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File: 1526933458658.png (889.25 KB, 533x707, gross.png)

No. 521479

-Crack Confidence Edition-

Also known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420
IG: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/
tumblrs: http://www.funeral1996.tumblr.com [new]
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [old]

>previously also known as howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420

>22 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>sqandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year
>visible arm infections
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>always "short on rent" or otherwise in need of donations
>overdosed on heroin, didn't encourage her to get clean
>Tuna and Lurch can't pay rent because all their money came from Roger's social security so the ebegging is ramped to 100

newest milk:
>Lurch and Luna move in with her ex-addict mother
>brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings
>tries selling nudes, shitty art, and ebegging to supplement the money they stole from Rodger
>Her "abusive" Dad continues to buy her shit from Amazon
>posted pictures of her and Lurch looting through a cemetery
>possible 2nd OD
>newfound crack confidence causes her to post too many pictures of her fried egg titties
>possibly will go to a methadone clinic

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
fourteen >>452611
fifteen >>468770
sixteen >>480001
seventeen >>497850

No. 521493

>21 year old heroin addict
god i keep forgetting she’s only 21. she seems so much older. she should be finding herself and having fun and working, and she’s just wasting away with a middle aged man in a mold farm.

No. 521497

She's 22 isn't she? Or nearly 22 anyway if she was born in 1996

No. 521498

yes she turned 22 in april

No. 521503

Lmfao, off topic but I just showed my husband the OP pic of tuna and he thought she was fucking 50 years old, also deadass asked me if she was a tranny.
Yikes tuna!(no one cares)

No. 521513

File: 1526943502065.png (354.4 KB, 800x820, Screenshot_2018-05-21-18-55-33…)

sure tuna. i'm still perplexed by her lip. was she born with it this way? i remember it was still kind of funky in her old pre-heroin pics. but since she's been on hard drugs it just looks 100x worse.

No. 521526

Tbh recently reread the old threads for shits and gigs and really hit me that she has aged terribly and quickly as farmers predicted. It’s honestly sad, she wasn’t bad looking in the face before but she looks like she’s like 30+ now like she skipped her prime completely and is wasting her best years doing this shit which is ruining her skin

No. 521528

And yeah I meant to add that that includes her lips. They were always a little weird but this has definitely made them worse.

No. 521534

Past her prime at the age of 22. Sad. Don't do drugs kids, unless you wanna look 40 by the time your 20. It's just gonna keep going downhill from here.

No. 521536

File: 1526947130804.png (68.49 KB, 522x204, 1465000169935.png)

Pic from the first thread, normal skin complexion, lips look alright, doesn't look anaemic, plump and youthful and she has life in her eyes!

No. 521538

Beginning to think this is the only pair of pants she can fit into now. She's been wearing them every single day.

No. 521543

She has a habit of wearing the same clothes for weeks until someone buys her something new. I don't even know if she's aware that she can wash her clothes

No. 521548

Ut doesn’t seem like she’s aware that she can wash anything lol her dad bought new bed stuff instead of her just washing them. I’ve never known someone to be on the verge of homelessness and yet require new bedding from amazon for a home they’re supposed to be out of in 2 weeks with nothing else lined up. This chick lives in oblivion. She has a few more years to try to break out of this or she’ll be doing this for the rest of her life for real.

No. 521549

Honestly this is also how her shit gets so disgusting so quick. She doesn’t take care of it. You’d think she would value the “few” nice/new things she has/gets but she’s so high all the time she can’t even see her own filth.

No. 521550

I don't see how she decorated that room at her moms house and got it all tuna'd up and nasty and she says she's gonna stay there three weeks tops.
Her moms in government housing and isn't allowed to have tuna living there, Wtf are they all planning on doing? How is her mother going to get them the fuck out.
Hasn't she been there like 2 weeks already.

No. 521554

Why does she keep posing her mouth that way. It's fucking weird and makes her mustache stand out. Fix your face, Tuna!

Tuna's too busy taking retarded selfies and Lurch is too dead to show any signs of life.

No. 521563

Well…if her mom has a one bedroom section 8 they tend to do inspection every 6 months like clockwork and re certification every year. If they arent seen much going in and out they might last a time but i doubt very highly they are that smart. If lurch gets caught dealing then it will make it so mom isnt just evicted but will NEVER get any help again. So well done tuna. You put your mom at risk every day for her home.

No. 521589

Not sure its govt housing. A listing for the building was going at around 1.300 a month in rent

No. 521593

The property was sold several years ago and has CAP rate listed so don't think that is possibly with government housing but iana realtor anon

No. 521605

I’ve been digging around the threads for a few hours lol and haven’t found any proof of this for real. Tbh I can’t find anything on where she lives. We have an address? That’s what seems to be implied here to me

No. 521616

How do you know what building she's living in….?

No. 521622

Just an FYI guys, heroin can be the cause of what you guys are calling “crack confidence”. Sometimes when you’re high you feel like you can do anything and you just feel good in general. You make a ton of plans for the future and how you’re gonna get better and do this and that differently or come up with plans on how to make money etc. I don’t think she does crack as much as you guys think…especially now without roger and being homeless. I’m sure her an lurch don’t have the extra cash to be buying a ton of crack.

No. 521645

its 100% xanax not heroin, she posted pics of bars before trying to sell nudes. xanax makes you hella more carefree than dope. plus a benzo habit is cheap as fuck

No. 521694

Half the anons here, myself included, are ex-hard drug addicts. We know the signs/symptoms. Bottom line, no one knows for sure. That said, crack is usually more affordable than heroin, especially if she has an opiate tolerance. Other behaviors and appearance also factor into our substance abuse speculations, but at this point I believe many here use the term 'crack confidence' more freely than literally gaining confidence from just crack. More like 'unwarranted, haggard drug addict delusions' in shorter terms.

Personally agree with >>521645 this time around, though. This is all some str8 up benzo shit, especially with the amount of bars she's showing off.

No. 521710

I work fairly close to her she's in my old town. Some of us are locals and I recognize the warehouse outside her window its very distinctive.
I won't post the address since its doxxing and its her moms place and she has shared her address in the past but this is a new address so just wait until she posts something with it

No. 521711

Someone posted her new town on the old thread. She is no longer living in mamaroneck

No. 521716


TBH her lips are so fucking weird, and the nude color she exclusively uses does her NO favors. She honestly looks like she puts foundation on them or something.

They're so oddly shaped and wrinkly, I wonder if she is covering up some cankerous mouth sores? And is that a wart on the bottom of them or a piercing?

She's always been kinda ugly. But at least she looks healthy….

No. 521717

It's cus she's so dehydrated like try not drinking all day and your mouth kinda looks like hers and I guess it's from all the heavy lip stuff she puts on

Does her dad have prime? lol she posts about clothes she wants and then the next day she's wearing them. god I know you can't just abandon your kid but I wish her dad wouldn't enable her awful materialist ways like if he wants to spend money on her get them to take her to a rehab or whatever

No. 521730

she does use concealer on her lips, she’s been pretty open about that being her ~look~ for years. also that’s a piercing under her bottom lip.

and yeah i agree she’s always been ugly IMO regardless of weight, but that’s genetics and not really something she can control. but she didn’t look like a walking corpse back then and definitely didn’t manipulate people to feed her drug habits. her ugly personality has made her uglier.

No. 521732

honestly i wonder if her dad even gives her the go-ahead to order most of this shit or if she just has his Prime account permanently logged in on her laptop.

No. 521769

File: 1527010960619.png (130.48 KB, 579x645, KTTOZWi.png)

No. 521773

What does this even mean?? Is this song lyrics or something?

With the proper documentation and money, talking to a landlord is usually exciting, Tuna.

No. 521775

Not lyrics, she's just complaining about her old landlord. Which is ironic, since she probably gave her landlord such a hard time while she was there. And even when after she was evicted, imagine the mold, blood and other filth that had to be cleaned from Luna's apartment

No. 521788

oh I know it sucks having to pay like rent? for living in someones property so they can pay their bills? so unfair

No. 521789

I think it's so funny that she's still on Tumblr, everyone else who was popular on there during her time has abandoned it for years and have real lives for the most part, having moved their foolishness to instagram lol

No. 521804

I think she just has an account on every available platform cus her life is p much online only

No. 521808

File: 1527018339989.png (154.08 KB, 744x573, GO59rBa.png)

I'm trying to find where she talked about her mom's government housing in the earlier threads, but found this. Some anons were wondering how everything she touches becomes so incredibly filthy. Well, this should answer your question…

No. 521817

LOL I'm doing the same thing, and I read this last night. I got a good chuckle from Major Panic Attack. watch out, luna's having an MPA, bitches!

No. 521822

well lucky for her she's got fistfuls of xanax to take for her MPA

No. 521823

She could've mitigated her Major Panic Attack by simply throwing away her ~sugary drink~ when she was done with it. It's really that simple. Fucking lazy ass.

No. 521828

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right. I really doubt Luna asks her dad for the things she gets.

No. 521829

I'm not sure, I feel like if she had free reign of his amazon account, she would lose control and buy something literally every day.

No. 521830

This. She wants so many things and thinks her dad has a disposable income. She wouldn't be able to control herself, to be honest.

No. 521831

File: 1527022356562.png (162.27 KB, 793x501, khXV08X.png)

I don't mean to keep bringing up old shit, but from one of the earlier threads she confessed to stealing her dad's belongings. So basically I wouldn't put it past her. But this anon >>521829 has a point.

No. 521839

True, but consider this: Luna's dad is aware of her having his amazon account. She must realize there is a limit to her ability to exploit him.

You guys have seen her make tons of collections of items she wants, right? Sometimes she goes weeks without buying anything. I am guessing that when that happens, it's because she splurged too much on her dad's account and he changed the password or something. After some amount of time, she gets her amazon privileges back– as long as she doesn't go crazy and buy too much.

I think Luna exploits her amazon privileges just enough to where she can still use her dad, and also get cheap shit she doesn't need. It fits her classic manipulative MO.

No. 521843

I'm the one who wrote >>521828 and I definitely considered this as well. I think either are plausible for sure.

No. 521847

I don't get why she even buys clothes off amazon like I didn't even think about amazon selling clothes I use it for buying idk poultry grit? lol She could go to a thrift store and buy a bunch of stuff in her style for hardly anything but she wants some ugly ass top for $20 idgi I think she just likes knowing she's getting something in the mail and then pretty much discards it and wears the same bloodied top over and over

No. 521848

Are you confused, anon? Because I am >>521839 and I also wrote >>521828 .

No. 521852

LOL I meant >>521829

No. 521860

File: 1527027286710.png (36.78 KB, 514x366, oY6fTba.png)

Finally I found the mention of government housing.

"On Section 8 since I was a baby"

No. 521864

File: 1527027811296.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180522_142813808.j…)

Older pic of her lips (still revolting) and a bonus pic for you anon

No. 521870

is this ginger bronson tho

No. 521873

File: 1527028487569.jpg (1.2 MB, 4235x1920, inCollage_20180522_153053779.j…)

Same anon as >>521864 but looking at that pic as compared to today makes me wonder if she's closer to death than I originally thought. Not that I think she's going to drop dead tomorrow, but damn her body is unhealthy as fuck. What a waste of youth. I would imagine the failure of her lips to heal themselves and her lack of hygiene (you just know she's not washing her lips or face, much less exfoliating the dead skin) have resulted in the mess on her face we are confronted with today. Imagine what her lips would taste like…brb literally dead at the thought

No. 521875

lol luna loves ginger and has been ripping off her poetry for as long as i can remember

No. 521885

I mean I think she's got a lot of reserves to burn through first but ya

I almost have PTSD from this type of "poetry" lol

No. 521898

Ok so I saw this and totally didn’t think this is what we were all referring to lol. Knowing Luna, this is some more exaggerated bullshit, tbh when it gets dry here I look at her old threads and remember how crazy she used to be when she was more active online. She used to come up with some super crazy stories, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was bullshit.

No. 521909

She would fare much better on ebay. Based on the stock photos she posts from her wish list, those are most likely the same kind of things that sell for $3-$10 for the same quality. I mean, Amazon is faster with the 2-day Prime shipping but if she likes getting stuff in the mail then maybe waiting 2-3 weeks to get something would be even more of a surprise since you rarely get tracking on those orders.

No. 521948

File: 1527043067604.png (132.87 KB, 720x1030, governmentbuilding_illegal.png)

So I messaged her and was bullshitting her for a little while. She lurks here so Im sure I'll be blocked now but whatever. She was pretty boring anyways. Im only posting the vaguely interesting stuff. Dump incoming.

No. 521949

File: 1527043105170.png (96.08 KB, 720x517, 2nd_od.png)

No. 521950

File: 1527043131247.png (166.65 KB, 718x818, Doesnt_wanna_be_fully_clean.pn…)

No. 521951

File: 1527043159931.png (164.07 KB, 720x1026, moms_on_couch.png)

No. 521953

File: 1527043213009.png (128.24 KB, 720x736, pretty_much_useless.png)

No. 521954

File: 1527043236940.png (45.23 KB, 720x225, landlord_checks.png)

No. 521955

your username is showing anon

No. 521956

God, I hope Luna ends up homeless. I truly do. She’s such a spoiled brat.

Thank you for the screenshots, anon! Keep em comin.

No. 521958

they already either changed their url or deleted their account kek

No. 521959

did she want you to buy her a bed? lol

No. 521960

File: 1527043554377.png (160.17 KB, 720x1030, context-1.png)

No. 521962

So her mom was homeless and JUST got a place and theres tuna saying she paid her rent for her an entire year?!? Sure tuna. And good job putting your mom at risk because only one part of those statements could be true since you dont pay for shit.

No. 521963

File: 1527044040731.png (137.7 KB, 720x669, bread_and_butter.png)

She said she was waiting for her foodstamps, would probably have them by Wednesday (iirc) but today she said she got a loaf of bread and butter but then immediately asked for food money.
And dunno Whats up with her random "I really AM bipolar uwu!" message.

No. 521964

I think tuna was referring to back in the day when she was paying her rent with the inheritance money.
But yeah, its fucked up of her to put her mom at risk of being homeless again.

No. 521969

File: 1527044461959.png (66.22 KB, 720x362, cant_stay_at_moms.png)

Her mom clearly doesn't want her there.

No. 521973

I wonder if her mom's landlord allows to have pets. I hope her mom can save the cats from being homeless while getting rid of Tuna… What a spoiled brat to think about herself when her mom just got out of being homeless.

No. 521974

Not only that, but she could have easily gone to her dad's place if she didn't want her mom to possibly lose her place. Lurch would be shit out of luck but he's 39 god damn years old. He needs to stand on his own two feet instead of laying around like a corpse all the time.

No. 521975

anon I know you prolly won't but please don't give her any cash she's so full of shit

I don't really know a lot about bipolar disorder but do you normally have manic episodes that last for a day and a half

No. 521978

Definitely wont be giving her any money or buying anything from her. She was trying to push her shitty art on me.

No. 521982

I originally messaged her asking how much she was selling her nudes for and then she bragged about being a fire-crotch.

No. 521988

Please say that you have a screenshot.

No. 521989

File: 1527045448561.png (49.69 KB, 703x317, tuna_panties.png)

No. 521994

File: 1527045524683.png (100.37 KB, 720x449, fire_crotch.png)

She also sent me a pic of her weird looking boob. Not sure if it was one she posted on Tumblr/Twitter too or not.

No. 521995

File: 1527045949447.png (70.14 KB, 720x389, cringe.png)

No. 521996

I thought she was a brunette? And she's already giving away freebies, scaring off potential buyers. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

This is why people ignored her ass on Facebook. She spams and begs the fuck out of them.

No. 522000

so embarrassing lmao

can't she just get a fucking job! it's crazy tuna you get paid like once a month, real money! for you to buy some amazon tops and ds games and heroin

No. 522002

Where do you get once a month from? She'd get paid either twice or four times a month depending on the job. She would have to get off of her lazy ass and not steal from her coworkers.

No. 522013

File: 1527048453309.png (95.39 KB, 1035x275, 0krlofa.png)

>i'm tired of being laughed at. it hurts. the threads about me hurt. idk
idk why, but this reminded me of a kf post. it's funny she doesn't have this same thing in mind when she's laughing at abby brown. why does she deserve to be laughed at and not luna?

anyway thanks for the caps anon and don't give her cash.

No. 522031

Based on the state of her phone case, I imagine her vibrator is wonderfully clean. Retch.

No. 522033

>it's illegal for me to be here
>my mom was homeless just a month ago

And you're risking her being homeless again because you and your middle aged drugrunner boyfriend can't save money? What a cunt.

No. 522069

They can actually last for weeks, but they don’t just come on without a build up. Tuna is a pathological liar and is looking for the most mentally ill title.

No. 522074

I really don't understand why she just doesn't go on camsites or clips4sale? It's basically this but on venues where people would actually want this material, instead of just messaging randos. IDK has anyone noticed how with Luna everything has to be done on a ghetto/disorganized level? It's like she has an innate fear of anything that would bring structure in her life.

No. 522075

i agree. it's like her end goal is to throw her hands up and say "i tried!" and then go back to doing nothing. she self sabotages with her negative levels of savvy

No. 522077

Inb4 nasty yeast infection from her grimy toys. But maybe she meant she was going to hump her nasty stuffies. Either way UGH.

No. 522103

>buying panties
nauseating. i'm having flashbacks of her filthy granny underwear and cottage cheese butt from the last thread.

No. 522104

well she basically confirmed she's reads her threads, so be sure she'll try camming. I'm pretty sure I recall a post about selling nudes, I think she got that idea from here too. Just be aware that she lurks.

No. 522106


wat? where are you getting that from?

No. 522109


It's a step up from e-begging, so. I'm sure there's a necro/frankenstein/junji ito fetish niche out there she and Lurch could tap into with a lot of success.

No. 522114

Wow, that's so sad. I understand setting manageable goals (even this will be difficult for her), but she really should consider going clean in the future. She's a pretty and talented girl (i know you guys will disagree) but she's ruining everything (and not just for herself) cause she wants to have the druggie artist cred. She's not stupid or uninteresting, maybe could become an empathetic person. I find it baffling how she doesn't see better options for herself and keeps ruining her life. Luna's life is the best cautionary tale to me. Drugs are never the answer

No. 522126

could someone explain the origin of luna's "cotton eye joe" knee?

No. 522132

so basically she was at a yankees game as a kid and then when the cotton eye joe played she got up to dance and fell down a bunch of the seats or something and thats where the ~troubles~ began

No. 522136

this is killing me!

No. 522138

idk I find it hard to feel bad for her, she's narcassitic and selfish and uses people oh and that whole moving her shit into rogers room the second her went into hospital and now he gets to be a name drop that's literally all about her. I think she'd actually like people to think of her like this, the poor talented girl who makes reckless decisions. She definitely is a good cautionary tale tho

No. 522139

Omg. Literally every addict knows you cant just “reduce your use” kek. It’s not (well, VERY rarely) possible. She’s been using for years, and she’s never tried to “reduce her use” to realize she cant? the only reason she wants to reduce bc she’s broke. if she wanted to quit and seek help she’d say that she’s trying to fully quit. she wants to be miserable. Heroin is fucking with her mental illnesses so much and she needs to get off that shit. That level of delusion tho…

No. 522160

Lurch piss + ants= fancy cocktail à la Tuna

No. 522162

i know we are days into this thread but I just wanted to tell this anon >>520308 that Im sad their edit didnt make it as OP image but a cheap knoff-off instead

>idk if I want to get fully clean

No. 522164

it’s not the drugs that make her narcissistic and a shitty person. plenty of drug addicts experience empathy and guilt even if they’re low-functioning and have to steal because they’re dealthy terrifing or getting sick one day. luna steals, scams, and is ok with it. that’s not drugs.

No. 522183

You're nice my dear anon. Editing Lurch into all sort of things is my passion.
(ugh…I miss sage option)

No. 522195

File: 1527098765780.png (379.06 KB, 561x447, C8iAKZE.png)

No. 522196

I really hope that's not her mother's teacup.

No. 522205


Look at her fucking roots lol, she is lying. She is obviously a brunette.

No. 522206

I think Tuna meant "I'm a natural deadhead with a fire crotch" and the fire crotch is due to the many many bugs, crabs, diseases, and cuz it burns when she pees.
She's an awful saleswoman, I've seen craigslist ads for shit fetishes that were more appealing than this.

No. 522222

There was a picture from when she was younger where she mentions she hates her natural hair colour and its clear that her natural hair is brown. What would she do if people agreed to seeing her "fire crotch"?

No. 522232

maybe its like how men get some red in their beard? lol ew
kinda wish in a morbid way that her pics weren't so much so we could see the true horror but idk it's probably pretty scarring

No. 522279

That and some of her nudes were posted in an old thread, she definitely doesn't have a 'fire crotch' lol

No. 522285

fwiw this is (possibly) her twitter account from 2009 - https://twitter.com/lunatheginger

No. 522295

File: 1527117024841.png (667.47 KB, 800x1018, Screenshot_2018-05-23-16-08-19…)

No. 522296

Reading that arrangement for her nasty plox…anyone else get the feeling that if someone DID pay 40 bucks for her shit they wouldn't receive them and be ass out of their money? Its tuna and sounds right up her alley.

No. 522303

oh ya, didn't she say 40 for a set of 50? you'd get like 2 pics

No. 522308


I think she intended to say $40 for 5 since she wanted $10 for one.

No. 522313

Landlords are often incredibly shitty people, but that's more often the case when it's an individual person renting out a place that doesn't do background/credit checks and/or references so as to attract desperate tenants who can't raise a fuss about the landlord breaking laws or building codes. Shitty landlords and shitty tenants have a symbiotic relationship.
How did Luna's dad manage get an apartment in Manhattan and apparently earn a good deal of expendable income if he's a former addict who spent time in section 8? Usually people like that are lucky to make it to middle class. This seems like an unanswered question about Luna's life.

No. 522314

Good point. Doesn't she also say he's a felon in that one poem of hers?

No. 522316

File: 1527120633967.jpg (42.12 KB, 500x500, c8bac1ff-6d3a-4cc9-89b3-5e6da9…)


i absolutely agree. but i think she's far gone. old ugly bf is never getting clean, so she's never getting clean. if you go through the old threads you can see she hasn't changed at all. bitch is gone. never gonna look good again or do something with her life. i'd buy her art/prints if i didn't know she was going to spend all the money on drugs honestly. i think she'll start hooking eventually as long as she can get drug money.


that's so fucking funny oh man

No. 522323

File: 1527121565720.png (33.6 KB, 720x258, premium_snap.png)

Yeah she said it was a typo. She also said that she already had one person buy her premium snap, which she said she'd update with pics daily.
These screenshots are from a few days ago btw. She stopped messaging me. Prolly lurks here and I was blocked but oh well, I was getting bored af talking to her anyways.

No. 522325

Nitpicking a little but I'm triggered as fuck over the fact she's using (probably her mums) mug as an ash tray. She was showing off her pink ash tray in a pic like a week ago so its not even like she doesn't own one?

No. 522327

>do you normally have manic episodes that last for a day and a half
i dont want to get to far into medfagging, so i make this short:
yes and no. There is bipolar disorder that is similar to major depression with severe depressive episode and severe manic episodes both usually lasting for long times (weeks to months). there are also lighter versions of that with a faster pace and less severe episodes.

I still call bullshit, because overly dramatic, drugs and bpd.
her being "manic" might have just been high on anything and organizing her room for a bit or something. I wouldnt think she actually has a feeling of how she would feel like as a normal person without any drugs constantly in her system.

No. 522328

can we see that weird boob?

No. 522329

File: 1527122523081.png (Spoiler Image,2.09 MB, 750x1334, 1496768958160.png)

>wonderfully clean
this was posted threads ago.
spoiler because gag

No. 522330

Oh god fucking gag how could you not even just run it under some hot water????

No. 522332

ewww …
it's especially beyond me, because the head part has a silicon cover that you can pull off and easily clean… or at least take some goddamn wet wipes good lord I feel like i can smell that through the screen

No. 522333

I was the one who asked and after I read up on it lol and like idk what type of bipolar she's claiming to have but its obvs wasn't some huge manic episode right? so if it was hypomania she wouldn't really of noticed it and probably would have felt pretty good anyway (thinks imma dr cus I used google) but ya it's like when she says she's dissociating but she's also taken a couple bars of xanax like ofc you're dissociating

No. 522335

File: 1527123964403.png (Spoiler Image,652.56 KB, 524x714, ugh_disturbing.png)

No. 522336

It looks like a cold, sad and lumpy fried egg . And isn't that a brand new shirt? How is it already that filthy? Looks like it has mildew spots on the sleeve ffs.

No. 522341

the saddest boob in the world ft. toilet

No. 522347

It could just be blood

No. 522348


Oh god she has more nipple than she has boob. My eyes!

No. 522356


I think you mean… areola.

It's not like luna can help her saggy boobs, they're partially from weight loss.

No. 522359

well it certainly doesnt help that she never wears a bra

No. 522360

anon they been like this forever and its mainly the insane amount of areola that people talk about

No. 522361

There's nothing remotely arousing about this picture. Her skin is so poor. Why would anyone want nudes of someone of such awful health?

No. 522364

Her nipple even looks saggy? Saggy nips, wow.

No. 522370

Where….. is the like… the actual nipple… why does it look like an open wound.

No. 522371

It looks white with a red scrape on it… Its fucking weird idk.

No. 522372

i wonder how long that person will continue paying for her nasty nudes?

if shes gonna do this "cam girl" thing, the least she can do not wear her disgusting blood stained sweater, jebus christ

No. 522378

If her upper body and clothes are this bad the rest….

No. 522403

Doesn’t not wearing a bra actually make your pecks or whatever stronger so your boobs are actually less saggy. I’ve heard since bras support your boobs and make those muscles work less they actually will cause you to sag.

I think her saggy boobs are a mixture of just natural and her unhealthy weight loss.

I’m also not buying the bipolar thing either. She claims to have never been manic before so that’s suspicious. And like someone said on one of her posts: people with bpd can actually have mania once in awhile.

No. 522406


Hypomania, or rebound anxiety from withdrawal?

No. 522407

I doubt it’s anxiety from withdrawal. I’d never compare that to mania. You’re pretty useless and have no real energy while withdrawing. But I’ve heard of people with borderline having some episodes of mania…or she could just be making the whole thing up haha who knows with her

No. 522421


Jfc, I am prolly gonna be banned for derailing, but the misinformation is triggering tf out of me

IRL everything but dissertation for my PhD in psychology here. Anyway, I don't see much bipolar disorder due to the fact I do a certain kind of counseling clients with BP usually are already medicated when they come to me. So I am not an expert and just know what I had to for exams. Luna does NOT have mania. Mania is far more extreme and characteristic of BP1. There's BP2 with hypomania/depressive symptoms. While BP can have rapid cycling, there's no effing way Luna can go from a hypomanic episode to fine in a little over an hour or a day and a half. The DSM-5 says the hypomania episode has to last at least a week. Rapid cycling is 4 or more (hypo)mania episodes in a year.

When assessing mania, the first question out of any professional's mouth will be asking about substance use. Luna has shown pictures of bars of Xanax and has talked about other drugs before. So…yeah. Probably drugs.(armchair)

No. 522424

Not a psych guy, but why are we trying to diagnose her? I thought that personality disorders etc couldn't reliably be diagnosed in drug addicts?

Shes desperate so she's acting out, I don't think she has bipolar. She's homeless, with no marketable skills, there are very few things she COULD do for money. Tumblrs "sex worker appreciation" shit means a lot of shallow chicks just think "ill sell panties/do lewds for money!!! I wear panties and take lewds anyway?"

She was diagnosed with bipolar as a kid but she says it was the wrong diagnosis, and BPD seems to fit better from my limited knowledge. Then again being a gross homeless junkie would also explain it.

No. 522425

Those studies are nonsense, anon. While gravity is going to eventually cause almost any kind of boob to sag, bras or support of any kind will help delay the process at the very least.

Luna was already doomed though, bad genetics, poor care, and excessive weight gain/loss.

>i'm tired of being laughed at. it hurts. the threads about me hurt.
You know, I could maybe sort of, kind of feel bad if it weren't for her participating in the whole Abby Brown hate group thing. She wants to cry about people making fun of her, but was literally doing the same exact thing.

No. 522440

And then be on her live being like “say hi to me! I was so excited when you accepted my request!” Lol. She’s a hypocrite and can’t handle to hear that she’s not shit, but we here already know that.

No. 522457

She just told an anon she was bipolar because she had a manic episode that lasted like a day. I think its normal to speculate about her mental illnesses cus she uses them to define everything about her and it irriates people but ya her drug use is getting in the way of knowing what she's really like

No. 522523

She looks like a gremlin there…

Let's just be honest, as shitty as Luna is on the inside, she's never been a looker physically.

No. 522542


Luna is that you?(hi cow)

No. 522549

Im not luna but i think she has/had an interesting and pretty face. Her tits are sad but her shape couldve been nice if she worked out/functioned like a normal human (job, no dope or hovel lifestyle.) Point is regardless she looks like shit and her cam stint is comical and gross. Man i miss sage

No. 522562

God. This is just so sad. I hate seeing her doing this with nudes and stuff. I wish she had a close friend who could encourage her to get clean, both physically from the fucking grime, and from drugs, and to help her get a low effort job. I don't think uwu luna such victim would be totally clean and successful w/o lurch~~ bc we all know if he left she'd find another lurch. But it's a real pity she's such a fucking drug oriented, standardless grimy person. I cringe and feel bad for her when I see people commenting about her boobs or see anon messaging her pretending to be interested, but she got herself here. I don't know. the situation is so awful that i feel bad then i think of her behaviour with roger, the fact she makes no effort, and the fact she repeatedly chooses this path for herself. Her art is interesting, her style could be if she fucking laundered it, I just feel like tyra banks screaming "WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU"

ALso i agree with anon upthread who said her dad seems like the most unanswered part of her life. When she blabs about section 8 does she mean her real dad who apparently died? I am not from the US so is section 8 a waiting list for government housing?

No. 522570

Meh her art isnt all that great. Maybe you mourn for the fact she had a clear interest in it and her current lifestyle hampers any potential for both technical and artistic growth? Beyond that its animal crossing faces and woe is me baby angel possessed by the "devil" selfies. Id tyra banks root for her if she wasnt a blatant piece of shit, in her instance i dont think its the drugs. Its her eagerness to be consumed by them and a lack of repercussions she feels shes owed for being "tragic" and on them.

No. 522573

ayrt and i know it's retarded but I guess I'd like to see her clean, critically looking at her art and see how she could improve it. ofc we know she can't get clean or think critically

No. 522575

Yep, this really. Her art has always been gross to look at, especially when you consider that some of the girls in them(if not all) is Tuna. She even included her nasty ass vibrator in a few before, don't nobody want to see that shit. Tuna probably did have a few friends who tried to help her and blocked them because of it. She always acts like a cunt to people who want to help her get clean and is only nice to them when she's begging for money.

Drugs didn't make her treat Roger or her dad like utter shit, Tuna did that herself. She's always been an entitled piece of shit and she's not going to change.

She got evicted and did that change her? Nope, because there will always be someone to fall on. She even said that she constantly begs because it works and that she isn't going to stop until it stops working. Did she get a job? Nope, she's doing everything that she can to keep from getting one, including selling nudes of a body that she claims to hate. Tuna has been this way for years now. The little money they do seem to have, they spend on drugs instead of saving for a place to live. If she truly cared about her mom not becoming homeless again, she wouldn't have put her in that position in the first place or saved up. Until she becomes completely homeless without her expensive things and goes truly hungry, she's not going to get a wake up call.

No. 522577

Doesn't her dad encourage her to get clean? And we all see how she treats him for doing that.
It looks like her mom is trying to get her clean too. Either way, she's never going to be able to do it with Junji Ito face around.
Yeah, her art isn't interesting at all. I think she has raw talent actually, some of the drawings posted here from when she was a teen were good for her age, but she just makes the same self-indulgent "woe is me" Animal Crossing fanart over and over again. The longer she is on drugs, the worse her art gets. She's interesting enough to have 18 threads on this site, but still can't draw inspiration from her experiences.

No. 522579

I’m really worried she’s going to make her mom homeless again. I can see the public housing inspections being more random than either of them think.

That would be a new low for her, and you know she’d blame the cruel landlord or captialism and not herself for putting her mom in danger.

No. 522598

If anything, I could see someone anonymously reporting her mom. We're not the only people watching Luna, and she's not exactly subtle with where she's staying. It would be very easy for some determined cowtipper on another website to get her mom's address.

No. 522608

The worst part is that if that were to happen, she wouldn't blame herself. She'd blame us lmao

No. 522631

For real, she’s already been there 16 days. Already passed the 2 week mark and hasn’t done shit. 5 days away from 3 weeks. She needs to get a fucking job.

No. 522632

I was gonna say I went through the old threads and found a couple of screenshots where she was talking about how roger was drunk and being mean and a few about how lurch was being a dick to her about various things. It’s funny but also sad to watch her keep this narrative that she chooses to believe instead of remembering what the reality of her situation is. I’m starting to feel pretty convinced that she has arrested development from this situation and how long she’s been living in squalor with no real authority figure to step in and stop her. I know with opiates especially the addict has to be the one to want to stop but I can’t help but feel like if she had someone who put their foot down more often she might at least feel bad about it sometimes. There was a screenshot she posted about her and Matthew detoxing for 4 days and how she didn’t want to sit around high anymore. Now a year or two later she doesn’t even want to be completely clean. Surely she knows that with opiates that isn’t an option, right? Also I’d be curious to know her current dosage as she was only filling the syringes to the 3 line for like the entire first 2 years of documented use, meanwhile lurch has the entire syringe full (as he should for an addict who has a “15 year tolerance” according to Luna).

No. 522636

Also I wonder if she realizes that she has further solidified her addiction with her actual attempt at nudes this time. She’s talked about it many times, but I haven’t seen her DO it yet. It’s concerning because a step that a lot of heroin addicts take is to start turning tricks to support their habit when they have no income or support. So I hope she sees this step she’s taking and really understands that she is honestly so past the point of return with this drug that she’d rather take nudes to get a bundle than quit and get a job. She couldn’t even make it through her last one without being dopesick, having lurch come shoot her up, and stealing from peoples purses. Also if I were her, I’d probably disclose to an employer that some less than desirable things might come up upon a google search. She keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper.

No. 522639

She had the authoritative figures at rehab try and step in but she didn't want to stop and left. Also because she didn't like the food. For someone who's always "hungry" she sure is fucking picky.

No. 522662

I think her dbt therapy thing was a big chance for her to get help, like she coulda made friends, she was getting fed after saying shes starving and help with her bpd but instead she just copied out the book and complained about pizza and like they must have told her that drugs will just worsen her behaviour. She really should have tried back then, not like it would have been easy but the help was right there

No. 522691

I meant like family members or something. If someone could send her ass to another state to live with someone where she knew no one, her broke ass would have no choice but to deal with it until she got money to come back on her own. Then again, she isn’t a child so no one could MAKE her but you get what I mean. She has no one in her life but her dad to support her financially it seems and not only has he cut her off in a sense, but she would never pick her “abusive dad” and he lives too close to the issue at hand for her to do anything long term. If she moved to Manhattan, she could still get dope from the Bronx without a problem and see lurch. If she got sent to Arizona or anywhere not from the east coast to the Midwest, she wouldn’t know anyone lol. Unless she pandered via Instagram.

No. 522693

She wasn’t in it for the right reasons. I’ve never known someone to go to therapy to make friends and eat free food.

No. 522695

I can not believe this image every time I come to this board. I can’t imagine being so high all the time that I thought that I looked good like this. I hate to bring up her lips again but they really are something else. Also her eyes are just fucked up as is her skin, which looks like leather. I feel bad for her at this point. She’s really blowing it.

No. 522698

I dont think anyone from here or any other site will ever need to tip shit in this case. I have lived in sec8 housing and for the majority of the people there they are just poor. Nothing more. They certainly do NOT want some scabby panhandling obnoxious loud dirty tweaker junkie around them making life harder by stealing everything that isnt nailed down or bumming smokes and what not from them every time they go to get their mail. Nobody on any site will need to. As i said upthread most sec8 apts and rent controlled ones are inspected every 6 months. I think because the government mandates it for safety and such i dunno. What i DO know is that tuna isnt as clever as she thinks if she thinks "oh i can hide being here" bitch please you cant even lie effectively online and overshare regularly. And you think a landlord will somehow not figure you out when hes probably dealt with it 20 times this week. Gtfo.

No. 522702

> Surely she knows that with opiates that isn’t an option, right?

She’s honestly hella stupid if she legit doesn’t realize this. I get being a few months into your addiction but 5 years and you still think you can moderate? Lol

No. 522706

Unfortunately I do not see homeless being a major deterrent/wake up call for her. I live in NYC and there are tons of homeless junkies just like Luna who are happy with their quality of life and don't want to change. They can make as much as $100-150 a day begging in major tourist areas like Times Square in the summertime, esp if they are young girls like Luna. She can charge her phone at any starbucks, she can use free public wifi to post selfies. She can haul her crusty ass makeup and random trinkets in a backpack. She can do pretty much the same things she does now except she will be outside. She can even still get amazon shit if she can access her dad's account because there are so many amazon drop box locations in NYC now she doesn't even need a home address.

No. 522710

Honestly I felt bad reading this one. I sometimes wonder if what we say about her could push her to commit suicide or something. That being said, do you guys think lurch would really care if Luna died?

No. 522712

No. 522714

But think about how much effort that all takes compared to her current routine of doing absolutely nothing

No. 522719


Yes but only a little effort. Like walking around a 4 block radius in Midtown.

No. 522720

>do you guys think lurch would really care if Luna died?
No. We all know he got catfished on FB and was looking for other girls while with Luna. Maybe he'd miss some of the items she magically "finds" on the side of the street for him, or the few extra dollars she gets from harassing her IG followers. But otherwise, no. Since she reads here, hopefully she'll realize how toxic he is one day and end the lovebombing.

No. 522726

She shouldn't read here then.

No. 522732

>what we say about her could push her to commit suicide or something
Does she wonder that about Amy Brown?
She's not worth your concern anon, trust me.

Anon have said everything, better than I could with my crooked english.

No. 522741

File: 1527227892264.png (3.18 MB, 2455x1957, Screenshot (68).png)

I'm actually really surprised she hasn't started panhandling yet. I'm sure she could find someway to convince herself it's cool.

No. 522754

She'd fit right into squeegee culture if she lived in Quebec. Basically a bunch of idiots who think being homeless, and begging for money while washing (aka Squeegee-ing) car windows is cool, had a few of those in my class. But at least they didn't aspire to be heroin addicts.

No. 522804

That’s exactly what I was thinking. There is a culture for junkies in NYC for sure. I do think being homeless would unlock a new level for her though, she got too comfortable living at Rogers for free and while a home is something everyone should have, does nothing to obtain one. Shit, she could get assistance if she really wanted it.

No. 522805

I don’t think she reads them like that. She probably just can’t escape the repercussions of her online bullshitting and knows that we have all the receipts here. I’m sure people tell her about these often enough when they run across the boards.

No. 522825


I don't think she would ever willingly live on the streets or even in a squat. She can't bloody handle being too hot or too cold and needs fifty filthy af blankets and shit, not to mention she wouldn't be able to "decorate" her surroundings. She wants to live the junkie lifestyle, yes, but she still wants comfort and money. Tuna fails to understand that those things don't go hand-in-hand at all.

No. 522836

She blocked this anon >>522323 soon after they posted their convo, so maybe she does read here like that

No. 522841

I don't think she'd last a week as a homeless person in New York. She may idealize the junkie lifestyle but only when she can post about it on social media, and I doubt she'd be able to keep her iphone 8 for very long before it got stolen.

No. 522844

She definitely reads every single one of these posts religiously.

No. 522856

Really? How do you know that, anon? I always thought we could only speculate about it, considering she’s never (?) actually posted about lolcow.

No. 522865

i highly doubt she's on crack right now. OP pic she's extremely high on dope, you can tell by the eyes. I'm positive what little money they scrounge up all goes to heroin to keep them not sick. and on the odd days where they have extra money, they just buy more heroin. heroin makes you super confident and lowers inhibitions. crack highs only last a few minutes and the last thing you wanna do is ruin it by pulling out your camera. idk

No. 522885

Or kiwifarms. She has a thread on there too.

No. 522907

Agreed it's heroin and whatever xanax she can scrounge up

No. 522908

>she doesn’t even want to be completely clean. Surely she knows that with opiates that isn’t an option, right?
it's a common junkie narrative

"I can only take less or only do it on days I feel shit. i dont have to get completely clean. I have control over it. i can stop taking that stuff anytime when I want to anyway. I just dont want to."

No. 522911


hasnt she admitted at one point how back then she didnt thought crack was coming up in a drug test, which is why she only did crack during that time?
but of course it came up in a drug test and then they either kicked her or told her she could only continue with detoxing first or something?

No. 522912

i think it's even worse because she doesnt even believe her mother when her mother is basically telling her that the landlord checks in and will kick her mother if tuna stays there.

No. 522913

first off, she is not yet homeless. not really.

second, what about winter time?

No. 522917

I think she just doesn’t give a shit tbh. Even if her mom gets evicted because of her, she’ll find a way to victimize herself.
But I can’t picture tuna becoming homeless. With all this shits going on, I’m 100% sure that lurch is searching for a place to stay if they can’t stay here. He knows that mama tuna and evil dad don’t want him around so he definitely needs a back up plan

No. 522939

In a dark part of my heart I hope lurch hooks up with ma tuna and she catches em doin the dirty lol

No. 522991

I assumed she would block me, but she hasn't. She just ignored me until today (payday) and messaged me whining about wanting a $20 box fan because her room is too hot.

No. 523077

why not just screenshot the convo, instead of saying it happened? Proof is nice.

No. 523080

File: 1527294769246.png (129.25 KB, 703x632, 20_dolla_box_fan.png)

Jfc. Because its not that interesting? But here ya go.

No. 523088


I mean She and lurch would have to join the junkie migration to Florida that happens every October. and yes she has a bunch of (filthy) crap she wouldn't want to part with, she couldn't bring her cats , she can't dye her roots on the street etc. but literally every heroin street kid was once in that position and it didn't stop them from becoming homeless so idk why it would stop Luna. This situation with her mom is very real and she is going to get kicked out sooner or later.

No. 523089

File: 1527295355879.png (353.18 KB, 568x482, Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 5.42…)

No. 523103

Oh my god this bitch just won't stop. Usually people are desperate for nudes not the other way around, Tuna.

No. 523114

lol right
I couldn't even work out what this was for a minute

No. 523219

"I love your big areola"
- Matthew Schumacher, PhD

No. 523230

No. 523282

God she really doesn't even bother with the slightest effort, even though this is probably the only way she's going to earn money legally for the foreseeable future.
Most people who sell pics/clips will at least figure out which tags attract dirty old men and drop advertisements in for more exposure. It takes ~30 seconds to tag a Tumblr post.

No. 523310

File: 1527322884332.png (601.22 KB, 536x824, k67wvdn.png)

No. 523311

File: 1527322899149.png (739.19 KB, 540x720, HpFHTCS.png)

No. 523313

File: 1527322944380.png (503.42 KB, 540x712, XSD9ash.png)

No. 523314

File: 1527323111798.png (430.1 KB, 513x593, BLh5YOJ.png)

No. 523316

File: 1527323126413.png (544.01 KB, 851x598, VzaWTfK.png)

No. 523318

File: 1527323144289.png (567.46 KB, 936x458, FGgAg4o.png)

No. 523319

File: 1527323199893.png (844.78 KB, 890x593, DiLi3dH.png)

No. 523320

Why would she give free nudes when she's trying to get people to pay for them? Does she not realize people will just ignore her and get free nudes instead of paying $10

No. 523321

File: 1527323240039.png (792.79 KB, 556x587, swamp creature.png)

No. 523323

File: 1527323263494.png (556.24 KB, 553x591, SIqriz9.png)

No. 523357

eeeeewwww that poor beauty blender wtf did she dip it in shit?
and what is that fupa thing in the lower left corner of the image???

what causes those jesus-tier stigmata on her knees?

No. 523359

That’s not even a nude tho

Shooting up most likely? Former addicts pls confirm

No. 523375

no one shoots up in their knees. at least not in the front

No. 523402

File: 1527339323831.jpeg (Spoiler Image,69.52 KB, 750x899, 7C95263D-4EDE-4DB9-B2B0-D5BFE4…)

No. 523405


No. 523408

Looks like carpet burn. Given her recent hickeys, I'd assume that Lurch's limp dick is currently working and it's a side effect of their gross sex life. Probably banging doggy style on Luna's mum's carpet.

No. 523409

Samefagging but nvm, sorry for the mental image.

Theyre cigarette self harm burns she mentioned last week. >>521364

No. 523412

I didn't realise Lurch had a Nirvana tattoo, as well as the NIN one. That's so fucking embarrassing.

No. 523414

They look pretty old, he probably got them in the 90s when those bands were way bigger

No. 523419

Imagine being a sober 18 year old girl and thinking this guy was attractive enough to ruin your life over

No. 523422

she wasn’t “sober” at that point. she abused pills for a while before taking the plunge into heroin and crack. she would post xanex on her tongue pics a while before they got together.

No. 523423

File: 1527345080796.png (108.54 KB, 150x310, wtfluna.PNG)

As nasty as all this is, I'm more concerned with what this is. It looks like a face roller that's been dunked in shit.

No. 523427

looks like a rotten blanket to me

No. 523432

decomposing plushie?

No. 523435

I was gonna say something like this. Not only does she have no idea how to market herself, but it’s lile she thinks her limited audience has somehow missed these “opportunities” to get her nudes. Lol. And as someone else said, I don’t think there’s really a niche for filthy track mark nudes in a filthy house except maybe super creeps and the deep web LOL

No. 523458

>the filthy hello kitty plush hanging off her otherwise clean looking purse

No. 523462

This is such a disgusting picture like the poor cute teacup, lumpy thighs, ash or filth on her legs and those weird fucking holes on her knees? jfc girl

No. 523464

She probably gave herself rug burn to pretend she was on her knees giving Ole Cheese Dick a blowjob or something.

No. 523485

He looks… slightly less revolting here? Like don’t get me wrong, he’s still unattractive but it really goes to show how rough they both got since they started using together, oof. I forgot they both used to look.. alive.

No. 523486

It's like an Easter Island statue and Smeagol had a baby.

No. 523487

Are you kidding, anon. He looks like a reptilian wearing someone's skin to blend in.

No. 523519

Now she started selling nudes, I wonder how far she'll go for money.

No. 523628

Yeah, it's a decomposing rabbit plushie. >>523519
Dunno, she's pretty lazy… I personally can't see her working the street. She's far too stuck up to think she would ever need to touch someone else.

No. 523632

she'd go running back to her "abusive" dad before even thinking about hooking. she's only selling her nudes online because she thinks it's easy money and sees dollymattel doing it

No. 523669

File: 1527374581990.png (143.72 KB, 720x849, just_send_the_cash.png)

No reply after I said my cat died, but when I sent the $10 message a while later she answered immediately. Ofc.

No. 523671

File: 1527374621130.png (127.94 KB, 720x825, insurance_issues.png)

No. 523673


Did you send her money? No judgement just asking.

No. 523685

She’s so obsessed with money and doesn’t even try to hide it. It’s disgusting

No. 523690

Dammit. Its just a throwaway account but still.

No, im just bullshitting with her.

No. 523692

File: 1527376553133.png (132.02 KB, 720x876, needs_shampoo_lol.png)


No. 523702

I've never, ever seen places lock up toilet paper. It's shitty 1-ply that we buy at like fifty cents a roll. She's such a terrible liar.

No. 523707

I have seen plenty of places with paper lock up, specially public restrooms and restaurant's bathrooms.

No. 523710

“My cat died. Would ten dollars help?” “Yes very much. Sorry your cat died. Lmk when you send the ten” BITCH r u serious. Like damn. She’s so shameful

No. 523718

Man. She’s all talk to get you to cough up some money, but as soon as you said you’d paypal, her behavior changes to
>okay. insurance issues.

I bet she’d ghost you if you ever sent some money.

No. 523719

lol anon keep sayin you're gonna send money

No. 523724

File: 1527380803798.jpg (562.25 KB, 1120x529, easter island.jpg)

No. 523726

Yea lots of places lock up tp but anyone worth their salt can open those up easy enough with a good thumbnail. But thats why luna cant since GOOD is the operative word here.

No. 523744

Eh Luna shoplifts all the time. She's probably stolen more items than bought. Odds are she could get that locked up toilet paper if she really wanted and she probably already has. But if she actually said that she wouldn't get as much sympathy or money.

No. 523745

Life imitates art.
Not judging you, but why is she still asking for handouts when she should be looking for a job? I can't wait for her mom to give her to boot.

No. 523750

He's so so so ugly I can never get over this

No. 523757

"I'm having issues with insurance rn" is such a fucking bullshit excuse lmao. She's clearly not planning on going to a methadone clinic, it's interesting that she can get Xanax and seroquel, but her insurance doesn't cover rehabilitation. I swear she said the same thing about her out patient program (at the time) only to say months later it was because they drug tested her and wanted her to get clean.

No. 523762


did she really straight up admit that or was it just speculation?

No. 523764

>need soap, shampoo, conditioner.

yeah I bet she's struggling without those.

if anyone wants to truly help her, they should be paying for store gift cards. hell, send her an Amazon GC and see how she'll end up with more velvet tracksuits and still without soap and catfood.

No. 523766

i’ve known a few addicts in my life and they’ve all at least attempted to get a job. i know luna is virtually unemployable but she isn’t even trying. she’s had nothing beyond a couple of summer jobs - she has no idea what adulthood is really like.
lurch is even more pathetic. he’s what, 39? and won’t even look for a job. does he even have any type of employment history or has he literally just been dealing drugs his entire adult life?

No. 523768

She’d just sell a store gift card for cash anyways. The only things worth sending to Luna are necessities, straight up, you can’t even send her something with a money like value or she will find a way

No. 523772

File: 1527389475994.png (137.81 KB, 720x852, rly_rly_need.png)

Lol. These are from lastnight.

No. 523773

File: 1527389496999.png (129.92 KB, 720x858, enjoy_I_guess.png)

No. 523774

There is nothing worth sending to her. Period. We all know she doesnt need shit- she WANTS shit. But doesn't need it. And we all know this. As a side note op pic has ruined eggs for me.

No. 523778

lmao you should reply "sometimes you just gotta treat yourself :)"

i can't believe she'd be that passive aggressive when you were giving her FREE MONEY.

No. 523780

i’ve never hated this bitch more than after reading this

No. 523782

lol thanks for this anon. a part of me was dying for you to ask her why she doesn't work.

No. 523788

File: 1527391980300.png (4.73 KB, 573x110, JtFhR8A.png)

>sorry about your cat but give me money so i can buy more useless shit
>well enjoy i guess
She is such a raging asshole, holy shit. Just earlier this week she was trying to claim that she doesn't want to hurt anyone else uwu. In reality she couldn't care less about anyone but herself.

No. 523789

I'm the one you're replying to and an actual image is almost just as terrifying and hilarious as the mental image, thanks anon.

"Sorry I really don't care about your cat, can I get that money now? No? Oh, okay I needed it more than you, but okay."

I was going to ask this too haha. Did you ever ask her, anon?

No. 523844

Love how she made cat death about herself and her fears and then went straight back to asking for money. Yikes.
Sorry about your cat, anon.

No. 523880

>sorry about your cat but give me money so i can buy more useless shit*

*i.e. heroin

No. 523910

Hey anon, if it’s not made up or anything I’m terrible sorry about your cat.

>oh okay

Literally the most passive aggressive phase ever. Love hearing narcissistic pricks say this when they figure out they can’t use you.

No. 523914

Strange and not surprising that she's still acting like she deserves people's money more than them after the backlash that she got from her Facebook victims.

No. 523926

She has told me that she reads here

No. 523938

I asked her twice when shes getting her next paycheck, like I was assuming she had a job. She never answered.

No. 523963

File: 1527421788295.jpeg (44.51 KB, 275x235, 1525573306069.jpeg)

No. 523969

She is so unbelievably greedy. At one point I actually felt bad for her and wanted to send her some cheap bulk hotel toiletries since I knew better than to send cash but she's really shown how rotten she is.

If you're still talking to her see how long she has left at her mom's place. She should be getting up on the end of "staying a few weeks" by now.

No. 523978

The tumblr anon should ask her “Why won’t you sell your big iPhone for a smaller one and use the rest of the money on stuff,” or “sell the MacBook!”

No. 523988

You could say like when I really needed money I had to sell my MacBook and my tablet

No. 524002

. post screenshots then.

No. 524006

File: 1527437075361.jpg (634.86 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180527-085216_Pok…)

Kek why is his ugly face everywhere? This Pokemon highkey resembled Lurch so I renamed it.
Kinda miss sage option tbh

No. 524007

hey don't insult nosepass like that

No. 524029

Anon this absolutely killed me, thanx for this.

I agree with >>523927 we need to make this a constant in her life so she'll think twice before selfishly begging from random people [or her friends for that matter].(Do not harass anyone)

No. 524030

Considering how dirty she is, do you guys think she even brushes her teeth?

No. 524037

The old threads show that she doesn't.

No. 524041

File: 1527450287839.png (135.22 KB, 702x1026, lmao_blocked.png)

She finally blocked me haha. I love that it was because she was expecting me to just give her free stuff.

No. 524043

LMFAOOO oh my GOD what a spoiled bitch

No. 524061

I hope she ends up completely homeless soon. She's far too much of an entitled cunt and needs to be humbled by life fast.

No. 524065

>Well enjoy I guess
OMFG anon, you got her good! Telling her you were just gonna buy drugs instead was fucking beautiful. You know she was just sat there jealous and dopesick.

This bitch is getting salty over someone spending THEIR OWN MONEY on themselves instead of her lmao

No. 524066

Jesus C… This just speaks volumes to what a horrible person she is, clearly living in an alternate reality where she's a pretty pretty princess who thinks the world owes her shit.

Bless you for this, anon.

No. 524091

Bahaha, aw well. It was interesting while it lasted. What a truly self-absorbed bitch. Hell will freeze over before she ever tries to make any sort of legitimate attempt to better her situation and try to become even a little self-sufficient. At first, I used to be sad for Luna, but girl has done nothing but prove that she's nothing but an grimey little asshole.

No. 524116

is it possible she blocked you because she saw caps here, though?

No. 524117

Speaking of grimy little assholes i wonder how her everything must go firesale of nudes is going lol

No. 524140

File: 1527463293720.png (100.28 KB, 1009x429, QWvqyOf.png)

Someone on KF calculated the cost of her plushie shopping spree. She can afford $73 worth of toys but she's mad at anon for spending $10 on herself.

No. 524141

This is what I think too. Surely she would've tried to haggle the games for free at least once.

No. 524144

Honestly I'm a cheap bitch and it made more sense to buy a flashcart and download roms onto it. If she's this poor why not do the same? Like damn she doesn't give a shit about legality so wtf this bitch thinking? It's easy as shit too, 12 year olds can do it

No. 524149


oh my god, we're having a fire!


No. 524189

Tuna is DeBrie… just not as charming, pretty, funny or smart.

No. 524195

She had pics of an (unused) hello kitty kawaii kids toothbrush which im sure is saturated in foundation grime

No. 524241

debrie actually puts in some effort to better her life situation from what i can remember, unlike tuna slayer

No. 524276

any bets on how long before she starts prostituting herself?

No. 524279

Never. Unless Lurch is somehow able to convince her to sell herself on the streets

No. 524293


Never underestimate the drawing power of her putting lurch on a corner to hoe. Kek.

No. 524306

I agree. It seemed like a really abrupt blocking considering she didn’t even block them when they told her they weren’t going to send her money and get drugs instead lol. I would have atleast expected her to take the opportunity to tell a pity story about how poor she is and how terrible her life is so she could try to gain sympathy points again and hopefully get something out of it.

No. 524314

I feel like I'm probably misremembering this, but I think she made a post quite awhile back insinuating that she may have done some sort of sexual favor for a "friend"? Something along the lines of her boasting about making 50-something dollars one night or whatever? Idk, maybe someone else knows what I'm thinking of.

No. 524493

I was thinking maybe she blocked bc she thought someone was trolling her. Went from offering her money to saying they were gonna pick up with that same money to offering her something for a small price… she probably realized someone was fucking with her.

No. 524518

She's too lazy to prostitute. The best she'll do is cam for 10 minutes and beg for tips while repulsing viewers away with all the grime.

No. 524537

Could you imagine her on cam she'd prolly flop a tit out and then talk about how no ones tipping and how roger, who was like a dad to her, is still dead

No. 524556

Lmao. Yeah. I can't imagine her being sexy at all. It'd be an awkward trainwreck.

No. 524743

Let me put it this way. Shay is a better camgirl when it comes to enthusiasm than Luna would be. Which is ironic because it looks like Luna is getting all her ideas from Shay.

No. 524813

I seriously wouldn't be surprised if she saw Shays porn and thought 'if this diseased foot can get money so can my egg tits!'.

No. 524983

File: 1527606118130.jpeg (155.79 KB, 640x1315, 81CDD83A-55C0-4AC1-9755-E62181…)

Whitney Wisconsin (the dog fucker) posted this screenshot of her “helping a fan” and look who popped up. She’s trying to learn from more scammers.

No. 525038

>hi doll I don't usually do this but can you please donate some spare cash?
>my father in law who was like a real dad to me died and I got evicted and I'm living with my abusive mom that stole money from me
>but that's not important
>what's really important is eating. I've lost so much weight this month and not on purpose. I'm so hungry
>please babe my paypal is

No. 525044

File: 1527619364065.jpg (13.84 KB, 288x197, oh.JPG)

I wouldn't be surprised if tuna will be fucking dogs for money now

No. 525051

Maybe Mathew is a furry

No. 525059

I didn't think she could get worse but yeah, a heroin junkie dog fucker sounds pretty awful.

No. 525072

What is it with people on here bringing up sex with dogs lmao please no

No. 525080

Tbh just read Whitney Wisconsin’s thread and feel like I need to take a shower. Fucking gross. Luna WOULD!!! For as much of a special snowflake as she is, I can’t believe she’s out here messaging someone who fucks dogs.

No. 525081

File: 1527623879327.jpg (52.43 KB, 540x720, VaHLJOy.jpg)

he doesn't look human. and they're still at her mom's

No. 525108

nosferatu lookin ass needs spoilers on his photos honestly

No. 525111

File: 1527627494583.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1200x1598, 83DCB816-8AB9-46C1-A1A3-DD6E20…)

I can’t believe a thousand year old vampire manages to have more expressions than Lurch.

No. 525134

He looks like hes dying. Of AIDS. Like he could have been an extra on Dallas Buyers Club.

Also. Lmao how far hes got his pants pulled up. Sexy… You've got a hot one, tuna.

No. 525145

well at least the cat looks cute

No. 525293

File: 1527645212958.jpg (49.18 KB, 540x720, 1527623879327.jpg)

Better that way.

No. 525300

This is the best. I propose we always cover Lurch's face with a kitty cat.

No. 525406

Cows collide (cows collide).

Also, Luna's either a much sicker fuck than she lets off if she's a fan of Whitney, or she's kissing up to well-known sleazebags because her friends won't buy her shit anymore.

No. 525415

Luna could ~ironically~ be a fan of the dog fucker, like she was ironically trying to get an Abbey Brown shoutout a few threads ago. Because Luna is just so much better than those two, obviously

No. 525452

kek love it

No. 525510

File: 1527686586620.jpeg (132.54 KB, 750x1334, 04419A2A-B9B5-453F-AD49-45E9FD…)

She posted a selfie in a junkie group and then posted that she also sells nudes oh my god she’s embarrassing

No. 525514

what’s the group?

No. 525520

hahah the person who said she was hot is gonna get a rude awakening if they try and buy some of her ugh…nudes

No. 525524

File: 1527690183536.jpeg (142.87 KB, 750x960, D4304759-AAE9-42C6-B29A-44680E…)

This is the group + a screenie I took a week or two ago but forgot to post ahah

No. 525535

What selfie did she post

No. 525536

>badass anxiety
yeah we know lurch just buys it tuna

No. 525541

File: 1527692287349.jpeg (550.88 KB, 750x1095, 605534CA-5CBC-4302-B970-62FFA1…)

It was just that dumb one in the “be nice to drug users”

No. 525543

She got a whole ass booger on that septum ring

No. 525545

In what way does she look like an anime/Japanese doll in that picture?

No. 525548

It’s a group for junkies kek they were probably drugged out and mistook her for someone half decent looking

No. 525549

Confirmed the xanax she's been posting pictures of is her mother's, then. Weird, my house guests usually clean up or buy me flowers, not eat my prescription medication like its sweets and post pictures of my stash online.

No. 525550

hey be nice to drug users!

No. 525639

File: 1527706014971.jpeg (27.8 KB, 750x177, 1CCDFA8F-1ABB-4341-BFA2-29B53B…)

Luna’s response to
“What's the craziest thing you've ever done on Ambien?”

No. 525657

I highly doubt that she did. She claims to have OD'd on everything.

No. 525659

If she'd actually overdosed on ambien she would have gone on about it (and ended up in hospital since there's no quick save)
Pretty sure she's just trying to be the edgiest person in the group

No. 525666

Maybe she ODd on dope And was also on Ambien

No. 525667

Is she talking about overdosing on heroin while under the influence of ambien maybe? (Idk anything about hard drugs tho, weedfag here, so is that a possibility?)

No. 525684

You can overdose on ambien, but you have to take a copious amount. It's much easier to OD on ambien and heroin, since one suppresses your respiratory system, and the other makes you want to sleep. Combine that with a benzo like Xanax- which is also a respiratory suppressant- it's no wonder she'd OD.

No. 525689

She's only OD'ed twice and publicized each time. I doubt she OD'ed on ambien alone like she's implying.

No. 525745

File: 1527720888722.png (171.9 KB, 563x558, cowscollide.PNG)

I'll never get over how people doubt that Luna browses here because she couldn't handle the comments but she's in FB groups making snotty comments about Abby Brown and following Shay on Tumblr.

No. 525747

File: 1527721051112.png (328.29 KB, 547x486, 2.PNG)

No. 525748

File: 1527721089764.png (476.74 KB, 537x582, 1.PNG)

I'll never get over how she puts her fake nails on crooked. Wonder which store she stole these from.

No. 525752

With as many drugs as she takes I'm surprised there even on her fingernails at all.

No. 525799

Isn't she in a Tattoo Shaming FB Group? With that ugly thing on her middle finger? Okay, Luna.

No. 525811

File: 1527731484723.png (48.5 KB, 543x301, ZcD4PiX.png)

No. 525816

And the scratched HELL on her ankle she got when Lurch was arrested.

No. 525833

File: 1527733833336.png (Spoiler Image,7.71 MB, 1242x2208, 8D923015-4A25-4A2A-AA13-D8D4DD…)

No. 525852

Her choice in makeup always makes her look like a corpse.

No. 525865

Can you imagine an actual pussy pic? We have no idea what's going on down there after being hardly touched or cleaned for 4 years.

No. 525869

is lurch sitting on the sofa? on tuna's mom's bedding, where she sleeps?

they both look half dead. brutal

No. 525873

Yea i was wondering about how bad her vag is. Which is hilarious because she doesnt get that thats what would interest her "followers" they dont give a shit about her tits and face.and 10 a picture for a topless pic? Get real you can go to a stripclub with ten and see more.

No. 525874


10 fucking dollars for one measly pic / 40 for not even a proper set?? Tons of much hotter camgirls sell sets for a fraction of that. Good luck, Tuna.

No. 525932

Is the septum ring rejecting?? It looks so low.

No. 525997

I think it's just too big of a ring

No. 526021

File: 1527779320079.png (820.47 KB, 720x971, Capture _2018-05-31-10-06-19.p…)

She's back at it again complaining about how uncomfortable her moms bed is. Bitch should be grateful af she's not homeless after getting kicked out of Rogers place.

Which, btw im pretty sure its been 3 weeks, or close to it. She needs to gtfo of her moms house.

No. 526032

oh god how does her new cat plushie already look so filthy?

No. 526034

That Hello Kitty in the middle needs to set on fire and put out of its misery. The Rilakkuma pillow goes next.

No. 526042

Also peep that phone plugged in. How do they have such nice phones? Like surely that isn’t their burner phone. Also leave it to Luna to bitch about having a bed to sleep in. Could be on the streets.

No. 526045

Her tooth is the same color as her lipstick. Also look at the fucking lipring. This bitch really just cannot see how dirty and grimy she is.

No. 526046

File: 1527782844002.png (7.87 MB, 1242x2208, 0D169FED-1016-45F1-A0FA-0D17D2…)

Haha sorry forgot to post the pic. This is the close up of the spoilered one we just posted.

No. 526050

lol if her mum hadn't taken them in she might actually be sleeping on the ground in the woods, I'll never understand how she's so ungrateful

No. 526054

File: 1527783937492.png (99.82 KB, 236x334, ZTMIZiQ.png)

>kicks her mom out of her own bed
>calls her "useless"
>complains about said bed being uncomfortable while her mom risks homelessness
I swear to god, she's the most selfish cow on the site. And she's always bragging about how good of a person she is and how she never tries to hurt others. Truly rotten to the core.

This is what the Hello Kitty sailor plush should look like fyi

No. 526056

File: 1527784318974.jpeg (132.11 KB, 626x773, FA95CE97-0833-4025-A870-B86F9A…)

There are some moments when I think Luna has potential, this photo is one of them. If she’s going to be selling nudes over her phone she should really download facetune.

No. 526059

you can't facetune those titties

No. 526067

Luna is infuriating sometimes. I hope her mom can kick her out, but I can't imagine it will be easy with Luna there to cry and guilt into staying.

No. 526076

Just the normal colored lipstick is a huge improvement, jeez anon! This makes me even sadder about her though, if only she had some girlfriends to give her pointers on her makeup and give her a reason to go out of the house maybe she wouldn’t look so damn crusty all the time.

No. 526088

>actually complaining about having a bed to sleep in

I can't believe Luna has never learned a lesson in gratefulness during all the years of her life. What a brat.

No. 526089


If she had any girlfriends theyd firebomb her trashpile. But it will never happen because between the smell and her going through their purses "contributing" things to herself nobody would bother for mors than a minute.

No. 526109

File: 1527791242040.jpeg (397.12 KB, 2048x2048, EAE42555-2961-4300-AF27-D4D8E9…)

drugs. not even once.

No. 526111

5 o clock shadow

No. 526114

File: 1527792018025.png (Spoiler Image,3.56 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_05-31-07.38.45.png)

I tried to do a similar thing but it's god awful bc I'm sick and busy and on mobile but I wish she would stop with the pastel colours and go full grunge kinderwhore, even though I don't like the style. Download FaceTune, put effort into your photos, background and poses, wear more neutral warm or dark red lips and a softer bigger Smokey eye wing. And tone your hair properly please tuna

No. 526117

You're right, it is awful. She looks like a sexy chipmunk.

I do like the colors that you chose, though. Those would suit her way better.

No. 526118

I don't understand, did they wipe their asses with her face? Why does Luna get so worked up about having things and then never taking care of them?

No. 526121

I think a decent amount of it's from makeup. She just cakes it on and on and on and probably never wipes it off, then uses those poor plushies as pillows. She doesn't even need to be wearing any since she never goes outside.

No. 526124


Haha it is just so difficult to fix her terrible mouth posing!! Its like she learned it from lurch.

No. 526129

It's okay anon, you tried to fix a hot mess. Unfortunately it would be as hard as trying to fix Lurch's face. I mean… just look at it >>525081
That's some scary shit right there. Imagine walking home at night and seeing that face blocking your path.

No. 526138

The facial proportions are off, but I really like the colors! The hair color is actually very similar to the one she had when she just started dating Matthew, and aside from the black hair and the auburn hair she also did that year, I think it’s one of her best hair colors.

No. 526152

It's probably from cigarette ash and smoke I think and yeah idk why she can't just wash them

No. 526160

this makes me wonder why tuna doesn't edit her pictures if she so desperate to sell nudes. is she just delusional about her appearance?

No. 526168


Shes delusional about everything thats why there's 18 threads here. And if lurch was blocking the sidewalk at 3am as mentioned upthread I'd put him down as a zombie.

No. 526170

I think it's cus she wants this look, like the 90s Courtney Love look, so she thinks she looks good

No. 526172

He does act like a zombie 99% of the time.

She goes on and on about how ugly she is but will always boast about how good she looks. Why edit your photos when you're that delusional?

No. 526173

It’s barely even a Courtney Love look, she used to do the grunge look really well imo, now her styles just a weird uncohesive amalgamation of instathot and kawaii bby.

No. 526204

Because that would require ~so much effort~, I guess. Just can't wrap my head around wanting cute things all the time when they end up covered in grime and lose all their value. Tuna never seems to think about the long term or maintenance, as if she'll die tomorrow, so doing boring shit like washing her clothes and plushies is inconsequential. She only has the short term goal of scrounging up cash and getting her next hit of whatever she can get her hands on. I don't feel bad for her, but it's a shitty life.

No. 526207

yeah I guess that's true, she just wears a bunch of Amazon clothes now. I remember a pic of her, standing under a street light or something and she has a lot of layers on and a bag with an eyeball on I think idk but I remember thinking she looked pretty cool. She could have really been some cool art school kid if she wanted.

No. 526219

File: 1527803552428.png (322.55 KB, 582x378, qJnsRSX.png)


I wonder if her mom's ever commented on these crust ass plushies of Luna's. Surely it must bother her to have them in her home, it's a relatively clean place

No. 526223


me at the beginning of 2018 (bottom) vs. me now (top)

No. 526225


imo one of if not /the/ most depressing thing abt luna's life is that she actually used to have heaps of friends and an active social life, but she sacrificed all of them for lurch + heroin

No. 526247

>actually complaining about having a bed to sleep in after taking her Mom's only bed and leaving her sleeping on the couch.

Agreed she's a serious fucking brat. Her Mom should kick her to the curb and never look back, even when she gives Luna everything she has, it's not good enough.

No. 526263

File: 1527807831033.png (663.93 KB, 926x554, 1466043826197.png)

I dont "get" the grunge look most of the time, but I dont think Luna ever pulled off the grunge look.

When she was 17, before Lurch, she had that whole "New York Hipster" look going on, which was influenced by her hippy friends who took her to Woodstock. That eyeball stuff and bohemian layers? That was a style her friends in highschool had. Wouldn't surprise me if she was so well-dressed as a teenager because they weren't her clothes, and she was borrowing them from one of her friends. Even when she got her inheritance, and started spending thousands of dollars a week with Lurch, she never bought "nice" clothes.

Once she started dating Lurch, she just stopped showering and cleaning her clothes, and started buying cheap counterfeit junk. She owns at least 2 fake Playboy shirts that are old enough to have holes in, most of her clothes are just cheap tat.

She's just unwashed, and the longer she goes without regularly washing, the grosser she gets. Her style hasn't changed, she's always worn a missmatch of "thot clothing" and "Kawaii". Pic related, it's from the first thread and somehow manages to encompass both

No. 526264

right? like i was jealous

No. 526271

Buying counterfeit stuff. I think you meant to put "stealing" in there.

No. 526272

>buying cheap counterfeit junk.
I don't think she buys anything unless she has access to her dad's credit card. She used to always talk about finding (stealing) clothes on the side of the road. One time I remember she straight up admitted to taking a tracksuit from a dumpster. That's partially why all of her clothes are so dirty and holed.

No. 526273

And where is a velveteen tracksuit ever cool kid clothing? Thats like soccer grandma level shit there. She looks like shes about to get on the senior bus to go on an outing

No. 526291

it's "ironic" fashion, that's why velvet shit has been so popular over the last couple of years. Luna just goes for what's the current it thing… minus a year

No. 526305

Yea but she looks like shes also wearing depends. And of course granny panties in "smoke inhalation" white. Ironic stops when? Lol

No. 526311

I don't think luna herself is being ironic tho

No. 526338

One of the anons you replied to and while I get your point about that picture specially, that’s stilk relatively new considering Luna has had an notable online presence since she was in high school. I was specifically thinking of highschool Luna’s grunge/punk aesthetic, this is still post-lurch.

No. 526458

you've missed all her IG posts where she looks like a zombie that crawled out of a dumpster with captions like 'feeling cute today'?

No. 526636

File: 1527882748055.jpeg (294.58 KB, 748x1288, EC167D16-4FF9-4DB1-9D1E-E77A29…)

Luna seems to have a constantly unstable image of herself. It’s never the same. One day, she will crawl out of her hovel looking like garbage and say she looked cute. She will post dozens of pictures of herself cracked out and slathered in makeup, and then a few days later (like this) will say that she hasn’t even been able to look into the mirror. But somehow, today, she looks cute.

I realize we all have our good days and our bad days, and we feel like on some days we look better than others. But stable people have a constant image of how they look, even if it’s bad. Luna just seems to go all over the place.

No. 526638

i think people forget that luna has BPD and that’s a very common staple of it

No. 526641

Was she officially diagnosed? I didn’t want to armchair and make that conclusion because people seem to be obsessed with BPD around here.

No. 526645

I don't think she's ever mentioned having an official diagnosis and really no decent doctor would diagnose a drug addict with a personality disorder until they're clean

No. 526646


she doesn't need to have BPD, she has drugs. that's a guaranteed flop of self esteem/worth when you're frequently abusing literally any kind of drug

not to mention her shit diet, lack of exercise, no motivations, no goals, no nothing

she has never been sober for a long enough period of time to be officially diagnosed. not to mention she's quite young and bpd often cannot accurately be diagnosed in youth (not to say it has never been, but of all the cows/flakes she is one I seriously doubt to be 'bpd' - again, personally, everyone else can think whatever the fuck they want since we're all just speculating anyway).

drugs would undoubtedly make the symptoms of bpd worse in a person who has it, but her claimed 'bpd mood swings' fit hand in hand with her drug abuse. her anger/downs happen when she's coming off drugs/hurting for more, her ups happen when she has them, etc etc

there are enough of us ex-drug addicts here that have countless times attested to that

really does not help that she's obsessed with that era of tumblr-aesthetic where everyone claims they have bpd

I don't know how anyone here can take her claims of having it with more than a pinch of salt after reading even just one of her threads (no offense to you guys if you sincerely believe she has bpd, I just can't see it)

No. 526652

Cute? It looks like she swapped her hair for a tumbleweed.

There was no official diagnosis of that.

No. 526653

Now I'm pretty sure she mentioned when she was younger than 18 they diagnosed her with bipolar, which screams of lie cus she wasn't an adult yet and then later it was changed to BPD, I remember she wrote it in a tumblr post but like this is all coming from her. She thinks she's dissociating when really shes out of her mind on benzos and told that tumblr anon she had bipolar cus she had a manic episode that lasted like a day so shes prolly just a drug addict who has an unstable self image like who doesn't. She does fit some BPD symptoms but like with drugs affecting her how can you really tell

No. 526655

Yeah, her symptoms seem to fit long term drugs use more than anything else. Guess people are just BPD-crazy here

No. 526682

Off topic, i apologize but it boggles my mind that anyone would claim bpd. Aside from tumblr cool points it has a nightmarish reputation/stigma.

No. 526688

I'm guessing that's why people like luna try to claim it, so they can try to excuse their awful behaviour
Which just adds the stigma that BPD has

No. 526794

File: 1527908141507.png (765.38 KB, 943x477, qr7DnjZ.png)

No. 526795

File: 1527908158744.png (578.78 KB, 865x596, yix2lLY.png)

No. 526796

File: 1527908180004.png (728.32 KB, 819x591, B7780NK.png)

No. 526797

File: 1527908197371.png (673.78 KB, 483x597, HhqX9J2.png)

No. 526801

Lol did she get Facetune bc this looks significantly better than the other recent pics. Her eyes, the smoothness of the color on her face, and her lips at least def look better than usual

No. 526806

I'm not seeing what you're seeing, anon. She looks like she always does, just with slightly better makeup (no purple lipstick).

No. 526813

>picture of herself to remember someone else

never change, luna.

No. 526821

True, It could be that that alone makes her look so much more normal? bc that anon who Facetuned that last one improved so much just by changing the lip color. Lol

No. 526825

Kissing Lurch too many times is making her face as flat as his.

Also: "Natural firecrotch!" Nice brown underarm hair, Tuna.

Channeling her inner beady eyed fish I see.

No. 526906

i mean, she's been diagnosed with SOMETHING because she has/had a legitimate seroquel prescription. that's usually a bipolar/bpd drug (altho yes i know its also used off label for anxiety and sleep, medfag anons pls no bully)

No. 526923

I have spoken to her before and I THINK the seroquel is also Lurch's prescription

No. 526926

File: 1527941891472.png (225.9 KB, 790x714, YC38dfS.png)

she says she was diagnosed with bipolar at 17 then bpd at 18. this is years old though so who knows what her present day story is

No. 526933

File: 1527943342290.png (601.45 KB, 840x598, 8.1.png)

The artist in her early years.

No. 526934

File: 1527943385008.png (447.89 KB, 511x579, 7.2.png)

No. 526936

File: 1527943494283.png (440.08 KB, 508x598, 7.3.png)

No. 526939

these are depressing as fuck. tuna is a gross bitch but these made me tear up a bit. probably because i have a young daughter plus i'm pmsing but damn. seeing something from when she was young, innocent, and just like any other little girl feels bad anons.

No. 526943

everyone was a child once anon, man up lol

No. 526948

are these even real? there seem to be so many mistakes that it looks forced. also the letters seem to be written in rather quick strokes, i don't buy it

No. 526953

looks like a kids handwriting to me. and this is tuna we're talking about, she can barely shit out commissions for dope money. would she really take the time to fake something like this? seems more likely she was going through her mom's stuff and found them.

No. 526967


Is it just me or does the word "firecrotch" just does not sound sexy at all…? If someone told me that, I'd be more grossed out than I would be turned on.
Leave it to Luna to describe pubes as sexy. Vom.

No. 526970

That's because it's mostly used as an insult (see Lindsay Lohan). Why Luna used that term when trying to sell nudes we'll never know.

No. 526974


The other pages are posted on KF.

No. 526984

I honestly always thought that firecrotch was slang for someone who had an STI or whatever and not being a redhead.

No. 527000

jesus anon, grow a heart

No. 527001


I'm all for being sentimental but who carries this around so long? It's as nasty as the rest of her stuff and given she only had three trash bags with her when she left the apartment it makes me wonder how skewed her priorities are.

No. 527007

it ain't sad

No. 527011


As she is at her mom's she probably found them there. She also posted a few childhood photos she forgot existed.

No. 527014

I don’t think she has a seroquel prescription? if she does, it’s probably just used for sleep. I’m pretty sure it’s lurch’s tho and she uses it to knock herself out

wow she was so special. “a lot of BPD posts only show the less scary symptoms” fucking stop

No. 527197

File: 1527994528780.jpeg (467.88 KB, 1242x1595, 79FDF5AD-2E4D-4ADE-9375-F07048…)

No. 527199

It's Tuna. The same girl who took things from a dying man.

That could have come from anywhere, anon. She's a junkie.

No. 527200

Please stop with these delusions, Tuna. Actually no wait, continue. We need a laugh.

No. 527233

Jesus Christ, Lurch's face literally has no forward projection at all. Isn't that risk factor for all sorts of diseases like sleep apnea?

No. 527310

>>521479 any confirmation that she goes to r/opiates?

No. 527313

File: 1528038772733.jpeg (212.19 KB, 750x1095, 34678DBB-A60E-47A9-A6B4-C82D49…)

No. 527314

File: 1528038785434.jpeg (232.15 KB, 750x1071, 50CAB47C-096D-4C7B-A3A2-AE8B7C…)

No. 527315

File: 1528038796672.jpeg (355.93 KB, 750x1115, 2D0373E8-7CC4-472D-8BEB-440F22…)

No. 527316

File: 1528038805953.jpeg (150.17 KB, 750x934, 5232237A-24ED-4BF0-919A-43B88D…)

No. 527319

So she named her plant after her dead friend?

No. 527329

could you imagine doing that jfc

great a job! yea what a great look for buying drugs or sitting inside all day and what's with the new faces she keeps making

No. 527333


This look is from the "little lost junkie" collection. Now please give me anything even 10 dollars cause my ebt doesnt get activated until 2023.

No. 527339

Lurch's hair actually looks healthier than hers. I'm surprised.

No. 527354

Remember when she bitched about wanting that stuffed pig and then got it named it lucky may schumacher? And then decided it was genderfluid? Nothing she does surprises me anymore.

No. 527355

Lmfao she’s literally holding a big hairball. Can you imagine being so high all the time that you have no concept of how filthy you are?

No. 527358

File: 1528049319499.gif (1.09 MB, 512x512, tumblr_p9r4shKo4j1wyvcq4o1_540…)

Caption: this blog will probably be deleted soon tbh i just like looking at other ppls stuff

No. 527359

File: 1528049377136.png (401.27 KB, 571x607, DAvFzc2.png)

No. 527360

doesn’t have time to get a job or volunteer or go to school or go to therapy

but has time for photo shoots in her mom’s section 8 housing

No. 527369

Are those plants harmful to cats?

No. 527372

File: 1528052671199.png (382.84 KB, 566x514, A73swZH.png)

Same pic, different caption
>cheap ass
I'm guessing her dad was nice enough to buy her clothes again and this is her thanking him, by acting like spoiled brat

No. 527374


Is she finally giving her natural nails a break from those awful fake ones she jams down under her cuticles? Thank God.

No. 527383

Nah, I think those are those glitter nails she was talking about upthread >>525748

No. 527385

The therapy program thing with the "tiny pizzas" she was on was for dialectical behaviour therapy which is basically only for people with BPD. She must have some sort of official diagnosis to have gotten on the treatment program.

No. 527426

The plant with the small leaves looks like a jade plant to me. Unfortunately, jade plant poisoning is potentially lethal to cats if left untreated.

No. 527443

File: 1528061965027.jpeg (60.67 KB, 500x500, E57653AF-E24B-473D-9A5A-8E1E98…)

Pretty sure it’s just a succulent. They’re safe for cats.

No. 527462

It looks like she's settling in for good if she's bought houseplants. Her mom's in a tough spot because she can't evict them without admitting that they were living there to begin with.

No. 527467

a jade plant is a succulent, it kinda looks like one

No. 527473

Maybe someone should tell her this just in case? Idk if she'd even listen but I'd feel so bad if one of those cats got sick bc god knows she can't afford a trip to the vet

No. 527475

I think she's always bragging about how cheap her clothes are so people will know she's poor and feel bad for her, not necessarily as a jab at her father. Ridiculous either way considering she gets most of them new from amazon while actual poor people rely on donations and secondhand shops

No. 527476

Were you not around for Howard the peace lily? People told her that her plant was poisonous, she said she got rid of it, and then it was still clearly in her pictures in her house. She didn’t listen then, she won’t listen now.

No. 527530

Lmfao I reread her KF thread and the recollection of all of the various things she names is killing me. Between the two slugs she caught and named, Howard the peace lily, and lucky may schumacher the stuffed pig, im surprised she doesn’t name her sketches and shit lol.

No. 527538

i can't believe she called one tai tho that seems real like idk childish

No. 527560


ya her insistence that everything she owns is 'cheap' only serves to show how fucking poor she isn't

No. 527613

its just a kalanchoe anon, relax.

No. 527615

whats wrong with his neck? could be bruises from shooting up there but its hard to tell… fuck man imagine shooting up in your neck. that’s insane

i frequent r/opiates and i haven’t come across anyone that sounds/writes like her, if she’s on there she’s not a frequent user, i dont see her as the type of frequent reddit

No. 527617

BPDs the new NPD. /r/raisedbyborderlines is a lovely shithive.

No. 527637

The pothos should be fine but that jade plant is a big no no for cats.

No. 527638

*jade plant.

No. 527841

File: 1528139083520.png (243.23 KB, 720x502, Capture _2018-06-04-14-04-03.p…)

>I have to keep getting rid of things
>continues to order useless shit off amazon
Okay, tuna.

No. 527844

idg why people have a hard time accepting that luna has BPD. she's like the very definition. they should put her picture in the BPD entry of the next DSM edition.

No. 527845

I think it's because of how she flaunts/romaticises mental illness. It's also harder to believe because of the amount of people online who are claiming it for edgy points or whatever

No. 527856

File: 1528143906066.gif (736.62 KB, 500x273, 1497118931932.gif)

Read the old threads then? There are many reasons why people don't believe her. She claims to have several different mental illnesses, grew up on tumblr where they're glorified, hasn't been officially diagnosed, we can't armchair, and she is on so many drugs that it would be hard for a doctor to even say she has it.

No. 527863

She lies about everything and anything under the sun for sympathy, asspats and donations. It's not hard to believe she'd lie about her mental illness.

To be fair she has been officially diagnosed if you want to believe her. And the "tiny pizzas" therapy was specifically for BPD patients according to the anon here >>527385

No. 527874

bc shes been a heroin addict ever since her diagnosis. it basically says in the dsm-v that bpd symptoms can mimic drug addiction symptoms

No. 527887

they're Kiss press on nails, they sell em at Target and they can look quite cute if, you know, applied correctly and evenly and your general hand hygiene is good

No. 527904

just because someone does DBT doesn't mean they have BPD. yes it was specifically made for people with BPD but it is used for pretty much anyone who wants to give it a shot. I honestly don't believe any doctor would diagnose her with it so young, and when she's on all those drugs. she probably was just suggested to try DBT and used it as a way to "verify" her sooper seriuhs ~BPD~ … but she's so ignorant she doesn't realize anyone can do DBT lol

No. 527911

It still baffles me that she brought all her gross plushies and random grime-covered knick knacks but somehow forgot her art. Really shows where her priorities lie

No. 527913

I have BPD and have some acquaintances who suffer from it too (not friends, people I’ve met in therapy and stuff) and imo Luna is absolutely the definition of it. Her actions and complaints and “crisis” are so random, she looks like someone who wants to act like she’s sick after reading about it. I’m not saying that it’s a 100% sure thing she’s not suffering from it, but if she does she definitely try too hard.(derailing & armchairing)

No. 527914

Absolutely NOT the definition of it. For fuck sake, I fucked up my whole point

No. 527950

File: 1528158514269.png (49.45 KB, 571x217, CBpX53L.png)

No. 527965


You're assuming she would disclose her drug use to a psychiatrist.

No. 527982

Luna at the moment is just a drug addict with borderline traits. As another anon said, she's been using opiates constantly since her diagnosis (plus she's fallen into that I'm So Borderline social media hole where everyone enables everyone else and screeches about how bad their BPD is and they'll never ever get better) so we can't really see how her illness actually presents.

No. 528013


Considering that when she was in outpatient she lied to their faces about her drug use, and then lied to their faces again when she was busted by a piss test… yeah, no chance she'd disclose her drug use for the sake of accurate mental health care.
See: >>523963

No. 528111

oh I understand that. but I'm sure she told them about past drug use, and addicts somehow think they fool everyone into thinking they aren't using. even when it's painfully obvious. I know from experience, I was on heroin for 6 years.

No. 528135

while we're onto the whole dbt thing, someone who did some want to explain whats the goal? i remember in old threads when luna showed her notes people saying she wasnt doing it correctly, but how can you do it wrong? (anxiety and depressionfag here)

No. 528138

Luna was just copying info she was given (presumably just so she could post it to insta). But when you're doing it you have to actually be honest with yourself and apply the information/techniques you learn to your own behaviour/life, rather than just regurgitate general 'rules'.

No. 528139

It’s supposed to give you coping mechanisms to distract yourself when you feel like you’re about to lose your shit. I actually did DBT and felt like it really helped me. One of my favorite techniques was kind of a mindfulness technique where I would make a list in my head of every different color I saw in my immediate surroundings. It worked really well to distract me if say, I was at work and ready to have a meltdown. A lot of the techniques are like this. Some of them are more, some are less, ive seen ones trying to stimulate a dissociating person where they want you to physically put cold water on your face as a physical stimulus, etc. some of them are just mind distractions. Tbh it really irked me to see her taking notes because I don’t feel like she actually understands what she’s reading or the proper application, as well as seeing other posts of her where she does the same thing - she had a big book on Impressionism and she decided to take notes out of it and post to IG about it. I don’t get what wasting paper taking notes was about unless it was to make it seem like she’s studious and educated or for IG asspats if she owns the book, like just high light paragraphs. I do think that she has some kind of personality disorder, and maybe even BPD, but I think that her addiction has made the symptoms of whatever she has worse because she spends all her time pandering to an online audience while doing nothing to change her life, she thinks that she can do DBT and that it’ll magically cure her disorder but refuses to stop heroin which is truly what is holding her back in life.

No. 528140

I’ll even go as far as to say that none of the goals she wrote on her DBT worksheets were legit like they’re looking for answers like “get a job, fix my marriage” like real actual long term goals to function in society, and a lot of hers were vain little tidbits like “I’m kind. I’m good. I want to be beautiful” which has nothing to do with making the mental changes needed to be high functioning as someone with an illness such as BPD, bipolar, etc. it is true that there is a lot of depersonalization with those disorders, and that definitely plays a part, but I have seen a lot of posts of hers talking about I’m so high I don’t even know who I am and shit like that which really makes me think that a lot of this depersonalization is drug induced. She probably has real symptoms, but I’ve honestly had things liek that happen to me from being too high on weed, much less from a drug cocktail with heroin with crack, benzos, and methadone plus god knows what else.

No. 528150

she 100% has narcissistic traits as well. I’ve never noticed any guilt or empathy in her, which is totally unlike other borderlines and addicts. ie. addicts may steal because they’re deathy afraid of withdrawal, but then they’ll actually feel ashamed of their actions. luna has NEVER expressed remorse, and she’s overshared quite a lot on the internet. she scams and steals and feels very entitled

I feel like she may have spoken about it in order to gain sympathy votes, but that’s it. It really wouldn’t be that hard to hide heroin use with a psychiatrist. a therapist experienced with addiction would probably be able to tell, sure, but not a psychiatrist. (and I’m also a recovering long-time addict here)

No. 528212

File: 1528232109309.jpg (173.69 KB, 1080x1683, 222.jpg)

her teeth are so fucked up

No. 528217

File: 1528232703066.png (149.92 KB, 390x394, i3iI93C.png)

Lurch's eye in corner is oddly creepy.
There's not a single part of him that's not unsettling.

No. 528222

She deleted her Tumblr. I wonder if it's because anon wouldn't give her money and free DS games


No. 528234

she looks so much better without the purple or metallic lipstick tho

No. 528236

Nah she just ran out of scamming potential with that URL. She'll pop back up on tumblr eventually.

No. 528242

File: 1528235940409.png (1.07 MB, 720x961, Capture _2018-06-05-16-57-21.p…)

>packing up

Why do I doubt it.
I wonder if she's going to camp at evil dads next. And what about lurch.

No. 528243

>Why do I doubt it.
Because she just got a bunch of houseplants and already placed a bunch of holes in the wall for useless trinkets and posters

No. 528259

ah yes all the necessities

No. 528268

How much do you want to bet all of those were grave-robbed

No. 528297


100%, aren't those greeting cards as well?

No. 528300

yeah I thought that too and I've been trying to forget it cus it makes me want to punch her in the face, I wish someone would call her out on being so disgusting like can you imagine her thinking like ohhh this is nice, it's mine now. it's like the "i made this" meme thing but with a grave

No. 528308

If I remember correctly, her and lurch were making multiple trips and the locks got (rightfully) changed on her so she did lose some stuff she meant to take.

No. 528357

Then she should have moved things based on importance.

No. 528365

Those moldy plushies are most likely the most important things in her life.

No. 528376

god damn i hope whatever unfortunate cleaning crew had to dispose of their belongings and restore the apartment got paid really fucking well. i doubt they threw away all those used needles they keep lying around; the place must have been a real biohazard.

No. 528402

Why in the hell wouldn’t she take her artwork with her when she was evicted? She chose to fill up trash bags full of her grimey ass stuffed animals rather than carry some of her paintings. Her priorities leave me baffled idk about anyone else 🤷🏻‍♀️

No. 528406

I know, right? So fucking dumb. Instead of at least ensuring she’s begging on the street sorrounded by her scribbles to get a higher dollar/more pity she chose to make sure all of her filthy “valuables” were out first? Tuna has no common sense and continuous to prove it smh.

On another note, I doubt her dad will let Lurch stay with him even if he does let Luna and her cats crash there. So Tuna is gonna spend her time on the streets with lurch tryna score soon while coming back to her dads to sleep and shower and take selfies with his stuff and the cats. What a pitiful 23 year old junkie existence.

No. 528455

Fuck importance, why did she wait til literally the day the locks were being changed to pack/move her shit?

She knew this was coming it wasn't some surprise wtf lol

No. 528493

Because she's delusional and thought she could just come and go as she pleases.

I'm surprised she's not throwing a fit over her mother throwing them out. Probably is under the impression she'll stay somewhere else a few days and then her and Lurch will come back to her mom's place the minute things get tough.

No. 528494

I'm honestly surprised that she would rather live on the street than in her dad's fancy apartment without Lurch. Has she ever gone into any detail about how her dad is abusive? Seems strange that she'd share intimate details about every aspect of her life besides this

No. 528498

I think the reason she doesn't want to move in with her dad is because she doesn't want to give up her wannabe courtney love lifestyle.

No. 528500


Is her old apartment up for rent or sale yet?

No. 528504

Doubt it, they’re gonna have to have hazmat come clean it lol

No. 528505

Agreed I think the other anon hit the nail on the head - doubt her dad would let lurch stay and so she’ll spend her days on the streets with him and her nights coming up with reasons why she hasn’t gotten a job while taking pity selfies with whatever of her hoard makes it to her dads house.

No. 528515

>Has she ever gone into any detail about how her dad is abusive?
She actually has. There are posts about that stuff in the very early threads.

The only one post of hers that I remember is the one where her dad yelled at her for pretending to be a cat. It's a rude thing to do, but it doesn't exactly scream abuse.

No. 528527

for real, I could never imagine parting with my artwork like that… maybe she realizes how shit it is lol

No. 528531

If only she realized that about her useless boyfriend and left him behind.

No. 528560

I remember she recently said he called her a cunt but I don't consider that abuse, its just a shitty thing to say.

I wonder if she does have a place lined up. If she were going to be homeless, I feel like she'd be talking about it.

No. 528561

If she has a place lined up nobody will hear about it until shes exhausted the entire spectrum of ebegging and pity parties.

No. 528566

Can't say I blame him if he called her a cunt. This is the girl that wants her father dead cause she thinks that she's going to get his apartment when he does kick the butt.

How did that work out when Roger kicked the bucket, Tuna? I see Matthew's inheritance from Roger is treating you quite well. Look at all of the new places that you get to travel to! Soon he'll treat you to the life of the great outdoors with those big bucks.

No. 528584

>The only one post of hers that I remember is the one where her dad yelled at her for pretending to be a cat.
I think this is Luna's mental illness shining through tbh, she used to consistently complain about how "people yelling at her" = abuse. When she was younger she used to keep a lot less secrets, and used to complain about Roger and Lurch yelling at her too.

I think she's just overly sensitive to people calling her out on her shit.

My favourite one was Lurch yelling THIS IS HOW YOU GET MOULD because she spilt a drink and left it seeping into the carpet.

No. 528587

>Can't say I blame him if he called her a cunt. This is the girl that wants her father dead cause she thinks that she's going to get his apartment when he does kick the butt.
Yeah she used to (and still does) outright brag about stealing his belongings. Papa Luna probably caught her in the act and got pissed kek.

She treats him like such shit online.
I can't imagine how she treats him irl. She supposedly loved Roger with all her heart and saw him as her actual father, but she still ended up stealing his donated goods when he was dying. So why would she treat her actual dad any better? Most people would lose their temper with someone like that around.

>My favourite one was Lurch yelling THIS IS HOW YOU GET MOULD because she spilt a drink and left it seeping into the carpet.
Dude has no place to talk. He pisses in juice cartons and leaves fucking heroin needles all over the carpet

No. 528628

File: 1528336458726.png (412.79 KB, 720x843, derpp.png)

No idea how to post video here but tuna posted a video of someone's cats that she filmed thru a window and lurch is with her, pointing out the cats "huge testicles" several times and talking a mile a minute. Fucker was high on something. And tuna was all "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" at the cats.
Lurch sounds like a fucking nutter tho, at one point hes talking so fast I cant even understand what he says.

No. 528630

This video is fucking hilarious. The cats are just inside the window of someone’s house and luna and lurch and standing out side acting like drug addicts pointing at them and scratching the glass and filming them. They both sound super whacked. I definitely don’t think crack is too far off a guess

No. 528645

What part of New York is she living in now? Surely she hasn’t left her moms house already?

No. 528646

As the caption says, they're at a laundromat, and you can see a sign for an atm inside it as well if you look closely. They aren't just creeping outside a random person's house.

Although it is amazing that tuna is anywhere near a laundromat.

No. 528659


even with her face pressed up against the window of one, i'm sure it still didn't occur to luna that you can use the facilities at a laundromat to do laundry… or that most people wash their clothes and bedsheets regularly in the first place

No. 528703

Can someone post the video? I'm salty that this rancid bitch never added me on her lolfest insta

No. 528705

Not sure if you’re using an iPhone or not, but if you are, you can use the screen recording function built into your phone. I think you might also be able to get the video off the instagram desktop site if you use one of those video downloader extensions for Chrome. I’d do it myself but she never accepted my follow request

No. 528736

Hope it will work.

No. 528737


ily anon

I'm actually triggered by whatever the fuck Lurch says

No. 528738


Gotta steal clothes from somewhere.

No. 528739

I can't even understand what he's saying lol his voice sounds like it's on fast-forward

No. 528740

thanks omg. lurch's voice and his manner of speech is weird as all fuck along with his eldritch horror face, i expected him to sound more like a slow dying tuba in d minor

No. 528741

lurch really does sound like a tape thats skipping on fast forward and like i never expect luna to sound as she does, i always think she'll have a higher sounding voice

No. 528742

Lol I love how the ONLY thing that we can decipher is him talking about the kittens balls

No. 528743

Truly though every time I hear her voice it makes her seem a little more human to me - not that I don’t think she’s a human, her life clearly is real enough for us to make 18 forums about it, but I guess always think her voice will sound how I read her posts in my head and it makes me sad to not only see but also hear how fucked up she is regularly and how she spends her days, like to hear their elevated drug talk really puts into perspective how far gone they are. The squirrel one and then also the one of her all cracked out in her room also had this effect on me. I think the one of her in her room was the most shocking though. I feel like Luna might have been on a shit ton of drugs for a long time, but sometimes it’s obvious she has done more than she can handle. But then again I think anyone who shoots dope on top of taking handfuls of benzos and smoking crack would be like that.

No. 528745

shame she deleted her tumblr, i've been thinking for a while about messaging her on there and getting some milk out of her regarding her living situation. my theory is that she might be trying to convince her dad to take lurch in along with her.

No. 528756

That's so fucking true. I was wondering what they were doing at a Laundromat.
Also, did lunch talk this fast in tunas previous videos?

No. 528772

same, i didn't think he talked i thought he just had a super deep groaning "buuuuh" "guuuuh" "uhhhh" type of vocab. but nope, he has like a weird cracked out 40 yr old type of voice and just talks a mile a minute about nothing of importance

No. 528773

>leaves fucking heroin needles all over the carpet
Never forget how proud Luna was of that too. One of the rare times they cleaned she took photos of it just to brag how nice it was they could be that open about their drug use.

No. 528782

god that video is so disappointing ya'll are definitely milk starved

No. 528803

>i expected him to sound more like a slow dying tuba in d minor
Seriously! He looks like he would have a deep, slow voice.

Can you blame us? She's been quiet lately

No. 528812

File: 1528408997901.gif (1.99 MB, 332x215, 1506437375269.gif)

Maybe she's been job hunting.

Just kidding we know she's too lazy for that.

No. 528816

Meh, Lurch sounds like a typical fast talking new yorker to me.

No. 528822

File: 1528411316696.jpg (53.46 KB, 400x600, Courtney Love Saint Laurent Fr…)

I wonder what Luna thinks of Courtney Love nowadays with her designer clothes, fashion show invites, no more heroine, no more Kurt…

No. 528828

Nah. Sounds twacked to me. He didnt talk that fast in any of her other vids.

No. 528846


>eldritch horror face

I actually choked on my laughing

I've heard many times before that hard drugs use locks you into the age you started using so you never mature, so maybe that's why he sounds like 21 year assistant day camp counselor.

No. 528876

which video was the one of her cracked out in her room? i’d love to see it! i’ve been lurking older threads and her instagram but can’t find a video that fits this description :/

No. 528881

Oh my god this made me laugh so hard ty anon

No. 528934

File: 1528431104435.png (707.63 KB, 1080x1483, X1kGuZu.png)

No. 528976

Yes, this is the one I was referring to in >>528743

No. 528993

What’s sad is she actually is kinda cute in this

No. 529020

File: 1528456424973.jpeg (155.76 KB, 750x760, 1679AAD0-9185-4301-8584-33888E…)

No. 529023

What is this from?

No. 529025

A Facebook group she’s in for junkies. I ss when I saw it so it is from 13 hrs ago since I posted it.

No. 529039

We know it was bullshit in the first place but she is referring to the “mugging” here right? So funny to see her own up to these things without knowing and when others have already deduced the truth.

No. 529054

I don’t buy this. You’re going to feel pretty bad in two days. You’re not going to seize, not necessarily, otherwise no one would be able to taper off benzos at home, which is what most people do when they can’t afford rehab. Seizures from cessation of benzo use generally come a few days later than two.

No. 529055

He sounds like a dude from Rockland or Westchester.

No. 529056

as if he has a "prescribed benzo" too lol hes probably seizin cus of the cocktail of drugs hes been on for so long

idk i'm sure i remember her saying he was just out dootin around and had a seizure too

No. 529081

anon from earlier. thanks guys for linking, i appreciate it! also holy shit she really is cracked out. i’d lowkey love to meet her IRL just for the tea.

No. 529113

For real every time I go to New York City I hope I’ll catch her at grand central going to her dads.

No. 529119

File: 1528506684307.png (574.29 KB, 818x595, T04Qurc.png)

No. 529120

File: 1528506707415.png (744.99 KB, 938x449, tlt7L07.png)

No. 529122

File: 1528506747396.png (587.48 KB, 936x470, grO6FE9.png)

No. 529124

File: 1528506762389.png (610.31 KB, 936x497, 5wb75Mi.png)

No. 529127

So what the fuck happened with the whole 'packing up' picture of her holy mary trinkets in a bag or whatever, I was hoping she wouldn't even be at her mom's anymore

No. 529132

Luna no longer poses without a plant, huh?

No. 529135

ohh she meant packing up other peoples belongings at the graveyard anon

i always forget how wide her lower half is

No. 529137

File: 1528509482494.png (1.01 MB, 720x850, Capture _2018-06-08-20-57-44.p…)

No. 529138

File: 1528509537597.png (1012.72 KB, 720x850, Capture _2018-06-08-20-58-08.p…)

Theyre SO nasty, look at all those stains on both their shirts..

No. 529140

File: 1528509705070.png (1021.71 KB, 720x893, Capture _2018-06-08-21-01-46.p…)

No. 529142

why he have 2 pairs of sunglasses

No. 529143

holy shit anon you are right, he does

No. 529145

im that detective anon

No. 529158

>i always forget how wide her lower half is

But she's starving, anon! Always!

Lurch looks like some creepy old guy slobbering all over the face of a young girl who's really disgusted by him judging by her face in >>529138 . That's the "I have to suck his old limp dick, please donate.".

No. 529161

File: 1528516947555.jpeg (26.54 KB, 480x295, 1F55D9C3-DC63-40D1-A143-0E9178…)

No. 529163

>those inner elbow stains on the shirt

It's wild when you can take one look at Luna's wardrobe and tell where she shoots up and how often.

No. 529205

File: 1528537773206.jpeg (78.65 KB, 639x715, 57D132E4-BE55-4253-BE45-2B977A…)

What the fuck is wrong with her thumb? I feel ill

No. 529207

No. 529208

that’s her long sleeve not her thumb. I made the same mistake too the first time I glanced at it

No. 529209


…that spot in her armpit?

No. 529226

omg i saw her whole arm in the clammy lookin tshirt and thought it was her skin lol
i love how cool they think they are, esp lurch you just know he thinks hes hot shit

No. 529264


Oh shit now that makes sense I was drinking last night

No. 529345

He isn’t holding her hand back

No. 529359

File: 1528609628198.jpeg (428.6 KB, 2048x2048, DB17201B-3D0E-4D17-9E52-BEFF43…)

New posts from her Facebook.

No. 529360

File: 1528609789680.jpeg (515.33 KB, 1241x1852, ADC18F24-FDC1-4172-ACD2-85D81A…)

No. 529362

File: 1528609927390.jpeg (430.07 KB, 1242x1305, 68E1B0DC-A4BB-4FAD-A334-85FDE8…)

No. 529363

Pink and dirt just don't look that nice together.

No. 529374

>scared of homelessness
She's acting as if she won't go back to her rich father if push comes to shove.

No. 529384

>why do I feel so alone

Because you're talking to plants.

>Homelessness is so close and I feel like the walls are closing in on my life

…So get a job. And tell your boyfriend to get one too cause he's damn near 40 years old and refuses to get off of his lazy, smelly, corpse ass.

No. 529387

Get a job!? Oh no, what about her poor cotton-eyed Joe knee and her BPD and her anxiety and insomnia and her hangnails and her hips and she's just oh so sad! Its all so crippling she just. cant. work. How can you be so heartless, anon?
She can make runs to the Bronx for her drugs and wander around in cemeteries and rummage thru peoples cars and whine and beg and make stupid videos for insta but there's just no way she could possibly work.

No. 529388

ugh just thinking about her graverobbing for trinkets just makes me mad. Some of those things could mean a lot to a deceased person. I hope the junkie bitch gets haunted by some angry ass ghosts.

She just waits around for the next worst thing to happen and believes everything is out of her control. She could be going to a methadone clinic to prove to her mom she wants to be clean, maybe extend her stay there because it’s her fucking mom and she wants her to do well most likely, but nah. Playing junkie lovers with Lurch is way more fun for our dear Tuna.

No. 529389

Lurch can’t get a job, with his totally not drug related seizures and abscess leg he deserves to be taken care of by Social security for the rest of his life for being almost scouted to the New York Mets! /sarcasm

No. 529403

She doesn't even need a job. She can just ditch Easter Island over there and bum it with her dad. He'll probably even by her more plants and Amazon clothes while she steals his Xanax

No. 529405

she’ll have to actually WANT to quit doing dope if she cuts Lurch out, I highly doubt Tuna will ever make the leap to find her own dope unless he puts her in the hospital or some shit (not wishing this on anyone including Luna)

No. 529420

>so pls love me and love my feckless

Fucking loooool

No. 529430

>love me and my feckless
sounds high ofc like you're going to feel depressed and aimless if youre not doing anything with your life

>She just waits around for the next worst thing to happen and believes everything is out of her control.
exactly like shes not doing anything to change her situation, not that she seems to really want to, its like she gave up on a real life ages ago but still wants to complain about what shes got herself into. she kinda hurts my head cus i think we could all think of advice for her but she wouldn't do any of it

No. 529438

Help Wanted- lying down positions available for qualified people. 27 dollars an hour to instagram. Flexible lunch breaks with clean needles in all bathrooms. Must be able to talk to plants. Casual dress code and within easy walking distance of a graveyard and a low security CVS. Inquire whenever!

Until this job comes up her employment record will be blank.

No. 529462

File: 1528652213239.jpeg (275.17 KB, 1242x1811, 26651C07-B9EC-462B-9B37-76B0B1…)


No. 529468

Had me going too, it looks like a trachea

No. 529483

she wouldn’t even apply for that. it requires her to “inquire” and therefore put effort into something.

No. 529484


If that ad ever happened you are right. How pathetic is that lmao!

No. 529593

File: 1528672007122.png (11.6 KB, 525x215, errr.png)

Remember when Luna let it slipped that her "deadbeat" abusive dad gives her $200 every month? I wonder if this is still a happening. It would explain how she's getting more plants

No. 529620

Don't forget child support is a thing, anons. I'm assuming that's where the managed Amazon account comes into play.

No. 529622

Child support!? Tuna is 22 years old! She's been an adult for five years.

No. 529623

do you pay child support into someones 20s?

No. 529651

Tuna: I'm so broke, I can't afford to eat
Also Tuna: Fuck my dad and his measly $200! Who cares if he pays for the phone that lets me talk shit about him!

No. 529662

when she talked about having no food it always irritated me cus like she has the internet and a phone and a laptop and new clothes all the time…in her mind she doesn't have a lot because there's like a limit on things? it's almost like if she had a job she'd have a consistent amount of money all the time but whatevs tuna. I don't understand why she doesn't just get into selling drugs or ass, it'd be a bit of work (ok thats why she doesn't) but then she could brag about it

No. 529718

In 2015, when that post was written, luna was 19 and a legal adult. I've heard of adults in America staying on their parents insurance until 26, but her father doesn't owe this fully grown adult anything.

I'm p sure he took her off his insurance this year and that's why she keeps whining about how nobody will take her insurance. "Boohoo I don't get free drugs from my doctor and sell for heroin, i need to steal my mums" my heart bleeds.

I get the feeling that her dad wasn't there for Luna's very early years and she guilt trips him with the "deadbeat" bullshit.

>my dad gives me $200 a month, pays my phone bill, buys me gifts every time I see him, but THAT DOESNT MAKE UP FOR ALL MY LOST BIRTHDAYS AND RUINED CHILDHOOD, DEADBEAT.

Or something to that affect.

No. 529719

File: 1528694226443.jpeg (95.51 KB, 1242x574, E52FD53B-86C9-4DB9-AD49-A38ADD…)

No. 529720

File: 1528694271843.jpeg (273.58 KB, 1242x1642, 510A8605-DB35-450F-96E4-5CBC48…)

No. 529721

File: 1528694301288.jpeg (426.53 KB, 1242x1581, C1AAA161-2A8A-42C5-90BF-E33CB2…)

No. 529722

File: 1528694420268.jpg (98.15 KB, 1280x348, IMG_20180611_061620_088.JPG)

Huh sorry for spamming the thread with samefaggotry, but I'm not american and it turns out you DO pay child support into someone's 20s in New York… Damn.

luna hit 22 in April right? I mean her dad could have argued that she's living independently with Lurch and therefore wasn't eligible, and cut her off before, but it'd be kinda a douche move. Technically her dad didnt legally need to support her, and he definitely doesn't need to now.

No. 529723

File: 1528694438537.jpeg (763.75 KB, 2048x2048, 9133D31F-5F9D-4397-8D43-078907…)

No. 529726

I hate seeing baby pics of her, it makes me realise how much she fucked up her life

>I lost 90% of my possessions because the landlord stole them.
>look I pulled something out of my grime pile I've not seen in 4 years!!!
How the fuck did you manage to pack something without noticing it jfc.

No. 529727

>I know I'm not doing well when I practice proper hygiene
Oh Luna

No. 529728


It was under her bar of soap

No. 529737

I'm guessing her mum might have had some of her stuff?

No. 529760

My guess is it was in a drawer that she just dumped into a bag. At least that's one possibility for her not lying. If lurch wasn't lurch I'd also guess that he put it away which is why she didn't notice but I doubt he did much, if anything

No. 529791

what…? tapering off benzos comfortably is incredibly hard. and cold turkeying off benzos, especially a large habit as lurch probably has, can definitely induce a seizure in only 2 days. also most rehabs don’t have experience with benzo tapering at least in my area, if you want help you need to find a specialist, like a psychiatrist who has experience. i hate him too but it’s not unbelievable that he had a benzo WD seizure

No. 529811

she was actually cute, god it makes me angry that she was spoiled to shit and her parents are push-overs

No. 529828

i know sometimes divorced parents will help pay for the child’s college. maybe since tuna didnt go to school her dads just giving her money? im sure she definitely guilt trips the fuck out of her dad and her mom

No. 529829

I believe it's 24 if they're not in college and you pay until they graduate when they are in college.

Also since she's 22 and not working there are insurance companies that will cover her for free with no co-pay until she's 24.

No. 529834

I have no doubt that luna would be living rent free in a nice clean dorm room with all of her food and expenses paid for if she did go to school. She even got accepted into a pretty nice art school. It's a shame she decided to shack up with Lurch, I really do think she had a lot of potential to do something interesting with her art.

No. 529843

she got excepted into a writing program at pratt. it wasn't for her art.

feeling alone because your mom is kicking you out of her government housing that she kindly let you stay at in the first place? jesus christ this girl is so deluded.

No. 529858

How long until we discover her new Tumblr account?

No. 529885

She's predictable so just skim Shay Gnar's reblogs and look for a username with '1996' in it.

No. 529946

Either that or sift through the #gif tag and look out for her cracked out photo shoots

No. 529966

I can kinda see why she thinks she's a ginger but her hair is more of an auburn/warm brown.

No. 530122

File: 1528811073298.png (540.9 KB, 1242x2208, E5E86449-CDE6-4499-906B-17F2BF…)

You have to read the full articles anon.
Her parents didn’t have to support her at all once she moved out so her dad was just being generous and she was being a spoiled brat.

No. 530140

File: 1528819212913.jpeg (5.26 KB, 64x75, 75286E30-502B-432D-B811-2E7B0E…)

she calls herself a natural ginger to make herself feel ~unique~ even though like you said, it’s definifely brown. (you can also tell because of her eyebrows, pit hair, mustache, etc) there’s definitely nothing wrong with being a brunette, but you can add this to the list of shit she’s lying about.

not only that, but most people’s hair darkens over time. she’d be at a medium to dark brown right now.

when she dyed her hair red several years ago, she said she was “dying it back to her natural color”. pic related (sorry for the quality)

No. 530181

I mean yeah it’s not like she hasn’t posted baby pictures before it’s obvious she was like blonde

No. 530556

Yeah, her hair color in that pic is actually about my natural hair color and my body hair is all either blonde or orange. Her natural hair is waaay closer to a bronze-y brown than to "redhead" or "ginger" tier.

No. 530608

wow, i followed her AGES ago…she hasn't changed one bit.

No. 530658

I bet she'd look nice as a redhead. Better than that hot mess she's got now.

No. 530864

Any caps or updates?

No. 530884

I've tried to look around tumblr using predictable luna lore as keywords but so far no luck, might be too early to look.

Her old tumblr 'lilcherub1996' got taken over by someone else, and 'angelhair1996' is still hers but hasn't updated since last year. 'funeral420' isn't hers, and 'funeral1996' doesn't exist

No. 530889

Anything on Insta? I'd check myself but she doesn't have me added

No. 530892

don't have her on insta either I'm afraid. I sent a friend request months ago using my small innocent journaling/crafts account but she didn't bite

No. 530898

No worries, thanks for looking all over Tumblr for her.

It's odd how selective she is with Insta when she'll brag about her addiction and beg for money on FB groups with thousands of members or post nudes on her now deleted Tumblr.

No. 530915

Nothing new on insta. Her last post was 5 days ago.

No. 530925

wow wonder if shes without precious internet for once

No. 530939

Do you think she possibly IS homeless an doesn’t have internet?

No. 530944

She could get free WiFi at a McDonalds or a coffee shop if she cared/felt she was “pretty” enough to post online. Maybe her mom really did kick her out and she hasn’t had the energy to put makeup on but I doubt it. She’s gone weeks without posting before.

No. 530947

>She’s gone weeks without posting before.
this, and I have a feeling if she does so again this time, she'll come back with a convenient sob story about how every day she was absent she was out groveling at her horrible abusive dad's feet to shelter her.

I'm thinking her dad would take her in no problem but his condition is that she can't drag Lurch along, which brings me to point b) will Lurch for the time being try and stay with some relatives of his? Thus giving Tuna inspiration to possibly create a new tumblr blog and weep about how cruel life is for disrupting their grimy domestic coexistence. And after they're no longer living together I don't think Lurch will give enough of a fuck to keep seeing her now that her money's not rolling in as much as it used to.

No. 530951

>will Lurch for the time being try and stay with some relatives of his?
Does Lurch even have any other relatives he's in contact with? I feel like if he did Luna would have already posted a million times about how much better they are than her real family or how they would let he move in with them when Roger kicked in the bucket.

No. 530953

I wish I had more specific info but after reading the whole thread on her on Kiwifarms months ago, I can only recall hearing he's still got living relatives and that's about the extent of it, sorry for the dry expired powder milk

No. 530964

I'm imagining like a whole bunch of people looking just like lurch lol women, children, little old ladies with easter island faces

No. 530965

File: 1528946187213.png (17.49 KB, 560x539, uhohlurch.png)

I was googling around trying to find SOMETHING, and found that lurch has a new court date this month. Anyone know what VCQ is?
This is off the NY State Unified Court System defendant search

No. 530967

File: 1528946994312.png (44.37 KB, 777x278, 01.png)

samefagging after last post. any info apart from this is behind a paywall

No. 530969

File: 1528948037201.jpg (79.98 KB, 720x397, ms1.jpg)

It like he just has to regularly check in with the court for his community service sentence. It's for the drug charges he got last year.

No. 530971

File: 1528948066174.jpg (100.26 KB, 779x526, ms2.jpg)

No. 530972


Can anyone get the WebCriminal pages to work? They load blank pages for me.


Also, there should be an eviction suit filed against him in civil court in Westchester County.

No. 531007

That's a lot of rescheduling.

No. 531068

They work fine for me, might be some of your extensions that are messing with the site (eg. ghostery or scriptorium)

No. 531078


I'm on Chrome on Android on a tablet.

No. 531109

Her dad has paid for her cell phone for years and she has data, remember all her long pokemon walks?

I wouldnt be surprised if she posted selfies with sad captions if she was actually homeless.

No. 531112

she'd probably love to be homeless to add to her junkie cred like selfies from the underpass where shes got her pics up on the bridge wall

No. 531126

File: 1529000419553.png (Spoiler Image,1.5 MB, 1080x1487, Screenshot_20180614-201625~2.p…)

This nipple is so down low it looks like it has completely given up

No. 531152


>Her boobs look fine, wtf are you on about

>I was actually looking at the dart in the nightgown, real nip is about 3 inches down from there

oh god

No. 531157

File: 1529003933445.jpeg (268.22 KB, 750x1275, D99B0988-89E3-4226-BEE3-2C7916…)

Don’t worry everyone, she’s awake and posting on Instagram as of an hour ago.

No. 531158

File: 1529003949677.jpeg (268.15 KB, 750x1291, 29ABC803-4FC5-4738-947F-211BA6…)

No. 531159

File: 1529003963134.jpeg (271.77 KB, 750x1267, 43FF69C4-5520-4705-ADAF-FA91F5…)

No. 531160

they point straight down, holy shit

No. 531185

Looks like she's still at her mom's.
Also, these are the legs of a lazy, sloppy person who spends more time on their ass than someone who is wheelchair-bound. Cottage cheese anyone?

No. 531188

She still trying to pimp her nudes? I'm sure theres an underappreciated market for saggy nip velveteen granny panty porn and shes missing the boat.

No. 531202

ugh man her waist is the only semi-fortunate thing about her. i think she's even gained weight since her fingers are chubby again.

No. 531206

why they just loose in a dish instead of in your prescription bottle tuna?

her body is…unfortunate. why cant she keep that bra on? please tuna

No. 531215

Damn, sometimes she surprises me, her skin looks so old, dehydrated and just disgusting, and yet she's so young.
Tuna, don't post your body, it's gross and sad, that's one of the reasons people make fun of you, you don't need to be that smart.

No. 531220

She is sucking her stomach into the next dimension. That bra does fit her really well, though.

No. 531226

She looks to be gaining quite a bit of weight since moving in with her mom and having access to food that she doesn’t pay for

No. 531290

She lives.

Looks like she's still putting her mom at risk. It's already been more than 3 weeks. Wonder how long she'll manage to stay there

No. 531297

Why the fuckkk is she in her bra and panties in her mothers kitchen?

No. 531306

File: 1529018107932.png (540.14 KB, 720x924, Capture _2018-06-14-18-13-12.p…)

She posted another cat video, this time she's talking all slow and whispery. Must be dat xanax! Or dope.

No. 531391

I thought it was a wart or a skin tag. Jesus Christ.

No. 531423

Tuna doesn't give a single shit about her parents, only what they can provide for her.

I hope she gets caught, gets kicked out and ens up completely homeless cause this cunt really needs a wakeup call.

No. 531425

Someone post it. Who’s cat is this

No. 531438

unfortunately if Luna were to get caught, her mom would get kicked out too. she doesn’t deserve that. her mom needs to give tuna and lurch the boot immediately.

No. 531440

If you know that you're going to get in deep shit and end up homeless for letting people stay with you, especially people who clearly do drugs and leave them out in the open like a centerpiece on a coffee table, then you shouldn't be surprised if/when shit hits the fan.

No. 531441

Luna would just go back to her evil daddy and her mother would be left homeless.

No. 531451

don't even know what her mom is like but i'm guessin she isn't too pressed about luna being there or she wouldn't have offered in the first place

it's so irritating that they didn't try to find somewhere before they were kicked out, someone said it before but luna doesn't think even a week ahead, she's just like oh got some plants to pose with that's all i need oh why am i so depressed now. i wish we could look like 5 years into the future and see what she's doing lol

No. 531454

do they actually prescribe these bars in the US? I thought they only came in 0.5 or 0.25mg pills. Do they actually prescribe 2mg doses??! I doubt Luna has a prescription, she’s probably just using benzos bc a benzo habit creap af and she can’t afford as much dope

No. 531459

yes, they do. im in the US and I was prescribed 2mg for a couple years. they're easier to score (break in half) than regular pills.

No. 531460

Im assuming theyre Laundromat cats again.
Tuna and lurch must be shopping out of the washers and dryers.

Idk how to post it, sorry, otherwise I would.

No. 531527

yeah benzos are easy to get prescribed up here in canada too, but we dont prescribe xanax here, just ativan. i still doubt she has a prescription anyways, xanax is dirt cheap on the street(derailing)

No. 531573

OT but yes, they do prescribe xanax in Canada. I had a prescription a few years ago

No. 531583

I asked my psychiatrist and they said it’s incredibly rare to be prescribed Xanax up here. Did your psychiatrist offer you other benzos before? Sorry for derailing, I’m just really curious about this then I’ll stop!(derailing)

No. 531584

What this anon said - I’m Canadian and I know of a few people that are prescribed Xanax (friends of a friend)(derailing)

No. 531599

It was the first prescription my doctor gave me for panic attacks actually, but after probably 2 years on it they switched me to clonazepam. Both were really low doses though like 0.5 mg. Sorry for OT post(derailing)

No. 531603

luna isn't in canada, stop derailing.

No. 531641

File: 1529088637597.jpeg (286.89 KB, 750x1272, A3DF85D7-3269-478B-BB6F-9D9B47…)

ssssh children, stop fighting. there is new content.

Lurch is manhandling those poor kittens. How many fucking pictures did Luna take of those cats while she was tweaking the fuck out at the laundromat?

No. 531642

File: 1529088672293.jpeg (339.73 KB, 750x1268, 28CA5285-A552-40CF-BB10-FF4F14…)

No. 531643

Why are they going there so much? I hardly doubt they wash their clothes. I hope they just go to see the cats and not to steal peoples clothes.

No. 531644

File: 1529088744072.jpeg (260.63 KB, 750x1252, FCA9B9AA-6B50-43E4-B7B0-BD24BB…)

No. 531645

Oh anon, you know that Luna’s going there to get her grubby paws on other people’s stuff.

Incoming “got this cute tank top from a church yard sale that was also on the last day so they were giving it out for free it doesn’t fit me right because I ~lost weight~ from my ~eating disorder~ tho so please send money to paypal@lunaslater if you can babe i’m so close to being homeless”

No. 531646

you poor, sweet anon. these cunts steal from people's graves … of course they're going to the laundromat to rack stuff.

accurate. that or the old standby of 'found it on the street'

No. 531648

That planter of old pizza has more sex appeal than either of them. And I'd love to see her try laundry theft in my neighborhood. Bitch would get shot. What was the point of her pizza in the planter picture anyway.

No. 531656

No. 531660


No. 531667

right. im surprised she didn't say "was so hungry, almost ate this"

No. 531669

No. 531672

ot but does anyone know where she gets her stickers lol

No. 531673

anon nailed it beautifully.

No. 531713

probably amazon since she doesn’t seem to go into normal people stores (unless she’s lifting from cvs)

No. 531754

File: 1529112117033.png (702.7 KB, 870x562, xMiNp8Y.png)

No. 531755

File: 1529112164731.png (656.56 KB, 770x561, ioyJTfJ.png)

No. 531769


You forgot
>anything helps bby

But other than that, top marks.

No. 531796

fuck, these two will steal anything

No. 531826


what is this even a picture of? why did it get 21 likes??

No. 531844

… what?

there's generally fucking loads of old, torn up phone booths that for some reason haven't been removed all over almost all major cities still.

I really doubt they stole anything, considering it looks like these booths were ripped apart years ago. there's zero interesting anything about this picture.

eh, a lot of people take pictures of random crap like that. it ain't a big deal.

No. 531860

I think that anon was just making a joke about how far they usually go to steal things.

No. 531895


It's a deep metaphor for dissociation. /s

No. 531897

it was a joke, anon. it's not that deep.

and there isn't much interesting about a lot of the pictures that get posted, really. how many times can we be bothered by the same saggy udders in the same grandma nighties?

No. 531902

eh, s'what i get for doing things half awake, my bad.

No. 531929

Luna brings out the worst in a lot of us.

No. 532061

File: 1529194074962.png (381.56 KB, 750x1334, DA3252D9-0A5E-4FB0-9346-344951…)

Please forgive my phone’s battery life in the screenshot, I’m too tired to crop it out. Luna posted these today.

No. 532065

File: 1529194149159.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, C27EBD3F-1E18-4D40-840D-15DCD8…)

No. 532066

File: 1529194183343.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 4D704F74-474F-41D1-B33E-93AAFE…)

No. 532068

File: 1529194216416.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 519BC791-E8E8-4475-BBA4-5E6C02…)

No. 532069

File: 1529194233009.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 2525BABD-7F27-432D-BF72-052255…)

No. 532070

File: 1529194286129.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 277BA407-B464-483F-BDF8-72CEE6…)

No. 532071

File: 1529194349091.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 89918078-3FD2-40E9-8F9D-2A485E…)

No. 532083

File: 1529197003679.png (824.91 KB, 1058x1286, Screenshot_20180616-205657~2.p…)

What the fuck

No. 532085

man I don't understand how she manages to have such healthy-looking hair, given her shitty lifestyle

No. 532088

i doubt its nice irl its just that its kinda thick

omg the whole "roger was like a father to me" is like a meme to me at this point and this is all bs she obvs is in love with herself. if she wants to feel better maybe try getting a goddamn job and being productive instead of posing for insta all day

No. 532090

>I'm trying to keep living but I'm scared of being homeless

THEN GET A JOB! Holy shit, she's going on and on about being close to suicidal because she wants to continue being a lazy piece of shit! This is no one's fault but your own, Tuna. Shut the fuck up, grow up and stand on your own two damn feet. Nothing is wrong with your fucking knee. Stop whining and get a job.

>proceeds to post a million selfies after instead of using the internet to find a job

Aaaaand this is why nothing in her life will change.

No. 532096

ya i'm like so annoyed by her, she acts as if work doesn't exist in her world like the concept of a job is beyond her. hmm what could i do to purchase things and live in a home?? sell my shit art and sad titties on instagram! and i know she'll say she can't work cus of muh bpd which is crap. yeah, get a job bitch

No. 532116

are her [hand] veins healing or is she just using her feet/legs these days? I cant imagine how she can afford dope rn. If lurch gets it, he probably controls her use so he can use the most. but she hasnt complained about WD so idk. did she ever go to that methadone clinic?

she’s doomed to working minimum wage jobs if she does work anyways, google her name and you’ll find all her drug pics and lolcow.

Literally how can one be so stupid as to use their real name on a drug blog???? Bruh

No. 532123

Even if she got a minimum wage job she would probably not turn up and just get fired.

And I don't think she was ever very smart to be honest, she lacks a lot of common sense.

No. 532137

It infuriates me to see some of her art and see her potential. She could have gone to an at school and done something with her life. She could have stayed her dumb self and have fun while legitimately earning money doing what she loves. I bet she still has that option through her dad. But no, I get that drugs are hard to get off of but this girl still chose to throw her life away for a pedo and his dad all those years ago
Also fuck that girl for acting like she didn't have a dad and still doesn't now. She has a dad that will support her with real earned money and turns a blind eye to his daughter's stealing from him (there's no way he doesn't know, Luna is so freaking dumb) yet is able to put his foot down and refuse her shitty bf and likely tells her what's best for her life. It's obvious he loves her yet she throws that away and uses him and abuses him.

No. 532153

the best way to show someone you love them is to neglect them and trash their place while you steal gifts intended for them.
hurry up and be homeless, Luna, you soulless cunt.

No. 532156

File: 1529219199974.jpg (242.43 KB, 720x732, 20180617_090315.jpg)

In case you wondered how Luna maintains her very good skin. The other product is apricot scrub

No. 532159


Of course she isnt quite sure how much they cost since they were gifted off the shelf at CVS

No. 532161


i fucking love st ives apricot scrub but everyone i know who knows the first thing abt skincare keeps telling me it's garbage lol. it is super exfoliating tho so how does she get so crusty so quickly?

No. 532164

Silly anon, she only has to use it when she showers, so about twice a year.

No. 532211

that’s a weird and long winded way to say “stole it from the laundromat”

No. 532231

File: 1529258165812.jpg (145.68 KB, 584x794, 1qjwzg.jpg)

Tuna everytime.

No. 532236

when exactly is she getting kicked out of her house because jesus she never shuts up about it and then goes and takes a million selfies.

No. 532238

>her house
she's living with her mom for a month already. >>515414

No. 532284

she has a 3ds?

No. 532287

That's Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for iPhone

No. 532330

She does have a 3DS (pink, covered in puffy stickers - I think it's pictured in this thread somewhere). But like anon said, in this case she's referencing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, a mobile Nintendo game for phones.

No. 532349

File: 1529284295839.png (367.73 KB, 720x935, Capture _2018-06-17-20-08-04.p…)

No. 532350

File: 1529284329160.png (181.63 KB, 720x754, Capture _2018-06-17-20-08-42.p…)

No. 532354

File: 1529284495839.png (183.22 KB, 710x861, Capture _2018-06-17-20-09-57.p…)

And this ones from a pic of her n roger.

No. 532356

she’s had a lot of deaths occur in her life? rodger, grandma, her ex, is there anyone else…?

No. 532358


her 'real dad who was homeless and a drug addict'

No. 532359


that's a ds lite isn't it?

No. 532361

File: 1529284961477.png (68.2 KB, 541x294, 1480637414115.png)

>I think she'd be proud of you

What is there to be proud of?

>I love you so much roger that's why I stole from you every chance that I got

Tuna has no idea what love is.

No. 532369

>its all about meeeeee

No. 532372

Needs to say "please send money" and it'd be spot on.

No. 532375

>I hope things straighten out soon so I have a moment to grieve you

She has literally nothing but moments to grieve. She sits around all day doing jack shit.

No. 532385

well she's homeless even tho she has a home and i assume she's trying to find a new apartment by doing nothing so she's pretty busy, can't believe roger selfishly died so they couldn't use his benefits to keep living in his home oh did you hear that roger was like a father to her?

lol spot on

No. 532392

She probably over exfoliates (very easy to do with that particular scrub) without properly moisturizing. Considering she barely showers it's obviously not that she exfoliates every day so it's each time she uses it plus she likely has very dry skin from drugs or whatever and doesn't actually use the cream enough
Also Luna is fucking disgusting here. She's actually blaming her grandmother's death for her life choices. If she didn't want to chose this life she wouldn't have, grandmother or not. If she wanted to respect her grandmother she wouldn't have done something her parents did which likely caused a lot of grief that Luna totally would have seen in her grandmother. I mean a mentally ill elderly woman having to care for her grandchild because her parents are too drugged up to do so couldn't have been good for her.
And then Luna decides to shit on another member of her family by ignoring her actual supporting father who is still alive and doesn't give her drugs. Like go ahead and mention Roger but don't shit on your dad when you're just going to use him again and steal from him like you did Roger

No. 532419

she’d call into work and be like, “sorry i cant come in my cotton eye joe knee is acting up and my fiance matthew who the only reason im not married to because he lost his ID had a seizure in the street the other day and a bunch of men beat him up and stole all his things and i am still upset because roger who was my fiances father but was like a real dad to me died and i just cannot come in today my bpd is bad thanks hun”

No. 532462


she's crazy busy you guys, she has all these selfies to post.

i'm not sure that you understand just how stressful it is finding the right shade of grey lipstick to wear and the correct succulent to pose with, let alone the precision required to contort her body into such strange angles

i need a handful of xanax and eight hours of bed rest just thinking about it

No. 532474

File: 1529319622282.jpg (153.29 KB, 584x794, 1qjwzg2.jpg)

No. 532481

the best person she knew and like a dad to her and still she let him rot away on a filthy mattress with severe bed sores spending his money and eating his food.

No. 532494

Bless you my friend. It's beautiful.

And stealing the gifts his friends gave to him and exploiting his death for drug money. Luna only cares about Luna. Everyone in her life is there to take care of her so she can be the junkie princess starving artist she thinks she is.

No. 532619

Luna just blows my mind. I was a heroin addict at her age, and acted a lot like her. It was miserable way to live, so I signed up for Medicaid, got on Suboxone, and got my shit together. It's not easy, but it's not as hard has she makes it out to be. She's lucky to live in a state that even has additional resources for addicts beyond just Medicaid.

It just makes me so mad watching her whinge and moan about how hard everything is, while refusing to use the free, easy resources around her to get her shit straight. It's not like the olden days where your only options for recovery were cold-turkey hell, or expensive-ass rehab.

She has options. She doesn't have to live like this. But she knows there's nothing she can glamorize about sobriety, and people will stop feeling so sorry for her if she gets sober, so she won't be able to take advantage of them with her junkie so stories. It's so disgusting when there are so many addicts who would KILL for a supportive family like Luna has. You know her dad would totally pay for a cushy rehab if she asked but no, she's too proud for that shit.

Imaginary sage and apologies for my OT blogging. It's just so infuriating to watch her act like this when I remember sobbing on the floor begging god, or whoever, to send me some help. This bitch is surrounded by support programs and loving parents who want the best for her, but she's too good to take them up on their offers for help. It's repulsive. If she put even a little effort into getting on Medicaid and finding a Suboxone doc, she could be off heroin by this time next week. But no, poor precious baby angel Luna is just too *~~depressed~~* over Roger's death, and can't be arsed to do anything that would make her presence less of a burden on her parents. Pathetic.

No. 532654

> I was a heroin addict at her age, and acted a lot like her

Im confused what blows your mind about her then? If you acted like her aren’t you basically saying there’s still hope for her and she can get clean if both of you had the suboxone/methadone option?

I hate her because of her awful narcissistic traits. It’s not even her addiction, it’s her blatant lack of remorse, self-centredness and lack of empathy. It’s one thing to steal some money bc you’re worried about getting sick then feeling awful about it, but the way she scams money out of other poor people is repulsive

No. 532676


This is standard junkie behavior really but tuna takes it to extremes. That's why the only hard fast rule in life? Never trust a junkie.

No. 532700


they did go on to say its cus luna has access to help and keeps talking about how shes miserable but doesn't get the help

i think luna wants to be like this cus she doesn't want to be "normal" and i kinda understand that but her life is awful. she'd have much more fun bein some art school kid and having friends and like, leaving the house for a reason other than to steal but whatever we can only watch

No. 532707

She could honestly be a useless lazy bitch without drugs and hurting people too. She could just be a trust fund baby with her dad's help. Minus the drugs she could still play up the whole sympathy thing with her mental issues and all that from her drug abuse. I mean it's still a really shit life but it's somehow still better than what she's doing now

No. 532789

Ya I meant cuz anon had that same access too (lived in state where they could get suboxone). If anon acted like her I’m sure they relate to that “not wanting to get help” aspect?

she’s been romanticizing her addiction since before she even had one (she admitted this) tbh it’s all she knows. that and the narcissism…

No. 532825

Sorry, I didn't elaborate. I didn't like, think heroin was cool like Luna. But I was camming to make money, selling/pawning all kinds of shit for cash, getting evicted, etc. The difference, however, is when I went to the needle exchange and they asked me if I had insurance, I said no, and they helped me register for Medicaid. I did some googling and found a Suboxone doc that takes Medicaid, and that was it. The second I was offered help, I took it. I committed to it. I'm 2 years clean with no relapses, weaning off the last .05mg of Suboxone (started at 16mg). Even if I relapse, there's naloxone in my Suboxone that keeps me from being able to feel the high from heroin. When I'm totally off Suboxone, I will still take naloxone daily to keep the temptation of relapse away.

I'm not out of the woods, obviously. I could relapse tomorrow. But if I relapse, I'm not going to bitch about it for Tumblr asspats, I'm dragging my ass to a doctor to change up my therapy plan and handle the relapse. That's what Tuna needs to be doing.

I guess what it comes down to is privilege. Luna has her mom to take advantage of and her dad to be a safety net if she fucks up. Even at my worst, I refused to burden my parents, I didn't manipulate friends, steal from the elderly, rob graves and laundromats. I had nothing to fall back on, so when help was offered, I accepted immediately.

We've seen how Luna reacts to help. She whines that she can't bring Lurch to live at her dad's, she overstays her welcome and puts her mom at risk. When she's in a hospital program, she complains about the free food, and leaves when they tell her she needs to get sober. She doesn't want to recover, she wants to roleplay Girl, Interrupted.

There is hope for her, but only if she has a major attitude change and gets away from Lurch. She has to try, not expect everything to be handed to her. One day, when Lurch has overdosed and died, her Mom refuses to let her stay, and her dad gets sick of her, she might realize how fucked she is and try to get it together. But by then, it'll probably be too late.

I've never seen someone so deep in their addiction but also so demanding, shameless, greedy. Addicts are known for these traits but they usually at least feel shame. Luna has no shame, and it shows every time she proudly wears stolen clothes, shows her abcessed track marks, posts photos of her Xanax stash, and asks for handouts constantly. It's disgusting.

Sorry for the blog post. I lost another friend to heroin this week and this stupid cow has me triggered AF. I generally have more sympathy for addicts because I've been there, but holy shit, even at my worst, I was at least ASHAMED of my life, grateful for any handouts, riddled with guilt. Luna thinks role-playing Courtney Love IRL is a fun game. It's like she doesn't realize that if she loses this game, she forfeits her life.(blogposting)

No. 532852

>It's like she doesn't realize that if she loses this game, she forfeits her life.

Even if she does realize, I don't think she really cares. There seem to be two options in Luna's world: get exactly what she wants, or die.

No. 532913

Random af question but seeing as the threads already derailed atm

I've known heroin addicts and they were a little dirty, but NOTHING like Luna. What compels her to go weeks without showering? It can't be the heroin, even junkies know to bathe.

I can't even imagine being that dirty all the time, she must feel gross as hell. All of her clothes are chronically unwashed and filled with withdrawal-sweat. I can understand why someone would give in to their addiction, but I can't understand why she'd sacrifice her cleanliness for no reason?

It's not that fucking hard to stay clean-ish, homeless people legit manage to do a better job than Luna.

No. 532920

File: 1529407829929.jpeg (200.01 KB, 750x701, 4037D393-04B0-4ACD-B865-DF4914…)

Lol she posted in a post that said “post a selfie and we’ll guess your DOC” (I have notifications on). I want to reply witth something like “Methadone?” but I don’t wanna doxx myself

No. 532922

samefag but the only thing I can think of is depression? But she doesn’t really seem depressed to me at all

a bath while you’re high on dope feels nice. Usually one is relatively productive high, assuming you’re not nodding too hard. that’s probably how she’s able to take all these sefies and shit, but idk why she can’t bathe.

No. 532924

File: 1529408088505.jpeg (392.06 KB, 750x731, F15D8ECD-BABA-4720-A8BC-31A9FD…)

So sorry for the spam but I just found this too

No. 532926

File: 1529408486695.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.05 KB, 500x750, eggtiddy.jpg)

Damn, basically took an identical screenshot, you beat me to it.
~I was conceived on the stairs of a methadone detox~ who even types like that?

Spoilered pic is lewd egg art that I mistook for Luna.

No. 532930

How many times has she mentioned being conceived on the steps of a methadone clinic? She's so proud of it, like it gives her that ~destined for heroin~ vibe she wants so badly.

No. 532941

Why would she post a photo like this in a public place? She has no fucking shame

No. 532959

she looks like a midget in it lol

No. 532961

Jesus. It's like a junkie's version of humblebragging.

>dae know they were destined for the druggie life because muh tragic junkie parent past

No. 532965

File: 1529426687331.jpeg (663.79 KB, 750x1074, A889CAF0-A04B-46A7-B78C-87D67B…)


Jesus fucking christ what a narc. “since this is getting great feedback here’s a list of mental illnesses i think i have pls feel bad for me thank you”

Everyone in this group is chill and then there’s luna. I want the admins to ban this bitch

No. 532967

shut the fuck up luna

No. 532983

I don't get it either honestly. She's so vain despite the fact that she looks like something you'd fish out of a smelly shower drain.

No. 532998

She's listing a bunch of random things that make no sense in hopes of one upping someone else's sob story. "I have it worse than you!"

No. 533005

Holy shit yeah, she looks like she smells like poop and mildew.
I think it's great communicating about your struggles with a like-minded group of people, but she's literally flaunting her problems like gems. Working hard to understand where you mental health issues come from is good to do but only if you want to change. She obviously just sees her hardships as badges of """honor""".

No. 533007

Lol I want someone to piss her off and list everything she listed plus an additional few illnesses

> Working hard to understand where you mental health issues come from is good to do but

She’s not even doing this though tbh, she just wants [other sick and struggling] people to give her attention and feel bad for her. “I’m interested in the hereditary aspect” my asssss

No. 533021

Yeah, exactly. She's just looking for quick and cheap validation from people that ~get~ her. Relating to someone who's gone through similar experiences can feel great but this is just an excuse to get more people to lick her wounds.

No. 533048

she wants to make people 'get' her. she's such a tortured artist, adrift on the cruel sea of junk life, with only her evil parents to give her shit and keep her off the streets because let's not get too authentic here. #RIPRoger #misshisbedroom
anyway pls paypal me some money in lieu of ~getting~ me uwu

I don't know if she is just <undefined> fucked in the head or if she is trying to mimic what she thinks is normal behaviour because she's some kind of robot. Like, an actual one.

No. 533054

Hasnt she been diagnosed with all those things in her mid to late teens (16-18)? Isn’t it time for a re-diagnosis? She’s probably gonna claim to be soo mentally ill uwu at age 70

No. 533066

Everybody saying Luna should get a job: Holy shit how about her BELOVED Lurch go do something to generate income? How the fuck is she still with someone so useless? Even in the Junkie world he's such a fucking loser with SO LITTLE to offer, he doesn't even make a little money dealing on side like most junkie's I've met. Okay, I guess he gave her an opportunity to move into his junkie apartment where she could live out her junkie dream life off Roger's dime but how is she not sick and tired of him now?

No. 533068

Did anyone guess her DOC? Im curious what people would say.

No. 533069

Some of us did say that he should get a job too cause he's too old to be lazing around doing nothing but getting high.

No. 533118

He could get a job as a gravedigger. Fuck knows they have the pro am practice already.

No. 533135

she talked a lot about how she never got accepted for food stamps (not sure how true that is) so she was mooching off Lurch's as well as her mom's.

I think Lurch is also the one that cops the drugs for both of them. She used to brag about hustling on her old tumblr account, but not much after that.

No. 533142

File: 1529458471677.png (1016.49 KB, 720x906, wideload.png)

What's up with that's rats nest? It looks like she did a really bad job at attempting to back-comb her roots and it just turned into a tangled mess.

No. 533148

Why does she think she can pull off the Victoria's Secret dead-fish eyes look? And her fucking pants pulled over her fupa lmao

No. 533150

File: 1529459420124.png (839.85 KB, 720x812, slob.png)

>random junk and newspapers on table
>towel thrown on chair
>more newspaper on floor

It was alot more tidy in the first kitchen selfie she ever posted.

No. 533152

I just wish she wore a different lipstick colour, corpse lips is not a good look. It would be a good starting point along with brushing her hair and not wearing food covered clothes.

No. 533172

Not even one person. EVERYONE else has at least one comment lol

He most I look st her hair the worst it gets. I used to think it looked relatively decent about a year ago but now its just… agh

No. 533176

she thinks she looks so cool but the way she's standing makes it look like her body morphs into some slug like form. I'm always amazed at how wide she is cus she doesn't seem to carry that much weight in her face

oh those thighs girl, I've never seen legs that are 100% cellulite

No. 533183

I remember she said at Roger's place the shower was broken or something along those lines. Maybe she just got in the habit of not showering. Who knows if that was true though or if it was another one of her lies for $$$ympathy.

>eating disorders
Luna pls. Spending all your food money on drugs is not an eating disorder

It's so weird how she sticks her nose up at everything yet worships Lurch of all people? With her attitude you'd think she'd feel above him.

No. 533204

Does anybody have a link to her Amazon wishlist?

No. 533207

BPD has a weird cycle of adoration followed by hatred, if she's legit BPD she probably does feel like she's above Lurch half of the time.

The way she used to gush about Lurch being soo smart because he reads wiki articles was hilarious. Not all smart people read books!

No. 533240

from the amount they seem to be using, he does generate income. his dealing to support their habits has been discussed and referenced by the cow herself. that's why people get up on Luna about it. she's bringing in jackshit and taking very little risk compared to what she is getting out of it.

No. 533246

Her grandma cellulite always scares me into adding an additional leg day

No. 533292

idealization doesn’t mean feeling above anyone, that’s narcissism

can you link me to where she said this? I’ve been really curious as to how they afford heroin rn. I wonder what he sells. If it’s dope, how do they just not use it all lol

No. 533305

ewwww! what. the. fuck.

No. 533319

she doesn't even have to say it (tho she has) he was arrested for it.
idk how he got that "intent to distribute" dismissed. i might've said snitching if not for De Blasio trying to close Rikers and starting all these supervised release programs to reduce incarceration in NYC. It still seems off to me, he didn't even get probation? court mandated substance abuse treatment? its not like he got caught with weed, community service is not the norm for heroin in nyc.

No. 533594

It makes me wonder if lurch has other family helping him out. Did they get him a lawyer to negotiate the charges? This is sheer speculation

No. 533645

File: 1529551689673.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.97 KB, 640x622, boobs11.jpg)

No. 533662

I now fully understand the term “saggy egg tits” omg

No. 533731

>idealization doesn’t mean feeling above anyone, that’s narcissism
I meant the hatred part. When she's cycled around to hating Lurch, she probably feels like he's a useless drug addict keeping her from achieving her true dream of ~uwu tortured artist like Basquiat~.

Lunas a lot more useless than Lurch tho, don't get me wrong. Everyone remember acid anon from a few threads back? That shows how fucking useless she is, she got Lurch to fight her battles because she's too busy crying in the corner for attention.

Not a New Yorker, but other anons implied hed get off pretty lightly at the time. They could have dropped the distribution charge because they didn't have any evidence other than bulk weight. There are a LOT of heroin addicts in NYC and the probation/jail resources are probably stretched thin.

Lurch has no priors, and has a sob story about how he slipped into heroin from prescription meds (as well as "caring" for Roger at the time). I imagine that helped mitigate his sentence.

No. 533836

File: 1529607157208.jpeg (270.91 KB, 750x1299, 1C8BCE9E-1480-41DB-A333-CC3015…)

No. 533837

File: 1529607169362.jpeg (199.83 KB, 750x905, AC345D30-4918-4284-864C-4E814E…)

No. 533838

File: 1529607182833.jpeg (240.68 KB, 750x1189, A161C8A5-2397-41E6-98B1-F00B36…)

No. 533839

File: 1529607197328.jpeg (281.88 KB, 750x1197, 13BD0149-028F-411C-BEA7-F38395…)

No. 533840

File: 1529607223925.jpeg (324.53 KB, 750x1196, F7BACC6F-2971-4860-9633-C3B50A…)

pray 4 luna

No. 533841

Why does she have a full face of makeup if she's not going outside?

No. 533842

If they ever had kids (that weren't stillborns) they would be the most deformed, retarded little druggie spawns the world has ever seen. Two very unfortunate looking people.
What that in his shirt pocket?

No. 533843

File: 1529607939080.jpg (50.39 KB, 720x781, IMG_20180621_200148_922.jpg)

Lmao what the fuck is that bong? This feels like it's objectively worse than her older work, her linework has always been wonky and terrible but wtf? The ruffles on the clothing don't make sense and it looks flat as fuck. I might be wrong but I swear she's losing basic artistic abilities like "being able to control a marker properly." Her colouring outside the lines doesn't look like a stylistic choice, this literally looks like it was drawn by a tween after smoking their first joint.

Also lol it doesn't have a belly button, Lunas drawing weird clone creatures now.

No. 533845

>He loves me!
>Most effort he'll make for a selfie is a half-assed hand in her face


This is weird but I suddenly feel kinda bad for Lurch. Those are the eyes of a man who desperately wants out, but the retard fucked up his own life by being a heroin addicted pervert, so I don't feel THAT bad.

No. 533846

have they moved/been kicked out of her mom's yet?

No. 533849

File: 1529610005399.png (109.91 KB, 400x258, b1xONGO.png)

I'm not trying to nitpick, but what are those bumps?? on her lips

>so let's hope
Why bother? She'll just steal from her boss again

No. 533851

File: 1529610590265.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1242x1545, 3A58509C-5AB6-4DD5-9362-808EBC…)

why would she post this ??? what is the point ??

No. 533852

File: 1529610676500.jpeg (2.17 MB, 1242x1504, 9903AB1D-6CB7-4B91-893B-2D5748…)

No. 533853

File: 1529610752757.jpeg (211.57 KB, 1242x1138, 4CB6CA66-F745-4AC4-B7E5-7F1979…)

1. why does her lipstick end halfway up her cupid’s bow? 2. what are those scratches on her cheek?

No. 533854

File: 1529610830341.jpeg (228.32 KB, 750x1288, 3B62C9AF-128F-4E09-BCC9-363D5F…)

She’s having a very productive day

No. 533859

This is the WORST, it looks like she has no teeth other than that one brown hillbilly tooth. Gross.

No. 533861

the 'scratches' are probably just mascara clumps she smudged.

what fucking triggers me is she doesn't fill in her eyeliner all the way around her eyelashes

No. 533862

looking a special time of fucked up here
have you guys noticed that she says this every few months? it's the only hope not uh look for jobs online or irl but wait for someone to maybe call you back
is she fucking serious w this price?

No. 533863

can we make this the next OP image lmao
she's on crack I see
~crack confidence uwu desu~

No. 533864

has her nose always looked like somebody pushed their thumb into a drying clay sculpture? holy shit

No. 533870

reminder that she wants $75 and $55 for drawings on printer paper

No. 533891


bc she probs (defs) thinks she looks really cute

No. 533893


looks like filter tips for roll-your-own cigs

No. 533903

What the fuck, the lumps move around too, they're on the top of her lip in this one >>533853

I don't mean to nitpick but that shit ain't right. Is it herpes or something? Does smoking crack cause blisters due to the heat of the pipe?

No. 533905

Nah, I think she just uses both a lot and old lipstick. It looks like lipstick chunks to me which either happens with old and past its prime lipstick or when you apply way too much. Plus it's probably cheap so there is that too.

No. 533906

i think they're just dry bits of skin she bites off. or food crumbs. oh wait how could i forget, she's too poor to eat uwuwuwu

No. 533910

Yeah Luna, I'm sure he does. And I'm sure he'd still love you if your parents both dropped you from their lives

No. 533912

lol yeah which is hilarious because how many jobs has she even had? how many "old bosses" could there be to even call her? all i can recall is the job where she shot up in the bathroom and stole out of people bags. unless those were two different jobs, even so why would either ever call her again lol it's all bullshit

No. 533915

iirc she painted some mural for money, and then had another job where she stole from bags. i could be wrong but wasn't it in customer service/call center so she was around more colleagues in an office space with more opportunities to steal?

No. 533920

i thought she never got the mural job because "the woman never called her back"

other than that i think she only had that office job that she said made her BPD worse

No. 533921

i recall her posting (likely bs) about how she was having a hard time getting back to her boss about getting paid since the boss went on vacation or some such. could have been a really short-lived gig. hard to believe anything she says really.

No. 534034

Isn't this the same boss she's been going on about for months about being able to get a job with? I doubt they're going to hire her back now.

No. 534059

the absolute cheek of trying to sell this trash. sorry to get personal, but as an illustrator her art is one of the things that enrages me the most. there's people that give a shit trying to make their way in the world and there's luna off her socks doing telephone doodles to try and sell for drug money.

No. 534084

That one was the "jewellery shop" that Lurch worked at. She was bragging about how he was basically the manager because his boss went on vacation, but forgot to pay Lurch.

No. 534161

Yeah I'm pretty sure this is the same boss from like a month ago, when she said that she kept calling him about a job.

I feel bad for her old boss, getting repeated unwanted phone calls from some junkie. Most people get the hint when someone says "I'll call you back when I have something" and then never call you back.

No. 534169

I remember her posting progress pics of the mural and posting about it constantly and then one day she just stopped and never mentioned it again or showed the finished painting. No clue what happened, maybe she got bored and stopped showing up or got fired.

No. 534182

99% sure that was the job she got fired from because she was stealing from people's bags

No. 534210

she had a job involving architecture (i remember her posting about measuring for blueprints and stuff, but i don’t remember what the exact job was) when she was pretty young (like, the hipsville days) but it was short lived. i don’t think this was a mural painting job but i could be wrong.

No. 534213

Nah mural painting was only a couple of years ago, she lived with Lurch and was doing heroin by then

No. 534272

File: 1529707441067.png (634.2 KB, 788x578, 18 (1).png)

No. 534273

File: 1529707450964.png (684.83 KB, 765x559, 19 (1).png)

No. 534277

fuck it boils my piss that people still send her things. what the fuck.

No. 534278

File: 1529707661458.png (655.95 KB, 776x567, 20 (1).png)

No. 534279

File: 1529707692820.png (552.67 KB, 774x560, 20.1.png)

No. 534281

File: 1529707761499.png (3.55 MB, 1584x1668, 1.5.png)

No. 534287

>I don't have anywhere to stay much longer

She's been saying that for weeks.

No. 534288

File: 1529708079576.png (292.02 KB, 875x567, 4.15.png)

No. 534289

File: 1529708154760.png (551.53 KB, 873x564, 4.19.png)

No. 534292

File: 1529708238817.png (2.74 MB, 1656x1572, 4.19.png)

No. 534299

File: 1529708463874.png (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 772x1128, 11 (1).png)

Last one. Thanks to KF for the caps

No. 534310

Her art looks as nasty as she does.

It looks like she's shooing away liquid fart.

No. 534317

if people are stupid enough to buy her "art" then let them I guess. Her art has deteriorated and it wasn't good to begin with.

No. 534360

Peep that chunk of filth on those U-shaped plugs.

No. 534362

And knowing that she most likely doesn't clean them is just yuck. You can smell them through the screen.

No. 534388

I was gonna say thank god she cleaned her ears before posting a pic, but is that a glob of earwax I see in there….? Ew.

No. 534417

how long has she had her ears stretched for? i honestly don’t remember her having them before the opal U-shaped plugs. are they recent or did i just not notice them?

No. 534430

I was looking at old pics, and yeah I think they were stretched she just didnt have plugs in them.

And also, looking back at old threads made me miss her drug-blog days. She used to actually be interesting!
I wish she'd start posting shit about her life again instead of just her shitty art and ugly selfies.

No. 534532

>Remembering your dead ex for all the things they used to buy you.

I don't know why I keep getting shocked by her bullshit, but I do. Fuck Luna, she only "misses" people that she was conning out of money.

No. 534595

And she only loves them when they're buying her things or giving her cash.

No. 534613

File: 1529763095826.png (20.94 KB, 840x163, 652ADADB-0CAC-4F38-9023-9DA4F8…)

was browsing second thread and came across this suddenly relevant gem again

No. 534615

lol she sounds like she's describing herself in this post, she's ridiculous
I wonder how she'll react if/when people stop funding her life and she's actually struggling as much as she's claimed she is

No. 534764

Yep, she overdosed again like we all assumed.

No. 534789

File: 1529795765491.jpeg (228.36 KB, 750x1267, 0E31E34A-3B0E-4B4B-BE88-0DF403…)

image dump from Instagram incoming.

No. 534790

File: 1529795777851.jpeg (390.5 KB, 750x1285, 1F1FEC60-78E7-41E0-9789-91F65D…)

No. 534791

File: 1529795795130.jpeg (283.3 KB, 750x1286, 640B882D-77EB-4BB6-A619-6185B8…)

No. 534792

File: 1529795808844.jpeg (204.92 KB, 750x1282, 558924FE-B94E-46DD-9F22-C1BE2D…)

No. 534793

File: 1529795829658.jpeg (250.79 KB, 750x1273, 26479138-8F3D-49F6-A112-7EEEBE…)

No. 534795

File: 1529795850844.jpeg (397.51 KB, 750x1292, 00BD237E-5384-48AB-8E74-111DF8…)

No. 534796

File: 1529795868235.jpeg (338.36 KB, 750x1297, 0406F31A-15D2-4CCD-A92D-C23CEC…)

No. 534797

File: 1529795881691.jpeg (266.45 KB, 748x1280, 41F262AB-9A98-4C8C-AA8F-7A3510…)

No. 534798

File: 1529795901644.jpeg (273.69 KB, 750x1271, 7E42D0BD-F153-455B-B063-3631CF…)

No. 534799

File: 1529795915511.jpeg (250.75 KB, 750x1280, 2CFC90F0-7226-4198-9BCB-7C9281…)

No. 534800

File: 1529795931005.jpeg (246.92 KB, 750x888, FA94D7B3-CE27-48FF-A57B-1D9258…)

No. 534801

File: 1529795955996.jpeg (175.77 KB, 749x1179, 8692DEA0-5F35-4E61-B50A-D327B5…)

No. 534806

File: 1529796666007.png (682.23 KB, 1080x1129, 20180623_193158.png)

Eeewww is that a dead roach?!

No. 534808

Bitch you didnt "lose" your art supplies when you got evicted, you chose to take nasty, moldy stuffies and knick knacks with you instead.

No. 534839

File: 1529800736979.jpg (22.09 KB, 400x300, little-britain-vicky-pollard.j…)

sorry tuna this is where my mind went as soon as I saw you

No. 534843

just looks like a stain to me

she’s getting rid of papers in her sketchbooks bc she has no space? what is ripping out a paper gonna do… other than get her more money so she can use it on everything but rent and food? Smh

No. 534854

File: 1529802504818.jpg (21.72 KB, 275x270, 1529446553770.jpg)

"please buy me Amazon knick knacks because I'm about to be homeless uwu"

I can't with this bitch forreal. Pic related. I have those same pastel markers and she's gonna wreck them within like a week, mark my words.

Luna,the only way you're getting hired anywhere is if someone holds you down and Clairisonics the shit out of your face, and manages to distract you with drugs long enough to drag a brush through that rat's nest. For the love of god, at least put some fucking lip balm on your wishlist and learn how to use it. My eyes can't take it anymore. I mean, that has to hurt, right? I know liquid lipstick can be hella drying but like…you can let it dry and put lip balm over it?? You don't have to have a crusty purple anus for a mouth?? Plenty of instathots manage to apply lipstick without looking certifiably bugfucking crazy??! YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS.

(apologies for skincare sperging, this bitch skin got me triggered AF)

No. 534866

I wish she would just get kicked out of her moms and be actually homeless but you know she'd just go live with her dad but be all like "I'm being forced to live with a man who never treated me like he cared and just stresses me out and who i hate! i miss living with roger, who's dead and was like a father to me, so much"

No. 534889

I swear to god if this bitch tries to sell these awful doodles for anything over $10…. I could paint a much better version of one of these rn and sell it for $5. this is so bad oh my god. why is her art getting WORSE and why does she think it’s so good

No. 534897

KEK at how she says dollar store lipstick over and over. even better that it’s dollar store lipstick her friend sent her. sounds so awkward to say “how cute is this dollar store lipstick my friend sent me?” it’s almost rude.

No. 534904

um anon they're gonna be $40+

No. 534905

$10 for nudes, $40 for shitty doodles on printer paper or torn out sketchbook paper.
Such a businesswoman.

No. 534908

she values pics of her body less than pics of ugly ass scribbles kek

No. 534910

File: 1529810425862.gif (1.07 MB, 275x170, 1428421281717.gif)

Typical Tuna. "I'm so close to killing myself! Buy me things I lost most of what I owned a couple of months after my father in law died who was the only father who I ever loved and was like a real dad to me, by the way I'm gonna be homeless soon please order these for me it's the only way I can cope".

Go fuck yourself, Lunatic.

What's with that dirty mustache?! Girl needs some fucking shame goddamn.

You forgot, "and he only buys me cheap stuff".

No. 534938

I wouldn't pay for nudes but I'd pay for her to wash her damn face at least once. Hell, I'd pay for a nude face pic without a week's worth of foundation layered on top of each other. Her face is so beyond disgusting cause the foundation just pics up all of the sort and shit around her. At least her natural face wouldn't do so as much

No. 534957

I feel like it’s not just almost rude, I think it’s torally rude. I would be hurt if I tried to give someone a gift but all they could talk about is how cheap it is.

Luna is, above all, horribly inconsiderate and lacks empathy.

No. 534968

Her hair/bangs never looks greasy but her face is constantly so filthy, it’s like she washes her hair a normal amount (but doesnt brush it) and then completely skips her face

No. 534994

That’s one thing I’ve never understood: how are Luna’s bangs barely greasy?

Maybe my skin is oily, but my bangs get gross by the end of the day and I can’t skip washing them or else I look like a stringy grease factory. How do hers manage to look decent when she never takes off her makeup, washes her face, washes her hair, or even showers?

No. 535018


Lol I've seen that angel charm before. It's from a company called Paris Jewelry and it's $15 plus $5 shipping to NY and she threw out the original chain. Not that expensive if you're a normal person with a job, but $20 for a tiny charm when you're an unemployed drug addict is dumb af.

No. 535021


same anon but thinking about that necklace, I realized you can only buy it on Etsy so she must have an account on there. Vola! The origins of Luna's corpse lipstick, finally revealed. It's only 4 dollars…no wonder it looks like crap. Also lol @ $400 Alice in Chains wish list.


No. 535028

Dry shampoo maybe? It's just like talcum powder shit that sticks to the outside of your hair and dries off the grease, but it makes your hair really unmanageable if you use it for more than like a few hours. It'd explain why it's always such a rat's nest.

No. 535062


lololol the shade is even called Rigor Mortis

No. 535066

File: 1529838928411.jpeg (260.6 KB, 750x1280, 1529795915511-01.jpeg)

Hahahaha I put this picture thru an auto-fix app to try and make her look better but it just did this. I think it removed all the blur?

I was in agreement with anons about her hair, but I think it's just easier to blur her hair grease in photos.

No. 535274

Is that legit dirt all over her face? Fucking disgusting.

No. 535295

Yeah. That pic should have been spoiler-ed. I clicked it and it triggered my gag reflex. Had to exit out of that asap!

No. 535299

i don't really care about the dirt its gross but nothing compares to that nasty puckered asshole mouth that haunts my nightmares! luna please drink a glass of water

No. 535431

I'm personally a dry person when it comes to skin and hair and my hair gets drier and matted if I go a while between washing it. Maybe Luna is the same? Especially considering she always looks super dehydrated

No. 535452

Drinking water and mosturizing aren't some sort of luxury habits (nivea cold cream is like 4-5 euros/6 dollars). Tuna is gross inside and out. Period.

No. 535464

Costs even less considering she has access to her dads Amazon and can jump on online sales if she just bothered to give a shit about things that arent just #aesthetic but help keep her maintained as a human being. Its the same as when she kept crying about dried Copic markers when they sell ink refills and even replacable marker tips if she got hers clogged/smeared w/ ink during an artistic drug binge.

No. 535888

File: 1529977116341.png (888.8 KB, 711x894, Capture _2018-06-25-20-38-11.p…)

No. 535889

He looks dead.
No, genuinely. Like a corpse she propped up and opened its eyes to make it look alive. what the shit

No. 535891

File: 1529977240730.png (166.63 KB, 702x920, Capture _2018-06-25-20-38-26.p…)

No. 535911

File: 1529978041560.gif (1.89 MB, 245x165, giphy-2.gif)

No. 535943

She's getting his nose. She also needs to wash her fucking hands.

No. 535951

It looks like they're still at her mom's. It's been well over a month by now. Is she planning on living there forever or what

>you and me, were always two peas.

How profound.

No. 536007

I think that's an old bruise that's healing tbh. Still injecting herself in the hands because she's too uncoordinated to do it anywhere subtle.

No. 536020

>as long as our skin can touch
I felt some visceral inner disgust at the mere thought of Lurch and Luna's gross sticky skin mashed together.
>money can buy happiness, but your love is definitely medicinal
??? This is nowhere near as profound as she thinks it is, it just makes her look shallow as fuck. Doesn't say she appreciates or enjoys his love, just applies it like a drug.

>the world could finally come to an end but we'll hold hands while everything crumbles I know it'll be alright

then why the fuck has she been whining CONSTANTLY about being ~homeless~ with ~no possessions~ ~any art supplies/money would be greatly appreciated because Roger's dead wahhh~? You can't suicide bait over your homelessness, then act like Lurch's love conquers all evil. If Lurch's love is so fucking great, then why does she rely so heavily on her parents?

The second and third verse are even more bullshit tbh. VI makes me angry with it's stupidity lmao

>Writing like

>this doesnt make
>you a poet.
>just because you're sad
>doesnt make you profound

>In heaven

>Hiding from the "Crests of Hell"
>from above
>That's fucking stupid
>Luna can't carry a metaphor.

>crazy bitch

>You won't ever leave me
>because I said so
>I love you I love you I love you
>Isnt that right baby?
>If I manically scream I love you
>after shouting at you all day
>that makes it ok
>cuz we're in love
>My paypal is Lunaslater@gmail.com

No. 536037

File: 1529989263224.png (759.68 KB, 711x894, 1529977116341.png)


5 minutes of my life I'll never get back

No. 536047

File: 1529989728637.jpg (998.21 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180625-220850_Ins…)

Subtly begging for more ugly slippers

No. 536057

File: 1529990655621.webm (799.07 KB, 639x1136, StorySaver_funeral1996_3523933…)

Bonus insta story of her gross lips

No. 536061

Ugly? You must mean comfortable…for her ultimate sheltered bum life

No. 536096

i hope this is the next thread picture…

No. 536107

What…was the point of this video?

No. 536145

There’s no point, just another excuse for Tuna to memorialize an instance when she’s high out of her mind and feels “pretty”.

No. 536171

She thinks she's so cool, doesn't she?

And what's even the point of wearing all that makeup when you're just lazing around home…

No. 536180

Her movement looks so weird. Wtf?

No. 536185

She probably wants people to see it and feel bad for her lol

How the fuck does she still have working hand veins? It’s been YEARS.

No. 536225

anons, am i tripping or is her septum pierced way too low?

No. 536233

Wtf she legit is turning into Lurch. Since when was her face so long and flat?

I think that's why she stopped wearing her doorknocker septum ring, she was wearing a far too heavy piercing and the weight of it stretched the hole further down.

No. 536236

…she already owns a pair of fuzzy pink slides.
why is she holding it like a kid getting ready to slather that shit all over their face?

No. 536239

Why does she need all of these ugly ass fur slippers? Get some proper shoes, Tuna, ffs.

No. 536241

oh you just fucking know that she'll have them in a few days and we'll have to see her feet again

No. 536273

she really hulk-smashes that lipstick into her face. why can’t she do the simplest things like a normal human being ???

No. 536303

File: 1530027691058.png (Spoiler Image,643.81 KB, 1080x1324, Screenshot_20180626-093856.png)

No. 536306

File: 1530027996707.png (1.26 MB, 1074x1679, Screenshot_20180626-094657.png)

No. 536311

um luna honey, you're wearing lipstick rn

still so crazy how she does all this makeup to like sit at home all day

No. 536312

why…just why

No. 536313

That's so funny.

No. 536323

File: 1530028896272.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1632, Screenshot_20180626-175717~2.p…)

that cat has seen some shit
bitch, he probably meowed at you for food or because you stink

No. 536324

File: 1530028924076.png (29.1 KB, 720x169, Capture _2018-06-26-10-59-42.p…)

I like how she says she can't wait to have her own place again. She's never had her own place, she moved into Rogers house. It was his, not yours. Bitch.
And how does she expect to have her own place when all she does it sit around and slather on makeup?

No. 536325

She deleted this right after I screenshot it. Wonder why.

No. 536332

File: 1530029519612.png (967.42 KB, 720x913, Capture _2018-06-26-11-11-50.p…)


No. 536341

how's she gonna have her own place tho? in the uk the government will pay you housing benefit so you can rent certain places is it like that in the us too? cus I can't imagine that she's gonna work to pay rent lmao

No. 536358


Someone please tell her to buy a bra.

No. 536372

>Since when was her face so long and flat?

Since Lurch started kissing her.

I really don't get why she's holding the lipstick like a caveman with a stone either.

She looks like a chubby yellow fish.

No. 536377


No. 536405


You have to apply and get on a list of eligible people but it takes years and years. She knows that.

No. 536423

>so poor can’t even afford food uwu just a little starving angel

No. 536428

File: 1530039168234.jpeg (253.02 KB, 750x1279, 9BB3F6F0-4454-45FF-9CC0-03BD5D…)

So self-conscious

No. 536435

>I'm so self-conscious, I should take a million selfies cause I literally have nothing better to do

This bitch is so insufferable. At least she stopped the lie about starving. She's definitely gaining weight.

No. 536497

Wait, so she had on makeup as she was shaving her face, or am I interpreting this wrong?

No. 536505

how has she not gotten a staph infection by now? surely most of her makeup is filled with bacteria and/or expired

No. 536508

she tried shaving her peach fuzz….. starting at her Cupid's bow? Instead of the clear mustache she has going on a each extremity of her mouth? Why Luna

No. 536514

>"when i get hired"
lmao when has Luna ever talked about even SEARCHING for a job?

No. 536524

She keeps calling up the same old job that doesn't want her back. She tried calling them last year and they didn't want her. I have no idea why she would think that they would want her now.

No. 536525

uhmm her old boss is gonna call her back anon, if that doesn't sound promising idk what does

No. 536593

>Ordered 2 months ago from China
Jfc her mum is such a doormat. Luna ordering shit from China while she's there, she knows she's never leaving.

No. 536594

File: 1530056154752.gif (1.57 MB, 640x324, 1495285827328.gif)

Ordering a shirt with a gofundme open for rent money because she was going to get evicted.

What are priorities.

No. 536597


Didn't she get into Pratt for writing? How TF is her poetry so bad?

No. 536598

her poetry back in the hipsville days was very good. she got into pratt before her poetry turned into cheap ddlg gingerbronson tumblr garbage.

No. 536603

File: 1530058002036.png (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 734x1298, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 00.5…)

I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of H, but is that mark on her thigh from tying off her leg?

No. 536605

She dropped out of Pratt after like a month to go and do lots of smack with Lurch, too, so that doesn't help.

No. 536631

just wrap something around your leg and test it out. it looks like a birth mark to me. i ccant tell what part of the leg it is but if it’s the upper thigh, doubtful that she’d try and tie up there. femoral vein injections are hella risky. seems to me like she mostly uses her feet and hands

No. 536648

they are, but people use them, and the jugular regularly.

doesn't look like a tie off bruise to me. just a regular one. bruises from ties look like if you were to pinch your skin; sorta little clusters of tiny really dark spots. sometimes in a little line.

leastways that's what they tended to look like on my arms. never used my legs.

No. 536662

I can see lurch using those veins but not luna. he’s been using for what, over a decade? more? all of luna’s trackmarks are on her hands and feet, if she still has functioning veins there (which I find surprising after 5 years, she must have thick sturdy veins) she’s not resorting to the really dangerous areas

No. 536674

Next thread pic absolutely

No. 536683

writing program at pratt isnt very selective

No. 536687

i hope comparing their actions to my shit isn't drifting way off course, BUT: I used the crooks of both elbows off and on for 10+ years. When one side started getting hard to flag on, I'd switch to the other side and so on.

It's entirely possible they're rotating various spots to prevent veins collapsing, tearing, whatever?

Or are they too stupid and short-sighted to think of something so basic?

No. 536758


Her piercing is placed low and close to her face. The circular barbell she used to wear was nowhere near heavy enough to cause her piercing to migrate.

No. 536759


>>536405 is describing Section 8 housing which is funded by the federal government's Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Some large cities have supportive housing programs which are funded by a combination of resources.


No. 536843

File: 1530126354810.jpeg (434.16 KB, 640x910, CBB62D71-94C0-4D8D-8DD8-8E7AE0…)

She used to be cute. :(

No. 536847


I think it's more likely from squeezing into clothing that doesn't fit, but that's just me

No. 537039

agreeing with ^.

looks like the leg band of those little shorts or whatever was squeezing her thigh, more than anything else.

No. 537040

Litterally been lurking this & past threads for days now… been following Luna for years & in like 2016 I dm'd her on insta trying to send her some books I thought she might like (honestly did not realize how awful she was back then…) I just went to open this thread back up & at the exact same time she replies to me…. years later. Im dying. Also never posted before lmao

No. 537046

File: 1530152699636.jpg (183.51 KB, 1300x953, man-milking-a-cow-by-hand-sett…)

Get to work farmer

No. 537047

2 years later? lol tell her she can have them for a dollar each to get that sweet block

No. 537068

she was accepted to pratt but couldn't afford to go, so she went to brooklyn college instead. she complained about it for months on tumblr beforehand and made absolutely no effort to go to her classes or make friends when the semester started because she was "too good" for them.

around this time she also started posting strung out poetry readings on her youtube channel, mostly centered around how much she hated her roommate. all of them have been taken down since then and unfortunately i haven't been able to find any archived copies of them yet. you can still view her youtube watch history though, which is just about as weird as you'd expect: https://m.youtube.com/user/thatpoisonleaf/videos

No. 537075

i think the birth mark is her old "try" stick n poke

No. 537076

some of those video thumbs made me want to vomit. why the hell would anyone want to watch videos of maggots or whatever eating a man's head down to the skull and all the rest of that shit?

All the hurt animals. At-home tooth extraction? Was all this before or after she started using down?

No. 537080

File: 1530159023321.jpeg (198.05 KB, 750x1269, BA99DAE2-48DB-436E-A324-3D7146…)

She’s so gross.

She’s also still bothering those poor kittens at the laundromat.

No. 537082

File: 1530159327181.jpeg (385.91 KB, 750x1289, F1E6B515-47D3-4FE5-8240-FEA4B8…)

No. 537084

File: 1530159352566.jpeg (392.24 KB, 750x1275, DE8F4D06-DA82-43DB-807A-182D97…)

Poor Luna had such a hard day.

No. 537098

>It's 85% different

It looks exactly like your other bullshit, Tuna.

No. 537102

I want a collage of all the hands she's drawn in this pose

No. 537112

I really, really dig the "it'll be ok!" pill bottle!

Her art has been steadily deteriorating, sadly. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I always liked her style. But it became less and less genuine expression, and more and more gimme bucks for dope, and it really shows.

No. 537137

>drawing yourself taking a bath so you don't have to take an actual one

No. 537158

85% different

Wow.. sounds like she probably traces her “base”’ for a lot of her doodles lol

Ok anon, I’ll bite. Why do you like her art? Which of her “pieces” do you have affinity for?

No. 537193

For the same reason anyone likes anybody's art - I find it aesthetically pleasing and it resonates with me.

Let me ask you something. Why are you being such a dick about it, why the belittling tone? What provoked you?

No. 537200

i used to like her art, not necessarily for the same reasons i'd like art enough to put up on my wall or anything, but in the past when she was 15-19 her art was much more sincere and expressive, the shitty technical aspects gave off a primitive art kind of vibe which fit well with how honest she was being, but then her honesty fused with the aesthetic she was trying super hard to go for and she lost all the shit that redeemed her bad execution, so now it just sucks

No. 537231

A couple videos into her liked history is one from April 9th so these are pretty recent

No. 537253


Such a waste of Copics. The only one that shows any even fill and some blending is the upper right. The face is not a lopsided flat stare and the colors work well together and create depth and light and shadows. And it is not portraying the junkie aesthetic. It looks like it could have been created in a figure drawing class. But that is just one out of dozens over the months.

No. 537259

If you like the style check out that artist who she’s basing her style on (can someone give me the name?? it was mentioned on previous threads).

No. 537261

>The only one that shows any even fill and some blending is the upper right.

That's paint, not markers, I think she uses acrylics on canvas (whenever she'd beg some out of her followers/dad)

No. 537281

Love how this awful bitch can't just make something for the sake of it, like ohh got my new sketchbook that I begged someone for! wanna buy every single thing I draw??? for $55??? If she really wanted to try she'd put a zine together or something but then again she'd probs charge like $400 for it

No. 537306

Her art is so juvenile and way too literal with the stupid pill bottles everywhere and poppy flowers. We get it, you do drugs. it’s pretty sad honestly. You can tell she has some ability to draw, she just lacks in creativity.

No. 537310

it's cus she doesn't really care, to her it's a way of making money, same with slappin her tits out she didn't put any effort into it she just thought hey I have a body I could sell it

No. 537320

File: 1530205703314.jpg (387.17 KB, 1600x795, large_Polly_Nor_Interview_04.j…)

Polly Nor, maybe?

No. 537327


All of these are from her sketchbooks which are all she has left. She lost all of her canvases in the eviction.

No. 537336

Why are you so sensitive, anon? That anon wasn't much of a dick about it.

This. Tuna doesn't care about improving, being creative or anything of the sort, she just wants to make some money. Maybe once upon a time she cared but she stopped within the last couple of years.

No. 537448

She’s also a fan of Daniel Johnston’s art - I know she has at least one tattoo of his artwork (probably because Kurt Cobain was a fan/friend of him)

No. 537453

I wonder if part of the reason why shes “simplifying” her art nowadays is to emulate his art style (since we all know she doesn’t have an original bone in her body)

No. 537461

hm think it's just because she isn't very talented or creative

No. 537494

It's acrylic in a sketchbook, definitely not markers.

No. 537499

Anon are you doing some casual trolling or do you need to put your glasses on? Any recent art that Tuna has made/posted has all been marker on thin paper. She can’t blend colors for shit and that’s why it looks like they’re bleeding.

No. 537501

Anon I'm talking specifically about the top right one in the compilation that other anon said they liked, not any of the others. It's clearly acrylic, go and have a closer look at it, you can see the brush stroke marks on the leg and foot.

No. 537505

I’m sorry your taste in art sucks, anon. Take a fucking art class or two at a reputable college or maybe just read an art history book? You’ll understand why everything she does in her doodles is not worthy of appreciation or praise. There are SO many real artists on social media selling their work for an appropriate amount of money who use their supplies with skill. Luna just pencils a fucking character from that stupid RPG game she plays on her phone, draws some clothes on it that she wished she was wearing, draws some distorted pill bottles and occasionally throws in a Down syndrome looking angel.
Get some help, anon. Your taste is terrible(calm down)

No. 537511

Calm down.

No. 537513

NAYRT but you deriving your self esteem from having "better taste" in something completely inconsequential and purely for the sake of enjoyment is far, far sadder than some anon enjoying at looking at Luna's doodles ever will be.

Bragging about your taste on a mongolian portrait website is literally the highest form of cancer.

No. 537556

ok your reply is obnoxious too anon

Pretty sure most people would agree that lunas art is awful like pills with "I'm sad" on ok but if someone's basic enough to like it then that's cool too

No. 537575

Lmao what? Who said anything about self esteem? Anon you need to start taking your crazy pills again your sperging is ridic but if you want to drop $100 on one of Luna’s sharpie marker doodles so she could stick those proceeds right up her arm, then you do you. I’m just here for the milk.

Speaking of, any new insta posts and amazon hauls?

No. 537594

i’m so glad someone else remembers those poetry reading videos. it is literally horrifying to watch tuna on video, especially speaking for long periods of time. her mouth looks like it’s being pulled in different directions with little strings, like an old man who’s smoke a pipe his whole life. i can’t explain it but if you watched the videos you know what i mean.

No. 537619


>mongolian portrait website


No. 537636

wonder if they meant Mongoloid? still doesn't make a great deal of sense, but slightly more than Mongolian. I guess. Maybe?

No. 537637

cut it out with the art sperging. no one cares whose taste is better. let's get some better milk already

No. 537764

ITT "real artists" rage over how easily pleased normal people are. I'm sorry to all the anons charging fair prices for their artwork and selling less than this hack.

Normal people don't care about technique, as long as it's subjectively pleasing. There are a lot of edgy people in the world who dig this sort of pathetic druggo shit (myself included, NGL I dig the pill bottle aesthetic for some weird reason).

I wouldn't ever BUY anything, or even display anywhere for free, but some of her work is "good' the sense of "huh that's kinda cool, now I'll forget about it and never look again"

Luna's shit used to have a little substance, but now it's all rushed bullshit she draws SPECIFICALLY to sell. You can tell she doesn't care anymore, and just tries to draw as quickly as possible to make more money.

If Luna put in real time and effort, she wouldn't be so bad, but her addiction makes her terrible and lazy.

No. 537771

File: 1530261828721.jpeg (51.84 KB, 640x640,