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No. 396926

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

Radical Feminism thread >>>/ot/373459

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Inauthentic Selves: The modern LGBTQ+ Movement Is Run By Philanthropic Astroturf And Based On Junk Science



Documenting violent crimes committed by transgender individuals
This Never Happens

Parents and clinicians concerned about transgender youth
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No. 396927

File: 1554853528822.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 396933

File: 1554854629635.jpeg (163.71 KB, 691x995, 1_PxOjNWD_Y3v2od-qDO0lNg.jpeg)

The secret trans literature “THEY” don’t want you to know about!

Hacsi Horvath

Apr 1


No. 396935

File: 1554854780158.png (512.63 KB, 800x1028, Screenshot_2019-04-09-17-01-35…)

No. 396943

Deprogrammed: Meghan Murphy on Feminism and Trans Misogyny

Unsafe Space

Streamed live on Apr 4, 2019

This week, Keri and Carter talk to Meghan Murphy. Meghan is a writer and journalist in Vancouver, BC. She is the founder and editor of Feminist Current, Canada's leading feminist website, and has published work in numerous national and international publications, including, Al Jazeera, Quillette, UnHerd, the CBC, and more. Meghan holds a Masters degree in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies.


No. 396948

File: 1554857191055.png (518.69 KB, 800x1037, Screenshot_2019-04-09-17-44-09…)

The Times today reports serious concerns about the functioning of the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust. Lucy Bannerman, the Times reporter, writes:

“The Times has spoken to five clinicians who resigned from the service because of concerns over the treatment of vulnerable children who come to the clinic presenting as transgender.

“They believe that some gay children struggling with their sexuality are being wrongly diagnosed as “transgender” by the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) clinic.”

“All five former staff were responsible for deciding which trans-identifying youngsters should be given hormone blockers to halt their sexual development.”

The paper also carries a piece by Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine at the University of Oxford, who says that the long-term effects of those hormone-blocking drugs when administered to children is not yet known; the medicines concerned were not developed for this purpose, he notes:

“Given the paucity of evidence, the off-label use of drugs that occurs in gender dysphoria largely means an unregulated live experiment on children.”

That’s quite something. NHS clinicians, supported by a leading medical academic, have said they fear the NHS is doing something that could be harmful to children.

This has caused outrage, but possibly not in the way you’d expect. A lot of people are angry, but they’re angry at the fact that those concerns have been reported. On Twitter, where this conversation often takes place, the Times and Lucy Bannerman are being accused of transphobia, of bigotry, of seeking the harm and even death of transgender children.

(continue reading)


No. 396949

This is Orwellian as fuck.

No. 396954

Maybe the more this happens, the more people will realize how insane this whole trans agenda really is. Maybe we'll see more people detransition, kids talking about how their munchie parent was really pushing everything onto them, based doctors talking about agps influencing tras

No. 396955

File: 1554858583866.png (123.59 KB, 800x674, Screenshot_2019-04-09-17-18-10…)


We live in Orwellian times
Where wrongthink is really a crime
Where blokes can be chicks
Whilst waving their dicks
In accord with the mantra they chime


No. 396966


I browsed some of this archive and ended up looking at photos from a crossdressing/trans fair from the 70s and 80s. Even the obvious agp/troops seemed MUCH chiller then now, like all they wanted was to wear housewive style dresses with matching jackets and drink tea. Wtf happened?

No. 396968

this shit is cringy as fuck tho.

No. 396979

their is nothing more masculine in this world then having fronthole sex with your bf and then getting impregnated


No. 397014

I think it mostly comes down to there being more boundaries. They stayed in their lane because they knew that they could never get away with modern TiMs do. It was also mostly seen as just an offshoot of homosexuality back then. There's no fundamental difference between a transgender and a transvestite really but current ideology insists that there is.

No. 397092

File: 1554880434121.jpeg (83.05 KB, 720x816, 852D47E4-96F7-4F09-ACD9-EBFDA7…)

Yes, im sure trannies are only mentally ill because of uWu BulLiES and not because they often regret mutilating their genitalia, making themselves sick and infertile with hormones and steroids, and constantly altering their face with plastic surgery trying to look like anime girls and yaoi boys, an unachievable ideal. No, it’s definitely the evil terfs ruining their mental health.

No. 397094

I’m relieved to see both the medical malpractice and TRA’s attempted censorship are being reported on in more mainstream publications. Many people don’t think critically and only read publications that reinforce their beliefs, so many will only see articles with a pro-trans bias without even realising that anything is being repressed on their side. Hopefully this will wake some of these people up to the fact that journalists and academics with legitimate concerns are being silenced, and it’s not just because they’re all mean bigots saying mean things.

No. 397099


I completely agree. I think for most GC followers the new articles weren't really anything new or surprising. But I'm glad they are being published by the main stream media. Hopefully wakes some people up.

I saw a lot of normies commenting being absolutely flabbergasted that there was a patient as young as 3 years old being transed.

No. 397100

This doesn't even make sense. Black people and gay people don't have anywhere near the high rates of suicidal ideation that trans people report, and never have even ten or twenty years ago when things were even worse for them. So is this person saying troons are literally the most oppressed and bullied group in all of human history?

No. 397106

What could become immense public backlash against transing children comes just as the ICD-11 goes into effect in which gender incongruence is no longer classified as a mental disorder.

ICD-11 will be presented at the World Health Assembly in May 2019 for adoption by Member States, and will come into effect on 1 January 2022.

One of the new chapters added to ICD-11 is “conditions related sexual health”, which includes gender incongruence that was previously classed as a mental disorder. ICD-11 stresses that gender incongruence is “characterised by a marked and persistent incongruence between an individual's experienced gender and the assigned sex”, and gender variant behaviour and preferences alone do not form the basis for diagnosis. Such a move should help to remove stigma and improve social acceptance of gender variant children and adolescents, as well as ensure access to health interventions. Moreover, the classification is also subdivided into that of childhood and that of adolescence and adulthood, recognising that prepubertal children have different presentations and needs compared with adolescents, and require different clinical approaches.



Prior to the Times expose, the majority of reporting was by the Mail and the Mirror so its validity could be dismissed.

I hope researchers pick up where the Brown study on ROGD left off and clinicians and the media regard it more seriously.

No. 397109

Too many people really have no idea what’s going on and think that transing children, rapists in bathrooms and women’s shelters and other examples of harm caused by trans ideology are made up, exaggerated or “just one bad apple”. For a supposedly oppressed minority, the trans community has been able to garner an insane amount of goodwill and benefit of the doubt.

>So is this person saying troons are literally the most oppressed and bullied group in all of human history?
Is this a rhetorical question? Because yes, that’s exactly the narrative that they’re trying to push and they’ll even posthumously trans notable gay and/or gnc black people to do so. It wouldn’t surprise me if they start claiming that homophobia never existed and it was all transphobia all along.

Yeah exactly. It’s been way too easy for people to dismiss anything from those sources as fake news.

No. 397113

Has anyone else noticed troons do this weird thing where they'll say something disgusting, then when people get angry they'll deny they ever said it and try to play dumb?

Like how Zinnia Jones said men who don't like trans women should get teabagged until they like it, and then claimed he was just suggesting fun mutually consensual things men could do with a troon girlfriend. But the word "UNTIL you like it" implies there'd be a point in the encounter he didn't like it, so that doesn't make sense.

I don't know what you would call this. Some form of gaslighting maybe.

No. 397114

Pretty good article on non-binary identities:
>If the Future Is Nonbinary, It's a Bleak One for Women

Includes this bit about Peter Coffin. Remember that guy? I’m pretty sure he has a banner here.
>Writer Peter Coffin, for instance—a bearded father of two who is married to a feminine-presenting woman—came out earlier this year as “agender,” a subsidiary of the nonbinary identity. Why? Because, in his own words, he “disliked [his] place in the gender dynamic.” So, instead of working to dismantle a hierarchy that places men at the top and women at the bottom, he simply stopped identifying as a man, while, of course, still receiving all the privileges of people who look like them. I suppose that’s one way to deal with structural sexism.

No. 397121

File: 1554892034106.jpg (243.16 KB, 720x1280, kgxkgdkgx.jpg)

>critically messy lesbian
This guy actually thinks he passes, named himself Christine Love and tries to act like he was born with the name kek

No. 397123


>he has a banner here

By way of his girlfriend doll. He has a very active 127-page thread on KF.

Why did the reporter choose him, of all people? Seattle is lousy with enbies. Are they still referring to themselves as enbies?

No. 397131


ICD-11 Chapter 17 Gender Incongruence
Text of the entry for Gender Incongruence in ICD-11 (2018)
17 Conditions related to sexual health
Gender incongruence

Gender incongruence is characterized by a marked and persistent incongruence between an individual’s experienced gender and the assigned sex. Gender variant behaviour and preferences alone are not a basis for assigning the diagnoses in this group.

Paraphilic disorders (6D30-6D3Z)

HA60 Gender incongruence of adolescence or adulthood

Gender incongruence of adolescence and adulthood is characterized by a marked and persistent incongruence between an individual´s experienced gender and the assigned sex, as manifested by at least two of the following:

1) a strong dislike or discomfort with the one’s primary or secondary sex characteristics (in adolescents, anticipated secondary sex characteristics) due to their incongruity with the experienced gender;

2) a strong desire to be rid of some or all of one’s primary and/or secondary sex characteristics (in adolescents, anticipated secondary sex characteristics) due to their incongruity with the experienced gender;

3) a strong desire to have the primary and/or secondary sex characteristics of the experienced gender.

The individual experiences a strong desire to be treated (to live and be accepted) as a person of the experienced gender. The experienced gender incongruence must have been continuously present for at least several months. The diagnosis cannot be assigned prior the onset of puberty. Gender variant behaviour and preferences alone are not a basis for assigning the diagnosis.

Paraphilic disorders (6D30-6D3Z)

HA61 Gender incongruence of childhood

Gender incongruence of childhood is characterized by a marked incongruence between an individual’s experienced/expressed gender and the assigned sex in pre-pubertal children. It includes a strong desire to be a different gender than the assigned sex; a strong dislike on the child’s part of his or her sexual anatomy or anticipated secondary sex characteristics and/or a strong desire for the primary and/or anticipated secondary sex characteristics that match the experienced gender; and make-believe or fantasy play, toys, games, or activities and playmates that are typical of the experienced gender rather than the assigned sex. The incongruence must have persisted for about 2 years. Gender variant behaviour and preferences alone are not a basis for assigning the diagnosis.

Paraphilic disorders (6D30-6D3Z)


No. 397135

if its not a mental disorder then why should insurance cover any costs?

No. 397146

File: 1554898610813.jpg (62.53 KB, 652x960, FB_IMG_1554898433972.jpg)

Unironically posted by a girl I know on Facebook.
Damn, how can people be this oblivious??

No. 397149


It is now classified as a "condition related to sexual health", see >>397131. While the ICD delineates diagnostic criteria only and not treatment, this change reinforces the informed consent treatment model which does not require a psychiatric component.

In other words, this change fully validates the troon delusion. The problem is in the body, not the mind!

Insurance companies and health care plans will be relieved of having to cover psychiatric and psychological treatments.

The DSM-V won't be replaced for years yet, but the informed consent model has already all but supplanted the gatekeeping model, particularly in the US.

The current WPATH Standard of Care manual is volume 7, published in 2012.


No. 397160

oh he is that guy who makes gross visual novels, yeah?

No. 397161

so this dude used to copy RLM and YMS-style reviews, and now he is making this. why does youtube as a platform attracts so many sickos?

No. 397164

Gross, please stop using terms meant for actual lesbians.
Also most women who have beards are that way due to PCOS, and it doesn't dictate their level masculinity either KEK why do these men love to act like they know how women live? They're the most oblivious.

No. 397176

File: 1554907318386.png (529.81 KB, 800x1034, Screenshot_2019-04-10-07-29-28…)



1. LONG THREAD: Double mastectomies for young teens in the United States, in contrast to concerns voiced by former @NHS @TaviAndPort clinicians in 8th April @thetimes articles.

Thread includes more leaked posts provided by our source in the affirmative-parent Facebook group.

No. 397177

File: 1554907357894.png (358.04 KB, 800x891, Screenshot_2019-04-10-07-31-59…)

No. 397179

File: 1554907497483.png (408.56 KB, 800x900, Screenshot_2019-04-10-07-32-18…)

No. 397181

File: 1554907653626.png (270.9 KB, 800x1041, Screenshot_2019-04-10-07-33-21…)

No. 397182

File: 1554907745969.png (435.79 KB, 800x1031, Screenshot_2019-04-10-07-33-33…)

No. 397183

File: 1554907845076.png (431.97 KB, 800x1039, Screenshot_2019-04-10-07-33-56…)

No. 397185

File: 1554908687731.png (26.91 KB, 708x158, D3umz_VXoAYrYZJ.png)

No. 397210

File: 1554916415661.jpeg (61.16 KB, 555x603, D2R7ccOX0AE2vdQ.jpeg)

1. LONG THREAD: Testosterone for nonbinary 13-year-olds, in the latest batch of leaked posts from the affirmative parent group. In several threads, multiple mothers appear to claim that Dr. Olson-Kennedy is prescribing T to middle schoolers, in some cases without blockers first.


No. 397228

This is why so many parents opt for private school, sometimes religious (despite not being devout), in order to help their kids escape exposure to this madness. A child should be focused on socialization and education, not stressing over surgeries and hormones. It's garbage.

It's rare to see a trans person succeed at anything besides being a TRA, being a "personality", cheating in sports, or doing sex work. Their obsession with their body limits their personal growth and interests substantially from what I've seen. Many businesses and organizations do avoid hiring them, not out of hatred, but fear of lawsuits since you can't sneeze near a tranny without them screaming it's transphobic violence and they are a step away from suicide.

No. 397230

I hate this video so much

No. 397253

how can you post this online without any shame

No. 397257

File: 1554924051271.jpg (29.92 KB, 540x278, p8vndlTPnv1wtp9i3o1_540.jpg)

Not sure if this has been posted in these threads already, but in case anyone had any doubt…

No. 397259

The amount of mental gymnastics taking place is astounding.

No. 397273

This dude has the most annoying voice and cadence I've ever heard

No. 397300

TIL there's a subreddit for documenting crimes committed by TiMs.


No. 397303

>trans men deserve rights like reproduction
Imagine hating women so damn fucking much you have to call them men to say that shit

I know mtfs are fucking absurd and dangerous but ftms are fucking so self hating and misogynistic too. And we're suppose to cheer and be happy and be all supportive of their misogyny or else we deserve death

I fucking hate this timeline you guys. I'm glad this thread exists

Ask every one of these troons what is a woman. Seriously they just want to be called a woman and have full access to all of our private spaces not knowing and not caring one but why women have private spaces in the first place, fuck

Add this onto the pile of things people should see about how troons really are…

No. 397343

This guy makes me so mad because I used to be subscribed to him until he posted his coming out as troon video. He was actually discussed A couple threads ago. I posted a few things about him back then in fact. He got gross and delusional.

I miss his reviews of bizarre horror movies, in his old style (thumbnails included). His new style is so garish. I bet his "NB" girlfriend draws the new thumbnails because why else use something that looks so bad compared to the earlier style kek

No. 397345

File: 1554937939998.png (366.84 KB, 800x1035, Screenshot_2019-04-10-16-08-44…)

Towards the end of the last thread a few anons were talking about having friends and family members who refuse to hear gender critical views. There's currently a thread on r/GC on the topic.

How do you handle having someone in your life who believes all the trans rhetoric?


This piece by Jane Clare Jones is the best overview I've read. Very well articulated, it's a thorough GC 101. Leave it open on your monitor when that person in your life is in the room.

While all of this is happening, a large swath of the British public remain completely in the dark about exactly what is happening, or their awareness extends only as far as thinking that the trans rights movement is just – as it presents itself to be – the latest frontier in the extension of liberal human rights. That is, a good chunk of the British public remain completely unaware about the ideology that informs the present iteration of the trans rights movement, and completely unaware of the practical implications of this ideology should it come – as it actually is at a staggering rate – to inform the creation of public and institutional policy.


Jane was permanently suspended from Twitter yesterday.


No. 397360

How?? How are they silencing people like this and no one bats an eye?? Alt right violent shitposting is fine but writing well thought well written literature is a hate crime. They are actually prosecuting wrongthink fml why aren’t they deleting troons who love to promote violence against terfs in every other tweet??

No. 397391

File: 1554950768683.png (319.5 KB, 450x435, Screenshot_2019-04-11 A Story …)

>Lesbian leaves Husband and marries another Woman but then later herself becomes a Husband

No. 397392

the worst part in my opinion
>Nine months of silent contemplation, as well as heated discussions, ensued before a watershed moment in couples counseling: “Our therapist made me shut up and listen to Dade. I really heard him for the first time. It’s not a choice. It’s just who he is. I saw how vital transitioning was to his existence.” After that session, Grimes visited what she calls her “tree of life,” a giant cedar on their former property, where they renew their vows each year, to lay her wife to rest. “I grieved her loss and really let her die,” she says, to make room for the man who would become her husband.

No. 397394

Barf. This is so incredibly toxic.

No. 397400

I tried to Google "are men faster than women" and was thrown by how few related articles showed up. That was suspicious to say the least.

This article from 2008 was relevant. It makes me sad to see how far we have fallen and how biological certainties are discarded in favor of delusions and biased "studies".


It discusses the advantage that men have because of testosterone. And no, synthetic estrogen doesn't mute the effects testosterone has had on a man's vital organs throughout his life, such as the heart. I would have provided an excerpt but the NYT has software that prevents me from doing so. It's a good read about the innate differences between male and female bodies.

No. 397425

Yeah it takes Twitter fucking ages to go through actual nazi accounts and suspend them, it took probably a month for me to receive the message that the account I had reported was banned. But calling out TRAs? Half an hour and your account is gone forever and the British police are at your door.

Finland is having its parliamentary elections (choosing the 200 members of parliament to make the laws) this week and the renewing of the trans law has been on the table once again. Currently you need to be sterilized in order to be recognized as the other gender juridically, which basically means that you take hormone treatment that stops your natural reproduction system and renders you sterile. No surgeries required. However, the trans activists have twisted the truth to sound like trans people are forced to go through surgical castration to be deemed fit for a juridical sex change. So of course you got the people who haven't read more into it rallying up and being appalled that the poor trans people shouldn't be oppressed like this.

I've had to educate a ton of my friends about what the law is actually about because they sincerely believed the part about sterilization meant surgical intervention, but the vast majority of all the well-meaning normies have no idea. The renewal of the trans law to fit the TRA demands would mean that self-identification would become possible and you don't need to have dysphoria to change your legal sex. Currently all trans issues are dealt through or own public health care and like so many other 1st world western countries we've had a rocketing amount of trans-identified minors who, unsurprisingly, are all young women. The local TRAs just wave it off as "people being more aware of the possibility of being trans!!!!" but thankfully the public-funded health care doesn't operate on money grubbing so there are a number of doctors who are skeptical to the point they actually paused treatments on "nonbinary" people last fall. I'm sort of scared of how this will turn out because naturally we have our share of medical professionals who support the trans ideology and we're vulnerable to big pharma lobbyists just like any other country.

No. 397430

Sounds like the discussion around Japan’s transgender law. It’s so disineguous how they scream that trans people literally need HRT to live, but then when the government agrees to have that as a (what appears to be commonly agreed upon) standard for legal transition it’s suddenly a human rights violation to think anyone actually wants HRT.

How are the laws in Finland regarding TIMs in girls’ and womens’ safe spaces, sports etc.? Because if anything the Finnish trans movement is now openly screaming off the rooftops that the majority of TIMs have a fully functional male body including a penis that they don’t feel particularly dysphoric about at all. At least in my country, the general population is still under the impression that the majority of TIMs are post-OP or at least on hormones that supposedly make them more feminine and less aggressive, and also that they hate their pre-OP body so much that they’d never use it to assault anyone. I think it would be good to call attention to this because it might peak trans a lot of people.

No. 397431

Of course we have our share of predatory TIMs but thankfully TIMs in general are pretty rare here, I've only encountered a few and they're unusually chill compared to the fetishtic troons from the US and the UK. It's usually the "nonbinary" community that's the loudest here. So a man in a dress entering female sports competitions and spaces hasn't really been a problem because the worst bunch limit their perversions to screaming on social media. Some other finnanon might be able to offer more insight on them because I mostly have experience with the deranged nonbinaries and don't associate with the LGBT communities that much. Finnish gay men seem to hate troons though lmao, a traditional gay bar got bashed recently for retracting their funding of the local pride event due to it being filled with trannies instead of gay/lesbian people.

No. 397456

Wives of TiMs have it horrible, but I sometimes forget how terrible it must be for lesbians as well.

They're all narcissists, but it's especially terrible for lesbians since your whole life as one is pretty much spent being told that you'll find the right man.

No. 397603

File: 1555007999756.png (949.33 KB, 699x989, autofynefiilit.png)

Sadly I have started to encounter more autogynephilic troons on dating apps, on tinder I only search women and these are not the only TIMs I have seen.

No. 397632

I find it hilarious when troons start gaining weight from being lazy slobs they think it's the estrogen turning them into a ~soft girl uwu~

No. 397639


Jesus, that's fucked.

No. 397644

Fucking disgusting pigs.

No. 397646

"Hanna" looks like a Finnish (male) friend of mine in drag, lmao.
Also it's funny how TIMs either dress like streetwalkers, alt/goth or weeb. Only 4 profiles and we can already check all the three categories.

No. 397676

keking @ the dude who can't even manage to look female in an edited picture taken for cosplay

No. 397682

I give Hannah props for at least trying to look like a real female and not just a dude with long hair or anime girl.

And at least they're actually landing themselves as trans. Some just put "woman" as if there's no distinction.

No. 397684

sure, but hanna has AGP.
he's trying to become the woman he wants to fuck.
no doubt he's going to end up with another AGP.

No. 397728


Because "looking like a real female" is wearing feminine clothing and accessories?

Do you hear yourself, anon?

No. 397793

File: 1555043656150.png (741.13 KB, 621x953, idjk.png)

I mean it's the usual uwu alt look I guess

No. 397797

File: 1555043951565.png (621.36 KB, 637x991, adultbaby.png)

And I didn't even post Lumi's worst picture. I'm 70% sure I have actually seen him in the wild, once at the university metro station I saw some troon who looked like age player

No. 397802

seriously? until i hit puberty i insisted on only wearing boys clothes and played on the boys sports teams. why? i grew up solely around boys. i remember crying because i couldn't pee with the boys and would never be a real boy

thank fucking god my parents just let me be

No. 397812

File: 1555047893671.jpg (139.88 KB, 509x509, flicky.jpg)

On many apps, TIMs will just claim that they're real women. They're always clockable, though. Tragically, there are so few lesbians on these apps (compared to bisexuals or enbies) that I start to assume it's going to be a TIM if they exclusively identify as a lesbian woman.

I'm very reclusive and am starting to (begrudgingly) admit I'm most likely gay but it's so terrifying to try to start meeting women for me, especially in THIS climate. TIMs and TRA politics in my country have made me try to brainwash myself straight because I'm so tired of dealing with it all.

No. 397920

Went for post work beers with some coworkers/friends and we somehow got on this topic. One friend knows I’m GC and I’ve sent her some info by request. But I felt like both of them (one woman, one man) were just trying so hard to validate the trans/NB experiences and I was just trying to be polite and save face but I wanted to scream. I brought up some crazy instances (e.g. self-ID’ers allowed access to all female spaces) but they seem to think those people are outliers because “well I have a friends back home who’s NB.”

Yeah, me too. And I still think it’s fucking bull shit. I don’t have a single person I can be openly and fully GC with IRL (except my
SO, I guess) and it drives me crazy. I’m so grateful for spaces like this. Sorry for the rambling; definitely drunk.

No. 397949

I hate that when I learned about Katie Bouman, the first thing I did was check to see if she was actually a man.

No. 397954

That whole thing pisses me off. Imagine writing a measly percentage of code and everyone props you up as the team leader just because of your gender. How patronizing.

No. 397963

She’s being interviewed because she’s a group leader, not because of the number of lines of code she did or did not personally upload. This is how it goes with every scientific breakthrough, except nobody cries foul when the person getting all the media exposure is a man.

No. 397965

so what if she hasn't written the code, she designed it and lead the team? it's like saying bill gates didn't make microsoft or something

the way they pointed it out was obnoxious and the way everone with half a brain cell remembered margaret hamilton (as obviously the only other woman that ever did something praise worthy (ie stem related)) was too

No. 397968

File: 1555095541672.jpeg (67.85 KB, 555x314, A68F2F2D-2608-4DB9-9B91-6ACBC4…)

No. 397969

Everyone gives Elon Musk all the credit for whenever SpaceX does something despite not actually being involved in any of the actual science/engineering

So tbh if Katie Bouman gets the credit for the black hole picture I'm all for that, at least until people stop riding Musk's/Bezos's/etc's dicks

Also computer scientists != code monkeys, I know plenty of computer scientists in research who NEVER code lmao, why is that your requirement for her?

No. 397970

that bottom left picture is bad

he probably thinks he looks waifish when he just looks like a skinny man

No. 397971

Can you at least take this to a more relevant thread? It has nothing to do with transgenderism.

No. 397972

The problem isn't what was or what wasn't done by who. What people are complaining about is the media narrative of having a bias shoved down their throats. If the original article just reported on it neutrally I doubt anyone would have cared. Mention that the team leader is Katie Bouman, mention the other people in her team that are both men and women. Don't try to score political points because all you're going to do is create a backlash against it. Now these people are going to have to deal with the negative reaction from the article, instead of being celebrated for what they did. All because some retard journalist couldn't keep their own political views out of an article that had fuck all to do with politics.

No. 397979

what you are saying isn't very smart

if anything they reported it in such way to garner clicks and make money, because it's currently trendy and profitable to present as a sjw. so no, it does not have to do with the journalist being biased and showing political opinions down readers throats. people who think like that also believe gillete should be boycotted because it's a feminist company. it's downright stupid

No. 397980

File: 1555096764242.png (62.92 KB, 763x463, EVIL VEGAN TERFS.PNG)

Caring about animals is transphobic kek
Original Article: https://everydayfeminism.com/2016/03/animal-rights-oppressive/

No. 397984

>because it's currently trendy and profitable to _present_ as a sjw
>so no, it does not have to do with the journalist being biased and showing political opinions down readers throats

No. 397985

>and incorrect

No. 397986

File: 1555097104933.jpg (26.69 KB, 499x481, de15df26e9bf61c4f5672a08dc60a5…)

>Talking about women having vaginas is somehow harmful and incorrect biology
Why is mainstream feminism like this now? How did we get to this point where being a woman with a functioning reproductive system is somehow offensive to talk about? It's like we've regressed.

No. 397987

>All because some retard journalist couldn't keep their own political views
journalists don't write like that because of their own political views and to influence readers, but for the sole purpose of making money

No. 397992

>'built on the exploitation of the "female reproductive system"'
Oh, so like how human society was built on the exploitation of the "female reproductive system"? Y'know, how WOMEN were sold like cattle and had to be pregnant near constantly until birth control became more available?

Back then, "trans women" lead the same lives as all men, profiting off the reproductive exploitation of women.

No. 397994

I wonder how farmers figure out which animals to milk, or which to keep for eggs? What with biological sex being a post-colonial social construct and all.

No. 397995

well, obviously they ask them what they identify as first.

No. 397996

This really leads me to worry what's in our milk if they're milking TiM cows.

No. 397997

sperm, anon.

No. 397999

Feeling this hard anon. I fucking hate that now every time when we're celebrating a woman's STEM achievement I need to check if she's actually a woman because so many times it's a crusty tranny being branded as the "woman of the year".

This can't be fucking real.

No. 398002

Anon dealing with SiL's new ftm beau back again. I had never actually interacted with a transman before and it is just fucking strange. I do not see how any part of her is male in any way. One of their social media profiles has the caption: "Things I'm obsessed with: dogs, the beach, my hair." No man would ever fucking write that. I had a conversation with her about dogs and it was the same as any other canine-obsessed female. She's more stereo typically feminine than me! I was hate-stalking her old social media accounts and she used to look like a cute lesbian (dated men tho) up to 3 years ago when she decided that testosterone was the only way to "embrace her true self." I almost wonder if she just decided to go for the currently accepted conversion therapy rather than come out of the closet. The whole thing is making me sad. Since she "transitioned" she has gained close to 100lbs I would say of fat. That doesn't point to the idea that she is happier now. I'm worried about my SiL, because I only see this ending in tears.

I'm blaming Tumblr for this. I think that this mtf was probably in crisis over her identity or some traumatic event that occurred and the SJW echo chamber brainwashed her into self mutilation. This whole "trans-positive movement" is pushed by fetishists and pharmaceutical companies thrilled to have a dependent population. A miserable mtf is a much better cash cow to milk than a happy lesbian, at least for big pharma. I think that there is another fetish than the autogynephyliacs and fujos at work here. I think there are a lot of miserable, twisted people online who get their rocks off by convincing others to transition. This whole thing is like a mind virus that vectors through chatrooms and infects the mentally unstable.

No. 398005

So when she was "female" she dated men and now she's "male" she dates women.

Wow, a homophobic troon. That's original.

Anyway, probably a lesbian with so much internalized lesbophobia that she felt she needed to be a man to be able to date women.

No. 398006

y'know, they claim that hrt can change your sexuality. like, not just a lesbian woman to a straight man, but like… changing the sex you're attracted to- its not something they advertise it for but plenty of them claim their sexuality claimed.

No. 398017

I've definitely seem them claiming this.

It's almost always "HRT made me want dick" too. I've never seen a single MTF claim estrogen made him attracted to women. It's rarer for FTMs to claim HRT changed their sexuality, but when they do most of them also seem to claim it made them attracted to men.

No. 398028

yeah it's internalized homophobia. look at brucey. he was always like "i'm very straight i love women" but once he became a troon he was like:
>Caitlyn Jenner reveals she will never have sex with a woman again - but says she may sleep with a man after her gender reassignment surgery

No. 398035

What kind of mental gymnastics go into thinking being gay is worse than being a troon

No. 398039

it's pretty simple. A lot of people see transness as either cooler or more acceptable than being gay, depending on their opinion on gay people in the first place. unfortunately a lot of young, vulnerable people are pushed into transness for one of those reasons

No. 398042

Wait for the articles claiming animals like dogs and cats are transphobic because some of them don't like men and trans women are offended that animals can tell the difference and clock them

No. 398045

I blame countries like thailand and saudi arabia that normalize tr00ns. They are so insanely homophobic, that they would rather have MTF tr00ns than gay sons. it's fucking awful.

No. 398047

It breaks my heart because as women we still have such a long way to go for any semblance of equality. Things like periods and the female anatomy is already so 'taboo' compared to men, and these tr00ns make it worse. I still consider myself a feminist, but i am also openly a terf because this shit is bringing us back 100 years.

No. 398054

He's just an autogynephile. Having a vagina and having sex with a man is not genuine attraction for him. It's autogynephilic pseudo bisexuality, Blanchard writes about this, because the man and the surgery are getting him off because it validates his Woman Feels. Hence why AGPs are so obsessed with getting "the surgery" over even trying to pass, or make it the first thing they do. Because as everyone knows, the most woman thing of all is getting fucked, apparently.

None of these guys are actually gay or bi, especially because none of them ever fucked guys before trooning out, and then they cheat on their wife with randos from the internet, or post lewd pics, or fantasize about sissy trap stuff with a generic Alpha Male TM.

Its basically about a fantasy, the man is a prop to induce a feeling, they don't have emotional connections or even specific types of guys they like other than "makes me feel like a weak trap gf uwu unu"

Actual gay trans are too busy, like, being around the actual gay and drag community. Het troons hate actual gay men, and hate drag, gay male culture and fun. Some of the most homophobic men I know trooned out, and it's like, fuck off, you said "gays need to keep that shit to themselves, it's fucking inappropriate for kids" and now you wanna be an irl trap? fuck off.

No. 398065

i swear to fucking god they rewrite their definition of female thousands of times because they want people to only talk about them.
i remember when people started saying "don't call women females!" and when people would ask why, they'd explain "because it's objectifying us. we call animals that, not people." now it's going "UHHHH NOT ALL ANIMALS WITH VAGINAS ARE FEMALE" ffs a vagina is a female body part, you wouldn't be a troon if you were born with female body parts

No. 398126

i agree that i dont think their attraction to men is the same as actually being bisexual or gay, but i think men can be memed into anything so i do think that over time they can experience some attraction to men, but i mostly agree with you, yes, affirmation of their 'role' as the woman that initially draws them to it, but i think in general they're like, capable of being bisexual anyways, like, i think agp guys tend to be the msot degenerate type of men that can be attracted to like, anything, they're just that hypersexual

No. 398130

My best friend's husband has been transitioning for the last little while and I think I need to finally cut ties. I was friends with him before, we even dated veryyyy briefly before we broke up and I introduced him to my friend. But now he tries to be so touchy and close with me I can't stand it. My best friend almost encourages it because it's similar to how she acts with me. I can't take it. They legit asked if I might be transphobic because I said I was uncomfortable with him trying to touch me. I was close with him in the sense that he is my best friend's husband but not like this. My friend seems fine with the whole situation since she has always indentified as bisexual lol. It's too much, we have all known each other for nearly a decade but them dismissing my need for personal space like that really makes me feel like his need for validation is more important than my feelings about being touched by people I don't want touching me.

No. 398131

They're absolutely valuing him feeling "female" over your comfort.

Honestly, it doesn't matter what he identifies. If you ask a friend to stop doing something that makes you uncomfortable - to a reasonable point - they should do.

No. 398132

Him transitioning doesn't give him the freedom to be touchy with every woman he knows. My troon ex was exactly like this, forced himself on my best friend when they hung out together one time. This guy definitely just wants to have everyone think he's soo attractive.

No. 398135

Anyone here read "Whipping Girl" by Julia Serano? It's about TIMs and how they're treated. Apparently this author has a PhD in biochemistry. The author talks about "cisgender privilege" and lack of representation of TIMs and how they shouldn't be excluded from feminism because they're "women". I was on Goodreads reading the reviews and someone wrote for their review: "Anti-woman, anti-lesbian, not feminist" (probably the most honest review on the book) Another person (a man) wrote in his review that Serano "grounds her argument in biology" uh huh, if the author grounded their argument in biology, then transgenderism wouldn't exist. The only good thing about this book is that it talks about feminine traits (like emotions and caring) and how it's okay to have those kinds of traits. If anyone has the time and patience to read this TIM's book, please do so!

No. 398143

Spoiler that shit next time, gross.

No. 398144

that's a woman im pretty sure. youre speaking to a spammer report it

No. 398152

honestly, just because a TiM acknowledges some amount of logic doesn't make them a good source or someone I want to support by buying/downloading his book.

No. 398185

Said “nonbinary” is a bull shit label because none of us are really fully entrenched in our societal gender roles and that radical feminists would actually love a gender-less society and my friends condescendingly were like, “But that’s just not the world we live in.” Why do people hate GNC people so much? Just let someone be a dude in a dress or a butch woman. Why are they so obsessed with labels…

No. 398186

File: 1555142566115.png (139.83 KB, 635x358, 1555141812141.png)

Alright lets talk about race
every statistic I have seen online seems to Indicate that Troons by % are are overwhelmingly black
white troons are overall higher in numbers but by % African Americans are leading the way
I'm not a racist and am actually Indian myslef but I feel this has to be discussed(race baiting)

No. 398187

no. starting a race debate is the absolute most fucking retarded thing you could do.

No. 398188

I don't wanna make a race debate but this is something that should be talked about

No. 398190

What's there to discuss? We already know that most TiMs are black prostitutes and that the african american culture has very strict gender roles which usually causes transgenderism to become real.

No. 398195

Kek, trannies have finally been banned from the military. It's too bad they won't continue on the path of refusing maladjusted psychos from the military in general, but neocons gonna neocon

Soooo pathetic and annoying to see anyone on the left crying about this, especially ones that oppose the military. Wow, so awesome trans gals can't die in some pointless errand, what a tragedy! But really, it's more likely that these psychotic, violent troons would rape some Syrian girl and wear her gallbladder as a hat


No. 398199

I remember troons toting this book as their holy bible or something years ago

No. 398201

I’ve seen some insanely well passing blacks on r/transpassing before. Both male and female. It’s crazy. Smaller differences between the sexes facial structures I guess…

No. 398202


My tranny friend bought me a copy. I never read it. I never will. Dont really want to pass it on and spread the troon ideology. What should I do with the book?

No. 398208

I've been in the radfem community for a while so I'm somewhat familiar with the gender discourse. From my understanding, straight middle-aged dudes mostly have a fetish thing that eventually leads to them wanting to become a woman but what about young people? Are they gays who can't accept their sexuality or what's the reason for wanting to be a woman? I'm sorry if these basic things have been discussed; I'm just trying to understand everything.

No. 398210

File: 1555152375287.png (Spoiler Image,342.21 KB, 720x838, 20190413_074419.png)

This image is NSFL, but damn if this isn't every AGP weeaboo troon stereotype at once

No. 398211

That looks so dumb. Like it looks like a fat male child's chest on a man's body. They look like moobs

No. 398214

Lmao the nipples give him away instantly. Fucking hate weeaboos ugh disgusting

No. 398219

Figure you guys would appreciate this badass lady @1:00.

No. 398220

I'd say burn it, but it'd be a waste of resources and the poor tree that was used to make that paper deserves better. Recycle it

No. 398225

> and we don't look like men in drag


No. 398228

B-but thousand of trans people attempt suicide every day as it is, and now the government won’t even train them in the use of deadly weapons and send them into a combat zone??? How unreasonable.

In the past, gay people tended to transition much earlier in life than AGPs as they were often gender non-conforming and experiencing homophobia from childhood. Transitioning into gender-confirming “straight” people was thought to make their life easier.
AGPs on the other hand would live much of their life as normal men and would only transition as some kind of midlife crisis, after having achieved everything most men strive for and feeling bored with their (sex) life. If they transitioned openly it would only be after achieving success in their career and personal life. Even if the fetish developed earlier, openly expressing it could harm their prospects so they’d initially keep it confined to the bedroom and fetish clubs.

Nowadays it’s much more socially acceptable to be trans and kids are inundated with internet porn from a relatively young age, so the fetish develops earlier and it’s much easier to openly transition before being fully settled in life. I think that when it comes to actual children transitioning it’s still mostly gay and/or gnc kids (with homophobic/munchie parents), but teenage boys and young men could be either type. Certain predatory online groups pride themselves on convincing young straight guys to become transbians.

No. 398235

Wasn’t there already a troon complaining about that on reddit?

No. 398237

race doesnt matter when its men overwhelmingly that transition more than women. it's like men are naturally deviant and braindead or something~

No. 398239

That's a very straightforward explanation, thank you!

No. 398265

Hard agree. At the end of the day, it all boils down to one of two things:
>Gross, pornsick males and fujoshi trying to live out their fetish 24/7
>LGBT people with internalized homophobia destroying their bodies to fit in
Women of all races have seen this in action, and it always manifests the same way. Nothing would be gained from making something like this into a racial topic, lmao.

No. 398287

File: 1555181166284.jpeg (105.21 KB, 750x559, 72AD4D72-5905-4EFF-8022-B6BA20…)

Uh. What?

No. 398289

read: men

No. 398293

They know exactly what they're doing LMFAO
Where are the female non-binary femmes? They're fine, however cringy they may be.

No. 398295

File: 1555185649970.png (485.17 KB, 1440x2508, Screenshot_2019-04-13-14-57-11…)

Oh okay so this guy even admits the people who had an issue with his get up were women, then he does the run-around and goes "Support your sisters though!". Why does he want to be in a woman's space if his go to recollection of women are the fact they were uncomfortable around him?

No. 398314

Lmao Aja

No. 398316

I dont know who the other two are but the one in the middle is doing the whole ~non-binary-genderfluid-baby~shtick solely for attention and is painful to watch.

No. 398325

Plus don't most mental illnesses disqualify you from the military? If awesome trans gals are so suicidal bc dysphoria, literally why should they be let in??

No. 398335

What a dumbass. Yeah putting down women bc their lashes are lifting is so feminist!!

No. 398338

>"I don't have to prove it to myself or anyone. I am a woman."
>"What service do you feel you're doing to the world to women who want to be seen as people, not bodies?"
>"I'm not doing any service to any women, I'm doing a service to transsexuals"
That's it. That's all that needed to be said.
I wish the woman would've then asked him "So, remind me why you insist you're a woman if you don't care about what we go through? Why not just call yourself a high-tier crossdresser?".

No. 398343

File: 1555199784780.jpg (70.28 KB, 621x621, i want off this ride.JPG)

There's currently a big discourse about the "fandom purity" going on on Twitter about people hunting women down for having sexual fantasies or writing smutty fiction that deals with ~problematic themes~. The OP was absolutely right with her point about female sexuality being suppressed. Men get to do gross shit all the time but the moment a woman steps out of the line of a pure virginal maiden it's the end of the line for her.

And then this happens. I'm fucking FUMING because this is a very real problem and this penis stand in a cosplay wig who uses "mega lesbo" in his twitter bio wants to take the attention away from a problem women face. And the OP of course buckled down and apologized despite there being no need to. I'm so fucking tired.

No. 398344

sometimes i wonder if i'm better off entirely unplugging from the internet.

No. 398364

Turns out this is a cis lesbian, too a look at her Tumblr. Why tf she caping for men in the first place? Nothing better to do.

No. 398378

>about people hunting women down for having sexual fantasies or writing smutty fiction that deals with ~problematic themes~

Yeah this shit is so annoying. It really feels like there's no place to discuss this stuff outside anonymized image boards

No. 398382

File: 1555212614040.jpeg (547.57 KB, 750x1039, D6953202-CE26-438E-8533-20EE69…)

Anyone keep up with pic related? His delusion of his beauty when all his shit is facetuned is insane lol I hate Nikita dragun and his fake ass imvu body but at least he’s used plastic surgery to pass better like this bitch is a MAN

No. 398390

that lookss terrible… what do you guys think of eden the doll?

No. 398399

his arms are cute, i'd trade if it isnt shoop

No. 398415

Just looked him up I have to laugh
>I have a vagina
>buzzfeed humiliated me because I don’t know the anatomy of a vagina :(

No. 398432

File: 1555224593960.png (61.77 KB, 800x615, Screenshot_2019-04-13-23-48-41…)

No. 398443

Second Wave lesbians and feminists on drag and gay male misogyny

This was filmed in 1973. This channel has many interesting historical videos pertaining to GC and radfem.

No. 398446

File: 1555229672431.png (182.13 KB, 637x1387, creepyfantasies.png)

I'm just so fucking tired of it all.

No. 398451

Men, always obsessed with rape even when they claim they're not.

No. 398452

Jesus christ the amount of projection at work here.
>I'm hypersexual and make everything about sex, so everyone else must think of gender as a fetish too!!!

No. 398456

>"we don't want to fuck you, really. it's the furthest things from our minds"
>constantly guilt trips lesbians and straight men for not wanting to fuck a mentally ill victim complexed man in a dress

No. 398459

>rants about transphobes
>’I want nothing to do with fetishists’

Big hmmm from me here, seems to me like those two groups don’t go hand in hand. Guess the titty skittles have really fried his brain lmao

No. 398460

This was posted on r/GenderCritical but didn't see it posted here yet. Yet again calling men who fuck TiM's heterosexual.


No. 398471

Funny, just yesterday I got contacted by a troon on dating site, again. And yes my profile says I'm a lesbian.

No. 398474

File: 1555238232871.jpeg (38.15 KB, 499x500, 602771A7-A2E6-4A6C-B3BD-47A602…)

Nothing straighter than fucking a man in the ass

No. 398490

>Earlier this month, he left Tinder, the go-to hetero dating app, after averaging a measly two matches a week and meeting only four people in six months.
>he’s thrilled to have had two successful meet-ups in as many weeks, which he calls “way better” odds than he ever had on Tinder. And while the sex wasn’t earth-shattering

This is hilarious. He basically just goes on Grindr because troons are more desperate than real women.

No. 398567

File: 1555253566867.png (400.28 KB, 760x640, titty skittles.png)

No. 398576

idk why but it’s always so disturbing when they use cute teen anime girl reaction images bc you just know that’s how these creepy fetishists see themselves

No. 398584

File: 1555255032837.jpg (31.92 KB, 535x462, c2b.jpg)

>titty skittles
Everytime I start thinking that troons aren't that bad, you guys post dumb shit like this. Fucking disgusting.

No. 398595

File: 1555256023127.jpg (69.47 KB, 480x720, 1539235260264.jpg)

(Anime) girls/children and troons just automatically go together, I'm surprised you haven't fell into despair earlier.
It's unbelievably common.

No. 398596

Contrapoints called these types "male to anime" in a skit making fun of them once and it's been my go to insult for them ever since.

No. 398599

File: 1555256507502.jpg (40.73 KB, 600x480, 1231251561.jpg)


Was anime a mistake?

No. 398606

Wtf was this before he trooned out?

No. 398609

No, post-transition. Contra sees them as an embarrassment to the trans community and the point of the skit was to try to get it through to them that they're horrible for the trans cause and can't assimilate with women to save their lives.

No. 398611

yeah, but none of them can do that.

No. 398617

>every time I couldn't get the question right I felt like less and less of a woman (voice breaking)
You aren't a woman so no need to cry over answers nobody expects you to know.

What an annoying video, must be so exhausting living your life as a performance all the time.

No. 398618

how much does any of you wanna bet that if this Jacob lad started getting catcalled, groped, sexually harassed in places where he can't easily remove himself from the situation or fight back (a job for example) like us women do (and we can't do ANYTHING about it bc even homely or tomboyish women are still subjected to this type of harassment, so it's not inherently about femininity) he'd be whine whine whining his ass off like aaaaall these tumblrtard transwomen always do?

is it any more obvious that this is a fetish to you? you WANT to go through a horrible, traumatizing ordeal all women go through at least once in their lives, and you can't pretend you don't know it sucks bc trans people are always in these SJW feminist circles that have covered this topic thoroughly. you know we hate it, we suffer it, we wish it wouldn't ever happen, and your final take on it is: "neat! i want this!".

go fuck yourself. i hope you sincerely go fuck yourself. fucking tell women who rape victims and victims of workplace harassment in their faces that you wish you were sexually objectified by men and see how nice and understanding their reaction is.

No. 398620

whipping girl is literally just some gross agps poorly written psuedo intellectual rambling, but we all have to praise how raw and honest his fap fic is. had to read it for a class, thought it sucked and was nothing like actual female writing even before i knew what autogynephilia was. also, julia serano doesnt pass at all, hes fucking delusional. and has a bad personality according to other tras.

also phd in biochem, as usual, nerdy, awkward stem guys get agp and troon out. such is life.

No. 398621

File: 1555259988814.png (67.87 KB, 699x217, Capture _2019-04-14-12-36-50.p…)

There's a lot of troons on Reddit but I get so annoyed at how melodramatic they are. Especially the TiFs, like this one.

No. 398641

File: 1555263270904.png (1.33 MB, 1440x1940, Screenshot_2019-04-14-12-32-55…)

This is such a fucking projection of their own narrative. Troons make up about 1% of the population and they want everyone to talk about them all the time, but they have an issue when someone mentions the 1% of their population who regret transition.

No. 398695

File: 1555273237728.jpg (72.54 KB, 652x700, 1555267471428.jpg)

No. 398703

Kek, the whole trans community is an embarrassment, him included.
>reminder the debate with Blaire White where he kept getting offended at the mention of neovaginas being "wounds"

No. 398707

I don't think he was looking for women on Tinder but TiMs.

No. 398711

Anybody know of any resources for detransitioning TiFs?

I've been slowly and silently making steps toward detransition and it can feel pretty lonely. Really appreciating these threads, but I wish we could talk with each other un-anonymously. Anybody know of any virtual or IRL social groups for radfems or detransitioned women?

No. 398720


No. 398723

hung out with this girl (she/they, ugh, but shes actually female) last night for the first time. thought she was cool, but then halfway thru the night she starts telling me about her "girlfriend", how she can't wait for him to start estrogen, how she took him to sephora to pick out makeup, how she /gives him her old clothes/ - and i'm there nodding, smiling, telling her how great i think that is.
ugh i just feel so weird about it. she's nice, kind of annoying, but i can't drop her just because she has a trans bf.

No. 398731

i was friends with this bpd batshit chick for a while who started dating this little gremlin who immediately began to transition. the troon crashed my friends car while delivering pizzas, got fired, then refused to look for other work because of "muh social anxiety". drop this friend if youre not in too deep, its not even worth being associated w/ crazies

No. 398741

Pique Resilience Project

No. 398747

New to 'Gender Critical' and don't want to take the plunge because I'm scared of being called a TERF. I'm just going to write my feelings here if you don't mind.

As I mentioned, I don't want to become a TERF or whatever. I don't want to be a bigot. But I know my opinions now, if they were public, would label me as such.

I recently watched a debate with Meghan Murphy and despite trying to stay neutral, I became convinced by her radfem argument. I truly believe this "gender" labelling that accompanies the transgender movement reinforces toxic femininity and masculinity and reduces being a woman down to wearing makeup, heels and catering to the male gaze. That's not personally how I live my life–if a biological man wants to wear makeup and heels, fine. But I personally am not inclined to put on makeup and heels because I find that to be a lot of effort, but I am still a woman. My main gripe however is how no one brings up the biological differences between men and women–obviously a transgender woman is not going to be able to speak on going to an OBGYN or birth control or abortions or anything issues stemming typically from being seen as a woman because more than a few are not seen as 'passing' biological women but rather, trans women. So I don't think the feminist movement appeals to them and their issues, and I don't see a problem with that because how am I supposed to speak on trans issues? Libfems however are so insistent on involving them that the feminist movement is now pandering to biological males and overlooking more and more issues that pertain to biological womanhood.

I also agree with Meghan Murphy when she states that transgender definitions of "gender" are harmful. As I said, these "genders" are reducing people to sexist stereotypes. I'm a woman for instance who hates putting on makeup and when I can, I always go out in sweats and no makeup. I have short hair. But the trans argument to that would be, "You hate makeup and dressing up? You're not a woman! You're gender fluid/transgender man or w/e and you need to transition." I mean parents these days are literally putting their sons on hormones because they like dresses and the color pink, and that to me is just buying into the sexist stereotypes associated with toys and clothes made for children–just like how trans women claim that they loved pink, heels, dresses, makeup, hair, etc.

So the question becomes, why are transgender 'women' and myself considered the same thing now? I don't have to put on a wig, get a boob job, wear makeup and heels to be a woman. That's not what being a woman is. Why does my realm of feminism have to involve them when sexist oppression against women does not happen in the same way to a trans woman as it does to a biological woman? I mean you could even argue that trans women can simply drop the makeup, the clothes, etc and go in as a man and be treated as one of the boys, but as a woman, sexist oppression follows you everywhere, even if you aren't cognizant of it at times. I could take off my makeup at work and be treated as an ugly woman or I can wear my makeup and my nicer clothes and get checked out and oogled by men as an object. I recognize as well that it's not easy to be a guy and wear makeup and heels, but defying gender stereotypes is really what that is. My uterus, my boobs and the way that I and other women have been treated for centuries because of them is not simply just a label that a man can take now and feign oppression while growing out long hair and wearing makeup.

No. 398754

JY - Pillars of the Community

Rose of Dawn

Published on Apr 14, 2019

What happens when someone weaponises their trans identity as a way of enforcing censorship online, to escape from serious accusations against their character?

Meet "JY" - a so-called trans activist, with a sketchy past and a troubling future.

No. 398766


Reading other detransitioners on tumblr really helped me. Some faves: hot-flanks, Maria Catt, crashchaoscats, tejuina. There's a community on twitter now too, but I know less about them. Good luck, anon. You're less and less alone every day.

No. 398789

In their eyes you're a TERF. Get over it.

No. 398794

You don't become a TERF, you just get labeled as one by vicious liberals who have nothing better to do than throw insults at people who have slightly different opinions as them. Don't believe their lies.
You're a decent person. They only make us feel on edge because they're like rabid dogs on social media and political spaces.
Plenty of people agree with gender critical ideology, they're just more hush about it or it's not a big deal unless someone wants to bring it up or have no idea it's gender crit.

No. 398800

Terf doesn't mean 'bigot', it's a silencing tactic that means 'woman who disagrees with me' or often just 'lesbian'.

I won't lie, if you take the plunge there's no going back. The further you research and read on the topic, the worse it gets and you won't be able to ignore how regressive, homophobic and misogynistic it is, that it's backed by rich white men and big pharma/greedy doctors, that it's basically turning into a totalitarian regime that punishes anyone who questions it and revels in shutting women up. If you don't wanna expend the mental effort on it, don't, but don't be afraid to be a ~terf~. Any sane, empathetic person would be one.

No. 398804

Welcome Anon. Your points are exactly the same as other people on here, and that's also why we post here and not publicly, because any questioning of the aggressive logic is instantly labelled as hate.
There are trans-haters out there, but 95% of what I see is just genuine criticism of the regressive, sexist and homophobic aspects to the current media representations of gender and sexuality. Pointing out obvious flaws in logic (short hair does not mean you're a boy now, heels don't mean you're a woman either - men used to wear heels and pantyhose as standard a few hundred years ago) is seen as violent hate.
Every woman I've seen talk about this has said they approve of men wearing women's clothing, some even think it's attractive, but that doesn't make someone biologically female.
Anyway, don't be afraid to have logical thoughts and opinions. Ten years ago if someone started saying the "accepted" opinions of 2019 they would have been put in a mental institution.

Even transgenders and transexuals of the past have always openly confirmed and discussed that they are indeed birth sex in previous decades. The fact we are now supposed to believe that they never were their birth sex actually goes against how trans people have viewed and discussed themselves for decades.

No. 398818

Eden’s really not bad and you’re deliberately misrepresenting the video. She never denies she is trans or pretends she is exactly like a biological woman. She doesn’t hide her old pictures or denies her male experience and she talks frankly about being trans to the point that SJWs call her transphobic. Buzzfeed screwed up and cast her in the wrong couple’s video, despite her telling them in advance that she was trans. Then when the mistake was revealed, Buzzfeed didn’t apologize and just asked her to come back for a trans segment after she had been crying. Although it’s sad she doesn’t know about the female reproductive system, she had no reason to be there and it doesn’t seem like the mixup was an accident. You don’t have to be a self-hating handmaiden to acknowledge that this was really messed up.

Yeah, I know I use “she” but I don’t want get into the habit and eventually slip up in real life. I also don’t have a problem with respecting pronouns of HSTSs who are not a threat. That hate is reserved specifically for women-hating pigs like Ronan “Morgane” Oger and Reese “Rachel” McKinnon and the mass transing of children.

No. 398825

Can we talk about the amount of "Sissy" stuff that keeps on getting pushed on 4cahn spitefully /int/ and /rk9/

No. 398829

This is the group behind all the trap/sissy shilling on the chans, it's insane.

No. 398831

As much as I hate Robots on the /rk9/ this is just sick
God their should be a lolcow thread on /pt/ about these degenerates

No. 398838

buzzfeed should not have cast him in that video yes, but he was shilling it as if the people on the production team were aware and ultimately taunting him the whole time. He admitted at the end that the woman he spoke to that works for buzzfeed and was asking the questions did not know he was trans. My criticism is that how can he call himself a woman if he can't even bother to learn female anatomy, how can he claim to have a vagina while being completely ignorant to a real vagina. I find it funny that he cried his identity fell apart because right then he knew he wasn't a real woman, all the plastic surgery he's gotten has not and will not make him a woman.

No. 398866

Trying to imagine what it's like to be so dumb that you actually got a vagina installed in your body without researching anything about the function of the vagina

>people have periods every month, year, or whatever

Like…children know this? How do they not know this? No sympathy for them. Buzzfeed is clearly a terrible company full of idiots too though, just idiots locking horns in this scenario.

No. 398867

can we also talk about the weird racial aspect to the sissy stuff on /rk9/
a lot of it seem to be targeted towards white and Asian men and Reiko himself is black so I assume his logic is that he's immune to becoming a "sissy"

No. 398871

File: 1555320556410.jpg (59.93 KB, 400x434, transbianface.jpg)

No. 398884

Tranny or not, how the fucking hell don't you know when women have their periods??? That's like basic Reproductive Biology 101. I'm serious, this is fucking baffling to me. I'm sure if I walked up to my male colleagues and asked any of them the same question they would have the correct answer. This person smells like the stereotypical low IQ self-hating gay AGP. If "she's" so out and proud why the fuck didn't he just say "I don't get periods, I'm transgender" right in the beginning instead of making up some stupid lie?

No. 398890

File: 1555326621452.png (1.43 MB, 1280x720, dGrve6S.png)

>reiko himself is black
Uh, no, this is Reiko. If he or anyone else ever claimed he was black, they were trolling hard.

No. 398895

File: 1555327351290.png (1.52 MB, 1280x720, QzhXFor.png)

Another pic. MtFs are known for having a weird fixation on being white or Asian apparently making them pass better as "sissy bois" or be more effeminate in general. Just yesterday, I saw an /lgbt/ thread of some tranny whining that because he's 6% black, his hair is "ugly" and he can't be a cute girl (as if he had a chance before, or like curly hair is somehow masculine/ugly). The other trannies agreed that it was a problem.

They don't want to accept that they are all ugly men at the end of the day, so they fixate hard on things like race to either blame for their failure to pass (like in the case of the anon I mentioned), or affirm their understandably low self-confidence with thoughts like "Okay but I'm cute compared to a fucking black of either gender!!! uwu". It's why it's extremely cringy to see leftists defend them, and downright enraging to see them equate themselves to black women on Twitter. These are racist, delusional, misogynistic males, lmao.

No. 398897

File: 1555327682313.png (905.46 KB, 1800x894, Reiko's_Dox.png)

That's not Reiko, that's one of his victims. This is Reiko. He's still white though.

No. 398899

You do know that the whole Reiko shit from a year ago was proven fake and that he's really just an attention whore? That's the whole reason Mr.Metokur dropped the case. One thing I can say is that he's probs a pedophile though, but jfc don't act like a retarded sperg.

No. 398900

they all have that excuse of "simple facts about female anatomy are too triggering for me uwu please don't ever mention any of it around me or i'll threaten you and throw a narcissistic tantrum" to fall back on lol

No. 398902

>proven fake
NTA, but all the information on it being "debunked" or "proven fake" was literally just the pedos involved claiming it was all fake. Nothing concrete at all. They'd obviously have a vested interest in denying it when shit hits the fan, so I don't think I buy that.

No. 398903

I would suspect it would be easier to be a "Trap" if you're black
because I have never ever seen a black guy with leg hair or body hair of any type so you don't have to worry about shaving

No. 398904

No, it's definitely fake. If you went on discord you'd know it's fake. I'd focus more on investigating on him being a pedophile and his association with Rat Torture. Reiko LARPs all the time for attention, but as I said before I wouldn't be surprised if he was a pedo tbh.

No. 398905

>No, it's definitely fake. If you went on discord you'd know it's fake.
What do you mean? Can you elaborate more on this?

No. 398906

It's because he's a low energy retard who doesn't have the charisma to commit such a feat, screeches in the microphone and constantly licks Zarrs ass. He's larping whenever he claims to be a Chad with a trap harem and is probably jerks off to the cp that Danny distributes after he gets a nude from a 13 y/o girl

No. 398914

What are your thoughts on trans women throwing hissy fits at biological women for saying trans people shouldn't have access to being donated a uterus because they have no use for it and that only biological women should be the ones to get them?

No. 398915

Males doing what they always do: Raging at the very idea of not being able to claim and colonize the female body.
Even if you gave them uteri, it'd be a waste. They just don't have the functions to make use of them. No amount of HRT can reverse engineer biology.
And chances are, any child that would hypothetically come from a tranny would be born because it gave him some bizarre, freakish sexual outlet. Too much CSA potential with all the AGPs and pedophiles like Stefonknee running around.

No. 398970

w…why on EARTH would a trans woman need a donated uterus???? they can't concieve! they have no use for it! it's not even aesthetic, we can't see it. this feels legit disrespectful to the bio women who want to have children but cannot, they could give a better use to that uterus than a trans woman (that would give NO use to it and waste thousands and thousands of dollars).

No. 398981

So are these the troons that say genitals don't equal gender?

No. 398990

Why do you figure troons like McKinnon complain about TERFs all day long but never complain about alt right men or violent criminal types who want them killed? Saw an article trending about a mtf who was murdered and we all know before reading it that a man was the perpetrator. No GC woman has ever murderer or even assaulted anyone. We just want them to gtfo our spaces and quit poaching opportunities for natal women

No. 398993

I'm the anon that asked the uterus question, and yeah I've seen some troons whine about it and call natal women selfish because they can adopt or whatever tf or they try to argue that both natal women and transwomen should be able to have he same access to reproductive parts

No. 398996

Some anon posted a screen cap of a troon who detransitioned because he couldn't take the harassment from men

Yes. This. The whole trans women are women mantra gets thrown around but when it times to realize that woman isn't a feeling or having longer hair, they break down. Eden isn't malicious or purposefully encouraging rape relief centers for women to be defudned so there's a positive but still

No. 399026

They want the power trip of getting people to kowtow to them.
And you won't get that with openly bigoted and violent people.

No. 399033

File: 1555356115364.jpg (36.08 KB, 540x361, tumblr_pole1s3SGT1y8h4hdo1_540…)

Liberals on Tumblr and Twitter be like

No. 399039

It’s the ultimate in male entitlement. First they tell us that we can’t refer to ourselves as a group and that our talking about our bodies and reproductive organs hurts their feelings, then they demand that we donate those same organs to them purely so they can play pretend. Male bodies will never be able to sustain a successful pregnancy so it’s an utter waste of an organ and would be a Mengele-tier affront to medical ethics.

But of course, telling men that they can’t always have everything they want is literal violence.
>don’t you oppress me

No. 399046

File: 1555359548796.gif (251.13 KB, 500x343, giphy.gif)

its so true it hurts

No. 399065

kek this is great

No. 399120

Snorted hard at the whole thing, but feeling really bad about the green haired dude being dragged into the troon madness.

No. 399164

File: 1555377989946.png (462.8 KB, 692x831, 1555371440911.png)

Who's ready for all the "females'?

No. 399237

File: 1555397057212.png (163.87 KB, 1038x565, AdamLanzaAnachan.png)

Was Adam Lanza on his way to become a tranny? In his weird pro ana rant he refer to himself as a she.

>If someone has to describe you they'll say "oh she weight 90-100 pounds"

No. 399238

File: 1555397159816.png (84.73 KB, 1011x383, AdamLanzaAnachan2.png)

Samefag but there's more.

>You'll be the envy of all the other girls

>All of the guys will want you

No. 399240

I've seen this list before, word-for-word, during the start of my ED on those trashy pro-ana blogspots. I strongly doubt Lanza was the author, I feel like he may have saved it from one of those sites instead.
I didn't even know he had an ED, I just thought he was picky with foods because of sensory stuff related to autism.

No. 399242

File: 1555398106300.png (72.03 KB, 908x446, s_.png)

Yeah, no, the authors/investigators were both clueless and careless in this. This definitely wasn't shit he wrote. One Google search would have strongly aided them in their research.
The snow thing is literally a stereotypical ana snowflake line, from the Manic Street Preachers song "4st 7lbs" (which is about, you guessed it, anorexia). I know mainstream media can be misleading or poorly sourced, but I'd expect better from when it comes to documenting the life, mental issues and computer files of a school shooter, to be honest.

Sorry for offtopic, this was just an eye-grabber. Does anyone have any info on how prevalent EDs are with TiMs specifically? I know it's a thing with cis men, just not talked about. I wonder if there's often comorbidity with gender dysphoria.

No. 399246

If you want to read about a troon shooter look up Randy Stair who talked about how he wanted to be a girl so was going to sacrifice people to become his cartoon waifu in the ghost dimension.

No. 399257

tbh, it seems more likely to have been fapbait for a skelly fetishist

No. 399258

They're too chicken shit to confront people who are openly hostile towards them so they get their power trip from harassing already beat down women who question their made-up identity.

I don't know whether to laugh at how true this is or cry because of how true it is.

No. 399276

File: 1555414215384.png (123.88 KB, 794x440, redtim.png)

TIM won't identify as a feminist because he's been verbally abused and sexually harassed by feminist and he also know an old man who's been raped by a bunch of feminists.

No. 399285

I only began paying attention when it got to the tampon discussion, that guy should be put on a predator list. Why are potential pedophiles offered protection based on their trans identity? It's horrific, it's like everyone forgot the uk Rochdale incident
Also it's good to see a trans person speaking out about this for once

No. 399292

Question for Heterosexual women ?
would any of you ever consider dating a TIF and Have any of you ever found a TIF attractive the same way you find a male attractive

No. 399294

File: 1555421386376.jpg (16.03 KB, 540x285, gxl084oj52m11.jpg)

I hate this tweet so much

simply because My younger brother was a weird and awkward boy but he grew up and was always true to himself
he became a nice functioning adult with a wife and 2 kids and he's still a bit weird to this day but I know he's a good person and a greet father
If head been born in today he would be diagnosed with gender dysphoria and would be told all his problems would go away if he started taking estrogen

No. 399296

Het woman here. A passing TIF can look attractive to me, but even the passing ones often have broadish hips or a squeaky voice.
Assuming a TIF is 100% passing including body and voice, I can find her attractive the way I'll find a man attractive but her genitals would be a turn-off whether pre-op or post-op. Especially if she's post-op actually, there's no way I'm touching the Frankesntein sausage TIFs end up with.
And no I would not date one even if trans was an actual medical issue and not a mental illness.

No. 399335

I recently had a good discussion with a friend about GC stuff and even though he didn't fully "agree", he was understanding. He also mentioned toward the end that a lot of the other bi/lesbian women he knows have expressed the same feelings. That was encouraging to hear.

Anyway, last night I noticed a longtime male friend (also ex who I dated during my intense SJW phase) had popped "he/him" into his twitter. I don't check or use twitter much, and despite not always getting along with him, I figured I'd toss him a casual message about it over discord, so I said:
"checkin da twits and u got he/him in your bio? ._. well you're not wrong!"
He later responded with:
"Yeah. I didn't for a while but then someone tweeted about how it's a quick, easy and harmless way to show you support trans rights so I figured it was no big deal to pop it in there."

Well obviously that's the reason a "cis" person would do that - to be a handmaiden (like is it such a big deal for any of us to be "misgendered" theoretically? Most would shake it off and/or find it funny). I just don't know what to respond with or if I even should. I don't want to start an argument but I wish I could say something. His current gf who he's been with for about a year and a half is much younger than the both of us, and is still in a heavy SJW phase and has had the same pronoun bullshit on her bio for even longer.
I figure he might just be too deep in the koolaid now and it could just be not worth the time and mental/emotional investment to go into it with him, but I wish there was something easy and short I could respond with that would at least give him some food for thought.
Any advice? Should I even bother?

I'm bi, and no, and no. I do find women more physically/aesthetically attractive than men, but I couldn't deal with the trans BS and likely walking on eggshells about shit and maybe body dysphoria.

Lmao isn't this ~transphobic~ by calling them "boys"? TRAs can't even keep up with their own delusional beliefs.

No. 399341

>I figure he might just be too deep in the koolaid now and it could just be not worth the time and mental/emotional investment to go into it with him, but I wish there was something easy and short I could respond with that would at least give him some food for thought.

When people harass me to put pronouns in my bio I say "Considering how aggressive the alt-right is towards women and how women are being sent death threats just for being women, I'm not comfortable advertising the fact I am one."

To the guy I'd say something like you can't be as open about being a she/her as him, because women get shat on just for existing.

No. 399344

I had to Google the TIM/TIF things because it was confusing me

So do I find men attractive as a straight woman? Yes. I think Jeffree Star looks hot sometimes idk if he counts in this discussion.

Thinking about where I live I don't truly encounter many TIM and the few I do know are ugly either way imo.

I think there's a trans model he might not be trans tho, he has long blonde hair kind of looks like the singer or silverchair.

No I don't think I am attracted to TIMs just the ones that remind me of actual boys.

No. 399347

File: 1555438461882.gif (3.23 MB, 522x251, 03556926-BD38-41F8-823E-939E25…)

so fucking predatory. my teenage brother was close to getting into that stuff for a while (mild mannered sperg with absent father) and I'm still afraid he'll get into contact with some fuck like this

>old man raped by feminists

No. 399348

I could find them attractive but still wouldn't date them with their disgusting micropeen clits or necrotic hanging meat sausage whatever things. Basically if they had an intact vagina i would date them and use strapons i guess. But none of that weird tranny genitals pls

No. 399350

anon, TIM is a man with a dress, the anon you're responding to said TIF a woman on testosterone

No. 399352

No and no. Never found them attractive and would not date them because of their genitals. Even if they were post-op. Saw pictures and it looks nothing like a real dick. Even if they pass 100% it would be a huge deal breaker.

No. 399354

Oh right. No I've never saw an attractive TIF

No. 399355

i personally think a lot of TIFs actually pass quite well, at least on a superficial level. ive seen a few who i would consider to look attractive, but ive also had a few classmates who are tifs and its always painfully obvious that they are women if you spend enough time aound them, so i wouldnt date them.

and also theres that whole mutilated genitals that other anons have mentioned.

No. 399368

TIFs pass way better than TIMs because androgenic hormones complete a development process. It's virtually impossible to override the completed process, which is why FFS is a thing and FMS is not.

No. 399388

File: 1555443884846.jpg (45.45 KB, 401x491, Kale-Blaze.jpg)

I unironically find Kalvin Garrah pretty attractive in a abrasive stocky manlet type way.

No. 399395

Nope. Like other anons have said there are TiFs who can pass pretty well, certainly better than TiMs, and there are ones I've seen who pass as conventionally attractive men, but I've never been attracted to one in the same way I feel attraction for men. It's like how I feel about regular women, there are certainly women I can acknowledge as hot or sexy but it's nothing compared to the way I would feel looking at a man I find equally attractive. It's a raw, visceral feeling you just can't force, and knowing someone is a biological female completely turns me off. No dick, no entry.

Plus, I'm really into big broad/stocky/athletic muscular men and most TiFs don't (and physically can never) fit that mold. I think a lot of TiFs know that they'll never be able to imitate the stereotypical broad masculine physical features of biological men so they try to go for the uwu soft elf feminine kpop boy look which is absolutely not my thing even with actual men.

No. 399397

I barfed.

No. 399409

Same. I love big broad buff dudes and the only TIF that I've seen that fits that description is buck angel, it's almost jarring. But no dick is a deal breaker, and strap ons and packers can't compete no matter how much TIFs like to argue. While we're on the topic, neovags can't compete either. Deep down troons just want to guilt trip people to the point of fucking somebody that they're not even attracted to.

No. 399410

File: 1555448630703.png (147.18 KB, 1522x550, bs.png)

Saw this on Reddit. Imagine the shitstorm of people screaming "TERF! BIGOT! TRANSPHOBE!" if a lesbian dared to say this about MtFs…

No. 399411

she looks like a butch lesbian, not manly at all tbh

No. 399412

so if a woman doesnt want to sleep with a tranny its

>reeeeEEEeEee disgusting transphobe, how dare you?!!! cotton ceiling!! this is literally murdering trans women!!

but if a man says the same

>its ok sweaty you dont have to be attracted to anatomy you dont like :))))))

every time i start feeling bad for these people i remember all the bullshit they say.

No. 399413

File: 1555449343228.jpeg (172.27 KB, 750x1109, A68C3E78-7B0A-45A8-AAEF-AC0701…)

Of course none of the 8 comments tell him that looks retarded.

No. 399414

Ah yes, curly thick hair is masculine while balding, thinning hair is totes feminine =u=

No. 399416

lol, reminds me of my ex (who came out as a troon later on the relationship) who thought that wearing a cheap and dirty little girl pink headband made him look girly

No. 399420

File: 1555450416794.jpg (236.7 KB, 1053x2304, 31575b2708fbf93a3b51f4e35d9022…)

He's trying to wear that hair clip like an anime girl, lmao.

No. 399429

what exactly is the purpose of this hair clip as it's not holding any hair back or up or grrrr

No. 399430

File: 1555457764846.png (268.33 KB, 629x720, 894827C9-BAC1-44DE-B594-D446A8…)


No. 399431

Those are some seriously disturbed looking eyes.

No. 399447

It's also the fucking wrong way round

No. 399449

File: 1555463083351.jpeg (256.21 KB, 750x802, 32C9D1BD-4D9C-4BEA-99F9-C8E16F…)

Orrrr every awkward person ever? Not everything single thing is about being trans…

No. 399451

lol, female socialization shines through.

sure, there are men who act like that but that's something considered a "feminine trait" by society that's pushed on women along with empathy and being baby machines.

No. 399463

File: 1555465948055.jpg (813.1 KB, 1242x1803, 8YQ8kQ0.jpg)

Men definitely get so much leeway compared to women but recently, James Charles encounter the screeching trans brigade when he tried to explain his sexuality. He was talking about not liking labels and mentioned the Kinsey scale and how he doesn’t rate himself a 6(complete homosexuality) because of past attraction to women and trans men. He never said “trans men are not men”. It’s obvious he meant he is also attracted to people outside the gender binary. I’m sure he has had numerous people whine “What about trans men?” before.

Not surprisingly, the ones trying to “cancel” him to most are SJW women, enbies and soft pastel fujoshi twansbois. In constrast, there were a lot more understanding comments from trans guys who are post-T and make efforts to pass.

No. 399465

I’m so sick of ‘cancel’ culture it’s just how little people with no power can go on a power trip

No. 399490

I never understood this trend of pointing out habits that most humans do and saying "lol dumb straight/cis people". Like what's the point? You just make yourself look extremely annoying and unlikable.

No. 399495

I actually have seen some very attractive, extremely convincing transitioned TIFs lately. But then I imagine them without their clothes, clockalble hips, those awful scars and the monster clit or frakenweenie and all attraction goes out the window. I just can’t go that far.

Poor dude tried to be inclusive while spreading some wisdom about being comfortable without labeling yourself all the time and they still attack. Some of the responses were so disproportionately vicious and hateful. Some of the women raging on their own Twitter accounts about how much deep hatred they have for him that it was insane.

No. 399497

So many flavors of straight shitting on an actual gay person, figures.

No. 399523

File: 1555480416098.jpeg (526.85 KB, 750x792, 32EA70DB-CAC9-4D83-94BC-D25605…)

is uwu a transbian filter now?

No. 399524

File: 1555480449749.jpeg (375.62 KB, 750x962, C43A804A-DE82-434D-974A-8FA790…)

No. 399526

File: 1555481869916.png (10.73 KB, 100x100, werwy4.png)

No. 399531

i find androgyny really attractive so it wouldn't bother me if they were upfront about it.

No. 399534

File: 1555482988266.jpeg (448.63 KB, 750x792, FCCD8AE3-35A6-4A8C-8B9F-5910FF…)

why do they always completely lack self awareness and respect for boundaries

No. 399537

File: 1555483498522.jpeg (127.53 KB, 750x212, AEE4C715-010E-4289-AE32-51C6C5…)

No. 399549

1) where are these places were women are worshipped so I can get an ego boost?
2) we can't fuck off to our women-only places because trannies will barge over and hamfist themselves into it, call one of their CEO pals to have our social media terminated, or call the police on us for discriminating, ie, having our own private social hubs or safe havens where we don't want men involved.

I almost said penis-bearers but then the SRS crowd would think they are welcome. A rabbit doesn't turn into a Guinea pig if you crop it's ears off. It just becomes an ear-less rabbit.

No. 399552


Could mass peak trans finally be around the corner? I’m seeing more and more online spaces starting to speak up

No. 399557

it is, but men care more about their image than caping for women, so it'll take a while for things to actually happen. when the "right" thing is supporting mentally ill sex offenders, it's what they do. fuck feminazi terfs, right?

No. 399565

Not sure if this was a misunderstanding but just in case, that person is a TiF and is talking about female socialization as other anons pointed out, hence "That's how you know I'm not a cis man" - it isn't actually making fun of cis people. She's saying her behavior clocks herself since that's how women are trained to behave our entire lives.

He looks no different to me, just a different hairstyle. Still an obvious boy.

No. 399569

I don't know anon. The SJW fake feminist type of soyboy who actually supports trannies is a minority. Your average male doesn't give a shit about gender identities or women's spaces or erasure of language but they sure as fuck hate men in dresses and would not even spare a thought for whatever pseudo psych nonsense is used to justify it. As far as their image goes, they care more about enforcing standards of masculinity than being PC, and that means vocally picking on gnc men whether they're trannies, or just feminine or gay.

No. 399570

you're probably right, I think I just hang around too many fake feminist softboys tbh

No. 399576

I've noticed that once Tumblr got shot in the head and people migrated to Twitter, their insanity has been exposed to a wider audience and people are seeing how messed up the whole thing is. Twitter, despite being your basic social media hellsite, still isn't as echo chamber-enabling as Tumblr. It allows a lot more interaction for one thing. Sad to say but once white men aged 25 to 40 are being attacked by TRAs on a constant basis, it'll be over for the movement.

No. 399610

Isn't that the sub full of nazis who were kicked off 'offmychest'? The post feels like an 'asablackguy' post

No. 399612

Honestly can't tell which is before and after.
More proof lesbians are no longer welcome in LGBT.

No. 399613

is there ever a single actual female at these events

No. 399615

The announcer is usually female but other than that I've never seen one actual female participate in a gdq.

No. 399623

i've seen some tif youtuber that i found attractive before i knew that she was trans so yeah, i could be attracted to them if i didn't know. i can still look at them and say they are good looking but knowing that they have a vagina, i can't feel anything sexually or romantically.

No. 399624


I would like mentally stable people in my life thanks anon
Plus if anyone would date a TIF then they aint straight

No. 399625

Why did OP add those shitty memes no one liked but them? This thread is so fucking reddit tier now.

No. 399627

Alright follow up question is a man who is dating a Transman completely straight ?

No. 399630

File: 1555509105705.png (108.68 KB, 1422x463, Screenshot_2019-04-17-08-36-02…)

Found this comment on Facebook in a group I frequent.

>That feel when lesbian and bisexual females exist
So the place is only for males? Got it. Just say it straight to the point.

No. 399631

Yeah unless he's also interested in dick

No. 399636

I search only men on tinder and troons sneak in too! No woman is safe from them on dating apps.

No. 399640

I can understand a gay man being attracted by a TIF's face but if he's attracted to her feminine body and vagina then he's definitely at least bi.

No. 399641

a man being into vagina is pretty straight i would say

No. 399720

File: 1555528767155.png (139.78 KB, 787x711, muntroe.png)

No. 399730

File: 1555530244753.png (67.08 KB, 877x573, homophobia.png)

So I was reading Reddit's sex community and found this shit that looks like it came straight out of a conversion therapy handbook on how lesbians just need the right dick. I was curious so I looked through the poster's history….

No. 399731

File: 1555530268938.png (215.58 KB, 531x545, of course.png)

…And what do you know. Of course it's a troon.

No. 399759

Love how these troons think they’re special when they all of a sudden thru gods work they’re suddenly in love with a man.

Also love how they couldnt possibly ever like anything but girls bc… they’re a fucking “LESBIAN” (A STRAIGHT MALE)

Fuck man this shit makes my head hurt.

No. 399812

File: 1555548390904.jpeg (159.53 KB, 656x1168, 5642350A-C453-4CC2-A4F9-D629E2…)


One of the top search results is Miranda Yardley's article from December.


Since Rose's video he has only become more emboldened. KF are bringing the receipts.


No. 399813

Boys stormed a girls’ bathroom to ‘protest.’ A girl got expelled for fighting back, family says.

The plot to storm the girls’ bathroom started with a Snapchat message and ended with a knee to the crotch.

It all went down at North Pole High School in North Pole, Alaska — a small, Christmas-loving city southeast of Fairbanks — on the morning of April 4. The snap at issue: a student transitioning from female to male posted a selfie from the boys’ bathroom.

Some boys at the high school who saw the selfie, however, were angry and decided they would walk into the girls’ bathroom to take their own Snapchat selfie “as a form of protest,” Fairbanks North Star Borough School District Superintendent Karen Gaborik told The Washington Post.

But they would not get far.

The first boy to enter the girls’ room was met by a girl ― who kneed him in the groin. With that, the “protest” was over.

And now the girl has been expelled, her family told The Post.

The incident has ignited a local controversy as some question why the girl, who was unconnected to the transgender student, has been punished for using “excessive force” and whether the national frenzy over transgender people’s bathroom access in schools fueled the boys’ protest. Gaborik would not confirm whether the girl was expelled, citing student privacy, but said all seven boys involved in the protest were also disciplined for “attempting to enter the girls’ bathroom.”

(continue reading)


No. 399814

Adam Conover on Joe Rogan's podcast today stumbling over his words attempting to defend children being put on hrt. He shouts out ContraPoints at 20:00 and says Joe should bring him on which Joe immediately shuts down kek

No. 399832

I think he was a hontra type that couldn't come to terms with being a gay/bi male and transitioned to cope.

What a pathetic creature.

No. 399834

Yeah, pretty much, unless the transman is post-any-OP or has a beard.
That said it's a little questionable for a "straight" man to date any sort of trans, unless she's just a full on fakeboi and he's pretending to support her just to get pussy.

I hate everything about this holy fuck what is wrong with everyone

No. 399835

I'm.. disgusted at the outcome of everything. There are men, unsurprisingly, defending those boys and claiming that the girl who kneed the first boy in the groin is a criminal who should be charged with assault (also blaming the girl for not telling the boys to just leave which you know works all the time) while alot of people are defending the girl for practicing self defense, something these men love to blame women for not doing during times where they're threatened. They cant comprehend women defending themselves in a private space like the restroom. All because some ftm posted a selfie in the boys restroom and they wanted to "protest"

No. 399843


The screenshots of these conversations are straight-up the ramblings of a fucking pervert. Nobody who wants to “help young girls” or is truly a woman asks about everyone else’s “pussy and tits” in regards to changing rooms! That is NOT proper language! whomever was having these conversations with this man and didn’t report them right away or realize what kind of disgusting pedophilic intentions he has.

Also nobody should be trying to stare up your vagina at your fucking tampon string!!!! This lunatic needs to be contained. get your shit together, Canada. This is definitely no fucking woman. This is a mentally ill exhibitionist pedophile who WILL rape young girls if he already hasn’t. Fucking vile.

No. 399845

I truly do not understand how despicable men like him can obsess over periods and vaginas, especially CHILDRENS, and no one sees it as an issue but when women talk about their own biology or god forbid sexuality we are immediately labeled bigoted terfs im so done

No. 399850

Well damn it… I thought I liked him. Ironic how he made an ARE episode on how people can’t handle being told they’re wrong lol

No. 399853

File: 1555561420197.jpg (20.3 KB, 540x534, creepy4.jpg)

Lawl this is so hilarious. Peak trans

No. 399858

I don't even know why keep a tumblr when it's infested with blogs like these..

The whole post was a depressing rollercoaster ride

No. 399861

File: 1555566026742.jpg (24.74 KB, 400x240, At2Jqza.jpg)

I don't even want to look but I bet there's tranny's out there who would call Animal Crossing transphobic because of this men's toilet item.

No. 399862

File: 1555566264457.png (18.65 KB, 691x119, splo7wzw3re21.png)

why am i not surprised

No. 399864

Okay so clearly those boys protesting against the TIF student are transphobes who according to TRAs deserve to be assaulted, so they must be celebrating what that girl did, right?
…No, of course not. Shes a girl who dared to defend her space against males. That’s the real problem here. Who cares about the boys’ motivations? They’re not the ones who might grow up to violently murder trans people with their opinions.

No. 399872

>it's cool for women to disagree with the liberal otrhodoxy on them
>it's bad for minorities to disagree with the liberal orthodoxy on them

No. 399881

>I work with young girls
Stalking and sad attempts at grooming them isn't "working with young girls", Jonathan.

No. 399885

He’s an independent paediatric tampon insertion consultant.

No. 399955

File: 1555610235665.png (130.82 KB, 708x641, Capture _2019-04-18-13-55-39.p…)

Lesbians can't have anything lol

No. 400013

>one might kill the spider if she is a butch
Spoken like a true TiM. Jesus fucking christ obviously it is a joke, plenty of lesbians are not afraid of killing a spider, butch or not (and a butch lesbian is also capable of having arachnophobia, imagine that).
But sure, twist a joke to make it trans discrimination, but it's perfectly fine to discriminate against lesbians in the same breath.

TRAs are such hypocrites, even within their own dogma.

No. 400017

No. 400019

>you have to be butch or a man to kill a spider
Gosh, I hate the troon and the poster both.

No. 400030

No. 400031

File: 1555633096343.png (680.88 KB, 633x744, 1555616107111.png)

Those fucking lips

Also this is old but i wanted to post this anyway

No. 400033

Really couldn't get that black stache and beard lasered away for a few hundred bucks before jumping into dick inversion?

No. 400034

>for people who aren't fighting for the 't' community, it just goes to show that maybe they're not true feminists

fuck this guy.

these people infuriate and exhaust me. they treat us like garbage, then demand for US to fight for their rights to treat us like shit even more in return.

they really want people to prioritize them and their delusions over everybody and everything else (including sexual orientation when it comes to the 'L' community) because they're "the most oppressed minority", the fact that they're not women can't help but show itself.

No. 400037

Maybe I am evil but nowadays I just feel schadenfreude when I fee (autogynephilic*) troons chop off their dicks

(*just assuming he's an autogynephile because of his hair color and general unkeptiness)

No. 400038

All of that money spent cutting his dick off and he still looks like a man.

No. 400039

oh he's big time AGP
he's trying to come out with a book called Uncomfortable Labels: My Life as a Gay Autistic Trans Woman

No. 400124

File: 1555668765743.jpg (2.55 MB, 5759x2945, awesometransgals.jpg)

Hello ladies, meet your new locker mates!

No. 400128

I made the mistake of briefly mentioned gender politics at dinner with my bf and his dad and his partner (two gay men) and I held back a lot of stuff and mainly voiced my concern with lesbians who are not femme presenting or feminine gay men being pressured being into transitioning and performing surgeries on minors and then my bf went outside with his dad and I heard him going on about me like I was a terf
I know this is off topic kinda but I’m just glad I have this thread to make me feel not so alone where I’m being made to feel guilty for thinking this

No. 400135

Today I was looking for secondhand stores in my city I could maybe check out tomorrow, and one one store's website it proclaimed itself to be a "genderfluid clothing shop." What does this mean? Isn't that just… selling men's and women's secondhand clothes but not having sections? I hate being in a major Canadian city sometimes lol.


No. 400154

Honestly surprised by the comments calling his shit out.

No. 400160


I cannot adequately express just how male the entire interaction is on the ‘MIL’ part
Was really a disturbing read.

No. 400165

File: 1555681834588.png (305.78 KB, 585x515, agp.png)

Didn't expect even Andrej Pejic to be the moe anime girl posting AGP, but here we are.

No. 400186

Andrej used to be such a great model. Too bad he threw everything away to live out a fetish. Before he turned into a fake girl he seemed normal

No. 400199

File: 1555685560606.jpg (166.31 KB, 592x1120, joshuadale.jpg)

Laura Kate (Joshua) Dale? He's the fucking EPITOME of transbian AGP. The fucker wrote a piece about how he realized he was trans because he went too far with skinwalking his waifu in World of Warcraft.


>Guy played WoW obsessively

>Started maining a female character and faked being a woman IRL because he liked the whiteknights patting his ass and living the easy life
>This creep fucking used PHOTOS OF HIS FEMALE FRIENDS as his own

He also tried getting a Microsoft worker fired for "misgendering" him and got fame a few years ago because he leaked a fake Nintendo Switch launch game list that turned out to be complete bullshit. Now he's writing articles for Kotaku, who would've guessed.

No. 400213

He had great model looks as a feminine-looking man but he's completely uninteresting as a "female" model. No wonder his carrier tanked after his transition.

No. 400220

>an effeminate man is better-looking than 99% of men
>the moment he calls himself a woman and dressing as such, he looks ridiculous and manly
I think this video is just further proof that women are better-looking than men in general. He makes such an unattractive, pie-faced "woman", even with all the best surgery money can buy, but as a man, he was almost godly.

No. 400223

this is why i always say that the top 1% of good looking men couldnt compete with the bottom 20% of women in terms of looks. they are just inherently uglier.

No. 400224

File: 1555688353090.jpg (58.76 KB, 400x500, tumblr_pl4va0uliX1tztoeko1_400…)

He looked pretty feminine and androgynous as fuck as a man, but ironically enough, he still makes a manly as fuck >shemale. Reminder that you can't cheat nature. Not even super feminine, delicate looking men can make passable women.

No. 400225

File: 1555688633782.jpg (35.73 KB, 563x800, 5b7cfdc7b6a602ec1366410e4e6b6a…)

I still fantasize about having sex with him(when he was male)
something about having normal Vanilla sex with a effeminate androgynous man who just gets me hot

No. 400230

Came here to post this too. You can tell the wife is miserable.

No. 400232

File: 1555691466798.jpg (930.64 KB, 1696x1697, 1555689279136.jpg)

This is just bad

No. 400236

I know this thread is full of lesbians but please contain your fetish.

No. 400239

I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a TRA comic or not lol, why is she frowning at the end?

No. 400240

He's such a fucking manipulating ass. He uses words like "normal" and shit with things that aren't normal at all. Open marriage? Not normal. Especially if you have children. The fact he's subjecting his daughters to his fetish is disgusting. They all look uncomfortable. Poor family has no idea.

No. 400243

File: 1555693437214.png (244.96 KB, 1164x624, Screen-Shot-2019-04-19-at-5.50…)

Laura Kate Dale is a fucking cow I think he deserves his own thread if his cowdom continues.

Here's a more recent article listings some things he's done, ignore the "she"s: https://nichegamer.com/2019/04/19/opinion-the-questionable-ethics-of-laura-kate-dale/

He's known for fabricating shit for clicks and money. Pic related, he made up the fact someone called him all those terms and was just simply called "this person".
Once raised thousands for an unnamed "homeless man".

No. 400244

heh, someoe should tell him to fuck off from female-only bathrooms then.

No. 400246

Why do they always fantasize about a perfect waifu dressing them up as a beautiful woman? I swear I see this fetish brought up by multiple AGPs all the time.

No. 400292

He literally went from Griffith to a hon, what a tragedy he is.

No. 400297

What thread is it, and how do you find threads using post numbers?

No. 400300

Charlize Theron's 7 year old kid is trans now

>Charlize Theron has revealed she is raising her first child as a girl after first introducing her to the world as a boy.

The Oscar-winning actress said seven-year-old Jackson – one of her two adopted children – was three when the youngster told her: “I am not a boy.”

The 43-year-old star has now said she is raising “two beautiful daughters”.

“My job as a parent is to celebrate them and to love them and to make sure that they have everything they need in order to be what they want to be.

“And I will do everything in my power for my kids to have that right and to be protected within that.”

LOL in the comments section of the article, someone said "I thought I was a fairy when I was 3, just sayin."

No. 400304

Ugh I saw a fucking comic like this on Facebook some girl shared the other day and cringed so hard. It was like a couple dating, the girl was in a tank top with a tribal tattoo and like cargo pants dating a guy and then she notices him looking at a dress in a store and buys it for him and the last comic is him with longhair and dress and they’re all in love, puke.

I really am only recently GC after seeing all of this “kill terfs” shit on twitter and the MASS amounts of fucking trannies that are actually rapists and pedophiles and just stupid drooling disgusting men in dresses. But i can’t even openly talk like this now bc most of my friends are so far left and delusional it’s annoying.

No. 400314

I know a set of parents in this position and I feel really bad for them. They have no choice but to encourage it otherwise they will be shunned by their community.

No. 400328

But why? Their kid isn't telling everyone they feel like the opposite sex. The parents hear it first. What's to encourage? It's more awesome to have a kid who's comfortable for who they are and not have to feel like changing their whole identity or name or anything. Other parents need to tone down their conservatism.

No. 400334

I had dysphoria as a child too. But I never articulated it that way. I knew that realistically, I was a female. I didn't have a penis. I just don't understand how a 7 year old can say something like that if there was no brainwashing before…

No. 400338

why is the gf looking so worried and fearful in the last frame?

No. 400340


If I had to take a guess (considering this is a "positive" TRA comic and the girlfriend isn't actually hating it) it's because she's realizing how much the boyfriend enjoyed "being a girl" and is worried about the social repercussions a possible transition might have.

No. 400343

Obviously because the TiM is so much more beautiful and looks more like a woman than her. She is just jealous of her stunning transbian ~girlfriend~.

No. 400344

Afaik it's a comic by a tranny but a surprisingly self-aware one, depicting what transition can actually make people around you feel like. After a bit of snooping I found out it's from a now long dead webcomic called TransLucid. From the time before the modern TRA movement really gained traction and was able to produce more complex portrayals of what being transgender is like than "evil terfs killing us by talking about vaginas".

No. 400345


If this was released today the author would probably be accused of being transphobic for daring to represent transitioning as something that can have a negative impact on other's lives.

No. 400357

File: 1555711245217.jpg (124.83 KB, 776x1200, D4iqfUpW0AAPfky.jpg)

No. 400359


A furry. Why am I not surprised?

I think I despise non-binary more than anything. Probably because I know someone who considers themselves a non-binary trans woman while he keeps the beard, the clothes and the male privilege.

No. 400392

The hair on this man totally gives him away. Men should only cross dress if they're going to had extensions or a wig, otherwise their recessive hairlines and thinning hair is just a dead giveaway.

No. 400402

Holy fuck, I literally know one of these people IRL

actual chills lmao

No. 400403

you know what this means, c'mon, dish

No. 400410

men protecting other men isn't new anon. Sorry to say but I've seen many more "feminist" men defend tras because they couldn't give a shit about private spaces going away. Theirs isn't so it's no big deal. But speaking out against them means you're against feminism and a terf. And evil terfs[disobedient women] deserve only painful torture and death

This timeline is cursed

No. 400411

I seriously wonder what happened to him. I vaguely kept up with his career while he was in his heyday and when asked about it, he insisted that he was a man, thought of himself as a man, and that his beauty wasn’t being enhanced by E (despite the fact that he was beginning to grow breasts). Not to tinfoil hat but I really do wonder if his agency made him go on E to enhance/maintain his appearance, and his transitioning is the result of that. Who knows.

kek my thoughts exactly

No. 400412

File: 1555717578077.jpg (10.29 KB, 280x297, yikes.jpg)


> be me

> at house party
> guy i haven't seen in years enters house party
> with his friends
> they're all transwomen
> he's grown his hair out a bit and gone ham on the contouring but doesn't pass at all
> party is amicable and fun but this guy won't shut up about getting on hormones
> mentions how he really wants to be catcalled by homophobes
> even though the plot twist there is he's actually a man and not a true and honest woman
> wew_lad.jpg
> have a lowkey drunken thousand yard stare moment a couple of hours later
> tfw the "gender ratio" of the gathering is roughly 50/50 but I am the only girl in the room that isn't a LARPing man

I have a story from back when he was identifying as a guy and he's also made some meme-worthy fashion choices that could've been lifted straight out of that one basement meme that make me want to commit sudoku.

No. 400418

Oh fuck me

No. 400432

I wanna take a guess on which troon you're describing. Bottom row third from the right?

No. 400433

No. 400489

File: 1555739974884.jpg (765.35 KB, 1696x1280, 18.jpg)

This troon seems generally more self aware and tolerable than most others, looking through his comic. That said, it's pretty funny that he had his bully character be attracted to him.

No. 400491

Ngl anon, same. Something so sexy about an ultra-fem man who still knows he’s a man. Too bad this one drank the koolaid.

No. 400502

File: 1555745294962.jpg (26.7 KB, 501x299, yeeesh.JPG)

God, they always fantasize about catcalling don't they. They always have self-masturbative fantasies sexualizing the harassment women have to endure because it's ~validating~. Reminds me of this thread and how sick it made me feel. https://www.reddit.com/r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns/comments/8ionid/transition_goals/

No. 400533

Same. It’s not even fair.

No. 400539

File: 1555760367131.png (15.87 KB, 981x182, Screenshot_2019-04-20 Anyone e…)

seems like a great dad

No. 400543

The utter state of the first world for it to be seen as a bad thing when your dad uplifts women and tells you there’s nothing wrong with not being stereotypically feminine.

No. 400545

Oh no the father was clearly in the wrong
how dare he Imply that women can be strong and that theirs more to being a man then just having traditionally masculine interests

No. 400552


Only a man could be happy to be harassed like this… How can they even claim they have a "female brain"?

No. 400572

Many of them claim to have no male socialisation but only someone with male socialisation could read about the humiliating, dehumanising and sometimes downright terrifying sexual harassment that women endure and want it for themselves as a fun novelty. You can tell these guys have never felt vulnerable or afraid when out alone in public. Oppressed minority my ass.

This sounds like my dad, minus the yelling. I had a fuckton of internalised misogyny as a teenager and he was the only one to always call me out on it. I'm really thankful for that now, because it really helped me grow as a person.

No. 400574

File: 1555770553547.png (10.68 KB, 981x171, Screenshot_2019-04-20 Anyone e…)

The whole thread was an entitlement shit show

No. 400600

File: 1555777069875.jpeg (312.19 KB, 1370x2048, 6BD42C34-A064-4194-8A3A-D2BC85…)

Furry trannies are the most disgusting. There’s one tranny furry artist I know of who’s been gaining traction in the game industry and his history with his ex-girlfriend infuriates me. Apparently, pre-transition, he chose to go to a furry con over going to his then-girlfriend’s mom’s funeral with her. Then broke up with her because “uwu i am actually poly and trans and you don’t fulfill my needs bc ur not my fantasy bara bf.” Hate seeing his Shmorkyesque art retweeted on my timeline.

No. 400602

>he chose to go to a furry con over going to his then-girlfriend’s mom’s funeral
I know this is incorporate but I literally laughed out loud

No. 400604

I've seen this person on twitter and thought it was a transman
I swear trannies looks like a whole new gender

No. 400608

File: 1555779481025.jpg (64.93 KB, 960x621, 1555765637787.jpg)

I saw this on 4chan and thought of this thread.

No. 400609

File: 1555779651792.jpeg (203.38 KB, 600x589, 2D836EE8-EB1E-4975-A879-236F5B…)

This was what he looked like pre-transition.

No. 400634

at least some of the retards on 4chan get one thing right

No. 400636

Wtf this makes me so angry. He was so handsome and femme. Now he looks like a frumpy suburban mom who shops at Whole Foods.

It's so rare to be born beautiful, and for this guy to throw it all away is just spitting in the faces of ugly people.

No. 400640

File: 1555785898240.jpg (252.05 KB, 1080x1723, IMG_20190420_134319.jpg)

No. 400653

Well, at least he's upfront and honest about his fetish and misogyny..?

No. 400659

>from /r9k/
>shitty pink-haired animeme girl picture
>wants to be a trap
dumb worthless faggot should just kill himself. problem solved.

No. 400660

It's funny how the main topic is not "how do I stop hating women" but rather "please validate my misogyny". Pathetic.

No. 400662


Most of them are like this, they just won't admit it. The ones who are connected to the internet culture at least, not the "middle age crisis" dads (hons) who steal their wives clothes.

I wonder how female SJWs who are so eager to defend troons would react seeing this… They don't know this side of them.

No. 400663

They would just crank their cognitive dissonance to 100 and come up with some bullshit "T-they're not real trans!!!" reasoning. Every time a tranny is found to be ridiculously misogynistic and violent they throw in the no true scotsman fallacy and run with it, everyone disagreeing is a transphobe.

No. 400666

>"males are superior"
>can't even get laid
>angry bc of it
>transitions to live out his misogyny by acting like an anime girl
>sjws and liberal feminists validate him and call for all the deaths of women who don't want him near them

the more they're open like this, the more I hope people see just how ridiculous these tras really are defending this shit

No. 400690

They'll pull some bullshit out of their ass about how it's totes internalized transmisogyny guise!!1!
Queer theory was a mistake.

No. 400699

seconded that this trash should just fuck off the planet. fucking psycho.

No. 400741

ChapoTrapHouse talk about Sissy Porn and Instead of addressing the misogyny,racism and mental damage caused by sissy porn they they just make fun of conservatives and joke about Sissy Bimbo 12 year olds

No. 400766

>My heart is genuinely warmed by how many fellow trans girls are in these comments like "this is sort of vaguely true in a very wrong way."
hmmm really makes ya think

No. 400791

Anyone else ready to watch the new female speedrunning event that is inevitably going to be 90% dudes in bad outfits?

No. 400798

YES kek. I wish lolcow had good shit posters to cover it though, we only have facebook boomers and plebbit rejects :(

No. 400810

not interested in them and their autistic hobby but i can't wait for the next group photo of them in their striped stockings and pleather chokers huddled together at a Waffle House, just a yeasty-sacked table full of forehead and brow ridge

No. 400823

sorry for not being quite that autistic.

No. 400837

your constant sperging about the boomers is more annoying than the boomerism itself

No. 400841

I'm not the only one sperging about it. That was the first post I've mentioned them.

No. 400847

File: 1555857856992.jpg (154.89 KB, 931x767, uwu.jpg)

Never forgetti.
I hope my dude Benji F will show up this year. I want to get another glimpse of his shiny bald head.

No. 400857

You'd think if your head looks like a literal egg with some hair glued on you'd invest in a wig but they literally never even try to look like women.

No. 400867

File: 1555862319169.png (893.94 KB, 1080x908, 0zowBZg.png)

I genuinely don't remember the last time I saw something on Tumblr that was about lesbians and didn't have trans shit forced into it. I'm not even a lesbian myself but this shit annoys me so much. This past week alone I've seen two separate comics about lesbian couples and of course both of them had a "by the way the other one is trans!!!" disclaimer at the end.

No. 400878

why do they use moomin characters though?

No. 400879

File: 1555864159157.jpg (98.19 KB, 480x1003, pakkoottaa.jpg)

They have become the new cutesy meme characters I guess, idk if even half of the people have actually read or watched any Moomin media.

No. 400880

I mean, there is a story line about a dog who feels like he's a wolf inside and he tries to go hang out with the wolves. It goes as well as expected (the wolves try to attack him). Little My hilariously says "Well you can feel like it [like a wolf] but you sure don't look like it"

No. 400881

autistic fags cling to moomin shit lately I hate it lmao. can never enjoy any form of cute media from my childhood without age players or abdl troons commenting on it

No. 400882

Tove Jansson was a lesbian, she wouldn't have approved of that shit.

No. 400885

File: 1555864985873.jpeg (68.42 KB, 500x493, EF50391B-A387-4F57-B6DA-2AA86B…)

Can they leave the Moomins out of this?

If only someone would cancel Tove Jansson as a TERF on Twitter.

No. 400892

File: 1555866837630.jpg (70.51 KB, 1199x630, stfu boomer.jpg)

No. 400896

But why lately? Is there some new official Moomin shit I haven't heard of? I know people are getting into Miffy because the creator died, but it didn't get as big as Moomin.

No. 400900

I heard there's a new Moomin series, that might play a part in it.

No. 400906

I think that there's a vocal minority of posters on 4chan that push trans/feminine penis/trap posting/i'm a small girl uwu/etc…

Majority of 4chan and most men I know are not at all trans supporters, it's just an internet circlejerk.

No. 400911

File: 1555869939067.png (723.18 KB, 1439x1574, Screenshot_2019-04-21-12-59-30…)

Eden the Doll would've been really cute if he didn't transition. I love his eyes so much. I also remember watching the video where he had to talk normally before getting voice surgery and his voice was actually really nice.

No. 400933

His laughing face is really ugly though, he looks like a donkey

No. 400937

Has anyone else noticed that men who are openly sexist and homophobic draw the line at trannies? As in they make all the misogynist and gay bashing jokes while throwing the word faggot left and right like it was a party trick but when anyone is critical of transgender people they stop everything and suddenly become stupidly empathetic with the "whoa, whoa, they are just poor people with an illness!!" jig? And they're always extremely supportive of TiMs but feel uncomfortable with and hostile towards TiFs? It's especially apparent when reading KiwiFarms threads.

No. 400942

trap trend

No. 400943

I've definitely noticed this. They'll laugh at women getting raped and killed, say gay men are all pedo fags and lesbians just need to be raped back to straightness, drop racial slurs left and right, but criticize a troon and suddenly they're writing essays on how we need to be more empathetic and tolerant. Why do they cape so hard for troons?

No. 400947

maybe this is only white men because most men from other ethnicities will shit on them harder.

No. 400948

It's only or mostly 4chan men because of >>400942

No. 400950

>Snufkin is gay now.

No. 400951

Tove was bi, so who knows.

No. 400969

I doubt she would have appreciated her characters being used to incite violence against women either way. (Also thanks for saying she's bi, I'm sick of people calling her a lesbian because her longest relationship was with a woman, despite having been engaged to a man and dating other men and women before. Irrelevant, soz)

No. 400994

I had no idea that she was bi, only heard about her relationship with a woman.
Anyway, is it just me or is trenstrending particularly big in Finland compared to neighbouring countries?

No. 400999

Have you literally never heard about Sweden? They're neck deep in that shit and allowing sex changes for kids as young as 14 and are planning to introduce "the third legal gender" and motherfucking gender-neutral passports. At least Finland put the national health care treatments on hold because they realized ROGD was at play and still requires trannies to be sterile before allowing a juridical sex change.

No. 401018

Are you legit autistic?

No. 401038

Apparently Waka Floka Flame shared a video of Robin Jaspers and its got over a million views. Plenty of drama in the comments


No. 401042

He's one of the most passable troons I have seen and yet there is something weird about him

No. 401046

Very masculine chin and the voice is passable but periodically drops to a lower octave.

No. 401055

I showed this pic to a gay friend once and he said “aw she’s unfortunate” or something using female pronouns about the bald goblin male

No. 401110

I’ve noticed this with a bunch of my coworkers. They’ll make jokes about domestic violence, about disabled people, mentally ill people, rape jokes, racist jokes, homophobic jokes, holocaust jokes and plenty of jokes about fat ugly blue-haired tumblrinas but when it comes to trans people, particularly TIMs, suddenly it’s
>uh but trans people are legit though, they suffer a lot okay
It’s bizarre. They’ll laugh about women being beaten to death by their husbands, black kids being shot by police and jews being gassed like it’s all hilarious but say anything about men who put on a dress and think that makes them a woman and it’s “whoa too far, these are real people who suffer!”

My guess is that they get it from reddit. One of them browses reddit on his phone every chance he gets and from what I’ve seen, TRAs have all but taken over the platform and have infiltrated many subs as mods. I haven’t seen that specific blend of TRA kowtowing on the one hand and edgy pornsick assholery on the other anywhere else. 4chan is edgy but still allows criticism of trans people, whereas twitter will ban you for misgendering but also for actual hate speech… at least some of the time.

No. 401113

File: 1555916974718.png (621.56 KB, 645x721, Robin jaspers.png)

The person does actually look like a 16 year old Dutch boy. I don't know what it is, but I can easily imagine them in a dirty T shirt with spiked hair. Without the make up they'd look like any other skinny Dutch guy with long hair. They just started on hormones early enough that they never finished puberty, so they have that permanent feminine frail Dutch teen guy appearance. If you are used to seeing feminine frail guys, you can see the difference between a feminine guy in make-up and a woman.
Also is it really smart of them to admit that when they were transitioning they were a loose canon and alcoholic at 15? Really doesn't seem like a responsible mature person who should be making decisions to permanently ruin themselves with a chemical cocktail.

No. 401122

>They’ll laugh about women being beaten to death by their husbands, black kids being shot by police and jews being gassed like it’s all hilarious but say anything about men who put on a dress and think that makes them a woman and it’s “whoa too far, these are real people who suffer!”
Right? I have male acquaintances who shit on muslims, feminists, gay people etc. all the time but are extremely reluctant to say a bad word about TiM trannies. Like they're the same people who can go on a spergy trigger the libs spiel but when I make fun of troons they just shut up, become extremely uncomfortable and give me the "Well live and let live, they're not hurting anyone you know!" talk. I guess because so many of them have the misogynistic incel AGPs in their friend circles and sympathize with their entitlement?

No. 401123

File: 1555922988787.png (334.95 KB, 480x980, Screenshot from 2019-04-22 10-…)

Yep, that shooped insta photo is super flattering, in reality he's pretty clockable especially with that super masculine chin/jawline and broad shoulders, pic related.

Also there's something about his arms that scream biological male, as weird as it sounds. Something about the elbows/forearm area looks off, skinny women just don't have arms that look like that.

No. 401124

God this was annoying to listen to and felt like an eternity, even if it was an actual girl it would've been cringy and vapid.
>I was drunk when I was 15 and made out with a guy I didn't find hot, then invited him to a party and drank so much I passed out lmfao i was such a drunk stupid teenagerXDDD and he carried me to bed and we started dating for 2 months despite me telling him I'm trans omfg then he dumped me over text what a cunt!!!
There, saved you the trouble. I refuse to believe this person is older than 17. The straight AGP pervert vs Low IQ self-hating gay tranny categorization is real.

No. 401126

idk who this is, they look pretty feminine except for the too-wide shoulders and super long arms. Women have shorter arms than men, even though his arms are bent the hands are still lower than a woman's would be. Sterilisation/hormone therapy also affects normal bone growth which can lead to elongated limbs.

No. 401128

Think away the make-up, and it literally looks like a teenage boy with long hair and gyno. The face is really not that feminine.

I have this suspicion that the person they dated always knew they were a tranny. Which is why he had no problem continuing after they 'came out'. It wasn't news. But they are narcissistic enough to make a video about how they are totally a trap and managed to fool someone for ages.

No. 401129

There seem to be an unusual amount of Finnish people posting about it so I wondered if it was a bigger problem, and why. Glad things aren't as bad as here in Sweden though. Can you believe it, operating on freaking 14 year olds…

No. 401138

So Since ContraPoints posted his "Gender Critical" video we have seen a mass of new normies on r/GC,
So The tone of the sub is changing as more well adjusted normies who are not that man hating and have come in on the back of the rampent troonary going on.
what do you think will happen ?

No. 401139

Old post but why do you keep posting /rk9/ when it’s /r9k/? You did this on one of the drama boards too.

No. 401142

because I'm a moron /s
I frequently mess up using Their, There, And They're and make constant spelling mistakes

No. 401143

Are you implying that you think gc fems/radfems are maladjusted manhaters?
That place has 30000 subscribers, there are already all sorts of people following.

No. 401144


I disagree. I have seen plenty of women who are tall and skinny and they don't look like this. The bone structure becomes more apparent since there's not a lot of fat to give it a female shape. There are plenty of different female shapes but they all have some things in common. I can't even precisely point what's wrong here, it's like an uncanny valley sensation.

No. 401145

Oh my god his arms are horrendous, his proportions are so masculine

No. 401149

i think his waist is weird too

No. 401216

File: 1555953082954.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 7A9772A4-BE5B-43C7-8A58-2E3A55…)

These fuckers I swear. You’re still a cis man lmao keep deluding yourselves

No. 401220

>makes entire public identity about going on hormones and wanting surgeries done

No. 401221

honestly he asked really politely too.

No. 401223

There's a popular tif youtuber I think passes fairly well, but the lack of a penis and sense of "mystery" belonging to the opposite sex kills the mood quickly. At first glance yeah they can be attractive but the chemistry and sexual lust isn't there.

No. 401235

How is bimbofication not inherently sexist? The exploitation and humiliation of women is totally a ok now because some trans people think its hott?

No. 401270

I'd like to know the context of the conversation. Either way it's stupid but it's ten thousand times more stupid if they're romantically interested in each other. It's a very reasonable thing to ask to a potential partner. Unless the troon wants to live an anime trap fantasy…

No. 401272

They always call this offensive. They say shit like "you wouldn't ask a """cis""" woman what her gentitals are!"

That's because I can know for certain she's got a vagina, dumbass.

It's completely fair to ask your partner what bits they have when you aren't able to know by looking at them.

No. 401276

That argument is especially ridiculous if you remember that "cis" women get sexually harassed all the time which include men, well, asking questions about our genitals

No. 401279

tbh I wouldn't clock and would just see as a very unfortunate looking woman

No. 401299

File: 1555967699060.jpeg (206.32 KB, 1200x540, 19C86F50-024E-49C4-8C08-68629A…)

No. 401300


So they read all the comments and are acting like an emotional wreck and saying "Ive always been horribly depressed I don't think it will ever end"


No. 401349

You guys both mention that they're okay with attacking non-whites, which makes me wonder if at its core, it's just white men defending other white men. No matter how much they deny it, they know and understand TiMs aren't women, otherwise they'd let loose and show no mercy, and the face of TiMs in western media is typically middle-class white guys on their AGP kick (not the non-white TiM prostitutes who get killed/beaten in the streets by homophobic straight men). Maybe they're really just protecting their own.

No. 401368


Honestly I absolutely think this is it. Dudes can't relate to feminist issues like childcare, domestic work, menstrual health, etc, it's like they can't be bothered to care or even comprehend anything that has to do with women being people and not sex and dishwashing machines, but fundamentally, trans activism doesn't ask that of them. Even if they don't realize they're sympathizing with TiMs as men, it's what they're doing. TRAs are arguing women are a thing you can dress and chop and buy your way into, and how is that different, really, from the way the average dude sees a woman? We're not people to either group, at the end of the day. And that's not even touching all the AGP/porncentric shit they have in common, or the fact that a lot of them were dude friends in shitty geek dude spaces with these guys before they came out.

No. 401376

>it's just white men defending other white men
not really >>398186

No. 401382

Anon, I think you missed this part:
>the face of TiMs in western media is typically middle-class white guys on their AGP kick (not the non-white TiM prostitutes who get killed/beaten in the streets by homophobic straight men)
In the west, most people won't automatically think of a black tranny when you just say "tranny", but a white one. Population count and numbers are kind of meaningless when it comes to the imagined reality of public face/reputation.

No. 401437

You realize you can directly embed youtube videos right? The embed field is underneath 'choose file'.

No. 401456

All that transitioning didn't get rid of their depression, figures. Maybe, just maybe the emotional blackmail of 'if you don't let me transition I will commit suicide, you are literally killing me by not using my pronouns omggg' is absolute nonsense. Also interesting, first she was so confident in her being a trap and thinking nobody notices, if she is oh so confident, why let yourself be affected by strangers online?
>not telling a person I was dating that I am trans was the worst thing I have ever done
Interesting because in the video you seemed pretty damn proud of it, and in that video you aren't 15 anymore. Also hilarious because in the trans timeline video she talks about how happy she is and she's never been happier, what is it, depressed or happy?
Which doctor looked at a 13 year old depressed boy and thought, you know what is going to help you? Testosterone blockers.

No. 401474

File: 1556005259248.jpeg (92.2 KB, 1080x627, EEAB9431-34BA-462C-8766-D6B7CD…)

AGP “friend” of a friend
Always with the anime names.

No. 401479

the man in the ss was extremely civil with him. no one does it perfect enough for these fuckers i swear.

No. 401485

File: 1556011055479.jpg (48.54 KB, 752x190, lolcow.JPG)

LMFAO, so on /r/MtF, this 16-year-old boy got arrested and was put in with the men, of course. One of the highest-upvoted comments is telling him to seek asylum in Cuba.

I've been to Cuba. It isn't as bad as it's portrayed to be in the U.S. media, but come the fuck on. It's still a developing country. Why would you uproot your life like that? What drama queens.

No. 401487

That’s some next level child grooming right there, just went straight to ‘come seek asylum here with me!!’

No. 401488

Right? And people are just eating it up. Around three or four people are now asking how to emigrate to Cuba.

Jesus fucking Christ. These people have no idea what they would be in for. It's a beautiful, fascinating country, but certain areas still look like war zones because the buildings are so badly decayed. I would never want to live there.

No. 401492

>this 16-year-old boy got arrested and was put in with the men,
Jesus Christ that is dangerous as hell

No. 401497

File: 1556013814033.jpeg (337.58 KB, 640x811, 1232D4DB-F0F2-451A-8397-DAE6BA…)

remember the handmaiden last thread who insisted on nigelposting about how she loves having a socially retarded bf who needs her to survive? the one who kept posting about “demurely kowtowing” here and in random reddit threads? guess her ban ran out and she’s migrated to /snow/, ironically to the personal lolcows thread.

i say ironically because whoever the fuck this is is clearly a cow herself. she made another post about how she’s obsessed with some other reddit incel now. probably shouldn’t be drawing so much attention to another anon but holy fuck she seriously makes zero attempt to disguise herself. she’s our personal cow.

No. 401498

Is that the same anon who kept spamming about that reddit user here or in pink pill?

No. 401500

yes, you can tell by the typing style. it’s too unique and identical, and they sperg about the exact same shit. this board attracts the weirdest people sometimes i swear

No. 401501


>Nintendo: bans racist/nazi imagery from their smash stage builder

>Also Nintendo: bans troon imagery

Nintendo recognizing TRAs for the hate-group that they are, lol

No. 401502

The constant posts about that reddit user are bizarre and annoying, it was weird that anons either held actual discussion about him or ignored it. I guess people smart enough to realize it was a sperg didn't want to give her any attention but it was so obnoxious I'm surprised it didn't result in a ban or at least a tonne of people telling her to stfu.

No. 401506

Like amanda chan, or nephew fucking chan/ fujochan

No. 401508

yes, that's necessaryspeed. she posts posts by him simultaneously hating on him and praising him, as if she's two different people. she won't stop spamming him. you can tell a lot of her posts are her because she capitalizes random words, always uses a space between the end of the word and a question mark, no spaces between commas, and her spacing is weird. she'll talk
like this, with weird
line formatting

No. 401518

That is one of the most insane thing I have ever read coming from a tran. Cuba is not that bad but to suggest to a minor to flee to another country just like that… That's suspicious and nasty as fuck. How did people think this was a reasonable suggestion? Is everybody on that sub on crack?

No. 401572


Dame Jacqueline Wilson has said the thought of children receiving gender reassignment treatment makes her “very, very worried”.

Wilson added that her concerns also stem from the fact that “we don’t know” the long-term effects of taking “drugs, hormones or whatever” as part of gender reassignment treatment.

and ofc all of the comments on social media are like "children don't take hormones, only blockers!!!"

No. 401580

does anyone else find it creepy how tras and their entourage just repeat the same phrases over and over? blockers are reversible, marsha p johnson threw the first brick, millions of trans women die every year etc. but when you ask them to elaborate or tell you why they're saying that, they have nothing. they're just mindlessly repeating what they've been told to say.

No. 401581

I hope they stand their ground with this. They're a big enough beast in this mess to do so and make an impact. I'm sure they won't miss the transtrender demographic. Besides, they're hardcore gamers; they'll still spend money on Nintendo while crying.

Banning it on the grounds of it being a political statement has nothing to do with muh oppression, but they won't understand that. Nintendo sees their games as a way to escape and not a political platform.

They're so pervasive with that flag. They're like dogs marking their territory.

No. 401582

an astounding amount of troons are pedophiles (both TiMs and TiFs) so this doesn't surprise me in the least

No. 401587

Noticing this was actually what peak transed me. So many of the troons on Breadtube and in social justice circles online ended up being outed as pedos (Sarah Nyberg is a good example) and then just getting away with it through troon privilege. I wanted to see if anyone else had noticed and I found GC spaces.

Why ARE so many of them pedophiles? It does seem to be a disproportionately high number, at least online.

No. 401588


B-But children aren't given hormones, only blockers and they're harmless!!! uwu

No. 401591

Even if Lupron DIDN'T come with a whole host of health issues, it stops puberty. As in all of it. As in it doesn't JUST stop your body maturing, it stops your BRAIN maturing. The reason we give children blockers instead of hormones is because they're too young to meaningfully understand consent to the effects of hormones, but put them on blockers and their brains won't mature to a point where they can understand. It's the same as sticking a kid in suspended animation for five years then letting them out and saying they're now mature enough to consent. They're not.

This is so obvious and yet everyone is just ignoring it because it's inconvenient.

No. 401596

File: 1556033909900.png (209.55 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190423-173644.png)

Excuse me what the fuck, reading the comments implies this scrote isn't being ironic.

No. 401597

When you ask them to elaborate, they immediately get defensive and start namecalling. Been there many times. "I'm just not sure about transing little kids…" "Umm so ur a terf then"
I saw a similar instance the other day on reddit, someone expressed perplexity about puberty blockers and asked a TRA if there really aren't any side effects, you wanna know what the TRA said?
>"Well you obviously think that being trans is a mental illness and don't care about the wellbeing of children"
When the other person was being super polite, never suggested any of that and seemed actually concerned for the wellbeing of children, but TRAs love to project and we all know that.
A friend of mine got sucked in the TRA nonsense by spending too much time on twitter, when I see her interactions on there I cringe everytime, because she's usually a very chill and rational person… and yet, when it comes to troons, she morphs into your run of the mill dumb, loud mouthed SJW in a snap of fingers. I wonder how they do that, changing people like this.

No. 401598

>I've developed breasts capable of lactating

What the fuck

No. 401601

Straight up lying to prey on dysphoric people or plain delusional?

No. 401602

I think they just can't stand the reality that some things are out of reach for them. That's why they make these insane mental twists to try and claim their hands are smaller, they lost height, they can lactate, they have periods, and that sort of thing. They can't bear the fact that there will always be things that are different between them and women.

No. 401604

Men can lactate when they have tumors or other health issues lol

No. 401607

I saw that one too, my favorite part is how they magically got more hair on their head while simultaneously no more body hair

No. 401608

Nintendo are never going to take up the terf mantle anon, such wishful thinking. It's a company that relies on a nondescriminately friendly image, their PR team just didn't expect the explosive TRA agenda, there will be a lipservice trans flag case for all Nintendo devices in a year's time.

Anyone talking about a company trans peaking the masses is a cope. Companies try to keep their images as spotless as possible in the interest of profit, it's a risk to be seen as on "the wrong side of history".

No. 401611

I wish my female hormones came with the "no body hair aside on your head" upgrade like the ones in commercials.

No. 401614

think again. they will end up just pulling the stage creator all together because of this, like picto chat.

No. 401615

I saw this some days ago and read the tweet thread and it's just dumb. Like its unnecessary and is a controversial topic nowadays. Like if it's against Nintendo policy ain't nothing can be done. They keep purisiting theres trans shit everywhere but they cant be having everything. Hopefully Nintendo keeps not giving a shit and dont back down. Its not a big deal.

No. 401617

I read someone else say this and at first I thought that it's total tinfoil but nowadays I'm not so sure. Basically someone said that tras pushing children to transition is building way for saying that since kids can have agency over deciding what kind of bodies they should have and take hormones, they should have agency over sex too.>>401582

No. 401619

I read someone else say this and at first I thought that it's total tinfoil but nowadays I'm not so sure. Basically someone said that tras pushing children to transition is building way for saying that since kids can have agency over deciding what kind of bodies they should have and take hormones, they should have agency over sex too.>>401582

No. 401620

I read someone else say this and at first I thought that it's total tinfoil but nowadays I'm not so sure. Basically someone said that tras pushing children to transition is building way for saying that since kids can have agency over deciding what kind of bodies they should have and take hormones, they should have agency over sex too.>>401582

No. 401621

I read someone else say this and at first I thought that it's total tinfoil but nowadays I'm not so sure. Basically someone said that tras pushing children to transition is building way for saying that since kids can have agency over deciding what kind of bodies they should have and take hormones, they should have agency over sex too.

No. 401622

>Anyone talking about a company trans peaking the masses is a cope.

I know, I know. :( Alas, one can dream…

No. 401624

OH SHIT I'm so sorry for the spam my browser fucked up somehow

No. 401625

Even when it’s given to children to halt precocious puberty it fucks with their bone development and decreases their IQ. First pharmacological companies tried to sell it as a miracle autism treatment and when that didn’t catch on, it’s now a miracle gender dysphoria treatment. Anything to create a market of vulnerable lifelong patients they can continue to take advantage of. I can’t wait until everyone catches on that this is the new lobotomy and using it on children is made illegal altogether.

No. 401626

You would hope if they did that people would blame troons, but they wouldn't. It'd just turn into



No. 401627

someone on kiwifarms explained the history behind lupron and its owners and said it's basically a drug without an illness. so like you said, they need to find an illness it's the "miracle cure" for. very shady.

No. 401632

Fucked up but can't say I expected anything more from the garbage heap that is the pharmaceutical industry. That post sounds interesting and I'd love to read it, do you have a link?

No. 401642

File: 1556037626974.png (Spoiler Image,157.91 KB, 1339x280, lol.png)

I hate how trannies infiltrate every place and spew bullshit.
And I hate how they even dare to compare all those ugly dudes in dressen n wigs to average 40 something woman.

I hope they all kill themselves but they're too narcissistic to do that.

No. 401643

From what I've seen in these threads and online, I genuinely believe this to be true but I can't help but feel like my homophobic relative when I think that. She always goes on about gay men being pedophiles and it makes me wonder if I'm no better than her…

No. 401646

Do they…think those examples they posted are 10/10?

No. 401648

File: 1556039535497.png (34.09 KB, 948x421, Screenshot_2019-04-23 AITA for…)

No. 401649

I had to leave my online community after an obvious AGP troon straight up defended pedophilia and multiple other people defended said troon because "she~ doesn't deserve transphobic bullying just because her~ opinions are a little different"

It was happening live. Right in front of my eyes. What is this timeline.

No. 401653

These trannies be getting plastic surgery and say the physical changes are from hormones. I fucking doubt it lmao if they even changed at all. Also lul on bringing up how pregnant women get bigger feet. Well how tf do trannies supposedly get smaller feet from being on hormones?? Shit doesn’t make sense, but they spew shit to act like it’s relatable cause of women’s pregnancy hormones.

No. 401661

Pregnant women only get “bigger” feet because of temporary fluid retention and the hormone relaxin, which relaxes ligaments and can flatten the feet out somewhat. The feet don’t actually grow, and last I heard TIMs aren’t taking relaxin.
They really think that anything female = estrogen and therefore taking estrogen makes them female. Anything more complex or nuanced than that is transphobic.

No. 401711

They don’t just think, they are, and have been since birth. They were only falsely identified as male at birth, because penises are for some reason typically identified male. Didn’t you know all that? /s

No. 401712

What board is that?

No. 401723

Tbh to believe that a magic pill can really shrink your bones to make them look like "girls teehee" you have to be clinically retarded… there's just no other way. It's on the same level with those people who buy into those subliminal videos that claim to be able to change your race. Low IQ. That's what they have: low IQ.

No. 401730

Or a bimbofication fetish, though the two certainly aren’t mutually exclusive.

No. 401737

The logic you mentioned is sadly so accurate and goes along with that "girl dick" bs that Contrapoints asserts "womxn can have!!!!"

Any time that I engage with non-GC people about trans bs on a non-GC thread, they try to link me to some Contrapoints video to try and "explain" the trans point of view. Cuntrapoints really gives off this vibe of male superiority that I cannot stand.

No. 401739


Contrapoints has said that MTF 'vaginas' are the same as actual vaginas because they can be penetrated. He sees them as entrances, not exits. Nick/Contrapoints is massively narcissistic and despises women

No. 401741

yeah he said something like "neovaginas can be penetrated so in what sense are they not functioning" in the blaire white debate because the only purpose of the female genitalia is being penetrated right

No. 401743

Lol I saw a comment on Reddit where I think she meant to say confused but it auto-corrected to Confucius. Probably cause she spergs about him so much. I'm glad others found that shit irritating

No. 401787

Looks like the GC mods removed a lot of her posts on that Reddit

No. 401791

File: 1556059046178.png (63.77 KB, 1407x224, Screenshot_2019-04-23-04-26-24…)

I just saw the biggest self own comment on a local troons Facebook post. It was a meme saying the emo boys we knew in school are all now trans girls.

No. 401793

Most turned into both.

No. 401809

this is the first I'm hearing that it was used as autism treatment, is this lupron or another puberty blocker? Also do you have any sources or articles to start on with the autism miracle drug? Im interested in reading up about it

I remember reading something about that too, and I believe it now after peak trans-ing with how many pedo troons there are. This is one of the biggest reasons I want T the hell outta the LGB community.
Gays and Lesbians have fought so hard for so long against the perverted lie of "if we normalize the homos then they'll try to normalize pedophillia!". I swear trans ideology is so regressive it's ridiculous, i think that's why I was such a lousy handmaiden lol
but yeah i think pedos see tranny politics as their next best bet to go all NAMBLA on us

No. 401842

i just found an article about a trannie's sexual experiences and it's so gross to think he needs to dilate his 'neovagina' every week or have sex to keep it open. nauseating.

there's plenty of stuff about transwomen online but i can't seem to find anything about transmen.. i'm curious to know how they even have sex - do they have functioning dicks? because i saw some pics and they look like normal, regular males and it makes me scared and i REALLY hope their dicks don't work/are gross or something

No. 401846

they usually don't get a dick because the surgical results are horrific to say the least. the whole procedure involves crafting a lump of flesh using skin from their forearm and looks nothing like an actual penis.

No. 401849

No. 401852

thank god.. and what about transwomen? they always describe their experiences just like a real woman's.. do they really get wet and feel exactly the same when having sex? i just want to know as many horrific things i can about the surgeries so i can try to convince my friends

No. 401853

what the actual fuck. it's going to be hard to sleep after seeing that

No. 401858

I don’t think this’ll help your cause, but of course they don’t get naturally wet. How would they?

No. 401899

Neovaginas can’t self lubricate but they do get sweaty and foul smelling. I think someone linked something about fecal matter being found pretty frequently in them. Maybe it was in the last thread I think.

No. 401903

The colon self-lubricates a little (though nowhere near as much as a vagina) and they often use parts of the colon in constructing the neovagina. Any semblance of lubrication they experience is either sweat, wishful thinking or colon goop complete with the usual bacterial flora because there’s no way to really sterilize the tissue in operations like this.

No. 401905

>using reddit at all

No. 401906

File: 1556089292701.jpg (53.06 KB, 392x541, tranny pibble.jpg)

why is every troon a commie larper

No. 401911

Can you link it though, for science

No. 401912

There is a post right now on /r/medicalgore (Sounds bad, but full of very interesting shit about the human body) of a FTM "scrotum" post phalloplasty with complication, the balls are twisted in a weird way, the ballsacks are open and she pisses through it… I'm not posting it because it's so gruesome, but it seriously highlight the insanity of sex change surgery.


No. 401920

yeah, it just goes to show that their 10/10 is a drag caricature with huge balloons attached to it. And it looks nowhere near as a woman.

kohlchan. Don't go there though, it turned into a tranny board same like /lgbt/ on 4chan A lot of threads now get derailed there because of the tranny influx and whatever the quality of the board was prior to that, now it's tenfold times worse. I also find it curios that whenever there's a /r9k/ influx there's a tranny one at the same time.

No. 401922

This has to be one of those people who are intentionally trying to fool lonely men into trooning out. I refuse to believe someone is this delirious.

>Trans people are VALID and they're being killed by evil TERFs daily!!! Transgenderism has been proven to be linked to your brain!!
>Could you please elaborate on this?
>I don't have to explain anything to a bigot!! Google it yourself!!
Literally every interaction I've had with a TRA. They know they're full of shit and their activism is based on pseudoscience (a.k.a. "muh feels"), so that's why they get so defensive.

This. Nintendo will never take sides on any political debate and it's a deep-rooted business plan of their company since the 80's, they will gladly just remove the feature altogether.

It never ceases to amaze me how little trannies know about Female reproductive biology. Like that one TiM in the buzzfeed video who had no idea how often females menstruate. And the mentioned people who thought pregnant women grow a shoe size because they have never heard of water retention during pregnancy. And their absolute misunderstanding of how vaginas operate such as this.

>Gays and Lesbians have fought so hard for so long against the perverted lie of "if we normalize the homos then they'll try to normalize pedophillia!"
Sort of related but I tried explaining to a friend (a straight male) why transgenderism is misogynist and regressive and he just waved me off with a "you sound like one of those people who claim legalizing gay marriage leads to pedophilia!". It just reminded me of that Feminist Heretic comic where the male character says "Oh well, it doesn't affect ME".

No. 401923

I just realised that remarks like this are also incredibly insensitive towards women with vaginismus…

No. 401931

File: 1556099392414.png (6.24 KB, 867x39, sexism.PNG)

All the -isms, but sexism? Nah, that's a-okay.
Sad, because there was usually some trans-conversations on there that weren't all "TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN END OF DISCUSSION!!" but ig that's over now.

No. 401954

Oh this was wonderful! The hypocrisy of Adam who made a huge video about male circumcision and how irreparable damage was being done to those who cannot give consent due to young age, but then he is perfectly fine with irreparable damage being done to minors who cannot give consent due to young age? Sure, just so long as it aligns with the ideology he is promoting.

No. 401956

It won’t be long until they start claiming that the only real misogyny is transmisogyny and that the concept of sexism against cis women is just TERF propaganda.

No. 401960

They already sometimes try to claim homophobia is just misdirected transmisogyny. I wonder if they started claiming real misogyny is just misdirected transmisogyny, how many libfems would that peak?

No. 401963

I still think it's miles better than what TIMs get. Probably because TIMs' is a open wound. An open wound that smells like shit, oozes orange liquids and collects hairballs is more gag-inducing to me.
While TIF's just look like a sausage with stitches hanging on a crotch, the scarred donor site looks worst than the fake penis itself.

No. 401964

how did they get things so backwards?

like do they really think gay men and lesbians are out there getting murdered and harassed because some dudes want their dicks inverted?

is this just a massive co-opt move to erase the long and pervasive history of global homophobia? cuz I’m pretty sure gays and lesbians existed long before the advent of transgenderism

No. 401965

in the interests of accuracy i should say they do sometimes get veins and coloring tattooed on to the flesh sausage to make it look more realistic. that's usually phase 2 of their dick surgery.

it still will only become erect by pumping the testicles to inflate the thing like a water balloon though.

No. 401972

File: 1556108859844.png (26.97 KB, 1044x316, Screenshot_2019-04-24 TERFs ru…)

Someone help "TERFs" are helping my brother out of his delusion

No. 401973

Troons talk about these evil TERFs who try to murder troons and send death threats all the time and even after years of being GC and hanging out in a lot of GC spaces, I've never actually seen any of it.

A lot of GC feminists are very gullible and will believe the wildest shit even when it's obviously fake, but that's about as bad as it seems to get. I've never ever seen one tell a troon to die, or actively bully troons. Meanwhile troons routinely send GC feminists death and rape threats and get them literally locked up.

No. 401974

I have never seen a "TERF" directing violence or even approaching a troon directly to shit on them. Yet I see trans people, specially males, making loads and loads of violent comments about GC women, even threatening rape. So womanly!

No. 401975

I am more scared of TRAs and their cronies than I am of alt-righters. That says something.

No. 401979

File: 1556110768190.jpg (251.63 KB, 1072x1574, Screenshot_20190424-135901_Chr…)

this bit from the comments is almost poetic

No. 401985

File: 1556112262924.jpeg (540.82 KB, 1125x1911, 51A544E8-EA79-41B7-B551-2FA64C…)

How does this even remotely make sense? TERFs are pawns in a “fascist” power play to enact “broader gendered oppression” yet we’re the ones who believe in abolishing gender and TRAs are the ones pushing outdated gender roles plus laws and policies that directly oppress women.

No. 401987

Wow, it's almost like you can't tell if it's bro science "female brain" or a *~very progressive~* TRA/ally.

No. 401993

Whenever they crack out the female brain shit they're done. Ask

>What makes a female brain different from a male brain?

The smarter ones will try to hedge the question by saying it has no effect on personality, traits, intelligence etc. Ask them how we know "female" and "male" brains exist. They'll say you can see it in scans.

>Oh that's cool. Wow, we could totally destroy any objections to transitioning by just making sure everyone gets a brain scan before transition then! Funded by the state of course! Then nobody can say "You're not trans."

They won't go for it. They'll get angry you even suggested it. And the whole lie instantly falls apart to anyone watching your conversation.

No. 401994

people are claiming a zine that genderbends males in m/f relationships is transphobic…it's so irritating
has anyone heard of it?
it's called "that, but lesbians"

No. 401996

Lol this sounds like this person is trying their hardest to fear monger

No. 401997

I have never understood why is that for example so called "female" brains being in male bodies doesn't prove that there isn't a female or male brains. Like is this brain type exists in both kind of bodies doesn't it prove that kind of brain doesn't only belong to males or females?

No. 401998

Nope but it sounds like one of those things that'll piss them off either way. I'm guessing their complaint is that by changing the m/f couples to f/f couples, you're implying that lesbians are female only (no shit), not realizing they're playing themselves with that one.

I mean how do they know the characters aren't trans? I thought you weren't supposed to be able to tell. But if you portrayed a "lesbian" character as looking unquestionably male, they'd complain that you're turning a transwoman into an offensive caricature. They always get so pissed when you draw transwomen with obvious male characteristics - big jaws, stubble, broad shoulders etc. Even though that's what they look like most of the time.

They really can't let lesbians have anything, huh? They've started testing out more of this crap with gay men, but I want them to go after straight people for once. See how long they put up with that.

No. 402010

When you consider trans are pushed by pharmaceutical and cosmetic surgery industries… which one makes more sense to you

No. 402020

File: 1556117975690.gif (924.5 KB, 400x300, Bend-Her-01.gif)

Don't know if this has been posted here before but here's an article on how lesbian Tennis player Martina Navratilova was called to be spreading "dangerous myths based on false understanding of science and data" for calling out trans women for dominating female sports unfairly.


>One of the chief instigators of Navratilova’s expulsion from Athlete Ally's board was Rachel McKinnon. In December 2018 Navratilova had tweeted: “You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women. There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard.” McKinnon unleashed a barrage of Twitter invectives about Navratilova’s “transphobic” rhetoric that she redoubled after the Sunday Times op-ed. There is something ironic about a lifelong lesbian advocate being pushed out of her own movement by a biological male.

Has anyone seen the 2003 Futurama episode "Bend Her", in which the chauvinistic male robot Bender gets a superficial sex change to compete in the female olympics and kick everyone's ass because he couldn't make it in the male league? He also starts behaving as a complete stereotypical bimbo and going the whole AGP 9 yards, naturally pissing off the female characters for his sexist behavior. Imagine that 16 years later this episode became the reality.

No. 402104

File: 1556127596839.png (32.28 KB, 1009x370, Screenshot_2019-04-24 My partn…)

I have read other stories like this where TIF's who were previously lesbians becoming attracted to men when they start Transitioning to male
why do you think this happen ?

No. 402109

they were always attracted to men. same shit goes for grown men in their 40s who suddenly come out as gay after 20 years of marriage. it was just repressed sexuality. taking hormones doesn’t change someone’s sexual orientation, but i’m sure some conspiracy theorists will disagree

No. 402113

but why do they identity as lesbian then,it would be easier and more socially acceptable to be a straight woman then either a lesbian or a gay trans man

No. 402114

that i don’t know and it’s pointless to speculate because the reason will be different for every person. jumping to one mass conclusion about it wouldn’t make sense.

No. 402145

If they're MTF: They were always into men and too homophobic to admit it.

If they're FTM: They were always into men and too biphobic to admit it. Also, life isn't exactly simple for butch women who want to fuck men, since men are so hung up on their ideal of the perfect feminine waifu.

No. 402148

My guess based on personal observations:
>Afraid of presenting feminine because it will attract unwanted sexual/romantic attention from men, transitions to a male role to avoid feeling weak and/or sexualized
>After living a safe life as a man forgets about the trauma caused by the male aggression and harassment, allows herself to feel safe and relaxed enough to be attracted to men again

No. 402165

File: 1556133446244.png (262.94 KB, 924x768, morons.png)

Oh look, it's that thing radfems have been saying would happen for DECADES and were told would never happen, happening. Again.

No. 402167

Seeing this image, I had a random thought. You'll note that 'Bio Women' are the most targeted for oppression whereas "Trans" are in the middle. So if a male is trying to 'become' a woman, he should at least realize his very real biological privilege and his CHOICE to 'become' a member of an oppressed class.

This is the same thing as the people who originate as white but feel another 'race' and then do their best with their biological privilege to emulate and 'become' a member of a historically oppressed race, such as Rachel Dolezal. But transracialism is "problematic" and transgenderism is legitimate. Why?

The logic is completely valid imo and I'd love to ask transgender individuals what they think. Is it because race includes males and is a touchier subject than belittling women?

And I only note MTF because they are foregoing their privilege willingly which therefore makes them less oppressed than women. I kind of pity FTMs who are trying to present as a member of a privileged class but always had the odds against them as females.

No. 402169

They won't answer if you ask this because there's no good counterargument, simple as that.
Just like they can't answer why dysphoria is treated with transition while anorexia/body dysmorphia is not treated with weight loss/cosmetic surgery.

No. 402178

File: 1556134992350.png (251.28 KB, 624x601, 1_U3EHM2WkBi73GgcfkfWGGw.png)

Forgot to include the image, sorry!

No. 402181

This more or less makes sense but bisexual people face higher rates of rape, murder, domestic abuse, sexual assault and suicidal thoughts than any other sexual orientation, including lesbians and gay people, so I don't know that it makes sense to say they're not as oppressed.

No. 402183

it doesn't make sense to put intersex people in with trans people

No. 402184

I was just going to say this. Just because bisexual have the ability to date the opposite sex doesn't mean everything is all nice and dandy.

No. 402186

In the realm of pure theory it makes sense and I see why people would think it. Bisexual people are "half straight" so they get half the straight privileges, or that's how the thinking goes. But reality and statistics just don't back it up.

No. 402203

>Also, life isn't exactly simple for butch women who want to fuck men, since men are so hung up on their ideal of the perfect feminine waifu
What do you mean? Butch is a lesbian term, why would lesbians want to fuck men?

No. 402204

File: 1556138848372.jpg (51 KB, 720x471, IMG_20190424_224343_993.JPG)


No. 402207

they probably thought it mean 'tomboy'

No. 402211

You're right, I did mean that. It's my mistake.

No. 402213

LMAO what club was it, some women only thing oe what? These goddamn morons

No. 402214

I thought those statistics were about bisexual women being abused?

And really, bisexual people get murdered more often than gay men around the world? Honestly? Like I'm sorry but gay men are some of the most targeted people in the world

No. 402215

Probably the most moronic TRA argument I’ve ever read was posted in an Onision thread years ago, where an anon claimed that in oppressive misogynistic cultures, TIMs are worse off than women because women can just transition into men to escape the misogyny but TIMs can’t stop being trans. Apparently putting on a pair of trousers to become part of the most privileged class is a perfectly feasible option for women but not for men.

I’m pretty sure we didn’t have a gc thread back then and it was before I fully peaked, but it sure helped me get there.

No. 402216

Gay men are the most targeted men in the world, but they don’t get murdered at the same rate as women regardless of sexuality.

No. 402221

Yeah, this site used to be pretty TRA under the male admin. He was Shuwu's bootlicker (with Shuwu herself being a mod here), so it makes sense.

No. 402225


yeah, agree. I have SWYER syndrome and I'm just a woman. They use us, we don't like trannies.

No. 402238

again, i brought this up once but women in a village were being attacked by african monkeys - only the female village people were attacked, so they took to dressing like men. the monkeys still knew they were female and assaulted them and made mocking gestures to/about their breasts

No. 402240

File: 1556144233769.jpg (85.93 KB, 745x588, wtf.jpg)

I'm so fucking sick of how much the trans bullshit has leaked out into the real world. I watch this channel from time to time because i like her vintage 1940s fashion and this was a cute video, but of course you had some people getting offended in the comments when she did a bearded lady. (which is way more freak show and early 1900s circus. It has ZERO TO DO WITH TRANS)

And course people were getting nasty saying fuck you to various people and 'TRANS WOMEN ARE REAL WOMEN. HOW DARE YOU.'

Why do these handmaidens exist? Do they seriously think these men give a shit about them?

No. 402241

People who don't believe in biological sex need to be put away on an island to fight each other.

No. 402259

Are you being a racist ** or are you talking about actual monkeys here??? wtf

No. 402263

Actually monkeys you idiot

No. 402267

I didn't think monkeys had the awareness of human anatomy to mock breasts, what a bizarre story

Also not sure how it's relevant to the thread.

No. 402269

Surprising isn't it? In America they even have a movement which tries to paint the police as bad for stopping them from committing crimes.(Racebait)

No. 402270

File: 1556147738351.jpg (4.11 KB, 225x225, beito.jpg)

You're an embarrassment.

No. 402273

Yeah but bisexuals in general also include bisexual MEN too

No. 402279

This post made me spit my water.

No. 402350

I've noticed this everywhere now. Whenever people are listing off their laundry list of bad things, like racism, or religious bigotry, or homophobia, or "discriminating because of someones creed", they always leave off sexism without fail.

I found out today that Joe Rogan (who often has shitty guests but sometimes good ones) is no longer streaming his podcast live on Youtube. Apparently it was the episode with Adam Conover that did that. I guess either Adam cried because he looked so bad discussing everything, including trans athletes, or it's the trannies getting in about "discrimination" or some shit again. So I guess now they pre-tape in case some things need to be cut out.

Anyway, here's a clip of some of it. Imagine being so dense you get schooled by someone like Joe fucking Rogan.

No. 402352

Watched South Park's episode of when Mr.Garrison gets a sex change (and then another episode where he goes into a lesbian bar) and it's so accurate, lmao.

No. 402353

too bad the show has stopped being critical of transgender people

No. 402357

Are you serious? Adam can't take some of that "ruining" he dishes out apparently. Too bad he's got an army of screeching trannies.

No. 402359

I saw this sketch for the first time recently and I honestly almost cried, because a decade ago this was a preposterous joke and now it's reality.

No. 402373


Speaking of medical gore, something about this comment in particular really bothers me.

Obviously NSFW, SFW version is she had her severely swollen uterus removed - and yet she mentions that her doctor was hesitant because of her age and lack of kids.

Doctors have no problem chopping off healthy tissue on troons and mutilating them, but god forbid a woman want to do anything with her body for her health. This applies to hysterectomies as well.

No. 402388

Omg this is exactly how it is

No. 402389

Mad tv was ahead of its time. And now i'm sad.

No. 402406

It's a very common amongst childfree women that doctors are reluctant and often outright refuse to give them a tubal litigation because they ~might want kids some day~. It's some incredibly sexist bullshit, but yeah of course it's fine for children to go on hormones or adults to mutilate their genitals and sterilize themselves that way.

No. 402407

Tubal ligation that is

No. 402409

Too late. I was already imagining two ovaries fighting it out in court.

No. 402416

I can see why a doctor would be hesitant to sterilise anyone in their 20’s, a huge amount can change and people in their twenties are prone to rash decisions - our brains are still developing. Plenty of people would come to regret their decision

No. 402419

Yep, and the fact that they don't realize that goes to show that they can't logic very well. They just assume something as the premise of their argument, and when that assumption is shown to be incorrect, they, for some reason, can't get rid of that assumption.

> But transracialism is "problematic" and transgenderism is legitimate. Why?

Well some transactivists say it's because race is intergenerational and sex is not. But I don't buy that explanation, it seems like a misdirection, like when you're clearly talking about sex and they say 'gender is different from sex' when identity isn't relevant to what you're talking about.

No. 402420

I agree anon. I know it isn't the most feminist opinion to have, but I think that it is unethical to sterilize people under 30.

No. 402424

everyone who disagrees with the liberal orthodoxy these days is somehow linked to fascism

No. 402426

Adults should have power over their own bodies. If they can drink and smoke, get plastic surgery, take on massive loans, have children (possibly the most impactful and life changing decision a human can make, and the most logical comparison for sterilization) etc etc they should be able to make medical decisions for themselves.

Your concern for ethics is mostly the 'ohhh but you'll change your mind' misogyny every woman is fed when she doesn't want kids. It's possible, they might, but it's their mistake to make along with every other potentially regretful choice adults make.

No. 402431

I agree, you should be sterilized

No. 402435

I said anyone, not women. I can very much understand the point of view of a doctor not wanting sterilise people in their 20’s, and at the end of the day, yeah people fucking change quite drastically during their 20’s. You’re putting words in my mouth by claiming I’m misogynistic when I at no point directed my post at only nor even primarily women. Yes it’s your body and your choice but the burden of the actual sterilisation falls on the surgeons - men in their twenties get discouraged from sterilisation as well.

No. 402438

Transbians I swear to God kek

No. 402446

> Adults should have power over their own bodies. If they can drink and smoke, get plastic surgery, take on massive loans, have children

This is not at all the view of most european societies. State will mandate and/or prevent things for the "good of the masses", because it is believed that forcing sensible life choices on people is better than letting people be morons and have them cry later.

No. 402447

But "people" aren't being denied sterilization. Women are. So your comment is kind of meaningless.

No. 402455

That’s just a blatant lie, young men also get denied sterilisation. Not every single issue in the world singles out women jfc

No. 402537

I don't endorse these people, but this is crazy and I hope "Morgane" Ogre gets roasted harder in the future for this shit.

No. 402578

blaire white needs to stop talking on the behalf of women as if he knows what it's like to be born female. for someone who wants to be a woman so bad he clearly acts more like a male attention obsessed misogynistic gay boy.

No. 402581

What'd he say now?

No. 402607

OH MAN I WAS THINKING OF THIS SHIT. It's sad that it's more real then ever.

No. 402686

This is fucking insane. If I had been awarded that much money for each of the times that I was verbally harassed for being a biological woman then I would have millions and millions of dollars by now. Too bad they only care about the 'oppression' of men in dresses though.

No. 402760

There's a youtuber called Turd Flinging Monkey who refers himself as a masculine representing transgendered lesbian.

No. 402857

>Women should be hit if they get aggressive.
To him biological differences don't exist and it is not like it will do a lot more damage when a man is aggressive versus a woman. He even was talking about how proud he was that he punched a girl in the eye after she lightly pushed him.

No. 402869

No man will understand this. They’d see a video of some ham beast 5’10 woman assaulting a dude once and truly believe that it gives them the right to throat punch some 120lbs girl for slapping them.

No. 402888

right? how about no one fucking hit anyone. even for self defense i never would hit a man, that would just make him attack me.

No. 402889

It is in north America at least. Men have a much easier time than woman getting approved.

I dont really want to dish everything out but I'm in my 20s and recently had bilateral salpingectomy. So obviously I'm against your views. If I ever changed my mind or anyone else did, they can just adopt it's that simple

No. 402895

Also I want to add on the study done about regret among women

>The cumulative probability of expressing regret during a follow-up interview within 14 years after tubal sterilization was 20.3% for women aged 30 or younger at the time of sterilization and 5.9% for women over age 30 at sterilization

HOWEVER the most important part of this study is this little factoid
> and was lowest among women who had no previous births 6.3%

So whats best for the masses of woman with no children, seeking sterilization. I think the pros outweigh the cons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 402896

Isn't that one of the redpill MGTOW youtubers? He is probably just making fun of trans people.

No. 402916

Id like to point out that tubal ligation hasn’t been researched all that much, in particular any potential side effects - the female body is still hugely unknown medically, in particular our fertility, so that may be another reason as to why practitioners are hesitant to do it on those who are young

No. 402918

what about the negative effects pregnancy and birth have on the body?

Back to another anons comment. Its frustrating to see the hypocrisy of the trans movement. It seems doctors are more willing to mutilate a womans reproductive system with hormones and surgery, before they would preform a tubal ligation

No. 402922

Majority of the time a medical practitioner doesn’t have a direct hand in causing a woman’s pregnancy unlike sterilisation, so I’m not sure what your point is?

I haven’t been against it, all I’ve been saying in all my comments is that I can empathise with the medical communities hesitation in sterilising the young - regardless of sex

No. 402927


To be honest I doubt the majority of the medical practitioners are concerned for this noble reason. It seems much more likely to be traditional values and sexism. And like I said before, at least in North America. It is much easier for men to get sterilized than women. Or really anything to do with a womans reproductive system, regardless of age or medical condition because they value her reproductive functions over her, as an autonomous human

Also I haven't looked into it thoroughly. But while I was going through appointments for my bilateral salpingectomy. A few of the doctors mentioned how medical science now thinks there could be a link between the fallopian tubes and cancer. Thinking that ovarian cancer begins in the tubes. So that by removing them, may reduce your risk for cancer. Again, I never went and researched it on my own, but I had it explained to me by at least 2 doctors.

No. 402931

>TIM gets hookup

> hookup rapes TIM and beats the shit out of him the pisses and spits on him

>TIM feels validated and wants more uwu

I wanted to ss this but low battery sorry ladies. I'm glad they meme themselves out of the gene pool.


No. 402933

This is an obvious scrote fantasy though. I very very much doubt it actually happened.

No. 402946

Off topic but my doctor has told me this as well, I live in Europe. They're researching it in order to make sure it's true so they can remove the cancer-causing area in brca1-carrying women early on without causing menopause, iirc. At least something positive re: medical research on the female body

No. 402947

File: 1556270019076.jpg (626.45 KB, 1077x1759, Screenshot_20190426-121303_Sam…)

Of course he had to choose a loli pic to go with it

No. 402960

File: 1556273346468.jpeg (64.97 KB, 680x507, E9A419CF-6A1B-4842-9E09-D185C1…)

Ogre openly admits he wants someone claiming to be inspired by Meghan Murphy to attack a trans person so MM can be prosecuted for inciting violence. He’s well aware that ~turves~ are non-violent and trans people are not in any realistic danger from women, but he’d rather see a member of his own community be assaulted than admit his narrative is unfounded.

Is this what being on the right side of history looks like?

No. 402991

So this is how men think about rape? No wonder rapists are rarely prosecuted wtf

No. 402995

Never thought I'd say this but I miss the 2000's. What the fuck is going on

No. 403006

These RP fantasy posts make it very clear why TIMs like this “identify as girls.” They’re gay subs with humiliation fetishes and think becoming female would be even more sexy and degrading. If only they’d keep their degenerate sissy crap out of politics and women’s spaces.

No. 403016

File: 1556287067349.jpg (7.79 KB, 474x284, lesbianflag.jpg)

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day, farmers! How many of you did even knew that this was a day? I had no idea. I do know that the newspaper here would write all about it, if it was troon day.
Oh and troons and allies want to mess it up of course https://twitter.com/serrulatae_/status/1121711359530553345

No. 403021

File: 1556287682518.jpeg (799.51 KB, 1366x2048, Dx_kMKrWoAE6Hz8.jpeg)

No. 403023

Someone on my Facebook feed posted a link to the laws in my state regarding srs, which state that no minors under 18 should be able to undergo srs, and was acting like it’s a bad thing. It seriously frightens me that “normal” people, not even crazy dangerhairs, believe that children should be able to mutilate their genitalia. I want to link him to studies on how lots of people regret srs, not even minors, actual adults, but im afraid I’ll be branded a “TERF” and have callout posts made about me. It’s a crazy world we live in.

No. 403024


Have you kept up with the Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv drama? In what likely amounts to no more than a calculated political move, Oger called him out after Louise posted her expose.


(be sure to check archive.today for all of the edits he has made since he first posted)

No. 403027

stop posting this cringy shit.

No. 403033

He’s so blatantly trying to cover his own ass and naturally placed all the blame on women for not being nice enough about outing Jonathan as a predatory pedo. He went out of his way to advise Jonathan, shield him from criticism and openly celebrated whenever anyone who tried to expose him was silenced, but really it’s the mean ladies who forced him to defend the pedophile! Funny how we have the mystical power to make predatory men defend other predatory men against their will but not the power to make those same men stop preying on us.

And of course he’s trying to drag all oppressed groups down with him with that miscreant comment. It’s like he’s incapable of not being a petty asshole for even a few seconds.

No. 403049

Lesbians will always exist and they don't want your dick, bro.

No. 403052

not a guy, i'm just sick of this autist posting those shitty memes with the shirt. didn't mean to reply to the 1st post. it's the same arrogant autist who was bawwing about "what have you done for the cause, i'm reposting other people's shit memes!"

No. 403082

I agree with you that things like >>403021 and >>396955 are pretty cringy.
Plus I don't see the point of spamming everywhere that woman: an adult human female. Non TRAs are already aware of that while TRAs insist that TIM are female anyway because "female brains" and "sex is a spectrum" and yadda yadda.
IMO this pointless spergy shit doesn't help change the view of gender critical feminists being crackpots and crazy cat ladies.

No. 403090

Look I'm not into the boomer memes myself but could you fucking autists stop throwing shitfits every damn time someone does it and derail the thread, just ignore it you retards.

No. 403094

File: 1556298422312.jpg (77.07 KB, 798x703, ogre.JPG)

>When there is a predator among us, we can’t hear you if you bury your words in hatred and if you don’t reach out.

Peak victim blaming here. "W-we would've done something about these predatory trannies harassing young girls if you just asked us nicely!!!!" Ogre has really outdone himself this time.

Also look at this shit, how the fuck can this person sleep at night. "They should've waxed his balls because they're obligated to do so, despite not being trained to do it without damaging the skin of male genitalia as it's fundamentally different from committing the act on a female!". And making the false equivalent of the century comparing it to nurses giving sponge baths. Did you miss the memo on how he literally obsessively harassed the women outside of their work despite them telling him to stop contacting them because he's creeping them out?

No. 403102

This Morgane person's blog is insane. I know they were in a film with Hailey heartwhatever. Are they involved with stopping funding for a women's shelter in Canada, or is this not the same crowd?

No. 403103

It's a good meme not because of the content itself but because it baits TRAs into saying a dictionary definition is bigoted thus making them loose face with normies.

No. 403106

Hmm, I see, it makes sense. I wonder if it has been effective so far.

No. 403107

anon did you mean to post this in vent

No. 403110

yes but i just woke up half an hour ago and clicked the wrong thread forgive my autism

No. 403119

That’s the guy. He’s also the VP of Canada’s New Democratic Party.

No. 403136

File: 1556308236841.png (448.37 KB, 720x956, 20190426_164633.png)

It's "lesbian" visibility day today and I made the grave mistake of looking at the top trending tweets for it. Fooling to expect there would be any actually lesbians.

No. 403137

File: 1556308296643.png (548.82 KB, 720x1051, 20190426_164655.png)

*Foolish, even

No. 403139

File: 1556308854136.png (464.93 KB, 579x515, imvisible.PNG)

oh FUN
definitely visible, alright

No. 403140

File: 1556309190255.jpg (68.69 KB, 622x848, transbianday.JPG)

Yeah, I've literally seen NOTHING but transbian shit all day. The handmaidens that I follow retweet shit like this instead of celebrating lesbian women. And of course the OP is trying to make money off of it in the follow-up tweet.

No. 403141

File: 1556309376370.png (478.54 KB, 579x476, fuckin.PNG)


No. 403142

why are the lgbtq+ flags so ugly

No. 403144

Oh and the "the creator of this flag was a racist bitch!!!!1" thing was because of this piece: https://thislesbianlife.wordpress.com/2010/07/18/my-worst-date-ever/

No. 403145

Who even decided to add the T to LGBT? The only argument I saw was "gay people often hung out with drags" which is a pretty shitty one.

No. 403146

File: 1556309722968.jpg (103.96 KB, 640x1136, areyoueventrying.jpg)

and then they expect lesbians to be attracted by them? wtf

No. 403155

Yup. I recognize his name too from the MH threads. He made a whole video about how he doesn't hate women (because he's gay and apparently only straight men can be misogynistic and being gay is an excuse to just shit on women) but hates these all evil western women for not being forced to be literally breeding machines anymore because to him and "society", that was "the highest honor and highly praised" he's one of those guys like black Pigeon speaks who believes society can be saved if women were either forced again to be breeding slaves or just all dead. He can fit right in with the other troons who hate women

Oger is a cretin. Proud to have defunded a rape center for women and to force women to touch and service men. He despite knowing that because Yaniv requested a wax on female genitalia when he doesn't have it is still believing that Yaniv was somehow right he gets off on hurting women and somehow liberal feminists continue to support him over actual women.

imagine someone telling you in 2019 that there will be people trying to convince everyone that vaginas and penises are exactly the same.

No. 403162

This argument is also really dumb because usually in hospitals (and similar settings) the male nurses will bath the male patients and female nurses will bath female patients…
It's different in the case a male patient is injured and the female nurse has to undress him and check his genitals for whatever reason… The case the troon describes is purely cosmetic and it's not unethical to refuse service.

No. 403166

File: 1556314011407.png (20.08 KB, 597x149, lmaofu.PNG)

Sorority Zeta Phi Beta bans Trans Women from Pledging.

This guy in particular needs to fuck off lol

No. 403167

Wow, what a way to signal virtue… Such a good ally, this "whitey".

No. 403169

It's the same faggot every time

No. 403170


From what I'd been told (and take this with a grain of salt since I got this from writing and personal accounts), the American Media in the 90s would lump the Ts in with the Gay Rights movement due to sheer ignorance and thinking GNC style or drag = trans.

Combine that with the fact that, during the movement, boundaries weren't established like with the case when NAMBLA tried to get in on this, and here we are now.

No. 403174

I've heard theories a lot of people who "transitioned" back then did it to cover up the fact they were in a homosexual relationship.
Kind of like how Iran (I think it's Iran) forces one of the people in homosexual relationships to undergo transition to appear heterosexual.

No. 403176

I saw 2 transbians today and shuddered inside from the fact one was a 300lb man with a bob cut and the other was a 6' tall nb fellow.

No. 403179

I hate this shit so much and I'm not even a lesbian. The whole gay rights movement was about people being able to love and be in relationships with whoever they wanted. That is now being undone because trannies don't get why lesbians don't want to be with a man in a dress.

LGBT comes from the Stonewall riots.

No. 403183


The campaign, started by Posey Parker who was the first woman banned by Twitter and then interviewed by the police after a complaint by Susie Green of Mermaids, continues to make international news pissing of the TRAs.



These stories have been posted throughout these threads for months.

No. 403186

Yeah, we've all noticed (you) posting these stories throughout these threads for months. Can you show a little consideration for everyone else here and stop spamming them now?

No. 403188

Nta but why are you so pressed about it? It's related to the thread…

No. 403189

>t. a white cis male educating women about white male patriarchy about having to accept white male patriarchy
lmfao the absolute irony at work in this very post.

No. 403200

Seeing them steal words like butch and dyke is fucking infuriating

No. 403209


The T was added during the mid-90's when it stood for "transsexual" and the people who transitioned were gay men and lesbians, "truscum" by contemporary TRA standards.

Pursuing transition then was extremely difficult: the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder was firmly a mental illness in the DSM-IV published in 1994 (homosexuality had been removed in 1973), psychologists and physicians who would treat them were few and far between, treatment required years of psych before medical, and hormone regimens were experimental and particularly dangerous for TiF. No one transitioned on a whim, and the strict gatekeeping model excluded transitioning due to shame about being gay.

Source: I am an old. When I left university in 1992 we hadn't even added the B yet to our Gay and Lesbian Student Association. I'll have to dig through my early-90's photos from the Washington DC Pride Marches to see if I can find any T's at all.


>LGBT comes from the Stonewall riots.

Stonewall happened in 1969. The TRA's would like you to think it was a T event according to their revisionist history.

No. 403210

File: 1556321641571.jpeg (114.16 KB, 714x673, 8F1A65B7-F6B4-4943-A741-E16812…)

No. 403219

Thanks for the insight! I came out not too long before the B had been added, but the T wasn't involved. I definetly don't remember any Ts in the youth groups I was in.

Yep, it's Iran that does that.

No. 403222

File: 1556324055996.jpg (231.06 KB, 1249x885, marko42.jpg)

Oh my god… Again: I am only searching women.

"I am Marso, verdantly green-thinking superhero. I am great and mesmerizing personality, I enjoy intimacy and candles.

I'm hook-avoiding pitycatch from Espoo's shores, polyamorous boy prettycool tomboy. Mental age is about twentyfive.

I give diamonds to honest people, hens only get husks"

No. 403225

>mental age is about twentyfive

Well at least he’s upfront about his inability to mature.

No. 403257

hey, ive been a lurker of these kinds of threads for a while but this is my first time posting. ive been wondering, what's with people and pushing "trans rights!" onto everything?

like im sorry if im not giving a good explanation, but lets say im following like a fandom account or something, right? and they just suddenly post "trans rights" and everyone in the comments is like supporting them and even just… randomly saying that this regular character is trans…? i dunno, but it seems really off to me

No. 403259

They're just being #woke in the easiest way possible.

It's the weirdest shit when they sometimes take the most non-political, inoffensive characters and put them into their pro-trans posts. Like "Kirby says trans rights!" or "Isabella hates TERFs!". Especially the violent anti-TERF ones are so absurd, they make some fluffy little creature from a harmless video game or a kid's show hold a knife and say how much they want to kill TERFs.

No. 403299

File: 1556351884766.jpeg (88.91 KB, 750x923, yanivs crooked crown.jpeg)

Some of Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv's latest literal princess troon of clown world looks.

No. 403300

File: 1556351909989.jpg (174.69 KB, 747x1015, yaniv makeup.jpg)

No. 403305

File: 1556352649504.png (309.27 KB, 591x532, yaniv lindsay tweet.png)

No. 403307

It's a shame non-Finnish speakers can't read this on a native level because the kind of language he uses is disgusting and patronizing. I really fucking can't believe the audacity of these people to write their gender down as female.

He showed up looking like THAT to a township council meeting??? How can anyone take this nutcase seriously? Are his parents the leaders of the local Freemason lodge or something?

No. 403325

That desperate attempt to contour off his flabby man jaw, kek

No. 403329

File: 1556367455174.jpeg (155.12 KB, 1440x1695, D3NwTArUEAEyLpd.jpeg)


He has presented items at the city council meeting nearly every week. I've lost count. They've posted video for only a few, but he is always equally inappropriately dressed.

I'm waiting for him to start carrying a scepter.

No. 403359

File: 1556372172101.png (871.38 KB, 1280x1100, tumblr_ovgjwfrrNJ1td5vf7o2_r1_…)

I don't recall seeing this posted anywhere last year.


Fight against the TERFs in Belgrade 2018

From the description of the Facebook event:

Disputes about feminism* are as old as feminism itself.
167 years have passed since the first criticism of the "white" feminism from a freed slave.
Sojourner Truth asked at the Women's Assembly in Ohio:

"Am I not a woman? I have borne thirteen children and watched almost every one of them sold into slavery, and when I cried with mother's sadness, no one heard me except Jesus! Am I not a woman?"

Betty Friedan, founder of the National Women's Organization (NOW), the biggest women's organization in the United States, in 1969, recognized lesbians as the "lavander menace" that hindered the realization of the interests of the entire women's movement.

The Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERF) group carried a banner at this year's London Pride Parade: "Transactivism ereses lesbians" while in Belgrade SOME OF the TERFS left a public book promotion** because a transwoman spoke there.

Are we witnessing re-esentialisation of feminism? To what extent do identity politics prevent us from learning from the history of feminist and LGBT + movements and suggesting that we repeat the same mistakes? What does it mean to be a good ally to trans community? From whom or from what should safe spaces should be safe?

Milos Kovačević (http://dasezna.lgbt/) starts this and other important topics with Dragoslava Barzut (http://dasezna.lgbt/), Dusan Maljković
(http://www.facebook.com/kvir.studije) and Milan (Agata) Đurić (http://www.transserbia.org/).


* "Disputes about feminism" - this is a literal translation of the ignorant objectifying language they used in their description

** "SOME OF THEM left a public book promotion" - There was a presentation of the new translations of Joan Nestle's work and all women lifted the hand to speak on the microphone, Lepa Mlađenović (well established lesbian activist in Serbia) was falicitating the talk. After a few lesbians spoke and said what they wanted to say, Lepa asked if any other lesbians would say something about their experience with "getting out of the closet" and their lesbian lives. Luka (trans identified male who calls himself Nataša), sitting in the back, jumped up, did not raise his hand but ran to the facilitator Lepa Mlađenović and took a microphone. Luka said that he was TRANS and that he is "37% lesbian". Luka has a history of being agressive to women in the lesbian community. When Luka speaks with women he often comments their looks, touches women without their permission, compels them to hug him etc. 7 women who felt insulted by his claims of "being 37% lesbian", knowing his agressive behavior, left the room at that point.
Remmeber, all this happened on the presentation of LESBIAN texts by a LESBIAN WRITER.

No. 403364

I checked out the website for this year's LGBT film festival in San Francisco, expecting a trans heavy program. Only a few presale films are listed thusfar, and the subjects are balanced between lesbian, gay men, and trans plus a couple of drag queens. However, the trans films (one feature and a presentation of shorts) feature teens and youths…


No. 403386

One of the best ways to spot a TiM is when they have stuff like "don't call me a dude!" and "female (remember that!)" on their profile.

It just makes me want to call them male.

No. 403388


The Times expose of the Tavistock Clinic has been written up on Medscape.


Is there a reason it is not being covered by MSM outside of Britain?

No. 403394

God I recognize that poster's style, always wondered what's up with them. Sounds cow-ish.

No. 403407

Could you pleasecopy the article text into a post, anon? I'd like to read it, but it seems to be behind a paywall (on mobile, at least).

No. 403468

File: 1556389836392.jpg (200.53 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1383.JPG)

Why don't they realize that dressing normally would make them pass so much better? Is the desire to be an anime girl just that strong?

No. 403469

You know the answer anon, these guys don't live in the real world, not mentally.

No. 403471

Because kids are often going through transitioning points in their lives. Plus it's easier to do a coming of age story with trans themes.

It's their truest desire to be a cute anime girl or a cute trap so they can have men lusting after them for attention and validation, and women finding them endearing while protecting and caring for them. Their commissioned cute anime girl icons/avatars is basically wish fulfillment.

No. 403480

Ok that is genuinely sad.
I thought wanting to be a “cute trap” was just a joke but people really do get into it

No. 403482

The most hilarious part is traps cant exist irl. You can spot a troon a mile away, especially next to a buncha real women. Even a taller woman still looks like a woman. Bone structure and biology play that role. Men will always look like men.

No. 403483

>they look like normal, regular males
No they don't.

No. 403486

not always. i met trans 'women' that i thought were cis at first. its the voice that tips me off

No. 403487

I did used to know one trans woman who I didn't clock at all. Funnily enough I always thought they were weirdly entitled and lazy, and they were constantly taking more sick days than they were allowed and using expenses to non-work related stuff. I always wondered how they managed to not get into trouble. Eventually they got fired and I heard from a coworker the reason they got away with it so long is because they threatened to sue the boss for twanzphobia.

Why are troons always so shameless anyway?

No. 403512

>Fight against the TERFs in Belgrade 2018

lol wow, in belgrade they still have a huge problem with hooligans violently attacking lgbt parades….but of course, lets fight against the terf boogeyman instead

No. 403542

i feel awful that someone who used to be one of my best friends is on this video, honestly, i thought he would get over it within a couple years…

video is in spanish

No. 403614

File: 1556412182300.png (634.76 KB, 800x948, bc jail.png)

No. 403616


Sometimes if you stop loading the page right after the text loads the log-in won't appear. There are links to other articles throughout.

Five Staff Resign at Leading UK Transgender Youth Clinic

Becky McCall

April 12, 2019

Allegations of misdiagnoses and unsubstantiated use of puberty blocking and cross-sex hormones in young people has led to the resignation of five clinicians from the UK's only publicly funded Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) according to an investigation by The Times newspaper.

The article, published earlier this week, says the five unnamed staff believe some children were misdiagnosed as "transgender" when they were actually experiencing same-sex attractions. The young people were referred for hormone treatment without proper exploration of the possibility that they may be gay instead, the clinicians claim.

The staff were responsible for deciding which young people accessing the clinic with gender dysphoria should receive hormone blockers to prevent the onset of puberty associated with their biological sex at birth. Hormone blockers have been approved for use in precocious puberty, but not for gender dysphoria.

Many of these young people then go on to receive cross-sex hormones to transition to the their preferred gender.

A number of other physicians have expressed concerns about the hormonal treatment of children and adolescents with gender dysphoria in western countries, as detailed in a recent in-depth feature by Medscape Medical News.

And Carl Heneghan, MD, director of the Centre of Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, UK, told The Times this week: "Given the paucity of evidence, the off-label use of [puberty blocking] drugs in gender dysphoria treatment largely means an unregulated live experiment on children."

But physicians treating children with gender dysphoria have previously defended their approach, saying it is easy for other physicians, who don't see these kids, to be "armchair critics."

The UK staff resignations appear to be one the first instances of clinicians who are actually treating these children objecting to the care they receive and going as far as leaving their jobs in protest.

And according to another report, in the Daily Mail, at least 18 staff in total have reportedly quit the clinic over the past 3 years over concerns that not enough checks are being done to correctly diagnose child patients.

GIDS told The Times that care is taken at every stage to ensure young people understand the potential consequences of their choices of therapy, and that discussions around sexuality "now form a more explicit part of our approach to assessment and exploration."

Protecting Children

In The Times article, one of the resigning staff members said they had stayed in their job for longer than intended because of "the sense there was a huge number of children in danger. I was there to protect children from being damaged."

"This experimental treatment is being done not only on children, but very vulnerable children," another of the five whistleblowers told the newspaper.

The London GIDS clinic, run by the Tavistock and Portman National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust, manages gender dysphoria in children in the UK, along with its sister clinic in Leeds. It has seen a record number of annual referrals of children with gender dysphoria, at around 2500 in 2018, a 50-fold increase from 12 years ago.

According to GIDS, their policy is for a child to only commence hormone blockers once puberty has begun (Tanner stage 2).

This is not the first time the clinic has come under fire. Last year, a report by clinician and former governor at the Trust, David Bell, MRCPsych, claimed children accessing the clinic were not receiving a proper assessment. Details were first reported in the Observer newspaper in November.

In February this year, the results of that internal report were submitted to the Trust’s board. The response led to the resignation of Marcus Evans — a governor and consultant psychotherapist who had worked at GIDS for over 30 years — because he was concerned about how Bell's report was handled.

"I think there isn't sufficient time and thoroughness in the examinations to understand what's going on with these children and young adults, and with their families," he told BBC Radio at the time.

As quoted in The Guardian, Bell's report states: "The GIDS service as it now functions [is] not fit for purpose and children's needs are being met in a woeful, inadequate manner and some will live on with the damaging consequences."

Bell said some children take up a trans identity as a solution to multiple problems such as historic child abuse in the family, bereavement, homophobia, and a very significant incidence of autism spectrum disorder. Bell's report states many children questioning their identity may have "learnt through online resources [or] coaching from parents or peers exactly what to say in order to get the results they want."

Bell added that while the treatment of gender dysphoria in young people is complex, it is hindered by the fact that any debate is often shut down as being "transphobic."

Studies Into the Long-Term Effects of Transgender Hormones

It is acknowledged that there is a lack of robust long-term evidence to support the safety of medications used to block puberty in children with gender dysphoria, and concerns include fertility, bone health, and development of the adolescent brain.

There are some ongoing studies trying to fill the evidence gap of long-term data, both for puberty blocker use and use of cross-sex hormones (estrogen or progesterone) for transition.

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust was recently awarded £1.3 million to help unravel some of the complexities surrounding care and treatment of children, young people, and their families experiencing difficulties with gender identity, as reported by Medscape UK.

The Tavistock and Portman Trust said it wanted to explore some key questions surrounding the issue, including whether early transition was always helpful for gender diverse young people, at what age physical interventions should be considered, and how young people in that position could be best supported.

And the National Institutes of Health is funding a 5-year, multicentre study to the tune of $5.7 million — the first of its kind in the United States — which aims to evaluate the long-term outcomes of medical treatment in transgender youth.

According to the University of California, San Francisco, their center is recruiting 280 young people seeking relief for gender dysphoria and experience negative effects such as anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

Young children in early puberty will receive hormone blockers and older adolescents will received cross-sex hormones to transition. In the younger participants, bone health will be investigated in addition to other parameters.

No. 403633

I really am beginning to not be able to tell which famous female youtubers are trans or not. Because James Charles and Jeffree Star come up so much on the main page without even being logged in to youtube and with all history cleared whenever I see a female that's trending and viral I wonder only if it's because they are trans. I just had to look up Mia Maples to be sure. Nothing about her look or voice made her seem trans it's just that it was someone with a lot of makeup on the front page, no login, and now you have to wonder. Youtube loves pushing this shit, or the viewers do.

I just got snapchat the other week too and go to the "discover" section and I see "Cosmo Queens" (drag queens) and scrolling down further more makeup tips from MEN! The normalization of this is not going to slow down anytime soon I'm afraid.

No. 403650

File: 1556418867266.jpg (Spoiler Image,131.03 KB, 758x656, two.jpg)

Gonna post in two parks just in case, so came across this on a twitter meme thread (?!) and yes as someone else pointed out you can tell a mile off this was clearly a troon. Out of curiousity I checked their twitter and found pic related below

No. 403651

Honestly with the culture we have now these people won't get over it because they can get so much attention from it. If the internet is giving you attention (and in some cases money out of pity) you're going to ride the wave as long as you can. In a lot of "progressive" cities/areas/circles troons basically get free range over everything because everyone is so afraid of saying or doing something that can be twisted as ~discriminatory~ and then torn apart… if you say anything that could be misconstrued as being "transphobic" everyone thinks they have a free pass to rake you over the coals, threaten your life, dox you, get you fired from your job, and worse. If we keep letting them have free reign and give them all of this attention they'll never get over themselves

No. 403654

File: 1556419319305.jpg (102.8 KB, 590x680, three.jpg)

Most of us know these troons hate cis women but I find it amusing that they seem to hate traps even more. That whole "get on HRT otherwise you will grow into an ugly man" correct me if im wrong I have heard HRT doesn't stop you losing hair or any of that stuff when you get older?

(Also before you ask yes-this troon has posted a gallery of his legs in thigh high stockings as a "gift" to the public and his twitter is full of loli hentai as well as pro nazi stuff.)

No. 403661

Estrogen makes men age even faster, it turns their skin into leather and makes their hair fall out insanely fast. Nothing makes me grin quite like the sweet sweet irony of HRT causing male pattern baldness.

No. 403663

File: 1556421405472.png (152.37 KB, 929x768, 5958C87E-0071-47E4-9E01-0D4015…)

Samefag but Who woulda thought that men whose entire idea of womanhood revolves around perfomative femininity + outdated gender roles are more ‘traditional’ than women

No. 403669

kek ty for your reply, I thought I heard right on the hrt causin baldness etc

yeah true, but its funny because right wing troons are the worst for this, and most right wing men want to put troons "in the oven".

No. 403673

Wait but how? Testosterone accelerates balding while estrogen is supposed to be protective isn't it? I just assumed these balding trans were unlucky with bad hairline genetics.

No. 403679

Excess estrogen weakens men’s immunes systems and bodies in general, that’s why those with low levels of testosterone/high levels of estrogen have trouble facial hair as well. It causes a huge amount of issues for them, kinda like too much testosterone makes a woman hairy

No. 403682

Anon did you post a pic of a random person? All I see is a sad looking weeb, I'm concerned.

No. 403700

File: 1556438592015.png (253.25 KB, 1082x1288, l_.png)

Came across this on my dash, reblogged by some libfem blog. I'm not sure how they got all this from ContraPoints, but half of it is actually true, especially
>the conclusion is that all trans women and trans feminine people are “male socialized” and grow up as “privileged males”.

No. 403704

KEK, you almost have to feel bad for nick. no amount of pandering will win their acceptance. even if he had literally 0 """problematic""" beliefs, a minor slip of the tongue or some such is a death sentence. i honestly believed he trooned out due to social pressure. i think he was probably largely satisfied just being a degenerate transvestite. he'll never make them happy and he's playing with fire, with his own body, for an audience that hates him tbh

No. 403712

wow, even these idiots can see how misogynistic nick is

No. 403715

He clearly got gaslit into it with the "egg" meme by tranny fans on twitter who swarm crossdressers like sharks smelling blood in the water.

No. 403719

If you've ever read the Remilia thread on /snow/ someone posted the archive link to his 4chan posts and it was a great window to an AGP's mind. He himself confessed that he was obsessed with chasing the fetish and has to go even further all the time to drown out the doubting noises in his head. They HAVE to be super extra with how they present or else they will realize that what they're doing is sick and no matter how much surgery they pay for they will never become their perfect waifu. And to add to it, being accepted and thought of as a normal human being ruins the fetish for him. I guess for some people is the humiliation of being transformed into a girl and for some people it's a power play of holding women under their thumb.

It's the same with STEM stuff. Each time there's a woman being celebrated for something she's achieved with tech I need to look up a photo to make sure she's not a tranny. It's sad.

No. 403767

I think the same thing, but this is the case for a lot of other hons. However I do think him transitioning made him realize he's gay and that's the only way he can be gay

No. 403776

File: 1556451398670.png (111.68 KB, 800x579, Screenshot_2019-04-28-04-14-48…)

I was looking for more articles about Tavistock and came across this tragedy. How can gender clinic personnel in good conscience rationalize changing gender as the solution to complex mental health issues when all signs point to the cobtrary?

Of note:

Amy El-Keria suffered from a complex series of mental health difficulties, including Tourette's, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and oppositional defiant disorder. She had made previous suicide attempts before she hanged herself in The Priory in 2012.

Now her family have revealed that in the months leading up to her death, they were helping her to prepare for her new life as a boy and had even picked a name - Jacob.

Amy's mental health began to decline during puberty, but, against all odds, Amy's family believed they may have found a way to help her when she said she wanted to be a boy.

Mother Tania called it a relief to be told she was transgender and, though she was concerned about the struggles her daughter may face, she backed her in her transition one hundred per cent.

Believing it could finally be the solution to Amy's struggles, the family began to get help from the Tavistock Centre in London, the specialist hospital for patien­ts struggling with gender identity.

But Amy's health was getting worse and she was due to be admitted to the Ticehurst Priory to be assessed for Asperger's Syndrome when she tried to take her own life at home.


No. 403780

The transgender kids side of things makes me extremely depressed and worried. I don't give a damn if some idiot in a middle crisis thinks they're a woman as long as they're out of female spaces, but fuck, those poor kids. I know I would've been one of them because I was such a tomboy and I constantly had to hear how I should've been more ladylike. In my young mind I always thought I'd be better off as a boy so I'd have the freedom to be me without judgement.

I tried to watch some documentaries before but I can't. It's all the same. Little Timothy likes pink and dresses? Oh he's a girl trapped in a boy's body! Little Carol likes trucks and playing in the mud? She's a boy, get her blockers before the evil puberty begins! It's depressing and it's obvious how much those children conform to gender roles.
"If trucks is for boys and I'm a girl, does it mean I'm a boy?" is probably what little Carol is thinking, I have no doubts. And the parents aren't always evil, they're misguided, they think they're doing the best because doctors will say that the child will self-harm and kill themselves if they don't transition. It's so sad.
Sorry for the blogposting.

No. 403794

File: 1556455119172.jpg (228.74 KB, 927x854, mermaids-new-logo.jpg)


I think the reality of what is happening (unscrupulous clinicians and pharmaceutical companies profiting from mutilating children and destroying their lives) is too unthinkable for most people.

No. 403799

is it a coincidence that the most awful troons are usually transbians and fujo fakebois? hsts tend to be more self aware and actually show some effort to pass. "gay" troons on the other hand are straight people milking oppression points.

No. 403803

Don't this Mermaid shit has a graph of "gender expression" with Barbie in an end and a G.I. Joe toy on another? As it's supposed to measure your gender based on how feminine or masculine you are? I saw it in another GC thread some time ago. Ridiculous. Does someone here have this picture?

No. 403806

A+ logo

No. 403809

File: 1556455917863.jpg (23.98 KB, 720x240, p7spqocxmsb21.jpg)

Sorry, I'm stupid in the mornings. I meant to post this image. It's baffling.

No. 403826

File: 1556458509827.png (56.18 KB, 800x252, Screenshot_2019-04-28-05-43-43…)


I was also a tomboy and went through a couple stages of "penis envy", both literal as a kid (wanting the ease of peeing standing up) and figurative during adolescence (resenting gender norms). I learned to accept biological reality and rebelled against sex-based expectations. Our experiences growing up are hardly outliers, so how did we end up with a generation of women, now mothers, like pic related? I usually answer with a pat, "Third wave feminism was a mistake." But is there something else behind it? How is allowing your daughter to "change gender" the solution to a sociological problem? What a cruel disservice these mothers are doing to their daughters' bodies and minds.


No. 403827

Honestly it might just be a severe case of internalised misogyny, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that trauma can be passed down through generations - women experience this by their mothers placing upon their daughters all of their own traumatic experience and insecurities through projecting them onto the child. This may be an extreme example of such projection through ‘my life would have been easier if I fit all feminine gender roles, if may daughter doesn’t it may be easier for her to instead be a son’

I don’t know, at this point I’m pulling shit out my ass but I wouldn’t be surprised if it may be something along those lines. Plus everyone around you is screaming that it’s the right thing to do.

No. 403830


The chart also reinforces the notion that women must be thin yet curvy to be feminine.

How are any of the figures in the middle representative of being neither (or is it both) masculine and feminine? And just what the fuck is going on with the arms of #7?

Don't get me started on the Genderbread Man and whatever that troonicorn unicorn character is.

No. 403834

My personal favourite tidbit is how 2 is just a fatter 1

Are mermaids perhaps a religious group that have hopped onto the TRA bandwagon to slyly run conversion camps of sorts? I’m pretty sure at some point they had a statement which said that not being heterosexual means you aren’t cis

No. 403847

you must not be asian

No. 403854

I have never seen a TIF kid that liked feminine things or a TIM kid that liked masculine things. It's sad that parents are transing gender non-conforming kids and/or gay kids because doctors say they'll kill themselves if they aren't given hormones when they are of age…

No. 403856

File: 1556462408912.png (14.13 KB, 428x148, ees.PNG)

they are very dysphoric, you guys!

No. 403858


Here is Mermaids' propaganda presented with the hashtag IKnowWhoIam.

I have never seen Susie Green's religious beliefs mentioned or discussed (searching now yields endless articles about the Christian journalist who was recently investigated by police for misgendering Susie's "daughter").

This article describes their presentations (a campaign of disinformaton), and presents some perspectives I have not read before.

Mermaids has quite the racket going having manouevered themselves into advisory positions from the NHS to the police.

No. 403859

Don't even have to be Asian, Anon has to be trolling. A grown man trying to dress up like he's a school girl. All troons do this. Most girls who wear seifuku out of school she only do it in cosplay settings, but these troons see it as a normal everyday thing.

No. 403872

>Oppositional defiant disorder, adhd, tourettes, suspected aspergers
I know her family were just desperate for anything to help their child survive and I'm not excusing Ticehurst for failing to protect her, but it's depressing that they could be led to believe that any one thing could be a silver bullet or that the same would not have happened if she had instead been in Tavistock or transitioned.

OT but it must be very hard for the sister to read quotes about how her mother has contemplated suicide to join her former sister. The Daily Mail is living up to its dispicable reputation by writing that in without following it up with something in her consideration.

No. 403873

I'm the anon who asked, I just wanna know if that was a random person, it looks like a sneak shot. I don't understand so please explain.

No. 403875

It's just a mean spirited creepershot imo. For all we know it's a manly female weeb, a cross player or just a guy that wears stupid clothes but knows they're just clothes
It's a printed tshirt not a seifuku

No. 403882

File: 1556465153355.jpg (575 KB, 810x1458, 20190428_102549.jpg)

A comment from a post titled "ULPT: Are you a woman who is terrible at makeup? Claim you’re a transgender woman and go to Sephora’s free classes for trans women." Reddit's Unethical Life Pro Tips sub. I can only imagine how many death threats the OP of the thread received from the trans cult. Also, I just learned that Sephora has classes for trans women only. What a privilege.

No. 403903

File: 1556467122914.png (132.3 KB, 1145x615, image.png)

Found a woman on a thread in /r/PMDD defending the idea that trannies can suffer from menstruation disorders (link: https://www.reddit.com/r/PMDD/comments/b0r1pf/i_think_hrt_made_me_go_crazy/). Naturally I checked her history and it's fucking depressing. Her husband (with which she has a son), who allegedly has PTSD/CPTSD, decided that he was a woman about a year ago. Since then, she's been bending over backwards to make sure that she accommodates him while he spends all day talking to fellow troons on twitter. This seems like a classic case of transgenderism as a social contagion; never in her prior post history did she mention her husband struggling with dysphoria until he suddenly decided to come out. Since then of course he burdens her with 'bad dysphoria days' where she has to waste her energy reassuring her adult husband that he's pretty.

No. 404022

I always feel so bad for these women. They are so dedicated to their husbands and this is what they get in return, it's awful, really.

No. 404051

The only troons that ever look remotely good are plastic ones. Thai lady boys usually still look better than them tho. Funny how men never seem to criticize plastic troons but are quick to criticize plastic surgery on real women.

No. 404064

I served a troon whilst at work today. Whilst i've seen troons in the wild in the city I live in, I work in a nearby tiny town. The town is very white, rich and conservative. It's the opposite to the city I live in. I work in a health and beauty store. The troon was in his 60s. He had severe balding on the top of his head, whilst the sides are very long and thin. He was wearing a very short bright pink body con dress, with tragic fake tits. He was wearing high heels that were way too small. He has done his makeup as well as a young child does. His lip stick was everywhere and his mascara was all over his eye lid. He had awful press on nails which where Shay length. He looked fucking awful like the typical troon. He was trying to put on a high voice, but it was still so deep. I couldn't believe it. The town is the type of town that HATES gays like you cannot even hold hands with your same sex partner there without immense backlash. I know he must get shouted at by the public, but maybe he thinks thats cat calling? He probably likes it.

No. 404107

Never thought I'd see the day I would clock a TiF so easily. Not even one who just looks like a tomboy or is still wearing makeup, like legitimately trying hard to fit in as a man. She had such patchy stubble and her eyes really gave it away. She also drew in her eyebrows to try to make them seem thicker.

No. 404112

File: 1556484410154.jpg (107.64 KB, 378x467, tumblr_mgcanrxw3G1rgyzm0o3_400…)

They are easily identified were I live. Either look like butch nerds or like one I spotted today, one of those elusive bearded dwarf ladies from LOTR.

They just make me sad, their height, body type, face shape and eyes give them away as self-loathing young women.

No. 404113

what was she doing?

No. 404121

I see them often and they are so easy to spot. Always short, waifish or obese, with the standard fuckboi haircut, and small delicate-looking hands. Bonus is when they have some ridiculous name that no mother would ever give her child. As a butch lesbian, I'm saddened that others like me are getting swept into this bullshit. I almost got caught by it too, but I realized it was all because of my extremely conservative upbringing along with decades of catholic school that made me feel like being a woman is a disgusting thing that I should try to distance myself from.

No. 404122

>Never thought I'd see the day I would clock a TiF so easily
You guys are joking when you say that shit, right? Those girls as easy to indetify as tranny males.

No. 404126

it was in a photo i saw on facebook. didn't get to hear her talk or anything. a friend of mine was at a party and they took pictures. i noticed the TiF hanging around the more husky looking nerd guys.
yep, fuckboi haircut with the hat on backwards.

No. 404131

I regularly speak to normies IRL about gendercrit issues to see what they think. Most of them are very anti-TRA but too afraid to say so in a larger public arena, and it's just interesting to see their various honest opinions when they feel open sharing them.
Today I spoke to a woman who said she's wary of how some of this new gender identity stuff reinforces ideas that girls can't just be tomboys, but that it's hard to make sweeping statements that kids don't know what they're doing because one of her kid's classmates "just knew" when he was in middle school. I asked what he knew and she said "that he wanted boobs and a vagina." I asked what the difference between approving medical procedures to move towards getting those things for your tween/teen son is and approving medical procedures to get larger breasts or labiaplasty for your daughter is and she was kind of shocked then said actually people shouldn't encourage children to take any hormones or get anything done to alter their bodies until their brains are fully developed and they can genuinely consent to altering their bodies. She then went on to say actually a lot of girls at the time including her own daughter felt really uncomfortable with him demanding to go in their locker room, and lamented that parents now feel really trapped and helpless not knowing what to do, that they want to protect their children's wellbeing but they don't know what's right when their kids keep asking them for one thing and they know they'll badly hurt their relationship with their child if they oppose it, but they're also afraid it could harm them in the long run if they say yes to it.

No. 404133

File: 1556488329089.jpg (56.09 KB, 692x334, D5EVh5mW4AU4xoX.jpg)

I know I should be angry at this girl for being so dumb but it's so incredibly sad at the same time. The term "lesbian" is so strongly affiliated with porn made for male gaze while male gays are often presented in a much more humanized way it's no wonder so many young girls struggling with their sexuality find the lesbian label horrifying.

No. 404137

I googled something about lesbians and politics in relation to Lesbian day of visibility and got a page full of porn results. It made me so angry. Men have made the term lesbian into a porn category so no wonder girls don't want to be labelled as one.

No. 404139

Take a look at any TIF forum and you'll see their biggest fear is being seen as a butch lesbian.

No. 404193

Are you sure it just wasn’t a hirsute woman?

No. 404200

TRAs have weaponized the internet so when a large majority do speak out, they're harassed and doxed online to provoke and incite violence. It's insane
I do think more girls will stand up against troons in bathrooms and locker rooms and get punished for it publicly. Maybe then while lib fems continue to bend over backwards for tras, more women hit peak and we'll see a change?

They don't want to believe lesbians exist

No. 404240

File: 1556522729473.jpeg (199.73 KB, 750x909, 3D63FF0B-F1CF-43AC-8797-442247…)

Show me a tranny under the age of 24 where there is one (1) normal, non-Japanese/fantasy name or one (1) profile picture that isn’t anime among his top 6 Facebook friends and I will be fucking floored

No. 404242

i kekd. i'm not into lolita but i once fell down an unsurprisingly large facebook rabbithole of san francisco/pacific northwest based lolitafag troon facebook friend groups and holy shit it was embarrassing and it really could not be more obvious how pervy and influenced by anime they are. i hope none of you girls that play dress up are canoodling with such turds.

No. 404248

File: 1556524872170.jpeg (425.87 KB, 1931x1944, 3094C13D-81C6-4D57-BECF-E2278F…)

A lot where I'm from don't even try to act/look male but just keep attentionwhoring in the same way they did before (except with a beard and some balding now)

No. 404249

No. 404251

File: 1556525550001.jpeg (212.59 KB, 750x1096, CD4BF614-1440-422F-99E6-876EDD…)

I do that where I just click through rando anime troon profiles when bored. Lewd anime girls and shit like pic related taking up the majority of their feed? Always check

No. 404256

This is the same argument troons make to have unecessary surgery. Fair enough if you have bad endo but otherwise you are just mutilating yourself.

No. 404257

File: 1556528124281.jpg (150.38 KB, 1200x900, DA5cI9tXUAAeYDc.jpg)

So farmers will probably already know about this lolcow because I just found out they have an ED page but this person recently got a lot of coverage because of an article they posted on kotaku where they claimed a japanese song was "probelmatic" (spoiler-it wasnt) looked them up and they fit the stereotypical troon bingo
>all their other "gaming" articles are about sexual things like butts or vaginas which really cannot be called "games journalism"
>even released a book about things they learned from videogame asses
>twitter timeline is full of either hentai, bitching about TERFS or e-begging, but is peppered with thinly related gaming mentions to keep the pretense up
>due to the recent backlash of said article is trying to play the victim card, brings up the face they are a "gay autistic trans woman" more now as a way to elict sympathy.
I know this person is a lolcow in their own right but I just thought it was funny how they fit the AGP stereotype and are going hard on the "woe is me, I am the TRUE victim here" atm.

No. 404258

Joshua "Laura Kate" Dale was discussed earlier in the thread >>400199 and yeah he's a massive fucking NPD porn-sick AGP with a long history of drama. The recent song drama was ridiculous and when facing the backlash he threw his boss under the bus blaming him and refused to take any responsibility for writing such a garbage article because of m-muh autism and transmisogyny. For those who don't know about the issue, Persona 5 had a song in which there's a Japanese singer improvizing a part in English and one word (most likely "Retort it") can be misheard as "retarded" because of her ESL pronunciation, so this piece of work wrote a fucking news piece titled "Persona 5 song lyrics use an ableist slur".

No. 404263

File: 1556530952053.png (85.35 KB, 957x625, TERFS ARE THE REAL PEDOS.png)

>Umm, actually sweetie lesbians like transwomen and EVIL OLD UGLY TERFS try to force themselves on young women!

No. 404265

File: 1556531113332.png (653.51 KB, 879x807, i have no mouth and i must scr…)

Context for anyone wondering was discussing this admittedly hideous art made by a GC.

No. 404269

>Men larping as women anonymously on 4chan is my 100% credible source for claiming that all TERFs are just creepy predatory middle-aged women wanting to rape young girls UNLIKE us sweet trans women that lesbians ACTUALLY like!!!!!
I really hope this person is baiting and doesn't actually believe this shit.

No. 404270

that art is amazing though

No. 404274

My bad I missed the post TY for the link. Yeah whats really bad is he is playing the victim card so hard and all his supporters are trying to make out people are being transphobic against him yet I have yet to see any evidence of this-they have called him racist, thats it.

No. 404276

>Lots of lesbians date transwomen

They fucking wish lamo.

No. 404277

>Lots of lesbians date transwomen

They fucking wish lamo.

No. 404286

Abusers love DARVO: Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender. Troons are masters of this and do it all the time.

Any time someone makes an observation about troons, like that their rhetoric is very similar to incels or that many well-known troon activists are confirmed pedos, expect troons to suddenly start claiming that it's actually TERFs who are incels/pedos/whatever.

No. 404287

File: 1556534104688.jpg (1.5 MB, 720x960, 1549100642635.jpg)

A few years ago the SF lolita community was dealing with this sissy calling himself Melissa who was apparently an unhinged conspiracy theorist and bragged about bringing his gun to meetups and would threaten to harm women he didn't get along with. They managed to kick him from the community eventually but it took an awfully long time because he was claiming to be an oppressed minority on the one hand and threatening violence on the other. According to a quick scroll through /cgl/ archives they've had other TIM members since then but none as crazy as this guy.

Lolita communities tend to be super libfemmy though, so even when a group is being terrorised by a TIM it's not always apparent to onlookers because everyone refers to him as "she" and glosses over the fact that it's really a man. Some of my friends still do this with a TIM who threatened to show up to a moderator's house and kill her pets. Newbies are led to believe that this person who threatened, stalked and harassed a bunch of people was a regular woman. I try to subtly mention him being trans as often as I can without setting off the TERF alarms because I believe that people deserve to know that this creep is actually a large violent man and not a woman like the rest of us. I can’t even call him a sissy because he’s had a legal sex change and apparently the concept of sissy/AGP is in itself transphobic hate speech nowadays.

No. 404289

No. 404290

I really hate it when people hide someone dangerous being a TiM and talk about him being just a regular woman. Like bitch this unhinged 6'2" male can physically overpower and rape you in a second. It's not just a catty petite girl writing empty threats through her tears. It's an actual fucking threat to your wellbeing. Some people are just willing to sacrifice anything at the altar of troonism I swear.

No. 404293

I agree. Even outside of trans ideology I've noticed "woke" people LOVE to say women are just as dangerous as men and that it's sexist and unfeminist to claim otherwise. Sorry but no, the average man is much more physically powerful and violent than the average woman. If I know a woman to be seriously mentally disturbed I'll still be wary of her but the likelihood of her causing serious physical harm is so much smaller than with a man of the same mindset, especially because nobody owns guns where I live. A woman might break my nose but a man could kill me with his bare hands. The difference is pretty fucking important, even if the man in question dyes his hair blue and calls himself Stephanie.

No. 404297

File: 1556537005267.png (212.49 KB, 800x1103, Screenshot_2019-04-28-08-42-05…)

The recent discussion of trans children reminded me of the gender neutral preschool in Sweden which first opened in 2010. This article is from 2011. Transgender is not mentioned, and gender is discrete from sex and clearly defined as sociological.


This follow-up article from last year is likewise.


Vice, of course, in their video of last year made a clumsy attempt at framing the objective of the school in terms of transgender rights and the ever expanding spectrum of gender identity.


Then I found a study from 2017 comparing children from the gender neutral preschool to children from other preschools.


But what's this? Gender and sex have been conflated in three of the four points!

>Children at the gender-neutral school scored lower on a gender stereotyping measure.

>Children at the gender-neutral school were more willing to play with unfamiliar other-gender children.
>Children at the gender-neutral school were not less likely to notice another person’s gender.
>Differences in pedagogy are associated with how children think and feel about people based on their gender.

No. 404326

>terfs on 4chan
>older lesbians pursuing teenagers
>lots of lesbians date transwomen
Literally a pile of lies

No. 404353

I'm seeing that more outspoken anti-terf, libfem men were raised by either deeply religious or just asshole families who could never accept them being bisexual men so they already A. hate women B. know they can never bring a man home so the option of "transwomen" is their best bet.

No. 404405

>comparing mentally ill people mutilating themselves for a fetish to getting your tubes tied

No. 404429

I'm of the opinion that no straight man cares about trannies. They might dislike them, or even be indifferent in the "live and let live" way but if they actively care about "trans issues" they are certainly chasers.

No. 404432

Every time I saw some dude on Tinder mention something negative about TERFs on their profile, I couldn't help but feel they were just desperate for tranny dong.

No. 404439

I'm a straight woman but wanted to know typically how many lesbians are GC.

If anyone doesn't mind answering, how many other lesbians do you know that hold GC views? Is the divide between LGB vs T actually as big as farmers say? If a tranny was to go to a lesbian bar would it be a libfem swoon fest like "YOU'RE SO BRAVE, SISTER?"

No. 404446

These people are absolute shit researchers if they think that they're going to find anything conclusive that's dependent on gender-neutral schools alone. Gender stereotypes come through various forms of media and environments. Just children's toys alone, or walking in a toy store, will yield some sort of association between girls' toys and boys' toys.

Furthermore, if people really think that it's better that:
> Children at the gender-neutral school were more willing to play with unfamiliar other-gender children.
then congrats on socializing your daughters to be fucking oblivious to the fact that men are different from women and if provoked, are more likely to rape and murder you–including trans "women." It won't be long until trans "women" are stating that books like the Gift of Fear and self-defense classes for women are transphobic propaganda and that women are being sexist and transphobic by having any sort fear of creepy males.

No. 404474

this boringkate degenerate holy shit

No. 404493

You’re entire second paragraph sounds like fear mongering, it’s good that children play with each other regardless of the others sex - that’s how empathy is learned. You really think it’s a good fucking idea to segregate the girls from the boys? I’m sure that’ll definitely make future men more empathetic and mindful of their actions towards women, anon.

No. 404495

Yeah, simply playing together with male kids isn't the same thing as being told to ignore warning signs that someone is dangerous.

No. 404500

Definitely, but it wouldn't make them straight though.

No. 404503

Men who fuck trannies and say they're straight are so pathetic. Holy shit, there's nothing wrong with being gay or bissexual. Just don't pretend that sucking dick is straight because it's a ""girldick""… It's even more pathetic when they say dick is better than pussy. Internalized homophobia much?

No. 404506

men love to be competitive with each other so when you mix in internalized homophobia and troon chasing, you get the misogyny. hell, even outward gay men are misogynist.

No. 404508

Gay men are some of the most openly misogynistic men there are, it’s not like they care about women’s opinions of them since they don’t don’t want to fuck us and straight women will forever worship the ground they walk on

No. 404586

Ray Blanchard on TIFs
Two Rarer Types of Gender Dysphoria

>One of us (Blanchard) has seen cases of the first type, autohomoerotic gender dysphoria, which appears to be an erotically motivated gender dysphoria. In this case, sexually mature natal females (i.e., not biologically still children) become sexually preoccupied with the idea of becoming a gay man and interacting with other gay men. Neither of us has seen someone clearly fitting the second type, gender dysphoria resulting from psychosis. (Our inclusion of this type was motivated in large part by the argument of Dr. Anne Lawrence, an important scholar we both respect.) In this type, a person (either male or female by birth) acquires the delusion that s/he is the other sex, because s/he is suffering from gross thinking deficiencies.

Autohomoerotic Gender Dysphoria

>This rare type of gender dysphoria is limited to females. Published cases have consisted of women whose gender dysphoria began in late adolescence or adulthood. (It is conceivable that it might begin earlier in some cases.) It occurs in (heterosexual) females who are sexually attracted to men, but who wish to undergo sex reassignment so that they can have “homosexual” relations with other men. These females appear to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of themselves as gay men. We have created the label autohomoerotic gender dysphoria to denote this sexual orientation.

>This type of gender dysphoria does not appear to be the female counterpart of autogynephilic gender dysphoria, although the differences might appear subtle. Autogynephilic (male) gender dysphorics are attracted to the idea of having a woman’s body; autohomoerotic (female) gender dysphorics are attracted to the idea of participating in gay male sex. For autogynephiles, becoming a lesbian woman is a secondary goal—the logical consequence of being attracted to women and wanting to become a woman. For autohomoerotics, becoming a gay man appears to be the primary goal or very close to it.

No. 404607

I really don't get how retarded people are with this whole trans shit. They're all applauding things that have already existed for years like unisex/family bathrooms and calling it a "LGBTQIA+ WIN!"
Also dumbasses going into stores and boasting about how they mixed boys and girls clothes around, like okay dipshit, I wouldn't want to be the stocking person who had to stay a few extra minutes to clean up your "progressive" shit you posted on the internet for attention.

No. 404619

This really explains why most TIFs were or are fujoshis… The obsession with gay sex and all.

No. 404668

Honestly I think the appeal of being a gay man is that these women are straight but hate the idea of being the "submissive female slut", so they feel that a gay relationship would be much more balanced. Men are allowed to sleep around and be respected as an equal, while women are still often seen as possessions to men. Maybe the thought of having the role of being a wife and possibly a mother is degrading to them. I don't know if I'm projecting because I certainly went through my troon phase being just like this but it would make sense if other TiFs felt that way.

No. 404681

File: 1556636168338.png (755.88 KB, 798x919, get.png)

every TIF I have known who were fujoshis Identified themselves as the "bottom" male in Yaoi and MLM so how does that change the heterosexual dynamic

No. 404693

I'm not sure how well fantasy dynamics experienced in a safe fictional environment can be compared to the real life position of a woman in a relationship and society in general, anon.

No. 404697

File: 1556638314372.png (1.47 MB, 1440x1506, 1554128547039 (1).png)


I'm not sure about this, I've seen quite a few 'top' TIFs. They are usually always exclusively in relationships with other TIFs though.

No. 404700

Wow I'm actually surprised their art isn't a bad as other troons. It's still obviously trying to yaoi tho

No. 404701

why don't they have trans-specific sports?

i don't understand how it's transphobic to say a mtf is going to literally physically be stronger than a bio female. unless that mtf was taking hormones from childhood they aren't just going to lose bone density or muscle mass from HRT. this is upsetting.

No. 404702

i never mind this. it might be eyeroll-worthy but ftms never go out and prey on gay men or threaten violence against them (wanting to beat or kill lesbians who don't want to date trans for instance). weird how that works isn't it?

No. 404726

that's because, like someone else said in this thread, mentally ill women will never be as dangerous as mentally ill men

No. 404728

They’re trying to push the idea that there’s no physical difference in strength between men and women, except that men simply train harder. This makes female athletes sound lazy and incompetent but conveniently also justifies male violence against women because after all, if we’re totally equal there’s no reason why men shouldn’t be allowed to assault us when we “provoke them”. Anyone with any kind of sense recognises that there’s a significant strength difference but never underestimate misogynistic men’s desire to see women get beaten up.

No. 404762

because society as a whole enables their delusion.

think about it, if anyone else was found to be taking steroids the same way that tif that beat up all those girls in wrestling was on testosterone, they would be banned, but since its a troon doing it no one cares, its just touted as an uwu inspirational story.

as for tims, no one wants to argue with men in dresses and cheap wigs who are known to be unstable and violent. tims dont want troon only sports because that way they will be competing against other tims who also have the biological advantages they themselves have, like higher test, denser bones, and more muscle naturally, so it would probably turn out that they arent the great athletes they think they are.

i think they should make tranny only sports or if that doesnt work just outright ban them from competing.

No. 404781

They're in for a big disappointment then because those "tops" often treat "bottoms" like shit too, specially if they're feminine and submissive. Most of my male friends are gay so the things I hear… "masc4masc" is a big thing in the gay male community.
I only hear about straight dudes lying about being gay or bi to sleep with those TIFs, they say it's the easiest pussy they can get because you only have to pretend you think they're men. They go to conventions and pull shit like this. Kinda sad really, specially because the TIFs are often very young and naive.

No. 404784

File: 1556654456192.png (239.49 KB, 1250x854, lol.png)

>even FtMs get their language policed and are called "transphobic" to defend MtFs
At this point, TRAs might as well just come out and say they hate anyone who was born with a vagina, and that they unironically believe "female privilege" exists.

No. 404786

They always get pissy at Buck for being "truscum" too. It's so funny to watch them fight.

Tucutes x Transcum drama is always entertaining.

No. 404790

File: 1556656160041.png (179.91 KB, 475x321, 3f66fdecc45283542a2f7f5d72ecd6…)

>of course it's a tranny

No. 404793

Ew, normal women dont want that shit

No. 404794

File: 1556657493485.jpeg (174.05 KB, 747x803, 913E4F2F-DA52-40C7-8341-BF3C76…)

I can’t

No. 404797

That sounds like an actual depiction of hell.

No. 404798

no actual gays, only queer TRAs

No. 404801

taquera in this sense means pool cue rack, as in for billiards.

No. 404806

>trans people get discriminated against in the workplace!! equality now!!!
>fantasizes about having discriminatory hiring practices

not like any sane person would want to participate (in what would surely be unpaid ~for exposure~) but do these idiots not realize how hypocritical they are lmfao

No. 404810

Oh yeah, sorry if I wasn't clear I meant chaser as being a disqualifier from being straight, to imply no straight man cares about trannies.

No. 404812

>be hungry
>come across taco stand
>get in line to order
>realize everyone around you is discussing "gender, sex, sexual health"
in what world is this a good idea for a food establishment

No. 404822

I got an email from my new school for an lgbt event at the school with a free meal/overnight stay at the dorm. It would be a great opportunity but of course the rooms are ~gender inclusive~ yeah hard pass

No. 404833

When I got pregnant because of my age group I was referred to a youth support network, when they called they started talking about all the services they have available for pregnant ‘people’ and how they accommodate pregnancy through ‘all gender identities’
I never ended a call so quickly. If there’s to be at least one thing that should be left alone it’s motherhood and in particular pregnancy/childbirth, it’s a huge slap in the face when so much is sacrificed and should never cater to men.

No. 404834

Apologies if this is too blogposty but I've been to a place exactly like this almost word for word and the service is by far the worst I've ever experienced anywhere. This type of environment causes the most egotistical, self-centered people to congregate in a single workplace and ignore customers who are right in front of them in favor of standing around in a group chatting, laughing, and posting on social media about how they're so woke for only hiring zey/zem genderspecials and raising money for some 55 year old AGP's boob implants. Reeks of messiah complex.

No. 404845

File: 1556666388194.png (489.93 KB, 1305x604, michael anthony jones.png)

So, I was looking at the Stoner Tranny Taquera account for laughs and came across another account, Comrade Alyssa, which is apparently two people posting on behalf of a TiM who is in prison in Maryland. The inmate's real name is Michael Anthony Jones, but supposedly legally changed his name to Alyssa Victoria Hope. I was first suspicious of the whole story because they're making money off a GoFundMe, and incarceration records seem to be incorrect (when he transferred prisons from Ohio to Maryland, it seems his birthday was incorrectly recorded), however I think that based on the court records I've found that it is in fact a true story as far as they are communicating information from a real person.

Basically he is saying that he is being abused and wants to be moved to a women's prison on the basis that he is transgender. He was originally incarcerated on either assault or intimidation charges it seems, and while in jail "orchestrated a violent 15-minute attack on Deputy Kevin Vivacqua, in which the deputy suffered burns, a concussion, multiple fractures and partial vision loss" in which he also reportedly coerced another male prisoner into participating in the attack by threatening him. He was also in a relationship with this inmate who has "limited intelligence" and was sexually abused in the past. At some point he was transferred to Maryland, I am assuming because of hostility towards officers at the facility in Ohio.

He later took up his case in a civil action suit claiming "sexual assault, unconstitutional conditions of confinement, excessive force, failure to protect, denial of medical care, gender discrimination and verbal threats." However, Jones has repeatedly bragged about his history of violence and willingness to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He said he would wear everyone down until he gets what he wants - to be transferred back to Ohio. Many of the corrections officers corroborate claims that he repeatedly states he wants to be transferred back to Ohio. He has also denied his own previous claims that he was sexually assaulted or abused to interviewers and case workers. He has never shown any signs of trauma or abuse physically. He has refused to participate in interviews related to his case and when speaking with a social services worker only obsessively talked about himself and not the "alleged PREA incident, past abuse of any kind, or any fear of being in prison as a transgender person" and the social worker also observed that he was manipulating others for his own personal gain. Jones also claimed he was a member of the Black Mafia and possessed specialized training skills. Several of the officers that he made claims against were not even working on the day that he claims they raped him.

He is now on hunger strike and demanding:
- To be given an adequate evaluation for gender dysphoria
- To be able to receive hormonal therapy
- To be considered for bottom surgery
- To use proper pronouns
- To be considered for breast implants
- To be transferred to a women's prison
- To be placed in protective custody until transfer
- An immediate release from punitive segregation
- To be given access to feminine hygiene, clothing, and shoes

This is clearly a delusional, manipulative man who is jumping on the tranny bandwagon for his own gain.

No. 404855

I had an ad come up on my facebook for an "all-women" senate ticket (upcoming election here in aus) and before I even clicked i knew they'd shoehorn a troon in there.
I thought it was funny that all the real women have good points on why they're a part of politics (eg. more women of color in parliament) and the troon's point is just all about them and not relevant to women at all.
Yeah dude we know you exist, trust me ya'll haven't shut up about it

No. 404856

hard pass, thanks. though i probably would snatch a copy of the zine to get a good laugh. sounds like a pipe dream regardless.

i don't actually know any tim's or tif's who hold down a regular job, come to think of it. they're all layabouts.

No. 404858

How much do you want to bet that if he gets what he wants, that he will literally assault the first guard who lets him out? I don't recommend people for death often but this guy needs to either be put in a room forever with no chance of getting out OR someone could just kill him and it'd potentially save the lives of the guards and other employees of the prison.

No. 404862

In our lifetime we'll probably see a white trans "woman" President before the US will elect an actual biological woman as President. It's all about electing white men.

No. 404865

He will get out of prison in 10 years, so we have that to look forward to /s

No. 404897

>TRAs might as well just come out and say they hate anyone who was born with a vagina
It's really tras hate women born with a vagina because they want it and only use it to be a hypersexual caricature of an anime girl.

Lol glad you hung up. Wish they'd just gtfo of anything related to pregnancy but to tras, they want validation

So many of them are mentally ill, self described communists and perverts that only reee about only their sexual health and needs, they'd never be president. Middle conservative america would rather set itself on fire. Even conservative troons like Catelyn Jenner spoke up about detransitioning because him being catelyn is causing conflict with his faith.

No. 404930

Anyone else run into more problems with TIFs than other transgenders? I feel like they start drama more frequently and are constantly picking fights. The ones that are “gay” especially puzzle me - don’t other gay men usually prefer penises? Either way, the ones I’ve met have been almost as intolerable as “cis” men.

No. 404931

File: 1556679246892.png (208.5 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_ppc1vhSktH1t12a3i_1280.…)

>The ones that are “gay” especially puzzle me - don’t other gay men usually prefer penises?
Every gay man I know would never hook up with one and bisexual men treat them as a weird fetish. The porn industry takes advantage of these situations and TIFs really hate it. I cannot understand why these women think they can escape misogyny and gain the "respect" of cis-men by mutilating themselves.

No. 404952

They want to be oppressed for being trans instead being oppressed for being female (surprise, you can't escape your sex no matter how you ID!) likening tranny to slurs like ngger/fggot/d*ke which leads to another can of snowflake worms and constant thought policing by delicate teenage girls that barely understand their own hormonal cycle.

No. 404953

It's the internalized misogyny and girl hate coming out.
They want to prove themselves as "men" by shitting on other women, and also have a hatred for anything female (including themselves).

No. 404956

I swear to God just make a good fucking taco. I'm not gonna buy some damn zines or talk about communism, I'm hungry as shit. These people are seriously so shut in they want to make their own place that caters to their own wants and not the consumers.

No. 404957

ugh you just reminded me r/ftmspunished exists.

No. 404961

r/ftmspunished is just so bizarrely fascinating to me,their FTMs that fantasize abut being forced to become HyperFeminine females through force

No. 404962

purest distilled form of internalized misogyny

No. 404964

File: 1556688459775.png (Spoiler Image,1009.53 KB, 1080x1032, E5F68832-6BB2-4002-BA49-009275…)

I shouldn’t have looked. but I did
And fuck me, is testosterone one hell of a fucking drug - there is really no going back after it changes your body.

Don’t unspoiler if you don’t want to see a chimera

No. 404966

How much of a role do you think testosterone plays in to this behavior
I lurk the FTM subreddit and other TIF blogs and all of them say that when they started taking testosterone they become extremely hyper sexual and "discovered" various fetishes that they didn't know they had

No. 404967

Is it gay for a man to masturbate to FTM porn ?

No. 404969

What, no? How would it be, they’re women.

No. 404970

I can definitely see it making women more aggressive than they were beforehand honestly, both sexually and just in their daily lives. Men with lower testosterone levels do often tend to be meeker and lose their sex drives so I don’t see why the reverse wouldn’t be true for women

No. 404975

Samefag but that subreddit is a car crash I just cannot look away from.

By far the worst part is seeing hairy man ass with a spread vag. I never thought vagina would turn me off but here we are.

No. 404978

Are you really gonna say that a man who masturbates to this >>404964 is completely straight

No. 404979

Men attracted to female bodies are straight, but if someone specifically seeks out porn of people who’ve undergone mastectomies or SRS then we’re well past “n-no homo” and into body horror fetish territory.

No. 404980

Are you retarded or blind? That picture is so obviously female it's beyond comprehension how you could think it's gay. There are pretty damn big boobs right there and her body shape is generally pretty feminine. The body hair is excessive but it's mostly pubic hair, which women can have plenty of without looking masculine.

A guy who faps to that may have a hairy fetish but it's far from gay. Paraphilias we find weird or gross are par for the course with straight men, this is no different.

No. 404981

Exactly. Men can be attracted to the homeliest looking women ever and still be straight because in the end they're looking for someone without a penis. It's definitely fetish territory for TiFs.

No. 404987


>"pregnant people"

>catering to men

They are catering to TiF.

No. 404988

That subreddit is hilairous
>non con
no misgendering though that's too far uwu

No. 404993

File: 1556697769253.png (52.95 KB, 820x644, 008053b5-df8c-4cad-8e40-0d5377…)

No. 404996

Are you retarded? This trans shit started with men finding dressing up in lingerie and putting on lipstick arousing. It was only a matter of time before they thought "if I get my own breasts I don't even need a woman!". Women are just enabling men's degeneracy, like they always do. That needs to stop, I agree.

This subreddit is sad. All these women clearly love femininity but don't feel they fit into it, and therefore can only express it as TIF with a forced fem fetish.

No. 405009

anon has forgotten that women have rights

No. 405013

Good god stop responding to shitty scrote bait.

No. 405025

File: 1556704646858.png (153.96 KB, 821x513, Cervixpounded.png)

Thanks for introducing me to /r/FTMpunished, I've never cringed so much in my life.

>you pound it so hard that the cervix inverts and becomes an innie


No. 405028

Fetish subreddits really bring out the worst misogynists

No. 405033

This whole post was an emotional ride. I can't even pinpoint the exact type of horrifying feeling i felt reading this post.

No. 405034

File: 1556706627283.png (224.82 KB, 1901x409, transdelusion.png)

Trannies are so dumb. They think that everyone else's lives are entirely motivated by fetishes like theirs.