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File: 1547881054824.jpg (2.07 KB, 256x275, 1531739669394.jpg)

No. 356023

No. 356025

"cyber-stalking" is only a thing if the person is already being stalked irl.

though this is probably the popular opinion everywhere but tumblr

No. 356039

If you're in more than two abusive relationships, you need to sort your shit out instead of complaining to people about your relationship troubles. It's on you that you're repetitively getting into relationships with abusive men.

Everyone knows that one girl in their life that has had a string of five abusive boyfriends in a row, and complains about it all the time. Most people coddle her, and agree that all those guys are assholes, and that it's not at all her fault. I want to just tell these people that they have responsibility for getting into these relationships in the first place, and being deficient in their perception of another's character, but doing so is social suicide.

For some, that's the kind of men they're clearly attracted to and well…That's the price you've got to pay if you're attracted to that.

No. 356040

Agreed. Looking at you, Jaclyn Glenn.

No. 356047

I really don't trust "reformed" drug addicts or alcoholics. I've seen the level of depravity that they can sink to first hand. No matter how much time they've put since their last period of abuse, I'm still weary of them - I've seen how animalistic people have turned trying to get their fix.

No. 356064

Haven't been here long but what's the beef here about fujos?
Aside from the delusional fakebois and cringier underage kids, it's not like we expect to fuck the dudes we ship or treat it truly voyeuristically like men do with lesbians.

No. 356065

What beef are you talking about? Mostly I see anons acknowledge that people who take issue with fujos are usually misogynists or fujo fakebois with a superiority complex. Though there are some who just look down on anything weeby and fujos certainly are that.

No. 356067

tbh i feel the same but i do make exceptions for people who’ve been clean and straight and narrow for years. like there are some people my parents’ age that have been clean for upwards of 10 years, i trust those people, but i’m not about to do the same for someone with only a year or two of sobriety

No. 356075

Radfems really need to stop shitting on sub women. No, it's not a crime against womenkind to be a sub into older men like some anon in another thread suggested.

No. 356080

i personally find it annoying because i don't like any kind of shipping and fujos are extremely loud about their ships, i don't like to see dumb ship wars in fandoms. the chill ones are okay though

No. 356082

I hate fujos who are misogynist, and I can't stand the fakeboi type (not found here)
Mostly fujos simply bore me with their constant shipping of every male. If they are lowkey about it then no problem.

No. 356083

It's not a crime, just embarassing and pathetic. I dont see why you're so bothered by women pointing it out, if you're okay with men treating you like trash too.

No. 356087

some anons can't seem to wrap their minds around the possibility that maybe it's also for the sub woman's pleasure, just like in hetero femdom

No. 356093


What is really concerning though are those lolcows who are into ddlg and hardcore abusive shit and promote this online.
I think you always have the responsibility to consider how such posts will affect teengirls who read them.

No. 356096

Imo that’s the issue, not people having a kink.
The worship and glamorisation of sex work and sugar babies is fucked up.

No. 356097

Exactly. If you can't handle criticism and lash out every time someone mentions it, you either know there's something wrong with what you're doing, or you're weak and take it out on women.
No one is going to congratulate and praise you for being used by predatory old men.
Maybe try volunteering or caring for the less fortunate if you don't want criticism.

No. 356116

I agree with this even as someone who’s been through two abusive relationships. Once past naïveté, staying in those types of relationships is a reflection of one’s own character flaws.

No. 356120

I’m completely submissive in the bedroom and it’s entirely for my own pleasure, and in all other aspects of my relationship my opinions and thoughts hold equal if not often more weight. Just because some women like humiliation and pain while getting a good dicking doesn’t mean that they’re either a) complete and utter doormats who when told to jump ask how high, or b) filthy degenerates who are into ddlg and broadcast their sexual lives to all those around them and talk about how empowering it is to fulfil someone’s pedophilic fantasies.

Radfems, while I absolutely agree with so many of your philosophies, you guys need to take a good hard look at how you treat the women you’re supposed to be liberating. The amount of times I’ve seen condescending posts about women that like subbing, anal, anything other than vanilla or femdom really, not abstaining from heterosexual sex/relationships, is ridiculous. Because a lot of the time you act like mysoginists with vaginas and it hurts so much more than when a man is sexist.

No. 356123


I agree tbh. The difference between pain and pleasure, especially on a neurological level, is a thin line; and of course it's different for everyone. Some people can't accept this, or are uncomfortable with their own sexualities/fantasies, so they will attempt to control others as a way to blanket their insecurity. Personally, I'm a fucking wimp and absolutely abhor pain, but it would be pretty childish of me to judge you for what you enjoy in the privacy of your bedroom with a consenting adult. Short of serious bodily injury, like those weirdos who want to eat eachother, why is it any of my business?

But at least women will just snipe and judge you. Men, on the other hand, will murder women for not having the same sexual preferences. Maybe that's the fundamental difference.

No. 356130

File: 1547898320221.png (132.44 KB, 374x347, 9b43ea5a88acf1b787454227f86db4…)

>Men, on the other hand, will murder women for not having the same sexual preferences.

What the fuck are you talking about?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 356134

I think you need to have empathy for women who react badly to BDSM with male dominance and female submission.
Look at the world and all the abuse and opression men do to women. Through religion, rape, abuse in relationships, and so on. Even if someone personally haven't been abused by a man, it's a real risk. It's natural that women have a visceral negative reaction to female submission.
Is there any wonder feminists in particular are going to have a problem with this?

No. 356135

Keep your masochism in the bathroom, you don't need to beg people to shitpost and laugh like that.

>reaction image
Nevermind, obvious roleplayer.

No. 356138

Every time I see a retarded “““lewd””” anime reaction pic like that, I can’t help but automatically assume it’s a gross dude posting. Especially if it’s a pic as fucking retarded and punchable as that one.

No. 356139

Well, anon is the quintessential picture of a choice/individual feminist.

She gets HER sexual pleasure, so fuck all of those other women who were harmed by BDSM and male sadism. They're just prudes and need to empower themselves. What a joke.

Why the fuck do these retards keep posting here. Like they think sexualized anime shit wouldn't immediately out them as retarded or male.

No. 356147

asmr is annoying, creepy, and pure cringe. the sound effects annoy me so much especially if there's some girl whispering into the mic. dunno if thats just me tho.

100% agree with you here, that is one punchable expression. if someone shopped a fist into her face id feel so much better.

No. 356149

I’m against bdsm being normalised, I’m against bdsm being shown in pornography, but somehow me getting wet if I have my boyfriend pull my hair means that I’m doing a disservice to womankind and have no empathy for those who have been harmed by it because it was done against their will? Mate, go fuck yourself, that’s like saying women shouldn’t enjoy sex because of the millions of women that have been raped.
I at no point implied that it’s empowering just that it’s hypocritical for women to criticise men’s berating of women over their sexual choices when they themselves will then do it themselves.
This is also only my second post, I’m not some grotty larper that posts anime lewds

No. 356151

But some things you should be able to enjoy individually without worrying about the weight of others who hate it/dislike it/have been harmed by it. It’s not healthy to think about every plane crash while boarding a plane. No one said anything about bdsm being empowering until your own comment.

I like radfem ideaology, but femdom isn’t my thing and I like a little bedroom power play. When radfems act like all instances of “pain” in sex is bad (a light spanking, a love bite) and conflate it with the hardcore BDSM that actually physically marks women with bruises or sometimes kills them, that just makes it easier for BDSM shills to discredit them.

No. 356153

i fucking hate dark chocolate and it ruins anything people put it in.

No. 356155

YES. I got a triple chocolate kit Kat the other day and all I could taste was the devil shit that is dark chocolate, even though almost the entire thing was white.

No. 356156

>I like radfem ideaology, but femdom isn’t my thing
Anon…radfem isn't the same thing as femdom lol

Only dark chocolate can satisfy me now. It needs to be at least 85%. Milk chocolate just tastes like fat.

No. 356159

same, i would never be in a d/s dynamic (or in any sexual relationship) with a person that i don't completely trust, a person who can't see that it's just consensual roleplay that stays in bed. i don't fantasize about getting dominated by any random human, it's usually about people i'm romantically attracted to. sub bi and lesbian women exist, is lesbian femdom misogynistic in you all's eyes too??

No. 356160

im so sorry about your taste buds anon.

No. 356161

fuckin hate dark chocolate. every time i ask my SO to bring home chocolate for me he brings bitter ass dark chocolate. its disgusting and a disappointment every single time. i dont get what people like about it.

No. 356163

You get more bang for your buck. All the choc power and none of the weakness

No. 356166

>i dont get what people like about it

honestly, the only people ive seen rave about it are either health nuts who fell hard for the "sugar is the devil" meme or snobs who reee about how milk chocolate is too childish or some shit.

id personally rather chew on stinging nettles than eat dark chocolate as a treat kek.

No. 356167

i know femdom and radfem aren’t the same, but on this site they tend to go hand in hand

No. 356170

File: 1547904247003.jpg (53.22 KB, 680x961, 1-Dark-Chocolate-Raspberry-Gre…)

This parfait with dark chocolate is so good lol

No. 356172

Share the recipe now.

No. 356174

Up next on lolcow: The chad femdom radfems vs the sub virgin anon

No. 356179

nobody's really called it a crime, they've just said it's kinda lame. i thought you guys were masochists, shouldn't you be into people making fun of you?

No. 356181

I have a higher bar for men to be my friends as opposed to women

No. 356183

I don't even befriend men anymore. It's a shame, but every male friend I've ever had has "fallen in love" (quotes because I don't think you can be in love with someone after a week, Josh) with me and then thrown a fit when I don't want anything more than friendship. I'm not even a good looking woman, I'm a solid 5/10.

No. 356184

Same outside the bedroom Im pretty much the one in charge
bf does the cooking and cleaning(though I have come to regret it) and is naturally very quiet

No. 356197

Breeding shouldn’t be considered a fetish, let alone a taboo one. Literally every species on earth has a primary instinct to reproduce, it is beyond bizarre that people consider it to not be normal when applied to humans. I also don’t see how wanting to cum in someone can be considered a fetish.

No. 356201

some people call things that are already meant to be sexual a fetish and it's funny. they are trying so hard to be quirky so they make everything out to be a freaky kink

No. 356209

It's creepy because breeding is used as a term for animals and carries the implication it isn't done with consent.

Wanting to cum in someone is seen as dirty outside of marriage because of the chance of protection not being perfect, guys who poke holes in condoms and want to impregnate a girl despite her not being into it etc

I don't get why scrotes need to be spoonfed that information.

No. 356211

I don't really care what you enjoy, but both men and women who talk too much about their sex life or they think they're special because their kinks are unusual in their group are cancer.

No. 356212

I’m not a scrote, it’s just basic biology that people will want to reproduce. So why is it seen as weird when people actually want to do it, the only reason it’s called breeding is because it’s seen as a fetish

And really, cum is dirty?
>guys who poke holes in condoms and want to impregnate a girl despite her not being into it etc
Why does everything always end up being about women getting raped with you guys.

No. 356217

>why is breeding this and that
>because this
>well anon I didn't MEAN breeding, I meant reproduction
Just settle on something.

And yes, it is, you can have the healthiest guy who properly hydrates and eats lots of fruit and cum is still filled with trash and a pain to clean.
And that isn't rape, two people can have consensual sex but one partner can lie about the contraception.

No. 356221

>impregnating women against their will isn’t rape
Okay retard

No. 356223

Not even into breeding, but where did you get non-consensual impregnation from just "breeding" in general? My immediate thought involved women who reportedly enjoy the idea of "being impregnated" and having their partner cum inside them.
Just as my mind din't immediately jump to "women who skip birth control to get pregnant and tie a man down" I pictured consensual, compatible people. Do you just think all couples force each other into fetishes or something? They can never both enjoy it?

No. 356225

Of course that's terrible, I wouldn't be criticising it if it wasn't, would I? Just pointing out it doesn't come down to that image associated with physical violence.

As for that second bit, that's why I said "outside of marriage". You don't have to jump to fetishizing, the danger of complications is always there.

No. 356228

But if the consent is dependant on there being protection and the other party tampers with it, then the consent is invalidated. So no, the sex isn't consensual.

No. 356233

Pregnancy and childbearing are very compartmentalized from standard sexuality in modern society in the same way that lactating breasts are from regular big titties. Seriously wanting to act on it as a kink is fine if you've time traveled from a place where that was literally always the outcome of sex, but in a world where pregnancy is a choice, we can admit that it's a serious action that shouldn't be done lightly just as a kink.
If two people genuinely want to start a family with someone they like then that's not really a kink because it's natural and full of positive intent, the intimacy of pregnancy might be sexy there, but when people talk about breeding/impregnation kinks they're usually meaning it in a more bdsm way and treating a baby as a bdsm accessory is fucking gross. Men like gurg have bdsm impregnation fetishes as form of control over women, as staking their territory and making them dependant and unattractive to others.

Pregnancy seriously alters your life for at least 15+ years and creates another whole new life, as far as kinks go that's right up there with getting your face tattooed.

No. 356240

>gives pretty good points
>ends it with saying preg fetish is like face tattoos

fuck anon, so close. creating an entire life with someone isn't even in the same galaxy as getting a face tattoo that you'll have to laser off later in life.

No. 356241

>submissive women are considered normal in society
>to the point men accuse women they're secretly into it even when they express distaste
>women speak up more about having different preferences and why respect is important
>uwu but I like being dominated, stop telling me what I should enjoy
Like, just keep your mouth shut and you have a thousand of dating options because men are into submissive women?

No. 356247

You have more than enough dating options too. There's plenty of men who are into being dominated and 7 billion people on this planet. You're not special.

No. 356251

Anon, dating wasn’t even brought up

No. 356254

rape doesnt always involve physical violence, retard

No. 356260

Did you mean having a kink baby is 1000x worse than getting branded with a face tattoo, or not nearly as bad?

No. 356263

Which part of submissive women are considered normal isn't understandable for you?

No. 356270

Is everyone into impregnating getting pregnant though? I like the idea of one day being pregnant. I like being came inside of. I’m not pregnant, I have no intentions of being pregnant anytime soon. The number people out there actually having BDSM impregnating kink babies is very, very small, unless we are counting everyone whose ever been conceived by creampie as a product of a fetish.

No. 356274

Please explain ty in advance

No. 356280

i dont even care if an anon is into femsub or ddlg or whatever, i just wish they would leave the gory details out of it. outside of the femdom thread femdom anons just say "i like femdom" and leave it at that. but femsub anons always have to go into detail like "i'm very tough and bossy outside of the bedroom but in the bedroom i like to be spanked and called a dirty whore slut and be forced to drink cum!"

nobody cares, keep it to yourself.

No. 356282

much worse lmao, you can't get rid of your kink baby!

No. 356285

>that reaction image
I can already see the greasy weeb who thinks you're special and not like the other girls for liking lewd loli images.

No. 356290

you can coerce someone into sex without using physical violence. You can blackmail someone. Sex by deception is also a thing. Drugging the person. None of these things involve physical violence yet they are rape.

No. 356293

same anon this is pretty much why i dont befriend males who aren't gay, in a very very committed relationship, or are high-tier respectable guys who won't further persue me if i turn them down the first time. all of which are incredibly rare as far as males go.

No. 356294

File: 1547918590647.png (458.1 KB, 960x1025, JOK0zpOG7oPVObfvmpjYQP54BQr6vM…)

romance and germanic languages aren't easy to learn. grammatical gender doesn't make any sense and i'm hoping the indo-european languages that have it are going to get rid of them with the effect of the nonbinary genderfuck trend. my native language doesn't have grammatical gender and it just makes it hard to get fluent at these languages.

yes, the artikels in german broke my heart

No. 356299

i guess i'm lucky then because all my male friends are like childhood friends basically and we have never liked eachother.

gender politics isn't going to effect gender in language you walnut. that sounds so silly!

No. 356301

>let's dumb down and take out a huge chunk of complex languages
No one cares.

No. 356304

lol i know, they are trying to add even more gendered pronouns instead…

No. 356321

The childfree "community" is just as cringe as the atheist community was at one point on the internet. You're not a genius for not having children. Also, I'm sick of the trivilization of motherhood - from childfree people and society in general. Raising children properly and ethically in today's world is a demanding task. I'm not even a mother by the way- I'm just sick of the circle jerk shitting on women who opt into it.

No. 356322

There's that guy who stabbed and killed a woman who refused anal, and this was a woman who was okay with having non anal sex with him already

No. 356324

Because higher up in the thread anons were making implications that their sexuality dominated every aspect of their lives. You can't hurl accusations and then tell people to shut up when they clean up those allegations.

No. 356326

I agree that the childfree community can be quite toxic and ironically as misogynist but I see that's due to societal pressure on women to have kids. It's women that have to sacrifice work, body, time and energy and society sometimes acts as if we're walking incubators and nothing else. I hate when people expect me to be emotional or to love kids just by the virtue of being a woman. And it's easy to see how that could make some women more vocal about totally not being into kids by any means.
Which doesn't excuse behavior of some people but I'd rather have them then the opposite.

Also, with the world's population growing by a steadily fast rate, it does kind of make the act of bringing another human life onto this planet less magical. I know it must be special for the parents but to anyone else, you're just another digit. It's tough to cherish human life when there's plenty already. Less resources, more consumers, more crime etc.

No. 356327

NTA but I've definitely seen submissive anons do this in other threads when nobody even brought it up.

No. 356333

this probably isn't unpopular, but with the talk of kinks…

you have to be seriously mentally ill or something to be aroused by shit. shouldn't your primal monkey brain freak the fuck out over the idea of injesting your own waste? fuck kink acceptance, i'll kinkshame anyone that's into any gross stuff that comes out of a human body.

No. 356351

The drama on livejournal based childfree community used to be my favorite back in the day. Never had there been such a group of whiny and entitled people before.

Not having children is great, resisting and breaking away from the pressure to have children as a woman is especially important. Complaining that a child beat you in a Harry Potter costume contest and that all children are the devil and you deserved to win instead? Pure lolcow-worthy grade A milk

No. 356378

>It's not a crime, just embarassing and pathetic. I dont see why you're so bothered by women pointing it out, if you're okay with men treating you like trash too.
You see, there are quite a few problems with this.
First of all, I'm not ok with men treating me or any woman like trash. Being a sub doesn't mean you're treated like trash.
I'm 24 and my husband is 48. I'm tired of a certain group of women shitting on me because apparently I'm letting men get away with their preferences for younger women.
If you think a woman is being abused, help her. Don't call her a pathetic handmaiden sub.

No. 356379

I don't think a single normal person would be above calling people with scat fetishes mentally ill.
In fact I believe there are multiple studies that children, who obviously have no clue about sexual urges, eat shit due to some kind of trauma. Wouldn't surprise me that the adults who claim to be sexually into it have unresolved trauma too.

No. 356384

>I'm 24 and my husband is 48.
Not trying to be shitty and I guess you don't have to answer, but out of genuine curiosity: What's the dynamic like? What attracted you to each other in the first place? There's a span of 24 years between you, enough lifetime that equals the age of many users who post here.
I just don't see how he could be anything other than a mentor figure and how he must enjoy that power, because there's no way you're both equal.
I know I'm not equal to most 40 year olds and I'm 27. Doesn't it bother you? Or like when you're 48 he'll be 72?

No. 356387

>I'm 24 and my husband is 48
Yikes. Rather you than me, anon.

No. 356388

i'm also interested. when did they meet? because 24/48 is already gross, but it just gets worse the younger she was when they first met. 20/44, for example.

No. 356389

>I'm 24 and my husband is 48.
How tf did you get memed into that relationship? Ahahahahaha what a sad bitch you must be

No. 356390

Yeah, seriously. I'm 27 as well and I could never see myself dating an 18 old, it's like dating an annoying hornier kid.

No. 356392

Let me guess, you're an old soul. You're totally mature for your age. He's actually got a very young personality and you two just click!

No. 356396

lmao speak for yourself! My fiance was 18 when I was 27 and I couldn't be happier! Also the horny part works for me so I guess that's why?

No. 356398

>young personality
If anyone that age really has that much of an arrested development then there are going to be even bigger issues in the relationship jesus

No. 356400

A few many:
- I find older men physically attractive. And yes, even when they're 72 they can be attractive.
- I like that they're more mature than men my age. Most young men don't want marriage, they don't want children. I got married at 22 and now we're thinking about children. I don't wanna spend my 20s playing videogames with a manchild husband.
- As a sub I feel better being with a traditional older man. He's wise and can take care of me and our family. He's trustworthy.

No. 356402

Good luck with the guy who decided he wanted to marry a submissive 22 year old when he was 46, anon. I truly mean that.

No. 356403


say you got pregnant this moment. does it not bother you that by the time your child is 10, their dad will already be 58? best case scenario, they'll probably have to deal with the loss of their dad when they're around 30. does that seem fair or good to you? it seems cruel to me.

No. 356404

> And yes, even when they're 72 they can be attractive.
idk, your entire post sounds as if a man wrote it. but if that's what does it for you, cool.

Personally, I find the idea gross and his sperm is already of low quality so have fun with downies.

No. 356405

Yeah I'm a bit concerned for anon.
While I can't relate to finding old men attractive, what's more serious is that there are a plethora of genetic issues that can happen to a baby because the father is older. Yikes, and nevermind that the old man will likely be in the grave before the children reach their 30s. It's tragic for them.

No. 356406

Please do not have any children, it will end up with autism just like you due to your old man husbands expired sperm.

No. 356407

You're right that this is a negative point. I can't argue with that. I just hope things will turn out relatively fine for us when it comes to this matter.
Well I didn't say all 72 year olds are attractive. My husband takes good care of himself, he's not one of those fat old men.
I know most people find my relationship gross, I just wish they would stop shaming me.

No. 356409

exactly. If she likes older men, a guy in mid-30s is fine considering there's "only" a ten-year gap and his sperm is still somewhat ok. But this is downright stupid and irresponsible if they plan to have kids.

No. 356410

Anon, my parents were older when they had me (early 40s, so not even as old as your husband). It's not a good idea to have kids that late. Even though genetically I came out fine, I'm now mid twenties and my parents are frail, dealing with myriad health issues, and I'm already having to think about nursing homes. I'm so jealous of my friends and their nice normal parents who can go for lunch with them and help them do DIY and do regular parent stuff. Meanwhile I have to look into hiring carers for my parents because they're already elderly.

It's not nice. Don't have kids with someone who'll be one foot in the grave before your kid graduates university.

No. 356411

You deserve to be shamed. Please, anon, don't have any children. I mean it.

No. 356417

I get where you're coming from and I completely respect your point of view. I was speaking more of the community and the circle jerk rather than the ideology.

The ones who get legitimately angry at children and mothers for existing are the most cringe.

No. 356420

>People give out legitimate reasons for why this is a bad idea in the long term
>lol everything will be fine :)
>s-stop shaming me

No. 356421

…also mothers that expect special treatment for them and their babbies from strangers that goes beyond common courtesy. and mothers that can't shut the fuck up about their spawn and how surely you will end up having babies and loving it soon enough!

No. 356423

The possibilities of her giving birth to a fatherless retarded child are pretty high, she better listen for her own good, no child deserves that destiny just bcz their mother thought that "everything would be fine"

No. 356431

>Complaining that a child beat you in a Harry Potter costume contest and that all children are the devil and you deserved to win instead? Pure lolcow-worthy grade A milk

Did you or someone else tell that story here? I remember it from somewhere, but was never involved with any LJ communities.

No. 356433

>Most young men don't want marriage, they don't want children.
And here it is, the real, honest reason women go for older men. Saying old men are attractive and mature is 100% a cope - if you want marriage and kids, you have no choice but to go for an old man, because young attractive men on your level won't want them. Men have fixed the dating game so that they can win later in life and get a girl in her 20s when they're middle aged and 'ready' for kids (aka have spent their youth partying and sleeping around). Meanwhile damning women who wait until 30 because they want a career or financial stability.

The fact is your husband doesn't give a shit about your maturity. He wouldn't find you attractive if you were 48, or 72. It's sad to be in such an unbalanced relationship but I get it, you do what you have to to get what you want out of life, it's not like you're wrong about young men. But the part where you pretend old men are so handsome and mature, and glorify trad submission is what fucks over other women, because grotty old men wanting childbrides actually believe it. They become more and more entitled and those of us who prefer the dignity of an equal partnership suffer for it.

No. 356437

>Most young men don't want marriage, they don't want children
that's not a sign of immaturity, retarded anon. older men may want children more but that doesn't mean they'd be good parents.

No. 356446

I don’t know if mothers have always been this entitled or if there’s been a spike with GEN X/millennial moms that are this bad because WHEW. I know some fantastic young parents who do right by their children. But I also encounter a ton of parents between who are an absolute horror to be around because they expect special treatment/berate customer servie people/think everyone should find their screaming sprog as endearing as they do.

No. 356452

>I'm 24 and my husband is 48
What do you think he sees in you aside submissiveness and looks? What kind of man do you think aims for a submissive girl that could be his child?
This is genuinely horrifying, he better be rich as fuck because you'll be babysitting him in a decade and he'll be like a second child rather than a mature dominating older guy.

My grandmother and grandfather are 8 years difference and they're the sweetest couple I know, but now that they're in their 70s the difference in hearing and memory is noticeable. Unless you plan on ditching him in some home you'll be suffering for a few decades watching him lose himself and die.

No. 356453

It was famous drama, from either 2006 or 2007. I can't find the post now, but I did find someone who copy and pasted it. Heres the link

>“… Showed up at 7, in full costume for a 9 am release. Devoted no? I was one of the few to dress up, and I was the bestdressed. I’m not being vain, I honestly had the most detailed and accurate costume there. We were told in line, that the bestdressed person in line gets to open the box and have the first Half-Blood Prince book. So, I’m a shoo-in, aren’t I? WRONG. Fucking moo brings her bratty sprog in at 8:59am dressed in a generic K-Mart cape with stars and glitter and fucking gaudy BLAH. Twig for a wand. OMG WITTLE PWESHUS SO CUTE OMG YOU CAN OPEN THE BOX AND HAVE THIS BOOK YOU CAN’T READ AND fawning fawning, blatant breederism etc


No. 356454

Anyone who refers to themself as a sub most likely has parental issues they never got over and will end up being shit parents themselves

No. 356457

Holy shit lmao. Let a kid have a small victory, FFS. I don’t even like kids but that kid probably cherished that memory for years. That’s sweet. Adults like that are weird as hell.

>inb4 “Harry Potter is for all ages.”

Yeah. I still like it, in my late 20’s. But I was a tween when HBP came out and would have been horrified if I saw an adult losing their shit over a costume contest like this.

No. 356460

Adult fans of the series were definitely outliers when the books were still being released, the only reason adults like it now (i know because im one of them) is because we grew up on the books and movies and we are now adults with disposable income.

No. 356462

good post! honestly, the solution is to not settle for this just to have marriage and kids with men. perpetuating this imbalance is dumb af, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, having a child with a man that wants a 22 yo is going to be absolute fucking nightmare. these women are setting themselves up for abuse and misery. i get that they want marriage and kids, but as you said, men have fucked the system, and giving into it when they have the upper hand is dangerous for these women, and the children. these men know the game is rigged in their favor and they already see the younger women as fodder to play with. bringing kids into the mix is a horrible, horrible idea.

No. 356463

My friend witnessed same thing happening in a toy store during a MLP FiM event. There was a quiz with prices meant for kids but adult men came and ruined it for the children. They were laughing at 5 y/olds not knowing names of the characters and the like.

No. 356464


If they want an older man so much why not just go for someone just 5-10 years older max? You can get the perks of someone older, and avoid the disadvantages of older sperm and having to care for a geriatric spouse. Or if you want marriage and a kid then only look for men who want that as well. I make is very clear on dates that I am looking for a life partner, not a fuckbuddy. Not all guys are down with it but its better to be single than in an unhappy relationship going nowhere.

No. 356480

>Saying old men are attractive and mature is 100% a cope
>you pretend old men are so handsome

not defending or arguing against anyone, just pointing out that fixating on this point of anon's post is weird. some people like older guys. i find them very attractive, but wouldn't ever date one. the emotional maturity gap would be too weird. and if there wasn't a gap there's a good chance that he would be matching my maturity and not the other way around, ie him being childish for his age rather than me being an old soul.

i agree that anon should probably look into adoption if she really wants kids. and i am worried for her, but at the end of the day i don't know anon or her relationship. some things that are unhealthy for others work out just fine for some. i hope that is the case for anon.

No. 356489

unpopular opinion but your preferences are the result of you being memed hard. it's not like this is just a natural preference. men have thrown lots of effort into making women believe older men are attractive or more attractive than men our own age. whether or not you want to examine the cause of your preferences, idk and idc, but just saying, it's not like this is comparable to you having a preference for curly hair or some shit

No. 356490

Does the word "meme" have a true meaning anymore? The social pressure put on women to find older men attractive, which has centuries of historical precedence, isn't a "meme".

No. 356491

I can understand the appeal of an idealized man/woman in their 50s like with fictional characters, but in reality the health issues are becoming more of a pain to deal with.

No. 356500

I'm pretty sure thats exactly what "meme" used to mean: brainwashing society, pressures, groupthink, forced beliefs.

Then it turned to meaning "inside joke of the internet" but now it seems like its going back to its original meaning, or at least a mix of the two. Like the brainwashign itself is a joke.

Idk I've just seen it used in academic essays (and metal gear rising) in this way.

No. 356503

Except that's exactly what a meme is
>a cultural feature or a type of behaviour that is passed from one generation to another, without the influence of genes

No. 356505

Anon used it correctly lol

"An element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means."

The idea of older men being attractive has no genetic basis (rather the opposite) and is entirely passed down via "men's tradition".

No. 356509


i stand corrected, thank you nonnies

No. 356511

There is no logical, biological reason to find older men attractive. Ever indicator of health (skin, hair, body) declines. There is, however, plenty of media brainwashing to convince society that men age like fine wine, that wrinkles are rugged, that dadbods are hot, that going grey = silver fox. Meanwhile twice that effort is put into selling women anti aging products and telling them they need to get a man before 30 or they are fucked.

I'm not saying it's impossible for an older man to be hot, and our age range preferences seem to naturally increase as we age (unlike men who always prefer 20 year olds). But the fact is that a handsome older man wont be as attractive as himself when he was younger, assuming he didn't drastically alter his appearance for the better.

No. 356513

That’s every generation anon. Shitty parents have been around since people have. It’s not a millennial thing.

No. 356518

There are a small handful of famous men who look hotter now that they're older. Mostly because they're famous and can afford plastic surgery, hair plugs, and stylists to help them dress better. Your average dude in his 50s looks like shit.

No. 356522

There was recently an outrage because a French celebrity, an old guy in his 50s, said that he would never date a woman older than 20ish.
Can't recall his name, lol

No. 356529

File: 1547942238961.jpg (18.98 KB, 400x400, tnd8Sb3w_400x400.jpg)

yes, this literal frog-man said this:
>"That's [over 50] is not possible. Too, too old. The body of a 25-year-old woman is extraordinary.The body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all.”


>Mr Moix said he was more attracted to Asian women because they offer an “extraordinary link with another cosmos. White western women tire me, they wear me out. They make my hair stand on end. I cannot stand them."

Anyone notice it's always the uggos that say this shit? Like, you don't hear Brad Pitt or Timothy Olyphant acting like this

No. 356530

>French celebrity
Their pedos seems to be in more plain sight than almost any 1st world country. Like the director of Leo the Professional and their country taking in Roman Polanski etc.

No. 356540

>Anyone notice it's always the uggos that say this shit

It's because they need to blame their limited options on something other than their terrible personality and subpar looks.

They say women their own age are awful because women their own age can see right through their shit. It's not a physical thing. Some 25 year old women will look exactly the same at 55. Some will look 55 when they are 25. It's the lack of experience that draws these creeps in, nothing else.

Creepy dudes always spout the "[insert race]aren't nagging shrews like [insert race]" too. They want to pretend their lack of success is down to unfortunate geography and not their personalities. I'd wager that this Frenchman blames French culture only when it comes to the women and believes that very same culture has raised him perfectly. I bet he hates French women for not putting up with his shit and likes to pretend that there's a magical land of Asian ladies waiting only for him because that stupid belief is easier to swallow than the fact that any woman with freedom and options is highly unlikely to ever truly love him.

And, to round it all off, he probably decides to say this shit publicly because then he can use it as a manipulation technique more openly. He can manipulate the 25 year olds into believing he loves them for their soul when really he's preying on their inexperience and then he has the added bonus of kicking the 50 year olds right in the self esteem to make them more pliable too.

No. 356551

Wait till you hear about Serge Gainsbourg and his Lemon Incest song kek

No. 356607

Bashar al-Assad is a tyrant and dictator there is no denying that but he is the only one that can give stability and order to his country

No. 356616

I feel as if vanilla sex gets stigmatized by society

No. 356618

I think it’s more of a case of it no longer being seen as enough because of widespread and ingrained in daily life pornography is now

No. 356623

Ok, yes that exists, just like there are problems with organized religion. But these problems don't excuse the obnoxious and entitled attitudes in the online childfree/atheist communities.

No. 356624

in the extreme normie mainstream no. millenials joke on twitter about being chokes and calling guys "daddy" but your average middle american is having plain old missionary. theres a reason why 50 shades was so popular and "scandalous" despite nothing happening besides some spanking, blindfolding, and ice/food play.

No. 356632

I think Brittany Venti is cute. I have a weird girl crush on her for some reason and it's confusing for me. Anyway, I really liked her new video on commentary channels, it actually had really good points (compared to her video on Anisa which was pulling at straws at times). I know she's a bit of a cow herself, but if she keeps going the direction she is with her videos maybe she can be redeemable?

No. 356648

women cannot serve in Infantry
for starters I don't support the Military anyway but even then its proven time and time again that women cannot pass combat standards

No. 356652

I think Meghan Markle is a beauty and don't understand why people think she is so ugly. Not that I really keep up with "royals" or celebrities all that much, she just came to mind today and I remember tons of people online roasting her appearance.

No. 356662

Plus it's just not safe, with all the rape and abuse that goes on. We shouldn't have to fight in wars men start anyway. One example of why 'equality' is a dumb way to define feminism, we aren't liberated by forcing men to let us join in on the shitty things they do.

No. 356665

agreed except for women snipers, those ww2 russian snipers were cool

No. 356671

and women Fighter Pilots

No. 356681

No. 356694

Hilldawg was quite the neocon.

No. 356716

>weird girl crush
Careful, if you ever said that to her irl she might pull out her phone and start screeching at you for harassment, just like she did to some lady and then decided to upload the video on Liveleak a few days ago.
Except she completely misread the LL userbase, who already hate women as it is.
She disabled the comments because she got called out for being an attention whore, because the video that shows her chasind down the woman doesn't prove shit about her allegedly being groped.
She must be pretty embarrassed and is trying to put out agreeable videos to quickly bury this mistake. Won't find this on her YT.

No. 356721

Fat/feeder fetishists are just as bad if not worse and toxic as creepy dudes with anorexia fetishists

I hate how fat fetishism is more accepted, if a guy wants his chubby girlfriend to lose weight he's evil, if a guy wants his skinny and healthy gf to gain he's an innocent pure man who only wants what's best for her uwu

No. 356729

does anyone actually think getting your gf fat means you "only want whats best for them" though, i've never seen that actually be socially acceptable.

No. 356730

People dont call them evil because everyone's first thought is that they're a fucking nutjob instead. Where is anyone calling them pure?

No. 356734

I'm from an obese area lmao, a man can literally sperg for hours about how perfectly healthy looking women are too skinny (I've even been in the almost overweight BMI before and was told I am too thin) little boys, etc and how they should gain weight and no one will bat an eye, if anything he'd get praised for it "for liking REAL women w curves uwu", but when you even vaguely suggest a girl who has an obese BMI should lose a few pounds you get bombarded with "reee evil fat shamers real women have curves"

No. 356737

that's like a fat white trash thing. in most first world cultures getting your gf fat is definitely not normal or socially acceptable.

No. 356739

Probably a popular opinion but that cat picture amuses me each time I scroll past.

No. 356740

Fat white trash and hood thing, maybe a Latino thing to

It sucks when you're thin and all the guys you like only date obese girls

No. 356744

Wtf where is this even true

No. 356750

Happens a lot amoung minorities or hillbillies, especially amoung blacks

Yes anon, women who aren't fat are allowed to have issues with how people around them or the society they live in view their bodies

No. 356759

Anon probably lives somewhere in the Southern US where everyone eats a tub of bacon grease for breakfast. That doesn't sound like it could be normal anywhere else.

No. 356768

>women who aren't fat are allowed to have issues with how people around them or the society they live in view their bodies

no one ever said they weren't? people can and do have self-esteem issues at any weight. but living in a place where it's the norm to glorify fat bodies and actively encourage weight gain is completely foreign to most people so it's not a relatable feeling like, at all. lol.

i lived in the deep south for a number of years and while being fat wasn't super ostracized, i never saw anyone bragging about making their SO get fat. the only place i see that shit is on the fetishy HAES side of tumblr.

No. 356772

Never said that, I pointed out a man who wants his healthy girlfriend to gain weight wouldn't get as much hate (if any at all) as a man who wants his chubby girlfriend to lose weight, it's a double standard, I never claimed people bragged about making their SOs fat, but #relationshipweight is a thing so…

I just wish people viewed fat fetishists like they view anorexia fetishists, and if we're honest, it's a huge double standard

No. 356780

its 100% gotta be a white trash thing. I lived in a white trash town during high school, all the fat girls had boyfriends and/or were pregnant, all of them were the "popular" kids too. most the single girls I knew were thin or dealing with anorexia. the really hot skinny girls who were trying to look like megan fox had some delinquent stoner for a boyfriend. white trash areas are a literal bazarro world lol

No. 356796

I hate the lighting in the interview segments of reality TV shows.
The people always look so oily, disgusting and waxy. Nobody looks that way IRL, how can it be allowed on TV?

No. 356813

i wish sex tourism was illegal and had serious punishments

No. 356835

Me too. I think it’s so abhorrent and too few people seem to (publicly) agree.

No. 356836

Sex tourism is so high in my country and I'm starting to fucking hate foreigners because of it. I can't look at a white man nowadays without wanting to punch them in the face.

No. 356849

where are you from that its such a big issue ?

No. 356854

samefag but i wanted to add onto this to say that cyber-bullying also isn't a thing unless you're already being bullied irl. your irl bullies continue their torment of you on all your social media? cyber-bullying. some random, faceless strangers you've never met giving you a hard time on your social media? lock/private your shit and walk away until it's passed. at most it's harrassment, but certainly not bullying. it seems to always be young adults who warn of the dangers of cyber-bullying, too.

No. 356856

sure bro 100000 male rulers ruined everything for everyone since the beginning of time, but the handful of female rulers doing the same shitty things following in the steps of their predecessors proves that women are just as evil guys uwu!!!!!

why dont we compare chimps and bonobos while we're here?

No. 356857

i just hate that chicks tear each others throats out over the opinions of dudes is all

No. 356858

What about something like what Jessi Slaughter endured? Or cyber-stalking that leads to doxxing?

No. 356861

Erik Trinkaus was right about human-Neanderthal admixture and he should get all the credit.

No. 356862

Why even stretch it that far when you can compare male and female chimps?

No. 356869

Southeast Asia

No. 356881

honestly, the problem in my country probably isnt as bad as yours, but im from an eastern european country thats infamous for cheap prostitutes, and ive met too many foreign people, especially ugly and fat american and western european male tourists/expats, who assume that you want to have sex with them or are a prostitute and get mad when you dont want them. i wish all the men who come here to go to have sex with cheap prostitues would get thrown into prison.

ive heard its a lot worse in sea tho.

No. 356911

>Yes anon, women who aren't fat are allowed to have issues with how people around them or the society they live in view their bodies

That wasn't even the argument I was making. Calm down.

No. 357052

hadn't heard of her until now. from my understanding it seems that her online harassment escalated and was carried on irl. so, for situations like that, i would change my statement to say "cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking aren't a thing unless it's preceded or followed by irl bullying/stalking"

No. 357229

File: 1548015751968.jpg (84.66 KB, 700x1037, emergence.jpg)

the manga "emergence" disturbs me with how its become a fun little meme. women even cosplay the main girl and say they feel bad for her, men joke about how it made them cry while they masturbated.

its a manga about a girl who gets a makeover and is then basically raped nonstop by every man she meets, is bimbofied (gets tan skin and blonde hair), gets pregnant, and is beated and raped more until she dies. and not your typical hentai "rape" where the girl says no while still showing signs of enjoying it. this is just pure misery and torture. its disturbing and anyone who enjoyed it for the plot is messed up. even some internet friends of mine who are women liked it and i just dont get it. this wasn't made as some deep study on why women are mistreated by men, this is rape and abuse porn made by men for other men.

No. 357231

I'm not even from SEA and I get disgusted by white men going there, no way I'd ever trust their intentions are purely travel related. Somewhat extreme but it even extends to travelling in general, I've spent enough time on /trv/ that I just associate any white man overseas with him posting something that says
>hi /trv/ I'm an 8/10 tall handsome white male, how easily can I pick up 10/10 chicks in Japan?
>hi /trv/ I want to spent my entire week in Thailand banging hookers, where do I find the best ones?
And so on and so forth. Doesn't matter where they go, their first question is always about how to get easy sex. And then they will come back and either shit on or praise the sex industry and easiness of the women there. The common denominator is always that they want to take advantage of poor women and use being white to get girls far better looking than themselves. Fucking horrible people.

No. 357233

i remeber a hispanic otaku youtuber made a video abute this and talk abute how sad he was and how bad he feeld for the main girls, but,,, i don't thing he feel anyting but horny over it is a hentai is made to make man horny and tbh is so gross how man joke abute distubing shit like this idk

No. 357237

File: 1548016972829.jpeg (86.02 KB, 579x258, 815C6985-84FC-4F0E-9F8A-818FE2…)

I almost agreed with you until you said people are fucked up for enjoying it for the plot. I loved the plot, Shindo L is known for making hentai with disturbing themes but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s into it. Idk bro I agree that people who actively got off to it are fucked up but I loved the story and I actually hate anime and manga but I really like dark stuff. I think it was a good hard look at the fact that many girls go through such a thing and Japan is largely responsible, as are other countries, of course. But she got into senkou (compensated dating) which turned out not to be what she thought at all. Senkou isn’t really a thing in America and other western countries- it’s underage prostitution and very against the law. Anyway, I liked it for its story and plot.

No. 357240

Are you retarded?

No. 357242

I agree that it's really gross torture porn, but she does show signs of enjoying it at times. It's just your run of the mill humiliation/bimbofication hentai manga. The only reason why it's popular is that the art isn't terrible. Also, you should drop all of those people as friends, why would you wanna associate with fucked in the head people like that?

No. 357243

File: 1548017105520.gif (2 MB, 200x200, 1547102434042.gif)


No. 357244

Just Canadian.

No. 357245

I binge read the whole thing months ago and it just depressed me, although I can see why it might stick with someone in a trainwreck sort of way. It definitely crept into my mind for the following week, not that cosplaying it is very excusable. That's almost praise for the subject manner.
That said if the main character was a man going through the same story but raped by women I'd be ON that shit. I kept thinking that while reading it too lol.
>doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s into it
Are you sure about that?

No. 357249

Quentin Tarantino is into feet, hence why he features so many bare feet shots in his film. It's safe to say if a man is repeatedly making horrific rape themed manga, that is something he is interested in. And if hes not interested in it, hes providing content out there for men who are interested in it.

America not having paid dating has nothing to do with this? We still have sex trafficking and underaged prostitution here in abundance.

This manga doesn't have a message, its torture porn. If you want dark material find stuff made by women, not men with rape fetishies.

No. 357250

This post is absolutely delusional

No. 357254

>Idk bro
Of course you would enjoy the plot, bro.

No. 357257

>It's safe to say if a man is repeatedly making horrific rape themed manga, that is something he is interested in.

Yeah this. Don't be fucking naive. Also the Tarantino stuff reminds me of the husband on Reddit who became a foot doctor because of his fetish.

No. 357263

what i don't get is, why is so popular? i mean is a terrible troture porn yeah but is not the firts not the last, what does this hentai have that made it so "sad"?

No. 357268

"story and plot" juts admit you like to jerk off to women in situations of pure horror "bro"

No. 357320

what fucking story and plot is there to this? every character predictably shits/rapes the protagonist? do u know what a story IS? it's just a predictable "fappable" tragedy with that meme gilded edge. there's plenty of "edgy" hentai manga with actual plot. this is not it.
"Empathy" for the main character ie sadism. Content like this is easy to write off morally if the story intentionally tries to make you feel bad for her. I remember /a/ memeing about it, because they have shit taste.

No. 357321

it has better art than your standard hentai and an ambiguous bullshit ending so people rave about it.

No. 357339

The rape is the story. Anon jerks off to rape.

No. 357353

>enjoy a story that features nonstop torture and rape
>"i-i just like it for the plot bro"

get help

No. 357386


No. 357484

>It's on you that you're repetitively getting into relationships with abusive men

Nice victim-blaming. abusers don't seem abusive at first.

No. 357501

Maybe it's just me but if you act trashy/slutty, doesn't mean you're free from judgement/critism.

Respect can go both ways, it's earned.

I like to support my fellow man, but are we really going to pretend that trashy people don't exist?

No. 357526

I know trashy people who look down on other people who they deem "trashy" for reasons.

It's all relative and those that could benefit if they listened to criticism constructively won't ever do so, nobody wants to admit that they are the bottom of the barrel and a problem. Too much ego at stake.

No. 357533

File: 1548033964427.png (Spoiler Image,273.87 KB, 390x591, wut.png)

ive never read a doujin or any hentai manga before and i just read this. what in the living fuck?? i can't believe men get off to this, smfh. it was so stupid and really odd, even though pretty much all hentai is, right? it's kind of like a pornified amplified version of that old manga "confessions", did anyone else read that series? i did when i was a kid and it always freaked me the fuck out.

No. 357536

This shit makes me laugh and cringe. Hard to believe men get boners from such tryhard shit…yet then again, a fair majority of porn is so contrived and cheesy.

No. 357539

I think a lot of people here need to stop spending so much time online and find a way to interact with normal people. (Which isn't always easy, especially these days) I realized that when I had spent too much time online I had built this totally unrealistic image of what regular people were like. There are tons of boring, average looking people out there and their lives are doing just fine. I feel bad for a lot of the girls here because I was in their shoes a couple of years ago. It can take a couple of years to break out of a negative cycle of thinking but it's worth it to be able to live the rest of your life in relative peace.

No. 357554

i do feel bad for anons whose only interaction with other women is on here. its not healthy at all. this site is a comfort due to its anonymity but its still an echochamber thats very deep in internet culture. its healthy to be around normies sometimes.

No. 357564

Not really, newfag.

No. 357566

Wow this is so embarrassing, retarded and gross lmao. What not to say during sex 101. How do men find this hot in any way?

No. 357569

pedos maybe?

No. 357570

Right? The main character is only like 14 and now a "baby"? Wtf.

No. 357583

A literal baby. The main gets pregnant at some point.

No. 357604

Just because you enjoy and consent to being treating like shit doesn't mean other women need to hold back criticism of an inherently self-destructive practice that is being normalized and pushed onto women who don't like that shit at all. Do whatever you want, but keep in mind that there is a reason why many people discourage self-harming behaviors. Adding sex into the mix doesn't magically remove all of the negative consequences of violence.

No. 357640

Men are so easy.
>literally anything with an anime girl with no body hair and an open mouth

No. 357659

couldn't agree more, I hope more people realize this

No. 357670

Well said.

No. 357706

Why is it surprising?
All men have a fetish for rape, it's innate. All the men in that hentai are just how men wish to behave in real life, raping women no matter how young they are or even if they're related. Fathers all want to rape their daughters.(autism)

No. 357707

Sounds like something a pedo would say to make himself feel normal.

No. 357710

I'm a woman and not a pedo.
Clearly I'm against it and it's been a terrible fact to learn as I grew older, but can you truly, without a doubt, deny it? So much proof exists in favour of that truth.

No. 357745

W-What is this shit.. I just started reading it because of this post (im on page 100 out of 256) and jesus christ this is honestly so depressing..
>>Fathers all want to rape their daughters
Get fucking help. Just because your dad was a degenerate doesn't mean mine is.

No. 357747

nta but lc is an echochamber are you sure you aren't the new one.

No. 357783

File: 1548091091209.jpg (Spoiler Image,668.47 KB, 1080x1775, kekxzc.jpg)

i read this a while ago, can confirm it's mostly liked because the artist is competent. the art is good for what it is: porn. i'd probably like a non-rapey manga in this style. the "story" was just depressing, and the ending is only ambiguous if you're dumb. she dies.

i think you probably have to like rape porn to like this story. apparently it's resonated with one guy enough to do a fan comic where the girl gets a happy ending. i get feeling bad for her, but come on… https://twitter.com/bren666666666/status/968006209394548737?lang=en

do girls really cosplay her? is it part of the whole "i'm not like other girls, i openly like hentai" thing? i'm a degenerate but i'd never willingly admit it outside an anonymous image board.

No. 357788

File: 1548091840168.jpg (124.64 KB, 500x750, 5749ffd1a06d4cbd7e687444cfc1e7…)

I hate strawberries so much. They taste disgusting and their texture is disgusting too.
They're just gross, I don't understand how people can eat these things.

No. 357791

Its def 'better' than a lot of oneshot hentai mangas I'd give it that. If it didn't show the sex scenes or whatever I think it would make a better story (youknow the whole good girl get swallowed in a bad world etc)

No. 357792

I'm really annoyed about how youtube became narcissist galore and genuinely start to hate the terms "youtuber" and "content". When I click travel experience videos or travel vlogs, I want to see the place you are visiting and not 25 minutes of your mug talking to the camera and 2 minutes of actual footage that is cut so quickly that I can't see anything without pausing.
And what I create and share isn't "content", I don't produce it to make the most profit or do it to supply some kind of audience. I want to share my love for something and pour my passion into it, because I want to help and contribute to the community I love and connect with it. It's more than just "content". I don't do it out of some kind of business scheme. Fuck I hate the modern internet so much.

No. 357793

Confessions was quite good though.

No. 357802

>MY dad isn't degenerate

Lmfao anon you naive soul. Your dad has probably harassed many women in his life and most definitely watches porn. Just because he didn't commit a bloody and brutal rape doesn't mean your father doesn't harbor sadistic desires toward women.(Stop baiting.)

No. 357808

File: 1548095385982.jpg (73.88 KB, 956x716, rgu3.jpg)

anon im hurt for you, ur missing out on so much deliciousness

No. 357810

same, anon, i hate their cores the most. blueberries for the best berry award imo

No. 357817

samefag, i still am haunted by the things i read in this but maybe im too much of a prude bc i feel like most hentai is probably rapey and like this. i would never ever go on a date with a man or be willing to be in a room alone with him if he found anything in this hot. like im disturbed thinking anyone could get off to it. i like to watch (good, which is rare imo) anime and ive seen my fair share of fanservice but actual hentai is just really disturbing like i can never look at a homeless man the same way ever again and the stuff with the dad was really really shocking idk. i dont want to live in a world where people get off to this shit like wtf. this made me trust men even less. also the artist has no idea how female anatomy works like… jizz doesnt go into the uterus? every time there was a drawing of the guy cumming in her i was so surprised that the artist really has never seen anatomy drawings of what the inside of a woman's anatomy looks like but i guess men who think women are all cum dumpsters cbf to know right ahhahaha this is so sad

No. 357820

Tbf no hentai has ever drawn the anatomy correctly I don't think they're too worried about accuracy anon lol

No. 357821

hentai is a sad bleak reminder that many men really are just soulless degenerates

No. 357824

Hey, don't read mai-chan's daily life.
Although it may be better since it's less rooted in "reality." How does anyone shocked by Emergence feel about that?

No. 357826

my goddamned curiosity. maybe ill read it and tell you what i think if it's not too long. emergence took me a few hours and i felt like i needed to bathe in iodine afterwards.

No. 357828

I'll read it anon. I'm still readin Emergence though. According to the description on MAL seems like it's gunna be a ride..

No. 357829

Fuck teenage boys who are "pro-life" but it's pissing me off that the Black Israelites who started the entire Covington mess by screaming racial slurs at students are getting away with it. Nobody is talking about how fucked up that is, even now there's video of the entire thing that shows the Israelites started it.

No. 357830

same w reading the description. and wtf, they made a live action version of it? i'm definitely not touching that lmfao

No. 357831

Please don't. You guys sperged about this all day yesterday p-please.

No. 357832

I just read this doujinshi because of your post. The comments about how this story is SO DEEP AND SAD I CAN’T FAP THIS ;____; from dumb weebs are pathetic. It goes to show they’re brainless, lifeless husks devoid of any intellectual curiosity who don’t consume any other media other than animeme and hentai. The story was just fucking stupid and was nothing but torture porn.

No. 357833

There's a live action??? fuckkkk that. I'm not that curious at all lol

No. 357834

yeah, can't believe i used to be in discord groups talking to boys who liked hentai. like, i didnt realize how fucked up it was and thought they were fine because i needed friends to talk about anime with. never talking to anyone who jerks off to hentai ever again. glad i dropped them as friends. one even wanted to become a doujin artist, lmfao. he was aut as fuck too.

No. 357839

i always have a good laugh when i see people getting outraged about someone keeping their dog outside.

does it have shelter? does it have food? does it have water? if the answer is yes, the dog is not being neglected or abused. most larger dog breeds are better off living outside than sleeping inside a house/apartment anyway. the funniest is when some disgusting dog fucker who lets their dog sleep on their bed thinks they have the right to comment lmao

No. 357847

Similar story to me. I used to think that “normies” were boring and would never understand me and that weeb, imageboard-using types would be more interesting and understanding people. Turns out they tend to be the most fucking boring people in the world because all they do is sit on their asses watching braindead cartoons and play video games and think spamming cropped hentai in chats is an amazing way to communicate how non-mainstream you are. Now I never talk to anybody online other than to anons on here.

No. 357850

Geiger Counter is a million times worse. Emergence didn't shock me (I've read a lot of bullshit) but GC was just disgusting. Not just because it was pedoshit, but because it was actually realistic in scenario and showed the victim's trauma/PTSD in a decidedly non-sexual light, which somehow made things even more perverse. IMO any man that jerked off to it should be castrated once and for all.

No. 357852

i'm that anon you responded to, yes i 100% agree. can't believe teenager me thought internet people were sooo much cooler, they really aren't. i'm only in contact with 2 internet friends now and it's not very regular, and they are the only people i would meet up with irl and are worthwhile people who aren't neets and have actual life goals and ambitions, they're people who go to school and work and have moved out of their parents' houses, etc.

i got back in contact with RL friends who are pretty normie. it's so worth it, actually going out and doing things. we may not have the same hobbies and sometimes they're a bit obnoxious but it's made my mood much better and i have fun things to do outside of the house for once. so glad i got over the "ewww normies" phase of mine. normies are fine, when they aren't toxic people, and online people tend to be even more toxic than your typical normie because they're neets with no lives who are pornsick degenerates anyway and they don't have life ambitions or leave the house lol

No. 357871

No. 357872

I'm >>357745 and I just finished it and jesus christ wtf did I just read. This shit is just so depressing

No. 357887

Fucking hell. Now I know what I'm going to send to lolicon defenders who claim it's an "outlet" and it prevents actual CSA.

No. 357902

Be careful anon, there was a thread a while back maybe the mental health thread, where a bunch of us admitted that reading those kinds of things have given us ptsd like flashbacks. It sounds snowflakey but something in me melted in the past years and I'm haunted by stuff I read as a teen.

Confessions was good for me, as someone who was pornsick from a young age, it put some normal human reactions into those abnormal oversexed situations

No. 357903

>>Ptsd flashbacks

No. 357907

nta and i wouldnt go as far as calling it "ptsd" but i remember once i saw a porn video where the girl was so obviously IRL anally raped and it scarred me, it was almost 10 years ago but to this day it makes me on edge just to think about it.

No. 357908

It was a snuff video?

No. 357941

i'm that anon, i don't have ptsd so at most it'll just nag me for a week or so. never been in any irl sexual situations, especially not against my will, thankfully. i will be fine.

confessions was very interesting. i only remember the one where the gym teacher was sexually harrassing all his female students, and the one where the girl got hooked on amphetamines to lose weight, i think she ended up becoming a prostitute too. or maybe that was a different one? it's almost like a not-pornographic, decent version of "Emergence".

No. 357942

File: 1548113669823.jpg (80.06 KB, 749x694, pJzIIsQ.jpg)

Just like scrotes, women can be assholes even if they are anons.
I possess no real outlet to express myself other then gaming/academics. I want to improve my social skills, and I'm always anxious/critical of myself. I hate being super curtious/polite to to others opinions and thoughts of me, I'm not really a highly sensitive person.. I have a special needs sibling, taught me to be kind/understanding to all individuals regardless.

I have social anxiety and it does kill convos, since I'm kinda introverted.
I feel like what people's judgments/thoughts of me get to me to some extent.

I go for some counseling via my college but there's always that lingering doubt.
/Sage for blogpost

No. 357943

samefag but i also remember the one where the girl who collected her own scabs befriended a suicidal girl who cut a lot too. maybe i'll reread confessions if i feel like it. it's interesting, remembering all the edgy manga i used to read when i was younger.

No. 357954

It makes me rage a bit that people can make so much money on youtube with so little talent. So many youtube celebrities are just greedy nobodies who make vlogs or podcasts or commentary videos and make hundreds of thousands of dollars it drives me nuts.

No. 357963

I get what you mean but the money doesn't even bother me to be honest. It's the way they are acting about it that pisses me off to no end. They put themselves on the same level like artist, entertainers, actually creative, skilled or original people, hard workers or people that want to make a difference when all they fucking do is mindlessly consume, filming themselves unpacking shit, imitating cut-paste ideas like a bunch of literal bots and talking about themselves for as long as the ad revenue allows.

No. 357964

>commentary videos
Samefag but don't get me started on those. This is one of the most vile things on youtube. Just making money off of someone elses fame or already shitty video. Honestly the worst was the thousands of grown ass adults making fun and "commenting" on videos of children like the asian girl that was forced to "flex" by her piece of shit family or that blond energetic girl with a ponytail that pulled her hair too far back.

No. 358062

The most gutless, annoying group that pops up whenever there's a mainstream controversy are the pseudo intellectual fencesitters who don't formulate opinions of their own and want to be liked by everyone, masking those insecurities as prudence and refinement when it's actually just cowardice and a need to be validated by as many people as possible.

No. 358160

why do so many people on here kiss azaelia banks ass? ill never understand why that toad looking nasty ass bitch has any fans, her music isnt even good. the only reason for why shes relevant is because of manufactured drama on twitter and because of all the weird gross shit she does.

everything she does either sounds like she has legitimate issues or shes just stirring shit to stay in the limelight.

No. 358189

Because she goes in on celebs who are even more hated, would be my guess. Kind like how I was amused by Brittany Venti for a second because of her shoe takedown then actually watched her content and ew.

No. 358302

Whoever constantly writes how "crusty" Shayna is in her thread has personal beef or is super bitter about her. They do it so often and all the posts read the same way.

No. 358614

Elders who only want to go shopping downtown/take a subway trip because it's almost free for them should stay the fuck out of public transportation during rush hours. I'm tired of old shits in high heels with brand shopping bags bitching at me because I want to sit down while tired from work.

No. 358711

Oh she's a musical artist? I literally had no idea why she was famous. I've been following celebricows for the past few threads and I literally never even cared enough to look it up. I really wish anons would move on from her she's stupid. Idk how anyone can get past the chicken closet tbh. If I were in an argument with AB I would just constantly bring it up bc it's some nasty serial killer shit. Even if t's a religious ritual or whatever the fuck. She had that nasty shit inside her home. Literal subhuman savage.

I agree. I zoomed in on the last pic that anon posted and it looked fine. Shayna's body is fine, too imo. She is a gross bitch and sometimes her lips do look crusty but yeahhh. That anon may just mean it as a general insult and not that her skin is actually crusty if that makes sense.
Eta: her body is fine except for her blown out, boil-riddled pussy kek

No. 358738

It is always baffling to me when pensioners are on the trams and stuff during peak rush hour, too. I’ve never been yelled at, but I just wonder why you’d choose the most crowded times when you’re retired and can do stuff early in the morning or in the middle of the day?

No. 358753

I think a lot of anons like her because she is unhinged and they wish they could speak her mind like she does. They love her "honesty"

No. 358762

They’re always on the trams on Wednesday’s since it’s senior day, and if I make the mistake of forgetting my pregnant ass can’t get a seat. Fuck me for not wanting to risk miscarriage by falling over on a moving a vehicle I guess

No. 358826

Inspired by the public transportation anon, I am here to scream about trams as well. Why the fuck do these moms with their trolleys think they have some sort of priority over everyone else? Here we have these little slots that have flip over seats, but they are mainly for one (1) trolley and the mom plus whoever the fuck wants to sit or stand there near those fuckers. Why, oh fucking why, do these trolley people think they can somehow fit 2 or 3 in those slots? (there are more than one per tram but we talking about one slot now).
They fucking barge in even tho they clearly see they cannot fucking fit in, they have a runny nosed brat with them too bc ofc they do, they are blocking the fucking doorway, and somehow they think they deserve a fucking seat as well.
Listen, bitch, I owe you nnothing. Why the fuck should I give up my seat after being on my feet the whole goddamn day? I only give my seat to old ppl just so that they won't fucking fall down and cause a fucking scene that would hinder my fkn commute yet here the fuck you are. Blocking my exit, looking at me like I need to get the fuck up. They also travel for free. I owe you nothing, nobody fucking owes you anything for deciding to take a load in.
There was a weekend where the subways didn't run so there were buses and trams covering for them and they fucking announced that PEOPLE WITH FUCKING TROLLEYS SHOULDN'T EXPECT TO FIT IN NOR THAT ANYONE GETS OUT FOR THEM, BC NO PAYING CUSTOMER SHOULD BE FUCKING EXPECTED TO DO THAT. The moms were fucking hurt, but like wtf. I've seen them travel in packs of three, blocking half of a fucking tram from exiting or entering, huffing and puffing when someone with a wheelchair tried to get into their DESIGNATED SPOT the mom was hoarding. They legit expect people to get off the tram or bus just so they can fit in, even tho I've had to stay out bc of them blocking the enterance SO MANY TIMES. aaaaaaaaaaaa. I am so fucking fed up with these fucking trolleys. Are they even called trolleys. Idk. I am so tired and angry. Not my fucking fault you decided to procreate.

No. 358890

“SUV strollers” on trams and buses here are annoying as well. I don’t have a kid (and don’t ever want to) but sometimes it does feel like these women just have ABSURDLY huge strollers for no reason and it feels idk inconsiderate to lug those big things into crowded trams. Sometimes their kids look too old to be in such a stroller, too. The best is when you see a mom who’s wearing her baby or has a small, modest stroller and she just kinda smirks at them.

Similar complaint: moms who let their babies or toddlers “cry it out” on a tram or bus or who just generally let their toddlers/kids run amok. It’s so rude to other people.

No. 358905

>>358890 STROLLERS, thank you anon. I keep seeing twin strollers so much these with with a baby and like a damn 3yo in them. Fucking absurd. Last week I had the honour to witness a stroller mom have a bitch fit bc someone with a walker was taking up the space she wanted and she couldn't get on. I get annoyed at them relics too but that felt good.

No. 358916

Everytime an anon sperging about ariana being too skinny I imagine some 200 lb land whale behind the screen who thinks anyone who isn't chubby/obese is anorexic. Ariana looks like a healthy weight and while thinks she looks "anorexic" is beyond delusional.

No. 358918

I agree. I don't really go in the celeb thread but I've seen that sperg a few times and ariana is very average in weight where I'm from. She's not remarkably skinny.

There's a few bigger anons here who get jealous of anyone thin which to them immediately equals anorexic as if people can't naturally have a decent body. Funny thing is, these are the same people crying in threads about how they hate their weight and how ugly they feel.

No. 358920

Or maybe it's someone who has an average weight who thinks some celebs are too skinny?
Real tired of "FATTIES R BOOLIES!" meme all the time.

No. 358923

Anyone who spergs about Ariana is most likely jealous or delusional. She's not even really interesting. Does anyone here even listen to her basic-ass albums? I doubt it, but anons are the first to bring up song titles. Madness.

No. 358931

I think what she needs is to work out and get titty implants. I'm tired of people thinking thin people are supposed to look like they just purge themselves with no tits, ass, or curves. It's ugly.

No. 358942

>I think what she needs is to work out
True, everyone should work out as it is the most beneficial thing one can do for their health
>and get titty implants

No. 358968

>There's a few bigger anons here who get jealous of anyone thin which to them immediately equals anorexic as if people can't naturally have a decent body.


No. 358984

Average weight is obese/fat. Ariana grande might not be average but she's not too skinny and she's healthy weight.

No. 358992

honestly this post smells like yeasty balls. plus she has kind of big boobs for her size actually, like, when she chooses to play them up and not cover them in huge sweaters to look smol

No. 359003

Yeah, it's pretty sad and funny.

No. 359008

Forever sad because JC Chasez had a lot of potential, perhaps better than JT.

No. 359011

>Average weight is obese/fat.

It's funny because you knew exactly what the fuck I meant yet you're still trying to be witty and act like there's a fat mob equivalent of KKK out to lynch skinny people. Fucking stop.

No. 359034

She has an ok ratio and decent sized boobs for the rest of her body, fatties have just changed the defintion of curvy/big boobs to mean less about curves and actual ratio, to "as fat as possible", kinda sucks because a skinny woman who's hips are 12 inch bigger than her waist and boobs 10 inches bigger than her waist can't call herself curvy but a fatty who's shaped like a football can call herself curvy all day and be praised

No. 359049

People who talk about ethical shopping but still use aliexpress are hypocrites

No. 359052

>be praised
was with you until then

No. 359066

Life is easier when you just cut out Cluster B's. The periods of smooth sailing aren't worth the hurricanes of drama and emotional shit flinging.

No. 359069

Idk man, I've seen girls shaped like complete footballs, a lot of cows too, call themselves thicc or curvy and people praise them

Think Mickey, various cam girls,syren girl who is shaped like a box and talked for 6 minutes straight about how she's thick and curvy and 90% of the comments praised her

Meanwhile call Jen selters ass nice or big for her body and you'll be spammed with "ummm sweetie cardi bs and Nicki Minaj's ass is big, hers is flat and boney", being gigantic is the norm now, so norm that people believe small women can't have ass, tits or curves

No. 359071

Yeah, poor celebrities are never praised for their looks. It's always these attention whoring football fatties getting all the attention!

No. 359077

Tbf Mickey has huge tities.

No. 359078

>people praise them
only other fat girls do

No. 359080

File: 1548293306273.jpg (79.29 KB, 443x338, 20190123_202752.jpg)

You seem pretty triggered fir someone who isnt fat… just saying. Ariana grande is not too thin and she's a healthy weight now.

No. 359081

>video of right wingers doing something bad
>24 hour news cycle
>video of liberals doing something bad (even if they're a literal racial supermacist group)
>g-guys c-calm down, d-don't be spergs

Every fucking time.

No. 359083

While on one hand she doesn’t look too thin, her entire body composition doesn’t look healthy - she looks incredibly skinny fat with a lot of bones jutting out, it looks like she lost the weight in an unhealthy way tbh she looks pretty dehydrated half the time too with bloated cheeks

No. 359084

Well you think people in normal weight ranges are "fat" so idk. Even if I were I've got fuck all to hide considering I don't pick on people for being skinny in the first place.

Thin people pick on thin people and you seem to really not like that reality for some reason.

No. 359085

she looks perfectly fine anon. Like an average skinny person. Stop reaching

No. 359086

Skinny date these days just means healthy weight that looks normal. Unless a girl is a thic phat qween or a body builder Amazon she will be called skinny fat. Ariana is healthy lol

No. 359087

Skinny fat*

No. 359088

Just take it to 4chan if this topic is so important to you. No one here really cares or feels bad for anyone in this story, now that the truth that they're all assholes is out.
Isn't there anything more interesting going on in America? This is the same country that Florida (and all its madness) exists, and the government is officially shut down, isn't it?

No. 359089

lol you do know muscles =/= healthy right?

No. 359090

Yeah if you look at the ana chan thread on snow you'll find blogposts from """recovered""" anas criticizing the bodies of those who still struggle.

No. 359091

I swear, I don't know what it is about this girl that triggers farmers. Her body looks perfectly normal.
No big tits, no big ass, but not skelly, either. Just petite. It's not "unhealthy".

No. 359094

It takes real courage to be this boldly hypocritical. To sperg out for days, and as soon as it turns out you're completely wrong about everything "nobody cares about that go away".

And also to try and act like "everyone was an asshole" when the boys literally just stood there getting harassed. Just pathetic.

No. 359096

I didn't sperg out for days (I'm not even the anon you responded to), but it's clear that you did, and just can't let it go. For some reason, defending some bratty Catholic schoolboys on Lolcow has become your mission in life, to all our chagrins.
Not going to bother reading the rest of your delusional post, as it's clear you just want someone to argue with.
To reiterate: No one cares. Find a more intriguing issue if you want us to pay attention to you that badly.

No. 359097

I don't know your weight so I can't come to that conclusion but telling perfectly healthy looking women they're too thin seems fatty chan tier.

No. 359098


No. 359099

>seems fatty chan tier
Why? Like this anon >>359090 mentioned girls with no overweight problems on this website say some pretty nasty shit. What makes it so regular sized women can never act petty and jealous towards a thinner woman and it's something only fatties care about?

No. 359100

The real autism is clinging to a topic no one cares about and insisting on talking about it forever.

No. 359102

>it turns out both sides are equally bad, so let's just drop it!

Every time.

No. 359103

>le speaking for the entire board meme

We want you to fuck off.

No. 359105

i agree with body positivity but not where straight up obese people are concerned omg
there's nothing special about being fat, we shouldn't be celebrating that. it needs to be reviled.

No. 359106

I'm 100% certain you are the person who's been sperging out about the boys for days, because you talk exactly like them, have the same delusions, and just spent the last half of a week showing off that you lie like a psychopath.

No. 359109

Moving on from the sad bait attempts from one obsessed, desperate fool/possible scrote, I honestly think that if someone puts the name of their workplace, actual location, their full name, etc on their public social media, they have no right to complain about being "doxxed".

If you're going to be making a bunch of autistic strangers angry, have the foresight to protect your IRL identity at least a little bit. If you don't even bother safeguarding yourself, of course some tard will call your work and ask if they really want your problematic ass representing them. I know Facebook, Twitter and Google have convinced lots of people privacy doesn't matter, but you're putting yourself, your family and even your workplace in an uncomfortable position if you don't keep your online/offline identities separate.

No. 359110

I forgot we live in a reality where being fat is celebrated with confetti and we encourage children to become obese, because being obese is so much fun! /s

No. 359111

The boys were literally just standing there and someone started filming them, then the entire mainstream media took the footage and broadcast their faces and names to the entire world, yet somehow it's their fault? Do people like you not realize you're the reason Trump won?

No. 359115

NTA but you are such a pain.
Nobody "just stands around" an angered group of black people wearing their MAGA hats (the shit black people don't like very much and associate with racism) on a school funded trip (where politics don't belong in the first place) attending a rally where they tell women they can't have an abortion (something women don't like either).
If the big scary red man threatened them so much by placing himself between them and the black people with his drumming, then their shitty school chaperones should have taken action and moved their students someplace else.

>this is why Trump won

Yeah, because having terrible race relations and electing the most unpopular and worst president in US history is something to gloat about in all this. Need I remind you of the innocent, working people suffering right now because your fucko in chief has shut down our government for 30+ days and counting? But wait, this is winning! At least you can smash that into liberal faces with a smug grin while our country literally fucking eats itself.

No. 359116

Don't even bother. You're casting your pearls before literal swine. Of course they realize they're supporting harassment from a literal violent supremacist group, it's been the liberal MO for a while now. Any violence against you will be hand waved with some silly sh*t like "le both sides are wrong" or let's talk about florida instead XD" in a pathetic attempt to handwave the growing fractures in this nations foundations.

Stop trying to argue with these fools. Read books, pick up a sport, hit the gym, get off social media, buy a gun and stand your ground. If it isn't obvious, liberals think they have free reign to assault you and other women will hand wave anything that happens to you.

Anyway pineapple doesn't belong on pizza XD

No. 359119

>muh shutdown :(

Oh no, no more manufactured wars bombing brown people in the Middle East and playing violent geopolitics.

Get a grip, less spending power for the US government is a good thing for the world. Try thinking of someone else for a change. The US government is a massive menace to non US citizens and anyone who isn't a costal liberal.(Unpopular opinion =/= racebaiting.)

No. 359122

>read books
Yes, please read some more and go outside.

>other women will hand wave anything that happens to you

As you, presumably a woman, waves away the actions of men who are assaulting the rights of other women. The irony escapes you.

>no more manufactured wars
What does this have to do with the literal thousands of domestic jobs and contractors who were laid off that were non-military?
If you don't know the roles of federal employees then you shouldn't make comments.

No. 359124

So you're a non citizen whose life isn't affected in any way by the shutdown commenting on an incident that didn't even happen in your country?
You're just looking for an argument, thanks for outing yourself as a shitposter.

No. 359126

Yeah, it sucks that some of them such as park rangers and museum curators lost their jobs, but the US government objectively does more evil than good.

You want a real unpopular opinion? I've experienced no drop in quality of life from the shut down and I hope both sides don't budge. The only parts of the government that should stay funded are agencies to protect the environment, everything else can stay at a trickle for the time being.

No. 359132

>park rangers
>museum curators

I can't imagine being so uneducated as to believe only jobs like these were affected and not literally entire departments of government, which by the way includes the ones who protect our environments.

How old are you? Please don't avoid this question, it's important and would explain a lot.

No. 359134

Military is still up and running (and being paid) during a shutdown.

No. 359137

you guys are really falling or the /pol/tard scrotebait huh

No. 359140

It's not funny to most Americans because we are dealing with people who 100% believe in and talk like this. We really can't tell the difference anymore.

No. 359141

fair enough

No. 359142

>They commited the thought crime of having and vaguely expressing political views I didn't agree with! Therefore they are the real aggressors and deserve to be harassed and threatened

You're a refugee from the man hate thread. Don't even bother denying. Remember all the times a story got posted there about a woman being doxxed or sent threats and you would all scream how it's the worst thing in the world?
Yet now here you are saying it's not a big deal and anyone it happens to deserves it.
Also stop pretending to be a different person with every post. It's not fooling any one and only serves to make you look even sadder and crazier.

No. 359143

>you disagree so you're uneducated

Good little bootlicker, you've been trained well.

Here's another unpopular opinion: fuck most federal workers- they're parasites.

Not if it continues for long enough :)

>I can't believe that people aren't rah rah for the federal government 24/7

Looks like the unpopular opinion thread is the most beneficial for you. Good to step outside your echo chamber. Not everyone is a blind flag waver, especially for a government that's becoming increasingly single party.

No. 359146

my unpopular opinion is, if you don't like someone's unpopular opinion to the point where you have to try to fight their different opinion for days, drop it.

No. 359148

>thought crime
Showing up to an anti abortion protest is an action, not a thought. It's an action that has the potential to endanger countless lives of women living in the US and deserves all the scrutiny we can muster.
We have properly assessed that the same types of conservative men who don't give a fuck about women often don't give a fuck about black people.
>you're a refugee from the man hate thread
I actually never liked a lot of those posters, but I will go on the defense for other vulnerable women when our rights are put on the table for men to judge and control.
By the way, where did I say doxxing wasn't a big deal? I'm just saying they're not innocent and deserved people saying they were being shitty, because they are.
Also multiple people have disagreed with you, you can stop pretending I'm samefagging.

Said the Trump supporter.
>federal workers are parasites
Until you want someone to process your tax refund, inspect the food you buy at the store, and guide your plane in the sky.

What a proud ignoramus you are. This is unpopular opinions, not jackass general.

No. 359150

>you have to try to fight their different opinion for days

Except you were originally spamming this in the vent thread until the mod came in and threatened to ban you for derailing. Don't pretend like you posted this here first. Now new people are coming in to thump your stupid ass further and all you can do is pretend you're a different poster and cry samefag.

I'd like to believe you're baiting like you referred earlier, but nobody dedicates this much time to something they don't actually believe.

No. 359157

>le white and black mindset

I never said I was a Trump supporter, he's a broken clock that's right about a few things. Maybe turn off CNN and learn that there's more sides than boomer conservatives vs urban liberals.

My only arguments here have been that liberals will handwave any violence from their own side (even if it's from a violent supremacist group who have openly assaulted women in the past) and that the feds are a menace.

No. 359158

I'm not the other anon. You're paranoid now.

No. 359161

>right about a few things
Like what? And who cares when he's wrong about so many other things and is damaging the livelihoods of innocent people?
The only important thing you need to know about "the feds" is that they're the people who keep your life running and civil. Never mind that it's exceptionally shitty to be happy about people not getting paid for their work.

No. 359163

>Showing up to an anti abortion protest is an action, not a thought.
Christ you're a lunatic.

No. 359167

>like what?

Recently? Pulling out of Syria instead of escalating, toning down the McCarthyesque rhetoric being pushed by the media and the Democratic Party who are trying to escalate tensions with a nuclear nation, slowing down trade with China which is killing the planet, shutting down the federal government which is a menace like I've noted before.

>shitty to be happy people lose their jobs

I mean, I myself along with millions of other Americans never got a chance to opt into paying their salaries or sponsoring these social programs that they run. I think it's shitty that they operate off of the backs of tax payers.

No. 359179

Oof, so much to unpack and where to begin.

>Pulling out of Syria

Because he says we "won against ISIS." Not because he doesn't want an escalation of political tensions, but because he had corrupted gains. ISIS is not defeated. He's not re-engaging political talks or humanitarianism with Syria, he's merely throwing his bargaining chips away and throwing dirt on allies stationed there. We're losing our credibility as a reliable political actor by pulling out of Syria without taking into consideration the consequences that the vacuum of our absence will create. Yes, I agree that military intervention in foreign countries isn't very good but neither is blindly pulling out.
It was a political distraction endorsed by Kremlin interests.

>Mccarthyism and tensions with a nuclear nation

So the solution is to give power to Putin? Because that's exactly what he's doing in the political sphere with his policies. You do realize even hardline Republicans don't agree with Trump's relationship with Putin?
You realize there's an active investigation of Russian collusion and people who were members of his party and cabinet are starting to abandon ship?

>slowing down trade with China

This is called a trade war.
This tariff action has negatively impacted exports of US farmers whose incomes rely on Chinese purchases of their crops, among other countries where they are now fined. Private businesses are less likely to generate jobs and more likely to lay off workers because of the cost of importing materials for their goods into our country.
Meanwhile Ivanka Trump is landing trademark deals with China, because that family hates what that country is doing to our planet so, so much.

Clearly these are not positive things.

>I think it's shitty that they operate off of the backs of tax payers.

How the hell else do you expect a government and its services to function?
What's your solution to providing public services, where you don't pay people for the labor that they put into for providing said services?
You make no sense. It's maniacal.

No. 359185

File: 1548304517419.jpg (8.21 KB, 380x201, Some_in_Twitter_Mob.jpg)

Remember everyone, the left are the good guys. Right wingers are all evil. Moderates too. Only in liberalism can you become an upstanding citizen.

No. 359186

What is that picture? Bait for ants?

No. 359192

File: 1548306660377.jpg (61.12 KB, 1105x738, IMG_3082.JPG)


I don't know why I'm even engaging someone who speaks in buzzwords.

>Yes, I agree that military intervention in foreign countries isn't very good

I stand for peace she says as she posts an entire paragraph of chicken hawkish flag waving and imperialistic jigonism. What political vacuum? Were we supposed to bomb Assad's forces too like we did in Libya and turn it into a hands off civil war or were we supposed to invade directly like we did in Iraq because of "insurgents" and turn it into a clusterfuck we have to babysit for the next several decades as it spawns extremist groups and refugees? Both of these actions had the approval of the Yaas Queen by the way.

Fuck off with that "muh Russian interests" or deminished US prestige trope. The only nations who stand to benefit from us continually being there to militarily strong arm the region are Israel and Saudi Arabia, the second and third worst political actors in the region besides us. You want to know how the US can be seen as a reliable partner globally? If we back off of our imperialist ambitions. You can't act like you want peace when you cry for endless war, at least own up to your ambitions.

>muh hardline republicans want Cold War politics

The only thing you've said that's kinda annoyed me so far is the repeated assumptions that I'm a republican. That I follow everything that the talking heads with the red ties say just because you follow every policy that democrats make blindly. I don't care what "hardline" republicans think, they're part of the same gang of neocons as Hillary Clinton and her ilk. What is a "hardline" republican anyway? The Republican Party in the US constantly gives concessions to democrats; they're essentially democrats with a decade delay in policy at this point. There is no hardline right wing party in the US willing to draw a line in the sand and fight for it.

My state provides most of the daily services I use. I already conceded that a few national programs are nessecary, but starving the beast for a few months can show these people that they operate at the pleasure of the tax payer and not everyone agrees with how they operate.

No. 359194

I don't know why I'm arguing with someone who describes 'oof' and 'unpack' as buzzwords. That word doesn't mean what you think it does.

>I stand for peace

But you're supporting a political figure who is doing the opposite for this country and its inhabitants.

>Fuck off with that "muh Russian interests" or deminished US prestige trop

Will it still be a funny meme to you when people start to be prosecuted for treason?

>repeated assumptions that I'm a republican

I…didn't once call you one though?
Tbh you strike me as an uninvolved member in society who doesn't participate in it to know the damage that's being done around you. You seem to fancy yourself as some kind of independent and I'm sure with the way you talk about federal employees, as if you don't benefit from public services, you tuck yourself in at night with the Gadsden flag.

You're just a slovenly fool.

No. 359195

>oh hey

Watch out for the buzzwords guys!! Sorry but whoever made this image looks like an insufferable person inside.

No. 359196

Made by the type of person who gets destroyed in internet arguments and gets particularly rageful when those words and phrases are used kek.

No. 359197

Anon, are you done? You've been going at it for hours

No. 359200

File: 1548309991236.png (143.46 KB, 724x364, 1 (2).PNG)

No. 359202

No. 359203

Why don't you say this to the anon who keeps posting random screengrabs, and keeps posting political bait in every thread until someone takes it hmmmmmm

No. 359204

File: 1548311104554.png (167.93 KB, 679x469, 2.PNG)

Well the lesson here is clear.

If you are not a liberal you and everyone vaguely associated with you will be viciously murdered, so sayeth liberals, the bastions of morality and goodness.

No. 359208

Every single liberal I know is calling for school shootings and the death of white male teenagers in the street. Yep, Twitter told me so.

No. 359209

Because you keep falling for it kek

No. 359210

You're not funny.

No. 359216

Liberals are the ones spreading the lions share of violence and chaos in this nation and agitating for increased hostility overseas. Really outside of Urban citadels, most of America hates your domestic policy and most of the world hates your foreign policy.

Not approving of the federal government doesn't mean I'm "uninvolved". If I were uninvolved, I'd let these issues slide without caring.


No. 359220

Don't bother, they will never accept objective reality. The left is completely unhinged and deeply indoctrinated.

No. 359222

The thing is, they're not even leftists. Even if they're wrong at least leftists stand for something politically beyond a bleak urban dystopia fixated on consumerism like liberals wish for.

No. 359229

File: 1548315890694.jpg (295.73 KB, 1480x1009, 1548306416945.jpg)

Modern liberals have completely done away with the term "I am left-wing", because these unhinged drones have usurped it and distorted it beyond recognition.

I also find it hilarious that the radical leftist-chan was sperging about the shutdown as an aphorism about dissenters.

No. 359230

Will your spergout ever conclude?

No. 359231

no, because liberals are not left wing by definition

No. 359232

Holy unhinged!

No. 359235

i've never cheated on anyone or no one cheated on me but i know several people who went through that irl and i think there is no reason to blame a single person who hooks up with a taken person. people tend to get mad at the person who "stole away their bf/gf" more than their actual partner, like all the wives/husbands trying to ruin the mistress'/boy toy's life instead of divorcing their shitty spouse. no, it is completely your partner's fault, i know it's harder to blame someone you are in love with but they are the one who had to control themselves and stay loyal to you, the single person had no obligation to do anything for you.

No. 359237

I agree that obviously the weight of the blame should go on the spouse. But people who sleep with taken people are trash, unless somehow they didn't know they were in a relationship.

No. 359239

File: 1548319296710.png (401.67 KB, 404x567, 3.PNG)

Listen up shitlords. Just because a few radical left-wing freaks have been threatening violence against children doesn't mean its representative of the entire group.

It's not like famous leftist celebrities would put out an offer of a reward to the entire world incentivizing people to assault a child over a completely fabricated story of something that child did, even showing off the child's face and location in the offer.

No. 359240

Get back to me on how fairly radical conservatives treated the Parkland kids, and how they sent death threats to parents of children killed at Sandy Hook all over guns.

Get off your soapbox and go to bed, you're too emotionally invested in your own bait for this to be entertainment.

No. 359241

File: 1548320197805.jpg (12.49 KB, 415x233, 4.jpg)


No. 359242

How much are you paid to brigade this hard on obscure gossip imageboard?

No. 359243

The only kids who got lash back were the ones who started a political movement.

>women who disagree are hysterical!

Nice MRA rhetoric.

No. 359244

you're hysterical for spamming this for hours, not for having a retarded opinion

No. 359245

I prefer men that cum fast to those that can just keep going and going. I feel unattractive if the guy takes an eternity to climax and long sessions start feeling boring and repetitive no matter how many times you change positions or try to keep things interesting.

No. 359246

>everyone who posts things I disagree with is a paid wussian twoll

And people wonder why the NPC meme has so much traction. The hatred for your ilk is purely organic and is a result of your ever emboldened actions, I assure you.

Not that I want you to stop. An escalation of tensions will put more cracks in the foundation.

Accelerationism ho!

No. 359248

File: 1548321050353.gif (498.39 KB, 500x235, yNCVL.gif)

I'm just here for the delusional shit you say, cow.

No. 359249

File: 1548321056678.png (54.79 KB, 500x388, IMG_4218.PNG)

It's just banter, sorry if your terrible opinions got caught up in the crossfire.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 359251

Well it is an unpopular opinions thread, feel free to hate them all you want, that's the point of the thread.

No. 359252

>i-im only pretending to be butthurt for hours…its all voluntary, see?!

No. 359253

nobody wants your rehashed opinion for hours lol give it a rest polchan

No. 359259


>"all factors — physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age — relevant to the wellbeing of the patient." (Doe v. Bolton)

Why has no one brought this up?

No. 359260

Nice projection.

I don't care about 4chan board drama, if you do you should go back there.(back to /pol/)

No. 359262

Thin lips never really look good on anybody, but they look a hell of a lot better than lip injections.

No. 359288

You've been at it for 10 hours…anon, go to sleep. I'm concerned.

No. 359337

File: 1548336959306.jpg (84.13 KB, 640x360, IMG_3665.JPG)

I'm going to be the change I want to see in the thread. I read lolcow in the girltalk style. I am ashamed but it's cute.

No. 359341

I sometimes switch to that on my phone just so no one can peek over my shoulder and instantly think "imageboard."
…and it is cute.

No. 359344

Still using keekweek and I'm not ashamed.

No. 359345

I would use it but I prefer dark themes because they're easier on the eyes, especially at night.

No. 359348

How do you do that on mobile

No. 359351

Me too. I like the sparks on the "Anonymous".

No. 359352

Just scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and in the right corner where it says "styles" pick one you like

No. 359355

As if anyone really recognizes imageboards and even if they do, they'll still recognize the layout and the word "anonymous" gracing every post.

No. 359394

unpopular opinion: kat blauqe is the most tolerable troon personality wise

No. 359395

No troony is tolerable, anon.

No. 359396

I like the smell of hospitals, or at least the one where I go to

No. 359403

agreed. Even at the height of my handmaiden-dom, he was the only youtube troon I didn't find completely insane. He has opinions and a personal identity outside of being trans which a lot of them don't seem to.

No. 359415

He still doesn't belong in women's spaces or deserve to have access to women's resources

No. 359450

No. 359472

contrapoints was interesting when he was talking about anti sjw youtubers, and the culture around that, i could not care less about "vapid trans dribble number 3,302"

No. 359478

he was better, sure, but i never found him to be interesting. like 90% of his videos even then still relied on his 'aesthetic' that was already so fucking tired. like, his 'artsy' schtick only impresses people who think literally anything 'quirky' is avant garde. he's very boring. that bothers me the most, i think, is that he gets accolades for rehashing the same boring artistic decisions as every other 19 year old boy in art circles.

he reminded/reminds me a lot of titanic sinclair in that they're both 'artsy' and derivative as fuck but will happily sop up all the compliments and praise as if they're so innovative

No. 359526

File: 1548365390290.jpg (64.34 KB, 576x768, fdaec214ea805b94590db62c703a2b…)

Pretty sure Ariana already has implants albeit small ones.

No. 359531

those are def implants. well, thanks. makes me feel better.

No. 359534

I don't hate men but I hope I have daughters. It's far easier to raise a girl to be a decent person. It takes a lot more work to raise a son that won't grow up to be a garage person abd in too lazy for all that effort.

No. 359538

even other TRAs hate contras trans shit

No. 359566

I keep it in the girltalk style 24/7

No. 359622

None of these Youtubers who want to have "epic" thirty minute debates with some straw man of the opposing ideology are cool. It's all pretty autistic.

No. 359638

I think HS should be divided by grades 9 and 10 in one school and 11 and 12 in another. I think Senior boys in particular tend to be predatory to freshmen and lots of 9th graders have barely even begun puberty where as lots of 12th graders are literal adults.

No. 359644

There's actually some like that! Mine was divided exactly like that in the small town I went to but I'm not sure if that was the reason.

No. 359708

What is it with Americans and health issues? Literally every single American I've met has some sort of health issue and mental problem, is it some weird medical conspiracy of doctors overdiagonsing to make money? I've even known a girl who was wrongfully admitted to a mental hospital who straight up told the therapist that she wasn't sad and loved her life but was still prescribed Prozac

I also find a lot of rich people happen to have the most problems as well

No. 359711

my school was almost like that. grade school was k-6 middle school was grade 7-9 and my highschool was 10-12. even in grade school the building was basically divided in half between k-3 and 4-6.

No. 359719

Just my personal tinfoil: Poor healthcare coverage.

In most countries with universal healthcare, people can seek preventative care without penalties and nip most conditions in the bud by receiving treatment at a price that won't dive them into debt.
Medical debt de-incentivizes americans to seek preventative care and help for ongoing conditions. Often when they do have insurance, certain doctors and procedures still aren't covered which makes it even more difficult.
Mental healthcare is a joke and no one cares if kids display early signs of illness unless they come from a privileged background where they have the opportunity to be screened and their families can afford the therapeutic drugs.

Basically their conditions deteriorate until they get into a position where they must seek medical help.

No. 359720

Friends isn't that good, Seinfeld is way better.

No. 359747

All sitcoms are the same

No. 359877

when a guy tells me he likes anime, i automatically see him as a manchild with pedophilic tendencies. i dont understand why women here still put up with a weab boyfriend. i mean yeah common interest and shit but i bet your relationship with your weab ex was one of the worst things youve ever experienced.

No. 359884

Lmao, that's kind of retarded tbh. Not everyone who likes anime is a weeb. Is this bait?

No. 359886

File: 1548433601389.png (350.6 KB, 640x596, castro.png)

THANK YOU. it literally was. this 'nerdy weeb nice guy' thing is such a bullshit meme. my weeb ex stole my virginity from me by raping me and was so fucking disgusting. all male weebs are disgusting porn-sick proto-pedos, and my experience with him isn't even the reason why i feel that way. they reinforce their reputation in my mind every single time i speak to them, no matter where i meet them.

pic related very relevant and needs to be enshrined in law

No. 359894

people who call fucking "sexy time" should be shot and killed

No. 359905

Don't you think that's a little excessive, anon?

No. 359909

Well, there's always someone for every category of person. I don't avoid such fans because they like anime, but because of other early red flags
>poor hygiene
>participates in reddit/4chan/manosphere culture without any criticism and goes with the flow
>lolicon/ahegao reaction images
>watches moe anime focusing on very young girls
>openly talks about doujinshi and hentai
Etc etc, there's hundreds. You can also tell a lot about a person from their taste in media.

There are good fans but they're usually 1 in a 1000 and don't interact with fandoms too much and stick to regular life.

No. 359913

i cant agree more anon.

No. 359927

Femaboos aren't as rapey, but they have the same issues with hygiene and not understanding personal space. I don't talk about anime to anyone IRL.

No. 359929

I agree tbh. I've never met a male anime fan who was relatively normal. They're either chubby 4channers who also post "edgy" tweets on twitter >>359909 or at the very least associated with such guys.

No. 359967

The most normal ones are the ones you only see irl, not online, and who usually are almost only into Shonen Jump manga or the most popular anime in general. At worse they'll be annoying because they won't stop sperging about how DBZ is better than DB or some shit. I had a lot of coworkers like that in retail before, and sometimes we would be talking about anime and video games and once two guys who only read shonen manga were confusing FMA and Kuroshit while trying to recommend them to each other, but they would sperg about new One Piece scans all the time.

No. 359974

as a person who has always watched anime, i avoid people irl who are really open about liking anime. most anime fans are shitbag toxic annoying people. the girls aren't as bad, at most they're just annoying and they're the type to be really ugly whiny chicks who start to copy your style. not as bad compared to the creepy manchildren male weebs i've met. they aren't all like that, but most really are; that's why the stereotype exists in the first place. most male and female anime fans are toxic people, where the males are a lot worse because they are really creepy. but few are normal people, i've been friends with people who liked anime and vg as much as me but really were normal people who had a sense of style and were hygenic. but god, are the normal ones hard as fuck to come by.

No. 359986

Semi related to above posts but for a truly unpopular opinion on LC: anime isn't even good, at all. It's not an immersive medium AT ALL, the voice acting is terrible, it's generally creepy, the list goes on and on.

Even the "great" anime that everyone raves about, is ok at best. And no, I'm not an ex weeb denying my past. Never liked it. It's way overhyped by Western audiences literally all because it's japanese

No. 359987

Cosigned. You seen one anime, you've seen them all. The tropes are so overdone it's like they turn that shit out on assembly lines.

No. 359992

it's ridiculous to chalk an entire medium up as being all bad. most anime is absolute shit because they don't have to try to attract newcomers, they just have to appeal to current weebs/otaku. recently anime has been getting better/more creative again, however

No. 359995

Can you give some examples?

No. 360002

>recently anime has been getting better/more creative again

…very dubious

No. 360013

Fr, I feel like a crazy person for not liking it. It's so tired and so many predictable plotlines and bad direction. It sucks because like, there's no 'loser' community or like, 'alt' community that isn't tainted by weeby-ass people, so you have to deal with it everywhere. Like, artfags? All weebs. Alt music? Tons of them are fucking weebs. Weeb shit has infected every community that isn't for 'normies' and it's impossible to escape it.

It's also just really underwhelming, especially when everyone talks such a big game about it. It's super overrated. Even the stuff that tries to be serious and heartfelt is spoiled by bad voice acting, bad dialogue, cheesy animation, etc. If this shit was like, Croatian animation, no one would be creaming their pants over it.

No. 360022

>she doesn't enjoy Croatian antimatter featurettes


No. 360023


No. 360024

There's tons of alt music without weeb communities. Half of those, /pol/ has infected though.

No. 360025

Let's be honest, Croatian animation sucks too lol but I do agree with your point

No. 360036

Do we live in the same universe? As a shitty weeb I find it increasingly hard to find a community that DOES have weebs in it, the art community especially is filled with pseudo-intellectual hippies and tumblr-tainted calarts graduates who obsess over shitting on anime and weebs like it was going out of style.

No. 360044

File: 1548449953327.jpeg (141.85 KB, 1300x866, 5B011064-8F66-410B-93C2-8FE322…)

Idk if this is unpopular, but I think motorcyclists/“bikers” are so cringe. Mostly the men. They take themselves so seriously, and think they are so ~badass~

No. 360047

Odakle vas sve spopade Hrvatska animacija.

Anyway, I'd disagree about plotlines being stale, the reason I watch anime is because it's stylistically refreshing and does some wacky worldbuilding. There is no 100% perfect show for me but Satoshi Kon's direction is brilliant:

From recent stuff I enjoyed there was MSG:Thunderbolt December Sky, Violet Evergarden (because I'm a sucker for slowburn emotions), Land of the Lustrious (now that's a really unpredictable one), 3-Gatsu no Lion was a perfect healing show…It's a big industry with lots of cheaply produced garbage but I like it when things step out of their comfort zone.

No. 360048

liking anime is mainstream now, not all male anime fans are unwashed weebs. ive run into tons of otherwise normie dudes talking about boku no hero or one punch man and dbz. you can walk into a jcpennys and get a tshirt with gokus face on it, netflix and hulu have anime titles by the hundreds, its not hard to be a weeb in 2019.

No. 360050

disagree. the classic 90s animes are a lot better than the shit that comes out now. i barely follow the new anime each season, it's almost always just rehashed, regurgitated formulaic shit. even then it still usually comes off as trying too hard.

i have always been an anime watcher, and i feel like the easier it became to produce anime, the more bland and boring it got. it's also fairly mainstream now to like anime, just a little. but the popular ones that come from around 2008 and beyond are pretty dumb and childish, even for anime lol. anime in general is pretty weird and out-there, but that whole aspect of it was at least genuine in the 90s. now it's like anime tries way too hard to be ~quirky~. it's like the weird bitch in class that is bland and dull af but tries to come off as ~different and weird~. i think i definitely look a little weeby irl, but i avoid people i clock as weebs because they always have bad taste. i know i sound like a gatekeeper but i'm just sperging.

No. 360052

yeah but both types suck anon like both kinds of men just wanna get in your pants anyway

No. 360062

That's because it was harder to produce an anime back then, there's plenty of pre-2000 crap forgotten nowadays and the ones that are the most talked about are the ones whose quality and popularity survived. There are still good anime being made, it's a medium and you don't need to enjoy an entire medium or watch everything being produced at the time.

What youvre saying sounds pretty much like tweens saying the 80s were the last era with good music and being snobbish about it.

No. 360067

>the ones that are most popular are the ones where the quality survived
Definitely not. Theres plenty of unpopular 70, 80s, and 90s anime that were good. Just means its more niche or didnt get the commercial advertising the popular ones did.

No. 360068

yeah that has nothing to do with liking anime and everything to do with being a man

No. 360074

What do you guys watch all the time? Just arthouse film or what? Y'all are pretentious.

No. 360076

There's loads of media that's better than Isekai Haremshit #92874 without being high-brow arthouse cinema, anon.

No. 360079

Read it again
>the ones that are (implying still discussed and preserved) popular

No. 360096

File: 1548453617715.jpg (919.98 KB, 1500x1062, Kaiba.(Anime).full.331414.jpg)

I like anime (though not usually mainstream stuff), and I will never be embarrassed of it. I don't care if others hate it or think all of it must be perverted/cringy. The art styles typically look aesthetically pleasing as a rule (even the most shitty, low effort moeblob/shonen moneybait will never be as disgusting-looking as Big Mouth or Clarence), the OSTs are almost always good, and some amazing stories have been told through this medium.
I ignore the fandom, since I can almost never really get into the most popular shit.

No. 360100

My bad.

No. 360102

>bad voice acting
stop watching dubs you tards. i say this as someone that thinks anime can be melodramatic sometimes and too cringy with the cutesy shit, english dubs make the majority of shows completely unwatchable.
i cant even watch my favorite shows dubbed it's so bad. if you ever give anime a chance watch it with subtitles, youll enjoy it at least 50% more.

No. 360107

God I love this show. Fusing dark surrealism with retro cartoonish naivete is such a unique aesthetic, it's amazing to me that this ever got made.

The strange space ambient soundtrack perfectly captures the tone of the series too.

No. 360124

i agree with u anon. its lame to shit on all anime just bc many of the popular ones are bad. i dont really have weeb friends at this point bc yeah the fandom is really annoying most of the time. i like a variety of art and anime happens to be appealing to me sometimes. i dont really see why ppl shit on anime as a whole just bc of the bad creepy ones being popular. its really all a stylistic choice, and is hit or miss, just like all other art genres.

No. 360130

>The art styles typically look aesthetically pleasing as a rule (even the most shitty, low effort moeblob/shonen moneybait will never be as disgusting-looking as Big Mouth or Clarence)
Christ, this. I fucking hate trashy money-grubbing harem isekai animes that take over the majority of every season, but even the art style and sceneries in those shows will ALWAYS be tons more pleasing to look at than 99% of western animated shows. I really have no idea why western cartoons are so hellbent on making everything as ugly as possible. And when they make something look actually nice, they're just ripping off the anime aesthetic such as Avatar and the Boondocks (which even had parts of season 3 animated by a Japanese studio). Anime often has limited animation and retarded in-between frames made in Korean sweatshops but at least it will never be as ugly and lazy looking as the regurgitated flash animation Cartoon Network shows.

When an anime series want to be adult, they can be REALLY adult with amazing visuals, world-building and character relationships. The pretentious people hating on anime because they saw the most stereotypical flavors of the month during their teen years need to ante up, if you're going to shit on an entire industry at least put some more effort into it than "pedophile /pol/fags like it and dragon ball fights are dum!!!". It's totally okay not to like the stylistic choices and tropes but even I as a garbage weeb I can still admit that some western shows like Futurama are top notch with their comedy and characters.

No. 360136

Yes agreed. I get that there is a lot of trash out there and I dont expect everyone to sift through it for gems, but when anime is good, it's a great all round experience. With a good western series I'll enjoy the storyline (and I admit I think it has anime beat there, most of the time), but with a good anime series I'll have that plus the art style and the OST so I end up being really wowed by the overall production. And yes, the characters are cuter so it has that added appeal. Even the trash has it's value in that respect, if you want something self indulgent it's great.

No. 360151

>all round experience
Spoony is that you?

No. 360154

Jfc this shit was bad enough in snow, you gotta “hi cow” here too.

American popular novels however, are varied and not at all trope filled schlock.
All entertainment is full of tropey shit.
Your inability to look beyond the first shitty thing you pick up doesn’t make the medium shitty as a whole. Goddamn some of you have the most overblown ego. It’s like saying all paintings are shitty because you don’t like the Mona Lisa.

No. 360167

i mean, if i was a boomer dentist with an average penis, i'd want to foster a superiority complex by spending too much money on a death trap.
also, to be on topic, i hate motorcycles, they are so dangerous and i would never get on one.

No. 360180

Unsweetened almond milk tastes really good.

No. 360181

That's the only type of milk I drink. Regular milk imo tastes like vomit.

No. 360193

juuling is cool and is the future

No. 360195

US book covers are awful, UK book covers will always be superior with their typography and illustrative covers. What is with American publishers and their obsession with shitty photography, why don’t they at least hire good photographers.

No. 360204

If I didn't know any better I think lolcow was a joke site
Punishing bait-takers more than the actual baiters, randomly shutting down,going back on, and shutting down again, for no apparent reason, insane mods who flip sides every minute, keeping gore up for several hours straight but banning people over dumb shit, keeping a name-bar up but banning people who name fag, then having their mod bootlickers go up and arms everytime something is critcized, I know I know "go somewhere else if you don't like it" but hey, God forbid anyone give any sort of negative feeback to anything ever

No. 360206

you have to be more specific than that. i'm sure the UK has ugly book covers as well, dumbass.

No. 360210

not to excuse all the site's issues, but is this babby's first imageboard?

No. 360214

Popular opinion in general but unpolular on image boards:

I like Chipotle! I think it is fairly priced for the amount of food you get, and it's fairly healthy and filling. I don't love it, and of course little greasy burrito shops are usually cheaper and tastier but it's not a bad option.

No. 360215

Wow I knew spoony was here lol.

No. 360216

>unpopular on imageboards
Have you spoken to a lot of anons about chipotle?

No. 360218

Unironically, yes I have. One example is that /ck/ hates Chipotle, anons on certain discord servers I've been on hate Chipotle, and though not an image board even many redditers dislike Chipotle.

No. 360219

I have to be more specific about an unpopular opinion? Mate, fuck off, they’re just book covers
And of course there’s some ugly UK book covers, it’s almost as though there are always outliers but in general they tend to be significantly nicer than their US counterparts

No. 360221

because "books" is vague. do you mean young adult novels or do you mean critical theory lol

No. 360226

Nah, I actually found lolcow from other imageboards, lolcow wasn't too bad not too long ago, but let's be real now, how many image boards have these amount of issues?

No. 360227

Even 4chan focuses more on punishing people actually baiting than people who take the bait

No. 360232

I just think it's boring.

Before I walk in I know it's either gonna be burrito or bowl. Okay, cool, but there's never anything new. It's always the same seasoned meat, the same toppings, the same sauces. And tbh it's pretty pricey for its simplicity.
I just can't imagine going there on the regular for lack of variety. One would really have to enjoy the taste of that food, and at that I've just always found the seasoning underwhelming.

To give a similar setup and why it's successful: There's a poke bowl franchise in my area that sells either rice bowls or sushi burritos.
I have a choice of different bases (white rice, brown rice, quinoa, vegetable shreds), several kinds of proteins that are sometimes marinated, several different sauces to mix in or add on top, veggies and fruits that depend on seasonal availability, and different toppings.
I can go in there and order something that tastes unique and get a combo that I've never tried before. It's about as pricey as chipotle, but I feel satisfied that I got something pretty unique each time.

No. 360233

White liberals are not human beings and their support for the vile Black Israelites shows this.(racebaiting)

No. 360235

How was your ban, were you productive the last couple days?

No. 360305


Ironicly, Croatia has a great kids cartoon called Baltazar and I love it. Don't do my country dirty like that anon.

No. 360309

Are there any non children croatian cartoons?
I kinda thought animation died here, but maybe I'm just out of the loop.

I got interested in anime cuz I'm an artfag, and anime styles appealed to me more (especially more mature looking ones, I never really liked moe)

I agree anime can be very trope-y sometimes, which can ruin a good storyline for me sometimes

No. 360378

i like all kinds of milk and milk alternatives, but sometimes i really need to put a packet or two of splenda in a glass. like unsweetened almond milk always needs some splenda but i really enjoy it that way.

No. 360463

File: 1548534025947.jpeg (65.15 KB, 653x430, 0df4stTetO2G5kDnV-2.html-chars…)

People who unironically believe stupid conspiracy theories are idiots.

Most conspiracy theories are based on factually incorrect evidence and can easily be debunked. But if you point that out to these psychos they just refute it all and say you're a government shill that's part of the conspiracy or the evidence you give was cooked up by the government to brainwash you kek

For example, the "crisis actor" theories. They're built entirely on the fact that people in photographs or videos look similar. It's clear that they aren't the same people, they just have similar looks. But a crisis actor theorist will say "well they are the same people ClitnonNewsNetwork just paid for them to have plastic surgery so we wouldn't catch on! Checkmate!"

No. 360467

i think the only crisis actor thing that was "true" was the orlando night club shooter was a literal actor, but he did gigs for independent films, also his dad was apparently an actor as well.
besides that, yeah, all the crisis actor shit is just a bunch of conspiracy. i believed the crisis actor theories for a week or so years ago, but i was really mentally unstable at the time. i don't doubt a lot of people who believe it now are unstable as well.

No. 360468

Ken, my dad is in a motorcycle gang, and it’s all sorts of cringe. The shit he wears makes me laught though.

No. 360472

Fucking autocorrect..

No. 360475

Is that even unpopular? Almond is so delicious because it's light, nutty and every so slightly sweet. It's perfect.

No. 360497

homemade >frozen pizza > delivered and restaurant pizza
ive literally never had a delivered or restaurant pizza that tastes as good as frozen California Pizza Kitchen, Freschetta, or Screamin Sicilian

no matter where i go or get delivered pizza from, its always too greasy, salty or weirdly sweet

No. 360503

this is so sad

No. 360508

I don't live there anymore so I'm not really up to date with these things but there isn't really as far as I know. I really liked the series "Novine" which is on Netflix if for some reason you want to watch croatian media. It's not animated though.

Irw anime, from an artfag to another, I really liked Aku no Hana but I'm really not a weeb so idk maybe you've already heard of it.

I can't stand sweetened almond milk. Unsweetened almond milk and cashew milk are the best imo.

No. 360532

There is also mali leteći medvjediči,šegrt hlapić and čarobna šuma. I use to love them when I was young still remember the intro to mali medvjedići. Its a shame we dont produce anymore.

No. 360578

for who?

No. 360885

I think dogs don't look cute. Puppies can be cute, and certain dogs can be striking but the average adult dog is homely.

No. 360891

i agree. i definitely don't see the 'so kyoot' look they have as adults, typically. plus they're such a pain to hold and cuddle with. they feel tense and are too muscular to comfortably cuddle with

No. 360907

YES! Everyone tells me crazy for finding (adult) dogs crazy, but I think they're the ones with bad eyes. Almost all dog breeds, as they get older, lose all neoteny and looks ugly.
[spoiler]And of course, people laugh at me for saying (adult) cats look better than (adult) dogs. Fuck 'em.[\spoiler]

No. 360984

File: 1548644885751.jpg (135.45 KB, 830x622, snek.jpg)

cats are ugly af, even the kittens
fucking snakes are cuter than cats

No. 360987

File: 1548645393491.png (371.73 KB, 620x380, catster-hhero-fri-02-03-17.png)

anon, you really need to get your eyes checked. i'm legit afraid for your eyeballs.

cats remain much more neotonous as adults. their snouts are way less protrusive, smaller faces, bigger eyes, etc. they definitely look more vulnerable, facially. the 'dogs are the cutest' stuff is a meme. people are lying to themselves.

No. 360988

snakes are literally noodle doggos

No. 360998


you know there's a dog hate thread to sperg about how ugly you think dogs are, right?

No. 361008

File: 1548648471558.jpg (80.47 KB, 960x960, DB1Z9pjXkAArRlm.jpg)

cats are the only good animal

No. 361009

>goes to the one non-handmaiden site
>see people gleefully using terms from men in dresses parody of women's bitchiness, nosiness, pettiness, disloyalty etc. (the tea, throw shade, etc.)

No. 361010

i love both dogs and cats so much. give all the cute animals love pls i dont get why we should have to pick sides

No. 361020

File: 1548651055569.jpg (60.82 KB, 600x600, party snek.jpg)

both of these cats look like goblins lmao


No. 361025

File: 1548652187035.jpg (74.81 KB, 960x960, 50730819_2544253105602929_4042…)

snakes are great but there's really nothing cute about them at all

No. 361036

I hate how mysoginistic fags are the mainstream obsession of (mostly straight) women now

No. 361042

File: 1548653924562.jpeg (981.69 KB, 2048x2002, BD466A3F-9321-4F91-A70A-F8B162…)

Young boys in makeup makes me extremely uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong kids overall that put on this amount of makeup and dabbles in insta thottery are wack as fuck but there’s something extra bizarre about these boys.

No. 361045

As OP of this post I kinda wanted to clarify that I'm not a doghater by any means, I just don't think they look cute.

No. 361048

I think that if they did it in a kiddish way it wouldn't be half as disturbing. The thot makeup makes them look like bacha bazi sex slaves for old men.

No. 361065

File: 1548660377861.jpg (100.24 KB, 960x960, proxy.duckduckgo-6.jpg)

Totally agree. Somewhat in the same vein, this whole "drag kid" concept makes me extremely concerned. It baffles me that people don't think there's anything wrong with parading your child around like this. I don't consider myself a huge pearl-clutcher but this onslaught of the sexualization of children has me seriously worried.

No. 361067

the whole concept of drag is misogynistic and trashy, i really don't see how it's "artistic" in any way. most of the drag queen makeups and costumes look ugly as fuck. people who unironically speak with the yass spill the tea sisss my wig is snatched yas slayyy slang sound retarded but all these sjw teens think it makes them cool

No. 361069

This shit disgusts me too. I went to a pride event a while back out of curiosity and saw boys in drag being celebrated. These boys can’t have been older than 8 or 9 years old. Also in the same area were couples wearing puppy hoods and other fetish gear. Makes me never want to go to an event like that again.

No. 361070

You can literally do the same at chipotle, dumbass. It’s you who’s ordering the same shit every time.

No. 361071

File: 1548663257599.jpg (223.23 KB, 1030x1026, 9178605107559.jpg)

I sincerely think being social and having friends isn't something everyone needs to be happy/content in life. I have minimal social interaction on a daily basis (work, errands, etc.) and that's enough for me. I've never felt lonely in my entire life and I prefer doing activities that one would usually do as a group (movies, restaurants) by myself.
I'm honestly sick and tired of people feeling pity for me or thinking I'm depressed because of it. Like no, I'm sincerely happy with the way things are and I love being alone.

No. 361074

He looks like he has a bruise on his face

No. 361078

Yeah any girl under 15 putting on this much instathot makeup would be called a slut but of course boys doing it is ~brave and stunning~. Ughh. No kid regardless of gender should be doing this shit.

It gives me massive grooming vibes tbh. I can't see it as a "fun and innocent" activity of kids experimenting with something, some of them get way too sexually suggestive striking poses you could find in a porn mag. It's really disturbing.

No. 361079

I am so annoyed by the gender-neutral bathroom policy that they’re implementing in my city. A lot of places are simply just replacing the male/female signs with gender-neutral signs which means there’s a 50/50 chance I might open a restroom that greets me to the sight of a grody ass urinal. Also, hate how this policy is basically the result of transgender bullshit.

No. 361083

Until a short while ago I didn't even really see drag queens as sexist (thanks lc for pointing that out), but I've already massively hated it beforehand.
Those people, their makeup, their clothes, their mannerism, their language, their fans, simply everything about drag culture is cancer.
I swear, I get an aneurysm everytime I have to read "(spill the) tea" "wig (snatched)" "glow (up)" "clap back" "s(h)ister/honey/whatever" and the worst of all "y'all". This is the only place on the internet that isn't infested with this crap.
I'm sorry, but typing like this is making girls and women look stupid. Most men write rather normal in comparison to that and that's not exactly putting us in a good light.

No. 361085

File: 1548668582385.jpg (278.48 KB, 1080x1207, pom.jpg)

both dogs and cats are cute, and no one cares if you hate one. everyone has their preferences

pls stop talking about animals like theyre lolcows lmao, next thing we know you lot will start talking about nasolabial folds on animals

No. 361086

i'm so tired of people using neotonous as synonymous with "good" or "beautiful".
We get it, you're a pedophile.

No. 361088

Furries belong in communities like the ones pedophiles get exiled to. Western culture is way too accepting of these diseased freaks when it should be shamed and shunned and disowned.

No. 361090

>people attracted to illustrated anthropomorphic animals are on par with people who are threats to real children
As a childhood sexual abuse survivor, you are absolute scum. Please either rectify your misguided thinking or kill yourself for the good of humanity.

No. 361099

Sorry you became a furry to cope.

No. 361101

NTA but furries are degenerates and pedos are often drawn to their communities since they’re outcasts

No. 361102

They just wanted to get offended and act like anybody ever has said that furries are worse than pedos.

Apparently you can’t dislike two things at once.

No. 361110

File: 1548674498068.jpg (320.65 KB, 1466x1126, what-does-it-mean-when-cat-wag…)

Unpopular opinion: I don't get people who say ALL cats are cuter than dogs or ALL dogs are cuters than dogs.

Is someone really gonna argue that top right dog is cuter than top left cat? And likewise, is someone really gonna think bottom right cat is cuter than bottom left dog? wtf.

No. 361111

or ALL dogs are cuter than cats* typo

No. 361115


pugs are genetic abominations

No. 361118


Oh my god who cares this argument was retarded the first time.

People’s preference in pets has never been interesting and sperging out over which is better is embarrassing.

No. 361126

this, every time I see pugs, short legged cats or other abominations I get very mad, like why did humans do that to them?
healthy animals aren't cute anymore?

No. 362059

File: 1548682859385.jpeg (161.4 KB, 720x960, 66B3B241-2CF3-494D-99E8-254007…)

Rabbits are where it’s at

No. 362064

File: 1548683540634.jpg (447.71 KB, 1024x1233, bsmithioct202012.jpg)

No, you're all wrong.

No. 362067

Yeah I love dogs and I definitely admit there are ugly ass, unhealthy dogs too. Just like there are ugly ass cats that are being bred to be unhealthy, brachycephalic Persians are basically to cats what Pugs are for dogs. Or sphynx cats that get sunburnt or frostbitten because they have no fur to protect them. However there are really cute and pretty cats, just like there are beautiful, adorable dogs.

Making people pick one or another and starting flame wars over the cats/dogs debate or CONSTANTLY FUCKING BAITING WITH IT is fucking elementary school level.

No. 362069

Both genders should have equal reproduction rights.

No. 362071

Men already have full reproductive rights. They can get vasectomies whenever they wish without a partner or guardian needing to sign anything.

No. 362072

I agree, women should have as much reproductive rights as men, sadly we don't.

No. 362073

I like frogs

No. 362127

I've watched quite a lot of "ask a person with X disability/disorder anything" videos, and some of them have the "would you get rid of your disability/disorder if you could"-question. Almost always people answer no, because "then I wouldn't be me, it makes me unique, it's a part of my identity :)", and I honestly think they're either coping and lying to themselves, or putting on some fake positivity front and lying to the viewers. I'm not saying you should feel bad about being disabled or wallow in self-pity, but if you honestly wouldn't choose to operate at the same mental and physical capacity as everyone else then you're just stupid.

I'm not neurotypical either, and sure, I don't feel bad about it, but if I was offered a chance to wake up the next morning and be completely cured, damn right I'd take it. I've been in special ed classes and groups for people with ADHD/ADD and autism, and I always felt like there's this weird attempt at glorifying disabilities in order to make people feel better about having them. Once some guy said the "what is normal anyways?"-thing that I've heard a million times before and I just couldn't help myself, I told him (in a bit more kinder way) that normal is when you don't need special groups, classes or coaches to function like a regular adult.

TL;DR: People who say they wouldn't "cure" their disabilities/disorders if they had the chance are either lying to themselves or other people.

No. 362140

Obviously in the case of pets equating neoteny with "cuteness" isn't the same as equating neoteny with beauty in humans. For many people their pets fill a similar role in their heart to babies so liking babylike features in your pet is fine.

No. 362153

site opinion: /weeb/ board is a shit idea, make /normie/ board instead.

No. 362156

samefag, but alternatively, just put weeb shit in /pt/ and non-weebshit in /snow/.

No. 362157

In all honesty I can understand not wanting to get rid of Autism if you are on the higher functioning end of the spectrum. For some people it is more of a neutral than a flat out negative. Wanting to keep ADHD is dumb though.

No. 362160

most autists i know (including my fiance) say they'd just rather not have it. for any "savant" shit it causes it causes a lot more dumb social issues that make you seem isolated from others.

No. 362178

i opened up that pic and i didn't notice it before but uh that money sticking out of his belt or whatever is really appalling and disturbing. it's so creepy, i hope he's okay and isn't being abused. the drag kid stuff NEEDS to stop. it's inherently part of nightlife, kids don't belong in those spaces.

No. 362180

Fanfiction writers aren't real writers. This is an unpopular opinion within fandoms, fans are always jerking them off like "omg thanks for spending time for our fandom, you are such a talented writer!!". If you are that much of a good writer, go and create your own story, own characters, own universe and try to make it big with your imagination.

No. 362182

Agree. Also what is the point of AU, just write an original story of yours deviate so much from canon.

No. 362202

>is someone really gonna think bottom right cat is cuter than bottom left dog

yes? it looks a bit like a baby goblin, but even the ugliest cat will look better than a dog.

No. 362204

I think that for some people fanfiction is a way to practice with writing, so you don't have to spend time creating a world, story and characters, and you can just focus on your writing skills. That's why many people at some point upgrade and write their own stuff.
Same for fanarts

No. 362219

I don't really see how being bisexual is a good reason for Shane Dawson to have left lisbug. It seems like he never actually had romantic feelings towards her im the first place and was looking for a way out, if that's the reasoning.

No. 362233

He's 100% a fag, that's why he left her.

No. 362246

Also that it brings in an audience. Creating anything is a lonely persuit but if it's a fan work then fans are going to consume your work, talk to you about the think you're interested in and maybe even praise you for it.

No. 362280

lmaooo so you are an "intellectual" who reads Murakami and Pynchon all of the time? idgaf about most fiction. I would rather just read fanfiction. if people aren't writing wtf are they doing then?

No. 362284

Are you one of the salty gay fanfiction writers on AO3 who think they are the second coming of Dostoyevski because 100 thirsty fujos read their shitty story? There are a lot of stuff I enjoy that doesn't fall into the conventional literature stuff as well. Read or write whatever you want to, I'm just saying that writing scenarios with subpar writing ability based off on someone else's story and characters is not being an actual writer. I've seen arguments about it where someone said "Why are you on AO3 if you are looking for a well-written story?" and the rest of the fandom went crazy because it's uwu disrespectful for the talented ff writers' effort.

No. 362291

Nta but fan fiction writers are using established characters, settings, and lore to make a story. It’s the writing equivalent of playing with barbies.

There’s no world building, character construction, just taking existent characters and making them do fanservice.

Why so mad that some people like higher quality writing than Harry Potter smut?

No. 362293

it's like the difference between a musician who produces and writes their own songs and someone who downloads the instrumental from a karaoke channel and makes a cover with autotune

No. 362295

NTA I think some pop culture works are so cheaply written that fanfic writers can build the characters up better- but they project too much of their desires and interpretations on them and make the fic longer than the bible.

No. 362298

Most of us don't even have any savant shit, we're just average + social retardation holding us back towards holding on to friends or gaining meaningful employment.

No. 362300

How do you feel towards artists who do fanart?

No. 362301

>Capable of holding any romantic feelings beyond lust
Why do you think they put so much investment in physical attraction are incapable of keeping it in their pants?

No. 362302

I don't see how that's relevant to what I said, lots of trashy power fantasy books sell. I'm just saying if somebody likes the concept it's not a hard task to develop it better, because trashy fiction is a low bar to surpass.

No. 362304

It takes a lot more effort to draw or paint good picture of a character than it does to make Mary-Sue from newest YA crap go on an adventure with Mary-Lou from the latest crap film.

No. 362306

not even that, it takes a lot more effort for OC to get as much following as whatever flavor of the month series characters you're shitting out instead.

fanart and fansubs are for lazy people to lazily get followers and hope they stick when they draw something else.

No. 362310

NTA but I agree about fanfiction being good for bringing in an audience and perfecting your technical writing skills, a lot of published authors started off as fanfiction writers. However when you're 100% about exploiting someone else's work and never transition to original content it just becomes dumb, especially if you're making money off of it. The same goes for fanart in my opinion, it sort of feels wrong to see someone pulling in 20k on Patreon because they draw porn of characters someone else made. I mean I totally get why they're so popular and why people are willing to pay for it, but it irks me the wrong way.

No. 362312

It also takes effort to write decently. It's not like all art is good either, if you wanted to make a comparison you should've compared shitty Mary Sue fanfic to Sonichu levels of art

No. 362319

They’re equivalent, which is why there was a caveat of good fanart.

Even good fan fiction is just moving someone else’s characters around in someone else’s setting.

No. 362361

>fanart and fansubs are for lazy people to lazily get followers
I disagree with this, I believe most of those people just do what they do because they like the source. Of course people will not care for OCs as much because there is no attachment to the character, just "aesthetics" or whatever.

No. 362364

I would still consider them writers. Maybe not good writers but technically, they’re
still writers.

No. 362365

Lol, go to any anime con (or just onto tumblr) and you'll see how wrong you are. Very few artists draw stuff they like, but many draw for the likes.

No. 362388

Most fanartists don't sell anything though, maybe some private commissions on the side. There are a lot of artists who only draw one series or one particular character they like.

No. 362396

File: 1548737164614.jpeg (263.6 KB, 1550x1944, EF7F60C5-5495-4C16-8F7E-59F7D3…)

The pink dress that Ariel wears in The Little Mermaid is fucking ugly. It reeks of 80s and the pink clashes with her red hair. Normally I wouldn’t really care but it’s her “official” dress for Disney merchandise. The blue dress she wears is much better and I wish they use that instead but I guess it isn’t “sparkly” enough.

I know Disney sperging is horribly autistic but I had to get it off my chest.

No. 362400

File: 1548737470452.jpg (70.47 KB, 509x400, 5599304963_73a870d8e2_z.jpg)

i hate how low it is. it's very trashy on a number of levels, tbh. ariel is also the least tolerable princess tbh.

her wedding dress in the film was so infuriating, but i love that disney makes matters worse with this napkin bridal gown that takes all of the shortcomings from the film dress, and makes it 100x worse. all of ariel's merch is ugly too, except for baby ariel. i think disney secretly hates her.

No. 363460

Gotta be honest, kinda weird that they sell merch of a child bride. Ariel was only 16

No. 363464

>ariel is also the least tolerable princess tbh.

This too. Another unpopular opinion I guess since she seems to be one of the more popular ones. She really comes off as a selfish dumbass in the original movie. Like she’s totally cool with never seeing her family again just to try to score with some guy that doesn’t even know she exist? I get that she’s a teenager but no one really questions or calls her out on her shit. Say what you will about Frozen but at least Anna’s stupid decisions bites her in the ass hard and almost gets her and her sister killed. Plus she had somewhat of an excuse for the fact that she was a dumbass (unlike Ariel).

People rag on the older Disney princess movies for the fact that they send bad messages to little girls but not a lot of people talk about The Little Mermaid. That movie has not aged well in some aspects.

No. 363502

I hate Ariel so badly. I have at least 3 fucking former classmates on my fb who are obsessed with her because they dye their hair red too.
What the fuck?
Dying your hair blonde does not make you Cinderella, brown doesn't make you Belle, etc. But as soon as a basic bitch gets some bright red hair? There goes the Little Mermaid cover picture and sharing a ton of Ariel cosplays they wished they looked like.

No. 363516


>There goes the Little Mermaid cover picture

Fuck, haha. Why are there so many people like this?

No. 363519

Some of the original concept art had black hair, so there is an alternate reality where ariel hair means voluminous black hair

No. 363523

File: 1548744210726.jpg (82.05 KB, 736x577, ba5d84ea2d111238b78fb92393e755…)

Ariel's daughter ended up having black hair

No. 363529

File: 1548745100856.jpg (174.25 KB, 660x660, image283.jpg)

It's that awful 80's fashion that they keep trying to tweek and update to look timeless but it ain't working. (That's why in the parks she wears aquamarine now, they learned their design mistakes but it's too late now.)

This is what I want to scream at all the Disney fans. Some bitch reads a book and all of a sudden they're fawning, calling themselves Belle. Go scrawl some more emo poetry in you Trapper Keeper about how you're not like other girls, you're all the same.

No. 363564

When I see Ariel all I can see in my mind is Tracy Hine's nasty gummy smile and psycho eyes.

No. 363662

Not having a lot of money isn’t the worst thing in the world - it’s not knowing how to manage funds that makes having less so difficult, although granted it does often give me the shits how long I have to save for if I want to get something nice while others can just impulsively buy it, but then again it makes me think through all my purchases more and appreciate them.

No. 363750

Lol I'm way more of a dog person than a cat person, but even I will admit that bottom right cat is waaay fucking cuter than the golden retriever/labrador/whatever on the left.

No. 363834

File: 1548792005910.png (87.39 KB, 530x500, 2E580466-463A-4449-913D-361095…)

When Cows or other "internet personalities" talked about on imageboards or gossip forums, assume everyone who gossips is insecure and hate themselves. It's pretty easy to weed out the vendetta chans who actually hate them from people who just enjoy drama. One of the reasons started using lolcow was at my old job when I had a lot of free time on the computer.

No. 363845

"ur just jealous" is a poor coping mechanism narcs employ because they can't possibly fathom someone being critical of them.

No. 364198

"If you feel alone because you don't have a relationship, it's because you aren't comfortable being alone with yourself."

Nah, fuck that. I love my alone time and have been in a long term relationship before to know the healthy balance of having one's separate spaces and hobbies.
It's called romantic companionship, and no amount of self reflection, distractions, friends, nor family can be a substitute. Some people want it, and some people don't–I want it.

For the people who want companionship but can't get it, have been denied it, or were forced to end it, it's brutally lonely. There shouldn't have to be a bullshit requirement of how alone someone has got to be to prove they're not desperate and are worthy of giving and receiving love.
I can't believe this toxic sludge still catches air like it says anything profound, or how people say this so blanket casual after a relationship ends when a person is justifiably upset and lonely.
inb4 someone jumps down my throat, I already know there's a difference from a person who dangerously hops from relationship to relationship just to get their validation fix.

No. 364218

People who preach all of those requirements that you must have before dating are usually the ones who can't go two weeks without a relationship without breaking down and acting worse than incels.

No. 364228

I don't have an ounce of sympathy for first world sex workers (unless they were forced into it).

>i was young and dumb, but now i regret it so much and have many many issues!

Yeah, no. Men who go to prostitutes are dirt, but I'm glad they at least went to some bimbo who did this to her own rather than to some poor trafficked girl.

Acting as if you're a victim because of retarded choices you yourself made takes away from the millions of children and women who're trapped and raped on the daily. Don't you dare compare your situtation with theirs.

No. 364229

i dont see why they can't be victims of misogyny and pressure and just being dumb, AND we be able to separate them from trafficked girls? it's not an all or nothing situation. i think they are deserving of sympathy for being brainwashed, but it doesn't mean their situation is the same as much more dire situations that girls can be in

No. 364269


I also don't think that the brainwashed argument works. The women in question have their own mind and made their own decisions. Almost everyone else doesn't get a free pass because they were ¨¨coerced¨¨ by whatever sex-work positive bullshit. She could be flipping burgers but decides not to on her own volition unlike women that are forced into this situation.

No. 364284

On one hand I feel for them because of the huge amount of pushing young women and girls into the industry that is currently happening, but on the other hand it just takes two brain cells to realise that inviting predatory men who view you as nothing more than a sexual object that can be bought into your life is a fucking horrible idea

Why are so many new camwhores ugly though? A lot of them are almost goblin tier, and majority are just completely average. Are they so desperate for male attention that they’re willing to commodify themselves for scum?

No. 364327

NTA but i still think first-world girls who get into sex work purely because they think it's "fun" are retarded, but a lot of the time they're pretty young and young people make stupid mistakes, and they wouldn't believe it was "fun" to do any sex work if not for the libfems and ~sex posi~ men out there trying to coerce everyone how okay it is to turn your body into a commodity for money out of shitty mens' pockets.

No. 364331

not sure if unpopular, feel like most farmers would agree w me, but those popular youtube videos where people just go on a subreddit and read posts are… so pointless. like if i wanted to waste time looking at regurgitated bullshit "funni lol" posts i would just go on fucking goddamned reddit. why waste time watching some soyfaced fucker read a post out loud?

No. 364719

people always criticize it but i think the "i'm not homophobic/racist, i have a gay friend/a friend from a different race" argument does make sense. i mean yes, a person who has a gay friend still might be ignorant but if they were truly homophobic and malicious against gays, why would they become close friends with a gay person

No. 364725

If you are pretty or beautiful there are a lot of other in person jobs you can get. Things like becoming a receptionist, cocktail waitress etc at the low but respectable end, for instance. These jobs may not be sex work but they do prefer attractive candidates and a less beautiful but more competent worker doesn't actually bring more value to the employer than someone prettier. Then there are more explicitly looks-oriented jobs like being a model, of course. Obviously these dumpy cam girls can't get modelling gigs, but they're also not able to get those jobs like being a cocktail waitress or bartender in a nice place either. So there are a lot of alternative jobs these girls are effectively barred from, but in the world of camming they can find an edge for themselves.

At least that is my guess.

No. 364757

I think you're right to some extent but it does have its limitations. There are self-hating gays and self hating blacks etc. I remember this really right wing french politician who kept sperging about eating couscous with her "dark friend" and I mean… I believe she has a "dark" friend but you can't convince me that she isn't racist.

No. 364761

I like watching them sometimes because the people reading them tend to laugh along to whatever posts they're reading, it's contagious and puts me on a good mood.

No. 364789

I like sorrow tv's because he reads them in funny accents. it's pretty low IQ though.

No. 364791

How the hell is saying people of colour any better than coloured people

No. 364796

I sympathise with most of the cows/flakes on the site and secretly want them to become better people and learn from their mistakes even though most of their issues are self-inflicted but I still come here to lurk/post so that I can feel better about my own flaws and self reflect a bit.

Also I don't fucking care about super hero movies and I want another edgy vampire craze because I secretly really liked the twilight aesthetic.

No. 364798

>edgy vampire craze

yes please. twilight wasn't a masterpiece but I do miss it. and rpatz is hot

No. 364805

I think the idea is that we're people first, before being non-white. Most likely born out of not wanting to used coloured anymore but also not wanting to describe us by using white people as a base norm (non-white).
I'm personally fine with it. The sentiment is there while it's also convenient when needing to refer to all people who aren't white. PoC is pretty funny though and I always read it as a word in my head lol.

I can see why it may make you uncomfortable though.

No. 364810

While I see that it puts the person first, just like person with autism does, but at the same time that because that persons/groups entire identity. There’s also just something about the term ‘coloured’ that seems off

But I’m white so maybe my opinion on this matter isn’t particularly important, just seems odd that most people don’t see the stark similarity

No. 364824

I don't understand it either. I was told that "coloured" is wrong because it assumes that white is the default. It sounds the exact same. I wish there was a better term or better yet, just no term at all because it really creates a "us vs them" approach to race.

No. 364828

context. "colored people" is associated with pre Civil Rights era US, Jim Crow and older racist institutions/policies in general. "PoC" doesn't have the baggage and tends to be embraced by the people it's referring to. language meaning depends on how it's used, and although the denotations are the same the connotations aren't.

No. 364835

isn't the better approach just saying things like "asian" or "caucasian" etc?

No. 364836

Just refer to someone by their specific ethnicity/nationality. I hate it when people say "Europeans" as if we're all the same, from West Europe to East Europe. Unless you don't know someone's ethnicity. Then it's acceptable to use general terms imo.

"Caucasian" is often used in the wrong way and "Asian" is way too broad of a term.

No. 364858

even if that's the case it's not as broad as white vs non white…

No. 364901

I used to get this from friends when I would vent about being single. I know it’s annoying to constantly listen to your single friend complain, but they were so dismissive of me. Meanwhile they jumped from relationship to relationship and were suicidal after every breakup and admitted that they can’t be alone. It made me feel like crap when they would dismiss my feelings of being lonely and affection starved but whine about needing a new boyfriend a week after being dumped.

No. 364938

I don't know how to express my thoughts and feelings in a way that does not make me sound like an asshole but I REALLY hate cancer inspiration porn. Bullcrap like The Fault in Our Stars is bad enough, but at least it's just a tone-deaf fictional novel. What makes me even more mad is when real-life cancer victims are being presented (usually by cancer free people) as Incredible Role Models for having hope, trying to stay positive and not falling into depression. They are shown as a proof that life is beautiful and worth living, because if that lady who lost her parents, man, breasts and eventually life to cancer and kept saying she's happy throughout her chemo, than it means that happiness truly is just a matter of the right mindset and you, random normie, should be able to decide you are happy too! That's so gross. Sick people that are trying to cling to life are copeing the best way they can and they are as strong as they can be. Terminally ill people do not owe anything to the world. Some people manage to keep their head up, some people fall into depression and waste away. Deathly sickness is a nightmare in each case and I see nothing 'inspirational' in it. I also hate the expectation that a sick person must be inspiring, upbeat or happy or they are a bad sick patient. They deserve help and attention as much as the people who are able to keep an upbeat mask.

I hope that you guys can get what I mean. This is not against any ill people, just the way their narratives are being presented and sold (usually in a good faith, but still…). I hate the gross fascination people have with terminally ill cancer patients that are ~so happy, strong and optymistic~ despite fucking dying.

No. 364981

i agree with you. barbara ehrenreich wrote a great book (bright-sided) and spoke at length about this same thing while she was going through cancer treatment. not only was she worried and scared every day fighting cancer, but felt very pressured to be "the good patient/sufferer" and felt like it was a moral failing of hers for not being hopeful and cheery and 'inspirational'. feels very much like how people are chastised and emotionally beaten down or not believed, for not being the good or "model" victim.

No. 364984

i think that the reddit circlejerk of "reeee astrology is bad and anyone that's into it is retarded" is fucking ridiculous. no one i know is unironically into astrology, its more just something to read for fun.

No. 364991

there are some people that genuinely like, die hard believe astrology, but i think they're mostly in the minority or are like stay at home older wine moms or something. i like to believe some of the things might be true for fun and for like just a little bit of hope when i'm feeling sad. like, "alright, that'd be cool if things really did work out like that." i dont think most people take it super seriously, and if they are, they're likely the type of people that are already religious and stuff, so that kind of thing is falling on deaf ears.

my bf told me to "stop being stupid" just because i was fumbling around with cards for like a little bit of inspiration when i was feeling hopeless, though i already explained to him that it's not like i actually believe it. idk why people cant stop shitting on it when it's obv for fun and just for like, propping up your self esteem and giving you hope that you CAN do this or that and to have faith in yourself, etc. they want to be sour and ruin fun just for the sake of feeling rational or w/e.

No. 365004

Reddit is abunch of insecure "logic over feefees" dudes trying to prove how smart they are, yet they get easily convinced to believe whatever is generally upvoted.

I read the book in high school, I think it was even worse because the protagonist had lung cancer yet there was an in-universe therapy or cure for it. Why make it that way?

No. 365005

Thank you for hearing me out on this and mentioning the book - haven't heard about it and I would love to read it for a more 'real' look on living with cancer.

My rant was triggered by reading bits and pieces of a book combining blog entries and interview of a (sadly deceased) lady who helped create a NGO helping pacients with cancer. The book was published by a random tv journalist and it is so gross. Even though the writer lost her own friends and family to cancer, she was pushing so HARD the 'uwu beautiful manic pixie cancer girls! such inspiration, much happiness, wow'.

Another thing that irks me is that while I think that it's great that the woman who the book is about achieved great things for others suffering with cancer, can't help but feel that it was easier for her since she had some media connections from the start, via her husband (who later on made a movie about their relationship). And again, this is not against her (may her soul rest in peace), but her media persona was this beautiful, highly feminine woman that is writing a great blog, fighting for other cancer patients while being constantly cheerful and hopeful and inspirational.

I am very sad and disturbed reading about her painful experiences with cancer and her too early death, but my feelings are soured by being angry at how media spins those stories, how they obsess over those perfect cancer patients (who are always women, btw).

No. 365232

I have a soft spot for people, especially other women, who are obviously just hateful because they're mentally disturbed child abuse victims, like Azealia Banks and Emily Youcis. Both are creative women who have said some very foul, racist, misogynistic shit and rightfully been "cancelled" for it, but the pure crazy dripping off them and horrible backstories make it hard for me to take any of it at face value. I just can't see them the same way I see trash like abusive xxxtentacion, the Black Israelites, or actual Neo-Nazis/white supremacists like Dylann Roof. They're not comparable to high-functioning people who are actually fully lucid/self-sufficient and simply choose to be hateful. I also feel that people like Azealia and Emily get worse with their mental/verbal diarrhea because once they've slipped up, they have only two options. Either they must accept that they fucked up, let themselves suffer the consequences of giving into their mental illness, and earnestly try to get better, or just keep rolling with it, evade the impending wave of doom/self-loathing by running even farther into the shit and blood encrusted cave that got them into that mess to begin with, and surround themselves with people who will tell them all the things they said/did during their mental break are perfectly okay. The first option might be the best, but it's difficult even for "sane" people to acknowledge egg on their faces and take the L, let alone batshit insane, traumatized, hurting ones with fragile egos and distorted self-images.

Sometimes, it slips into wanting to WK these people, because I think it's obvious they're nowhere near stable enough to ever be taken seriously, but I know better. It's probably actually good for them to get dragged, so if that moment of clarity comes knocking, they'll at least have some way to navigate their way out. By being exposed people's complaints, they'll be able to get a sense for why their words/actions were wrong in the first place, and improve. I guess if Amanda Bynes can do it, so can they.
You can always see their hatefulness slip off in odd moments where they're being surprisingly pleasant or relatable, and it makes you want to root for them (until they disappoint you again, that is). The one time I personally draw the line is when they go on to abuse children and/or torture animals for fun.

No. 365319

i think people well into their 20s are still immature retards and not very different from teens tbh. i see a lot of people say people are "grown ass adults" etc because they're like 22 when, in my experience, they're still not 'adults' at all, in general.

like we know adolescence doesn't even end until 24, but even people older than that aren't as mature as society likes to pretend? 25-30 yos aren't particularly mature, either. definitely not to the degree people like to say they are, and definitely not mature enough on average to be having kids.

obviously people gain experiences and build their careers, but i still think a lot of people aren't as mature as people say they are. having a career and paying your own car insurance doesn't make you mature. almost everyone i know is still the same as they were when we were teens, they just have gone through uni and have careers.

No. 365326

>definitely not mature enough on average to be having kids

Anon, if we wait until people are of peak maturity before they reproduce there’ll be an entire generation of retards, ranging from turbo autist to vegetable

No. 365327

I hate bdsmfags not because what they do shock me but because I find it incredibly pathetic and disgusting that they need to hurt or be hurt by other people to get off, fucking weirdos.
The doms disgust me more than the subs, but both should be ashamed of themselves and keep it 100% private.

No. 365344

And a lot of them are "sugar baby" types too

No. 365346

It's not and black people don't like to be referred to as person of color either. It's only liberal types

No. 365374


Yes! I see it all the time on here. People say things like “She’s 27! Why is she even still doing (insert hobby here)?!” Like people should just suddenly stop doing things they enjoy once they hit a certain age and be boring robots or something. It gets especially bad if said person is 30+. My dad says he still feels like he’s 25 sometimes and then he looks in a mirror. Aging is going to slap a lot of people here in the face.

No. 365376

as a bdsmfag, i agree it needs to be completely private. like what the hell is with people in fetish gear walking around during parades and shit? people dont wanna see your kinks because people get uncomfortable lol it's even more annoying when they brag about how they're better than vanilla people (like june and greg), just shows how insecure they are.

i also keep it to myself bc i think it's definitely mentally ill to be into a lot of that shit. i don't even know why i like it and aren't into normal stuff. i hate how people try to normalize it, it's degenerate as hell and people shouldn't be praised for it. i also hate how people make it part of their identity, that's fucked up, especially when they try to excuse shitty/maladaptive behavior by being like "well it's just a part of my DOMLY personality~!!!" like stfu. only getting off to weird shit is nothing to be proud of and making it your lifestyle is fucking cringe. the amount of people who are happy they abandon their healthy, normal lifestyle to be someones "slave" is fucking messed up and shouldn't be rewarded with positivity.

No. 365386

>the amount of people who are happy they abandon their healthy, normal lifestyle to be someones "slave" is fucking messed up and shouldn't be rewarded with positivity.

euuurgh makes me think of Goreans..

No. 365389

shits wack. you think they'd get bored of being someone's sex object, but these people are so mentally ill sometimes they really just subject themselves to someone's will 24/7. what a boring existence lmao

No. 365392

People pretty much expect you to start preparing for death at 26. Fun and happiness are only for those in their early 20s apparently.

No. 365421

are you serious anon? he's the gayest person i've ever seen

No. 365429

unpopular opinion on here: feminine men are repulsive

No. 365431

can confirm as a "pee o cee"

No. 365434

I agree. They always give me weird "I'm obsessed with sex" vibes especially when they turn out to be bisexual.

No. 365440

i think that 90% of japanese food is extremely bland and overrated, and people only rave about it either because theyre massive weeaboos or because they want to seem ~cultured~. ive had food from scandinavia that was less bland kek.

No. 365446

i mean it's okay if a guy is feminine and that's how his natural personality is but as a straight girl it's a turn off and it's kinda irritating when bottom gay dudes try too hard to act like the bitchy popular girl from american high school movies. there was a guy i found super hot looks-wise but after getting to know him he turned out to be a pansexual rpdr fan who was constantly trying too hard to act cutesy and he started to come off as very fake

No. 365447

hairy, Masculine brutes dont really turn me on eith tbh

No. 365450

I like their seafood dishes but that's about it. At that, most people would say the seafood is either too salty or bland because it's not like they season sashimi or grilled fish.

Most of their other dishes were terrible, they're especially bad at replicating cuisines from western cultures. I was served a "hamburger" that was more like mushy, bland meatloaf. Their curry is sweet and otherwise lacking spice even if I ordered it hot. And the rest of their dishes are noodles, rice, and fried things.

At least the food is arranged nicely I guess.

No. 365452

physically feminine men are not repulsive and are preferable (but not gay looking). i like men that are neither feminine nor masculine, but are especially submissive, gentle, and kind. ones that like to dress up and paint nails or do any of that performative stuff are always gross though, not even for the tranny thing. i think it's just gross to be so weirdly superficial. i also dont like men that are obsessed with dressing well.

No. 365453

Huh…it's like there's more types besides a masculine brute and feminine guy or something. Who'd of thunk it

No. 365456

Feminine gay-type men are creeps, but the guys posted in the cute guy thread are great.

No. 365459

File: 1549056434306.jpg (110.09 KB, 1080x1080, connor-murphy.jpg)

I think that roided extreme low fat high muscle guys in their 20s are hot and I don't really care that they are ruining their body in the long run as it is not my problem.

No. 365460

slightly related: calling every black person african american. a girl in my class called nelson mandela african american the other day

No. 365471

The japanese "hamburger" is a hate crime.

No. 365473

I don't think men are evil bastards but I really don't see the point in white knighting them. We know not all men are evil trash and men know not all women are trash but ya don't see them coming in to say "NOT ALL WOMEN", they just ignore the negative comments, silently acknowledge that person is an idiot and move on. Just let men fight their own battles because they for sure aren't going to fight any of yours.

No. 365475

eh, i think it's an acquired taste, i've been eating it for so long and it reminds me of home, but most of my friends only like a few dishes.

also "hambagu" is only good with the right sauce, it's annoying that people translate it to hamburger though, because it's not, it's supposed to be hamburg as in the hamburg steak https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamburg_steak

No. 365476

I went to mis burger in Tokyo and lawd! IDK what that hot mess was. It was drowning in this liquid that I couldn't even tell if it was cheeseburger mayo. I don't even know what the meat was supposed to be.

No. 365483

God I wish vampires were trendy again. I would choose 100 bad vampire flicks over the 100 bad superhero movies they're making rn

No. 365497

ikr. When theyre all gathered around talking shit about women, majority of them laugh and agree with each other when they have nothing to bitch about. I dont feel a shed of guilt when i see women stooping the same level.

No. 365507

I agree with this.
Men with feminine physical features (long hair, pale skin, clean shaven, nice lips, etc.) are great. But men who try to mimic how women behave (or how they think women behave) are gross.

No. 365519

Uhh pale skin is a feminine feature?

No. 365528

Remember us darker/tan girls aren't feminine according to the world

No. 365624

Are we in Victorian England anon? Kek

No. 365688

My unpopular opinion is that John Mulaney is an extremely overrated comedian.

No. 365694

I wish it was still socially normal to dress formally everyday and I wish revealing clothes were still shamed. I think men should be shamed for not having a tidy suit and women should be shamed for being a fat hog in yoga pants.

Another unpopular opinion…I hate that half naked 20 something's are the new face of feminism. being hot and young is "empowering"…No shit! Of course being young and fucking older men for money gets you privileges but this is how it's always been and what people fought hard not to do.

No. 365709

He's milquetoast, but I prefer him over most other mainstream male comedians.

No. 365720

His act isn't gross or sexist or inappropriate while actually being funny. I like that he doesn't talk about jerking off all of the time or whatever.

No. 365730

He looks like a testicle

No. 365731

Agree, even returning to a point where people wore jeans would be preferable to this women-in-leggings men-in-sweatpants trend that's going on in NA right now.
(ashamed to admit I still wear jeans once a month or so, and sometimes skirts above the knee although I'm in the process of fixing it)

No. 365732

I’m confused, what’s the issues with jeans; they’re comfortable while still being appropriate for public wear, and they’re hugely diverse in washes/cuts and go with just about anything

No. 365735

I don't understand how people think jeans are comfortable.

No. 365741

jeans are not comfortable unless they're like 4% spandex

No. 365762

buy better jeans, anons

No. 365766

Same here. Heavy material, restrictive, usually tight, chunky buttons/zips at the waist, etc.

Honestly loose, long dresses are max comfy and take the least effort of any outfit. I've never understood what other people consider to be comfy clothes.

No. 365782

Jeans are shit
They're uncomfortable and unflattering, anyone who says they're comfortable or flattering is lying and/or probably fat

No. 365799

What the fuck are you going on about

No. 365806

I'd actually prefer talking about Kota'a looks, shoop and old milk over all those fake-serious discussions about visas.
To me it comes across as much more nitpicking to constantly fight over whether it's her friend who's giving her jobs or whether she's married already, etc. - while at the same time throwing in insults.
>she's just a plain and frumpy white girl, there's no way she's still getting jobs, she must be married!
>that can't be true, why would anybody with money want her? There are 1000s of girls who're younger and thinner out there

What are you talking about? lol
Overweight people are the ones who usually (have to) opt for leggings or different lower garments instead of jeans, because they're less restricting. Jeans are for slim and normal people. What do you wear, anon?

No. 365811

I agree. Jeans are fucking ugly and only have a purpose within a work setting.
I remember when people paid hundreds for ripped and distressed ones kek. They flatter nobody.

No. 365814

Idk, I've only ever seen fat girls support jeans, makes sense because with being fat, they wouldn't have much feeling in their legs or stomach, where as normal people would feel more restricted and uncomfortable. And the fact the thick material hides any sort of sagging or cellulite, not to mention unless they're stretchy they'll make even the roundest asses look flat, so it makes sense only fat girls who have unflattering figures would support jeans

No. 365815

>people who experience the world differently from me are LYING

No. 365818

>makes sense because with being fat, they wouldn't have much feeling in their legs or stomach
That's one of the weirdest things I've ever read.
>being skinny means that jeans feel tight and uncomfortable
>being fat means that your body is numb and therefore jeans won't feel tight or uncomfortable
Can't you see that it's likely the exact opposite of what you're spouting here? If you're fat and have to squish yourself into skinny jeans it's going to feel extremely restricting, but if you're skinny and your jeans have a nice fit, then they naturally won't feel too tight or uncomfortable.

Is there an invasion of jeans-loathing, sportswear-loving Muricans?
If I was to step outside right now, 80 or even 90% of the people I'd meet would wear jeans - the rest are old ladies in skirts, old men in slacks and business people in suits.

No. 365819

Obviously when you twist what I said it won't make sense
In America jeans for fat people exist, maybe not in Europe or anywhere else but I am talking about Americans
Because you can only do so much in jeans, they're quite restricting for an active thin person, but sadly they don't flatter thin people due to the fact they flatten butts and hide curves

No. 365820

Seriously? Jeans only look and feel good on thin people. I haven’t worn jeans since I got chubby since it cuts into my fat and makes me extremely aware of how big I am. Thin people look fantastic in jeans, especially flare jeans.

No. 365821

Have you just never worn the correct cut of jeans for your body type? Few pants can highlight a woman’s cute ass like high waisted skinny jeans can. Also, not all jeans are 100% cotton so they can hug curves quite well.

Despising jeans is just as weird as saying potatoes are disgusting, they’re both highly versatile staples

No. 365822

I feel the opposite, I'm not a fatty but def pear shaped and the worst thing is having jeans cutting into my hips. And I feel like they are most flattering on skinny legs, the rest of us are best off in A line skirts and such.

No. 365823

I rather suspect that she's one of those "I'm so skinny, I only wear elegant j-fashion skirts"-type…

Deal with it anon, normal people, women and men, young and old, wear jeans all the time and don't find them too restricing for everyday activities.
Yes, they might not be as comfortable as sweatpants, but it's not like you could wear those outside.
Plus, they usually add a few pounds, so if they hide your curves, you probably didn't have many to begin with…

No. 365826

File: 1549100960058.gif (3.99 MB, 445x250, SimplisticBlindAndalusianhorse…)

I don't think that's an unpopular opinion.

No. 365830

>with being fat, they wouldn't have much feeling in their legs or stomach

…I agree that jeans are ugly, but man, you have some weird tinfoil on how bodies work lmao. It's comical.

For you
>An extra layer of fat won’t provide a cushion against pain – in fact, obese people are more sensitive to pressure pain than those who are not overweight, and they are equally susceptible to extremes of hot and cold

No. 365831

>Few pants
Yeah, few pants, the rest make all asses look flat, even then the ones that flatter have to be made out of certain material and be a certain cut therefore it's fair to say jeans are for the most part, unflattering

People who move around a lot find them restricting, the material is heavy and they're hard to put on, jeans just suck lol deal with it

No. 365833

>they're hard to put on
>jeans just suck lol deal with it
Are you 10?

No. 365834

>Yeah, few pants, the rest make all asses look flat, even then the ones that flatter have to be made out of certain material and be a certain cut therefore it's fair to say jeans are for the most part, unflattering

I was saying that few pants are AS flattering, and was referring to all types of pants/trousers

And you could easily spin what you said to say that no pants flatter women’s asses, what’s with all these anons that think only skirts can highlight a woman’s figure. You guys must be severely lacking in the figure department if apparently most pants you chuck on ‘flatten’ your ass to the point that it’s no longer cute

No. 365836

Ok, unless your ass is flat they're a pain to put on unless they're stretchy, as I said, not sure why you're playing dumb and acting like you're totally clueless as to why jeans are difficult to put on

Nope, great job taking everything out of context yet again, bringing up all pants into a conversation about jeans without making yourself clear and wondering why people would get confused. I'm not going to repeat myself a million times, if you truly believe I think all pants make women's asses look bad you need to go back,reread what I said (which you clearly did not because if you did you sure as hell wouldn't be saying that) then reply

No. 365839

>bringing up all pants into a conversation about jeans without making yourself clear

Thought it was pretty clear when I specifically said pants, not jeans

No. 365847

theyre fucking hideous and uncomfortable, even on skinny people. i will never get why blue jeans are popular, theyre the ugliest ones of them all. theyre only became popular around the world because they were/are associated with america, and a lot of people will do anything to lick americas ass.

No. 365849

theyre fucking hideous and uncomfortable, even on skinny people. i will never get why blue jeans are popular, theyre the ugliest ones of them all. theyre only became popular around the world because they were/are associated with america, and a lot of people will do anything to lick americas ass.

No. 365852

You did say pants but the conversation was about jeans, it's like if everyone is talking about apples and you mention fruit, no shit people are going to think apples

No. 365899


even if i'm just getting groceries i do my hair, do some makeup (it really doesn't take that long to do basic makeup), and dress nice. i hate how most people walk around in basically their pajamas everyday at uni, wear crocs and sandals with socks, and just tie their hair up in a messy bun. i understand having SOME days where you're too tired to try, but it's not cute to not try every single day. sometimes i think leggings look nice if they're plain and look neat with a nice sweater, but i don't get why people are comfortable with their ass hanging out. i hate how trendy it is here to wear athletic wear 24/7, especially when i can tell the person doesn't ever work out lol. especially since people wear stuff that clashes a lot too. it's just not cute.

No. 365908

And to add most people aren’t necessarily financially stable UNTIL they’re +27
At that age is usually when people have money to plug into they’re hobbies and what not.

No. 365914

Yeah 100%. And I hate that girls who like to dress up a little more are slammed for being vapid or "trying too hard". Like, it takes the same amount of effort to put on a nice pair of pants vs stained sweatpants. I get that some people don't care as much and just want to be comfortable, but there's a fine line between comfort and straight up being a slob. You can still be comfy and look cute.

No. 365919

Totally understand this, girls. I wear dresses and skirts to school and one day an acquaintance shouted "Geez, looks like you're going to a wedding!"
All I was wearing was a floral blouse and a skirt with some natural makeup and sandals. It takes the same amount of time to put a skirt and blouse on as a tshirt and sweatpants. I guess dressing appropriately is too formal in America now.

No. 365921

I think putting on a dress actually takes less effort. I'm lazy as hell, so what I usually do is take my showers at night and sleep in the clothes I'm gonna wear the next day lol
Wearing a dress is just easier because it's just one piece and you don't need to worry about a top and separate pants.

No. 365928

That is true. Can't go wrong with a dress, looks better AND takes less effort. Cools you off better in the summer too

No. 365929

The issue I have with bdsmfags is that they never shut the fuck up about it. They always sound like insecure, attention starved people when they do that. I have my kinks but it's not like I go out on my porch with a megaphone to inform the whole world about them. What I do in bed is something I share with my partner. Why telling it to complete strangers? What do they expect doing that? Praise? Awe?
I know a girl who always butts in conversations whenever she reads/hears "bdsm" or "kink", she acts as if she's the Enlightened Human Being who knows all of bdsm, "more than everyone else", and we're all "boring vanillas". I spotted her the other day fighting with a guy on facebook comments because she thinks there's nothing wrong with the relationship in this video, even though what these two dumbasses do is clearly creepy and dangerous. If you dare to criticize, you must be a vanilla bitch who only has missionary sex once a week with lights off! /s

Also, bdsmfags have no place in the LGBT community. Tired of seeing straight couples with bdsm attire at pride parades. A fucking kink is not comparable to a sexual orientation and the freedom to love. Your freedom to be held on a leash in public is not comparable with my freedom to hold my gf's hand in public.

No. 365933

i went to a school where we had to wear a uniform and i looked good in it so i usually wear shirts or sweaters with skirts or a dress, i make it look pretty casual when i want to. i get complimented at uni, but on days where we didn't have to wear our uniform in high school girls were so bitchy to me about it. they'd say shit like "it's dress DOWN day, not dress UP day!" like stfu bitch. unless your outfit is just tacky, they're saying it out of jealousy.

sometimes when i go out, i get weird stares, like they've never seen a person in their life dress nicely, usually from people who are in their pajamas. it really doesn't take that much effort at all to try to look nice. i don't spend hours every morning, maybe an hour at most for my outfit, makeup, and hair. it's possible to look really casual/comfortable and look cute too, but i look really bad in pants or anything athletic. i hate how uncommon it is here to wear a skirt or casual dress to class or the store.

No. 365936

He looks like a literal skinhead fascist.

No. 365939

this shit is cringey and doesn't look natural at all lmfao. you know they're the annoying couple in their neighborhood. people shouldn't be allowed to walk someone on a leash in public, jfc keep it indoors people

No. 365944

>People who move around a lot find them restricting

This is true for women’s jeans yesterday, but so what, no one should be wearing jeans to the gym anyway. But men’s jeans are roomy and made for moving around in, jeans got their start among blue collar workers.

No. 365956

If he's from Rome and looks like a fascist, he most likely is a fascist kek

No. 365979

I’m actually surprised people are actually agreeing with this.

I mean, wearing sweatpants or PJ pants in public is fucking tacky. But when I’m gonna run a few errands, why the hell would I put effort to look my best? Sure, I’m not gonna look like I just rolled out of bed but I don’t see what’s wrong with putting on a T-shirt and jeans as long as you brush your hair and look decent. I like dressing nice to but I don’t have the energy or time to look “cute” all the time. Sometimes, I don’t think looking decent is enough.

No. 365980

I find it disturbing how some guy can openly admit that kicking and beating the shit out of his girlfriend gives him a boner, and people don't think there's anything wrong with it, instead they applaud their ~unique love~ because it's ~consensual uwu~. Like their reaction to it isn't "wow that's kinda sick and maybe you should get some help", but instead "well you just need to find someone who likes to be physically and verbally abused!". It feels like the BDSM scene is a Disneyland for abusers, you can find someone who's emotionally vulnerable enough and freely groom them into thinking that kicking them around and wiping your snot on their hair just means that you love them, and everyone around you praises your totally romantic and kinky dynamic!

No. 365986

NTA but even just 50 years ago, everyone was expected to do that. I'm personally someone who gets dressed and ready as soon as I get up, unless I'm doing strenuous cleaning that day.

No. 365993

File: 1549131455965.jpg (111.33 KB, 768x895, wrangler-jeans-ad-vintage-586c…)

>50 years
Are you implying no one wore jeans in the late 60's?
t. wear dresses or skirts + blouses daily btw

No. 366016

I didn't say that, I meant that people dressed up. In the 60s you'd never see women going around without makeup and hair done and in a fashionable outfit. Jeans or not, it wasn't a big hoodie and leggings.

No. 366028

Most images we see from that time are from fashion mags. Do you actually believe ugly, unfashionable people never existed until now?

No. 366031

I can agree that it's gross for people to leave home in crusty pajamas and that they should at least make themselves presentable even when just going to classes/the store but I think that it's a bit absurd that anons ITT want to include wearing makeup as the bare minimum. Of course you should wash your face before going out, especially after just waking up but having to make yourself up in an unnatural way just not to be seen as trashy is absurd.

No. 366034

you're fucking stupid. the 60's was the birthplace of the counterculture.

No. 366043

Imagine thinking your normal face is unacceptable to show to people when you are going to buy fucking groceries among old ladies and drunks and not to a fashion show or whatever kek

No. 366065

Not to mention the standards for women to look good and presentable are impossibly high. Being able to leave the house without makeup and perfect hair to run some errands and not care is more empowering for me than dressing up constantly, and i do both before someone accused me of being a legging wearing slob.

No. 366068

What are you talking about? They would constantly, they just were usually lower middle class or poor women who worked in nursing or maid work or nanny work. Many public photos of women not dressed up don’t exist because photography wasn’t incredibly common, people weren’t going to waste film on days they aren’t their best. Plus Media of the 60s is warping your perception, the average American woman in the 60s did not look like the latest model or fashion magazine. What trends women were following is heavily reliant on where they lived, smaller cities and suburbs were slower on trends.

No. 366086

Even though many if these people arent good looking they're still dressed better than the average slob todat and it's not cherry picked because these are random street interviews and even the people in the background are dressed up

No. 366089

And I know you're talking about the 60s but this is just an example of how people did dress better in the past. They don't all look like super models but they don't look like dumpy trash either

No. 366092

>Rich people dress better
I mean, that's still pretty much the case, outside of retarded celeb trends.

No. 366093

life is so hard and you guys want to make it harder by wanting the standard to just literally go outside and run errands impossibly high and uncomfortable? do you guys have like actual problems?

No. 366096

It takes the same amount of effort to put on a dress as it does to put on yoga pants and a hoodie.

No. 366100

have you considered at all that some people don't feel comfortable in dresses?

No. 366101

nta but people were talking about putting makeup on too to look presentable which is ridiculous.

No. 366102

It takes a bit more effort to make your dressy outfit look nice than throwing on whatever yoga pants and t shirt. You make it sound like throwing on whatever blouse and skirt won't look just as low effort .

No. 366103

File: 1549145532932.jpg (55.05 KB, 800x1200, knit-dress-3.jpg)

A soft dress that's easy to throw on with with a pair of warm tights is more comfortable than jeans. It would take one second to put on an outfit like pic related so the "it's too much work" isn't a good excuse

No. 366105

except some women like to be more active. you have to completely change your behaviour to wear stuff like this.

No. 366108

File: 1549145805903.jpeg (59.52 KB, 320x400, club-monaco-color-purple-raemi…)

Nah it doesn't.
>Basic dress with soft fabric
>Tights that match the color of the dress
>A pair of black boots

Done. You don't even need accessories.

No. 366111

It wouldn't look as nice without at least a little styling. I see girls in dresses with unstyled hair and no makeup and I just think she put it on bc it was easy, not to look presentable.

No. 366112

once again, some people are not comfortable in dresses. i do not like the feeling of wearing dresses and feel seriously uncomfortable in them. yes, that's slightly less restrictive than say, stretchy jeans, but there's like no fabric there? it's basically a nightgown? and some people have sensory issues that make wearing dresses uncomfortable?

No. 366115

I just want to not stand out, hardly anyone wears dresses where I live so I don't own many. There is nothing wrong with no makeup, unstyled hair, and jeans. I don't think it looks terrible, just casual.

No. 366116

In the end, all your problems around this topic will go away if you just stop paying attention to random strangers. It's a stressful time, and depression is rampant. Even if those things weren't true, though, no one owes anyone beauty.
I prefer to look nice whenever I'm out, too, but I can understand why some people wouldn't care. As long as they're not fussing at me for being "too dressed up", I can offer them the same basic politeness by not getting fixated on their clothes.
I wonder if this is a scrote mad that women aren't always dolling themselves up, even on grocery store runs.

No. 366118

File: 1549146293058.jpg (86.19 KB, 649x974, f9b810b8825b6157752a63713b2e7a…)

Take an hour out if your day to put on makeup and do your hair
Something like pic related. All these items are easy to throw on and they're not constricting and they're loose.

No. 366119

Sounds more like insecure younger women who place a lot of self worth in looking attractive every second of every day.

No. 366120

People can look like shit everyday if they want but the excuse that it's "too hard" is stupid because they're are many comfortable and cute clothes

No. 366122

>I wonder if this is a scrote
that's what i was thinking. or a delusional tradfu who calls herself a feminist.

No. 366123

>Take an hour out if your day to put on makeup and do your hair
wow, do people actually do this?

No. 366125

>Take an hour out if your day to put on makeup and do your hair
"Makeup is mandatory" is a really gross sentiment

No. 366127

File: 1549146689971.jpg (65.13 KB, 481x750, e06363fbb375f0ffa6d465ab980964…)

Men look like shit now too and I'd prefer if we went back to the days when they were socially forced to wear suits

No. 366128

my thoughts exactly.
I hate makeup and I hate traditionally feminine clothes but I won't rub it in other people's noses.

Imagine if I started telling someone to do X to appeal to me more aesthetically.

kind of related, but I had a guy recently, that keeps asking me on dates, telling me how I should definitely wear high heels and wear purses instead of messenger bags. Apparently, high heels are even healthy, lol. Told him to wear them himself since he's so keen on it.

No. 366131

File: 1549146947254.jpg (89.31 KB, 736x1102, 84794d80-d4ae-0133-f118-0a6c20…)

You can dress nice without dressing feminine. These are weak excuses to be lazy.

No. 366132

File: 1549147061040.jpg (29.36 KB, 640x640, DUQYPGlWkAI3WGH.jpg)

stop arguing with the newfag retard that doesn't know how to sage pls

No. 366133

Maybe some of us wanna be lazy lol

No. 366134

I literally thought this was career casual Link cosplay. This is hideous and I'd rather wear a hoodie and stretchy pants. This is way more fug than pajama pants and a t shirt.

No. 366136

It's fine if you want to be lazy but dressing like a slob because "it's hard to look decent" "I'm a feminist who wants who doesn't want to conform to gender norms" " nice clothes aren't comfortable are all weak excuses. The truth is you dress like shit because you feel uncomfortable standing out and you don't care about looking like garbage.

No. 366137

even at my worst and laziest, I still look better than this vomit thing you call style.
Get a better taste then talk shit.

No. 366139

Then you can wear something comfy and cute that you consider nice. There's no excuse to go outside looking like you just rolled put of bed.

No. 366141

You are not wrong.

Enjoy your nice clothes, hair and makeup. I often admire women who feel confident and comfortable to wear what they enjoy. I see nothing wrong with either way of dressing, unless it is serious slob or like long gown formal in public.

No. 366142

nta but u all should quit defending putting no effort into your appearance and admit you're lazy and gross

No. 366143

still not sageing like a fucking fag

No. 366144

File: 1549147976814.jpg (96.35 KB, 414x621, Tiny.jpg)

Thin legs will always look best no matter how hard the thick trend is pushed

No. 366145

Just because you feel confident doesn't change the fact that you look like crap but I'm happy that you love yourself.

No. 366146

but not everyone thinks hoodies and stretch pants are 'garbage' or look like garbage? it's really a matter of personal opinion.

No. 366147

This is a model styled by a makeup and hair team, wearing a pre chosen outfit with accessories. This isn’t some effortless outfit, this was a planned photoshoot.

No. 366149

I don't think ugly people (especially women) are worthless. I don't think they should be hated for it or pressured into ps.

No. 366152

I meant I admire women who feel confident dressing up/putting in more effort. Because they are not afraid to “stand out” compared to us lazy anons

No. 366157

Not caring about being ugly as a woman is incredibly feminist. I’m sorry you bought into beauty focused choice feminism, but the fashion industry isn’t your friend, neither is the beauty industry. If you want to have your own personal attire standards, that’s fine, but don’t put them on other women. You’re insecure because you think other women judge you for being dressed up, but no one cares.

No. 366158

Nta but hoodies and yoga pants look like shit. Those are the two worst clothing items one could wear and make you look like a slob. At least jeans and a tshirt is nicer.

No. 366165

You don't need to be pretty or attractive to not dress like shit. There are plenty of ugly/plain women and men who dress nicely. You can dress nice regardless of age, weight and gender. Stop using feminism as an excuse to be a lazy slob.

No. 366166

File: 1549149932998.jpg (35.98 KB, 612x612, 14736ef7156a9213f4e7fd8e5fa37d…)

this looks fine? i don't know anyone that would see this outfit and think this looks slob like? it's just a normal casual outfit in basic colors. most people would just assume this person is busy and threw on casual clothes.

No. 366177

>Take an hour out if your day to put on makeup and do your hair
Wtf is this nonsense? First off, it doesn't take a whole fucking hour to do your hair and makeup unless you're doing full on instathot looks and an elaborate style, like curling it or something. Makeup takes a few minutes if it's simple and appropriate for everyday wear, and as long as you washed your hair recently and styled it afterwards (eg blowdried it nicely, straightened it if necessary) it'll sit pretty as long as it's brushed. It takes 30 seconds to put in a bow or hairband or put it in a ponytail or bun or whatever, and even that is going above and beyond what is required to make hair look nice - loose hair is always pretty and doesn't look lazy.

I also don't see why makeup is even remotely necessary for looking put together and attractive. If you need it that badly, maybe you should put more effort into your skincare regime. As long as someone's skin is clear and healthy, it will look fine without makeup and nothing more is required for daily life.

I agree about clothes though… 'dressy' outfits often take less or equivalent effort than putting on a tshirt and jeans. My go to lazy errand running clothes are a summer dress and flats, only 1 item to put on vs 2, and I don't have to struggle to pull that shit over my fat thighs unlike jeans. It just takes more mental effort to come up with a nice outfit and a cohesive style for yourself, and to feel comfortable wearing it.

No. 366182

I cant believe theres a filtered photo of this boring shit. Well thats pinterest for ya

No. 366185

it's probably because her legs are thin. i think it's filtered and stuff because it serves as thinspo more than anything

No. 366186

The fashion industry isn’t your friend, not caring about your appearance is freeing, as long as someone is basically hygienic (showered, teeth and hair brushed) then it doesn’t not and shouldn’t matter what they wear on the street.

No. 366187

anon are you medically retarded ? some women dont want to wear dresses not because of physical discompfort but because dresses are extremly gendered, because men on the street will catcall you much more and generally because it doesnt fit their style. Do you expect a butch lesbian to wear a dress? Do you expect the mother of a new born thats completely sleep deprived to wear a dress?

Are you fucking retarded ? Anons in this thread what the actual fuck? Feeling annoyed that literal strangers around you arent wearing make up and arent dolled up for groceries. Bnunch of tradthots.

>you don't care about looking like garbage
I mean…sometimes yes? And that's a good thing. It's literally unhealthy to feel bad if you look like garbage just going to get groceries. You need to learn about self-objectification and do some healing.

No. 366195

>Implying you need to wear dresses and gendered clothing to dress nice

This argument is dumb because yoga pants are also "gendered". You can wear androgynous/gender neutral clothing and still look put together. No one is a strong feminist women by going out in tight yoga pants and tight t shirts lol they're still wearing gendered clothing.

No. 366196

nta (or any of the anti-jeans anons) but if you seriously think that cat-callers only harass women who are dressed up you've got a problem. this is along the same line as "ugly women don't get raped" i've gotten hit on in an oversized tshirt and baggy sweatpants while running to the store while sick before. men who do shit like that literally would hit on you if you look like you just came off an oil rig.

No. 366197

this, looking put together doesn't mean you have to start checking off gender roles. i totally get what other anons are saying, even though i don't really care personally. and honestly everyone getting up in arms about anons wishing people looked nicer are probably just upset that they're being judged.

No. 366198

Nta, but they do it a lot more often when I'm dressed up. It's the difference between a couple creepy stares and a catcall, versus some guy stopping me in the street to grab my hand and ask me to lunch.

No. 366200

>feel uncomfortable standing out
this is bad because? I don't want people staring at me.

No. 366201

word! never thought I'd encounter a loon, on here of all places too, who thinks spending an hour a day on makeup is good and required lmao

No. 366202

that's fair but the other anon sounds extremely triggered, she's equating literal dresses with cat calling, not simply getting dressed up.

do people really take that long to do their makeup?

No. 366203

idk, that's the amount of time the loon mentioned, tbf when I do do makeup it never takes me that long but who knows, maybe the anon does a full cake face on the daily for a run down to Tescos kek

No. 366206

>but if you seriously think that cat-callers only harass women who are dressed up you've got a problem.
You have trouble with reading comprehension or something? Because that anon that women who wear dresses get catcalled more not that women who dress down never get catcalled. I can confirm that when I used to go out wearing skirts I was harrassed much more often than wearing sweatpants.

No. 366207

i mean, when i do full face makeup with fake lashes and it takes 15 minutes or so, it just sounds bizarre to spend 30+ on any.

also my main issue with the sentiment is that who the fuck cares what other people look like? if i want to dress to the nines to go to the store i will, if my fiance throws on sweatpants with me i don't really care. i feel like anons who want people to dress up are probably just insecure about going it alone, get some more confidence instead of pushing it onto others.

No. 366210

Tbf that anon said an hour for hair and makeup. I guess I'm a garbage person though, I only take that long to get ready if I wanna straighten my hair, I can't imagine doing that daily. Do you think anon is the type to do her hair and makeup just to sit on lolcow and call sweatpants ugly?

No. 366216

I never owned a pair of yoga pants or leggings in my whole life. But you (or some other anon you kept agreeing with) also added make up/hair do etc as a part of dressing nice. I get it in a work environment or when going out with friends or whatever but WhHY do you care that people at the supermarket arent dressed as good as you'd want them?
Also, I've seen you say multiple times "it goes for both genders!" but you still only keep insisting on the women who dont fit your criteria.

I agree with you, I still get catcalled even dressed "as a slob" and I think no one should get cat called but I still noticed an increase in male attention on the days I wear dresses.

No. 366233

both men and women should put effort into their appearances. walking around looking like a lazy smelly slob isn't okay, for anyone ever.

No. 366261

Unrelated to what’s been said ITT, if I don’t wear makeup it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about my appearance or that I’m lazy - sorry that you feel so insecure about your own looks that you can’t bring yourself to go outside without caking yourself in makeup, don’t push those same insecurities onto me. And then these same women will gush over how nice my skin is and ask what foundation I use, seconds after berating me for not wearing makeup.

No. 366264

i used to think this and now i’m in a physical labour field and it’s just not very realistic. i look nice outside of work hours but it’s hard to look nice when i’m covered in building materials. i’ve noticed that people are less friendly to me when i’m coming back from a particularly messy job vs when i’m running errands on my own time and dressed nicely. saging bc who gives a shit

No. 366268

I mean being clean and taking care of hygiene is one thing, but no one is obligated to dress and look in ways that appeal to you. It takes some serious entitlement to expect everyone you meet to be visually appealing to you.

No. 366296

Agreed. Taking a shower, washing your face or brushing your teeth and hair is good and standard, but anything past that is too much work unless i am going out with friends or spouse. i work in merchandise processing and in a factory setting, so dressing up for work is pointless since i'm always covered in dust and muck.

No. 366298

Agreed, and with that note, being in shape will always look better and be more desirable than an out of shape fattie

No. 366299

Men who are obsessed with women wearing heels should wear them for a week and see how 'comfy' they are. they can fuck off

No. 366300

I just hit my 30s and i finally feel mature on many things, like finance and job career. A lot of people are still figuring shit out in their 20s. You dont magically become a mature adult as soon as you hit 21.

No. 366302

File: 1549168355398.png (785.69 KB, 700x700, _inline_pl1uspc2tT1qc7uzy_1280…)

She looked a mess in the first promo (that blue lipstick will never be acceptable), but I think the live-action Starfire actually turned out pretty well.
I regret reee-ing about the casting months ago, and all the racists who came out of the woodwork to attack the actress's appearance and bitch about being "the wrong race"/"muh forced diversity" even though Starfire is a literal alien makes me cringe.

No. 366305

rattle rattle

No. 366309

Live music is boring for me. And coke the drug is overrated.

No. 366310

nah, i'm a chubby anon trying to get back in shape

No. 366311

I dont mind starfire's actress being black but that hair is BAD and so is the styling/makeup

No. 366318

self hate self hate

No. 366328

File: 1549170218509.jpg (82.13 KB, 435x422, 1547686221471.jpg)

No. 366330

I have acne and never wear makeup, I don't want to spend a lot of money on makeup to cover it up. Even if you don't have nice skin or find your natural face ugly you shouldn't feel like you have to wear makeup.

No. 366352

I think anons are too harsh on Stell Bell.

For her mom to be alright with her dating a middle aged man clearly shows her home life isn't good at all. She also just keeps getting groomed time after time.

No. 366355

Honestly who cares how people dress/look, especially strangers who you’ll never see again or interact with. Granted I’m in college and most people here are more worried about their grades and studying than how they look. As long as you maintain basic hygiene and your clothes don’t have stains/holes, most people don’t give a shit.

Also agree.
I always feel bad for girls who feel the need to wear a shitton of makeup to cover up their obvious acne, even if it makes it look worse. At the same time if it makes them feel better about themselves, more power to them.

No. 366406

This, but also I just feel bad for Stell Bell. She’s young, not young enough to not know right from wrong, but she just seems naive and impressionable. It’s depressing she’s destroyed her reputation so badly at such a young age. Maybe I feel this way because I’m only a few years older than her. It’s more pity than sympathy, I think.

No. 366433

i used to read relationship subreddits because theyre entertaining and people overreact so much, but its genuinely starting to piss me off how whenever a guys girlfriend acts even a little sketchy shes suddenly a cheating whore whose already fucked 9128347 guys and he should dump her in the most humiliating way possible, but when a woman has a good reason to believe her boyfriend/husband is cheating then shes obviously overreacting and she shouldnt bring it up in case she uwu emasculates him.

No. 366441

Reddit is sexist as fuck, there was a girl who was born without a vagina and uterus and she asked how she should tell that to a guy who asked her out, they told her she shouldn't worry because most men enjoy oral and anal more anyway. It still makes my blood boil no one cared about her pleasure as long as she had a fuckhole for the dude.

No. 366442

she stans neo-nazis, I don't think anyone is too harsh on her.

No. 366443

>they told her she shouldn't worry because most men enjoy oral and anal more anyway.
And it's actually not even true for the vast majority of men. Shows how unexperienced and sheltered these reddit boys are.

No. 366447

It's because of porn and insecurity, gotta laugh at incel logic that an organ we use every single day is tighter than the vagina.

No. 366457

>men enjoy oral and anal more

No. 366458

My opinion: Titans' season finale was better than any DC movie in the last decade.

No. 366459

yeah if a man has a strong preference for oral and anal over vaginal that's pretty gay.

No. 366463

For a moment I thought oral included cunnilingus, but then I realized I'm just too optimistic.

No. 366515

i think that MPD/DID, gender dysphoria, and ADD/ADHD aren't real tbh and i'm majoring in psychology and health science, the more i learn the more i believe those disorders are just made up munchie excuses.

No. 366519

thank you. they're obviously fake, especially DID and "gender dysphoria". it makes me cringe when people act like they're real things. GD is obviously just a retarded obsession that's either porn induced or trauma induced or just a dumb obsession with tumblr bullshit in the case of females, but it's nothing but than a fixation. like every origin case of DID turned out to be iatrogenic anyways, you know, before the whole big craze of it being popularized. the DID fiasco is a perfect example of how these fake 'disorders' are contagious and are totally psychogenic, but you can't even compare it to DID to most people because most people actually believe DID is a thing. even psychologists want to believe it's a thing. embarrassing.

No. 366524

You do realize though that there are some biological differences in individuals with ADHD? Like responsiveness to neurotransmitters and some differences in brain structure.

I don't think we should put those people on pills 24/7 but it exists.

No. 366528

i like how gender dysphoria, an uncontrollable condition that they claim to be coming from birth doesn't exist in anywhere other than first world countries. gays and bisexuals are everywhere but you don't see a crazy genderfluid nonbinary genderperson in underdeveloped countries

i don't know if there is a scientific explanation but i think that adhd is real though. one of my cousins is a hyperactive primary school kid who was actually having problems with focusing and it was effecting his academic success so his parents took him to a psychiatrist and he got diagnosed with adhd, his academic success started to get better after getting treated

No. 366530

atayrt, at the very least it's overdiagnosed. i know WAY too many people, online and irl, who claim "muh adhd/add" and it's always a convenient excuse for not doing something/being lazy/forgetful/etc., or a way for them to try to come off as special. not trying to be offensive, but most of these people don't even take meds. and i find it fucked up how doctors put kids on things like adderall and ritalin. so how is add/adhd supposed to be treated, if most people don't respond to the drugs well or don't even take them in the first place?

No. 366532

what was the treatment? again not trying to offend, i just am leery of the diagnosis. maybe he doesn't have a mental illness and he is just being given extra help? a lot of kids could use extra help in school without it necessarily being contributed to a mental illness, people just learn differently. some benefit more from one-on-one help from an adult. i was really anxious in school and didn't like asking questions in front of other students, so that definitely contributed to any struggles i had.

No. 366535

Going by memory but I believe it's 4 times more likely to be diagnosed by the american system of diagnosis compared to the european one. It's usually much worse in people who live alone and becomes life crippling when combined with depression, but if you have a family, a shitton of notes and reminders, a strict schedule, exercise etc you can manage it.

No. 366539

>i find it fucked up how doctors put kids on things like adderall and ritalin

This makes my blood boil. I mean unless my kid literally could not function at all, I'd never do this to a child's brain so early in life.
So many kids born in the early 2000s, when stuffing pills down their throats was peak vogue, are today's really fucked up adolescents.

No. 366545

after getting diagnosed they taught his parents about how to help him and they started to study with him the way the psychiatrist told them to and they gave him medicine but it started to make him aggressive and moody so they cut out the medicine for a while. he was still having trouble with focusing, especially while reading and listening to the teachers in school so they gave him a different medicine and this second medicine was more helpful. they are still visiting the psychiatrist once in every semestry. like you said one-on-one help seems to help a lot

No. 366546

i remember my friends in middle school having younger siblings who were diagnosed and talking about how sad they were on the meds. it's so shitty that people thought that was acceptable.

No. 366584

At her age you have to start to wonder why she would stan nazis though. And aside from her shitty politics, she is very clearly a victim. If her gay terrorist ex is to be believed, she claims that the only man she's ever loved is her dad despite having been abused by him at a young age. She allegedly lost her virginity at 13 to a 17 year old, and now she is dating a middle aged man and her mom doesn't seem to care at all.

No. 366605

Eugenia Cooney actually has a really pretty face, hair and skin for a bag of bones. Everytime she does a video without makeup her skin is a clear and blemish free

No. 366606

File: 1549225736419.jpg (113.69 KB, 600x750, w87ip4nhugq01.jpg)

Agree, I think her facial structure is very similar to thot amouranth.

To add an unpopular opinion, people mostly care about Eugenia Cooney because she is so pretty

No. 366607

Yeah she's pretty much the same weight as Ashley now but Ashley is ugly

No. 366609

I thought it was because she capitalized on the 2007 emo scene queen look.
If she wasn't trending herself with that hairstyle and eyeliner she wouldn't have ever caught any attention. There's tons of no-name YTers with anorexia who are also not hideous and have clear skin. They just don't have a marketable feature that makes them stand out.

No. 366660

yea if it werent for the raccoon eyes, huge wig, and 2edgy4me emo clothes she would be just another ~skinny legend~ i have no idea why people like her or think she is pretty. who knows if she would actually be pretty, no one has seen a healthy looking eugenia. bonespergs pedos and people with florence nightingale syndrome like her. gross

No. 366683

White piercing jewelery is ugly because it looks like giant whiteheads

No. 367133

im getting really tired of the "reee false accusers deserve the same time in prison as rapists"

no the fuck they dont you absolute retards, and how do you know who the false accusers are? are we going to start locking rape victims up because their stories were "believable" enough? fuck off.

No. 367178

People are just more empathetic towards males, being a male is life on easy mode. Most rapists get little to no time in prison to begin with and most people never believe women no matter how much evidence is presented

No. 367184

I hate this Marie Kondo woman who suddenly keeps popping up everywhere on youtube.

It feels as if everybody on this planet has yellow fever.
She gives tips on organizing, some of them are the most basic and common sense ever (like storing a smaller bag inside a bigger bag), yet when somebody dares to point out that even children would know and do that intuitively, people get up in arms and the person who dares to voice critisism is called an uneducated westerner who just doesn't understand superior nippon culture.
Like how dare you and ask, why a person who is living and working in a certain country, doesn't bother with learning that country's language /s
Every host she's with is getting bashed to hell and back for being rude and stupid, big and ugly, while Marie is supposedly so sweet and beauitful and cute and amazing…

Sorry, but if you're east asian you no longer can complain about being "oppressed". I don't think there's a single country that isn't absolutely in love with them, constantly kissing their asses, even bordering on a serious inferiority complex.(Race baiting)

No. 367197

Back to PULL with you now

No. 367210

I just realized that her waist is the size of her neck. Freaks me out even more than the clashing colours.

I think Anna and Ariel had the same setup and I hate them both. They act bratty and selfish, their actions have horrible consequences for them and the people around them, but someone else saves their ass and they don't really have to do anything on their own. Ariel almost got her dad and entire kingdom turned to slaves because of her selfishness, Anna did basically the same except it was her sister's life on the line.

Belle was the best Disney princess because she was independent while still being allowed to have emotions, had a bit of sass and had the most interesting relationship out of all the other Disney girls (inb4 ~le stockholm syndrome!!!~ meme). I hate how Emma Watson took a big, stinky shit on the original with her ~progressive~ interpretation which just made the character feel like a stuck up Mary Sue.

>Told him to wear them himself since he's so keen on it.
I fucking love you anon

No. 367215

I used to wear skirts all the time but stopped because the catcalling and inappropriate staring/comments paired with lowkey fear of men made me so uncomfortable that I couldn't deal with it. I mostly dress in unisex clothing now and don't have to endure disgusting male behavior anymore. But I can definitely imagine a tradthot getting her insecure bloomers in a bunch because they secretly feel like they're being shamed for dolling up simply by my crusty hoodie ass being there in their presence. I'd like to imagine it's a scrote trolling but I've honest to god met women who spout this exact "god I hate how OTHER GIRLS go out looking like garbage!!!!" narrative out the wazoo.

ADD definitely does get overdiagnosed by munchie parents and used as an excuse but genuine ADD patients have been proven to have structural differences in their frontal lobe which is responsible for the behavioral problems associated with ADD. It's neurology 101 anon, you can google this shit in like 3 seconds.

No. 367222

why are you so angry over anon saying that a dress with tights/leggings is more comfortable than jeans? its true. anyone can wear whatever they want, but it wont change the fact that jeans are ugly and uncomfortable.

No. 367297

I don't really get how dress up to go to the store girls feel shamed/insecure if other women are in crusty hoodies. Wouldn't they feel better/superior? They put effort into looking nice and would look even nicer next to a bummy yoga pants wearing girl.

No. 367342

because young men like girls in hoodies more lul

No. 367427

not even joking but maybe this is the reason why. poor tradthot anon could definitely be salty that ironically boys express more interest in crusty stained hoodie low maintenance girls despite her trying her hardest to cater to men with her 1 hr makeup and hairdos just to go to target for trail mix, kek

No. 367554

You see the girls who genuinely complain (i.e. not humblebragging about their looks) about other girls not putting effort into their appearance are usually threatened by a girl in shitty sweat pants and a hoodie, they start feeling insecure about their own appearance, they feel as if they're being called out as pompous whores by this bitch who's not even wearing makeup. Someone in this thread already mentioned that these vain bitches need other people to put on their face for a convenience store run too or they'll feel self-conscious for dolling up. I've had girls who complain about the "sweatpants and messy buns" confide to me that this is exactly the case.

This too, if a guy finds a girl who doesn't put that much thought into her appearance and is much more taken by her, of course it causes them insecurity.

No. 367609

File: 1549365867013.jpeg (30.93 KB, 631x486, 795C39B1-C7FB-4C57-8077-7A3E5C…)

Ted Bundy isn’t nearly as attractive as neck beards like to make him out to be, and no one can change my mind
He just looks like a stubby smug American man

No. 367611

Mediocre jawline and torturing people sends some women wild apparently.
Like the ones who think Richard Ramirez is sexy despite being infamous for smelling like a sewer, all because he had okay cheekbones.

No. 367613

But isn't the argument many anons are making that men catcall more when they wear skirts…?

Either way I don't think male opinions should be used to prove one style is better than another. Their approval ain't worth shit whether they like hoodies or dresses and we should just wear whatever we are comfortable with.

No. 367615

But WHY do men like lingerie with hoodies over the top? Such a weird combo

No. 367616

File: 1549366841599.jpg (174.78 KB, 690x388, crimea-prosecutor-japan-sancti…)

He's really average looking, wouldn't turn a single head if he wasn't incongruously 'okay' looking compared to what you expect of a serial killer.

It reminds me of men's reactions to this Russian politician. She's pretty but if she wasn't surprisingly attractive for her position, nobody would've paid attention. I think the novelty and surprise factor makes a big difference.

No. 367620

i literally don't see how anyone can find him attractive. he has a fucking unibrow.

No. 367647

I think the pictures femdom anons frequently post and the one serving as the op for the male hate thread (i guess it's the same artist) are not ok.
How can you not see that being into bound boys with bloodied faces/broken noses is pretty fucked up? Nothing cute or empowering about that. You're not a japanese high school student either, like those pictures show, you're grown women fantasising about abusing weaker guys.

No. 367649

Do you think 90% of the picrew dress up games are not okay too? Most of them include blood, heavy bruises, bandages, etc. alongside 7 different school uniforms. Beat up looking boys are cute.

No. 367652

It bothers me how they’re not spoilered tbh, and I do find it creepy that majority of the time the subjects of these sexual drawings are children - femdoms, you’re no better than your male counterparts. You’re just as creepy.

No. 367654

I agree with you. I browse the man hate thread from time to time, but that thread picture made me snort. Not only is it fucked up that they look like young teenagers, they are also just poorly drawn and shitty in general. I get that it's hard to find decent looking art of weird fetishes, but some standards would be nice.

I usually just hide the pictures, though. Being able to hide threads and pictures on this site is a blessing.

No. 367657

it kinda makes me uncomfortable as well, i'd be uncomfortable if it was a guy beating up a girl, 2 girls, 2 guys or whatever too. i don't care if you are into consensual s&m but i'll be creeped out if you get off on actually causing life threatening physical damage on someone, it's like a serial killer red flag

No. 367658

If you're going to be some revolutionary psychologist that decides to disprove decades of ADD/ADHD studies with one little degree, you're absolutely going to have to come up with some other fancy name for the same thing because there's no way in hell you can say that we function normally and we're just making stuff up. I'm not a munchie, I keep my problems as much to myself as I can when I'm not blurting everything out at inappropriate moments, but I fucking wish it was as easy to just stop "making up excuses".

No. 367665

It's frankly embarrassing, if you're a woman and into femdom you're just as much of a fucked up weirdo as males who want to beat up women because it arouse them. I don't want femdom to be conflated with radical feminism.

No. 367677

It's because of her role (and the uniform). Just like attractive women in the military/police get a lot of attention.

No. 367681

I agree to an extent, but not add/ADHD though
The popularity and trend of DID, BD,etc definitely has something to do with it, humans usually aren't perfect but it's eyebrow raising when the sudden wave of once rare psych disorders, are magically white teens who come from rich spoilt families, it would have been believable if I hadn't met the kids who pull through gender dysphoria DID shit

No. 367692

I don't see girls who are into that as seriously threatening compared to the guys, maybe because of all the shit I've seen guys post in the last years. Of course though, there's a difference between a few wounds like "I want to take care of a wounded guy and heal him uwu" that you see more commonly and straight up creepy guro fetish art.

No. 367693

I don't agree with most of this, but I am pretty suprised she has been so successful considering her advice is kid-tier. It's not hard at all to maintain a clean living area, if her fans spent time actually cleaning than watching her they could have a clean room in no time.

No. 367699

>coke the drug is overrated
amen it has such an underwhelming effect for the price compared to for example speed

No. 367710

I like some femdom stuff and I agree, the pics of bloodied teenagers are not cool.
I think women who draw/like this kind of picture are mostly just venting their feelings however. While it is much more common for men to become actually violent, women are on the whole not very likely to commit such crimes. Abusive women still exist though, and the pics are still creepy.

No. 367712

Can we please stop excusing predatory female behaviour with the whole ‘b-but men are more likely to do it!!’ Yeah, and one of the biggest reasons why is because other men don’t shame them for it. I don’t women as a whole to become as low as all the communities filled with men that actively promote loli shit so I’m all for shaming the women who post it here, regardless of whether or not it’s ‘venting’

No. 367716

Read my last sentence.
I do indeed feel less concerned about the artist taking it into real life when it is a female artist who draws violent content like that, but it is still not ok.

No. 367742

Then you better police the shit out of men too, sis. Being so adamant about correcting women on a tiny site is an easy way to have the moral high ground, but when such "wholesome" types let men just do their shit because they're afraid of causing conflict in groups they're not helping the issue at all.

I'm so tired of people who easily shit on women (and it's fair to warn them about the stuff in this case, I'm not defending that) because they're more agreeable, but once they join a server/group with guys that post such shit they don't say a word to not cause conflict and become unpopular.

No. 367745

I don't care that the random female japanese artist who draws this is likely to never commit any actually violence against boys - I'm disgusted by the many femdom anons on lc who are turned on by this shit.
Bdsm is for degenerates - no matter which gender is sick enough to find pleasure in hurting other human beings.

No. 367758

Yes femdomfags are weird and annoying, but unfortunately they're here to stay. I just wish they'd stop childishly deflecting criticism with
>b-but men do it too it's not the same when i do it :^(
If you're going to be a creepy sadist at least own it.

No. 367760

are you a fucking moron? she's bitching about our userbase not just women in general. sorry if you're like a dom shota-con or something.

No. 367766

Apparently you are because you didn't read my post.
>and it's fair to warn them about the stuff in this case, I'm not defending that
Sorry to hurt your preachy feelings.

No. 367809

File: 1549395918943.jpg (7.77 KB, 273x185, download.jpg)

i dont know if they are really into it but it is kind of fucked up. are these pictures really a fetish thing or do they serve more as a political thing? you know, beating up boys because they suck type thing, or are most of them really turned on by that? ngl, i am into gentle femdom stuff (not even really a sexual thing, i don't know how to explain), but i do dislike those images because of the fact that it will draw comparisons to male behavior and any male seeing it will think systemic hatred of women and that violence against women for men's sexual pleasure is all validated bc like four girls on an imageboard are turned on by choking a guy or something.

i would like an imageset for those threads that isn't porny or fetishy or very extreme, of like, girls flicking a guy in the forehead or something very mild like that. sort of like this, but not as severe as throwing rocks, just, picking on guys.

No. 368160

I just got around to watching Bandersnatch on netflix, and i thought it was pretty cool but by the end I thought it was bleh.
I feel like none of the characters were fleshed out & the tone is so dreary. The whole show felt like it didnt have any life or pizzazz if that makes sense lol

No. 368179

Sorry, the user base shouldn’t keep each other in line and not post degenerate shit because uwu pls don’t bully the men’s? Fuck right off, if you’re disgusting then you should absolutely be shamed by those around you, whether or not women shame the men who post similar things on other image boards/sites/servers is not the responsibility of this user base. Our only responsibility is to ostracise those within our own community who are making us become as filthy as all the male dominanted spaces that post abusive and pornographic images of children. Do you also believe that people shouldn’t put in an effort into resolving any sort of issue on an individual level if they don’t also go out and become activists? Sounds like you’re just upset for being called for being disgusting.

No. 368192

>draw comparisons to male behavior and any male seeing it will think systemic hatred of women and that violence against women for men's sexual pleasure is all validated bc like four girls on an imageboard are turned on by choking a guy or something.

Your comment here highlights how dumb it is to say that some gross femanons on lc are "just as bad" as men. I hope the ones posting the creepiest shit in the fetish threads will never act on it. But whatever a few women post here, it will never compare to the worldwide male oppression and violence against women that has gone on for since thousands of years. The social and physical power differences are big and obvious.
I don't think we should tolerate pedo or "ephebophile" content here though, fuck off with that. That includes the creepy loli wallpapers that sometimes get posted.

No. 368193

To make it clear
>I don’t women as a whole to become as low as all the communities filled with men
This is why your post sounds so ridiculous, it's like a teenie blowing things out of proportion with big talk about "WOMEN AS A WHOLE" on a tiny mongolian tapestry forum with relatively low activity.

>you better make sure shit on gross men
>uwu pls don't bully the mens
That's some galaxy brain tier shit.

In case you still haven't grasped it, I say in my post that I'm not defending them but that warning like ~3 posters doesn't mean you're defending the upstanding morals of all women.

No. 368196

Forgot to say that there's also the fact that you act as if I said you shouldn't attack the women here when I was venting about being tired that types like you are usually silent on mixed sites and think men should correct themselves while they'll just stick to women and avoid confrontation.

No. 368262

Unpopular opinion- I don't think Eugenia Cooney is sweet or 'nice'.

I don't give a shit about anas making content or 'triggering' people, I just find her irritating in general. If she wasn't anorexic, she'd come across as fake.
She seems like a spoiled attention whore bitch in my opinion.
People always go on about how sweet she is but she only acts that way to draw attention away from her illness.

No. 368276

I really don't feel bad for illegal immigrants to USA, Canada, etc from my country who end up getting deported for overstaying their visas.
Just go home. What's worse, rewriting documents so you can return later, or getting forcibly removed and not allowed to return because you broke the law? They're even making it harder for law-abiding people like me who just want to go to college abroad and meet up with friends.
If you were capable of getting a visa to begin with, there's no reason why you can't do it again. It's not even that bad here, ffs. The economy is horrible and infrastructure is lacking in a lot of areas, but there's no war or starvation. You will not literally die.

No. 368310

And on an individual level they're still disgusting so what's your point? That women who post gross shit should never be criticized for it because uwu men do it too~ :(
That's a really nice way to shirk personal accountability. Any and everything is now on the table because some man did it before, so it's not as bad.

No. 368349

Yet again, you ignore that I said I'm not defending those women in my original post.

No. 368370

And the post you replied to didn't say that those anons were "as bad as men" just said it was fucked up, yet you went that route anyway for whatever reason. Yes men do bad things, and? That has no relevancy. It isn't a contest of who's most fucked up. You can't get caught shop lifting hundreds of dollars of merchandise, and try to justify it by saying "well at least I didn't rob a bank!!"

No. 368387

anons here have really warped body image standards. i was in the dakota thread i saw anons talk about her "massive gut" "beer gut" in old photos and she was obviously just normal sized at the time.

No. 368415

File: 1549487304083.png (485.63 KB, 602x1023, Isabelle_AF.png)

I don't think that's really unpopular, people just don't reply to these posts because it would cause a lot of infighting.

My unpopular opinion would be that Isabelle from Animal Crossing as annoying as fuck. Idk even really why, I just dislike her.

No. 368430

The Dakota thread has been a complete wreck for at least the past 3-4 years. They keep saying that her career is over and how she's becoming "a fat fuck", yet here she is, still having gigs and still being thin. And because she's still around and doing fine, they start bringing up drama with Kiki from 10 years ago. At some point they started straight out fanficcing (or ~speculating~) that she has connections to the Yakuza because she's a friend of former AKB48 members (The AKB48 founder is suspected of Yakuza connections) and how it will totally destroy her career this time around. They're all fucking nuts and it's hilarious, I sometimes go read the thread simply to laugh at how retarded the a-logging anons are there.

No. 368445

Seriously? You overdid it with the goalpost moving and don't even know what you're talking about. I suggest you read everything again instead of being blind from rage.

No. 368461

Let's face it, New Leaf was garbage.

No. 368483


I've legit always wondered if anyone else thought this. Definitely an unpopular opinion but maybe less so than we think

No. 368507

Anon, are you just checking this thread every hour and will argue with anyone who dares soil your good name? That’s kinda sad.

No. 368509

This place is full of people with body disorders. It can get exhausting sifting through their stupid nitpicking, but I've learned to mostly ignore it.

No. 368535

I feel sick looking at those beat up boys too, they're just kids. The femdom anons on here are annoying and gross. Funny thing is they have such a huge victim complex over it and get mad at any girl on this site that says shes submissive. Their posts always consist of
>Why do you need to post about this on here? Youre in the majority, go elsewhere
>B-but you have tons of dating options!!! (As if femdoms dont kek)
>You're just reaffirming all mens beliefs that all girls want to be raped! (wow, such feminism. how is that subanons fault again?)

They're insane.

No. 368548

You just sound butthurt because other anons told you your sexlife sounds regressive and unhealthy. Not everyone is a dom or sub you know.

No. 368556

File: 1549499045639.jpg (14.31 KB, 450x300, chocolaff.jpg)

"The milk is coming from INSIDE the thread!"

Anyway, unpopular opinion:


No. 368559

This. It's weird how easily offended some anons on this site are.

No. 368560

Anon wasn’t at all implying that the user base on this site is either a sub or dom, just that the latter are hugely hypocritical, did you have to stand on your tip toes to reach that far?

No. 368561

File: 1549499628647.jpg (29.81 KB, 450x320, women-fighting-with-shoes-pict…)

lolcow fightclub when?

No. 368563

Unpopular opinion: femdoms are also regressisive as it reaffirms misogynistic men’s ideas that violence naturally belongs in sex

No. 368568

File: 1549501034431.jpg (145.68 KB, 557x540, 20190206_164825.jpg)

I wouldn't say that's too unpopular, it's just that edgy lolcow femdoms think being critical of bdsm and power dynamics applies to sub women only.

No. 368569

>I feel sick looking at those beat up boys too, they're just kids.
where are there photos of beat up children being posted here?

No. 368571

She means animu boys like the pink pill op.

No. 368574

I must have hit a close nerve. When did I say I was a sub or that everyone was either dominant or submissive? Way to tinfoil, you sound crazy and mad about something.

No. 368576

Some anons posted it in the art thread, vent thread, femdom thread, and of course the mh thread.

No. 368610

> rewriting documents so you can return later, or getting forcibly removed and not allowed to return because you broke the law? They're even making it harder for law-abiding people like me who just want to go to college abroad and meet up with friends.

How is fleeing from a war-ridden 3rd world country compared to going to some college somewhere

No. 368612

She's saying that she's from the same country as the people who do it illegally

No. 368630

Lmao. What is reading comprehension?

No. 368645

amerifag here. i'd rather have illegal immigrants in our country doing useful shit like taking on shitty but necessary jobs, than some whiny cunt taking up space in our colleges and fucking off to work somewhere else. stay in your own shithole country to learn.

No. 368647

shut your whore fucking mouth.

seriously though, it's cause she's a boring japanese OL.

No. 368655

>I want illegal immigrants and crime, FUCK YOU for not following my narrative
How am I a whiny cunt, and what makes you think I have no intention of working/living in whatever country I go to legally? Holy shit, you sound like a virtue signalling retard.

No. 368656

Samefagging, I get it now. You want my people to clean your toilets for awful pay at the risk of deportation if they ask for actual fair treatment, and are angry about the mere notion of us doing/being actual citizens and valuable members of society.
I'm not a whiny cunt, you're just a classist/possibly racist piece of shit. Fuck off, lmao.

No. 368657

I don’t know what it’s like in America, but in countries like Australia international students are really important for the economy. They pay more than double for the degrees, and they pay upfront, the only issues I have with them is; the Asian international students never integrate and will only spend money within their very small Asian grocer circles, and they’re fucking awful to do group projects with because they barely speak English (which I guess is better for the University because then they have to pay to redo their course). Although I do agree on the leaving front, it is pretty shitty that students will come here from worse off countries then fuck off back there once they’ve studied at one of our universities which are superior to theirs, but then again if they didn’t go back home their country would never get better so who can blame them.

No. 368658

sorry to have struck a nerve. if your country is fine enough for them, it should be fine for you, right? also like 80% of immigrants from shit countries go back with their education because they get mad wealthy there. sorry if me wanting tomatoes in the middle of winter is ""virtue signaling"", the idea of virtue signaling on anon is platinum retarded.

No. 368659

It is fine for me, considering I'm still here, but even if it weren't, I'm not breaking international law to get what I want. Not going to bother with the rest of your worthless post after coming to the realization in >>368656. You tried.

No. 368660

not like that in the US at all, international students can get our loans and many of them qualify for our scholarships. bitches like the OP think we whine about illegal immigrants but they're the ones who do our shitty work and don't use any of our government paid resources.

No. 368661

>international law

maybe you do need to go to our schools kek.

No. 368662

>Umm we need illegal immigrants, or else who is going to do slave labor? >://
Imagine being this much of a trash fire, but calling everyone else cunts and bitches.

No. 368663

At least I don't defend gross dehumanization of less fortunate people and law-breaking because I want tomatoes in winter, kek. Sort your life out.

No. 368669

File: 1549518717341.png (172.44 KB, 513x305, _oes40920942094.png)

I'd rather retarded hentai doujinshi/images exist than live-action porn. At least then no actual humans are exploited and/or raped.

No. 368683

Oh so miss holier than thou was that bitchy sub the whole time, not surprised.

No. 368684

At least post a good picture then, what you posted seems like usual trash.

No. 368687

What even is good hentai? Shit like the teenage femdom pic that people were mad about in the MH thread?

No. 368693

Is it so hard to imagine art drawn by women for women?

No. 368694

Then name some artists, post (cropped) examples, etc. Be the change you want to see.
Also, a lot of fucked up hentai is, in fact, drawn by women, contrary to popular belief.

No. 368706

On the topic of predatory women, I found this on a blog about Japan. Apparently, mother/son CSA/incest is relatively widespread in Japan (aka the exact same country behind loli shit, that didn't ban CP until 2015):
>A boy's whole future can depend on the senior high school he gets into. The mothers get into a psychological condition where they're aware that sexual urges can stop their children from studying and feel that they are the best option for countering the craving. Some mothers will do anything to make sure their junior high school sons pass the all determining entrance exams. Studies show that almost 80% of Japanese men report they have had some form of sexual contact with their mothers with most of the sexual contact between mother and son beginning at a very early age. A boys childhood in contemporary Japan, although somewhat more Western than that of other Eastern nations, still includes masturbation by mothers "to put them to sleep." Parents often have intercourse with their children in the same bed with them, and "co-sleeping," with mothers physically embracing the child, routinely continues until the boy is ten or fifteen. One recent Japanese study found sons sleeping with their mothers over 20 percent of the time after age 16. A recent sex survey reported "hot lines" of sexual abuse saying that mother-son incest in almost a third of the calls, the mother saying to her teenage son, "It's not good to do it alone. Your IQ becomes lower. I will help you, " or "You cannot study if you cannot have sex. You may use my body," or "I don't want you to get into trouble with a girl. Have sex with me instead."
I doubt this is unique to Japan, it's really not as uncommon as society pretends. Women are often awful abusers, too, and it deserves to be called out. Women "as a whole" may be little bit better than men in this regard, but not by much.
Too bad men who were not abused will ignore it because it sates their gross fetishes, men who were abused will stay silent because non-abused men refuse to empathize, and women will ignore it for political reasons. At least most women will recognize that it's fucked up, though.

No. 368713

Oof, that reaction sounds like the pic you posted is from the usual men abusing women hentai.

No. 368714

Woah. I never knew about any of that. Suddenly all those weird harem animes with older "motherly" figures to the mc with the weird sexual overtones make sense.

No. 368715

>as a whole
Are you the same sperg as above in the thread that got triggered over the OP of the man hate thread? I suggest you take your "Japanese mothers secretly fuck their sons" fetish bullshit to reddit where it's going to be embraced with open arms.

No. 368716

>deflecting this hard
I don't actually know what it's from, but I wouldn't be surprised. Like I said, it's all retarded, but at least no actual women are being harmed to make fap material.
Can you actually define "good" hentai, or did you just want to complain?

No. 368719

>at least no actual women are being harmed to make fap material
>it's ok for men to objectify women and fap to violence as long as it's fictional
Yeah, no, you sound like a lolicon scrote trying to bait. Especially the incest fetish post and "uwu women are just as bad abusers as men" makes it seem like an outsider is baiting.

No. 368720

No? I actually don't mind the OP picture of that thread. I literally saved the full set at some point because I liked the art style. Stop being an autist.
And you obviously can't read, since none of the shit I posted is fetish BS or from Reddit. Stop being a fucking retard whenever anyone doesn't pander to your "Women can do no wrong" bullshit. No one is saying men aren't worse, but some of us have, in fact, been abused by our fellow wombmyn (even if you think it's impossible).

No. 368722

…I literally complained about hentai, twice. I said nothing even approaching your stupid memetext.
Who is even talking about lolicon or fetishism in a less than disgusted light at this point (except for you, in a shallow bid to discredit anyone who says things you don't like)? Jesus christ, I can't deal with this projection shit.
Not everyone who doesn't think in black and white must be a scrote. Cope.
>inb4 you call me a "handmaiden" next

No. 368723

How come you immediately jumped to the "women can do no wrong" part when I criticized the fetishistic nature of that post? You complain about predatory women but save a whole set of a teenage girl kicking guys or hurting them? Too obvious.

No. 368727

>How come you immediately jumped to the "women can do no wrong" part when I criticized the fetishistic nature of that post?
Bitch, where? There is no fetishistic nature in that post, as I said in smack dab in the middle of my post. It's a collection of articles and comments on said articles pertaining to the subject matter and its normalization (and romanticization) in Japanese culture. Nowhere in the text is that practice praised or defended.
If you honestly think it's fetishistic, that says just about everything that needs to be known about you as a person. Nasty as fuck.
>You complain about predatory women but save a whole set of a teenage girl kicking guys or hurting them? Too obvious.
Because I don't care about manga drawings of random characters in school uniforms with nosebleeds. You want to screech about how women abusing boys isn't a real problem, but also sperg out about some drawings? Choose one.

No. 368729

If you believe this
>almost a third of the calls, the mother saying to her teenage son, "It's not good to do it alone. Your IQ becomes lower. I will help you, " or "You cannot study if you cannot have sex. You may use my body," or "I don't want you to get into trouble with a girl. Have sex with me instead."
And think it's not a fetishistic fanfic, you're a really retarded whore. Calling you out on your bullshit source isn't defending the abuse of boys.

No. 368731

That's often literally how abuse in a broken home with twisted family dynamics and no outside help/resources works. Stupid rationalizations left and right. More often, though, it's "I can do this to you because I'm your parent, and you are my property". I don't expect someone who yells about scrotes but calls other women "retarded whores" in the same breath to think of that, though.
Go talk about how child abuse is your fetish fuel elsewhere, freak.

No. 368732

Your style of posting and shitting this thread up is really obvious lol. Especially the way you call someone a bitch but immediately snap back when you get insulted or the way you ignore when one of your mistakes is called out and immediately jump to drawing conclusions like "you obv fetishize child abuse!!!" or "you think women can do no wrong!!!" to project the other poster is some perverted freak that's worse than you, not to mention the inconsistencies in logic like saving a photoset of femdom ryona teenager abuse but talking about how predatory women are and projecting that other anons are into child abuse because they point out that the idea of women in a foreign country saying things that demean them and serving to sexually please their sons sounds very much like a male fantasy based on racial stereotypes.

Waiting for you to make another post how I'm literally satan for pointing out your inconsistencies and sperging.

No. 368736

>call someone a bitch
Even besides that, I call men "bitches", too, and so do a lot of other people. Do you call men "whores"? Actually, I bet you do in your fanfics, so don't bother answering that.
The rest of that post is bullshit that ignores everything I said to insist claiming any mention of CSA on boys is "fetishistic" isn't retarded (along with unsubstantiated, zero-sourced claims about how abuse isn't real and must be a fanfic), but also trying to attack me for not being upset about the same art you tried to WK by accusing me of being triggered by. I'm not "projecting", either, considering yo were the only one to talk about how "fetishistic" the article was. It's like if someone linked an article about little girls being abused, or child marriage in some cultures, and some sweaty neckbeard creep tried to downplay it by comparing it to whatever fanfictions he avidly reads after randomly accusing someone of being mad about some ryona picture.
Goodbye, femdom-anon and/or closeted pedo. I'm sorry I didn't ignore that female abusers exist in reality so you could have a hugbox. Keep fighting the "good" fight. Can't wait for your "not that anon!!!" reply and cheap insult in your desperation to get the last word in.

No. 368752

Wow someone itt is really aggressive even when anons kinda agree with them, can't stop posting and really want to prove that women are as bad as men. I wonder what triggered this - angry cuz man hate thread returned?

No. 368755

Pretty much, there were people rejoicing that it was gone and they're angry >>368535

No. 368756

File: 1549536852624.gif (497.19 KB, 500x310, llqqtwWvY21qb9pa3o1_500.gif)

give it a rest already, goddamn

No. 368764

Nta but now you know how everyone else felt when you derailed the thread for hours lmao

No. 368773

>sperg out at someone for the grand sin of posting a link to an article about a little-reported topic
>expect not to get any response
Sure lmao

No. 368777

I wasn't the one you were fighting with, crazy. Give it a rest already, goddamn.

No. 368779

No one said you were, just to let it go. You sound obsessive, jfc.

No. 368780

File: 1549543845345.jpg (333.88 KB, 764x700, bb02fbb719125fedb53e0720acfc98…)

The whole thing of men commenting "This is a trap" under any picture of a female cosplayer, or just any attractive woman, is so tired. It's not even funny, and if I were in those women's shoes, it'd make me uncomfortable, like they're saying I resemble a man in some way. It's like chasers (aka gay/bi men) are trying to force their fetish to be mainstream.
The most annoying thing is, we all know exactly what 99.9% of "traps" really look like. They need to stop deluding themselves.

No. 368781

You really love projecting, don't you?

anyways, my unpopular opinion is that american sushi is the best sushi.

No. 368791

Are reaction images banned here? Why? Yes, I know I'm a newfag.

No. 368792

>american sushi is the best sushi.
Have you tried Japanese sushi?

No. 368793

Neckbeard tier reaction pic aren't welcomed here.

No. 368794

How was that image neckbeard-tier?

No. 368839

Wasn't your original post >>368276? And you said anon was virtue signaling? What's wrong with you?

No. 368842

What in that post was even remotely fetish bullshit? Did anons ITT really not know that mother/son incest is common in Japan? They’re a hugely sexually repressed and misogynistic culture, it’s not at all shocking that the mothers would be seen as an outlet for sexual frustration and in turn rape their sons.

No. 368860

Murican here and I went to a fancy restaurant the other week that put jalapenos on top of the spicy sushi. That shit was bizarre and gross.

No. 368861

If you enjoy something and you're with a partner that is receptive and respectful of your boundaries you don't need someone else's permission but honestly I'm sick of the ddlg thing already its nothing new but yet so popular for some reason.

No. 368865

Nothing in my original post defends crime or dehumanization. What's your problem?
I thought anon was virtue signalling at first, but then I realized they were just mad because they wanted to bring back serfdom.
The funniest part is that I'm not even going to America, but I still got bitched out.

No. 368884

>Did anons ITT really not know that mother/son incest is common in Japan? They’re a hugely sexually repressed and misogynistic culture, it’s not at all shocking that the mothers would be seen as an outlet for sexual frustration and in turn rape their sons.
You have a really sick view of a foregin culture. They have issues with sexism but what you fags are saying is tinfoil tier, and the stuff anon quoted like "your IQ getd lower, use my body" sounds like what dudes imagine based on cheap pornos, post a credible source instead of bitching so hard.

No. 368894

NTA, but there are multiple sources on this:

(the link quoted from here is also referenced here: http://blog.nus.edu.sg/js2222u0900641/2010/04/14/the-tradition-of-incest/)

If you start claiming all of these are somehow "fetishistic", too, then you really will just be proving that you're a projecting weirdo.

No. 368897

Forgot to add that the bit you're calling "what dudes imagine" came from The Journal of Psychohistory originally, lmao.
I guess researchers who actually investigate and know their shit must be lying because some anon thinks accounts of sexual abuse are too sexualized.

No. 368926

guess you're a neckbeard if you dont see how a lewd anime pic is neckbeard-tier

No. 368997

I don't get people who think they can't learn basic social graces. I was weird af when I was in elementary school. Like my best friend at the time was this autistic girl obsessed with Sonic whose mom thought I was autistic too. I ended up getting test at least once. But I think if you put some effort into paying attention and at the very least mimicking others then you can get somewhere. I guess some people are in their rooms 24/7.

No. 368998

Whats the unpopular opinion here? Theres a vent thread youknow. You just sound like an ex shut in yelling at your past self.

No. 369003

File: 1549569589479.jpg (1013.43 KB, 1382x2048, MV5BNzA1Njg4NzYxOV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Blade Runner 2049 is self indulgent and overrated.

Artistically it has its merits but the film is up its ass over style > substance. Too many long, lingering shots of cool scenery that kills the pacing.

No. 369006

Yeah I had some awkward high school and middle school years? Didn't you? The thing was that I worked to improve my skills so that things got better when I was an adult. I just feel like so many people online enable you to have poor social skills.

No. 369021

Well then good on you, friend. Is that what you wanted to hear? But you dont got to be condescensing to those still struggling. Theres people from all walks of life who dont have the same support as you and/or are struggling with illnesses. Don't forget youre still here too.

I dont mean to shit on your success but you need to keep yourself on check and tone down that ego.

No. 369024

Nutella is overrated too.

No. 369066

The meme of men painting their nails needs to die. It ALWAYS looks awful because they don't take care of their fucking nails in the first place. They choose hideously garish colors and the polish is always chipped and dingy looking within the first hour. Unless you're doing it to raise awareness for something like that polished man campaign thing, don't fucking bother.

No. 369072

The only good one is the real one from Italy, I've heard that the ones they sell in America and Asia taste really different

No. 369077

New Leaf's music is the worse in all the main series games. It's way too fast and not as relaxing as previous games. The best music in the game is right when you get off the train to start a new town but it only plays once. City Folk's music is great, it puts me to sleep like asmr(in a good way).

No. 369084

New Leaf felt like it was missing some things but City Folk just felt empty. Also the fact you couldn't use a different controller ruined the entire experience.

No. 369090

asmrfags: i really am into asmr shit!

seriously though what the fuck? who cares.

No. 369111

i don't mind when they're painted black, but i've never seen another color look good on a guy personally.

No. 369112

i agree honestly, even though i'm into it, i think it's mentally ill to be into bdsm, especially if you need a power dynamic to get off, it's illogical. i always wonder why i'm like this lol

No. 369113

Why are you so pressed anon? They added to the discussion unlike your self.

Anyways, wild world will always be my favorite when it comes to the music. It was the first one I played so that's probably why lol.

No. 369117

there doesn't need to be discussion ITT

No. 369119

Here's an actual unpopular opinion. I don't get why people think upper middle class parents suck at parenting or are automatically shit parents because someone in the family makes money. Not to say that trauma can't happen because you're rich but I feel like people imply that all rich people must be doing something shitty. Most of my classmates had parents that were things like doctors, lawyers, and professors, things that are basic professional jobs.

Another unpopular opinion: Outside of computer-relating things and some STEM stuff, most people with autism are not particularly talented. We hear about the savants but people never think of the autists with no financially useful talents who are stuck underemployed and unemployed for most of their lives. Even in STEM getting successful in academia or the industry means being able to work with other people well. Just annoyed at all the internet autists online who insist that they are so much more interesting and talented than everyone else.

I think some people don't get support, but some people absolutely refuse to make use of the resources around them, or they think that they are too good for social interaction.

Why isn't it normal? I read in a neurology book that sex and violence are linked in the brain. It makes sense to me why people would be into something like that.

No. 369124

NTA but people into ASMR are kind of cancer tbh. Like, anon's post was weird and basically amounted to "I don't like this music cause it isn't asmr enough!" so yeah pointing it out wasn't a big deal.

No. 369169

> I don't get why people think upper middle class parents suck at parenting or are automatically shit parents because someone in the family makes money.
It's probably a cope for being broke

No. 369252

i don't like ariana grande's personality, but i think she's physically really cute. i know the whole instathot look is overdone, but i think she looks good. too bad she's an unbearable person lol

No. 369273

Farmers who accuse other farmers of being men for no apparent reason in their posts are unhinged as fuck.

No. 369276

cottage cheese isnt gross people just dont like texture with their food

No. 369288

I've seen people here say things like
>I would rather be friends with normies than crusty weebs
>if you make your hobby your life, you're pathetic
But it is really a whole lot easier and fun keeping a conversation going with people who share the same interests as you. Conversations always seem to turn into bitching about school and/or work or awkward silence with people who share 0 of my hobbies.

No. 369302

>if you make your hobby your life, you're pathetic

I don’t understand, are there people that don’t think that’s normal? Hobbies tend to be something that people are passionate about, they set aside time and funds to enjoy said hobby. I can’t imagine how hollow of a shell someone must be to not have a hobby that makes them light up whenever they have someone to discuss it with

No. 369307

Samefag, but how is watching anime a hobby - you’re just consuming something, there’s no interactive element
That’s like saying Netflix is a hobby

No. 369316

They differ by country, depends on the country. I always have to buy the ones from Germany because everyone in Eastern Europe gets Nutella from Poland which is oversaturated with sugar and slightly brighter.

I question it the moment anons post trash insulting other women, sometimes they're just stupid or trying to be "not like others" though.

The thing about anime is that the fans have low awareness of their behaviour, especially guys who think lolicon/hentai are ok and "quirky". You end up with people like lilypichu who is almost 30 and trying to fake a loli voice and dress like a schoolgirl instead of looking for a real job or guys with terrible hygiene and social skills who think their knowledge of a narrow pop culture subject is valuable.

No. 369324

That's really dumb. Reading is not a hobby because you're just consuming something? Anime can totally a hobby. Discovering new anime, talking about it and shit is a hobby.
I don't like weebs, but come on, let people like what they like.

No. 369325

Netflix is a hobby though. Watching television and movies is a hobby. It's not very constructive but it's a hobby none the less.

No. 369333

Like another anon mentioned in the vent thread, it’s really about balance. Of course its nice to have weeb friends to geek out with but it’s also nice to have normie friends to get a break from it all and kinda bring you back to reality.
Also just because you share the same interest with someone doesn’t exactly mean you're going to get along and be bffs forever. Making friends with anime fans is basically a gamble, you can find really awesome functioning adult people for sure but a large chunk of the community is full of degenerate,“ironic”,trashy, crazy, NEET and/or immature weebs that most sane people would never associate with.

No. 369338

Hey, I like watching tv as much as the next person, but just consuming media isn’t a hobby - who doesn’t like to do that? Is drinking coffee considered a hobby now too since people like to do that?

No. 369349

Consuming food/drinks can be a hobby

You seem to have poor social skills

No. 369502

Being slightly underweight is healthier than being slightly over weight. A bmi of 17-18 isn't that bad.

No. 369504

This is just facts now.

No. 369507

If you're underweight because you're starving yourself, then no.
Same if one's overweight and all they happen to eat is junk food.

Never met people on the extremes of the spectrum who didn't have some kind of disordered eating.

No. 369512

wait do people think cottage cheese is gross? its amazing.Guess they only had supermarket discount-tier cottage cheese.

agree. Maybe, statiscly its true but a slightly overweight person (BMI 25, maybe even 26) who just eats big amounts of food but still healthy food or just caloric healthy foods (like nuts for instance) will be healthier than someone who eats 900 kcl per day but those 900kcl are junk food / empty calories. Granted, thats rather rare.

No. 369516

sex isnt a need

No. 369534

I'd disagree, in the case of women. Being just a bit overweight usually doesn't negatively impact the health of women at all, unless they are unhealthy to begin with. 17-18 BMI range is low enough for some women to start losing their periods.

For men, it's certainly better to be a tiny bit under weight as opposed to over weight.

No. 369568

People who think urbanization is some evil devil thing that only cucks and sluts like are dumb
But also people who think they're too good for anything that's not a big famous city are even worse

No. 369570

OK then I'll just say that French Nutella is overrated, it's too thick and the taste is too "strong" for chocolate, without even being dark chocolate. I'll never understand people who spread Nutella all over crêpes, it's just gross. I don't know about how it tastes in other countries. Video related.

No. 369578

I'm so sorry, hope it's not too late. Blame my anxiety with checking replies. I basically mix oats with yogurt (it's better on the runny side like 2% fat or vegan option) and top with frozen raspberries and chopped dark chocolate. You can add nuts, honey, chia seeds etc. I store them overnight inside the fridge door, so the frozen raspberries get unfrozen. Enjoy!

No. 369579

>17 is low enough for women to start losing their periods
What a meme.

No. 369582

It depends on the woman anon, some women can be that low of a BMI and be fine if their body is built like that and some women aren't able to obtain a BMI like that healthily

I knew a girl who looked like a crackhead and lost periods when she got to 150 at 5'8 and I know a girl who looks chunky at 115 and 5'0, bodies are weird

No. 369583

Nta but I think it depends on the person though.
I lose my period super easily, if I get lower than 19, if I don't sleep well for more than one week, if I'm stressed or traveling…

No. 369603

Ok maybe I’m stupid, but I think Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire are extremely overrated as both a television show and fantasy series. I’ve read most of the books, seen pretty much all of the HBO series except for a few minor episodes here and there, and I do read theories on the ‘end game’ and try to understand the major plot points and George’s pathos, so I’m not just drinking the haterade to be cool. I really want to like it, as I’m a fantasy fan (or I used to be, kind of bored with the genre lately) and am always looking for books that challenge my perspectives. But…

>not a big fan of HBO’s glitzy Hollywood treatment, kind of ruins the atmosphere of the books

>the acting from some of the ‘stars’ leaves a lot to be desired, with Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington, and Sophie Turner continuously being amongst the weakest in my opinion
>D&D really botched S7 in terms of quality and I expect S8 isn’t going to get better, but one can hope
>people who strictly watch the show always seem to shun the books, so it’s difficult for them to understand some of the mythology and history of the story and the greater implications of what it all means
>you can tell George is frustrated to some extent with how the show has effected the way his story is being told, and I’m starting to wonder if his not finishing/publishing the final books is a consequence of that
>the fandom is toxic and there’s a slight misogynistic strain to how many of the women are viewed on the show since they aren’t your stereotypical fantasy females
>HBO made the show unnecessarily gorey and soft core pornograhic to appeal to normies who would normally avoid the genre
>whereas violence and sexuality in the books was always treated with gravitas in context of the history and beliefs of the era
>the lack of ambiguity in the portrayal of magic and the Others/WW leads me to believe that D&D are steering towards more of a black and white, us vs them ending with lots of shock deaths because they’re not very creative without any source material
>I honestly think the show should have gone on hiatus until George finished the books so that S6 and 7 wouldn’t feel so lost and meandering

No. 369617