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No. 344169

Now with a lot more popular unpopular opinions and constant infighting !

Previous threads:

No. 344198

(heterosexual) rape is always worse for women than for men, if nothing else because of the pain factor

No. 344199

(heterosexual) rape is always worse for women than for men, if nothing else because of the pain factor

No. 344200

is this an unpopular opinion? I thought everyone knew most men who were raped by women are just whiny little bitches.

No. 344201

Men being raped by women is a meme

No. 344202

mosts anons here are not as funny as they think they are. from the jokey shoops in cow threads, to the dumb nicknames for idols in the anti-kpop thread, to the tinhatting in /snow/ its just embarrassing.

No. 344210

File: 1545867270446.png (2.66 MB, 1136x1592, IMG_4015.PNG)

Nintendo is an arrogant company that has been riding on nostalgia for the last 30 years, they believe they don't have to compete in their chosen industry and they demonstrate this by selling underpowered, overpriced and gimmicky game consoles with first party games that would have been considered mediocre shit if they were a new original IP in 2018 and not the tail end of a 35 year old franchise.
They literally sell a cardboard controller kit for Nintendo switch that lets you "build your own fun" for the low low price of $80 - and their fans ate that shit up on release.

No. 344213

but animal crossing

No. 344223

Animal Crossing is a great series, but that doesn't make Nintendo a good company. I do appreciate the work the developers do, but the ideas and marketing team of Nintendo is ridiculous.

No. 344224

Animal Crossing is a great series, but that doesn't make Nintendo a good company. I do appreciate the work the developers do, but the ideas and marketing team of Nintendo is ridiculous.

No. 344225

A bit late but even though I hate the Trump Administration, I actually liked Melania’s Christmas decorations for the White House this year. Idk I like avant-garde stylist shit.

No. 344230

File: 1545880856288.jpeg (116.05 KB, 678x960, 25670B48-E7B3-462E-BA3F-278088…)

Nobody is responsible for “checking up on you” and your depression. It’s such anload of shit when somebody offs themselves and people go and blame their friends and family for not catering to their mental illness and knowing that living in a pigsty and overall being lazy meant that they wanted tondieZ

No. 344235

I swear to god classical beauty is code word for old picture of a white woman

No. 344236

i just wish the idea that all depressed people or those who killed themselves live slovenly. sure thats a good sign of not giving a fuck but a lot of people cave under the pressure of having to keep up an identity or reputation.

it just reminds the people who knew someone who killed themselves of their own mortality and their own lack of doing more. why not foist the anger and blame on someone else.

i support assisted suicide. go on your own terms. but i fucking hate people who threaten suicide or make other people responsible for their own lack of will to live. i may live in burgerland but even if youre a sad fuck you can still go somewhere to have someone be require by law to give a tiny lil shit about you. l

No. 344238

yea, so?

No. 344239

So what.
People are always going to hate on 'unattainable beauty', the kind of beauty you can only be born with. Doesn't matter what race you are. Just accept that beauty has been and will always be discriminatory.

No. 344244

I associate "classical beauty" with greek statues and averageness.

No. 344254

classical beauty is a farce, old Hollywood photos are still edited and many of those early starlets had plastic surgery. it’s all a facade. it’s cool to admire vintage style but it’s not more “real” than fashion now

No. 344264

Based sociopathic man-haters!

No. 344273

fuck off, moralfag. men aren't like women. most of them probably do enjoy hetero "rape," could've easily stopped it if they really wanted to, and only come out about it for attention or to prove a point.

and it is in no way man hate to acknowledge that male on female rape is worse tham female on male rape. it's just the truth. even most incels would admit that.

No. 344274

Yeah because women rape men through force by overpowering them. Retard.
And of course it's unheard of that an adult woman can rape a child, the latter not really aware of what exactly is going on.

You might want to ingest tide pods and call it a night, anon.

No. 344276

so you're all just gonna ignore that most men get raped by other men anyway lmao like a female raping a male is really uncommon. usually it's another man, especially an older one.

No. 344280

women raping men is a total meme and anyone complaining about it most likely jerks off to it.
male on male rape is painful and humiliating though.

No. 344283

imo it's never acceptable to touch someone without their permission, regardless of their sex.

that being said, males are hardly ever raped by females, and when they are, it's mostly men who write it off as "man, i wish that was me!" and other shitty bs.

No. 344286

I agree that Nintendo overprices their shit like crazy but their arrogance has to do with historical things. They took the video game industry from its massive slump in the 80's by making quality games and having massively demanding standards for their 3rd party developers so that the video game crash caused by shitty games would never happen again and ruin their business. That attitude has survived to this day despite the situation being very different as video games are a fortified part of our everyday lives now.

I don't think Labo is THAT stupid though, I can see it being a fun project for nerdy parents to have with their children. I'm also glad that at least one video game company produces gimmicky consoles and controllers. I don't buy them myself, but I could see how I would've loved them as a kid. As for the underpowered thing, comparing something like a Playstation with a Nintendo console is sort of like apples and oranges anyway, it doesn't make sense to do so. Playstation has always been about more technical prowess and a wide selection of games while Nintendo has been about their own IPs and offering the consumer an experience that goes beyond playing games. I sorta agree about milking 30-year old franchises all over again but they're still popular with a new generation and keep reinventing their game mechanics so it's not really a problem in my opinion. It's nice to have the option to support a company that isn't all about making ultra-realistic graphics and wants to offer something beyond that.

Also not a Nintendofag, just a grandma who was alive to see and respect Nintendo for all it's done for the gaming industry. But yeah literally fuck their pricing, their consoles and other products have always been ridiculously expensive which is one of the reasons as to why I don't buy them.

No. 344287

Agreed, in principle I would never dismiss anyone's rape as not real rape or less serious or whatever. But female on male rape is vanishingly rare and is only ever brought up to shut feminists down. Men only use it disingenuously as a 'gotcha' despite the fact that they are isolated incidents rather than a pattern or any sort of actual widespread threat to men.

And frankly, considering how hard women had to fight to have rape taken seriously (and the fact that it still isn't), the burden should be on men to fight for themselves as well, not feminists. It won't take much to get women on board but they are their own worst enemies - their biggest goal should be to convince their brodude macho peers who think it's awesome that it isn't. Good luck to em.

No. 344293

This is trash and weab cringe the animation and character models are fucking hideous and the song is trite. The whole thing is awful I got second hand embarrassment from this shit being in my recommended.

No. 344307

It's what happens when horny male game developers are also kpop fans.

No. 344311

>having massively demanding standards for their 3rd party developers so that the video game crash caused by shitty games would never happen again and ruin their business. That attitude has survived to this day despite the situation being very different as video games are a fortified part of our everyday lives now.

This was the attitude that did save gaming from all the shitty Amiga and Atari shovelware in the 80's but it also came back to bite Nintendo in the ass around the Playstation era when many of their top developers such as Squaresoft jumped ship to their top rival because they were easier to develop for. These days most triple A games don't get a Nintendo release, you get a Nintendo console if you want to play Nintendo games - that's about it.

I feel like they're very similar to Apple in their attitude towards tying their exclusive hardware to their software and trying to create a unique 'culture' out of that.

No. 344321

I genuinely do not believe in the theory of evolution anymore. I haven’t for over a year. I was always an ~edgy~ atheist and thought creationists were fucking retarded. IDK if they are right, but I think Darwin was wrong.

No. 344323

Ngl I laughed when I saw it in my mentions considering I fucking hate League and Kpop. The video is just sad and feels exclusively targeted towards men and any women enjoying this garbage is probs just mentally stunted kpop stans.
Also yes lol the animation, the 'blacklight' effect was a cheap way to dodge too much costly animating and the 'live show' gave me such NEET vibes ala Vocaloid with thousands of these loser men screaming for their skinty scantily clad uwu digital waifus that can barely dance because the rigs are based off of ana chan dancing by female kpop stars so it just looks like the "yummy dance" with how much lack of life kpop dancing inherently has then mix in shiiiiit model rigs with trash texturing and you have this.
The song sucking was sort of no surprise because kpop? Shit all sounds the same and feels like it was created 5 years too late on a production budget of 10$

No. 344327

It could hurt for men put yourself in the situation of a man being raped by a hambeast sadistic woman.
But its definitely less intrusive because of the difference between male and female physiology women have hymens and internal sexual reproductive organs males are outside.

Its a little callus to say men don't experience pain fullstop from hetero rape but I see where your coming from.

No. 344328

Why is that? Seriously curious.

No. 344329

Men can't be raped by women, boy children yes, but not men. People say it to be political correct and muh male victims! But we all know it doesn't make any fucking sense.

No. 344330

No. 344332

File: 1545915846714.jpg (113.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I have no interest in LoL and I thought the rendering in this video was really good and the song isn't THAT bad and it has great ideas, but my god the character models are SO ugly. They honestly look like cartoon Sims characters. Why can't western developers create a beautiful face on a 3D model for once? My unpopular opinion is that it would've worked better with real people in costumes.

No. 344341

If virgin shaming wasn't common the incel problem would be much smaller.
People will never stop virgin shaming though.

No. 344359

Male entitlement to getting random hawt ladies with no effort is the main problem with incels.

No. 344368

>male problems perpetuated by males

No. 344371

Homophobia exists but you don't see the gays shooting up schools, or slutshamed girls etc
It's a male entitlement thing

No. 344383


always freaks me out when I say teenager incels. They're like "oooh im 17 and a virgin!" meanwhile I barely know any people who lost their virginity before 17.

No. 344408

beauty is also sujective lmao

No. 344413

by "beauty" most people mean conventional beauty

no one is arguing about non-standardized personal opinions lol…

No. 344433

I've noticed that too. But then again, when I hear "classic beauty" I think of those old hollywood movie stars, which was white for a majority, so yeah, what can I say.

No. 344434

Not always. To check, whenever someone talks about "classical beauty", gush over women like Dorothy Dandridge, Donyale Luna, Pam Grier, Tura Satana, Eartha Kitt and vintage Bollywood actresses.
Whoever was actually just talking about that old beauty aesthetic in itself will be delighted that you know exactly what they mean, while racists will just start getting angry (and will probably only be able to mention Marilyn Monroe without consulting Google. Hedy Lamar >>>>>, by the way).

No. 344450

yeah, when it comes to harm done to men, it's usually other men, the kinds who suppress those who aren't as "masculine" as they are- and masculine means something different to them than it would a non-suppressive male, female, or child. In my experience some women, like tradthots, enable the suppressive male's meaning of "masculinity" as well. these are the men who bully both girls and boys growing up, who will continue to hurt women and men who aren't like him throughout his life, and the people who enable him and don't teach him how he's supposed to treat others are partially to blame as well.

for example, i grew up in catholic schools, and there was always "that guy" who would molest girls as "a joke". just thinking about the guys makes me ill. whenever they were outed, the most they got were in-school suspensions. the schools turn a blind eye to boys like this, which allows them to basically get away with it, and i can guarantee they continue to get worse; i was friends with a boy in high school who ended up raping a girl after we graduated. adults are reactive rather than proactive. instead of making damn sure a boy knows that it's incredibly fucked to lay their grubby hands on a person without consent, they wait until after it happens. even then, there is barely a modicrum of punishment for that behavior.

most issues in the world are caused by patriarchal, greedy men who lack empathy. it seems most men have still not learned to keep their damn hands to themselves- you know, a lesson we are all taught in preschool.

No. 344451

it's because of this that i really feel for the men who are actually getting shat on by shit men (not incels) but like real people.

No. 344485

There’s just not enough evidence to prove it and it just sounds ridiculous.

TBH, questioning evolution saved my life. I was srsly gonna kill myself, but I was watching Kent Hovind and hearing him say that you’re not a accident you were intelligently designed gave me hope.

I really just see no reason to stay alive if it doesn’t mean anything and we’re all just accidents, just slightly smarter monkeys. There’s no point.

No. 344486

I find the consumerism at conventions off putting. I feel as if cosplay is a hobby centered around consumerism and escapism.

No. 344487

imo you should kys anyway because you sound nuts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 344493

not sure if bait but why let your well-being and self-esteem rely on what's basically a conspiracy? You can have faith and self-esteem and survive without denying science. But you do you I guess

No. 344497

File: 1545945867030.jpg (66.64 KB, 300x400, IMG_3546.JPG)

>you disagree so you should die

No. 344498

Anon I'm sorry but… grow up. Denying science because you want to feel special and would have no reason to live if you weren't is really pathetic.

No. 344499

We all have valuable traits which were deemed desirable enough to pass on (or our ancestors wouldn't have bred), and worthy of financial recompense (or our ancestors would simply have starved to death)

We are here by our OWN intelligent design. We are all worthwhile, intelligent, attractive and talented people, even if we don't always feel it. I hate people who inflict their own stupid attitude onto others (this idea of "random"). Humans of all things are not random. Survival of the fittest still applies in the western world. The biggest crime is someone being made to feel as if they aren't valuable.

No. 344508

i can't see why it possibly couldn't be. i don't like cosplay or conventions. i went to one once and i just didn't like it very much, but i did enjoy talking to artists and bought some prints from them. as much as i have always liked anime, cons really aren't for me.

No. 344523

I played the GameCube version of Animal Crossing as a kid shortly after it came out and got really into it. It was a different game for the time and I enjoyed the relaxing vibe it had as well as all the collecting.

Last year, I started playing New Leaf. Maybe it’s because I’m now a jaded, not easily impressed adult but I don’t get why some people are so into certain aspects of the game especially how they go apeshit over some of the villagers. They all have the same sets of dialogue and responses with only minor variations. The game just doesn’t seem to have changed too much from the GameCube version and I stopped playing it after a month.

It’s a series with a ton of potential though and I hope that Nintendo puts more effort into actually expanding the game.

No. 344529

New Leaf is terrible. The gamecube version and wild world were absolutely GREAT games though. Gamecube was definitely the best considering it came with free old nintendo games you could play. That was my only access to playing excitebike before emus.

No. 344537

Guess I may have missed out quite a bit from not playing Wild World then. The NES games definitely made the GC version feel more expansive and having functional objects like that in the game made collecting them feel more rewarding.

No. 344552

any time a flake takes a trip to japan farmers suddenly become vacation experts. who cares if a weeaboo into jfashion goes to japan to shop and do weeaboo things.

No. 344553

I honestly liked New Leaf. It has some mini games within the 3DS and Wii items. It was tons better than City Folk too, fuck that game so much. The Wiimote ruined a lot of the fun.
Also, I bought some extremely cheap programmable NFC chips that are the same type as Amiibo and had a blast programming villager cards. Saved myself a lot of money. Also I was able to program Japan exclusive amiibo chips.

No. 344554

any time a flake takes a trip to japan farmers suddenly become vacation experts. who cares if a weeaboo into jfashion goes to japan to shop and do weeaboo things.

No. 344557

I honestly liked New Leaf. It has some mini games within the 3DS and Wii items. It was tons better than City Folk too, fuck that game so much. The Wiimote ruined a lot of the fun.
Also, I bought some extremely cheap programmable NFC chips that are the same type as Amiibo and had a blast programming villager cards. Saved myself a lot of money. Also I was able to program Japan exclusive amiibo chips.

No. 344558

File: 1545951649878.jpg (10.39 KB, 296x158, 1440059268404.jpg)

Nintendo pisses me off, but what's worse is they would suffer the same fate as many old companies if it wasn't for their brainwashed fanbase. Looking at the video game general in OT, you can see how many ass kissers Nintendo has. They legit release the same Mario games over and over, with Princess Zelda being kidnapped and Bowser being the badguy and people still buy it.

They purposely held back on making more amiibos to sell them selectively to fans and make more money. They only allowed certain gamestops and other shops a small amount of their shit and act confused when supply and demand come into play. They could easily re-release 30 yr old games and people would buy them.

Nintendo is a really bad company with terrible tactics and I refuse to support them.

They had a great IP with Metroid and Samus and shat all over it. And Zelda will never be the main character of her own game. Ever. lol

No. 344562

File: 1545952551683.jpg (59.69 KB, 640x480, med_1474015485_image.jpg)

>And Zelda will never be the main character of her own game. Ever. lol
I mean, she was in this game lmao.

But yeah Nintendo has been dropping the ball hard on just about all their games. I got Mario Odyssey a while back but haven't even opened it and am just thinking of selling it because I have a feeling it's mediocre as hell.

No. 344563

I mean, those games are horrendous and weren't even officially on any Nintendo consoles. It's like Nintendo wanted to pretend they never existed, as do many people. (Aside from the memes.)

No. 344564

I heard so many nintendofags giving oddessy 10/10. They did the same for Breath of the Wild and they turned out so mediocre. I mean, Ganon was a freakin smoke monster?? and the weapon's durability was shit.

No. 344565

2bh, same. Let people take the vacations they want to take. There are so many adults without kids that take 2+ Disney vacations every year. It’s not my cup of tea, but whatever. Not my money or my business.

No. 344579

File: 1545955668512.jpg (32.24 KB, 450x422, 1538858594174.jpg)

>And Zelda will never be the main character of her own game. Ever. lol
who gives a shit about this?

No. 344581

File: 1545956218438.jpg (473.17 KB, 1536x2100, IMG_3256.JPG)

>They could easily re-release 30 yr old games and people would buy them.

This keeps happening already. Bought a classic game on Wii Virtual Console? Too bad they dropped support for it, but you can rebuy access to it through a monthly subscription to their video game streaming service on the Switch (but not actually own it lol). Oh wait, they're planning to drop support for that, but you can sign up for their new Steam knock off they're planning and buy it again.

It's ridiculous how they're selling people the same 30 year old games like four times now. It's even more ridiculous that it's working.

No. 344584

Don't know if someone already said this but I think highlighter always looks ugly and kinda like sweat
Also, I have the feeling that in some years we will regret that today's makeup looks always uses a lot of products at the same time, an example, sometimes just using blush for the cheek area looks good, but bronzer, blush and highlight at the same time feels heavy and this will be our bigger regret

No. 344585

I think giant sharpie brows and ombre hair are going to be the biggest regrets/trademark late-2010s look

No. 344591

I agree with this completely. I use powder foundation with matte finishing powder and spraying with rosewater afterwards is the best look. Besides, after a few hours dewy makeup looks like garbage but matte looks just end up a little more shiny, like healthy skin. Highlight & dewy trend is shit that makes pores look awful and only looks decent in filtered photos (sometimes).

No. 344595

I can't imagine people wanting to look like they have greasy skin lol. Especially that "glass skin" trend. I like looking matte. I don't even wear makeup and I know matte looks way more youthful than glossy.

No. 344596

Lesbian dating is nowhere as perfect and painless as radfem farmers make it out to be. Not at all.

No. 344597

imagine being so much of a snowflake that the idea that you were evolved from fish is unbearable and makes you want to die lmao

No. 344599

File: 1545961450659.jpg (73.99 KB, 1280x720, disgustang.jpg)

i hope to hell this isn't unpopular but this makeup is fucking ugly and shitty. i don't like this guy either, he tries too hard and it's cringy.

No. 344600

House cleanness and organization is way too overvalued by some women.
It's unhealthy.

No. 344601

the hell is this shit? looks like he is actually dead and bleeding from his eyes and lips.

No. 344602

>t. i'm an unorganized messy piece of shit

No. 344603

i know right. he calls it "swollen eyelids" which is already fucking gross, but it looks more to me like "just got beat up in an alleyway for not sucking a homeless man's dick"

No. 344604

no. you're probably just disgusting anon. gtfo.

No. 344605

You are literally going out of your way to misunderstand me & that’s fine. I lived on this earth for 20 years believing in evolution and subscribing to a nihilistic point of view. If there is no god and we evolved there’s no point to life and no meaning and that’s fine I’d just rather just die than live a meaningless life, but that makes me a snowflake.

No. 344606

I just don't think it's worth to spend 1h+ everyday cleaning stuff and becoming aggravated when others don't clean up to your standards.
Life is short and a lot of cleaning products are actually harmful to the air and human skin.

No. 344607

Wow that just looks badly done, the lips look kinda cool but the whole look is patchy and gross looking, and the guy doesn't look good either imo

No. 344609

sorry your mom/friends think your house is nasty, but you just sound like an idiot.

No. 344610


nta, but of course it makes you a fucking snowflake. even people who believe in god or evolution or anything, understand we have no real meaning. that's why religion exists in the first place.

why does anything have to have meaning?

No. 344611

>"just got beat up in an alleyway for not sucking a homeless man's dick"

also is it just me or does the gloss on his lips looks like it's just drawn on in photoshop?

No. 344612

Why do you feel so triggered by that? I mentioned it's only "some", not all women.
I don't think mentioning that 1h+ of cleaning everyday is too much makes me sound like an idiot. You can still do you if that makes you happy anon.

No. 344616

>complains about other people doing something that doesn't affect them
>people can do it if it makes them happy!

NTA but you do kind of sound stupid. more to the point you sound like you're bitter that other people clean better than you and that you may be judged against them.

it's extremely easy to just clean up your messes and have a nice house and toss clutter in storage boxes, and it takes like 30 minutes to take care of it.

No. 344618

>clean better than you
I don't care about that
>it's extremely easy to just clean up your messes and(…)it takes like 30 minutes to take care of it
Nor that. I don't have a clutter problem anon.
I'm specifically talking about people that spend hours cleaning things that are already clean, positioning things so that they are milimetrically in place, clean other people's areas without being asked, and overall make cleaning about the time spent and not about quick results like a sane person.
If someone values cleaning so much it causes conflicts with other people, or doesn't even phantom sharing her living space because things won't be exactly like she wants them to be, I think it's a sign something might be wrong.

No. 344621

So you're shitting on people who are probably mentally ill? Again no sympathy.

No. 344623


either you're shitting on mentally ill people, or you think that regular cleaning is excessive.

No. 344634

>Darwin was wrong about evolution
Please don't be a retard anon
Darwin was wrong about a shit tonne of things the theory of evolution is not solely based off of origin of species its built upon decades of observable evidence. No one takes Darwin as the bastion of truth of evolution he's legit just a starting piece. Gregor Mendel did more shit then him and Darwins brother founded the field of eugenics. Scientific theories aren't just thought up of out of no where they have to be tested and evidence must be thoroughly scrutinized a scientific theory isn't the same as the art definition.

>There's just not enough evidence
Yes there is, you just haven't done enough research.
You seem hell bent on creationism retardation which is more damaging then evolution ultimately down the line. Creationist/christian theory has more false hope and blatant lies to peoples existential crises then scientific shit ever could.
However if your hell bent on it no one can stop you its your right to latch on to a self denigrating ideology if you find comfort in it.
There's unlimited beauty in science though you should try looking into some of it, it gives me more hope then self hating creationist bullshit designed to indoctrinate.

You don't "believe in evolution" no one does its as stupid as saying you don't "believe in gravity" it just exists as a natural force like electromagnetism, your lack of belief in it doesn't mean it ceases to exist.

However I do think the edgy atheist crowd like Richard Dawkins is damaging to relations with religious folk.

Molecular scale observable changes occur due to changes in allele frequencies. Evolution occurs every time reproduction occurs artificial selection is something used everyday to make clothing, food and drugs.

Viruses and bacteria undergo evolution constantly so if you get flu shots seasonally or take antibiotics your doing so in retaliation to evolutionary forces.

No. 344637

Your life has as much meaning as you give it. It has nothing to do with whether evolution is real or not.

No. 344642

How is creationism damaging? I don’t know if the Christian viewpoint is correct, but they seem to be the only ones in the modern day offering an alternative. All creation stories across different cultures throughout history are essentially all the same why is this? Maybe we’re just not that creative.

Microevolution & natural selection are real. I’m not throwing out the baby with the bath water here I just don’t think humans came from monkeys that were lizards that were fish that were bacteria that were rocks anymore.
I suppose so. I’d just like to think there is a god or gods or some kind of supreme creator now and that I was specifically made for a reason. I have always had friends, family, hobbies, significant others etc that made me happy, but I always felt that pit of despair in me like none of this even matters might as well just neck while I’m ahead.

No. 344645

>I just don’t think humans came from monkeys that were lizards that were fish that were bacteria that were rocks anymore.
It doesn’t seem like you ever took the time to really fully understand evolution.

Also, I’m wondering if you think the fossil record is all faked and that paleontology is a sham.

No. 344653

No, I don’t think it’s all a sham. There have definitely been hoaxes and liars and frauds associated with paleontology which everyone addresses. I’ve listened to people that say it’s all fake, dinosaurs are a myth, blah blah blah, the fossils are all real the dates are just wrong. Truthfully, I don’t care at all they don’t prove or disprove evolution

No. 344662

Yes because there’s so much more concrete evidence for creationism than evolution lmfao… tbh you just sound too dumb to understand what evolution even is. It isn’t “we’re only slightly smarter than monkeys hurrdurr”

No. 344671

I think a lot of girls on trash-talk heavy sites like LC and LSA are actually quite pretty, contrary to the "obese, unlovable, jealous female neckbeard" stereotype. Many are just so batshit insane that they sound like bitter, ugly women, and their outlook probably affects their real lives negatively, too.
Seeing threads where some users post their faces, then delete them solidified this for me.

No. 344675

Yu-Gi-Oh > Pokémon. Yu-Gi-Oh was always the superior trading card game and tv show.

No. 344678

>using "girls on heavy trash talk site" like you're not on this site too
that's pretty pathetic of you

No. 344682

She's not insulting us anon, lol. She said we're more likely to be pretty.

No. 344683

I'm not excluding myself, lmao. I'm pretty attractive by other people's descriptions, and I am also mentally ill. I'm just convinced I'm not some sort of anomaly.

No. 344684

she said we are all batshit too.

No. 344686

Read half the posts in this and all the other unpopular opinions threads, in the confession threads, in the vent threads, and the rest of /ot/ (or /g/) and tell me that's not at least halfway true.
Some of the shit posted here is screencap-worthy. You can't deny it.

No. 344688

I think there are probably loads of pretty anons, you'd have to be a special kind of crazy to be an obese hag while criticizing stick thin girls for being fat and having nasolabial folds. Though I would guess they are just attractive enough to be wannabe ecelebs/camgirls etc themselves but not quite attractive enough to be more popular than the flakes on here, hence the jealousy and bitterness.

No. 344692

i'm not saying that, i was just pointing out that OP is dumb for claiming that she's not part of that category.

No. 344693

>not quite attractive enough to be more popular than the flakes on here, hence the jealousy and bitterness.

sorry to burst your bubble but that's not how you get e-fame…

No. 344697

Where did I do that, exactly? Can you read, anon?

No. 344705

Nta but tbh, it sounds like wishful thinking to me. "uwu most of the anons (like me) are really pretty, just crazy~ teehee"

Just stop.

No. 344709

I didn't say "like me" until anon claimed I tried to exclude myself, either.
You can continue LARPing that all users here are cave hags, but I doubt it, and the selfposts I've seen bolster that doubt. That's all.

No. 344713

what selfposts? the eye thread? that doesn't mean anything you nutbar.

No. 344714

Nope, not that. You still can't read, so I won't bother elaborating.

No. 344716

NTA but
>vent thread posts are 90% struggles with mental illness
>posts all over LC about how anons are going to kill themselves over having small tits or their boyfriend being stupid
>no one is crazy here teehee

sounds like ur in denial bud

No. 344761

the anti-""cringe culture"" thing that's been going around legit feels so extremely forced and blatant moral faggotry. the anti-harassment aspect of it, i can understand, but sperging out and going "HURR U DONT LIKE FUN? WHAT WRONG WITH U?" just because you sneered at some kid's bad discord roleplay or tarded delusional otherkin shit is honestly the most forced thing to come out of internet moral "holier than thou" mentalities, and acting like discord raiding autism cesspools will be a traumatizing experience to the ""victims"" is huge mental gymnastics, since majority of the time, they seriously just grow out of it and forget it, or look back on it and chuckle about it, or they have autist self awareness and shrug it off anyways

i understand the "no being a dick to children" aspect, because what's the fun in making fun of a young artists or writers in the first place, but making fun of people embarrassing themselves in public discords, areas, whatever, and just in general being an annoyance to others, or simply saying you're not a fan of X suddenly has this new craze of moral crusading screeching at you and thinking they're witty for posting the "NO HAVING FUN" image.

No. 344774

Drink anytime an anon says “BUT ThEy DIDNT EVen sEe the TemPLESsssSSs”

No. 344786

i can't follow micky threads cuz she uses so many filters that i feel dizzy when i see her pics. anyone else? like they're too crowded with shit and have weird colors, i don't know why they bother me so much.

No. 344812

i'm saying most anons are fugly.

anon who's claiming she's some kind of mentally fractured princess is probably just an average fugly weeb. we don't have a selfpost thread anyway so she seems a bit daft either way.

No. 344816

I get your points and I like laughing at cringy retards just as much as any other person but a lot of people are targeting kids aged 12-15 and legitimately autistic people who are mainly harmless sans some stupid sonic roleplay or something. 20something straight out harassing teenagers for cringy drawings is just sad.

No. 344817

well you're fugly too then since you browse lolcow

No. 344822

why are suppositories not used more commonly? i remember my mom usually used to give me suppositories instead of syrups/tablets if i was sick, and they worked a lot faster and better than everything else. but when i go to the pharmacy i only see doses enough for children, its a shame theres none available for adults. pills and syrups are never effective enough for me if i have some kind of pain or fever.

No. 344827

that's the point kek, some of us aren't delusional. :^)

No. 344830

Yeah I agree. I'm pretty ugly too, browsing /snow/ and /pt/ feels so bad sometimes… Most cows look either average or pretty

No. 344831

Jesus christ let this be bait. Surely the girls on this website aren't this psychotic and retarded.

No. 344837

I think the girls on the lolita thread are so self righteous and batshit. They hate on girls for liking lolita while they're ugly but everyone thinks lolita looks funny and ridiculous even when you're really pretty

No. 344840

Just because you're an ugly bat doesn't mean we all are, friend. See >>344688.
You literally claimed saying as much is "excluding" oneself, then backpedaled when you realized you were just projecting. Seems kind of retarded.

No. 344843

NTA but stop being autistic.

No. 344845

File: 1546020785963.png (183.52 KB, 737x758, 1535680341702.png)

No. 344851

>be an obese hag while criticizing stick thin girls for being fat and having nasolabial folds

I'm really sick of seeing anons accuse fatties being behind all the hateful, negative comments about weight on this website.
It makes zero sense. It would be like insulting themselves twofold.

Unpopular opinion: Ana girls and girls who are average yet insecure are the ones making the most and worst comments about bodies yet it's easier to make up a fat boogeyman caricature to shift blame on. It's fucking absurd, and if this website has proven anything to me about lolcows and their behavior, it's that pretty and thin people can be absolute cunts.

No. 344852

NTA, but anon is literally saying it's the pretty/thin girls behind such comments. First this autism >>344678 >>344692, now this. Why are farmers' reading comprehension so poor lately?

No. 344854

>medicine you stick in your asshole
>why isn't this popular??

Anon pls

No. 344857

The comment was separate from the context of the above clusterfuck.

No. 344858

Sort of OT but I've noticed that girls with eating disorders and BDD are the most insufferable cunts when it comes to criticizing other peoples' appearances. They're so obsessed with looks that they have the constant need of nitpicking others when they're not having a psychotic breakdown over eating a piece of bread or editing a selfie.

No. 344860

It seems like you're the one who needs to up your reading comprehension. You also don't seem to understand that people are being sarcastic/making fun of you…

No. 344862

>replying to a post to say something completely unrelated

No. 344864

I'm not even involved here, how am I being made fun of? Brainlets are on full blast today, goddamn.

No. 344866

People run on tangents and are sometimes not interested in talking in reference to the same argument that happened hours ago. You shouldn't care so much…

No. 344868

I don't care, I just noticed how senseless that post was. Are you okay? Why the ellipses?

No. 344870

File: 1546023725161.png (192.39 KB, 610x455, futurama.png)

No. 344871

I don't think that word means what you think it means.

No. 344875

Because for someone who tries to play cool you're being awful aggressive over something that isn't even important. And when explained why it's not my "reading comprehension," you double down.
I hope you're just autistic and not this annoying naturally.

No. 344876

I don't see how I'm being aggressive, but okay, anon. I didn't bother reading the rest of your post because you sound slightly unhinged, and unnecessarily angry.

No. 344877

lmao this, it's hilarious to see anons start reeing about their amazing expertise on Japanese etiquette they saw from a travel vlog of "top 10 things you shouldn't do in Japan". It's not a mystical land of wonder where the people will stop and gasp when they see a foreigner doing things foreign tourists do or shop at weeb stores. Unless the cow is filming dead bodies in Aokigahara or throwing squids into peoples' cars then who gives a shit.

No. 344878

No. 344880

Bye, hope you get better.

No. 344881

You as well!

No. 344882

Someone needs the last word badly, lmao.

No. 344884

>tries to get the last word ironically
Hold on there ma'am, I'll be taking that.

No. 344885

File: 1546024459758.jpg (163.1 KB, 813x551, skeptical.jpg)

>this poster right now, probably

No. 344887

Someone's trolling. Lol

No. 344890

not any of the spergs involved (though this is because of them), but contrary to most i actually only browse /ot/ and /g/ to watch spergs sperg out. it's embarrassing sharing a site with you guys but this kind of butthurt cringiness is my life blood.


No. 344891

>implying anyone is upset by your low grade garbage
Go outside.

No. 344892

Yeah, either that or supremely autistic. Can't believe they started a whole argument over someone saying their rant was unrelated. Maybe it's just Christmas break.

No. 344895

Why is it even a problem that the rant was unrelated?
Do the holidays make everyone this uptight?

No. 344898

I often start (or continue) useless arguments and discussions here and on 4chan just for fun.
Sometimes, I wonder if I'm actually emotionally rattling sperg-tier anons, or if they're doing the same thing and we're all bored.

No. 344900

No offense, but I'm really sick of having to deal with people thinking their taste in music is integral to their very being. They always get offended when someone doesn't like whatever band or artist they like. Just because I think Tool is shit-tier doesn't mean I think any less of a friend who enjoys them. Fucking hell.

No. 344902

With the way the arguments go on for the sake of arguing, I think you just have a lust for it.
Half of the time your ilk isn't funny.

I remember trolling actually being entertaining, not a blurring of lines where I can't tell which anons actually have autism.

No. 344904

You do realize multiple people are reading this thread and mocking you, right?

No. 344906

Multiple people called out the other anon, not really sure why you think there's sides and that anyone in particular has yours.

No. 344908

Who? What other anon? I'm just laughing at your autism fits.

No. 344910

Personally I can't imagine being so autistic so as to pretend I like internet fighting as a hobby and get offended if someone replies to my post in a way that doesn't seem relevant to my sperging 13 hours ago.

No. 344913

There are multiple posters on /ot/. Only a true sped refuses to accept that and throws tantrums like this, jfc anon

No. 344915

You seem to be the only one continuing these replies, the true sped is the one who pretends to be different anons when in truth nobody gives a fuck. Take that strategy back to 4chan where at least the web traffic makes the claim somewhat believable, my dear autismo.

No. 344918

Yeah, you're certified insane. I'm not any of the posters you're accusing me of being. Not everyone who thinks you're retarded is the exact same person, but I guess that's hard to understand for someone like you.

No. 344920

I mean, you're either the samefagging autist or the person who earlier confessed to picking up random arguments to be a stand in for the spergs.
Pick your poison? You're a riot girl.

No. 344923

File: 1546026524414.jpg (29.24 KB, 640x640, cat.jpg)

Or any of the other posters ITT, or a lurker who chimed in? Just a thought. You really do think it's just three people on /ot/. It's worse than I thought.

No. 344925

You're very altruistic for jumping in to defend a sped's honor so fervently and for so long, even after they appear to have left. Kudos for your resolve.

Me? In just level grinding in an MMO and trying to see if you take the hint.

No. 344926

I posted a Wojak. Calm yourself, angry-chan. Hopefully you're not screaming at people in your MMO, too.

No. 344927

I think you've posted many things.
And reading comprehension? I said I was leveling, not arguing. Gosh~!

No. 344928

Okay, then go ahead and list all my posts. This should be good.
>And reading comprehension? I said I was leveling, not arguing.
Seems like you're doing both.
Cringe. Figures you'd be a troon, too.

No. 344930

File: 1546027144180.jpg (106.17 KB, 1000x847, 1543462111771.jpg)

omg this holiday triggering is amazing. ty anons keep getting angry, cheers

No. 344931

Woah, wait, since when's ~! troon signaling?

Is the "YOU'RE A TROON" argument coming next? Why anon, and here I thought "IM NOT THE SAME ANONS" was your final form.

No. 344933

hi anon, not the same anon here, hello.

No. 344935

Did you post smug peepee? >>344930

No. 344936

File: 1546027315041.png (280.92 KB, 640x480, naz.png)

Who actually uses tildes and exclamation marks besides men trying to look as flamboyant or effeminate online as possible?
I'm still waiting to see all my posts laid out, by the way. Did you renege on that, or?

No. 344938

nah fam, posted >>344890

the japanese.

No. 344939

File: 1546027417205.jpg (14.61 KB, 250x242, 1521951156073.jpg)

NTA but I posted that Pepe. Here's another

No. 344940

nah that was me nta. just a random passing by lmao you ladies get so touchy

No. 344942

File: 1546027577275.jpg (5.75 KB, 250x249, 1511736712676.jpg)

This is an anti-weeb American-only board

No. 344943

People on this website do. Ever visit the Sh0e thread? People do ~*~uwu~*~ all the time.
Kinda sad that it appears you don't know anything about the board culture here, and you only know superficial things like hating troons. It's like all you do is set up arguments and pretend to be different people.
>Why aren't you quoting all my posts
Never agreed to expend that effort.

No. 344944

your post is triggering me because someone on crystal.cafe used this reaction image.

No. 344945

File: 1546027621144.jpeg (97.63 KB, 674x960, a8pOXMQ_700b.jpeg)

Wrong pic, gomen

No. 344947


No. 344948

Sarcastic uwuposting to mock Shuwu isn't the same as your embarrassing, passive aggressive sperging. Is "MUH BOARD CULTURE IM AN OLDFAG" your argument now that your "EVRY1 WHO DISAGREES W/ ME IS A SAMEFAG" argument is falling flat?
>Never agreed to expend that effort.
So, you can't do it? Thanks for admitting it.

No. 344950

can you quote my posts anon-chan?

No. 344951

Np. NTA btw

No. 344952

File: 1546027880856.gif (1.08 MB, 180x240, 677b0849-2b84-4515-aac8-624a61…)

None of you are funny and you should all be ashamed of your autism

Why is it that every time lc is active it's because of bullshit?

No. 344953

If we could get back to the intended use of this thread that'll be great.

No. 344956

Stop samefagging uwu(infighting)

No. 344958

You're still not funny(infighting)

No. 344962

lol thats pretty good anon

unrelated but as much as i love vidya, i personally think first person exploration games are boring af

No. 344976

>You're all not funny.

Fucking thank you. Sarcastically shitposting is still shitposting and it's embarrassing that things delved into wojack and pepe posting.(infighting)

No. 344980

>oldfag and samefag arguments fall flat

Better than accusing anons of being troons for using a tilde, or having bad reading comprehension because they quoted your post to agree with you and then state a separate opinion.
>inb4 samefag
And you better not respond with more autism after having your reaction pic shitfit.

No. 344982

Holy shit, will you give it a rest, dumbfuck? No one cares.

No. 344984

Except for you, dumfuck. Now fuck yourself.

No. 344986

No. 344990

You're still dragging this out after everyone's agreed this should end? You really are autistic.
>inb4 "everyone is a samefag hurr" again
I "better not" or else what? You'll screech some more?
You never quoted my post to agree with me, you just freaked out at a Wojak picture. Much like you're freaking out now.
Now let the thread get back on topic, shithead.

No. 344991

Posts calling out anon on her bullshit has nothing to do with posting unfunny pol tier memes to try to be funny and thinly veil butthurt autism. Sorry.

No. 344992

>her bullshit
"People" are sick of your bullshit, too. Stop shitting up this place.

No. 344993

>or else what
Or else you'll look like an even more butthurt faggot screeching about how people should stop posting after you've thoroughly shit up the thread. You can't resist.
Being an argumentative brat is in your blood.

No. 344994

If you wanted it to stop you just would. Therefore, fuck off.

No. 344996

That's what you refuse to do with garbage posts like >>344993. You're as much of an argumentative brat. Go back to MMO grinding and reeee in there, no one wants to read your BS.

No. 344999

You, evidently, want to read this shit AND reply to it. Prove me wrong, you smug asshole.

No. 345000

Your posts were also nothing but "thinly veil" butthurt autism. You're one of the most autistic anons involved in the infight, especially considering you're the only one still at it. Please shut the fuck up.
>inb4 you accuse me of being someone who was arguing with you

No. 345001

While you're up there on your high horse, see if you can scope a fucking clue and maybe portend that replying to someone will cause more replies, uninvolved passerby.

No. 345003

Stop infighting and derailing.

No. 345007

File: 1546032315817.gif (543.4 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ox1tt9VFw31vviqkjo1_500…)

Before the whole 'No porn' movement, I actually didn't mind Tumblr. I didn't get on it NEARLY as much as I used to back in the day but it was a nice place to go to talk about fandom stuff. I always stirred clear from the SJW types or the overly preachy fangirls so my dash was always nice. But now that anything slightly porn related is banned, I already know there's no point in me even going back. Plus they deleted my second blog, which I frequented and I'm pretty sure they have 0 intention of giving it back.

No. 345013

Not even unpopular, you just grew out of tumblr and have no reason to go back.

No. 345014

It kinda is unpopular. People have been shitting on Tumblr for years.

No. 345016

server issues are unfortunate but mod are still good about sending people away for time outs. anons like to bitch about lolcow going under but still come back for more. if youre truly that unhappy with the state of things take real big girl break or just leave altogether. its cool. i doubt you will be missed.

i also miss something awful before it was troon and attention whore central. i was on there p regularly around 2003-07 but its just a joke now and its wonderful lowtax has been a lolcow and laughing stock himself.

No. 345018

I think for as many people shitting on it there were people who openly adored it or were closeted tumblrites. The anti-porn outrage really showed how attached people were to it and how it made the website virtually unusable for them all of the sudden.

No. 345022

>but mod are still good about sending people away for time outs
Just to play devil's advocate: Most people in meta complain that they're actually not very good at this.
It does seem arbitrary and ridiculous that common infighting/nitpicking can incite a ban within an hour yet there are some days where gore, pedo porn, and general male raiding goes unaddressed for hours if not entire days.

It doesn't mean the website is spiraling downward into being unusable, it's just an annoyance.

No. 345031

I mean honestly it doesn't matter how 'good' they are if we can't even post without the server going down every 5 seconds.

No. 345045

I almost posted about SA on the internet nostalgia thread yesterday but left my post unfinished. I used to frequent that site a ton in 2003-2007 too (the prime years imo) and then left after I found other things to do, came back a decade later only to find out that it's full of trannies and SJWs, lowtax is an alcoholic lolcow and shmorky had trooned out and accused of child grooming and being a massive babyfur pervert. Whatever happened to that site during my absence?

No. 345075

The annoying thing is that one of the top comments is saying this garbage track is better than most other music released today. What the fuck? This song is trash and I have no idea why people like it, there are literally better shitty kpop songs and come out around the time as this shit.

No. 345101

Yeah honestly I want to visit Japan I most definitely will be seeing tokyo, shibuya, and harajuku before I even breathe in the direction of a temple. There's no place like Akihabara in my country and it's fucking cool to see a city decked out with otaku shit. If I'm buying an expensive ass flight to Japan, I'm gonna see the shit I actually give a care about, sorry.

No. 345103

My thoughts exactly. They really just come off as jealous poor fags if I'm being really honest lol

No. 345104

tbh i havent thought of sa in a long time, i was just talking with bf about it today and im gonna sift through the kiwi farms thread about it. there has been a little recent drama but honestly the last i saw were users being salty that kf was buying ads for their site and they were fairly lulzy. i used to go on sa everyday and during that time the forums were actually decent. its such as mess and for a web 1.0 hangout to fall so hilariously flat is both sad and fucking hilarious

No. 345112

I think human beings (mostly men) are too sexual and spend too much time thinking about or enacting sexuality.
I wish humans had a limited time to breed in the year, for a season or so.

No. 345126

there's a reason why gestation is 9 months.

No. 345127

i feel you, anon. i lack a sex drive and i feel one of the reasons men are so fucked up is their obsession with sex. it makes me sad that i feel like there is no real way for me to have a wholesome friendship with a man. and i already have issues befriending other women. more and more every day i am convinced that sexuality is ultimately a downfall for humanity. it's not just to procreate like other animals. if only it was that way.

No. 345128

Anon, you sound genuinely autistic. You being outside of the norm doesn’t mean that everyone around you is in the wrong, people aren’t as hyper sexual as you make them out to be.

No. 345129

men are nearly by default hypersexual. you sound like you have never interacted with a man in your life

No. 345131

File: 1546049291579.jpg (61.41 KB, 287x280, Barky-Airedale-Page1c1.jpg)

>Women are better than men due to their gentle natures.
>I say as I shittalk a woman who is generically average in her looks, while I look like a buttery golem.

No. 345132

I interact with men on a daily basis, and you know what? Somehow they’re not retarded monkeys that are unable to focus on anything other than sticking cock in vajeen. Just because sex disgusts you doesn’t mean that it’s actually disgusting

No. 345133

So are most women, but they can still function like humans? Maybe you need to stick to ace groups etc if you can't seem to separate sexuality from anything else

No. 345143

No, most women are definitely NOT hypersexual. Up until birth control, sex for a woman had grave consequences (injury, unwanted pregnancies, diseases or death). Sex was forced and expected from women. Access to sex was considered a man's "right".
Still today, woman are told to be sexual so that men may fuck them. All of femininity is molded and shaped by men's sexual desires and desire to control.
Why would I identify with any of it, let alone anything that the patriarchy is encouraging and building?
In almost all cases of sex, it either leads to unwanted trauma, pregnancies or women being ambivalent towards it all. When most heterosexual women can't even cum in long term committed relationships and it's just accepted, I refuse to believe that all women just LOVE sex.

No. 345146

Most men aren't funny and men don't deserve the title of "funniest gender". There's like maybe a few actual funny guys but like 99% of the rest just copy others jokes or memes as and are unoriginal and cringe as shit. How many times do I have to see "Cory in the house is best anime" or "can I get the coochie though?". Dumb boys endlessly repeating their cringe meme humor are just unoriginal loser cucks

No. 345150

i wouldn't say it's their gentle nature as there are plenty of bitchy and mean women out there
it's more like being more pacific and less violent than men

No. 345164

>up until birth control

most ancient cultures had natural birth control, anon, its' just gone now.

No. 345173

sex is disgusting tho

No. 345180

Sure, I'll give you that piv was and still is terrifyingly risky and dangerous for women without rights or contraception, but are you saying that no woman ever felt horny despite it being a dumb idea? Because even in modern day tindr is fucking gross but we still wade through it for some d
Also sexuality isn't always about piv, it's literally documented both genders of kids masturbate from early ages, it's only upbringing and social influences that changes it. Gay people can be slutty too.

Yes there is stuff to be said about how trends of empowerment and sexual performance, both feminine and masculine, pressure people to change their attitudes to sex but don't try and tell me that the patriarchy is brainwashing me or my friends with making us think we orgasms because you think it's not possible I just might genuinely like it. You're also side stepping a bunch of causation in how women end up faking orgasms as if you can say none of them would like to have functional, enthusiastic sex lives that fulfilled them if given the opportunity. You are also detracting from women that are willingly hypersexual even though they don't orgasm for other reasons, because not every body cares about the same thing.

At the end of the day, nobody should care if you personally hate sex and don't do it yourself, but invalidating or belittling other people's choices to have sex for whatever reason is small minded.

No. 345181

The vast majority of men are awkward and autistic, their senses of humour especially so. Girls are less likely to be class clowns because we aren't exactly socially conditioned to be loud and attention seeking, but women very rarely make me uncomfortable through sheer social ineptitude the way men do.

No. 345195

im gonna say it lolcow, prepare your sensibilities:

sex is amazing. i love having sex with my boyfriend and most unbelievable as it is, im not a instathot, snapchat whore or hooker. sex is great

No. 345197

you're entitled to your opinion
still gross tho

No. 345200

Shut up, incel dyke

No. 345202

ITT: women are not allowed to say the vast majority of men are pornsick horny perverts and it ruins sex for them because SOME women are too

No. 345203

I mean, it's an anonymous board, nobody is deplatforming or doxxing and some replies include an opinion caveat but go off

No. 345206

File: 1546058391767.jpeg (10.46 KB, 224x224, 1531844643563.jpeg)


No. 345207

but if it's making you mad it must be an unpopular opinion then, no?

No. 345209

same. i like sex, i masturbate, i imagine getting fucked by people i find hot, it's fun. all men do it and no one bats an eye, i don't know what's the big deal when women do the same thing. it's okay if someone's not interested in sexual stuff but it's disappointing to see women judging sexually active women like straight men do on a daily basis

No. 345210

imo being sexual is a waste of time and i don't want to cater to men and their pee brains so pass

No. 345211

omg you liberal sex positive feminist moron!! don't u know men are oppressing u!!!!???? stupid bitch whore!

No. 345213

Stop following shit normie meme pages then

No. 345214

never called anyone a slut or whore in my spiel here. libfems are pretty annoying though. you all think sex work is ~totes empowering~

No. 345215

That’s not what anons are saying at all, they’re screeching that sex itself is disgusting. Why don’t you misandrists just fuck back off to your containment thread, you shit up the rest of the board

No. 345216

No one gives a fuck that YOU personally enjoy sex.
I was talking about how men have used sex and control of our reproductive capabilities to do what they want and promote even MORE sex and MORE pregnancies upon millions of other women that don't get to choose whether they ~enjoy~ sex or not. That has nothing to do whether some fraction of privileged women enjoy sex with their partners.
You choice feminists make me sick. You'll tow the lines for fun-feminism and feel good about it, but when it involves feminism that involves discussions about YOUR Nigels and YOUR relationships?

~not my feminism anymore~

No. 345218

>proving my point

No. 345219

File: 1546059134352.png (30.46 KB, 134x150, 24753 (3).png)

>mfw i'm the anon that said sex is disgusting

No. 345220

cranky because your pussy game is absolute shit aren't you

No. 345221

thank you anon. it's like they're so small minded that they think if they like sex, then all women should too. this is exactly the mindset that all men want us to have. a lot of women in the world still aren't allowed to choose when they want to have sex, they still have to obey men in their lives. sick and tired of western libfems thinking women are sexually liberated because they get to choose.

No. 345223

not those anons, but I can partake in feminist analysis of men's desire for sex without busting a labia and sperging all over and still get fucked amazingly by my boyfriend later. Don't know why you girls always thinks it's always "da evil dykez critiqin my sex poz".

No. 345224

there's a difference between repeating the same old stale (yet valid) criticisms of sex and heterosexuality, and calling all and every woman who's not a lesbian feminist a brainwashed libfem whore

No. 345229

One day you'll be able to orgasm. lol just kidding you never will.

No. 345231

okay? i see your point and i agree. i just said
>it's okay if someone's not interested in sexual stuff but it's disappointing to see women judging sexually active women like straight men do on a daily basis

i'm living in the middle east anon..

No. 345232

I remember looking through a sex offenders list and every female offender was guilty of 'statutory rape' like the teacher sleeping with her student trope. I couldn't find one case of 'rape' rape. I know there are definitely female pedophiles but it just seems like women raping men in the typical fashion you'd imagine is extremely rare.

No. 345233

did i specifically say the middle east?

No. 345234

>I think human beings (mostly men) are too sexual and spend too much time thinking about or enacting sexuality.
I wish humans had a limited time to breed in the year, for a season or so.

This is what started this whole fucking argument, not that many women are sexually abused. It has literally nothing to do with what OP said. Stop sperging out over the fact that not every woman constantly focuses on the misfortunes on others and actually enjoys sex, when we have the anatomy to enjoy it.

No. 345236

people do think too much about sex and it's really annoying

No. 345237

I don't really care if women are upset that I'm challenging their views on relationships and sex. Maybe they need to be challenged and critically think about how their relationships with men affect other women and society?

It's almost as if that once radical feminism starts affecting your personal choices (ie being in heterosexual relationships, relationships with men in general) it's ok to stop avocating for the liberation of women…because you enjoy sex lol. Even though participating in these relationships has direct impacts on other women and feminism.

The hilarious thing about this is that I'm straight. I'm not this boogeyman lesbian that you're all talking about. I understand that my CHOICES surrounding men and sex have direct impacts on feminism and society at large, but why can't you guys? Like, you'll only be an advocate for something until it directly affects your life choices, and then it's just impossible to talk about?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 345242


>That has nothing to do whether some fraction of privileged women enjoy sex with their partners.
most women would probably enjoy sex on their own terms. It's how our bodies work. The problem isn't with sexuality but the way men use it to control women. It doesn't say anything about the innate moral value of sex. If you don't like it, that's perfectly fine but framing it in these terms is close minded.

No. 345243

I agree men are hypersexual. I looked at a Riley Reid AMA on Reddit and most of the posters there commented that they had switched tabs to masturbate to a porn video of hers or that they had an erection from the conversation. It's like the mere mention of her name sets them off and they have to go jack off. Really pathetic.

No. 345246

yeah. i get sad sometimes how a man would never truly care about me unless i gave my sexuality up to him. men have hit on me then treated me like shit when i didn't reciprocate. i don't want to be some sexual object, i wish they saw me as their equal and a valid intelligent person instead of "is she fuckable or not?"

No. 345247

i'm not a western libfem who thinks women are sexually liberated because they get to choose because it's not the case here at all

No. 345248

Tonight I learned that the fact that I want to put my fingers up a guy's butthole is ruining lives. Thanks, farmers.
Embarrassing that they just came out and said it, but do you not get turned on looking at people you're attracted to? I've always gotten physically aroused (since puberty) even looking at images of people I'm into.

No. 345249

How is some women enjoying sex doing any harm to other women or society? That's how healthy relationships work

No. 345253

File: 1546061633633.png (171.48 KB, 302x300, ohohohohoho.png)

have fun being "sexually liberated", aka wasting your time trying to please a man who probably would lack any empathy if it wasn't for you giving up your pussy then.

independency from men is far superior to needing to get dicked down and relying on any male.

No. 345254

what if i like to fuck and get a lot out of it? does that not exist to you?

abstinence won't make women happy either nor will it liberate them

No. 345256

>claims to be a feminist
>gets mad at women who enjoy sex
heard of fgm? they force it on women to make them stop enjoying sex, do you support that too?

No. 345258

Kinda surprised no femdom anons have dropped by to say how much they love to fuck their boyfriends assholes, also all these anti sex anons are aware that some of the women replying may be talking about lesbian sex, right? Not all sex is PIV

No. 345259

you'll blow radfem minds when you tell them fgm is mostly enforced by women in those cultures under the guise of ~taking care of your sisters

No. 345262

Some men are less perverted than others but it seems like the 'Would I fuck her or not?' assessment is like a standard thing they do when they meet/see a woman.

I have found men handsome but in the same way I find women beautiful. It sounds really stereotypical but I don't develop sexual attraction until there has been some kind of positive romantic encounter/chemistry, and even then I never seem to be as sex focused as the man. The idea of being turned on by an actor or celebrity is foreign to me.

No. 345263

i dont support fgm, fuck no. i just don't have a sex drive and honestly find it superior to needing to have sex. sex is a waste of time since i don't even want to reproduce anyway

No. 345264

File: 1546062192152.jpg (19.45 KB, 567x440, IMG_20180405_032836.jpg)

Not everyone who disagrees with you is a ~sex posi libfem~ you're just verging on the point of control freakery when you condemn women for the crime of - gasp - enjoying sex. Reminds me of another group of people who get mentioned a lot in these conversations…

No. 345265

imagine getting off while smelling a man's asshole lol

No. 345266

Why are asexuals always big brain superior to you types

No. 345267

lots of incel anti-sex radical feminists think all sex with men is him assaulting a woman and then rolling over to go to sleep anyway. they firmly believe men like to eat pussy for starters.

then if you don't get horny don't speak on behalf of other women as if you're the standard.

No. 345268

don't like*

No. 345269

I just said I think it's pathetic how hypersexual men are. I didn't say I speak for women lol.

No. 345270

Wow anon, you need to get laid so bad.

No. 345272

>you'll blow radfem minds when you tell them fgm is mostly enforced by women in those cultures under the guise of ~taking care of your sisters
wow I didn't know about that. Do you have anything I can read on the subject?

No. 345273

>It sounds really stereotypical but I don't develop sexual attraction until there has been some kind of positive romantic encounter/chemistry
>The idea of being turned on by an actor or celebrity is foreign to me.
I experience sexual attraction towards other people the same way but I still have a high libido. Usually when I masturbate I think about the last person I had feelings for or a crush. It's kinda weird, but I'm kinda glad that I don't get horny just by looking at someone cute. That doesn't sound convenient.

No. 345274

>It is usually initiated and carried out by women, who see it as a source of honour and fear that failing to have their daughters and granddaughters cut will expose the girls to social exclusion

within the first few paragraphs on wikipedia

No. 345279

File: 1546063166106.png (77.22 KB, 675x864, IMG_3771.PNG)

>sick and tired of western libfems thinking women are sexually liberated because they get to choose.


No. 345280

No. 345281

nah fam when i have sex its all about me. i love being in charge and fulfilling my own pleasure. sorry you never have consensual secks

No. 345282

If mine was higher it would probably make romantic relationships easier because I'm basically left with the option of making the other person feel rejected when they want to have sex and I don't or having sex when I'm not really in the mood which makes it feel like a chore and can be painful. I agree that I'm glad I don't get attracted to strangers though. It just seems like some men are so controlled by their dicks that it interrupts with their daily functioning.

No. 345290

are u dense anon. not ALL women around the world get to choose. that's what i'm saying there

No. 345291

File: 1546063898807.png (37.77 KB, 743x423, 1481415886365.png)

No. 345292

i posted in the unpopular opinion thread for a reason lol

No. 345294

Unpopular opinion: just because I’m a feminist doesn’t mean that I have to be hyper focused on the abuse of all women globally, 24/7, at the detriment of my own wellbeing. I don’t want every day to be fouled.

No. 345295

not even unpopular lol. go back to libfem twitter

No. 345297

go back to witchy rad dyke tumblr and stop refreshing this thread every minute, faggot

No. 345299

nice try anon but i'm none of those things. also i could say the same for you with looking at the thread every minute lol

No. 345300

Not a lib fem, I just recognise the fact that not every waking hour has to be dedicated to activism. And to the anons above, being a celibate is in no way helping any woman, it has literally zero impact outside of your own life

No. 345301

stop spamming this thread "lol"
learn how to sage "lol"

No. 345302

well boohoo i guess i can't expect people to stop being like rabbits and needing sex 24/7. guess my standards are too high for humanity

No. 345306


Not related to memes, but to male and female comedians - as with everything, there are always a lot of 'bad' guys and the 'good' ones are just a few.

However, there are some themes that crop up in 'good' male comedian humor that I'm sick to death of. Like the endless sex jokes, piss humor, the sometimes needless vulgarity, "marriage is so hard" jokes, and the list goes on.

I especially hate it when some out of shape, middle-aged guy with nothing exceptionable about him tries to shill himself as an "offensive & controversial!1!" comedian that's some kind of innovative genius for taking the piss out of gays or women, and then millions of neckbeards flocking to his defence when you point it out.

I don't think there is a "funnier" gender, but if there was, I'm even less inclined to believe it should be men.

No. 345307

>not all wimmin get to choose so let's insult all the pribileged wommyn who get to choose
Are you even thinking about the things you say? Getting to choose when and who to fuck is the ideal.

I agree. I actually think more feminists should prioritize their well being when they're clearly mentally ill and engaging in radical feminism isn't helping them at all. They just wind up saying the dumbest shit. It makes me cringe.

No. 345308

pretending like women are liberated sexually is a farce.

No. 345309


No. 345310

pretending women should practice abstinence is fucking retarded

No. 345311

You do realize you come off soundng like a retarded man when you try police random women for liking sex, don't you? You have zero self-awareness. Get a psychiatrist.

No. 345312

>complaining about policing women about sexu
>polices women about sexu


No. 345313

Criticizing your dumb arguments is not "policing sexuality". Again, you need a therapist.

No. 345316

Don't feel too bad. After all, there's only 2 genders and the other one is women. So the competition for the title of funniest gender was never that fierce to begin with. Men sort of just win by default.

No. 345317

File: 1546065911908.jpg (69.91 KB, 470x470, 1545094360009.jpg)

you're so fucking dumb LMAOOO

No. 345318

nta but you should consider one yourself sweaty. you are tho, love, despite your efforts to believe so. its simple. those who enjoy sex do, those who dont, dont.

forcing politics in it is your own choice.

No. 345319

plus the fact that men even give a shit about being funnier is so pathetic. like they're really gonna be like "g-g-girls aren't funny!!!" like a bunch of twelve year olds

No. 345321

File: 1546066104954.png (463.9 KB, 436x537, ick.png)

im the anon that started this anti-sex bs and even i find your comment cringy. stop using twitter libfem "yassss drag herrrr" lingo

No. 345322

The only ones meekly crying "t-t-the other gender isn't funny!" like a bunch of 12 year olds right now are you sweetie.

No. 345323

File: 1546066216246.jpeg (17.31 KB, 275x189, 1532647811555.jpeg)

omg yas sweaty!!! let her know(emoji)

No. 345324

>its simple. those who enjoy sex do, those who dont, dont.
And I never said that people should only enjoy sex. People can do whatever they're comfortable with. Stop strawmanning.

No. 345325

File: 1546066308031.png (134.69 KB, 400x400, pikawho.png)

what? are you retarded anon?

No. 345326

what else is there?

No. 345327

not really an unpopular opinion but i find the "spill the tea yass queen slayy" bottom gay/drag queen lingo extremely cringy. people who unironically talk like that sound retarded

No. 345330

people who ironically do it sound just as retarded honestly.

No. 345349

I hope with my entire being that the superhero movies trend dies down and whiny entitled crybabies will stop obsessing over them when it's literally the same shit every single time just with a different name. Fuck superhero movies, 98% of them are trash.

No. 345356

They'll just find something new to obsess over. Insufferable fans have always been around. Just count your blessings that it's superhero movies they're shitting up instead of something actually good.

No. 345357

My ex would drag me to every fucking Marvel movie. It was irritating how he would fawn over those overproduced heaps and get miffed when I wasn't thrilled to have another date centered around watching one of them.

The plots always had holes that I wasn't supposed to 'think too hard' about, or that I should've read obscure source material to fill in the blanks even though the 2hr movie is supposed to be telling a coherent fucking story.
The characters are always peddled too hard to be likable or relatable, like corporate-created robots that the movie demands the audience must love. Also for some reason arrogant douches and selfish asshole 'heroes' are rewarded immensely in these universes.
The fight scenes are retarded, contrived, and too long.
I could go on but yeah, definitely agree there.

No. 345438

That's wasn't clear at all from your post

No. 345440

Modern mainstream comedy is a pulpit for PC horseshit. Idk where your straw man is coming from but it's far from what's being shat out from the top.

Please go back to your containment website.

No. 345443

I'm so, so sick of the superhero movie fandom in general. It really is the same movie over and over and people will still act brand new about it. The marvel avengers fandom is still the worst imo

No. 345458

I guess my unpopular opinion of >>345180 was the most unpopular, because even though people carried on arguing with each others opinions about sex for 20 posts nobody cared to even sperg at mine

I don't think my opinions are particularly great, but I think didn't think they were really less interesting than just posting a meme

No. 345465

100% agreed

No. 345475

Farmers who claim the website is going under recently are being really melodramatic.

No. 345476

I agree, people who have a need and want for sex are weak and animalistic.

No. 345486

I would go as far as to say that 100% of them are trash. I've never liked a single one that I've watched, which would be most since that's all my bf wants to go see in movie theaters.

No. 345492

The amount of people acting like the ending of Infinity War was somehow revolutionary and shocking despite it having been done to death in shit like DBZ for years was supremely annoying. If you were "shocked" by that ending you are an actual retard.

No. 345496

Thank you. In an average Marvel movie there is a "hope is lost" moment half way through where it looks like the hero died before he comes back to kick ass in the end. All this shit did was drag that same concept out to two movies. Fuck the retards who fell for it.

No. 345502

>muh infinity war is amazing because the villain won!!

The Dark Knight already did that, and is actually a decent movie on top of it. Infinity War is a meme.

No. 345518

Infinity War was a cash grab crossover clusterfuck of unoriginality. The Marvelverse is getting too aware of itself and it's popularity.

No. 345565

Be glad you aren't with him anymore. Men who obsess over comics are the worst, especially now a days. And comics in general are a trash culture. I used to be super big into the Batman comics and you get invested in a character or arc, only to have it retconned since there's 10,000 different writers and artists working on the same story at any given time.

I tried to follow tim drake's robin and had to buy from three-four different comic arcs to fill in just one. It became too much of a confusing money grab.

No. 345581

Superhero shit is so boring. And men who are into comics get super pissy with women for some reason. One of my friends was into comics and every time she took me with her to pick up a volume she needed, the douchebag clerks would talk down to us like we were retarded animals and some of them even got angry that we were browsing inside. This happened at multiple shops. Fuck comic book nerds, but especially the disgusting men.

Hello, anon! I hope you're doing well! You don't know me, but I recognize you from your pikawho reaction image lol.

No. 345597

agreed anon. i hate how people will sperg about them to me, they're so boring and i don't care. i've never seen a single one of those movies. i was in film school for a while and one of my profs who is very active in the film industry said they are 100% just made because we know how much money they always make. they're lame af cash grabs and the people who care about them are the same funkopop loving losers who are devoid of personality

No. 345602

>>345581 Ikr
Nerd boys in general tend to have this behavior. "Oh why can't I find a girl that likes nerd stuff?", and then when a girl actually likes, they go all "oh yeah?? Then list all the first 151 pokémons, and say the name of the uncle of Marvel's creator or you're a poser trying to get attention!!!"

Nerds like this deserve to not find a cool girlfriend

>mfw a guy really asked me the pokémons names to see if I really liked it

No. 345604

So many people are shocked and horrified when I tell them I haven’t seen Infinity Wars or other recent Marvel/DC films. They’re not for everyone, and I find most of them super boring.

No. 345605

yeah my family always tells me "ohmygodddd you NEED to see it!!!" and i'm just like, no… no thanks… reaaally not my thing

No. 345614

my unpopular opinion: the manhate thread has exposed many farmers here to radical feminism for the first time. but since many farmers are antisjws full of internalized misogyny, they don’t get radical feminism at all and just try to say sexist things about women but in a Cool woke way.

No. 345616

This. I actually do enjoy cape shit but 90% of it is quick-buck trash. Infinity War is the worst. Everyone says it's the best Marvel film but how - Marvel's cinematic division is fucked thinking I'm going to enjoy something when we all know which "dead" superheroes aren't actully dead because we know the next title characters with films coming out.

Infinity War was a cop-out but capefags are so up their ass with Disney and the MCU that they won't admit it.

No. 345620

That's too spot on anon.
Adding to that, just complaining that tranies are ugly is beyond infantile, the problem is not if they pass or not it's about the danger they pose the rights of real women by denying biology and eroding female spaces.

No. 345621

okay but 100% of the regulars in the man hate thread share the same opinion as you, so how does that make that an unpopular opinion? at least on this site. the radfem vs normie handmaidens argument is so gay and played out now. i think there's a healthy divide of radfems/anons who just don't give a fuck, and thread hopping to complain about each other is really immature IMO

No. 345623

>so gay

No. 345625

can't we ever talk about dudes without someone getting all dworkin though? it's fucking annoying. radfems need to understand the concept of "time and place" because most women don't want to sit around all day learning dyke-chan wisdom.

No. 345627

i find men who have no beards and body hair sexier than men with beards and body hair. i find the human body more attractive in it's hairless form in general, it's funny how only women are expected to shave as if men with body hair are ~~so aesthetically pleasing~~

No. 345629

explain why men on women's magazines are bare chested

No. 345630

yeah i used to think this until i realized no man's body appeals to me. i like skinny males' arms and legs but that's about it tbh

No. 345631

Male body hair is disgusting tbh. This is only an unpopular opinion with the type of people who pretend men age like fine wine.

No. 345635

beards are such a meme anyway. theyre for old men and uggos who try to conceal their deformed faces. the only times it looks ok is if its short, even then hairless would be better. i cant believe there are actually people out there sperging about how "aeshtetically pleasing" beards look. its the male equivalent of cakey foundation to cover shit skin.

No. 345637

tbh in my heart I agree with you ladies but have forced myself to accept body hair and now have a fetish for it. Only on non-pale guys though, white and Asian men looks best smooth.
And agree that old men just aren't as attractive as young ones. Big meme.

No. 345639

I’m not talking about normie handmaidens. I’m talking about anons who think they’re being woke and radical while just flexing their radfem cred to feel better than other women.

Pre-manhate thread lolcow
>what a dirty disgusting slut she’s going to get so many STDs and she’s fat so men don’t even want her that’s so pathetic

post manhate thread on lolcow
>what a dirty disgusting libfem slut she’s going to get so many STDs and she’s fat and pandering to men sho don’t even want her how pathetic

And the anons flexing this cred often aren’t even lesbians, like the anon upthread, but they’re given lesbians a bad name on this site. I just hate seeing radical feminism used as just another tool to throw meaninglessly at cows.

No. 345642

idk anon, i can't help but feel that sleeping around with shitty men is really all that justafiable. it is kinda disappointing to see girls like june just pander to low tier males constantly. good men are out there but choosing to specifically cater to men who don't care about you is just sad.

No. 345655

don't forget
>ew get some standards LIKE ME, the raging incel

No. 345677

No. 345695

>their messiah
Who's their messiah?

No. 345699

the only people who get angry about the term "femcel" are femcels in denial.

No. 345700

No. 345711

This society that allows PIV sex to happen. SMH
When we all stand together in rejecting all PIV sex, we'll be able to eradicate the jew-ahem, I mean the patriarchy.

No. 345717

you know that women aren't fertile every minute of every day of every month right?

No. 345720

word. while femcels aren't a danger to males in any way, they're a lot alike

No. 345725

File: 1546135133573.gif (6.88 MB, 350x303, giphy (2) copy.gif)

the nanami newfag who's been infecting this board is a flaming faggot

No. 345729

Since we’re on the topic of sex, it’s gross how people call the people they’ve slept with “bodies”. Like people will say “she/he has 10 bodies” or something like that. It’s demeaning to everyone and also sounds plain retarded.

No. 345732

that's a thing? it sounds like a body count after a tragedy wtf

No. 345733

why? they both tell women what they should do because they're failing society if they don't do as they're told

No. 345735

it's unpopular because it's not true.

No. 345743

Lol I've literally never heard of this in my life.

No. 345747

The most unpopular opinion:
Femcels = / = Asexual anons who just discovered Radical Feminism.

No. 345750

Lol I thought the same thing at first, it makes people sound like serial killers. People also say “body count” which isn’t any better tbh.

No. 345751

my unpopular opinion is that maybe people think the site has femcels cause there was literally a thread about it, and multiple anons saying they want to hurt men. sooo….

No. 345756

I don't think there was any debate over if femcels exist on this site or not, but ok.

No. 345759

Slut shaming is healthy

No. 345764

objectively incorrect

No. 345765


>>345730 you were saying?

No. 345772

agreed, men and women both sleeping around senselessly is gross

No. 345775

Girls like frivolousfox have ruined asmr more than hungry lips ever did.

Hungry lips was always upfront about being a literal escort/prostitute and didnt try to "normalize" sexualized asmr, it was just her thing and all the other female asmrtists started raging about it and making parodies of her channel basically bullying her.
But frivvy and some of these other girls thinks its perfectly fine and kosher to constantly upload "ear licking" and mouth sounds including moaning in asmr videos and then play stupid when people confront her for it. Like..im not on board with incels doxing female asmrtists for no good reason, but she makes me sick and I hope her channel gets flagged and banned.

No. 345794

This is an attempt at irony or something, right?

No. 345828

Agreed. I'm radfem and these anons are beginning to annoy even me. You can tell that they don't put a lot of thought into feminist critique, lack fundamental understanding of certain concepts, and use it as an excuse to be overly self-righteous towards other women and pick mes. Even worse when it's obvious they're neglecting their mental. The manhate thread was cool for awhile but a lot of the regulars let the opinions of men affect them too much and it's depressing, I rarely look at it now. At least the GC thread is still decent, but you can't expect too much from an imageboard.
Tbh I prefer engaging with the radfem community on Twitter, where there is a lot more down-to-earth discussion.

No. 345841

i agree, anon. i get way more out of reading some parts of radfem tumblr, personally, that focuses on the positivity of female friendships and uplifting women in their lives. its good that women have a space to vent about men and their experiences with misogyny, but some of the anons just fantasize women taking the place of men rather than being free of men. when anons talk about wanting to hurt and beat men and keep them as sex slaves it disturbs me. the point is that we don't want violence in sex at all, not that we should trade places with men.

No. 345850

whenever someone makes a post about fantasizing beating up men or being cruel to them it leaves a bad taste in my mouth

No. 345853

i agree with all of you, some anons really worry me with how they act. they either get extremely invested in the negativity, or say shit like the men they complain about. they also put down everyone who points that out.

No. 345854

I feel the same when this board get spammed with pictures of decapitated women

No. 345857

>two wrongs make a right


No. 345859

sorry anon, not interested in violence. period. violence is not right, ever. you're no better then the scrots who posted that abhorrent shit.

No. 345876

nta but thinking about beating up a man is in no way the same as actively looking at and spamming real gore. hardly even comperable in this situation.

No. 345890

stop. you're super embarrassing. no one was fucking talking about incels spamming BS and those things not being comparable aren't the point. we don't need a depression olympics ITT

No. 345893


sorry phone autocorrected.

my point still stands though, there's no need to compare two different things. anons posting unironically about hurting anyone is fucked. it's as fucked as when incels post about hurting women on their shit boards.

this is basically like saying if an anon said she beat up her bf it's not disturbing because men murder.

No. 345899

>no one was fucking talking about incels spamming BS
>"you're no better then the scrots who posted that abhorrent shit."
>"I feel the same when this board get spammed with pictures of decapitated women"
lol whatever you say. love how immideately after you posted this an incel posted another beheading video on /ot/. and reeing about how an edgy little femcel posting about kicking a guy on an anon board is evil is way more embarassing.

No. 345903

you brought it up retard. >>345854

the point is those aren't are users, whether or not it's disturbing has nothing to do with our board.

No. 345909

I think it has a lot also to do with the fact that we’re the child bearing sex. If women were as violent and aggressive as men our offspring would never survive, there will always be outliers though of course. And before one of you screech at me, no I’m not implying that all women are super nurturing and should have kids. But we’re definitely the more empathetic sex and most likely because we’re the ones who give birth/breastfeed

It’s not like women can’t buy guns and shoot up schools or other public spaces yet here we are not committing majority of those crimes

No. 345911

Anyone can shoot a gun, it doesn't take much strength. Women lack violent impulses that men are full of, it's intellectually dishonest to pretend otherwise.

The man hate thread is for anonymous venting, stop being so dramatic.

No. 345912

Lol I once saw an anon in that thread post about how she couldn't wait to marry a small, effeminate man so she could beat his ass. Obviously what men say and post on their boards is a lot worse than what we see here, but that's not the point. Just because men are worse doesn't mean women are above criticism.

No. 345913

I wasn't the anon you were replying to, retard.

>the point is those aren't are users, whether or not it's disturbing has nothing to do with our board.

what the fuck are you even talking about?

No. 345914

The man hate thread has really escalated, it used to be a lot of women that would talk bout how they hate how many men are abusive/misogynistic or how they’re discouraged by the inequality between the sexes in almost every aspect of life but it seems to be all violent misandrists now. Guess they’re starting to live up to the thread title

No. 345915

This entire man hategate discussion is retarded

No. 345916

Animals aren’t fur babies, and no, you may not bring your dog into this establishment. People need to fucking tone down about their pets

No. 345918

>love how immideately after you posted this an incel posted another beheading video on /ot/
Only tangentially related, but I actually find it funny that you can technically get banned quicker for infighting or shitposting in /pt/ than gore/CP posting. I don't mean "I find it funny" in the "passive-aggressive wife who starts every complaint with "I just think it's funny that…"" stereotype sense, I mean thinking about it actually makes me laugh for some reason. I have a retarded sense of humor, so that's probably why.

No. 345920

You're talking about people who thought Deadpool and him breaking the 4th wall in the most awkward and unfunny ways possible was revolutionary, don't expect too much from them. I watched Deadpool 2 with friends and while leaving the theater we saw a bunch of middle aged people calling themselves film critics trying to argue why Deadpool was so good and so innovative, I've never cringed so hard in my life. I like super heroes movies because I like action movies and I used to like some super heroes cartoons but that's it.

No. 345922

I like it when people bring their pets to venues. Even moreso when they allow people to pet them. It's cute. I get that some people might be allergic, but technically, having your allergies triggered is a risk you stand whenever you leave the house. Take your medication. If it's to a point where an animal can kill you just by existing in your peripheral vision, rethink going to random public/commnal places for extended periods of time solely for leisure, and consider hanging out at places where pets are explicitly, clearly stated to not be allowed (or the homes of pet-free friends).

It's a bit more iffy when people bring dogs into restaurants for sanitation reasons, but I personally don't see that happen often enough to be pressed about it. As long as the dog is small, trained (or at least docile), clean, not up at a table and not so hairy its fur is flying everywhere, I still don't think it's a big deal. I know there are some dog hate anons in particular, so I'm ready to get yelled at, lmao.

No. 345926

Found the man

No. 345927

Friendly reminder to ignore and report scrotes. Let all the time they spend writing their inceloid essays amount to little more than another waste of their lifespan, with no emotional gain/dopamine rush from a femoid response.

No. 345951

>I like it when people bring their pets to venues. Even moreso when they allow people to pet them. Solely because I find it cute.
>rethink going to random public/commnal places for extended periods of time solely for leisure

Normal people being able to go wherever they want to, even if it's "just" for leisure, and not having to fear for their health/life is more important then people bringing their pets literally everywhere (they already do, nowadays you seldomly come across places there pets aren't allowed) just because you happen to find it cute.
Humans shouldn't be restricted from any places just so that pets can go there instead. What would you suggest? Be born with an allergy -> stay the fuck home? Ridiculously childish.

No. 345957

Furmoms are as cringy as incels. Stop acting like a womanchild and have a real baby if you wanna be a mother.

No. 345962

I absolutely hate movie trailers and the stupid hype that follows all of them. Trailers have gotten absolutely ridiculous over the years because they show literally the whole plot and follow the same formula, no matter the genre. RedLetterMedia did such a good video on this topic to show how they all use the same tropes, music, editing etc. I was watching old movie trailers for old movies and they were done so much better and subtler. Like the Matrix for example, they did almost no promotion or advertising but they managed to build up hype by keeping things mysterious and hidden so people could wonder about the movie. Now, when you watch movies you're like "oh that was in the trailer!" Don't get me started on all the moronic sperging when a trailer comes out and people have to immediately watch it. It's like a massive important event when a trailer comes out, especially for those trash capeshit that was talked about earlier on here.

No. 345963

I absolutely hate movie trailers and the stupid hype that follows all of them. Trailers have gotten absolutely ridiculous over the years because they show literally the whole plot and follow the same formula, no matter the genre. RedLetterMedia did such a good video on this topic to show how they all use the same tropes, music, editing etc. I was watching old movie trailers for old movies and they were done so much better and subtler. Like the Matrix for example, they did almost no promotion or advertising but they managed to build up hype by keeping things mysterious and hidden so people could wonder about the movie. Now, when you watch movies you're like "oh that was in the trailer!" Don't get me started on all the moronic sperging when a trailer comes out and people have to immediately watch it. It's like a massive important event when a trailer comes out, especially for those trash capeshit that was talked about earlier on here.

No. 345964

I absolutely hate movie trailers and the stupid hype that follows all of them. Trailers have gotten absolutely ridiculous over the years because they show literally the whole plot and follow the same formula, no matter the genre. RedLetterMedia did such a good video on this topic to show how they all use the same tropes, music, editing etc. I was watching old movie trailers for old movies and they were done so much better and subtler. Like the Matrix for example, they did almost no promotion or advertising but they managed to build up hype by keeping things mysterious and hidden so people could wonder about the movie. Now, when you watch movies you're like "oh that was in the trailer!" Don't get me started on all the moronic sperging when a trailer comes out and people have to immediately watch it. It's like a massive important event when a trailer comes out, especially for those trash capeshit that was talked about earlier on here.

No. 345965

Allergies exist, and like it or not, it's up to the person to plan ahead. People need to take responsibility for their health and self-protection instead of blaming people who have nothing to do with them for it.
This is like the news story of those people who were allergic to peanuts being on a plane, and there unironically being discourse about banning peanuts. Might as well ban certain fabrics, drinks, fruits, vegetables (and all foods), soaps, sanitizers, etc to prevent allergic reactions.

No. 345966

I absolutely hate movie trailers and the stupid hype that follows all of them. Trailers have gotten absolutely ridiculous over the years because they show literally the whole plot and follow the same formula, no matter the genre. RedLetterMedia did such a good video on this topic to show how they all use the same tropes, music, editing etc. I was watching old movie trailers for old movies and they were done so much better and subtler. Like the Matrix for example, they did almost no promotion or advertising but they managed to build up hype by keeping things mysterious and hidden so people could wonder about the movie. Now, when you watch movies you're like "oh that was in the trailer!" Don't get me started on all the moronic sperging when a trailer comes out and people have to immediately watch it. It's like a massive important event when a trailer comes out, especially for those trash capeshit that was talked about earlier on here.

No. 345971

>What would you suggest?
You quoted my suggestions already, kek:
>rethink going to random public/commnal places for extended periods of time solely for leisure, and consider hanging out at places where pets are explicitly, clearly stated to not be allowed (or the homes of pet-free friends).
This is not unreasonable.
It's childish that you tried to use a "SO WE SHOULD STAY HOME?!?!?" strawman to justify choosing not to be responsible.

No. 345972

Why is it apparently unreasonable for people to go out in public and not want to be bombarded by other people’s pets that they childlishlessy tug along to every outing

No. 345975

I'm not saying it's unreasonable to not want something, I'm saying it's unreasonable to make your health complete strangers' responsibility and get buttblasted because some random wasn't making their life choices on the off chance that someone they don't know will be affected, as I said here >>345965.
Think ahead, plan accordingly, work around your issues in life. If it's so serious you might die, take responsibility.

No. 345981

No. 345982

Look, I agree with you (and I’m a “dog mom”) but unfortunately for people who are allergic or who dislike dogs, it’s just part of the culture of some cities in Europe. Where I live, it’s normal to bring dogs or babies pretty much anywhere you go.

Honestly, it pisses me off when people bring dogs to places where they aren’t allowed. It’s rude and inconsiderate. I love dogs and I love bringing my dog places, but people deserve animal-free places. A supermarket is no place for your ugly Chinese crested dog kek.

No. 345983

No, I’m not talking about allergies, just in general. I don’t want to have to deal with people’s pets when I go out every single time. Most people don’t know how to properly train their pets, dogs especially, and you can’t even take them into every establishment so they ended up being tied up outside and looking miserable. How is that fair on the people around you or to your pet, baffles me how some people lack social etiquette to such a degree

No. 345986

Okay. I don't really mind or care how you personally feel about pets (especially if they're not even a hazard to your physical health), I like them and enjoy seeing them. I definitely don't think it's right to take them where they're explicitly not allowed, though.

No. 345988

>wait for train, nobody else there yet
>three older ladies arive with their dog, somehow have to stand right next to me
>they have a stroller with them; it's for the dog
>dog constantly whines, despite all three of them cooing over it
>they talk about having bought it a tibetian cashmir pullover, which is sooo soft and amazing and totally worth the money
>train arrives, they step in, surpire, surprise, their "baby" is even allowed to sit on one of the seats
And no, it wasn't a small lap dog.

I also work at a grocery store. Many parents leave their kids to play at the front while they're shopping. Never a problem. Yet yesterday again a fur mommy had to stop shopping two times to run outside quickly to console her barking baby kek. A real kid probably takes up less of your time and patience.

I wonder if these are women who've never had any children to begin with or if they just can't deal with their kids growing up and no longer needing them.

No. 345991

>it’s normal to bring dogs or babies
Anon, there's a huge difference between those two, don't lump them together…

Nobody is allergic of babies or scared of randomly being jumped and scratched or bitten by them.

No. 345992

Who cares, though? Nobody died. No one is harmed by these lonely, sad women. They'd probably be overprotective, coddling moms, anyway.

No. 345993

>Nobody is allergic of babies or scared of randomly being jumped and scratched or bitten by them.
Speak for yourself, lol.

No. 345999

But many adults don’t want to be around babies at adult-oriented places, e.g. bars or wineries. Even a lot of parents get frustrated if they go somewhere to get away from their own kids and someone else’s kids are there. So, I’d say it’s a pretty fair comparison.

It’s just as annoying for me if someone’s dog is acting up as it is if someone’s kid is misbehaving and they do nothing or if someone’s baby is crying and they think it’s perfectly fine to let it “cry it out” in an enclosed public space.

No. 346003

Then why don't you avoid those spaces with babies in them, especially if you go there solely for leisure? You can't expect people to cater to your preferences. You just have to plan ahead and maybe stay at home. That's perfectly reasonable imo.

No. 346007

I'm the anon who said that about allergyfags. You're literally getting pissy at anons who aren't even me, you salty seaweed, lmao. I don't mind babies, either, FWIW.
If you want to stop seeing dogs everywhere because of your feelings, maybe practice what you preach and be considerate to those who don't like kids. Or don't, and continue complaining and being upset.

No. 346009

Damn, the salt. I’m not the anon who told you to avoid places or to be responsible, ya goof. I’m in agreement that dogs don’t belong everywhere and it’s rude to bring them to places where they’re not allowed. It’s perfectly reasonable to not want to be around screaming children, just like it’s perfectly reasonable to not want to be around dogs. Motherhood and pet ownership are both choices, and people choose to be considerate or inconsiderate of others in regard to their children or pets.

No. 346011

I miss when the dog hate thread was active. Dogfags are still annoying as fuck.

No. 346012

And dog haters are still sociopathic.

No. 346018

They aren't. You just think anyone who doesn't suck dog dick is satan.

No. 346019

A latent bestialfag, too, I see.

No. 346043

Agreed. That's why I don't trust people who hate them. They have issues. Dogs are literally bred to be our dedicated allies.

No. 346050

I think movies like Dumplin and To All the Boys I Loved Before are terrible. I understand the demographic for those movies are young teens but I feel like they're so fucking tacky. I have no idea why so many people enjoy either of these movies.

No. 346103

Where did I say that?

Again, where did I say that? I don't condone violence either.
>you're no better then the scrots who posted that abhorrent shit.
Explain. Because this just sounds like projection and pathetic virtue signaling on your part.

Thank you. But apparently if you don't think they are exactly the same it means you condone one of them according to certain idiots here.

No. 346145

>B-But I never said that! No one ITT has said that!
>"you're no better then the scrots who posted that abhorrent shit." - >>345859 aka the post I replied to
You guys need to learn how to read

No. 346159

don't even bother with her anon, she knows her post was the same as what men do in this situation.

>anons do x

>but men do something worse

these things are not comparable. no need to have evrn mentioned what men are doing when the convo was about our users and what they say.

No. 346216

File: 1546189615302.gif (909.6 KB, 320x180, JPFB0247.gif)

All this activity in the thread and it's just fighting. I'm so disappointed.

No. 346250

i legitimately hate dogs, especially pitbulls. most dog breeds are ugly, smell like shit, and theyre also unpredictable and dangerous. the only thing worse than dogs are dog owners, who will scream at you, whilst their mutt is mauling your arm, that you must have somehow deliberately provoked their precious pibbles by going outside wearing the wrong coloured coat.

No. 346254

Is there an infighting troll in this thread? First the manhate stuff and then the dog hating sperging crawls out of the hole. I'm just waiting for the racebait to begin.

No. 346263

>whilst their mutt is mauling your arm, that you must have somehow deliberately provoked their precious pibbles by going outside wearing the wrong coloured coat.

That happened /s

No. 346281

yes, i feel like it's one that frequents the board as well. i saw they edited a comment where they wrote "never have children" which stinks of some serial shitposter.

No. 346289

>check twit
>notified that a (sfw) art mutual of mine liked some humungo-tiddy fetish art
Why would twitter do this to me? I would be perfectly fine not knowing of this.

No. 346294

Fuuuck me too. I had to unfollow a relatively popular cutesy artist because tweetdeck kept showing her liking her male friend(?)'s hypersexualized fetish shit. She liked all of them, and he posted a lot… it's a shame that tweetdeck doesn't let you mute likes.

No. 346320

I see someone is making up shit again, you've accused 3 anons of being the same person, you're so salty its funny.

No. 346355

I love dogs and cats. They are cute and sweet. When one behaves badly, it's 99% of the time because the owner was being irresponsible and didn't train them right.

No. 346358

Not to be a dick, but is this really an unpopular opinion? I thought most people blamed the owners for an animal misbehaving.

My animal related unpopular opinion is I hate doodles and other designer “breeds” that are just overpriced mutts with cutesy names.

No. 346385

Dating a younger man is much better than dating an older one. They're much easier to train and much more likely to be submissive.

No. 346397

Not unpopular, literally everyone's thought process whenever Tiger or Fido does something fucked up.

My unpopular opinion is that some animals are just dicks either due to personality or genetics and no amount of good ownership does them any good.

No. 346418

Cats are super cute but their unbearable stinky shit makes it not worth having them as pets. Nothing can make up for the ungodly stench they produce, no matter what they eat it’s always awful, and even if you scoop it immediately it makes your entire house reek.

No. 346421

a hooded litter box with a carbon filter literally solves that entire problem tbh

No. 346425

Not when you still have to deal with scooping out the devil shit

No. 346426

How young are you talking? where do you even find younger guys?

No. 346443

File: 1546210140808.jpg (762.02 KB, 4032x3024, qtFlEpN.jpg)

I think in most relationships the power balance leans more towards women, seeing from all the couples I have met before. I'm not taking in account the abusive ones tho. Imo it's true for most countries, live in a shitty hole and all the bfs and husbands I know do everything for their gfs and wives, they usually have the last word and take care of the money. as well. My unpopular opinion is anons in the men hate thread take it a little too far saying men don't care about women and do nothing for us and etc. since it's not true at all. I'd say it's the opposite, they literally can't live without us and most men are obedient

No. 346446

>that bait post
oh my god this thread just stopped infighting about this jesus christ stop

No. 346447

Where do you live that mothers arent perpetually complaining about their shitty lazy husbands who do nothing around the house? It's everywhere online too so women around you must have men particularly whipped.

No. 346451

hmm i somewhat agree. there's definitely a bias towards american bougie white gender roles when radfems talk about misogyny.

No. 346464

No. 346465

No. 346467

From my experience the optimal is early 20s fresh out college. At least 4 years younger than me.
Mine is 8 years younger and was still in college, but it worked out in the end.
>where do you even find younger guys?
I found mine in real life, but they're everywhere. I feel like finding men who are single and my age is much harder than finding younger men who are single. Most older men have gotten married etc

No. 346468

Yeah but even if they're lazy that doesn't mean they don't care for their wifes. Let's take movies for example there's always an scene where married guys say "my wife will kill me if I do this or that", I rarely see that happening to women. Ime guys are more eager to please their partner than women, be it with gifts or dates idk

No. 346587

Reno 911 is a fucking hilarious and criminally underrated comedy. I think it did the whole mockumentary shtick way better than other more popular shows like The Office or Parks & Rec.

No. 346589

>Let's take movies for example
Movies aren't real life LMAO.

No. 346610

File: 1546228199431.png (259.05 KB, 1000x861, 1546211112223.png)

Bullying, especially primary school bullying, is best solved by violence. My Dad taught me at a young age how to crack people behind the legs with a bat in order to incapacitate them. I applied it at school the few times people tried things and it stopped right away. The kids that talked to parents and the school still got bullied regardless. I'll be teaching the same lesson to my children as it's a proven technique.

People's ethics is for the most part determined by their capacity for empathy, the study of ethics is only useful for those that already possess this faculty. The ones without empathy are 'reprobates' and should be either removed from society or severely limited in their autonomy.

Men being taught to be 'nice people' in order to attract women makes men chronically lazy. Almost every childhood movie and show had the hero end up with the love of his life simply as a by product of him existing, and this leads young boys to think that the same thing will inevitably happen to them. If men are taught about attracting women in ways that actually align with reality, it should lead them to be more motivated in life and end the 'nice guy' entitlement that ends up in so many cringe threads.

Women have held power throughout history in many instances and I feel this is downplayed by a narrative from both the feminists and edgelord men, the narrative being that men have historically held most of the power. Upper class ladies all throughout history have exerted 'soft' power and many of the oriental despots were headed and controlled by Machiavellian, Empress dowagers, the Ottomans and China had extensive periods of female political domination.

Children's entertainment needs serious regulation, as media is perhaps the single biggest cause of weird sexual fetishes. My fringe fetish was definitely induced by a movie I watched when I was 3 and is now an inexorable part of my sexuality.

Postmodern, Feminist and Marxist philosophy and literary theory are unjustly hated. There is an overabundance of charlatans in the humanities, and the hatred should be directed there. These literary perspectives are perfectly valid, and no amount of Peterson will change this.

A lot of people in academia are too reliant on certain literary perspectives (not so much Marxism, not since the 1960s at least). It's a problem when people are analyzing, Paradise Lost for example, specifically from a feminist lens. They're missing the glory that is Milton's theology and the beauty of the poem, instead focusing on a few lines on Eve's position below Adam (time would've been better spent criticizing the source material, Genesis).

No. 346611

Pegging isn't feminist, it's lame

No. 346612

Just watched the original Japanese movie Ringu and I gotta say every single scene was done 10x better and more effectively in the American version.

No. 346618

File: 1546229418432.png (83.12 KB, 1280x624, sonic_vore_yay_by_snapshot64-d…)

good opinions

>My fringe fetish was definitely induced by a movie I watched when I was 3 and is now an inexorable part of my sexuality.

Me too! Do you think the old lady who swallowed a fly sparked the influx of vore fetishes?

No. 346621

File: 1546229743631.png (258.38 KB, 720x416, vlcsnap-2015-02-09-23h16m58s5.…)

>tfw same fetish
I've never listened to that nursery rhyme, but what done it in for me was being left in front of the TV with a 'honey I shrunk the kids' VCR.

It's the same story on many forums and websites, and with many I've discussed this fetish with. One german I knew developed her fascination through their messed up fairy tales involving vore, so it seems to not take much.

No. 346637

pretending to get aroused by pretending to fuck a guy with a piece of plastic is the gayest shit i've honestly ever heard

No. 346638

pretending to get aroused by pretending to fuck a guy with a piece of plastic is the gayest shit i've honestly ever heard

No. 346664

i don’t agree but i can buy that you believe only gay men would want to be pegged, but why would repressed lesbians want pegging? do you think penetration/wanting to penetrate is an innate part of lesbian equality?

No. 346671

Holy shit. I didn’t expect to hear about anyone on here having a vore fetish too. Mine was developed from watching nature documentaries though. I don’t really get turned on by that stuff anymore though.

Honestly, I’ve had similar thoughts to the original post that media can really corrupt children in that manner. If I ever have kids, the ideal scenario would be that they don’t ever get exposed to that stuff as well as the Internet until they’re a bit older.

No. 346673

same reason that a lot of fujoshis are self-hating dykes

No. 346717

I don't find it that unbelievable that Shuwu is bisexual. Does she milk it? Sure. Is she too jealous to share Daddy Shreg? Definitely. I don't think her autistic blabering about "boobs xD" is good evidence she's a faker that wasn't just in denial or didn't realize it before.

No. 346722

tbh I don't really care that much about radical feminism and just like to make fun of trannies because they are ugly and cringey and the potential danger to women they pose tends to come second.

I wish it were possible to make fun of them without being told "blahblahblah take it to Gender Crit"

No. 346728

People who think any one entire fashion style (not a person's actual actions, way of speaking about themselves and behavior) can be inherently "snowflakey" are usually projecting.
They personally can't imagine simply enjoying clothes or having fringe tastes. To them, everything is an act of attention-seeking, and they place their own hang-ups on others. It's similar logic behind telling anyone dressed remotely nice "Who/what are you so dressed up for?". Just because it's a useless hassle to you doesn't mean it's the same way for the rest of humanity, but it's like some people just can't fathom that.

No. 346735

>Bullying, especially primary school bullying, is best solved by violence.
idk know if that's the BEST solution but it actually works. Kids don't give a fuck if they're traumatizing a classmate by insulting them for no good reason, beating them or injuring them, so you might as well beat the shit out of them to defend yourself. I remember being bullied at school because of my looks (which was because of a kind of severe disorder) and my ethnicity and everytime I reported to the teachers that I was being insulted, pushed or beaten they punished me instead for bothering them during their break. They punished me even more and only me when I fought back. They only gave a fuck when some bitch broke a front teeth, which is still visible, and another one punch me so hard in the face that my lips got fucked up and I couldn't eat solid food for over two months. The school's director didn't even want to call an ambulance even though I passed out and I couldn't stop bleeding because he didn't want the bully who knocked me out to get in trouble though.

If something similar happened to me when we were all adults at work I could have called the cops so fast they would have been fired and sent to jail without even noticing. But somehow when your a kid people don't care if you're bullied so you shouldn't care either. Oh, and you're all supposed to make up after all that too. Fuck this shit.

No. 346737

agreed anon

No. 346743

>Bullying, especially primary school bullying, is best solved by violence.
I agree about this. I was massively bullied for 5 grades until I beat my bullies up and it stopped. I'm by no means not proud of it, but it did work. All the talks and other techniques didn't do the trick, but sadly violence did.

No. 346744

File: 1546247329934.jpeg (191.03 KB, 1200x1197, 8C8271C6-0055-4FBD-B547-C3D595…)

I don't know how unpopular this is, but I'm not mad so this isn't a vent, but I see this all the time soo I'm just going to put this here.

I literally do not understand how girls have such a hard time finding a guy that likes you and just one night stands you? Guys are so easy and desperate, the majority of them try to get into relationships even after a ONS. I'm not even very attractive and this happens to me, so I don't get how women can't get into a relationship lol

No. 346745

I wish. When I was 9 or 10 I hit a girl who had been bullying me for a long time and all her friends immediately assaulted me in response. At least I didn't get in trouble for it, but it changed nothing. Maybe my punching sucks idk

No. 346746

Because we have standards.

No. 346748

The very few times guys were hitting on me they were the type of guys I can't stand. I'd rather stay a virgin and perpetually horny than even get near this type of guys. The only exception was when a really hot and nice man was hitting on me but we just met and it was at the wrong time and place so I couldn't do anything.

No. 346749

I think Lainey used to be really cute when she was still feminine looking. Our smol gay boi now looks like "he" has AIDS.

No. 346753

can't get guys if we don't leave the house

No. 346765

Your immediate living and social situation make a huge difference. In terms of meeting men: in school > not in school / public transport and walkable neighborhoods > drive everywhere bc suburban sprawl or rural isolation. You could also have a job where you work alone or work with the same people all day. Your social group can be very closed (meaning your friends aren't meeting new people for you to meet later on) or majority female (and they either don't meet new people themselves or only meet women) or have people paired off young.

I'm not a hermit but I very rarely meet men, I tend to get hit on the most in gas stations lol. Without online dating I'd absolutely be alone and even online dating is iffy.

No. 346767

It's like people are living different lives and have different situations or something…huh, wow.

Also you sound like a gross ho.

No. 346774

It's almost as if those other women you're speaking about don't even get a chance to vent their opinion!
I wonder why that is….

No. 346776

I like Bonne Chance Collection dresses!

No. 346794


>Postmodern, Feminist and Marxist philosophy and literary theory are unjustly hated.

OT but it reminds me how people (thinking about Peterson but many others as well) jump to the conclusion that pomo is inherently "leftist". Liberal, maybe but not leftist. I'm not gonna deny that many leftist in the age of postmodernism had pomo tendencies but it's far more complicated than what people make it out to be. For instance, to me, Foucault is actually post-structuralist not postmodernist but that doesnt mean his writings are free of postmodernism (c.f. Jameson). Habermas actually wrote about how postmodernism is reactionnary and can be right-wing.

No. 346797

Me too, anon. They're cute.

No. 347053

The mods have been itching to ban the man hate thread and finally got a good reason

No. 347055


thank god, maybe they can fuck off to another website. I'm fucking sick of all these negativity and hate thread in this website lately.

No. 347056

I don't personally like her features but I think she has potential and could be much cuter if she put an ounce of effort in. I remember when tempcow existed an anon made a shoop of her, just improving her hair and makeup and she looked genuinely pretty. This weird fakeboi shit is appalling, especially considering her Neanderthal husband's track record of chasing cute alt girls.

No. 347057

Those threads were my guilty pleasure since they are some of the most active threads and make for fun shitposting as a result. However, I guess it’s for the best since they attracted dumb incels like flies to shit.

No. 347058

What other website? 99.9% of the internet is dedicated to hating women, there's nothing to celebrate about one of the few places women can talk freely about men and mods and handmaids get joy out of us being silenced.

If mods actually had concerns about the integrity of the thread, they would just delete maleposting. But nope, that's too difficult apparently.

No. 347059

The mods are probably the ones infighting just so they can have an excuse to ban it. You know some triggered male mod would do it kek

No. 347065

I suspect, at least, that the fighting and racebaiting comes from someone who dislikes those threads and want them closed down.

No. 347066

women being silenced as usual and men laughing about it. nothing out of the ordinary just the average day of being a woman. hopefully we can get a new one or something because thats literally the only place you can hate on men without getting shit on and i guess they know that which is why they want to take it away so badly.

No. 347074

>sick of negativity
>on lolcow
The man-hate thread may not be your cup of tea but…I don't think negativity only festers there.

No. 347076

Agree with the first one. Having been bullied, no amount of talking worked. Then, having worked in an elementary school, I realized staff can't actually do shit to the bullies because the bully's parents come in screaming "not my child!". It sucks but kids should learn to protect themselves.

No. 347078

make your own fucking website

No. 347096

Do we really need dozens of threads just to say that men are dumb and violent though? That's pretty much all it boils down to and it's stating the obvious. I mean I enjoyed posting in it at first but it got really repetitive and circle jerky, and creates a negative feedback loop of scaremongering to some extent. Also what this anon >>347057 said about it attracting incels to the board.
There's a reason why I don't go on male imageboards anymore, and it's because I'd rather not see them REEEEEing.

No. 347102

There's /r/trufemcels and /r/asktrufemcels
They ban men on sight.

No. 347107

Post-Modernism can be leftist, but for the most part leftists (I mean Marxist leftists) are bound by historical materialism and their own narratives of history too much to even contend with Post Modernism. Really, the majority of the leftists that do hold post-modern positions are actually rather reactionary, exclusive or nationalistic in their own right.

The intersectionality, circlejerk crowd that is stereotypically 'post-modern', are for the most part butthurt irrerdentists that are upset that their identity ended up on the losing side of history. They are reactionary and are almost no different to the far right stormfags, the difference being that they hold their left politics and post-modern criticism as a tool to only further their groups position. Really, the reason minority nationalist movements are leftist in the first place is simply because they are reacting against the majority nationalist movements, which are almost universally far right/fascist. This pattern repeats itself across the western world, from the 'woke' black nationalists in the states to the Irish irredentists. If for example, blacks were the majority in the United States, the black nationalists would drop the veil of critical theory and progressive politics and instead have their own version of the blackshirts.

No. 347109

no it's because everyone who participates in that thread is an autist who can't even communicate with each other in a rational manner and then go on to infect the rest of the site with their mental instability.

same thing happened a few years ago when we started having MPA threads, we got an influx of psychotic ana-chans who think anyone who weighs over 80lbs is an obese hamlord who should kill themselves and infected every thread with their insane nitpicking and histrionics. that's why MPA discussions were banned for a long time.

maybe if you guys could stop sperging out at each other and everyone else for 5 seconds you could have your thread back.

No. 347124

Based paranoid schizo chan

No. 347127

Whoever you are thank you for introducing me to this shop

No. 347150

I just had a look at that thread and it seems the main reason it got locked was because of racebaiting which tends to come from r9k, as they have racebaited in other threads too. I do not think its from typical farmers here.

No. 347161

They were my guilty-pleasure threads, too. I liked posting overly dramatic bullshit but somehow ended up actually fucking convincing myself all men are secret pedonecrorapists.
Glad it's gone so I can stop radicalizing myself.
lol imagine a man-hate chan

No. 347178

it happened so quickly that it almost seemed planned too. im sure there was plenty of people in the thread reporting the race-baiting and male-posting but they never delete that stuff for hours at a time, suddenly it's locked after maybe a couple of posts with race baiting in them. wish they reacted that quickly to the actual problems in that thread.

No. 347179


the typical farmers don't visit the thread anyway. the rest of us know that men only got banned on here because they were attention whores from /cgl/ and not because we're some kind of 'woke' feminist board. there's a reason all the radfem stuff gets quarantined.

No. 347180

Yeah, that one poster who was accusing others as being sociopaths was definitely an incel pretending to be a woman. A lot of incels love to play the victim and act as if women are the less empathetic and crueler of the two sexes.

No. 347181

Indeed especially seeing as it spread to certain other threads on certain boards too, it all seemed a bit staged and a way to blame farmers who, although I do not doubt are a few in there it seems more outside anons. also tinfoil heard a few mods are males/trannies which maybe a reason they want certain threads gone but no evidence just hearsay


No. 347182

Is it just me, or was it not even racebaiting? It was garden variety racism from the /pol/tard, then anons responding with a variety of mild opinions such as all races of men being different flavours of misogynists, or that non white women aren't a threat compared to white men. 'Bait' is not usually blatant racism and it's meant to offend people of that race, the scrot was just criticizing women for not being racist enough and having the audacity to complain about white men.

No. 347184

>'Bait' is not usually blatant racism
Sorry, I meant that it IS blatant racism, but in this case it was not aimed at non white posters, it was directed at us for being women

No. 347185

Its just you, although you are correct it was the typical poltard/incel shit flavoured stuff thats been seen before but not locked down when appearing in other threads.

hmm…good point.

No. 347186

It just looks like only that thread was locked. The farmhand didn't seem to say anything about man-hate threads being banned, period. Was there an announcement I'm missing?
Can't anons just wait a day or two and make a new one, with a friendly reminder to report racebait from /pol/ scrotes and not to give them the replies they crave?

No. 347187

Actual gore has been left up.for eight to ten hours before but this got locked down within half an hour. Hmm.

No. 347189

I think the problem was people did report the racebait shit which is the reason given for it being locked.

Careful anon you gonna trigger the scrots larping as farmers and get virtue signaling butthurt replies lol.

No. 347191

i didn't participate in any of those threads but i've gotta be honest, you're all paranoid. holy fuck.

No. 347196

Why? Look at what some post here and in meta, there are those who write that they want the thread gone and that they like to troll it.

No. 347197

So you don't know anything about this situation but then feel "honest" in saying this is due to paranoia? Ok then.

No. 347198

Honestly, even racebait-wise, it's some of the tamest shit I've seen on Lolcow in a while. I've read far worse from (what I assume to be) real farmers.
It was one /pol/tard trying to pretend that men who are white dindu nuffin, and anons reasonably pointing out that men, regardless of culture/race, are fucked up and destructive. Then, the /pol/tard started trying to claim non-white women are somehow more dangerous than white men, which was also shut down pretty gracefully, and then the thread was locked. The "infighting" may have been the worse issue IMO, but even that probably falls more under "replying to obvious scrote" than actual infighting. It seemed like everyone but the /pol/tard (who may or may not have been female) was on the same page.

I wonder if this is part of a new, more concentrated effort to do away with racebait on the part of mods/farmhands. I want to believe they're just trying to do things right, and that this wasn't some kind of planned takedown.

No. 347201

Exactly. I checked that thread when I heard it was locked and I have seen far worse racebait in other cow threads so I understand why other anons think there's something weird about this.

No. 347203

I don't think it's fair to lock a thread because a racist invaded a thread. Nobody can stop that happening and the responses were not racist in return.

I guess if they locked the threads because people were responding to the scrot, that's fair enough since we know we're not supposed to. But anons aren't made of stone, if inflammatory opinions (especially if they're pretending to be women) are left up long enough, it's really unlikely everyone is going to happily ignore it forever. Mods have to do their part in deleting unwelcome posters as quickly as possible, instead of just locking the thread. Maybe they really just can't be bothered with that sort of active modding and would rather not have a controversial thread that needs it.

No. 347208

I think it was the gore and porn being spammed that made certain anons respond because they thought the mods were just ignoring it. Also the thread states it was locked due to racebait, scrot responders just get banned.

No. 347216

It was tamer than the shit I've seen in these threads, that's for sure. And the race spergouts in here happen more frequently and go on for way longer too but here we are.

No. 347222


There were numerous reports of racebaiting, infighting, and maleposting.

Man hate isn't a banned topic. We just ask that until we have some more moderators to wait for a new thread due to the influx of robots.

No. 347224

by participating I mean I did not post in them. Not that I didn't lurk. and yes most of you are paranoid asf to the point it is embarrassing to watch. Do yourself a favor and step away from the computer for your own sake if you're one of the people who thinks that way.

No. 347238

Thats an awfully long winded way of saying you're triggered anon.

No. 347240

Ty for the info farmhand.

No. 347241

exactly what I first mentioned in my initial post: you're all paranoid even after I explained I never posted in said threads. Too bad you can't see it. Gl and get yourself checked.

No. 347253


They tried. CC was supposed to be a women only chan, but it turned into a trad-women/tranny/uwu be nice chan.

No. 347258

But wasn't an uwu be nice board the idea from the start?

No. 347261

>all these mental gymnastics and paranoia ITT over the manhate lock

honestly im almost disappointed that it's locked because now it means deranged farmers are going to be sperging and tinfoiling about it in every other fucking thread in /ot/

No. 347269

You're backtracking isn't helping your argument, its just making you look even more triggered.

Nice reddit spacing there samefag.

No. 347277

CC was never radfem in any way though lol

No. 347278

take your meds manhate-chan.

No. 347294

Drugs and guns let women rape men.

No. 347297

Japan and weebs are out, kpop and South Korea is in.

No. 347303

stay triggered salty-chan.

No. 347305

File: 1546326561115.jpg (8.69 KB, 225x225, download (9).jpg)

The sexual revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for developed economies. Anyone on the right I discuss this with downplays the material conditions that determine social relations, and think a simple return to 'christian values' will solve everything. And everyone else is like "who are you to be involved with what people do in the bedroom, like ummm, it's none of your business".

No. 347306

What consequences? Explain

No. 347309

she's mad that slutty girls are corrupting her potential future husband

No. 347310

Declining birthrates, dysgenic selective forces and the increased amount of single parent households. Single parent households have for the most part stabilized, but the dysgenics and declining birthrates are a direct consequence of the sexual revolution.

Without the sexual revolution and birth control we would have a smarter, more intelligent population right now. There would be much less mental illness as more kids would have father figures. Incel and femcel tier hang-ups over sex would be lessened as sex still had consequences.

Ambition is basically being culled from the female gene-pool as they seek meaning in careers, and of the more intelligent women, most are giving birth to autistic, unhealthy children through geriatric births after 40, leading to a further decline in the quality of the population.

No. 347313

Black Americans are hateful, racist, idiots who will forever be stuck in their current state because they refuse to better themselves and demand everyone else just give them whatever handouts they want for free because they’re “owed” it. They bash other races and poc on twitter and cry about racism when poc don’t jump to defend their honor even though they constantly mock Asians and Hispanics.

No. 347316

You should hop off the internet anon bc most black americans who were raised with different values, or sees through the bullshit you're seeing, aren't like that at all.

No. 347318

>most are giving birth to autistic,
If you'd ever actually researched it you'd know autism is mostly due to old fathers and age gaps (https://www.autismspeaks.org/science-news/large-study-parent-age-autism-finds-increased-risk-teen-moms). The real problem is not women having careers or being intelligent, it's that nuclear families are isolated and unsustainable compared to the 'village' support system, and men refuse to 'settle down' until they are old (at which point they throw a tantrum about women being the same age as them, the same illogical nonsense as yours). Most women want children, and most women are denied them by their equals/peers when both halves of a couple are young and healthy, and are forced to date old men and shit out autists.

No. 347319

>Ambition is basically being pulled from the female gene pool
by your logic, that's a good thing, all those nasty career women genes being excluded from the gene pool will surely only leave women who are smart enough to reproduce amirite

No. 347321

Unfortunately I live in Chicago and every black person I come into contact with here (I live in the ghetto) thinks this way and treats everyone of other races like shit. Just watched an old Mexican man on a bike get robbed and beaten up while they made fun of him and yelled that he came to the wrong neighborhood lol. I see ignorance daily not just on the internet. It bugs me that pc whiteys from the suburbs jump to bandwagon black issues when they don’t even talk to black people in real life or have any personal experiences like such.

No. 347325

NTA you were sperging at originally but if it helps you sleep at night when your antipsychotics don't, ok.

this. it's becoming extremely difficult for young, healthy couples to have kids whether they want them or not because they can hardly afford to live, let alone support children as well. boomers might've paid a couple thousand bucks total for a college degree and a house but that's not the case anymore. my husband and I are college grads in our 20's with decent jobs in IT but the cost of living is so high we can't afford a house or kids.

as a side note, global warming is going to kill us in the next century anyway so what's the point in propagating at this point anyway.

No. 347329

self hating blacks have to be the biggest fucking retards lol
always the first ones to go to white websites about how terrible ALL black people are like theyre not one of them lol

on fucking new years too lol

No. 347333

Smarter, AND more intelligent? Wowee anon, you’ve convinced me. Time to take away sexual freedoms and reproductive control from women

You’re a fucking retard who has contradicted every single point you made in your shitty post. Thank the uptick in disabilities to a fucked economy and old sperm, it has absolutely nothing to do with women having control of their own bodies and fertilities for the first time in history.

No. 347337

>Thank the uptick in disabilities to a fucked economy and old sperm
Do you have proof of either of those things? How can a bad economy possibly cause birth defects and disabilities? And where do you get that old sperm are causing it and not old eggs? There's Decades of research showing that women obviously become less fertile and more prone took birth problems with age, but what's your source for thinking it's actually sperms fault? A single radfem blog you read once that sites a single obscure study based on 2 trials or something?

>it has absolutely nothing to do with women having control of their own bodies and fertilities for the first time in history.

Then why is it happening right now? You do know they're having fact and plenty of bad economies throughout all of human history before, and men have been having children at older average ages than women for all of human history as well, also without these Modern Problems. So how can you possibly look at the situation and say "no it's definitely not this modern change causing problems, it's things that have happened all the time before now suddenly causing problems they didn't before!"?

No. 347343

>How can a bad economy possibly cause birth defects and disabilities

because no one can afford to have kids until they're middle aged, dumbass. old people reproducing = fucked up babies.

No. 347344

1. Younger people can’t afford to have children. And we no longer live in an age where poor people will have many kids to help with labour and hope that some survive,
2. There are many resources out there which have found that is sperm that is most likely to pass on genetic disorders, and old sperm is more likely to cause neurological disorders. Women have always been blamed for any birth defects so before recently no one bothered checking if it could possibly be because sperm
3. I’d much rather have our population controlled through a drop in birth rates rather than diseases or wars like we have in the past, the drop is a good thing as we are overpopulated and once the boomers die off there aren’t enough children to replace them all and the following generations will be able to prosper

Do some research in the future instead of being a misogynist and expecting people to also spoon feed information to you. Won’t bother replying after this as I know you’re the type of person who won’t have their mind changed, and I’d rather not start the new year off arguing with a self-hating woman and/or scrot

No. 347345

Want another hard pill to swallow? Women entering the workforce is responsible for most of our current economic problems.

When you suddenly double the amount of workers in the economy, you cut the value of a worker in half. This is what has allowed corporations to screw over its workers for decades and leads to the current imbalanced economy we have. The rich have grown exponentially richer while normal people's wages have increased at a significantly slower rate. We've gone from women choosing to work to now it basically being mandatory for a man and woman to both work in order to pay the costs of a modern household. And you know what definitely holds people back from being able to have kids? When both partners are required to work full time just to stay alive.

No. 347346

Yeah people who don't know why men are banned here out themselves as newfags immediately. If they weren't we'd be spammed with
>Male here, just telling my opinion as a male on why I would/wouldn't fuck this cow!!!
>Male here, I'm here to tell you gals how to please men and what men find attractive, and why this cow doesn't/does fulfill those demands!!
shitposting even more. It still happens in certain threads (such as asking for the nudes of the cows because "I'd bang that whore's ass") but thankfully gets banned on sight. It has nothing to do with hating males, it's a precaution to get rid of the attention whores who think they'll be treated as kings on a female-dominant board simply for having a dick.

Didn't really browse or post to the male-hate thread myself but I really want a place where I can vent about males acting like entitled males when I lose my patience, but it seems that every time you post something negative about men you get labeled as an evil mean femcel. I'm not one of those types that spend their days being hysterical about every man being pedophile rapist but I do lose my patience with them when for example they can't take women's problems seriously or belittle #metoo or my fears of walking home alone after midnight. Hopefully it's still okay to post things like these in the vent thread even though anons seen to go straight to /meta/ to bitch about "femcels derailing with manhate again".

No. 347348

birth defects caused by old eggs mostly cause mitochondrial diseases which are very severe and the children rarely survive infancy. versus as another anon mentioned, old sperm mostly leads to mental or developmental defects which give rise to retards that are capable of carrying out throughout adulthood. so which is more damaging?
sperm also ages altho it's continuously made unlike eggs due to, to put it in simple terms, increased rate of mistakes made during spermatogenesis as men age.

No. 347350

the problem is when femcels act like every man, ever, in the whole world is a demon rapist and if you even THINK about getting a boyfriend you're a handmaiden enabler who hates women. if some guy/a group of guys belittles you for being scared to walk home at night, yeah, they're a cunt and deserve to be blasted. but if you go on to complain all men just wanna rape and murder women and then attack anyone who disagrees, it's a problem.

No. 347351

Riiiight, so the solution is to oppress half the population and prevent them from gaining any financial independence, leaving them 100% reliant on a man's benevolence for their safety and security.

I, for one, do not give a fuck about lowered birthrates and retarded children if the only viable solution is women being kept from working, especially because anyone who leaves the house knows that most kids don't actually have disabilities. They are still relatively rare, most people have kids in their 30s, it's nowhere near as drastic or dramatic as alarmist /pol/tards think. Men oppose mothers being over 30 because they want to fuck teenagers, not because they actually care about the health of their child.

No. 347354

No doubt you're the kind of person who thinks women were literally Shackled In Chains and whipped daily by evil men for no reason for all of human history until like 40 years ago. Suffice to say this wasn't the case. Most women were okay with and even happy to be mothers and Housewives. Maybe this system wasn't perfect for literally everyone but it worked. Our current system does not work and the world has been in a steady decline because of it. Women's happiness has been on the decline for decades, just look at you for example.

People are generally stupid, like children.If you asked a child how they wanted to live their life they probably want to eat candy and ice cream all the time and nothing else, but as a responsible adult you make them eat their vegetables even if they complain about it and they wind up better off because of it.

No. 347356

Have you considered that these women were ‘happy’ because they had absolutely no choices outside of the limited things they were allowed? Hm, I wonder why women even bothered revolting and a huge portion were on antidepressants if they were so happy with their situations
Really makes you hmmm

No. 347357

i can’t tell if this is low tier bait, you’re underage, or actually unironically have autism

No. 347359

File: 1546335560578.jpeg (19.5 KB, 554x554, D151719E-2B36-4391-B403-D2E0C3…)

No. 347362

Then why are they less happy now supposedly with all the choice in the world?

No. 347363

We DONT have all the voice in the world, we just finally have some of the things men have been withholding from us for generations. And who isn’t unhappy these days

No. 347364

> and who isn't unhappy these days

No. 347366

>When this sort of stupid autistic bait gets to go on for hours but forgetting to sage a post in /snow/ gets you banned in a microsecond

No. 347397

This is fucking weird man. Why is this shit allowed but literal spam/gore is up for 8-12 hours?

Is there seriously a man on the moderation team or do they have no European mods? I want more transparency from the current team. It doesn't matter if it's going to change in a month, we still need accountability from the current team to explain their actions.

No. 347399

Incels complain about only 30% of men reproducing during the history of humanity but I think that's a pretty good number of men who should reproduce.
Most men are subhumans and deserve to be genetic dead-ends.

No. 347406

File: 1546346940439.png (81.92 KB, 1232x1079, 1538164767213.png)

Unfortunately, that just isn't true today, as much as I would like it to be.

The ideal number of men reproducing would be entirely controlled by women and women only. So I imagine it would be in the 1% of men range.

No. 347408

Just because all of you in the man hate thread were such a bunch of toxic spergs that you got your own thread locked down doesn't mean you just get to pour into the next adjacent thread in the catalog and start doing the exact same thing.

No. 347417

Ntas but says who? According to the farmhands, man hate isn't a banned topic. Since there's no longer a proper thread for it, it fits here.

No. 347419

Because what the hell would even be the point of locking the thread if they intended for the exact same people to just do the exact same thing in a different thread simply with a different name except now they're bothering a group of people who might not want to hear about it?

No. 347420

There's no longer a dedicated thread for man hate, so we can put it here if we want. If that bugs you then make another man-hate thread for us.

No. 347424

It's not a banned topic and it's no longer off topic here. They can post about it if they want and the group of people it triggers are going to just have to get used to it until the mods make a new man hate thread.

No. 347426

You are so dense it's amazing. I can't even imagine what it's like to watch you go through life.

No. 347431

Wasn't the man-hate thread locked as there is no-one to moderate it? As I understood it, man-hate sperging should be stopped until there is a new admin and farmhands to keep an eye on the thread…

No. 347433

The farmhand said it was locked for racebaiting, even though the racebaiting was like 3 or 4 posts and we've had entire threads that are dedicated to race hate before.

No. 347438

File: 1546351661856.png (140.43 KB, 1356x632, totally fixed.PNG)

>What's that? Mods closed down the man hate thread?
>Oooooh I see what the problem was.
>There we go! All fixed. Now back to business as usual.

No. 347445

You can bitch all you want but until they ban the topic entirely, it will continue to be discussed in other threads on the site. Ignore it if it triggers you, which it clearly does.

No. 347495

Nta but I got banned once for making one post in the vent thread about man-hate, I got banned for "not keeping it in my own thread"

I'm not saying mods are all troons conspiring against us, but the fact they're more willing to leave up scrot posts as they keep invading until hours or days later, but ban us in .5 of seconds if we even vaguely reply to the scrot, just to lock the thread because 1 or 2 anons made race-baiting posts, it sure as fuck seems like it

Mods have always been off, but come on dude, leaving gore up for 8 straight hours but magically being able to ban us in seconds sometime and lock the thread if we fight, lolcow is becoming a joke of a site and they really need to rethink whoever the fuck is modding this site

No. 347496

LMAO I made most the man hating threads and I never encountered anyone like this, please tell me who is like this enough for you to make a post about

No. 347510

The literal books men write here about their penises, their looks or why we are all thots who want Chad is another reason why they're banned. You can't reason with them, one of them - an obvious virgin himself - even mansplained our own orgasms to us. They just repeat the same nonsense over and over for years, regardless of what people say in reply.

No. 347517

I’ve seen child poen posted here and it hasn’t been taken down for hours lol

No. 347519

Once when I was new and dumb I made the mistake of replying to a dude in the man-hate thread. I'm not mad I got banned for it, but I got banned for two weeks while the man posting in the thread was back the very next day posting the same bait.

No. 347525

lmao, that was someone else who called you out too. you really are paranoid.

No. 347526

>world has been in a steady decline because of it.
Lmao what the fuck? Have countries without feminism been in steady decline because of feminism? Fucking idiot.

No. 347530

Two weeks is too long. I understand that people replying to men in those threads is a huge issue but I think a one day ban is more reasonable.

No. 347534

I wouldn't even have minded the two weeks if the man had been banned for two weeks also. But he got a 24 hour ban.

No. 347537

How do you know that a man was banned for 24 hours? Shouldn't they get a lifetime ban that they evade?

No. 347540

Because it was the same man who's been baiting the man hate thread for ages. He's pretty recognizable, and he has a pattern of showing up, saying dumb shit, disappearing for 24 hours, and then reappearing. If he was ban evading he wouldn't do the disappearing act because he wouldn't need to.

No. 347545

Anons like to shit on PULL but at least it's all women there
CC and lolcow are full of shitty LARPers

No. 347546

pull could've been a better place if it wasn't so pc and had a smaller amount of weeaboos

No. 347549

Yeah, PULL becoming too PC and sjw-ish is what killed it for me.

No. 347553

nta but that really sounds like more of a crazy anon i doubt a robot would wait to evade or not evade at all.

No. 347572

Cool story bro.

No. 347574

You're not in your echo chamber anymore. Anons are going to call you out for being unable to contain your autism about your special manhate interest when you vomit it all over any other thread. Enjoy.

All these conspiracies about that thread are hilarious. "tHe MoDs ArE hArBorInG mEn AnD siLenCiNg WomEn" no, the entire site's being neglected (as evidenced by daily errors that render the site actually unusable for hours at a time and anons at each others throats in arguments that span the course of days and no one stops them). Sounds like there's very few farmhands who give a shit about the site these days and the manhate thread probably gets the most reports so they nuked it. There's tons of shitty infighting in nearly every thread on the site that goes largely unmoderated too.

You're still going, eh?

No. 347579

It's weird how many people seem to have "kinks". I look down on these people in general. Sorry but if your sexuality is linked to being eaten whole or some other anime shit I'm judging you

Fire away kek

No. 347581

They said the man hate thread wasn't just locked for race-baiting, they also said because of infighting.

And well, just look at the state the unpopular opinions thread is now in within less than a day of the man hate refugees showing up. And you're still going to cry "the mods are conspiring against us we didn't do nothing!"?

No. 347586

i 100% agree. i find it so weird seeing people who constantly conflate sex with all sorts of other things like their low self-esteem or their weird hobbies or the classic daddy issues and want all this weird shit, how about instead of trying to fill a hole with sex you get therapy. to me sex is just sex. i guess at the end of the day its none of my business what consenting adults do behind closed doors but that doesnt mean ill ever understand it. also i find women are especially bad for this, maybe its because women are more mental/emotional when it comes to sex. its like other women in general cant just enjoy the physicality of sex, they have to have all this mental shame/power dynamic/submission/emotional weirdness going on to get off lol. saged cause this turned into a rant.

No. 347587

The unpopular opinions thread is always like this though. It's the… unpopular… opinions thread.

No. 347589

why don't the man-hating thread number 643694836734 stans just migrate to l_anon?

No. 347596

Are you joking or is this your first day in the unpopular opinions thread? That thread has never even remotely had as much infighting as this one.

No. 347597

…Okay? You can ree at us and get yourself banned for infighting if you want but we're going to keep posting about it here anyways. It's on topic. Deal with it.

No. 347600

I overall disliked the manhate thread and do disagree with most hardcore radfems but it's just crazy to me that the one imageboard with a majoritive female population is fighting about "femcels" and manhate.

You don't really see other imageboards complaining about too many incels or too much mysoginy.

It wouldn't even bother me but nowadays even mentionning your general exhaustion towards men or anything remotely feminist will have you branded as a femcel raging bulldyke.

No. 347601

File: 1546374690338.jpeg (69.14 KB, 640x640, D730AD79-49DF-4323-AB0F-C8474D…)

many trannys do pass and look feminine and pretty. People are being dramatic when they say none of them pass because that just isn’t true. I have no problems with trannys as long as they accept t they’re not women and are just feminine looking men.

No. 347605

>getting banned for infighting
>in the unpopular opinion thread

good one

No. 347606

Wew a truly unpopular opinion for once

No. 347607

blaming all your problems on men isn't "feminism".

No. 347608

t. tranny, handmaiden, or chaser because literally no one else would say this shit. and the guy in your pic does not pass at all, I clocked him while scrolling.

No. 347610

trannies only pass in controlled environments where they can shoop and angle their manliness away. i promise you the person in that picture doesn't even remotely look like that IRL. no MTF on earth does.

No. 347612

File: 1546375747003.jpeg (51.72 KB, 512x512, F6EF7BC0-B347-4FA5-87D1-110DB8…)

I think he passes pretty good. I think most people would think I look more male than him.

No. 347613

File: 1546375872876.jpeg (109.83 KB, 1122x1200, 3C1D3264-C9DF-498B-94E6-83EF38…)


I highly doubt you’d know this is a man if I never mentioned it

No. 347615

What do you mean? It happens all the time. It happened to me a couple of days ago, lmao.

No. 347616

who said I was doing that? I actually specifically said that anything remotely negative of men gets you branded as a femcel.

No. 347620

It's just more proof that women on average have more empathy than men do, IMO.
If you go to any male majority site, they can screech about us and call us walking holes without anyone really caring to defend us much. On the other hand, on a female majority site, there's way more backlash if you attack men, because even on a gossip site like this, women are actually more caring and less spiteful. They think of their boyfriends, husbands, fathers, sons, etc and take exception to anyone being cruel about the whole gender. For some reason, so many men seem incapable of that. Hmm.

No. 347622

You'd convince us better with candids and not a very controlled and photoshopped picture, as we have been saying trannies only pass in

No. 347623

from what I've seen (I don't read /ot/ that often tbf specifically due to all the autism and infighting) anons get branded as femcels when they call people handmaidens or secret male anons for: dating men, feeling sorry for a man, or defending a man against something (regardless of whether they deserve to be defended or not). i haven't seen anyone get clocked as a femcel for reasonable shit like talking about how your bf/dad/x man in your life is a dumbass or something.

how does this look like a woman to you? genuine question.

No. 347624

Have you seen how these trads age? I think not

No. 347626

>That fucking photoshop
Are you selfposting, baiting or on a vendetta?

No. 347627

>woman isn't happy go lucky 24/7
>I-its cuz you don't have your rights taken away and you're not popping out babies with an abusive husband trapped at home 24/7 you evil Western roastie

No. 347629

I said I could tell it was a tranny while scrolling, as in before I read your post. he is very obviously not a real woman to anyone but a chaser or a troon. even handmaidens would clock him.

No. 347632

I'm surprised to get this reaction! Guess we're not alone

No. 347635

>many trannys do pass and look feminine and pretty
bad example, this guy looks hideous

No. 347643

I think anons should stop caring so much about trannie's appearence or if they pass or not. I have plenty of ugly female friends to the point many trannies are prettier than them but I find my friends 100x better because they can't copy females in a psychological level

No. 347658

Not so hard with shoop, wigs, falsies, and contacts lel

No. 347660

File: 1546380933433.jpg (80.26 KB, 640x640, toon town.jpg)

I seriously hate porgs (from the new Star Wars) so much. They were honestly just designed to be a vehicle to sell stupid toys to stupid manchildren and dummies ate it up hook, line, and stinker.

The PS1 was superior to the N64. Like if you don't like Zelda/Mario you have slim pickings on the N64. The Ocarina of time wasn't that good of a game - it was a step back in quality from A Link to the Past. Crash and Spyro were better platformer/adventure games than Super Mario 64.

Pitbulls were literally just bred to be fighting dogs and maul other dogs/animals on command. I support banning them without muzzles in public, because I'm sick of posturing idiots getting them to be 'tough guys' or libfem twitter types trying to virtue signal by adopting a 'misunderstood' animal - and then seeing yet another article about someone's baby getting mauled or someone else's pets being attacked outside.

Cats should not be allowed outside unsupervised. They cause massive damage to local animal populations (they have driven multiple species to extinction) and on average have a life span that is 5-7 years shorter than indoor cats due to larger predators/running into traffic. Cat owners who let their cats outside all day are lazy and selfish.

I think Sam Hyde is hilarious, I've laughed harder at him saying goofy shit into a camera than I have at any multi-million comedy Hollywood has put out in years.

Firefly was never good. The characters were unlikeable, the humor was like someone quoting a reddit thread, and River was a Mary Sue.

Dinosaurs had feathers.

No. 347662



No. 347664

File: 1546381489854.jpeg (74.45 KB, 1000x936, 62E40043-C756-429A-8255-311C3F…)

>Dinosaurs had feathers.
I find the idea of feathers dinosaurs to be cooler. Agile, warm-blooded birds > dumb, slumbering reptiles

No. 347667

File: 1546381874936.jpg (63.55 KB, 626x461, dino.jpg)

I agree, it's just that so many people don't want to give up the image of the dinosaurs they grew up with in Jurassic Park or the myth that 100% of dinosaurs died as soon as the meteor hit and didn't eventually evolve into birds.

No. 347670

I'm really scared of birds, and now I understand why.
I also had a friend who once told me chickens were basically dinosaur's descendants, and I couldn't unsee it.

No. 347674

I hope the term "femcel" becomes more widespread. It should also include bitter "furmoms" who can get sex but can't get healthy and happy relationships.

No. 347675

You still mad, eh?

No. 347676

why? lol

No. 347677

>hating both dogs and women
Anyone loyal, sweet and good-hearted reminds you of your own shortcomings, huh?

No. 347680

tl;dr triggered

No. 347681

I think it's a new breed of people that needs a proper name. Catladies doesn't work because most catladies are just happy loners who hoard cats. Femcels are way more bitter and angry and deserve their own name.

No. 347687

you cant be an incel of you're a woman because men will fuck literally any vagina that presents itself to them. plus women dont need sex, women could die virgins and still live fulfilling lives. men are only incels because they are dying to have sex and are involuntarily staying celibate because nobody wants them kek.

No. 347692

both incels and femcels could get laid if they wanted to. they instead choose to nurture their hatred for the opposite gender over relationships.

No. 347695

File: 1546383706724.jpg (54.97 KB, 588x316, uma delicia.jpg)

It's especially telling if you look at something like a crowned eagle which looks like a modern pterodactyl or a cassowary which looks like a mini raptor. Very reptilian looking birds.

No. 347696

File: 1546383767072.jpg (54.97 KB, 588x316, uma delicia.jpg)

It's especially telling if you look at something like a crowned eagle which looks like a modern pterodactyl or a cassowary which looks like a mini raptor. Very reptilian looking birds.

No. 347698

>because men will fuck literally any vagina that presents itself to them
A lot of men envy women about being more desirable but being desirable to dangerous men or ugly ones that will fuck anything means nothing. It's a male thing because they can't get harmed from sex or suffer physical consequences aside STDs which women also get.

No. 347700

agreed on every point.

I didn't know dinosaurs having feathers was a contentious point though, I thought it was widely agreed upon. feathers are way cooler anyway.

No. 347705

>femcels could laid if they wanted too
No they couldn't. Not everyone woman has 1082029 guys lining up behind to fuck her. I'm sick of the lies. Lonely, ugly women are truly subhuman in the eyes of society and are given no sympathy. Incels have a better chance at getting laid than femcels because they only care about sex. Finding a guy that actually likes you for your personality? Impossible.

No. 347706

>The PS1 was superior to the N64

This is truth. I'm so glad I had the PS1 growing up. There are tons of great titles to choose from and it was a beast machine for great RPGS in general. N64 had Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of time… and.. what else? Star fox 64 was the only decent game on it, and even then you could just play the SNES version.

No. 347707

its agreed upon by people who actually know an ounce of science
anyone who says otherwise is muh jurassic park

No. 347708

true, it all boils down to personality in the end. incels would live a life of regret that they never had sex or were able to hold a woman captive to be a baby making factory for them though, whereas a woman would probably just find other propose to her life.

No. 347709

femcels don't have other purpose. they're usually fujoshits who hate IRL men and like watching soft anime boys fuck.

No. 347710

ive never been branded as femcel but I remember some anon getting redtexted "keep that shit for the manhate thread" for saying "I don't trust men who say all their exes were crazy". It was in the "dumbass" thread IIRC.

No. 347711

good, that shit is uncalled for.

No. 347712

If you have multiple exes and literally all of them were "crazy", you are probably "crazy" yourself.

No. 347713


is right. Unless you had ONE ex, I'm gonna be suspicious if all your "ex gf were crazies". Especially considering the fact that 100% of the IRL men that told me that considered jealousy/possessivness as ultimate top notch crazy where the crazy exes from my female friends were legit raping them, beating them and taking all of their money while isolating them from their families.

No. 347714

I hate seeing people advise others that they just have to "settle" on somebody and lower their standards, thinking that's how relationships are supposed to work. You should never accept somebody with poor hygiene or aggressive/irresponsible behavior, just walk away if there's a problem and don't trap yourself.

No. 347715


The point

Your head

No. 347716

>the truth
>uncalled for
"My exes are all crazy" is a textbook, commonly known manipulation tactic used by abusive guys. It's a way of
-absolving the guy of their own shortcomings or actual abuse they committed in the relationship
-making them into an innocent victim to lull women into a false sense of security and protectiveness
-making it so these women doubt or even attack their exes if they ever try to warn them about them
On top of that, 100% of the time, you will be gaslit and called "crazy" yourself if you ever notice anything off about these guys, or if you do/say anything that steps out of line.
Every woman should read "Why Does He Do That?" by Lundy Bancroft. It breaks down the actions and thought processes of abusive male partners perfectly, and this very phenomena is highlighted in it. IMO, 1-2 exes being crazy is credible, shit happens, but any more than that? And you downplay, or simply can't or won't properly acknowledge any faults or fuck-ups on your end throughout any of those relationships? Nah, you're lying to hide shit, and are probably the one who's truly insane.

No. 347717

>And you downplay, or simply can't or won't properly acknowledge any faults or fuck-ups on your end throughout any of those relationships? Nah, you're lying to hide shit, and are probably the one who's truly insane.
The fact that you think only men do that proves that all probably applies to you.

No. 347718

>I can't trust men who say all their exes are crazy
>you think only men do this
Anon, you're really dumb or just going for that angle because you have no better argument.

No. 347721

you sound like that troll from the man hate thread

No. 347722

Who said I only think men do that?
>The fact that you think only men do that proves that all probably applies to you.
Huh. In all the hullabaloo, I checked out the man hate thread that got locked earlier. This weak "no u! just thinking about that proves that YOU'RE the evil one!" shit is very, very reminiscent of what the racebaiting "huwhite men are innocent and do nothing rong, its the brown mooslems >:(" /pol/ poster said when an anon pointed out the amount of white men who actually feel sadistic pleasure when white women are raped or killed by non-white men.
Your argument skills are very, very weak.

No. 347724

File: 1546388102617.jpg (190.25 KB, 1280x1280, 5mCdUHQ5riM4TCV1MTITfndvODaJyy…)

I agree Sue passes, just as a butterface girl though.
Actually looks like one of my 100% female friends growing up lmao.

No. 347726

Exactly why we need a…maybe we can call it a "male-critical" thread next time. Most of us have empathy and don't reduce other humans to organs and body parts, unlike a lot of guys.

No. 347729

i wouldn't have trouble with the manhate anons if they didn't all reeeee when anyone mentions shitty women. the site is based around bitching about shitty women but only on /ot/ and /g/ do anons act like the site is some kind of feminist sisterhood.

No. 347730

Topkek, they're not all women. There are troons in there.

No. 347731

Also the
>no u are the one doing the bad thing I would never do
Is a classic male tactic to evade capture. He directs attention away from the problem (him) by accusing the innocent(s) of causing said problem.

No. 347732

Probably is they have be reeing all over this one since it got locked down

No. 347733

>the site is based around bitching about shitty women but only on /ot/ and /g/ do anons act like the site is some kind of feminist sisterhood.
Bitch where? You sound seriously paranoid.

No. 347734

Agreed. What many misogynistic men (and their handmaidens) miss is that fundamentally, even when misandry is brewing, we aren't like them. Many of us still have men in our lives who we love and care for. Women en masse don't go out, kill/rape men/boys and commit atrocities all because they're mad they have no boyfriend, they were in a nasty divorce or because they made and unironically believe in some religion that says men are essentially cattle.

When I shit on men on LC, I'm not actually advocating genocide or pure hatred of them like they do with us. I don't delight in stories about ruining men's days, say a boy who was raped deserved it, or make fun of men who end up having sad paths in life because they were once little boys with dreams of being famous or cool.
I'm just frustrated about the state of society. There are still men I like and even love. It's almost like most men are incapable of that kind of thing, so they think we must be, as well.

No. 347736

No one does that. We talk about shitty women, and call them out all the time.
I have a feeling you're just mad because you know you wouldn't be able to get away with turning this place into /r9k/ or r/sluthate 2.0.

No. 347737

Yep. Pretty sure they are the anon who bragged about shitposting in certain threads to get them shutdown and then cried upthread about being banned from the site.

No. 347738

Anon, trannies don’t pass. They’ll look feminine but they’ll be indestinguishable. They’ll always have some male features that they can’t get rid of even with shooping and going under the knife, and the only reason they look even remotely feminine is because it’s a photograph so they control the narrative within it.
I’ve seen a few people pop up that say that trannies/sissies are fine as long as they recognise that they’re men, but they’re really not. It’s not just a case of them being more feminine than masculine, they try wear our skin by appearing as female as possible (not just feminine), and their dicks get hard to it too - not just that, it’s a humiliation thing to them, they find the idea of being a woman humiliating which just gets them off even more.

No. 347742

Samefag, I meant to say *theyll never be indistinguishable

No. 347743

i'm not. i'm also not shitposting right now. i've seen people do it often. anons who only browse /ot/ and /g/ are more sensitive and whiny than the ones who browse other boards as well.

No. 347744

The only thing that clocks her is her voice(video related). I personally don’t care if they get off on being women as long as they stay in their lane.

No. 347746

If there’s ANYTHING to clock they’re not a woman, call him what he is

No. 347748

File: 1546390590682.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, giphy.gif)

>That passive agressive bitter answer

No. 347753

File: 1546390906490.png (607.66 KB, 942x493, Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 12.2…)

>i'm also not shitposting right now.
>right now

No. 347756

They always reveal themselves in the end kek.

No. 347759

NTA but you guys are fucking retards. These "gotcha" moments make me want to off myself for even browsing this site knowing people like you use the board.

No. 347761

File: 1546391484170.gif (3.73 MB, 480x375, CTW (1).gif)

Not liking a taste of your own medicine I see.

No. 347762

>These "gotcha" moments make me want to off myself for even browsing this site knowing people like you use the board.
Okay, have fun, then.

No. 347764

File: 1546391615793.gif (1.94 MB, 268x268, brat having a strop.gif)

No. 347768

>I’ve seen a few people pop up that say that trannies/sissies are fine as long as they recognise that they’re men, but they’re really not.
They're obviously gross and misogynistic as shit but you can't control what other people get off to and do with their time. As long as they get it through their thick skulls that they aren't women, can't just barge into our spaces and involve random people in their fetish then it doesn't really affect the rest of us.

No. 347770

Just because outsiders can’t control it doesn’t mean the fetish itself is okay

No. 347772

>complain about shitposting
>are shitposting

This site is 18+

No. 347774

File: 1546392460964.gif (1.46 MB, 432x264, bye bitch.gif)

>Whines about this board and its users constantly
>Is still here

No. 347779

so now you have been outed as the shitposting anon you are scraping the barrel for comebacks? Fucking LOL
>This site is 18+
exactly, so why are you here? you clearly have the mental capacity of a 12yr old edgelord.

No. 347781

My unpopular opinion is that anons who cry samefag should be permabanned. It's just too stupid.

No. 347786

My unpopular opinion is that retards who cry about this board while posting here constantly should just leave. Its just too stupid.

No. 347788

No. 347789

No one's doing that.

No. 347791

go shit up crystal.cafe.

No. 347794

None of those posts contain bannable offenses. You are promoting infighting by attacking and insulting people for merely disagreeing with you, please stop.

No. 347796

nta but it's infighting.

>please stop


No. 347797

Seems more like several of us calling out one anon their bullshit rather than everyone infighting. Hopefully, the BS doesn't get this thread locked too.
It's almost like you're contributing to it.

No. 347799

i was just commenting on the please stop. you sound paranoid.

No. 347805

everyone ITT are autistic, maybe even me as well! either way watching you guys do this shit is fucking hilarious.

No. 347806

I personally don't give a fuck about calling women girls or men boys or whatever else. I think too many people get tilted over it, especially when they get mad about trannies using the term "girl", but it just reminds me of trannies reeing over pronouns.

No. 347811

I think it largely depends on the context. Call your friends girls can be endearing, but in a professional setting it can come off condescending, in particular if it’s a higher up/man saying it
30+ year old men who are pretending to be teenagers clearly aren’t all that appropriate for this term

No. 347812

>this shit is hilarious

Is it? Are you literally sitting in your computer chair Lol-ing at passive aggressive meme postings and the same tired, bitter infighting that anyone who's browsed this site for years has seen already?
Wow, golly, so funny - if you have a brain stem like a Hooligans!

No. 347813

it is, and it's even better when anons like you reply to the "same kind of posts that have been posted for years" but are just as salty as the first time your autistic ass visited the site!

No. 347815

Wow, you sure showed me!

No. 347817

Fuck off, chaser. Go spam your creepy husbando somewhere else.

No. 347841

Bush and Cheney made the right decisions regarding Saddam Hussein and Iraq, from a realpolitk perspective. Turning Iraq into an unstable shithole isolated Saudi Arabia from any potential other allies and forced them to co-operate with the US (and Israel), ensuring a (relatively) stable status quo for a decade. The Arab Spring, and the Syrian catastrophe by extension, were disasters that threw all this out, and couldn't have been predicted by Bush or Cheney at the time.

Israel should never have been created in the middle east, and instead should've been established in Madagascar. But now that it is where it is, it's best if they either ethnically cleanse or integrate Palestine entirely, the creation of a Palestinian state would do nothing at this point to ensure peace as there's been too many decades of butthurt to ever bury the hatchet. The US and the west has to ensure Israel's survival against its neighbors, because Israel would go through with mass nuclear war and the Samson option in a second due to their memory of the holocaust.

France, at least the political elite in France, still has imperialist ambitions and would happily throw French republican principles out in favor of anything that would further this. Whether it's integrating the French sphere of influence in Africa with France proper, embracing Islam or turning to Socialist principles. Russia is of a similar attitude and disposition, but they have nothing other than Putin's autocracy to turn to.

The collapse of the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc, in the way it collapsed, was a catastrophe. The entire eastern European economic collapse of the 90s could've been avoided if the Soviet Union reformed along the same lines as China. 'Shock therapy' was simply a collusion between the Russian bureaucratic elite and the west to pillage Russian capital, Russia or the Soviet Union would be on good terms with the United States right now if it wasn't for the disaster of the 90s.

The North Korean government most likely wants to embrace the west, but they're unsure how to go about reforming their system without ending up in a civil war like most 20th century dictatorships that have liberalized. There's probably plans in the works between North Korea, China and the West as we speak to guide this transition, in a way that allows the Kim dynasty to keep their heads and autonomy. This is most likely being kept secret because the Kim dynasty doesn't want to give their army or secret service a legitimate reason to depose their 'reactionary actions'.

No. 347844

>he PS1 was superior to the N64
I agree and I grew up with Nintendo products, I wish I had instead chosen Sony consoles as a kid. There is so much variety of games on Playstation, I love JRPGs personally and there are way more good ones there. After buying a WiiU I decided to never buy Nintendo consoles again.

No. 347849

File: 1546406752782.jpg (47.5 KB, 330x373, IMG_4118.JPG)

Iraq was never aligned with Saudi Arabia. Sadams Iraq was a Ba'athist state - which is a pan Arab nationalist ideology and opposed to the existence of Wahhabism and the Saudi royal family. It's also why the Saudis, Israel, and the US collaborated to destroy the other Ba'athist states Libya and (postponed) Syria.

No. 347857

File: 1546407551885.jpg (115.46 KB, 1920x1118, 536317781a1a43a7155282ff72467f…)

how are feathers not cool? a feathered trex is SO cool!

it's not a secret that jurassic park wasn't scientifically accurate, it was based on what we knew almost 30 years ago, and actually the making of jurassic park contributed to the discovery of a link between birds and dinos! it's one of my favorite movies but how is anyone acting like it's a documentary?

No. 347859

Final Fantasy is a shit series and yokai watch 1 & 2 are more fun than any pokemon games in existence

Meh, grass is greener. I grew up with sony consoles and it completely killed my interest video games until I got a ds and pokemon + animal crossing because I didn't really like any of the kids games. I only actually had fun when my dad would let me fuck around on gta vice city. I do like sony consoles now but I prefer the switch by a country mile. The vita was debatably better than 3ds though.

No. 347866

heres probably an unpopular opinion, all the dinosaurs in jp are ugly as shit. the jp rex looks so fucking chunky and ugly and i hate that virtually every other dinosaur containing media models its trex after it.
sage for dino sperging

No. 347873

Saddam's Iraq was an autocracy that served the interests of Iraq and Saddam before Arab Nationalism, and there was indeed a strong possibility of an Iraqis and Saudis working together to counteract the expanding influence of Iran and to agitate against US influence in the area.

No. 347891

Saudi Arabia was ready to lead a coalition against Iraq to stop their invasion of Kuwait.

No. 347898

It's fetishistic, they don't want to be adult women but little girls. Do older women call themselves girls? Yes, sometimes, but not in serious circumstances.

No. 347964

feathered trex is freakin adorable.

JP was a good movie, but i agree. It's old and was never truly based on science. It's one of those 'haha, look at this cool 90s movie with cool animatronics' but that's it. Anyone who takes it for fact is an actual idiot.

No. 347968

I really don’t see how Kpop could possibly be milky enough to warrant the thread being bumped every 2 minutes. They’re all just soulless carbon-copies of each other that make mediocre music, where’s the juicy anon/niche drama /ot should be full of

No. 347982

kpop fans are apart of the reason, especially the fact that they can't see that their faves are soulless carbon copies of each other.

No. 348013


Fuck off with your normie gifs.

No. 348016

The thread is all fans. I listen to kpop myself and enjoy a couple groups but I’ve never checked gossip sites or am in tune with the groups to know all their names. That takes a huge level of obsession. They tinhat there more than fans, they just add unfunny insults to hide their powerlevel

No. 348019

i just straight up can't understand the kpop obsession at all. at least when ppl were into jrock there was interesting fashion to look at and some of the idols were actually distinguishable from each other. ive tried to get into kpop but as soon as i check out any video im just absolutely blown away by the cringe. even 90s boybands with their frosted tips and noodle hair cant get me to cringe as hard as a kpop video.

No. 348023

File: 1546448103059.jpg (134.98 KB, 1200x1200, north-koreans-watching-k-pop-f…)

No. 348024

uh… did you post this in the wrong thread?

No. 348033

nta but this image is hilarious. Well adjusted North Koreans reacting to the absolute cringe that is kpop.

No. 348045

I mean they look terrible with the shorts and thigh-highs for an event in such country.

No. 348046

>Well adjusted North Koreans

No. 348047

the guys look like they're loving it while trying to pretend they're shocked and appauled and the women are just repulsed lmao

No. 348057

too bad kim jong un loooooves kpop girls.

No. 348058

Same, it just sounds like American music but Korean. I can get why Koreans like it, but I have no idea why all these other people who can't even speak the language love it.

No. 348079

yellow fever, anon.

No. 348082

I remember checking out why people loved all these kpop bands and it just sounded like One Direction. Never again.

No. 348124

I used to really be into K-pop pre-2014 when the music was still enjoyable and fun and the band members had creative, cool outfits for the videos. Now they look like autistic fashion disasters and the music is just rehashed american pop. What the fuck happened.

They're just stans sperging over idols having surgery/gaining fat/becoming an ana-chan. It's a garbage fire.

No. 348133

>>they're just fujoshits who hate irl men
Hold up anon im not a femcel and I dont hate men lmao

No. 348138

most of the people that identify as non-binary are just impressionable kids and poorly adjusted adults that want to feel special.

but being non-binary is still real. the "real" ones are quiet about it, don't make a fuss about people assuming their gender, and most of all don't make you use xir pronouns or some shit.

No. 348140

Personally I listen to all kinds of foreign music, Japanese, French, Spanish who cares as long as it has a beat. I don’t need or care if music is deep, and I think kpop fans who talk about how it’s so deep are idiots. It’s just fun and catchy, I like dumb American pop too.

No. 348142

I feel that a lot of people with gender issues have a lot of much larger underlying issues and they resort to these things just to cope. As an anecdote, I have a friend who’s an obese straight girl who secretly identifies as non-binary but she has obvious issues with her self-esteem and lack of confidence probably in part due to her appearance.

That being said, I agree that people who are secure in not conforming to gender norms don’t use it as a way to cope and probably don’t care about labeling themselves.

No. 348143

Genuinely curious, what do you believe makes a “real” non-binary person?

No. 348149

>a lot of people with gender issues have a lot of much larger underlying issues and they resort to these things just to cope.
oh, definitely. it's easier/less painful (in the short-term) than processing any of those underlying issues. that's why the label attracts so many teenagers and insecure young adults.

>what do you believe makes a “real” non-binary person?
generally, someone that isn't comfortable conforming to gender roles for reasons outside of insecurity or any other prior issues that would be solved with therapy. basically, if the person is using the label to cope, or to seem special, or to fit in with their online friends, they're most likely having a phase. these people tend to only get more confused and depressed regarding their identity, because they didn't actually solve the real issue.

lgbt people in general tend to be very different online vs irl. non-binary people i've met irl (myself included) don't necessarily care about labels. they're usually fine using nothing, or "non-binary." you don't hear them using labels like demigirl or pronouns like xir/xem. i dress/present myself how i like and don't really make an attempt to look "androgynous" so people assuming i'm female doesn't upset me. sure, it'd be nice if people somehow automatically knew to use they/them for me, but things don't work like that. non-binary people on the internet tend to take that kind of stuff very personally. i'm confident in my identity and know i am non-binary despite looking female, so if people think i'm dumb/faking i don't have to argue with them. i also typically don't bother correcting people at all unless they're friends. it's just less hassle.

No. 348150

File: 1546468045106.png (45.76 KB, 166x175, 2759052534.PNG)

>but being non-binary is still real.

No. 348152

Why are people so afraid of being gender nonconforming or assume that because they aren’t super girly or super manly that they aren’t female or male? Honestly, it makes me sad.

No. 348153

why the fuck does it matter if you're gender non conforming or not. Dressing like a dyke or wearing pink doesn't make you a third special gender. Gender is a concept peddled and created by pedophile J money with in reality sex = gender and the concept of gender roles refers to the roles expected of the two sexes.

No. 348156

>they're not real non-binaries they're just special snowflakes unlike me

Dressing unisex is not a third gender anon, the fact that you don't throw shitfits over your identity irl doesn't make it any less stupid and shallow.

No. 348160

i don't have an answer for you, because i am physically female, dress/act feminine, love pink, and am non-binary, so my reasoning doesn't come from "i'm not like other girls, so i must not be a girl"

i don't believe i expressed myself clearly when i said "someone that isn't comfortable conforming to gender roles" since i do agree that gender roles are mostly manufactured, so i retract that statement. i didn't mean a girl that's a tomboy which is how it sounded. i meant something more along the lines of how the individual personally feels about it. but that brings me to this:

>Gender is a concept
if this is true, where's the issue with someone choosing to forgo it entirely?

>Dressing unisex is not a third gender
i'm aware. i don't dress unisex, that's not why i identify like i do. may i ask why you think the non-binary label is stupid and shallow? are there circumstances where you don't think of it like that? genuinely curious.

No. 348162

i get that nb people don't ~feel~ like a gender but lbr they're what they born as. and there's nothing wrong with that
in the first place nobody has ever felt a gender unless they're performing as society says they're meant to.

you FEEL like yourself, and you just so happen to be a man or a woman. it's nbd just accept it

No. 348164

you're a stupid faggot

No. 348168

this is the clearest, least douchey view on this i've seen so far, thank you. going over my posts i probably am trying to justify it to myself, so i'm definitely going to reevaluate some things and think about this for a bit.


No. 348189

people who participate in the nonbinary nonsense just dont want to admit they're following a sad fashion trend just like girls in the 2000s who pretended to be bisexual for attention and showed off their emo cuts. because our society has this attitude like following trends makes you shallow, people are embarrassed to admit that's what they do because they know it's lame af but they want to act like they're some deep intellectual. so they gaslight and pretend it has something to do with politics or some lgbt issue when it's just the same dumb androgynous shit the fashion industry has been doing for decades if not centuries if we look back at times when men wore powdered wigs and lipstick. its nothing unique at all its just people wanting to be special for dumb bullshit.

No. 348190

It's funny because that's probably not an unpopular opinion, but you'd be crucified for it on any public social media platform.

No. 348202

Kpop, anime and most weeb hobbies are very toxic to a womans mental health. Constantly consuming media that tells you youre worthless if youre over 23, weigh more than 110 and are taller than 5'4 cant be good for you. Thats why on here ya get so many young women bitching about not being age 11 and feeling old at 18 because theyre being feed this garbage constantly.

No. 348226

It’s no different from western media, anon. And weeb circles aren’t the only ones who glorify emaciated underweight bodies, most proana circles only use white girls as inspiration

No. 348229

When being ana was in its prime most ana chans wanted to look like tall and boney super models like naomi campbell or some shit. East asian media pretty much brain washes people into thinking theyre washed up and used goods at 21. You cant deny theres more focus on looking like a literal 10 year old.

No. 348231

Anime and manga are underrated hobbies for women tbh. Josei, shoujo and BL/fujobait are all made by and for women, if you have any sense you avoid things made for men and you're left with self indulgent stuff for girls. If skinny female characters are a problem, limit it even further to all male casts. CGDCT and haremshit are among the worst media for women though, it's true.

Kpop is also fine if you exclusively stan male idols and ignore what people say about the girls, but they are unpredictable so you just have to hope the male isn't an overt asshole about women.

No. 348238

IMO, it's not any more toxic than western music, TV shows/movies sexualizing high schoolers (and even middle schoolers with shit like some scenes from It and Stranger Things), and models (a sad amount of which are literally just tall, lanky 14 year olds made up to look like women), to be honest.
Women from Asian countries just tend to be a bit shorter and younger-looking for longer, so of course their beauty standards will reflect that. I agree it's toxic for those who aren't naturally predisposed to those traits, because in a way, they're trying to fight biology and genetics instead of working with what they have, but it's a bit asinine to act like kawaii uguu unnie weeb/koreaboo shit is inherently any worse than anorexic models with grown woman's heights but 13 year old's faces, 20+ year old model/actresses who are cast as high schoolers (making actual teens feel bad about their looks, and normalizing the sexualization of that age group) or IG thots with fake, inflated asses. It's all bad.

No. 348241

Most young pop stars in the west are made to act and look older/cooler though….for example, Compare someone like bhadbhabie to someone in twice or akb48 running around with pig tails and singing about being a uwu virgin who wants to get dicked down by a older man(look up some of akb48s song lyrics for reference).america values youth but it isnt nearly as bad as japan and korea. In america people usually like people aged 21-25 in japan its like 12-17.

No. 348242

The whole "non-binary" concept is irritating to me, because gender isn't actually much deeper than the sex you were born as. There are women who like and relate to "man stuff", and vice versa, because when it comes down to it, none of that shit is real. Going on about how you don't ~*feel either, or feel both at the same time*~ is lending legitimacy to a fanciful concept. It's true that the two are treated different socially, but like, getting a pixie cut or growing out your hair won't allow you to escape that people can absolutely still tell what sex you are based on your facial features and body shape. That's just life.

I don't understand how so many of these people will readily admit "Gender is a social construct" and "Clothing has no gender" ad infinitum, but then go on about "feeling like a boy today, and a girl tomorrow, or sometimes both or just neither". You've already admitted you can't really "feel" either, it's all just made-up monkey shit, so what is all this you're spouting now? Why are you enforcing this binary shit you don't even believe in? Why can't you just continue to exist as a woman (or man) who likes suits and ties with short hair and some unshaven body hair some days, but also likes long hair, makeup and sundresses on others? Why all this extra "Pls only use they/them with me" shit?

No. 348245

Isn't it fucked up that 14 year olds are being made to act like grown women and show their breasts/asses? What message does that send, and why is it any better than grown women being made to act younger and wear pigtails?

No. 348246

Yes it is fucked up but the difference here theyre trying to sell her as someone older meanwhile in japan/korea the fact that shes 13-15 would be her selling point and theyd try to make her even younger looking than that and her career would be over at 24 because she would be considered an old hag…

No. 348249

That's what it's like in the western modelling industry, and the pop music industry will just milk them and force them to act/look like 21 year olds until they're 40 and can't look the part anymore. All I'm saying is that both are 100% disgusting, neither is "preferable". Westerners are just more used to (and therefore complicit) with one, which is sad.

No. 348256

I never said one was preferable but the situation youre trying to use to defend korea/japans loli stuff isnt compareable. Loli shit makes women who are already young (18-22) believe they must look like 12 year olds to be attractive and that theyre going to die at 30 and it makes men believe being a literal pedophile is cute/normal.

No. 348259

Farmers who say western men feel "threatened" by feminine kpop guys are straight up delusional.

No. 348262

Normal movies make women feel that way, you got Jennifer Lawerence playing wife in movies to old men like Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale. Anons here want an easy scapegoat for their problems, they think if they weren’t a weeaboo they wouldn’t hate themselves, but that’s not true, you’d just hate yourself another way.

No. 348264

the dolan twins are just less problematic paul brothers

No. 348265

I never did this. Read my posts.
>Loli shit makes women who are already young (18-22) believe they must look like 12 year olds to be attractive and that theyre going to die at 30 and it makes men believe being a literal pedophile is cute/normal.
And in the west, girls who are like 12-16 believe they must look like 21 year olds to be attractive and that they're going to die at 30, and all the 20-25 year olds masquerading as teens and actual 14 year olds doing the most to be indistinguishable from grown women since that's the beauty standard makes men believe being a literal pedophile is cute/normal. We can't even pretend like "THIS girl is 14, can you believe it? Countdown til she's legal brehs. We need to abolish this age of consent shit, it's just made up by jealous 26 year old roasties who are at THE WALL" shit isn't everywhere.

>Anons here want an easy scapegoat for their problems, they think if they weren’t a weeaboo they wouldn’t hate themselves, but that’s not true, you’d just hate yourself another way.
Exactly this.

No. 348266

they might not be “threatened” but western men hate that women tend to be into effeminate nonthreatening men. that’s why they all hated Justin Bieber and mocked twilight and boy bands

No. 348269

Western males say the same things though, they'll straight up preach religiously about how white girls are all evil ugly fat manly roasties no exceptions and all Asian girls are beautiful pure feminine goddesses who shit doesn't stink

No. 348270

The difference is those women are legal and they look legal. Its one thing to want to look 25, and its another to be barely a barely legal teen feel like youre an old hag and you just graduated highschool.

No. 348272

Neither are good or acceptable for reasons listed multiple times. It's all self-hate. Little girls trying to look "legal", little girls trying to prolong looking "illegal" for as long as possible, grown women trying to look "legal" but not too "legal" (because that's hag-status), and grown women trying to look "illegal". Don't defend any of them or RP that any are worse. All are used to justify pedophilia in a different way, because pedos will always find an excuse. Society treats women and our appearances like shit, point blank.

No. 348274

I’m not saying this is 100% a you problem but you need to take steps to improve your own mental health if you’re this damaged by being a weeb. I was a longtime weeb and I’m still into jfashion, which does glorify thin young looking girls, but you should take the time and follow women in your age group. Befriend women and don’t centralize men in your life. Jfashion may be weeby but i love it because I don’t do it for men and most men think it’s ugly

No. 348275

I feel like at that age a girl shouldnt be worried about looking hot but girls have always wanted to look older and Its better than them finding loli anime then going over to 4chan and cam whoring it up for pedos like ciara and the like.

No. 348276

Every time kpop ends up on mainstream media men make fun of it because they see 5'6" 100lbs asian guys wearing make up and think it's funny. They make fun of kpop and Bieber types because they see them as fap material for chubby teen girls.
Only losers have yellow fever. Normal men who can get dates have a clear preference for western women. Even incels make fun of guys with yellow fever.
Those men who preach about how their flat chested asian waifus are better than western women are the male equivalent of kpop fangirls who think men are jealous of their oppa.

No. 348277

Do you think Justin Bieber is some 6’5 jacked gymbro? He’s short and twinky too that’s exactkly why teen girls liked him and guys hated him and called him gay or a woman

No. 348280

kpop and bieber types are the same. Men see them as fap material for cringy teen girls and make fun of them for that reason. It's not hate.

No. 348281

>girls have always wanted to look older
And women have always preferred looking younger, especially in countries where people age slower. Just because it happens doesn't mean it should be encouraged or normalized.
>and Its better than them finding loli anime then going over to 4chan and cam whoring it up for pedos like ciara and the like.
The other side is Danielle Bregoli, whoring it up for pedos in LA (aka IRL), on Instagram, on YouTube, etc. Please, help me understand what is better about this. Both seem like absolute shit.

No. 348282

>women tend to be into effeminate nonthreatening men
>Justin Bieber
>boy bands
what? they're making fun of what teenage girls like not grown women

No. 348311

Most of bhadbhabies fans are people her age if you look at her live shows, meanwhile in japan idols the same age have a majority male auidience with almost every guy there being 35+

No. 348322

Why can't you fags go bitch about kpop in your containment thread? Stop shitting up this one

No. 348323

Quick disclaimer not to derail this thread over topics that already have their respective threads like kpop. The same goes for man-hate discussion, there is no thread for now but that doesn't mean the discussion can be moved or argued about here (take that to meta).

No. 348363

So, because the pedos are hanging out at different places, one is better? This is incredibly weak.

No. 348546

The internet is a low-key cause of this sudden wave of uwu social anxiety and the fact how shyness is romantized

No. 348547

Oh, absolutely. The internet has convinced so many people to psych themselves into feeling certain ways (namely anxious or “non-binary/genderqueer.”) Back in my day, it was just the scene girls pretending to be bi. Now we’ve got this mess.

No. 348562

When will people finally be allowed to talk about how depressed and socially anxious they are? I’m so sick of living in 1956 uwu

No. 348563

no actually it makes sense

No. 348564

Western society def idolizes a certain look/age older than Japs and Koreans do, most sex symbols of the West since about the 50s were in their early 20s-mid 20s. Depending of the woman's ethnicity (aka not white, sorry but white women age the worst which is why your men always scream "DUH WALL" when it really only applies to you) as far as late 30s/early 40s. A lot of people on here need to get out and look more its not that far(racebait)

No. 348566

In the west theres shame attached to being a pedo so theyre not open about it, in japan it is socially acceptable and a normal preference. When i was in tokyo there were very young girls standing outside late at night in akiba flirting with old men to get them to come into their establishments and it was normal for everyone.

No. 348569

I want everyone to stop using the term pedo to refer to people attracted to teenagers. I'm sorry but there is a huge difference between wanting to fuck teenagers and small children/toddlers. Both are gross, sure but people who want to rape children are arguably more dangerous. I'm just sick of people saying that creepy gross men who like impressionable teens are anything near the same level as men who are okay with possibly killing small children by raping them.

No. 348571

You dont consider people who wanna bang 13-14 year olds as pedos?

No. 348572

You can talk about it, I just find it funny how not long ago everyone wanted to be Ms popular Stacy or a party animal, now out of nowhere everyone magically has social anxiety

No. 348573

kind of agree. i'd rather men ogling teenagers than 8 year olds. in asia most teenagers and 20+ women look pretty similar, and in the west most teenagers in media are "aged up" as far as styling goes, and i think that is the fucked up aspect. hollywood dresses teens up like 20 somethings and uses 30 year olds to act teen roles and it creates this gross false reality for people to buy into. same with asian media, most teen girls in japan dress frumpy as fuck or in their shitty school uniforms, but coquettishly sexed up idols make a weird normalized fantasy. and i honestly think that the media has more responsibility for constantly shoving this shit down people's throats, than the people who buy into it.

No. 348583

I was being sarcastic, I completely agree with you. I find the whole trend of "im human garbage/I'm suicidally depressed/anxious" memes to be so overplayed.

I think it's symptoms of living in an increasingly urbanized/digital world that causes these feelings of ennui and anomie. Humans weren't meant to live packed in urban, grey apartment blocks and getting 90% of their social interactions from a glowing screen.

No. 348585

nta but they're not. you realize you can acknowledge that two similar things are different levels of horrific, right?

No. 348589

Idk about that, when I lived in an urban area I was way more social and less anxious than living in a rural area

No. 348603

All the adult, male refugees who illegally fled to countries like the UK from Nigeria need to have their voting history back home reviewed, and then sent back if they voted for Buhari/APC. This is the president you chose. Go home and enjoy the "next level".
Imagine creating a fucked up situation in your country, then illegally sneaking out when shit hits the fan.

No. 348614

Having an echo chamber where people negatively circlejerk their depression and anxiety surprisingly does nothing to make their symptoms any better.
If you engage in toxicity all the time the lines become pretty blurred until you are indeed also toxic.

No. 348629

You sound like my mom lmao.

No. 348652

>The wall is real and ONLY applies to white women
Hi robot

No. 348671

File: 1546557440555.jpg (6.13 KB, 250x252, 1508878374437.jpg)

Not the white women I've seen, if the woman cares for herself then she can look fine as she gets older, even then I knew white women who smoked and drank and still look great as they aged, mostly Italian, french, or aushkenazi women, not to mention trying to constantly cling onto wanting to look like a little girl can age you, Yumi King and her followers for example, it just depends on the woman, not "you fugly Western white women are gonna hit the wall unlike my ugu perfect Asian waifus that's why men hate you, all white women age bad no exceptions"

However saying "the wall" is at 19 or 20 and obsessing over it is ridiculous regardless of race or if you believe all white women turn into raisins by 19 no exceptions and Asians are youthful forever or not(racebait)

No. 348675

"The Wall" applies more to men than women. There are beautiful older women, but 99.9% of older men are gross. I don't care how many robots want to LARP that the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio are still handsome, it's simply not true.

No. 348680

STOP, we don't need to go down this rode again. Please mods.

No. 348681

because incels, mgtow, and robots alike don't go outside so they don't know what irl 30-50 year old men look like

No. 348682

Hard cope

No. 348683

leo looks like a bloated piece of meat left in the sun too long.

No. 348704

A robot is defined as someone who frequents r9k, it said so in the urban dictionary and only ever has been used to describe someone who frequents r9k

No. 348707

I dont understand what anons get out of being unoffical mods. They cant seem to understabd that conversations would end faster if they just ignored them and didnt feel the need to post "omg stop derailing blahblah". They do this in threads that were dead as fuck and revived by infighting so i know it has nothing to with anons ruining topics, theyre just on a power trip.

No. 348723

Don't even get me started on that one psycho anon who's been infighting for years here

Those anons who see people fighting, point to one anon to tell them to stop, wonder why infighting worsens, those anons who obsess over certain anons they fight with and go around to different threads and accuse everyone of being that one anon they fought and obsess and harass that one anon they fought with, this place is a mess

No. 348791

MTE I do not understand the fuss made over him.

No. 348793

>That one anon for years
How do you know it's the same person? Lol

No. 348795

can we just stop with the asian women vs white women shit. This whole thread has become shit talking about asian girls and asian idols like holy shit can we move on.

Here's my completely unrelated unpopular opinion. Johnny Depp is so damn hot, funny and charismatic that I don't even care if he's abusing women

No. 348796

>wannabe mod replying to a post made 4 hours ago when the conversation has been dropped already

No. 348798

File: 1546570480361.jpg (34.94 KB, 615x409, OPoLpQc.jpg)

truly swoonworthy

No. 348800

Same arguing style, at least I hope it's the same person, because that would mean there are multiple people having mental breakdowns over lolcow arguing

No. 348815

>Johnny Depp is so damn hot, funny and charismatic that I don't even care if he's abusing women

dafuq? He's disgusting.

No. 348825

black mirror sucks

No. 348826

File: 1546577335218.jpg (58.18 KB, 273x448, disgusting.jpg)

jesus… he looks like a trailer park meth dealer

No. 348828

That first episode was good tho

No. 348831

Bird Box fucking sucked. How did people actually enjoy watching it?

No. 348833

you're falling for shilling

No. 348836

Quit the "west vs east" discussion. It's real tired.

No. 348838

Because some people are actually capiable of enjoying things that aren't perfect number 1 A class

No. 348839

>1 anon sperges about how ONLY white women age and hit the wall
>1 post calling them a robot
>1 post explaining it depends on the person
>Omg stop fighting about west vs east

No. 348840

Someone please explain to me, where in this post at all, was I intiating some east vs west discussion and race-baiting or "insulting Asian girls" and
Dindu nuffin(samefag/ ban evasion)

No. 348844

I hate that being negative has become the norm. With the holidays being over I got so tired of people complaining about them. I understand people have bad holidays or don't celebrate at all. Hell, most of my darkest memories are from holidays. It doesn't mean it's ok to shit on people who enjoy it. It doesn't make you seem smart or mature for complaining about people celebrating Christmas or New Years. It makes you look like an angsty over grown teen. Iunderstand people who work in retail getting upset with the holidays but you don't need to get pissed when customers or even coworkers like it.
I just wish people could enjoy life a bit more and try to be positive instead of going on tangents about how Christmas is a corporate ploy and the world is on fire.

No. 348851

How am I ban invading if you didn't even ban me first of all
Second, I still want an explaination about how anything I said was race-baiting and the other post, which was actual race bait, wasn't

No. 348854

You're sure as shit ban evading now, which means you're capable. Why would a farmhand trust you? Just appeal instead of burning your credibility.

No. 348865

I agree anon. People do need to vent and get out their negativity, but wallowing in negativity is the worst. I used to be like that and my life got so much better once I stopped vocalizing things that weren’t positive.

No. 348867

File: 1546584725784.jpg (19.14 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 348868

I genuinely didn't get a ban, if I can prove it somehow please explain but I'm still posting(wew)

No. 349030

I fucking hate people who complain about Christmas starting too early. You're not original and no one gives a shit.

No. 349070

generational family >>>>>> nuclear family

i dont get why conservative people reee about the "traditional" nuclear family, as far as i know generational families were more prevalent historically. to be fair though, most "traditional" things these people advocate for arent even technically traditional.

No. 349089

Agreed. The nuclear family is way too isolating (particularly due to ease of travel), it's too much pressure to rely on two people and the strength of their bond for a child's wellbeing. There needs to be more support, financial and just in terms of child raising, so it's not the end of the world if the parents split up.

You can tell there's something inherently wrong with the nuclear family structure when men insist it is being destroyed by feminism. If the only way it can function properly is by having one half of a couple chained to the stove, it's not a resiliant system at all.

No. 349113


People coming up these days with their ‘traditional’ values are odd individuals. There’s nothing really truly traditional about treating women as property or the subjugation of ethnic minorities - it’s primitive at best and pure human greed. I was raised Christian, and even though I’m an atheist now, my family and most of the people I knew advocated for women’s rights and civil liberties. I was always raised to value myself as an individual. Sure, if you take the Bible out of context you can make it into whatever you want, but in general religion has attempted to elevate people out of the quagmire of ignorance, whether or not they were successful at doing so.

I do think modernism needs to be addressed, but I doubt the raging anarchists in today’s social movements would be happy whatever time period they lived in.

No. 349154

when people say they are traditional they are really just being heavy handed about gender roles.

No. 349159

Radical feminists are the female equivalent of incels.

No. 349162

>Reeee stupid libfem whore!!

No. 349168

they treat women they don't like the same tho :^)

No. 349169

Yeah cause radfems are murdering men just like incels kill women.
Also women being sick of being raped and harmed for their sex is same as neckbeard pissbabies calling for female enslavement cause that hot one chick did not want to suck their dicklets.

No. 349172

they would if they could, anon.

No. 349174

True. Some of the things said on that man-hating thread sounded like they were taken straight from /braincels/, like the people shit talking about disabled men.

No. 349175

There’s a few loud psychos in every group but afaik even the mental radfems haven’t actually murdered anyone. They’re exactly as loud and dumb as incels, but they aren’t asking for tips on rape either so…

No. 349180

>like incels kill women

And that's happened what, twice? Yet you seem to think it's a daily occurrence.

I'm sure I could find that many instances of radfems murdering men actually.

No. 349181

Can you give specific examples?

No. 349183

Can you give specific examples?

No. 349186

The anons saying men with autism are "accepted in the workforce and have no problems forming relationships" and the ones saying most male suicides are murder-suicides. Both are absurd lies about mentally ill and disabled people.

No. 349213

Ha, please post links to murders commited by radfems.
I WISH there was an army of radfems out there killing rapists and pedos.

No. 349215

>thinking killing women is something unique to incels

No. 349226

File: 1546648382345.jpg (100.71 KB, 600x854, 1528136058932.jpg)

No. 349247

Actually the Nuclear Family is a post neoliberal myth. Before WW2 families lived with grandparents in the house, and over seas (like in my families country) it's common for grandparents to live with the family to help raise children.

Nuclear is a meme, extended families were how children were reared for decades. It takes a village to raise a child after all. Kicking kids out at 18, buying a new home every generation, and shoving your parents in a nursing home are all neoliberal memes.

No. 349251

I said radfem, not any female activist

No. 349254

Donna Hylton is not a radical feminist you retard. Any random feminist or "Women's Rights Advocate" is not necessarily a Radical feminist.

No. 349256

no one knows what the term neoliberal means

No. 349261

Valerie Solanas? unfortunately her aim was shit but she tried… lets hope more radfems get their shit together, male population needs to be reduced. All men are rapists

No. 349263

I caught that too anon… /sigh

No. 349288

File: 1546654376841.png (205.02 KB, 540x273, tumblr_inline_ntvfd7tbo71tt661…)

Here's a REAL unpopular opinion: Sanrio sells more than pineapples

No. 349290

are you forcefully trying to become a meme like the Amanda anon

No. 349300

Same. I moved from a big city to a not super rural, but way more non interactive area. Like, you better have a car or you are going NOWHERE situation. I'm lonelier than ever and depressed. I've only been here 2 years and trying hard to make friends, but the two people i liked ended up moving an hour plus away in less than 6 months. it's awful.

No. 349301

non binary is a joke. it's honestly the same bullshit trans people pull. They expect you to either be extreme princess feminine or truck driving, bear punching masculine and any in between is ~non~binary.

fuck, that annoys the shit out of me.

No. 349345

People who stay in abusive relationships don't deserve pity. Especially if children are involved.

No. 349353

I think it's sadder how you're ignorant of how abuse works and why it's effective.

No. 349356

Just go off yourself

No. 349359

Depends on your situation I guess. If you're a battered mom with no support system and completely isolated and controlled it's really hard to leave. Some women are actually in fear of their life, for good reason. Obviously there are dangerous men out there who will actually kill you if you try to leave.

If it's like Onision's wife who is a complete doormat even though her parents would welcome her back with open arms, shes educated and could have a good future, everyone from complete strangers to fans tell er to get out - don't feel bad for her tbh.

No. 349360

it's kinda a reach to compare onision to wife beaters

No. 349362

I mean, "abusive relationship" is a broad term. You can be physically or emotionally abused. If you think Lainey isn't in an abusive relationship just because Onion doesn't hit her, you're wrong.

No. 349363

File: 1546666837108.jpeg (81.71 KB, 677x453, 7520A1FB-6531-423D-9ED7-3EA932…)

Graffiti and tags look like shit 100% of the time and only tools who watched too many bad gangsta movies do it or think it looks better than crayon scribbles.

Everyone who tags shit is a douche. There has never been an exception.

No. 349369

Agreed. When I take the train ever literal fucking inch of walls, fences etc facing the tracks is COVERED in shitty graffiti. It all looks like shit and just takes away from what could be a scenic ride.

No. 349372

Just layers upon layers of badly lettered nicknames of wankers. So many people in Melbourne try and defend it by saying it’s art but it’s not. Art isn’t objectively hideous.

No. 349375

There’s a wall near my place that used to be covered in beautiful murals which are allowed by the council, and it fucks me off every time I see genuine artwork covered by someone chicken scratch. I am going to tear my hair out if I see one more IKEA scribbled somewhere in their shitty middle schooler cursive

No. 349398

>I mean, "abusive relationship" is a broad term.
Well it shouldn't be. Letting a serious term like abusive relationship have such a broad definition only invites lots of people to participate in a victimhood circlejerk or serve as fuel for man-haters to claim as large a number of men as possible are evil.

It just makes it so if you say someone is abused others start to think "oh so your boyfriend didn't take you on an expensive date on your anniversary so you think you're emotionally abused now".

No. 349401

Emotional abuse is just as legitimate as physical, but obviously not getting an expensive dinner and presents doesn't fall under the category of "emotional abuse".

No. 349402

It’s a broad term because of the many different forms of abuse not because someone didn’t get taken out on a date, are you genuinely this obtuse

Getting hit isn’t the only form of abuse; physical, emotional, sexual, financial, in cases of a dependent partner neglect, these are all abuse. And notice that majority of them don’t leave bruises

No. 349404

>replying to an obvious butthurt male
Just don't.

No. 349405

>serve as fuel for man-haters to claim as large a number of men as possible are evil.
lol, I like how you automatically start attacking man-haters and claim it's women doing that, meanwhile go in the man-hating thread, you can have a montage of examples of men claiming things that aren't abuse at all, are abuse, like how the study that showed women abused more, when it was investigated, as it turns out, men were marking things such as not having a hot meal, as abuse, but yep, poor oppressed men, those evil women, manipulating the definition of abuse

>Researcher Elspeth McInnes… recounts some of her research that showed that when men talked about women’s violence against men, some cited abuse as not having a hot meal on the table, not having the children bathed before bed, or women spending money on gambling or shopping. At the more severe end of the spectrum, they nominated verbal and emotional violence as abuse. Then, a tiny minority documented physical abuse, and an even smaller minority named sexual abuse.

haven't you heard anon? emotional abuse is only valid and "just as bad as physical" if a woman is doing, what he considers abuse. when a woman gets abused, unless she's being physically beaten, she is just an evil victim-complexed woman, hell even then women get blamed for their physical abuse

No. 349545

did you know that the most dangerous type for a women in an abusive relationship is when she's trying to leave ? Thats where she at the most risk.

No. 349547

im not into graffiti but you should know that its goal isnt to "look pretty" or whatever, it's to vandalize. It's often ugly on purpose.

>art isn't objectively hideous
kek. I personally don't think graffiti is art but if you think that art has to be beautiful (even subjectively beautiful), you literally have no clue.

No. 349558

I think graffiti can look very pretty and cool, in a grungy way.

No. 349586

Throbbing Gristle is/was a pedophile band. Mikko Aspa is a pedophile, too. So's William Bennett. A large chunk of these "experimental"/noise industrial bands and musicians are basically open pedophiles, and I'm tired of seeing bitches on Tumblr pretending they're cool.
Only The Gerogerigegege gets a pass from me.

No. 349588

non-binary females always want the best of both worlds too. they don't want the misogyny other women get subjected to, but they still want to be included in women-only scholarships, spaces and funding.

No. 349590

the pedophilia claims against genesis breyer p-orridge were false. as far as bennett goes, i think peter sotos is the name you're looking for. he's the one with the child porn charge and extreme & explicit literature. unless bennett has done something i'm missing, beyond writing edgy lyrics.

No. 349597

Except TG's third album featured naked pictures of a little girl on a bed, Bennett's lyrics in Whitehouse and album art constantly veered into weird shit about CSA (and he called his album about abuse "sexy" lmao). Him associating with Sotos for so long and writing with an actual pedophile with a "hurtcore" obsession puts him in the hotseat too, though. It's essentially like having Soren as a creative partner, collaborating/supporting her Tumblr porn blog full of pictures of kids and writing stories with her.
There's being edgy, and there's very focused concentration and fascination on certain topics.

No. 349623

People who say they love to argue and do it on purpose are trying to disguise that they're actually very sensitive and don't have the emotional maturity to know how to back out of them.

No. 349640

I remember I was reading Peter Christopherson’s blog and he had a REALLY sketchy post most likely relating to pedophilia. He deleted it shortly after posting it but it went along the lines of, “Boohoo there’s nothing wrong with what I’m doing and it’s just love! Society is just ignorant!” The guy moved to Thailand just to be surrounded by young Asian boys and get in on pedosex.

No. 349676

I know exactly what it means. It's a product of capitalism if you prefer that wording.

No. 349681

File: 1546731124656.jpg (96.68 KB, 1200x630, 29-alexandria-ocasio-cortez.w1…)

She annoys the shit out of me, it's cringe how hard she tries to be ~relatable~ and I think the stories about how Republicans were outraged over an old video of her dancing were manufactured. I'm quite liberal but tbh wouldn't want someone whose experience is basically just being a bartender representing me in Congress lollll, i'm tired of hearing her complain about how poor she is

No. 349694

Vandalism is objectively ugly.

Art, even ugly art, is at least interesting.

Some 14 year olds nickname poorly written in texta is the furthest thing from any sort of art to have ever existed.

No. 349733

File: 1546747659859.jpeg (680.14 KB, 950x760, 0710EC58-FE65-4EEC-8C53-660512…)

Matt Furie’s body of work has more creativity and artistic value than the entirety of 4chan’s shitty memes. I don’t care for his political views but any 4chan memer who denies or downplays his creativity or screams that he is a no-name artist has no clue how the art world operates.

No. 349763

I'm tired of seeing black women crying about "white feminists" "white media" not saying anything about R.kelly. If they did they'd just be called a racist and to "stay in your lane, whitey, its not about you!".

You seriously can't win.

No. 349779

It’s an odd concept. No feminist solidarity because were being racist. White feminism and black feminism should not be seperate entities.

No. 349786

I agree…

However, that still doesnt change the fact that graffiti isnt meant to be pretty. Vandalism its often meant to be ugly and its often political. I dislike graffiti as well but the fact that it's ugly just isnt a good argument.

No. 349791

File: 1546770704552.jpeg (73.94 KB, 640x480, 810A8BF4-FAC6-4DAA-8949-2F33AA…)

Eh, I’ve never seen political graffiti just hideous tags. It’s literally just names in a shitty typeface. That’s not subversive or political it’s just wankers.

Graffiti that’s actually something other than names and dicks on a wall might mean something but you don’t get that as often as pic related which is pure garbage.

No. 349792

you sounds like old people.

No. 349798

Have you considered that the people telling you "stay in your lane" are not the exact same people who say you're not doing/saying anything?
You sound a bit like men crying that they can't be halfway decent to women or support women's rights because women will say "Stay out of this, entitled chauvinist scrote, it's not about you and you're just trying to get pussy anyway", kek.

No. 349799

I am old people.

You sound like you tag shit.

No. 349802

This anon doth protest too much.

No. 349803

This anon doth protest too much.

No. 349804

If you know you are/were a piece of shit on social media a couple years ago, and you don't delete your fuckery once you've "grown" and "changed", there's nothing wrong with exposing you.
That's why this "It's fucked up to dig up old Tweets and chastise people for them. People grow up and change too!" thing doesn't convince me. All these years knowing what you said and leaving it alone might as well be a testament to you not actually seeing much of a problem with it. Crocodile tears once you get in trouble for it are meaningless.
That's also glossing over the fact that people typically don't just randomly enter a "harmless phase" in life where they're pointlessly sexist, racist, pedophilic, etc, especially if they were adults even at the time.

No. 349811

No. 349820

What if they've just forgotten about that one tweet? They're usually from 4-7 years ago and they've posted thousands of others in the meantime, it's not like they're gonna remember each one

No. 349823

One Tweet is eh, multiple is where things get seedy. This is especially true for public figures and celebrities. You kind of have to care about your image, which includes wiping old shit you said from years ago, or just using a new account and making the old one private or deleting it.

No. 349846

the graffiti doesnt have to be political as in "fuck the state" or whatever, the ACT of doing graffiti is political. You sound dense.

No. 349871

I feel like it probably used to be and could still be in some parts of the world, but what’s political about tagging someone’s house or apartment building? How is that saying “fuck the system” if you’re just defacing someone’s house? Business? Or a monument? I live in a big city in Europe and even though I like the graffiti in some spots (cause it’s gritty kek) I think it’s really ugly in other spots. Tourists and locals alike agree…

No. 349876

go back to lipstickalley

No. 349916

I hate when people publicly speak in collectives, then get mad when someone from that group speaks up in opposition to say their group is not a monolith or hivemind. The whole "Not All Men" thing happened largely because of simple miscommunicaton IMO. How hard is it to say "Some" or "Far too many"?
In the same way, if you start off a post with "[insert race/political view/whatever here] women are _____" you know exactly what you're doing, and it doesn't mean anyone who replies is guilty or "protests too much" as much as it means you need to accept that you foolishly made a dumb blanket statement.

No. 349999

the idea would be to damage private proprety, like making ugly a rich person's house.
With monuments, it makes even more sense. I live in Europe too and the monument of a famous colonizer often gets vandalized.

I still agree it's not art and that it's ugly tho, but nevertheless most people dont know what they're talking about when they talk about it.

No. 350260

I miss the freelice drama mainly because I came to it late and wish it was still around. Shit was funny.

No. 350270

Just saw a tweet about how women are discriminated against in esports and all I can think is who gives a shit about esports? Who is going to care some no-name player playing Overmeme or whatever is the current popular FPS game in ten years? It’s an activity that basically involves sitting on your ass for hours on end and pressing buttons. Being an esports player is only a tier above being a speed runner.

No. 350271

Who gives a shit about 99% of careers or sports? I don't see why women shouldn't talk about discrimination in a situation just because it's not big and important, it's still their life.

No. 350272

I was thinking about actual sports too because people overrate athletes in society and sports fan can be the scum of the earth. Actual sports involve skills that involves more than sitting on your ass and pressing buttons.

Also, I wasn’t dismissing discrimination because of course that’s always awful. Esports are fucking lame though. Most women probably know better and avoid getting involved in that sort of autism anyways since a lot of people also complain about how women are underrepresented in esports.

No. 350273

File: 1546845873441.jpg (252.57 KB, 1485x847, apex.jpg)

>Most women probably know better and avoid getting involved in that sort of autism anyways
You couldn't be more wrong.

No. 350353

No. 350391

>responding to a 10 day year old shitpost

you ok?

No. 350425

i fucking hate reddit and i cant go on there anymore, because some things people say on there will legit make my blood pressure rise to dangerous levels. the popular threads are always so predicatable, and somehow everyone manages to be whiny and aggressive at the same time.

for example i used to follow the iamatotalpieceofshit subreddit, but i dont read it anymore because for every post about rapists and murderers and shit like that there will be at leasts 10 posts about dogs, and people acting all badass in the comments talking about how theyd kill anyone who harmed their dog. its so fucking annoying.

No. 350437

agree, reddit is the worst community on the internet.

No. 350480

I follow a few niche subreddits but yeah the big ones are just massive virtue signaling circlejerks, it's nauseating.

No. 350481

i dont think lainey/taylor was grooming sarah or is romantically or in any way interested in sarah, even for greg. i dunno about sarah's interest in lame or greg, but i don't think taylor is into sarah romantically. i don't think she's into any women at all romantically, and i think people are giving her way too much credit in thinking she'd actually be into any female at all. it's kind of weird how everyone is freaking out about the way she acts towards her as if it's not normal in female friendships to be fake 'flirty'.

i don't think she was showing interest in sarah with her behavior toward her. there's honestly nothing weird about close girl friends seeing each other without tops and such while changing or hanging out with each other and showing them memes while they take a bath or whatever, or jokingly talking about dating them or wifing them up or commenting that they're a 'hot tamale' or something on their insta pics. imo, that's normal between female friends. it was inappropriate given that she was likely underage when the bathing happened, but i truly think taylor sees sarah as a peer and doesn't see so much wrong with it. after all, sarah IS more mature than taylor, so the actual age thing probably doesn't strike her as such a big deal. my best friends have asked me to sit in the bathroom and talk to them about stupid bullshit while they take a shower or a bath. this isn't weird between girls. there's nothing sexual about it.

obviously, because she's tied to greg, it's going to be seen as predatory, and i'm not sure if sarah has any actual interest in lame or greg, or whatever, but as far as taylor's intentions, i think they were all non-sexual and she doesn't see her as anything more than a friend, personally.

greg would definitely have sex with sarah, but i don't think taylor thinks he's into her and that's why she is so ok with bringing her around. i think she did think he would find her unattractive, especially because she was less conventionally attractive when she first brought her in. it's like how she's pretty okay with bringing that jess girl around. she was pretty confident grease wouldnt be into her.

tl;dr imo lame isnt into sarah bc shes straight as can be, first of all, and second, she thought of sarah as the DUFF that would be safe bringing around greg, especially since sarah was chubbier and more awkward looking before

No. 350482


Remember when the Munchies and Jaquie threads were banned almost a year ago and r/illnessfakers was created? Predictably, the mods got drunk with power. Not even six years months in they permanently banned several members who had been in the sub from the get go for disagreeing with them about certain aspects of how the sub was run, not for actually breaking rules. Ironically they decided to prohibit blogposting which was the reason the threads were banned here.

They refused to engage with appeals which violates reddit's rules for mods. Two of the bans were substantiated with jaw droppingly hypocritical ableism and blatant gaslighting.

One mod quit and closed her account when she was called out, but opened a new account with essentially the same name. But even she got offended by management and left. The founder of the sub fucked off for months at a time but wouldn't relinquish control and threatened to delete it.

And then there was the time she encouraged someone claiming to be one of the cows nurses during her ER visit to violate HIPAA.

In less than a year it became its own kind of nitpicking hugbox and betrayed its founding ideals in true reddit fashion.


No. 350484

finally a good opinion in this thread

No. 350492

I would agree if it wasn't confirmed by lane 2 years ago that lainey and greg planned to pursue sarah romantically when she was 16, and then have the same thing confirmed by ayalla.
And if that isn't enough Greg confirmed it himself on his stream recently lol.

I agree she's straight but it doesn't change that she's been grooming girls for greg.

No. 350496

Ugh, Reddit is the worst. If I have to see the same regurgitated memes one more time I might scream. It really sucks because there are certain communities for hobbies of mine that I like to lurk, but even with the more niche subreddits the whole annoying Reddit culture seeps through. I miss forums so much, I wish we could bring them back.

No. 350497

Reddit is so weird. Sometimes it's the easiest way to get a tonne of interesting, funny, informative content all in one place, but the responses to that content are the most annoying garbage ever. I want to gouge my eyes out when I see comment chains of song lyrics or TV quotes or shitty memes or puns. But I still want to read the interesting thing that they are in response to.

No. 350501

File: 1546897198110.jpg (34 KB, 564x217, 1546619007778.jpg)

except all of that is terribly vague, and honestly, i don't think 'lane' knows as much as she says she does, same for ayalla. lane has always seemed thirsty to be in their business. as far as what ayalla says, i honestly believe there's a lot of twisting to make fake flirty bullshit seem more sexual and planned than it is. like, stuff that always seemed obviously jokey to me is claimed to be so incriminating, even WAY before these supposed confirmations. she claimed they had 'flirty' and/or 'romantic' conversations. what did these 'romantic' conversations consist of? how do we even know she used the word 'romantic'? 'flirty' conversations aren't anything odd for taylor. lame talks that way with literally every female she encounters, including fakebois, who we know for a fact that she isn't romantically into. she talks flirty to everyone with a vagina because, first of all, that's how like, 90% of female friendships are, and second, because she knows she has no actual interest in them. all of the 'evidence' being second and third hand without any proof of it doesn't really convince me, tbh. until it comes straight from sarah, i remain unconvinced.

like literally before all of these confirmations everyone was flipping their shit about how they spoke to each other, like 'flirting' between girlfriends jokingly isn't normal. it is. if someone that wasn't used to female friendships overheard my 'flirting' with my friends, they'd call it 'flirty' and would probably think i'm into my friends, too. ayalla just saying they had flirty convos means nothing. without them full on sexting with proof of it or some shit, i really don't buy it.

until texts from sarah admitting word for word that taylor wanted her for a poly relationship, herself, come out, i don't believe it. lane and ayalla have never been sooo close to the source, and they both have reason to come out against greg and taylor. i think both lane and ayalla are biased as theyve both been maligned by greg and taylor, and obviously greg is disgusting and sarah SHOULD def get out of there, but i don't think her relationship w taylor is as sexual as they think. that ayalla thinks the bathing thing is so odd just makes me think they have a narrative to push (a sensible one considering greg is so gross, but i don't think sarah really was a planned trinity member).

No. 350502

You should watch onions livestream.

No. 350503

> and people acting all badass in the comments talking about how theyd kill anyone who harmed their dog

what's so badass about that? Of course, I wouldn't kill but if someone hurt or poisoned or killed my pet, I'd do anything to punch back. Are you a sociopath or something?

And I don't understand the hatred against reddit. Sure, it has many faults but you can also get some decent info. It's like with any media or platform, you need to learn how to filter the trash in order to get to the good parts. I do wish we could bring the old forums back.

No. 350504

also, i think it's pretty sus that 'lane' deletes all of her messages dealing with drama and/or negativity but frequently came out/comes out to shade online people. like, obviously grease and taylor deserve to be shit on for so many things, but it just seems super convenient that this girl said both that her phone crashed and wiped out all her messages, and also that she deletes any messages related to drama/negativity, ensuring that any proof will never be seen.

it's just sus. if she had screenshots from sarah, i'd be super convinced, however.

No. 350511

I may act affectionate with my adult female friends but certainly not anyone underage while I'm 21 and older like Lainey did. That's gross, especially the Twitter "jokes". And they both have a history of dating minors.

Is it also appropriate for Greg to comment on Sarah's ass while she's underage? He was nervous about her reaction and sent her away because of it. Sarah also told multiple people she's dating Lainey and/or hopes to in addition to being openly jealous about girls they are interested in? She told her cousin she might be next for the trinity.
And called Lainey her girlfriend on social media.

You sound new or like you need to lurk more. Or an onion flake.

No. 350512

>I wouldn't kill but if someone hurt or poisoned or killed my pet, I'd do anything to punch back

lol except in a lot of the posts people comment this under, the person who harmed or killed the dog was in the right e.g. people getting outraged over a farmer shooting a dog who was on their property and posed a risk to their livestock. i guess we should just let the little angelic pupper maul those farm animals to death kek. ive also seen waaay too many posts where police officers shoot dogs that attacked them and people in the comments are defending the poor innocent doggo uwu the ebul police officer should have known better. like no, if your fucking giant creature that could bite my neck in half if it wanted to was charging at me and trying to attack me and i had a gun id shoot it too.

also someone who harms or kills an animal is not the same level as someone who harms or kills a person. theres something horribly wrong when someone who picks a puppy up by the scruff, or grabs a puppy by its tail, or is just giving their dog up for adoption is posted in the same place as fucking murderers and rapists.

No. 350516

Writing your name at the train station isn’t political. It’s kids with sharpies leading to wasted tax money being spent cleaning up after them. Lmao at thinking that writing a stupid nickname on a wall is political or sticking it to the man.
You sound like you’re 15 and having baby’s first rebellion.

No. 350526

i did, iirc, the worst he said was she was 'hesitant' to date sarah, which, to me, says everything about HIS intentions for sarah, not taylor's. he's always talking about taylor's supposed interest in dating such and such person, when we all know it's just HIS interest in dating them. taylor doesn't want to bring anyone in to date him or her because a., she's straight, and b., they're a threat. i do think she's complicit in preying on other girls for him, but not this one. it sounds to me like he's saying "well, i've expressed interest in her, especially recently, but taylor is hesitant because despite her not admitting it publicly, she does realize that this is one retarded, roundabout way for me to publicly cuck/cheat on her".

i think, if anything, taylor was jokingly flirty with her as she does with most of her female friends, and she felt flattered when she realized later on that sarah wasn't just joking, but that she was actually into her, and so she continued to be flirty as she typically is because she would get genuine compliments and self-esteem boosts from sarah being into her, but i dont think she was into her or spoke to her with the express purpose of roping her in for greg. like, i think she fanned the flame of sarah being into her once she realized sarah wasn't just joking the way taylor was, which, is incredibly inappropriate, but these people are fucked in the head. i just don't get the feeling she has ever had actual interest in her or intended to use her as greg bait.

yes, it's inappropriate, but as i said, taylor is very immature and, i think, doesn't realize the severity of the situation because she truly sees sarah as her peer. sarah is more mature than taylor is, imo, so i don't think she understands that typically there is a significant emotional and mental difference between a 24 yo and an 18 yo, or a 22 yo and a 16 yo or whatever she was, so it's jarring to everyone normal, but it isn't to her because she's so stunted. yes, it is inappropriate for greg to do that. i already said like ten times greg is disgusting and he def would've fucked her. still doesn't mean taylor was into her or wanted to bring her in as a trinity member. and not an onion flake at all. as i said before, i think taylor felt secure bringing her in previously because she was sure he wouldn't be into her, same as jess.

No. 350527

Eugenics is a good thing when it comes to thinning out congenital diseases like Down or other chromosomal abnormalities, or other diseases that significantly hinder quality of life which are genetically inherited.

I know moms who have kids with Down and while they say they ~wouldn't trade it for the world uwu~ how can you be truly happy when your kid will mentally never progress past page 8 and you will have to take care of them for their whole lives? If I were pregnant and the ultrasound showed the fetus had something like Downs, I would 100% abort.

No. 350530

It’s such a grey area morally that imo people can’t be civilised and talk about it without flipping out. Someone always comes in and gets angry about people wanting to have babies and to sperg about how they don’t understand the adoption process but you’re literally hitler when you can’t adopt or get ivf. Fuck those people.

Imma high functioning autist so I’d be shit outta luck despite wanting children. Feels bad but it’s understandable. I don’t disagree with it in cases where the kid will have anencephaly or ameliorated limbs or be really retarded. There’s zero quality of life for some babies and it’s cruel imo to carry those pregnancies to term and birth a suffering baby.

Are you talking forced sterilisations? Forced abortions? Or a less aggressive method?

No. 350540

In an ideal world you would be required to have genetic screening before conceiving so you know if there's a risk of passing along a congenital disease, but obviously that's not realistic. I honestly don't know what the best way to accomplish it would be. I guess I just think people should be more responsible with having children and get genetic testing beforehand. A couple I know did that and found out one of them was a carrier for a severe disease, so they adopted instead. Like you said I just think it's cruel when women pregnant w babies who will likely have short life expectancies and will suffer throughout to carry them to term. It's definitely a morally grey area but I don't think anything should be forced, I guess

No. 350556

my fiance is an aspie and we've already decided to check everything regarding genetic diseases and are probably not going to have kids just incase they end up autistic.

No. 350578

Yeah nah I’m with you anon.
Forced anything I’m not okay with but there definitely needs to be more responsibility on the part of people having kids.
Genetic screens, mental health, financial security, and general parenting abilities should be confirmed before someone gets knocked up. Too many people in my town, my age, have at least one kid and none of them can handle it.

Unvaxxed kids, four year olds wearing nappies and owning pacifiers who can’t speak in full sentences, school-age kids who can’t write their own name, mum and dad smoking bongs in the kitchen while making kids dinner. It’s disgusting.

I will add that most people I’ve seen discussing this stuff who have disabilities are very against the idea of passing on their abnormal genes. More often ime it’s the Christian fundies bleating that their baby’s status epilepticus is a blessing.

No. 350599

I don't hate trannies.
It's like everyone on this site hates them. If you aren't bothering anyone and are keeping a low key life, fine. Wear a dress, I fucking don't care. I'll call you he or she, whatever you want (but any other pronouns are not real, agender is definitely not real.) If someone is using being a tranny to attention whore, then sure, fuck that person. But just being a tranny - who tf cares. I know this is a super unpopular opinion here but wanted to vent. I'm not far left or right, I just simply can't give a shit about someone being trans if they aren't being a shitty person otherwise.

No. 350600

That appears to be the reason most people hate trannies.

No. 350601

They’re hurting people just by reinforcing their ideology, surely you can see that anon. The entire idea that a man can become a woman puts our safety and rights at risk, people will always put the men’s feelings and entitlements above women’s well being.

I’m centrist, and I don’t like the idea that ‘if it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s fine’ because people never seem to realise that this means people outside of your immediate contact as well - the promotion of some lifestyles and ideas will always harm others, whether you mean for it to or not

No. 350603

Tbh I'm not here to argue my viewpoint. I don't believe that I, some random anon on this site, will convince anyone to change their mindset on trannies. It's just not gonna happen so it feels like wasted energy. You can hate them, all the power to you. I just wanted to voice my unpopular opinion because I know I'm in the minority here. My own personal opinion is trannies can be trannies so long as they choose to live normal lives (just do their job, pay taxes, treat others kindly, not be a total cow). Now some people don't think that's possible but I honestly don't care enough about these people's lives to hate them. That's just me. Maybe it is literally only me on here. Idk.

No. 350604

I agree. I have no real problem with trans people as long as they're not trying to silence cis women, force us into sex, insult us, attack us, belittle us, etc. The problem is that all those things are even done by cis men, so the closer in proximity you are to a trans woman (who, at "her" core, is really just a conflicted, mentally ill man trying to find peace and self-acceptance somehow), the more risks will pop up. Individually, though, I don't take issue until something comes up.

I do think it'll be funny if society ever starts to document trans women as the exact same as cis women, and rates of "female" rapists, murderers, assaulters, burglars, etc skyrocket, though. Everyone will know exactly "why" and "who" is driving those numbers up, but they'll be too afraid to say it.

No. 350606

It's hard for me to really relate to feminism because the faces of feminism are always really powerful, rich and gorgeous women who have never had to ask/work hard for anything(Ivanka Trump, emma Watson). I know these people wouldn't give a shit about me and only care about making other rich white women, more rich.

No. 350607

Guessing that you’re lucky enough to not have seen the hundreds of claims that ‘estrogen made me bad at maths teehee!’ Or ‘I’m more woman than you!’ Or all the crying that lesbians are oppressing them by not wanting their girldicks. How about the ones who scream at women for pointing out that they don’t have pms?

They’re reinforcing the worst stereotypes of women and literally erasing female spaces. The sort of people who say planned parenthood is too focused on women are not the sort of people society needs, no matter how they self identify.

No. 350609

anon please look into actual feminists activists, authors, and not rich celebrities who use feminism to make themselves look better. Ivanka Trump isn’t a feminist icon, absolutely no one considers her one

No. 350616

Feminist, Ivanka Trump.
You can only pick one, cause the woman supporting less access to abortion is as far from feminist as you can get.

No. 350619

That’s already happening in the UK, and surprise surprise nobody talks about it. Just people going ‘See, women are violent too!!!’

And don’t call us cis. We’re women. They’re the other, there’s no need for a word to distinguish a woman from a transwoman as trans already differentiates them

No. 350625

File: 1546914843601.jpeg (54.79 KB, 450x450, dfc4087e-2af0-4eed-afa1-9a3ec8…)

Lean cuisines are delicious. I prefer them over the similarly priced Stouffers frozen entrees that are triple the calories.

No. 350629

i mean stouffers makes them so they're gonna taste pretty similarly good. their new lasagna is really nice.

No. 350646

>is driving those numbers up, but they'll be too afraid to say it.

Nah people will just claim women are just as violent when the topic of rape/murder comes up.

No. 350647

If we’re really patient, someone will probably claim that troons are the victims of the violence.

No. 350652

they already do, when the the bathroom thing came out several years ago, I kept pointing out cases of troons assaulting people in the bathroom, of course libfems came in ranting about how "ooo poor oppressed trans are actually the ones getting assualted not vice versa"

women aren't even allowed to talk about getting assaulted without men screaming how we're all evil liars who are trying to ruin poor innocent mens lives, but a troon, or a male in general can tell the most ridiculous and obvious lie story ever, and be believed no questions asked, as well as everyone else coming in and screaming "see? ebul ebin are just as bad as men" card, when will women ever be able to talk about issues without someone coming in and playing victim?

No. 350654

Not really involved in the conversation, but I do believe they are victims of violence but that the violence is perpetuated by men, and nowhere near as much as how women are subjects of violence by men.
Men slaughter MtF trans all the time. For this reason, we still need to acknowledge that men wanting to be recognized as women are still biological men.

I think FtMs are harmless.

No. 350656

I'm tired of the corny, ugly white people they keep putting on the NHK programs. Either pick corny or ugly jfc.

I say this as a white person.

No. 350658

File: 1546923225585.jpeg (154.27 KB, 696x767, A9CD1378-3012-46FF-8965-5A050D…)

Not surprised in the least. Unreal that so many women are supporting men being allowed in women’s places.

I know men are the main perpetrators, that’s why men who call themselves women shouldn’t be allowed near women’s changig rooms or loos.

They’re all harmful in that they’re perpetuating creepy gender stereotypes and normalising mental illness imo.

Not deserving or maiming or murder, just not welcome in women’s places.

No. 350678

File: 1546924571176.png (211.69 KB, 461x437, 1542065197143.png)

I thought this thread was called "Unpopular Opinion Thread #13" and not "Gender Critical Thread #634747457"

No. 350685

Complains about discussion of an unpopular opinion in an unpopular opinion thread.
The rest of the Internet loves to race each other to swoon over troons.

No. 350689

File: 1546926150441.gif (667.9 KB, 312x207, tumblr_muw2ehEeC21r7q8gjo1_400…)

lol reminds me of the girl scout troop that gets disqualified in dodgeball

No. 350691

Somehow all that arm hair is still more feminine that the handball players face and chest.
That bloke is making all of Australia look like assholes rn.

No. 350695

ot but what is the origin of this image? is it a /lgbt/ meme or a gender crit image?

No. 350710

looks like the former

No. 350712

File: 1546930545278.jpg (22.94 KB, 229x275, original.jpg)

i don't know the intentions of the artist or that anon but it's from crystal cafe

No. 350726

bacon is disgusting

No. 350730

wow, of course it would be, what with the cleavage and all. thats some troon or troon ally handiwork if i've ever seen it

No. 350731

I will never understand the obsession of bacon, it’s fine here and there but why do so many people seem to want to put it on everything! There are so many better cured meats out there, why salty pig ass speficially

No. 350735

bacon is usually made from pork belly. ham is the one that’s from the pig’s ass muscles.

No. 350744

only american bacon is pork belly lmao.

No. 350746

and that's why it's superior

No. 350747

Is being autistic really so bad that it is better not to be born? That seems a little absurd.

No. 350749

it's not really sexualized at all, you are being silly anon. This is coming from another gender crit

No. 350750

low functioning yes. there's no way to really tell how grave it will be.

No. 350751

Depends entirely on individuals functionality.
Severe autism is a curse on everyone living with it, high functioning is just a bit weird.
T. High functioning autist.

No. 350756

people with low functioning/severe autism are nothing more than potatoes that screech and hit and put holes in walls. they're basically impossible to communicate with and they have no ability to communicate back. that is a miserable existence for everyone.

No. 350801

Sorry for late to the party, but lean cuisine cannelloni is delicious.

No. 350813

>women can't ever draw cleavage or boobs
Can't believe I've been banned from drawing titty now.
I'll have to stick with the boy butts I guess.

No. 350909

Always relevant

No. 350916

LMAO WHAT. Ask any REAL life feminist, none of them think Ivanka Trump is a feminist. She is ACTIVELY harming women. Her ideology is basically antifeminist.

No. 350944

File: 1546963139286.png (430.06 KB, 500x570, 3HRAzAVh2TrOXzHnje8ffET4esdXWM…)

The stay hydrated and nourished uwu meme is annoying and I hate it.

No. 350947

oh god anon no

No. 350960

Hope you have a great time with your kidney stones and dried up skin then.

No. 350964

I will, bitch. I'll make fun of all the tools I know who drink a gallon of water every day yet still have adult acne with them.

No. 350966

East asians(Koreans, Chinese, Japanese) always use the excuse that people in their country don't understand racism or when they're making fun of darker skin it's "just our culture" but the moment anything even slightly racist happens to them, they turn into foaming at the mouth sperg Lord's who can't accept criticism. Even something as small as saying "I don't like kimchi" can set them off.

No. 350967

East asians(Koreans, Chinese, Japanese) always use the excuse that people in their country don't understand racism or when they're making fun of darker skin it's "just our culture" but the moment anything even slightly racist happens to them, they turn into foaming at the mouth sperg Lord's who can't accept criticism. Even something as small as saying "I don't like kimchi" can set them off.

No. 351057

Not an unpopular opinion. That's outrage culture for you and why online debates for racism are quite pointless. Whether it's an Asian pointing their fingers at a white person, a black person pointing their fingers at Asians etc., at some point you just stop taking these things seriously because everybody is equally selfish and expects others to care about their issues without reciprocrating.

I also see the same thing with men who explode at the smallest criticism aimed at them but insult and blame women for all their problems. They want to have all the freedom to criticize other people but are unwilling to examine themselves and get defensive instead.

No. 351060

what does acne have to do with this ? I'm also annoyed by patronizing bullshit but water isnt meant to help your acne, its meant to help your body work properly, since you're, you know, made up of 70% of water or something

No. 351354

brown soda (cola, pepsi, root beer, etc.) is disgusting

No. 351362

i hate cola sodas but love rootbeer and dr pepper.

No. 351814

File: 1547077029828.png (459.05 KB, 691x422, sargon.PNG)

>shitgon of assod trying to spread the "women don't care about looks!" Meme to incels.

Great. Everyone prepare to be harassed by a bunch of ugly goblins who think they're suddenly desirable because they "worked on their personality "

No. 351822

Hes the biggest joke going i'm surprised he does not have his own thread here hes provided so much milk over the past few months.

No. 351830

it's kind of true though, only in that women see men as humans, unlike men see women. it's not that women don't care about looks, it's that we appreciate people, in general, for more than just looks. women's attraction seems to be more well rounded, and it's not even a 'settling' thing, the way men settle for women that are not conventionally attractive.

No. 351847

The sex worker movement I wish would die but it looks like it’s here to stay. I feel every time I log in to facebook there are posts like
> ~clicks fingers with sassy head movement~ if you hate sex workers unfriend me, the trash can take itself out.
> sex work is real work
> i’m a sub kinky kitten uwu buy my snapchat
> this is an anime i never even watched… but lewd
i just never in a million years imagined it would get like this. there was me shouting from the windows several years ago “women should do what they want with their bodys! women should not be slut shamed” but i did not imagine it getting like this to the point i feel there’s something wrong with me for not taking nudes and selling them. maybe it’s just the subculture that seems to gravitate towards me also gravitates towards sex work and that’s why i feel surrounded by it when it’s actually not all that common irl. what pisses me off even more is the fact a lot of them i would not want to see naked, i’m surprised anyone would, i would not want to even imagine having genitals for that matter. i remember back in the day sex work was so underground, people kept it secret and had aliases and separated it from their personal facebook. and sex workers (photo/cam ones, not street walkers) had to be resonably attractive. Now it’s just any old swamp donkey.

with all the women’s rights activism they’ve been doing youd think they’d be like
>i see there isn’t a lot of women working in this field dominated by men… im going to be that woman! i’m going to get educated and work hard and show women can be [insert male stereotype career here]
instead it’s the following
>waaaaah wage gap! why aren’t there any female mechanics only men? well i’m not going to be one no, anyone want to see my minge?

No. 351857

unpopular opinion somewhat similar to yours but the wage gap thing is such a fucking ridiculous joke. wage gap only exists in high-profile career settings usually 80K+ a year, it means fuck all to like most people. my 20K a year retail working ass is supposed to care that a woman lawyer makes 10k less than her male equivalent? that's fucked sure, but it's half my fucking salary, fight your own fucking battles.

No. 351862