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File: 1674620047319.png (248.64 KB, 581x412, betterversion.png)

No. 1481070[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1257659

>What are moovie nights?

On certain nights of the week (usually weekends, although it depends on the host), we hold a "moovie night" where we unite and watch movies together that have been suggested here in this thread. Please refer to the announcement posts per event to see when they are scheduled.

>What is tunesday?

Tunesdays are days where we listen to tunes, sometimes according to a theme. They are often held on Tuesdays and Fridays, but you are free to hop in whenever and organize yours!

Timezone Resources
March-October: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20230713T190000&p1=tz_aet&p2=tz_awst&p3=tz_eest&p4=tz_cest&p5=tz_bst&p6=tz_et&p7=tz_ct&p8=tz_mt&p9=tz_pt
November-February: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20231214T190000&p1=tz_aet&p2=tz_awst&p3=tz_eet&p4=tz_cet&p5=tz_gmt&p6=tz_et&p7=tz_ct&p8=tz_mt&p9=tz_pt
Hint: when in doubt, update the date to the current one on the site linked above, it will let you know if daylight savings is in effect.


We have a dedicated room for Moovie Nights here:
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No. 1533458


No. 1533470

File: 1679857300184.gif (965.35 KB, 412x232, tmnt.gif)



No. 1533534

File: 1679862862080.gif (806.49 KB, 500x207, giphy-1.gif)


File: 1663055231859.png (3.62 MB, 2000x1600, notebook.png)

No. 1337722[Reply]

Previous Thread >>>/ot/1132888

Come draw together with anons! Nobody else in? Leave a doodle before you go! Everyone welcomed, artfags or not. Drawings of board-tan highly appreciated.

>How it works

Every doodle board has a theme to encourage creativity. There are currently 4 boards that are cycled through, and when the current board is almost full a poll will be posted for users to vote on the next theme. When a board is full, a picture of the completed board and the new theme name will be posted. Every one can request new themes to be used on the board. Occasional reminders will be posted with the link and theme of the current board. Themes are merely a suggestion, you can draw whatever you like on the board.
Click the spreadsheet link below to view all of the requested themes and also to see all of the board links under the "Admin Schedule" tab, OPEN IN INCOGNITO.

If you make a new layer and then leave the board you may not be able to access that layer a again due to restrictions put on the boards to protect against raids and defacing. In this case, feel free to ask in this thread for your layer back and an admin will assist you.

>Doodle Game Nights

Occasionally on Sundays there will be a game night. In the past most game nights have been held on Gartic.io, a Pictionary style game. There is currently no set schedule for game nights but announcements for them are usually posted at the start of the week, so keep your eye out!


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No. 1530590

File: 1679509350908.png (56.77 KB, 695x426, mikus in space.png)

Come draw! Theme on the main board is cosmic:

No theme/Shitposting board:

Coloring board:

Also, vote for the next theme here:

No. 1531444

File: 1679600358054.png (43.12 KB, 705x431, cat.png)

There's still space… in space! Come draw!

No. 1532156

File: 1679684873777.png (81.4 KB, 810x907, machinegirl elsie.png)

Wait what?! You still haven't conquered all of space? I thought you were a powerful galactic warrior queen magical girl, nonny, what's this? We won't change rooms yet, and my extension poll remains open. I actually might have jumped the gun on poll time, sorry

File: 1679604505895.jpg (190.43 KB, 900x1247, 900_Woman Walking Borzoi Russi…)

No. 1531513[Reply]

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.
Last thread >>>/ot/1488831
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No. 1533484

isn't she dating one of the trashtaste guys? I think their "circle" can have a combined thread

No. 1533491

File: 1679859376478.png (478.63 KB, 1091x478, Screenshot 36.png)

what's even more depressing is that she used to upload relatively normal content too until she realized being a pickme hentai enthusiast was more profitable.

No. 1533536

Yes, married actually. Honestly a thread about them would be pretty interesting.

No. 1533622

I, too, would appreciate a thread.

No. 1533784

File: 1626360488299.jpg (23.17 KB, 250x250, tumblr_pb1ypgoPkd1v4whilo2_250…)

No. 854762[Reply]


Previous thread: >>>/ot/204765
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No. 1532354

I'm gonna try to get drunk later nonnas but I'm also really sad because the tax for alcohol is going up significantly again fuck this fuckin hippie

No. 1532355

City. I meant city. I was looking at a hippie walking by when I typed that. Fuck I need to get drunk.

No. 1533563

Not drunk like I wish I was, because the restaurant I went out to refused to serve me. They said I was underage because my ID has a red box that says “under 21 until” even tho I’m 25 years old lol. What a joke of a restaurant my boyfriend just ordered a drink for me. Then the waitress came back to our table and said “I heard who this drink is really for. I’m going to give it to you anyway” like wtf

No. 1533576

She knew she was wrong she just wanted the conversational upper hand. Bad idea on her part because she lost money on the tip.

No. 1533783

feeling silly rn

File: 1679028227861.png (530.18 KB, 1400x696, 1668566872495.png)

No. 1525720[Reply]

Horror and bliss beyond belief,
the future held in the sanic motif
screeching to the heavens, be he brief
the numbers reveal either relief or greif
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No. 1533412

Is he going to get with A?

No. 1533533

and will i be with her again?

No. 1533717

is it going to be worth the inevitable suffering?

No. 1533718

should i trust them

No. 1533782

will therapy fix me?

File: 1679501239436.gif (4.01 MB, 548x500, ADBEFF0C-92E8-45EF-8CA7-CFDA7B…)

No. 1530442[Reply]

what ails ye nonnie?
previous thread: >>>/ot/1522675
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No. 1533774

>this is why you have no friends you femcel retard
Send her my way

No. 1533777

File: 1679888723682.jpg (39.3 KB, 720x960, 1620772839085.jpg)

this is so fucking dumb and cunty and makes me feel like an actual smoothbrain but sometimes i wish that men would sexualize me. men tell me that i'm pretty or cute or beautiful not infrequently which makes me feel like an absolute jackass because why can't i just settle for the fucking compliments but like,,, it feels like even if men find me attractive they don't view me as a sexual option? men never call me hot or sexy and i feel like i'm having my manny santos moment rn but man my friends will tell me about the shit men DM them and literally that has never happened to me. i've never received an unsolicited dick pic, dudes don't really flirt with me, they just… compliment me and walk away??? like deadass i'll be in the parking lot of a fucking panera bread and a dude will hit me with "btw you're really beautiful" before getting in his car without another word????? what the fuck is that, what does that mean

i feel like the absolute biggest dipshit pick-me, i should be relieved that men are basically always polite to me but instead my dumb bitch brain says "wow guess you must be a real uggo huh" what the fuck is wrong with me

No. 1533779

I wish I could hug her and kiss her head again. I miss her so much.

No. 1533781

Tfw you check on somebody's twitter whom you used to know and thought was cool but ended up fumbling up, then you see them using a cringe phrase

then its a huge turnoff, and you revise your plans to "meet" them again as a totally different person who they didnt know before.

No. 1533785

if you were ugly people wouldnt say anything or at worst would treat you like you dont even exist or are subhuman, trust me..

File: 1679591144657.png (545.71 KB, 750x989, cat.png)

No. 1531303[Reply]

You probably are not alone in your opinion.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1522345

>adhere to site and board rules

>do not respond to bait
>report and ignore trolls or obvious maleposters instead of replying like an idiot
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No. 1533760

I’m picky about how things are prepared but I’m not really picky about what things are, if I went to a fancy restaurant I’d try at least a bite of whatever was put in front of me. You feel me?

I’ve never had liver and I’ve never had gizzards, but I would not be opposed to trying them if they were well prepared. I used to think I hated lobster and a lot of other seafood, turns out I just hate poor quality and/or poorly prepared lobster/seafood.

No. 1533765

This. As long as it's not super low quality, bad tasting food, I'll eat pretty much anything. Zero respect for adults who turn their noses up at good food that's out of muh comfort zone.

No. 1533768

Nayrt but I share that nonna’s sentiment on pregnancy. It’s icky to me. I went through a phase in my early 20s where I was terrified of aging but then I when I got my first white hair I was actually super happy about it. I was always excited to grow up as a kid and would sometimes put balloons under my shirt and pretend to be a grown up. I never got big boobs, but I was an early bloomer and got acne and pubes and reached my tall for a kid but average-short for an adult woman height at a young age.

Taking care of one human, that human being MYSELF, is already a full time job. I’m no expert at it either, it’s not a well funded situation kek. I literally cannot imagine raising a child of my own even if the kid was adopted. I’m self aware enough to know that being a mother to a human child would send me to the loony bin post haste, I’d never sleep, I’d just worry about the child all the time until I lost my mind. I’ve literally gone to the ER when I was left to care for a KITTEN (not even a bottle baby like a 6 month old kitten I just had to give dewormer to everyday for a few days) because I was so stressed out I didn’t sleep for multiple days and was crying and not eating. They triaged me immediately because my heart rate was like 200+ and did a bunch of tests and it all came back clear so they gave me IV Ativan and that finally lowered my heart rate enough to discharge me. I also don’t know how to drive and have no desire to learn, cause I’m self aware enough to know I’m too neurotic and jumpy for the heavy responsibility that comes with operating heavy machinery.

No. 1533770

I'll literally eat everything listed except jalapeno peppers and licorice

No. 1533776

>Also we should stop calling the insides of fruit and vegetable "flesh".
I agree we should call them innards instead

File: 1678525951108.png (817.87 KB, 2048x1747, farmerdumb.png)

No. 1520782[Reply]

Yea your dum. Post it here.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1506105
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No. 1533730

File: 1679882468189.jpeg (44.43 KB, 746x412, AA125F14-079B-41D2-94A9-BF6AB3…)

What’s your favorite episode

No. 1533755

File: 1679885936749.png (42.38 KB, 427x367, jerry.png)

I'm looking for an episode of Tom and Jerry where the maid sings "No rest for the wicked". The lyrics just before that were something like "Workin', workin', stop that shirkin'…". Please help me with this, it's plaguing my mind

No. 1533772

Is it really that weird to ask other women for spare tampons/pads? I keep seeing anons in the mtf threads saying no woman would ever ask for another woman in the bathroom for a pad but I’ve done it. I have no shame in it, I’d rather go through the embarrassment of asking than bleed through my pants. Is this some secret social taboo I’m too autistic to pick up on or something?

No. 1533775

no woman who isn't a sjw brown-noser validation-seeker would dare ask a tranny is what i'd say

No. 1533778

It’s not that weird tbh, it’s just not common to have someone asking for tampons and such since most women just carry emergency pads and tampons in their own purses. I carry emergency pads because I don’t really know if I could actually find another woman in the bathroom, and because most of the women at my workplace don’t have to deal with periods anymore.
I’ve gotten asked before for a pad or a tampon like once while traveling, but that’s kind of expected tbh, not everyone expects their period while traveling.
What makes anons say so is that there’s no way in hell that a woman would see a hulking tranny and would ask specifically to him for a tampon or a pad because normie women don’t think they would carry around such things since they don’t need them.

File: 1679185054762.png (714.3 KB, 650x650, limabean.png)

No. 1527593[Reply]

prev thread: >>>/ot/1517693

>>1518521 lea michelle is botched
>>1523241 simon cowell is botched
>>1519163 kim kardashian is botched
>>1523354 lewis capaldi is organically botched
>>1526024 liam payne is botched
>>1525065 gerard way is an agp mess

>>1518138 bam margera arrested for assault
>>1519648 julia fox's bro & dad are arrested for guns & bombs
>>1526490 julia's father was released
>>1523426 julia pays her brother's $450k bail
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1533750

Nonna have you not gotten the memo? no way will they ruin their precious perfectly intact bodies with yucky childbirth. she'll just a hire some poor 23 year old from a third world country to carry her babies

No. 1533763

nta but i'm of the opinion that it's better that she doesn't have kids. they'll end up severely messed up in some way.

No. 1533769

File: 1679887986495.jpeg (161.89 KB, 1283x809, 124D514D-E10D-4780-8420-219E3F…)

yassss queen lasagna

No. 1533771

She's not 40, and it's better than smoking cigarettes. Lots of people of all ages vape.

No. 1533780

isnt it worse than cigs? i know a ton of people who started vaping to quit but now they vape way more than they ever smoked since you can do it inside and its generally higher nicotine. vaping is gross and childish but i think shes so funny i cant even hate on her for anything.

File: 1679829686257.jpeg (101.44 KB, 644x960, 57EA8A2B-7CED-479F-A695-AF24C4…)

No. 1533183[Reply]

Post appalling, dangerous or generally judge worthy parenting failures.
22 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1533727

That picture is so disturbing. Why would she even do that?

No. 1533736

what the fuck. he should still be in jail for what he did. I'm disgusted in both of them, that kid doesn't stand a chance if his dad is an abusive almost-murderer and his mom is stupid enough to marry and have a child with such a man

you can delete, retype, and repost your replies for 30 minutes after posting, anon

No. 1533739

Lmfao what
I'm lazy.

No. 1533754

he is still in jail.

No. 1533756

Apparently the toddler destroyed a ton of stuff recently and caused mayhem so their idea of a joke to cope was to wrap him up temporarily and sort of dance him around like holding him up and bouncing him around on the bed and putting him down, like to temporarily give him a makeshift straight jacket I guess.

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