? What the hell happened here? Is she really so fat even latex isn't helping? Is the discrepancy in her real body vs fake measurements enough to make her look like a sausage like that? Either way they should have fired her or scrambled to get another size for her, this is a horrid representation for them.

No. 627313

File: 1547823375384.jpeg (567.92 KB, 2048x2048, 71F009A7-B2C7-4B22-A2CB-D62716…)

Some sleep paralysis shit right here. She looks like bdsm Bigfoot on the right

No. 627319

She's not really that great at modelling.

No. 627324

How does one look ugly with your whole face covered

No. 627328

the features she's showing look bad. it doesn't help that she's trying to pout her lips to make them look like her shoops do.

No. 627334

where is this from???

No. 627336

Agreed. This is a nitpick.
She looks like a retard that discovered a plastic bag, but her modelling isn't that bad, it's more her shooping that makes everything worse. Her pinhead meitu style photos are way worse than these bondagey ones.

No. 627337

lol are you retarded? >>627324 is saying she does look ugly and was wondering how she accomplished looking so bad with most of her face covered.

No. 627338


anon..her “modelling” sucks ass. she doesn’t know her angles which is the bare minimum in modelling, she literally can’t pose unless she can photoshop her flab out so she just stands there and pouts. that’s it. look at any other insta models pages and you’ll see the stark difference between them. don’t do actual models dirty like that lmao

No. 627370

Haha. I was waiting for her to wear Mina‘s signature accessory gloves.

No. 627402

LMAO SiGNATURE ACCSESSORY chill anon, they're just gloves

No. 627427

Sure but Mina wears them quite frequently while most people definitely do not.

No. 627429

That company deleted those comments. Wow

No. 627433

Yep and they blocked anyone who commented

No. 627441

I wonder if shes close to someone in that company because they're not acknowledging the comments.

No. 627446

File: 1547850128558.jpg (552.31 KB, 3994x1994, common.jpg)

This company is retarded. Like it's pretty fucking dumb to hire Trasha in the first place not only cause she's a cunt and people hate her, but she's also a horrible model. Why the fuck did they edit the dress colour? Like that's some sketchy shit right there to market an orange dress that's actually gold.
I don't understand why Trasha still tries to get modelling gigs when it just shows how much she shooped and edits herself.

No. 627451

File: 1547850600161.jpg (1.63 MB, 2627x4000, minaglover.jpg)

Anon has a point. The long gloves and beret like hat are very Mina.

No. 627455

File: 1547851019812.png (490.44 KB, 580x597, Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 5.33…)


So what does her friend Tony have an in at this company or something? Seem like something he'd like, "puppy" bondage masks and overly sexualize outfits. Fucking gross.

No. 627477

these masks don't fucking fit her ugly mug very well. and she needs to put on some damn lip color. these mask photos read more "kidnapped snuff film victim" than anything. she looks like she's in last nite's makeup right after sucking 10 dicks.

No. 627579

File: 1547859739340.jpg (541.47 KB, 2048x1169, MJxhP2X.jpg)

how the dress should look

No. 627586

File: 1547860218644.jpg (358.97 KB, 2048x1690, 28uBoOV.jpg)

this is disgusting. She must really hate her lips.

No. 627587

Who the fuck buys this shit even when it’s being modelled by Julia? It’s fucking hideous! The bdsm masks are the icing on the cake. You stay classy, Julia.

No. 627671

File: 1547869472768.png (38.77 KB, 240x240, Tarakotchi_skateboard.png)

Wtf. She literally looks like pic related or Pikkon from DBZ.

No. 627686

Hahaha I'm dying! She kind of reminds me of a claymation character as well but I can't put my finger on it. Kinda like Pingu or some kind of bird/duck creature.

No. 627743

File: 1547877246858.png (771.12 KB, 810x1620, Screenshot_20190119-005115.png)

Cyr has been commenting under this girl's posts. She's a sex worker as well. She's not an exact copy of Mina, but there's some similarities.

No. 627754

I've heard of her. Didn't know she was a sex worker. I don't see any similarities with Mina at all, although it is really shady he's commenting on her photos.

No. 627766

She's the gal who's been mentoring Plasticandproud's hooking career (at least initially). Cow collision.

No. 627774

File: 1547880497057.jpeg (182.3 KB, 750x1078, B570193B-15DE-44F3-BD84-AC6AB7…)

No. 627781

The fuckkkk? Are they trying to wheel this girl into being their new 3rd??? They did something like that with Mina… This girl should be very afraid.

No. 627809

Either that or she's made friends with Dasha. OR he's been leaving comments without Dasha's knowledge.

No. 627837

It looks to me like Cyr is trying to "branch out" from crazy prostitute dasha, and dasha awkwardly comments on the same picture to show Cyr that she knows what he's up to and assert her big boi dominance over him. Very cringy and desperate behaviour from both of them, we know you don't like dogs cyr, and you're letting your crazy shine thru Trasha.

No. 627880

great modelling career dasha, this is so sad lol trying to be so hyper cute and uwu all the time and now this, fucking perfect

No. 627894

no just no julia. your head shape doesn’t look good with these masks. it’s horrifying!!

No. 627911

File: 1547909970234.jpeg (Spoiler Image,481.93 KB, 1800x1681, 128D26C0-919B-484A-A869-E115DA…)

What her body should look like according to her shoops. Imagine the confusion and annoyance she causes every time.

>>627743 Kek what a sad relationship! Ones hooking up with strange dudes for cash money~ while the other one is lusting after clones of his exes.

>>627781 The girl is in LA right now, I do wonder if it’s related to these creeps… I hope not for her own sake.

No. 627949

File: 1547918963855.jpeg (732.7 KB, 2048x2048, A97FDCA2-C664-439A-BBC7-03897F…)

facially they don’t look alike, but their general aesthetics and bodies are extremely similar. she’s also very similar personality-wise with mina. cyr is such a fucking creep for targeting a girl who is so similar to mina and the polar opposite of his actual partner.

latinamilk is a stripper i believe, i don’t think she fucks gross sexist men for money like julia does. how long until she starts copying her i wonder lmao

No. 627959

they probably already wasted funds for the shoot and are stingy? or maybe they are used to this kind of drama since they are a "bizzare fetish wear" company, god knows who their models are

No. 627961

i am speechless. i am without speech

No. 627964

Latinamilk is an escort and does porn on her premium snap

No. 627967

She's polyamorous; this alone is probably why they're hounding her so intensely. Funny thing, latinamilk is friends with Ariana (scorpioasshoe/plasticnproud) and they share a boyfriend. If they somehow all became friends… milk of the century, both Ariana and Dasha are literally crazy. Would love to see that

No. 627995

I'd love to watch those two destroy each other. Fingers crossed Dasha skips over LatinaMilk and goes straight for her the baboon lipped mess that is Ariana.

No. 628064

jesus christ you retards need to give it a rest with your schizo tinfoiling. its not milk and its not even amusing to read.

No. 628070

I find it amusing

No. 628071

I know. It's retarded. Omfg she has dark hair, she looks like Mina!

Comparing Dasha to her is fair enough because she's a skin walker. Comparing this random hooker to her just because Dasha and Cyr are into her is silly.

No. 628110

Ikr. They all just look like every other white girl with dark hair to me.

No. 628111

File: 1547952914732.jpg (69.44 KB, 860x460, DxUnvx7UwAAixjW.jpg)

No. 628136

File: 1547957922995.png (1.47 MB, 1856x1188, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 2.17…)

looks like they're going to "hang", i wonder how badly this is going to backfire?

No. 628227

Oh dear lord I can just imagine Dashas jealousy and envy brewing inside her over this girl! She's probably hating herself constantly inside her own head, honestly Cyr is a dick but I hope he leaves Dasha for someone else with a better personality that actually matches Cyrs, oh and better looking in general, Cyr isn't the best looking guy but he sure as shit can do way better than her! She looks 30 and rolly polly as fuck for her age.

No. 628302

Cyr looks like a 40yr emaciated crack head

No. 628395

let's not pretend there are not a couple of fangirls left thirsting for his cokehead ass … he definitely could do better lmfao

No. 628399


unless you have milk to provide these comments are as retarded as the post you’re whining about. if you don’t like reading them then go to another thread because comparing mina to other people trasha stalks is 90% of what this thread is lmao(awful minimod)

No. 628441

>comparing mina to other people trasha stalks is 90% of what this thread is
because mongoloids like YOU make it that way. are you retarded? maybe with all this lack of milk and shitty tinfoiling (spoiler: tinfoiling is not milk) this thread can finally be put on auto sage. you go to another thread you useless cunt, or better yet, go make yourself a tinfoil thread where nothing valid gets posted and you are free to bask in your schizo safe space.

No. 628457

It would be productive to wait for actual happenings than to keep nitpicking. Take a note from Raven anons.

No. 628590

File: 1548092311123.jpeg (106.92 KB, 750x545, B60E0216-9DFF-446B-89B7-03A172…)

by the looks of it latinamilk has either already visited or is still there, dasha has been quiet for once so something’s up. kek at the clash of cows though, imagine if pnp went with her

No. 628693

File: 1548114891794.png (5.97 MB, 1125x2436, 75F169AB-2B98-4913-BD63-8AD1B5…)

Now I’m so confused.. that Latinamilk girl is hanging out with Taylor Allard, who if you don’t remember is friends with Mina and was one of cyr’s ex girlfriends.

No. 628869


taylor absolutely wouldn’t hang out with her if she knew she was going to see mike and julia. what a shitshow. maybe taylor warned her?

No. 628967

File: 1548195839393.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1383, IMG_20190123_092216.png)

Oof somebody's not getting enough sleep or something! Those eye bags are big enough for groceries. Down pose is not her angle it makes her whole face and cheeks look saggy af.

No. 628970

not to start a spergout again but Mina has prominent eye bags, this isn't something I've seen on Dasha before so yeah. Nothing new

No. 628971

Oh look Julia is still as pathetic as ever.

No. 628973

I hope so cause Taylor seems like a solid person, she might not even know but I hope she can talk some sense into her before she becomes Dasha’s next victim

No. 628980

File: 1548199482208.jpeg (400.11 KB, 2048x2048, 9C44F9EF-9F0F-4295-9CAE-645B25…)


tragic either way but the difference in what she posts vs what she looks like in livestreams is frightening

No. 628988

i cant believe dasha copies mina down to the eyebags lmfaoo what a weirdo

No. 628992

Her undereyes aren't usually that bad though it looks like she's been hardcore crying or something or hasn't slept in days.

No. 629021

I'm not even saying this to be bitchy… Dasha looks sped. I was friends with a sped girl in school and she looked more normal than Dasha. There is something wrong with this woman, and it's not garden variety ugliness.

No. 629030

File: 1548208099659.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoEditor_20190122_194730751…)

I'm just going to leave this right here…

No. 629032

I've wondered that myself, the way she behaves and looks, something isn't right, she looks like someone with FAS or Autism, not saying she is but damn she looks like someone who would have chronic sped meltdowns.

No. 629042

File: 1548209945662.jpeg (75.43 KB, 470x353, B9DA9305-0555-4554-AF5B-71026B…)

my assumption has always been that she is borderline(armchair)

No. 629044

Keep the nitpicking up if you want this thread to go to autosage.

No. 629111

File: 1548223830684.jpeg (2.08 MB, 1500x1498, EAF4E448-90FA-4C4D-963A-A5657B…)

This woman is so fucking creepy. There is no getting used to it. Even though it’s nothing new that she is wearing Mina‘s hairstyles, it’s so creepy that she adjusted her wig to Mina’s slightly changed bob haircut. Mina’s hair used to be more blunt and straight cut, but now the bottom of her hair is more rounded. Dasha even copied that little detail.

No. 629139

File: 1548230717172.jpg (1.97 MB, 1920x2560, 19-01-23-03-03-54-076_deco.jpg)

No. 629180

Ew, how bad can someone shoop their legs.
Julia, if you're going to shoop your thighs at Minas size, try shooping your calves as well so they aren't twice the size of your thighs.
How can someone photoshop absolutely everything about themselves, yet be so fucking bad at it.

No. 629287

does anyone else think that latinamilk going to “visit” mike and julia didn’t end up happening because taylor intervened and warned her? we all know julia would be posting about it already so something probably changed her mind if she went all the way to LA and didn’t go to see them. i wonder what happened?

No. 629351

Who knows, I don't think Dasha even has any friends she hangs out with on a regular, not even that Phib person hangs out with her much anymore. If she decided not to visit that's actually great news, Dashas the kind to flex on insta over a shitty game or song, if she had a friend over she'd blow up her feed with pictures because thats what she's done every other time she's been around other people. To be a semi decent insta model with a few thousand followers and NOT know what Dasha has done by this point would be odd.

No. 629359

For now on any posts on skin walking will be considered no contribution nitpicking. Enough is enough.

No. 629364

thank fucking god. these idiots or mina obsessers won’t stop. its like they have some weird vendetta.

No. 629393

Watch the skinwalking increase tenfold now that we've been told not to post about it.

No. 629407

Honest question, are you schizophrenic?

No. 629793

"We" as in everyone here you dumb fuck(autism.)

No. 629816

That is 100% not even what I meant. schizophrenia confirmed

No. 630536

Are there certain conditions where if its mentioned in a wider context it will be allowed? For example, Dasha wearing Mina's sister's clothes and painting on her freckles whilst escorting is worth discussing when she accused Mina of being a sex worker herself. This speaks to Dasha's hypocrisy & weird obsession with defaming Mina, & I'm not sure leaving out the similarity of her attire tells the whole story. I get you guys are sick of the 'Dasha trying to look like Mina LOL' posts, but in an instance where she's literally dressing as her whilst being paid to have sex I think it's worth mentioning. If the mods decide it isn't, so be it I'll abide.

No. 630537

It has to be a really specific instance like that but there is no reason to repeat the same thing over and over again when previous threads have already established this pattern of behavior.

No. 630542

Fair Enough. I certainly have never posted any of the comparison shots, so that's easy for me to follow. Just wondered when it's literally integral to the story like it was there. Thanks for clarification, Farmhand!

No. 632804

File: 1548650725057.png (933.01 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190128-154117.png)

Cyr when he finally decides to WALK OUT ON THAT TRASH!

No. 634919

File: 1548975769555.jpg (291.15 KB, 1063x706, 20190131_225845.jpg)

Dasha has sucked all of the life and soul out of cyr that this is the only content he is capable of producing

No. 634936

I totally understand the reasoning of
>previous threads have already established this pattern of behavior
and not wanting to rehash the same shit over and over…but, considering it's a pattern of behavior she hasn't discontinued, does this really make sense? What I mean is, if she stopped skinwalking Mina and anons were repeatedly comparing her old pics to Mina over and over again to remind us how crazy she was that one time it would make sense to discontinue discussion. However, considering she still continues to wear a dark curly wig, draw on freckles/moles and generally style herself similar to Mina and still continues that same pattern of crazy, I don't really understand the discontinuing of it?

Previous Onion threads have established his pattern of pedophilic behavior, would it then make sense to say we're not allowed to talk about his most recent victims or recent examples of continuing this behavior?

(I promise I'm not trying to be combative, I'm just trying to follow the logic here)

No. 635708

I was thinking the same thing. It’s not like we’re talking about some old new. The comparison picture I posted for example are from recent pictures, so it’s just reporting on creepy behavior that doesn’t stop.
(and tbh there isn’t really much else to talk about anyway atm, so I don’t see the harm)

But on a unrelated note… does anyone know how Cyr makes a living? I can’t imagine his streaming earns him enough money to pay for rent and all that. I recall hearing something about him working at a coffee shop, but I could be wrong.
I’m wondering in what way Dasha contributes to ‘the household’. I mean we already know HOW she earns her money, but I’m wondering how it works when it’s time for her to pay her part for the rent (if she even contributes, because idk) to Cyr with him knowing where the money comes from.
Also wondering who actually brings more money home. Do you think Cyr is looking away because he needs the money or he genuinely doesn’t care if she sleeps with other men for money?

No. 635742

i feel like he married her secretly for citizenship and he is sticking through it for at least 2 years for it to fully go through or even 10 if he is sponsoring her (à la 90 day fiance). from what has been posted about her she seems like a very manipulative person and i don't doubt she has persuaded him into things we can only imagine cause why else would he still be with her after all the shit that has surfaced. theres no way he hasn't heard of/read any of it. any rational person would have left months if not years ago yet he's clearly staying with her for whatever reason….i bet it isn't her looks or personality or even her dick sucking skills and that pussy must feel like a hotdog through a hallway so idk must be blackmail or documents that she's holding over his head

No. 635747

File: 1549116300799.png (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 1138x1232, rönesans.png)

No. 635748

Holy kek this is golden. As if that hideous dog didn’t have enough problems the poor thing is subjected to this. Where is this from, anon? Please grace us with caps of Julia’s busted mug

No. 635759

File: 1549119391739.png (Spoiler Image,141.16 KB, 314x308, Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 16.3…)


It's from a stream cyr did 9 days ago on twitch. here's the link; https://www.twitch.tv/videos/369252360
I couldn't bare sitting through all of it, I'm pretty sure I've missed some good parts but around 00:20:03 and so on, she tries to reenact a part from LOTR and it's just… life wrecking.

No. 635766

File: 1549119890212.png (Spoiler Image,996.3 KB, 1112x930, x.png)

here's some more dog chewing

No. 635771

She's not ugly, but she shot herself in the foot with the skinwalking. So many looks would have suited her better.

No. 635776

File: 1549121268590.jpeg (45.93 KB, 546x586, 19D7E1A3-477E-4D8D-84DA-D2CC92…)

i agree, by photoshopping herself to the stupid degree she does she makes her actual self look ugly in comparison, when she’s not. imagine if she kept the long natural blonde hair and minimal photoshop.

No. 635783

yeah but that wouldn't fix her cunty behavior nor her rotten inner self

No. 635788

File: 1549123871109.png (250.32 KB, 464x300, cats.png)

Woof…this just really makes her look like she's losing her mind and well on her way to becoming a crazy dog lady

No. 635873

File: 1549139750781.jpeg (Spoiler Image,677.87 KB, 1797x1681, 14291D93-8935-41A8-9D92-053138…)

No. 635948

Damn she's CHUNKY

No. 635995

looks like she has a really fucked up chin implant lmao

No. 636031

lmao she's wearing a loose knit sweater, fuckin nit pick

No. 636084

Mostly referring to the top right picture of her. The sweater isn’t even that “loose knit” around her shoulders and arms paired with black leggings that emphasize how bigger her upper body is.
It’s just a very big contrast from other photos i seen posted from her instagram, can’t help but comment on it.

No. 636185

File: 1549195079103.jpg (89.03 KB, 640x640, 3456789.jpg)

It's not the sweater, it's the body.

No. 636191

They both look like a worn out 1980s married couple in their 30s who just did cocaine for the first time and still didn't have any fun.

No. 636203

She looks crazy

No. 636206

She IS crazy.

No. 636371

This video is killing me, lol


No. 636745

His entire stream is just a shit show.
He comes off as a tryhard douchebag who makes fun of other people’s hard work.

No. 637055

this ruined my whole day. the kicker is when shes done with her skit cyr goes 'That was really good baby!' Holy enabler of her gollum-like life now.

No. 637146

File: 1549405577295.png (1.48 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190206-091643.png)

This girl looks 13 what the heck Dasha. Get some friends your own age within your immediate proximity and don't copy them from head to toe. I think she's gained weight because all she does is sit at home an play games and eat her weight in food. She looks sad as fuck.

No. 637193

Hilarious that the only people who acknowledge her online lately are foreign and have English as a second language. This girl probably doesn't know how fucked up and awful Dasha is.

No. 637654

Did we hear more about that «porn vid» that dasha made with that creepy guy ?

No. 638120

File: 1549659632381.jpeg (437.89 KB, 1168x1572, DEC9DC67-318E-4FCE-BAA6-552A43…)

No. 638342

Julia really is the obsessive psycho ex who can't move on.
No wonder Cyr is too scared to leave her. Julia can't get over Mina, a girl who never were more than a friend to her, I don't even wanna know what she'd do to an ex boyfriend who she's been with for several years.

No. 638395

what the fuck. is dasha behind this account?

No. 638400

It seems like something made to antagonize them/their feud. Dasha's psycho, but not THIS psycho.

No. 638403

Lol, uh, isn't this the type of shit she does tho?

No. 638406

I doubt this is something that she did. The cunt is psycho, but this seems more like a troll.

No. 638409


it’s not out of her realm but this is definitely a troll, she would never use her real name. this is creepy shit anyway tho lmao

No. 638438

Yeah using the name Julia makes me think it's not actually Dasha, but she has definitely made fake fake accounts and edits in the past so who really knows.

No. 638484

File: 1549747557752.gif (1.73 MB, 500x205, 45421512.gif)


istg if this isnt dasha(hi cow)

No. 638488

Yes anon, we're all dasha.

No. 638489

File: 1549748407876.jpeg (447.22 KB, 1215x1794, 4AC02CB6-2F6C-47BD-9326-694A2B…)

(No contribution nitpicking)

No. 638593

yes, everyone who calls out tinfoiling is dasha. i swear to god i thought a mod put you schizos in your place like a week ago?

No. 638595

She looks like a beginning drag queen in all of thse

No. 638640

Damn someones looking busted lmfao

No. 638662

Dasha could be behind this account. My tinfoil still is that she is in love with Mina in an unhealthy way which is what drove her to freak the fuck out and bully her when she couldn't control her?

Unrelated; so disappointed that the weird sex work video ultimately amounted to nothing.

No. 639010

File: 1549888745872.png (1.44 MB, 1080x2100, IMG_20190211_233847.png)

Found her sisters instagram, there's some Candid shots of her over there. Funny, her sister expressed so much love for her and posts lots of pictures, but I've never seen Dasha post any pictures let alone mention her.

No. 639019


honestly, her face looks pretty here. Its a shame that shes doing all of this PS towards herself, and dam tumblr-style hair make her look so much older, like some 40yo mother of 3 kiddos. I guess she done that hair just so she could wear wigs easily or? 'muh mental breakdown treatment' ?

No. 639160


Not to come to her defense but the haircut was because she pulled out a lot of it during a mental breakdown. Her hair became very thin and her only option was cutting.

No. 639197

How do you know?

No. 639219

How would you know that? Unless you have proof I call bullshit.
She most likely bleached it too much OR maybe she just wanted to try something.

No. 639258


Cyr brought it up when he was defending her,she constantly has fits where she shuts down and pulls at her hair (whenever people bring up the Mina situation). If you watched any of her snaps you could see her hair was becoming thin.

No. 639280


Fuck's sake. Posts like these are the ones that make me not want to come back to this damn thread.
Cyr mentioned ages ago that the crazy bitch was tearing out her hair due to stress ages ago. Lurk more jesus christ.
Not every post that isn't calling Dasha a lumpy uggo is bullshit or defending her.

He could have been saying it to garner more sympathy after the whole outing of Dasha's mina doxxing on here was announced, but I don't doubt that she does rip it out. Her hair was thinner and patchier for sure after the fact.
It's a common habit that some people do. Some people bite their nails or scratch at their arms, it doesn't mean that Dasha is a sweet little victim or being defended, it's just pointing out why she probably cut it shorter.

Also she was trying to appeal to the kpop fans because I recall her commenting something cringey comparing her haircut to a kpop guy. (Can't remember who exactly, I don't follow kpop shit)

No. 640039

>Cyr mentioned ages ago that the crazy bitch was tearing out her hair due to stress ages ago. Lurk more jesus christ.

I'm here every day. I haven't seen proof of that or anything from Cyr conforming it. From what I know, it was speculated about but never confirmed.

No. 640064

File: 1550175895009.png (299.79 KB, 1280x720, 1528741038533.png)

Jesus, this really wasn't hard to find.

No. 640083

There were multiple people asking for a source, thanks for providing.

No. 640241

So she pulled at her hair one time according to Cyr during a breakdown last year, that still doesn't prove its the reason she cut all her hair off though, does it? That's not proof, that's speculation. Her hairs not even worthy of discussion.

Anyway, I wonder why she ignores the crap out of her sister despite all the photos her sister posts of them together with Dasha tagged with really nice captions, that's why Trash was in San Francisco a while back, to see her sister, not get surgery like some suspected. She won't even like or comment on her sisters stuff, why ignore your real sisters existence and go on to twin with your fake ass friends an call yourselves "sisters"? Honestly, Rude.

No. 640242

File: 1550234843860.png (998.31 KB, 1080x1815, IMG_20190214_100731.png)

Sm but does anyone know who this is?

No. 640246

Nevermind she's gone and liked them all since I last checked wow still lurking hello Trash.

No. 640952

lol she's doing that pose so she could hide how big she is

too bad it's obvious

No. 642420

File: 1550826965675.png (876.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-22-09-20-16…)

She's back

No. 642438

She looks rough, no wonder she's stayed away from the camera for so long. What the fuck is that hairline? She's looking like a cueball.

No. 642479

who is she skinwalking this time?

No. 642500

File: 1550857043669.jpeg (29.28 KB, 756x122, 0CB19BE0-D51B-403C-AA16-FE7CA1…)

Ariana Grande

No. 642535

at least she got that alien look she was going for

No. 642538

File: 1550870573570.webm (6.67 MB, 1280x720, Ariana Grande Shares the Secre…)

Does this dum-dum know that ari's hair isn't all natural?!(no1curr)

No. 642747

Wow her lip fillers have worn off a bit, she looks so weird..

No. 642911

is this also the cyr thread. if so cyr lost a lot of viewers back in the "downtown la apt that edwin moved out of" in I think the first few months of him being on twitch. because when his game connection was on the fritz he couldnt interact with chat. he went to his discord and asked who would like to come on (i think he said for banter). so the people who volunteered werent quick/edgy. so he saw another streamers name and cyr kept saying "i have to pull up ____" and he also said- im paraphrasing- that the chat wasnt good for this. then he was basically talking about keeping the show going. I understand that he is playing a character and he wants to stay in character and entertain us. but it was disheartening realizing that he doesnt like his chat/viewers. i like that he takes entertaining us seriously but …. anyway one of the guys even said "ohh sorry" cyr said it was alright but I think the chat felt collective bad. he did not like talking to chat. anyway i see that he doesnt pull the viewer numbers that he did before this. so cyr if you are reading this then this is way. I still try to catch his streams but I see a lot of the old people faded away. another problem is your gameplay stream seems pre-recorded. thats fine sometimes but again it looks like cyr feels the need to constantly entertain. its too forced.
this comes from someone who loved his youtube channel. I have been around for awhile and can vouch that he didnt lose subs cause of edwin/mina it was that discord fiasco.(weird blogposting )

No. 643480

That is by far the most useless shit post in this entire thread. Cyr lost views because he's with a psychotic illegal Austrian prostitute who copy's everyone and emasculated Cyr any chance she can because Cyr is a little bitch boy and has allowed her to effect his work.

No. 643740

trasha almost reminds me of noah cyrus .. they have that weird body thing going on

No. 644387

File: 1551771587513.png (953.66 KB, 720x1122, IMG_20190305_093821.png)

Guess who's back

No. 644388

File: 1551771614609.png (1.1 MB, 720x1125, IMG_20190305_093801.png)

Skinny as always

No. 644424

I just searched for her on one of the Instagrams that I use (which I follow Mina on)… nothing came up even though I have never interacted with her. I tried searching again on my other Instagram where I don’t follow Mina and I found her account and picture. Tinfoil, but I think she blocks people that follow Mina. I think this is how she is trying to avoid any backlash related to how she released private photos of Mina and all of the other crazy shit that she did. It’s bizarre to say the least.

No. 644425

I follow both and haven't been blocked. If she has enough time to try to block 132k people she's truly insane

No. 644441

I've had a similar experience. I commented on Minas Instagram and later tried to search Trasha only to see I had been blocked on both itsbabydash and urmothership. Girl is a legit psycho.

No. 644443

This makes more sense than blocking her followers like I originally said. I commented on Minas posts with that account and Mina was kind enough to like one of the comments that I made on her picture. The other account where I’ve never interacted with Mina or Trasha is not blocked. This bitch is psycho! Merely blocking people for commenting on Minas pictures what the fuck!?

No. 644459

Like you said she's probably blocking people to avoid backlash. If you follow both and comment on Mina's IG but haven't for Trasha there's a chance you could be preparing to ask her to explain herself. Try as she might she can't patrol her social media constantly to get rid of unfavorable comments so she's got to put a stop to it before it happens by blocking "troublemakers." It goes to show the extent of her crazy since I'm sure lots of people who follow both her and Mina don't care about the drama or what's going on because they're just there to see their pics and nothing more. Trasha's fucked up pretty bad though so she must be constantly looking over her shoulder in fear something's going to slip through the cracks and ruin her perfectly manufactured image more than it already has been tarnished.

No. 644468

Vincent looks like he's working on a YouTube video at the moment, I wonder if he will get backlash in the comments once he uploads. Also wow she's still wearing Mina's skin.

No. 644482

File: 1551828298849.jpg (1.53 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190305_172309.jpg)

nothing new from dasha but i thought it was mina at first glance because of minas recent look/style/color combos on her IG

No. 644493

Two basic white girls both wearing red, both having short black hair. Total copycat!
I think it's been established she spends most her days on instagram and twitter when she isn't pretending to have modeling gigs.

inb4 I get reported for being dasha

No. 644551

File: 1551852999558.png (333.89 KB, 350x659, pic.PNG)

No. 644570

File: 1551862202560.png (2.12 MB, 1196x1202, Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 12.4…)

I meeean, I don't think it's a stretch, she just posted this too. It's fair to say that these colors are much more similar to what Mina's been wearing lately compared to what Trasha had been wearing recently (mostly neutral beiges, pinks, whites, etc)

No. 644579

Eww that faceshop is tragic.
Next time try harder, Julia.

No. 644580

File: 1551877504611.jpg (622.91 KB, 1444x775, ii.jpg)

Both without makeup. I think we all know which one looks better(nitpicking)

No. 644581

short black curly hair, red dress and white boots. literally the same lmao

No. 644898

File: 1551998602642.jpeg (101.26 KB, 1242x680, image.jpeg)

She changed her name on her main

No. 644931

This bitch is gonna try to make a comeback and when she does there better be an uproar of people reminding her how shitty and fucked she is.

No. 644934

File: 1552012932232.png (855.04 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190308-134022.png)

She looks bulemic. ew.

No. 644935

Not to worry anon, it's only photoshop

No. 644948

File: 1552018472884.png (5.81 MB, 1125x2436, 0174DDA0-C036-4D19-A07B-2EDE16…)

No. 644986

File: 1552033716205.jpg (1.52 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20190308_10280391…)

IM DEAAAAAAD "working out eating healthy"

No. 644994

Yeah, I know, blah, blah, blah, don't mention the skinwalking, but I guess >>629393 may have had a point. A while back I genuinely thought she was slowing down and at least doing the bare minimum to try and have an identity of her own, but I guess I was way too optimistic. I just feel bad for Mina, when the fuck is this psycho gonna quit? Also, I like how she has changed BOTH of her IG usernames trying to distance herself from this shitshow, but it ain't happening. Every month she seems to try and test the waters of her main, just fuck off Dasha.

No. 644995

back to her shapeshifting ways, bendy tiles and all.

No. 645073

File: 1552083721290.png (460.31 KB, 720x1245, Screenshot_20190309-091643~2.p…)

Well she's finally fulfilled her fucked up fantasy of having real mina hair! Sadly it still looks like a ratty wig on her.

No. 645074

File: 1552083763459.png (1.01 MB, 720x1353, Screenshot_20190309-091636~2.p…)

2nd pic

No. 645106

She could have picked ANY style and colour, but happens to pick something exactly like Mina has??? Fuck this bitch

No. 645117

The thing that kills me too is that, yeah, this style + color was popular a few months to a year ago… but I haven’t been seeing it hardly at all recently. It’s just obvious now that Dasha is skinwalking. She has no excuse.

No. 645121

Honestly, she looks like Cyr-ish to me here? >>578341 She's a fucking weird person with her obsessions on becoming others, that's for sure.

No. 645198

File: 1552134544031.png (245.33 KB, 527x658, whenyourcrazyassgfstealsyourlo…)

He loved that black turtleneck for a good while.

No. 645219

astronomically abysmal
it's so abhorrent

No. 645348

Her next fashion needs to be straight jackets for real.

No. 645750

File: 1552386571832.png (739.55 KB, 720x1002, IMG_20190312_122930.png)

Excuse my language, but what the fuck is this

No. 645754

I don’t even know what to say anymore - how did she get those intense freckles all of a sudden

No. 645756


ah, the ol henna freckles. watch her say she’s always had them naturally just like she has “natural bleach blonde hair” kek

No. 645768

File: 1552401750346.png (74.93 KB, 720x462, IMG_20190312_164146.png)

She kinda did

No. 645777

"love you as an artist" what has this bitch ever created other than drama

No. 645778



you can also paint them on with makeup…

No. 645781

File: 1552409494509.jpg (245.84 KB, 1080x1249, 376819101.jpg)

Which she didn't do…

No. 645782

File: 1552409581043.jpeg (223.56 KB, 1125x1369, A3773B7C-35B5-43BA-B99E-051C86…)

>>645750 mole placement looks familiar…

No. 645792

she looks diseased and dirty around the mouth area

No. 645793

File: 1552418341922.jpeg (498.8 KB, 1920x1714, A2940A01-1FDE-4344-A964-EAEAE1…)

Julia is a talented hair and make up artist!!! Look at her latest creation, un vrai chef d’oeuvre.

Btw on that stream she said she’s definitely coming back to her main ig soon, can’t wait to see how that goes…

No. 645795

File: 1552420594946.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1200x1598, 83DA0D89-3FD8-4D8E-9BBE-2CAD8D…)

Literally just recreated this entire scene. How does Cyr participate in this? Does he not see how creepy it is? I am seriously wondering.

No. 645796

I don't like to compare, but look at how Mina is laughing in the one picture. It's a goofy pic and they are having fun. Julia looks like she wants Cyr to go back into his cage.

No. 645801

She looks so much like Cyr I actually thought it was him at first glance.

Nice moustache.

They both look like death, specially Cyr, and Julia looks like she wants to murder him. I'm just shocked they're still together.

I don't keep up with him, but what is Cyr even up to these days? Because he's been looking rough. How do they pay their bills? Is it just Julia's escorting? Because he hasn't been uploading to YouTube, and I know he streams, but is he making enough to support both of them in LA?

No. 645804

If he still gets views on old videos he's still getting checks

No. 645822

Holy shit, I never made the connection. Julia is so fucked.

No. 645878

It's heartening to know that while Julia is in her crummy apartment, writing indirect captions about how depressed she is playing it off like it's a joke, stuck with a guy shes seemingly unhappy with, Mina is off in Mexico with Edwin having the time of her life right now, and you can truly see the happiness in her.

No. 645879

File: 1552455216596.png (2.01 MB, 2432x1290, Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 3.32…)

she is really fucked, I was trying to find older photos of them to see how much they've aged/let themselves go and this shit comes up.
she must tag all her stuff with mina bell to the point people genuinely mix them up. the skinwalking is INTENSE

No. 646544

File: 1552719015750.png (1.52 MB, 1130x1401, Screenshot_20190316-144306~2.p…)

how they afford her constant identity changes is beyond me

No. 646549

she looks like she has scarlet fever

No. 646553


Dasha is skin walking Mina in a futile attempt to prove she's just as good, desirable, etc. as she is when she's not.

Please stop, Dasha. This is creepy. Just stop.

No. 646554

File: 1552725786703.jpeg (15.22 KB, 223x226, C344301A-1DAE-43A0-AB34-29D1AE…)

No. 646613

she looks older here tf i think it's her eye bags though…

either way this look isn't it chief

No. 646625

File: 1552773539326.jpg (33.64 KB, 390x285, shutterstock_408024508-390x285…)

Ugh this looks so fucken bad, all I can see is Measles. She could be the face of the anti-vaxer community looking like this.

No. 646658

If she had orange or redish hair it would look way better, like when Naomi Jon did it, wouldn't be surprised if that's where trashes inspo came from, this Naomi chick is awesome, German and has a friend named Vincent so I'm sure she's taking ideas from her also. She just can't be herself, that cheap hooker outfit she had on the other day where her top half looked stupidly gigantic compared to her Photoshopped stick legs, is that what happens when she tries to go her "own" style? It's like.. what a defiant 14 year old thot would wear back in the 80's it looks gross. No wonder she takes others literal look.

No. 647041

File: 1552943191415.jpg (733.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190318-220334_Ins…)

What is up with her face, it's getting worse(nitpick)

No. 647058

Came to say the same thing! Even a filter can't hide how fucking nasty she's becoming.(nitpick)

No. 647322

File: 1553019774682.png (278.58 KB, 720x648, tragic.png)

Awful that Valfre is still working with her.

No. 647391

File: 1553045398409.png (681.52 KB, 1125x2436, C3544142-41DD-4DCC-BA3E-6BC9CF…)

I don’t know what’s going on, let’s get ready for some milk?

No. 647398

Of course she hasnt stopped, she's still trying to be Mina.

Now she's saying that mina leaked her own nudes and posted herself in those forums, not trasha! She's literally saying that MINA DID ALL THIS HERSELF NOT HER WOW OH MY FUCK SHE DUMB.

No. 647403

No shit Dasha hasn't stopped, she's a lunatic. But it should be Mina getting a lawyer since she's the one being framed.

Anyway. I hope Mina does actually get a lawyer cause it's about time something milky happened again.

No. 647404

Huh??? Wasn't it confirmed by mods here that the person who posted the nudes/passport was posting from LA? Pretty sure Mina was in London when that happened, so unlessshe was using a VPN…

No. 647419

I really hope they sue her ass, she's borderline psychotic. I wouldn't be surprised if she has violent thoughts about hurting Mina. How the hell is she still this obsessed?

No. 647436

Sure Julia - Mina leaked her nudes, her passport, she send all those teenage minions and manipulated Charlie, Lettie and everyone else to harass her own self, she merrily spread the rumor that she was a prostitute and she did the anonymous youtube video in a fake British accent just to frame poor you. Who would have thought the annoyingly popular and devastatingly beautiful evil genius behind all this is Mina.

Still 100% stuck in the projection phase.

No. 647452

From what I have gathered people (the same 3 over and over again) are saying Mina leaked those nudes herself by them supposedly being on her old Instagram. And now they are cruelly framing Dasha for it. Alrighty then.

No. 647464

File: 1553090451871.png (608.56 KB, 811x553, original.png)

>>Mina: goes for a sci-fi, alien, retro aesthetic
>>Julia: UWU aliens! sci-fi! retro! so unique!
>>Mina: goes for a western, cowgirl, vintage aesthetic
>>Julia: UWU cowgirls! western! vintage! so unique!
It's become so perdictable. Mina branches out to a new look/style, Julia attempts to copy her and fails. Also, i'm fucking sick of those leather massive ugly dirty white sneakers Julia won't stop wearing. Bitch is as unique as plain wonder bread.

No. 647550

File: 1553121258852.png (95.74 KB, 1174x296, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 3.33…)


follow up

No. 647551

I like Edwin and the fact that he's stood up for Mina and supported her though all this Julia bs, but at this point it's obvious that calling her out on social media doesn't work and arguably makes it worse. They should focus on getting the legal system involved.

No. 647554

File: 1553122022116.jpeg (535.55 KB, 1242x1859, image.jpeg)

Good for her

No. 647556

File: 1553122612318.jpg (409.38 KB, 1079x1743, Screenshot_20190320-174600_Ins…)

Mina also noticed that trasha is copying her hair recently and is understandably upset

No. 647566

File: 1553123969627.png (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 1080x2005, Screenshot_2019-03-20-16-10-38…)

Had to spoiler this because yuck. Julia really needs to get it together man. How does she not die from embarrassment?

No. 647573

the fake freckles she drew on look like she grew facial hair on her upper lip. she really shouldve gone easy on the henna

No. 647626

I agree. This won’t end unless they take it to court. Edwin if you’re reading this, please just find a lawyer for real.

No. 647644

I’m not sure what grounds they could sue on, but Edwina…. def get a restraining order, is there a cyber stalking version now?

No. 647654

File: 1553167762203.png (Spoiler Image,754.03 KB, 904x870, 6432132164.png)

does she take showers with that wig on?

No. 647658

its extensions, she's gone full time Mina >>645073

No. 647683

Whew that's really hard to look at. Getting strong Luna vibes when she's high as fuck, posting horrendous selfies.
Maybe Julia's also taking drugs.

No. 647754

Not to diss Mina's style but this looks like Dasha is taking the piss out of her. The dumb look and the obvious cosplay, this is some strange malicious shit. Do her and Cyr roleplay dressed up like that, it's so weird.

It seemed as if Dasha was going to try and just never mention this shit again. Maybe she realises this is what will make her infamous. Girl is crazy.

No. 647772

Weren’t there rumors of Dasha doing drugs?

No. 647810

File: 1553246130499.jpg (338.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190322-101507_Ins…)

No. 647948

mina is finally talking about some of the situation in her instagram story which i’m glad about. if i was in her situation i’d be hella scared. trasha is basically stalking her now it seems. it’s so creepy and messed up. can a restraining order help any of this at all? because i’d say she should get one but i don’t know if it’d be useful since this is online and is it even punishable???

No. 647975

She's been stalking Mina ever since this drama started, that shouldn't be a surprise now. Mina needs to get legal counsel and see what her options are.

No. 647991

File: 1553310172302.jpg (893.38 KB, 1438x1280, Screenshot_20190321_061510.jpg)


No. 648012


why can you see the individual grass blades on her shoe but her butt/back are levitating off the ground? Nice shoop Dash

No. 648018

She seems to edit out shadows sometimes? She'll be in direct flash, or sunlight, but somehow there will be no (or very light) shadows in her clothes or on her body. Can't quite understand why anyone would do that though.

No. 648020


bc her shadow fat

No. 648030

File: 1553328123591.jpg (113.32 KB, 1024x1820, 53695213_460704558070055_12526…)

Mina mentioned in her story how Julia has been contacting companies wanting to collaborate and asking for same items that Mina has gotten.

No. 648070

Okay this is fucking insane. I was wondering if >>647991 could be a coincidence but if she's actually searching out for the items mina got…

No. 648084

Valfre finally deleted Dashas pic!

No. 648089

Did Mina contact them about it? Or hs valfre or mina said anything about it?
I wish limecrime would drop Dasha but it's a suitable partnership considering limecrimes history.

No. 648096

wait is that even the same jumpsuit tho

No. 648123

File: 1553381976263.jpeg (156.7 KB, 750x499, 0556F7CD-F81C-43B4-9FDF-300286…)

No. 648231

What can they take it to court for, is the trouble. Dasha is acting like a freaking erotomaniac but you can't bust her for that.

No. 648260

>This won’t end unless they take it to court
>They should focus on getting the legal system involved
I mean…..didn't he already sue Cyr over rent shit and win but Cyr still hasn't paid him? IIRC he has already gotten the legal system involved, won, and still nothing happened.

Restraining order seems totally plausible. (Blogpost but relevant I swear) I got a restraining order a few years ago and the evidence I had of harassment was a ton of screenshots of tweets, and I feel like they have way more evidence between the voice memos and screenshots and shit. By the time I finally got around to dealing with the whole situation it wasn't so much that I was afraid the dude would continue to show up at my house/harass me as it was that I just wanted it on record officially in case he ever did it to someone else. I know a restraining order probably seems useless in this situation, but at least that way it's on record that they have a history of harassment in case it ever escalates or someone else brings a case against them.

No. 648338

the revenge porn is the legal issue, but it's matter of whether she can pursue it with what they have and being overseas.

No. 648373

It's possible, just more complicated. Would have to figure out who has jurisdiction.

No. 648448

Did they delete it because of the comments or because of mina?
Sorry you had to deal with that anon but I agree even if restraining orders seem "useless" it can be used in future cases if the stalking/harassment gets more out of hand.

No. 648505

Tinfoil but I don't think this psycho bitch is "exercising" and "eating healthy".

She uploads for a bit, then goes days without uploading and blames it on "uwu depression".

My guess, she goes MIA and gets fucked on coke for a few days while she's out "working".

That's one way to drop weight fast and give her confidence. She's a slobby girl, look how feral their apartment is there's no way she drags her fat ass out to exercise.

No. 648544

File: 1553601852766.jpg (206.84 KB, 984x1076, 9873531.jpg)

Has anyone else noticed Billie Dawn Ingle/Webb and Dasha unfollowed each other? Billie started following Mina. She must have realized Dasha is the crazy one.
Slowly but surely Dasha is losing her supporters.

No. 648607

Thank god. It made me sick seeing Ayalla and Billie licking Julia's ass.

No. 648629

So say they do try to take things to court, for anything.. wouldn't Julia at least be fucking deported in the process?? I say at go far it!

I don't think a restraining order would work though for her if this is pretty much all through the internet. They should try to get her in trouble for the revenge porn.

No. 648665

>So say they do try to take things to court, for anything.. wouldn't Julia at least be fucking deported in the process??




No. 648760

Massive tin foil but what if Valfre only used Dasha bc they knew they were going to get a lot of hate comments??? Dont they get paid for every comment they receive?

No. 648907

File: 1553772535958.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190328_132627438.j…)

Prooops more closely with the actual image of dashka

No. 648923

every part of her body in the first picture is shooped wtf

No. 648924

She has a strange body. She has skinny chicken legs with a squared top.

No. 648976

File: 1553809385228.png (853.68 KB, 720x1356, Screenshot_20190329-084156~2.p…)

Yet another company using a female hating skin walker to promote their shit!

No. 648978

File: 1553811328360.jpg (2.16 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190329_001318523.j…)

I hope she's getting help and figures out a way to be happy I know he has been vicious and horrible but I do wish she gets over it and moves on , I bet it's hell inside her head

No. 648979

File: 1553811422734.png (668.96 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20190329-001153.png)

No. 648988

Wouldn't it suck for her if people started commenting on the picture about the shit she's done?(cowtipping)

No. 649078

I mean.. the name fits her.

No. 649091

eh I don't think Dasha should get off the hook just yet. She and Cyr still haven't fully admitted to harassing Edwin and Mina, (it could be the reason why cyr hasn't posted on yt for years now and has lost relevancy to make a real living) We also don't know if they are still having those whats app group chats about mina and edwin, remember they were caught trying to terminate dewiness channel for defending himself and mina. Once Cyr and Dasha admit, feel actual guilt and try to make things better for the people they hurt then maybe just maybe they would have the full right to move on. If you break a vase you don't just leave it on the ground and try to walk away, no you have to throw away the broken pieces and maybe by a new vase to make up. Dasha is trying to run away from her past actions and she is not going to survive without being held accountable and wanting to change.

No. 649093

File: 1553888778207.png (636.21 KB, 936x599, Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 3.45…)

Im surprised this got glossed over… this shits still creepy big time :/(spoiled milk)

No. 649117

Lol you kinda remind me of the way Edwin talks but yeah I can see your point
But I do think it starts from within and if she feels sorry then she will admit and start the healing process hopefully but in all honesty she has a loong way to go

No. 649494

File: 1554094097264.jpeg (459.71 KB, 1125x1564, 7988E2E6-BB75-4ACE-8DE6-4B8A4D…)

Dasha really had to commit to the cowgirl aesthetic

No. 650341


is this her way of pullin an april fool's?

No. 650380

File: 1554127220546.jpg (664.79 KB, 1080x1719, 8596396393.jpg)

Seeing this now is really fucking creepy…

No. 650385


No. 650457

So someone is trying to get Repzions attention on Twitter to cover Dasha… I hope he didn't go back on his word on creating sn X files vid on her…

No. 650529

File: 1554152590110.png (756.77 KB, 720x1144, disgrace.png)

Another company supporting this woman tragically

No. 650565

File: 1554164795095.jpeg (319.24 KB, 1125x1194, 0E70F661-0189-4DDA-B2C7-4E6687…)

No. 650567

File: 1554165328552.png (98.89 KB, 513x526, Skärmavbild 2019-04-02 kl. 02…)

what the… found this on famousbirthdays, lol

No. 650570

File: 1554165594745.png (626.68 KB, 1440x1057, Screenshot_20190315-214122~2.p…)

No. 650573

File: 1554166124979.png (2.19 MB, 1440x2370, Screenshot_20190309-103541~2.p…)

when you realize all your horrible manipulation on other naive people will never ultimately turn you into Mina

No. 650587

File: 1554168798561.jpeg (643.87 KB, 877x1756, E382AB40-8491-4CCF-8408-6BCE30…)

There’s this one account that’s defending dasha on the nastygal post. Any negative comment pretty much has this person under it going off, but this one exchange really stood out to me. “Her platform grew because of the drama and it’s not like her life was ruined.” God which minion wrote this lmao

No. 650661

Perhaps it's one of Trasha's many sock accounts…

No. 650671

>sexualizes trans and disabled people

Lol what? Should he go on a rant about how disgusting those people are or what's the point here?

>animal activist
Yeah someone who fakes being vegan because it's trendy and abuses his dog sure is an animal activist.

>body positivity

She says while shooping herself to Minas size and shooping Mina as big as herself.

>speaks russian and swedish

Oh, do you?

What a nice article she wrote about herself, good job Julia.

No. 650691

Did Dylan really think she has any moral high ground? She’s a bully herself. She’s not doing Julia any favor. A bully standing up for her bully friend.

No. 650823

does anyone have a copy of this video? can't find it anywhere an i never got to watch it

No. 651010

File: 1554398862533.png (636.66 KB, 720x1048, Screenshot_2019-04-02-15-44-28…)

No. 651084

nastygal got TONS of negative comments on that ad with dasha in it but they still haven't addressed it whatsoever. not that i'd expect any better, i'm pretty sure their company has limecrime levels of a bad reputation

honestly i'm surprised that she's managed to keep Apphia as a friend for this long lol

No. 651356

File: 1554551567080.jpg (2.76 MB, 450x257, znl9xi.jpg)

Any news on how Cyr is doing, or has she sucked the life out of him like a Stargate wraith yet? I don't have a twitch account and from what I gathered, that is the only place he is active.

No. 651361

File: 1554557966701.jpg (56.97 KB, 1295x651, it's called ack-ting.jpg)

it's business as usual with him
still an unfunny edgelord clinging to dated memes

No. 651399

He's recently gotten a lot more popular on Twitch, (Saw him go from 20k to almost 60k followers in 2 weeks and his views from 100 viewers to 2k average, he's gotten a lot of the GTA V roleplay fans watching him since he's been roleplaying a lot as Joe "The cocaine kingpin" and an anime character with chicken legs.

People seem to find his rping pretty entertaining, he keeps popping up on the front page of Livestreamfail and he's close with Sodapoppin now

He said he doesn't like to use Twitter on his stream as he thinks it's just a breeding ground for drama so he prefers to just use disccord, twitch and instagram. He seems relatively happy with his newfound success and attention.

No. 651701

what the fuuck, where did that come from? i always felt sorry for him, because he had so little viewers, HOW does he suddenly have 2000 viewers when he only had 100 usually before?!

No. 651705

Used his bitches trick cash to buy subs?

No. 651735

I wouldn't be surprised if this were true. they seem to be able to buy plenty of coke, coffee, and sushi with what they make, why not pay for subs like Julia is used to.
Also I'm kind of sickened that Cyr is tight with Jacksfilms and Anythingforviews etc., like Anything- is Aussie and I'm baffled he can put up with someone as pretentious as cyr and someone as dumb-but-conniving as Dasha. shows what pieces of shit they all really are.
the one that hurts the most is Erik from Internet Comment Etiquette, who is supposed to be the bullshit meter of youtube, still associates with them? like the fact that nobody has been louder about what retards and actual faggots they are makes me fuckin so sad. especially when their brand is tAKIN DOWN THE SOYBOYS/EDGELORDS when cyr is the stalest form of both.

sage for sheer disgust at the fact that these people have subs and make money off being full blown internet aids. and the tinfoil in there.

idk why these greasy snow filtered fuckwits irk me so badly

No. 651803

It hurts me too eric is way too cool for them

No. 651836


It happened for a few people that have been on the server for a while, like Vader and Milton1TPike or whoever plays Kiki. All the big streamers are flirting with GTA RP again - Soda, Lirik, Forsen, Greek, even Reckful got in on it I think. If you're a good roleplayer you're hot right now.

No. 651845

Lucky for him i guess, i was kinda worried he would kill himself soon enough by watching his dead ass streams

No. 651865

Because he's been on a lot of popular streamer's streams since they've been doing GTA V roleplaying, which gets a lot of viewers and since the big streamers like him and find him funny they have been hosting him a lot and he's gained a ton of views/followers from that and also from being featured on the front page of Livestreamfails (Him singing Limp Bizkit got pretty big on reddit) a lot and today hit 2k subs and 60k followers. He went from averaging 50-100 viewers for 2 years to now around 1k-4k average.

No. 651876

Can you really call that success tho?im not on twitch so idk but that doesnt sound like a lot

No. 651953


hi streamer here!! sage for OT but yeah it is p successful. hes at 2k subs, and since he's partnered that means he keeps 70% of the sub. so for tier 1 subs he keeps 3.50, for tier 2 he keeps 7.00, and for tier 3 he keeps 17.50. thats just for subs theres also bits that were brought in by his new popularity (10,000 bits=$100 and hes already made $1,205 from bits alone. add the 7k-35k from subs and thats p good. esp for someone who was hardly making a fraction of that before

again sozz for blogpost

No. 651963


Fuck, you're insufferable

No. 651981

Not good enough to upkeep the LA lifestyle though

No. 652007

Not to lick Mina's ass but she atually looks like an angel next to this bridge troll. Mina is human princess Fiona while Julia is a dollar store knock-off version of Shrek. It'll never stop pissing me off how this didn't get nearly the attention it deserved. Again, if Dasha wasn't a """"""""""pretty"""""""""" woman, she would have been crucified, and if the commentary community weren't too busy bitching about unfunny Instagram comedians for the 37293864324789236th time whilst thinking this is petty drama and milking Cyr's prostate, maybe this wouldn't have died down so much. I want Dasha to be deported but - and this is MAJOR TINFOIL - I'd actually fear for Mina's safety if Dasha went back to Europe. She'd have nothing to lose and I don't doubt this fucking psycho would go full Silence of The Lambs.

No. 652073

Why are you being a cunt,thanks for answering my question anon
Still doesnt sound like a lot compared to what success he had with youtube

No. 652531

File: 1555091957772.jpeg (377.38 KB, 1241x1834, image.jpeg)

This just in!! Dasha posted something on her main!!

No. 652533

Not sure if nitpick but really?pink hat?like the one mina has been wearing A LOT on her instagram…

No. 652542


Probably the filter but tanned is a good look on her.

No. 652598

She's deleting comments and blocking anyone who mentions Mina.

No. 652618

File: 1555108372405.jpeg (699.2 KB, 1125x2008, B8621D74-2BC6-466E-A2FE-6CECA7…)

I mean does she really think she can just do a comeback now? lol you can’t just deny everything and block everyone forever

No. 652669

File: 1555113168730.jpeg (254.06 KB, 1125x1165, B6946141-833F-463B-A72C-F8121B…)

I mean, come on. I know the whole “copying” thing is old at this point, but the fact that she still has friends who’ll defend her and accuse Mina and Edwin of “harassing” and “bullying” her when this blatant shit is going on is just fucking retarded. Mina has been doing this cowgirl thing with the pink hat recently, but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence and there’s not a track record of Julia being a skinwalking psycho. This is actually scary for Mina. Julia won’t stop. How long has it been? Yet she’s still not over Mina. This is some psychological triller level shit. Julia needs help.

No. 652670

File: 1555113174200.jpeg (517.77 KB, 1800x897, 181618F8-0A54-41CF-A2CB-2E187A…)

Wtf?! After all the backlash and since she wants to be seen as a victim, you’d think she’d come back to her main with a different aesthetic… One that doesn’t look just like Mina. Idek how her fans can’t see she’s the fucked up one.

No. 652821

Holy fuck the glasses are exactly the same she really did go out of her way again to get same items as mina

No. 652833

It would be a shame if we all posted the video of her being an escort to the "Dibsclothing" Instagram, not only her picture modeling.(cowtipping)

No. 652849

Or even better, the clip of her doing the Nazi salute(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 652892

File: 1555179572350.jpeg (87.25 KB, 1125x371, E79DD5FD-172A-4C1B-A817-8D7425…)

She’s still sticking with the “I’m part Russian” bs lol Julia, 0.001% doesn’t count

No. 652945

File: 1555185992965.jpeg (222.25 KB, 824x1260, 29D24706-3B81-4C1B-B8E3-CDEA25…)

https://www.instagram.com/minaxxliar/ BuT MiNa iS aN EvIL MaNiPuLatIvE LiAr (who used Edwin for clout)

No. 652972

My caption contest entry: “I’m wearing (name) shirt (price), (name) pants (price), and Mina’s skin (priceless)!

No. 652977

She's just so damn ugly, I can't. All the photoshop in the world won't help.
Maybe she finds a new pimp at coachella, lol

No. 652993

Will these people just drop it already and leave the poor girl alone jesus
Dashas fans are despicable really and they are only making her look worse
Also the fake freckles are not a good look putin

No. 653029

File: 1555197303362.png (5.83 MB, 1125x2436, 9D77C234-4138-4147-855E-E3DE8F…)

Interesting how her “best friend” doesn’t bother mentioning Dasha in this post

No. 653064


probably because it's an ad. a literal walking ad. no personality.

No. 653071

Awe Dasha tanned herself up to look like the prettier girls and instead, ended up looking like a chimney sweeper, she looks like shit compared to everyone else at that place.

No. 653074

File: 1555203644564.png (2.46 MB, 1343x2048, Screenshot_20190413-210000.png)

Looks like dibsclothing removed the post.

No. 653079

Sorry if this is blogpost, I’m going through something very similar and it may give insight or help anyone going through it. Cyberstalking is a crime, the revenge porn (ESPECIALLY under California law), and any documented harassment or identity theft/online impersonation(I forget the rest of what dash’s did tbh, but I think those are the main things) and are criminal offenses. All she needs to do is compile evidence physically for police records and to discuss in person, and hopefully on thumb drive to show the authenticity of the evidence/encrypted dates and origin.

The revenge porn is the easiest, clear cut, and most damning to prove. Literally it’s as easy as going to the police and doing some quick research online about your state laws regarding the violation so you can best advocate in person. Mina has an abundance of evidence and she has a great case. I really fucking hope she either knows this, or is informed of this and gets or has the support she needs to just reach out to the authorities. People like Dasha do not stop and will never stop until there are repercussions,and I really really hope just because she is a good and hopeful person she doesn’t convince herself otherwise and that she is safe without reporting this. I wasted so much time and endured so much suffering hoping I wouldn’t have to go through the legal process, but honestly it’s much easier than you think, is time best spent instead of suffering alone with only your optimistic unrealistic wishes as defense, and the worst case scenario is the police may have their hands tied and need a specific kind of evidence, in which case she knows what to be aware of specifically and is educated further on her rights. No I e has to go through this especially not alone.

If any other anons have experience with this or have friends who have gone through this, I know I would love to hear what they have gone through as well and any insights. Since Dasha is directly threatening Mina’s career that’s another angle to come at it from, and again California has very recently updated laws that are great with this sort of thing.

I hope it doesn’t count as cowtipping if someone reading this already has contact with Mina and let’s her know how easy and hopeful it is for her, and what she needs to do to protect herself and others. Mina is doing an amazing job being the bigger person and has really been an example to me on how to handle this and not feed into abusive stalkers, but this situation will never improve if she doesn’t deal with in through the law. If Edwin is willing to spend any time making videos informing people about Dasha, I’m sure he can better spend his time and efforts encouraging Mina to go to the police and helping her gather evidence.the more cases like this that are executed the more the word will spread about these type of crimes, which will push legislature to pass updated laws on this kind of abuse.

Apologies for the long post, thank you for reading.(tl;dr spoiled milk)

No. 653164

ya know, it’s pretty fucked because in the post that Mina made on Instagram a couple weeks ago about Dasha’s abuse persisting, Mina was literally wearing the pink cowboy hat and the green glasses. And now Dasha is wearing them.

No. 653195

File: 1555225664661.jpeg (92.96 KB, 1125x567, 496BB0BA-7ABA-4F46-B8EE-8E3DE1…)


No. 653402

Honestly, at this point shes doing it on purpose. I think she might get off triggering Mina.

No. 653436

Ok what I don't understand most is how she was able to spend over $400 for a Coachella ticket. Has she found any new clients or did Tony have connections.

No. 653638

File: 1555345006902.jpg (646.01 KB, 1080x1073, IMG_20190415_111554.jpg)

Wtf is this

No. 653644

bad. she probably thinks that pose will hide her gut, but it just looks unflattering.

No. 653687

File: 1555351270553.jpeg (1.82 MB, 3264x3264, 939891B4-C2EA-47F9-8108-7BC92C…)

This is probably a reach to say that she’s “copying” mina but the vibe is definitely the same. And Mina definitely does it better/more naturally

No. 653689

I think Trasha believes she's copying this pic of Mina. Guess she didn't notice she looks nothing like this

No. 653741

File: 1555363096192.png (280.24 KB, 701x704, 6546356.png)

a squatting toilet?

No. 653771

If this was a squatting Slavs thing I would have been offended.

No. 653957

Next thread pic please lol

No. 654202

File: 1555545506842.png (912.56 KB, 720x955, crazy.png)

No. 654203

File: 1555545537779.png (1.12 MB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2019-04-17-18-56-33…)

No. 654212

File: 1555547788985.png (2.1 MB, 1125x2436, ED46B72A-5DFE-4D69-B255-D74EF9…)

No. 654247

File: 1555555898565.jpeg (328.89 KB, 1125x1575, 957ABF0E-2DED-4951-8C07-9F08FF…)

No. 654248

File: 1555555924403.jpeg (396.16 KB, 1119x1572, 89697104-8131-4C37-B0B8-43D035…)


Thought that pose looked familiar

No. 654276

Is she serious? What a massive fucking cunt. I hope you'll die in a fire.

No. 654279

when the koreaboo goes to your brain and you turn into a massive self hating retard

No. 654281

She's getting brand deals again, and she's acting like nothing has ever happened, it's not fair

No. 654290

Relax she cant be featured on any of their sites or pages because of the backlash,also she was forced in hiding for one year isnt that punishment enaugh?

No. 654291

Is her next skinwalking v

No. 654312

>>,also she was forced in hiding for one year isnt that punishment enaugh?

I don't think that it was. She has shown no remorse and she thinks she can just get away with it if enough time passes. If she had acknowledged her mistakes, maybe people should forgive her but I until that happens she can get fucked.

No. 654314

she has to: 1. admit her mistakes 2. learn from mistakes 3. stop being abusive. so far, she hasn’t done any of those things yet. she’s getting a free pass, you see and that’s not cool.

No. 654318

She hasnt learned as a matter of fact she is still contacting brands Mina liked first. Shes still stalking Mina.

No. 654330

>honestly i'm surprised that she's managed to keep Apphia as a friend for this long lol

it's cuz Phi, Lexi Hensler & the other one, whatsherface aren't her targets. She's only stalking, copying & skinwalking Mina n anyone who's friends with her isn't necessarily a possible skinwalking victim. Mina just has something that Dasha sees & wants to have it for herself, which her other "bffs" don't, sorta like an equalizer between the two & a factof for her to keep emulating Mina. It IS possible for people to only stalk & copy one person n still be normal friends to others.

Although she has a thing for twinning with people while taking selfies with them, which is weird.

No. 654342

File: 1555606968317.png (2.87 MB, 1080x1073, wait waht the shit.png)

does she just have tree trunk legs or… did she edit her ankles??

No. 654346

so what if dasha does it all on purpose, to make fun of mina and harass her, not because of jealousy? (sure, there is/was some jealousy there once), because it seems too weird and obvious, how she's skinwalking her…it's just so odd, or she's heavily mentally ill

No. 654360

i would guess one of her sock accounts? either way, they did a miserable job putting that account together. the profile picture was grabbed from https://www.saatchiart.com/lanabrest, and that lady has her own instagram @lana.artstudio). very obviously fake.

No. 654377

wound up here from twitch. she randomly inserts herself into cyr's broadcasts every now and then. i always feel uneasy when she's around; she's got this unhinged energy that reminds me of a certified sociopath i was trapped in a relationship with. did a search to see if there was anything about her online.. i found everything in this thread repulsing, but i didn't really find any of it surprising.

i could be completely wrong, but i get the feeling cyr might be in it partly out of fear of what she'll do if he leaves her? most of it's body language–he shrinks away from her, tries to free himself from an embrace, etc. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/412624877?t=3h22m14s (fast forward to 03:22:14 if you're on mobile)

sorry if this goes against format here, and kudos to whoever likened the situation to perfect blue.

No. 654398

File: 1555620660649.jpeg (61.74 KB, 488x400, 70823631-0529-4749-9368-D3A933…)

Can't quite fit your gut into those pants eh Trasha?

No. 654399

File: 1555620685446.jpeg (59.82 KB, 531x410, 4709DFAF-BFAF-4880-A429-3A8AEA…)

Happy couple

No. 654408

Maybe it would be better for dasha to start twinning with momo instead.
Its a narcy power move honestly, I personally hope she does go too far so that mina can bring the law down on her hard eventually. She's unhinging and completely obsessed with mina to a scary degree, I'd be worried if dasha suddenly started making trips to england tho.

No. 654414

I’m curious to know, are most of cyrs fans uncomfortable with her? Most people seem to notice there’s something seriously wrong with her mentally

No. 654421

File: 1555627290644.png (Spoiler Image,86.76 KB, 325x387, damn.png)

She's honestly horrifying. I think her evilness is catching up to her.

No. 654435

oh my god she's so scary, like she's staring into my soul ready to kill me, get help god dammit julia

No. 654436

File: 1555631022330.png (60.74 KB, 326x337, Skärmavbild 2019-04-19 kl. 01…)


I'm thinking the same thing, they also seem to notice that something is off with their relationship. Vincent doesn't really show affection, he mostly seems annoyed and scared.

No. 654452

Holy shit anon she's giving me some serious Jeepers Creepers vibes

No. 654508

honestly ive been following this bitch since she popped up on cyrs videos and ultimately made me stop watching. never got good vibes from her and when the weird shit started happening its like things made sense.

nows it been what? two years later? and at best she had to take a break off of social media, and i feel like thats more because of her selling herself getting caught via twitter
after posting revenge porn, stalking, harassing, slandering, etc… you would think SOMETHING would be done to get her deported or shut out of instagram industries. but nothing. she keeps going.
i enjoy the milk, but at this point mina has multiple viable reasons to sue or press cases against this fucking nut job and has not bothered. i get its an arduous process, but its not like julias fucking stopped at any point. why won't she pursue legally? is she a fucking masochist? i am done w mina empathizers, it sucks shes getting shit from a crazy socio across the world but she could just choose to do something LEGALLY to stop this– she has enough evidence and its a perfectly valid case– but doesnt

i feel this a lot too, I know jack has just been friends with cyr for years and he never has seemed like the type of guy to cut people out, but anything4views and apparently sodapoppin? after dating legendaryleech you'd think soda would fuck off from sleuthy LA dumpster fires, not continue to associate with them

anything- seems like a good judge of character, i really doubt those two will ever be close, just seems really off

No. 654545

That face us the stuff of nightmares. Does she not understand that when she shows up in his live streams with crap lightning and bad angels and no filter she bust the "image" she tries to nurture of herself on instagram?

No. 654568

Its easier said than done. Police wont consider this important. I mean cyberbullying isnt even a thing in most states. Also it will probably cost Mina a fortune to do this considering this happened in a different country.

No. 654697

File: 1555742104841.png (528 KB, 768x654, lsekmflskefm.png)


No. 654699

dasha is beyond desperate for attention its insane. she cant help but force herself into shit, nonstop fucking talking and spewing bullshit on cyrs streams.

can you imagine her in real life at a social event? shes that annoying girl everyone avoids inviting, but she somehow hears about the party and sneaks her way into it knowing she isnt wanted, then takes over and ruins the night with her bullshit.

No. 654729

Did anyone else notice in Cyr’s stream at the 3:22 mark that he is holding a Rilakkuma cup and at one point even intentionally rotates it so that the character is clearly facing the camera? And he even acknowledges with his eyes and a slight raise of eyebrows? I’m sure he didn’t buy that cup for himself, Dasha probably bought it. And Mina is a fan of Rilakkuma, she posts about it on insta all the time, got it as a gift from Edwin and even made a separate insta account for a Rilakkuma. This is such a small detail, but it confirms that all this is just to mess with Mina and that Cyr is in on it too(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 654754

Massive reach

No. 654869

File: 1555820730745.png (304.95 KB, 1080x1081, Screenshot_2019-04-20-23-24-45…)


No. 654874

It's funny how the background flowers are all blurry… I wonder why

No. 654919

Because obvious shooping aside the photo was shot with a tilt shift lens?

No. 654921

File: 1555837960007.png (154.54 KB, 224x316, badshoop.png)

Tilt-shift lenses don't suddenly stop working on background objects that happen to be immediately next to the foreground subject. She just did a terrible job blurring the background in PS.

No. 654947


No. 654948


fucking hell nightmare fuel
she looks like gollum and momo had a baby

No. 655103

the line on the window is way off??? shoulder shopping?

No. 655164

Her body does not fucking look like that lmao

No. 655180

She's so terrible at photoshop.
Either accept that you're a fat bitch or stop posting selfies all together. This is so embarrassing.

No. 655294

File: 1555977976414.png (5.86 MB, 1125x2436, 8DFCE6DF-D0DD-4C41-9B72-21C796…)

This is a screenshot from a video she posted on her story around the time she was at Coachella. Looks like she just went full ana-chan again to fit in with her “friends” she only got to hang out with because of that phibi chick lol. Same thing with that terrible spray tan. Just gotta fit in somehow I guess.

No. 655298

That's not anachan, she's sucking in
I'm not saying Dasha is fat but she purposely edits herself to look thinner than she really is.

No. 655389

Even if she's sucking it in, it's pretty obvious her weight fluctuates really rapidly. Has there ever been any talk of her having a drug problem? She seems the type who'd get addicted to pills or uppers and given the scene she's known to orbit around, it doesn't seem like that much of a reach.

No. 655407

Oh I think she’s sucking for sure but you can still tell that, as you said, her weight does go up and down quite a bit. And yeah there’s been speculation about coke use in past threads, her and cyr give off a coked our vibe sometimes tbh but don’t seem like they’ve totally spiraled out yet (if they even are using)

No. 655422

too bad we can see what she looks like in cyrs videos

No. 655449

It's obvious she's sucking in. The way that her neck is and how her body is being held, it's an uncomfortable sucking in. And also, she's holding her arm up, which will make her look skinnier, too.

No. 655589

Did she actually go out to see the concerts? Seems like they only hung around the house they stayed. Any basic b would have taken a photo in front of that ferris wheel.

No. 655869

File: 1556160319820.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x2182, 5C15D79A-7259-4B05-9BF4-513729…)

No. 655875

don’t have to shoop if no one can see your body

No. 655942

File: 1556189184608.png (2.29 MB, 978x1198, add this one to the skinwalkin…)

is that a lazy oaf bag? wondering if it's inspired by this, the neon green glasses are a dead giveaway so I wouldn't be suprised

No. 655943

File: 1556189395105.png (3.72 MB, 2010x1162, yuck why.png)

>>655869 >>652670
samefag but just checked, she bought identical glasses by monarch tokyo? w o w lmao

No. 655946

Look, we can all agree dasha was a skin walker but this kind of reaching invalidates it alot

No. 655950

File: 1556195439467.jpeg (288.04 KB, 750x905, 9045579D-C6E2-4F2A-A150-B819F8…)

The elbow is pretty funny. Why is there a chunk missing and then that little flap of skin??

No. 655951

was? she's doing it to this day. to the point where she busy the same brands. why wouldn't she buy something loosely based on a mina look? you're reaching so much it's past the actual point, look at her behaviour/the bigger picture.

No. 655967

the fucking Rilakkuma socks are sending me

No. 655971

Elbows have extra skin so they can bend. When the arm is straight, the skin bunches up. Do you not have arms anon?

No. 656003

Yes I understand the anatomy of elbows but I haven't ever seen one like that before. Looks like a photoshop fail to me.

No. 656019

even though what Dasha has done to Mina is disgusting, I feel like this thread provoked her more.
the amount of comments I have seen comparing dashas body and face to Minas… its fuelling the fire.
I thought lolcow threads are made for drama and opinions, not nitpicking.
Dasha and Mina are both aware of these threads too which does not help at all.

No. 656022

going for the neon green too, eh?

No. 656030

>> even though what Dasha has done to Mina is disgusting, I feel like this thread provoked her more. the amount of comments I have seen comparing dashas body and face to Minas… its fuelling the fire.

And??? She should stop skinwalking Mina and she should learn to control her compulsive insanity. Until that happens, she'll continue to get criticized

No. 656045


Isn't this considered nitpicking? They're both social influencers and get free stuff from sponsors.

No. 656072

Except there are screenshots of dasha contacting the same companies and askimg for the exact same items

No. 656127

As the anon said above, Dasha was exposed for messaging the same companies for the same items that Mina received.

No. 656320

How I see Trasha liking and commenting the nicest things on her own pics through her fake accounts

No. 656321

File: 1556336128196.jpg (114.09 KB, 1054x553, IMG_20190426_223337.jpg)

No. 656414

Im honestly just waiting for Dasha to post pics of herself wearing purple plaid/checkers n an all-purple makeup like Mina's latest look

No. 656925

i think dasha is one of the very few cases where 90% of the time the nitpick can be relevant bc every small thing she does is somehow related to mina

No. 657194

File: 1556579574254.jpeg (531.6 KB, 1125x2066, 659C68FE-9A34-4316-892E-E776C4…)

can’t be the only one who’s noticed how their profiles literally look almost identical, right? The bio, profile pic and everything. Yikes this is actually so fucking creepy

No. 657195

File: 1556579626190.jpeg (510.57 KB, 1125x2038, 0BBBA2A4-096A-497B-AA16-61546F…)

No. 657243

File: 1556589052100.jpeg (343.03 KB, 1125x1720, 7E8F3B3C-BEA2-4ADB-A162-20729E…)

what the hell is going on with her legs?

No. 657244

also yikes this is not a flattering shot, her posture is really bad

No. 657305

Wow. How does her skinwalking keep getting more and more extreme?

No. 657313

File: 1556605421566.png (1.59 MB, 1125x2436, 444D9186-CA88-4CFF-8C87-68948F…)

No. 657331

her face and legs look horrifying in this shot, suddenly aware she lacks a neck too

No. 657332

Nope, i dont see it Mina

There is no milk left tbh

No. 657333

File: 1556623922397.png (1.32 MB, 1440x2267, Screenshot_20190430-192914~2.p…)

honestly with this girl the milk comes back one way or another hahah

No. 657341

you don't see her getting short black extensions and a perm (from this >>657333) to match Mina's natural hair?

the milk will never stop cause in her narc brain she still believes she can turn the situation around and come out on top as ~the evil genius behind all this~

No. 657349

We talked that to death though. You can only post so many skinwalker posts so many times before that's literally all there is left.

Instead of forcing milk during a dry spell, we should just wait for something to happen.

No. 657524


People are allowed to have conversations that you don't agree with.

No. 657528

Nowhere did I say otherwise. I suggested waiting because all we have are skinwalking stuff. That's it.

No. 657669

File: 1556746960071.jpg (442.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190501-223648_Chr…)

Didn't know mina was a Christian?
Why is dasha suddenly got all these rilakkuma items?
Anon was right before when Dasha has not stopped, she does really think she can still come out on top

No. 657672

>Why is dasha suddenly got all these rilakkuma items?
she's heavily into kpop, all koreaboos love that shit

No. 657677

Isn't rilakkuma japanese though?

No. 657708

I recall mina going on about rilakkuma stuff in the past. I’m too lazy to screenshot but check her latest “suzy” story on insta, posted 4 days ago

No. 657725

Ditto, iirc she said someone got her a bunch of that shit or something.

No. 657740

File: 1556765717651.jpg (7.06 KB, 236x236, 6335e6f679f84cc671f61ec2fb6537…)

there's a rilakkuma lookalike asfaik on kakaotalk

No. 657743

that bag Dasha has in the photo is rilakkuma tho the same as minas shit, did Dasha ever show interested in that character before?

No. 657780

File: 1556780342919.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, 267D8A61-652D-472B-A5C0-2F1729…)

Well mina has a whole page dedicated to her rilakkuma so its pretty obvious why…
Dasha get help you’re starting to look like Mina on crack

No. 657784

She also has Rilakkuma socks here

No. 657785

File: 1556782049341.jpg (292.24 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190428_080303.jpg)


If she gets caught dasha's probably gonna say she likes rilakkuma because of her buddy simon over here. It's like she's using him as a decoy or whatever you call it. Like she did with geena davis last time

No. 657933

File: 1556835444346.jpeg (803.4 KB, 750x1296, DA0A2D8B-B610-4FCB-BB78-56D736…)

More Mina cosplay

No. 657942

She looks more like a short/chubby Ellaria Sand than Mina lol

No. 658187

File: 1556932124561.jpg (523.78 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190410_100746.jpg)

How's that a mina cosplay? I thought at first she was trying to match her nails from a few weeks back, n afaik mina hasnt been wearing green shorts or a cow pattern top recently

No. 658212

Mina is hella cringey

No. 658220

File: 1556941952335.png (62.68 KB, 622x502, 635921182183893692-925225497_b…)

No. 658233

you know mina can be absolute cringe and dasha can be a psycho at the same time, right

No. 658241

Do we really again have to explain to everyone why you should keep mina out of this thread jeez

No. 658258

If you aren’t providing any milk and just bitching then stay off the threads, it’s literally pointless.

No. 658262

>keep mina out of this thread
>mina is mentioned literally every second post but in favourable light of course
>say something remotely not positive about mina
>automatic angry replies
stop being retarded

No. 658269

"tinfoil" but its pretty obvious Mina and her boyfriend lurk here and probably post aswell, you might have encountered them.

Anyway, Mina is very related to Dasha and this thread, so we should be able to discuss her here unless admin or a mod says otherwise.

No. 658282

Both of you are seriously retarded, stop pushing the thread up with irrelevant posts if you don't have have any fucking milk and tinfoiling like a retard. I don't give a shit about any of them. Previous anons have discussed that nickpicking of Dasha skinwalking is getting old and if you don't have anything good to contribute then let the thread die out.

No. 658283

How bout you shut the fuck up and let mods decide what is and isn't okay?

No. 658287

Are you retarded. Mods said ages ago if you wanna discuss Mina and Edwin go make a thread in snow or discuss them in the instagram thread. Bye

No. 658350

So I guess Trasha is back to posting here. Hi there lil Trash, did you get bored playing with your cow print clothes?

No. 658353

File: 1557008884271.jpeg (93.46 KB, 640x279, 2CDED34A-E5C9-4161-A1DF-AEE758…)

NTA but stop being retarded and scroll up

No. 658477

you are actually a negative intelligence fucking subhuman, holy shit. the post that mods made >>658353 accounted for ALL posts regarding dasha's skinwalking, ie accusing her of skinwalking, not just people agreeing or disagreeing. scroll up and look at the amount of people talking about mina, and dasha skinwalking, explicitly not following the rules. people who blatantly worship mina in this thread are as pathetic as dasha and that's a fact. considering how intertwined mina is in dasha's milk any talk of mina does NOT warrant ugly whiteknights crying about how any mina talk is off topic, but only when it's negative. now fuck off.

No. 658500

Kek! multiple different anons had backed me up to prove my point but you seem incredibly triggered about not being able to talk about Mina. Get over it. Want to talk about her? Follow >>658287 advice. Make a thread somewhere else and actually provide milk on Mina instead of saying a retarded comment like "MiNa Is CriNgeY" and stop fucking this thread up. Nowhere did I say you can't talk about her UNLESS you are providing something milky, not only that this thread is specifically about Doucha. The mods seem to have abandoned this thread but I promise you, you retard we both would have been banned by now.

No. 658511

Multiple anons have disgreed/agreed that Mina is annoying but almost everyone can agree that she is a victim of Dasha. People defend her because she isn't even a cow herself. This thread isn't about how annoying she is. Dasha is the main focus of this thread and is A COW

No. 658536

I mean it's one person's name on the thread, how simple could this be

No. 658549

hi edwin! kill yourself and your cringe girlfriend(a-log)

No. 658560

More bait?
Calm down anon lol

No. 658618

File: 1557091876910.jpeg (875.83 KB, 1125x2004, 9AD710B0-753D-451A-991B-CA49E2…)

didn’t take her long to get in on the purple plaid hype

No. 658620

File: 1557093203947.jpeg (176.9 KB, 1119x775, 1F3C3142-07E4-4113-88B1-2E48FB…)

I find it absolutely hilarious that she really thinks anyone is going to believe she got 10k likes in 25 minutes authentically. Just looking through her likes or recent followers, it’s so painfully obvious they’re fake/spam accounts. Who does she really think she’s fooling? lmfao

No. 658623

Shes probably super bitter that Mina gets more likes than her with less followers

No. 658654

talking about mina is against thread rules. :)

No. 658658

File: 1557113039334.jpeg (934.09 KB, 750x1198, C99052AC-41A2-4F9F-AF9E-29C48D…)

Begging for people to engage with her content

No. 658702

How are you still not banned,god you are insufferable
She looks really manly here,but hey at least she stopped abusing photoshop,she is finally her ugly self on the internet
Also kek at the comments and likes ratio,must really stinks that mina gets 10x time more engagment with less followers if she is willing to spend money on likes yikes

No. 658703

You can talk about mina in context of dasha you dumb fuck

No. 658705

Not to WK but dasha basically just buys everything that’s stocked at the urban outfitters near her apt. Those just got stocked there. She might have Mina in mind but I think it’s noteworthy that she’s incapable of wearing anything that’s not being sold to her by a store window

No. 658706

Is she christian now?i dont think prostitutes are welcomed at church

No. 658714

File: 1557144563709.jpeg (245.73 KB, 750x1098, 34CA80DF-95E1-4345-9777-13160C…)

Bizarre pose and hand placement to hide how her body actually looks without photoshop

No. 658744

nah. read the horde of comments crying just a few posts above.

No. 658798

Dasha just posted this whole rant about how she does not believe in callout culture and how she does not care about what problematic artists does. She also mentioned how people love to be judgemental about situations they don't know anything about. How.. fitting? She truly thinks she's past this shit.

No. 658799

File: 1557171449193.png (4.63 MB, 1125x2436, 8A225028-3C37-4114-A347-C7C3A0…)

Oh wow… really? After everything she has done, she has the nerve to post this.

No. 658800

she sure enjoyed patting her own back for calling out onision though

No. 658812

She definitely is, I can imagine her ripping out her hair in rage that Mina has thousands genuine followers lol
Ignore them anon, they’re just triggered >>658799
Lmfao she doesn’t believe in call out culture because everyone called her out on her shitty personality and psychotic tendencies. I am still baffled at how she still has followers

No. 658814

File: 1557174450253.png (578.48 KB, 750x1624, 2BFE78FE-5003-4E7F-81B8-8A348C…)

I guess people are calling her out for posting Die Antwoord on her story
Bet she likes them just to spite Edwin

No. 658859

I've been noticing lately that her receding hairline is more visible now. She uses hair clips or any other thing to conceal it a little bit but with no success. And now with this picture of her holding her hair up, you can see it clearly.

No. 658874

File: 1557182116055.png (907.09 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20190506-181839.png)

Probably about die antwoord but she can't make any strong points that might make her following dwindle any more

No. 659031

File: 1557218351877.png (845.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-05-07-11-32-44…)

Omg, she's still part Russian you guys

No. 659102

…. Scandinavian isn’t Russian

No. 659139

I think you need to look at the pic again anon. They ask if she has Russian roots and she said "I do".

No. 659316

File: 1557302304145.jpg (112.16 KB, 430x189, Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 9.55…)

idk where else to post this but there's this one youtuber who goes by "Luna Martinez" that basically steals commentary channels' videos and translates the content into spanish, trying to pass it off as her own. recently she's been copying edwin's videos lol

No. 659341

She goes in YouTubers General (if anywhere), as does Edwin: >>>/snow/460232

No. 659414

lmao what does half scandinavian even mean, it's like saying shes half slav lol

No. 659420

not sure why she's so desperately holding on to the idea that she's a bit Russian or "Scandanavian". Why does it even matter? Why lie about this?

No. 659446

Weird nitpick; DNA tests usually only list a broad region and people will say that they're part [region]. In America it's the de-facto way of talking about your heritage when you're a mutt with no roots.

No. 659519

Aha makes more sense then. To me, an actual "scandinavian", it just sounded weird/constructed since we would never say that lol

No. 659733

File: 1557471497601.png (10.21 MB, 1125x2436, F8CC3ABF-47BC-4CDF-BBD8-2B20E4…)

she looks autistic

No. 659734

File: 1557471603769.png (7.28 MB, 1125x2436, EB85998B-F90A-429E-83DF-933F60…)

No. 659738

Lmao how can you be half Scandinavian without having one parent be full Scandinavian? Is she really this dense

No. 659773

>both parents are half scandinavian
>you are also half scandinavian
>1/4 + 1/4 = 1/2
>other variants also exist
go back to grade school

No. 659774

It's almost shocking to see the real shape of her face compared to the shape of her face in her overly Facetuned photos.

No. 659847

Wonder if she's gonna listen to Melanie Martinez next after Edwin's video about the drama (n he's probably siding with Timothy Heller)

No. 660371

File: 1557656855142.jpeg (162.77 KB, 1242x1114, FBEE4FF6-A3FA-4087-B460-F247E2…)

this was under mina’s recent post, lol

No. 660498

Feel bad that Mina is forever attached to Dasha

No. 661111

File: 1557856587615.png (1.14 MB, 1464x1120, dxfgchvjbk.png)

No. 661131

I've never upvoted so hard in my whole life

No. 661206

File: 1557876077432.jpg (577.72 KB, 1080x1527, Screenshot_20190514-190839_Ins…)


No. 661262

isn't this just a filter?

No. 661349

File: 1557891921110.jpeg (170.74 KB, 750x1285, F387E0E2-A305-4DF0-889B-ECA86F…)

Dasha definitely reads this lol, this was just posted on r/instagramreality

No. 661352

Kek! she can’t even try to be discrete, damn Dasha you’re a psychotic bitch

No. 661353

Kek! she can’t even try to be discrete, damn Dasha you’re a psychotic bitch

No. 661356

If you actually go through the persons reddit history post it seems like they’re a preteen/teenager. I’m guessing it’s on of her minions

No. 661382

tbh I’m not even convinced this is shopped, it could be the tapestry kinking outwards that makes it not look straight

No. 661386

anon this one of the ones she deliberately shopped for here

No. 661387

revenge post for someone posting her ugly mug there

No. 661391

sorry I’m retarded

No. 661412

Not to WK, but that photo used to be posted wayyy back on Mina’s twitter.
Mina did used to photoshop a lot, not denying Dasha’s PULL pics, but at least she stopped I guess- unlike Dasha lmao.
It’s still very sus to be posted again recently since it’s pretty old…

No. 661417

my bad I guess, but I thought this was one of the altered ones?

re. the post timing, it's kind of obvious someone saw the reddit link here and went there to post this and will probably start posting others there. rip mods' sanity.

No. 661418

I like how they coulndt find other "ugly" picture of mina to compare it too because she looks even better irl kek

No. 661498

Most likely, Dashas insane photoshop is worthy of being on that Reddit though whether a farmer posted it. I wish someone did one were shes clearing photoshopping her body/face to copy mina side by side but that would make her go into a rage and rip her hair out lol.

No. 661764

Is Trisha talking about Mina and Dasha? It's at 30:34

No. 661786

I think that was about lele pons and amanda cerny, seeing as she called them viners

No. 661799

I think there's a good chance, Trisha used to follow both Cyr and Dasha but she only follows Cyr now, and it looks like both Cyr and Dasha unfollowed Trisha so I wouldn't be surprised. Also, Trisha interacted w/ Edwin on twitter not too long ago

No. 661841

Trisha followed Edwin on twitter

No. 662019

Not to mention Dasha was at Trishas birthday party a couple a years back so they do know each other.

No. 662040

File: 1558068765781.jpg (1.09 MB, 1200x1096, 1556368286717.jpg)

Gross, theres already "fanart"

No. 662076

This is fucked

No. 662096

File: 1558103496060.png (5.09 MB, 1242x2208, AB5F87A1-72C8-422A-AFF0-7CA908…)

Trashas passport pic

No. 662246

File: 1558122990155.png (Spoiler Image,836.78 KB, 768x904, nazi dasha.png)

SINCE DASHA IS NAZI. Figured I fix her NAZI SALUTE image to something more appropriate(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 662311

Kek I can see why she Photoshops all her pictures now, the proportions of her face are off.. eyes too small and too far apart, chin too wide and she has a lot of wrinkles for her age

No. 662328

Did the pic of Minas passport get deleted when Dasha posted it? Just wondering how similar the photos are since Dasha just loves to copy lol

No. 662810

File: 1558262646916.png (102.56 KB, 250x345, Screenshot_20190519-204254~2.p…)

She looks like Hardscrabble from monsters university

No. 662821

File: 1558269813912.jpg (1.03 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190519_194119.jpg)

that green coat tho… Is she low-key tryna match minas green coat?

No. 662880

Stop raching they dont look similar

No. 662895

File: 1558304700527.gif (4.2 MB, 315x560, 6792AA98-4054-426B-AB5A-D9601B…)

Trasha looks like she’s balding

No. 662897

probably just her blonde roots coming through

No. 662918

File: 1558317043809.png (3.89 MB, 1125x2436, 27E4CFC0-2D18-4E9E-8431-A904A6…)

Good god almighty

No. 662926

Awesome Viserys cosplay. 10/10

No. 662935

I don’t understand how she thinks her shoops look good, she always looks alien or fucking weird

No. 662977

AHAHAHAHAH why does she looks so ugly here someone help me figure it out
Usually she looks okey as danny but im quessing that was with abusing snow,something about her face is so strange and ugly here

No. 662979

Danny after 2 years on heroin

No. 663017


she doesn’t have blonde hair naturally anon, that was another one of her dumb lies. look at any pic from when she was platinum blonde and you’ll see her roots are dark brown/black

No. 663064

Has she ever heard of concealer

No. 663070

Actually, if I’m remembering correctly, she had very light blonde hair in her childhood photos. I think her mom was blonde too

No. 663071

This is just funny because I remember she used to shit all over Mina for overlining her lips.

No. 663090

A lot of children have light/blonde hair that darkens as they mature

No. 663103

File: 1558393130959.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2048x2048, 41FBB461-094B-43A7-947C-FBDFE9…)

I mean, it would be a reach if the timing wasn’t so spot on.

No. 663197

Julia seriously looks like a homeless person whose fishing clothing out of a dumpster.
If I were her friend I'd never go out in public with her if she looks like this.

No. 663207

File: 1558434825040.jpg (498.2 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190521_113250_com…)

How has no one mentioned these lmfao, the lies

No. 663208

File: 1558434850495.jpg (401.4 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190521_113251_com…)

No. 663209

File: 1558434924106.jpg (550.27 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190521_113252_com…)

No. 663218

File: 1558440692397.jpg (444.2 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190521_190516.jpg)

Not to reach/overanalyze but did dasha start saying "animol" here cuz of mina? She does have a thing with replacing ending vowels with o

No. 663277

This isn't the first time she's don't this. So I wouldn't be shocked.

No. 663552

/ annoyingly pretty
/ devastatingly popular

No. 663595

sadlkjdsfhkjsadfkljsdfkjs I nearly forgot about this…

No. 663968

File: 1558719805058.png (3.02 MB, 1080x1859, 20190524_123949.png)

No. 663975

Lmfaooo iconic

No. 664006

File: 1558728936132.png (5.11 MB, 1918x1190, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 6.11…)


Dasha you are genuinely the biggest piece of shit skinwalker I have ever seen. props to Anon who called it earlier.

No. 664008

File: 1558729032986.jpg (1.5 MB, 1696x1206, dasha.jpg)


bonus version more in line with what the image actually reflects. HELLO FELLOW KIDS, IT'S URMOTHERSHIP just ur smol animol~~

No. 664026

File: 1558735252101.png (3.05 MB, 1242x2208, 70D05396-6F29-4EC7-9D77-B40D11…)

In b4 copying Mina’s latest pics again

No. 664138

File: 1558801861530.png (2.42 MB, 1554x858, 20190525_112847.png)

I hate to reach but the dress that dasha has been wearing recently looks like the one mina has been wearing for the last year or two

No. 664140

Its funny that she'd even wear something similar like that when she was calling the dress mina has ugly in the first place.

No. 664141

File: 1558802715143.png (613.24 KB, 891x1372, 20190525_114106.png)

Sorry forgot to add picture

No. 664155

Just let her at this point.She is only embaressing herself by showing us that she is still this desperate to be mina,its pathetic really
The best thing she could have done after this fiasco was to distance herself completly from mina and find her own thing but no after years she is still this crazy and obsessive

No. 664189

File: 1558826944368.png (260.28 KB, 358x310, 90BF7B57-8C9E-42E6-94AF-9650BE…)

She’s so delusional with her obsession with Mina

No. 664370

File: 1558924395514.jpg (1.17 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190527_093103.jpg)

But y'all is this a reach tho? Or has Trasha had those stripes for a long time already n im unaware of it?

No. 664373

File: 1558924841117.png (4.28 MB, 1125x2436, B0B8AFDD-4DDC-4F42-A39A-20DCB1…)

Why on Earth would you bathe with your dog like this…

No. 664391

>sitting naked in the tub with a dog.

wow, that's real fucking nasty. Also, poor dog. You're supposed to wash and shampoo them pretty fast and get them dry. Normal people know getting water in a dog's ears will cause bad infections

No. 664392

>sitting naked in the tub with a dog.

wow, that's real fucking nasty. Also, poor dog. You're supposed to wash and shampoo them pretty fast and get them dry. Normal people know getting water in a dog's ears will cause bad infections

No. 664420

I think we've established there's no reaching with Dasha. thread pic is of her larping as mina with her freckles drawn on so I think we can safely say she's still skinwalking. I think she eschews the gogo boots because she knows she'd look like a pork sausage popping it's casings (i.e. that weird bondage/latex suit shoot she did). big sneakers make her look more uwu~ dainty (or so she thinks) she's getting lazier with the shop and resorting to baggy shirts and big shoes.

Wet Dog Dasha confirmed. I bet she baths with her wigs on in that water. can't believe old men pay to fuck this catfish who smells like an actual animal.

No. 664447

File: 1558940623016.png (902.62 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20190527-030041.png)

These CANT be her real teeth

No. 664448

File: 1558940671804.png (679.85 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20190527-030028.png)

No. 664450


This is from some app that was popular a year ago or so. It's pretty common to use it for a laugh. But I guess you never know with Dasha.

No. 664528

she actually looks quite beautiful here but i can’t tell if the mouth is real

No. 664555

Anon get some sleep

No. 664564

i was quite serious lmao i don't recall the last time i've ever seen her smile with her teeth, could've fooled me

No. 664639

File: 1559012499870.png (8.98 MB, 1125x2436, 492E4205-9C53-4E3F-983F-7622D0…)

I know this is a nitpick but did she just like.. not notice how nasty and grimy her sweater is? Also the ever so adorable uwu not fugly at all fake freckles made a comeback

No. 664653


man they just look like a rash at this point

No. 664907

File: 1559085937836.png (79.44 KB, 720x618, Screenshot_20190528-173703~2.p…)

And now the freckles are totally real guys

No. 664916

Her fans are so delusional. The freckles on her nose are literally red lol. Very obviously henna or something.

No. 664931

File: 1559090173437.png (739.04 KB, 1200x715, FB_CoHP_Eddie_Redmayne_1.png)

Eddy Redmayne looking ass bitch

No. 664954

Indeed they are, blows my mind that they think they’re real when her freckles look like a rash/skin infection as other anon said.

No. 664970

File: 1559098058077.png (805.06 KB, 1274x426, Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 12.4…)


if they're "real" it's probably from drinking, looks like Rhinophyma/alcoholic nose. SO KAWAII
didn't mina and edwin say they drank wine pretty much all day?

No. 665006

File: 1559105837346.jpg (1.18 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190529-005618_Ins…)

No. 665007

File: 1559105879502.jpg (1.24 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190529-005626_Ins…)

No. 665014

rosacea is a genetic condition that has fuck all to do with fake freckle makeup.

No. 665028

lol the carpet lines are looking a bit warped

No. 665064

I like how she only uses fat girl poses now

No. 665160

I don't think these photos are recent though, are they?

No. 665164

File: 1559159400460.jpg (596.88 KB, 1080x1223, 1536526646479.jpg)

Good god her legs are weird. And i think those pictures are from the beginning of the year? Same hair and body suit

No. 665184

knew it was familiar, they're 100% from the same day unless she decided to re-do it shot for shot. same filthy shitty apartment carpet.
wonder what chunk she's hiding under all those giant coats, must be feeling like a chode if she's posting these throwbacks and fake smile photos. maybe her fridge-body photoshoot got leaked again lmao

No. 665195

File: 1559170290219.jpeg (442.11 KB, 1125x2000, 73D9C90A-9CA9-422E-9AAE-A95B0B…)

magical chemical peel uwu

No. 665443

Lmao those freckles are definitely not real. If they were, we'd have seen them already by now. I have freckles that colour and even wearing full coverage foundation I can still see them. We've all seen Dasha without makeup one too many times for her to try and pretend they're real. Whack.

No. 665484

They look fake as fuck as someone else who has natural freckles. Too even and not discolored enough

No. 665487

Actually it kinda looks like she has slight freckles going up in the thread and possibly this chemical peel gave her more. I’ve seen it happen. It’s a result of really bad skin damage. They’ll fade if that’s what happened, unlike real freckles.

No. 665551

Those were fake too. She's gotten these henna freckles before.

No. 665688

That sounds dumb as fuck lol She should stop acting like they’re real then hahaha

No. 666472

File: 1559444565637.jpeg (519.13 KB, 1125x1731, A2C8303C-79CF-4FF1-B94C-7ED775…)

The caption.. she is so fucking dumb holy shit

No. 666524


i'm loving how short her natural hair is paired with these extensions. very obvious. funny.

No. 666615

File: 1559492284973.jpeg (267.81 KB, 750x1390, 974A0779-F725-4737-9C47-35B9C2…)

This is her natural hair back in March, just before she put in the extensions that match Minas natural hair.

No. 666662

She actually looks good here

No. 666664

File: 1559500130412.png (74.67 KB, 200x200, 200_0.png)

Is anyone else uncomfortable by how much she looks like Cyr in this picture? Maybe he's her new skin walking target.

No. 666704

I legitimately thought it was a photomerge of them at first. Uncomfortable.

No. 666791

this is creeping me out big time. the hell?

No. 666800

File: 1559522330521.jpg (1.72 MB, 1920x2560, 19-06-02-20-38-15-277_deco.jpg)

She tries so hard to hide her disproportionate body but i changed the lighting so you can see how different she looks in this pic a photographer took. Yes, i know the pose is weird but still

No. 666801

File: 1559522371489.png (79.26 KB, 262x246, 20190602_061104.png)

New avatar pic, also edited the lighting to see detail better

No. 666917

File: 1559545608626.jpg (325.99 KB, 1080x1080, i.jpg)

>>666801 Here's a higher-res image

Go to Instadp. You're welcome

No. 666918

this actually looks like an un-shooped picture of her. yikes

No. 666958

I belive she stoped shooping as much,at least her face in the last couple of pics

No. 667096

Yikes. She really likes looking as ugly as possible.
Those eyebrows and freckles are hideous af and her bangs look like she tried cutting then herself

Imaginary sage

No. 667100

Wtf is wrong with her lips? We're they always this ugly?

No. 667183

File: 1559602443037.png (195.04 KB, 720x692, Screenshot_20190604-085300~2.p…)

Her lips are fucked because she constantly gets them filled.

No. 667209

Wait is this supposed to be Dasha??? What an insane identity crisis if it is, she used to be so pretty …(lurk moar)

No. 667229

File: 1559608613221.jpg (69.58 KB, 750x562, jul3.jpg.cbc2a7cc7b3476a841c50…)

yes, that's dasha. she was actually very beautiful and human looking at one point, before she decided to L.A.-ify herself.

No. 667323

This only goes to show that when you are not pretty on the inside, you will start to rot on the outside too

No. 667456

>Your comment sounds shallow but..
Idk her life situation but before she fucked up her face and stuff she was pretty. A bunch of stuff probably went horribly wrong in her life falling down like a bunch of domino's. A person doesn't just wake up one day and become dasha. There has to be a progression of events that unfold. I don't believe she was always the way that she is atm.

No. 667508

File: 1559680793147.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1421, F4DF45DF-A964-4AB6-82C9-5575A9…)

so she’s gone from that aesthetic to the cutest one again just like Mina did recently

No. 667509

File: 1559681007455.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1400, 089FD1E5-084F-4B7A-9149-5416F8…)

she was a strawberry, Dasha a banana. Seems right.

No. 667513

File: 1559681334762.jpeg (808 KB, 858x1286, 9247FCD2-B9B8-45CB-95F5-439BC8…)

No. 667514

File: 1559681357973.jpeg (724.13 KB, 719x1155, BF1BAF5D-211C-43C3-9C6C-47A328…)

No. 667530