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No. 1[Reply]

All threads posted here must revolve around some sort of literature, music, game, film, show, or image topic. e.g “pictures of cute animals”.
Please read https://lolcow.farm/rules

No. 9087

##spoilered text## => spoilered text

No. 17995

K-idol spam threads to be merged at the next bump limit

No. 47997

Any race related posts or discussion is prohibited per global rule 7.
Repeat offenders are subject to a permanent ban from /m/.

File: 1568295735914.png (50.32 KB, 316x316, 233FA1A7-E9A4-4270-98E8-1E4828…)

No. 49285[Reply]

Need to rant/rave about a webtoon?

What are you reading at the moment?
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No. 51340

File: 1569103909414.jpg (204.51 KB, 878x982, 009-e1438849493245.jpg)

Spirit Fingers is such a nice and sweet webtoon imo, I'm glad that it updates often even though you can find up to 76 chapters in English (the whole completed series is in Korean)
I would also recommend Odd Girl Out and Honey Lemon, HL is kinda hit or miss when it comes to the art style, it can be wonky most of the time but I would still recommend it

No. 51353

>Odd Girl Out
I recommend it too, the art isn't amazing but a webtoon about girls actually being friends is nice. It also manages to discuss lookism without falling into the whole "MC becomes beautiful and makes all other women suffer" revenge fantasy trash.

No. 51381

Nta but i've followed yuumei for a long time and i liked her until she started releasing comics, especially fisheye placebo.

In that comic she goes from making a ridiculous cringey graffiti superhero character (playing down sooo bad what is actually like to do something like that in china), to then making cheap tear jerker scenes as if you should take that comic seriously.

It's not like i don't think a comic can be out there ridiculous and still be great. The problem is that she's completely unaware of how dumb her stuff is and at the same time she takes herself sooo seriously.

Also her characters dress like fucking sparkle dogs, it's like she's stuck on her 2007 teenage phase, no evolution whatsoever.

Also didn't she scam a bunch of people with the fundraiser for her ugly ass axent wear headphones?

No. 51399

yes I like Odd girl out aswell!

Thoughts on Gourmet Hound?

No. 51400

File: 1569147523645.jpeg (496.81 KB, 774x973, 4DC4AFC4-6415-4713-9934-A94C91…)

I’ve been reading Love Me Nice for years. I wish she updated more regularly though

File: 1568771018171.jpeg (132.23 KB, 750x746, 1568518937882.jpeg)

No. 50560[Reply]

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait. Doing so will get you banned from /m/.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>>/m/14862 (girls)

Previous thread: >>48633
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No. 51395

that's true, wonder who originally posted the picture

No. 51397

don't know if this is true but some people were speculating that it was headliner who leaked it

No. 51398

Would be the timing not a bit off?
If she leaked them after her rambling, that would make sense. But she apologized appearantly and some time later this picture got leaked… seems strange to me. But who knows. Headliner, same as every sasaeng, is crazy.

Let´s say she got the picture from somewhere - since Jungkook knows Headliner and in such a small environment like a tattoo studio, she would not remain unnoticed -, but who originally photographed it and uploaded it?

No. 51401

>>51398 tinfoil but after her "wasting his dick" rant, any one of the sasaengs she allegedly fraternized with could have decided to prove her wrong, whether they already had proof or knew where to get it. not saying thats what happened because i dont think headliner was the leak, but its completely possible that her temper tantrum got the ball rolling somehow, got people curious at least.

then again she did expose the idol she was obsessed with before jungkook for dating so you never know.

No. 51402

File: 1569150089338.jpg (525.83 KB, 1159x913, headliner.jpg)

>she did expose the idol she was obsessed with before jungkook for dating so you never know.
i looked that up out of curiosity. apparently she had a fansite for infinite member l and he was in a dating scandal with some girl. headliner's was one of the most popular fansites and people would ship her with l and shit. when the dating rumors came out she went on a hiatus. she was trending on naver with l and the girl's names.
she left the infinite fandom in 2016 to become a jungkook fansite. she's also known for scamming multiple infinite fans throughout years and she never gave them their money back.

she's just overall weird. she gets into flame wars with complete randos on twitter. her bitchy responses to i-fans are kinda amusing ngl

File: 1555212975876.jpg (236.72 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ph48uyn8iO1vjlqzdo1_128…)

No. 25707[Reply]

Previous thread

Post art you find bad or hideous.
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No. 51364

File: 1569113519584.jpg (141.94 KB, 715x709, IMG_20190921_162954.jpg)

this isnt bad

here's some tragic anatomy

No. 51375

File: 1569120380624.png (86.2 KB, 611x679, EFCMZNnU4AEZlE1.png)

No. 51376

that hair shading on the right one reminds me of testicular torsion

No. 51390

File: 1569137469493.jpeg (133.42 KB, 667x1000, EFCECCGWwAEQgWn.jpeg)

Quasimodo the moe. My favorite part was the spergy weeb in the comments that attacked someone for polite pointing out the shit anatomy. He called them autistic for not understanding her "style".

No. 51396


I see, i legit hate the original design too, its fucking awful.

She peddles porn to underage kids, i would not even bother with the comments

File: 1454810315690.jpg (92.22 KB, 700x526, 1404706201172.jpg)

No. 17472[Reply]

Dump what you got
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No. 50522

File: 1568751496315.jpg (58.34 KB, 720x544, large.jpg)

No. 50538


I posted the wrong link. I'm an idiot.


No. 51227

File: 1569065635820.jpg (531.57 KB, 1328x679, 135155.jpg)

No. 51344

File: 1569104557979.jpg (5.43 KB, 284x177, Clown_without_pity.jpg)

No. 51387

File: 1569129630076.jpg (70.62 KB, 729x227, 156912876275133800.jpg)

File: 1557022158807.png (167.6 KB, 900x506, bpc.png)

No. 30296[Reply]

Basically if it's not anime but still animated, post it here

>Your favorite cartoons

>What are you watching right now
>Cartoon Recommendations
>Western animation studio discussion
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No. 51243

File: 1569073155636.jpg (34.59 KB, 650x434, soulless.jpg)

Vs. Soulless
Any one watch last kids on earth? I don't really want to because the art style degraded and I feel everything else would too. I'm jealous of kids these days, why do their favorite books Netflix adaptions and all the books I liked as a child get no recognition

No. 51248

File: 1569078036884.jpeg (200.65 KB, 1273x717, 96A73950-4FE6-493C-AE84-0A6B27…)

disenchantment season 2 is out and i'm enjoying it so much!! i loved season one and bean is one of my favourite heroines.

also i really, really miss motorcity. i loved the animation and character design so much. i really want to rewatch it.

i have tuca & bertie and bojack horseman on my to watch list, too. also if i hate myself enough i might try to finish rick and morty, if i can figure out where i left off.

No. 51357

I looove Tuca and Bertie! I can't wait for new episodes. I saw season 1 twice with friends. I think it's a nice adult cartoon about actual issues.

No. 51365

>new episodes
Last I checked they canceled it, sorry anon.

No. 51368

Reminds me too much of this french comic called Seuls/Alone for English speakers (which may also get its own cartoon adaptation)
Similar premise but instead of zombies, it's demons, [spoiler]and they were in purgatory the whole time [/spoiler]

But on the note of books liked as a child, the captain underpants series seems really faithful to the wackiness of the comics

Also, the fact that there's just one female in the trailer makes me thing "oh this character exists for the main character to fall in love with"

File: 1538065232359.jpg (548.97 KB, 1984x1305, dreamy.jpg)

No. 11970[Reply]

What it says on the tin. Let's discuss some more kpop, farmers.
>Who's your favorite band/group and why isn't it NCT? Who's your bias?
>What do you think of the weird kpop fandoms that are popping up and the crazy fans that come with them?
>Any comebacks you're looking forward to?

Previous thread: >>232763
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No. 50947

bless up, they put this back on spotify. loona was at peak with their predebut solos and subgroups. also I actually found the whole theory/lore thing kind of interesting, wonder if they'll bother fleshing it out anymore.

No. 51241

I know it's a cliche at this point, but their music really does tend to sound like anime OPs (in a good way)
Aren't AOA's concepts usually quite male gaze-y? I really enjoyed this, it's my favorite thing I've seen from them.
all their title tracks from kim lip's solo up to favorite and hi high were consistently good to excellent, but I didn't like butterfly or any of the other new songs from the repackage. I hope they turn things around because that era gave us some of my favorite pop music of the past decade, period.

No. 51245

i love dreamcatcher but these outfits look like they're made of trash bags, not leather lol.
gold white outfits at least looks like clothes, not garbage. hope they change it in the future.

No. 51334

No. 51366

their best song imo. fever was such a disappointing follow up.

File: 1567835698448.jpg (138.19 KB, 960x741, 1558809914962.jpg)

No. 48159[Reply]

Post any image that you want to post.
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No. 51014

awww she was really lovely, anon. I lost my tortie last year, she was 18 and had her since she was a kitten. torties are lovely cats

No. 51167

File: 1569023063139.jpg (71.03 KB, 680x510, 1G25VoeL7dE_iMi7W0TuAk_Vm86AL9…)

No. 51314

File: 1569093452184.gif (2.9 MB, 636x341, paranoia-agent.gif)

one of my favorite anime

No. 51315

File: 1569093847374.jpg (56.11 KB, 1000x597, mob-psycho.jpg)

No. 51328

File: 1569098674406.jpeg (142.68 KB, 500x700, E3A0F389-DF7C-4EC3-87FB-A8072D…)

File: 1538155152003.gif (832.99 KB, 500x626, daphne.gif)

No. 6325[Reply]

Previous thread: >>81746
Post pics or gifs of pretty girls.
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No. 49911

File: 1568565805504.jpg (285.64 KB, 1000x1500, 34e5c54ae51f2999991af3f9ebace3…)

No. 49914

excessive photoshop isn't cute

No. 51318

File: 1569095725650.jpg (52.03 KB, 564x636, 82f37b4b89dffb8341d98f4d15deb4…)

No. 51329

wtf you pedobitch

No. 51360

File: 1569110845949.gif (2.64 MB, 250x250, tumblr_pwy6n2x94q1wqhteuo2_250…)

File: 1468150467808.jpg (132.93 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Amanchu! - 01 […)

No. 3894[Reply]

Can we have an anime thread? I can't find the other one for some reason, what are you watching this season? I really missed this Ariaesque atmosphere in SoL anime and really enjoyed the first episode of Amanchu.
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No. 49805

Just watched season 2 of One Punch Man. It was…dissapointing.

Huge drop in quality when compared to the first one even after waiting all this time, not only with the animation, the story was neither funny not particularly interesting, it felt repetitive as fuck, always looking for excuses to remove Saitama so the rest of the cast can whine about meaningless shit that Saitama will solve with one punch anyways. I guess the first season was like this but the build ups and animations were amazing.

I'll probaby won't watch a third season if it is anything like this one. Or i'll just read the manga instead.

On the bright side. The second season of Mob Psycho was fucking amazing and even better than the first one, so at least that show did lived up to the hype.

No. 49859

File: 1568541060324.jpg (66.98 KB, 736x736, 8d1540c0646b3dd2102105b312fa4a…)

I'm currently obsessed with Kyouso Giga. I can't understand how it went undiscovered while it is so enthralling, both worldbuilding and storytelling is magnificent. The colours are so charming and the story heartwarming with a cute tomboy protagonist and other characters are written very strongly.
10/10 suggested.

No. 51264

Alright. Listen up weebs. I’m a very busy gal. You gotta tell me why I should bully k-pop fans instead of you, anime fuckboi. I wanna bully both of you, but I just don’t have the time now because of my remedial classes and softball practice. I already talked to one of those girls who jerks off to yaoi and she made some very compelling arguments. You’re gonna have to explain to me why you think your impossibly busty and smooth skinned middle school battleship cartoon girls are better than highly athletic and vocally talented (human) kimchi cuties. That Kpop music might be gay as fuck, but I do respect physical prowess (I’m the star pitcher for the varsity softball team, or did you
forget that, fucker?). He also said a lot of stuff about tight asses, smooth legs, ‘delicious’ tummies, and short bleached hair and, to be honest, I got a little bit hard listening to him. So keep all that in mind and choose wisely your response. You have until Sunday to gather your arguments and convince me how great anime is. I
gave the k-pop thread extension to next Sunday because they're finding
some more videos of his favorite performances to give me, and I’m willing to offer you the same deal. Give me some of your favorite anime girl art and I’ll delay the bullying for a week. And don’t give me any of that tentacle/NTR/rape shit! I want pure-hearted vanilla romance, okay? I gotta be honest, I just can’t believe that you dweebs jerk off to cartoons and singers. You could just fuck one of the bimbo's on the swimming team. All you gotta do is have a nice car and work out a bit. Shit, buddy, with the amount of money you’ve spent on PVC figurines and Blu-rays you could have bought a sweet car by now and pounded some loose scrotes. It’s easy, I do it all the time! I mean, sure, there’s no emotional connection and you feel a little dead inside every time, but surely it’s better than flapping your stack
to anime or Kpop idols, right? It’s gotta be. Everybody’s trying to get laid! But why do I feel so empty inside? Why does it seem that, no matter what I do, no matter how high my social standing climbs, that I can’t be happy? Are you happy? You always look happy chatting with your loser friends at your lunch table, drinking chocolate milk
and swapping manga. You don’t have a care in the world, do you? No expectations, no softball practice, no pressure. You just do what you want and no one cares. You just get to live in your merry little world.

No. 51304

File: 1569091150323.png (385.08 KB, 853x480, 1567063381533.png)


nigga ain't nobody got no time for reading yo bitchass pasta

No. 51333

Agreed, it's lovely. I should re-watch it soon.

And I recommend Uchouten Kazoku for anyone who liked the traditional/folky Japanese and family themes of Kyousougiga.

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