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File: 1638059772344.png (3.05 MB, 1897x1389, imagen_2021-11-27_181939.png)

No. 979576[Reply]

>What is movie night?
Once every two weeks, we hold an scheduled "movie night" where reunite and anons share movies that others suggested in the thread.
These nights are scheduled on Saturdays at 8PM GMT.
To check your timezone, click here:


1.Use a new username everytime you join, don't namefag
2.Don't spam shit
3.Don't complain too much


For movie night, we have a room here
you can also load ROMs and play!
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No. 1040341

File: 1643084662670.jpg (135.44 KB, 599x595, inribbons.jpg)

Now playing In Ribbons by Pale Saints

No. 1040570

Nooooo I missed it!

No. 1041645

such a great album, you have good taste anon.

File: 1620295270427.jpg (131.96 KB, 960x960, a pile of cats.jpg)

No. 800151[Reply]

Thread for the admiration of felines.

Because everybody wants to be a cat.
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No. 1040526

Fuck…I’m moving in a few months across the country. I won’t be able to take care our elderly cat anymore. My family is already talking about giving him up. I can’t convince them otherwise. I’m too busy to be sad right now but I know I’ll have to deal with the situation soon. Fuck.

No. 1040738

File: 1643123716353.png (455.64 KB, 1031x727, 1643123526555.png)

Which number would you give to your kitty

No. 1040815

my cat died like 10 years ago but back when we got him he was easily a 7. he slimmed down because we allowed him to go outside (first only under supervision, later he would roam the night all by himself) and he got a lot of exercise. he slimmed down to a 4 or 5, but he would have this HUGE indent on his waist so he looked super skinny from the top, even though he was well fed. he also had a flabby belly, probably a mixture of loose skin and primordial pouch. it looked very funny when he ran and his pouch swung from side to side kek.

No. 1040845

one of my kitties is a 6 but he’s also just super fucking long. his frame is huge so it can be hard to tell. my other kitty is probably a 4-5, he is extremely active

No. 1041809

My cat is fit, and the vet literally congratulates me every time I bring him for an evaluation. She beams a big smile and says "Good job! Congratulations on keeping your cat a healthy weight! It's something people often struggle with". Feels like she's throwing us a mini-party to celebrate. So we try even harder to keep fit.

File: 1642865579599.jpg (190.47 KB, 978x1200, 1642276135270.jpg)

No. 1036793[Reply]

let it all out
previous thread: >>1028746
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No. 1041723

what criticism do german shepherd (owners) receive?

No. 1041731

maybe think you're ugly?

No. 1041777

>"…oookay, if you feel so strongly about it, yEeeEeeEwww can do thaaat…"
Do you speak to people aggressively?

No. 1041804

I broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago because I didn't feel happy despite loving him. He loves me too still, so he isn't over me at all. Consequently, we've sort of become solely online friends with benefits. It annoyed me a little bit initially, because I broke up with him for a reason and I'm not to be used for sex. But due to being a massive horndog myself, as well as not having actual sex and only being able to talk to each other, I now enjoy taking advantage of it. He'll talk dirty whilst I masturbate which makes my orgasms so much more intense, and afterwards I can remind him I'm not his girlfriend btw, so try harder, but thanks for helping me, it could be better next time, gtg now see ya. The reason I haven't cut him out of my life is because I don't hold any personal qualms against him, I just deserve better from a boyfriend. He's free to court me and do better, which I'll happily experience. But if he doesn't, that's fine as well, because I have enough going on as is. Regardless, I am going to stop doing this in a few days after I've stopped ovulating, since I'll be less horny and I want to send the right signals. Letting this go on for too long will send the wrong signals. For now, he can be my porn.

No. 1041808

for most of my life i never styled my hair, or even brushed it. i would comb it or run my fingers through it sometimes but that’s it. and i’ve always had long hair. but i don’t have any sisters or a mom that cares about me, so nobody ever told me “hey, you should brush your hair so you don’t look gross.”
i legit could never figure out why i was so ugly compared to other girls. people would tell me my hair was ugly or gross but it never clicked until now.
my hair is fried from dying it too much now, but i finally understand how to brush my hair and style it in cute ways. i am still learning though.
i plan on growing out my natural hair color and cutting a lot of my hair off. i look forward to being a pretty, classy, put together person for once.

File: 1642535113497.jpeg (58.55 KB, 828x735, 1642242875786.jpeg)

No. 1031846[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/1017075
Thread pic credit >>1028338

>>1017405 Katy Perry grasping at straws of relevancy by performing live with a turd
>>1018723 Britney posts a nude of herself, still isn't free
>>1019262 Nicolas Cage and young wife almost half his age expecting a baby
>>1020062 DiCaprio, looking old, fat and busted, spotted vacationing with young girlfriend
>>1020373 Sinead O'Connor's son found dead at 17
>>1021909 Bob Saget found dead at 65
>>1023321 Porn star Chloe Cherry casted as a side character in Euphoria
>>1024332 Doja Cat on the Rolling Stone cover
>>1025127 Literal who industry plant reaches #1 on the Billboard Global 200 singles chart
>>1025306 Megan Fox and MGK got engaged and drank each other's blood
>>1025471 Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet got a divorce
>>1025596 Harassment case against Nicki Minaj dropped by the rape victim of her husband
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No. 1041789

If you’re Chinese you would know that people there have shirts with Engrish all the time. Sooo appropriative lmao

No. 1041793

File: 1643185109397.jpg (148.81 KB, 675x1200, f18d6005b7038179bff99604a6ccd6…)

They dress outlandishly and unrealistically but in a different way. That outfit was a plot point where everyone called her out for looking ridiculous.

Girl just say you want to be Grimes and don't understand why better adjusted people don't envy acting like a 14 year old who just discovered anime while being a 30something adult with a child. Having a baby by Apartheid Clyde is not a flex. At no point did anyone say women over 30 with children should start dressing Amish and renounce all hobbies.

No. 1041802

i don’t think the outfits are bad or ugly, but they ARE unrealistic, american highschools have strict sexist dress codes so half those outfits would have got girls sent home/suspended/etc

No. 1041805

nta but seems like you do considering that you deleted ur account over it. kek

No. 1041806

looks like if gossip girl and riverdale had a retarded unselfaware baby

File: 1642147673748.png (856.25 KB, 720x1012, 1642001045771.png)

No. 1026761[Reply]

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues. Keep the borzois in mind.

Previous Thread >>>/ot/998509
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No. 1041791

"Feminist" rap that isn't libfemmy isn't really a thing because it's such a male dominated genre and the few women who are in it try to emulate moid bravado. The closest you could probably get is Little Simz or The Buttress. Cupcakke has some decent bangers out there but she pigeonholed herself by making so many gross, over-sexualized songs that no one really takes her seriously.

No. 1041795

man what the fuck happened to the guardian? I used to really admire what they did when I was younger. I wanted to be a journalist because of them. And now they're like an embarrassing parody of what they used to be.

No. 1041797

This isn't really rap though, its more spoke poetry(like real not the excuse Idiots make)
Yeah this is still shit, everything about this Shit, I'm sorry if you like this then you are sadly a subhuman, not as subhuman as a cupcake fan but still a lesser human being overall

No. 1041799

So I always call penises either "welcoming" or "aggressive" and it really depends on the sort. Imo, the aggressive ones are usually circumcised, get rock hard when erect, are very veiny and throbby. The more welcoming ones still remain slightly soft when erect, are usually uncut and aren't too big/veiny/throbby.

No. 1041801

File: 1571676524554.png (829.47 KB, 537x565, travelers notebook.PNG)

No. 475318[Reply]

Post about your journals and journal inspirations here!

Some icebreakers:
- What made you start?
- What kind of notebook do you write in?
- Where do you get your journals?
- How often do you write and do you have a preference with what you write with (favorite pens)?
- Do you decorate your journals? If so, with what and how?
- Any favorite stores/companies to get all your journals and journaling goodies from?
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No. 1041304

That makes sense, writing in in separate days is a great idea too! For now I have it in one separate section so naturally I see everything I wrote before. I do it your way from now on

No. 1041394

Ive been journalling all my life, have diaries that go back to 2010 i think is my first one. I started bujo in 2020 alongside my regular journal, and its actually been really nice and helpful to me, but i do use some of the same kinda "methods" that are really popular in the community, amanda rach lee et al. for example, drawing a doodle of 30 different things that i can color in so that each day represents a mood, stuff like that. I have gotten to the point where its really boring, i dont do it every day, and it feels taxing to have to design it and incorporate stuff like that into my monthly spreads. i still want my pages to look designy and colorful and everything, just not so much effort/emphasis. does anyone else feel this way or have a suggestion that isnt just "dont do it then"?

No. 1041626

Use colorful gel pens and lots of stickers. It takes two seconds but looks really cute, yet not cookie cutter. I also get nice sticky notes and glue those on for week tasks or random reminders. I hate those mood trackers, and habit trackers that are bigger than a week though. Mood tracker can actually drag down your mood and the info is pretty useless.

No. 1041648

File: 1643170380809.jpg (298 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20220125-221136_Ins…)

I agree with >>1041626 , I used to draw every page in my journal to decorate it, but it became time consuming and a bit overwhelming, so I switched to decorating with washi tape and stickers and it's become a much more fun process for me because I'm not stressed over drawing nice looking shit. You don't even have to go crazy with it, just a few stickers and matching tape in a simple layout can look very nice, picrel.

No. 1041796

File: 1643185688764.jpg (97.69 KB, 600x960, 20211026_071915.jpg)

Seconding >>1041109… gratitude journaling is so helpful. It's like a low effort version of CBT? Whenever I need to pick it up again is when I feel like doing it the least: when I'm in a negative spiral it feels pointless and stupid to focus on the positives. But I also know it's been immensely helpful in the past and it helps me reset these thought patterns.

However I dislike clogging my regular journo with gratitude entries so I bought a separate planner on sale for that purpose. Each day fits about 3 entries and it's cute, I love using it which makes it easy to turn it into a habit. Anyway I wish you good luck!!

File: 1642634228236.png (347.28 KB, 1076x450, howbabby.PNG)

No. 1033306[Reply]

Lord, what fools these farmers be.
Previous thread >>1018946
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No. 1041756

I'm basically asking this because I want to know if I could get anything having lesbian sex with random women if it would risky just using hands. We would wash our hands after and wouldn't be sticking them in any other orifices.

No. 1041772

"I don't dream of labour" doesn't mean that you dream of not working, it means that labour and work isn't important to you. We know we have to work to keep ourselves clothed, bathed and fed but it's a means to an end rather than being a person who's aspirations are centred around a career. It's usually said in response to the phrase "what do you want to be when you grow up?" which always implies work, rather than happiness, creativity, stability.

No. 1041784

NTAYRT But then no. If you're washing your hands, and your hands don't have any open wounds on them, you will be fine. "hand stuff" is really the best kind of sex to have with someone to prevent the spread of STDs

No. 1041792

Is this weird? I have this “friend” and I don’t understand her. She used to spend time with me, invite me to outings, introduced me to all her friends, told me I’m part of the “girl club” now, talked to me about her abusive mom and crazy dad and showed me family pictures, and told me all about her boyfriend. All of this within the span of a week or two.

I know two things: people who like you, and people who tell you to fuck off. And her I can’t pin down. She stopped talking to me, and started ignoring my texts. I wouldn’t even talk to her, I’d just check up on her and send her internship applications and be like, “Hey, I think you’d be great for this!”A week ago she randomly texted me and told me to wait for her outside a place because she needed a mask, and I always have extra ones on me. I was late for something but I waited anyways and gave it to her. After I was done I called to check on her and she said she already went home. This is like the 100th time she does something weird like this and I’m not sure if I’m being retarded and she doesn’t like me or what. Is this like something people do all the time?

No. 1041807

I don't think she's your friend, anon. You can try asking her if something is up, but going from sharing everything with you one week to ignoring you the next for no apparent reason isn't normal.

File: 1613301909945.jpg (252.08 KB, 1400x1400, vlcsnap_2020_02_20_09h19m12s04…)

No. 739039[Reply]

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.

previous thread >>>/ot/469216
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No. 1040297

im also interested in ux, im well-versed in graphic design but am unsure what ux entails exactly. could you explain how ux differs from design in your job?

No. 1041017

I'm about to sound real fucking lame but I am PETRIFIED of getting a promotion. My job is incredibly easy, but I will pretty much be automatically promoted next year unless I majorly fuck up because that's the way it works here. But I love my job the way it is right now. Since I'm in a junior position, people just tell me what to do and I do it and I do it very well. I don't feel like I have the skillset that the people at the next level of promotion need to have, which is basically interpreting what vague bullshit the manager says, taking on the work that takes more tact, and giving the rest to the junior. It's like being a mini-manager. I don't want it. I'm a tech and data autist, not a manager. I think it's kind of bullshit that being promoted means doing less of what I'm good at.

Is this as concern for anyone else? Especially like engineering types who get pushed into leadership positions? I still have a year but it's eating away at me. I'm sure, like all things, I'm overthinking it.

No. 1041742

File: 1643180353322.jpg (39.41 KB, 735x721, 0eec42fab9ec14b5b220673c91f2bb…)

>late 20s neet with severe social anxiety, AVPD
>had some work experience before I lost my job a long time ago
>halfheartedly apply for a clerk job
>they call me back, do a phone interview and don't even offer me the clerk job but a more senior role
>tomorrow is the last in person interview with the director
>shitting bricks because this higher role is well paid but would be severely stressful for me

The job involves public speaking and lots of nuanced software I'd have to learn. I didn't realize what type of job it would be because this all happened within a few days and Im suddenly not interviewing for the simple role I wanted but another thing altogether. As someone who is basically a mute and freaks out over nothing I've always done well in repetitive and lonely office jobs, but ones where I have to have actual relationships with clients and coworkers is completely out of my element. Hell, I used to eat lunches in the bathroom in high school and can't make a friend to save my life let alone coordinate with professionals all day. I don't know if I should just come clean and say I can't do this type of work and would rather be paid less to just silently type all day. I don't think I'll sleep tonight.

No. 1041746

Yeah the last thing I want is any sort of responsibility or extra work or difficulty added to my job. I want an easy, stress free role where someone tells me what to do, and I don't care if I get less money or respect than them.

I work very average admin jobs without any particular career progression, but my team lead recently got a new role and I get the feeling she wants to push some aspects of her old role on to me. I don't want to be a fucking leader in any capacity, I hate delegating! I don't want people coming to me with problems! Let me slack off in peace!!!

No. 1041788

Nonna, this video is for you. I thought the exact same way as you in my early career. I've come to realize that management is kinda like driving. It took me a while to get my license because it seems intimidating when you start. But you reach a point where you've seen enough of the stupid manoeuvres other people pull that you realize "hey wait, everybody else sucks at driving. I'm actually OK" lol.

In particular, I think that this woman makes a good point about approaching your imposter syndrome in a solution-focused way. If you think that you're not ready for a leadership role, that's ok, just see if you can dissect why. Then think of some concrete things that you can do to address those reasons.
If you want to that is. You don't have to be a manager. Personally though, I am really glad that I transitioned out of a junior role. I would feel out of place there now at 25 if I was amongst the fresh grad zoomers.

File: 1631759788792.jpg (66.08 KB, 824x720, 6e44fae997c692705f0c81793f6fb3…)

No. 913463[Reply]

Or favorite song. What does it mean to you? Why is it memorable? What made it stick with you?

First thread >>>/ot/660956
485 posts and 228 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1039136

Spent most of last night dragging this lake
For the corpses of all my past mistakes
Sell me out, the joke's on you
We are salt and you are the wound
Empty another bottle, and let me tear you to pieces
This is me wishing you in to the worst situations
I'm the kind of kid that can't let anything go
But you wouldn't know a good thing if it came up and slit your throat
Your remorse hasn't fallen on deaf ears
Rather ones that just don't care
'Cause I know
That you're in between arms somewhere
Next to heartbeats where you shouldn't dare sleep
Now I'll teach you a lesson
For keep secrets from me
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1039146

Well that's a deep cut.

No. 1039179

I haven't listened to Fall Out Boy in years…

No. 1039311

File: 1643023196559.jpg (32.15 KB, 718x557, 0013569183_10.jpg)

you'll never be ok, if you don't come to your senses
but I feel so defenseless, so alone
i thought he was right when he said that he loved me
he's still thinking of me from up there

and as they stop to look at her they won't look further,
like it's not a murder, it's an inevitable tragedy
the bloody hands of all the heartless fuckers
who emotionally fucked her to monetize her suffering
flipping through a spiral notebook for some
sad hopeless words to turn into a liturgy
so she'll never leave her bedroom in this bedroom community

No. 1041786

Buying bread from a man in Brussels
He was six foot four and full of muscle
I said, "Do you speak-a my language?"
He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich

File: 1642713475729.jpg (74.33 KB, 590x443, 1542901541726.jpg)

No. 1034608[Reply]

This is a thread to discuss anything pertaining to yumejos, fujoshis, and other types of anime fans that happen to be women.
>Why this thread?
Recently, a lot of threads on /ot/ have become full of derailments of apparent yumejos and fujoshis arguing. This thread will help settle things once and for all.
>Yumejos and Fujoshis: Are they really that different?
>Is there really a need for them to fight?
>Wouldn't others just think they're all the same type of anime fan?
>etc, add to the conversation!
817 posts and 90 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1041769


No. 1041773

People love to push that it's a lesbian thing because it's just another layer of defense against the 'gay fetishist' accusations. Similar to how Aidens troon out so they have enough gay cred to justify their love for shipping male characters. It's a cope but there's literally nothing wrong or offensive about fujos so there's no need for it.

No. 1041776

i regret asking a question in this thread. this will remain unknown to me then.
i like this nonny, it's rare to find authors that also make BL and josei. I find their narrative style is mature, and the eroticism portrayed in a sensual way and not dehumanizing the women at all.

No. 1041778

it's mostly trolls who insist that most fujos are lesbians, lesbian fujos do exist for reasons explained above but they're definitely far from the majority. if anything, a lot of fujos are bi

No. 1041783

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