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File: 1506454929494.png (39.91 KB, 275x199, 253C2483-86DE-416F-87E9-2987AF…)

No. 393066

>previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik [DL][Archived Copy])
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight' (Who broke up with her)
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan
>still lying about making 'enough money to pay rent' (while asking Louise for $$) and about being supportive to her followers
>interviewed by cbc.ca about internet popularity in her basement room
>"would call herself lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick"
>started streaming on younow for money
>Colin broke up with her, now dating girls only through tinder
>Got a tattoo of her cat after getting told her wand plan was a bad idea and throwing a fit about it


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 393067

Update on Jill:
>quit her job at Claire’s, now working full time through streaming and YouTube
>still lives with parents but has applied to university and would be attending next year
>trying to drop Party Kei as her style
>just went to Hal-Con, winning second prize with her groups cosplay

No. 393069

Most recent video

No. 393088

so honoured you used my pic

No. 393094

It's a good pic!

No. 393098

>won second prize
how fucking embarrassing, i only skimmed her gloating from the last thread and assumed she was first

No. 393112

she doesnt even really like the tin so what's the point?

No. 393135

Why does Jill buy copious amounts of shit she will never use? Honestly this bitch needs to invest in Givenchy's Fuchsia in the know Interdit Rouge lipstick if she wants an amazing bright pink lipstick. She just spends on tacky shit and lacks taste of any kind.

No. 393144

but the packaging isn't kawaii kitsch so how would it fit her aesthetic?!?!?!?

sage for shit post

No. 393148

Aesthetics aside Jill is an empty headed moron who has no self identity.

No. 393155

File: 1506462347186.jpg (414.38 KB, 1024x1024, 1506452003727.jpg)

reposting because this is a jem

No. 393162

Jill and crew are in here at :50
All their cosplays look terrible compared to Jill’s

No. 393165

File: 1506463495065.png (521.22 KB, 616x496, awd.png)


No. 393166

No. 393178

You can tell cause the camera person only really focused on Jill

No. 393179

why doesn't jill just whiten her teeth? i'm not usually someone who spergs out about people having a less than perfect smile, but hers are so yellow and so gross looking. jill, just buy some activated charcoal or crest whitestrips from amazon.

No. 393200

File: 1506467927284.png (Spoiler Image, 733.1 KB, 1278x722, Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 7.17…)

spoiler of yellow teeth.

oh god… jill, tarte sells vegan teeth whitening… use it please.

No. 393205

She commented that the share bear one (darker pink) could be used for "date night". She has her eyes on someone? That poor soul.

Just saying "sage" doesn't sage your post. You need to write "sage" in the email slot.

No. 393206

shit sorry, I'm still getting used to these forums. Thanks for letting me know

No. 393213

File: 1506469158086.png (211.04 KB, 638x1095, IMG_4259.PNG)

Here's the outfit in action and holy shit I didn't think it could get any worse. What the actual fuck is going on with Kenzie's shoes they look like cardboard slippers

No. 393216

File: 1506469396477.png (304.72 KB, 1024x593, Untitled-1.png)

Oh my god, that's hilarious. Bless your heart. I've created the next stage of it.

Eugh, you can tell she doesn't floss.

Lmao, Kenzie and the other one don't look amused at all, you can tell Jill is really enjoying her stage moment however. Do they just agree to be her backup performers because they're obsessed with Jill or something?

No. 393225

Jill has such a talent for preforming.rolls eyes Kek such an artistic ~*fashion designer *~

No. 393227

wondering the same thing. it's funny how she's been the centre of attention both times theyve group cosplayed

No. 393228

samefag to add
that kenzie literally looks like she could've given two shits on her cosplay, i really wonder if she just agreed to go along with whatver jillian says

No. 393231

Jesus christ, Kenzie. You look retarded with this shit for show costume. It's like she was forced to do this cosplay by Jillian against her will. It looks so awful. Jill looks so good next to her, it's pitiful.

No. 393235

I have a feeling Kenzie really doesn't give a shit about precure and cosplaying from it and only does it because Jill demands it and she wants to suck up. There was that one vlog of Jill's that Kenzie was in where she did a human Luna and looked fairly decent but her precure ones always look like she puts in minimal effort

No. 393237

File: 1506472275828.jpeg (506.82 KB, 750x848, D27DAEAE-1FD5-43C4-8FFA-49D037…)

No. 393243

Jill definitely keeps the other two around because they're fatter and less attractive than she is. Holy shit, their costumes are so bad too…

No. 393278

File: 1506478042981.jpg (103.08 KB, 640x360, lets-la-cooking.jpg)

Oh definitely, and she can push them into cosplaying what SHE wants, after all Jill is centre of attention! The way it should always be! I love my my fake friends!!

What gets me is how un-passionate they are with these costumes and how clearly Jill forced them to cosplay them with her. The laziness is not surprising though, Jill only seemed bothered about her costume and was incredibly lazy about it too. Alot of groups try to help each other out, have a workshop day together and go over progress. From what we heard they skyped working on it together but seems thats where it stopped. None of these girls seem to give a rats ass about Precure besides Jill either.

Speaking of, her obsession with Precure is becoming more and more insufferable to live through. It's spilling over into over shows now of course to show her audience she does watch other shows. Nothing beats Precure though. NOTHING.

No. 393286

her nose hairs, wtf???

No. 393291


jill is SO lucky ! her friends are so buttugly that they make her look decent

No. 393359

We're criticizing nose hairs being visible at an upturned angle in an up close shot now? Jesus Christ.

No. 393382

She's leaving patty Kei??! WHAT

No. 393388

When the style is so bad the creator ditches it

No. 393409

Not so much. She is sloppy obviously everyone has nose hair, noticeable or not but others know better to shoot from a more flattering angle

No. 393414

As some anons predicted, she's ditching her last style after getting dumped by her servant. As y'all know, every time you stop being in a relationship, changing your whole style, personality, interests, and sexuality are a must!!!

No. 393431

they all look like they want to run into traffic and die.

No. 393432

What the fuck is that overly? It's giving me so much stress. I don't understand it

No. 393441

ive never thought she had yellow teeth cause it looked fine from my computer screen, ive just checked the thread in my phone and OMFG, whats up with that saturation??!?!
wellp atleast now i know my computer screen has a really low saturation, maybe thats also why her videos look better to me than to others (also if it helps for the ones that cant stand her if u whatch her on 1.5x or 2x its more bearable)

No. 393448

Yeah she said she wanted to move away from party kei. What the fuck she is going to wear now, I have no idea. It'll probably be the same pink crap we've been seeing over and over again.

No. 393450

probably she will go with the lazy oaf / unif/ bratz / dollskill kinda look trying to be more edgy cause she is a grown single queer woman

No. 393454

In regards to her new video, she's actually a lot more tolerable than in her last few - mainly because she has way way less baby talk. I could actually sit through this one.

Also, she's acknowledging her yellow teeth. Definitely been lurking kek

No. 393455

Let's be real, there's nothing to ditch because party kei was never really a "style" anyway. She isn't going to change the way she dresses, she's just going to call it something else.

No. 393475

True. Plus according to her own party kei guide, she hasn't been dressing party kei for a looong while now

No. 393489

I know Jill is annoying but at least she acts happy on stage and looks like she actually likes being there. The purple idiot looks like someone just teleported her there and she has no idea whats happening. What is the point? She looks miserable.

No. 393504

How much do you wanna bet Wendy left because she knew something like this would happen and didn't want to be part of it? I've seen her cosplays for animaritime and they're not bad, like her love live one last year. Didn't see a good shot of Gelato this year but I imagine it wasn't good

It's no surprise Jill has to be the center of attention though, this is the same girl that talked about being upset if she didn't get a starring role in highschool plays or if she doesn't win at masquerades

No. 393511

I think it’s such a big deal for her because last year she won nothing, whereas she placed three times this year. But in reality if it was her by herself I don’t think she would have placed, the only thing that makes their group special is that they are a group

No. 393526

File: 1506524320007.jpeg (76.71 KB, 750x200, DB1161D3-D6EE-48E2-9972-3AAF8B…)

No. 393550

I wonder how that is supposed to be different than party kei though

No. 393553

it isnt much different its just more sexual and u can use black

No. 393557

no fucking shit, i barely want to shake hands with some people at cons, let alone roll around in a pool full of plastic balls that gross weeb faces have been all over.

No. 393562

File: 1506529263364.gif (3.11 MB, 420x236, whatevenisthis.gif)

No. 393568

fucking crazy eyes.

No. 393592

File: 1506532121473.png (190.73 KB, 465x234, Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 6.08…)

No. 393658

Anon, now that I think about it, ughhhhh, so disgusting.

No. 393659

>Also, she's acknowledging her yellow teeth. Definitely been lurking kek

Not necessarily? Se edits herself all the time in video and photos. She doesn't have to be lurking lolcow to realize her teeth look nasty.

No. 393665

>>393388 Jill didn't create any style at all. Triggered. She simply plagiarized from existing fashions and slapped her gross face across it. Had the raw nerve to call the cluster fuck party kei. End of story. Jill is a basic bitch. Unoriginal, unimaginative and bland. Sage for sperg

No. 393748


honestly, her whole entire identity and "brand" and everything just simply boils down to a shopping addiction. Pure, unadulterated materialism. There is literally nothing else beyond that. It's sad. It's no different than all those Gaijin bitches in the Gaijin/Gyuaru girls threads. They exist to feed their addictions, and honestly, it's sick. I might be able to like Jillian if she didn't submit so entirely to her flagrant and relentless materialistic, one dimensional desires.

She doesn't want to be a fashion designer. She doesn't want to do anything. She just wants to consume consumer goods. That's it.

No. 393784

Weird thing is I don't think her teeth are even that bad IRL because her videos have such a strong saturation filter over them. She should just mess around with the color balance. At least on those close-up shots where it's just her lips and teeth it would be easy to simply desaturate and lighten the yellow.

No. 393786

I've seen my 14 year old cousin construct more satisfactory home ec tier garments than Jill's cosplay dish rags. Kek Jill exists for hedonism and mediocrity. She has a complete lack of accountability for the state of her sad life. Her entire family and social circle are enablers.

No. 393796

Hi I'm a bit new to the forum but does anyone remember the super expensive cherry dress pixie bought in japan, has she posted anything with her wearing it or like mentioned it since japan?

No. 393801

She shouldn't even saturate her videos so much if she's doing lipstick reviews, the whole point is to show how the color looks

No. 393806

>>393796 She used it in a haul or something, but it doesn't seem like she really wears it.

No. 393813

Holy hell the new thread pic is great

No. 393829

Jill is the greatest lol cow ever

No. 393848

I think she did a total of one (1) photo shoot with it. One of those pics is her Facebook avatar for her Pixielocks page but aside from that no ones seen it since.

No. 393876

Does Jill remind anyone else of like, a talentless Lena Dunham?

No. 393881

this reminded me of the fake rumor generated during dashcon that the ball pit got pissed in, people were having orgies, and some sort of std was spreading around from it, rofl. unhygienic weebs rolling around spreading their sweat and other bodily fluids in a ball pit is disgusting in general, but she is one of them so it doesnt matter to her.

idk, jill seems to conveniently start mentioning the same things after anons on this board do. she also complains about haters constantly, despite getting very few dislikes on her videos and all of her fans collectively kissing her ass and harassing anyone who offers inoffensive constructive criticism.

No. 393883

>implying lena dunham has talent

No. 393887

Nah, she'd need to at least be in PT for the running.

No. 393888

somebody actually did piss in the ballpit and took a video of it.

to keep it on topic, i don't get why jill is just okay with staying at home doing nothing all day. if she stays in pei shes just going to be the town weirdo her whole life! doesn't she want to be around her "tribe", so to speak? but i guess that doesn't make you feel special enough, lol.

No. 393894

File: 1506557388225.jpg (163.67 KB, 500x553, tumblr_ogk472fZpY1vgi9keo1_500…)

jfc, that's horrifying… Sadly, I am not surprised with what type of people these cons tend to attract. Just imagining Jill diving into that ball pit and catching all sorts of germs, on top of the fact she rarely bathes makes me shudder.

No. 393932

File: 1506561444006.jpeg (180.87 KB, 750x458, 5CB4EC9F-96FF-484A-9B39-332F58…)

No. 393934

File: 1506561499456.png (730.14 KB, 624x842, asdas.png)

the more i look at her costume, the uglier it gets

No. 393941

people dont want hauls so should i do a haul or many hauls? WHAT LOGIC IS THAT! its not like she listens to her fans, like with her wand collection, her fans didnt want that video, but she did it anyways!!

No. 393947

Why does she even feel the need to share literally every time she goes shopping… It just feels like an excuse to justify her shopping addition.

No. 393951



No. 393953


dashcon ball pit was the one pissed on, not halcon's

No. 393966

File: 1506564684545.jpg (204.54 KB, 1071x1600, IMG_3868.JPG)

She appears to be biting Billy-boy's "Dazed" photo shoot.

No. 393968

From the poll stats it seems everyone just wants her to just make one haul because everyone is sick of them but no one has the balls to be blunt about it.

No. 393969

File: 1506564810526.jpeg (305.91 KB, 750x740, 0F265D50-BF86-4D40-A688-E28169…)

Here’s your answer anon

No. 393974

"Don't get burnt out trying to please everyone"

Except this is her ONLY job now, people watching her videos is her only income, she should really focus on trying to give her audience what they want or else she's gonna lose them. How hard is that to understand??

No. 393996

Did she say somewhere that she rarely baths? I just remember her saying she doesn't take showers, only baths.

No. 394064

Please dont insult my husbando like that anon

No. 394082

No insult to Bill (perish the thought!); him can't help what idiots try (and fail) to capture his perfectness.

And she did straight-up lift the idea.

No. 394128

File: 1506606119409.jpg (576.83 KB, 1428x1183, Screenshot_20170928-154037.jpg)

Oh boy oh boy. Can't wait to watch this train wreck while eating dinner lol.

Can anyone upload it? I don't wanna give her any views even with an adblock on lol.

No. 394135

Thursday instead of Saturday?

Wtf is her schedule now..

No. 394143

I can't believe her friends didn't even bother to learn the dance lmao

No. 394159

about to watch it now

No. 394162

the first half is bearable then she starts to baby talk and being quite annoying
without the high pitched baby talk she tries to pull off her voice is quite nice

No. 394175

File: 1506611563921.jpeg (45.55 KB, 265x275, 42B36C4C-EDAC-4765-8207-081BEF…)

Lmfao the purple girl is like ????? The entire dance my sides

No. 394195

jfc how much does this girl nap???

No. 394201

you mean you don't nap after you go to the mall for two hours?

No. 394211

Her poor skin napping with makeup on, that's so nasty

No. 394212

File: 1506616726602.png (2.31 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170928-183734.png)

She still looks like a lunatic but god damn she does look better with a wig on. I mean anything beats that greasy… whatever the fuck she usually has on her head lol.

No. 394214

I also think she looks younger with this wig.

No. 394215

>It gives me the cheek-arrah… to gambatte

No. 394216

Aside from her wierd jaw area I think she looks incredibly cute too.
A toned down version of this makeup as well as longer hair would instantly improve her looks.

No. 394220

Oh god I'm having second hand embarrassment for the purple one. She kept looking at what the others are doing.

I'm sorry but I know you all said Jill was probably being pushy for them to cosplay with her but fuck that. If you're not even gonna try just don't. From the costume to the dance. Just awful.

Can't believe Jill actually looks like the sane one. I'm still cringing, geeez…

No. 394221

They got third place in performance??? There was either only 3 groups competing then or thir competition literally had mental problems…

No. 394223


whats with her… zooming she does now?
its unflattering and its really obnoxious

reference to meme I don't know?

No. 394228

tbh i think she could pull off bright colours for her hair but the rainbow bangs is just… like theres no way all the colours of the rainbow all look flattering on anybody. i could see her pulling off a darker shade of pink if her hair was the same colour

No. 394229

She's too lazy to make proper jumpcuts.

No. 394230

samefag and saged for hair talk but she could even do 2 or 3 colours as long as they didnt clash, like pink with some darker pink strands or smthing like that

No. 394231

What was up with asian girl randomly releasing her inner thot and groping herself?
Jill kept it in the video, keep it classy for your underage viewers.

No. 394233

screaming "oppai" and grabbing her own titties is pretty trashy lol

No. 394236

The random Japanese she's started injecting into her speech (especially around her friends) is extremely painful to watch. Reminds me of being a little babby weeb but instead she's 19 and not 14.

No. 394237

it was awful. asians using random japanese is cringier than white people doing it.

No. 394241

sage for samefag but imo Jill actually did pretty well on stage, she was smiling and her dance looked fine. It's sad that her friends were clearly too lazy to learn the dance and looked so awkward behind her.

No. 394251

did she pronounce plague as plag at the end there??

No. 394253

I totally agree. I don't believe for a second Jill has a power to MAKE them do it against their will.

Hate to say it but she really gave her all on stage and was clearly happy.

No. 394275

File: 1506623347846.png (298.87 KB, 445x450, 1440396566359.png)

wew what the fuck was Kenzie thinking?
really should've just not joined the group if she was going to put that little effort in
also yeah what was up with the "oppai" thing?
good to know that Jill's friends are just as cringey as her

No. 394277

I don't know if you watched the video or didn't catch it but Jill went in the novice division because she "didn't want to be with the big spook girls" so you have to realise that she was probably up against a bunch of rookies who made simple costumes or are still new to sewing

No. 394278

The oppai thing was creepy and Im surprised Jill didnt edit it out since her friend is technically a minor (17 years old), plus most of her followers are also underage. I hope Jill gets her youtube coins cut for cussing and making sexual references in nearly every latest video knowing her fans are kids.

No. 394290

Can't believe the asian one isn't a dude.

No. 394294

Jill's japanese pronunciation cracks me up. She supposedly understood the whole precure movie she watched in Japan without subtitles but can't even pronounce yatta. "YAH-TA", kek

No. 394302

I don't disagree that her pronunciation is bad but please none of this. People who bring up pronunciation always end up causing annoying anons to come out of the woodworks and debate how it -should- be pronounced. I don't want a repeat of the clow thing.

No. 394306


It's also a quirky, relatable YouTuber™ thing to do. It shows how much you don't care about looking professional and polished on camera.

No. 394309

You are right anon, I forgot about that, my bad.

Also her interaction with that little girl was incredibly cringy. And the girl was not impressed at all lol.

No. 394316


Damn the dancing part stressed the f out of me. I mean Jill looked and danced def better compared to the other two but they were even bad as random background dancers.

No. 394330

Yeah, I noticed her weeb-ness mixing Japanese in her sentences. One thing we have to say about Pixie: the girl is unafraid of looking and sounding like a moron online.

No. 394333

Is Kenzie the friend who dressed her up in black for a video? Does that girl has a problem or is she trying to be goth by being blasé about everything while still in a hideous colorful cosplay? She gives me really lazy vibes as well.

No. 394337

She has to be lazy to be that fat and slovenly.

No. 394362

pretty sure that's just her accent. i work with someone from the maritimes and they pronounce things like that.

No. 394367

File: 1506632676142.jpg (160.04 KB, 1280x720, 96757568.jpg)

does she not groom her arms?

No. 394377


Who the fuck grooms their arms?

No. 394378

she needs to not do so many close ups of her gross mouth and yellow teeth. It's fucking hard to watch with her disgusting mouth noises.

Also kenzi (purple one) had no idea what to do during the dance. Super cringe

No. 394379

Nash Grier, many girls don't shave their arms like that bc the hair right there is faint. There's really no point to, it's not like they have arm hair like burly men do.

No. 394388

God not shaving their arms? What are women going to do next? Ask to be treated as people?

No. 394399

She doesn't need to shave her arms, really. Where I am from most women don't and they have 3x more hair than Jill. I believe Asia tends to think about that as gross, but I never heard about women shaving their arms until I got into Japanese pop culture.

No. 394425

>>394128 ffs, somewhere in the vlog she says "i got noviced so i don't have to compete against the big scary girls". i thought because she is somebody planning to work in the fashion industry she'd move into the higher tier of competition?? it's almost like she knows that her cosplay/dance wasn't great lmao

No. 394480

I dislike Jill, but this is an extremely ridiculous nitpick. Not every woman wants to shave their arms.

No. 394484

What do you expect from someone whose instagram is magical_asian? That girl is nasty af, ughh

No. 394489

Jill mentioned on her spam IG that she recorded her con/lush/sephora haul video and it will be up on Saturday. That is, if she can keep to her schedule

No. 394490

Lol I love how she completely didn't bother bleeping out the swears in this vid.
Have fun if this ends up getting demonetized Jill

No. 394503

sage but does anybody know what lashes shes wearing in the whip cosplay…

No. 394512


No. 394558

Okay I know gambatte but what the fuck is "cheek-arrah"?

No. 394559

I agree anon. I think maybe being in theatre helped her out in that respect?

No. 394571


No. 394573

litterally what i was going to say. i know we're here to laugh at cows but come on now. grooming her arms wtf

No. 394574

File: 1506654486795.jpeg (106.06 KB, 750x269, D6340DD4-879D-4C18-929A-C4F62E…)

Apperently her next cosplay is going to be from Pripara

No. 394575

File: 1506654609620.jpeg (126.16 KB, 750x380, 3ABC0B64-9327-48CE-83AE-63B420…)

Beckii Cruel complimenting her hard work

No. 394576

File: 1506654692957.jpeg (108.13 KB, 750x218, 0CCAB69B-35B9-43DE-919C-B2DB2C…)

It’s pretty obvious she wants to go to hyper Japan just to see Beckii/the UK weeks and not to go see all her UK fans like she repeats in her streams every time it’s brought up

No. 394581

File: 1506655148020.jpeg (200.69 KB, 750x628, 0854D095-25DE-450B-8E78-5631FF…)

No. 394619

File: 1506659971810.png (880.48 KB, 842x1191, Aroma_Team_SCR.png)


no fucking way is she going to make anything decent from pripara, it's way too detailed for her and she couldn't even do basic ass precure w/o getting lazy

No. 394670

Ugh beckii stop encouraging her, we don't want her oily ass stinking up tubes

No. 394697

Well, we all do at the end of the day…

No. 394710

File: 1506679533028.png (130.67 KB, 1297x982, reewr.png)

Talking about the purple one and her fail performance.

It's subtle, but I do think she was throwing a bit of shade. Just like in the video she was being passive agressive about them not practicing sooner.

No. 394713

sorry to go on about the teeth but for the same price as one of her shitty plastic kawaii tacky hauls she could have her teeth whitened professionally or at least buy a decent home kit…
how can someone this aware of 'aesthetic' not care about/see something like this?

and SAGE for another stupid comment/question but that maido swag or whatever she called it, the stuff she showed, the precure figures and everything, was that stuff like given to her, how does that work?

No. 394718

has she ever mentioned watching/liking PriPara before?
good on them for dropping Kenzie though, probably better for everyone involved kek

No. 394723

White teeth isn't really a thing that matters, it's just an aesthetic

No. 394728

i think this is about heartcatch precure, the 1st ending theme is called "Heartcatch Paradise" and its a pretty well known dance. Also i think she said her fave cure was Marine so i guess thats who she's cosplaying?

No. 394741

The maid cafe has a small shop where they sell things. She paid for them, probably way more than she should have because they mark shit up a lot lol

No. 394742

Agreed. Speaking as an American, having very white teeth is definitely an "American" thing. The color isn't an indicator of your actual teeth health unless it's really really bad I guess.

No. 394746

oh, im english in england but value it quite highly as a general marker of ones self-care but then i'm a superficial mofo, sage for blog

No. 394747

I don't really think having shining white teeth is all that important, it's just weird to me how little Jill cares about looking nice/clean in general.
The greasy hair, outgrown nails, yellow teeth, never washing off her gross eyebrows…
I mean yeah she doesn't have to put effort into that stuff, but you'd think that someone who drops thousands on fashion would also want to put a little effort into the rest of their appearance.

No. 394748

No. 394749

Literally no one in the uk cares about this, it's just you

No. 394750

this is basically everything i wanted to say, say perfectly

No. 394760

Not that anon, but also british and yes people do. Of course if you had discoloured teeth no one would say anything to your face. But I do think that it effects people's perception. I do feel most young people (Jill's age) would not like to be associated with those with yellow teeth and I've heard people gossip about others on yellow teeth and other unhygienic things.

Sage for blog post.

No. 394762

File: 1506694454152.png (Spoiler Image, 947.58 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3202.PNG)

I thought this gem would be another good face for the OP pic.

No. 394773

The Asian one on her Insta has said she wanted to do Cure Blossom from Heartcatch. Which makes me think she isn't forced to cosplay precure by Jill she just genuinely suck at cosplaying

No. 394775

File: 1506696403021.jpeg (462.42 KB, 750x1093, 6870294B-6988-4485-833E-251BFB…)

She made a tweet asking about how much of it she would need to watch in order for the newest season to make sense (she defeated the tweet too for some reason, but she still have the replies liked)

No. 394778

Didn't she say that her mom wanted to go with her? Seems like she's so desperate to distance from her mom after the Japan trip

No. 394780

yeah, she said she'd like to go with her mom but she doesn't want people online to make fun of her lol

No. 394789

someone gave her a pripara figure at a convention years ago and she still hasn't watched any of it????

No. 394813

She's live streaming but I don't think i'll have time sit through it for yall rn. She's talking about her next cosplays at the moment.

No. 394819

if she does that disgusting grunt snort laugh one more time I'll close the stream

also she just said that she doesn't know how to make this >>394367 watch tell the right time, so she's just wearing some kids plastic cartoon watch which doesn't even tell the right time… jfc

No. 394827

So she's making a calendar

No. 394841

Of what?

No. 394843

From what it sounds, her art

No. 394849

I predict next she will want to make tarot cards of her art.

No. 394851

i bet it's gonna be the same ugly recycled designs she has on her redbubble? store lmao

No. 394872

From the stream it sounds like she’s drawing new art entirely for it.
Tbh I don’t think this is a bad idea, if people want it they’ll buy it and at least she’s actually working towards making something and not just buying more shit

No. 394918

Does anyone have a recap/greentext highlights of the stream?

No. 394962

All I can remember is that she's cosplaying the pastel one from pripara, she thinks she's a very nice person, is staying with Beckii for hyper Japan and says she goes to cons only for the competitions (then quickly added on !!!! AND SEEING FRIEHDS!!!!

No. 394966

Mikan I think

No. 394968

File: 1506723801975.jpg (40.74 KB, 225x350, 331265.jpg)

It's probably Yui, she's the pastel one

No. 394993

She showed a picture of this one on the live stream. I think she said Wendy will be doing Laala.

No. 394997

This is so complicated. Haha, Jill is nowhere near the skill level for this.

No. 395013

I came here and almost posted this exact image but yeah it's Yui. She thinks she's gonna nail this cosplay and I just can't wait to see this be a huge trainwreck

No. 395019

No. 395027

File: 1506732377612.jpeg (425.44 KB, 2048x1463, 59CBE739-5CF0-4A50-9B75-374705…)

Photos from her photo shoot went up

No. 395028

File: 1506732399236.jpeg (532.33 KB, 2048x1463, 00567DEA-D1EF-4AE8-9EA4-49E461…)

No. 395029

File: 1506732444211.jpeg (427.13 KB, 2048x1463, 44BA3E0A-3EA2-431A-9BCD-4C5AE1…)

No. 395030

File: 1506732456236.jpeg (407.06 KB, 2048x1463, 17A9336A-EB0A-4D94-A779-0E1E8C…)

No. 395040

is it possible for kenzie to look happy?

No. 395053

how is jill the best looking one?

No. 395055

>cutting off the toe of the boot and the top of the ear

I hope she didn't pay for these pictures.

No. 395091

The construction is so baaaad for all of them….. the middle 2 look like homeless children in colorful rags

No. 395092

Umm hello the fat purple one is a train wreck

No. 395093

I mean they're all trainwrecks but some are slightly more so than others
Jill is definitely on the same sewing skill level as her friends

No. 395101

File: 1506742406004.jpg (38.74 KB, 500x459, tumblr_inline_off5k7KRz01rl87x…)


at least the one dressed in yellow had the decency to hide her ugly mug here.

real shitty and narc behaviour to let your friends look this bad, and not tell them anything. like jill has experience in lolita and cosplaying, right? why did she not help her obviously rookie friends? was showing off so much better than letting your cosplay team actually look good? damn. she could have at least helped them with just telling them to put on more makeup, they're fucking clueless.

also, jill is the one who is supposed to be the best one… but somehow her wig looks the shiniest and cheapest of them all? like the other girls have shitty wigs too sure, but jill is still somehow the weakest wtf. its hurts to look at.

she won't stop milking this stupid cosplay too, she probably thinks she did an amazing job. but like, course you look good, you're surrounded by bare faced fatties. fuck off

>>394574 also, i cannot buy this "i'm a legit cosplayer now uwu" personality from the girl who only likes ONE anime series. and one thats aimed at actual children. i just can't.

No. 395105

now triggered that the purple one is missing the ears for the shoot

No. 395107

It might have been intentional but it also might have been a "uwu it's not my place to say what looks good for others! You rock those unfinished cosplays uwu positivity!!" sorta thing too. She might not have wanted to say anything because it would be "meanie bobeanie spooky scary" to do so towards her friends. Even if it would have actually helped them. We do live in an age where even polite concrit is considered rude or bullying and with how Jill takes criticism herself I wouldn't be surprised if this is how it was.

No. 395109

She asked Halcon beforehand if she could be judged separately from her friends because she knew their cosplays would be shit lmao

No. 395119

She probably thinks being "goff" means you can't smile

No. 395120

File: 1506744793711.jpg (279.7 KB, 610x755, 000.jpg)

omfg, that tattoo is a huge smear :/

No. 395134

I remember her even saying she wanted to be judged separately but I mean the other part about wanting to be a smol positive puppy surpruppy is probably why she didn't try to help or say anything

No. 395136

I don't think they're even close enough friends for them to really critic each other? Jill doesn't have actual friends so doubt she'd critize her con buddys who are slightly lower on the shit cosplay scale. And I agree with the bullying thing, if she was friends with better cosplayers who tried to help she'd be the one crying because hers looked bad and they weren't being supportive.

No. 395137

Kenzie seems to always look so lost like wtf. Again, Jill looks the best here and not just because of her outfit. She looks genuinely happy in these photos and looks enthusiastic. The other girls look dead compared to her, where tf is their enthusiasm?

No. 395146


anyone else thinks the pic looks edited? her arms look like hams in every other pic we've seen from her lately. but her she looks normal, i'm not sure about that. also jill, please, i'm begging you, stop that gross tongue thing. please just learn a different pose

No. 395162

OMG I know what lipstick Jill is wearing… Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil in Shockful. Cringe I can't believe it. That bitch went to Sephora.

No. 395163

If this is true I'll laugh. Shes been hating on Kat Von D forever so I guess she finally gave up

No. 395164

So from personal experience, the placement of a arm tattoo in that particular spot makes it hard to set correctly.
When I got mine done, my tattoo artist set it at a skewed angle so when my arm faced towards the viewer, it would be set correctly. I had mine in the inside of my arm so I dont know what this artist was trying to do. It looks squashed

No. 395175

strategically placed kenzie wand to hide jill's wrecked tattoo. intentional or not?

No. 395181

File: 1506775244844.gif (3.21 MB, 168x174, helpher.gif)

she looks lost

No. 395187

File: 1506775709919.gif (6.22 MB, 320x368, maidosan.gif)

samefag but at least one of them had fun

No. 395191

Man I feel bad for her, due to pixies online presence everyone’s gonna see this and laugh at her, I mean she’s already the fat ugly friend

No. 395193

No. 395194

why can't she buy clothes in her size Jesus Christ stop buying clothes that are too big, you won't wear them

No. 395196

Is it known weather Kenzie is actually a cosplayer or did Jill force this upon her? I know she's cosplayed with Jill before but she looks so incredibly lost and unhappy that i wonder if it is actually a hobby of her or just peer pressure or whatever

No. 395200

she cosplays on her own. she has a cosplay facebook

No. 395203

I feel like her taste just keeps getting worse with every haul she posts, how is this possible?

No. 395205

I seriously doubt Jill "forced" kenzie to do anything. And I think she probably did not criticize her friends at the risk of them getting their feelings hurt. Kenzie should have practiced the dance considering her part seems to have like 3 steps why is she so confused.

No. 395207

I kind of felt bad for her when she was describing the friendship bracelets and said all she had ever wanted were some friends.

No. 395222

Why the hate on Kat Von D, though? It is because she hates on good makeup?

No. 395223

Jill used to suck Jeffree Star's dick pretty hard, so I think she hated Kat Von D simply because they had drama before?
She also owned a Kat Von D eyeliner before iirc and claimed it was awful despite other people liking it quite a lot.

No. 395231

Kat Von D is anti-semitic.

No. 395234

I doubt it's because of that, she got a bad lipstick once and that grounded the make up as awful. Jill clearly doesn't care if someone is a shitty person if she can get something out of them.

No. 395236

>"Finally got good foundatoon for once in my life"
>Too Faced Born This Way

But Jill, that foundation is shit. Does she think expensive things work better just because they cost more? I've owned a myriad of high end + drug store foundations because one that's actually the color of my skin is hard to find. No lie, Revlon ColorStay is the best foundation I've ever used AND it's the exact right color for me.

No. 395242

>Does she think expensive things work better just because they cost more?


No. 395252

Too faced works amazing for me, it's all down to preference

No. 395261

She also bought because of the package.

No. 395310

I don't like Jill just as much as anyone on this webside, but cmon. Thinking that she actually forced Kenzie to do anything is stupid af. Kenzie to me seems like the frustrated fat girl who think she has to be cocky and "untouchable" to appear cofident, since she doesn't have the look. If anything, she looks like she would pressure Jill into doing something.

No. 395335

File: 1506793829289.png (443.4 KB, 367x611, Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.5…)

how was SHE once cute..
I was going thru her blog and I was shocked..this was what she was like once??

No. 395351

She was actually cute here. Why on Earth would she think she looks good now?

No. 395357

Remember how she keeps mentioning shopping at fast fashion places is evil but then bought stuff at F21 here?

No. 395358

Can relate honestly

No. 395370

I hate how much she likes too faced. I understand not wanting to support lime crime and jeffree star but at the same time she's still a shitty consumer and too faced is still a shitty questionable brand.

No. 395381

basic bitches love too faced for some reason, without fail.

No. 395385


the rainbow hair RUINS her, she's not even that ugly tbh. its just that the shitty rainbow think she does makes her look like a special ed kid >>393562
everytime a picture of her with a single haircolor gets posted, everyone loses their shit because she looks somewhat cute. she's beyond stupid for trying to make that shitty rainbow hair happen. even this washed out pink, with roots and everything, makes her look ten times better than her current hair.

also what a shit job at shopping her face, my guess was that it was her mom.

No. 395386

can someone explain the problem with Too faced? I've always used and enjoyed it

No. 395412

File: 1506800697333.png (1.86 MB, 1334x750, IMG_0802.PNG)

No. 395413

File: 1506800719931.png (1.79 MB, 1334x750, IMG_0803.PNG)

No. 395414

File: 1506800742590.png (1.86 MB, 1334x750, IMG_0804.PNG)

No. 395415

File: 1506800759670.png (1.81 MB, 1334x750, IMG_0806.PNG)

No. 395417

File: 1506800774921.png (775.01 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0805.PNG)

No. 395419

Nothing she got from this haul was cute…she wastes so much money on stupid clothing items and trinkets she does not need.

No. 395426

File: 1506801763299.gif (2.79 MB, 480x270, theberet.gif)

No. 395436


How can someone be this tacky

No. 395441

A e s t h e t i c

I know there has been controversy with the owner I believe, but I don't pay attention much to it. However I have heard and experienced that despite how much I love their packaging (of course) their quality really is hit or miss.

No. 395443

File: 1506804250747.jpg (113.54 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)


reminds me of this for some reason

No. 395449

I think her logic is that if she's gone to the mall and has money in her bank account, then she MUST buy things, especially because going to the big city 2-3 hours away is such a "special occasion" for her. She couldn't find any clothes in her size so she bought things that don't fit, knowing she sucks at sewing but still pretends like she will fix them. Instead of not buying unnecessary junk like a normal person, she wasted hundreds of dollars on literally temporary shit, like halloween costumes, stuffed animals, ill fitting clothes, makeup she sucks at using, and like 10 bathbombs for all of the bathing her filthy self will be doing for the next year. There goes her college savings fund.

No. 395451

File: 1506805050571.gif (848.7 KB, 404x312, triggered.gif)

oh Jill… never change

No. 395473

File: 1506808615140.jpg (34.49 KB, 500x376, tumblr_inline_osv5ilykMY1rroo5…)


you're paying for cute-sy packaging and that's it. its way too expensive for the quality of (some of) the items. you don't need their mediocre concealer, primer or highlighters that are all +30 dollars. they shouldn't be that expensive for such low quality. you're just paying that because they put a cutesy peach cartoon on the bottle and make it smell like bananas or whatever. don't feel bad though, most of their eyeshadows are okay and some of them are awesome! they also make nice blushes too! not everything is shit! and its okay to have a few cutesy things with pretty packaging! those products are worth it because they're okay, and you do get a pretty packaging with it.

i think the issue here is that its Jill we are talking about. Jill is a brandwhore and her personality revolves around the shit she buys. her only hobbies are buying shit. she spends stupid amounts of money on designer shoes and clothing just for the "aestheticccc". so its pretty obvious that she's not buying the eyeshadow palettes, the blushes, etc because they're good. she's only buying them because she wants pretty packaging and that's it. she's only buying it because when she bought colorpop it wasn't kawaii enough. hell, some of those eyeshadow singles from colorpop are better than some TF palettes… but she doesn't care about quality, she's just looking for flashy products that look good on her vanity (and her insta).

again, its fine if you like some TF products. the thing is, jill is vapid as hell and she's always spending her mommy's cash constantly on shit she doesn't need. thus her TF obsession. she even bought the glitter palette jfc. no one bought the fucking glitter palette. she's stupid and she's buying things just because they're +50 dollars and have a rainbow packaging, not because they're good. so that's the issue, i think. its not really TF itself, but that TF represents this "look good, ask for tons of money, and be mostly useless" aka jill's life.

sage because explaining the issue with jill and tf is surprisingly long.

No. 395484

was about to point out this pic is heavily shopped, it was in some early threads and the comparison to a pic at a con.

No. 395487

She threw in that the KVD lippy comes off when she's 'smooching'. Reckon that's directed at us for ragging on her for going on tinder dates lmao

No. 395504

feel sorry for that vag shes licking

No. 395568

It would be fine if she could actually see so she could tailor her own shit. But haha like that will ever happen.

No. 395605

she is trying so hard to be grav3yardgirl its not even funny. her and bunny do have a lot in common though. rich spoiled sheltered speshul snowflakes types with anxiety they dont know how to manage.

No. 395606

It's also the fact that she looks a million times better with her hair down instead of pulled up into that shitty bun.

No. 395656

Hey, now that I think about it, both have shitty fashion sense.

No. 395699

She used to dress cute and while she still has a pretty face, but she dresses like a toddler and I feel major second-hand embarrassment for her. She has no idea how fucking stupid she looks with her horrible hair and clothes. To be honest, she's like a 75 years old granny who dresses in childish bright colors to feel "youthful." Also I am appalled by how materialistic she is… her room is cluttered with so much worthless crap. Girl is feeling empty and lost so she collects shit to make up for her dull, meaningless life.

Sage for stating my personal opinion that no one asked for lol.

No. 395716

>she's like a 75 years old granny who dresses in childish bright colors to feel "youthful."

You mean Betsey Johnson? Jill would take that as a compliment.

No. 395772

i always thought she was soooo ugly but when i saw these old pics i have to admit she does have a nice face and potential to be super cute but lol but she really fluffed up and knowns how make her face look ew

No. 395773

File: 1506857805615.png (366.16 KB, 888x539, Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 5.05…)

so cute so babyfaced
that level of chub even suited her…she's ruined herself now wow

No. 395779

>you're paying for cute-sy packaging

If you are gonna buy cute-sy shit might as well buy korean makeup with cute packages since it's often worth the price anyway.

Sage for cute makeup autism.

No. 395793

I think there was some fuzz regarding the owner fucking over Nikkietutorials collaboration with them. She signed some bullshit deal where she made only 50 000 dollars out of like 9 million that they made out of an eyeshadow pallete that supposedly was different in quality then they showed her.

Other things are them spouting out identical useless products with shit quality and starting petty shit on social media.

There’s vids explaining this better on YouTube for example check out hereForTheTea

sry for ot

No. 395795

my first thought when i saw this

No. 395800

File: 1506865188234.jpeg (267.64 KB, 555x585, 04301C63-FA19-4F1B-B2A5-214233…)

>> she still has a pretty face

No. 395803

this honestly makes me so mad because lighter, softer j-fashion suits her so much more than all these overpriced main pieces that she throws together

love yourself jill

No. 395804

god. if anything i'd say jill should be the embarrassed one here. how can this fat shit think this looks good at all?

No. 395807

She's not at all ugly by normal standards. Granted she makes an absolutely trashy mess of herself in her styling. But This fucking board for nitpick honestly

No. 395822

Without fail, every Jill thread must have the same boring dicussion about how much prettier she used to be before her current style. Anons, please.

No. 395824


Underrated post. This should be a site banner.

No. 395891

Sage ror derailing but damn i would love to discuss Bunny in a thread. She‘s one of the worst…

No. 395911

This. I think some people think Jill is some master manipulator who can just make people bend to her will but I really don't think so.

I felt a little twitch in my eye when she implied that more expensive foundation would be better. Does she watch any makeup videos at all?

No. 395999

Parts of her face are so yellow it seems like she didn't even bother to blend in her concealer. Her blush is horrible, too. Jill, if you are going to waste your money on overpriced makeup, at least learn to apply it.

No. 396056

File: 1506896850229.png (343.32 KB, 540x647, Screenshot_2017-10-01-23-25-46…)

Forgot she was pagan kek

No. 396057

File: 1506896898183.png (104.18 KB, 540x439, Screenshot_2017-10-01-23-25-54…)

>casting spells
When has she ever?

No. 396062

oh ffs, get over yourself jill. she is so triggered over getting trolled in the mail. i hope more people send her bible verses.

she only posted this to further remind people of how totally lesbian and unique she is, how embarrassing.

No. 396071

File: 1506898609675.jpg (130.92 KB, 750x1110, IMG_9107.JPG)

She really is fucking everywhere.

No. 396077

tbh I'd be somewhat pissed to if someone disrepected my religion/sexuality like that too. She's ranting on twitter, normal reaction really.
But, yeah, I agree that she is using this to promote her bissexuality.
I don't follow her closely, have she actually had any relationships with females yet?

No. 396078

I lol'd at that downvote, anon.

No. 396080

Samefagging to respond:
She is not religious. Arranging rocks around a CCS clow card is not a religion. Also she is claiming to be queer (I'm not part of LGBT so am not sure exactly what that entails) but she hasn't mentioned being bisexual at all, and keeps making posts that would suggest she's just lesbian.

I'm convinced the numerous posts about kissimg girls are lies because I think anyone would hightail out of that relationship if they saw their date bragging about stuff like that to their thousands of kid followers. It's creepy, disengenuine, and disrespectful to that (possibly imaginary) girl. I don't remember Jill ever sexualizing Tristan or Collin publicly like that with the exception of that penis comment she made before getting dumped.

No. 396086

Oh, I just assumed that because of her previous boyfriends. I think being queer is just synonymous to being part of LGBT.
Also, is that CSS thing true? LOL
I never met an actual Pagan but THAT must be insulting

No. 396088

Queer just means not straight or cis.

No. 396102

File: 1506902124732.png (934.18 KB, 926x478, blessedeclipse.png)

Thanks for the clarification, I was guessing it just means gay/lesbian.

And yeah, she posted pic related on the solar eclipse day a while ago. Saged for old news

No. 396104

File: 1506902243025.png (934.89 KB, 613x718, 0_1.png)

>cannot resist buying more shelf toys at claire's even after spending $XXX on recent trip

No. 396111

Well, nowadays it basically means "I have pastel hair and don't want to be called straight because it's too boring". It's the new "emo" or "scene" kinda fad.

Also actual pagan, and yeah it's kind of insulting. Especially when you know she just set that up for a picture to look ~mysterious~. Makes it into a joke for the rest of us.

Sage because who cares.

No. 396113

>It's the new "emo" or "scene" kinda fad.

No, it isn't. Queer people have always existed. It's just more accepted now, so more people are open about it.

No. 396114

she acknowledged her teeth a while ago

No. 396135

i think its the long pretty lashes and less cakey foundation.

No. 396137

She posted a video on her cosplay facebook of her starting her new costume. Looks like she's gonna do another box skirt because that seems to be all she knows how to do even though something like a circle skirt would be better for the fluffy shape she wants.

No. 396145

File: 1506906579153.png (1.37 MB, 1136x640, IMG_4260.PNG)

Not anon but a shitty low resolution pic of what anon is talking about if you're no bothered to look up the page

No. 396147

the fat ones wig was definitely bought right off ebay for about 5 dollars

No. 396230

She didn't get that bible for her coming out video, and it's not even a bible anyway. It's a little comic book about Jesus and basically every YouTuber ever who has a PO box has been sent one. She's not special.

No. 396417

File: 1506911970683.gif (768.9 KB, 320x180, 531FF4AB-41E8-4CBC-965F-48A76B…)

No. 396439

Can she calm down? It didn't say that lgbtq+ people or witches burn in hell, Jillian. Does she know that lgbtq+ Christians exist, and that Christianity does not condem them at all? Dumb bitch. Sage for sperging.

No. 396440

Does she not have an ounce of self-awareness? This just looks like someone's table decoration.

No. 396461


-queer is a term for annoying kids that want to be different
-i am actual pagan and i'm insulted

this anon tho

No. 396465

Not sure if it was already mentioned bit she's been seeing the same girl and I wonder why she's not like oh I have a girlfriend yet.

No. 396488

You realise this is Jill we are talking about right? If she was going to announce she had a gf she'd make a big ass video about it and then plaster picture after picture on instagram/twitter talking about how gay she is and how her and her gf are ~*lesbian pastel witches who love doing x activity together*~ she wouldn't just announce it. But as another anon brought up, she could just be making this gf up for brownie points.

No. 396497

Wow, someone who has so little interaction with queer people that they think they're new. Hilarious.

No. 396516

I would die laughing if Jill was dating Kenzie.

No. 396521

go back to tumblr already

No. 396565

File: 1506941371257.png (654.67 KB, 755x382, dance.png)

The dance was awful and why are the back up dancers okay with just doing "nyas" while Jillian gets to do everything else and be in the centre. How low is their confidence to put up with her shit this much

No. 396574

Do you actually think kenzie could've done the actual dance. Clearly it was because she didn't practice at all, she had trouble even doing the "nyas", I'm guessing the other girl did them too so it didn't look off balance.

No. 396580

I just love the contrast in their faces lmao. Jill having the time of her life, Kenzie is like wtf and the asian one is "why am I here lol"

No. 396595

paganism dates back to centuries and is an ancient tradition. dying ur hair blue and liking rainbow vomit isn't. try reading a book some time instead of watching anime.

No. 396598

This. She mentioned in the video there was a problem, if I'm not mistaken and that they had to do some last minute rehersal so I'd guess K just straight up didn't know the dance and that was a last minute decision.

No. 396653

I'm not from tumblr. I'm just someone who goes outside so I know queer people exist lmao.(no one cares)

No. 396654

Just shut up already! We know queer people exist, we are talking about Jillian jumping into this cause she loves attention and being oh so original (like being bisexual or gay is something original), but the way shes always saying shit like smooching etc, just shows how she's in it mostly for the show.

So yeah, just shut up

No. 396683

This. Can the retard who thinks they're babbys first queers profit please just off themselves?

No. 396693

weird question but does anyone know why the font in this thumbnail is different from all of her other ones?
it looks rather jarring and I have no idea why she would change it unless she just suddenly lost access to photoshop and had to make do with paint.

No. 396696

File: 1506966385380.png (855.94 KB, 863x865, 11.png)

No. 396709

Oh that's not bad, she'd look a million times better without the rainbow and natural colored eyebrows but I like the general idea.

No. 396721

Does she have to always mention that it's a girl!!!11 ? Jill's the weirdest lesbian ever.

No. 396727

She's just having a fling while she waits for her next dick to hop on.

No. 396742

I don't get this girl flaunting. I'd hate to be dating someone and have them constantly boast it on social media.

No. 396744

Jill lurking confirmed, we were only discussing her imaginary gf a couple of posts ago. Either that or a freaky coincidence

No. 396754

having over like a date? does she really bring girls back to her parents' house? lmao is her mom gonna serve the snacks? is she allowed to close her bedroom door or does it need to stay open?

I have so many questions.

No. 396768

that's a little creepy anon

No. 396776

She doesn’t even have a door to her room because it’s in the basement

No. 396786


Yeah, if I was in this hypothetical girl's shoes, all this flaunting on social media would give me the impression that she's looking for a rebound (which I guess she is - that and a trendy gay fashion accessory.) I'm guessing she's either made up or just as bad as Jill or else she'd be running for the fucking hills.

No. 396788

Every day Jillian Vessey is one step closer to becoming Jailyn Marie Wilcher.

No. 396790

The way she talks about it makes me think it's not only one girl but various different ones.

No. 396791

Damn, did she wash her hair for this date? Looks decent for once.
Also, can't imagine Jill not telling this girl every detail of her "career" so is she okay with Jill posting all that stuff about her? She has to be fake, or insecure as fuck? What sane person wants to date someone who blabs all her business on every platform they have plus livestream.

No. 396818

I work at a thrift store and we get jesus freaks in all the time. All you gotta do is politely ignore them. Why is she so triggered that she had to make a post about it? She's obnoxious. Just toss the pocket bible and move on.

No. 396853

I was thinking the same thing!
This mystery Tinder girl is either:

>1: nonexistent, since you know Jill can't resist oversharing

>2: is real, is a bigger doormat than Collin, and Jill is waiting to make a video spectacle about her, or post an 'ultra gay' pic on insta
>3: is real and doesn't want to be posted on social media (Jill disrespects her privacy anyway)

I think it's safe to assume this girl is insecure as fuck if you consider the people Jill surrounds herself with. Kenzie and the asian girl supposedly only did that precure cosplay because they love Jill and not the actual show. Kenzie drove however many hours to see Jill and the other one is always trying to get in Jill's camera shots. Plus, they live in bumfuckville, I don't think there's many bold personalities to be found.

Also I think Jill having a relationship with another girl would fail so quickly. She would get jealous and bitchy like it's a competition is my guess.

No. 396873


You are such a fucking liar, Jill. Give it up. As if your grotesque shopping addiction wasn't enough. You fucking scumbag.

No. 396892

what ever happened to her friend and ~ally~ John?

No. 396908

File: 1506999020704.png (396.42 KB, 660x592, Yui2.png)

She's cosplaying this.

No. 396922

A date in your parents' basement?

Stay classy.

No. 396936

Napping with it on during the day is fine anon, its not like it matters if you're asleep or awake wearing it lol. Sleeping in it is bad because you're just keeping it on your skin for way too long at that point.

No. 396940

File: 1507003394171.jpeg (576.96 KB, 750x945, D2B9EE01-5ED9-45EF-AD7F-020756…)

You can tell Jill pinned the overskirt to the base/strawberry layer once she realized she messed up lining them up (something she ignored in the design she drew for herself)

No. 396941

File: 1507003610298.jpeg (84.53 KB, 454x630, C7B28EF4-F7B5-488F-B750-7A2D3E…)

No. 396942


i know that lily posted this and not her, but its funny how jill broke up with "the love of her life" but moved on to girls after two days. like nothing happened. but god damn, she does a half decent cosplay and we have to keep hearing about it all month.

No. 396947

Sage for makeup sperging, but like any brand, there are good TF products and there are shitty ones. I actually love the Born this Way foundation, but had to stop using it because their previous lightest shade was too dark/yellow on me. Now that they have released a lighter more neutral shade, I'll be buying it again, becasue I really loved the formula. I also love their eyeshadow palettes and blushes, but wouldn't shell out for the highlighters at that price. I'll stick with becca or ABH for highlighters.

No. 396951

This is nowhere near enough volume for that skirt, and jesus fuck why the hell is she spray painting it?! It's just going to be a crispy stuff crunchy mess. Jill, you have the money, get the fabric printed by spoonflower!

No. 396958

Colin broke up with Jill, and she didn’t bring up dating anyone new until more then a month later. She doesn’t have to wallow in self pity let her just move on

No. 396959


To me, the fact she posted so much bitter, passive-aggressive shit about Colin while bragging about her tinder dates and the fact she's posting about every single date she goes on gives me the impression she's not ready to be dating again. It's more about her attitude than the length of time.

Having said that, I don't think many of us really give a shit if we personally think she's over him or not but the fake lesbian thing after a bunch of long term relationships with guys only is pretty obnoxious.

No. 397026

Queer is an umbrella term for "not straight", nothing more, nothing less. During the height of the emo myspace phase everyone claimed to be bisexual, that doesn't mean it's meaningless.

sage for OT.

No. 397029

I have to wonder, how many girls her age are there on her tiny island that are interested and don't already know her so that they could even meet on tinder?

If she's actually dating I feel bad for the girl because she's clearly just a tool to prove Jillian's queerness, she could just keep it quiet but she has to drop "I'm smoochin girls teehee" all over her social media.

No. 397045

All jill does is go to home sense and the mall, I bet there's a ton of people in her hometown she doesn't know.

No. 397051

Why is she so dramatic about everything

No. 397052

I totally agree, anon.

No. 397058

File: 1507040241098.jpeg (121.53 KB, 749x983, 60A3006C-569D-4C67-B011-63B33D…)

It all is adding up

No. 397072

Jill can get so many discounts!

No. 397076

File: 1507044243815.gif (1.72 MB, 245x230, image.gif)

It's starting…we should be flooded with pics and vids of this girl and how much of a "lesbian" Jill is soon..

(Jill, girls getting dumped by guys and then going on a "I hate men, girls are the best." tirade is classic. If you're confused about your sexuality then you shouldn't really be labeling it yet, if you are attracted to mostly girls and nonbinary people and "sometimes men" then you're bi. You're not a lesbian just bc you're dating a girl. You've dated three guys, you're not a lesbian and you know that.)

No. 397077

>HEHEHE ur cute

How fucking forced and inauthentic can one person sound?

Originally I thought maybe, just maybe, she's at least bi-curious and there's no way for us to truly know the sexual-romantic feelings of this autistic playdough. But nah, nope, nadda, there's no way in fuck Jill has ever had an inkling of actual feeling towards another girl. She's straight as straight gets and I'm sure she's barely even fooling herself. If anything comes of this, it's going to fall through pretty fast when the other chick realizes as much

No. 397088


This exactly, anon. I don't think she's definitely straight just because she's (a fling at like 13 hardly counts) only dated guys, but if she came out and said "I'm not 100% sure of my sexuality and now that I'm single I can use this as an opportunity to experiment" then there would be no problem. The problem is that she's going through that immature post-breakup "all men are pigs" phase and using lesbianism like an accessory because being bi/pansexual isn't trendy enough for her anymore.

No. 397094

She’s not calling all men pigs. She said in a stream that she doesn’t want to label her sexuality because she doesn’t hate men and she doesn’t know who she will end up with.

No. 397176


I should have been clearer about that. I'm not saying she ever called men 'pigs' or is misandrist in any way but it's common for (generally fairly childish) women to swear off men after a bad breakup in the same manner as Jill and that's their typical battle cry.

She can say whatever she wants about not labeling herself but she's already said she would "call herself a lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick" and has her fb set to "interested in women" so the heavy implication is that she's hopping onto the uwu so gay bandwagon.

No. 397181


well alyssa does seem pretty plain.

jill seems to love hanging out with ugly people so that she can look better >>396940 . so i wouldn't be surprised if alyssa was the new girl, she's not very pretty and won't get attract too much attention. and we know, we knowwww, that jill loves being the center of attention at ALL times . even her girlfriend can't be as gaaaaay quirky and edgyyy as her. alyssa is just going to be in the background as jill tweets "I'm soooo gay now. we invented lgbt rights!!! "

also i really hate how she tries to talk like a little girl. nasty as hell.

No. 397231

File: 1507052669062.jpeg (399.24 KB, 2400x1800, 370479BC-DCA9-48B4-8DD3-3D8452…)

Her Facebook has been listed back to interested in men and woman, and she’s still single, so nothing is official

No. 397232

looking forward to the "♥ Giving my Queer Lesbian Girlfriend a harajuku party kei makeover!! uwu ♥" videos

No. 397242


Ah, thanks anon. This is pretty interesting but my point was kinda more that she did try to imply it for a good while and that was the problem people have about her whole tinder date fiasco.

If she's just trying to work out her identity like most adults I'm almost impressed that she's not just trend hopping for once and wish her the best.


Terrible bait

No. 397245

Stop derailing, go to the incelthread

No. 397266

Do you think she already knew who Jill was?

No. 397399

File: 1507061177497.png (138.64 KB, 640x867, IMG_4264.PNG)

Jill actually looks pretty nice here. As stated here a million times before, she would look nicer with a natural hair colour like caramel or blonde and she could of done with a nicer hairstyle. But aside from that, not dressing in Rainbow vomit for once makes Jill actually look presentable.

No. 397407

ot but where's her cardigan from?

No. 397449

File: 1507067497200.png (15.91 KB, 725x137, whewlad.png)

living that seroquel life

No. 397486

anyone else think this outfit looks kinda larme? maybe she's starting to like that kind of stuff.

No. 397505

I agree, its pretty larme; honestly she looks better in it that the rainbow vomit she usually wears.
but overall this outfit on her body isn't all that flattering? like the empire waistline combined with the oversized sweater isn't doing her figure any favours.

No. 397548

Can someone explain why her Precure store video is over 555k views? None of her other videos are as popular and it's a niche video topic.

No. 397574

Wasn't Sharla in that video with her? Maybe that's why.

No. 397631

No, sharla wasn't in that video.

No. 397636

How does someone as talentless and flakey as Jill have over 130,000 plus viewers? Seriously do that many people possess such bad taste that they fill their days watching this ass clown for entertainment?

No. 397733

No. 397754

I'm pretty sure she had just reached 40k or 45k subs when she left for Japan, after two and a half years on youtube. Guess a few tokyo vlogs is all a channel needs nowadays.

No. 397775

No. 397779

File: 1507125646159.png (151.85 KB, 750x1049, IMG_9420.PNG)

finally some accurate pixie fanart

No. 397781

>not washing her tumbler because she only has water in it.. I'm quite lax about such things usually tbh but to not wash it ever. Gross, what about the straw. all those germs breeding :/

No. 397783

forgot I was green texting there. sorry lads

No. 397785

this is actually a really cute outfit! good on jill for wearing something good for once
seriously this cardigan is cute af

No. 397786

lol was this supposed to be so insulting?

No. 397795

File: 1507126782870.jpeg (122.88 KB, 750x266, 5C5B2530-A04E-460A-A858-E83FA4…)

No. 397802

So looks like her brother moved out now that he's graduated university. You would think he'd be a good example for Jill, but Louise is likely to cling to her only remaining child and encourage her to stay at home for longer.

I'll be very surprised if Jill gets accepted into school for next year. First of all, there was only a dozen spots available for her course. Secondly, the applications were open for months before she bothered submitting hers. Third, I don't think the school admissions/advisers were very impressed with her lack of understanding about the foundation year. Being uninterested in the foundation year or thinking it's beneath you while submitting a mediocre portfolio (we all know her art skill level).

I'd be very surprised if she's chosen for this program. More than likely, she needs to find a plan b for next year.

No. 397823

File: 1507131199542.jpeg (403.55 KB, 1350x2400, 8A70C8DE-E1DF-4DEA-9A6A-B4EBE0…)

No. 397824

I guarantee Jill will be doing the same thing next year anon.

No. 397835

File: 1507132408323.png (30.41 KB, 345x363, IMG_4044.PNG)

There's so much to look at in her background now that she's put all her figures there at the end of the shelf like that. Having a self more similar the the main one would've been less distracting. I wonder what she's gonna do with all of her weeb stuff when she eventually?? has to move out.

No. 397837

No. 397840

The fuck did I just watch? Horrifying

No. 397841

Jillian, how is you wearing cologne confusing peoples sexuality?? And lol at her not liking KVD cause she starts drama, you loved Jeffree Star until a couple months ago and he is the biggest drama whore ever.

No. 397844

File: 1507133025809.png (313.06 KB, 530x451, Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 11.0…)


No. 397845

The dance was ok but the video really emphasizes how much she's blown up. She needs to lose some weight

No. 397852

File: 1507133442900.png (2.24 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4384.PNG)

Im Fucking dying. This is straight up weeb territory.
>using a scrunchie to pull the sweater back and give herself a waist
Girl, every twirl reveals your "ingenious" plan, you look like a 4th grader. I'm actually crying, she looks so damn foolish and keeps upping the cringe.

No. 397857

lol why even do it if she is going to show her back?

No. 397863

this is what she quit her job to do…this is what she delayed uni to do…this is what all that money goes towards…

No. 397870

Please someone put this on a cringe compilation

No. 397875

I was thinking the same thing, at first I just thought it was the shitty resolution, but no. She needs to get her diet under control at the very least if she wants to lose a few pounds. Trust me, practicing a dance each day for about 5 minutes isn't going to burn off any of those chicken nuggets Jill

No. 397876

Someone should make a cringe compilation of Jill since she's got so much material to work off

No. 397889

Idk anon. Take it with her?

No. 397902

This was actually cute and something different from hauls but that tie in the back is embarrassing.

No. 397909

I thought so too; it's cute on a cringe sort of way. I wonder if everybody here is a lot older than Jill and keeps judging her by their standards. Because she's 19 and the young adults around me aren't any better… Of course it's embarrassing and all, but at her age I am sure I was also cringe, albeit in different ways since I was not a weeb.

No. 397927

yeah, she mentioned before that she wanted to do dance covers and stuff and I really wish she would invest more time in those
she seems to genuinely enjoy doing that stuff, and it's a lot nicer than seeing her sit around in her basement doing 30 minute long hauls

No. 397967

why not just tuck the shirt in the skirt???

No. 397968

Wait, she is 19??
For some reason I though she was 22/23 because she looks older than me and I'm 20.
sage for blogposting

No. 397969


damn, i didn't consider that. in a few months we'll get a milky meltdown then. she'll go on twitter, change her profile pic to something stupid and say that she's going to killherself like she always does. can't wait for the tantrum.

No. 397973


oh jesus christ that was so bad. this is not acceptable for anyone over the age of 8. let alone 19.

how can she think it was a good idea to practice that, let alone record that LET ALONE POST IT. Its legit something a child would do. and its only cute if a child does it.

>this is exactly what someone who says shit like "HEHEHE ur cute! this is my favie! I'm gaaaay!" looks like

No. 397976

This actually isn't bad. Yeah, it's super weeby but she executes the dance pretty well.

Her new video on the other hand in >>397775 is just cringey. I had to stop watching over a minute in when she was talking about the pusheens on her cup. God, she sounds like she's retarded.

No. 397977

Reasons why her subs are down:

- she was still posting Japan related content, which everyone gets a boost for
- because her Japan videos were popular, the algorithms were boosting her on top of that
- she had also done collabs in Japan that were sending people to her channel
- kids were out of school for the summer and spending more time on YouTube
- she does a niche kind of YouTube, so after the influx of people interested in it flock to her, it's going to slow down because she just simply doesn't appeal to a huge audience

Shouldn't have quit your day job, Jill.

No. 397982

She executed the dance really well. ALL weeb culture is cringy, but it could be worse.

No. 398010

Yeah, honestly I agree. She was having fun, and she really wasn't sloppy. Sure her outfit wasn't great, but it was good to see a weeb dance cover with a good camera having fun. 19 or not, I liked it.

No. 398029

She worked 2 days a week. She didn't have to quit. Dumb bitch.

No. 398030

She remembered the dance well enough for sure but a lot of the moves felt ham fisted.

No. 398033

I read that as 'ham in fist.' rofl

No. 398049

There are tons of weeb dancers out there, some way older than her, so this isn't anything new or novel.

She's surprisingly not bad compared to a lot of other western dancers I've seen. She has lively movements while a lot of dancers out there look like limp fish. She looks really happy which honestly does make her seem cuter to me, even if her outfit sucks.

No. 398058


Since she's gone lesbian wouldn't that be "fist in ham"?

I'll see myself out.

No. 398059

File: 1507155851876.jpeg (98.91 KB, 750x230, 29FA64D0-2BC1-4536-8CA6-F9D9E4…)

No. 398063

The fact she even noticed they unfriended her is creepy enough. And no jill, it means he's embarrassed to have ever associated with you and needs to cut ties from you being able to spy on him

No. 398064

If anything Jill it means you lose

No. 398065

Assuming this is about Colin.

He's recently liked and reblogged two pics of a pei girl on his tumblr. It could be just a friend or acquaintance.. but if we're going by social media norms, it seems like they're romantically involved.

As for Tristan, he's been in a relationship for a year or two now. So I don't see how Jill wins if her exes have successfully moved on and erased all reminders of her existence.

No. 398066

Win what? What do you win? One less friend? Sounds like a fucking loss to me.

No. 398068

File: 1507156812938.png (37.61 KB, 628x523, screenshot.png)

No. 398070

Jesus Jill, if the person isn't even in your life anymore does it even matter?
It just sounds like you want to be in contact again

No. 398073

wow $170 for a nighty. $100 now on fril.

But no, Jill just spends money, wears it for a photo and probably lets her cats sleep on it on her closet floor.

No. 398077

it's pretty normal to unfriend an ex, isn't it? even if you plan on being friends later, it's good to go no contact and cut them off for the first bit. i don't get the vibe that colin even wants to stay apart of jill's life (and why would he?) so it's a sensible move.

No. 398085


This shit, Jill.

This petty shit is why you're not mentally ready to be dating anyone right now.

It's like you're scared to be single for a while to get to know yourself again because you know that in place of your personality you have a big, empty void that you fill with Dolls Kill shit and craft store glitter.

Have some class and don't post petty shit about your ex online.

No. 398105

File: 1507161495303.png (1012.49 KB, 1136x640, IMG_1979.PNG)

No. 398108


Jillian, you fucking retard.

It's clear you have some actual half decent talent and the ability to perform. Stop spending your time and money on your pathetic and disturbing shopping addiction, and apply yourself to your craft.

You will forever be a pathetic hack until you stop flaunting your cash, acting like you are literally retarded, and devoting all of your time and attention to products. You are a fucking parody of yourself.

No more fucking haul videos. Stop spending money. Stop focusing your attention entirely on items. You represent everything that is sick and broken about our culture.

You can do better. Do better. Be better. No more fucking haul videos. Be a real person.

No. 398112

i lurked on the girl's tumblr that he reblogged the pic from and she's a lesbian so they're probably just friends.

No. 398122


No. 398126


B-but anon, Colin has dated a ~lesbian~ before!

No. 398155

File: 1507169930769.png (105.78 KB, 639x764, IMG_4265.PNG)

Watch as this machine never gets used and gets buried underneath her hoard

No. 398157


I wonder if she'll be able to thread it up

No. 398163

Of course she had to show how much she paid for it

No. 398167


no, it means that they're moving on with their life. you should be civil with your ex, but that doesn't mean you have to remain friends. what a child.

No. 398169


>Fashion design dreams comin true

> and this >>397837

why does this bitch talks and acts like she's in a disney channel sitcom.

No. 398173

So what's the deal with her top secret crap? What's this thing she's hiding

No. 398186

File: 1507175058423.jpeg (379.34 KB, 750x973, 7B3C34CF-04EA-4CC8-AC99-A10731…)

Based on her liked tweets I’m guessing she’s not over him

No. 398199

File: 1507176689877.png (118.89 KB, 640x872, IMG_4266.PNG)

This is post anon is referring to. My guess was her cosplay, but she's been showing any progress she can on it so that's not it. Other than that, I say it's probably something fashion related like making her own clothes or something. Also kek at those stains on her skirt, stay classy Jill

No. 398200

If you mean by the cup, she probably just spilled some tea.

No. 398201

It’s her callender. She posted that image on her Facebook with a caption saying she was drawing outside and she already basically spoiled that she was making a callender on her last live stream

No. 398211

File: 1507181288967.png (125.28 KB, 750x1108, IMG_4066.PNG)

Cardigan is from AliExpress

No. 398218

I doubt she would even know how to thread a serger. Actually I went to design school and let me say that an industrial machine is completely different from a domestic. God bless you Jill for being the biggest hack ever. She put absolutely no effort into educating herself about what actually is involved as a process of fashion design and construction. Shottily made, tacky cheap ass weeb monstrosities are all she's capable of making. Her construction is piss poor and she has no knowledge of textiles, thread types and/or awareness of fit principles. It's like because she watched too much Project Runway, now she thinks all of asudden she knows about fashion design. Kek

No. 398223

honestly, since jill is into unnatural hair colors, maybe like a peach color or something more muted? because if she does decide to dress less kidcore or whatever, the hair might make coordinating outfits a bit difficult, lol. but this kind of style is much more flattering on her.
but i think her real problem with fashion is that she gets really passionate about something really fast, and has to change her whole aesthetic to match her interest, it seems. but you don't have to sort your whole life around an aesthetic, lol.

No. 398245

lmao how bitter do you have to be to say stuff like that?
I feel like Jill is too focused on being a ~strong independent rainbow baby~ to admit to herself that she's not over Colin.
It's completely normal to be sad and hurt when a person you love breaks up with you, but at least admit it to yourself…
Maybe Colin is still struggling getting over the break up too and it hurts him to see Jill constantly posting about her tinder girl dates? plz be less of a cunt Jill

No. 398255

ugh I can't imagine that teas supposed to have milk

No. 398282

As much as I hate Jill, I wouldn’t mind having that much disposable income with no responsibilities

No. 398324

Honestly idk how she is going to figure out how to use that. I have been sewing for a long ass time and those things are so difficult to use smh, I have only met one person confident with using those machines and it was a literal professor for a serging class. I just feel like shes going to give up on that thing so fast, or never realize how horrible her stitches look

No. 398351


I get the feeling she's been buying stuff like the steam iron and overlocker (and didn't she also mention wanting to buy an embroidery machine?) because it makes her feel less bad about not actually fucking sewing anything that isn't her kinda lazy cosplay. Kinda like when you buy stationery and you feel like you're being productive when you're not, I guess?

Jill, since you lurk - you can have all the expensive sewing equipment in the world and it won't do shit if you're still terrible at actually sewing. Go buy some beginner's sewing patterns and the metric pattern cutting book if you're serious about your ~*~fashion design dreams~*~.

Before you buy a fucking embroidery machine (jesus christ Jill it's like you shit dollar bills) please at least try your hand at a bit of hand embroidery? It's not like you have anything you need to mass produce.

No. 398356

Jesus Christ there is no justifiable reason why Jill needs a serger except for her incessant need to buy shit and to look like she's actually doing something meaningful with her life. Most professional cosplayers can't even justify buying one. This isn't going to improve your sewing skills, Jill. That's just called practice and patience.
I can just only imagine that she saw us ragging on the poor quality of her baby cartoon dress and decided this is what she needs to improve??

No. 398385

The fact that she puts milk into a sweet fruity flavored tea makes me feel sick. It's even worse than the peeps in tea.

No. 398391

I think she got one because she's essentially faking being a seamstress. She's just copying what she sees other professionals doing, and she's looking way too far into her future. What she needs to be doing is buying a bunch of cheap clothing at thrift stores and practicing the basics on it. Learn how to do proper hems, to take in clothing, to change the shape of a neckline, to add pleats, to sew different materials together, to make patterns, etc.

No. 398395


I agree. Now that you've said it, though, I'm actually starting to wonder if her winning cosplay prizes at small cons and being able to sew better than her friends makes her think she is at the level of a professional seamstress? Or at least much better than she is because she's never (or very rarely) met someone who can sew well?

Kinda like how anons speculated that she thinks she's a super ambitious and hard-working strong independent woman because even though she would generally be considered sheltered, she might be somewhat independent for PEI standards.

sage for massive tinfoil hat

No. 398396

warning this may get a bit ranty and long LOL
Ok I saw somewhere that Jill couldn't find any sewing classes (I doubt she even tried tbh) all it took was a very tricky google search of 'PEI canada sewing classes' and WOW there are classes on sergers, basic garment construction (sure she may not consider herself to be in the basic level but considering shes self taught she can very easily learn a load of new and helpful things). Yeah a lot of it is quilting, embroidery and applique but there ARE many classes that would apply to what she is trying to learn. Just in case she is lurking here is a link http://www.quiltingb.ca/class-list.pdf :))

No. 398403

But anon, why would she pay $50 when she can just watch a YouTube video and make a mediocre cosplay?

No. 398416

File: 1507218838714.png (196.48 KB, 583x279, 5oLA9X6.png)

I mean, she did post pic related acting like she just won the nobel prize for placing 2nd in the amateurs cosplay contest, competing against children and hobbyists. i think youre right. this minor contest win is probably why she just dropped nearly $400 on a machine she wont know how to use… it gave her a seriously unjustified ego and confidence boost lol

No. 398429

Maybe he knows Jill is gonna crack and doesn't wanna watch/be associated with it. She quit her 16 hr/week job, the only thing that took out of the house, to stay at home and become a shut in. All she does is stalk social media, buy shit off mommys credit card, and make videos. Talks like a baby, barely has a clue how to dress herself or take care of herself, pretends she has plans for her life. That's not healthy, go outside and live life, Jill. Quit being fucking delusional.

She straight up said she only sews when her friends do via facetime. It'd be awesome if she took all her free time and learned how to use this machine properly but we know that won't happen. Again, delusional. Won't get anywhere if you choose to be a mindless consumer instead of working to actually learn skills for a dream you claim to want badly.

No. 398440

Thanks, anon. it looks cozy as fuck.

No. 398462

File: 1507222631647.jpeg (132.52 KB, 960x720, 33297A7E-7382-43D6-9207-07F499…)

No. 398465

>making another outfit with an overlay skirt so soon after that shiny satin monstrosity
>LED strips
hot mess

No. 398466

File: 1507222975463.jpg (93.22 KB, 250x411, 11.jpg)

that arm lol

No. 398474

>>398462 lol looks like she spent more time on Yuis name than the fucking illustration also jfc Jill did you seriously colour that in with crayons?

No. 398483

having that much disposable income and then having to face reality once the source suddenly disappears (because death) is going to suck for her…

i say because jill's life is deja vu for this anon

sage for blog

No. 398489

File: 1507226518101.jpeg (295.91 KB, 750x611, CDB947E2-D362-4E2B-9176-81F1B2…)

No. 398495

Again, she has to show the prices on everything… I know it's obviously not on the same level as the serger but it's just so tacky. But she's basically just admitting that she buys crap she doesn't even like just 1) for the packaging and 2) to do videos.

No. 398497

all those fucking dirty dishes in the corner.

No. 398498

she actually keeps sewing supplies or some shit in there, I remember her showing that stuff off in her room tour and thinking how impractical it seems

No. 398500

This irritates me so much. She obviously bought it for the packaging and she has all of these colors already, she's only going to use the pink, lavender and green which she already has all of those already.

No. 398505

At about 10:07 she mentions her friend tracy gave her a Precure Nendoroid but…?
GSC does not make /any/ Precure figures so I dont know what the fuck shes going on about

No. 398506

File: 1507228133177.jpeg (647.46 KB, 750x858, 94BAEA2D-1211-4F2D-B460-0310C5…)

This is the on she’s talking about.
She probably just said Nendoroid because that’s what it looks like/is the same shape as

No. 398507

File: 1507228191017.png (758.35 KB, 844x467, Untitled.png)

No. 398514

Anon, chill. I only see ribbons and maybe a keychain of some sort on the saucer.

No. 398515

File: 1507229296897.jpeg (483.64 KB, 2400x2400, 580E35B0-AEDD-4D16-A030-34F2C4…)

Some golden responses to that tweet

No. 398517

This just proves what I said earlier here >>398391 about her faking being a seamstress. She makes these drawings because she knows people on Project Runway make them, but she doesn't understand WHY. She just knows it's something you're supposed to do, so she does it. When a drawing is not even necessary because she has a reference photo literally posted next to it.

No. 398527

People who call /any/ chibi figure a nendoroid trigger me so hard lmao. Its the most autistic thing ever but it just really grates on me.

No. 398530


she legit admiting that she buys shit for no reason now. someone really needs to keep mommy's credit card away from her.

No. 398532

>>398517 I was thinking the exact same thing like why the fuck is she drawing something when she has the literal reference photo, if anything she should be doing flat lays of the clothing she needs to make and have measurements and lengths on the fucking paper.

No. 398534

Her wonky ass sketchesslay me they are terrible.I swear I remember taking fashion sketching in design school and it was definitely specific in which the dimensions were for fashion industry standards. But Jill is ~*speshul*~ and a complete exception to the rules. Then again delusional self is
a cruel bitch to deal with in itself. That poor serger will never be put to proper use. I doubt this idiot even knows what flat felt and French seams are and how they help you avoid unsightly serged edges inside garments.

No. 398536

Can we stop acting like it's her mom's money she's spending? It's hers because she has no bills. So every penny she makes from YouTube can go towards this garbage.

Based on the videos in the last month, she's probably made about $750CAD from them (and this doesn't account for new views on older videos, so she's definitely made more than this). That is plenty of money for her to piss away in her basement on frivolous shit.

No. 398538

Jill will never run out of money anon. She's got too many resources to ever be in that predicament.kek

No. 398541

She always shows off how much she is going to work on her costume or the big plans she has, but then the final product is sloppily constructed and rushed (those boots last time). IF she watches Project Runway, she should take note that they do make garments out of test fabric first so that they don't mess up the construction and then have to 'hide the booboos' or just make excuses for them. She's just lazy. That picture of her spraypainting the fabric, her plans to add LED strips, the redundant sketch that already has some of the proportions completely wrong. She doesn't even try and is all about showing off.

No. 398543

Eh, as a lolita I keep some of my random jewelry odds and ends in a teacup. Sage for unimportant addition.

No. 398552

Sometimes I wonder if Jill thinks she's like Tavi Gevinson kek

No. 398555


Tavi is so tumblr that she should have a thread here.

No. 398557

Tavi is just as unoriginal as Jill, except Tavi actually makes a ton of money unlike Jill. Kek

No. 398600


You'd think she'd take a second to ask herself why you'd need to do a fashion sketch for something that's already been designed but hey

No. 398680

File: 1507248608093.jpg (5.08 KB, 210x240, mrs-mavilda-the-christmas-tree…)

this bitch looks like the villian from the christmas tree

No. 398727

Uck, she would, but they couldn't be more different. Not to WK or anything but Tavi started blogging when she was what, like 11? She put a ton of time into making ~unique~ looks (at least for the time), and had the smarts to branch out into other areas and projects to maintain her income and sustainability.
Jill's fans already find her videos boring and what else is she doing to keep interest, a shitty cosplay once in a while? Convincing herself she's a great fashion designer without putting any work into it? Taking shopping sprees for hundreds of dollars of trendy rainbow vomit shit? She's not going to be able to make a living doing what she's doing, ever, if she doesn't do something else besides baby anime cosplay and haul videos. But she already considers herself an influencer so she doesn't feel like she NEEDS to change.

No. 398766

File: 1507264245690.png (41.96 KB, 210x240, Untitled-1.png)

I couldnt help myself

No. 398770

File: 1507266472956.jpg (35.83 KB, 251x251, 1483080454672.jpg)

the larry detail on the shirt is beautiful anon i luv u

No. 398773

What's the Larry thing about

No. 398778

No. 398781

I made that post. I feel so honored right now.

No. 398785

Well they do both stay in bed all day, gamble their money, lie about how well they’re doing and got struck by lightening.

No. 398837

Her drawing is so ugly and disproportioned, no right arm, extra long left arm, uneven legs
she thinks she's sooo talented but come on, this is deviantart tier shit lol

Good luck messing another cosplay up with shiny fabrics and spray paint Jill!

No. 398860

No. 398866

Jill's art is absolute garbage. It's hilarious that she thinks she doesn't need art prep courses, because she really does. Also the only reason anyone will buy her calendar is because they want to suck up to Jill, her art isn't good enough to sell.

No. 398877

It really is horrible. And playing with proportions stylistically is one thing (like in fashion drawings which elongate the body particularly the legs) but this is just unintentional error showing a lack of foundational anatomical knowledge. She absolutely needs the art courses before she is ready to draw designs at a college level.

No. 398910

File: 1507298193962.png (779.07 KB, 935x563, picjnd.PNG)

i was going through jills playlist and isnt it funny how even though she acts like a designer she only has one video up about sewing and its not even about sewing but fabric?

No. 398918

That’s not her video, that’s someone else’s that she was probably learning from.
I don’t get why you guys are so obsess with her talking about sewing . She’s brought it up that she doesn’t know really what she’s doing and wouldn’t make a video about her sewing until she did. She’s not a professional and she knows it

No. 398919

That's not even her video

No. 398920

Spoiled bitch cant just say how she bought one. She has to show much she paid for it too. Also, buying a nice machine doesnt make you a better seamstress… She cant do jackshit with a serger if she doesnt know the basics of sewing and patterns.

No. 398927

I've seen cosplayers do this because they need help "breaking down" the outfit. With more complicated things, whatever I can sort of get that, or if she was changing the design in any significant way. But her reference picture she has is perfectly fine, she'd be way better off just making notes on the reference picture. Her artistic or design skills aren't good enough that she can properly do a sketch like this.

No. 398935

I haven't ragged on her sewing skills but I completely understand where other anons are coming from.

Jill literally refers to herself as a "fashion designer", shell even say things like she has a "career" in the "fashion industry". She presents herself as a working professional and the main reason is, of course, her source of income from YouTube. So if she's a designer/YouTube is her job then logically her vidros should be relevant to that.

Some days I feel bad for Jill because it's clear her childhood was a constant series of gratifications and validations just for being the kid that tried. That's why the only way she knows how to connect with people is bragging and inflating ordinary skills to the point where she sees herself as a protégée and expects gratification from every interest of hobby she partakes in.

She was clearly an active kid with her classical piano protege shit, musical theatre, drawing/painting/crafting etc. Adults told her that made her a creative special snowflake so she concluded that her life path was to be an artist to continue receiving attention.

Then she realized not all creative kids are made equal, so she became a roller derby gal, nope wait, a punk, no wait, a Lolita, no wait.. her own alternative fashion style is the most special of them all. But then she became an adult and the positive attention was slowly declining so she tries to cling to the internet by interacting in the same attention seeking way (I.e "look at me I buy all the expensive foreign rare quirky stuff, isn't that inspiring and original?" "look I'm an artist, I design, im creative, I'm gay, doesn't rainbow confetti reflect my expressive soul?"). As far as she's concerned, "adults" are characterized by two things: jobs/careers and money/spending. She thinks she can relate to others by expressing that she has a career (rather than working towards one) and showing that she indeed receives an income that she uses for her "art career". To her, that's authentic, that's what a "real person" looks like.

She doesn't realize the hardships of post secondary education/internships/work experience is what makes an actual career. She has no clue that saving or investing money is a struggle that pays offs and builds success in the long term. That's what's relatable to other adults.

Ultimately I blame Louise for getting her daughter addicted to impulse and instant gratification rather than planning for the future. Way to make sure she'll never get over anxiety issues with her 0 coping skills.

No. 398938

Jill is a traditional BIG fish in a small pond. If she ever decides to move out of PEI and go to a big city, where fashion thrives and fashion designers usually live, she'd be roadkill in an instant. She lacks originality, creativity and any real sewing skill or drive to become a real designer.

No. 398978

shes streaming right now. I joined 40 minutes in

No. 398998

Anyone got a current recap of the stream yet?

No. 399071

Watching it now, summery will be up in an hour

No. 399146

Stream 10/6/2017
>Cardigan is from a sponsored video going up next week
>going on a date downtown
>Watched “Your Name” with her date, found it very confusing
>”I’m apparently an idiot when it comes to movies” couldn’t understand the plot
>Was afraid to post her dance cover, but “mostly everyone was really nice”
>Filmed two more dances too but didn’t post them
>Tomorrows video is about doing youtube full time
>Cries in the video
>Brother moved out a couple months ago
>Watches TV with her mom every night
>Feels like she will never be able to live alone
>Not going to Japan any time soon because she is going to London (Confirmed)
>Implied Beckii Cruel invited her to stay with her
>Afraid people will think she’s from America
>Wants to do some “Cheeky Collabs”
>Thinks she’s host a meetup
>Wants to make a video about getting over her breakup
>Said she is on a “different kind of younow thing” (not sure what that meant, is a partner?)
>If people send her money she will send it back
>Caught up with idol time prepara
>Started watching the rest of season 2
>Went from “I’m just doing witchy stuff for halloween” to “I’m going to be a purple crayon BITCH”
>Thinks a lot about what she’d name her fashion brand
>questions if she would stop doing youtube if she wants to start a brand
>Youtube didn’t actually demonetize her for her language, she was just overreacting
>Keeps censoring herself though just in case they do
>Been going on dates with the same girl for a few weeks now (Three?)
>”It’s October Shouldn’t all of the bugs have gone to sleep? That was the stupidest thing I ever asked sorry”
>Only uses Tumblr to post her streams on basically
>If she didn’t start youtube she would be in college for fashion design now
>Was waiting for Colin to finish school to go to school, why she didn’t apply before
>”basically don’t have faith in anyone because they’ll wreck your life hehe”
>Complains about doing a foundation year
>”Sorry I’m not like everyone else my age who doesn’t know what their doing”
>Mad that she doesn’t get to submit a portfolio and so they’ll only be looking at her grades from school
>At a point where she thinks she makes enough from youtube that she doesn’t need to go to college
>Started sketching fashion looks/clothing
>Doesn’t think youtube will be temporary
>complains that simply Jenna marbles has low quality equipment/background/editing
>implies her videos are better edited/more polished
>Wouldn’t recommend doing youtube because of creeps/the negative part if people are sensitive
>Getting the bible comic in the mail was scary
>Doing an unsolicited propaganda video?
>Talks about witch stuff and how she didn’t want to warship anything so that’s why she’s not Wiccan
>Uses her clow cards as tarot cards because she doesn’t have any yet
>Embroidery machine is going to be around $1000
>Planning on buying more stuff from lazy oaf
>Wouldn’t do university if she couldn’t do Youtube at the same time
>Still saying there’s no where she can take sewing lessons under a three hour drive
>Likes living in PEI because it comfy and “no one is going to come here to shoot me” (seemed like a joke but I have no clue what that’s supposed to mean)
>Would move to Japan but only for a few years
>Favorite holiday is Christmas, has started buying presents for her family
>Will likely do a new wardrobe video, in a different way she did the last one
>Calendar will come out in November
>Wants to buy tea party shoes from body line
>Wanted to start youtube because she had a unique style and wanted to share it and people asked her to start youtube
>Doesn’t like being called thicc, only as a meme/positive thing
>Bought magical girl themed workout shirts
>Doesn’t really work out anymore “goes through phases of doing yoga”

Basically sums it all up. Everything else is just her talking to her cats/about precure again/making sounds

No. 399159

>Favorite holiday is Christmas

No. 399171

This girl is going to crash and burn so hard if she thinks she's gonna be a fashion designer with mediocre sewing skills at best.

No. 399174

At least she’s aware that she needs to go to school and learn before she starts doing any real design work

No. 399181

>”Sorry I’m not like everyone else my age who doesn’t know what their doing”

She clearly thinks she already knows the basics of what she's doing when that isn't true at all.

No. 399184

That was her complaining about having to take a foundation art year, so doing things outside of design and sewing.
I watched the stream and that was in reference to her knowing what job she wanted to do in the future, not about her knowing everything about sewing

No. 399208

I find it so funny that she wont need any other art skill set besides sewing to be a fashion designer. You can't just be a fashion designer, you have to work your way up, unless you have MILLIONS of online fans who are willing to fork out money for your brand. I am also wanting to get into the fashion industry and Jill is just like everyone I met at college visits. They all have loads of money and 'LOVE CLOTHES !!!!' They don't understand how difficult and fucked up the industry is : )
Sage for blog post

No. 399216

>Was waiting for Colin to finish school to go to school, why she didn’t apply before
>”basically don’t have faith in anyone because they’ll wreck your life hehe”

Bitch, Collin didn't force you to skip out on college and wait for him. You made that decision yourself because you're a lazy, entitled parasite, and can't take responsibility for your actions. waa waaaa woe is me!!!

>Getting the bible comic in the mail was scary

I'm starting to think Jill is completely socially retarded and doesn't know what emotions are. It's like she just mimics her idea of the correct reaction to something but does it in an extreme way every time. The actual core of her personality revolves around spending money and getting attention to feed her ego.

No. 399242

File: 1507333258078.png (127.32 KB, 750x1029, IMG_7312.PNG)

sucks to see she only interacts with her audience to either show off or just be straight up mean

No. 399252

Was it Simply Kenna she was talking about? Or Jenna Marbles?

No. 399256

Is this supposed to be mean? I don't see it, really. If you haven't watched something just don't talk about it with propriety.
Jill does that all the time, though.

No. 399260

>teaparties from bodyline
Too bad it is ded now

No. 399261

>Watched “Your Name” with her date, found it very confusing
>”I’m apparently an idiot when it comes to movies” couldn’t understand the plot

Well, at least she is self aware.

No. 399268

She had been talking about how she wasn’t super into simply nail logical before, but she brought up Jenna again when talking about video quality

No. 399270


"Doesn't have cards yet"
A tarot deck costs between $10-60 usd ranging from your most basic classic Rider to limited edition "art decks". She would have to not-buy just one corny t-shirt, or like two days worth of Starbucks, to order some. I don't understand.

No. 399286

File: 1507337491867.jpeg (1019.04 KB, 2400x2244, 3D148D99-EBB1-4EC6-B078-0562F0…)

She’s not even being mean they’re just talking about a fucking anime

No. 399289

>Likes living in PEI because it comfy and “no one is going to come here to shoot me” (seemed like a joke but I have no clue what that’s supposed to mean)

Probably referring to moving to Halifax and how they had the planned 'Valentine's Day massacre' shooters ready to hit up the mall there a few years back. The lead girl of that had a thread here for a while actually. Still a fucking stupid thing to joke about.

So basically she's talking herself out of getting a degree that will at least hold value on a resume to focus on Youtube (i.e. making the same haul videos over and over) and flying everywhere to meet washed-up vloggers for…what reason exactly? Cool. Wise move, definitely.

No. 399294

Another instance of her acting like she's bigger and better than she actually is, really. Jenna's been doing YT since Jillian was in elentary school, and made her fortune off of it. For Jillian to talk like she knows better than Jenna or whatever she was implying with that comment is just incredible and ignorant, but not surprising unfortunately. Just more proof of her distorted perception of herself.

No. 399312

"Watched “Your Name” with her date, found it very confusing"

is she serious? my weeby 12 year old cousin and his friends watched it and understood the movie just fine. it's not hard to follow. i feel bad for her date. i imagine Jill asking stupid questions every five minutes

No. 399335

exactly, and Autumn is also being bitchy about character tropes that aren't even that overused compared to some other shit out there
she's clearly someone new to the media trying to pass as an elitist
Jill is also at fault at that, she only ever watch PreCure but acts like she knows everything about magical girls
sage for weeb rant

No. 399341

it made me kinda mad hearing het talk shit on Jenna, Jenna makes interesting and unique content, it's never forced she does it because she wants to, while jill does the same shit over and over. it's no wonder Jenna has a strong following, it's exciting to wait and see what dumb shit she does next, you can predict jills content, it's so boring now

No. 399364

How can she say she's a pagan but not a Wiccan cause she can't or doesn't want to worship anything. Pagans and wiccans both worship bitch needs to say she's agnostic than. I'm so sick of these fake ass Wiccan girls who make real ones look bad.

No. 399367

She never said she was pagan either iirc. She just said she wanted to do "witchy' things which is why she didnt identify with Wiccan.

She never mentioned Paganism iirc but I had to answer the door during the stream so I might have missed something

No. 399388


She did actually call herself pagan during the spooky scary pocket bible incident: >>396056

No. 399393

All of a sudden I want to send this bitch a big bloody crucifix of Jesus. To really spook her glittery cunt.

No. 399408

Glue her face onto it

No. 399412

Jill doesn’t have to go to a school. No one would judge her if she didn’t. But she’s so damn hostile about it.

No. 399420

so is the reason that she loves PreCure so much really just that she doesn't get any media that's targeted at people above the age of 5?
"Your Name" is really quite straightforward and it doesn't have some complicated plot, maybe the other anon who said that Jill just doesn't get human emotion was right.

No. 399439

Im not into sending hate mail to her but I thought recently of sending her Crest white strips to her PO box lel

No. 399443

When Jill films, does she keep her tripod on her bed with her? Cause the camera jiggling around every time she moves is getting on my nerves.

No. 399445

On her recent YouNow stream she stated that she pushed school off of her ex-bf. Hmmmmmm. I don't know why anyone would put school off for their significant other. Seems kind of like a cop out. If he really cared for her he would've wanted her to go to better herself. Might be a stretch but I'm thinking either 1) she doesn't know what she wants to do so she's using him as an excuse or 2) their relationship was already rocky and she gave up college to try and keep him around. I might be reaching.

She also shadded JennaMarbles a bit, saying that her her production quality/value of her videos is low, meanwhile this woman works harder than Jillian ever has on a video/her channel to date.

No. 399447

File: 1507380291976.jpeg (128.66 KB, 620x349, jillian-vessey-youtuber-pixiel…)

yep, it always bugs me too

No. 399449

remember when she was like "I don't ever want more than 100000 subscribers" and now she's like I've always wondered when I could quit my day job to do this full time

No. 399457

The whole thing with her getting the Jesus book and freaking out is weird to me. Maybe it's because I live in a region where you sometimes have crazy religious folks handing out bibles or shit like she received, or maybe even getting that in your mailbox bc they just send it out, like. Who cares? Just toss it away, not like Jesus is gonna come get you.

No. 399458

No. 399463

Jill you worked two days a week, not like you took some big risk.

Bitch is not allowed to say anyone's production quality is low when this is her set up, this is super unprofessional.

No. 399466

long time lurker of this threat but had to come to say how literally baffled i was that she thinks she can suffice on youtube as an actual career. youtubers have been grossly overpaid for years and the whole de-monetizing was just some necessary step in youtube's inflation leveling out. shes 19, has no education, is going to stick with youtube till it's dying days and then be 30 with no skills and no education.

i work in a field where technology/art are closely related and you can't solely rely on one without taking into consideration the other. technology and consumer media is only on the up to be changing rapidly within the next 5 years and basing your future livelihood off "i will buy stuff, make a video, and the internets will pay me!!!1!"

this seems to be manifesting in a new generation of privileged children who think that "being a youtuber" is a career that is stable. 10 year old's are watching jill's video like "ooooo I want to do that" and they grow up with the same materialistic outlook and begin to equate minimal effort (filming for 50 minutes) with high reward ($2k a month). my young cousin (~15) taught at a summer camp this year and when she would ask the kids what they wanted to be, she would often hear "youtuber" and "social media person" from kids that were barely old enough to spell.

jill's whole "but it takes 6 hours to edit!!1!" is absolutely bullshit. try majoring in film. you'll spend 60 hours editing. you're not doing some great hardworking task.

No. 399467

>"I'm self-employed now! I never have to leave my house again!"
Very healthy mindset Jill

Also she said that six months ago (so when she was putting out her Japan videos) was when she hit making about $1900 a month (CAD maybe? If that makes a difference) which is like working full time for minimum wage. She acts like it's a lot of money but in the big scheme of things it's really… not. And obviously it's a lot more of a shaky income with Youtube constantly changing how they pay content creators and how her videos views vary so greatly.

No. 399470

I love that she now puts effort in her videos LOL ??
also wtf her mom has a whole studio?? can't she just use that shit and have a really fucking nice background / setup?? Like I get it if you literally don't have any way to have a professional looking set up, it costs money. But her mom has a WHOLE set of shit for this stuff?

No. 399471

Ok this is kind of blowing my mind. The way she talks it sounds like she’s making $75,000 a year or something but she basically says in the video that she makes around $1,900 a month. That is about $22,000-$23,000 Canadian dollars a year. Around 18,000 US dollars. This might be fine if you literally have no bills but to live by yourself almost half of that would go to rent alone not including utilities, car payments, food etc. In the real world this is not considered a “good” or “well off” income like she’s describing. She must have no idea what it takes to live solo and lol at her for thinking she would retire at 45 with that income.

No. 399472

Ive been around since her early days and i agree 100% with everything you said.

And theoretically if she doesn't go to college and does youtube for a number of years before it goes belly up. What is she going to say to her future employers? "Oh i was doing nothing for 6 years" or tell them the truth and they find all the garbage attached to her name?

No. 399473

Ive become very numb to jill antics but i was physically cringing and wincing through this video

No. 399475

exactly. and being a ""youtuber"" or ""influencer"" isn't any sort of experience. oh you got paid to say that you like something? sounds like a puppet to me, no a worker.

No. 399476

can we also discuss how all the comments are either made by 9 year olds and adults who watch her to escape the crippling reality of their lives to be "cute uvu" for 12 minutes. tbh its sad.

No. 399477

Does anyone know taxes are taken out before she gets her check from Youtube? The way she’s spending money it I wonder if she is putting money aside to pay taxes at the end of the year. If the 1,900 is before taxes she’s in even a worse state than I first thought.

No. 399482

They aren't taken out. She had to pay in a bunch in last year iirc and didn't plan for it.

No. 399490

If she's smart enough, she has as accountant. Any business person/entrepreneur who is self employeed should have one. I'm not sure how state/province taxes work in Canada, but I'm sure google is taking out federal taxes. She may end up owing money at the end of the year if she doesn't have any tax write offs. The clothing and such she uses for videos doesn't count since it can be used outside of work, but she 100% can write off equipment (computers, cameras, lighting, etc).

Honestly, in the age we live in, influencers are a real thing and take a lot of honest work. However, I really don't consider her an influencer. She buys things and does hauls, I really doubt these companies are hiring her. The age of Instagram influencers isn't the reality of the job, and it's pretty half assed in that sense. Jeffree Star is a good example of a GOOD influencer on YouTube, since he takes no coupon codes, honestly reviews products, etc. Don't knock the profession, but knock the person doing a poor job.

No. 399491

>makes less than 2kcad/month
>doesn't plan for taxes
>thinks she can afford an accountant

No. 399493

She is such a naive idiot thinking that she might never have to work for anyone else ever or go to school. Her videos are already unimaginative and very niche and Youtube as a career seems to be getting less profitable. I'll give it a year and she'll be working at a supermarket full time because she didn't get into school and her youtube "career" fizzled out.

No. 399495

Not sure how it works in Canada, but if I make more than 6k in a year, I have to file taxes. At least that's the law in my state. Accountants aren't too expensive and balancing your own business isn't too difficult either.

No. 399496


Wait, she said she went to the fabric store? But I thought her big excuse to not sew is that there's not a fabric store anywhere near her.

No. 399502

I agree with this 100%. YouTube has been becoming more and more restrictive. If she wants to continue being an ~openly gay glitter witch~ shes gotta find another career path.

No. 399504

Wicca is a religion, like judaism, catholicism, islam, etc, witchcraft is not and not all pagans worship deities.
Wicca also has some pretty in depth initiation steps, which Jill hasn't followed, because she's not wiccan.

Personally I think she's just jumping into the witch a e s t h e t i c and isn't actually a pagan in any fucking way.

No. 399509


I know it's Jillian we are talking about, but in her place I would use the gab year to get at least a lowkey part-time job that you have to work at least 5 days per week and continue with the YouTube thing so I would save a large amount of the earned cash to save it up for her maybe-going-to-happen-college-plans so she could use it to be more stable when she makes her fist steps into the direction of an independent Adult. But as I said, it's Jillian and she will never think that or do something useful with that cash.

Also, for somebody who has SO MUCH time and nothing to worry about like rent and so on, she does absolutely NOTHING to improve her so-called YT career.

No. 399537

Self employed canada fag here. Iirc its anything ovee 10k has to be recorded. Anything under and it qualifies as a "hobby" . But i don't know if it varies province to province

No. 399551

What I get from this is that she's unable to live on her own, and is in denial about the viability of YT as a career. She'll be stuck with her parents until they kick her out or retire.

I don't get why she doesn't take a sewing class or something now that she has time, or pick up a book on it. Learning how to sew takes years, she'll crash and burn so badly if she even attempts school at all. If she could sew she could also, y'know, start her brand. Make some elastic waist skirts for pixie et cherie Jillian, you can make one in an afternoon.

No. 399562


in my experience, i find jenna doesnt need the editing because her personality and humor are so great as is. it reminds me of grav3yardgirl (who ppl have knocked for her spending on here, but i think is charming)

No. 399581

File: 1507400322705.png (530.09 KB, 567x920, lazy.png)

>1) she doesn't know what she wants to do so she's using him as an excuse or 2) their relationship was already rocky and she gave up college to try and keep him around. I might be reaching.

I think its more 1 than 2. She only recently started blaming Collin for ruining her life plans, before I don't recall her expressing how she wants to go to college, in fact wasn't she acting like she doesn't need it for fashion design?

The title of this video implies she had a legitimate career instead of an 8 hour week split into 2 days at Claire's, lmao. She is incredibly lazy if she thinks that working while making one video a week is too hard. There are college students who have full time class schedules and still manage to work 10-20 hours a week at jobs/internships. You're not impressive or inspiring, Jillian.

I think maybe she already knows her parents are fine with her living with them without contributing to utilities/rent, and she expects her boyfriends to be fine with that too. That's how she'd "retire."

>I don't get why she doesn't take a sewing class or something now that she has time

Tbh, I would say maybe she thinks she's too good to go to classes taught by elderly ladies on PEI? An anon posted a link here to a bunch of classes near her but she still lies about them all being too far away. I don't think she wants to admit that she's an elitist, but this is probably the same reason why she quit her part-time jobs as well – she's "above" customer service if she's making enough money on YT to regularly buy junk. This is speculation on my part but I feel like this is a vibe she gives off strongly.

No. 399582

File: 1507400361677.jpeg (107 KB, 741x751, 8B223453-9910-4626-B321-9445F9…)

Jill, leave

No. 399583

It's any amount. Any amount you earn, whether it's from a hobby or job, has to be reported to CRA. However, you will not be taxed on the first ~10K of your income, but you still have to report the amounts.

No. 399587

File: 1507401156878.jpeg (179.62 KB, 750x539, 1689044F-5438-4306-8DFB-63358B…)

No. 399590

File: 1507401546051.jpeg (402.81 KB, 2400x2400, 51272E68-3706-4C31-B098-D9B7DF…)

No. 399591

File: 1507401592258.jpeg (474.7 KB, 2400x2400, F2B9EABC-B7D6-4678-BAAD-5FF914…)

Any proof of her doing this? Interesting that she would never post on her spam insta about it because she loves cats so much

No. 399592

File: 1507401609243.jpeg (321.36 KB, 1600x2400, 37FB8E07-2978-4B3B-B1A0-165C95…)

No. 399593

File: 1507401640592.jpeg (294.75 KB, 2400x1600, E65BE0A3-3980-4AB8-9D2F-781277…)

Looks like she’s doing some actual fashion related things?

No. 399594

Maybe her own personal zine?

No. 399598

File: 1507402230822.jpeg (410.15 KB, 1600x2400, C5332BE8-5B07-4793-9445-CCA110…)

No. 399599

File: 1507402243528.jpeg (401.35 KB, 2400x2400, E5D7C908-08B0-4EAC-8E1A-69C21D…)

No. 399601

File: 1507402261236.jpeg (288.79 KB, 2400x1600, E4285FD3-982D-480D-9499-F40B62…)

No. 399602


you don't need to post every reply she makes lol

No. 399603

Then post some fucking milk yourself

No. 399614

So she's sharing her youtube income and how she is -in her words- making a full-time income? Hmm, she's ruining the chance to exploit her fans by starting a patreon. If she thinks her channel will be able to stay afloat with her boring content she might be in for a surprise. The japan content was a high, but what else does she have? More hauls? Unless she actually starts doing work to make interesting videos (sewing, art or whatever) it's just gonna go downhill. Oh god, she's probably gonna do vlogmas isn't she?

No. 399694

I think she just doesn't want to deal with criticism on her sewing. Even she has to realize that those elderly ladies have been sewing for longer than she's been alive. She also seems to have issues with authority (her mom is more of a friend than a parent), so not having a boss or a schedule is probably very appealing to her.

No. 399727

File: 1507409212778.png (198.06 KB, 412x276, sierra.png)

How is this milk? Those are arguably some of her more level-headed, civilized replies. At least compile it into one image.

No. 399734

forgot to mention - cat is one of the photos from the PEI humane society. This looks like a professional photo to me, there are a few more like this on their FB and website, most of them from a few months ago. Doesn't say who the photog is though, so it might not be Louise.

No. 399738

Damn, her followers are so cunty.

>family friendly
Jillian, you forcibly cuss every chance you get and make sexual innuendos constantly. Please.

Vlogmas would def inspire her to buy more and more shit for herself and others so I don't think she would skip out on that chance. Jillian and her brother are both like Dudley from Harry Potter and get 30 presents every year kek, it would be entertaining to observe this hoarder enabler family for a month

No. 399747

WOAH the reply above, what a cunt.

No. 399748

>"Who knows what will happen, maybe I'll get content copped!~"

Implying that Jill is even REMOTELY relevant enough to be on Content Cop lmao, she knows as well as we do that if that happened it would save her rapidly stagnating channel if anything

No. 399790

Content cop is just a way for idubbbz to boost his own views further by getting those people's viewers, so Jill is worthless to him with her paltry sub count. She really lives in a fantasy land in her head

No. 399796


lol at jill trying to get attention from edge youtubers like h3h3 and idubbbz. they would literally hate her attention seeking ass. but they're never ever going to know she exist anyways

No. 399819

Funny how she volunteers at a shelter just to take pictures of cats but her family wouldn't be caught dead actually adopting from said shelter. They'd literally fly a cat in from Ottawa like they did with Quinn.

Also her crying at the end of her recent video, just….why? Her Mon was likely able to be as successful as she is due to leeching off her father who has an actual career where Jill is able to be "successful" because she doesn't pay rent or bills and leeches off of her parents. So cringe.

No. 399823

I thought they always adopted from the same pure bred breeders (in new brunswick I think?)

When did she talk about flying in her most recent cat from across the country?

No. 399824

File: 1507415781931.jpeg (105.68 KB, 749x892, 72CA46EE-9C19-4ACB-A677-82C7DD…)

Whatever happened to this outfit?

No. 399826

She cashed the cheque from Blackmilk and didn't look back.

No. 399851

It was in a recent-ish stream

No. 399888

Does anyone else think it's pretty stupid how much information she's sharing online? She's discussing how her mother is away for two weeks and her dad works during the day so she's basically home alone most of the time. Is this girl retarded? She hardly keeps any of her personal info private - it would be extremely easy for some creep to find her.

I understand being able to be open and connect with your viewers, but she has literally advertised so much information to the internet. We know about her jobs, her relationship history, what her mom does for a living, and we even know what her fucking car looks like. And that's all the stuff that she's TOLD us herself in her videos/tweets/streams.

This girl needs to wise the fuck up. It's pretty obvious that she's lonely, wants friends, and is sheltered but she needs to legitimately stop before some creep comes after her.

No. 399893

Yeah, she doesn't care about keeping any of her personal information private, and I guess Louise doesn't either. Screenshots of her social media when she was a tween showed that she would post her full name, age, etc online, which is kinda wild for a 13 year old to be allowed to do. Her parents are very, very irresponsible.
That weirdo who was supposedly donating money in exchange for answering personal period questions on stream might be her very first stalker!

No. 399976

I've got nothing against this kid, but her attitudes towards jobs that involve working for someone else is pretty shitty. Being "self employed" (as a youtube celebrity, a career that's already showing signs of not being sustainable in the long term) doesn't mean you're more empowered or better than those who have a boss.

No. 400082

I'm honestly kinda non plussed about her decision cause it's not like she quit a well-paying serious job to be on youtube, she just quit retail. So one way or another it wasn't impressive on a resume.

You CAN be smart and take advantage of youtube if you know what you're doing. If she thinks she can bail out of school at any moment if she doesn't like it and rely on YouTube, she's in for a rude awakening. However if it's to make videos full time for about one year and have more time to prepare for school, it's not so bad as an idea.

Plus depending on the job, it can be a good thing on a resume : If she wants to branch out as a community manager or a small graphic designer, she can show her channel and that would automatically show she can at least edit simple stuff. Now obviously it's nothing too impressive, she only use the same music everywhere and do simple jump cuts, but at least it shows she got a handle on video editing.

I can't agree more however that she set a bad example to her followers. Youtube is NOT a career. She's a) lucky to be in Canada where she doesn't need a good job to have a good insurance and b) living with her wealthy parents to bail her out of troubles if they come up.
YouTube is just a private platform and they change the rules as they see fit.

>My young cousin (~15) taught at a summer camp this year and when she would ask the kids what they wanted to be, she would often hear "youtuber" and "social media person" from kids that were barely old enough to spell.

10 years ago kids would say they wanted to be footballers or rappers so I wouldn't be too worried. What's worrisome is the number of grown adults starting their channel or facebook videos trying to be self-made celebrities.

No. 400087

They're right though. If she feels insecure about not being self-employed that's her problem.

I agree. You'd think she'd read about how bigger YouTubers have stalkers and people showing up to their homes and wisen up, but it seems like she's just can't keep anything to herself in general. I wonder if her constantly parading them around on social media affected her relationships with Tristan and Colin too since they seemed more quiet and private.

No. 400185

They're both idiots tbh

No. 400521

1,900 a month is literally minimum wage & Of course this is not a consistent figure but what $ is she saving & when? she spends a GOOD amount of this revenue shitty makeup & tchotchkes

No. 400568

What kills me is she's working for youtube and dependant on their subs/revenues. If anything, her job is less stable than working for a big corp or company. She's an idiot.

No. 400591

This is what's getting to me - now is without a doubt the worst time to become a full-time creator, everyone is struggling, starting patreons or doing things on the side while trying to see how the situation will develop. They're fully dependant on Google's whims, and if the site goes down tomorrow they're fucked with no skils besides basic video editing. Nothing to really brag about.

Also as someone who says she suffers from depression, being out of school and working on the internet without going outside will fuck you up, she should have just kept her job at Claire's to have a stable income and not become a complete shut-in.

No. 400600

Keeping her shift a week at Claire's would be good for her resume even if it is just a retail job because it shows longevity and commitment to future employers

But tbh I think she doesn't ever see herself having a future employer. I think she thinks she will go to college and then suddenly start her own fashion line

No. 400620

This, really.
As someone who stayed studying at home after dropping out of college because of mental problems I can say that was the worse mistake I could make.
sage for blogposting

No. 400800

it's just another example of how immature she is. $2k a month is a lot of money for someone who is a teenager with zero expenses. (remember when she didn't know there were different octane levels of gas and had to frantically text her mom 'which one do i get'?) It's fucking nothing for an adult with bills.

No. 400847

I'm surprised that this hasn't been brought up before but does anyone know what Jill's Tinder profile looks like? I'd really love to see how she describes herself to the poor sod who get matched with her

No. 400903

Same, I took a semester off and I started regretting it about a month in. I'd give her a few months unless she does get a gf and just clings to her 24/7.

I can only imagine her description.
>YouTuber and magical girl, aspiring fashun designer and so queer, loves thicc boi cats uwu

No. 400910

fuck relatable, i dropped out recently and it's killing me, mental health wise. slowly getting better though.
sage for blogposting lmao

No. 400914

>I'm at this point of my life
Jfc Jill you're not 40. You're a 19 yo with an income that consists of an unstable as fuck job and your parents.
I honestly understand her excitement, but I really hope she's aware how unsafe and short lived her youtube career is. Please finish collage Jill.

No. 400915

oh man, I was totally wondering about this before too anon
this description sounds too accurate, it's kind of scary how easily you can sum up Jill's whole persona

No. 401003


She needs to lose weight. Her style would look better on a skinny person.

No. 401009

As much as I dislike Jill for being naive among other things, this is probably the dumbest thing I've read on this entire thread. Really? Lol. Her style looks fine on her body.

No. 401011


I think "needs to lose weight" is a bit strong - I know there are tons of ana-chans on this board but she's a perfectly normal weight.

I do think the loud OTT style she's going for is something you generally see on tiny asian girls or skelly Dolls Kill models though.

She seems like she's moving from the 80s throwback Spank! thing into a more pastel rockabilly tumblr girl style now anyway and you see plenty of girls much bigger than Jill dressing like that.

No. 401013

>>401011 Don't pretend she's a normal weight lol.

No. 401015

She is. She might not be thin, but she is definitely in a normal weight range.

The real issue is that she seems to be gaining weight over time with no attempts to change it, and that will lead to problems in her future.

No. 401017

File: 1507573800236.jpg (142.16 KB, 711x711, i wonder who's behind this pos…)


She's a little chub but (fucking peeps tea aside) a healthy weight, anon. It's not like she's obese.

No. 401062

File: 1507579496317.png (398.72 KB, 719x487, 1495184899712.png)

She's chub because she's so short. It's fine her being a normal weight of course but Mommy Vessey still shoops her skinny.

On the peeps tea subject/shitty diet a few threads back during the Japan trip diaries, it was theorised her "recovery" from ED was her eating shitty food as a way to pudge up and her Mom just wanting her to eat supported that. Despite literally telling the world where she lives and what she ate and when shat it out, Jillian's been secretive about her ED apart from I WAS MESSED UP BUT THEN I RISED BABY(mouth smooches and tongue slurps for a minute).

No. 401075


Yeah, that's what I was trying to get at. She's short so she looks a little chubby but she's still within a healthy weight range, and surely that's better than being ana thin like she was a couple of years ago. Especially since her demographic is mostly kids/teens now.

I wouldn't be surprised if that ana recovery thing was true.
If she keeps up with the peep tea bullshit she's going to balloon up like a lot of recovered ED people do and as much as I think Jill's kind of a brat, that would honestly be sad.

No. 401088

I think she's chub in a good way, she has hips and pretty good proportions, I like her body, her metabolism is probably fucked from ED too

she isn't chubby enough to get recognized as chubby though, she looks like a normal person who isn't a model

No. 401250

File: 1507595887215.png (13.24 KB, 588x94, ss (2017-10-09 at 05.37.50).pn…)

No. 401252

File: 1507595968878.jpg (96.47 KB, 588x620, ss (2017-10-09 at 05.39.03).jp…)

No. 401310

she mentioned on drew/mytoecold's stream that she takes seroquel every night, and that medication is notorious for making you pack on weight (see: charms) so that could also be a likely factor in addition to shitty diet/being a shutin.

No. 401318

File: 1507606595328.png (318.37 KB, 602x634, COWjgru.png)

she is not qualified to give out any advice whatsoever, even relationship advice. anyone who listens to her is gonna be so misguided

No. 401357


Who the fuck wants life advice from a 19 year old shut-in

No. 401365

Even though this is a terrible idea because Jill will spend the entire talking about herself and/or out of her ass, I hope she goes through with this because it will provide a good kek and maybe some milk

No. 401388

Being an agony aunt is an actual job Jill. You can’t just give a few opinions and then suddenly be qualified.
It’s what I do, and trust me, listening to everyone’s problems all the time is really depressing
Sage for blog post

No. 401414

…literally just sit the camera on the floor and zoom in. Or sit on the edge of your bed instead of near the back?

No. 401417

Let's be real, they didn't pay her.

I'm someone who works as an "influencer" and has friends who do youtube full-time. With her sub count and view count, she's not making enough money to be supporting herself if she had any bills and didn't live with her parents. Even most of the bigger youtubers don't make their money from YT revenue, it's from sponsorship deals, and Jill has never had a paid sponsorship with the exception of the Clue app. And for someone with her numbers, she even gets far fewer unpaid sponsorships than you'd expect.

She makes a MAXIMUM of $3k per month pre-tax income. and that's a generous estimate, it's probably more like $1500-$2000. You can look at her socialblade if you're curious. If she was living in a major city, she'd be paying at least half that in rent, and then she'd have school and other expenses on top of it that her parents usually cover (food, cell phone bill, water/gas/power, etc). She just isn't willing to give up her cushy life and actually take responsibility for herself, nor do i think she'd even be able to. She'd have to call her mom everytime she did laundry because she couldn't figure out where to put the soap.

No. 401418

File: 1507627834049.jpg (682.45 KB, 1440x1080, 1507222631647-1.jpg)

Actally this figure is a nendroid from the Co-de line.

No. 401419

Yeah, it really pisses me off that she claims that she's able to support herself.
Like no bitch, it's obvious that your parents are paying for everything that actually matters in your life.
I agree with another anon that I think it's totally fine for her to spend a year before college like this, ideally saving up some money and teaching herself new skills, but instead she's full on "this is my job now!! I never have to work as an employee somewhere again!! uwu".
Youtube is such a flimsy and unstable career. She should just see it as a hobby that she makes some cash with, not assume that she can rely on it for the rest of her life.

No. 401429

She's been full-time for like what, a month? And she doesn't do a lot of sponsorships. She needs to sit back and learn first before teaching her gullible audience things.

Also I'm just waiting for her to start a patreon soon. I can feel it coming.
>I impulsively quit my job and YT doesn't pay well anymore, pls support me team!!

No. 401430

>insecure 19 year old with a highschool education
>never lived outside her parent's home
>afraid to travel overseas without her mom
>giving live advice

No. 401436

That's a big cup of tea.

No. 401437

I was given the opportunity of the same sponsorship, you got some pieces for free from an upcoming collection (before launch, secret secret stuff wow!!!), and there was no pay. No real rules about posting either, I made one post with one of the dresses and they didn't even care lol. Still haven't even posted about the other two pieces, since I was waiting for guidelines.

No. 401440

(for you)

No. 401443

does she not realize that the vast majority of people doesn't put fucking peeps in their tea?
no one besides her thinks of peeps when they see pink and yellow bath water

No. 401453

Yeah but in her video she calls it Precure so… :^) Just bugs me how shes mislabeling shit

No. 401490

Bitch lives in PEI and has zero real life experience. Is she serious? I bet the only people who will write to her anyway are 15 year old tumblrinas and 20 something year old losers.

No. 401496

This wasn’t the figure she was talking about, she got this one from someone while working artist ally at a con one year and talks about it in a con vlog

No. 401766

No. 401873

File: 1507703045970.png (118.94 KB, 613x680, IMG_4270.PNG)

No. 401875

why does she even own green lipstick?!

No. 401876

Dan isn't the only person that makes advice-style videos on YT. Plus, he's like…an actual adult who has had a successful career.

I was honestly on board with this look until I saw the lipstick, it looks so awful. Purple and green? On her yellow skin tone?

No. 401903

i'll take it, honestly. over anything else she wears, i'll take this in a heartbeat.

No. 401905

Except for the lipstick, this is proof she'd actually look cute if she settled for a single haircolor and matching eyebrows

No. 401921

Has she very poorly over drawn her lips?

No. 401924

Well her background is also green, but her wall is pink irl so she almost definitely shopped her pink lipstick green you guys chill

No. 401925

At least I hope so because that is an ugly green

(Sage for double post)

No. 401928

File: 1507726933352.png (378.96 KB, 593x593, ig.png)

nah, it's actually green lipstick

No. 401936

this looks like that 'i showed you my dick, answer me' memes.

No. 401938

Wow I'm surprised we're even seeing that sweater. We haven't seen it since winter of 2016.

No. 401940


>I was honestly on board with this look until I saw the lipstick, it looks so awful. Purple and green? On her yellow skin tone?

I know you guys enjoy nitpicking Jill, but seriously? It's a HALLOWEEN make up. As far as I am concerned, green lipstick in a HALLOWEEN make up isn't a problem at all.

No. 401943

Thanks anon. This bothers me too. I actually think she looks cute here and Halloween should be the one time people cut her a break concerning what she wears.

No. 401965

File: 1507733739278.png (2.57 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20171011-165418.png)

She just posted a new video and AGAIN she looks SOO MUCH BETTER with a wig on. I wish she would ditch her terrible rainbow hair and focus on wigs more lol.

No. 401967

She definitely looks younger imo.

No. 401973

her makeup application stresses me the fuck out

No. 401976

File: 1507734201570.png (72.1 KB, 750x411, IMG_4660.PNG)

No. 401978

How much better does she look!? Is she blind, that rainbow hair looks like shit. I don't think it would suit anyone.

No. 401979


My god, what a difference. Long, single colored hair and natural (or no) makeup would make her look so much younger and better. Why Jill, why.

No. 401981

rainbow hair always looks bad. everyone i've ever talked to says 2 colors max, or 3 if one is a natural color.

No. 401982

I agree, it's just trashy unless you're a celebrity who can afford to keep it looking good by going to the salon every week.

No. 401989

Ugh I was soo annoyed that she was using Jeffree Star cosmetics but didn't wanna say its name. Just fucking say it, geez. Not everyone cares about a brands owner.

No. 402007

She actually looks her age her. She should stick to just one or two colors instead of the rainbow hair, especially when she always wears so many different colored clothes at the same time lmao

No. 402036

I agree that this look is way better than her usual one, but why does Jill feel the need to do make up videos? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Jill recording more non-haul videos, but she's quite terrible at applying make up, plus she pretty much doesn't do anything unique at all (especially since she dropped the cheek glitter thing now).

Also on her twitter she posted that she wants to dye her hair lime green again, but then "it wouldn't go with her wardrobe!!"
…like does she not realize that her current hair doesn't go with her wardrobe either?

No. 402044

maybe she thinks if she uses ~all the colors~ she can wear whatever.

No. 402127

this wig go very well on her but the thickness of the lace front + the way je put it on break the illusion

No. 402128

Agreed but I'd take that over her trashy roots and clown hair any day.

No. 402137

Her application was pretty atrocious but did anyone else notice she was a lot less…. unbearable in this video? I noticed she didnt make any of those gross ass mouth sounds or too many weird voices.

No. 402149

It's not the fact that it's green, it's the shade of green. The other photos of it look a lot better though.

Honestly this is the best she's looked recently, she suits the long and darker hair. She could probably even get a wig company to sponsor her and send her cute pastel wigs like all of the other alt fashion bloggers.

No. 402242

i thought she looked so pretty with a clear face and one solid hair color. Though her brows still look retarded.

No. 402257

File: 1507761002522.png (149.37 KB, 640x848, IMG_4271.PNG)

Apparently Jill's tinder girlfriend is encouraging her disgusting peeps addiction

No. 402279

I don't understand why she likes peeps so much. They're just marshmallows covered in sugar??

No. 402309

More like just sugar

No. 402312

….what do you have to be sad about Jill? Honestly….

No. 402332

File: 1507771419915.jpg (23.83 KB, 400x300, 1505861447960.jpg)


>does a video "transformation" into a goth style

>everyone tells her that she looks better that way
>now she's slowly doing the switch for real this time

oh yeah yeah, its totally just because its halloween…

No. 402337

mutual feeder relationship goals

No. 402397


this is reaching af

No. 402409

As someone who is learning how to do their makeup and watching tutorials and shit, the way she applied her eyeshadow was painful to watch. Also her lack of contouring of any sort just makes her face look like uncooked dough

No. 402506

(~9:46) she didn't sensor herself saying "bitch" lmao

No. 402517

This wig looks horrible on her and I can't understand all the praise. This is the worst I've seen her look. She looks better with a single natural color but even her rainbow hair is better than this. The color, shape and cut are doing her face no favors.

No. 402527

File: 1507823850790.jpeg (152.17 KB, 750x975, F6357BAE-A0F7-478A-836F-05CF67…)

No. 402531

I wish she'd stop dyeing her hair and just let it grow out properly, long hair looks so much better on her.

No. 402538

She looks dirty

No. 402540

This is actually the best she's looked in years. Though that's not saying much considering how rough her makeup and hair look.

No. 402543

I hate telling girls to smile. But she really should, because that pout is very aging.

No. 402591

That blouse seems so out of her usual clothing choices, is it just because it's pink?

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like Jillian always looks better in her videos and less posed photos. It's something about the way she edits her stuff for IG or the lens she uses.

No. 402656


I actually kinda like the blouse on her. It looks a bit more grown up than most of the stuff she wears. Although maybe that means it'll get tossed on her floor never to be worn again after this photo.
The buns look stupid imo but the actual outfit isn't too bad? It's almost a little Western looking.

No. 402720

File: 1507845934931.jpeg (125.07 KB, 750x695, 9CEE8517-5391-47EC-A686-3F557E…)

This is like, earthy art hoe on crack

No. 402745

I actually really like these. Her eyebrows are a bit dark, but otherwise she looks cute

No. 402798

This is the best pic of her I think I've ever seen, she looks like a different, nicer person

No. 402805

Oh look she's trying to copy Kammie's new wigs.

No. 402856

Possible nitpick, but I hate that she's holding her cat like that. It's so big too that can not be good for it.

No. 402883

I hate her outfit here but he face looks a lot more bareable so to her not doing some weird smile and raising her eyebrows
This is lowkey cute even tho her hair looks kinda stringy
Nb jill

No. 402946

This blouse is hideous and she looks like her usual dirty gremlin self. What are y'all going on about lmao

>Jill and her gang low-key self posting to make herself look better

No. 402951

Not everyone who hates Jill hates jfash. Those coords are pretty cute. That blouse would work in many different styles and is currently on trend. Of course her face is still jagged, that's jill for ya.

She wasn't too bad at coordinating a few years back so it would be nice for her to tap into that again and take the time to balance silhouette, colors, textures etc.

No. 402963

Agreed. Mainecoons are floppy cats when you pick them up they totally real. My cat is a mixbreed but she flops like a mainecoon so you have to support her bum when you pick her up so she is comfortable and doesn't strain her back or hips. She's much older though but even when she was a kitten I would never allow her to be carried dangling like that.
I like Jill's cardigan though. Cardigans might be the only thing Jill has good taste in.

No. 402988

Im not one of these normies in the thread hating on all jfash. Im actually really into it and originally found out about jill from lolita (the LACE drama)

This blouse just looks like something you'd go square dancing in and makes her shoulders look humongous. To the anon that said it made her look mature (?) what the actual fuck. Lots of frills+pink is the complete opposite of normal mature fashion styling

No. 403006

christ, i cannot believe she goes out in public dressed like she does

No. 403007

File: 1507905162323.png (558.43 KB, 596x813, Untitled.png)

Laughed at this bottom comment kek

No. 403015

File: 1507906359281.png (26.52 KB, 614x213, f8a6234679031ca86d778e1a76d6b7…)

Uh oh.

No. 403042

I love Jfashion but Jill has zero idea how to dress herself, nor is she original in her look. At least when you stick to a particular fashion, you know the foundations of it. Jill is lost. She would laughed at in any fashion school for her lack of knowledge and skills.

No. 403045

File: 1507909102613.jpg (18.35 KB, 269x269, tumblr_owsuvbselb1rbxdnlo2_400…)


>have no job

>parents give you infinite money
>spend all day buying shit online
>at most, you have to record yourself with the shit you bought like two times per month.
>watch children cartoons all day
>never have to go outside at all
>never working on your "dream"
>no exercising, no real responsibilities whatsoever
>play dress up all day, do stupid things to your hair and play with your fancy cats.

Oh my god jill, i cannot imagine what you're going through! you're suffering so much right now! even us kids in third world countries can't imagine. please jill, hold on!! life must be sooooooooooooo hard!

No. 403049


Yo you could've just replied to my post and I would've explained but plenty of adults wear pink and ruffles. It's not something an older woman would wear but it's something girls her age would wear. I wouldn't wear it personally but for Jill's standards it's somewhat grown up. Most of the
stuff she wears regularly is in pastels or gingham which is DDLG tier shit.

No. 403078

Jill just confirmed on stream that this is "her girl"
>UK is a continent, right?

No. 403085

File: 1507913925165.png (87.97 KB, 500x271, j.png)

>UK is a continent, right?

No. 403093

>pastels and gingham is DDLG tier
>a common color palette and extremely popular print = DDLG
Don't strain your shoulder reaching that far.

Please tell me she was joking.

No. 403095

Thaaaaaaat's a huge reach. The whole 90s fashion is coming back, and that involves a lot of 90s cartoons/brands and pastels. You see MLP, Carebares, LisaFrank, etc in stores like F21 and H&M. Hot Topic recently came out with Carebare stuff, Colourpop has recently come out with an MLP collection, other brands have collab'd with Moschino and you see a huge trend in the whole "galaxy/astral" glittery cute stuff being a thing with makeup. It's not a DDLG thing, it's definitely just a trend that's starting/coming back.

No. 403101

How sheltered are you?

No. 403104

She complained about how Connie wasn’t friends with her on Facebook and how she wanted to be an honorary G4laxy girl

No. 403130


Whoa jeez, all I was trying to say is that it's more childish looking than what she's wearing in that photo. It probably wasn't a great phrase to use since it's not exclusively worn by nymphet tumblr girls but it is in their kind of ball park tbh.

Maybe I am sheltered but in the 90s I remember gingham dresses mostly being worn by kids? There's nothing wrong with it but it's undeniably a youthful style. Maybe that's just where I grew up though.

No. 403145

That top is so ugly it looks like something a fucking male flamenco dancer would wear

No. 403172

Is she just using these streams to vent?

No. 403263

Jill did originally advertise her streams as a Sleepover/Slumber party kinda theme. Speculation, but I believe Jill is trying to emulate that "gossiping at a Sleepover" with her followers because she doesn't have any irl fans. But what Jill doesn't realise is that these streams are not only broadcast to litterally anyone who watches them but also archive, so it kinda defeats the purpose as she fails to understand that private gossip is only shared between a couple of people at most, not accessible to the entire world

No. 403266

Samefag, but I meant friends not fans

Sage for spelling fuck up(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 403550

Can anyone post a summary of the stream?

No. 403585

here you go anon:

>Wednesday video: My Little Pony x ColourPop Collection

>considers watching the MLP movie but is afraid that she's too far behind on the show (hasn't watched it since breaking up with Tristan)
>she hasn't been able to "keep up" with the emails for her advice video; already feels bad about it because there are a lot of dire problems she can't help with
>doesn't thinks she'll ever do a video on witchcraft because she's still learning and "the world isn't ready for it"(?)
>she likes Melanie Martinez but is really annoyed with how often people say Jill looks like her
>wants to enter a Kawaii International contest
(this one I assume: http://www.nhk.or.jp/kawaii-i/contest/personalstyle_e_2017.html )
>her serger was her biggest purchase aside from her Japan tickets, she doesn't know how to thread it but "will figure it out"
>she considers doing 3 videos every week, her third one would be a vlog every Sunday
>doesn't want to talk about "her girl" yet because they're taking things slow
>they've been on "5&1/2" dates so far, sounds like Jill often visits her at Homesense tho lol
>disabled her Tinder after she went on a couple of dates with that girl
>plans on going to some LGBT party on Halloween as well as her witch party thing
>plans on taking her cat Serena with her when she moves out, will probably also get a second cat
>really doesn't like menhera fashion
>thinks that the UK is a continent, afterwards corrects herself to saying that the UK is a country lol, "I swear I'm not stupid!!"
>"Noodlerella is the one g4laxy girl that hasn't added me on facebook", wants to collab with them when she visits London
>is very supersticious
>some fan sent her a package and she cried tears of joy while opening it, she recorded it and will probably put it in her next vlog
>hasn't gotten a response from the college she applied to yet, thinks she might have applied too late "which would be very worrying"
>if she doesn't get accepted for next year she will go "another route" because she doesn't want to wait any longer to get education
>would like to get a crayola tattooed but she wants all of her tattoos to have a meaning
>got a comment pointing out her mediocre make up skills and she deleted it because it was "too sassy", doesn't mind being considered a beauty guru lol
>she hasn't made any new friends since she started youtube
>the girl she's seeing now already knew her/her channel before they started talking
>that girl also apparently isn't out to all her friends/family so Jill doesn't want to put her name out for now
>her dream is to have her own music (videos) recorded in a professional setting etc
>she wants to start selling her handmade clothes sometime next year
>her "first big thing" will be hiring someone to help her sew
>really hates the prom dress she made, regrets everything about it

that's basically anything remotely interesting she said. the rest was cat stuff and some talk about sewing, also ranting about how much she dislikes the color orange

No. 403590

Thanks so much anon!

>UK is a country

Lol it's 4 Jill

>if she doesn't get accepted for next year she will go "another route" because she doesn't want to wait any longer to get education.

This actually the only sensible thing in the stream it seems

>would like to get a crayola tattooed but she wants all of her tattoos to have a meaning

What was meaningful about the cat? That she really likes cats? And what's with the new crayola obsession? They're just a brand of literal crayons. I'd imagine an artist would appreciate a high quality art supplies company more.

No. 403592


>she likes Melanie Martinez but is really annoyed with how often people say Jill looks like her

Who says that??

No. 403597

File: 1507983562827.jpg (49.25 KB, 500x375, melanie-martinez-cheese-tattoo…)

I'm not sure what's up with her sudden crayola obsession either, she said that if she ever got a crayola tattoo it would "symbolize youtube" so not sure what she's on about

she specifically mentioned getting compared to Melanie a ton in youtube comments but I've never seen any of those so not sure if she deletes them or something
apparently she didn't realize before that Melanie also has a heart tattoo on her arm so since she's gotten the tattoo a lot of people pointed that out?

No. 403600

>her serger was her biggest purchase aside from her Japan tickets, she doesn't know how to thread it but "will figure it out"
Good luck with that Jill, sergers are sensitive and complicated even when you know what you're doing

No. 403601

Did she lose weight?

No. 403603

i think she actually looks really cute in her new video, the heart cutout sweater outfit was nice and not cluttered like her usual stuff

No. 403607

isn't zaful a scam site like sammydress?

No. 403608

God. She's getting desperate. Zaful is such a shit company and for her wanting to become a fashion designer, sees ironic that she's supporting them with this sponsored video. They steal designs from fashion designers, have ripped off/scammed various customers under their current and previous (Sammydress) names, the quality is cheap on a lot of their items aaaaaaaaaand not to mention the child labor that goes into this shit.

No. 403609

she looks way better with longer hair and no bangs

No. 403628

this is a nitpick but I cant stand the stupid boarder she has on this video, the way it cuts out her hands it just makes me cringe

No. 403632

No. 403637


if any anons are unfamiliar with the shady tactics from zaful and sammy dress: heres a video. i'm sorry that the girl naratting the video has a god awful voice, but she explains everything in tons of detail. zaful gets mentioned in the second 23 or so. its really about all those type of companies in general.

if trisha paytas got dragged and "exposed" for supporting one of those sites, jill deserves it too imo.

No. 403642

> if trisha paytas got dragged and "exposed" for supporting one of those sites, jill deserves it too imo.

100%, esp if she wants to be a fashion designer. Imagine if Zaful ripped off of her pieces and sold them in cheap quality or even full on scammed customers. Lol.

No. 403654

>25inch waist skirt
Kek size 4/6 (us size 0/2) tend to have 25" waist Jill

No. 403656

That bikini is not suited to her body at all. She's too chubby she may have lost some weight though >>403601

No. 403677

plus it's just really shitty of her to promote such a site to her (mostly young) followers
if she really cared that much about ~confetti club~ she should rather make a shopping guide video for taobao with recommendations for good stores because that's where all that stuff comes from, usually for 1/3 of the price
but yeah, either Jill is too ignorant/stupid or too blinded by the offer for free shit

No. 403681

File: 1507999482150.png (31.36 KB, 838x342, zaful, electric boogaloo.png)

posting this here before she retracts or deletes the comment

No. 403683

Jill is so fucking stupid, it's unbearable
Of course those sites go out of their way to actually send the correct clothes to someone who's supposed to promote their shit
If you take even just 1 minute to google Zaful you can find enough complaints about them

No. 403689

and still you can see the clothes in her video look cheap and badly manufactured like the fabrics are really thin and the fact that jill hasnt ironed them just exagerates it more

No. 403690

>complains some of the clothes look kind of like pajamas
>but that could be a fashion, right? Comfy sleep over kei

Is this the twilight zone? She can’t be serious

No. 403691

lmao has Jill just completely forgotten about what Party Kei was in the beginning? she literally described it as being a comfy slumber party like fashion

No. 403696


so she watched this >>403637

that means…she's defending a scam site when she knows that its a scam site. nice morals jill, get that $$$$

No. 403698

i think that she is just trying to look like she knows what she talks about, but clearly doesnt
her comment makes it understand that she thinks that trisha has said that zaful is a scam site

No. 403722

to be honest i disagree? I got my serger a few years ago and it's not too complicated. I am by no means a professional and I do not find it hard to use. As much as I think she should have waited to get better as sewing before investing in a serger, I don't think she'll have too much of a problem with it

No. 403753

"Try on hauls are a bigger thing. I've gotta get all my lights and get set up."

Oh you mean like every other Youtber does for every video?

No. 403763

This is hilarious

No. 403764

Some of that stuff looks so basic she could have just made it herself. Sad. Cries about jfashion dying and having a "real career"as a fashion designer yet here she is again supporting super cheap fast fashion, scam promoting edition. She's so fucking stupid and materialistic. I'm sure there are plenty of cute smaller, handmade shops she could have gotten free clothes to promote for but now who wants to associate with someone promoting shady websites.

No. 403767

fuck that shit triggered me. i remembered 1 or 2 annoying seagull anons who wanted hikkikomori/pajama kei to be a thing. it's not a thing, jill. never

No. 403835

File: 1508019339351.png (187.64 KB, 550x320, sh.png)

I may be reaching but self harm marks on upper thigh? or just odd lighting

No. 403849

looks more like stretchmarks to me anon

No. 403854

I mean she did used to self harm so it could be possible

No. 403861

In her stream she mentioned being nervous about entering the kawaii.i contest because she might not win.
And she feels like if Kelly and Becki/her "friends" are kawaii leaders then why can't she?
Hearing her talk about things like if she doesn't win it won't be worth it is so embarrassing, not that we need further affirmation she's a spoiled rancid cunt.

The beginning of this video was so awkward. It's like she really doesn't know what to say. And her "singing the praises" of zaful is so cringey. Yikes.

No. 403869

definitely looks like self harm to me. I have mega stretch marks on my thighs and they aren't that perfectly lined up?? I mean not all stretch marks are the same but it looks like self harm to me..

No. 403882

I was soo annoyed with that part.
Isn't that why you quit your job, Jill? And didn't she say she wanted to put more effort into her videos so… here it is and already she is complaning and being like those youtubers who have to say "just filmed a video FOR YOU GUYS" even tho it's her job and she is not doing it for anyone else.

I think this video was good and I would rather see try on hauls and this just made me realise we will get a try on haul every six months because SOOO HARD TO BE A PRO YOUTUBER U GUISEEE

No. 403953

Because they're so uniform and straight those are most likely self harm scars. Stretch marks have more of a crackling lighting effect and sometimes connect to each other.

No. 403956

omg who the fuck cares?? we all know she used to self harm, and we all know she's gained weight, so whether or not they're self harm scars or stretch marks doesn't really matter at all?? There is nothing new or interesting that can come out of arguing over this just drop it

No. 403959

what happened to being a magical girl and that "doing your best, even if you fail, what matters is you tried!" stuff

did that just…fly out the window

No. 403967

It's fake and just part of her ~positive magical lil confetti cake flavored peep~ aesthetic.
Or just something to say to her fans but not hold herself to because she needs to always win or be the center of attention. It's been a reoccurring thing since even high school.

No. 404063

Agree with this, but wanted to say that I have self harm scars that looks scary identical to those, they're about 3-4 years old, but it's really nothing we should talk about.

No. 404064

Didn't she actually speak up against buying knock-offs or cheap/fast fashion in order to justify her overspending on brands to support designers etc?? Not sure which video that was. Sure is in contrast with this latest vid.

No. 404065

during her Japan trip phase she was all about ~supporting small harajuku indie designers~, but that didn't last for very long lol

even in a lot of her older videos she already showed that kind of mindset
in one of her old hauls she bought stuff from urban outfitters and was saying that she knew how ~problematic~ they were but "my $150 won't make or break the business teheh :^)"

No. 404089

No way i can sit through the whole thing

No. 404095

you can see all of her card details in the video

No. 404096

oh never mind, she has taken the video down now

No. 404099

lol professional youtuber

No. 404100

Paused on it, couldn’t make out any numbers

No. 404113

So what was this supposed to be?

No. 404114

What the fuck happened? What was the video about?

No. 404115

it was a vlog just following her around doing shit, she wanted to start a series of these she'd upload every Sunday
not sure why she took it down, perhaps the card thing that the other anon mentioned?

No. 404117

Ah, ok I see. Because it's a vlog she should've went through to see if you could see any of her personal information. I hope she edits the card info out and puts it back up, it'd be nice to see a blog from Jill.

No. 404118

File: 1508077496515.jpeg (120.63 KB, 750x550, C6C4351D-8CF7-450D-B2DE-571D5E…)

No. 404120

wait did she take it down cause it got demonetized? haha!

No. 404121

Typical. Why would she upload a video if it doesn't bring her any cash? lol

No. 404122

File: 1508078120742.png (31.38 KB, 876x162, ddd.png)

yeah looks like we'll get the video after all

No. 404130

No. 404142


She doesn't have a job and isn't in education so I don't really feel like taking photos of herself wearing clothes from a shady website is exactly "productive".

Having said that, being a little lazy and coddled at 19 isn't exactly the end of the world. Some people just take a while to grow up, especially living on an island where everybody is coddled like PEI seems to be.
Also, good on her for at least trying to do some sewing videos for once! I'm almost impressed.

No. 404143

Have we watched the same video?
Half of it is her getting the mail, getting starbucks and taking a nap.
Yeah she wasn't completely useless but cmon. I ain't giving her credit for shit.

No. 404144

Notice how she says "Oh hell yeahhh" just like jenna marbles?? yet didnt she just say her videos were bad and she didnt spent any time on them???

No. 404147

Yeah kudos for that. I would rather have her show a little bit here and there in those weekly vlogs if she's gonna do them. I don't think she's educated enough to make videos about sewing so.

No. 404159

>Having said that, being a little lazy and coddled at 19 isn't exactly the end of the world. Some people just take a while to grow up, especially living on an island where everybody is coddled like PEI seems to be.
Totally agree, though I don't think it was a good idea for her to quit her job

No. 404164


why is there a person always whiteknighting the shit jill does? go rave about how productive she is somewhere else, this is /snow/. buying shit and recording yourself isn't productive at all. but if you feel that way, go comment that on her vids instead. no one gives a fuck here.

No. 404165


if you're gonna kiss her ass at least sage

No. 404166


i had never made that connection before, but imo they're right. jill's entire kiddie shtick is the same as hers. the fact that she got a similar tattoo doesn't help. and now that we know she actually likes Melanie it seems suspicious that she wouldn't notice the similarities. i hate them both but this is amusing.

No. 404169

Chill, we don't have to shit on everything she does. It's ok to admit it when she does something that's not completely stupid.

No. 404185

Does anyone have a taobao (I'm assuming that's where they originally from)or cheaper link to yellow and pink cardigans she got? I like them but not for $30 and not from some scam website

No. 404186

At least sage your worthless opinion, anon.

No. 404188

Anon if you scroll up just a bit you'll see they are on aliexpress

No. 404189

So remember how we deduced that there were only 2 Starbucks in pei and only one had a drive thru and Colin worked at the drive thru one? Do you think that was him working ? It sort of sounded like him but hard to tell bc the muffled speaker thing. Then when she says "escape escape escape!" Leaving the drive thru leads me to believe it was colin…

No. 404191


here you go anon, for future reference taobao has an image search feature, makes it easy to find stuff like that

No. 404193


Oh yeah, I totally agree it was a bad idea to quit her job, and I also think she's in for a rude awakening in fashion design with her current work ethic and her thin skin.

Don't get me wrong, I think Jill is a bit whiny and full of herself but some anons seem to act like she'll never amount to anything because of the way she is right now, like lmao how many people actually have their shit together at 19

No. 404196

That's really bitchy of her… Couldn't she just get down her car and walk 20 steps to buy from the counter? I'd bet this wasn't the first time it happened either.

No. 404199

Jill seems like the kind of person that would purposefully go have a date with her ~new girl~ at that Starbucks Colin works at just to spite him lol

No. 404206

Jill's sewing project is hideous and poorly constructed, but props for at least trying Jill. By the time I was 18 I was already attending design school for apparel design and graduated by 21. Why the lag in education?

No. 404223

Seriously, lazy bitch needs to walk to the counter and order there. She needs the exercise.

No. 404224


If you're going to use Jill as an excuse to blog at least use sage

No. 404256

>it looks like she is very productive. i feel like we dont give her enough credit for that.

Brewing tea, taking her cat outside, talking into a camera in her house, and going to a store… This is more than likely how she spends most of her days, I'm guessing she decided to post this vlog because all of us were saying she doesn't do anything so she wants to prove the ~haters~ wrong by sewing something real quick. Don't think she's sewn anything recently besides her mess of a cosplay and the pom pom shirt, so I don't consider her productive at all tbh. Does she even own any sewing books?
If I were to summarize Jill's productivity… it would be "she has a surge of energy to do something temporarily after buying an expensive item"

Omg, if she deliberately goes to Collin's Starbucks during his work schedule like that, that's just bizarre, especially since he's made it clear he doesn't want to speak to her by blocking her on fb. It would be fucking hilarious if she hauled her obsessed fan gf down through the Starbucks drive thru to "show her off," please let that be a future vlog

No. 404272

Ohh myyy gooddd you guys actually expect her to not use the only starbucks drive thru in her whole town just because her ex works there?? get a fucking grip, good lord

No. 404277

why would she need to use the drivethru? Her going outside for coffee is probably to only real socialization she gets. she can walk inside and order it. If she's gonna make a big deal and yell 'abort' when she THINKS it's her ex over the speaker.

If she's gonna act like a lil bitch when he's working there then yes
she shouldnt go to the one with a drive thru.

No. 404278

lolwat, have you not been reading these threads? it IS weird to go visit your ex who blocked you on social media if you film yourself doing it and act extra by overreacting afterwards. Even if the other anon is wrong about that happening in the vlog, it's obvious she's still obsessed with him since she mentions him online in tweets and livestreams p often. No one would care otherwise

No. 404295

I didn't find the collar so ugly ( in the way that it look clean ) but I never saw a collar like this before

No. 404297

I mean yeah Jill is cray cray but I wouldn't wanna change something I've been doing forever because of my ex. I didn't think the Starbucks scene was soo extra. I've interpreted it more like "awkward situation with the starbucks worker, run run" because that's what I would do since I hate talking to strangers lmaoo.

No. 404305

"visit her ex"? really now? it's a fucking starbucks drive thru. and yeah, I wouldn't change what I do just because an ex decided to delete me on fb, even if I did feel super awkward about potentially seeing them. ALso she acted perfectly fine in the vlog, saying thank you and everything, quite polite tbh. ya'll are neurotic af.

No. 404312

get over it, some people thinks its weird others dont. move on already, its really not that important

No. 404314

the weirdest part to me is that she took her cat for a walk in a cat stroller… what

No. 404322

It does kinda scream "crazy cat lady" but then again the cat seems to love it and it's a safe way to give the cat more fun activity in its day, so I think it's nice thing for her to do, even if she probably gets a lot of weird looks between her garish outfits and the cat stroller.

No. 404333

I agree tbh. I originally thought it was super weird, but seeing just how excited that cat was to go for a walk made it seem pretty ok

No. 404352

File: 1508112611138.png (601.47 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9614.PNG)

jill reblogged this on tumblr. kek this was expected but damn she won't even finger a girl even tho she's such a LESBEAN

No. 404384

File: 1508118207873.jpeg (63.46 KB, 750x282, 8927134F-571F-4685-9F45-41DB02…)

No. 404386

is this in response to something/someone? weirdly specific PSA

No. 404388


Have you not heard about the Harvey Weinstein scandal?

No. 404397

There's a thing going around on facebook now where you are supposed to post "me too" if you've been sexually harassed or assaulted. That's probably what she's referring to

No. 404405

Thank you, anon. It annoys me too. The nitpicking with Jill takes all the fun of threads like this away.

No. 404407

I guess that in some places/countries is not that common, but where I live is the most normal thing in the world to take dogs and cats in strollers like that. This way they can even get into public transport as well. Maybe it's the same in PEI? But even if it isn't so common where you live, what is the big deal? It's a nicer way to transport a pet than those little carry on cages.

No. 404411

File: 1508124511673.png (12.68 KB, 577x104, RAGINGLESBIAN.png)

walking a cat isnt weird, many cats like to go outside. they probs put their cats in a stroller so they dont get their long fur dirty and/or the cats are lazy

>tfw you desperately want to relate to lgbt memes so you act extra hypersexual
pic related

anons who whine about nitpicking/disagreeing with posts are more annoying and contribute less than anons with subjectively nitpicky posts

No. 404412

She's such a fucking try hard. Bitch, you are not gay. Being confused =/= being gay.

No. 404413

>being a little lazy and coddled at 19 isn't exactly the end of the world

Were anons here just really put together at 19 or something? I didn't know what I wanted to do for a career until I was 23 and didn't get my first legitimate job until I was 27. Criticizing a 19 year old for living with her parents and not having a legit job seems pretty unfair, especially in this day and age. People should be able to grow at their own pace.

Sage for blogpost.

No. 404429


Yeah, I feel like people forget or don’t take into account that she’s only 19 and that that’s still really young. Idk the average age in here but she’s still a baby.
But I have to say the thing with with Jill that makes it so easy is that she’s openly and unapologetically lazy, basically talentless in relation to her big dream, not as big and successful as she thinks she is, and seems entitled for no reason. She acts like she’s doing a lot with her life, but she’s not.

No. 404433

I'm pretty sure she's just confirming herself to be a pillow queen

No. 404437

this is exactly the problem. I don't have an issue with Jill taking her life a bit slow and not having a lot going on but the fact she thinks she's good at sewing blows me away. Especially good to the degree a fashion school would be impressed. I know a lot of people who go into fashion don't know how to sew (thus the point of going to these courses), but she seems to think she has a skill or talent and at this point she doesn't. I'm from the area and there are plenty of people younger than her & her age who can sew at a comissionable level. I don't understand how she can truly believe she has anything to give at this moment.

No. 404441

File: 1508134084593.png (1.75 MB, 1076x983, 5454545.png)

what is up with her eyebrows it looks like she drew them too low

No. 404465

>too low

Y-you think they should be HIGHER…?

No. 404469

At 19 I was starting med school, I find her extremely lazy and enabled tbh… like "omg I napped!" what a fucking achievement Jill

sage bc who cares

No. 404526

But that's the thing, isn't it anon? You were starting. Not a doctor. Starting school. People here tend to talk like Jill has got to have her shit together at 19, which doesn't actually happen.

Where I live people enter university at 15/16/17 years old. It doesn't mean they have a grip on their lives, much on the contrary. Most are usually following their parents' dreams and/or going with the flow. And because they are too young when deciding their path, they have a higher chance of being extremely frustrated professionals.

I am sure if they had the chance/means to wait a little longer and ponder over their future like Jill, they would do it as well. I know I would have done that without a second thought.

That being said, the only difference here is that this young, privileged and naive girl is plastering her life and doubts all over the web for people to judge.

No. 404561

but getting started in a carreer and choosing your path is having your shit together.
I just can't stand girls like jillian who take all the time in the world to figure it out, not caring about wasting their parent's money in useless child toys and ugly clothes, is disgusting..

she sould AT LEAST try to do something with her life, how can "getting Starbucks then a nap after strolling the cat" be an achievement?

No. 404565

I totally agree with you. Not everyone is meant to start their higher education at 18 years old. Personally, I took a few years off of school, and I don't regret it. I know some people who started college at 16. Whatever, we move at different paths in life. Some people in the US/Canada never go to higher education at all.

Personally, I don't think Jill should start college now. She is too lazy and needs a few years to mature. Plenty of people start college later in life and it's fine.

On the other hand, I think it's bad that Jill quit her job at Claire's. I think she should have tried to work more hours instead of quitting and tried moving up. It would have given her a better sense of responsibility.

I do think if Jill doesn't want to be criticized she needs to keep more of her life private. If she wants to be a youtube celeb, then this is the cost.

Looks like we have so many superachievers here who need to humblebrag about their life. Well, there's better people to compare your life to than Jillian.

And before people call me lazy or something, I think I'm doing ok. I go to a top 20 research university in the US.

Boo hoo, looks like you have a chip on your shoulder. Jill's family rich, you're not. There's a lot of rich people out there who will never have to work a day in their life. You can be salty forever, I guess. One girl on my hall freshman year casually dropped $500 or something on a shopping trip without working. I could be mad or just accept that different people have different resources allocated to them.

No. 404577

Then honestly anon, that's more your problem than Jill's. She can do nothing all day and her parents don't mind that. Deal with it. Complain about her lack of fashion sense, bad hair and poor make up skills all you want. But being 19 year old and having the chance to figure out what she wants to do with her life without her parents minding is not a sin.

No. 404580

Anon no need to be bitter. Why hate on those who have more than you? Very insecure of you.

No. 404586

I still struggle to understand why some anons have such a bone to pick about Jill having well off parents? Seriously, no one cares about how insecure you are. Her parents worked hard for what they have and it's her right to be a lethargic turd is she feels the need to do so. As much as I dislike Jill, I think it's unfair to dump on her family's financial means.

No. 404604

I don't think Jill should go to fashion school now like other people seem to say. It seems like most people who go don't seem to have a chance at making it, but definitely not Jill. I don't think she's demonstrated any sort of talent or motivation for fashion. What she would be good at, I'm not sure. I just think going to fashion school would be a waste of money. It'd be good for the school and teachers, I guess.

Totally agree with everyone here. I'm glad to see other people don't agree with anons nitpicking Jill being a lazy 19-year-old.

No. 404625

>>404604 oddly I think Jill might be a descent stylist if all fails for her at best. ?

No. 404629

I feel like fashion is definitely something she only latched on to because it seems to be percieved as easy and prestigious, not because she has any sort of aptitude for it. The only thing she seems to have any real love for is performing/being in the spotlight. Maybe she could do something in the theater department, although career prospects for that probably aren't wonderful.

No. 404644

What about costume making? Putting theater and garment making together sounds like something she could enjoy. And since she probably doesn't have to bother thinking about money, she could take as many years as it's needed to make a name for herself.

No. 404689

It makes me laugh when she said that she couldnt find the episodes of pripara raw anywhere because while its true no one has subbed those 10 eps they are pretty easy to find raw. All she did was name shitty streaming sites full of malware that youg et from the top google results of "watch anime online" lmao

No. 404721

Agree and honestly? I don't think going to school of any kind right now would help her. All she's interested now is creating career out of yt and she'd dissmiss putting any real effort into studies because of it. She has luxury to wait longer, even another few years if necessary, and study field she'd really want to tie her future career with. As it was pointed out here often enough, Jill's interest in fashion is pretty shallow (she just likes spending money and that's it), not something to plan future on - she'd drop out after first semester.

Maybe she could go into something media related? That way her yt channel could count as some kind of experience with editing and managing a channel. That's of course if she'd get degree in related field and put more effort to make her channel look professional, but still it's some starting point.

No. 404808

File: 1508195591415.jpg (65.91 KB, 635x726, nNGZUT8TTBfp.jpg)

No. 404838

Sounds like you need some help tbh, all this bitter projecting ain't healthy.

No. 404841

I can't stop getting autistically angry with Jill (and plainey) who both have done nothing but ride dick their entire life but all of a sudden "sooper gay".
Seeing Jill say shit like "raging les" makes me a raging lesbian about to beat her ass with her own toy wands.
Its hard enough to be a lesbian who likes excessively girly things because nobody would even think im gay, dealing with people who honestly think im joking and the absurd harrassment just cause i dont 'look' the part.
Then these chicks pop up being so brave and "gay" while all having had nill history with women but have had a long history with men.

(Apologies for no contribution)

No. 404843

>Personally, I don't think Jill should start college now. She is too lazy and needs a few years to mature.

How can she grow in such a stagnant, tiny, coddling environment? For an un-self-motivated person, avoiding some form of education among other people seems like a big no no. If she was at least involved in things other than teenage tier hobbies and internet overindulgence (no judgment towards people who like childrens cartoons and whatnot, but it's the truth) then she'd have some hope. At the very least she could use some of her wasted $$ to take discounted courses at her dad's college that interest her, learn about things outside of her bubble, maybe find another passion. This wont happen because jill is shallow to the core.

Even if she were to make enough money on YT, so many of the popular YTers remain in the dramatic wo/manchild phase forever. Idg why anyone would want to be a part of that, but she's already there anyway so nbd.

Just my onion, saged!

No. 404890

You areen't funny.

No. 404962

File: 1508220118672.jpg (140.3 KB, 601x809, ss (2017-10-16 at 11.01.41).jp…)

No. 404977

You realize that not everyone knows they're a lesbian from the start, right? A lot of women don't realize they aren't into men and only dated them because of compulsory heterosexuality. Sometimes it doesn't click until you're actually dating a woman and everything suddenly makes sense.

No. 404982

I totally agree with you anon.

I think it's perfectly fine that Jill has the opportunity to not immediately go to college and to figure out what she wants to do, but I think she's going the wrong way about it.

I think that she should've definitely kept her job, or done something in place of it, for various reasons.
It never looks good on a resume when you've just done nothing for a year or two - if she really doesn't want to have a part time job anymore she should really do volunteer work somewhere. I know that Jill is obsessed with the idea that she'll never have an employer again but if she did have to work for someone else again, it would really look better if she had some kind of thing she was doing aside from just youtube.
I think basically any kind of work/volunteer work/internship would give her more life experience.
Right now she's probably doing about the same thing she showed in the vlog everyday - get Starbucks drinks, get the mail etc.
She's probably going to get very used to that comfortable routine now, making it even harder for her once she moves out (since she already sounds really scared of it).
And lastly I think anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression should really try to get themselves out there, it helps immensely to actually confront fears and such instead of just choosing the most comfortable solution for yourself.

I really think that quitting her job at Claires is one of the worst things she could've done. Considering how little hours she worked before, I think she simply quit it so she could tell everyone that she gave up her job for youtube/youtube makes her enough money where she doesn't need another job anymore.

No. 405010

Thanks anon. Sometimes I wonder how young are people in these threads. Or just ignorant of sexuality in general.

Most of us don’t realize we are gay or bi or anything else other than heterosexual until, as you put, we experience things. And in that sense not everybody lives in a free enough environment to do so.

Jill can be many things, but the complains about her sexuality and the fact that she can take life slowly are annoying af. It feels like people here are as entitled and ignorant as they try to make her.

Jill is lucky to have such understanding parents. And even if I dislike her style, which is why I am here, I can be happy for her. Most girls/boys her age aren’t half as lucky.

No. 405038

I don't think people are necessarily mad about her dating girls, they're annoyed at the way she's talking about it on social media. Always bringing up "smooching girls" (which imo is such a juvenile term it makes me cringe) and saying she's a "raging lesbian", when she herself in the same sentence says she's actually really just confused rn. Then there's the comment about her totally being a lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick that she made while dating Collin. There's other instances, but I can't be assed. It just makes it all seem so forced and like someone who is going through a phase rather than someone who is actually discovering themselves.

No. 405041

I think she should have tried to work more hours at Claire's instead, and I believe that would help her develop a better work ethic.

I've taken a couple of community college classes before, and I don't think they did much to help me grow. At one point, it did help me get out of the house because I was off of school and not doing anything. I do think some classes would be better than what she is doing now, but I don't think it would necessarily lead to a miraculous development in Jill. Based on my experiences with community college, the people there are often as immature and boring as Jill is. The only difference is that they don't put their lives on display and they are forced to develop a little quicker because of their family's financial means.

>Maybe she could go into something media related?

That seems like a logical choice and Jill does have a lot of experience w>>404625ith it.

She probably needs to be a stay at home mom like her own mother who has a side business as a hobby. That's her best bet.

No. 405042

Wtf is kawaii about dairy queen? I like the stickers though. Anyone know the name of the sticker?

No. 405045

God, thank you. I don't even care that Jill is exploring if she really feels like she's attracted to women and isn't just doing it to hop on some attention train. Sage for blog, but I personally was raised in a family where me dating anyone other than a man would have been a huge no-no, even though I felt bi pretty early on. It wasn't until I was about Jill's age that I could finally start exploring the other side of my sexuality. Idk how people can fault her for that.

No. 405053

Atleast someone understands my point,
It seems to always fly over peoples heads that no its not that she has to be gay from day one, its the fact that shes over using terms like 'gay' and branding herself as a lezzie right from the get go even while dating Colin, how can anons not understand that its fucking shifty and down right retarded. Like Lainey starting to throw the word lesbian around too.

Again i dont care about how conservative you grew up, how late you found out you were bisexual/lesbian etc.
Jill clearly has had a loving open family, but shes even had old blog posts as a teen where she finds 'girls to be dramatic' and one of those 'not like the other girls' types and while I understand people grow and change, she handles exploration of sexuality as another gimmic and accessory.
Idk what makes me sound entitled for thinking shes being sort of a cunt for doing this but ok.

Anyways not gonna take that further since no milk, im just a triggered faggot.

No. 405062

I understand anon, but all you described is just a girl being confused about her sexuality and having the freedom to express it due to having a loving family. Oh and having too much free time and internet access in her hands. It’s stupid? Hell yeah. But she’s 19 and trying to figure out herself and life right now. It’s part of the whole process.

No. 405092

File: 1508254379923.png (220.7 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171017-083111.png)

Jill is like cancer, she's everywhere.

No. 405104

Probably because she thought Jill was a poorly dressed, weeabo foreigner. Lol @ her comparing her still butthurt feelings over something not even a big deal to something be mispriced in an expensive store.

No. 405115

Miku Natsume’s Choco Jam from Line camera.

No. 405128

Tackylocks is trying way too hard to be friends with all the other popular/rich kids. She's licking their ass so hard.

No. 405140

Jill is so attention starved and unoriginal. It pains me so. She seems like she was one of those nerdy ass little kids who no one likes and always tries to fit in with the those who don't care about her.

No. 405151

>when she THINKS it's her ex over the speaker.
she said that after she got the drink and already saw who the person was lmfao
saged for useless info but some of you guys need to stop being so picky and weird

No. 405166

she lives such a luxurious life where she has no responsibilities…. I wonder if I dislike her so much out of envy

No. 405185


Jesus christ, man. Nobody cares about people being 'nerdy ass little kids' outside of high school.
She's a bit of a trend hopper which is a little obnoxious (but not exactly unheard of for someone who's 19) but if anything that's for YouTube views, not to fit in with the cool kids or something. I guess she does kiss the ass of more popular YouTubers though.


It's understandable to be a little jealous of her in that regard but it's not really her fault.
It is her fault that she tries to give people life advice and sell herself as a starving artist while she's spending a year lounging around at home and getting a free ride from her parents, though.

No. 405195

File: 1508272573155.jpg (193.19 KB, 1080x1080, 19228352_361923414210509_62053…)

Gotta love fanart

No. 405211

holy FUCK

No. 405227

I hope she features this at the end of her next video

No. 405228

That’s a lot of effort to make her look ugly

No. 405242

File: 1508279127073.jpg (78.54 KB, 640x480, IMG_5260.JPG)

No. 405243

File: 1508279207711.png (149.45 KB, 750x982, IMG_5261.PNG)

Forgot the caption sorry

No. 405244

I can just tell she picked that one because it has the pretty colors on it

No. 405248

did she seriously remember how the fucking cashiers acted in every store in Japan that many months back? AKA not getting down on their knees to admire Jill's presence? kek, she's going to grow up and be one of 'those' asshole entitled customers, is2g.

…….I will neeever understand why anyone would be jealous of someone like Jill. Have dignity, please.

miss piggylocks!

No. 405251

Tbh the only thing to be jelly of is that she has a very cushy life. She's a moocher without a job (it's too hard guysss ;_;) who lives off mommy and daddy who pays for all of her whims. But that's litteraly it. She's so deprived of an actual personality it's tragic,she tries so hard not to be boring and hide the fact that she isn't as special and quirky as she tries to portray herself to be (going as far as pretending to be "so gay teehee" to try and rack in brownie points),…
And she isn't very pretty either. But maybe that's because I can't stand her to begin with. People like her disgust me.

No. 405252

Doesn’t project runway use brother products? That could be part of her reason for buying it too. Trying to get familiar so that she’ll know how to use it “when she goes on project runway”.

No. 405254

Brother products are good. Both their sergers and sewing machines are great to work with. Not sure her reasoning, but she seems like someone who couldnt make anything good, even with a good machine. it's not the product that makes the person after all. Jill has a ton to learn about basic sewing, let alone moving onto serging anything.

No. 405259

Anon you sound like a sour bitch. Her prettiness is fucking irrelevant. Jill is hated on because she is a tacky poser with no depth. Nothing else.

No. 405261

Jill with a serger is like giving a chimp a fully loaded shot gun… You don't know what will come of it. I feel so poorly for that innocent serger. The girl can't sew and needs dire instruction on the basics of sewing. Sage

No. 405262

Sorry I'm dumb but what is a serger for? I googled and I don't quite understand is it a sewing machine that does more stuff or is it something different altogether? Some people earlier said she doesn't need one at all

No. 405263

its basically for strengthening stitches, stretch materials, and if you actually get the machine and are wiling to mess around with it you can do some other cool stitches and tricks with it. You really do not need one but I got it and basically use it with every project I do.

No. 405264

I've noticed she skips past fanart that doesn't depict her as skinny/overly anime/realistically a lot.

No. 405265

>Time to figure out how to thread it
But in all seriousness, if this is what it takes for her to take sewing more seriously I'm all for it. Let's wait and see, I guess.

No. 405293

Mostly I’ve seen it used as a quick way to finish edges of seams and what >>405263 said

No. 405303

found bitter hetero

No. 405317

tbh i think she probably got it because its the best serger you can get for a good price. I have the same one and got it because it was inexpensive and still had great reviews. as much as i believe she is shallow about most stuff like this, I think most beginners have this same serger

No. 405320

Sage for OT but is Kelly Eden a cow? She really comes across as one.

No. 405327

holy shit she's litteraly a hoarder like i cant imagine living peacefully with so much stuff everywhere

No. 405328

not defending her but she did say it was about what a person with minimum wage would make if they worked 40 hrs a week

No. 405349

this dress is actually really cute and looks good on her but her fckin hair ruins everything

No. 405394


Kek i thought exactly the same thing. She saw the rainbow colors and thought they were her aesthetics.

How many days/weeks will it take for her to get rid of the serger because it was 'broken' or 'didn‘t work' or whatever? Idk how hard it is to work with a serger but i imagine it isn't something you can learn to use by watching yt-tutorials. She'll be damn frustrated.

No. 405407


The coloring here is really well done. How could the person who drew this not see how fucked up the nose, mouth and chin were????????

No. 405408

Can you blame the artist for trying to attain some real to life accuracy lol

No. 405417

no theres a weird smudge above them like people who shave their brows have when they draw their brows too low

No. 405419

I don't know why the anons are making such a big deal about surgers being so difficult and above her level - they're incredibly easy to use, just a bitch to set up.

No. 405421

She raises her eyebrows in an attempt to make her eyes look bigger and it causes those lines above her eyebrows.

No. 405429

Not really aside from being kind of dumb. At the moment she's taking a ton of heat from the lolita community because she failed to read a price tag correctly and accidentally bought a $1500 angelic pretty dress and then forced them to let her return it even though that's against store policy.

No. 405433

How were three adults (including one who's been to Japan more than once) unable to properly read price tag is my question. There's apps on your phone to convert shit. She'd JUST MADE PURCHASES elsewhere. I feel bad for the AP shop girls having to deal with these morons. And of course Jill has to chime in and agree that they're all "so rude!!"

No. 405454


I have seen literally nobody in this thread claim they're hard to use, I think everyone's problem with it is that it's a lot of money for her to blow at her skill level and she'll struggle to thread it.

No. 405463

No. 405467

File: 1508333425319.png (603.89 KB, 713x676, ScreenShot348.png)

Does she know colors? Last one on middle row ain't maroon and it look bright AF. I don't know WTF she is saying…

No. 405468

That blouse looks like it's made from tissue paper

No. 405473

File: 1508335730390.jpg (37.03 KB, 430x323, 430x323_TissueFuschia.jpg)

When I showed the shirt to my husband yesterday he said it looked like wrapping tissue… Perfect for jills aesthetic I guess :^ )

No. 405477

same anon here, it's not about how "well off" her parents are, idc, my parents are loaded too and I still make my own money and became independent bc I'm no parasite.

the thing is that you can't compare normal people who geniunely need time to figure out things to her, she's extremely lazy and bases her career in "fashion" when she sucks at it and makes no effort to actually improve.

You guys need to stop protetcing Jillian so much, why are you even here to begin with?

No. 405478

File: 1508336841755.jpg (60.22 KB, 619x413, overlocker 005_thumb[2].jpg)

The machine on the inside has a picture guide how to thread it, as well as an instruction book. There really isn't a lot to figure out but I don't set my expectations really high. More then likely this machine will go unused.

No. 405479

Pretty sure she just became a Kawaii Ambassador? I watched one of her other vids going to the SM store and she acts pretty retarded in public tbh.

Yeah it's ridiculous that she didn't suck it up and keep it, instead of being an awful human being and forcing them to do something against their rules. Especially since it seems like she wastes a ton of money on other crap.

No. 405497

She's just some air headed bimbo who made a dumb mistake (how do you misread the price tag several times? and that friend who "knew japanese" sounds pretty stupid too) then instead of owning up to it, caused AP lots of trouble. She was very lucky to have her money back.
But besides that dramu she's just your typical spoiled/rich airhead bimbo

No. 405510

Anyone noticed her teeth are a lot less yellow? They finally look ok. I don't know if she did something with the light, if it's the change in make up or if she simply whitened her teeth. Either way, I am glad.

No. 405518

I don't understand people who feel the need to buy palette after palette even though many of them have the same colors in them. I understand collecting, but is this really a collectable or is it just for her "rainbowy baby kawaii aesthetic"?

No. 405519

Same anon. Especially since Jill admits that she will only ever use like 3 shades from a palette, and usually that's pink, white or some other pastel shit.
It just seems like an absolute waste to me to keep buying full palettes when you know you won't use most eye shadows.
I think Jill always justifies it as "oh I'm just getting it to do a youtube review, it's a business expense!! uwu", but at the end of the day she still just has a shit ton of unused makeup laying around in her basement.

No. 405526

hoarding seems like a big thing in the internet makeup community. these girls just buy every new palette that comes out, even if they'll only use 2 shades from it. and we all know jill is a shopaholic and a hoarder too.

No. 405527

Well a lot of beauty gurus do say that they buy palettes specifically to review on their YouTube for their subscribers. A lot of people request reviews from them, and even go as far as saying they won't purchase something without seeing reviews from them. However, a beauty guru jill is not. She isn't really knowledgeable and she clearly doesn't know how to apply it well.

No. 405534

Ugh her hair looks soo bad especially in the close up shots. Wash your hair Jill, just because you're home alone doesn't mean you have to stink.

No. 405535

But anon, her beautiful rainbow bangs would fade so quickly if she washed her hair more than once a week : (

No. 405536

She even said she has a "pumpkin carving date" tonight so ugh. Imagine sitting next to her. She looks like one of those people who dont wash often but bathe themselves in parfume.

No. 405539

i didn't specifically mean youtubers, it's a big thing in any internet beauty community. hell, there's even a subreddit for people who got addicted to buying makeup.

No. 405577

The "luk" thing people are saying is actually super annoying
Sage for no contribution

No. 405578


It's "lewk", anon

No. 405579

I've seen it spelled luk more often then not but thanks for not saying your autistic feedback anyway I guess

No. 405580


No. 405588

File: 1508357913507.jpg (84.47 KB, 488x516, 3e3.jpg)

No. 405591

She lurks here so she probably took our hints on adjusting the white balance. She'll forever be irritating but at least she subtly listens to us.

No. 405593

Does jill know all that unused makeup she has is going to go rancid eventually? Theres no reason to own so much makeup unless you use all of it regularly, its not collectible like baseball cards or plastic wands. I agree with the anon who said she must be justifying her retarded purchases as youtube haul expenses.

No. 405624

File: 1508361477633.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171018-141709.png)

No. 405625

File: 1508361527266.jpg (538.28 KB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_20171018-221636.jpg)

Bets on her dropping out

No. 405626

wew, this is gonna be a wild ride

No. 405627

File: 1508361543585.jpeg (210.52 KB, 750x1053, 1C1A1A59-F9BC-4EC6-869A-9F3F2E…)

Good job at getting into school and telling everyone which one it is. God she’s a moron.

No. 405628

Everyone sure is excited about her getting into school lmao.

No. 405632

She’s already talked about what one it is and where it is you fucking idiot, she obviously doesn’t care if people know she goes there

No. 405635

This is a mediocre community college that anyone who sends the fee into will get in. Nothing for her to be proud of.

No. 405641

I think most people are happy she's finally doing SOMETHING besides spending her parents money. Piss off.

No. 405643

August as in next year? I wouldn't hold it past her to end up not going because of her relationship or youtube or something.
And if that's the case then I wonder how much she'll actually learn. I went to a tech school the same way and barely anyone in my class has jobs in the field and even I struggle since I wasn't taught the right skills. Tbh she spends so much money she should find a more legit school to throw her money at after this if she doesnt crash and burn.

No. 405650

kek you know a school is legit when they have their social media links in the acceptance letter

No. 405651

Yeah that was really weird to me too lol
I'm a Eurofag tho so I wasn't sure if it was just a North American thing to include social media links?

No. 405654

NBer here. The school is run by the government I believe, but it has a rep for being a huge waste of time. I know someone who took the fashion program there who went to Ryerson to further her education, and like 2 of her credits from NBCCD were transferable lmao

No. 405659

File: 1508367554468.png (1.75 MB, 1805x956, fuckingjaundice.png)

what is wrong with her skin in this video? it looks so patchy and yellow

No. 405661

I assume it's just because of the shit lighting in her basement/her turning up the saturation in her videos so much?
Whenever she's filming lookbooks in her moms studio her skin looks a completely different color.

No. 405663


I noticed in her makeup videos she never puts foundation on her forehead. Probably because she has bangs but when she pins them back then what's the point…

No. 405665

Just look at the graduation rates LOL only 25% are self employed, that would mean something like making your own label. I can't wait till she finds out you can't just be a fashion designer (UNLESS YOU'RE SUPER LUCKY) without working for someone else first..

No. 405666

She isn't going to "fashion school". There are few legitimate fashion schools in Canada. She's attending a visual arts foundation course followed by a basic fashion program at a community based college with a few hundred students (a good portion of whom are in their 30s, the school is known for attracting older midlife crises cases). The college makes no effort to hide the fact that it's barely accredited and is the equivalent of a weekend craft club.

The fact that their curriculum includes no regular college or university courses (general education) means she can't transfer credits or use this diploma to further her education.

If she ever does attend a real fashion school or pursue any other type of degree, she'll have to start again at ground zero because her prior education will have been useless.

No. 405677

Oh I thought you meant youtube! But you're right, there is definitely a "gotta catch em all" mentality for a lot of people, it's so unnecessary.

No. 405678

It's foundation… She applies it very badly tho

No. 405692

The foundation at NBCCD doesn't even require a portfolio for entry. So much for all that bs she used to spout about getting ready to apply for fashion school and putting together a portfolio.

Britfag, even the lowest levels of our art foundation courses require a portfolio on entry. It's an arts course, duh. How shit is this college for accepting people when their skillset could be entirely based in Paint???

No. 405718

She's definitely gonna drop out of this. Could've just taken those weekly classes taught by older ladies and it would be equivalent.

It's a community college, not a university, so the standards are very, very low. I took a couple of online courses to transfer to my university, there were many people on the discussion boards who couldn't be assed to write full sentences. You can basically take any community college course you want where I live as long as you pay for the class. One of her classes is probably going to cost less than a pair of her irregular choice shoes if it's anything like the one near me (I live in the states)

No. 405726

yup looking at how you apply im amazed. "one page on why you want to be here" and asking for hardly any evidence of skills. they call that a portfolio? getting into ib art classes in highschool is harder than that.

No. 405749

>they call that a portfolio?

No, the portfolio is what you need to go into the fashion part of it. She has to do the foundation year. They accept anyone for that. After this year, she can apply for fashion studies (or whatever name they've thrown on it), and that will require a portfolio.

No. 405790

sorry for derailing a bit, but i could see her being part of the whole onision/his wife love nest.

No. 405798

Wut?? Sage your pointless bullshit anon, the fuck.

No. 405822

I bet she gets bored in the course because of how basic it is, I'm from Scotland and I've never heard of an art course without a portfolio.that would make me assume she's doing a really really basic course. since in theory you could get in without much art experience maybe?

No. 405838

Yes. You can get in with zero art experience.

No. 405856

File: 1508411984249.png (91.35 KB, 598x427, loldumb.png)

lol it's a two-year diploma program. It's not even a degree. Wile I applaud her for trying…something at least, in no way does this count as "fashion school"

No. 405862

She put more effort into this setup than her actual effort in applying to colleges. Everything in her life truly is just to look good online.

No. 405892


Not white knighting Jill at all but can someone explain what the problem is here?

We all know Jill isn't skilled enough to get into a decent fashion program as is, and this course seems to be an entry-level portfolio building course that could allow her to develop her skills and get into a fashion program further down the line.

I think it's a little weird they don't require any portfolio at all but I'm from the UK too so it's not something I've ever heard of.

I know it's next year but I think if Jill sticks to it she'll be way better off than just sitting at home buying shit online. If she somehow got into an actual fashion school at this level she'd be in over her head.

Unless anons are just laughing at her calling it 'fashion school' which is pretty funny

No. 405893

>Fashiom illustration and history inspire you in creating your own line that is presendted at an annual public fashion show.

This must be how Jill decided to go to this place.

No. 405930

I think it's really just the whole 'fashion school' thing
To me personally it's hilarious that Jill specifically decided on this school because she thought she wouldn't have to do the foundation year lol
It sounded like she was looking at better colleges before but she thought that a foundation year would be a waste of time (even though she needs it pretty badly), and now she's stuck with this rather mediocre school
Either way I think it's gonna be good, either she's actually gonna learn something/become more mature of a person/actually work harder on fashion shit, or we're gonna be getting fresh milk when she's gonna whine about professors criticizing her stuff or something

No. 405931

Yeah to me this seems just like any regular community college out there, it's not so bad. I also think that if jill just wants to run some kind of online shop while doing YouTube this is prob a good way to learn the foundational skills to do that. She'll be better off with her sewing after this course either way, especially since she admits to not knowing too much.

I agree that she would not be able to handle or get into a real university with where she's at right now so what else is she gonna do?

No. 405935

Do you think she might be able to at least get some connections to the fashion world? Many art schools are mostly good for networking.

No. 405954

Can you imagine Jill learning to make bias cut garments? Kek That would be the day. I work in the fashion industry and let's just say Jill is not the technical type. Even with training I highly doubt she'd be good at actual apparel construction. She's gonna crash and burn. I bet she will drop out after the first semester. Sage blood

No. 405962

File: 1508435703701.jpg (62.88 KB, 640x426, FKPC_309-01_op_640x426.jpg)

>now she's stuck with this rather mediocre school

Exactly. She was previously considering better colleges but decided against them because 3-4 years was too much of a commitment and specifically wanted to avoid a foundation year.

I remember Louise and Jill flew down to Montreal to visit Lasalle which has an actual renown fashion program and successful alumni. She complained about the campus downtown being ghetto (?), the tuition being expensive, 3-year program being too long etc.

Lasalle's tuition is around 10k for 3 years and she's now paying 10k for 3 years at a college with sub-par technology/resources/industry connections etc.

I can only imagine their facilities being horrendous, look at this shit hole. She really shouldn't be so frugal about her education when she can afford to invest in her future.

No. 405971

That school is like the Art Institutes here in the states, which are nothing more than a sub-par trade school. The Mcdonald's of design schools.

No. 405972

Anon, you really believe the cost is what was keeping her from going to Lasalle? LOL It's because she doesn't want to be on her own and so far away from mommy.

No. 405984

So glad there is a new thread and the fact that she's going to a mediocre craft college is hilarious. I know that fashion program isn't easy and nothing industrial or useful other than the basics are taught there. If they let her skip over the foundation year which she doesn't have the credentials to skip I would really question the integrity of this college.

No. 405987

The only good teacher who had industry experience apparently has left the fashion program.

No. 406005

my thoughts exactly. she's so superficial and vapid.

No. 406020

I believe it'll be the latter as she can't take criticism for shit. Being someone who has been coddled all their life, I take criticism poorly (especially when it comes to my own work). Louise really set her up for failure.

No. 406026


Isn't harsh criticism more of an actual fashion school/industry kinda thing though? A little community college is probably more likely to sugar coat any criticism.

No. 406033

But nothing has led us to believe that she can really take even sugarcoated criticism. She pretends she can, but she might be at the point where she takes even the slightest amount of questioning as something to whine about.

No. 406040

She applied to a rinky dink community college that isn't properly accredited and won't get her anywhere. That's what we are laughing at. She's calling this "fashion school" as if they are going to teach her anything more than some home crafts.

She will require a portfolio when she actually goes into the fashion part of the school. She is first required to do a foundation year, where they accept literally anyone.

No. These people are either in their 30s/40s and trying to do something to make themselves marketable after being out of the workforce for years, or they have such little information on the fashion industry that they actually think going to this school will help somehow. It's useless.

This is exactly what it is.

No. 406044

File: 1508448975776.jpg (90.84 KB, 615x678, 2016_Fashion_Show-web_3-e14873…)

Here are some photos from the fashion show. These are people who have finished the program and now will graduate. Not a very high bar being set here.

No. 406045

File: 1508448998143.jpg (831.25 KB, 1044x815, 2016_Fashion_Show-web_4.jpg)

No. 406047

File: 1508449013972.jpg (840.13 KB, 1044x846, 2016_Fashion_Show-web_8.jpg)

No. 406048

File: 1508449026209.jpg (796.59 KB, 1040x818, 2016_Fashion_Show-web_9.jpg)

No. 406050


Yeah it's definitely stupid she chose the shittest college because she didn't want to leave mummy but I'm saying it's probably a portfolio building course. She likely won't have to do another portfolio in her own time, just present the work she did in the foundation year.


Oh god these all look like some high school theatre costumes or something. I almost feel bad for Jill but really she should've done her research.

No. 406053

lmao the other day on her stream Jill said that she's more of a "city girl", but as soon as she gets to a bigger city she's scared of the "spooky ghetto : ("

No. 406071

everything about this is god awful… the fabric choice, the unflattering design, the construction, the fact that it was clearly not fit to the model… jesus

No. 406074


Yeah, definitely. It reminds me of a beginner's attempt at cosplay. So, hobby level at best.

No. 406075

The themes for each line is picked by the student themselves, and they don't even think about fabric choices, or fit. They all get skinny girls.
I am getting a laugh out of the Legend of Korra x Bioshock looking line. Whoever did it must have been wayching those or playing at the time.

No. 406076

She looks like she is going to show you to your seat in the underwater opera. It doesn't not even look like fashion. It's more suited to an amateur's cosplay event in a low end anime convention.

I do know someone who went to the college and it is a joke. You are sold the idea it is world class education and it is laughable when you have to apply to jobs with the "Skills" you learned. They feel ripped off after 5 years and now $60k in debt with student loans who has to look at another line of work.

No. 406082

I mean, these are still better than Jill's work tbqh. Like Jill has literally spray painted a skirt… she might actually learn something but she must be daft to think this school could propel her to her own fashion line lmao

No. 406085

Also using satin for magical girls and any anime cosplay is a frigging cardinal sin for most cosplayers.>>406082

No. 406090

>The NBCCD Fashion Design program admits only 10 students per year. As you might expect, the program fills up fast, but starting with the Foundation Visual Arts (FVA) program gives students the extra edge to make the cut. Once you’re in, the family atmosphere helps you through the exciting breakthroughs and tough projects alike.

Will Jill even be able to make it into the program after her foundation year if they only accept 10 students? I know it's a small shitty school, but still.

From here: https://nbccd.ca/events/nb-heart-truth-event-featured-fashion-designer-chavah-lindsay/

No. 406094

That's about the size of all of their programs. I don't think it's anything special.

No. 406105

File: 1508459501643.jpeg (150.36 KB, 928x598, image.jpeg)

Uh oh, the Peeps tea is back.

No. 406107

File: 1508459845843.jpg (80.37 KB, 950x534, why.jpg)

No. 406108

File: 1508459928525.png (69.32 KB, 640x457, IMG_4288.PNG)

We in for a ride boys

No. 406144

First minute of ~How Youtubers Make Money~: "don't have a personality and contradict yourself, but keep a cutesy sparkle cutie image for yourself. never. stray. away. from. the. image."

No. 406153

Funny how Jill thinks a 4 year education is too much of a commitment. This is her logic for everything, including fashion and personality. Have some fucking patience and learn things correctly or you wont get anywhere in life, Jill.

This is the absolute worst.


No. 406170

File: 1508466203464.png (736.68 KB, 497x642, jRAelnJ.png)

No. 406191

>Not white knighting Jill at all but can someone explain what the problem is here?

>We all know Jill isn't skilled enough to get into a decent fashion program as is, and this course seems to be an entry-level portfolio building course that could allow her to develop her skills and get into a fashion program further down the line.

My thoughts exactly anon. People complained Jill wasn't doing anything with her life. Now that she at least got into a college, albeit shitty, people complain too. The girl can't win.

No. 406216

File: 1508475818005.png (44.33 KB, 540x540, 6565.png)

she's half assing getting her shit together. the whole point of this thread is to watch a woman baby destroy her life and make a spectacle of it. if you wanna see her succeed and whatever then go join the confetti club. this is literally a place to trash talk her not validate her.
she does one ok thing thats an entirely misguided attempt to grow up. she acts like she knows what shes doing like she an expert or something even though she's just as clueless as everybody else.
it's like jill goes out of her way to be insufferable and inherently irredeemable. she takes on step forward and takes a thousand steps back.
shes gonna toss this aside anyway when she sees shes not gonna get any immediate gratification from it. for crying out loud she struggled so much to make a room tour video and acted like it was some herculean task. commiting to a neighborhood center-esque craft class is probably gonna be too much for her.
her dumbass needs therapy because popping pills alone isnt gonna resolve her kind of crazy.

No. 406222


I literally said at the start of my post that I wasn't white knighting Jill, I genuinely wanted to know what the other anons were seeing that I wasn't.

Now that it's been explained it's a super shitty college to apply to compared to the other ones she was considering, I think she made a stupid decision too.

Just because I like to laugh at the dumb shit she does doesn't mean I hate her, and I definitely don't see how that makes me one of her colourblind clown kei fans.

No. 406260

File: 1508488624020.jpg (131.42 KB, 605x898, ss (2017-10-20 at 01.36.35).jp…)

No. 406268


How does talking about money so much even fit her aesthetic? It's tacky, not cute.

No. 406276

I don't know shit about sewing but this looks worse than my first attempt with a cheap ass sewing machine stoned out of my mind in high school homec class years ago. Am …. I blind…. or is this honestly really shitty ? I would not show that to fucking anyone if I bragged about my technique the way Jill does wtf

No. 406285

File: 1508494910015.png (377.28 KB, 654x633, annika victoria.png)

I've been an Annika Victoria fan for years. When Pixelocks posted this lookbook I thought it was just a coincidence that the dance moves were the same.
Watch from 0:47, Annika does the same: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQxO6mPr6lk
But in her last vlog she explains that she loves Annika Victoria, and when she reuploaded the video she deleted the part when she said "I don't know if Annika would be able to visit me because she has a dissability". Then Pixielocks explained thatshe was making a t-shirt from an Annikas tutorial, and that she had this "original inspo", that was quite similar to an Annikas design copying a Candy Stripper dress. So her "original design" is the copy of the copy of a copy.

No. 406286

>she said "I don't know if Annika would be able to visit me because she has a dissability"

first of all, what the fuck. secondly, are they even friends???

No. 406287

Pixie googled sewing tutorial and found Annika, and she became a fan. Then they started texting each other and Annika followed her back in Social Media.

No. 406288

anika has posted a " get ready with me " where she showed and explain her dissability, I don't remember what it was but she can't walk as much as a normal person so she have to use an motorized weelchair and take a lot of medicin, but I don't know if it's still up

No. 406290

Jillian surrounds herself with mediocre people that makes her feel like a genius, that's why she's applying for that school, it's comparable with her cosplay group that makes her "shine". She does like to take challenges in her life. That school is not real fashion design, they don't build patterns, if you see their web there's NOTHING experimental, they're all princess dresses.
This is what real fashion design students are suposed to do: http://www.arts.ac.uk/csm/courses/undergraduate/ba-fashion/

No. 406295

i know annika has a disability, but if she travelled to japan she could travel to canada. it's just rude to say shit like that imo

No. 406300

Looks like it's just a serged square, anon. Seems she managed to thread the machine, at least.

No. 406310

That's the best design school in the world..how can you even compare? Even she knows what she's capable of

No. 406312

Echoing >>406310…not comparable. CSM's acceptance rate is like 1%, and even then they normally only pick from the people who've completed a full art diploma, foundation, short courses, their fashion folio course and also already have a foot in the door to the industry. I know we rag on Jill but we can't expect her to be CSM standard when she's barely started art education.

No. 406330

Her streams are on Fridays right? Going to try my best to watch it this time, its been awhile.

I was watching them religiously the first few times but it got boring since she ended up repeating herself 1:1 basically every week. Hoping thats changed

No. 406337

I'm one of the anons who writes up stream summaries, and they're honestly pretty fucking unbearable for the most part
At least 50% of them is "teheh look at my cats!! such a big boy uvu", "hehe thanks for the bars~" or some "dupdidu precure!! peeps!!" shit
I always have them on in the background while doing housework and then just take notes when something mildly interesting comes up
I assume in this one she's just gonna go on about school/sewing shit now

No. 406339

>have them on in the background while doing housework

You are the god we deserve

No. 406341

I'm glad if I can save other anons the hassle of sitting through them
The only "interesting" stream so far was the one right after Colin broke up with her imo, otherwise these are really just Jill sitting around for around 2 hours, talking to her cats in a high pitched voice and getting money thrown at her by her underage fans

No. 406352

What? Didn't she already do something like this?

No. 406363

Apparently "her fans" wanted a more in depth one.

No. 406366

my thought was why does this bitch expect everyone to come to her lmao

No. 406374

I still dont understand why she streams at the scheduled time she does… 1 PM ADT ?? Most of her fans are in school during that time. She said it herself that most of her audience is in California… thats like 9 AM for them

No. 406387

Watch Jill get into her arts and crafts home ec on steroids school thinking she's going to be the next Betsey Johnson. She's tacky and unoriginal, has no talent. She's probably thinking her e-fame will get her far.sage

No. 406390

File: 1508515724120.png (150.62 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171020-090651.png)

No. 406393

what's up with the crayola shit? she bought a crayola toothbrush the other day too (maybe that's why her teeth are less yellow now at least)

No. 406396

Dont forget she also bought that crayola costume for halloween she talked about in one of her vids

No. 406401

File: 1508516505784.jpg (117.44 KB, 1400x758,