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File: 1534942905206.gif (Spoiler Image,1.81 MB, 269x529, 1534873920404.gif)

No. 670334

Previous thread: >>>/snow/659029

>finally bought a bed after sleeping on a piss stained rug for months

>edgelord bf has returned from his visit to see her and there's potential trouble in sti paradise
>"daddy punches so hard", leaves no real marks on her, confirms tumblr dom status
>still no alien porn
>more clips/videos from hardtied and lovinglyhandmadepornography have come out, just as crusty and cringy as everyone expected she'd be
>trying to charge $100 for advice on sexwork
>still allowing minors to follow and comment on her social media
>continues to beg for money while spending it on things she doesn't need
>finally growing her pubes out to hide her infected vag
>professional shoots in la to make he feel like a "real pornstar," keeps underwear on the whole time because everyone lives in fear of her vag
>her arby's rost beef vag looks horrible in hi-def
>her and fupa are moving into a house together
>fupa confirmed for father of three, does shay even know?
>still has no idea what lube is
>made the most disgusting pedo pandering video on the planet, complete with impregnation fetish and diapers
>apparently 86 dollars is the most she's ever made on cam in one night. pathetic.
>didn't go to LA like she said she would, instead made a video with lovinglyhandmade where she got a heated metal rod shoved in her asshole
>finally chopped off her claws into the world's ugliest french tips
>thinks that her and kyle nathan perkins have found "the one" house in tulsa, oklahoma and plan to move in next month
>openly admitted to lucking kyle nathan perkin's month old dried cum off of a t-shirt

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk



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No. 670407

Kind of impressive she started taking our advice. Growing out her pubes, shooping her vag, shortening her nails, buying a bed.
She may hate lolcow, but who else pushes her to better herself like we do? Ha

No. 670410

but if you asked her all the credit would go to her "daddy" lol

No. 670411

she's fucking thriving

No. 670427

File: 1534958373395.png (Spoiler Image,928.12 KB, 525x1078, 2018-08-22 13_17_26-Jst Sex Wo…)

i don't even know where to begin with this

No. 670429

kek in the words of fupa, 'Watch'

i love how he tacks that word onto every anon ask about 'what he loves about shayna'. every single one reads like a quarterly review. 'now she's got some structure she's really thriving. i couldnt be more proud. with a bit more guidance, she's gonna do big things (like getting a world record for the most diseased vagina). Watch'

No. 670436

i swear she just poses for this shit and posts it when she has nothing interesting to say. i can also smell the stank of her dischargey pubes from this pic.

No. 670437

her pubes look awful right now.
like yeah you can't see the boils and scars and shit but why shave it on the sides and not trim the weird bushy, sparse afro spots?

No. 670470

oh my god.. i cannot look at this woman anymore, i can't take her afro pubes and her typing style and her punchable nasty face etc etc etc the list can go on forever

No. 670475

this girl can't even grow pubic hair correctly wtf

No. 670478


lmfao did anyone else notice that this bitch is still on the floor?
maybe ~Dada~ doesnt let her on the furniture, like a dog.

No. 670536

File: 1534969120230.png (13.31 KB, 536x160, Screenshot (170).png)

Yeah not everyone wants porn on their blogs Kyle. Does he class himself as a sex worker now lol?

No. 670541

"i can't take her afro pubes" lol rebecca you sound mad ignorant, there is nothing wrong with having coarse pubic hair

No. 670547

you are so cringy please shut the fuck up, her pubes look nasty. others have also agreed that she can't even grow pubes right. deal with it instead of this embarrassing "rebecca" thing you're trying to do lol wtf

No. 670548

Plus you can only like with your main account, meaning they could just have a side blog they’re reblogging to. Idiots are probably blocking more customers than they realize

No. 670551

she can't control the way her pubes grow in dude you sound dumb and most women of color/women with ethnic backgrounds have coarse pubic hair it's not gross it's normal her natural hair is fucking curly of course her pubes aren't sparse so please stop nitpicking beckie

No. 670557

LOL does this whole generic tumblrina bitching thing and screeching out common white girl names make you feel high and mighty? this bitch tries to do the whole ~skinny little bleached blonde suburban barbie~ shtick yet she shows off her balding afro like pubes and yeah they grow in weird. has nothing to do with women of color. nice agenda push and nitpicking on your part. anyway your whiny nitpicking is getting slightly derailing so i have nothing else to say about this kek

No. 670568

Wait a minute, didn't Shay say in the last thread she can finger herself now without the claws? Those nails are still way too long to finger fuck herself, she's gonna scratch up her vagina with those

No. 670578

they grow in "weird" because they don't grow in like yours? you really have never seen a non-white vagina, have you lol? i don't even have a tumblr dude my point is there is so many tragic things going on with the way she looks and you wanna focus on her pubes. thats petty idc how you feel it's def an improvement from all the bumps from ingrown hairs so carry on with that ignorant shit elsewhere. no need to derail the thread any further so that's the last i'll say on that

No. 670582

yes i have seen many, her pubes look gross on HER like i made clear, i know exactly how dark haired and non white chicks look with pubes lol. "ignorant shit" you're really upset that this girls pubes look nasty, aren't you? but whatever, keep saying that me being grossed out by some hoes pubes is this deep "ignorant" huge deal. if she's going to shove her pubes in every photo right up close, it's likely that someone will say something about them.

No. 670590

Okay but….Shay is white as fuck. She just happens to have dark thick hair. It’s probably patchy from all the waxing, that’s what happens.

Now stfu.

No. 670597

yes. she's white….yet for some reason, you're calling her pubic hair "AFRO pubes" because they grown in thick…and somehow that's not at all rooted in your white ignorance…clearly this is futile so i digress

No. 670603

lol nice try, that was a different anon. you are fucking pathetic please just stop, i explained above but you're still replying and spewing off

No. 670606

File: 1534973204946.jpeg (33.4 KB, 720x405, 49C0799A-60E5-4A15-A35B-B42AEF…)

her new video, wtf even is this mess


No. 670623

File: 1534974517211.jpg (Spoiler Image,312.21 KB, 1024x1951, 79345745_atkgalleria-18-08-20-…)

Soooo I found Shaytard's (basically) casting couch video from her ATKingdom shoots she did in LA. It's 17 mins so I didn't watch the whole thing. I'll post dropbox link in a min tho because I couldn't get the download links on the ATK site to work.

You can see the preview here: https://www.amkingdom.com/tour/movie/361751/

No. 670626

all i could notice are her dry, cracked fucking lips. some chapstick would do wonders.

No. 670629


it never fails to shock me, just how horrible her skin is.
those bumps are awful, i dont understand how okay producers are with having them in their content.

No. 670630

Oh man; they did her so dirty. She looks awful and diseased and just yikes.

No. 670634

File: 1534975079051.png (Spoiler Image,1.5 MB, 1435x805, 2018-08-22 17_56_10-[ATKGaller…)

omg they did a close up of her dirty foot and there's literally hair and shit stuck to it

No. 670642

>claims she love sex work so much
>never gets wet
at least fake it and use lube

No. 670643

So now her ass is even worse infected than her vagina? She looks beyond grimy in these, which is a shame because she would have a real nice looking vag without all those pimples.

No. 670651

File: 1534975887653.png (Spoiler Image,19.29 KB, 227x258, IMG_3550.PNG)

Fupa snatched himself a real prize kek

No. 670652

I feel bad for whomever had to sit on that chair next. Hope they sanitized it thoroughly afterwards

No. 670653

Those nails are still terrible and her pussy still looks like it's crying for help.

No. 670656

Her body language reads as uncomfortable, doesn’t know what to say, insecure, and really really uncomfortable again.

I’m cringing for her, she seems so scared and awkward. She was not at all prepared for this and it’s not charming in the least.

No. 670659

Your full name is available on that Dropbox link anon.

No. 670660

Ahh any suggestions where to upload

No. 670662

I’m not sure, Dropbox is fine but I’d make a throwaway or change your name if you can do that….

No. 670663


You can change your name on Dropbox to a fake name.

No. 670664

Remember to sage without new info guys

No. 670669

Damn I pulled a Kyle Perkins

No. 670671

she has to entertain an audience, on her own, without prompts, for a solid 5 minutes. it’s so freaking awkward and uncomfortable to watch.

I’ll bet anything they told her what they wanted, she was like “okay” and they just used the first, really uncomfortable take. Watching this is not turning me on, it’s genuinely making me cringe and not because of how she looks but because of how awkward and uncomfortable the whole thing is. She attempts to act like she’s turned on by the “old man behind the camera” but comes off as flippant and insecure. All she can do is spread her legs, put them behind her head, rub her cooch and call it aesthetics.

Get a new job Shayna. You are not a good actress.

To add, it’s really fucking gross that they would leave in her telling a sexual story about when she was in 10th grade. That’s straight pedophile pandering right there.

No. 670674

Her feet are so gross

No. 670675

Everything Shay does is pedo pandering, that's her whole thing. Including when she actually created pedo porn while underage. She's literally just that shitty

No. 670676


God this is even more awful because she just wont shut up.

No. 670678

She sounds so uncomfortable and her pussy is so dry how is this sex appeal

No. 670685

Jesus her ass zits are so red and irritated it's so obvious she picks at them constantly and probably right before a shoot too and then touching herself with those nails… The gross factor just doesn't stop.

No. 670688

No. 670689

File: 1534977521033.jpeg (Spoiler Image,543.74 KB, 1242x697, FDED5D11-06D1-4DBF-B4CB-8A271C…)

The last 1:30 is pure nightmare fuel

No. 670690

There is something seriously not right happening with her vagina…

No. 670694

File: 1534977781497.jpeg (Spoiler Image,142.21 KB, 1242x680, 00DAC1A6-8B3E-4978-8123-3FCF5B…)

“I get so wet from using toys on my clit!”
>zooms in on dry pussy

sure, Jan

No. 670696


god, this just makes me feel bad for her. i didn't watch the entire thing but she seemed so uncomfortable,i really wish she would stop pretending she's happy with this "job" and go back home and start attempting to repair her life already.

on a more positive note, she doesn't look that bad in this video apart from the nails and the usual ass/vag breakout

No. 670698

I know another farmhand already saw it(ban evasion.)

No. 670699

I totally get that hair growing back in is natural but the tiny black dots intermixed with the boils and wrinkled and dry pussy is just so disgusting

No. 670700

You know when you hit a really old beat up punching/boxing bag and there’s that little tear in the really old beat up leather where the filling starts to pop out? Yah that’s what her vagina looks like, even with that old beat up punching bag look.

No. 670701

Why is it so dark red? Shouldn’t it be a light shade of pink based on her skin tone?

No. 670702

Can someone honestly tell me why she just has disgusting infectious acne on her vag and ass? I get that she never showers and has a gross crotch etc but why does she only get a mix of warts and acne just here?

No. 670703

Pry a low grade yeast infection or something going on as well

No. 670704

She spends all her time sitting naked on a mud stained, piss soaked, sweat drenched, matted up rug and is constantly touching and irritating the area.

No. 670723

Why is it so wrinkly? I genuinely don't understand. Is it from all the shit she shoves in there while shes dry?

No. 670738

Wait where did you find this? I can’t tell if I’m retarded because I can’t find a link to the full thing

No. 670746

No. 670748


LMAO love the name on this one

No. 670758

Lips and nipple colour can be a good indicator but those are so beaten up too its hard to say

repost w sage

No. 670759

File: 1534982901883.jpg (7.38 KB, 237x272, 37258870_889829827854335_30397…)

>It's not just about sex to me. It's also like art.

This intro is so cringy, with her fake giggling and her nervous ticks like squeezing her thigh fat, but it's also kind of interesting to listen to all of this bullshit that she actually believes. She has this weird air about her during the interview like she's a famous pornstar and people actually give a shit about her.

I'm so horrified by these close up shots though. Her vagina is starting to look like a prolapsed anus.

No. 670771

It’s funny when you realize she’s trying really hard to sound interesting but she just winds up sounding like every other basic bitch who got into porn on a whim because tumblr or because clout chasing or because they didn’t want a retail job, kek.

There’s nothing special about her and that’s why the video winds up being so boring. Plus the dudes heavy breathing in the background is so weird. Did anyone else notice the smoke in the beginning of the video? So unprofessional. The lighting is also shit. I can’t beliebe she shot with these people and acted like it was her big break, kek.

No. 670772

She’s also sweating like a greasy pig the entire time and is literally only wearing eyeliner and fake lashes. You’d think for her first video shoot she would take the time to look st maybe one makeup tutorial to see how to make your eyes look nice and your skin look matte for camera work. How dumb is this chick?

No. 670773

:54 is where you can very clearly see the smoke go in front of her face.

No. 670776

File: 1534983717929.png (Spoiler Image,990.81 KB, 1213x670, Screenshot (185).png)

''you like those pretty holes?''

No. 670779

she is really fidgety and uncomfortable in this. she's also trying hard to give off ~bimbo vibez~. i stopped watching when she said "i seen". gurl…. white trash confirmed

No. 670787

She was trying so hard to sound sexy and she just sounded tired and try-hard.

No. 670794

i noticed in the video that she said she was thinking about the men behind the camera while she masturbated. maybe her and fupa fought about this and that's why she hasnt said anything about any of her last trip to LA? idk

No. 670795

File: 1534984715457.png (42.36 KB, 633x363, IMG_2151.PNG)

She looks so dirty!

No. 670797

She was trying to say that to push her “I’m so smol and love dirty old men” aesthetic or whatever. There was nothing about her body language or tone that made it seem like she was actually into it on a kinky/sexual level. Just bad acting.

No. 670799

>”hey daddy if I show you my pussy will you give me that meth I’ve been asking for?”

No. 670802

Oh yes the greasy pig meth head auntie look is where it’s at

No. 670803

File: 1534984888951.png (738.45 KB, 1765x267, Screenshot (176).png)

she pulls some interesting faces

No. 670806

the only one that’s kind of sexy is the one where she is smiling. but damn she is not good at modeling when she doesn’t have a front facing camera, kek.

No. 670808

she looks like the fuckin dreamworks face in the last one i'm gone

No. 670816

File: 1534985710791.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.47 KB, 1333x493, NSFL.JPG)

Her butthole looks so disgusting and dirty.
It wouldn't have killed you to do a good cleaning of the nether regions before an HD shoot Shay.. This isn't the potato quality you have at home, we can actually SEE things too clearly now.
Serious warning, this image is disgusting.

No. 670829

uh that looks like a normal butthole fam

No. 670830

File: 1534986747912.jpg (98.08 KB, 538x288, cinematic parallels.jpg)

shrek still looks better

No. 670839

I don’t know about all that. Something about it is off

No. 670844

besides the boils obviously it looks normal to me? buttholes aren't naturally bleached sometimes the skin is just darker

No. 670851

do you really expect assholes to constantly look clean and bleached? People shit out of there. I think you might be different since you shit out of your mouth, clearly. There’s no need to nitpick stuff that isn’t there, when shayna has so much more obvious milk.

No. 670853

Something about rubbing her clit with those nails made me cringe

No. 670858

holy shit she needs to put on some foundation or at least buy some blotting paper. she just looks disgusting.

what kills me is her pseudo-domme dialogue. "you thought i couldn't get much prettier. turns out you were wrong." shit like that. it's so off brand for a sub.

she's so horrifically gross.

No. 670862

^sorry guys i put sage in the wrong field. it's late my time.

No. 670866

someone please add preggory to this so we can have the holy trinity of dreamworks

No. 670882

File: 1534992160851.jpeg (592.74 KB, 945x697, 92707B32-5E74-4B49-9283-327CF8…)

No. 670884

Lmao Halloween came early this year

No. 670887

It really is! She doesn’t even know how to SOUND like a sub yet brands herself as “ultimate submissive bimbo baby”. But when it comes down to it she doesn’t have the attitude or acting skills to do it.
Porn is about acting, mainly. And she is just terrible at it.

No. 670888

This is seriously frightening. Put some of that generic horror music behind it and this is some cursed shit.

No. 670893


Man this is so entitled. No one is obligated to reblog your shit. Be grateful they gave it +1 to the notes you twat

No. 670896

it’s also really hypocritical because he knowingly reblogs stolen videos. Some of them are even stolen Insex videos! Like he knows his girlfriend works for Insex but acts like reblogging stolen vids from them is supporting sex workers. They are both just lost causes, him more than her.

No. 670897


she does herself dirty by looking like that on a daily basis lol

No. 670921

True, but a good photographer would be like “are you sure you don’t want to put on more makeup or a nicer outfit?”

This one is probably just so bored with his job he doesn’t even care what white trash dumpster possum walks in.

No. 670926

File: 1534996549773.jpeg (Spoiler Image,116.64 KB, 748x731, 70655CE6-685F-4CC7-82B4-0CC3B4…)

But you can see her nasty ass discharge on her shorts. Help.

No. 670930

Can you imagine showing up for your first job in LA and not bother washing your hair/showering???? Styling your hair at least??? You had one job!!!!

No. 670933

File: 1534997114375.png (Spoiler Image,217.99 KB, 446x335, Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.5…)

She's slapping her vag for a couple of dollars and she looks particularly cracked out tonight

No. 670940

sorry if this has been discussed before, but how does shay afford her seattle apartment? she really can't be making that much from her porn and her relationship with her parents seems estranged.

No. 670945

Someone in the previous thread suggested her parents might help out.

No. 670947

File: 1534998100764.png (Spoiler Image,222.75 KB, 467x358, stinky.png)


No. 670949

she went from 60 people to like 20 once she started paddling her boily puss and making all those fucking retarded faces

No. 670980

i just wanna know why her skin is so red and irritated. it's no surprise that her privates are fucked up, but it really looks like something is wrong!

No. 670981


Ugh gross her knickers are fucking YELLOW. Like girl, this is a photoshoot. You wear the discolored old panties at home on lazy days.

Buy some cute lingerie?! She has no idea how to market herself as desirable or even keep her ~aesthetic~ it looks like she showed up in what she wore to bed.

No. 670987

File: 1535002818114.png (Spoiler Image,257.38 KB, 467x343, Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 10.3…)

someone buy this poor girl some concealer

No. 671003

File: 1535005319555.png (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 1313x736, 1535005103442.png)

A crudely done SFW version.
It's all I could think of when I saw it.

No. 671010

File: 1535006367010.png (Spoiler Image,2.51 MB, 1334x750, 0EE8D34B-9184-4C37-A726-BE43C4…)

Definitely nitpicking but her nose is huge. Wonder if getting it done would be apart of her “bimbo transformation”

No. 671015

Meh Himezawa’s huge hers is just unfortunately bulbous and the least of her worries tbh

No. 671026

Is anyone else seeing a couple toilet paper flakes around where her assne is or am I seeing things? Also it looks like she has some smegma around her inner lips in a few of them. Girl, you’re doing porn! Keep that shit clean.

No. 671091

wow she's so incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. i love the part where she blatantly lies that being on cam gives her confidence. and also part where she blatantly lies that camming came naturally to her when we all know that's not true. i also wish i wasn't eating my lunch while watching this video. the close ups of her vagina put me right off my food. possibly forever.

No. 671094

No, I saw it too. God, she's a fucking trainwreck. I honestly can't believe she won't even put in a little effort to look presentable for something like this.

No. 671099

Holy shit, this is actually the first time I've watched a vid of hers. Her voice is so awkward and not fitting for her "aesthetic"

No. 671108

File: 1535027539045.jpg (608.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180823-083034.jpg)

As if Shay could actually be turned on seeing herself on camera. Girl, you're barely turning anyone else on and your pussy is as dry as the desert. Give me a fuckin break.

No. 671114

Yep, typical stoner sounding lol. She seems to put on a fake baby voice in most of her self-produced videos.

No. 671178

File: 1535031459237.jpeg (16.08 KB, 265x190, EAE05643-0B15-482A-90AF-FBE5D7…)

This will literally be her in a few years, shayna get some moisturizer please

No. 671183

lmao im cracking up at the absolute absurdity of this one

No. 671195

Honestly not even stoner sounding, she sounds like she's sedated on xanax or something. Even when she had her "stoner" days, she had a kinda sweet quality to your voice but it's just getting slower and deeper.

No. 671199

Nothing about this is erotic, jfc. With how inflamed her vagina looks, it looks like she's bleeding.

No. 671204

looks like someone was halfway through butchering a chicken and stopped

No. 671205

that's true. i've been tinfoiling she's on something else but tbh i don't know how she would even afford it at this point.
does she eat???

No. 671207

I think she might be bulimic, her face is always bloated and her teeth are almost browning, probably would have been easy to trigger her gag reflex with those nails and we all know she could barely put anything in her mouth without gagging anyways.

No. 671209

jesus this bitch needs help.
and not whatever type of "help" fupa is trying to offer up.

No. 671215

It's just…so dry. Like even with a vibrator, there's no way that can feel good with her vagina being THAT dry.

No. 671219

Part of me wonders if she ever actually gets turned on by ANYTHING? Like no matter what she's doing she's dry as burnt toast, she should get at least some kind of pleasure but she just seems miserable and fake.

No. 671240

She probably just doesn’t get wet that easily
and thinks using lube make you less edgy or something. She’s just doing it for the act.

No. 671243

She seems to lack even just normal natural moisture in the area.

No. 671245

i agree. it's honestly painful for me to watch because it just looks RAW.

No. 671273

could that be something that happens when you're dehydrated?

No. 671276

Very very true, didn't even think about that, dehydrated, drinking alcohol constantly, and smoking weed, chick needs some damn moisture in her body.

No. 671278

File: 1535037529420.jpeg (457.2 KB, 690x731, 4413051B-E4A2-4563-9E4A-66A8F3…)

All I can think of is Gordon Ramsay screaming ‘it’s raw’ at shays vile infected puss

No. 671282

that was unexpectedly hilarious

No. 671300


I don't know if you made that anon, but this gave me a good laugh

No. 671323

Her producers really do her fucking dirty by using her boils as part of their previews. Also the director should have told her to sit up, that slouching is doing her no favours. God she needs a massive filter on all her videos to cover those boils up, at least they should have used some foundation on her ass. I don't know why she didn't even take care of her body right before her casting shoot. What kind of big moves does she expect to make when she doesn't even give a shit about the interview?

No. 671327

there are not enough lysol wipes in the world for that couch after she sat her unwashed ass pimples and abscesses on it :(

No. 671332

File: 1535041662522.png (60.54 KB, 433x74, Screenshot (197).png)

thirstpartyofone asking if fupa will go on cam, maybe thats why shes been tipping shay, she wants fupas dick lol

No. 671333

I did anon, glad you enjoyed!

No. 671335

shes saying her and fupa will do custom videos and she wants to try chaturbate with him.

No. 671336

she is going to lose what audience she has with that move.

No. 671337

omg glad i'm not the only one that heard that.
what a terrible idea for her lmao.

No. 671338

i know it's been mentioned a million times but she listens to the most obnoxious music when she cams lol

No. 671356

she said she's going to do a new custom for someone where they asked her to watch a scene out of a movie and recreate it. can't wait.

No. 671359

No. 671378

Maybe some of her "Daddies" are into cuckoldry too.

What a terrible idea. Except for her diseased looking vag I actually don't think she's ugly and fucking her gross BF on camera is going to ruin the whole illlusion that she's going for.

No. 671390

i wonder if fupa knows it's going to be less than kosher to fuck with a shirt on when camming

No. 671464

Yep. She has a busted ass face

No. 671467

go figure a girl has the hots for shayna and she's not even cute

No. 671469

seems to be shays track record. Not that shay would be with a girl prettier than her anyway.

No. 671475

It's been how goddamn long and she still has that horrible "tan line" (aka sunburn) bitch needs to learn to use some sunscreen.

Consider we can't even get her to get some cream for her vag though it's a long shot.

No. 671481

I saw MV is doing another Loft event. Wonder if Shay's gonna try to apply again, kek.


No. 671482

we still haven't seen any of the content from last time!!!

No. 671499

Because no one wanted to make anything with her but she wouldn’t admit it.

No. 671510

soooo isn't shay's moving date approaching according to >>661267?
fupa's been unusually quiet.

No. 671539

Lol when even your mom knows what a piece of shit you are

No. 671541

LMAO I love this. i just love how every sensible human on earth fucking hates ugly ass dolly and her old deadbeat loser of a """daddy""". it restores my faith in humanity.

No. 671543

omg lmao roasted by your own mother. so embarrassing.

No. 671544

Fupa’s mom can’t even defend him omfg
I’ve seen some mothers go aggro to protect their sons so he must be a unique shitbag.

No. 671545

imagine being such a shitty, pathetic deadbeat that even your own mother drags you for the filth. legendary.

No. 671551

And I mean she could have left him out of it and just wished her a happy birthday, but she went out of her way to apologize for his shittiness.

No. 671562

File: 1535058507492.png (129.08 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2199.PNG)

No. 671567

lol i have a feeling that was farmers based on the dates

No. 671635

When he said “all the guys you work with wear gloves right? Wouldn’t wanna touch you with rough hands, just look at you” I heard “their hands” and was imagining guys with surgical gloves on…like yeah dude, you said it.

No. 671651


“all the guys you work with wear gloves right? because that look fucking infectious."

No. 671665

Reminder that photos of family members aren't allowed unless they are directly involved with the cow's drama. This includes Facebook profile photos. The cap can be reposted with Kyle's mother's face edited out.

No. 671667

"Wouldn't want to spread it to girls who actually have a career in the future when they leave our shit company"
Seriously though, this casting call is so freaking unprofessional. The camera guy had no idea where to point the camera or when to zoom. Even watching the video on mute is a mess, and that's before you see the horror behind the panties

No. 671717

File: 1535068951883.png (58.41 KB, 495x278, 153506874051467554.png)

not the op, but this was easy enough to find if no one else saw it before it was taken down. (sorry for the shit editing, im not quite used to my laptops touch pad and also im lazy)

No. 671723

Thanks anon!
Man is this depressing, Kyle Perkins is such a shit guy that even his mom will acknowledge it and is trying to be there for his ex wife and wants to see her grandkids (I'm guessing Kyle has no custody seeing as she can't see them without the mom). This is the "daddy" shay wanted. At least she got one thing, I'm sure Kyle Perkins would have given away his kids' college fund for some random hoe. Too bad the guy's a deadbeat and broke and never would have saved up anyways

No. 671724

Hmmm from her response he sounds like an abusive prick. Color me surprised.

No. 671737

I'm glad Kyle Perkins's ex and baby mama found happiness after the horrible way she has been treated by him

No. 671788

File: 1535073055179.png (86.72 KB, 347x433, worldsbestdaddy.png)

I've wanted to post this for a while and wasn't sure if it was allowed.

No. 671830

Can someone transcript what the deleted roast was?

No. 671832

No. 671841

Lol he needs a woman to clean up after him, how fucking sad and pathetic. What a fat ass loser.

No. 671852

How the fuck is that gonna work out with him "taking care" of Shay? This might be even worse than we were suggesting before kek

No. 671853

They truly will be living in a dumpster, I can't even imagine how disgusting it'll be with both of them refusing to clean up.

No. 671858

I feel like there were a few anons out there still willing to give Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK the benefit of the doubt after figuring out his job, but idk after these family posts.

No. 671859

Where have you been seeing anyone give him a chance of any kind?? Everyone pretty unanimously agrees he's an even bigger pile of shit than Shay.

No. 671902

File: 1535083950570.png (238.94 KB, 468x351, Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 12.1…)

Showing off her cheese woodenboard again (????)

No. 671907


holy shit this is gonna end so badly for shay lol anyone wanna place bets on if shay has been lying to fupa about her funds? and that he might think shes was richer than she is/making more off her porn than she is?

No. 671910

File: 1535084910838.jpeg (569.19 KB, 1242x522, B36C88AE-B4A8-4E3E-9844-9F0DEC…)

gets new lashes, still can’t put on under eye concealer or any other eye makeup. How fucking sad.

No. 671913

File: 1535085165206.jpeg (80.22 KB, 392x677, D7EEEE66-644F-4EC0-BF1D-AEC659…)

Didn’t he do this exact pose with Shay? How depressing. His poor ex and kids. I’m glad they’re doing better without them.

No. 671914

Yikes. When your own mother talks about how awful you were and sides with your ex? Sounds like Kyle was trash and possibly abusive?

So he mistreated his wife/kids, then bailed on them for some girl, living in her apartment? Maybe that's the bathroom we've seen him post selfies from previously?

This guy is such a burnout. If they do "buy a home together" how long before he stops making payments on it or he bails on her for a new chick?

No. 671920

File: 1535087096997.jpeg (447.98 KB, 640x889, 4B46D55A-2A71-4BA9-893A-209FAC…)

No. 671937

When is this post from? Sounds like Shay isn’t even one of the first younger girls he’s had interest in.

No. 671944

Around the same time the meme was posted, in 2015

At one point she posted about how she didn’t like his girlfriend at the time around her kids.

No. 671948

is he wearing a zack ryder t-shirt? lmao

No. 671956

Imagine your own mother telling your ex you're an asshole and that she misses her.

Shay is in for such a nasty surprised when her "Daddy Dom" turns out to be a pathetic manchild that she has to clean up after.

No. 671993

He looks like an old man with low testosterone. He has such a barrel-shaped trunk with spindly little arms and legs. Appearance isn't everything in life, but even so it is hard to see what Shay sees in him. He's physically unappealing, there is photographic and video proof of how bad he is in bed, he's got three kids who never see him, his own mother thinks he's an asshole, and he's not making that much money. If he was at least loaded and had the capacity to be a good fuck I could see overlooking his Humpty Dumpty body but he literally has nothing to offset his appearance.

Same could be said for Shay. She's not as bad physically as long as you aren't looking at her ass or the perma-rash she's got going on, but it's very hard to understand what any man would find appealing about her. I guess she's a sadist's dream girl but punching her in the face will get old after a while and Kyle Perkins of Tulsa, OK will be left with a dumb, unbathed porn star wanna be with fried hair, disgusting nails, zero money and even less discipline. His sx-wife's account shows how much he likes being taken care of and now he's potentially moving in with a woman he has to tell to drink water, shower and when to go to bed.

No. 672017

I bet this douche is pretty happy at the moment to fulfill his fantasy of having a cam girlfriend, feeling younger by hanging out with someone a decade younger and ignoring his kids.

But I'm 90% sure this will pass him real fast once they start living together. Now instead of having a devoted wife (because she does sound like a stable, nice person enough for his mom to liker her better than him) taking care of him he'll have to deal with a smelly nasty grown child who's gonna throw temper tantrum when he won't want to spend every waking hour managing her abandonment issues.

Once he's out of his midlife crisis and realize what a dumpster fire of a life he's in, he's gonna miss his ex real bad. Now sure she wasn't a 20 something brainless girl with perky tits but at least she had a job and was mentally sound. Good luck with that Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK !

No. 672035

that's what i thought, but hes seen her apartment so now i dunno.

No. 672049

I am disgusted by his ex’s posts because they really expose him for the POS he is. Honestly Shayna could turn things around. But Kyle Nathan Perkins? Absolutely not. It sounds like he was an absolute monster to his ex and men who treat women that way don’t just change overnight.

No. 672106

i'm more triggered by her, yet again, refusing to wear chapstick. her lips just look like scabs at this point.

No. 672120

I dunno you guys. Tbh I feel like these two are in it for the long haul, or at least the general near future. 5 more threads for sure.
It’s just that, they’re a gross match made in hell. As long as Shayna has her popularity, no matter how infamous, and as long as Kyle is…. a man, honestly ( because I do think for Shayna it could be a cardboard cutout that repeats “wash your face” and she would be like “structurrreeee! I’m thriving”) I think they’ll stay together. Add in the part where they want to prove the entire internet wrong and also it would be downright embarrassing for them to break up, along with the fact that his full info is out on the Internet, might as well go Big or go home.

It is downright annoying and difficult to buy a house though, and Shayna is too damn stupid to know better. He’s gonna lease that bad boy at best and she’ll be none the wiser.

No. 672128

Fucking Kyle getting dragged since 2015

No. 672133

Wait wasn’t he a Foster child

No. 672137

he claimed a lot of things that were lies.

No. 672138


He lied about like his entire past. Claimed his mom was a heroin junky and in prison, that his dad died (true) and that his sister was killed in a car accident that involved pills and/or alcohol.
facebook proved most of that wrong.
he probably just wanted to be someone else, just like Shay and her ~so0o aboosive~ mom.

No. 672146

What a weird thing to make up about your past my mind literally can’t comprehend the fact that people like this exist

No. 672147


He probably killed his family off because they sided with his ex wife over what a fucking piece of shit he is.

No. 672166

Apologies for being potentially off-topic, but considering her natural hair texture I'm very curious as to what her heritage is. Does anyone know?

No. 672171

she's probably just white mutt. white people are mixes of all sorts of races. curly hair isn't just afro-centric. white europeans have curly hair too.

No. 672174

what if he just pretends he bought the place he already lives and he was facetiming shayna walking around as if he was viewing it lmao. seems like something he would do

No. 672175

Not like it's hard to go into open houses and show her random shit.

No. 672181

after doing some facebook stalking i think there were a few grains of truth but he twisted it to be more ~goth boi tragic~
like i saw posts about being 11 years sober on his moms fb, and that guy who died isnt his real dad (hence the surname perkins, real dad is alive im pretty sure) and i think through him there is a sister who died, but still fucking weird to use that for tumblr points.

No. 672182

exactly this
bitter mid-30s loser that wishes he had no family because his actual family sees him for the piece of human garbage he actually is

No. 672184

*half-sister oops

No. 672185

somehow him exaggerating the truth is actually weirder to me than him straight up lying about it????

No. 672189

lol there are tons of photos of her from when she was younger in past threads. she basically looks just as much a mess back then as she does now. brown hair suited her better but she just has thick, coarse curly hair in general.

No. 672190

It really makes me wonder what she'd look like without her hair bleached, but I don't really want to see any childhood photos of her. Somehow knowing that she was actually a little girl once and grew up into this is just too sad. (Sorry for repost, forgot to sage)

No. 672194

she has pics here going back to 2014 if you're that curious (before she dyed her hair blonde)

No. 672197

File: 1535126390715.gif (Spoiler Image,1.95 MB, 540x304, nojob.gif)

somehow it never fails to surprise me, just how awful she seems to be at oral.

No. 672199

Wew lad. We all already guessed that Kyle Nathan Perkins was a shit, but having it confirmed like this makes it worse. Shay, you better run while you still can

No. 672200


I'm gonna nitpick and ask why she didn't pull her braids out of that strap

No. 672201

Thanks anon, I appreciate it! I just assumed she started dying her hair when she was still in high school or something. That'll teach me to lurk harder.

No. 672203

she literally fails at every aspect of the responsibilities of the "job" she's picked out for herself

No. 672204

so i'm wondering if she cleans off these dildos she's put in her diseased vagina/ass before she puts them in her mouth or if it's just one big cycle of grime and disease?

No. 672205

i will say shay is one cow that actually has interesting past threads to read through (especially considering she's blown through 15 threads in only one year so far.

No. 672208

File: 1535126975338.jpeg (434.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-25-00-07-25…)


No. 672210

File: 1535127011207.jpeg (283.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-25-00-07-32…)

(2/2) wow advice(??) for free!

No. 672215

omfg this reeks of a NEET
get a real fucking job and then talk to me about the stresses of the industry LOL this bitch hasn't even been doing actual porn yet and she's acting like she's out here on the front lines like a god damn police officer. I'm done trying to understand where her constant victimizing of herself comes from. she sits around and does NOTHING and barely even puts out any content and when she does it's embarrassing.

No. 672217


she barely has any customers, let alone friends yet says shit like this lmao

No. 672218

> but what is scary is finding out just how many ppl will spend money on u 2 take their anger out on, 2 try & make ur life harder, or ruin ur business

okay… but they really aren't paying much lmao aren't you getting naked and punching yourself in the face/selling your content for pennies on the dollar??

gee, i can't imagine why a "sex worker" who sells videos for $2 a piece gets more degenerate followers/customers than someone who knows their value? what. a. mystery.

No. 672221

no anon, she's a very successful barbie bimbo pornstar who is THRIVING and has so many friends and customers and is making sooo much money right now. especially now that she is promoting herself fucking a fat, sweaty slob with his shirt on.

No. 672226

KEK is this because someone said the only reason foxpartyofone tips shayna is coz she wants fupa?

No. 672228

ooooo this is an interesting tinfoil. hard to say tho until she streams next, but i felt like she was directing that toward lolcow tbh since we've had people that subscribed to her paid snap and even someone that bought a custom pretty much just to embarrass her >>658880

No. 672264

i swear she just makes posts like this because she knows she'll easily get notes on tumblr

No. 672269

Just get a callcenter job. You can get yelled at by assholes without mangling your vagina and asshole for barely minimum wage.

No. 672298

Oh my god. Complaining about customers on your "work blog" is not good customer service Shay!

No. 672301

" It's scary that sadistic men, paying to treat me like shit are treating me like shit even though being treated like shit is my kink!!!!!!!! "

No. 672307

Didn't even think about this, but you're exactly right.

No. 672312

Shayna "Dont Trust Anyone" Clifford :
met her internet boyfriend in Mexico after only knowing him for like a month or whatever and is planning to move in with him after less than 6th months together even though he treated the mother of his children like trash and left her for a younger woman.

No. 672315

Shayna "Trying 2 Decipher Who Ur Friends R" Clifford:
Hasn't been spotted with a "friend" since her 21st birthday almost 2 months ago.

No. 672322

File: 1535135575087.jpeg (183.91 KB, 640x980, 84223710-CF85-4995-A67F-25F5A5…)

found another one, apparently he would put down his wife’s appearance. What a fucking asshole, he’s in no place to be commenting on anyone’s appearance when he is a definition soyboy.
It really does seem like he gets off on hurting women, hope you’re ready for this life Shay.

No. 672323

Imagine being in your thirties and still going on Tumblr daily… Imagine being in your thirties with children and still somehow caring more about what people on Tumblr think of you than your what your children do. Imagine being in your thirties with children and spending more time with your 10+ yr old younger girlfriend than you do your own children. Imagine being in your thirties with children and for some reason letting your young girlfriend post gifs of you fucking her rather nasty vagina whilst punching her in the face. I can't imagine what this will do to his kids in the future. If anyone in school finds out about their father and what he does on the internet, his children will be harassed endlessly. This will follow not only him around, and Shayna around, but also his kids. He is an absolutely repulsive person. He's too busy showing off his tiny prick whilst in clearance Walmart clothes than to talk to his own kids. I bet he doesn't even get them anything other than dollar store crap for Christmas. He's such a repulsive man.

No. 672325


apparently he also talked shit about her weight and cesarean scar (via previous anons that found their facebooks)

No. 672326

This x50000000, he is such a shitty human being and has no remorse for the shit he's putting his family through. All this mid 30's fupa having wreck of a human has is a disgusting, know for her boils, 21yr old girlfriend he punches in the face.

No. 672327

this is rich considering in all non-recent pics that have come up of him he just looks like an obese nerd

No. 672331

Kyle Nathan Perkins, is the epitome of abusers using their kink to attempt to hide their abuse.

I'm sure his ex wife didnt consent to being degraded and humiliated by him… and often judging by how many of these posts there are.

No. 672339

File: 1535136350809.png (312.84 KB, 408x536, Screenshot (202).png)

No. 672341

ironic because she lets ugly older men do repulsive sexual things to her, punching her tit so hard the vein looks all fucked up in it now, her vag has wrinkly tears in the bottom part and looks infected, she's having severe acne all over her ass and crotch which is a huge problem etc

like what shay? your whole life is being pathetic and degraded for worthless men online (if they even join her streams since she had to beg on instagram for someone to watch her even if they didn't pay LOL)

No. 672360

I lose like 10 brain cells every time I have to read a paragraph she writes jfc

she should stop complaining, ranting and whining on her tumblr page meant for her job. Also kek nobody wants to be your friend nor gets off from watching you shayna.

No. 672361

File: 1535138007754.jpeg (128.05 KB, 640x514, FA92E186-0DA6-45D6-9AD6-DFFA9C…)

It’s really bizarre how he went from a cheesy family man and father to an old creep on a teenagers website posting torture porn, and dating a 21 year cam girl

I wonder how it will play out. Is he just going to disappear from his family completely to live with a 21 year old and make porn? He told Shay he was an orphan, so it doesn’t seem like he’ll ever introduce her to them.

Is he just going to abandon his mother and children to live out some twisted power fantasy?

No. 672365

Please post more anon its hilarious seeing his ex wreck him

No. 672371

wtf… they were married for SEVEN YEARS? and he regresses into this fucking bizarre tumblr dom shit? my mind is blown.
his ex's roasts are hilarious by the way. i'm with >>672365

No. 672376

File: 1535138831159.png (246.18 KB, 750x1158, IMG_7302.PNG)

I was inspired to do some digging too, and wow. He really fucked with her badly.

No. 672378

File: 1535138900854.png (160.62 KB, 745x561, IMG_7301.PNG)

Also since the c-section shaming was mentioned, here's the cap of that.

No. 672379

ew he was even trying to manipulate her emotions AFTER they broke up and he had another girl living with him. class act.

No. 672380

huh. so he definitely has a pattern of seeking out women that are afraid of being alone. how does this keep getting even more fucked?

No. 672391

File: 1535140048573.png (1.01 MB, 1157x699, 2018-08-24 15_45_45-ATK Galler…)

not that anyone wants to see this but here's another video from ATK from when she was in LA
she has a huge zit on her face in this one and fucking acknowledges it
i'll look for the full length but you can see the preview here (i will warn there's penetration even in the preview lol): https://www.amkingdom.com/tour/movie/361752/

No. 672398

how does one cake that ugly overly thick eyeliner and slap on those too large tacky looking lashes, yet wear absolutely nothing on their skin, i'm not asking for a full face of foundation and bronzer and highlighter etc, but every normal chick who works in front of the camera would cover that pimple with concealer or they'd at least wear a bit of foundation. shay just makes no damn sense, and she's just so dumb.. plus her skin looks terrible too, you can tell she doesn't take care of it.

No. 672406

File: 1535140762571.jpeg (141.68 KB, 639x696, FECE2C5B-9A8F-4356-A88D-E3A9E1…)

Planning their daughters birthday, it was rainbow dash themed but Kyle just wanted to do a simple pinkie pie cake because it was easier, but his wife wanted to do everything she could to make the party perfect for their daughter.

No. 672410

wow she sounds like an amazingly well-adjusted strong person after all he's put her through. she deserves to love herself and honestly i'm so glad she does. the absolute nerve of kyle nathan perkins to put her down for her looks though! when he's like a fat, greasy version of the pillsbury doughboy. thinking back to those work pictures of him, his stomach bulging out of his dirty khakis. it's obvious that he's so insecure and that's why he put her down. i hope she's out there living a great life!! i'm rooting for her.

No. 672411

>quite possibly the one he was cheating on me with
Wow Shay you really know how to pick them.
If she’s reading this thread and not seeing all these warning signs, she’s really an idiot.

No. 672412

uh, don't you know that we're just jealous because shay is snatching up all of our dad's college funds that were meant for us?

No. 672413

She has spots forming on her feet. There is something seriously wrong with her skin. Dirt doesn’t form into perfect little round patches. Maybe she has worms, who the fuck knows.

No. 672414

sorry anon. I forgot, shay is THRIVING.

No. 672415

>he doesn't want to pay
wow shayna, your rich 'daddy' who's totally buying you a house didn't want to put down $20 for a children's cake.

No. 672421

You know that Kyle's already read all of this shit and Shay's seen it and hes blaming everything on the "crazy ex wife".
"She's crazy! I get my kids one weekend out of the month! I'm a good dad!"
Shay's so fucking naive you know that she eats up every word he says.

Honestly, they belong together.
Trash meets Trashcan, a "love" story.

No. 672423

>It’s really bizarre how he went from a cheesy family man and father to an old creep on a teenagers website posting torture porn, and dating a 21 year cam girl

Probably a quarter-life crisis. Seriously, I think a lot of these mid-30s year old divorced men realize they're awful and start to go after younger girls. The girls are too naive to know any better and instead think, "Wow, an older man! Swoon! Money!" when in reality, most of them are p poor.

No. 672424

Classic abuser tactic to blame the crazy ex. Experienced it myself, they just fuck with you to the point you start to think it is just you.

No. 672450

100% guaranteed it's exactly what happened/is gonna happen. He's totally the type to say "My ex is crazy!!!"

No. 672458

File: 1535145164197.png (Spoiler Image,2.11 MB, 1539x1060, Screenshot (205).png)

are they all using the same toys or what? a lot of the thumbnails with that red seat have differet girls using the same toy? is that normal in porn?>>672391

No. 672460

i noticed that too and it's been freaking me out

No. 672465

Honestly those posts are cringy to post publicly, but hilarious to read.

They should at least put condoms on it, ew.

No. 672477

shayna if you're reading this thread right now and seeing the proof that he's vile please just leave this fuckwad because he is going to move you across the country and let the relationship crumble. then what will you do? where will you go? stay in seattle and just find a quieter apartment complex. dont trust his lies and excuses when the proof is right in front of you.

No. 672485

I guarantee they will last 2-6 months after they move in together and Shayna will cry abuse right after they break up.

No. 672497

File: 1535147009340.jpg (104.38 KB, 750x1334, 0c0385db-6aac-4896-bc08-ff943f…)

more caps from kyle nathan perkins' ex wife. poor woman. god knows what he tells his girlfriends about his ex, let alone his children- and that's their own mother… this pathetic excuse for a man is deeply deranged. shay completely deserves him and hope she feels this shit on her own skin for idealizing him so much without even knowing him

No. 672503

i think kyle might not have lied about being adopted and his parents dying… he has a different surname than his supposed 'parents' and other relatives stated in his 'fathers' obituary. i'm pretty sure his parents died when he was young and these people adopted him. mom hasn't remarried and still has the same surname as her dead husband.

No. 672507

eh i don't believe anything without receipts. he's a scumbag and i don't really care.

No. 672513

File: 1535148436373.png (Spoiler Image,672.51 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2221.PNG)

No. 672519

Wow; using a snapchat filter for a custom video is suuuuper professional Shay.

No. 672524

>finding out just how many ppl will spend money on u 2 take their anger out on, 2 try & make ur life harder, or ruin ur business
If she really believed this, she'd have a text to speech bot.
Come on, Shayna, it's findom. I promise it won't just scream racial slurs constantly.

No. 672533

File: 1535149855429.png (40.73 KB, 285x747, IMG_3564.PNG)

I can't tell if his fashion has gotten better or worse

No. 672535



No. 672537

Yeah an farmer requested that and posted it a thread or two ago >>658880

No. 672538

This is the "I'm too fat for anything other than basketball shorts" look

No. 672540

Anyone know what the character on his neck means?

No. 672541

It’s cool that their mom was okay with his other girlfriend but I really don’t think it would be good for those kids to be exposed to Shayna’s bullshit. From the dd/lg to to her pedo pandering to her ‘i’m stealin ur dads $$$’ to her utter lack of hygiene, if Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK lets Shayna anywhere near them…idk, just don’t think it’s a good idea.

No. 672557

Honestly don't think Shay would have any desire to be around them and share "Her daddy" she seems to type to even be jealous of his real children.

No. 672560

yeah she would probably break down and yell at them about how their father spends all of their money on her instead of giving them nicer christmas gifts and a college fund lel. i can just imagine her dirty desperate trailer trash ass sitting naked after camming for 2 hours and only earning like 5$ and raging at them, further lying about how "I GET DADDY'S SAVINGS IM STEALING UR DAD ARE U JEALOUS YET, DONT U WISH U WERE LIKE ME"

No. 672565

It's such a bizarre scenario but sadly I could actually see Shay talking down to actual children in this manner

No. 672571

Realistically even if she meets them which is pretty likely if he has some custody, I see her just being really bad with kids and just awkward or accidentally swearing around them. I don’t think she has a lot of regular socialization and she doesn’t even go out grocery shopping. I wonder if she even has a fake job she tells people she does or she’s just going to tell his family that she’s a camgirl?

No. 672578

If she’s going to be jealous of his kids all the more reason for her to stay away, frankly she should just fuck on off. Look at her tumblr, this stupid whore thrives on drama, like she wouldn’t make it for the kids or their mom? Please, she can barely restrain herself from anon asks and bitchy clapbacks, there’s no way she’d be a good or healthy role model for his kids.

Shay needs to try and be a decent human being for once and leave them alone. If that fat abusive fuck is smart, he’ll keep them separate. She absolutely should not be allowed near his kids.

No. 672587

>Chinese characters as a neck tattoo
As if he couldn't get more white trash.

No. 672599

File: 1535156797753.jpg (Spoiler Image,581.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180824-202605.jpg)

Lol is the assne her new aesthetic?

No. 672601

File: 1535156971328.jpg (101.52 KB, 1110x844, Screenshot_20180824-202818-1.j…)

He's such a role model for the community tho

No. 672603

wonder what this is all about

No. 672612

probably from people roasting one of his photosets. saw one on my dash with a bunch of people making fun of it

No. 672615

Lmao would love caps

No. 672617

Why is her buttcrack so low? Literal hank hill ass

No. 672618

it legit looks like her one butt cheek has an ending but the other just goes on to be a leg lmao

No. 672625

File: 1535159595819.png (4.74 MB, 1242x2208, 5691B20A-2D7A-42AB-9C3B-FDA7C0…)

hard to find the others cause i guess he blocked them all lol

No. 672639

She's most likely happy to have step kids because that means FREE PROPS for her kiddie fucker shots.

No. 672654

so his daughter calls him daddy… this is so fucked up

No. 672672

imo he looks better fat (not by much) than the deranged, scraggly look he has going on now

No. 672673

omg WHY would she post a pic with her butt zit breakout

No. 672677

What normal person doesn't edit that out? I'm so confused.

No. 672679

He only appears to look better fat because he features are distorted. I agree tho he looks 1000x more like a child molester at his current weight.

No. 672681

Ok Kyle is a nasty fat piece of shit, but his ex-wife doesn't look mentally stable either. She's tasteless for ever marrying that blob at all, and making all of those marriage details public on Facebook is rather trashy too.

Good for her to leave him and apparently she's learned her lesson. Kyle Nathan Perkins still hasn't and keeps being a worthless unstable pedo fupa. I hope karma will hit him soon.

No. 672685

i dont think shay wants to be around his kids at all. she would be so uncomfortable and awkward and im sure they'd feel uncomfortable too. especially if the oldest can tell that she is not very old. i imagine kyle only seeing the kids for a few hours and not having them stay overnight in order to keep her a secret like he's doing now lol.

No. 672687

Lmao why trash his emotionally abused ex? Facebook drama is trashy but they're from Oklahoma, what do you expect?

No. 672690

Idk anon, she can look pretty old without the filters, kek.

No. 672693

File: 1535164176691.png (95.73 KB, 400x400, 4loyal.png)

it means loyal. My fucking sides. Could he have picked anything less fitting.

No. 672696

God damn it. Is this even real life anymore?

No. 672704

Real talk. Has anyone ever seen Shayna show actual physical signs of arousal? She's always dry as a bone, yet makes all these faves while fucking herself/masturbating

No. 672724

I've always assumed that her vaginal dryness is either partially or fully due to dehydration. However I have a personal tinfoil that she might suffer from some kind of issue that causes vaginal discomfort, it would explain why she seems to focus on anal, her lack of arousal/discomfort in videos where she's being vaginally penetrated, and her apparent fear of going to a gyno. A lot of young women suffer through sexual discomfort because they think it's normal or they're afraid they're "broken" in some way. It could just be dryness or the dryness could be compounding another issue, either way she clearly doesn't enjoy vaginal penetration. She really should suck it up and go see a gyno, she's in a liberal state that's probably full of free sexual health clinics, there's no excuse.

No. 672730

there are 3 planned parenthood's in Seattle. Its free Shay; please go get a check up.

No. 672733

Lol she never will. It's been said hundreds of times in the past year. It's just not a priority for her and she doesn't think she has any issues. Gross, but what can you do?

No. 672752

lol this is a thread about SHAYNA and KYLE NATHAN PERKINS, why so vendetta? if his own mother is okay with her who the fuck are you to say that she’s trash? sage your shit and crawl back in your hole thx

No. 672753

I feel like these two constantly have to fight about who's on top during sex because they're both too lazy to do the work…

No. 672759

As much as i love the milk, and as much as i love shitting on Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa Oklahoma for he garbage he is, those fb posts by his wife are so cringe

No. 672761

File: 1535174518561.jpg (82.92 KB, 1024x920, DDhiGmKWAAA7_46.jpg)


it's so rare for lolcow to make me legitimately laugh out loud, but FUCK LMAO

this entire thread I've been wondering why he thinks these shrink-wrap tight, feminine leather gloves, mediocre band tees and droopy, pouty scowl were "SOOpeR INitMiDaTinG KrAZy KinKy DaDdY DoM" apparel but…apparently his lack of self awareness goes pretty far back KEK

No. 672764

Any posts about relationship drama on social media is just ugh so cringe. But in the same breath, evidence that Kyle Nathan Perkins is a total waste of oxygen and a dead beat dad is great milk.

He’s such a cringy edgelord. Those lady’s gloves tho fucking make me bust an ovary laughing.

No. 672767

File: 1535175662697.jpeg (25.16 KB, 454x418, 9C1E3A01-E607-49F3-8224-D724E9…)

For real tho this sounds shady and transparent af, who on earth would feel such a need to drag that fat pig’s ex wife, hmmmmm?
Fully expect this comment to get ripped to shreds or see a bum rush of ‘reasonable’ anons pointing out how and why we should feel no shame coming for his ex, right?

No. 672771

File: 1535177347358.jpg (9.87 KB, 275x162, kek.jpg)


No. 672781

>lacking self-awareness to this extent

Nothing like a fat Oklahoma neckbeard with a language he can't read on his neck. What a dreamboat.

No. 672783

this literally looks like a flat assed 60 year old trailer park grandma trying to be sexy

No. 672786

No one is "coming for her"? It's just cringy to constantly post about your shitty ex on social media.

No. 672788


without those posts we wouldnt have any milk so

No. 672791

And? You can appreciate the milk and still think it's cringy. Not sure why you're confused.

No. 672793

who cares, focus on her outing him for being an insecure piece of shit.

No. 672799


i'm laughing so much at the comparison between shay and this other girl - she actually looks sensual with a flattering position and facial expression and shay looks like she has downs

No. 672803

LOL i looked at it and i laughed out loud because it's so accurate.

No. 672804

salty anons who somehow see a chick raising three kids on her own and delivering milk to be equally as cringe as shayna’s dirty cunt, bad acting, shit porn and assne boils arrive on scene as predicted, i am surprise

No. 672805

Also the fact that she was in an emotionally abusive relationship with Kyle Nathan Perkins for 7 years.
I’d be pretty messed up if I had to babysit and deal with that twisted man child for 7 years too.

No. 672808

>he has a different surname than his supposed 'parents'

Probably Kyle has his birth father's surname, which wasn't changed when his mother remarried. His mom, however, changed her own surname to that of her new husband.

>and other relatives stated in his 'fathers' obituary.

There's no reason Kyle's biological father's family would be mentioned in his stepfather's obituary.

He wasn't adopted. He's buttmad that his mom thinks he's trash, his bio dad isn't around (maybe dead, maybe a deadbeat), and his stepdad angry nasally teenager voice ISN'T EVEN HIS REAL DAD.

He's wearing a ring on his ring finger. Are they pretending to be engaged now?

Also his fat arms make his hands look even more baby-like.

No. 672809


That's from when he was married to his ex.

No. 672817

>equally as cringe as shayna’s dirty cunt, bad acting,
I never said it was equal, ffs anon. Whatever makes you feel better.

No. 672823

It means 'Loyalty' which is just kek on top of kek. It is honestly quiet ugly Chinese handwriting too lmfao

No. 672867

File: 1535202180950.png (223.44 KB, 595x629, Screenshot (209).png)

is this what he got so upset about?

No. 672889

>roleplaying payday 2

LMAO. Love to see even Tumblr roasting this dumb, cringey asshole.

No. 672901

I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often to guys like him

No. 672962

I fucking hate the fact that it seems like he literally talks to Shayna like he talks to his kids… This guy will be going after women way younger than him for the rest of his life. I honestly think there's something very wrong with this whole idea of calling her kiddo, letting her call him daddy even though that's what his daughter called/calls him.. it just doesn't seem right..

No. 672975

absolutely balls to the wall BONKERS when you take into account that this is a thirty-something year old slob with three kids griping on the internet on a platform MOSTLY POPULATED BY YOUNG KIDS talmbout "huhuhu stop kinkshaming me!!!" nigga go do some taxes.

No. 672987

>do some taxes
Lmao the fupa insults have been on point this week

No. 672988

There is nothing sexy about this man and his pre-surgery Kylie Jenner lips.

No. 672992

Shayna and fupa are spongebob and Patrick. Fupas tendency to take on an incredibly pink form after walking up half a flight of stairs, and lack of brains .. makes him so. Shayna has incredibly yellow hair, big ass two front teeth, and her boils all attribute to my conclusion. Her boils will serve as the many porous holes/openings that spongebob has, as he is a sponge that.. lives under the sea. However, I believe Shayna is more like the SpongeBob we see in the first spongebob movie when he and Patrick are in the gift shop. Dried out, craked, full of holes, and wrinkly. There will be no debate as to who is dirty Dan in this relationship, for they are both equally as dirty (but not named Dan).

No. 673007

Lmao sage this but yeah. However, Shaytard would take this as a compliment as she's obsessed with SpongeBob.

No. 673008

No offense anon, but this was weird as fuck

No. 673031

Go home anon, you’re drunk.

No. 673037

Holy shit, what did i just read?

No. 673067

A for effort, Anon. If you try too hard with your roasts, you just come off as autistic.

No. 673072

File: 1535223220128.jpg (131.23 KB, 1073x917, Screenshot_20180825-145137-1.j…)

No. 673073

File: 1535223234898.jpg (265.55 KB, 1080x1793, Screenshot_20180825-145036-1.j…)

No. 673074

Still a fat fuck as always despite his "Gym days" where he sits around taking selfies

No. 673080

Has he even posted any pics at the gym since before he went to Seattle? (I'm sure he'll post one today now that it's been mentioned here) Kek. He even has a fat roll on the back of his head.

No. 673081

He is trying so hard to maintain his “im still youthful and hip” image lmfao.

Between the emperor shirts (hello? 2004 wants it’s shirt back) the faux hawk and gauges ears …dude is literally having a quarter-life crisis.
I wish we knew what kind of vehicle he drives.

No. 673083

I believe I saw a new one posted just yesterday or the day before

No. 673084

Tbh I'm shocked we haven't seen him wearing any Affliction, the official brand of fuccboi has-beens.

No. 673086


he looks more and more like an unwashed toe with each picture he uploads of himself. can't believe there are women with low enough standards to thirst after this guy

No. 673087

I can't even keep track because he's just constantly reblogging months old pics trying to get higher note counts.

No. 673090

File: 1535223853250.jpg (26.27 KB, 593x128, Tumblr - Google Chrome 8252018…)

Dude, you don't even have a place yet.

No. 673093

Taking pictures while fupa is cleaning his gross plugs, they're thriving

No. 673095

They’ve been “close” for a couple weeks now… how many walk throughs and realtor meet ups could he possibly do?
Just seems like he’s dragging out a lie.

No. 673096

File: 1535224025465.png (1.42 MB, 1242x2208, 5D6A2128-1314-43CA-A7F3-5A16CE…)

old post but I really can’t help but be disturbed he makes posts like this and reblogs other rapey things when he has a daughter

No. 673097

I'm so confused. I know a little about real estate but obviously it varies from state to state, but doesn't it take a month or more to close on a house after the offer is accepted? I know there can be exceptions if you're putting the down payment down in cash, but let's be real, fupa's fucking broke.

No. 673098

File: 1535224177474.png (906.52 KB, 1439x958, DEXATI20180825140753.png)

No. 673099

It for sure does, everything about the way they're doing this is suspicious as fuck. From "texting" realtors late at night to STILL doing walkthroughs while insisting they're moving in soon, Im just waiting for them to come up with some excuse or some story of their offers being beat and them having to rent a shitty little apartment or her moving into the place he already has.

No. 673111


Absolutely. Makes me wonder if he's getting kicked out or even evicted from his "totally owned since 20 years old!" house

major tinfoil, but that girl his ex-wife mentioned was housing Kyle Perkins of Tulsa, OK? Maybe he's still been living with her, and she's booting him to the curb. Or any girl, really.

No. 673124

That would explain all the bathroom products.

No. 673126

They're probably just leasing a house. Much quicker process

No. 673128

Lol what's with anons wking Kyle Nathan Perkins from Oklahomas ex?
Nobody forced her to stay with his abusive ass for 7 years and not only pop out 1 but 3 kids. But it happened and now she makes the best of it, which is good.

As one of you said, yes, what do I expect from Oklahoma trailer trash? Nothing.

Kyle Nathan Perkins really is the worst of the worst and I hope his pedo ass never gets close to the kids again

No. 673132

File: 1535226831314.png (12.63 KB, 560x407, 2d4.png)

because no one fucking cares except you. and learn to use the board, newfag.

No. 673133

so edgy fupa wow rape fantasies wow you're such a hardcore daddy dom do you want a sticker?

No. 673135

You'd be amazed what people will put up with when they're being abused, even emotionally. And unlike Shay and Kyle she's not putting herself out there for all of us to see or doing anything wrong. She's posting on a private facebook account and her posts were only added to help us understand how awful Kyle was to her. She's not guilty by association and obviously knows what a piece of shit he is.

No. 673139

I know right? I keep somewhat hoping that his ex will come across his tumblr and see this shit. And then prohibit him from seeing the kids cos there's no way I'd want a pedo like him around my kids if I had any. But, thinking of the age rage that's normally on tumblr…it's more likely for one of his kids to when they're a bit older. Which is pretty terrifying.

No. 673141

jesus christ, imagine finding porn of your dad. not only that but porn where hes fucking a girl who acts like a child and calls him daddy

No. 673142

While he beats her.

No. 673143

yeah i don't get why these one or two anons are out to get her tonight. yeah, her facebook posts are similar to what most middle aged women would post, sure. but she seems pretty mentally well adjusted for the amount of shit she went through with kyle perkins as her ex.

No. 673144

Makes no sense to go after her, people get more milk and instantly want to go completely nitpicky about everything about it, just appreciate we learned more about his bullshit you ungrateful fucks.

No. 673148

You’ve never dealt with divorce, have you?
They had 3 children together, all who loved their dad. Parents will often try to stay together for the kids because divorce can be really hard on them. Especially for 3 children.
And as we saw, after the divorce the children would tell their mom “I love daddy, not you”.
There is obvious manipulation coming from Kyles side.
Anyways we’re not here to attack his ex. We’re not even technically supposed to be talking about her.
The screenshots were only posted to see what an awful husband Kyle was.
The fact that you’re trying to put blame on her when she stayed in an abusive relationship for her children is disgusting.

No. 673149

Nice victim-shaming, dumb fuck.

No. 673160

File: 1535229013126.jpg (Spoiler Image,223.41 KB, 537x810, poster.jpg)

No. 673162

File: 1535229076582.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.14 KB, 1179x305, tiny.JPG)

Video description

No. 673163


It's so funny how he went from hiding his face and ignoring shays public "ilysm" posts to this.

It's like the more we expose his nasty fupa life and make fun of him, the less he cares about his privacy. Like he really wants to show and prove us. This man really never grew out of his teenage rebel phase.

No. 673165

File: 1535229142018.jpg (Spoiler Image,424.98 KB, 1200x675, amazingediting.jpg)

Editing skills on point WOW

No. 673167

File: 1535229213565.jpg (Spoiler Image,570.94 KB, 1200x675, forkyle.jpg)

I wonder if Kyle Nathan Perkins likes seeing his girlfriend kiss a guy just as fat and sloppy looking as he is.

No. 673170

Her acting in the preview is just awful. Omg

No. 673171

Oh jesus Shay really does get all the guys

No. 673172

File: 1535229293661.jpg (Spoiler Image,402.78 KB, 1200x675, edit.jpg)

All that fancy editing they have in this one, and they couldn't even get the bumps off of her vagina.

No. 673173

File: 1535229334899.jpg (Spoiler Image,436.17 KB, 1200x675, 12.jpg)


No. 673174

The editing of this is so hilariously bad I'm dying

No. 673176

File: 1535229421610.jpg (27.85 KB, 800x450, graphic_design_is_my_passion.j…)

No. 673177

File: 1535229468533.jpg (99.54 KB, 873x474, Infernal Restraints InfernalR…)

She is making dying donkey noises this whole time and looks like she's taking a massive shit.

No. 673186

those crusty flaky lips jfc how hard is it to slap on some chapstick before doing shots like this

No. 673190

this…was supposed to be a joke, right? like this isn’t actual real porn, right? this is a parody?

No. 673191

"but not named dan" LOL this paragraph was crazy but made me laugh out loud, plus shay really does resemble dried up spongebob.

No. 673193


>I order for you like a true gentleman

Fgs he's such an anthropomorphised fedora

No. 673195

ew why is she making out with him

No. 673199

the preview is clips from the video. girl can’t act. Not sure why she chose to be a porn ACTRESS when she can’t act for shit.

No. 673209

She has got to stop all the self-inflicted crap she does when she cams. Her outer labia look like she inflated them like a bicycle tire. All that pussy paddling when combined with hours of porn vibrating and questionable waxing is turning her vulva into a bursting sausage.

Between what is happening to her labia and Kyle's bizarre fupa, it's amazing they achieved penetration at all.

No. 673217

If I were the wife I'd be terrified. Finding out that the father of your children (including a daughter) jerks off to daddy/daughter shit and rape must be pretty shocking

No. 673219

And imagine being his mother, finding out that while she just wants to see her grandkids her son is getting of to pedo pandering bullshit and beating up 21yr olds while calling her kiddo while fucking her

No. 673222

Have to live with the fact that you raised a violent, pedo pandering, rape fetishist.

No. 673227

Well, she is way out of his league, judging both on past and recent images of him.
She (his ex) is absolutely adorable and beautiful, and he is just a bottom-of-the-barrel kinda guy. You know, that guy who is a lil shady, isn't the best looking, but seems nice. The guy only really desperate girls go for because they desperately want "love" and can't find anyone else willing to go out in public with them or even acknowledge that they know who she is. (But they will fuck her tho because shes easy.) He's perfect for Shay kek.

No. 673229

>shrink her and put her in a pot of boiling water
WHO the fuck is the target audience for this? Witches?

I'm crying. This can't be real

Must be pretty bad. Personally if I were them I'd also be afraid that he might've done something to the little girl…

No. 673230

Omg I only saw the preview and you CAN NOT convince me this isn't a parody. I'm fucking dying @ the target audience being witches >>673229

No. 673233

It looks like she is living the good life now, she found a man that seems so amazing to her, and so loving. And I too am rooting for her, and I'm so very happy on her behalf. She really deserves all the love in this world after being married to the monster Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, OK.

No. 673240

File: 1535233484111.jpg (Spoiler Image,621.08 KB, 1200x675, 09.jpg)

No. 673274

No. 673282

Those fucking green screen effects I can't handle it omfg, I wonder how fupa feels about this

No. 673283

File: 1535236963518.jpeg (257.51 KB, 1242x874, 318F3C86-E445-4ADE-8F81-79838F…)

Apparently they’re closing on a house by September 9th. Yah okay.

No. 673284

Didn't they just have an open house viewing of another place like 2 days ago??

No. 673285

This has to be a parody. seriously this can’t be legit porn. The green screen is just too shitty. I’ve seen YouTube poops better than this.

No. 673286

his stupid beard makes me laugh

No. 673287

I'm guessing september 9th is when her lease is up

No. 673288

But anon this is her big porn star break, she's THRIVING.

No. 673290

That was hilarious, and her out acting with the bag at the end, acting likes she's immediately suffocating like a fucked up kettle.

No. 673292

thats not the end of it. but she sounds so weird. and that green screen, wtf?

No. 673298

File: 1535238131333.png (1.28 MB, 1252x699, thriving.png)

this is her big porn break everyone

celebrity status right here.

No. 673299

are the guys from insex reading this thread and catering to us by making her do the most bizarro ass shit or is this actually some niche fetish? why would they cast someone who cant act to save their life into a script full of acting, this video is mindblowingly bad

No. 673300

This is upsetting. I gasped

No. 673301

What the actual fuck

No. 673303

can this PLEASE be the next thread pic? it's so perfectly ugly and shows off her hideous teeth, god awful eye makeup and her level of being pathetic as well.

No. 673305

File: 1535238599834.png (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1310x705, shay hates aftercare.png)

oh and remember how much she said she hated aftercare and didn't need it because shes so edgy?

seems like you like it alot, shay.

No. 673309

omg i actually thought this was a pic one of you anons edited to go with the witch comment. i just did a double take seeing their brand name at the bottom

No. 673310

File: 1535238854038.gif (139.87 KB, 379x440, 1476402029987.gif)

ok now that is awful
I know that it's staged but the idea that this stuff sexually appeals to people is disturbing

No. 673311

File: 1535238865311.png (339.66 KB, 470x465, lol.PNG)

her feet are in the couch. this shit is horrible. but i laughed pretty hard.

No. 673313

Agreed, there's some sick freaks out there.

No. 673315

File: 1535238976232.jpeg (64.28 KB, 773x435, 033FCC5A-9AEC-413F-A73B-D852D1…)

Shayna sure has a type.

Look at his little curly soul patch K E K

No. 673316

File: 1535239070258.png (1.25 MB, 1385x717, babybimbo.PNG)

Hairy legs are no biggie at all. I know there's even a niche market for it in the sex industry. But I think this is just Shay being fucking lazy. Since her being shaven and a "baby bimbo" is her thing.

No. 673317

That Daddy's Girl shirt is really one of the only pieces of clothing she owns I swear

No. 673318


No. 673319

I'm cackling how does she manage to fuck her pussy up so bad with all that wax and not keep her legs shaved at the very least?

No. 673320

I believe they're going for vore fetish but the editing and acting is so bad I'm not sure if people into vore are even getting off to this.

That was comedy I'm sure.

No. 673321

wonder when this was filmed because shes had really grey hair recently then before that she had huge black roots. unless its just th lighting but it looks yellow as fuck

No. 673322

I can’t believe she ~passionately~ made out with this guy.

No. 673324

there are lots of weirdos out there with micro/vore fetishes, it's definitely a real thing.

No. 673325

I KNOW I swear she seemed like she was into it kinda too.. probably cos this guy and Fupa look a lot alike. lmfao.

No. 673327

Why'd this dude leave his wedding ring on for this???

No. 673328

File: 1535239398767.png (Spoiler Image,99.36 KB, 329x200, cringe.PNG)

The dryness on Shay's lips makes me my skin crawl tbh. I have seen dry lips before but hers are particularly gross.

Wew this bitch is gross.

No. 673330

She can try and say "it's just work" but it's pretty normal to get turned on when someone is touching you like that. I'm sure she'd deny it cos fupa is so fragile

No. 673331

File: 1535239619938.png (26.33 KB, 548x377, scam.PNG)

She went out and bought tape/bubble wrap but had to buy moving boxes on amazon. I swear to god she scammed people for that money she claimed she bought boxes with cos nobody buys boxes to move. And then goes out and buys the other shit they need later on?

No. 673334

I get there are people who dig the whole miniaturized thing or whatever the fuck but dangling the mini person over boiling water?? How is that sexual?

No. 673337

I’m almost positive theropegeek is built like this guy too. Like I get she likes older men or whatever but she doesn’t seem to like the attractive silver fox type? is she honestly attracted to fat, middle class white perverts with small dicks and napoleon complexes? Or do y’all think she’s aware that dudes her age wouldn’t touch her with a 10ft pole, so she just goes for whoever shows interest?

No. 673338

A lot of sex workers have a “no-kiss” rule, especially those with partners.

Also, she tries so hard to make people think she’s this high-maintenance, unattainable bimbo princess. Making out with dudes like this totally kills the illusion, especially because you just know she’s not being paid shit for this.

But this is Shayna, so none of this is terribly surprising.

No. 673339

I'm honestly starting to think poor fugly fupa "daddies" are her type

No. 673340

Omg this is my Halloween costume this year

No. 673341

File: 1535240226001.jpg (60.87 KB, 750x647, tumblr_inline_pbcp5tft0Y1t8qse…)

I'm concerned for humanity

No. 673342

god i cant wait to see what happens when september 9th rolls around

No. 673343

This HAS to be why b/g was removed from her profile on s15.

No. 673347

nah, this is a tinfoil but i really think that after her first booking it was just too much for her to handle and she really went over her limits in order to look "professional" and now she's even more fucked up from it so she just said no more B/G shoots. she was working with infernal restraints before she even booked anything with S15, plus this was done after her S15 shoots, and by the time she was shooting this it was already off her S15 profile.

No. 673350


April 11 2018 according to the production notes in the trailer.

No. 673354

That’s before S15, and around the first mention of Kyle Nathan Perkins.

No. 673355

Ugh I wish her real LA work was leaked if something like this did happen. Her ATK solo shoots were nothing short of embarrassing.

No. 673377

No. 673379

The weird thing is that they focused so much on the dangling above the water part. Like, a good chunk of the video is dedicated specifically to that part and I was asking myself while watching if there's legitimately someone who'd be turned on by it. Such an odd, niche thing

No. 673383

They focus on a lot of random things in their videos. The editing they do doesn’t make much sense tbh

No. 673384

It's just SO specific, like if you're really trying to sell porn shouldn't you market towards something even a little more common? I get their BDSM but it seems weird even for that.

No. 673388

File: 1535244734714.jpeg (51.63 KB, 640x266, 405D0196-9A3E-4901-994D-CCBFB8…)

But she totally loved it, guys!

No. 673400

Bitch can't get wet with a vibrator going full blast on her pussy, she has the driest cunt in the world.

No. 673403

I think her idea of “sopping wet” is how normal, hydrated skin should feel. Kek. Her skin is so dry that whenever she feels a slight amount of moisture it’s “sopping wet”

No. 673404

I’m fucking cackling, did the shit editing really take over 3 monthes to get finished? I think a freshman in high school using adobe premiere could make something more well rendered. You had almost 4 months to work on it yet the blending looks like it was done in less than 24 hours from start to finish. How can this NOT be a parody?

No. 673407

Maybe they realized that with her shitty acting and general grossness that it was beyond repair and said fuck it and just did the bare minimum kek

No. 673410

She has a type, obviously and we know she has daddy issues.
…do we know if her dad is a fat guy? Bc is so the link has been made.

No. 673412

nah her dad is a pretty normal hunting/fishing/camping type of guy. looks like he might have been ex military from his build.

No. 673414

I think she likes feeling like "The hottest thing they can get"

No. 673423

Maybe she was wet from making out with the fat fedora dude

No. 673430

why must shay throw away having good parents and degrade her life into this ugly disaster with zero self respect meanwhile millions of people have horrific parents and they turn out successful?

No. 673433

“Fedoras make me sopping wet, daddy”

No. 673436

Reason #287 why Shayna is the worst

No. 673446

File: 1535252703258.jpg (157.66 KB, 1080x1369, Screenshot_20180825-230310-1.j…)

It's becoming self-aware

No. 673449

File: 1535253213946.jpg (48.79 KB, 620x387, ugly-blobfish_2630737b.jpg)

No. 673455

Maybe it's a fantasy fatty mcsoulpatch has. Really though catering to weird niches in porn isn't a bad strategy, people who have very specific desires usually snatch up any content they can find that caters to them and are generally pretty ravenous porn consumers.

No. 673466

File: 1535257933229.jpg (122.99 KB, 1080x1113, Screenshot_20180826-003007-1.j…)

No. 673467

File: 1535257971215.jpg (150.77 KB, 1075x1013, Screenshot_20180826-003055-1.j…)


Their stans freak me out.

No. 673501

LMFAO as if these brainless gross trailer trash sacks of cat shit will ever earn 60,000$ yearly, let alone become millionaires for doing nothing besides abandoning children and pedophile pandering + being a pedophile and wannabe rapist.

No. 673510

I feel for her parents and brother, so bad. I cannot imagine having an unsuccesful porn “star” daughter that caters to the lowest of society and pedos… She can’t even afford moving boxes. Wtf are you doing to your entourage??

No. 673566

File: 1535279703247.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, disgusting.jpg)

No. 673574

looks just like fupa in a few years

No. 673585

insex decided to treat her as a joke she is, kek.
it's funny how she's so disconnected of reality and convinced herself that she looks like instagram filter, and doesn't need to cover her pimples and eyebags, fix her shitty bleached hair or shave her legs

No. 673588

File: 1535284359643.jpg (189.85 KB, 600x450, AbsoluteFuba.jpg)

No. 673592

I think this might be exactly it, she's used filters and editing so much she can't tell what's real anymore or what awful shape her whole body is in.

No. 673610

amazing anon

No. 673613

photshop shay in there and make it the next thread pic pls

No. 673638

No. 673650

File: 1535293466757.jpg (546.44 KB, 800x600, AbsoluteFuba2.jpg)

No. 673652


No. 673656

fucking amazing anon, piece of art

No. 673660


i love this thread

No. 673673

next thread pic pls

No. 673677

Yeeeeeeees next thread pic kekeke.

No. 673706

File: 1535301702912.jpeg (16.8 KB, 309x463, 8819C237-AB09-4EEB-9839-8A8615…)

No. 673735

File: 1535305777241.jpg (21.75 KB, 363x366, Sloth.jpg)

No. 673757

Amazing indeed PLEASE let this be the next thread pic.

No. 673763

Lol it's an awesome pic, but we still have a loooong while until the next thread

No. 673765

I dunno, man, Shay and Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, OK, go through threads pretty damn fast.

No. 673778

Shay can go through a thread in 2 weeks or less. Bitch has gone through over 10 in almost a year.

No. 673782

an ungodly noise just left my body. next thread pic for sure

No. 673804

Once September rolls around we're gonna blast through the thread and I'm ready for it

No. 673806

God I know, the milk will be pouring like crazy can't wait for the chaos

No. 673813

File: 1535312577490.jpg (162.82 KB, 663x499, c0cbbc275746f00242e0d78366a425…)

she reminds me of hatchet face so much, shitty makeup and all. kek

No. 673816

I was going through her agencies page, and I noticed so many of their other models openly post about the shoots they did, where you can find the vids, when they will be out, etc. but Shay? She hasn’t advertised ANYTHING she claimed to do in LA, not one fucking thing. She’s hiding something.

No. 673817

Probably just ashamed of how shitty it came out

No. 673850

prbbly ashamed of ass and pussy boils being visible

No. 673855

this made me actually cum, unlike shays porn

No. 673874

Shay has always been super unprofessional when to comes to her work. She never promotes any of the big shoots she does. She never posted any of the stuff from the MV loft that she scammed her followers into paying for. Same with the Bad Dragon she scammed to get.

No. 673881

don't do hatchet face like that, ffs.

she was one lovely young woman.

No. 673882


incredible. thank you

No. 673884

This is my favorite thread. I’m rolling, you anons are hilarious. I was crying at the witch comment earlier also.

No. 673896

At first I thought the image of Shay was distorted or something, then I looked at the original and NOPE. I’m cackling.

No. 673917

File: 1535318963640.jpg (Spoiler Image,270.78 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20180826-172104-1.j…)

Shay and Kyle Nathan Perkins Tulsa, OK have been oddly quiet today on dumblr. Also, I know this is like his "thing" but wtf even is this???

No. 673930

It’s wild how the try hard shit fupa posts are the opposite of Shay’s Barbie pink ideals.
She wanted her porn star life to be filled with fluffy cuffs, stuffed animals and endless shopping sprees. But fupa wants her to bathe her cunt in mud water and sleep on concrete floor lmao (but she’s soooo into it)
Like what nymphette baby bimbo do you see doing things like this?? Successful porn stars gangbang on yatchs and bukkaked with champagne Shay. It’s sad really, she can not be any less aroused.

No. 673933

I kinda doubt she lives in Seattle proper. I’m assuming she lives in one of the cheaper areas 15-30 min outside of the city.

No. 673945

Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa Oklahoma is a sick fuck.

No. 673951

I feel like this has been said before but I don’t think Kyle Perkins is actually into any of this and just likes the idea of being a ~sick fuck~ He’s just a Patrick Bateman wannabe.

No. 673957

His whole shtick is being the "most hardcore" from his handle to his stupid videos and pictures he's a try hard and just posts whatever edgy bullshit he can find. It's actually pretty hilarious to watch.

No. 673960

I just find it suspicious that even though he treated his ex like shit he never tried to do anything “hardcore” with her because I’m pretty sure if he had tried to do anything of the sort she would have included that in the Facebook blasts.

No. 673961

Even if you believe he's not "into it" Kyle Perkins is still posting this shit publicly. Imagine you find your coworkers blog and it has torture and gore in it. Even if it doesn't make him hard, he still posts it. He has children. He beats up a 30 year old who dresses like a baby. Kyle Nathan Perkins is a sick fuck.

No. 673963

Anon, Shay is 21, nitpick all you want but you can't call her 30

No. 673966

How do you know he didn't do anything? He probably didn't because he's a huge pussy, but I have my doubts. He is disgusting either way.

No. 673968

It's very possible he did try to do something with her, but how many women will go on openly about someone they trusted wanting to do disgusting things with them and force them to be beaten/fake raped/or told to act like a baby?

No. 673985

yeah i mean she overshares on facebook but i don't think she would share that much info, especially with fupa's mom on there along with (i assume) her own family members

No. 673986

Lmao nobody would share that on Facebook, maybe with their therapist.

No. 673991

Shay is a bit of a doormat with sex and Kyle has been willing to act out his hardcore fantasies, so I feel they will venture further into the DDLG/BDSM lifestyle. Didn’t Kyle Perkins of Tulsa, OK say he was proud that she doesn’t use her safe word? I feel her desperate need to impress him and his own desire for “hardcore” sex will encourage them to push further into something more dangerous. Kind of like how porn addicts will seek more and more fucked up stuff when they grow tired of the same old.

No. 673997

they probably meant 20

No. 674013

He's so fucking stupid. I don't know what the deal is with his kids as far as their custody agreement goes but posting this depraved torture porn on a blog that's easily linked to his full name is a really good reason for his ex wife to file for sole legal and physical custody (if she hasn't already). If he gave a shit about his family he would delete it. Too bad he cares more about his tumblr followers. Kyle Nathan Perkins, what a great dad.

No. 674015

File: 1535327633627.jpeg (406.38 KB, 743x1036, F7206117-8B60-467B-AA89-D80052…)

She sounds like a rambling mess

No. 674017

Did someone make a call out post about Shay's diaper-pandering or…? I don't get what she thinks vagueposting is going to accomplish lol. Once again, her writing is barely coherent.

No. 674020

Think this about another sex worker that was selling underage rape stories. Its been all people were talking about.

No. 674036

Ahhh I've never been in the Tumblr loop so I never know wtf her or fupa are going on about unless it's made obvious.

No. 674037

She is also about a week late on the whole thing too.

No. 674039

so she’s literally saying that people should stay silent about problematic people and it’ll just go away on its own by not feeding into it. that is the most fucked up mindset, Shay.

“If someone has done something you deem immoral then the LAST thing you should do is tell people, DUHHH”

she’s the kind of person that would tell an abuse victim to stay silent and it’ll all just go away.

No. 674042

it’s also really hypocritical of her to say not to call people out when they’re doing something caused by mental illness. Shay was one of the first people to call a girls suicide fake, and called out plenty of people who were mentally ill. Why does she try to act like some saint that gives a shit about mentally ill people when we all know she’s ripped on them in the past?

She’s also praised Hitler but ya know, call out posts are baAADd

No. 674045

tin foil but she is only saying this because she is tired of getting called out and wants people to remember this next time she fucks up.

No. 674047

but didn't you know, we should all find fat ugly fupas to suffocate us and punch us in the face whilst pretending that we're 5 year olds, it's not really abuse, it's just hot and #aesthetic.

No. 674064

Isn't this something Kyle Perkins would be into though?
She said in her hashtags she does not support it. Funny.

No. 674073

it’s even more ironic because there is video proof of her claiming that she sold pics when she was underage.

Fuck off Shayna.

No. 674116


I hope Shayna likes this, I worked hard on it

No. 674136

Anon this is great! A+ music choices and Shay could learn a few things about editing from this too. Nicely done

No. 674140

This was amazing. I laughed more than I thought I would. A+ anon great job

No. 674146

File: 1535340934256.jpg (872.53 KB, 3412x1899, inCollage_20180826_233253469-1…)

I can't decide what's cringier about this selection of posts. Between the fake deep dissection of lil peep (lol) lyrics and the ~super spooky couple~ shit, you have a lot to choose from

No. 674154

Thanks anons! I’ve been with this thread since the ones that have since been deleted so I wanted to contribute

No. 674156

That's barely a tinfoil, it's actually pretty transparent. It might also have something to do with Fupa's gifset still making the rounds. For some reason Fupa thinks this is "kink-shaming" rather than just a wider audience laughing at his cringe content.

No. 674159

wowwww. that was very well made anon. one of the best keks I have had during my time on lolcow. thank you for this quality oc.

No. 674168

File: 1535343415463.jpg (111.03 KB, 640x320, kylenathanperkins.jpg)

No. 674178

She looks like Spechie here lol

No. 674192


Lmao,good job.I didn't knew who Shayna was but after stumbling upon her threads many times I am speechless at her ability to be so repulsive and it keeps getting worse every week. Is there any cows here grosser than her?? I don't think so

No. 674193

She's for sure the cream of the crop of /snow/

No. 674226

Holy shit I died at the punching part, thanks for making my morning anon bless you

No. 674252

File: 1535356061124.jpg (74.79 KB, 704x612, IMG_20180827_092622.jpg)

Wow, such deep, very emotion

I wish she'd decide if she wants to be daddy's babby or a spooky goth gf. She can't be both.
They are going to be Paul and Karla of their hood lol

No. 674310

y'know i'd really appericiate if she'd type like a normal human being so i could read her posts without getting brain aneurysms

No. 674321

Love this anon. I’ll never watch this part the same again

No. 674335

yeah the posts weren't shaming the kink they were shaming him lol

No. 674340

God damn it, anon. I'm sending this in for an Academy Award nomination.

No. 674350

File: 1535378648952.png (11.71 KB, 570x220, 2018-08-27 10_02_40-Tumblr.png)

i'm fucking done

No. 674352

Fupa, she talks like a retarded 4 year old.

No. 674353

File: 1535378972424.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1159x728, 2018-08-27 10_05_50-ATK Galler…)

Another ATKingdom video from LA
She seems to be extra broken out in this one compared to the others and the infamous children's hello kitty underwear make an appearance.

No. 674375

If she has so many fans, why aren't they asking where they can buy her LA porn since she's apparently hiding them out of embarrassment?

No. 674376

She’s had fans ask and she blocked them for asking. I’ve seen people ask on cam and she’s banned them. She’s hiding something, period

No. 674383

it's just so funny because of how cocky she was acting before she left to go there. she really thought she was about to be the next sasha grey.

No. 674390

File: 1535383288023.png (70.7 KB, 690x875, 2018-08-27 11_16_40-Tumblr.png)

So it looks like tumblr is updating their rules and gore will no longer be allowed. Whatever will fupa do?

No. 674391


God, makes you really wonder what kind of train wreck of a porn it is. Maybe it made her realize how awful she looks in a "pro" shoot compared to her snapchat clips that she tries to sell as serious sex work.

This. She def thought she will get the hottest roles in the biggest productions bc she is ~dumb dolly from tumblr with a huge porn spam bots following~ and be the next hot shit in the porn industry with her infected vag.

No. 674392

idk if he posts gore but would this apply to porn thats obviously made to imply rape? i see a lot of that shit on his blog

No. 674394

She forgot Sasha Grey essentially didn’t have a No List/any hard limits

No. 674400

eh, tumblr staff is notoriously bad at keeping on top of their userbase. just look at the amount of bots on there. don't think it will change much for fupapa's blogging

No. 674401

sasha grey was also extremely beautiful and a genuinely good actress

No. 674410

Sasha Grey is also smart and capable of separating fantasy from reality.

Shay on the other hand…eek.

No. 674417

Right? She can't even properly separate her "work" tumblr posts from her personal posts.

No. 674429

File: 1535387270830.png (197.96 KB, 821x407, inconsistent.PNG)

I love how Shay's bust size, weight, and age differ on ATK vs Society Fifteen. I find it funny how she lies about this lol.

No. 674432

File: 1535387432940.png (5.6 KB, 509x170, 1522485221155.PNG)

No. 674433

is she still going to be acting like this at the age of 40?

No. 674436

>hair color: brown

No. 674448

>Hot fantasy: I kidnap, rape and murder you
>302 notes
Why are there so many degenerates in this world

No. 674461

File: 1535390795518.png (487.46 KB, 572x1024, 2018-08-27 13_18_30-Tumblr.png)

it's hard out here in tulsa

No. 674463

Parts of Tulsa are actually ghetto AF

No. 674465

okay but let's remember this is coming from this guy >>652556

No. 674468

Fuck around and shoot your carrot off, Fupa.

No. 674481

ot but the fact that ppl can carry guns willy nilly in some states is actually such a mindfuck for me as a canadian.
also surely this is not the proper way to carry one? looks unsafe and also just dumb considering what fupapa looks like

No. 674486

It's incredibly stupid to carry like that and there are so many cases of people shooting themselves because of it
Fupa wants to see hard/gangster when in reality, getting a proper holster would be more dom and in control.

No. 674518

It's a wonder she's not made it to /pt/ yet since she's the gift that keeps on giving and Kyle being involved makes it Grade A milk.

No. 674522

a farmhand said in another thread we could ask in /meta/ but i don't think anyone bothered

No. 674529

I'm looking now but at first glance I don't see a proper topic to ask on. Closest one seems to be "general complaints/issues" where someone is asking for the spoonie/munchie general back.

No. 674538

Yeah the general thread would probably be the most appropriate one looks like

No. 674544

I've posted a request. If anyone else wants to chime in please do so. First time making a request like this so I'm not sure if I put enough information in.

No. 674554


i'm blocked so i cant see his posts, is his fucking caption to that "Daddy Mattel"?

No. 674584


It's also his username on Snapchat

No. 674586

Oh my god he is so trying to hang off her "fame"

No. 674597


god its so funny how much cleaning up is gonna need done once they split up.

i was gonna say im surprised she didnt change one to "ivebeenwarned" but she's way too narcissistic, and he just wants all of the attention she and her followers give.

No. 674604

I'm going to die if she ends us doing this I bet you just gave her the idea to

No. 674612

How do I watch this? Anon replies have me so curious but I've never used Dropbox and the link doesn't pull anything up for me but I'm on mobile.

No. 674614

You click the link then either open it in the Dropbox app or click Continue to Website?

No. 674617

dropbox works weirdly for me on my web browser too, like i can't see the poster name and the video always takes forever to buffer. the dropbox app works much better for me.

No. 674620


KEK i gotta stop doing that

No. 674627

did one of you guys just claim this URL? the page title is "moo" LOL https://ivebeenwarned.tumblr.com/

No. 674628

Damn you guys work fast

No. 674629


nah, i was just gonna sit back and see if she was going to herself.

No. 674630

yeah, the page title was so ironic i had to share.

m o o

No. 674692

Skinny legend

No. 674708

File: 1535420160957.png (125.58 KB, 229x345, 1500434445721.png)

Anon ily. That fucking Mortal Kombat part had me in tears. This is quality OC.

No. 674709

i cant believe she still promos the "goth barbie" video so much, knowing how absolutely fucking wrecked her pussy is.
Like i would never even consider posting it if mine looked like hers, and she's CHARGING people for it.

No. 674830

But she like ~totally gets off~ on how humiliating her sore covered pussy is

No. 674898


From anyone else I wouldn't care, but shays favourite part of camming not being sex related really brings home how little she enjoys her job

No. 674952

is shay ok? did she fall and hurt herself or something?
i'm used to a quicker milk income and i'm almost getting worried abt her kek

No. 674955

Eh. We had a lot of milk last week with her video releases. She seems to lay low whenever she has something new come out (the opposite of what a normal "porn actress" would do but whatever). She lurks here and was probably extra embarrassed by the Fupa Facebook roasts as well. I give it a couple of days until she does something retarded again, kek.

No. 674956

File: 1535461688288.png (1.8 MB, 1242x2208, DE29D4E0-E91C-48D0-A9C6-B89D6F…)

she hasn’t been up to anything new lately tbh. but how fucking gross is “coloring pics for daddy” i know we’ve talked about it before but damn. they’re sick.

No. 674977


And let's do not forget that it's about time for them to move together. Fupa always mentioned that he is about to sign everything for the new house in the last weeks for now but went silent about this topic for now because they are def not moving into a house with a jacuzzi lol

I'm so curious how this entire thing will play out and if shay will actually end up homeless for some reasons.

No. 674980

She'll probably just end up crashing wherever fupa is living at the moment

No. 674982

This is my guess too and they'll play it off as still searching for a place or not getting the one they made an offer on but I'm betting fupa never made an offer on shit or even tried getting a new place.

No. 674989

It's been confirmed that he has a roommate/housemate right? Does he plan on kicking her out? Or maybe she's alreay moving out and he's bringing Shay in to help with rent + be his gf-mother.

No. 675052

Why does she think “psychopath” is some cute quirk?

No. 675090

Probably because she lives her life through tumblr

No. 675137

File: 1535486458614.png (18.24 KB, 263x199, Screenshot 2018-08-28 at 2.57.…)

like she did with the alien video right? the one that "she filmed" was supposed to be posted "wednesday" like 2 months ago? The one that she scammed like 500 dollars out of people for to buy the outfit from dollskill or whatever, and the bad dragon?
yeah lets all just pull out our wallets so that some dumb fuck covered in folliculitis can take money for content that shes never gonna make or if she does make will do it half assed.

No. 675145

HAHA "dumb fuck covered in folliculitis".

shay is literally brain dead though like.. she's both stuck up and delusional and classic trailer trash.

No. 675190

Considering she does the same routine in every video, she should probably start paying people for their suggestions

No. 675214

yep. it's pretty much a formula at this point –
1. cringy baby talk
2. some kind of retarded-ass backstory
3. "edging" with a vibrator
4. fake moaning

we are bored, shay.

No. 675215

File: 1535493635499.png (349.28 KB, 519x488, 2018-08-28 17_58_52-spent thes…)

i like how this is already 3/4 of her wardrobe in this box

No. 675216

this one box already contains a good 60% of her total possessions.

No. 675217

File: 1535493760226.png (389.15 KB, 563x867, 2018-08-28 18_01_01-Tumblr.png)


No. 675218

Do normal people pack clothing in cardboard boxes? Seems pretty dumb to me.

No. 675220



No. 675221

anon, she made such a fuss about her cardboard boxes, she has to put /something/ in them. and we all know she doesn't own anything more than a baggy of weed, dollar tree string lights, and about 3 total outfits

No. 675222

is her swearing on her own grave supposed to be part of her newest half-assed aesthetic, the "spooky" housewife?

No. 675223

What a low tier dream. She will soon realise it's actually a nightmare.

Imagine moving in with someone you've met twice. This some stupid shit.

No. 675227

Where else do you pack clothes? This is a pretty normal thing for most people at least that I’m aware of

No. 675228


kek, i always used trash bags tbh

No. 675230

Trash bags for maximum space saving. Suitcase if you don't wanna iron all your shit after. Then yknow at least you're also transporting a suitcase at the same time.

I bet that big pink bear is getting a cardboard box to itself.

No. 675239

i didnt even take mine off the hanger, just set them in a plastic bag w/ the hanger hooks sticking out of the top and cinched the bag.

No. 675240

She prob can't even afford a package of trash bags tbh

No. 675241

Yep. I used to work high-end retail and using trashbags that way is essentially the same as a garment bag.

No. 675314

When? Also if thats true good luck with trying to make rent when most likely her godawful parents helped her out on her own rent.

No. 675334


I've only ever used those big ass plastic bins, because they're reusable for pretty much anything


No. 675344




This is Shay and her children's clothes we're talking about, anons.

No. 675355

I can't imagine any of her clothing has even been washed at this point

No. 675381

now that i think about it… does she even have a washer/dryer? she lives in an apartment so i wonder if the rooms have laundry rooms or if theres a shared one.

No. 675385


more than likely the complex has a shared one or she has to walk/uber to one close enough.
she probably just washes hers in her bathtub by hand though bc thats all too expensive for her and she'd probably be posting about doing it, kek.

No. 675388

Bitch probably washes her shit in the kitchen sink

No. 675446

I get the feeling she just doesn’t pay utilities and that’s how she gets away with living so cheap.
She’s admitted to not bathing either, so it only makes sense she wouldn’t pay extra for it.

No. 675455

As hilarious as that would be, I don't think it's true cause she lives off mac and cheese which needs to be boiled.

No. 675461

This is so comical what in the ever loving fuck happened to her having a gf and being a lesbian

No. 675509

did she ever say she was a lesbian? i thought she always lied about being bi

No. 675518

She complained on Snapchat like two days ago that she was doing laundry and she needed quarters so she went to the store but got side tracked by buying beer and cheese and forgot her quarters so she has to go back to the store just to get quarters. So, yes, l she does do laundry, unbelievably, and it is in her complex.

No. 675533

They're getting awfully creative in trying to hide her boils and gross pussy. It's painfully and blidingly obvious that it's not even funny anymore, it's just plain sad.

"How do we shrink her boils?…"
"Hmm.. what if we just shrink her…"
"Make the wand giant to obstruct her nasty vag"
"Don't forget to crop her pussy from every scene"

Like seriously…

No. 675535

She's said she doesn't bother shaving her legs bc the hair is "fair".

I'm just dumbfounded at the state she shows up to her shoots as. Production and post are prob so offended, but at least they get a kick out of it. Imagine having the job in post trying to figure out how to make any of this footage salvageable… and the answer is basically cropping out her vagina, loosing all the close ups, and shrinking her so you can't see anything. Pathetic that all that's left is still that bad. kek

No. 675537

I didn't even know she said that kek. What a dumbass she is. It may not be visible on her potato camera at home, but it is with professional shit.

If she had stuck to her stoner aesthetic, she could honestly get away with it. Hairy is a legit niche. But she claims to be some barbie baby bimbo or whatever. With hairy legs, browning teeth, terrible make up and hair, and no sense of style. Tack on an addiction to alcohol and a psychological addiction to cannabis and that's our "barbie".

No. 675538

I agree, I think shayna has the pink yoy, but not purple. And in this one:
Shay would never buy a blue dildo. These toys are def from the photog's collection for girls to use. EWWW. I seriously just puked a little.

No. 675544

File: 1535548615443.png (474.6 KB, 1242x2208, 8788492C-BB3E-4214-8144-744F02…)

Trouble in paradise?

No. 675546

weird. she posted that on tumblr too.
her whole life is troubled, she just refuses to see it kek.

No. 675594

lmao i'm dead. she's talking on cam about her everyday morning routine saying it takes her 45 minutes to get ready because she takes a shower. shay, please.

No. 675681

she's clearly been lurking here so now she's trying to reverse it all

No. 675711

she's been lurking here for the last year and little has changed

No. 675715

File: 1535569391564.png (8.07 KB, 517x212, 2018-08-29 15_00_17-Dolly! Hav…)

i'm fucking dying imagining fupa dressed up as finn from adventure time……
it's halloween… they're not going to dress up as some xhardxcorex horror movie characters? what a flop.

No. 675728

I feel he's more likely to take shayna trick or treating than his kids

No. 675739

Nahhhhh she had a mini rant on her snap and it's so stupid. She was already having a bad night because she said she had a bad night on cam and then life apparently decided to 'try her' by having a freeze pop explode? Yes, it's that stupid.

No. 675740

she probably always has a bad day/night on cam when foxpartyofone isn't in there tipping her.
i've basically only seen people throw pennies at her otherwise because she's so fucking boring.

No. 675746

Have they not watched adventure time. They break up in the end. How stupid. Should be tree trunks and mr.pig

No. 675757

Do not disrespect tree trunks like that

No. 675761

most accurate halloween costume suggestion: shay goes as a bag of trash and fupa goes as a garbage man

No. 675788

so they just have to go out as themselves?

No. 675789

fupa as danny devito (trash man) and shay as gaaaahbage<3

No. 675793

exactly. just one of those low-effort types of costumes.

No. 675801

Shay can be rickety cricket with her throat punctured. Fupa would love that.

No. 675807

jesus. please sage this weird shit.

No. 675853

File: 1535577003534.png (2.95 KB, 268x161, 2018-08-29 17_08_35-Mozilla Fi…)

Who's got the countdown clock ready?

No. 675854

double-post, but how is she getting her stuff there…?

No. 675867

File: 1535577715459.gif (3.71 MB, 420x236, chair.gif)


This will be so good - not for them but for us lol.
Can't wait.


I guess she will send everything via mail? I mean some of the stuff gets into suitcases and everything else in a huge package? She only owns like 10 things tho.

No. 675887

well, hopefully none of her customers start asking questions about paying for her "boxes" if that's the case

No. 675982

Hahahaha she posted shower selfies on Snapchat to disprove the theory that she doesn’t bathe. Sorry for no screenshots, she blocks people for screenshotting.

No. 675983

what's her snapchat?

No. 675988

Lol just because she takes one shower doesn't mean we haven't seen hundreds of pictures of her days-unwashed hair and slept-in makeup

No. 675990

oh wait did you pay the amount to view her snap? i just remembered you have to pay for her whole thing lol

No. 675994

File: 1535588387016.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.51 KB, 508x622, fucking repulsive god save me.…)

she looks fucking hideous in these photos.

and clean? yeah right, shaytard.

No. 675995

She looks like a little boy in the face without makeup, it's kind of jarring

No. 675996

most little boys i see are cuter with much nicer noses but yeah definitely looks like an inbred man or teenage boy

No. 675998

Lol I personally don't think she has a bad nose here, although she probably has 3 filters going on this. She just literally has no eyelashes naturally is the main issue. Also, even wet and "clean" her hair still looks like you'd be pressed to get a comb through it.

No. 676000

Also it looks like she's wearing dollar store press-on nails

No. 676002

i love how she still looks like an ugly man with the snap heart filter on that makes your eyes bigger and your face shorter and your nose slightly smaller lel

No. 676011

tinfoil but what if they are dollar store press-on nails and the reason she’s wearing them is because she’s too broke to get her usual pink claws

No. 676017

the lack of shame never fails to astound me. does she see herself? why would she post a photo of her hair being a disgustingly tangled mess?
just throw the whole person away and start again. fucking hell.

No. 676021

LOL that's a perfect solution.

imagine how impossible it would be to comb through her unconditioned rats nest nightmare hair? it looks horrific. we all know she'll never comb or brush it though.

No. 676023


>posts snaps to "prove" that she showers

>immediately kneels on her disgusting rug/blanket

No. 676037

“This is my first shower in 10 days!”

No. 676067

File: 1535594317547.png (47.94 KB, 543x334, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 9.58…)

No. 676075

Lmao @ >Tulsa time

No. 676089

There is literally nothing in Tulsa. Like, I'd rather die than move to Tulsa. I can't believe Shayna is seriously moving from Massachusetts, to Seattle, to the literal middle of fucking nowhere. But I also think it's what she deserves, and I can't wait for these big life moves.

No. 676135

Not to mention there’s probably zero porn work out there.

No. 676139

Tulsa anon here. There's a new strip club (in the place of one that got shut down last year) with a huge "now hiring dancers" billboard sign out front. It's trashy enough for Shay. That's about all the sex work there is outside of literal prostitution kek.

No. 676144

File: 1535603651186.jpeg (27.21 KB, 366x550, AF062879-90D7-41A0-818A-A906FA…)

All this Halloween talk, I found your costume Shaytard, you can thank me later

No. 676151

File: 1535605029427.png (56.26 KB, 640x643, IMG_2172.PNG)

taking off the one gig you get a month is risky, shay!

No. 676167

what is this even?! so for fupa shay is not pretty anymore? he has to punch her face until it’s all purple and then it will be beaufiful enough?! sick fucker..

No. 676169


sure, jan

No. 676176

God… I really hate them with a passion.

No. 676180

I must be really out of the loop, when did beating someones face in become everyday bdsm? I had assumed it was more nuanced than that.

No. 676208

Seconding. I thought bdsm was like choking and restraints and scenarios with role playing not literally beating someone’s face and leaving bruises. This just seems like edgy tryhard shit. Their neighbors are gonna think she’s being abused.

No. 676223

File: 1535624698771.jpg (24.48 KB, 752x564, KOT11165_o.jpg)


>hair that silky

her hair is fried up to her ears and she can't afford a wig

>the claw

she still has no money

>the shirt

it's not bby bimbo pink barbie vomit and she's actually too retarded to cut up a thrift find

>body that firm

she's already flabby from her sugar/alcohol based diet and her giraffe neck won't help

>the ass

even though this cheap piece of shit doll is skinny as fuck, it still manages to have TOO much ass for shaynasty to be able to pull off the "ass spilling out of shorts 2 sizes too small" look

No. 676240

It's his only move

No. 676249

this cheap 'doll' (it's a statue, ffs) cost 80 bucks on amazon which is more than Shay usually earns kek.
She should give up on porn 'career' altogether and just be fupa's hometaker.

No. 676260

should have stuck to being a cutesy stoner pretending to know shit about Led Zepplin and The Doors. I just recently returned to Tumblr after being gone more than a year and oh god what the hell happened to this girl this is fucking revolting guess all the stoners are wannabe sex workers now

No. 676270

File: 1535633509391.png (233.5 KB, 288x636, Screenshot (216).png)

i'm guessing she means after the 12th because shes doing a live realtime bondage show on the 8th. Heres the forum where people suggest what to have her do etc. http://www.intersecforums.com/posts.php?tid=QODUIK3FJ06X7W9M4B8E&sid=2 (nsfw obviously)

No. 676272

File: 1535633698358.png (134.63 KB, 810x258, Screenshot (217).png)

the forum layout is so bad but heres her post where she is supposed to say her interests/limits. Very vanilla sounding compared to what some of these people are suggesting.

No. 676279

ummm…. this is a joke, right?

No. 676280

insex always picks the least flattering pictures of her for promos. why do her arms look so big here? the angle is awful.

No. 676286

Yeah, pretty sure most people wouldn't consider straight-up punching someone in the face bdsm.

No. 676288

these suggestions are weird lol… does she know what she's getting into here? i looked at some of the past published live shows and even just the promo pics look way more intense than anything i've seen her do before.

No. 676289


this FIGURINE it's ~not a statue ffs~

is /cheap/ in comparison to what figurines like this can and do go for.

No. 676291

oh my fucking god, infighting this early? and over an autistic post in the first place? the doll sucks and is ugly and the joke wasn't even funny when it was posted in the first place. move on.

No. 676305

File: 1535638896892.jpg (55.51 KB, 720x630, IMG_20180830_161451.jpg)

A typo and a freudian slip.
No, I don't think she would be good at it.

Amazon claims otherwise.
Statues are a subtype of figures along with action figures. If it's fixed to a stand and not poseable it's a statue.
Chill, I was pointing out Shay could not even afford it.
I know they can be even more expensive, am a doll and toy sperg in general.

>being this insistent about using the wrong term

No. 676314

Okay but how does it being a statue or figurine relate to shay being a cow?

No. 676329

omg kill yourself while you're ahead

No. 676337

Literally nobody but you cares. The whole point anon was trying to make about your “figurine” is that no matter how simple and cheap that costume would be Shay can’t pull it off because of her lack of self care and overall brokenness.

No. 676353

>Thuddy pain will mean we have to get out the bats rather than the whip….Well lets do that huge plank of wood and lets just go to town on you.

wtf, i don't like her but i wouldn't want her to get hit with a bat or plank of wood either.

No. 676362


oh man, if she lets them do the enema its gonna be a real shit show

No. 676366

Plot twist. Shayna becomes fupas caregiver

No. 676370

File: 1535649029684.jpg (160.13 KB, 1034x756, forshay.JPG)

I highlighted the part that I think Shay should pay attention to. I dunno if we will be able to see the live show after it airs. Does anyone know if those get leaked?

No. 676372

samefag but once again why do these men ignore the state of her fucking vagina? how do they get off when there are so many inflamed sores in her content?!?! do they LIKE that shit?

No. 676393

I love u anons

No. 676394

insex publishes them so it probably will be leaked, yes.

No. 676412

this lol, as much as i hate those poser stoner loser chicks, it was 1000000x better than her pathetic existence now.

No. 676426

File: 1535653828621.png (4.44 KB, 523x155, 2018-08-30 14_28_39-tbh sex wo…)


No. 676442

KEK. Girl barely releases content. She speaks as if she is some hardworking cam model who is constantly releasing fetish vids or something.

No. 676511

File: 1535661765920.jpg (24.66 KB, 292x386, shaytie.JPG)

this is hilarious cos the bitch only knows one basic as fuck tie. like shit do something different, look up a damn youtube tutorial, theres so many other easy af ties you can do you dumbass.

No. 676518

She'd take off """work""" because she jammed her pinky in a door.

Also her being proud of a social epidemic of women monetizing their pain and suffering like it makes her 'quirky' and isn't something a majority of women think about or are subjected to, lol. Not even to mention people who actually have the lives she pretends she does (in other words not still being spoonfed by their parents) can't think about taking off work. She's so disconnected from the real world.

No. 676536


what a shoddy fucking tie job.

No. 676552

Lol also she works like 3 hours a day tops, so… Even if she was sick, what does it matter?

No. 676573

File: 1535667989092.jpg (179.23 KB, 1080x1523, Screenshot_20180830-182312-1.j…)

What is her obsession with making call-out posts about blocking people for "liking" her posts? I swear to God she makes one of these every 2 weeks and I don't get it at all. Are other "Tumblr famous (can't even type that out with a straight face)" people like this or is this just her special brand of autism and trying to seem like she's more important than she actually is?

No. 676575

cosmetology anon here. her hair is natural curly, but in this pic of it wet we can see the front looks stringy and straight. this is a huge chunk of chemical damage that she probably LITERALLY cannot comb because if she did, it would stretch and snap from being overproccessed. her hair is beyond fucked up.

No. 676578

That explains a few things. She just needs to go back brown, the blonde's just making her look like someone's trailer trash aunt going through a mid-life crisis anyway.

No. 676581

The fact she keeps ranting about this shit just shows how dumb she is lmao she's blocking so many potential customers

>using my photos as ur header or avatar

literally nobody kek

No. 676583

I don't get what she doesn't comprehend about 90%+ of tumblrs are most likely sfw. Like… Even if I was some type of "fan" of hers or a potential customer, it's not necessarily going to be appropriate to reblog pictures with her jank pussy hanging out or 2 year old pictures of her ass. She needs to just permanently migrate to Twitter like a normal "porn star" and promote herself there if she has all these problems.

No. 676584


Ah so that's it. I was thinking it looked like heat-damaged black ppl hair kek

No. 676586

I didn't even mention the gifs/videos of her being punched/fucked by Kyle Nathan Perkins Tulsa, OK because we know NONE of anyone's tumblr followers need to be subjected to that.

No. 676593

She blocked me recently after politely asking about her sex vid with her daddy, and then politely declining when she told me it was just over 6 minutes for $25. I can send the screencaps.

No. 676594

yes please!

No. 676595

PLEASE do, anon. Every time she tries to scam someone this series of threads gain more legitimacy.

No. 676618

Lmao at the fact she thinks a video of her cracked out face and fupa with his baby carrot is worth more than a penny

No. 676621

she gets very upset and puts on the tumblr famous narcissist act when people don't pretend that she isn't an ugly piece of shit not good enough to jerk off to.

No. 676649

File: 1535672889103.jpeg (245.75 KB, 1242x1449, D932D3F2-CCC6-401B-B512-CAB922…)

I have crossed out my name. She blocked me after i turned it down, as you can see by the bottom where it says “this tumblr cant receive messages”.

No. 676655

File: 1535673021406.jpeg (571.09 KB, 1242x2148, 9BE2FA55-E60F-436A-A515-70125A…)

I simply did not want to purchase a video that expensive, when I can get the same kind of video that’s 3 times as long, with better quality, for half of that price.

No. 676658

I may have purchased from her in the future, but this left a sour taste in my mouth. Blocking potential customers is not a good business practice.

No. 676660

tbh i dont think a lot of customers know what they are getting into when they buy her porn. she's good at hiding her pussy and sores in previews but when she exposes it in the actual video it's disturbing and kills any mood. i dont think she makes many sales when her puss is actually in the previews lol.

No. 676662

Lol wow I like how she wasn't even responding to you before you even turned the offer down. Keep being professional, Shay.

No. 676722

her repulsive appearance and porn skills/acting should turn you off first but yeah she's beyond horrible at the whole making porn a career thing lol

No. 676750

I didn’t really know about the thread until I google searched her name. I guess it’s good I didn’t get it after all. Based on the gif quality I don’t think it was a very good quality video but it looked interesting. I’m personally in the bdsm community and have been for over 20 years, so I enjoy amateur bdsm porn every now and then.

No. 676757

fair enough. after seeing all of her pictures and her ass warts and vag warts, dirty stained rug that she sits naked on all the time, unwashed dildos and tangled nasty hair etc she just grosses me out so much.

No. 676768

after looking at her daddy and his tumblr, I’m not sure about how ethical their bdsm practices really are. I don’t even think this man has ever been mentored by anyone.

If they use bdsm just as an aesthetic for porn, I guess it’s fine. But if this is their actual lifestyle they are going about things much too quickly. You should not be collaring (for vanilla folks, collaring doesn’t always mean the physical act of putting a collar on someone, as the collar is more symbolic. It refers to officially “owning” someone, and being in a trust worthy bdsm relationship) after only a few months of knowing someone. You should not be broadcasting it online like it’s how bdsm works. You should not be discussing acts like waterboarding or knife/bloodplay without first having a contract. As I delve more into their profiles, this whole thing just seems like an act. Which is unfortunate for folks interested in the bdsm community.

No. 676792

Believe me, the rabbit hole goes much deeper with her "daddy". To begin – they've only met twice and have spent a total of about two weeks together in person. They are apparently set to move in together in about 2 weeks. She is uprooting herself from her apartment in Seattle to move in with him in Tulsa, OK.

No. 676801

having a contract is kind of frowned upon now in bdsm. after 50 shades popularized the idea of it and it was, of course, a very abusive display of what NOT to do in bdsm, most people refuse to have one. an agreed upon set of rules verbally (and maybe even written) is most common, and a lot of people who engage in actual bdsm have a set of boundaries, hard limits, soft limits, and the like for each person in the dynamic when it gets to the point where they consider collaring the next step. a contract isn't necessary or a pre-requisite to knife/blood play, or any play for that matter. as long as they consent to the scene and play involved, they're fine.
probably mini-blogpost but, i'm married to my dominant and we have never, ever had a contract or any sort of written agreement. our dynamic has always been sitting on verbal agreements and trust.
shay and kyle nathan perkins don't have a bdsm dynamic, they have a young, impressionable girl who landed herself in an abusive situation because she's too insecure and too uneducated about the bdsm she claims to love so much to know how to do it properly and seek an actual dominant who has been mentored, will respect and enforce boundaries/safe words even IF she doesn't verbally tap out by knowing his sub and reading their body language/facial expressions, and is safe, sane, and consensual. i'm not sure kyle even knows what those three words mean.

No. 676821

File: 1535679633262.png (415.81 KB, 1242x2208, 044CE570-ACE2-4277-B461-17AA58…)

What now…

No. 676835

Who could this be besides Kyle Perkins? She doesn't know anybody else.

They don't even do proper bdsm, he just punches her face sometimes…
Just look for leaks here, anon. It's hilarious.

No. 676845

Having a contract has never been frowned upon in the bdsm community. I have been doing this over 20 years, and I promise that 50 shades of gray has not done much, negatively or positively, to affect our community in any serious mainstream way. All 50 shades of gray did was attempt to show romantized and stylized bdsm fantasy for adults.

No. 676849

To add, you may be confused as to what a contract refers to in bdsm.
A contract, in bdsm terms, is not a legally binding written statement. It is simply a written statement (to help prevent he said she said issues) that talk about the relationship dynamic, limits of both (or more) parties, agreements on punishments, agreements on safe words, agreements on playing with other partners, and so forth. Not all bdsm relationships have strict “rules”, but a contract is important as it protects both parties in cases of possible abuse. Then both parties will have a written document stating what was agreed on, and weather or not that was breached.

I am glad the dynamic of verbal agreements works for your personal relationship, however it is not the way most [experienced] community members would advise people to go about it. Simply because a written agreement is a very easy way to tell weather or not limits have been breached.

No. 676852

Ew wtf you actually have notifications turned on for her? Fucking fag.

No. 676856

You seem very inexperienced as well, but more informed than Shayna is.

Any play that could possibly cause severe injury (serious breathplay, ie waterboarding, drawing blood, rough anal sex, etc) should all be discussed in detail with a written agreement beforehand. So in case any injury does happen, both parties have proof that they consented to it and cannot claim abuse. I’m not talking about little bruises from spanking, or your boyfriend choking you. I’m talking about intense, serious scenes here.

No. 676861


Yea so I can post her tweets here

No. 676863

i've had needles driven into me, been shocked/electrocuted, and some (though very, very small) scarification done and never, ever signed any piece of paper before doing it. just discussed it with my partner beforehand. bdsm is different for everyone and i, along with everyone else i know at the local play parties i attend w/ couples of all ages and experience, have never done so, but go off on how it's done "right" i guess.(look out we got a badass here)

No. 676867

shhh. this thread isn't about you.

No. 676870

Badass alert

No. 676872


This thread is about Shay and Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They're both try-hard mental midgets who have no idea what the fuck they're doing, and are nothing but an example of what not to do.
Not what you two anons do in the bedroom, and think is The One Trve Way.

However if a contract makes YOU feel better, go for it. not everyone agrees.

No. 676876

the fuck is this autistic fucker going off about?

No. 676884

They have parties? Like swingers? Lol

No. 676890


These posts just confirm to me that ~serious bdsm~folks are really just mentally disturbed spergs

Even Shay hasn't fallen that deep yet
Looks like fupapa Kyle Perkins is going to abuse her for internet edge points in the future tho

No. 676892


Most people negotiate in writing so that no one screams consent violation after the fact. When it happens to you, you'll start doing it.

Also, most parties organized by kink groups with non-profit status make you sign for liability>>676863

No. 676894

No one cares about your "kink", stop blogposting and stay on topic.

No. 676896

File: 1535684895033.jpg (68.98 KB, 1072x454, Screenshot_20180830-223324-1.j…)

I wonder if she'll be begging her followers to pay for fupa's (34th, 35th?) birthday party/presents like she did her "moving supplies"?

No. 676898

Why is this bitch trying to be like prettylittlevictim/baby-pig/tinydoll. At least her mister was actually attractive and whored her out to his friends and didn’t ask to be paid to humiliate herself. not too long now and this cow will start drinking her own piss for money.

No. 676964

She literally stole her online persona. She went from hippy dippy stoner chick, to posting nudes, to posting snatch shots and then suddenly out of no where she starts camming and punching herself in the face for a few cents. The whole “I’m a smol pink princess” thing started after baby-pig left tumblr and I’ve always secretly thought Shay assumed she could take her place within the online community.

No. 676968

Wow sounds like a good plan for a psycho to internally damage your ass carelessly and then not be able to sue because you ~signed a contract~ The mental gymnastics people go through to justify this kind of abuse is truly sad

No. 676974

what happened to her anyway? I found her tumblr a few months before she vanished and could never find evidence that she did all the edgy shit she talked about

No. 676980

By the way guys I’m basically convinced that her most recent nail set are press ons. That unnatural pink color and the shape looks exactly what they sell at the 99 cent store (her favorite place to shop)

No. 676983

I would love to know. She was just as much of a train wreck as Shay. Definitely in a different way but still so hard to tear your eyes away from. If anyone knows please feel free to update us because I wonder about her every now and then. Wasn’t she supposedly stalked by someone who found her on tumblr? Idk

No. 676984

File: 1535697038503.png (Spoiler Image,3.66 MB, 750x1334, DBF84247-C0FA-454F-B215-E450F4…)

Not really sure if I needed to spoiler that but just in case, pic is a close up of her newest nail set. Has anyone ever seen someone get a professionally done nail set that looks like this?

No. 676986

Plv was def more legitimate than Shay ever will be. She actually enjoyed being treated shitty and i thought she was adorable. She was supposedly stalked even after deactivating twice. Shay is obviously just doing this for any kind of attention, and not like kinky attention. She doesn’t appear to truly enjoy any of her “sex work.” So fake and cringey. You can see in her face the absolute void of any happiness or respect for herself. She’s bound to crash and burn soon with that gross neckbeard and I then will go back to being a nasty 24/7 pity party cow oh no I put my trust in another rando sicko I fell in love with over Tumblr and now all of my loyal fans will have to go without my glowing ass lesions we all know exactly what’s going to happen

No. 677016

She claims it’s to be more ~suburban housewife~ but it just seems like Fupas way of getting out of paying for it.

No. 677100

this is so funny shay nobody takes off work when they have a cold. bosses only allow you a day off if you're puking & shitting. we just take some dayquil and get on with it. she's so privileged

No. 677102

File: 1535720646584.png (571.84 KB, 800x1001, Screenshot_2018-08-31-05-59-58…)


The other responses.

No. 677134


I dont think this is even remotely what Shay is into, or has ever actually experienced. I'm actually frightened for her reading all these responses. They're normal for BDSM but Shay isn't ACTUALLY into BDSM and I think this is going to be a huge scary wake up call for her.

No. 677144


No, they're obvious cheap press ons

No. 677151

The fuck, enemas?

No. 677165

definitely press-on's as >>676000 mentioned a few days ago. she must have ripped off those horrible looking acrylics with the big-ass tips from >>667975 and tried to cover it up kek

No. 677167

File: 1535730598512.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 602x942, 2018-08-31 11_47_54-Real Time …)

i'm kind of scared for shay tbh
these are promo pics for some of the other show's they've done…

No. 677168

File: 1535730668379.png (Spoiler Image,451.99 KB, 585x779, 2018-08-31 11_49_19-Real Time …)

here's the one for the london river show that someone mentioned on that forum. yikes……….

No. 677174

men are disgusting
shay has gone out of her way to live this life despite everything easy and much more fulfilling being handed to her on a silver platter. it's getting increasingly more difficult to feel sorry for her.
who wants to place bets that some farmers are going to rally others to donate to her inevitable "get me out of this abusive shithole!! sadface" gofundme

No. 677175

i guess we should start telling her how fat she is, then?

some of the pictures of her pussy that are out now, it looks like she has a mini ballsack hanging out of her vag and it’s freaking me the fuck out, haha but srs what IS that, can’t post right now because work but here’s a great example >>673172

why is she so swollen, did she pussy pump again in this vid? is it the beginnings of prolapse? i’m not watching that shit but wow is she wrecking her vag, it’s horrifying to look at…

No. 677177

it's been talked about a lot. she's just becoming used up.

No. 677180

Literally who?

More vendetta-chans, no one cares about your shitty sex life either, do you want a thread?

No. 677181


does baby-pig have a thread? i am not familiar with this person

No. 677183

sage your shit. if you want a thread about some other loser go make it, no one cares about this nobody. you reek of selfpost.

No. 677185


skin walking would add to her list of offenses, chill with your unnecessary attitude.

No. 677188

File: 1535735652423.jpg (12.92 KB, 225x224, download.jpg)

We have talked about other grody people in these threads, and people do care clearly. Go smoke a cigarette and come back later.

No. 677228

can we PLEASE push her to do the enema and literally shit on camera

No. 677229

when that day comes i'll just be like, are you fucking kidding me? no sympathy for shay anymore, most 15 year olds know much better.

No. 677241

that's something that will get permanently burnt into your brain lmao terrifying

No. 677247

lol yes let's all offer her like 100$ each on tumblr to do the enema so she'll think people want to pay ridiculous amounts for her "hard work" and her "sexy enema", the milk after will be terrifying but funny and plentiful.

No. 677260

i mean she lurks here so it would be pretty obvious it was farmers. also that's cowtipping.

No. 677262

no it's not cowtipping, i was implying anonymously on tumblr not fucking telling her that it's her haters from lolcow. if she is lurking here reading my post right now oh well

No. 677286

lol what's with all the angst itt today? contacting them whether you're anonymous or not is considered cowtipping i'm pretty sure…

No. 677308

It wouldn't work if it was a bunch a people at once asking for that, she isn't that dumb. Don't try to 'troll' the cows itt. It's fucking cringey

No. 677322

File: 1535745761576.png (254.64 KB, 218x831, 2018-08-31 16_00_25-Mozilla Fi…)

everyone mark this day in the history books – shay is eating something unprocessed

No. 677323

also idk if this is old or what, but the gross french tips are back

No. 677345

Is this actually supposed to be sexy?

No. 677353

God what the fuck is wrong with humans
Run as long as you can shay

No. 677356

"sistine chapel"

That meth confidence tho

No. 677379

She chose this. She deserves whatever she gets that this point.

No. 677381

I bet she didn't even eat them and bought them purely just to take selfies.

No. 677387

File: 1535751410282.png (Spoiler Image,639.09 KB, 1205x861, 2018-08-31 17_32_01-Mozilla Fi…)

im just gonna leave the whole page here because there's a lot
>i dunno if there’s anything specifically tht i love learning abt
>Dada’s absolutely amazing at making everything work, especially in difficult, high pressure situations
besides his first marriage
>when i see ppl serial liking my content it kind of jst screams “im putting this in my spank bank w/ no intention of buying ur content or reblogging it 4 other ppl 2 see & purchase”
>big suburban home w/ my Creepy Punk Uncle Ken
> “g’morning Dada !!! i love u!!! put ur dick in me pls!!!!1!

No. 677433

Having your boyfriend fuck you in your sleep is maybe interesting in theory but when she starts waking up with filthy sheets, horrific UTI’s and being sore af she’ll change her mind, it becomes a reality way quick.

No. 677434

she must be really bored lately with putting out all the dumbest shit lol

No. 677442

Its rape is what it is.

No. 677451

shay's answer to that first question just shows how boring her personality is & how everything about her revolves around being the biggest "bimbo pwincess" ugh. does she have any interests at all? no wonder she has no friends. i can't picture kyle perkins being a wealth of knowledge as well since he still acts like a 15 yr old.

No. 677503

Is this called piss river for any reason? There is no mention of piss

No. 677511

It's 3 parts so who knows what the descriptions of the other 2 say. I only had the stomach to do so much clicking around on that page lol

No. 677512

File: 1535761441332.jpg (207.69 KB, 1081x1417, Screenshot_20180831-202154-1.j…)

Jfc the absolute STATE of the fucking carpet never ceases to amaze/disgust me
insert "damn bitch u live like this?" meme

No. 677513

I couldn't agree more. Anons are too soft feeling bad for her. Nobody in their right mind would sign up for this. Is the pay really that great?

No. 677514

That's the first thing I noticed. It's not hr carpet though, it's a blanket she laid over her nasty debris filled, and stained carpet to hide the filth, but it didn't work because her blanket is just as disgusting.

Also "Spoiled"? These are necessities. She's so broke and trashy, she thinks buying groceries and some things at Sephora is "spoiling" herself. KEK! Reminds me of her "hauls" of like 4 things from the thrift store or F21, then after she makes a post saying how she is "broke" and needs more money. Sad.

No. 677540

Not WK'ing but…necessities? Lmao Sephora is not a necessity. And it's not exactly cheap either. You're reaching real hard.

No. 677541

Damn you're right. Pretty sad if that's what she's using to cover up something even worse. I'm betting her parents don't get their deposit back on that apt.

No. 677546

priorities lmao

No. 677549

Eh, as a sex worker makeup is basically a necessity. For Shayna to fix that mug, it’s 150% necessary.

No. 677559

I’ve been a sex worker for 3 years and you definitely don’t need to buy Sephora items. Considering how shitty she is at makeup she should stick to drugstore brands and save her money for shit she actually needs like regular gyno visits.

No. 677561

was just about to say, you really don't need to splurge on makeup at sephora.
some drug store brands are fine.

No. 677588

Come on, “spoiled”?? That’s easily under $80. Eyeliner, mascara, freebie box for x amount of money within a year, maybe another sample sized item thrown in.

No. 677593

This was probably the money she made from raising money for her moving boxes.

No. 677597

I don’t mean that Sephora items are necessary, but for her, makeup is def necessary.

No. 677622

can we tip for a milk enema?

No. 677637

but shay i thought our dads were spoiling you with our college funds

No. 677645

wasnt she just fucking begging for cardboard boxes and luggage. shay your followers are complete dumbasses but even they can pick up on this kind of shit

No. 677690

File: 1535780535060.jpg (55.58 KB, 540x540, tumblr_pbm3lzYTvT1qf3fyf_540.j…)

she really posted these bum ass "haul" pics on that crusty fuckin carpet.

No. 677697

Wow Shayna, that’s a great haul of cheap sample/travel size items!

Please everyone, don’t tip her to shit milk outta her ass. She doesn’t deserve it and she will prob release this kind of content in the near future for a couple of bucks.

No. 677698

Judging by that forum, there are guys willing to tip her to do much worse things without any involvement from us

No. 677699

File: 1535782353571.jpeg (82.28 KB, 636x785, 6C071546-9CB5-4290-925E-FDC1E1…)

Working hard, spoiled AND thriving!!!!

No. 677720

This is literally a kit you get for FREE for 500 Sephora points it says it right on the box smh. The 3 things she laid out of the box like they were separate items go inside the gift box and the bag comes with it. Lmao

No. 677746

>anytime shay replies to asks: ImM TaKing yeR DadS MONeY!!
>anytime shay posts about making purchases: I've worked SO hard to spend these 50$ and I WILL flex this 500 point gift box sephora gives that covers over half my items in this picture!

Does she not understand that to an average person, seeing a white trash cunt talk mad shit then turn around and flex products any farmer can pull out their ass with a couple of dollars is laughable?
She spends sooo much time talking the absolute most of shit to anybody if she feels it right however its never a daddy that got her any of this, its never rich gross men sending her a spending budget which is woefully pathetic but instead shes so far gone the pennies from punching her face get scraped together so she can finally hit the 500 points and get her spechul xtra box of useless tat to self gratify her awful existence.

Independence is only used when it suits her and she has terrible fucking timing kek.

No. 677753

it's so ironic that shay offers paid advice for sex work, when she is the perfect example of what not to do as a sex worker. Shay should have quit while she was ahead. I remeber watching this stripper on youtube say something along the lines of 'if you're not making money in the first six months, maybe you should look for another line of work'. Shay's never going to be taken seriously or make decent money. It's pretty sad.

No. 677769

File: 1535795465836.jpeg (Spoiler Image,174.27 KB, 750x994, 6CADF323-6055-419C-BDB3-9A7BFD…)

The poor girl is using submission blogs.

No. 677773

she has one job and she's not even good at it.

What is she going for with the snapchat filters, it's just tacky at this point.

No. 677789

yeah exactly. using that snapchat filter for every pic makes actual customers feel cheated & also lets people know that she feels really ugly & insecure. the only other cam girls i've seen that use that lovehearts filter for all their photos are butterfaces. i know other anons have said this before but i never understand how shay still looks so ugly when that filter turns everyone i know into beautiful princesses.

No. 677791

File: 1535801243216.jpg (27.11 KB, 480x480, 1747_ldfarquaad.jpg)

her nose reminds me of this nose in mii maker. which funnily enough has been used to make lord farquaad. who she also kinda resembles, apart from the chin.

No. 677793


kek, i vote a new nickname for her to be “sharquad”

No. 677816

Farquaad is a reach. You guys need to step your insult game up. There's so much else to work with here.

No. 677817

Wtf is her pose on the right?
>I have no lips and direct your attention away from my pussy

No. 677829

It’s the special needs Barbie look

No. 677895

File: 1535820378344.jpg (250.43 KB, 1081x1802, Screenshot_20180901-124438-1.j…)

Fupa's probably stressed out trying to string all his lies together into something tangible before Shay moves in

No. 677905

I don’t think she’s ready for what’s coming but she needs to learn and I can’t wait to see how his ends

No. 677921

>"Generously" offers previews to the product she's selling
Every industry does this from makeup swatches to movie trailers. And she says herself that she needs to do it to sell them, not exactly generous if you have to do it and don't even let people look and show their interest in it.

>Fan mentions plugs that fit Shay's aesthetic, doesn't mention size or if she intends to buy them for her "Omg buy them for me! I love plugs and need plugs and even if they don't fit I'll take them anyways!!!"

I hope this gives her the wake-up call she needs that she needs to stay within her limits and that being vanilla isn't a fucking bad thing. That she needs some self respect or she'll fuck herself over like this because she's only working for the lowest of the low, men who will literally kill you because they don't understand her as more than an object (also likely because they don't have any women in their lives so they go more and more extreme with porn). A limit of only no electricity and a sad attempt to say "don't hit me too hard" isn't enough here. Either shay didn't do her research or she still is deluded into thinking you're not hard core if you don't go all the way and that she is "hard core". Part of me feels a bit bad for Shay but I'm pretty sure that's more out of the horror of what these men will do to girls desperate for money than caring for Shay herself. She needs tough lessons and unfortunately the only place she'll get it is from the industry who is using her. Kyle clearly doesn't care, I wonder if he'll be in the audience watching without tipping

No. 677955

Does she really think caring about the person you're dating has any relation to being a "top" or not lol

No. 677967

>being a bottom means you don’t have to provide your partner emotional support and comfort
>but Shay does it because she’s just sO speshUL 10/10 best girl

No. 677993

File: 1535832001783.jpg (101.62 KB, 1079x644, Screenshot_20180901-155751-1.j…)

The narcissist schtick is so annoying lol I can't take her seriously

No. 678004

I love this "dom" narc role reversal. I see this shit all the time where male doms female subs wind up having to play the role of his mother whenever his clear lack of emotional development rears its head in a nonsexual context. lol

They really try to hammer it into you that you can't do anything without them while simultaneously telling you they cant survive without you either & everything they feel is your responsibility to deal with. Being a comforting or emotionally supportive person is in no way natural to shayna & this is absolutely our soyboy's doing.

No. 678020

File: 1535836135336.jpeg (Spoiler Image,126.63 KB, 786x1199, 10E1288A-5D8B-4229-A88B-08BBAD…)

Apparently this is a new vid she’s editing

No. 678092

File: 1535842652180.jpeg (207.68 KB, 1125x505, 63C6585A-E52C-4485-A2FF-2480DD…)

funny coincidence lmao

No. 678097


No. 678115

File: 1535844468390.png (70.41 KB, 904x1072, Screenshot_2018-09-01-16-27-15…)

No. 678119

File: 1535845136691.jpeg (141.49 KB, 640x843, 4DD81387-A5B6-4DAB-AAA5-C4EEC7…)

No. 678128


Looks like a box to me, after all that's what she's been trying to buy off Amazon right?????

No. 678130

She said during a previous cam show that a customer bought that for her a few nights ago.

No. 678147

Dolly needs doxy

No. 678148

File: 1535849252112.jpg (249.5 KB, 1081x1809, Screenshot_20180830-190409-1.j…)

Did she delete this off her Tumblr? I capped it a couple days ago but ya someone bought it for her

No. 678338


Kind of sad, she really missed an opportunity, given what a ‘doxy’ is. It would have been a much cuter and more unique name than fucking Dolly.

No. 678445

File: 1535891410654.gif (782.47 KB, 336x282, 44789EA6-6B6E-4D37-9886-4E604A…)

Her tit is nsfl

No. 678510

File: 1535899516288.jpg (81.57 KB, 1080x697, Screenshot_20180902-104152-1.j…)

Why do I imagine this to be like 80% of their everyday conversations?

No. 678511

File: 1535899555376.jpg (86.76 KB, 1082x976, Screenshot_20180902-104211-1.j…)

cute pic Shay lmao. Dude looks like a gremlin.

No. 678512

Has he completely given up on hiding his face?

No. 678516

>dada what do u love abt meeee????
>Um… you’re sexy… and… you like burgers?

No. 678525

i think so lol. i mean his dick is all over tumblr now too so might as well show his face full fledged

No. 678532

Still wonder if he's going to do a full foray into Shay's porn with the name "Daddy Mattel" that he keeps trying to push (or even his stupid dumblr handle)

No. 678541

I just don’t get it at all. She should be able to do so much better than this creature, even with that horror show of a vagina.

No. 678553

File: 1535902224859.jpeg (108.92 KB, 1125x423, 2B4CF207-C8BA-48B2-8353-060C34…)

kek I hope this was farmers

No. 678564

i feel like they’ll go with some generic af like “you’ve been warned, dolly mattel” because they’re both so unoriginal and also too lazy to come up with something clever

No. 678610

He’s so gross looking the only reason she would “choose” him is because no other actual dom would ever accept her. notice how barely any “dom” accounts like or show genuine appreciation for her. Maybe reblog her treaser gif posts but not actual support. Just her follower dimwitted minions. She has no real standing in the true sex worker or bdsm tumblr community.

No. 678716

File: 1535915546993.gif (Spoiler Image,1.81 MB, 540x304, https://78.media.tumblr.com/e3…)

I think this is the most pathetic I've seen shay yet lmao. From her doxy video

No. 678723

Wow, she looks super retarded.

Also that buttplug design is so bad, it looks like a blown out asshole.

No. 678726

I'm going to have to disagree anon, haha. I think they're kind of equal levels of gross.

Ugh the pink jeweled buttplug was such a bad choice for her. At first glance it looks like she had an anal prolapse. Which isn't a stretch considering her vagina is already starting to

No. 678727

Yeah that's exactly what I thought when I first saw it, it's not farfetched for her to not care about prolapsing when she films with the state that her genitals are already in.

No. 678728

She seriously looks like she's a special needs porn actor with a bad prolapse.

No. 678729

File: 1535916490166.png (72 KB, 750x418, IMG_3626.PNG)

Wow this guy spent a whole 10 dollars on you shayna we're so jealous

No. 678734

I'd pay a very small amount of money to read their convos, I bet it's the cringiest, basic shit.

No. 678736

File: 1535916730074.jpg (21.12 KB, 640x413, digust.jpg)

No. 678745

seriously she looks like she has Down syndrome.

Actually no that’s being really mean to people with Downs

No. 678747

And what a shock! It’s the same routine as usual. She puts a vibe on her infected cunt, shoves something in her ass, puts her feet over her shoulders, makes stupid faces while using the vibe, and then says she came so hard. COME UP WITH SOMETHING BETTER

No. 678759


She got a new carpet after it was mentioned how nasty the other one is?? >>677512

No. 678761

Now imagine this was your actual daughter… I'd probably kill myself

No. 678762

Look harder
It's just a blanket sheet she threw over it

No. 678821

File: 1535923186902.png (5.58 KB, 510x225, Screenshot (222).png)

so apparently they have the house and kyle is moving in thursday (like a week before shayna) i bet hes still where hes been living this whole time and hes just gonna act like he just moved in omg

No. 678826

That's a blanket she's had for at least a year
That's a lot of work to do for basically nothing. He's probably gonna drop some boxes around his place to make it look moved in.
Hopefully Shayna doesn't look for any dust bunnies or built up grime proving he's been there awhile

No. 678834

funny how shay or kyle nathan perkins from tulsa oklahoma haven't posted any photos of the amazing gorgeous suburban house (to my knowledge). im willing to bet its extremely underwhelming and bland beyond belief, and will only be made even worse with shay "dollying" it by slapping on awful pink paint and pissing on the carpets. >>678821

No. 678864

She also said its 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms lmfao with what fucking money

No. 678870

It’s tulsa….doesn’t seem exactly like a very expensive place to live. Google says : “The median home value in Tulsa is $119,700”.
I’ve never stepped foot in Tulsa or even oaklahoma but from what I’ve seen on TV(first 48, anyone?) it seems like a fairly dumpy city.

No. 679369

I'm irked that they're still legit acting like he BOUGHT a house in the course of like a week and a half lmao

No. 679388

I don’t think shay is acting, she probably thinks it’s all real cos she’s delusional af. She probably thinks that’s how getting s house works, I’m sure. Girl hasn’t developed past 16 soooo

No. 679409

This is going to be so milky.

I haven’t been this excited for a trainwreck since Raven moved back to the US.

No. 679448

File: 1535938086714.jpg (813.56 KB, 1080x2479, 20180902_202603.jpg)

so mature guys. I'm confused, this is one of the girls who paid Shay $10 for a reblog so I wonder why she wants them blocked now?

No. 679473

Maybe she realised that they're full of shit and is sick of seeing them? I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

But can we talk about how embarassing they are? This chick just wants to stop seeing them everywhere but they think it's such a great joke…

No. 679486

their smug responses make me want to just use my non identifiable tumblr to say "ACTUALLY maybe they want you to block them because shay's ugly flat pimple covered, blown out ass and infected rancid dirty vag grosses people out to the point of vomiting and her embarrassing cringy shit "porn" is worse than burning in hell for eternity, and kyle nathan perkins from tulsa, OK is a fat, hideous short ogre looking wannabe 15 year old gangster near 40 year old who is actively ruining his actual young children's lives and tries so hard to be "edgy" that it's like a parody of a midlife crisis deadbeat douche. MAYBE just maybe that is why they are politely requesting to be blocked."

but instead i'll just rant it all off here to prevent ruining any future milk (if they would care or whatever).

No. 679494

File: 1535943722843.jpg (Spoiler Image,371.6 KB, 1081x1842, Screenshot_20180902-230059-1.j…)

I honestly think they're making fun of her so much shout it is because her own blog is awkward as fuck

No. 679508

I never thought I would be able to see uglier tits than shayna's

No. 679509

I know everyones tits are different and there is no "normal" breast type but geez those look like total moobs lol

No. 679534

They're all retarded and petty. This chick needs to get a grip and just ignore their posts or something. There's a million ways she could stop seeing their shit that don't involve begging them to block her. She should have just given up the first time.
Their stupid "u mad" response is just icing on the cringe cake.

No. 679582

Jfc if I was that fat with saggy deflated tits I definitely would not be getting naked on the internet. Does webcam porn really pay these uggos more than a job at, say, Starbucks, or are hoes like this just looking for a job they can do without needing to leave the couch?

No. 679590

I will give Shayna 1 point if the Sailor Moon picture was an intention jab at 'slutty serenity'.

No. 679643

You should go check out Luna’s

No. 679749

File: 1535976216657.jpeg (104.67 KB, 750x498, 4FD340E5-60E2-47B8-A01C-9CE7DA…)

Saw this tweet and immediately Kyle Nathan Perkins from tulsa oklahoma came to mind kek

No. 679751

so basically you can do all the shit on shay's block list like serial liking her oc, deleting her captions etc and annoy the shit out of her til the end of time without getting blocked as long as you send her a message asking to be blocked!! i hope this girl takes it and runs with it. i hope she spam messages shay everyday asking for discounts, deliberately steals shay's videos instead of reblogging, reblogs all her stuff and deletes every caption but adds in her own 'check out this diseased vagina' caption.

it'll be so funny cos it'll put shay in a gridlock. either she does what the girl wants and blocks her, or she continues to let the girl get away with all this shit that pisses her off so much she blocks everyone else for it. (girl, if you're reading this right now, you know what to do)

No. 679759

Yeah seriously. All this girl needs to do is install tumblr saviour on her browser and block their names. It's obvious she's only messaging them because she wants to piggyback off shay's popularity and no one would ever even look at her content otherwise (even though shay isn't actually popular irl she does have a bewildering amount of tumblr followers. Half of them are probably spam blogs though). Their responses are cringeworthy but so is her question.

No. 679871

Are you sure he didn't write this one?

No. 679903

I’m so convinced that you just found a vague post about Kyle Perkins because this is an exact description of everything he is and it’s too fucking funny.

No. 679927

File: 1535996549797.jpg (89.7 KB, 1440x1276, FB_IMG_1535996505383.jpg)

Shay in a nutshell

No. 680001

File: 1536003426594.jpeg (Spoiler Image,43.83 KB, 500x280, 426DED76-57C5-4C47-BD69-19BC17…)



No. 680012

It’s for old men that fantasize about fucking the 40yo waitress that works at the trucker stop dinners

No. 680020

Me too anon! I hope shay will be equally milky! I just hope they post pictures of their totally bought house in the near future (before she ruins everything wtih pink shit) so we can see the "Jacuzzi" and the "luxury" in the house he "totally bought for her" kekeke.
OT, but also I really hope Raven comes back soon, announcing her brand new divorce kek. (She got married to couchie already)

No. 680027

File: 1536005766461.jpeg (Spoiler Image,536.29 KB, 555x1090, DCEA2405-28C1-4D90-9689-4D0B5A…)

So about a week ago she was talking about on cam that her morning shifts get shorter and shorter because she is losing too many points on her cam score. She was done to an hour, but now non at all. She didn’t even add the hours to her PM sessions when apparently that’s where she’s making the money?

No. 680028

She looks disgusted by her own cooch

No. 680032

such work ethic
much thrive

No. 680059

I've never used MFC. Can someone explain how being online makes your score go down?

No. 680070

being online and not making money makes the score go down.

No. 680074


It's really sad that him and his twitter/face/life getting exposed oline is actually something Shyana is so happy and thankful for to have happened. Before, she made whiny posts about him not wanting to make nasty porn with her, had to always hide his face, etc. Now that it's all out in the open, she's convinced him to lay off trying to be a responsible adult who was attempting to keep his private separate from his uber pathetic pseudo 'dom' blog. Being an obese insecure bumblefuck-town beta, Kyle is going loving any sort of attention, even though he just looks like the biggest loser with his trainwreck gf and their dumpster fire of a life.

No. 680090

Your CamScore is the calculated average of money you make over time worked.

Just with any average, the more time on cam, dilutes your token earnings, if they don't grow together.

No. 680203

File: 1536019219905.jpg (Spoiler Image,214.77 KB, 1080x1465, Screenshot_20180903-195918-1.j…)

Looking rough and crusty as ever

No. 680216

I still don’t understand those Wal Mart press on looking nails

No. 680295

She looks so dead inside

No. 680301

she blew all her money on cardboard boxes anon go easy on her

No. 680382

Back at it with those wings

No. 680396

File: 1536034462075.jpeg (188.51 KB, 750x1170, 4BD7B6A8-8624-4054-978A-0ADE8B…)

This girl is taking farm jokes and using them as her own on tumblr because she’s still upset about fupa and Shay responding the way they did.

No. 680398

File: 1536034674328.jpeg (Spoiler Image,198.66 KB, 750x1202, C9175AC7-3CAF-4AA9-B20A-F0B0A8…)

Petition to start a thread of this cow


No. 680399

File: 1536034771355.png (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 750x1334, 4A381EB7-14B7-4BB2-9F65-D2FF31…)


No. 680401

As if she isn’t the female version of a tumblrina, soyboy, edgelord, daddy dom?

No. 680403

we get it, she's fat and has horrible taste in lingerie

is she milky enough for a thread though? just throw her in the camwhore thread

No. 680428

Wow, I thought I came to the Shay-gnar thread, not the Random-Bitch-From-Tumblr thread. Post her in the camwhore thread, not here.

No. 680430

Mildly sus that this landwhale mayb a farmer/lurker who selfposted upthread for farm clout tbh
Bitch-tits and Cunt-boils are disgusting but chicks like this really feed into their delusion that da ‘haters’ are all jealous obese failed whores who resorted to talking shit for attention
Sooo let’s not

No. 680432

Right? Kind of self posty. What has she done other than expose the world to more landwhale blubber?

No. 680550

she paid for a promo from shayna before she started begging them to block her

No. 680600

what an unflattering pose, her arm looks reqlly big compared to the rest of her body.

No. 680601

File: 1536067810439.jpeg (823.9 KB, 1242x1667, 941E4D6F-419C-46BC-8360-A70E0C…)

she is so unlikable

No. 680637

I think we also ignored the fact that she’s lighting a roach. Sick….

No. 680646

What is this even in response to

No. 680667

probably this >>680203 since it's the most related thing.

No. 680674

there’s like an inch of blunt left anon. if that’s a roach to you then that’s a madagascar hissing cockroach.

by the way her already downsy eyes are drooping, i assume the uwu suburban bimbo housewife barbie smoked it by herself in her hovel before snapping some pics of her cross-eyed nipples. how pathetic.
sage 4 roach nitpicking

No. 680676

that's the extent of the milk. wtf else would be in a thread of her?

No. 680686

Shayna has her own thread because she constantly victimizing herself. Also she scams and uses people. My favorite scam so far was not going thru with the giveaway. That one made me laugh the hardest. I don’t know if this girl can produce endless milk the way Shayna does

No. 680694

Being fat is not milk.

This is among the worst she's ever looked. Get some sleep and a retail job Shay, your life will be better.

No. 680717

She has a bloody scab on her lip. Just drink water and use chapstick why is this hard for her

No. 680726

File: 1536081786220.png (4.57 MB, 1242x2208, CA3625A6-8D0F-4386-BF04-D5FF74…)

sage because this is all old news but did anyone else catch this? what the fuck. was this a farmer or an autistic lurker? also they stole y’alls research wtf. 1/3

No. 680727

File: 1536081806854.png (4.15 MB, 1242x2208, 5C12955E-382E-44EA-80A5-CF629E…)

No. 680730

File: 1536081867939.png (2.64 MB, 1242x2208, 45A444BD-7AFD-47E9-A172-DBC17C…)

No. 680731

damn predator is such a good word for what he is. fucking creepy

No. 680733

i can 10000% see him being a perp on to catch a predator

No. 680734

It just makes it more gross that he actually has a daughter

No. 680736

this is so autistic. i hope for lolcow's sake this wasn't a farmer. jfc.

No. 680787

It looks like it could be a farmer. The tumblr https://cutie-babyy-princess.tumblr.com/ is pretty empty.

No. 680793

File: 1536085884722.png (15.68 KB, 562x237, 1154478855455.PNG)

Fupa's tumblr is littered with posts like this from people praising their relationship.

It's pretty fucked up how most of them think this is some amazing opportunity for Shay. Just a bunch of mentally ill people supporting a deadbeat predator and a stupid scamming broke girl who's desperate for whatever she can get.

I can't wait for this trainwreck to be kicked into high gear. Shay is going to learn the hard way that older men who have abandoned their children, serially cheat on who they date, and enjoy being called "dada" are not good life partners.

I also wonder if she realizes on some level how pathetic and broke this maneuver makes her look. She looks like she can't support herself. She hasn't accomplished shit on her own. She's washed up at the age of 21.

No. 680796

File: 1536086018766.png (16.22 KB, 561x244, 5228964444.PNG)

Oh wowwww. Lmfao.

Living together is going to be a real wake up call for you two idiots.

Finishing each other's sentences and thinking alike?!!? Wow let's move in together before we have known each other for 6 months!!!

No. 680805

File: 1536086330473.png (16.78 KB, 267x501, 5633298554478211.PNG)

I know she is excited to see her favorite Fupa #2 at the live shoot. I hope she makes out with him again lmaooooo

No. 680808

The milk always aligns with whatever she is looking forward to, it's hilarious. She is like giving us an actual schedule for milk.

No. 680818

File: 1536086860617.png (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1343x721, hankhell.PNG)

More lovinglyhandmade featuring Crusty Mattel from a couple of days ago. Her fake noises are always so gross.


No. 680819


Why does it look like they've released the same video like ten times?

No. 680842

when were these posted? i'm surprised he didnt make some passive aggressive posts about it.

No. 680847

her body is so shapeless… she looks like a tube of toothpaste.

No. 680907

No. 680923

lmao exactly and it looks like some kind of amateur trailer trash couple filming in their garage

No. 680950

File: 1536097527823.png (20.54 KB, 750x392, Capture.PNG)

>>680787 >>680730
the blog may be a burner or a farmer but the faeblocklist (a blocklist for sexworkers of creeps?) has reblogged posts regarding shay so not even tumblr is arrogant to "lil" miss steal your dad (literally) ways these days

No. 680952

File: 1536097556436.png (Spoiler Image,452.32 KB, 1920x952, yay.PNG)

The threads featuring Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK moved up to page 2 on the search results for his name.

No. 680954

yikes, that's without even a location included in the search terms

No. 680978

File: 1536099349716.jpeg (333.18 KB, 1125x975, CADA4713-0CB2-41E9-A9E5-9FDD9D…)

I capped this last night and assumed it’d be posted by now but maybe she deleted? Anyway, no fucking shame

No. 680985

File: 1536099638627.png (Spoiler Image,735.82 KB, 959x639, Screenshot (225).png)

i found a full version of her most recent ATK vid and oh boy im cringing. https://ohyeah1080.com/video/atkgalleria-180826-dolly-mattel-toys-1080/ the site is a bit dodgy without adblock

No. 680987

why the fuck is half her labia hanging out? omg and the asscne and stretched-to-the-max kiddies underwear, this entire still is cursed anon

No. 680990

That’s not even assne anymore, it’s scabs…. she’s clearly picking to the point of no return.

No. 680993

How cute, dolly's little ballsack is hanging out.

No. 680995

God I know this is said all the time but the state of her ass and vag is downright horrific. It should be a fucking crime for anyone in porn to still work with her

No. 681002

This pic tells me all I need to know without even clicking the link

No. 681004

File: 1536101685182.png (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1136x960, SHAYNA SEE A DCOTOR.png)

the assne scabs was one thing but within the first 5 minutes she removed the stretched out hello kitty panties and you see a real cringe thats almost horror film material.
arrows was simply from watching how she acts with her snatch in the video, now none of us here are OBGYNS but there are no words for what is going on here.

No. 681009

I'm actually shocked. Her vagina is a fucking wreck. It was not quite that bad last month, now it's even more covered in red acne and sores and it literally does look like her vag was stretched further and pulled. This is so disgusting I'm gonna throw up

No. 681033

I know she’s disgusting inside and out, but I got the worst secondhand embarrassment when she asked out loud to the cameraman or whoever “cute little pussy huh?” And the dead silence that follows should tell Shay all she needs to know about her rancid snatch.

No. 681051

She needs reconstructive surgery. She shouldn't have made using giant dildos with no lube her whole thing.

No. 681069

File: 1536107633274.jpg (208.43 KB, 1080x1051, Screenshot_20180904-203210-1.j…)

Lol wow, Shay, a whole pizza??? Such thrive.

No. 681082

File: 1536108998926.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.01 KB, 1139x597, IMG_6638.JPG)

This made me fucking gag. This looks like raw, rotting flesh from a dead animal with herpes. This is not porn.

No. 681095

File: 1536110049351.png (Spoiler Image,619.51 KB, 1078x536, retard.png)

sage for stupid tumblr nitpick, but she has the worst tumblr theme ever. her entire career is based on her tumblr and she goes with this disorganized, ugly ass mess?? there are literally thousands of FREE themes out there that are so much better and professional. all she has to do is google "free themes tumblr" and boom there they are. please change your theme, shay

No. 681133

File: 1536112873527.png (Spoiler Image,272.76 KB, 539x293, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.56…)

her nose looks absolutely gigantic in the whole thing.

No. 681138

the color of her labia is really not right. based on her lip and areola color it should not be that bright red.
That shit looks like it hurts.

No. 681139

does she really think this is a sexy face?

No. 681141

File: 1536113918735.gif (Spoiler Image,7.75 MB, 600x338, cutebimbobarbee.gif)

oh it gets worse anon. God she is just so bad at every part of her job it's genuinely upsetting.

No. 681143


she looks straight up retarded lol

No. 681146

This is the funniest thing I've seen on lolcow ever. Of all threads.

No. 681152

This looks like it's from a show on Adult Swim

No. 681158

I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. That is possibly the unsexiest thing I have ever seen. Time to do something - anything - else Shayna.

No. 681169

File: 1536115808371.jpeg (Spoiler Image,215.29 KB, 1242x680, DB967C79-EAD4-4BAC-9331-7311CA…)

You look like you just love touching that infected pussy Shayna

No. 681174

literally tim and eric tier shit

No. 681180

it looks super inflamed like she can say its wet and aroused but it really looks like shes bleeding.
shes totally going to need surgery within the next few years if she wants to continue using her vagina for other functions then sex. if her uterus fully prolapses and needs medical attention if she would she even go to the ER or the doctor even?

No. 681189

This is fucking banner material if you cut out the vibrator lmao. Wow, Shay, keep up the great work.

No. 681194

This has to be in the new thread photo.

No. 681199

Well at least we know those bumps aren't ingrown hairs but yikes that's nasty looking. She looks like she's got friction burn and some sort of highly contagious disease. It's a wonder they filmed her at all since they must know they can't make any decent money off this.

No. 681201

she reminds me so much of lena dunham in the face

No. 681239

Can someone shoop the vibrator into a tuna sub or smthn

No. 681241

If someone could just photoshop her head onto a cow's body, it'd be a great banner. There's no way the cameraman wasn't taking the piss with this.

No. 681244

File: 1536120691325.jpg (18 KB, 542x540, 1485579043022.jpg)

This is fucking hilarious. This really does look like some shit you'd see on Tim & Eric.

No. 681249


thought it couldn't possibly get any worse especially after >>678716 but as always with shaytard, we get proven wrong

No. 681269


dude what the fuck is she even doing LOL I had no idea her porn was actually this bad since I've had no inclination to gaze upon her pimpled babboon ass, this looks like a comedy skit.

No. 681287

Do she not get on cam tonight? Her schedule says 8-11, and I checked in about 10:25 and she was offline. Did anybody catch her this evening or is she evading that schedule again?

No. 681317

I don't think a lot of anons have been watching her shows lately because they're kinda boring and she really doesn't do anything new in them besides typical Shayna things. I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't follow her schedule though, or maybe she cammed from 7pm-10pm instead?

No. 681322

I love sitting in on her cam shows. So much bullshit forms from her mouth that she can’t filter, or word vomits because she gets too fucked up. She’s so uncomfortable and bored that it’s entertainment.

No. 681328

Does she…paint her cunt with lip gloss or colored lube or something?? Her inner labia is so red compared to the color of her asshole and you can see smearing around it onto the labia majora? Even with all the boils and irritation that shit still looks waay too red…

No. 681332

Please God can someone censor this with mcmansions or something and slap "It's Free Real Estate" at the bottom. This shit already has me in tears but it needs one more edge and I'd do it poorly.

Shayna's too edgy Barbie baby uguu to use lube at all (and that's definitely why she's walking around with corn beef pussy) but I wouldn't put it past her at all to try to tinge her naturally darkening privates in such a dumb/dangerous way tbqh

No. 681333

File: 1536132048030.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.11 KB, 856x570, hankgoddamndiggidyhill.jpg)

hank hill who?

No. 681340

File: 1536132866835.gif (2.56 MB, 357x200, 703EEC22-D840-4E4C-B2A2-406D5B…)

I am SOBBING. Holy shit. I think this is the funniest thing to have ever been posted on lolcow.

No. 681343

I love the part right after she pretends to cum, when the cameraman zooms in on her bone-dry pussy

No. 681353

File: 1536138139568.png (82.3 KB, 400x213, tumblr_pek7b37HNY1reg2syo2_400…)

this is the funniest fucking thing i've ever SEEN. it looks like it belongs in the deleted scenes on the eric andre show

No. 681364

I can’t believe Kyle Perkins put his mouth on this, I can almost smell her rancid dumpster pussy from here. Also feel so sorry for whichever model had to use that blue toy after shaynasty I hope they disinfect it

No. 681367

File: 1536141625563.gif (15.27 MB, 600x338, 1D4FDDD0-4374-4B36-8520-2B1B9E…)

I loop and reversed her ugly face and it’s the thing of nightmares

No. 681369

it's like this scene from the room

No. 681377

she's sitting in the cold dead lighting used on girls in horror movies. like the lighting in a movie torture basement. it's so vivid it shows every bit of a girl in detail. it's rly unnerving looking at shay like this

No. 681390

She reminds me of Jerri from Strangers With Candy

No. 681391


They really push the contrast and saturation in their videos. Look at her overall skin tone.


Those are her outer labia, not vaginal tissue or uterine prolapse.

The genitalia do not normally change shape and size outside of times of hormonal change (puberty, pregnancy, and menopause).



That's the fourchette or frenulum of the inner labia.


That's not how uterine prolapse happens.

No. 681437

File: 1536152852159.jpeg (64.57 KB, 960x540, E7FD4760-6A10-4A3D-A2EE-9D4B75…)

I’m quaking

No. 681447

File: 1536154599757.gif (2.82 MB, 200x200, 46c.gif)

my fucking sides.

No. 681451

jesus christ what have i watched just right now??? this is so disgusting… she pushes the dildo so hard against her body, it can’t be pleasurable. and why the fuck she spreads her infected pussy so much at the end, what’s the purpose? she didn’t even put that dildo in..

No. 681457

File: 1536156557421.gif (8.72 MB, 600x338, suchthrive.gif)

No. 681470


Site banners need to be 300 x 100.

No. 681484

it's not an actual banner……..

No. 681503

While that’s generally true, we’ve literally seen over time how rough sex/masturbation with no lube and literally punching her vulva have caused it to change. Look at the ATK galleries where her outer labia look deflated and dried out compared to her first few threads. She didn’t always look like this and the cause is abusing her body and dehydration. Pornstars also have a documented history of prolapse and a lot of women don’t last long in the industry for medical reasons due to the amount of abuse your body endures. I don’t think she’s prolapsing but it’s something to be concerned with.

Maybe for like a healthy woman having normal piv sex this won’t cause long term change the shape or size of her vagina. And I think if Shay took better care of herself, used lube, etc in a few years her pussy would recover.

I do think the color is still something to be concerned with. No other part of her body looks that red, it’s definitely irritated.

No. 681511


It should be!

No. 681519

File: 1536163307965.jpeg (417.22 KB, 750x900, 023279C4-EC63-469D-BCB0-2A40C7…)

Look at those crusty fucking suckers… if they weren’t bad enough, she threw lipstick on em!

No. 681530


The only penetration her vagina has been subject to has been with average size toys and not even on the daily. She's not a pornstar, and she's not enduring the strenuous eight hour long gang bangs and fisting sessions they do. Young women her age who enjoy frequent sex in a monogamous relationship have more experience than she does.

No. 681533

kek i am flattered and i will resize for future consideration

No. 681544

File: 1536165219887.gif (1.52 MB, 300x100, shaygnar.gif)

for the milkmaids

No. 681549

How do we get this to become a banner?

No. 681553


she looks like she doesn't know if she going to sneeze or not lmao. I bet the camera dude had a good giggle while recording this joke


Absolute everything about her looks just filthy and itchy. You get the fucking urge to scratch yourself after looking at pictures like that. And I bet they didn't bother to wash the coach after Shay sat on that with her infected ass jeez


post it in the banner thread in /meta and hope some admin will update the banner thing at some point.

No. 681560

File: 1536166767669.png (21.05 KB, 1038x325, cowwantsacow.PNG)

Cow wants to see some cows. Trouble in paradise? I swear she and Fupa are always using tumblr to vent their frustrations. What emotionally inept idiots.

No. 681562

is she having daily breakdowns at this point? seems like she posts something like this multiple times per week.