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File: 1683570191767.jpg (127.64 KB, 736x736, 2ad065f49aa2986323e021995a2d21…)

No. 294968

General Video Game discussion, aside from games that have their own threads.

What are you currently playing, what you are looking forward to, favorite games, favorite consoles, gamer set discussion, reviews, praises, complaints, questions, etc.

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No. 294983

This game screams 2000s and I love it kek

No. 294984

That's it? You just slap people, vintage shoujo style? Kek

No. 294985

Reminds me of Punch Out, but over the top shojo manga style.

No. 294989

I'm 70% sure it's an old flash game so that's probably why it feels like a 2000 game

No. 294990

It is indeed an old flash game, there are videos on it that are over a decade old.

I remember playing it on the official site and there was also a spin-off with characters from the devs' other game series (La-Mulana). It's becoming a bit of a Coffee Stain Studios situation, where the meme game gets more attention than the "serious" one, I guess.

No. 295325

File: 1683693130769.jpg (38.29 KB, 640x480, Grandma-Finds-The-Internet.jpg)

>mfw trying to sideload games in vr for HOURS and keep getting errors
"Not enough memory to run this game" or the shit crashes my headset and I have to turn it off or oculus knows it's modded and screeches at me until I uninstall. At least I can get some games to work but I wanted custom beatsaber songs..
Thank god they make sideload pretty idiotproof it's just some of the apk themselves that dont work I think because I googled my issue with friday night funkin and tons of people can't play it either. I feel retarded though like somebody smarter and better with computers could get it to work though

No. 295358

I've been playing Assassins Creed for a few months and I haven't been able to find anything as brilliant or enjoyable. Can anyone recommend me some more similar games? This is what I enjoy from AC:

>Open world

>Right balance of storyline and gameplay
>Not too difficult - I don't like grinding games.
>No horror, nothing zombie
>Nothing too old. I've been spoiled by the beautiful graphics of newer games. Nothing pre-2013 I guess.

I actually really enjoy the rpg part of the newer AC games.

No. 295370

Doesn't check all boxes but have you tried Red Dead redemption 2? It's probably an obvious suggestion but still…

No. 295375

it sounds like you may have fun playing ffxv

No. 295384

After AC dishonored really scratched that itch for me but I think it has zombielike creatures in some of the missions. It’s a really fun game series though

No. 295429

Get over your gripe with graphics and play Morrowind

No. 295440

Maybe Zelda BOTW? Not sure if you want something realistic, though.

No. 295444

Red dead redemption 2
Horizon zero Dawn
Horizon forbidden west
God of war
God of war ragnarok
Zelda: breath of the wild

No. 295452

I haven't! That's on my list bc everyone keeps telling me it's the best game ever.

my god

I have Horizon Forbidden West but I couldn't get into it. Maybe I should play the first one first?

No. 295453

Nta but I played Horizon Forbidden West first since it was bundled, and I think it depends on how far you get. The beginning was a bit of a slog and the new (to me) combat system was a bit difficult to get used to, but once I got into the "actual" game, I couldn't put it down. I had a better time in the Chainscrape/Barren Light area, but had the most fun once I got past the embassy event. If you've been playing past the embassy for a while, it may not be for you.

No. 295645

I hope Bloodborne never gets a sequel and is never released on PC.

No. 295718

>is never released on PC
why though? I do agree on the sequel, not every game needs a sequel, let alone a full-blown franchise.

No. 295720

Definitely play horizon zero Dawn first, even if it’s just for the story. The gameplay was really fun and I loved the arsenal of weapons, coming up with tactics to take down large enemies was great and finally being able to take down thunderclaws felt like such an accomplishment.
If you can find a demo or get it on sale (assuming you have expendable cash), it might be worth a look.

No. 295753

ok thank anons, I'll get it!

No. 295773

Dropping some questions cause I’m bored

>Who do you think will win GOTY?

>In a dream scenario, if it was up to you completely, who would win?
>Top 3 games you played thus far in 2023?
>Top 3 games you are looking forward to in 2023-2024?

No. 295801

Seeing someone call AC brilliant is both jarring and comforting.
Look into FF15, star wars jedi fallen order, far cry series, the witcher 3, tomb raider. I’m hesitant to recommend nier automata and replicant because of the replayability factor it’s not necessary obvi.

No. 295846

I don't know about 'brilliant' but the first few games were still pretty good stealth adventures.
I quit playing after 3 though because of how the plot went. And I'm not interested in pirates or france or the other ancient civ stuff that came after.

No. 295858

Why jarring?

I tried playing the older games and I hate the controls. I prefer the newer games, which I know is an unpopular opinion.

No. 295867

>Top 3 games you played thus far in 2023?
All released before 2020 kek. EuroTruck Simulator 2, Subnautica, and Oblivion.
>Top 3 games you are looking forward to in 2023-2024?

No. 295996

File: 1683969342164.png (18.42 KB, 397x206, image-17.png)

why in the fuck is Far Cry 6 so HUGE

No. 296061

Devs just assume everyone has terabyte hard drives these days and don't bother compressing assets.
It helps with loading times I guess but it is extremely annoying and sort of lazy.

Oh come on, damn spoiled zoomer. At least play Ezio's trilogy.
Do people just think of the Egypt etc. games when AC is brought up now?

No. 296701

File: 1684221001090.gif (1.07 MB, 500x300, hmc.gif)

hogwarts legacy kept crashing with a corruption error (ps4), I uploaded my save files to the cloud, tried every single fix I could find, even logged into an old save on my character and could play for a good 10 mins before I eventually got the bluescreen again. been two days trying to fix it and I finally gave up and am re-installing it.
so pissed, my PC is stuck in a reboot loop too so I'm trying to fix that or I would have been playing this shit on steam a month ago.
has anyone else had this issue? apparently heaps of people have just wanted to ask you nonas if you did and how did you fix it? I have a bad feeling it's going to happen again.
$100AUD for a glitchy crashing game, I am trying very hard not to seethe.

No. 296729

At this late stage any game sony claims to work on both ps4 and ps5 is a gamble, are you able to return it? Pretty sure you can return even digital copies of games if they won’t run. Just keep sending in the crash reports, every report is more pressure for them to patch and fix the problem.

No. 296730

Same anon, if you’re an avid gamer that regularly suffers problems because your PC is too under powered to play newer games you could look into renting a gaming rig. The only problem with those is you need a stable internet connection and a data center that’s close by, which can be a problem when you’re in aus (but I haven’t been there in ages so maybe things are better now).

No. 296749

I've been wanting to replay Final Fantasy X again, it is one of my favorite games. I think now that I'm older, I realize just how well written Yuna as a character is. So many games make female characters moid fantasies in a pornstar body. They are le heckin epic badass like Capitan Marvel or whatever thats so cringe and far removed from female behavior. Yuna is written with her ultimate goal of sacrificing her self and life to save Spira. Womens greatest duty is the sacrifice they make for the people they love, cherish and they see the greater good in humanity and will give themselves up for it.

No. 296763

File: 1684266557288.jpg (69.03 KB, 1080x913, i872fapzaa0b1.jpg)

So OW1 was killed off for nothing, nice.

No. 296865

this is so disappointing. what was the point?

No. 296943

can anyone rec me some video games with the beach, or beach towns and sea as a setting?

No. 297053

File: 1684390191595.jpg (97.3 KB, 850x680, desktop-wallpaper-kingdom-hear…)

I finally replayed the kingdom hearts 1.5+2.5 and felt so nostalgic kek

I found Kingdom hearts 3 yesterday but didnt buy it because I saw trailer and few gameplay and it looked (to me) like shit,like all the soul was sucked from it especially Riku turned yo Noctis 2.0. Has anyone here played it? Is it good? Have I been an idiot for calling it trash Because Riku's design was downgraded(for me)?

No. 297073

I guess the point was to introduce a cash shop for skins and get rid of lootboxes. I knew things were looking bad when the Starwach event started, made with recycled assets and a tragic attempt of an AI. If they had worked on a PvE mode since 2019 and not even made a competent AI, it wasn't looking good for their PvE game.

No. 297091

ffxv, animal crossing new leaf, super mario sunshine, danganronpa 2, ffx, kingdom hearts, pokemon sun and moon, sonic adventure, legend of zelda wind waker, hamtaro ham ham heartbreak, nintendogs

No. 297092

samefag I almost forgot to add okami

No. 297337

File: 1684512584950.png (348.88 KB, 570x566, Dateables.png)

just stumbled over this game and it looks very cute, but i wonder if there's troon shit in it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/2209900/Moonlight_Peaks/

No. 297347

KH3 was trash, and this is coming from someone who played all of the other games (even the Ds, PSP and the PC online thingy too). You're right with saying that all the soul was sucked from it. Visually it's very bad, they fixed some lighting here and there later but it's still very odd and plastic looking. Some characters are straight up creepy (like Mickey and Hercules), I get that this was a new engine for them but they had plenty of time, but of course this is Nomura we're talking about, the one who halted FF15's production for 10 fucking years (and is still salty about it).
The story is a convoluted anti-climatic mess. It was the final chapter for the Xehanort saga but it just felt so weak. You'd expect this big flashy final fight but it's not what happens, instead it's an edgy weird dream-like shit you won't understand unless you paid attention to every little detail about some spin-off you forgot about. The Disney worlds are laughable and feel like bad adverts for the latest cashgrab Disney movie.

No. 297356

The Phantom Liberty DLC for CP2077 is going to be released this June, according to a leak. I hope it's true. I want to replay the game already.

No. 297412

>The story is a convoluted anti-climatic mess.
They had one job holy shit. This sucks because replaying KH1 the character development was so neat and the ending made me tear, KH2 was finally finding Riku and that ending was so perfect. The fact that they can't even manage to pull another emotional story/ending in KH3 is such bs. Though honestly not sure what would they add? I remember the convoluted "but akshully"s in other KHs and hated it so much. You have no idea how thankful I am for this confirmation because I was this close buying it next week, I'd rather keep KH2's ending as the last one in my mind.

>course this is Nomura we're talking about, the one who halted FF15's production for 10 fucking years (and is still salty about it).

Every time I remember he wanted to make FF15 a musical I die laughing. Though with how lackluster the game turned out maybe it would've been better? If memory serves Ignis' VA sings kek

Sorry for esl

No. 297415

> halted FF15's production for 10 fucking years
And FF15 is still mediocre?
I'm so fucking tired of modern games being this big

No. 297416

AC is frequently shat on in gaming communities
I didn't play a lot of AC tbh for, the buggy mess that was unity turned me off but I still want to try Unity and Origins.

No. 297434

Fantasy Life

No. 297437

I feel you anon. I'm someone who has only played KH1 and KH2 and I felt the same way you did when playing them. KH1's character development was nicely done for what it was and I still tear up when I get to the ending kek. And KH2 though felt a bit dumb in the writing department, still managed to get me to tear up with the ending seeing how Sora was finally able to reunite with Kairi and Riku and just watching them be together. Honestly the game should've ended there but we all knew that wasn't gonna happen because of how popular the series was at this time.

When KH3's official release date was announced, I remember not feeling all that excited. My hype for the series had been on a huge decline by the time it was officially confirmed and when the game came out, I had no desire to go out and get it. Still haven't played it and after spoiling myself, I don't regret not purchasing day one because from what I've seen, it's just a bunch of BS.

The game definitely feels lifeless from what I've seen in gameplay videos. The worlds just feel dead if that makes sense?

>This was the final chapter for Xehanort

When I learned that this was the closing saga for Xehanort "The Seeker of Darkness" saga and they'll be moving onto a new chapter, I noped the fuck out. Look at all the shit they put the fans through with this mess of a story for the last 10+ years, do you really want to potentially endure another 10+ years of this bullshit? No fucking thank you.

No. 297470

If you manage to find it for a good price somewhere you could get it just to see how it ends (like I did) but what I meant to say is don't expect too much.

Samefag, I forgot to add some more things I don't like about the game. There are no Final Fantasy characters, like at all. One of the things that made KH unique was the weird mix of Disney and FF + original characters. For some reason they decided to not put them in and do only Disney instead.
The designs for the protags are a huge downgrade. Riku is Noctis, Sora's hair just gets awfully spikier and Nomura's autistic hyperfixation was now PLAID so both designs had to have it.
Sora's character development gets erased. Instead he's just an idiot giggling and spouting repetitive bullshit most of the time.
Spoiler for the secret ending it's a sequence with new characters called Verum Rex, but here's the thing. Every character that appears is a copy of FF15's cast. Nomura didn't get over it and decided to just make the same characters but in KH, which is bad but hilarious at the same time. The Noctis copycat looks like a do not steal oc.
Lastly KH4's trailer already exists and I don't know what the fuck they're doing anymore.

No. 297496

Man Kingdom Hearts, I was obsessed back when 2 first came out, was in my slight edgy phase and loved Organization 13.
But then it took so long for 3 to come out I completely outgrew it, and I never cared for the Disney stuff in the first place.
And did that 'new' trailer already come out a few years ago? If I remember correctly the uncannyness between the photorealistic city and Sora's model was just creepy.

No. 297500

File: 1684577123397.jpg (66.8 KB, 506x900, 20230520_115948.jpg)

Have anyone tried Death Stranding? Did you enjoy it?
I was thinking of playing it because
>i preger playing good story-heavy games over the gameplay
>i like Mads
I love games like Disco Elysium story-wise and/or something dystopian.

No. 297586

>Have anyone tried Death Stranding?
A lot of anons have, I think people discussed it previously (maybe in the previous thread). The consensus seemed to either be that it’s boring and Kojimafags are shilling it too much or that it’s actually good and breaks the norms from current games because it’s so slow and more strategic/requires patience.

No. 297624

File: 1684614102155.jpg (275.41 KB, 1539x1683, FmwbWn_aEAIQeex.jpg)

The story was a clusterfuck in true kh fashion but the gameplay was enjoyable imo. It's the hardest to master and it feels a lot more finnicky. I cleared all the hardest bosses in kh2fm and bbsfm when I was younger but I couldn't clear the data fights in kh3, I'll probably attempt it when I get more free time.
I honestly don't think it was utterly soulless besides the Frozen world, but it's a shame there were no ff characters. Fwiw I'm usually not a fan of disney at all and KH is the only disney related media I consoom. I just love the KH cheese. That said character wise Sora was the weakest in KH3, including Riku so if you're in it for the story it's not that worth I suppose.

No. 297662

are there any video games with comfy rainy day vibes? it could either be rainy days in the actual game or a game that's perfect for sitting inside and playing on a rainy day

No. 297710

File: 1684657314308.png (124.94 KB, 198x413, Chlorica_Normal.png)

Rune Factory 4 is on PS+ and even though I have almost 300 hours with the game on 3DS I've found myself playing it again and STILL finding and learning new things about the game. There's just so damn much to do. I love the farming, I love the crafting, I love taming cute monsters, I love making optimal building for my companions, and lastly I love my wife Clorica.

No. 297712

It's currently free on the epic games store for anyone interested in getting it.

No. 297724

Spiritfarer and Lake are two of my favourite games for cosy, rainy days. Spiritfarer has a fantastic setting and characters, and the pace is nice and laid back. Lake is surprisingly engaging and chill for a game where you play as a postwoman. They're both quite low effort, good games to veg out to.

No. 297731

I was sometimes frustrated with it, but ultimately looking back at the experience after some time has passed, it was nice. But it's nothing like Disco Elysium, it's more… well, for the lack of better term, all over the place with bizarre ideas. And core "being a deliveryman" gameplay can be a little tedious if you're not used to this kind of thing. The character stories are interesting though, soundtrack is excellent and there are some really beautiful, cinematic moments. You really have to give it a try to know if it's up your alley or not.

No. 297754

>spoiler text
WAIT WHAT. I want to say can Nomura please move on but then again his "ideas" now are all going around the same old things, whether it's the remakes or this bs.

While the subject of Square Enix games is open what is the general opinion on FFXII/FFXV
And does anyone here have any expectations/hopes for FFXIV?
Imho doesn't have J-rock hair so pass.

No. 297779

File: 1684689488947.jpg (205.08 KB, 1100x730, tumblr_8d08bfb978478d68c575069…)

Anyone played Fear and Hunger? I absolutely adore this game despite how difficult it is, and all the weird shit in it.

No. 297789

i havent sorry. but why is the dark priest kinda…

No. 297809

You mean FFXVI? I'm not looking forward to it because I don't have a PS5 and I won't get one, but I'm still curious. Seems like the FF series isn't nearly as prestigious as it once was, and people stopped giving a fuck after FFXII or FFXIII. I haven't played either games so I wonder why exactly. All I know is that FFXI is an MMO so it supposedly felt out of place compared to the previous games, XII was also supposed to be an MMO and it went into some development hell because of some director leaving and being replaced, everyone complained that XIII was too linear and then not linear enough, and XIV was also an MMO and a shitty one until some huge update and XV is an incomplete mess that was supposed to be a XIII spinoff. Meanwhile other SE games like Bravely Default felt more like FF games than some FF games. I wish I knew what's going on in their office.

No. 297825

do they really let you play as a cute guy who gets raped nonstop like a dark souls 2 meets degrees of lewdity rpg maker fever dream

No. 297869

I liked 12, but I played the original version back in the day where you aren't forced into classes. People say Penelo and Vaan are annoying but they're just the viewpoint characters, I think they were cute. And Balthier is the best. And a political story was a change of pace.

I bought 15 but never started it. I really don't feel like it either.

I don't care about 16. It feels dark? But I haven't really watched the trailers.
I just don't think I can ever forgive SquareEnix for what they did with Eidos.

No. 297882


No. 297892

I couldn't stand how uselessly big random and repetitive it all is. Slogged my way through that first dungeon and got to the king finally expecting some story and you just get sent on a random fetch quest. Dropped it right there.

No. 297894

terrifying nona i literally just downloaded this

guess this is a sign to start it and stop fucking around

No. 297909

I really can't stand Nomura anymore. His projects tend to take ages to complete and the results aren't that good. He was good at character design (despite all the spiky hair+belts+zippers combos) but his latest works are lacking and repetitive too.

No. 297914

He's still good as a designers, his characters from Xenoblade 2 are the most stylish ones by far and don't have excessive spiky hair and belts. And the edgy looking male character who's shirtless under his long coat and who wears a shit ton of belts is designed by someone else.

No. 297915

File: 1684738220520.jpg (815.34 KB, 1432x2048, Tumblr_l_68632605189858.jpg)

Please report back with what you think once you've played it, I'm desperate to talk to others about this game.
Unfortunately I wouldn't say it's nonstop but in essence, yeah.
Have you seen Nosramus? He's even prettier than the dark priest, imo. Picrel.

No. 297920

So the Xenoblade Chronicles LP I was watching finally finished, and wow how did I avoid getting spoiled on the fact that Alvis is actually an AI. And there I go immediately changing my opinion of him from meh to cool lol.
I'm not sure if the series really deserves the 'hype' It really is just a Nintendo thing. A step down from Xenosaga in my opinion it just turns to fantasy and reminds me more of a Tales game or something.

No. 297927

I think it's hyped because it was one of the very few JPRGs on the Wii and because of Nintendo fanboys who hate anything too Japanese and anime thought it seemed less anime than other JRPGs. I liked XB2 a lot more when it comes to the story and characters, I suggest you try it.

No. 297933

I'll watch the LP whenever the guy I'm watching gets along to it. But I'm really not interested enough to buy it myself. Don't have a Switch anyway.
The design of 2's MC always put me off. He's so generic but also wearing such ugly clothes. And I already know the two main girls turn into a harem thing.
I really don't see how people could think it's less anime, it is just so obviously a JRPG. From the designs to the dumb character tropes and interactions.

No. 297934

Who knows, I'll never understand how XB1 has this reputation because when I played it myself it really reminded me of these 90s scifi/fantasy anime I watched as a kid. As for XB2, the story is really good but avoid spoilers at all costs. The design of the main character was a bit offputting at first but I didn't mind it after some time playing. I played the game with the original voices, I saw a few cutscenes with the English voices and all the characters sounded awful, like I was watching a terrible parody.

No. 297959

apparently ffxv was a buggy mess when it came out but now it has a cult following. it's very popular with fujos and yumejos too. I got it a few years after release when it was on sale so I didn't have any issues, the game felt complete to me plus all the dlc was out by then.
my personal opinion is that it's a great game and I had lots of fun playing it - one of my favorite games actually. but I haven't played any of the other final fantasy games so maybe that's why I think so highly of it kek

No. 298008

File: 1684778403833.jpg (148.42 KB, 1800x1252, 1673675337399.jpg)

>report back
kek it's way too scary for me. i spent all night reading the lore though, which is very much my thing (i love eldritch/grimdark horror).

i'm going to give termina a try instead because i dig the vague danganronpa vibes, it doesn't seem as terrifying, and marina is apparently a dude

No. 298066

File: 1684793084847.png (1.82 MB, 3000x3000, 62343849_p0.png)

>but I haven't played any of the other final fantasy games so maybe that's why I think so highly of it kek

I was reading your post and thought to myself 'is this Nonna'd first FF game?' kek. See I'm really happy you enjoyed it and it's your favorite game, but believe me when I tell you that a game 10 years it's senior (FFXII) does everything way better. When we got it we were like is it? Where are the cool designs? Interesting side quests? Hello? Anything? The closest thing to soul-full was knowing more about Cidny and her reason for why she's interested in cars.
Ngl the concept of brotherhood/sacrife was REALLY attractive for the secret fujo inside of me, but ugh I'm sorry Nonny I was gonna spill my guts on why it flopped. I really wanted it to be good and successed,but stupid director was too busy trying to make a universe and shoving noodles advertisements, his other game is FF type-0

(Goddamm this place opens my appetite for ranting about old stuff lol)

No. 298084

File: 1684801407231.jpeg (114.92 KB, 970x640, ffxv snack break.jpeg)

I did try playing ffviii and struggled a lot with the combat system so I gave up kek. I have ffix and ffvii sitting in my steam library untouched.
for me I liked ffxv because it felt like going on a roadtrip with friends. I liked the main characters, the scenery, driving around then cooking and camping with the boys, the soundtrack, the dialogue and how the boys banter with each other (the way they moved around and interacted almost felt like I was playing with real people rather than ai), plus there was tons of minigame and postgame content (fishing, photography, chocobo races, pinball, gambling, challenge dungeons, etc). the ending absolutely broke me too.
the only things that really stood out to me (as a ff noob) as bad were the grindy soulless fetch sidequests plus the way some cool characters were neglected (luna, aranea, and ravus especially) - and having to play the dlc just to learn more about the main characters/villain. oh also the pitioss dungeon was an abomination but luckily it's optional post-game content.

No. 298087

File: 1684804426953.jpg (277.01 KB, 1536x2048, daan.jpg)

Yeah, F&H1 is terrifying. Every time the crow mauler enters the dungeon I freak the fuck out, kek. But I still force myself to play it anyway, for some reason I almost feel like I'm cheating by watching playthroughs or reading the wiki. I'm saving Termina for after I beat the first game, although I'm dying to know what's up with Daan. Not thrilled about the Marina thing however.

No. 298120

File: 1684826169442.png (1.05 MB, 1534x1472, 1671139206108.png)

i never even got as far as the crow mauler kek. got captured by a guard and got beaten to death. i might return to it after i finish termina…which is great, by the way. i'm still on day one (so i haven't seen a lot of daan) but he gives me prissy ice king vibes.

the marina thing definitely sucks but i can look past it pretty easily. game's full of crazier things after all

No. 298130

File: 1684830227506.jpg (69.32 KB, 782x891, IMG_20200621_201752.jpg)

After playing FFXV, playing oldies becomes harder and harder since it's alot more beginner-friendly and everything is actually explained kek. I recommend that you watch cutscenes gameplays like I did because the grind is so bad.

Totally agreed on pros and cons. But in my humble opinion they threw the ball on the writing which made fair amount of FF fans rage quit the franchise. One thing specifically was really early but we knew we were fucked; So you have a gunslinger, Butler/Chef/Assassin/driver/Nanny all in one, buff body guard with giant sword and shield AND a magical prince, right? Remember when Ravus found Noctis and gang in one of the military bases? Remember when he bitch punched him that he hit Regalia? His gang didn't do shit and stayed in their places just standing there.. wouldn't Ignis pull him back behind him or Gladio to jump infront of him or something? That stuck like sore thumb and so out out of character, which is the selling point iirc, 4 bros looking out for each other and all. (And many many more things jfc all memories are flooding back in)

Though to be fair I played it day one until Gladio's episode release then ditched it because it was buggy as hell, extremely slow loading and loads every 1 min for 1 min and was so bareboned. But I watched the rest of the episodes and maybe they patched the game enough for it to be good? The cult following thing? I legit hope do because I don't think I'll like the new one.
>oh also the pitioss dungeon was an abomination
Huehue come on nonna! It was fun making long jumps with daggers! For 7 hours!

No. 298137

All this talk about FF reminds me that I kind of want to play the FF pixel remaster because that means all 2D FF games now have a translation in my first language but SE didn't release physicak copies on the Switch except in Japan. I'm considering importing a copy. I liked the PSP remakes of FF1 and 2 and the DS remakes of 3 and 4 a lot so it could be worth it.

No. 298144

thanks for the suggestions anons!

No. 298193

The patches were so fucking good though. I think if you got the game after all dlcs were out and all the patches were out you’d have a completely different ffxv experience than the early players. Just the fact that you can switch between party members, switching between different skills, weapons (from sword to a literal fps style gun) during combat made it so much better than just playing Notic’s barebones warp point playstyle.

No. 298220

File: 1684876651030.jpg (181.71 KB, 1347x960, c1bbe68441b4a21abd4ebccd3447cf…)

Go for it! But excuse my console and steam plebness, but don't Japanese games come with region lock? Or are these long gone

>you can switch between party members
Let's fucking goooo that's enough to get me back lol
Too bad there are 50 gigs in updates I have to wait for holy shit.

No. 298237

So is this that trope of crazy powerful villain just sounds normal. lol Xivu sounds like some edgy teenager or something, I was imagining something deeper and more 'raw' I guess.
But I got a cutscene with face so I'm happy.
And I got mildly spoiled about the name of this season from leaks, so I can't even read Youtube comments anymore, so annoying, can't people realize not everybody want's spoilers.

No. 298245

>don't Japanese games come with region lock?
nta but games aren't region locked any more. as long as there's an english version made you just select that as your language and you're good to go

No. 298246

You can buy physical copies and play them fine, but depending on the store DLC can be region locked.
You can't buy DLC on the english store for the japanese copy of a game on PSN for example.

No. 298269

There's no DLC for FF pixel remaster so it's fine if I buy it. I was in Japan in 2020 and thank god I didn't buy a physical copy of DMC1, 2 and 3 though because only DMC1 is in the cartridge and you get a download code for the other games so yeah I need to be careful. I'm also considering getting FF10 and 10-2 in Japan just so I can have a cartridge for FF10-2 as opposed to a download code. I already played the remaster on the Vita but I want to have the Japanese voice acting.

No. 298303

File: 1684933992668.png (383.91 KB, 750x1000, ardyn and ravus.png)

I was going to restart ffviii and just follow along with a 100% achievements guide, so I can focus on enjoying everything and not getting mad about the combat.
yeah there was a bit of bad writing choices especially in the main story so I can see why some don't like the game. for me all the dlc worked perfectly - in current year you should have no issues playing it. I played it on my older pc via steam and did the dlc for prompto, ignis, gladio and ardyn. I will say gladios dlc is my least favorite out of all of them, he is not exactly a complex character lol. the rest were definitely worth playing and gave backstories for all the characters.

No. 298440

File: 1684961061253.jpg (148.59 KB, 1200x712, Fw68l4iXgAAFCqu.jpg)

how we feeling ladies? i dont have a ps5 and don't plan on buying one but I'm curious to see what the gameplay is like. i'm sure it'll just be mgsv 2.0

No. 298443

samefag, i'm kind of worried about the remake making the fandom more insufferable. also kind of mad they're probably going to be completely ignoring the best mgs husbando, solid snake

No. 298444

I don't think they'd be so stupid as to ruin the perfection that is MGS3. Hopefully it's just (mostly) a graphical update with the beautiful pachinko graphics

No. 298446

Same for me I'm not going to get a PS5 for a remake but if that means more bosselot I'll watch cutscenes online.

No. 298449

It's not an exclusive afaik

No. 298457

ayrt, i just saw it's on PC too! probably will still wait until its on sale, i have a hard time paying full price for a game i've played multiple times.

i'm interested to see how to dialogue will change…because i'm sure it will. is it confirmed david hayter is the VA for big boss? i thought i saw him and diana burke together but i might have completely made that up. if not i wonder who it will be

No. 298496

Is it better to play the original ff7 or the remake if you never played it or any ff game before. Every time I look at the original graphics i lose interest but I read that the story is really good

No. 298497

I haven’t paid attention to the story at all outside of the main expansions. Sloane returning as well as the pretty armor is pulling me back

No. 298507

If you’ve never played a polygon game before I say play the remake and afterwards play the original(a port with cheats/easy mode, so you can enjoy and catch up to where the remake stopped)

No. 298511

Do you just not want to pay the money?
Cause the seasonal stories are just as important as the main expansions these days lore wise.
They added fishing.

The remake only covers like less than a third of the story, adds some dumb shit, and who knows when it will get finished. Lowpoly has it's own charm.

No. 298530

The way FF7 was originally translated is a shitshow. You can easily get confused, lose nuance, characters' moods and personalities can get misrepresented… So I'd definitely advise modding it if you want the best experience with the original. Thing is though it's going to take some legwork:


I recommend the remake. It adds in some new elements, but it's faithful to the original. The drawback is you're gonna have to wait years for the other 2 chapters to come out.

No. 298686

File: 1685055731529.png (135.28 KB, 1048x354, Untitled.png)

Bungie remaking Marathon! Nope, it's a new game in name only pretty much and a fucking PVP extration shooter… And it looks so cool.
Why are devs allergic to single player storyline games these days.
Also if fucking Cayde is beyond the portal in the new expansion…

No. 298697

started outer wilds! pretty amazing so far, really love the signalscope especially eeee

No. 298698

I just want to see my autistic husbando naked snake and my catboy husbando with pretty graphics, me so horny

No. 298712

File: 1685069818812.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, Final Fantasy VII 2023-05-25 1…)

You should know that FF7 Remake isn't exactly a "remake". It's kind of a sequel disguised as a remake. Personally I would recommend modding the original game using the 7th Heaven mod loader, it automates most of the process.

No. 298716

Is 5 any good? All I hear is negative things about it but most of the complains are from that one guy who spergs about RF4 being the death of the series because they added a female protag.

No. 298762

If they don't make Ocelot a cute gay retard like in the original I'll sue Konami.

No. 298801

I tried replaying the original ff7 a while back and it was a pain. Turn based fighting is not it any more. Instead I watched a video explaining the entire story line. The differences between the original and the remake makes it worth knowing the original story line first, so you can understand the changes they made and the meaning behind certain things. Plus if you end up wanting to play crisis core it helps to know the original events imo.

I'm sorry but to me this looks worse than the polygons kek

No. 298858

File: 1685145531110.jpeg (31.7 KB, 500x500, IMG_8113.jpeg)

>Turn based fighting is not it any more. Instead I watched a video explaining the entire story line.

No. 298860


Rf runs like shit on my switch so can't speak for its quality

No. 298871

I assumed that crisis core was the 2nd chapter

No. 298872

I would do anything to see your irl reaction

No. 298873

???? like I said it was a replay. I grew up playing the old final fantasy's and can not do the grinding anymore, it's not fun. The storyline is what holds up nowadays.

it's a prequel

No. 299583

I played the entirety of Yakuza 7 on autopilot for the story alone. How does this make you feel?

No. 299593

File: 1685469687393.jpg (32 KB, 362x541, 9d822e02c0fadb0becaf0465d7664e…)

Reeeee I wish MGS would just come to PC
>best husbando solid snake
REEEEEE what's with graphicsfags? I've been playing the original and still need to finish it, but it's great and the graphics are charming.

No. 299667

it won't be a playstation exclusive.

No. 299675

File: 1685522302191.png (468.08 KB, 798x449, dl.png)

is anyone excited about the new AWL remake ? I'm going to marry Nami again

No. 299682


AWL was my favorite game back in the day! I'm not a big fan of the new designs and name changes but I'll probably cry when I hear Breeze Song again.

No. 299683

yes a fellow farmer ! i hate the name changes as well but they have to, the original names are copyright Natsume. i hope they'll fix the goat problem

No. 299688

Been playing TOO much Risk of Rain 2. It's so much fun. Am I an autist?

No. 299693

File: 1685540015668.gif (1.24 MB, 500x250, whenuradopteddadcallsyougay.gi…)

I need to play it so bad, it better be good, it better be homoerotic, it better have a cutiepie ocelot, and it better make me cry like the original did

No. 299694

I want to see the boss bitchslapping Ocelot again. Best mom confirmed.

No. 299697

The Snake torture scene…

No. 300476


No. 300596

>Every time I look at the original graphics i lose interest but I read that the story is really good

I say this as a massive fan of the game, if you're playing it as an adult and not a 14 year old girl, you won't at all find the story good. It's creative for its genre and the world has a certain aesthetic that works. These are games for teenagers at the end of the day, they're enjoyed at an age where you're just starting to get into adult themes but are still too young to notice the anime silliness and Saturday morning cartoon villainy with many of the minor characters. Back then Final Fantasy was more targeted towards a younger audience, and all of us fans grew up in the 90s or 00s playing it in front of a CRT on a Saturday morning.

No. 300623

Should I play FE3H? My brother owns a copy and I've been bored lately, the gameplay seems a bit boring though. Story worth it? I heard you can romance some characters too

No. 300629

Are there any FF games you would recommend for adults or are they all the way you described? I'm not looking for a brillant story from a jrpg, just a "good" one.

No. 300632

Romance isn't really a big thing in 3H compared to Awakening and Fates. It's just some cutscene you get at the very end of one route. I'd say try it anyway since you have a copy around, I found the story interesting at first but the more you think about it the more stupid it gets. But Fire Emblem games give me the Tetris effect so I don't really mind it.

No. 300674

I'd recommend it. It's pretty easy to just put the game on the easiest difficulty and not put effort in if the gameplay doesn't interest you. Personally I really liked the story, it's just irritating that in order to get the complete picture of things you have to play through all the routes, the school part of which is all the same just with a different cast. You can indeed romance characters, there's a sort of romantic scene you can get toward the end of the school phase and then an engagement cutscene at the end, so not much but it's something. Imo it's a very good husbandofag game if you specifically like Dimitri

No. 300705

They're pretty much all like I've described. In terms of being a creative fantasy, I'd say Final Fantasy IX is the most competent entry. It's well put together as a story and the fantasy elements are actually really creative, it's closer to a traditional fantasy than the more experimental Final Fantasy VII.

No. 300716

I also second 9, always been my favorite.
It's such a charming game with interesting chars imo and embodies a true fantasy. Battle system is a pretty straightforward turn based system so requires forethought and a brain unlike recent ffs where you just smash attack and done. Also has some fun side quests and hidden secrets.

No. 300762

File: 1686041077733.jpeg (94.44 KB, 1024x576, D536EA15-95A1-458F-8A0E-94111A…)

>Let's fucking goooo that's enough to get me back lol
Yeees please do! So many people don’t know about these updates (the patched the game with new things all the way to 2019!) and keep pointing out issues about the gameplay that have been added. I guess it was too late since people played it at launch, got disappointed and never touched it again. It literally feels like a whole new game when you switch between the characters. There’s so many new combat techniques to learn that are unique to each character.

I’m gonna be really annoying and list what I think are great additions they made to ffxv here:
>unlock the ascension ability to switch between party members (you have to unlock it, only after that do you get the menu in pic related)
>episode ignis, episode prompto and episode ardyn are really good and complete the overall story experience
>regalia type-d fucking monster truck is super fun (ask Cindy for it)
>new story scenes in chapter 12 about the Astrals
>new story scene in chapter 5 with the bros discussing Ardyn
>regalia type-f, a literal flying car. So now you can fly around the map in the sky. (Ask Cindy for it).
>new car types and and character switch comes with new voicelines between the bros

No. 300765

File: 1686041580628.gif (5.89 MB, 360x640, 564654.gif)

I can do spinning bird kick no problem but I cannot do one fucking kikoken aaaaAAAH

No. 300767

nta and I never played FF15 but I just wanted to say I hate when devs add a shit ton of corrections updates after launch. I'd rather have a complete game from the beginning and wait a few more months or years for that. Especially when some of the updates are DLCs anf were planned way before the game is launched.

No. 300775

File: 1686050558427.png (516.87 KB, 650x468, __elena_and_narumi_street_figh…)

How's SF6, nona? I usually stick to the old ones like 3S/ST because they're free, while the new one is really expensive for me.

No. 300785

File: 1686060404428.jpg (269.21 KB, 1280x1707, street_fighter_6_marisa_by_qua…)

NTA, but I'm having a lot of fun. Finally, Capcom debuted a SF game that wasn't absolute dogshit. World Tour and the Battle Hub is fun. Arcade is fun.

No. 300793

Depends, because if you play Edelgard's route, the effort on the dev's part to sell her to you as a waifu character is pretty pervasive so romance does end up being palpable element of that route whether you're into her or not.
How will 9 be for somebody going backwards from 12? I know that 12's system was an evolution of the ATB system, and I worry that I won't find 9's system engaging anymore when I start it.
BTW is 9 significantly less coomery than 12? I try not to look into the characters too much before starting a game because I don't want to get spoiled, and Fran and Ashe's designs were both disappointing to me.

No. 300796

Of course its forced more on the waifu route lmao

No. 300808

Remember when games were just good at launch?

No. 300816

File: 1686070978372.jpg (6.44 KB, 275x263, 1682458524188.jpg)

Bump don't scroll

No. 300910

FF9 is the best game imo next to 15. 12 is fantastic and despite Fran's design, she's one of the best characters in the game. A lot of people agree the game should have had her and Balthier as the main characters since Vaan adds nothing to the game's story. He's worthless. Ashe could have been the main character as well, but she got dropped half way into the time and contributes nothing. It's sad because she was really interesting in the beginning. Square hates female protags.

No. 300917

File: 1686108804119.png (25.85 KB, 309x448, FreyaMirror-FFIX.PNG.png)

I bought 9 just because her design is so cute. I'm going in blind so I hope she turns out to be a good character (nonnies please brace me with no spoilers if she has shit writing)

No. 300932

i just played a bit of sf6 against my dad and it was so humbling lmaoooo. I don't even get along with the man like that but played against his ken for a few rounds and thought ok maybe you are somebody damn!

No. 301052

File: 1686163151792.png (71.62 KB, 284x351, Beatrix_FF9.png)

I hope you enjoy nonnie! Keep us updated with your thoughts. I might be biased since ff9 is one of my favorite games, but I don't think any character is poorly written. If I had to choose one maybe Quina kek. All of the women are well written and 3 dimensional imo, even the badass ones, picrel.

No. 301239

File: 1686265900514.jpg (53.86 KB, 1080x608, FyIkvbYaUAEg7Eg.jpg)

The trailer for the Persona 3 remake was posted (probably by accident) on Atlus west's Instagram. https://twitter.com/ScrambledFaz/status/1666934712412131330

No. 301241

Hamuko…. Where are you…

No. 301243

very cool to see but when are we gonna hear anything about persona 6

No. 301244

I don’t think they’re gonna add her at this point seeing as how she isn’t even in the box art…………… dire

No. 301250

>no hamuko
Don't care, hope it bombs. Hope every male Personafag goes into crippling debt and ATLUS goes bankrupt. Simple as.

No. 301264

Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but this could just be the male version of the trailer and the female one will be posted when the game's officially announced.

No. 301275

So sick of fatlus and sega milking these games for all they're worth

No. 301278

This dead franchise will never have anything redeeming for itself because Atlus hates making good, surprising decisions. I literally would rather have them dedicate their manpower onto P6 instead of this same old shit. Lazy garbage company. Praying that this bombs

No. 301287

Anybody else watch the Summer Game Fest?
Nothing interesting for me personally. But I like watching trailers sometimes.
I wish there was a news feed that was only new release announcements and not all that other useless fluff that's on game sites.

No. 301288

I liked the Devolver presentation, my sister and I found it hilarious. There's also a couple of games published by them that looked interesting.

No. 301296

Why is the first character shown the worst one? kek anyway let's wait and see if Hamuko is there too. She better be, even if I like the male MC a lot too.

No. 301302

it was shit and a complete waste of time

No. 301304

Anons… Imagine if they add a gay social link with Shinjiro and the male MC instead of letting Yu date Yosuke in P4?

No. 301327

File: 1686295129916.jpg (39.67 KB, 500x436, c4862ec2cf7d03cdb31325a2694356…)

nonnas… I don't know if I can take it anymore I need the new harvest moon now… I need to sit and mindlessly play for hours.

No. 301331

this is what i imagine anons on /ot/ look like when they reply to my posts

No. 301340

I was gonna use MK1 to test my fighting game skills but alas, the new duo system has made it all too complicated a game to start for a fighting game noob.
Cool trailer anyway.

No. 301351

nonna, persona isn't allowed gay characters

No. 301355

And there's also the leaked trailer of yet another P5 spin-off (P5 Tactica) that looks… boring… why do they keep making these games

No. 301358

I'm sure Atlus still issues with money just like when they made a bunch of P4 spinoffs and released P3FES and P3P just a year apart from each other. And they take time to release new mainline games so maybe they're starting to develop P6 but it's not ready to be announced. They announced p5 for the PS3 in 2013 and it got released at the end of 2016 on the PS3 and PS4 instead of the initial dates that were announced and they announced SMT5 in March 2017, yet it got released at the end of 2021 and it obviously looked like it was missing some stuff or like the story was rewritten when compared to what was said during interviews by the devs and writers.

No. 301360

as long as there are personafags dumb enough to buy them, sega gonna do sega do best. atlus will slap in a new waifu as seen in catherine full body, p4g, p3fes, p5r, sjr, and radiant historia remake and call it a day.

No. 301362

>muh poor non-profit indie company has no choice but to release 40 persona spinoffs a month to survive meme in current year

No. 301364

I mean, they were bought by Sega a few years ago because they didn't make that much money so who knows. We're talking about the dumbass company that only really has SMT and Persona as their big money maker. They also announced a project years ago, I don't remember its name but we don't even know anything about it besides some promo art circulating online.

No. 301372

File: 1686316407681.png (356.07 KB, 1920x1080, 328923652134.png)

Vintage story has a bit of a difficult learning curve, it looks like Minecraft but has a different way of progressing which is looking at your handbook most of the time or videos to be honest because you have no fucking idea how to make pottery, but once you get through that hurdle it's very comfy and less aggravating.

No. 301381

File: 1686322923644.png (1021.15 KB, 732x950, IMG_1510.png)

>no femc
>no goro in the other game
Does atlus just hate their female fanbase or something? Only way they can save it now is by giving Ryoji a romance S link

No. 301388

I think everyone knows what's going on now besides delusional new persona fans…

>a few years

an entire decade*

No. 301399

File: 1686331643947.jpeg (333.17 KB, 1280x1280, FAF131E0-0726-48E0-B9D7-4778CE…)

>No Hamuko
>No FES content (presumably)
>Shit new UI
>Shit graphics
>Shit updated portraits with Yukari already showing P5 same face syndrome
>No Hamuko means no Junpei, Akihiko, Ken, of Shinjiro social link
>No Hamuko
>Extremely high chance that any content we actually want will be packaged on as $120 Day 1 DLC
Is it unironically over? Atlus is so fucking shit nowadays.

No. 301400

If they remaster DDS1 and 2 for the Switch and put both game in the same cartridge I'll let it slide tbh. Same with the Raidou games.

No. 301407

not bad but still wouldn't make up for removing feMC (still hoping they don't)

No. 301408

Kek dream on, that ain't happening. Why do you even want more lazy remakes after what downgrades SJR and SMT3HD were from their originals? Expectations in hell for the 4th P3 release. Just download a ps2 emulator on your phone.

It's a downward spiral

No. 301409

removing is a strong word when she was only in portable and… pq2? they didn't even bother to put her in the dancing game, they really like to pretend she never existed. tbh I'd be less surprised to see her get turned into a datable girl than to see her be playable again.

No. 301410

I really don't want selfcest in my Persona games thank you very much.

No. 301412

they'll give her the mari makinami treatment

No. 301415

I'm not a Persona player but if they added a female protagonist in a PSP port, that's probably because the PSP was very popular with otome fans.
If the remake doesn't come out on the Switch, which appears to be the new popular otome gaming platform, then your chances of playing as the female MC are extremely low. On the other hand, if a Switch version is confirmed, then it's very likely they'll add her in that version (as DLC or otherwise).

No. 301417

Its gotta say a lot about the scroteyness within Atlus that you have these other jrpgs with dating elements that have adopted it as the new standard to include a female playable option like fire emblem and rune factory, yet then you have Atlus who had a femc back in 2009…only to be unapologetic in never doing it again

No. 301419

They'd rather create one MC for one game, they made the FEMC very different from the male one in terms of design AND personality. IIRC the devs said they couldn't imagine a female MC in P4 which is dumb as hell. But I definitely would have understood that about P5 because of the MC's reputation at the beginning of the game. It looks strange because they're silent protagonists though. It's the same for mainline SMT games, you have SMT if with a male and female MC, and the female MC is tge canon one because she shows up in P1 and P2 as an NPC. And then you have pretty boys that looks kind of girly specifically so the female players can self-insert (confirmed in at least one interview about Flynn in SMT4) or have them as husbandos or both at the same time.

No. 301422

File: 1686338239111.jpg (89.6 KB, 1200x1200, FwrfxiYXoAAcJIC.jpg)

I will be checking it out. Kitana and Mileena look good. They ditched the coomerish outfits in the last game which is cool.

No. 301423

they couldn't care less about what's popular with otome fans. it's very unlikely she'll be added given their track record. I wasn't joking at all when I said it'd be less surprising for her to be a love interest than an mc option, that's how atlus moves. and their dlc extends no further than $100 worth of costumes and music from older games, when they feel like adding a feature people care about they lock it to a rerelease of the entire game.

No. 301427

We're going to have a P4 remake someday, and they'll make the Yosuke romance option a paid DLC and the devs will justify it with "at the time of the original P4 we weren't ready to tackle this topic just yet (see that one interview about Catherine Fullbody and Vincent being bisexual all along) but it wasn't in the original and we wanted the remake to be faithful to the original! That'll be 1000¥ + taxes!"

No. 301445

File: 1686350415592.jpg (80.11 KB, 960x540, lies-of-p-infohub_6192868.jpg)

Lies of P looks so good and Pinocchio is hot. A demo just released today. Anyone try it out yet?

No. 301456

just league, but I'm thinking of veering into some single player games

No. 301457

Explain it, also it really does look like Minecraft. Was it made with Minecraft?

No. 301476

File: 1686365524151.gif (1.03 MB, 540x317, IMG_1637.gif)

my sister and i preordered it, i’m so excited to play again! my dream is for them to remaster magical melody ( and hopefully get rid of the gross baby proportions ) so i can enjoy farming and “ achievement hunting “

No. 301479

I'm years late to complain about this but Breach mode in Deus Ex Mankind Divided is why I hate SquareEnix… Only thing I have left to plat the game but it is such unnecessary gatcha/microtransaction shit that they definitely forced the devs to put in the game.
Eidos with their new publisher are apparently in 'very early stages' of a new DX game but I can't get excited until I know for sure they'll actually directly continue the story without a new protagonist.

No. 301553

File: 1686406939773.gif (28.96 KB, 200x148, 1656216162875.gif)

Okay Harvest Moon nonnies, tell me this: If I want to get a Harvest Moon game, which one should I start with? I own a DS and I like to own physical media, so I'm aiming towards a GBA or DS Harvest Moon game, but if there are really spectacularly better alternatives I'll consider emulating(???), but I rather just own it. Not that emulating is difficult, I just want the cozy experience. I LOVE MY DS!

No. 301603

Wait, you have to do a microtransaction thingy for the plat? Man, fuck the devs. I'm not really a true and honest trophy hunter but I have the platinum for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (and 100% on 360) because I loved it so much and was hoping to plat MD when I get around to playing it.

No. 301607

File: 1686419938116.jpg (65.99 KB, 535x523, 2023.jpg)

Capcom Declares That “Simply Translating Games Developed Under Japanese Norms Can End Up Hurting Users”


>HomeVideo Games

Juri Han (Eri Kitamura) gets an update in Street Fighter VI (2023), Capcom
Capcom Declares That “Simply Translating Games Developed Under Japanese Norms Can End Up Hurting Users”
Spencer Baculi
June 9, 2023
Video Games
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As more and more in Japanese game developers kowtow to the ever-growing censorious demands of Western markets, Capcom have revealed that their in-house localization efforts work off of the belief that “games developed under Japanese norms can end up hurting users.”
Cammy (Miyuki Sawashiro) dons her classic outfit in Street Fighter VI (2023), Capcom

Cammy (Miyuki Sawashiro) dons her classic outfit in Street Fighter VI (2023), Capcom

RELATD: ‘Dynasty Warriors’ Developer Koei Tecmo Creates Dedicated Quality Assurance Team To Handle “Everything From Functional Bugs To Local Culture And Social Issues”

Like Koei Tecmo earlier this week, the Mega Man developer’s editorial intent was recently brought to public attention by Twitter user @Mondblut1984, who discovered the information on the ‘social sustainability’ section of the company’s official Investor Relations page.
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@Mondblut1984 makes a discovery about Capcom

Archive Link @Mondblut1984 via Twitter

First published sometime around January 2022 (per the Internet Archive), the page in question details Capcom’s commitment towards “serving as a responsible and trusted member of society”, specifically in regards to their “relationship with customers”.

Therein, Capcom provided insight into how this relationship factored into their game development, with the company behind the Street Fighter franchise noting that their attentions were focused on two elements: “in-game purchases” and “localization and culturalization”.
Ashley Graham (Genevieve Buechner) waits on Leon Kennedy (Nick Apostolides) in Resident Evil 4 (2023), Capcom

Ashley Graham (Genevieve Buechner) waits on Leon Kennedy (Nick Apostolides) in Resident Evil 4 (2023), Capcom

While their rather standards efforts towards the former area are best summed up by their declaration that, “In principle, we minimize gacha elements in the mobile games we develop; in our home video games, we provide any content required to enjoy the full game free of charge, while offering some additional content at low cost,” it is in their plan for the latter that Capcom showed their hand.

“Capcom games are enjoyed worldwide,” they explained. “In the fiscal year ended March 2022, the percentage of home video games sold overseas was 83.1%. Naturally, translation (localization) of video games developed in Japanese is required so that game players around the world can enjoy them.”

“The volume and importance of localization is increasing year after year due to factors such as improvements in game machine performance, support for online gameplay, and an increase in the number of languages accompanying a more diversified, global audience,” Capcom continued. “As such, Capcom’s localization team is involved in game development from the initial stages.”
Majesty (TBA) receives new orders in Exoprimal (2023), Capcom

Majesty (TBA) receives new orders in Exoprimal (2023), Capcom

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“By carrying out localization concurrently with development, rather than following completion of the Japanese language version as had been done in the past, Capcom is able to launch games simultaneously around the globe,” write the Resident Evil developer.

Concluding their statement with a disappointing bombshell, Capcom happily informed potential business partners, “What is more, depending on the country, simply translating games developed under Japanese norms can end up hurting users unexpectedly due to historical, religious, or cultural differences. As such, we focus on employing staff from around the world to culturize the games so that they can be enjoyed by all, regardless of locale.”

No. 301611

>omg the Japanese aren't sensitive to my westernised view of life! how bigoted!
>noooo don't stop being Japanese! I heckin' love Japan!

No. 301628

I'm in the same boat as you nonnie, do you have anything specific on your list yet? For me it's genshin I'm stuck on, but I've been thinking of returning to my backlog, just not sure what I should start with
I'm thinking dragon's dogma looks fun and I've seen some anons recommending it here before

No. 301638

You don't have to pay, but to get equipment to use in breach mode there's a gatcha element. And of course I got shit equipment from the easy to get packs and missed the early grind chance. There's a good walkthough out there though, so I might try again eventually.
I want to plat it cause I 100% HR and it's my husbando's game, got all the achievements in the main game, even the hardest difficulty playthrough, but this is still so annoying. And so SE cash grab, it probably contributed to the series hiatus/selling off.

No. 301640

Good to know there's a guide out there, I'll be sure to use it. How is MD anyway? I fucking love Human Revolution but I'm autistically averse to playing sequels out of fear it'll sour me on the games I love, kek Excellent husbando choice btw.

No. 301644

People complain that it feels like half a game because of the slight open ending and cause there was probably cut content, but I liked it. Decent amount of sidequests. Good sneaking. Graphics still look good. But I am totally biased…

No. 301647

Glad the sneaking is good. I found with Human Revolution that even on hard mode I could sneak about too easy 'cause I knew the guard patterns. Then again I was obsessed with the game so that is a factor, kek.

No. 301661

File: 1686437217396.jpg (156.91 KB, 1080x1273, pcgamer.jpg)

Capcom are in the right here. These nerds expect them to settle for a small subset of players (weebs) when they can rake in the cash appealing to everyone – and they have been. Picrel says it all.
I had a blast with Human Revolution in 2011 but ignored Mankind Divided for whatever reason. You're convincing me to give it a chance anon!

No. 301708

What makes you think that the westernization policy is the reason Capcom is doing well? Are you sure it's not just because the games themselves are good? If a game has a boob joke or a religious reference, it won't make people not buy the game.

No. 301711

I'm not into fighting games but now I sorta want to play Street Fighter 6 because I love games where your create a character gets to do stuff in cutscenes.

No. 301713

I really loved "Harvest moon DS" and "harvest moon tale of two towns". Harvest moon DS is a 2d game and while it is a more challenging game, it's very cute and nostalgic for me, and the music is great. Tale of two towns is a 3D game that has some pretty cute bachelor's in it (which the original havest moons where lacking IMO, they only ever had a lot of really cute bachelorettes). It's also a bit easier than the DS version.
I also really loved "harvest moon island of happiness". It's a good balance between the two I mentioned earlier, so maybe try that one first… Plus it has Vaughn…

No. 301715

File: 1686464317716.jpg (20.34 KB, 474x355, hm-dscute.jpg)

Harvest Moon ds Cute has some really fun stuff, there's less to do in More Friends of Mineral Town but it has better husbandos imo. Sunshine Islands had really tedious game mechanics. Tale of two Towns is a visually pretty game but the I didn't like any of the characters and got bored quick.

No. 301716

File: 1686464660653.png (506.59 KB, 896x500, look how they massacred my boy…)

what the FUCK

No. 301720

I wish Nintendo would release a DS/3DS succesor. Not talking about Switch but actual portable handheld. Switch is just not portable enough for me.

No. 301725

Damn, they yassified him.

No. 301736

I hate the calls for -back to coomer- outfits, male fighting game players are gross.
I saw a comment about being mad the new Tekken fighter has shorts under her skirt.

No. 301744

File: 1686483570969.jpg (64.04 KB, 2516x1360, Screen_Shot_2021-03-10_at_3.06…)

Finished Mafia Definite Edition last night and it's a fantastic remake, but man, that ending hurt even more than the original game.

No. 301750

ew. they've got skins for them anyways so what does it matter. why can't we have a toned down look in the base game, and if they need to coom and play simultaneously they can pay extra
we can have actual cool designs if we drop the moid-bait

No. 301759

Looks like they're remaking the FF7 games into a single mobile game? Idk how they'll implement it but it's apparently going to have gacha shit. I'm really interested in seeing more of Sephiroth's past but if they make it pay to play there will be no reason to not just emulate the original, even if they improve the graphics.

If enough people pre-register we all can get extra items kek

No. 301761

I think who ever are in charge of Final Fantasy since FF11 have been doing crack for so long they haven't realised what the fans want.

No. 301765

Switch is cool because it means you don't have to have whatever home console nintendo's pushing AND the likely better handheld but at the cost of it being a hunk of junk with shit battery life. I still want it to stick around a little longer because I'm afraid of them getting actually good at antipiracy with future gens.

No. 301766

Ahhhhh now I can't decide, I'll probably just get Harvest Moon DS I don't know if I care for the husbandos… but I kind of do… and the difficulty doesn't matter to me I enjoy a challenge. Thanks for the answers!

No. 301788

The free to play gacha shit they keep putting out makes them assloads of money, unfortunately.

No. 301929

Thoughts about Starfield? I have not followed the development at all but skimmed through the direct. I looks potentially fun, but I will trust no game company to deliver on their promises until I actually have my hands on the product. It looks like it's going to be massive, they apparently have over 1000 planets in the game? I wonder how much empty barren planets there will be

No. 301942

I'm super interested in it but I don't want to watch too much about it cause I want to go in as blind as possible.
Sci-fi plus create a character protagonist is right up my alley.

No. 301946

I can't wait. It's the kind of game I've always wanted to play.
The only thing I'm worried about is whether it's going to have ground vehicles, something like a rover or a dune buggy. Can't walk everywhere, plus it would increase immersion.

No. 301954

File: 1686617636103.png (904.53 KB, 1078x3038, more like world of dorkness.pn…)

idk if anyone is keeping up with the VTMB2 development, but Paradox just released these screenshots and a blogpost a few days ago saying they're offering refunds to people who have pre-ordered, and are automatically refunding anyone who preordered a special edition with physical items:

>"Dear Bloodlines fans,

>It’s been quite a while between updates while we’ve had our heads down working on the game. We remain just as dedicated to delivering a great Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines game as we were when we announced, and are looking forward to showing you more in September this year.

>We acknowledge it was a long time ago that many of you pre-ordered Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. As development continues, we will be updating the game’s editions and bonus content, and we want to provide the best value to those of you who supported us via digital pre-order after all this time. We are thus offering refunds to anyone who has pre-ordered any edition of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. As part of this process, we are proactively refunding all pre-orders of physical products, including the Collector’s Edition. The digital versions of the First Blood Edition, Unsanctioned Edition and Blood Moon Edition remain, but can be refunded if you choose.

>We’re excited to show you more and hope to have all of you with us in September when we reveal more. We know you are eager to see how the game is coming along so we’ve put together a fresh batch of screenshots to share with you.

>For more information about refunds and how to submit your request, please visit our FAQ.

>Until then,

>The Bloodlines Team

>Stay tuned here and on the Bloodlines 2 Discord server for more news."


No. 301961

File: 1686622159702.jpeg (176.83 KB, 1284x1982, IMG_0102.jpeg)

…I want to believe…but I’ve been hurt so many times.

No. 301964

I'm sure it will still be fun even if it doesn't completly live up to the marketing speak.
Well it better be cause I'm probably gonna have to spend 1000 bucks on a brand new computer to play it.

No. 302595

File: 1686907520477.jpg (160.27 KB, 1080x1656, fable.jpg)

The main character in the new Fable is just a tranny self-insert. I'm pissed, Fable is one of my favorite game series and it's just ruined now.

No. 302597

it's the same for me, have been waiting for another game in space since the first two Mass Effect games. Still, will have the problem nona >>301964 has. A new computer will be needed, mine is still running on Windows 7 (and I like it and hate that I have to change that)

oh, why can't they just, employ women? All those years we had to fight to be part of the gaming world and not be seen as just someone that plays "to impress the boys" and now those troons get jobs that a woman should have had and ruin games that were really nice.

No. 302598

Shit like this is why I don't play Western games. Ugly male and female characters wearing ugly clothes or armors, stuck in ugly environments and all that just because of ugly developers projecting their political opinions and their insecurities on people who just play video games to have a good time. No thanks.

No. 302602

Kek same. I know western games take a lot to make and there are some excellent people behind them but they're all so similar, ugly and dull. I could take screenshots from the most popular western games (Horizon, AC, The Witcher, Elder Scrolls, God of War, Fable etc.), show them to someone who doesn't know that much about videogames and they'd think they're all from the same game. Some of them are good but the majority have no charm, they're just fixated on realism, self-inserts, politics and ugly ass designs (and uncanny game models) that look like they're made from the same Artstation-dwelling concept artist.

No. 302609

nonnies, what are your predictions for vtmb2 when (if) it finally comes out? mine are troon anarchs and cringe woke characters aplenty. i want it to be good so badly, but i know it probably won't be

No. 302614

KEK, glad I never got into Fable. I think it's inevitable that more and more games get troons in them though. They've won the culture war. Even Rockstar, a company usually quite happy to insult every group of people possible, removed the negative comments your characters can OPTIONALLY make toward drag queen NPCs because some retards got their knickers in a twist thinking they were transwomen. You can also make the characters say misogynistic shit to female NPCs but meh, who cares about women.

No. 302623

File: 1686923124548.gif (73.14 KB, 500x259, 7d364033f0e625_6cc20ded_500.gi…)

>troon anarchs and cringe woke characters aplenty
I'm hoping they keep picrel and don't make her a tranny because I like her mysterious aura.

No. 302624

I want to pre-order Starfield. Gods give me strength.

No. 302641

File: 1686935580761.jpg (63.91 KB, 667x711, 4a834f89d2ef51ebd0dbaf407a2cac…)

>the satire is gone and the game takes itself too seriously
>agp tzimisce character
>dated mid 2010s cultural references
>overly politically correct yet somehow still misoginistic
>ventrue bad
>will shit on whities but the majority of vampires will be white or of european descent
>judging from the tremere(?) lady we see at the club the character designs will be safe and boring so no edgy goth vamps
>they somehow fuck up the malkavian antagonist from the cover and only have him appear for a few minutes right at the beginning and the end of the game
I hope I'm wrong because I was really hyped for this game. I wish we lived in a timeline where Bloodlines got sequels back in the 2000s.

No. 302643

File: 1686936034481.jpeg (100.19 KB, 750x577, IMG_6435.jpeg)

Same nonna! Nami was my first crush lmfao

No. 302677

File: 1686952352795.png (Spoiler Image,104.04 KB, 846x841, totentanz.png)

>agp tzimisce character
Totentanz in game confirmed? jk they'd never put him in, it's too on the nose

No. 302731

File: 1686987682720.png (352.46 KB, 1080x1192, porn addicted failson gamers.p…)

doesn't look like a tranny to me, looks like an unattractive woman without any makeup/weird coomerized design. the chris troon seems to only be a level designer who is a recent hire so I assume he doesn't have much of a say in character design, in that case it's not his self-insert.
coomer scrotes are having a meltdown over it on twitter too as an added bonus, pic related tons of coomer moids in this tweets replies are whining because they aren't being pandered to.

No. 302734

I’m so confused and I don’t understand this

No. 302760

Moids being crybabies over this is hilarious but lbh it's an ugly model, the screenshot was probably taken during a cutscene but she looks like a goblin.

No. 302780

If men are the smarter sex, how come they can't engage with media that doesn't engage with their pp?

No. 302784

Yeah no, she's too ugly for me as well and not for the male coomer reasons. Let me have my escapism.

No. 302785

File: 1687013889885.jpg (34.45 KB, 800x450, pathetic.jpg)

No. 302786

The real issue(that moids always seem to forget) is that Western game developers often place too much emphasis on achieving realistic graphics, resulting in unnecessary game sizes of up to 500GB, instead of focusing on gameplay and story

No. 302788

Knowing what I want is not pathetic, quite the opposite.

No. 302792

kekk, based
probably buying this, idk shit about the game but me loves games where female characters are allowed to be a mess in terms of appearance, especially when their male counterparts look like unfuckable hobos

No. 302797

I really don't get the graphics obsession. Immersion is the most important thing for me. Make me believe I'm actually inhabiting the game world and I'm good to go. I hate having to brace myself for the file size when I buy a new game and dreading every update hogging precious hard drive space. Fuck graphicsfags.

No. 302808

I came here to laugh at scrotes malding over muh video game heroines not being fuckable but I'm disappointed to see some nonnas acting just as scroteish.

No. 302811

File: 1687024600682.png (153.86 KB, 783x490, 1673076280831.png)

I truly don't care if you think it's "scrotish", I've never seen a woman this ugly irl and I'm including women with health issues that altered their looks for the worse. I find her ugly and it's not even like I'm a hypocrite because I never, ever play games with ugly male protagonists because I especially don't want at ugly unga bunga looking men.

No. 302812

I can't imagine being this autistically upset over a video game. How hard is it to play games if they're good and fun like an normal person instead of seething about if the character is a supermodel?
I bet Elder Scrolls IV triggered the fuck out of you too kek

No. 302813

No, I don't really care for this game in general, I don't play Western games and I doubt it'll be released in a console I have anyway. And my backlog is long enough as it is. I was curious about what this was all about and expected to find out the men seething about that new characters were exaggerating like when everyone was seething over the buff girl from The Last of Us 2 but I kind of get it in that specific case. The vast majority of real women don't look like that, not even slobs.

>I bet Elder Scrolls IV triggered the fuck out of you too kek

No clue what you're talking about, but I'm guessing it's a controversial game among fans or something like that?

No. 302815

there's a lot of middle ground between porny and fugly, anon. many people don't want to play nonbinary simulator 2023, not just porn addict scrotes.

>Elder Scrolls IV triggered the fuck out of you too
oblivion came out in 2006

No. 302817

Same. I'm playing a game to step away from reality. I don't want to spend my free time playing as either boring caveman male fantasy protag #183862, or haggard "relatable" female protag who is uglier than anyone you can find IRL. If I'm paying $70 for a game, I better like the character I'm staring at for 45+ hours.
Imagine being able to play as the most attractive characters, willingly choosing to be an ugly bastard and judging women who choose any different.

No. 302818

>I bet Elder Scrolls IV triggered the fuck out of you too
Have you actually played Oblivion? It wasn't aiming for realism. All characters look cartoon-ish. You can craft a horror beyond human comprehension in the character creator if you min/max the sliders, but you can also make an attractive face, male or female.

>No clue what you're talking about
What do we have here? Someone who hasn't played TES. Give it a try, anon. I promise you it's great.

No. 302819

>equating conventionally ugly women with being non-binary
Jesus Christ, there's no reasoning with people like you.

No. 302820

>Give it a try, anon. I promise you it's great.
I seriously doubt I can. My laptop is on the verge of death, I only use it to go online, watch videos and play visual novels and I mostly have handhelds and Nintendo consoles. And as I said, I want to play games in my backlog first, they're mostly 3DS and Switch games.

>If I'm paying $70 for a game, I better like the character I'm staring at for 45+ hours.
This is why Kojima gave Snake and Raiden a nice butt in MGS2. I appreciate it even more now that I see what the current trends are in video games.

No. 302825

of course not all ugly women are nonbinary but all nonbinaries are ugly, I would use nonbinary as another word for ugly when describing this specific type of ugly autistic looking white person. not to mention there's a high chance there were more troons working on the game behind the scenes than real women if you want to go there.

No. 302831

diff anon, but I made a Khajit in Oblivion because I hated how ugly all the humanoid races were.
I wasn't gonna play Fable anyway cause I don't really like medieval fantasy but damn that is an ugly model. I self insert to much to deal with that.

No. 302842

File: 1687039295244.png (305.82 KB, 536x539, Untitled.png)

this is an extremely ugly character model. also it's very possible to make female characters who look average. as another anon said there's a pretty big middle ground between "coomerbait" and "hideous".

No. 302843

File: 1687039342809.png (305.82 KB, 536x539, Untitled.png)

this is an extremely ugly character model. also it's very possible to make female characters who look average. as another anon said there's a pretty big middle ground between "coomerbait" and "hideous".

No. 302845

NTA but you have a pretty warped perception of what an average woman looks like, if you think your pic is "average". The other character looks average or below average to me (not "hideous") but maybe because you're not used to seeing women like that, you have higher beauty standards for other women. I see nothing wrong with her design.

It's pretty telling that scrotes don't give a single fuck about male characters being fugly but so many women itt are seething over a character that looks like any normal irl woman without any makeup or surgery. Why does it bother you so much having to see a single character (male or female) that isn't conventionally attractive? Ever think about that?

No. 302849

>maybe because you're not used to seeing women like that
i'm a woman and i live in fucking america, retard. sorry you have body dysmorphia or whatever is making you think that character looks like the average human woman

No. 302850

Nona, I'm sorry to tell you this, but the one with body dismorphia and cripplingly low self-esteem is you, since you've clearly internalized insanely high beauty standards and think a supermodel tier woman is "average" while an actually average one is hideous.

No. 302851

There are cows that look better than this…character. Americans really lost their track with designs, now characters, on top of looking dull and visually uninteresting, also are ugly as hell, men and women. Add some damn color and normal looking people damnit

No. 302852

idk anything about this game or what you nonnas are arguing about but she's hot

No. 302856

>on top of looking dull and visually uninteresting
Exactly, we can argue about beauty standards or whatever but this character looks like shit, there's noting interesting visually about her, looks like a random npc from the starting zone.

No. 302864

Got Zelda tears of the kingdom and I love it! The combat feels more versatile if a little slower but for my sneak and sky tactics they’re a perfect addition. Sages could do with some sort of come closer/go away command, I’m getting sick of tulin blowing away arrows and I miss revali. All the new places to explore are fun, I didn’t expect to like the new underground area but so far that’s where I’ve spent most of my time… just climbing up every vertical surface and gliding off into the darkness.

No. 302866

but many of us give a fuck about scrotes being ugly, how scrotes feel is none of my convern. is this representation for you?

colgera looks horrifying in the dark

No. 302869

I love it too nona! I'm surprised I've surpassed my botw playtime! I love the Depths area and it's eerie calming music. I'm a bit sad I almost have it completely mapped out. I love building a vehicle and just going off into the distance somewhere

No. 302870

Really enjoyed that battle though! A lot of the new mobs are scarier looking.
It’s taken me a while to get to making things but I now have a deep love for the gravity defying platforms and reconfiguring fans mid flight to better alter my trajectory.

No. 302873

she is, aloy is fucking gorgeous

No. 302877

ok but the point is gAmErs complained she "isn't pretty enough" so the bar is pretty fucking low, it's easy to make a character look normal and at least somewhat attractive to look at unlike that goblin design

No. 302879

File: 1687051616225.jpg (713.94 KB, 1179x663, FableCharacter.jpg)

anon posted a terrible pic, she looks pretty here

No. 302938

I think she looks good here, the previous screenshot was typical moid cherry picking; but I don't think it'll matter to the "muh self-insert fantasies!" posters ITT.

No. 302945

idk i was one of the people talking about how ugly she looked in the cap but she looks completely fine in that pic.

No. 302950

The new Star Wars game looks so bland. Not feeling the spunky YA heroine either. This setting has so much potential for games but they always go with the most boring angle and normies eat it up.

No. 302952

eh, speak for yourself. i like the gameplay and the main char, definitely buying the game when it releases.

No. 302954

I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt disappointed by the trailer. I'm sick of it being set in the OG era too. Like there's so much more we can do, but it feels lazy.
I'm so tired. I guess I can just play Jedi fallen order and survivor again.

No. 302955

These graphics look straight outta Shrek and I'm okay with that. She looks fine. i love how they say a lot of words for 'i dont find her hot enough to fuck.' Men stfu and go die in a war challenge.

No. 302956

She's cute af.

No. 302961

Super cute in a non-coomer way here

No. 302972

It’s probably because they fucked up the ST and then PT is controversial and I imagine that the people calling the shots are old and have a negative view of the prequels.

No. 302984

She’s cute (in a realistic way, if that makes sense) and it was obvious the picture was unflattering.

No. 302986

File: 1687111225523.png (2.17 MB, 1930x3234, 1687101338514467.png)


No. 302994

File: 1687115910660.jpeg (38.38 KB, 739x415, BB911DF1-A1A8-44CA-B73F-00E226…)

Would you recommend cyberpunk?

No. 302995

yes. it has soul. i fucking love that game, jfc.

No. 303011

As long as you pirate it tbh. Its not worth its original price at all, would buy at 20 max. It has soul, sure, but the game itself doesnt deserve its price.

No. 303013

The update is going to give us vehicle combat and random events! #fingerscrossed #hopium

No. 303015

I think she's memorable at least. Infinitely more interesting looking than most generic sad dad tabla rasa protagonists. I prefer stylized games, but I'm down for whatever gets scrotes out of gaming kek. The only Fable games I played are the original one and The Lost Chapters. I heard the series took a hard nose dive after those but I'd play this one if it gets good reviews and feels like it's worth my money

No. 303022

No. 303024

File: 1687126330234.jpg (71.65 KB, 858x939, 0053.jpg)

No. 303030

Take-san is awesome, Johnny is annoying. The endings sorta suck.
Gameplay is fine, the city is fun to explore, but the endings are why I'm not really interested in any further content because I doubt those will be changed/expanded on.

No. 303036

Your Take-san is a corporate puppet incapable of independent thinking who would kill V in a heartbeat if Hanako gave the order.

No. 303037

File: 1687131547882.jpg (147.1 KB, 913x535, EkS31SyWkAI95z8.jpg)

don't be a fucking consoomer and support this

No. 303038

>I doubt those will be changed/expanded on.
Ackshually, Phantom Liberty does add content to the end game. Either a new ending or expanding the Devil route, not sure.

No. 303045

Well Hanako wouldn't want to kill my V because I'm willing to cooperate with her.
I just hate that every ending besides Devil is probably going to lead to another corporate war. And I can't trust Alt with a hive mind. And Saul dies in the Nomad ending.

Well we'll see when it comes out. It's not coming to PS4 though and even though I'll probably have a new computer by then I don't really want to rebuy the base game.

No. 303047

See yourself. I used to follow their dev until they went full tranny-supporter on twitter before the game came out. Im glad i didn't pay a dime for it, because even now as i play i found a lot of bugs.

No. 303049

I want character customization but I keep seeing little bitch men crying about playing as a woman when us female gamers have been forced to play as male characters in nearly every game.

No. 303059

yeah she looks decent, I liked the first fable game and am willing to give this one a chance if the gameplay is fun. I find it extremely amusing how all thats needed to filter aggro scrotes from gaming is simply making the lead character a woman without makeup.

No. 303081

>because even now as i play i found a lot of bugs
That is so weird. The bugs seem to differ from machine to machine. I played the game on release and had zero (!!!) bugs. I started experiencing the identical NPCs bug with one of the later patches, then the next patch fixed it. The current version runs smoothly.

No. 303087

File: 1687165083644.jpg (139.18 KB, 1200x800, AtomicHeart_screenshot_05.0.jp…)

Nonna, my pc runs every high-end videogame. I don't understand why you keep whiteknighting developers who, blantly speaking, scammed people into wasting money on an admittedly unfinished product and pulled a nevermind on their early promises. Id rather buy a bunch of decent, well-made videogames than waste 60$. Even Atomic Heart is better if you are into spending a lot on a triple-a game.

No. 303090

I'm not whiteknighting. I really am surprised. There's footage of the game breaking on some people, and there are people who play without issue, same version. Weird.

No. 303097

there are way more buggy games (see vtmb and tes) that are great. it's not about the bugs, and anyone claiming that should stop misleading people. cyberpunk is no longer buggy. the outrage resulted from the marketing campaign which promised us a whole lot of features we didn't get.

No. 303106

Hot take but I hate Aloy and like the new Fable girl better than her. Except her hairline looks unrealistically uniform and bothers me

No. 303353

I checked the FF16 leaks. Looks like the story is at least just as crazy as the retro FF games, now I almost wish I had a PS5.

No. 303449

Apparently the demo for the new FF game is literally frying down people's PS5 lmao (day 1 ones at least). I haven't been able to touch a console since 2010, what are devs putting on their games nowadays to cause this??

No. 303450

Wait, so Paradox didn't drop the game after all?? They are still developing it? The screenshots/concept art look pretty

No. 303507

Is there time travel/alternate timeline bullshit in it?

No. 303562

File: 1687286730972.jpg (129.24 KB, 697x943, pixiv11527259.jpg)

Not really, it's more similar to what you'd find in the retro games as in, it has sudden twists and changes in tone but it makes sense in context and doesn't seem too strange. Vague spoilers for a game that's not released yet but I've seen comparisons with Xenogears, which I haven't played. It was advertised as some boring GOT clone that took itself too seriously and then at some point it becomes your typical over the top animu JRPG bullshit that FF fans yearned for. And let's just say that I get why the game is banned in Saudi Arabia kek. Pic unrelated I just love Firion so much.

No. 303614

Is the gay sex scene rumor true, or is it just two guys holding hands or something? The Fujo thread needs to know!

No. 303618

File: 1687299041195.jpg (Spoiler Image,193.97 KB, 2048x1536, canon and real.jpg)

Ok then more spoilers for FFXVI: There's no gay sex scene. Dion is gay and kisses his boyfriend on-screen at some point. No clue if it's a quick peck on the lips or if they're passionately making out for 5 minutes straight like some anons on /v/ said though. They adopt an orphan girl at some point to make it extra yaoi. There's a scene between Clive and Jill, we don't see them fuck but they're naked outside and hugging and all lovey-dovey after they do. Some people compared that to Cloud and Tifa allegedly fucking before the final dungeon in FF7 except way more in your face and in HD but I never finished that game so no clue if it's really that similar. I have no idea if seeing Clive's HD butt cheeks is also another reason why the game is banned. There's some villain who has sex with a shapeshifting creature so we see him eat out the blonde femme fatale character at first, who then shifts into another male character during or after that, and then into the guy's dead mother, in a scene that would make Freud come back from the dead. That scene is the most explicit I guess, it's just not subtle.

No. 303619

Why does everything have to be about sex these days, not just streaming shows but now Final Fantasy too!?
I wasn't going to play it anyway though.

No. 303621

Who knows. A scene between two boyfriends tenderly kissing is fine to me, I think the whole fade to black sex scene between the MC and his childhood friend is ok even if them being naked right after that seems like nothing more than dumb fanservice. But the last scene I described must be so awkward to see when playing blind. I better not see anyone complain about "Yuna" becoming a Jpop singer in FF10-2 anymore because that's way more normal.

No. 303653

So new Destiny lore. It's sort of inevitable with long running games, but it's so obviously made up as they were going along. The current lore was probably on nobody's mind when the first game came out.
So the Traveler inadvertently created the Witness… And this new focus on 'meaning' and 'purpose' that I can't really relate to.
But of course I'll still keep playing. It's fun to imagine my characters not really taking the villains seriously.

No. 303674

Anyone played Tales of Arise?

My sister wants to buy it but she hates anything related to romance so does it contain some/alot of het/yaoi/yuri elements? I was supposed to watch some game cutscenes to see but got lazy kek
Thank you in advance!

No. 303752

I agree they look pretty, but they just don't look like VTMB to me. They look like plain, dim environments with some fog. There's no exaggerated gothic architecture, no gargoyles everywhere for no reason, and everything looks super clean and sleek but also super stiff.
I was watching the E3 demo again and I think >>302641 is a pretty good guess for how it'll go if they do ever finish the game, too serious and too safe yet still misogynist and tone-deaf (check the newscaster audio at the beginning of vidrel, about how 15 women were found at an apartment above a massage parlour, being kept in there to be "used as sex slaves." The news bits in the first game were mostly jokes about the in-game quests or references to other horror media, so where does that fit in?)
Anyway, Paradox doesn't even have the game listed on their website anymore so we'll see how it goes. I kind of hope they wait a while and just quietly drop it.

No. 303899

I wish there was a version of shinigami eyes for video games to see which games support troons or not.

No. 304006

File: 1687432401183.png (13.17 KB, 370x320, tumblr_5ce75bd1b9b9e205ac1df9b…)

Nonas, can you give me PS4 game recs? P3RE isn't comming to Switch, so that means I have to buy an actual console now.

I haven't touched a Sony console in my life, so I don't know which games it has. Anything story-driven & that doesnt have 4k hyperrealistic graphics will probably tickle my fancy.
(eg of games I like that I think are on PS4: Ace Attorney, AITSF, TWEWY & Odin Sphere)

I don't want to buy an entire console for a single game, so I appreciate any suggestion

No. 304064

No ground vehicles, Todd said. Only the jet pack thing.

No. 304097

File: 1687462594109.png (38.69 KB, 662x474, 8b0.png)

i love mario, so excited about mario's new game

No. 304101

File: 1687464054950.png (76.22 KB, 337x300, daisy.png)

I just want touch screen with a style back. It allowed for such unique games.
She looks like a normal fable character to me? Also shouldn't there be a male player character? If so, I see no reason for so many scrotes to complain I know the real reason is because most scrotes choose to play as the girl character because they are all secretly agp coomers
I'm not a ps4 person, but I know Rune Factory 4 is on it, and the Tales of Series.
Omg, yes I'm so excited you can play as Daisy now.

No. 304108

Did you ever play “Fez” it’s a great 2D/3D puzzle game

No. 304202

File: 1687499122714.jpg (423.96 KB, 1920x1080, Sunhaven.jpg)

Has anyone played Sun Haven ? Is it really only a stardew valley copyca? Not that it would be a problem for me …

No. 304206

I play it! I say it's more like if Stardew is to Harvest Moon, then Sun Haven is to Rune Factory. There is just so much to do, maybe even too much. I think it's worth checking out

No. 304225

Nice ! It's 25 % off on steam right now, I'll check it out, thanks nonna.

No. 304245

File: 1687518807862.png (2.44 MB, 1920x1080, FzJ8WfCaAAAfkye.png)

Metal Gear Solid Master Collection release date confirmed

No. 304252

I tried it to scratch the SV itch, but it felt to confusing and cluttered. Haunted chocolatier never ever.

No. 304286

File: 1687539472640.jpeg (109.81 KB, 750x885, FCD29D97-F8E1-439B-90AF-EEAD3B…)


No. 304288

Should I get ffxvi? Is it worth it? My ps5 is collecting dust.

No. 304292

Why does god punish us so…

No. 304303

Why do they do this to us? To make us suffer? They said this about Yokai Watch 4 too didn't they?

No. 304307

I'm so disappointed the Switch """"""physical""""" only has 2gb loaded and the rest (30gb) needs to be fucking downloaded.

No. 304345

Thanks for your concern but I will most likely pirate it. I didn’t take into account that I might. Not find a cracked up to date version, I hope I do.

No. 304348

Still have my copy of Twin Snakes and the 360 HD collection.
So did they have this ridiculously tight agreement with Sony for PS3 exclusivity with 4 or is it an engine thing why it was never ported?

No. 304349

Wonder what volume 2 will have

No. 304350

I want to believe it's an engine thing cause ps3 was notorious for its spaghetti code. Hopefully its the same reason disgaea 3 hasn't been ported to pc and only to ps vita.

No. 304373

Have any of you played the game Signalis and what did you think?

No. 304463

4 and Peace Walker I assume (hope)

No. 304467

Thanks for your concern but I will most likely pirate it. I didn’t take into account that I might. Not find a cracked up to date version, I hope I do.

No. 304660

loved some the atmosphere and worldbuilding but the tranny anime cut scenes were just too much, literally AMV-tier

No. 304664

If anyone liked the old Imagine DS games, especially the Imagine Teacher game then Let's School on Steam is perfect. It's also like it was mixed with the style of MySims games. It's not fully released yet but you can play a demo and I am obsessed.

No. 304671

I'm so sick of remaster/remake/reboot shit. Ok some of them are good but this is getting to be a real problem in the industry now. MAKE NEW GAMES, GODDAMNIT!

No. 304674

Can you elaborate, like is it an actual tranny character or just the aesthetic? I did find out about this game from tumblr so I’m not surprised but I thought it was about a woman and an AI or something so it sounded interesting

No. 304698

File: 1687731919579.jpeg (111.18 KB, 1024x640, dreamfall the longest journey.…)

Didn't wanna create a video game pictures thread and since it's /m/ I hope anons will join me here in this little picture dump and question.

>What is your favorite worlds/sceneries/art direction in games you have played?

Personally I remember talking to anons here on lc about the charm in the dreamfall the longest journey aesthetic. I just love the visualization of a middle eastern looking city that's portrayed as modern and futuristic while keeping it's cultural architecture in combination with a female gazey cute 2000s outfit on the protagonist.

No. 304699

File: 1687731941089.jpeg (87.66 KB, 880x550, dreamfall the longest journey …)

No. 304700

File: 1687732012652.jpeg (30.27 KB, 955x747, silent hill1.jpeg)

Silent hill is another one I love for its atmosphere. Never seen a single other modern game being able to replicate this vibe

No. 304701

File: 1687732122220.jpeg (231.64 KB, 1920x1080, rapture.jpeg)

Lastly bioshock has such a creative art direction that I barely see anymore. I don't think stylization should be sacrificed for photorealistic graphics.

No. 304702

File: 1687732230056.jpeg (154.15 KB, 1024x576, columbia.jpeg)

No. 304715

File: 1687736153212.jpg (286.18 KB, 1920x1080, Destiny 2_20190511001132.jpg)

I love so much about Destiny's aesthetics but my favorite area is still the Dreaming City. I love that combo of weird architecture and plants and all the crystals.

No. 304716

File: 1687737561667.png (2.35 MB, 1920x1080, Destiny 2_20230310113016.png)

Vex stuff too, the alien cubes and circles mixed with the plants, wonder if we'll ever get to see Venus again.

No. 304719

File: 1687738455127.png (487.54 KB, 1920x1080, Destiny 2_20220628021944.png)

And of course the Pyramid ship aesthetics, like alien ancient MesoAmerica mixed with an Ikea warehouse.

I love how varied the armor designs are too. And how there's so many shiny shaders.

No. 304751

File: 1687752569470.jpeg (249.28 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1061.jpeg)

I absolutely love the art direction in okami. looks like one of those brush art paintings or even ukiyo-e, very unique.
seconding silent hill too.

No. 304754

File: 1687752925823.jpeg (342.59 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1062.jpeg)

samefag ffxv has some of my favorite scenery, I love how they mixed realism with fantasy in the landscapes. altissia was my favorite - loved feeling like I was in a magical version of venice. wind waker and twilight princess are honorable mentions too.

No. 304803

File: 1687765869761.jpeg (149.53 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1944.jpeg)

Stray was such a cute and aesthetic game. I loved exploring the cities.

No. 304805

File: 1687766142583.jpeg (325.18 KB, 1600x900, IMG_1945.jpeg)

Samefag. Witcher 3 has a lot of beautiful settings but I particularly love Toussaint from Blood and Wine.

I also really loved the art and atmosphere of Hogwarts Legacy, specifically Hogwarts itself, but unfortunately found the gameplay lacking.

No. 304807

>I could take screenshots from the most popular western games (Horizon, AC, The Witcher, Elder Scrolls, God of War, Fable etc.), show them to someone who doesn't know that much about videogames and they'd think they're all from the same game
The same thing could also be said about a lot of east asian games, the fantasy anime (and very often coomerbait) style gets old fast.

They hate you because you speak the truth nonna. She's average or below which is very rare for female characters in video games but claiming that she's uglier than anyone you've seen IRL is wild lmao, probably a way to justify agreeing with moids

Yes!! Love the bioshock games for this

No. 304895

File: 1687808532245.jpg (60.82 KB, 1080x608, 70244969_2838242816205443_5817…)

Any nonnies here play mobile mmos? I know a lot of people complain about the p2w and auto-play, but I'm just looking for something cute and sociable to fill in my time (I think I got nostalgia from Malpe Story on PC) I love logging in daily to claim rewards or do quests, it keeps me from grinding for too many hours.
So far I liked black desert mobile, but people don't really talk there. I'm thinking of going to play Tales of Wind.

No. 304897

considering one dev is a she/her and the other is a they/them named yuri, the odds of troonacy are very high

No. 304899

"Yuri Stern"s original name is Alex Zwerger, who is 100% male kek

No. 304903

File: 1687810766800.jpeg (71.41 KB, 1200x502, F063D1C1-FC09-4CC1-9A63-05C1C2…)

I really love dishonored, that was one of the first games that made me realise how monumental game design is, the way all the maps and buildings were designed with so many ways in and different ways to explore will always stick with me

No. 304907

File: 1687811817425.png (86.76 KB, 512x448, 8937654-shadow-of-the-colossus…)

Shadow of the colossus for me. I spent hours grabbing onto hawks outside of the cave where the snake colossus was and admiring the scenery. The game had so many cute exploratory aspects to it.

No. 304911

File: 1687813571874.png (49.11 KB, 320x224, 16001364-parasite-eve-playstat…)

For me it has to be Parasite Eve. Also VTMB (especially Hollywood).

No. 304915

File: 1687814203765.jpg (192.19 KB, 1600x1200, vagrant-story-ps1-18.jpg)

Vagrant Story's art direction made a big impact on me when it came out 23 years ago. Both the atmospheric dark medieval setting and things like distracting assless shorts

No. 304919

File: 1687814459354.jpg (129.6 KB, 1600x1200, vagrant-story-ps1-06.jpg)

No. 304923

File: 1687814793939.jpg (63.25 KB, 720x576, 10871403-castlevania-lament-of…)

Also the general aesthetic of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Lonesome, gothic, elegant. Character design by Ayami Kojima and music by Michiru Yamane. They deserve to work together on a HD graphics game.

No. 304943

One of the directors also worked on the original Deus Ex. And the main art guy also worked on Half-Life 2.
Have you played the sequel and Prey? They're pretty good too.

No. 304996

File: 1687838234826.jpg (77.96 KB, 1215x619, Screenshot 2023-06-26 205804.j…)

Every reveal of Cities Skylines 2 is making me so fucking excited for the game. How am I gonna hold out till October FUCK!!!!

No. 305030

Seconding Dreamfall, also VTMB, Vagrant Story (I recall a critic calling it a renaissance painting come alive, and it's true), Haunting Ground and FFXII

No. 305065

I really wish the Switch had a game pass feature. I know they have the emulators, but I wanna try out newer games to see if I want to buy them.

No. 305097

I played the sequel but my pc is old and had a low framerate, so I just rushed through the game and didn’t have time to admire the design as much as the first one. The clockwork mansion seemed so cool though. I’ll keep prey in mind for the future.

No. 305179

File: 1687915920043.jpg (177.41 KB, 1600x800, Final_fantasy_VIII.jpg)

Final Fantasy VIII is a really dreamy game.

No. 305180

File: 1687915952100.jpg (102.79 KB, 1366x956, lunatic_pandora.jpg)

Oh wrong pic lol

No. 305182

File: 1687916771715.gif (2.61 MB, 540x330, B96E8EBB-405B-49B6-9DC8-9B7262…)

Baten Kaitos…If I could reincarnate into a videogame I’d want to be one of the shop keepers

No. 305184

File: 1687916855279.gif (2.49 MB, 400x400, 47A59F8A-19F2-4BEB-91AE-99A3D3…)

No. 305233

Can anyone think of games that are similar to Overboard!, Obra Dinn, Papers Please and the Case of the Golden Idol? In that, it is a puzzle game with a compelling story that unravels as you play?

No. 305239

The sexy brutale, braid, portal if you haven’t played it

No. 305244

check out The Talos Principle

No. 305255

My notebook just bricked so I'm really considering getting a steamdeck or similar instead. I don't know.

No. 305259

My bf has a Steam Deck and he loves it.the only drawback is that the resolution difference is noticeable when you hook it up to a monitor

No. 305263

File: 1687959664999.jpg (264.83 KB, 1920x1080, 20230628211434_1.jpg)

Book of Travels needs more love. My quickest pitch for you is it's an adventure game but multiplayer. It's in early access but there's a plotline that will take you hours to complete. It's a very chill and pretty game nonas!

No. 305273

File: 1687960900100.png (1.82 MB, 1389x935, heine.png.ca9f2c6c46d133902884…)

Lineage 2, mostly cause I spent my entire teenage years on it, but it's still very beautful to me. I spent lots of time exploring the scenery and environments.

No. 305306

I played Tales of Wind a few years ago, during release.
It's not worth it. It's VERY p2w and at first, you don't notice this because the game usually makes you log in in a new server (I think they make new servers every few weeks), and when they make a new server there's like a… level cap that goes away as days pass. So at first you will only be able to get to level 45, and then two days later, the cap will expand to level 50, and so on.
As the level increases, you will start to notice that whales get stronger rather quickly, while you get left behind.
This wouldn't be that much of a problem, if it weren't because guild wars happen every few days, they are random. So if your guild doesn't have any whales and you happen to fight against russians, you are gonna get fucked in the ass, kek.
In the end, it becomes frustrating. It's like you are playing for nothing, wasting your time trying to get good loot just to get wrecked by a russian player that dumped 500$ in the game.
As for the social aspect… eh. I got lucky and found a guild full of adults from my country, but I believe the majority of players are underage. We chatted through Telegram and Discord and liked the guild wars, until we got tired of whales wrecking our asses. Eventually, we stopped playing and the guild got closed.
Have you tried Aura Kingdom? I think they released an app, although the original MMORPG is for PC. I have always found someone to talk to there, people are usually friendly, to be honest. Maybe you could check it out. Whales never bothered me in that game.

No. 305337

File: 1687984041645.png (888.28 KB, 1664x1208, riven.png)

Riven (1997). Absolutely amazing sense of texture, sound and presence in this game. It feels like a real place that you're visiting. Even newer games haven't gotten close.

No. 305342

File: 1687985198815.gif (717.04 KB, 540x370, santa monica pier.gif)

I love the atmosphere of VTMB so much, sometimes I'll start it up just to have on in the background

Parasite Eve another great one

No. 305343

File: 1687985255739.gif (722.04 KB, 540x300, grout's mansion.gif)

No. 305362

File: 1687995891952.jpg (21.36 KB, 480x360, 226561-traverse_town1.jpg)

I really like traverse town

No. 305504

Has anyone played a male V in cyberpunk? I've noticed a lot of enemies using pretty gendered language when fighting female V (cunt, bitch, using sexualised language calling her kitten and stuff) so I wondered what it was like for male V? Seems weird if they called him the same.

No. 305525

File: 1688071269574.png (476.01 KB, 1920x1080, Shadowhearts.png)

I saw "Shadow Hearts" recommended as a female friendly game, but the main character seems like a creep.
Is he like this for the whole game or just at the start?

No. 305528

Yeah that was one creepy moment, I don't think the first game could be called female friendly with a rapey protag like that. Don't know about the others.

No. 305531

He‘s nicer as the game goes on, you should keep playing it. Or you could start with Koudelka instead because it’s a prequel and has a female lead.

No. 305581

I never noticed, probably killed them too fast. And I tried to sneak around for all the missions that let you.

No. 305582

So Destiny seasonal story is over and all that build up was just to say that we need Savathuns help… Lame, of course she was coming back eventually but I was hoping we'd get Asher first.
And she's probably going to be all 'ufufu I told you so' and acting like our friend again. What a pain.
At least I got another cutscene with my characters face, I hope this stays a thing, it's annoying when you're the only one in the scene wearing a helmet.

No. 305597

File: 1688111345191.png (949.36 KB, 1295x728, Steamsummersale2023.png)

Steam summer sale has started!
What are you nonnies getting, anything must buy? I only got planet coaster so far. Horizon zero dawn in on massive discount as well but my computer is too weak to run it.

No. 305604

File: 1688113121047.gif (688.23 KB, 540x304, tumblr_8ff96f0cd24baa693a12b46…)

Yeah, the atmosphere of VTMB is unmatched, my fave hub was the Downtown area

No. 305609

I'm thinking of getting:
>Planet Zoo
>Volcano Princess
>Unheard - Voices of Crime
Any anons played these?

No. 305619

Oh damn, my shoot first ask questions playstyle comes back to bite me once again.

No. 305644

File: 1688140401686.png (8.98 KB, 666x160, vtmsteamsale.PNG)

it's usually included in the summer sale (and most other steam sales), so right now it's only ten bucks (USD).

No. 305664

Disco Elysium has great reviews but the fact that it’s adored by troons makes me hesitant. Should I buy?

No. 305695

There's no tranny shit in it, I didn't even think about troons liking it until you mentioned it

No. 305702

oh, I played Volcano Princess! The art is lovely and cozy, there is a…weird admirer system, but otherwise the actual romance options are cute. There is dozens of endings. You probably won't be able to get a special one without following a guide or getting lucky, even if you are great at a minmaxxing stats. Debatably I don't really think it's very replayable past a 2nd playthrough because most of the game stays the exact same, with little secrets to find, unless you like stat grinding? As a little girl I played those weird stat sims on newgrounds though so I'm biased towards this type of shit.
I did finish it years ago. I like that the main character is a dumpster fire it's hilarious, and that my choices/skills felt like they mattered. My favorite parts were the side quests; hunting down a cryptid, the disco, etc. Also, it made me dislike communism more which I find funny cuz after finishing I found out it is actually a communism propaganda game. Again, it's mostly reading, but it felt a lot more immersive and atmospheric than usual visual novels.

No. 305733

Is anyone else playing the new p2w Harry Potter Magic Awakened? How are you enjoying it?

No. 305755

I have a week off and got all the dragon age games in the sale. Excited to finally play these

No. 305769

File: 1688173791211.png (368.95 KB, 1134x578, sword and fairy 7 2.PNG)

watching a playthrough of sword and fairy 7 and these are the screenshots i got!

No. 305770

File: 1688173883532.png (661.08 KB, 1571x663, sword anf fairy 7.PNG)

No. 305892

NTA but I'm also considering Disco Elysium and found that what I've seen in playthroughs has also put me off communism even more, kek. What do you mean by it being a propaganda game? I know that the devs are very outspoken about their views, and they seem to be using DE as a vessel to gently lecture people. Just curious if you knew anything else about its development. Anyway, it's £11.54 in the PlayStation store sale and I'm very tempted to get it. Love detective games, it seems very atmospheric, the skill system looks great and I love RPGs where I can make my character be a raging dickhole to everyone. The voice over is cringe and pretentious and of course there's the political stuff, but for that price I feel like the positives outweigh the negatives. Someone give me the final shove I need to buy this goddamn game.

No. 305921

Made me remember how much I loathe mobile games and their shitty buggy UIs and endless loading screens. It's 2023, companies need to step up their game, this looks like it was made in 2017 ffs.

No. 305970


I have a very casual interest in video games, and yet every year, like clockwork, my brain floods my limbic system with hormones that trick me into logging onto steam and buying no less than $75 worth of video games that I will play for just long enough to void their refund period. Here is what I have in my cart this year:

>Cyberpunk 2077

>Artifact Adventure Garden
>Jade Empire
>Grand Theft Auto V
>A Short Hike
>The Frog Detective bundle
>The Closing Shift

Tell me what I should remove from (or add to?) my cart. I love atmospheric games, cute soothing games, spooky games, and walking simulators.

No. 305992

Stray - be a cat explore a post apocalyptic civilization (linear, not so chill at times, short)
Cloudpunk - drive a taxi in a futuristic cyberpunk inspired sky-scape, get out and explore on foot occasionally (linear story, free exploring, pretty chill, sadly too short)
Spiritfarer - be on a boat, find friends, help friends, say goodbye to friends (linear story, chill)

No. 306017

don't let them make you miss out on an incredible game.

btw, my first run was logic (blue) and i sort of fell off of it and didn't finish, but my second one i went sensitivity (pink) and i really loved it, i was maximum chaotic and a hot mess express - a lot of clever writing, a ton of laugh-out-loud moments, great aesthetic and a banging soundtrack.

No. 306057

unless you're a fan of chilla's art, consider removing The Closing Shift. I recommend The Last Campfire and Endling - Extinction is Forever

No. 306067

I was being hyperbolic for "it has pro-communist themes". Supposedly it's the one ideology in the game that is given relative grace and gravitas compared to how others are depicted - often satirically or with contempt (i.e., moralism) - except with a deep layer of irony. There's a certain character I won't go into because of major spoilers, but the narrative frames him as being a last bastion of conviction or even a bit of a martyr, and…it's ridiculous to me because the only actions he makes in the context to the plot makes him seem like a weak, fickle man to me.

Hah, I also wish I had some juicy dev gossip for you. All I have is that apparently the devs, or at least one, did actually willfully blunt/roast the communist themes to make it more palatable for its otherwise capitalistic market. Oh and considering the lightning in the bottle chaos in this game I am not surprised a lot of drama went down with the studio.
Anyway, yeah, you'll love this game regardless. It almost sounds made for you nonny.

No. 306070

Off topic but I hate when someone is pro-communist but does the most capitalistic shit. In this case, indie devs that need capitalism to make a successful game being pro-communists.

No. 306071

File: 1688241964443.png (314.23 KB, 647x443, wadanooooo.png)

A Short Hike is one of my favorite games in recent years.
Maybe rethink Jade Empire unless you are a huge fan of their old games, like outdated janky games, and love the setting. Heck, I loved KOTOR, but even back then I had trouble getting into JE. I can't even imagine playing it now…

Also, this is very, very off the cuff but maybe look into games like Wadanohara. I quite liked it and it's spooky/kind of fucked up, adorable, atmospheric (underwater and moody), and a walking sim.

No. 306074

even though another nona suggested wadanohara, i feel like i have to give a fair warning about the maker of the game and the game itself as someone who has read their comics in my edgy phase and played their other games in the past. despite how cute their art is, the maker of the game is into rape and gore and there is a implied rape and mindbreak ending in the game itself too just like with their other games. you might want to steer away if you're sensitive to that.

No. 306078

thanks for the disclaimer! I've played much more horrific games so I'm pretty much numb to such things in games even if I'm past my own edgelord phase. I did dislike Mogeko Castle more and I'm not sure if it's purely based off of aesthetic or if it was more gorey.

No. 306114

>atmospheric, cute, soothing
>Grand Theft Auto
Maybe you should watch the trailers first, don't just buy stuff because it's popular.

No. 306120

I've heard the devs are "communist doomers", sort of post-left or something like that, so the mocking of what they see as failed movements and certain attitudes within the left makes sense.
Nonna, even if you disagree with the system you still have to make a living out of something. It's not hypocritical to make some money selling a product, and at the same time think that we should ditch money altogether (while knowing that's not possible yet). It's like hating radfems who hate female beauty standards but still wear makeup when they're socially required to do so because life/work/whatever is easier that way.

No. 306134

File: 1688267176584.png (159.04 KB, 656x671, steamsummersale.png)

Picrel is my cart atm. I've been wanting to play the Nocturne remaster since it was released but I refuse to pay retail price for what's (apparently) a mediocre remaster. Also super hyped to play P3P, as I only ever played FES almost ten years ago.

Nonna, please play the game because it sounds right up your street! It can be pretentious but it isn't afraid to poke fun at itself. Also my perspective on the games discussions of politics changed a lot when I realised it was made by Estonians and not some american commies kek. It also has great replayability - more than worth it for the sale price!

No. 306179

File: 1688298154384.jpg (75.53 KB, 636x452, Tumblr_l_114198923900010.jpg)

Nonnas, what games/franchises would you recommend? I am all about worldbuilding, lore or just cute characters. I love it when games have detective/dystopian setting, too (eg DBH, Papers, Please, Not for broadcast, Disco Elysium) Finished DMC5, got obsessed with it (and V…). At least i got Vergil DLC now. Been thinking of trying Resident Evil because of Leon fan-arts on Twitter. I love Yakuza with my whole heart, too… Maybe getting Judgement will be worth it? But i do love me some fanservice and pretty men… so i am just torn between whatever i want.
I am a DEfag and id tell you that its best to pirate the game than give the money to the publishers.
Nonny, i heard that p3p port has audio/graphics issues! Please let me know if you stumble upon something.

No. 306187

I recommend the Resident Evil 2 or 4 remakes if you think Leon is handsome and enjoy shooting scary zombies. 6 as well but you could start with 2 because of the timeline.

No. 306189

go for resident evil. all of the games. re2 remake, re4 remake and original for pretty leon, re7 biohazard for shitting your pants because of how horror it is

No. 306190

postal 2 nonnie yess get it it's so satirical

No. 306192

Yes you need really strong nerves for RE7, believe anon when she says that.

No. 306194

Thanks for the recommendations and suggestions nons, I'll check those out! I did end up taking The Closing Shift out of my cart, I have a feeling I won't actually get around to playing that one.

No. 306198

also do get Judgment and Lost Judgment, I love Kaito and Higashi (and Tesso) so much. It also has the detective setting!

No. 306249

maybe you'll like the Bioshock or dishonored series

No. 306950

File: 1688668837044.jpg (70.61 KB, 1200x675, baldurs-gate-3-screen.jpg)

I'm losing my mind excited about Baldurs Gate 3, especially since they moved the release date up. Tomorrow is the last panel from hell, and I feel like it'll be bittersweet - I've been following its development for year now. Excited to see full release, but a little sad that the whole ride is almost over! They have seemingly not shied away from the relationship/romance aspects of the game, which I am very thankful for.

No. 306966

File: 1688673066523.jpg (69.25 KB, 894x894, 886fa0af9941bceae0e630278c9fe3…)

I'm not good at shooter games but I wanna see this character more. Should I play Resident Evil 4 or should I just watch someone else play it? I don't have interest in the game, just this hot character kek

No. 306970

Just get it and then you can mod Leon's outfits however you want.

No. 306971

File: 1688674742958.gif (2.65 MB, 540x303, leon.gif)

Anon please play RE4 yourself!! It's very fun and you can look at leon's backside the entire time and hear his corny one liners. I highly suggest playing the original RE4 then going onto the remake and RE2. I hope you give them a chance anon!!

No. 306999

Does anyone know the game I'm describing?

It was a 2D first person game. You moved by clicking an arrow that would take you to the next screen. It had a pixel art style, mainly blue with a bit of orange. I can't remember the plot at all, but you were moving through some sort of ruin or dungeon and there was combat. I think there was a healing mechanic where you brewed tea. It might have had a sci-fi theme, and there was a girl on the cover. I downloaded it for free off itch.io ages ago, and I've forgotten the title.

No. 307010

Thanks nonas. Do you all like the original or the remake more? I'm thinking that I should probably play the remake because it has better graphics and I'm only playing based on perverted intentions for this dude anyways kek

No. 307014

Nevermind, it was out of the blue https://atis1.itch.io/out-of-the-blue

No. 307015

RE4 is not a shooter, but a survival horror. And it's one of the better RE games made. Very playable for all levels of gamer. Leon is hot af in OG and remake.

No. 307016

OG is best imo. Esp the PS2 version because you can put Ashley in armor and it makes the game easier. Remake was fun because they added more dialog and made both Ashley and Luis better characters, but I recommend starting with OG. You can buy for just about any console right noe.

No. 307017

File: 1688688162967.gif (1.55 MB, 512x337, kickin-in-the-backseat.gif)

NTAYRT but the remake is just as good as the original in my opinion, and I say that as a fan of the og since it came out. The game is stellar and I promise you'll have fun even when you're not ogling him kek. Literally just moving around in the game is satisfying. There is a difficulty setting for those not used to action/survival horror games so you're in luck there. You'll have a blast anon!

No. 307052

File: 1688709902027.jpg (25.21 KB, 736x709, 1681424831974.jpg)

Fuck Frontier and their million DLCs. I want to get them for Planet Coaster & Planet Zoo, but even on sale Planet Zoo all Planet Zoo DLC costs 83€, and Planet Coaster 44€. No way I'm paying that. But utilizing the Steam Workhop is a great way to discourage piracy, I need access to it since I'm a shit builder.

No. 307059

Why not RE2 Remake? it's a good start in my opinion and the Leon you posted is actually from the RE2, when he has a little more of a baby face.

No. 307178

Has anyone played scarlet nexus? Is it degenerate (like are the views of female characters always panty shots)? And is the combat smooth feeling or really clunky?

No. 307364

Really looking forward to it as well. I just hope I'll have the time to play, even more so because the new guild wars expansion is releasing in August and Phantom Liberty in September.

I feel bad for missing the last pfh, they were always a lot of fun to watch. And people still can't shut up about the bear kek

From what I saw you can give a hug to Astarion of you play it right, tbh I think that alone might make me keep him in the party lol(redditspacing; line breaks after each sentence do not improve legibility and serve no purpose)

No. 307372

I played the demo on PS4 when it was first released, don't really remember too much so I don't think it was super pervy. Don't remember much about the combat either so it was probably not bad at least.
In this case it does have a demo, so you should just try it for yourself.

No. 307428

Thanks I had no idea anon, I need to do more research on this kek.

No. 307465

File: 1688858794006.jpg (32.29 KB, 820x461, ffxvi-clive.jpg)

Thoughts on FFXVI? I'm around 1/3 of the way through and it hasn't fully held my interest, despite my being a fan of the series since childhood. Will it get better? And was anyone else not shocked at the dramatic reveal of Clive being Joshua's killer? I thought it was clear that Clive was killing him after losing control of himself/Ifrit, so the whole mystery about the second dominant of fire was pointless to me. Were we supposed to be unsure about that?

No. 307469

File: 1688863415046.jpg (285.91 KB, 1920x1080, 1687518657.jpg)

No, the stories as generic as you think it is. There's a point where I thought the story would be interesting and throw me in for a loop, but it went the most predictable way ever. Other than that, Clive is cute and in desperate need of someone to wipe away his tears. Aka me. Or someone who isn't Jill, because she doesn't get any of her own development outside of being his partner-wife. Picrel is best boy.

No. 307496

god I miss Cid. Don’t care about anything else in the game, but he’s probably my fav FF character now (maybe besides Cloud). Everything I want in a husbando.

No. 307677

I was in the same position as you, finished DMC5 then jumped to (or back to I guess) Sekiro and I'm having a blast.
I wanted to play the DMC reboot but the crack keeps failing on me it's annoying (windows defender deletes an important file)
I have Bayonetta lined up next

No. 307741

God, why is Bungie so obsessed with time limits in secret missions. You don't need both a time limit and a riddle boss battle…
I don't even want the exotic, just the title and lore.

No. 308307

What are your hopes for the switch 2? I personally want proper touchscreen back.

No. 308321

Customizable themes…

No. 308324

I hate nintendo so much for never giving us official switch themes

No. 308334

And they claimed it was because of “performance” but if the an old 3ds can play pokemon usum and still have themes, fancy titles, and music then so can the switch. And sure there’s bigger games, but even the Wii U wasn’t that bad with performance.

No. 308351

Would you nonnies who played ffxvi recommend it to someone who liked ffxv and ffvii remake?

No. 308357

Yes! But imo, it goes ffvii remake >>>>>> ffxv > ffxvi. But that could also be me being blinded by how cute and memorable the cast in ffxv is. I would try out the demo if it's still available though because there are some changes, such as no real party system so you're stuck as clive the whole game. It plays more like devil may cry than a final fantasy game to me.

No. 308360

>if the an old 3ds can play pokemon usum
lol. the only time I had issues with my 3DSXL was with SM and USUM, Sun freezed completely during a double battle at some point I had to turn it off and on again and pray it wouldn't freeze again at that part.

No. 308362

I've played it on my 2ds and had no issues with either. Although my 2ds did have freezing issues when I turned it on sleep mode for too long (like weeks)

No. 308365

File: 1689296716490.jpg (79.12 KB, 600x900, 3748b355c8cb3f1a9e03dd644b2296…)

Right? We all know the switch has ghetto hardware but it isn't that bad. And they're still selling them for $300 as they lowkey admit how much they suck.

I heard it had pretty bad issues on older models. I played on n3ds and still got frame rate drops in doubles from time to time. Was that why they cut the 3d option or did they realize no one used it? Either way, sumo had to be ass in the optimization department because yokai watch were bigger and better looking games and they barely had performance issues.

No. 308372

File: 1689301680231.jpg (2.57 KB, 100x102, 1687072502388.jpg)

>playing 13 year old game
>stuck somewhere
>google it
>top result is a gamefaqs post with my exact question
>first answer: "Do any of you faggots lurk anymore? Search the forum before making a new thread"

No. 308389

No. 308401

Kek sounds like something we would write here too
Thanks anon! Never played DMC so I have a hard time imagining how ffxvi is, but I’ll definitely see if I can find the demo. I also loved ffxv purely for the characters so hopefully ffxvi comes close to that.

No. 308428

Rip to your playthrough nona. What game and what problem?

No. 308492

Kind of an odd request, but does any nonna know of games with a misandrist theme/commentary? Ones where the misandry isn't framed as evil, but simultaneously isn't just "some guys can be so icky and gross!"

No. 308518

Has anyone else seen those times square meme pikman 4 ads? Are they real? Cause I feel like if they are, normies might not want to play a game associated with that, but maybe I'm wrong.

No. 308521

Did anyone play Soul Void? And do you know of any games similar to it other than undertake and deltarune?

No. 308550

Rain code is SO good thus far! I’ve been playing it all day so I’m already on the second case hahaha

No. 308554

How fun are the mysteries? Is it different from Dangan Ronpa or is it very similar? I loved the first game and didn't like how similar the second game was, it made the mysteries way too predictable imo.

No. 308560

I'm only on the second case, but the first one was pretty damn different from Danganronpa, there's similarities in some of the minigames but the actual format and playthrough style is very different.
The first mystery is really shocking I'll say that hahaha.
Thus far though my favorite part of the game is actually doing side quests and this game's version of FTE with the other characters, since they add a lot of nice worldbuilding to the setting of the game.

No. 308561

>I'm only on the second case, but the first one was pretty damn different from Danganronpa
That sounds good to me already. I'll consider playing it later, once I beat the games I started.

No. 308562

File: 1689408457963.jpg (247.68 KB, 1641x1188, e3f181eb0663c7ec78673cedba9cc1…)

The characters are also really cute, I like Shinigami chan a lot.

No. 308564

Who's Lila really just made me create a twitter account to finish this mid tier mystery game. Just a warning, they chose one of the least accessible social media's but that was just bad foresight.

No. 309295

File: 1689781515340.png (1.47 MB, 1535x861, image_2023-07-19_194729163.png)

i love the vibe of alice madness returns ♥

No. 309297

File: 1689782064109.jpg (38.04 KB, 704x401, F1CJdLCaYAMHipT.jpg)

Is anyone excited for Pikmin 4 when it releases? I'm very excited to play it especially for the new camera controls, Oatchi, and Shepherd. I've noticed a lot of contention regarding Oatchi but I feel like he will only be as powerful as you wish to make him so I don't feel that he'll end up ruining the game. Though, it's a shame for Blue Pikmin since Oatchi kind of mogs them in ability and usefullness.

No. 309576

I found someone asking for girl only clans in D2 or for another girl to play with, I was going to message her but she's 18.

No. 309760

File: 1689927392098.jpg (20.66 KB, 275x266, 1672524477665711.jpg)

I fucking hate modern RPGs. I was playing D:OS2 the other day, and all dialogue in that game is "look at how verbose and in your face I am." Every fucking character has to have at least one zinger prepared, but also a needlessly tragic backstory.
And don't get me started on the actual gameplay. It's made to feel lime an immmersive sim, where you can do whatever you want if you're creative, but you're really forced to dance by the dev's tune; make the bad guy stand on colored surfaces, and do every side quest so you're not underleveled in the fight at the end of each act. Same goes for hoarding gear, which is leveled like in an MMO, with 100% random bonuses, and becomes obsolete after 2 hours of game play.
It really puts things into perspective when widely acclaimed games like these are considerably worse than the dumpster fire that the Pathfinder games were.

No. 309778

>every side quest so you're not underleveled
many old rpg forced you to grind too

No. 309785

BG2 and IWD never whored how much of an open ended sandbox they were

No. 309817

I've had newer Jrpg's where I over-levelled because I assumed I'd need to and lo' and behold the game was made incredibly easy, can't win these days, no consistency.

No. 309861

I find it weird that so many have settings that basically let players skip battles and social moves/not actually play the game. They added this “feature” to the Baten Kaitos remaster

No. 309875

I've been playing it all day and it's been a blast so far, I'm really enjoying it! Didn't care for Oatchi when he was revealed, but now I love him. He does feel a little overpowered at times, but I feel like his upgrades aren't TOO easy to get, so it's fair enough. I'm enjoying the cave exploring too, feels comfy.

No. 309895

Being able to skip battles/scenes if useful if you're replaying the game though, it's nice to be able to skip parts you find annoying/boring.

No. 309896

I get it for remasters and remakes if the devs want the original fans to play them decades later, sometimes you just want to replay a game just to waste time and for nostalgia's sake. In JRPGs I have to admit I'm sick of random encounters with excessive rates. If I could have played SMT3 when it got released on the PS2 I wouldn't have minded but I never finished the remaster because by now it's exhausting. A lot of games have a terrible balance between their random encounter rates, how fast battles can be, and the exp you get after a battle too.

No. 309989

File: 1690031302685.jpg (629.84 KB, 2048x2896, tumblr_8ae7775c1877509bcfa5514…)

Very late reply but my life has been consumed by Fear and Hunger. If I'm not playing it, I'm thinking about it 24/7. I have spent so many hours reading everything I can in on the wiki just because the lore is so fascinating.

I love fucked up games like this, everything is so sanitized now so it's a real treat to find something like this. I'm in the process of trying to get everyone's S endings before I buy Termina as well.

I love Cahara, he's such a slut.

No. 309991

Now I know why Xivu sounds wierd, it's the same voice actress as Ashley from Mass Effect! Of course I didn't notice because I will always save Kaiden instead.
And the Witness is Brett Dalton from Agents of Shield.

No. 310027

File: 1690051436582.jpeg (904.42 KB, 1242x1079, IMG_2392.jpeg)

Anyone play pikmin 4? I noticed it was review bombed bc it doesn’t have co-op. Would like an opinion that isn’t related to that bc I don’t care about co-op

No. 310030

I'm so scared of the future of this fandom because I know it will turn into something like pathologic with the rate these video essayists and youtubers keep talking about it.

No. 310037

>future of this fandom
Anon you already sound late to the community.

No. 310038

File: 1690053055039.jpg (253 KB, 1280x1226, FsVqwJuXwAE0KzA.jpg)

As a fellow Pathologic enjoyer I'm right there with you; it's nice that more people are getting into these games but most of them just parrot whatever those youtubers say, never form their own opinions and think they know what tf they're going on about. I get that patho can seem pretty unaccessable and unforgiving to people so they only watch those essays, but god damn it's really not that bad, play it yourself sheeple.

No. 310048

File: 1690053713837.jpg (55.18 KB, 640x802, 902687a792d84501c260d71a19d1f5…)

>find indie game that looks awesome
>seek creator
>"she/her", no tranny flag, no mention of such
>get excited
>hunt down image or video proof of their femaleness
>it's a tranny


No. 310052

File: 1690053882986.jpg (154.34 KB, 717x645, Untitled.jpg)

>play pathologic 1 and 2
>adore it, become obsessed
>see fandom
>get embarrassed, choose to never engage and keep my enjoyment to myself
it hurts. like i'm glad the studio got more money but fuck all these gendies

No. 310057

The indie dev community is fucking haunted by trannies anon. It's a plague, I don't think there's a woman dev that isn't a tif/enbie and then there's so many tims.

No. 310059

Many of them are so clockable, like that relatively new Minecraft OST composer. He's such a nerdy troon.
Some of them are even blatantly open about how much they're fetishistic coomers, like the dev of Crypt Worlds.

No. 310062

The fanbase isn't bad right now. It's mostly just the "i love edgy content" type people, but it seems like that's what the game was catering to in the first place

No. 310077

There were nonnas complaining about the fandom's treatment of these two in the transwashing thread a few months(?) ago and at least one mentioning Yulia (pathologic 1) in the GNC characters thread so don't despair nonnishka… You're not alone… I know this fandom is overrun by gendies but there are quite a lot of sensible women in it too… some even bordering on terfy (source: (this is where I would put a shushing emoji if I could))

No. 310125

okay anons I bought it based on your posts alone, I'll report back

No. 310170

I really want to try FFXIV, but I'm worried it's overrun with troons. Any players here who could tell me how bad it is?

No. 310184

File: 1690128261600.jpg (651.82 KB, 1813x1498, 98560978507y98547.jpg)

>Posted 8 hours ago

We've lost her, R.I.P Nonna
(but for realsies, let us know how you go!)

Since I posted yesterday I've managed to get both Cahara and D'arce S endings, I started doing my Ragnvaldr run but lost an arm in catacombs and just closed the game. Might do Enki before Rag, seems less painful. I find myself hanging around in past Ma'habre because the bgm is soothing.

>>310052 Seconding this >>310077
If you can somehow avoid the gendie majority of the fandom, the rest of it is pretty enjoyable; you just gotta curate your experience. That being said, if I see one more fanwork of Daniil being trans I might just have to do something in minecraft.

No. 310247

I started playing it and it only took an hour to look up mods that let you save safely whenever, I applaud anyone who doesn't.

No. 310249

Is there anyone here who played Jagged Alliance and is going to get the new one?
I had no idea they were making another one.
None of my nerdy friends ever played it, and my ex introduced me to it so I feel like it’s a guilty pleasure. (1.13 mod obviously)

No. 310262

File: 1690153108560.png (531.48 KB, 1280x924, tumblr_5cac1a4aedbcdd9ccd1c40d…)

>everything is so sanitized now
Seriously. I love how fucking crazy and disturbing F&H gets in ways that other games don't these days. Usually this level of violence feels like it's just there to satisfy edgelords and sadists/fetishists but this game does it tastefully.
The save file mechanic really is the absolute worst part of it. I don't mind the sheer difficulty of the game itself, but not being able to freely save sucks, especially when such small/seemingly insignificant things can end your run instantly. I know it's part of the difficulty but still…

No. 310266

The lack of saving just makes me.. not want to explore which then leads to me not having say a bandage when my character randomly steps on a nail. That so far is the only thing making me hesitate to play further. the absolute annoyance I felt when 3 runs were lost on that stupid torturer bed and I have to watch that lil bitch chop my arms and legs off like yeah it's a part of it but I think I'll get a mod.

No. 310276

File: 1690156663413.jpg (18.75 KB, 489x429, 635184.jpg)

>let us know how you go!
sorry anon I was stuck in the shit pit…

>mods that let you save safely whenever
never downloaded something so fast, thank you anon

No. 310459

File: 1690227627152.jpg (371.29 KB, 1912x1431, 05964u08756y98569673903.jpg)

I don't wanna sound like "that guy", but once you get comfortable with how the game works and you get further, the lack of saves isn't as much as a hinderance as when you first start learning how to play. Without giving away too much you may get access to a few beds that you can save in without worrying about the coin flip. There's lots of ways to bend this game to your will, but discovering how to do that is half the fun.

I'm offically taking a break from finishing the S endings for a little bit and I'm gonna start Termina, going in as blind as I can so please wish me luck.

No. 310474

I get you, i saw someone say to do a long run no sleeping for a while and I'm gonna try that, if all else fails, mods.

I did think the first time you get raped by a guard that it was one of those porn game over games, had to double check.

No. 310479

In my experience, not that bad. It's a mix of everybody. It won't hinder your gameplay experience because people won't just come up to you and talk to you unless they're like emoting or something. People are generally friendly though.

No. 310489

It's only an issue if you want to do the savage raids or the ultimate fights with a group, other than that you can simply ignore them and move on, it won't affect your experience overall. Annoying players are a thing in every mmo, but I feel XIV is very casual and you don't need to interact with others as much to be honest.

No. 310545

So I went out and checked Fear and Hunger characters to see if they are going to interest me in playing it. Seen that the first one has only one female playable option and three male ones, typical I guess. So I checked the second one and apparently it has a troon?? And at least two characters are into said troon? Honestly gives me bad vibes. The combo of indie game + dark themes + troon character… Ugh, why do I feel it's the developer's self insert or something?

No. 310653

File: 1690284281080.jpg (55.78 KB, 512x615, 190274001.jpg)

Lol nona I did the same. Looked up the wiki to gauge interest and I got annoyed to find out Marina is a trans identified male. If you read his backstory it's like a depressing and macabre version of Bridget's, so it makes even less sense for him to want to stay trans.
If the dev is not a troon already he (I'm assuming he's a man after all the amounts of dicks I've seen) he will troon out soon: he said Marina his favorite character and that's a huge red flag.
There are also trannisms in the (pretty awesome) art direction, like the deranged goddess of fertility sporting phalluses in her design instead of just vulvas.

The games doesn't seem bad aside from these scrotey things. Personally I won't play them because they look too bleak for my tastes.

No. 310733

The developer is a man who's name is "orange" or some shit. I know someone who was in the fear and hunger discord since three years ago, and while I don't think the developer is a troon he has a big fetish for them, and he has a very weird relationship with another developer who is a dude who is much younger than him. I don't have any specific screenshots or anything, but this shit I've heard from the person who was in the discord, the fear and hunger creators are freaks, unfortunately. Pretty usual from indie devs unfortunately, as someone who does a lot of indie shit myself.

No. 310755

>>310057 proven right as always. But in seriousness, I wouldn't be surprised if he trooned out. A scroll through his twitter shows all his interests are typical reddit or 4channer moid stuff. At least his arts pretty cool.

No. 310843

File: 1690351353103.jpg (116.54 KB, 1024x576, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.jpg)

I don't know anything and I don't really care about the dev being a weirdo behind the scenes, Fear & Hunger Termina is easily one of the most interesting games I've played in a long, long while. Love the oppresive atmosphere, the creatures designs and all the mystery. You have plenty of great playable female characters there (Abella, Karin, Olivia), you would be seriously missing out if you don't give in a shot just because Marina exists. My first playthrough had me go in completely blind, she wasn't part of my team, didn't realize there's any troon backstory until I went to check out the community. Also given the game's story and how it is constructed I honestly can't imagine other characters being into her being a big part of it or being portrayed as "normal feelings" since nothing in this game is normal; spoiler for non playable character coming in later in the game I know about Samarie and her obsession is hardly something i'd consider romantic

No. 310861

it has just as many fujos and fags as it has troons, don't worry about it.
my male alt gets cat called as often as my female main(I lurk in Balmung QS)
most trannies are easy to ignore if you don't engage, and I you really shouldn't engage with them or you'll never hear the end of it.

No. 310874

I'm playing the new jagged alliance Nona! It's really fun. I don't think it's quite as silly/charming as the last game, but it's still cute and I think the difficulty level is really nice. One thing that's kind of weird about it though is that you can't see your hit percentages before firing at enemies.

No. 310913

Well as long as he's not genuinely evil it's fine. I'm still not too hot on the scrotey things in the game but being a pro-tranny fetishist insane weirdo doesn't mean your games will inevitably be shit.

Also it's based that he's made loli moids mald because you can't "marriage" the little girl.

No. 310920

File: 1690396142365.jpeg (741.15 KB, 1170x1122, IMG_5011.jpeg)

I was considering playing F&H but after reading this thread I don’t feel like buying a game made by a troonchaser with a rape fetish. maybe i’ll try pirating it

No. 310940

Same, I was looking forward to playing it after all the hype but knowing that it's made by a man that loves troon dick….hard pass

No. 311384

Hate to break it to you guys, but if you're going to avoid media because of troons, there's not gonna be much you can engage with. Just pirate it so you're not supporting the creator.

No. 311442

I agree
The hogwarts legacg fiasco was pathetic and I can’t be bothered to do the same thing.
I pirated Celeste.

No. 311445

File: 1690634760598.png (124.08 KB, 500x500, 2u5y6a.png)


No. 311446

File: 1690636502088.jpg (7.75 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

Anyone else really worried about the next Dragon Age game? As in, worried it might not come out.

No. 311514

File: 1690649812529.png (493.59 KB, 1920x1080, 309387253.png)

Playing Aquarium Designer is quite therapeutic to me, it's nice that they give facts about each fish and their temps they can handle.

No. 311521

Kek, why do you feel that way? The game is already playable to the end and just needs some tweaks. I'm more worried that it'll be shitty.

No. 311522

This is still a thing? If it does come out, it better not be as ugly as inquisition.

No. 311579

>Hate to break it to you guys, but if you're going to avoid media because of troons, there's not gonna be much you can engage with.
What? There’s plenty of media that don’t have trannies in the either the media itself or the creation of that media.

No. 311584

Why though? It has ugly-ass Solas as the main focus and the devs are AGP troons. Even if it comes out I’ll pass. Praying for an Origins remake instead.

No. 311618

I didn't know it was supposed to have romance options, and my husbando's VA does one of them, sorta conflicted.

No. 311641

I'm sorry anon but it'll come out and it'll suck. The signs all point to a shit game.

No. 311673

Oh, sweet summer child, I wouldn't so be sure about that.

No. 311674

I'll believe it when I see actual gameplay. They've scrapped it, what, two times?

No. 311711

They keep announcing my husbands being a part of the new Fate/Samurai Remnant game but I will not buy your kusoge with a moid mc only kys Nasu

No. 311726

Fashion Dreamer's release date is November 3rd! I'm so excited. Syn Sophia please don't let me down.

No. 311728

Any recs for city builders that don't require an autistic level of precision like city skylines?

No. 311730

Aw this looks really cute!

No. 311740

This game looks so cool. I'll also be curious to see who they credit as the lead artist for this game because I swear this artsyle looks familiar.

No. 311786

I very rarely buy games full price and even rarer than that do I buy them on day one, but this looks SO cute. I'm gonna have to get two copies so my wife and I don't fight over it kek.

No. 311832

File: 1690756619802.jpeg (370.64 KB, 1102x955, IMG_0162.jpeg)

>sweet summer child

No. 311834

File: 1690756984366.jpg (51.31 KB, 564x796, f911eda6c1611aed74a85ac03b088c…)

I casualy downloaded FFVII on ps1 to spend time this summer and i knew Aeris was going to die, i saw the cinematic, it's the most well known spoiler ever but i'm so affected. When i understand what was happening it was too late already. I didn't think i would love her so much but she was so charming, she was constantly on my team, she was so powerful and genuinely, ofc i spent my Gold Saucer date with her and it was the cutest thing ever. She's so selfless you don't lose her materia. I'm just sobbing while listening to her theme since then. I just want to buy beautiful art of Aeris, if you have any please share.

No. 311836

genuinely funny

No. 311881

If you're gonna sit there and infight at least learn to sage you fucking retard

No. 311914

1. Don’t need to sage outside of cowboards newfag. And 2. A single image reply is hardly an ‘infight’ don’t get your knickers in a twist.

No. 311953

File: 1690817272971.jpg (96.95 KB, 564x1155, 7cdb9fa8f30595fde8d724e2206da1…)

She was so sweet. Have you played the other games related to FFVI or the remake?
Anytime someone says those words, know anything that comes past it is condescending parrot speak.

No. 312070

Sorry if this is kinda 2 years ago but is the winter expansion dlc for RE village worth it? I only really want to do the Rose part.

No. 312084

I only played FFVII recently, I didn't have a playstation back then. I remember having the complete wrong idea of Aerith for the longest time and for some reason I was convinced I wouldn't like her. I ended up falling in love with her, she genuinely won me over.

No. 312092

It better be good! We didn't get new Pretty Rhythm for this, which I'm totally okay with but missing…

No. 312094

File: 1690907276413.png (477.11 KB, 640x640, JUSTGIVEMEAGOODSIMGAME.png)

Paralives is gonna suck. The building and decorating will be great because of Unity engine. If you look at other games that are made in Unity (eg. Two Point Campus/Hospital) that also have building capabilities, Paralives have the exact same ones, maybe just a bit more in-depth. Unity engine and the artists are 100% carrying this game. So far we have seen ZERO gameplay footage. It is just all optics. Their marketing tactics are great and everyone is eating it up. If you even ASK for gameplay footage and you express concern towards not having seen any, their fanbase will eat you whole and accuse you of being a horrible person because "they're such a small team and you shouldn't pressure them". I don't think the dude who is making this could get an in-depth communication system going like we've seen in the Sims 2. And i'm not even sure how deep you could go with that because of Unity. Unity engine also comes with restrictions, as do all engines, which is why it is always smarter to build your own engine so you can tune it to your needs. I think he is very aware of this, which is why they are pushing the building so hard when releasing tiny snippets of what is possible in their game. They probably think that as long as the building aspect of the game is great, most people will forgive shitty and lifeless gameplay mechanics. Life By You will have the same problems (also made in Unity). And don't even get me started on how the characters look so horribly ugly in both games. How is that even possible in todays age? Just go on Fiverr and you will find dozens of artists who could come up with something better. I'm absolutely devastated by the realization that i will never get to see a great Sim game that is a mix of the Sims 2 and 3 with modern graphics in my life time and it sucks. I was wondering if some nonnas here feels the same way.

No. 312100

Omg yes nonna. I feel the same. At first I was excited but the fact that the most gameplay we've seen is sitting on a sofa is very telling. I gotta wonder how hard it is to make a game like sims 2 in modern year even if it was dialed back to like sims life stories level of customization. Like surely just the smallest bit of life simulation shouldn't be that hard to recreate.

No. 312137

The art style for both PL and LBY has always put me off but I wanted to believe…
>They probably think that as long as the building aspect of the game is great, most people will forgive shitty and lifeless gameplay mechanics
to be honest I always found building the most boring part of the Sims games which is why all my sims' houses were pre-made, downloaded lots or crappy squares with a roof on (if even that before I got Seasons lmao)
>great Sim game that is a mix of the Sims 2 and 3
That would be ideal but I really don't think we're going to get anything like that ever.

No. 312164

File: 1690926571661.jpg (75.9 KB, 736x736, 4daf3a8489495e7810f79e632800d5…)

I started playing Hotline Miami today but I'm so fucking bad at it.. I don't understand why you HAVE to play with WASD keys. Does it get better with more play time/practice?

No. 312173

I will always love the dichotomy between Aerith and Tifa. Tifa is supposed to be the badass punch girl and Aerith is the maiden healer, but when you actually get to know the characters, Tifa is loving and emotionally shy, and Aerith is a city girl that would probably say "AYY I'M FUCKING WALKING HERE" if you bumped into her in the street.

No. 312344

I play on PS4, but in my experience? Fuck no, it does not get easier. I gave up on it in the end. Then again, I am a n00b who plays games on easy because I'm mainly in it for the story. So take my frustrations with a grain of salt.

No. 312393

I don't understand what you mean, nonna? What game don't you play with WASD these days? The only thing you need to learn with Hotline is that you have to move fast and learn where your enemies are. Enemies basically slide towards you once they notice you so there isn't much time to look around and play it with a slow pace. And yes, it does get more difficult.
Playing Hotline Miami with a controller is definitely not recommended since it's such a fast paced game. I would recommend replaying it with MKB if you ever get the chance!

No. 312750

Just home brewed my 3DS. Any games you rec? I’ve played so many DS games but I want to try some hidden gems

No. 312751

Fantasy Life!

No. 312756

>Fantasy Life
Pretty much any Level-5 game like Yokai Watch and Professor Layton.

No. 312757

Shin Megami Tensei 4 and 4 Apocalypse are really great if you're into JRPGs.

No. 312764

yokai watch, kirby's epic yarn, and yokai watch 3

meh… i thought 4 was middle of the road, 4a was bad. the devil survivor ganes, persona q, and the soul hackers port are better than both as far as atlus goes.

No. 312772

I thought A4 was better than 4 because of the QOL features yhat were added. I couldn't stand Persona Q, that game felt too slow and boring.

No. 312775

the gameplay was more refined but the 4a plot, writing, and characters were consistently god awful. I guess it depends on what you're looking for in an rpg, I was never huge on the gameplay of either so I regret ever playing 4a.

No. 312776

I didn't mind the story, I liked what to added to 4's story a lot and I liked the characters even if the dub was kind of shit at times but for me the most important thing is gameplay.

No. 312801

Anyone here played Baldur's Gate 3? I'm wondering how it is because it's kinda giving me Tumblr vibes with the character designs and being able to customize genitalia is creepy tbh.

No. 312815

I swear it's the same song and dance every new State of the Game article for Destiny players. "Oh, no, the devs aren't doing the things I want specifically! Oh, no, the modes that don't get player engagement aren't being prioritized! Oh, no, they aren't going to make another ugly ritual armor set that was a rehash of the last one! Oh, no, Eververse! Again!"
Fucking christ, I haven't played this game since season 18, but even now D2 players and their whining has somehow made its way onto my timeline, and not a god damn thing has changed. They're all talk and no action, just like always. They loudly whine in their little subreddit, making overblown declarations about how the game is shit and that Bungie doesn't care, and that they're definitely dropping the game now for sure, and blah blah blah… Yet every new season they're slinking back to the game to check out the season pass, and the shiniest Eververse offerings, and the content.
These scrotes don't have a single ounce of integrity in which to pin their useless screeching, and all it does is prove how childish and entitled they truly are.
They deserve their misery.

No. 312820

It's awesome, don't let that put you off.

No. 312839

>I am a n00b who plays games on easy because I'm mainly in it for the story
Kek same. I love it so far, even all the little tidbits mixed into the levels and cutscenes.

Sorry, I didn't formulate it properly, I meant getting used to the playstyle rather than levels being easy. I don't play that many PC games and when I do, I tend to use the arrows. You're able to use them in the menu of HLM 1, so not being able to do it in the game too confused me.
But after playing a few more levels, it's exactly how you said! Basically just rushing in, memorizing the area and developing a system based on it. My favorite is to just lure them all to a spot with gunshots, like a true newbie kek.
I only just finshed the level with the restaurant/axe/the janitors/the black mobster on the toilet. But my least favourite so far was the level with the explosive room, purely because of the last two mobsters behind the barricades. I died so many fucking times trying to get them with machine guns.

No. 312859

If you don't even play the game anymore why do you care about fandom drama?
I love the game but I don't read reddit etc. about it anymore because they don't care about spoiling leaks.
Why does it feel like I'm the only person on this site who still actually plays Destiny.

No. 312890

If you'd read my post a little more thoroughly, you'd have seen this line:
>but even now D2 players and their whining has somehow made its way onto my timeline
I don't follow Bungie, or D2 game news updates at all, but the stuff found it's way onto my twitter tl anyway–my fault for browsing the 'For You' tab looking for art kek. Anyway, it was some D2 news account throwing a fit and denouncing Bungie, so I got curious, read up on the actual Bungie article, then checked the subreddit because it had been a while and I was interested to see how they were taking it. Low and behold, reddit scrotes continue to scrote. That's what I get for having expectations, I guess!
I dunno, it's irritating to see how the fandom culture around D2 still hasn't improved despite–or in spite of–how well the game is apparently doing and I let my temper get the best of me. Apologies! The reddit D2 bellyachers still deserve all their agony, though ♥
>Why does it feel like I'm the only person on this site who still actually plays Destiny?
I remember talking about Destiny some on here a while back but got crickets, so I stopped bothering–and that was well before I'd even stopped playing. FPS isn't the most popular genre on LC, so that's to be expected.

No. 312892

Etrian Odyssey series, cutesy but really challenging dungeon crawlers where you draw your own map on the bottom screen.

No. 312895

Seconded, they’re both really fun. I loved just about everything from 4, 4a isn’t as good but still worth playing. The english dub for both games (especially 4) is also fantastic.

No. 312955

File: 1691245595132.jpg (216.24 KB, 1024x1024, palia-1687372731836.jpg)

Got into Palia closed beta 2 days ago. It is nice and relaxing but I expected more multiplayer aspects since it is an MMO.

Open beta comes out August 10th and maybe lolcow.farm nonnies could make our own community (name for guild in this game)

No. 312957

I don't see point with making sim game with great building aspects since Sims 4 is already quite good in that imo.
What everyone is complaining about is life simulation itself - sims feeling like lifeless dolls and dumb etc. None of the new games that are supposed to compete with Sims are showing that they are improving that aspect.

No. 312969

this looks cute! i signed up just now, hopefully i'll be able to check it out soon.

No. 312986

Sims Urbz has fun minigames, good world map and zany writing. I played the GBA version but I heard the DS port is way better

No. 313040

They're both great! Never played the console ver though

No. 313049

>Sims 2 and 3 with modern graphics
Never happening. There is no soul anymore in the sims franchise. Paralives looks inspired by the sims 4 even. There will just never be anything with as much wit and uniqueness as the sims 2.

No. 313075

Thank you for sharing this game, it appears to be right up my alley and while I'm willfully going in mostly blind. I know that I'm going to enjoy exploring and the mechanincs in the beta, mostly intrigued by the golems though.

No. 313093

OP here and I went mostly blind too. I remember I signed up for it just because I read it is a community sim MMORPG and that is what I have been looking for ever since Mabinogi lol.

For now I am content with the game, looking forward to see what it grows into

No. 313116

File: 1691316479997.png (1.09 MB, 1600x900, how-the-resident-evil-2-remake…)

Nonnas… I never played horror games before and I am terrified of Mr X from RE2. i know thats the whole point of him, but the only thing I am scared of are chasing OP-enemies. I was wondering if anyone had the same issue? Other than that I am enjoying the game, its amazing and beautiful. Maybe i could install a mod where his model is replaced by something else…I wish there was a clear sound or way to hear him from the distance.

No. 313124

Install the mod that replaces Mr X with Thomas the Engine.
Alternatively, you can remove him altogether.

No. 313127

No one replied but that's ok I was totally going to buy it, if anyone else is wondering, get it on sale, is only around 3-4 hours but good closure for the main characters story.

No. 313139

Did you mean you only want to play the DLC? The Rose dlc is pretty good and it's worth the price on sale.

Kek I was scared of him in the beginning, but that was part of the fun for me. You can hear his footsteps pretty clearly plus I think there is a music that plays when he is close by. He is pretty scary in your first playthrough but once you get how he works it's pretty silly. Alternatively, you can shoot him with a magnum in the head and he will stay on his knees, though I don't recommend wasting ammo on him, just lure him to open spaces and go around him. RPD safe rooms, the STARS room and the clocktower are safe for you to hide from him. He doesn't follow you beyond the RPD. Hope this helps, I know it's scary at first but that's some of the fun of it. He is the scariest thing in the game imo.

No. 313203

Drafted up a backlog list of games I have to complete and a few old ones I want to revisit. Thought it didn't look too bad, but wanted more data, so I went to HowLongToBeat to calculate an estimate time it will take me for each game and then added them all up and got 2434 hours. If I give myself a generous average of two hours playtime per day (and that is very generous and quite frankly ambitious with twins on the way) that means I need roughly 3 years and 4 months to get through this backlog, which feels… paralysing, lol. Anyway, I want to use a backlog tracking site where I can input my games manually, I'm between backloggd and the backloggery: anyone here got any recommendations?

No. 313226

Yes, when I asked I had already completed the main game. I did end up enjoying it, a bit more challenging with the insta deaths at certain points. Good end to Ethan's story at least.

No. 313250

Hope you like the DLC as well, I really liked Ethan's arc personally. Village has some really good villains, maybe some of the best in the series.

No. 313294

anyone ever tried deep rock galactic before? been playing with my bf and I keep going down kek it feels really difficult when there is only two players and one (me) is a noob. if you played before do you have any tips? I've been playing scout and not sure if that is good for a beginner or not but I like how the weapons are long range and that there is a grappling hook to make a quick escape from the alien bug creatures

No. 313603

We need a comprehensive graphic about which video games are Final Fantasy adjacent because that shit is complicated. I'm talking about things like the Xenogears/saga/blade series are directly related to FF7, how SaGa is directly related to FF2, how Bravely Default and Second are directly related to the FF games with a job system, how Seiken Densetsu started as an FF spinoff, how there are games taking place in Ivalice that aren't even FF games, etc.

No. 313614

I am now imagining Leon, the boy who lived, shouting Riddikulus! at Mr X to turn him into Thomas The Tank Engine.

No. 313618

The Xeno-FF7 thing is just an Easter egg, they aren't actually connected. The various Xeno series aren't even really connected to each other much beyond similar themes and some vague ideas of the original creator that it's all in the same universe that I don't think is really evident in the games.

And Vagrant Story's Ivalice isn't really the same as FF Tactics Ivalice, and it's also different in Tactics Advance, and different in Advance 2 and FFXII.

No. 313623

>The Xeno-FF7 thing is just an Easter egg, they aren't actually connected.
I was thinking more about how Xenogears was proposed as FF7 at Squaresoft and other devs refused to make it an FF game because the story was too dark or complicated. I only played Xenoblade 1 and 2 so far and the second game reminded me a lot of FF in general, with Jin being Cloud and Sephiroth's love child when it comes to his character design, voice actor in Japanese, backstory, etc., or Amalthus being basically Seymour if he were well-written and actually intimidating.

No. 313625

Well that character was designed by Nomura.
I've only played Xenosaga and it's really not similar at all besides general JRPG tropes.

No. 313627

Nomura didn't write him though.

No. 313721

File: 1691587308614.jpg (546.36 KB, 2323x2751, Clock-Tower_2023_07-12-23_006.…)

This is so ugly.

No. 313725

File: 1691589147082.jpg (83.88 KB, 750x523, 03-clock-tower-jp-1995-ps1-gam…)

I have no idea why they went with this art style for the remake when the original game's graphics went for realism and weren't even slightly anime. It's like the artist wasn't talented enough to imitate the original's art style so they went for anime style instead.

The graphics were limited at the time, but you can see in my screen shot how the original game tried to give the mc a realistic face.

No. 313731

It's been months since I haven't played P5R so I just did Okumura's dungeon and it was piss easy and the boss fight is kicking my ass because it's hard AND I can't stop misclicking.

No. 313732

Yeah that phase can be tricky. Just make sure to have all the right elements to get the robots' weaknesses and pay attention to the order of the attacks and when to defend yourself. You may need to get some better personas for that, but once you get it right it'll be piss easy too.

No. 313734

I have the right elements, I understand what I should do but I can't focus anymore.

No. 313735

I give up. I think I broke the game. Stats don't work anymore so the MC has a persona with a higher agility than Haru BUT Haru decided to always act before him after I lost too many times, which makes my strategy impossible to do anymore. The RNG is fucked too because almost all the characters get hit with status effects and crits ecery single turns. I'm not even underleveled I don't get it.

No. 313736

File: 1691599394370.png (221.16 KB, 411x689, ctscene.png)

The anime disney face really doesn't suit the game. The artist they got pretty much only draws naked sexy girls with the same face, a terrible pick for this. The cover art is full of beginner's art mistakes, I have no hope for this. There is a troon on the team as well.

No. 313749

I just beat the boss. I put the game on "easy" and I don't think it changes stats or damage input during battle? It felt just as difficult but I managed to not misclick anywhere this time and not have my characters get killed by getting one or two critical hits in the face, I can't believe that was the real issue all along. I think the devs were doing crack when they came up with that boss fight because I checked and it seems it's way easier in the original game.

No. 313780

File: 1691624349685.png (299.58 KB, 721x309, 2020-05-21_1637.png)

Nayrt but that boss fight was such a pain in the ass. Apparently it's also easier if you put it on the highest difficulty level, and that worked for me. That was the only way for me to get past that fucker.

No. 313784

>game is called Clock Tower
>artist can't draw a clock tower
that's some real 21st century shit

No. 313787

This is the right answer. I was ready to give up until I read that advice on Reddit. After that it was cake.

No. 313789

This really irks me, that studio keep on redoing games and pasting on their bland western anime artstyle onto games that originally had good, distinct art-direction.
This style just totally clashes with the actual game's content, aren't they pretty much just porting the original game over, not changing the original spritework?
Autistic I know, but it pisses me off as a longtime Clock Tower fan. Hopefully they'll never get their grubby mitts on Ghost Head, that weird side game where you're a girl with a split personality, run from samurai armor and shit. Wacky entry to the series.

No. 313817

Please, are they remaking one of my favorite horror series?? they dont have to. fuccck, i'm tired of horror remakes

No. 313823

What in the webtoon??? I swear that's literally a traced 3D model of a clock tower, what a disgrace

No. 313831

So everyone at Atlus WAS doing crack! But seriously how does that work? Do you think it's easier on hard than on easy? This makes me feel less ashamed of changing the difficulty setting because wtf were they thinking.

No. 313875

File: 1691666722610.png (196.59 KB, 515x712, kinuko.png)

Damn, this piece the same artist did in '14 looks a lot better. What gives?

No. 313891

File: 1691675362150.jpeg (Spoiler Image,274.8 KB, 2082x1170, IMG_1949.jpeg)

>There is a troon on the team as well.
Fucking hell, you weren’t kidding.

No. 313892

I legitimately thought that was the cover of a western porn comic based on the game

No. 313904

clock tower more like cock tower huh

No. 313908

for a second I thought it was a woman with a severe case of melasma kek

No. 313974

Started playing Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning after I got it free on PS+ ages ago. So much bloom and plastic looking hair.
But it's fun so far, a bit generic fantasy, but I like the action battle system.
This'll tide me over till the Genshin and Destiny updates.

No. 314012

File: 1691724647703.jpg (25.17 KB, 564x564, 5ed8fdddd7c2081ce28ac52e2ef5df…)

>Overwatch launches on steam
>review bombed to mostly negative
Get fucked Blizzard

No. 314053

File: 1691737895359.jpg (Spoiler Image,138.5 KB, 884x967, dude.jpg)

Forgot to spoiler pic.
There was a discussion about life sims here. I found out about Tiny Life from a youtube video and decided to try it out myself. Encountered a bug and I went to the public discord server. The dev just has unrestricted channel where he posts racy photos and I didn't even had to do any age verification lol. 3rd picture had the mold of his dick. He also has the same pictures on his instagram linked in the dev page but it's groom-y in a discord server for a game supposedly safe for all ages.
Oh yeah and soundtrack is a banger but unfortunately made by a troon.

No. 314054

kek not even ow2? I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks its overhyped

No. 314075

Jesus Christ, that's fucked up. Imagine Kojima starting a Discord and showing pole. Actually don't, that's foul. But it's such a crazy time to be alive where you can purchase a game, talk to the creator and see the creator's weird fetish posts. Wild.

No. 314118

File: 1691767854510.jpg (35.95 KB, 353x408, 68435874367634.JPG)

It is OW2, OW1 was completely replaced by it. It's no longer possible to play OW1.
Will the review bombing change anything, though? Blizzard seem to be completely ignoring the userbase and getting away with it successfully. Makes me feel grim about how it will probably get worse for future games. Still, I'm glad to see the overwhelmingly negative reviews too.

No. 314152

Ah yes just what Clock Tower needed, a pickme porn artist who panders to men at every turn.

No. 314154

Dudes like this are why I refuse to pay for games anymore.

No. 314249

the greasy bangs

No. 314386

Anonnnnnns Baldur's Gate 3 is SO GOOD, I can't stop playing! There's so much to do, so much to discover, it's been a very long time since I got so into any game and honestly it was a bit a shot in the dark given I haven't played any previous Larian's games, and I'm not really that familiar with DnD; if there's anyone still on the fence - it's 100% worth it

No. 314388

I just got it today! How do you like the romances so far? I keep hearing that every character is horny out of their minds for the PC and it's kind of a turn off lol.

No. 314391

Seconded! Been playing since release and I'm obsessed. Haven't been this addicted to a game since playing Cyberpunk (no, I will not be accepting opposing opinions kek).

NTAYRT but I'm enjoying what little I've seen of the romances. Just got past Act 1 because I've been taking my time. Since all the companions are bisexual, they all have the potential to be attracted to you, which is only really a problem if you end up getting high approval for all of them. Even then, not every character wants to sleep with you immediately despite what some people are pushing.

The romances are generally slow burn, and Astarion and Lae'zel are the only ones you can sleep with immediately (someone correct me if I'm wrong), but their actual romances develop a lot slower from what I'm seeing. They're more of the fuck first, romance later type. With the other characters, though, you can flirt with them a lot, but they won't sleep with you just yet.

Generally though, people are over-exaggerating the horniness, I think. If you don't want someone flirting with you, you can just tell them that. There are options made for that exact reason. And some of the stuff that people are saying are romantic feel more platonic to me.

No. 314393

Yeah it's exactly as other anon says, the game gives you a lot of freedom in how you interact with the world and people in it; if you won't flirt with companions they won't be horny for your character either. That freedom's been really incredible so far, you really feel the difference in the way the game is depending on your actions. I've talked about my progress with coworkers recently and things went so completely different for all of us in Act 1 it's crazy.

No. 314394

Oh, thank God there's slow burn and redditors just made everything sound worse than it is as per usual. Thanks for the answers, nonas! I can't wait to play more when I have time. CRPGs that have a lot of choices and branching paths are just on a different level of fun.

No. 314400

Have fun, nona! This game has some creative ways to solve problems and quests, so have fun with it!

No. 314517

File: 1691950573849.jpg (222.51 KB, 1171x1080, 20230813_072934.jpg)

I hate to admit it, but I am in love with Astarion, he is just such a cute pathetic slut

No. 314518

I also need to share this official animation because it's adorable.

No. 314527

Sorry for hornyposting but where can I see pics of the nsfw content for this game? Everybody keeps talking about it, I'm really curious.

No. 314531

File: 1691953836559.png (Spoiler Image,244.13 KB, 325x717, F27holiWYAIqPt6.png)

I just played with my friends with nudity turned off because of awkwardness, but within the first 5 minutes of the game we figured out we could take Lae'zel's underwear, put it in our inventory and give it to any character. So of course we put it on everyone, kek. The game has some spicy fanservice outfits men can wear and apparently you can customize your character's genitalia. My current thoughts are: "wait, I can install it at home and see everyone I find cute fully nude and cheesily slow burn romance them, what is this power?"

No. 314577

File: 1691966087993.jpg (285.31 KB, 2048x1575, tumblr_63cc876155d96a628e29986…)

I finished OFF in one sitting yesterday and I can't believe how fucked up I am over it. It was really good, I regret not getting into it when it was big.

No. 314579

Every post on here is really making me wanna play this game.

No. 314580

What's the point of genital customization? Is that just something they added for the troons?

No. 314581

We can't even have normal Japanese video games with accurate translations without everyone shitting in their pants and crying but an AAA Western game is being praised by video game "journalists" because it has bestiality and cock and balls customization right after TLOU2 had an explicit on-screen sex scene that was most likely done with mocap. I hate the video game industry so much.

No. 314584

Give in to the urge…do it…Seriously nona, if you like RPGs at all (and maybe even if you don't), you should still give it a go. Currently, it's my GOTY.

I'm also in love with him. He tries to act smart and he's semi-okay at manipulation but he's kind of dumb, really, and I find that very hot in men.

No. 314589

Damn, graphics are getting pretty good these days.
But curious if it's more shaders/lighting/textures rather than actual model complexity.

No. 314658

File: 1691992771814.jpg (600.87 KB, 1080x1867, IMG_20230813_212536.jpg)

This is a game rated M, all characters are physically mature adults, the game lets you disable nudity. There is no pornification of women, no boob size slider and you can make the men wear any clothes you can make women wear.

Weebs pissing and shitting themselves over their highschool girl panties getting censored is hilarious. The only censorship that bothered me in Japanese games was Americans censoring guns and suicide (like in Forbidden Siren, while the Eu version was normal).

No. 314663

>Weebs pissing and shitting themselves over their highschool girl panties getting censored is hilarious.
If that's what you're thinking about based on my post you have no idea what you're talking about at all.

>no boob size slider

Genital customization is infinitely worse just as an idea.

No. 314666

No boob size slider is probably more because they didn't feel like editing armor sets then anything 'feminist' apparently there's a troon VA in the game.

Seems everybody already forgot about Cyberpunk. Though in that game it only matered in the menu and photo mode because it was first person. And the boob size choice seemed like it defaulted to the medium whenever you put a shirt on.

No. 314668

Then what are you thinking about? Give examples

Thinking about troons in a game that gives female fans so much pandering and options (and the male characters are more conventionally attractive) is sad.

No. 314669

>censoring guns
hearty kek

Wish I could justify getting new computer to play bg3 and starfield. I really do not want to spend 70 bucks on a game I have to play with oblivion graphics/can't get it run at all.

No. 314672

>censoring guns
It happened with multiple games.
Xenosaga had some wierd censorship in a few scenes, but it was probably more to keep a T rating then anything moral.

No. 314681

>Persona 5 Royal having a joke about two gay guys dragging Ryuji somewhere because they find him hot or cute turned into them dragging him somewhere to go shopping because yasss queen slayyy. When I saw this it seemed so out of place I had to look up wtf that was about.
>FE Fates, a game about family drama, parental abuse and war, doesn't want you to see the anti-hero character, Xander (or Marks) in the original as the anti-hero with daddy issues he is because that's not family friendly enough. They lowered the game's rating to make it seem like it's for small kids. Made half of the cast so OOC but especially the entire story incoherent. Imagine if Drakengard 3 was localized in the US and in Europe with no swear words, so references to sex and less violent backstories and the localizers slapped the T/12 sticker on it so kids would play it
>bare shoulders are absolutely haram, they changed the wedding dress that one of the main characters wears in #TMS
>the 16/17 years old MC in FE Engage can marry men in their 40s but can't date/marry characters their age anymore even though that game is way more family friendly than Fates and could have teenage players wanting to pair up their character with someone who's not an old fart
>FF16 US localizers changed a bunch of lines for no reason whatsoever, but it seems like other languages aren't affected. So you can lack info on characters or events. Some people are coping by saying "the OG and the English version have different lores you don't get it!"
>references to Amerifat politics in Japanese video games with Japanese characters such as one of the Dangan Ronpa games replacing a Shonen Jump reference with a "muh Donald Trump is le bad" joke
>Aegis Rim 13th Sentinel making a canon gay male crossdressing for safety or to spy on someone say shit about muh gender and muh binary in a line where the phrasing is much more natural than that. Of course it happens to a canon gay man who dates another gay man.
>And even in general, characters talking normally in Japanese suddenly speaking like they're in a Shakespeare play, having unreadable accents, changed names for no reason at all (fucking Dragon Quest…), keeping shitty or mistranslated lines in remasters or remakes because muh memes (the FF pixel remaster kept shit like "you spoony bard" because the localizers said it's too iconic to replace,as if that wasn't the perfect opportunity to correct that shit), making characters OOC to sell more to people who don't play that shit either way or to reassure worried parents that little Timmy won't be traumatized by references to Christianity in a JRPG, etc.

No. 314684

So… Literally nothing of significance?

No. 314686

>Imagine if Drakengard 3 was localized in the US and in Europe with no swear words, so references to sex and less violent backstories and the localizers slapped the T/12 sticker on it so kids would play it
This is funny because the Japanese version of DoD3 is much more tame (still weird about Zero being raped in a brothel as a child but that's in the novella) but they added way more sex dialogue and cussing in the west lol.

No. 314687

Play these games, you would get it. I forgot to mention Xenoblade 2 trying to replace references to Christianity and Japan because Nintendo of Europe is dumb as fuck and thought 4kids was actually a good thing. Things like making characters OOC in a character driven JRPG is pretty significant, it's mostly why a pretty good game like FE Fates in terms of gameplay managed to have a terrible reputation.

No. 314689

Gamers are so opressed with okama jokes being censored

No. 314690

Why do these jokes even need to be censored, they're so insignificant and harmless so I don't get it.

No. 314691

File: 1691999983348.png (151.42 KB, 589x900, tumblr_o1sp80TI0B1rxkilro1_640…)

it's too late now because troons would have a field day but free my man gracie

No. 314693

Your only valid point is about FE Fates getting mishandled because of its lack of finding a target demographic in the west. The rest are literal nothingburgers, differences in localization styles (yes, some characters speak in a very keigo way and it's hard to convey) and cringey translators trying to make a joke more localized and failing.

99% of these things didn't make people care in the west compared to weebs complaining about every cleavage and pantyshot coverage.
>We can't even have normal Japanese video games with accurate translations without everyone shitting in their pants and crying
Like, literally nobody cares about the accuracy of crossdressing otokonoko jokes compared to the main thematic of a game.

No. 314697

>yes, some characters speak in a very keigo way and it's hard to convey
It's only hard to convey if you're very incompetent or if you want to insert your fanfic to "improve" the original work.

>cringey translators trying to make a joke more localized and failing.

They often do that to replace completely normal, neutral and serious lines though. When a serious or dramatic scene happens and suddenly a character says a sarcastic joke that's OOC and would make Joss Whedon himself cringe it ruins the entire scene. Best case scenario you have a comedic scene where the characters talk naturally and argue without making pop culture references with each other but the localizers will explain the joke, will make the characters say something very unfunny instead and will make it unrelated to what's going on onscreen. I've seen some screenshots of the Kiseki games and it's amazing how unfunny American localizers are. I also forgot to mention MGS1 vs MGS2 localization and how the guy who did it for MGS1 changed a lot of small things to make it more serious or make it seem more like he personally would imagine a mid 30s fed up soldier being used as a pawn to the point where some players found MGS2 weird in comparison, and Kojima was really annoyed at this and iirc he told the localizer to not randomly change shit next time. But then again I wanted to give more recent examples.

>99% of these things didn't make people care in the west

Because many people don't even know there's a huge difference between the original and the butchered localization.

tldr; I don't get how the exact same people praising the genital customization and bestiality in that new Western RPG are the exact same one praising wholesome gay pairings or entire plot points and character development being changed or censored in other games. It's pure nonsense. And yes it's the exact same people because they're always the same one acting as influencers online or are game journalists.

No. 314700

>male characters are more conventionally attractive
Ok so I looked up the romance options and yeah the elf is pretty but he seems like an asshole, the other guy is ok, but he seems like a lame hippy, and the guy I might agree with the most is the ugly one…

No. 314701

God same, been ages since I was so into any fictional character
Spoiler for a very general info about Astarion romance he seems like an asshole initially but the romance is surprisingly tender and sweet and you see him show his vunerable side

No. 314710

>What's the point of genital customization?
Their target audience are people who got into DnD through Critical Role and fan culture, which is focused on romance and sexual content. Conservative moids will purchase and play it despite pretending they're boycotting, they're addicted to consooming games on a release.
Also it's fun to see moids complaining when the original series romances were:
>self insert of a nice guy (m'lady type) as the only option for a female PC.
>dark elf dominatrix (portrait traced over a porn star pic)
>mature redhead elf (mummy issues)
>traumatised elf teenager (flashback of moids calculating if she's legal in their country and discussing ethics of human/elf sexual relationships)
>interesting male elf cut content (he was planned to be bi anyways because nice things can't be exclusive for a female PC).
Gaider would have dick customisation in BG2 if he could, but it was a low resolution 2d game.

No. 314739

I liked that volo is in it, he's so goofy. It would be weird to have a dnd game without him yeah but fun goofy volo. Love that guy.

No. 314743

File: 1692016119040.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 3840x2160, 20230814_142922.jpg)

I like the (unnecessary) male sexualization in this game, it's a hilarious change from scantily clad ladies. Sexy mind flayers?? The wizard can have an astral projection sex scene in the sky with you?

I am just an average lady who doesn't even like porn because it's so male centered and offputting (I am struggling to find any nudity examples online for anons because I literally don't know how I would find them, I only get my nudity in anatomy books kek) and I find ERPers cringe. This game however has me laughing at the boldness and casual approach, it reminds me of some romance novels I find cheesy but still get giddy about. I initially turned the nudity in the game off because I thought it would be annoying and cringey.

No. 314794

that girl has terrible boob implants

No. 314804

I want a new Dissidia game with characters from the more recent FF games right now. I heard the one on the PS4 was very different from the PSP games so I wish a new game would be like the PSP Dissidia games if that were to happen someday.

>The wizard can have an astral projection sex scene in the sky with you?
That sounds really stupid and not equivalent at all to what fanservice with female character usually is. And it reminds me of the Snapewives.

No. 314805

Imagine finally managing to astral project yourself only to find out that you have hideous bolt-ons on the astral plane. I'd rope.

No. 314806

what, her boobs look normal anon…

No. 314807

I'm curious, I found the mind flayer, but where can I watch this astral projection scene?

No. 314809

lmao those are textbook bolt-ons. you can see the edge of the implant, it's that bad. i understand how that would be easier on the person responsible for the 3d stuff, but come on.

No. 314810

normal if you've only seen boobs in porn before or you think they hold their shape after you take your bra off (kek)

No. 314814

>hunky wizard with flowing hair
>"ew the self inserf girl's boobs are too stiff and don't have softness physics"
Is this the genderbent equivalent of 4chan neckbeards

No. 314815

why so serious?

No. 314820

Maybe this is just a bad screencap, but
>craterface and plucked chicken skin male with dehydrated grandpa physique
>woman is allegedly the player character but the main focus is on her tits/body
I think I'll skip this one, thanks

No. 314821

I need this so bad. Who did you play?

No. 314823

the wizard looks like a 4chan neckbeards idea of what a middle aged suburban mom would be attracted to anyways. that corny shit is not sexy at all let alone enough to distract me from those god awful bolt ons in the dead center of the scene.

No. 314824

File: 1692039145175.jpg (166.9 KB, 395x383, 1617173776559.jpg)

You never read the japanese Fates script. You can make a lot of complaints about the game's localization, but the main story got left unscathed, warts and all.

No. 314825

I only played the first Dissidia and I don't have a physical copy of the game. I should try to get it on the Vita for old time's sake. My main was Firion because I was also playing FF2 on the PSP and liked it a lot more than I thought I would. If they make a new game they better put Minwu in it, he's my most obscure husbando but I know Nomura considered adding him in the PS4 game or in Duodecim so nothing is impossible. I also really liked playing as Terra and Tidus. Someday I'll play FF6, I need to order the Pixel Remaster on play asia first though.

No. 314826

Prove me I'm wrong. I'll wait. When a main character says directly contradicting things in both scripts to the point the players think the character is an actual schizo or that two different teams of writers wrote him without consulting each other, you know there's a massive issue with the localization.

No. 314831

File: 1692040424615.jpg (90.14 KB, 828x1024, 724CE785F06F4985B2694643B7091A…)

That's the thing: Xander/Marx' inconsistent characterization is part of Fates' shitty original script. The story is dogshit in japanese too, I have no idea how you can believe otherwise when we have documentation and multiple people who read both scripts confirmed it. Hell I played the awful Fates' fantranslation and it's the same story as the Treehouse/NOA version, just with bad and stilted dialogue.

Treehouse also did not touch Marx' supports. He is a noble big brother in the original ones and it still clashes with how he's Garon's lapdog through most of the routes' main stories.
The characters who got changed are mainly Effie, Niles/Zero and Soleil. The rest of the changes are mostly certain supports like Saizo/Beruka, Silas/Hana and Kagero/Azama.

You could easily bring up these complaints instead: Effie turned from a sweet powerhouse to a roided muscle girl, Niles' dark sadism and perversion being basically gutted from the game, Soleil turning down male love interests in her S supports except for Forrest, Forrest being a little bitch in his join chapter, various faux feminist changes to many small details, the complete removal of sexy swimsuits and of the crappy petting minigame…
It was an awful localization that removed plenty of content without replacing it with anything. But the main script is the only thing it did right, it perfectly translates the original's garbage story. Treehouse did many things wrong but Fates' story is all Intelligent System's fault.

No. 314833

Xander barely opposes his father. He seems like a schizo in European languages because American localizers didn't like that he was a coward, a little bitch and had massive daddy issues that would make Freud roll in his grave. He spends the whole game knowing that Garon is fucked in the head, that he's a terrible ruler and that something's wrong with him because he wasn't like that years ago, and yet he willingly obeys his father no matter what because that's his duty as his son and as the heir. All of this is consistent, because the only time in Conquest when he decides to act is when it turns out that Garon was dead all along and was zombified by another entity. Same shit in the shitty DLC route when he hears Garon saying stupid shit that makes it obvious he's not the actual Garon. Otherwise he would have let him slaughter more people while thinking "man, my dad sucks, too bad I'm his son I guess."

Meanwhile in English he's always like "muh little princess, father is a terrible man! but I'll let him do whatever he wants because uhhh I'm a retard! Oh but no I think he didn't do anything wrong now! Oh btw little princess uwu do you remember the 20 times I told you dad was evil and we can't do anything against him? Well if you were wrong about him being possessed by something else while mass murdering people then I'll kill you bitch!" Keep in mind that in the scene in English when he says he'll kill you for being a traitor or whatever right before you fight Garon transformed as a monster in the throne room, in Japanese he just says there will be consequences against the MC if the MC is wrong not because he wants to, but because the MC needs evidence before making this kind of accusations. Don't even get me started on the long speech he does about justice that's so ooc it's hilarious. In the og he just says there's no justice, life is unfair and good people die all the time and that's it, he keeps it short. He's noble while being much more of a anti-hero.

I'm not getting a PS5 because it's not in my budget but I checked some FF16 playthrough and it's hilarious how Dion reminds me of what the localizers tried to make Xander into. They're actually opposites. It's just a reference if you're curious or want to play that game someday. Anyway you can dislike Fates' story for being badly written but blame the right people over this. I could imagine people disliking the story as it should have been presented in the first place as well but many people would have complained way less over it being inconsistent imo. Maybe they would have complained about it being boring or melodramatic instead.

>Treehouse also did not touch Marx' supports.

They did, but way less than in the main story. I do remember some minor changes like him being slightly less explicit when he basically tells Nyx he's suicidal after executing some unnamed siblings who tried to assassinate him and others. And that's relevant because he commits suicide by cop in Birthright and you're supposed to see how it all comes together in either scene depending on which route you played first. Or there's his supports with Charlotte where he says he never imagined finding love and getting married to her and she's like "omg are you saying you're actually gay?". That's obviously less impactful than what I said earlier.

>You could easily bring up these complaints instead

I agree with all you said but didn't have time when I made my first post.

>the complete removal of sexy swimsuits

That one pissed me off so much because I played a lot against people in uni thanks to the streetpass feature and these items actually increased stats during multiplayer battles.

No. 314837

>no boob slider
>good thing
ah yes, let's all be happy with the default C/D cup boob size it's not like flat chested women also exist am i right?

No. 314838

Of course we don't exist! I'm posting this from the astral plane btw.

No. 314841

The reason I assume it's a troon thing is because no normal person would give a shit about genital customization. With faces,abs, pecs, boobs etc I can see why people would want to adjust those. But genitals?

I've never watched Critical Roll, is it really that sexual? Is this what the dnd fandom is now? I know dnd has always had a little horniness but I didn't realize it had gone full coomer.

No. 314852

File: 1692051579022.jpg (117.89 KB, 1024x801, FwZcyFraIAANf-H.jpg)

After over three months after it's release, I finished most of the main story in Tears of The Kingdom. I take this game as slow as possible because for me there is only one first impression and I want to make it as special as possible. I already adored BOTW but TOTK improved so much! I'm especially happy that the story is somehow more complex than in BOTW, so I'm really excited about the ending. Ngl I teared up a bit when I collected all dragon tears. Even when I knew who the white dragon was, the transformation scene and the last shed tear with the flowers really touched me. The Gerudo Temple was the absolute best imo, bc it was the perfect fusion between old and new Zelda games. I still have to do some main story quests and explore the rest of the depths and finally beat some Gleeoks. I'm already over 200 hours in and I think I will beat my botw score of 285 hours. I will continue to take it slowly bc god knows for how long we have to wait for a new zelda game after that, even when I really, really, really want to know how the story ends.

I also like to mention that ganondorf's design in this game is just top tier.

No. 314883

Why do they all have the same face

No. 314896

Why do you care this much

No. 314910

>I've never watched Critical Roll, is it really that sexual?
Critical Role itself is not at all in my opinion; and fandom as any fandom loves to talk about shipping

No. 314949

File: 1692093755250.jpg (78.88 KB, 568x600, pixiv5337387.jpg)

I don't get it everytime I see someone saying that FF16 is just like GOT because I have never watched that show, I just know some vague things about it. I'm watching a playthrough of FF16 because no PS5 for me so everytime characters talk about war and politics and betraying a country and its people for another I just think that well, you know, it's the typical fantasy plot you'd find in a JRPG, like in other FF games or in FE games, but in HD. I haven't see people complaining about it, they're just like "oh it's just like in GOT" during some cutscenes. Like at that point I assume that if FF2 were an HD game with the exact same plot but more detailed cutscenes and dialogs (for example if they took some of the canon stuff from that super old novel and put it in the game) people would say the exact same thing. I don't think you'd have to add any sex scene in it, just keep the scene where Firion is seduced by the fake princess and nearly gets stabbed and you'd have the same comments about it.

No. 314950

i wouldn't care if the game had limited customization but you can create a huge variety of faces, you can even choose your genitals, but you don't have the option to make your female character flat chested? the lady model has the default sexy body. it's already bad enough that moid developers don't care but even sjwtrannies like to pretend that flatchested women don't exist or that we are pedobait

No. 314955

I think that might be a bit of an overreaction, boob sliders primarily exist in more nsfw games (the ones that let you go from tiny to massive) and like most of the ones I've seen in modern gaming don't let you go to either extremes just like B-D (not emoji). Not really hitting where I lie either but in every game I can get breasts my size it's jiggle physic simulator.
If we really look at it, there isn't much room for body customisation at all, can't be fat, can't be rail thin, but you must have a bangin' bod not regular person bod. It's actually a lot less in depth than I imagined, I spent more time on the cyberpunk one.
The genitalia is only for a small amount of people who aren't going to use Male normal or Female normal but it gets them praise so why not. Even though a character definitely called mine a lady lmao.
Dragonborns are flat chested if you really want it.

No. 314972

>you can create a huge variety of faces
Are you talking about Baldur's Gate 3? Because there are 6 faces to pick from for each race and no sliders whatsoever. You can only change the colors and some minor things like makeup. The limited CC is what makes the genital slider even weirder to me, it's pure fetish shit.

No. 315016

4chan neckbeards complain about any female characters who don't meet their coomer standards because a video game not giving them a boner is literal oppression in their eyes. Women pointing out and joking about a character model that was very clearly made to meet those coomer standards are not the same thing. Just say you like astral wizard cock and go.

No. 315066

I take better animations and limited choice over extreme face sliders any day honestly. Genitalia are a gimmick, they're not animated anyway and got Larian some more coverage in media.

No. 315096

File: 1692137015901.jpg (Spoiler Image,268.95 KB, 831x871, astarion5.jpg)

This board literally can't comprehend that some women might be into any other males than anime bishounen or kpop members. BG3 is one of the most equal opportunity pandering games ever made but it's pointless to try talk about it because it's not anime style so the reactions will just be "eeeew, who cares?"

No. 315108

I hated the part in P5R where you have a lot of useless cutscenes about the beach and Hawaii, and the arc right after that with Haru and her shitty dad was boring until her dad dies on TV, I'm glad it becomes interesting and fun again after that.

No. 315119

File: 1692146392045.png (941.37 KB, 1101x798, Destiny 2_20230806154745.png)

I just don't like fantasy that much so I'm more picky. And I'm always super picky about personality when it comes to romance.

No. 315121

Idk what the context of this is, but he'd be hot if his face didn't look so dehydrated. Damn dude wear some lotion and sunscreen why don't you

No. 315122

You mean genital customization? I've never played it, but I know that the Conan games allowed people to customize dick size.

No. 315126

Tried BG3 for the first time today. Played for 10 hours straight.

No. 315136

File: 1692151950667.png (1.78 MB, 1800x900, phas.png)

Been playing phasmophobia and a big update is supposed to be dropping this thursday. It's supposed to reset the player's money? and create a new levelling system where you can use worse or more high-tech tools. Does anyone else play phasmo? What do you guys think about this update?

No. 315139

Weird take when I've seen the husbando threads even be encouraging of a nonna who wants to fuck skeksis from the dark crystal

No. 315145

I used to think I was picky, and then all the characters start fawning and I'm like yesss bring them all. Though Lae'zel is my fave because of her fun war mongering ways, she's very fun, I love replying I believe you when she's like I'm the greatest warrior in combat.

No. 315184

I’m down so fucking tremendously bad for the bratty vampire elf. I have hundreds of hours in Divinity 2. BG3 is GOTY I will not hear anything else.

No. 315198

You’d think that a vampire elf wouldn’t look old, and yet.

No. 315217

Leave him alone he was like tortured for 200 years that tends to age you a bit

No. 315219

Based lae'zel liker, she's so funny I love her. I also like karlach she's kinda adorable.

No. 315257

I'm bizarrely still salty about the HM A Wonderful Life remake… Some deep, autistic part of me just rees every time I see that they changed something. I guess what I wanted was a remaster. Honestly, it was and is a pretty shitty game but my 10 year old self obsessed over it to the point of making spreadsheets and annotating the manual. I would play it for 10+ hours a day.

No. 315262

He looks too old, sorry we don't all enjoy middle-aged cock

No. 315278

Is it just me or are all the male romances in BG3 very lacking for female players? Gale is still obsessed with his goddess ex and also reminds me of neckbeard redditors (I could go on an entire rant about how much I dislike Gale ugh), Astarion talks like such a faggot that I can't imagine being anything but his faghag bestie, Halsin is obviously meant to be a (literal) bear archetype for gay men, and Wyll is just boring and a moralfag.
Karlach is so far my favorite but knowing that men are using her for their "uwu step on me mommy hehe" bullshit disgusts me, she deserves so much better.

No. 315294

I'm like midway into the Gale thing after the whole we be weavin' stuff and yeah him mentioning stuff like that is putting me off even sexin' him (which is all I was gonna do tbh). I'm much more interested in speaking to the female characters.

No. 315295

I don't know how far into the game you are so I'll spoiler this in case you don't know the specifics of his "condition" but it disgusts me so much that he has sex with the player character even though he has a magic bomb in his chest and only reveals it after they already banged. If you get mad at him for not telling you he basically shrugs it off and is like "I wanted you and that's why I didn't tell you" without even showing any remorse. Kudos to the devs for making such a flawed character but god, he annoys the fuck out of me with his selfishness.

No. 315298

Thanks for the spoiler I have already been spoiled on that but yeah dick move, it just kinda makes his "we should all get along I'm so nice uwu" schtik seem like a bit of an act, like what would you be like in a long term relationship.

Lae'zel is very take her as you see her, very forward
ShadowHeart has some secrets but they don't alter her personality and she has great reasons to be like that.
Asterion has some baggage but is obviously a shit stirrer.
and I don't pay attention to anyone else.
Either way I'm more into Lae'zel now because of Gale's weirdness.

No. 315301

The devs said they literally had to watch it for inspo

No. 315351

I know that, so what? That doesn't change the fact that it reminds me more than enough of other FF games and other JRPGs. I really don't get why people have this "oh shit it's like in GOT" when they see grown men talking wearing medieval clothes and armors about politics and war strategies as if it were the only story that has that. If I'm missing something like specific references enlighten me because I'm not watching a long TV show if the ending is shit and if the source material isn't over yet, that would be too frustrating.

No. 315450

Gale looks like Billy Ray Cyrus, and he’s too easy, and I don’t like being cucked by his magic mommy. I haven’t talked to Wyll much, he’s hot but he’s so up his own ass and preachy it puts me off. I find Shadowheart kind of boring because she’s clearly the inoffensive waifu of choice. Karlach feels moid pandery but I haven’t talked to her much. Laezel is at least funny and she claps ass and has a lot of gap moe, obviously acquired taste. Astarion has the twinky whump bait thing going on, and he carries the team but he gets in the way of story when you don’t want to be a total shit to everyone you meet.

No. 315480

You have summed up Astarion for me in a way I never could, he really is in the background of a bunch of cutscenes going nooo don't play out the plot just pick the "do nothin' because mmm evil" path noo stop having fun!

No. 315484

How is karlach moid pandery? Maybe it's because I follow mostly lesbians but I've only seen them lusting after her.

No. 315485

I was just about to say that Karlach is 100% for the lesbians. I know a lot of men are doing the whole "step on me mommy" thing, but something tells me Karlach would hate that shit.

No. 315486

Yeah she isn't like that as a character at all lol. If anything that's more lae'zel KEK and moids seem to hate her.

No. 315540

God I want to play FF16 so bad. Just in case, are PS4 games compatible with the PS5 if they're physical copies? Because I prefer physical copies in general and I don't plan on getting a PS5 just for 1 game.

No. 315649

File: 1692308281667.gif (1.62 MB, 498x466, IMG_5404.gif)


No. 315672

Even if you need to spoiler it.. how? These guys are all dumb and easy to romance. I even held of giving Gale magic items for ages and he still wants all this

No. 315738

I don’t know, Karlach just friend zoned me

No. 315792

I feel like the game pushes me to use Shart a lot. I didn't in the begining and all the banter between my party members stopped before I even went to the goblins. But the moment I put her in, she constantly has something to say about a place we are in or banters away.
And can my companions stop cucking me? I'm trying really hard to romance people and get their approval and it's taking time. BUT, if I have SH in my party they start sounding like they all wanna bang each other lol, poor Tav not included. At the begining it felt very nice for female players but the more I play the more I see male ROs as kinda sucky? Are female ones any better?
I personally feel SH is the most moid pandery "tsundere waifu". She is also feeling like a canon main character, writers favourite probably. Karlach on the other hand feels like an afterthought, like she's a DLC character. Even the animation upthread doesn't have her in it for some reason.

No. 315813

File: 1692376311163.png (2.14 MB, 1535x1905, 376337734.png)

I think Shadowheart is okay as an annoying little sister character. I can't imagine actually romancing her because she feels A LOT younger than all the other companions. Everyone seems to be in their 30s while she comes across like an edgy 19 year old.
>Are female ones any better?
Lae'zel and Karlach are both great and I much prefer them over any of the male romances. Lae'zel has some great development and has a soft heart beneath her warrior exterior, and Karlach is just chill as hell.

No. 315831

Shadowheart grew on me but I would never romance her, I also definitely thought she was the one trying to appeal to men the most.

No. 315859

File: 1692385920572.jpg (282.6 KB, 1920x1080, cosmic_wheel_of_sisterhood.jpg)

>wow, this looks really cute and relaxing
>probably dumb and safe narrative and characters, but wtv
>content warning: "gender dysphoria"
>bleh, gross
>but going to try it anyway
>maybe it's just a enby
>(a TIF or a woman struggling with herself vs society's view of woman would be acceptable in a game about witches and sisterhood)
>A FUCKING MAN, the usual aimless shut-in addicted to vydia that troons out after too much porn
>not even the typical HSTS, but a fucking AGP in the making
>quit and uninstall

fuck whoever made this game

No. 315882

Dammit, I was thinking of buying this. Glad I put it off because of its weird vibes.

No. 315900

I thought it was charming until a FUCKING MALE IN A SISTERHOOD appeared. The art was cute and making your own tarot deck was different for a deck building game. But i cant fucking stand troons, specially one that looks like YandereDev.

No. 315933

Thanks for saving me wasted time nonny

No. 315940

Lae'zel goes from "If you can't take on 10 warriors and fireballs blasting at you at once then you're literally a disgrace" to Duelling you as par for her culture's relationship continuation and getting incredibly upset that she hurt you I wouldn't trade her for anyone else.

No. 315942

did you buy it on steam? be sure to refund it.

No. 315949

Why must men invade everything?! It's about the sisterhood and yet a man still makes an appearance. I hate this troon pandering so much and it needs to end. Women need to start gate keeping.

No. 316007

File: 1692442100555.jpg (629.14 KB, 1890x1922, 1692068987718324.jpg)

I'm seriously considering getting a PS5 later this year or maybe at the beginning of the next year. I want to move to my own place first, I have a tiny TV so I will most likely replace it so while I do have the money for a PS5 and some games right now is not the good time. FF16 makes me want to have one but since it's compatible with PS4 games I'm considering getting other games I wanted to play for a long time. Here's what I would also like to play
>FF15 and FF7 remake (I want the other FF remasters on the Switch because I like playing on handhelds a lot more)
>Resident Evil 2, 3 and 4 remakes
>DMC5, and maybe get the previous games as well since my PS2 is dead
>maybe Kingdom Hearts as a whole, I always wanted to play them
>Yakuza? I'm not sure where to start with this though

What else would you suggest, based on your own personal preferences? I like JRPGs a lot but not only so I'm pretty open-minded but please don't recommend ugly Western AAA games that require like 5 DLCs to be actually complete and that force you to play with an internet connection. I don't want to play online stuff in general anyway.

No. 316082

Troons really are so obsessed with appropriating female exclusive things like witches, sisterhood, etc. Women really can't have anything to themselves without males around.
>More than anything else, it's about sisterhood and womanhood, and approaches these themes politically and bravely. At one point, you help a trans woman transition into the witch she wants to be. There is queerness everywhere, and female solidarity everywhere you look.
Into the trash it goes.

No. 316085

Kek it’s obvious how much they want to spite JK Rowling

No. 316124

If you want to play the Resident Evil remakes, might as well give 7 and 8 a try too.

I personally like roguelike games, binding of isaac, hades, slay the spire, enter the gungeon and crypt of necrodancer are my favorites in this genre.

No. 316127

I mentioned the remakes because of some weird "nostalgia", because when I was a kid during the PS1 gen my older cousin had a PS1 and some of the games and I wasn't allowed to play them because "they're for grown-ups, they'retoo violent" even though I really wanted to play them. So I think I'll play them first if I can and if I like them enough I'll play 7 and 8 after.

I don't think I've ever played roguelike games so I don't know if I'll enjoy the genre but I'll keep these titles in mind just in case. I know they're also on the Switch but games on the Switch are usually more expensive iirc so idk.

No. 316132

I see, it was the same for me, I avoided RE and SH because people said it was too violent. When I got a little older I finally played the first 4 silent hills but completely forgot about RE. When the RE2 remake was made I decided to give it a shot and enjoyed it a lot, I think it's a perfect game to get into the series, hope you like it!

No. 316148

kek when I was a kid I thought Silent Hill was originally a movie and I have no idea why. I heard that the HD remasters of the first games are kind of shit but I don't remember what I read about them exactly. Something about the fog not being rendered properly in one of the remasters but not only. From what some anons said about that series it could be the kind of stories I would enjoy a lot though.

No. 316149

I'm a big Yakuza fan, and I recommend starting with Yakuza 0. It's a prequel, but IMO it's better to play the series in chronological order of events instead of when the games were released. You can get it really cheap now, and it's insanely good value for money and just a damn good game.

No. 316152

People hate the remasters because the replacement voice actors for all of the characters are awful

No. 316154

I assume you can't switch between different voices and languages?

No. 316213

File: 1692493147801.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, mewagweg.png)

Samefagging. Just played the new update for hours. It's a lot of fun but it's so difficult. I must have gotten filtered by ghosts a dozen times. And I almost had a heart attack because my headphones were too loud, kek. Just wish I had other people to play with.

No. 316214

Please tell me there is at least a lesbian romance option in BG3.

No. 316221

File: 1692496225854.gif (3.96 MB, 480x480, 1692025544145507.gif)

I've finished Pikmin 4, have you? It was pretty damn fun. I like how the areas were nice and big to explore thoroughly so the game didn't feel short at all. Oatchi didn't feel too overpowered, the only thing he's truly overpowered at from the get-go is being able to condense your Pikmin in one tight little circle. I agree as well, there are times where I felt like I didn't have enough Pup Drive for him because rescuing castaways are the only way to increase them. Also, Moss is a cutie and I love her.

No. 316226

File: 1692498269746.png (66.19 KB, 800x450, 27403543.png)

Halls of torment has got a fucking death grip on me, I like Roguelikes like binding of isaac,vampire survivors,brotato but this one gives me the most dopamine and I really dig the diablo like graphics, it's straight up crack for me.

No. 316231

omg same nonny, i unlocked the sorceress and holy shit ive never had so much fun just poppin lil dudes

No. 316235

I am pretty sure all romance options aren't gender locked, but other nonnas can correct me.

No. 316256

They aren't no.
Not my jam but there are some characters I think you can romance when you're in a relationship but only in very specific combos.

No. 316262

There's at least 4 women you can choose from

No. 316263

Oh wait that's not including one night stands so there might be more actually lol

No. 316264

Does anyone else prefer the datamined karlach head to the current one they went with. I'm kind of sad they didn't go with the more androgynous head.

No. 316265

File: 1692531947815.jpg (237.44 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_bc4c514374d117f093a5622…)

For reference I'm talking about this one

No. 316268

Nope. I love the version they went with, her monolids are adorable. She already has a huge, buff body so giving her a masculine face as well would not have fit her sweet personality in my opinion. It would've been cool if a part of her face had also been scarred like the rest of her body but oh well, that's what mods are for.

No. 316271

I honestly like the idea of a serious/stern looking woman with a sunny disposition. Would love to see more masculine women on games too tbh, all the other romance options are fairly feminine

No. 316332

I havent played it, but it is a missed opportunity to not include co-op. Looks like a lot of fun though! All the Pikmin games are to me.

No. 316333

The movies are hot garbage compared to the game. The only SH worth playing is SH 1-3. Anything else is kinda meh, but still okay if you like the lore.

No. 316349

SH 4 is just as good as 1-3 imo. You are right about the rest though, they are garbage, I've played them all including downpour that has 3 enemies in the whole game and they are all stupid looking.

No. 316591

Anyone playing Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?
It's like a spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio. I've been having a lot of fun with it so far, the cel-shading is spot-on.

No. 316595

File: 1692655861901.jpeg (56.13 KB, 720x540, C680B945-9808-4B5F-9764-CD14EA…)

I think SH only had English voice acting because the characters were modeled with their voice actors. This was one of the reasons why people didn’t like it getting re-recorded, because it was like they replaced actors and actresses that performed in a specific style with modern anime VAs.

The old Resident Evils also only had English voice acting because the games took place in America, so Capcom wanted it in English.

No. 316596

File: 1692656793367.png (726.04 KB, 557x697, F3eIVOiaIAAjKDe.png)

Holy shit can Gale leave me ALONE already? I can't believe this middle aged incel has been chasing me down nonstop even though I'm in a relationship with Astarion and have rejected him every single time he tried to start something. I never even selected any nice options again after the second time it happened. During the Tiefling party I rejected him to sleep with Astarion, then I rejected him during the Weave thing, then rejected him again when he compared me to his cat. Now he invited me to go hang out under the stars and tried to bang me (I quick saved beforehand because I could tell this is where it was going). And every single time his ass guilt trips me for not being into him.
He must be bugged, right? There's no way it's intended for him to still thirst for Tav even after getting turned down so many times. I haven't even had him in my party for a good 10 hours of playtime now and he's still probably secretly sniffing my bedroll whenever I leave camp. Those magical boots I fed him must have been aphrodisiacs or something.

No. 316603

This is a common complaint with Gale to the point yes people believe he is bugged, many people have given him an outright NO answer and still gotten passes from him so imma assume it's bugged because no other character is like this.

No. 316612

This got me kekking. He’s such a bum he’s hoeing for some greens.

No. 316620

His last gf kicked him out when he tried to obtain godlike powers and now he realises you're the main character? He's like a hobosexual but for power.

No. 316632

I'm wondering something, what does the reboot change about the story? I kind of fell off towards the end many years ago and I wouldn't mind trying it again with new content.

No. 316655

I kicked him out of my camp as soon as I could, it's actually been much nicer not having him there and I get to keep the loot I like.

No. 316720

File: 1692716714870.jpg (859.1 KB, 1421x2048, tumblr_e224a51f0d74fc7eb5d3541…)

I personally really liked Gale's romance. He's very cute and dorky and my heart melts at some of his dialogue with how much he adores you. All companions have very good voice acting but Gale's voice especially is just soothing to listen to. (A shame Wyll got a new actor, I liked how much warmth radiated off his old voice.) Lae'zel and Jaheira were very fun to have as companions and are also my favorites.
I have mixed feelings on the guardian..
The only one I disliked was Halsin, which is a shame because in Early Acess I really liked him.

No. 316744

Why do you dislike Halsin?

No. 316761

I'm not so sure tbh. He's got the makings of a character I would like. I do think his love for honey and carving ducks is endearing and I really like the ''scary intimidating giant who is actually very soft and sweet'' trope, and his design and voice actor is so good too! but after you finish up his quests, he begins to talk about how he views sex, relationships and all it really soured his character for me from that point on. Maybe I'm not a real fan of how sexual he is and my excitement just deflating instantly. (Which i guess is weirdly hypocritical of me to feel since I do love Astarion, and Zevran in DAO who are both very sexual elves too. so idk)

No. 316764

i know a woman that dropped her 60 hours long savefile after halsin told her that he is okay to share kek

No. 316772

Ahh she should've saw it coming, he's in the Emerald Enclave, so into nature that it turns over to racism at a certain point. He's gonna be one of those dudes who says "babe please, monogomy isn't in our nature babe… please let me fuck the busty 23 year old next door babe please.. lions get loads of girlfriends.."

No. 316786

Oh ew he's into poly? My hunch that he was targeted at gay players has basically just been confirmed.

No. 316795

New Destiny seems to be full Halloween themed Season with Hive, Eris and Ikora. Meh, it's always a gamble whether my favorites get lines… Hope nothing happens to Eris though, I totally ship her and Drifter now.

No. 316844

Kek I’d rather romance a companion that was unhealthily possessive. Fuck this sex-pozzie shit.

No. 316853

No. 316911

File: 1692777371366.jpg (57.46 KB, 1024x513, 1692775445015095m.jpg)

New dark hour outfits…? They replaced the armband.

No. 316928

File: 1692782442867.jpg (155.46 KB, 700x991, F4NE9nIWkAAsixC.jpg)

I came here just to complain about the armband kek
All the previous trailers showed the original one, I wonder if it was a late change… The new ones are an eyesore, they just occupy too much visual space on the dark outfits, the original armbands gave the perfect amount of accent color. I usually play with costumes so isn't like I will see them much, but it sucks that they will get slapped on every official art and merch and throw off the whole color balance.
That aside, I'm super excited for everything else they have shown, Aigis and MC look gorgeous.

No. 316929

File: 1692782874211.png (121.57 KB, 536x354, pp.png)

Sorry for double post, but just checked the new trailer again and it shows the original armband as well. Maybe they're two versions, original for school setting and new for tartarus/full moon missions.

No. 316934

Has anyone played this? what's it like.

No. 316945

Nta but go I hope so.

No. 316954

Nona it hasn't came out yet, it comes out on Nov 2-3

No. 316977

They comfirmed that's the case, they gave them new uniforms for Dark Hour exploration ala P4/5, but they can be disabled for battles. The characters even got two different AoA screens depending on if they're wearing the new uniforms or their regular ones.

No. 317220

File: 1692881867506.jpg (139.8 KB, 1200x1200, F4N_9i_bEAASZMI.jpg)

They're starting to add Denuvo to Switch, a console that already struggles to run games. Looks like my current one will be their last console I will buy, I'm having more fun with old NDS games than with recent Switch ones anyways.
I have only owned Nintendo consoles because no money, so that's pretty much all I know. But for the past years I have been findind out more 3rd party/Sony games I love, so I think I will be fine with just a PS5, I'm not gonna pay for a half-assed console that won't be able to run stuff.
Ironically, this will make me start pirating the Nintendo games I want when I get a fuctional PC.

No. 317229

Even before that I decided to get a Switch for very specific games that I have played by now and I already decided to not get a new console… maybe I'll get a PS5 to play PS4 and PS5 games later but after that it's over. I'll just replay what I already have, I have a bunch of games I love and technology is getting better and better so I can pirate older games if I want.

No. 317233

I’m super happy with my ps5 purchase, I recommend it anon. It’s an actual complete, functioning, user-friendly console that runs everything without any loading screens/super fast. It’s honestly shocking how Nintendo gets away with their recent consoles

No. 317236

I don't think I ever had any issue with my Switch, I think it's because I only play in portable mode? I've seen people complaining about how P5R and SMT5 run on the Switch and they run just fine so I don't regret my purchase at all, a lot of games I like a lot are exclusive to the Switch. If I get a PS5 it'll be to compensate for some games I really would like to play that the Switch can't handle or that have inferior Switch versions. What games do you play on the PS5?

No. 317254

Wack. I don't think I can own another Nintendo console, lol. I'm happy I was able to hack my switch, but other than that, fuck it.

No. 317279

Out all the Switch games I got, the Persona and Kirby ones are the only ones that run perfectly (with an honorable mention to AITSF) and the Persona games are just ports from old generations. All the others have framerate issues, ACNH is jarring to play honestly. I have never cared about graphics or framerates, but Nintendo is just way too behind now and I can't excuse $60-80 for a game that will lag.

No. 317288

I don't think I ever had any framerate issue except for one very specific boss fight in Bayonetta 1 (the golem in one of the last chapters before you reach the top of the skyscraper) and in ACNH like 2 or 3 times only in a specific part of my island where I put way too much furniture. And in Bayonetta 1 it seems to be because of the game itself given that you fight the same enemy earlier and that never caused framerate issues with my Switch. It could come from whether you play on your TV or in portable mode because as I said I always played in portable mode and never had issues with SMT5 for instance but I've seen a lot of people complaining about framerate issues with that game and every single one of them played on TV. I have no clue how that works, I wouldn't be surprised if I were just very lucky. I also never had any issues with a drifting joycon but my little sister's Switch was affected before I even bought mine, but it's not exactly the same model. She bought the first model second hand with a few games and I have the one that was released with a better battery.

No. 317300

File: 1692898453837.jpg (76.57 KB, 800x800, best girl.jpg)

What the fuck is going on with the FF16 localization I'm so confused:
>script written in Japanese first
>translated into English with a lot of small things changed, removed or added
>Japanese script is slightly changed to reflect that I guess the writers were inspired by the English speaking localizers so they worked together
>dubbed in English first, then in Japanese, then in other languages
>localized in Arabic but game banned in Saudi Arabia and maybe other Arabic speaking countries because it has a plot-relevant gay couple tenderly kissing in one scene
>French translation is basically half from the Japanese script and half from the English one and adds their own lines Dion and Terrence are even more sappy than usual kek
>half of the characters in French sound like some bad anime, GTO and FMA 2003 had much better dubs two decades ago, the rest sounds ok
>Torgal is now Targol(?), probably to not be sued by the publishing company that hold the rights to Thorgal, some Belgian comics
>Olivier becomes Octavien or some shit even though Olivier is some basic bitch male name, everyone here knows at listen a dozen of Olivier
>Dion is still Dion despite 99.999% of French speakers thinking about Céline Dion when seeing that name, Benedikta still has her name even though 99% of us would think of the mayonnaise brand when hearing her name
>but Olivier can't stay Olivier because ??? and he sounds retarded while he sounds smug as fuck in other languages

No. 317357

I play FF16 and Stray right now. In general though, the ps5 editions of ps4 games are great and run very smooth so if you’ve missed out on any big titles the ps5 is great for that.

No. 317950

File: 1693081839896.jpeg (81.77 KB, 275x273, 1644830855283.jpeg)

Persona anons I want your opinions. I'm playing P3P and I was originally planning on romancing Akihiko but I ended up starting a relationship with Ryoji. Right after I realized this I made another save (since the previous save was from before that). In your opinion which guy is better to romance? I'm feeling torn rn.

No. 318018

Just date them all it's ok I don't think you can get caught by them. The only guys you can't date at the same time without getting caught are Akihiko and Ken iirc but I played it like 10 years ago so I'm not sure anymore.

No. 318021

You can date both. FeMC gets 0 punishment for dating more than one person, so it's ok.
Ryoji is my favorite male romance with FeMC, but that depends on your personal taste. Being honest all her romances (except for the kid) are great, she's the only Persona MC where these routes feel genuine imo.

No. 318027

Even her platonic friendship with Junpei feels more genuine than when you play as the male MC. They really messed up by not giving the main guys social links in the original game, but it seems there will be something added to the remake to compensate for that, since the FEMC won't be in it.

No. 318053

Stupid question about ACNH because I'm not playing it anymore: if I delete the data for the updates in my Switch so I can download more updates/patches or DLCS instead for other games will that create issues for my save file in general or will I be able to replay it just fine if I ever change my mind and download the big updates again later? Because I have other games that had huge patches on top of having DLCs that have nearly as much content as the base game.

No. 318061

Not sure aboout ACNH since I have never done it with that game, but for ACNL and other ones with big updates you can play with no problems as long as you re-download everything (without the updates the game acts as if you have never started a savefile, but everything shows up fine when you download them again)

No. 318066

It's been so long since I played ACNL that I forgot there was an update. I'm not sure it's going to work the same way in ACNH because if you play on the 3DS with physical copies the save files are stored in the cartridges themselves but if you play on the Switch your save files are always stored in the console itself or the SD memory card if you added one. And Nintendo won't even let us save anything on the cloud even with a paid subscription so I'm worried I could lose everything.

No. 318068

What is a Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing adjacent game that is on Steam, I'm hankering for another game like that but I don't know what to look for. Any suggestions?

No. 318072

There's been so many great games that have come out lately, it feels a little overwhelming. I want to get Baldur's Gate and the new Armored Core at some point. I still haven't finished Elden Ring from last year either, or even my Hogwarts Legacy game earlier this year. I am so bad at finishing games before I buy new ones!

No. 318073

Littlewood - be careful this game fried my laptop but they may have fixed the problem, simple town builder with exploration and friends you can romance, I found it very cute

Sun Haven - haven’t played it yet but it looks so fun and hopefully they keep adding to it

Those are the only two I can think of right now but I know there are many more and I’ve seen a lot of indie devs developing similar games with different themes (one where you play as an aspiring chef and another where you’re a goblin).

No. 318074

File: 1693155339015.jpg (216.22 KB, 755x755, ac9c716b8bbe02e22243bdda172658…)

I'm enjoying Fear & Hunger but the fandom is really annoying. No offence to nonas who posted about F&F here but I find the sluttification of Cahara and all the memes obnoxious, especially since he's a fan favorite among TIFs. I like that he's objectified but the way people go about it is so porny and misogynistic (picrel with the joke being that he's pretty much a girl) and I can't help but feel like he wouldn't get the feminization treatment if his character wasn't the one getting raped so much. He's also getting the 'golden retriever bf' treatment (another meme I absolutely hate) and it's so off putting to me lol.
I really like the atmosphere and the story but tbh it's not that groundbreaking. I mean I still think it's very good but people are acting like no one's ever done anything like that. I think the lore is not all that original and obviously inspired by other media and religions which isn't a bad thing. I think the gameplay and the visuals are much more interesting than the lore.

No. 318079

Thanks, Sun Haven is on my wishlist, I will look at Littlewood. I've heard of it. I will prob get Sun Haven eventually, it looks real neat.

No. 318082

File: 1693160076945.jpg (179.97 KB, 1695x1284, F4XYRXUXsAAEKP5.jpg)

Agreed. I think the best part about the game is not because it's "edgy", but because the gameplay is enriching. I like how it keeps making you want to do one more run to see what you can change the next time. I think people focus on the wrong things when praising the game. And I agree that I'm not too fond of how people treat Cahara. I feel like there's a commentary to be made on how people feminize the one who gets assaulted the most in the game, but I'm too stupid to think of it right now. D'Arce is great.

No. 318097

File: 1693166312412.jpg (639.55 KB, 1798x1875, fc057e0ffe22992f6872a1cf609788…)

Yeah! She's my favorite character to play.

No. 318098

I find it kind of funny that like a year and a half or so ago literally nobody cared about the game, the fanart was few and far between. Probably unlikely but it almost seems like the characters all getting official names contributed to the fandom getting worse

No. 318102

There is a guy getting raped in this game?

No. 318104

Travellers Rest
Potion Permit
Song Of The Prairie
My Time At Portia
My Time At Sandrock
Winkeltje: The Little Shop

No. 318107

File: 1693169450588.jpg (197.32 KB, 969x1200, 20230827_225306.jpg)

Can nonnas sell me on Baldurs Gate 3?
I never cared for fantasy genre but I love games with choices, romance and games like vampire bloodlines and disco elysium.

No. 318108

Starfield is this close. I can almost taste it. Boy do I love the smell of solar dust in the morning.

No. 318110

File: 1693170931731.png (117.08 KB, 182x360, latest.png)

Yeah. It's been video essayed to death in the recent months and weeb youtubers played it so I assume that also played a role.
Certain enemies can rape the character if he loses in combat Picrel

No. 318113

I enjoy this game (I'd enjoy it more if I wasn't as bad as I am at it) but god the "yeah"s and typos and "just my two cents" in what is supposed to be a Berserk-ish world take me out everytime. I saw that there's a mod that supposedly fixes the writing but that feels very disrespectful towards the creator who was presumably alone at least in writing and that isn't even a native. It's still funny though

No. 318118

And I still haven't gotten around to that new computer. It's Bethesda so it's probably good to wait for some patches but.
Remember to use spoiler tags please.

No. 318132

Just buy

No. 318136

well baldur's gate has literally all of those elements you listed and just as many choice branches, so it's up to you to buy. Lae'zel is also cute.

No. 318139

Is baldurs gate worth it? Idk if I played any ARPGs like that. I've done Diablo and Torchlight ?

No. 318142

Yeah it's worth it. It's fucking amazing.

No. 318154

It's extremely and openly deruvative which, same as you, I think is fine but also wish people would properly acknowledge.

No. 318282

>adds game to wishlist

No. 318283

I have never played FF13 before and I doubt I ever will given that my computer can't make most games work but wasn't Fang/Vanille canon? Because I really thought it was, even people who never ship characters together would say it back then.

No. 318294

No it wasn't canon. They were 'sisters'? Like they were really close but they weren't officialy a couple.

No. 318329

No. 318563

It's a CRPG with turn based combat. I haven't played it yet, but I've had bad experiences with Divinity 1 and 2 from the same studio. They had Avengers/Borderlands-tier writing with lukewarm MMO progression. I'd give it a hard pass, just on the dev's track record.

No. 318759

is there an LC osrs clan? If not, would anyone be interested in having one? I think it would be nice to have comfy chats with my nonnies while grinding osrs tasks.

No. 318826

I stopped playing osrs because I had no one to play with and I dont know shit about the game meta, but I would play again if I could play with lc nonnies…

No. 318841

>but that feels very disrespectful towards the creator
I kinda get this, but at the same time I don’t care, he desperately needs an editor, the constant typos and awkward phrasing just took me out of the game.

No. 318852

ok I did it – join the chat "Nonnies"

No. 318856


No. 318864

Ok nonushkas, to form a clan we need at least five of us to meet up in the southeast corner of the grand exchange. Are you two, and two other nonas available tomorrow, perhaps in the evening EST? My rs account is xValancyx, I hope to see you all there! If not, please respond to this and let's coordinate a time this weekend to meet up with the Clerk in the SE of the grand exchange.

No. 318936

File: 1693573497618.png (45.64 KB, 320x320, 1623627641009.png)

sounds good to me, i will be playing for most of the evening tommorrow! i hope more anons can join us

No. 319059

I'm sorry nonas, something came up and I was unable to be online tonight. I will be on world 315 in the GE by the Clerk at 8:30 EST tomorrow.

No. 319064

So they added an abridged version of the first Forsaken mission back in so all the Destiny noobs get to know how annoying Cayde really was.
But man, I don't care about the missions. I just want a cutscene viewer so I can see all the 1st year stuff with the new character models. If only.

No. 319207

File: 1693691432426.jpg (306.23 KB, 1800x1022, persona1-ed.jpg.cf.jpg)

I just impulse-bought Persona 5 today , I know basically nothing about it. Is it a good choice nonas? I don't have a lot of experience with RPGs but it looked interesting so here I go!

No. 319214

samefag, I'm online now! I'm doing slayer tasks atm so message me and i'll head over the GE. Again, I'm xValancyx (name from one of my favorite books, The Blue Castle by L. Maud Montgomery)

No. 319217

I just beat it a few hours ago. It's a good choice imo because the tutorial is long and detailed so you will know what to do once you get more freedom. The story is pretty good imo, but it's clearly divided in several arcs and some of them in the middle annoyed me because they felt slow and boring but that's subjective and based on how this part of the game is as slow as in P3 and P4. You'll have deadlines to look out for so don't hesitate to make several save files as you go further into the game in case you miss them but that's unlikely to happen.

No. 319222

VTMB2 has been revealed to be slated for Fall 2024. What do we think, ladies? There's not much to go on right now imo, but I want to be optimistic…

No. 319225

The new Developer "The Chinese Room" has mostly done artsy walking simulators in the past (Dear Esther, Everybody's gone to Rapture).
I'm a little worried that they won't be able to nail the fun cheesiness that the first game had.

No. 319227

Yeah, having them on is certainly a choice, but maybe they'll rise to the challenge. Time will tell, I guess.

No. 319234

anon, is your private chat set to off, or are you just offline?

No. 319284

I don't like how the trailer is only focused on combat. The first Bloodlines is notorious for having shit combat system but the social/roleplay elements are what makes it so beloved. Also what's with the music? So melodramatic, again what >>319225 said. The first game's charm laid in its sense of comedy and how it didn't take itself seriously. I'm a little worried nonnas, but I'll try to hope for the best.

No. 319325

Literally can’t wait for this because I’ve been a Style Savvy fan for a while and I’m curious to see what direction things will go now.

No. 319332

Okay what’s up with scrotes losing their shit about how "disappointing" ff16 is? I haven’t played it yet but it reminds me of the unhinged outrage that went on for years about ff15 (which was blown out of proportion, they were just mad that the game was female gazey). If the ff16 side quests suck and ruin the pacing of the game to the point of the game being ruined, then why don’t they just ignore it? Like, just don’t do the side quests then??

No. 319493

File: 1693819546500.jpeg (948.08 KB, 1242x738, IMG_3617.jpeg)

Is anyone here playing Starfield yet? My bf got early access. I look over his shoulder sometimes and the NPCs look hideous. I don’t care that much as long as it’s fun though. Opinions?

Yes it’s a lot of fun. I miss it and it’s definitely a game I wish I could go back and play for the first time again. I think I’m going to get the Persona 3 reboot when it comes out.

No. 319508

I WILL REDOWNLOAD OSRS AND JOIN! I DON'T HAVE MEMBERSHIP THOUGH. I will frand you (can you friend people on it by looking them up?). I need gamer friends.

No. 319527

Just based on the music in the trailer they don't get it. Too serious, no style, ugly in a bland HD way, par for the course with V5 so far. Who is their target audience? Because it's definitely not fans of VTMB. I'm guessing they're trying to appeal to the wider tt/rpg crowd with this one. It's nice to see they finally figured out what they want the story to be, I guess. Hopefully the modding community will jump in and try to unfuck it soon after release, if it does actually get released and we don't get a repeat of what happened the first time they announced.

No. 319530

File: 1693840401463.jpg (267.22 KB, 2048x1152, raphael my beloved.jpg)

i am incredibly saddened that there is no option to romance or even do the dirty with raphael, even though you can do it with mizora… he's such a husbando material

No. 319550

fuk harleep, darn the consequences, then tell raphael that you know he's a one pump chump in bed when you fight him

No. 319597

The only thing I can say about it is that "SSD required" was true. Don't even bother if you still have an HDD. I thought it wouldn't matter since I could play Baldur's Gate 3 without any stuttering.

No. 319629

Here's a video that shows the dev team. None of them even mention the first game and I suspect none of them have actually played it either. I get the impression they just want to make a VTM game, not a Bloodlines sequel. This really killed any hope I had that this game would be good.

No. 319643

What are your top 3 games in terms of time played anons?

No. 319655

>>319643 In terms of play time, my list goes like:
1. Sims 2 (windows version)
2. Minecraft
3. Sims 2 pets (PlayStation 2)

No. 319669

1. Warframe
2. Ark survival
3. My Time At Portia

No. 319699

2. Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town
3. Pokemon Ruby

No. 319703

Binding of Isaac

No. 319704

1. botw
2. acnl
3. monster hunter 4u

No. 319706

Mass effect 2
Resident evil 5

No. 319714


No. 319734

Fallout New Vegas
Slay the Spire

No. 319742

1. Splatoon 3
3. Splatoon 2

I like Splatoon

No. 319750

I already know I’m retarded, don’t bully me

No. 319766

on steam it's yakuza 0, ffxv, and okami - of all time probably toontown (kek), animal crossing city folk, and nintendogs

No. 319778

1. Dota 2
3. BDO

No. 319795

1. Grand Theft Auto V (across PS3, PS4 and PC)
2. Mass Effect (across 360, PS3, PS4 and PC)
3. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 (PS4)

No. 319797

I have absolutely no hope for this being good. I just hope it's 'so bad it's good' tier if only for the meme potential

No. 319798

Sims 2
Dragon's Dogma dark arisen

No. 319803

I hate it so much when English speaking voice actors will not stfu and will interact with fans all the time like. Stay in your lane. Shut the fuck up. I found it annoying as hell when FE3H got popular and English speaking fans would quote and repost the voice actors' bs and the voice actors will play along but it's even worse with FF16 right now because the English dub was recorded first and the fans for some reason believed that means the English fanfiction is the original script so now they're like "LMFAOOO ROFL LOL DION'S BRITISH VOICE ACTOR SAID FUCK AND SAID HE LIKES SHIN KAMEN RIDER OMG I CANT" or "nooo omg omg Clive's voice actor looks up his name and his character's name all the time so he must have seen my hardcore Clive/Jill pornographic art omg!!1! I didn't even tag him!!!!" like girl I don't care.

No. 319805

It's good advertising for their work esp in (basically anywhere but Japan) where voice work means people usually don't know their name so putting yourself out there can be harder. Neil Newborn has been putting in the work I'll give him that.

No. 319807

I know and I don't care. I don't want to see them talk about their shitty headcanons based on a badly translated script on social media and I don't want to see Dion's voice actor sperging about "muh queer representation" as if he actually contributed to it. All he did was voice lines he didn't write and do some mocap.

No. 319835

It's gonna keep happening unless you start tuning what's recommended to you, I don't think it's even hit it's peak, it's gonna become the norm. We've already seen established canon change due to headcanon and authors feeling pressured to say yeah sure ok along with the type of teens who edit fanon these days, all downhill, hit "do not recommend" before it's too late

No. 319840

I'm doing that already. But it's so frustrating. It also means it's going to influence fanart and fanfics so that's more stuff I can't enjoy anymore. I'll play FF16 in Japanese with French subtitles and it's explicitly stated in the settings that the translation is based on the Japanese script so I'll get the accurate dialogues and will keep seeing a lot of ooc shit anyway.

No. 319872

God same, they replaced the whole eng cast for the P3 remake & some of them are so annoying. I only play with the original voices because 2 of the VAs are very dear to me, so I couldn't care less about the eng ones. I'm tired of seeing their faces and forced tweets they make so people draw them with the actual characters.

In general, I dislike how the western side of everything (be it VAs or writters) interact with the fanbase so much, I feel there should be a healthy distance between both, they're workers not influencers who need constant advertising. Like you said, it's specially bad because sometimes these interactions force writters to make story changes and all.

No. 319874

I'm not looking forward to the P3 remake at all because of the game itself, I can replay P3P whenever I want anyway even though I have the PSP version with only the mediocre English voices, but as soon as I knew the dub would be made by a new cast I was sure this would happen. It's so tiring. At least Atlus doesn't butcher their localizations too much besides making characters who call each by their last names in Japanese call each other by their first names in English, and hopefully the P3 remake won't be butchered either but given the kind of new fans they've attracted who knows.

There's a cutesy mobile game about cookies or some shit that's popular with girls in general, including fujoshi, and I saw one of the voice actors who's a gay guy sperging about fujoshi and yaoi being problematic (you know, his audience) and how he wants to voice characters from "queer" anime… by posting promotional pictures of yaoi like Given, made by fujoshi. Like even if you dislike yaoi and fujoshi you can see how he's a liability for the devs at the very least.
>they're workers not influencers
Some of them nowadays are literally just youtubers or just know someone who knows someone who gave them a role.

No. 319876

Statements like this always seem out of touch to me. Eastern male seiyuus/actors can maintain jobs even if they're abusers, racist, misogynistic, etc. It's funny how the criteria for what's considered an "annoying va" to the west is based on their opinions on fictional content. It could be blamed on people not understanding other languages like Japanese, but different parts of the world have their own baggage. Sometimes, it's even worse.

No. 319878

Your post is unrelated to my initial point. My first post was about how Western voice actors of Japanese games like to push their shitty "memes" and jokes and headcanons on Western fans as if we fucking cared because they didn't make the games. I'm clearly not talking about pieces of shit like Takahito Sakurai who cheated on his wife AND his mistresses or Tatsuhisa Suzuki cheating on his much more famous wife with a crazy fangirl and attempting suicide because it costed him roles and he got harassed for being a cheater because they're actual scandals and unrelated to their jobs.

>Eastern male seiyuus/actors can maintain jobs even if they're abusers, racist, misogynistic, etc.

Depends on a lot of things, regardless of fame, if they're suspected of taking drugs with no proof their entire lives are over (applies to literally everyone there), if they're cheaters it depends on if it's a normal affair or if they're even more heinous than usual, then you have cases like the guy who voices Otoya harassing a new seiyuu when doing another role and getting away with it somehow, then you have Tsudaken apologizing to his fangirls for… being happily married and having kids and raising his kids with his wife. But again, completely unrelated to my initial point.

No. 319879

Yeah I was dissapointed with the remake as well when I saw it wasn't a complete version (and my heart breaks a little everytime I see a cool new art or scene and remember FeMC won't have one as well), but I can't like, P3 is a game very close to me and I love what we have seen of the remake so far. Per usual Atlus seems to refuse opening EU preorders though, so I don't know if I will be able to get it on release kek.

Oh god, are you talking about Cookie Run? I used to love it, but due to my phone being from 2016 it stoped supporting the game shortly after CR Kingdom released. The fandom was unbearable back them, but from the little I have seen it seems nowadays is x10 worse.
Laughting at that gay guy, the company just hires anybody huh…. I remember there were 2 canon lesbian characters, which is fine, but they seem to go full-on woke now and do anything to appeal that crowd since they give them money, some months ago I saw on a thread they included made-up pronouns on the Spanish translation for "non-binary" cookies.

We are talking about VAs being anoying on social media. Everyone is aware men can mantain their jobs even if they're scum, both in Japan and everywhere else in the world, that's besides the point. A person doesn't have to be a rapist for you to cringe at them.

No. 319882

Yes it's Cookie Run. I don't play it and for some reason I was like "the name isn't Cookie Clicker isn't it? Or is it?" before posting. And Spanish neopronouns? LMFAO is this even possible in terms of grammar?

No. 319884

I just think it's interesting how stuff like "being annoying on twitter" can turn people off from using certain dubs but they won't turn off foreign dubs for even worse reasons. Not an attack against you, but half the time people do it it's because they're weebs and just don't wanna own it kek. Personally, regardless of drama, I prefer to use whatever dub is from the original country.

No. 319887

Destiny 3000+ hours since 2016
Warframe 900+ hours since 2017
then Genshin? I've played almost every day for 2 years so it's probably more then the couple of 100+ hour RPG playthroughs.

No. 319915

Kingdom got really popular with tiktok and twitter kids so it was doomed from the start.
I miss Cookie Run in like, 2017-2019, it didn't have a huge English fandom yet and Ovenbreak hadn't ruined itself with updates.


kek don't be embarrassed nonna, I have almost 100 hours for it on Steam

No. 319927

My first language isn't English and I'm playing Japanese video games. Which language should I pick? The original Japanese voices with the original scripts? Or the English dub made for Anglophones with a different script that makes some scenes and characters nonsensical? Be for real it's not a matter of being a weeb it's a matter of wanting the original product. If someone invited me to watch American movies I'd watch them in English, and I always go to the same theater because they show movies with their original voices more often than the theaters close to my place. If I decided to rewatch that one Spanish show that was super popular when I was in middle about young adults in a dance school because of nostalgia I'd watch with the actors' actual voices and French subtitles, etc. Why would it be different for JRPGs? I'm always sick of hearing Japanese lines that don't match subtitles when playing video games and I do double takes all the time. Concerning FF16, it's dubbed in French so I could pick that option but I was curious before getting the game and checked it online and it sounds super weird. Not bad at all but it gave me the same vibes as watching GTO or Excel Saga on Canal+ after school idk how to describe it. I only evee see Anglophones saying this kind of shit, never nerdy French speakers or German speakers or Italian speakers who are more than happy with watching movies and TV shows or playing video games in their original languages with subtitles.

No. 319928

1. Animal Crossing New Leaf / Animal Crossing New Horizons (around 400 hours in both)
2. Fallout 4 (around 220 hours)
3. Planet Zoo / Baldurs Gate 3 (around 120 hours but I am still playing BG3 so it'll probably beat fallout)

No. 319929

Ah, I forgot Overwatch with something like 600 hours but I don't play it anymore so I choose to forget.

No. 319937

>I just think it's interesting how stuff like "being annoying on twitter" can turn people off from using certain dubs
The post didn't even mention she does that, she was just saying she found VAs being chatty with fans annoying. I think the only people who don't play with western dubs to "own" them are dudebros, the rest of people either don't have english as their first language so they pick the original one or are tired of hearing the same 4 english VAs everywhere.

No. 319939

1. Animal Crpssing New Leaf (1583 h)
2. Pokemon XY (721 h. I guess it's all shint hunting, because I remember didn't like the game itself kek)
3. Persona 3 Portable (409 h)

The Wii doesn't a game timer so I don't know where I would place it, but I'm sure ACCF would rank very high as well, played it religiusly during 2008-2012. I think my very first save of Pokemon Pearl was 800-somthing hours, but since I don't have any photo and the save is long deleted, I can't confirm for sure.

No. 319941

>are tired of hearing the same 4 english VAs everywhere.
They're now replaced by 4 other English VAs lol.

No. 319944

I meant in general. While there are more VAs now, there are some that are pretty much in every project, not helped by (mostly anime) companies who have in-house casting and always reuse the same ones.

No. 319947

Mordhau (4,965+ hours)
Rimworld (749+ hours)
The isle (510+ hours)

No. 319994

Don't Starve Together
Stardew Valley

No. 320022

File: 1694030035086.jpeg (12.91 KB, 474x266, blasphemous-cover.jpeg)

Anyone playing Blasphemous 2?

No. 320031

>I get that, but in my opinion if you engage in a lot of media from a country, its always best to try and learn that language.
That's precisely why I worked hard in school to learn English but there are way more resources to learn that language and it's a mandatory class as soon as you start middle school here. I'm far from fluent but I know enough Japanese to notice when the subtitles don't match with the actual dialogues. I'm good enough to have simple conversations with Japanese people face to face, I just need to learn more words but since I graduated university I forgot a lot of words from lack of practice and I don't have enough time to keep learning on my own. The issue is that not all games let you choose between languages and it's very frustrating, even though that's not an issue anymore for recent games. Replaying games from the PS2 era and being stuck with half of the characters being voiced by Yuri Lowenthal or Troy Baker is pure torture kek, the mere fact that I remember their names despite not being American is actually alarming by itself. It gets so bad when you have two characters having a lot of scenes together being voiced by the exact same guy for no reason.

No. 320038

Troy baker haunts me kek, he was in everything back then. Especially American games. If you had a stereotypical white male protagonist, I bet you 99% it was going to be voiced by him. I agree though, I think it's nice that games now allow you to switch between dubs because old game dubs were so bad.

No. 320039

sims 4
planet zoo

No. 320070

Nona I agree with you that FF16's English voice cast is annoying (especially Clive's VA) but "badly translated" is hilarious for many reasons, but especially considering how integral the localization director was to the development of the game and how Yoshi-P has praised the ENG version highly encouraging JP players to give the game in English a try after their first play through. This isn't some outsourced to underpaid contractors localization. It's very solidly written to some of the highest degree of quality I've seen in a translated work, and the dub itself is excellent, obnoxious cast aside. I can understand not liking the localized flavour in the form of British accents and dialogue, but it doesn't make it inherently bad, I'd argue it works to aid the European inspired flavour of the game. If you think it's bad because it's not a literal one-to-one, god help you. Just learn Japanese.

No. 320079

yes! I am nearly done, currently looking for the last of Proximo's Brothers to get the perfect ending. It's just as great as the last one!

No. 320084

I've seen what that same guy did for FF14 and I think it's safe to assume he's being weird for changing a lot of lines for no reason whatsoever, making characters speak way more formally than they usually do or even like Shakespeare rose from his grave and got hired by Square Enix, making characters sounding sarcastic or bitchy instead of enthusiastic or just neutral which makes the characters seem very different. A friend of mine is very into FF14 and showed me a bunch of cutscenes and in Japanese, English and French and basically all the languages/localizations are similar to each other except for the English localization which makes shit up all the time. I'm talking about replacing one line with one entire paragraph, or young looking female characters speaking like young adults in all the languages and yelling like a chainsmoking grandma in English (I think it was a fairy who spoke like that, it was so bad I laughed for like 5min straight). To be fair it's not nearly as bad as when I started FF5 in English and could barely play because some of the characters had pirate accents and it was unreadable so I dropped it early.

>highly encouraging JP players to give the game in English a try after their first play through.

I don't think I've seen any of them do that. At most they retweet scenes in English with "these lines are different it's weird/funny/interesting!"

>Just learn Japanese.

Already done. I still need to learn more words but I'm not too worried about grammar.

No. 320123

File: 1694097340988.jpg (217.67 KB, 1000x1000, 1689009884483.jpg)

Noice! I've already finished the game several times and feel the same way about it. Do you have a favorite weapon? Also good luck with searching for the cherubs.

No. 320683

I am kinda addicted to rhythm games. I started with standard osu and the love live mobile game but now I mainly play project diva, the vocaloid mobile game (which I kinda hate because of the gacha but I think every mobile rhythm game has those) and 4k/7k osumania. I've been considering getting a controller for svdx or chuunithm because I have been craving a new game and the mobile games aren't cutting it kek. Pop'n music seems insanely challenging and fun but no arcades nearby have it

No. 320820

Sameanon from >>319207 here with an update:
Holy shit this game is so goddamn addicting. I woke up this morning with the music in my head. I played during my lunch break today. Holy shit I love this game. I’ve never played a JRPG before and I was bracing myself for cringe but I feel like the clouds have parted and I suddenly GET IT. Thank you nonas

No. 320866

File: 1694512944403.jpg (Spoiler Image,292.79 KB, 674x767, penjimen.jpg)

Spoilers for Pentiment act 3. I finally finished Pentiment after so many recommendations. It was wonderful. I got spoiled here and there but still was surprised by the ending which was very satisfying. And I thought to take a small browse at the community only to see gendie shit seeping in this as well. I fucking can't forgive asexuality for setting back feminism so much. That a woman who doesn't have to choose between living as a nun in an oppressive place or a wife who will have to give birth to children for some moid who doesn't see you as human is asexual lol.

No. 320994

File: 1694556137931.png (42.15 KB, 1884x537, girlcore .png)

Working on a list of 'girlcore' games with my friends
Main way I'm categorizing games is
>Not an abundance of autistic shit that is for moids and troons
>Not crappy shovelware
>Not a ton of obnoxious gacha and microtransactions
>Sizable female fandom

If you guys have any recommendations I would love to add them and eventually do a chart or something.

No. 320995

>hello charlotte
based nona

No. 320999

bloodborne is terfy, so maybe that. tons of important female characters and absolutely none of them are feminine…baring a couple but they're not like "girlboss slei" they are unironically like "do you see what happens to women when they're forced to cater to scrotes"

No. 321001

Does bloodborne have a sizable female fandom though? I just know that Hbomberguy talked about it.

No. 321002

yes, plenty of women play soulsborne games. that video is actually made by a woman who reeees hard about terfs/radfems despite making so many radfem points kek but w/e

No. 321011

It does, but also an unfortunate amount of troon fans.

No. 321012

Fucking love Hello Charlotte.
Every survival craft game is for women. Also mystery/ puzzle games. Also resource/time management games. Girl games reflect the truth that women are meant to rule society.

No. 321013

File: 1694567303891.jpeg (793.98 KB, 2400x1350, story_of_seasons_wonderful_lif…)

Good looking list so far, makes me smile to see so many games I love on it already. I would personally add:
>Theatrythm, Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure, Nintendogs, Bratz: Rock Angelz, Bratz: Forever Diamondz (those were the only two Bratz games I played, idk how the other ones are), Picross, Yoshi games, Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls Online [MMO], Cities Skylines (producer and lead designer are women, most streamers are women), and Control [2019]
+1 to Bloodborne but with the disclaimer that it's autistically difficult. You wouldn't think from first appearances that it has a sizable female fandom but it does.
If you're recommending Yakuza, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology might be a good fit too. A little hesitant because there is some scrotey stuff included in one of the DLCs [Bathing in Mana] (not as severe as Yakuza has) but I feel the DLC balances it out with pandering equally to women too. The original is a bit too grindy for my tastes but I feel the remake + DLC makes the pace perfect. I just don't have the patience or time for the grinding that old RPGs expected out of you.
Also you might want to put a note that the Harvest Moon games changed to being called Story of Seasons around 2013. Picrel is the newer remake of the old Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life + Another Wonderful Life combined.
The newer Natsume games without Marvelous Inc's involvement that are under the Harvest Moon name are NOT like the old Harvest Moon games. They're awful.

No. 321015

Life is Strange, Paper Please, Disco Elysium, Psychonauts, Elder Scrolls franchise, Terraria, Little Nightmare, Slime Rancher, Stray, Minecraft, Don't Starve, Spongebob battle for bikini bottom, A Hat in Time, We Were Here franchise, The Room games, Hollow Knight, Hades, It Takes Two, Pummel Party, Overcooked, Potion Craft, Strange Horticulture, Unpacking, LiEat, Iris fall, Gris, Sally Face, Pocket Mirror, Undertale, Fausts Alptraum, Powerwash Simulator, Outer Wilds, Valheim, Raft, Portal, Fallout NV, Fallout 4

No. 321017

>Bratz: Rock Angelz, Bratz: Forever Diamondz
I already said I didn't want to add shovelware, thanks for the other recommendations though! A couple of them (like Nintendogs) I already added.

No. 321018

>Princess Maker series
Too scrote tier, you can literally marry your daughter in some of those games.

No. 321020

do share a list with us when you're done

No. 321022

File: 1694572937396.png (74.02 KB, 1902x733, for nona.png)

Here's where I'm at thus far! I wasn't sure where to place some of the games recommended or if some of the games recommended were actually popular with female players (or just troons) but I'm definitely up for adjustments!

Also added a few feminine recommendations of my own

No. 321029

It's a nice list so far nonna. The only thing I would say is I might separate the BL (Fujo) games from the otome (yume) games. Even though I like both kinds of games, I know a lot of other people don't. Coincidentally, it seems most BL ones are NSFW and most otome games are sfw.

No. 321033

Sort of obscure, but in a similar vein: Cute Knight! I loved it as a kid.

No. 321037

solid list. i also want to suggest Smushi Come Home, Hogwarts Legacy, and Affogato. don't think smushi is worth the price for its length and content so maybe only discount, but it's cute enough.

No. 321043

>I might separate the BL (Fujo) games from the otome (yume) games
I considered that but there's only one well known nsfw otome game and I just put in one of my favorites for the sfw category (since most BLVNs are nsfw) so I think it's easier to just put it as joseimuke and split it into nsfw and sfw
It's possible I'll change my mind on this, but I also think it's a bit easier to just write 'nsfw' joseimuke games.
Definitely adding Hogwarts Legacy, I just keep forgetting to put it in haha.

No. 321045

Anyone else here play Dreamlight Valley? I think its cute and I can't wait for the Beauty and the Beast update tomorrow.

No. 321048

When it is finally free? It is still going free release at some point right?

No. 321050

Not sure. They said it was this year but I don't have hope for that. Multiplayer too, I wanna play with my friends. The cosmetics aren't worth it but they lucked out cause the Disney fandom are insane whales.

No. 321054

okami, pikmin, most sonic games, oneshot, the dog island, little big planet, petz dogz 2, pony friends, zoo tycoon, maplestory, neopets, mario kart, splatoon, minecraft, wolfquest, snacko (not released yet but it looks promising). I haven't played it myself but one of the persona games (persona 3 iirc) has a playable female mc that you can romance the guys as so maybe that too. there's a lot of women who like resident evil games because leon is hot so maybe re also?

No. 321057

i would add death stranding and frogwares sherlock because i enjoyed the series since crime and punishment

No. 321058

samefag to add spiritfarer because I've seen a lot of women talking about it and it seems comfy

No. 321060

If it's just games that aren't porny and violent that really includes a ton of stuff though. Or does 'autistic shit' also include like war game strategy and other super meta kind of games?
Destiny? Or is games as a service too much like gatcha? It has a lot of important female characters.
I wouldn't know what games I play have 'sizable female fandoms' cause I don't use twitter/reddit.

No. 321061

What about mainstream multiplayer games like Apex, Valo, LoL, FFXIV, WoW, Hearthstone, OW, Among Us etc, have large female player base in terms of numbers but are not specifically female majority? Are those considered feminine or more unisex?

No. 321064

I feel like in the gaming sphere they're considered masculine (like the competitive scene is primarily men but that's because women are bullied out of it) and lotta dicks preventing VC from being used as a woman but not so masculine that all mainstream rep is male gaming so I'd say masculine but leaning into unisex. Maybe more masculine for things like Among Us, more feminine for FFXIV.
Depends on the community, there's a lot more popular Asian Women who play games like this, that's primarily where I see women playing this mainstream like twitch.

But if we're making a feminine game list I say they count, we know there's a significant female fanbase, even if the males don't.

No. 321089

The Nancy Drew games and maybe Haunting Ground(though you could argue that it's a Clock Tower game).

No. 321108

File: 1694617982176.jpeg (136.11 KB, 853x480, IMG_2390.jpeg)

High school dreams. Unironically. It’s actually really amusing, the MC is really sassy and you can date so many different guys or essentially bully them kek

Another one is the Desperate Housewives game. It’s like the sims 2 with a murder mystery plot.

No. 321110

File: 1694618112972.jpeg (67.98 KB, 1280x720, IMG_2391.jpeg)

Samefag. Seconding the Nancy drew game franchise

No. 321111

File: 1694618650280.png (392.04 KB, 800x517,