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File: 1705341559011.png (307.6 KB, 778x534, 34f.png)

No. 1955417[Reply]

This thread concerns creators, artists, voice actors and others who work or are connected to the modern Western American animation and comics industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and/or have dated.

previous thread: >>1927468

God's gang gets released >>1927863
Discussion of failed pilots >>1928368
>>1928586 >>1929853
LS mark is morbidly obese now >>1930617
The son of Flapjack's creator trooned out >>1931151
Toonhive made a tweet about ang >>1931427
Vivzie claims HH pilot is no longer canon >>1931600
Wish's goat canonically founded zootopia >>1932550
Disney might have used AI for one of its promotional pictures >>1932903
Oye primos gets delayed >>1936243
Promising cartoon with the ugliest style possible gets dumped in Netflix >>1939450
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(please do a recap next time, editted to add recap from a poster)
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No. 1984294

no because some aroace people swear up and down that they "can have sex and absolutely love it"

No. 1984382

Pomni barely even has a personality other than being anxious and confused, what a dumb retard.

No. 1984603

you guys are so mean lmao

No. 1985052

Recent Alex Hirsch Interview where he answers GF question and briefly discusses upcoming projects

No. 1985053

Tadc's female characters are written as well as its male ones, I suppose (in that nobody has any development and they're all just coomerbait and wannabe tumblr sexymen)

File: 1709193502094.png (923.93 KB, 716x1078, twomad.png)

No. 1971031[Reply]

Previous thread: >>1873055

Thread recap:
>SuperMega apology videos, Lex/Ethan/Leighton/Nick shit flinging and dead-horse-beating ft. alleged troonphobia, suicide jokes, cheating, leeching, and manipulation
>Pat and Paige, Cody Ko and Kelsey, Dunkey, and Danny Gonzalez have babies
>Leafy is fat and ugly, would fuck trannies
>Kurtis Conner is friends with a racist and called out by zoomer fanbase
>Boogie is dating a 20 year old
>Linus Tech Tips' company LMG accused of shitty behavior and making bad reviews, former employee posts about hostile work environment and getting belittled by HR to the point of cutting her leg open to avoid work
>F1NN5TER the not-tranny's friend Giggly Goonclown is a severely porn-addicted pedophile who grooms minors on Discord
>Streamy Awards hosted by MatPat ft. characters like MrBeast and Dylan Mulvaney
>GlitterForever17 gets a VICE interview about her pill addiction, gay ex-husband, and OnlyFans
>Jacksfilms is creepily obsessed with parodying SSSniperWolf's shitty videos in opposition to YouTube promoting her, she doxxes him by posting the outside of his house
>Dream argues with Amazing World of Gumball voice actor, posts more pictures of his fatty past
>Dan Howell dresses as a catboy in desperate attempt to regain relevancy among former fujo fanbase
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1982792

It's equally annoying to here this but muh menz bullshit as well. The act is being called out so the gender shouldn't matter, you sped. 'an edgy art statement' please. You spend a lot of time on tiktok, don't you.

No. 1982817

File: 1712300948239.jpeg (930.66 KB, 1179x1102, IMG_6720.jpeg)

Why is she referencing this? Because she writes poems about cruel foods she has never tried? And wants this image to be on the cover of her first book?

It’s cruelty to animals, not an artistic statement. Why would she want a picture of such a cruel dish connected to her? To be edgy?

Or worse did she mistake it for a jewish head covering? Hannah isn’t jewish.

It’s nothing to do with her being male or female. Animal cruelty is animal cruelty.

The napkin over the head is more to do with them shoving the whole thing in their mouth at once and then pulling the bones out one by one. The “affront to god” thing is just something said, for both men and women who eat the dish and nothing specific to do with Hannah.(retarded nitpicking)

No. 1982828

I'm confused. Do you think the bird on the cover of her book is real? Do you think she really ate it?

No. 1982838

Anon this isn’t milk if its just a photoshoot for a book cover. People have made references to that specific dish before to represent sinful indulgence in an artsy way because of the head coverings and the act of hiding your face from god while eating it. Yeah it’s cruel but same could be said about the dozens of other animal products being sold and eaten daily

No. 1985037

Cross posting this from the SSSniperwolf thread since there’s some recent updates
>Has finally been remonetized after the JacksFilms beef
>Lia and her husband/boyfriend/fiancee named Evan/Sausage have broken up and Sausage is suing her for not sharing profits as was agreed >Evan also revealed she’s used him to fake her gameplay
>Azzyland (the girl Lia skinwalked for years) is alleging to have been physically attacked and insulted by Lia, also saying Lia accused her of faking her gameplays which is ironic as it’s exactly what Lia has been exposed to do

File: 1491856692456.jpg (44.67 KB, 444x666, sssniperwolf-quiet-cosplay-3.j…)

No. 288690[Reply]

Is she lolcow material? I came across her and it seems like a lot of drama revolves around her, but I don't know how much of that comes from being a youtube celeb with millions of subscribers and how much of it comes from her being her.
333 posts and 51 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1934729


She's also filtering her video comments now. Her most recent video only has 30 comments, all in her favor, and any new comments are held for review. So now she has to approve her comments individually, and she's digging through her inbox looking for ass-kissing comments to post and declining the rest. She's desperate to hide what she did now that everything is being exposed.

No. 1944241

so after putting a bunch of puzzle pieces together i noticed Kris is trying to take Lia down.

A. So who is she dating? Oompaville. Who publically hates and has made multiple videos on sssniperwolf? oompaville. of course he wants his girl friend Kris to succeed and what better way than to tear down the competition.

B. Kris has blocked the word “sssniperwolf” in her comments. they have never had any public beef, so its because she doesnt want to send any traffic to Lia. I couldnt find any other creator blocked in her comments.
Honestly I hope Kris wins. I know you think its the same content but it really isnt. Kris is transformative and Lia isnt. Kris adds value and comedy, and Lia just says some version of “damn thats crazy"

No. 1944699

KallmeKris is not tyring to take Lia down. Jfc, anon.

No. 1954069

Spoken like someone who's never actually watched one of her videos, just like most of the commentary channels who reported on it.

No. 1985032

Bumping this cuz after months some new shit finally happened, it’s all recapped more in the video but if you don’t wanna watch it:
>Lia and Evan/Sausage have broken up and Sausage is suing her for not sharing the money (this was briefly mentioned before)
>Lia is monetized again
>Azzyland (the girl Lia was ripping off) recently said Lia physically assaulted and tried to beat her also accusing her of faking her gameplay in the process (something Lia is now known to do)

File: 1711636425183.jpeg (338.54 KB, 558x665, IMG_0937.jpeg)

No. 1980600[Reply]

>Admin note: Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.
/ot/ gender ideology general thread: >>>/ot/1894283

News sites/Studies:
https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/ (TiM violent crime stats)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1985003

>dude for what
"Misgendering" the other guy while getting fucked in the ass, kek. Also I think "overstimulated" is code for "couldn't stay hard." Damn, even guys who are literally in prison have better sex with this. Troons can't even manage to be prison gay without fucking it up.

No. 1985010

Imagine paying taxes just for the Canadian government to use your hard earned money for some disgusting little tranny to fulfill his disgusting pedo fetishes. Canada is tranny heaven.

No. 1985017

reminds me of that one tranny from 90 day fiance who found some Moldovan neanderthal to fuck him in exchange for a greencard and housing.

No. 1985039

>If you want to avoid problems, change in a private stall
>Nooo reeee I want to whip my dick out in front of women and little girls!!1!

No. 1985048

Notice how even the other tranny telling him to change in a private stall would do it "to avoid conflict" (ie for his own comfort) not to avoid making women and girls uncomfortable. Scrotes will never change.

File: 1648061783716.jpeg (642.4 KB, 828x1128, princessmei.jpeg)

No. 1478914[Reply]

Mei Yan is a Chinese-American YouTuber and model who creates content about anime, video games, and fashion.

Last thread: >>>/snow/91973

Sugaring, David, and Colette
>Uploads a video about her queer polyamorous relationship, featuring Mistress Colette, a pro-domme, and Olivya, an old friend. Mei mentions that she has two other partners as well, one of whom is “P,” aka David.
Video now deleted, reuploaded here >>>/snow/1471514
>Several comments on the video suggest that David is Mei's sugar daddy. These claims are further proven by Colette's blog (Mei codenamed M9, and likely M3 as well) and several photos of Mei in David's house
>Mei promotes Colette's mistress class to her young, impressionable audience in exchange for free attendance
>Mei flies around in David's jet, goes to Turks and Caicos, hangs out in David's Miami rental
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1023 posts and 180 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1954778

Yup. Still around and still shooting nepo kids at their boring parties. Still pretending it's le hipster indie sleaze 2010's i guess. Incidentally, he fucks Coldstonedreamery/stolenbesos chick who's one of the minor cows from coquette threads (much much younger than him, ofc). he always seemed like terry richardson vibes creep to me.
What Mei is doing these days anyway? Still shilling shady Japan trips or whatever? guess her relationship with Lady Pedoette and Kermit the frog is definitely over?

No. 1954831

File: 1705190638863.png (333.74 KB, 730x719, 2024-01-13 (2).png)

She hasn't posted anything on her youtube channel for months other than a community post shilling her shitty taobao jewelry. Funnily enough, it seems like no one gives a fuck either. I get the feeling that she's trying to squeeze as much money as she can out of her half baked jewelry business before all her followers forget about her

No. 1960556

File: 1706516760420.jpeg (372.04 KB, 1170x1848, IMG_1625.jpeg)

This company makes cute fairy wings and other whimsical accessories, and this post just came up on my IG and I thought “wait a minute is that the same escort girl from lolcow” Kek.

No. 1984971

Sorry to necro this thread, but did Ayumi drop Mei? Every time Mei has gone to Japan they hang out but lately haven’t seen Ayumi since this video(necro with no milk)

No. 1985016

Seems like jewellery companies are willing to forget any past cow dramas as long as enough time passes lol. Just look at how successful is incest loving Yungelita with her shitty egirl jewellery company.
In Mei's case it's enough to be pretty asian girl with pastel hair, wearing cutesy clothes. Her style makes her look girly and innocent (crucial for all these dumbass companies trying to cash on coquette/cute/kawaii looks) while in reality she's far from it. I can't imagine her having a normal job, so i wonder if she still does escorting, just more "privately" this time. and prob with someone else, doubt miss Pervert and her Muppet show wants to associate with her after she got them in trouble.

File: 1710775349309.jpeg (86.42 KB, 602x611, 70210AFE-7B62-4379-A658-C4CAE8…)

No. 1977489[Reply]

Previous thread >> >>>/snow/1960368


N2F is truly flourishing with new baby and new life, anons continue to wish her ongoing stability. The twins seem to have replaced her crown of Grimiest Living Circumstances, as evidenced by their fridge.

In a similar vein, Niamh appears to be moving on from her EDtwt days - trying to follow in Ro’s footsteps of making a career out of her weight restoration, complete with menses.

Elzani is still going forwards in the right direction.

Fi is still breathing, networking off her autism LARP and being a recovery activist blogger in the meantime.

Ganer is still grieving her mobility, after osteoporosis gave her leg a reality check.

Laura hates her weight and yet continues to do nothing about it despite her newfound freedom and all expenses paid life in the community.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(shit thread)
355 posts and 115 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1984976

Spending what money? She does fuck all with her life. Where does she get all this money from to buy stuff every day?

No. 1985005

File: 1712958590375.jpeg (16.05 KB, 171x294, IMG_3275.jpeg)

Unless by “ethereal” they mean “Sméagol” I think the nice tellonym anon might be lying

No. 1985013

kek at eugenia posting this picture with a random obese dude. she probably wants to look skinny next to him.

No. 1985047

every single one of these worthless, unemployable cows seems to have severe spending addictions, it's enraging.

No. 1985051

not to white knight but this is obviously an old photo and she does have more recent reels on her ig body checking. It's clear she edits her photos, but she's still extremely thin

File: 1677177784310.jpg (448.77 KB, 1191x2048, FpqyHLgXwAgvGxI.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1775242[Reply]


Lucinda is an anorexic, bulimic self-harmer with schizophrenia who is convinced starving and puking helps condition her into a "unicorn state". Creepy, cooky, mysterious and spooky, and overall a trainwreck who makes for great entertainment and milky(often harmless) misadventures.

>trans and neurodivergent

>member from twitter's eating disorder and self harm communities (edtwt and shtwt)
>puerto rican unicorn starving and peeing everywhere
>terminally online, often daily posts naked photos to her mostly underage fanbase
>notorious self harmer, has visible cuts all over her body
>has eaten garbage, cat food, hand sanitizer and hydrogen peroxide
>purges 11 times a day
>medication is evil and schizophrenia is a lie, i have powers
>poor hygiene, needs a shower

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1179 posts and 252 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1984348

Back then she was in denial that it was schizophrenia too and calling it a neurological condition. She was even apologizing for her writing style changing on Ao3. It's interesting that you can see she was replying with the same pattern style she does now.

I still go with the theory a chronic bpd headbanging brain injury was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia since PRfags say medical treatment sucks there. But who knows if treatment for that could've been different enough that it would've helped her enough for a recovery.(medfagging)

No. 1984433

would also explain how she basically became special needs. it's crazy knowing help for her would be found in the us but she can't even leave her country because of her weight and she refuses to gain.

i remember once she tweeted wanting to look like sylvester stallone during her tif phase. sigh. i'd take tranny he/him frog voice bodybuilding lucinda if it meant she was alive and no longer a spoopy anachan.

No. 1984939

is she dead again(sage your shit)

No. 1985012

>forgot all about her until a minute ago
the state of lolcow these days though, just look how everyone forgot about Lucinda. I just thought today how much inactive this thread became.
Hopefully she's just in a hospital again. btw did they finally move to America? The birthday posts from a month ago show her ugly ass creepy empty kitchen still i think.

No. 1985028

They moved to Michigan. Puerto Rico is a territory of the US, they have always been American citizens.

File: 1650030832207.png (348.06 KB, 885x644, Screenshot 2022-04-15 14.51.58…)

No. 1502155[Reply]

Post your favourite e-begging cringe for cows who aren't significant enough to have their own thread.

Picrel, 24 year old scrote LARPing as a MTF claiming that this is Literal Abuse because his Mom asked him to do chores and get a job, apparently this is cause for e-beggary.
1047 posts and 336 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1984934

File: 1712944156021.png (1.28 MB, 1337x1271, 1000014935.png)

If you're still struggling while working 4 jobs that sounds like a you problem.

No. 1984943

Tarot readings on twitter isn’t a job, and neither is Uber eats if she only does a few hours every once in awhile.

No. 1984944

>considers tarot readings a job
what is it with e-beggars and tarot readings? who the fuck actually pays money for those from some random person on the internet? kek no wonder these morons are broke all the time

No. 1984948

Not like they have any legitmate skill sets to market kek.

No. 1985041

>Pls gib I am so so pathetic pls anyoneeee pls pls plsssss
Do you think these people ever understand that they make themselves particularly unemployable by being like this? That maybe if they stopped having DNIs a mile long they would have more donations from fellow speds? Or even, perish the thought, that a fucking TEACHER should consider having a different icon, or perhaps just not put their entire life, face, opinions and location online so that students and other teachers can find them and avoid them like the plague?
She could make good money with her tarot readings if she branched out a bit. Tons of people pay for that stuff, as well as paying retarded sums of money for special tarot decks, especially gendie-themed ones. The customers are broke too but if she did videos on Tiktok of her readings she'd get a massive crowd of tweens fighting to pay her to flip some cards over on camera. I don't know how selling ass pics is easier than doing that, but hey, I'm not a disabled gendie.
And 'physically disabled' in these circles always means 'obese as shit', it's amazing how many of them suffer for literally no reason. It's sad to see someone get engulfed by depression like this but damn, maybe go for a walk sometimes and eat a vegetable that isn't a deep fried potato.

File: 1708003496442.png (2.19 MB, 1996x1026, antifujo spergs.png)

No. 1966263[Reply]

Thread to discuss the anti-fujo movement and the spergs associated with it. From trannies claiming that ukes are actually transwomen, schizos claiming that BL causes women to troon-out, to tifs and salty gay men claiming that BL is fetishizing gay men, etc.

Notable anti-fujo cows:
Obssesed antifujo pickme from the moid farms. Claims feminism turned women into fujos and that all women have a rape fetish. She inserts her hatred of fujos into unrelated threads and derrails them into oblivion with her sperging. Has an obssesion with sparkle dog artist and hazbin hotel creator vivienne medrano.
>james somerton
Breadtuber frogman who recently got outted as a plagiarist and a scammer. Harassed author of love simon for being 'a straight woman writting about gay men', author had to come out as a bisexual to stop the harassment. Despite being aware of the harassment and forcing the author to come out as bisexual, he still kept namedropping her and her book, and playing the victim when the author told him to stop.
Our resident fujosperg. Pakistani NEET who spends her days sperging about first world problems like fujoshis while also sperging about living in a horrible country. Calls fujos degenerate and pornsick while simping for neo-nazi killer Varg vikerness. Has posted both her grandma >>>/m/206387 and her brother's hand to the farms and has a very concerning hyperfixation on little boys getting raped in ancient cultures >>>/ot/1874107 >>>/ot/1874111 >>>/ot/1874116. If you see a post that claims ukes are actually female, that's most likely paki-chan. She's also another resident personalityfag known as ''crap-chan''.

Social media links:
280 posts and 60 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1983903

We hate men over here, dumb bitches

No. 1983967

Yaoi is not about avarage irl Joe and his unwashed ass

No. 1983998

That's some sad cope. You're still a porn addict who thinks anal sex feels like pussy sex tho. Sticking a rose colored fantasy filter on top of your ideal of men is pathetic(infight)

No. 1984926

File: 1712941514593.png (333.65 KB, 1190x798, CAPTURE.png)

I agree, regardless of the subject matter, whether it's related to bl or fujos or not, someone manages to bring it up. The worst case is when yaoi is used to compare with MTFs, as if they have anything to do with each other.(sage your shit)

No. 1985018

nah this is funny and he does have insane manwha proportions. God what an ugly creature.

File: 1700020636213.png (Spoiler Image,559.47 KB, 1080x1639, IMG_5061.png)

No. 1928715[Reply]

Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe2Yvoe6/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/amandabret

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell-

It's been over a year since Mandy and co. had a new thread, and sadly, not much has happened. Rumors of homelessness, financial cut offs, and full blown addiction abound, but the fact is Mandy is just not the Mandy of yore. One can only make a new post and hope that our meatball eyed queen makes another appearance in the lolcow annals of history.

previous thread 1 >>943302

previous thread 2 >>971778

previous thread 3 >>1022186

previous thread 4 >>1170070
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
117 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1983235

Probably trying to convince everyone she’s sooo sweet after so much talk about dan ending up half dead since dating her.

No. 1984143

Can’t wait to see all her angry drunk ramblings when summer starts and everyone starts going out again but scabies will be too boring for her now that he’s sober and can’t get wasted and do drugs with her anymore.

No. 1984666

Nothing fell over or broke because it’s already all over their floor. Fucking trash people.

No. 1984899

File: 1712934807999.jpeg (370.31 KB, 1179x1905, IMG_2752.jpeg)

No time to see the eclipse while you’re unemployed? She’s lurking on her ex’s page.

No. 1984922

Why do I feel like she obsessively stalks all of her exes? She has zero boundaries with anyone.

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