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File: 1508782408558.png (736.68 KB, 497x642, 675521B4-F100-41FB-B615-871F49…)

No. 408269

previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik [DL][Archived Copy])
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight' (Who broke up with her)
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan
>still lying about making 'enough money to pay rent' (while asking Louise for $$) and about being supportive to her followers
>interviewed by cbc.ca about internet popularity in her basement room
>"would call herself lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick"
>started streaming on younow for money
>Colin broke up with her, now dating girls only through tinder
>Got a tattoo of her cat after getting told her wand plan was a bad idea and throwing a fit about it
>Full time youtuber now
>Got into a crappy fashion/design school close to mommy


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 408402

File: 1508795646267.jpeg (78.84 KB, 617x497, 9122D02A-9F88-4ECC-9200-7242D9…)

I can’t wait to see how Jill manages to make this look hideous (I only voted the ugliest option to see what the poll consensus was)

No. 408433

with her sense shes probably gonna spray paint it

No. 408464

>rainbow drawers

I swear to god Jill is like that disgusting horse/dolphin phase girl, just as a mentally challenged adult

No. 408526

File: 1508806000635.png (266.32 KB, 380x352, 2342340934.png)

this isn't the same dresser that has glitter on it is it? i'm hoping not since it's already white and pink (maybe she means a different pink though?) if it is knowing her she wont sand the old paint or glitter off it first.

No. 408534

File: 1508807695662.jpeg (192.63 KB, 640x852, 536ECB3B-A4D6-4A11-93B4-FEA93B…)

She’s already started painting it

No. 408587

File: 1508813632773.jpeg (227.74 KB, 750x615, 695CC6A6-130C-4A30-BCFB-4F768E…)

Of course she uses Neptune as the photo…

No. 408591

She said drawers though, not doors, and multiple drawers. Unless she's retarded, which, in that case it's propably that and I highly doubt she'll try to remove any layers of sand. Just slather on layer after layer.

No. 408595

did Jill even get that far in sailor moon???

No. 408622

Jill holy shit
I don't know why this is triggering me so much. Maybe because it's a fucking costume? Does wearing a short wig make you less femme suddenly? Are you sure it's not just because you're getting FAT
Sage for sperging

No. 408624

It pisses me off how often she reiterates how ~soft and ~femme she is. As if she's more unique than being a butch lesbian or something.

No. 408669

…it's just cosplay. You don't have to be EXACTLY LIKE THE CHARACTER OMG!!! to do it.

Plenty of straight/cis/femme women crossplay as men, what's the difference.

No. 408677

This poser bitch is such a fake lesbian. Pisses off how disrespectful that is to those who really are lesbian and cannot come of the closet because of fear and anxiety.

No. 408698

Jill all you do is edit videos, post ~*aesthetic*~ pictures on instagram, take unnecessary naps and sew if you feel motivated

No. 408699

File: 1508833800601.jpeg (59.93 KB, 640x392, 03A1717E-86DB-4041-962D-3F1E90…)

Dropped pic sorry

No. 408746

File: 1508847789768.jpeg (28.71 KB, 570x256, 0B6BFEA3-45EE-4F02-B749-5F2F05…)

Is this her trying to acknowledge us?

No. 408795

File: 1508855942907.jpg (54.32 KB, 345x375, 9cf9141165d83853ecd70b73de5737…)

Haruka wears masculine casual clothes but she's plenty feminine as Sailor Uranus, dunno why Jill thinks this is an unthinkable cosplay for someone femme

No. 408800


Madoka and Homura are both feminine, but she already created a ton of drama over that meme she made shitting on Madoka Magica despite never watching it lmao

No. 408824

yea srsly, she has no issue with making her other cosplays unrecognizable so this is just another way for her to attention whore about being lez

No. 408831

…has she never heard of classic anime like Maria-sama ga Miteru? It's one of the most well known shoujo ai anime and all the characters are quite feminine.
Actually all of the the popular shoujo ai anime I can think of (Yuru Yuri, Strawberry Panic, Yuri Kuma Arashi, Sakura Trick) have very girly lesbian couples. I'm not even gonna get started on TV shows/movies.
Where the fuck is she looking?

No. 408838

File: 1508861137804.jpg (73.24 KB, 585x372, ss (2017-10-24 at 09.05.24).jp…)

No. 408839

File: 1508861152159.jpg (115.5 KB, 968x622, DM1CabvVwAE32Om.jpg)

No. 408840

File: 1508861167371.jpg (37.41 KB, 513x483, DM1CkxfVwAEW3w0.jpg)

No. 408841

literally only sailor moon has a butch/femme couple that i can think of.

No. 408842

File: 1508861298063.jpg (23.8 KB, 584x199, ss (2017-10-24 at 09.07.57).jp…)

No. 408843

not to defend jill because there are tons of completely femm lesbian couples but the other 2 that come to mind is Utena and Rose Of Versailles

No. 408844

She actually mentioned that she might get a Patreon in the future here lol

No. 408846

LOL what would her rewards even be for patrons??

No. 408847

But even then, Utena looks incredibly feminine. No one would ever look at just her design and think "oh, what a butch lesbian!".
I guess like the other anon mentioned, I don't get what her deal is in the first place?
Like it's just a fucking costume, she doesn't have to identify with the character completely or anything.

No. 408849

Jill using sexuality to be cool and unique is honestly infuriating to me. She even went as far as to call her relationship with Colin gay

No. 408857

sage for OT but what lesbian couple is there in Rose of Versailles

No. 408858

i bet she was hoping colin would come out as mtf for real

No. 408869

For the bargain price of $1000USD, a fabulous party kei, rainbow spray painted circle skirt made exclusively for you by Pixiee!♡

No. 408870

$50 tier - polaroid of one of her fluffy purebred big boys!! uwu

No. 408929


I can buy that Jillian is bisexual/interested in girls but she needs to stop shoving it down people's throats, it's like she lost her fucking mind since the coming out video. Unless it's for comedic effect most people don't mention how totes queer they are on twitter every day.

No. 408984

I've never seen the whole thing, but don't people ship Oscar and Marie? I guess that counts?

No. 409048

File: 1508919317631.jpeg (166.59 KB, 640x907, D6819800-B970-4059-89F1-E37D3B…)

Just when I thought Jill was finally learning how to somewhat properly dress herself, she puts on this shit to show off another *~kitschy brand~* item that will end up on her floor after wearing it twice.

No. 409056

Honestly, this outfit isn't terrible. I'm not a huge fan of the skirt or necklace but I do like the cardigan on her. The hair and eyebrows are terrible and what really make her look like shit imo. I think her style would definitely work more with just one hair color and normal eyebrows.

No. 409057

No, this his horrid. It's incredibly shapeless and makes her look 3x as wide as she is while eliminating any semblance of a shape that she has. So unflattering.

No. 409060

One of her worst for sure… i wishshe had paired this with some skinny jeands and a tight top or whatever. Her whole body looks bloated and it looks like she has massive shoulders/arms….
but whatever… she‘ll wear this 2-3 times and it will never be seen again.

That always makes me remember her expensive as fuck jeans she bought in japan. Wore them once… now they are rotting in her closet.

No. 409075

>I like the cardigan on her

Do you have some kind of inflation/feeder fetish, Lmao? You could change every aspect of this outfit/her hair & eyebrows and the cardigan would still look bad on her - it doesn't suit her body at all.

No. 409081

TBH, I have no fucking idea on how to use that cardigan properly.
I guess it could look pretty on super skinny girls.

No. 409093

It's a thick/wide crop cardigan so ideally you'd wear it with well fitted clothes that slim the rest of your figure and something high waisted. Jill is a stubby, flabby stump so wearing something that's just going to draw attention to that is a no, no matter how you pair it.

It doesn't help that a wide cardigan like that should look loose around the sides of your torso and she pretty much fills it out, partly because her poor clothing choice underneath but also because of those untoned peeptea pounds she's packing.

Part of me wants to believe she does understand what kind of cuts/clothes would flatter her body type and how to wear them, if only because she does the exact opposite so frequently it feels like it must be some kind of intentional parody.

If only she had the brain capacity to think of something like that, and wasn't just a fumbling retard in an empty calories haze trying desperately to take any form of identity.

It's 5am and I'm phone posting so apologies if my sentences got run on, there.

No. 409107

The cardigan is very unflattering but it might still be cute if she paired it differently, don't know why some anons are shitting themselves over this. Absolutely hate the necklace though, even for kid's jewelry it would still look cheap.

No. 409131

The fact that she doesn't even know how to wear a dust mask makes me irrationally annoyed

How is this an issue? Uranus isn't even that masc and also crossdressing is a thing

No. 409134

The make up in this makes me fucking uncomfortabe.

Also it is incredible how unprepared she always is when filming:

>stuff from the 80s

„Haha ooops uwu its not from the 80s“
>fake eyelashes
„Ooopsies they keep fall8mg off teehehehe“


No. 409136

The fuck is she saying at 11:08?
Konnanachi wa??

No. 409154

File: 1508941578306.png (65.1 KB, 750x407, IMG_6112.PNG)

Can't make a video without mentioning the word "gay".

No. 409191

File: 1508950043334.png (115.99 KB, 745x1049, IMG_5539.PNG)

Thought this was relevant

No. 409192

File: 1508950056488.png (98.22 KB, 737x932, IMG_5540.PNG)

No. 409251

That cardigan could look so cute with some high-waisted jeans and like a simple white tank. It's like she can't let statement pieces stand on their own, everything is just so damn extra.

No. 409252

Ok, I know Jillian uses her ''lesbianism'' for attention whoring but isn't it still a queer couple if both of them are bissexual?
not that it matters, anyway

No. 409257

No because despite all their bisexual feelings, a male was with a female and there is nothing "queer" about that

No. 409259

I don't know if I just have stingy friends or not, but Kenzie really does buy Jill a fair amount

No. 409271

Yeah, it does seem like that, but it's all cheap $1-2 thrift store toys, so it's not like Kenzie is spending a massive amount of money on Jill. God knows she doesn't need any more useless garbage, though.

No. 409279

I get your point but I'm fairly certain she was referring to Colin being nb (and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Colin was just a dude with an interest in stereotypically feminine things who she talked into this identity).

No. 409292

She's a girl. He's a boy (no matter how special he thinks he is for wearing pink). They were a heterosexual couple. It's not "queer", it's not "gay". This is why I 100% will never buy that Jill is a lesbian now. She exhibits all the symptoms of an insecure bisexual.

No. 409371

File: 1508973393499.jpg (35.06 KB, 410x499, ss (2017-10-25 at 04.15.04).jp…)

this is going to be the most autistic nitpick on the planet literally no one cares about but it bugs me that she put the cards behind the incorrect wands. The pink Sakura card belongs with the second wand (star one) and the red Clow card belongs with the first wand (the bird one).

No. 409373

its like they all can't see her without showering her with gifts. they know how materialistic she is, and they're all ass-kissers.

No. 409385

I like how she states that these things were all sitting in a pile for a month so she clearly doesn't care enough to use anything either

No. 409391

I'm so glad Colin is free now. You can see how uncomfortable he always was with her OTT shit. She was always even shaming him for what he wanted to wear and trying to force him into more and more pastels to fit her own desires. I would say I wonder when she'll start trying to mold her new GF into her image but she's already talking couple cosplays

No. 409392

File: 1508976243833.gif (1.02 MB, 245x184, Zmqor.gif)


they've been going out for like two weeks. why is she fronting this hard? lesbian twitter ain't like this at all. also, terrible idea to plan on cosplays and shit with a girl you've been going out for so little time. you have no real idea if you'll still be together by the time the convension comes. but she just wanted an excuse to use cutesy anime reaction pics and say GAYYYY on twitter, she doesn't actually care about the relationship/girl at all to begin with. its transparent.

jill, are you ever yourself? instead of just pushing whatever faux trendy phase you're going through???

inb4 this is another Laineybot situation where she says she's gay but six months later says:
We [Billie and her] never had sex. We kissed like two times and a half. But we were IN LOVE!

also am lesbian, have seen this "i think i want a gf but really …i just want a female friend and instagram pics!" happen multiple times. fuck her.


i didn't get pixielock threads until this happened. this is peak /snow/flake behaviour. i'm in a straight relationship… but we have edgy haircuts! so we a queer couple ;) gimmme my tumblr points

No. 409395


y'all think jill saw this thread when she was scrolling her tumblr and went "woops losing my special girl touch. gotta hook up with a woman now"? wouldn't be surprised. she lurks everywhere.

No. 409405

Am I having an aneurysm or did Jill ALREADY show us her bunny backpack? Why did she show it again lmao

No. 409426

File: 1508982174552.jpeg (195.25 KB, 750x571, 73A1E49F-9932-4AE1-985A-50CE99…)

No. 409430

colin broke up w/ her tho, shortly after she posted something along the lines of "Im a total lesbian besides the fact I'm dating Colin, the non binary guy

if she started a relationship w/ another guy after the colin break up that would have been hilarious

No. 409437

For a while, people heavy speculated that she was going for John despite claiming to be *~totally gay~* since they were always hanging out. But since her lesbian tinder dates and confirmation that she is dating mystery girl, the speculation has been proven false.

No. 409439

I’m probably reaching on the top shelf here but I think that Jillian or one of her close friends/followers has been posting her and I think I’ve picked up a pattern.
The posts I listed above are extremely defensive posts, in favor of Jillian, in a specific format. Typically, the first sentence lacks proper capitalization and incorrect punctuation. However, every sentence after that in the post is perfectly normal and correctly capitalized. The tone of the posts came off as like the anon was taking whatever was being said personally.
These next two posts:
Are posts that I highly suspect are from the same Jil/Stan mentioned previously, but I’m not 100% sure.

I am probably reaching hard, but we do have our suspicions that she lurks here. I think if there were parts of the thread that really bothered her, she’d speak out. Also, I’m sure there’s more posts from her but I wasn’t 100% sure on them which is why I didn’t include them. And there is an anon on our side that has a similar typing style but I don’t think that they are her. I know this is a weak theory/speculation so sorry if this bothers any of you, it was just bothering me as I read through her threads.

No. 409455

No. 409456

It's what Kero says during his "Kero-Chan Check!" segments at the end of some episodes of CCS. He has an Osaka accent. Yeah Jillian butchered it a bit but at least it shows she watched at least one episode.

No. 409467

File: 1508991210179.png (5.34 MB, 1242x2208, 3309FB70-F364-4056-8D96-1B1F79…)

Pic related, look who’s using #PartyKei
I wonder if it’ll bother Jill that this girl is using her hashtag and looks nothing like any version of Party Kei has been. Or if she’ll just fangirl that Kelly Eden noticed her.

Thank you!

No. 409502

lmao the bottom two are me and i'm not a jill stan in any way. i just think there's plenty to mock about jill besides the fact that she's queer, and i think the gatekeeping that happens to bi girls who happen to be in relationships with ppl who aren't women is gross

No. 409508


I agree the gatekeeping on bisexuality in Jill's threads is shitty, but a woman and a man in a relationship is still a heterosexual relationship even if the people in the relationship aren't heterosexuals. They're not a "queer couple" and even though she's probably bi, making that remark seems like a shitty reach for tumblr points tbh.

No. 409513


Her weird friends definitely spoil her (eg expensive shirt from Jeff etc…) i wonder if that kenzie girl needs validation from Jill. I always only see jill interacting with her internet friends in a cute way (eg sending peachmilky a cute card and so forth )
Being jills friend can‘t be an easy task…

No. 409514

a relationship can't be het if the people in it aren't het and it's really only monosexual ppl who tend to disagree with that which is the exact gatekeeping i'm talking about

but no point in derailing this thread with queer intracommunity discourse lol i mostly just wanted to clarify that i'm not jill's friend by any means

No. 409519


Well I mean I was trying to avoid blogging but I'm bi too and I still think she was in a heterosexual relationship with Colin regardless of her own sexuality so I don't think it's just 'monosexual people' disagreeing with you, but I agree it's not really worth derailing over, especially since they're over now anyway

I think calling her straight is definitely gatekeeping though. She's dating a girl, what more do you want? Sure, the relationship seems shallow and purely for show but didn't she use Colin mostly for show too?

No. 409521

File: 1509001539099.jpg (28.94 KB, 627x626, 1463445981750.jpg)

>a bio female and bio male in a relationship
>not actually a relationship between a man and a woman

I'm bi, I get you don't stop being bi in a straight/gay relationship relationship. One gay man and one bi man isn't a "bi couple" until they include women. Two bi women isn't a "bisexual" couple unless they're having sex with men as part of the relationship.

Your relationship isn't anything but the people in it, same sex, mixed sex, or both regardless of your orientation. Just like every chicken soup you eat doesn't automatically become chicken + turkey soup because you like both types of poultry.

No. 409523

File: 1509002160153.jpg (102.29 KB, 1300x866, 1482810874154.jpg)

>a relationship can't be het if the people in it aren't het

Jill is probably bi but the entire period of her labelling herself as a lesbian in spite of being in a relationship with someone non-binary (or more likely, a slightly 'gender-non conforming' guy) has activated my salty almonds and it's annoying to shit like this >>408587
A thread full of weebs and even we can't think of a butch lesbian character in anime? I get that Jill is very OTT feminine, but she doesn't even want to compromise her aesthetics just a tad to do a couple cosplay?

I think >>409519 hit it on the head with:
>Sure, the relationship seems shallow and purely for show but didn't she use Colin mostly for show too?
Jill uses her SOs as a prop to elevate her aesthetics. That's what pisses me off.

No. 409526


So proud of Colin that he escaped her asap. Aswell as Tristan.
I couldn‘t stand living with a girl whose personalit revolves around doing everything for her audience. Every little part of her fucking life is fake.

No. 409527

they were two queer people in a relationship, it's a queer relationship. i don't see how that's het at all

also i'm not defending her relationship with colin lol i think it was a disaster and she definitely was treating them like an accessory

No. 409528

Thanks for the clarification! I didn’t mean anything offensive by it. You had the same typing style but you weren’t really defending Jill, just beliefs similar to hers. That’s why I wasn’t 100% sure.

Also I didn’t mean to cause a derail so I’m sorry about that.

No. 409538

I typed out more stuff but I think I get what you're saying now though. People who use "queer" as a separate thing instead of "reclaiming it" just mean anyone and everyone who's heard of lgbt and want to be part of it, not actual les/gay/bi/trans specifically but every genderfluid/aroace and etc. If that's what you mean than I can agree easily.

No. 409545

The relation type is heterosexual, the people themselves are queer. Sexual identity =/= relationship type. A lot of people in queer relationships get really upset when hetero relationships are described as queer because they don't even come close to facing the same hardships and discrimination as same sex or other types of couples have to deal with.

t. a queer woman in a hetero relationship

No. 409552

Honestly, she didn't really have a choice.
I feel like even her stupid confetti club would've called her out on it if she suddenly started dating a guy again after her coming out video, so she had to go with a girl.
I still wonder if her and ~mystery girl's~ relationship will go any further than "teheh we carved pumpkins and then we smooched uwu", I agree with the other anon that the whole couple cosplay things seems incredibly rushed and forced.

No. 409560

jill is just eager to make it look like shes in an ideal, perfect relationship again. no doubt this girl will wind up not being good enough for her aesthetic and she'll make a similar comment to the one about collin unfortunately having a penis.

No. 409592

The thing she seemed most upset about when Colin broke up with her was that HE was the one breaking up with her. She said that it never happened to her before and that she was constantly in a relationship for the past 6 years or whatever.
Her SOs seemed to always be the only people she really spent time with, so she was probably desperate to have any partner at all in her life.
I think the only reason she was even upset about Colin breaking up with her is because she planned out this whole cushy life where he would be her support/fashion accessory, and now she had to change her plans because of it.
inb4 "I can't go to college after all unless mystery girl moves with me!! :^("

No. 409596

God, anon, now I can't unsee that. It really is annoying.

No. 409611

It's not about gatekeeping at all. It's that she is bragging about being lesbian when she's been in a relationship with two MEN. She even called herself a lesbian WHILE dating Colin. I'm bi too, and I think Jill is asking for this.

No. 409613

I don't understand how Yurikuma Arashi was not in her radar for lesbian couples cosplays. She loves Utena so much, she must know about it, right?

No. 409670

I think it was an ego thing. She puts herself on a high pedestal. People see it as a power thing to have never been dumped, which I think is gross because breaking someone’s heart isn’t an honor. I think bragging about the whole lesbian thing is her way of coping with it so it seems like she was never taken down a notch.

My breakup theory is that Collin dumped her because she announced all the details of their surgery when they’re very clearly a private and quiet person.

No. 409674

> I think bragging about the whole lesbian thing is her way of coping with it so it seems like she was never taken down a notch.

That or she's just an attention whore trying to get in on the gay community so she feels special

No. 409688

Did she actually ever say that she loved Utena?
Because all I remember is her review about it saying that it was too "weird and confusing".
I did see someone recommending Yurikuma Arashi to her on twitter before, but she definitely would have made sure to let everyone know she was watching it if she did lol.

No. 409690

You're definitely reaching hard, anon. Especially the serger one >>403722, they're not even defending her.

Two queer people in a heterosexual relationship doesn't mean they're heterosexuals themselves. While there are asshats who think the type of relationship you're in = your sexuality, that's not what we're talking about here.

I agree tbh, it almost seems like a jab at Colin to say "I only want to date girls anyway so fuck you!!".

Also Jillian just needs to stay fucking single for a while, being so co-dependent that you can't stay single for even 6 months is unhealthy.

No. 409758

She doesn't like it though, on her "review" she was confused the entire time and refused to read a guide. She only likes it because "muh lesbians!!!"

No. 409768

File: 1509047237798.jpeg (335.77 KB, 750x561, C3934228-8EEB-4A9A-B936-A7EA61…)

It’s more likely that someone just knows how shitty you are Jill

No. 409770

Maybe turning your car into the gaymobile made you a target, Jill.
But I know, attention is more important.

No. 409771

File: 1509047803422.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, 1499959895839.jpg)

>immediately laying it out like she's the victim of some horrendous LGBT hate crime
jfc Jill, this whole ~queer~ thing is getting out of hand now

No. 409784


she never goes outside, how did this even happen? she's been "gay" for like two minutes and this already happened… in canada of all places?! i don't buy it. some kid keyed your car because they were bored and that's it. they have no idea of who you are jill, shut up.


this post really triggered some tumblr lurkers and they are not sleek at all. no1 cares about your weird theories on how quirky sexuality is. this is a straight relationship and that's that.




oh yeah, this is totally a genuine person we should give a benefit of the doubt to. totally not some attention whore who hops on trends to get attention. not at all! y'all really falling for a certified phony.

No. 409785

I swear Jill looks so desperate for attention smearing all her shit all over the internet. It's damn right pathetic. I must wonder how attention starved and insecure one woman can possibly be? Kek

No. 409789

I think some anon said before how it feels like Jill is some alien that doesn't understand how normal humans work, and honestly yeah.
She's so obsessed with constantly just making her identity about one single thing. In the past it was lolita, being punk, her mental illness, being a theater kid, now that she's dropping Party Kei her only character trait is being a lesbian.
Like does she not understand that people are made up of a lot of different interests and personality traits..?

No. 409795

It's a very annoyingly early 20s thing, for a lot of queer people to shove their identities down everyone's throats. Jill isn't unique at all in this regard. Because she's such a giant attention whore. Everyone is gonna hear about every bit of all of her, all the time. She loves to show-off, and loves asspats. Jill, your queerness is part of you, not all of you.

No. 409819

Slightly OT, but my "friend" (friend of friend) got her car painted pink, and its been keyed like 5 times in a month lol. She lives in Ottawa

No. 409822

File: 1509052914129.png (150.95 KB, 588x470, 54534266u798pkm.png)

No. 409823

lol she has no one but herself to blame

I have no idea about youtube stuff, but wouldn't it help if she just stopped cursing instead of doing the obnoxious ineffective censoring she does now?

No. 409825

Hm. It's almost like you shouldn't have quit your day job!

No. 409835

Here goes whole 'Youtube is my job!' thing. Guess what, if you base your income on a private platform which can pay you for your content or not, you have to be prepared for latter to happen.

No. 409843

yeah i'm more lead to believe it happened because she's an obnoxious ridiculous weeb in a really small city full of hick douches out for a laugh because they have nothing better to do the design on her car doesn't scream GAAAYYY at all it's more retro fun than anything

No. 409853

Good, serves her right.

No. 409856


No. 409858

There's a button right on the page to have your videos manually checked for accidental demonitization

No. 409860

Has she ever made an excuse as to why she can't stop swearing?

No. 409864

Yeah probably. If I saw her car out and about my first assumption wouldn't be whoever drives it is gay. Seeing it on the road would probably actually make me smile. But still, you have to anticipate that if you get a custom paint job, someone's gonna come fuck it up.

No. 409876

File: 1509057259312.png (62.09 KB, 540x500, Screenshot_2017-10-26-23-31-24…)

>my baby girl
Does she mean her new gf?

If so isn't it too soon to say such cringey things that suggest closeness, I mean it's been 2 weeks or something. It seems SO forced.

No. 409880

File: 1509057696786.jpeg (156.77 KB, 671x357, 2D155F77-B7A9-4348-9C46-6CB3ED…)


They’ve been dating for more then a month at least

No. 409883


This is my opinion too. Having a loud, OTT looking car like that is gonna point you out as a target for bored asshole kids to scratch up.
It's a shitty thing to do to someone's property but there are just shitty people out there who like to ruin things for everyone else.
I highly doubt it had anything to do with homophobia.

No. 409893

don't give her any ideas, I feel like Jill is gonna tag some pride flags to her car now or something to make sure that everyone REALLY knows that it absolutely 100% belongs to a queer person lol

No. 409905

Maybe she means her mom lmao, is her mom still overseas?

No. 409934

I don't think that even Jillian would call her mom baby girl.

No. 409943

Nah her mom came home last week, she picks her up from the airport in her last vlog

No. 409958

It was just really fucking stupid to quit her job when having a handful of videos demonetized could destroy her entire income. She says she thought about it for a long time, but based on what she said in her youtubers making money video, she knew it was really a stable source of income. But I guess that doesn't matter since mommy and daddy will just bail her out.

No. 409981

>I think some anon said before how it feels like Jill is some alien that doesn't understand how normal humans work

Lol, I like how a couple anons noticed my comment. She just mimics shit she sees in popular youtube videos and thinks that's how normal people act because she has no personality of her own. It's even happening now with this gay facade! She must really think gay people attend pride 24/7 and never stop talking about their sexuality and sexual experiences. Everything she's ever been a part of, she commits to being a stereotype of.


>immediately assuming it has to do with you being gay
More like someone saw you spent money on a personalized paint job and wanted to ruin your day… It's just like how people key expensive cars just to piss the owners off.

You would be surprised. I think she actually has in the past, there's a screenshot somewhere in one of the old threads of her calling her mom something weird and inappropriate.


20 is generous, I recall her posting about working 4 hour shifts and saying 8 hours is too much or smth. I don't think she worked most of the week.

No. 409995

One of those is me, I just got sick of all the comments of whether the marks were scars or not, I've also posted quite a bit criticizing her so def not a friend lol

No. 410017

Yeah she's called her mom "baby girl" in the past iirc and she confirmed in a stream only working 8 hours a week lmao.

No. 410040

Didn't she put the rainbow on when she was still with Collin? If I remember correctly she said she hoped nobody would think it meant LGBT but now she's acting like that was the intention all along

No. 410069

File: 1509074186463.jpeg (241.08 KB, 750x600, B1CECC00-5FA5-4B5F-80F6-1DB97E…)

No. 410071

why would that avoid it getting keyed? people key dumb cars more often than anything

No. 410078


I'm assuming she means she tried to get the rainbow stripe in more of a pastel rainbow than a normal rainbow so that it looks less like a pride thing so it won't get keyed as some kind of homophobic attack?

It's fucking stupid logic. I'm pretty sure it got keyed because it stands out and they thought it looked dumb, not because someone thought it was some kind of LGBT statement.

No. 410195

Holy shit now her idiot fans on twitter are claiming that the only reason she possibly got demonetized is because she's ~queer~.
Like come on, the whole world isn't out to get you just because you're LGBT.
Also every other post Jill makes now is about crying all night or some shit. I guess the depression is kicking in full force now that she realized how stupid quitting her job was.

No. 410200

She really doesn’t get the point of what that person just said to her
>they probably didn’t see it as a pride thing
>it’s funny! I didn’t even get it as a pride thing but here we are still victimized and attacked!

Like any small town anons know some kids are just dickheads cause there’s nothing else to do. I bet the other cars on her street were also targeted. If they carved “fag” in the car then I’d pull the gay card but they didn’t

No. 410244

Or, it's because she blows all of her money on dumb shit so now that YT isn't paying her, she's beyond broke and can't buy the new suki suki purikura dokidesu merch and holiday lush bath bombs without getting a real job again uwu

No. 410245

her having to get a real job again would be some delicious milk lol
I feel like she keeps shooting herself in the knee with making stupid definite claims and shit
like if she suddenly started dating a guy again now, people would call her out on it
or if she had to get a job again after bragging how she might never have an employer again in her life

like man Jill you're only 19, do yourself a favor and stop broadcasting so much of your life

No. 410289

so she's a lesbian now

No. 410294

God, sage your lateness.

No. 410320

she's live on younow, is anybody watching her and can write a summary after she finishes?

No. 410327

oh god she just said she wouldn't go to college if she couldn't take a cat with her. pathetic.

No. 410345


No. 410351

she said someone keyed her car bc she's "gay"

No. 410428

So is this according to the livestream?

No. 410431

yes it is lol

No. 410465

File: 1509139087978.gif (1.4 MB, 200x200, cheers.gif)


lol, what does that even mean to someone like her? oh you won't have enough money to do another dollskill haul ? dear, what will we do!?

No. 410467

She's going to an lgbt club night w/ mystery girl and they can be 'GAY and do GAY things because they're GAY!!!!!'

No. 410472

I was thinking about how Jill is going to throw away thousands of dollars going to that crappy community college for fashion design and it got me thinking, she'd be much better off going to college and majoring in something like retail merchandising , fashion buying or something like that. She displays little to know creative skill, but she definitely likes buying clothes and putting outfits together. Being a buyer for a fashion retail company would probably be an ideal job for her!!! I wish she wasn't so set on being a designer cause that just ain't happening

No. 410481

so these are all the phases jill has gone through now?

>faux 'edgy' not like other girls punk phase

>anorexic lolita reblogging bdsm on tumblr phase
>brand whore lifestyle 'polite' lolita phase
>soft pastel uguu phase
- dickhopping interlude ~~ with new peen, comes new beginnings ~~ -
>clown/party kei phase, feat. personality overload
- relationship change interlude -
>faux gay warrior rockabilly feminist phase begins after running out of PEI peen

what's next, anons?

No. 410542

I can imagine her being nONBINARY UWU SOFT BOYE

No. 410615

This would be a great suggestion if she didn't have such shit taste. There's a reason party kei only attracts trash bags as a fan base.

Also, the second her purchases would begin having guidelines to fit a store she would throw a tantrum, quit, and make a yt video about how oppressed she is (like dying her hair).

She is the epitome of a spoiled brat.

No. 410616

She IDs too hard as a magical girl to ever do this

No. 410729

Apparently because Haruka has shorter hair and a more assertive personality she's masculine, but okay… What a bitch thing to say to other women and lesbians.

No. 410751

I hate the fact that she wants to cosplay my fav…

No. 410756

Thank you I was thinking Lady Oscar too …god I love her

No. 410763

combine your posts ffs

No. 410811

It's actually an insightful suggestion, I don't know much about the job (although I know what those people do, they basically go to brands and reserve pieces for their own shop, say ASOS will buy this accessory from NewLook and that's why you can find it on ASOS but nowhere else) but you probably needs a degree related to retail and fashion + do some internships in brand names to get a good resume. Basically something impossible for Jill who doesn't seem like the type to work hard and forget about holidays for a few years.

Being a designer seems so hard to be honest, most of my friends who studied it ended up being sellers or seamstresses for other brands. Imo the only way to launch a brand is to save up a decent amount of money and launch a kickstarter. Even then, it won't mean your brand will last, especially if she's set on horrible fluo colors 95% of the population will never buy for casual wear.

No. 410819

Oh wow, does MG follow her on social media? Cause I'd feel pretty uncomfortable if someone I'd been casually seeing for like a month was constantly talking about me on social media.

No. 410820

I mean, Haruka is depicted as being ~handsome~ and ~androgynous~ so yeah, she's not butch but she's definitely supposed to be more masculine than the others. But like others have said it's a non-issue because there are way more pairings in anime where both are femme.

No. 410824

They're facebook friends for sure and mystery girl knows about her youtube account (apparently even before they met), so…
It sounded like the only reason they aren't official yet is because mystery girl hasn't come out to all her family/friends yet?
Either way, Jill comes on way too fucking strong and just seems desperate as hell

No. 410839

Haven't watched it yet but I'm ready for the cringe.

No. 410840

New video. Basically just Jill bragging about her cats.

No. 410843

I will admit that she has some beautiful cats. I have cat envy

No. 410847

> 2:05 - first mention of purebred

No. 410853

Pure-bred rambling aside, I really liked this. The cats are super and cute and she clearly loves them, a lot more interesting than a haul of random shit.

I looked up the breeds though and apparently ragdolls aren't even hypoallergenic:
Neither most of the others. Siberians are, but since that's their most recent cat it doesn't even matter. Her mom probably just got used to it and her allergies weren't as bad as she feared.

No. 410854

As a cat person this video is probably the best she's ever made

No. 410868


No. 410873

She might not need those if she'd just brush twice a day.

No. 410874

or if she'd drink less peeps tea

No. 410920

You can brush regularly and still have discolored teeth, and if they're already yellow then you can brush all you want and it won't change.

No. 410926

Once again, having yellow teeth is not a sign of poor health, white teeth is purely aesthetic.

No. 410949

once again this is a jill thread

No. 410984

Quinn is outright the cutest in that thumbnail, can’t imagine why he’s Jill’s least favourite.

No. 411023

Sure but this "yellow teeth are unhealthy durr" shit is still wrong.

No. 411031

He must have been the least expensive kek

No. 411043

She put the breed of the cat in the video title,not even they names, kind of sad

No. 411044

In one video she stated she didn't even know his name because she thought he was annoying, I don't even know what to think of that

No. 411046

It made her sound like a child who was upset that the "new baby" was taking away attention from her parents

No. 411053

The thing is, we KNOW she's unhealthy.

No. 411059

Apparently Jill is going through with the magical girl dildo wand tattoo (not the same one as before) but she’s getting it on her leg. (Apologies for not knowing the name of the wand, you’ll know it when you see it)

No. 411077

When did Jill say she didn’t know his name.. ?

No. 411099

File: 1509229782562.jpg (50.67 KB, 666x431, image.jpg)

No. 411112

The amount of time she had to point out (yelling) that the cat almost DIEDDDD made me feel soo uncomfortable.

No. 411171

File: 1509237026656.png (9.71 MB, 3226x2304, jillian.png)

she looks like a toe

not the first time she's reminded me of pic related, either

No. 411196

File: 1509239352464.png (97.83 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171028-180813.png)

Cuz people really care…kek

No. 411198

At 7:58 she says that at the time one of her cats was really sick, if he died, she didn't want to live anymore.

This girl is such a dramatic child.

No. 411204

She's so full of shit. This is the same girl that added tons of popular lolita bloggers and bragged about it to her own comm. Jill actively seeked out deerstalkers members (eliot, alanah etc) and others like hello batty, peachie, girlhoot on facebook. She literally posted about her fangirling when deerstalkers crew added her back.

She even went as far as to draw fan art for most of them to guilt them into becoming her social media friends.

She's still constantly sucking up to more popular people on every platform so?

No. 411207

Is this the same cat who ate tinsel from her room, the same tinsel that she continued to use as room decoration after the cat had a near-death experience? She sure cares so much about the health of her pets!!

No. 411219

File: 1509243366481.jpeg (126.17 KB, 750x318, 754D0ADF-BC60-48A1-B8E6-F55B85…)

She’s an introvert guys… not an extrovert. An introvert. Make you remember. Introvert.

No. 411222

The thing that’s so bullshit about the way Jill talks about the cat almost dying is that she speaks like the cat was threatened by cancer or had a fatal disease of the sorts, something that is a big deal to not only survive, but recover from. When in actuality the cat’s near death experience was not only caused by Jill’s own stupidity but also could have been avoided altogether if Jill had taken cautionary measures before putting up said decorations. This girl I swear to God

No. 411237

Please don't forget that she's an introverted LESBIAN ass going to a GAY club in her GAY car with her LESBIAN gf. 1 like = 1 Cardcaptor Sakura knockoff clow card wiccan ritual.

No. 411262

She said it’s because the cat had a piece of foam stuck in his stomach (that he had ate) not something from her wall decor. If you’re going to complain about what she says then at least listen to her

No. 411264

she's such a fucking dumb ass
i don't keep up with her threads, but tbh her as an apparent "queer girl" doing a genderbent/cross dressing cosplay would be sick, and i don't fuck with any of that.
but it would require actual effort and attention to detail to switch a femme to a more mass style so maybe i'm asking way too much

No. 411285

File: 1509257080901.jpeg (371.86 KB, 750x1068, 3162AF8C-5FFF-434B-861B-BC010C…)

No. 411307

No. It’s been proven here by not only anon (see >>411207) but also Jill herself stated in her room tour that her cat ate the wall tinsel herself and instead of taking it down she block the cat from getting to it (albeit in a half assed attempt)

No. 411308

Shit, she's a crayon? If this had been just the photo, I would've thought she went as a horse…

No. 411320


Why is she ALWAYS pressing her tongue against her teeth???? What‘s up with that??

No. 411331

Bet everyone at the bar was thrilled to have her there

No. 411334

She looks worn out as hell for her age ffs. That makeup and shitty extensions are so bad

No. 411335

You can see such a clear line from where her foundation ends

No. 411336

File: 1509273767726.jpg (274.83 KB, 742x554, jill.jpg)

I was pretty shocked when she showed this photo in the latest video, she looked so much cuter and more youthful even though it was only a couple years ago

No. 411337

I'm pretty sure she does that to make her bottom lip appear fuller. It looks gross and retarded though

No. 411345

File: 1509275647479.jpeg (27.1 KB, 236x303, C7137EAD-090E-4477-87E8-EF5A23…)

It always reminds me of pic related.
I know its super nitpicky but i just hate how she can‘t take a selfie without looking like a complete basket case. Its not even that hard: look cute my not raising your eyebrows to the roof and pressing your tongue… done.

No. 411355

She's changed the story now. When it originally happened, she made a video about it and said he ate the tinsel from her wall. All she did afterwards was put pillows up against the wall to avoid the cats eating the bottom of the tinsel strings.

No. 411368

Except Oscar is not a lesbian and actually gets pretty pissed when they pair her with Marie Antoinette at the judgement. She also tells Rosalie flatly that she is not gay.

No. 411375

this is cuter than Jill's usual shit

>the silhouette of the dress is, tho uneven, more flattering for her figure

>the costume and idea is cute, the colour is bomb and suits her for once
>hair colours don't clash too much with outfit
>purple brows and lipstick look better than her usual pink shit

I guess the crayon ear-ring is a nice idea since it's yellow and a complimentary contrast to purple (like opposite on the colour wheel I mean) but I don't think it fits either way. But hey, a tiny bit more thought than usual!
The eyeshadow is bad and I hate her tattoo.
As a designer she should be able to fix up the dress to fit her, also wear a fitting bra

4.5/10 peeps

No. 411377

She looks like a mum who went overboard when she found out her kid was gay.

No. 411410

New Jill video. Can't believe she bought more Lazy Oaf stuff

No. 411412

Okay, but am I the only one who is really impressed by her ability to play the piano? She's.. actually good. It's nice to see raw emotion from her and not this artificial "IM SO QUIRKY" side.

No. 411415

her mom's channel has some older piano shit and punk/lolita days stuff. think somebody posted it on an older thread https://www.youtube.com/user/louisevessey

No. 411418

I just think it's always surprising to see cows who are so bland and trying so hard to be special, actually have some talent and/or a hobby… usually that talent/hobby is not something they actually like to do, want to do or something they show off alot, which makes you wonder why.

No. 411421

File: 1509292851409.png (1.22 MB, 1136x640, 6735FE3E-B090-4E14-909B-654D60…)

No. 411424

She never said that’s what made him sick though, just that she didn’t want them eating it, and she never specified in her cat almost died video what the blockage was

No. 411428

See >>411262 (who is a different anon not me) who is more knowledgeable on this incident claims Jill changed the story as well

No. 411429

She's said before she's insecure about her piano playing and worried people will say it's bad, which is interesting because she doesn't seem worried about posting her art or sewing which are both arguably worse than her piano playing skills. But imo it's also good to have hobbies for yourself.

Her hair is sooo damaged, that bit sticking out before she put in her extensions…yikes Jill. Get yourself a protein treatment or it'll all snap off.

No. 411430

Yeah I think it's funny too, I think Jill's skill set really is performing/music/theater kinda stuff, yet she's quite awful at basically anything fashion design/art related.
I mean even though a lot of anons found her recent dance cover thing cringey, she seemed pretty high energy and happy during it, I wish she wasn't so set on the whole fashion designer thing.

No. 411433

Yeah, those anime dances usually look kinda dumb so I guess I can see why, but she did a good job. She could probably have a career in the arts that's not a fashion designer, but she seems so set on it and doesn't seem to realize that the chances of it happening are super slim with her current skill set and work ethic.

No. 411434

I’m that anon.

She’s never changed her story. In the original “cat almost died” video, she never says what the blockage was, just that the cause of the problem was that he had blockage in his stomach. In her room tour video she said that she was worried that they would/had ate the wall tinsel stuff, but never that that was what cause him to get sick. Then In this most recent video she said it was foam that was the blockage. She never changed her story, we just didn’t know all of it

No. 411438

File: 1509295032332.jpeg (394.13 KB, 1861x907, FE5623B0-99BA-4572-B421-D1B7D4…)

Oh fucking hell dude… her make up is a nightmare.

No. 411442

how is she gonna make a trigger warning joke while also playing 'socially conscious mental health lesbian uwu'

also i wished she'd dye her roots

No. 411445

Her new way of censoring swear words is so annoying and ineffective

No. 411451

it can also help make your face look slimmer

No. 411452

jillian might start looking better when she does her makeup to fit her face rather than for a tacky aesthetic.

No. 411464

File: 1509298681562.png (1.71 MB, 1192x624, WTf.PNG)

Is anyone gonna talk about how she applies makeup holy fuck..

No. 411465

yeah, the foundation application was atrocious

No. 411466

How can she say she's looking to sell her mcr gun @ 1:56
Then procede to kiss it? I feel sick. Plus the sound she made was too gross.

No. 411467

jfc that's bad. i'm surprised someone who was involved in theatre doesn't have better basic makeup skills tbh. and sorta ot but i've been reading these threads since the beginning and i still don't understand what's happening with her brows.

No. 411468

Is she though? She's far from an advocate for anything, just a teenager with a history of mental illness that's some flavor of not-straight that she's currently calling TOTALLY GAY. Considering she's openly a fan of H3H3 and Shane Dawson, she'd be hard-pressed to pretend she's a super SJW.

No. 411469

File: 1509299280358.png (308.97 KB, 523x495, 1509298681562.png)

Me too anon. Like I know others said before that those… things above her brows are just shadows from her wrinkles but why are they so dark/dramatic now?
Is it because of the purple eye shadow she puts on her brows? I don't understand

No. 411470


tfw when she said that she does not want that her earrings clash with the rest of the outfit but after that still ads even more shit to the outfit that makes everything even more clash like this godawful cheap child necklace. And this one site pony-tail looks retarded af.

She could just have the dress + a bit of glittery make-up + the carding and leave it with an simple hairstyle.

Less is more Jill, less is so much more.

No. 411478

Omg I thought this was her mom at first

No. 411479

RIP cute Jill. I know we keep rehashing it but even if she kept her rainbow clothes she'd look so much better with something like this hair and low-key makeup. The difference between this and what she looks like now is astounding. She can enjoy makeup still, but neutral shimmer shadows, lots of dewy highlight and peach or berry colored lips would be super cute and she wouldn't be such a complete assault on the eyes. So much wasted potential.

No. 411484

natural and neutral makeup tend to be universally flattering and more forgiving, but she could still do bold makeup if she toned down her hair and learned basic colour theory and makeup application. it's not my aesthetic preference, but if she didn't apply her makeup and hair dye so sloppily and didn't use so many clashing colours she could still do the rainbow thing and look better.

No. 411485

Looks like residue from the eyeshadow that's spread around.

What the fuck is even in this eyeshadow that it's ALWAYS on? Seems like she just doesn't bother using makeup remover on her eyebrows.

No. 411517

Noah Fence to anon but the highlighter trend is so ugly. I really cannot comprehend how it became a trend ever because it looks bad and dirty.

Sage for personal

No. 411522

Actually anon is right. She did say he ate foam in the My Cat Almost Died video. I just watched it last night and I was wondering what he ate and she finally said near the end of the video that he ate foam. Not saying this to start a debate or anything, just saying she did in fact say that he ate foam in the video.

No. 411532

lol Jill hardly likes that back of that lazy oaf sweater yet still bought it because of the heart buttons…

No. 411533

yeah, she could've easily just gotten a purple cardigan and sewn on heart buttons herself lol
I assume most people got that cardigan for the back part and Jill doesn't even care for that

No. 411555

I think that was like a…half-joke, otherwise some sensitive fuck would've called her out in the comments for giving them no warning. Maybe if people have lost hair from alopecia/trich/anorexia/etc???? BIG reach but who knows

No. 411562

I try and keep in mind that she’s still young and learning, but this is some of the worst makeup I have ever seen on her. Those false lashes look awful on her and combined with the lipstick and eyebrows she looks like a clown. I seriously hope she tones it done in the future and fallows the bold lip simple eye/bold eye simple lip technique because it’s so much more flattering and would make her look far less insane

No. 411580

Like some Mandela effect shit

No. 411593

Sage because I might just be an idiot, but can you give me a time stamp for the my cat almost died video because I’ve looked through the video twice and never found her talking about him eating foam/it being foam

No. 411608

She's said before she doesn't wash it off at the end of the day

No. 411682

From the area, some people I’ve seen Jill hang out with are right/alt right, though maybe they hide it from her?

So she’s not super sjw I don’t think, as you said. If she is she has no issue putting it aside for friends at least.

No. 411700

I guess I meant a very fresh, dewy sort of look would look nice on her since she's got a rounder sort of baby face, but I know what you're saying, it's definitely abused and Jill would be the type to do the same lol

No. 411732

File: 1509328467439.png (3.71 MB, 1920x1080, 123456.png)

It has to just be wrinkles, since you can't see them in this shot, right? I have no idea how it works though, I've been trying and can't get my face to do anything even remotely similar, it's a mystery.
They sure do look bizarre though, it wouldn't be as big of a deal if she wasn't constantly raising her eyebrows like that

No. 411735

When I raise my eyebrows a certain way they do a similar thing

No. 411739

File: 1509329886968.jpg (36.81 KB, 500x218, dUxhSA0 - Imgur.jpg)

Pretty sure it's her corrugator muscle showing through her skin.
It's not super uncommon to have your eyebrow do this sort of thing. Pic related is another example.

No. 411754

well damn, I guess you do learn something new every day, thanks anons

No. 411757

File: 1509333187228.png (389.78 KB, 720x395, Screenshot_20171029-221023.png)

Jillian, what the fuck.

No. 411758

hair builds up on your brush when you dont clean it for a while

No. 411786

Yeah and it's fucking GROSS

No. 411791

that’s really disgusting damaged hair

No. 411810

she said she's been working on changing around her room (and modifying her dresser) but like… why? isn't she moving out to nb next year? what's the point in changing your room now when everything will have to be moved (or left most likely) in a year's time? she's probably going straight back to mom once she's out of school.

No. 411814

Let's be real, anon. She's not going to go to school. She can't bear to be away from home and her cats.

No. 411881


Makeup, poor diet (lack of healthy fats, lack of water, etc.), dryness of skin, poor skincare, etc. are all factors that contribute to premature wrinkling. Jill is guilty of all of them, but I think the fact that she has a lot of product on her brows that she doesn't wash off along with her emoting is having the most notable effect. That being said, it's common to get your first shallow wrinkles in your 20s.

No. 411906

Yeah, she basically said before that she doesn't even wash her face before going to sleep or anything, and then in combination with only ever taking baths every couple days instead of showering… ugh.
She may think that's it's just ~really quirky~, but that's one of the worst things you can do to your skin.

No. 411948

as disgusting as she is, i'm 99% sure thats shedding from her wig. its the right shade of pink, plus it didn't look like a very high quality synthetic so it probably has hardcore fallout when brushed.

No. 411951

She should be bathing more frequently, but if she’s not exerting herself then honestly she shouldn’t have a reason to bathe frequently. Also, as a bleach-blonde, I can say that showering frequently is not a good idea. It just dries out the hair more. It’s actually good she’s letting the oils build up, is good for her hair. That’s probably why it hasn’t fallen out yet.

She’s 19, she shouldn’t be wrinkling yet. The real issue is that she doesn’t have acne or anything. In her mind, she doesn’t think about skincare because there’s not an immediate adverse reaction to not taking off her makeup. Also, I it was mentioned at one point in one of her threads that her eating disorder may have messed with the elasticity in her skin.

Now that I’ve defended Jill, I have to balance it out by saying I think those gray hoop earrings look like fluffy handcuffs you can get around Valentine’s Day at a drugstore.

No. 411969

not showering (including only taking baths infrequently) is actually a sign of pretty severe mental illness - even if you're totally sedentary you need to wash your body. you don't need to wash your hair every time you shower (almost no woman i know does), but washing too infrequently can be just as bad for your hair as washing too often. if jill's hair really can't handle being washed once or twice a week with conditioner she needs to take a break from bleaching and dyeing it.

No. 411978

When did she say that she only takes baths every couple of days? I only remember her saying she bathes instead of showering.

Either way it's okay not to shower every single day, especially if you're not working out (which she doesn't seem to) and you're mostly staying indoors. Yes it can be a sign of depression and other mental illnesses, but showering every other day or so is not pathological, no need to freak out.

She should be washing her face daily with all that makeup though, it'll fuck her skin up long term.

>those gray hoop earrings look like fluffy handcuffs

Kek. I'm pretty sure they're blue though, and just faded/dingy.

No. 411994

How the fuck do you even brush your hair with soo much hair on the brush? I know my hair always gets stuck to the brush if there's any hair in it.

Btw, anyone noticed how she's not mentioning her tattoo anymore, let alone showing it? Do you think she's ashamed of it or is it just a coincidence?
Wonder if she's gonna go and re-do it, I know she was talking about it in the beginning…

No. 411995

She said for sure that she wants to get it fixed and that she's disappointed with the quality after all.
She brought it up a couple times in livestreams but then immediately went "o-oh but I still love it of course!!" lol.

No. 412041

In one of her videos with the fat goth girl?
They're showing each other pictures of cats if I remembered correctly

No. 412115

I remember her sharing pictures of her cats in one of her Japan vlogs, I forget who it was with though. I'm pretty sure all she said was that she didn't like him as much because he's annoying. I don't recall her ever saying she doesn't know her own cat's name though.

No. 412129

Quin the cat iss adorable and fluffy. Jill is a moron.

No. 412149

I think it was the awkward Sharla vlog.

No. 412180

you are correct, it was right after they were thrifting. they were in some cafe of some sorts and showing cat pictures to each other. Jill claimed she forgot his name for a moment, and said hes annoying.
I just rewatched this video like a week ago to check something and that scene stuck in my head for some reason

No. 412182

:c thats so unfair. cats annoying you means they love you. why you no love your cat, jill????

No. 412207

> When did she say that she only takes baths every couple of days? I only remember her saying she bathes instead of showering.

Thank you, anon. I was reading all this and thinking, wow, where the hell did Jillian say she only takes baths once in a while? I remember the no showering thing, but that does not equal no baths every day.

Than being said, I do hope she baths daily. I come from a culture that showers at least twice a day - morning and night - and washes hair at least twice a week. Neither my skin nor my hair has fallen out, I guarantee. Never understood this "showering every day is bad for you" concept. And in fact knowing that many people don't do it disgusts me. The simple idea of waking up and not showering or going to bed without cleaning the filth of the day is just, ugh.

saged for pointless culture clash

No. 412226

The way Jill keeps her basement cluttered and how she squanders money reminds me of what my mom always thought about messy people- "A disorganized room comes from a disorganized mind".

Sage for blogging.

No. 412256

Surprised no one has mentioned her caking foundation, but not putting any on her chin or forehead. Probably because of her massive wrinkles

No. 412272

I noticed that. I never understood why her cheeks look yellow toned and her forehead looked pink in her haul videos. Now I know it’s because she doesn’t cover half of her face. She really needs to cover all of her face if her videos are gonna be so high contrast.

No. 412288

Lmao I just typed up a whole rant because I thought you said that it’s gross if people don’t wash their hair every day. I still think it’s weird that you shower day AND night, I usually just do my showering/bathing at night.

Whyyyyyy doesn’t she cover her whole face. She just needs a light-weight foundation, she doesn’t have any skin problems except for her wrinkles. This girl has a bottomless bank account and won’t invest in a better foundation that’s color matched.

No. 412296

Showering every second day is fine. It's not like she's leaving the house most of the time, and she doesn't work up a sweat ever.

No. 412307

Seconding this. She also lives in Canada, where it rarely gets hot enough to sweat even if you're moving around a lot, and the air is pretty dry depending on the season. I'm from Canada too, and I was surprised at how much I had to shower when I visited the southern US, just because of the difference.

No. 412325

As another bleach-blonde and a former cosmetologist (and also someone that likes a fair bit of the clothes she has worn, not necessarily the outfits she makes with them), while it's good to refrain from washing processed hair every day (especially if it's often-colored hair like hers), she can easily just pull her hair up under a shower cap or something and still bathe/shower everyday, so that's bogus. Also, I feel like because her career of choice relies somewhat heavily on keeping up good appearances, she will have to take care of herself and keep herself and her clothes/outfits as presentable as possible; if she does do this (since it looks like no one knows for sure if she has said she bathes every couple of days), it's nasty and something of a disservice to the purpose of her current career as a beauty vlogger/future dream of being a fashion designer.

No. 412401

Showering twice a day or more is completely excessive, you're stripping your skin of its natural oils and messing with the pH balance, same for hair. No it won't fall off, but eventually your skin stops being able to maintain itself properly. Some people are way too sensitive about this stuff, you don't get grimy from sleeping in clean sheets for a few hours.

No. 412441

> Showering twice a day or more is completely excessive, you're stripping your skin of its natural oils and messing with the pH balance, same for hair. No it won't fall off, but eventually your skin stops being able to maintain itself properly. Some people are way too sensitive about this stuff, you don't get grimy from sleeping in clean sheets for a few hours.

And you are forgetting about different climates having a different impact on people around the world?

No, it is not excessive to shower twice a day, at least, when you live in the tropics. You sweat like a pig all the time; you sweat sleeping. A lot. Your scalp becomes humid and smelly and some people do wash their hair every day to keep the hair from smelling.

Talk to a dermatologist that works in a tropical country and you will understand that "showering twice a day is bad for the skin" doesn't apply.

Native Americans taught many things to europeans when they went there, and one of the things was to stop running away from water. It won't kill you.

Now stop derailing. This is about Jill, not what people from different areas of the globe think about showering.

No. 412503

File: 1509471920530.jpeg (125.4 KB, 640x702, 50D9D38B-90A8-419A-8CBA-1620BD…)

No. 412522

Except we're talking about someone living in Canada. This whole thing was derailed because someone was talking about it from a standpoint that doesn't take arid climate.

No. 412533

I know it's been said a bunch of times but I think Jill should really look into getting a part time job again or something.
One of the best things you can do to fight anxiety is to have stability and routine.
The whole demonetisation thing really seems to stress her out, if she had another job again she wouldn't have to worry so much at least.

No. 412563

File: 1509478196261.png (847.87 KB, 540x807, 23140616_533378010333534_43174…)

more clow card shit

No. 412564

File: 1509478228729.png (697.74 KB, 540x770, 23114673_533378007000201_10886…)


No. 412565


No. 412567


No. 412573

File: 1509478639355.png (570.41 KB, 540x848, 23113336_533378263666842_68345…)


No. 412575

File: 1509478666489.png (686.44 KB, 540x822, 23163468_533378260333509_18395…)


No. 412582

Oh man this is some tryhard shit

No. 412589

File: 1509481250027.jpeg (130.73 KB, 639x808, 3FF0BD4B-A947-4BFD-9BB5-02A987…)

Facebook caps 1/2

No. 412591

File: 1509481305245.jpeg (121.43 KB, 632x643, 0F5D9E81-6D0D-448C-A32D-9B47DB…)

Facebook caps 2/2

No. 412615


> to have stability and routine

not only that but also having a reason to leave her basement and go out and have a chance to interact with other people and do things that don't let her focus on that stupid youtube thing 24/7. At least she would have the feeling that she does "something" productive.

No. 412622

Is she putting rainbow candles there for our daily reminder that she's gay? And don't know much about alters but pretty sure you don't just throw all your rocks on the table and only light the less pretty candles.

Why tf is she getting her dick off so hard to crayons? Bitch, if you're an ~artist~ why don't you buy some actual art or sewing supplies to get obsessed over. Surprised those daddy/little fetish people aren't bothering her more.

No. 412623

Omg this is… not how you set up an alter >:( not only does she seem to have no idea what actually goes on an alter and where the items are placed, she's just using objects for their aesthetic. The colours of the candles and the herbs and crystals should actually relate to the Sabbat. The fact that she's taking a RELIGION and making it about her magical girl rainbow persona is just disrespectful.

No. 412645

File: 1509488739513.jpg (30.36 KB, 629x276, spooked.jpg)

You're missing the point - it is in Canada, which is where Jill lives. In fact, the majority of the world does not live in a tropical climate. Either way this is pointless bickering, but Jill's hygiene is probably fine for her climate and lifestyle.

She seems to be struggling a lot more lately, constantly vague posting about crying and being upset. Having an unstable source of income and being alone most of the time except for interactions with her parents can't help.

(Tweet she responded to was "Your Halloween costume is “Sexy” plus the thing you're most afraid of")

No. 412657

She said in her stream that if her videos keep getting demo noticed then she'll get her income from merch/patreon and not a job

No. 412658


No. 412664

File: 1509491805138.png (49.41 KB, 750x322, IMG_7779.PNG)

Why is she so creepy to Drew Monson?! Remember on his livestream when she kept calling him "baby boy" and he was visibly uncomfortable? Leave the guy alone Jillian jfc

No. 412666

Yeah this is real weird. Nothing creepier than people treating YouTubers/social media folks like children or pets or something. He isn't one of your preteen Tumblr followers Jill, this is an adult who doesn't care about you even a fraction of what you wish he did.

No. 412680

I’m all for fans sending their favourite creators fan art and messages about how said creator inspires them and shit like that. But holy hell the way Jill talks to Drew is downright inappropriate and creepy. It’s one thing to say you’ll support a creator no matter what because you love their content, but it’s a completely different thing to condescend them and call them gross names like *~smol bean~* as if they were a kindergartener

Sage for rambling

No. 412685

The way Jill talks to Drew makes me think of those 40 year old guys that comment on videos of Venus Angelic or something.
It just feels really creepy and weirdly demeaning.
Like sorry but I'm pretty sure Drew doesn't give a fuck if you ~love and care for him~.

No. 412702

no one here can convince me this bitch isnt autistic or has aspergers at this point

No. 412739

Maybe she has a crush on Drew Monsoon! Kek I bet she would drop this ~*Lesbian Witch*~ act if he asked her tacky ass out. Sage for reaching.

No. 412740

File: 1509504384335.jpeg (596.9 KB, 2398x1125, C5B5D8B1-03F8-4CBC-87EE-6634E9…)

Her girlfriend writes poems about her and tags her in them on Instagram

No. 412743

Wew, it's really going to suck for her when Jill drops the lesbo act.

No. 412744

so that's mystery girl?


No. 412746

Can we drop the “fake lesbian” thing already? It’s not our job to decide who she wants to fuck, and just because she’s dated guys in the past doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to date or care about girls.
Both seem to care a lot about each other, and both seem like they’re willing to take things slow. At then end of the day in streams it’s really her viewers her are asking her to talk more about the girlfriend then she is on her own. Lesbian or not, it really doesn’t fucking matter

No. 412752

She uses being gay as an aesthetic while being low-key homophobic so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 412753


I hate to white knight Jill but I completely agree.
I don't buy that she's suddenly a lesbian after dating mostly guys for most of her life but that doesn't mean she can't like girls.

The ~I'm so gay, guys~ thing she does is fucking annoying but I'm pretty sure even Jill wouldn't bother dating a girl she didn't like just for the sake of earning some LGBT points.

There are plenty of shitty things Jill does to focus on without reaching as hard as believing she's faking being attracted to women while she's dating a woman.

No. 412756

File: 1509508223862.png (261.46 KB, 500x722, umok.png)

Hello Jillian. We meet again.
But really, where are the Jill stans crawling out of? You have to be purposely ignoring her social media to not notice how often she posts about how much of a big lesbo lesbian she is, for attention. It's fake af and the #1 reason no one takes her relationships seriously, because it comes off as if she's trying to convince herself of her lesbian-ness. It's the same technique she uses for everything else in her life, like publicly pretending those IC shoes were worth the money despite not being able to wear them for 5 minutes. This is just one step further lol.

Oh boy, I can't wait until this gal realizes what a narcissistic mess she's gotten herself into. She's already obsessed with Jill a month in. Awkward, and exactly how our fave snowflake likes her relationships to be. We're gonna have some hilarious poems to read after they inevitably break it off.

No. 412758

This poem is absolute garbage also kek at this girl describing Jill’s voice as “Sickening sweet like honey” more like “gross like dried honey”. Also “she speaks most honestly” fucking top kek

Sage for commentary on the poem

No. 412759

File: 1509508675917.png (416.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171031-234920.png)

Very obvious "rainbow cute girl" is jill….

Poor girl, maybe this is her first ~queer~ relationship so she's just happy to have someone??

No. 412762

Someone had asked Jill in a stream if she would be in a video any time soon and she said part of why it wouldn’t be likely is because the girl wasn’t “out” to most of her family yet, so I’m guessing it is

No. 412763


There is a girl
With processed hair
I've known for 3 months

Her scent is nostalgia
Because she hoards
Care Bears shit

Her mouth noises
And Tumblr slang
Take my breath away

If I use
Flowery language
And press
The enter key
In the middle of my sentence
I, too,
Can pretend I'm deep
With minimal effort

No. 412764

That's funny as hell

No. 412766

to be fair, i know a lot of lesbians/bi girls who tweet and joke about their sexuality a lot. it's a self confidence thing and with a lot of friends who get the joke it can be fun. not necessarily try-hard

the thing that bothers me with jill is how codependent she is + how she seems to be using it in leverage against colin??? like one anon on here said, as if she's using mystery girl to 'win' the breakup/act like colin didn't phase her

No. 412772

Jill is a try hard who has no life.

No. 412773

Wait… since when has Jill been Wiccan or Pagan?…
I don't follow her so this is the first time I've seen her post anything like an altar before

No. 412774



No. 412775

in what ways is she being lowkey homophobic? not looking to argue i'm just not seeing it in most of the jill content i'm absorbing (eugh).

No. 412783

Like calling her hetero relationship queer and gay and continuously calling herself a lesbian when she's clearly just bisexual. And even though it's not homophobic exactly, it's annoying as fuck when she acts like she's the victim of some homophobic hate crime because she got sent a pocket bible and someone keyed her car.

No. 412788

Yeah you can tell a lot of the anons on here don't know any queer people because myself and everyone I know constantly just post on social media about it.

No. 412829

File: 1509521062186.png (60.04 KB, 500x567, B4E297C2-2F91-44CC-9892-3333EF…)

I know this is probably not bait but pic related is very cheeky. You people are like me, I have a weakness for her mental health problems and y’all have a weakness for her queerness.

Jill only gives a shit about the title and snowflake points. We all know she does not give a shit about her relationships, we have watched two long-term relationships fail because of her narcissistic tendencies. She brags (and likely over exaggerates) on Twitter about her anxiety attacks. She brags about her use of benzos. Her fashion sense looks like the crack baby of Rainbow Dash and Strawberry Shortcake. Clearly, she does shit for attention, so it’s not far off to believe this whole lesbian thing is for attention.

No. 412833

Props to you anon, this made my night(learn 2 sage)

No. 412843

Just go out in the world and meet some queer people and you'll see that this is true. Hell if you don't want to go out, just find some on twitter or insta. Queer people talk about being queer A LOT. My friends and I yell "fuck I'm gay" at each other daily, we tweet about who we're attracted to, we make jokes about everything that goes wrong to us being a personal affront to our queerness, we reference our sexualities constantly because they are an important part of us that defines who we are and we are very proud of it

Her behaviour is very typical for a young queer person and the anons on here who think it's abnormal or for attention clearly just don't talk with a lot of queer people or queer people don't feel open enough around you to talk about their queerness

No. 412851

The problem is not so much that she behaves this way, it's that she only just recently adopted this persona. She says she's always been gay but to only start acting like this after a recent breakup is a red flag.

No. 412854

How does she manage to sound so patronizing? Like, this is a grown man that you don't know, not one of your friends. I remember her guesting on his YouNow was so horrifying to watch as well. If she ever wanted to get to know him/be friends, this is the worst way to go about it.

No. 412856

Putting line breaks
into bad prose
does not make it
a poem

Jill herself probably knows she's not a lesbian but that doesn't mean she's not attracted to women at all. Her actual sexuality is less questionable than the way she portrays it/uses it for attention.

No. 412897

Go back to tumblrdotcom, then. You sound like an underaged teen.

No. 412900

I've never met a single gay person who does this and I know a lot of them. Where the fuck do you live that people are that obnoxious?

No. 412919

omg this sounds like a copypasta

You sound really dumb by the way

No. 412922


She's cute, but I get the impression that she's a fake lesbian too.

Mark my words, people, these bitches will be married to men and knocked up by 27.

No. 412926

i just went onto this "mystery girl"'s insta and she is literally following 12 accounts to do with Pixielocks. Wow. i also noticed that pixie isn't following this girlfriend on either of her accounts

No. 412929

you sound horrific and i dont believe you have friends

No. 412935

its really shitty and true. I am gay and everyone I ever meet is like this, it gets kinda annoying to me tbh. : )
sage for blog post lol

No. 412942

Pretty much. All the queer people I follow tweet a lot about being gay. Everyone just seems triggered because ‘how dare a cow suddenly like girls and talks about it’

No. 412948

lmao you sound like a loser. im gay and hang out with exclusively other gays and no one ever acts like that. also referring to people as "queer" is gross, just because you want to reclaim some embarrassing slur doesnt mean you most other gay people want to. theres a huge difference between the lgbt community and this "queer" community that jill seems to want to be a part of lol

No. 412949

She’s posted on her tumblr since what, 2015? That she was pan. She likely never talked a lot about it before because that wasn’t at all what her videos were about (not Lolita, not fashion, etc).
While I’ll always be sort of suspicious about her posting her “coming out” video when she did, she has said she sort of regretted the video becuse she’s still young and doesn’t know really how she would want to label herself.
Tdlr; she’s always been gay but didn’t talk about it much before because it wouldn’t have made sense for her to do

No. 412953

Keep in mind, Jill lives on a tiny ass island (literally), and only has been a part of that youth lgbt culture in a conservative province as well as the “internet” lgbt culture. Just because your friend group doesn’t do these things doesn’t mean it isn’t a norm for them, and sorry but queer isn’t a term you can choose to decide that people can and can’t not use

No. 412954

lgbtq…Q meaning queer. Stop being triggered.

No. 412955

How about you stop being triggered(learn 2 sage)

No. 412960

>theres a huge difference between the lgbt community and this "queer" community that jill seems to want to be a part of lol

Fucking hell, didn't know being being gay was something to gatekeep, no wonder the older gen LGBT community hates tumblr kids.

No. 412967

Not everyone wants to be called gay, dipshit. Gay men are the "face" of the community and others need to be acknowledged. Just say lgbt+ if it bothers you that much.

No. 412977

Did you people not see >>412829 ? Because you guys missed the whole freaking point of my post.

Jill does shit for attention. Calling herself a lesbian is very clearly for attention. Bragging about her anxiety attacks is very clearly for attention. Throwing around her use of benzos is very clearly for attention.

Does this mean there’s no validity for any of this? No, we all know that she clearly has some mental problems. And I think it’s safe to say she is pansexual, because she adopted that identity at a young age and continued to carry it around with her up until she was a lesbian with Collin. Y’all keep forgetting this girl is batshit crazy and can’t even live her life without being in a relationship. She has no sense of independence, her relationships are for attention and not for love.

Also, I’m a college student, so I have actually met “queer” people before lol.

No. 412984

tbh queer is a term any LGBT person can use to refer to themselves or people they know are ok with being called it, but queer is not a term you can use interchangeably with LGBT.

No. 413051

No. 413061

No, the lgbt community and the queer community are the same fucking thing, just because you're not comfortable calling yourself queer doesn't mean nobody should be. Queer an umbrella term that many people use.

>most other gay people
Not everyone in this community is gay.

No. 413064

Her crayola obsession is already getting out of hand, she says she wants a crayon tattoo because she started drawing with them? Girl. Watch her get the tackiest sleeve on this earth.

No. 413066

Jill the ~*fashun designnnerr*~ has the nerve to call her lame prospective arts and crafts school, a fashion school! Mega Kek and the nerve to call herself to designer and artist. Love how she gives herself titles for things she's never actually went out worked hard for and accomplished in order to be worthy of calling herself an artist or even remotely a fashion designer.

No. 413081

She speaks Japanese,'loves Japan' and her entire fote is Japanese fashion right?? Why did she not even attempt to go to a Japanese fashion university? Sure it doesn't have to be Bunka Fashion College, but she could at least try a little to be good at her best field, Japanese fashion

No. 413084

Ever since her Japan trip I don't think she's bought so much on Japan anymore. She's been buying more tacky western stuff and trying to move away from party kei. lmao

No. 413091

i've noticed that too.. do you think she became disenchanted when she arrived and realized they werent going to fawn over her for her fashion? or maybe she realized that japan is nothing like her precious precure anime?

No. 413093

You need to be near fluent to get into university in Japan (unless you're studying Japanese???). I think you have to pass JLPT N2 and I seriously doubt Jill is anywhere near that since she couldn't even understand the shop assistants in Tokyo. Not to mention she'd be too far away from her mother for comfort

No. 413098

I thought that she managed to understand 80% of the Pretty Cure movie she watched there though?? If she was at that level, then with a couple months of intensive study, she should have been able to pass the N2. The fact that she wont aim for a decent school just for the sake of her wanting her mother is pathetic jc

No. 413099

>intensive study
I highly doubt that would ever happen

No. 413100

That was a lie. Jill doesn't speak Japanese. She only knows very, very basic words from anime. Or were you being sarcastic?

No. 413116

I do all my art assignments out of crayon but you could never guess because I make them look SO pretty!

I hope this deluded bitch does go to art school so she can receive the biggest reality check and shrink her giant ego.

No. 413117

File: 1509565232016.png (809.67 KB, 584x604, e6a88de86a33e2f5a19a8b2ff4b996…)

No. 413118

this crayola thing deffo smacks of autism

its a horrible 'aesthetic' too

i can't stop wondering where she keeps all this stuff she buys, literally must have warehouse amounts of plastic crap and clothing she never looks at/wears/uses… where is it all? and she keeps buying more.

ps: what is worse than her 'hee hee hee hee' thing?

No. 413119


idk if it's just me or I can't tell anymore what's bad and good when it comes to Jill, BUT the outfit kind of works in a way??? It looks like it has at least some kind of concept going on … welp

No. 413121

Yeah a lot of these items actually match and this could be a totally cohesive and cute outfit if she just removed or changed a couple clashing things like the cardigan which does not go with the hat/bag/socks. I thought in her video wearing this she looked pretty good too when she wasn't wearing the mismatched green cardigan.

No. 413122


this would be fine if she worked in a crayola store or doing like some working for some crayola promo or something but as just something you chose to wear… its a no from me…

it's just weird to me to walk around as a well known brand unless you're working for them or summin..

No. 413125

I'm gonna place money on her not ending up 'flying the nest' and going to this FASHION SCHOOL, kek. Look at her subliminal body language and even the verbal stuff whenever she talks about it, vomit noises, excessive hair fiddling, 'whatevers' and not looking at the camera.

She ain't going anywhere.

No. 413126

How many PEI residents saw this and assumed shes developmentally delayed

No. 413128

Kinda like this as a “let’s talk to some kids Arthur, weird late 90’s child with bad hair” aesthetic

No. 413129

How depressing, McDonald's kei is next.
Too bad you can't make a wal mart uniform kawaii!!

No. 413132

This outfit might have actually worked colour wise if she'd left out the hat, bag and socks

No. 413134

The crayola obsession bothers me less than the mimicking of How Jenna Marbles talks which doesn’t fit Jill’s aesthetic at all.

No. 413148

She's afraid of moving to another city in her country, moving overseas and handling the pressure of a Japanese university would be absolutely impossible for her.

Minus the socks and bag…it's so gaudy that it kinda works again.

No. 413154

Somebody needs to take this girl to Hobby Lobby and show her where the grown-up art supplies are. Just because oil pastels aren’t marketed toward 5-year-olds doesn’t mean you can’t use them.

No. 413178

I kind of like this? Sorry guys ahaha imo It works in that sort of tacky bright fashion way thats popular rn (idk what to call it but brands like unif and lazy oaf, that kind of look) but i doubt jill really thought about that kek

The socks clash too much tho and so does the beret a bit


No. 413186

I say, ditch the rainbow hair and the socks and it's kind of a cool outfit

No. 413208

she said she uses Crayolas for her sketches… oh lord.

No. 413243

Her style is just kidcore now? Not special in the slightest.

No. 413244

Kidergarten picture day core

No. 413281

I was really surprised when she said this cardigan was party kei because wasn't that style supposed to be like slumber party aesthetic? Is party kei just whatever trend she decideds she likes at any given time?

No. 413289

More like vomit kei. This bitch has no idea what her tacky ass style even is. No clearly defined style parameters whatsoever.

No. 413291

Fairy-Kei is now Party-kei. Magical girls are now party kei. Tinsel is now party-kei. Anything the cunt touches is party-kei, time we get used to it.

No. 413449

File: 1509630551545.png (519.88 KB, 532x599, jillian.png)

just the cardigan, shirt and skirt look ok together, but the socks, shoes, beret and hair fucking ruin it

also I would genuinely assume that she had some form of mental retardation if I saw her out like this

No. 413453

File: 1509630991590.png (26.98 KB, 622x227, jillian2.png)

Also just saw this on her twitter, I assume she's talking about her wand tattoo? Looks like she'll go to a different tattoo artist this time

No. 413454

Do y'all think Jill could be aspie (ASL)? I mean she seems to have a lot of "special interests"

No. 413462

She said in her last stream that she’s going to an artist in another province who specializes in colorful tattoos. She’s finally getting a magical girl one done but she wouldn’t fully show it in the stream because “people will tell you everything that’s wrong with it” (but apperently it actually has black lines this time)

No. 413478

Sage for nitpicky bs but I hate when people get tattoos that are completely different styles. She should have gotten her first one outlined in black to begin with but made a stupid noob mistake and now has a disaster on her arm.

No. 413528

Maybe she’ll get the cat tattoo fixed by this new artist while she’s there. A while back she said she wanted to get it fixed but not by the tattoo artist who did it.

No. 413579

if she got rid of the socks, and changed her shoes i'd be ok with this.

also i wish she'd stop wearing those glasses. they age her even more than her normal looks do.

No. 413582

I believe she said she was planning on getting it fixed there as well in her stream

No. 413585

File: 1509643736177.jpeg (552.63 KB, 750x1174, D5558BDC-B9B3-4683-8B5E-30F1A8…)

I’m pretty sure this is the artist she’s going to this time around

No. 413643

I don't know how she spent so much time wearing lolita and still doesn't know color coordination. This would be a lot better with red shoes and some white ankle socks.

No. 413654

File: 1509648905495.jpg (71.32 KB, 582x593, wand.jpg)

>pink shoes
why, Jill? Why? Did you forget the color coordination video you made for lolita?

The black and white pieces look much better than her colored stuff imo. At least she seems to have experience with what Jillian wants? I hope she doesn't ask the artist to just tattoo her own art on her again, I don't really get why you would pick someone and ask for a completely different style.

No. 413705

File: 1509653417412.png (20.65 KB, 290x115, Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 1.08…)

comment on her crayola outfit and I can't tell if they're joking or not

No. 413726

>those shoes

a-are style names just a complete joke to those people? I guess we really shouldn't be surprised that Jill's audience is even more fashion brain dead than her

No. 413760

I wonder if they saw how dirty and brown the soles are and mistook them for wood, thinking they were some unique kind of RHS… That or everything pastel is lolita.
Just like everything colorful is party kei.

No. 413766


Yeah, I think the artist's work looks pretty good, but the black and white looks nicer and the coloured pieces aren't quite as vibrant as most pictures of new tattoos I see?
They seem like a weird choice to go with when that's what she wants imo, but at least they this time they look like they're an actual decent artist who won't scratch a wonky cat on her.

No. 413837

File: 1509667729062.png (6.4 MB, 1242x2208, 6743B74B-B6D9-481A-A807-667BF6…)

I don’t even like tattoos and I think these look really good. Like, I kinda want that rabbit one.

I think the colored pieces look really good, but like I said I’m not into tattoos so idk how to judge them. Also, can we have a moment of silence of what Jill’s cattoo could have been rather than what looks like a child’s crayon doodle on her arm.

No. 413956

File: 1509683973313.jpeg (46.95 KB, 638x248, 642DE274-34B1-48F3-A2CE-4665EE…)

Mark your calendars folks

No. 413969

jill and her ~babygirl gf~ are Facebook official.

No. 413982

File: 1509686241691.jpeg (435.32 KB, 750x1053, E332BCC5-C6D1-496E-ADE9-6C649C…)

I hope it works out for them

No. 413990

rip alyssa

No. 413993


i don't.

remember a few weeks back when she was SO bitter that Collin unfriended her? i bet she's super pissed that he can't see that pic.

No. 413998

can't wait to see how jill dresses up her new toy

No. 414001

File: 1509688198633.jpg (64.71 KB, 960x720, 21317767_10159265906800542_125…)

I cant wait to find out whether this girl is normal or as crazy as Jill

No. 414008

not to be fatfobic but she’s pree fat and ugly. very bland looking too. i wonder wtf jillian sees in her.

No. 414009

There's this thing called a personality…

No. 414010

if she switched out the socks for red and wore either green or yellow shoes, it would work for a themed outfit. But as it is, the socks and shoes don't match anything else in the outfit, nor does the red beret.

No. 414013

Is Alyssa completely clueless when it comes to Jill's cunty nature, or does she think it's normal for Jill to have dragged her ex thru social media and post personal information regarding her past and present relationships? The same shit but worse will happen to her when they break up, Jill's inner female superiority complex is going to come out in full force.

We know this girl was aware of Jill and her social media accounts prior to meeting on Tinder. Does she just want attention, maybe? I honestly can't see any normal person genuinely falling in love with this clown, she's so self absorbed, immature, and "simple." I can understand dumb kids loving Jill's obnoxiousness, but with grown adults I just dgi.

My current prediction is they last <7 mos given the current deets.

This photo reminds me of Collin, who looked normal before dating Jill. Hopefully she doesn't let Jill walk all over her and alter her personality to fit an aesthetic like Collin did.

tl;dr Jill is a toxic person

No. 414016


Implying jill cares about personality beyond how much of a doormat they are

No. 414022

talk about a catfish lol, is she really that fat? There’s nothing wrong with carrying a little extra weight but damn, she looks like a different person in those pics. I know snapchat filters are pretty heavy but how tf did she go from a no chin round face to visible jawline and cheekbones?

For real, is she actually that fat girl in that picture? Because I don’t see anyone in that picture who looks like her Facebook pic except that the fat girl has the same hair color and cut.

No. 414024

idk she looks the same to me, it's just different angles. you can tell she's chubby from her filtered photos anyway. this doesn't matter because it's just more body positive lesbo points for jill. WHAT REALLY MATTERS IS >>414016 !!!

No. 414025

File: 1509691171689.jpg (56.68 KB, 960x540, 14642115_10157503930710542_140…)

Yes she is you can check out her facebook yourself via Jills fb.

From her unedited photos I was assuming she might have been a lot older than Jill but it looks like shes about 21. Her fb says she graduated highschool in 2015 so they are roughly the same age.

I dont want to rag on her looks too much because it doesnt have much to do with our beloved flake Jill. However it is worth noting her current style seems to be gothic/edgy/dollskill type fashion. Let us watch if Jill slowly transforms that. Or she might try to go for cute photos of their contrasting styles. We shall see

No. 414033

Jill's new mate looks like every hippo pseudo Goth you can find at your local Hot Topic. It must be for dyke point because let's get real Jill has the depth of a puddle of piss. Wait till Jill tosses this heifer into a tutu and some tacky ass top she ~*designs*~.kek

No. 414036

Gotta be honest here, Alyssa looks pretty cute. Shame she‘s gonna suffer under Jills influence from now.
She looks pretty…boring though? I was surprised she isn‘t living by any aesthetics like Jill as i thought that‘d be something Jill would ne looking for.

If we‘re lucky she‘s gonna change jill for the better and she‘ll tone down her fashion ctastrophes and maybe become a bit more modest

No. 414041

Anon are you high? Alyssa is mediocre at best. Jill will yuck her up in no time. However Jill's proclivity for dressing like shit is going nowhere.

No. 414105

My guess is she was the first or only lesbian on the island that says what Jill enjoys hearing. If she knows about Jill before meeting her she's probably a weird fan aka delusional or naive and willing to support her dumb ass bc she's like 19 and has lots of pretty things. I grew up in a rural area so anyone who had a different look let alone an aesthetic going were always fonded over by the lil mall goths so I can imagine in that girls naive head she thinks Jill is awesome bc she makes youtube videos and buys shit all the time. Jill isn't going to date someone who is critical of her lifestyle.

No. 414156

She's probably just into anime and weeb shit.

I don't know why you'd assume she'd change Jillian though, based on her IG she's completely crazy about her so I doubt she wants to change her.

What kinds of videos do you think they'll make together? My guess
>Making my gf ~kawaii!!~
>Lezbean cosplay uwu
>Another pride vlog
For her own benefit I hope she learned from her past relationships though and stops exploiting her SOs for content.

No. 414247

I don‘t assume it, i said „if we‘re lucky“ trying to imply that it‘s propably not gonna happen haha.

aaaanyway, moving on…

No. 414265

File: 1509724564140.jpeg (134.82 KB, 750x284, 0125260D-C027-495C-9A62-A23BBD…)

Posting this ten minutes before her stream was supposed to start? Does this girl keep any sort of real schedule for herself?

No. 414266

man she's fucking terrible at managing her social media shit

why do you think she had to move it? is she feeling to sleepy and has to nap? or does she have an important home sense date?

No. 414268

File: 1509724685479.jpeg (211.14 KB, 750x1076, F0F03050-7CFA-4B97-BBC6-6F9176…)

Apperently just got her nails done too. For someone who’s so upset about not making money from her YouTube videos she is sure willing to cancel her other way to make money because she’s too busy spending it

No. 414275

Looks like she did those herself, and not at a salon.

No. 414296

Ironically the person who did them is the one who posted the photo. But yes they look like shit

No. 414306

im pretty sure Jillian only cares about her aesthetics. i don’t think they’re gonna last unless mystery girl undergoes a makeover.

No. 414313

File: 1509727889936.jpeg (120.66 KB, 750x310, 0929FCDD-5349-45B0-9DAC-6F203D…)

No. 414314

this is why people like Jill shouldn't be self employed…

No. 414484

File: 1509745774608.jpeg (193 KB, 750x774, 7F850E3D-3825-42F1-8920-2E443B…)


No. 414501

she actually looks cute…

No. 414503

What a lazy asshole. Imagine if she had a full time J-O-B on top of a sewing and selfie hobby.

No. 414504

going from retard toddler to normal looking woman

is she trolling? she seems to know how to make herself look decent, why does she always pick to look as bad as possible?

No. 414510

The hair and toned down makeup is definitely an improvement but that outfit is so hideous it even makes her rainbow puke outfit look good.

No. 414511

She STILL has that ugly Pom Pom top around? Jesus Christ that thing must be disgusting by now

No. 414514

Anon, it’s a hoody and a cap. I don’t see what you’re talking about.

No. 414530

Stop making that face in photos, Jill. You make me want to cry.

No. 414545

File: 1509748488280.png (121.96 KB, 500x610, rich-privileged-white-girl-who…)

so the likelihood of jill going to dollskill style is increasing by the day

No. 414561

It's just basic wannabe hood girl style or over in the UK it's called chav.

No. 414738

File: 1509761648720.jpeg (51.23 KB, 750x155, 2FC9E401-26E2-4800-ABD3-0982F1…)

The only work of Heidi’s she’s probably even seen is Project Runway but… ok Jill.

No. 414752

Even in "normal" style shes managed to age herself 5+ years with this makeup. I dont understand how this happens…

No. 414771

she looks like a really shitty chola tbh

No. 414774

holy shit her gf is a hippo. i bet you anything jill wouldnt even date a girl thats prettier than her anyway.
that explains why shes so into jill. she probably thinks she hit the jackpot with a "so totally glam youtuber".

No. 414826

This cunt really just jumps from person to person . bets on them lasting 3 months.

No. 414829


Its… just a hoodie and a cap, stop reaching

No. 414836

Jill actually looks better in the second pic. Kek That's appalling.

No. 414867

It literally says "Buffalo" on the front of them. Are you blind?

No. 414903

Anon she definitely looks like a chav.

No. 414944

File: 1509804919528.jpg (18.92 KB, 277x185, simplejack1.jpg)

well it's pretty sad that she looks way better as a chav then

the left pic makes me think of Simple Jack lol

No. 414950

No. 414952

> alt title: 56 to 19

No. 414955

> 56 to 19

except she still managed to make herself look old

No. 414959

That's not kawaii style.. that's walmart trash

No. 414970

> alt title: Downsey to M2F

No. 414999

> 56 to 19
More like 56 to 36
At this point it seems like Jill just has an old face, which isn't bad unless you're deperate to make yourself look cute and youthful, then you have a problem. I'm not sure if it's face features, being fat, demented grandma-kei clothing, bad makeup choices, lack of skincare or just very unfortunate combination of all above. In second look her makeup seems way better, yet still I wouldn't guess she's younger than 28, maybe more mature looking 25.

No. 415012

File: 1509809978859.jpg (63.12 KB, 1023x400, jilljill.jpg)


the basic bitch look looks def better on her than the glittery mess she usually wears.
Jill def would profit if she would have at least some kind of fashion trend which rules she could/should follow because this vid shoes what kind of planless her "style" is damn.

Also her everyday glitter makeup - what a hot mess.

No. 415026

she mentioned her "baby face" so many times in the video. Is she that oblivious to the fact that she looks old, crusty and haggard?

No. 415028

File: 1509812633410.png (548.16 KB, 544x474, vXzxS3q.png)

it literally looks like she has a mullet wig on right here

No. 415034

File: 1509813360837.png (Spoiler Image, 110.58 KB, 750x899, IMG_6879.PNG)


No. 415059

Her making the "boop boop boop" and "doo doo doo" noises every three minutes is making this unwatchable.

No. 415117

She ignores most questions, it’s so uncomfortable to watch becuse it’s pretty obvious she does that weird “boop” thing when she’s ignoring/avoiding questions.

I didn’t watch much of the stream, but she gave up on her “secret project” callender because it was taking her too long and she wasn’t happy with the art (she really complained about how each drawing took three hours and she would need 27 hours to finish it which is insane considering she just is ~working so hard all the time guys)

No. 415121

holy shit, are you kidding me lol?
there are a lot of artists that take 20 hours on a single piece of art alone, and they do it because they actually enjoy it
does Jill do anything because she actually likes it? and not just because she wants to make as much money as possible?

No. 415123

cries in artist

No. 415127

the worst part is that there would probably be enough of her idiot fans that would actually buy that fucking calendar just because they eat up anything Jill does
30 hour really isn't that much? maybe work on the fucking calendar for 3 hours every day instead of napping

No. 415131

As an art student that is required to work a minimum of 10 hours on most projects, it really frustrates me to see her say stuff like this but then expect to do well in design school…like if she can't spend 3 hours on a drawing then she isn't going to last a month in college

No. 415169

a full time job is 40 hours a week, going in every day and working 8 hours, and repeat. jill has until when? december? to finish her "secret project" in time for January when a new calendar is due.. and …. she cant fit even like 2 hours a day dedicated to drawing minimum? girl. what u doing.

No. 415195

in my experience, people who talk about their baby face or how young they look actually look older than their age.

No. 415219

What, is she for real? It's actually probably the only productive thing she's doing right now and she clams to have no time for it? What's taking so much of it anyway? 27 hours is barely more than a day…

No wonder her "art" looks like shit, if she's convinced 3 hours spent on single piece is a long time. How she's hoping to survive in fashion, wait, any type of school? Many classes involves some sort of long-term assigment, which should take way more than 27 hours.

No. 415249

Summery of the first half of today’s stream:

>”my GIRLFRIENDS workplace” official announcement of being a couple

>Still want’s to call her mystery girl
>Compares themselves to Bunny and Dogman (~Pastel version)
>Girlfriend watches her streams
>Jill asked her to be her official girlfriend on halloween with a chocolate bar
>Updated magical girl want collection video is coming up soon
>Complains about it looking cold/bad lighting for a while
>would love to go on tour one day when she’s a “big boy” youtuber
>Gives advice on lesbian relationships
>Had a weekly Japanese tutor for a Summer a few years ago
>Say’s working from home has been awesome
>Plans on buying more Doremi items
>Her tattoo is a combo of Doremi, card capture, and precure items (and is planning on vlogging getting it again)
>tattoo will be on her upper thigh
>Would do video on cosplay tips, but doesn’t want to because she’s a "beginner" but “I’ve won in every contest I’ve done” (Which also is a lie remember Rose Quartz Jill)
>Gets upset when someone asks if she has a giant sailor moon collection behind her because theres “More magical girl show’s the just Sailor moon!!!”
>Starting a “Designer Diaries” series about her steps to becoming a designer (Would be vlogs and sit down videos)
>Hasn’t though about what she wants for Christmas because she “Just keeps buying stuff if I want them”
>Complains about how people “hate every brand” and that people complain about the brands she buys from
>”I do try my best” about if things are curtly free/ethical
>Has been diagnosed with depression and is on medication but “Doesn’t know if it’s the meds or the depression went away”
>Advice on depression: "Get a hobby, love yourself, get a cat”
>Does crystal magic, fire magic, and writes her own spells~
>”People that still don’t know Colin and I broke up blow my mind”
>Fashion helped her with her anxiety
>”I am fierce, colorful, sparkly, and strong”
>Is going to hyper Japan, but has not bought any tickets
“So many questions are repeating” Doesn’t answer them
>"Two of the Jillians ahead of my on celebrity birthday are younger then me!” (Seems to get really upset over people younger then her being more successful)
>Finished 3/12 months for the calendar
>”if I don’t excel at something I will drop it"
>Doesn’t want to do an art project like that until she’s had actual training on drawing/art from her school (Aka that foundation year she was so upset about having to take)
>”No! I don’t like it!” When talking about having to draw for 27 more hours
>Wants to do it, but only drawing one a month over the course of a year
>Took paino levels from ages 4-14
>Stopped once her teacher said she was too high of a level for him to teach her anymore
>Her favorite art supplies are crayola crayons
>Irregular choice sent her a message and she’s doing a video of an upcoming collection
>Mystery girl wants to be in videos, will likely happen sooner rather then later
>Hesitant to have another "super public relationship”
>GF’s hair is blond but brought up dying it pink jills response: “You can just throw that out there because now I’m going to harass you until you dye it pink” (Sign Jill was behind most of Colin's colored hair choices?)

No. 415269


The end result is just as weak as her usual look, but I think the eye and brow makeup, before lipstick and wig happened, really looked rather nice on her. The wings gave her a very "cute" eye that would go well with the wannabe-retro thing she's kinda been doing lately. Her bangs bring pulled back also might have something to do with it.

No. 415299


>Mystery girl wants to be in videos, will likely happen sooner rather then later

I get the vibes that this girl wants a small piece of jill's e-fame because it all sounds like she choose Jill because she knew that she would get those kind of things because of her but other than that I'm def here to see this cringe happen lol

also, thank you based anon for your stream summaries!

No. 415304

>People in the comments complaining that they didn’t get an ad/skipped it accidently so Jill doesn’t make money

I want to die.

No. 415317

Lol, somebody come get their mom. She looks like a 30-some year old who is trying too hard to be Instagram cool.

>”if I don’t excel at something I will drop it"

That's some real winner ideology there. Have fun dropping out of wannabe community college because you don't wanna take the time to practice anything.

No. 415327

Makes sense. She was never really into lolita, she just wanted to be THE BEST LOLITA EVARRRR.

No. 415330

File: 1509834188720.png (Spoiler Image, 508.87 KB, 739x415, Capture d’écran (669).png)

No. 415331

File: 1509834265522.png (Spoiler Image, 508.39 KB, 854x480, Capture d’écran (667).png)

No. 415332

File: 1509834296654.png (Spoiler Image, 340.14 KB, 584x439, Capture d’écran (668).png)

No. 415335

File: 1509834391249.jpg (1.31 MB, 1440x2069, Screenshot_20171104-182255.jpg)

Was hoping that shirt would be cute but nope.

No. 415341

these cuts are… uh… unflattering to say the least

No. 415346

I noticed that too. Jill seems to have deluded herself into thinking that having a meaty, chubby face equals looking young but it's obviously not true. Everytime someone mentions her age on here I'm taken aback. She looks so much older than she is and I bet if she went a bit less crazy on the tacky make up and lips she'd look way younger.

No. 415360

isn't that rug thing on the floor a blanket she thrifted???

No. 415367

God, if she ends up dropping out of the school, I will be SO livid. She's going to sink (her parents') money into doing all these damn fashion hauls and buying anime shit, she can damn sure afford to use it wisely for getting ready and going to school for this dream of hers, especially if she's going to do Youtube as her "main job". Actually, how much does anyone wanna bet she tries to use her getting money from Youtube as "work experience" if she ever tries to get another job?

I can't really see the hem of that shirt very well, but it looks like it's an unfinished and uneven edge. If it were more fitted to her and a bit longer, it'd look so much better. Also no, crayons do not make good earrings; if she wants to go for novelty mismatched earrings, she can surely find little charms and beads to string up instead of goddamn crayons. (I would unfortunately take that jacket on the left purely for the sake of it looking 80s, but I wouldn't wear it with more pastels.)

No. 415386

Boring. At least sacrifice a few chickens in your closet. Not even trying. Get on Bank's level please Jill!!!

I actually like watching Jill's videos with the captions turned on because her voice is hard to listen to - it's not as bad as someone like Lauren Southern or Kanadajin but anyway. I have not been able to watch Jill's video because the lighting is way too bright. Hope she dims it down.

No. 415401

All of her shoes look fucking dumb.

No. 415478

File: 1509840082782.png (528.34 KB, 642x534, 938B86AB-4921-44B1-BE69-FFEB25…)

Second half of the stream, sorry it took me so long

>Her and GF are planning cosplays

> Didn’t like her Rose cosplay
>Get’s upset when designers “bash on other designers” on project runway
>wants to do a video on her play button, complains that it hasn’t shipped yet
>Entering Kawaii Internation with the pic of her in her tennis skirt and plaid shirt (posted earlier)
>Wants a crayon tattoo
>”I am a white youtuber come fight me” (at around 58 minutes in, In response to someone complaining about white youtubers being racist)
>Doesn’t like Melanie Martinez because so many people tell her they look alike
>Is a Hufflepuff
>”I’m not an age player, I just like crayons”
>Dislikes sugar pill eyeshadow
>Mystery girl dressed up from Steven Universe for halloween but hasn’t ever watched
>Refuses to watch thriller, suspense, or anything horror related at all
>Too scared to watch Stranger Things
>Loves Utena, claims her video on it was just her trying to explain it to herself and making jokes about “how stupid it was”
>likely won’t make anymore slumber party sessions because of the streams
>Enjoys doing vlogs but it worried they will be boring (Next vlog is apparently just her being sleepy and not leaving her house again)
>Still loves Lolita but wouldn’t wear it again
>Calls her fashion bright americanized Fairy Kei
>Is not doing vlogmas, thinks she”would die”
>Has filmed asmr and would like to do it but her but her mic is too shitty
>Dislikes lisa frank and hates that people think’s she likes it. (“Super duper not” party kei)
>not going to do instgram live because she’s a partner on younow
>Complains she has too much to do and that she can’t nap and is so sad
>Doot/random singing tally: 32 (At least)

No. 415483

File: 1509840532650.jpeg (741.51 KB, 750x1141, 247C3702-5DA2-4380-BDFB-A9B849…)

No. 415486

Yeah, that top is making her look so boxy and top heavy. And her party-kei style really is hard to understand. To me, she more resembles one of those retro skate waitresses that used to serve you burgers at your car.

No. 415493


""white pride"" jill much, lmao??? and i don't believe she actually likes utena…just wants to for the kawaii yuri points

No. 415514

You trying to save your ass and gain some lesbian points over that Utena video is cute Jill.

No. 415544

Its because she made the sleeves start way too far from the top. she even mentioned this in a video but was 'too lazy' to fix it ?? smh

No. 415561

So she joined Kawaii.i "Kawaii leader" contest. Except this freak to be the new Kawaii Leader, just like Kelly Eden.

No. 415570

man she's just gonna be responsible for her own downfall… ever since she started doing youtube as her "full time job" all she's done is complain about it
everything is too hard for her
like she could've just kept it as a hobby that brought in some extra income, she never complained this much when she was still working at claires and stuff

No. 415577

Probably because then she actually had some routine that kept her sane, so if her YT gig ever busted she'd have a nice little cushion to keep her supported rather than having to feed off good ol' mom and dad. Now, however, she has to set her own pace and schedule when she does streams and posts videos, and now she can't do all that because it means working really hard at trying to make a living for herself, even more prevalent now that she's preparing to head off for college.

No. 415597

so she claims youtube is her full-time job now, but can't even be half-assed to buy a nude lipstick for an insta baddie transformation???

she could literally buy a wetnwild for $2~, it's kind of an essential part of the look

No. 415613

but its not kawaii enough for her uguuuuuughhhhhh

Let's be honest; if she can't be assed enough to do streams like she plans, to work on videos when she should be, to put ACTUAL EFFORT into doing shit, then she sure as hell doesn't have a chance of sticking to this Youtuber job until she has to get an actual decent job to pay for her shit.

No. 415614

American fairy kei????? What the Fucking whit fairykei is mostly repurposed American vintage 80s stuff

No. 415646

>"Two of the Jillians ahead of my on celebrity birthday are younger then me!” (Seems to get really upset over people younger then her being more successful)

Any idea who the other Jillians are?

No. 415648

File: 1509850961076.jpg (141.04 KB, 1200x1835, gal-beach-kesha.jpg)

Boxy-kei all the way, Can't wait to see Jill make matching outfits for her and mystery girl. It's like Keisha and spank! had a baby

No. 415656

Oh god that “outfit” she made is ugly as hell and terribly constructed. Where’s the waistband, because that’s way too high for a skirt (she probably doesn’t even know how to make one and trying to hide it). The pattern clashes with the skirt. How does she go out in public and post her pictures online in these shitty “outfits”?

No. 415667

>”I am a white youtuber come fight me”
Holy shit jill no wonder you defended Jstar so hard

No. 415676

the skirt looks cute but i know she's trying to say "oh i designed and made this myself" made it maybe but certainly not designed. rainbow pleats is such a basic idea. same goes for the top, but that just looks horrible overall.

No. 415681

>Calls her fashion bright americanized Fairy Kei

She's not even American

No. 415688

File: 1509854080579.jpg (66.05 KB, 367x467, 171794793.jpg)

she looks like a hot air balloon in this

No. 415689

Canada is in (North)America, Americanized is a term anyone can use to describe a concept

No. 415692

File: 1509854353770.png (358.17 KB, 552x543, 1493897789434.png)

When she complained about getting ready with her normal look to only take it all off for the beginning of the video… girl you could have recorded the normie look first, took it off, and then worn your rainbow shit for the rest of the day

No. 415695

File: 1509854704575.png (2.3 MB, 1524x704, HELP.png)


No. 415707

“I feel like Im trying to be Spanish.”


No. 415710

File: 1509855578633.png (3 MB, 1816x1880, HELPPP.png)

These are her brushes BEFORE she put product on them dear god

No. 415712

lmao, as if anyone would mistake jill for anything other than super white…did she say that because she was wearing a baseball cap? or because she had on black eyeliner??? idgi

No. 415713

File: 1509855655307.jpeg (33.21 KB, 227x274, BE404C8C-A695-4FAF-B3A3-5DBE26…)

That altar….where is her mother / father deity?

No. 415729

To be fair most famous Spaniards or Latina women in the media are white. I think her limited vocabulary ass meant "sultry". But Jill a bunch of make-up doesn't make you look like a spicy white.

I still enjoyed the video. I like when she does things out of her norm and she looks so much better in normal make-up

No. 415732

They're just stained. It happens to brushes.

No. 415733

They might not look that bad if she'd just wash the damn things. Same with the beauty blender, I'm sure she can wash that too and have it not look so sad and nasty.

No. 415735

File: 1509857927825.jpeg (71.19 KB, 320x320, 3F1B0F57-8623-453A-ACE2-934C28…)

I am almost 100% sure she’s thinking of a stereotypical chicana

No. 415736

As a professional performer I wear makeup pretty often for work and most of my brushes look like too. It's just a thing that happens.

No. 415740


She saturates her videos to make her hair brighter, which is partially why her skin is so yellow( that plus foundation choice). In one of her vlogs you can see how dingy it is irl. So the brushes probably aren't as brown as they seem in the video. sage for white knighting.

No. 415746

File: 1509859067411.png (546.46 KB, 805x590, pixielocks.png)

She did not design that top or skirt. Annika Victoria designed that top and skirt. She admitted she used her tutorials to make both those things.

No. 415749

I know they do, my brushes do the same thing, but I guess what bugs me is that she said her beauty blender was dirty (i.e. hasn't washed that thing in a long while, and it looks like she puts on a lot of foundation for how she wears it, even for her normal eyebags-only-no-forehead part of her routine). I'm probably jumping the gun here, but I'm not real sure I can give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 415764

Nope she wasn't thinking of a chicana, or a chola. Pixie specifically said she felt that she looked like Alex Russo's mom from wizards of Waverly place. So basically a stereotypical spicy soccer mom. I remember cuz it made me laugh. She could have gone with Sofia Vergera from Modern Family, Gabby from DH, but Alex Russo's mom? Lol bitch only watches Disney Channel

No. 415800

As awful
as it sounds I would respect Jill more if she actually took the time to design the pattern and construct the garment from scratch instead of plagiarizing a pattern and tutorial.
At least she would be original even if it was complete shit.

No. 415821

This. She admits she doesn't wash the beauty sponge, she admits she doesn't wash her face for bed even covered in makeup, she admits she leaves her eyebrows on for days and that it has stained into her skin. You guys really think she washes her brushes lmao ? This girl has zero concern for skin hygiene

No. 415837

It horrifies me so much because it makes me wonder how she treats her contact lenses…

No. 415842

I think shes deleted that post???

No. 415844

File: 1509873715211.jpeg (302.22 KB, 750x1076, 4C0E4AD1-BE40-4D31-9E4E-9EFB22…)

No. 415846

File: 1509873820381.png (130.41 KB, 540x697, Screenshot_2017-11-05-09-20-05…)

At least Jill seems genuinely sorry about it.

No. 415847

File: 1509873835304.jpeg (276.08 KB, 741x1020, EC6AADF8-178D-4DB7-A1B6-97DC86…)

As much has I hate Jill, they’re really tearing her a new one, even after she apologised and removed the image

No. 415848


God sake shes is acting like she evented the tennis skirt or something. Calm down lady your design isnt that orginal either

No. 415854

I'm enjoying watching jill get slammed but this fucking retard, you can't own something so obvious and basic as a rainbow skirt are you fucking kidding…

They're both so retarded that Jill should become lesbians with this dumbass instead.

No. 415855

That looks like some lame ass home ec tier shit tennis skirt. Not some fucking custom made couture gown. The ugly shit people make and have the raw nerve to call themselves designers. Jill is not a designer and Cara the Bloom is an attention seeking, unoriginal hack with sub-par sewing skills.

No. 415862

After looking through her page, I understand why she's mad. That skirt is the best thing she's made, rest is trash. Jill dresses herself better than this chick.

No. 415870

File: 1509878080382.jpg (220.58 KB, 1080x810, Screenshot_20171105-103302.jpg)

The comments on the posts are gold

No. 415875

Oooh man this feels amazing… people calling her out!

No. 415877

File: 1509879066120.png (11.46 KB, 291x186, ss (2017-11-05 at 02.50.37).pn…)

No. 415882

I dislike Jill, but I do feel sorry for her now. That girl is being such a diva. Jill did an apology and even deleted her picture, which in my opinion she didn't have to.

No. 415885

omfg her page… her taste… just awful.

No. 415887

Yeah no, gotta side with Pixie for this one. This skirt is completely unoriginal. That cara person seems like a huge flake herself.

No. 415903

File: 1509883001307.jpg (22.04 KB, 288x148, cara.JPG)


looks like the cara chick calmed down bc she deleted her post and Jill says they both "smoothed things over"

No. 415933

No. 415935

I can't believe this shithead is going to be in my city in a year. She will fit in with the rest of the special snowflakes who decent into the downtown to only be crushed by the realization that being "Special" does not pay bills and her lack of talent is only get her into a lot of debt.

I really hope I do not run into her but knowing someone like her she will be loud and proud so everyone will notice her.

No. 415936

> still calls her mystery girl

No. 415937

This vlog title was so misleading lmfao

No. 415938

I came for Ikea and this video did not deliver. Dislike and unsubscribe.

No. 415942

her opening that package was so fucking cringey

No. 415958

File: 1509891074626.jpg (840.29 KB, 750x1107, IMG_3800.JPG)

She just posted this "apology."

Looks like she has her own lolcow tendencies but she's too much of a nobody for anyone to care.

No. 415999


what an insufferable bitch. Her skirt looks like she made it out of craft paper. I actually kind of feel bad for Jill.

No. 416002

''Original collection'' kek

No. 416006

The whole Cara thing is absolute crap. Jill used Annika's tutorial on pleated skirts to make her skirt and Annika's strawberry two piece dress (I assume Jill got too lazy to follow through with the two piece dress part because she couldn't find more matching heart patches. I mean obviously being lazy since the skirt for the dress still isn't hemmed) tutorial for the top. The only design element is that she choose the fabric. At the end of the day its a tshirt and pleated skirt. Its nothing new or special enough to bitch about getting stolen.

She easily could've done a vlog of her going about her day in 'normal clothes' and talking about how different it is. IBF does pretty entertaining videos like that occasionally and it would be so much more interesting than napping and opening mail.

No. 416017

i'm an old idiot who has never replied to these threads so please yell at me if i'm formatting shit weird, but i feel like you guys are missing some of the back story… cara's not an IG nobody, she's a lot more popular on tumblr and also is pretty well known in the industry (a lot of more legitimate artists work with her and she's a professional stylist…so she has way more to show for herself than jill does) and she's been posting images of her collection for like a year on p much everything. cara mentioned on IG like months ago (or however fucking long it took jill to finish this skirt) that she was hurt by it and like vagued jill a bit at the time and i remember not knowing who tf she was talking about until i saw the same exact skirt in the BG of one of jill's videos. i just can't fathom her not seeing it, i've seen jill reblog from cara's blog on tumblr in the past and the way that she has gone about this apology putting herself in the light of being 100% sugar sweet innocent just seems super typical for jillian when she's being called out. i'm really surprised at the level she's being defended here.

No. 416022

Anon, Cara the bloom is a fucking hack so it's Jill. Neither of those talentless hags have any right to call themselves designers. How pretentious and gross. Stop being such a defensive idiot.

No. 416023

No. 416048

File: 1509897619434.gif (Spoiler Image, 980.88 KB, 600x315, q4E28qt.gif)

No. 416062

Cara go back to making bad skirts plz

No. 416086

you can wash the stains out of beauty blenders very easy. I wear makeup everyday and take time to wash them out with soap and water each time as well and they look like new…

No. 416087

>cara's not an IG nobody, she's a lot more popular on tumblr and also is pretty well known in the industry
Then why does she cry about someone with a "big platfowm" upsetting her? lol

No. 416116

"may or may not be selling" ugh omg she is NOT selling it, she doesn't sell any of the clothes she makes. This whole apology is irritating and so "woe is me" when Cara is the one who started the whole damn thing being so over dramatic and sicking her fans on Jill. All the girl did was take a selfie of herself in the skirt, how the fuck does that "turn your stomach"

We actually found someone irritating enough for lolcow to side with Jill for once lol

No. 416124

I never thought anyone could be more insufferable than Jill. And.. Jill's skirt looks better than Cara's. I can't believe this bitch is making me defend Jill.

No. 416143


Gotta side with Jill on this one, this other girl is acting like no one has ever made a color-blocked tennis skirt before. It's super irritating to see people try and claim a fairly generic design that everyone could have come up with.

No. 416222

File: 1509993955407.png (843.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171106-184023.png)

I am convinced that Jill is 40 years old and no one can tell me otherwise

No. 416225

lol so I assume Jill's mom is the one that took the picture?
and agreed, they both look unfortunate as hell.
her friend kinda looks like a greasy 13 year old and Jill looks like the ~quirky~ aunt.

No. 416279

Is it possible for these two not to look short, fat and dumpy? Damn it's tragic how tacky they look between the two of them. How much money did Jill spend to look this stupid? Kek

No. 416289

Why does she even have bangs?
Baddie Winkle looks younger than Jill

No. 416291

jill's outfit is so unflattering i can't believe she leaves the house like that.

No. 416319

Oh honey, that hair is just tragic. Wear a damn wig if your regrowth is that bad Jill

No. 416328

If Jill just shaved her head to get rid of that dried out haystack she calls hair, I am thoroughly convinced her regrowth of hair would be much more attractive and healthy.

No. 416338

sage for ot but why exactly is everybody hating so hard on cara? like it get it she was
absolutely overreacting and that by itself males her a cow but i feel like i‘ve been missing some context here because apart from that stupid skirt fiasco she just seems like a tacky lisa frank 90s girl…

No. 416426


Her hair is making me nauseous

No. 416438

lol wouldn't most """professional youtubers""" have a video prerecorded?
like it's her job, she knew ahead of time that she wouldn't be around to record a video on the usual day

No. 416442

It really shows how fat Jill is, and her friends hair…. wash it please

No. 416451

>like it get it she was absolutely overreacting and that by itself males her a cow

You answered your own fucking question.

I keep reading her shirt as "fatt tub" which is pretty accurate.

No. 416453

First of all, y'all gotta quit idolizing talentless people like Jill. Save your money and don't send a basement dweller who sleeps all day more stuff to hoard with the thousands of dollars in clothing she doesn't wear. Just bc she calls something "party kei" doesnt mean she's some style icon, it's not a Jfashion or alternative fashion, its her looking basic af in a high waisted skirt and illmatching shoes and making a big deal out of herself. God, I think her fans are more delusional than her sometimes.

No. 416458

File: 1510007377305.jpeg (123.93 KB, 627x727, 922F39C7-729B-4344-A0BE-959CEF…)

I found some interesting information on PULL, the credibility is questionable but still insightful (1/3)

No. 416460

File: 1510007404089.jpeg (208.24 KB, 640x1055, 4470C638-9E27-4B9D-A569-E8D0FE…)

No. 416461

File: 1510007440358.jpeg (119.09 KB, 600x938, C84E0664-AF91-4897-B25C-3B8CB9…)

No. 416466

I'd like to see proof that person knows her but honestly, I could believe Jill getting drunk often, even at home. Idk about other drugs like they mentioned, but who knows.

No. 416467

This is fake as shit. Don't listen to pulltards.

No. 416475

seems like a huge stretch
Jill pretty makes such a big deal out of it whenever she goes to a bar or even drinks one of her kiddy liquors because she's ~so socially anxious uwu~

No. 416522

The drunkielocks part isn't true. I know several of those girls and I've never heard them call her that. It's probably just someone who watched her con vlog, saw she was hungover at animaritime and wanted to make a reach to try and start drama.

No. 416529


"The industry", lol, what industry might that be?

I work in fashion (at an extremely well-known brand in a major US city) and have never heard of her. Saged, but I'd really like to know.

No. 416543

File: 1510014460750.jpeg (111.91 KB, 420x560, 1CDE8130-8DC4-46E8-832D-42C933…)

You can find some styling she's done for fashion shoots if you search by her name "Cara Bloom". (https://grungeandart.com/2016/07/13/bobby-prom-x-cara-bloom-90s-shoot/) Doesn't really mean she's "in the industry" anymore than a play button means that Jillian is a famous youtuber.

She also manages to dress worse than Jill.

No. 416551

jill tweets her life 24/7 so if she was at parties so often she would ar least tweet about feeling ~socially anxious uwu~ over going out. I think we would know if she was hungover/coming down all the time. She dosnet seem the type to do drugs to me idk

>all her friends

kek. she has like 3 friends

No. 416555

when did y'all become such white knights of jill???

No. 416563

Is it just me, or has Jill gained weight since quitting Claire's?

No. 416569

2011 called and mollysoda wants her aesthetic back

No. 416570

Jill has been gaining weight for quite some time now, however it’s probably been getting worse since she barely leaves the house and sits down to do her work.

No. 416572

It's all that peeps tea going to her hips.

Just give it up cara.

No. 416577

File: 1510017618334.png (165.93 KB, 417x351, jesus christ.png)

why let them suffer longer than they have to

No. 416593

IRRC JIll stated in a vlog somewhere a while back that she wanted to try making a rainbow pleated skirt, and said "i'm sure i could just look up a tutorial for a basic pleated skirt and change the fabric colours". She doesn't really seem the type to hide where she got an idea from IMO, and seemed genuine when talking about the project -
it really doesn't sound much to me like she outright plagiarised. Definitely siding with jill here.
I think she shouldn't have said that she designed it however (can anyone really "design" a colourful pleated skirt?), i'm surprised this milk didn't spill earlier - i was pretty shocked about that when i saw the original post.

No. 416599

>why would she be going to these parties if she wasnt using the drugs others were using there

whoever wrote that has never been to a party

No. 416601

Molly doesn't deserve this

No. 416603


I'm glad the other anons see how ridiculous this is too because I winced when I saw Jil's apology post too.
I think the milk didn't spill earlier because lolcow was down when it first came up.

Neither of them can call themselves designers for sewing a pleated skirt imo.
If you think a rainbow tennis skirt is an original 'design' and cry and piss yourself when someone else has the same idea, you're a terrible, unoriginal designer.

No. 416616

Lolcow was down last night and this morning, this shit broke two days ago.

No. 416627

Ah so you work in retail

No. 416628

File: 1510020928942.jpeg (328.55 KB, 750x989, 572BAEF0-89C0-4351-BC1D-60F167…)

Is something else going down?

No. 416631

Honestly my bet is on the lolitas vs Kelly Eden thing what with Lors video on the matter being posted today.

No. 416636

File: 1510021269192.jpeg (266.6 KB, 750x962, 7BEE4F54-5B7E-4617-97D3-09696F…)

Cara was seriously tagging people to go yell at Jill? This is seriously low of someone who wants to consider herself to be a professional designer. What a pair of shit shows

No. 416645


Some people don't check the site every day, and if they do, they don't necessarily check the cow's social media every day.


Jill's a shit but Cara has no right to bitch about a few of Jill's rabid followers going after her of their own accord when she actively sent people to go and tell Jill off for her.

No. 416650

>Some people don't check the site every day, and if they do, they don't necessarily check the cow's social media every day.

That has literally nothing to do with what I said.

No. 416670


I'm a technical designer for a huge brand, but, nice try. Sage for blogging

No. 416706


You said the drama broke two days ago and I was explaining why it might've been slow to reach the site.
That's just a theory I was throwing out there, I wasn't claiming that's definitely why it was slow. What a weird thing to get so pissed off about.

No. 416720

I meant it was all posted here before lolcow even went down.

No. 416724

This almost makes me feel sick knowing she has shoes this dirty just sitting in her actual bedroom on carpet, rather than in an entrance closet or something. I know it's just stained because of the red dirt, but it looks mouldy and nasty af.

No. 416731

doesnt she follow like every drama channel on youtube and favorite all their videos, bitch please. when will she give up this fake ass innocent baby act.

No. 416734

She just doesn't like it when it's her or her friends/people she looks up to getting called out on their shit. She is just a huge hypocrite and really, people with large followings do need to be held accountable for their shit imo, it's not just about "spilling tea" from what I've seen.

No. 416735


If I were her I'd burn them and get some pink docs or something.

Since we know you lurk, pls do it Jill

No. 416739

Yet you’re still posting on lolcow with the rest of us, get over yourself we don’t care

No. 416744

I know the red clay must be a bitch to deal with but is there really nothing she can use to clean them? I find that hard to imagine.

No. 416749

Nice humble brag. No credible professional technical designer would waste their fucking time knocking an adolescent moron like Jill. Kek Have fun with your Walmart teir home ec projects.

No. 416767

Quite frankly, I just wouldn't buy white shoes that are for daily wear. Like, you could spray them and wash them but there's prob only so much that can be done before they turn out like that. Seems like suuuch a waste of money. But we all know that's what Jill loves to do I guess.

No. 416779


Honestly it's getting really fucking dull seeing !!!REAL fashion designers!!!/fashion students coming into the thread to humblebrag about how they're more of a designer than a lazy 19 year old.
Like yeah, you're a better designer than Jill, just like practically fucking anyone who puts any real effort into it. Nobody cares, we just want to laugh at Jill and her clown outfits.

No. 416841


lol does this fucker know anything about Jill? In addition to Jill tweeting her life 24/7, Jill also has ~anxiety~ and would never do a recreational drug. She hates leaving her comfort zone.

No. 416865

I do know that Jill goes to some intense parties at cons she goes do and she was very hungover in the animaritimes vlog she did but I agree that she'd never do any serious drugs

No. 416877

The only drug Jill is addicted to is sugar. Kek she's too much of a lame fatty cake to ever be that "hardcore"!kek

No. 416929

"intense parties at cons"

lol sure

No. 416930

Anon you must know how intense a fat weeb party can be eating peeps, ding dongs and sugary af bitch brews. Not every person can h\ndle all that weeb con fire. Kek

No. 416968

I'll believe it when I see caps/proof. She got drunk in one of her con vlogs but she barely seems to leave the house. When would she even get drunk? She doesn't seem like a party girl at all.

>if there are drugs at a party why would you be going if you're not using any?!


>Why won't you just take it out privately?!
>Subtweets about it instead of approaching or @ mentioning anyone

No. 416971

Ok don't believe me but I know whose parties she goes to and while they aren't all snorting coke or anything, there's definitely a lot of heavy drinking and pressure to get completely wasted and trashed. They're also hosted by a total creep but that's another point altogether

No. 417025


lmao practically every young adult/student party has a lot of heavy drinking and pressure to get completely trashed. Jumping to the conclusion Jill has taken hard drugs just because she's been to a few dumb peer pressure teenaged parties is fucking ludicrous.

No. 417048

I specifically said she wasn't doing drugs you idiot

No. 417073

Omg you guys this is so dumb please stop

No. 417089

I'm not sure about the parties DURING cons being wild (they're typically cringe-worthy at best) but the after-parties can be quite the event, especially for larger cons. I don't know if any of Jill's local cons supply the experiences I've had at after-events from things like Anime Expo, Comic-Con, Otakon, etc. but those were pretty large and wild parties.

I wouldn't say anxiety keeps people from doing rec. drugs. I know tons of friends w/ anxiety who smoke pot, do bars, molly, etc. But Jill? I doubt it. Pot, maybe. Actually, I'd expect pot. Anything more than that and her mom would probably put her out or cut her off from finances.

Seems like you're trying to glorify users by calling Jill "lame." I wouldn't go in that direction.

This has gotta be fake. Probably a salty viewer or someone who came across their first board and wants to be known/praised.

>Can't say for sure if she used them, but why would she be going to these parties if she wasn't?

First of all, pics or it didn't happen.
This person probably has never attended a party in their life. Most people I hung out with were drinking and smoking pot by 16, molly and coke by 18. I've probably had a handful of drinks so far and have had maybe 3 hits of pot and I'm in my mid 20s. I'm no better than anyone who has done more, but I did my fair share of partying and never felt the need to indulge in drugs & alcohol. Personal choice. Contrary to popular belief, the crowd you associate with isn't always who you are.

This image makes me cringe. I can smell Jill just from this photo.

No. 417093

Anon are you just hopping between threads pretending to know people

No. 417120

this person doesn't know any coke users lol. jill drinks like any person who is legal, but she's obviously not a cokehead, and i can't imagine her using molly and being even more annoying.

No. 417162

She brags about every wittle baby drink~ she even has, if she was doing something else we'd know, especially since her bestest bud Mom probably wouldn't care about anything her precious daughter does.

No. 417192

She posts about a simple cooler that she drinks, and she posted herself she goes out to drink like twice a year. And even then she prob drinks two fruity coolers and gets drunk. I do think her closeness with her mom would be what holds her back from doing drugs, I can't imagine jill being able to keep a secret from her and I can't imagine her mom being ok with her precious spoiled child doing drugs. Plus the meds she's on would hopefully hold her back from doing it too. I bet you jill is one of the people that's uncomfortable around the ~big spooky drugs~ and goes home/leaves the room.

Also the idea that if you attend a party you are pressured into doing drugs that you don't wanna do is laughable.

No. 417372

File: 1510081604502.jpeg (284.16 KB, 750x538, 3965E14D-7663-4F8D-9B20-39846B…)

Just like Jill!

No. 417375

File: 1510081755872.jpeg (308.99 KB, 2400x1350, 30DFBA32-B66A-4DCD-859B-E177BE…)

No. 417420

Even Trump is more cultured than Jill.

No. 417430

After reading a lot of this shit this idiot doesn't just have anxiety. She also has depression if all she wants to do is nap all the time. She would be doing a lot better without the alcohol which does not mix well with anxiety drugs; but she's so dumb she doesn't understand that. Also I've never seen someone so abusive to their belongings. Take care of your shit!

No. 417445

Kek, why are people suddenly assuming Jill is some sort of alcoholic or drinks excessively?

She might have depression, but taking a lot of naps isn't really a clear indicator.

No. 417471

She said in her last stream that she was diagnosed with depression but doesn’t feel like it’s a big problem for her anything more, I seriously think the nap thing is probably a different health problem

No. 417483

It's just her being bored, inactive, sitting in her bed all day, and eating tons of refined sugar that lead to blood sugar crashes

No. 417484

File: 1510086581470.jpeg (521.88 KB, 750x1053, 08BC519A-41DB-4F16-8728-4253F1…)

No. 417505

I don't wish it upon her, but honestly her sedantary, isolated lifestyle probably will make it a problem again.

The naps are probably either unrelated, a dietary/lifestyle issue or she just naps out of habit.

No. 417520


You were comparing it to heavy drinking as if it's even remotely in the same ballpark and you know it, you back-pedalling fuckwit

No. 417531

Lol Jill confirmed in a stream and even before that I believe that pot is way too spooky for her.

No. 417580

She needs to retire those shoes. Half of her outfits are ruined because of those shoes.

No. 417589


I hate those earrings SO much. They are just so ugly and makes all her outfits even uglier than they already are. Everything is way better without them tbh

No. 417602

I completely agree. I don’t know why she puts them in so many outfits especially since they are so dirty that they’ve lost their colouring (but when has anything being dirty ever stopped Jill from wearing it?) These outfits are getting sadder and sadder as the months go by, so bad that even outfits from earlier this year are beginning to look somewhat good

No. 417609

File: 1510090164077.jpeg (153.36 KB, 1200x1103, 8F8B0DB9-A1A9-4283-B402-0D0567…)


I‘m on my mobile and still can see her pressing her tongue against her teeth

Also those shoes… i can‘t understand how someone who only cares about their looks like Jill can totally ignore those moldy af shoes… that‘s not cute,jill

No. 417616

I gotta say though this type of pose helps her look less fat.

No. 417620

File: 1510090472132.png (505.22 KB, 424x640, f8565efecf8b0a10bb4f01534d2e21…)

That whole outfit is garbage wtf
Can't believe she used to understand decent hair styling, color coordination, and how to look clean and put together

No. 417625

File: 1510090629557.jpg (49.84 KB, 594x596, february.JPG)


>even outfits from earlier this year are beginning to look somewhat good

I was thinking the same thing when I went through her Insta the other ayand saw pics from about a half year ago and everything was actually def better. From this point I'm scared to know what we will expect stylwise in 6 months from now on.

pic from her vday outfit video

No. 417626

Woah, talk about a fall from grace! It's like two different people.

No. 417684

I always thought lolcow was too hard on her fashion choices back then, like she was just alternative and people didn't like it so they gave her shit. Now she looks like a senile old lady and everyone's hate is def justifiable, no one can argue that lol

No. 417713

File: 1510093714938.jpeg (187.12 KB, 750x493, C4AE29BC-DDB4-4E22-BDC4-162552…)

Just like to promised a giveaway of those Precure candy figures Jill?

No. 417717

Seriously. I didn't believe it was her for a few minutes.

No. 417727

I remember her saying that nobody claimed the xmas giveaway, she never announced the winner either so I think she kept it all tbh

No. 417738

File: 1510094499306.png (210.19 KB, 750x1138, IMG_2331.PNG)

Dear god

No. 417740

god ain't helping us now

No. 417756

The other giveaway she brought up but never did

No. 417770

I'm sure that would look so much cuter if she wasn't wearing that skirt, but then I see the hairclips and the fuzzy earrings and I'm screaming so hard

Every day we stray further from God's light…

No. 417802

Yup i remember before she got her tattoo someone suggested she smoke beforehand to calm her nerves (FYI: bad idea, will make you bleed more whilst getting tattooed) and she seemed very reluctant/unsure in her reply.
This is a good thing, imagine how fucking annoying stoner jill would be lmao

No. 417863

It's a myth that smoking makes you bleed more, all it will do is make you focus on the pain. Which Jill wouldn't be able to handle.

No. 417890

let me guess, is it gonna be peeps, Claire's shit and some ~handmade~ crayola earrings?

No. 417916

was this during her ana phase? what was her height/weight here? she looks pretty healthy.

No. 417930

Nah this was quite a few years after her ana phase. I don't think there are actually (m)any pictures of her while she was anorexic?
But yeah, she had a good weight during her lolita/larme phase, she just looks so dumpy now.

No. 418002

File: 1510105520873.jpeg (187.74 KB, 749x859, D619CA19-4757-4106-BDF6-D6EF0E…)

I think some are still floating around, a fan insta posted this

No. 418016

File: 1510106041902.jpeg (607.15 KB, 2400x1350, D8DE589D-6F71-45D5-A018-61ED93…)

That photo is from 2013, which I think was the hight of her ana
Photo comparison from 2011, 2013, and 2015, she was definitely gaining weight from 2014 onwards/recovering

No. 418043

I'm willing to entertain the notion that if she'd just stop coloring in her eyebrows with whatever super pigmented purple shade she uses and stops wearing all the glitter crap, she would immediately look ten times better. She could just do a natural look and it would be such an improvement.

No. 418109

File: 1510109169278.png (823.69 KB, 618x713, z8yQkN1.png)

"ma take this pic of me so i can prove the internet haters wrong about me being uninspired and lazy"

No. 418130

I;m still confused how your fashion sense just suddenly takes a nosedive from nowhere. 2015 is a better and refined version of whatever her flavourofthemonth-kei is right now.

With her ana it always seems to have affected her torso and face the heaviest, her legs and arms seem to be the ones closest to healthy. She is barely filling out that dress so she might be basing her ever tiny waist myth off that time in her life and how slow it seemed to recover. Her face is strange, I know it's one of the first to gain back weight but it went from bulbous to round.

No. 418157

No, but it's a clear indicator that she is a womanchild.

No. 418164

I think that it's pretty obvious by now that Jillian only looked good back then because there were rules already laid out for her to follow. Now that she's "freestyling," her actual sense of fashion (or, rather, lack thereof,) is showing.

No. 418192

No I wasn't lmao I was specifically saying that she doesn't do drugs but she does get wasted at con parties. That was my literal point but keep being mad that you missed it

No. 418318


Saying "while they aren't all snorting coke or anything" sounds more like a comparison than a "well they don't do drugs or anything, but…"
>u mad lol
Are you 12 or something lmao
I'm not mad, I just think too many threads have been shit up with useless speculation like this. You sound like you've never been to a party before if you think peer pressure is something super hardcore tbh

No. 418339

Once again I don't think peer pressure is super hardcore and you inferring that from what I said is reaching so much lmao

Here let me break it down for you since you don't seem to understand what I said

Jill goes to ragers at the cons she goes to. This is much different than the standard drinking she does which she posts all over ig. These parties are kept hush hush as much as possible because of what's going on at them which is why she stays silent about them. There is some drug use at them which is one reason they aren't put all over the internet (but Jill doesn't partake) and there's also a lot of underage drinking (no shit, it's a con) but mainly it's because these parties are put on by an older group of congoers who purposely get younger girls really drunk fast and some of the dudes have taken advantage of these girls but it all gets covered up because the people throwing the parties are involved in cons or are well known in the con community

And it's not fucking speculation because I've been to some of these parties and seen Jill's drunk ass there

No. 418341

Pics or gtfo, your say doesn’t mean shit here and you know it

No. 418347

It's a very possible thing for Jill to be taking part in any drunken party antics during conventions, but for the sake of /snow/, can we drop this bit here and get back talking about how nasty she is and how she needs to get a hold of whatever style this party kei shit is supposed to really be?

No. 418363

Even if Jill goes to these parties (which is very unlikely) what is the big deal? It is normal for kids her age to be going to ragers. If Jill is super drunk twice a year, good for her then. I'm sure everyone on lolcow does these things.

It's not like she is binge drinking all the time.

You sound super sheltered tbh

>2015 is a better and refined version of whatever her flavourofthemonth-kei is right now.

I agree. I started following her around September 2016? It's so sad how her style has taken a nosedive since then.

No. 418390

I started watching Jill in August of 2014 that poor girl has lost any sense of style she had.

No. 418422

DDLG bullshit confirmed.

Honestly, considering how much of a helicopter mom her mother is, I'd buy that she took a pic of her own accord.

The fabric choices worry me greatly though, what is that disgusting green? I hope she's just trying to make a green screen.

Shut the fuck up or provide some proof anon, repeating it doesn't mean shit.

No. 418524


>The fabric choices worry me greatly though

Her next style is going to be Muppets kei if that fabric is anything to go by.
Irregular Choice is doing a Muppets collection right now, actually. You'd better start buying those bedazzled grandma shoes, Jill!

No. 418734

File: 1510163192942.png (260.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171108-174256.png)

Just found this, is she going to have a fit on this company too?

>sage for ot

No. 418753

File: 1510165097235.png (171.25 KB, 729x1113, IMG_2343.PNG)

Looks like she's bought more from lazy oaf… they're the ester loves x lazy oaf dungarees

No. 418771

File: 1510166301396.jpeg (101.04 KB, 1405x2000, 55FA7333-38AD-4FFF-BFAA-C34407…)

So much of lazy oaf's clothing just looks fucking stupid… but I guess that's why Jill loves it so much.

No. 418778

File: 1510166732140.jpg (74.66 KB, 595x598, 2017-11-08_194216.jpg)

How much did she buy, jfc? They're not exactly cheap.

Honestly, I think these are pretty cute though when worn normally, pic related. The styling in their stock photo is weird though.
>socks and sandals

Sage for OT

No. 418789

>Queer people talk about being queer A LOT. My friends and I yell "fuck I'm gay" at each other daily, we tweet about who we're attracted to, we make jokes about everything that goes wrong to us being a personal affront to our queerness, we reference our sexualities constantly because they are an important part of us that defines who we are and we are very proud of it

No, most queer people are not like this. Most queer teenagers are like this. You are your friends are just as annoying, attention seeking and obnoxious as Jill and just haven't realised that being queer is not a personality trait and that it doesn't make you special yet. It's not that important and it actually doesn't effect your life that much. You will stop being like this, and hopefully one day so will Jill.

No. 418813

>Being queer doesn't effect your life that much

You had me until you said that. This isn't even an SJW thing, just anyone with common sense knows that being queer plays a huge part in your life. Just not the way these people pretend it does.

No. 418820

This conversation has come and gone, you don’t need to bring up old arguments to add your personal story

No. 418836

>just anyone with common sense knows that being queer plays a huge part in your life. Just not the way these people pretend it does.

That's what I'm trying to get at anon. It does effect plenty things in your life, but it's not as if it colours every interaction you have with every single person you meet every day - most people aren't obviously lgbt+ and have to make a conscious effort to disclose this to the people around them. Aside from people with like, gay lisps, most people fly under the radar except for in ways they choose to show, and which are oftentimes coded so that only other gay people would pick up on it anyway. It's not like, idk, your sense of humour, how patient you are etc. which are personality traits that are really hard to hide and effect how you interact with the world all the time. Queerness describes nothing about a person's personality, all it tells you about is their preferences.

Jillian looks like she wants to be discriminated against, and goes out of her way to let straight strangers know how lesbionic she is, as if being targeted is some kind of lgbt+ seal of authenticity. It makes her come across as disingenuous because that's the last thing most gay people want. I'm sure I'm not the only person who thought she was kind of happy about having her car keyed. At least happy she had proof of her super kawaii lesbian fight against the haters! Such a warrior! So brave to face such bigotry!

No. 418909

File: 1510176824663.jpg (458.33 KB, 1080x1449, Screenshot_20171108-213117.jpg)

NO FUCKING WAY!! How is it fucking possible that Jill manipulated one of her friends into going to the same shitty 'fashion school' as her

No. 418910

This is so fucked. Isn’t this the same Wendy that expects her costume to be made for her by others. I’m calling it now these two will be best of friends when the school year starts but half way through they’re absolute going to lose it and have a messy fight. God I hope Wendy spills the milk about Jill if they do fight.

No. 418911

For reference,this is who she is

No. 418912

File: 1510177102800.jpg (717.88 KB, 1080x1683, Screenshot_20171108-213637.jpg)

No. 418914

What type of acceptance letter uses your first name and plugs in their social media? It's a nitpick, but it reflects how un professional and shit this school will be. Jill has to pay for this right?? What a waste of money

No. 418924

please check your messages anon


No. 418936

Thank you. I'm tired of the tumblr teens in this thread acting like all of us talk about being gay 24/7. Like, great, you discovered a new part of yourself. I hardly know any other adults that constantly joke about how gay they are and really only see that stuff with teenagers or young twenties who think that's all that makes them special. I'm not trying to be an ass here - it's fine to have fun w/ your other queer friends. I just hate it when people say "Yes ALL queer people act this way". No. No we don't.

No. 418939

Wheeew, that chick shoops the hell out of her selfies. Got major potato face in the full-body shot. Jill looks the cutest and that's saying something.

No. 418955

It's entirely possible Wendy decided to go of her own volition. Or is even going because Jill is without being roped into anything. Also thought Tracey was the one that expected people to make her stuff, not Wendy. Wendy is the one going in on the Pripara cosplay with Jill btw.

No. 418958

I mostly agree with you anon - I think it's fine to drop a "Fuck, I'm so gay!" as a joke every once in a while especially with other queer people, but there is an excess.

I don't think Jill actually wants to be discriminated against though, she's just insecure and needs constant affirmation.

No. 419242

File: 1510198852432.jpeg (161.98 KB, 639x903, 6D47F518-7D61-4AE3-B365-4F466C…)

Another flattering piece of art Jill will never acknowledge

No. 419264

File: 1510200871640.jpeg (470.62 KB, 750x861, 41500168-9074-4583-9C2F-A5F0F5…)

Didn’t put a video out today, but is back home and working on other projects?

No. 419288

kek i don't think arranging random items for an instagram picture counts as working on other projects

No. 419291

The letters spell out “DESIGNER DIARIES,” seems like she’s making a new intro for a segment on her channel.

No. 419372

calling it now that halfway through first semester they'll stop being friends

nooo fucking way wendy's going to spend that much close time around jill and not be driven crazy.

No. 419405

I think you're giving Wendy too much credit here, in Jill's vlogs she seemed even more obnoxious than her.

I'm not sure why people think Jill's friends are just victims of her genius manipulation or something, she's really not that smart or subtle.

No. 419437

she owns the jacket that matches that skirt

No. 419454

i think its more like jill keeps befriending and dating people who are either complete doormats or in wendys case, attention whores looking for spotlight

No. 419497

>designer diaries
oh this should be good

No. 419516

She’s not dating Wendy, wendy is just a girl she’s cosplayed with

No. 419595

How can this hack even call herself a designer? What an egotistical, pretentious poser. Kek the bitch can barely sew a lame ass dress. Gonna be milking this shit like crazy.

No. 419697

thats why i said befriending or dating

No. 419716

File: 1510259017248.gif (218.07 KB, 220x178, timgunn.gif)

No. 420081

File: 1510289949672.jpeg (366.47 KB, 750x713, 54B0FB61-8B91-417B-9539-0967A3…)

No. 420097

not like other youtubers~~

No. 420173

>things that took a long time to make

How long do you think she ever even spends on a sewing project? 24 hours?

No. 420196

I'm confused, does Jill and her friend start mid-year or is it just nanamidoll?

No. 420240

Love how Jill acts like she has ever actually worked that hard on anything in her life, none the less her mediocre Youtube videos. Her prepetual need for validation that she's is ~*not like other girls*~ is just rancid. How is a girl that is so goofy, unrefined and lack luster even e-famous?

No. 420247

they start the same time, next september

No. 420332

here we go

No. 420342

She actually did (kinda) in the latest vlog, but does anyone else think it's weird that she never shows her meals/what she eats? She just shows snacks/starbucks/peeps tea and the like, not any actual meals. Food is usually a pretty big part of daily vlogs too I feel like (and we know she eats more than snacks since she's gaining weight/not losing)

No. 420343

How is she going to afford an apartment? Is it housing provided by the university so it comes out of her financial aid? I'm so confused. Doesn't she make minimum wage off of YouTube?

No. 420358

Anon did you even read the thread, it's obviously mommy's money.

No. 420376

From what she’s said in her recent videos and online I’d predict she’s making at least $3,000 a month from youtube (she said she used to make that in combination with streams/merch/ect, But now that she gets that much with posting three times a week)
That would be more then enough to live on her own, and it’s very likely she won’t be paying for her school because her family seems like the sort that would be happy to pay it for her.

it’s pretty obvious she makes money through YouTube and it’s stupid to keep saying the “mommys Money” thing, but I wouldn’t doubt at all that she currently doesn’t pay any sort of rent which is what’s making it so easy for her to save up right now (ex. Her saying she could afford to go to Japan again)

No. 420379

File: 1510333082198.png (3.83 MB, 1334x750, 307543B4-749C-41BD-9103-7EEF67…)

She has 100% gained weight since she stopped working outside home and is trying to hide it in oversized sweaters

No. 420383

She looks plus size in the first scene. That cardigan reminds me of that yellow sweater she thrifted and wore a week without taking it off because she's doing the exact same thing.

Confused about why this designer daries if all she does is buy already made stuff for a living space. She'd get more views if she did a DIY. Tons of popular girl youtubers seem to do a school diy at some point and get a shit ton of views. And if this stuff is for her school living space/sewing area I'm confused how she's gonna fit it all in that basement. Seems like it's packed with dirty shoes and clothes she keeps for aesthetic reasons.

No. 420386

Wasn't she going with her girlfriend?

No. 420392

I thought she only made the equivalent of min wage in Pei with her youtube? Which would be less than $2000 a month.

No. 420395

To add, And that's assuming a 40 hour work week. I'm not sure what Jillian is considering as a work week at min wage.

No. 420401

Thanks for an ACTUAL reply. I'm from the states and minimum wage can barely get a person by on their own, assistance is almost necessary on minimum wage, so I was really curious.

No. 420417

Where are people getting this “She makes minimum wage” thing from anyways?
From her quitting her job video she said six months ago she was making $1,900 a month (Which she called full time working minimual wage) and she’s had a lot of growth on her channel since then/posting a third video a week means she’s making more then that no doubt

No. 420418

It's probably because of her anorexia. People with ana tend to be really uncomfortable with sharing their eating habits.

No. 420427

isn't she recovered?

No. 420428

Yeah, she has been for several years.

No. 420455

I think it's mostly because she just never cooks/doesn't eat much interesting food

In one of her livestreams she said that she just microwaves rice with butter and eats that everyday lol

No. 420482

She's recovered tho, so no
I think it's because she's almost shamed, especially if >>420455 is true.. No wonder she is blowing up lol

No. 420532

Louise was cute in this video tbh

No. 420537

I don't understand why she's spending so much money on furniture, when we all know she's going to drop out

No. 420538

also kek at how her mum lost her phone no wonder Jill thinks losing stuff is normal

No. 420548

Why would you start shopping around for things for your move 10 months before you move out? Just buy it there lol, it's just extra stuff you have to haul over and she doesn't even know where she's going to live. She's going to end up with a ton of mismatched furniture that doesn't fit her room layout properly.

I like her dynamic with her mom though, they seem to get along really well.

Even if you're recovered, a lot of this shit is unconscious and hard to get rid of.

I'm glad she doesn't share every meal, if you're not going to a nice restaurant then who cares?

No. 420557

Because she said should would quit her job when her YouTube made as much as min wage which, at 40 hours a week, would be about 1900 where she is. I really doubt she's making much more than that, especially with the recent demonetization of her videos.

No. 420564

And has she really been growing that much? It feels like she's stagnated since the Japan trip, only gaining a small amount of followers each month. Nothing like Japan.

No. 420587

File: 1510346984452.jpeg (317.51 KB, 750x1177, B4BC3A60-48CC-40AC-A4D8-32C2D5…)

According to socialblade records: In the last six months, starting in April (when she said she first reached $1,900 a month) she had gained around 70,000 subscribers (more then doubled what it was before) and her total views have gone up by around 3 million, with her daily views averaging around 20k, compared to around 10k before.
She’s had a pretty steady climb in total views and in subscribers gained, so yes shes been growing a lot since her Japan Trip, but it does look like it may be a tipping point with her daily views going down since July

No. 420593

Her videos don't hit enough views for $3000 a month, she most likely makes around $1500-$2000 a month with additional money from her merch (which would probably be $100-$200 depending on the percentage she gets from it). On top of that, younow is probably some extra income too

No. 420594

(For reference her Japan videos started in late March, which lines up pretty well with the view/subscriber growth, but it hasn’t stopped with her coming back from Japan/not posting Japan vlogs)

Considering that her views and subscribers have more then doubled since Japan and over the last six months it’s pretty safe to assume she’s making more then the $1,900 she said she was making around then.

No. 420687

her mom seems a bit immature, kinda explains why jill is like this

No. 420693

Why? Because her mother likes to joke around? God forbid an adult has a fun personalty. As far as her mother's career, she's a very successful photographer and business woman. Maturity isn't always gauged by how someone acts in their free time.

If Jill had the personality she does now but was successful as heck, she'd just be annoying, but she has proven herself to be immature by her professional choices (putting off school for a young relationship, working retail jobs instead of making efforts to find opportunities to gain experience in her field of choice, engaging in petty drama on on the internet [which is tied to her professional platform], etc.)

No. 420695


>unsaged whiteknighting of a random Jill adjacent.

man, the tumblrfag jill fans really do lurk these threads. its not that serious man, take that frustration somewhere else.

Jill's mother spoiled her to the point where she legit thinks like a little girl now. no need to defend her like she saved your life.

No. 420697


i mean, i remember that she would post every single thing she ate on insta. i don't think she's that shy about her diet.

No. 420699

LOL. Hang me at the stake for recognizing that Jill's mother put effort into her professional career and is successful. I've known tons of parents who have spoiled their kids and either the kids grow to appreciate what they have/not take things for granted and grow up learning from their parents success, or they grow up like Jill where they're irresponsible and probably will fall apart at the seams once they're out of the house. It's really not a failure on the parent's part because they typically have good intentions and hope the kids will grow up well but shit goes wrong along the way and they're torn on how to handle it. I've both come from and seen these types of situations. My mom gave me everything I asked for as a kid and still gives me shit and I have to tell her to stop because I'm moved out and can provide for myself, yet my brother leeches off of her and she spends nights crying because sometimes she can't give him what he wants and he'll just stop talking to her. As a parent, that kinda shit sucks. She raised us both the same and one of us just didn't learn a damn thing. I've also been in relationships where out of 2 kids, 1 ended up being a selfish and lazy little shit and the other grew to be a great human being and achieved a lot thanks to all the help from their parents. But yeah, I'm a whiteknighting tumblrfag. /shrug

I really don't care for Jill and I've made that apparent throughout this thread and many others. Sorry that I can pay credit where credit is due and have some level of sympathy for others in shit situations.

No. 420712

"hang me at the stake" made me laugh and then I stopped reading

No. 420739


No. 420740

File: 1510381754125.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2017-11-10-22-22-55.p…)

She literally chooses the worst looking girls to feature in her group. There are waaaayy better looking girls in her tag and in that group.

No. 420745

I really think Jill feels threatened by other girls/women who get more attention than her and whatnot. It's pretty sad but that's how attention whores are, naturally. I don't think Jill would be able to handle having a relationship with a girl who's more attractive, intelligent, or successful than her without turning nasty jealous.

No. 420757

Go humblbrag about your greatness elsewhere anon. No one gives a shit how crappy or great other people turn out. Its about Jill and what a plump cow she is for the milking.

No. 420758

Jill is so very insecure, under her narcissistic veneer.

No. 420759

Brought over from the temp thread

I love how Jill’s video titled ‘Designer Diaries’ only saw her go around ikea to buy furniture to store her craft materials in, but yet she posted a pic of her on Instagram going to a fabric store and actually shopping for fabric yet she didn’t put it in the video? But then again she was probably to afraid to post that because people might try to give her advice on the correct fabrics to buy and Jill would throw a temper tantrum for being told that she’s wrong kek

No. 420760

Calm the fuck down and sage your shit anon, her mom has a job. What a go-getter! If a parent spoils their child rotten then that's on them, how is she supposed to learn anything with her mom constantly babying her and never telling her no? Jill's behavior is not some sort of weird mistake of nature that her parents had zero control over.

No. 420784

File: 1510388742605.png (1.85 MB, 1406x1509, asdasd.png)

she goofed

No. 420786

Shit I noticed that too. Jill's so scatterbrained about doing shit that she got her own captions fucked up.

No. 420839

Nobody’s pointed it out yet but kek at Jill riding the escalator up as she films her Mum walking up the stairs. Laziness being a factor of her weight gain confirmed. Also I feel like Jill filmed her shoes as if to say “I can’t walk up the stair in my platforms” but it’s not as if they aren’t already ruined, plus they’re levelled so I doubt they’re that hard to walk in.

No. 420844

If she had just kept her job at Claire's or wherever she probably could've kept off some of that weight just by walking around getting things done. But who are we kidding, working hard isn't kawaii enough for Jill.

No. 420886

Idk why y'all are arguing about Jill's current income and making up random numbers. Louise wants to make sure Jill brings in AT LEAST the equivalent to full time minimum wage while she's out of school/living at home.

>pei min wage: 11.25$

>40 hrs x 11.25
>900$ before tax on a biweekly basis

(ps for non-canadafags, young people live on minimum wage all over the country, I live in a 2 br apartment in the city, my bf and I both make minimum wage, that's a common situation in your early 20's, it's why most 20-somethings have roommates to afford nicer apartments)

Moving on to what Jill CONFIRMED she makes nowadays (in a stream recently), since she's not shy about it. As another anon mentioned above, she's bringing in 3000$ from youtube alone now, plus extra income from her merch shop and younow partnership, and she also charges somewhere between 600-1200$ per sponsorship (which she doesn't do much atm, but she could smarten up). So she's currently averaging 4k-5k a month. My jaw dropped when I was listening to her talk about it tbh. She also mentions saving half of every paycheque, although who knows if that's true.

With that income, Jill can easily afford the apartment she wants. Although the economy in the maritimes is absolute crap so she'll likely pay outrageous prices for the cost of living and go broke quickly if she isn't strategic. Or if she does end up rooming with Wendy or Mystery Girl even better for her. Only time will tell.

No. 420910

>As another anon mentioned above, she's bringing in 3000$ from youtube alone now

Unless you can source this, stop saying it. She's been complaining endlessly about her videos being demonitized. Maybe she got that one good month during her Japan vlogs, but I sincerely doubt she makes that much every month.

No. 420911

according to SocialBlade, she makes between $159-$2,500, which is a huge range and impossible to estiamte how much shes making. Even with her merch shop I cant imagine where these people are getting $3000+ as her income.

No. 420921

jill herself said that she makes around $3000 a month from youtube in her video about how youtubers make money

No. 420989

We got the info from her streams and videos, you fucking dolts.

I know she's irritating to watch but why bother discussing her antics if you don't even follow her videos? lmao please don't argue if you're not even going to keep up.

>says youtube/adsense average 3k a month now (34:25)

>says her sponsorships average 1200$
>does 4-5 streams per month averaging at least $150 or more on younow
>commission from spreadshirt sales

No. 420993

File: 1510417714496.jpg (275.44 KB, 1280x1647, HarpersParty.jpg)

Jill seems to be one of those people that confuses having fat on their face for having a baby face. Most women who have a "baby face" tend to have good fat deposition that gives their face a cute, round, appearance, which Jill just doesn't have. Even when she was 13/14 she looked more mature than other girls in her age group. You can have more angular/ defined features and still have a baby face, but most of the girls that have it tend to store fat evenly or along their jaw, not in big lumps on their cheeks.

No. 420998

Did Jill even take any art classes in high school? At least at my high school, most projects would be around 15 hours, and you would be expected to finish one project in/ one project out of class each week. Jill's immaturity regarding any negative comments also gives me the impression that even if she has taken some art classes, they sure as hell haven't involved peer critique.

No. 421009

File: 1510419038051.jpeg (82.47 KB, 640x499, C15A08BA-D439-4BEB-ADEC-487052…)

i legit didn‘t recognize her at first, she looks like granny wearing a headscarf. so cute.

not gonna bother to watch that shit

No. 421013

File: 1510419238483.jpeg (15.03 KB, 275x183, AE6E0389-C09A-4AA2-80AC-4431AA…)

it‘s her new aesthetics, anon

No. 421046

CRY ABOUT DEMONETIZATION SOME MORE JILL god i am so sick for her whining about this

No. 421050

I'm guessing she either doesn't want to get called out on bad eating habits. Also, for a while there were a couple of vegan Youtube channels that would make videos trying to "help" anyone who posted about making milkshakes, eating a steak, etc. Some of them even went so far as to point out all the flaws on peoples bodies, so I can imagine as someone who had an eating disorder Jill wouldn't want every aspect of her body and diet to be critiqued.

Also, its pretty clear that Jill doesn't have super healthy eating habits if she's been continuously gaining. She may have gone past intuitive eating to binge eating, or cycles between binging and restricting. Even if she is doing better since recovering, she might still have retained some habits like having one meal a day, snacks instead of normal meals, etc. I don't think that would be something she would want to broadcast to all her subscribers.

No. 421124

sorry to drag up old posts but
didn't someone once say she was on seroquel? seroquel is used a lot for bipolar and not to armchair, but i can see some mild bipolar traits in her behavior (starting ambitious projects then abandoning or half-assing them when the shine wears off). i take a minimal dosage (25mg) and if i take it during the day, i'll be falling asleep every few hours. drowsiness is MAJOR side effect and it can definitely make you look/sound slurred or hungover sometimes. she'd do better taking it overnight, but if she's on a high enough dosage, that may not matter.

No. 421136

She said that she takes meds to make her fall asleep more easily every night.
I know that in some cases it's just not an option, but I think generally it would help Jill a lot to just have a regular schedule and to exhaust herself throughout the day.
I'm sure she does suffer from depression/anxiety to some degree, but shit like when Colin broke up with her and she said she "suddenly remembered" her depression makes it seem like it isn't so severe that medication is completely necessary.

No. 421139

most sleep aids will fuck you up, so that makes sense. it'd definitely do her a world of good to hit the gym for an hour in the evening and drink some non-peep-infused herbal tea instead of using medication.

No. 421142


yeah iirc she said she used seroquel in a video of hers and i thought it was really weird.

Seroquel is used a lot for bipolar bc it’s an anti psychotic, but it’s also commonly used for schitzophrenia, and bpd.

It’s not a drug that doctors commonly give out because it has some pretty bad side effects (drowsiness is one of them), and because it stops psychosis which most people don’t have.

I’m on a relatively high dose & was only prescribed it after I was hospitalised due to psychosis (due to bipolar), so i know a bit about it.

Jill has some anxiety & depression but she doesn’t seem very bipolar to me, as she doesn’t seem to have destinct phases.

She does exhibit delusional thinking to some degree and can’t handle criticism very well so maybe she suffers from some sort of psychosis?
wouldn’t be surprised if she had narcissistic personality or bpd.

She definitely should take seroquel at night though.

No. 421145


the medication she said she takes (seroquel) makes you drowsy so i don’t know if that’s the medication she’s talking about, but if it’s not then she should just take that at night instead.

then again, she could’ve just googled harsh anti depressants and chosen one of those to say that she takes, because i cannot wrap my head around why she would be on an anti psychotic for anxiety and depression.

she also seems the type to brag about how ~edgy~ they are for having mental illnesses so i can’t imagine her not disclosing bipolar at least, since that’s a mood disorder.

No. 421146

>It’s not a drug that doctors commonly give out because it has some pretty bad side effects (drowsiness is one of them), and because it stops psychosis which most people don’t have

that's not true in my experience. my GP prescribed it to me without going to a psychiatrist first because she had many patients on it and had confidence in the drug. that kind of stuff varies a lot from place to place so unless someone can speak for her area, that's just a shot in the dark.

it could also be a case of her over-dramatizing her feelings to a script-happy doctor; medication sounds like an instant cure and jill is the type to want that instant satisfaction.

also, drowsiness is not a major side effect, lol.

No. 421151

Sorry to be that person every week but does anyone have a summary of her stream?

No. 421182

Just jumping in to say seroquel is given out like candy in Canada in my experience, even if you have literally zero psychotic symptoms. Almost all my friends has been prescribed it.

No. 421193

I’ll have one up sometime tomorrow if no one else does, haven’t had any time to watch it today

No. 421222

File: 1510437757991.gif (459.06 KB, 256x144, 1430279386869.gif)

You anons are so much braver than I. I always make it 5-7 mins into her vlogs and want to kill myself. Her voice combined with her weird ass mouth noises makes me crazy. I think she is legit retarded at this point.

No. 421226

She looks like an old, fat man in this. What.

No. 421232

Only had it on for background noise so sorry if this isn't a very good summary. These are just the things I managed to zone in on while I had the video running.

>she doesn't want her new relationship to be public like it was when she was with Collen.

>Her and mystery girl have officially been dating for a week.
>She's gonna share an apartment with Wendy in college
>Must be lurking on here because she says something along the lines of "People say I overspend, but I justify it as a business expense"
>Talked about her tattoo plans. Gonna drive four hours away to get it done.

Side note, she says she cosplayed Ruby and Sapphire with an ex and I wanted to know if there are any pictures? Just curious to see what that costume looked like.

No. 421242

She definitely seems like she has some kind of mental retardation, but then I watch her older videos and she seems like a normal person, so I guess she's just pretending..?
I have no idea why anyone would want to act like some slow toddler… Maybe she just wants people to treat her like a ~gentle baby bean uwu~ so she doesn't have to grow up.

No. 421281

It's not true full stop, that anon is talking out of their ass. In the US it's currently one of the most widely prescribed psychiatric drugs. It's very common for as an antidepressant, antipsychotic, antianxiety, and even a sleep aid.

No. 421307

her mum is actually really cute and funnier than jill in this. jill, of course, looks awful. those roots are nasty and that hairstyle is not doing her any favours.

No. 421378

File: 1510450599832.png (271.99 KB, 484x503, Wgc5pVo.png)

looks like shes been reading the threads again and is responding in "sassy ebonics"

also why would you make a video about dressing your age and then complain if people bring it up as a topic of conversation? like hello?? dont start arguments or share your POV if youre gonna whine about people sharing their opinion too, jill

No. 421384

what a low effort cos

No. 421393

she didnt say she cosplayed ruby and sapphire. she was reading a fan comment and said that that situation sucked. therefore no pictures. also idk it seems kind of wrong to criticize her weight a lot when she used to have an ana and also the meds that cause her to gain weight. but thats just me.

No. 421524

i kinda agree i think it's a bit much to be talking so much shit about her weight.. like as much as we might not like her it's pretty harmful and damaging to someone who has "recovered" from an ed…. idk i've struggled with an ed many times and that shit is hard to shake even if you have supposedly gotten over it but yeah idk

No. 421665

Ah, okay. Thank you for clearing that up. I guess I missed that she was reading because I wasn't looking at the screen.

No. 421693

No. 421707


Awfully similar writing styles… hmmm…

Anyway, do you understand the concept of this website? She is a cow, everything is fair game. We aren’t making fun of her ED, we’re making fun of her monstrous sugary concoctions and the weight that results from it. Also, learn how to sage at https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 421722

her just getting close to the camera and smacking her lips is so disgusting

No. 421729

Those writing styles are nothing alike. Put away your internet detective badge.

No. 421730

>letting her cat near her fabrics let alone letting them play around near them and even tempting them with toys

holy fuck i am so triggered. how many holes do you think are in one of her cosplays? literally letting your cat dig its claws into your fabric holy shit.

No. 421735

haven't heard her talk about/mention W.C. in a while, let alone mention/use that bunny bag. it's almost as if she doesn't care about japanese fashion anymore?? she looked so much better when she did, even in the early stages of party kei.

No. 421775

File: 1510511623424.png (1.93 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2466.PNG)

Good to see her lazy oaf bear coat going to good use

No. 421782

I need to stop watching Jill's videos. I dunno why, but this video was the last straw. I'm losing IQ with every passing minute. It hurts. It hurts.

No. 421793

File: 1510513771781.png (663.67 KB, 708x594, E2ED42E7-BCF8-4144-A716-FDD3A1…)

Finally got around to watching the stream:
Stream 11/11/2017
>Doing OOTD video with her Bunnyrees
>Planning an updated room tour (As a designer diary video right before she moves)
>Going to move in with Wendy
>Thought she was going insane when her family was gone for the two weeks
>Is level 27 in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
>”I’m a small medium, but like medium” (Never heard her refer to herself as size medium before)
>Brings up wanting to watch anime reviews again, but says she has too many other videos planned:
>Bunnyree OOTD, Lush/sephora haul, Christmas present shopping vlog, updated magical girl wand collection, updated wardrobe tour, bag and shoe collection, Dear Pixie video, new tattoo vlog (in December) (All but one of these is based around herself spending money/thing’s she’s bought)
>Merch coming soon in the new year, is something she’s going to have to ship out herself. (Its going to be pins)
>Might so a pusheen collection video
>Made a concept design on the tattoo, but the artist is making her own design based on it
>Has to make a video about the tattoo before she get’s it that she’s nervous about (I think it will likely be about self harm because the tattoo will be on her upper thigh and she may have scars there), didn’t want to talk more about it.
>Get’s annoyed that people complain about her messing up the text in her last video because she “Spent sooo long editing it” and that it’s “ALL ANYONE CARES ABOUT”
>Complain’s about fandoms being bad (homosexuals/Dodie’s/Dan and Phil)
>”Can we promise my fandom won’t be that bad”
>Defends undertale fandom, “But every fandom has a lot of porn"
>Says she’s working on another project, seems to be something new but didn’t say much more (Not calendar)
>Doesn’t want to be public about her relationship
>Scarred by how her last breakup went
>Jill was the one who wanted the videos of her and Colin down (He didn’t ask her to take them down)
>Not sure it will work out when she moves because then it would be a LDR (I remember her saying she didn’t think LDR’s would work for her in the past)
>Would like to live in Japan for a couple years (3-5 years)
>Has to be constantly by her phone/laptop “in case something blows up or you need to contact someone"
>Is very stressed out (Thinking that’s likely because of the recent skirt debacle)
>Watched every Bob Ross painting episode
>Her mom and her are going to get matching tattoos (Likely Muse related)
>Watched the Lady Gaga documentary and was “confused about the shade for Madonna”
>Get’s upset multiple times about people still bringing Colin up
>Planning on doing a giveaway again for Christmas, but also for her 50 thousand followers on insta
>Saving the procure figures for the Christmas giveaway
>Plans on living at home for the summers (Doesn’t understand how rent will work?)
>Wants to do a P.O. box highlights video, but doesn’t want people to be sad because she wouldn’t put in anything
>”I feel like a cocky ass cunt whenever I say I receive too much mail, but I do”
>Wanted to make march of her cats but it was too expensive (Maybe plushies)
>Freaks out over betsy Johnson’s Christmas stuff
>”When is Black Friday?”
Oh my gosh this next part (Starts around an hour into the stream):
>”People are like ‘Oh my god like why is she spending so much, like her spending is out of control’ Well I don’t know, people don’t say that, like to me, but I assume that that’s what some people think. And it’s like 'OH MY GOD blablablabla’ and I’m like “no no no this is a business investment, I made $800 dollars back just on that video, it’s fine. That’s fine.”
>Didn’t realize she wasn’t allowed to tell people to click her ads and has done it multiple times but claims it was just a “meme”
>Will probably make a patreon as a “back up plan” in the new year
>Complains so much about demonetization so its “On record”
>Admires people that are vegan but could never be vegan
>”My money hasn’t dropped, it’s actually gone up” even with demonetization because people go back and watch her videos again once they are monetized again
>Was scared for a bit that she would have to go back to claire’s
>Calls Quinn “Fucking annoying, but I’m also fucking annoying”
>Brought up that she only adds friends/people she interacts/people who have sent her cute mail on Facebook then got really uncomfortable with people wanting to send her cute stuff so they could be her Facebook friend
>Might be dying her hair blue (With rainbow bangs)
>Is scared of most dogs
>Hates kids, doesn’t want kids “But I might in the future… I would adopt”
>Started on anti depressions 5 years ago, was in “Such a rock bottom place that I didn’t have any other choice, I don’t really remember it was kind of a blur how terrible it was, but it helped a lot"
>"I’m on seroquel, citalopram, ativan, and birth control”
>Is trying to be more open about it
>”At the time I didn’t know about the side effects like WEIGHT GAIN”
>“I want to go get them adjusted because I don’t like the side effects"
>Doesn’t like to go to her doctor because she “Made fun of” her once
>(The doctor told her, because she was 17, that she wasn’t allowed to bring her mom to the doctors anymore)
>Couldn’t drive at 17
>Got in a yelling fight with a therapist over the clothing she wore (At age 16)

No. 421795

Summery of my summery:
Jill blames her meds for her wright gain, 100% lurks on here, is only really doing and planning videos that have to do with her spending money, and is going to have Pins as merch and it’s probably starting a Patreon in the new year

No. 421800

>>"I’m on seroquel, citalopram, ativan, and birth control”

oh hey, the seroquel talk wasn't totally unfounded! that 100% explains her napping/low energy/lethargy and maybe even things like the times anons said she sounded hungover.

>>“I want to go get them adjusted because I don’t like the side effects"

this screams to me that her mental health issues are not very severe. unless there's some major crap she's very good at hiding (unlikely), weight gain is very manageable and a small price to pay for stability. ymmv but anyone i know with moderate to severe mental illness will weather a lot of shitty but mild side effects (weight gain, drowsiness, lack of sexual interest, nausea) if the medication works.

total speculation, but i feel like she went hypochondriac whining to her mom and her mom threw money at the problem in the form of doctors and medications. i'm the last person to say that mental illness can be cured by taking walks, but a lifestyle change and a bit of cognitive behavioral therapy would do her so good.

No. 421801

>Might be dying her hair blue (With rainbow bangs)
Dear God have mercy on us

No. 421805

Jill is so fucking nasty and lazy. She said she slept in yesterday’s make up not only until 10 or whenever she wakes up but she ate, THEN WENT BACK TO SLEEP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY then got up and PUT MAKEUP OVER HER PREVIOUS DAY’S MAKE UP. Fucking triggered, she’s looking more and more haggard by the days

No. 421855

>>421693 I stopped watching Jill a long time ago but actually watched this video as her intros are somewhat interesting imo but I thought there would be more DIY and less rambling. She only shows the final result. I dont even know why I'm disappointed tbh, I should have expected it to be just another boring vlog.

No. 421856

She's on 3 different kind of antidepressants at the same time? holy shit no wonder she needs to nap all the time. I haven't heard on anyone being on 3 at the same time?

No. 421864

I was unsure about this as well during the stream and had to double check what she said, but she did say that and that they were her “four babies”
It does seem very extreme, but one is for her anxiety specifically, and the other two are for her depression? (Though I saw somewhere online people asking about using one of them as a sleep aid as well which she does talk about using a sleep aid in other videos)

No. 421908

In most of Canada what she's taking is pretty normal if you even go to a walk in doctor complaining of anxiety or depression or insomnia. I and just about everyone i know has been prescribed the things shes on at one point or another. Remember seeing doctors is free here and the cost of meds is probably largely covered by her father's work insurance.


Ativan is also commonly prescribed for complaints of anxiety. Most likely a "take when needed ie. Panic attacks"

Citroplam is commonly prescribed for depression and anxiety.

Birth control… isn't an anti depressant.

So even though I personally feel she needs none of those things and would be fine with adjusted schedule, diet and exercise, this is honestly normal as fuck in Canada.

No. 421910

seroquel is more often prescribed for bipolar, i think, though any disorder can come comorbid with psychotic features. it feels like maybe she's afraid of taking a LOT of one drug so she takes a bunch of different ones at low dosages? at least she's not a munchie about it

No. 421917

Jill is so lazy it's actually making me mad at this point. If I had 24/7 free time to be an artist and document it I'd be an artist. She has so much shit just sitting in her basement. All that fabric she could use but no, let's take a nap, eat some snacks and make a video logo called "Designer Daries" and put it on a video of furniture shopping. She's been self employed for how long and you can count the number of things she'd made on one hand. Funny how her mom has her own business and probably works hard but instead of learning to work hard she takes it in the form of mommy's money and vlogging about her naps and waiting for the mail man.

>Bunnyree OOTD, Lush/sephora haul, Christmas present shopping vlog, updated magical girl wand collection, updated wardrobe tour, bag and shoe collection, Dear Pixie video, new tattoo vlog (in December) (All but one of these is based around herself spending money/thing’s she’s bought)

When your fans want to see you design things but you have a shopping addiction so fuck em, they only fund you're entire "career"

>Would like to live in Japan for a couple years (3-5 years)

Surprising since she keeps buying fast fashion and ignoring jfashion since she got back from Japan. Maybe realized that Japan videos give her more cash to spend

No. 421941

oh my fucking god i can't stand her baby talking her cats it makes my head hurts
i baby talk my dog sometimes as well but damn she really won't fucking stop

No. 421956

how can jill spend so much money on useless shit, but she can't invest in some makeup removing wipes to keep next to her bed?

No. 421982

File: 1510522303604.jpg (77.45 KB, 750x724, C8XKpm_XcAACh7f.jpg)

Bet she got this just for the packaging.

No. 421995

Wait… did she call homosexuals a fandom?

No. 422010


whenever Jill starts her vlog with "I have a lot of things to do", then it means: going shopping, expecting some packages, showing some stuff, napping and then is the day already over.

but I have to admin that I'm amazed that her skin is so "unproblematic" even when she sleeps in her make-up? It's def gross and I don't want to imagine how her pillow looks like but my face would be already covered in pimples with all that filth?? eww

No. 422033

File: 1510524983600.jpg (53.08 KB, 645x773, 1507021026586.jpg)

What exactly are those little blobby letters supposed to be spelling out because all I see is "blover?"

No. 422036

File: 1510525112653.png (4.12 KB, 211x239, images.png)

Jesus fuck, I'm an actual idiot. It's clover. Sorry for forgetting to sage the first post, excuse my stupidity.

No. 422038

Im guessing op mistyped holosexuals because she talked about christine on the stream

No. 422128

Yes sorry I meant Holo autocorrect got me

No. 422463

You need to relax, anon.

No. 422478

i get so stressed when she sleeps with makeup also how she always says her eyebrows are stained from the products she uses. does she just not wash it off properly?

and i think she would benefit mentally and physically from a skincare routine since her life lacks routine and is likely magnifying her mental health issues.

No. 422600

Yeah, her skin is only somewhat ok now because she's young but eventually all this shit is going to take its toll. She needs to wake up (no pun intended).

No. 422626

I'm laughing about her "fandoms being bad" bit because I'm pretty sure the skirt debacle was exacerbated by her fans harassing Cara during the cool-down (if Cara is to be believed). I don't know about Dan and Phil or whoever Dodie is, but I don't think I've seen anything about Christine's fans being obnoxious, so I doubt Jillian has any room to be talking about bad fandoms when hers' is just as catty and quick to whiteknight her behaviour.

Also, she is definitely on the fast track to failing this Youtube-job-shit if she honestly thinks she can justify all her spending as "business investments". Here soon when she moves for college, she's gonna have to sell some of those business investments to make ends meet and not rely on dear ol' mum and dad for money.

No. 422759

meds can only do so much. she needs to be seeing a psych to sort out what's going on because medication isn't going to fix everything. i know this from experience lmao.

and as for the shopping problem, it's likely she's using this as a way to cope with her depression. i'm not a professional but it took me two seconds googling "compulsive shopping and depression" and voila

No. 422895

In at least one of her videos she shows herself removing her makeup and she uses really crappy makeup wipes that can't get off all her makeup. In the kawaii to IG baddie video she harshly scrubs her eyebrows and still can't get all the purple out. She really needs to use some higher quality makeup remover. Even coconut oil for the eyes and brows would probably get way more of that pigment out and help save her skin from cracking and wrinkling.

No. 422910

yeah i remember her once using makeup remover wipes from claire's

No. 422922

File: 1510598642239.jpeg (302.65 KB, 1349x1690, 8D0D40B1-CB8F-4218-89CB-0F1ED4…)

No. 422928

being on three psych meds isn't normal in canada wtf are you saying

there's no reason for her to be on seroquel AND celexa if they're both being prescribed for anxiety/depression

No. 422994

She only takes 1 antidepressant in the mornings along with her birth control.

She uses Ativan in emergency/panic situations (ex: before the costume contest, before parties, during breakup) to avoid anxiety attacks and seroquel she uses as a sleeping aid.

I do think she should revise her meds though. It’s scary how unconcerned Jill and her family are when it comes to psychiatric drugs. To the point where Jill accidentally mixed her Ativan with alcohol which is potentially lethal all because she was never properly informed. Louise needs to keep an eye on that shit.

No. 423013

seroquel isn't a sleep aid and isn't recommended to be used as one so if that's her sleep med then she needs a new fucking doctor

No. 423050

Sage for makeup talk, but do you guys recommend any specific makeup wipes? I use the Neutrogena ones but I usually have to use two of them bc I tend to go heavy on my eyes and lips. It'd be nice to have something that works better.

No. 423109

if you use a lot of eyeliner and mascara (esp waterproof) then you'll have to use more than one wipe.

pretty much everyone i know mixes their drugs and liquor tbh. it's definitely not a good thing to do, but it's common. that being said, jill should've been aware that it would mess her up and i can't believe a doctor (even a shitty GP) wouldn't have told her that she shouldn't mix them when they were prescribed.
this is definitely true. meds help, but you can't be passive when it comes to recovery.

No. 423124

what’re you talking about? Seroquel is used for insomnia as well as bipolar and depression.

No. 423131

I recommend garnier micellar water or the wipes, the latter I find at tjmaxx/marshalls for like 2 or 3 dollars a pack. for makeup removal in general, if you have a higher budget, i remember lancome bi-facil being really good. don't use simple micellar water because that shit burned my eyes, ironically.

saged for OT

No. 423137

I agree with the micclear water, used with cotton pads is usually better than wipes and lasts longer too

No. 423153

Dude, it's super commonly used as a sleep aid. Like, it's the first thing they give you lol.

No. 423205

can we all just agree that different places prescribe it for different things and it may be more commonly prescribed in some areas

No. 423239

File: 1510616092019.jpeg (564.34 KB, 750x963, 32776988-47AA-4A61-806F-8D5E7F…)

No. 423254

you're already getting reamed but yeah at low doses it is very frequently used off label to treat insomnia. it doesn't even have anti-psychotic properties until you get in the high dosage range, I think like 200-300mgs.

No. 423277

there have been plenty of studies done that have not recommended it be used as a sleep aid. i'm not saying it isn't used for that, but get better doctors PLEASE. any doctor who isn't staying up to date on what antipsychotics should and shouldn't be prescribed for isn't doing their job

No. 423296

The cat that she hates, is the cutest of them all.

No. 423297

“Quinn is annoying but he’s the only cat here to pose as a background prop for my ~very gay relationship~ ig bragging pics”

She wants to keep this relationship private my ass. It’s creepy af that her gf was aware of her internet persona prior to dating and is now immediately involved with her online following. These girls do not love each other, Jill was just quick to enter into a lesbian affair she could make public and Alyssa is equally motivated by the online exposure and general trendyness this relationship represents. Why else would the very first female she dates be a YouTuber she previously followed and still watches? If she was shy to be out of the closet, as Jill claims, why choose to date someone who will make a spectacle out of you?

No. 423353

I'm just curious wtf they have in common, like genuinely interested. It seems like Jill is constantly talking about things she wants to introduce mystery girl to, or things to make her interested in. From the screenshots posted of her fb and stuff she just seems so…plain and vanilla. And she isn't out and ~super gay~ like Jillian is trying to portray herself as, so she's not even a particularly useful prop.

No. 423368

File: 1510627862152.jpeg (439.37 KB, 750x716, A155848A-9DA4-4791-9B26-55D6D6…)

No. 423369

File: 1510627913331.jpeg (321.94 KB, 750x930, 6CD6E0DF-6201-47F8-A47C-930C30…)

No. 423376

Sorry to bring up such an old video but I just remembered this since we’re talking about ~*Mystery Girl*~ aka Alyssa. I remember that Jill was talking about watching Steven Universe with her and saying that she calls her mystery girl because she (Jill) is “litterally pearl”. And I’m like what??? Bitch where you are nothing like Pearl Jill. You are litterally Amethyst because you’re an obnoxious slob who only desperate want to be want to defend

No. 423379

Sage this shit oh my god no one cares about your children's show

No. 423400

I’m calling it now, I think this relationship will last 3-6 months tops. After Alyssa’s face reveal (which I predict will be after maybe a month after ~officially dating~ because let’s face it, Jill can’t help herself) I feel like things will start to go down hill because Alyssa and/or Jill will start to lose interest or Alyssa will realise that having all this attention isn’t what she thought it would be. Then Jill will start asking for ass pats because how could any lesbian dump a cute sparkly magical girl like Jill??? Then Alyssa will get threats and maybe, just maybe Alyssa will dish the dirt on what Jill is really like.

Sage for long rambling prediction

No. 423404

Sage goes in the email newfag

No. 423411

It probably won’t work out because it’ll become long distance when Jill goes to school and she’s already said she didn’t think she could handle a long distance relationship and already seemed a bit iffy about it when talking in her last stream about their relationship.
She’s at such a young age and about to move so I think it’s reasonable for her to be “experimenting” (as gross as that sounds) and hopefully from this relationship and moving out she’ll be able to gain some self identity and not rely on internet stereotypes and shopping to represent herself

No. 423442

God these streams are just a place for her to vent and get ass-pats, toxic as fuck and the echo chamber will make her more smug and up her own ass.
>Made a concept design on the tattoo, but the artist is making her own design based on it

That's normal Jill. I'm excited for either her getting upset or trying to insist her design was better.

You made your last relationship a hashtag, your chomping at the bit to prove to your tweeny boppers your a real gay!!!!

No. 423471

File: 1510639575622.jpeg (429.53 KB, 750x1008, 1C5C7986-8D4B-42D8-8364-12869E…)

No. 423488

Seriously. I don't get her obsession with her Maine Coon Moby: imo he's the least cutest cat.

sage for irrelevant cat opinions

No. 423512

How can Annika think so highly of a hoarder like Jill when she's constantly talking about how terrible the fast fashion industry is?

No. 423525

Because he's a BIG TOE LONG BOY duh

No. 423530

This nasty bitch doesn't deserve such a cute fur baby like Quinny. That cat is adorable, I would adopt him. Sage I LOVE CATS. LOATHE JILL.

No. 423531

her cats are freaking adorable but it shits me that she had to get ~pure bread hyper allergic kitties~ because of her mums supposed severe allergy. severe allergy my ass like i'm not a doctor but i assume a severe allergy would mean you can't have ANY like ok you just want to excuse the fact that you shopped for disigner pets instead of adopting abandoned kitties from a shelter

sage for old news and also cats i guess

No. 423533

File: 1510650820823.jpeg (22.43 KB, 422x349, DBD98684-C722-4C3F-A904-06466E…)

sage for misspelling purebred cat wow i'm fucking dumb

No. 423653


Not to sound like a broken record since it's been said millions of times before but it reaaally rubs me the wrong way that she talks about her ~purebred cats~ like they're fucking premium brand cats and she couldn't possibly adopt a cat from a shelter like some kind of plebeian.
When you start becoming a brandwhore over living beings, it's maybe time to take it down a notch.

No. 423674

lmao i never thought about how she just has to be elitist in every aspect of her life that's so wild

No. 423718

This is so cringey what the heck

No. 423719

Seeing pictures of her gf made me so confused, bc that girl doesn't seem like she's into the same things as Jill at all. It's like Jill just went after the first lesbian she could find in her hometown.

No. 423755

File: 1510679463425.jpeg (225.26 KB, 750x985, C320FE96-79D0-4A47-B022-8F5DCB…)

Remember when these meant something?

No. 423767

Oh yeah back in the good ol’ days when YouTuber got them for reaching 100,000 subscribers… oh wait

Are you all seriously so salty and in denial about her channel still growing? As shitty as she is, it’s not like she’s dissapearing into obscurity. She’s selling herself well to the right people

No. 423769

That’s exactly what Jill did. She was desperate to get back at Colin for dumping her and him saying that he didn’t want to cut contacts with her on Facebook, so she basically chose the first girl who was willing (desperate enough) to date her on Tinder and never looked back.

No. 423771

Not a salty anon and also ntayrt, it just seems like her view count isn't consistently growing despite the subscribers. She'll have a hit video where she gets 100k views re: the goth transformation, but the other videos she consistently puts out are usually between 20-30k views, which isn't impressive. Her older videos take almost a full year of maturation before they start hitting past 50k views.

Just my observation.

No. 423788


See >>420587
Her overall views have been growing steadly, with a dip in total views per month monthly/average daily views starting at the end of the summer which is common for most YouTuber with kids going back to school. Her videos and months on average have been getting more views, and her growth will really depend on if she’s able to take advantage of winter break views (aka why vlogmas is so popular; more viewers on easer to make videos)
She’s been steadily growing in views, which likely is helped by her adding a third video a week, and has posted some pretty popular videos in the last three months (like you pointed out), but 80% of her videos (17 out of 21) in the last month have 30k or higher, up to 48k

That being said; I think her growth is going to stangnate if she doesn’t get her shit togther. She missed a video last week, and has been flip flopping around with her streams for months. If she doesn’t start putting on her content on a better schedule and making more “hit” videos, and take advantage of winter views, then I don’t think she’ll be able to pull up her monthly views from the dip they’re in right now

No. 423792

Dunno. It's different for everyone, your body can start to tolerate them if they have reduced levels of what's causing the allergies. Like, I have a hairless cat and he doesn't affect my cousins severe asthma at all. Why she has to constantly reiterate how pure bred they are rubs me the wrong way though

No. 423836

File: 1510685519437.jpeg (441.55 KB, 750x663, 06792832-4444-4344-9726-FEE686…)

No. 423855

God what was the point of her leaving her job at Claires if she's not even putting effort into her vids now. I thought the whole reason she quit was so she could focus on YT.

No. 423878

let's be real, she quit her job at claire's because she considers herself to be too good for it and would rather nap in bed than do anything else

No. 423884

Inb4 it turns out her gf is a farmer

No. 423890

..seriously though, remember when she mocked Colin for wearing a ~normie~ sweater because it's "so boring"?
This new girlfriend seems way more normie than Colin, it seems weird to me that Jill would go for that when she seems so annoyed by anything 'normie'

No. 423898

Jill is a normie that's why she tries to so hard to be different. Kej

No. 423919

I have the feeling that her gf is in awe of Jill's social media and is a fan herself, hence knowing about her general before dating. I think that's the perfect dynamic for someone as vain and obnoxious as Jill.

No. 423923

I’m honestly still really surpised she quit Claire’s considering she was hardly working to begin with and surely she got an employee discount? I mean she’s buys stuff from there constantly so I don’t understand why she wouldn’t stay working there.

I guess she just saw it as a way to “raise money for Japan”. If people want to quit their job for another job that can sustain them (YouTube) that’s fine but it seems like Jill really only treated retail as “I’ll only work if I need the money for something I want” and I don’t think that’s a healthy mindset at all. What will she do when she has to work retail to pay her bills like rent, food, etc in the (probably far off) future instead of just sucking off mommy’s money? I have no doubt she’d be the type to whine and complain about having to pay to live like the rest of the world.

No. 423925

I'm pretty sure she said that she got a 50% discount and that she essentially left her Claire's paychecks right in the store because she buys so much stuff from them lol
Whenever she talked about it she sounded like she actually enjoyed working there, I think she was just so obsessed with the ~becoming an independent business woman~ type deal, and having a part time job would've ruined that in her mind or something?

No. 423948

File: 1510691401612.jpg (169.63 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2987.JPG)

Mystery girl has Jill's initials in her instagram bio. They're moving fast I guess? lmfao. I get the feeling that both of them are very immature!!!

No. 423952

I wonder what she thinks about the whole LDR/breaking up once Jill goes to college thing?

No. 423976


I get strong rebound vibes from their entire relationship, but in Jill's defence, becoming official after 3 months doesn't seem like it's exactly moving super fast to me? It's a subjective thing though.

No. 424024

Omg I just got flashbacks of high school friends on msn who would do shit like this lmao dear lord how cringy

No. 424047

sage for allergy/cats rant

you're right - allergies come from a protein that is in the cat's fur, saliva, and urine. sorry for blogpost, but i have severe cat allergies and i've had allergic reactions just from borrowing clothes from (purebred) cat owners.

you can eventually build up some immunity to allergies (or grow out of allergies, and on the flip side, develop allergies later in life), but likely the fact that your cat is hairless helps a lot, and presumably your cousin doesn't live with you and takes allergy pills before going to your house (that's what i do when i visit my cousins).

let's be real, she left her job at claire's because she's lazy and hates leaving the house unless it's to shop or eat.

No. 424068

File: 1510700499216.jpeg (630.59 KB, 750x926, 301FA6E2-D34A-438D-A598-9CD7D8…)

No. 424082

No matter how many times I see Jill's hair, I can't get over how terrible it is. It's bad enough the colors clash, but those roots are an abomination.

Sage for random shit talking

No. 424095

man in the first pic she looks like some middle aged house maid

No. 424134

she may be 19, but she's got the spirit of an immature middle-aged woman trying to be "cool"

No. 424212

File: 1510712361481.jpg (153.46 KB, 700x700, badass-grandma.jpg)

No. 424217

this was only posted 54 seconds ago please anon you have time to take it down don't disrespect baddie like this

No. 424250


Agreed. Baddie is a legend.

No. 424253

Nothing makes her style any different then Jill’s but 60 years and that people who don’t know how to sage enjoy it

No. 424256

File: 1510716543784.jpeg (621.9 KB, 1917x2123, BD1E926D-394D-4D45-9529-8C6FBA…)

When did she become such a Swift fan?

No. 424258

Oh, heavens to bid we'd only get 4 mins tops of cheeky this and 'its ya girl, pixie' -that.

No. 424260

Amazing how she consistently is a big fan of all of the worst people possible lmfao

No. 424262

She leans her stuff against a wall, not secured. I hope the silver play button falls and breaks

No. 424267

HONEY do your roots. Fucking killing me with this nappy looking hair, do they not have Sally’s Beauty Supply up in Canadaland? Hell I bought myself a L’Oreal Féria bleach kit from a Walmart and did my own damn roots, it’s not that hard lol.

I am a major Swift stan and I die a little on the inside every time she brings up Swift, and then I die a little more when y’all bash her for being a Swift stan.

No. 424269

I feel like she would be cute if she cut her hair shorter. Like a pixiecut.

No. 424272

File: 1510718711220.jpeg (178.08 KB, 750x1079, E55F9BCC-B0BB-4664-A1DE-5E08F3…)

Sage if this is super old news, but I never have seen this Instagram before and I’ve been following these threads for a long time.

No. 424274

File: 1510718816266.jpeg (608.1 KB, 2400x1600, 99980C07-7214-4EEF-81F6-80091B…)

No. 424297

Tbh I think this is referring to that one tumblr post that's like "She's cheer captain and i'm on the bleaches, we're dating/she's my girlfriend" or however it goes

No. 424298

Her stuff when she was 13 was mostly in the 1st (snow) thread

No. 424301


>in five years i'm out this fucking town


No. 424317

You don't know what nappy means if you her hair texture could be nappy and if you think that would be a bad thing . Taylor Swift is a self victimizing sack of trash so swift bashing is well deserved.

Jill is just a normie white suburban girl in an upper middle class neighborhood in Canada. That's why she tries to so hard to look different. She doesn't actually like any of this. No one who is a fan of a show has to force themselves to watch it like she said she did with Sailor Moon and all the other magical girl shows. She isn't actually into fashion which is a part of why she can't even coordinate a basic daily outfit none the less take studying it seriously. She doesn't actually like cosplay which is why she doesn't try to get better at it and why a con is automatically terrible if she doesn't get praised for it . She doesn't actually like anything that she does from her punk phase to lolita to this knock off jfashion "street trend" she calls party kei. She does these things solely for people to call her unique and to get praise. If she does like any of this it is no where near to the extent she says it is. That's why she would rag on Collin for "normie" clothes. She was projecting her own bs onto other people. I mainly lurk so sorry if my post is so long it's just annoying.

No. 424327

File: 1510724854507.jpeg (548.47 KB, 750x1215, 869675C3-5860-4EF7-9C0F-71F595…)

No. 424347

Her hair is fried from over bleaching it and pretty sure we’ve decided that she rarely washes it. It’s looks disgusting. She most likely bleaches over her hair color (as opposed to using a color-removing shampoo). Maybe nappy wasn’t the right word but it’s pretty close. Her hair looks like a nasty rainbow dash wig dug out of a dumpster behind a Party City store.

Also, the Swift part of my post was meant to be lighthearted, even though apparently it didn’t seem that way.

whyyyy is she not embarrassed that she broadcasts all her mental problems for her followers to see. Do any of you guys do this? Because I don’t.

No. 424402

Nappy still isn't close and it wouldnt be something derogatory and for the sake of not derailing I'm not going to bother to explain why to you.

Jill has damaged hair, period. She needs to dye it back to a natural color that matches her own, cut it, and then keep it under wigs while taking it out from time to time. I don't understand why in the era of lace front wings people still go through all this trouble of doing poor dye jobs and frying their hair instead of just buying a wig. If she spends 100+ on shoes that she only wears once if even she can buy from donalove hair or something.

No. 424430

how does she even think she looks good like this oh my lord

No. 424449

I honearly don't understand how oblivious she is. Her vlogs are by far the hardest videos to watch. How does she not see/hear how pathetic her life is?

"Hi guys it's your girl Pixie, I am expecting a big boy packagie today!"

And she's always just sitting alone at home in her basement, probably reeking of that cheap sweet bathbomb smell, her hair's greasy, her breath and overall mouth stinking/sticky from all that god awful peep tea, just sitting back and talking to a camera between naps. And she doesn't even have anything much to say, really. She just p much talks to herself all day long and cakes makeup on her face at 2pm before her tri-weekly trip to the store where she buys shit she doesn't need.

It's just pathetic. Really. She's making herself more and more retarded. And the fact that she has to edit these vlogs herself and actually thinks her footage is fine baffles me. She really needs someone to sit her down and show her just how pathetic she is, really. She can't stay a fucking spoiled child forever. I used to watch her videos and really liked seeing her with friends (she probably got help for that Lolita Christmas short film thing and for her older lookbooks) or Tristan. Now she's just flat out unbearable. No wonder she is not seen around much people. Her new gf is probably easily influenced and into the whole big boy Tumblr shtick too, which would explain how they might match each other somehow.

Sage for frustrated rant

No. 424474


What that anon is trying to say is that "nappy" is the word people use to describe the texture a black person's hair. I think the word you're looking for is something like "over-processed"?

I completely agree with you about her hair, though. Rainbow hair seems like a bitch to maintain and Jill is too lazy to even take her makeup off at night, never mind bothering with serious upkeep like that.

No. 424477

Not that anon, but where do you live? If you're trying to say it's a derogatory against black people, they use it the same way other anon did. Nappy just means shitty hair where I live. I'm going to assume you're not black or don't live in the southern US.

No. 424493

I've lived in several places across the US and us black people have voiced that using it in that manner is revolting and any people who still use it that way are either ignorant or self hating. I have never heard of someone not knowing this. Again, don't derail look the shit up I merely pointed out how stupid that anon sounded. Nappy is in reference to tight curls and due to self hate and racism it's been used to be belittle people which is why you've heard black people use it that way. It's not tumblr or sjw shit its just basic black people things.I'd prefer you don't continue to ask me any more questions and just Google it to not muck up the thread anymore. I don't want to debate about what other black people do or not. I only mentioned they were using it wrong because… they were..because it's a word… with a definition.

Yes that's the term "over processed" . Saying nappy makes zero sense because it's a hair texture ,I got a good laugh out of that being used on a white person though. There's a wig company (I think donalove) that does custom wigs so she could get a rainbow one that looks like real hair. Wigs could benefit Jill's outfits too cause not every outfit matches her rainbow hair. She has a enough of a following to get a few free ones so I don't understand why she doesn't bother. Although I doubt she'd take care of them.

No. 424535

Who even cares, Jill. Was it really necessary to make a 12min video about it???

No. 424553

Let her have it anon, girl has no other accomplishments so her small youtube plaque is very important to her.

No. 424556

Must be nice to be rewarded for sloth and weight gain

No. 424569

Like >>424477 said, I’ve heard black people use it in a derogatory way. I come from a black community too and I’m from the south. I’ll stop using that word, since apparently in the rest of the U.S. it carries a different meaning. And I get that you’re trying to explain why this term is bad, but your posts come off as overly aggressive and it encourages other people to argue back. You didn’t wanna explain it so don’t get pissy when people are still confused by why it’s bad.

Back on the subjects of wigs: what I’ve heard from girls that wear lace-front wigs is that they’re really itchy and they aren’t super easy to put on. Jill probably wouldn’t like that. They do definitely look really good and I’ve never been able to tell it’s a wig, even after being told someone’s hair is a lace-front wig. She may have not heard of it because I had never heard of that kind of wig until I graduated high school and moved to a city.

No. 424581

Is it me or did she blatantly rip the "It's ya gurl" from Kelly Eden? Jfc cows of the same herd.

No. 424583

I can't hate on Jill for making a video on it like every other Youtuber but it makes me wince that she taped onto it. She was kind of belittling to Youtubers under 100k when she remarked that its so common reading the congratulations card.

No. 424611

>Down to earth and real about it
If they were either of those things they wouldn't watch a lazy child adult show off what she buys every week and encourage her to dress like shit. Why does anyone wanna follow her? Probably under 18 or fail to realize how lazy, privileged and clueless she is. Plus some people will follow anyone in pastels.

No. 424617

seriously why is she wearing that yellow jumper with a pink headband and purple pink makeup?? this is honestly so terrible i cant get over her choice in colours

No. 424639

Every second youtuber says that in their intro

No. 424643


Since she used to wear lolita and cosplays (albeit shittily) I'm sure she's at least heard of lace front wigs. I think she's just super lazy. She's so lazy that most of the time her hair is kept in a big greasy bun because she can't be bothered washing/styling/at least fucking using dry shampoo for god's sake

No. 424689

It's like she tried to be humble, but since she never really is, didn't consider the implication of what she was saying.

To be fair, Kelly Eden didn't come up with that. I've heard variations of "IT'Z YO GURL" all the way back to 2002. It's just something people say to try to be cool.

No. 424908

I wasn't pissy I just didn't want to muck up the thread and it's meaning is universal. That's my last response to prevent infighting.

It's normal to make a video on getting a YouTube play button so I don't see anything wrong with that. Some people do it for 20+ minutes. So her video was actually rather short. In fact I've never seen a youtuber not do that or have it take up ten minutes of a long video or something.

No. 424946

at least she's having fun in her old age, whereas jill is supposedly going to be a ~fashun designer~ and so you'd at least think she could dress herself. baddie's just making the most of her life tbh, respect to her

No. 424964

do this shit on the daily where's my platinum play button

ngl i thought she had in >>424256 because of how her updo is cut off. you know if she did it'd only be for gay points though, like now she's a PROPER lesbian so she's READY to have her car keyed for being GAY etc etc

No. 424969

Anyone know if Pixie entered the kawaii.i contest this year?

No. 425015


This sums up Jill's entire life.

No. 425058

Yeah I thought that too. If she cut it, and gave her hair a break for once, I'm sure it would grow out healthier. But Jill, really some girls really do look better with shorter hair. She most likely won't to mantain her feminine look, and probably won't want to get flashbacks of herself when she was 13.

No. 425063

She did

No. 425067

File: 1510797097628.png (2.32 MB, 785x1200, 810_59fe1c361eb33-kawaiiintern…)

This is what she entered

No. 425093

this is like the exact opposite of cute in every way

No. 425103

All these colors are wrong, but esp those damn greasy uncolored roots. They're awful

No. 425119

her hair drives me actually crazy. there was a point in time when she was maintaining her hair, which was when it was pink with the rainbow bangs and she would actually style her hair - that was when i was at least somewhat convinced that it looks good … but now jesus christ PLEASE maintain and style your hair if you're going to kill it

No. 425125

The rainbow extensions make it look worse. She looks cheap.

No. 425134

>entering a fashion contest
>Don't bother to bleach your roots beforehand OR EVEN PHOTOSHOP THEM which we know she is capable of

No. 425141

A pair of her platform shoes look filthy, with soiled platforms yet they are on the carpet. So nasty, I don't get people who put dirty shoes on the carpet in their rooms, imagine the millions of bacterial germs crawling on those soles. Gross….

No. 425147

im confused at the fact she didnt even use a backdrop like this photo is so average

No. 425155

No backdrop because she needed to show of as much of the materialistic garbage she never wears as possible. Note the bunny bag, Betsey Johnson bag, irregular choice box, and all of the shoes she never wears lined up behind her.

No. 425176

there's nothing wrong with only taking a shower every other day if you haven't done anything too sweaty, or only washing your hair two or three times a week! but if jill literally ONLY takes baths every few days…a bath isn't the same way of cleansing as a shower??? you sit in your own filth + bath bomb dye for a while then drain it…she should be showering at least once a week???

No. 425180

Im sure she wanted to show off some of the ~very kawaii stuff!!~ that she has in order to weasel in a better chance of winning.

But goddamn I hate those shoes that she's wearing. Those are those crappy jelly shoes that hurt like hell when you wear them, aren't they?

No. 425199

hahah I didn't notice this before! And all the dead space she left in the photo on the right side just to include as much junk as possible on the left. It really should have been cropped down a little bit tbh.

No. 425215

Seeing that jacket makes me so sad, I really like it and you just know that she never actually wears it (just like all the other clothes she bought in japan… rest in peace pink heart jeans). And if I remember from the video Sharla also wanted that jacket, I don't know anything about her since I don't watch her videos, but I bet she would have actually worn it.

No. 425228

That jacket is bloody revolting Anon. Yes it fits her nasty ass color scheme but damn that wind breaker is about to fall apart at the seams.

No. 425236

She claims to be a "designer" but the dressform she has is a display one, not meant for sewing on. it's also not remotely her size. They sell adjustable ones for around $100, and with her bizarre body shape that would be the best choice for her. But she has this?

No. 425264

I can't believe this delusional has the nerve to call her lazy ass a designer. In what way is she even an actual designer? She's never studied fashion design, has seldom designed any thing to even show she understands design concept development and knows jack shit about textiles and how to utilize them properly. Just because you watch Project Runway and like to make hacked up scraps of fabric in to shapeless sack doesn't make you a designer. Kek

No. 425307

I can think of three "original" things she's designed/made. Her prom dress, the godawful pompom outfit, and the recent two-piece outfit that's just a ripoff of an annika victoria tutorial.

No. 425397

File: 1510823461945.jpg (61.75 KB, 1080x1080, prom.jpg.348ef3979d5ece17a02e9…)

>"prom dress"
>forgot about that; looks it up
god why have you forsaken up like this

No. 425407

File: 1510824422115.jpeg (548.28 KB, 1936x1936, EF428529-DE83-42AA-8AD8-2DC296…)

Don‘t forget about this nightmare, anon.

No. 425436

File: 1510829421873.png (269.71 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171116-024848.png)

Josie Grosser prom dress vibes

No. 425443

I don’t hate the background she has, it’s all nicely organised. Jill said she’s purging her room? Do you think she’ll actually do that? Because if her whole room was as neat as that corner it would wouldn't as much as an eyesore.

Even she admitted this failed

No. 425444

Soz ignore the extra would*

No. 425453

Those darts. I'm so triggered

No. 425459


Those are meant to be darts!? Holy shit I thought it was just puckering

No. 425470

wow cute. that cheap looking prom dress with those irregular choice shoes was quite tragic. talk about an irregular choice…

No. 425480

>admitted it failed

Do you have a source for that?

No. 425481

Lowkey like this waaaaay better than the prom dress she ended up wearing. Maybe its just the way she's photographing it but it doesn't look awful.

No. 425486


Not that anon but I think she remade it as >>425397 because it fell apart


I agree.
I think it's because she used the pink fabric in the first one as a long, flowing skirt.
The pink fabric looks to have a LOT of drape but the bodice she tried to make from it looks a little bit more structured and probably would have worked in a slightly thicker fabric.

No. 425487

Her room tour video she says “Theres my other prom dress that didn’t work out”

No. 425489

File: 1510837273557.jpg (28.76 KB, 227x298, 460x300_bubble003.jpg)

Just realised who she reminds me of

No. 425493

According to Wendy's sarahah, she decided to go to that college. Jill decided afterwards hmm

No. 425500


Oh my god is the lacing of the bodice’s back just attached with random lengths of pink thread? I just assumed she had sewn loops into the lining of the bodice itself until I zoomed in

No. 425511


I think (hope) it's elastic but I get the impression that it snapped and that's why the dress "didn't work out". She should've at least used eyelets or something.

Just to clarify, the elastic snapping is just speculation

No. 425535

I feel bad because if you look in the mirror it shows what size she actually is

No. 425549

In a stream a while ago she said that she actually really hated how this dress turned out.
I know prom isn't that big of a deal, but it must still be shitty looking back at old pictures and cringing at how ugly your handmade dress was.
Hope this was a lesson to her that maybe sometimes it's better to just buy a nice dress instead of having to prove yourself as a ~designer~ and ending up with some ugly monstrosity.
Just imagine her making her own wedding dress or something lol.

No. 425561

Don’t give Jill any ideas anon, you know she would if she’s still trying to prove herself as a designer when she’s in her 30’s and working a minimum wage job because she refuses to grow up

No. 425646

This meme was made by a fan, you can find the original post in the @pixiesparti name right on the picture. Jill just reposted it. Don't be blinded by your hate, it makes us all look retarded.

No. 425751

See now I'm wondering if she even used a pattern for the dress to begin with. If she didn't, she'd benefit from using one as a starting point then modifying it from there. If she did, however, then I've no faith in her ever making a wedding dress, let alone one she'd be happy with.

No. 425795

Those fluffy white and light pink boots hidden in the back look like they could actually be cute yet she insists on trying to pair everything with her 2 ugliest and most filthy pairs of shoes. Actually a bunch of these items would be cute if she learned to tone it down and pair them properly working around 1 or 2 statement pieces rather than jamming every flashy thing she currently likes on at once.

No. 425833


I actually don't find this too awful, except for the hideous mess in the back/the weird hem…

No. 426000

Jesus that fan account is weird and creepy

No. 426004

it was made by a fan and reposted by pixie so she still approves of the content. its essentially the same as posting it herself. go to her facebook fanpage if you want to kiss her asshole, no one cares.

wendy doesnt even seem like shes into fashion at all or anything related to clothing given how shitty her costume attempts have been. im not surprised jill is following her only friend to college though.

No. 426400

No. 426404

the camera is so not stable and keeps moving every time she blinks wow such a professional youtuber

No. 426415

Not to mention that she doesn’t edit out her zoom in and zooming out because she’s too afraid she’ll loose her stream of thought in the span of two seconds while she zooms out. What’s most annoying is that she has the editing software to make these edits but just doesn’t because she’s lazy. It’s so frustrating

No. 426440

jill when you live alone next year maybe prioritise spending your limited funds on necessities rather than a $15 splodgy cactus ornament.

No. 426445

why does she need 3 different christmas trees

No. 426460

Time to use the holidays as an excuse to spend more money. Isn't she doing vlogsmas? What is that even gonna be besides her buying shit and sleeping.

No. 426495

christmas ornaments usually costs like that? it's looks pretty expensive
(i'm not christian so i don't know)

No. 426508

I am convinced she does so many haul videos because you can't buy creativity or talent, but you sure as bleep can buy a shit ton of stupid stuff to make a video on. If she does vlogmas, I'm sure most videos will have her showing off things she has bought, because she doesn't do anything during most days, and certainly not enough to fill a 10 minute video to get that sweet ad money. Like, seriously, what else could she do a video about? She's a talentless and uninteresting fucktard.

I'm so triggered that she calls all of her things boys. I can, on some level, understand calling your favorite teddy him or her, but your cheap cactus christmas ornament is not a fucking boy. Jesus christ.

No. 426529

she actually said that vlogmas would be too exhausting lol… despite this being her job now