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No. 1336716

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

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No. 1336719

File: 1632863652574.jpeg (214.88 KB, 750x875, 935F483A-C4F9-4233-AD3D-40B4A3…)

Who’s gonna tell him it was probably a homophobic man that did this and not the imaginary karens who are going out and physically harming transgender women?

No. 1336720

A brick wall troon at work honest to god started telling me yesterday Robert Smith was trans and just didn’t know it at the time and that’s why he wore eyeliner and lipstick.

Why does everyone have to be trans to them? Why must they ruin EVERYTHING

No. 1336729

File: 1632864061330.png (67.44 KB, 1268x246, tres.png)

A prostitute stabbed by a psychotic John.

No. 1336730

A whole genocide caused by their own could happen and these males will still find a way to blame the ebil terfs.

No. 1336733

Trannies made me hate side parts. Not that I've ever liked them, they just stand out in a bad way now.

No. 1336734

A whore troon getting deleted by a psycho gets labeled a "horrific" hate crime but not women getting murdered horrifically every single day.

No. 1336735

They was stabbed by a man called Nazir Mohammed who they met on a dating site who by that name I am 99.999999999% sure was Muslim… must be those yt KKKarens, amarite?! hashtag LGBTQforIslam

Makes me kek because the far left blames white terfs, yet it’s other “oppressed” minorities who hate them the most.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1336737

Well done terfs???? I love how they always manage to blame women for absolutely everything, THE MURDERER WAS A MAN but somehow it's women's fault, yeah, sure, makes sense

No. 1336749

File: 1632865537318.jpg (1.35 MB, 2560x1920, 21-09-28-20-14-36-986_deco.jpg)

Have you ever seen a TIM with normal looking lipstick? Gives me Roy vibes kek

No. 1336752

Lipstick in general isn't normal. You're just desensitised to seeing it on women.

No. 1336762

in a lot of non anglosphere countries it’s entirely associated with performance and theatre is not as gender codified

No. 1336770

The chaser only felt the urge to kill because of TERF brainwashing of course

No. 1336772


Harry Styles

No. 1336816

That's their brain on strict gender roles.
Following their logic, every male on punk & glam rock scenes is an "egg" (god, I hate that term).

No. 1336873

And a whole article about him and his brave and stunning life

No. 1336880

File: 1632872642123.jpg (501.98 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20210928-163906.jpg)

Kek even the troons in the comments agree that his priorities are backwards. Why put yourself through extreme plastic surgery before figuring out how to pluck your eyebrows or shave? And this dude is also probably in his 30s and he dresses like my 10 year old niece… she literally wears a Hello Kitty necklace. I'm thoroughly horrified.

No. 1336883

Did he even die? It just says stabbed.

No. 1336888

not even close lol he's recovered

No. 1336894


No. 1336896

But it's the terfs fault!!!!

No. 1336899

File: 1632873509672.jpg (488.31 KB, 1080x2123, Screenshot_20210928-165318.jpg)

Holy fuck this dude's post history is terrifying

No. 1336908

File: 1632874290763.jpg (96.09 KB, 957x1066, Tumblr_l_148844792779104.jpg)

>ya yeet!

No. 1336927

File: 1632875935390.png (328.06 KB, 686x573, da jokah.png)

No. 1336936

was just about to say he looked like tranny joker

No. 1336970

Stumbled upon this, man goes on misogynistic rant about how terfs are just lesbians that can't get pussy and how we're clearly just jealous of "pretty" transwomen. lmfao the levels of projection

not sure if this is the type of thing that should be posted to the lefttube thread

No. 1336973

You're right, that's an embarrassing level of projection. Troons can't get laid kek. Once an incel, always an incel.

No. 1336988


No. 1336992

I hate chasers more than I hate trannies, men like this give trannies so much power in society.

No. 1337021

File: 1632882938098.png (5.39 KB, 555x98, twitter.png)

peep the few funny replies

No. 1337029

File: 1632883298511.jpeg (64.99 KB, 828x147, FF6B59F8-C6CE-4AF0-8133-4E527A…)

This comment, lol. They do. All of the time.

Also him saying Send me loli accounts to dunk on because there's a big pedo community did not come out right. It's true, but I'm sure that's the only reason why you want to see that type of content, sick freak.

No. 1337038

I'm convinced guys like him say this shit not only for brownie points but also to avoid troons turning on them if they are asked would they themselves sleep with a transwoman (remember seeing this twitter thread of this idiot guy berating lesbians for not sleeping with transwomen. When asked would he he said no because sexually he is only attracted to "AFAB" women. amazingly none of his troon followers gave him shit for his "transphobia".

Guys like this absolutely know trans women are not real women when they are asked to have sex with them.

No. 1337058

what gets me is he's literally blaming this alt-right troll account on women

No. 1337064

Of course, he wouldn't. Even if a woke bro is into transwomen it's always only sexual, never them wanting to actually have a true blue relationship with them. The easiest way to shit on women and get woke points is pandering to the T's. Mainly transwomen.
Notice, the only men who are openly into troons who are in breadtubes/woketube are all openly degenerates. I'm not talking the ones who say they'd date one or who pander, but ones like Vaush.

No. 1337068

I never engage with troons but the only time in my life I told one to shut up was when he insisted Bowie was trans. Made me lose it!

No. 1337093

I saw a similar take on twitter about kurt cobain

No. 1337119

File: 1632894602939.png (215.92 KB, 338x608, 1619519134137.png)

This is the worst take I have ever seen

No. 1337123

does anyone have a link to why people say the matrix siblings are perverts doing full time force fem? I've been seeing people say that for a few years now but I never looked into it mostly because I really really really do not wanna google it

No. 1337132

File: 1632897190820.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3464x2587, FCE29094-D9AC-44F2-A95F-E4DCBF…)

one of the AYRT, this is the take i saw

No. 1337133

Everyone needs to be trans for them to feel confident they are a woman

No. 1337139

File: 1632898554881.jpg (53.01 KB, 353x397, Mrs_nesbitt.jpg)

A Toy Story tattoo is ironically a very suitable choice for a troon.

In that film, the character of Buzz Lightyear spends the majority of the running time declaring that he really is a real space ranger, capable of flight, who fires a real laser (as opposed to a little lightbulb that blinks).

When confronted with the truth of what he is, a now mutilated Buzz suffers a breakdown culminating in him dressing in women's clothes and assuming a different identity. "Don't you get it? I. AM. MRS. NESBITT."

He is, thankfully, cured of his delusions and comes to terms with his identity thanks in no small part to his relationship with TERF icon, Woody.

No. 1337140

File: 1632898641542.jpeg (381.96 KB, 1080x1513, sometimesadressisjustadress.jp…)

Oh FFS. Kurt wore a dress on stage because he liked to shock people. Same reason he came on at Reading '92 in a wheelchair and hospital gown. It was FOR SHOW.

What's next? Nicky Wire is actually a trans woman because he sometimes wears women's clothing on stage?

No. 1337142

This mostly refers to Lana/Larry (the one who passes a tiny bit better)


No. 1337143

File: 1632899055513.jpg (52.33 KB, 720x648, larry-wachowski-and-ilsa-strix…)

one of the brothers "Lana" had sessions with a professional dominatrix Karin Winslow(also known as Ilsa Strix) and their kink very much involved male crossdressing and forced feminization(also fun fact Karin Winslow was then married to Buck Angle, after the success of the Matrix Karin divorced buck and married Larry)


I can't post the full article(cause its too long) but these are some of the highlights

>Ilsa made a number of videos, including Transsexual Extreme 2, Hellcats in High Heels 3, Behind the Whip and Queen of Pain – all best sellers in the BDSM world, and all showing Ilsa having her way with both male and female slaves.

>Ilsa's domestic life was as unconventional as her professional life. She had been married since 1998 to Buck Angel, a female-to-male transsexual, a woman who had turned to surgeons to have her breasts removed and had her chest expanded, via testosterone injections, to the size of a muscular man's. From below the waist, however, Buck remained female.

>In denial at first, Buck Angel demanded some answers. Ilsa arranged for Larry and her to meet Buck at a transsexual club on Santa Monica Boulevard one Friday night in early 2001 to talk things over. At midnight, in walked two tall blondes wearing almost identical wigs, fur jackets and high-heeled shoes. It was Larry and Ilsa, but Larry was virtually unrecognizable.

>Buck Angel cooled his heels at the bar, while his wife and Larry Wachowski took a turn on the dance floor. "When they came over to me, Larry would not look me in the eye," Buck recalls. "In the shoes, he's, like, six foot three, a big, tall drag queen. I tried to talk to Larry, but he wouldn't talk to me. His wig was over his eyes, and I told him,
>Man, you should pull your wig up, because you look like a dude in a dress.'"
>Soon afterward, Buck kicked Ilsa out of the home they shared on Kenmore Avenue and later filed for divorce. "Let Larry take care of you," he told her. When their meager property was divided up, Ilsa got the PlayStation and silverware, while Buck received the gas grille, a Cape Cod etching and "all remaining kitchen supplies." A Ford truck, on which the couple owed $17,000, went back to the dealer. Buck Angel left Los Angeles for New Orleans.

>At the Cannes Film Festival that year, when Larry and Ilsa appeared together on the red carpet, Ilsa looked stunning, like a movie star – perfect skin, blond hair falling to her shoulders, white teeth gleaming. Larry Wachowski did not look like Larry Wachowski. His face looked feminized; his eyebrows were plucked, he wore large teardrop earrings, and a knit cap covered his head. His fingernails were manicured. Both Larry and Ilsa seemed ecstatic. The press, including columnist Liz Smith, reported that Larry might be taking female hormones, in anticipation of sex-change surgery. Leaving Los Angeles, he and Ilsa moved into a $2.7 million home in San Francisco, on a steep hill in the Castro, with sweeping views of San Francisco Bay. (As of last month, work was still under way on an expensive addition to the house, and a sparkling new red Lexus was parked in the indoor garage.)

No. 1337148

The other anons already posted about Larry/Lana (which people to this day try blaming Buck Angel for being a "scorned lover" and outing him, when everyone at the time in LA already knew Larry was into crossdressing and forcefem), but when it comes to Andy/Lily no one knows what's his deal. It was very sudden.
Maybe he trooned for attention or probably has the same fetishes, but he's not as "extra" as Larry.

No. 1337149

Kurt Cobain
>did not have NPD
>never tried to destroy women's shelters for not letting him in
That's not "their own" lol

No. 1337150

File: 1632900184903.png (897.47 KB, 1344x854, 1632900661002.png)

"This womens space ain't big enough for the two of us" - TERF Woody banishing troons from a bathroom

No. 1337151

File: 1632900444154.jpg (1.9 MB, 3596x5393, Mickey Mahoney and Lilly Wacho…)

Yes his transition came out of nowhere though even before trooning out it was semi-known that was gay and had left his wife
>Lilly married Alisa Blasingame in 1991.[182] In 2016, Lilly mentioned having a boyfriend.[183] In 2019, she said Mickey Ray Mahoney became her partner and moved in with her.[184][185] Mahoney is an adjunct professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a trans man.[183]

picrel is the happy heterosexual couple

No. 1337157

Never ceases to amaze me how much their caveman brains project their own degeneracy and inceldom into women.
>Women are angry… when I, a male, am angry, it's because I'm not receiving enough sexual gratification and admiration… so this must be the cause for women being angry as well!!
>Women hate trans women… men base their entire existence around being attractive to women to be rewarded with sex, so these women must be jealous of all the trans women taking away their men just like we would be!!!

By now I'm convinced they're chasers and potential eggs trying to normalize troonacy to secure their own future transition. There's no point for a normal cis guy to cape for trannies this hard, even for the wokest wokebro wouldn't be this invested if there wasn't something personal in it for them. They would be complacent with only saying TWAW every now and then, not having terminal spergouts about how terves are totally lesbian incels and jealous of stunning and brave trans ma'ams.

No. 1337164

That picture made me kek. His partner is a mini Buck Angel.

>it was semi-known he was gay

So he's doing a layered conversion therapy (becoming a "woman" and dating a "man", so he can LARP as straight). Very progressive. lol

No. 1337168

>At midnight, in walked two tall blondes wearing almost identical wigs, fur jackets and high-heeled shoes. It was Larry and Ilsa, but Larry was virtually unrecognizable.
Holy shit this is literally the forced feminization fantasies all twitter trannies have. It's all the comics about big titty goth gfs dressing the nerdy boy as a sex doll people posted here come to life.
>>Man, you should pull your wig up, because you look like a dude in a dress.'"

Larry was the prototype of an incel turned into "the gf" and it always shocks me how this fetish has been around since the ancient times and not just cultivated by online degeneracy and cartoon porn. He wrote the iconic fedora transhumanist edgelord scifi movie while getting off to a female dominatrix dressing him up in stripper clothing, finally memed into trooning out for real and spending the rest of his life writing shit like Sense8 about a dainty hacker troon being rescued from a bunch of evil terfs by an assertive mommy bangmaid who then fucks him with a rainbow strap on. I know his brother doesn't have such a well-documented pipeline from a pervert to a fulltime fetishist but you just know there's something similar behind his transition.

No. 1337169

File: 1632902269051.jpg (358.52 KB, 1000x2399, why_not_get_a_gf.jpg)

>all the comics about big titty goth gfs dressing the nerdy boy as a sex doll people posted here come to life.
you mean this one

No. 1337172

File: 1632902712640.jpeg (329.68 KB, 1242x907, 030AEE27-8272-4F79-8506-30350D…)

No. 1337173

File: 1632902795717.jpeg (910.19 KB, 1242x1510, A579BB98-060C-4A6F-BD6A-9F0AFC…)

pretty sure this is a joke but i kek’d regardless

No. 1337175

File: 1632903100006.jpg (104.51 KB, 580x872, Bound.jpg)

>rescued from a bunch of evil terfs by an assertive mommy bangmaid who then fucks him with a rainbow strap on.
Mommy bangmaid who puts her life on hold for the dainty hacker troon was also the result of a poly relationship. Larry made sure to check ALL woke boxes.

And don't let me get started on picrel…

No. 1337178

The angry music thing is true (and not bad in itself), but
>-made a song from the perspective of a child rapist,
>Cobain's addition to the story was to have the victim fool the kidnapper into thinking she was enjoying what he was doing to her, causing him to let his guard down long enough for her to escape.

>In his Nirvana biography Come As You Are, journalist Michael Azerrad noted that rape seemed to be a consistent theme in Cobain's songs and interviews, as if Cobain was "apologizing for his entire gender." However, Cobain explained, "I don't feel bad about being a man at all. There are all kinds of men that are on the side of the woman and support them and help influence other men. In fact, a man using himself as an example toward other men can probably make more impact than a woman can."[9] In the liner notes to the band's 1992 compilation album Incesticide, Cobain wrote that "last year, a girl was raped by two wastes of sperm and eggs while they sang the lyrics to our song 'Polly'. I have a hard time carrying on knowing there are plankton like that in our audience."[13][14]

A tranny would've written this to praise the rapist, or worse, claim to be the victim in the song and claim it's "gender euphoria" and it's deep because society constantly tortures and rapes all trans women for existing by not validating them. So, not even close

No. 1337181

looked it up on Wikipedia
>The sex scenes were choreographed by feminist writer and sex educator Susie Bright. The Wachowskis were fans of Bright and sent her a copy of the script with a letter asking her to be an extra in the film. Bright loved the script, particularly as it was about women unapologetically having and enjoying sex. Disappointed by the lack of description in the sex scenes, she offered to be a sex consultant for the film, and they accepted.[9] The main sex scene, set in Corky's apartment, was filmed in one long shot. The Wachowskis believed that the continuous shot would be more realistic than several shots edited together.[9] Although it was intended to be a closed set, there were actually many people present, moving the walls of the set in order to allow full movement of the camera around the actors.[9]
as much as I despise Troons I hate libfems just as much for encouraging these losers

No. 1337184

she used drugs (allegedly ketamine hits at the height of orgasm while he was sissified) and sex to implant a fetish within him in order to control him and his money. buck angel was just practice. he ruined his life, his work, and his relationships. even his weird brother joined in.

No. 1337188

I mean he was a married man, cheating on his wife a dominatrix and going to BDSM club, I don't think he's a victim in any sense and seeing as he was already into force-fem roleplay he would have trooned out at some point
these 2 are both degenerates and they deserve each other

No. 1337191

I don't know, getting brainwashed with mind altering drugs sounds pretty bad. Don't get me wrong, he was not a good man and he did cheat on his wife, but this Ilsa Strix woman is fucking evil. His actions are socially reprehensible, she on the other hand should be arrested.

No. 1337194

File: 1632905008520.jpg (242.9 KB, 1080x928, Screenshot_20210929-104117_Twi…)

No. 1337195

She was a degenerate loser, what's more to get
I guess you could say that she broke her contract with her client which is illegal and was basically a hired proustite

No. 1337196

>Susie Bright
Middle-upper class coomer who's dedicated her whole life on spreading sex-positive "feminism". No wonder she became a consultant for a lesbian fetish film made by two perverts.

No. 1337197

Well, I would consider brainwashing someone to have their dick chopped off a really bad thing, to the point of illegality. Also wait,are dominatrixes prostitutes? I thought they don't have sex with clients, I know they sometimes peg them, but they are typically clothed when doing so, only the male is penetrated.

No. 1337198

Dominatrxies aren't allowed to have sex(that includes if the male is penetrated)with their clients if there is a financial transaction

No. 1337200

Are you sure about that? I live in Brighton (UK) and know a few dominatrixes and they all offer strapon sex as a service. Hell, I have been to a public event where they got males from the audience as volunteers to peg them on stage (It was pretty funny, not gonna lie).

No. 1337201

File: 1632906315230.gif (3.59 MB, 480x201, let em.gif)

>trannies who wanna trans any man, dead or alive, who wore makeup or dresses because they wanna be validated
>trannies who don't wanna trans any man, dead or alive, to protect their precious ugly hons

No. 1337202

>Hell, I have been to a public event where they got males from the audience as volunteers to peg them on stage
WTF, was this at some BDSM club or out in the open and were they random males or actual kinksters

No. 1337203

You don't know what you're talking about at all. Drugs don't work like that and especially not ketamine. You can't "brainwash" someone with it and instill a fetish, it's simply not possible. He's doing it because it gets him off, stop wking that cheating man and pinning the blame on a woman in his life.

No. 1337207

It was out in Brighton beach lol. If you don't know, Brighton beach basically has a ton of regular clubs, so the women who organized the event decided to put the stage right there, opposite of the club entraces. The crowd was mostly normies actually, they just came out of the clubs drunk and were flaggerbasted to see what was going on stage. The volunteers were a mixed bunch, you could tell who was a kinkster and who was not, the kinksters knew what was coming and enjoyed it, the normies were different, their faces and screams were one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

I have taken plenty of drugs in my life and I am no scientist, but they can absolutely fuck with your brain. Didn't the CIA do some experiments with brainwashing people with LSD back in the 60s? Doesn't seem so far fetched.

No. 1337210

okay that makes sense but that kind of shit still shouldn't be seen or frankly allowed in public, its a man taking out his asshole and getting a plastic dildo rammed up his ass in front of everyone
I'd be disgusted and leave

No. 1337212

Well I mean, noone was forced to participate or watch. Also you couldn't see the males' assholes, they turned them around to put them on the bench. I don't know, maybe I am weird but I like seeing unsuspecting males getting hurt, especially since they were stupid enough to volunteer for it.

No. 1337214

ot but CIA's LSD experiment/torture failed, it couldn't "brainwash" and reprogram no one. The subjects remembered almost everything and it only left them fucked up.

No. 1337216

you absolutely can use any form of dopamine release to cement a fetish. it's literally what agp coomers are doing to themselves through their own reward system when they jerk off to trap hentai. their programming themselves to be autogynephiles with their porn habits. ilsa stryx facilitated the same with sex and drugs to larry. and she wasn't a "woman in his life" she was seeing money bags and a lifestyle she could capture.

No. 1337218

They can fuck with your brain but a dominatrix is not a top notch psychiatric scientist able to brainwash someone, also you can't just install a specific fetish you want in person like that, it's never this controlled. Ketamine is also nothing like LSD. It's more likely that this rich scrote started seeing a prostitute to play out his fetish with while happily doing a lot of drugs than a dominatrix being a skilled movie-tier CIA agent mastermind controlling people through impossible drug magic.

No. 1337219

think of it as training a dog with a reward, except way more powerful than food.

No. 1337220

Well that was LSD though, which is admittedly a different drug and it happened like 40 years before the Ilsa Strix incident, so things might be different now. also they didn't make them orgasm during did they? I would guess getting your body filled with dopamine at the time of orgasm would certainly play a big part, especially the way males orgasm.

Yeah, that's what I think as well. Larry was a piece of shit degenerate, but in this instance I really do think he was a victim of an actual psychopath gold digger.

From what I have read on her, she really was a mastermind though. I do think Larry had the desire present and she capitalized on it though. But from what I have seen on incels turning themselves gay or trans, you can absolutely instill that shit on someone if they are sufficiently psychologically weak.

No. 1337221

No. 1337223

NTA but are you serious? It's not like Ilsa was forcing herself on him, it was 100% on Larry seeking out a fulfilment for his fetish and she was willing to cultivate it. Ilsa was a gold digger who saw her opportunity and Larry was a regular pervert.

Absolutely this. Typical scrotey guilt dodging to blame the woman for being an evil succubus tempting poor innocent him to the path of degeneracy.

No. 1337224

congratulations your a degenerate and your likely gonna end up with a moid who will troon, I like seeing men beat up but this is just fucking degenerate and perverted

No. 1337226

That's super interesting to read, I had the same thoughts but it's reassuring to see them echoed by professionals.

>NTA but are you serious? It's not like Ilsa was forcing herself on him, it was 100% on Larry seeking out a fulfilment for his fetish and she was willing to cultivate it. Ilsa was a gold digger who saw her opportunity and Larry was a regular pervert.
I think he did want to live out his fetish in a controlled environment, not being actually brainwashed. She took it too far in my opinion, read what Buck Angel said about her and you will see what I mean, she was legit evil.

>congratulations your a degenerate
I know.

>and your likely gonna end up with a moid who will troon

I am married and he is not a troon sooo. Although I do crossdress him and peg him. Not my fault everyone here doesn't understand that straight men can do unusual kinky shit without being trannies just because you hyper focus on the small amount of trannies that go through that road.

>I like seeing men beat up but this is just fucking degenerate and perverted

I AM a pervert, you are really not insulting me by calling me one, I like my perversions, they have shielded me from 99% of the usual shit women who date men go through. Why would you think I would be ashamed of them?

No. 1337227

Maybe he was, he was definitely a pedo lol

No. 1337228

>I am married and he is not a troon sooo. Although I do crossdress him and peg him
Oh no its you again, why do you come to these threads

No. 1337229

Because I hate trannies and like hate reading about them? Same reason as everyone else.

No. 1337230

I was just pointing out the LSD thing because people to this day believe that hallucinogenics (e.g. mescaline, DMT and others) can ~brainwash~ people after the CIA experiments went public and US media exploiting the crimes of The Manson Family.
But yeah, ketamine and other sedatives can work as hypnotics and I can believe that Larry was nudged into going further down his fetish with drugs & sex. However, I don't believe he's been victimized by Strix, because it's not like these men into sissy/force-fem stuff are capable of "letting go" of their fetishes (which he was already into before meeting her).

No. 1337232

Yeah, I guess it's an issue of degree, which we can more or less only make educated guesses on. I think Larry wouldn't go further than privately indulging in his fetish without Strix's brainwashing, certainly not to the point of a full transition. So I do think she was responsible for what happened to him.

No. 1337234

Very obvious you are a LARPing tranny. Fuck off, vermin.

No. 1337237

Biological woman here, my sympathies for you paranoid schizophrenia. I literally said I hate trannies. In conclusion, take your meds.

No. 1337243

Just go peg your pathetic scrote already

No. 1337246

Can't, he's at work making money for me. I probably will tonight though.

No. 1337247

>I am married and he is not a troon sooo. Although I do crossdress him and peg him.
Opinion discarded

No. 1337249

but he's going to troon out like the rest of them

No. 1337250


Lel, no he's not. I have had this discussion several times already throughout the last year or so with anons here, but my guy is not a tranny, he hates them for co opting femaleness. He has worshiped women all his life and knows very well that he is a man and his proper role as a man and gladly accepts that role. He is nothing like trannies.

No. 1337254

My god this is so embarrassing. Stop blogging about your dream sub totally not tranny nigel and shut up already.

No. 1337256

Deja vu feeling, but not happening. I will defend femdom relationships and men who know their place when anons call it out without knowing what they are talking about. If you don't like it don't read it, you can't silence me.

No. 1337258

this is a MTF hate thread and your previous subby Nigel isn't exempt, also your no better then a "sub" female or whatever, a loser who does nothing but service males

No. 1337261

>this is a MTF hate thread and your previous subby Nigel isn't exempt
My Nigel isn't a tranny though, he is as relevant to this thread as Mother Teresa.

>also your no better then a "sub" female or whatever

>Comparing me to a "sub" female
I am nothing like these brain damaged women, how are you even comparing me to women who let males abuse them? We are literally the opposite.

>a loser who does nothing but service males

Lol wtf. How am I servicing males? The only male I am and have ever been involved with is my husband and I for sure am not servicing him. He is the one who is servicing me, get your facts straight. I decide what goes on in my family, my house and my bedroom, he follows and obeys. What about that sounds like servicing to you? Are you just jealous that you can't have that and have to entertain random "vanilla" pornsick moids?(stop )

No. 1337263

no1curr about you fucking your crossdressing husband in the ass to get his prostate and agp off, stop derailing.

No. 1337264

You "Dress" him up in likely your own lingere and give him an anal orgasm

No. 1337266

Anons do comment on it, so apprently they do care, I am not derailing, simply responding.

Lolno, he has his own clothes, he is smaller than me and looks dumb in my clothes. Also I "sometimes" give him an anal orgasm. It's not like pegging is all we do. And I don't paricularly do it for him, I do it because I really really enjoy pegging and I only really do it after he has satisfied in a bunch of other ways and only if I am satisfied with him. He only gets to orgasm if I want to, there are quite a few times that he had done something wrong or I just didn't feel like it and so he didn't. He doesn't get to complain if that happens. How is this bad again? I am literally living my ideal romantic and sex life with this man, being in control of everything as I like.

No. 1337267

Okay I think we've all realized this is a tranny larp at this point, he's so uwu smaller then you and worships women and has a job and loves getting pegged
this is how trannies see themselves, not as the hulking brutes they actually are

No. 1337270

Trannies hate other trannies. I know they all read here to laugh at other trannies that they perceive as less as them.

Wish people would stop giving attention to obvious LARPers. The whole "I wish I had a wife who force-femmed me and dommed me in the bedroom" is such an obvious tranny fantasy. Women don't do that shit unless paid a lot of money cause men asses are fucking vile and no woman could respect their husband after seeing him like that. Just go away please, you will never be a woman and you will never find a wife who will peg you.

No. 1337271

Only trannies think that women would actually enjoy being part of their fantasy. In reality women who peg their husbands only do it because the husband has been nagging them for years and years and years and then if they give in, not only is their sex life forever ruined but they also can never look their man in the eyes again. I read several accounts of actual women who made the mistake of giving in to that request. They do it because the man wants it and women let themselves be talked into bullshit to please their man. There isn't a single woman who wants to look at a doughy hairy man-ass bent over infront of her and shove a toy up his disgusting stinky shithole. That is a male fantasy through and through.

No. 1337276

Nta but no, just no. There are women who want to peg their husbands, you arw deludes to project your own desires into other women and think that they are universal. Generalizing like this is ignorrant and inacurate.(derailing )

No. 1337277

could you all please stop responding to the obvious bait

No. 1337280

File: 1632914785995.jpg (146.93 KB, 1280x720, hot_fuzz_still3.jpg)

>Buck Angle

No. 1337289

The pegging argument that happens in every one of these threads never stops being amusing.
>Coping males and handmaidens
>Anons who are against it and their hilarious descriptions of gross men
>Anons who did it and the male started larping as them, regret

No. 1337291

File: 1632916570675.jpg (235.59 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210929-130754_Twi…)


No. 1337307

KEK so glad someone else said it, god damn this is the future larrys want….

No. 1337310

You're pornsick, Steven.

No. 1337317



No. 1337318

>How dare other women have different sexual desires than me? Must be all the porn.

No. 1337319

Rivers is definitely trans, he fits right in with fetishizing underage Japanese girls and using them to escape his shitty life in his song “Across the Sea”! Troons really dunk on themselves without knowing lol

No. 1337338

Isn't Pink Triangle about a man's unrequited love with a lesbian or something? Not surprised a troon would find it compelling.

No. 1337354

File: 1632923615580.jpeg (293.53 KB, 828x988, CD8512B7-C986-4D03-AF30-D38F2D…)

KEK this moid is so goddamned delusional

No. 1337380

yes, it was definitely terf karens responsible for this. I'm sure if no terfs existed then TIMs would never be murdered

No. 1337384

No one is jealous of your sweaty balls sir, cope harder.

No. 1337387

File: 1632928122323.jpg (289.36 KB, 1080x1080, Eq5J0TQW8AEGht8.jpg)


absolutely not lmfaooooooooooo(learn2sage)

No. 1337394

I wish the average woman had the confidence of a troon. I grew up watching women constantly nitpicking shit about themselves meanwhile these guys think they're gods gift to the world

No. 1337395

You’re not wrong. It’s such a massive signifier of male privilege and ego. Even when their whole personality and life is spent trying to replicate women, they still hate us and think they’re better than us.

No. 1337396

Is there a term for this? They clearly suffer from the exact opposite of dysphoria

No. 1337403

gender euphoria kek

No. 1337405

Indeed, but that is just euphemism for being horny

No. 1337409

File: 1632930703969.png (33.14 KB, 597x317, meh.png)

It's literally narcissism… and misogyny, but Blanchard and the merry band of self-professed AGPs refuse to acknowledge that. They would rather push AGPs into transition and let them into women's spaces so they can "soothe their pain" or whatever. As if narcs can ever be satisfied.
I hate men.

No. 1337411

Yes they hate you but not for the reasons you think lol.

No. 1337419

Huh. Guess I know what to say when my wokie acquaintances try to trans somebody again.

No. 1337425

File: 1632932168948.jpg (854.64 KB, 1440x2157, Screenshot_20210929-171117.jpg)

I fucking hate handmaidens. Dude calls himself "baby girl" in his bio.

No. 1337474

The idea that women hate other women who are prettier than them is a larp in and of itself. It's just not a thing that happens

No. 1337487

yeah lmfao I've also never seen women legitimately hate each other over this.

No. 1337492

and out of ALL the pretty women for a woman like that to hate, troons REALLY think women are going to choose a troon? There's more then enough women to be jealous of. Not men with surgeries, 20 pounds of make up, filters and angles.
Just like the weirdo mentioned in this thread saying women are "jealous" of "pretty" transwomen. Like what? There's a million times more attractive women then there's a troon or two who actually looks good in real life, without tons of trickery.
It's retarded. The only "girls" jealous of him are "girls' with penises, aka men.

No. 1337506

File: 1632937826556.jpeg (147.54 KB, 1600x1202, 23D99DE8-0E6B-4914-9938-2EB94B…)

No. 1337509

The video is a lit old ut the troons in this vid are so clockable kek.
Timestaps: 1:55 and 3:55

No. 1337518

File: 1632938877569.png (4.41 MB, 2241x1563, Kevin Gibes 4 years.png)

Why do troons age so horribly after HRT? I know cooming makes them look terrible, but I want a scientific explanation. Almost all of them have stringy dry hair and dry and aged skin. Any med nonas care to explain?

No. 1337524

File: 1632939385810.jpeg (290.42 KB, 1242x1593, FAXSr8gWQAQIjAv.jpeg)

Someone told him tall women are models and he ran with it.

No. 1337535

He looks like someone sun-dried everthing but his body. Huge torso, spindly limbs, and shrunken head. You can tell he got surgery just from a glance, but he looks nothing like a woman.

No. 1337537

HRT slows down their metabolism and bloats them, estradiol valerate alone can have side effects like skin rashes and hair loss, but these are not the sole reasons why TIMs look like that.
They're staunch believers that estradiol and spironolactone will literally grant them beauty. Those retards grow moobs, get fat(ter) and then call it a day.
Meanwhile, they look like shit or look worse because they still maintain the same male habits they had pre-troon (no skincare, no haircare, dehydrated, shit diet, drinking and doing other drugs, terrible hygiene).

No. 1337546

this is a very good point. once they start HRT they believe they'll miraculously turn into the beautiful anime girl with F cups without putting any work or lifestyle change into it whatsoever

No. 1337548

Not a med but if I had to guess, considering natural hormonal imbalances can cause various negative health effects, and stress commonly results in poor skin and falling hair, I'd imagine the gross hormonal imbalances they subject their bodies to is not healthy.

No. 1337549

People are always like “women can be tall too! are you calling tall women men??” like we think every tall woman is a troon. No. It’s the whole package, not just one thing. Regardless of height, that’s a very male body/proportions and a very male skull

It’s funny because they legit think they age better than women since they can’t go through menopause.

No. 1337577

>Women: Lose their eggs and estrogen levels lower after 50-60 years of life, hive or take
>Men on estrogen: Never produce eggs, exposed to higher testosterone levels than a woman is since birth, go through male puberty
>"But I never go through menopause uwu"
They think this is a gotcha, but being male is infinitely more of a defeminizer than menopause is or ever will be.

No. 1337578

He'll never be the Latina goddess that he tries to portray himself as, he just looks like a gay Edgar.

No. 1337585

what were the responses like? I can imagine chasers and other troons patting his ass while they ignore that he really looks like this>>1337524

No. 1337592

File: 1632943994907.png (891.18 KB, 791x767, image_20210927175106.png)

No. 1337612

File: 1632945438547.jpg (857.21 KB, 2651x2784, cccc.jpg)

No. 1337614

File: 1632945842556.jpeg (153.92 KB, 1188x1200, 2923CC43-B134-4839-9D43-75F14A…)

Arca looks like Jennifer Rubin

No. 1337616

File: 1632946087254.jpeg (33.74 KB, 440x437, 1624983899578.jpeg)

I'm surprised his wife came up with this idea as I had an autogynephile I was dating to it to me (without explaining why he wanted to until he was doing it), and it was disturbing to be used as an accessory to masturbation like that.

No. 1337617

Good god, that Hon's bigfoot legs are terrifying.

No. 1337622

File: 1632946352679.jpeg (39.55 KB, 467x350, FAUy6-AVkAo2xhj.jpeg)

holy shit.

No. 1337624

Fucking kek samefag - those are lace patterned tights, I think!

No. 1337625

I'm so baffled by the thickness of the hair combined with the random bald spots. He looks like a chimp with mange.

No. 1337626

Maybe? It's fucked up that I genuinely can't tell.

No. 1337627

No. 1337636

He's too scrote-brained to realize women don't emulate masculine behavior kek. Men are obsessed with their dick size, their manliness, etc. and compare themselves to other men constantly, and they literally don't believe you when they find out women don't do this too. There was a troon a few threads ago who confidently posted "my pussy is so much deeper than terf pussy I know they're so mad about how much more of a woman I am!!" to outstanding comedic effect.

No. 1337644

File: 1632948205520.jpg (1023.24 KB, 2560x1920, 21-09-29-21-41-02-340_deco.jpg)

Any takers for this high fem goth vagatarian?

No. 1337645

anon, pls. i'm dying.

this looks like one of those seizure-illusion images kek.

No. 1337649

More like Fagghire.

No. 1337659

It has been 7~10 years since the side shave went out of fashion but these skinwalkers still try, even when they're balding.
Oh, to have the confidence of a straight male.

No. 1337670

How many times do we have to tell you this: AGPs are straight. Heterosexual. Men who are sexually attracted to women.

No. 1337671

what the fuck is "wildly trans music" ?? reading this made me suicidal

No. 1337672

>>Thinking gay men are any better, or less confident

No. 1337683

Only flaming homos have confidence but even then a lot of them have insecurities because of their sexuality.

No. 1337686

Gay men are far more likely to have eating disorders and care about their physical appearance compared to straight men, so yes.

No. 1337688

Exactly. Gay men judge each other by their looks a lot but straight men know straight women will like them even when they look like moldy feet.

No. 1337697

>what the fuck is "wildly trans music" ??
That which hollowly apes surface qualities of other music without deep understanding of its purpose, context, and attitude, and uses big budget trickery to attempt to deceive unwitting listeners that it is in fact the real thing, though does a poor job at convincing anyone but the most naive. So, more like Creed, if we're going to continue the grunge example by our stunning and brave friendo here

No. 1337711


No. 1337721

Xanderthal or whatever the fuck is generally looked down upon on breadtube. He also tries waaaayyy too hard to emulate destiny's unique manner of speaking.

It's honestly embarrassing and I'm not just saying that. I can't imagine anyone over the age of 15 watching him in any seriousness.

No. 1337722

So what you're saying is that "wildly trans music" is…derivative?

No. 1337741

>I would guess getting your body filled with dopamine at the time of orgasm would certainly play a big part, especially the way males orgasm.

Late and off topic, but I was a heavy ketamine user for about 5 years. It doesn't really work like that at all. It is a tranquilizer and effectively shuts down parts of your brain. It's pretty much impossible to orgasm while on it. I've tried many times lol and it is known.

Plus, even if you IV'd the drug, which would be the fastest delivery method, an orgasm lasts what 20s? Probably not easy to time that with the initial come-up, especially when having to break to stick a needle into your vein.

I'm not saying you couldn't create some kind of pavlovian relation between drugs and orgasm but k isn't the drug to do it.

No. 1337742

it’s because all the messages and asspats they get are “urgh you’re so much prettier and better at makeup than i am”

obvious lies that they just lap up.

No. 1337747

i think they used to equate women hood to boobs, long hair and red lip stick, but now they’ve added periods which is why so many LARP their bad skin and bowel movements to uwu trans girl periods.

any woman post menopause is a hag but any woman with pcos is “the same as me!!!”

blog but i’ve come to terms with low infertility. but don’t say i’m anything like a troon.

No. 1337751

File: 1632958008536.jpeg (164.59 KB, 1280x1182, 0CE4F822-51E3-4382-A9A7-0CA427…)

This comment made me lose my shit because it’s spot on

No. 1337792

File: 1632961198692.jpg (34.18 KB, 255x340, 1543963846843.jpg)

From what I've come across mtf music is abrasive, edgy, and sexual so I guess in a way Kurt was writing trans music. A bunch of them are aging punks who are into edgelord subgenres like grindcore and a lot of younger TiMs seem to gravitate towards the more ironic genres of EDM. Fetish imagery is usually inseperably tied to their work as well.

No. 1337793

File: 1632961428944.jpg (189.39 KB, 999x1544, Screenshot_20210929-172331.jpg)

No. 1337809

this channel always be interviewing botched trannies

No. 1337886

File: 1632971697301.jpeg (351.3 KB, 828x842, 9D6EFC4A-4AEC-4876-99B8-7BAC12…)


No. 1337892

he looked more feminine before HRT kek

No. 1337895

No he wasn't. Lori Mattix, the woman claiming to have slept with him when she was 14, is a massive cow and her story changes literally every time. Like it's such an obvious lie, she even says they ate dinner with John Lennon the night it supposedly happened. Medium has an article that totally obliterates her story: https://medium.com/@msullivangates/a-word-on-david-bowie-lori-mattix-and-the-speed-of-information-b38681f24cf4

Bowie was a fascist, not a pedophile. If you're going to smear a talented dead person, at least pick something true to bitch about instead of believing random bullshit you read on Twitter.

Not even going to address the idea of Bowie being a troon because it's just that retarded.

No. 1337899

i want to understand this…i really do.

No. 1337904

NTA But basically she's referring to the concept of "fake deep". Sometimes artists put vague, surface level references and allusions into their works, without having much intent or strong meaning, because the want to seem more intellectual or fascinating.

No. 1337930

Fucking gross look at his exhibitionist bulge

No. 1337938

>Bowie was a fascist
How though ? he was married to a black woman and had a biracial child, how does that translate to him being a fascist in any way

No. 1337939

NTA but yes, Lori is….strange. There’s even one interview where she says she enjoyed it and is lucky to have had Bowie as her first. Every couple of years she changes her story.

No. 1337940


No. 1337941

It was a phase he had in the late seventies when his drug problem was really bad. Basically he got really into Nazi literature and such. He apologized for it many times in the years following, but you know how the internet is, people never forgive anything.

I don't hold it against people for not necessarily forgiving that particular problem, though. Plenty of stars got coked out of their mind in the seventies and eighties, but David Lee Roth and Stevie Nicks never went through Nazi phases.

No. 1337944

At least one of them made their political career as a transwoman, the other one is just a guy who lived 40 years off of his male privilege before trooning out for more brownie points…
I wish the media would cheer for the first afro-german woman of paliament as for these two…

No. 1337970

File: 1632982128693.png (24.66 KB, 274x353, AiAiSBBHD.png)

dumbo ears and dracula hairline.

No. 1337976

i think it's the depersonalization aspects of k that make the subject more open to suggestion or less concrete in their identity

No. 1337977

File: 1632982737957.jpg (123.5 KB, 1000x480, Germany-has-elected-two-trans-…)

I looked it up and ew.
I wonder if people who transition for reasons like that ever get dysphoria from it
If anyone is curious what they look like.

No. 1337978

one of the left almost passes

No. 1337982

File: 1632983216928.jpeg (163.57 KB, 828x834, A4CDF7BE-7EFE-4E69-82AB-44DCE1…)

My sides are in kekistan

No. 1337984

Left is the most passing trans
I have ever seen. The neck is very fem.

No. 1337987

Not with that freakish neck.

Except for the enormously long neck and straight collarbones (women usually have shorter necks and curved collarbones) she passes, the right one very much! does not pass! and looks like a guy dressed up as a woman for a joke on a night out.

No. 1337989

he passes with only his head visible(likely facial feminization surgery) wonder what the rest of his body looks like

No. 1337991

He has anime bara tits and not in a nice way

No. 1337996

typical hsts vs. agp dichotomy

No. 1337997

File: 1632986626791.jpg (58.82 KB, 600x400, nyke-slawik-germany-MP-64[1].j…)

Your wish is more-or-less my command
This is the best I could find, there's one full-body but they're wearing baggy clothes
The neck pics though
I think they look decent,at least decent enough that I actually feel kinda weird calling them a 'he'

No. 1338001

>> right one divorced his wife and is now dating a tif
>> Instead of Markus, her name is now Tessa: "When I saw myself in my wife's dress, I had the urgent desire to live it."(sage)

No. 1338002

now you can tell that this is a male

No. 1338003

any pre-transition pics of the two

No. 1338012

Unironically passes

No. 1338016

File: 1632989741743.jpeg (42.58 KB, 760x530, 8011FF2F-FA6C-4F14-B0A0-25EEE6…)

i think the HSTS purged the internet of pre-transition pictures, best one i could find

No. 1338018

File: 1632989857589.jpeg (78.94 KB, 750x386, C417A1A9-6084-44E9-B604-585286…)

meanwhile this thing „transitioned“ two years ago, has a wife and children and besides ditching the glasses and putting on a tragic wig looks the same

No. 1338019

wow he just look like a guy in a wig who lost a best

No. 1338020

File: 1632989914247.jpg (149.69 KB, 1080x712, IMG_20210930_101607.jpg)

Fantastic how theys have no shame or are completely oblivious to theirs needy pervertion

No. 1338021

I'm gonna be honest, as much as I dislike the after picture the before creeps me out a lot.

No. 1338023

File: 1632990351990.jpeg (276.43 KB, 1201x954, 912E5CA7-E332-4931-9A26-E05069…)

sage for german politics sperg but the worst thing about this is that german media completely milks this, it‘s been 4 days since we voted and these two got basically as much media coverage as the new chancellor. we don’t even have a new government yet they are already pushing hard for a self-ID law, after two fucking days they stood in front of the parliament claiming „no coalition without self-ID“. germany still has very strict abortion laws, could legalize marijuana and many much more important niche topics could be changed this legislation but these fuckers prioritize access for 14 year olds to hormones and self-ID. it makes my blood boil. germany is lost

No. 1338026

A similar thing is happening here with the Polish left, have insane positions about legalizing sex work, letting kids underage kids transition and allowing TIMs in womens spaces, as well the other neo-liberal shit about letting more Muslims in, the ones who support these policies are usually very young, very vocal supporters who have a huge influence through social media.
So Its a situation where journalists and these vocal twitter and facebook fanbase force their politicians that they should vote for TRA policies and pro-sex work shit. But when the actual polls were revealed, only like 10% of all Poles supported this

Social media are really ruining our reality, because they warp perspective of politicians and powerful journalists. They are no longer connected to what people actually believe and want. They think they know from twitter and facebook, but only specific demographics are active there
If this countries we are going to be stuck with a ultra rightwing government

No. 1338028

File: 1632990959371.png (Spoiler Image,42.21 KB, 333x310, coomer with glasses.png)

He used to look like the coomer guy.

No. 1338029

>germany is lost
lmao germany was lost when it started valuing rapefugees over it's people(bait)

No. 1338030

do not disrespect aiai like this

No. 1338040

god these people are so annoying, this is so pretentious. Self-id law is absolute shit, imagine mentally ill 14 year olds being able to legally side-step their parents to fuck up their lifes forever, fuck those idiots.
go back to /pol/

No. 1338052

>dismissing anyone calling out the thousands of rapes committed against women and children in Germany and the rest of Europe as simply being a /pol/tard
Leftists hate women.

No. 1338055

tbh, I think this will go throught some day, but I also think one of those mutilated teens will eventually sue the state and this law will get canceled again. Or we ge a Keira Bell Case as well.

No. 1338056

Brighton is a degenerate hell hole anon

No. 1338060

i'm convinced western countries are peak mental gymnastics retardation

No. 1338062

white men rape just as much. yes, islam brings highly questionable morals and refugees need better background checks and integration, but stop this nonsense that only refugees rape women. there were just as many rapes before 2015.

No. 1338065

>> In March 2018, newspaper Expressen investigated gang rape court cases from the two preceding years and found that there were 43 men having been convicted. Their average age was 21 and 13 were under the age of 18 when the crime was committed. Of the convicted, 40 out of the 43 were either immigrants (born abroad) or born in Sweden to immigrant parents.

>> Another investigation by newspaper Aftonbladet found that of 112 men and boys convicted for gang rape since July 2012, 82 were born outside Europe. The median age of the victims was 15, while 7 out of 10 perpetrators were between 15 and 20.


No. 1338074

File: 1633000166253.jpg (151.44 KB, 1900x1068, w1900_h1068_x2710_y1530_RP_932…)

Him appearing decent enough to sort of pass at a glance doesn't make him not a man, anonnita. He's still male.

The only reason he seems to pass here is because he is compared to an AGP. Just like with every HSTS, put him next to actual women and he looks like an uncanny valley alien trying to assume the form of a human female.

No. 1338076

Holy shit a giraffe.

No. 1338083

this should be next thread pic kek

No. 1338090

the left in eastern euro countries/russia glows like the sun kek

No. 1338097

No. 1338106

If we met, he'd come across like an ugly, boyish prematurely-aged female to me. Now that I know I can't unsee the male. HSTS usually have more convincing voices for some reason and he checks out. Paris Lees doesn't look great either but sounds female.

No. 1338112

His face(eyes and mouth) still look male, they look like one of those photoshopped pics of men's faces on women's heads

No. 1338135

Degenerate filth. I don't know why you would go to see that, anon, or admit to it, even on an anonymous image board. Shameful

No. 1338138

I don't get the anons saying he passes. He looks very male to me, and if I met him outside of this thread, I would assume he got major surgery or was somehow deformed in a way to lose 90% of his facial bone mass. His neck is giant in all ways, too. It screams "there should be an Adam's apple here". I think he puts a better effort into his woman costume, though. His hair looks taken care of (mostly), makeup is normal, and the way he dresses is fairly modest and classy. He's the kind of tran that handmaidens think all troons are: An effeminate gay man trying his best to be something he's not.

No. 1338146

File: 1633012135197.png (213.49 KB, 362x388, dafuq.png)

that neck can not be real …

No. 1338189

I stg his neck gets longer with every picture

No. 1338216

File: 1633019037217.png (481.66 KB, 557x495, Littlefoot_X.png)

Kek why is his neck so long?

No. 1338230

No. 1338286

can i post a personal cow in this thread? he's a troon with an onlline presence so there would be images & videos, not just a wall of text, but i was wondering if it should still go in the personal cows thread anyways. sorry nonas for the silly question!

No. 1338302

All of these submissive troons looking for a mommy dom goth gf. I blame the Straight Dom women who peg men willingly. Lesbians wouldn't be dealing with this shit otherwise.

No. 1338319

>Lesbians wouldn't be dealing with this shit otherwise.
Incorrect, they'd be stuck in their scrote fetish porn world anyway. Scrote porn and agp is to blame.

No. 1338321

Straight women being complicit in straight moid degeneracy does not make them responsible for it. Scrotes being coomers is their own fault, and troons being ultra coomers is their own fault. Complicit straight women are stupid, though, especially if they brag about or defend their complacency/participation, but they're not the root of the problem. Not even close.

No. 1338322

File: 1633028305228.jpg (Spoiler Image,410.07 KB, 718x895, Screenshot_20210930-144605_Ins…)

I don't know what it is, but something about this guy in particular really disgusts me more than any other tranny does.

Here's an… unsettling picture of him.

No. 1338327

This looks like the kind of photo they find on a serial killer's hard drive after he gets murdered in prison.

No. 1338353

File: 1633031045351.jpg (215.04 KB, 1080x1450, IMG_20210930_205555.jpg)

If I was drinking milk I'd have laughed it out of my nostrils

No. 1338355

File: 1633031084285.jpg (280.81 KB, 1080x1629, IMG_20210930_205714.jpg)

No. 1338358

File: 1633031486984.jpg (69.7 KB, 637x1008, FAVvMw2XoAIPF1e.jpg)

trannies are obssessed with their boobs and boobs in general and ugly close ups of themselves. women don't talk about their boobs 24/7 trannies.


No. 1338370

File: 1633032383451.png (Spoiler Image,569.53 KB, 534x677, susfucker.PNG)

Oh, so the one who takes sexual pictures in his classroom teaches kindergarten. Totally not a nightmare waiting to happen.

No. 1338376

sure why not, a lot of these are twitter or Her randos anyway

No. 1338382

>kindergarten class
What the fuck? Troons shouldn't be able to teach kids. They're all coomers who don't understand biology or ethics.
Inb4 some /tttt/tard posts this saying "this is the same rhetoric homophobes used". I'm a lesbian, my sexuality doesn't reinforce gender stereotypes, and gay people aren't any more dangerous or coomerish than their straight counterparts. Also, no normal gay person risks exposing their genitals in public like a troon in a tight dress does.

No. 1338384

If you post shit like this, you should be fired from being a teacher. But he won't, since he's a moid. Does anyone remember when there was a woman who got fired from her teaching job because she pisted nonsexual beach pictures on her personal Facebook account? This guy should be begging to get fired and jailed, if he wanted to be treated like a woman.

No. 1338403

i would irl cowtip if i were an amerifag. no AGP tranny should ever teach children

No. 1338417

It’s not just you, he has legit deviant / serial killer energy. Has always come off like a creepy fetishist. Wouldn’t be shocked if something came out

No. 1338421

where do they work

No. 1338425

File: 1633036334552.jpg (61.85 KB, 1080x1179, Screenshot_20210930-141149.jpg)

Kek he deleted his account

No. 1338449

File: 1633037840683.jpg (1.57 MB, 1615x1235, RDT_20210930_14361731630950618…)

No. 1338450

Trannies are on our radar. We know about FFS, how hormones can alter the voice, how troons like to dress, their interests etc. I'd clock him too, but the avg person would just think he's an ugly girl, that's what I mean when I say someone can pass, I don't mean they pass to me personally. Avg person thinks trannies are obvious men cross-dressing. The average middle age and elderly person knows nothing about this sort of stuff, and even if they doubted a tranny's sex, they would be convinced by the high pitched voice because they're ignorant of what treatment is available.

No. 1338465

File: 1633039587392.jpeg (173.73 KB, 827x990, 9AECF422-6186-4E24-A7CA-2E2A95…)


No. 1338468

>"I'm way more authentic"
>Shows heavily filtered image of himself

No. 1338475

Why can't troons understand that troon shit is pseudoscience?

No. 1338481

>my kindergarten class

please put me out of my misery i'm begging

No. 1338485

>creepy scrotes have the right to identify themselves as the group they oppress and act as if their lives are harder than the lives of actual women
i hate it here

No. 1338488

File: 1633041653297.jpg (487.71 KB, 1000x1500, 20210609-124338-SCN Rani 1 FP.…)

No. 1338491

File: 1633042072313.png (50.81 KB, 598x370, lol.png)

No. 1338493

why the redtext?

No. 1338494

>hoping to show them that troons aren't depraved
>refers to himself as dickgurl(learn2sage)

No. 1338498

lmao we know it actually only means T in ths case, stop dragging the LGB with you to save face

No. 1338503

I was just about to say this. Trannies really are parasites to LGB groups. They take resources without giving anything, hurt people, and then intend to drag us down with them, once people figure out what trash they are.

No. 1338508

I hate this so much

He got scared. Hope someone reported him.

No. 1338509

I have actually seen troons (straight men) compare their plight of watching anime to AIDS and Stonewall. We need woke people to turn on this shit

No. 1338511

It’s so rare to actually see a tranny have some self awareness but it always seems disingenuous. Literally calling yourself a “dick girl” isn’t cute or funny or even self aware. It’s boring and coomer brained.

No. 1338513

File: 1633043778770.jpg (130.81 KB, 1400x700, buffalo-bill-from-silence-of-t…)

I see so many troons with butterfly tattoos because they're uwu feminine but like, all I can think about when I see a tranny with a butterfly tat is Buffalo Bill. Like, sure, BB was into moths, but close enough. How is it so many of them fail to make the connection?

No. 1338527

None of them see the irony that a butterfly spends like 99% of its life as a catapiller and dies a few weeks after it changes lol

No. 1338531

god he's framing like one of those "this is what I was wearing when I was raped" posts.

No. 1338547

Archived. https://archive.is/Sak1Z
>Brandt teaches at multiple elementary schools now

Blue Point Elementary School staff archive link now with Rani name. (Last save was Feb 2020 when he was Ronald Brandt)

No. 1338552

File: 1633047752258.png (78.76 KB, 608x520, ronrani.png)

He's married with a kid, or was married.

No. 1338561

Is Bear a common name? I'm having trouble imagining an adult being called that. Seems more like a nickname or something you'd call your pet idk

No. 1338563

No. 1338565

File: 1633048863706.png (1.23 MB, 1216x586, rinsta.png)

Check out his insta while you can. Funny pics. And he is still married and a 'mother'.
Youtube art classes. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGH5efeRuEyr2IA2bSeFYmg

No. 1338566

>I want to have the energy to keep up a feminine appearance but my body just doesn't want it and I'm just so tired all the time.
Mfer chose this life and can easily opt out of it again without being scrutinized left, right, forward, backward, above and under, yet still has the gall to complain.

No. 1338568

Goddamn he's gigantic.

No. 1338582

*correction no mention of a wife on insta or website, says anyone but men can DM, and there's a whiney post about going on a first date for the first time in 16 years. Looks like "Julia" is another AGP transwidow.

No. 1338597

I scrolled down to the end and I found her in 2019 pics. Her instagram is private. Imagine being forced to share the title of mother with your ex moid.

No. 1338599

If I were a parent, this would absolutely enrage me. Disgusting.

No. 1338623

This is the Popeyes troon right? On the one hand, good on him for gaining some self-awareness. On the other, for types like this, he'll probably swing hardcore some other way into a new shitty identity.

No. 1338624

I swear this yt channel was made by a chaser, it's just clips of hontrapoints and other troons

No. 1338630

Butterflies are "feminine", and they symbolize death and rebirth in a whole lot of religions/mythologies.

No. 1338632

This is why we should screenshot when we have the chance. I have tons from his instagram in case they prove useful. According to a tigerdroppings thread he was posing in lingerie and flipping the bird on twitter but no one took screenshots.

No. 1338637

he's the child of billionaires who fled their country with their stolen wealth, and now he wears women's skin to recenter focus on his music, which has steadily dropped in quality ever since he decided to decorate himself and stare in the mirror full time.

No. 1338641

imagine how tired actual women feel

No. 1338644

Anyone archive the instagram? I tried but it failed.

No. 1338655

They already have the Unabomber, they need to get a life and stop trooning everyone

No. 1338657

I'm not from the US, what are teacher's allowed to have on their social media? Is it relaxed? Rani has defund the police and BLM content.

No. 1338669

It doesn't work on wayback. Try archive.is? I don't have instagram, so I can't.

No. 1338671

defund police and BLM are normie liberal hashtags, he wouldn't and shouldn't get fired for that. What we need to nail him on is the sexual photos he's taking of himself inside the classrooms he teaches in, like in >>1338370

No. 1338672

File: 1633058659037.png (438.2 KB, 610x1122, mom.png)

What about this?

No. 1338676

Are you slow? Him just being a troon and posting your typical ~le supportive troon elder~ posts is not something that will get him fired. What people need to do is figure out the school he is currently teaching in and send them stuff like this >>1338370 in a concerned parent email

No. 1338678

That's semi normie and wouldn't be a blip on most people's radar

No. 1338680

No, someone needs to post screenshots of his suggestive classroom selfies to the parent facebook group for the school. That would alert more people with actual influence and would cause a shitstorm guaranteed.

No. 1338681

File: 1633059614039.jpg (731.38 KB, 1196x3919, based terf island.jpg)

of course there are trannies in the comments breaking Godwin's law as if being excluded from sports is comparable to death camp gas chambers …
and making baseless claims that they're all so weak just like ~real women uwu~

No. 1338682

File: 1633059661063.jpeg (818.03 KB, 2048x2048, 07CD2002-197F-4E01-A2AA-264D63…)

They have a transbian girlfriend now apparently. Wtf is a thot leader?

No. 1338687

Reminder that straight men think that women saying "no" is oppressive to them. This isn't new, don't let them forget that this is a male behavior.
He's saying he's a thought leader, but in a way that implies sexuality. It's funny, because he's not smart enough to have his thoughts be considered important, not relevant enough to be a leader, and not attractive enough to warrant reference to sexuality.

No. 1338703

File: 1633062356252.jpeg (499 KB, 828x1444, 8C68D7EF-B328-4C18-9BFF-E53CD1…)

Nta just more classroom glamour shots…

No. 1338712

This is so offputting. He looks smug, and like he's gratified by this. It's beyond fucked up to see this dude dressed in a way that you just know he gets off to, knowing he's dressed like that while around young children, supposedly educating them.

No. 1338727

The categories being split into real women and trannies actually makes sense but that wouldn't be enough for the easily offended.

No. 1338728

>Cute as heck Target dress
I wouldn't mop my floor with that gaudy thing. That dress makes his fridge body look even more shapeless.

Granted, I'm only acquainted with a handful of teachers, but none of them would take selfies at work like this. Even art teachers (which is what this guy appears to be) have more important shit to do. Come to think, that outfit is really impractical for art, with those droopy sleeves, heels, and sheer leggings. At least put ab apron on, you faggot.

Thank Christ my elementary art teacher never trooned out, he was like a hero to me when I was small.

No. 1338734

File: 1633066118696.jpg (222.93 KB, 415x787, Screenshot_20211001-002201_Ins…)

Found this old pic

No. 1338737

File: 1633067121745.png (3.74 MB, 1440x1807, 20211001_064420.png)

His head is freaking MASSIVE too, really stands out

No. 1338738

Anon, I'm crying.

No. 1338739

File: 1633067341686.jpg (1.26 MB, 1440x2030, Screenshot_20211001-064624.jpg)

Why tf do they always wear crop tops, exposing their flabby man gut??

No. 1338742

I'm wondering that too, it's always the ones who're massive landwhales trying to look sexy or the skinny fat ones that dress like they raided the nearest F21.

No. 1338744

File: 1633068506504.jpeg (356.36 KB, 2059x1697, 51F4FBF5-1284-4DA3-9702-F03B91…)

That's one of the variants of picrel.

No. 1338746

File: 1633068753282.jpg (245.81 KB, 1500x938, 2pXNzBmtzxbXFMAL7uYclfBY_r8=.j…)

No. 1338755

File: 1633069133006.jpg (1.36 MB, 960x728, bmnhzcN.jpg)

mfer is fucking huge

No. 1338771

"the dress has pockets" has unironically become a troon flag for me now. Most women don't actually want or care pockets on dresses, putting anything in them weighs down the dress and makes it feel heavy and lose its shape. We use handbags for a reason. The only women who like pockets are 30+ and wear them like twice a year because they prefer being practical, and they won't hesitate to tell you they hate dressing up

No. 1338774

lol what do you base that on? i'd fucking love more pockets on dresses, don't need to be a troon or 30+ to utilize practicality. this thread is another level of woman pigeon-holing and hating

No. 1338775

File: 1633076986735.jpeg (406.71 KB, 1242x2461, 584054DE-2933-4303-ACAE-0A80F0…)

No. 1338779

he looks like a q tip

No. 1338780

Do they not know that surgeons are just doing their jobs and don't care about TRAs?

No. 1338783

He looks like Adam Lanza that’s why.

No. 1338785

Based surgeon

No. 1338786

I've only seen this sentiment in really fashion obsessed zoomers on social media but they all use the "it ruins the silhouette of a draped garment" line a lot. these are girls coming at it from the line of thinking that if you're wearing a garment for fashion reasons you don't want it to sacrifice looking good for some meme pockets, just a new version of "true glamour comes at a price" thinking + millennial women being redditors about pockets in dresses

No. 1338787

Kek bobposting is some ugly South East Asian moid.

No. 1338788

He looks like a moid. Like I know we post hons on here but he looks nothing like a woman. Post a pic of him standing next to women if you’re so brainwashed.

No. 1338794

File: 1633080326923.gif (4.67 MB, 636x378, 2FC64583-E130-48DF-A3A9-FDCFD6…)

No. 1338795

Someone on KF tranny sideshow thread archived his Twitter. See if you find it

No. 1338796

File: 1633080743451.gif (Spoiler Image,2.11 MB, 400x224, 9D36D064-7A22-4646-AD56-FD948E…)

Imagine saying "Excuse me, sir!" from behind for the lulz and he just does one of these.

No. 1338797

Surgeon shaved his jaw way too much, I doubt he can even feel the lower half of his face after falling for this meme surgery.

No. 1338801

File: 1633081390449.jpeg (861.46 KB, 623x1905, ECED8CAE-C7D3-4043-98C3-D95C68…)

Almost didn’t notice this one because they all look equally horrifying

No. 1338806

Nothing about troons makes sense. you'd think if they "realize" they'd be happier as a woman that they'd have some sort of interest in those stereotypical female activities such as fashion, yet they NEVER know how to dress. Surely if you want to kill yourself if you don't transition you'd have the drive to learn even a tiny bit of fashion, or even just scroll through social media and see what's fashionable just through passively looking. It's not hard, yet they never even do the bare minimum.

If they supposedly "always felt like a girl/woman" then they would have done this passively from the start.
If they discovered it now and suppressed it before then they'd have all the motivation to learn all about it now.
Yet they do neither.
If they have no interest in female fashion then there is no point in transitioning because you live the way you want as a man happily doing manly things anyway

No. 1338807

kek some terf should make a video on this, in the style of jack saint's "this disney movie is actually fascist" vids. I bet it would cause massive butthurt among breadtubers.

No. 1338817

File: 1633085580007.png (323.14 KB, 795x418, Gorgeous.png)

The ugly man on the right really claimed that transgender women are "setting the standards for cis women", and that ugly fag on the left dared to mock women for the period before crying over not being able to have kids with his own tranny wife. Even with all the money in the world, they can't even look like the ugliest woman.

No. 1338818

el goblino de genero

No. 1338819

do we know what school? maybe the kiwifarms doxxers will do their thing

No. 1338821

I wonder how confronting and uncomfortable it is for AGPs to hang out with each other in person. They can't hide behind cute anime icons and must be fully aware of how physically repulsive the others are, it must be a harsh reminder of their own hideousness. Not to mention the lack of actual women present, they're stuck with other grotesque larping men instead lmao.

No. 1338823

File: 1633086450926.png (16.75 KB, 362x152, Screenshot 2021-10-01 at 13.06…)

his name is still listed on the elementary school website so i assume he works there still https://www.bbpschools.org/staff/Default.aspx?school=149

No. 1338828

>how physically repulsive the others are, it must be a harsh reminder of their own hideousness.
Autism is a hell of a drug

No. 1338830

I particularly despise the tags, being a genderfan is these people’s only personality trait, like, aren’t you a teacher? Put some funny teacher hashtags, you fucking bastard, not shit to prey on lesbians nor other tranny bullshit, everyone knows he’s a fucking man in a dress.

No. 1338832

that's not ban-related redtext anon, some words are highlighted like toxic or problematic

No. 1338834

File: 1633088796206.png (2.7 MB, 1314x1974, 62220D41-6FBF-4AEB-9E5B-FFD307…)

It’s not a fetish, it really isn’t.

No. 1338836

File: 1633089117657.jpeg (703.63 KB, 1536x3032, E655BAB9-E2F7-4A93-AC9F-A99A98…)

This is “Natalie” by the way. It’s funny, the higher the estrogen, the uglier the troon. It’s like a negative feedback loop that ends in suicide.

No. 1338837

Nicolas is a twink turned trancel. He is mad the “boyfriend” he hired is with a woman now. Troons are bio essentialist as fuck I realized that when I was on twoXChromosomes a while back and women were talking about not wanting children and this troon inserted himself into the discussion because muh tranny pregnancy fetish. There’s nothing that angers them more than a cis heterosexual couple.

No. 1338842

>over 10x the normal amount in a woman, over 40x in a man
No wonder they're all unstable… but I guess it's all worth it for "good" brittle scalp hair and bloated "soft" skin. lol

No. 1338844

I think they just hate happy people who seem comfortable with themselves and connect with other people in a healthy way.
Moids can only understand two things: coom and number go up. They think more estrogen = more woman, because they're actually too retarded to even consider that biology is more complicated than a sliding scale between two values.

No. 1338846

File: 1633090722798.jpg (180.73 KB, 805x1178, 48302809.jpg)

This has happened so many times I don't know why more people don't notice it.

No. 1338850

File: 1633091310749.jpg (157.07 KB, 828x842, 3082093.jpg)

No. 1338851

File: 1633091495090.png (19 KB, 597x168, trannies are insane.PNG)

No. 1338853

Wow, I'm not sure you can get more annoying than a vegan tranny who "jokes" about the Holocaust being good.

No. 1338859

He's definitely an insane tranny but the "eating meat = Holocaust" thing is what insufferable vegans always say, regardless of whether they are a tranny or not.

No. 1338866

File: 1633093709861.jpeg (14.28 KB, 225x225, 44D61DEE-D626-4DAB-93D7-02EA15…)

Geez, how could he say such things? It’s not like tranny groups are composed by
>Man who thinks he can become someone else with clothes and makeup
>man who constantly talks about being superior to women
>man who uses black women as an example of masculinity
>man who constantly posts about rape fantasies and camps where he can rape women
>man who wants to be a tradwife
>man who fetishizes other races making them seem as something that will uwu soil their loose assholes and rot pockets
>man who fetishizes the Muslim religion as something that will uwuwu soil his ugly ass to the point of wearing a hijab as part of his fetish
>men who wear nazi imagery as part of their fetish
I think he’s just exaggerating, there’s no way the tranny community is full of insane fuckers.

No. 1338868

File: 1633094104950.jpg (2.24 MB, 1986x4096, E_P4D-7XMAwJDO8.jpg)

Someone troon actually paid actual money for this, christ

No. 1338869

The nazi thing is just because they are incels. When you are a man who is entirely undesirable in every way you need to look for things that make you feel superior to others, that is why white supremacy is so popular on 4chan. It also gets reinforced by fedposters who want these people to commit mass shootings. Of course the nazis would have all of these people executed.

No. 1338870

Ok interesting, cultural differences. I know he's probably just trying to be 'cute'/attention seeking, but a post like that would raise some eyebrows in the UK. If under 18 year olds are included in his offer, that's a safeguarding issue worth investigating. Not appropriate here. It's a big no-no to suggest private conversation. Denigrating the parents is classic tactic. It's an issue we've had with TIMs working with children, they disregard safeguarding rules/etiquette frequently, so I read it with that context in mind.

No. 1338872

Why didn't you spoiler this fetish porn? They really have no clue how girls and women act. Only ugly troons (and Bella Janke) would talk to and assault each other like this.

No. 1338875

File: 1633094997934.png (1.01 MB, 760x1292, fu.png)

Based kindergarteners.

No. 1338879

File: 1633096186814.png (192.12 KB, 1500x1200, E744D31F-8599-441F-92F8-F43FC7…)

>we've been learning MAGIC from the LADY in the FEDORA

No. 1338880

I was wondering, do any of you know or have ever heard of a mtf detransitioner? I know that a lot of ftm's detransition, but what about the other way?

No. 1338889

im sorry but theres just no way a kindergarten class was "debating" this, that teacher is absolutely out of his mind. kids that age will confuse guy with long hair for a woman if given the chance, they're not about to use their critical thinking skills and wide array of life experiences at age 5 to clock a tranny, much less discuss it with the other 5 year olds. unless their parents or the teacher has alerted them something about the teacher's gender status. idk yo this guy seems so fucking nasty and insane im struggling to understand how he was hired to work with kids, especially if he's gonna go around on social media making these weird fetishy posts and while in the classroom. if he feels personally attacked by kindergarteners then he chose the wrong field lol.

im in agreement with other anons that his social media behavior should be reported to the school by any parents who have children there.

No. 1338893

Yep, the mod of itsafetish was a detransitioner. He made the sub to peak guys like himself. Trannies like that have been censored now but there were quite a few posting the same story… They had heard a subreddit was anti-trans and went to check it out, hate-lurked, started to question why they were so upset by some of the posts, developed insight, subsequent mental breakdown and facing the truth. They'd credit the sub for deradicalizing and preventing them from future health issues. Some troons are straightforward predators and know what they're doing, but most AGPs are delusional/personality disordered and genuinely believe they are women and they need threads like ours to peak them.

No. 1338899

That sub got nuked, right? But good for the ones who got to see the light

No. 1338901

I know a few of them but they’re gay men so they’re more boring/not as lulzy compared to AGP. I feel like with AGP, most that have transitioned are too delusional to ever detransition. You do get some self-aware AGP who never transitioned in the first place because they know it’s all fetish and maybe their AGP isn’t strong enough yet.

No. 1338904

It seems most of them that detrans decide they are just AGP. Unlike FTMs who blame other reasons. But this is actually a common cicle that some TIMs go through and Blanchard recognizes. TIMs call it purging. They might decide they are AGP and suppress it or save it for the bedroom but the lure will eventually pull them back in.

No. 1338916

There is a guy on TERF Twitter who detransitioned. He is now a gay man who accepts that he is a gay man, currently an ardent defender of lesbians trying to keep troons out of lesbian spaces. I don't remember his @ but he sticks out like a sore thumb since he is the only moid on TERF Twitter who talks any sense, you could spot him from a mile away

No. 1338917

I'm annoyed with myself. I had screenshots and gossip on the milkiest troons imaginable but deleted my folders when the T subreddits were nuked. I hadn't discovered lolcow then.

No. 1338922

are you thinking of kurtis tripp?

No. 1338931

Nta but Kurtis never id'd as a woman just nonbinary

No. 1338937

The one at the bottom, schrödingers catgirl, even says it's not enough since pregnant women can have up to of 4000 micrograms (?) of estrogen. The reason why pregnant women have such high levels is so that they survive pregnancy due to the increased weight of supporting a whole human and the toll it takes on their bones. These men are fucking gross. I hope they all die from blood clots.

No. 1338961

why the fuck are they hiring these faggots. either they're out here trying to recreate their CSA or they're the more detestable type of pedophile. no one whose entire existence revolves around their sex life should be left alone with any child. I am so finished. I want to hit the reset button

No. 1339018

this looks exactly like how i would write if i wanted to write like a kindergartener. this is so fake

No. 1339028

>the first panel
>the last panel
Men are fucking delusional about even their own male behavior, as always. The sort of moid who beats on weaker men will beat on women just as fast. They don't have hearts in their eyes for anyone.

No. 1339033

File: 1633111500360.png (431.7 KB, 506x1474, VAW.png)

Not to be left out.

No. 1339047

Exactly this. And if a guy gets treated better as a troon it's because everyone is afraid of offending the weirdo man.

No. 1339049

>Hashtag talking about femicide
>Acknowledges that the hashtag is about females being murdered by males
>Acknowledges that the hashtag is for women who could become victims to femicidal murder to show the danger they're in, as women, and the solidarity they have with other women, including their empathy for female murder victims
>Still shoehorns himself in, despite being male, because I guess Brazilian tranny prostitutes getting murdered isn't about homophobia or abuse of the impoverished, it's about "transwimmin being valid enough women to be murdered for being female uwu"
Why are men?

No. 1339055

File: 1633112992682.png (654.03 KB, 540x706, Norman_Bates_Psycho_Comic.png)

Its astonishing how accurate the novel psycho depicted an AGP before the term even existed
for those unware in the original novel psycho while the base events are still basically the same, the character of Norman bates is drastically altered, instead of the boyish and meek Anthony Perkins, Norman is a middle-aged, overweight, balding man who wore rimless glasses, he's also an alcoholic and degenerate, who keeps books with various violent sexual illustrations(its implied he maturates to this) as well as works by Marquis de Sade and the end double twist of the Novel was that the mother personality was not the murderer, it was Norman along

>There had been a bad man in the bad dream too, and he was also a murderer. He had peeked through the wall and he drank, and he read filthy books and believed in all sorts of crazy nonsense. But worst of all, he was responsible for the deaths of two innocent people, a beautiful young girl and a man who wore a gray Stetson hat. She knew all about it, of course, and that's why she could remember the details. Because she had been there at the time, watching. But all she did was watch. The bad man had really committed the murders and then he tried to blame it on her.

>"Mother killed them" That's what he said, but it was a lie. How could she kill them when she was only watching, when she couldn't even move because she had to pretend to be a stuffed figure, a harmless stuffed figure that couldn't hurt or be hurt but merely exists forever ?

No. 1339056

File: 1633113135806.png (365.67 KB, 678x1182, doubt.png)

Either this is a pathetic fawning libfem mother making shit up or he's faked it himself. What is it with trannies and wanting little girls admiration? Creepy.

No. 1339066

I've only seen troons and extreme handmaidens (the kind that is also degenerate) type like this. This is definitely made up for a cope.

No. 1339077

They want little girls’ admiration to cope with being bullied at school for being the weird and ugly kids that everyone hated.

No. 1339090

File: 1633115384840.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, DE9DC1F7-31FE-4E17-BB80-0AC573…)

Then they become sad unfulfilled tranny Carl, or narc bimbo tranny Carl

No. 1339092

Imagine seeking approval from a group of children, particularly as a male seeking approval from girls in kindergarten. It feels pedophilic. Anyway, it's definitely bullshit. Kids are prone to snap judgements based on instincts, so kindergarteners won't be inclined to view transwomen as women. They'd be inclined to think he's a weird or "funny" man playing pretend as a woman. I've worked with kids, and I've seen how they feel about troons: confusion, humor, and aversion. They don't become inclined to accept them without adult pressure.

No. 1339110

File: 1633117405433.jpeg (81.98 KB, 487x628, A3989ECA-3298-4394-B0D4-CC38BF…)


Remember early on in the AGP movement when this person was placed on a pedestal? Even Obama commented on it. Rereading the suicide letter it really reads like a narc. “Fix the world”. What.

No. 1339112

lmao did they push his dick inside and create a vag. These fetish transformations are hilarious and gross at the same time.

No. 1339118

File: 1633117852729.jpeg (75.54 KB, 636x382, C05F1B8F-59BC-4D6E-9584-C86555…)

Walt Heyer is the first one I heard of after he appeared on a detrans documentary.

>> I started my transgender journey as a 4-year-old boy when my grandmother repeatedly, over several years, cross-dressed me in a full-length purple dress she made especially for me and told me how pretty I was as a girl. This planted the seed of gender confusion and led to my transitioning at age 42 to transgender female.

Eventually, my parents found out, and my unsupervised visits to Grandma’s house ended. I thought my secret was safe, but my teenage uncle heard about it and felt I was fair game for taunting and sexual abuse. I wasn’t even 10 years old.
>> I lived as “Laura” for eight years, but, as I now know, transitioning doesn’t fix the underlying ailments.
>>Studies show that most people who want to live as the opposite sex have other psychological issues, such as depression or anxiety. In my case, I was diagnosed at age 40 with gender dysphoria and at age 50 with psychological issues due to childhood trauma.

No. 1339120

>Christian family
>Come out gay
>Come out as trans
It sounds like an HSTS, not AGP. He was a gay kid who thought transitioning would make his parents more accepting, but they weren't. Funny that the wikipedia suicide note excludes the part where he says he came out as gay, then trans

No. 1339123

I read it more as a desperate gay teenager in a lot of pain. It's 100% homophobia case, he wouldn't get these "I'm actually a gril" ideas if his parents didn't screw him up with strict gender roles + gay conversion therapy and if tumblr wasn't infested with kweer shit (the reinforcement of gender roles) in the first place.

No. 1339131

his case is and always will be an exception though, cause its not really the usual AGP tranny story, he had weird crossdressing forced upon him, beaten by his abusive father and was actually sexually abused in a time period where talking about sexual abuse with a therapist was not an option
I guess that's why he ended up realizing that gender identity wasn't the root of his problems and was so open about it later in his life, no tranny especially an AGP would ever admit this openly

>Heyer described the source of his gender confusion as "being cross-dressed, being disciplined with a hardwood floor plank(beaten by his father) and being sexually molested(by his uncle)

No. 1339132

You know he's an outlier cause he transitioned into a woman his own age

No. 1339137

Ayrt, nah it's not Kurtis

No. 1339139

His AGP tweets went viral. I wonder if his ex-wife saw them (or if she's aware of this account). Imagine your husband, who swore to be with you until death blahblah, goes off the deep end and does this shit. How fucking embarrassing. It reached to Reddit and to every twitter corner it seems, even the pro-black twitter (who are against troons, funnily).

No. 1339140

Joshua Alcorn? Yeah, I remember him. I was young and naive at the time so I actually ended up posting to Tumblr about how awful his parents must have been. I didn't understand the nature of these men, I didn't know what they were, and I often wonder did Joshua even know what mtf trans people were. He was "helped" by a community of older mtf on Tumblr. In hindsight I think they groomed Joshua into thinking he was trans

No. 1339143

I think it’s interesting that almost every AGP was raised by secular / non attentive / liberal parents and HSTS tend to be raised by conversion therapy Jesus freaks

No. 1339146

File: 1633120006876.jpeg (683.77 KB, 779x1407, 6B47B836-A239-4ED7-BAEC-CAA12C…)

Damn you guys were right. The only detrans mtf I can find are the outliers or gay men who were probably trying to be straight in some round about way by “becoming” a woman.

No. 1339147

File: 1633120093908.jpg (187.69 KB, 1000x501, 2222.jpg)

case in point Nick/Hontra, he's basically blanchard's dictionary definition of an APG tranny

No. 1339148

Just so deeply, inconsolably fragile. But it is pretty that for all the money they spend and all the mental energy they need to convince themselves that they’re women, all it takes is being mis-titled once and they’re acting like they’ve been jumped in the street.

No. 1339157

File: 1633120585743.png (135.97 KB, 393x663, 1534908930667.png)

Im the OP who posted the comic and more or less his dick shrinks and turns into a vagina, I found this comic by going though the #tgtf tag on twitter btw
its both horrifying and fascinating


No. 1339158

The icing on the cake is both of Nick's parents being psychiatrists. lol

No. 1339164

Fucking terrifying.

No. 1339170

Now, every representation a troon makes of their "womanhood" may be deeply sexualized and misogynistic, but it's not a fetish, guys! They're so full of shit.

No. 1339176

If grade school is anything like I remember, at least one kid would have put up their hand and asked the teacher who that man in a dress is

No. 1339182

kek contrapoints single handedly introduced me to the concept of autogynephilia and then convinced it was real, by being a textbook case of it

No. 1339184

File: 1633122679810.jpeg (415.5 KB, 511x1138, C6787667-4A97-44BB-82CD-305F8A…)

LGB doesn’t deserve this kind of appropriation kek at that midsection

No. 1339191

It’s such a meme that hsts “pass”, sure they probably watched a few more YouTube videos and can apply eyeliner better than agp but they still look fucking retarded

No. 1339198

it does make him look gay, but not in the way he wants it to

No. 1339207

Maybe he's Algonquian

No. 1339209

File: 1633124155339.jpeg (52.2 KB, 910x469, 860FAFDF-D9C0-45B6-8C3F-84FCD3…)

Nitpick, but what the fuck is this? He looks like he was made with polygons or some shit, who the fuck puts on a bikini while having such a weird line on their pot belly?
Looks like a weird ass tan or something, ugly ass motherfucker.

No. 1339216

i think that's the outline of the pants he was wearing before putting on the bikini

No. 1339220

File: 1633124891742.jpeg (126.83 KB, 345x407, 0DC7C13A-8124-4786-9404-32D729…)

how are you in your 20s and already experiencing male pattern baldness…. kek

No. 1339223

didn’t this person say they were ftmtf lol

No. 1339226

Omg real life kikomi-chan!!

No. 1339231

Holy shit anon you’re right, she who is actually a bio female just resembles a clockable trans woman from their recent detransitioning and their voice is utterly fucked from the testosterone.


No. 1339234

Yeah she's a cis girl. She just went on testosterone briefly I think. Kinda sad it seems like it permanently ruined her voice

No. 1339263

Does he ever talk about them and how they feel about his transitioning?

No. 1339266

Tick tok trannies always bring up "not dating a trans woman makes you transphobic"
Then date a trans man, oh whats that you dont like pussys?
Crazy cus here you where saying trans women are women but if it's a ftm then they wanna pause. It's just AGPS logic

No. 1339267

I don't trust any man with children let alone these degenerates.
With how much troons fetishize being little girls, I foresee dire consequences. He's already shown to get sexual excitement from the role of being a female elementary teacher- his pedo lesbian teacher on loli little girl student fantasies are literally within his reach.
New York needs to get its shit together. Truly a garbage city.

No. 1339297

This boy was definitely gay.

No. 1339300

In his main channel, no. Maybe he could've talked about it during his +3h livestreams, where he's usually high/drunk out of his mind, but I can't endure listening to him for more than 15min when he's just being ""Natalie"" so I don't watch it. His main hatewatcher/stalker on KF doesn't wanna watch it either. lol

No. 1339301

>I actually ended up posting to Tumblr about how awful his parents must have been
His parents were awful. They were Christians who kept taking him to "Christian therapists" who told him that he just needs to pray to God and they completely removed him from school which isolated him from anybody outside the family.

No. 1339302

This is such a weird nitpick lmao many young people like pockets… i even feel stupid typing this out
The dress is ugly and unflattering on him but that's not necessarily related to the pockets

No. 1339305

>effeminate in his youth
>transitions into sexy showgirl
>detransitions into muscular man
I bet he's gay.

No. 1339308

"Passing" is a stupid concept in of itself. You can only pass as a woman by being an adult female human. A man is inherently incapable of passing even if he looks just like a woman because sex is a genetic quality.

No. 1339372

File: 1633140134096.jpeg (581.89 KB, 828x970, AF849012-779E-471F-9D1B-F99CAD…)

No. 1339373

"Passing" is more like tricking. Yeah a HSTS can probably trick a drunken john for a while until he sees the dick and punches them to death, or if you just go about your business and you don't really pay attention to some random troon next to you, you might take them for a female until they open their mouth or you actually take a closer look. They're always outed for what they really are sooner or later, no matter how hard the handmaidens screech stunning and brave.

No. 1339388


ab-less ken doll head ass

No. 1339442

This is all I see when trannies try and say that cis women are jealous of them.

No. 1339443

>passing trans woman
Shut the fuck up tranny and go back to /tttttroons

No. 1339445

Most normies make kneejerk judgements based on the 'uniform' a person is wearing and it's difficult to change their mind afterwards. Most people don't autistically analyze to try to spot troons. It's like every few hours someone has to come in the thread and brag about how they can always tell.

No. 1339447

Doesn’t matter, they never pass. The one in the middle is trying but the top doesn’t even fit. Female clothing isn’t designed for moid bodies. They have huge torsos and skinny legs with big calves and no hips. No amount of fashion or makeup help will help them.

No. 1339449

File: 1633157096984.jpg (1.47 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_10-01-11.42.10.jpg)

Just Girly Things
>Cancer-like growths on your vagina
>have such a bad case it's rare and the doctors make remarks about it
>Posting the speculum used on you by your gyno
>Ugh so uncomfortable!
Kill me now.

No. 1339468

He wasn't AGP, he was HSTS from an abusive Christian family who put him through conversion therapy. He never would have started identifying as a tranny if he wasn't hanging around Tumblr. I hated how nobody could point out the obvious homophobia in the case.


That's basically what she said lol?

No. 1339470

You have it backwards, anon. Adult female humans don’t need to “pass” as anything, they simply are women regardless of gender presentation. Men are the only ones who worry about “passing” because it inherently implies trying to be mistaken for something they are not, i.e. women. The whole concept of passing substitutes superficial appearance for the biological realities of living in a female body, and is thus irrelevant to biological women.

No. 1339471

didn't his death result in some scam artist opening up a fake charity for trannies?

No. 1339472

File: 1633161751553.png (57.51 KB, 530x640, 2321321.PNG)

The fake charity was created by a tumblr user called "zubat"…she's quite the cow herself.

No. 1339479

She had her own thread on this site but it died due to inactivity. The last thing I heard about her was that she was looking to get plastic surgery for "slanted eyes" to make her Asian racefaking more believable.

No. 1339489

Start asking why PIV is the only sex act that lesbians and asexual women aren’t allowed to say no to. Don’t mention troons or gender at all.

If gender can’t be avoided, point out that some MTFs have SRS so they’re technically not part of the group excluded by these women saying no to PIV sex, lmao. Watch the genderists trip themselves up trying not to be too openly misogynistic.

No. 1339499

Her business site is here: https://www.hanakogi.com/
She's a white woman pretending to be part Japanese nowadays.

No. 1339505

>donating money to middle class men just so they can splurge on makeup while poor people are dying of hunger
these people deserve to be scammed, though the money shouldn't have gone to yrigoyen

No. 1339508

File: 1633166466626.png (76.71 KB, 604x375, 1.png)

This guy has his own thread on kiwifarms, made a user and started participating in it, and actually ended up peaking from it lmao.

Now all his tranny friends bully him and he is talking about how the farms aren't toxic like twitter kek.


No. 1339510

File: 1633166539978.png (141.72 KB, 599x589, 2.png)

No. 1339514

>christian forum
lmfao one of the front page featured announcements is that a white trash streamer shat himself on air, is this the sort of thing people talk about in church?

No. 1339518

File: 1633167532784.jpeg (487.41 KB, 828x1197, C021689D-B374-4392-8762-8A5F32…)

maybe if males weren’t violent rapists since the beginning of time willing to fuck children animals and inanimate objects and terrify women with the threat of rape women wouldn’t associate dicks with violence, dominance and aggression. but no it’s terfs who are the problem and unfairly associate dicks with sexual violence. this post was written by a female they/them. girl, males will never care about you, stop being a handmaiden for male trannies.

i can’t get over that last sentence ‘simply knowing there’s a penis in the same bathroom as you isn’t harmful or violent’ as if perverted and violent males haven’t used women’s bathrooms to spy on girls and women, use spycams to film us peeing to upload to the internet for other degenerate males to jerk off to, and assault and attack us in bathrooms.

No. 1339521

AGPs should never have freedom and neither should men in general, if freedom is defined as showing your dick to strangers and invading women's spaces.
I'm surprised that a woman wrote that. She must have been massively groomed, and is now grooming others.

No. 1339524

i’m assuming it’s a woman but i don’t know if i should post pics here. that post got popular but she could be a rando blogger. either way if you go on her tumblr account you can find her selfies quite easily

No. 1339525

wait never mind i scrolled a bit further and i think it’s a man. idk these people are so ugly it’s hard to tell

No. 1339526

Sage for blog posting but I’m on hinge and a trans man liked my profile lmao. No where did it say it’s a trans man, she just had the pride and trans flag as an answer to a “what do you support” question. It’s amazing how I clocked her right away: short, narrow shoulders, patchy beard, small head, legit looked like a middle aged man and a prepubescent boy at the same time. It’s fucking bizarre. She had a picture posing next to the Venus symbol or something, I assume as a joke like “haha I’m so man now”. Embarrassing. I removed her so fast I forgot to take screen shots.

No. 1339527

>dicks ae totally neutral body parts
Tell that to the AGPs who are jacking it to the little girls he sees in women's changing rooms in which he's allowed. Him staring at you stripping with a boner isn't dangerous! He totally can't overpower and rape you if he wants to. Next you're gonna be telling me that masturbating and flashing genitals to little kids isn't a problem because sex and sexuality are ~natural~

No. 1339530

This is why Chris(tine) McConnell makes all his own clothes.

No. 1339535

>"I want to have a wholesome life"
Trannies always think everyone is degenerate except themselves.

No. 1339536

Men have always weaponized their penis against women. The Romans were a phallocentric culture and they had approximately 120 recorded Latin terms and metaphors for the penis. Most of these words referred to the penis as a weapon and instrument of aggression.

No. 1339538

God I remember this, Tumblr was unusable during this debacle (and I wasn't even peaked back then). I think this is the event that swung the pendulum for troon shit going off the rails, it's at this point that people started transitioning en masse and gaining some mainstream attention.

No. 1339539

The penis as a weapon isn't just "symbolic". Women are violated, raped, and forcibly impregnated with penises. Women can even be raped to death with a penis. Men have been able to maintain power through physical and sexual violence for thousands of years because they have a penis and women don't.

No. 1339541

take it to the fakeboi thread

No. 1339542

None of this means anything if he doesn't detransition but I know hardly any AGP ever detransition.

No. 1339544

Their URL has "tomboy" in it so I bet it's a man.

No. 1339545

>trans women will never be free until people stop having strong emotions about penises
Tell that to the TIMs who tell women to suck their dicks, say lesbians can have dicks so lesbians can get pregnant after lesbian sex, and constantly threaten to "hatefuck" TERFs.

No. 1339546

File: 1633172269034.png (856.08 KB, 758x1420, misgender.png)

Never stops making me laugh.

No. 1339548

He detransed once and retransed again.

No. 1339552

AGP simply can't overcome their sexual urges.

No. 1339566

HSTS I think are the ones who detransition. I think there comes a time where they just accept that they're gay men and drop the troon stuff and let the beard grow. Femboys are a majority HSTS and usually throw out the maid dresses once they hit about 20ish

No. 1339574

It's the same with TIFs, most TIFs who detransition are the HSTS ones and not the fetishists. Though I guess a growing cohort of detransitioned TIFs are the ROGD NLOGs.

No. 1339582

File: 1633177102993.png (2.8 MB, 828x1792, CFE198A4-CB78-4B11-9642-9E0E75…)

what a disgusting moid

No. 1339585

Yeah I'm not surprised, that post he made had massive male sexual predator energy.

No. 1339586

>validation from coomer men
>means you pass

No. 1339593

File: 1633180757157.jpg (129.99 KB, 720x1103, male-confirmed.jpg)

He's a guy. Unless he's lying out his ass (pun intended).

No. 1339594

I know one gay man who detransitioned when he was 19 after having a mental breakdown and leaving home. His parents were Christian freaks and they thought him liking other boys meant he must actually have a female soul. They brainwashed him into becoming a straight girl and they started transitioning him when he was 12. He agreed to it because he came to believe he really was a girl trapped in a boy's body. As a child you don't really know anything so you can not truly consent to such things.

Thank god he didn't get any surgery but he still has to suffer with a fucked up puberty and huge amounts of trauma. He recognizes he is a gay man now but he refuses to pursue other men romantically because he still has lots of internalized homophobia, Christian guilt, and body image issues. He has cut off all contact with his family except his sister.

A lot of the other detransitioners I know are lesbians who desisted after they realized that they could never become straight men. I don't know why people refuse to accept that gender transition can be used as a form of conversion therapy for gay people.

No. 1339595

>I don't know why people refuse to accept that gender transition can be used as a form of conversion therapy for gay people.
I'm pretty sure gender transition even began as a way to cure homosexuality. They believed homosexuality was caused by something known as "sexual inversion" and all gay people had this intersex condition where they had male brains in female bodies or female brains in male bodies.

No. 1339597

Men can get breast cancer too, regardless of whether they are trannies or not. Prostate cancer is a male exclusive cancer. These troons will never get a female exclusive cancer like cervical cancer.

No. 1339599

No decent doctor uses metal speculums anymore, hes either going to an absolute nutjob or he just got a fetish prop and is making shit up

No. 1339616

File: 1633186216464.jpg (12.81 KB, 450x498, NormanBates.jpg)

he even had the typical AGP appearance, down to the blading and tranny stare
>The light shone down on his plump face, reflected from his rimless glasses, bathed the pinkness of his scalp beneath the thinning sandy hair as he bent his head to resume reading…"Looking for a room?“ Mary made up her mind very quickly, once she saw the fat, bespectacled face and heard the soft, hesitant voice. There wouldn’t be any trouble…The puckered lips were beginning to tremble…The eyes behind the fat man’s glasses seemed vacant.

No. 1339621

File: 1633187296960.jpg (59.44 KB, 721x713, 1600139667262.jpg)

Damn, what a hideous visage.
Always watch your 6, ladies.
troomers are actual fucking cancer for women, especially if you are their ideal or what the fugg ever lol. never go for the balls to the walls schemes unless you know you're 100K colder than agp-kun.

No. 1339630

Hate the story but we do indeed use metal speculums just like that at the hospital I work at, they can be fully sanitized. We're a top 10 in the US so I think it's pretty standard.

No. 1339634

Kek, thanks for that. You know troons would say that (and that a deadly combo of twansphobia and dysphoria killed Richey… oh wait, he never died and lives in Thailand as a brave and stunning transwoman), but luckily enough MSP are too niche for that. First time I'm glad nowadays most people probably know them as a bunch of poppy dads, and not how they were pre-Richey's disappearance.

No. 1339697

This is basically what I was going to say. Troons think they pass when normies call them "she," but that's just people being polite and making a judgement call based on what the troon is wearing. People can still sense that something is "off."

For example, one of my brother's groomsmen was an MtF who transitioned years ago. On the way home from the event, one of my aunts asked some questions about the MtF. I don't remember exactly what she said, but when my mom said that the person was trans, everything made sense to my aunt.

Tl;dr even when troons "pass," people can tell something isn't right about them.

No. 1339698

We will never be free until people stop having such strong emotions about knives! Like we, as a society, have got to stop caring about knives. Knives have to stop symbolizing cutlery, obviously, but they also have to stop symbolizing power, dominance, agency and aggression, violence, and even cutting itself. Like we can't be free if the very conceptual presence of a knife represents an intrusion(!) of unwanted(!) hostility(!) in public life. Like that's why people carrying knives are abhorrent to anyone outside of a place serving food or locations selling cutlery, because both groups have very strong feelings about what a knife represents, and find the conceptual and actual presence of a person with a knife to be simultaneously vile and nonsensical because they've loaded so much symbolic baggage onto both people and knives.
Anyway knives are totally neutral utensils and seeing a knife, or a person carrying a knife, or simply knowing that there's a knife somewhere in the same bathroom as you isn't harmful or violent.
Did you know that only 2.4% of people with knives reported that they attacked someone with a knife? And that more than 99% of knives are only used for neutral activities, such as cooking, cutting open packages, or even as decoration! That means that seeing a knife, or a person with a knife, or knowing that there is a knife within the same room as you is very unlikely to result in a stabbing or slashing, no matter what the circumstances are. What's that? 91% of knife attack victims are people without knives, and 99% of knife attacks are caused by people with knives? Well, I identify as a person without a knife, so I'm just as likely, if not morelikely, to get attacked by a person with a knife! It's bigoted of you to say I'm a person with a knife, just because I happen to have a knife!
A person with a knife can get rid of their knife and become a safer individual to be near, a male cannot remove his penis from his possession at any moment, and a male who removes his penis still has a physical advantage over women. IE: If you don't trust a person with a knife in a knife-free area, you would be more than hypocritical to allow a penis in a women's space.

No. 1339706

File: 1633195933960.jpeg (Spoiler Image,124.02 KB, 575x1024, 71682EF1-4247-44C7-B6F3-74043F…)

Grew up on porn.

No. 1339709

>I heart lesbian tongues
How bro you've never had a lesbian tongue near you dud what the fuck man

No. 1339713

>has own van

No. 1339715

Just so everyone knows this is a dumb photoshop of Graham Linehan, gendercritical writer. He’s a known pornsick dweeb that just grifts other people’s writing for “content”
Not that it’s far off from what these turds actually post

No. 1339716

No. 1339719

>There is NO difference between me and the other men on this site. If I’m mistaken, I’m happy to educated as to why.
Did he get any answer for this?

No. 1339721

>Tfw not everyone autistically reads Graham's fauxminist post-divorce garbage just because he hates troons
>Tfw people can't tell the difference between satire and reality when it comes to troons, because some of them are genuinely just like that

No. 1339731

File: 1633198199117.png (8.53 KB, 959x87, Untitled.png)

No. 1339737

File: 1633198687044.jpg (107.27 KB, 599x900, ad.JPG)

I usually do not post in there but well. I checked out my brother's (19) twitter account after a long while and saw this fucking post. He had been growing his hair for quite a while but I had blamed it on him neglecting himself in general, he has been also retweeting a shit ton of weeb shit ( drawings of anime girls with big tits and all that crap ). I have no idea of where this pic was taken but that's definitely him and I'm just scared he might troon out. I'd like to ask you if my concerns are justified, and if you think I can still do something about it. I may come off as really naive, sorry. Maybe this isn't an appropriate thing to post here but I don't know anywhere else I could ask.

No. 1339739

don't these people think it's offensive to misgender someone and tell them what their gender is? that's what they're doing to kurt rn

No. 1339741

>"My actual self"
>Long, nasty hair
>Egirl wannabe skirt and thigh highs
It's too late.

No. 1339743

Is this self posting?

No. 1339746

I guess. We were never that close - hence me not having suspected much - but I just feel betrayed, I always despised trannies but didn't care much because none were close to me IRL but know… Thanks for replying to me.

I really wish.

No. 1339751

I think it's a little late he's too far gone, you should let your parents know hopefully shame will stop the degenerate(sage your shit)

No. 1339757

I guess that could bring him back to earth a little, but I also checked the people he seems to interact with the most on his account and they all seem of the same breed… I'll tell my mom in the upcoming days.

No. 1339776

I'm really sorry anon. He's already drunk the coom-aid. Whatever you and your family say to him is going to be spun as abuse on Twitter and will most likely serve to strengthen his bond with his groomers. I lost a sister (TiF) to tranny Twitter and we still haven't figured out a way to help her live a normal life. She's moving in with a twitter TiM soon who she's never met. It seems to be a pattern where when the family shares their concerns, a groomer will "adopt" them and make sure they cut contact with their loved ones unless you go full handmaiden.

No. 1339782

Tbh i dont think its too late until they started taking hormones and change their names, if anon is tactile about it while talking to her brother there might be some fixing of the situation, 19 is still pretty young and easily manipulated by tranny groomers on the web and honestly those kinds of guys are usually just extremely lonely and depressd. Be there for you brother anon.

sage for ot

No. 1339783

The amount of sympathy this kid gets has always frustrated me. There's no denying his parents were awful, but he jumped in front of a truck ffs. I've literally never heard a TRA express even an ounce of sympathy for the driver or suggest that 41%ing in the way he did was selfish. I'm sure the driver thinks about that night constantly and beats himself up about it to this day.

No. 1339784

confront him about his hentai/porn addiction, it might be cringy but confront him, tell him he will never pass as a woman and stastically he'll find it easier to attract girls and or guys as as feminine skinny male rather then a disgusting tranny

No. 1339789

He seriously looks like he needs to go out and do some exercise. It's always the same fucking skirt and socks

No. 1339816

Be completely honest about how disgusted you are by him. Tell him how creepy he's being and how disrespectful this shit is towards women. Either he still cares what you think over what internet degenerates think or he doesn't. And if he doesn't at least now you know.
My little brother started going down the same path and I was cruel and blunt. I've always been supportive of him as he grew up so being a bitch was a bucket of cold water in his face. If you aren't close then it probably won't work.

No. 1339826

Those arms kek. He's 19 and already ordered the socks and skirt. I'd say tell him everyone knows he has AGP and that they are disgusted by him. At least he will keep the degeneracy in private.

No. 1339829

Anon, you have my condolences, because this is one of my worst nightmares. I know you said you guys aren't close in one of your replies but I also know its gotta be hard to have a family member become an actual degenerate monster. I'm sorry, we all sympathise and wish you the very best.

This is going to sound harsh, but if you have younger siblings or young cousins do not let him be alone with them. I don't like saying this because I know that you're already hurt but we all know that mtfs aren't sage to have around children at all

No. 1339841

This is awesome.

No. 1339850

If this is not a larp you have to listen to this: YOU NEED TO FIND OUT WHERE HE IS GETTING THOSE IDEAS FROM. Keylog his computer, find out if he's in some tranny discord or imageboard… Get into his room when he's not there, throw away those dumb clothes, make him read a fucking book and go outside.

No. 1339852

Your brother's account can easily be found with the information visible in that image, so I suggest you delete it before someone messages him, if it isn't already too late.

As to your question, I think your brother looks autistic (trains, really?) and he is already crossdressing in fetish clothes and let his hair grow out, so he's already a good way down the rabbit hole.

I don't know what kind of person he is. He's probably deep into the lies and psychological manipulation and grooming that goes on in those communities. I don't expect him to care about the morality or sanity of what he's doing.
Maybe showing him the reality of transition and being brutally honest about the outcomes (mangled genitalia with a high risk of chronic pain, weak to impossible orgasms, gross moobs which cannot ever be like female breasts because they are structurally different, his face and body growing more and more masculine as he ages, whether he goes on hormones or not) would help. He thinks he will coom a lot and be a hot woman, but the reality is that everyone will regard him as a disgusting freak. He will find it harder and harder to coom, and he will look like a pathetic ridiculous man whose only romantic prospects are ugly mentally unhinged older men who have a fetish for this thing. Normal people will avoid him and he will become unable to make friends outside of porn forums.

Kiwifarms has a thread on trans surgeries, and a support thread for people who lost friends or family to trooning out. You might find information and help there, or in one of the other trans threads. Certainly don't repost that image there though.

No. 1339857

first off nona i'm sorry, but i'd like to reiterate what second anon said, i lost my female best friend who's now a TiF and apparently now married to the TiM who isolates her from her family, it's a sad cycle to watch, does he have a history of mental illness? maybe you can get him on some proper meds before it progresses, have him hang out with some old friends who are normal?

No. 1339870

he's doomed to a life of misery because he can't even pass with his face covered. lol.

No. 1339886

Thanks a lot for all your advice! I won't quote every post but yeah, being straightforward with all the delusions he's been blinded by and the regrets he'll have seems to be the only solution. ​

Holy shit I didn't know you could identify it though? I think it's too late for me to delete that fucking post… I know it's against the rules to ask a mod to delete a post but this could not end well if anyone contacts him… I'll know better in the future but fuck I really don't want this to happen so if a mod could delete it that would be really, really nice.

And yes, he's always had specific interests and weird mechanisms. It's a pattern I suppose.

Thanks to the both of you, it's such a sick pattern and I'm sorry for you as well.

He stopped eating properly almost 3 years ago, and most probably has depression, has shared suicidal thoughts and has been in love with a lesbian, refusing to accept nothing will ever happen if she's gay, for more than a year now. I've tried to shake him out of it ( not the troon thing but the other stuff ) so many times but it drove me fucking nuts because he wouldn't listen to anything that didn't go his way.

The thing is : I don't know where this picture was taken. It's not his room, so it's at one of his friend's place, which means it's something they lent him and that he didn't buy by himself… Hopefully

No. 1339890

Why didn’t your parents put it down before it was too late?

No. 1339899

>In love with a lesbian
What a shitty thing to insist on, on his part. Guys "loving" lesbians only love that they can't have them, nor can any moid. He sounds gross. If he troons out and tries to use transbian girldick rhetoric against her, you should assert support for her instead of him.

No. 1339926

Guys encounter a woman who doesn't treat them like a threat and they fall in love. Retards. Lesbians incorrectly assume a man will respect her sexuality and therefore she treats male friends like she treats her female ones. It's always a mistake. Ask me how I know.

No. 1339929

A lot of lesbians I know treat men like threats and still get their DMs filled up with non-troon and troon scrotes. They just fetishize us, regardless of how we feel about them.

No. 1339934

>in love with a lesbian

there you go. he is trying to agp himself into her pants, if she rejects him he can cry transphobia

No. 1339939

I'm so sick of it tbh. You can't even befriend gay guys anymore without them turning out to be "internet gay" and trying to get in your pants.

No. 1339946

So you are saying there are now straight men pretending to be gay men to fuck women?


No. 1339947

I feel like every person who comes in contact with Japanese pop culture ends up becoming a retard.

No. 1339949

>in love with a lesbian
Literally a walking transcel cliche

No. 1339960

No. 1339961

File: 1633216805068.jpg (105.13 KB, 1080x1317, IMG_20211002_190426.jpg)

No. 1339966

I don't mean to fearmonger but I really dont like the possibility that these clothes were given to him. This reads as a step beyond experimentation with same age peers and more into manipulation from IRL adult predators. I think it is likely he met with a groomer online - cliques of mtfs dont form in relative isolation the way cliques of teenage girls catch genderweird from social media/their friends, especially not in high schools. If youre concerned about him, I'd seriously try and find out who he's with. The pic looks like it was taken in an apartment, this kind of really reeks of statutory.

At least find out who the guy is so we know who's bringing minors into their house and giving them schoolgirl outfits

No. 1339970

Have you noticed they all love Weezer. God I hate incels

No. 1339973

Samefag just reread he's 19
Still reeks of statutory since mtfs are involed tho

No. 1339987

File: 1633219841015.jpg (799.11 KB, 2880x2880, 20211003_015656.jpg)

>>1337132 >>1337119
I see y'all met Mags. Mags/Brian Vissagio has a thread in rat king on kiwis and so far his best hits were:
- diversity hire as a comics writer for the sake of tranny,
- failing as said writer, because he wrote trannies (and being autistic not understanding social interactions)
- failed syfy show based on his book that even cast roasted
- twitter shitstorms: trannies have periods, trooning out Cobain, we'll transition your kids, trying to roast Bill 'cisman' Shatner and getting roasted instead,
- destroying carrers of men in comics (literally one v popular guy genuinely liked to hang out with Brian and this twat tried to sell it as nefarious metoo moment…)
- grifting his bottom surgery (paid for by insurance), grifting his honeymoon to Europe (covid happened, but flights were already paid by comiccon org), grifting rent (and buing electric guitar and piano for bday instead)
- daddy issues (christian dad, Brian went to seminary, trooned out instead)
- autistic, ADHD, disassociations due to trannism, anxiety and coctail of meds and weed make him sperg out like a clockwork
-admitted to trooning out for the community feeling rather than wanting to be a real girl

No. 1339988

File: 1633219950068.jpg (1.06 MB, 972x3817, Screenshot_20211003-011013_Twi…)

Autist sees patterns in people trooning out. And water is wet.

No. 1339990

I knew of him before because I'm into comics but he's become more unhinged and moronic with time. His writing is dogshit

No. 1339991

File: 1633220216488.jpg (458.27 KB, 1536x2048, 20210825_203643.jpg)

A man.

No. 1339996

File: 1633220674498.jpg (776.91 KB, 971x2594, Screenshot_20210929-173627_Twi…)

Brian's on coctail pf meds that interact with each other (aderal, zoloft, sleeping pills, hormones and admitted too much weed) plus he's not getting jobs in comics RN, and he's getting a chop on a year, so I'm no surprised.

No. 1339997

Kek he really thinks it's impressive that he can clock trooned out moids and closet degenerate incel/coomer types. Women can tell, too, it's why we've always avoided you all. Also:
>"M-muh troon sense means if I say an artist I like was a troon, I'm right!"
Yeah, and my projection onto art I enjoy is 100% right all the time, too.

No. 1339998

>probably neurodivergent
>severely mentally ill
>has been in love with a lesbian
Your brother was easy prey for this cult.
Online TIM communities provide all the dopamine he's craving without doing any of the internal work; it comes with a built-in social order that's filled with like-minded/defective males, despite said social order being dissonant from reality at large. Unless he's removed from whomever fed his delusions and actually get some fucking therapy (or he's removed from the internet altogether and get some fucking therapy), he won't feel the need to deal with his issues. So long the "community" validates him and he continues proving their allegiance to them (crossdressing, being a creep, repeating TRA mottos, validating them), he has no reason to get better.

No. 1340018

Wtf you're right

No. 1340029

No wait because there was someone upthread saying that Rivers Cuomo is an egg LMAO

No. 1340076

Doesn't that band have a serious case of yellow fever? That's some major troon energy right there.

No. 1340077

File: 1633231217038.png (78.85 KB, 897x155, Glinner.png)

>He’s a known pornsick
uhhh proof? this sounds like something made up by an extremely butthurt transgender. his KF thread doesn't mention anything about porn except that he's anti-porn, I expect that if he'd talked about being into weird porn his alogs would've shared screencaps of it everywhere.

No. 1340080

File: 1633231852239.jpeg (268.46 KB, 1200x859, 922E79F7-901C-4C68-9B30-8F60AA…)

Rivers is a complete sex pest creep who married the Japanese weezer fan club president

No. 1340083

File: 1633232014056.png (705.96 KB, 3088x1152, 53745573-6D00-4313-A177-FB8877…)

this e sports person killed himself after getting botched surgery and it’s been wiped from Wikipedia. the thought police have not gotten to their old tweets yet though, you can find plenty before they died about how their vocal chords are permanently ruined

No. 1340084

No. 1340086

File: 1633232209292.png (68.07 KB, 727x463, 56564.PNG)

Rivers Cuomo has a fetish for Asian women and a lot of Weezer's music has this weird obsession with Asian women. Cuomo and his Japanese wife are the type of WMAF couple that people shit on lmao. I'm pretty sure some of their other music also belittles lesbians.

No. 1340087

File: 1633232291157.jpg (182.11 KB, 422x594, gettyimages-114785927-594x594.…)

>Cuomo and his Japanese wife are the type of WMAF couple that people shit on
You weren't wrong.

No. 1340088

File: 1633232401220.png (288.15 KB, 737x537, 80988.PNG)

Yes, r/weezer is full of TIMs.

No. 1340091

He's dressed up like a shitty knockoff of Steve from Blue Clues.

No. 1340092

>I want a girl who will laugh for no one else
>When I’m away she puts the makeup on the shelf
>When I’m away she never leaves the house
>My girl laughs for no one else

No. 1340093

This is old news and I was pissed off at people calling him the "first female LCS player". Men always take from women.

No. 1340094

i'm baffled here. does anyone have a theory on why degenerates have a thing for weezer? is it like the themes of the songs or…

No. 1340097

Potential trannies:
Travis McElroy
Arin Hanson
Rivers Cuomo

No. 1340098

God yes. I hate browsing his kiwi thread because they know shit about comics, so I feel like I have nowhere to express how fucking boring his writing is. Like beyond how batshit he is, he is such a fucking boring writer

No. 1340100

I still think one day something about Arin will come out. Are him and his wife Suzy still together? They always seemed like freaky swingers

No. 1340101

Kek, I have a friend who hates weezer and describes it as 'nice guy' music, I guess it adds up. Tho you'd think incels would have an edgier taste

No. 1340103

>i am a white man and such a nice guy
>every woman is potential romantic partner
>asian women are so submissive and sexy
>wasian women are good too because their whiteness means they're not too foreign and exotic
>wahhh i love a lesbian but she won't love me back!

Yeah, I guess.

No. 1340104

nice guys became troons.

No. 1340110

90% of the white men Japanese women marry look like that kek

No. 1340112

even photoshop and angles can't save that man jaw

No. 1340113

weezer lyrics are incel shit. honestly they used to make pretty good music and then rivers decided to embarrass himself.

No. 1340117

Lmfao I had no idea the trans lore was so deep with Weezer. It makes a lot of sense since weezer was for loser boys

No. 1340119

>"Creveling died in her (sic) sleep on December 27, 2019, at the age of 24."
With no recorded lethal health issues other than depression? Sure, champ. Nonnies, do you think it was crotch-rot sepsis, or 41%?

No. 1340120

u/Cultural-Debate is an infamous Reddit pedo. There seems to be overlap between pedophilia and yellow fever.

No. 1340122

File: 1633235050554.jpg (172.32 KB, 983x516, RDT_20211003_00223211071083378…)

Rivers also allegedly has a balloon fetish. I can 100% see this being true

No. 1340130

Nonnie, I can't do this. This has me in tears. I can't imagine how embarrassed that anon must be, but oh my god.

No. 1340135

this isn’t real lmao

No. 1340144

Wow I never thought I'd actually feel a little bad for an AGP

No. 1340151

I don't think rivers will ever troon out though, he's just a loser white guy with an asian fetish and he does have an asian gf
if he was born 20 years later he might have potentially trooned out but since he already has fulfilled his goal

No. 1340152

>Less than a km away
That's fucking terrifying. Run for the hills, girl.

No. 1340160

Don't. He used to post all the time about he wanted massive tits because he wanted to be milked like a cow.

No. 1340195

this is so fucing funny i am choosing to believe this now

No. 1340199

>Listening to Weezer has given me yellow fever
Lmao very to the point.

No. 1340213

File: 1633249116378.jpeg (529.34 KB, 743x1174, EBF72447-6193-4AAA-B965-E50CF7…)

the fuck is wrong with new zealand

No. 1340240

I think you should talk to your dad and have him talk to your brother. I assume he already fell into misogyny if he is trooning and watching hentai every day. You confronting him will only make him more defensive. You should give your dad all the info he needs about trannies and what will happen to his son and then let them do their guy thing. They never listen to women, but maybe to another man.

What are your parents like? Just curious so when I have kids one day I can try to prevent this.

No. 1340242

Most disgusting looking thing I’ve ever seen, literally looks like some sort of slime/blob monster

No. 1340248

It's an Anglophone country what did you expect

No. 1340257

fuck, I used to know mags irl and dunno what happened over the last few years but mags never used to be this insane, literally burned every bridge in the book in terms of friends with immature antics. It's absolutely wild to see what mags has gotten up to on twitter these days.

No. 1340258

You could try to report the post and ask a mod to delete the image in the report reason or something like that, I don't know.

Generally speaking, everything that has any names ("retweeted by") or any original text on it can be found, and sometimes even photos can be reverse image searched to find profiles (though many search engines disabled that functionality in the last years).

No. 1340260

Where is that post about when gendering someone correctly yet still knowing it's bs is violence kek

No. 1340261

I am convinced libfems are pretending to be retarded. It is as clear as day that this is nothing more than hating women and a sick fetish. Revolting

No. 1340276

>knowing that playing along with his fetish makes you part of it.
They probably don't know, most people are unaware of what autogynephilia is and think being trans is a medical condition.

No. 1340278

DL gays claim het trans, bisexual or not-yet-out gay men tend to have asian gfs too.

No. 1340280

But why? Because Asian women are "submissive" so they won't question if things seem strange?

No. 1340285

>het trans
Yellow fever is common among straight men in general.


To be fair, bi men will fuck anything.

>not-yet-out gay men

Never heard of this. Most non-Asian gay men don't like the idea of dating Asians, they even have a "No Asians policy" because they think Asian people aren't stereotypically "masculine" enough.

No. 1340288

He got on estrogen, got his first period and the bitch came out. Lady hormones, amrit, nonnies? /s

Mags realised the only place he'll be accepted is tranny circles, on top of not being talented enough to be hired for anything else than woke points. He also has autism, is out of touch with normal people and takes coctail of meds. It doesn't help sanity.
I met him few times and cons and in RL he's surprisingly meek and that social, but also know it all on some subjects. Most people kept away from his table- IRL outside of wokest of crowds nobody gives a fuck about his work.

He put all his money on the tranny horse and now finds out that he's neither important or good enough to keep around and his schemings against actually talented men didn't pay off at all.
Autistic AGP all the way.

TBH, it is medical condition just diff one than they're thinking of. Coombrain.

No. 1340290

Yeah they think being a tranny is an "intersex condition of the brain". I've seen medical professionals really think a man can have a "female brain" or some shit.

No. 1340292

File: 1633263769024.png (1.42 MB, 1471x842, agp.png)

No. 1340293

And that's why dating leftist men is a mistake.

No. 1340294

Imagine browsing Reddit and seeing pics of your bf streching out your clothes on his gross agp body.

No. 1340297

You can really tell that the girlfriend does all the cleaning and decorating from the mirror shots alone.

No. 1340300

File: 1633265004321.png (13.41 KB, 701x127, k.png)

>lovebombing galore
>this one drop of (attempted) sanity
>lovebombing continues
why work on yourself when you can just join a cult? lol

No. 1340301

I hope she dumps him soon.

No. 1340304

Typical fetishist… fuck this shit has 1.1k upvotes

No. 1340308

Imagine dating men in general. Fucked up.

No. 1340309

I'm in the same boat, anon, but it's been this way for 4 years. In my experience, you can share what you think or try to distance yourself but ultimately you can't save your brother from himself. I was so sorry to read your post, I truly feel your pain and grief.

I'm not sure how much is because of the parents since we grew up in the same household and I'm basically the opposite of my brother. I think all you can do is not have children with a 40+ year old man to reduce the chance of the child having developmental disorders, limit their screen time and internet access, foster their interests, and connect with the roots of their problems.

No. 1340315

All men are degenerates. This is only happening because society has allowed a moid fetish/paraphilia to become an "oppressed" identity. In a few years from now, pedophilia and beastiality will become an identity too.
There are boy-love organisations where moids say they have a right to abuse boys, girl-love organizations where they want to abuse girls. There are no girl- or boy love organizations run by women.
Males are degenerates by nature, the only reason they have been kept in check in modern society is because of laws and prison. Now those bounderies are being erased. You let a moid live freely and he will engage in degeneracy indefinitely.

No. 1340320

Yet nobody is coming directly for gy men, trnnies, or even ped*s. Right now the main "agenda" is stupid because it seems out of alll approaches, the focus is on how "straight (cis) men must fall".

I wonder why.

No. 1340327

Stop typing like a retard.

No. 1340333

It's all about turning them into cashcows. Beauty industry has women already due to gender roles and bullshit beauty standards, Medical industry saw the chance of striking gold by enabling the sick desires of men and their lack of self-control.

No. 1340339

No. 1340380

Reminds me of my brother. He hasn't done anything to transition yet, but he listens to (almost exclusively) tranny artists. He actually told me directly years ago. I didn't fully understand trannies at the time, though, and for awhile I was convinced that maybe he was on the internet too much at the time and it was just a phase. That was until recently, when he started introducing my little sister to those artists and she started saying she wants to be a boy.

He's gay, so I'm thinking that has something to do with it. I would hope so at least, I feel like that can be helped.

No. 1340384

this is what I imagine the femdom anons husband to be like

No. 1340415

File: 1633277574929.jpg (549.91 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20211003-091020~2.j…)

No. 1340428

No. 1340437

What is more likely:
>Doctor acts outwardly hostile and direct about not thinking a troon is a woman, despite trannies having legal privilege over basically everyone in Canada, and doctors being taught to conceal controversial opinions to avoid legal battles. This is somehow not already a known behavior to the secretary.
>Troon got his bloodwork accurately labeled as "male" so that his healthcare treatment would be correct, got triggered by "misgendering", made up a worse situation to try to get a doctor fired because he's a troon manchild who can't handle reality

No. 1340445

I like the mens' bathroom products on the counter

No. 1340446

He's basically asking them to brigade the hospital's Google reviews, what a spoiled little manbaby. He's really trying to get Plebbitors to wreck this doctor's career with no proof to substantiate his story, and they probably will because they're gullible speds who will believe anything.

No. 1340448

File: 1633280859723.jpg (211.1 KB, 1080x1526, Screenshot_20211003-100706.jpg)

His request worked

No. 1340449

He fucked up literally all of this lifts, though. I wonder how much money his daddy donated to this university in order for him to get this "honor."

No. 1340459

Who the fuck are you censoring yourself for? You can say tranny and pedophile here, dumbass. Also, what the fuck site are you coming from where "gay" is filtered? Fucking Club Penguin?

No. 1340465


Same anon as >>1340257
I knew mags right before and when Kim & Kim was taking off and irl Mags is so meek and quiet and this loud bitch “I’ll whack terfs with a bat” energy is non existent. The definition of a keyboard warrior.

As soon as K&K took off, if you had no connections in the industry to push her career along you got dropped because you weren’t useful to her. She has lost 95% of her friends this way, and keep latching on to people who will get her work in the comic industry. People who helped her get her first project work at blackmask (her main publisher) got ghosted to be on her books after she hit it big, leaving so many artists and letterers and writers behind like stepping stones. She even proudly admitted to this “culling” too, absolutely no shame.

Heard thru the grapevine Mags a move on a friend who was close to her who was a lesbian that made said friend uncomfortable. Claimed said friend was a TERF and that’s why she didn’t accept Mags’ advances. In reality the girl just didn’t like Mags in that way but she had to be crucified for not reciprocating.

Overall in person Mags was super exhausting to be around. Just me me me, everything is about me, 24/7. Everyone in her inner circle hated her and only wanted to be around her to break into the industry on her coattails.

>inb4 “she”

I know anons but it’s just what I’m used to

No. 1340471

The only kids I've heard of called "Bear" are the children of celebrities who won't have to get real jobs.

No. 1340475

The disturbing part is he teaches KINDERGARTEN. Kids of 5-6 who will on the whole accept what they're told.

No. 1340497

File: 1633285399825.jpg (1.1 MB, 970x3563, Screenshot_20211003-195102_Twi…)

That doesn't surprise me at all. Mags has that air of mememememe about her, I wasn't sure if it was narcissism or just American.

She did try leverage Sean Gordon Murphy to further her own career and there's been a lot of rumours she's been softbanned from industry for being woke cunt and SGM debacle did her in. She barely interacts with any comics people anymore, so it might be true.


If there's a chance you could meet them and misgendering might end up badly for you, it's better nit rusk slipping. It's why I usually call Mags a she, even if I think he should comb that wig finally.

No. 1340498

lmao so incredibly off topic but yes I don't think I've been able to keep a male friend because it always turns into them making a move or commenting on what a shame it is that I don't like men..

No. 1340501

Femdom anons are so fucking cringe

No. 1340517

Oh wow thanks for the dirt anon would love to see if people call him out for this ever

No. 1340518

I get that anon, my only male friends are gay

No. 1340529

Is anyone else following the saga with Commie Dickgurl? He is the one who shat his pants and came unglued at a Popeyes.
He’s been I guess lurking around at KF and is having moments of lucidity regarding how gross the trans community is. It’s interesting to hear him wax critical about this stuff

No. 1340531

it was definitely 41%. he spent his last stream talking about how he begged his grandmother for help (money) and she basically disowned him and told him to fuck off, and a few days later he was dead.

No. 1340536

They definitely would.

> self harmer

> anorexic
> eyeliner
> sometimes wrote songs from woman's POV

yup, that's all you need to be a real woman!

No. 1340542

He was extremely out of shape (seriously, look up pictures of other male weightlifters and compare their body to this fat shapeless mess), only got in through nepotism and then humiliated himself and his country with his shameful preparation and performance.

I agree that he is a trans icon.

No. 1340545

That's the guy who got into Isabella Janke and started to interview people who know her, right?

He is disgusting and severely mentally ill. I haven't watched his streams, but I think he does it for attention. His unquenchable thirst for that put him on the radar in the first place. I wouldn't be too optimistic, unless he detransitions he is still a tranny and it's only a matter of time until he blows up.

No. 1340551

Yeah him, I don’t know if he’s started to take medication or what. He said he has tried to detransition before, touched a lot on it last night in his stream. I need to read more stuff on the Isabella Janke drama.

He’s very clearly ill and wants attention, the “gendercritical” community definitely won’t have him, too unhinged. It will be weird to see how it goes when he’s alienated from those spaces too

No. 1340552

Nobody here will fuck you conservative moid

No. 1340556

I'd appreciate hearing a summary of what he said and your opinion on him in general, if you don't mind. I assume it's on topic for this thread since he's a TIM.

No. 1340557

File: 1633291732816.jpg (553.01 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20211003-220846_Chr…)

He made an account to defend his brethen and istead ate the kiwi fruit from the tree of good and evil and it peaked him.
Another victim to Joshua Moon's transphobia.

No. 1340560

File: 1633291883990.png (17.73 KB, 1042x79, image.png)

Yeah look at that score and this comment, that's like catnip for such people. Be tranny clone #23156421245 or be praised and beloved based tranny #2?

Call me jaded, but I'm more than suspicious.

No. 1340562

File: 1633292047183.jpg (771.8 KB, 972x2634, Screenshot_20210929-173828_Twi…)

Not in any formal capacity, she still is shielded by her trannism, but it is clear she is going nowhere career wise.

No. 1340566

>adult trans girls
>adult girls
just say women, you fool

No. 1340569

And unsurprisingly, almost everyone defending the troon is a fakeboi.

No. 1340571

He streamed for 4 hours and a lot of it was kind of introspective and nice. He spent a lot of time ranting about how the rainbow mafia coddles and fosters predatory behavior and doesn’t leave room for any criticism. He responded to questions from people very directly and judiciously. I expected a lot of chimping and triggered behavior once some people started going in on him, but he didn’t go there. Also the only people blatantly shitting on him were fellow troons. The terfs were being civil. He has a LOT to say and I’m assuming that’s a byproduct of unchecked narc disorder. Idk

I invited him to a Twitter space and he obliged but we will see if that happens. Have no idea how any of that would be responded to, either. My corner of Twitter is all flaming hateful terfs, so we’ll see

No. 1340572

These days ppl will tell the most ugly/dumb/fat ppl that they're beautiful I don't get it he looks like a clown

No. 1340574

File: 1633293107251.png (35.57 KB, 704x190, image_2021-10-03_223143.png)

this one gave me literal cancer

No. 1340580

Much like the arguments troons use against lesbians, this post willfully ignores the fact that it's just as much about the sort of person penises are attached to as it is about penises themselves. Males have oppressed females for thousands of years because they wanted to commodify childbearing and control their progeny. This history is inextricable from social culture even in "first world" countries, where women are still raised and treated inequitably for the crime of being born with a vagina. Males are the oppressor class, and the marginalized are always going to harbor some level of resentment and mistrust towards their oppressors.

To take a card from trannies' rhetorical deck, asking women to stop being afraid of cock is like asking black people to stop "seeing race" because it's "just skin." It's the sort of gross oversimplification of a problem that could only be dreamed up by someone who has no idea how oppression works because they've never truly experienced it personally.

No. 1340581

No offense but you sound like one of his fans from KF.
His saga is just another cycle that leads to more sperging. Being enlightened about the nature of his condition and the state of his cult community may have opened his eyes, but he can't un-coom and un-narc himself from this. At best, he becomes one of those "virtuous" AGPs ala Anne Lawrence, Miranda Yardley and other random AGPs on twitter; worming his way into GC communities and pestering everyone to feel pity for his defective psyche. At worst, he cracks under the cognitive dissonance and 41%.

lmao that reply
Dude stops yelling at the camera and all is well now.

No. 1340584

Him reading the Kevin Gibes thread explains so much.

No. 1340589

Just say he you cowards. He has a cock and he'd happily rape you with it if he thought he could get away with it.

No. 1340595

> At worst, he cracks under the cognitive dissonance and 41%

You mean at best? The self aware troons like Debbie Hayton etc are literal cancer. Def not one of this guys’ simps

No. 1340598

Nah, I'm an active poster and he likes posts that go back months, and reads multiple tranny threads. I think he peaked.

No. 1340601

Honestly, I didn't wanna a-log. lol
And yeah, Hayton is cancer. No idea why he's still given a platform.

No. 1340602

If he peaked he would detrans and stop calling himself a “dickgirl”.

No. 1340606

Thank you for the summary. Indeed, we will see how it turns out.

No. 1340617

Ariel pink wouldn't surprise me at all. he's been rocking the standard unwashed mtf look for well over a decade, would probably name himself after the ex-girlfriend he groomed and abused.

No. 1340647

he is definitely coom-brained enough to fit the description. My guess is he'll either publicly troon to try and redeem his career or stay in the closet knowing he's too cancelled for a coming out party

No. 1340653

File: 1633301168596.jpeg (185.96 KB, 1086x1852, B09B1478-D2F3-4B27-82DC-04AD2F…)

The things I have to see on twitter.

No. 1340658

File: 1633302292472.png (32.8 KB, 480x360, BXZM-OOMIU3HfNBhebATjM31ek0jtx…)

No. 1340663

He’s dating a kiwi farms mod.

No. 1340675

No. 1340691

Some of AP‘a lyrics:

Menopause Man
Mental woman, born of man
Born of woman, mental man
Change me, I'm changing day to day
Lady, I'm a lady from today
Neuter me
Spade my heart
So just come on girl
Saturn star
Trying too hard
To be yourself
Said you're trying too hard
To be what you are
Make me maternal, fertile woman
Make me menstrual, menopause man
Rape me, castrate me, make me gay
Lady, I'm a lady from today

he’s a complete AGP sex pest

No. 1340719

kek "estrogen is magic" when literally the shitty wig is doing all the heavy lifting. such cope

No. 1340724

pretty sure it was an intentional opioid overdose. they said they were in a lot of constant physical pain from botched surgeries. they even tried to warn people on tttt how awful the reality of being an agp trans was.

No. 1340728

normies think 4chan tranny culture is, like, sooo creative.

No. 1340729

Tragic. This is the type of loser dude who usually heavy simps girls I can tell. An orbiter man-child. I can tell he was a "le tip fedora" euphoric atheist back in 2007.
He did the indie boy scene shit, burned down some crappy relationshits, because he got cucked obviously and now "I'm the GF, its 2021 guise!" phase kicks in. Such many cases.

No. 1340733

I hate that he’s a degenerate troon but I love that he makes other trannies seethe now that he’s starting to break away from the cult. The ripples of milk he’s creating on troon Twitter are glorious.

No. 1340740

File: 1633312151695.jpg (Spoiler Image,167.64 KB, 1391x1937, E_HufgpXEAYR0pO.jpg)

No. 1340749

File: 1633313033924.jpg (39.25 KB, 636x651, 1587677878582.jpg)

>love that he's making other's seethe
This. Other than that, I think he's another typical attentionwhoring troon on KF that users try and cope with by saying "W-well, he's actually one of the b-b-based ones", just to be contrarian or because they're chasers themselves.

No. 1340754

No. 1340806

He’s taking a lot of anger on the chin currently on his Twitter. I don’t buy any of it, but it’s interesting to hear

No. 1340835

Not really. It's only interesting if you think kiwi's are going to peak him, which I highly doubt. If you're so unhinged you have to make an ass out of yourself at a Popeye's while looking like the fucking crypt keeper who raided his mom's makeup drawer, and having the voice of Napolean Dynamite, not even like 5 months ago. Along with taking naked pictures of yourself as a gotcha to them ebul terfs who don't see you as a woman. There's something deeply wrong with you. I feel like the only reason he's taking it on the chin, is that he's made a niche for himself with Kiwi's and doesn't want to lose his "good graces" with them by flipping his shit even though we all know he's internally seething about it, since he's essentially locked himself out of troon circles by trying to be "le based self aware tranny that goes on KF". When he does eventually piss of KF with his antics, since he seems to think they really care about his retarded opinions, he'll probably just lick his wounds and go back to the nonsense he was spouting before only with no one to screech at thanks to him associating with KF.

No. 1340842

This. 100% this. He said a whole lot of nothing

No. 1340866

File: 1633329606771.png (320.3 KB, 1492x538, 1604265746580.png)

Lesbian dating options

No. 1340882

Where is the option named Alice?

No. 1340884

Source on who drew these lovely laydees

No. 1340886

File: 1633332976177.jpg (304.05 KB, 1080x1403, terfwitch.jpg)

I always come back to this because it is so great

No. 1340896

Exactly! You have to let the people doing the bloodwork know what sex you are because men and women have different healthy levels in their blood. What's normal for a woman could be something dangerous for a man. The most common difference being that a woman of menstruating age might always lean towards lower iron levels due to period blood loss, but those same iron levels for men could point towards internal bleeding. They're going to end up sick or dying if they keep asking for medical paperwork to favour gender over sex.

No. 1340903

Damn, she is liturally me UwU

No. 1340904

There are always a few trannies who want to be "one of the good ones" and usually have a fetish for right-wing men and their whole "I am not like other troons" is them trying to get some /pol/tard dick. I mean, it just doesn't make any sense to keep being a troon if you realize how much of a sexpest pornbrain cult it is. Stop wearing wigs and women's clothes and go to therapy if you have really seen the light.

No. 1340909

Silly anon, they're one of the good ones. That means, all those other brainwashed trannies have to detransition- but not them because they acknowledge they aren't really a woman! They even let those based terfs and /pol/acks dunk all over them, and call them a man, while being totally unbothered. Seriously, all those 41% memes, nitpicks, and insults you might throw at them, don't even register in their unhinged mind because they're just that based!

Most of the time when they want to be "one of the good ones" it's less a fetish and more unchecked narcissism because they know it's easy attention. Sure, they'll have some moment of clarity that sends them into a pit of depression, but they're no different from grifters who'll talk big, but refuse to practice what they preach because: Rules for thee but, none for me.

No. 1340910

Samefag, but Commiedickgirl and Blaire White types are literally the troon version of grifters like Brittany Venti, Lauren Southern, and Shoeonhead.

No. 1340911

How must they feel in their day to day lives? Knowing that they’re utterly fucking worthless as everything other than masturbation fodder for closet fags? Like if a woman’s worth is in the home having babies, then they are absolutely fundamentally worthless to the core. Like at least infertile women have a glimmer of hope to have a child, at least they still have a vagina to be used for sexual purposes. They are nothing but prostitutes for men to sodomize.

No. 1340912

This is what Nikita Dragun looks like with no makeup or filters.

No. 1340938

File: 1633342154335.jpeg (Spoiler Image,122.81 KB, 1080x2160, FAuyvgjWYAUgnzD.jpeg)

No. 1340939

This is 10/10 nona.
Anyone else thinks he has aged from 2 years ago? He did a swap outfits with me and he looks better there (for a troon). The surgeries have a expiration date, his implants and BBL are drooping and his face is terrible, that in combination of aging really hit him hard. He hit the twink expiration date.

No. 1340946

First post it was Dr. Yu, that post it's Dr. Ming. Sounds like it might just be a larper.

No. 1340947

File: 1633344035725.png (973.56 KB, 1280x1810, diecisscum.png)

No. 1340949

His name is Dr Ming Yu. It's becoming increasingly common for TRAs to attack immigrant communities that don't accept their tranny shit. It also happened to an Indian doctor some time ago.

No. 1340954

Jonathan Yaniv the Canadian troon purposely targeted South Asian women iirc

No. 1340961

These are awesome, where are they from?

No. 1340964

Redkatherinee. A Russian radfem that trannies wanted to doxx and report to the Russian government for being a lesbian.

No. 1340967

That's just how tiktok tweens type

No. 1340976

Kiwifarmers really are faggots. I thought they hated trannies

No. 1340977

File: 1633348843075.jpg (234.32 KB, 1053x1121, IMG_20211004_145255.jpg)


No. 1340978

The place is full of trannies and misogynistic scrotes, but Null and his pick-mes will forever come here and insist that we should all just move there. Disgusting.

No. 1340981

What a blast from the past, weren't these drawn by pronounrespecter? Or someone in that kind of og rudefem circle on tumblr back in 2018~. I'd totally forgotten about these comics, they were such a guilty pleasure for me when I was in my libfem era lmao

No. 1340984

They must be a Redditor.

No. 1340985

Remember when Kiwifarms was upset with Chris Chan raping his mom and not because a vulnerable elderly woman was assaulted, but because Chris might go to prison?

No. 1340991

I guess CDG cracked the code. Just say something along the lines of "there's nothing wrong with the farms" a few times and all kiwis (and some KF lurkers) will worship you. Blake is based, he's not playing them at all. lol

No. 1340994

these were drawn by Violetdioxazine. a turkish canadian lesbian girl
she wasn't a radfem even though she was involved in those circles, she wasn't a libfem or egalitarian either, she had this worldview that only people who are truly committed to an ideology should be allowed to call themselves members of that ideology, so even though she agreed with radfems she didn't call herself one cause she thought she couldn't commit fully to radical feminism
anyone here's some of her other comics, most of them are gone as she deleted her tumblr page and disappeared without a trac


No. 1340999

Pretty on-brand response for trannies.

No. 1341023

For a second I thought this was Dasha

No. 1341042

Don't know if you know this, but anyone can become a member on KF. It's not a secret club.

No. 1341045

> she had this worldview that only people who are truly committed to an ideology should be allowed to call themselves members of that ideology, so even though she agreed with radfems she didn't call herself one cause she thought she couldn't commit fully to radical feminism

The only correct position.

No. 1341111

I always wonder what happened to Larps and pronouncerespecter

No. 1341116

Same, Larps was totally a farmer.

No. 1341151

You can get suspended on twitter for saying any of those words, or at least a temporary ban. That's where half our newfags are coming from these days.

No. 1341186

Kiwifarmers should IP banned from this board.

No. 1341193

lol I kind of like the kf pet tranny, but I also like null so I think I just have a soft spot for crazy retards online

No. 1341198

t. newfag that doesnt know how to sage

No. 1341215

File: 1633384045582.jpg (934.42 KB, 1206x1728, jame gumbs.jpg)

Girly stuff is so cool and empowering! Sometimes the worst is not the make-up but the terrible state in which their hair is. I wonder if these men go out of the house looking like this or if they just can resist the urge to masturbate in front of a mirror. Have some sleep paralysis demon fuel for tonight, nonas.

No. 1341219

You can get help for this disorder

No. 1341224

No seriously the kiwifags are shitting up the thread. The obsession is p crazy

No. 1341246

OT and late but is there one anon obsessed with richey on here or many, saw him mentioned in either this thread or femboy one before i swear

No. 1341253

I hope CDG scams some kiwis

No. 1341269

Tag yourself, I'm troon hiding big square man jaw behind phone in an attempt to hide the fact the bottom half of his face is like the blade of a shovel

No. 1341281

he does give me AGP vibes and clearly hates women enough but I think he's too right-wing to do it unless it was as some sort of stunt

No. 1341289

I'm the tree

No. 1341290

I’m the bottom middle ones wig that’s pulled down to the bottom of his forehead

No. 1341306

File: 1633396033394.jpeg (397.3 KB, 1200x800, 1CFC5251-92B9-4D96-8810-CE1B6E…)

“The Troon Stare”

No. 1341315

File: 1633397201519.jpeg (70.77 KB, 750x380, 112A2F34-85CB-4172-A0E5-2D2218…)

i'm the ghoul

No. 1341316

File: 1633397332316.png (33.42 KB, 667x617, Screenshot_2021-10-05-08-27-23…)

I'm the judgemental bunny

No. 1341319

lmao anon, I bet you and I have friends in common. Never got too close to Mags, but christ, there are so many exhausting creepy trans women in comics exactly like this.

No. 1341328

unfortunately they've invaded almost every entertainment industry; video games and animation too.

No. 1341339

the way bottom middle looks like RTG kek

No. 1341354

I'm the one on the second-to-bottom right who doesn't know what a trash can is. Throwing things on the floor is so much better of an aesthetic.

No. 1341416

File: 1633415111397.jpg (132.1 KB, 1080x599, IMG_20211005_091300.jpg)

Trannies posted gore on /cgl/ again

Trannies are objectively utter
degenerates, what kind of self-respecting individuals would spend hours dancing half-naked in the streets and cut their cock off
Seriously the fact that they somehow got an entire month dedicated to showcasing their repulsiveness is simply revolting. They're angry because their degenerate lifestyle results in them commiting suicide and they take out their frustration on defenseless kids.

Honestly just gas them all. There's probably a negligible percentage of transgenders who are neither degenerates nor pedos but you're bound to take like 95% of the child molesters with them. It's a risk worth taking.(calm down)

No. 1341422

wrong thread, that's a ftm thigh sausage

No. 1341423

Wrong thread.

No. 1341427

I'm the literal alien making himself look outlandish so people notice that he's a troon, and not the fact that he's clearly an extraterrestrial

No. 1341438

Why were they posting gore in /cgl/ for?

No. 1341442

No idea but that’s historically “the girl board” on 4chan(and where lolcow splintered from) so that’s probably got something to do with it

No. 1341463

I’m the top left who looks like he just finished writing his manifesto and is planning his crime where he will attempt to shoot up his former highschool but miss every shot and kill himself in the parking lot

No. 1341469

I'm the image filter working hard to smooth all the features into plastic-like artificial perfection.

No. 1341479

File: 1633431616453.webm (5.68 MB, 320x568, Troon creditcard misgendering …)

No. 1341480

File: 1633431674100.webm (5.84 MB, 320x568, Troon creditcard misgendering …)

No. 1341482

Anybody into some BDSM-related shit is either cringe or a potential serial killer.

No. 1341485

Give this man a medal. Simple truth.

No. 1341491

>what about me looks like a sir?


No. 1341494

When he pans the camera to himself as if it's supposed to prove that he's a woman LMAO

No. 1341502

File: 1633434580755.jpg (18.33 KB, 258x386, Leonard_Hofstadter[1].jpg)

He pretends it was about standing up for trans rights but didn't leave after the manager refused to promise to treat trans people better.

Only after got the "this establishment says I look like a man" moment on camera he calmed down and left.

The saddest part is that he seriously thinks this is a smoking gun. Anyone who sees this and isn't a handmaiden will sympathise with the manager. After all maybe he's just pic related who lost a bet?

No. 1341504

You hit the nail on the head. The troon refused to elaborate what the staff did that was "transphobic" aside from seeing his name on his credit card, knowing it was his, and calling him "sir", and he was clearly baiting the manager into saying something he could use against him. You can hear the frustration in his frog voice that the manager called him out on having hostile reasons for recording and having Herculean expectations for his staff. He's literally accusing them of thought crimes.

No. 1341506

File: 1633435484089.png (50.97 KB, 511x521, 100% done.png)

"I don't get paid enough for this shit…"

No. 1341507

Where is this from? The guy is also filming, I must see his point of view! Show us the beast!

No. 1341508

God, I'm disgusted by "cis" men attitude towards this whole trans madness. With the exception of some gendercrit gays, they're all either trap fetishists that yasqueen the troons for uwu~woke points~ or far rights misogynists who totally care about women's safety and female-only spaces but are also pro-life, LGBphobic, etc. Videorelated for example is pro-life. If there are any decent men on this earth who don't view women as sex and baby machines and actually believe in our human rights, they're silent. It's litterally only women defending women. They really showed us their true colors huh. As a bi woman I find myself more and more repulsed by them.

No. 1341509

made me find this commercial trying to look up where this is from, lmao


No. 1341510

So asian girl= asian man bc she has short hair and dresses butch? Wow so progressive

No. 1341520

File: 1633437590122.png (153.19 KB, 924x542, Untitled.png)

No. 1341526

File: 1633438807857.jpg (466.12 KB, 868x1540, Karen.jpg)

Oh god that ending, you couldn't write comedy this perfect, South Park could only dream of it. It really feels like they get a special kind of kick harassing POC/ESL people in particular, doesn't it. He literally transitioned into a Karen. These white men all of a sudden found a way to be as abusive and horrible as they like to anyone by identifying into the "most oppressed minority" on earth. They're practically reveling in finding this loophole.

No. 1341531

Honestly I think he was too generous
>"Gender is a fact,” he reasons. “Every human being in this room, every human being on Earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on Earth. That is a fact. Now, I am not saying that to say trans women aren’t women, I am just saying that those pussies that they got… you know what I mean? I’m not saying it’s not pussy, but it’s Beyond Pussy or Impossible Pussy. It tastes like pussy, but that’s not quite what it is, is it? That’s not blood, that’s beet juice.” (Chappelle’s anti-trans jokes have often boiled down to human anatomy, which shows how unnuanced his views are on the subject.)
>it tastes like pussy
Does it, Dave? Citation needed.
Kek at the writer twisting and squirming
>Trans isn't about bodies! Muh nuance!
I wish he'd said Sex not Gender because that's what he meant. But he's a typical scrote who doesn't deign to research basic arguments before he discusses them in front of millions.

No. 1341555

I knew he’d go full boomer dad sooner or later. And how does he know what troon pussy tastes like?

No. 1341559

I thought Dave Chapelle hates women in general

No. 1341562

You think it was intentional he made fun of the period fetish AGP in that joke shoving tomato and beat juice up their ass. “That’s not blood that’s beet juice.”

No. 1341563

File: 1633443613375.jpg (298.9 KB, 1080x2047, Screenshot_20211005_081639.jpg)

god i fucking hate reddit at this point I only go there to see what tranny insanity they're enabling today

No. 1341568

does he really want to fucking know lmao it's like he's intentionally looking to get his feelings hurt

No. 1341571

No way he doesn’t know. It’s too specific.

No. 1341572

I get the appeal for women, we're so used to being dominated by men in everything it makes sense some would enjoy being in charge for once … but ladies? it's all fake, you're not in charge, you're just helping them coom, that's the only reason they let you be the "dom"

No. 1341573

Dave Chapelle is a muslim and trannyness literally goes against his religious views, though he belongs to a sect of Islam which is hated by all other types of muslims

No. 1341574

remember when we were allowed to laugh at moids who said they were a lesbian on the inside?

No. 1341583

He's white?

No. 1341587

He's obviously referring to Impossible/Beyond Burgers using beet juice to give the bloody meat look to their patties.
The fact that your first association with beet juice is period fetish AGPs and not fake meat that he literally referred to a sentence before the punchline, phew. This shit is why I usually hide this thread. The Ovarit GC tranny obsession is truly its own form of brainrot.

No. 1341589

Dunno, I didn't look too closely. Definitely not ESL at least and my point still stands in general. Trooning out is a "free to bully anyone" card.

No. 1341594

Nah, it's confirmation bias.

No. 1341595

>we're so used to being dominated by men in everything
Um, are we? There's a vocal minority of loser men in the West resentful precisely because they can't control us. Unless I'm wrong and you live outside the West, you're not oppressed. So pathetic to allow losers to get into your head like that.
>it's all fake… you're just helping them coom
Some of you really need to grasp that women can be into weird shit.

No. 1341602

>tranny attacking an esl minimum pay worker

of course

No. 1341607

>you're not oppressed
oh great we're back to the "misogyny isn't real in the west" shit while men can strangle their gfs to death and get away with it saying it was nothing but a sex game gone wrong and other damn bullshit like you haven't noticed what's happened in texas and poland lately

dumbass but yeah i bet women are gonna girl boss their way out of abortion bans and being killed without people caring about it

No. 1341619

Welcome back from your timeout. Maybe you should consider not derailing this time, before you post your tradwife "not all men, just the gay and brown ones" takes.

No. 1341622

you are wrong

whatever this crettin is, its also wrong

No. 1341625

Right! Just because we're not burned with acid for going to school doesn't mean we're still shrugged at when some moid stalks us. Oh but get a restraining order! I actually know many therapists who recommend not doing that because a restraining order either makes the stalking more nefarious or can get a woman killed.

This moid really thought he was doing the big reveal. "HOW COULD ANYONE MISGENDER ME?!?!" The narcissism. This poor hispanic man isn't fucking blind. Don't ask him an honest opinion.

No. 1341626

The worst thing about you freaks who are into men beating the shit out of you is that you can't just shut the fuck up about it. Normal people will always think you are weird and gross and sick in the head. All this bullshit about "noooo don't kinkshame me" is so fucking dumb. You need to be shamed, you deserve to be shamed and you should be ASHAMED. Keep it to yourself ffs.

No. 1341628

File: 1633453454213.jpeg (461.56 KB, 828x1088, 67DA615D-511C-466B-88D4-ECF08D…)

What’s with these moids and using black metal as a preface to preface their weird fetish names. Gross. As if black metal isn’t full of homophobes obsessed with tradition that would fucking hate them Lmao

No. 1341630

File: 1633453504118.jpeg (487.12 KB, 828x936, 73502A10-5D55-456D-8057-9C38FB…)

One more because this moid posts selfies every day. I wish I had his confidence

No. 1341633

Are all the guys with long hair who were into metal, DND and big titty goff gfs in the early 2000s trannies now?

No. 1341638

File: 1633454628665.png (440.58 KB, 738x558, discord.png)

before and after joining an anime discord

No. 1341644

mostly edgyness as a factor, I dount these moids could handle anything too extreme but like the aesthetic without, TIMs are just posers lamo
I don't know about that but almost metal head I knew ended up joining the army, becoming jesus freaks and a lot ended up boring middle of the road liberal

No. 1341646

File: 1633455421193.webm (2.64 MB, 480x600, Mistr Amane.webm)

No. 1341654

Is he physically disabled? Or is it only the make up, the wig, the brackets and the inexistent chin?

No. 1341655

lmfao, does he write his own name and die?

No. 1341658

You didn't feel the need to spoiler this? Kill yourself
Can I assume he's singing to his chin?

No. 1341670

File: 1633457293317.png (549.88 KB, 671x548, chrome_2021-09-26_18-09-44.png)


No. 1341687

They can never take care of their hair properly it always looks fried

No. 1341688

File: 1633458227357.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1780, Screenshot_20211005-131515~2.p…)

Just two guys in the woman's bathroom asking to touch dicks, what are you meanie terfs worried about?! /s

No. 1341691

Estrogen and hormones blockers mainly, idk how they got convinced that this will somehow cure their balding

No. 1341692

I won't be surprised if we some women's bathrooms get turned into glory holes, and no one will be allowed to complain.

No. 1341694

>Ackshually, women aren't oppressed at all in the west
>Umm, you do realize women can be coomers too??
It smells like ball sweat here

No. 1341697

You're delusional, boy. You're losing your mind.

No. 1341750

>Nikita Dragun

And Blaire white. And EdenTheDDoll. lol

I really don't understand why these troons don't see how fucking ridiculous they look when they get the hip/butt implants, they look disgusting. I can understand the chest implants even though they also look gross on them but the hip/butt thing is arguably much more laughably bad.

No. 1341752

File: 1633465121184.webm (3.35 MB, 640x1140, IMG_7162.webm)

Captioned "and that's how I raised her to be my twin". This shit is revolting

No. 1341755

Skinwalking your tween sister obsessively online is definitely normal and not alarming male behavior at all.

No. 1341757

These types of men also blame the trans madness on feminists or ask shit like “where are the feminists?” but bash on radfems all day and act like it’s somehow the conservatives who care about women’s rights. Whenever some tranny gets outed for being a degenerate they always praise right wingers for bringing it to attention, like the whole Jonathan Yaniv case was first documented by the radfem Gallus Mag on her blog. But they act like radfems are irrelevant and do nothing unlike “noble conservative men”.

No. 1341760

It demonstrates how little right wing moids even know or truly care about this shit. The “where are the feminists?” question infuriates me because Janice Raymond was writing about how trannies would destroy women’s rights in the 1970s but all those right wing moids at the time would have gladly sexually assaulted radical feminists to “put them in their place”. They keep acting like they care so much about women’s rights even though they support ideologies which keep to the status quo of women being inferior to men. They’re happy that radfems bash troons but hate that radfems write critically about men in general. It’s common to see these rightoid scrotes on 4chan say “I agree with their TE but I hate their RF”.

No. 1341761

This is reddit they’re probably all trannys anyways

No. 1341763

Thank you for pointing this out anon, it's so fucking annoying. There have been lots of feminists who have spoke out on the trans crap, Magdalen Berns was one of the prominent feminists who was speaking out against this crap (RIP). But people (men) don't care, they just want to find any excuse they can to blame feminists because they hate non-compliant women that much.

>Jonathan Ysniv

This too! It really shits me when I hear people say things like Blaire white was the one who "exposed" when he didn't do shit, he just parroted more or less the same things that Gallus Mag and Meghan Murphy said when they were writing and warning people about him months before Blaire did that "debate" and yet this man is getting the credit for the work that feminists did? FOH.

No. 1341769

The thing that's really depressing about this too is that right-wing spaces are the only spaces where radfems & gc feminists can even get a platform on to speak. We can't depend on the left because they're so far gone with the trans cult and they try to silence, bash, and no-platform any woman (or gay man from what I've seen) who doesn't swallow trans dogma.

And then these troons bitch and try to pigeon hole these women who go on these right-wing platforms and say these women are conservative because of it when it isn't true at all.

No. 1341776

shut the fuck up, sis.

No. 1341780

>misogyny doesn’t exist in the west
Not this shit again.

No. 1341783

Sometimes Western moids will threaten Western women by telling them they should be “grateful” to live in the West because it’s not as bad as somewhere like the Middle East and they claim “Western men gave you the right to vote and other women’s rights”.

No. 1341799

>Young girl with a much older brother starts going through puberty
>He starts distancing himself from her and being cold or even snippy, seemingly out of nowhere
>She keeps trying to reach out to him because he was nice to her before and she feels isolated
>He reveals he's a troon
>She's grown up online with TWAW rhetoric all around her, so she thinks she'd be evil if she rejected him, even though she's a bit confused and uncomfortable
>He takes the credit for bridging the gap between them and claims that her entire being c9mes secondhand from him
>She can't say anything about this for fear of damaging her family and being labeled a TERF
>Flash forward to the future
>He, the older sibling, continues to rely on her increasingly
>She's terrified that saying no to him will result in a tantrum that ruins her life (labeled as a TERF, doxxed, employer called, etc)
>She can't do anything about this because the only people who would be sympathetic to her are people her brother and Twitter tell her are evil and that she should never read anything they say
Someone separate these two, ASAP.

No. 1341813

That poor fucking man, he just wants to do his job.

No. 1341817

If he was envious of her all the time he probably wasn't nice to her at any point, just a cretin. And she is most probably okay eith this now because she thinks having a tranny brother is so cool and progressive, like a gay friend with long bleached hair and a choker.

No. 1341820

I’m the top middle one judging the one next to me for being ugly even though I am only marginally less hideous

No. 1341823

One of Dave Chappelles most popular comedy routines is the story of how he fucked an mtf. He never really clarified if it's true or not, but I'd believe it

No. 1341831

anyone who believes otherwise is coping honestly

No. 1341832

I hope women will be able to kick his wound hole if they ever see that happening in the fucking washroom.

No. 1341835

"What about me looks like a sir"?

No. 1341851

He's been trawling for a confrontation over the name on his credit card for years.

No. 1341855

File: 1633474312599.jpg (39.14 KB, 1102x224, 34324.JPG)

Why so many of them Nazis lmao

No. 1341857

wtf I'd be so creeped out if I had a brother like that.

No. 1341858

File: 1633474576148.jpg (48.2 KB, 720x500, E7PtwVBXIA0fvSr.jpg)

No. 1341861

File: 1633474939361.jpg (356.81 KB, 1170x1048, 3283210983.jpg)

Rightwing trannoids on /tttt/ are the most insane.

No. 1341862

File: 1633475064183.jpg (343.67 KB, 1170x899, 56542352.jpg)

No. 1341863

File: 1633475113337.jpg (38.39 KB, 585x396, 43423.JPG)

And the fucking response to this lmaooo

No. 1341864

File: 1633475544031.jpg (61.72 KB, 593x454, 454352.JPG)

They're launching an investigation into the employee now wtf

No. 1341884

File: 1633477921457.jpg (89.83 KB, 756x796, Screenshot_20211005-164613.jpg)

>What would you assume looking at me?
>I assume you are a man. Ok?
Kek based Sonic manager. He was trying so hard to be nice and the troon kept pushing him until he snapped. It's also funny that after so many people called the troon out for harassing an immigrant, he clapped back by claiming to be one himself. Before changing his name to Torres, his surname was Schell and both of his parents are white.

No. 1341885

Troonery and racefaking go hand-in-hand.

No. 1341886

File: 1633478012376.png (325.62 KB, 1198x1430, 9813483941724.png)

He's getting ratio'd on his pinned tweet though. good to see people not affirming his delusions

No. 1341889

So he is trying to LARP as some type of spicy Latina lmao

No. 1341890

File: 1633478421291.jpg (123.84 KB, 827x1284, cwWEAQnk_h.jpg)

Why are so many bisexual males like this.

No. 1341891

A communist Muslim?

No. 1341893

He/they-ism is pretty common among bisexual moids. I don't really see a whole lot trooning out though, because most just end up as chasers.

No. 1341895

Wtf if you're bisexual man then you're already GNC because heterosexuality is a part of gender conformity. Unless he was one of those bi men that deeply represses all the attraction he has for men and only wants to be with straight women.

No. 1341903

Being bisexual doesn't make you automatically GNC anon.

No. 1341905

What do you think being GNC even means

No. 1341906

Lol what? Having same-sex attraction and engaging in same-sex relations is a super GNC trait.

No. 1341909

File: 1633479735942.jpg (50.27 KB, 560x746, noel rosa.jpg)

No. 1341911

I guess I'm just dumb as fuck but you can conform to literally every stereotype of being a male but only being bi makes you Gender Non Conforming?

No. 1341918

Being a bisexual is going to affect a man's ability to conform to gender expectations much more than not liking sports.

No. 1341920

You do know that gender is about creating a hierarchy imposed on the sexes and that heterosexual relations are a huge part of enforcing gender?

No. 1341922

Tbh no, I don't.

No. 1341925

Anon, the very root of patriarchy goes back to men needing to control women's reproductive ability.

No. 1341931

I'm gonna shut up after this because I'm not trying to shit up the thread. I understand that gender roles are harmful, especially to women but I don't understand stand how just being bi makes you gender non conforming. I'm bi and if I was to conform in every other way with doing make up and dressing/acting feminine I wouldn't call myself gender non conforming just because I'm bi

No. 1341933

Because you like the same sex? Nothing about attraction to the same sex is ever going to be gender conforming. Nobody is ever 100% gender conforming but not being straight is not only GNC but also highly stigmatized, especially if you're homosexual.

No. 1341938

Does anyone have any information about the feminist reading group that admitted women and "non-binary" people (just women lite) but they wouldn't allow a non-binary moid in?

No. 1341944

Kek that's hilarious I think it demonstrates how everybody knows 90% of enbies are female.

No. 1341948

based terf reading group kek

No. 1341949

>it's still up and relatively untouched
>tranny getting asspats for "fluffy"
>larping as a kawaii japanese ninja snake girl
The jokes write themselves honestly

No. 1341955

This kind of shit is why I stopped working in food service. If a customer is a shitheel, you get in trouble no matter how much you try to accommodate them.

No. 1341958

It seems like it’s happening more often too, everyone wants their minute of attention on tiktok

No. 1341960

it was a libefem reading group that only allowed "non-men" (normal women, female enbies, and TIMs). they still got cancelled for assuming that all enbies were "AFAB".

No. 1341965

I am joking anon

No. 1341967

Young female athletes have filed a lawsuit after ‘demoralizing’ experience of being forced to compete against biological males.

Doctor says transition procedures on children has gone too far.

Looking forward seeing more female athletes speaking out

No. 1341976

>biological males
I wish the media could just say "men". There;s no such thing as a biologically male woman.

No. 1341977

Lmao the video where he is explaining himself. Why does he pucker his lips after every pause? It’s disgusting.

No. 1341980

just found his instagram, following ALOT of trannies

No. 1342007

File: 1633489866896.png (29.01 KB, 300x176, Eric-Edward-Schell-300x176.png)

I think he mightve been adopted and changed his name to his natal parents surname. He looks lightskin mestizo. Either way harassing that Sonic manager is punching way the fuck down and the fact that he'd compare their statuses as immigrants shows just how obsessed with labels and unaware of material reality these types of people are

No. 1342014

I'm indigenous and most lightskin mestizos have a similar social status to whites. In their home countries they shit all over indigenous people because they are part European but whenever any of these fuckers immigrate to the US they end up playing up their indigeneity.

No. 1342055

Do you know what is the worse part of all of that situation? She is going to remain very cute and womanly while he will not so the hate will just end up coming back again. Men don't age like women and her brother can have all the surgery and treatments done but his sister will always look better and natural.

No. 1342058

File: 1633495161823.jpg (58.19 KB, 599x725, 785de0a1000eef4ca296ad82f28a94…)

>whenever any of these fuckers immigrate to the US they end up playing up their indigeneity.
they don't need to move to usa either to do that tbh

No. 1342063

communist muslims are/were a thing. in fact, from the 1950s-ish to the 1970s there was a very big revivl of "pan-arabist nationalism" that went hand in hand with the ideology of "islamic socialism/communism" in arabic countries mostly, but it also spead among muslims in general. nowadays it's looked upon as a huge failure and almost taboo to talk about in some parts. especially in communities that have been harmed/stamped out by the pan-islamic-arab-socialism movement such as the copts, berbers, etc.
100% this guy knows nothing about that though, and is just calling himself a muslim communist to sound more Woke(TM). i wish all these woke western muslim converts would come spend some time here in egypt aka hell and see what's it's really like.

sage for absolute sperg and islamfagging

No. 1342065

very ot but god i fucking hate that they're trying to make "non-men" a thing, i saw someone define lesbianism as non-men that like non-men and it makes me so mad why do they need to make everything about them

No. 1342067

that's been going around for a bit, it's actually insane to me how fast they're able to change the definitions of things.

No. 1342069

File: 1633496380158.png (2.46 MB, 1536x2048, image_2021-10-06_005650.png)

Reminds me of how the frontman of liturgy trooned out a year ago or so. I agree it is mainly for edge points because most black metal fans would find this repulsive aside for the anitfa soyboys. I don't really see women who like black metal dressing up this way commonly, let alone be caught doing the uwu e-girl larp. so it makes you think.

No. 1342150

sage for off topic but there are people who are born physically female but biologically male

No. 1342153

That's wild, thanks for posting.

Subsuming intersex conditions/activism into their degenerate sex movement is another of the TiMs' crimes. These people have their own struggles and injustices they face. It must be infuriating to be intersex and see trannies claim you're a tranny (and many trannies lie and say they're intersex, which further cements the association in public perception).

No. 1342156

Tinfoil theory: they started calling lesbians non men that like non men to specifically push out FTMs who 'identify' as men (but can actually be lesbians because they are female) but include male troons. More splintering of the actual lesbian community and unnececarily dividing women

No. 1342157

Thought: "Man" is still allowed to mean something, whereas "woman" is butchered beyond comprehension. The new words they make up are just utter nonsense. As a result, "man" is the only gender they can still use for definitions that people can make sense of.

No. 1342165

Intersex being blended into LGBT fake activism has been the most infuriating thing over the past few years. Most intersex people would be fuckin cis anyway, since they're assigned a gender at birth anyway, so AFAB and AMAB still applies.
It is a completely separate issue to be intersex. There is no actual similarity between being intersex and trans, especially since most changes done to their bodies happens at birth and they have no real input on.
Most trans activists fail to realize, you will not be able to tell someone is intersex. It is not based on public perception or emotions. Most people don't realize they're intersex until they're dead and gone and their bodies are being examined. It's a really frustrating topic that since there's so little ACTUAL information or actual activists being listened to, it's just resorted to "Intersex is apart of the trans umbrella". Also the flag is ugly as sin but most flags are.

No. 1342167

File: 1633505759376.jpg (177.08 KB, 720x781, 20211006_083934.jpg)

Rodya/@transtrend3r is the latest troon to prove that they're actually rotten to the core. Imagine claiming to be a woman but using a genuine problem that way too many women face as a weapon against the people who you are trying to become. Not gonna lie I've been lurking Twitter a lot more lately and I'm FASCINATED by how casually they will just tweet out about hoping someone gets sexually violated

No. 1342171

I've been into trannies for more than a year now, but I still haven't gotten used to seeing tweets like that. It's so depraved and vile. I just can't.

No. 1342172

from what i've seen intersex people are really upset about being lumped in with trans people by trans people, it only reinforces the idea that they aren't their gender just because something is medically wrong with them. It further proves troons are only looking out for themselves and don't care who they hurt.

it's because they are male, and this is how unhinged deranged men act

No. 1342179

>because of my identity

No it's because you Tweet threats of sexual violence to strangers, oxygen stealer

No. 1342180

I agree from what I've seen too - it's just that so many lie about being intersex (or for well intentioned yet misinformed women, confuse it for PCOS) that this has been spread around so much. It's just sad that intersex is automatically labeled as a trans issue and this lie has spread too much to be properly dealt with now.
Imagine posting this shit and saying someone being raped by their dad is easier to you destroying your body on purpose.
It always come down to them to "IDC I'm hot and I pass!!" no one brought it up and if you were you wouldn't need to constantly post about it.
>morally superior
>made an incestuous, pedo rape joke at a woman

No. 1342181

>Train people in how to affirm us

The male entitlement is strong with this one

No. 1342183

Changing personality traits and political views this fast screams personality disorder

No. 1342185

If you are both gender nonconforming AND trans, does that mean you don't conform with your new gender, or does it mean you don't conform to your old gender? In one case it's redundant, in the other it negates the whole thing.

No. 1342189

File: 1633508584507.jpg (93.25 KB, 729x920, lol.jpg)

>moscow fags picking up american trans shit
lol very oppressed by women in the most liberal city in Russia, sure.

he's filtered to oblivion on instagram, he's just another envious twink who caught the trans virus.

No. 1342192

File: 1633508953534.jpeg (505.71 KB, 2254x1417, B4F010B2-12E4-4F02-8035-0E63D0…)

No. 1342195

He's kinda cute, rip. I suspect he's a channer as most trans women are, we got the self-hating gay and woman-hating down
I think the trans trend might be over sooner than we expect with shit like this hitting the news.

No. 1342196

Like the other Anon said, the surprising this is not the content of the article, but that this is in the news, and that it's written in such a matter of fact way. Are there social media responses by troons?


Oh, never mind.

No. 1342206

Lol Americans seem to think anyone from Latin America is non-white by default. I've seen them say Guillermo del Toro is a "POC". They will hear surnames like "Gomez" and think it's an "ethnic" surname, or think that Latinos having a lot of body hair is some sort of "ethnic" trait. Mediterranean people like Spaniards are among the hairiest in the world whereas indigenous Americans are notoriously hairless. And of course they never would have had surnames like "Gomez" prior to colonization.

No. 1342233

He is so disgusting, you could tell he loved having an excuse to air all his fetishes and anger out on women for hours.

No. 1342240

no but the early 2010's blackgaze trednies grew out the nazi youth cuts and trooned out

No. 1342251

File: 1633519819374.jpg (1.67 MB, 2560x1920, 21-10-06-12-27-52-808_deco.jpg)

Megamind trooned out

No. 1342252

I always find it amusing asf that troons look more masculine after trooning out. The coomer eyes and balding massive forheads is a plus too.

No. 1342256

Nvm, thyroid imbalance causes hairloss and liver damage apparently, but somehow HRT is ok. Explains why these trannies look 10 years older than they are and have homeless man hair. The only ones with nice hair are the Middle eastern/Mediterranean trannies. Blaire white uses hair extensions and despite this you can tell that his own hair (which is really short) on top of his head is the same frizzy, dry, oily mess as these men.

No. 1342257

in this modern day of instathots where it seems like feminity is performative it's nice to see that, actually… it really isn't. Women look good in makeup and feminine clothes because we use it to accentuate and highlight our female features, so when men do it it instead just accentuates their very male features, making them look even more male. It only somewhat "works" when they cake on heavy makeup that hides their real features (such as stage makeup or drag), but that looks so out of place in real life that it makes them stand out on its own too. They can't win kek

No. 1342262

Isn't it strange how female humans are accentuating their physical features to seem more attractive to males when practically every other animal species has the males do that for the females instead lol

No. 1342269

Men are such failures, they can't even properly perform their evolutionary duty like the males of other species can.

No. 1342272

every time I come to this thread I see something that makes me want to kill all men and myself.

No. 1342279

File: 1633522833520.jpg (71.5 KB, 801x799, if-men-flirted-like-birds-2-98…)

Men should all be more like this comic.


No. 1342288

Men have controlled reproduction for thousands of years and too many inferior moids have been given the chance to pass on their genes which lowers the overall quality of the male sex. I've always seen marriage as a plot to reduce male-male competition for mates by providing most males access to at least one female baby making machine (who ends up having her sexuality massively restricted to ensure the paternity of the children).

No. 1342294

I've always been annoyed by this. Men have the more extraneous features like greater muscle mass, deeper voice, and more body hair…yet everyone thinks a woman's only value lies in her physical appearance while they let men get away with looking like shit.

No. 1342300

So many moids think they have a "right" to children and keep quoting evopsych bullshit to justify everything they believe in even though most male mammals in nature are unsuccessful at passing down their genes. Literally only the best males get the chance to have offspring. Men are lucky compared to the males of other species because such a huge proportion of men do get to breed, even though they shouldn't.

No. 1342306

I think it was Greer who had a hilariously on the ball take about this, she said something about how trannies' desperate attempts to skinwalk femininity just ends up enhancing their masculine features in an extremely jarring and repulsive way kek. Something like that

No. 1342322

Just check out the tradthot thread, they’re all chimping out over there because one anon said she was adopting a child without a moid involved. Excess moids used to die in wars, now they sit in basements and sperg online about how they’re owed wives and kids.

No. 1342330

you from egypt, anon? strange to see a fellow egyptian here, i see you’re having fun esp with 6 of october being today kek

No. 1342332

File: 1633531198245.png (339.82 KB, 834x452, 54650456.png)

Not her but have you seen the tranny episodes on the show Heya Msh Fawda? nobody likes to admit it but the Middle East has a big tranny problem

No. 1342333

Bisexuals in general are very likely to have eating disorders, mental health issues and suffer DV(though this might just be bisexual women) compared to homosexuals and heterosexuals. Trooning out is touted as a cure-all solution for mental health issues, so it's not terribly surprisng that so many bisexuals troon out.

No. 1342335

Tell us about Middle East's big tranny problem.

No. 1342343

Second. I’m very curious to hear about how tranny issues are manifesting in Middle East.

No. 1342349

You notice how ALL of them say they’re sub/sub leaning in their dating profiles? Is it possible to just say ‘subs/people into weird kink binaries don’t interact’? Seems like a good way to weed out troons without being called twansphobic

No. 1342359

You would be “kinkshaming” and a “subphobique” or some shit. But it’s worth trying, you could say you’re not into bdsm bullshit and that you just want a normal relationship.

No. 1342365


It's mostly that men can't tell that these are men, they genuinely believe a vagina is just a hole so if a man grows his hair out and gets an axe wound then that must be a vagina or if they see a picture of a filtered tranny "she's a girl but Allah created her with a penis", this is because the over whelming majority of men are not educated, sex ed does not exist and if it does it only brushes the surface "woman period dirty, man penis", they know almost nothing about how chromosomes, testosterone or estrogen work.

They all do sex work and when men get aids they blame it on women since they don't know they were fucking a tranny, in Iran they're a little more educated on the tranny stuff since being a troon is allowed there and from what I've noticed men are more aware that that's a tranny.

Women can tell a man is a man but when you say anything it's brushed off as jealousy, I would say it's not as bad as western countries, just the STDs.

No. 1342366

Personally I wouldn’t trust the media with anything here. They’re just looking for high ratings. I don’t think there’s specifically a trans problem—that’s just local shows looking for traffic—but there’s definitely something with terminally online zoomers adopting American “gender culture” (best way I can word it, kek). What the fuck is a she/hers? You’re a Saudi.

No. 1342373

Definitely no where near as bad as America, I had a conversation with an Iraq incel he was one of those "educated" ones who thinks women are becoming more masculine and men are becoming more feminine (insert femboy troon pic), that is the danger or problem about the tranny thing, it's that men are stupid.

No. 1342384

I’m going to even go further and say the whole “men are feminine, women are masculine” here isn’t even true. It’s a purely online phenomenon. Sure, the online doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and is in a continuous feedback loop with the offline, but at least HERE the weak minority will succumb to the majority and adopt their ways, and your online retard LARPing as an American fem catboy or whatever will log off and go giggle with his mates while they call women whores for protesting sexual harassment or something.

That’s the thing with importing American trends and thoughts—you do not have the appropriate paradigm to operate with said trends in. Adopting American trends that aren’t suitable with current organic dynamics will only make things more retarded. These ideas aren’t informed by our material conditions, and thus they can only be used purely online. In the real world, here at least, they are contextless and adrift, purely a foreign imported product.

No. 1342398

This is a pretty insightful post. Thanks, anon.

No. 1342400

File: 1633538711424.jpg (48.27 KB, 779x556, FA-_oPcVcAo_B_v.jpg)

No. 1342421

kek harassing not only the working class but also a downtrodden latino.. I wish for once these men get kicked down by their political allies for things like this. A few trans women beat up a young black girl a while back and I remember everyone saying she shouldn't have been transphobic. No idea how people don't see that males got ultimate precedence in the hierarchy by being males.

No. 1342423

File: 1633541705044.jpg (33.94 KB, 696x392, untitled-6.jpg)

Reminds me of our own local tranny, Sofia Talouni who is actually quite based.

> Used to live stream with Moroccan gay men he knows IRL and publicly outs them if they refused to admit it.

> Thinks women are superior because of their sex and have more value to society than men.
> Wants to protect women from the harms of closeted gay men.
> He used to "interview" other trannies on his Live and basically leads them to admit they're men/women based on their real sex.
> Doesn't take HRT, still has his male name and real sex on his government ID.
> Knows he's a man and doesn't believe in the gender identity crap, probably doesn't even know of it.
> Uses she/he like a drag queen.

The media made it sound like Sofia was this self-hating homophobe outing these poor gay men in a country where they would be persecuted, but in reality his goals were to expose gay men who marry unsuspecting women for protection and cheat on them with men, mistreat them and transmit STDs. And to normalize being gay by showing to the ignorant Moroccan society that any man can be gay, not just the effeminate ones.


No. 1342426

no trannies are based.

No. 1342428

I wouldn't call this one a tranny.

No. 1342436

"Not like other trannies" trannies are the fucking worst. At least other trannies somehow got the excuse of being deluded. If you are self-aware that you are a man who can never become a woman you should stay a man and not try to present as a woman. Or even more based: jump off a cliff.

No. 1342445

nta but there's a world of difference between the person anon describes there and, well most of the people featured in this thread. If denial of biological reality, perversion, assault and threats weren't such a huge issue in the community there wouldn't even need a thread.
This person reminds me a lot more of the 00s transexuals who did not deny their birth sex, did not try and invade female spaces or assault them, and were otherwise unproblematic.

No. 1342448

I don’t think the way to normalise gay men is by outing them.
Iirc being trans isn’t haram, what I keep reading is that it wasn’t a taboo until the British came. You can transition just fine in Egypt but you need permission, it’s very transmen tho. I think in other MENA countries its the same thing. There’s obviously a lack of sex ed and who knows when schools will teach it.
It’s kind of annoying how a lot of queer/lgbt arabs adopt American talking points mindlessly. The amount of he/theys I see on twitter just because they’re not masculine or aren’t ‘manly’ is so depressing.

No. 1342450

Graham is definitely closet AGP.

No. 1342452

>in reality his goals were to expose gay men who marry unsuspecting women for protection and cheat on them with men, mistreat them and transmit STDs
I doubt it. Our western "based" trannies are just attention whores playing to a different audience than their "unbased" counterparts. I assume this is the same: No conviction or morals, throwing people under the bus for applause. I don't believe a single word coming out of a tranny's mouth.

No. 1342457

Transmed not transmen*

No. 1342460

This was a take that I wasn't expecting. I don't read his shit, but I know he's weirdly obsessed with anti troonism for a moid, and clearly not necessarily for the benefit of women. You have me intrigued.

No. 1342464

Nta but the way he can't take criticism and talks over lesbians gives me narc rage vibes. He's embarrassing

No. 1342467

File: 1633545793156.jpeg (201.08 KB, 828x1253, 8C5FA14D-140F-457C-9186-5C556C…)


No. 1342469

Wow, this is an extremely male body. Also, he's fat. Troons can't even take advantage of the lower fat storage and higher muscle gain that they have as males, they're so lazy.

No. 1342475

I think a lot of troons end up gaining weight not just because of the hormones, but because they think it will give them more “feminine curves” or whatever. Instead they just look like fat dudes with long hair.

No. 1342482

Yep, they believe the myth that they'll suddenly have double spaced hips with fat deposits in all the "sexy" places. All that ever happens is moob cones and beer guts. They believe the shooping trannies on 4chan, Twitter and Instagram just came off three years of E looking like that without any other alteration, irl or digitally.
>can produce milk
Just because you've increased the hormones required to lactate doesn't mean you produce literal milk or anything of nutritional value. Typically it takes x4 as long to pump and that shit ends up looking either like water or fermenting white rice. Men think that the useless lactate they leak sometimes is really on par with the miracle that is women's breast milk just because it comes from boobs. Try feeding a child with that calcium water and watch how fast that little thing starves to death. Absolute delusion. I pray these defects never have children they try to feed because they will die or become terribly disabled if they do survive on that lactate alone.

No. 1342486

>can produce milk
Cancer soon inshallah

No. 1342487

4chan has ruined a generation of men

No. 1342488

File: 1633547701818.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1080, 1633547490789.png)

Kek. He did the meme.

No. 1342503

4chan ruined all of our lives anon

No. 1342514

The coy agp smirk never fails to set off my fight or flight. He tries so hard but my instincts screech creep kek.

No. 1342529

Speak for yourself, scrote.

No. 1342545

You don't have to be one, young girls get groomed by channers all the time. Then they move there and go through bad shit. Don't be retarded.

No. 1342553

I don't think there are many biological females on 4chan. The "girls" that post there are all trannies. Why would women want to go on a site that is 99% porn and 1% seething incels? Like eating shit for fun. If you're a woman and you visit 4chan more than once you were already fucked up to begin with, sorry.

No. 1342560

Nta but you sound like a condescending moid yourself. There are women on 4chan, if you had actually been there you would know.

No. 1342572

An old friend/classmate of mine fits this exact description. Surprise, he announced he’s a troon this year. What the fuck?

No. 1342578

4chan is full of women and girls, unfortunately

No. 1342598

Because they get groomed on different sites and those men link them to porn and other "cool" stuff on 4chan? Of course little girls wouldn't choose to go there unless they were unfortunately curious or introduced by scrote pedos who wanted to normalize their sickness and prepare their next victim. Many such cases. Don't be so condescending and dismissive of other women's experiences.

No. 1342606

>Because they get groomed on different sites and those men link them to porn and other "cool" stuff on 4chan?
In my experience they go to 4chan because it's a big forum that covers a wide range of interests. The site gets worse each year, but it used to be okay.

>Of course little girls wouldn't choose to go there unless they were unfortunately curious or introduced by scrote pedos who wanted to normalize their sickness and prepare their next victim.

You sound like a pedophile or larping tranny (not mutually exclusive).

>Don't be so condescending and dismissive of other women's experiences.

Pot calling the kettle black.

No. 1342608

There are plenty of women on 4chan, nona. You sound like someone who never touched the site. Some girls just go on there to post about media and hobbies, not everything is about scrotes.

No. 1342621

Lmao you believe the trannies posting on Coomchan are women.

No. 1342623

There’s no major difference in eating disorders in bisexual women when compared with homosexual and heterosexual women. Bisexual men do have a higher rate of eating disorders than either homosexual or heterosexual men though.

No. 1342625

>This person reminds me a lot more of the 00s transexuals who did not deny their birth sex, did not try and invade female spaces or assault them, and were otherwise unproblematic.
Kek this is nonsense. Radfems have been writing about trannies invading women’s spaces since the 1970s and Michfest been controversial since 1991 because it wouldn’t let TIMs in.

No. 1342626

I'm a woman and I occasionally post on 4chan, I see other woman there too. The ratio is like 90/10 but there are women on there.

No. 1342627

Boards like /pol/ and the porn ones are almost exclusively male unsurprisingly, but boards dedicated to hobbies have a definite female presence. Troon posters are immediately identifiable, since they act nothing like actual women and have very typical male interests to boot

No. 1342629

This sparks joy

No. 1342630

There’s definitely a lot of women on 4chan. They all act ax misogynistic as possible to blend in with the males which is why any woman who says she is a 4chan regular is going to give huge pickme vibes.

No. 1342631

/soc/ is full of camwhores looking to pound 4chan scrotes so…

No. 1342635

Lolcow came from /cgl/ banning any gossip, like pixyteri, kotakoti, Nigri, sage for derail

No. 1342652

> The amount of he/theys I see on twitter just because they’re not masculine or aren’t ‘manly’ is so depressing.

This. Oh my god, this drives. Me. Insane. It drives me insane. You know it’s worse here because almost every girl wishes she was a boy, and so they cut their hair a little short and say they don’t like pink glittery shit and are now he/theys. Worse thing is they’re still incredibly feminine in essence, they just want to LARP and opt out. Identifying as he won’t make things better for anyone; in real life, you’ll still be treated the exact same. And since they can’t terrorise everyday people into saying their correct pronouns, it is a purely online phycological issue, “hehe the things men say here don’t apply to me because I was a he all along.”

No. 1342670

there are real women there, and they are fucked up. they are the kind of male identified women who will fuck over the girls in their family and die with a dick in their mouth.

No. 1342672

Sage for /ot/ but i'm not a pick me at all and go on /pol/ daily because it's always the first place for big happenings around the world, I barely post there though.

No. 1342680

Did you suddenly forget about spoony, mystery,crispy and all the other women tripfags that would publicly post on there? Have you heard of /cgl/ or /y/?

No. 1342693

There are female populations on almsot all the boards, if not all of them. Women particularly hang out on the hobby boards, because a lot of the time, they can't find other places that allow for unfiltered posting, or places with as large a userbase. It's why I go there, a lot of places that discuss my interests are either horrid Twitter wokeshit or dead forums, and 4chan moves fast on many boards. Besides, lolcow came from /cgl/. How do you not know this?

No. 1342697

There are plenty of normal women who use 4chan. What the hell? 4chan has never been a boys-only club, the men there just choose to believe otherwise. I've made a lot of female friends through 4chan, and they're all lovely.

I swear moot made some sort of advertisement guideline list years ago and the gender ratio was something like 70/30. Not sure if I have that screenshot though, and I'm not able to look for it right now.

No. 1342698

Plus /cgl/ and /cm/ are female majority if anything, probably by a large margin, and /y/ seems like a pretty even split between fujos and gay/bi men. Even /a/ and /vg/ have a pretty large female presence

No. 1342699

There are absolute tons of women on /vg/.

Let's not forget /cm/.

No. 1342701

File: 1633562332251.webm (2.25 MB, 768x426,