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File: 1550124133023.jpg (136.08 KB, 399x500, 6e556eb3895819fc463ce9ffc55371…)

No. 373395

No. 373399

I don't like chocolates. I don't think they taste good.

No. 373401

What chocolates have you had? Im American and American chocolate is nasty. My mind was blown when I tried Belgian, Dutch, Swiss and German chocolates!

No. 373402

all chocolate is nasty, i hate chocolate desserts and the meme that all women are chocolate fanatics

No. 373408

I've had good chocolate from other countries. Just don't care for it.

No. 373451

Piggybacking off of this, here’s my unpopular opinion:
Protein chocolates taste better than regular chocolates

No. 373480

i think makeup looks ugly

No. 373482

File: 1550148876332.png (64.38 KB, 865x364, c.PNG)

Hard to swallow pill: cats don't like you. They're cute house ornaments at best, get over it.

No. 373494

Even if they were nice more often than not I don’t see how anyone can stand the smell of their shit, it is the most foul stench that has ever offended my nostrils

No. 373502

That's fine, I love him even if he can't love me back. Just caring for things is nice, same with fish or plants who have less and no cognitive abilities respectively.
If a person needs returned affection and service they should just stick to dogs or no pets at all.

No. 373504

File: 1550152147954.jpg (76.47 KB, 750x623, 84f4b5ea-0e04-44c1-a577-928b60…)

No. 373508

Fucking knew catfags would reeee about teh ebil dogs like they are relevant to the conversation and how kitties dindu nuffin wrong

No. 373509

I don't understand why people say this about cats. I volunteered at my local animal shelter once, in the cat room, and for as many cats that were aloof and wanted nothing to do with me, there were just as many that wanted my attention/rubbed themselves on me/jumped on top of whatever counter I was cleaning to ask for pets/followed me around.

No. 373510

How is this reeing about dogs? It's true, people try to treat cats (me other pets) like dogs, don't get the affection-seeking response they expect, and think they are soulless and hateful as a result. Like, every time. They're both completely different kinds of pets and holding every pet to the standard that if it doesn't seek attention and affection that it's shit is patently false. Pets have value beyond being affectionate, selfless or even loyal.

No. 373512

you see this same reaction when people interact with dogs who aren't stereotypically affectionate as well. service dogs, breeds that are known for being aloof like shibas and even just individuals who don't like a lot of attention or are nervous/past trauma etc., people get real personally offended if the dog doesn't respond to affection or avoids it. they just can't comprehend an animal who doesnt make humans the center of their world and think therefore they are useless as pets.

t. volunteered at humane society for 10 years, groom dogs for a living and own two rescue dogs, one of which is a greyhound who despises 99% of people.

No. 373519

There are plenty of animals that are nothing like dogs and are still better than cats overall, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, rats, but worse than cats are often their owners; in particular those that let them roam and refuse to desex them.

Unrelated to what you said here’s a really hard to swallow pill though, people who prefer the company of animals because they ‘don’t judge them’? They absolutely would if they had the capacity to like those around you, if you’re unable to connect to the people around you or find that they avoid you then you most likely have an awful personality or you have poor sense of hygiene.

No. 373525

Yeah sorry, but that's bs. Cats definitely get attached to their humans and show affection.

I totally get it if someone's not a fan of how you have to go slow and steady with cats, and would rather have the straightforward and overwhelming affection from a dog. But to say that cats don't care about anything or anyone at all, that's just a straight up lie.

No. 373530


Yeah I've had a rabbit before and taken care of cats in the past. Rabbits and cats are pretty similar in comparison to dogs and cats. Rabbits are like the vegan cat. I don't think cat are weird, they act like every other pet.

No. 373549


Anon, I can’t speak for everyone but some of us who feel more comfortable with animals do so because people can be cruel. I know that it may be difficult for you to understand why someone isn’t crazy about other humans, but if you ask someone without judgment or making generalizations that if you do x it must be because of y, there’s often a legitimate reason stemming from a feeling of pain and loneliness. People on a whole aren’t that great. It’s just the few who are wonderful that make life a little more bearable.

No. 373550

Does being shy and nervous in social situations count as an awful personality?
I don't get anxious around my cat (or tarantula lol) because they don't expect me to converse with them, which I'm not great at with strangers. Also am kind of ugly. I'm clean, just got an ugly face and humans can judge me for that but other animals won't.

I get that it's an annoying ~uwu I'm so different and an introvert~ sort of thing to hear but…if the shoe fits? Although I'd never say it to anyone of course because of that implication.

No. 373667

I'm not sure how unpopular this opinion actually is, but I think short guys are super cute. I would love to be a very tall girl with a short boyfriend.

No. 373675

Agree!! I can only love men 5'4" and under. Although I'm a 5'6" womanlet and wish I was over 6' so the difference could be much greater. As it is now I feel like even if I managed to score a small gem of a man he'd eventually leave me for a taller woman.

No. 373681

Who talks like this? You sound like an incel guy.

No. 373682

Never had cats of my own, but last year I did catsitting and the two cats I was watching were sweet and affectionate as fuck, always following me around, purring loudly and giving me headbumps even when I was doing my own business. I used to buy into the "cats aren't social and loving like dogs" story too once, but I realized that the mistake was treating cats the way you treat dogs, and expecting them to behave like dogs. They're different, but their love is real too.

No. 373709

Sorry, I just get excited and feel mushy when I think about manlets of all things. Looking back that was phrased pretty cringe, sorry lmao.

No. 373729

You're still using incel terms though. Robot or just no self awareness?

No. 373735

Plastic love is not the best City Pop song and is not even the best of Takeuchi Mariya, it's good, but it doesn't deserves the amount of memes and fame it has. There are far more great songs and great artist of that genre, but its just Plastic Love this Takeuchi that.

No. 373736

my cats sleep on my head or right next to me every night, will start purring when i look at them, demand affection constantly, etc. i've owned and fostered 18 cats throughout my life and the same thing basically happens every time. you can't demand affection from your friends and just expect your friends to fawn all over you. it does take time to develop a relationship with your cat/with cats and maintain trust. it's in their best interest and safety that they be able to 'vet' people before being vulnerable with them. why and how is this a fault of theirs?

why do people think an animal's willingness to put themselves in danger by being vulnerable with anyone is a positive? that's a very bad thing. a very scary thing. imagine chiding children for not being affectionate soon enough and not being doting and subservient soon enough and then considering hesitation or boundaries "not liking" or "not caring about" others.

No. 373739

What? Womanlet and manlet? It was kind of joke-y in my first post since I'm not actually short. And people use manlet here sometimes (albeit as an insult to invaders).
Again maybe with the mush it just came off as weird all mixed together, I can see that.

No. 373741

You're right, i feel bad for animals that are way too "affectionate" with strangers, somebody can take the chance to hit them or something and it's very dangerous.

No. 373749

Kinda ot about what yall are replying about but
>imagine chiding children for not being affectionate soon enough and not being doting and subservient soon enough
This happened to me as a child all the fucking time, it's how a lot of little girls were socialized before the 2000s until anyone started to give a fuck. Give a fuck about the curious case of training kids that they have no bodily autonomy, no right to say 'no' to 'affection,' and to always defer to people claiming they have authority.
I was forced to give hugs and kisses to people when I didn't want to, be touched when I didn't want to be touched, be polite even if I didn't want the attention, etc.
Know what happened to me when a man with authority molested me and yelled at me that what he was doing was actually okay? That's right, nothing.
It's fucked and it happens. People are just as mental to their own children as they are to dogs and cats.

No. 373827

Dolly Parton's original version of "I Will Always Love You" > Whitney Houston's cover

No. 373837

Hate this thread's pic

No. 373838

same. the last one sucked too. bring back kumamon.

No. 373855

Op here, I'm so sorry lol I didn't have any other good photos on me

No. 373866

This generated interesting discussion last time, I'll post it again here if that's OK.

>Ideal BMI is somewhere around 19. Everything else is excessive. The "thick" trend in particular is just vulgar, and causes women to aspire towards looking like a sex doll.

>The "plant mom" aesthetic that you see in many homes (cacti! succulents!) is horrid.
>Pregnancy is more often than not a total scam for women.
>It is selfish to bring other people into this world.
>Women who are actually competent at their job don't face sexism in fields that don't have a lot to do with networking (mainly STEM). If you're talented, your work should speak for itself. If you're deterred from pursuing a certain career because of what other people have told you, you have no conviction and consequently wouldn't succeed anyway.
>It is a confidence issue that causes women to appear aggressive or "bitchy" when being assertive. It is totally possible for a woman to be assertive without acting like she's compensating for something. The problem isn't other people, it's how we raise little girls.
>People who wear makeup every day and people who get plastic surgery are on the same level of vanity/"fakeness"/etc. (Usually, I find that plastic surgery has more of a stigma surrounding it. In both cases, you're just spending money for your face/body to look a certain way.

No. 373868

thanks for ruining a thread that could be good

No. 373870

>I think my opinions are important
No, you really didn't need to repost.

No. 373886

Dark chocolate is superior.

No. 373888

Milk chocolate needs to be illegal. That it's the default chocolate for so many candy bars and toppings, etc, is so, so sad.

No. 373899

Just posting to bump some sperg shit from the last thread under the post cut so hopefully no one will reply to it. Kek

No. 373900

Bittersweet chocolate is my fav

No. 373901

neo yokio is a good show

No. 373920

I’ll never understand how people could like that garbage, my partner tried to convince by saying it was a parody and ironic, but it was still shit. If you’re gonna do a parody of something it has to be funny.

No. 373922

File: 1550206590245.png (42.64 KB, 1172x675, 1550036176828.png)

Dark chocolate sucks!

Milk chocolate rules! Swiss is the best!

No. 373935

I think maybe it was because the parody aspect is so subtle and the delivery is really dry. If it wasn't for some in-your-face absurdist aspects like the frequent apparence of giant Toblerones and the vaping judge, it would be indistinguishable from any other bad anime.
I personally enjoyed it but it's definitely not for everyone and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody.

No. 373949

70% cocoa dark chocolate is the only good chocolate, milk chocolate is disgusting, and anyone who likes white chocolate should be beheaded

No. 373960

I think a lot of people lie about being asexual/aroace or whatever bullshit. Like yeah just cuz you're young (20's) and haven't felt romantically attracted to someone or had sexual feelings doesn't mean it'll never happen. And a lot of flakes, like Himezawa, do shit that is not in line with their "lgbtq" label at all. I also don't think Simply Kenna is asexual.

No. 373962

Skincare is a scam outside of basic moisturizers and mild cleansing.
If you have cysts and shit you need medication, not a 15-step weeb regimen.

Asians have good skin bc of genetics, not really because of their skincare.

No. 373963

Yeah, it's nonsense. Low libidos are real, libidos so low they are practically non existent are real, but what are the chances it's affecting a bunch of young, otherwise healthy girls? The common denominated is tumblr bullshit combined with insecurity, discomfort and inexperience when it comes to sex and being viewed sexually. Which is also understandable but not likely to be some permanent, complete lack of a sex drive that is so significant it needs a label.

I think if true asexuality existed that wasn't a medical/mental issue, it would be impossible for them to perceive their own sexual orientation. Like, the way a 100% straight person feels about the same sex or a 100% gay person feels about the opposite sex, that's how an asexual would feel about both. But they always seem to have a preference one way or the other, like Kenna obsessing over anime and kpop boys. Actually, in her case I think she's just so infatuated with perfect characters and idols that being into a regular human being is unfathomable to her… thus 'asexual'.

No. 373966

I respect you for your white chocolate opinion but you're wrong, otherwise. The only good chocolate is brownies and ice cream/frozen custard. Chocolate bars/candy are all terrible.

No. 373969

I agree! I think many people have periods where they are not interested in dating, but some of these tumblr people have to put a label on it in order to feel ~victimized~. I don't care if someone chooses not to date, it's just annoying to see so many people identify as asexual when it, as you mentioned, should be a rare condition hard to self-identify. And I think you hit Kenna's personality right on the head lol Admitting she's only into husbandos is better than what she's doing now.

No. 373972

asians i encounter irl have normal skin and i dont find that they have perfect skin, so either there's something to washing your face with snail mucus and coconut water a million times a day or the koreans hyping that stuff up just have good skin or are shooped

No. 373975

agree. i used to identify as ace but i was just a late bloomer

No. 373980

I think for a lot of really young girls and women it’s a sort of defence mechanism to keep men from viewing them as a sexual conquer, you learn very young that the vast majority of men view you sexually first and foremost

No. 374006

We must be around different asians, because majority of those in my area (which is filled to the brim with Asian international students) have the most god awful skin I have ever seen. The acne scars they have leave behind craters that look like they belong on a moon.
But in all seriousness I’m very skeptic so to believe that somehow one race, and specifically only on portion of said race, has magical genetics that gives them all flawless skin. Please, it’s like believing that they all come from the womb highly skilled and intelligent when in reality it’s that past generations valued education and success very highly and had strong work ethic which they would push onto their children from a young age - I say past generations because a lot of the asians I’m around now seem to have taken to heart the meme that they’re just inherently superior and seem genuinely dumbfounded that they don’t achieve better results than other races when they put in absolutely zero effort.

No. 374022

swiss chocolate makes me gag, it's too much.

No. 374035

I love Swiss. It is super creamy without being overly sweet like German chocolate.

No. 374064

hear hear

No. 374096

Winter is the worst season and this is coming from someone who lives in a country where winter lasts 5 months. It's never "cozy". You barely see the sun, it's cold af, the snow never lasts long and all you're left with is puddles everywhere.

People who like winter are just trying to be special snowflake contrarians

No. 374098

All seasons are awful imo.
Winter? Cold and gross.
Summer? Sweaty and the days are too long.
Spring? Rainy and causes allergies.
Fall? Spring 2.0 with more rain and more allergies.

Winter is only my favourite because it's less sweaty and the fashion is nice. But really it's all bad.
t. Also come from a place where it's always winter btw.

No. 374103

I live in the southern USA so my Winters are fairly mild and it's definitely my favorite season. There's no humidity, I can stand outside without sweating, it hardly rains (and never snows), during the worst of it, it'll dip down to maybe 15-20° overnight but will warm back up during the day and just over all nicer.

No. 374105

>People who like winter are just trying to be special snowflake contrarians

No, my body has a hard time handling being too warm and I overheat easily, making summer a difficult time for me

I’m also chubby with body image issues that make winter my favorite season

No. 374107

fucking amen, anon. I hate winter and I hate rain. Being cold and makes me feel gross. Also winter fashion makes me look fat with all the layers and stuff I have to wear to stay warm.

I've noticed everyone who loves winter and fall lives in California or some place where it's mild. Like of course you do, you've never had to shovel snow in below freezing weather. And I hate pants.

No. 374111

I like how it’s significantly cheaper to keep warm than it is to keep cool, and I hate the sweatiness of summer.

But nothing can beat the feeling of a spring breeze and seeing everything come back to life

No. 374113

This. Most Asians I see don't even have skin that good, so it's not even a matter of genetics imo.
1 zillion step Korean skincare only became popular because of kpop idols, and kpop idols have good skin because they can afford the best derms, just like celebrities all over the world.

No. 374122

yes, there's tons of gimicky nonsense products, and you def don't need a 10 step, but there's some gems in asian skincare. Things that make sense are sunscreens, vitamin C, acids, retinol, etc. It's not all a scam.
Also not every asian takes care of their skin.

No. 374132

I agree, I think people who say they really love winter have never really lived in a place with a lot of snow and ice. I moved down to the south a few years ago and I really don't miss it.
Among the things I don't miss
>having to shovel snow every morning
>having to start my car 30 minutes before going anywhere to defrost and thwack ice off my windshield
>getting my boots and shoes soaked in salty slush, which was sometimes enough to soak through into my socks and make me uncomfortable all day
>employers demanding their employees report to work even in dangerous driving conditions
>car's paint job getting ruined quicker due to salt and dug up pavement from plows
>everything looks dirty after a few days from a fresh snowfall from the salt, melt, and mud
>having to layer up to bear the cold outside, but then sweating my ass off whenever I went inside someplace because of the heat turned up
>electric bill more expensive because of heating requirements
Snow was only ever cool on a day off knowing I didn't have anyplace to go. The rest of the time it was shit.

No. 374138

I mean, couldn’t the same just be said about people who say they love the summer?
Summer here is awful, it’s dry and we have fires, UV ratings that are always in the extreme, droughts, hardly ever cloudy so the sun just glares down at you, heatwaves that drive up electricity bills to an insane amount and this year we hit 48c

No. 374143

The weirdest thing that happened to me during a southern summer is that my car dashboard warped, and it's a bit annoying to wait for the a/c to really kick up but it's usually there in five minutes plus I just roll down the windows. It's really nothing like a snowstorm lol, but I say that as a person who experienced 9 feet of snow the year before I moved to a warmer state.

Humidity is kind of a bitch but in some places there's dry heat so people don't always have to deal with that, whereas snow is plain cold universally.

No. 374144

I don't get people who continue to engage with men who are obviously trying to be annoying and try to make things one sidedly sexual. Just stop messaging him, it's so easy. I don't get when people post screenshots of their convos with these guys and are like "lol this guy can't take a hint I don't wanna talk to him" and you just see the person posting the screencaps replying to him paragraphs of words, like… are you actually retarded? Just don't respond! I literally do this with people I'm close to, if I don't want to hold the conversation anymore that day I just stop replying, no explanation.

No. 374154

Piggybacking off of this I don’t understand adults who continue to have relationships with people they can’t stand. If you don’t like the person and they don’t bring any sort of joy to your life then just cut them out? Obviously I’m not talking about employers, but I remember as a kid that my mum had friends she hated and would always vent after seeing them and I could not for the life of me understand why she didn’t just stop seeing them. As an adult I now don’t humour anyone that doesn’t improve the quality of my life in some way

No. 374155

It's starting to go away, but I think it's moreso that women were socialized to entertain conversations and to not assert themselves if it would cause a conflict or possible negative reaction. And to be fair, with how psychotic some men get, sometimes it's understandable how some women would not want to risk offending them.

No. 374161

I totally agree with you, but to be fair I went through patches of that attitude that you say your mother had at periods of my life due to self esteem issues. Like I'd hype myself up and get excited about hanging out with someone because I'm normally introverted but then find the actualexperience somewhat disappointing irl. Plus sometimes I'd have really well intentioned friends be fucking annoying and it was pissing me off but I'd get mad about it after. Like one of my mates went into my bedroom amd complained it was messy one day and started randomly cleaning it up and looking through my shit. I get she felt close like she could trust me and was trying to be helpful but it annoyed me no end. Sometimes I can't tell if the person is at faultor it's me exaggerating so I just usually blame it on a bad interaction and try again.
I get mad but don't vent to anyone in particular though

No. 374162

I disagree. Winter is my favorite season because it’s the only time of the year where it’s not burning hot where I live. I despise summer because I hate sweating. I feel so gross.

No. 374163

File: 1550253333119.png (257.21 KB, 512x596, nah.png)

i love makeup and i think it's totally fine for a guy to wear makeup but i hate this drag queen looking shit. it's so, so ugly. men look better if they just do minimal shit and not all the nasty troon looking contouring. i don't like seeing it on anyone tbh, it's so fucking ugly and idk why you would spend all that time looking like a goddamned ventriloquist dummy.

No. 374165

I hate that makeup, it flatters no one except those who got too much plastic surgery and actually look more human when they wear those cakey, human mask impersonations.

No. 374167

File: 1550254007422.jpg (214.74 KB, 1300x1266, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

Its awful. I've seen this makeup IRL, their skin looks like this up close after a hour or two in that shit.

No. 374172

>not having your cat shit outside

No. 374182

File: 1550255456652.jpg (243.88 KB, 520x521, nasty.jpg)

i hate when i see that cakey insta makeup shit bc all i see is this, because they always look like this without the photoshopping and smoothing

No. 374184

damn, it looks like a oil painting

No. 374185

cantaloupes are gross

No. 374204

>jaded Kpop fan detected

Can anybody explain what the white powder around his cheekbones is?

No. 374220

setting powder. It's baked on to make the contour stand out more.

No. 374250

Fuck, that's what's trendy nowadays? No wonder everyone in makeup store want me to buy concealer and fondation that are too light and make me look grey and dying.

I noticed youtubers usually shit on brands that don't have enough light or dark shades for foundation and concealers while never wearing their correct shades but they were still not looking that bad on camera.

No. 374252

Imagine Dr Phil in this makeup

No. 374260

I chuckled irl.

No. 374280

Agreed. I think eyeliner especially looks really attractive on men when it's done right but this weird blow-up doll make up is just horribly unflattering on anyone.

No. 374284

File: 1550270084586.png (829.87 KB, 675x1200, E42BE28C-C8EF-4B3F-8884-FB100C…)

One of my favorite things is seeing these cake-face queens without filters and editing.

No. 374291

File: 1550270593649.jpg (174.64 KB, 970x546, 345.jpg)

that guy's constant stubble bothers me so much.

i like the way people tend to do eye makeup here, but i don't understand a lot of trends: falsies for casual looks, blocky eyebrows, cake foundation (especially if you already have really great skin, caking on face paint defeats the purpose of taking care of your skin), drag queen level contouring, that dry ass matte lipstick… i mean, i've tried those things for fun and i looked like a clown. not to be weeb but korean makeup is a lot more flattering overall, imo. no clowny cakeface, no dried out lips with that stupid matte sticking to my lips all day, etc. lip tints are so much better, i'd rather have to reapply some color after eating than feeling like i have dried glue on my lips all day. i'm not trying to look like a sexy baboon.

No. 374292

File: 1550270610629.jpg (552.96 KB, 1920x1080, johnny-depp-confirmed-not-to-r…)

the only men I can think of who look good in make-up are alt/goth guys like david bowie. The eyeshadow on jack sparrow is cute, too.

No. 374297

that's funny because i bet the girl on the right is wearing more make up than the one on the left

No. 374300

holy shit, yes i fucking hate the winter. all these points apply to me as well. i would gladly move to a place where it's warmer in the summer because i'll just be sweaty and sticky and it'll be hard to breathe a few days, but i won't have to deal with fucking electric bills, heating is ALWAYS more expensive than air conditioning, and my car won't rust up faster.
less clothes to have to buy too. i'm seriously considering moving across the country because my area just had a terrible ice storm and it took me 2 hours to get to work when it usually only takes me 35 minutes. that would not happen in the warmer weather.

No. 374301

this shit always looks good in their youtube tutorials but it's literally only because of the video filters and lighting. this shit is cakey from the start. ready for the whole 20 layers of foundation, concealer and powder trend to die.

No. 374303

>People who like winter are just trying to be special snowflake contrarians
Nah, people just like different things. And depending on where you live your experiences of the seasons are different.
Summer and spring both suck ass.

No. 374307

hard disagree, lol

No. 374309

>people who say they really love winter have never really lived in a place with a lot of snow and ice.
I mean… yeah no shit? Do you think people can only form opinions on winter based on where you live? Winter is winter and you can love it even if you live in a place where they are mild. Likewise you can love your summers even of they aren't as horrible as somewhere else's summers.

No. 374325

those anons are probably the same people who think people in the UK are bitches for dying in 80F weather even though those people are not acclimated to that weather at all and none of the infrastructure is built to cool.

also I live in New England and love winter even though I have to get up at the asscrack of dawn to shovel (it's easier now that I have a snow blower). I'll take it over sweaty gross summer any day of the week.

No. 374329

Not a weeb/kboo, but I think that the Korean gradient lip thing looks good.

No. 374340

I like it too, when it's subtle. I tend to just go a bit heavier towards the middle of my lip rather than actively attempt a gradient.

Lip tint really is god tier imo. It just makes your lips look a different colour with no particular texture, it doesn't look like it's slathered in product the way lipstick or gloss does. It lasts ages and doesn't rub off, it's cheap, it can be as bright or natural looking as you want, I love it.

No. 374360

I mean…I lived in Jersey and it got fucking cold and we would have huge snowstorms and I loved that shit. Now I live in Florida and I'm miserable mostly year round because it's always so fucking warm. Although I can't really enjoy winter now either, because I now have fibro and my bones feel like glass when it's cold lol. I don't understand how saying how you enjoy winter makes you a special "snowflake" (haha), I would prefer it over being hot and sweaty or arid and dry any day.

No. 374369

Agreed. So sick of hearing people say they love snow and winter for cool points. Summer is the coziest for me and spring is alright although it's still chilly during spring where I'm at.

No. 374393

>Do you think people can only form opinions on winter based on where you live?
It's a valid point that some "winter" seasons are worse in certain geographical locations, yeah. Dense argument.

No. 374394

I only hate Summer because I don't have central air. So I spend every moment miserable because it's just as hot inside as it is outside. At least in the winter I can go in my house and feel comfortable.

No. 374400

Ah, sorry to hear that anon. That does suck.

No. 374401

"nonbinary" isn't real and you can't call yourself that unless you're literally born intersex, with both genitals, if you choose to call yourself NB. everyone else just hates themselves and is using a snowflake label to give themselves oppression/special points.

No. 374403

That's not really unpopular outside tumblr or twitter

No. 374417

I don' mind this look but I loathe when men don't shave and wear makeup. I mean like that Manny guy who has the beard. It looks so mismatched and ugly

Triggered rn because I love Winter and I live in a place that drops to the dangerous negatives every year with bad snowstorms. I love when shit gets cancelled and I can stay in in a blanket and hoodie with some soup.
On the opposite end summer fucking sucks. It's too hot to go out or do anything. You can't even shower without becoming sweaty again right away and bugs crawl up from the pits of hell to bother you.

No. 374431

The bugs alone are enough to make summer the worst season. mosquitos, bees, wasps, stink bugs are satans army

No. 374440

anon, you can't do anything about sweltering heat. winter, you have options to warm yourself. there is no saving yourself in the heat. there are no options that aren't incredibly costly and a/cs often break. it's a nightmare.

No. 374449

The people who live in racially homogeneous areas or countries have no right to stereotype other areas as being racist

It's very easy to live in a 99% white neighborhood and think you're not at all racist, and to look down at people from the deep south or other areas for their racism. But there are challenges that come with living in an ethnically and racially diverse area that these people are completely unaware of. Take the average person from Washington State, Denmark or any other yuppie neighborhood and dump them in an actual ethnically or culturally diverse area, and you'll find that they'll have experiences that will turn them just as 'racist' as the people they once condescended.

It comes across as tasteless to me. I live in an ethnically and culturally diverse area and while I love where I live, I recognize that for many people the situation easily leads itself to racism. The way cultures and people stratify socially and economically leads itself easily to jealousy and fear. I've seen people close to me over the years become more radical with their racism as it appears to them that their lifestyle is threatened by migrants, and while I don't think that's necessarily true, I can at least understand their perspective on the issue.

No. 374455

I keep seeing this ad about Nashville, Tennessee being like 50% female-owned businesses now (or sth), and I just can't help but think that's like, them prioritizing white women over nonwhite men for business loans and shit.

Diversity initiatives where I live is usually adding a bunch of nonwhite men then throwing in a couple token women/troons. So I wouldn't be surprised if the opposite was true somewhere else.

No. 374460

This is an odd viewpoint to me, because the most racist people I've seen are typically from ethnically homogeneous places, not diverse ones. They read outdated propaganda about how all […] people are bad or not truly human, or they've flat-out never seen someone who doesn't look like them, so they don't know how to act around them and feel kind of nervous/paranoid or outright hateful.

No. 374518

I don't like the art style from shows like rwby, she-ra and steven universe, idk why but it's super unappealing

No. 374533

Same, along with Adventure Time, Korra, and even Regular Show. The animation feels too stiff.
Also the cursed bean mouth.

No. 374536

Young Fat people always complain about people not finding them attractive but they also get triggered when they're forced to be with other fat people. Like those "body positivity"comics where the girl is like 200 lbs abd her bf looks like a skinny model.

No. 374538

Ben Shapiro is hot

No. 374543

RWBY is the worst, it's literally Yandere Simulator's design but in video. It's 2016 Berserk's CG but it lasts for the entire time.
She-ra and SU look like pieces of art in comparison.

No. 374544

you girls really need to stop finding these irredeemable squeaky voiced weirdos attractive. it makes life harder for us normal to ugly looking girls with normal standards.

No. 374546

GoT is overrated garbage

No. 374548

ikr, it's not even interesting, and the fact that it's fucking softcore porn and in medieval packaging doesn't help its case. also
breaking bad wasnt even that good

No. 374549

agreed, CG anime is so fucking ugly 95% of the time

No. 374550

yeah most shows that are shilled as ~amazing~ 24/7 are really lacklustre. whenever i hear my family sperging about all these tv shows i just assume they're not worth watching at this point. also i feel like there's nothing fun about sitting for hours at a time and binge watching a bunch of tv shows, like that's so boring and pointless lol

No. 374554

Thank you, glad im not alone in this.

No. 374646

People who pick their nose and eat it need to be round up and shot. Especially people who do it in public.

Saw a guy doing it on the public bus the other day and it made me want to vomit and/or yell at him.

No. 374647

I think most children have, though?
Or maybe I'm wrong. Kill me anon.

No. 374648

Doing it right now as I read your post anon.
Release me from this meat carcass.

No. 374649

People who pick their nose at all are disgusting and are spreading their snot leftovers on their finger. Why can't they just wait until they find a bathroom or some tissue and sniff it up until they get to one? When I lived with my dad, he would flick his boogers around the house and I was mortified. I also can't stand the thought of my hands being dirty with anything period, it's fucking gross and a good way to get sick.

No. 374656

No. 374660

I guess this is pretty hypocritical considering what website i'm on but, I feel bad for some of the girls in the Confetti Club thread. Most of the people posted there don't seem like shitty people. imo, someone dressing in a way you don't like, or not being attractive to you isn't milk.

No. 374674

most of the people posted in the thread aren't "not shitty" or "just dressed different, or ugly" they are whiny entitled and delusional shits who think they're hot gifts to the world and they whine about shit that is integral to being a member of society like they're being tortured.

No. 374675

There was some small milk in the beginning but now I feel like it's just people from that group posting others that they have a personal vendetta with or are just plain trying to drag down.

No. 374677

okay i pick my nose but i'm not gonna fucking eat my boogers kek
i have a cousin who used to do this up until he was in middle school. he also used to bite off his long toenails. he was a weird one…
pick your nose ladies. i'm pretty sure a lot of us end up doing it subconsciously anyways.

No. 374685

Why do you pick your nose instead of blowing it? I'm curious.

No. 374689

well if i'm at home i use a napkin to pick, but if i'm away from home i use my fingers, mostly because i have some weird germaphobia thing with napkin boxes that aren't mine. who knows who touched the napkin before me and how long it's been sitting there. i know i can buy little packs to go, but i only do it like once a week.

No. 374770

The reason why the kpop industry doesn't give half white idols a chance is because they don't want their music industry to be taken over by "half breeds", kind of like how black entertainment has been taken over by half white girls and ya barely see black girls on the TV anymore. They want to brain wash the world into thinking how awesome Korea is and they can't do that by letting whites and hapas in. I think if somi were full Korean or no one knew she was half white her career would have gone further by now. They just don't want their entertainment industry taken Iver by whites and hapas.

No. 374773

File: 1550354337540.png (18.58 KB, 149x153, 24739 (4).png)

so… you won't use a tissue because you're afraid of germs being on it, but you're fine using your finger, which also has germs on it? bacteria is everywhere, you know? it's not going to kill you to use a tissue, lol.

picking your nose is dumb. every morning i blow my nose to prevent feeling like there's stuff in there all day.

No. 374781

why didn't you post this in the kpop thread

No. 374782

Why did you post this here instead of your containment thread?

No. 374785

nta but I hate blowing my nose because it makes me ears pop. I use a tissue, but prefer to wipe/pick to get it all out.
My mom always says it's gross to do it like that even if I wash my hands afterward, but it's more thorough and pleasant (for me).

No. 374806

I think picking your nose with a tissue is fine I don't care how you get your snot out but picking with your bare fingers, that's just nasty, unsanitary and rude.

No. 374817

anon have you ever heard of washing your hands? that's what i do after picking my nose. i wash my hands, or use hand sanitizer.

No. 374867

Maybe most was the wrong word. I mean't more like the girls that don't do anything that get posted just for having questionable fashion choices. I feel like i'm wording this terribly, but I don't see the point of just posting someone just for being unconventionally attractive. Not trying to deny that they're are actual cows in the confetti club thread though.

No. 374886

File: 1550361706027.jpg (542.21 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_pafibuhJS11sn267fo1_128…)

I hate Anna Cattish's style. She seems to be popular because she uses popular themes like tall slim girls, neon colors, weapons next to girls for extra edginess, and it's fine, but I can't help myself, I just hate how it looks, their stupid faces in particular.

No. 374896

I'm the anon who originally posted about nose picking. The problem is specifically with people who eat it.

I pick my nose, but only in the shower where I can rinse it away immediately.

Also, I'm aware some dipshit scientists think it's good for your teeth. I don't care. It's fucking gross. I'll stick to calcium and brushing my teeth, thanks.

I will literally break up with a guy if I catch him doing it. That's how much it nauseates me.

No. 374929

File: 1550368285044.jpeg (105.76 KB, 640x640, AA362FC9-4C11-4AFE-BD8B-374346…)

I miss her old work, it was full of life and personality and I found her stylisations fun. Now she’s just focused on her music persona Nana the Shrimp which is the most generic and soulless music you can imagine.

No. 374945

Most of the KPC anons are underage newfags who only come here for that one thread and it shows. Pure cancer.

No. 375223

File: 1550424423628.png (1.87 MB, 1290x1280, please stop.png)

Adults who are still obsessed with Harry Potter are weird and embarrassing. The fact that there are 25 year olds who still say their favorite book is a Harry Potter installment is sad. Yes, I get that you loved the books and movies as a child but you don't need to make the fact that the online quiz said you're a hufflepuff into your entire personality and have your life revolve around it.

Actually people who base their entire personality off of any one thing like that are fucking weird. But I feel like the Harry Potter obsession is the most pervasive and socially acceptable. There are so many adults (some of which wouldn't have even been children when HP first came out) who are still obsessed with the books and movies, which are about literal children! The harry potter subreddit is the cringiest thing - full of tattoos, home decor, engagements, weddings, etc. And according to them if you aren't rabidly obsessed or don't care for the series you're immediately a disgusting heartless heathen who didn't have a childhood.

The ridiculous theories that they come up with and the over analysis of a series written for children is insane. It's not that deep. Don't even get me started on the degeneracy J.K. Rowling is attempting to insert into all of it in order to stay relevant

No. 375227

>written for children
i was sort of agreeing with you until here but HP is YA

No. 375231

>implying teenagers aren’t children

The first Harry Potter books were also written for middle grade, it’s a series that is meant to grow with its readers

No. 375233

File: 1550424932717.png (59.93 KB, 872x236, 217.png)

No. 375237

so then you're still wrong.

No. 375241

samefag but
>implying these cringy adults who obsess over it it are mature

No. 375242

File: 1550425128869.jpeg (765.22 KB, 1242x1581, FBEB680D-0B0F-4441-BFE5-57DEBE…)

Maybe post the whole text next time, anon.

No. 375244

Does it matter if we're talking about adults? I'm not op, but obsessing over HP when you're 25-30 is like admitting you've never read anything else. Aside from just being cringy as fuck.

No. 375246

NTA but even if it is YA it's pretty embarrassing when grown ass adults are obsessed with any YA literature. I don't care if people want to read some YA books for fun but adults who exclusively read trashy Hunger Games-esque books and act like they're sooooo intelligent because they're readers and so nerdy! are embarrassing. Aka all of "booktube"

No. 375248

File: 1550425483794.jpg (122.67 KB, 640x853, i11zav9yw8g21.jpg)

common sense media recommends the books for 7-12 year olds (children)

but regardless, adults who are obsessed with harry potter are fucking cringy. I read every goddamn one of those magic treehouse books when I was little and you don't see me building a treehouse in my backyard

No. 375249

I know. They just looooove books and reading and are so nerdy and bookish uwu but read at a 9th grade level

No. 375252

I personally really like middle grade fiction because it’ll deal with very heavy topics in an enjoyable way and don’t talk down to their readers, while I feel many adult writers who try to tackle similar subjects are often very condescending towards their audience

No. 375266

No. 375268

Fucking exactly lmao. I'm not gonna sit on my high horse and say you must read drab 800 page purple prose 18th century literature to be a "good reader" or whatever but like, come on. It's like saying you're a foodie when all you eat is tendies and french fries.

That's fair. Like I said, I don't think it's automatically cringy if you're an adult who reads YA books. I just hate the subculture of pretentious adults who like to call themselves bookish/well-read but only read YA and act superior and smug for it anyway.

I also feel like a lot of people like this focus more on peacocking and humble bragging and less about actually reading and discussing books. It's all about having a huge bookshelf of overpriced hardcover editions of the latest trendy YA series and doing stupid shit for the aesthetic like arranging your huge book collection by cover color, because fuck being able to easily find a specific book, right? Or causing stupid drama over fucking books because of crybaby SJW politics. If you look up "booktube" on YouTube basically everything is about drama or other meta shit about the community and barely any interesting discourse about books. It's retarded.

No. 375274

Oh no, I don’t discredit works of fiction automatically just because of the young age of the intended audience. If you critically look at books for kids you’ll see what I mean, a few recent ones off the top of my jeans would be; Wonder, Pax, In Real Life, Some Kind of Happiness, The Dollmaker of Krakow

But yeah, ‘yikes’, children’s books sure are bad

No. 375278

File: 1550428631341.jpg (28.71 KB, 357x312, 1427234751364.jpg)

>mfw a co-worker in my training class introduced herself using an 'interesting fact about herself' by saying she'd read one of the Harry Potter books over 200 times and knew because she made a tally every time she read it

And ofc she had a Slytherin bag, scarf, coat, etc. I introduced myself saying my hobby was mostly reading and had to tell her several times that I never even finished the series and had no interest in doing so, it didn't appeal to me at all.

Like grow the fuck up, jfc. She left in the middle of training, luckily.

No. 375280

File: 1550428827984.jpg (42.69 KB, 514x536, pQo7e8E.jpg)

>read one of the Harry Potter books over 200 times

No. 375282

in one of my classes the professor asked us each to say our favorite book… in a class of 20 people, 12 said some harry potter variant. and then the discussion devolved into which book was the best. this is a class for graduating seniors only.

i've never even read them (my mom bought me the first one when I was little and I hated it lol) and when I tell this to people they act like i'm literally satan

No. 375285

Samefag, I’m on mobile and for whatever reason it autocorrected head to jeans

Sage for ot

No. 375286

Her personality really said it all too, she was childish, whiny, gave me way too much personal information about herself, was an 'artist' and bitched that it wasn't fair that she had to take this job to 'please her parents' because that's 'not what she went to school for' but apparently making an Etsy shop to sell her crochet scarves was 'too hard.'

When I told her I'd never finished the series because I grew out of it and lost interest, no matter what conversation we were having she would manage to steer it back to Harry Potter. I try not to judge people on their entertainment (I still watch and try to keep up with the DCAU) but the impression that I get if you're one of those people is that you're a spoiled little bitch who never had to mature. I know it's harsh and that's just off of one person I've met IRL, but online they all seem pretty much the same.

No. 375287

The books that people read at 6-13 are usually the books that really impact them and stick with them for life, we just have the misfortune of being part of a generation that all read the same books and nothing else for the most part

No. 375294

Idk, I read a lot as a kid but I don't really feel like Magic Tree House and Goosebumps shaped me for life.

No. 375295

A girl I know has a HP tattoo and one day I heard her making fun of someone's anime tattoo saying it's childish… the self awareness lmao

No. 375299

It’s the age group when most people are avid readers, might not shape you for life but it’s still something that sticks with you. I mean, even you remember what you read at that age
Keep in mind lots of people don’t go on reading into their adulthood so middle grade books are often the only ones to have impacted them

No. 375315

>It’s the age group when most people are avid readers
I wonder why that is. I remember having so much fun with books that age but if I try to read some fiction for adults now, I can't get into it at all.

No. 375317

In the US public schools at least they like to make sure to beat any joy of reading out of you through jr high and high school. It can take a lot to recover from how joylessly they insist you read the most taxing and least relatable books for teens to be exposed to.

No. 375341

This is true, while I still enjoy reading and read daily, it doesn't bring me anywhere near the amount of joy it did as a kid. I always wondered why assigned readings were like Catcher in the Rye, the Scarlet Letter etc. since to me, they were soul-crushingly boring and hard to relate to. I do remember in one grade having to read Holes, The Outsiders and some other more modern, relatable books and enjoying it way more. Maybe I'm just a pleb.

No. 375342

Though I did like most of what we read in high school, fuck The Red Badge of Courage and The Scarlett Letter. I feel like those were the most difficult to read. Shakespeare is up there too, but at my high school, we fucked off and never actually read any of his stuff in class, just watched the version of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio in it. Kek

No. 375350

God, I fucking hated reading Shakespeare in middle and high school. Why should you read a play when it's meant to be performed? Especially because the language in Shakespeare plays is not something that 99% of high school kids want to slug through. Maybe I'm a retard but I only liked being taught Shakespeare when we watched a film adaptation alongside it, because then things actually made sense, and it was easier to appreciate the wordplay and such.

I understand some plays are a little more obscure and don't have a movie version or a recorded theater performance, but it's fucking Shakespeare, for crying out loud. I'm gonna guess that almost any Shakespeare play that's being taught in high school probably has multiple movie adaptations.

No. 375413

Any teacher that doesn't work to bring Shakespeare to life by showing the class comparisons of different adaptations or some other way should be fined. Shakespeare is so easy to make into a fun thing, there are rude jokes and interesting insights about the culture of his times for a start, there should be no excuse to just leave kids with the scripts and hope they get on with it.

I can still see the importance of teaching his works since it covers usage of literary devices, language history and how just knowing his work unlocks many cultural "in jokes" even in current media. But if a teacher isn't going to make it accessible then kids could learn probably as much from studying Friends.

No. 375572

File: 1550470373795.gif (2.74 MB, 400x224, chi.gif)

i love chihuahuas so damn much
i hate how many people seem to have a vitriolic hatred for them, even other so-called dog lovers
every dog deserves love and kindness
except pit bulls

No. 375573

I have a Chihuahua! He's so adorable and ugly lol. Every tremble he makes radiates love.

No. 375575

Me too, I love their goofy bug eyes and pointy ears.
(tbh I think small dogs in general are often picked on since they're stereotypically associated with female owners and being "useless")

No. 375577

Fucking love them too, it's best to ignore the hateful retards screeching and love the dogs

No. 375578

tbh i dont like dogs at all but i feel bad for pitbulls. idk how you guys who love dogs can not feel bad for them or not like them. they're so fucked by humans. they're the ultimate victims of human tampering tbh.

No. 375579

>every dog deserves love and kindness
except pit bulls
this, I love every other dog breed but pitbulls should be exterminated. and pugs.

No. 375582

Your tastes might've just changed. I used to avidly read and search for sci-fi novels, but I haven't been able to get into any at all.

The lasts few books I've read have been nonfiction and soviet-era short stories.

I'm still grateful for my AP English teacher in senior year who let us choose from 4 books to read every unit. The discussion groups were more fun because they were smaller, and in general everyone picked something that appealed to them so it wasn't an endless stream of "it's soooo boring". Introduced me to my favorite book that completely changed my view of literature - I used to be one of those purple prose snobby elitists.

No. 375588

small dogs get picked on usually because their owners think they don't need to be trained or something because they're small. Most people I talk to seem to dislike their piercing barking. Big dog barks are legitimately scary tho.

I personally don't really like the really frail, small ones. They seem like they'll die really easily, and I tend to trip over my own small dog but it's fine cuz he's buff and sturdy.

No. 375600

File: 1550475778153.png (572 KB, 623x335, pit.PNG)

it is fucked up what humans have done to them, but i don't think they're uwu misunderstood puppers that can be rehab'd
violence is in their genes
but i don't advocate, like, killing or abusing them
i just think they shouldn't be bred anymore

whenever i am with my dog in public and i see a pit, i have to leave immediately because the owner is always some dumb trashy fuck that can't keep it under control
they ruin every dog oriented place for regular dog owners

No. 375603

again, honestly, i dislike dogs very much, but violence is in like, all dog genes, anon. come on. they're being bred too much and the owners are sickos, that's why there are so many occurrences. not that they're especially violent, it's just that they're the dog du jour that's now suffering the consequences of human 'training' and mistreatment. statistics show that their temperament is not unlike the temperament of most other dogs, and is actually under 'aggressive' when compared to other dogs. they're just larger and more muscular with stronger bite force than those dogs, so they inflict more damage.

No. 375616

Majority of dogs have been bred for companionship first and foremost, pit bulls to begin with were bred to be guard dogs which is why they have such strong jaws and quick reactions, because of these traits they’ve now been bred to be fighting dogs.

Most dogs aren’t violent in nature but aren’t being put to work like intended, say sheepdogs or terriers - they were bred to have high energy levels and most people are sedentary now so they have nowhere to focus that energy

We’ve fucked up all domestic animals with our breeding and now sedentary lifestyles, look at sheep who now have to have their tails docked because we no longer eat that part of their body and flies will eat them alive if we keep their tails intact (other than maybe very small farms that can give each animal individual attention)

No. 375651

>they're just larger and more muscular with stronger bite force than those dogs, so they inflict more damage.
I.. I think that's pretty much the reason why people dislike them so much, anon. If a golden retriever bites you, it's usually only one bite and done to protect itself or its owner. If a pitbull bites you, it's due to you probably moving too much to trigger a response and because they're bred partly from terriers, they grab you in their jaws and shake you around until you're dead. Most other terriers are small (thus relatively harmless) in size and have this feature to hunt for small rodents, but because pitbulls are big fuckers they're bred to kill bigger prey.

No. 375689

nah, i always hear the argument as "THEY'RE INSANELY AGGRESSIVE WITH TERRIBLE TEMPERAMENTS AND MORE AGGRESSIVE THAN ALL OTHER DOGS", when it's simply not true. yes, they're much stronger and their method of attack is different, but their temperament is not unlike that of other dogs. in fact, lots of other dogs are actually more aggressive and temperamental. i personally believe almost all dogs are a risk to be around and prefer to not be around them at all, but i do think pitbulls are vilified a lot more because of the dog fighting shit. i feel bad for them though considering lots of 'family friendly' dogs actually have worse patterns of aggression on average though.

No. 375699

You are factually incorrect.

"Our data were consistent with others, in that an operative intervention was more than 3 times as likely to be associated with a pit bull injury than with any other breed."

Characteristics of 1616 Consecutive Dog Bite Injuries at a Single Institution, by by Golinko et al., Clinical Pediatrics, July 2016

"Our data revealed that pit bull breeds were more than 2.5 times as likely as other breeds to bite in multiple anatomical locations."

Characteristics of 1616 Consecutive Dog Bite Injuries at a Single Institution, by by Golinko et al., Clinical Pediatrics, July 2016

"Most alarming is the observation that when attacks come from unfamiliar dogs, the pit bull was responsible for 60% and 63% of all injuries and ocular injuries, respectively."

Ocular Trauma From Dog Bites: Characterization, Associations, and Treatment Patterns at a Regional Level I Trauma Center Over 11 Years, by Prendes et al., Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, June 2015

No. 375751

i'm not factually incorrect. pitbulls do cause more injury because of the fact that they are stronger with much more bite force and attack differently than other dogs. i already said that. that means that their attacks result in more severe injuries that necessitate intervention/operation. HOWEVER, their temperament is not unlike other dogs. they aren't especially aggressive in comparison to other dogs, they're just more dangerous because they're pure muscle with a different fighting/attack style.

and most studies concede that the frequency of pitbull attacks have more to due with the fact that pitbulls and pitbull mixes are becoming some of the most popular dogs thanks to assholes, not because they tend to be especially aggressive as a breed.

No. 375759

i wish stupid catgirls and young anime girls were never posted on here even for 'aesthetic'. even when they're not in short dresses or skirts or are explicitly objectified, they're always so fucking creepy.

No. 375763

File: 1550508556758.jpeg (195.72 KB, 900x582, 2DB6E0EE-BB96-4A5D-972A-472120…)

No. 375767

kek anon thank you

No. 375876

Aquaman is the best super hero, I just wish DC writers wouldn't be so afriad to make him a little corny and let him have batshit crazy insane adventures. If i could write for any character, it would be him.

No. 375884

I think furries should be publicly named and shamed the way pedos should be and they should be kept right the fuck away from schools and shopping centres and anywhere else they’d bother decent people too much.
Their conventions should be illegal and their porn should be a crime. They’re all disgusting and could not be trusted around children without showing them some filthy dog sex costume.

No. 375894

I dont think wanting or getting lipo is that bad.

If people get plastic surgery people shouldnt act smug and condescending to them. Its not a character flaw, and I dont consider it lazy.

No. 375915

This. save that shit for Tranny (crystal) Cafe

No. 376050

I agree. If we have to be inundated with superhero movies all the time, at least make some of them campy and ridiculous. I just wish they'd have a little more fun with those movies instead of taking themselves so seriously.

No. 376054

Adding to this–I hate how you're essentially looked down upon if you didn't hop on the Marvel train. The only superhero movies I even remotely enjoyed were Deadpool and Antman because the hero was goofy and weird. Iron Man is boring, Thor is boring, and Captain America is boring.

No. 376078

If you’re being looked down on or picked on for not liking marvel movies you’re probably in middle school. Nobody has walked into the office and been the butt of a joke for not caring about the Thanos movie.

No. 376097

Are you surrounded by a hivemind of no personality having neck beards? I hate super hero films and have yet to be looked down upon for it

No. 376119

No but when you're friends with a bunch of nerds, they tend to hop onto the biggest fad–Marvel tends to be one of them.

No. 376128

So make friends with people who aren’t literal children? Adults don’t give a shit what movies you watch anon. I know it’s hard to be 14 and need the approval of the trendy kids but you’ll be fine.

No. 376178

…I think pit bulls are good dogs :(

BIG agree. I also feel this way about adults obsessed with Disney.

I'm 20, and I've basically chosen to never read Harry Potter out of sheer spite.

They had us read the Samurai's Garden in high school and I fucking loved it. It's one of the few books that made me cry.

Cats are more violent than dogs in my experience. They're also less sanitary than dogs (Google it, their saliva has way more harmful bacteria than dogs).

>furry porn should be a crime
What the fuck totalitarian state wou,d enforce something like that?

They're idiots in mascot costumes, not terrorists jfc

No. 376257

The only thing I hate more than Bernie Sanders are his pathetic Chapo Traphouse fan boys who are still too stupid to realize that he cannot and will not win. The primary will just go on longer than it should. He’s a shitty and unappealing candidate to leveryone outside of white men and the white women pick mes who desperately want to seem cool (I’m white too so don’t @ me). They’ll just prattle on about ~kamala is a cop~ and how everyone else sucks compared to their beloved Bernie and then cry and not vote. So looks like we will end up with Trump again, who honestly I would rather have over bernie’s dumb ass.

No. 376278

Jesus Christ, no need to be an asshole. I didn’t literally mean “looked down on”, I meant that I get comments sometimes about not enjoying the films. You’re taking it the extra step by also being a twat about it. It’s the same as when you say you don’t like Harry Potter or certain shows that’re super popular, you have people who question why you don’t.

No. 376282

>So looks like we will end up with Trump again, who honestly I would rather have over bernie’s dumb ass.

i was with you til you went full retard.

No. 376284

I wasn't talking about comic book films, just the comics. I don't care about the films, they are always inferior to the comics and not worth it.

No. 376297

I read the books when I was around 12 and thought they were too childish for me even at that age. I simply can't understand people well into their 20's and 30's who gush over this franchise. It's one thing to say "Hey I really thought that series was a good experience and I have fond memories of it" when you're 28 but getting hundreds of dollars of merch and not being able to shut up about the lore? At least nerd out with something that isn't meant for literal children.

No. 376298

File: 1550587083673.jpg (49.72 KB, 619x387, hillary_3232486b-xxlarge_trans…)

No. 376421

So while I doubt it'll ever be made illegal, I do think there is merit to doing this and here is why.
Both lolicons and furries have been outed time and time again on discord servers and other online communities to be instigating IRL sexual relations with minors and animals. This is very unlike people with rape kinks (also a gross fetish), who can get their fix through consensual BDSM and don't develop communities specifically with the purpose of coming up with grooming tactics and exchanging smut videos.
We do know lolicons and furries both almost always end up in grooming related communities and the drawn porn is a catalyst. It's a matter of when, not if, they will end up hurting an animal or a child. They always end up going online to groom kids or adopting animals to rape them. They don't stop at cartoons, they do seek live action footage and then escalate it to seeking IRL experiences.

So for the reason they have a tendency to create communities and discuss grooming techniques, I think you could probably make a case to ban them in a country that isn't the US.

No. 376427

Yes, bc everyone who hates him is Hillary Clinton or a Clinton stan lmao. I didn’t love her but I voted for her because I’m not a fucking idiot, unlike poor little Chapo fanboys who voted for Johnson/Stein or didn’t vote at all bc they didn’t get what they wanted and had nothing to lose in the election anyway.

No. 376494

i can’t stand how people feel the need to link every fucking thing under the sun to US politics. i don’t even live in that dumpster fire of a country and yet it’s literally all people want to talk about. honestly we all need to get the fuck over it. there’s nothing anyone can do to change it especially when we don’t even live there. crying and whining about it certainly isn’t going to help. i’ve managed to do a good job clearing out all the worst offenders of this from my life but a few keep trying to drag me back.

like no, sorry. time on earth is fucking short and if you think i’m going to waste it being mad about another country’s shithole government, you’re dead wrong

No. 376502

idek why 'bisexual women' come out? do people really care so much that you need to 'come out'? unless you're in an actual relationship with a woman, why do you need to do a whole 'coming out' thing? it honestly feels like all of the 'coming out' female bisexuals are laineytier, i'm sorry. i see how coming out makes sense for lesbians and gays, but unless bisexual people are going to date same sex people or are dating them, why even do the whole 'coming out' thing? it feels like a performance tbh

No. 376506

I only did with my best friend so I could talk about crushes, but there's no reason to come out to my parents unless I get a girlfriend. Although I can't convince even males to date me so I doubt that will ever happen lmao.

In online circles I think it's for sj points or attention, like you said.

No. 376507

honestly have to agree with this.

No. 376515

American and I agree with you. I really wonder sometimes how the seeming fixation on American politics takes away from political action in other countries. A lot of foreign people I've seen who have very strong opinions about US politics seem to just ignore the same or worse/different problems in their own country in favor of screeching about the US. (They never have a clear understanding of our government or culture when they do, unsurprisingly, how could you, even we don't get it fully)

No. 376531

I can understand wanting to be public with it if you're from a very backwards area, where everyone is homophobic. Sort of like taking a stand etc but it feels redundant making a deal about coming out if you move in liberal scenes, because it's almost the norm and nobody is going to be making gay jokes. Coming out as bi is a good way to get yourself out there there, so other girls can get you on their radar

No. 376610

I am kinda thankful when others come out as bi, it makes me feel less lonely and weird.

No. 376673

File: 1550636313733.png (578.11 KB, 590x784, Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 10.0…)

I couldn't care less about Asexuality truly. Despite having an incredibly low sex drive or feelings of attraction myself and honestly could probably use ace as a label if it even seemed important enough to do so. I don't see any point or pride in displaying the fact that i don't want to fuck like who cares lol

No. 376699

Different Anon living in burgerland, I totally agree. It feels like a majority of people living here cannot comprehend other parts of the world exist and make very strong political decisions and claims based on only what they know that could potentially harm others or are straight up lies.

No. 376710

The Office sucks! It is not funny, just mostly boring.

No. 376741

this is so true. for every episode there's maybe one good line. why the fuck did it gain such a following? even the original wasn't good.

No. 376869

I love the cringe humor and awkwardness lol it's not the right humor for everyone tho and I do think it's really overhyped

No. 376872

i love cringe humor and anti-humor but it's sooooooo slow moving and the build up isn't worth it imo. if it was cut down, i could see it being rewarding, but the build up is soooo slow and honestly lacking in tension, actually, all for their mediocre cringe punchlines. it's ok at best tbh

No. 376888

my unquenchable thirst for bj novak carried me through the mediocre shit

No. 376889

Fake plants are fucking garbage, get a real plant you cowards!

No. 376890

god you girls have the weirdest taste. must truly be unquenchable to stomach 9 seasons of that stale-ass show

No. 376892

Nah. I own a cat. I also put the toilet paper wrong-side down because of it too. Fite me.

No. 376914

I find it kinda weird when some people talk about "coming out" to their family as asexual. Like what are they supposed to do with that information?

No. 376943

i know it's pathetic, but i dont mind at all being a low level wagecuck if i have to be one. like, a subway sandwich artist or a janitor or something, and i'd actively turn down promotions because i don't want the responsibility. i don't have to be one, but if i did have to, i don't mind. i don't really care about accomplishing anything career wise. i just dont get people that care about careers. i just want to do mindless work, come home, and be left alone with the few things that don't make me sad.

No. 376946

I definitely understand. If living alone, paying rent and food and utilities was doable on minimum wage where I live I wouldn't have bother with a master's degree. Personally I want an easy office job that pays me enough for me to be financially independent and I would accept responsibilities to an extent but I don't see myself being obsessed with my career.

No. 376947

Some janitors do get paid really well, like $16 an hour.

No. 376948

anon i agree wholeheartedly. i think the people who obsess over careers just drank the corporate slave koolaid honestly. it’s sad and i’ve noticed here in north america there’s a huge culture around workaholic porn basically. everyone’s falling over themselves to brag about never taking sick days and working late all the time, all for a boss or a company that doesn’t give a fuck about them, just likes that they make money for their bottom line. i don’t think it’s worth wasting all my time on this earth pursuing super important or affluent positions when ultimately having a lot of money and responsibility is not my goal. like you, i just wanna have enough to be comfy with my little life. i don’t need much and don’t want much. it’s not pathetic to not want to buy into the ridiculous hamster wheel mentality. besides, when i die i wanna remember the time i spent doing things i enjoy, not all the hours i wasted slaving away for a promotion

No. 376958

it's so annoying and i HATE how i'm made to feel like shit because i'm not enthusiastic about the idea of wasting my life making other people money and am constantly belittled because i don't aspire to have a career where i take on responsibility. unless it's my company or is a non-profit or something, idgaf, and i'll put in the least amount of effort. am i supposed to be impressed that these people are so heavily invested in believing that AIG actually thinks they're "valuable members of the team" that they'll work themselves to death to feel special and 'accomplished'? i notice, anyways, that the pay raise is hardly ever proportional to the amount of responsibility and liability you're then forced to take on. you just get paid more to be a scapegoat for someone else's incompetence. color me thrilled! at least my ability to fuck up as a sandwich artist is minimal and i can't be blamed for mismanaging or ruining the lives of others. i also think a lot of people (esp in burgerland) are conned into the idea that they're more capable than they actually are. i'd rather recognize my limitations, and have others recognize theirs, than see the amount of total ineptitude in so many fields just bc it's not dignified for people to hold lower positions. it's way more admirable, anyways, to put your effort into volunteering, you know, actually trying to make the world a better place, or at the very least, donating in order to do so, than investing your entire fucking life into some bullshit gig where absolutely no one cares about you.

then legit that's my shit. i want the least amount of responsibility possible. i once read about a janitor who amassed $8 million and hid it from everyone. worked all his life as a janitor and no one knew. he just was frugal and knew how to invest. that's so much cooler than slaving yourself to death for an ever more difficult lifestyle that you don't need and can't actually afford.

it's sad, every job should pay an actual living wage, damnit

No. 376962

same, I'm in uni rn bc I want a shitty lab assistant role (science equilavent to office ladies basically) but I also honestly wouldn't mind if after graduating I get stuck in grocery stores. Honestly physical labour feels very rewarding, I like the immediate results and feeling that I have done something, intellectual stuff rarely ever feels that way. I also like the thought of going into carpentry to continue family traditions kek but that would literally pay nothing (where I live at least) and I want to be self sufficient. Maybe I'd feel differently if there was a field I was truly passionate about but I haven't found that yet.

No. 376971

>I'm in uni rn bc I want a shitty lab assistant role (science equilavent to office ladies basically)
no offense and not to get super ot but what's the hourly wage for that like where you are? idk where you are but here it's $14.70 an hour. that's insane for the amount of liability and ability to fuck up for a job like that, tbh. my mom makes $18 doing front desk work at a hormone therapy med office and it's not difficult at all to live off that here. i wouldn't want to touch biological materials or hazardous materials and be responsible for the processing or prep of anything for less than like, at least, $70k a year. too much depends on it imo, but if you're great at it and really like it, it's different i guess.

No. 377002

I can relate, though I aspire to a slightly higher level of wagecuck. A comfy, sit down office job with food and coffee accessible at all time and a bit more money is ideal. There is a tendency for office jobs to get busy and horrible sometimes but I will continue on my quest to find the job I can slack off on the most while still doing a decent job.

No amount of money can compensate for peace of mind and free time, I will never be ambitious enough to let myself get overly stressed and busy in a position of responsibility. Honestly this kinda applies to marriage and children for me too, I crave a relaxed, easy life above everything else.

No. 377005

it's round 20k ponds a year for entry level stuff, dunno how much it comes out per hour, round 10-20 depending on hours (the positions I checked out just now were mostly 20ish hours/week)? American costs always seem so inflated, rn I can live off the 10k a year I make from working groceries part-time quite alright with no additional financial aid (halving rent though), so it seems like a fair pay to me. I think the amount of responsibility depends on what lab specifically it is, like something dealing with disease/pathogens is obviously much higher risk versus like supervising 1st year undergrad bio labs you feel? Chemistry labs round here pay better (round 30k a year for the same entry level stuff) bc of the oil industry, but I'm into molecular bio, also not sure how smart it is to bet on a job in the oil industry when there are layoffs happening already. Congrats on your mom's cushy job btw!

No. 377057

there is more to life than twitter clap backs anon, you seem more out of toouch than chapo fans

No. 377060

right?? where's a loud and proud woman of color establishment dem!!! yas representation over policies yas kween! down with white men!

No. 377098

Kek I read flowers in the attic when I was 13 and was generally obsessed with Virginia C Andrews' work. Doesn't mean I'm looking forward to engage in a incestuous relationship with my brother or my uncle or that I hate my ""Momma"" with a passion.

No. 377118

So did I, but you do realise that just because something impacts you doesn’t mean you’re suddenly going to develop an incest fetish, right?

Since a lot of you are misunderstanding, by impact I meant that kids in that age group are often obsessive readers, they often devour the books they love and move onto the next book by that author because of how much they enjoy their work. Of course there are outliers, but look at what kids in that age group are like in book stores/libraries or better yet what their parents are like - when looking for a book it’s almost always something by the same authour or from their favourite series.

And that’s what I was saying sticks with people, they associate that childhood wonder and excitement with those books. A lot of the books you would’ve read in your older years you’ll have forgotten unless they really spoke to you, but the books from your childhood stick with you because children love things differently. Sure, the book itself may not have been the greatest, and they haven’t completely changed the course of your life, but the feelings stick with you.

That’s all I meant by impact, I don’t know why so many of you are having trouble understanding that impact doesn’t have to be life changing.

No. 377234

File: 1550731401310.jpg (246.28 KB, 1500x1000, 15COOKING-PASTA-threeByTwoMedi…)

im not italian in the slightest so maybe i've just had bad pasta my whole life but pasta sucks. what is it, fuckin tomato and soggy wheat sticks, maybe an olive or ground beef if youre feeling extravagant? wheres the flavor?
no shade to italians though, you guys make god-tier desserts

No. 377237

have you had any actual pasta dishes or just overcooked spaghetti with sauce from a jar?

No. 377238

I get what you're saying, but tbh I used to read like that and I don't remember like 98% of all the shit I read. I don't even really remember the feeling since I was just, as you said, reading the next book in a series or by an author.

I remember the majority of what I've read as an adult and imo they've had more impact on me because adult responsibilities = less time so I am more discriminate in my choices.

No. 377241

File: 1550732122834.jpg (44.08 KB, 567x478, DiCF37FVMAIDiBx.jpg)

Whenever I see a girl I graduated high school with having a baby with her deadbeat on-again-off-again "fiance" I assume it's just because she has no personality and needs to push out a kid to feel like they've accomplished something without really doing anything.

No. 377243

Have you tried any non americanised pasta? A huge amount of pasta dishes don’t even use tomato, maybe try out a recipe one day

No. 377245

Kinda feel attacked by this since I guess I would fall into that category, and I can assure you it isn’t because they have no personality - like the majority of kids they’re accidents, it has no reflection on their personality.
Just because you’re a mum doesn’t mean you don’t have any ambitions/interests, kids are a 24/7 commitment so life gets in the way.

No. 377247

I probably generalized this post too much because mostly what I've seen has been anecdotal; boring ass girls I knew who popped out babies and now their whole personalities revolve around being a mom. Didn't have any ambitions of their own when I knew them and now all I see are baby photos and passive aggressive statuses about how their boyfriends don't actually parent.

I have no vendetta against young moms, just more the expectation that women have to become all encompassing servants once they have kids with no thoughts or ambitions of their own. Obviously being a mom is a huge commitment but I feel like people expect woman to be 100% about your children or else you're a bad parent. It's sad and frustrating seeing women fall into this trap and not realizing that they can have children as well as a sense of individuality.

No. 377252

>I have no vendetta against young moms, just more the expectation that women have to become all encompassing servants once they have kids with no thoughts or ambitions of their own. Obviously being a mom is a huge commitment but I feel like people expect woman to be 100% about your children or else you're a bad parent.

Anon you replied to, and I feel this. My kids are all people every ask me about and my parenting is constantly under scrutiny (mainly whether or not I wait on the hand on foot), but a lot of it comes internally too. Constant feelings of guilt if I do anything for myself or feel sick of my kids.

Although I don’t at all see the need to post about my kids publicly all the time, and I see this more from older mums than the younger ones.

Again though, any ambition someone has tends to go out the window during their kids younger years because they take up so much of your time and attention and you feel half dead majority of the time

No. 377447

File: 1550779061889.jpg (200.27 KB, 982x981, 20190221_133341-COLLAGE.jpg)

I hate commentary channels on YouTube. It's usually some smug, mediocre white guy sharing his unsolicited opinion on some dumb internet trend or social issue that doesn't matter at all.

And before anyone accuses me of race-baiting or whatever, I don't dislike them purely because they're white dudes. I know there are other types of YouTube commentators. There is an alternative subgenre of YouTube commentary that's more dominated by women and gay dudes. They usually don't show their face and talk more about celebrities and their "unpopular" opinions. I also find them annoying and low effort. These guys however the ones that gain the most praise and popularity, so they're the ones I'm singling out. And they annoy me so much more than the other ones precisely because of how blind they are to their own mediocrity.

They always talk about internet "celebrities" or rant about some ~wacky SJWs~ that are easy targets, and it's always just frankly boring. I'm not against ranting or criticizing in general or in comedy, but these guys aren't even clever enough to make it funny or interesting. They all just say basically the same thing about the same topics as each other.

There are only so many times you can watch someone act incredulous at some weirdo on the internet before it gets old. Everything about them annoys me - their smug faces, condescending voices, overused editing, the fact that they actually make their living from this… These guys are always like Reddit personified.

I hate that I'm actually agreeing with Brittany Venti about something, but her video about them summed up a lot of what I feel towards commentary channels. It's a trend that can't die soon enough.

No. 377453

i dont understand how these types of channels still exist because i cant imagine who watches them. i think the trend really took off after content cop got successful and while i'm not a fan of idubbbz anymore i think his videos were at least really well done. now it's just people picking the most obvious low-hanging fruit and pointing at how 'cringe' some person is without making any valid points. i dont think all commentary videos are bad but most of them are shit because the video creator doesnt have an intended point for any of their criticisms, usually they just want to make fun of someone for being cringy which is the most braindead thing that anyone can do.

No. 377454

File: 1550779979519.gif (516.59 KB, 320x240, gross.gif)

>I hate that I'm actually agreeing with Brittany Venti about something, but her video
How the fuck are you going to make a post complaining about commentary YTers and then reference one of the biggest drama, coattail riding, clickbait YTers who despite everything was unsuccessful at it?
This has got to be shilling.
>low effort
>smug face
>covering unoriginal topic
>makes her living off it
These are literally her lmao.

No. 377459


hate that I’m defending this fetal alcholol syndrome faced whore but I don’t think anon is agreeing with Venti’s content (bc it is shit) but more of one video she made talking abt how annoying commentary channels are - but it makes sense to point out the hypocrisy since she is everything she claims to hate

but a broken clock can be right twice a day, even if that clock claims to not be broken

No. 377460

Oh, I hate her too. I just came across a video of hers called "I hate commentary channels" or something and well…I don't disagree with it.

You're right that she's annoying in all the same ways but she's not nearly as popular as them so it's easier to ignore her.

No. 377461

She bamboozled ya and got you to click her video despite doing the very thing she "hates."

No. 377464

The only commentary channel that seems to put effort in anything is a new one that popped up last year called "Spill". Other than that, I 100% agree, all commentary channels seem to remind me off is reaction channels. A person watches them to receive their opinion on something, and honestly I can see this trend dying 2019 just bc their aren't many commentary channels doing something interesting.

No. 377465

Guess so lol. I'll admit I'm guilty of the occasional hate watch. That's probably why I have these guys in my recommended. I hate watched a bunch of their videos recently and realized that they're all the same. I know I played myself but it made me realize how much I hate them and I felt like ranting about it.

No. 377471

I actually like throwing them on in the background while I'm drawing or something, but I agree lol. I think some people (myself included) like such channels since it kind of simulates having a friend telling you about these things. It's some parasocial bullshit since they inject some of their persona into their videos, even if it's dry.
They're like the dollar store chocolate of entertainment junk food. And story times are the walmart chocolates lol.

No. 377479

I do what >>377471 does of just have those videos in the bg, completely focusing on them feels like a waste of time (maybe besides Pyro's gaming vids and older TWOTIs). It's also fucking annoying that when something happens, they all instantly release a vid on it like vultures flocking in and obviously cover the same exact things, like recently with 4 belle delphine vids released within one week (WillNE, Memulous, ImAllexx, Pyro). It is bit funny htough when there are "dry" commentary periods and they start covering beauty community drama like I don't think any of them have used moisturiser once let alone make-up kek

No. 377485

Oh man, I feel you 100% anon. It took me a few years after HS to figure out what I'd like to do, and now I'm working on a 2 year degree in order to get a job that I will like well enough and won't be too hard. My mom won't let me hear the end of it, whenever I initially put off college she told me I was going to be a loser and then when I finally decided what I'd like to do she criticized me for going for a job with a mediocre salary and little prestige.

No. 377488

this, but i hate shih tzus. every goddamn person i had added on snapchat in high school had one of those fucking ugly mutts and always had 4958304 videos of it on their story.

No. 377533

I love Drew Gooden… I think he's funny. but he's also the only person on here I recognize lol

No. 377536

the only funny thing he ever did was "yeah i sure hope it does". everything else he's ever said is boring.

No. 377603

File: 1550805112131.jpg (73.23 KB, 411x600, Bucky Bailey 2018 Sundance Fil…)

watching a documentary about the dupoint scandal and i'm disgusted at these two parents who decided to have a kid when they were told there's a 50% chance the baby will be born with teflon in its blood and have massive facial deformities like the father.

all i can think is how fucking dare you decide to chance 50% of exposing a child to that. exposing a child to a dangerous chemical in the blood and a lifelong deformity just because you want to. why not adopt???

maybe i'm overreacting but i feel like it's so disgusting and selfish

No. 377621

nah you arent overreacting. thats selfish as fuck. i cant browse the hartley goblin threads without wanting to a-log like a mf.

No. 377633

I feel like in a way people that are almost guaranteed to pass on deformities or chronic illnesses do so because they’re bitter and spiteful, they WANT other people to suffer like they do - even if it’s their own kids

No. 377698

what if this guy is just like 'eh, it's not so bad - i'd definitely rather be alive than not have been born, so..'

No. 377721

I don't get why people like this don't adopt…

No. 377820

I have a huge amount of sympathy for celebrities and I think they live awful, oppressive, extremely stressful lives. We all know that money and nice things don't guarantee happiness, so even though they're rich and privilged, I still feel bad for them. The people who are supposed to protect and care for them, dehumanize the shit out of them, and this isn't even getting started on child celebrities. I imagine that most of them have been sexually coerced and raped and abused in other ways. I mean, imagine how stressed out you'd be if millions of people were eagerly awaiting your mental breakdown and basically actively cheering it on. When I think about celebrities like Britney Spears, Courtney Stodden, Anna Nicole Smith, Justin Bieber etc, I just feel an extreme, deep sadness.

inb4 "but they CHOSE that lifestyle!!" okay? so did a surgeon, but I still feel bad for surgeons who work grueling 80 hour weeks and get traumarized when patients die on their operating table

No. 377833

completely with you on this. I think it's just bad for the mind to be exposed to millions and billions of people for a long time with your personality attached to a performance you have to keep up. Staying grounded and moving away from the limelight if necessary must be hard as fuck. Money supposedly making all the downsides better my ass. There is just a ton of pressure on celebs and how don't you lose yourself in that persona?Partners often love the idea of them or simply the money and fame. People latch on to them. Lots of families behind a celeb must be awful as fuck. And also, as a celeb you might just turn into a total asshole because people around you sometimes only care about your performance and blow your ego up.
Not saying this is true for all celebs but the challenges that come with that lifestyle are crazy.
I have a lot of respect for those who stay sane and grounded and keep some privacy and even make use of their fame for good causes. I also have a lot of sympathy for troubled celebs or even the assholes because that just comes natural under those circumstances. I can't say I'd be a stable or good person if I were famous.

No. 377838

Yeah esp in the case of child stars, it’s not like they can just get out of it either. They are not educated and lack real world experience, and with no support system it probably seems virtually impossible for them to even know where to start leading a normal life. Kind of like someone escaping a cult

No. 378051

I hope my sons grow up to be gay because gay guys are generally nicer than straight guys

No. 378078

Gay guys are certainly not nicer than straight guys, maybe this perception of yours is biased because they're not trying to get into your pants. The fact is that homosexuals are more proportionally child abusers and suffer from greater mental health problems and substance abuse problems. Homosexuals can be well groomed and put on a glib charm while in public easily, but underneath the surface in grotty bars and drug induced orgies, there's a different side to them.

No. 378082

all the gay guys ive known in my life were catty as fuck. one guy i knew went on to run a rather popular gossip site, p cliche lol not saying there arent normal ones around

No. 378083

Don't forget misogynistic as fuck. Possibly even worse than straight men. I can't tell you how many times I've heard gay men talking about how disgusting vaginas are.

No. 378084

i think they're slightly more empathetic because they're victimized by society more than normal guys are, but other than that… they're not that much better. men have to go through serious hardship to be quasi decent people.

No. 378098

Yep, and I've known just as many gay dudes to grope a chick's ass and boobs and then say "it's okay because I'm gay!"

No it's fucking not.

No. 378100

Men don't age like wine at all. It's all downhill after 25.

No. 378101

Worse than straight men, really? I'd rather a guy who isn't attracted to me think my vag is gross than a man who is attracted to me think I'm a subhuman walking fuckhole/womb the way most of them do.

I don't care if lesbians think dick is gross either. And I can understand if they overcompensate meanly for many years of being expected to like genitals they just don't. It could be a lot worse than something so petty.

No. 378105

Hard agree, though I'd say they look cute until 30 or so.

No. 378111

I think Taylor (Greg's wife) is pretty and I think she's actually quite strong. If I was in her shoes, being humiliated, stunted, being so obviously resented by him the way she is, being the target of his autistic rage, dealing with his abuse and humiliation in the public eye, AND the financial stress, I'd have killed myself like 6 years ago. People mock her for being dirty and lazy, but I can't blame her. I'd be too depressed to just continue living if I was her. I'm surprised she is even able to keep it together enough for her kids. She has a terrible life.

inb4 "stan!!"

No. 378114

i still think she is a garbage person but yea, she got the shit end of the stick and for some reason just keeps going. i would have snapped ages ago if i were her.

No. 378118

Shayna's goofiness is cute

No. 378134

Unpopular opinion, men who think self improvement only means going to the gym and learning who to wipe there ass is why we have incels, men don't understand the concept of self reflection

No. 378147

>I'd have killed myself like 6 years ago

I think you would've just left your abusive caveman husband instead. I think most people would. Everyone makes fun of Taylor's appearance but she's way out of Grundle's league and could easily find a cuter, more sane boyfriend even as a single mom.

No. 378174

I don't agree, but on the unpopular Shayna opinions train I really think her new hair is a huge improvement over the frizzy blonde bun and roots. Even the cam clips anons have posted of her look better now that she's got the new hair.

No. 378176

Tbh she's actually cute. She's retarded but she's not ugly, nor does she have a super terrible body like anons pretend she does. She's cute and I feel bad for her. She's an incredibly misguided and stupid young woman, but she's not ugly or unattractive.

No. 378184

I don’t know, I’m not one the spergs from her thread (I’m convinced majority of the nitpicks come from other camwhores) but the state of her vulva and labia always makes me recoil. It looks a beaten up ballsack. I think her super old photos of her they were posting a while with brown hair were super cute though, agree with another anon that her rose gold hair suits her quite well even if it does wash her out a bit

No. 378189

Cats are the incarnation of evil. They are vicious, selfish, sadistic, needy arseholes which have somehow, as a species, convinced millions of educationally subnormal human beings to give them water, food, shelter and adoration in exchange for their deigning to grace the aforementioned idiots with their physical proximity every now and then.

If it were up to me, every domesticated cat worldwide would be rounded up and airlifted to an appropriately imposing and predator-heavy habitat such as the Serengeti where the little shits could spend the last few weeks of their lives learning about the harsh realities of the nature they thought they'd escaped for good, before being torn apart by hyenas or succumbing to some especially painful and disfiguring parasitic infestation.

In the absence of this wet dream's coming true, however, I'll have to content myself with rewatching the LiveLeak video of the deranged Indian man eating a cat alive, and reminiscing happily about the time a deeply troubled pupil in the care of the Special Educational Needs unit where I used to work killed the school cat with a lathe.

No. 378194


Seek help.

No. 378199

I don't like cats either, but this is fucked. Sort yourself out.

No. 378203

It's pasta you dumbassess. LC should really take itself a bit less seriously.

No. 378206

File: 1550932145750.gif (413.83 KB, 275x207, 1532510548820.gif)

Do you see copious amounts of copypasta and shitposting here?
No, you don't. Learn to take a hint, retard.

No. 378208

Yes. Get rid of your superiority complex.

No. 378221

I don't know to which extent this counts as an "unpopular" opinion nor do I know if this has been posted before so bear with me, but I think drug glorification culture and this trend of parading drug use so casually is fucking retarded and irresponsible. doing drugs recreationally in general is something I find retarded and unappealing, i tried weed last year just to see what the fuss was all about and it was pretty meh. I don't judge my friends who do recreational drugs nor do I preach to them but i still think it's moronic and basic to act like doing drugs is such a fun and cool activity.

weedfags are always reeeing when you try to tell them that even if weed isn't as bad as say, cocaine, it's still a drug and it's still somewhat harmful for your system. people now think that smoking weed is a whole ass personality trait that makes them seem "chill", interesting or appealing, but in reality parading something like that to the public makes you the opposite, it makes you look stupid and vapid and very basic imho. if you like smoking it that's fine, you do you, but it's not an obscure or interesting habit that makes you appealing, you're not suddenly special and yoonique bc you smoke a blunt.

also people really are out here sperging about weed all day every day (a few lolcows come to mind) acting like it's not an addiction. because they do know addiction is bad and harmful but they won't admit it bc you lose clout if you say something bad about weed now i guess, don't want to look like an old grandpa for dating to have an original thought and realize that hey maybe this little drug habit of mine isn't as good for me as I was made to believe it was.

No. 378227


I mean… lesbian also think penises are disgutsing. I agree that gay men are mysoginistic but at least I get why they think vaginas are disgusting.

No. 378230

Gay men feel the need to scream this fact and tell it to women’s faces completely unprovoked though. Key deifference.

No. 378238

Literally no human has ever come up to me out of nowhere to scream about how ugly vaginas are. Methinks you're making some shit up

No. 378332

anyone that uses anime girl reaction images should honestly be straight up banned. it should be a rule. not just males.

No. 378335

All imageboards are inherently weebish, I get this is the unpopular opinion thread but you're calling for another level of learn 2 integrate

No. 378337

no, i don't care about male anime reaction images. it's not about learning to integrate. it's just lame and pathetic and reminds me of maleposting/troonposting and should be discouraged. it's one of the biggest ways to tell an anon is a male and i don't think the waters should be muddied by allowing females to use them either.

No. 378340

Maleposting is actually allowed on LC. I understand what you're saying, though.

No. 378347

File: 1550951863805.jpg (34.72 KB, 456x810, 458U2N1w91ohl540.jpg)

lmao radfems are so retarded

No. 378350

sounds like tranny cafe or r9k is more your style then

No. 378354

you're the one complaining. maybe you should go back to l_anon

No. 378357

anime girl reaction images are not often posted here. i'm saying that not posting them should actually be a rule to further discourage it. i don't need to go anywhere as it's already fairly uncommon in comparison to the alternative (c.c.)

No. 378363

>anime girl reaction images are not often posted here

This alone makes lc superior to many other sites.

No. 378369

Married With Children isn't particularly funny at all. Its not that I'm offended, I've just always thought it was dumb.

No. 378371

not unpopular here but i hate ddlg bitches and their bfs

No. 378372

Same, and king of the hill was never funny either

No. 378387

russian remake>>>>>>the american original
i mean it's still shit but i actually laughed some

No. 378396

>All imageboards are inherently weebish
Not quite. Operatorchan bans anime.

lol I hate anime reaction images too but it's literally a nonproblem here.

No. 378417

Let me post my sailor moon reaction images anon. I have so many, I need to put them to good use.

No. 378426

Nta but I am fine with SM and other anime pics that aren't modern little girl moe style which is what such reaction images usually are of. The latter type screams male/troon.

No. 378614

File: 1550992264068.png (52.34 KB, 250x250, 250px-235Smeargle.png)

Smeargle is so ugly and stupid, I had it. It's name even sounds like smegma.

No. 378618

I hope you get shot

No. 378627

anon, you're a horrible person

No. 378650

You’re right he’s a terrible mistake.

No. 378897

There's a lot of darkness in the LGBT community that goes unaddressed because most people are too much on the 'gay rights' bandwagon

There's a high proportion of homosexuals suffering from the toxic culture that exists in large portions of the gay community. The average homosexual man suffers from a form of Don Giovannism and it's not at all uncommon for gay men to rack up over 1000 sexual partners, most of these being one time affairs. Illicit and anonymous gay sex is extremely common and normal for homosexual men, and much of this is unsafe, unprotected sex. This is basically the sole cause of the community's excessively high STD rate. The homosexual nightlife community is overindulgent on drugs and needles just as it is on sex, and much of this is again, done unsafely. Sexual abuse is extremely common and predatory behavior goes unreported and unenforced because there's just not the mainstream knowledge of how common homosexual rapists are, the average person these days just thinks that all homosexuals are the cuddly happy guys as portrayed by the media.

Most people think that the stereotype of gay men being sex crazed perverts is just a reactionary, christian talking point. And will dismiss it as such. And while it's not fair to say that ALL HOMOSEXUALS have the problems I outlined above, there is this dark underbelly to the homosexual community that people just refuse to address anymore.

And there's also a really sick subtype of homosexual, the type I think is most likely to sexually abuse children. He dresses in baggy clothes, usually shorts and oversized T-shirts. He has a childish sense of humor that resembles something of an adam sandler skit, putting on funny voices and just generally…Acting how I imagine he perceives 11 year old boys to be. He will almost never speak to women, is extremely misogynistic and has an extreme narcissism about him. I'm not sure if I'm reaching, but I've encountered this exact type of homosexual man several times in my life and one is close to the family. But they're one of the few types of people in life that weirds me out.

No. 378911

who the hell uses the term "homosexual" anymore? interesting how you have nothing to say about dykes tho

No. 378919

My biggest issue is that you’re not allowed to mention the huge amount of child sexual abuse rampant in the gay community, and how a lot of these boys then even become gay from a sort of trauma from it - plenty will have first been introduced to homosexuality via rape and/or molestation and grooming, and this issue will keep going on if no one is even allowed to talk about it. It’s an absurdly high rate considering how small of a fraction of the populace they are

People also need to acknowledge the fact that domestic violence is high within the lesbian community.

No. 378924

Plenty of people? Just like how heterosexual is still a decently common term

No. 378941

Dykes don't do this shit half as much. The lesbian dating scene is small, and for whatever reason a lot less prone to hookups.

No. 378942

Some people here are too obseseed about trannies. I personally think they're just gross people and don't like being near their kind but the GC general makes it sound like trannies are going to bring about female genocide or something lmao.

No. 378947

File: 1551065350274.jpg (25.39 KB, 532x502, 1531703382104.jpg)

>People also need to acknowledge the fact that domestic violence is high within the lesbian community

I didn't even knew this, please tell me you're joking, this can't be true, anon please…

No. 378952


time you faced that people are largely shit despite gender and sexual preference, anon

No. 378958

File: 1551066554626.gif (4.54 MB, 960x540, 1503448850_RJqzSFH - Imgur.gif)

This might not be too controversial here but I'm amazed at the amount of mindless consumption in nerd culture and how people will throw their money at anything that's labeled with their favorite characters. Star Wars fans in particularly bad about it. I feel like every super big fan of Star Wars I've ever met has just been some bland ass milquetoast shell of a person. So many people conflate liking stuff with personality traits.

No. 378962

Consumerism feeds in very well to nerd culture, especially if it says something like ‘limited edition’.
People love their shiny pebbles

No. 378963

nerd culture only exists because of consumerism

No. 378966

It's not really an unpopular opinion these days, hating on even marvel is becoming mainstream, although marvel and disney maintain a cult-like control over their core base.

I remember onetime reading a semi-marxist analysis of 'geek culture', and how capitalism pushes and indoctrinates people to be childish and frivolous like a child to increase consumer spending. It really makes sense to me, because all of the people into this crap seem to be living in perpetual childhood. The idea of a proper adult in mind and spirit buying a Funko toy is ludicrous.

>When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

No. 378979

I feel like there's a small backlash emerging against nerd culture but it's still in its infancy. I think the majority is still just mindless consumerism. I've always been known as the 'Disney' girl (something I've always hated) and I'm now just really opening my eyes and realizing that I don't need to buy everything with Rapunzel on it. I never was a complete bootlicker and there were Disney movies I didn't like but holy fuck I was close to worship. I've grown up in a family that basically only vacationed at Disney and I'm getting sick of it.

No. 378985

No. 379019

File: 1551077959824.png (219.67 KB, 888x956, 1513607904309.png)

It's not true, anon is probably just parroting the same old debunked shit that 4chan spread around.

No. 379051

The Beetles suck ass.

No. 379055

>I remember onetime reading a semi-marxist analysis of 'geek culture', and how capitalism pushes and indoctrinates people to be childish and frivolous like a child to increase consumer spending.
That was written by Simon Pegg who went on to star in Star Trek Part 27!!, Star Wars Episode 19!!, etc.

No. 379056

can pegg not star in shitty faggoty geek films and be right at the same time? i think he's genuinely into that kind of lame shit so i don't see being self aware a crime. at least he isn't necessarily defending it

No. 379061

omg thanks anon i f knew it. Who could thought uh? women being safer with other women than with men lmao.

No. 379067

That is literally a reddit comment about a single study

No. 379086

No. 379119

i feel this will prove to be very unpopular and i'm sorry, but after reading the exchange in meta, i think it's likely that 'tbichan' really does have a tbi and her frustration/confusion isn't something to laugh at

No. 379157

She probably does, but who gives a fuck you are anonymous.
I'm sure there are tons of farmers on here with even more cognitive problems than her, but you don't see them shitting up the meta thread.

No. 379163

maybe it's just me, but at a certain point, the fruit is too low hanging to be funny. plus, the exchange was not actually that funny or spergy. the fact that it was in meta makes it feel funnier than it actually is. tbqh 3/10 spergout even w/o knowing she's tbi

No. 379174

What you're trying to say here is, that men are sex crazed perverts and pedos. Shit like that is indiscrimantly apply too all of them. Gay or straight

No. 379179

When is the pendulum going to swing back to the other side and offensive jokes can be funny again?

No. 379206

People taking pictures of their cats sitting on their clothes, projects, and places like tables where humans eat isn't funny or quirky cute. It just signals to everyone that they let cats run their house and have cat hair on their clothes and food.

No. 379222

This is my new favorite opinion. Same thing with people who let their dogs run the house (“I spoil him/her!”) like, your animals need a pack leader, dumbass.

No. 379237

>they let cats run their house
I would love to know what sort of genius cat master has the ability to keep them off random shit in the house. A cat jumping onto a table isn't 'running the house', it just means you can't guard your table 24/7 and took the photo before getting them off and cleaning it.

No. 379244

not all lgbt people are oppressed in today's society. gays and trannies who live in first world countries where same sex marriage is legal, they have the same rights as any straight couple or non-trans person are not oppressed. you are already valid, you literally are under the protection of your country's law, the general public is probably mostly on your side, stop being fucking cry babies and have some personality other than being an oppressed uwu homo.

No. 379248

>the general public is probably mostly on your side

Gays get hatecrimed even in liberal-leaning states and cities. Looks like someone’s forgotten about the Orlando massacre.

No. 379254

the perpetrator of the orlando massacre was an isis terrorist, it caused massive outrage from the general public and there were several charities to help the victims' families meanwhile if the same thing happened anywhere else than a first world country, like somewhere in the middle east or africa no one, including the government and courts would give a fuck but okay. gay hate crimes in first world countries are way, waaaay lower than anywhere else. gays in the west are extremely privileged, protected by the law, can get married, can have a normal life, homophobes in the west get their careers ruined. they are not oppressed.

No. 379267

It's going to take some years for people to adjust to having these rights and being accepted as regular people. Eventually they'll feel comfortable and not persecuted so they'll relax on the IM QUEER shit and develop other interests. Also gay marriage itself was a very recent thing in the grand scheme of things (2015 federally, come the fuck on) unless you're a child that doesn't know what it was like a few decades ago where "gay" was an honest derogatory term and even before that when gay people were getting serious hate crimes committed against them. People pass their traumas down and it takes a few generations for these things to heal.

Besides there still are pockets of the country where being gay is very much a negative thing and most families are more "tolerant" than actually accepting. i.e. they won't try to murder a gay neighbor but will flip a tit if their kid is gay. Guess what, that kid is going to have issues and they will probably not feel safe even later in life bc these traumas absolutely stay with them.

You sound like people that claim racism is totally gone now that the ~~~laws~~~ protect black people. History just doesn't work that way, babe.

No. 379271

Bisexual women are raped (by men) at much higher rates than straight women. For bisexual women it's almost 50%. Meanwhile it's 17% for straight women.

No. 379274

Jesus christ, I didn't know that. Sauce for stat?
I wonder what causes that. Is it that we're seen as inherently "sluts?" Or is it "corrective?" I'd hate to hear the stats for lesbians…

No. 379275

It's from the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey. There are more stats (and bisexual women top every single list for violence, abuse, rape and sexual assault) here: https://www.hrc.org/resources/sexual-assault-and-the-lgbt-community

No. 379276

inb4 some retard posts something speculating on how slutty bi women are and how they know this bi girl who was choosing to be with abusive men or some incel tier bullshit.

No. 379279

That would fall pretty flat, as 48% of bisexual women who make up the 46% stat were raped between the ages of 11 and 17.

Oh those slutty bisexual 11 year olds.

No. 379280

>That would fall pretty flat, as 48% of bisexual women who make up the 46% stat were raped between the ages of 11 and 17.

that's kinda chilling, considering i'd bet a significant chunk of bisexual women (around… 48%?) probably come out as teens. so they're just instantly seen as rape fodder by unhinged men.

No. 379284

Yeah, a kid who lives in a place where he can get married to a man with no problem when he's an adult, lives in a place where he can easily find support is definitely oppressed for getting called a faggot by his boomer neighbor, boo hoo, such discrimination, so life altering. Tell him how lucky he is for not being born in somewhere like Iran where he'd be forced to die or have a sex change for being gay and maybe that will lighten up his mood a little bit.

No. 379285

Anons have been extra unbearable lately. Browsing this site has been boring as fuck, annoying, or a combination of the two for the past few weeks or so.

Are more radfems migrating here because dumblr died/booted them? That might be the reason why.

No. 379289

File: 1551130348437.jpg (46.68 KB, 768x583, 7-real-tarzan-irwin-768x583.jp…)

YouTube keeps recommending me a video of Jay Leno almost being bitten by an alligator, that Steve Irwin brings on, and it's made me think animal experts/handlers should stop doing that. I love animals, and I loved Steve Irwin, but when you watch those segments on talk shows where they bring animals out you can tell the animals are stressed and scared. And the host freaks out and laughs, and the audience laughs, and the animal is trying to get away. And then they are rudely grabbed or shoved into a bag or box and dragged away back stage. How long do they have to stay in those bags, or boxes, or small cages back stage, being scared of all the lights and noise? It doesn't seem fair or safe, to the animals or the people, like the hosts who can be bitten or scratched by an animal they have no idea how to handle. Also extra unpopular opinion: Steve Irwin was too reckless with a lot of animals, and put his infant son in needless danger with the crocodile. Him being killed by an animal came as no surprise to me. Still miss him though. RIP Steve.

No. 379292

I don't think Steve Irwin was perfect as far as his practices went - it seemed like he was often blinded by his love for animals - but he did far more good than harm when it comes to educating the masses on the importance of conservation and generally giving a shit about animals that would otherwise be considered vermin or better off dead.

No. 379307

His show got really popular because he would pick up, grab, or even tackle and hold extremely dangerous wild animals like crocodiles. He clearly did care a lot about animals and when he captured them it was to help them, but obviously it garnered success whenever he did dangerous things on camera, so he was likely pushed to do so more often than he should have.

No. 379308

Can't relate, my cats never jumped on tables but that's probably because there were consequences like getting shooed off instead of "DAWWW STAY RIGHT THERE MITTENS I NEED TO TAKE PHOTO TO POST TO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR DA UPBOATZ XD"

No. 379311

Radfem comments outside of the radfem thread being a bannable offense might be worth pursuing. I can go to meta and maybe bring that up today. It has reached racebait proportions in how often it happens and how much it messes up a discussion.

I'm not a handmaid and I do relate to radfem as an ideology but every time someone chooses to use the pronouns a tr00n wants some dickhead has to derail about >she. Shut the fuck up.

No. 379312

This. Contrary to popular belief cats aren't impossible to train. With enough reinforcement they WILL stop doing things you don't like.

No. 379317

Okay…but they still got killed for being gay, dipshit. No one is saying that a homo from New York has it worse than someone from South Sudan or whatever, but claiming that gay oppression is over in the west is just flagrantly false and makes you sound stupid.

No. 379318

I've thrown my cat off the table and counter and scolded her a thousand times and she still climbs on them. Cats aren't stupid, they're capable of learning, but they're also a lot more likely to do whatever they fuck they want. Especially since it's in their nature to climb on things.

No. 379321

Maybe try spraying her with water Everytime she does it

No. 379335

Moving the cat isn’t training it tho.

Use deterrents and rewards like training literally anything/anyone. Double sided tape on surfaces you want the cat off, give treats for doing things like touching your hand with her paw if you say high-five. Actual training.

No. 379339

Positive reinforcement and distracting it from things you don't want it to do seems to work better. Give it other, more appealing, things to do and you'll prob be able to keep it away from bad behavior.

I've heard really mixed opinions on whether punishment works well with cats, some people claim it makes them wary of you. I do know rewards work though.

No. 379342

throwing your cat off the counter isn't punishment, it's an obstacle lol. use water, loud noises like clapping or a can of pennies, double sided tape, tin foil. there are tons of things you can try. just picking your cat up and scolding them isn't enough. personally a combination of tinfoil and spritzing with water was enough for my cat to give up on countersurfing.

No. 379354


could this not have swayed these women toward women? having men abuse their trust like this at such a young age? so much for "correction"

No. 379356


great point, and same goes for dog training. positive reinforcement or displacement of behaviour through introducing objects specifically for them works much better than negative reinforcement. then they're just going to be not doing the things you don't like out of fear. what kind of relationship is that where your pet is scared of you?

No. 379392

I wasn't talking about the tranny aspect… I was talking about their sjw tendencies, tumblr tier humor, soapboxing, and other lame mannerisms…

No. 379477

I've done all of that besides the double-sided tape and the pennies. Didn't feel like I had to go into details. My point is that some cats just don't respond to it no matter how hard you try. My cat is completely unfazed by all noise and stimulus, she just sits wherever she wants whenever she wants. Doesn't make her worse than my dog, though.

No. 379550

Educating young kids works the same way afaik. You want to give them distractions from poor behavior and also bullshit "choices" to trick them into thinking they have agency like "Yould you like x, y, or z for dinner?" but all 3 options are actually things you want then to eat. Tricks like that help keep your relationship positive and helps them build better character.

No. 379615

Not even radfem but why the fuck should we play into troon delusions when we come here to laugh at them being lolcows? If anything, the board should be globally anti-tranny. Go back to PULL.

No. 379739

File: 1551208800788.jpg (59.11 KB, 720x438, pokemon-grass-type-2.jpg)

Grass type Pokemon are the best! There are so many beautiful designs and they have the coolest moves. I wish I could be an aroma lady or something.
Fairy type is lame and tranny tier.

No. 379748

I love grass, bug, ghost, and electric types. Ghost the most! I want to like more bug Pokemon but a lot of them have too many weaknesses.

No. 379760

I will fight anyone who shits on the Grass type fam, in this fucking house we respect the best designs and moves in the game

No. 379781

Well, now I'm embarrassed because that makes one more thing I like that's considered tranny taste. :( wtf.

No. 379784

can we please stop calling typical girlish coded thinks tranny tier, trannylike etc. Not only it's often spergy like in context of fucking pokemon games (what does gender crit worldview have to do with them?), it's also insulting toward women who do like those feminine aesthetics and we should not hand them over to trannies that aproppriate our existence.
Criticize fairy mons for being too cutesy but not tranny like.

No. 379792

Begone, speedrunner!
((just kidding anon, dont take it too hard. I figure you are probably just a weeb that likes 'cutesy' things or something))

No. 379796

Relax anon, maybe it wasn't apparent but I was joking.

No. 379804

Yes, exactly. Get mad at the troons for trying to claim certain Pokemon because they somehow "fit their criteria", not the Pokemon.

No. 379811

I hate the way troons have claimed Sylveon and DVA from Overwatch as "theirs." I hope an Overwatch character does get confirmed as trans the way Tracer was as a lesbian. And I hope it's one of the ones troons don't like because she's not a dainty anime girl. Like Moira.

No. 379833

Or Roadhog.

No. 379843

File: 1551213243672.png (68.68 KB, 500x694, twanseon.png)

It's not our fault troons have decided to claim Fairy Pokemons as ~twans symbolism~. It's hard to take them seriously when you see shit like this. Be mad at them, not us.

No. 379850

At least they associate Glaceon with "terfs". Glaceon is cooler anyway!

No. 379853

No reasonable person cares about tranny farts in the wind. Nobody out of sjw/tranny circlejerk looks at Sylveon or Clefairy and thinks 'yep, it's a trans character'. Don't treattranny wishes as fact. Nothing tranny about fairy pokemon, thigh highs or cat ears (as cringet as they might be!).
They are imitating us, doesn't mean feminity belongs to them.

No. 379897

what? why? is it a play on terfs are unsexy frigid bitches or something?

No. 379899

File: 1551217070807.png (810.96 KB, 1166x958, f89.png)

nta, but it's because of the "terf bangs"

No. 379903

People mostly shit on grass type starters, which is sad because snivy and chikorita are underratted as hell. Of course I'm not that into the fandom part of pokemon, so I don't really see it.

But fairy type pokemon are great, Moonblast is the one of my favorite newish moves.

No. 379906

I don't know what kind of answer I was expecting

No. 379908

literally who looks at a pokemon and thinks "trans icon!!!!!!" they're literally little fucking animals

No. 379910

Well I was going to evolve my female eevee into a Sylveon, damn. But now I have to do Glaceon for the culture.

No. 379967

Is a Hime cut now considered TERF? That's literally the signature "kawaii" haircut. Lmao troons fucked up.

No. 380020

i fucking hate pokemon!!

No. 380070

I have no qualms with tiddy streamers/twitch thots and think it's kind of funny how easily they harvest neckbeard dough. I don't understand why people hate them so much.

No. 380077

- men hate them because they’re pathetic enough to fall for it

- women hate them because men hate them

No. 380086

Pokemon are cute and all but I don't know how anyone can seriously enjoy the games or any other media past the age of 13. The games are mind-numbingly boring.

No. 380093

I used to scoff at my parents and not understand how they couldn't see the fun in pokemon, but as I got older I started to see how anything past silver/gold drifted into nonsense. It was neverending. The pokemon got even more nonsensical over the years and I couldn't follow unless I literally bought games and merch.
I finally understand why my parents rolled eyes so much over it when I was a kid. Props to the creators though, the cash cow is super effective.

No. 380096

>women hate them because men hate them
Many of them happen to possess unstable and entitled personalities which makes them insufferable to know and be friends with beyond a superficial level. Most anything they do is always for attention or as a means to make money, because their living entirely revolves around creating a specific image and narrative. The profession attracts a lot of self centered narcs willing to use people and throw others under the bus. There's a lot to be said about streamers who contact friends just to link to their Twitch and ask for donations for no product or service that isn't already being done for free by millions.
At least the ones with day jobs are a bit more humble.

No. 380107

I agree so much

No. 380110

File: 1551240268773.png (499.16 KB, 1500x1500, cuphead-promo-cuphead-mugman.p…)

Mugman is a lot cuter than Cuphead! His blue color is cool too, I wish playing as Mugman was an option on solo.

No. 380115

I'm pretty feminine and as much as I try not to and be mindful of it, I do like feminine things a lot, but you guys are trying high key to get insulted if youre super offended that people call out being super feminine on an imageboard as being tranny tier. Being/talking about super fem shit on an imageboard is questionable bc it's caricature tier and imo feminine women that aren't participating in upholding a caricature too (see: shuwu) don't typically flaunt in feminine things in a tranny way. It's different.

I so agree. Disregarding the video games (which are also boring), I never understood the appeal of card games anyways. Wtf was ever entertaining about them?

No. 380127

The dayjob part is so true. I realized pretty much all the streamers and youtubers I really like and respect are people who have jobs and families and lives outside of their entertainment persona. They don't get caught up in all the petty bullshit since they have real things to think and care about.

No. 380147

Hopefully soon. I'm insanely tired of living in this age of PC

No. 380150

I love grass types! They need more love.

No. 380156

All of this. I can't stand the "jealous cunts" narrative and I can only repeat what you said. Keeping up a profession like a titty twitch streamer requires a certain type of antisocial personality that is willing to go to disgusting lengths to keep their name making money for doing nothing else but "entertaining".

Honestly I still find the 2 first generations enjoyable as an adult but they took all the challenge out of the games and removed the dark elements that made the world interesting. The cutesy fashion shows and whatever customization the games have now replaced story and gameplay.

No. 380163

File: 1551247289452.jpg (89.88 KB, 1024x683, Billy-Porter-Christian-Siriano…)

This isn't "brave" or "stunning". Men will always look stupid in womens clothes. That's why men wearing women's clothes is often seen in comedy. It just looks fucking ridiculous. Men get asspats for the simplest shit.

No. 380169

File: 1551248295729.jpg (284.15 KB, 3240x2160, cools suit.jpg)

thank you. that silhouette is so retarded. he looks like a very stupid velvet napkin or a cake. society needs to understand that men have terrible legs, and terrible proportions in general, and there's nothing wrong with them wearing androgynous clothes in feminine or flashy/flamery styles (like pic related), but just wearing dresses or skirts looks absolutely stupid 9 times out of 10. their bodies are just not meant for it.

>inb4 you get flooded with posts by farmers talking about how men look so hot in skirts or whatever

No. 380170

File: 1551248868274.jpeg (21.94 KB, 500x655, 10magazine-issue-23.jpeg)

i know this is an unpopular opinion thread and i won't debate you on it but god despite all the cringey STUNNING AND BRAVE posts i think he looked amazing. that dress is amazing to me

i don't think men can pull off casually wearing skirts but in a fetish context? fuck. manly men crossdressing without feminizing themselves is one of my favorites

No. 380173

File: 1551249253763.png (504.88 KB, 1502x631, Untitled.png)

>tranny tier
okay fuck off, if you don't love the pokemon pictured then you have no taste
(that said i absolutely hate gardevoir, mawile, diancie and other such types that weeb neckbeards tend to like so it's a type i love but also hate)

No. 380174

i will never understand how you guys can look at this and think that looks good. that looks so dumb to me. it's not a reactionary thing for me or anything, it's just that men have such ugly, awkward legs that i feel look awkward enough without trying to draw attention to them.

No. 380175

File: 1551249691594.gif (1.98 MB, 413x293, giphy (4).gif)

That viral newsbait going around about kids viewing videos telling them how to kill themselves is absolutely the fault of the parents.
Strange how most children born before 2000 managed to survive without constant access to streamed, autoplaying internet but suddenly dumbass parents can't parent anymore without handing their kid a tablet?
I'm sick of hearing about this non-news because parents are too chickenshit to deal with their brat's crying fits and tantrums to protect them from adult media, and are incapable of doing common sense shit like not giving them unsupervised access to it in the first place.

No. 380176

i mostly just think it's sexy because men aren't "supposed" to be wearing it, especially not masculine men. i like the taboo of it and also seeing them struggle a bit because they've never walked in heels or maybe feeling embarrassed at wearing lingerie and tights and etc. i like that more than the purely visual aspect of it i guess

No. 380177

File: 1551249940016.jpg (39.01 KB, 636x310, image_00008.jpg)

also anon not all women have ~beautiful~ ~shapely~ legs and not all men have stiff boards for legs and to claim otherwise is just plain sexist. not all women are ~curvy~

No. 380180

that dress was incredibly stiff. i remember looking at it and i was wondering who the fuck picked that out for him in the first place? he looked uncomfortable.

like i don't care if a man wears feminine clothing, as long as he recognizes it will never turn him into a woman. it's just a garment. i don't care if a woman wears masculine clothing either, even though it's basically common.

No. 380182

No one said all women have curvy legs. Those legs look undeniably feminine, anon. It's about how much fat is on the legs and how our pelvises are different. Like, the femur insertion angle is generally different, and the amount of fat we carry is different.

No. 380185

I love this in theory but not in execution. Just looks fucking hideous.

No. 380187


god i love that jiggly idiot

No. 380201

Cheez-its and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish have no fucking flavor and should be illegal. They're a waste of calories and cash. That anyone pays ANYTHING for a bag or box of them and wastes calories on them is insanity and is consumer exploitation and the Butter Business Bureau needs to step in. They're public nuisances.

No. 380206

Men’s muscles are also a lot more angular than women’s which gives their legs a much harsher look

No. 380207

File: 1551257407836.jpg (55.13 KB, 452x854, 0847084FH830.jpg)

Chihuahuas are literally my dream dog, they're tiny so I can take them everywhere with me, they're cute so watching them make me happy, they're sweet and easy to train, they can be taken for long walks and they make tiny poop so I won't ever have to pick up a huge piece of dog shit.
I want to adopt either a chihuahua or a Maltese.

No. 380208

Hard disagree (as you can imagine).
>liking cutesy Pokemon created with little girls in mind is tranny tier
Sorry, but I will never get this. Next someome will say that collecting vintage My Little Pony is 'brony tier' instead of spergy or, you know, American housewife like. Cause they've been doing it for years before male cartoon horse fetishists were a thing.
I know I am repeating myself but stop handling our things to men just cause they rub their dirty hands all over them. It's exactly what they want us to do.
Good thing I no longer run into psycho trannies online and don't give a fuck about their delusional opinions.

RE: Card games. I also do not enjoy them too much (though I like to collect some pretty Pokemon ones), but they give your brain a lot to think about and some people enjoy it. First you have to create the deck and then you have to keep thinking about the best strategy during the game, planning not only the next move but also for the next turn, consider the opponent's cards and avoid misplays.
I find all of this extremely exhausting, but my bf loves it and I can see why. It's a bit like chess in that regard, except you have so much more varied chess pieces, it's crazy.

No. 380213

Anon it might be weird to you but some of us actually find muscular male legs sexy, tastes differ you know.

No. 380232

I mean, you could say any junk food is a waste of calories and should be banned. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they're the WORST thing out there.
t. Triggered goldfish lover

No. 380242

This is the unpopular opinion thread and I will call for those tiny, pathetically orange colored carp-shaped pieces of cardboard to be illegal all I like. They are unlike any other type of junk food in that they're sickeningly flavorless and should be free, at best. At least normal junk food has flavor and the calories and cost can be justified by the fact that they have, you know, flavor.

No. 380287

File: 1551281583925.jpg (48.51 KB, 620x350, teddy-bear-shih-tzu-hair-cut.j…)

i love these dogs as well and i'm someone who generally dislikes dogs (and i despise "dog people.) i feel like small, fluffy dogs get such a bad rap when it was literally a shih tzu that got me to like dogs. my sister adopted one who she proceeded to ignore and i was basically forced to care for it. he was so incredibly sweet, quiet, clean and loving. always in such a good mood. never destroyed anything in the house or peed where he wasn't supposed to even without any formal training. i love small dogs

No. 380339

Same anon. You;re making me sexually aroused in class.

I think it;s hime cut and short hair

Primarina is the really tranny pokemon

No. 380423

I think thunder thighs are nice, so long as they aren't supper cellulite prone. A little bit looks good, but not cottage cheese level.

No. 380465

hating cats is not an unpopular opinion. a LOT of people hate cats, and it's always over-the-top irrational hate. I love cats and I don't care if people don't like them, but the way people get so upset over cats you'd think that cats had murdered their family or something.

No. 380475

>hating cats is not an unpopular opinion

No. 380485

This is not an unpopular opinion, a lot of people like "thick" thighs. without cellulite? you know a lot of women who aren't even fat have cellulite, right? you sound like a man.

I remember back when I had a myspace and there was this one guy who said he hunted cats just for fun and his layout was literally a picture of a barrel full of dead cats. both of my grandparents hated cats, all of my friends have hated cats, a lot of people on the internet (even this thread like >>378189
) will rant at length about how cats are the most vile creatures alive despite cats having done absolutely nothing to them. irrational hatred.

No. 380510

>(even this thread like >>378189
Just lol

I'll have you know that you're talking to the same person who posted that pasta right now. And the reception to that post isn't exactly what you'd call overwhelming approval. Hating cats is unpopular, even ITT. Stop being delusional.

No. 380520

>This is not an unpopular opinion, a lot of people like "thick" thighs. without cellulite? you know a lot of women who aren't even fat have cellulite, right? you sound like a man.
Settle down you sperg, I know that all sizes of thighs can have cellulite, but the appearance of cellulite is usually emphasized on bigger ones. I even said in my post that I liked ones that were a bit cellulitey, and among women it isn't the most popular opinion. Most women I know prefer to have or to look at slim thighs.

No. 380566

I still don’t know what the fuck terf bangs are aside from a Twitter boogeyman only recognized by shutins.

Hell there are trans women who wear bangs like that because they make you look younger, hide your forehead and generally make you look more feminine etc. unless they mean super short high bangs but I only ever see tumblr whales wearing those??

No. 380579

Oh yes offensive jokes are funny. Unless you're the target. Retard.

No. 380606

I never understood how they’re terf bangs, one only ever seen full on TRA’s and Tumblr sjw’s have them. Well, Yolandi too I guess

No. 380608


You’re really above those awful offensive jokes anon, lmao

No. 380646

bjork's music is shit

No. 380652

Nacho cheese doritos are kinda nasty

No. 380659

Its so true

No. 380672

Ghibli movies are fucking boring, the concepts are great but the execution its so lame

No. 380673

I like a handful of them but most are mediocre.

No. 380675

This but also all the movies by that guy who made Your Name.

No. 380676

Anime movies kind of suck in general. I don't like Satoshi Kon's stuff as well.

No. 380685

Damn, and I thought Kon's stuff is usually more exciting and accessible.

No. 380699


sage for triggered sperg

omg anon i fucking hated 'your name '. that movie tried so damn hard to be deep and really dropped the ball.

seriously tho why tf did he drink that spit sake and then got high af and changed the future. who wrote this disaster.

No. 381354

eh I'm >>380675 and I find Satoshi Kon movies alright.

No. 381355

I cannot fathom how people can still want kids while living in $CURRENT_YEAR and knowing all the shit that's happening in the world.

No. 381356

Definitely agree. They could all be cut down by a lot of scenes.

I will say though that just from a concept stand point the very idea that Your Name can top Spirited Away in box office charts is a travesty. That movie is pure garbage.

No. 381360

Ignorance. Or people just assume that were going to be able to fix the earth.

No. 381362

It's a melodramatic mess in the worst way and peak shit hetero romance (nothing against those, but Your Name is an example of 'he was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it any more obvious???' type of writing). The plot falls apart if you consider the implications of the scenes for a moment.

No. 381369

I legitimately have no clue how Your Name rose so quickly to "masterpiece" status. Stories like that are a dime a dozen. What does it do that others don't?

No. 381370

Speaking of anime, I'm one of the six people in the world that enjoyed blood-c.

No. 381371

Finally some people who think Your name is shitty. Most anime movies I have seen have been bad and boring. Some Ghibli ones have been acceptable, but they make some boring drawn out shit too.

No. 381379

me too, anon!

No. 381400

I recently tried watching some award winning anime movie that was on Netflix and it was boring as hell

No. 381404

Plain cheerios are God tier cereal. Honey nut cheerios are shit

No. 381437

Yes! When I tell people I love plain Cheerios without sugar or anything else, they look at me like I’m crazy.

No. 381442

I laughed at the crater reveal because it was so obviously meant to be emotional. Overhyped movie

No. 381473

'm so tired of people complaining that capitalism is bad. I can't tell if the people complaining are legit defenders of real life communist countries or just are longing for an economic system that doesn't exist. I don't think capitalism in America or anywhere else is perfect but I have no idea where these people would rather live instead. The best countries to live in the world (Nordic countries, Denmark, Canada, etc) are all Capitalist while most non-Capitalist countries have been total shit. Even besides the USSR, people don't realize that countries like India tried socialism and failed.

The straw that broke the camel's back was someone saying "capitalism is bad" on a YA forum. First of all, I feel like the YA community is mostly made up of rich white women who have never had to work a day in their lives. And YA never existed before capitalism. Do people think there was YA lit in the USSR? You gotta be fucking kidding me.

Also fuck Maoists and anyone who apologizes for Mao. It's ok for a Jewish person to say that they want to murder nazis but it's not ok for me to say Maoists are pieces of shit even though that guy killed almost as many people as Hitler.

No. 381483

>And YA never existed before capitalism. Do people think there was YA lit in the USSR? You gotta be fucking kidding me.

Do you mean like… YA as the American genre or books for teens in general?
Because if the second one, you are wrong.

No. 381484

People are moronic and seem to confuse basic welfare for communism.

The countries with the best health care are surprise! capitalist. The world works on a currency based system for bartering. A capital system aims to maximise capital potential for progress and resources. Its not a perfect system because of the inequalities but you don't fix that by making everyone a fucking communists you enact welfare systems to redistribute capital to the people to promote spending. All a fucking government is is the body that controls the countries budget/capital for resources.

It's absolutely embarrassing for someone on a smart phone to preach about the benefits of communism.

No. 381489

One thing that baffles me is my friend who is a Chinese international student is so against capitalism. I know all of the effects of capitalism in China haven't all been positive. But I think she believes that if we werne't living in a capitalist society graduate schools would be throwing money at her to pursue a humanities degree or something.

I'm not an expert but I feel like while books for teens have always exist, I think the YA industry is something different. Including the need to specifically market books as being for "young adults" in general.

One thing that baffles me is my friend who is a Chinese international student is so against capitalism. I know all of the effects of capitalism in China haven't all been positive. But I think she believes that if we werne't living in a capitalist society graduate schools would be throwing money at her to pursue a humanities degree or something. Not to mention that she would never have been able to afford paying $60k/yr for school without capitalism.

Another thing I hate is guys who complain about how capitalism is ruining video games when changes happen that they don't like.

Totally agree

No. 381493

I really hate pitbulls and pitbull owners. "It's how they're raised!" No, it's in their nature.

No. 381494

Me too anon. I like animals, including dogs, but pitbulls are a danger to others. So long their owners get mauled, unfortunately that doesn't happen nearly as often as other innocent passersby getting hurt or killed.

No. 381500

I can understand people being upset because their own pibble hasn't killed their children yet, but they have to understand that the breed is legitimately dangerous, their strength coupled with their pain intolerance is something that should be regulated. The owners should have to hold a pitbull licence.

It's so demeaning when these trailer trash pibble parents post their stupid pits with their newborns or with other, smaller animals. 'woah so dangerous xd", yeah, I'm sure a lot of the pit owners who had their children and other pets killed or mauled by their dogs felt the same, you daft cunt.

No. 381536

I wish Rob and Chyna worked out, that would have been fun to watch.

No. 381538

An eurofag here who lives next to Russia and still remembers the effects of the Soviet Union and knows how fucked up communism is in practice: fuck everyone who was born in a capitalist society and demands communism, they literally have no idea what they're asking for. Capitalism isn't flawless but there's a reason why so many economically successful and happy countries are capitalist. People need and demand freedom which they can't get in a communist society. You can't eat your cake and have it too, you're either absolutely miserable in a communist shithole where everyone is demotivated because they're artificially kept down (except for the state elite living in luxury of course), or you're in a capitalist system where you need to go through effort to secure a middle class life style, but also have the option to aim higher if you've given the chance.

inb4 but true communism has never been practiced!!!!111 Shut up and read a fucking book

No. 381544

I feel like everyone who owns a pitbull is either a trailer trash "macho" loser who needs to overcompensate for his small dick but can't afford a Mustang so he just gets a mean-looking tough guy dog instead, or whiny soyboy Redditors with a persecution complex who specifically sought out a controversial dog breed so they can parade it around as "muh nanny dog" and "does this cute wittle pibble face look like it could kill, you evil puppy-kicking pitbull haters?"

No. 381547

I used to think that it was nurture over nature for pits, until just this week. I dog sit for a family friend who has a pitbull & he's always been real sweet with me. Until literally last night I was playing with him outside and he got aggressive out of nowhere and bit my jacket and yanked me to the floor. Thank God he didn't bite me, and I was able to get out of my jacket and back inside. His owner will be back tomorrow but that was the first time I've seen real aggression from him. Scared the shit outta me and ripped my jacket apart.

Sage for blogposting

No. 381555

Kek, same here anon. On the topic of Kardashian relationships I really liked Khloe and Lamar. They were genuine. Now opposed to Tristan, I think she loved Tristan even if just for his looks and couldn't see he was using her for money or clout.

No. 381556

NTAYRT but this happens all the time with pits. They've been bred to activate attack mode when they're overstimulated. That's why pit attacks come as a surprise, they're sweet dogs until it happens. Other dog breeds might bite once to defend their territory or to defend themselves, but pits will often gravely maul people. I love dogs to death but I'm fucking terrified of pitbulls and think the whole breed should be illegal to keep outside without a muzzle. The people who defend them are often like people described here >>381544 , either white trash tough guys or people who want to feel powerful and persecuted for taking care of the poow widdle misunderstood pit babies.

No. 381561

Different anon

I have no experience with pits, they're not a common breed, but is it true they don't display the usual signs of aggression (tail up, showing teeth etc)?

No. 381565

American here. I feel like the rest of the world actually buys into the myth of the American dream in which just anyone willing to work hard enough here can become prosperous. This is the fault of our own propaganda so I'm not blaming anyone, and I won't get too detailed because no1curr, but the upper class is almost surely unreachable if you're coming from the working class with just a good work ethic and an average degree to your name. I say this as an ex-communist, now I like the thought of a socialist-leaning mixed economy.

No. 381597

As a former skinny girl who let herself go and has been fat for almost two years now, I think skinny girls get body shamed a great deal more than fat girls. Being skinny is far preferable, don't get me wrong, but I have noticed I get so much less shit for my body now. Making fun of skinny women is just more socially acceptable and people assume you have the self-esteem to handle it even when you don't. I also am complimented on my body more by both genders even though it objectively looks worse than it used to. People seem to feel more of a need to "build me up". Note that I don't fish for compliments by insulting myself, they just say this shit.

For reference, my BMI went from the slightest bit underweight to solidly overweight.

No. 381602

This. The American Dream borderlines on being a myth. The majority of Americans struggle financially and it's not because ~they're not working hard enough~. Our system pretends it's a meritocracy, but it's been proving countless times in countless ways that it only is on paper. Very few people actually make it to the upper class if they weren't already born in it. The reality is that higher class people will always have advantages over you. The rich can just buy their kid's way into the top colleges, taking spots from more qualified applicants. Most people can't afford college to begin with and if they go end up in debt for most of their lives. Businesses will always give higher jobs to people based on their connections rather than their merits. And don't even get me started on the health care system. Get sick or hurt and it can completely ruin your financial health for the rest of your life.

Also, don't forget that American politics are entirely set up to prioritize the needs of corporations over the people. This isn't even thinly veiled anymore. Our country literally let's people die and the planet get destroyed because a handful of companies are paying our politicians to let them so they can make more money with no fucks given to human suffering.

I'm absolutely against communism, but it doesn't have to be communist or capitalist. As America has proven, capitalism is pretty fucking horrible.

No. 381607

>I love dogs to death but I'm fucking terrified of pitbulls and think the whole breed should be illegal to keep outside without a muzzle.
Hard to take anyone's opinion on this topic seriously when they don't even know that pit bulls aren't a breed. "Pitbull" refers to any mix of a number of different breeds. That's part of why their temperaments and physical traits vary so wildly. It's also why the idea of breed restrictions on them is so ludicrous. You're basically saying "no mix involving any of a dozen different breeds should be allowed outside without a muzzle".

That being said, as someone whose worked in shelters and has had experience with many pitbulls, I do agree that people need to stop painting them all out to be flawless angel babies. Out of the dozens I've dealt with, only one was sketchy, but the owners very much ignored the red flags and made weak excuses for her problematic behavior to the point where I was amazed there had been no serious incident with her by the time she died. If you suggested she was potentially dangerous, they would act like you were an oppressive monster. Luckily they had the sense to take advice not to have her around children thank god.

Still, the number of attacks by pit bulls compared to how many there are is far too tiny to justify banning them or forcing special regulations on them. The problem isn't pit bulls themselves. It's the ridiculous lack of regulations concerning dogs. Anyone can just get a dog and treat it however the fuck they want if no one sees to report it (not like dogs can call animal protective services) or be a backyard breeder. While pitbulls have the highest attack count, most large breeds (especially ones for protection) have the potential to be extremely dangerous if in the wrong hands and do have a sizeable attack/fatality count themselves. This is because sadly anyone can get one and train and/or breed them improperly or abuse them.

No. 381611

Ehhhhh, I think it really depends. My fiancé’s parents moved here from China with nothing, started a car fixing business and are very successful. They live a modest lifestyle 90% time but they definitely are considered within the “1%” I wonder if immigrants who start their own businesses here are more likely to live the “American dream” vs working for someone else.

No. 381613

All dogs should wear muzzles outside in public areas with many people. There isn’t a reason not to, and you’re a fool if you think otherwise.

No. 381614

"Pitbull" is not a breed. It is a mix of many different dogs. This means any two pitbulls can have extremely different traits to the point where they're basically not even the same kind of dog. Any temperament trait anyone claims they have should be taken with a vast grain of salt.

No. 381618

>Any temperament trait anyone claims they have should be taken with a vast grain of salt.
Shitbull apologists are on the same level of retardation as flat earthers

No. 381620

>they definitely are considered within the “1%”
Key word there being "1%". As in among the vast minority. The few outlier examples don't reflect the reality of the American Dream.

No. 381623

>Any temperament trait
Calm down with your baseless projection. Notice I don't specify "negative", dear. This includes positive as well. Also, I'm fully willing to read whatever evidence you provide that debunks the fact I stated.

>comparing people who like pitbulls to flat earthers
You are literally retarded.

No. 381624

… Except that most pitbulls have fine temperaments. So, you're just a sperging autist who doesn't know what you're talking about.(samefagging)

No. 381627

It's like none of you know how to fucking use Google


Can we stop arguing about pitbulls now? Also, I feel like this is like the 5th thread I've seen get derailed by people complaining about pitbulls in the last few months.

No. 381630

My dad came from social housing with an outhouse, 5 siblings and has made millions in an honest way. Capitalism actually allows average Joe's to amass wealth without having to hold abnormal social status unlike dictatorships.

No. 381631

Meant to reply to >>381630

No. 381632

The issue with USA is that you have a pitiful welfare state, but you also have the fattest people on the planet. You'd have to make some pretty horrible choices in America to literally starve to death. And with all that freedom and excess to support a welfare state for bodies that large and prone to an abundance of health risks due to diet alone, Americans would have to be taxed out of the ass for free health care.

No. 381635

Kay, but how many people actually do that? You think your dad and the top 1% are the only Americans who work hard while the rest of the 99% just twiddle their thumbs all day?

See, this is the problem with people who buy the American Dream myth. You cling to the minority of examples of people lucky enough to have the system working out for them and dismiss the rest. It's like you ignore the fact that "1%" is literally in the damn name.

No. 381639

?? do you have any idea how our healthcare works? our insurances companies already raise our insurance across the board for obese people.

No. 381640

Your survivor bias is showing anon.

No. 381645

>Also, I feel like this is like the 5th thread I've derailed with my sperging after getting triggered by people who don't like muh dindu pibbles in the last few months.

No. 381646

Well I should have stated I'm a UK anon and I know my dad had the benefit of starting up in a better economic climate, I'm not saying everyone can do what exactly he did but I am saying the potential is there for people to raise their class if they are persistent. I have few memories of my dad based in the home only some trips because he was away working so much so obviously he prioritised wealth over family. The point was the system can allow for it.

No. 381647

None of these anons, but your side is just as triggered. If it wasn't you wouldn't bother replying to that.(samefagging once again)

No. 381649

Havent seen as much pitbull sperging as you say but when those dogs are mentioned, oh boy, the threads usually over. Or when any doghate or cathate is mentioned, it all goes to shit. We have a thread like that already somehwere but replying to it at all would be a necro, even tho theres like…no real…content to contribute unless you post the 50th pitbull related murder. Or your opinions. And you'll get kicked out for necroing if you post an opinion probably.

shit, i'm disappointed.

No. 381655

>your side is just as triggered
>now excuse me while I samefag in attempt to make it seem like I'm not the only one on mine

No. 381665

are you me

No. 381666

The only people who by into the american dream are whites and naive immigrants.

No. 381668

Lol were your parents denied mortgage loans and business loans like my parents? They're immigrants too and worked hard just like yours … except we're African.

No. 381676

the dog v. cat sperging on this website as a whole is incredibly retarded no matter which "side" you're on.

anyway my unpopular opinion is that foundation in makeup is utterly useless as opposed to just using concealer unless your skin is just ULTRA fucked and needs that much coverage. i used to wear foundation all the time until i realized just a few dabs of concealer was all i needed, and now my makeup lasts like 20x longer.

No. 381680

>the dog v. cat sperging on this website as a whole is incredibly retarded no matter which "side" you're on.
What if I hate both?

No. 381689

"I don't like tankies" isn't exactly unpopular m9.

I don't really care about the captitalism v. communism argument and I get that the USSR has affected you much more, but the US has done some equally heinous shit if not moreso than the USSR during the cold war and they got away with so much of it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_involvement_in_regime_change_in_Latin_America

I think the US is unrivaled in this world when it comes to the shittiness of their foreign policy except maybe Great Britain.

>I think skinny girls get body shamed a great deal more than fat girls
Fuck I completely agree. As soon as someone's BMI is revealed to be 0.1 pt below 18.5 people act like they're gonna die the next day, but being at an unhealthy weight on the other end of the spectrum seems to get treated increasingly as a nonissue.

No. 381762

no one cares

No. 381797

then don't reply retard

No. 381800

File: 1551438335877.png (16.97 KB, 482x220, Capture.PNG)

lol did LC bug out?

No. 381869

File: 1551454566377.jpg (457.89 KB, 560x684, gallery_big_eva_green_Downturn…)

I think downturned, droopy, "sad/tired-looking" eyes are really beautiful and I wish people embraced them more

No. 381890

File: 1551456985173.jpg (88.23 KB, 567x800, bubburu.jpg)

Agreed, their so cute and sexy

No. 381907

File: 1551459145934.jpg (18.95 KB, 398x170, man with nice hands.jpg)

i was going to ask who this attractive man was, but it looks like he's a stock image model. bummer.

No. 381939

lmao rip anon
>man with nice hands
damn, i didnt even notice hnggg

No. 381941

Scandinavia is not traditional capatalism, we pay 50%+ in taxes, have free healthcare and loads of other stuff

a dane

No. 381978

I would die for man-with-nice-hands-kun

Eva my waif

No. 381998

me too. idk the last few episodes were kinda fun

No. 381999

strong british accents are a headache and make people sound like tryhards. it's way easier to understand american english

No. 382001

What do you mean by British? RP or regional?

No. 382003

they're not cozy accents. they make me deeply uncomfortable. maybe it's just me, but i feel really uncomfortable by them. they also make no sense, like, linguistically. plus, i like that the average american/canadian accent is an economic equalizer. there are way less nuances to american accents that give away education level or class, etc.

No. 382006

File: 1551473496196.jpg (12.38 KB, 215x211, 1551052752919 (1).jpg)

the over saturation of seasonal anime as seriously effected the quality of anime recently, because it's fucking ugly and the shows are mostly repetitive garbage

also most anime youtubers suck

No. 382011

File: 1551473910515.png (126.35 KB, 500x375, lAGbBNMHVi.png)

Veins aren't attractive, they look kinda scary actually. Are a lot of other straight women really into veins or is that just a meme? I don't get it. At all.

No. 382016

Not straight but I like them, although they can look hideous/freak me out if they’re excessive. I had a male teacher once whose arms were just crawling with veins and it was super gross to look at. It all just depends.

No. 382019

Veins are super scary, they remind me that we are just sacks of organs and I don't like that. I don't get it either
Although it's ok if there are just a few veins, then it even enhances masculinity, but my classmate has hands like your pic and I can't stand to look at them at all. Creepy.

No. 382031

I'm a non-native English speaker and I find British accents terrible and incomprehensible. I can't understand a single fucking sentence that's being spoken. How people find shitty articulation attractive, I'll never know.

No. 382033

I lowkey wish I had her eyeshape. I love hooded eyes

No. 382034

Strong American accents are equally ugly to be honest. Noo Yawk accents make me want to cut my ears off.

No. 382036

Americans are the most self-centered people on earth. You ask an American where they're from and they'll just say some city from bumfuck Missouri like you're supposed to know where that is. Just say "America", fatty. You don't see German people introducing themselves as being from Neuchlederhosen or Australians as being from Kangarootown, everyone else realizes people aren't intimately familiar with the geography of their country.

No. 382039

I'm pretty neutral on them, I think sometimes they can be attractive on muscular guys but if a really skinny lanky guy has tons of veins like that pic it kinda freaks me out because it makes them look sickly imo

No. 382040

Yeah but few people have those. Plus linguists are literally saying the New York accent is dying. It's going to be dead pretty soon.

No. 382051

>Plus linguists are literally saying the New York accent is dying. It's going to be dead pretty soon.

Thanks anon, this is the best news I've had all day. I hope it takes the New England accents with it.

No. 382056

As an American living in Europe for the last few years, I used to think they wouldn't know/care what state so I would just answer with "America," but after having several people replying with "no shit, where IN America are you from" I started replying with my city/state instead. Because it turns out Europeans aren't completely retarded and can tell what your accent is.

No. 382059

>Americans are self-centered
Not really an unpopular opinion but ok. I think most Americans assume if they’re talking to someone, especially online, it’s most likely another American so they’ll say a more specific location than just “America” when asked where they’re from. If anything Americans will say the state they live in or well-known cities they live in/near.

No. 382064

Can we kill the Newfie accent while we're at it? I've never understood a single word from them

No. 382067


also assuming american laws apply to everyone in the world, or smugly correcting people on their spelling even though it's correct, it's just not the u.s spelling. and don't forget how they're allowed to call other people's countries shitholes but if you dare say america isn't the greatest country in the world they get completely bent out of shape.

having said that i don't think this is an unpopular opinion, most people find americans annoying.

No. 382069

As a non-American I find most U.S accents boring but inoffensive. But the Newfie accent is seriously the worst shit. It sounds like an American doing a bad Irish accent.

No. 382072

nta but you didn't specify that in your post so how would anon have known that, jeez

there's also a big difference between being from somewhere in new england versus being from somewhere in south, so I dont think specifying what state or region you're from is that big of a deal

the hoi toider accent is the worst accent in america lol it sounds like a drunk american is doing a half assed irish accent with 12 marshmallows shoved in their mouth

No. 382075

>there's also a big difference between being from somewhere in new england versus being from somewhere in south

America is America. Nobody cares about how Maine is tOtaLLy UnIqUe or whatever.

No. 382077

>strong british accents are a headache

Is that really an unpopular opinion? I know quite a few people who really dislike that accent. Same with heavy Irish accents, very hard to understand.

No. 382078

Strong accents in general aren't popular, I think. People like being able to understand what you're saying.

No. 382079

it's a very unpopular opinion. everyone thinks theyre "sooooo hot/sexy!". a lot of people find them endearing.

No. 382080

depends what accent you're talking about. working class british accents are almost universally reviled because ew poor people, and those are the most likely to be very strong.

No. 382082

i fucking hate australian accents. i love the aussies in my life but they sound like a bunch of banjos strung up with rubber bands

No. 382087

i dunno, the anon said the accent seems "tryhard", which leads me to believe she's talking about both seeing as how people will pretend to be more posh than they are wrt accents? i don't think it's as popular to try to sound more poor. anyways, i dislike the RP accent. it's not sexy.

No. 382088

People in the UK definitely switch their accent up and down the class scale depending on where they are. Pretending to be poor is an entire thing in the UK.

No. 382091

File: 1551481426219.jpg (111.34 KB, 880x744, true-size-countries-mercator-m…)

the united states is pretty damn big, and as a result it is very heterogeneous. i really don't understand why you're so triggered that someone would say what state they're from. americans are self centered assholes for plenty of reasons, but this is just stupid lmao

No. 382093

Not sure how unpopular it is on lolcow but it's definitely an unpopular opinion in most places: I don't think Marvel movies are good. They're all the same movie, just with the annoying quips given to a different actor.

No. 382095

File: 1551481695864.jpg (31.13 KB, 236x426, 2af5ae4d3f23fe5ad410ae78a0d3a4…)

Antique dolls and puppets aren't scary at all, im sick of media (especially "horror" movies) shilling dolls as "fucking unnerving". What's up with normies shitting themselves over some f puppet? i know there's a thing called "uncanny valley" and with good effects, some puppets can actually be scary, but holy fuck

No. 382097

I'm with you, anon.

Clowns too. They're not funny, but they're also not scary.

No. 382098

I like chavvy english accents way more than the posh ones, it's weird. Too much Geordie Shore maybe.

No. 382099

someone stating where they’re from when asked isn’t a claim on how unique their home state is.

No. 382100

the movies are shit. theyre just being made as quick as possible for maximum shekels. i feel the same way about marvel and dc tv shows too.

frankly, popular nerd culture is annoying as fuck. but i used to work in a comic and game shop and was surrounded by people who would quote dr who and i am groot incessantly.

No. 382103

Preach anon. My art teacher, who was an absolute manchild, would try to fucking kill me if i didn't say that Spiderman 2: Electric Boogalo at manhattan was the greatest shit i had ever seen.

No. 382104

File: 1551482349176.jpg (74.3 KB, 1200x800, Tara.jpg)

Yeah, it could be because I'm a bjdfag and have always been into shit like that, but the uncanny valley never really got me after age 6 or so. I assume most adults just fake being spooked to fit in and do what's expected of them. Social placebo fear.

No. 382105

File: 1551482387464.jpg (68.33 KB, 450x672, 3051b0d034d11e17b64c9ebc7751e6…)

Seriously. This really annoys me. I have a collection of vintage dolls, but my favorite was a homeless one that just looks so sweet and pitiful (she's kind of like Blythe but way less Glam) when I was younger and all my friends (we were like 13 at the time) wouldn't sleep over at my house unless I hid them, but especially her. I think they just wanted to believe that retarded "dolls are creepy/scary" meme. How can you look at 99% of dolls and think they're creepy or scary? Pic related is the homeless doll that I'm surprised never got the recognition Blythe did and was discontinued almost immediately after manufacture

No. 382108

File: 1551482707061.gif (1.77 MB, 318x206, IMG_3276.GIF)

>Just say "America", fatty.

No. 382115

That's literally what i thought, unless you have some kind of chronic fobia to dolls, as an adult you should be embarrassed to fear something so harmless.

That doll is hated by almost anyone for being "creepy" or something, i mean, she has weird eyes, but she isn't HORRIFYING as some people want us to think.

No. 382118

File: 1551483561521.png (134.83 KB, 650x422, harris-sequels-1.png)

>They're all the same movie
This is by design kek, I could go on a big long rant about how studios (who are now run by people who have no experience in filmmaking whatsoever) are now making these shitty half assed movies devoid of any meaningful commentary and purposefully scheduling them out years in advance to lower fans' expectations and pumping out shitty made in china merch to keep them hooked in between but I won't

Every fucking movie now is part of a franchise of a sequel or a half assed reboot!

This summarizes everything, if you're curious:

No. 382124

China is also pretty damn big but you don't really come across people saying they're from Shenyang when you ask where they come from.

Is this opinion really unpopular?

There's a reason why the term capeshit awas coined lol

No. 382127

>just say America
Which, north or south?
What a dumb, nonsensical peeve you have. And why yes, I've met non-Americans who've told me what specific, uncommon corner of the earth they're from but they usually preface that by explaining where it is so I have an idea. Ya know, like normal people with common sense who carry a conversation.

No. 382131

Eurofags ree about Americans over dumb shit everytime they get insulted, I guess the post about ugly Brit accents summoned one who doesn't know how to sage.

No. 382132

Not a eurofag but I agree with them.

No. 382133

They didn't say anything that isn't true though.

No. 382137

so much isekai shit. do we really need a new generic isekai harem every season?

No. 382145

>t. the same eurofag from >>382036 >>382034 >>382067 and >>382075 who still doesn't know how to sage

No. 382146

quit derailing already

No. 382147

>The Fantastic Four 2

No. 382148

No. 382149

Zombies are shit and have always been shit. I'm so glad we're no longer getting what feels like a dozen crappy zombie movies and games every year.

No. 382150

So many mad isekaifags in the comments.

>but my favorite isekai is different!

No. 382154

I have a hard time feeling made at "home wreckers" and cant help but feel like they weed out shitty people. I think to want to be a home wrecker, you have to have some pretty bad personality traits but I think they are too harshly blamed for the "crime".

No. 382155

The wives and gfs are fucked no matter what, the intent to cheat is as bad as finding someone willing to enable it. But the girls who enable them are only fucking themselves over in the long run. The only thing they get out of it is being used, and not even getting gf privileges.

No. 382156

I think they're shitty people with no empathy but I'll save my actual anger for the pieces of shit doing the cheating.

No. 382158

One thing that kind of bothers me about isekai fans is that they tout their series as being anything above a self-insert fantasy. Isekai is on the same level as battle-harems but fans of it seem to think otherwise.
Some guy I know recommended Goblin Slayer, Re:Zero, etc popular isekai to me and I really don't know why. I'm definitely not the target audience of this stuff. I would never recommend something like an otome game to a man, but fans of harem isekais seem to believe everyone can enjoy them.

No. 382159

Kinda on the same topic

The Walking Dead was never about the zombies, everyone who started reading/watching TWD for the zombies and the gore galore, and are now complaining about "too much human drama" are completely following the wrong series. The Walking Dead was always, ALWAYS about the people and their struggles and drama. I really enjoy medias that focus on the POST-apocalyptic parts. Anyone who complains about the TV-version of TWD dragging on and being too long has never read the comics, and they're completely missing the point of TWD.

No. 382196

honestly i don't know too much about regional british accents. i've thought that british accent is hard to be understand before too but looking up their hometowns, the brits i was listening to before posting my opinion are from surrey and oxfordshire.

No. 382473

men always do this, it's the same with video games, tv shows or fantasy novels. For example, they honestly consider a self-insert fap fantasy like Name of the Wind a ~masterpiece~

No. 382540

File: 1551553243075.jpg (91.91 KB, 800x533, z-grills-5.jpg)

I hate that grilled taste that food gets after being cooked on a grill. All types of grills; charcoal, wood, and gas. I refuse to eat anything cooked this way.

No. 382546

Please recommend him some abusive yaoi anime or sadist otome game as a thank you for the Gary Stu rape-fest rec.

No. 382552

the tv version is trash compared to the comics though. All the made up characters sans Daryl are insufferable. I hate that fake lesbian bitch Tara and other than Carol's character being improved, everything is awful. I'm glad Andrew Lincoln got out while he could, but they did Carl's actor dirty.

No. 382560


Anon you’re making me hungry for some good BBQ ribs. Yum yum yum.

But I do agree, I even find some grilled foods obnoxious. I like certain things grilled, like ribs, steak, corn on the cob, tortillas, and salsa with roasted tomatoes and chili. Anything else if poorly done just ends up tasting like smoke and propane.

No. 382562

Can't stand the several people I've known who see dolls in a store and blow that shit embarrassingly out of proportion. I've literally had friends say "Get me away from that shit" or hide behind me to not look at the doll. How pathetic can you be? Its not cute or funny.

Same goes for the bad horror trope of little kids being weirdos or kids singing/saying anything "creepy." Kids are not creepy ever, they're just annoying and their singing is grating. I can't imagine keeping up a social facade of pretending to be scared of this eye-rolling garbage, esp those who are so extra about it.

No. 382575

File: 1551557872242.gif (Spoiler Image, 893.6 KB, 500x210, giphy (2).gif)

The same people who are creeped put by dolls/clowns usually fucking LOVE zombies too. Like a dead human, come back to life that eats other humans for food and actually looks grotesque, is not scary at all compared to two things originally meant for children's entertainment? Makes no sense.

No. 382580

My experience has been just like >>382056 in that if I just say I’m American, people will typically ask where in the states I’m from. Sometimes it’s also in kind of a “Well, no duh, but which state?” tone. My accent doesn’t match what they think someone from this state sounds like, so it’s always a kind of pleasant interaction. Idk, I’ll ask people from Germany or France especially where they’re from because I’ve been all over and it’s just kinda nice. I like small talk kek.

No. 382619

I noticed this too.
In the friend finder thread on cgl you were asked which country you're from - and of course every murican answers TX, MI, MS, MN,… I mean on the one hand most europeans know at least the most "famous" states, but nevertheless it's rude and entitled to just expect everybody to know and cater to you.
No matter whether they're conservative or liberal, they're a hivemind of "We're the most important!". Something I've also noticed is that Americans love to ask your opinion on Trump (and get mad if you're "too stupid" to have the same opinion as them) meanwhile many of them wouldn't even know who the leaders of most european states are. Why should we care so much about your country?
It's the same here on lc as well, people from all over the world will say which country they're from, Americans will name the state or even the city.

And the simple reason some europeans ask "which state?" is obviously because they're proud of their knowledge.

No. 382622

I'd say most anime fans (at least that I see on reddit and 4chan) know that there is a massive influx of shitty isekai and are fully aware it's just for self insertion. But yes, they do think utter trash like Re:Zero is above it. And yeah men really don't notice how much they are being directly pandered to and how uncomfortable it is for women, they're so used to it that it's just normal and to be expected.

I don't know how unpopular this opinion would be here because I think R:Z also got some women convinced it was good, but fucking hell I DESPISED it. Men were completely blinded to the mediocrity because they loved Rem completely discarding her personality to devote her entire self to some tracksuit wearing loser. She was almost cool at first and then got progressively less and less cool the more she loved him, because apparently the best thing a woman can be is an empty shell aside from her feelings for someone. But also I was mad because the series itself was just bad. Cheesy, generic villains, a boring fucking harem with an even more boring MC, unimaginative world building, uncreative fights, etc. I can barely remember shit about it except that I hated it and I hate how blinded men are by cute girls.

No. 382649

"But it's a deconstruction!" is the rallying cry of every Re:Zero fanboy who thinks it's not shitty wish fulfillment just because the protagonist gets sad.

They're not even using the term deconstruction right, they're using the stupid TVTropes definition which just means "A work of fiction where bad things have consequences." As if that's so unique and special it needs its own special term.

No. 382657

Why do german people always have to say they're german. Who cares, just say Europe. It's all the same shit. Like being from Austria is any different or some shit, goddamn self-centered euros.

No. 382661

>Thinking American states are equivalent to European countries instead of countries being equivalent to countries and states being equivalent to states

No. 382662

You are proving exactly why people think Americans are obnoxious. Germany is a country, your state is not and nobody outside of America gives a shit where in your country you are from.

No. 382665

americans absolutely love to claim that the united states are as diverse as the whole of europe too, just because america is big.

america certainly is very big and texas is different to new england is different to hawaii, but the difference between sweden and ukraine, or spain and finland, or ireland and turkey, is much much bigger than the difference between any two american states. different languages, different cultures, different foods, different climates, different customs, different histories.

No. 382666

The majority of 4chans userbase is American, anon. Why wouldn't they do that?

No. 382670

cow chop sucks now that the og gang is gone, the entire behind the scenes is them opening mail, and now that aleks is ugly and fat

No. 382692

This. Zombies are legitimately more terrifying and an actual threat (at least in theory) compared to some fucking doll.

No. 382699

Germany was not mentioned in my post, so why did you quote me…?
Or is this supposed to be satire?

No. 382728

I'm an American who hates America, but you people are just being fucking stupid.

>/cgl/ is majority American

>the whole fucking point of the thread is to make friends
>America is larger than the entire continent of Europe
A person from NYC and a person from LA are further apart than countries at the polar opposite ends of Europe. So yeah, many people don't want to bother befriending people that are literally further from them than the span of the entire European continent.

Also, the different regions within America are VASTLY different culturally to the point where they basically are different nations. And geographically, as a previous anon showed, the country is bigger than your entire continent. Plenty of states are bugger than many European countries (a few larger than all of them). So yeah, this is the dumbest thing to get salty about.

No. 382729

"State" and "country" are arbitrary labels. Culturally, different areas of the US are radically different. The only they have in common is the federal government, currency, and language. Honestly, it would make so much more sense if the USA was like seven countries within a continent given the size and extremely different cultures.

No. 382746

File: 1551578176335.jpg (63.49 KB, 640x799, 42a803325b706e197b3cb7f9986410…)

Very far apart eyes are cute and striking.

No. 382764

File: 1551589011233.jpg (583.81 KB, 900x1600, Ayy1.jpg)

ayy lmao

No. 382768

Theyre a defining characteristic of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Tbf it can mean the difference between


No. 382769

it's more of a 7-10 split tbh.

No. 382806

gardening is retarded

No. 382807

If its a little bit, that much is weird and fish -like

No. 382808

>The only they have in common is the federal government, currency, and language.

yeah those things aren't huge or significant at all.

No. 382812

lmao how

No. 382816

I mean, I'd be willing to bet that someone from LA and someone from NYC are more similar than someone from Hungary vs someone from Spain. I'm not from Europe though, so maybe a European anon could give a better comparison.

No. 382819

… Do you not eat fruits or vegetables, anon?

No. 382823

it is true, hungarians' language isn't even indo european. european countries have huge cultural and historical differences, eastern europe, mediterraneans, western europe, scandinavia, the balkans, the caucasus, they all have very different cultures and backgrounds, even varying on their own. of course america has its own cultural differences as well but two americans from different states would have more in common

No. 382887

But most of Europe uses the same currency and plenty of different countries throughout the world speak the same language as others. Also, sure we have the federal government, but most laws are done state by state. There are many things that are legal or no big deal in some states, but will get you decades in jail in others.

Probably with that specific example, but there's some on the other side of that coin as well. For example, a Hawaiian vs someone from Texas would most likely have far less in common than someone from England vs someone from France.

No. 382891

cats and dogs are the same fucking animal with different configuration. i have 4 dogs and 3 cats, they're all complete idiots and i love them. this cat vs dog argument is for retards who haven't discovered enlightenment.

No. 382895

nta but this just illustrates how little you know of Europe lmao. French and British monarchy may be intertwined throughout centuries but society and culture nowadays differs significantly.

No. 382898

>Probably with that specific example, but there's some on the other side of that coin as well. For example, a Hawaiian vs someone from Texas would most likely have far less in common than someone from England vs someone from France.

this is retarded, anon.

brits and french people speak different languages, have been on opposite sides of multiple wars, have different national histories, different currencies, different governments, different laws, and different cultural and societal norms on a level that far exceeds the difference between hawaiian and texan norms. this is exactly what earlier posters were talking about when they said americans are ignorant about how different various european countries are to each other, you realize.

No. 382901

Russia is almost twice the size of the U.S (9m kmsq vs 17m kmsq).

So you do agree that Moscow and Magadan are more different than Hawaii and Texas, right?

No. 382913

All these dumb murican farmers would quickly get triggered if anybody dared to insinuate that there are similarities between, lets's say east asians
>reee mistaking a jpop idol for a kpop idol is racism, they don't have anything in common, they don't look the same!1!1
yet are unironically arguing that europe with its 23 official(!) languages is basically just the same as the US… Tell me, is all of africa a single country too?
I don't even know what to say anymore. How can anybody be so uneducated?

Just because girls in NY prefer jeans and girls in LA prefer yoga pants, doesn't mean they have different cultures like european countries do lol

No. 382914

Ease of moving isn't even part of the conversation though. It's literally just what they have in common.

I'm well aware of the fact that France and England are two completely different countries. My point is that some states also might as well be totally different countries. Also, the societal norms in HI and Texas actually are more different than France vs. England. TX is shamelessly racist, sexist, homophobic, and conservative Christian. This worldview is not socially acceptable in HI. France and England have way closer political values than these two states do. To deny that TX and HI are completely different places with completely different cultures and have nothing in common besides speaking English and using USD, then you're just as culturally ignorant as the Americans you bitch about. Ffs Hawaii is an island with it's own race.

Also, the whole point of this conversation is that Europeans bitching about people from the US specifying state when asked where they're from is dumb. I'm not gonna bother anymore with debating these unrelated specifics.

No. 382920

>Just because girls in NY prefer jeans and girls in LA prefer yoga pants, doesn't mean they have different cultures like european countries do lol
Right because that's the biggest difference you'll see between cultures in the USA. You Europeans sure aren't as ignorant of our country as we are of your continent at all.

No. 382923

Men are easier to be friends with than women because men are typically too dumb to veil their toxicity.

No. 382925


>acting like england and britain are the same thing

anon, are you trying to hit a retarded yank bingo right now?

No. 382926

They don't realize there are more places in Europe than Britain (oh sorry, England lmao), France, Germany, Spain and Sweden.

Most Europeans I know can name at least 15 U.S states, partly because every American we talk to insists on telling us exactly which state they're from. Most Americans can only name the countries above (+ Italy and Ireland if they're smart).

No. 382927

>I'm well aware of the fact that France and England are two completely different countries.
Learn basic reading comprehension before calling someone retarded

No. 382928

As a slavfag I'm really tired of Americans thinking Europe = the UK, France and Germany. There are like 50 fucking countries on this continent and the majority of them have their own, independent cultures, languages, politics, geographical differences and so on. A lot of them don't even belong to the germanic or romance language families. The difference between the US states is nothing compared to something like France and Romania or Italy and Finland.


No. 382929

Oh please, naming a few states means nothing when you're completely ignorant of the cultural differences between them. Especially an example as blatant as Texas and Hawaii.

No. 382930

>TX is shamelessly racist, sexist, homophobic, and conservative Christian - and I don't want to be associated with them and therefore I try my very best to convince stupid foreigners that actually we're totally different countries, even moreso than Europe

We simply define the term 'culture' differently.
Things like your political orientation are not considered a culture outside of America.

No. 382931

just because one of the 50 states is in the middle of the pacific doesn't mean the rest of the 49 located right next to and around each other differ as much as the countries in Europe lmfao what the fuck kind of argument is this

No. 382932

Since we're countrysperging, here's my unpopular opinion: American food isn't good. Yes, all of it.

I was so excited when I went to the U.S, I love trying new dishes when I travel. I was visiting New York then spent a week in Chicago with some relatives. Another time I went to L.A with a friend. I wanted to try the Chicago pizzas and American burgers and lots of other stuff. It was all shit.

For starters, American portions are insane. No wonder Americans are so fat, holy shit. I couldn't even finish half of what was given to me. And the amount of butter they put on everything was crazy, it's like they thought they'd die if they didn't soak everything in a ton of butter and then dump more butter on top before serving it. What the fuck? Everything was so greasy, and it all had this weird cardboard taste. Don't even get me started on their chocolate. Why does it taste like that? Whose decision was it that all American chocolate should taste like paper?

The Chicago pizza was the biggest disappointment. I was so excited to try a famous Chicago deep dish and then they brought out this thing that looked like the biggest pie I'd ever seen and told me it was the pizza. What the fuck?

No. 382933

I used England and France as examples because I've spent a lot of time in both those places, so I could actually speak on the matter. I didn't use other European countries because I haven't spent more than a few weeks in any others and, unlike you guys, I don't feel comfortable speaking about areas I know nothing about with authority.

No. 382935

No, we understand Texas and Hawaii have differences. We just also know more about Paris and Britain than "That there dang place with the Eiffel Tower" and "Them that tharr place with the Queen."

No. 382936

Try reading up before you sperg out, anon was originally talking about Britain and France. Not England and France.

No. 382937

So, history, customs, aesthetic, and art aren't culture either?

No. 382939

Americans do do the "I'm from State" thing, even if it triggers the Muricans here to admit it.

They're also the only people I've met who do the "I'm 10% Dutch and 8.4% French and 7% Irish" thing too, instead of just saying they're American. And yes, I know America is a melting pot and blah blah blah, but I've never met a Brit who says "I'm 74% Celtic and 1% Anglo-Saxon" or a French person who says "I'm 10% Basque, 1% Roma, and I have some Berber ancesty on my mother's side."

It's just very funny when Americans think you give a shit about their exact genetic make-up. It's not interesting, and they always volunteer this information without anyone asking like they think we're all just dying to know what exact percentage of Scottish they are on their dad's side.

No. 382940

Then why don't you educate us about the differences in history, customs, aesthetic, and art of e.g. the countries Utah and Idaho?

No. 382941


whenever i see someone online saying they're 50% scottish, 10% french, 10% egyptian and 30% roma or whatever i just mentally translate it to "i am an american."

No. 382942

> or a French person who says "I'm 10% Basque, 1% Roma, and I have some Berber ancesty on my mother's side."
Not related to your point, but I hate French people who do this shit so much. They're rare but the very few ones who say things like this are incredibly obnoxious. Even worse when they're almost fully white French people and when I have a conversation with them they're like "oh you're North African? That's cool, my grand-parents were pieds noirs, it's almost the same thing :)" and they brag about how they love couscous and Jamel Debbouze so much.

No. 382943

>utah and idaho

oh boy, you just sunk yourself hard. utah is a hugely evangelist state so those two states are nothing alike.

No. 382944

honestly anyone who does this, unless you've actually asked them about it, is a self-absorbed twat. nobody cares about your 23andme results.

No. 382945

Anon asked you tell us about how they differ in art, history and aesthetic. I'm actually interested to hear this, so please do tell us about it. Should be easy, since they're sooo different, right?

No. 382947

The north of Germany is protestant, meanwhile the south is strictly catholic. According to your logic that would mean that they're nothing alike and should be considered 2 different countries too…
That's simply not how that whole thing works, anon.

In a way it's obvious that Americans are simply jealous.

No. 382949

The smugness you're exhibiting despite your ignorance is so fucking gross. get over yourself. I'm not going to derail the thread further by wasting time spoonfeeding you information about the different cultures between the states when you can just Google it.

But seriously, please educate yourself and look this shit up because by laughing off the idea there's cultural differences between the states, including the example you just gave sarcastically, you are literally the exact same as ~those ignorant Americans~.

No. 382950

Jealous of pretentious hypocrites who refuse to believe they don't know everything? Lol no. The only thing I'm jealous of is the free healthcare some of you get depending on your country.

No. 382951

File: 1551636387363.gif (631.63 KB, 260x220, tenor (1).gif)

>the amount of secondhand embarrassment I feel for my retarded compatriot

No. 382955

I don't think they're jealous, Americans tend to genuinely believe they live in the greatest country on earth. They genuinely do believe that the difference between say, Missouri and New England, is miles greater than the difference between Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Muricanon is just retarded and sheltered, that's all.

No. 382960

>Utah and Idaho are INCREDIBLY different.
>Oh really? How so?
>S-shut up!!! Stupid Eurofag!! Google it!!

No. 382962

Not wanting to waste my time writing you a thesis when this information is already all out there doesn't translate to you being right. It translates to you not knowing how to use Google.

There is a Wikipedia article for "culture of" every US state. If you Google "culture of -insert state or major city here-" you'll find tons of material.

Also, Utah and Idaho aren't as well known for their art and culture as a lot of other areas in the US. Which I'm pretty sure you know (or at least I certainly hope you do otherwise you're just proving your ignorance further) and were just using as examples in a weak attempt to poke fun at the idea of American areas having a rich and diverse culture. If you're genuinely interested in learning about this stuff, I recommend starting with NYC, LA, the Bay Area, Boston, the Colorado Mountains, Hawaii, Florida, Louisiana and Vermont. At this point, I have given you plenty of research material and you have no excuse to pretend my refusal to completely spoonfeed you confirms American cities and states don't have their own culture. Now there's no point arguing about it anymore. I genuinely hope you enjoy researching this stuff and rethink having such an embarassingly smug attitude on subjects you haven't looked into at all in the future.

No. 382965

you seem confused, anon. that or you're just backpeddling furiously.

nobody said american states don't have their own cultural quirks.

what people said is the difference between your average two american states is not greater than the difference between your average two european countries. you furiously disagreed, and that's what people took issue with. now you're trying to turn it into "american state do TOO have a culture!" when literally nobody said they didn't.

are you bad at reading or just trying to backpeddle now you realized your original argument made you look dumb?

No. 382966

If "Google it" somehow translates to the fact I'm wrong, why don't you Google it and show us all the results proving you're right?

No. 382967

I noticed you never replied to me pointing out Russia is much bigger than the U.S, so let me ask you again.

Is the cultural difference between Moscow and Magadan greater than the difference between Hawaii and Texas?

No. 382970

uh anon? this article is interesting but it talks about the culture of the united states as a whole, because it realizes that america has one large culture and isn't as sharply divided state-by-state as you believe. it's not the smoking gun you thought it was.

No. 382972

Holy projection Batman.

>what people said is the difference between your average two american states is not greater than the difference between your average two european countries. you furiously disagreed, and that's what people took issue with.

I never said that at all. I said in SOME instances, states are so radically different culturally that they can be more different than certain pairings in Europe and provided an example. I never said that was the norm.

>now you're trying to turn it into "american state do TOO have a culture!" when literally nobody said they didn't.

Yes they did. Read the text chain.

No. 382973

Peanut butter is bad. It's bad when it's inside chocolate and it's bad when it's spread on bread. It's never good, I hate it, and I hate whoever brought it into the world.

No. 382975

I never said the article was divided state by state. I said each state has its own Wikipedia article that you can easily get by typing "culture of". The article I posted a direct link to has a good number of subjects that it links to articles about and mentions certain differences between the states.

No. 382978

Samefagging, but since apparently people can't follow my simple instructions to find this shit themselves…

Just a couple of examples of what can easily be found.

No. 382982

So… Moscow and Madagan, huh? More different than Hawaii and Texas, yeah?

No. 382983

The only Americans who think we're better than everyone else on the world are right-wingers. Those who skew even a little left recognize how fucked we are.

No. 382984

I know nothing about those places, so I'm in no position to say. Also, not sure why that's relevant???

No. 382985

File: 1551639130235.jpg (527.6 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190303-195210.jpg)

Interesting that the culture of the great country Idaho can be summed up in ~10 sentences…

No. 382986

As I said the first two times, Russia is almost twice the size of the U.S. The distance between Moscow and Madagan is far greater than it is between Hawaii and Texas.

I have never, ever, ever seen a Russian try to argue that Russia has more cultural diversity than the U.S.

No. 382987

>it got mormons in it and they do fishing there

so rich. so culturally diverse. i'm truly moved. how could i doubted the rich culture of idaho this way?

No. 382988

I literally say right here >>382962 that Idaho isn't known for it's rich culture. Try harder, guys.

Actually don't because this whole argument is absolutely retarded and I'm don't participating in it. Now let's stop derailing the thread with this dumb shit.

No. 382990

before you go, what would you say the most culturally rich states in the u.s are? i'm guessing hawaii is one, since they're an island and they have a fractured history with the rest of the country. what about some others? then we can go and read their wikipedia pages.

No. 382994

Hard agree. Both make very good pets.

No. 382997

Just the fact that Amerifats link wiki pages when telling people to educate themselves is proof that their education system is a complete failure.
In a way you're just a victim, anon.

No. 382998

also agree.

rabbits on the other hand, make bad pets. they're very cute, but they're smelly and messy and they destroy everything, including their own hutches. most of them don't particularly like being picked up and cuddled since they're such nervous animals. cute to look at, terrible to keep as pets.

No. 382999

California, New York, Louisiana, Florida, and Massachusetts are the ones I personally find most interesting.

No. 383002

I love peanut butter so much. The only downside is that it's very dry but it tastes so good. I wish it were easier to find in stores where I live, same with maple syrup.

No. 383005

I strongly prefer purebreds from a reputable breeder over a rescue dog. I know rescues are usually fine, but my experiences with them have been less than ideal. Also where I live they end up costing $400+ in adoption fees and often have absolutely ridiculous requirements. If I'm gonna shell out hundreds no matter what, I'd rather just get the dog from a good breeder.

No. 383006

I swear people who base their personality around which state or city they live in are dumb. I'm from Burgerland too, it's basically high school spirit 2.0.
Also the ones who have to say which percentage of whatever country their ancestors come from are dumb as well.

No. 383020

ah yes everyone shit up the thread with america different vs america same shit. Both you Americans and Eurofags are annoying as shit. Stop.

No. 383029

I was offput by the first half of the sentence but the second half served scalding tea. Truth.

No. 383037

Is that more of a southern thing? Because I live in California and state/city pride is practically non existent besides when it comes to sports teams. Also while I don’t see anything wrong with taking pride in your heritage, when you start using percentages it becomes horribly autistic.

No. 383040

Agreed. The smug, holier than thou Europeans and the dumb Americans who indulge in them need to stop. I’m tired of their bullshit shitting up every goddamn thread.

No. 383041

tbh I don't see the problem with buying from a breeder if they're reputable and ethical and the breed isn't some abomination unto god like a pug or a stupid designer dog. with purebreds you know exactly what kind of health and behavioral issues you're getting into, and puppies are a clean slate while you have no idea what sort of history a rescue dog might have. while obviously rescuing a shelter dog is ideal, it's not necessarily the best choice for an individual, and I think people should take that into consideration before screeching how you're a terrible person if you buy a purebred.

on the other hand, buying a purebred cat is fucking STUPID because 10/10 it's going to just be a household pet and you can get a shelter cat cheap as chips. there is no reason, ever, to buy a cat from a breeder unless all you care about is how it looks.

No. 383044

Somebody, send the cat part to Jillian "needs a cute white purebred uwu cat" Vessey.

No. 383045

Nah most of them think Spain is somewhere south of Mexico.

No. 383046

If people were to stop buying from fancy breeders there’d only be unethically bred dogs with complete disregard for temperament left and a loft of breeds would die off. I think this is something a lot of people who reeeee at those who purchase from a reputable breeder rather than adopt from a shelter always seem to forget

Plus, plenty of people may want a very specific breed of dog for work related reasons; farming, herding, seeing eye dogs, police dogs to name a few, so purebred breeders are a must to continue supporting

No. 383049

Jesus. Did an American girl steal your boyfriend? I get that a lot of Americans can be annoying but they’re pretty harmless. Your hateboner for them is kinda pathetic.

No. 383051

This is EXACTLY why the "amerimutt" meme triggers white Americans.

No. 383052

Umm no, we all know that Spain is Mexico's white older cousin.

No. 383060

I didn't believe the sexual assault allegation towards Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl) to be true a 1 or 2 yrs ago when it happened, and I still don't now.

If Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl) made the allegation? I would. But the "literally who" actress? No.

And I'm not a big fan of men in general.

No. 383064

File: 1551656006087.jpg (153.06 KB, 800x1130, 53386721_2342480822449398_1884…)

I can't wait to be pregnant.

No. 383069

how is this an unpopular opinion, most women are excited to get pregnant.

No. 383071

It's unpopular here, anyway.

No. 383073

Not any of these anons but I see an unusual amount of farmers with kids or about to have kids. So from my pov its really not unpopular. Actually kinda weird how many mothers browse this site, but not in a negative way.

No. 383078

I disagree. If people don't want kids here it's mostly because they're not in a place emotionally or financially to have one (or because global warming has doomed future generations to a shitty life). There are some people like myself who genuinely never want to be pregnant but I wouldn't say that's the majority of the site.

No. 383080

Most anons posting about their pregnancies aren't very often typing about it in a positive way, other than that there's no way for us to have an opinion about anyone's pregnancy unless it's being blogposted.
That said–congrats?

No. 383086

Idk I can understand people buying certain kinds of purebred cats like a Bengal or Sphinx. However if you just want a cat and don't have your heart set on a weird specific breed, I don't get why the fuck you wouldn't adopt one.

No. 383091

File: 1551666254401.jpg (45.32 KB, 306x731, 2c65d331a42f72e73bbd4bdda40e94…)

I love Paris Hilton.

No. 383103

where you live is also a huge factor into whats available in shelters. people reee about how you need to "adopt not shop!!!" but ignore that all the dogs in shelters in most small cities are pitbulls and retrievers with health and attitude problems, and other huge dogs, so you're shit out of luck if you want a smaller dog.

No. 383120

File: 1551675754437.png (44.26 KB, 420x294, it-is-not-a-grandparents-job-t…)

Where I live is popular to make your parents raise your kids. Not enough eyes to roll. If people want kids they should take responsibility for them.

No. 383122

I'm in two minds about this… on one hand, laziness is truly a god awful trait, especially in a parent. All parents should be obligated to take the best care possible of their kids, and there's no excuses for not giving a shit and just dumping them on others with no consideration. But I also think the nuclear family structure is unnatural and isolating, an ideal situation would be extended family living together and sharing the work. Parents are so stressed and exhausted when they have no support and it has potentially very severe consequences (depression, divorce, health problems etc). If grandparents are genuinely happy to help out I think it is worth letting them.

No. 383129

She's pretty funny and cool. Kim K is boring in comparison.

No. 383139

Wow so true, I have been wanting a dog for awhile but in my college town there are pretty much only fat mutts and pitbulls at the adoption event I went to. But I don't support breeders and I think puppies are a pain to raise. Unpopular opinion: I think puppies are more annoying than cute so I'd rather adopt a senior anyway. Luckily I got a cute tiny old dog at a shelter in LA.

No. 383162

Puppies ARE annoying as shit. I think they are cute but I never want one. I'd rather adopt an older purebred dog.

No. 383189

Since having kids was brought up:
I'm tired of people who boast about how much they hate kids. Yes some of them are annoying when spoiled, and a baby crying loudly can get on your nerves, but people go way over the top claiming how "terrible" they are. Especially women who go on ranting about their friends who got kids or have to let everyone know they're gonna sterilize themselves cause they hate kids are so pathetic

No. 383192

I find it bizarre that there are so many people that straight up despise the offspring of their own species. I guess this is the modern plague for population control

No. 383198

> I guess this is the modern plague for population control

I wish, instead the number just keeps growing. The annoying people that you mention, which is probably just a subreddit where you base your opinion of, are obviously in the minority.
The majority keeps breeding. If only women kept their legs shut and men kept their dicks in their pants, the world would be a much better place.
Alas, it's populated with filthy breeders spreading pollution, waste, and damaging the weakening ecosystem. How many species have gone extinct because of us? I look at the numbers and I hope that there's a new plague that can finally end us all.

No. 383202

I love the way people who want kids/don't see anything wrong with a fast rate of human births see like six people online talk about not liking kids and act like it's "everyone!!!!" and comparable to a plague. Right. 150-200 plants, animals, insects, etc, go extinct every 24 hours (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/17/un-environment-programme-_n_684562.html) thanks to human activity, and while we continue to very quickly degrade and irredeemable pollute the life support system our ever increasing population completely relies on, but a few people who don't want children is chalked up to be a majority comparable to a plague just because everyone insists on comparing birth rates to post WW2, a time that should never serve as a fucking baseline, kek.

No. 383208

Why am I a "transphob" for saying that men with beard and full make up look ugly but you white gay male can say "uga uga" to Black Panther? Racist much?

No. 383210

A woman I know interviewed her and said that she's scary. She says that her eyes are completely empty and devoid of any emotion.

No. 383211

imo people who cry about the oversaturation of american stuff and american people on the internet forget about who invented the internet, i guess. come stand in our back yard and cry that it's not YOUR back yard, i dont care, free country/internet but just be honest with yourself lmao.

No. 383214

No. 383215

Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn't funny.

No. 383216

damn! thanks for the facts, sis. watch out, though, some non-americans here will scorn you for using Stupid American Wikipedia for answers.

No. 383218

are you like legally retarded?

No. 383220

i'm posting on lolcow, what does that tell you?
though, when i look up "who invented the internet" google spits out robert e. kahn as the first answer. maybe we're all a little retarded here, after all.

No. 383221


South Park isn't funny either.

And The Simpsons hasn't been funny for a decade but that's a popular opinion.

No. 383222

Tim Berners-Lee invented the first web browser, the internet itself as a network of communication existed before that, but primarily as a means for businesses to communicate internally

-Britfag who has see TBL speak and he always denies "inventing the internet". I believe it was invented by even less famous scientists in the 70s

>The first message was sent over the ARPANET in 1969 from computer science Professor Leonard Kleinrock's laboratory at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to the second network node at Stanford Research Institute (SRI).


No. 383224

ARPANET was the basis for the World Wide Web (or, as it's otherwise known, the Internet), but is not actually the Internet and nobody is referring to ARPANET when they say "Internet."

No. 383226

I know you were trying to make an analogy, but bread becoming toast doesn't make it stop being bread. Now it's just hot bread.

No. 383228

Yeah, I deleted it because I reread it and realized it was a retarded thing to say.

No. 383229

So. I guess we really ARE all retarded here. That's okay, we can be tards together.

No. 383230

It's the foundation
>The Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) was developed by Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf in the 1970s and became the standard networking protocol on the ARPANET, incorporating concepts from the French CYCLADES project directed by Louis Pouzin.

The internet is a group effort between inventors, including those who made ARPANET, TCP/IP and the first browser. Hence why there is no fixed answer to that question. But we can say it involved Americans and Europeans in different measures.

No. 383233

I'm totally "pro-childfree" But I don't have any good or ethical reasons lol. I'm actually pretty ok with interacting with real children, because I'm stupid just like them.

I don't want people to have kids because I'm selfish. I don't really care about the environment unless it's directly affecting me. I just want more space, food, and money for me and my big ego.

No. 383234

So many parents can't even properly raise their own kids to grow up well anyway.

No. 383235

>populated with filthy breeders

Well done dehumanising the majority of the human race. It’s not like wanting to reproduce is instinctual or anything

To both you anons chimping out, fertility rates are falling at a rapid pace and they continue to do so, at this rate once the baby boomers finally die we don’t have nearly enough children being born to replace them. And we have this phenomenon over and over again, it’s just never got to quite this severity and nobody before our grandparents managed to fuck shit up quite so badly

A decline in fertility rates due to things like birth control but also the rising disgust with children is absolutely comparable to past diseases/wars/what have you in that they’re catalysts to population control, just not as severe.

No. 383237

I have nothing against people being childfree, who cares if they don’t want to reproduce, but I still find the people that actually hate kids and babies to be weird

No. 383240

>rising disgust with children
i doubt that’s a factor in declining birth rates rather than rising wealth inequality, debt, climate change and political situations etc.

No. 383245

>rising disgust with children
Really anon you sound like a fear monger-er. It's obviously because people are smarter and hold off on having children until they have a job/house/financial stability, and those thing are kinda expensive these days.

and what this anon says too>>383240

No. 383250

>To both you anons chimping out, fertility rates are falling at a rapid pace and they continue to do so, at this rate once the baby boomers finally die we don’t have nearly enough children being born to replace them. And we have this phenomenon over and over again
No, we have not had this phenomenon over and over again. There has never been such a high number of people on the planet, and each person deserves a life of dignity and comfort and modern conveniences, without the risk of spreading disease or further cutting at the support system we depend on, which is completely unachievable at anywhere near 7.6 billion people. We need far, far fewer people, not anything close to replacement rates. As I said, comparing birth rates to the baby boom is seriously warping the perception of birth rates, and that's where the claim of "collapsing fertility rates" comes from. 7.6 billion or anything close is way over carrying capacity if we intend to improve quality of life in the third and second world. Fertility rates are not as low as you think.

>A decline in fertility rates due to things like birth control but also the rising disgust with children is absolutely comparable to past diseases/wars/what have you in that they’re catalysts to population control, just not as severe.

It's nowhere near as close. This is a delusional comparison.

No. 383252

This. Most people I know choosing not to have kids want them, but either A) can't afford them and don't want to subject a child to growing up on poverty or B) don't want to subject them to climate change. Straight up not wanting children is in the minority. And even if if it wasn't, people shouldn't feel morally obligated to procreate if they don't want to.


No. 383253

Precisely, and if they really did care about their offspring, they wouldn't decide to have them or cheer for the continuation of mankind while subjecting them to a future that is anything but bright.

People will breed regardless but if you have any common sense, would you really want your kids to grow up in a world that is going to have few natural resources (in the hands of the rich no less), high unemployment rates due to automatization, health hazardous pollution and so on?

Also, only capitalists worry about dropping birth rates. More consumers, more cheap workforce, more people getting into debt.

I also think that the loud minority of people, mainly women, are sick of being told to look forward to motherhood. And I hated and still hate people telling me to find someone and have a family because it's something you just need to do.
I see way more people insisting that having kids and a family is the proper way to do it than people being against it.

No. 383254

I'm militantly child free, but have to agree with this. Most cf people I know are fine, but I know this one girl who is so obnoxious and judgemental about it. She shits on women for choosing to have kids and has even said this one woman we know brought her awful complications after birth upon herself by having them. There's a line where it goes from "personal preference" to just being a self-righteous asshole.

No. 383263

They don't care at all about their children. If they did, they'd recognize how inherently unethical it is to have children considering that their children can't consent to a life where suffering is guaranteed but their happiness, safety, security, isn't, and at a time where their safety and happiness is especially put into question because of climate change and the implications of it - the scope of which hasn't even been fully measured and understood by scientists and the predicted catastrophic effects need to be routinely downplayed by scientists and the media or else they're accused of fear mongering. Scientists admit that existing climate models don't account for so many things and are ignorantly optimistic as a result. And not to mention that even without climate change, human activity has done nothing but cut at everything we rely on. Even without climate change, humans can't keep on living while cutting at everything they depend on and acting as if it isn't going to ultimately cause a seriously scary domino effect.

No. 383268

I agree, anon. I also feel like parents willfully ignore all the horrific things that can happen to their children in general. We live in a world full of predators and the rate of kids harmed by them is too high for me to feel okay bringing them into the world. Even if you're super careful, there's no guarantee it won't happen to your child. And once they're older, you can't watch them like a hawk anymore, so there's nothing you can do to lessen the chances other than give them some pepper spray and safety tips.

And predators aside, there's just a laundry list of awful shit that can go wrong and often does; car crash, illness, extreme bullying, being the target of bigotry, intense mental health issues, going through some horrifically traumatic event. The list goes on.

But people have rose tinted glasses when it comes to kids and think everything is a fairytale. They don't think about the endless possibilities they're signing them up for.

No. 383273

I feel like more often than not the word "selfish" is thrown around to shame people for not doing what you want them to. I've noticed it's the favorite word of all the narcs in my life anytime I've tried establishing a boundary or simply just doing something differently than how they wanted.

No. 383277

you guys arguing about "there are too many humans" or "there are too few humans" don't seem to realize both statements are true but on different parts of the planet. Poorer countries with less rights for women (who can't choose to have kids or not, they just have to) like pakistan have an uncontrollable growth, while richer countries that got struck by recent economic crisis have too few children, like italy or greece

No. 383278

> while richer countries that got struck by recent economic crisis have too few children, like italy or greece
No. They don't have "too few children". They don't want to accept immigration as a repopulation strategy (looking at you, Japan), and even without it, they don't actually need more people. The growth rate is not that stagnant at all. They're not at the point where they're not going to be able to run operations with fewer people or have a fine enough economy, they just are at lower than the replacement level. It's not actually "too few", it's just that economists operate on the basis of neverending growth and anything that runs counter to that isn't the economic ideal. The global growth rate is still too high. The aim is to improve living conditions for all, not to prioritize the Japanese reproducing at high levels just because they're Japanese.

No. 383290

>They don't want to accept immigration as a repopulation strategy
This fact can't be stressed enough. At the end of the day, these countries deserve their aging population if they're unwilling to embrace immigration and address the issues in their society that make children financial suicide.

No. 383291

Not disagreeing with you but I think the person was talking about Italy and Greece. Not Japan.

No. 383295

There's immigration and then there's immigration. Uncontrollable immigration from countries with a radically different culture is bound to cause tension and conflicts within the borders because it takes a few generations to assimilate newcomers. The reason ISIS got so many soldiers from wealthy first world countries is that 2nd generation immigrant kids felt out of place in the society and took their rebelling to drastic measures. People immigrating from neighboring countries with similar cultures often have little trouble gaining a visa but it isn't as popular because they often don't have the need to move out. The "let's get hundreds of thousands of people in" tactic is way too radical to ever work as a solution to repairing a warped age demographic pyramid. Treating overpopulated countries like barrels of workforce you can scoop people out of isn't a sustainable solution in any way.

There isn't a clear-cut solution to the underpopulation problem because it seems to be nature taking its course. It's expensive and takes more effort to produce children in a wealthy first world country because you don't need 12 kids working at your farm anymore. The third world countries are bound to take that course if their economy ever starts nearing first world countries.

No. 383311

The American obsession with ~hard work~ is a propaganda tool to manipulate the general population into thinking there's somehow moral high ground in working your ass off for hardly anything to make whatever 0.01% financially benefiting off of your labor even richer. Meanwhile, people who see how fucked up this is are billed as "lazy" or "entitled" because how dare they take issue with making less than $10 an hour while the owner of whatever company they work for is worth nine figures because of their work.

No. 383315

dont you dare call out so many people at once lol

No. 383317

agree. If you can't afford to pay your employees a LIVING wage, you can't afford a business. People shouldn't be barely scraping by just so that you can be your "own boss".

No. 383318

When has there ever been an ethical time to have kids? Before climate change, there was the cold war, and the impending doom daily over nuclear war. Before that it was World War II, before that World War I. Before that both infant and maternal mortality rates were extremely high. There has never been a 100% ethical time to have kids.

No. 383319

>as people are working themselves to suicide in China, Japan & India

No. 383324

There never has been, but there also wasn't really the option to opt out of it until now. Having kids throughout history was a horrible thing, but people didn't exactly have a choice. Now we do.

Yeah, and that's extremely dark and their society needs to figure that shit out. Your point?

No. 383325

just that the climate change and the deteriorating ecosystem isn't something that can be reversed. There won't be a happy ending.
The tensions and wars as horrible they were in the past, there existed this idea of peace and hope for a better tomorrow.
You seriously can't be using something that was in the past to compare what's going on today. The circumstances are extremely different. If you are in your 20s too, then we're going to witness the consequences of the climate change on our skin.
You keep breeding, not like it matters. What's another digit on this planet? Not like you or most people will listen or care.
The damage is already done and we're just going to exhaust all the resources that are left and exterminate what little hasn't gone extinct.
But going through all of the species we managed to bring to extinction and seeing firsthand the massive pollution just makes me wish for that to happen sooner. We don't deserve prosperity, we don't deserve this planet.

No. 383328

This discussion is stressing me out lol, I've been not wanting kids because of the destruction of the earth and fear for their future, for a while now. Except, I do want them, I'm just afraid.

I know I would make an ok mother (job requirements).
>but also fear of the teenage years

No. 383331

Morality isn't real, anon. All of these appeals to emotion when it comes to climate change don't work because we don't actually care. People care about themselves and their own survival, fuck their kids, they can deal with whatever happens in their own lifetime, you know? It sucks, but that's what it is.

No. 383334

This. The sad truth is that most people don't really think through how their kids will be impacted by the world they're bringing them into. This has always been the case. They just want to spread their genes and have ~their legacy~.

No. 383335

Your fears are totally valid and you shouldn't ignore them. Don't let baby fever lead you to a selfish decision.

If you wanna be a mom that bad, there's always adoption.

No. 383338

True, there's no point in talking about it. There's little that we can do anyways. Even if all of the Earth's population suddenly decided to go zero waste eco-friendly lifestyle, it still wouldn't help.

I've been volunteering in shelters, nature reserves and bonding with animals. It makes you see how better they are. They have feelings, they're all unique. But they do recognize us individuals and they interact with us. They care. And all of them will disappear. All of them will suffer because of what we humans did to the planet, and there's no excuse.

No. 383340

I wanted to add that I know there's no point in appealing to emotion, it's just hard not to get emotional when thinking all of the living creatures that will be lost.

No. 383344

You're projecting human emotions onto animals who don't have them and don't care about us.

No. 383359

Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I've gotten a lot of pushback from other women on my relationship so I figure it might be. Saging just in case it's not

I absolutely love yielding control to my husband. It's probably not clinically "healthy" but I am happy. I like taking care of him and the house. I think I might be overcompensating for my past, throughout my life I have always been "tomboyish", headstrong and very outspoken. Now I am a lot more reserved, gentler, and try to be very mindful of things. It makes me feel good knowing he is happy and taken care of, and he is very appreciative of all I do, too.

No. 383361

I disagree that it's not worth talking about. Not everyone is so stubborn. The issue with something like climate catastrophe is that it's too abstract for them to actually conceptualize and visualize and apply to their daily lives. But the effects are so far reaching and inescapable and it's incredibly important that people are informed. It's worth trying and it's not like everyone is even necessarily SO emotionally invested in having kids. A lot of people are just expected to do so and it rocks their world to alter those expectations and consider something different for their future, but I think plenty of people are reachable. At the very least, I think preventing some suffering is worth the effort.

You're right, it has never been ethical and the very act of bringing a child into the world, even when things are comparatively good in the world, is fundamentally unethical, because as I said, you rob your child of consent and your child can still suffer from congenital disease, predators, homelessness, acquired disease, old age, etc. You're literally forcing them into unavoidable suffering with no guarantee for anything else. At the least, war can potentially be averted. At least with issues like war, the problem is other people, and easing tensions, or knocking out some enormous asshole Hitler is something we can reasonably accomplish. Besides, all of those times are literally notorious for having DRASTICALLY decreased birth rates, that's literally why we had the baby boom. Anyways, now we're facing an existential threat that is against mother nature itself and we have literally no solutions. Natural disaster is a way, way more threatening opponent than other people. Besides, just because having kids was never ethical doesn't mean we shouldn't acknowledge that and apply that consciousness to our lives now? And as another anon said, birth control wasn't even a thing until the mid to late sixties, so there really wasn't much of a choice. We're inundated with options, and really, it's weird that you're excusing people being ignorant about bringing children into the world when a good parent, by nature, would be someone that heavily weighs the effects of their having a child and the suffering the child will have to go through. A good parent, by definition, wouldn't have a child knowing it can't consent and knowing they can't guarantee a high quality of life for that child.

No. 383369

Agreed. The working industry has gotten way too exploitative, their gaslighting doesn't work anymore and people are becoming more and more poor on average, compared to something like 30 years ago. Then when many people can't afford to have kids you see some fertility propaganda ad on television, kek.

No. 383379

>Then when many people can't afford to have kids.

Per the thread theme, I don't think 'can't afford to have kids' is always accurate. Kids are expensive and an extra one might drive tens of millions more families deep or deeper into poverty than is admitted, but people can definitely afford them.

It's just they consciously know their kids will have shittier lives than they did, and opt out.

No. 383383

>birth control wasn't even a thing until the mid to late sixties, so there really wasn't much of a choice.

The birth control pill wasn't around until the 60s, but to pretend like prior to that women didn't take measures to protect themselves from pregnancy and motherhood is wrong. Since ancient societies, women used certain herbs to induce miscarriage, all other old wives tales of food and activities to stop a pregnancy. Condoms and the pull out method also were used as "birth control". The diaphragm was patented and popularized in the late 1800s, but similar devices were used before that.

Of course these methods weren't as effective and precise as hormonal birth control, but pregnancy wasn't an inevitability back then.

No. 383512

Literally this. Animals would kill us all AND the planet if they were able to. You don't see cows being concerned about the methane they produce, cats campaigning against killing birds for fun or other animals educating each other about destroying vegetation by grazing. It's stupid to claim they're "better than us" when every single animal species has hardcoded survival and breed instincts in their programming.

No. 383813

Kingdom Hearts is overhyped.
It would MAYBE be redeemable if it wasn't Donald and Goofy as party members. God I hate them so much.

No. 383814

not to mention cycle tracking. women aren't fertile every day of every month lol

No. 383829

I do agree it’s overrated. I actually do like Donald and Goofy because I’m a shameless Disneyfag but the weakest point of the franchise is by far the story. Finnegans Wake makes more sense that that shit.

No. 383900

the detective pikachu movie is so ugly and I don't understand why it's given a pass or even called 'good' when its rendered just as bad as michael bay's TMNT or the sony sonic movie

No. 383901

agree, also most pokemon, especially pikachu, look like nightmare fuel (save for maybe bulbasaur)
some things just can't be translated to that brand of "hyperrealistic" cgi while retaining their charm imo

No. 383902

It's going to be "good" because it's pokemon. A lot of people seem to think anything that has to do with pokemon is good.

Or maybe it'll be actually good, who knows, but I do agree with your point

No. 383910

File: 1551871429488.jpg (218.29 KB, 1242x699, JGP.jpg)

excuse me? you're going to sit here and tell me that 'live action' jigglypuff isnt adorable?

No. 383918

It looks fugly and I can't believe they did that to one of my favorite pokemon.

No. 383919

we'll finally get to hear pikachu say hell

No. 383920

anon you're replying to, yes, it looks fucking horrifying, those large moist eyes give me the heebie jeebies

No. 383921

it's literally cuter than the actual jigglypuff. you guys are crazy.

No. 383925

File: 1551876725001.jpg (40.85 KB, 500x470, 8ba56ad70229a1ef296b8e4663df98…)

bitch what? Are we looking at the same jiggypuff?

No. 383933

File: 1551881311102.jpeg (5.54 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

Idk mang, looks like pic related to me ie. creepy and not cute

No. 383943

i just imagine touching it and it feeling like any animal does, a bag of flesh and bones, but it's perfectly globular and it's sooo unsettling. also I'll say it again, those huge moist eyes, just ew

No. 383949

File: 1551885573068.jpeg (85 KB, 625x781, 8F50D286-BA04-49FF-87CA-360B5A…)

Kale is not a magic superfood, none of the dark, pungent greens are. Why do urban vegan/Whole Foods fags act like they just discovered black gold when they eat kale? If you have family from the South, are black, or from some countries in Asia and Eastern Europe, you’ve probably eaten some form of dark bitter greens at one point in your life. I just find health food fads interesting because it’s always like, some food which has been around for centuries and no one outside of the community would touch with a 10 foot pole because it isn’t ‘sexy’ enough to put on a plate.

Like now I’m seeing a renaissance of Southern cooking, and suddenly people who used to belittle you for eating cornbread, black eyed peas, collard greens, are just touting the praises of these everyday staples as though the angel Gabriel himself delivered them a plate of fried chicken with gravy.

No. 383962

Always Sunny isn't funny at all.

Everyone I know is obsessed with it but I find it borderline unwatchable. All the characters are horrible people, and I know that's the gag but it's really not funny. I hate how there are never any consequences for their shittiness and everything reverts back to the status quo in the end. The show is basically family guy, but with more screaming. The amount of screaming in the show legitimately hurts my ears. I'm up to season 5 and the only episode I thought was even slightly funny was the pilot.

Does it get better, anons? My boyfriend is obsessed with bingeing the whole series which is why I've been forced to endure 5 seasons of this crap.

No. 383963

It’s not for everyone I guess. I love the show, but when I once showed it to my bf I realized how much they actually scream and how exhausting it can be to watch it. He didn’t like it either, so I am watching it by myself. And no, it doesn’t change, so your boyfriend should watch it alone, too.

No. 383964

The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and any sort of capeshit are not interesting. Family Guy is unfunny. My eyes glaze over when I even read those names or see gifs from them.
Typically, I find little to no interest in anything with primarily unattractive and/or middle-aged men as leads. I've always been like this, and I'm not really sorry about it.

No. 383965

Chucky cheese pizza is good and i dont give a fuck what shane thinks

No. 383969

I like Always Sunny but the latest season is absolutely trash garbage and I will not watch it

No. 383970

SAME. It feels like an imposter, like something about it is so off and missing the energy.They should have just ended it with the last season.

No. 383976

It's one of those shows where you either like it or you don't. I personally love it and I love how shitty the characters are–yeah, they rarely have consequences but they also rarely have things work out in their favor. Part of the joke is that they are all terrible and they don't deserve good things happening to them.

No. 383987

No way in hell it's cuter than the original. Are you high or did you forget to put your glasses on? It has too many unnecessary details that makes it look at best uncanny valley as fuck. Look at its smile, it's not even a cute animal like mouth like a small dog or a cat, it looks like my grandma's when she forgets to put on her denture.

No. 383988

My sister thinks she’s a man now and I honestly couldn’t force myself to accommodate her feelings if I tried. Stop texting me novels about how invalidating our family is. You’re not special, you’re just annoying and some of us have real, unimagined problems, but you don’t see me bitching out novels. Get some fucking help.

No. 383989

That must suck. I can't imagine what it's like for families who have to watch someone they love willfully destroy their body. Hopefully you can get through to her.

No. 383990

I love IASIP but it definitely peaked in the 3-6 seasons. Some of new episodes are absolutely great but most of them are average or forgettable. Plus I thought making Mac straight up gay was lazy writing and a cop out. Even though woke Twitter users would probably call me homophobic for saying so.

No. 384008

I love that show for something to throw on at the background. I am not into comedies at all, it's very difficult for me to laugh at anything, but i am entertained and invested for some reason At least the characters always get what they deserve, even if they don't learn their lesson. I just hate any episode that revolves around the gang being pissed because they are all bad enough sober. And also drunk in general are the fucking worst people ever.

Now that's a truly unpopular opinion. Not that care about Shane Dawson.

No. 384015

File: 1551907551111.jpg (53.42 KB, 508x572, aw5nxp8t0ijy.jpg)

I disagree, this probably counts as an unpopular opinion because a lot of people claim only the first 3 seasons are good or the middle section is, like you.

I think it peaked around 7-9 and has continued being funny (though it might be more that it has several absolute gold episodes per season now while the earlier seasons were more consistent with less gems). It's one series where flanderization actually works and the characters just get funnier as their shitty traits become more obvious and solidified. Watching 1-3 now is bizarre, they're way too nice (by their standards) and just don't have particularly distinct personalities. The Gang Dines Out or the Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award are probably my favourite episodes of theirs.

No. 384027

God THANK YOU anon, I literally thought I was the only one around who wasn't hyped for it. It looks ugly as sin and it's trying to cash in on the nostalgia of the adults who played the original games 20 years ago and by adding the quirky mavel-esque humor that's in with the age demographic now. Why do westerners always ugly everything up for the normies? Why do the Pokemon literally look like gremlins?

No. 384031

Superfoods aren’t real fam. It’s just regular food that got a marketing boost because people think vitamins are magic. It’s not just kale. Remember when everyone and their grandmother was adding goji berries to everything, even though they’re shit?

No. 384040

The "superfood" phenomena only really exists in America, likely due to the fact that healthcare is so expensive. Scam artists shill the fuck out of random fruits and vegetables so people can cope with "magic food" that will totally cure the flu and prevent cancer.

No. 384042

Oh yeah, shilling magic beans fits in perfectly with shilling crystals and essential oils.

No. 384084

Uhh people actually thought it was good or passable? Everyone I know who cares thinks it's an ugly, cringey trainwreck. They're probably gonna watch it anyway, just to see how bad it'll be.

Western ideas of what is supposed to be cute has always been ugly, cringey shit to me. I guess my unpopular opinion is that everything that was supposed to be cute is just fucking ugly. Like, I totally understand why people believe Miffy and Moomins are originally Japanese, because they're just uncharacteristically cute for Western products.

No. 384095

The other Pokémon look weird af but imo Pikachu is super cute. He looks so fucking fuzzy and soft!

No. 384105

File: 1551930483472.jpg (9.57 KB, 320x180, wtf?.jpg)

I'll be the nostalgiafag first to say I don't know what the fuck some of these other pokemon are and I don't care about them. Some better choices in pokemon that would've translated well to cgi are going to go overlooked methinks.

They did pikachu pretty cute, tbh. And I really love Ryan Reynolds.

No. 384115

wtf is that ludicolo? what a fucking disgrace.

No. 384124

That ludicolo in your pic looks like it's screaming "kill me!"

No. 384167

I agree with you otherwise but Moomins aren't Japanese, they're Finnish. The original books and comics were made in Finland, the anime that made it a worldwide thing was made in Japan. t. a butthurt Finnfag reeeeeeeee

No. 384186

That's one nasty mutated furby.

Nightmare fuel.

Why? Hollywood, why?

No. 384205

Anon you misread their post

No. 384208

Some western things used to be cute decades ago, like the powerpuff girls and the previous generations of my little pony. Why did stuff get so ugly tho? Is it because feminine/cute stuff is "bad" or whatever?

No. 384234

You guys don't think the CalArts style is cute? Everything has far apart eyes, round smiling bean mouths, and smooth edges. That syle is way cuter than Rocket Power or Ren & Stimpy lol

No. 384241

i don't like their stupid ass smiles

No. 384289

I don't think trannies look inherently ugly, even if they are clearly trannies. I don't mean that I am attracted to them either, not at all but I think that some of them look plain neutral. Of course compared to a woman they are always ugly but if they are treated as their own thing I think that there are plenty of them that look fine.

No. 384322

Yeah I know. That's exactly what I said.

I disagree. I loved ppg, but visually it never triggered that "aw that's cute" response you get with like puppies and other cute stuff for me. CalArts style looks cringey to me.

No. 384424

Jameela Jamil is annoying.

No. 384448

Oh yeah, I'm gc but I find her annoying as hell. She's a libfem right? if so, then she still supports the downfall of women at the hands of tras

No. 384449

I agree anon I find her really irritating

No. 384454

That's probably why I find her irritating too. I forget what it was cause she seems to cause a stir every couple weeks… But I remember something couple months back that she was going on about that just seemed petty and inane

No. 384490

I find her irritating because she constantly preaches self love, everybody is beautiful blah blah, meanwhile she's perfectly slim and pretty. Of course it's easy for her to love her body.

No. 384542

Avocado is a stupid meme-level food that tastes like shitty grass. It's overpriced (here, anyway) and disgusting. If the marketing and media didn't hype it up so much, it wouldn't be as popular now.
I'll take regular, dairy butter over avocado, fucking thanks!

No. 384569

you're right. and it literally should be called grass butter

No. 384573

I think it should be completely acceptable for women to have friends that are 'orbiters' while in relationships, etc. We aren't indiscriminate, opportunistic slimebags in general, and I think it's only fair that if we give men the opportunity to be with us and we take the huge leap (because relationships are literally more dangerous for us on all levels), I think we should be able to have back ups, at the very least, for emotional support or help, or to keep our minds off of the garbage that eventually drops the sweet guy charade and lets his male entitlement loose, etc.

I think it's very different than letting men in relationships have female friends that are into them. Men have everything going into a relationship. We're the ones that risk it all and men should always know they're replaceable so as to prevent them from getting too cocky when they realize we love them.

No. 384595

you sound like you have an extremely narrow view of relationships.

No. 384599

I consider myself a feminist, but I feel like some women have used it as some sort of weird way to make themselves feel superior despite being so shitty. One example is this fat chick who was with this really hot guy that she treated like absolute shit. He finally dumped her after a few years of paying for everything while she mentally abused him and just sat on her ass getting fatter and fatter. Now she acts like she's the victim and goes on about how she has waaay higher standards now and makes it about feminism. Like bitch, you're a horrible feminist. Your idea of feminist empowerment is not having to do jack shit or take care of yourself while a man you have zero respect for pulls all the weight. I've seen similar behavior from a few other women I know too.

Have fun convincing a man that it's okay for you to have orbiters but not him by justifying it with the logic that men are whores.

No. 384607

People who outwardly call themselves feminists more often than others are usually doing it to hide something about themselves. The same could be said for every movement out there. Avoid these types. You'll find the actual feminists once you get to know the person yourself.

No. 384620

>Have fun convincing a man that it's okay for you to have orbiters but not him by justifying it with the logic that men are whores.
if he's a decent guy, he'd empathize with the fact that it's a million times more risky for us to date them than the reverse. it's really not that crazy and a reasonable man would understand that. reasonable men are in short supply, however. just because men aren't going to be receptive of the idea doesn't mean it doesn't make sense. there's lots of shit that people who have the upperhand in situations are not receptive to because it obviously doesn't benefit them, so what?

No. 384669

> I think we should be able to have back ups, at the very least, for emotional support or help

Mate, those are called friends, do other women find you so insufferable that only men that want to fuck you are willing to give you the time of day?

If you’re so wary of men and expect them all to be a piece of shit then why are you dating them.

No. 384684

I'm newish to the game and recognize that it's an unpopular opinion, but I hate the Wilderness in RS3. It'd be better without PKers.

No. 384703

>Mate, those are called friends, do other women find you so insufferable that only men that want to fuck you are willing to give you the time of day?
Stupid and needlessly bitchy assumptions on your part, honestly. Female friendship is great and a necessity but this is an entirely different animal. When you've come out of a shitty relationship and been broken down by some stupid asshole that spent the better part of your relationship hiding everything about himself in an effort to seem like a good person only to reveal that he's a literal scumbucket, it IS reassuring to have male friends to remind you that there are others out there and that you're appreciated by other guys that you also respect or like on some level. Not having that is why embarrassing, awkward, uncomfortable rebounds with randos happen.

And for real, you sound dumb.
>If you’re so wary of men and expect them all to be a piece of shit then why are you dating them.
Because I'm not gay but still desire a relationship? And men are LITERALLY notoriously capable of sociopathic levels of compartmentalization.

No. 384724

File: 1552098385420.jpg (32.61 KB, 813x650, De_7CG7UYAAsRwS.jpg)

James Charles is only as famous as he is because of the glass escalator and his 14 year old fag hag audience. His makeup skills, singing, and palette are all mediocre. The only talent of his worth praising is his marketing.

No. 384725

>hiding everything about himself in an effort to seem like a good person only to reveal that he's a literal scumbucket, it IS reassuring to have male friends to remind you that there are others out there and that you're appreciated by other guys

They’re orbiters - they’re not your friends, they’re only around you because that want to fuck you.

And you can still fuck men without dating them, don’t see how I’m the retard when you’re the one who thinks that men that orbit you actually give a single shit about you lmao

No. 384727

You're acting like women never cheat, Anon.

No. 384739

Can 14 year olds even be "fag hags"

No. 384740

Unfortunately yes. The girls who latch onto the gay boy in school and read yaoi at home now have the entire internet.

No. 384758

And much younger. See “trixya fanbase” which is a massive toxic group of 10 year old fan girls obsessed with Rupaul’s Drag Race contestants Trixie Mattel and Katya

No. 384800

The drag race fanbase in general is a mess.

I'm not sure I would categorize fujoshis and fag hags as the same thing but that's more my opinion

No. 384802

These "wHaT's tHe tEa siSsS" fujo sjws on twitter who try to cancel celebrities for the most retarded shit are extremely annoying. Most of them are beauty youtuber, Ariana Grande or k-pop boy group stans.

No. 384807

People taking drag race seriously is the most annoying shit ever. Part of the fun of the series was that it was ridiculous and didn't take itself seriously but now with overzealous fans complaining that it's not woke enough u see that shit forced in

No. 384815

I’m just waiting for a huge push for actual women to get onto the show now that they have let on trannies multiple times - because trans women are women, right? So if they don’t let on ‘cis’ women they’re essentially saying trans women are men.

But in all seriousness I don’t know why people take the show to heart, it’s literally gay men just dressing up as caricatures of women and screaming at each other. Bottom gay drama is the juiciest tv drama, there’s just something about taking dick up their arse that makes them argumentative and petty

No. 384820

Oh I've already seen ppl argue this lol. They're called like faux queens

No. 384849

They're called "bioqueens" and they literally just do costume makeup and think that they deserve to be on the show and that Rupaul is being ~misogynistic~ for not allowing them on. Most bioqueens are fucking annoying teenage girls or girls in their early twenties who latched onto gay culture because they can't find anyone else to latch onto.

No. 384855

So, it's no different from trans women latching onto everything to do with cis women and getting angry when we want shit for ourselves.
I hope they keep getting a taste of their own medicine until they go back to the form of misogyny that makes them leave us the fuck alone, tbh.

No. 384858

>everything us cis women do

anon, how about we don't continue to relate cis women with performative femininity? part of the reason i don't personally find drag offensive is because perfomative femininity isn't womanhood. whether the guys who do it are misogynists is a different thing, but the act itself has to do with shitty gender roles anyway. i think cis women choosing to participate in that are fucking stupid though because not only is it easy to turn a woman into a caricature of a woman, but it's embarrassing that they want to participate in something like that.

No. 384865

Drag queens aren't troons though, anon. Performative femininity and actually femininity are two completely different things and if you're really THAT upset by what drag queens consider feminine, maybe you need to take a look at yourself and your image.

No. 384869

>anon, how about we don't continue to relate cis women with performative femininity? part of the reason i don't personally find drag offensive is because perfomative femininity isn't womanhood.
Performative femininity is often part of women's lived experience. It doesn't define womanhood, and I never said it did, but these people wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't part of it. Nobody sees a drag queen in a dress and starts to associate dresses with drag queens, they see a man cosplaying as an exaggerated version of a woman. That's just how it is.
>whether the guys who do it are misogynists is a different thing, but the act itself has to do with shitty gender roles anyway.
My entire post was about misogyny, though, not gender roles. A lot of people in that scene aren't doing anything to smash gender roles, they're just showing off how simultaneously obsessed and bitter they are about those same gender roles, often with a not-so-subtle twinge of bitterness toward women and all things to do with femininity.
>i think cis women choosing to participate in that are fucking stupid though because not only is it easy to turn a woman into a caricature of a woman, but it's embarrassing that they want to participate in something like that.
I think it's embarrassing, too. The whole fucking thing is embarrassing, ugly and tacky.

>defending drag queens
Lmao. They will be okay. Men in costumes don't need women to protect them, I promise.
I was referring specifically to trans women's behavior in my post, especially in the vein of >>384815 on "letting on trannies [because trans women are women, right?]", not attacking drag queens. Some trans women are drag queens, like it or not. I think drag queens who aren't are just weird gay men, and I don't care about them as long as they don't attack actual women the same way trannies do. The way they use terms like "fish" and perform their imagined stereotypes of catty, unintelligent women is gross, though, and I can't relate to anyone who would find that shit cute.

No. 384892

Literally no one associates performative femininity with their womanhood, it's simply an annoyance we have to deal with. Also, you are entirely wrong about your assertion, people do associate certain things with drag, drag makeup is a thing that's not associated with women at all, infact women who do heavy IGthot makeup are associated with shitty drag because of how excessive it is. Either way, you seem to have entirely missed my point, and the other anon's point, because she wasn't trying to defend or protect drag queens. Your post also missed the point of what others were saying, in that drag doesn't let cis women in because they are women, but they let trannies in because they're not, so the trannies want to let cis women in because it validates them thinking they're women. Idiot.

No. 384919

>Literally no one associates performative femininity with their womanhood,
The fact that you'd unironically assert this after sperging out and strawmanning about gender roles when no one even mentioned them proves that you're far too retarded to have this discussion with. Good luck.

No. 384929

stfu you pompous smooth brain.

>inb4 mad on the internet tranny

No. 384931

I started disliking her after she made a huge deal about posing like a "deer in headlights"; saying it was glorifying female infantilism and naivete and how it was bad because somehow(???) Lolita was involved and it made women look weak(?). Idk, why doesn't she stop shaming other women for doing totally innocuous stuff?

I mean abortion is still illegal in many places but whatever, I'm oh so sorry you don't like my selfies Jamila.

No. 384955

I feel like she doesn't know what she's talking about and is just doing performative wokeness for dem social media clicks

So much of what she says hits a bum note with me, like it went through a boardroom of men first and she is just echoing it. No actual concept of what she's "fighting"

No. 384977

>Literally no one associates performative femininity with their womanhood

Maybe not women personally, no, but men certainly do - that’s why drag is even a thing.

No. 385182

People who change their hair colour very frequently (to unnatural colours especially) and then complain about their hair being in bad condition, yet repeatedly but it short because they've gotten bored of growing it out? Red flag, unstable person.

No. 385195

men can't have womanhood anon. i think her point is who the hell cares what shit men think of us because in the end perfomative femininity is just how men think women should be anyway so it's not like they're making fun of real shit.

No. 385198

In the end, though, it's still our image, it's still connected to us, and that's what makes their BS so annoying.

No. 385205

File: 1552251504288.png (854.1 KB, 720x1121, wp_ss_20190310_0012 (2).png)

On the subject of performative femininity, men think us simply existing in our bodies is an intentional sexual statement for their benefit, so fuck it we should just do whatever we want. It will be misinterpreted whatever we do

No. 385223

This infuriates me. I have naturally big breasts and I can't wear anything without being labeled hypersexual. The only things I can wear are like 4 sizes too big sweatters that make me look way fatter than I am.

I'l literally be labeled slut for wearing anything fitted or even turtlenecks even though I've been voluntarily celibate for 2 years.

No. 385259

probably already been said but i think people who watch anime to the point of obsession are annoying and immature

No. 385261

i think this is a pretty popular opinion. certainly better than "anyone who has ever watched anime is mentally ill."

this was kind of my point. if the people who do drag think that all women are is shitty performative femininity then fuck it, let them. they and the people who agree will just make it easier for me to know who not to be friends with. the idea of trying to "take back" performative femininity as something inherently woman is really dumb to me, we should be trying to separate being a woman from being stereotypes.

No. 385267

Why do misogynistic and retarded men like this one get so much following while females that want to bash males in the same way literally get berated to pieces unless they do it trying to pander to a certain demographic of men

No. 385285

File: 1552267188439.jpg (26.54 KB, 236x500, 503e7305b153b4768d7476fa437b0e…)

Lmao she just has a big ass. Presumably from muscle, which is useful as a police officer.
I guess male athletes like pic related are also flaunting their sexuality.

No. 385293

People need to stop calling themselves ugly and basing their attractiveness off of fake images online.

I think the internet and social media is ruining people's perception of themselves. People need to get offline more and see that regular people are not all hot. When I was in my shutin internet addiction phase, I believed I was ugly, which I really regret. Now I'm fine with my appearance. Now that I'm feeling better about myself, I've even noticed more people smiling at me even though my appearance didn't change. Also I learned that so many instagram images are shooped and people don't look that way in real life.

No. 385297

I believe way too many girls/women are baby crazy. And it's because they have little to no interesting personality.

No. 385299

I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the reproductive urge every single animal feels, anon. Wanting kids doesn’t mean you don’t have a personality, do you dehumanise all mothers you come across in your life?

No. 385304

The biological clock and baby fever is a myth. There's actually no evidence to suggest that baby fever is a biological phenomenon, let alone one heavily rooted in being female. It's all about suggestibility and it happens when other people have children. It's more silly socialization and it benefits men to pretend it's more deeply encoded than it really is. It's actually really fucking annoying to call out a mechanism of socialization that ends up actually marginalizing women and ends up creating more victims of every axis of unresolved oppression in this world as being wholesale "dehumanizing!!!" and acting like it's misogyny to encourage women to reconsider pacifying men, as a class, by producing more children for them to exploit on every level imaginable. Fucking yawn.

No. 385305

nta but the urge to breed isn't a fucking myth. no one was talking about the other shit you mentioned. it sounds like you get all your information from shitty articles.

No. 385307

It was dehumanising because anon suggested that these women have no personalities. And men get baby fever too. If we didn’t get it most people wouldn’t reproduce and our species woulddie out. Also, no one even brought up the biological clock?? Are you dense?

No. 385308

I was addressing the SPECIFIC phenomena that surrounds women and encourages them that they're more susceptible than men to the urge to ACTUALLY PRODUCE A CHILD, because of some biological bullshit, dumbass. The 'urge to breed' is there, but somehow, men seem to escape the urge to ACTUALLY PROCREATE and are largely happy enough to trick their bodies by just getting off, and are actively scared of having children, typically. There's obviously a difference in socialization because when studied, there's nothing to suggest that women are especially prone, biologically, to wanting to have children the way we're told they are in comparison to men.

No. 385319

probably not an unpopular opinion idk but everyone with an ariana grande icon a bitch

No. 385322

Are you just retarded? For men the only thing procreation is for them is getting off. It's not like a man's body can somehow know that their sperm reached the egg. They don't go through any hormonal or body changes like women do. You can talk about socialization all you want but stop conflating it with actual science.

No. 385325

Maybe some of us just like and want babies. It’s not that deep fam. Pulling out the dehumanisation card is utterly ridiculous.

No. 385326

twitter stans with ariana and k-pop profile pics are the worst

No. 385331

Except that once again studies show that women aren't actually that susceptible to baby fever or the urge to procreate and it's only when they're exposed to family or friends or coworkers having babies that they start feeling this strong urge to have kids. Fucking is fucking but it doesn't need to result in a pregnancy to fool you, come on. Otherwise, you'd know you're pregnant a fuckton sooner. Sex is just as gratifying and a fulfillment of our urges without resulting in a pregnancy. It's pretty misogynistic to buy into the bullshit that we have to get prengnant to feel fully sexually or fulfilled the way men are when they get off. We're fully capable of being tricked. That's literally how birth control works? It's nothing but socialization.

No. 385335

Breed, anon. Women (and men) want to fuck, not because it feels good but because it's for making babies. Remember when you were a teenager and you were horny and curious, it wasn't because you innately learned sex felt good at that age, it's because you're body was going through hormonal changes to make you want to breed. Breeding isn't fucking baby fever for the last time you thick bitch. You can hate on society and men and be bitter all you want but you need to acknowledge science. And the science is that people want to have sex. Sex is breeding. Breeding makes babies. FFS.

No. 385339

File: 1552276327111.gif (1.97 MB, 450x253, cSdNAGi.gif)

>That's literally how birth control works? It's nothing but socialization.

what the fuck are you trying to say?

No. 385341

nta but i struggle to understand tf you mean by
>Remember when you were a teenager and you were horny and curious, it wasn't because you innately learned sex felt good at that age

isn't it sorta obvious that sex is supposed to feel good as soon as you learn of it? unless you literally discover the concept when you are like 7, but you are speaking about teenagers, most of who have a good grip on what sex is supposed to be and is supposed to feel as they prolly have started masturbating by then?

No. 385342

>she thinks that sex being pleasurable is because it makes the body think it's pregnant
>she thinks that pregnancy and getting off are the same for women and men
>she thinks that birth control is a socialization OR that the body really thinks it's pregnant and the hormones aren't just making the body unable to release eggs


are you alright? what are you smoking? i never want to be on the same bad trip you are.

No. 385343

I meant that it's an innate bodily response from hormones to want to have sex. There's a reason even young children who learn about sex don't want to do it, there's not drive.

No. 385346

i mean is it though? not to blogpost but i was never sexually abused or anything but i was very curious of sexual things and privates and stuff like that when i was in kindergarten still, definitely way before i started puberty (round 8), children can be stupidly curious especially about ~mysterious adult things~. i could be in a very small minority though, i don't know.

No. 385347

Well, that has nothing to do with your body desiring sex. Being curious isn't being horny. That was my point.

No. 385352

Humans want to have sex to have babies, it feels good so that we’re more likely to. Biology isn’t some sort of mass mysognistic conspiracy anon, this may shock you but the purpose of reproductive organs is to reproduce.

No. 385358

Sexual pleasure is not required at all for reproduction, I'm not really sure what you're talking about. The most sensitive areas for women are not involved in reproduction at all.

Humans want sex for the sake of sexual pleasure, not to reproduce.

No. 385359

no racebait, i'm talking about every race.
i don't care about people who try to look or act like a race/nationality they aren't as long as they aren't being racist to others. like as cringy as they are, if a weeaboo or kboo doesn't go around talking shit about other races then who cares. it only effects them and no one else.

No. 385361

Women are significantly more likely to become pregnant if they orgasm, and how is sexual pleasure not linked to reproduction? Just because your nipple or foot feels good when someone licks it doesn’t mean that it isn’t linked to reproduction, it doesn’t have to literally be the inside of your vagina that feels good for it to be tied together. Are you dense?

No. 385424

>she thinks that sex being pleasurable is because it makes the body think it's pregnant
that's not what i was saying. i was saying that getting off, or, at least, sexual stimulation is the precursor to pregnancy - or, at least, that's why it feels good, so we're more encouraged to have sex and reproduce. the whole 'feel good' thing encourages us to do it? i said birth control tricks the body into thinking it's pregnant. when i cum, i'm fine, or when i have sex, i'm fine – there's no insatiable need to follow my fucking up with an obsession over whether or not i'm pregnant or even the remote desire to be pregnant. the point i'm trying to make is that once the bodily 'requirements' are satisfied, you don't need to literally follow that shit up with being knocked up. that's why, again, they've found that the meme that "women are baby craaazy because they inherently know they have X amount of years of fertility" is a myth. and you can't uncouple the myths of the ticking biological clock and the meme that women have a very specific, very intense form of 'baby fever' because of it. it's not true.

>Women (and men) want to fuck, not because it feels good but because it's for making babies.
no, they're inextricably tied to each other. the 'feels good' is obviously what makes us want to do it more than the literal desire to breed. now, anyways, because we're able to reason shit out. we aren't alligators. obviously people have the desire to breed, innately, but the whole fucking reason why people fuck the way they do isn't to literally have a kid - it's because it feels good. that's why we've created a whole system to bypass the whole pregnancy thing?? because we want to get the pleasure of fucking without actually getting pregnant?

>Remember when you were a teenager and you were horny and curious, it wasn't because you innately learned sex felt good at that age,

no. it literally was that cumming felt good. again, the biological basis is there, but that pleasure, NOW, considering we're not rabbits or shrews, isn't the main motivation for us fucking. the basis is there, obviously. that's why we fuck, but it doesn't mean it needs to literally result in a pregnancy or else women aren't adequately satisfied. again, that's why most people use contraception. people deliberately try to bypass the negative consequences of the system that was created to encourage breeding. i'm not saying people don't have the 'urge to breed'. what i'm saying is that it isn't actually that strong or unavoidable (especially the way society says it is in women) given that it takes a backseat to pleasure when pleasure alone can be isolated.

No. 385448

I know Roosh is a retard but this tweet is too dumb even for his standards. What did she do? She's wearing the uniform, lol. If you have a defined ass it doesn't disappear once you wear pants and it's not a "display of sexuality", just… wearing pants

No. 385464

Most entertainment industries are just coverups for men to lure in vulnerable people so that they can fuck. The modeling industry, music industry, the tv and movie industry…its all just glorified escorting. Their popularity pretty much depends on sucking the right cock or willing to go gay for pay.

No. 385480

You sound like an insane incel. Just shut the fuck up about your weird misunderstanding about how animal biology works. You've been going on for days trying to defend calling women who want to have childen boring and devoid of personality.

No. 385481

you missed the tinfoil thread, gtfo.

No. 385483

that wasn't even me. i never said women who want kids are devoid of personality. that was another anon, idiot.

No. 385485

lena dunham has a cute body

No. 385488

Then why are you responding to people directly responding to her?

>inb4 not every anon ITT is the same anon

No shit, but you're literally responding to things that people were talking to >>385331 >>385308 about.

No. 385489

I think Mandarin Chinese is a beautiful sounding language

No. 385492

i know that they are completely different than mandarin (except the large amount of loanwords) and i know this makes me sound like a huge weeb but i think japanese and korean sound sexy.

No. 385517

Yes, and if you actually read the thread, you'd see ANOTHER anon was the one that called women who want kids "boring and devoid of personality".

No. 385532

I hate that gyming is such a popular thing among young men right now.
I want a tiny weak bf but men are either /fit/ or working towards it. Shame that even the littlest manlets with tiny frames are getting jacked now.

No. 385554

I have seen some guys from high school who used to be extra lanky, not really cute to me, but they looked like normal dudes. All of a sudden the most lanky manlet in my grade beefed up. His muscles look so disgusting, they do not fit his frame at all. He looks so fake, it's weird.

No. 385562

very skinny men are literally the only way men can possibly be aesthetic tbh. muscular men is a meme for men by men. it literally looks so retarded and disproportionate. i hate male bodies because of how fundamentally disproportionate they are, and the only thing that lessens that is to be super skinny

No. 385580

>muscular men is a meme for men by men. it literally looks so retarded and disproportionate.

I love you, farmers.
Just imagine the minds of male lurkers exploding while reading this.

No. 385598

Right? Maybe it's selfish but I recently saw a cute lil 5'3" man I went on a date with last fall and now he's beefing and it's just such a waste. I know it's his body, but he was so perfect before this.

Agree. I find it hard to believe any woman is actually attracted to muscles. The ones who swoon over it are always obviously faking/have been memed into it by society.

Chubby guys I can kind of understand though. A certain amount of squish can be cute on certain men, usually only if they have rounder features.

No. 385600

File: 1552333717130.jpg (Spoiler Image, 178.81 KB, 759x750, d9pmU1uyfszco1_1280.jpg)

I agree that skinny dudes are the cutest, but men can be muscular without looking like He-man.

No. 385603

This looks like shit

No. 385607

my crush likes working out, he isn't extremely bulked up or anything but he has built arms and thighs and i find it super hot. i love his arms. he has a slight six pack too but honestly i don't care about it as much lol, it's still nice though. abs are cool as long as it isn't on some crazy oil wrestler level imo

No. 385621

File: 1552335756468.jpg (141.15 KB, 866x1390, florida-coconut-creek-mcdonald…)

like little boys? I like mine slender and athletic too but tbh anon this just sounds like "petite smol gf" reversed

it's not like anyone here is favoring lanklets either.

No. 385638

>very skinny men
no thanks, I don't like it when my hips are wider than a dude

No. 385645

I don't get why so many farmers here like small skinny men

I hate beards and current hairstyles, especially those with shaved sides ugh

No. 385652

Minority girls do need representation in the media, fat and chubby girls don't.Also, body positivity should be more focused on people with deformities, aging and other things people can't change not fat people. Fat people should never feel positive about their bodies, they should be shamed.

No. 385654

A lot of minorities are fat, excluding asian.

No. 385656

It totally possible to find minority models and actresses that aren't fat and maybe if they see other beautiful women they will love themselves enough to put the fork down

No. 385658

when people write stuff like this i wonder what their cut off is for "fat". are we talking bmi, or anyone who isn't at peak thinness? is chubby okay? should we keep all famous people on diets at all times? how do you cope when you go outside and see that not everyone is perfectly thin and fit?

No. 385659

From the way >>385562 describes her distaste for manly proportions, I'm guessing she enjoys the more androgynous appeal that being skinny gives to guys. If so, I get it, my attraction skews femme so I like the way the waistline of skinny guys curves in a more feminine way
Also I prefer when my strength is a little more evenly matched with my partner, I love a good wrassel

No. 385661

if seeing thin people in media was enough to stop people from being fat, then it wouldn't ever be an issue and nobody would ever be fat. obviously having most famous celebrities be thin isn't helping people lose weight.

No. 385662

no, i like normal height men, like, 5'9 and up, but waifish and petite, like, a tiny frame but not short. no, not like children, just fragile young men, especially when counpled with a meek personality. there's just something about a fragile man that is just so very attractive. the physical vulnerability and just an innate desire to protect him (despite the fact that i'm kind of incapable of doing so because i'm short and petite myself), i guess. and i like that it's kind of a physical equalizer. i'd love to be a tall, strong woman that was maybe just as tall or an inch shorter, and feel like i really was capable of protecting him if i needed to. i'm not really attracted to the physical proportions of shorter men though, and i do think it is a bit too childlike for my preference.

No. 385664

Having fat people in the media and fiction because there are fat people irl is all good, but I agree that there shouldn't be representation in a positive way, like when people say things like "we need more fat people in the media so that little girls and boys who are fat can feel better about themselves uwuuwuwu"

No. 385682

I'll probably get called a fatty-chan for this but I think fat representation in the media is fine, not only because fat people exist and always will (until global warming puts us in a food crisis kek) but because fat people shouldn't be made to feel subhuman. We already know that shaming fat people doesn't actually help them, they have to want to take the steps to be healthy and help themselves. If anything, the stress of being ostracized and hated just makes the problem worse, because very fat people usually have deep-seated psychological issues that they cope with by overeating.

That said I don't think obesity should be glorified in any way. People like Tess Holliday are delusional and disgusting, as is the entire HAES movement. But I don't think having a size 16 person on screen is going to hurt anyone.

No. 385693

I agree with this, I think the obsession with fat people and treating them like dirt some users have here reflects poorly on themselves. I suspect that many have disordered eating themselves, mainly because when I was a teen with an ED I really hated fat people.

No. 385702


It's not just this. Some other people struggle to see others kill themselves slowly. Whether they're obese or skelly. I agree with anons point it shouldn't be positive. Representation sure, but not coddling for the mere sake of being visible while also being at some extreme that's really just gonna put you in the grave sooner.

No. 385707

File: 1552350029052.png (404.38 KB, 634x880, XvSLK3rYn-u2vImxuckGBax3HtGfeV…)

Same for me. I hated my own "fat" body and projected these sick ideals on everybody else around me as well. Now I feel ashamed of the way I thought and acted back then, because I realized that those people I solely hated for the way they look, can actually be really, really nice.
It's sad that there are people like those farmers out there, who still have this mindset as adults.
Nobody is saying that haes should be put on tv, holding speeches about how great being obese is, but there have been multiple posters who bragged about being cunts to overweight people irl.

>Some other people struggle to see others kill themselves slowly.
I hate this excuse. You know exactly that this is not the reason in 99% of the cases. Some assholes just enjoy being jerks to anybody who doesn't fit their idea of being attractive - whether it's being too fat or something else.
I remember there even being an anon who said that just seeing fat people in public hurts and repulses her and that therefore they shouldn't be allowed to go out until they've lost weight.
This always reminds me of pic related. Yes, that man is dangerously obese, but you're certainly not healthy in the upstairs department either. It seems as if some retards think that being thin gives them a free card to treat others as lesser.

No. 385710

I'm just curious as to how you know the distinction between an obese person who lost 40 pounds this year and an obese person who didn't lose anything? One obese person is objectively not neglecting themselves while the other is, yet you as an outsider wouldn't know the difference. You'd think both are doing nothing and neglecting themselves when that might not be the case.
Just seems like an unfair assumption to make about most fat strangers, considering you don't know what they've done to try to help themselves. Ditching obesity doesn't happen in a few month's time, it can take years.

No. 385712

Many very fat women become so large because of childhood sexual traumas too I’d like to add, it’s a subconscious way to become less desirable. Pretty sure this extends to adolescent sexual trauma as well

No. 385779

I'm BMI 24 and carry my weight in my chest and arms (and mostly wear baggy clothes) so I know that many farmers would consider me fat (even though my weight is healthy). I also lost big ammount of weight over the years, I used to be obese two years ago and yet people who just see me on the street don't know that.

Also the "health" argument is bullshit. A couple years ago, I was deep into cocain and amphetamine usage which resulted in me dropping weight very quickly and all of my friends kept congratulating me even though they knew it was a result of drug addiction. I'm no healthy by any means but afaik my epilepsy has nothing to do with my weight. No one ever side-eyes me for smoking however they do for eating chocolate.
No one tells anything to my openly anorexic friends who keep chainsmoking and doing drugs and who binge-drink and then make themselves throw up.

No. 385785

yeah exactly. the whole "but ur unhealthy im just worried about your health!!!" excuse is just that, an excuse. it's just not socially acceptable to tell someone you find them disgusting, so you couch it in fake concern. and honestly, who the fuck is concerned about the health of total strangers? you don't have to find fat people attractive or extend them any empathy but you can afford them the same courtesy you afford other people with equally shitty but less visible vices.

t. former fatty who everyone treated like garbage til I got on medication for my PCOS and lost weight

No. 386152


I can see where you're coming from and respect the point you've made, albeit rudely. In my case - I don't think it's an excuse. I personally have never berated anyone for their weight, regardless of what it is. This is the only place I have voiced my opinion on it. I genuinely do feel concern when I see legitimately obese people binge eating in public. I know there must be so much going on under the surface, it makes me really sad, but I know ultimately it's up to them to fix it. I guess some people don't want to. It's just hard to come to terms with the fact that some people don't value their bodies sometimes. I don't see how that makes me unwell upstairs?

No. 386214

Monty Python isn't funny AT ALL

No. 386225

>reeeee you're probably a dumb amerifat who just doesn't get superior british humour!1!1
Hard agree, they're horrible. I honestly think people are lying to themselves when they praise it and force themselves to like it simply because supposedly everybody else likes it as well.

No. 386232

It was okay, but just okay.
I don't get the obsession.

No. 386239

in general I don't think British humor is funny at all.

No. 386241

Some comedy doesn't age well. They we're innovative for their time

I still enjoy some of their humor but a lot of it misses but that's honestly like a lot of sketch comedy shows. I wouldn't expect ppl to be into caesar's hour in this age

No. 386245

I'm tayrt and same, I don't like stereotypical british humour at all.
I hate how whenever somebody dares to say that they just can't find it funny, they a) either say you don't understand it (as if it requires a certain level of intelligence…) or b) simply accuse you of lacking any sense of humour yourself. Somehow nobody is allowed to simply not find it funny. What a weird thing to feel patriotic about.
It's especially bad whenever I say that, because as a no-fun german my opinion about jokes or humour will always be wrong in their eyes.

No. 386252

File: 1552482448348.jpg (31.21 KB, 400x300, Hyacinth.jpg)

not british but i liked it when i was like 12-14. i think it's the sorta humour you grow out of but most people remember it with nostalgia glasses as being muuuch better than it really is you know? feel the same way about keeping up appearances (although in my heart hyacinth>>>>> everything else british comedy).

No. 386271

>chubby guys
go away male whale

No. 386285

Does Monty Python really represent British humor? It's so old and specifically surreal
As a brit, agree to disagree. I prefer dry humor, big loud outspoken American show hosts just make me disconnect entirely

My unpopular opinions is that comedians who play up being a campy gay stereotype are awful in every way

No. 386286

north americans fetishize the absolute shit out of childbirth and child rearing, and it bothers me to no end, but i also don’t identify as one of those childfree people because of the crazy shit they post on reddit and wherever else. it bugs me that just bc i’m a woman i’m expected to ooh and ahh over pictures of your kid that i’ve never met, have no relation to and don’t have any particular reason to care about. i know this probably belongs on the vent thread but who cares lol i think it might as well go in here bc so many other women i’ve spoken to about this don’t feel even remotely the same way

No. 386287

it's not just a north american thing, anon.

No. 386288

I don't want to hate mother but sadly the mombie meme is real, no one wants to hear about your vagina ripping open or you shitting yourself while popping out your child.

No. 386291

I think women that are antifeminists should renounce every right they were given from the last century onward.

If they want to be a tradthot or a cool girl and not like the ugly feminazis, then please go ahead and live your perfect life as your husband's property.

And yes, I know there are different branches of feminism etc, but by spitting on feminists, people usually spit on all of them. The le triggered feminist meme is just an excuse.

While I can understand why men would be against it, the fact that some women use every single opportunity is absolutely disgusting and as someone that worked in organizations against domestic violence (all the victims were women during my work) and as someone that has friends that work in women's shelters who get daily threats and even physical attacks, and then their own gender spits on their cause? Yeah, fuck you and yes I am mad.

No. 386292

lmao I'm not, I just think bmi of maybe 24-26 (unathletic) can look nice on otherwise small men. Just a bit soft.
I also like short chubby girls.

No. 386297

people who think that way generally do that to themselves anyway. like tradthots.

No. 386298

nta but they don't actually renounce their rights. They will use their right to vote (for republicans), etc…

No. 386300

I feel you. I would love to become a mother someday but “mombies” drive me crazy. My friend’s little sister is one. Once she totally sperged at me because I suggested that she breastfeed her baby in the bathroom while we were at a restaurant (for the record, I have nothing against breastfeeding in public. I just suggested that because she expressed being uncomfortable breastfeeding around a bunch of old people). Yet this is also the same chick who insist on her abusive pos baby daddy to be apart of her child’s life and wants to have more kids with him. Some priorities /s.

No. 386301

>because she expressed being uncomfortable breastfeeding around a bunch of old people

Kek. Oh, yes I only breastfeed around young, attractive people.

No. 386318

I wish anons here were more self aware. Whenever a cow accuses us of being mentally ill or ugly anons come out of the woodwork to insist we’re all normal, well adjusted people who just like “a little drama”. One look outside of the cow and flake boards and you’d see a majority of the users here are weeb NEETS with severe body image issues, and that’s ok.

No. 386323

File: 1552504639336.jpg (38.54 KB, 300x300, taylor-swift-beard-2.jpg)

I hate facial hair on men. Even if it's just a developing mustache or 5'clock shadow. The smallest amount just ruins men for me like it'd ruin a women.

If they aren't clean shaven I just can't do it.

No. 386327

Considering pregnancy literally cuts down your lifespan I'd say more people should probably research what pregnancy comes with. I'd love to adopt a child in need in the future but birth itself is out of the question for me unless there will be a surrogate.

My friends, who have been a couple a long time, just had a baby and they're not married. It was planned, as far as they tell people, but I'm not sure. I'm pretty annoyed with this.

I don't think marriage is a sacred thing that children should stay within or whatever. I'm only interested in marriage as a legal institution and I would hope parents would seek to maximize a child's legal rights. It's not even that they're hippie enough to "not believe" in marriage, they're just not seeing that sort of commitment as a possibility or some shit like that. So not committed enough for marriage and a clean splitting of property but committed enough for a whole ass human being. OKAY…

No. 386331

not to be rude but everything pretty much shortens your lifespan to some degree. having kids puts you at certain risks, not having kids puts you at certain risks. hysterectomies shorten your lifespan in some ways, keeping your uterus is a bad idea for some. just stating flatly that kids do x is kinda goofy, everything fucks you over in some way.

No. 386332

Adding to that the permanent modification of your body, decades of financial burden, inability to work for a while, sleep deprivation, etc. Yeah… there's a lot.

No. 386335

(nta) there are also things about pregnancy some women can't predict. some women become disabled after pregnancy or have odd reactions and lose some of their teeth. it's been crippling for women in my family.

No. 386336

Having childrens shortens you Telomeres more than obesity or smoking, the longer Telomeres= better health, longer livespan and slower aging.
They literally fuck up your health and shorten your life expectancy.

No. 386337

Yeah but pregnancy is apart of life. Smoking or eating so much until you get fat isn’t. Not saying everyone should reproduce (because that would be a terrible idea) but it’s pretty much what we were put on this earth to do.

No. 386339

>Muh biological imperative

You can also use your brain and not behave like a dog in heat.

No. 386341

lol okay, what do telomeres have to do with the price of tea in china? literally no one talks about telomeres unless they're a certain cow out of spokane. no one should be taking advice from him, he's a nutjob. love yourself, anon.

No. 386344

Are you okay

No. 386346

You sound like a massive edgelord. Just sayin'. It's not just women that want to procreate, it's literally both sexes, and it has very little to do with being a 'dog in heat'. Some people actually love their families.

How hateful and depressing your life must be.

No. 386348

Right? Not just that, but I seriously question how strong that biological imperative is for people who aren't suggestible retards. I feel legitimately 0 need to have a child and it does nothing but stir up fear for me.

>It's not just women that want to procreate, it's literally both sexes, and it has very little to do with being a 'dog in heat'
Anon, you'll frequently find that men bitch non-stop about women who want to 'trap' them. The only men that claim to want to procreate are the ones who believe in trad shit and want to force women into 'carrying on their legacy' because they have some white pride genealogical fetishism or some shit.

No. 386349

Don't say his name! Does he google himself on the reg? No idea but yeah, um, the very notion of telomeres organically popping up on a message board is a little suspect. Especially one frequented by millennial and gen z women.

No. 386351

Okay, sure. Almost my entire social group from grad school are a) married and b) already has kids or kids are being planned. The guys are not bitching about being trapped. They're excited about being fathers. No one is trad or religious or anything else.

You sound like you're living in a dystopia, sucks to be you? Move to a big city with normal human beings.

No. 386352

Most people have kids because "it's what you do" they don't even think twice about it.

No. 386356

>The guys are not bitching about being trapped. They're excited about being fathers
I think you fail to understand that most people don't truly understand the implications and costs (emotionally, physically, financially) of parenthood until they are actually in it. People are heavily encouraged by friends, family, society, to have kids. Plenty of guys who seem "happy" about having kids later regret them and resent their wives or the mothers of their children, sorry to say. You can deny that this is reality, but if you look around, people are not happy. They're stressed being parents, they complain non-stop about it, but yet push it on everyone because they can't accept that it wasn't a mistake that everyone else should need to make, too.

No. 386359

lol. You know, you're right. The real problem here is that I fail to understand. I should stop hanging out with my friends and switch to a group of suspicious people who talk on message boards about how everyone is a miserable liar, living in denial.

Enjoy your blackpill life, anon. I wish you well.