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No. 387259

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

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No. 387262

File: 1552719803718.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 387276

File: 1552729715297.jpg (45.57 KB, 660x379, 1552283620933.jpg)

I look through before and after pictures of trans women and although there are definitely some ugly guys who transition,there are also some very good looking ones
Contrpoints is a good example

No. 387280

Nick is one of the few ecxeptions really, it's usually incel looking ones who transition

No. 387291

Yeah you posted this in the last thread. I think “very good looking” is very subjective here. To me he looks like your average dorky white guy before his transition and downright scary after. I’ve seen handsome “before”s, but they tend to be gay.

No. 387310

See, I don't see why it's worth giving a fuck about any individual trans persons choice. You do you.

But it shits me when they mix up sex, gender and personality.

No. 387312

i see "pseudobisexual" thrown around in some of these threads but how is this like a valid term? if someone exhibits bisexual desire what makes it 'pseudo'?

No. 387325

It means autogynephile straight men who aren't attracted to men but will fuck men to fulfill their fantasy of being female, they're more sexually attracted to the thought of being a woman than to the guy

No. 387350

All right ladies, get ready for a masterfuckery of a shitshow I just read. The original text is in Finnish so I'm doing my best to translate and summarize the whole mess. This happened in Åbo Akademi, a Swedish-speaking university in Turku, Finland.

>An African Feminist organization, Sahwira Africa International, is demanding Åbo Akademi, particularly its gender research facility, to give up its racist practices

>Dr. Faith Mkwesha, the representative of Sahwira is claiming that the leader of the facility, Salla Tuori has been preferring her white subordinates over others
>Mkwesha tells that during the Christmas Party held for the facility, the international researches were asked to introduce themselves to the students. When Mkwesha did just that, a trans person present in the room demanded to know which English-language pronoun she uses to refer to herself as the Finnish language only has one 3rd person pronoun ("Hän") and it's used to refer to both genders.
>Soon the whole group was demanding her to tell them her pronouns and Mkwesha saw the whole situation as humiliating, because the white doctorate student introduced before her wasn't asked to tell their pronouns. She let the group know that she was a post-colonialist feminist and didn't want to recognize her pronouns in a language that was forcefully brought to her country.
>The group didn't accept her explanation, and they let her know that she was being transphobic. Around a week later her colleagues confronted her in a public space and berated her for being offensive and not showing solidarity towards trans people because she refused to tell them her pronouns earlier.
>Mkwesha wrote an e-mail to her colleagues asking them to stop behaving so unprofessionally towards her. This only fueled the fire as she received 16 aggressive replies back, which she described as homonationalistic (roughly described as white countries expecting nations with lower development rate to have the same culture and ideas as them).
>Mkwesha let her colleagues know that she felt this flood of e-mails was a racist attack towards her, and one of the recipients was shocked to tears upon hearing this claim. Mkwesha says that one white woman crying was enough to steal the attention away from the racism black women experience in the facility.

TL;DR: A black African woman refuses to introduce herself with English pronouns due to issues with colonialism, gets told that she's being transphobic. The original text is here if fellow Finnfags want to look into it more or translate additional bits I didn't go over. https://www.reddit.com/r/FinnishGenderCritical/comments/azhb7h/%C3%A5an_sukupuolentutkimuksen_laitoksella_konfliktia/

It's crazy how racism was the worst sin you could ever commit just a few years ago, but now the absolute most heinous thing you could ever happen to do is to hurt a troon's feewings.

No. 387355

Why are trans so racist? This is nowhere near the first time I've seen troons targeting black women specifically. They seem to genuinely hate black people, particularly black women.

No. 387376

What the fuuuuck. I don't get how people can be so entitled on top of being racist.

No. 387379

Oh I see this shit all the time. Western troons trying to "educate" other people about their degeneracy. I hate when "woke" people use the word educate because it has underlying pity and shame for those who didn't grow up similar to them.

No. 387395

Literally idiot mob politics. I've seen it. They get even dumber in a crowd. Trans politics are weaponized racism, misogyny and homophobia.

No. 387401

File: 1552764791649.png (743.66 KB, 800x977, Screenshot_2019-03-15-12-12-17…)

It’s Pride Month in Wellington and as a part of that Out Wellington Inc. hosts a fair called Out in the Park.

We had our place at the fair confirmed in early February so we’ve been planning on attending for some time. We were excited to go along and show that it’s okay to be a lesbian and proud, but instead we’ve been banned because our kaupapa is not “inclusive” enough.

Festival directors Drew Hadwen and Karen Harris emailed us seemingly out of the blue rescinding our stall and invoice. They said that because they “welcome all people, groups and organisations who want to join with us to celebrate the amazing diversity and creativity in our LGBTIQ+ community” they can not have our lesbian feminist stall or “presence” at Out Wellington Inc. organised events.


No. 387402

they don't even hide that they hate lesbians anymore.

No. 387415

File: 1552767337192.jpg (62.21 KB, 634x679, 10641098-6776865-image-m-3_155…)

Wyley Simpson and his fiancé Stephen Gaeth were surprised to discover last year that Wyley was pregnant, as he had transitioned several years before and was taking testosterone. Due to his hormone therapy, his menstrual cycle had stopped – which led Simpson and Gaeth to believe that he couldn’t conceive.



No. 387422

>welcome all people, groups and organisations who want to join with us to celebrate the amazing diversity and creativity in our LGBTIQ+

Guess they actually meant GBTIQ+ only cock suckers allowed!!

No. 387423

The misogyny of the trans movement becomes painfully obvious every single time a trans man is only celebrated in the media for getting pregnant.

No. 387434

I don't have anything to add that other anons haven't already said, but thank you for posting this. It's important to hear from various countries and what they're facing.

No. 387464

I thought piv sex was dysphoric? She sure seems like she was fine with it

No. 387480

We have to start lawsuits against shit like this. They'll keep taking until we fight back the way they've been getting everything they want.

No. 387482

So are there absolutely no side effects to children being conceived by people on hrt?

No. 387488

Wouldn't that require a scientific study? TRA would never let it happen in case the results are negative.

No. 387493

This is from 2008, I wonder how it turned out.

No. 387496

From "Transgender pregnancy" wiki, looks like she continued having more children after the first.
> In 2010, Guinness World Records recognized Beatie as the world's "First Married Man to Give Birth."[15] Beatie gave birth to a girl named Susan Juliette Beatie on June 29, 2008.[16][17] Barbara Walters announced Beatie's second pregnancy on The View,[18] and Beatie gave birth to a boy named Austin Alexander Beatie on June 9, 2009.[19] Beatie gave birth to his third child, a boy named Jensen James Beatie, on July 25, 2010.[20][21]

No. 387535

I do wonder how babies born from TIF's will turn out
The cxcess Testosterone from the hormones their mothers were taking before and even during their pregnancy will have dramatics effect on them

No. 387582

Have you guys read about the case of Mary Lynn Witherspoon? The son of an ex boyfriend became obsessed with her, stalked her for 20 years and eventually raped and murdered her. The son trooned out in prison and wants the state to pay for his SRS.

There's a quote that really struck my attention:

"If I had not been such an emotional basketcase I would have pled 'not guilty' and taken my chances with a jury trial," she wrote. "If I had been able to dress the way that I would have felt more confident, I would have been dressed in a cream-colored Chanel skirt-suit with a pair of 4½-inch spike heel Jimmy Choos and make-up."

Like this man literally became so obsessed with Mary that he raped and killed her but now he wants to basically become her. The whole thing is fucking nuts.

No. 387583

more details from when he killed Mary:

"Brown stalked Witherspoon for years, finally breaking into her home in 2003 to steal a pair of her underwear. Upon his release from prison later that year, he bound, raped, and strangled Witherspoon, resulting in her death. When he was arrested, he was found wearing a pair of Witherspoon’s slacks and underwear, and had purchased a pair of foam breasts and “women’s clothing” using Witherspoon’s credit card. He had also changed the address on his driver’s license to her residence. Although Brown pled guilty, he now claims he did so “under duress during an emotionally difficult time…likened to PMS.”"

Wtf is wrong with troons

No. 387584

>likened to PMS

why do so many men so blatantly hate women. Both the men that say these things and all the men around them that let it slide.

No. 387595

The “pregnant man” from 2008 was the first time I questioned the whole trans thing. I was like, “WTF? If this person really considered themself male, the last thing they would ever want to do is be pregnant, give birth, and lactate, all indisputable female biological functions.” Back then, trans was very rare. I only knew two trans people and they were both chill. One was a TIM OG transsexual ultra-effeminate gay man who would never have dreamed of encroaching on women’s spaces or doing the whole “Suck my dick or you’re an evil transphobe and I’ll sic the whole trans Voltron (Voltrans?) on you to make your life a living hell!” thing to anyone, man or woman. The other was a TIF (back when only the butchest of butches, the ones who were often mistaken for men even way before transitioning, were transitioning) and was also mellow. I didn’t really regard either of them as their “chosen gender,” but they were harmless enough and I didn’t mind humoring them about pronouns. But these days the whole trans thing has metastasized into what we’re talking about in these threads, so…

No. 387596

yeah, this getting to be encouraging ed gein tier nonsense. he'd just kill women in his fancy clothes.

No. 387598


Same! I'm not at all trans or even GNC, but I personally have serious issues with the idea of pregnancy. To the point where I would rather not have kids than go through it. How on earth can someone who claims to experience gender dysphoria cope with the SERIOUS hardcore body changes that come with pregnancy? Makes me seriously doubt their sincerity and / or mental state.

No. 387615

The concept that using the primary or secondary sex characteristics “assigned at birth” causes dysphoria is only trotted out when they’re demanding free surgery, telling women to be quiet or denying that someone Brave and Stunning could possibly use his female penis to rape anyone. Outside of those scenarios you’re not supposed to mention it or else you’re a hateful transphobe advocating for forced sterilization.

No. 387656


This is why I am uncomfortable with these “progressive” pushes to expose children to drag culture. Children can meet positive LGB role models that aren’t sexually caricatures, and that aren’t fucking creeps like this guy. And of course they didn’t think to do a real background check on the guy. It may have been an innocent oversight or they might have thought it would look insensitive or whatever. But JFC.

No. 387660

Someone on r/gc brought up that the drag scene in general is filled with men with records for drug use and prostitution, so I have to wonder if the library decided against doing background checks because they might disqualify too many of the participants and cause a PR shitstorm. Either way it's extremely negligent and if I lived in the area I'd never take my child to that library again.

No. 387695

File: 1552837369538.jpg (73.54 KB, 958x559, MG_2601-958x559.jpg)

It horrifies me to no end how people defend something like Queen Lactacia/Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golde, the 10 year old drag queen performing at sex clubs, by claiming that the people who think what he's doing is sexualized are the real perverts. Excuse me? If it was a 10 year old girl in similar clothing doing the same thing everyone would be undeniably saying it's a child being groomed for pedophiles. But when it's a ~progressive queer thing uwu~? Well that just makes it brave and amazing!

No. 387727

File: 1552843511694.jpeg (370.29 KB, 946x700, C1B724D9-41AB-42A9-9A32-E4A308…)

Has anyone heard about what just happened in Canada? Vancouver’s oldest women’s shelter and the only shelter that exclusively serves female clients recently had annual funding from the city severed due to an ambush at city hall led by everyone’s favourite swamp-dwelling NDP Vice President.


Basically Oger and his cronies stormed city hall and signed up to petition for the funding to be cut. Vancouver Rape Relief has almost no time to defend themselves and were only able to send 1 rep to the meeting while Oger had a handful. It was brutal.

You can watch the whole shit show here https://vancouver.ca/your-government/city-council-meetings-and-decisions.aspx

Select “watch meetings online”, go to March 13 and move the time stamp to 11:43:00

No. 387730

All because they wouldn’t let an entitled narcissistic man in a skirt volunteer in direct contact with rape victims.
More like “trans people would rather spend a decade working to destroy a women’s shelter than volunteer at a different one” but okay

No. 387734

They'd rather invade a space for women who are rape victims than invest in a shelter for trans women. It goes to show how much they don't actually give a fuck about "helping trans women" but instead continue to take away our spaces for their own misogynistic ego. Thia whole thing pisses me off

Watch more people hit peak trans

No. 387738

This guy wasn’t even looking for shelter himself, he wanted to be put in direct contact with rape victims as a volunteer. Shelters screen anyone volunteering for such a position. IIRC he was offered a different volunteering position that wouldn’t put him in direct contact with vulnerable women and he refused. There were other shelters in the area who would let him volunteer in the position he wanted and he refused those too. Instead he chose to embark on a decade-long legal battle with VRR to drag them through the mud and drain their funds. Because that’s what people do when they genuinely want to help, right?

Transphobia or not, the fact that he doesn’t respect other people’s boundaries, can’t take no for an answer and is clearly incredibly vindictive are proof that VRR absolutely made the right call in not letting him have contact with vulnerable women. The fact that the media is trying to spin this as “rape shelter excluding trans people” is disgusting. They’re excluding a narcissistic piece of shit who enjoys hurting women. All his actions are proving them right.

No. 387741

>by claiming that the people who think what he's doing is sexualized are the real perverts.
God I'm getting tired of this argument from obvious pedophiles and perverts, only in America where you call people out for putting children into sexual situations, would you be called a pervert for not being oblivious, no wonder so many children are sexually abused

No. 387748

File: 1552849302623.jpg (70.5 KB, 1024x576, gross.jpg)


This podcast series on being Non-binary by desperately fame-hungry 'drag queen' Glamrou is pretty fucking hilarious to hate-listen to.


No. 387760

holyshit did they just fucking trans Storme Delarverie

No. 387765

File: 1552853423941.gif (717.67 KB, 500x281, KMFK.gif)

From what I've seen from a couple episodes of RPDR (the extent of my drag knowledge so don't yell at me please), drag is inherently sexual and a lot of it revolves around sex, glorification of drugs and alcohol, and other adult themes that aren't appropriate for kids to see, let alone participate in. Like on RPDR there are tons of jokes about sex. Am I misjudging entirely?

No. 387768

You're not misjudging. Drag might be a performance art, but it's generally a sexual adult one.

However, they usually do toned down shows when it comes to shows for teens/YA. I personally don't think drag should be done in front of kids younger than 14-15

No. 387773

5 bucks says the only reason these fuckers wanted trans to be able to apply as volunteers was as some sick form of validation for their "womanhood", not genuine need to help rape victims. There are a billion positions in the world where gender doesn't matter, but these assholes wanted to infiltrate a shelter for abused women, most likely women abused by men. It's just a fucking power trip for them.

Also most people agree that child beauty pageants are sexualizing kids and find the dolled up 6 year olds uncanny, even though the girls are "just having fun". Those contests are even banned in France for harming the development of a child. Why would this be any different?

No. 387774

Yeah nothing sexual about the drag name "Queen Lactacia". Move along, nothing sus here.

No. 387792

Drag is absolutely something that should be kept in nightclubs and ballrooms and pride events, there's no reason why a 10 year old should be doing drag. Playing dress up is fine and I totally encourage that, but everything has its place. Kids shouldn't be part of entertainment for grownups.

No. 387796

I’m really bothered by the whole drag queen storytime idea, but if I ever bring it up people think I’m being homophobic - I doubt anyone would claim I’m misogynistic if I didn’t want to take my kid to stripper storytime though. I get that the idea was that it’s supposed to normalise gay people to children, but why not just invite gay people to read in casual clothes that read pride books rather than huge men wearing woman costumes? I feel like it’ll have the opposite effect intended and these kids will start to view gay men as deviants or weirdos if all they see are drag queens.

No. 387799

100% this. I'm a lesbian and I absolutely would rather kids were exposed to more "normal" gay/bi people instead of drag queens. Don't get me wrong, I love drag queens/kings, but I'd rather children grew up viewing LGB people as just like one of them and not some freakshow.

No. 387846

>some sick form of validation for their "womanhood"
That's a very charitable assumption, I would've guessed they were actively seeking vulnerable women to take advantage.

No. 387893

Looks like this thread got momentarily taken down hmmm

Anyway just wanted to post this:

No. 387974

If that happened it's probably by the same mod that autosaged the last thread.

No. 388050

File: 1552925888537.png (51.37 KB, 950x940, k0qrr2rvjwm21.png)

From CahpoTrapHouse
they often joke about turning "Fascists" into sissy bimbo's and having them raped

No. 388052

I don't care about the sissy fetish on its own but they always relate it to women. Like "i'm so dumb and vapid just like a woman haha!" or "I'm submissive and love sucking dick… like women do!"

Fuck off. Don't drag us into this. Sissy is a 100% male thing, women have nothing to do with it.

No. 388054

Sissy fetish isn't just male, it's THE most male thing. To get off on being emasculated you have to be a man.

I know plenty of women who get off on being dominant and calling the shots. I know lots of women who enjoy being "alpha" and muscular and strong. Don't know a single woman who gets turned on by being emasculated the way sissies do. That's a male thing. Ironically even though they think sissification makes them feminine, it's the malest thing of all.

No. 388055

It really just goes to show how misogynistic they are to their core.
The most humiliating, degrading, powerless thing they can come up with relates back to a twisted notion of femininity. The whole concept that a woman (especially one that fits into the notions of performative femininity) is nothing but a weak, stupid version of a man that exists only for sex.
It's just grotesque and disgusting. I feel like to many TiMs, "becoming a woman" actually just means relinquishing any real responsibilities in life and being a pretty hole to fuck.

No. 388063

As soon as I mentioned it in the radfem thread I noticed it was back up within the hour. Someone has a vendetta

No. 388067

Possible troon mod?

No. 388069

Careful you don't get tempbanned for speculating such a thing, anon. I'm pretty sure at least one person on the moderation team gets very, very testy about that sort of thing.

No. 388071

>Oh god shush already

can we start saying this to them whenever they start demanding even more insane shit from us? talk to them how they talk to women lol

honestly, why do they pervert literally everything about women and womanhood, down to sleepovers, periods and hairstyles like pigtails? they don't know a single thing about actual womanhood and never will, not truly. i'd love to know why they make it all a sex/fetish thing. it's degrading and puts a gross filter over my own childhood.

No. 388072

They don't fetishize the shit parts of our lives…like the endless emotional labor or the housework dumped on us.

No. 388079

Wow. Such an incredible news. A woman got pregnant. Stop the prints!

No. 388080

Hey (real) ladies. Ive got a question for you. How can I find an lgb normal group without pandering to troons? I know there is r/gendercritical, datalounge and the lchat but I want to meet Irl. I've got some red flags if I find a lgbt group. If they start talking about intersectionality or terfs Im out. If they are mostly troons or fakebois Im out too.
So how can I find normal lgb people? I know that there must be some hiding in the open but I dont want to risk myself to violence if I tell a fellow dyke that I dont like ladydyck. I just keep myself to straight normies but god damn, I feel so alone.

No. 388083

Go to more normie/mainstream LGB events??? Most of my male gay friends are super normie cause there so isolated from the gender crazies unfortunately finding women who are not completely indoctrinated is harder… I also think women are a lot more wary about talking openly about GC stuff

No. 388089

nta but what would a normie event be? Even the most mainstream of all, Pride, is overtaken by troons where I live.

No. 388098


Build a time machine.

No. 388104


>the 10 year old drag queen performing at sex clubs

At actual sex clubs or do you mean gay nightclubs? Also you might be confusing him with Desmond who was filmed performing to songs by No Doubt and Hole.

KF has threads on both of them.

No. 388106

Your best avenue might be to find a local gc/radfem group and ask them, since many radfems are lesbians too. You could also join that gc reddit sub for real lesbians (I forgot which it was, most lesbian subs are full of men apparently) and see if anyone there lives in your area and knows about irl meetups and lesbian-friendly bars.

I hope you find something, anon. I’m straight but from what I can tell via LGB friends and family members, our local LGB scene has been invaded by TRAs too. The more “normie” people might not be up on the latest gender rethoric and make fun of tumblr sparklegenders but they’re still virulently anti-TERF and would rather excommunicate a lesbian than offend a straight man in a skirt. My friend’s boyfriend always seemed pretty sensible and down to earth but last time I was over at their place he suddenly started ranting about TERFs out of nowhere, equating them to white supremacists and saying they deserve to get beaten up like nazis do. It really took me aback but fortunately it’s relatively easy for me to avoid him.

No. 388127

The gc lesbian reddit sub is r/truelesbians, in case anon is interested

No. 388128

No. 388136

my understanding was that r/truelesbians was in fact infested with troons, same as any other subreddit meant for women. unless it's gendertrender (now gendertrending) or 4th wave now i don't trust any site. hell, i don't even trust most of lc anymore.

No. 388155

>two different sexualized 10 year old drag queen kids performing to the public
just kill me right now

No. 388172

File: 1552954334354.jpeg (181.24 KB, 566x1626, 10D8C3D3-1AE4-4764-9D52-7A3943…)

So I guess correctly identifying someone’s gender in your head is a thought crime

No. 388174

trans is just an inclusive word for narcs. nothing's ever good enough for them.

No. 388177

Calling someone certain pronouns the entire time you've known them, which could be years or decades and then suddenly having to change it is exactly comparable to instances where there's no established habit and you have no trouble re-categorizing. Gooooot it.

I really wonder if people like t his have any life outside of thinking up harebrained examples of oppression to write a twitter-essay on for their echo chamber to nod at.

No. 388189

File: 1552959664792.png (25.63 KB, 450x289, bs.png)

A spa I visited in the past had private optional clothing bathing areas for designated genders. I'm assuming clothing will remain optional with this unisex bathing area they've created. Yuck.

No. 388211

Gross, I swear to good troons and fakebois ruin so many things.
I recently went to a spa and it was such a delightful experience seeing everyone lay down and unwind.
Then, towards the end of my stay things started to feel tense once this group of fakebois came in one of the saunas. They sat in the middle of the floor looking like fools. It was obvious they were trying so hard to be unique and "meditate correctly" in front of everyone. I'm also pretty sure there was a troon in the jacuzzi tub as well when I first got there.

No. 388221

File: 1552968492090.png (1.02 MB, 1440x1429, Screenshot_2019-03-18-23-07-17…)


No. 388237

File: 1552971635109.jpg (353.5 KB, 1075x1424, reee.jpg)

they did it.

they removed funding from a rape crisis centre

No. 388238

File: 1552971665209.jpg (478.95 KB, 1075x1472, reee reee.jpg)

No. 388241

File: 1552972628467.jpg (295 KB, 1066x1385, liessss.jpg)

this troon won't stop lying and sperging out

No. 388243

File: 1552972643762.jpg (370.47 KB, 1080x1393, lies.jpg)

No. 388266

>What's up with all these cis bastards not indoctrinating themselves to believe in pseudoscience and an ideology not rooted on reality?!?!?!

Imagine hating women so much you want to cut funding from the oldest volunteering rape crisis centre in the country because they didn't allow your hairy ass in a dress to enter a space for women abused by men. These people are purebred narcs, taking away female spaces is nothing more than a personal power trip for them.


No. 388309

File: 1552994016763.png (324.88 KB, 980x1378, b_.png)

Azealia Banks talking about being sexually harassed by TiMs she thought of as her friends.
With how much AB is willing to say about people, including gay men, I've noticed she never touches on trans-women in any sort of negative way. I wonder if she's hitting peak trans, but keeps it quiet so she doesn't get completely blacklisted from the industry once and for all.

No. 388310

Wonder how long it will take for her to be called a terf

No. 388311

File: 1552994680398.png (118.44 KB, 1152x498, trf.png)

It already happened multiple times. She was harassed by her own fans for trying to discuss being sexually harassed and wanting a space for cis women.

No. 388312

>woman opens up about being harassed by a tim
>"honestly it really just reads like veiled trans exclusionary feminism."
just fuck off

No. 388313

Fake fans, it's Mewtwo that said that, not Mew. But Mew is pink and fits their godawful ~twans flag~ color scheme

No. 388314

File: 1552995058796.png (121.9 KB, 1176x534, sx.png)

This has happened six times in her experience. Just think how often it happens in literally every other "inclusive, trans-friendly" space and all the women are told to shut up or accept it, or else they're transphobic.

No. 388316

File: 1552995160144.png (184.64 KB, 1198x728, 0000.png)

No. 388317

That's so sad. She says she will pay for a TIM's hormones, nails, rent, surgery but they repay her by sexually harassing her.
Stop supporting these parasitic fuckboys Banks!

No. 388318

File: 1552995340849.png (304.52 KB, 1122x1300, 9x.png)

No. 388319

File: 1552995468578.png (278.25 KB, 1170x1140, xc.png)

She's trying so hard to explain herself and even repeatedly calls them her "sisters" to make peace, but her TRA fans are not having it.
It's psychotic how much these people hate women.

No. 388320

>I'm growing beautiful boobs
Fuck off forever, blokes.

No. 388321

I feel like because people think azealia is problematic in a dozen different ways they won't actually listen to what she's saying. Which is sad

No. 388322

File: 1552995741768.png (190.08 KB, 1236x816, xv.png)

They won't, but with the aggression she faced just for daring to talk about this, she's definitely having her internal wake up call on TiMs and TRAs. IMO, all that matters is that more and more women open their eyes to how fucked up this all is.

No. 388323

cursed image

No. 388326

>TiM starts talking about his "beautiful boobs" while a cis woman is ranting about being sexually harassed by them
That's some hardcore NPD talking there my dude

Yeah I'm really scared of a 5ft6 cis woman slapping my ass compared to a 6ft man in a dress with a functional penis and twice the body mass I have. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 388327

Anon do you know what the tweet she's responding to said

No. 388328

That's the thing that really gets me. They always play into the predatory lesbian trope. Always. "Forget that I'm a man, lesbians are the real creeps!"

No. 388330

File: 1553000119515.png (135.25 KB, 1204x514, 990.png)

Sorry, no. I only saw all this on her Twitter after the whole thing seemed to die off.
I wish Tweets were still visible when quoted.
>I love my trans sisters
These aren't your sisters, AB. These are weird, sad men.

No. 388332

File: 1553000817411.jpg (121.43 KB, 1152x2048, D1_yXuSU8AAvT05.jpg large.jpg)

Nvm, decided to look at the troon's Twitter page and found this.
He made some more shitty, dismissive comments, posted a message he sent Kim Petras to get him to not collab with her (honestly? good riddance lmao), and blocked anyone who called him out.

No. 388333

The amount of people completely dismissing the fact that she got assaulted is heinous

No. 388334

So, did they suspend AB's twitter account?

No. 388335

Just saw that her tweets are protected, sorry.

No. 388341

Thoughts? This shit keeps being liked by some people on my TF. https://twitter.com/InkKatana/status/1107288462586200066
Can any biology-related person confirm ?

No. 388344

God people on Twitter are so dumb I would like to actually see the studies they posted cause I have a feeling they're misinterpreting them

No. 388345

File: 1553007501760.png (140.5 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4546.PNG)


The stuff about XY not necessarily meaning male is true. It sort of irks me when gender-critical people claim that sex is definitively based on being XX or XY, because that's so easily refuted by this.

Using your chromosomes as a sex marker is still very much of the time valid. Additionally, when the testis forming gene is present in XX individuals, that individual is going to be pretty much entirely male, and same for XY individuals in which it is absent.

No. 388346

I still simply cannot understand how trans issues became such a big deal that you can't say literally anything negative about it without being silenced. There's nothing like it. Imagine if misogyny was treated the same way. They want to larp as us so badly but don't give a shit about us.

No. 388347

One last point but that person brought up intersex conditions but intersex conditions are sex specific. Only men can have klinesfelters and only women can have Turner's syndrome.

This is the same tired argument that biology don't real because disorders and anomalies exist

No. 388354

File: 1553008923410.jpg (82.56 KB, 540x707, po1pq6zfiH1vfiynp.jpg)

No. 388355

No, it's not. It's openly gc and troons get banned on sight there, even if they don't disclose it some mod or user would check the posting history. Maybe you're confusing it with r/actuallesbians and r/lesbianactually, both infested with troons beyond saving

No. 388357

This. Trannies using intersex conditions as a shield is bullshit, you wouldn't claim a human can have any amount of limbs just because someone is born with an extra arm or one leg every now and then. Sorry Harmony, you were born with XY chromosomes, functional testes and a penis, you're not intersex. You're a man and in no place to talk about muh chromosome anomalies. Admittedly it does happen that a baby born intersex gets assigned the wrong sex, but it's relatively rare and an entirely different issue from a normal person wanting to mutilate their healthy body.

No. 388358

>assuming that employee's gender and pronouns
ugh how problematic

No. 388359

>I still simply cannot understand how trans issues became such a big deal that you can't say literally anything negative about it without being silenced.
Because it's lead by men (albeit, mentally ill men pretending to be women). The ironic part of the trans community is that if it weren't for male privilege, it wouldn't have reached the heights it did.
A pack of sick, delusional men still have more power than women in any given society. Let that sink in.

No. 388363

This is some hyperspeed levels of irony.

No. 388364

>so I snap a photo of the employee without their consent

stay classy

Exactly this, Bruce jenner is a classic example. 90 percent of the shit he got away with because he's still a man. he's a man pretending to be a woman, but he's a man.

No. 388384

I'm reading an online book and some of the author's points about the uniformity of thought and wrongthink is extremely applicable to TRAs.

> First: shift the burden of proof to the converse of your unsupported hypothesis, defining it as the null hypothesis—true until proven false.

> Second: raise the standards for proving it false to an absurd and unsatisfiable level.

> Third: declare victory.

No. 388393

Them taking it off as a mental health disorder will only help insurance providers not have to help cover their srs kek

No. 388424

I have to ask. At the end of all this "TERF" screaming, what have TiMs gained from attacking and subjugating us? Where are the fruits of their labor and tirade? We women aren't the ones in control of society. Men are still killing, raping and invalidating them, not us. We were never the main threat, but they still focus on us the hardest. Why??

We already know cis men will never accept them as women, so now it's some big awkward fucking clubhouse of liberal women with internalized misogyny sniping other women to defend their tranny sisters under the guise of "intersectional feminism", and all other women walking on eggshells trying not to get the libfem/TRA/troon army on their ass for daring to talk about their reproductive health, for only prioritizing their "cis-ters", for not wanting to fuck someone with a dick, or for discussing being sexually harassed or raped (because "Trannies have it harder!").

Is this "winning" for them? Is this what they want? Just to bully biological women all the time and get awarded pity prizes/participation points at every turn? Are men really this pathetic?

No. 388426

They have won over spaces meant for women, by calling everyone who disagrees a terf.

No. 388427

>We already know cis men will never accept them as women

We know that, but a lot of them don't realize this. They think they can bully men into it, the way they've bullied women into pretending to accept them.

So far it's worked for them. But if you read any troon community or forum you will see that once it's time to try and get a date or a relationship from men, suddenly they start hitting roadblocks and it kills them inside.

No. 388429


Quite the opposite. Reclassifying it as a physiological condition guarantees health plan coverage of medical treatment.

Gender incongruence has already been reclassified by the WHO for the ICD-11.

Gender incongruence, meanwhile, has also been moved out of mental disorders in the ICD, into sexual health conditions. The rationale being that while evidence is now clear that it is not a mental disorder, and indeed classifying it in this can cause enormous stigma for people who are transgender, there remain significant health care needs that can best be met if the condition is coded under the ICD.


No. 388433

>evidence is now clear that it is not a mental disorder
What evidence is this supposed to be, anyway? Because their bodies are perfectly healthy and normal.

No. 388438

File: 1553025212401.jpg (270.81 KB, 1075x959, he.jpg)

We have rapists and child abusers in this world getting off easy but let's involve police when misgendering occurs!

Twitter thread here:

No. 388440

This is the third time Susie Green has reported someone to the police for "transphobic comments"

Start charging Green with wasting police time.

No. 388455

File: 1553027184893.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1701, assignedmale.jpeg)

finnish tervens… when you see it…

he did talk about moving in with his boyfriend on fb and had mentioned before that he has a finnish bf… does this mean…

No. 388457

Oh god no. How long will it take for the media to catch on and get him as the ultimate ~trans consultant~ for every trans related issue ever?

No. 388459

So while this is being thrown at them we still have natal women having to fight for hysterectomies? Disturbing.

No. 388460

Pretty sure establishments put up signs notifying customers of cleaning attendants of opposite sex that they will be in the bathrooms at certain times. Would not be surprised if this creep laid in wait.

No. 388474

Wait, when did he move to Finland? Ei vittu

No. 388488

I can't help but feel that most celebrities only support trans ideology through thick and thin due to the fear of losing their career. It's just baffling to me how it's now reaching the mainstream, and only normies are the ones calling it out.

You step into stan/lgbt twt and it's just cancel culture, only respecting people with the same opinions, and being blind to all the misfortunes that occur or just downright not caring bc it challenges their beliefs.

Seeing celebs supporting "protect trans kids" for their fans and careers is mind numbing.

No. 388494

protect trans kids is the most disturbing shit ever. I have to stop following anyone who is promoting that abuse.

No. 388495

This is so embarrassing. I agree, let's stop charging her with wasting police time when real issues are happening.

No. 388507

That's exactly what I've done imo

I was a huge fan of Zendaya, but the moment she uploaded "protect trans kids" on her accnts i knew I had to let go of supporting her. (It's not like it mattered. She's fucking rich).

Now, I'm hearing that Zendaya's new show is gonna be starring a TIM named Hunter Schafer who's been transitioning since he was in 9th grade.

Imagine that, the entertainment industry going back to its roots by having males play female roles once more.

No. 388517

File: 1553036608519.jpg (76.01 KB, 1125x1114, DHSYCljXcAI2bVs.jpg)

Is it true that Keanu is dating (or engaged?! as some sites are saying) to this troon? If so, wtf Keanu

No. 388526

I did some digging and all i found that there are rumour that he was dating the person in question, also that he might be secretly married. They are likely just co-workers and the media is just trying their best to squeze a story out of their relationship because they laughed together one time.

No. 388533

>Daniel in the ladies bathroom
>"This man in here makes me feel unsafe!"

This has to be a joke, right?

No. 388538


>Reeves hasn’t been linked to a woman since 2015 when he was rumored to be dating transgender Jamie Clayton.

No. 388546

File: 1553042152581.jpg (409.81 KB, 1079x1837, Chin.jpg)

I hope not, or else his standards are abysmal

No. 388550

He isn’t ugly but goddamn does he look unhinged

No. 388567

do we have any terf agents in turku? i mean if he moved there then i guess it's only matter of time until he appears in the queer scene there

No. 388632

Wtf I hate Keanu now
Pls don’t be true

No. 388635

>Is this "winning" for them? Is this what they want?
Yes. They hate women. Taking over our voices, spaces and whatever their grubby hands can grab is exactly what they want. They know they're in no life-threatening dangers because even the trannies getting killed are black prostitutes and not white IT professionals, their endgame is to completely have women crawl at their feet.

Celebrities are always ready to go with any mainstream ideology to keep their career afloat. I doubt they actually believe in the shit they support unless they have a family member who's into it. At this point in time it would be the ultimate career suicide to speak out against trannies, I'm surprised Graham Linehan hasn't been detained for "hate speech".

Sort of related but maybe last year or so I was watching a TV panel show popular in my country, and at some point one of the hosts started screeching about troons and how self-identification laws should be installed right the fuck now. It came totally out of nowhere and it was so fucking obviously done as a publicity stunt. Completely made me cringe, especially after it received massive applause from the audience. It was a Finnish program called "Hyvät ja Huonot uutiset" and the person who did this was Niina Lahtinen iirc.

No. 388644

File: 1553070410306.jpeg (71.02 KB, 600x315, C330591C-41FC-4724-A647-783320…)

This guy is on Sense8, a show Netflix tried to cram down my throat for weeks upon weeks. When I finally gave it a chance it was so tryhard, like they let a tumblr wokenes checklist dictate the creation of all the characters and their storylines. There were gay male main characters but of course the only lesbians (with the exception of the meanie terves harassing an innocent transbian at pride unprovoked ofc) were this TIM and his “lesbian” girlfriend. I looked up the creators and of course it was the Wachowski “sisters”.

No. 388676

Turku terf here, will report any local sightings

No. 388684

If you're talking about don cheadle I think it's cause his kid is trans but that might just be a rumor

No. 388707

File: 1553094132818.png (4.96 MB, 750x1334, 27192CFF-2E66-4B03-8D78-96C8B4…)

… if you say so… lol

No. 388710

I'm sure the existing employees are thrilled that a man is there to finally show them how to properly wear dresses.

No. 388711


> no waist

Sure jan

No. 388714


No. 388732

the lack of waist makes it look like a muumuu on him.

No. 388745

He really thinks that looks better. Delusional.

No. 388770

>pairing that trashass purse with that dress
Literally as if he didn't look ridiculous enough, the fact that he cannot coordinate is so hilariously embarrassingly, out of touch male that it isn't even funny. Looks so dumb.

No. 388781

They always hop into female spaces and start spouting how they're actually better than cis women. Then when women don't want them there they cry about the lack of support and ask where the sisterhood is.

We're expected to bend over backwards to accomodate them and send them endless compliments but they will come for us and insult us in ANY situation.

He is literally just attending a job interview. There was no need for the dig. He could have said "When you have an interview at Kate Spade and you're matching the mannequin." But no, lets' just drag some women down since they don't really matter.

No. 388787

File: 1553112544901.jpg (46.36 KB, 408x594, vagina.jpg)

"I haven't swam with a vagina before! Does water like go up the hole by itself?"

Summary of the latest episode.


No. 388788

I'm no expert but going for a swim in the ocean a month after getting a neovagina seems unwise.

No. 388793

How would female friends know what happens with a neovagina anyway? They're so different to real vaginas.

No. 388799

i actually feel so bad for him. hes still a child and yet he/his parents have completely mutilated his genitals and destroyed any chance of him ever having a normal life.

not to mention that even after all this he still looks so painfully bulky and male.

No. 388802

Ok, I'm being serious. Have you all thought of playing the long game of calling yourselves transwoman to get back our rights? My radfem friend did this with a scholarship and they gave it to her when all she said that she was "trans" and she has a fake troon account on twitter and everything.

The logic is kind of like how it's seen in affirmative action, where it's purpose is to help minorities but the majority are given to white women because women is a protected class. (I know bad example but that's all I got)

No. 388804


>playing the long game

That's gaming the system. And no, because the system needs to change,not my identity.

No. 388806

Well we already see men doing this for more privelge points so no one can call them out for being racists and get away with it, I say why not?

No. 388808

Don't they ask for your real ID or any other proof before giving you a scholarship?
Btw yes, I've actually thought of claiming to be a troon in order to open a gofundme and get some TRA money. Of course I'd donate half of it to some women-only charity, was thinking of Vancouver Rape Relief actually

No. 388809

There are a few that do it on twitter / tumblr for asspats and betabux and troons get secretly angry about not passing as well as who they think is a MTF (kek). Radfems could start doing this to avoid being banned on twitter and all they have to say is that they're post-op and don't show old pics because it triggers their disphoria. Twitter and reddit is a hug box so if anyone calls you out they immediately get shamed.

No. 388810

Samefag but you could also say that you transitioned early / intersex and that can work as well since troons and males have no problem doing the same.

No. 388815

I really wouldn't advise doing that just to start a kickstarter for your own profit unless you're prepared to own up to the lie oneday and accept whatever social (or even legal) consequences come with it. Also any GC points you have will be undermined by it until you eventually come out with the truth.
But if it's your ticket to a free education or something like that, then hell yeah, get it girl. They can't prove that you're not trans and you can always 'detransition' after

No. 388818

How would anon have to own up to the lie and have social and legal consequences? No one would be able to know who she really is and prove that she's not trans, and as far as I know gofundme doesn't share your real info… I've always seen a lot of scammers on that website, no one was doxxed.
Just make a twitter/whatever account, insert yourself into TRA circles, fish for attention, start ebegging for a bit and if it's successful, stick around for a bit more to say how "happy" you are and then disappear into thin air claiming you're leaving social media to enjoy your new life, focus on your job or whatever (or delete your account)

No. 388834


>Radfems could start doing this

No self-respecting woman, let alone radfem, would do this.

No. 388836

File: 1553124738955.jpg (22.69 KB, 540x406, SEI_56991810.jpg)

A transgender woman threatened to stab a 10-year-old girl’s mother during a terrifying sexual assault in the female toilets of a Morrison’s supermarket.

Katie Dolatowski, 18, admitted grabbing the youngster by her face and forcing her into the cubicle before demanding she take her trousers off at the store in Fife, Scotland, on 4 March. She carried out a similar attack just weeks earlier, on 8 February, when another young girl using the toilet at an Asda store in Halbeath spotted Dolatowski using a mobile phone to spy on her over the partition wall.





No. 388841

Exactly. If I decide to start saying that I'm a trans woman who passes beautifully, who's going to tell me that I'm not? The insanity is such that everything is self-id anyhow. Everyone in this thread is clearly a troon and we should all get free healthcare for our terribly interesting, self-lubing, self-cleaning, no-hairball-forming vaginas. We even have the strange ability to carry children in some mysterious pocket in our bellies, produce healthy food from our breasts, who knows what else we can do! Obviously, there needs to be more study into this extremely unique and clearly superior form of trans woman.

My mom couldn't take a bath for six weeks after her hysterectomy. More proof that these butchers don't care about the bodies of these kids.

No. 388846

>things libfems and TRAs say doesn't happen

No. 388854

File: 1553127508712.jpg (675.37 KB, 1080x1460, Screenshot_20190320-170617.jpg)

Way to feed into the societal expectations of beauty that real women work hard enough to disregard. Didn't we just have a hashtag last month celebrating noses of all sizes? Anyway, I get frustrated enough with all these dudes who manage to be given piles of money for various unrequired surgeries, but to specifically point out his nose? It doesn't even look that big , jfc

No. 388870

I might be a bit fucked up here, and I obviously don't want women or children to get abused or harassed ever, but every time something like this happens I like the fact it's going to make more and more people hit peak trans. Trannies are way over represented in sex offender and paedophile statistics, the more of them getting caught and peak transing people the better.

No. 388873

I wish people would give me money to fix my perceived problems…damn

No. 388891

kek, the funny thing is like… it's everything else that's the problem, dude. your nose isn't what's making you look masc

No. 388896

there are plenty of natal women with noses like that. his nose isn't what's making him look male.

No. 388911

Is it necessary to say natal women? If yes, why? Thanks.

No. 388919

What is the point of getting surgery when he is just gonna go off and feel insecure about something else later? Just take your roman nose and gtfo

No. 388940

it isn't, it's a habit I have from trying to convert handmaidens and not wanting to use the word "cis".

No. 388946

>It's just a bathroom, claiming that this would happen is bigotry!!! CIS WOMEN DO IT TOOOOOOO
If this isn't kafkaesque horror, I don't know what is.

People commit suicide over severe BDD all the time, why are you qualified to get free surgery instead of therapy the minute you claim you're trans?

No. 388957

Ughhh but guys they just wanna use the bathroom though! Kek

No. 389012

File: 1553175680844.png (105.32 KB, 537x452, 3d18feb810c348f96ab7316adb65c3…)

They really love doing that "LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU TERF" shit huh. No matter how politely and respectfully someone brings up their point, they'll just start reeeing and blocking if someone doesn't agree with them.

No. 389025

It really annoys me that the detrans woman kalvin garrah decided to talk to is clearly unwell and believes in a ton of weird conspiracy shit. There are a bunch of detrans women that are closer to kalvins age but ofc go for the one that seems insane to discredit any point she may make

No. 389027

>I feel females need their own spaces for safety, something easily proven by male criminal rates being the same as TiM's cirminal rates.

No. 389048

>I was sexually harassed
Jesus Christ. Aealia will insult anyone and probably savage a fucking infant if they looked at her wrong but tip toes around trannies. Pisses me off. She's not this stupid also funny this is coming from a person who has an entire song about men who are jealous and wanna be women. "ALL THESE OTHER BITCHES H-TO THE-I-M-S!" Lmao.

No. 389049

File: 1553183168236.jpg (56.54 KB, 598x442, kalvin.JPG)

Wait since when has Kalvin been detrans? Still going strong with the trans shit on twitter at least.

No. 389052

no he talked to a detrans woman on his youtube

No. 389068

Anyone tried LARPing as circumgender to trigger TRAs/TiMs/TiFs? They have no real argument against it, so it's pretty funny.

No. 389069

File: 1553185860177.png (32.39 KB, 1500x1000, signs-of-low-emotional-intelli…)

Was going down the article rabbit hole and stumbled on this one about low emotional intelligence. Seems like a lot of trans people fit the signs of low EQ.

No. 389088

ahhh my bad

No. 389103

not to be a femcel but i think that's just men, which also further proves that trannies are definitely, certainly, no doubt about it, same as the average man

No. 389126

Does it piss anyone else off how troons keep framing Japan's laws around changing gender as "sterilization"?

For context: Japan requires troons to have had SRS to legally change their gender. Troons have decided to start writing headlines saying shit like "Japan requires awesome trans gals to be sterilized to change gender."

It's so deceptive. Yes, having SRS will sterilize you, that isn't the goal and they know it. I'm so sick of how troons twist and manipulate words to get their own way, and everyone just falls for it every time.

No. 389133

She has a troon brother, that could be the reason.

No. 389153

she does? ?

No. 389177

Sister, rather. Her sibling is an ftm.

No. 389189

File: 1553199072516.jpg (535.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190321-130910_Twi…)

Took me a second to decipher what the fuck they were saying

No. 389194

The massive amount of infighting within the troon community is probably going to be good for us in the long run so I condone it.

No. 389195

I swear I've read and reread this about 3 times and I still don't have a clue what this post is about.

No. 389198

File: 1553199402789.jpg (82.42 KB, 500x744, tumblr_inline_pol9zqzGgH1sodnt…)

This is what desperately jealous sour grapes look like.

No. 389199

File: 1553199435239.jpg (85.06 KB, 500x704, tumblr_inline_pol9zumlut1sodnt…)

Another troon's even more desperately jealous reply.

No. 389202

There’s a god damn Laverne Cox quote up on one of the billboards at the school I work at. That’s it. I’m just pissed about it.

No. 389205

It’s disingenuous as hell. When they do want SRS it’s vitally important and saves billions of trans lives a week and should be fully covered by insurance or the state with zero waiting time or gatekeeping, but if they don’t want SRS then it’s forced sterilisation and practically genocide. Somehow both are true at the same time. They want everything they ask for handed to them instantly for free with compliments or else their human rights are being violated.

Japan’s system is how it used to be in most countries that acknowledged transsexuals at all. “Female” penises are a very 21th century concept.

No. 389207

majority of the male population are still straight and into vaginas, none of them except the desperate ones will accept your girldick, get over it. you ruining your asshole is way more likely than a woman ruining her vagina.

No. 389211

You can never take the man out of the tranny. The violent rhetoric they spew reveals exactly what sex they are.

Who body shames like this when they don't get what they want? I think it's guys. Yeah. Pretty sure it's guys. I for one am very, very happy that Anastasia here will never, ever pass on his defective genes. Good show, my man, good show.

No. 389214

Did some handmaidens/libfems respond?
I'm imagining something along the lines of "oh, uh…that's not ver-very n-nice of you, you're totally female and I support you though, hahaha…" and "omg yeah we ciswomen drools transgirls rules, yass queen you go girl, am I cool by the way?"

No. 389219

The joke here is straight men do talk about how vaginas smell and are ugly and whatever but you can bet they'd much still rather find one on their new girlfriend than a dick.

No. 389220

because men's precious dicks taste like chocolate and smell like roses uwu

No. 389221

Fucking christ what an ugly beast. That profile and the comments from other trooncels are what you'd expect from a typical misogynist. Hating women, hating vaginas, hating reproduction, hating women who have kids, periods and other bio things women experience. They say this shit and wonder why nobody wants them around

It's so fucking hilarious how they cling to men being into trannies are their ace card against women. When it's been shown how alot of men are first to shut troons down and push for this tranny agenda to end.

No. 389223

It's basically saying that masc trans men (IE, women who put effort into looking "male") are oppressing fem trans men (IE, women who want to be special by claiming to be a boy while putting no effort in) by saying they're not "tru trans"

No. 389225

File: 1553201129685.jpeg (144.08 KB, 1400x1400, 0FAD2049-AFE3-4B3B-9B00-7A9B03…)

> “supreme female”

No. 389227

Samefag but I wonder if it’s possible to pit the people crying sterilisation against Mermaids’ Susie Green, who took her underaged son to Thailand to have his penis inverted. I love seeing TRAs turn on each other in their hypocrisy.

No. 389230

>lips and long hair present
>still clocked as a man moment I saw this
A tragedy

No. 389237

i think any straight man alive would pick a "worthless vagina" (regardless of look/smell/taste/everything else that's supposedly "disgusting") over the dirty stanky asshole of another man. and if you're a troon, you obviously want one of those "worthless vaginas" too… but go off, kek.

the bitterness and hatred of women is real.

No. 389260

Call yourself transracial, they'll start cussing you out kek

No. 389264

If I didn't know I would've thought this was an incel

No. 389271

Anyone else who was on Tumblr and saw the "Trans Girl Marco Diaz" thing going around? I watched the show with my niece and Marco being trans seemed like another case of taking a GNC guy and transing him.

He wore makeup and a dress in the show and I guess that's all you need to be a girl.

No. 389272

be fair, he IS an incel.

No. 389274

Kyle Massey?

No. 389303

File: 1553210882567.gif (32.62 KB, 200x200, 1445391095942.gif)

The amount of troon delusion never ceases to bewilder and amaze me.

No. 389306

Thank you for clarifying that for me, Anon. I do appreciate this but at the same time why the hell would trans 'guys' give a shit about this kind of stuff? If they want to be men they're doing it wrong imo.

No. 389307

No problem anon. I don't really get it either. Then again, I don't really get why people troon out at all.

No. 389308

Ugh, I watch that show with my kid and he loves it, it’s clear that they’re pushing more the idea that he likes to cross dress/do drag, which I’d say is still an issue for a kids show (why not just show he likes wearing dresses instead of making him create an alter ego for it?) but the TRA will latch onto anything and claim it’s trans. I mean, egg culture is an unironic thing so they’re definitely desperate

No. 389310

Hey, drag is better than mainstream cartoon troons. At least drag queens are (mostly) gay guys who accept that they're male.

Obviously drag is… not the greatest, but I'd rather that than awesome trans gals

No. 389311

maybe not a popular opinion around here but I personally don't mind drag

No. 389316

I have mixed feelings about it. And the intentions seem to be different from drag artist to drag artist.

Honestly the thing that bothers me the most is them referring to woman/femininity as fish. Feels like such gross slang imo. But I cant say im surprised since a lot of gay men are quite misogynistic

No. 389333

I like drag as adult entertainment, although I’d like it a lot more if they toned down the sexism, but I don’t think it belongs in kids spaces when it’s heavily intertwined with nightclub culture

No. 389335

No, I agree that it’s better than making him Troon out, but I still wish that they just instead showed that it’s fine for a boy to wear dresses and other feminine clothes without having to create an alternate ‘female’ ego for it. It started off by him having to infiltrate an all girls school but they really made it spiral from there on into a kid doing drag for drags sake. And we all know how well that’s working out for the likes of Lactatia

No. 389343

I don’t really have a strong opinion on drag. I don’t personally find it enjoyable but if it’s just guys having fun dressing up and making personas then whatever, I just don’t like when they purposely try to make a mockery of women.

What exactly do they mean by referring to women as fish? If it’s implying what I think it is…ugh

No. 389389

I think because I think drag is pretty important to LGB history and have read about early drag both for men and women I've always had an interest in it. I really wish there was a drag king scene tbh sorry this probably doesn't belong here.

I understand not liking the misogynistic aspects though.

No. 389455

File: 1553231059007.png (1.19 MB, 1916x1080, 4ggnvdsxy3l21.png)

Is it just me or do the "soft gay boys uwu" make up 90% of the TIF community ?

No. 389458

Why does this thread keep getting taken down

No. 389459

Just like how autogyns make up the majority of the time community.

No. 389460

"Male terf" so they're admitting terfs are female lol

No. 389461


Are you looking at the catalog or the index?

No. 389503

I havent had any issues with the thread

No. 389525

>Because I used a sperm donor and the first question everybody has asked, before their disbelief, has been “cool, who’s the dad?” Insert side-eyes emoji here.
>"Hey, I have some news! I’m pregnant!”
>"Oh cool! Who’s the dad?”
>“Me, I’m the dad.”
>“Haha no, you know what I mean, the real dad.”
>“…..me. I’m the real dad.”
>In other words, my pregnancy has become another excuse for the people around me to deny my gender exists in the same breath as they preach acceptance and allyship. Which, frankly, sucks, and I shouldn’t need to say it but it is the total opposite of allyship.

No. 389530

>I am a boy. A pregnant boy. There is a foetus in my uterus.

I swear the trans movement is just full of retards

No. 389534

just imagine having a woman who believes she's a anime Yaoi boi as a parent

No. 389535

The ultimate fujo cringe.

No. 389546

I do sometimes wonder how males who were raised by fujo/yaoi mom's will turn out

No. 389550

I'd feel really sorry for a girl raised by a TiF. Imagine if your mom had so much internalized misogyny that she identified as a man. Wouldn't be great for the kids self-image and imagine how triggered the TiF mom/"dad" would be when their kid enter puberty.

No. 389559

Good lord anons, Angelina Jolie has indoctrinated two of her daughters to troon out and she's a cis woman. She's just a histrionic unstable piece of shit and a washed up drug addict, that transcends all boundaries in human demographics.

No. 389560

I know (online) these kind of uwu soft boy types who are mothers. One of them is embarrassing "i'm a yaoi gay boy uwuwuwu" type with a husband, when she had a birthday party for her kid it was all about unicorns rainbows queerio cutesy shit as if she was actually having the party for herself. Too bad she tweets in finnish she kinda is fakeboi lolcow material.

No. 389562

I need to know who, I'm a Finnish terve. I have an idea but if it's not her I'm gonna die if there's another mother like this

No. 389563

File: 1553251704408.jpg (77.2 KB, 517x508, UWUUUUU.jpg)

Google search menniäinen + twitter and I'll think you'll now who I mean

No. 389565

Yes? It's well known in these threads that there are crazy moms who encourage their kids to be trans, like Jazz's mother.
Imagine all that craziness combined with your mom getting her tits chopped off and calling herself Aiden. Fuck I feel so sorry for those kids, whichever type of TRA parent they get.

No. 389566

File: 1553252102787.png (302.58 KB, 521x709, weww.PNG)

Thanks anon, I got a brain aneurysm from this shit.
>Rough translation: Mother (the "enbie" troon) is in such a bad place mentally that she has to be committed, the kid's father refuses to take care of the kid's dentist visit because he's hungover and his place has been trashed by a weekend of binge drinking
What a stable environment for the kid

No. 389568

So it's not the same person? There's more of them here??

No. 389573

Google Kimmo Lust. Another deeply traumatized ex-sex worker woman who got caught in the nonbinary thing and has three kids. That Menniäinen person was far more spastic though, the other one is more of a tragic case than something to laugh at.

No. 389619


Why the spoilers?

No. 389632

No. 389639

>I’ve desperately wanted to have a child since I was tiny, and I’ve known it was my calling that long too.
yuck. it is not any woman's "calling" to birth a child.

>I’m finally at a point in my life where it’s actually a sensible move to get on with it – my degree should be complete at the end of next year,

still in undergrad and getting pregnant on purpose. how sensible.

From her bio at the bottom:
>Scout Barbour-Evans is a takatāpui and transmasculine boy living in Dunedin.
Why do all these people describe themselves as "boys" and "girls"??

Question for any kiwis who might be reading: Is the use of so many maori words and phrases an everyday thing in NZ or is it an overcompensating SJW thing?

I see posts like this here every so often and they always bother me. It seems like it's the same anon every time. Is there any actual indication that Angelina Jolie's daughters are twans or are you just triggered by little girls who are tomboys and have short hair?

No. 389640

Some Maori terms are in common usage but takatapui refers exclusively to Maori people. It's like if a white person called themselves a hijira, or a two-spirit. If you're not Maori, you're not takatapui.

No. 389642

>Why do all these people describe themselves as "boys" and "girls"??
cause they don't want to be "ugly smelly hairy dirty men" they wanna be like their yaoi boys with hairless bodies,cute faces and short stature

No. 389648

No. 389670

No. 389673

Kind of a sexist and shallow thing of me to say, but Shiloh would have grown up to be a very beautiful woman. Such a waste. Everyone is probably thinking after she transitions she'll look just like Brad but in reality she'll end up a tranny version of her uncle James Haven.
It weirds me out because she resembles my niece and I can't imagine giving a child hormones.
She'll end up topping herself or becoming another hollywood freakshow.

No. 389676

Wait, did Angelina really let her kid troon out? What the actual fuck happened to letting her be a girl and dress however she wanted?

No. 389678

Tinfoil but after having seen how crazy and petty Angie is (referencing the gossip sites accounts scandal, we talked about it in the celebricows thread) I wouldn't put it past her to be deep down jealous of her daughter, because of how similar to her young self she looks. Better to make a man out of her, so that she can remain "the one and only"

No. 389679

Okay thats defiantly reaching in my opinion

No. 389680

I had the exact thoughts. My mother has the same narcissistic personality and she always tried to sabotage me through food and encouraging me to be as masculine as possible.

No. 389705

File: 1553278046717.jpg (90.63 KB, 627x833, gayflag.JPG)

Fakeboi got assblasted at the gay male flag made to piss off trannies because of m-muh inclusivity. News at 11. Someone said this was a troll flag created in 4chan to cause LGBT drama but I have no idea, it's still hilarious.

No. 389742

File: 1553283433466.png (256.71 KB, 1842x696, 1553262303458.png)

Troons claim we terves "reduce women to their vaginas" and then go and write things like this.

>I need pussy in my life

>Dicks are the genitals I'm forced to be with

No. 389745

File: 1553283867558.jpg (215.23 KB, 1080x1024, IMG_20190322_204210.jpg)

Hating terfs? Bitch, that's so 2018. All radical feminists should die now.

No. 389748

File: 1553284405454.jpeg (594.42 KB, 750x1195, 9EE90D85-B3F6-4647-95DB-F5A3FB…)


Turns out OP is a pedophile, too.

No. 389750

they're all pedophiles

No. 389754

File: 1553286418043.jpeg (51.02 KB, 1125x625, 9A11D093-342A-4DC3-AFE4-DD785F…)

This is the same creepy troon who tweeted things like this, and who admitted to stealing women’s clothes and ejaculating into them.

No. 389755

Man here, was digging around exploring various chans for something new. Sure is a lot of man hate here, but your conversations are legitmately interesting to read. Less shitflinging than usual chans, but more unified hatred together on a subject. I always wondered how feminists felt about the lgbtbbq encroaching on their territory. I like that you guys tend to source more than usual as well. Easier to get a fair picture.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 389756

man-chan, you seem nice, but men aren't allowed to post here so you played yourself.

No. 389757

>”I want to have the immense validation of a cis lesbian telling me “I know your past, but it doesn’t change the fact that I still like you”,”
>a cis lesbian
“I know your past” how is it in the past if your dick is still there? There’s so much irony in this passage. A person with a penis wants to be seen and treated like a cis lesbian, but is not willing to fuck other people with penises who call themselves women, because it’s not validating enough. Almost as if even MtFs see being a transwoman with a penis as different than being an actual born woman… but still want to be the exception to this rule

>”I want the immense validation”

Disgusting fetish. Prioritizing getting off on being seen as a woman during sex above all else. We love a contradictory kween, kek to the next dimension

>”I’m not saying this in a scumbag objectifying way”

Rewriting reality, your mental health is showing

>”I’m fucking pissed they don’t recognize me as a lesbian, they see me as lesser”

You won’t fuck someone with a dick, you see them as lesser

>Getting off with vibrators

Jacking off to or being aroused by the idea of pretending you’re a chick is a fetish, not a gender identity

>”I’m not even looking to top!!”

This is literally such male thinking, your penis is showing

No. 389759

BEGONE male voyeurist

No. 389761

No one cares, sage your useless blog postings for the chan you came from, sage noncontribution and read the rules before posting. There’s so much rampant spewing of hate towards women on all other chan boards but I’m certain you’ve never once typed in their threads “Sure is a lot of woman hate here.” I promise whatever corner you crawled out of had women riddled throughout it, forced to keep on the DL from the standardized woman hating culture. Any disdain we harbor is only from you scrotes sowed.

No. 389762

tits or GTFO

No. 389764


Men really think their opinions are so important, like we're sitting here desperate for their approval. If only we had a man's perspective in a thread specifically for how much we hate men imposing their perspective on women!!

No. 389766

Rules are easily broken when you're a phoneposter thankfully.

Its frustrating seeing the same opinions all the time, its good to talk with people on both sides of an issue.

No. 389768

why are these freaks always on poly stuff? all the troons i've met are poly

No. 389770

Damn anon go off! It’s fun seeing retarded people get loud

No. 389771

they're ugly so they're trying to get anything they could i think. every poly person i have met has been ugly as shit

No. 389774

Its funny that you think that. I figured the angle you'd go for was that I wanted YOUR approval. Really I'm mostly neutral and on the side of logic and rationality. I think social media has destroyed society and largely created the mess this thread is about. I was wondering why more women weren't upset about men getting into their washrooms or fighting back against it, it seems you are a minority.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 389785

File: 1553291422795.png (393.41 KB, 1440x1842, Screenshot_2019-03-22-16-46-14…)

Not like the other girls!
>Diverse, liberal
This girl thinks being a special snowflake makes her basically non-white.
There's a lot going on in this post KEK

No. 389790

Anon, she said she LIVES in a diverse area. Jfc the things you guys sperg over sometimes.

No. 389848

no need to wait for long. Onision's first born will be old enough in a few years

No. 389857

I knew a guy whose parents were super leftist hippies and he joined the marines just to piss them off,I feel like thats what Onison's son is gonna end up doing

No. 389902

If you want pussy then why don't you….

Stop being a TiM ..hopefully you haven't had any surgeries..

Be a straight male..

and date straight women??

No. 389916

File: 1553329832531.jpg (141.98 KB, 720x755, 20190323_012730.jpg)

The top tweet somehow ended up on my timeline and at first I thought it was a parody by a misogynistic man. Then when I realized it was a fugly troon it all made sense.
>b-but they're not feshists!!1!

No. 389917

I saw some people saying they were glad for her she wants a sex change and honestly i just want to throw up. She’s obviously being affected by men threatening to violently rape her

No. 389918

File: 1553331882359.jpeg (85.7 KB, 640x748, FF1D3D39-24DB-4FB4-B7DE-30096C…)

Pic dropped.

No. 389919

I looked into this and i haven't seen anything 100% confirming this. There was rumours of her transitioning last year aswell but it turns out they weren't true. I think she is only considering it to get away from gross men. I don't blame her for considering transitioning to get away from this attention, but i hope she doesn't go through with it. She needs people to have her back and try and talk some sense into her.

No. 389920

Can you link the article, it seems like click bait. Kodak is disgusting though and has been sexually harrassing her. I remember awhile back he said that he doesn't like dark skin women because they are too tough and light skin women are "easier to break down," so it doesn't surprise me that he's rapey as hell. Sad that woman can't even be who they are without being harrassed for being "masculine," which I guess is somewhat of a gender critical topic.

You can watch her response in this video where she calls herself female.

No. 389952

If I were in her shoes, I'd probably just start claiming I had a sex change just to disgust men and make them leave me alone.

No. 389957

Unfortunately, even that wouldn't make men leave her alone. I remember the caps of a FtM on Grindr, she received a bunch of creepy messages from dudes who wanted to "fucked her in the pussy". On Grindr.
Moral of the story, nothing ever disgusts men. They even fuck TIMs.

No. 389993

File: 1553360110935.png (303.54 KB, 1400x900, 1_3U97IKGaII1gD5ICxUNJmg.png)

I thought this article might belong here, since they do mention that the previous creator was transphobic.

Why can't "lesbians" (read: bisexuals who date TiMs) leave lesbians and their things alone?

Also the "new flag" is ugly as fuck.


No. 390005

Weird, l stumbled upon this same article last night while searching for what the stripes in the lesbian flag stood for. I saw someone try to say the white stripe is meant for non binary lesbians.

No. 390008

this looks like a pack of fruit stripe gum. it'll last about as long as the flavor. 10 seconds.

No. 390009

These people always have the design and color sense of a toddler. None of these colors go together

No. 390011

File: 1553363089530.png (148.99 KB, 1400x1000, 1_Q4LEqI0DXz_w1SM-nEkBZA.png)

OP here. I found it pretty much the same way. I was looking for the lesbian flag and I ran into pic related on the image results. Maybe on the second or third line.

I thought it was some homophobic article. Turns out I was right.

No. 390021

File: 1553365054777.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, B85B0824-B29C-4E7B-83A4-AFC297…)

Ran into a Troon in the wilds of Facebook. The girl who posted shared some tumblr screenshot of a text story where a guy believed that all women had their period during the full moon.

Saw this troons comment and saw they were in a “gay” relationship. And honestly? Im just here to bitch.

No. 390027

I know a lassie who goes by they/it, and she has a boyfriend who identifies as a girl. they call each other gay and say they are such lesbians, but now her boyfriend has gone back to using his male name? idk whats happening here but it rlly isn't a lesbian relationship and it bugs me lol

No. 390040

I don't understand why anyone would want to go by 'it'. It seems so dehumanizing even if you're "okay" with it.

No. 390047

The full moon thing is hilarious but how is it "cis-normative"? I swear troons always flip out when anyone mentions that women menstruate and always start mentioning themselves despite that the obvious major group it doesn't apply to is post-menopausal women. But we never see post-menopausal women or women with other medical conditions that make them not menstruate start selfishly whining over women who speak about menstruation as a female issue. Speaking about the female menstrual cycle never gets called anti-elite-athlete, eating-disorder-phobic, ageist, etc., just transphobic.

No. 390058

File: 1553370974093.jpeg (23.19 KB, 768x435, D33A15A0-6120-4F3C-89F4-34F34C…)

That’s why I posted it here lol. I just rolled my eyes - oh how sad for you a scrote didn’t oppress you congrats.

No. 390063

File: 1553371353852.jpg (44.54 KB, 500x618, FB_IMG_1553371337643.jpg)

They're delusional all of them

No. 390066

File: 1553371551457.jpg (37.97 KB, 500x562, FB_IMG_1553371541689.jpg)

Fucking delusional

No. 390091

>huge community of transwomen
so, straight white men then? one time i tried to get involved with a dnd group that said they were mostly women but i go in there and me and the "nb femme" are the only females in the room. it's almost like they don't know how actual women in these nerd spaces get treated… also imagine unironically lacking enough personal agency and self respect to demand other people play along with your LARP. haha oof.

No. 390095

>narcissists tooting their own horn is revolutionary
I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means.

No. 390097

File: 1553376075477.jpg (413.97 KB, 1076x1369, Nope.jpg)

Why do they even try and spread the myth that a neovagina is more pleasurable?

No. 390114

Because men must always be better than women at everything, including having a vagina. And of course the only function of a vagina is to make penises feel good.

No. 390124

just speculating here but wouldnt a neovag be looser or less elastic? since it doesnt have a pelvic floor

No. 390129

Absolutely, that's why they have to keep dilating it.

No. 390130

Of course trans vaginas are better: they have teeth! What man doesn't like teethy vag?

Seriously though, they aren't. I'm not a specialist but from what I read it's far from "AL THE POSITIONS YOU CAN IMAGINE!!!"

Is penetration even pleasurable for a trans women? They don't have clitoris or real vagina, so why would it even feel god?

No. 390131

File: 1553382272484.png (210.45 KB, 497x549, 1551999223192.png)

>he unironically said "dialation"

No. 390136

>Dilation allows it to size down or up to fit the partner

Yet another man who doesn't understand that the vagina is a muscle that can shrink and expand depending on the situation.

No. 390139

File: 1553383357247.jpg (78.14 KB, 750x746, DXjC54UWkAAyX3F.jpg)

>foecal bacteria present in 79% of TW neovaginas

No. 390140

Well, it's a gaping wound that is constantly trying to close itself so in a way it might be tight

No. 390141

Another story of a tranny making the guy look bad for rejecting them after they disclosed they are trans. They talked online, met up in person for a "sandwich" date, then I guess he told the guy shortly after that and posted the texts in this youtube video.

Gee you couldn't have said that earlier? Oh right you are the victim here once again and saying "I know how you truly are" to the guy making HIM look like a bad person.

Pathetic. They just got SRS so had a dick back then too.

No. 390142

File: 1553384546299.jpg (114.83 KB, 1065x599, tranny.jpg)

This is the text.

No. 390147

They're men. They should know better than anyone that you can't shame men into doing anything they don't want to do (including getting into a gay relationship, but calling it something else), lmao.
They can't browbeat their own kind like they browbeat women.

No. 390149

>I'm completely straight
>But muh feelings!!

No. 390150

.. Straight trans women and their retarded incels vs trans "lesbians" go

Idk which is worse. They both hate us. One wants to just eliminate all women and replace us. Another wants the same but also are entitled to us as sex partners

No. 390151

It was a trap

No. 390157

Oh I am laffin

"Glad I can see how you truly are"

You mean.. like a massive liar?

No. 390178

he's got to be a virgin to spout this nonsense. if he'd actually been with a woman, he'd know for sure that what he's pushing is garbage. it's laughable to know that they truly, 100% believe a literal gaping wound is no different, if not better, than real female genitalia. it's an insulting imitation at best, and as much the same as a child's shitty drawing of the sun is to the actual sun.

i've never seen a fellow man help them with their cope before though, how nice of them to come together once again to shit all over women and put us down for existing. /s

of course doofus incels like this would think that other men can do womanhood better, because mutual bitterness and hatred. the fact he doesn't realize that the vagina is a muscle that can accommodate different sizes without getting all loose and floppy is the funniest part.

No. 390201

I just want to add

Since he's probably a chaser aka tranny fetishist, I would guess he's not "a fan of vaginas" at all. He's helping trannies cope so he can cope with the fact that he's gay. I'd bet money the dude who said that knows his way around dicks and assholes more than vaginas and is in denial about the reality of that.

No. 390210

File: 1553398266119.jpeg (76.56 KB, 576x782, ItsTotesTheSame.jpeg)

Guys it gets better/worse

I didn't even realize that screenshot wasn't the full image. I just expanded it

No. 390213

but the design it's based off is literally a natural vagina wtf, how can it be more 'perfect' than what its trying to imitate? the absolute state of troons

No. 390214

File: 1553398807077.gif (743.25 KB, 200x200, 1525409621571.gif)

just googled neovagina and wow its mostly just studies about the disgusting reality of getting one

>Ultimately, studies reported on 1,684 patients with an overall complication rate of 32.5% and a reoperation rate of 21.7% for non-esthetic reasons. The most common complication was stenosis of the neo-meatus (14.4%). Wound infection was associated with an increased risk of all tissue-healing complications.

So even when you get one you can grow hair in it, you will likely have to get back under the knife, foecal bacteria is highly likely to be found in it.

but like he said it's just better because it's just designed

No. 390217

"It gets wet like a vagina"????
No, it fucking does not. Penile skin does not have the ability to secrete mucus nor does male arousal occur the same way female arousal does. If anything that "wetness" is probably a mixture of sweat and urine. Fucking gross lmao

No. 390223

File: 1553401109191.png (Spoiler Image, 648.83 KB, 678x703, 1531100380717.png)

"They make it perfect"
They suuuuuuurrrrreee do.

No. 390224

Holly shit! How I regret hovering over that spoiler.

No. 390225

Omfg I’m gonna cry TiMs are mostly shit but I still feel so bad for the ones who get surgery

Also the skin even still looks like a ballsadk and why is there 2 holes? D:

No. 390226

>why is there 2 holes? D:
I've been wondering this too. All neovags have a weird second hole, what is it for?

No. 390227


For peeing, I suppose.

No. 390229

Is it to create a "clit" for them? You know the other day, I forgot where I heard some refer to their still intact penis as a clit?

Can anyone answer the 2nd hole question?

No. 390232

No, it's not the urethra. I'm talking about the bonus hole below the, uh, fuckhole.

No. 390233

Oh I thought you meant the small hole above that.

No. 390251

I don't know why but is reminding of the guy on reddit who had 2 dicks

No. 390258

Ew, cotton ceiling creeps are literally the fucking worst. What is so hard to understand that some people don't like certain genitals? Most sane people would agree that if you don't have the right parts, you're out of the dating pool. Find someone that loves you (chasers lol) instead of guilt tripping people into dating you.

I remember an article about this one tranny that was getting tired of straight boys curving her, and she mentioned an idea of a law called "Give a a girl a chance" so that you'd have to go on a date with a trans girl at least once before dumping them. Literally state enforced tranny chasing.

No. 390261

"Being with me doesn't change your sexuality lol"

Yeah I mean my butthole is just like a pussy! And that dick and balls between my legs are feminine so if you play with them that's totally straight too LOL. In fact, it's not even a dick at all it's a clit. If I fuck you in the ass with my feminine penis/clit it doesn't make you gay/bi. I mean, some straight couples use strap-ons right? Same thing. Nothing here but a straight man and a straight woman LOL.

Oh you say you don't want to? Wow. What a transphobic, woman-hating bigot you are.

No. 390263

>she mentioned an idea of a law called "Give a a girl a chance" so that you'd have to go on a date with a trans girl at least once before dumping them. Literally state enforced tranny chasing.
Wasn't there an incel who wanted government mandated girlfriends? This is almost the same exact shit.

No. 390276

Lmao this fucken incel.

You know who actually makes vaginas perfect? Fucking nature. Women are born with perfect (functional, healthy) vaginas 90% of the time. What does this asshole consider "perfect" anyway? It's like saying someone has "perfect" ears or "perfect" knees.

He sounds like he's trying to sell a car. Dude, this is a human being's body part. If transitioning is "personal" and "not a fetish", then why should what their partners think sexually matter this much? Let's go down the line on all this crap. First, the nerve endings are not even remotely the same: a neoclit is just a chunk of glans, whereas an actual clitoris is the same amount of nerve endings as a WHOLE PENIS compressed into a tiny membrane. Second, it doesn't get wet "like a vagina", it gets wet like colon tissue because that's what SRS surgeons use. The normal cells in the vaginal wall respond to estrogen to lubricate, which allows the vagina to vary its lubrication based on the situation (ovulation, sex, menstruation, birth, etc)- colon tissue just lubricates at the same rate all the time, and the liquid smells gross. "Sizing up and down" isn't true at all. Once a neovag shrinks, it can't go back- it can only be maintained at whatever size it shrinks (read: heals) down to. The whole point of different positions is to stimulate the anterior and posterior fornices- which men don't have. They just have a prostate (that usually is weakened by the HRT).

The period thing isn't factually incorrect, but the way he describes it as a "hassle" for him, the male partner, is really misogynistic. Oh boo hoo, your fear of blood prevents you from fucking a woman for five days. Meanwhile, she has to put with bloating, nausea, cramps, ruined clothes, and a whole host of other things. Fuck you, it's not a hassle for you, it's a hassle for her.

No. 390278

What quack did this surgery? Is that hole in his neo-fupa supposed to be a clitoris? That's… not even remotely where a clitoris is supposed to be. The clitoris is under the clitoral hood, which forms the vulva with the labia minora. For most women, the labia majora completely obscure the clitoral hood. The clitoris isn't just a random bump above the labia majora, the fuck. If it's supposed to be the urethera, then it's SUPER wrong. On normal women, the urethra is below the clitoris, above the vaginal opening.

Here's a thought: maybe your surgeon should be someone who's seen a normal human vagina before?!?! What madman "doctor" looked at this mess and said, "yep, that looks like a vagina"?

Cool, so legalized rape.

No. 390283

File: 1553420787859.jpeg (82.02 KB, 750x185, 42170F8E-0940-487F-87CC-84963A…)

how male. tfw people don't entertain your delusions and have sex with you so you have to kill them

No. 390284

>Being with me doesn't change your sexuality
it does. sexuality is based on sex. troons love to forget the fact that not everyone is some polysexual panromantic autismgender sjw who is open to fuck anyone. if a man is into both women and tims he's bisexual. two tims dating is not lesbian. a man and a tif dating is not gay, they are straight. of course you having a dick is going to be a deal breaker for a straight male or a lesbian. the guy in the screenshot was extremely nice to him compared to how most straight guys would react.

No. 390288

I don't know what their dating life is like now and I'm not going back to their youtube channel to check, but I have a feeling now that they've had the SRS they will go into stealth mode and not tell straight men at all. Then we'll have another story like the one posted in a previous thread where the guy can tell while fucking them for the first time, or hopefully earlier for their sake just seeing it or touching it for the first time but yet they're still the victim.

No. 390290

Yep, and those are just the rudimentary problems with dating TiMs.

The high incidence of cluster B personality disorders in troons makes them extremely toxic partners for people with anxiety disorders, depression, or histories of abuse.

Troons often don't want kids regardless of whether or not they're still fertile, which is a problem for people who want kids. Adopted kids aren't often viable either. The whole NPD thing makes most troons unfit for parenting.

No. 390292

It doesn't help that they can't fulfill that last part of the fantasy. They don't feel "woman" enough if they can't get pregnant, or "man" enough if they can't get someone pregnant. It's the same thing with the cotton ceiling shit, if you deny one of them a date/sex it's like you're denying them their "rightful gender". There's always trannies on youtube whining that they can't get pregnant.

No. 390296

>size up, size down to fit the partner
Proof these guys think we are just blow up dolls
A cis woman's vag uh…also does that? Because it's a muscle? It can even fit a baby out of it, or struggle to fit a tiny tampon…like a human mouth. It varies. Nope, women just have one fixed size in all circumstances, this guy is right

No. 390301

Putting myself in the guy's position in this situation, I'm a girl. I like dick ;D. The thought of eating out a woman out grosses me out, never even tried. I want a real dick vs any strap-on or god forbid one of those corndog looking FtM dicks.

I find a "straight male" I like on a dating site and agree to meet for lunch. We spend time talking, make time in my schedule to meet them it goes well then look forward to meeting them again.

Oh by the way, I didn't tell you this but I'm transgender FtM. I have a vagina. Bitch you just led me on, duped me, and wasted my time and no I won't go out with you again. But you call me the asshole? JFC these people….

It hurts a lot and has led to a lot of rejections but I have a STD (herpes). When I disclose depends on the situation because I can still make out and do things with a guy and not pass it. But I would never make someone go out of their way to meet me THEN tell them. That's just herpes but a different sex than what you say you are? That's just fucked up.(;D)

No. 390309

Eh idk about this analogy, herpes is way more serious since not disclosing could change that person's life forever. It's not like having sex(?) with a tranny will turn you gay, it's just a monumentally shitty thing to do to someone.

No. 390314

I’ve heard of plenty that will insist on just anal, wouldn’t that technically be rape as they misled the sexual partner so they couldn’t actually consent?

No. 390319

>guy politely turns tranny down
>tranny still screeches and acts as if it's Literal Murder™
Guess they prefer being killed then

No. 390333

The whole “having sex with a transgender person of the same sex doesn’t make you gay” just seems really regressive to me. Yeah, you’re probably gay or bi, so what? I thought we were working towards making people be more comfortable with being gay or others being gay, it just seems homophobic to act like there’s something wrong with having a vagina and liking vaginas or having. And it seems to me men like Blaire whites boyfriend are in denial.

No. 390347

Some women were briefly discussing online how they have back pain from their boobs. A TiM butts in and says something like "I feel like my boobs are still growing. Eventually I'm going to just be a giant boob."

Totally not a fetish though!

And as with most Troons this dude is a major attention whore etc

No. 390349

I hope they get foecal matter in the neovagina.

No. 390354

what about a gay male who is in a relationship with a TIF
would he be really in your opinion

No. 390359

TIMs are significantly more likely to be HIV-positive compared to “cis” gay men and actual women. Something tells me that if they believe they don’t need to disclose their actual sex to a potential sex partner, they might be more cavalier about disclosing their HIV infection too.

No. 390363

then he's bisexual. a man dating a tif can get her pregnant, a tif won't have a prostate or fully functioning dick, they are in the same biological circumstances of straight relationships, not gay relationships.

No. 390375

Maybe there's hope for them after all.

>pornsick TiM with mental illness resulting from childhood trauma calls in and demands hormones "or else I'll get them off the internet"
>he gets the hormones and an easy ride, documentation changes, etc with almost no one questioning him
>he fires the one therapist who tried to get him to stop and called her a "gatekeeper", while the rest of the trans community agreed with him
>3 years into transitioning, the fantasy ends, he realizes he can't "become" a female, and that biological sex is immutable
>to escape it, he starts to call himself "non-binary" under the delusion of "bringing the third sex back to America"
>everyone buys it, doctors agree to validate him, and he gets another easy ride, birth certificate changed to read "unknown" instead of male, etc
>he gets mass support from LGBT groups throughout all this, until he speaks out against gender-confused children being mutilated and sterilized to "transition", and transgender people in the military
>they all completely mute, freeze out and ignore him as a "conservative pariah"
>he swallows some hard truths, and by January 2019, reclaims his male birth sex, saying "Two fake gender identities couldn’t hide the truth of my biological reality."

No. 390380

They care more about their fetish of being seen as a true woman and banging totally straight dudes more than homophobia
And vice versa

No. 390424

>>390347 I once was talking to a troon I knew about how bug boobs actually kinda suck because of the back pain, clothes not fitting and bras being more expensive. He couldn't believe it. He literally thought having big boobs would be like in anime where it's all fun and dandy.

No. 390580

File: 1553482354183.jpg (108.15 KB, 960x836, girly.jpg)


No. 390606

So tired of seeing women on twitter correcting other women on their "language" when talking about women health issues because they don't want to leave out "women" who don't have vaginas. I pray to see the day women realize trans women ain't shit

No. 390680

File: 1553511238724.png (531.57 KB, 800x1119, Screenshot_2019-03-25-03-46-04…)

The women were asked to leave after being told they were not welcome at the ‘inclusive’ event at consultancy firm Accenture’s head office in London.

The group, which included a journalist, a Labour Party activist and a woman who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals, refused, telling organisers they had obtained tickets and had not interacted with anyone else in the room. A message was sent to ticket holders telling them it was open to 'everyone of all ages'

Tickets to the event were freely available to the public, with organisers Helena Pradip and Oliver Holmes of the Pride in Accenture diversity network sending a message to ticket holders which said: 'Please be reminded that this event is centred around inclusion, open to everyone of all ages.'

At the event, however, Ms Pradip told the women: “My panel does not feel comfortable with you here”.

The panel included Susie Green, head of transgender children's charity Mermaids. Hours before the event, Surrey Police released a statement saying they were no longer pursuing a case against Caroline Farrow, a Catholic mother of five after Miss Green had complained about tweets she claimed were abusive including the misgendering of her transgender child.

Mermaids encourages the reporting of online communication considered to be ‘malicious and nasty’ as hate incidents. There was no indication from organisers Miss Green was responsible for the complaint.

Devout Catholic Caroline Farrow was accused of 'misgendering' by Mermaids CEO Susie Green. Police have since dropped their investigation.t

Other members of the panel included a transgender former police officer and the chief executive of Gendered Intelligence which offers support to the trans community and consultancy on inclusivity.

One of the officers who attended Accenture’s offices told the women: “Our legal framework here is to prevent a breach of the police and that’s what you guys are going to do. We’ve been told you’re being disruptive and you need to leave the premises or we will be forced to remove you.”

Dr Long, a researcher from London, objected to the officer’s use of “guys”, saying: “Did you know that’s a hate crime nowadays to misgender someone?”

Dr Long, 54, described the police response as a “complete disgrace” adding: “We were just sitting there having a quiet chat at an open event and were asked to leave with no-one able to tell us what we’d actually done wrong.”

Dr Long was involved in a protest at last year's Pride march by lesbians claiming their rights are being eradicated by demands from trans activists. In January, she challenged a prominent transgender activist in Washington who is campaigning to increase trans rights through Congress.

She added: “Almost every meeting women have tried to hold over the past year to discuss the impact on their rights of transgender demands has been met with protest and disturbance with police offering little to no assistance to ensure women’s safety. And yet within half an hour of receiving a complaint about a trans event seven police officers were dispatched because the presence of four women was considered a threat.”

Commander Jane Gyford of the City of London Police said: “Police were called by security guards of a private property on Fenchurch Street at 18.26 on Thursday 21 March 2019. The security guards reported a group of four people who were causing antisocial behaviour and refusing to leave the property. Officers attended to assist the security guards and ensure there was no breach of the peace.”

A spokesperson for Accenture said: “Our request was based on security concerns expressed to us by participants at last night’s events. Although an unfortunate situation, we made a polite request that several individuals leave the gathering. Upon their refusal, we sought assistance.”

The women are understood to be considering legal action against the police and Accenture.


No. 390683

video of the incident.

No. 390692

File: 1553513319139.jpeg (140.01 KB, 794x1024, D2RImiEWwAAVGoi.jpeg)

Thread: A selection of images of a book distributed to all Grade 7 classrooms in Nova Scotia, Canada.

These students are 11-12 years old.

Transphobia: deal with it and become a gender transcender by j wallace skelton (2016)


No. 390695

File: 1553513433680.jpeg (461.75 KB, 1536x2048, D2RNclkWkAEVcp0.jpeg)

No. 390697

File: 1553513566403.jpeg (450 KB, 1536x2048, D2RJAznW0AAXY9X.jpeg)

No. 390698

Glad to know that even rural N.S. schools that can't always get new textbooks will be included in twans indoctrination, while still suffering under budget cuts in every other capacity and sometimes lacking sport or other extracurricular for girls. Great prioritizing going on here, folks.

No. 390699

File: 1553514151618.jpeg (48.53 KB, 720x538, D2Pjck8XQAA47ZC.jpeg)

No. 390703

File: 1553514299846.png (314.98 KB, 800x1122, Screenshot_2019-03-25-04-37-50…)

Rules for DSD/intersex athletes must not dictate transgender policy – here’s why


No. 390704

No. 390706

Great, we're normalizing the cotton ceiling for children now?

No. 390708

File: 1553514777377.png (342.09 KB, 800x1181, Screenshot_2019-03-25-04-50-26…)

Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights

On the re-affirmation of women’s sex-based rights, including women’s rights to physical and reproductive integrity, and the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and girls that result from the replacement of the category of sex with that of ‘gender identity’, and from ‘surrogate’ motherhood and related practices.


No. 390724

File: 1553517811249.jpg (25.49 KB, 720x951, FB_IMG_1553517756965.jpg)

Getting upset over everything must be exhausting

No. 390726

This is brainwashing and I'm surprised they used a TiF not a Tim here.

No. 390727

this video is in the sidebar of this >>390683 posie parker upload, along with a buch of other right wing conservative shit. I hate these people so much. I hate that our views intersect on this one thing (even if it's for different reasons) and that some people in our movement work with them. It's so frustrating.

No. 390730

They probably did that because if they had a straight man going out with a tim men would have gone ballistic, but no one cares if women are coerced into sex and relatioships.

No. 390733

are any other bi women getting a ridiculous amount of troons messaging them on dating sites lately? it feels like i've been bombarded with it all of a sudden and i've never swiped for them to warrant it. they're either dressed like stereotypical hookers with jet black hair, red lips and fishnets or stereotypical weebs with stiff wigs and thigh high socks and there's no in between kek. idk if i'm biased but their messages always creep me out, especially with the "uwu" shit slapped on the end. like a man trying to write how he thinks a little girl would.

No. 390735

samefag, I posted this before I watched the end of the video because the first two speakers unsettled me so much. I think everyone in this video has been through some shit, especially the third and forth speakers. I think my post comes off a little insensitive in hindsight. Anyway, the framing of the abuse they went through as if it's an inherent part of being gay is really disturbing.

No. 390736

women are generally more curvy, what is his point

No. 390739

This, and of course the correct answer has to be "don't worry honey it's totally straight, you're not one of those lesbians". Funny how they say that it's not just transphobic but also homophobic to call a girl in a lesbian relationship a lesbian, as if the word lesbian in itself is an insult.

No. 390742

I could immediately tell this was a TIF who draws curvy softbois, and I was right.

No. 390761

That's what makes me peak trans every time. It's vile how it's somehow become socially acceptable to shut women up about women's bodies and health issues. Everyone walks on fucking eggshells, all the female symbolism used until <10 years ago (uterus/womb imagery, mentioning the word "pussy"…) now warrants a thousand disclaimers that "O-Of course you don't have to have a vagina to be a woman!! Support our trans sisters!!" in case a manbaby somewhere on the internet has a narc rage episode and threatens sudoku. Who the fuck cares. It happened to me and I just ignored the TRAs and didn't edit anything, fuck them. Wish everyone would do the same, we wouldn't have to deal with those loons anymore.

No. 390779

Not bi, but troons have taken over dating apps lately. See these posts from the previous thread:

No. 390787

This is like, basic art. It's one of the first things people are taught. But hey, trannies like to ignore secondary sex characteristics since it tends to fuck them over. This person probably likes traps.

No. 390808

Is there a website that keeps track of all that crazy TRA shit going on in GB?
TRAs there are happy to call the police about misgendering/radfems simply existing but will show up at women's events and harass them. There is been A LOT of that stuff happening so I wonder if there was some collected resource on it.

No. 390819

File: 1553533255001.jpeg (59.96 KB, 472x727, C2vrEHPVIAEibdx.jpeg)

old but still relevant

No. 390821

Holy shit this reminds me of this troon who's in the furry webcomic scene who always drew his characters having sex in a pedophilic manner and his excuse was "I like my B I G characters and my small characters! They're adults! I also have PTSD and unresolved trauma!" Like fucking red flag right there and everyone was praising him going "Aww honey it's your art we love you no one thinks you're disgusting uwu"

No. 390822

Everyone needs to shame these people more, if you have weird kinks that involve abuse or lack of consent you should face the maximum amount of bullying possible.

No. 390823

I've literally never seen any tumblr SJW agree with the first 3 "fetishes" lol I usually agree with this board but I gotta admit these are some dogshit strawmen.

No. 390824

Oh, I’ve seen people defend “rape play” vehemently on Tumblr. Agree about the other two, though.

No. 390825

what are you talking about? the second is routinely defended and literally defended by them daily. none of them associate 'fantasy' rape with actual rape. they insist it's "just a fantasy".

No. 390826

Dunno about the nazi thing but have you really not seen MAP supporters on tumblr? And come on, rape fetish is so mainstream and one of the most defended on tumblr

No. 390829

obviously it's an exaggeration to point out how these people never come at straight or gay men for being into whatever fucked up shit as hard as they attack lesbians for not being attracted to tims

No. 390832

File: 1553534991899.jpg (25.29 KB, 288x441, 1530223910990.jpg)

you know what I may some flak for this but I will defend the 3rd dude(Dressing up as a Nazi) obviously beating up your partner is unacceptable but if my bf were to suggest doing this fantasy and role play I would be open to it especially if he got a proper uniform

No. 390833

I don't think the post was referring to SJWs, it just said "tumblr" and there's a big fetish community on Tumblr.
I have seen SJWs defending dd/lg kink though, which is as fucked as those kinks mentioned.

No. 390835

Doesn't even remotely sound hot

No. 390837

You sound like you're definitely not German and probably a little sheltered.

No. 390838

OT but I feel like people that say these things have only watched bad Hollywood films where nazis have smart hair, cheesey accents and drive shiny cars. This is their frame of reference, rather than the emaciated bodies of concentration camps, or the pills of glasses taken from prisoners. Disgusting.

No. 390845

This. Remember the six billion goyim. The most important historical event ever to take place.(racebaiting)

No. 390846

true I'm not German
I'm also a mixed POC and my bf is also a mixed POC but he's white passing and looks like a white guy with brown hair,green eyes and a strong jaw

No. 390847

This is not the right thread for that

No. 390848

Are you the same anon who shat up the radfem thread previously with your boyfriend-posting?

No one is asking you to "demurely kowtow and apologize for sleeping with the enemy", just….shut the fuck up. No one wants to hear about your boyfriend. No one cares if you're a ""mixed PoC"". No one asked about your fetishes. Degeneracy passes will not be handed out.

It's not socially acceptable, you know this. And honestly, it shouldn't be, which is why it never will be. Just keep that shit to yourself, or in a thread where it's actually the topic of discussion.
>inb4 "no, stop silencing other women! this is feminist because it's my choice uwu"

No. 390849

Pretty sure they got banned this seems like a different person

No. 390851

Back to /pol nazicel

No. 390856

>only males would be in glee at tearing down shleters for vulnerable women.

Glad to read the outrage and disgust at this. More people realize what they're doing, more pushback. I'll be donating to the rape relief center soon.

B-but anon humans being a sexually dimorphic species is bad uwu and triggering!

No. 390877

File: 1553542980275.jpeg (86.76 KB, 640x989, FA04A9F4-D9CA-463E-9D1B-381680…)

Yoinked from r/gc:

>Paraphilic Sexual Interests and Sexually Coercive Behavior: A Population-Based Twin Study

>Recently I came across an interesting Finnish study that looked at self-reported behaviours of people with paraphilias. What they found is that transvestic fetishism - almost universal among non-homosexual TIMs - due to its correlation with various other paraphilias is associated with increased rates of all kinds of undesirable behaviors. For example, the self-reported rate of sexually coercive behavior was 18.5% for men, 3.6% for women, and whooping 28.3% for those with transvestic fetishism (the vast majority of whom are men). Voyeurism: 18.2% for men, 6.3% for women, 39.8% for those with transvestic fetishism. Those are the guys who are obsessed with women's toilets and changing rooms. Exhibitionism: 4.3% for men, 0.6% for women, 12.4% for those with transvestic fetishism. Sadism: 2.7% for men, 2.3% for women, 11.5% for those with transvestic fetishism. Looking at this, you would actually be considerably safer in a changing room with a regular man than with a TIM. As they conclude: "paraphilic behavior among young adults in the general population increases sexual offending risk."

No. 390879

This is definitely r/itsafetish material.
We should all share this the next time a TRA or TiM insists TiMs pose no risks to women in public bathrooms, changing rooms, etc.

No. 390883

>Voyeurism: 18.2% for men, 6.3% for women, 39.8% for those with transvestic fetishism. Those are the guys who are obsessed with women's toilets and changing rooms

Who is surprised? We could already tell.
It's good to have a stat to show to others though. Although TIMs and their allies would argue that uwu pure transgirls are different from transvestites.

No. 390929

Have anyone worried about children & teenagers from today that transitioned early and ended up not feeling it? Will it enough to be a 'lost generation' people look back as medical malpractice?

No. 390937

Fair enough. As soon as I see the word tumblr my mind immediately flies to sjws, so that's my bad. It's true that there are some real degenerate sexual communities on there, but I still don't think there's a huge overlap between them and anti-radfem/pro-troon sjws. I just think the post is dumb is all.

No. 390974

File: 1553563475902.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 324.91 KB, 750x1050, 87EF9C03-D206-42E1-9A3A-E9C710…)

this troon I follow is transitioning but he’s been begging online for his woke facelift with that fucking haircut… what a mess

No. 390979


Okay, I'm totally going to call it a "woke facelift" now

No. 390995

Is he dating a fake boy? lmao

No. 391026


has anyone posted this yet? This was partially just frustrating to watch cause some of the audience members who ask questions are so purposefully obtuse and idiotic

No. 391030

File: 1553575276726.jpeg (214.2 KB, 736x1074, 211F0409-44B2-4DD0-B3AA-273878…)

afaik no but who can tell if he posts shit like this. here’s one of his more obnoxious begging posts.

No. 391033

File: 1553576047618.jpeg (185.94 KB, 750x1088, C8F00D86-43F8-4E10-BAED-327F00…)

sorry, last one but here’s his sad tranny cone tits

No. 391038

not that i care so much but does anyone else still have kind of similar cone tits? i see a lot of people joking about the cone tits but isn't it kind of normal? i mean the fact that they're on barrel bodied, chest haired freak men is the worst part

No. 391044


"I have to ask. At the end of all this "TERF" screaming, what have TiMs gained from attacking and subjugating us? Where are the fruits of their labor and tirade? We women aren't the ones in control of society. Men are still killing, raping and invalidating them, not us. We were never the main threat, but they still focus on us the hardest. Why??"

There are studies (which I do have on hand, sorry) but these studies do explain that TIF are actually much less likely to be murdered than normal white men. They know this, they know that other men are not a threat to them. The only ones getting murdered are those in prostitution (who probably do not disclose to their clients that they're trans).

So yeah, from a trans perspective, the only people who are a threat to them are lesbians who won't have sex with them, and other women who refuse to go along with their delusion. Their biggest issue is getting women to have pillow fights with them and borrow lipstick.

No. 391045

Cone tits are perfectly normal, just not on men.

No. 391047

The thing is tranny tits won't ever mature to actual tits. They are permanently stuck in that awkward phase. Even if you as an adult woman have cone shaped breasts, they will (usually) actually be fully developed.

No. 391049

I'd unsubscribe from Google's channel if I didn't get some useful info every now and then. This just sucks. It's mockery. He looks like egghead ffs and we're supposed to take him and celebrate as a woman in tech?
I was hoping they got rid of him but nope, here he is again.

No. 391050

We're a threat to their ideology, not a physical threat. The thing is that we aren't actually bigots, who are easy to discredit and can be used to garner sympathy. We're women, feminists, often lesbian and generally very supportive of gay rights and gnc people. Troons hide their predatory, fetishistic nature under a guise of being an oppressed minority and use SJW-fueled peer pressure to get their way, they rely on SJW support. But we actually have the ability to change their minds (unlike conservatives, the alt right etc), there are a lot of people who buy into transactivist lies but hit peak trans because of terfs having reasonable arguments. We also make people who are already questioning things more confident in speaking up. I don't have high hopes for us being able to suppress their lies because they are men and have rich, powerful backing, but still, there's a reason terfs scare them to the point of violence and aggressive silencing.

No. 391054

So transwomen can want a vagina, as it's fine and 'validating', but if a cis lesbian DARE to want just vagina, she's a 'TERF' that should be terrorised???

No. 391063

File: 1553592181509.png (909.43 KB, 776x633, lol.png)


No. 391064

File: 1553592438295.png (384.68 KB, 445x516, lol.png)

Okay, I won't post more but I thought it was funny how so many of these troons lack self-awareness. Sometimes I go through the #girlslikeus and just have some laugh.

No. 391066

File: 1553593616877.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 150.84 KB, 1080x2030, 35875DBF-C865-4CB2-AEC4-CB4858…)

Some girl I went to high school with spends her days in the house of a rich troon and dyes her hair like him constantly, they have the same haircut and dress the same.

Wtf she was a lesbian when I knew her

No. 391071

File: 1553594149950.jpg (405.86 KB, 720x1018, 20190326_095522.jpg)

No. 391080

I absolutely see a fucking man, Kristin. Bolt ons and a slutty dress doesn't make you a woman.

I deadass read this as "going vomiting" and felt the same. It looks like the combination of all the all the parody troon images the internet has put out. The fishnet stockings, the cheap ass aliexpress $5 cosplay skirt, the nerdy t-shirt and stringy pink hair. It's all there.

So which other niche group gets this much fucking validation and support? Like 0,001% of the population is diagnosed as trannies yet they get much more exposure than gay people, women, racial minorities, disabled people or any other demographic that was dealt the B class citizen cards. It honestly feels like it's fucking tranny celebration week all year long now.

No. 391082

File: 1553598020265.png (101.55 KB, 1045x253, 1553597690860.png)

Have some laughs.

No. 391087

Is this real? It seems absurd to put a trans flag next to the US flag, as if it represents the whole country

This is like those "brand mimics meme and fails" type posts

>you love trans people right

>so…how about this

No. 391088

It's more concerning that their dog would be afraid of one of it's owners at all? Like pets usually make exceptions for their owners even if they hate other humans

What did you do to fluffy?

No. 391089

File: 1553599305846.png (413.68 KB, 978x865, 7c34a5bab507c40375c23c4e69ec74…)


They don't appear to develop beyond stage IV on the Tanner scale which is generally 1 to 2 years after menarche.

No. 391090

File: 1553599574498.jpg (89.32 KB, 1187x1334, 1552683263054.jpg)

And the number of threads on Reddit about tuberous trans tits is as endless as the tweaking of estrogen and progesterone levels in an attempt to achieve the perfect breasts.

Jazz' case appears to be fairly severe.

No. 391093


The UK based radfem groups post many news stories on Twitter.

No. 391098

File: 1553602830386.jpg (84.14 KB, 960x679, TKLLMXBU5MYQHPBTBDJJOHELVI.jpg)

Should Mack Beggs(TIF) be allowed to wrestle with boys in your opinion
she has been trying to compete in the male competitions for a while now but as of now barred from competing in the men's division, so even though she Identities as a Transman she wrestles in the girls division and dominates it thanks to the testosterone she's taking
but she's still adamant about wanting to wrestle with males

No. 391099

>you see a dude
I see an NFL player with those linebacker shoulders. What does he expect? He looks like a man who cross dresses on the weekend. Which is actually not far from the truth.

No. 391108

Oh for fuck’s sake.

She’s doping so in my opinion she shouldn’t be allowed to compete at all. Should’ve thought about that before going on hormones.
Though personally I don’t really care if she wants to wrestle men of her own volition, since unlike with TIMs in the women’s division she’s unlikely to irreperably harm her male opponents. The person most likely to get hurt is herself.

No. 391112

What actually makes it so trans issues have such a disproportionate amount of air time?

Is it just the case that trannies are the most extremely-online demographic?

I hate how often a person gets absolutely dogpiled on various online leftists spaces for making the slightest critique of trangenderism. It makes me exhasperated knowing that navelgazing around these issues will only help to further alienate any working class people /global south proletariate from engaging with socialist political parties.

No. 391114

>The person most likely to get hurt is herself.
I bet she will be hurt
wrestling all those muscly young men being and having them pin her

No. 391117

File: 1553611686599.jpeg (243.24 KB, 631x933, 1AC3DE88-1404-4D6C-87CC-E64228…)

Why do I even go on /cgl/ anymore? Poor trans people, needing to pretend to have dysphoria to actually get treatment for dysphoria UnU

My theory is that they have so much power because their loudest members are the people who’ve always had the most power; straight white middle-upper class men. There also a lot of money behind the movement for pharmaceutical companies which makes it much easier to lobby politicians.

No. 391119

It blows my mind how much the West is focusing on troons and only them, even though they're now the most privileged ""minority"". You literally get more hate for being slightly twansphobic than you'd get for being openly racist, misogynistic or homophobic.
That's why the rates of people trooning out are absolutely exploding, any woman-hating incel is jumping on the bandwagon for this get out of jail free card.

No. 391123

File: 1553613362849.jpg (378.3 KB, 1239x1161, Screenshot_20190326-151145_201…)

I'm quite new to tinder dating. Do you think is this cotton ceiling? I do not want to date trans and I rejected this person this is the message I get.

What should I say back?

No. 391127

Trying to reason with troons is like trying to play chess with a pigeon, anon. It will shit all over the board then strut around like it's won.

When troons bother me on Tinder or anywhere else I just say "Thanks but you're not my type! Good luck out there though!" and then ignore them. They can't accuse me of being a terven witch for that, even though we both know the real reason they're not my type.

No. 391129

Keep engagement minimal.

"You don't need to justify anything to me, of course. I wish you all the best, have a great evening."

Then block.

No. 391131

lol you don’t owe him a response. just say respect my decision, i’m not interested and i won’t be answering you any further.

No. 391132

say that you're not into manipulative types of people

No. 391133

>That's why the rates of people trooning out are absolutely exploding

any source on this?

No. 391136

Or even better, on tinder you can just unmatch them, they won't be able to dm you again and accuse you of anything - even though I'm sure most people are able to clock them on sight and just swipe left in advance.

Don't say anything and unmatch.

No. 391137

This. Anything further that you say may be used against you. Just politely wish them to have a good day because nothing good will come out of this.
It's same with men on dating apps tbh, even though I try to as politely let them know that I'm not interested, they will still bother in hope that I might change my mind.

lel, I saw on r/transgender trannies complaining about tinder and getting banned or something. And they have the audacity to complain after not disclosing they're trans in bio but they get clocked anyway and surprised that others could tell.

No. 391140

* r/asktransgender, sorry.

No. 391143

You don't need to justify your decision to him, he needs to learn to accept rejection and that not everyone on Earth is going to validate his gender feefees. Any variation of that could work, or better yet don't even respond. You don't owe him that either.

No. 391145


Most people don't know I'm gender critical, so I avoid interacting with troons as much as I can. When they do approach me, I keep my rejections nice and vague but firm, the same way I would for a man I suspect will get violent if I provoke it.

Like already mentioned, saying 'You're not my type' is good. If they ask 'But how am I not your type?' just shrug and say 'I dunno, can't put my finger on it, you're just not I guess.' If they keep pushing you can say 'Why are you being so pushy? I said no, OK?'

Don't bring up the trans thing at all, they're manipulative and will twist words and move goal posts the moment you do.

No. 391147

No. 391149

Anyone else notice the same people who go out their way to make it known trans women are hotter than real women, are also hypercritical of cis women's looks and more lax if a tranny doesn't have a big butt, big perky boobs, wide hips, perfect skin, etc? Not to mention it's more acceptable if a troon has had 50 nose jobs, 3 boob jobs, 5 butt and hip jobs and takes a trip to the spa every week but cis women get judged if they were heavy makeup or use a waist trainer?

No. 391161

Why do post op troons always feel entitled to someone's sexual attraction and feelings even if they are fundamentally unattracted to them?(pre op troons too)
Something something, trans women will get literally murdered if they don't pass, something something

No. 391170

Update on tinder troon I just unmatched without saying anything. Although before I said I promised him not to ghost so I broke that promise. Now she searched my Facebook and asked why did I do that? Should I reply or block? I don't want any harm in myself if I keep escaping.

No. 391171

just block them on fb and any other media if they pop up again anon - clearly they are seeking out to harass you for persecution points and personal gain later on, as troons are wont to do

No. 391173

If I were you I would screenshot all the interactions with this said person in case they try harassing you

No. 391178

Typical male trying to guilt you into paying attention to him. Block him without comment and document any further attempts at contact.

No. 391198

Wow, he moved into stalker territory pretty fast. Block him.

No. 391199

Just wanted to say that this
>just shrug and say 'I dunno, can't put my finger on it, you're just not I guess.'
is key. Troons are hyper paranoid about their troonery, so keeping them calm as possible is the best thing you can do. I know someone who had a similar experience and the troon escalated it quickly, though in her case this was a face to face situation at a job.

It's a smart idea to have a set of phrases one can say to them to de-escalate the situation because their first instinct is to go balls to the wall rage due to the narcissistic injury, which is not a pleasant thing to be the focus of.

No. 391202

There are so many troons on Tinder, I'd say it's a good quarter when I checked recently under just women. Some of them out themselves as autogynephiles(sissies) and others are straightup cis looking men saying "Lesbian. NO penises!" I've given up looking for girlfriends there.

No. 391204

Episode 12, in which Jazz enthuses, "Before I know it this procedure will be complete and my vagina will be beautiful and life will be good!"

No. 391206

What a creep.

Reply with something like "I don't feel we're compatible. Please leave me alone, you're making me feel scared."

Then block.

Hopefully you saying you feel threatened will shock the creep back to reality. If not, you can screenshot the conversation as proof of harassment.

No. 391207

I tried to say he (see the first pronoun in that post) but I slipped off because I've been talking to tran issues with my trans supporting friends lately.

Pic later if anyone wants

We basically talk and we decided to meet up tomorrow a few days back. However he came out to me as troon And I just said that's probably my type if we wanted to go further and asked me if it's genital that I was worried. He was blunt with me so I got a bit blunt back then he rammed me with this..

No. 391208

File: 1553629000669.jpeg (102.94 KB, 640x687, 4CD6EC7C-D3D8-4862-BD11-CA6455…)

has this article been posted? It’s batshit insane. And George Takei strikes me as a creep for that caption

No. 391209

Just curious, but was he particularly well-passing? (as in well-shooped, lol)
Of all the troons I've seen on dating apps, not a single one was unclockable enough to fool me into even just swiping right

No. 391211

I thought he might be troon after he said he likes moshpit (it's fun but as a woman I got pushed down fast) his pics but he could pass as a dumpy looking woman. It's mostly camera angle though

He's kinda 'could be troon but my aunt looked like that too' type. It's mostly the desc that lured me in.

No. 391216

Oof that Amélie haircut is doing him NO favors.

No. 391220

block and ignore. screenshot the messages.

No. 391222

File: 1553632532917.png (873.29 KB, 800x1073, Screenshot_2019-03-26-13-20-48…)

When you see a post or get an email like [pic related] from a company or organization you like and respect, do you hold your breath as you scan the photo and read the text in anticipation of being let down, and then breathe a sigh of relief when it checks out?

Do you put your money where your feminism is?

No. 391224

Takei is a creep, wasn’t he outed by a younger gay man when #metoo was picking up for being very predatory? Does he still have fans after that?

No. 391225

No offense, but what are you even talking about?

No. 391227

File: 1553633279203.png (173.6 KB, 437x561, poydtnOmOy1rkp72r_500.png)

This shit writes itself.

No. 391229

It’s pretty obvious she’s just asking if you’re always expecting tranny bullshit whenever you seem something that’s supposed to be about women

No. 391236

are you the autist from the last thread who wouldn't stfu about your shitty facebook memes?

No. 391238

that trans flag looks so cheap and tacky next to the American flag lol. OT but I hate it when people buy flags/folded fabric and don't put any effort into getting the folds out, fucking iron that shit.

No. 391250

>dating trans is okay :) but being a lesbian should be feared, you dont want your friends to think that, right?

No. 391258

I'm loving the /cisles/ tread on /lgbt/.

They made a discord where you have to verify your female voice and troons are having a FIT because they can't pass to enter

No. 391259

What, are there actual lesbians on /tttt/? Don't they get banned by their tranny mods?

No. 391265

They only have a general thread where they talk about their shit there

No. 391268


This tim seems like an absolute psychopath. (Didn't screen grab bc of video)

No. 391272

File: 1553639341626.png (247.27 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_20190326-152749~2.p…)


No. 391276

uhhh, and how exactly do they expect to be able to get a womb transplant? it's one thing giving someone a transplant that has the existing structure to support one that isn't diseased or something, but just giving a dude a working uterus won't be a thing for forever. that's going to be incredibly difficult. damn, tims are so simplistic and stupid. meanwhile, plenty of them hold prestigious well paying positions on account of being fucking dudes. the glass elevator is so fucking real.

we can't even reverse greying or balding yet but dudes expect to be able to have a functioning uterus soon, kek, ok

No. 391286

the reality is these blokes can never pass to enter a lesbian space, unless they start screaming "terfs!!! vagina fetishists!! genital preferences kill transwomen!!". you can get 8373893 botched facial feminization surgeries but you'll always have a manly or a tryhard helium voice that no actual woman normally has. the "you can never know what my chromosomes are" thing is a meme. most people can look at you and tell that you're a man by your face, bone structure, hands, shoulders.

No. 391291

File: 1553640886130.png (41.12 KB, 750x447, phlight.png)

Lmao @ "phlight"

No. 391297

And yet libfems will still defend pornsick men over women.. Astonishing. Wouldn't porn be the transphobic thing for them. Trannies are literally a fetish in it

Biology and sexual dimorphism aren't troons friends.

No. 391304

>old adage war
Can they just stop trying to sound smart?
Aside from that, at least this one is using his fellow (black) trannies as a weapon instead of bringing up black women as a way to liken his struggle to racism.

No. 391308

I was going to say the same thing lol, incels push this woman-should-be-forced-to-date-me-by-law shit all the time, its pathetic.

No. 391322

Why the fuck would they want to enter a discord with cis lesbians anyway? Wouldn't that be too uwu invalidating :'(((( for them?

No. 391324

it's because they feel entitled to every female space, and god forbid that there are lesbian servers that they can't have access to

No. 391328

why did the t become a part of lgb anyway? it's so different than being attracted to the same gender. you can understand gays and lesbians coming together since they fight for the same rights like same sex marriage, what does trans havw to do with anything? is it because being gay and trans tend to collide?

No. 391329

Lesbians are the ultimate trophy for them, notice how they're never as angry at straight men for not fucking them? All they want is the mythical lesbian pussy, the greatest prize of all.

No. 391333

it's fucking rapey, why are they so obsessed with the idea of fucking someone who clearly isn't attracted to their sex? you don't see troons barking at straight men for being vagina fetishists as often as you see them coming at lesbians as if it's their job to validate their uwu femaleness.

No. 391334

Because it means they've "made it" as women if a woman who only has sex with other women is willing to have sex with them.

No. 391336

this is an old video but holy shit does this remind me of some witch hunt


No. 391341


I think it's this and the fact that dudes (straight and white extra but really, all dudes) aren't and don't feel threatened by the trans movement. They're not vulnerable the way women are, esp. lesbians, but all women – both in the sense of "letting males into intimate spaces" sense but also, no one's spending as much time trying to convince men that actually, they're not a coherent group, and they have no shared history or movement, and "man" means "whoever identifies as a man" etc. Like, yes, I know trans men pull this a little more now, but lbr, they will never have the force and socialization will always keep them from doing it the way trans women do.

I know so many "good" "lefty" """"feminist"""" men to whom it's like being gay – "well who are they hurting???" and they're already inclined, even if they don't think they are, that women are hysterical lying crybabies and lesbians are cruel heartless bitches. So trans stuff asks nothing of them, and makes them seem like an extra good person if they support it. They stand to lose nothing and gain everything. Women are screwed over, but who's ever given a shit about that.

No. 391343


Like this pansy ass baby could last one day in an actual black women's life, lol. They have no concept how much of a woman's life is just thankless fucking work

No. 391348

File: 1553651878569.png (178.11 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20190326-185638~2.p…)

Do they ever stop lying

No. 391350

File: 1553652305588.png (79.84 KB, 599x548, Untitled.png)

Even though I dislike Trump, I totally agree. The left need to get their shit together, badly.

No. 391355

Tangentially related, I didn't know too much about her so I looked her up and apparently Camille Paglia identifies as trans, but from what I can tell she's a ~cis~ female. She doesn't use male pronouns or anything?? So she's basically a fakeboi.

No. 391367

>I can't believe we live in a world.
Neither can I.

No. 391368


Im pretty sure she means gender nonbinary female. She just isn't up to current lexicon on this stuff.

"Although I describe myself as transgender (I was donning flamboyant male costumes from early childhood on), I am highly sceptical about the current transgender wave, which I think has been produced by far more complicated psychological and sociological factors than current gender discourse allows."

No. 391381

File: 1553662546625.jpg (136.54 KB, 1080x1801, 20190327_005243.jpg)

Inspirational quotes from tranny hookers.

No. 391385

Ah ok, GNC female makes a lot more sense.

No. 391408

A male feminist who shields trannies is a predatory creep? Color me surprised.

Personal rant: A twitter mutual recently came out as nonbinary. She's super feminine, likes traditionally feminine stuff, straight as a nail, specifically said that her "gender presentation doesn't decide her gender" so she's well aware of it too. She's in her mid 20's so she's not exactly a young twerp either. Will this crazy train ever stop moving?

No. 391410

every nonbinary girl I've known has been very into performing femininity and acts more stereotypically feminine/bubbly than everyone else, it's strange

No. 391411

File: 1553673216132.gif (1.54 MB, 400x236, bodysnatchers.gif)

They're shouting "terf" like some sort of alarm signal and it's horrifying.

apparently the yelling TIM has assaulted somebody before, noice

No. 391414

Because they're straight men themselves. Why would they want to get fucked by straight men.

No. 391420

Yeah it's the guy who attacked the woman at speakers corner. I think his name is Tara wolf

No. 391423

Just noticed the profiles of troons on Tinder. Most of them have it goes about geeky hobbies, which is not wrong on its own but they seem to boast that so hard. DnD, anime, gamer girls "I am soo quirky and socially anxious" with dyed pastel 'cute' hairstyle. Really creepy smile accompanied

Most geeky real women might snuck it in their profile and they can talk about it but they usually feel more like they have a life outside of that.

Almost that they're kind of clones in that regard and I wonder what internet has spawned.

No. 391434

There's HSTS, aka gay men, as well as AGP

No. 391452

I agree, but if i might add: most geeky no-life gamer women keep it hidden, it's not a trait commonly sought after. For troons though it's another part of the fantasy.
kek, never

No. 391462

File: 1553691919958.png (113.76 KB, 1222x596, 9.png)

i've never rolled my eyes so hard. they put themselves above literally everything.

No. 391471

Because their NPD brains can't fathom the idea of not being included in something: everything has to be about them, everything. Even if they're not really interested.
If you made a group about people pulling grass off the ground and taking pictures of it as a hobby, and said the group was meant to be trans-free, you'd get a group of trannies out of your door picking a fight to be let in in a heartbeat.

No. 391474

oh fucking hell. I can't believe I used to stan these deluded freaks. Next they'll be saying it's worse than cancer.

No. 391497

Well there was that one TIF on twitter complaining about breast cancer patients being prioritised over TIFs for mastectomies…

No. 391500

the endometriosis fb group i'm in has been inundated by TIFs complaining that the group is too ~woman focused~. it's so fucking infuriating to see the handmaidens playing into their bs

No. 391508

Pls show caps

No. 391556

>too women focused
What's next to target? Birthing classes and pregnancy groups too woman focused? Jfc

Tinfoil but who else was or still is suspicious about the whole drag makeup trends. Thick IG brows, full face, thick lashes, Kim K contouring and highlighting etc. It came up around the time tras really started to push themselves forward. But my theory is that it was all planned for women to start looking like made up men aka drag queens so troons would have a shot at not being so easily clocked in public. I'm talking about ones like Nikita Dragun and Eden the Doll. If women start to really push for natural plain beauty, they couldn't pass whatsoever.

No. 391566

i'm probably reading into this too much but i love that a disorder that primarily affects women is "no longer the most deadly" because men are having their feelings hurt.

No. 391571

File: 1553717225364.jpeg (680.25 KB, 1159x1739, 14B74F84-3C93-4316-8368-E53EF2…)

I'm seeing a lot of girls and young women in my city going back to a much more natural look. Drag brows are disappearing and there's so much less contouring and highlighting going on. It's definitely leaning towards pic related.

No. 391572

Make-up definitely goes in cycles from natural to very exaggerated back to natural back to exaggerated and the troon craze has got big in the middle of an exaggerated cycle. Once it properly cycles back to natural we're going to start seeing thinkpieces on how women not wearing a ton of make-up is actually twanzphobic.

No. 391575

lol, they can cry man tears all they want, it'll still suck to be them when it happens. I'm not a big fan of makeup, mostly because I'm lazy so I only get to look 'current' when the trend swings back to 'natural'.

No. 391584

gender dysphoria is deadliest because of suicide rates or what? Also if they're going by suicide rates wouldn't schizophrenia be the 'deadliest'?
(sage bc I could be wrong but I thought schizophrenia had the highest attempts and suicides)

No. 391597

Around 40% of people with schizophrenia attempt suicide at least once, and the statistic is roughly the same for troons, so you're right, anon.

10% of people with schizophrenia commit suicide.

However despite information on how many troons attempt suicide being both widely available and commonly reported, I can find absolutely no statistics on how many of them succeed. At all.

For context, the mortality rate for anorexia is 20%. This figure includes both deaths from starvation and from suicide. Without suicide factored in, the rate is 10%.

Suicide attempts in anorexia patients, if you don't include the starvation itself, are on average 60%. So basically, the troon is wrong.

No. 391598

What does anyone thinks of this?


Seems like a good idea to me, trying to barr people from watching porn.

No. 391600

Every study I’ve seen claiming high trans suicide attempt rates used self-reported data, which does suggest that their success rate probably isn’t very high.

No. 391602

I think it's a bad idea for one reason: I don't trust the government to possess private information like that and use it ethically.

No. 391604

interestingly, the self-reported suicide attempt rates in the u.s and canada are 48% and 43% respectively.

in china it's 12%. now, china obviously has a huge stigma around suicide so that could be a factor but these surveys are all completely anonymous.

No. 391605

double posting but another revealing statistic: among the 48% attempt rate for the u.s, ftms make up 50%. mtfs make up 30%. the remainder are non-binary, who are usually female.

guess which sex has higher suicide attempt rates in the general population? that's right: females.

No. 391606

If people don't want to give info, they would not watch porn anymore

No. 391620


I once had a troon have the audacity to tell me he wanted to petition the government to change the terms:
"midwives" to "midworkers"
"maternity wards" to "birthing wards"
"womens hospitals" to "family hospitals"

No. 391622

All authoritarians must hang, that's what I think

No. 391626

you sound dumb

No. 391627

> "midwives" to "midworkers"
The second some troon gets introduced to me as my "midworker" I will throw a fit and start a fucking petition. Maybe I can even work in some "think of the children" since women don't seem to be worthy of protection from fetishists.

No. 391629

I was thinking the exact same thing. Midworkers would absolutely be the straw to break the camels back.

Then again, that gets said about a lot of things TRAs do.

No. 391638

i love that they petition so hard to get rid of female centric terms under the guise of it being outdated and non-inclusive, but getting rid of male centric terms is seen as a non-issue or a joke that nobody genuinely cares about, like the gingerbread person shit. it's like how they expect female bathrooms to be gender neutral, but nobody gives a shit about the men's.

i wish they'd just say what they're really feeling: they hate women and are bitter, nothing the handmaidens do for or give to them will ever be enough. they could take out their womb and hand it over on a silver platter and troons would still ask for more.

No. 391668

File: 1553740462949.png (298.1 KB, 800x1124, Screenshot_2019-03-27-19-30-56…)


The push for "inclusive language" in midwifery started in 2014.


No. 391669

File: 1553740915374.gif (1.33 MB, 728x476, 6B267F3E-4FB4-4922-96E2-A35979…)

hopefully you'll put paid to the notion of a troon catching your firstborn on the way out the door? they can't 'midwork' if you never hire them.

No. 391670

File: 1553740916751.png (207.53 KB, 800x927, Screenshot_2019-03-27-19-14-43…)

HarryTheOwl has run afoul of the UK thought crime law hate incident policy again.


No. 391671

File: 1553741023676.png (260.07 KB, 800x1034, Screenshot_2019-03-27-19-14-57…)

No. 391707

That’s ridiculous. Seriously, since when has „you’ve upset someone“ warranted a call from the police? People get upset all the time, tims are just mad that they’re the butt of the joke for once.

No. 391712

If only rape victims had police trying as hard to catch and prosecute their rapists as they do for trannies getting their feefees hurt on the internet. I hope this bullshit doesn't spread to the US.

No. 391724

They think social anxiety = femininity points because girls are cute and shy right uwu It's also the root cause for a lot of TiMs because everything that can be considered as some sort of a weakness is seen as feminine, so when you have a quiet, shy man he just MUST be a pussy and a girl.

Wasn't the suicide rate meme conceived by a study that counted all self-reported self-harm and self-destructive thoughts as a part of the calculated suicide rate? I remember reading the study and thinking to myself that the TRAs who shill the numbers from this one probably haven't.

No. 391725

>Why do you have the need to voice your opinion which is also a scientific fact?
lmfao it's literally the thought police in the GB. It's ridiculous, they have no resources to defend a battered wife from a stalker husband threatening to kill her, or track down a serial rapist, but harassing people over relatively harmless tweets? Better go kick that door down and make some arrests!

No. 391730

I have an online friend from Yorkshire (same police force as the ones harassing that guy) who was raped by her ex-boyfriend. When she reported it they basically told her they couldn't do much since she hadn't had a rape kit done after it happened.

They can spend all day harassing people for not licking the boots of troons though.

No. 391734

Will this gender insanity going to end soon? I wonder what it will look like if in 30 years in the future they look back at our media today trying to pander with non-binary and genderspecials characters with 'labels'.

I don't think it'll be like youth subcultures or political movement in the latter half of 20th century.. will it be?

No. 391738

It will be thought of as equivalent to lobotomies or conversion therapy. The political stuff is bad enough but the medical malpractice that is SRS or letting kids transition will really be what turns public opinion imo.

No. 391740

Once it really hits the mainstream media and normie women will be exposed to the menstruator/womb carrier shit it'll be done for. For now it's mainly lesbians who have to suffer for this shit but it's going to leak over at some point. It's been going way too far way too fast with no scientific merits, it's not going to last. Like >>391738 mentioned, it's very similar to lobotomy. It was also a money-grubbing medical practice that exploded in popularity and was enforced whenever possible, threatening everyone with the high suicide rates of mental patients who wouldn't go through it. Of course the press was telling everyone how it works 100% and makes the patient a lot happier, when in fact some cases gained brain damage so severe they couldn't perceive the outside work and kept being giddy. And we know how well that trend ended.

No. 391741

What fucks me up that once this shit is over all the bastards who kept pushing it will hide under the rocks and act as if they didn't do anything. Imagine, there will be a generation of people who can bond over the fact that they sexually harassed lesbians online but once they get fed up with their queerlarping they can just return to live their straight lives and perhaps chuckle a little bit about their "silly teenage phase" while they leave people to clean up their mess. It infuriates me.

No. 391742

And worst of all people will most likely blame it on the evil feminists and gay/lesbian people who pushed the narrative, when it was all perverted straight men who were responsible for driving the movement.

No. 391743

When you research the lobotomy it's actually shocking how many similarities there are.

>They called it surgically induced childhood, and claimed it was like having a second childhood patients would eventually mature past.

Troons constantly claim HRT is like a second puberty.

>They performed them on more women than men

As trans gains steam, clinics like Tavistock have reported much much higher rates of "AFAB" patients.

>The lobotomy was rapidly accepted and used often, despite nervous criticism from a minority of medical professionals

Exactly the same for trans.

>It was claimed that the lobotomy was the best solution because otherwise people would undergo terrible suffering and eventually commit suicide

Exactly the same for trans.

The main thing that led to lobotomies falling out of favor was the rise of pharmecutical drugs… and the medical community being able to get greater profit from those. HRT, of course, requires you to be on it for life to continue working, essentially making you a captive customer.

No. 391744

sage for blogging

It's something I lost a friend I had for years over. gay boy TIF (straight girl), not yet medically transitioned but she goes by the philosophy of 'people made mistakes too!', which is nice but she never owns or feel guilty of any bad things she did and it's always someone else fault.

The kind of type that go into keyboard wars and acting smug. But using 'I'm female-bodied' in an argument when it's convenient.

Yes, I hate how that queerlarping people got all attention and face no repurcussion when things stopped being trendy.

No. 391745

With "misgendering" becoming illegal in Canada and the UK, what do you all think the next big push from troons will be?

I'm willing to bet they'll try to make it illegal to reject them for sex, by arguing that if a lesbian rejects a MTF she's misgendering him.

No. 391748

I wonder if it's possible since we have so much evidence of troons's homophobia. I at least have spend years saving screenshots of troon homophobia, maybe it's stupid but I want to save them for the future that if/when shit hits the fan there is all that stuff to remind people what was going on.

No. 391749

File: 1553770553237.png (821.79 KB, 664x664, 1553528098197.png)

"Trans women age better than cis women!"

Lauren Harries, 41, transitioned as a child.

Harries is the same age as Liv Tyler, January Jones and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I'll let you come to your own conclusion.

No. 391757

I don’t think any western country is going to make it legal for them to rape women, regardless of mysogninistic we still are.

My bet is either
A) kids will be taken away from parents that refuse to transition them ‘for their own safety’ (while legitimately abused children continue to be neglected)
B) no one will be willing to fire trannies in fear of being slapped with heavy ‘discrimination’ fines
C) women begin to be phased out of pregnancy. And I don’t mean just the language like it is currently, but the majority of obstetricians, midwives, and sonographers will be replaced by either troons or just straight up men

No. 391758

Gross, who even says they age better? Lmao
Troons would say you’re cherry picking though

No. 391759

No he had his dick cut off in 2001, I looked it up.

No. 391760

File: 1553771782752.jpg (132.02 KB, 634x1135, 4997A79500000578-0-image-a-103…)

This is him with his "husband". All troons should date amongst themselves.

No. 391761

File: 1553771899501.jpg (121.5 KB, 634x1028, 4997A75100000578-0-image-a-104…)

Nightmare fuel…

No. 391762

You realize there's more to transition than having your dick cut off right? Harries has been on HRT since his teenage years.

No. 391763

Ah fair enough, Wikipedia just didn't mention that.

No. 391767

I don't know what I can say but his face came across as… very strange, like not really human.

And no, both 'cis' men and women look better at this age

No. 391770

So how does Sex-Work
does she a Use a Strapon and fuck him or dose he use his Penis for fuck her

No. 391771

Holy shit is this what HRT does to you?? I know it's known to shorten your lifespan but there's no way in hell that person is less than 75.

No. 391773

Same happens to TIFs
a lot of female athletes in Eastern Bloc countries who were doping with testosterone suffered from complications in later life and most of them died when they were in their mid to late 50's
same result is expected to happen for TIF's

No. 391776

When I was having my troon phase what helped me to re-identify was meeting other troons in real life and seeing how old and sickly they looked. Maybe they were just really unhealthy bunch or something but I just thought "is THAT what I'm going to end up looking like if I start hormones?", they looked uncanny valley.

No. 391794

One common thing troons that haven't transitioned yet but neck deep in the ideology say is that they'd rather live a happy life hooked on medications and complications than to have dysphoria. But like you said, they really do look sickly and uncanny. Maybe if they can accept that, but I find it very tragic in a way you see shriveled down drug addicts on the street. Of course aren't they happy taking what they're taking?

It's just sad really, in almost a black comedy way.

No. 391798

I hope everyone saw the teaser trailer for nikita dragun's makeup line. Gives me big second life troon vibes, absolute nightmare fuel.

No. 391799

who's going to tell nikita that he'll never have this body because it's not a woman or a normal human's body. this is an uncanny valley alien.

No. 391800

Looks like a distant cousin of Jazz's alien grandma. ACK! ACK!

Christ, these pictures are scary. This is straight out some Junji Ito material. Look at his weird deformed body. The way it bends, the lump on his back… dios mio

No. 391812

Totally not a fetish, though!

No. 391828

Thoughts on 'straight' FTMs? My best friend is the only FTM I've met who isn't a fujoshi.

No. 391832

Of all troons they're the most bearable. Some of them are even willing to criticize MTF and fakeboi shit.

No. 391834

they are more chill than the sjw and fujo tifs but i've seen so many of them tending to be misogynistic and lesbophobic

No. 391836

Socially conscious beauty in 2016
>let's end photoshopping!
>no more unrealistic body ideals!
>any body can be a beach body!
>ethically conscious products!

Socially conscious beauty in 2019
> >>391798 literally IMVU!
>I felt self conscious about my body so a realised I was a man!
>lip injections and pad for the gods hunty!
>this youtuber palette comes with a pound of sequins and plastic just as packaging do you know it's quality!


No. 391837

I guess non binary is the new "I'm not like other girls uwu"

No. 391841

File: 1553792249029.jpg (25.05 KB, 720x316, 29510848_1845369505487964_3999…)

jk rowling is cringey for other reasons but she's based when it comes to tranny bullshit. so funny people are trying to cancel her for liking this post and comparing trannies in women's prisons to roosters in a henhouse when she's absolutely right. people try to silence gender crit women so hard. so misogynistic

No. 391842

i am in love with the term brocialist. but tbh i would never positively reference jkrowling for anything. she trumps out on twitter almost constantly.

No. 391844

if trannies (especially TiMs) had any aesthetic sense, they would have known how to groom and dress as men and remained men since they would fit in well enough to not act out as fake women.

No. 391845

I feel like homosexual trans ('straight') are generally saner than straight troons, they used to be the majority of transsexual until gendercult boom. May hold homophobic and crazy views but they feel pleasant and have actual social skills.

I'd rather not see them transition though.

.. I wonder why most straight troons (fujoshit included) nowadays look like they have no social skills and act like if real life is like anime and video games?

No. 391846

This is so low-quality. If you're going to go for CGI when it comes to anything professional, it better be high quality movie-tier or high budget video game shit, not your fucking IMVU character with a broken spine and mammoth hips. Final Fantasy level graphics or better. We're not so nostalgic for old Playstation 2 games that we even like the cheapest, shittiest graphics possible.
Trust trannies to have no aesthetic sense, I guess. And you just know that disproportionate, hideous body is what "Nikita Dragun" wishes he looked like. Only a pornsick AGPer would think that looks anything but grotesque, lmao. It's like he's been so deprived of some much-needed kink-shaming and embarrassment for so long, he thinks it's a good idea to use the avatar he used to have cybersex with neckbeards in MMOs for makeup ads.

No. 391847

a stopped clock is right twice a day.

No. 391850

>.. I wonder why most straight troons (fujoshit included) nowadays look like they have no social skills and act like if real life is like anime and video games?
true point. tims who are into women and tifs who are into men are usually socially inept as fuck and have no idea how the sex they are trying to pass as are.

No. 391856

File: 1553794641383.jpg (415.77 KB, 1290x1920, 1553779142646.jpg)

I don't know how much of this is true, but from what I've observed it's true that HSTS tend to pass better than transbians (they still look like troons, but look less gross than transbians). I wonder why

No. 391860

From what I've seen a lot of the fujo FTMs are gay only with other FTMs so it's just basically internalized lesbophobia&misogyny and coping. Like everyone knows a ton of fujos are lesbians, but the media mostly shows lesbians as boring butch stereotypes compared to the sassy quirky gay stereotype so young girls would rather turn into gay males like all the cultural icons they have at their reach.

I wonder how come she's otherwise so ~woke~ with her bullshit all the time but didn't go with the tranny craze?

No. 391869

I grew up in a place with a lot of HSTS TIM, troonbians were unheard of. I'd say it's partly true and while they can have overdone performative feminity and their kind of annoyingness. You can have an interaction with them like a normal human being and don't get creeped out for some inherent creepiness AGO have.

They tend to take care of their appearance more, that's one big difference when it comes to passing. It's sad they have to transition after all, it's a harmful worldview although a few years back a lot of HSTS generally accept that they were not 'real women'.

I don't know about average IQ point though. Why are lonely agp incels are so obsessed with IQ.

No. 391870

>troons possess a high IQ

lol k

No. 391871

wouldn't that be bisexual? would an actual lesbian really be into watching two dudes banging?
you have a point and there are fakebois that fit into what you're saying but i think most of these fujos who troon out are autoandrophile and celibate straight girls who consume way too much bl they end up wanting to become an actual bottom gay stereotype. it's like these hentai obsessed weeb incels who think they are going to become a cutesy anime girl after one estrogen shot and putting on a dress.

No. 391873

This is really telling lol. Gay men don't have a huge dating pool so they try to resemble a female enough to get some men hooked. Straight men, on the other hand, keep being typical straight men.

No. 391876

Weirdly, the first fujo TIF I've seen is dead straight, always pinning for a cis guy and loves dick. For some reason she's recently got a 'previously straight' bf and I didn't know how that even work. They met in DnD group and how she told me she never thought people could like her so it's probably desperation on both side.

Lesbian fakebois do exist, but I feel like they're the more popular ones who latched on the trend for attention and not exactly the socially inept type that's closer to the majority of fujo fakeboi population.

No. 391879

I'd say this is pretty accurate other then Farrah Moan who is a drag queen and not a tranny being included in this.

No. 391881

File: 1553800441088.jpg (91.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

They also forgot about one of the most famous AGP TS

No. 391882


This is literally some man's corrective rape fantasy.

>You call us trans-identified males? What kind of lesbian thinks about men so much? If you ask me, it sounds like you might be a little bi. A little bit curious.

No. 391893

Holy fucking shit that video seems so disturbing. I don't even want to watch it. It reads like one of those hypnosis videos but except for "girlcock" conversion, christ.

No. 391909

This is just straight-up cope. He wishes the things he claims were the case, and because he sexualizes everything about actual women, this ridiculous fantasy came naturally to him. It's a form of self-therapy, at this point. "Those evil TERFs totally want to fuck me as much as I want to fuck them!!".

>You little TERF, I bet you wish you could be here, right at my feet, worshipping my body. I bet it’s all you think about as you sit on this website and watch your tr** videos and obsess and get angry and get wet and get sexually frustrated. I bet this video is a godsend to you. I bet you’re gonna watch it, it’s gonna make you come, you’re gonna get your panties all wet, and then you’re gonna go on Twitter and get mad because a woman like me made a lesbian like you come. (laughs) You’re pathetic.

The fact that he attributes rage and dislike to sexual frustration just highlights how male he really is. It calls to mind that one screencap of the guy from the "sissy recovery" subreddit going on about how much he hates femdom, hates female porn stars and feels "raped" by them, even though he's the one who obsesses over them. It's nearly always men who have this psychosis where they simultaneously want to kill everything/everyone they want to fuck.
Unironically, this would only ever work on a man. In his bid to "own the TERFs ;)))", he's reminding us all why his kind are so disgusting and abhorrent.

No. 391935

I'm not the only one grossed out by now Nikita keeps saying "don't worry, I'm going to be laying more eggs," in regards to the first makeup batch selling out, right? I know sex sells, but this just feels unnecessary and gross.

No. 391937

lol trying desperately to spread his disease to women who don't want him in their space, good luck dude. what does he even think this is? terfy hypno? so embarrassing. this is the edge of madness, stay away from him, you know he's on the verge of snapping.

No. 391938

He looks like a vogon in drag… Disturbing

No. 391947

lmao i'm a masochistic dumbass yet this was extremely vomit inducing and hilarious. this is borderline straight male's conversion therapy talk. no terf or lesbian wants your obnoxious ass, i really doubt that anyone would get off to this other than closeted incels with sissy fetishes.

No. 391949

He usually makes sissy hypno videos for men and other troons.

Because he's a man he doesn't realize that hypno fetish is a 100% male thing, and doesn't work on women. Seriously, I've seen women with all sorts of weird kinks but never ever have I seen a woman with any sort of hypno fetish.

No. 391963

File: 1553807944230.png (911.26 KB, 1234x552, 1553795600169.png)

No. 391967

Ew wtf

No. 391968

Sucks that a story like this comes from such a conservative source but I am still grateful the issue is gaining traction.

"The Equality Act sacrifices female safety in restrooms, locker rooms and even domestic-violence shelters."


No. 391973

File: 1553810539262.png (766.58 KB, 953x737, img_3006.png)


No. 391984

i legitimately thought this was matt christman. ginger men have to be 700% more likely to troon out than men of any other hair color

No. 392008

Why is this person reminding me of Clancy Brown?

No. 392012

I'm a straight woman and this make me dry-heave. Lesbia–Sorry, I mean "TERFs" I feel sorry for you.

No. 392021

jesus what a disgusting subhuman

No. 392028

Of course, a fucking brony.

Why is it illegal to cull these kind of men?

No. 392029

Even Buffalo Bill looked less ugly.

No. 392033

I objected to being called afab by one of my friends and she asked me why and I said because I'm female and my sex was assigned. She told me the lingo was helpful which?? Makes no sense to me

Why is that these people will shit themselves if you try to define them but the moment you object to a label forced upon yourself you're in the wrong

No. 392034


No. 392035

i don't get what you're trying to say.

No. 392043

I've met a TIF with a hypno fetish. She went on about how she hated all the rape in hypno, it was weird.

No. 392055

>hypno fetish
>but I don’t like rape!!

What else is supposed to happen in a hypno fetish sesh though..?

No. 392059

Maybe lurk more? I understood what they were saying.

No. 392062

Probably the best passing one I have seen.


No. 392068

the voice is actually okay but damn that jaw doesn't fool anybody

No. 392104

>>391968 Article behind paywall. Can someone post the text?

No. 392116

>friend calls anon afab
>anon says she does not want to be called that
>anons friend says why
>anon says because she is female and her sex wasnt assigned
>friend said the lingo (afab) is helpful
>anons face when

No. 392124

File: 1553839623696.png (552.93 KB, 800x967, Screenshot_2019-03-28-23-02-44…)


The Transgender War on Women

The Equality Act sacrifices female safety in restrooms, locker rooms and even domestic-violence shelters.

By Abigail Shrier

March 26, 2019 6:51 p.m. ET

It has become rightly fashionable to ridicule the idea of “safe spaces,” places where adults can hide and sulk like children avoiding ideas they find threatening. But women need actual safe spaces—not from intellectual challenge, of course, but from physical threat of harm from men. As a biological matter, most women are physically outmatched by men. Men are stronger and faster than we are, though we’re better able to tolerate pain and tend to live longer.

House Democrats introduced a bill this month that would outlaw safe spaces for women. The Equality Act—so called because, to put it charitably, Democrats excel at branding—purports merely to extend protections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to people who are gay and transgender. Insofar as it would prohibit landlords from evicting tenants and employers from firing employees based on sexual orientation, it is no doubt long overdue.

But the bill goes further, proposing to prohibit discrimination based on “gender identity.” That claim directly competes with the rights of women and girls. Any biological males who self-identify as females would, under the Equality Act, be legally entitled to enter women’s restrooms, locker rooms and protective facilities such as battered-women’s shelters. This would put women and girls at immediate physical risk.

Because courts typically interpret Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 according to the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, amending the latter would alter the understanding of the former. Biological boys who identify as girls would gain an instant entitlement to compete on girls’ teams in all 50 states. No more democratic discussion of accommodation, competing interest, sacrifice and fairness. No more debate about whether we should really allow girls’ scholarships and trophies to go to male athletes who were unable to excel on the boys’ teams. No more discussion about whether it’s right to allow, as we have, biological men to pick off championships in women’s and girls’ powerlifting, cycling, wrestling and running. These emergent public discussions would be locked away in a vault of civil rights.

Part of the reason women have been reluctant to object to these incursions into their hard-won rights has to do with embarrassment at acknowledging our biological differences, which some leading feminists have denied for years. But women are biologically different from men, as the chromosomes in every cell of our bodies readily testify. (How absurd that this is necessary to point out.) And one source of many of our physical differences resides in our glands.

Boys undergo a testosterone surge during puberty that is 10 to 40 times what girls experience, conferring lifetime physical advantages: vastly greater muscle mass, bone density, more fast-twitch muscle fiber, larger hearts and lungs—all things that provide absolute and unbridgeable advantage in strength and speed.

As long as women had their own safe spaces, such disadvantages never mattered much. But that may soon change. Not because women and men have changed, but because of the progressive left’s sudden rush to strip girls and women of separate facilities, sacrificing their rights to a group a notch or two higher on the intersectional pecking order. As Kara Dansky, media director of the Women’s Liberation Front, put it to me, the Equality Act would eliminate “women and girls as a coherent legal category worthy of civil-rights protection.” It would do so by redefining the category of “women” to include “women and those who say they are women”—which means women and people who aren’t women at all.

Activists typically counter this argument with the claim that men wouldn’t pose as men-who-believe-they-are-women unless they sincerely believed it. There are too many taboos, and the transgender life is too hard for anyone to want to fake it, they claim. But under the Equality Act, pretending to be transgender would sometimes be rational.

It doesn’t strain the human imagination to picture a male convict renaming himself “Sheila” and heading for the women’s prison. Nor would it surprise anyone if rapists began to “identify” as women—no physical alteration is required to change your gender identity—to gain free access to women’s showers. What pedophile wouldn’t want open access to girls’ bathrooms? And many a biological man with no place to sleep would prefer the quieter, gentler confines of a shelter for battered women to the dodgy enclosure of one for homeless men.

Are there sincere transgender people who ought to be accommodated with appropriate facilities? Of course. But their need, however real, doesn’t justify the immediate transfer of the hard-won rights of women and girls. No comparable sacrifice is asked of boys and men, who are unlikely to feel threatened by a biological woman in the restroom. No top male athletes are likely to lose competitions to biological women competing as men. Only women are made to sacrifice for the sake of this new “equality.” And what women and girls are being coerced to cough up isn’t an unfair privilege but a leveler they require.

The bill is unlikely to become law while Republicans control the Senate or White House. But this isn’t the first time the Democrats have introduced the Equality Act, and it won’t be the last. It’s a proposal worth taking seriously because it provides a glimpse of the left’s willingness to sacrifice women and girls to those wolves in sheep’s clothing—transgender or not—who would take advantage of them.

Ms. Shrier is a writer living in Los Angeles.



No. 392157

Recently hundreds of parents have withdrawn their children from UK schools in protest over lessons that include the children reading And Tango Makes Three, which is a picture book about those male penguins who adopted a baby penguin. The parents have stated gay people are not natural and are sinners and should not exist. They have been protesting outside the schools with signs claiming gay people will burn in hell.

The police have stated this is not a hate crime.

Meanwhile, if you tweet a limerick that implies troons aren't stunning and brave you will get a visit from the police with threats to prosecute you.

No. 392159

Has anyone been following the Morgane Oger thread on KF? I have never seen so many people hit peak trans in real time. In fact, there were a couple of posters, just looking at their posting history, that they were in strong support of trans rights just days before coming into the thread. It was amazing how Morgane’s assault on Vancouver Rape Relief finally woke them up.

No. 392160

>The police have stated this is not a hate crime.
Ex-fucking-cuse me. In the UK of 2019 you can fucking protest against gay people outside of schools and yell how they will burn in hell and this is not considered a hate crime, but the moment you tweet "trans women are not women" the police will come after you in a matter of hours? This is a fucking dystopian timeline right here.

No. 392162

This happened in a german school as well. Not because of what they taught, but because there was one gay teacher. If you can guess the religion of the protesters, then you know why the police didn't do anything… Could be the case in the UK as well.

No. 392163

Isn’t it funny how we can acknowledge that homosexuality is observable in hundreds of animal species and it requires no medical intervention/surgery to become that way and thus, it is natural but TRAs can only point towards cold, slimy non-mammals that change sex on their own due to survival? How is their cause more scientifically and biologically valid when no similar species displays their condition or uses the medical process needed to get there?

I see these ridiculous articles stating “Look at this fish defying your perception of gender!” when no human has ever changed sex to ensure survival and cannot do so in their own. Where are the healthy, physically normal apes injecting themselves with hormones or aggressively demanding their troop treat them as a female? There is not a single direct parallel to transgenderism in the animal kingdom at all. If we simply look at animals defying gender roles or having a genetic condition/mental state that makes them assume opposite sex traits, where does the demand for government-funded hormone replacement and endless cosmetic surgeries come into their defense?

No. 392164

They're desperate for something, anything scientific to point to. They don't care that there's no real point to be made about human gender identity in regards to other animals changing sex, they just need something to cling onto.
Granted, you could use the "it's natural" argument for everything from rape to shitting in the street, but people still fall for it anyway. That's their main goal, is to make people believe that gender reassignment is more than just wish fulfillment.

No. 392166

I just really would love to see how they would explain how they NEED hormones, surgeries and experimental transplants if it is supposed to be natural, when no other creature in existence has needed artificial intervention in that way. Maybe we should step in and help our animal friends that are sexually divergent? Create funds for doggy SRS and manufacture little implants for chimpanzees? If humans need these things than surely animals do!

No. 392173

File: 1553863987921.jpg (253.67 KB, 691x743, the trauma cleaner.jpg)

I brought an e-book called the Trauma Cleaner without bothering to read the blurb. I didn't realise it would be a troon's biography/life story. This is how the writer describes the troon. The book is filled with exaggerated descriptions of how gorgeous the troon is..

No. 392175

Holy mother of god this reads like a bimbofication fetish description. Barf.

No. 392176

>There is not a single direct parallel to transgenderism in the animal kingdom at all
There is such a thing as sexual mimicry, which is rare but does occur in some vertebrate species. It generally functions as a strategy for weaker males to avoid detection by or to pacify more aggressive, dominant males and for them to get access to females for sneaky mating. Sound familiar?

Of course this is totally different from what TIMs are doing when they demand access to women's prisons, shelters, changing rooms, support groups etc. Completely different. In fact, the biologists who describe this behaviour are surely crypto-TERFs trying to slander the brave and stunning.

No. 392177

Thanks for reminding me never to sit near troons in public with my child.

No. 392181

Part of me wonders if they might use this to get women to vote conservative. I could see this really getting pushed by Republicans in the US.

No. 392187

His jaw and mannerism are a dead giveaway. They all have this creepy exaggerated way of speaking and moving, like they're trying to be as feminine as possible that in the end it just seems like a parody of women, since real women don't do that. If they behaved like normal people they'd be less obvious.

It's going to get better, anons. A lot of people are starting to wake up and speak up compared to, idk, 2 years ago. As the trans movement shows its true face and gets bolder, more and more people finally realize the sham. Trannies always shoot themselves in the foot, and you can only manipulate people until you cross a certain line.

No. 392197

>As the trans movement shows its true face and gets bolder, more and more people finally realize the sham.

Will they, though? It's so trendy to be 'non-binary uwu' and genderqueer these days in left-leaning communities that saying anything negative about it(even to criticize the hypocrisy of fakeboi fujoshis who present entirely as women) is the social equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.

No. 392205

File: 1553872564736.png (50.56 KB, 214x231, YouTube.png)

Look at these transphobic videos Youtube keeps on suggesting me… smh

No. 392208

What im confused by is that genitals apparentlt “arent” sexed YET brains “”are” and trannies always use that as an arguement..

No. 392211

They've turned everything completely upside-down. Apparently now sex is a social construct but gender is an immutable biological fact.

No. 392221

Its fucking insane, like “Your vagina and uterous dont make you female, your ladybrain which isnt even proven by science does though!!”

No. 392236

I think there are two different types of trannies making these arguments, and both are retarded.

Type A believes in brain-sex (a scientific falsehood) and will defend its existence. They generally claim to believe they were a woman born in a man's body. They will act in stereotypical female ways to try and pantomime what they think women are like.

Type B is absolutely saturated in postmodern ideology and wants to actively destroy most sorts of social structures. Hence why they call themselves "women" while wearing sportswear and rocking a full beard. Why should they have to shave or wear a dress or act feminine when "cis women" don't have to do that to be women? These types don't even pretend to bother with the science bits. Questioning them on why they believe they're a women will result in a nonsense word-soup that probably amounts to "I am a man who pretends not to be a man for woke points online, something something destroying patriarchy, something something I fuck more lesbians than you. Read theory."

Type A and B probably both watch shitty cutesy quasi-pedophilic animes cause they're both cumbrained men. Not sure which is more worthy of disdain, personally I think it's Type B because they are less mentally ill and more just playing a weird manipulative game, but that's just a subjective opinion.

No. 392237

from the phoebe tickner thread in /snow/:


>lololol she was asked if she could ask freddie mercury any question it would be about his "gender identity" and if he were alive today would he identify as a guy or more pansexual.

No. 392239

Tell her afab and amab are stolen from the intersex community and that they object to and resent having those terms appropriated for non-intersex experiences.

No. 392240

Oh, forgot to add something, please excuse the double-posting. Types A and B will make weird and unsupported claims that humans are not sexually dimorphic, thus sexuality is not real. It's very odd and blatantly untrue to anyone with eyes so I'm not really sure why people even say it. It's like a weird brainwashing mantra.

No. 392248

>A feminine penis is exactly the same as a vagina you bigot! You'll never even notice you're not banging a cis woman!
>Types A and B will make weird and unsupported claims that humans are not sexually dymorphic
I've seen this more often than i should. It's usually along the transgender sports debate, and the usual arguments are that it's just the in which way men and women are raised differently and that there's nothing biological.

No. 392290

File: 1553884516404.jpg (120.34 KB, 1078x1477, MensCyclist.jpg)

Here's a bit of good news

No. 392293

File: 1553884746878.jpg (675.44 KB, 1564x1564, CryMoar.jpg)

Sob story on his Instagram.
So much entitlement.

No. 392295

YESSSS finally. I hope he doesn't get it back.

No. 392321

I would have but I know that would just have made her suspect that I'm an evul terve

No. 392325

Isn’t this one of the guys who celebrates when so-called TERFs are banned from twitter for shit like misgendering? Funny how it’s apparently justified when it happens to a woman he disagrees with but a “transphobic silencing attack” when it happens to him. Live by the sword, die by the sword.
inb4 “omg the transphobes want me to literally be killed with a sword??!?”

No. 392388

OT but I love Ahmed Aldoori’s videos, he’s so chill

No. 392394

We'll go back, but only because non-whites won't tolerate this

No. 392520

it's just a cope honestly

No. 392656

File: 1553933244045.jpg (1004.76 KB, 1564x1564, Nope.jpg)

He deleted the tweet so I stole the screenshot from another site. He thinks he walks into a locker room and we don't immediately balk at the sight of his male body?

No. 392657

File: 1553933412977.jpg (708.74 KB, 1076x1331, Justno.jpg)

Who does he think he's fooling?

No. 392666

This motherfucker is delusional. Just because someone doesn't point at you and yell "THAT'S A MAN, BABY!" like you were in a movie it doesn't mean they didn't clock you.

You started this game of bullshit twitter reports, other people can play it too. They're just following the rules. Live with it.

No. 392704

File: 1553943615690.png (1.18 MB, 1366x768, 471076139.png)

>People are generally SHOCKED to learn I'm trans

No. 392705

File: 1553943706028.jpg (90.1 KB, 437x459, winner 2.jpg)

No. 392708

File: 1553944068679.png (98.02 KB, 499x564, rhys diie brease fire.png)

his account is back. this is the tweet he was suspended over. He replies to the other troon to reiterate that when he says this, he does mean it literally.

No. 392709

File: 1553944330526.png (58.57 KB, 718x546, 5687501.png)

I signed into audible to use my monthly credit and this was the first thing I saw. Why are they showing me this?

No. 392711

Troons have a retard concept of gender lmao. Literally if you can't handle the sex you were born as, something is mentally wrong with you and you need therapy.
I think a lot of trans people deal with high anxiety and give into it rather than seeking help on how to control it. They think transitioning is the quick fix, when in reality recovering from an anxiety disorder takes years. Their case isn't unique.

Sort of OT, but I'm in a Facebook group for people who are trying to recover from anxiety. There was one woman who recently said she was dealing with intrusive thoughts and the one that started scaring her was the thought she's having bad anxiety is because she's trans. Obviously, it's just an intrusive thought and she's aware because her reaction to it is fear, but I'm wondering since a lot of troons have autism, if that affects their reactions to intrusive thoughts.

No. 392714

File: 1553945490990.jpeg (351.38 KB, 750x1057, 484A925F-619D-4A1D-BF9F-830DA1…)


No. 392726

No. 392744

File: 1553951903159.jpg (147 KB, 1454x928, IMG_20190330_080542.jpg)

This entire thing is a mess but I noticed something funny. There's two characters in the game who are trans. One is white. The other is desi, which means they were more than likely forced to transition due to desi countries being homophobic. But it's progressive!

No. 392746

disgusting, she's in middle school. and why do these fucks think having the same name means you're close, at all?

No. 392748

I'm so glad MTF's are banned from powerlifting in the US. Iirc they can't reach low enough level of testosterone or something even with meds, also because shit that messes with hormones in generally banned

No. 392752

This is so fucking pathetic, holy shit.

No. 392754

This was written by a man

No. 392768

Now it got me think

I find it funny that they say 'inclusive' and diverse, troons and genderspecials non-binary are almost clone of each other in term of personality and their lack of touch in reality. The only thing that diversify them is the label they choose for themselves.

It's almost like astrology at this point of people thinking these labels mean something, but astrology is less dumb because they don't ask for law and media to cater to them.

No. 392773

This is what happens when you nurture these people's delusions. Handmaidens - and even normal people, to a certain degree - will play along out of kindness (aka pity) and pretend that "OMG you're trans?? I really didn't see that coming, you look more womanly than biological women! So stunning and brave!", and troons are thick as shit and the obvious fakeness of it just flies over their heads, so they believe it.

No. 392776

Does anyone have that screenshot of Jonathan Yaniv trying to lure a child to his hotel under the guise of needing menstrual products? I'm tired of this pedo walking free. Canada's pedo report website is shittily designed but I want to try it.

No. 392791

File: 1553958448624.png (265.17 KB, 1067x440, Screenshot_2019-03-30-10-53-06…)

My TIF cousin just posted this.

I had recently discovered GC feminism, and wasn't shocked to find out I agree with most of it. But when I had no clue what it was, I basically narrowed done trans ideology to respecting people's pronouns and that the world is changing.

I still call my cousin by her preferred pronouns - when I'm with her or discussing her with other people irl, but I no longer think I can communicate with her with my ideas about transgenderism changing. Not only that but she mutilated her chest, so she's too far gone for me to talk her out of bottom surgery or the harmful effects of continuing Testosterone.

I dunno should I progressively ghost her or just stick around to see if this trend dies out and people have finally got some sense snapped into them.

No. 392796

unrelated but I hate how Bart Simpson has become deep character for "sad boys" who pretend he's deep
also Sadbois dont even have to be boys i know a "cis" girl who has that exact bart profile pic

No. 392804

There's some stuff on Twitter about how Alexa had a "day of trans" "voice of Trans" which is just a regular male voice, meant to represent a FtM, the "voice of trans" offers to tell its algorithm-approved stereotypical "trans" story like a character in a children's book.

I think people on Twitter are trying to be offended, because while it's shitty and dumb that that exists, commodifying a gender identity is…exactly what women (aka cis females) put up with from the day we are born. We are used to sell products, we are offered as prize and incentive for men to achieve, or behave, or incentive to earn a lot of money and thus be supplied with "babes" or trophy wives. Our bodies and personalities are used to sell products, but also to deride, laugh at, mock, control. We are stereotyped, assumptions are made about us, and apparently only when Alexa, the female robotic servant, had a "trans" voice did MtF become horrified at the concept of being a commodified servant, able to be controlled and derided by cis people without any means of defence. We'll just ignore the fact ALL of these robot servants coincidentally are coded female, Alexa, Siri and so on.
Trans related corporate shit like that is just equality for them, but the response is of horror and confusion.
Being commodified is part of the deal, part of being female, and it's interesting that only when corporations started to try and profit from trans identities did this concept occur to MtF, despite their "female" brains surely reaching that conclusion well before now.

No. 392809

File: 1553960710410.jpg (85.37 KB, 950x534, uploads/card/image/745211/02b7…)



No. 392814


NTA, but wow that's really cringe…

No. 392818

My has a lesbian friend whose girlfriend decided to transition. Pretty much right away, the new "boyfriend" started acting like an asshole.
My sisters friend was struggling with this to support "his" decision to be a man but still supported "him"
eventually a few months later "he" left his girlfriend because she was a transphobe who didn't support "him" and is is now currently dating a cis-male and self Identifying as a Pansexual male

No. 392855

File: 1553967225702.jpg (108.02 KB, 640x640, 4cCKxm6l.jpg)

Those crazy eyes…

No. 392860

File: 1553967764593.jpg (105.7 KB, 691x534, 1547003011497.jpg)

What the fuck is it with troons and psychopathic eyes?

No. 392885

they think opening their eyes wider makes them look cuter.

No. 392895

No. 392898

The tim isn't even trying to pass. He's literally a man wearing a pink shirt.

And the girl isn't either. She's talking about how she's GNC but look at her.

No. 392908

I think he would be my type if he weren't a tranny. He's handsome and I love his features. Fuck, why does he have to be a troon.

No. 392914

Why do troonsbians try to mimick gay lisp

No. 392915

This is the most cringe inducing thing I've ever seen

No. 392917

Unpopular opinion but I didn't hate this.
I went into this ready to ree about clothing stereotypes and gender norms, but honestly this video was pretty sweet. It's always nice to see any couple examine their feelings toward each other (even if it's in front of a camera so there's a little posturing and signal virtuing). Even seeing the nonbinary one saying that they feel like a mother or misgendering their partner was refreshing and miles different from the cutthroat state of intersectional politics which you usually see on twitter etc.

But then I'm on the softer side of GC, I really don't mind people just living their own personal lives in a nonstandard way, my GC concerns lie elsewhere.

No. 392921

Nah it was cringy and transbians dont love anything but themselves

No. 392925

File: 1553975414825.png (1.25 MB, 1280x720, lol.png)

I really don't care how they want to live their lives either but I still can't stand guys like this. He wants to be objectified like a woman and reclaim faggot? Even his girlfriend knows he's a man. It's ridiculous. There's nothing special about heterosexual relationships. They'd be happier if they just grew up and stopped pretending to be something they're not.

No. 392950

Exactly. If they had just gone into this acting like a normal heterosexual couple I wouldn't have any issue with it, because that's what they are.

But as soon as the man said he called his girlfriend his boyfriend, it got stupid and just went downhill from there.

No. 392951

>they feel
>their partner

"enbies" aren't real so I've got no clue why you're doing that. She's a female. Call her female.

No. 392976

File: 1553982439725.jpg (63.12 KB, 720x405, p04y6n5r.jpg)

So why did everyone rightfully flip their shit over Rachel Dolezal claiming to know the black experience yet it's okay for troons to claim to know the female experience?

No. 392979

File: 1553983087500.jpg (166.42 KB, 1549x516, pride_princesses_by_carmenfool…)

No. 392981

I don't care about transbians. They're the same breed of woman who pretends to be a boy so they can act out their yaoi fantasies. I only respect trans women who are straight and go after cis men because they feel more comfortable presenting as women than men. Transbians are disgusting predators.

No. 392987

Why is bisexuality the only one in the lineup that actually belongs under the fag flag lmao, where are gay and lesbian - or are they not ‘fringe’ enough to matter?

No. 392995

one of them is the "gay" flag, the rainbow one. I really wish gay guys would take that shit back because i'm sick of it being the "lgbtqwertyuiop" flag. and lesbians obviously don't matter to genderspecials.

No. 393001

samefag but i just remembered this dumbass reddit post i got sent and my favourite quote from it

>Besides, I feel like I've come to assume that the "rainbow flag" stands for "gay" or "lesbian," and it doesn't feel quite right to me to make that association (thereby implicitly excluding bi, trans, and other queer people). Am I the only one who can't help but think this way? Or do I just sound "oblivious to my privilege"?

No. 393014

according to a TIM I know those are two different things. Because racism or something. Not like women have been discriminated based on their sex or anything

No. 393029

It wasn’t labeled and is at the front so I took it as a ‘you all belong under this flag~’ sentiment

Unpopular opinion but the gay flag is obnoxious, of course they have the loudest one that overpowers everything else visually and is also considered to be all encompassing

No. 393034

I mean there's actual history behind the use of the rainbow colors (the current one isn't even the original one) and it's above and beyond more valid than any special snowflake flag.

No. 393038

No I know that but it’s still hugely obnoxious

No. 393042

File: 1553990477045.jpg (32.49 KB, 540x721, tumblr_inline_pi1kc90m1u1sodnt…)

ignore if this has been brought up before, but i saw this article/blog post on reddit.
women sharing reasons why they've been called terfs. pic attached caught my eye because i've said something similar before around my "woke" friends

No. 393044

No. 393046

File: 1553991059353.png (224.36 KB, 708x540, raw.png)

No. 393047

hontra is acting as if men don't describe women in the exact same sort of detail.

No. 393054

Addresses some of the major GC talking points with a bit of lucidity at times, but mostly strawmans, concludes (despite claiming to have nuanced views) that GC is only hateful transphobia and nothing more based on a few examples of people being nasty that could be set next to a counter example of a TRA being equally nasty with equally little effort.

Notably does not address at all the subject of trans being given access to women's sports, shelters, safe spaces, crisis centers, healthcare, etc.

No. 393057

I have no desire to spend 30 minutes listening to contra fellate himself to completion on this, or any topic. The man has nothing of value to say.

No. 393063

He really hates women who won't submit to his ideology, doesn't he?

No. 393067

I am so tired of their bizarre male socialization argument. No, transwomen do not "internalize" misogynistic beliefs they grew up hearing about women. No, transwomen being bullied for being feminine does not mean that they do not benefit from male privilege or do not experience male socialization. By that logic an effeminate gay man understands female socialization and experiences misogyny. That obviously makes no sense, so why should it for transwomen? Not every experience of male socialization is enjoyable. And being ridiculed for and discouraged from being feminine is definitely a male experience. So many of the harmful stereotypes and beliefs about women stem from our bodies, so how could transwomen possibly internalize a reality they are incapable of experiencing?

The main reason I experienced so much distress at being a girl when I experienced misogyny for the first time was because of how inescapable and completely out of my control it was. I didn't understand how someone could think so lowly of me simply because of the sex I was born as. Growing up hearing the way men think about women absolutely did not make transwomen project those beliefs onto themselves. That is evident in the blatant difference between behavior that we see in transwomen and "cis" women. I'm sure Contra would roll his eyes at me saying that, but it's fucking true.

He also framed questions like "What do you mean you feel like a woman?" and "What is a woman?" as disingenuous gotchas that TERFs don't actually care about the answer to. Sure, if I were to ask that now, I wouldn't expect a thought provoking answer. But back when I was a libfem, it was something I genuinely didn't understand. Why can't he just answer that? How did he know he was a woman. Sure he's expressed discomfort at typical male sex characteristics, but how does that transform you into a woman? The whole concept literally just doesn't make sense. And it's not because I'm not smart enough to understand Contra's philosophy jargon. It's just logically inconsistent.

No. 393070

Lol at contra pointing out how terfs are big meanies cause we can clock tims. But not pointing out that all the abuse women face for even being a suspected GC feminist.

Also I love that he basically hate reads GC,lc and kf LMFAO

No. 393071

the only good thing about this video was the ending. It's definitely going to peak more people's curiosity about gc and have them searching it up, especially since he nitpicked from r/gendercritical and confirmed he hate reads forums

No. 393072

30 minutes long and hontra still can't define what a woman is. He also confused sex and gender once again

No. 393075

I wouldn't expect any different from Contra having Theryn Meyer put on that annoying mocking voice for the r/gendercritical comments, but the fact that he put on that voice for the Sylvia Plath quote was just disgusting. Interesting how the "former" MRAs are all buddy-buddy mocking the trauma of a suicidal woman lamenting how much male violence restricts our movement in the world

No. 393077

This may seem obvious but how is it they scream about women being defined by more than their sex characteristics and yet they spend thousands of dollars trying to mimic these sex organs, prostitute themselves trying to afford it, or kill themselves if they can't? If womanhood isn't defined by breasts and vaginas and different fat distribution etc, why transition at all? Why not identify as ~women inside~ and not alter the body in an attempt to replicate what we were born with and defined by our whole lives?

Why is is gender dysphoria the only illness where people aren't encouraged to learn coping skills for their mental issues the way people with EDs, body dysmorphia, or PTSD from sexual assaults are? Why aren't rape victims granted special treatment in public spaces the way trans people are? It's interesting how McKinnon says TERFs aren't a protected class. He's saying women aren't historically denied opportunities and access and respect over the past 2000 years? I guess men like him figure that hormone therapy and dresses in his closet put him in the same category as women who have suffered FGM, died in period hits, were married off as children to old men, denied maternity leave, etc etc etc.

They know they aren't the same as us. They remind me of rapists in that they care tremendously about exerting power over women, "putting them in their place", laughing at their discomfort, and caring only about their own happiness and pleasure at women's expense.

No. 393081

Telling how Contra doesn't acknowledge either of the two biggest GC talking points: the concern for women's safety due to the number attacks from transwomen being allowed in our spaces, and the intense mental health issues that accompany trans people that indicate perhaps they aren't of a sound enough mind for us to take their word that mutilating their bodies is the best way to deal with their gender dysphoria.

No. 393082

Let's not forget the absolute horrifying spate of medical malpractice that is childhood HRT and SRS. That is also becoming a banned 'terfs only' topic that only terrible transphobes talka bout. I believe contra probably files that sort of thing under the umbrella of sneer scarequotes "concerns"

No. 393086

File: 1554001182401.png (250.2 KB, 1025x555, being born a woman is my awful…)

>Interesting how the "former" MRAs are all buddy-buddy mocking the trauma of a suicidal woman lamenting how much male violence restricts our movement in the world

That's when I stopped watching the video. Sylvia Plath's writing has always resonated with me but a shared female experience means nothing to these men. They mock and belittle the trauma that so many women experience because of men. They won't acknowledge male violence or privilege. They can't empathise with women at all.

No. 393087

Unsurprisingly people are now flooding the GC subreddit with their misconceptions about what it means to be gender critical.

No. 393090

just a bunch of tranny gibberish. the comments are more fun imo, a bunch of ~enbys~ and people unironically thinking menstruators/periodhavers are good terms lel. actual clown world

No. 393101

Yup. I immediately noticed how he left out the first half of the quote - the part specifically mentioning anatomical differences and how it's that which is the source of our oppression. He literally made it about Plath just wanting to kick back and have a beer with random guys, completely missing the point and once again somehow finding a way to tie it back to himself and make a joke about sucking dick. "Engaging in good faith" my ass. I used to at least kind of respect him, but the more he talks about trans shit, the more I'm growing to straight up hate him and his utter disregard for women.

No. 393113

I would actually love to watch contra debate someone like Meghan Murphy cause I know his arguments would not hold up and it would be incredibly entertaining

No. 393119

On your point of casting away therapy for sex dysphoria to instead let them transition medically, I believe the "T" movement being lumped in with the LGB helped it gain the untouchable "identity" status, like it's something thats Not Allowed To Be Invalidated because otherwise it's *~bigoted~*. What it should have always been was a psychological disorder, but of course, being trans had to have been wrongfully made an unshakable identity similar to being gay, lesbian or bisexual.

No. 393122

Wasn’t the T originally transvestite?

No. 393125

File: 1554006530637.png (770.14 KB, 1080x903, Screenshot_20190330-194413~2.p…)

Sorry I couldn't resist

No. 393127

chasers are absolutely blind to everything but dick and long hair, i swear

No. 393128

No. 393132

The level of delusion….astounding

No. 393142

File: 1554008698648.png (252.24 KB, 453x434, rite.PNG)

i looove how nick couldnt help but objectify his "TERF" character/side, too. his material is so lacking in substance and all he does for every fucking video is drop $700 at Marshalls and on eBay for cheap, gaudy shit to throw on and calls it a day

No. 393144

Can you not use NPD to describe normal people? You're grossly misusing the term when you could've used another one, like self obsessed or absorbed, etc.

Sincerely, from a victim of someone who's officially diagnosed w/ NPD

No. 393145

His "TERF" character has devil horns.

But it's totally just being objective, guys!!

No. 393148

They are using the term correctly. Most Tims literally have NPD but it won't be diagnosed.

Lmao right? Totally in good faith! I can't believe this retard went to Northwestern. Like obviously he knows what he's doing but if I was supposed to be an example of an academic, I'd be so embarrassed to do that

No. 393158

IK this post is a little old now, but this quote lmaoo

TiF: "I hate talking about things in this way, but I wanna protect you like a boy."

TiM: "That's awesome. I think that's cool. I'm kind of a sucker for, like, weirdly-internalized, like, patriarchy things, but only in the sense that they make me feel more like a girl. Sometimes I just want to be objectified in the same way cis women would."

Tif: "When you told me that somebody called you a faggot, I wanted to fucking kill them. […] I wanted to beat the shit out of them like your boyfriend but hold you like your mother."


and they acknowledge that these stereotypes are harmful, but then dismiss it because it's different wen ur trans!!11

No. 393159

No it's not. Using NPD on a normal person isn't correct, it's grossly wrong and disrespectful to the victims of people w/ NPD. It comes off as if it's "normal" when there could be a better word for it that accurately describe it. "NPD" is not one of the them, "narcissistic"? Sure, but not NPD, that's a personality disorders.

No. 393161

Also, there's a huge difference between non NPD and NPD diagnosed people, so using NPD on unofficially diagnosed and perhaps people with no personality disorders is just plain wrong. Mentally disordered would have been more correct

No. 393165

first of all, no male tranny is normal – that's why they're trannies. but studies literally say that like 64% of male trannies have NPD and like 81% of them have personality disorders of some kind (usually cluster bs). idk why you're reaching to get offended. NPD isn't even that rare of a personality disorder so idk why you're acting like it's impossible for these men that seem pretty obviously disordered, are being called out for being NPD af. and LC isn't a site for formal discussion. go to a site that specifically has to do with abuse or something if you're so pressed that people are being called out for being cluster b AF without being "OFFICIALLY DIAGNOSED!!". they won't be officially diagnosed, ever, because A. male narcissism isn't recognized as something worrisome, and B. it's just thrown into a package as part of their 'condition', just like, like, no trannies are getting specific treatment for other comorbid issues because it's just misattributed to trannydom

No. 393168

Link to the statistics

No. 393170

Most people with NPD are never officially diagnosed because they’ll never acknowledge there’s anything wrong with them and won’t seek help or cooperate with mental health professionals. Trans-identified people in particular will be very resistant to being diagnosed with any kind of personality or mental disorder because it might interfere with their trans diagnosis, so they will lie and manipulate to only get the diagnosis they want. There are many posts with tips on how to do this floating around on tumblr and reddit.

No. 393173

If you were a victim of someone who has NPD and someone decided to use NPD as an insult to someone, you'd be offended because you know there's a clear difference between someone who has NPD and those who doesn't.

Most of the troons I've seen here doesn't seem Onision-y or come off as someone sinister or "off", if anything they come off as someone who needs therapy for their gender dysphoria that is just a fetish in disguise.

No. 393177

Why are there so many GC feminists with a crush on this guy?

No. 393181

Contra's verdict on gender critical ideology is basically summed up in this quote:
"if transwomen being feminine is bad, and transwomen being masculine is bad, then there really is no way that transwomen could behave that terfs would accept."

This is a gross misconstruction.

It is bad when transwomen believe that conforming to stereotypes of what "femininity" is what makes them women.

It is bad that transwomen are biologically male and therefore have the sex drive, ill intentions, physical strength, and misogyny found in most males. When transwomen demand access to female spaces and demand to be allowed to participate in female-only sporting events, being biologically male and having been raised male is obviously bad.

No. 393182

Source to the post?

There is a clear difference between NPD and body dysmorphia, you're just talking bullshit at this point.

No. 393205


Literally my first google result. Wow, that was fucking hard.

No. 393207

cause at one point he was just a crossdressing dude who made fun of Alt-Right guys and we liked him when he was just that

No. 393210

Hontra, I know you probably hate read here, the way you keep making your "TERF" straw men grab her tits is fucking nasty. Your misogyny is showing. Also really classy you took the musings of a suicidal women expressing her frustration at the sexist world she was born into and would eventually take herself out of, proceeded to mock it and make it about yourself. And even though you contended to a lot of points gender crit women make and said you understood it often comes from a place of trauma and frustration at having our identities appropriated by people who have not and may ever know our struggles, you still compared us to racists and bigots. sorry hon, but black people don't like it much when you appropriate their struggles.

No. 393211

Why is it seemingly only genderqueer people who will "muh suicide rate" to win arguments when they have none?
Why do you never see people with autism or bipolar do so? I mean those two have high suicide/depression rates as well.

No. 393212

he is just a stupid straight male and an awful sjw youtuber that always goes for the low hanging fruit. i can't even stand a video of his for more than 2 minutes because his forced helium voice makes my ears bleed. you are a predatory misogynistic asshole, stop calling yourself a woman, you are never going to be one, stop calling yourself a feminist when you don't even have an understanding of what a woman is and are ready to attack women who don't fit into your narrative.
by the way i don't know if he does his own makeup and styling but it's really shitty.

No. 393215

gender dysphoria is not a real thing but being delusional is. if a woman doesn't mean adult human female, then what is it? any human that has long hair, wears makeup and "women's clothes"? how do these tras define a woman?

No. 393219

I honestly think they view it as a religious experience.

TRAs might not call it that, but all I've ever seen when it's not horribly circular is that TIMs just "know".

No. 393228

I think sex dysphoria is a real thing but much more similar to body dysmorphic disorder and much less common

No. 393239

the absolute mad lad. these people are utterly delusional and it's insane that they get such a strong platform to shit out their angry man feefees. people actually listen to this crap and that's the scary part.

everything they have to say and everything they want is becoming at the expense of women. they can't hit us into submission like they want to and it shows.

No. 393253

Its not that deep, its like people throwing around autism

No. 393263

it's actually pretty common among young women, that they usually grow out of, but some unfortunately do not. it's a psychological disorder that stems from internalized misogyny or childhood trauma mostly, but it SHOULD be treated with therapy and not hormones and mutilation.

No. 393268

Of course he strawmanned and went for the most low hanging fruit arguments and didn't address the bigger, unrefutable arguments. He's just a dishonest hon, like all the other trannies.

"Normal" people? 81% of troons have a cluster B personality disorder, it being NPD (in most cases) or BPD. Did you really believe that we were using the NPD/BPD word as a slur in these threads? Lurk more.

No. 393270

>trans visibility day during UK/Irish Mothers Day, during Womens History Month

Fucking hell. I'm American, and I'm gonna retweet Mothers Day stuff, fuck em.

No. 393272

File: 1554041236543.png (21.47 KB, 1282x121, seething.png)

>I know the TERFs are going to say i'm literally clockable, but everyone else in my life doesn't seem to think so!
He… is clockable though. People likely don't point it out because they're scared of the backlash, but they know what he is. I don't know about anyone else but most GC people i know aren't even radfems, they can't even be classified as TERFs. People just like to laugh at trannies in their free time.

>this comment
Cue those images of TIMs grabbing old tampons/old pads and stuffing it inside their panties
>but there's women who are infertile!!!11
Yes, but they were born right the parts in the first place, something that trannies will forever be crying because they don't have it.

No. 393273

Please do, and post photos of breastfeeding moms to further put up the middle finger towards troons since they hate biology.

No. 393286

File: 1554045358119.jpg (195.92 KB, 393x555, 1552829478593.jpg)



No. 393297

>b-but what about the meeen!!!

No. 393329

I remember when Jeffrey Marsh was just a lavish crossdresser who tried to spread positivity in expression, then the troon narrative took over and now he looks insane

No. 393343

natalie didn't address any of the "concerns" i have (other than refuting gender abolition as idealist, which, fair.) it was the same argument over and over of "trolls use this rhetoric to call me ugly so the questions raised don't matter."

i'm not a twitter troll, i don't give a shit about pronouns, or names, or if her eyeliner is wrong or whatever, i just think equating womanhood with hyperfemininity is busted and infighting is stupid. so this vid was not for me. it was a basic "gotcha haters >:)" pretending to be nuanced when it isn't.

No. 393371

File: 1554058110196.jpeg (497.86 KB, 1365x2048, DyubqHGXQAELy4D.jpeg)

A few months ago somebody posted that the actor Liev Schreiber kisses his sons in a strangely intimate way and that he allowed one to wear a for children completely inapporpriate Harley Quinn costume.
Guess what, he's "trans" now.

Angelina Jolie called her own baby a "blob" and admitted to liking her less, because she hasn't "suffered" like any of her adopted children (who were adopted as babies…). One daughter already trooned out a few years ago, now the second biological daughter wants to be a boy as well.

Same for Charlize Theron's and Megan Fox's child.

Those "Hollywood has a pact with the devil and is actually just a gigantic pedo ring"-theories seem more and more plausible. Coupled with propaganda shows like Jazz and shit like the police calling you for liking a terfy tweet…

No. 393372

File: 1554058290736.png (Spoiler Image, 173.42 KB, 500x672, follow-liev-schreiber-lievschr…)

Simply gross.

No. 393387

No, it's not. Narcissistic, yes, it's not that deep, but NPD? It's used incorrectly and comes off as normalizing tbh

No. 393392


Can we please stop posting about children here? Regardless of the fact that they're in the public eye, it's creepy and unnecessary. There are plenty of other things to discuss.

No. 393403

Male Chickens = Cocks & Female Chickens = Hens
Male Deer = Buck / Stag & Female Deer = Doe
Male Horse = Stallion & Female Horse = Mare

But female human =/= woman and male human =/= man?

No. 393405


>Get the L Out new research LESBIANS AT GROUND ZERO revealed that lesbians are routinely being coerced into sexual relations with transwomen. The report includes findings of a survey which shows lesbians are under huge pressure within GBT communities to accept without question that “transwoman are women.” Lesbians who responded to the survey reported a wide variety of sexual violence by transwomen, including sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.

No. 393415

File: 1554065244548.png (Spoiler Image, 213.69 KB, 400x450, 1553414749566.png)

No. 393422

What the fuck anon? Trans kids are one of the biggest fucking sufferers of the trans movement and the immediate danger bestowed upon them is a pretty critical discussion point, I think it's fair to talk about the phenomenon.

No. 393431

I think it's that (probably a chaser) anon from earlier that keeps screeching about troons not having NPD

No. 393434

Because it's not like the parents of these children are going around saying they're trans and convincing them to be trans, as far as you or I know. Your son wanting to wear a dress =/= them being transgender, ffs. Kids go through phases and these kids' phases are highly publicized.

You're acting like they have their kids on hormone replace treatment or something. The idea that boys liking girl things and girls liking boy things has partially led to this whole "my son likes barbies, he must be trans!" craze. In reality these kids probably just want to wear a costume or a dress or are going through a phase where they want to be called by a different name and the parents put up with it because kids are a pain in the ass to begin with.

Kids have phases and they grow out of them. I'm sure you went through some ridiculous phase when you were younger and eventually grew out of it. One summer my little brother insisted on wearing a skirt every day and it didn't turn him into a tranny. He grew out of it once school started back. Yeah, parents who let their children have hormone replacement and shit like that are disgusting (like Jazz), but none of these situations seem like that.

No. 393438

This is some serious last thing you see before you die shit.

No. 393439

Which survival horror game is this from?

No. 393440

This looks like a potential creepypasta image

No. 393441

Angelina Jolie IS putting her kid on hormone treatment. Takes you 1.5 seconds to google it. Jesus christ anon you barge in in thread 14 and start "educating" people on how immoral they are for "harassing innocent kids" when it's their parents putting them out there for discussion? Is this some shitty bait or a troon?

No. 393444

Absolute bullshit. MbP moms are 100% jumping on the transtrender train. They get tons of attention and they get to medicalize their children's entire lives in a socially sanctioned way.

No. 393445

There is a huge influx on all the boards of either straight up troons or tumblrtards and it is blatant.

No. 393447

this makes me ill. no child should be dressed in something that skimpy, kissing their father like that, or be described as shockingly attractive

big pedo vibes. fucking christ.

No. 393456

Holy shit fuck I legit got startled that's so disturbing

No. 393460

After Momo and el Ayuwoki, this is the new creature that will appear in the corner of your room at 4 am

Are you STILL going on with that argument, anon? We told you one thousand times that yes, Angelina Jolie is putting her daughter on hormones. It's been discussed, linked and proved at least three times in the most recent threads - not to mention, it can be googled in a sec. You've got to be trolling

No. 393464

Sadly not shocking at all. Look at the lack of commentary on this in a gc thread on a board that is supposedly dominated by women.

Kinda interesting, huh.

No. 393468

File: 1554070440245.jpg (96.6 KB, 709x530, sick founder.jpg)

No. 393470


Confirmed for not knowing where you are and having never read GC discussion. Everything you said IS happening. You would have known had you bothered to barely read these threads. Lurk more before you decide to come and "educate us", newfag.

No. 393473

I did google and the only source is a completely unreliable gossip rag and sketchy websites with 1000 pop ups. And pro-transgender reddit links. Stop believing everything you see ffs. Do you seriously not see that you insisting that every boy who wears a dress or every girl that cuts her hair short is transgender is further perpetuating that stereotype?

No. 393475

You really don't know what you're talking about, do you?

No. 393477

I watched that entire gender critical video by Contrapoints and wow does he miss the mark hard. We all know the real reason he transitioned (substance abuse and mental illness) and it became glaringly clear how male he truly is in his aggressive, fighting response. Falling back on 'being beautiful' (haha) is the most immature form of cattiness I've ever seen, and only a dumb man in CVS tier acrylics press-on's would do that in a supposedly 'intellectual response' vid.
I absolutely love that he glazes over Sylvia Plath's fear of assault. Then goes on to say 'trans people are assaulted too!'. Sylvia and I cannot wash off our makeup and become 'one of the guys' and feel safe. He can. He's so ignorant of what it means to be a woman that his facade is essentially gender theater mockery in the realms of drag.

No. 393480

he was heavily into sissy porn too, back in the streaming days when he was just a 'regular' dude.

No. 393487

What are you talking about? This thread has regularly discussed issues like the cotton ceiling
Is that odo?

No. 393491

I just watched the movie Castle Freak the other night. I see he survived his fall and found some makeup.

No. 393492

One of his relatives, infected by the morphogenic virus. Something about the original picture reminded me of them.

No. 393512


If you're the person weirdly obsessed with Angelina Jolie, please gtfo. I agree with you and I'm tired of your vendetta.

No. 393525

If you were a girl dating a guy (no tranny-ness here, real genders just a regular straight girl and guy), and you were in love but in a discussion months into the relationship he admits that he slept with trannies in the past what would you do? Up to this point he had never mentioned anything about being bi to you because he sees trannies as women? And they were pre-op…

No. 393529

Probably demand he get HIV tested because the STD rates in TIMs are astounding.

No. 393535


Actual lol, at what point did he see them as women? Before or after he had to maneouvre or get off their penises during sex?

I probably wouldn't stay with my partner because I would rather date someone with a full heterosexual history but that's just me.

No. 393551

Fucking seconded.

No. 393555

I'd break up. I feel bad saying this but chasers are the type to talk shit about the real women they've dated because they aren't as desperate and submissive as trannies(they know they are bottom of the barrel in the dating world). Next thing you know, he's telling people online a tranny vagina is better than yours because he is mad about getting dumped.

No. 393577

God, I forgot the voice actor for Meowth from Pokemon is a troony balooney

No. 393632

Don't date a guy who fucks with trannies, they're usually hypersexual and into some weird shit, and absolutely desperate. If the relationship was exclusively monogamous and not a weird fetish fuck fest (unlikely) than maybe he's a good dude but I would be skeptical and on guard.

No. 393666

File: 1554088954210.png (2.18 MB, 1656x1170, looksbadfam.png)

Curious what you guys think of this.

This TiF just got a surgical beard transplant. Had no idea this sort of thing even existed. It just looks so bad to me, like they didn't even bother with her neck??

Apparently she never passed as a man even with being on T for years. Do you think this would help?

No. 393673

this seriously makes me feel sick. look at the blood oozing out of each hole, jfc

No. 393686

She just looks like a woman who had a serious injury. How the hell isn't this malpractice?

No. 393691

Is this right after or something? Is it supposed to look that shitty or does it start to look better? Wtf looks like terrible crossplay tier.

No. 393705

jesus you dumbasses, this is immediate post operation, this isn't the fucking 'look'. See the bandage? on the back of the head where they took the hairs. It will probably look shit because head hair isn't like beard hair but obviously the bloody swollen mess isn't the 'result' lol

No. 393710

From clicking around on Instagram, plenty of women on T get tons of facial hair and pass as a dude (until you look closely at their expressions and eyes)…if she couldn't grow any hair maybe this was a sign she wasn't supposed to be a dude

No. 393713

If your partner has a mixed gender you are bisexual, I'd wonder what else he was holding back

>btw I have aids but consider it to be minor

No. 393726

Jesus Christ the idea of scraping of your scalp to attach it to your face is so fucking creepy

No. 393750

I'd dump him and get checked for any diseases. I wish I had the physical strength of a man because then I could punch him. Also, that would be terribly insulting that someone liked you and liked a tranny. You know their taste is shit.

No. 393764

Break up. Especially, since you used the word trannies, if it was multiple troons. One would give me some pause, but several would be a no-brainer.
But even one seems like something that, AT BEST, would permanently damage how you see and feel about him. Rightfully.

Calm down, only one of the anons you replied to was confused.
Doesn't stop it from looking like shit and something that is fucked up to do to yourself or someone else.

No. 393781

To what extent though is this considered self-harm? It's a controversial topic, but if someone with Body dysmorphia began to mutilate their body to fit their ideal this would be seen as concerning. Taking a knife to you body to change gender is tricky ethically.

No. 393856

I don't know if it's only me or I feel like 'straight people' are now ironically more celebrated in current LGBT scene due to trans ideology than actual gay/lesbian people.

If you're straight and then transition, you'd be both transgender and homosexual. Which doubles the oppression point. Classic HSTS end up straight and are seen as more boring especially if you're rather sane. The loudest ones that define queer culture now are usually obsessed transbians and fakebois who love to flaunt how quirky and deviated from normies they are with 20 mostly self-diagnosed mental illnesses and meme-obsession. It became a club for socially isolated netizens to join in and feel special matter politically. Most TRA are like this from my experiences.

Actual gay people just go mostly quiet and become normal as homosexuality is more accepted, while it's the (loser) straights that co-opted the scene and overplay the 'gay' thing just for show and attention. If you look at tumblr the 'gay feels' posts are always from them.

A few years back with same sex marriage law and the boom of pride event made me feel relieved about being lesbian, now I just don't want to be associated with the scene anymore.

No. 393862

My dad decided to have a hair transplant, it was ugly as shit at first and he had to change his bandages and clean up the mess for a few weeks. After a while, most of it went away anyway so he had to do it a second time (and he wasn't completely bald, just thinning hair like a lot of old men)

Anyway, just to explain why it's prob gonna look like crap and most of it will fall off anyway. Plus each strand looks pretty spaced out and anyone who's been in close proximity with a real beard knows that it's usually super dense. While I guess it works out to fluff up your thinning hair naturally, I bet it's gonna look dumb as hell for beard with no other hair around it.

No. 393863

I've seen some turn out good

No. 393887

Celebrated I feel like straight people are demonized! Heteronormativity is frowned upon.

Look at magazines from the 1950's. Do you see many other types of people other than white people in the advertisements? And now how almost virtually every ad today(tv or print) out there with several people or more is ethnically diverse? Companies want to be inclusive and the last thing they want to be accused of is "whitewashing".

Is anyone starting to notice these days who is ending up in more ads? Hmmm? How about the Dove ad with the two mommies, one of them transgender? Or the troon? maybe it was a woman? who threw a fit about the VS show (but good on VS they said no). Soon the next thing that companies will have to worry about is "straightwashing" or "ciswashing". That if their ad doesn't include the LGBT in some way it will be railed against.

Just to be clear I don't have any issues with racial diversity. Just pointing out that it changed over time and it was a positive change.But must the LGBT also be included in everything now too?

Sorry if I offended any lesbians/bi's on here but I'm responding to a post where one says she is tired of the scene herself so I thought it might be safe.

No. 393891

No. 393910

I feel you anon. I'm bi but have only ever dated women and for the most part don't like to bring it up or make it a big deal. When I was more in the sort of libfem/gender circles it also sort of weirded me out but I wasnt gc at the time and didn't have the right words to figure out why it bugged me at the time. I hate that they're basically making anyone same sex attracted look like we're all insane and attention seeking when most actual gay people I know just want to get on with their life. It definitely stings when I see het couples being lauded for being subversive over actual gay people who had to struggle.

No. 393913

Uh I don't think you understood her post. She's talking about how straight people have co-opted lgbt orgs and events by claiming to be queer instead of actually being same sex attracted which is the point of gay pride.

No. 393917

Sorry was up late and didn't read that correctly. Just read things like "straight" celebrated" and "LGBT" and knew those things don't fit together.

No. 393920

He looks better than most troons here, as sad as that sounds.

No. 393925

I'm OP, yep, that's my point of the post. And those "straight" queer/trans people just 'overdo the gay' to the point of making people started to think we're all bunches of loonies and delegitimize actual struggle of actual LGB people when ot wasn't yet a 'cool' thing.

No. 393934

Still looks like a woman.

No. 393957

I feel the same. People from these kind of gender circles often look at me weird when i'm not screaming about my sexuality 24/7. The most 'coherent' response anybody has ever given me as to why is that they fought hard to be accepted and that's why they feel the need to do it. Or, "YOU KILLED ALL THE NICE GAYS!!" Which, you know, is fucking stupid.
No worries anon. I'm worried about this too. But to be honest i don't get the whole representation thing in general, how soft do you have to be to look at an ad and not see yourself and immediately start screaming? Seriously. I say this as someone who is rarely represented, and frankly doesn't care. Most ~minoritees~ have more shit to worry about than if the new cartoon network show has their sexuality.

No. 393973

File: 1554134620938.jpg (48.04 KB, 720x718, FB_IMG_1554134579493.jpg)

This came up on my timeline jfc

No. 393991

I wish they'd put the same amount of energy into hating the men who kill, rape, or assault TiMs.

No. 393992

I swear they're more angry at "TERFs" AKA Women, than those you disproportionally harm transwomen and that's men. Is it because women are easier to intimidate?

No. 393993

Oh hey, thought sister.

No. 394002

He also has a much cooler voice.

No. 394004

File: 1554139325404.jpg (506.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190401-102057_Twi…)

Pretty sure this was started because trans are trying to make woman = makeup and over the top femininity ?

No. 394014

Odd considering the Q word is generally an insult against LGB and itself just means strange. Those using it maybe don't understand it's hateful meaning.

No. 394018

This sounds made up. Women with small or no breasts are still recognisable as women the overwhelming majority of the time. Even if it did happen, the only reason women are hypervigilant against men in their spaces is because TIMs have been making such a big stink about pissing in our bathrooms. If women didn’t need to be on their guard about TIMs then nobody would look twice at a woman with a flat chest.

No. 394026

It's like that dumb lie some troon told about being told to take their pants down and "prove" they have a vagina at knifepoint. By a stranger on the street. Randomly.

And they never explained how they got out of it, considering they are pre-op.

No. 394044

Short answer: yes. Troons are scared of men, they know men wouldn't take their bullshit for one second, so they just bully women instead.

No. 394049

File: 1554144581550.png (4.25 KB, 363x94, hmmm.png)

I wonder if this is the same farmhand who "accidentally" temporarily deleted this thread and put it on autosage?

No. 394050

That was a joke, it's April's fools today, I hope there is no mod with a "boypussy".

No. 394054

File: 1554145326752.png (378.94 KB, 720x920, Capture _2019-04-01-15-01-22.p…)

This makes me irrationally angry.

No. 394055

It is a joke

No. 394064

except trans shit is being forced down our throats from every direction whether we want it or not, and even so much as mentioning the L in LGBT(without mentioning troons in the next breath to validate their lesbian girldicks) makes you a horrible terf committing literal violence now. idk what this person is talking about.

No. 394070

File: 1554149573597.png (136.32 KB, 1317x450, lgbt Why did we let straigh…)

Trannies manipulate reality to fit their schemes. It's delusion

No. 394081

File: 1554150412657.png (64.21 KB, 540x330, ZJ_SHRJPSt_hse4HNuk--W3jmuwS7a…)

>Imagine if LGBT orgs focused on trans issues all the time!
Meanwhile, back in reality…

No. 394101

Aw they're turning on their handmaidens. They just hate women, don't they.

No. 394102

Is there a similar graph for 2018? 2017 it went down a little but I feel like it spiked back up. Also funny how the more trans is used, lesbian dissipates.

No. 394107

These words literally mean nothing other then "I hate women - especially dykes who won't sleep with me!!!!"

No. 394134

Did TRAs fuck themselves over by having trans day of visibility on April Fools?

If so, that's fucking hilarious

No. 394136

no trans day of visibility was yesterday the 31st

No. 394138

No. 394139

> ST. PETERSBURG — Shy 6-year-old Skyler Rhodes-Courter stood on stage and whispered into her mother’s ear in front of more than 200 transgender people and their supporters who gathered at Williams Park.
With a smile, mom Ashley Rhodes-Courter relayed, "We will not be erased."

> Our daughter, Skyler, was also adopted from foster care. Skyler began her social transition at four years old.

No. 394172

File: 1554168161247.jpg (15.92 KB, 245x244, kim-petras-portrait-1.jpg)

From ontd: "I swear, if people try to make kim petras happen, I'm going to a break a plate. She looks like Mr Burns in a wig." KEK

No. 394174

I actually think he passes but that doesn't make him attractive.. not that it matters.

No. 394178

File: 1554169599883.jpg (314.7 KB, 1080x1440, 1145492_v9_ba.jpg)

that forehead goes on for miles holy hell

No. 394179

All the plastic surgery in the world can’t hide his gigantic man hands

No. 394204

File: 1554174331001.png (138.72 KB, 1600x900, TDOV_1600x900.png)


I think they're plenty visible!

>mfw I used to volunteer for the Human Rights Campaign

I haven't changed. Liberalism has.

No. 394256

Oh, they WISH they could.

Definitely. A no-breasted/small-breasted woman still looks like a woman. There are so many fashion blogs and communities dedicated to post double mastectomy fashion and not a single woman resembles a man. As soon as I saw this person claimed it happened to multiple friends, I knew they were lying. If a woman is wearing normal clothes, how are you supposed to notice their exact breast size in the first place? What’s with the trans obsession with breasts being the only marker of womanhood?

No. 394258

Surely this is an April Fools joke, right? Nobody can be this blind, right??

>What’s with the trans obsession with breasts being the only marker of womanhood?
Aside from the obvious sexual aspect, you can buy them. Just like long hair, makeup and fashion. The hardest thing about being a woman is figuring out what to wear. That’s why they freak out whenever anyone tries to define womanhood by our biology and experiences that men cannot just purchase for themselves.

No. 394260

It’s just weird. They say vagina and female reproductive system do not belong exclusively to a woman, that we are vagina fetishists for taking pride in our bodies or admiring other women’s bodies, that woman can have penises and penises are female, but all of them NEED boobs and cannot wait until HRT gives them preteen breast buds, no Matt how awful they look on their frame. They think it’s perfectly acceptable to fetishize breasts and center their “womanhood” around having them without regard to their biological purpose. That handmaiden above liked using the example of cancer survivors in her story but I really wonder what trans think of women who do not get reconstructive surgery and are still undeniably female.

No. 394264

Exactly. If you even read back our threads, I don't think any of us ever said "look! They are flat chested! That means they are a man!" We remark on the chin, hairline, Adam's apple, hands, feet, muscle mass, brow, voice, narrow hips, rectangle body, damn near everything BUT breasts.

No. 394270

File: 1554193542397.jpg (164.79 KB, 1058x705, 3530354-3420469092-13717.jpg)

transgender ideology is terrible for women and it really stressed me out how it's taking hold in mainstream society, but I also like looking at pics of weird shit like birth defects. So I kinda like seeing troons fuck up their bodies if I pretend it's divorced from politics.

No. 394273

File: 1554197030877.jpeg (476.88 KB, 1080x1080, 6F5D3EBB-E84C-4F49-81FD-6AE1CE…)

No. 394280

Except they couldn’t choose their skin color from birth, unlike the deranged men who think they’re suddenly women. Also, I swear they doing this to children also to just enhance the idea that one can’t decide to be transgender, one simply is. Trying to make them appear as if one can’t help it. It’s truly sickening to me.

No. 394282

True. It’s also about changing rooms, domestic violence and rape shelters, prisons, sports and every other thing women have had to fight for but men have always had as a default. They don’t just want to pee, they want to abolish our ability to be safe from them when out in public. Just like how segregation was used to discourage black people from being involved in public life.

Or was that not the point he was trying to make?

No. 394297

Me too anon, I get sick pleasure seeing fucked up neovags. Tifs' mutilated arms and bologna dicks just make me sad though. I feel like most of them could have been talked out of making horrible decisions like that.

No. 394298


Remember when people tried to make "Asian Lives Matter" and "Native American Lives Matter" happen and the black community (rightly) said stop it, stop comparing your struggles to ours, stop co-opting our activism and come up with something of your own?

Funny how troons constantly steal and co-opt phrases and slogan and causes from everyone, including the black rights community, and nobody says anything. Troon privilege is real.

No. 394313

I don't get why troons make such a big deal out of the bathroom issue. I mean if someone who looks vaguely female walks into the women's bathroom, goes inside a cubicle, does what they came to do, washes their hands and leaves, does anyone actually care? It only becomes an issue when the tranny wishes to harm women or children, as has already happened. The push for it to be enforced in law just feels like an erosion of the existing protections that are there to stop it.

No. 394319

If he didn't troon out he'd straight out look like the Eggman guy right now, I can't unsee it

No. 394321

They really shot themself in the foot over the bathroom stuff. Transsexuals in the past never made it an issue and no one gave that much of a shit. Now the spotlight on it only makes people all the more aware and wary (rightfully so).

No. 394333

I don't get it either, I can't think of any time that anybody got violent with someone in a toilet over gender. I have seen loads of gay guys come into toilets with their girl friends so they could gossip and do their makeup together, or drunk girls use mens toilets to avoid waiting and it has caused arguments, there was never violence.
I'm Euro though, so maybe things are different in America where everyone carries a gun or whatever, so much of TRA here just seems to be parroting USA specific stuff anyway.

No. 394337

Aright which one of you is this

No. 394338

They are absolutely pushing that narrative on children.
>Skyler began her social transition at four years old.

No. 394339

I wish the trans movement was full of actual brave strong TIMs that shouted abuse at catcallers, and made sure that nobody was being sexually assaulted in their local areas at night, lending the strength of their bodies to support those smaller than them.
Why can't that be the reality? Instead of punching geriatric lesbians in LGBT marches or making tweets about the cotton ceiling?

Does anyone think the trans movement with split visibly, like how we have libfems and radfems? I doubt the older trans people who just got on with things can feel like they have anything in common with the current violent incels in rainbow anime wigs

No. 394374

File: 1554222892125.png (24.26 KB, 1022x307, A.png)

I already posted this on the Male Hate Thread but its related to GC without being too man hating
The Drama between this Idiot and ChapoTrapHouse TRA's

No. 394375

File: 1554223010353.png (47.44 KB, 955x817, B.png)

No. 394376

File: 1554223058542.png (49.35 KB, 942x854, c.png)

No. 394377

File: 1554223151263.png (92.34 KB, 915x1714, D.png)

No. 394407

seriously, and besides, I have small boobs in the first place. there is no way in hell someone would suddenly think my 5'2" ass was a man because I had to get a masectomy

No. 394413

Yeah, I still get emails from the Human Rights Campaign. They're so fucking embarrassing now. Fuck standing up for women or LGB or people imprisoned on bullshit charges or poor people/the homeless. Gotta cape for transwomen instead.

No. 394454

This video is kinda incoherent. I wish she went point by point

No. 394455

You can already see a split with the transmedicalists and tucutes but yes I think the split will just get wider. There are actually some chill GC/radfem trans people. I don't have have a problem with GC trans people at all

No. 394460

Both of the people involved in this seem mentally retarded.

No. 394463

gc radfem trans people? the fuck? this doesn't even make sense

No. 394464

There are transmen in radfem circles. People who are dysphoric about their sex but know they are not literally the opposite sex.

No. 394487

Those aren't transmen lol, they're dysphoric women. There's a lot of them and calling them trans is a little bit of an insult imo

No. 394492

There are ones that still refer to themselves as transmen which is why I did. There's a handful of them on Tumblr too. Some refer to themselves as trans while other just say dysphoric female. I think the trans implies that they've taken some form of medical step

No. 394509

I thought those were called detransitioners? I feel like someone who is calling themselves trans and gender critical is neither.

No. 394519

Some people still transition to alleviate the dysphoria. I watched the pique resilience video "gender hurts" and about an hour in a lesbian comes up and talks about how her lesbian/GC groups still have transmen in them. Life is complicated

No. 394528

chapo has gotten so embarrassing it’s sad lmao. nothing skeeves me out more than TRA left wing men

No. 394543

File: 1554263200883.png (50.09 KB, 965x886, Screenshot_2019-04-03 This is …)

No. 394544

At least the dude dating the TIF knows he's retarded
the ChapoTrapHouse Troon thinks he's been justified telling the mentally ill suicidal man to kill himself because he's a "Transphobe"

No. 394546

kek ikr? sad because i do like some of their bits (the caleb saga is hilarious). did anyone listen to contra on chapo? i couldn't bring myself to

No. 394549

Unpopular opinion Evil Terf edition
I really hate the word handmaiden, I feel like it's degrading (and especially on dunglr, with context)

No. 394552

Same I feel like it's used too often and often used instead of refuting a point

No. 394558

I’ve been wondering for a while, when people say handmaiden itt did it come from the book the handmaiden? Because that’s hoesntly a fucked up thing to call any woman, even those that you disagree with

No. 394559

I feel it should be used but very scarcely but it gets used around so much in radfem circles that its lost its meaning

No. 394567

Take this miserable fucking language policing to the radfem thread. I swear this fucking board has gotten a flood of dumbasses who only come here to be concerned over petty and meaningless things such as word choices and combined with the sudden "I actually think gender dysphoria is real because I know chill trannies who are not fake" replies in various threads and the "d-don't talk about children you creeps!!" autism makes me want to ask which tumblr blog lead you here. Handmaiden is a woman who throws her own gender under the bus to serve men and trannies, it's a perfectly descriptive and valid term and in this thread used in its original context.

No. 394574

I don't think anyone is saying that it can't be used just that is gets thrown around a lot. It's ok to have disagreements

No. 394592

I'm not saying it shouldn't be used I'm saying it gets used so much it losses its meaning
Like using "Nazi" as an Insult

No. 394593

>d-don't talk about children you creeps!!"
what wrong with that ?

No. 394607


Can they gtfo from my city. Russia is filled w only two types of grooms (and thanks god, you can't see them irl but over the internet): creepy fetishists that want to be an uwuanimegirl or fucking fujos.

No. 394608

Nta but vulnerable children are being told that their feelings of insecurity and alienation stem from them being born in the wrong body and are being lied to about the reversibility and long term side effects of puberty blockers and HRT. Sweeping this under the rug because “omg don’t talk about children” is extremely unhelpful.