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File: 1550767667153.jpeg (56.89 KB, 752x563, Dx_60QnWkAEFEdM.jpeg)

No. 377370

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

http://www.4thwavefeminists.com (404)

https://gendertrender.wordpress.com (suspended)

Inauthentic Selves: The modern LGBTQ+ Movement Is Run By Philanthropic Astroturf And Based On Junk Science



Documenting violent crimes committed by transgender individuals
This Never Happens

Parents and clinicians concerned about transgender youth

YouTube Channels
Elly Arrow
Magdalen Berns
Cathy Brennan / Ally Missandry
Dr. RadFem
KORADFEM Radical feminism in Korea
Tanith Lloyd
Meghan Murphy
Posie Parker
A Woman's Place

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No. 377371

File: 1550767711090.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 377377

I nod to myself every time this is posted. pretty much this

No. 377380

File: 1550769030807.jpg (34.13 KB, 580x288, cropped-logo_white_500-1.jpg)

No. 377388

File: 1550769811026.jpg (91.26 KB, 598x685, 1550194075165.jpg)

Quoting a recent post on r/GC:


The MRI studies from a few years ago that showed transwomen had feminised brains used TIMs who been insisting they were trans from a very young age. These are virtually all gay as adults. So those scans were of gay adults.

Other MRI work has shown gay males have feminised brains.

So in 2017, another study was done because it was realised that the older MRI studies were comparing GAY trans brains to hetero non-trans brains and was likely only picking up their homosexuality. It turns out the differences observed were almost entirely down to their homosexuality.

It also turns out the hetero TIM's weren't showing up as any different to a normal male. Which is probably why transbians register as totally unfeminine.

The paper and relevant snippets from it.


>After controlling for sexual orientation, the transgender groups showed sex-typical FA-values. The only exception was the right inferior fronto-occipital tract, connecting parietal and frontal brain areas that mediate own body perception

Basically only one very small area was different between the gay TIMs and gay men. So if gay TIMs are women, so are all gay men. If anyone is interested in the one difference, I'll dig out what I've got.

>Thus, in contrast to the highly significant sex difference between heterosexual men and women, the homosexual groups differed barely from each other.

>Of the eight brain regions that distinguished male from female brains, the heterosexual transsexual sample differed from the male controls on none.

This last quote: it means hetero TIM's do not have any feminised parts to their brains. Whatever is going on there is not a mismatch between prenatal gender hardwiring and body. This is considered to be good evidence for the autogynephilia theory of hetero TIMs.

I know someone has posted this here before but I don't think the importance of it as a trans debunker has really been appreciated.

So the next time someone posts something claiming to show TIMs have female brains point out that it didn't correct for sexual orientation, and its not true for hetero TIMs at all.

No. 377397

File: 1550771850917.jpg (125.6 KB, 768x768, lmaoooo.jpg)

You mean these ppl don't have female brains?

No. 377400

I hate how Apex Legends is actually a good game, but its so fucking SJW-pandering. They've got Agender (possibly autistic) character, black dude, black girls, robot and one edgy ~white girl~. And they r also saying that 25% of their chars r lgbtq

No. 377413

File: 1550773830047.jpg (126.14 KB, 750x824, apex.jpg)

it's ridiculous

No. 377416

A lot of trannies pretty much just dress like ~2007 anime club weeb teenage girls (kind of disturbing when you realize they probably attended anime club alongside them and are now imitating them),so it's something you'd end up growing out of either way.

No. 377427

>women get turned on when putting on dresses
these people are so fucking disgusting. this is the side of the transgender movement no one ever sees and I'm sure if they did, they wouldn't be so receptive to it anymore.

No. 377428

File: 1550777096483.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.59 KB, 956x768, nsfl.jpg)

Man receives genital surgery to become a futanari (NSFW WARNING!)

No. 377434

File: 1550777617017.png (128.96 KB, 988x353, big oof.PNG)

No. 377450

Wait, this is fake right?

No. 377463

…wtf are you doing, this picture is a joke. Y'all are stupid.

No. 377480

lmao, imagine your dad being spammed every night so he can be informed your character in a video game is gay

No. 377482

This is my theory as well. During that car ride video his mother was SO visibly frustrated (lips pursed and all) when Jazz was talking about how he was more attracted to a female friend than a male friend, and the mother just kept on sperging about how "he just needs to give men another chance" or some shit like that. It's so obvious that his mom thought he was going to grow up gay and wanted to take action by making him into a daughter instead of a son, and now that he seems to be more into women she's terrified of it all being for nothing.

No. 377486

I knew it was a joke, holy shit. Why tf would you assume I was too autistic to be able to tell? I just posted it because I thought it was funny, not because I thought it was legit.

No. 377492

Other anons are retarded tbh

No. 377494

He never actually seems into the girls though. Maybe he's just a great actor but he obviously seems more interested in guys/dick.

No. 377525

Why even bother getting reassignment surgery if you're gonna keep your dick? Like what is the actual point of the surgery? He can't even pretend this hole was to mimic a vagina, he literally just put a gaping wound in his dick for no reason at all.

>my vagina

Why do they all believe the vagina is just a hole and that all they need is a hole to have a vagina? It's not the same. A vagina contracts, it stretches, it lengthens, it lubricates. I wish they'd stop equating a fairly complicated part of female anatomy to a hole.

No. 377528

>definitely aroused
Notice how he never says "they told me they were aroused", he just decides for them.

>their nipples react

Okay? I won't lie, my nipples have been hard in a changing room. It's not because trying on clothes gets me off, it's because some changing rooms are chilly and I'm literally removing layers.

It's nice to see how many cities are listed as having groups.

No. 377530

>Why even bother getting reassignment surgery if you're gonna keep your dick? Like what is the actual point of the surgery? He can't even pretend this hole was to mimic a vagina, he literally just put a gaping wound in his dick for no reason at all.
do you really need to ask that question? it's to become a real life anime. that's all they care about.

No. 377544

it's weird since the angle for bloodhound is obviously that they're totally anonymous to the extent that no one even knows if they're male or female under their costume, like the pyro in TF2, but it's [the current year] so we have to pretend this means non-binary

No. 377573

I don't think that the robots and black girls are SJW pandering but the rest is too much.

No. 377577

I'm so annoyed how "SJW pandering", is used for anytime black people are represented IN ANYTHING! Like it's a crime for us to exist in any video game.
This is great, why are you angry about this? Who gives a shit that gay people or black people are getting represented even if it's forced, that's a good thing.

No. 377578

Didn't read the image, apparently it's a joke. Not really funny, I don't get why anyone would want video games to stay mainly white male dominated, it's nice to see other races and sexes.

No. 377589

I agree it's good to have representation. What's annoying is when companies cynically push representation as a marketing point and to generate buzz. It's coopting people's identities in order to improve sales, and if it didn't win brownie points to do it every single one of those devs would go back to brown haired white guys and Blood Rayne and never branch out again. The cynicism of it is insulting.

No. 377592

Is it just me or does it always seem to be dudes with little dicks who wanna go trans?
Like Zinnia, Terra to name some lolcows. A friend of mine who's a TiM started dumping "sexy" selfies in a group chat once and his cock was like 2-3 inches. There's no evidence for this beyond the anecdotal, but it feels like a trend.

No. 377597

uh, how is this gender critical or relevant at all

sorry the game isn't a bunch of white faces with a couple token dark-skinned folks and sorry you feel threatened by people who look different from you i guess. this isn't trans criticism

No. 377639


>other sexes

What other sexes?


Thank you. I reported it for derailing right after it was posted, but mods never seem to give a shit about this thread under the old Admin and the new.

No. 377775

File: 1550836995396.jpg (121.27 KB, 960x960, Sanni Est tranny.jpg)

I didn't realise how many men are absolutely retarded tranny chasers. Homophobic to boot, because they won't admit they aren't straight if they bang a biological man. They don't even care about women's interests, they just want to give trannies privileges based on how bangable they are. Because once they are bangable they have all the value women have anyway to them. Men don't give a single fuck about our safety and rights.
And holy shit why are they so bad at clocking. I saw a whole pack of men drooling over pic related saying it is so beautiful and bangable and they would have never known it was a man if they weren't open about it.

No. 377777

Tbf, transwomen, especially the ones that pass easily look like women, so they are gonna attract heterosexual men. Gay men will see women and won't experience any sort of attraction, because they present as women not men.

>Once they are bangable they have all the value women have anyway to them.


No. 377793

men are also bad at noticing shoop, plastic surgery, makeup and are more likely to be color blind and face blind (prosopagnosia). Men just seem to have more limited perceptive abilities due to some sort of genetic quirk.

No. 377803

it's a "solution" to having a small weiner

No. 377805

The agender thing is dumb unless it's a robot or something, but I don't see why it's bad for characters to not be white. I'd rather have a cast with lots of people from different races than just the same grizzled white dude copy and pasted 20 times.

No. 377809

Trannies are always men who were considered uber betas as dudes, so they thought it would've been easier to just become a woman instead.

No. 377835

anon, men posted about how they want to fuck bb-8 after it was "revealed" that bb-8 was female.

there were posts like "i thought it was just a ball but then when i read that it was a girl i wanted to fuck it so hard."

men are fucking cave creatures.

No. 377840

File: 1550851772867.png (346.78 KB, 589x907, Screenshot from 2019-02-22 11-…)

A bisexual woman being kicked out of a LGBT athlete group for saying that women's sports should be for women and not men. How dare she oppress these poor troons by acknowledging biology?

>trans athletes and their right to access and compete in sport free from discrimination

Oh, like how women should be able to compete without being discriminated against men who have a clear biological advantage over them? If only there were some way to categorize sports so that athletes can compete in a physically fair and equal way.

I'm honestly disgusted that real women are being pushed to the wayside so that handmaidens can pat themselves on the back for feeding the fragile male ego. Aww poor wittle men aren't good enough to compete with other men? It's okay, give yourself a female name and cry dysphoria and you can play with the girls and dominate us all and take away our achievements! For fuck's sake.

No. 377849

when I was going through recent Reddit search results on Navratilova, the general audience thinks how Navratilova is right and that what's going on is madness, and naturally Gender Critical had the same thinking. However, Gender Cynical seems to target only Gender Critical sub as if they were the "mad" ones and the only ones to think that. It's utterly ridiculous. Ask anyone that's not a tranny and they will most likely think it's unfair for men to compete against women too. But they stalk that sub and completely miss the point by nitpicking and twisting words. Crazy tranners.

No. 377888

The more this happens, the more we'll see people hitting peak trans. I wonder if even these handmaids online are just bots bought by tras.

No. 377900

Wasn’t she actually pro inclusion of post-OP TIMs? She’s not even a hardcore turven FART or whatever the current term is, she’s just annoyed with guys like Rhys McKinnon who put on a dress and waltz into women’s competitions because they couldn’t cut it with the other men. I’m pretty sure that if you randomly polled people on the street on this issue the majority would agree with her without ever having heard of gender critical feminism.

No. 377908

Sadly there are some brainwashed women. I only saw this article because one of my friends posted it on social media talking about "transmisogyny" and calling Navratilova an idiot and a hypocrite for 'bashing' trans women and that queer people need to stick together. My eyes almost rolled out of my skull reading that.

No. 377915

has the channel 4 documentary series 'making of me' been discussed? (https://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-making-of-me/on-demand/62727-002) It's being mostly praised for so pro trans in the media, but it is horrifying. One of the people on it brought hrt online because obvs they had no choice!! the nhs waiting list kills!!! "I hate taking it, but I have to." The professionals point out how dangerous it is buying drugs online, especially as the ones brought aren't even proscribed due to side effects. He doesn't end up getting legally prescribed hormones at that instance, and he acts like it is a death sentence. I can't believe the public are on board with this shit.

No. 377918

Not just women but white males have been telling me how everyone else is wrong when clearly the general population sees how fucked this is. It's not enough now they get to tell us we no longer will have spaces that can't be invaded by dicks.

No. 377962

File: 1550878774737.png (53.75 KB, 457x365, 11111.png)

I just realized how Rhys McKinnon speaks exactly like Onision. NPD is really a bitch, huh.

No. 377965

File: 1550879333188.jpeg (199.39 KB, 1152x2048, 83019C8E-56D6-470E-A0B5-C78254…)

Almost as though a huge part of women’s right focuses on reproductive rights and bodily autonomy.. fucking troons man

No. 377970

File: 1550880245406.jpg (63.9 KB, 750x500, composite-copper-cab-landscape…)

I was dicking around with a friend and told him he reminded me of the kid who made that "gingers have souls" video, and it made me curious as to what he was up to. fucking kek

No. 377971

>bioessentialist violence
Fuck I hate words sometimes.

No. 377973

This is sad, my childhood is ruined more than anything

No. 377985

I usually scroll padt this thread but no way oh my god. I really think a lot of people with trauma become trans

No. 377988

Samefag but he seems to have either snapped out of it or was trolling?
He has a beard now and looks masculine (twitter/yt is coppercab)

No. 377997

That article is false anon. CopperCab still identifies as male and doesnt take female hormones. I think that was a prank account done by Gavin McKinnes.

No. 378009

No. 378032

watch some of his videos on the topic, he's not being sincere.

No. 378054

did i just get trolled

No. 378059

watch his interview with gavin mcinnes. it's obvious he wasn't transitioning then. gavin asked him multiple times to show off his skittles and he kept covering the bottle up (it obviously was his mom's pill bottle or something).

No. 378153

I know it's troll and thing but using she pronouns make my blood boil. Like that time a TIF tried to detransition and the article kept calling her he, and Lee instead of Deborah

No. 378185

Sort of OT vent, but
>Watching the latest Annika Victoria sewing video
>About to commentto praise about how her explanations were great
>Suddenly Riley Pennis pops for a 5-seconds skit
>I am overcome with disgust
Are people who associate with sociopaths like him not aware at all of all the crazy shit they spout and firmly believe in? I feel weirdly disheartened.

No. 378228

Who tells that kind of stuff to their parents?? They're even weirded out by it. What's wrong with this family.

No. 378250

Motherfucking shit I'm wishing in my heart that they are all paid actors with scripted lines, this is the most fucking dysfunctional family ever

No. 378252

this is awful. At first I was like "hm ok, its weird and knowing the whole situation is gross" but then Jazz started talking about sex in detail…

No. 378283

>natural biology is eugenics

We'll just breeze past the fact that it is currently promoted in the media to sterilize trans people via SRS, thus reducing the chances of progeny, TR activism being in that regard, a movement of eugenics against trans people.

Nah, it's biology itself thats eugenic, he nailed it

No. 378291

I know Jazz is 18 but this show has been airing for a few years. IMHO putting your kid on reality TV like this should count as child abuse. I can't believe that even pro-trans liberals think this is a progressive show.

No. 378303

File: 1550944809092.jpg (82.78 KB, 1080x685, IMG_20190223_115449.jpg)

I'm so tired of this fucking world…

Link (but it's super long and only talks about the headline near the end) https://www.dailydot.com/unclick/isabelle-facts-animal-crossing-twitter-memes-terfs/

No. 378308

>TIMs are unintentionally eliminating themselves from the gene pool

…every cloud has a silver lining.

No. 378368

>Article written by Ana Valens
This is the same horny degenerate troon who wrote a piece about "trans artists" and it was only about transbians and their porn games and not a single TiF was mentioned, isn't it?

No. 378378

File: 1550956125861.jpg (111.78 KB, 892x1024, IMG_20190223_093817.jpg)

Ever just want to fucking scream? Because shit like this makes me want to fucking scream. I don't want to act like the stereotype of women all being mumsy and nurturing is true but find me a SINGLE woman who would say something this repulsive and vile. This is a whole ass man speaking.

No. 378380

To me the best thing to do in these cases is to just remind them of who they are, something like "Typical man" or "Wow, that's really what a woman would say! /s", or some joke about scientists from the future discovering his skeleton and instantly clocking him as male.
Remind them that they're men, it's what hurts them most.

No. 378383

My favorite is saying "Wow, you have such a male energy!"

I say it in an innocent way, like I'm just making a neutral remark and not intending to be hurtful. It cuts them so deep it's hilarious.

No. 378443

File: 1550963525256.jpg (98.06 KB, 720x960, XVRGPz4.jpg)

No. 378447

>"only two genders: male and female" signed as the most transphobic thing to say
I'm confused, what would it have to be with trans people? A TIM identifies as female and a TIF identifies as male. What other genders are there?
Unless they included enbies, that is. In that case it still wouldn't make sense, because enbies aren't trans? So how would it be transphobia?

No. 378458


somewhere between overt and subconcious transphobia apparently

No. 378462

Some of the sections feel out of order to me, but I see this is based on some kind of Racism Scale, so I'm not surprised that it's not a perfect, 1-to-1 analogy. When will TRAs leave the race stuff alone?

No. 378468

File: 1550965087889.jpg (78.29 KB, 618x800, racism-scale-v3-0_orig.jpg)

For ref, the racism scale.

No. 378475

Some TRA made this extension, that's supposed to highlight transphobia on the internet for the other weaklings who downloaded it.
Pay attention to their "Not enough to mark as trans-friendly" examples:
>We must all stand against homophobia and transphobia, and support gay, lesbian, bi and trans people.
This post is apparently not "trans-friendly" enough because, as they explain below:
>Condemning "homophobia and transphobia", supporting "LGBT": Many people just really think of "gays and lesbians" when they say "LGBT", and they can still be biphobic or transphobic. Don't tag as t-friendly unless a post is specifically talking about trans people.

No. 378476

>I will put my safety, health, and freedom on the line for trans people.
Uh… This is motherfucking cult mentality right there.

>fantasizing about killing a black person for being black is literally the same as saying that there are only two genders and that there is something psychologically wrong with trans people
You know I was just thinking about how campaigning against racism used to be the woke thing before trannies took over and even THAT phase didn't go this overboard. I guess the moment 30-year old white males were able to enter the game and take the lead they took their movement further than anyone had ever done. Because they're able to do so. Because they're white, middle to upper class males in their 30's.

No. 378478

"typical male response" gets them. They loathe being reminded they're not in 'the club' and how can they after theyre so vile towards women and losing kids. They want their cake and eat it too

This reminds me of that Dr who believes tims deserve wombs and wants womb implants in the UK. And the comments from that article basically was a collective
>fuck off not through nhs
>this is insane

No. 378487

Checked out the source code from github repo and lmfao the "machine learning" part is one bloom filter plugin and the rest are just hard-coded conditional expressions limited to certain sites such as disqus and tumblr. For extra fun check out this issue and how they're being paranoid about it collecting data to out people as trans and the developer trying to prove himself by providing proof of how he donated to a trans charity and is taking estrogen https://github.com/shinigami-eyes/shinigami-eyes/issues/1

No. 378542

This is why as a black woman, trannies piss me the fuck off so much

No. 378574

I feel your anger, those sickfucks i swear.

No. 378625

>I will put my safety, health, and freedom on the line to fight for trans people.

Not asking for much, are they?

No. 378676

I'm actual mad right now so I need to rant a bit here.
In the stream chat of one of my favorite streamers (who I'm subscribed to) just a bit ago, the following happened:
Person 1 asks "Can't you be jailed for misgendering someone in Canada?" (out of nowhere but streamer just moved to Canada)
Person 2: "It's MA'AM!"
A tranny (I didn't know this at the time) comes out of silence and proceeds to flip out saying there's transphobia in the chat. I said there wasn't and the guy was just quoting a viral meme video. People seem to agree a bit. Streamer doesn't know the video but understands the kind of video it is, as I repeatedly explain, it's a typical public freakout video. Streamer asks - increasingly - that the argument get dropped, because tranny keeps repeating himself aggressively. Tranny then generalizes chat as "literal human garbage" and then says the video is "alt-right". Wtfff. This is all in the midst of the tranny repeatedly saying "I'm done" and even lashing out at me when I said I had faith we could all be nice together again (he said something about transphobia, mocking me).
To be clear, the only controversial things I did were to say "it's not that bad" or something regarding the video, explain the video being viral/meme and just a freakout video, and said I didn't see any transphobia (which people agreed with).

Anyway streamer abruptly ends his stream after only being on for like 30 minutes because of all this. Tranny had to be timed out right beforehand because he wouldn't stop.

Then in streamer's discord, everyone is discussing this, and apparently the tranny did in fact have an issue with me specifically but everyone else agreed with what I was saying (except one other possible tranny or handmaiden that came in toward the end and spouted that bullshit "when a trans person who has experienced transphobia tells you something is transphobic, listen to them".) Anyway tranny proceeded to harass me again for trying to end things with a "we can all be nice and happy" again sort of statement, as well as my objection to being called "literal human garbage" as I said that's the ONLY time I've felt uncomfortable at the stream. This is what he thought was totally acceptable to respond with:
"I'm glad I could give you such a visceral experience, Probably the most you've felt in years"
I laughed of course and people continued to call tranny immature and hateful (since he was also saying "I hate you all").
Eventually the tranny stopped talking and went to mobile maybe idk.

While I was typing this people started posting (after silence) about unsubscribing lmao.
This started people asking what the drama was again, and the streamer shrugging off people being mad about him trying to control his chat, and then the tranny comes back !! suddenly !! and is like "Imagine still talking about this in general chat" as if it wasn't his friends that started shit right back up when everything was calm again.

Oh and all this is considering that this streamer plays often with 2 well known "trans women" on his team. This is common knowledge and everyone has been respectful even though their voices are 1000% male.

This is just such a fucking joke and I weep for logic becoming what is truly oppressed. So much hypocrisy in how these troons stir up drama and hate, and expect super special treatment of never being held accountable for their own behavior (calling people garbage, public freakouts, and obviously much more sinister things). I've been peak trans but now I'm peaked twice over.

No. 378748

I logged in on Okcupid after one year and holy shit, there are like 40 accounts signed as "lesbians looking for women" in the entire world and 98% of them is fucking TIMs. I'm not kidding.
A year ago I remember having to skip through many troons, but they were about the half then. Now it's ALL troons, instantly clockable ones too. It's crazy.

No. 378753

File: 1551036033817.png (811.24 KB, 784x1167, sausage party.png)

Dropped pic. Couldn't screencap the whole page, but it was really mostly trannies.
Lesbian dating online in 2019. Lol at "Kendall"

No. 378755

What lesbian wouldn't want their rectal poontang?

No. 378767

This is horrifying, holy shit.
I want to find a girlfriend (or simply a friend even) and was thinking of trying OKCupid (never used it) but this horrifies me.

No. 378780

Trannies have taken over every dating site/app, it's probably time to go back to basics and hang out at lesbian bars like it used to be in the beginning.

"1% of the world population" my ass, in the last 5 years the number must have increased by 200% at least. They're definitely more than the lesbian population.

No. 378783

yep, unfortunately it's now filled with a ton of troons and enbies. I was thinking of trying a different app, but I'm worried that I'll just run into the same issue no matter what

No. 378786

Literally less attractive than your average self-identified incel

No. 378789

I'm 31 (look/sound early 20s though) and feel like the bar scene isn't for me… very introverted. :[ But yeah I'll look around for various options in my area.
Over a year ago i tried the "HER" app and it was like half troons - probably worse now. The sad thing is they allow this in their gender selection lol. So trans men aren't allowed actually… not that I'd want to date one either.
(I did meet one girl up for coffee but it was kind of a disaster of no chemistry/disinterest and we never met up again.)

Yeah, about the same level as the truly meme incel pics. Average incel being better looking is a fact I'm sure of. The psychology is probably just as rotten inside. Lots of troons are basically incels anyway.

No. 378796

they take over the bars too. the only option is for us to go back underground and have secret meeting places.

No. 378804

From what I've been able to see they're not very likely to be in lesbian bars. They're mostly basement dwellers with no friends, walking into a crowded bar and letting people see them in their 6'3 ma'amness, without all the instagram filters and facetune would be too much for them.
At least in my area, at the local lesbian bar I've only ever seen 3 TIMs. It would be better if there were 0, but at least it's not flooded with trannies unlike dating apps.

No. 378819

File: 1551048036937.jpeg (73.35 KB, 480x640, 0E0D48E0-5191-42AF-804D-2F7D2C…)

This one ma’am keeps posting their lewks to a makeup group I’m in and holy shit. No one points out how bad it is or makes fun of it, just comment upon comment with shit like “uwu ur a beautiful stunning gal”. If a real woman posted this shit she’d get ripped a new one.

No. 378822

saged for ot but i went to a con recently and saw a TiM in real life for the first time outside of LGB(T) gatherings and shit.

he was dressed like that anime cheerleader chick (honestly dont care enough to look up the name) and was like… 6'5-6'6 with a man jaw and voice. he was running the karaoke night and told people to put in their "chosen name and pronouns" while they were filling out their song choice at the front of the room.

it was so awkward being the only person that didn't cheer "her" on when he started singing the song from that stupid meme.

No. 378825

Are you sure they just weren't crossplaying and being a SJW? Because a TIM publicly dressing in a trap meme costume is too much peak for me to handle today

No. 378830

>>378748 tinder is exactly the same for me. I've got my location set for only my city, and yet about half of the 'lesbians' are troons. This is in spite of the fact I've only seen one irl here.

No. 378831

i'm sure, anon. it makes me peak trans all over again whenever i think about it.

people have actually gotten in trouble for crossplaying at the con i went to. if he was crossplaying, he wouldn't have been running the panel at all.

the funny part to me was that he was telling people not to swear because there were children there and yet he was flashing his balls to people whenever he moved his legs.

the whole con was a nightmare. a lot of people were selling pronoun pins and those stupid hearts with flags in them.

the thing that really pissed me off was that i wanted a lesbian one because i had a little bit of cash left over, and they didn't have one at any of the tables. too much demand for genderspecial flags from troons i guess.

No. 378842

File: 1551051834682.jpg (497.56 KB, 1073x1953, Screenshot_20190224-173542_Chr…)

Not related to TIMs or TIFs, but wtf? The only thing that consoles me is thinking that surely, this is as far as the gender ridiculousness can possibly go, right? (Had to delete and repost because dropped pic, oops.)

No. 378843

Rather, I should've said the ridiculousness of labelling specific things.

No. 378844

That's been around for a while. Saw it on a list of sexualities at a group I went to.

There's also "gynesexual" and "androsexual." It's essentially lesbian and gay but "not transphobic"

Gynesexual is defined as "a sexual attraction to breasts, vaginas and femininity. But the person who has those features does not necessarily need to be a female. Gynesexuals are typically attracted to clean shaven, feminine men or overtly feminine females."

I feel bad for all the lesbians and gay men that fall into the trappings of this shit to avoid being transphobic.

No. 378863

I hope real women abandon those dating sites and they're all left by themselves lol

No. 378869

File: 1551058609530.jpeg (541.77 KB, 1242x1850, 25D49BA5-EDB8-4193-BE1D-57ABA0…)

Some troon i have on FB that i keep for the lolz posted this

No. 378875

tfw you "misgender" yourself because of male entitlement

No. 378879

Today a cubicle in my university a was scrawled with positive messages like "love whoever you want" "be kind to each other" "some people are x get over it" "not every disability is visible" "you look beautiful pass it on" etc. And then a huge "punch a terf today". How is this ok? Race equality advocates could never get away with writing "punch a cracker today". I still don't consider myself a terf but I think I understand you guys a bit more, I wish I could have thought of something clever to write next to it but I was scared someone might recognize my writing.

No. 378881

Same. Especially since they'll never date each other because, deep down, they see trans women as men too.

Surely if they identify as a woman then they could argue that this sign includes them? Seems to me like they idenity more with the men mentioned.

No. 378883

the fact the violence against women who dont agree with trans is openly accepted makes me sick. Extreme left and liberals love to post fake positivity like that.

No. 378884

As a small bit of information, no one self identifies as a TERF. It's a term used to shut up anyone who questions trans rhetoric, even if they're not a radfem.

As for the rest of those messages, they all sound like the kind of stuff that should've been left behind in HS. "some people are X get over it" is hilariously childish.

No. 378885

Everybody in this picture that said they were in their twenties was either lying or lived a life rougher than a badger's arse.

No. 378890

I wish these disgusting faggots would just kill themselves. No lesbian wants that.

No. 378912

File: 1551062828492.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 136.59 KB, 640x801, 83EB325C-4DDF-4A7D-86EE-9D9276…)

Sorry to post about a rando but this agp pisses me off, a tumblr that I like sucks up to him because she's ~woke~. He's a transbian and won't shut up about his pussy, I know these are joke-ish posts but they're still so gross. He's said creepier things in the past but I don't feel like digging through his whole tumblr.

No. 378932

Almost feel bad for these gay men who so desperately wish they knew what it was like to have a clitoris (something they'll never have even with a chopped-up inverted dick, because for one thing, doctors can't create thousands of nerve endings out of thin air), but my pity is replaced by revulsion by their total social ineptitude, LARPing and parroting sexist stereotypes like "my body is telling me I need to get pregnant."

No. 378933

File: 1551063634461.gif (644.07 KB, 200x183, 1506534120771.gif)

What a disgusting pig.

No. 378939

Aw, shit. I have that same bra from Target. Time to start a fire out back…

No. 378953

File: 1551066035053.png (363.47 KB, 1080x1826, 20190224_224006.png)

in a reply to a thread about women ranting about their debilitating periods, these freaks cannot resist making it about them
https://twitter.com/youngvulgarian/status/1099281460077449219?s=19 here's the tweet thread

No. 378955

File: 1551066105832.png (345.55 KB, 1080x1841, 20190224_224021.png)

No. 379076

I love it when the TIFs on Ask Transgender try to talk about how TIMs have male privilege without being accused of TERFery.


Bonus: TIM at the bottom ranting about how acknowledging sex-based oppression is real makes you an evil TERF.

No. 379090

File: 1551093485748.jpg (337.62 KB, 1078x1448, Screenshot_20190225-111749_Chr…)

so close to the realisation and yet so far..

No. 379095

File: 1551094001261.jpg (815.01 KB, 803x2187, Screenshot_20190225-112531_Chr…)

doublepost, but I think I found the scrot >>379076 mentioned, at least he is downwoted in his own hugbox kek

No. 379096


>One parent told the consultation that her teenage daughter at a secondary school in Cardiff refuses to use the mixed sex toilets: “She won’t use the toilets and tries to last all day. I sometimes have to go and collect her.

>"There are problems when she has a period. Boys are always speculating on whether girls are having their periods according to how long they take in the toilet.

No. 379098

>Begrudgingly admits "AFAB" people have unique experiences
>"But you shouldn't talk about it! Ever!"

No. 379127

god i hate men

No. 379138

File: 1551103287525.jpg (474.21 KB, 810x1550, Screenshot_20190225-140037_Chr…)

honestly every single one of his replies is painful but seeing the downvotes does make me happy!

No. 379140


He went to the MTF subreddit to complain and they downvoted him too.

No. 379142

>AMAB trans people don't have the same socialization pattern, but it's the converse. Rather than "act like a lady", it was "act like a man". Replace makeup with sports, and sewing with elbow grease. And yet AMAB socialization wasn't what the OP of that thread was talking about, because it gets covered so much that AFAB socialization gets little attention.

Not gonna lie it's refreshing to see a MTF actually admit this for once. If they were all this sensible I would have far less of an issue with them.

No. 379143

>I specifically said that its fine to point out sexism […] unique to their anatomy. But pointing out that its unique […] is problematic.
"It's fine to X, but to X is problematic!" lmao

>Discuss it all you want […] BUT pointing out the uniqueness over and over again […] is needlessly provoking people's dysphoria

Why do these men want to expierence reproductive oppression so bad. Be happy your bodies aren't policed the way ours and TIF's bodies are.

No. 379144

File: 1551105187458.png (478.38 KB, 472x767, 9zUyLq2WUFY96rCakPwphW_Vmz8Yy0…)

That's exactly what's happening, at least on Okcupid… there aren't almost any lesbian/bi women anymore, and the bi women on there are usually just looking for a third. No way their boyfriends are going to accept a tranny lmao

Whenever you hear a tranny saying stuff like
>Brace yourselves, cis women, we're going to replace you!
>Cis women are soo jealous of us xd
just remember this picture.
All these troons one after another, there isn't even ONE woman inbetween… holy shit. And they're all so damn ugly. It's like that old 4chan meme rating men from 1/10 to 10/10, all these blokes would be solid 2/10s. Literally deformed.

No. 379170

The selfie thread in that subreddit is tragic

No. 379175

>ryan gosling below tom cruise

No. 379178

I like how the 9/10 and 10/10 part of that chart are essentially men who do what women are "supposed to." Y'know, stuff like shaving, bleaching, wearing makeup, wearing "fragrance products" (lol)

Like, under that logic all troons would be 9/10 and 10/10 if they had a decent face beforehand, but we can see that that's obviously not true.

No. 379192

That chart is bs anyway, it's only true until the 3/10 category

No. 379228

File: 1551122329554.jpg (62.98 KB, 647x165, Toldyouso.jpg)

People are resigning from England's Tavistock Clinic, which is where they send kids to get blockers and hormones. An independent report looked into the clinic and discovered that clinicians are literally not allowed to say no to children or their parents requesting to transition in any way, even if it's blatantly obvious the kid isn't trans.

They've confirmed what us evil terves have said all along, that trans is just rebranded conversion therapy.

It's being reported on by The Times, The Guardian and now the BBC.

No. 379231

File: 1551122844423.jpg (91.47 KB, 500x1010, MONb49y.jpg)

It really is a gold mine of cringe. I feel like the men who act like this, if they hadn't become trans, would make fun of these types of girls they emulate…

No. 379234

overt lmao

No. 379251

>>379228 I dont understand why people would rather have a trans child than a gay child? Especially if the child is boy like they rarely pass and look like freaks?

No. 379263

File: 1551127164274.jpg (44.43 KB, 599x474, 8.jpg)

these threads are why i secretly support eugenics, we can't let these things reproduce or influence any more young children into this cult

No. 379273

You'd be surprised how homophobic people can be even in 2019. I remember seeing some study of how conservative parents would be more compassionate to the thought of having a "heterosexual" trans kid than a homosexual child and it's just insane, I truly wish I could find the source but it's been a while. Having a trans kid is also great fodder for munchies who can act as the suffering martyr parents for being brave and supporting their child trough the "illness".

No. 379322

File: 1551134504411.jpg (645.22 KB, 2448x3264, hr75Ds0.jpg)

I'm gonna have nightmares tonight

No. 379460

>Gamer man in an amazon wig fresh out the bag and Snapchat filter
Fixed that for him

No. 379597

File: 1551185385424.png (462.38 KB, 639x783, females.PNG)

spotted in a group about calling out misogyny.
Imagine dumping a friend because they said that females menstruate

No. 379601

The creeps on Gamer Ghazi's subreddit are now in favor of the term feminazi (coined by Rush Limbaugh). Calling women, including lesbians and Jewish women, nazis for disagreeing with you is progressive now, according to whitebros. And yes, this community has surveyed its own members and found they are overwhelmingly white men.

No. 379604

Funny they also say radfems are all conservative. What a surprise: they haven’t actually read any radfem literature or even blogs, so they don’t even know what ideology they’re arguing against. Abolishing gender isn’t conservative. Though according to them, the most progressive thing is strict conformity to traditional gender roles.

No. 379607

File: 1551189576497.jpg (51.48 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1551189158865.jpg)

I hit peak trans everytime I log onto Facebook

No. 379608


Still on the bright side at least they're harassing straight women for once, instead of their favorite target: lesbians.

No. 379609

can someone tell them that "soft" isn't a desired trait in dicks.

No. 379614

Did the word "mouthfeel" become a meme among troons or something? I've been reading it a lot lately. What the fuck does it mean "mouthfeel"?
Anyway, the only good "girldick" is the one you can buy and wear as a woman. Sorry troons

No. 379619

>>379614 the source

No. 379621

seeing contra get so popular has been annoying, but he says the purpose of a vagina is purely to get penetrated by a dick and hangs out with alt-right figures, so i'm sure his eventual downfall will be all the more public.

No. 379630

It’s so funny hearing TIM’s try to do a feminine voice that’s the one thing surgery and drugs will never give them and you know it must hurt after doing it for a while lol

No. 379636

>>379630 actually there is vocal surgery available but the success rate is very low apparently. Eden the Doll had it.

No. 379639

I first saw mouthfeel being used among pretentious foodies, I think it has something to do with how a food's texture feel in your mouth? I don't really understand what it means when applied to 'girldick'

No. 379645

Voice, hands and height. Those are the three things they just can't change.

Voice can be changed either by being on hormones VERY young like Jazz Jennings or by insanely dangerous surgery, but that's not realistic for most troons. And there's absolutely nothing they can do about hands or height.

No. 379656

Trans man burns down his own home, while his pet dogs and pet cats are still inside, then claims it was a hate crime committed against him:


Oh, and because he also identifies as gay it's just being reported as a gay man doing it in every headline. You have to read the article to discover it's a troon.

No. 379663

Very weird to hear that from transbians, it's almost as if they're aroused by their own dicks.

Voice, hands, height, body, face…

No. 379670

Is trans just the next evolution of the Nice Guy?

No. 379732

It seems like everyone I know is becoming either a troon or a troon defender. It's social suicide and signing yourself up to be harrassed if you're even slightly public about questioning the trends.

Does everyone just pretend to be blind to the blatant fetishism that constantly comes from TIMs and the fact that most TIFs are just uncomfortable in their female bodies being sexualised or want to be a part of some movement?

I hope all this comes crashing down soon, its pure insanity at this point.

No. 379742

Where's proof of him hanging out with alt-right figures? An acquaintance of mine likes to patronize me by attempting to use his videos to educate me. I would love to shut him up even quicker the next time he comes for me with this trash

No. 379753

This whole episode was obviously written to make the statement 'trans women are men' look ridiculous

No. 379759

He's friends with sh0eonhead and her creepy boyfriend.

sh0eonhead regularly befriends troons, probably because standing next to them makes her feel like the smol dainty uwu girl she wishes she was. But she's viciously racist and misogynist, troons are just willing to overlook that since she's pro-trans. Her boyfriend is even worse.

No. 379771

>June being alt-right
Kek, you're acting like she and Preg can seriously lead a crowd of people that aren't teens and neckbeards who just want to gush over them.

No. 379782

This whole fucking scenario.
>My mom called me gay for going out with Jazz and I'M NOT GAY!!!!!!!!! REEEEEE
What the fuck. The whole transgender movement is so strongly based on homophobia they don't even have to be subtle about it.

I wouldn't say June is alt-right because she's just a garbage fence sitter that hops on any popular bandwagon that passes by and has no actual beliefs other than passive aggressive hatred towards other females. However she's replaced her previous blatant alt-right misogyny with the more socially accepted "trans women look better than most cis women" narrative and claims that the infamous "happy women's day" image was ~done in the past when she was a young (25yo) cringy gamergater teehee~.

No. 379799


That IS the alt-right community, anon.

No. 379816

She isn't even wearing a binder. Fakebois put more effort into passing than she does, fuck.

No. 379856

File: 1551214577403.jpg (47.04 KB, 469x355, 1480582033735.jpg)

>mouth feel
Trasbians are so fucking mentally gross.

No. 379861

God dammit my city is getting a week long trans pride event…I live in a small English city like we don't even have a proper pride event? But the troons get a week long city wide event?

No. 379915


The third episode of Channel 4's 'Making of Me' is out. I'm only 15 minutes in, but the focus is on how HRT can have serious side effects such as liver damage and blood clots. Most main stream coverage make hrt look totally safe, so at least this is something? It's still very pro trans tho.

No. 379943


The BBC have a new doc up called Trans Kids: Why Medicine Matters.
More young people than ever are exploring their gender identity. Last year, two and a half thousand under-eighteens were referred to NHS England's gender identity clinics for support. Some are hoping to get access to potentially irreversible treatments as soon as they can. Doctors are divided about the best way to help.

Dr Faye Kirkland investigates how much we understand about the care being offered to transgender children.

No. 379948

File: 1551220821775.png (19.2 KB, 611x297, 28482h84.png)

tfw a stranger didn't know your gender

No. 379971

Ashamedly this took me a second to understand

No. 379975

Did he really just assume her age via her voice which is the same thing he's being critical over? Fucking troons.

No. 379976

File: 1551223052051.jpeg (258.48 KB, 1435x1499, 280C9146-D88A-44CE-B9D6-B86032…)

i can barely go on Facebook anymore. Due to graduating from an arts high school 90% of the time my timeline has shit like this on it.
HAHAHAHA do you mean wound

No. 380004

Just found out Eddie Izzard identifies as transgender. Are there any other non-gender conforming men, that actually still see them self as men?

No. 380011

As both a highschool/college art school graduate I empathize

No. 380014

File: 1551227183730.jpg (531.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190226-182625_Chr…)

He still refers to himself as "he" so maybe he's a Miranda Yardley?

No. 380015

File: 1551227187061.jpg (64.01 KB, 800x1000, ln5kWjqxQwF8mFKlFTkI.jpg)

I live near here, got a news notification about this actually. It's going to be on the local news tonight ugh. The article said that he has literally never been assaulted but they use his ~dead name~ and it triggers him to the point of fearing for his life lmfao. The most disturbing part? He's a licensed clinical social worker, meaning he's allowed to provide mental health counseling (and did so prior to going to prison apparently).

Also, imagine choosing the fucking name Kanautica yourself.

No. 380016

Yeah I use to really like him this was a bummer to find out… Is there any possibility he's just confused

No. 380026

It's just ignorant, well-meaning people blindly accepting what others say, anon.

TRAs have been working tirelessly to curate their image and sweep all the fetishistic/dangerous elements of their identity under the rug.

No. 380033

File: 1551228616693.png (159.89 KB, 621x842, Screenshot_2019-02-26-17-42-52…)

A british rapper named Zuby made this post on twitter today. The tweet thread is pretty great, he's replying to folks calling him "bigoted" with their own logic about gender.


No. 380036

Saged for OT/Advice/Blogpost

I'm wondering if any of you in this thread have experience with previously being a TiF/regretting dropping this identity.

I see other women who have transitioned and I'm often jealous of the fact that they pass as men so well. The whole reason I finally got myself out of it was because I knew I would be a woman on steroids and not a real man, but I still feel a desire to transition and appear to others as a man. (Admittedly, to feel stronger and more in-control of my body)

Does anyone have any advice, or any ways to convince myself that transitioning would not be helpful?

No. 380037

File: 1551228777161.png (35.6 KB, 616x247, Screenshot_2019-02-26-17-45-22…)

absolutely stunning

No. 380040

File: 1551228909627.jpeg (157.94 KB, 1242x341, 82D5CA10-B7EA-4B9A-A19E-26DCCC…)

I can’t even tell if they’re joking because I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re so brain dead as a TRA that they’re not.

No. 380045

I think you'd probably find the best advice coming from other people who decided against transition.

No. 380048

Understandably, but often talking to people unanonymously they sort of… hold back. I want advice from the kind of people who will tell me its all bullshit for this, this, and this reason.

Would have posted in /g/ or something but I didn't think gendercrit stuff had any place there.

No. 380065

>those brow tan tines

No. 380149

I mean I get it.. But who is still getting shit at the end of the day? Us. Women. Weightlifting is a meme to guys and troons anyway since they both don't believe women should even try it or at least ridicule women who work out and try it. If anything is going to halt the movement is the Jonathan Yanivs of the world sadly

No. 380183

he uses women's bathrooms and he's involved with uk labour. I'm pretty sure he's a TRA.


No. 380209

Well, perhaps you might want to start by elaborating on what you said earlier? About wanting to feel stronger and more in control of your body? Is there any particular reason you feel this desire? Even if not you might want to look into other things that make you feel stronger and in control. No reason you can't lift weights, take up sports, take up guns, or acquiesce less to other people's demands. You don't bring up disgust over your genitalia (which is the crucial factor of classic gender dysphoria) so it seems like potentially there is more going on in regards to your dissatisfaction.

No. 380210

he was referencing himself in the past before he accepted that he was a tranny or whatever, so he referred to himself as a he. he's 100% a tranny and considers himself a tranny and is a TRA.

remember all that handwringing he did about being GNC and just being a transvestite etc etc for literally like 20 years? now that it's cool and acceptable and now that transvestism is seen as a symptom of transgenderism, this literally always happens with transvestites or crossdressers, or any gnc guys.

No. 380271

There's a group of detransitioned TiFs posted earlier who want to help people like you, if you speak to them I'm sure they will have better advices for you!

No. 380342

File: 1551290992078.jpg (197.46 KB, 720x848, 20190227_100957.jpg)

This tweet LMAO.

No. 380353

File: 1551293064808.png (3.95 MB, 1235x1953, LM surely you jest.png)

They're beyond parody at this point.

No. 380369

File: 1551295975281.jpg (18.27 KB, 655x369, FB_IMG_1551295767570.jpg)

Sure Jan

No. 380372

File: 1551296387636.jpg (26.04 KB, 628x546, FB_IMG_1551296392231.jpg)

> implying troons pass

No. 380374

i've seen plenty of cis women be called sir or dude. usually they don't even bother to react. when they do they just go "haha, actually i'm a woman."

they don't start reeing and punching people like some people do.

No. 380375

So I saw a funny story once about a gay man who mistook a butch lesbian for a cute twink. And SHE mistook HIM for another butch lesbian. And they were flirting and then realized their mistake and laughed it off and went their separate ways.

Except by troon logic, they're actually bisexual, because they were attracted to someone of another gender. Never mind the fact that the attraction died the moment they found out the truth.

No. 380378

As if we can't tell lol the level of delusion

No. 380379

I grew up a tomboy with short hair. It never bothered me, even as a 13 year old. Never had a public freak out, never got mad.

No. 380387

It's really rare for a TIM to just remotely pass irl, most can't even pass in facetuned pictures.
And strangely enough, the most passable ones are ALWAYS gay men, never straight dudes aka transbians.
Transbians tend to be the ugliest, most obvious unfortunate ones of the bunch. The issue is nonexistent.

No. 380389

The "after" voice in that video sounded passable enough, even nice, so I went to check how it's doing. This is his most recent video and… wew. He still sounds like a gay dude trying to do a female voice. Even though immediately after the surgery he seemed to have gotten a passing voice, it somehow got manly again. So they really can't change their voice huh…

No. 380391

He doesn't have the worst voice I've ever heard but he definitely still has that weird nasal voice a lot of MTFs have. Blaire actually sounds better.

No. 380420

File: 1551301840273.png (245.42 KB, 481x344, it's a man baby.png)

Expectations: *insert one of the selfies they post on instagram with filters, facetune and careful angles

No. 380529

They make Jaclyn look so good here lmao
Eden’s voice just sounds…wrong to me? Like painful almost? Idk

No. 380572

File: 1551317801455.png (278.84 KB, 1080x1229, Screenshot_20190227-173349~2.p…)

This dude is fucking insane. Why does anyone listen to this 19 year old moron

No. 380597

Trans women and men can absolutely change their voice but you need a lot of muscle memory. Its not just high/deep/control, but a lot of permanent larynx training like professional singers do.

No. 380626

File: 1551323544384.jpeg (59.08 KB, 734x240, 40D09B8A-27FE-450C-804B-A5E9CC…)

No. 380634

Wow their obsession with being seen as a "pretty" girl specifically is very telling….as if women and girls don't feel like that constantly through out their life…

No. 380635

this is literally indistinguishable from an incel post

No. 380638


Great to hear that if I just interrogate it enough and read enough Butler my vagina will stop being something that can be raped and forcibly impregnated by half the world's population

No. 380648

Just replace every time they mention “pretty girl” with “Stacy”. Very disturbing.

No. 380686

Also, Hontra does not "hang out" with June. In fact it's a running joke in her thread that he consistently ignores any attempts she makes for his attention on Twitter. His followers gave him tons of shit for just being in a picture with her and he's definitely distanced himself since.

No. 380689

Am I the only one who gets serial killer vibes from this kind of shit? The objectification, the absolute jealousy/hatred of the romanticized image they have of women, and how they ALWAYS have a sick fixation on young, feminine, attractive women. Other women don't exist to them. It's so creepy and people keep enabling it the best they can.

No. 381373

File: 1551351488353.png (229.77 KB, 456x810, tumblr_inline_o82w662hVL1sjp8w…)

Shit like this makes me hope the drop the t campaign is a success.

No. 381380

My work sent around an email about the day against discrimination and it specifically said "a day to talk about the impact of discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, and transmisogyny."

>two separate points about trannies
>one is just for TiMs and the """misogyny""" they face
>lumping all other discrimination such as racism and everything else into one point and spending most of the space talking about trannies

No. 381385

I'd bring up the fact they totally left out racism, particularly in today's political climate. Make them tell you why a troon not getting the red carpet rolled out for them is more important than black people being murdered by police.

No. 381387

Lmao, because fuck misogyny towards us female peasantry who are complete non issues now.

No. 381396

they make everything feel so degenerate and seedy, even innocent, nice things. is there anything about womanhood they won't fetishize and jizz all over? fucking nasty.

the fact that even an art piece depicting something female is considered transphobic to them is absolutely laughable. if they had it their way, we'd be nonexistent. the bitterness is outstanding.

No. 381415

Why do they always sound aroused by their own dicks? They're supposed to have dysphoria and want to be a woman, yet they just slap on a dress and high heels and then go in fetishistic details about their "hot loads" and "big cocks". Weirdos

Transmisogyny is the biggest bullshit 1st world problem the tranny crowd has ever been able to produce. Appropriating the term "misogyny" is super shitty, and nobody outside of the SJW crowd sees TIMs as women. If you're not a woman, and your "haters" don't see you as a woman, how could they be misogynists?

No. 381425

No. 381432

>When a transgender athlete claimed there was no scientific evidence of a competitive advantage as a powerlifter competing against biological women, @AbigailShrier hit back with facts.
Look at this tranny and his smug, condescending smirk as he says that "There's no scientific evidence to back up that a male born body is stronger". Then, as the woman explains her argument and says "women" to refer to biological women, he interrupts her to say "cis women".
I'm thankful for these delusional troons though, they're helping the general public hit peak trans.

No. 381434

That athlete is Rachel McKinnon, who claims MTFs shouldn't even need to be on hormones to compete with women.

No. 381435

Don't have a ton of content, but this troon is hilarious to me because of his sudden 180 and the fact the said he wanted to be a 12 year old girl who shopped at Hot Topic. I don't have the comment anymore, but it was on Larps's blog for anyone who remembers.

Also look at what he's wearing. It's painful. He really wants to be the goth gf.

No. 381439


I don't really have any words for this.
>When she asked him what his mother in Philadelphia has said about her, Steward responded that “she would say ‘he’ and ‘that’s a man’ because he was born a man.”

>Jazz, 18, responded, “So she misgendered me,” referring to when someone is called by the incorrect pronoun. “So she just sees me as a guy,’’ she said.

>In his confessional to viewers, Steward added that “the most hurtful thing my mom said was that Jazz was still a man and that I would be gay for being in a relationship with Jazz.”

>He elaborated, “I lost it because I’m not gay. I’m not attracted to men and Jazz is a female so it just didn’t make sense to me.”

To be fair, I don't think this kid is gay for being attracted to Jazz. I just think he's drank too much TRA juice and thinks that neovag is the same as a real woman.

No. 381446

His whole identity is wrapped up in a consumeristic fetish. It's honestly unreal to me at this point.
Take away all of his clothes, metal piercings, makeup, and who is he?

No. 381447

File: 1551370645978.png (434.56 KB, 720x404, 1551283323934.png)

I honestly think that Amir kid is trying to leech off her, he said in a clip that he might get kicked out for being with her - he seems to be angling for staying with her family. Because of this Jazz seems to want to move out (asking her sister to move in together with her sister's savings lol).
He must be getting money for appearing from TLC too.

No. 381454

I feel so sorry for his sister to be in this family. They're already expecting her to act as a free womb for Jazz.

No. 381456

5 minutes in, he talks about how he's realized he has problems with disassociation? wtf dude that's a major transition red flag

a tif at my work the other day talked about they disassociated all weekend and i wanted to scream

how can they not see that they're treating this gender transition as a way to bolster how they can disassociate? how has no therapist pointed this out to them??

No. 381458

it's a shame he morphed into this, he was a fairly interesting reviewer a couple year ago

No. 381460

File: 1551372811951.jpg (29.93 KB, 584x210, IMG_20190228_173959.jpg)

>tfw cwc read my lesbian experience…. and you know he only enjoyed it cause he thought it's about him cause he is a ~lonely lesbian soul in a male body~ who lost virginity to a prostitute
Also he could not stop shilling his crap for a moment. Typical male.

No. 381461

btw i have no idea what's he's hoping for with his transition, his face will never even come close to woman's

No. 381464

holy fucking shit men are so entitled to letting literally everyone not only listen to what their sexuality and desires are but have them constantly accept it without their own personal boundaries. his mother is absolutely fucking ridiculous and what teenage girl has ever had a stay in boyfriend before, trans is literally just a way for a man to put on a dress because he's turned on by it and stop his feet and demand privilege because that's all they think women do.

has anyone ever had any success interacting with a woman brainwashed by this and got her to be more critical, or to stop criticizing you for protecting women spaces? i'd love to know productive ways to approach this

No. 381465


This reminds me. Nyx has a friend (another reviewer) who's a bisexual male that got called a TERF for arguing with him. Tumblr absolutely dogpiled on the fucker.

Just for arguing with a troon that he was "friends" with, he became a radical feminist. Who knew that's all you had to do.

No. 381469

i opened up about misogyny in my field on instagram and a man flat out said i was wrong, there is no misogyny. i messaged him and called him a boy and he shot back that i had misgendered him. he then tried to get his friends to try to spam me and proceeded to call me a 'retard' and to 'get woke'. only a man would deny the existence of lived women's experiences then not only expect me to know anything about their talentless random ass when they go by a male name, and then try to abuse me into fear while using disgusting slurs about mentally challenged people who can't even fight back and have real issues.

No. 381472

men can never have a passable female voice, except troons who started to transition very young and didn't go through a male puberty, and even some of them still sound like men too. 99% of the time it's easily clockable if a tranny is trying to sound like a woman. trannies' voices sre so stereotypical, they either just sound like effeminate men, sound like they are suffering in helium or are just trying too hard. no real woman sounds like this, they are just fooling themselves.

No. 381474

the ones who start with puberty blockers super young still just sound like prepubescent boys to me, not women. it passes much, much more than the ones with that stereotypical troon voice, but still, little boys don't have the same voice as women.

No. 381475

they aren't trying to sound like women they're trying to sound like porn.

No. 381482

Yet he thinks that trans males should be housed with hundreds of women who all have vaginas

Dear Blaire is looking particularly manly in this video

No. 381495

File: 1551379931988.png (357.39 KB, 516x643, robbie.png)

he looks like he models himself on inflatable sex dolls.

No. 381498

He's got a big frame. Most troons do. With Blaire it's not as noticeable because he's usually on his own or with another troon in his videos, but place him next to an actual woman like Jaclyn Glenn and his head is bigger, his shoulders are wider, his torso is twice the size of hers.

No. 381499

the eyebrows linking up with the eyeliner kill me.

No. 381523

I don’t even want to look at that sub but something tells me it’s 95% men LARPing as women.

No. 381525

it's funny how with all the surgery and makeup he still looks undeniably male.

No. 381527

All that surgery to look even more male. rofl

No. 381529

that is incredibly disappointing. I'll never forget his stand up about buying dresses cuz he likes them, not because he's a tranny

No. 381532

just that thread title alone makes me want to puke

No. 381534

Speaking seriously, it was quite a surprise for a good chunk of this board to know Blaire was a man, including onision.
Why picking on Blaire when she doesn't call herself genuine woman, she points out that she is in fact a tranny and will never be a true woman, she made videos about her manly features that.(white knighting)

No. 381537

And Joey tells the world he's straight…

No. 381541

>calling blaire white "she"

No. 381548

I’ve met a legally transitioned TIM who straight up claimed to have multiple personality disorder. You’d think that would make mental health professionals pause and consider that maybe this is somehow related to his claims to be a woman and would require further analysis, but apparently not.

I wonder if high profile GNC people who deny being trans are hounded by the trans lobby, and if ‘coming out’ as trans is simply the path of least resistance. Men who simply like dresses and don’t think that makes them women don’t fit in the TRA worldview. They can’t even abide historical women who crossdressed to escape oppressive gender roles, and insist they must all have been trans too.

Nah, he’s a vapid misogynistic asshole. Farmers cheered him on because he took on Onision but they did the same thing with JoyBS initially. It doesn’t take much to look good in comparison with Grease.

No. 381553

I think the 'transing' of Hatshepsut caused my official peak.

No. 381557

everyone's reaction is like "can we change her views on trans" instead of…being shocked at the fact that Amir's mother would be throwing him out for being gay. This is a homophobia prolem not a "transphobia" problem.

nothing innate about sexuality ? excuse me what?

No. 381560

>everyone's reaction is like "can we change her views on trans" instead of…being shocked at the fact that Amir's mother would be throwing him out for being gay.
So much this. It was my first thought seeing the clip. Like people aren't at all shocked that the boy himself was horrified of being called gay and that the mother was throwing him out for being attracted to a man? Literally nobody seems to have problem with this, the only thing they're focused on is that the mother calls Jazz a man. How the fuck come tranny delusions became much more important than gay rights?

No. 381567

Even post-face surgery trannies have this weird features distribution, and their foreheads are always so small they look like cavemen

No. 381578

File: 1551390404371.jpg (43.29 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1551390304644.jpg)

I hit peak trans again

No. 381582

There are many mental health professionals who are wholeheartedly against this shit and have evidence and cases to support their opinions. Sadly, they just get dismissed as bigots and all their information is disregarded. They'd rather pretend these facts don't exist.

No. 381586

File: 1551391202217.jpg (116.68 KB, 830x499, lol.jpg)

Yes it's a real vagina. Bits of it die and fall off, just like real vaginas do!

No. 381588

>"You might get addicted to proper emotional functioning"

That's an odd way to phrase "you might get addicted to plastic surgery"

No. 381589

>>381586 ….why do i want to look at aligurl2's neo vag..dead tissue?!

No. 381590

File: 1551391357893.jpg (215.81 KB, 640x1138, aligurl2.jpg)

>>381589 this is what he looks like jfc

No. 381592

File: 1551391543371.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.86 KB, 960x720, jk3o9ed98v521.jpg)

>>381586 it's not as bad as i thought it would be, but still tragic

No. 381593

Do they make the lips from the ballsack ? Also looks nothing like a real vagina its so weird

No. 381599

Do they really think that looks exactly like a real vagina? Yikes.

No. 381600

This looks inflamed, ew.

No. 381610

It's weird, this is one of the "better" looking ones but it's still deeply disturbing to behold.

No. 381612

It's weird, this is one of the "better" looking ones but it's still deeply disturbing to behold.

No. 381615

Of course they flaunt it as soon as they get it, lol

No. 381629

ah yes, normal real vaginas definitely look like melting dildos.

No. 381637

>dump you p.o.s. abusive boyfriend and get an unhinged fetishist!
No thanks. I will pass.
>smoother, softer
Also, erectile dysfunction isn't attractive.

No. 381642

Didn't an anon post a study here recently saying that transition doesnt reduce depression or suicide? Clearly "proper emotional function" isn't a result of the procedure.

Also the concern with hormones isn't addiction, it's the side effects. Doctors discourage menopausal cis women from taking HRT for more than a few years because of its link with breast cancer- imagine the side effects someone taking it for their whole lives could experience.

No. 381643

He's got the trademark tranny receding hairline lmao.

At least his obesity helps him look more androgynous.

No. 381648

File: 1551401379411.jpeg (6.39 KB, 225x225, 1551389028294.jpeg)

someone posted this on /m/ and it made me rage.

No. 381650

jesus christ

do they have no self-awareness?

No. 381653

Oh yes, those two look exceptionally fertile

No. 381673

nasty af. They'll never have real vaginas, cuz you gotta be born with it.

No. 381807

File: 1551441924456.png (519.94 KB, 579x513, 9IvGULL.png)

I used to like Nyx, but I started getting a weird vibe as his style shifted, and then unsubscribed when I found out he was a troon.

I can't take him seriously for a moment when he posts shit about being a "gay girl" and then dating a TiF (or enbie idfk) named "Elliot" whose real name is Emily and probably hooked him on this trans koolaid, based on his abrupt channel style change. His name is Mason but now he goes by May.

It's pretty sad I knew it was a NyxFears video before even starting it or it having a discernible thumbnail, simply from your description and the title of the video.

Also his Twitter is a riot and he cries about being misgendered. https://twitter.com/Nyxfears
Pic related is an example and also where I got the "gay girl" comment I cited.

Same, that's why he pisses me off a lot now (plus his old video style with the skeleton was way better).

I wish this photo didn't make me think of John Goodman.

No. 381809

>Calls himself a gay girl
>Is dating a TiF

The joke here is if you believe gender identity is a thing then he's in a straight relationship and if you believe gender identity isn't a thing then he's still in a straight relationship. He's doublestraight.

No. 381812

File: 1551443814009.png (Spoiler Image, 584.07 KB, 826x610, ulaBPvE.png)

Oh god I found this pic of him in a bikini. Spoilering.

Anyway here's his tumblr: https://nyxfears.tumblr.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/nyxfears/
Tumblr has some funny "fanart" of him. One taken from an actual photo so you can see the delusion and emphasizes how manly the actual photo is:

No. 381815

That fanart is really painful to look at. The artist was obviously a handmaiden or a troon as well. Probably both.

No. 381820

Scrolled through his Twitter, saw several e-begging posts and some stuff I thought belonged here.

This whole thread is funny: https://mobile.twitter.com/Nyxfears/status/1099395053640998915
>So when I tell my cis coworkers that I desperately need to leave and that this is killing me, they call me unprofessional and tell me that if I cared about them, I'd just deal with it like everyone else. So I stand here, dead inside instead of going home and feeling safe.

>I wanna start a black metal project about my own chaotic feminity.

>I must resist the temptation to send 'hey cutie' to my ex boss who was super transphobic but also very hot

>I kissed a girl and I liked it
>Shout out to the girl I kissed
>Before you ask
>1) chapstick was tops
>2) our boyfriends didn't mind it

From that same thread:
>But neat that you think I (a woman) am smart.

>Just got my gender marker and name change letter from my doctor. It's real y'all.

There's another troon in the replies that I'm pretty sure was in these threads before, too. Sloth furry.

>So yeah, I'm native american, and not like…a little bit, but like…this has been my whole life and my family has spent most of it trying to make me more white. And until now I haven't really embraced myself in that way.
>Growing up I was often bullied for having olive colored skin. Honestly I never understood why that was something I was attacked for and you can't much see it in pictures because I heavily edit my photos. I also wear makeup shades lighter than my skin to cover it up.

No. 381824

Bleurgh! It still looks like the top of a ballsack at the bottom too.

No. 381825

The damn Dreamworks eyebrows once again

No. 381830

File: 1551447799884.jpg (138.66 KB, 900x1200, Dw6ugzkXcAAyxA3.jpg)

>Trans/Sex: Masturbation is tough for trans women. I know first-hand


All he wants is multiple orgasms! But it's not a fetish you guys! How dare cis women exist, every time we come we're oppressing these poor trans women uwu

No. 381833

How can you walk around like Garth Algar and act like you're hot shit

No. 381834

Samefag but- the idea that someone has to teach him how to masturbate shows how unnatural it is. The vast majority of normal people figure out how to masturbate the second they hit puberty. You chose to destroy your genitals and are surprised that a natural act is now difficult?

No. 381835


I am so fucking sick of how troons talk about muh feminine full-body orgasms.

There's nothing gendered about an orgasm that you seem to feel throughout your body. Some women get them. Some men get them. Some women don't, some men don't. Stop thinking porn is an accurate depiction of real life women, it's fucking annoying.

No. 381837

>Masturbation is tough for trans women
Fuck him, at least half of real women have never even experienced an orgasm, let alone multiple.

No. 381839

File: 1551448959330.png (696.69 KB, 936x574, Untitled.png)

Posting it because I know not everyone will click through and the comparison is golden.

No. 381843

that's fucking hysterical

No. 381846

for some reason these agp alt-style/goth troons piss me off the most. maybe because i'm alt myself i really get the "i want to wear your skin/this is what men think you are" vibe tenfold from them compared to other trannies.

No. 381848

same and offtopic and they always dress so bad too! like they were imitating awkward spooky teenage girls still looking for their style. it's like someone tried to make really bad costume of teenage me and wears it, trying to be me

No. 381856

Can't be hysterical without a womb though lmao.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 381858

At least they kept the man hands. The feminine jaw make them look even more manish.

No. 381861

The body is traced from the neck down, that's why it still has man hands.

No. 381919

File: 1551461364009.jpeg (249.36 KB, 1242x743, 800B377A-2CA6-4E39-B532-57162B…)

Related to lolita community, but figure it fits here. Saw this post on Rufflechat, a lolita FB group. I got curious bc of course this person would have a Haruhi icon. I figured at first they were a TIF but….

No. 381920

File: 1551461390953.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1240, 0274EFCE-9FAC-4314-9196-6375EF…)

It was a TIM. And of course he looks like this.

No. 381923

Isn't this the same fag that posted to the tall lolita thread on cgl?

No. 381925

File: 1551462505711.jpg (54 KB, 638x638, FB_IMG_1551462396405.jpg)

>>381920 some troons in the comments

No. 381926

File: 1551462548470.jpg (44.25 KB, 720x722, FB_IMG_1551462354728.jpg)

>>381925 what's the difference between a sissie and a troon? Nothing.

No. 381927

Nah I think that was a different one

No. 381928

File: 1551462678035.png (1.09 MB, 1212x879, jareth.png)

No. 381929

>>381928 He said: “I thought being a trans man would solve all of my issues and inner battles with finding out who I was, but I wasn’t as happy as I expected to be."

what a shock

No. 381931

File: 1551463077543.png (380.37 KB, 420x420, 645bbc1b8f8d860e9b9c3b36bcebb4…)

>Jareth Nebula

No. 381934

It really looks like a lot of troons are lolitafags.

No. 381935

He made a second one and this time he wants to be a little girl/daughter thats pimped out


No. 381940

File: 1551463852942.jpg (65.72 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1551463841422.jpg)

No. 381944

I'm not into anime reviews but damn that's a really ugly troon

No. 381951

I don’t even want to look at the thread. It’s full of comments going
>omg yass kween of course and fuck any stupid bitch who doesn’t unconditionally accept you!!
isn’t it? Maybe with some references to Mana thrown in for good measure even though he’s not even trans.

No. 381953

>>381951 every comment was like that ofc

No. 381973

>calls his dick a clit
When will this shit stop

No. 382061

Was this anon banned for this comment alone? Because I think they were just making a joke about the etmyology of the word hysteria rather than being a robot.

I will never understand why they wear corsets but never actually lace them up tight enough to get anything CLOSE to a feminine shape. If you're not willing to go through that and you don't have the shape naturally, just don't wear one. All it does it emphasize their masculline waists.

No. 382071

This is little ot but most people don't know how to lace a corset properly and that's why they get no shape. It's supposed to be tightened and tied in the middle so u get the cinching effect

No. 382090

File: 1551481355271.jpeg (86.76 KB, 960x960, 5406ABA2-F828-4D21-A9FB-2CBD6E…)

Their false equivalencies to civil rights make my blood boil

No. 382107

They are really shooting themselves in the foot by constantly using black (and intersex, and gay) people to misrepresent the reality of the situation.

Yes, it literally is about the bathrooms and how men invading private, isolated spaces are a proven physical danger to women.

No. 382111

Ironically showing their racism yet again.

No. 382120

>My clit
It's a fucking penis. You can't call it a "girldick" and a "clitoris" simultaneously. Jesus christ.

I can't stop laughing at this post

No. 382122

Trannies being racist is such a stupid move for them, but great for us. It makes them lose credibility and support.

No. 382168

but all the troons that say this shit are white, they don't even consider non-white troons to be on the same level of troonery as them. it's hilarious. sorry if racebait.

No. 382184

Trust me. I'm black. Every time they do this black people get more and more pissed at lgbt altogether because of this. It's really not helping.

No. 382391

File: 1551534300761.png (858.5 KB, 640x783, 78A236FA-38C0-464A-82F8-6A6CA0…)

Disgusting pervert

No. 382396

Unfortunately they're dragging LGB down with them. Most people just think T is some sort of special LGB thing, they don't see it as its own thing. This has worked for troons in the past, they've hitched their wagon to LGB and people have assumed they should just support T because they're not homophobes after all.

But now people are judging LGB for the actions of T. T is going to push back public acceptance of LGB, and possibly even rights.

No. 382400

File: 1551536365445.jpg (66.09 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1551536322338.jpg)

A penis made out of rolled up forearm is totes better!!

No. 382401

>Drawing your demonized strawman opponent as a man of color and yourself as a lily-white ginger person.

So woke!

No. 382402

File: 1551536769210.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.44 KB, 621x643, 1-s2.0-S0022534717772485-gr1.j…)

seriously. this should be so fucking illegal.

No. 382403

Maybe it's just me but I've noticed a lot of genderspecials are gingers.

No. 382407

Wtf I didn't know that was a thing, so they are basically mutilating themselves twice over?

No. 382409

>literally calls himself Jonathan everywhere
>Twitter and Wordpress permaban you for "misgendering" if you call him Jonathan

No. 382410

Well, I’ve been put off of sausages for life.

No. 382413

H. G. Wells is rolling in his grave. This dwarfs the sheer horror of Doctor Moreau.

No. 382423

Slightly OT but… do some of you guys post in the Jazz threads in 4chan /tv/? The points they make are way too rational for 4chan standards and some posters show genuine concern for actual women, plus I've seen Posie Parker's videos being posted in there. Unless I'm hallucinating, there definitely are imageboard savvy radfems posting

No. 382427

File: 1551540558121.jpeg (21.87 KB, 750x120, A0F48633-C11B-48F8-B459-A3E1FB…)



reading this made me sick to my stomach and ofc these little man babies have a “no judgement!!! no meanies!!!” policy right at the top of the sub page

kek men are such fucking losers and this man especially is a loser

imagine being such a desperate pathetic waste of oxygen that you take advantage of a HOMELESS WOMAN because you want to get your dick sucked

who was it that said “when you see a starving woman, your first instinct should be to put food in her mouth, not your cock” or smthn like that????? why are men such degenerates? shit like this makes me lean towards the biological aspect of male degeneracy, because entitlement like this has to be inborn.

No. 382453

I recently went to 4chan (after a few years) specifically to check /mu/ and /tv/ both were terrible, except I noticed the Jazz thread. Honestly, I've been reading /jazz/ general the past few days - and from what I remember of 4chan it's still retarded but the actual trans discussion is actually clear-minded and sensible.I ncluding women's rights a lot of times –I feel there is a lot of radfem ideology there and they don't realise it? Like there is concern for women's rights and almost no-one agrees with trans (although that's not really surprising). I've seen discussion women in sports, the protection of fake women, neovaginas and toilets etc all being discussed.

Obviously still incels, ariposting and shitposting is normal but discussion itself is really interesting I especially like that it's a very active thread.

I was really surprised and glad I found it - reading it is my secret pleasure.

No. 382476

Men are disgusting. When you look at stories of genuine charities and people helping each other for the greater good, it's always women in charge.

Men think with their dick, but even worse, society tells them it's okay to be that way. No one stops men from being sex obsessed and this is the result. they see a women who needs a helping hand and all they can think of is 'can i get her to fuck me in exchange for money?'

fuck men. i hate them so much

No. 382477

File: 1551547980037.gif (245.02 KB, 240x178, RemarkableAccurateEasteuropean…)

That's fucking vile, holy god. Just looking at that made my thighs itchy.

Why. Why would someone want this. What madman would perform this. Why.

No. 382479

I found this rather interesting

No. 382493

How do you all handle it when people troon out IRL? A friend of a friend has now announced that she from now onwards has a new male name and he/him pronouns. She is an adult and this was completely out of the blue.
Obvious transtrender and my friends are now stressed out worrying about using the wrong name and pronouns. Me as well but I continue to call her she and spread gc ideas when the snowflake is not present.

No. 382510

this happened to me and at the time I just rode it out because she was a coworker but usually those kinds of people don't like it if you aren't completely and utterly supportive of them and will distance themselves even if you're only just a little bit supportive. cut her out of my life soon after i no longer worked with her but it wasn't too much work because of the former.

No. 382511

I don't like confrontations and don't want to be witch-hunted so I just use the name and pronouns I'm asked to use and distance myself gradually. If I slip up I say "She…sorry, he" and don't linger on it or start apologizing or sucking up like I did something wrong. They're the ones who look crazy if they object after I calmly "corrected" myself anyway.

Then I just give them the slow fade. Slow enough that they can't accuse me of doing it because they trooned out.

No. 382533

This is horrific. I knew the surgery but this looks absolutely inhumane for a result that looks… ridiculous.

I'm curious which is more common: the arm surgery or leg surgery to form a "neo-dick"? I know June's friend had the arm surgery done, and I saw some other troon on YT ages ago with the arm scarring as well. (She was talking about hating her scar.)

Also what happens to the clit? It's too precious and important and I'm really hoping it's still utilized somewhere in that mess for pleasure… Otherwise this would be even MORE tragic.
(Also I'm guessing they must get some kind of internal surgery first to stop menstruation.)
Ugh as a woman with a love for women's sexual education/health/etc this just breaks my heart a bit… And the woman in the spoiler picture had a nice frame/body from what's shown, too.

No. 382547

File: 1551554580574.jpg (99.63 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190302_152234.jpg)

No. 382548

>internal surgery to stop menstruation

They get a hysterectomy. This is necessary not just because of the absence of a vagina but because if you are on T long enough you are a very very high cancer risk:

>Testosterone in the bloodstream is an active compound of itself.

>However, it is converted in two ways:

>into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a much more potent androgen in skin, genitals, liver;

>into oestrogen in fat.
>The conversion to oestrogen is the problem. Taking testosterone eliminates the menstrual cycle by inhibiting the actions of oestrogen leading to a subsequent reduction in progesterone, thus the natural production of both these hormones diminishes. >However, testosterone is converted to oestrogen but the reduction in progesterone means that the uterus is exposed to unopposed oestrogen.

>Unopposed oestrogen increases the risk of uterine thickening in such a way that cancer is more likely to occur. In typical female physiology this does not occur (because oestrogen is ’opposed‘) but in trans men the exposure to unopposed oestrogen is prolonged. It can therefore be seen that an unlucky trans man with a predisposition for developing cancer could unwittingly be increasing his risk by taking testosterone. This risk will be cumulative, the longer the oestrogen is unopposed, the higher the risk.

No. 382566

File: 1551556335846.jpg (Spoiler Image, 149.45 KB, 1300x953, metoidioplasty-CPNF1K.jpg)

There's two types of surgery for FTMs.

The less common one is metoidioplasty which "frees" the clit by removing the hood and then uses a tissue graft with fat from the inside of your cheek to form a shaft, and then sews the labia together to form "testicles". it looks pretty fucked up (see photo) and the dick is always small and you can't use it to pee standing up so FTMs don't like it much even though this type of dick can actually get erect on its own.

the more common type, though still not common at all, is phalloplasty, which is when they take skin from the leg or arm. The clitoris gets embedded at the base of the dick. you can't get erect by yourself with this type, you have to get a pump in the dick, and the control for the pump is placed inside the fake balls, so you literally have to inflate the new dick by squeezing the balls.

No. 382568

> you have to get a pump in the dick, and the control for the pump is placed inside the fake balls, so you literally have to inflate the new dick by squeezing the balls
oh my fucking god, how is this a real procedure??

No. 382569

I generally have a strong stomach but I regret looking at this picture.

No. 382572

Aren’t penis transplants a thing? I wonder if that would be possible for ftm although I can imagine men reeing about it being wrong. And us women have to nod and smile when a quack doctor says troons deserve wombs (lol)

No. 382586

penis transplants are still experimental, so insurance providers won't cover it. they're also insanely expensive, and the donor pool is very very small.

No. 382594

It’s like the exact shape of a water bottle covered in skin

No. 382597

I watched this the other day and I've never heard something more accurate. It's ridiculous that these genderspecials bill themselves as "sooo inclusive uwu ur valid". I hope their infighting breaks them from the inside

No. 382598

File: 1551560218351.png (677.75 KB, 647x640, Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 20.5…)

9 photos, 2 poses. These dudes sure do obsess on the things they think make them look good. The fuck is that hand thing though? I have never seen a woman do that.

No. 382617

ot but I could totally see some few additional shots with him holding a blood-stained knife or something and a few lifeless bodies lying around. He has such a scary unhinged look that it makes my skin crawl.

No. 382620

That, and you have to take a lifelong immunosuppressant treatment for any organ transplant, which is already bad on its own but probably becomes extra bad when coupled with HRT.

No. 382632

File: 1551563015311.jpeg (209.07 KB, 882x700, D2D3EAC5-CA46-4627-8965-13C498…)

No. 382638

>"You are so loose."


Makes sense though, a neovagina doesn't have the muscles that a real one does.

No. 382642

I imagine the hand thing has more to do with hiding the natural waistline than it does with anything else. It's also why they all do a slight off to the side pose, because it hides a masculine jawline on the face and gives the appearance of curves on the body.

It can't contract either. And I could be wrong, but I don't think they have the ability to "clench" it.

I actually feel sorry for the TiMs who have bought into the "it's just like the real thing!" rhetoric. Maybe in the future it will be but it's not right now.

No. 382644

File: 1551563581982.png (76.85 KB, 585x531, 1551550015187.png)

I don't post but I've read it a little bit, glad there's some sanity.

What really creeps me out is the posts about certain discords or whatever groups actively trying to turn men on 4chan into troons. It's not enough that trooning out is a fetish in itself, some people have a fetish for making people become troons. Scary and unsurprising that pathetic 4chan incels would be easily manipulated by anime traps and some encouragement.

No. 382653

So, he got treated the same as any woman by a man only interested in sex, then.

No. 382659

>Maybe in the future it will be
Nah, I don't think doctors will ever make it. Genitalia are way too complex to be made from scratch, from completely different tissue. I don't see it ever happening.

No. 382663

Yeah I am genuinely confused by his reaction.
Don't most men think if you're "too easy" (ie meeting up after the second date) that it's purely a sexual relationship? Why is he surprised about this.

No. 382671

No. 382672

Fucking people without telling them your trans is pretty disgusting so karma's a bitch. That's full on rape by deception. Troons need to get it through their thick skulls that they are not the opposite sex and have an obligation to be candid with people they want to be intimate with.
He's damn lucky that the guy was overall okay with it and didn't chimp out, but
>he doesn't want a relationship with me so it's twansphobic!!1!
Some people want biological children.

No. 382673

It's funny that this dude still thinks he is the rational non binary tho like can he not see how ridiculous it all is lol

No. 382676

Lol this description is so male it's unbearable. Also fucking degenerate.

Karma that should have happened much sooner. Fuck this troon. That is so repulsive and I feel bad for the guy who was deceived but I'm glad he didn't mince words. The additional continued attempts at lying from the troon really show he is a horrible individual.

Exactly, it is a form of rape.

No. 382677

>changes name
>gets pissy that someone else will have their old name

Why? Besides, I know a shit ton of people that have the same first and second names. It's not a big deal.

>I do not reply to not make things more suspicious
>I didn't tell him that I was trans because it didn't cross my mind

It obviously did if he literally thought about being "suspicious".

And how can anybody be sure that the guy didn't want a realtionship because of transphobia? He was chill about it. They met the guy on TINDER for god's sake. Everybody and their aunty knows half the people on tinder are just tryna fuck and not get tied down. Or maybe the fact he outright asked about scars and lubrication and was still met with a complete lack of honesty was enough to make him decide he didn't want a relationship with this person.

No. 382689

I'll be forever mad at troons and their "queer" supporters for fucking up the LGB general image, as if we didn't have it hard enough with discrimination, MAP's and general infight now we have to convince people to think the LGB movement is actually more than just enbis and MA'AM's. Why they're associated with LGB anyway? They are doing more harm than good in both feminism AND lgb by just existing. They not only fucked the lgb movement, which itself it's infuriating, but ruined and twisted up the female identity and womanhood. fuck troons. fuck life.

No. 382690

What a melodramatic retard. If anything, shouldn't it be a good thing for the troon that the nephew has his "deadname"? Now when people hear that name they'll think of the nephew and associate it with the baby instead of the troon.

But I guess it's just soooo triggering and invalidating to hear your horrible evil male name in a context that has nothing to do with you. Is he gonna throw a hissy fit if he has a coworker with his birth name or watches a movie with an actor with that name? Grow the fuck up.

No. 382694

File: 1551568986434.jpg (71.67 KB, 453x695, 20190302_181456 (1).jpg)

Alright hope I'm being careful enough as this person seems very serious about legal action using their pics but assume I could post what's written in their profile. Anyway, not sure if they are pre/post-op but either way this is from a tranny.

No. 382695

pics like that have 0 legal protection just post them.

No. 382696

Lol it's ok I'll spare this board from looking at another tranny.

No. 382697

It really should be a law to disclose.

No. 382698

He doesn't want to use logic nor calm the fuck down about it and be reasonable, he just wants to be triggered and everything to be about him.

No. 382700

>Using my pictures without my CONCERN WILL BE persecuted and i'll make LEGAL ACTION


No. 382702

File: 1551570644360.png (1.62 MB, 1000x1123, 11028994.png)

tRaNs WoMeN aRe So BeAuTiFuL tHeY wIlL rEpLaCe CiS wOmEn

No. 382707

>Using my pictures without my concern WILL BE persecuted and I'll make LEGAL ACTION
This would have as much legal traction as Asherbee's spergout when she wanted to make the police close this imageboard, kek

No. 382712

Were more feminine than cis girls and no more of those pesky periods!Also you can cum in me all you'd like and I wont get pregnant tee hee.

No. 382717

And the dude's dick might even get a pleasant tickle from the hair tufts located on the inside of their "designer vajayjays"!
Sorry for the mental image

No. 382719

"We've been through a lot" lol ok cause being a woman is so fucking easy…

No. 382731

lmao at that drag queen ass cartoon of himself.

No. 382735

The fact they paint this guy out as a transphobic asshole is sickening. He was extremely chill about being deceived into having sex. He would have been totally justified to freak the fuck out. They're lucky he didn't kick the shit out of him.

Trans people should be legally required to disclose their actual gender.

No. 382736

No. 382738


lol right, I got to that part about it feeling mechanical and not about her and it's like, oh so how it is most of the time for women you mean

No. 382740

It's a miracle that this guy didn't freak out. I would have, that's so disgusting… He might be a tinder fuckboy, but I can't help but feel sorry for anybody who had to be in physical contact with a troon's fronthole.

No. 382742

What a load of bullshit, holy fuck

No. 382747

I'm too much off a wuss and not ready for all the hate but would like to make a video about the benefits of NOT dating a transwoman.

Like how about the FACT that transwomen are 50x more likely to have aids?

No. 382749

It would be cool to see troons, handmaidens and closeted gays (aka "i would date you bae idc what your organs are ;)") lose their shit lol

No. 382753

There's no need to make a video like that, the existence of real women is convincing enough. And the fact that trannies need to try and advertise themselves to straight men is embarrassing for them.

No. 382754

Haha excellent point. Guys that see trannies are not straight besides.

No. 382763

lol why does every male troon, be they straight or gay, try so hard to emulate the stereotypical valley girl lilt while describing women as nasty catty cunts who are so inferior to sweet loving trans women who don’t have fishy pussies or nasty periods

oh wait it’s because they’re pornsick males and they have no idea of what womanhood is outside of porn lol

No. 382766

they don't want to be women, they are just fetishists. gay tims realize that how ugly they are as a guy and they think they would get more dick as a girl so they troon out. straight tims want to creep on women and be able to yell TRANSPHOBIA!!!! DATING PREFERENCES KILL TRANSWOMEN!!! whenever someone doesn't want to fuck them.
reminds me of some posts in earlier threads where anons mentioned how in lgbt-only apartments gay women and tifs tend to do all the housework while gay men and tims just sit around not even helping.

No. 382770

When you say a straight TiM does that mean one that seeks out women aka a "transbian"? Or is a straight TiM still one that seeks out men? The ones that seek out "straight" men also like to refer to themselves as "straight" women so now I'm all confused. Their delusion runs so strong I can't make sense of it anymore.

No. 382771

what i meant was straight tims are men into women and gay tims are men into men

No. 382775

This dude flat out insulted our entire gender and sex, I feel disgusted. I've never felt so much rage and frustration in my life. Mysoginistic piece of shit

No. 382779

He would probably still march in a Woman's Rights march despite his attitude towards them too.

No. 382783

it has become so painfully obvious that every single video of contras is literally just him buying shit to masturbate in that he knows he can write off on his taxes. ive never liked him, but truly, every single video is getting worse and worse in quality and i know it has to be bothering him on some level to know his video quality is steadily decreasing like this

No. 382787

File: 1551598842530.jpg (299.02 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20190303-072545_Sam…)

Wants to stay a man but wants a vagina. Totally not a fetish guys!

No. 382796


You can't make me watch that! Just looking at the preview its just him standing in front of the camera talking. Oh and he still wears ridiculously long nails and over the top makeup… truly a qween uwu

No. 382803

Maybe tell that you're trans right away so you don't have to deal with the people who are turned off by it and wouldn't want a relationship to begin with? Choosing to mutilate yourself and masquerading as the opposite gender narrows down your dating pool significantly and you just have to deal with it. A huge portion of trans people wouldn't want to date other post-op trans people themselves.

The sister even explained that it's a name that's been in the family (the other name was her partner's grandpa's, the other her own father's). This just reminds me of the statistics about the high prevalence of NPD within troons.

Honestly are those chris-chan like droopy eyes related to low testosterone levels or autism or something? I see TiMs with them ALL THE TIME and it's freaking me out.

No. 382805

lmfao He sounds like a gay Mickey Mouse after puberty. I swear these people literally make everything about sex, especially masturbation. But remember, it's not a fetish!

No. 382820


I’m so confused - is it common for troons to actually think men don’t notice the difference between a vagina & a wound?? How deluded does one actually have to be to think that? Beyond cosmetic looks - actual vaginas have musculature around them, they feel & smell a specific way….there’s absolutely zero chance a man wouldn’t be able to immediately tell the difference and know the owner was a troon. Dude is lucky he didn’t get the shit beat out of him. If the worst he has to experience is “disconnected sex” (loll, welcome to sex), he’s fucking LUCKY. Imagine putting your mouth on a wound? Licking it? Fucking EW.

No. 382821

The party line is that neovaginas are exactly the same as vaginas in every single way and anyone who disagrees get screamed at and called an evil twanzphobe, so I'm not surprised more gullible MTFs end up believing it's indistinguishable from the real thing.

No. 382825

I just made the mistake of google imaging "post op trans vagina" and the pictures are terrifying. The fact they don't see the difference between their "vagina" and a real one is simply a reminder of how severely mentally ill these poor people are.

No. 382828

File: 1551615475268.jpg (136.39 KB, 1079x321, 7 INCHES OF DEPTH.jpg)


No. 382829

The weirdest bit is

a) it's always too far up, because the penis and the vulva sit in different positions

b) the labia never close around the actual hole. Whereas a real vagina looks like (8), theirs has the labia around the clit and urethra and then the vagina just sits underneath, where the labia has already come to a stop. it looks so weird.

No. 382830

Holy fucking shit, I just googled it and 1/4 of them have HIV.


Having a 1/4 chance of sleeping with someone with HIV is totes better than settling for those gross period havers amirite?

Seriously though, anytime a tranny tries to say they're ~superior~ bring up this fact.

No. 382836

It's funny when they drag ciswomen down for being "catty" - as though sitting there and bitching about ciswomen is any less catty.

They always wonder why they're excluded from female things and tbh it's not because they're trans, it's because they're assholes. Nobody wants to hang out with a dude that thinks he's a better woman than women. We wouldn't want to hang out with a woman with a superiority complex, why would we want to hang out with a transwoman with a superiority complex?

No. 382839

That's a quite shallow hole.

No. 382841

honestly thats so disgusting. i dont even think it's that they're gay and so this happens. i think the reason why it's so high is bc of impulsive bi or straight men that are so fixated on fulfilling the role of a 'woman' that they fuck men and don't use protection ever. i don't think the amount of gay TIMs is even as high as people like to say it is.

No. 382842

the average REAL vagina canal is about 5 inches deep. And it can actually self clean, self lubricate, etc etc etc. This is such a disgusting tweet. Imagine a real woman bragging about this.

How long until this tr00n kills himself?

No. 382843

Yikes, that's an incredibly high statistic. and how much do you wanna bet it's higher? In general, male to female tr00ns are higher in number because they're mentally ill men. fags should just stick to fags and leave women alone.

No. 382845

" Compared to all adults of reproductive age, transgender women had more than 48 times the odds of HIV infection."

And again…
"Transgender people are one of the groups most affected by the HIV epidemic and are 49 times more likely to be living with HIV than the general population.1 Globally, it is estimated that around 19% of transgender women are living with HIV.2 Data from Latin America and the Caribbean show that HIV prevalence is much higher among transgender women sex workers than among non-transgender male and female sex workers."


This fact exists on multiple AIDS/HIV information sites. I'm sure the men out there who otherwise might have been straight but ended up getting hooked on shemale porn then just had to go out and try trannies for real don't read these facts ahead of time. It should be a warning label on the porn like cigarettes I swear. But whatever, best of both worlds right? Ultimate fantasy!

The avert article lists a lot of reasons why this happens to them in particular.

No. 382848

This was my post. I meant to say HIV and not AIDS.

No. 382849

>HIV prevalence is much higher among transgender women sex workers than among non-transgender male and female sex workers."

I wonder why? I initially put the high HIV rates down to lots of MTF being sex workers but this disproves that.

No. 382850

A real vagina expands though (some upto 200x it's original size) so that's nothing.

No. 382851

i think it's obvious. it's because they're degenerates too focused on porn to think of the real life realities of not living your life like a non stop bimbofied fuckfest.

No. 382853

i think it's also stupidity mixed with narcissism (60% of troons have npd after all). they don't get pregnant so they don't need birth control. normally you would think that you should use a condom anyway to protect from hiv, but troons tend to be extremely homophobic. i wouldn't be shocked if they think hiv is just a gay male thing and of course they're not icky gay fags, they're brave and stunning straight women, so they'll be fine!

boom, hiv.

No. 382855

exactly. look at the way they brag about how our ability to conceive is such a boner killer and how they're legitimately better because they can't. their insane compulsion to call us masculine troglodytes in comparison at every turn and try to position themselves as the better version means they'll offer up their stupid assholes to retardo men without protection like no tomorrow

No. 382857

The risk of getting HIV is higher with anal sex than with vaginal sex for obvious reasons (tearing) and they probably want to bottom in order to have their "pussy" fucked like a girl so there you go..

No. 382858

but their rates of hiv are higher than male sex workers too.

No. 382859

i can't help but feel some schadenfreude for the incels trooning out because of this and ruining their lives even more

No. 382860

A lot of it is explained here :

Compared to gay/bisexual men, they may be sharing needles used for hormone injections, they have ED from the hormones and can only take on the receptive role, all the healthcare with transitioning costs a lot and adding PreP on top of that costs even more, sex work esp unprotected sex pays..etc..

No. 382862

File: 1551622504761.jpg (139.29 KB, 640x1024, Trannyselfawarememe.jpg)

They keep making memes that indicate they're self aware on some level, how can you willingly ruin your life for something you know deep down is a fetish?

No. 382863

it's always in sexual situations they wish they were the girl. when they see a woman succeeding in the workplace or inventing amazing things or doing well in sports they never say "oh my god i wish i was a girl!"

they sexualise women's lives and experiences. women are just sex to them, not full individuals with lives and needs that are often totally unrelated to sex.

No. 382864

>Disempowerment and low self-esteem make transgender women, in particular, less likely or less able, to negotiate condom use.

Or they’re just degenerate men who don’t want to use condoms.

No. 382865

"cis" workers are never ever disempowered and always have great self-esteem! no no, stigma and low self-esteem must be a probem totally unique to troons.

No. 382867


Judging by all the pics posted by other anons, it's probably a dishevelled mess down there. Thank god it won't be allowed on reality tv.

No. 382868

fuck i wish i hadn't looked up neo vag that shit is so gross
i need this trans meme to end already

No. 382876

Did he shove a ruler up his fronthole or

No. 382878

File: 1551626037213.png (150.18 KB, 907x461, NF88370ENDU322.png)

TIMs believe they'll age better and look more feminine than menopausal women, once again their true desire is not to live a woman's life, it's to be fuckable.

No. 382881

>Cis women go bald and grow facial hair in their 50s!

As opposed to troons, who are already balding and rocking a full five o'clock shadow by age 27?

No. 382884

Ultimately this is a cope. They know men don't want them as anything more than a discreet easy fuck, if they want them at all, and lesbians are repulsed by them and only give them the time of day because they fear being ostracized.

No. 382886

this meme that anyone ages like wine needs to end

No. 382888

>once again their true desire is not to live a woman's life, it's to be fuckable.
This is the whole trans ideology condensed into one sentence. I want it carved on a wall.

No. 382890

File: 1551630121333.png (178.85 KB, 1440x922, Screenshot_2019-03-03-10-19-07…)

Trenders are so fucking annoying. They'll throw the word cis in anything to get attention. The word they really mean is heterosexual. Which is completely unrelated to a person's gender identity. It's sexuality.
I bet a lot of these people are just straight.

No. 382892

Except that female hormones as medication were originally intended for older women to compensate for losing estrogen. And plenty of women do take them.

And aging trans women are terrifying. Their appearance gives off such a serial killer vibe.

No. 382894

Nah, the doctor told him.

No. 382896

I’ve lost all my respect for my university, a troon is the women’s officer. Are there any spaces and roles left that women had to fight tooth and nail for that men won’t just take over these days..

No. 382902

so i was reading article and it turns out that kenyan monkeys are TERFy af

>b-b-but sex is a imperialist construct!!!!

>Nachu's women have tried wearing their husbands' clothes in an attempt to trick the monkeys into thinking they are men - but this has failed, they say. "When we come to chase the monkeys away, we are dressed in trousers and hats, so that we look like men," resident Lucy Njeri told the BBC News website. "But the monkeys can tell the difference and they don't run away from us and point at our breasts. They just ignore us and continue to steal the crops."

>In addition to stealing their crops, the monkeys also make sexually explicit gestures at the women, they claim. "The monkeys grab their breasts, and gesture at us while pointing at their private parts. We are afraid that they will sexually harass us," said Mrs Njeri.

No. 382903


It's like they have no idea these things are unrelated and not mutually exclusive.

No. 382905

Does your university accept anonymous complaints, anon? Some don't, but if yours does, do it.

No. 382910

this just reads like a straight person talking, lol

No. 382934

The thing I really don't understand about Jazz's operation is that they went out of their way to make Jazz a fuck toy.

In the initial consultation, they said she didn't have enough tissue to make a vagina. Yet they gave her seven inches of depth just so she could accomodate larger dicks? It seems weird to have little to no tissue and make a vagina seven inches long when they could have made it five or six. An extra inch is a lot of additional work because to get an extra inch of depth you'll probably need a few inches of width.

No. 382946

I did not realize that monkeys were into human titties. Yikes, those poor women of Nachu.

No. 382948

i dont know if they're actually into them or just fascinated by them. koko the gorilla (female) was reportedly fascinated by them and asked to be shown breasts. i think it's more of a fascination.

No. 382952

I've just heard on the radio that a separate wing in prison will be created for troons because they keep raping women in womens prisons. This is in England. I hope this makes people hit peak trans, as it even mentioned these women simply self id as women (implying they aren't 'really trans')

No. 382957

Just the fact that there's so many rapist claiming to be female shows the pitfalls of self-id. It's so disgusting that men's feelings take precedent over women's safety.

No. 382961

unfortunately the wing will be in a female prison, so it will be taking away already limited funds, resources and space from women. the wing used to be for young offenders, who have been booted out and thrown somewhere else to roll out the red carpet for troons.

No. 382977

Somehow I manage to be more and more disgusted by troons every day.

No. 382989

are phalloplasty dicks as clockable as tim wounds that are supposed to be vaginas?

No. 382992

File: 1551639667713.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 54.6 KB, 875x318, 5886e4127346e00a2a1ea141b5c113…)

even more clockable. a particularly ignorant male might mistake a well-done neovagina for the real thing, but even a total retard would never mistake a neophallus for a real dick.

No. 382996

Oh god this is so scary and horrifying.

Honestly, I feel like more and more people are starting to come around through exposure. I used to be a massive handmaiden until I actually spent a lot of time with trans people and realized we're catering to the delusions of extremely mentally unhealthy people. This seems to be the route quite a few people I know are going. All it really takes to hit peak trans is to spend enough time with the especially crazy ones.

No. 383000

wtf can they even pee or feel anything with this? they tend to pass better than tims overall but bottom surgeries for tifs seem so incompetent compared to vaginoplasty.

No. 383010

The complications involved are absolutely horrifying. They have to get the pee hole stretched so that it doesn't fuse together. They also can't get hard. It makes absolutely no sense why anyone would do it. At least with neovag you can pretend if you're delusional enough.

No. 383015

OMG I laughed so hard at this.

No. 383018

File: 1551645594796.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.03 MB, 2746x3008, 1548883524483.jpg)


Someone on pol made a whole collection lol.

No. 383022

God why the fuck would you destroy any semblance of actual sexual pleasure for this?

No. 383023

Oh god no.

I honestly feel so fucking bad for these people. Imagine being this sick that you put yourself through this shit for something you will never actually achieve? It's so sad.

No. 383024

Because they're extremely mentally ill. That's what literally the entire transmovement boils down to at the end of the day. All the delusion, all the absolutely illogical things they say, the disturbing mutilation they put their bodies through. It's all because they're mentally ill.

And our society is enabling it.

No. 383030


Half of all transgender (male) prisoners in UK prisons are in for sex offences. This should be raising a lot more alarm bells about the patterns of entitlement and violence these men bring into their transition

No. 383035

>the third one at the top
nononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono pls

No. 383036

this is sickening… especially four down, three over.

No. 383038

Yeah it has this weird greyish tint and they didn't try to hide the dick at all. Maybe the process isn't finished yet or something.

No. 383042

Yup this all stemmed from these people's heads. This is an ELECTIVE surgery.

No. 383050


And, what's up with the first one? It looks like a fucking axe wound.

No. 383054

>The community does the rest of the work for me.
They really don't have to worry about scary "terfs" they are their own worst enemy. I can't wait til troons cause their own downfall.

No. 383056

That' because it isn't. He lost his "labia" to necrosis, as well as his "clitoris". Here's a link: http://hannahsimpson.com/surgery/

This is extremely graphic and I don't recommend clicking this, but this is the source of the third pic.

No. 383058

Clicks on link before seeing "I don't recommend clicking this"

Me….I am a fool…. Jesus Christ that looks awful I feel kinda bad for him

No. 383059


This is terrible. It's probably cost him a complete fortune too, he's been taken for a ride. Shame

No. 383074

it's identical to the real thing, though! we're gonna replace those stupid fishy cis women in no time! /s

still better than the stink of rotting dick skin, i bet.

the fact that they have the gall to call these nightmare inducing messes "vaginas" is astounding. it's an insult that they think we have nothing more than a slit with a loose, collapsing sleeve attached to it, with its only use being to pleasure men.

that shit looks more like a dropped lasagna than anything vaguely vagina related.

No. 383087

sage for ot but isn't the last one with the family Beckii Cruel??

No. 383099

I’ve been laughing along with many anons about some of these people but this really made me cry. It just got worse and worse! What if this happened to someone you loved? Even if they are crazy, no one deserves that. This is so horrible that this is allowed to happen and this whole “Wild West” of a medical community is making bank of their mental illness and misery. I recognized the name of the first “doctor” , Kathy Rumer, right away. A bunch of trans groups call her a butcher and ex-patients describes her as having a cold, uncaring demeanor like she secretly hated them. A lot of trans say Marcie Bowers botched them too.

The mainstream TRAs love to bury the fact that so many surgeries are disasters and there is no specialized training or school for sexual reassignment surgery or trans-specific healthcare. But yeah, let’s keep pushing more and more GNC little kids to trans out and expect this type of future. More human guinea pigs and less homosexuals, right?

No. 383104

Yeah along with pushing shemale/sissy porn so men can either desire to become trannies themselves or enable them by fucking them.

No. 383106

Isnt psychopathy more common amongst surgeons.

yeah I think this is p tragic and awful too :/(:/)

No. 383107

No. 383121

File: 1551675913599.jpg (131.81 KB, 946x1200, D0UQ6vTVYAED8Ok.jpg)

I think it is.

it will never not be funny to me that his ~deadname is tim.
Related: he started transitioning as a child and his hands still look like this.

No. 383130

He passes reasonably well from the neck up. Too bad nothing can hide that male ribcage.

No. 383149

You think so? The size of his skull is the most clockable thing about him to me, always has been.

No. 383151

Has anyone else seen the comment section of this:

other then the trans people going "transtrenders aren't real!!" there's a surprising amount of people questioning if a 14 year old should be able to have hormone treatment.

No. 383152

Even if people never wake up to how sexist, homophobic and regressive the entire concept of transgenderism is, we can at least be sure of massive backlash when these poor kids grow up and sue their doctors. Not seeing much concern to 'first do no harm' in their case, or when you have shit like >>383018 and >>383056.

No. 383153

Especially when it turns out that no, going on HRT doesn't solve all their issues, which seems to be what this 14 year old is thinking.

No. 383155

File: 1551685695838.jpg (786.88 KB, 1548x1024, kim-petras-2018-april-u-billbo…)

He still reads as a young boy to me, but he has that effeminate look to him that makes him androgynous. But upon further examination the hairline is a dead giveaway.

No. 383157

Yeah, the hairline too. He's going to age like milk in the sun.

No. 383160

Honestly I can admit that he's probably the only TiM I've seen that passes so well I won't realize it on the first glance, especially because he has a relatively soft brow ridge and cheek shape for a male. He lucked out with genetics compared to someone like Jazz who still looks like a boy despite being on hormones since childhood. The most clockable thing about Kim is that faux effeminate personality that's more of a gay drag queen's than an actual 26-year old woman's.

No. 383161

He does pass really well when not around women, I’ll give him that, but then there’s something ‘off’ about him so you take a closer look and start to notice all of the typical male traits

No. 383165

File: 1551691361321.jpeg (189.35 KB, 638x978, A2EEDE71-164C-4691-9A02-B07E86…)

I’ve just seen this on /b/ and I’m fucking choking why are trannies so ugly literally ruins my day when I see an ugly tranny. They make me so uncomfortable. I have to laugh to not get pissed off

No. 383167

It's their voices that give me the chills they sound like demons.

No. 383177

Trannies who support Trump really showcase how obsessed with gender roles they are. They want to go back to the 50's, but they want to be the subservient housewife because that's what they get off on.

And of course since delusion is their specialty, they conveniently disregard that he is actively trying to legally mandate that people be recognized by their birth gender.

No. 383178

Yep. I've see that pic on a few trans collages, compilations etc. If I were I'd honestly be more embarrassed about that than any of the weeb/desperation shit.

No. 383180

*If I were her

No. 383181

I feel so fucking bad for him, oh my god. How can society look at this and think we're helping these people? This is such an extreme example of the phrase "the inmates are running the asylum".

No. 383187

>Sensation is severely, likely permanently, destroyed without further intervention
>Complete clitoral necrosis
>Necrosis of right labia

This is horrifying and heartbreaking. Does someone in this predicament have any legal recourse? You don't really hear anything about people suing their surgeons after GRS.

No. 383195

I'm so disappointed cause I started to talk more about GC viewpooints with a friend who was receptive when I alluded to them before, but it turns out he only is critical of ~trenders~ cause his sibling is a TiM and "one of the real ones" and that online TRAs give them a bad image.

No. 383199

I guess I'm the only one that laughs at their misfortune? They're the ones that would be overwhelmed with joy if someone harmed or killed a TERF. I can't have sympathy for someone that does that to themselves whether a TIF or a TIM.

No. 383203

Same. Idc. Least of all about men who are self painted corners that want to live life based on a fetish. Sorry, no sympathy for anyone that tries to force everyone to participate in their 24/7 fetishy LARP.

No. 383204

In my experience most people are like this. They can see through most of the tumblr genderspecial nonsense as simply a superficial adolescent need to be special but still believe that “real” trans people were born with their brain in the wrong body and are just like gay people in the sense that they can’t help it, aren’t hurting anyone and should be accepted and sympathised with. Whether they think trans-identified people need surgery depends on who they’ve been talking to but both sides of that narrative seem to be accepted no matter how contradictory. As far as I’ve been able to tell, the only people who cut through the “brain in the wrong body” narrative without reverting to traditional sex roles are people with a certain understanding of gender critical feminism. And goodness knows they rarely get heard.

No. 383205


I read something from Tavistock in the UK, which runs the gender clinic for children, that they hypothesised that children were developing trans identities as a coping mechanism for a variety of different issues like childhood abuse, homophobia, and autism. The link above with the botched surgery is a horrendous abuse of power but at least he's a adult who had the capability to make decisions about his own healthcare. Children do NOT know themselves, cannot make rational judgments about their long-term mental or physical health and the idea that people advocate medical intervention for kids confused about their identity is so fucking gross, I just can't. Odds are that they'll grow out of it if left alone, so just LEAVE THEM ALONE

No. 383209

When it's a random TIM I don't know I do feel bad for them. If I knew them and knew they were misogynist or homophobic all sympathy would be gone, however.

No. 383227

I bet the one praising reply was him samefagging. Outside of /tttt/, 4chan thinks that troons are disgusting, even the most passable ones… let alone Dra'nakyuek, Destroyer of Worlds.

Today a video titled "Questions you shouldn't ask to transsexuals" (yes, transsexuals) came up in my youtube recommendations, it was in my language (I'm from a European country that is still pretty conservative, it's becoming more and more open to LGBT but the troon epidemic and supremacy hasn't hit us - and never will) and I watched it out of curiosity.
There are four TIMs answering questions.
>Question 1: What's a transwoman?
>TIM 1: "It's a man who feels feminine"
>TIM 2: "I define myself "neowoman", because I'm not biologically female, I'm different and I had a different life experience"
>TIM 3: "It's someone who doesn't feel right in their body"
>TIM 4: "Let's leave womanhood to women, we're only trans and will always be"
They even looked less crazy than your average TIM posted here. Even peaceful, I'd say. What went wrong in the rest of the West? I wouldn't have issues with them if they all acknowledged that they're men, didn't claim to be on par or even better than women, and accepted therapy. (and didn't step into female only spaces)

No. 383287

can you post it?

No. 383308

That's how most TIMs define themselves in Thailand and a couple other Asian countries. They're aware they're born male, but just like being feminine and dressing in clothing majority of women would wear. It's troons in the West who distort the narratives of these people and say "Well, they don't mean it like THAT they just don't have the right words!" Dipshit, yes they do. They know exactly what they mean. Western troons literally think people not in the West are retarded.

No. 383342

File: 1551734319697.jpg (471.35 KB, 714x3491, tumblr_pnn1g65Jva1ruiduy_1280.…)

If I had not already hit peak trans this would have made me snap.

No. 383345

>it's your job as a cis person to do what trans people tell you to do despite never having wanted this job

They want women to do their work, get shit on for being women and still be supporters of their movement while being their attack dogs against anyone who doesn't stand by tras. No matter what, their male entitlement is still going strong

No. 383349

Exactly. Shit like this is proof that it's just a massive fetish. It's layers and layers of doublethink.

"Look at my feminine birthing hips."

No. 383351

File: 1551735254097.png (Spoiler Image, 2.31 MB, 2125x1044, ychromosome.png)

oops dropped pic

No. 383352

File: 1551735294134.png (3.28 MB, 1684x1476, tragic.png)

God, this one just makes me sad. He needed therapy, not this.

No. 383355

In Japan the crossdressers/non-gender conforming there define themselves as having a "woman's/man's heart" to imply that they know they're the gender they've born as, but take the societal gender role of the opposite one. If troons over here were like that I'd have much less of a problem with them, but they have to go ahead and spew all this ladybrain bullshit and tear down biological facts while thrusting their girldicks at lesbians.

No. 383358

It's in Italian without subs, should I post it anyway?

No. 383363

yes, please, I think it would be interesting to see and compare to american troons, atleast visually

No. 383365

one thing that fucks me up about the trans question is that it has been making some of you super weirdly militant in the other way and insisting on gender roles and frankly pretty sexist shit like >>383351 I get what the pic is trying to convey, but don't pretend like natal women don't ever have thick pube like hairs around their stomachs.

>self painted corners
is this just autocorrect or am i missing something here…

No. 383366

Yet another proof that even handsome men make fugly, scary looking women.


No. 383367

When men like the one in that image are claiming to be more "feminine" than women, they need to be reminded of what they really are.

Also anon unless a woman has PCOS, hair like that is NOT the norm. Having HAIR on your belly is normal. Not pubes though.

No. 383368

Japanese “transbians” are also rare and there is no “Suck my girl dick, TERF!” movement.

No. 383371

Is it not? I'm a hairier woman, and I have hairs like my pubes (very coarse and thick like that troon's belly hairs tbh) around my belly button. Not to that extent (though, I always shave and haven't let it grow out to rly know), so I wouldn't rule it out. I also have the soft, tiny hairs that just is on skin that I think you're thinking about.

I have had no reasons to believe I might have PCOS, so I'm probably hormonally fine. Just the idea that, in anti-troon backlash, you'd claim that only women with hormone disorders might have that type of hair is the kind of shit that fucks me up

No. 383394

it definitely is normal, especially with women who are part of ethnicities that tend to be more hirsute. also there are veins visible on my hand.. i figured that was normal if you're just a skinnier build? that picture definitely isnt 100% accurate

No. 383400

Goddamn. What a waste.

No. 383403

didn't know being a lady meant you have to have overexposured pictures lol

No. 383411

I have visible hand veins too, but even at a very low BMI it is not as pronounced as a male’s would be.

No. 383428

File: 1551751399556.png (563.94 KB, 732x956, 1551740490076.png)


No. 383431

File: 1551751657366.jpg (159.58 KB, 996x1210, 1551751625093.jpg)

Lmao I saw that post, this was in the replies. Pure gold.

No. 383435

Woah, woah, woah there! Assuming the gender identity of that masculine-expressing employee?! Ahem. helloooo, maybe ze just doesn't care about "passing" as female just because ze identifies as one! Did you even ASK about their pronouns? /s

No. 383436

No. 383439

Why would they post this guy's picture??? This person is literally publicly shaming this poor guy for doing his job and turning it into a form of weird sexual victimization for attention and persecution points. Obviously this one is among the majority with NPD.

No. 383440

And he goes by fucking Daniel? What a joke rofl

No. 383451

File: 1551758401097.gif (375.16 KB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

>I just can't help who I'm attracted to
>trans people are hot
>they think both of these are wrong
>being attracted to them and not being attracted to them are both wrong

No. 383459

File: 1551760465508.jpg (8.71 KB, 236x208, f31300a81666a8b37f4ba59e3c0cca…)

I don't want to throw shade to bi women here but why is always some bi girl defending transbians? especially when lesbians are involved. Why they're so fixated on force lesbians to like dick wtf, like, they understand what being lesbian means right? why is everyone so surprised when a lesbian doesn't like dick? what is even going on?

No. 383461

In my experience it’s straight women that still think it’s cool to pretend to be bi - get the exoticism of liking women while still hopping on dick. Reminds me of all the straight girls back in middle school that would pretend to be bi and go on about how hot girls are but would never date/kiss one, was a very shameful time to actually be bi.

No. 383462

Even some bi anons on here have trouble understanding that not everyone is into the same thing they are. They tend to think everyone is bisexual deep down and people who say otherwise are lying for personal or political reasons, for ex. "lesbians who don't like girldick are transphobes plain and simple! there's no other explanation!"

No. 383463

They're most likely actually straight girls

No. 383479

Don't start this ridiculous fucking bi vs lesbians discourse here. I've seen plenty of bi people being gendercritical and lesbians defending trannies. It's not tied to your sexuality in any way.

No. 383482

This. Why does this shitfest keep getting brought up.

No. 383495

At the very least it doesn't belong here. Be mad at the people who perpetuate the issues not people who happen to share the their same sexuality

No. 383525

I agree with this. We hate it when TRAs start that "Muh lesbians are evil TERFs and need to explicitly scream about how they love stunning trans gals at least 60x every day" shit, so let's not put that on bisexual women.

No. 383539

So one of the mod's of TwoXChromosomes on Reddit commented that she doesn't think MTFs should compete in female sports if they're not on HRT.

The other mods, who are TIMs, banned her.

They are now deleting comments and banning literally anyone who says anything other than TWANZ WOMEN ARE WOMEN I LOVE BRAVE STUNNING TRANZ GALS.


No. 383544

Is the group public? I want to go see all the comments. Also, based Ren.

If I were there I would've commented exactly this. This is the world they have built now, we can hit them back with their same "logic".

There's no win with troons. They WANT to be victims, you just can't do right with them. Nothing will ever be enough.

Funny how a community with such a "terfy" name would do that… what are TIMs doing in a sub about people with "two X chromosomes"? You can self-ID your chromosomes too now?

No. 383550

TwoX used to be the main women's subreddit, created back before troon drama was as big a thing. Then two things happened: troons got on to the mod team and the subreddit was made a default, so everyone who signs up to Reddit gets it on their feed automatically, which meant lots of male posters. Women started leaving the community to go to TrollXChromosomes, but now troons are infesting that community too.

There are now secret, locked subreddits for women you need to be invited to get access to, made specifically to keep males of all stripes out.

No. 383551

>women can't even have a subreddit literally called "TwoXChromosomes" to themselves without men infiltrating it and ruining everything
You can't make this shit up. Jesus Christ.

No. 383553

File: 1551797926668.jpg (237.52 KB, 542x1434, fuck off.jpg)

For a group of people who claim to have female brains, they still talk like men when it comes to shit like rape.

No. 383556

this is more like a vent but im a bi f & i get tired of irl "friends" not understanding why i won't date trans people.
it especially burns because they always try to bring up this one uberly fem guy i went out with like a year ago…"he was practically an mtf anyway!!?!?!"
why don't they understand

No. 383557

File: 1551798589407.jpg (159.79 KB, 500x378, 3424497767_b7cc9b6e5d.jpg)

No. 383558

Yeah, isolating people from other friends is totally not an abusive or cult-like tactic.

No. 383561

More like time to cut out the manipulative tranny

No. 383568

Did he delete those comments? They don't show up for me.
What a vile person though.

No. 383576

No. 383580

At least Gigi mentioned SRS being genital mutilation. Also mentioned how bad a friend’s post-op “vag” smelled. Spoiler alert: the title is basically clickbait and he didn’t actually get the surgery.

No. 383583

Maybe im alone in this but as a bi woman i really don't like. Crossing things over like
I like men who have dicks and are men
I like women who have vaginas and are women.
The point is I like men and women.
I don't like super hairy women with overgrown clits and deep voices and I don't like men in dresses with small flaccid dicks
Crossing genders like that like, putting everything that makes a man and everything that makes a woman in a blender to create weird mixes of the two is gross to me.

No. 383591

Another bi woman chiming in, but I hate how all lesbians get labeled terfs now and I’m here to fight for them. Pornsick TIMs can fuck off.

No. 383594

I'm bi and I agree

but I love feminine men who aren't afraid to be - however, as soon as they start to entertain the delusion that they're "lesbians" I get incredibly disgusted and disappointed

No. 383595

I'm bi and I agree

but I love feminine men who aren't afraid to be - however, as soon as they start to entertain the delusion that they're "lesbians" I get incredibly disgusted and disappointed

No. 383599

Same here. From Stonewall to the AIDs crisis, lesbians are the backbone of the community and not only do their contributions go unrecognized, they're now getting pushed back into the closet and underground by men who can't stand that there are women who don't want dick. I may be a bisexual woman but I will fight for lesbians.

No. 383602

i'm straight but i also agree, i'm into biological men. i used to feel bad about the whole "if you don't want to fuck a trans person you are bigoted and objectifying!!" guilt tripping and yes, i could be attracted to tifs if i didn't know that they had a vagina but i wouldn't be able to bring myself to be intimate with someone that has a vagina or a surgical dick. not that it gets imposed on hetero women that hard, sjws give the most shit to lesbians with this topic and it's really annoying to see women shamed for their orientation. like some women aren't into dicks, just get over it. you never see them coming at gay men or straight men, it's usually lesbians. these tras are creepy misogynistic homophobes.

No. 383604

at least the tranny looks like a tranny.

No. 383605

File: 1551807075349.jpeg (56.82 KB, 880x660, 560933E8-E9A2-4832-B0F6-82F518…)


As a bi woman, there’s so many straight girls pretending to be bi to please men. Also I think it’s because bi people are sometimes ostracised for not being straight and not being gay so they some feel like they relate to refusing to stick to a binary.

Of course they’re wrong but I don’t have time to tell them how they’re wrong.

No. 383608

particularly girls in the kweer and social justice communities. being straight will get you called names and looked down upon and being a lesbian will get you harassed and called a terf the moment you open your mouth, so the straight girls who want people to think they're woke call themselves bisexual. or pansexual. or asexual but heteroromantic.

No. 383609

File: 1551807328769.jpg (73.3 KB, 634x528, 10604824-6773463-image-a-33_15…)

>'I can orgasm just by thinking': World's first legally-married transgender couple open up about their VERY lively sex life, revealing how they can enjoy '198 orgasms in just 90 MINUTES'
>Despite neither woman undergoing bottom surgery yet, they say they both 'orgasm like females', meaning they experience 'rolling orgasms'


Not a fetish, etc.

No. 383610

Transmen aren't nearly as pushy as transwomen and tend to respect boundaries… because they're women. Transbians, on the other hand, are not only male, but the worst kind of male: rapey, porn addicted, entitled and narcissistic

No. 383611

same. even at the height of my liberal feminism, i could never bring myself to be attracted to trans women. My instincts were interpreting them as weird looking men, not women. I have been attracted to some trans men, but only in superficial, clothes on contexts. I don't think I could cope in a sexual situation with someone like that, even if they're gender critical themselves. (which some ftms i've come across have been.)

No. 383612

Una terf italiana? ;_; Dimmi per favore che c'è uno spazio per noi da qualche parte, mi sento costantemente attaccata

No. 383613

>Despite neither woman undergoing bottom surgery yet, they say they both 'orgasm like females', meaning they experience 'rolling orgasms'

Why do I constantly hear this shit from troons? Do they truly believe all women are having screaming full-body multiple orgasms that last for five minutes each time? Porn isn't real life.

No. 383614

I agree that the most toxic sjws are usually bi/pan sjws, they see it as some kind of woke, inclusive thing and not just a normal sexuality. It's mostly people who identify as pansexuals tbh, they don't even identify as bisexual because ~~it's discriminatory~~. Bi and pan SJWs tend to be the ones who attack the evil cishets and gays for not being into both dicks and vaginas as if they can understand what it's like to be into only one sex. They attack other bisexuals who don't date troons too.

No. 383615

when i was a libfem i saw mtfs as like, guests in womanhood. not men, but not actual women. i think that's how the majority of libfems see them, which is why troons have to constantly remind women not to stop using the pronouns of rapists and murderers. because libfems see mtfs as guests in women's house, so it makes sense to revoke things like pronouns when someone makes a mess in your house.

No. 383616


Any other anons have "once and done" orgasms? I have never understood multiple orgasms, after one it hurts to do more and I lose all sexual desire anyway.

Sorry if off-topic.

No. 383618

I've never had multiple orgasms. Same as you, I have one and then I'm finished. All sexual arousal and desire just drains out of me and I want to go to bed. Guess we must be men!

No. 383619

I third this. Once I orgasm I lose all sexual interest.

No. 383620

tmi maybe but i've had multiple (2) orgasms once but i don't know if it counts because it was vaginal, and i didn't feel satisfied or like i had actually had a proper-proper orgasm til i finished myself off using my clit.

No. 383623

I have multiples super easily if I am very physically active and with low body fat, otherwise, which is most of the time, I usually get only one and it's enough.

No. 383625

File: 1551808675415.jpg (21.63 KB, 321x193, 70825100.jpg)

An online friend told me about planning to go to a women's march in her city with some classmates, until she found out that the organisation they wanted to go with was an organisation supporting sex workers under the slogan "sex workers are feminists too!"

I looked up some articles written by members of the organisation, and of course one of them is a transwoman.

No. 383630

The 198 orgasms thing is definitely bullshit. Who has the presence of mind to count during an orgasm?

No. 383631

Uno spazio per radfems italiane, intendi? C'era una pagina facebook che faceva anche memes, ma dopo l'ennesimo ban non l'hanno più ricreata. Sicuramente ci sarà un gruppo imboscato da qualche parte, ma avendo io un profilo con nome e foto tendo ad evitare. Gli unici spazi che frequento sono internazionali, su reddit e qui, dove sei anonima e stai sicura che non subirai doxxing o altre merdate. Magra consolazione, ma almeno i nostri trans è raro che siano pazzi scatenati come quelli che postano qui (e che vedo nelle community lesbiche)… credo

I have a high sex drive and multiple orgasms have definitely happened to me. I've never had 198 orgasms in 90 minutes like xir above, though.

No. 383634

>because libfems see mtfs as guests in women's house, so it makes sense to revoke things like pronouns when someone makes a mess in your house
You even see this with some gc feminists who use female pronouns for likeable TIMs like Miranda Yardley. Somehow being relatively reasonable means he deserves female pronouns as if they’re a badge of women’s approval.

Many libfems I know still tend to use female pronouns for TIM rapists, though. Maybe they’re just further gone than others.

No. 383658

'Jazz Confronts Ahmir's Mother' The homophobia is gross

No. 383662

The way that Ahmir kid reacted…..his mom is telling the truth. He's a homophobe. But so is Jazz's mom so he should fit right in.

No. 383668

that kid does not even like jazz and it's so embarrassing. he had that precious little boy that liked him that he 'dated' in the 3rd grade or whatever and reconnected with, and he rejected him for no reason and instead is crazy over a kid that tells him he's the worst kisser ever and isn't particularly nice to him.

No. 383678

Truly Lynchian.

No. 383692

The way he snatches the phone from Jazz and says "Get off the phone" is a big warning sign, even if it's fake. Nobody should act like that, it's even more clear this is a fucked family and fucked relationship.

No. 383696

Kek based anon

No. 383698

>"He's not gay because he's not attracted to men, he's attracted to women and i'm a woman"

Wow, what kind of argument is this? i mean, troons are delusional but this is another level.

No. 383699

Also comments are disabled, gee i wonder why

No. 383701

Oh, FUCKING HELL. Please tell me they can sue. Wouldn't wish this on anybody. Fuck.

Nah, man. I don't see how anyone can laugh at this. What this person when through is horrifyingly. Every one should be be able to feel sexual pleasure, unless their libido is dangerous to others and I'm not seeing evidence for that.

No. 383703

Nah, you're not alone

No. 383706

Looking by the paper posted clitoris reconstruction is a possibility, with a nerve graft. Well, at least it's not the end of the road and there are options. I hope third time is at least a charm for them.p

No. 383710

Giving me strong Chris Crocker vibes.

No. 383711

File: 1551828563142.webm (2.51 MB, 1408x788, 1551598082686.webm)

David Foster Wallace once wrote a piece about David Lynch. In the piece, he coined a new term: "Lynchian". Wallace described a Lynchian tone as "the unbelievably grotesque existing in a kind of union with the unbelievably banal."

He described a husband beating his 1950s housewife to death because she bought the wrong brand of peanut butter. "I told you to buy the JIF," he'd say as he's clobbering her to death. This, he said, would qualify as almost perfectly Lynchian.

I think "I Am Jazz" enters into Lynchian territory. The .webm above shows a simple domestic scene. The women look like average suburban moms. They're relaxing on the couch. One imagines they might be discussing casserole recipes when we cut to them. But it slowly dawns on us that in the living room, with placid expressions on their faces, they're talking about the woman's transvestite son's genitals.

Despite the obvious subtext and the producers' hope to normalize this horror, the average person is totally disgusted. Nevertheless, the viewer is fascinated. We're drawn further into this. The sheer naked horror of what they're saying, the blasé quality with which they're saying it, it creates this brutal paradox that almost rapes the viewer's basic sense of what is decent.

No. 383714

So that pasta has finally made it here… kek

No. 383721

File: 1551830761686.jpg (101.74 KB, 720x682, FB_IMG_1551830710606.jpg)

A handmaiden I know just posted this

No. 383723

File: 1551831622870.jpg (17.1 KB, 526x335, 1531432488479.jpg)

i was really debating replying to this because its 9 days old, but it just didn't sit right with me; poly is more or less the in-between of bi and pan. the way i can best describe it is being pansexual but excluding a few genders

not to blogpost but i'm poly simply because i'm attracted to everyone EXCEPT for TiM's
keep in mind i am still detransitioning from my mogai phase so if it sounds like bullshit it probably is and i just dont know it yet

No. 383724

Anon, I'm pretty sure you're bi and just not attracted to narc troons. It's definitely bullshit.

No. 383725

I fucking hate this style of meme. It's literally mainly virtue signaling bs and people add cartoon/anime/vidya characters to them to get recognition

No. 383727

Why god. Presumably Jazz's disaster resembles one of these ones. Truly horrific

No. 383728

It is bullshit, retard. Poly, pan, and bisexual are all the exact same thing.

No. 383729

thank you anons

No. 383730

Bisexual generally excludes trans, pan includes them. Polysexual sounds too similar to polyamorous to be advisable

No. 383732

>overpowering lust

Soooo. Rape is only violence when it's directed at a MTF, otherwise it's just lust

Rape is lust
They are the same
dialling emergency services

No. 383735

Does bisexuality only exclude agender and genderfluid trans people then? If not, isn't bisexuality itself "transphobic" to identify as, since it categorizes trans people as different from cis?

Really, the distinction between bisexual and pansexual is only made to make people appear more "woke." Any claims you could make about bisexuals not being attracted to someone that lies in the middle of the gender spectrum are no different from other personal attraction preferences.

No. 383736

Pan is a stupid term made for snowflakes to seem "woke" because they DID claim that bisexuality was transphobic. There's 3, MAYBE 4 sexualities that are possible in humans, and pan is not one of them.

No. 383739

File: 1551834334106.jpeg (680.8 KB, 2880x3840, E344685E-3053-43CB-9974-21F19F…)

Thank you. They’re all the same shit I’m so tired of this argument. Saying this as someone who used to do the pan for woke points thing but finally learned more about bisexuality and it’s history.

No. 383740

ignoring the debate of whether or not being nonbinary is valid or not; what about people who are attracted (to nonbinary people) AND men/women? that's more than two, wouldn't that be poly?

No. 383741

Bitch, it isn't valid. All nonbinary people are either male or female. There are only two sexes ao there are only three sexualities.

No. 383744

If you want to get points for being extra special, then sure. Bisexuality has always included GNC people though so it’s stupid to use a snowflake sexuality unless that’s the crowd you want to be with.

No. 383747

Fuck I was just about to say this. The whole gender thing has people confused because they can make up as many genders as they want but there is only going ever to be two sexes.

No. 383749

Exactly. I mean you have sex with someone, it’s not calling having gender.

No. 383751

Sexuality being about sex is half the argument against TRA and the cotton ceiling bullshit. Are you new here?

No. 383755

alright, i think i get it now anons. thank you for explaining!
no, no, i agree - i'm just kinda stupid

No. 383756

This is the funny/hypocritical thing once again: Trans people and handmaidens (who go by pan) still "othering" trans, even though "THEY'RE WOMEN/MEN TOO!!" But for some reason bisexual is a no-no!!
It would exclude agender, I guess, simply by strict definition of course.

I'm bisexual and only attracted to actual men and women.

This actually describes how I used to see things as a SJW too. Perhaps excluding the "not actual trans" part, though, but people bury those stories in the SJW community anyway.

No. 383757

NBs are actual men and women… The only thing that differentiates you from "pans," "polys," or any other snowflake mogai sexuality is that you have a preference for your partner to not be mentally ill and/or a crossdresser. That's it. At the end of the day, you're all just bisexual.

No. 383759

>click on link
>these troons are in my city

No. 383762

Hey no problem anon, I know with those ideologies being circulated it really is confusing people so don't feel bad.

No. 383766

File: 1551839512507.jpeg (34.91 KB, 460x276, 021C7E9A-A04E-4E8C-92E6-978708…)


Troons and TRA can make all threats they want to make but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re not women and never will be. So many of them are insanely jealous of actual girls and women and it reflects in their weird fetish talk.

No. 383788

right, still got all my fucking teeth.

No. 383794

>Bisexual generally excludes trans
That doesn't make sense, they aren't some new third gender. Either you see troons as their real sex or you believe their self ID 'gender' is their sex, but either would be viable for a bisexual person.

Troons being crazy uggos is what really removes them from a bisexual person's dating pool, it's not a matter of exclusion from the orientation.

No. 383820

So my sister literally got never-ending nightmares for like a week just by seeing that one trannie who was a teacher and had a very fucked up backstory. They sometimes look pretty uncanny tbh.

No. 383835

I was just speaking from the TRA/SJW logic of why they use "pan" (yes it is virtue signaling) and how it is ultimately contradictory to their belief of "trans women ARE women" to say the term "bisexual" excludes trans women/men. Kek
Of course they are all bisexual. Definitely not arguing otherwise as I love these threads and find myself in good company here.

EXACTLY. That's what I'm trying to say but I think you are better at explaining.

No. 383840

No. 383861

File: 1551858448381.png (1.28 MB, 1078x812, image.png)

I was scrolling down my dashboard on Tumblr, saw this, and wondered why this very poorly edited selfie set of an average-looking person had 79 notes. Then, I checked the blog, noticed the tags "#mtf #transgirl" and it all made sense.
The bar is so low for them.

No. 383864

File: 1551858888286.jpg (4.58 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

Karen Adell Scott

No. 383874

The more I think about this, the more it pisses me off. Women are raped AND murdered on the daily for their gender, yet it doesn't even count as a hate crime. Women have always been and still are in danger of being targeted by brutalities and it's treated as fear-mongering hysteria. But for some reason we should be more worried for men in dresses because they might be raped and sometimes murdered? Despite the statistics showing that this usually happens to prostitutes who are trans, not upper middle class IT professionals with purple hair and rainbow socks?
>We are often murdered or seriously injured as a response to discovering our genitalia.
Gee that must be awful, being systematically murdered and raped for your genitals. But what would we dumb privileged cis women know about that??

I love this pasta, it's always so delicious.

>violence is cute and quirky uwu

I love when chasers and trannies post photos of overshopped troons taken from a flattering angle and claim that ~ traps~ are superior to biological femininity. Too bad you can't photoshop IRL and personality disorders aren't very kawaii in the long run.

No. 383911

Is his hair wet or just saturated in grease right down to the ends? The ends of his hair on the dark side look awful

No. 383912

File: 1551872709334.png (65.53 KB, 637x569, stupidcunt.png)

This stupid bitch completely misses the point of why people are against guys competing in women's sports. It's not just about the height. Way to go and dismiss women, sportswomen no less, because you want to virtue signal to other troons.

I hope she gets run over in a terrorist attack or acid attacked. Handmaidens only deserve painful death.(Don’t post about wishing bodily harm on a subject or group. (a-logging))

No. 383916

I was just thinking about this the other day. I always thought multiple orgasm meant like in a row, one after another, but when i found out it means like in one sex-session i was shooked to find out men cant do that.

No. 383936

I noticed that they tend to be especially jealous of petite women, especially if thin and with small breasts. Hmmmm… (insert giant thinking emoji here)

Looks like a wig to me

No. 383942

What? The anon you replied to said she can't do that. Most women can't.

No. 383952


men can have orgasms about 10-15 minutes apart so they can have several in one 'session', they just need a break before their junk is ready for another go.


No. 383980

>bisexuality and it’s history
care to explain?

No. 383982

File: 1551896035841.jpeg (372.52 KB, 750x661, 24264AD6-E06D-4C1A-8F11-750181…)


No. 383991

>Virile hairy rape monster

Jokes on them they never stopped being that.

No. 383992

It's almost like synthetic hormones will never turn a man into a woman.

No. 383993

This is so infuriating.

I am 5'' taller than the national average for women. I thought it meant I was safe. That I was strong. That I could defend myself.

When the day came that a man decided to hold me down, all that height didn't make it possible for me to get him off me.

Women are women are women. My height didn't protect me from assault. Men who deluded themselves into thinking they're female wouldn't understand.

Average men will always fare better in sports than even above average height women.

No. 383999

I love how the mom is uncomfortable with it because deep down this proves her son was gay all along. Also, Jazz still looks like a dude to me, even with the magic hormones.

No. 384000

I assume they mean how bisexuals fit into LGB history… Bisexual activists ect.

No. 384001

I'm so sorry that this happened to you, anon.
Shit like this makes me scared. My height has always been the main reason of why I don't feel scared alone at night, but reading this…

No. 384002

Jazz just looks like a child to me. Not really male or female, just a kid with pre-puberty androgyny that some people have.


I just got the chance to watch this. Ahmir's mom makes a good point in the first bit, and I paused it before Jazz's mom started talking so I don't know what sort of homophobic stuff Ahmir's mom said.

>When you're with somebody, whether they change their appearance or live a different way, she was still born the same way you were born.

She even called Jazz "she" which means she didn't "misgender" him. So it seems to me that "bio sex doesn't real" has spread to mainstream trans shit. Which is very disappointing.

No. 384003

If it helps you feel better, it didn't happen at night, and it was someone who I would have considered a friend. I do think that our height makes us a less likely target from strangers, hopefully.

No. 384004

Studies show that taller girls are less likely to be attacked by strangers.

I'm very sorry that that happened to you as well, anon. Especially by someone close to you.

No. 384006

Makes sense, since rapists also have voiced paying attention to whether a woman is wearing a ponytail/belt/similar cues. Obviously they would factor in height as well for potential victims.

No. 384009

It's weird. I grew up in a stereotypical big city and when you saw a transsexual back in the day it was rare as shit. Barely there. You certainly clocked them, but most people felt a bit sorry for them, while also feeling a sort of friendly acknowledgement that they were trying to live life in the best way they knew and blah. When their number genuinely did stand at < 1%, most people did feel for them to some degree. Now I think most would say in private that they genuinely have a deep disgust towards these people and goodwill has gone.

Question: were people in the past too lenient about this? Looking back I don't know how this could have been prevented, but I feel that certain schools of feminist thought gave too much ground. What bothers and frightens me is the amount of power they wield, even more than your average fucked up man. Who else has had this much success in forcing their ideology? I genuinely can't think of a group that's done better.

If people haven't heard the Joe Rogan podcast with Tim Pool and Jack Dorsey plus a Twitter lawyer, check it out. A large chunk of time was spent talking about their rules re: misgendering. It's triggering af to me that a company which has enough influence to help get people elected is also shaping discourse about trannies to fit their own positive bias. This fucking timeline.

No. 384011

Um, even children look like boys or girls, anon. Just sayin'.

No. 384013

I accidentally conflated the two, which is my own fault, but I more meant that he looked like a kid who never went through puberty, which makes him look significantly more androgynous than a kid who did.

No. 384014

File: 1551907105524.png (152.07 KB, 800x760, Screenshot_2019-03-06-13-15-20…)


"Jessica" is entering the Miss British Columbia Pageant.


No. 384016

Oh man didn’t know this shit could get any milkier

No. 384017

File: 1551907696448.png (263.79 KB, 800x900, Screenshot_2019-03-06-13-25-17…)

No. 384018

Great excuse to spy on the other contestants in the changing rooms! After all Jonny boy seems to think we constantly walk around nude.

No. 384020

File: 1551908127632.png (500.81 KB, 800x846, Screenshot_2019-03-06-13-31-17…)

No. 384022

Just wait as he gets rejected and sues them all for transphobia like he did with the women who didn't want to wax his greasy balls, lmao

No. 384023

>stopping discrimination in its heels

wtf is this idiot even talking about? what form of english is this? is he trying to make a pun? it's a bad one.

No. 384030

Where the fuck will this piece of human trash be held? Women's or men's prison? Hopefully solitary.

No. 384038

File: 1551912251372.png (31.83 KB, 640x360, tgn_1519249231416_4988450_ver1…)



The new policies are: Inmates may now ask for a gender-specific deputy to do a visual body search - the first such jail to allow this in the nation; and they can express a preference where they would like to be housed so that their safety while showering and overall privacy can be better assured, Sheriff Vicki Hennessy said. In addition, effective immediately, inmates now can fill out a "statement of preference" form identifying their gender and how they want to be addressed in jail.

No. 384043

File: 1551913144952.jpg (23.19 KB, 327x407, ff0184def7fd0ab65839.jpg)

I play a game that's pretty much occupied by SJWs, gamers, and christian horse girls. I run into a lot of TiFs on there unfortunately.



Kin shit is included because I always find that stuff funny.

No. 384044

Ah so a bunch of men can force female staff to watch them shower, nice one.

No. 384045

Ah so a bunch of men can force female staff to watch them shower, nice one.

No. 384050

File: 1551913938711.jpg (10.1 KB, 268x77, ^56F566335732840E12734A8ABA.jp…)

Did a little digging, apparently in a relationship with a 17 year old fakeboi.


What's with troons and being pedophiles? Digging said they'd been dating for a year, which is creepy for obvious reasons.

I swear TiFs must have higher rates of pedophilia compared to other, non-TI women.

No. 384064

>I fight for equality and I fight for human rights!
>piece of shit racist that said he didn't want immigrants around him because they were "dirty, loud and rude"
>was also extra mad about the Latina women in a makeup group calling him out
I don't know what's funnier, the fact that he thinks he can compete against real women that put a fuck ton of effort into their appearance or that he thinks a beauty pageant of all things will stop discrimination.
Also what does '2' and 'S' represent? I don't think I've seen that before.

No. 384069

>christian horse girls

Ahhh, horse girls. Every school had at least one. The one at mine managed to get held back in 4th grade

No. 384070

Two spirit. Because being a racist piece of shit co-opting Native identities is woke.

No. 384080

adding to the irony of his rasicm since most latinas are native/indigenous

No. 384081

I kind of hope he succeeds, because it will only peak more people.

No. 384089

File: 1551927888878.jpg (451.4 KB, 2896x2896, 20190307_040155.jpg)

Sometimes I just go on troon accounts because I am a masochist and how they fuck are they arguing it's not a fetish when they post shit like this? How is it any different from a sissy fetish?

No. 384096

File: 1551928971958.jpg (276.24 KB, 720x960, 20190307_042249.jpg)

'Cis women should strive to look like transwomen' lol

No. 384106

TIMs have absolutely no respect for women whatsoever.

No. 384108

>Lots of cis women look more like trans women than a lot of trans women do.

…And they say they aren't mentally ill, he straight up sounds delusional. Even the broadest and bulkiest woman still looks female next to some troon. Damn, NPD is one hell of an illness.

What a disgusting human being.

No. 384119

sage for ot + rant

i just really want a gf who's gender critical. all the chicks at my school are TRAs (and even make comics about trannies). It just rlly turns me off when all they ever talk about are "facts" they pulled off of a Medium article, and that there might be a huge possibility they decide to transition (since all their friends are doing it)…

Get me out of this art school hell. I'm the only person in this place pretending to support trans activism.

I just want to date a girl who won't screech TERF and try to kill me.

No. 384127

What game?

No. 384134

once you get out of there and in the real world things will get better anon. hang on, better times are ahead.

No. 384136


>virile hairy rape monster

yeesh. the self hatred here is real.

No. 384137

dumb anon here, but what flavor of LGBT is that he's spouting?

No. 384150

Anon there are a lot more ppl in art who are more gc than you think they're just all scared for obvious reasons. Idk about ur school specifically tho just look for normies is.my advice

No. 384157

i feel this so, so much.

No. 384170

No offense anon but claiming a 21 year old dating a 17 year old as "pedophilia" makes you look like a sperg. Cool it down a notch.

Fuck, that is a bad case of NPD talking right there.
>L-Lots of cis women look like men too but I mean that's cool I guess, w-well we, the men, are the peak of femininity and beauty anyway so everyone should look like us!!

No. 384176

File: 1551950726356.png (39.5 KB, 824x262, sofuckwomeniguess.PNG)

>"Especially within jobs, where you have to represent something, gender roles are quite obvious: Women may be allowed to wear pantsuits, but heels are expected. Within english speaking countries pantsuits are discouraged."
>"Especially in Great Britain, the dress code is conservative, which forces women to wear heels and make up. It is to consider, whether gender neutral clothing could be allowed for all those who don't consider themselves male or female."

The way they spent the entire paragraph discussing the unfair expecations of women only to conclude it with "BUT IT SHOULD PROBABLY BE ALLOWED TO NOT WEAR HEELS AND MAKE UP IF THEY'RE ENBIES!!!!!!!!!!" is hilarious.

No. 384187


I thought it was impossible to tell trans women apart from women… Uh oh, I think someone is a transphobic bigot with confirmation bias.

No. 384229

>I hope she gets run over in a terrorist attack or acid attacked. Handmaidens only deserve painful death.
Holy fucking shit Anon, calm down. You're being just as unhinged as the people we're discussing itt.

No. 384230

Do you gals remember this troon katie charms who got kicked out of a toilet in las vegas and went full narc rage online? Well he has long hair now and he's still dancing like a creeper in his room and paying hooker to party with him in "girls only" pretend-parties.

No. 384231

It's pretty fucking insulting to victims of actual pedophilia to clasify a freshman/senior age difference as such.

That being said, I've definitely noticed a disturbing correlation between being trans and being into lolicon. But use actual examples next time.

No. 384235

Ever since finding out 60% of them have NPD, my own experiences with them make so much more sense now. The most narcissistic person I've ever known in my life was FTM and I'm still processing the horror show that was that human being. I knew another transnarc, but they were much less extreme. Still pretty bad, though.

No. 384236

>being trans somehow makes it more uncomfortable for me to have a male in the bathroom than a ciswoman
>this individual deserves public shaming for doing his job because I want victim points
>it is relevant for me to post a selfie
Another example of that 60% narc rate making a lot of sense

No. 384239

So I'm in a pretty normie book club, and most of the women in it are straight and not involved in LGB(T) anything.

Well, one of the women pulled me aside yesterday and offered me a (YA) novel called I Am J.

She said "I know you like gender equality and that sort of stuff"

So I read the inside cover.

It's about a TiF, and the writing that they're advertising the book with is the TiF getting angry about being called Jenny instead of J by her elderly neighbor.

I almost want to hate read it, but I know it'll be too frustrating to finish.

No. 384253

troons have so little creativity, i'm sorry. there's already literally "I am Jazz" and another troon is going to piggyback off that with "I am j"? that's so cheap

No. 384254

Well, I am J came out in 2011. I think I am Jazz came out in… 2014-15?

No. 384255

File: 1551973331178.jpg (31.41 KB, 349x472, franklin.jpg)

>lots of cis women look more like trans women than a lot of trans women do
Sad cope! TIMs can only wish. The max they can aspire to look like is Gigi Gorgeous, and he's still manlier than any woman could ever.

In lesbian circles there are always radfems (mind you: LESBIAN circles, not LGBTQAADSHDG+ circles, not "queer" circles). The only reddit lesbian community that's TRA-free, r/truelesbians, is also gc. Avoid whoever calls themselves "queer" and "wlw", because with them there's a 99,9% chance they're TRAs.
Slightly related but I know irl a radfem around my age, she wears very short hair and is tall and gorgeous. She's straight, though. :(

Even worse, 81.4% of troons have a personality disorder. About 60% has NPD, the remaining 20% has BPD, both of them being very serious, cluster B disorders. No wonder they're so bad at life.

No. 384256

>Even though it was rough and there were some really low moments…

>You got a vagina!

>And I came out the other side with muh vagina!

They are beaming as they discuss scheduling their surgeries like it's NBD. Just a regular teen girl thing!

No. 384257

either way, it's cheap as fuck. even worse knowing jazz had his stagemom and whats basically a wholeass production team behind his ass to push his book and the best they could come up was essentially stealing the title from some TiF. pathetic.

No. 384258

File: 1551974512588.png (673.63 KB, 437x865, katie.png)

>paying hookers to party with him in "girls only" pretend-parties
I've been following this for over a year and am loving it can we have a thread please

No. 384259

File: 1551974702866.jpg (956.71 KB, 1065x1389, Go_Mag_2.2018_53420.jpg)

He landed a Getty heir. Old man Getty must be fucking SPINNING in his grave kek

No. 384262

File: 1551974900340.jpg (159.33 KB, 1024x1820, 50771378_2083399491748618_5916…)


I just read the entire thread on KF last weekend. Peak AGP. He took in a distant teen relative and paid for her transition and top surgery before he depleted his millions paying women to party with him. Now he's moved to LA to become an actress!


A Kiwi put together a compilation of clips entitled Katie Buffalo Bill Charm. It is what you think it is.


No. 384263

File: 1551975294782.png (110.71 KB, 800x632, Screenshot_2019-03-07-08-11-45…)


>which Getty?

>reverse image search top result

No. 384265

File: 1551975616334.jpg (57.1 KB, 462x623, troonpds.JPG)

No, even worse. The study showed that out of the 81.4% of them who had been diagnosed with a personality disorder had around 3 PDs diagnosed in total per patient. 3 personality disorders per patient. NPD was most frequent at about 57.1% of the diagnosed PDs, BPD was the least diagnosed. Obsessive-compulsive was the second most frequently diagnosed followed with masochistic-sadistic, paranoid, antisocial and histrionic.


No. 384266

File: 1551975736881.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 1163x1536, Go_Mag_2.2018_53243.jpg)

Yes and I meant *heiress as well. Even with all the surgery Gigi's had you can clearly tell who the real female is.

No. 384268

All that photoshop and the butch lesbian next to him still looks 100x more womanly. No Gigi, baboon lips won't make you look more feminine.

>lesbian couple
Am I a joke to you? Also interesting to notice actual lesbian people/couples getting called "queer/queer couples", but a TIM in a relationship with a bisexual woman makes a "lesbian couple". Like, this is the case when you should say "queer".

No. 384269

Ugh. Speaking of this trash, he made a video stating why he didn't get the chop.
It's obvious. Because he's still a gay man larping as a 'lesbian'.
Once he finds a way to have a child with Nats, he's going to suck the money dry and run off with either another gay guy or bag himself a tranny chaser like Blair did.

The fact he and Nats got kittens because 'omgz it's such a stereotypical lesbian thing to do' speaks volumes.

I hate this cunt and can't wait for him to crash and burn.

No. 384270

It’s all in the shoulders kek. No matter how many plastic surgeries/hormones they take they can’t change the physical structure of their skeleton.

No. 384271

So it's a 100% straight couple, kek

No. 384278

I'm curious whether or not Natt is a self hating lesbian or bi/het?

No. 384284

Vid is up here for anyone who hasn’t seen. >>383580

No. 384287

In order to willingly take real dick and date such a manly dude, she can't be a lesbian. Bi for sure

No. 384290

the head size difference is insane. he's like a boardwalk caricature in real life

No. 384324


God, trans culture is so out of touch with real female gender nonconformity. Glenn Close has short hair and doesn't wear intense makeup in the wife but like, it's a pixie cut, she wears subtle lipstick, she wears dresses, there is no moment of true androgyny, especially if you're AT ALL in touch with butches, but no shit TiMS aren't. But even then like………..as someone who's pretty butch and attracted butches? Real ones, with ties and crew cuts? You know they're women. There can be ambiguity, but BoringKate is wishing so hard here for a truth that just isn't there.

No. 384330

File: 1551991278642.jpeg (207.09 KB, 640x586, 4B3D5667-6B11-4309-9808-08B62A…)


Yaniv's Twitter is public again.

>LGBTQ2SIA and human rights activist.

>This year, I'm taking a stand against discrimination and running for the Miss BC Pageant and standing up for the LGBTQQIP2SAA community. Society needs to move forward. Let's do this. Donate today <3

Is this the new gender speshul Scrabble?

No. 384331

exactly. at my job there's a butch manager and there's no way you could ever clock her as a guy, but the obvious tranny gets clocked all the time. my coworker the other day said that you can tell he's a man cause of the hands. it feels so good to have people around who know what's up despite our company policies.

No. 384333

>cis women want to look like trans women

What planet am I even am? this is the most retarded thing i've read in a while.

No. 384334

the woman on the right is cute and you can tell she's a real women immediately. Sad, but she's definitely bi if she's sleeping with a tranny. Gigi looks gross and manly as hell.

>lesbian couple

No , that's not how that works

No. 384335

ugh, this is the kind of bullshit why actual gay people dont get taken seriously, and as a lesbian, it's worse. This is why i dont get involved with 'community.'

No. 384336

>Women should want to look like men.

I love the underlying jealousy in the tweet. It's great.

No. 384337

lmao what the hell is even that?

No. 384339

>Even worse, 81.4% of troons have a personality disorder. About 60% has NPD, the remaining 20% has BPD, both of them being very serious, cluster B disorders. No wonder they're so bad at life.
It's almost as if there's a direct correlation between deluding yourself into thinking you're the opposite sex to the point of mutilating your body and being fucking insane?

No. 384345

Its a Native American thing. It’s insulting for it to be included in that acronym and has nothing to do with modern mainstream queer oppression points.

No. 384353

Right? No one is shocked here but the morons who openly support trans and their delusions.

No. 384354

Lmao, token racism aside, straight people are now openly allowed in LGB under the umbrella allies ?? Okay, could’ve sworn it was supposed to be a gay party

No. 384366

not sure if you watched the meghan Murphy talk at the Vancouver library but an indigenous woman talks about how bullshit it is that trans people have hi-jacked two spirit. I don't have extensive knowledge on it but I think it's also very tribe specific

No. 384430

I love the irony that it just so happens 'prime tranny time' in our history is also when gender reassignment surgery is absolute butchery wrapped up in a neat "innovative/perfectly realistic" bow. We should encourage the autogynephiles to get the painful ~big wammins surgery~ and scar themselves for life.

No. 384433

File: 1552029136362.png (146.46 KB, 1800x560, 013_1984.png)

In the next OP I will add a list of comics, art, and sources for GC stickers, flyers, and memes.

Please reply with suggestions!


No. 384437

File: 1552030116825.png (241.28 KB, 800x801, Screenshot_2019-03-07-23-19-43…)

When shit went down with Wordpress I wondered if she would be relocating her site.

Looks like it has all been archived.


No. 384446

She could always buy her own domain but it's fucked up that gc word presses are being shut down to begin with

No. 384451

please dont tell me you got this from that chain email.https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/assaulted-tale-aka-this-bird-wont-fly/

Holy shit, I thought this was another troon, but it's the pedo. That man has no fucking shame or grasp on biological reality.

No. 384452

File: 1552033939683.png (779.76 KB, 564x869, 1785f542c7e5afd8f40ee18114a2c7…)


Yes, it was a violation of TOS suspension. No, she hadn't made back-ups.


No one in the comments has mentioned archive.today. Some of her entries and image files are there like The Snowflake Books http://archive.is/sIAU6

No. 384476

File: 1552045431358.png (1.36 MB, 1440x1308, 20190308_114331.png)

No. 384478

No. 384481


Story about a transwoman casually walking into a store and attacking random people with an axe.

>She testified that her mental health had declined prior to the attack, after she began taking hormones to transition from male to female.

>However, a jury rejected her lawyer's argument that she was suffering from "mental derangement".

No. 384484

File: 1552048461863.jpg (34.81 KB, 620x372, 1588.jpg)


"Trans" inmate with a history of sexually violent crimes sent to a women's prison where he sexually assaulted multiple female inmates.

>Crook has previously said: “It is a very toxic debate, but I think prisons have probably been influenced by some of the extreme conversations and have been bullied into making some decisions that have harmed women."

No. 384486

Not sure if this has been posted here yet, but I just found it and it's an amazing resource.


But of course, the idea that transwomen could potentially be a threat to women is just bigoted and unworthy of even entertaining the thought of discussing.

No. 384498

Wow I just hit peak trans again by looking at the header on this website. Kudos to whoever created it.

No. 384508

File: 1552054591226.jpg (314.52 KB, 1200x1200, DgParT0U8AAJSeV.jpg)

Do any of you know of Bex Taylor Klaus? She played Audrey in the Scream tv show and is currently in the Voltron cast. Get a load of this:
>when she played a butch lesbian in "The Killing" she used to say "Yes, I'm a straight woman playing a lesbian woman, doesn't mean I'm gay"
>two years later she comes out as a lesbian
>two years later she comes out as a they/them nonbinary
>claims to have gender dysphoria and to be trans, and yet she posts pictures of her tits with only the nipples censored (another "enby" gnc woman who does the same thing is Mads Paige, she posts her naked boobs A LOT for someone who doesn't even indentify as female)
>hardcore, annoying SJW and TRA, gets in twitter fights with gendercritical people (iirc she had a twitter fight with Graham Linehan or someone else from the famous GC crowd)
>comes from a loving and accepting upper middle class family, has an acting career, is well liked by the fanbase of whatever show she's on, but claims to be "unprivileged" and "scared" of being attacked by evil transphobes
And the cherry on top:
>she's buddy buddy with our favorite rapist, Eli Erlick! I guess all those words of spreading love, being unproblematic and siding with the oppressed people didn't prevent her from rubbing elbows with actual rapists…
She's cute, what a waste.

No. 384511

File: 1552054956196.gif (1.98 MB, 245x330, tumblr_oh2377o8vt1u4ob17o1_250…)

i really liked her in scream bc cute butch lesbian in media duh, however, the reality is such a let down, really wish she hadn't drank the coolaid :-/

No. 384523


These are old stories that have been discussed in previous threads.

No. 384532

Nayrt but ty for that link. I’d always heard that stuff too but I’m glad to see a well-written response to why it’s not true and some actually useful info.

No. 384539

Jazz's mom commands Jazz not to talk about SRS complications because she's concerned it might "turn off kids from getting this surgery".
Around 2:00

No. 384548

File: 1552062226373.jpeg (203.56 KB, 750x849, 407C103E-E7CF-4D2A-B48A-8E5FCF…)

Found this gem on tumblr.

No. 384550

i've never seen a radical feminist get friendly with a nazi.

seen it from multiple trans activists though! including their beloved chelsea manning.

troons projecting again.

No. 384551

Jesus fuck I hate this person so much. The prime example of a privileged, rich white girl who hopped on the NB partywagon and started taking shits left and right for social media oppression clout.

>she's buddy buddy with our favorite rapist, Eli Erlick! I guess all those words of spreading love, being unproblematic and siding with the oppressed people didn't prevent her from rubbing elbows with actual rapists…

This was news to me. She's literal garbage.

????? Is Jazz's mom getting funding from medical companies offering the surgery or something? This is fucking sick. If this was only out of good will and bringing awareness, they would openly talk about the risks included with a surgery that mutilates you irreparably.

No. 384558

File: 1552063772960.jpg (554.87 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190308_104649.jpg)

So theres a Woman's Day March in Tokyo and apparently it's a setup by gaijins trying to push troon agenda. Most signs are in English, besides Japanese women, there's white men marching along with them, most of the signs have American movie characters in them, most Japanese feminist anons aren't even aware the event happened.

No. 384559

File: 1552063808900.jpg (300.74 KB, 235x755, IMG_20190308_105024.jpg)

More photos from the march

No. 384560

File: 1552063890554.png (619.29 KB, 1396x2048, Screenshot_20190308-105010.png)

I love that men are 2nd on this list and are above female rape victims and girls who are denied education. On International Women's Day too. Fuck this world.

No. 384561

My tinfoil is that TLC is actually exposing the horrors of transing kids

No. 384565

Why are all these old hags and their White soyboy orbiters suddenly interested in the rights of trans women? "Being trans" isn't even really a thing in Japan. It seems as if they skip the steps of fighting for feminism and gay rights and go straight for muh brave and stunning mtf…

No. 384570

>one of THE MOST vulnerable minority groups out there

is this a joke? the most vulnerable, my ass. jfc, these people are utterly delusional.

some of the most obnoxiously loud, aggressive, entitled, narcissistic, frightening, fetishizing pieces of shit are troons. yet somehow, women disagreeing with them is violence and murder and worth us being assaulted over kek okay. sure, we're oppressing you. it's us violating every last one of YOUR spaces and being creeps to you. sure. so vulnerable.

No. 384571


How are these stories not viral? I'm going through that list on Peak Trans and there's a disturbing number of articles about trans women taking advantage of their access to our spaces to victimize us, like this one where a guy taped a teenage girl in a dressing room. A situation their movement insists never happens and is just bigoted fearmongering. However, it seems most of these events stay at the local level.

No. 384576

Kek. Japanese women have to deal with perverted men to the point where it's illegal for cameras and phone's not to make a noise when they take pictures. It's gonna be pretty fucking hard to sell the majority on letting men dressed like women into their spaces.

No. 384577

hell, they have separate train cars for women to ride in so they don't get groped.

No. 384584

File: 1552072346550.png (213.94 KB, 1403x1305, Screenshot_2019-03-08-13-10-59…)

>Not buying a car because one guy called you sir
Troon logic

No. 384586

I think it's not only the fear of backlash but the fact that many major media corporations have major ties to the healthcare industry. I hate to sound tinfoil but that "Inauthentic Selves" article seriously opened my eyes to the fact this trans epidemic isn't just because of fetish-obsessed men. It has been seriously blown up by companies in order to make money. They helped reinforce the TRA rhetoric in order to get people on their expensive drugs that they need to be on for life and also their expensive surgeries/other treatments.

This is why I really feel bad for the guy a ways up who's faux labia rotted off. Some were commenting how they had no sympathy but I can only imagine how that doctor used his mental illness to literally ruin his body, his bank account, and his life.

Most of these people are disgusting fetishists but many are seriously mentally ill and need proper therapy. The healthcare industry is more focused on selling their products than helping the ill and making disgusting AGPs think it's okay to shove their fetish in everyone's face.

No. 384590

that + the risks of being on hrt for life we are still learning the risks about. it will just open up the doors for them in the future to sue the doctors/companies who allowed this. screetching about not realizing that mutilating your body in some ways is irreversible.

No. 384602

File: 1552076511032.jpg (27.23 KB, 705x696, 1548119526743.jpg)

I had a shower thought about a possible reason why nowadays there's this sudden influx of genderspecials in the West.
First of all, it's a first world problem: notice how you don't see people from poor countries being trans/enbie and fighting and kicking over people not rolling out the red carpet as they walk.
Also, notice how very often said trans/enbies are white or Jewish at most, straight and coming from well off families. Basically they want to be victims and want to feel "special". Why and why now, specifically? Look at instagram influencers/celebs, youtubers, e-celebs in general. Before it was harder to be "famous", especially on the internet, while right now is easy, too easy. The spotlight is oversaturated, and all these "special" people can be found in one click. Plus, minorities are finally having a lot of spotlight, too. This could have something to do with the sudden influx of genderspecials: average (or below average) people with nothing to offer that want to feel special at any cost, and claim to be part of oppressed minorities as both a shield from criticism and a "quirk" to stand out more and escape from their white, straight, (mostly male) reality. See Lainey.
The last part makes less sense out of the shower and it's just a tinfoil anyway, but here's my theory.

No. 384603

The reason why it's gotten so big in the west is the oldest reason in the world. Companies are making a TON of money off of it, TRA organizations are getting loads of funding. More than any gay organization has gotten. There's really no deeper reason than that, it's an edgy fad for every suburban teen struggling with puberty, just like eating disorders in the 90's.

No. 384606

Yes, that too. Sociopath surgeons and doctors play a big role in this fad.

No. 384610

western governments have been doing this shit for decades even centuries. from the radium craze, to induced STDs and other incurable disease,to abortion experiments to circumcision and now essentially castration and forced infertility. this shit preys on people who are vulnerable. and yes, insane misogynists in skirts are vulnerable, being that misogynistic is a mental illness.

No. 384622

I don't know if you've read the rapid-onset gender dysphoria research article posted a few threads back but I highly recommend it.

Within the article it shows specific connections between people (usually young female teens) pressuring each other to be anorexic back in the 90's, and the same demographic pressuring each other to be trans nowadays. Really opened my eyes.

No. 384635

File: 1552081163681.jpg (1.54 MB, 1080x5060, Screenshot_20190308_134941_com…)

tumblr back with another gem. When will their projection cease?

No. 384637

File: 1552081897253.png (36.09 KB, 985x260, 9e33c01c22156673a21c88d7aa5649…)

Saw this posted on r/legaladvice the other day. Was surprised at first to see a post about a woman getting abusive over refusal of intimacy, but then its revealed said girlfriend is a trans woman and I can't say I was all that shocked any more

No. 384640

File: 1552083058544.jpg (180.59 KB, 1080x1919, j'y 1.jpg)

No. 384641

File: 1552083074719.jpg (184.96 KB, 1080x1906, jy2.jpg)

No. 384643

Splatoon, it seems

No. 384649

File: 1552085096685.jpeg (221.56 KB, 1242x641, E8CAA574-9980-4664-824F-EAF992…)

they cant make anything not about themselves huh?

No. 384650

File: 1552085120734.jpeg (164.13 KB, 1118x557, 7EE47127-4B42-4B15-8F33-09C69A…)

in the replies too lmao

No. 384653

>literal man face wants to enter a Miss contest
This is what happens when basement-dwelliers who spend too much time in internet niche communities participate in real life.

No. 384657

I hope they send him to a male prison and other inmates beat the shit out of him. Possibly, after he "rejects intimacy" too…

No. 384658

I hope they send him to a male prison and other inmates beat the shit out of him. Possibly, after he "rejects intimacy" too…

No. 384686

The whole two spirit native thing pisses me off. There are only 3-4 tribes who practice 3 genders and in all of them a person is told they are the third gender it's not some innate feeling the individual has. In the Canadian tribes 2 spirit people are "recognized" by tribal elders before they are born and in most of the great plains tribes only men can be third gender mainly because they are failed men and haven't been excepted in their peer group.

Between native 2 spirit and indian hijra bullshit TRA really show their racism and complete lack of cultural awareness

No. 384687

Omfg lol it's been a pretty persistent rumor that she was a lesbian…. Learn what a beard is fucking lol

No. 384692

File: 1552093452960.png (9.17 MB, 1125x2436, EAE3908F-0625-49B8-91D9-B5EB08…)

The Wing is a women’s only club, which I like the idea of, but why the hell are they inviting men to give speeches and be members?

No. 384693

Looking at their post history and…
>Fell into even deeper love with someone I thought was "the One."
>"The One" left their ex-wife and infant to drive cross-country in hopes of also giving their child a better life, and together we signed a lease.
>"The One" ended up being both emotionally and physically abusive. Sitting here alone on Reddit while they are at work, so close to escaping a lease and toxic relationship…

Sounds about right for a troon.

But this was 3 months ago, and this post was 4 days ago so it doesn't seem like they are surprised about the assault considering they knew they were abusive.

No. 384696

As a Voltron fan, I know of her antics all too well. It's annoying and sad, she's still in her early 20's I think, so she's hardcore drank the ~ kweer ~ koolaid. And this could be armchair psychoanalizing on my part, but she was part of that big The Fappening leak. I'd imagine that does something to your psyche.

Even so, there's no fucking excuse for her to be hanging out with a piece of shit rapist. I've grown to like her less and less, but that just takes the cake. Fucking disgusting.

No. 384697


>womens only club

>writes a book about how being a woman is a fetish
>invited to speak

good lord kill me now

No. 384710

File: 1552096895767.jpg (70.76 KB, 616x596, 980x.jpg)

Here these unhinged assholes go again with the comparison to black women. Amazingly, I even saw some of the dumb handmaidens calling him out for how racist this sounds.

No. 384716

>writes book about a humiliation fetish which dehumanises women and revolves around how being a woman is lesser and therefore a point of humiliation

>is invited to speak

Men can actively and unabashedly shit on us and there are still women that will bend over backwards to celebrate them. Amazing.

No. 384719

Glad you realized this but lmao we all already knew. Everyone wants to be the most special and vulnerable. It's a competition to see who is the most traumatized and disenfranchised. But the people in these circles usually grew up very comfortably and have little to no personal trauma or generational trauma. They are boring as fuck so they need to create a personality.

This applies to almost every single person on LC kek. Some fake illness. Some shill to NEET weebs. Some pretend to love BDSM and hate SJWs. Some just go the extra mile and troon out. It really is the best option for them because then they can act insane without fearing backlash and having legions of whiteknights…because troons/enbies are ~sO oPpReSsEd~!

No. 384729

Any of you heard of Monster Prom? I tried to watch someone play it but I saw that you had an option to "choose your pronouns" when choosing obviously male and female avatars and it really annoyed me.

No. 384747

It really disturbs me that not only were there so many foreigners involved in the disproportionate trans representation at that march, but many of the Japanese accounts promoting that march/spreading Western-style trans activism(including trying to popularize the usage of TERF) are actually run by foreigners living in Japan. It’s not representative of Japanese culture. The majority of Japanese transgender people I have observed actually do try to pass and simply blend in with the general population like a normal person. There is acknowledgment of biological differences but also a desire not to stand out negatively and make others uncomfortable or reflect badly on other trans people. I really hope hostile, confrontational, irrational, female-phobic trans activism does not take hold here in Asia.

Strong GNC bisexual women can never get a break, can they?

Yeah, if we were to include them, when was there ever a case where the Trans woman was not exclusively fighting for trans rights?How do they relate or benefit the rights of the majority female population in any way? Women have fought for and aided trans women but never the other way around.

Weren’t homosexual men thrown into that 2-spirit group as well?

I finally got caught up with KF’s thread about McKinnon because surely, a person cannot be as antagonistic and unpleasant in every single Tweet, right? My blood pressure was not ready for that.

No. 384750

>many of the Japanese accounts promoting that march/spreading Western-style trans activism(including trying to popularize the usage of TERF) are actually run by foreigners living in Japan
This. Literally the only Japanese TRAs I've seen have always been foreigners living in there. Despite being conservative, Japan doesn't have the same sort of history with gay issues that the west had and gender roles have always been broken, so they have a very different mindset when it comes to transsexualism. The worst offender of the "troon living in Japan" trope is Rachel Thorn, someone who fetishized womanhood through obsessing over shoujo manga for decades and then decided to start living as a woman in his 50's. Check him out if you want to ruin your day.

No. 384753

File: 1552108275507.jpg (44.1 KB, 142x136, cnUebWuN_400x400.jpg)

>that face

No. 384757

File: 1552109347564.webm (3.37 MB, 720x1280, juiceesaft_1552109043760.webm)

No. 384763

The fact that TRAs have turned this into anything but a joke in poor taste is infuriating.

No. 384787

Isn't refreshing to see something non-stereotypical from old Hollywood? It is a sexy picture. But screw that says tumblr, a woman can't be sexually aggressive even if she plays an amazon woman! Let's talk about how she is "transmasc"

No. 384796

how did these people go from "fuck gender stereotypes, wear and do whatever you want!" to "she was masculine, therefore she was definitely trans!"

masculine women exist. bisexual and lesbian women exist, and still did back then. fuck this regressive nonsense.

they think they're being progressive but it's in the name of shitting all over women and stereotyping us (again). if we're not frail and dainty and submissive, we're straight up men, now? complete idiocy. i had a male nickname as a kid, had male friends and wore male clothes. some girls just be that way.

No. 384799

Someone needs to make a 'Greatest Hits' compilation of all the times TRA throw black women under the bus and show their true colours.

No. 384814

But anon! They were "conservative" back then, if she dressed masculine she HAD to be trans masc! Women who are cis always wore dresses! That's all they had! They didn't have the term back then!

No. 384833

McKinnon is batshit crazy. There's not a single tweet written by him that doesn't leak NPD and delusion from all sides. He's constantly celebrating himself, saying how smarter than everyone he is, and claiming to have "excellent arguments and debating skills" while cowering and not responding after Fairplayforwomen invited him for a polite debate. He's the absolute worst.

It's true, Asian troons are usually more reserved and interested in blending in rather than standing out and having a red carpet rolled out for them at all times - unlike our lovely AGPs. They acknowledge biology and respect boundaries, too. That's why this type of troon is the only one I'm okay with.

No. 384842

File: 1552145894914.jpg (87.11 KB, 1355x589, 1552109699413.jpg)

Honestly I'm just sick of trans shit being so normalized. It's terrifying. Several of my ex "boyfriends" are now troons and one of my ex girlfriends is non-binary trans. Two people in my own family.
I don't understand how transgenderism gained acceptance and legal protection so quickly because ten years ago nobody gave a shit really. Feels like the result of some crazy psyop.

No. 384851

Cause they're men and they can justify it all cause they have female supporters. Also, postmodernism.

No. 384854

File: 1552151124913.png (97.6 KB, 1440x584, Screenshot_2019-03-09-11-01-22…)

Men always the first.
Also one thing I noticed, they list "queer" women, which is a general term for LGBT. It's much more performative to give troons a special shout out, which is the only reason the tweet was made no doubt. They don't care about the actual other women, just the troons.

No. 384856

You must

No. 384861

The goalposts move so quickly too. Transsexual fell out of use and became wrongspeak overnight. Non-binary only cropped up a few years ago, no matter what stupid teenagers on Tumblr claim. MTF and FTM were the correct terms one day, then the next they were bad and wrong and if you used them you literally want troons dead. Transwomen and transmen was correct for a few months, then suddenly the space was added and once again if you didn't add it you hate troons. It's borderline impossible for people to keep up with, I even see actual troons struggling to get their terms right and use whichever is the most woke this week.

No. 384862

Supposedly queer refers to everyone under the LGBT umbrella, so if you say queer by that logic you're including troons. But trans get mentioned by name. Lesbians? Bisexual women? Whatever. Just shove them under the queer label so we don't have to actually mention them by name.

No. 384864

It's because people who identify as "kweer" are usually TRAs, whereas lesbians (because they're same sex attracted) and bisexuals (because it's transphobic to be bi for some reason) are usually "transphobes"

No. 384897


>it's transphobic to be bi for some reason

Bisexual not inclusive enough because it refers to only two sexes.

No. 384901

Which makes no sense if those fucks are trying to assert that trans people are really the sex/gender they think. You'd think they'd be more offended that bi doesn't include them. They also can't wrap their heads around the fact that shit like NB or genderqueer totally go against their entire rhetoric.

No. 384909

Anyone else get really annoyed when they see trans shit on completely unrelated stuff? I have a band I like, and there's several songs that troons just fucking flock to by the dozens because they talk about cross dressing.

No. 384911

as terrifying as the movement is, i hope plenty of dumb misogynists give themselves a neo-vagina before the trans enchantment wears off. these men should suffer for their shallow womb envy.

No. 384913

Because they know deep down it's just a costume and wanting to be the other sex is just for woke and victim points

No. 384915

yes, anon!
my favourite example when it comes to bands/music is this: it's literally called BUTCH, but of course these absolute fucking mongs are making it out to be about a ~twans guy~ instead of it being… Gosh, I don't know, about a butch lesbian? revolting!

No. 384916

the fact they see as being about a trans man shows that a lot of it is GNC chicks. Which sucks. All the cute butch girls think they're boys.

No. 384921

Things like this makes me so sad.
I already hate it when people said that women who are cool must be lesbians, because clearly no heterosexual women ever dares to take no shit from men, but to claim that they're not even female feels like a slap to your face.

"Cis" hetero girls and young women are really not allowed to have just one female role model who's not a big titted bimbo catering to men. I'm not even talking about strong characters, just somebody who's normal and not completely weak and demure.

I remember when I was a child I always dreamed of becoming a knight or a samurai - until I grew older and people started to say "women weren't allowed to be this". Well, what else did women do back then? Getting treated like dirt while being forced to marry young and give birth until they die at an early age. Great.

No. 384924


ugh, thank god someone's said it. I'm thankful for the work he's done as he's brought over a lot of shoujo/info about shoujo we wouldn't otherwise have gotten but I've been sitting here for years thinking, "okay, I can't be the only person weirded out by "adult man obsessed with softy teen girl media, decides he's a she," right?" Because even when he was just Matt and I appreciated his work, I won't pretend I ever trusted him. Men in shoujo/moe are always coming at it from a different and much grosser place than women.

No. 384925

>exclusively gay men
>having sex with a woman


No. 384939

kek what do you guys think about tranny musicians? that against me! dude ("laura jane grace", oml, that name, i cannot contain my keks at that name alone) is straight up clearly psychopathic and i really feel he's one bad review away from him murdering his parents

No. 384943

Is that the dysphoria blues troon or whatever? Or is that a different band?

I remember that one troon that had songs about murdering terfs. Terf genocide or something.

No. 384946

>"Cis" hetero girls and young women are really not allowed to have just one female role model who's not a big titted bimbo catering to men.
i'm sorry but, what the fuck are you talking about? do you live beneath a rock?
tons, and i mean tons of hetero female leads are out there. to give you a few MAJOR examples, hermione, katniss, clary etc.

not trying to be rude but you just sound really whiny here lol

No. 384949

i cant roll my eyes harder at you

No. 384950

NTAYRT but what do you mean? What about those characters aren't good role models for straight women?

No. 384952

I used to really like that band before he trooned out. Still saw them when they came into town 'cause no amount of HRT or training will change his voice kek

No. 384958

So sick of this false equivalency. Black women are FEMALE. Transwomen are biological men.

No. 384961

Also NTAYRT but Hermione is JKR's self insert, if you care about that at all. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it bugs some people.

And Clary is just a very badly repackaged Ginny Weasley by a shit writer so idk why anyone would add her to a list like that.

No. 384963

That's pretty fair. I didn't know who Clary was so I was thinking more of Hermione/Katniss.

I don't see how Hermione being a self insert should matter to kids who need good female role models. Obviously it's not something you pick up as a kid.

No. 384965

Yeah, I don't think it's a huge deal, it's just something I've heard some people complain about.

I THINK they're referring to Clary Fray from the Mortal Instruments series (the demographic/genre checks out) which is a very poorly written GinnyxRon(? or draco, but theres some weird incest shit in the books, so i think Ron checks out) HP fanfaction that managed to get published as it's own book.

No. 384968

I've heard of Mortal Instruments. The plot didn't sound all that bad, sucks that those are the characters.

No. 384971

Ah, that's true, they leaked her nudes during The Fappening and it must've been really hard for her. But as you said, being best buddies with a rapist is just… too much. She should know better, having had a first-hand experience with gross males violating her boundaries.

No. 384990

I hesitate to ask… But I'm too afraid to Google it… What's the fappening?

No. 384992

It's a website that hosts celebrity leaked nudes, but its also I think? a general term for the large amount of leaked celebrity nudes that happened a couple years ago.

No. 384993

No. 384994

A couple of years ago someone hacked the icloud of many female celebrities, leaking all their nudes and posting them on a website. JLaw was one of the victims and iirc spoke out about it

No. 384996

It happenedi n 2014 if I remember correctly, some dudes hacked into the iCloud (which is set to automatically back up your files, or at least was at the time) and found a bunch of celebrity nudes. So of course, they promptly leaked them on 4chinz. Only the female ones, naturally. Bex was one of the victims of it, some private pics of her and her with her girlfriend at the time got leaked.

If you ask a bunch of older 4chan users when the site really began to turn to shit, they'll usually point out the three punch cancer of The Fappening, Gamergate, and Trumps election, as bringing in a new type of cancer the site had never seen.

No. 385008

Oh ok I do actually remember this I just didn't know the name

No. 385018

No. 385026

Amazing news for women with conditions like her, but how on earth could a man possibly gestate a fetus all the way to birth with literally nothing but a donated uterus? Not assuming you know the answers anon lol, I'm just wondering. There's more than just having a uterus that goes into it.

No. 385052

Probably an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think these women should be able to have biological children, same with those that need surrogates. Both require other women’s bodies to be commodified and as the article stated, it’s not a life saving transplant - it’s purely for selfish reproductive purposes. If you’ve been dealt a shit hand in life then go and adopt one of the thousands of children in your country that are in need of loving homes

Just seems unethical all around

No. 385056

One series that has some strong women is Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire, but obviously these are very adult in themes/content and shouldn't be consumed by young children (teenagers are fine though and will watch it anyway).

I know some might disagree due to some of the things that happen in the book/show but I thought of Arya pretty quickly reading through the poor female representation that was listed off.

No. 385059

There’s always Veronica Mars, I found her to be a great role model as a young teen

No. 385066

An observation I made about TIF's
their was a thread on r/GenerCriticalguys a couple days made by a guy who had a TIF coworker who had a crush on him
going further though his post history revealed he was a depressed,bipolar,suicidal and violent man and by his own admission someone having a crush on his was him was odd concept
The reason this struck me was because I have experienced a similar story and I couldn't work it out yet.
A TIF (not medically transitioned, the whole gay boy vibe) I used to talk to has been dating a guy in DnD group, she's been obsessing with him and call him level-headed and mature, wouldn't cause drama. So I suppose that could be good then..
Until not too long after she's been calling him 'stoner loser' as well, but she's still obsessed with him. He seemed to have a better social life than the OP though, but his friend group contained a number of people with 'behavioural issues' from the TIF words.. again.
She has a lot of mental issues herself
Since I haven't seen her boyfriend in real life I couldn't judge only by what she told me, could actually be a decent guy. But it seems to be a trend with 'gay TIFs' going after questionable men head over heels.
and I figured it out

Anime specifically Yaoi
A lot of Yaoi love interests are damaged societal rejects who are either masculine

here are some examples
you see a trend with these ships

its usually a shorter bottom male who the TIF's self insert as and a masculine taller male who is "damaged" in some way

No. 385086

File: 1552212209184.jpeg (159.24 KB, 732x1154, 7ACD8CFD-7E40-432F-8B4E-66552E…)

Can somebody please explain what exactly is non binary about a MALE with a beard, traditionally male clothes and appearance???? That’s LITERALLY being binary. He’s not doing anything atypical to his sex. Buddy sounds like a predator who just wants to be ~non binary~ so he can get access to female spaces.

No. 385091

Maybe he’s wearing frilly panties.

No. 385143

Honestly I just want his dog.

No. 385150

File: 1552238146898.jpeg (365.14 KB, 750x745, 7B34B47B-3F15-4410-B5D9-E59ACC…)

every visit to /lgbt/ makes my blood boil. it's entertaining asf though

No. 385157

Obviously this isn't real but even the fact that this is their fantasy is blood-boiling.

No. 385175

File: 1552244853846.jpeg (29.66 KB, 255x251, 918628A5-BFD2-4979-82F6-F64F81…)


I have never felt the need to say this but what a degenerate.

No. 385191



>jazz revealed to amir that his neovagina is made from stomach lining, to which amir replied, 'that's cute'

No. 385220

File: 1552254345026.jpg (74.55 KB, 1079x672, FB_IMG_1552254265250.jpg)

…yes we are so concerned with you dating each other

No. 385221

File: 1552254392956.jpg (57.52 KB, 576x713, 15522527865.jpg)

I feel bad for laughing, but Jazz's reaction at Amir's disgust is hilarious. Poor kid really had no idea that normal people wouldn't usually react with delight hearing of stomach lining turned into a "vagina"… he's been surrounded by yes men (and women) his whole life encouraging his self harm, he reacts poorly when people don't clap their hands at whatever he says like trained monkeys

No. 385228

Trans "girls" don't even date each other. God I wish they did.

No. 385234

Never actually heard Jazz talk. He really sounds like a young boy, not like a teenage, nearly adult girl.

Also, poor Amir. He does not deserve to have to settle for a neovagina. You know that if he breaks up with Jazz, anything and everything he does is going to be ridiculed for months.

No. 385245

Does this retarded, racist rhetoric ever even work out positively for TRAs? Who told these men it was ever a good idea to keep black women's names in their mouths?
It just makes black women (and anybody else who isn't a vile racist) hit peak trans that much faster.

No. 385249

File: 1552262521876.jpg (21.87 KB, 297x325, image.jpg)

Why are they like this
How is it even possible to turn dishwashing into a fetish

Wonder how "hot" it would be for them to wash dishes in a thankless, abusive household for years, lol. They'd probably "stop being a woman" due to the sheer depression and weight of the emotional labor.

No. 385256

My thoughts have changed quite a bit this past fortnight, and I guess it started from being forced to scroll over this thread and its comments. Honestly it was only after reading the Manhate, now Pinkpill thread where I started to understand where "TERFs" where coming from. Also, It was mostly persusing the GC subreddit to see what was so bad about them. A lot of the things they said, especially in the #Peaktrans threads where I was agreeing with thoughts that I'd long kept hidden for fear of being attacked, ostracized or worse. It made me feel emboldened to see there were others out there who felt the same way. I've done a lot of reading since, this essay I just read may be the nail in the coffin.


I'm still far from as militant as you guys, who would see me as too "Lib Fem". I'll respect pronouns (unless it's zen zir shit.) And I don't believe bullying anyone transgender is cool. Despite that a lot of the things I questioned before and the things I believed now would still get me treated like a prariah anywhere outside of GC spaces.

No. 385258

I'm just waiting for the event that get #Blacktwitter up in arms.

No. 385276

I've only ever seen terfs who wish that tims would stick to sucking each others "girl dicks" and leave lesbians alone.

No. 385315

File: 1552270947025.jpg (35.4 KB, 573x297, g4isWA9.jpg)

because it's completely sane and healthy to take drugs to try and change your body so you can live out your misogynistic fetish

No. 385316

That second part - said no terf ever. Transbians do not date each other since they legitimately see troons other than themselves as downright men.

No. 385334

File: 1552275973502.jpg (78.81 KB, 500x404, tumblr_o1trpafy2Y1rw2zhko1_500…)

He believes he has an internal essence that is neither man nor woman, and/or neither male nor female(but good luck getting him to define those things). He calls this essence his gender. According to genderist ideology, he does not need to express his gender in order to have it.

Genderists say 'gender identity is different from gender expression'. Meaning he is still supposedly non-binary even if he is perfectly gender-conforming.

If you knew the first thing about gender ideology you'd know all of this. Please don't criticize tranny ideology until you know the first thing about it and can make a logical criticism. Posts like yours are an eyesore, I'm so tired of seeing arguments here that prove that many of the people here are just like people who misrepresent radical feminists, because they don't care to find the truth of the matter. Gender-critical people (I am one myself) have a point, but some choose to make invalid arguments instead of logical ones.

No. 385363

File: 1552283620933.jpg (45.57 KB, 660x379, Dj-2OZdVAAcxk6Z.jpg)

I look through before and after pictures of trans women and although there are definitely some ugly guys who transition,there are also some very good looking ones
Contrpoints is a good example

No. 385382

There are plenty of people within the GC community or labeled terfs who are just like you. Once you stop buying into this idea of the true terf you realize how bullshit it is. Women get labeled terfs for simply asking questions.

There are radfems I disagree with but I still consider myself GC or I guess gender abolitionist is a better word. It's not a hivemind

No. 385425

If anyone wanna peak trans head to user onegira on reddit who talks bout literally cumming on his sister

No. 385432

black women are female, but even the most estrogenized tranny is still a male. i can't believe letting men in women's sports is actually a topic of discussion. go put them in men's championships where they belong.

No. 385434

File: 1552310898831.png (728.69 KB, 1072x1306, ae.png)

>the kind of agenda straight men controlling lesbian websites love 2 push
This makes no sense. Why would straight men controlling lesbian websites want lesbians to affirm their non-attraction (or outright repulsion) toward dicks? If anything, they'd be trying to encourage lesbians to "at least try" sex with someone who has a penis as much as possible, or insist it'd be bigoted not to give him a chance.
It's almost like this user is projecting the agenda of their own side or something. Hmm.
>lesbians saying they don't want sex pushed on them
>a travesty

No. 385435

props to arielle for making that video honestly. when are troons going to realize how rapey they sound? it's disgusting

No. 385437

An observation I made about TIF's
their was a thread on r/GenerCriticalguys a couple days made by a guy who had a TIF coworker who had a crush on him
going further though his post history revealed he was a depressed,bipolar,suicidal and violent man and by his own admission someone having a crush on his was him was odd concept
The reason this struck me was because I have experienced a similar story and I couldn't work it out yet.
A TIF (not medically transitioned, the whole gay boy vibe) I used to talk to has been dating a guy in DnD group, she's been obsessing with him and call him level-headed and mature, wouldn't cause drama. So I suppose that could be good then..
Until not too long after she's been calling him 'stoner loser' as well, but she's still obsessed with him. He seemed to have a better social life than the OP though, but his friend group contained a number of people with 'behavioural issues' from the TIF words.. again.
She has a lot of mental issues herself
Since I haven't seen her boyfriend in real life I couldn't judge only by what she told me, could actually be a decent guy. But it seems to be a trend with 'gay TIFs' going after questionable men head over heels.
and I figured it out

Anime specifically Yaoi
A lot of Yaoi love interests are damaged societal rejects who are either masculine

here are some examples
you see a trend with these ships

its usually a shorter bottom male who the TIF's self insert as and a masculine taller male who is "damaged" in some way

No. 385442

Did you post this before?

No. 385451

File: 1552316711205.jpg (107 KB, 1200x788, 1552191028495.jpg)

Dr. Christopher Salgado, aka the surgeon who performed SRS on Jazz Jennings, was fired from the University of Miami.


>A University of Miami surgeon has lost his job after sharing graphic images of his transgender patients without their permission.

>Christopher Salgado, a genital reconstruction surgeon, was discovered posting the images on his since-deleted @sexsurgeon Instagram account, Trans Advocate reports.

>Salgado, who has worked with transgender people for many years and given talks and presentations to other medical professionals on transgender healthcare and gender confirmation surgery, was found to be mocking his patients through questionable images, captions and hashtags.

>In one post for Valentine’s Day, Salgado took the recently removed penis of a transgender woman, fashioned it into the shape of a heart, and wrote: “There are many ways to show your LOVE…”

>He then added various hashtags, including #whatisthat, #whatthefuck, and #whatthefuckisthat.

>That wasn’t all. Discussing the case of a person who had a large dildo surgically removed after it detached while they were having sex with a transgender man — including a CT scan of the dildo inside the person — Salgado said the “mishap… could have been avoided if the transman had a real phalloplasty.”

>He then added the hashtags #realdicksmatter, #megacock, #analfun, and #realdickpleaser, among others.

No. 385453

Forgot this part:
>In a post about the definitions of a micropenis, he used the hashtags #chinesedick, #asiancock, and #asiandick.

No. 385454

Slightly OT but why is this thread on autosage?

No. 385455

It's on autosage? I didn't even realize. What did the mods mean by this?

No. 385457

File: 1552317441377.jpg (69.21 KB, 829x1200, FB_IMG_1552317403413.jpg)

S i g h s

No. 385458


I thought I had deleted this

No. 385463

Jesus Christ its always either were
manhating lesbians and female separatists or TARD wives with children

No. 385465

File: 1552318062342.png (1.2 MB, 1916x1080, 4ggnvdsxy3l21.png)

found this being shared on on some Pro-Trans subreddits
any idea what this is referencing cause I can't figure it out ?

No. 385469

This is so… Weirdly specific.

No. 385471

>See troons have ties with neonazis
>How do we make this about those ebil terfs!!

No. 385478

What accounts are they specifically looking at lmao? 99% white sounds like a huge exaggeration to try to convince others further. I know PLENTY of non-white radfems/gender crits.

No. 385482

Yeah, Someone in an earlier thread posted stuff from a South Korean RadFem twitter and I've come across many black radfems on twitter and tumblr.

It's so funny how troon try to make us look like racist when they have fucking tweets like this >>384710

No. 385484


No. 385497

File: 1552322207492.jpeg (64.4 KB, 503x549, D1O5kTTX4AIXOZP.jpeg)

No. 385503

>no evidence or statistical data
Trust, plenty of "PoC" and/or LGBT women are "TERFs" (and many, many trannies love making racist comments, are Neo-Nazis, are misogynistic and intensely lesbophobic).
In fact, I honestly think it's only North American WASP (and some European) cultures that wouldn't be classed as "transphobic, transmisogynist TERF trash" by these people.

No. 385512


Admin has made her feelings towards the thread more than apparent.

>GC is for tranny sperging and the radfem thread is for radfems to fight about who's the most radfem of them all.

Who gives a fuck about women's rights on lolcow, amirite?

No. 385520

Is that Tom lehrer?

No. 385527

Yeah wtf?

No. 385528

Still, to put a thread on autosage unannounced simply because you and other members of the administration personally don't like it seems kind of shady/shitty.
Sounds like a mod's taking some liberties without telling anyone.

No. 385530

I kept wondering why I had to dig for the thread despite it being fairly active

No. 385533

In /meta/ admin said it was a farmhand who put the thread on autosage and she didn't know about it.

I bet the farmhand is a troon kek

No. 385536

File: 1552327108057.jpg (34.38 KB, 574x543, FB_IMG_1552326984874.jpg)

I truly believe people are hitting peak trans due to the trans athlete debate being mainstream

No. 385561

>well over 10,000 TERF accounts

Where are all these TERFs hiding? Apparently there's a whole fucking gaggle of them I'm missing out on.
They're lying, or they're lumping in a bunch of alt-right shits in with TERFs to make gender critical women look bad. I see plenty of black gender critical women on Twitter, not to mention the current rad fem/GC movement in South Korea.

No. 385568

Ouch, I had a feeling about it, since it was the only thread affected. I hope it's not the case. Putting TIMs to mod female spaces is always a bad bad decision, look at what happened to r/twoXchromosomes. Tranny mods are always bad news, the site quality always deteriorates quickly after they get some power.

No. 385572

Could have also been a transman?

No. 385574

I don't think they'd be interested in modding a female community.
A >girl would be infinitely more likely to do it, since they love to infiltrate woman-only spaces

No. 385577

some tifs want to have their cake and eat it too. gq/nbs especially.

No. 385578

Yeah that's what I was thinking

No. 385579

there are a lot of young, middle eastern radfems on tumblr as well.

No. 385582

File: 1552331355980.png (398.85 KB, 800x441, MAN.png)

Do you ever see a thumbnail and nope out immediately?

Why the fuck is he talking for 35 minutes on this subject anyway

No. 385585

kek the algorithm suggested this video to me too. The woman's necklace halfway up his neck, ready to burst is my favourite part. Or maybe the pink hat, because as we all know, only girls can wear pink.

No. 385592

Troons (and soyboys in general) have a weird, annoyong habbit of overanalyzing dumb shit.

No. 385608

This is the dumbest shit I've ever listened to. Why is this 30 minutes long

No. 385611

File: 1552335090768.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, CDAA89A2-CFC9-4C70-8980-5409A6…)

Notch, creator of Minecraft, Tweeted this not long ago. The comments on it are interesting.

No. 385612

its because men only associate necklaces with chokers because theyre like more sexy. everything is about taking normal shit and choosing the sexiest version

No. 385614

iirc he's kind of alt righty tho so its not surprising

No. 385616

He is?

No. 385622

Personally I don't think he's an altright guy in the sense like someone who actively posts on /pol/, he comes off as just a bitter shitposter who hates The Discourse.

No. 385624

it's the quite literal autism

No. 385625

aren't most people on the internet bitter shitposters?

No. 385628

It's a reference to this https://www.reddit.com/r/GenderCriticalGuys/comments/awh3hq/an_update_to_my_situation_with_my_trans_work/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

His TIF partner is apparently a fakeboi too regarding what he said. The OP sounds like he's in a bad rut, but it's so weird that yaoiboi going after him as well.

No. 385635

Do anyone feel like trans demographic is changing lately? Back when I was younger in my country. TIM are exclusively from 'femme gay men' cloth, who perhaps due to homophobia and societal pressure find it easier to live as women, mixed with their enjoyment in performative feminity. They seem to have a decent social skills and being quite outgoing, sometimes loud. I still don't find them overtly problematic.

Now I live in the UK and most of the TIM I met now are these guys who if I have a chance to look of their pictures as men, they used to be nerdy, acne ridden face guys with absolutely no fashion sense. I went to a trans issues debate event and many of them just seem.. off in their body language, staring at floor, not making eye contat or being somewhat twitchy. They feel pretty awkward in a way I couldn't describe and it sets something off in me.

Also a lot of them seem to try to hard into that 'cute' mannerism in the way that doesn't feel natural. Anyone else noticed this?

No. 385637

Are there any good radfem accounts on instagram to follow?

No. 385650

they're basically incels with dresses on kek

i've heard a lot of them try to giggle, it's haunting

No. 385651

You have to be 18+ to enter the site, wtf

No. 385663

Idk about specifically radfem accounts, but lesbianrepresentation is gc and only posts real (lesbian) women

No. 385668

95% of blacks are gender critical, we just don’t call it that or have organized conversations about it because it’s the general consensus that most troons are white, mentally ill, and have a huge victim complex.
You can’t convince us that we’re oppressing white men for wearing dresses and not fucking them

No. 385670

File: 1552343146942.png (1.2 MB, 800x1089, Screenshot_2019-03-11-15-24-27…)

No. 385683

File: 1552345378162.png (129.01 KB, 1048x644, familialerections.png)

No. 385687

He wants to bang his sister

No. 385688

>She didn't say much, but I'm glad she knows.
this says it all LMAO

No. 385696

Wtf, no woman (or any normal human being for that matter) gets turned on when hugging family members? It has nothing to with MuH bOdY's CoNfUsEd BeCaUsE iM iN tHe WrOnG bOdY or whatever mental gymnastics these perverts come with. This is seriously concearning and scary. Stay safe degenerate dude's sister.

This is beautiful anon

No. 385709

File: 1552350114685.jpeg (43.08 KB, 341x351, 79BC4C7A-0388-44A2-B41E-6337D6…)

“it’s basically the same material as a vagina”

No. 385711

anyone following the discussion about some radfems throwing a fit when others questioned why exactly should trans man be able to join a sorority?

i hate how tifs are constantly coddled and pandered to as if they didn't harm women with their behavior too.

No. 385716

>it's so weird that yaoiboi going after him as well.
see >>385437

No. 385736

I cannot find the words to truly describe the sheer amount of disgust I feel looking at this image.

No. 385742

There have been multiple studies concluding that those with autism are more likely to be roped into the whole tranny cult

No. 385781

I'm the poster of this observation on reddit, the post was compiled from mine and someone's else reply.
Not expecting to see it posted here as is, but nice to see someone liked it. It's supposed to be about this >>385465 guy and a similar case I've met for comparison.

It's quite pitiful mostly

No. 385793

This is 1:1 comparable to incel sperging, seriously.
No terf ever had a problem with transbians fucking each other anyway, in fact most of them encourage it to stop them from preying on lesbians. Just like women don't give a shit if bitter incels want to fuck robot pussy instead of harassing actual women. If you're gonna stitch together a strawman to punch at least make a believable one.

No. 385808

>Sister: falls asleep next to her brother because he's her brother and she's not worried about him being a rapist
>This fucking guy: she trusts me! I'm not a pervert, I'm just one of the gals!

No. 385816

As it turns out, you should change your gender if you're uncomfortable with your name.

My friend told me to call her "Kai" and they them because, as I quote "I've always been uncomfortable being called her not super feminine name"

No. 385826

File: 1552392944432.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 95.31 KB, 655x825, D1PYsjoXgAEUSRv.jpeg)


Be prepared to be utterly speechless.

No. 385827

Have anyone here wonder if we'll end up at the wrong side of history and being seen as just any other bigots and racists? Trans ideology is mainstream and I don't see hope of it being stopped anytime soon as much I hope it will.

Now just think what it'll be like in near future that gender ideology became full blown normalized thing as a thought experiment.

No. 385828

chances are the human race would be on the brink collapse by 2070
so it really wont matter it

No. 385829

File: 1552393838125.jpg (213.84 KB, 1905x1805, 53067058_2320593697960310_3769…)


Not when the children and teens now being medically transed begin suffering the consequences in 10 years.

Feminist Heretic is back!


I am amassing links of GC comics, stickers, fliers, and other agitprop for the OP.

No. 385835

I'm actually not that worried, as unlike other things this carries long term health problems and there's actual research to back up the damage. In fact I'm already seeing a lot more doubt compared to the last couple of years and 2019.

No. 385842

LMFAO even the surgeons think that it's a degenerate fetish, they're just pushing it upon mentally ill people to make money off their delusions.

To be honest, I don't really care. The whole ideology is based on make-believe, it's bound to crumble at some point.